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3^g/t /) W 10-0 \/0(\| 







SpoiTiiirixum and Shaw, 




C. D. YONGE, B. A. 








Ths first enggeation and original plan of this work I owe to the Bev. B. Okes, D.D, 
of Eton Coll^ ; and, in making tbis acknowledgment, I cannot bat feel how inade- 
quately I have performed the task he so kindly wished me to undertake. 

The plan originally suggested to me was, the compilation of a Lexicon which sbonld 
contun, as eqaivalents of English terms, only those Greek words which are found in 
the purest authon ; that is to eay, that I should confine myself to Homer, Hesiod, 
Pindar, Thec^nie, Simonides, etc., the Tragedians, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Thucydides, 
Xenopbon, Flato, Aristotle, the Orators, and Theocritus ; at all events not descending, 
except in the case of Theocritus, below the age of Alexander; and indicating the 
authority for the use of every term. This scheme I endeavoured to carry out some 
years ago, but was compelled to abandon it, or at least to defer its completion ; and, on 
resuming the undertaking I was led to enlarge my plan, so as to attempt to give every 
word of tolerable authority. 

In the work as it now stands, my aim has been to exhibit a complete English 
vocabulary, so fer, at least, aa there are words in Greek by which the English words 
can be literally or adequately rendered, and, where tbis cannot be done, to supply, 
wherever practicable, the deficient^ by phrases. In every instance I have cited the 
antbority for the word or phrase given, so that the student may see at once whether an 
expression be excluwvely poetical, — and, if so, whether in general use, or confined to Epic 
poetry or to Tragedy, or of a later date and belonging to the era of Theocritus and 
Apotlonins ; — or whether it be found also in prose, or only in prose, and whether used 
by the Historians, the Orators, or the Philosophers, ete. The importance of distinguishing 
between the authority of these writers will be at once acknowledged, when it is remem- 
bered that though all of them, with the exception of Herodotus, were (utizens of one 
small city, and nearly contemporaries, they exhibit the most marked peculiarities in s^le 
and language^ But in carrying out my design, I have concddered one restriction neces- 
sary — I have given no word resting on a disputed, or, I should perhaps rather say, on 
a questionable reading ; nor any, the meaning of which was clearly uncertain. Many 
words, too, are omitted from the impossibility of finding exact equivalents in an ancient 


and modem language.* On the other hand, I have given some worda though uneup- 
ported by the authority of the purer Grecian ages ; but I have done so only either 
where the matter for translation into Greek was little known by the great Greek 
clasuCB (for instance, the names of Boman Magistrates, etc.), or where derivatives 
in use among standard authors proved the root to have existed in their time; — 
thus I have given trarf^vt}, though I can find uo better authority than Ludan for it, 
because its right to insertion is established by its derivative varfijvevoi occurring 
in Herodotus and Plato : — leufi^ri and levfifios, though only found in Kicander, are 
inserted because Demosthenes has Ku/ifiiav; as also o&X^KToifnw (Josephus), because 
supported by the analogy of trarpoieTovia and fi7]TpoKTovio> used in ^achylus. Such 
liberties will no doubt be sanctioned by the student, when he recollects how small a 
portion of Gre^k literature has been preserved to us. To some words, too, I have 
assigned particular meanings, though I have never seen them so used ; for instance, as the 
equivalent of " one must dUband" I have given " a^rreov,^ though Plato (mly uses this 
word generally for one mnst " dismisM ; " but a^litfu signifies " to disband," and therefore 
o^n-eoi' may be clearly used in the same sense. The tenses of verbs are given only when 
Uiey differ from the common or regular forms, and the cases governed by verbs are given 
only when they depart at all from the rule generally applicable to tranutive verbs, and 
" delight," as the old grammarians were wont to say, in a genitive or dative case. When 
the case is not mentioned verbs may be considered to govern the accusative ; and when uo 
tenses are given, to be regularly conjugated. In the case of words which have some 
tenses regularly and some irr^ularly formed, the irregular formadons only are given. 
So, too, with regiu^l to adjectives, — those ending in oi have three terminations, and 
the comparative is formed in the usual manner, unless the contrary be stated. 

I have not given the varieties of dialect, partly because to have done so would 
have unnecessarily increased the size of the work, and partly because I consider that 
the student should confine himself to the ordinary dialect until he has mastered such 
elementary points. But in cases where a variation of dialect afiects the quantity of a 
syllable, this point is noticed, and in some instances words are given differently from 
the established dialect, e. g. vpoTM^a-ofMi, because irpocoacofuu is nowhere found. I 
have also given ^e quantities of doubtful syllables. The words are arranged as nearly 

* A punge occnrg in & letter of Lord Tbarlow to Cowper (Life fay Lord Campbell, p.651.) beuing so 
much on tliis point, and, as it seems to me, giving so good an excuse for manj of the defects of thii 
work, that I cannot reeiat transcribing it: — "It is impossible to obtain the same sense from a dead language 
and ancient author which those of his own time and countrj conceived, — words and phrasea contract, from 
time and use, such strong shades of difierence from their original import. In a living language, witli the 
familiarity of a whole life, it is not easy to conceive truly the actual eense of current expressions, much 
leas of older authors. No two languages furnish egidpoUimt words j their phrases differ, their syatax and 
their idioms still more widely. But a translation strictly so called, r^uires au exact conformity in all 
these particulars. . . . I really think at present that a translator asks himself a good question, 'How would 
my author have expressed the sentence I am turning into English P' for every idea conveyed in the 
OTiginal should be expressed in English as literally and fully as the geniaa, and use, and character of the 
language will admit of."^Lord Thurlow is here speaking of translating from Greek into English ; but it 
is evident that exactly the same principles apply to the converse task of translating from English into 


as possible according to the age of the authors in whom they occur. Wheu I state that 
any word is univeraally used (e. g. tuttto), Omu. ; irpoUfttu Omn. Att. prose), I do not 
of course mean that it is to be found in every author, but that there is no class of 
writers to whom it ia not familiar. The abbreriations are the same as those in Liddell 
and Scott's Lexicon*, except that I have nowhere distingui^ed between the Iliad and 
Odyssey ; and Homer's Hymns and Batrachomyomachia are distinguished by a small h. 
It is perhaps unnecessary to say any more. I do not send this work forth without a full 
sense of its many defidencies, for which I must throw myself on the reader's indulgence. 
But if Grod be pleased to spare me, I shall endeavour to make a future edition less 
faulty ; and I need not add that any suggestions for the improvement of the work will 
be gratefully received. To borrow the words of a wiser man, " No man knows all his 
faults, nor keeps all his points. In tins book there are faults too many, points too 
imperfect, but none wilful. The friendly reader I know will cover them; the skilful can 
correct them ; the umple I would not have mistake any them." 

Bath, August, 1849. 

* Id » work of thii sort it is not posnble to point oat the different sonrccs from vhich I liave drawn 
mj infbrmatioii; but I most more partJcularl; acknowledge the obUgationB I am under to Liddell 
and Scott's Lexicon, which I have consulted so conatantlj, that I may almost call it the basis of mj own. 




TpoXd'm, Hom. Find. Trag. Ttmc Dem. etc ; 

fMfHuu, c. gen. or c ace Ham. Tjrt. — in mid. /Htlt/iai, c. am. 

Soph. Eur. HdL Xen. ; J.X.iiK, Hdt Xm. Iwc. ; ipoStt-p., 

Soph. Eur. Hdl. Thuc. Xen. Dem. cW. ; Jtpeiiiioi, Onm. Alt pn». 
To o&Birfaii (hope), 'AroSdAAM, Eur. 
7i> aioMlini (a clsiin to), IrifiirTivui, paai. c. aor. 2. art. c gen. 

Hdt. ; 'iflirraiiiu, c. aor. 2. act. pE act, and fiit. 1. mid. c. g. 

Dem. c g. ni, and d. pen. Dem. Ikk. 
7b abamdim (an invntiaation), TJIpdA^, las. 
Out mail abandon, wfofrnr, e. ace ni, d. pen. Dem. Dinarch. 
One mail abandon (an attempt), iiriHTaT^i-, c gen. Inc. 
One trio oiunfaat, ifwOifTi)!, au, J, .£ieb. £ur. 
Abudoned, irpiloTos, or. Soph. Eur. See Wided. 
Abandimmeii^ (a\fifit, mi, 4, Hdt ; rpobcfo, Em. Hdt 

Tine. Dem. ; TpHoats, wt, ti. Flat. ; 'I'^dsii, <vt, i^, Dem. 
ToalMM, TitiiT6m, Xen. Plat ^Khin. See 7b itimMii 
AlMMmant, riTiiwinii, Tjroi.i, Thoc. ; Tdxiinum, itn,^. Plat 
To ba abftihed before, atiio,uu, mid. c aor. I. lilUveiir, Horn. 

Find. Tng. Xen. Plat. ) ^ucrx^ii^uu. Flat See AiiamaL 
To ab^to, Aufdii, intnna. and e. g. JExh. Thuc Xen. Fiat 
7b abalt (ai wind), Kn^fif, Hdt ; Xai^Bi, Ap. Rh. 
7b o&nte (aa floodi), twanHnlit, Hdt 
7b aiate (one^ eagenien, tare, etc), ini\<(nt (ti irpoAi/ilai), 

Thnc. ; Ki i^uptm, Thuc 
/f* aiiirf oAoH Ait ttnoti^ 'lij^uirr/iw tar hrtiXSr, Ar. See 

7b di mim j ik, 
Abatount, rulxrit, <•», it, Aritt 
In abbrcvUto, mrri^im, .Aiich. Eur. Thnc Xen. Pin. 
To abdiskta, 'te.Im., Xen. 
Abanatioa (of mindi, rSpSjrorii, JEncb. Ent. ; ^Ttsi fptrmr, 

JEnch. ; rXdnt *ftimt, Eur. ; «JlpdAAa{ii (wi, 4) fyfrw, Hipp. 
To abet, iru|iinu>t«, e. d. pen. d. or box rei, ^IkL Ssph. Eur. 

Xeo. Dem. ; av/irpifftw, c d. pen. aec rei, or e. piep. Omn. 

Alt See To aid, Cooptralt. 
Aa abettor, ;iFra(TuT, £uh. Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat & g. rei i 

«u4>T(Kp, spoi, i, .£aeL Eur. Ant. Plat c g. reL See Ae- 

inxtalpm, Horn. ; 'xBa/fWi, no pei£. Ham. Hei. Tng. 

' i itliriu, Omn. T " ' 

iXtofrioi, SopL 


To fa oUamed, flmfti 

One iteaid abtor, iiinrrli 

AUOKMM, fx*". *^ Omn. ; filffot, rk, Onm. Alt 

AbhORMt to, iMirpiai, e. g. Flat See Rtpagaaal. 

TOaUde, M'*, ind in pre*, and imperf., ^fuw, Onm. 

7b abide in tn bg, i/^iv, Trag. Hdt That Dem. etc ; irarJ 

ftyntiai, Dem. ■ 

7b oUb (an atlack), 'Bmiitra, Horn. Eur. Thoc Xen. Dem. 

'<Ei^n., Find, 
7b <dmle (in a anmlry), ^axup^, Hdt 
Om aiaiiU jUi/t (an enemf, etc), i*a/urrrto, Thuc Pbt 
Aa aUdisg In, ^^ior^, e. g. Flat 
A^jaot, rOirtiflt, Find. Eur. Hdt Xen. Den., (in apirH) Thni 

Plat ; favAfi, o», and ij, w, Eur. Thne. Xen. Dem. ; oJ i 

trrariHi, Soph.; of x^'fNlrTo^ Xen. Lyi. 
A^Kl (in qiirit), luKf^vxas, or, Iioe. Dem, ; ''rtrllt am 

'ftTirv^t, Soph, At. Plat See Loa, Mean. 

Al^wtllMl (of condition), titrmrimt, qroi, ^ Thoc (and of 

irit), ^pgifv^fa, Ikk. Den 

ipiril) Xen . 
AbjKtneu (of ip 
Algeotl7, ■ra.wiuvs, Aen. iioc 
Abilit;, iAv&ui, ttK, 4, Ham. Eur. Xen. Plat Dem. ; natoial 

ability, ri "ftrapx""'"! ?'"'■ 
.^oDordiiijr fo ti< atiliiy oftadinidiindiial, *irk rjlr lUa* luirrov 

/iOipor, Lycuig. 
To allure, *ijrAtiin/fu, fut irroftAffet, but mom uiu. Arofwu^uxi, 

e»p. in Att — Ep. ful. often -o/iiatm, perf. -ofut^tMo, Ham. ; 

^{li^vfu, in pnee ofteneit in mid., c ace, or c M o" uid infin. 

or poet c Ti >i)| and infin. Soph. Plat Dem. 
Abjuration, ^u^uKrla, Ar. Dem. 
Able, Toiai, c inf Hom.; oUt, c in£ Hom. ; i4i(>T(,nm. c (Ifil, 

bnl tifil umetimn ii undentood, Omn. ; tBri-Tlii, Onm. poit 

Horn.} 'ixOf^T, c infin. oi c Grr< and inGn.,or cTpii, M, or tit, 

and ace. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. Lji. ; ifiixit*", w (<", or, 

Hdt), Eur. Hdt Thuc. Den. ; tptpiyyuot, or, t mf or e. gen. 

.^■ch. Soph. Hdt., c Tfis and ncc Thuc ; alnapniij, c T^i, 

ot inf. Thuc. Xen. 
Able, I e. having good abilitiea, ti^v^i, c inf. or rfij, and ace 

«»ch. Xen. Plat I»oc 
To b> ailx, UMfioi (aor. and pus. AvnEofqi', Horn. Hdt ; iSit. 
',Att.),Omn. caccrei, Hom. ; oBo,OmiLi 

amnim. Soph. ; itwBpim, Flat ; pAm/iai, paia. Plat ; '«b(ful£*, 

AUebodled, aA)iari xp4o^3|u)>, or, and 1), or, Xen. 

AblvtlM, 'drifXouirii, (OH, i^, PhU. 

AU7, tt^uii. Plat 

Aboard, 'iri rriii. Ham. ; Ir r^ etc. Xen 

ma. I. perf. -CMaqko, c dat Hdt ; 'StUlKCa^ Thuc Xen. ; 

irJtigiiu, Thuc 
Aboda, 4*01, ti. Ham. Hea. Xich. Eur. Hdt ; Dot, rh, Horn. 

Find. Tng. luc. Lyenn. ; aSXis, lAsi, ii, Hom. Eur. ; allXiw, b. 

Soph. Eur. ; hin-pe^ Ib^toii', ^ech. ; Dbnio-ii, *itt, i), .^ach. 

Soph. Tbuc Xen. Flat; banos, JEich. ; MU^uufu, arn, 

Eur. ; fiouirtuir, Eur. ; Uplttor, Het. Trag. ; Dfu, Find. Eur. | 

'itnffTpa^, JEtcK i UiXior, »p. in pi. Tn^. ; liifJaBpor, Soph. ; 

atrriiai, orot. Find. Hdt ; VKt^ni/ui, srot, ^leh. Xen. 1 atm)- 

rApur, Eur. ; lOTountaa, wi, ii, Thuc PI. ; UUKtar, Ap. Rh. ) 

IttiXar, Ap. Rh. 
One u4« dmpu iit aiah, itrrSraitnii, w, Hea.; /wramiffDit, 

Bu, eep. by compulaion, ai an eiile, etc, Horn. Hdt 
To abollJk, ipt'lpa, Omn. ; KdrJUiet, Hom. Est. Thuc Xen. 

Dem. etc i Aiia, «, hut in the eonponndi il, fnt xAow^ perf. 

\i\tKa, etc, Thuc Hdt Dem. Ihe. 1 twAdig, Hdt Thuc 

Dem. Plat etc. ; iiiXti^, Dem. JEk\l ; naraaiaim, Hdt. 

Thuc Xen, ; 'iraipim, aor. 2. irtiAoi', Xen. 
To aboUii (hwi, inititutiaos etc.), 'jLiCmv m^ti, Flat loe. Lyi. 
AboUtkm, luUCirii, mi, 4i Thuc ; \iea, «n, 4. Ptat ; Sprit, 

M>t, At AriM. 
Aboa^abla, 'ixjumn, or, Horn. Tng. ; 'iwiamj, or, £Nb, [ 


'irtixm!, or, Micii. ; iii\v', ^fch. ; ftisfiCri)!, ^>ch. : ftia- 
ffrfryiTTOJ, ay, JEicit. ; MiTiiimHrToi, ar, Micii.Eur. Anac Dem. ; 
luSjAi, Soph. Ar. PUL ; ifuffilm, av, jGuh. ; fiitMnrpinti, 
or, Mtch.; mCVJI^j, Eui. HdC Ai. ; fttofiTir^i, Ar. PIbL ; 
SirlirrHTai, or, jlich. ; niTiparos, or, Soph. Eur. Ar. Dem. ; 
wceyn&ripariis, Ar. ; rat^iXCpoi, Arp- ; irc^t^dpor, or, Aip, ; 
watiiiifaptl, Aip. ; tpnikaarot, or, M^. 
To Bbomlnata, liOaimiiuu, Eui. Xeo. ; ^ScXitTTo^uu, pan. Ai. 

An KbominkUim, p^noyu, otm, ^nh. ; ufcrot, ri, TrKg. ; 
<rrA7ii,Ti,£«:h. ; aTi;{,{yti, 4i iGicii. ; er^yntia, cant, Eui. ; 
•iItoi, Ti, Soph. Hdl. Thuc 

Tkbigi loAicA il i) an diominath* U> tpali of, S titrfurra. Soph. 

Aboriginal, aTAriar, Het. Find. Ecnped. i '16071141, JEsch. liAi.; 
oMI^ti^r, Eur. Hdt. ; alniyfl<ar, Eur. Ar. Hdt. Xeii. Thuc ; 
tJUoIxAi'i £>cb. Epigr. sp. iGKhis. ; rin^Hti, HdL 

An alwitlon, itttKmiui, ixts, AnL 

AlwrOra, txtOKn, or, Eur. ; ixSMiai, vr, Ariit. inetaph. ; 
'SifKUtTSi, Df, Hmii. Sim. Find. Dem. ; ^tbui, a, or, and 01, 
or. Find. TIk<^ Tag. Xeo. FUt. Dsm. ; ^Xf^>, Hdt. See 

Absre, 'Mf (6ih)p, Hom. ) c ftt/n. and c ace. Omn. ; BwipS; 
c gen. HcHD. Find. JExh. Eui. Xen. j nfi^rtpfi, c gen. Horn. 
HdC Soph. Thuc ; iipirtpet, «. gen. Horn. Find. Sim. Theog. 1 
i^Awtpit, c gen. Soph. ) iya, idT. and c gen. Hdt. (oF a poa- 
Mge ID a book) Flu. ; 'irtair, c gen. Find. JEish. Than. Flat. ) 
irtrrifH, c gen. HdL. Xen. ; twtrm, adv. and c gen. Ar. Hdt. 
Xen. FlaL Dem. (of a paangs in a book) Xeo. ; rrSimSt, Eur. 
Thue. Flat. ; ryA, ai adf. above all, and c gen. Hom. ; tripi- 
^iw, c gen. Horn. Find. h. Ap. RL; Mnk^s, HdL Thnc 

From atttty iriiMtr, JEacb. 

Jiim all, ir^ilaUlB, h. Find. ; Tapuvar/poi, Itoc 

AhmK, adj. (mfttna to coTetoiuneii, etc), Hpfiimv, Eur. Thuc 

7b bt (itationed, utnoted) atoM, £np(jt9r|>iiu, c gen. Xen. ; 

MpKH/uu, c gen. Imc 
To aboud, SiUAb. Hon. Find. Soph. Ear. Xen. FUt.; irtim, 

Mk^. HdL : (^x*^. He*. ; fiflm, Eur. PliL c geo. Soph. ; 

diaratpim, c ace. j£sch. ; rXifiii,, Soph. ; 'W^. Soph. ; 

^^, £>ch. ; lirBvlitr\jituu, pan. c gen. HdL ; 'SicfiifH, HdL 

Thnc *«chin. ; tuarrtlxM (TAoirov, of a rich man), Find. 
Abonndlag, Pfimr, c dat. ^ich. Soph. Eur. Ar. FlaL c gen. 

^Mh. Soph, i i^etAht, £ich. Enr. See RiiA. 
Abottt, in all tnuea, ifi^, c gen. c daL c ace Omn. ; bat for the 

Mke oE, unally c dat., aa i/i^' 'SAir^ /i^x'tAi', Horn. ; *<pl, in 

all aeniea, c gen. c daL c uc Omn. : but piuH wiiten larelj, if 

erer, uk it of placs, with a Rnitive ; while, on Ihe contiarj. 

Homer doei not uae Ifif 1 of place, wiLb a genitiTe ; if^', adr. 

and c gen. Hom. Find. 
Aiomi (in number), Saorri, Horn. Hdt. ; Srar, Horn. Xen. ; (If, 

.^^kL Xen. ; Ai, Hdt. Thnc Xen. ; ivtl, Xen. ; Kori, c ace 

HdL ; ^1, c ace HdL ; /liMirre, HdL Thuc 1 in about Eftj 

jeon, ir trtai Ttrrimm iti^urrn, Thuc ; oTav, Thuc 
/ Aak fAeai teen aiial aU icAo uenc pramut, 9%'^ "" "W* T*^' 

TBiri ir^HrAwrftB, FlaL 
7b ha abma (to do, etc), ^/XX* (properl; with foL in&n. ; tome- 

timea with piei. ; STea with aor. Hom. fiach.), onlf in pre*, and 

{mpecC Onm. 
to abridga, nrrifiya, JEadu Eur. Thnc Xen. PtaL awriUM, 

At. Thnc. Xen. 
Ta lAridgt ont't iftitenKM, nrrt/iiir tf^if, Enr. ; aurrifoit 

\iyiHrt ir fl^x'S Enr. 

An abridgment, 1 ~ ~ 
Abroad, ff«, Hon, 

Atpidtr, Eur. At. 
Abnad, ndj., ftCpaTDi, n, ov, an 

liai, or. Find.; 'Owfifiot, 

£achin. ; fictiifiAi, or, Eur. Xen. 
Abroad utiA, •rM.wiiiitiai, or, AriiL 
Tb ^ or &e abroad, Ifria/iai, peu. Soph. Enr. ; 'iwolhuiiii. Find, 

HdL Xen. Itoe. FlaL Dem. 
7b he abroad aiii, atriiroSYifttia, Ariit. 
7b 'iM abrmd, ^iftrJofuu, Iioc ; L c out of dooia, iSpaiAJu, 


To BbrMSU, X^, fiiL xAn, perf. pau. XiM/uu, etc., Hdt. 

Thuc Uem. etc, ; KJUoipu, sor. 2. acL -irxav, aor. I. paia. 

-ripitrp', Thuc. Lyt. ; iratuci/idfai. Xen.; 'invpfo, Deni. 

j^E^hin. ; 'fiirr)X(i|9OT0>'^, Dem. ; 'Jti^wpia/uu, Andoc ; 'bu- 

por ni^, riifiuu, mid. aoi. 1. JAint^qr, Dem. jflichiu. 

To iJirogaU be/brdiand^ rpojrsroA^, Thuc 
AbrOEfaUd, ■%npat, av, Thuc PlaL Dem. etc. 
AbrogatloB, 'dinlipiia'it, (■■, 4, Dion. H. 
Abrupt (of aptace),ir^iedAViHDm.; 'Iro^/Mit, vyaf , Hom. Xen.; 

'tr&raiiai, or. Soph. HdL 
Abruptly, iial^v^t, Omn. See Saddady. 
An ftbtOMI, ri-m, Hipp. 
To ftbMOnd, fi^, Thuc; (% ofaoasdnJ, su ^Srtpoi irar, 

Abftnee, 'areurk, £sch. Ear. Xen. Dem.; ifitl^a, Eur. Ar. 

Thnc. Xen. ; '4«irTi, Hdt. 
Abiant, 'i-wirpowoj, or, Hom. ; 'dirifSTpai, or. Find. ; toKVpat, 

ar. Soph. ; (itipat, or. Soph. Eur. ; 'wif/ui, or, Soph. ; fictii^i, 

ar, aomelitnei e. gen. Eui. Thuc Xen. 
AbaaU ui mioif, iikXo^aoritir, avm, arras, etc. Horn. ; 'Saimai, 

ar, aw, oar, PluL ; aXAorpJrrotfUH, or. Cretin. 
Wial it abttmt, tI/'h^ i^xatir, Thnc 

tataylyraiuu, c 

gen. HdL Thuc 
ToabtalvOi'STaAfu, Arp^ Hdt. D«n.;'£^i|^, Xen. And. Dem.; 

Mufu, Xen. Lji. See A-I^mt 
Abaointa, iiar6irKrirTpos, or, JEhci.; iurix'V^ .£ich. (Sup. 

fi92.); atraapaT^i, Eui. PI.; alFTtrpiraii, ofwi, Thuc. Iioc. 

Xen. PlaL; Sm^ovrai, 1), or, and oi, ar; .^ach.; SeaTaTucii, 

Plat.; (of lav, lieodom, etc) KJcpdroi, or, Plat. 
Rultd ictlk abioliite povxr, ttrroarti, Aiiit. 
An aiaolalerabr, Btrnrrrdirnii, av, Ptat. 
Beiommg to abiaiale powir, auTdriTaJcrlKit, FlaL 
Abwdnti^, '*r«v. Plat. Dem. ; '*t.X™i. Xen. Flat ; 'iirari- 

AbtoitOt^ Le. vilh abaolute power, StovarwvE, Iioc 

Abaolntun, 'iBdi*rti, wt, i, Hdt See Aaptiaal. 

Abaolntdam, i.e. abaolute powei, Stovooltni, HdL 

To abaorb, 'iraaxiai, fuL -vniait, £ach. 

7b bt aitorbtd in (an occupa^on), aV7icitTi^ivir/uu(pan.) aor. 2. 
-tfiiyrir, c daL Xen. See Dewied. 

To abttain frooi, (x°/™t ™id. imperC ilxiH-Vi fuL ({a/iu, 
mole ura. rxM'l'^ aor. 3. /rxii/Dir, imper. ax^'i pl- 
<rx'9'S>, etc c gen. Horn. ^'X"> and ofuncr -d^uu, mid. 
(Horn, nerei hal the acL la thia lenae) c gen. poet oi c /lit 
and infin., or c ^h fih and uifin., ore Tai? and infin, in pmoe, 
Hom, Eur. Hdt Thuc. Xen. Lji. MKhm. ; iwixf, aor. 3- im- 
per. iireg. Maxti, Horn. Soph. HdL 1 ^Uofuu, c gen. Find. 
Xen. c inf. Eui. Xeo. c fi^ and inf. PUl; Ifyo/iai, or dp. c 
gen. Soph. HdL ; ngvTiAK, c gen. Emped. 

Abttam tfima Bpcaking), ivtpOicoii, Soph. 

Omi auut abUaai, i/^rtiar, Xen. laoc. ; fc-io^rr^r. Pint 

Abatamlou, riioiir, orrai (dat pUoiri, Tboogn.),Thc<ign. Soph. 
HdL Xen.; iv<"'i Ai. ; /limiyot, or, Hipp. ; iairei, ar, Xen. 

An oMemtoM mas, litTptoriTtis, on, Xeo. 

7b ig uiriantoai, rA4», Theogn. ArchlL Soph. HdL Xen. FlaL 
Dem. etc 

AbfltLnenoa, ^Kpirtio, PlaL Xen. c gen. ore rf6s. 

To ababaet, 'imxupii'i FUL ; tiii^irv, PlaL ; 'JbroXiyiCjtrcf, 
FlaL ; 'OiniT^/uw, PUl 

7b abilraa good, man, etc, oAroir^Uor, AritL ; airroirtpinm, 
AriiL etc etc 

AbltraetadlT (in the abitiacl), IX«i, AriiL ; it ri ray, PlaL ; 

Abatnwtlon, iuEKpio-ii, »>, 4, pUl 

AhitnM, 'ArAcpCfat, ar, Xen. ; 'inpai, or, HdL FUL 
Abnird, 'it.oyai, or, Thuc Xen. Itoc Denu etc; '^e»l, or, - 

Thuc Xen. PlaL Dem. etc ; 'Bnpfvitt, Ljl PIbL Dem. 
Rutlier abmrd, 'vniratoT, ar, AriiL 
EtfXBmiy abturd, '^fpirowoj, or, Dem. 
AhamdilT, 'axofla, Tbuc lioc PUl ; 'irtwh, Ar. ; kAtAtiXm, 

tn-ai, «, PUl - 



JUnrdlf, 'U^iymt, PlaC) -iriwat, Thnc 

AbnndB&M, 'Sfoaini, Hea. ; atims, t&, Find, t i^taiia, 
PbU Xmi. Ikc Deni. etc ; jSlAit, ri, £Kh. ) Pifot, ri, 
vA^t, ri, Soph. Eur. PUl ; rX^pv/io, orii, Eur. ; 
fffw4- Eur. Xea.Iioc.; *gAvT\i)41a, Soph. ; ntpioaalu, Al. Thuc 
Xcn. PiaL Ihc etc ; 'firtpoxl). Plat. ; (iirepla, Xeo. ; ittwtrtM, 
Hdt. Xen. ; roXvnf'la (prop, of good}, Xca. ; *B\iir*it$<ia, 
Hipp. Ariat. ; itAino, Anit. 

To Ln> <J— rfiiBPi, (bnip^, c gen. Xnu PtiL Dm. 

/ haa oiimfaiug lo ■>)>, wirofim l,n Kiym, PlaL 

yoif will Aan oAiiiiJiaHV o^ rfo/itfer, i^tj^lirfi^ bfi^ wtfLtrroi, 

Abnndut, 'dlMi, Ham. Plnd. SupL Ap. Rh. ; 'itia^ot, o*, 
Hmd. q, or, Ap. Rh. ; /KWiit, comp, ^tpoi uid uir, i AtL 
I cluwbcn, Horn. Ear. Xm. {Biaaar, Epich.)j ifx^of^i, 
Hom.Piiid.£Kli.HdL; ^rqtrAvii, q, w, «nd at, or (oAin ^), 
Horn. Hn. h. Tbeoc Ap. Rh. ; &a\t^t, Horn. Thnc ; in fern. 
MXfio, Horn. Find. Soph. Aou. ; U>lpi>, Horn. ; voKin, ha, 
■oAA^ neDt noKii, obliqas cho, except bcc uzig. muc uid 
neat, foun rdAA^i. Homer hhi iDen<r oLher csHt tram ToAti, 
■nd (0 do the Tnifiediuii in chonuea ; •rOKtt, hovcTcr, doe* not 
oeciu, tboiigh voAtr doEL JEtA. Supp. 7<i. (ch.). Soph. hM 
nXAir alu, both u &cc. mate ud ueaL ad>. Homer aJM UMi 
niAti, both u lUUC. and lenL, and cnAb oi Deuk Comp. 
s-Afltv, Att. rxiitr, tupeiL irAfurroi, Omn. ; lE^ftmi, ev, 
Omn. poM Horn. ; tSaxiot, or, BoechjL Eur. ; iwiffSras, or, 
iGicL ; ^Kifi^t, lEKii. ; wfuals, IRtcb. S(^L Hdt. Xen. 
etc. ; «W, 4 nol ^ »1» fern, 'hipa, Horn. £>ch. Thnc Plu.; 
(o[ ntcn) trraicTaf, or, Eur. ; taktifrpai, w, Enr. ; tfaiun, 
Ap^RL; InAMi, Att. «i, Xen. ; JhnfnrAi|»ii. Nicoch. DenLi 
^<M^t, Pint; M'U'JIi. Hdt. Xm. 

Ta ie a6iH£u(, npurffi^, Hei. PUt. Xen. ; viplii^, omii. 
AtL pme ; utMoiiit, Aiwt. 

S^k abmtdaiit tvamim iad P*Fielaf TwraCrav irtflvamirt ry 
IlepuiAii; Thue. 

AbimdMltlr, 'iUtr, often e. gen. Omn. ; '(Uqi' (U3i|i<, Ep.), 
often c gm. Horn. £iuh. Plu. Hdt. ; Uuwi, Ultiv, iSiri, 
Horn.; 'ixaiir. He*.; ^ir. Hem.; ^Mip', Hippon.; ToAl, 
rAf^vrar, rAfXrra, Omn. ; voAAir, Horn, iioph. ; troAAi, Horn. 
Eur. ; i^6ms, Eur. Tbac Xen. Dem. ; ifpurai, Pind. Eiu. ; 
Sis^Ouii, Xen.; Su^^ffToTo, Xen.; imamT, Soph. PlaL j 
•hrrM'. Ap. Rh. ; *tfiaaiii, Hdt. 

Ta KbnM (miiuie), iHrsxp''V>'i >oid- ^ P"f- P***- >" x^- lenK, 
c dat. Dem. ; titraxpiifiat, t. dot. PlaL Dem., c wic. Diony*. 
(con.) ; Aw^iyidofuu, c. dac Plat. 

r> aiiUB, i. e. to revile, rtucia (Ep. alio Hinls), fiit 'ow, Horn. 
Ap.Rh. HdL; inOt^, c daL and c occ Horn. HcL Tiag. 
Hdt. Thnc Plat. Dem. etc ; Ki/rTn^iai, Horn. h. Soph. Ear. ; 
iyWam, Horn. ; hmiiu. Ilea h. fich. ; Bivnlfii, ThD<«. Soph. 
Enr. : AmlapAt, Omn. poit Hom. in mid. c dat. Ar. PlaL ; 
iiiM(it, EpieL, eftener in mid. and puL, Epich. JEtcb. Soph. 
Ap. Rh. ; ivj^nim, Tiag. ; Iwrro^b, Soph. ; hrXyXiKraioixu, 
c. gen. Bnh. ; trivia. Soph. ; KiUe^^at, Enr. Ax. ; icjt- 
■roipra/i^. Soph. ; rpara^iUiiit, Soph. Ai. Thnc Dem. etc ; 
lOaiAiiC-, Ar. ; ^(hroljw, Pheiecr. jniAiToim^, Plat, (com.) ; 
ntfti/iXM, At.; ixtTx-i Tng. ; /{enillCv, Soph.; Kklfw, 
Thuc Hdt. Plat ; KdMaX(r)>^ei, L;i. ; SiaA«3op<g^t«, c daL 
Hdt Dem. c *oc. 1. pau. in act. mm. Dem.; SiSfipa, Dero.; 
KirSxiimiiiii, HdL ; >A^, Ar. D. ; nimrrvit, Plat. ; 'Atr- 
X*inr 'MriAlfu, Horn, g KiKta iri^fir 'Jlpdmrw, Soph. ; 
aJhJt Kdxat A^, Mtdi. Soph. Hdt. ; wXtrir ram Ttra, Ar. 

To abiat n awiaf Aat mtut not ti rrpeoM, icXbnt -rk 'irifi^a, 

To ofua H Am, irfUpl(i,, Eur. 

7(1 ian o maick at abiuaiff, SiWarrffofuu (mid.), Dem. 

Abua, Huiai, Ti, Hom, Plnd. ; Irtitat, rh, Chnn. ; litvx", ri, 
Hom.; MfrrofJn, Horn.; twvt6\uu, pi. Horn.; icdKTjvpla, 
Ptnd. Plat. Dem. Lyi.j JnllifffiB, vrot, Hdt.; uSicolirfia, 
HdL PlaU Xen. ; Aiulif|n|a-ii, h», i^. Plat. -, Aail jfH»w, urat, 
Aiitt. I Aailoplo, Omn. Alt. proie ; Aoitopiiff^t, Ar. ; Awtiipii- 
^uw, Ar. 

AbmilTt, olirxpii, comp. oiirxjN'i'qMi, ^irrBt, alio niaxlitr, I 
Atl, I eleawheie, laperL ^ax"""' Hom. ^la-f^Aor, or, Horn. 
Apk Rlu ; npTiJfuaf , ar, Hom. Soph. ; nipreiias, or. He*. ; Aal- 
I^Mj. or, Eur. Menaiid. ; kiIkSi, comp. (itr (and irtpos. 


, Soph. ; ffdjroA^yoF, 

Pind. Ariib ; n/pfoADf, or. Call. ; ^lAaAJifSapai, or, Dem. j 

Ko^ofTTTTUchs, AriaL 
One tfj&o 11 oAuiw, AvfiffH}^, $^f, Horn. 
AbnalTSlr, olirxfwi, Hom. ; icJIccct, iGich. Soph. Hdt Dem. 
To abnt upon, iiavpim, c dat HdL ; rfKbru, c dat ^loh. 

Hdt See To border. 
Abttttlug m, ^p«t, or (and liioupai, Hdt), Th. Xen. ; J/iai- 

pui, or, Ap. Rh. ; S/urrlpfiay, PL ; rpiioupas, or, Sofik. Hdt. 

Xen. ; rltroupof, or, Ariat See Bordering. 
An abju, ^^mrfpar, Ar. Plat 
An MmU, 'ilJcariSa, HdL 
O/acada, 'iirir9!yos. Hdt. 
Audemy, inSSiiiiia, Ar. See &iaa£. 
AOBtaleotia, 'AkStIaiiictii, or, Heplmtion. 
To aoBwU (to a propoial, etc), ov/xapte, Hdt Tliuc Phit etc 
Tb aecade (to a nmipirac;, etc ], (rrvrlar^iBi, pau. c aor. 2. and pT. 

act Itoc Thuc ; tpotylipiofuu, c dat Hdt ; taotx-f^, t. 

dat Thuc Xen. 
To aaede (to the throne), ^lAixoiioi, mid. c pci£ paaa in act 

•erne, Hdt ; rifiiixnii^i Hdt. See CbsHnf, Joiit, SMccetd. 
To BooalonU, mUt., Hom. Hdt ; t&x^i Soph. Eur. See 

Aaenit, apei^a, CJnram. ; rifroi, Qiamm. 

To aooapt, tixofai, dep. c pf. pata. etc in act aena Omn. (from 
another) uau. c dat., but alio c gen. ; aln, S. xf^^' ^f^'t 
inileid of a man, Horn. ; broBixoiiM, Ham. Eur. Hdt Thuc 
Dhu. etc; htix-lMU, Horn. Hdt j^Kh. item.; AoiiMim, 
fut A^ifofuu, no aor. 1. act, aor. 2. (AoCar, pcrf. (!bi|f>a, hut 
AiAjUuko, Hdt; XiXniiiuu, JEtch. Eur. Hdt Omn.; ^o- 
AivtCitrv, Eur. Tb. Xen. Dem. etc See RaeerM. 

Oae liould aaept, wSf&Strrior, Plat ; AiT*T^, Xen. ; 'Iriot*- 
icrior, PlaU 

Wiat D>^ la U atetpltd, TdpUiirr/ai, Flat ; rpoiltrrfes. Flat ; 
irdplAtrin-lF, Plat 

Aotitptabia, uptiyvet, ar, Horn. Plat. ; a^iqttti Horn. ^kIl 
Ap. Rb. ; KfVMrsi, Hea Find. Thec«. Ap. Rh. ; ^>n, tut, ■> 
(and fem. ui, Horn.), ace UDg. iStth Theoc Moech. and ai fern. 
Theoc) comp. wr, lAtt lelMwhere. ODUt 3w Pleaaamt 

Aootptablj, 'af,aK6mt,Ear. Xen. Pbt : W«i, Plat etc 

AoomUnoo, AftCJ>, XK\t. j kvh^i <w, 4< Soph. Plat ; mrro. 

AaeapteUon (of word*), i{lwrti, att, 4, Thuc 

AooaM, TjHJtSdffii, >a», D, Eur. Hdt Thuc; (foSat, 4< Thuc 
Xen.; irpjiotot, i^, Pind, Eur. Ar. Hdt Dem.; ^taSot or 
fialot, 4, Hdt 

Accea (leare to apptmch), Tp6ifnim, wi, i}, Eur. 

Aooaacibla, iriZpoftat, or, Hom. Pinl ; fit/rlit. Soph. ; tfi«i- 
fli, Thuc ; ^TiBdrii, Hdt ; (Mftrai, ar, Xen. ; <i*,>^to«ot, 
Thnc Xen. ; l^oSai, ar, Thuc ; Oi^ifua, or, Xen. Dem. ; irpsi- 
Mt!>i, Xen. ; Tot^rlit, Call. 

Ataailjla (oT a wall), iiltSaait, av, fi>r 'drdf., Horn. ; ^Mrflrj^!, 

Apetuiila (of a p«T)an), irpdirAiiTot, c d. £*ch. 

AtxenSJe (from all lidet), l/ifhoAoi, «r. Find. ; (bj lea) «paj- 

TAtrrb, Hdt 
AeoaaaioiL, noiAirri, Plat Dem. 
— lie ((Stfu, iw, 4, Hdt. See Aidi- 

L had aenK, Find. Hdt. ( 

good lenae (but nre), Dei 
La aeaUMtt, n^i^opik, ui 

good, -Etch. Soph, Eur. Ar.; aviirraim, oral, am. nan lenae, 

Thuc Dem. ; vi/airit, hi, *, Plat ; ri u/pio, Thuc ; ri 

Tixir, Plat) T^oirjfiJlTar, accident, opp. to oldiol, Lfc See 

AaeUantal, tdrriiiiras, q, w, and ot, ar, Hdt ; b rtx^iy. Plat | 

i imirx^ntr, i inTUxii', Eur. That 
Aecldwit4llj, oirafiJlTBi, Hdt ; iti or k raC ofrrefuiTaii, Hdt. 

That Xen. Pint ; »iixA^"i, AriiC. 
AMlaauUon, iip^as, Ar. Plat Dem. 
7b OoM w (vx^aiiiatMa, friAyU^i Xen. ; 'MttpMiit, Xen. 

Plat ,£uh. 
Ab MdlTltT, l^rfor, vn», J, JEBch. See HtU. 



To MommadaU, i. e. nuke to cacmpond, iipftiC"! Soph. Pkt ; 
hiuptpti (fiprjit run). Thnc. 

7b accomwidaW ontHJ/; m/arifi^ifiaiuu, mid. c dsL j^ichia. 

fllWftmnnwlntlTiy (of penom}, fix'H)t> Soph. ; ^tot, a, or knd 
or, of, comp ^^f, P^^tqi, ifiitirtpos. -rrfoi and p^urrott 
Horn.) Eur. Dem. 

AMompanimenti to the uxompeniDient o^ Airi ((nl, po«L) c 
gen. Hm. Theogn, Soph. Ar. Xen. 

To MwampM.7,inSto, only pm. and imperf. and withont tagm. 
c iai. Ham. Hei. b. ^icb. ; fm^iai, e. dat. and M>metim«B c 
ace, onl; prea.. imperf. ([« jfinv, and aor. 2. tvrS/air, Horn. 
Pind. Sopb. Eur. HdL Xen. PlaL ; /xtrlUrtiBiuu, and befon 
BUgizL irr, only preg. impC and aor. -frCra, Horn. ; iTUfrffu, c 
dat. Horn. h. ; Sfut^ia, c. dat or prep. Ornn. poet, ; m/voopiuf 
e. dat Find, i rponiAapriu, t, dat. Theogn. ; rto^iro^iaj, na^- 
Riented CenKi (nr. c dau Tiag. Thnc Xen. ; irifiturTl^m, 
c dat. Eui. ; atnvirlia, e. dat. Eur. ; '6i!o^Mii, c dat. or 
prep. Omn. AtL pRwe ; irufiirdpa«aAavA/iii, c dot. Plat. Xen. ; 
<nivniliica\fiieim, c. daL Plat. ; fBrHKiAiiviia, c dat Thuc. 
Xen. PJat etc ; mpirofuu, c- daL Xen. ; ffufiirAp^ofAai, Plat 
Xen. i ffvixwifonapriiM, c dat Xen. ; ff&vBripxofi^j c dat Ap. 
Rh. ; iio/il^iia (npl Koara rr^^Oni), Em. 

7b niii£« fo Kooonifxnji, ^T^fo, Ham. Plod. ; and in mid. to make 
,n«e^ Horn, 

■ lUMM, iirrffidMm fipiuyya iXfyais, to aeeom- 
pan; tongi with tbe Ijre, Ai. 

To acoompaai/ on a imnd imfmntenij tr&r&^Uffdetf Ar. 

AowimpaUTbig, iirdlii, gabit or adj. sf , sr, b. Pind. TiBg. Plat ; 
'dcJAsvfar, nib)t or adj. o(, ok, c gen. or dat Sopb. Tbac 
Plat ; rCnu^ABuSat, at, c. dat Ariit 

Aeampans/ag qtiiddg, Ta;(tTo)iiror, or, ^Kh. 

AOMimpliM, vM\iiv, mm, 6, Hei. ; i7X<<"^p> Soph. ; Kouwrit, 
c. gen. ^Kh. Soph. Xen. Deni.j jutbItmi, tnbat and adj. c. gtn. 
jEmJi. Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat etc ; li^ox"!, e. gen. Eur. Tbuc 
Ant ; wJE^Tioi, on. aa adj. a, or, and or, on, j^ecb. Eni. good 
■enae, Dem.; ripttpos, Em.; ffbWiirrtofi, opes, A, JEKii. Eur, 
Plat Ant 1 aUndrm, lubst and adj. ficb. Dem. Plat i frvfi- 
wpimuB, «ftt, i, Hdt Xen. ; atvtpyti, i laH ii, Em. Plat ; 
ofi^jryaTii, (Dot, ^, Em. See Aaittant, 

To be an acBOmf/ice, mnmipeiuu, Eui. ; mirtpiu, Eur.; iru^- 
^(^(^, Xen. ; in/yicaurD\07^>uu, c dat Din. See Ox^teraU. 

To ofoug at a Ait/ aeoomplia, wMumipi(»iHii, JEicb. 

To aeeompUali, SidrtXtirrdv, in tmeai, Horn. ; rpiiratc, Horn. ; 
mia, Omn.; T<Xte, fnt ^ow, aor. 1. poet often M\taaa, etc 
Omn. ; TtXrvriu, Omn. ; •rpaira, impfrf. poet (not Trag.). alto 
inpaliurBr, and aor. 1, iHfrlmra, fht med. in pau. lena. Horn. 
Find. Trag. ; 'iyiai, and Att uvrai, in pre*, and imperf. Omn, ; 
tutrpiaaia, Horn. £>ch. Hdt Xen. Itoc; 'im(once i in Horn.), 
only in prea. and imperf. Horn. Pind. £ich. Hdt Ar, ; /irrtA^K, 
Horn. Pind. £ach. Soph. HdL i trtupaim (and ouu, Horn.), 
Horn. .£>ch. Sopb. ; rtipeiva, Horn. Pind. Sopb. ; impipv, fut 
*Jolcr«, aor. 2. i(1iyryi,or, Horn. Pind, to be ace Soph, i 
i(iuriii»iiiTu, Horn. Sopb. Em. Xen. ; ir(|wlnir, aor. I. iwipBra, 
no perf act Omn. poit Horn. ; Uworia, Sapph. Pind. Eur, Ai. 
Theoc ; nSpitin, MKh. ; ifudm, f. tint. Soph. ; litrtXiu, 
Em. Thac Xen. Plat Dem. ; ItrtXtvria, Find. TiaK. ; iiiria 
or trm, fut tva, h. Eur, Xen. ; KiBaipiaiiai, tat. 2. KSati/i.6iair, 
Em. Hdt ; KorSria or tra. Soph. Em. Xen. ; Kipiii, Eur. 
Hdt ; nrrifxBfiai, Mtck. ; Kdnfiyiifa/uu, goph. Eur. }ldt 
Xen. ; ntpia. Soph. Xen. ; miiaitpaim, Eur. Plat laoc ; 
i^nrieiiai, [fut -(jofuu, aor. B. -«i/ni>', Thuc Hdt Plat i 
in^ifX'/uu, Soph, Thuc ; *»iTt\foi, Hdt Tbuc Xen. etc ; 
•mroirptffo*, Xen. Dem. ; (nirliawfiiraia, lioc. ; npirint, Ap. 
RL ; D^>iir<palM, Isoc Plat 

To accompm noooiMv, iiiTafMa,, Em. Thnc PlaL Xen, Dem. : 
iftia, iGicb, 

7*0 aaxm)ilui (one'a late, etc),'a>«ir^irA.i)^ (olirar, etc),Ham.Hdt. 

To acBomplM (a jonnie]-), 'ted>^ (olWEJt) Ham. 

7b jia'p to aacon^^iA, tr^nntoi/ite, c dat pera. ace rei, Iioc. 

7b acoompiiiA/or anoAer bititUt, wpotZtarpdairoiiai, Xen. 

To ajxompliJi Jint or qukhlg, irpo&tira, Xen. 

To atcompluh biaida, rpost^tpyi^ofitu, Dera. 

7b aocDmpJiii at tianinic time, irlirAr^, Ariit 

7b acccmjiliii againd one't ail', vaptKT(A,^«, Moacb. 

To ig aoB-splulud, eap ai propbeciea, etc., 'kww (/u iS^trfAra), 


onl; {H^a. and imperf. Horn. ; i(ipxofuu, HdL ; J{^. di Wasi, 

Hea. ; 'f«^. Soph, HdL 
To aerampiiiA, i. e. render (a pupil) accompliihed, inroriie, Eur. 

See Do, Perform. 

To be aaomptuhed (of a peraon), futwriofiai^ pau. Ar. 
On bhU occomfHih, -woairior, Hdt Tbuc. Xen. Isoc; MrtKta- 

rior, Itoc ; upainioy. Soph. Plat Xen. laoc ; tpamtov Sopb. 

What em be /ucomplMed, Sisvparr^t, laoc ; irontrios, Hdt 
Tbuc Xen. l»c. ; rpairrdos. Soph, Plat Xen. laoc ; wptacris, 
Ariat: '6}uivitaii, or, Sopb. 

WAat hat been ofcomplit/ied (pmyer, cnrae, etc), rjxtioi, a. Of, 
— ' .fflach. Soph, Ar. j TtKia^opos, or, Em. 
iitpyvrrlKbt, Xen. 
.^ tRaiiit to aeeompUth, ■rtifiu, ar af>, arai, ri, Horn. Pind. 
.JiiCDiiiptuiB^ ittdf, oirriKpamt, or, .£ach. ; flXxai, a, of, and 

Df, ov, jGicb. 
AcoompliAii^ an oracle. Tt\4^^poir SiSoits ](p^tiitv, Eur. 
To be aratmplii&ed late, ^[t^Aiotk, or, Horn. 

/iiAet all Uii^n, iniprtA))t, jEub. ; wpaicrtfuis, iv, 
Pind. Sich. 

H^&i acamiplaiet all thin 
MK-b. ; T«A<iD9, B, or, a 

A'o* a 
.4«»iii;)fuA«t (of a man), iiouaiKht, Eur. Ar. Phit laoc ; X^dl, 

Put laoc J iwirtX^t, HdL Plat ; aiijitpWa.f./wi, PlaL 
Aooompliiluiieiiti r^Aot, rh, Omn, ; 'irt<m, mt, j), Hom. 

Theoc ; Kipu<rij, eas, jj, Plat. ; fufcrpofit, mt, 4, Plat. 
.i^aoiHTi/t'Aineiit, i, e, elegant learning, li/tovirU, Em. PlaL ', 

/uiKTud;, Hdt Plat, Xen. lioc, ; niSfvaa, mi, i^, Ar. Plat 
To Moord, wrrpixi', lot. SpiiioBnat, aor. 2. -4ipitior, petf, 

-tftfifiiiKa, c. dat. or c. prep. MKb. Em. Soph. Hdt, Dem. 

(aee Agree) ; L e. grant, SlSat^u, aor, 1. (twKii, etc, perf. p. 

USoiuti, Omn. See Cnnf. 
Aaeord, of one'a own accord, iiAy, Omn. ; ixoiirui!, s, or, and 

DI, or. Soph. Eur. Thuc, Plat. Dem. ; abriiiHrat, it, or, and at, 

ar, Hom. Hdt. Eur, Xen. Dem. etc ; atreriYytXTot, or, Eur. 

Thuc. laoc. Dem. ; atrrbi, Horn. Sopb. Xen. etc.; (nbtaiptrtt, 

or, Enr. ; aOroicAnwToj, or, Xen. ; airoKtX^t, Hdt 
(Coming) tf oae't oten aeeord, ninfcXirfor, or, .£>cb. Soph. ; 

aJn-iJinTot, or, jGacb. Soph. 

. imva\en. Ear, Xen.; ^rMfv, Soph.; 
■.ooaiat. Soph. ; noff iKOuirlar, 

Thuc. ; o^DfulTsi, Hdt. ; '■ tdE atrTolidrav, Xen. 
7b da o/'Du'IowaaoeorrftB^offXtiidO', Xen, ; ah-nfurrffig, Xen, 
mtii DM oADTrf, in fuat %i^i, Thuc ; fa or 3ii iiiSs yiiiiiv, 

Dem. Ikk. ; M"f Wfp. Thuc ; ifu>A>>iaSir, Ar. Xeu. Plat. 
AMOTdalUie (kc A^reemenl), in ace with J^it^unit, or, fich.; 

ir^fi^srai, or, Pind. Soph. Plat. ; iiidXaiiios, or, c. gen. or dat. 

Ar. Plat. 
InaaonlaiiceiBili, h (riir rJ/uit), etc, Pind. Thuc; inoXjiitas, 

c. dat Dem. ; *iro/Jw«, c dat Plat. Ariit. ; mi/i^reirTas, c 

dat Plat 
AoMiding to, in (rSr ri/mr, etc.), HdL Dem. etc. ; lO-ii c ace 

Omn. ; fuTik c gen, Thuc PlaL ; irii^ c ace Dem. ; rpht c. 

ace Thuc, Xen, 
AoeOTdingly, oSr, never the fint word in a aentence, Omn.; 

oiKoBr, Omn. Alt ; roeyip, uan. at beginning of a apeecb, but 

not alwayi, Hom. .£>eh. Soph, ; rorr^tir. Soph. Hdt Flat 
To aMoit, Tpoiautiit, Hom, Het, Trag. ; wpojeiiror, onlj aor. 2. 

and aor. 1. Omn. ; vpoiaTopt^, Hdt Tbuc Plat See Addrea. 
An MOOBDt, Kiyes, Hdt Xen, Flat Dan. ; tKtJXot, Thuc lioe 

An aacoml of what one hu done, etc., lefirejvdget, eiBbrii, oau. in 

pi. Ar. Plat Dem. Lja. etc 

p!. Dem. ; X^yHT/iir, Lya. 
To aaoonnt, IrSpitiUa, Soph, ; roUoiuu, Eur, Thnc HdL See 

Comt, TJUnJi. 
7b give mi Ottotnd, Aoylfa^uu, mid. c stc. of the itemi in the 

aecomit, Lja. ; iir«\ayfCo/uu, mid. intrana Xen. c ace lei, 

jGacbin. ; titirat b^ftx", ''"■ m»f>i. Dem. Lj-a. 
7b pit doom in u ascoinf, 'AmttiieevjU, Hdt Thuc Dem. ; im- 

^nr, Xen. Dem. ; iMOpipti, fut -olaie, aor. 1. -frryita, tat. 

2. -^rtTKOr, Boc. 1. pau. -^rixhr, Dem.; 'Mififtt, ]>em.i 


Tin ghbiff aa aeeounl, in^BTtur/ilii, ^Khin. 
To mU to acBoial, Kiryoerrici, Mtof. 
To call (D aarmtil baUa^rposiiMva, AritL 
n la eaUtd to acanmt, tiwrciiai, c. gen. caoue, Thuc. 
To bt iaaiKi to gm on owiimf, tMbw i^icriHbv, bot. 2. £f Atv, 

To taU a jiertoji'e ocRiaCf in fMffisn, M riki ttiBinu tpx"!""! 


aeemaiil, imXitiy Tiri *W6yi|r, Ar. 

'Or&Xarfor lrQ^io^^ai f if^i, D«n, ; fv 0. v. ri. 

of, Xiyov Ix- mtia^ Tims. Hit 
ibtttit, ixixl<n-ini \iyof (tl^), Hdt. ; h iitittyl, 
A.'(<IfJ), Hdt. Plat. ; iV oMi' (Tlh/wi, etc.), ^icfa. 

» (usnnt o/, lafiiiaar &par wminiuu, HdL 
To U of gnat aeeaat, ■m\titrrcni AJyau ttfil, Hdb 
Tifif an ^M wxmmt, iA» Ixowa- 'ifHSiUy, Eur. 
To be taien wiU lil aceouBl, <Ii 'Apie^r 1t«M ^H-'i ^^■ 
On aaaxBU of, Ivwa, c gen. Omn. ; linKa, Hom. ^ich. Eur. 

Xoi. etc ; Irtittr, Horn. Eur. Plat Xen. ; fTxHtr, Hdt. Find. 

ApL Rh. etc. ; oSmca. utu. after iti tate, j^>ch. Soph. Eur. etc. ; 

(nrri, t gen. Find. Trag. i ItnjTi, c. gen. JEich. j iii, c. gen. 

(Sul, £Kh.), Xoi. ciccOinn.;*(fil, cgeD.OmD. c.dat Hom. 

^Bch. Plat. Theoc 
AsoMBtabla, 'Oriyyvot, or, JEtch. Eur. Hdt. ; 'Oriieom, oy, 

JEtch. Ar. Hdl. Thuc Den. ; 'OiraJruii, or, Xeii. ; 'iiw6Krfos, or. 

Flat. Lja. Dem. See Se^ao-aHik. 
To MOOUtTB) KopieVK, aor. 1 mid. — vovd^ijr, pf. paaa. JcuEct' 

p>Aiuu, Horn. Find. ; <rKfHi£ii, Ear. Ar. HdL Xen. See Arm, 

AeMDbmunt, itiaiuis, Omn.; ncflfj), Bopb. Em. Hdt Tbac 

Xen. Dem. etc. ; oTo\J), Trag. Xen. Plat See Ei/mpmait, etc 
71i (< mU attoHlred, tio'Kcotei, Soph. 
To ■Boma, npittm^uu, patt. c. pf. aod aar. 2. act c dat or et, 

Tfauc.i TpotTfTPOfuu, c dat Thuc; vjioiapnlci^iai, pais. c.d. Dem. 
Td Meuanlate, ria, rliam. Eur. Ai- Hdt Thuc Xen. ; ritiai, 

Horn. Ap. Rh. i 'aepoffa, Eur. Thuc Xen. PUt etc Bee Heap 

Aondnl&tad, rrrrin. If cm. ; of voe, riaitnpTOi, or. Soph. 
AocnamlKtian, 'SBpourim, ornt, Plat ; tlia acl, SBfetea, utt, 4, 

Aoanraoy, o'ct^vtio, ^ich. Plat ; 'SicpfCtia, laoc Aiitiphi},FUib ; 

inpiSOKoiyia, Ariit 
AMOnt*, 'ibciJilii', Eur. Ar. Hdt Thnc. Plat Imc ; "STpfjdli, 

Pbd. Eur. Hdt 
To bt atamile, eoatH*r aecMraidg, 'Sjcfillokiryioiuu, intrans., or c 

aec Plat Den. 
Acanrmtelj, voi^tiiut, Thei^. Hdt ; mtepSi, MKi.; 'oKpitm, 

JEtch. Dem. Isoc ; (to apeak) ovyypl^wvi, Plat 
To iptai gntt aoairatdg. Kmarririf tAr Xiyttr, Hdt 
Owo akwU iptak aeatratdy, 'BxplloXoytfTiov, Ariat 
To kmoa, amdenliBtd, imaiigala, arroM, or Hab aeairalds, 

•Si^t6», Eur. Ar. Plat Xen. Iwe. 
Aa tn ra ad, 'apsrti, Horn. Soph. ; KAr^Aror, av, (ReratauD 

luiTifiTot in Epic) Sc^. Eur. Ar. Dent; '^f, Hippon. ; 

tpaimrifaTot, or, Dem. 
IwSMtlon, oJtIi^ Soph. Enr. Hdt Thnc Dem. ; alrltvia, am, 

£<ch. Enr. Thnc ; MkKtiiul, irat. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; tyrXiiiia, 

naf, Omn. Att ; tiUofdi, Eur. nsn. talie, Hdt Thnc Xen. 

Andoc ; jntnn'Opla, Omn. Att pr. ; Ktnrfipm/a, vrer. Plat 

Dnn. ; 7p4^ Dem. Lya. etc ; nh^va, tat, 4, Xen. ; airiiiris, 

M>i, 4> Antipho. 
A prtBumt aeauatilm, ■ p o aft r n ' /o pta, Tbuc, 
n Dott, jntm/uwlo, Hdt 
siai a max (ou eargU n tt« /cul, iirByir)4i Dem. 

7b {(^ m aocHtofiDH icjleii a nsa u ooiispU at Iktfael, iniv* H|r 

4»*7c»7fti'i to admit it (ai judge), m ifcdde it, irnfttixoitai ^r 

'Artfwy^v, Lyi. Dem. 
A» acctatiom » nodi agimit lun hy Ou «ify, Jiofriir ti ipli t^i 

•JA(^ ol yiyyrroi, Xen. 
TeaeeOM^ afriio/ui, mid. c acc.pen.aiid gOkrei, alio cacciei, 


but faai^7 eieept where a neuter pron. ai raura, itaudi {or the 
Hibalantiie, Hom. Eur. Ar. Hdt Tbuc Xen. Anlipho, aleo e. ace. 
pel*, and int xel 8,ti, ii, etc. Tbuc, t aec pew. and prep. Xen., 
cace. rei Kant Tini-, Antipho ; fiJ^j-i^Bi, mid, c. aor. pan. in act 
leni., cgcm. ace, c. bcc pen. and gen.rEi,cacc. lei gen. pen.,c 
dat pen. and ace lei, or c. dat pen. and conj. K,ti), tl, etc Hea. 
Pind. Theog. Tiag. Hdt Thuc Xen. L;i., c dat pera. gen. rei, 
jBach. J tyiaxta, fiit -taa, p£ -KiiAnita, etc., c dat pen. 
■cc. rei, c dat pen. and inf. or conj. (either person or thing often 
omitted), Omn. Alt ; lOnyr/ofia, c gen. pen. ace rei, or e. 
gem. gen., or c gen. pen. and prep. HdL Omn. AtL ; tuitw, 
Mieh. Hdt Xen. Dem. etc ; SaSJjJui, pL -MKi,Ka, etc ntu. 
faUtlg, but not hIwbji, c ate pert, c daL pen. aec. rei, Sopli. 
Eur. Hdt Thnc. Xen. Dem. ; il^iyx-, .^ich. Soph.Xen. ; twu- 
TuJo^mi, c ace peri. gen. rei, or c gem. ace, or t aec pera. and 
inl ^Kh. Soph. Ar. Hdt Thuc. Dem. ; intirrv, c sec rei dat 
pen, Eur. ; irtr/oiua, mid. Eur. ; Mtycg, Hdt Xen. ; bnrfft- 
^/tai, c ftcc re! dat pen. Enr. Dero. ; Kortpii, c ace or gen. 
Hdt Xen., aa piee. and fut of Hartinv, c gen. Eur. Ar. Plat; 
rpotKit-tonoi, mid. and pau. c ace pen. gen. lei, Ar. Dem. 
Lyt etc ; oDao^atPT^Bt, Ar. Xen. Lya ; ^a&w, Ar. Xen. Dem. ; 
iwliili\4a, c dat pen., c aec rei, or inC Ar. Hdt Thnc Lya 
Imc etc ; iruritlirroiuu, mid. and paw. c dot pera. gen. rei, 
Sopb. Flat ^Bchin. lue. ; Tpci^, onlr once, Ar. ; ypd^fiai, 
mid. and paai. c gen. lei or inf. Ar. Plat Dem. ^Xechin. ; tlj- 
ayyi>Aoi, c. aec pen., e. inC rei, or c prep. Thuc Plat Lye. 
Andoc etc ; ^ir)>7<AAai, Dem. Andoc ; trryKoXAa, c dat pera. 
Lja 1 icdicf^H, Hdt Thuc ; iwiyti, c gen. Dem.; iraypa^, 
Xen. Lja. Antipho; *din>4»aiW, Dem. Antipho; icitraeriJiofuu, 
c gem. ace, c icc pen. and inf. Hdt Thnc Xen. Dem. ; jcdrd- 
yfyii^inMi, tenaea fmm yritt, aor. 2. -tyvwr, etc c aoc rei 
gen. pen., or c gen. per». and inl, M bt, Hdt Thuc Plat Lja. 
etc ; Kfbm, Thuc Dem. Lyeurg. laoc Aachin. ; irpeMAAs^uu, 
mid. and paai. Dem. Xen. 

To aaMU on oalA, xarriiivaiu, c Mn. Hdt 

To aoaaoJ^Kly, atU. Ar. Anlipho. 

To join in making falm acctaaiioHr, TvjiriKo^airTiu, Dem. 

To acaae be/ortimd, rfrnti-nryopiti, Dem. ; ipoJiMdAAn, pf. 
SieXtiKa, etc. Thuc. ; irpiiirtU^o^au, Xen. 

To QccHH iendo, tposKtmryBpii*, c. gem. ace. Thnc, c gtn. pen. 

To ooBMH lageOur, at the nma time, avy i i t n r fop J ii, Dem. ; nr. 

SiaSiMa, Dem. Lya. ; ainnratrido/uu, Thuc 
To aeeate in rrtaUation, i*TXIItSei\/M, Ariat ; irriTm^Af, Dem. 

laoc; irriypi^ioiuu, c dnt or ace pen. and inf. Dem. L;i.; 

hniKOTTfyopiu, c pen. pen. Lya. ^schin. ; iimirpoiKa\iofiai, 

Dem.; ii«lnrjl7s, Thuc 
Pbraaea for to aocue, oirlaii rlpM, c dat Soph. ; tv atrbf fiiXXa, 

Soph. ; tr atriif ii* atrlas fx", Hdt ; Mtyiv alrfiir, Sllnir, 

7pa^r, e. dat pera. Dem. Lya. Andoc ; irirmiiiu ahltr, Dem. ; 

iroypiipoiuu Steiiy, Anlipho; iro^pa (fdt -oiim, aor. 1. 

-AwTKa, aor. 1. poia. -^rix^*) y(>o^r Kori, c gen. Dem. ; 

ahtar tn^ifa, c dat Dem. ; 'iSticiiita iiirriiu Kari, c gen. 

Dem. ; fyitAijfui Xr/xi"' (fit Kiiio)uu, aor. 2. IXaxot, pf. dXifxa 

[xixayx'it Horn.], pf. paaa. ilxr/yiuu, Dem.). 
To it acciaed, p*iy<^ Ear. Xen. Plat Dem. Lya. ; alio ^ ypi- 

^r SAcqr; and c gen. crim. {ilnir aabaudilo), Xen. Dem. Ar. 

Lf curg. ; iperrdCoiuu, Ar. ; 'iytviCo/Ml, c ace rei, Enr. ; ofrior 

Cx", «ach. Ar. Hdt Thue Xen. PlaL ; ahiar Orixa, llinc 

Xen. Antipho; o^for fipo/uu, Thnc ; alriw bwoiUru, ^fachin. ; 

Mx«, c aee rei (fvw), Eur. 
lUonn/vHadiiavxa accned ofhaeiBg.Th twaa^iiitta vaAMTci, 

He vxa acaaoJ ofgnai ingaXtia, ijucia *i\Aj| Ktmr/optno ovroi!, 

Om mow cKKXM, aanr/Dfnrr^or, Iioc. Plat ; ^latior. Plat 
Fom/ ofaaaumg, /t«Aij>i4to[1i, Ariat 
AMUlad, ttnifTiar, or, Antipho ; fyaAirroi, or, AriaL 
EokI^ accuKd, liaile to acaaalion, tbtlrnrfipiiTos, or, Thue 
Not ataiseii, iriyK\yrroi, or, PlaL Dem. ; 'irvKO^i r riirot, or, 

Not accused, adr. ^dvryjcA^rwT, Ar. Dem. 
An aeeoHT, Kdn^ai, Suph. Hdt Plat Xen. Iioc et&: i 

ypcel/Jtiaio), Ar, 
la UOUtou, ielCa, augmented tenaea, tit. Eur. That. Xen. Pbt 


Dem. ; yvitrAiu, Xcn, PUt. ; iriuit^, c ace pen. dat. tei, 
Xen. ; upoatil^a, set. c gem. ncc., in put. c. dat. ni, Xeo. ; 
■wapaanniim, Xrn. ; ovrMia, Plat. Dem. 
7a OGcuton a ptrioa nU to do whai he hat ben and to, 'drtSffof, 

One nwrt acnubm, iBta^iay, c uc and inC Xen. ; awtttirrioy. 

7i>i«iw«wto)iaJ, SV'^ Hon. Soph. ; tin, yni. Hum. (but lare), 

pf. {afti, Hom. IldL, or (fatfo, (Jam. ; fU^nt, Find. jGicb. Soph. 

Hdl. Thuc Plat, etc ; m>^ fuL -im, Hdt Tliac ; nidi/n, 

HdL Thuc Xen.; 'iT^rilo, ArliL 
/£ II a£^(wJ0ni«J, impen. nfd^wrvy ^Bch. ; ^fAct^ Plat. 
AMWtomad, •tuftbr. Horn. Ear. Thuc Plat, etc ; •rhn,9i,t, c dat 

Hei. Soph. Eui. Plat Xen. ^XfcbiD. i IjBkt, iSor, e. gen. St^h., 

aiae cam, Eui. Ar. ; Uii, iSet, n. gen. Thuc ; irlWwoi, or, c 

daL Soph. Plat Xeo. ; t wi»uMr, Xen. 
In OR ocdufonud BoniHr, tUMrns, Soph. Plat. 
AoliB, iStrn, Hma. Mnit. So^. Plot. ; iXyifiiiw, int, q, Kur. 

HdC. Xen. See Paai. 
To adte, or fid an aidu, ikyia. Ham. JEKh. Ar. Ildt. Xen. ; 

triw^, Anac Soph. Ar. Aniipho. See To/etlpaiM. 
AchSTOil, 'kxipttr, orrar, i, Eaz. 

O/Aderon, 'k%*fi>ivat, .£ich. Eur.; 'kxtpirras. Bur. 
T« ftAien, r«K6w*in, Hdt. ; 'iymiiaiuu, mid. Eur. See Do, 

Ta aeUetie (glory, etc), pif [fub ^<ni (only e/taa/uu in Horn. 

which EuT. also u>e> in pau. kiu. ], imper. otirt, Horn. aor. 1. 

Ijivyica, in Horn. nan. Ifrtun or Ivimo, aor. 2. IjrryKor, and mid. 

^rtVU^ip*, aoi. 1. raid, ^nunl^ijr, Horn, -trryiiclfiqr, Eur. Soph. 

»r.l.]im.*n(xV, Hee.] Horn. Eur, Plat, i rpdaai,, Pind. 
An aohunmant, Im^r, Omii. ; 'iryA-ioim, iroi, ri, Thuc 
Aldd, oioTiipki, Pint. Ant.; arpS-prii, by. Plat Xen.) t^ln, 

comp. onlf, irtpas. Plat Hipp. ; orOf-tMi, ^, aod hi ^> MeL 

j oionjpJnjt, ifTac, 4, 

To ii scuJ, l^hniuu, pau. AiiaL 
Aoldity, »Tpv^rrfTt|j, irfoi, 4, Arin. 

Plat Xen. 
Ta aeknowladga, ai Oaii, miiSCm, JEteh. Eur. Ildt Plat 

Xen., c dat HdL; (aa kindred, etc ). irayo'r^ira, tenia {mm 

-yyiti, or ^yr£p, Pind. Eur. HdL Xen. See Rieogmm. 
To achioalei^ (L e. admit), dftokoyiit, Soph. Eur. Thnc Plut 
. Dem., and in 3d pen. poH. prea. ai impen. Plat Xen. j irpii- 

oiuKoyta, Plat Xen. Itoe. Dem. See Omfiu. 
Out miui aehnAeledge, iiioXoyifrJoy, PlaL 
AeknovUdgemant, liyiyyi^u, kk, il, Hdt ; hw/yipaa, mt, 

il. Plat ; iiaHiayla, Plat ; trpan/uXoyCD, Plat 
Aema, 'si>ij), Fuid. Soph. Eur. Plat Xen. ) Mos, «h, Soph. 


Tobtiailt aeim, 'SiciiiCa, Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. PlaL etc 
AMtnito, 'ixiyVroy, Theoph. 
Aami, fdUvDi, 4, HiHn. HdL Xen. ; 'ix&j)!, i, Horn. ; fyaii 

bciia (ri). These 
LiU aeornt, of the ■com kind, PiXSr^s, Theoph. ; {SaAov^t, 

£aM^ ooDrw, ^UlfD^xtysi, or, AJcn. 
/VorfiiBnv oconu, ^UOnii^^f, ok, Hdt 
Mad* i/aoonu, 0iiUbri»t, Theoph. 

To Aakt dom aoonu, ftom the tree, fiiXiiiiCi (tpSy), Audi. 
To aeiAtint, /£crrWMA, c dat pen. Horn. SopL HdL Plat 

XeD. etc See t^mt. 

[fut ymfyniim, aor. 3. i~ft»iiafi ( 3d aing. \>j ajucop. firro), 

Pind. Theoc, p£ t^rityjifiia, T*)wo, lat and Sd pL b; tyncop. 

-fkfi^y, -ffriiaa<~, pt ftyayiii and 7*701^1, inIk, and YT^', 

HDU], Xen. I y(fioiiaiL, c dat Xen. ; niftiyrvfiai, pau. c dat 

Xen. ; nrjnttpdntvuii, pau. c dat Xen. 
We wvt ocfuante/ intt ok onottir, J/iMT^fufa, Horn. ; yyupl- 

f«i« ():■ Tirf, Dem. See Knaa. 
AMulntauM, -jw^plru, >hi, 4, c gen- Plat. ; yrMrit (cvt, i^), 

V|»i, c ace fichln. ; XP*'", Anlipho ; xt"!'"'^ ""• it laoc ; 

rOvifitm, Xen. Iioc. .£tehin. 
Ah aeqmiMtanae, yydififi«t, Hom. Xen. Dem.; Twrrif, c dat 

.iGkE. ; atrrfih', c dat HeL Iioc Plat ; olnuit, a, 

le caa. Eur. Hdt Plat Xen. lioc 

. lUtiits, Thuc Xen. ; yyttft/uit, Dem. 

To aoqiUMM, 'ijiiriie, c CODJ. I,ti, ti, etc, or c put, or c 
dat rei, rarel; c ace lei, Hom. Ar. Plat Dem. Lya. ; aivitt, fuL 
-i<m and -vf", »or 1. -iintm and -«o-oa, pf. pau. -T|/ioi, 
aor. I. pan. -tfiji-, c act rei, Pind. A>cb. Eur. ; erdfya, only 
fut and aor. 1. (and Ri-ron™! P^ft ™icl. Hdt), c. ace or c dat 
.Aach. Soph. Eur. Hdt Plat laoc Dem. ; aVYxpp^", <^ dat 
•ometimea c aec., or c. ml, or c ace and int Eur. HdL Thuc 
Plat Diaarch. 

One mtut oogntcKV, irT<pitT^i>, c daL Dinanh. 

AoqnlaaonuM, in-fx&piia\3, «gr, 4, Plat 

To Mquira, xTdnfiai, mid. perf. paw. in act aena. K/arqfuu and 
tKTniULt, optaL nKTfl/tiji' (aoT. 1 . paaa. in pau. aeni. Thuc Eur.), 
Onin. J ■nuioiiai, raid., eip. of acquiring frienda, el*H Horn. 
Soph. Xen. ; n-fArlfii, only in aor. ] , act -unni, and in prea. 
mid. Horn. Theoc; tititT^fuii, Eur,; inurriia/iai, Hdt Xen.; 
TtpSreiiai, eip. in mid. Thnc Xeu, Iioc Dem. ; 'dviU^ietfw, 
fut -Mpitaiuu, aor. 3. -/AbSw, perf. -tiX^fa, Xen. ; TtpiUWa- 
luUf mid. c. pert pau. wtpiKleKyiiiai, in act una. c ace Hdt 
Xen. Iwc ; upotwoiioitat, Ar, Hdt Thuc Xen. 

To aegairtfor aaoUier, wiparaUii, Dem. 

7b acmire beiidet, 'UripicTdniuu, Soph, ; trucrieiiai, Mk)i. Soph. 
Hdt Thuc 

To aid n aeqtarii^, ovyK&TajcTi/nuu, c- dat pen, Dem. ; ovy. 
Krioiai, aine c pen. Thuc 

To be aajiiind, 'SMamoiim, fkit iijiirofiai, aor. 2, (\w, or fjUttr 
more usu., p^, liXvffo, more uiu, tixmca, Soph, Sea To g^. 

Aoquirtd, nrhat ii or may be, KTrfrbi, Hom. Kur. Iioc Plat 

.di^iiirei/, i, a. not natural, irlimrTas, Of, Hdt Xeo. Lycurg.; 
fi-wrroi, OK, Hdt Ariat 

One matt aajuirt, mTrtW, Plat 

One loio ctwMu dub to aojwrB, cTf^t^iii, 4, £seh. 

Aoqoiring, or akilful in acquiring, ;yn;>idTurriK&t, c gen. Plot ; 
ieTi;TliAi, Iioc 

Tie art ofacgnrii^ h Knru^, PlaL 

AsqnliltioD, L e. the acquiring, Aqil'ti, wi, 1^ Soph. Plat ; iwU 
Krvris, <«r, ij. Soph. Ariat. ; itT^B-it, «h, ^ Thuc Plat 

An tu^wnfiaa ofaUiet, upotirfvyh, Thuc 

.Jn ncguRtioa ofm^ Ikmg additunal, vpotrofTfril, »I, 4, Thuc 

..411 arqutUion, L e, a thing acquired, KT^fr, Hom- SopL, Hdt. 
PlaL ; icnjiia, ccroi. Ham. .Xach. Xen. Plat etc See Fomt- 

7b mai>/r»A aapaeilioHt, rkioy Ixv, Thnc 

Hdt Thuc ; 'Urbtm^ ^7^ Xen. ; *itnx*tpoTow4m, c. gen, pera. 

Dem. ; 'iwo-fiyyiitnai (teniei from yySu and yriiu), t gen, pera, 

or c. BGC OF c gen, pera. aod iti) c. inf. cHm. Dem. Lya. ; 'dnifii- 

^{ivuu, e gen. pen. Dem. Plat ; 'iwoBaurdtt, c geo. pen. Dem. ; 

'Affile aor. I. -t^nai, paaa. -^fitv, line aug., c ace pen. gen. 

rei, alio c daL pen. ace rei, and limply e ace. pen. Hdt I^nu 

7b be indiiied to acquit, 'SmAiiTlimi l^it, c gen. pen. Xen. 
To be aeouUM, rUcAn, Eur.; 'im^^, Ar. Hdt Xen. Dem.; 

At. aJriiv, Thuc ; iir-TsiFi ii^itamu, Hdt; ^K^«^ Ar. Hdt 

Dem. .£ichin. ; 'irafuyyiiv, only in prea. Dem. 
He u acquilttd ^crimaali^, ItroKirrai fi^ Uuciv, Thuc 
Acquittal, AiJAlKrir, km, q, c gen, crim. HdL ; 'U^ru, wc, 

it, HdL ; feilfntii, or fu{. wf, 4< Ar. Antipha ; 'iim^ura, 

«••, 1^ Antipho. 
Detming aejutilai, 'tnre^tvXiwt, or, Antlphc 
Meant ^aaamOaL, ri 'ixatpeiHerUk, XoL 
AaqnitUd, i0fn>, or. Eur. Ar. Dem. Lya. 
An MM, wihetfoy. Hen. ; wXilpay, Hdt Eur. Xen.* 
0/Jii>iraerei,TrTparyiioi,tr, Hon, Ap. Rh, 1 <(f/i/fy,'wti'r^iiorT6- 

Aerimonioiu, irwpli', Hdt Dem. Iioc ; irucpiyKiivtns, or, JEich. 
ABrlmonienaly, irucpigi, Dem. 

Aarimmiy, irinpla, Dem. ; irij^^i, irroi, i|, Eur. HdL Piat 
AoroH (to go), Ji^ c gen. Omn. ; 'Mp {tip, Hom.X c gen. 
Horn. ; ir^po, c gen. Soph. Eur. See B^/ond. 


Aemt, L e. CTOMwiu, >dj. iynifvtat, Thnc See Oromeim. 
To aat, tpiu, Omn. ; xpi/tum, Oinn. ; ^'{wi f>''- "g- P**^ liu^ > 

Ta b* Atfint to ocl, rpontiu, Thuc 

7b net sn tt> dt^'i- 't^nw^fro/iai, mid. c bot. I . pau. in lut aeoi. 

Dem. AriiL i 'dTwrlfafiai, mid. Ar. Dem. 
An motion, ffyBri Ooui. ; KTlmt, «at, it, Piod. ; Sfn^w, arot, 

.ffiich. ; vpvy^io, Arpf, t^ Omn- poflt HtHn. ; (fiyfta, &Tor, t^. 

Find. Tboogn. h. Enr. ; rfOTVi, t\ Find. ^Kh. Sopfa. Hue. ; 

!(«{«, (HI, ij, PUt. Dcm. ; TofTi/ia, oToi, PUt 
A gai>d aetiat, 'SrfSBotfrfia, Hdt. 
Aeiiig at Sit ilagt, 'te^fumt, •■!, 4, AriiL ; fi^nfffu, mi, j^ 

Tie_itaU t^aottam oppoKd ta rat, M^ftia, Ar'M. 
Jh aeHaa at ba, 'trf^, mm, i, Den. ^Khin. cle^ ; tbc^, Dem. 

Plu. Lfi, etc. i tmSicejria, Xen. Plat. Dem. etc 
Am aeHtm far proper^ AriSwOiTfa, Dem. Ihb. 
Htitti nM c/aetini, xdp ^ tIi ipiatiar, j^ach. 
To hring tm aiAn, i,-*r/fiiftiiat (mid.) ttiiitiMtai apti, c sec. 

Dem. ; tiiBxielar -ypd^ 'fii, Dem. ; Satucaaiar luiAi, Dem. } 
tQjxAX^fiai (mjd. fat. — Jo'a/uu) rliv «Jf fliof, Dem. ; SAnir 

w agaaut a pimm, np&TStiia (ji) rthuu, c. dat. 

7b oAfcn* leavB to bring an tuMi/m, Tvyxajnt (aor. 2, ^rlFxar, fut. 
rdinfiai) tfinit, Dem. j Xoy^icJlni (fut A^ofiai, aor. 2. feSx", 
perf. (ftifxB [A^AoTxo, HaiD.J,perf.pass. iftqy/uu,) Mnii', e. dat. 
A. (TuAq^ui, Dem. jEtchin. 

fiavfei tbif kc bnmglU an acHoa, iwsii^irx* t^ici', Don. 

Ta km an action, Umgr i^\uTicSni, tilt. ^A^*, perf. fifAiini, 
aor. 2. A^Aor, iGieb. Ar. Isn. ; ^. iffUTav, lis. ; 1^ TpAf^, 
Audoc. ; 'Unmrfx^tjm icpArd, Dlnarch. ; SUi)i riutofWi, 

7i« fm q^a acfiHi, ^ara SutHi', ^icliin. 

7b gam ok atHim, yi*ia rau RAljpau, Dem. 

Tie ta&Jecf ofam action, 5(JI3Accu7ui, Lya. 

AnioublB, in»rcoi, or, Ljl 

AfitiTB, Sit^i, Horn. 1 Aaiifii|>li, Horn. Find. Eur. ; irimpht, 
Horn. Ar. Ap. Rb. ; I({«$>vmi, n. Find, ; Ipoar^puT, sv, ^tch. 
Eur. That i iMpphi. iw, and it o», Horn. Find. Eui. Xen. Flat, i 
SwDOt, or, SopL Xen. ; iprjinis, ou, 6, Xen. Flat ia fem. ; 
int^a, i3u, 4. Sopb. ; 'wpT^r, w, HdL Xen. ; >BC~ra[, or, 
Thnc Xen. ; tSniAiii, w. Plat. ; tt^opat, Xen. ; tiinhrjrrot. 


re (of an acdoo, ai a leap, etc), coDfoi, Hom. lEuih. Edi. Ac. 
', Xen. i MAm^t, er, Xen. ; 

. pBOT^pBW ^;«. Dion, H. 
-Te le aeUtt, iyinrJti, Hom. Soph. Eur. ; ItA^lCM, Eur. 
Til k aate n a matltr, fjnrii/ioi, impof. inxilfnir (being Rally 

HfC and plnperf.), fut -utiae/iiu, c dat Thuc 
iu«tLT*lr.«Tp3u«n,IIom. H«.;fr*("'^^Pi°d.; UDwf,Dem.; 

inpymi, Xen. ; icai^t, JEich ; ropai. Plat ; iXSfpAi, Xen. 
AatM^, (inAia, Plat ) iAjupfA ipn^ Find. 
An Wtor, KpaaT^, qpoi, ^ Horn. ; xpixraf, ofot, A lul i^ Soph. 

Antiplia ; ^nrHjp, lie*. ; tfrfintt, Sopli. Eur. 
>1a oetor om tie ilagt, 'tmifMit, i, Ar. Plot Xot luit Dem. ; 

Tie oU^w^ar, TpwrAvwurHii, Ariet 
Aatmftl, >r«^t, or, and )), w, Ham. Ho. ; iv^rDiiat, or, Horn. 

Find. XMeh. Soph. Tbea». ; trtiatot. Find. Dem. i '£Ai)04i, 

AMaalitr, 'tAtdno, Omn. AtL ; irrtKtx'i^ Ariat 
AMukllj, frUfur, Horn. ; irifiin. Find. Xich. ; tbmiat, Soph. 

Plat ; tmij, Eur. Ar. Plat Xen. ; 'ctAvASi, jGach. Enr. Tbuc 

Xen. I tnrrtiun, Stub. Soph. ; 'AiiCS^Aai, Iwc i trln', Thuc ; 

tV Jwi, PiaL Xm. ; airifxpTi/ia, Ar. j 'ttttp, Flat 
To Wtnato, irpiiw, Horn. Find. ^^h. Soph. Eur. ; imrpin, 

Hom. Soph, lldt Thuc ; rapoiirm, Eur. Thuc Xen. Plat Dem. ; 

nUkr, regular, bat Horn, and Find, freqncnil; ate the redupL 

in ear. 2. it^iSor, Omn. 
To acAufa, IB mUmon, ovfurdpof^, Xen. Sec ItgUieiict, Per- 

tandn, J{ 
angle, etc 

iiln, Horn. Soph. ; ai a man, Thnc Flat Dem. ; 
Je. etc Ftat 
(of a man), tiiffimt, oni, Eur. ; rtnrrSiAt, Ariit ; iiyfvaot 

(of perceplion itKlf), Flat Arist See Sharp, Clear. 
Acnta-anglsd, j(l>7g(rwi, sr, Ariet 
Aontel;, ill,, Hom. Eur. Flat ; ^^i, Thuc 
Aovteneu, Bpi/c^t, irrot, ^ Flat ; iftriis, qroi; i). Flat. 
OrT-aaiiaieu, wtplyom, Thnc 
An tdtga, TdpoifJn, £ich. Soph. Ar. Phit ; lnt,-ri, Ar. Hdt ; 

\iyot. Find. Soph. Plat. See P nH xr i. 
Adamant, 'Sittua, arm, i. Ho. Find. One in Hdl. Ear. Plat 
AdanuULtlM, 'SSSiuirTini, or. Find. .^Kh. Plat ; 'iMftarr^ 

ItTot, ar, jEicL 
Foundiid on adamant, 'Si&iiarrgwiBAas, or. Find. 
To adapt, Sp(^not uied in [sea, or impett ; a«. 1. 4pirB,uidmid. 

aor. 2. lipSiwr, lometimea nwd in pan. unse ; perf. tptpa, >n 

past. KDte, lometimee uwd in act udm; part ip^tpin, ipipiiia, 

aor. 1. pau. 'iptiir. Hum. ; ip/iiim, um. wnlten ftfifufrro in Att 

pr. Flat ; ^ropfutfu, fut Jaw, alio i(ti, c dnt or c <ii Bad (CC 

Find. Enr. Plat ; avrapiJ^C, Ephipp. Xen. FUt 
7b be adapltd, iifi/uffa, intnng. c dat or prep. Find. Soph. Flat; 

timiiaiiai, c ^t or line ou. Plat i tpan^iSift, c dat or 

prep. Flat See 7b^ 
A(tapt«d, trlrffituii, e. prep, or c infin. Hdt Thnc Ptat etc 
AdaptSMi, ^iTTiSti^i, trrar, ti {tipit ti). Plat 
To add, *rWft)fu,aor. I.-Wjjicb, perf. ^tf«of«,etc,»or. l.pMj. 

~tTi»nr, Horn. Enr. PUt Dem. ; irpojTl»ii/ii, Hdt Find. Omn. 

Att ; au/iti^Am, pert -tUk^xa, etc Piad. Ear. Udt ; *n- 

SiLUldi, Find. Tbuc ; mirriOtuu, Soph. Ear. Hdt ; irpoiAi^cItw, - 

lilt -A^sfuu, aor. 3. -JkaSor, peri. -*i\Trt>a (bnt A<Ait«1TKa, 

Hdt) etc Sopb. Eur. Ink.; wpoi^ipm. tal.-olvi, aor. I. 

-irwyica, aor. 2. -^rtyKor, Ear, Ftat ; <JJ»Tt., no pwt Enr. ; 

hriiiiyti, Fbt J avnlpiB, onljr prei. and imperf Flat ; ifap- 

fulC«, Soph. 
7b add to a writing, wfesypi^, Xen. Dam. Lp. Mieian. ; rpoi- 

ryypdipK, .Sacbin. 
Tb add to a tpea*, irAiyii, Ar. Hdt Thnc; rpottwOiiya, 

Theoph. i *ir«iror, Hdt Thuc ; npe^iyyoiiai, Plat 
7b add h ooMto^, rpot>ioyl(Biuu, c dat Hdt 
7b is added, vpof^rru, only in pnt. and fut e. dat Soph. ; rptt- 

yt-yvopai, fut -^riic'opn, aor. S. -tyeri/air, perf. -y^ro, c 

dat and aine csa. Soph. Eur. Tbuc Xen. Dem. ; wpinipn, c dat. 

and line cat. Soph. Eur. Hdt Dem. ; TpJinifuu, Sopb. Enr. Xen. 

l»c Plat ; ipf^imiuu, fut -tilaoiiai, pL perC -tirf^iir, c 

^1 and dat Soph. ; nuttviyiTn/uu, c dat Htpp. 
Oas mat add, ■wpotlniar. Plat 
One mat add (in counting), wpet\ayitT4a, Hdt ; upotota- 

Addod, npi^rrai, or, Xen. 

What mint he added, vponurrios, Eur. FUt 

Anaddn, lx<>ra, j^tch. Sopb. Hdt Flat; lx",ee",i. Plat 
Dem. ; ixl^yan; Ariit 

O/aB adder, ^x'^n^ot. Call 

INi addiat one«elf to, rptwifia^ mid. and pan. c prep. Horn. 
Hec Ting. Thuc Xen. Plat ; iwiSiiMj>,m, mid. c dat Sap. ; 
rp6sitii/iai, fui. -Ketfopai, c dat SopL Hdt Plat ; iwl^hi/u 
ifimrir, c dat Ar. ; irp(i*wu t/iavtir (W ti), Xbi. j xpotix-, 
fut -Jfi. and -ox*'", »ot. 2. -eoxo*, c dat Hdt Tbuc 
Iwc Plat ; wpotviim iiiairrhv, c dat Dem. ; o^sA^fi^ c dat 

irttfitrot <(ii). Ear. 
An adOlng (the act), irp^i«f tnc, hm, 4, Flat 
Addition, ^ifttmi, Hes. I irtpefrjw, Enr. Plat ; trpitttaia, orst, 

Eur. Xen. PUt; itfoip6piiiia, ataw, Eur. ^ i-^itfOrq, FUt; 

■natriiirri, Hdt 
Addittonail, irrHJiterei, or, Xen. ; JrCfcTDi, or, c dat Menaiid. ; 

hilHirrai, or. Plat 
/a addHion to, irpii, c dat and ad>. Soph. Hdt Thuc etc 
Addlbd (egge), idirimoiia wi (rik), Arttt 
To addrou, icpatpMopai, c dat Horn. Theoc Ap. Rb. ; mAl- 

irrgf4ai, Horn. ; KuA-^a'iw, only prei. and imperf. Horn. Find. 

Tiag. [ wpispttp^ no pert Horn. Hek ; Tpetrntiai, Htm. Hti. 

Tng. i 'ityapiaiiai, Hom. Soph. Hdt ; ouSiiu, Hem. Ear. ; tlwor, 

Hom. Sopb. Euc. 1 prravSia, c dat or c ace Hom. Ap. Rli. ; 

/itriiftllii, c dat Hom. ; urri^iiyda, c dat or c ace Host Af, 

- - ^ ., j(; 



]. ; nipl^fu, c daL or icc. Horn. dec«ii- 
fully, c ue. {\iyor). Find. ; rponiTW, Horn. Hu. JEtch. Soph. 
Eur. luc Plat. Dem., in aor. 1. wposttwa, Eur. ; vpottp^, u 
pm. and fdL of pnc mid in aor. 1. uua. irpoipi)4(li, Enr. Hdt ; 
^ff'tt, e. dnL 01 c ace. Horn. Soph. ; ir;paf^igr^ Horn. Pind, 
Trag. ; rpos^iy/ofuu, mid. Find. Eur. ; rptsiyitra, Pind. 
Trag. Ap. Kh.; ^irraAAdv, Find.; vdprnvpb, JExh. HdL i 
v^Trryop'oi, Sopb. Eur. ; rpcs9po4», aa]j pra. and iinperC 
.^•ch. ; l^dfjcii, onl; pica, and imper£ c tec pen. and dat. rei, 
Soph., c gem. ace Eur., c ace rei dat. per*. Xen. ; rpcitr/Bptiii, 
Hdt Thuc. Flat. ; wpBi\iyBiuu, mid. Ap. Rh. ; wparrriiriroiuu, 
mid. Ap. Rh. ; 'Urtirat, Dem. 

7% faw addmia iUd/ta ladt aa oiu, ol >^>Mt Sui\^>TW TDllTfi, 

jiiidmied bg, rpSi^iBrfKTiii, or, c gen. Soph. ; wpoTlrtopot, c 
gen. Tel c dat. Soph. 

One uAo if (uMntMif, rfMniyVw (jtmipar) -larriptj, Eur. 

Addrwdng, ir|»nr7^i, c gen. Sopb. 

An tddnaa, or an addreuing, tipi/fiaa, mm, 4, or poet inpiif- 
fdv-ii or -rif^Sat), Horn. Pind. ; wpivpttyna, ttroi, ti, JEiA. 
Soph. Eur. ; ^pai^niiia, iroi, ri. Soph. Eur. ; irp6ipiiaii, mt, 
il, Eur. Plat i Tpispjina, in-ot. ri. Plat i irJlp?n<yis Ap. Rh. 

Addrtu, i. e. dextcritj, t^x*^, Onin. See Sbif. 

To sddnM, Mffiiiim, mid. Flat Xen. ; Tipixi>)iaL, mid. Flat ; 
ripijpipv, fut -ounff, aor. 1. -iivrytcti, aor. 2. -^rr)wr. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt Flat Xen. Dem. etc. i tifitopim, Hdt j wpotrrn. 
Flat Xen. Dem. ; irpoAUAo/uu, mid. Flat Ixe. 

An adapt, AipHlf, ^poi, d, Horn. ; im-iip, opoc, i, Hom. Hea. 
Soph. Ear. Plat; tritiTTap, Horn.; ra^urH)i, on, d, I^nd. 
MKb. Soph. Ear. Xen. Plat Dem. ; Tpfttw, onvt, i, c gen. or 
c. ace. Eur. Hdt ; iwurrimt av. Plat ; Tt^i^I, ou. i, Xen. 
a, tltMi, Horn. Eur. Thut Dent etc etc ; irrifbjii, or, 

iilmt, Eur. Thac Dem. ; In-iTjUBi, Thnc 
II, iita, Eur. FUt Xen. 
I^ff^uu, mid. fiit ffpfuu, aor. 2. tffx^t^vr, no pffrT. c 

. . , , in pf. mid., c irtfi and dat Hom. ; 

wposix*!"'^ '»'('• <^ ^at. Uom. Ar. Hdt ; **pi^^, e>p. in aor. 

2. -(fvr, or -^wfo, e. dat Ar. See Stirie, Cliag. 
An adhnant, a^ieiinit, an, i, Thuc Flat ; irvoTwri4ri|t, Hdt ; 

AiurflrAfucv, c dat Thuc 
7b h (w oiUnntf, nrtinACoiuu, c dat or c firr^ and gen. Dem. 
AdtaailTB, ykurxfhi. Plat ; yAoi^t, Plat 
AdhailTely, y^urxpSs, and luperl. -ifTaTa, Ar. Plat 
Adjaoant, iariyfiTeir, Enr. Hdt Thuc Xen. Dem. ; waisoupot, 

or, Sopb. Hdt Xen. ; lueipms, Thuc Xen. Flat ; tiiofos or 

tiutifot, ar, Thnc Hdt Xen. Plat ; ifaipat, ay, Ap. Rh. ; 

wpos6iMiifot, or, Hdt 
To U adfioail to, 'x"/*", m'lL fut lEa/ui, no per£, c gen. Hdt 

Xen.: ifunifiK, c dat Hdt; <nwiiirri>, onlj pre*, uid flit c 

dat £ach. Hdt 
7b ooci^ o anatry a^jaceal (o, x'^'" iirrtyttrorioiHu, c t^ 

and dat .ftcb. 
A4Jeinlttg, a-poid^f, Hipp. See Adjaant, 
To motun, 'i^iviii, aor. I. -igm, Ai. ; 'drUdXAai, perf. 
I -f^qjuo, etc Thnc ; 'd*{<mi/u, in pres. or aor. 1, act Xen. 
7b U adjamnitd, ivlmaiat, [••a., o. aor. 2. act Xen. 
Ta a4JltA|*> tutKiniiit, laoc Dem. ; trpuKAntyrjit^irini. lentei 

from 7VM and IvfiMS Dem. ; ■wforrliiiv. Den. and to adjudge 

(puniibmeot} in addition, Dem. Plat ; prof ■ " ' ■ - 

^ntft^ofai, c dat pen. Dem. Lj i. 
Nai Imag been frniaily adjmdgtd, 'SrenilRKos, or, Dem. 
To adjiLdWtO, uptim, Omn. J tiiKudC", Xen. Plat Andoc See 

Adjudieatiaii, Kftnt, wt, 4, Omn. poit Horn. See Deciiiim. 
An adjULot, iriptfr)>of, Eui. Plat See Additnm. 
AdjuntLon, iiipKu<r», »i, 4. Hdt 
To kdjnn, L c make another to ■wrei, ^Ifo, Xen. Dem. ; Jf- 

apiif(it, Dem. ; ipKia, Ar. Thuc lue. ; liofKia, Hdt Thuc 
To odjuat, uSeimiiu, JExh. Ear. Ar. Plot Xen. laoc ; irfTap- 

rtC* (a qnarrel), Hdt 

7b ru^jntf earefitiig, '3Kf^6v, Ar. See ^mnj^ 
AdJBitmnt, ff^vratii, wi, q, Pbt Denu 


it, fL^pigo-ii, tail, ii, Hdt Xen. See MeamnHKnl. 

TO ■ununuttr a&in, vp^o'v, Xen. Plat Dem. 

7b administtr a ilalt, re^irtiu. Thuc Xen. Dem. iEtehiiL 

T'o admiButor iotci, AreuW™, .^Uch. 

7b admuulA' on ocitf, itroSitaiu, aor. 1 . -VigwL per£ p. Silo- 
luu <q. ».) Dem. 

7b a(fmuHid<r, i. e. aupply, *^^X>S '<'(■ -'{", perf -itrxriioL, aor. 
2. -tax"', Omn. 

'b oc/fnifiufer to a permm'a fteeeuttiej, ete. inpitiBt, tat. ~iau, c 
dnt pen., Hmelimei c «t per*., even c gen. pert. Theog. Eur. 
Hdt Plat See Aai^, Hdp. 

Admlntitnttion, laixi^a, mt, 4, Dem. vEicbiii. laoc Plat ; 
ottoroiiia, Dinarch. ; mAI^bi, Ar. Xen. Dem. 

7b lave a ikan in tbe odminiMtraiuit, "AlTtioiuu, mid. Thnc 

MaUm ^oifnaidniMon, Tit iroKhuik, Flat 

Tie tdenee of adttmitratirm, ^ troAiTuri), Plat 

AdminlatratiTa, vo/dThcit, Hdt Thic Plat 

AdmlnUe, SiaKtXat, or, Hom. ; binctaat, or, and ■, sv, Hom. 
Find. Theoc Hdt : 'S-yv'*"-, oiu. c ace cauMe, Horn, c dat 
Sol. ; 'drrurrht, JEv^. Eur. Xen. ; 'AtAt^i, h. Sou/uiffHi, h. 
Pind. Ar. FUt Dem. ; bmiuurr),,, h. Find. Soph. Hdt Xen. 
Plat ; aufiiris, Het. L Pind.; finv/ADt, or, Pind. Soph. Xen. i 
Armrii, Hei. Pind. ; twlm fwros, or, Xich. ; ivife\errsi, ar, 
Eur. i ifutraoTai, av, Xen. ; i(ioeaiiiavT»t, Xen. 

AdminUy, iiartaiar,Haai.; ^/laaimt, Ar. Plat Dem. ; !>m- 
liaarSs, Flat ; 'dynrTBt, Xen. 

Admiral, nuiu^xaii ^Kh. (uKd bj A^cb. alio a> adject) Hdt. 
only of Lacediemonian adminU by Thuc Xen. ; orpinrybi, 
Thuc Xen. ; arpS^^inii, ou, 6, JEK-h. ; Vxiw, Hdt Thuc 

7\i tt admini, vanofxii', Hdt z. r. trXoIair, Phil. ap. Dem. 

Tit eommand o/admirtd, niuapxfa, Thnc ; the period o( hii com- 
mand, Xen. 

Bdonging to tie oimiraL, atpSnrflt, fioi, 4, (fovi), Thnc Andoc. 

Iha ftdminlty, 'hnHnoKtli, aL, Dem. .Sachin. See DkL of Ant. 


\rt, vmiratUm, of, Lyi. 

Tin. ; 'ayrf, Hom. ) dd^^or, rh (also 

6, Sim.), Horn. Pind. Sim. Tma. Thuc Plat i fiXat, Dem. 
Ah olijed ifadmiralioii,irUv, ra, only in nom.accand toc aing. 

Soph. ; 'iya/r/ia. Soph. 
To tdmirs, 'iyiiuu, fut ifyiao/ia^ and (nr, nor. 1 . tryi'^Vi and 

inr,and frydirSiii', in act aena., imperf. irrStair., c act or c gen. 

Hom. Eur. Ar. Xen. PUt Dem. Call, etc ; SJofuu, Hom. ; 3«<- 

lidCti, Omn. ; ftaufulm, Ep. fut HauiJirlia, no aor. nor perf. 

only act Horn. Find. ; iKrayAJo/uu, mid. jGich. Eur. ; fnX^ 

So^. Eur. Thuc. Xen. Plat Dem. ; 'UntKira, Xen. Dem. 

7b admire exaediaglf, irtpiyvifan, nid.'c aor. t , paai, in act tenj. 


7b be filled vriik adniralum, iKwroio/iat. put. Enr. 
An admini, SovfuoHi, do, i, Aritt ; jpoa-r^t, on, 6, Soph. Eur. 

Hdt Plat Dem. See Loot. 
AdmiHion, tiilaxJ), Eur.; (botot, or is,ii, Hdt Xen. See 

Anadmimon, i. e. confeaaion, i/toXj/yla, Plot; rposa/iOXiryia^Dtm. 
To admit, ftMxofuu, or it. c perf pas*, etc in act lenae ; into, 

c prep, or c. ace or c dat or (rareiy) c gen. Piikd. Soph. 

EuT. Hdt (eicnaei) PUt ; iriXain <a feelmg), flit -D^rm, 

Au. -foai, into, c dat Pind. 1 sdplijfu, aor. ]. -^iia. Ear. Hdt Xen. 

Dem. I ir/wtS^x''"'! ^th of people and argumenta, etc fuh. 

Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. Plat etc ; fmttxo/uu, in both lente*, 

Thnc Xen. Plat Dem. etc; 'irlviu, aor. l.-qica, perf. iniju, c 

prep. Xen. ; rpatUfuu, mid. aor. 1. -qn^nr, Xen. Plat Dem. ; 

(Itii^itfu, Xen. ; iSilvfu, Xen. ; elicit, c fut act and mid. Ar. 

Dem. ; *4f>dI(xo/'«, ^Ut Dem. £M:hin. 
To admil tetidttt, hntixapai, Hdt 

7b admit atgtunaUi, tic, braUxoitat, Enr. Thuc Xen. PUt Dan. 
To admit, t. e. eonfeat, ^lOKoyim, c. ace rei, aometimei aim c dat 

per*. Soph. Eur. Ar. Thuc FUt etc 
7b admii at gtmiiie, iyKpirti, PUt 
7b admit heforthaml, wpaSioiiekayioiuu, mid. and paaa. PUt Ariit ; 

rpooiia\vy4m, PUt 
7b ie arfwitM (an a*aertIan,etc.),<nifi^J)M/iai,pMt,aar.l.-CN'- 

trttjfiifr, Hdt 


To bt admiUrd abi a doMi, iyK/Aviuu (b, p«M. Xen. Dem. ; (If- 

T^iofau ill, mid. PUl. 
7h admit of, MixKluu, Thne. Xm, PIst. 
At wM at tli4 cam admili of, U ruv MTixo^/twr, Xen. 
Ti» fmxidmnt tkt eireitmitaBat admiOed o^ of Mtxil"i»u ri/ii- 

IHoi, Ljcurg. 
^i wrf/ (u M« eatt admHi of, M»x»f ^™*. Detret. ap. Dero. 
FaMuodi a-lmit of rr/iilatiom, ti fiMr) fAryxsr fx"i 1''"'c 
To be admiOed amomg, tlii^aitoL, fnt -tXinvofuu, aor. 2. -AXMn", 

Atl, -JtAftw, perf. -fX^AMo, c. flj ind see Xfrf, 
C^iiiwdii^nif.dToIcjrr^r, PlM.; tyKpiT4or,fla\.; biio>jrprTivr, 

Pfu. Xen. 
Ow nul admit I^Wvlond, ifvtui^AiiyTrT^, Arilt. 
Admitted (uvumenl), etc., P/Kphot, or. Plat 
Admlttadly, ita^aymiiinH, Thuc. Flml. Iin. 
AAnlztvre, (rATHpuni, twi, ^, Eur. Thuc. Plat. See MMwt. 
To admoniill, TlrAro-a, onl; in pre*. Horn. ; warina, only in 

pret *»c!i. Call ; i«uerrA», only (ct. Hdu Omn. Alt 
Adnonishad, xtx^tttUm, c iniia. £ich. 
If%a muf ia oifnoiiuAai/, vauStrqr^t, Ear. 
Adnumltim, nvfl^n)^ Irai, t\ .£kIi. Sopb. Eur. Flat. ; rov- 

Stitia, Ar. ; amfpiniriia, Atoi, ri, £uli. ; rovMnjini, h«, i^, 

jUBUnitor;, rw9rTxhi, Xeo, ; nufrnrrucii, PUt. 
To tdopt (a Km, etc), uBiiofim, mid. Ham. PIu. Dem. ; wpai- 

rtUafiai, Dinarch. ; olp^/iai, fut. alptiraiuu, not. 2. tlKi/iilr (an 

Dpinioc, or partf ), Hdt. 
Toadi>tH(a new eiuWm inilead of an old one), fMS^i/uffofuu, mid. 

Maeh. Ear. 
7b ffm to be adoptad bjf aHoAUr, iiamiu, Jiea. ; tlrrtuiet, c ace. 

and dat. or c gem. ace Plat Denu Iwc Dinanh. 
Adoftad, drrii, Pind. Hdt Plat. ; nnrrii, Plat Dem. L;c ; ai 

to tbe child*! real biher, Jnofrrrvs, or, Ine. ^achin. ; ai to hii 

adapted btfaer, tltwoUiriis, or, Dem. 
AdoptiRL, Ttlnrit, (VI, ij, Ine. 
AdraBbla, dnifuwrti, Eur. 
AdoTBtlim, «V<Kf, oalj in nom. ace and roc. ling. {viSii (nk) 

jEkIi.) Horn. h. Trag. ; wposxtrriira, ml, ij. Plat 
To 4don, irMai, and more ancicDlly attafuu, mid. ooly pret and 

impaf. Pind. «»ch. Soph. Eur. Hdt Plat ; upattAthi, fiit ^irm 

and aor. 1. ■wpoiimtMa, Tiag. fjdt Xen. Plat Dem. ; at»Ct>, 

Pind- JEtch. Soph. Ear. aor. 1 . pau. in act leni. Soph. ; ijTiiiti, 

Pind. See 7b aonhp. 
An ■domr, »*p4irnirj|i, m, 4, Piat Sen Wofaiippw. 
To adom, >cair/ifo, Hcl h. Tbwig. Soph. Ear. Thnc. Xbd. ; 

iaittit, Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt; Jmric/o, Find. ; /Eam^B, Soph. 

Ear.; iKwartuytax.; fiaT^Ua, Soph. ; 'At^Uk, nopeif Ear.; 

jdrlxairfi^, Ar. Xen. Plat,; twamaii-iti, Xen. Ariit} Siteoi- 

cCxXk, Iisc; SuwxitH^ffv, PUt 
7b adorn baida, tnryiavtUttf Xen. ; rpoAydX^jt, Evpol. 
7b adorn U^ftAerj oVTmAAmi, Ariat 
7*0 odors tnU, oivraA/fa, c dat MeL 
7b adoni onrmlf, oriipBiiaL, Mid. Anae. KcAAiMtlfiv""< i»id> Bnd 

puK Plat Xen. 
To bdp b> adorn, avnruioirniit, Xen. Ariat 
7b be adonudt jnxfrOfioi, imperC niKottfiai, Pind. 
TBgin n ombr to cxlora, (^Aidif* (twI ti), Thece. 
Adorned, t6*iaia(Tas, w, h. ifKiHrfiot, nr, Eur. 
Adaranuat, 'ayXgibL, Ham. ; irfXiiaiM, Siret, ri, Piai. Eat Sea 

An adorwtg antmlf, KoX^Mriff/^i, Plat Xon. 
An tdonuz, «»>iirr4r, oC, Xen. ; of tumielf, uaMMwariit, 

Q/'dt bdaigug to adonamg, Kov/Ltrr<*^i Plat ; the act oA 4 "o- 

r>nn-uri), Flat 
Adilatio, 'Atpiw&i, Enr. 
Adnit, i^i. Find. Thoc Xen. Sag Sti^id. 
AdroitiUM, t^tints, qro'. 4t Ar. Hdt Thue. 
TomdTftsTC, act wfo^iptt, fat -oiou, aor. 1. -AirffKn, aor, 2. 
''llxr)v»'T Ham. Hdt Plat Eur. etc See AlUge, Propott, etc 
7b odBoiut, i. e. promote the pnaperity of, ovfibw, or at{>i, tantei 
from aHim, Horn. Pind. Trag. Hdt Thuc ; rpotaira, in fdt 1. 
and aor. 1. act rpoataa, -t<ra. Find. ; ■'poirfti, Hdt Xen. See 
7b adtata woMj', vpo^bwAiimi, fnt -Aiiira, Dem. ; vpot/totfu. 

D any one, SAhI^ii, e. dat Ar. Plat Xen. Dem. 

-Jtvo, often in 

etc ; fut act and aor. 1. act neTcr uied in inCrina MnK. 

(HomeintMa reduplicated part rpaSiSm', urroi, aod irpofiSAt,) 

Omn. ; alw in phraaei ol if tiani. in prea. or aor. 2, ; ■pot. mfia, 

niXov, ip€tXay, etc Theog. Eur. Ar.i 0aW, Omn.; SaW 

miSa, Eur. ao ^^lttl^lI (wroi) irMo, adiancing. Soph.; dIxhA, 

only prea. and im pert (iSxrtviiBr, Hom.), Soph.; vpovojffit, 
— ' - per£ Omn. poet. Hdt; x"p'*i Omn. poet, 
mid. Pind. ; wpvylyn/uu, up. in aor. 2. 
... lei. h. ; -wpaviiaiiai, mid. Soph. ; Tpocritxn, 

aopa.; nfoxapia. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc Plat, in front a^ 

c gen. Dem. 
7b advrmoe at Tnen do la an direct, rpoxirrin, Eur. Xen, ; or in a 

punuit I.e. improie, Thuc in mid. Hdt rfioipxoiiai. Tut -*A<i>- 

(Tofuu, aor. 2. -^lifci', aync -^K9<ir, perf. mid. -fA^AMo, Hdt. 

Thuc Xen. PUt Dem.; irpaiclrdatiat, pan, c fut mid. Xen, ; 

irpiti/u (-limi). At. ThucXen. Plat Dem.: *{<()xo»uu, Thuc. 

Ifratit, Dinarch. ; irixtf*"' ^an. ; MaKH^|uaI, mid. PUt ; 

bp/iiit, Thuc; TfaKtY°>i Plat. ; xpfKaAm, tensea from i^jiu, 

f. ^AAow, etc. Xen. ; tpviropci^^uu, Xen. 
7b lioM odviBKiad, vpoltint, only pre>. and imperf. Ar. Dem. 
7b fidvtaa at a mJdier out of hit ratibt, at a cAonipiba, ^{tAo^ni, 

7b adeaam doalji, '^pxa/tat, Xen. 

To advantt after alieri, hrrnxvpi", lEach, i upb Ueu -Arflmut, 

Tb adrrmct b^br^ infimt of, irpo/£«» 
The nighl vxu/ar adTXmotd, rp6vv r^ 

See Go. 

AdTUudng, a-poCJbit*, He>. Ar. 

An adTanoe, wpMot, 4, Xen. ; rpgixifpnsu, «ir, j^. Plat ; lu 
T to attw:k, upaaif^iga, mi, j), Xen, 
fnuiMpany (of aoldiera], olirp^Bai, Xen. 
AdvuUMmant, t. a. improvement, increnae, et^a, tint, <), Thnc 
AdTBntngB, ic^plai, t^ Omn. ; Cmmp, oroi, Horn. Uea. Ap. 

Rh.; iin\aa, mi, 4, Ham. Sapph. Trag. Xen. Plat Dem.; 

&^Aat, Ti, only niHn. and aec. aing. Ham. Tiag. Xen. Plat 

Dem. ; 'ipot, rh, £ach. ; irtiapor, AlcHt. ; AipJ\tia, Snph. Hdt 

Thuc. Plat iaoc. ; xT^fw, sru, -rb. Soph. ; ina^nrii, »i, i, 

Hbt.; nKtoyiitr/tita, mot, tA, Xen. Dem.; Arnnjtns, Ariat; 

irXtoHfla, Iioc Thuc. Xen. ; ri tJiaJrihovr, Thuc ; Aiw^r^fw, 

Osr prttenl adranlaffet, ri bripxiurTa iuui' iqHWiwa, Thuc. 
)P^ adeaniage u Jj/a bi me, t( full ^v kMuiii, Eur. ; ri fuH 

-aJo.., Xen. Plat. 
7b k on advanlOfft U> tm, mii^peir rirl M rb BiKrior, Xen. 
It it no advanlase, oM ri fui iripljuenu, c. inf. Hom. ; oilir it 

rxior tSim, Soph. ; ao oUiy it wKfar aASoii, Eur. ; aUtc tA^cv 

irrl, or vfTnro;, PUt lam. 
Wa have iJiia adnaatage {'orer ooi enei 

etc. Thnc 
Ifdtj gain advaxlage in tie oar, rf t 

(To light) ai an ocfnnfajiv, '« toE nf 

T'Aq' toif li^ acfioflli^ oi^efa Laced., tAAu' 'Tx'"' ""* <L< ""t 
T'jlnv i( ao adtamiige u ueapajr, i)(n-ii *pa{it vAcTU T^n, 

.iiAimb^ dern«J.^vii yon. i r^ irfwr^opii. Soph. 

To or for du advantagi of, wfbt, c gen. Sopb. Hdt Tbuc 

For I teUt ^)eak fbr i/om- adinntagt, it(< fir my nua, irpli vsi! 

■)^ oi;# iiwi, pftaa. Soph. 
T^ttntM^ t( fo fiie adraiilagi of olhart, la/iiiarm irpti ^hCiw 

tinu, Thuc. 
7b nua advanlaget /rom, ivoAoio, no pata.e. gm. Ar. ; trAfOHK- 

tA> ; or to talu advantage of^ or to gain adranoge over, c. gen. 

. act Xeo. PUt. Dem. lue. 
Tolaie advanlage o/'(opporlunitiea, etc.) i^aipJaiuu, aoc. 2. -<iAJ- 

Oae tnkogaiai advanlaget acer, tAioWktiji, ou. b, c gm. Xen. 

A way of gaining admntagea aver, vAtoi^la, Xen. 

To adTuLtage, ii^riffu, fut. Miaa, aor. '2. mid. iirfiiair, (ioiparf. 

rtpryfyrrrat roS wok4iuiu, 


mid. nue, Imrdttilt, PUtOi *or. 1. pui. lirtiBtir, Xen. t. ace. 
el c. ^ici. OM. Ham. Ho. Eur. Xen. Fiat. S« iVolU, .<< wrf. 
M< advaitlaged bg, deliving no odiuiUigs ihtm, 'ininfr^t, w, c. 

UTtnU^mu, Kfpttor, [, in Att. I,inotIitrpoeu.>nilic^fAiaT«. 

not slwKO with iii; conipar. teiue, Hnm. Find. Soph. jEich. 

ii^Miut, Bv. and ih <"• <'■ d. or pnp. Eui. Tbnc Plat, ate ; 

ntpti^iot, ^Kb. Ar. Ildl. Xen.; mi^i^opot, w; Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Thue. Dem, «lc. j XurrnX^i. Xea. Pint. Inc. Dem. ; ^rf-. 

JtaifMi, B)', Xen. Dem. ; JiTurfr^opoj, iw, Hipp. 
Afort advanlageaiu, iul^pot /loXAw, Tbne. 
To In adTUitkgMIUi mii^pa, fut. aCmUn, *or. 1. (rtrr^iT/ica, 

■or. '2. o^vrYKor, Omn. Att.; impen. AI>(i, uiu. c. nrg. c d. peri. 

Soph. Ear. ; AucrErtAfi^ c.dat. Onm. pro*g,iiith ■ nom. u Jmuo- 

irdrq, AiM-mAii; Plat. 
Jt ii »( odEiHfi^jceu, o& Aiti r^Xq, Soph. 
Unatweonaly, nfM^ias, Thue. ; Auo-friXolmt, Plat Xen. ; 

niuptfirntt, Xen. Plat. Iw. ; ^\Ifw>t, Xpn. Plat. 
AATBntitimul, •ItSy^iiuitf ov, Eur. Plat. ; irvrrbt, or, Eur. ; 

Mntiru, w, Flat. 
An adTantiire, 'Mbi, ^i, i^, only fonnd in ace Horn. ; TiXioi/ia, 

mnt. Eur. Ar. Thnc. ; TriA;tj)(it, lupec]. ToA/ijIgTani, Hum. Piiid. 

Soph. Se« Enterjrritt. 
AdTentorOBf, flXafclrlwot, Of, Xen. Dem. ; /uTiAwcIrSiiMr, av, 

AdTeatoronilr, fiXuKittbutK, Xen. 

An adnrb, trl^/ia. Dion U. 

AdTarUal, Arypiffconcki, Gnmm. 

Aa adTntujt, li^fltlaai. jGich. ia a Uiftnit, ete. Dam. Imci 
^rrAificai, £aeh. ; riUfTicoTaT, Find. ^kH. ; vUnar]}!, »u. I, 
JEldl. Eat.; tti^iipot, Dem.; AnntrTiai, Thoc i irrAnUoi, 
d ml 4^ C gni. or dat. Piod. Mieb. Ear. Hdt. Thue. ; Jnrrinii, 
Soph. See i'MBiy, ete. 

A liird odBenarf. to tat) i^ At coafwror, IftSfot, Pind. jGich. 

JUtum, Jr^mof. Omn. ; SIx'^pw, ctb>. .£ich. ( irrtrOuat. », 
<oreTenU},Xsn.; TJUlTKirrru, or, of fortune, ^Kh. Sm //m- 
<ifa, ^a/iirtawifa. 

AdTen^y, irUr]>iiJTwi, Hdc. 

Ifiti on adutrte dirpomtiom. frvrloi, Dem. 

7V> b adea-Me^ duponed, ta Ik adtrrtt, itAarpimt tx", Siiiatitai, 


Advaralty, iiifiapia, Horn.; KiUb', Omn.; T\tiiiaatyti, h.; Sut- 
Ttx^ Enr. Thue. Xen. Dem. ; iuswpa(l», Macii. Soph. Enr. 
Itoc And.i Ivrrparyla, AnCipho. ; SipoBovurla, Anlipho.; 
■ih-Sj[I^ Xen. Dem. <fi»ehiii. ; impirrij, Ooi, iy, Anlim. 

Caami^ adttenHy, BifBUrufo, fem. (»i*ijn), j^ich. 

To kdvart to, irtpOfufv^OKOHi'i ■''■^ 'ut. -/u^ira/iai, c gen. Hdt 
Soph. See RfDiark, Mmtiat. 

AdviM, An/A)), Horn. Hei. MiA. Eur, Dem.i fivS», Hon.; 
fror, r&, Hom. Enr. ; bmtniioaiintf in pi. Hnn. Ap. Kh, in ling. 
Xen. ; ^pW), £ich. Eur. These.; wtfdnaa, mt, 4. ^Kh. 
Eur. Hdt. Thnc. liOc; fla^fufui, aros, Eur.; ovuSeiKmiai, 
Broi,Xan.; m/ifa^fwru.Plat.; crv^wX)), Hdt. Xra. PbL Di- 
nareh. ; iruiitaAla, Hdt. Xen.; vitd^^k?), Hdt. Anlipho. 

Bad adaa, vftp'l'H'UD'fa, bth. Plat. 

To laJu admoe, 'lUoiio. c. gen, Xen. 

^yiM wi/' taitt «y oijna, 'fial yipA^mt Siiaaiiiiijf, £tch. 

To adTlM, TOpfmr, oElen with a, awing (o the original f in 
•Fmr', Horn. ; IhrarM^uu, niid. aor. 1 . -(A|id^i|r. etc c. dat. 
WFL c. ace. rei, or c. inlin. Ham. Hea. Ar. Hdt Plat ; irftpiiiW*, 
lilt -ivm, Hmetimei -^f, bat 1)01 ID Trag. ; c dat peta., rarely 
e. Rcc. pen. Pind. JEich. Soph. Thue. Xen. Dem. ele. ; fiaoXtia, 
c dat pan. .Sieh. Eur. Plat Dem. ; traardu, fut -^ra, or -^u, 
but not in Tng. either a man. or a line of eondnet, e. dat or 
■ec. pen. el c. inf. ni. £ach. Soph. ; >v»«rr^. Soph. Enr. Plat ; 
aviiim\iii; c. dat peri. Theog. Soph, Hdt laoe. Xen. Dem.; 
nifiiytfiti, a. acG. et inlin. .Stch. Soph. Enr. Hdt; nfaiui6i- 
«ptu, c. »cc pan. t inf. tei, or it, JEtch, Soph. Xen. Piat ; 
cltvHofioi, c. dat para. Omn. Att proH ; Siidfiaf, fut -{v, 
Tbuc. Xen. Den. 

Tojahi in adnsug, irCrmu^, fut -iam or ->)0«, bit not in Trag. 
«ieh. Thoc. Xen. 

To girt tU KMt atkiee, rit4b)«ptMt,c. aecandinf.orc. &1, Thue. 



Who or vAal mud h» advimd. niitauMvrin, Thue, 
One niut adcue. cvii>aii\ii/rlmi, Iioc. ; elnTyirrto, Thue. 
Hi advited, lAKdtoiAoj, or, or giTing bad adricCt Eur. Ar, kUki^ 
lauKtvetli, Eiir. 
WeHadvited, tMoiOuit, or, Tbaog. Pind. Soph. Ear. Hdt Thue. 

Gieiiig bad advice, Ktit6toa\os, ar, PUt 

An iidTlMT, fiouKii^fot, Horn. ; oVfi^ipiSiimr, orot. Ham.; ^«v- 

Xtur))!, Hdt Dem. £ichin. ; riiHoAot, Otnn. Alt; <i<- 

irvrr^t, Thnc jGichin. ; ovfifovAevr^t, Plat ; oiwutsraip, o^or, 

Ap. Rh. See CommUor. 
Adnlation, »-«la, Eur. Ar. Plat Xen, Set Flattay. 
AdolktOiT, icDAa«nrrui&i, Plat. See FtaOrnag. 
Adult, t/X(ut, b, or, and o>, or, (ir^f), Xen. See A jmti. 
AdnltWktod, money, icl(h|Xai, or, Theog. Eur. Flat Xen. Dem. t 

'iSiKinos, ar. Plat 
To kdnltante, KiftnAe&f, Ar. Plat and metaph. Eur. 
Adoltontton, KtOvt^la, Plat ; KttUfi^rviia, Plat 
An •dnlttrer, iwixit. Soph. Ai. Plat Dem, ete. ; irifret, Ar. 

Xen.; -wipriftfao, Cralea. 
An mdnltorau, jiatxt^p'^ Plat ; ^ifnt, AicbiL Ai. Dam, fte, ; 

Toprt^pia, Ar. 
AdnlterOM, XTntrlinip, opoi, Steiich.; ttyttun, A ul it, 

Slerich. ; Uriiyiiiai, or, Eur. 
Adnltery, ^i^'Io, Plat Andoc laoc. ; trofmia. Dent 
7o onnulaifB/ttr^, fuiix*w>Ar. Xen, c ace mulL Ly*.; lunxi", 

metaph. {TMybiXeamr) of CDnon,Xen.; of a woman, vopH^^uu, 

paM. Hdt Dem. jGacbin. 
A fine inipoKd on adultery, /Aaix^fpiar, in pL Hom. 
Bom n adaiUry, iioixHioi, Hdt 
AdToeaoy, irBrtiyvf^ £achin. ; nvrSiKla, Plat 
As adTOOata, o'MlkDi, eap. (or the defendant. Pind. .£>ch. Plat 

Dem. at adj. at, or, Iioc. ; otw^TOpot, lubit and adj. ai. w, 

eap. for the ptnecutor. Mtdt. Ar. Dem, Ihc. £>chitL ; of either 

aide, 'dYHnaTJjt, ou, Thue. PLat 
To ftdTCOata (a line of conduct), wAfiwri*, fut -ia-a, lomelima* 

-4n>, but not in Tng., Find. Ti^. Thue. Xen. Dem. See.l^c*K^ 

To advocate, L e. be the adTocate of a peraon, &6r6yoftiit, e. dat 

Thue. Xen. Dem. etc ; nvMcw, cap. for a defendant, c dat 

Bometimeg ^ao c. aee. rei, £ich. Ear. Flat laoe. Andoc ) rrCn)- 

-/ofiti, eap. for the Bccnaer, c. dat pera. Ar. £ichin. ; e. vrlf, 

and gen. Dem. \ ifvnr/- t^ k6,t^6^, to adrocAtn the accuacr^a 

eaute. Soph. ; AnpSlVw, eip. in defence, c gen. Fbit 

■nvV infiaeSi, ^Bach. 
The •dreoftto'i fee, -rb atrwyopvA*, At. 
An Kdila, 'ftrop^Kviai, Dion H. 
To be adile, 'tryopirafUiii, Plut Diod. 
XdiUiliip, '«7vf)dnfJci, Plut 
BeUmgag to as tsfi^a, 'trfopaM^SiAt, Dion H> 
XgMUi, AJtoui, jCach. 
An agU, afrli, ISor, J), Horn. 
Wi& dark agit, cuImuyji, (tai, i. Find. 
Witkgtiden ago, Xfi^oiuylt, Baechyl. 
Wah blaet <^u, /HMtfUTli, £ich. 
Aorial, Wpwi, or, and a, or, Eur, ; oit^pioi, or, and a, or, Soph. 

Eur. See ^I'r. 
Ahx, Itit, Horn. Pind. Eur. Thue. etc See Far. 
AlEabtlitr, tbipotTrY^pia, Iioc. 1 ^».»»poiifi>op(o, lioe. j mrd- 

TTJi, Tfoi, fl, Xen, 
A&blo, dfiiXirrurli, laoe. ; thrpan^Tapoi, of, Enr, lioc ; rbrpdf 

aid, ar, Thue. Xen. ; fiiXorpoi^pai, ar, Iioc ; •(••\ippicr, 

orof , Piat Xen. ; itoiiii, Xen. ; Kpan^rapDi, or, c. dat 


rare except in nom. and ace aing. Horn. Trag. Theoc; X^Wo, 
Ktoi, rh, Omn. poet Horn. ; irpiyiui, Aroi, rb, Omn. poet Horn, 
and Hci. ; rpSfys, mt, ^, Omn. ; rfirfot, ti. Find. .£acb. Soph. 
Eur. ; the afiain of ilate, JEtA. 
Toaftot (the mind), iicniirifm, Horn.; iKwfJfgm, aar.2.n»*. 
uau. -irMl-rv (but alio -rw^iiyTir, Horn.), Horn. Tra». Thoc. 
Xen.; tlsiioSa/Mi, only in aor. 1. jrifiwffdfatr, Horn.; SvTOfuu, 
niid, no perf, c. gen. jGich. Soph. Plat Xen. 



To i^M tube, to Jo, etc., 'DrBMpbtpai, mid. c inf. Dm. ; vx'W^ 

Tl(|sfiai, mid. c inH PhL 
To U affedtd (fit ematuniB of the mind, etc.), nfff^it, hX. inieo- 

fuu, usr. 2. twiBar, petf,irfcii»*a, no gther teoKa except imperf. 

Umn. Alt. ; <niv^;:c(iyiai, piu. onl; in pret. e, lor. 2. mid. in past. 

KU. c dat. MKb. Ear. Ar. HdL Tbuc Plat, etc; truyttfit- 

ntfai, pan. perC -iiiKpa4uu, etc. e. dat. Soph. 
TobioffhctKi, i.e. conceited, ftpi*T«riWi pan. c fat. mid. At. Xsn. 

Plat. ; Kt^iia, Ar. 
Ta bt tM nuck or txewmh/ affMid (by fear), tiamkiiyiihm 

To be (well or ill) i^ttUd toaanii a jiemm, ^poria tf, fifJL, 

nunt Tin, Hom. Eai. ; «Ir riyn, Xen. Andoc See Di^omi. 
JUbcitetimi, axTnttrmiibs, Plat. 
AOmUoii, flAo^wirClrTi, Ham. HdLi tpat, arrai, OmB.; ^"\<(- 

r)|i, ipvi, 4i Onm. poeL Pint. Lji. ADdoc. ; xV^i 'irot, ace. a 

and IT, i). He*. Snph. Thuc ; iriwt^fXtw, ^Kh. ; arapT)), 

Philem. Mel. ; ftKeirrtfylti, Xen. (» Lone) ; of mind, body, 

•tc, *ta)t, ri, Thoc. Fkt etc 
Hnt At qftdim oT" Ua nun, 4 SirHlTf*' ^<>i' C>'Spa>> Xen. 
AArtioiimto, f lXJ0Tsp7s>, or, Xen. Thaoc ; rrepxrlicbf, AriiL ; 

^iructi, Ariit. 

H'tOoif qfiaioii, tartfyet, w, Theoe. 
Albatimwtal7, f^i, Eur. Xen.; ^DJai, Plat. Xen. 
AfflUM, tIot», mi, 4, Omn. poet. Hum. Sm TVwi*. 
To allUno^ hy-*"^ ^ur. HdL Plat. Dem. 
7b ton i^imBed to DM, tyyoiaiuu, mid. e. ac«. Hdt. DeoL See 

ASaitr, irrrrinia, Eor. Xen. Plat. Una. el 


la afflrm, ^fil, no perf. Omn.; ^if, MiiAi. Ear.; tilir;^!- 
(*im, mid. PlaL Dem. Ise. j Mmiu, Plat. ; Sitf<«auto/uu, 
nud. Dem. See Tbti^. 

Aflnned, of rival aMenioni, 'JlfuAAi)Mi, Enr. 

As ■flrmatiaB, flmi, «», ^ Plat. Ariit 

An ajlmah'm prqpottbM, Kftri^drif, «>(, 4, Ariit. 

ASnMl**, «dTir)«^i, Ariit. ; Kiiri^'ait, Aiul. 

ASruBttrdr, •BtrrrtopucAi, Arin. 

To idBz, T^mh'nvu, c dat Enr. ; nfotirta, no perf. c. dat. 
Soph. Ear. ; *paifii\Aa, per£ -<MM|h, ale. e. daL Sopli. Edt. 
Antipha. See Fue. 

To kSlet, nHu^ni, onlj aor. 1. of paw. ii found, fut. mid. in 
ptH. KDt. Hom. H«. Trag. Hdt. Plat. ; t*^ onl; prre. and 
imperC Omn. poet. LyL ; icAic^, Omn. ; iri^, fat JcqHnt, paw. 
e. fnt mid. mMtiTotiai, in pan. km. Hom., perf. mid. in pad. 
aena. c dac Wicqiki, Tjit. ; 'aKft^'C", Hom.i 'dri^Co, Hom. 
Ap.R)i.j'drii*(i,AT.).caa:.eaaiaa,orc.dat. Hom. Boph. HdL 
PkL Ap. Rh. Call. ; Kvrim, Onm. poet Hom. ; X")^". Trig. 
Ar. Plat. ; ini^ no perf. act. Omn. AtL ; (U^iiv, Tag- '^•n- 1 
•Tfi^it; Micb. Em-. ; UDrda, Soph. Eur, Ar. Plat jEechin. ; 
^fXtria, Eur. ; hrrrp^a, Ar. Hdt Xen. Dem. ; iartiTian,, Eur. 

To affiit m admi^ vSpUJiwiit, Thuc. Xen. Plat 

7b fe i^tiHd, iXyii^ Omn. See CVmol 

Aflieted, l*.7<irii, &iph. ; Mfi^r, or, c. gen. cnuL ^ach. Hdt ; 
(Mim', arai, c. gen. ouu. Pind. ; rSXaimfei, or, Pind. ^ecb. 
Soph. ; lutfixaXo!, or, Theoe. See Orimmg, Mitmik. 

AflloUon, i^fiot, rh, Horn.; s^rfci, -rh, Omn.; witoi, Omn. 
poet UCH), Horn, .fiacti. Ear. Xen. Plat ; tiKyot, ri, Hom. 
Trag. Xen. Piat l»c. ; lUita [I, Hom. Ttag. elKwhen Tj, Horn. 
Sapph. Tbaog. Tiag.; 'jtxoi, ri, Omn, poet Hdt Xen.; tArri, 
Omn. poet Hom. ; Sdpoi, ri, .£Kh. Soph. Xen. ; Aiiini^w, anr, 
Soph.) tXTq/ui, BTsi, Saph. Eur. Dem.; iX-)>i)Uni, &«f,4, Soph. 
Enr. Xen. Itoc Plat ; 'im,, Sapph. Hdt Plat ; tx"", ■'K 
JRiA. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; vMuo, .£ieh. ; irtlui, ii, Micti. ; 
nfit^.^, Pind. ; rivot or roviroi, j|, Hea, £Kh. ; irilfci, ri. 
Gam. Att Hdt ; trttiaia, aror, Omn. Att Hdt ; i4^ Find. 
Soph. Hdt Plat; irrwDt, t^ b. crr^w, rb, jGuh.; StAsi, 
.^kIi.; liiyt. Soph.; IftUr or ■>, Thec«. ; Iviapol, ^i\a>, 
Pind.; x'Y^i"vtt^^*°>t 8«P>>'t''''>'"^4>^K)i.Soph. 
Plat ; 'trirjtni. Soph. Enr. -, rk 'ttvyttun', Theog. .^h. ; kO- 
mrWiia, Thuc iNc Antipho.; -rJUonnipla, Thuc lioc; nh 
twfon. Ap. Bb. 

; itmiCit, onl; in prea., and u>r. I. mid. itMiir- 
1 . paw. Hom. ; oinCw, Soph., niu. in mid. ^Kb. 
See /una. 

Pimoia i^tictiim, rptl^niaii, tas, jj, Pint Sea Mitay 

AAaeuM, tAovtoi, Omn. Soe Atotw. 
Affiaeat, wKaiaai, Omn. poet Hnm. 
To afford, rtfi^u, perf. -rafivxvi'i, aor. 2. -^rT^i^ar and -''X*- 

Sor, Ep. Omn. ; vjtpfirx», Hom. Pind. ; irposafKiw, fuL -^im^ no 

perf. Soph.; miarifixf, Xen. See To girt. 
Om nmW afford, iriptKriov, Xon. 

An »SiKJ, S6pl>eBs, Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc Dem. Intc sle. 
To liti^bt, ^iv, Omn. See Frightm. 
AffHjkt, ^«si, Omn. See f«r. 
Id afioat, 'SSpiiu, c ace or c tli, Onm. ; hritdift, Hom. Trag. 

Hdt Xen. Dem.;i<«(f«,oi' " ' ■ - • -- 

ifdfknv, and nor. 

Soph. Eur. Xen. 
An ftffl^ont, 'iitpii, (VI, 4i Omn. ; AiMti, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; 

i^Mtlu, H. Hdt; olnlj^ £aeh. Soph. Thuc. Lji. Dem.; at 

jno>ia, crrei, £>eb. Eur. ; oiniVfiiii, Dem. ; 'iKjnv/w, btiu, Eor. 

Hdt Xen. See I-nH. 
Affronting, itu^t, Hom. ; aM)r, Tng. ; XifC^tu, Ap. Rh. 
Afrlld, nplfwffei, or, £*ch. Thuc Plat Xen. ; irtpMli, Hdt. 

Tbuc laoc elc 
Enaeda^f afraid, bwif^oi, or, Xen. See PearfiU. 
To ba ajraid, ttiSar, fiit BefoVfuu, aar. 1. Riuro, and often, etp. in 

Horn, m., perf. JAauca and Stlt, and Ittn and hU. Omn. See 

Afrioa, Aie^, Hom. Xen. 
AMaaa, MHi, ios. Soph. Eur. ; fern. AiCvo'ira, Pind. ; AjMfcoi, 

Eor. Xen. ; Alftwrurb, iGach. 
AftoT. Airi, c gen. Hom. JEuit. Hdt Xen. etc ;><<>, c gen., as 

ShI yifirmi, &' iUTeu, etc Hdt Thuc ; /writ, in all aenaea c aec, 

and often ai adT. Omn. ; (to be named) alter, iwl, c gen. Hdt 

c dat Plat, Le. in addi^on 10, c dat Hdt Sad)„ i.e. for ; nrik, 

c ace, aa to aail after plunder, 'xKiu kotA A^IBa, Horn. ; tiria^, 

and poet hiit and -irr, Horn. Haa. ^icfa. Enr. Xen. Plat; 

/lerii-urfle, eip. of time, Horn.; <JorI«*, eip. of time, Hom.T.yrt; 

Hvrtpor, Omn. ; H/irurtf, Soph. See Htrtt^ter, Afltmartli. 
AftST, adj. itirtpat, c gen. Hom. Hdt aine aa. Pind. ; Evripoi, 

TliiMgt kappaoag a/lir, t(I i^iicrtpi(orTa, Thoc 

A/icr tial, troi, e. opt Hdt 

Bang tamed after a ptnm, MicAqv to^s AeT^uiw, PUt 

7b be after, ivrtpitt, c gen. and nne cat. Thnc laoc Xen. ; hrra- 

plCf, c gen. and sine caa. Thuc Xen. laoc Dem. 
Son q/fer, b^iyorot, or, Horn. 
nkB ftftenuton, St!\ti, Hom. Thuc Xen. etc ; the eailf pan n^ 

StlHn wpaOa ; the late port, IttXn l<)F(a, Hdt Tbuc elc 
Aa aftertkanslit, hilraia. Soph. 
Aftarwwda, Brrtpor, Omn. ; is (artfor. Soph. ; H baripou, 

Hdt; fatrro, Omn.: KiriwurBt, or ir, Hom. Thet*. Plat; 

liTirtrra, Hom. Hdt Ap Rh. ; lirriwuret, Hom. Eur.; *rl™, 

and ep. irm, Hom. Hea. Pind. Soph. Kur. ; triati, and twOtr, 

Hom.; /iMoTpor, h. JRlcii. Soph.; Ii*ra(i, Hoc; /uroMit, 

-Each. Hdt ; /irtirv, Sopb.; i!*roe«, or ar, Phtt. See flere- 

Anin, vdAir, Omn.; 'irir&Au', Plat Xen.; oJ, Omn.; aJrit 

{Hom.),aMij{Att),Omn.; ■5T.,poet Omn.; i*, Horn. Theoc 

iimris, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; irlea, ai to leecrrer again, l e, hook 

again, Hdt ; iiiro'Bt, Enc 
JffOHt aad qouta / iiiji, nd Stirtpav ml rf^ar pti/ii, Antipha. 
Ag«inat, M, c dat Hom. Xen. etc, c aec Horn. Hdl. etc.; 

Ksri, c gen. iGach. etc ; ncrmlrTuu', c dat Ilom., c gen. Hea. 

Hdt ; »^ 0. Bcc Hom. Pind. Eur. Xen. Dem. etc ; ipoi, c 

gen. Hdt Xen., e, ace Hom. Eur. Xen.; i<-rl, c gen. Hom. 

Plat etc 
AgaimM, ai to aim ^tunaC, over againat, elc trra, adr. and c gen. 

Hom. Pind. 
Omt agaimit, againat in compariica -vitb. trrqr. Hom. 
AgaiiKi, 1. «■ in oppoaition lo (to fight, atand, etc.), imum, Hom, 

Hdt; SiTui, Hom, Hdt ; /«in-«ior, Hom. Hdt ; irrKlur, ad*. 

and c. dat Horn. ; irirrar, adv. and c gen. Hom, Pind, Sopb. 

Eur. Thuc ; irdrrio, Dem. 
Againat, adj. bruu, tine caa, or e. gen., more care c dat. How. 

find. Enr. Hdt Xen. etc.; ^riEi^ui, aine tai. or c gen., iml; <• 

dat Hom. Enr. Xen. Pbu. st 



■i ii3)e^ ainM|ifHa4(u, iydrri 

To aiaaer trvlg maJut ap 

■ytynrnu, Thue. 
Aga, in alt tfnaei, aiiiv, iiyas, i, Omn. ; Xf^'t Sepb- Pt*t. - 

rfmt, Ti, Horn. He.. Hdt, 
A NHui'i age, ^Mida, of sll peiioda, but upecisll; of the prim* of 

life. Omn. 
Tie age o/Laiia, i. e. the time wlien he lived, i) ^\uclc 

Tie pmesl age, ii rSy (iaa }i\iiita, Deui. 
Old affe, T^pot, orOT, lyiic. oor, cnA, ut, t^, Omn. ; rptvttifi, 

MkYi. i irpiatiT, tti, i, h. Flat. ; botb time lait in tbi ~ 

IKrri -wf . aecordiag (p <^. 
Full apr, Ti\at t4, Plat. 
Kpe aye, fii^ (iidi^^t, Find. 
Sameneat of age, ifiijKiKta, Horn, 
M^<f/« ojK, ^ naSiimmut ^UkJo, Time. 
(y ajM, 4 /» ^-|((ii, Thuc. ! irpofAi|X«flAj if ^"itf?, Xen. 

*H mti-a i^ivm, Hdt. Thuc, Pint, Dem, 
Of tie tame age, oi*njt, Horn. ; jAif, Tkoi, luu. in pi. Horn. Find. 
jEkH, Plat &.C; iii!i\ji, Horn. Hei. Em. ri*a/i$Ai{, Theog. 
Theoe, ; owSXif, .ffiKb. ; ffiW^o^i, oii, Sopb. Hdt; 'htSAiJE, 
Xen.i4ifi(0i, At. 
ft« o/tfe tame age, iWJcutilli, Ar. Hdt PUt 
TKe body of Aon of lie lanu age, ilt^xlti, Horn. ; AfmAikla, Hom. 
Ap. Rh. 
OfvjKat age I = qualii cctatn ? ifXluat, Sopb. 
Of tuck an age, rn\tlu)i, Hom. Theog. Eur., u to do. eU. c int 
Theog. ; TVuc^irif, Soph. PUt ; TDAInSroT, n^ avra. and 
oOtos in tiaa. «Kh. Soph. Xen. Plat Dem. ; -niyuioaToai, Ar. 
To be middle-aged, rif^ie t^i iXiKlat tl/il. Plat ; vpo^ I^I 6aBb 
TJi ^itfal, At. 

7*0 ^ of viarriageaUe age, rpbt ydfutr f/Kn dir^uLx, Sopb- 
<y^ -V (i> He) ; tIw iicniir ^ttit fx<"y ^p1>- 
71j ia o/"(4i ainc ^m a* jmi, rro) TaurJi' fjftji /lirpor (xf, Enr. 
Ag*d, 7'fwr, orroi, J ml 4 nnt «■, Omn. See Old, 
An agent (for a foreign ttate), etc vp^nvi, Dem. 
7b At OH (yini/)r, irpojcWv, c. gen. Xen. Dem. ; (in buybg), rpa. 
irmkitt, c len. Pkl. 
To ftMranSiM, iJ(a, onlj prei. and imperf. Hom. Find. Hdt 
.Soph. ; aiiira, oi at^a, teniei from o^^, Het. Find. Hdt Trag. 
PiBt Dem. Thoc See EraU, Incnat. 
AggnndiMmast, aS(n"i, *»', ^1, Hdt Tbnc 
To aggraTata, ii*yi\ira, Tbue. ; iwrrfttiiai, mid. c dat Dem. ; 

'6wtptiMM, perf. -SrtAijjtri, ew. Hdt Thuc 
Aggnvstion, 'i^iptckii, Dem. 
Aggr^ate, 'SSpoot, Tbuc. Flat 
/n (ie aggregate, riiarat, ami, ar, Omn. 
AggTMflon, ^-fBtm, MI, ^, onlj c dat Xea. Plat AnEipho. 

AggMMiva, irl9eracht, Xen. 
AggtMMT, arTiot, a, or (ii, ar, Ar.), Hdt 
Ta M aggrieTAd, 'Uixiaiiiu, Omn. Att See liym^. 
Agfla, Sitpla, i, bn, and bt, hy, Horn. Find. Xen. Plat See 

AgiUtr, iXa^ 6pnh, Find. See AeUvitg. 

To agitate, opbw, no perl act or pau. Lhough there i> aor. 1. pea. 
Hom. Ap. Rh. : IfiiBir, only pre*, and imperf. Hom. Ap. Ith. 
Moecb.; IptSi^a, ^icb.i TTo/n> and miiit, ofteneet in pan. 
Hom. Sapph. Thcogn. £Kh. Eur. Plat. ; tovim. Find. Sapph. 
Hdt ; arpoSim, JEicb. \ rlrta, Mich. Soph. ; (ai the wind doea 
■aila), mfaMvaa, no perf. Ap. Rh. ; lAoriti, SopL Ai. 

To agikUe imoardlg, imaTpoSia, jEach. 

To be agitating, or important, Korairripxi*, Tbnc 

To ba agitated, aljiuu, prea. and imperf. (iffili', Hom. Ap. Rh. ; 
SaUiHu, in thii tenie only in pm. Hom.; tirvirraiuu, only in 
pro. JElcb, i trCKiofiai, Archil.; iti/iairiiiiai, Pind.; iciTKXdi^iai, 
£ich. ; ihe wu agitated, Ukriro, 3d ling, pluperf. pan., from 
riX*, Ap. Rh. MoKh.; victim. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. 

Mjf nind it agilaled, ipiprrai luioei Av/ii!. Hum. 

freparatiaH tad been in agilaHon before, xipHjriciBil rpanSriaiiaSi), 
• &Dm wpoticiiiiirflo/uu, Thuc. 

AgitatlJMl, 'SriKliniaa, •»>, 4i Soph. 

Ihttraetioii and agi/alim ^ mind, Im^V' rftirtipa, tC iratlnlira 
fpirSr, Soph. I 

fut -iaa, or 

An agitator, tinnSpar, Ar. 

Ago (long ago), iribiai, Omn. poet Xen. Itoe. Plat ; mXoffalTDr, 
Piad. 1 vpMJuu, Ai. ; X'^''J**^^> ^'i Tn-plnUai, Call.j 
Tp^rdAfb, Ariat ; ttxiri^at, Ar. etc. 

Agon;, 'Sr/urla, Dem. See Pain. 

AgiarUn, ■ytaiuipSKbt (ofa lav), Dion H. 

ToagtM (with, or iDgether),!^^!!^!!!!, aor. 2.aiiwjii)i',aiibj. -A/itl', 
c i^ and dat Horn. ; tiio^ipofia, only prei. and imp^. Ham. 
Hdt ; ^nuWw, fut Att -4iTa, but oflener -^oo/ioi, -i^ra, Find., 
peiC pua. -<l><ai, aor. 1. paaa. -ittir, with a penon c dat Horn., 
to a thing c. aee. einreased or anderatood, Eur. Thuc. ; irurBi^ 
in prote, iriwfl JAs, tut. -hito-u, etc Soph. Eur. Ar. Xen. Antipbo. i 
avfigaine, fut -tivaiuu, aoi. 2. -ttv, P«r£ -Ctfriiw, peril mid. 
inf. iTnc -tt€lirai, in paia. lenie, c. dat or prep. Hdt Omn. Alt ; 
^vrrmjioi, mid. aor. 1. -f ^ird^ijr, c. ace. rei« or c. inf. prea. or fut 
dat pen. or prep. Find. Eui. Hdt Thuc. Plat ; niraiyiu, 
'- '- ■ ' r. orfot orprea. Piiid. Soph. Hdt; 

lor. S. -iSpSfior, perf. -!tilp^T)«, 
aiu. c. prep, cii or rplis, or c. dat Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. Dem. ; 
inp.*erni, only prea. and imperf. t dat or mp. Mic)i, Eur. ; 
iliofipoUti, Soph. Eur.; iri/upiuu, no peif. ^ach. Soph. Eur. 
Xea. Plat ; Kitri^/u, c. gen. Soph. ; airairiit, iitt -ton, c. dat 
or inf. £ach. Soph. Xen. Hdt Ap. Rb.; iriwuld^ aine oia. 
Soph.; ovj^apw, e. dat Eur. Hdt Thuc Plat Dem. etc ; (to), 
C ace. in fut mid. Enr. ; avfi^ipti, fut -afo'ai, aor. 1 . -^irrfKa, 
aor. 2. ^iT/jior, perf. -«>iiwxii,cdBtSopb. Eur.; (together), in 
prei., pan., or mid., c aur. 1. paaa. and fut l.mid., c. fioTcandinf., 
or c dat £Kh. Tbuc Flat. ; ineKtr/ia, c dat. pen. aine caa. 
c. ncc rei. Soph. Ar. Hdt Thuc ; apiiiiu, -aa, aa an errnl doea 
with a prediction, line caa. Soph. ; TWicrov, of men, Xen. Lyi. 
Iioc ; abnmiimt, fut -^laoiitai, perf. -jrimaea, etc, aor. 1. 
-iwvrar, prop, of volea, bnt alio of men, Hdt; v6rrwairiii, c 
dat Dem. ; mifo-toK^v, Dem. ; e«rroiii(fe. Flat ; crvfU^uAoyw, 
Hdt Xen. Flat Dem.) nmlo/uu, mid. c aor. 1, paat. in act 
*en>. -osifirir. Plat. : tviatirrm, c dat Hdt ; minr. tit ratnir, 
Ftal. ; av)i,^ia, Xen. Flat, lioc £icbin.; rCO^ii^ii, Xen.; 
ov^otaofuu, fiit -^o/uu, c, dat. Flat.; rufi^ivau, ininuia. 
((Ii -rairrhr). Plat ; irpoirfta/uu, mid. c. dat Hdt Xen, Plat ; 
rposli/iat, mid. to the terma of a treaty, c ace Tbuc ; wpasxit- 
pia, c. dat or prep. Soph. Hdt Xen. ; Stoiukoyiia, uiu. in nud. 
Xen. PUt Dem. .£Khin. ; ifio^Hiriit, Ariit ; iiiVflmparia, c. 
dat or line ctti. Thuc Xen. Dem. £)chin.; iiuSoiiti, Ftal.; 
iliavoia, Thuc Plat Xen. Lyi. ; irpofii/uXir)^, c dat pert, c 
ace rei, Xen. FUt Inc. Dem.; fftvuttlrra, fut -novCfuu, no 
aor. 1., aor. 2. -^n'lo'or, peif. a^rroHni, of opinioDi, Ac Hdt; 
'Sroiio\Bjioiiai, Plat ; tvyytyr^Ku, lenaea from ■tv6ii and yri- 
fu, Hdt Thuc Xen. l<n.; Jiouc/o/iai, mid. c *pi> et ncc. Dem.; 
nyidtTaTlBtfuu, mid. aor. I. -tfhiKitapr, c. dat Flat Phil. ap. 
Dem. ; aviaviv, fiit -elxrt^ etc c dat PUt ; etrapdiiJia, Ap. 
Rh. ; irvrBp4aiai, fut -Vim, c dat Ap. Rb, ; ivoJ^Ofuu, with 
an arguer, c gen. Flat. ; iwixauvriti, ai one iluement doea with 
another, c dal. J]Mhin. ; rdampat, mid. upon, c aoc. FUt., to 
pay, etc c inf. Hdl. Thnc 

To agree in a bargain, trvrrinsoiuu, mid. Dem. ,£>chiD. 

To agree, i. e. to make a formal agreement, itttiiaKayttliOi (*|>it 
c ncc), Dem. ; avptitAm, pt -tttKni™, etc Thuc FUt laoc. 

To agree H age, KoraSaira tit xP^ni'i, Ariat 

7b agree iog^ier, avptiU^t Ix^ JElch. ; hfmrtnirai&l tjffi, 
PUt ; oV]>i>BTiivai (or) ■jiyraitai, c dat PbiL ap. Dem. 

Tifg ad agree, mrtoiat, imptra. aor. 1. -Ao{i, c dat Enr, At. 
Thnc. Flat 

^yna agree mili nu, Or Sfw Hal irol mittoicj S np lul f/wl. Plat 

7b le agreed "ptm, iraryKeituu, Bud in 3d aing. aa impen. fat 
-ttlaa/ua, Hdt Thac Xen. £acb. 
/( ti c^fresif i^Kiil, irvyxupit, Thuc 

Agreed upoa, ^&i, Honi. Eur. Hdt Thnc £*chin. ; itptyiiiat, 
Hdt Thuc; TiKTit. Thuc ; nrr-tW., PUt ; i. o. ptomiaed by 

agree, titfuXoytrior, Plat ; rvyxupirriar. Plat 
To be agreed to, avyxiep^ios, in pi. neut c dal. pera. Soph. 
Agroaablo, npir/iKt, or, c dat Hom. PUt ; ntxiptafirot, c dat 
Hom. ; AiiaiSiij, c. dat Hom. £>ch. ; 'Spapiit, c dat H. ; V- 
litm, c dat Piad. PUt ; ipfMios, a, or, and oi, «r, c dat. Find. 
Theog.; Mxdptt, c dot jGicb.; 'ifimlis, Soph. Hdt Xen. 



fan maaig jfourtdf agrtnMt to sfjten, vii lUtFTfowi emrtai, 

AgrtiabU pumner*, rb twtjcltf', Xtn. See FUatani, 

AgTMiblir, 'iptirKiiTat, Eur. Xen. FUl.; Kixliptvi^y^, Ar. 
Xeo. Plat. ; ArixaA>i md Ittvi, At. Xen. 

Agn^ng (with, togecber, elc.), ilt^Pf^, <wot, Horn. Hei. Pind. ; 
jrwiei, or, t >bon, if foUawed by & ihort lyll.. loug if roilowed 
Iqr ■ Img (me, U«g. ; aiiuppttr, aras, JBicb,; irlir4rDp)i, sr, 
c dtL Soph. ; oiw^t, w, c. dat. Eur. Ar. Ildt. ; Koai^petr, 
ant, c dsL Eur. ; 6iuiyrifm; an>, Thiic Xen. Dem. ; aiii^u- 
rtt, or. Plat. ; dfiaippiil>u»', AMI, Pl>t ) ^vnrrucit. Plat. ; 
ifU/trfoi, Xen. Ariat. 

Agneing (with, ttigether, etc), idv., (niyK^AAsi, c dat. ^Kh. ; 
9, Plat. ; iiurffaiiiras^ leoc hjoa%. ; auii^Amt, 
fTwDt, Plat. ; i»44A^t, Anat. 
1 agreeman t, i.e. compact, ip^iorfo, in pLHom. ; M^pn, 
Hum. Xen. ; owfl.ffta, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; (rwHm, «»ch. Thnt 
Xm. put. Dem. ; niiOiaii, tui, ^ £ur. Hdt. Thiic ; wiura, 
ttn, 4, Hdt. Thac Xen. ; ifuAorio, Omn. proee; irH)\i|, be- 
cauae ihey vers often engiaved on piUan, Ar. Dem. ; inMtrrit, 
w>,i), Pind.; frMi|/u,tTai,T^,HdI.Xeii.andniBt^h.Soph.; 
boAiicq, Ar. { ri trirtrrar, Hdl. ; a^KtitoKaylii, Plat. 

X icriUn agramtmt, tvyyfi^, Thuc. Lja. Dem. ; avriiJtrfita, 
Arst, rb, Dem. 

Le. wuBnaity, irlVi|fwa4rT|, Horn. Theog. iiw^fovini, Horn. Ap. 
Rh. ; J^rMo, Oran. pra. Ap. Rb. ; d/wS«tIa, PlaL Ariil. 

Bifa^|B9 to « o^rMOfeiil, tending to, n^uttriicii, Thnc ; nifiCft- 
Titpin, », Thuc 

AgnavltnTe, yitiffla, Thuc Xen. Iioc. PlaL 

Plat. Xen. 
Agmnd, to run a ahip aground, h-uc/XXw, aoc. 1. -an, Horn, and 

intfani. of the ihip, Horn. ; i*ih}M, only- in prea. and aor. 1 . Est. 

Hdt. Tbnc and intrant, of the ititp, Thuc Xen. Metaph. Ar. j 

^^Uka, act. and intisuL £ich. Eur. Hdt. laoc. ; Jmc^Ugg, 

act and intnuu. Hdt. Tboc. 
Apu, an, 4*lJUai, Theog. Ar. 
To ion m agHt, ^riU/n, Ar. 
UMd, tiiwpatety, Eur. Hdt. Xen. PlaL Dem. Ap. Rb, etc See 

T» te altead (of a penon, etc going the aama road aa another), 

rpattaiiMtini, fiit. -tJi^fai, aor. 3. -i)Mo», Thuc 
Tfl aid. xfBur/iAi, only fuL aor. I. and aor. 3. -a>iar, c dat. 

(alwaytwith negat. in Horn.) Hom. Ap. Rh.-, ifW^i '^'■'''"•■■b 

per£ c daL Horn. Soph. Em. ; rrliraiip^ Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc 

XsB.; fift/rrotiat, paaa. c aor. 2. and perf. >cC c dat. Horn. 

Hra. Eur. Hdt. Xen. etc; 'M7>. oa per£ c. dat. Horn. Pind. 

iGach. Soph. Ear. HdL Xen.-, trifirr", '■ dat. Horn. j£ach. 

Siqih. Xen. ; ponUu, c dat. ^ach. Eur. Thnc Xen. ; iwv^XiM, 

t, dat. or ace Soph. Enr. Xen. PlaL; 'Owmpyia, c dat. pen. 

aometimea c ace. lei, Tiag. HdL Thuc laoc Xen. etc ; fanjpeT^ 

c dat pera. HdL Omn. AtL 
Tb Julp (in a war), wytpdrroiuu, mid. e. gen. rai, Pind., c gen. 

hoatia, HdL 

lataAeaidt^, ■wSfS.ytyiniuu, mid. fiiL -yvtffaiiai, aor. 2. 
' v, c dat. £acb. Thnc HdL ; npaSoqMog, c. daL Ar. 

Thuc. Xen. PlaL 
njoin n oufii^, i»i stf bfg«M«r, vtirafJhHt, c daL Eur. ; oviw- 

«eAfo, c daL or aec Sopb. Xen. Lyi. ; n/iginfitm, Ar. Tbnc 

Xen. See Attiil, Hdp. 
Aid, tJiinp, -ri, odIt in mm. Horn. Find. Ear. ; i*jA, Horn. 

Piai. Tiag. ; 'opvyii c gen. againat, Horn. .£ach. Soph. PlaL ; 

J wa^ fa ^jM, arer, Soph. ; AriKs^piifia, drat, ri^ Xen. 
A eomi^ la tin aid of, iwlfiaffitta, Thoc Xen. ; a joint aid, nvt- 

loffitia, Tbnc See AniMaiia, Help. 
Wa mat aid, fioTfitrrfar, Dem. 
An aidar, 'ofiirrmp, opoi, Horn.; T^i^psI, Pind. £ach. ; 

T^iiMtp, apet, £i^. ; AnrpM|i, au, i, c. gen. or dat Omn. AtL 

Saa AuidaiL 
Aa alda-da-euip, irKiprraii;{at, Xen. ; a-vfifoptii, Xen. ; i*vp^ 

r^t, sv, Xen. 


To ail, i.e. bo aiek. nxriit, HdL Omn. Ati See Sidi. 

Wkat aHimtOat wtfirgit I t( nSirrt At^V^Ai, Ham. 

To aim at, t^t^kv^uu, mid. only prea and imperf. c gen. Horn. 

Theoc; ^^o/uu, mid. in aor. 2. -urx^l"!'', aine ae. Hon.; 

ln*.ipii,'m impeif. -Kiipor, cdaL Horn.; ip^yiriiiat,mii. aine cat. 

Odd c gen, Hom. Tyrt.; metaph. i.e. aeek to obtain, Pind. Ear. 

Tbuc Xen. laoc ; ^'x* (»>'■ S- -"nC) ■'^'*^ c daL Pind. 

Eur. ; tb{cW, c ace Soph. Eur. c prep. PlaL ; Ttirm fl^Xii, etc, 

tr\, c. daL Soph. Ear. PUL ; iwX-rSrIm (no puf.) t^, c dot. 

Pind. ; irrtirm TrXir^r, t daL Xen. Dem. ; croxifafuu, mid. 

c perf. paaa. iu act aeDa. c gen. or prep. Plat. laoc. Dem. 

To aim at, i.e. leek to get. Ii^ni, Hon. Xen. Plat ; K^b, Hat. ; 

imitv, Pind. Eur. c fCi, Thuc, alao c In, and <^t. .^ach. c 

Snti nil. Plat. ; iTr!t«v\fia, t. daL HdL PlaL ; ^Xrrdv, Thoc ; 

firdoiuu, only in prea. HdL ; npiixofuu, mid. in pna. and im- 
perf. c gen. HdL ; ^irfSefuu, mid. c. daL Lycutg. ; TipifdUd- 

lim, mid. HdL laoc ; naraippiiria, Hdt. 
He aivud at tit (ooerai^'MVt Ml^lf M TapaniCit, Hdt. 
One Aadd mm of, hvurr^M', PlaL ; froxairTior, c gen. Aiict. 
A good ain, tvtncxla^ Eur. 

An aiming a( nyreme ;wuwr, "-epiSoA^ Tfli ipxS'i Xen. 
Tbfa'i^ a good aim, (Oo-koitdi, or, £p. M-, Horn. .£ich. ; tfrro- 

X0f,«r, Eur.Xen.; metaph. Mananis, or, jGach. ; rroxaoratlis, 

or. Plat. Ariat. ; iKpot rjnnou, .Sacb. 
Jbii^ good aim, adT. tiirrix'", Xen. ; Wo-mira, HdL ; ffro- 

XWTiKii, Ariat. 

HW( itin«<, (Dm-oxDi, or. Ear. Xen. 
Ab inmii^ of, npTCaAi], c. gen. Xen. 
Aimlaai, 'arAmorai, ov, of an action, Hom. Ap. Rh. 
Air, 'atip, ipas, in Hom. Hea. if, often 6, A but nlao a in Soph. 

Hinn. He*, b. Soph. HdL PlaL Xen. ; oUiff (in Hom. 4, inAtt. 

proa* i, elaevh. i kbI 4), Omn. ; wben then ii a diSiuinice Uff 

ii the lower mi, aleiip the poie npper air. Sea Hom. IL xiv. 

288. oUpa, Hom. Pind. JEtcb. Enr. PlaL Xen. 
Tit opat air, alBpTa, Sol. Ar. Xen. HdL 
r&e air let brtalit, S^u, rh, Philyll. 
Airj, bxlonging to, of the air, in the air, oiMpior, a, or, and oi, or, 

.^ich. Soph. Eur. ; Wpioi, a, or, and or, ar, Eur. 
Airy af a eaumtri/, i.e. eipfaed to, (iaj)i, Hea.; (BarMi, eiii,.«r, 

ovr, PlaL AiiiL ; AnVpuii, or, Ap. Rb. 
K^ M b^ apm air, il^fuit, or, Cntin. 
.lid or) tifuaftoa, fftrrow, Ariat. 
hOttopem air,'l!iraf0puu,a, or,and 01, ar, Pind. jEach. Ear. HdL 

Thnc. Xen. ; aIB|>u>t, or, Ciatin. ; 'tnudpoi, or, Hipp. ; hi &*ei- 

epV, Xen. 
imag n tla apes oi'r, Miot, or, Anth. ; inTfwtfwrot, at, Orph. 
7a to or ie n da opea air, lUifmiKim, Plat. Xen. ; AAhIai, 

lb pai out u fie «>, MiJh, aa ahepheida do aheep, Theoc 
To tnad Va ait, 'dipoCgrr^ Ar. PlaL ; pmupawofitt, PlaL 

Monag, Jtyiag, etc ia oar*, ScHrer^J, b. Acpoihr^rTii, on, Hea.; 
^po'iir^T^oi, or, Hea.; 'dip^^rai, or, ^uh.; aiBtptSpoiut, 
or, Ar. ; 'daooni;^!, Ar. ; 'Mpi>i«fioi, or, Ar. ; 'a»/)ol(riJI, ou, 
AntL 1 Jnj^pioj, a, or, and oi, or, Ap. Rh. ; 'atfrnpiprirot, or. 


I, AriiL 


-, 'tupofiS^s, Plat Ariat ; 'd^Ivoi 
To all, iu^Ax", no perf. Tbnc Xen. 
To giot otatlfalTt, 'SSpbutpm, in paaa. only in prea. and imparf. 

c dot cana. oi o. part. jEicfa. Eur. PhiL ; uviu, Ar. ; Iptrro. 

/uu, paaL Ar. Xen. PlaL ; lipdCoflai, EupoL 
AUn, moTw^t^ Omn. poat Hom, ; 'itl^.pit, 4, or, and oi, or, t 

gen. or daL Soob. laoc. Plat. ; ol tfybt, c gen. ,£ich. 
Alabaatar, 'iXUaarpoi, pi. ol and ri ilJi. 
AlMTltr, rp00O>tfa, Ham. £ach. Eur. Hdt Xen. PlaL etc.; i, 

Horn. See Eagrmea. 

Wili a/atrilf, irpirt/u.!, «ach. Hdt PlaL Xen. ; iAcrm, PUt 
Alum, KurSirK-tiiit, tms, 4, Thuc. See Fmr. 
Atarni, i.e. a cry of alarm, 3d4, Thuc 
A premaa aiarm, wpotK^6S7ins, tut, 4, Tfanc- 
To aUrm, narawKliinra, in paiL aor. 2. Ixilh -vX^W, Him., 

and -irXdTur, Thuc Hom. Lya. Dem. 
7b ie a^ormaJ at, nernrA^o'ffofuu, pnaa. c. ace. eana. itoc Saa 

FHghia; Ftar. 



SiJyKi Id alrmu, KdrSrh-lif, ^yos, Lj>. Aiiit. 

Almrmlo^, iic*\riKTliibi. S« Terrible. 

Alai, ftu, Soph. Xen. Plit. Etc.; ol, Dtoolly npMted n t^pl, 

JEtch. Soph. etc. ; u, uaa. c dab a> Dtr^i, Soph. Xcn. Ap. Rh. ; 

U, c Dam. Soph., c tm. iBtch. Soph. Ear., c. d&t. Soph., c. dat. 

pan. Mid |ien. cam. Eur. ; Hl^ c. gen. JEicb. ) Sroroi, Soph. Ear. ; 

ratvffui, £icb. 

7aerya/a>,«^a, noperC j^Kfa. See ZiuiaC 
Altwit, nihrip, nan. m Nam. div. with a word betiraen the 

putick*, but Dot M in Att. c iiuL, tcij oftsD c pan. Ornn. 

See AOioKiii. 
An tldar, KA^^po, Horn. 
Alwt, ^e^arrwii, Xen. See IFolal/U. 
AlwtlUU, T^piia'u, HM, Ji, Thnc. 
Iiika AlaxMdn, 'AAjforSp^t, Menand. 
Allen, fnucrii, Find. ; iuirpioi, Udt. Plat. Iioc Dem. See 

An kllM, ^oucst, ^Bh. Soph. Ar. Thne. Xen. Dem. 

TiU rijAd ofaliau, /irrotxia (t*). Xen. Ly*. 

Ataat» n^MU, iirroixar, Xen. Plat. Lyi. Dem. 

7'ja aluR <K<, (miXiala [a Lacednmuoiu inititalion), Thne. 

Tb b eontetetf at an alien, iifiat i\Svm/u 
mora utu. AtL li^jm, in paia. hul) Dem. 

AUenkblt, x'^'v^, Aiiit. 

To alieatto, iAAorputog, Thuc Xen. Dem. ; dnXXorpi^ c gen. 

or c iM and gen. loraetiDMa c dat. Plat. e. liri, ^Khin. 

e. Tp^T and nee. Jtoe. 
7b be aUtaated from om anolier, mr^Ciiai, mid. fuL woriplva- 

/uu, aor. 1 . poet, hmrttiiaviinir, alu nor. 1 . , 

Horn. h. ; tuWimvuu, paai. c aor. 2 act. in paia. teaw Thi 
To alienate friendM tram attother to oau't tetf, rapapioiuUy aor. 2. 

-tifd/tiir, Xen. 
Aliauttioii, it^jn-pUtins, tm, ^ Thuc. ; 'ireMarptmnt, AriM. ; 

iMoTpiiTt)], ifTOJ, ii. Plat 
To alight, ficeiilw, teniM fr«n fiie, and ^3>u, Horn. Mxh. Hit 

Tlioc. ; raraSafnd, Horn. Xen. See Detaimd, Duaamnt. 
Alike, Sfujuit, «s or, and io Atl. often «, w, Oain. See Ute. 
Alike, adv. biatm. Find. Soph. Ent. Hdt. Xeo. Dem. etc Set 

Aliment, rpo^ Hdt. Soph, Plat, etc See NoHnJamiU. 
AliineiitiiT7, rpi^iua, q, or, and oi, or, Theoph.i fd^Droi, ar, 

i^Kh. See NulHliom. 
AUv«, Sitpif, Horn. ; fWii, Horn. Tf rt. Hdt. Xen. ; f&i, gen. ; C^, 

Ham. Hdt. ; Bktnty, oixra, arrot, etc ^iGicli. Soph. \ l/i^x"*! 

w, Soph. Kur. Hdt. Plat. ; tM^r, '»tl, t Kol 4, of a wmnded 

dying man, Suph. Antipho. ; tftwvoor, op, ovr, dvr, Enr. Hdt. 

Thuc; twtfarrn, «r, Soph.; SpSKtii hrfat^j. Find. See 

Alkanet, fyxwa, Xen. Amopc ; STxewo, Hipp. 
All, ni, ira<^ irar, Omn. ; 'vol (neat, 'tear Hon., Inr 

Alt.), Onn.t rfiwat (nenL ■pMu' Horn.), Omn. poet.; o^voi, 

OmD.; irtrim, Hdt. PkL i irorrtAJ)!, Soph.; varroSarti, 

Find. h. Ear. Hdt. Ihc.; ir6iAiHa, uiD. in pi. Hdt. Plat. See 

Al all, *^, in queition. Ham. PlaL, or oith negativea, or ceojuDo- 

tlrei,<n deraonit prooauni, and othen. Horn, HdL Thnc. Plat ; 

T^tt, Soph, i *wf, c neg. Soph. Plat. Xen. i Arrbrpos, Ar. ; 

VxV, t. neg. Soph. Hdt. Ptat. i rlrr ipx*". Hdt. ; "irfx™', 

AU but, iiiny lA, Flat. Dem. 

At aU eeeiUi, Toiw, Horn. Enr. Thuc. (reqaently dirided ia Att 

vilb ftr interted, aa tAtv y hr ofr, c. <^L Ar. Plat etc 
/■ aU, iriru, Dem. 

AU dag, ali mgld, etc, i<' Vp«. S<^ rvrr&f, Hdt Xen. etc. 
And all (hia head, helmet, and all) Birrf rriv rtikiiiii nipT), Horn., 

and without triy, Hom. Hdt, the Atlia Dm. emit the prep, hut 

not always, oAtouti trvfiitixoi^L, £iich. ; at/r^ ffby fty^tS £ar. 

Ar. inierti the article, alrroun tdu x-ifpnift. 
To allft;, (irdit, Horn. Soph. ; (%», imperf. tTxor, no aor. 1. 

va. % lirxfiy, Ep. f«x«llgv. Ham. ; noi/iiii, Hom. Soph. ; 

^aiv, no perfect act Omn. j Mv^I^ai, Soph. Eur. Xen. Thuc. 


ASofing pain, ilS r tip i Toi, or. Ham. ; rMSrat, or. Soph. 
Meant to allay (pain), rw-or 'iH>Ji*(a, fl. Find. 
An allegaticni, ^u, tas, 4, Fiat. AriiL 
.4a alteffinff, eepeciallj ai eicnie, 'Owv^p^ c gad. Xen- 
lo aill^, rpe^pa, fill, -olirn, aor. I. -^rr/ico, aor. 2.-*i»)' 
Ham. £«c}i. Hdt Dem. ; rtaTuu, Soph. ; rporUqfu, aor, 1 

rtfrw, eip. ai an inducemen', 
icrvfu^ Eur. Xen. Dem. ; Bgainat any one, c. Inr^ and gen. Dem. I 
rpoCdAAu, perf. -CMXtikb, etc Ear. Thuc; wpe^ofuu and 
trpsSx, Alt mid. Soph. Hdt Thuc. ; irpoirjcp/iai. mid. Hdt 
Thuc ; and by way OC excute, in act. wpatr^"! ^'R' S wpot- 
mifu, Eur. in mid. Dem. Antipho ; mtrwra, at a preteaca, Eur. 
mare uiu. in mid. Hdt Flat; 'te^n, aor. 3. -tvxtr, Ar. ; 
'Gro^pu, Xen. 1 icMi»u,Bnr. i, ^ica.nD peif. Ar. Dem.; tcirS- 
jlpio/uu, c At, Uem. ; irdpla^^ per£ act and aor. 2„ not uaed 

To allfge lieiidei, ripirUiuu, Dem. Itn. 

*"*g'f"T*i '(iBopx^ '^•ch. Soph. 

AUegetlaal, fuAfiqi, Thuc luK. 

An ^egerj, pMoi, Dem. Plat 

To Slieviate, KoupiCu, Soph. Enr. Xen. Theoe.; 'teomu^fru, 

c ace pen. gen. ni, Eur. ; HtutiOfliii, Ear. ; 'drorrA^, jGieh. 

To aUeeiale bg ioUii^ oat tope, '{fufiapjfofuu ikwlSu, Ear. Bee 

An ftllerlltion,' 'Jb« koO^cii, (a>i, 4, Soph.; Koi^iff/ia, aroi, 

Eur. ! aoi^Io'iJ, Eur. ; uoafir/is, jjtoi, ft, Eur. See Rili^. 
An mile;, AaiVa, Hom. Find. Hdt ; orenmbt, i. Soph. Flat 
AlliuDB, m'w^x'i^ Pind. £ich. Eur. Hdt Thnc Dem. etc etc; 

ifuuxfiia, Hdt Thuc ; nouw^la;, Thuc Dom, 

-.OfUvfuu, Bot. 1. -iiiaira, 

I. nifi/idxlt. 

aUiaaee, nfiftix^^, Ar. Hdt Thi 
fiance, rtnfpviiru, ' 

dat Thuc 3ee.riliiy. 
to figU maided bg alliM, fiowfidx^, of the 

than, Hdt 
Allied, aiii/jHx", w, J^i^h. Hdt Thnc Xen 

(1st, q, Thuc; crbvrAai, or, Eur. ; ^iim^piaii, Thnc 
To allot, twIuXMa, and eap. -o^isi, mid. Hom. ^ich. PlaL ; An- 

r/u, fut. -4ffw. no perf. Horn. ; riiui, Omn. ; Mr^fw, Hom. ; 

kAiip^, Find. Ear. Thuc; tabArtpi^, JEuM. PlaL; i*dfi«rp^ 

/lai, c. (Ii, Eur.; iflC", £>ch. Ear.; nOriW/u., Hdt Xen. 

Fiat Ihk. Dem.; iTvyKXupia, Dem. .dch. See To ditribmte, 

On» OMtt allot, inuniiirrior. Plat 
An tllotmant, cA^pai, Uom. He*. £ich. Imk. Drm. etc.; eip. of 

land, Ai{u, .VI, 1^, Hdt. ; Ait{ij, eui, ^, Plat Call. ; uMipavxIa, 

An allottee, aAqpDvxoi, Hdt Thnc 
A bodg qfallotltet, nXvpovxia, Ibc 
Betenging to, n^iipoux^'t ^^- I^m. 
To obtain by oUatmenL, KKiipovxif, Hdt. 
Allotted, ^ilolirioi, or. Call. 
To allow, lia, aug. (I~, Omn. ; rifUixplta, mid. c prff., 

paai. etc in act un*. Lyt. Flat, (lea J'eraH) ; JfioAiryfo 

Soph, Eur. Thnc. Xen. D«m. etc. ; in argubg, nToAtdn^ Xen. 

See Omfeu. 
To aliow a pertim to do, i. e. gire him to opporuuiity of doing, 

iripJx", in aor. S. '(vxor, c dat and inf. Thuc 
To aUoiB one (liberty of apeech), trporUstfu, aor. 1. -MifKa, peril, 

Ttfnnt, etc., iot. 1. pua. -erOtir (A^v), c. dat Xen. £>ehin. 
/ on allmned to have daie, 'imiAOKi^iiiu, c part, or c infin. 

or c. ftJ> and inlin. Dem., and de re, ^ ilryirtia ImfiaAjyvrai, 

hiiaOoatd, i.e. permitted, txr/i'jvnai, aor. 2. i^rfirtro, mn. 

c. neg. Ar. Hdt Flat «ichin.; tinr4kti, only in pre*. Soph. ; 

If.rTTi, Trag. Hdt Ttauc Plat Dem. etc 
An ■lloTUUe, fi^piina, aroi, ri, Ear. 
Alloy, aiflnAdi, metaph. Ar. ; metal full of alloy, xUlhlAai^ 

Theflgn. Eur. Phit Xen. Dem. etc. See ^ " " 
CM wilk all<9 in (f, Afuckf (jjniaii), HdL 



AIIfOVWfB], irryKpMit, Find. £uh. Sopfa, Eur. ; irafi<(ai, ou, 

Ta aUuia to, irwiifiiifna, ti, Thuc. 
to •Ilm, t^Mcofuu, mid. inipcrf. -titjUiapi, fnt. -tXiofiMi, ur. 

I. -tiAjcistd^qr, pM». p«f. •fAxMTfwi, aor. 1. <iAj>da4t)F, «tc. in 

pnu. KU. Ham. TheM. ; ti\fd(ic, lux. Xeii. Dem. ; ■f'i'X^ 

"jwyio (onl]' to allure men), X«n. Plat. Iioc Dein. Ljcurg. 
An KllioaBMDti iikmf, terai, t^, £nr. Xed. Plat. c. g«n. |wts. 

Eur.; V^Xiaff/io, draT, rh, Ar. 
An allnilsg, ths ut, iiux^l^'i Plat. 
AllnilBg, JfoAiiii, o)', Thnc. ; MtbToi, dv, Hdt. Thuo. Xen. ; 

'(™%''7«yi'''*>i AriiL 
Jiatilji aUmrtd, Mitforia, or, ^ub. Ariit. 
An aUnilon to, 'Cirdfvqini. cv5, c. gea. Thnc Plat 
AUOTiia, MOTi^Hn,. w, Hdt. 
To ally (Munelf ), to he ui ally , irlKiufim, c d>t. Ham. Hdt. ) 

ffBFV^X*^ C' dat. pen. jGsch. Soph. Thuc Plat Dem. etc. etc. ; 

<rvfiiti,xyitai^ fuL otfi^x^^^'^ ^- dat. Plat. X«d. ^ rrffurpifTtru, 

c daL Thuc. Xan. Iioc; mmfitvufu, aor. ]. cvinifHKra, Thuc. \ 

irv»nlf« (fut. in Xen. w), Xen. 
TJkjF wn vtembert t/ Uu a/teuien, 'v ro^r^ rp (rififtd;^(f ivt- 

crpi^wra, Xen. 
An «U7, MKnipcii, Hon. Pind. Mtch. Eur. Thue. Xeo. c gen. 

rei, Sopb. ; cr^/i^x"'' Pi^d. Hdt. Omn. Alt. trfrainrurrili, ov, 

Sopk. ; iriimwAat, Em. ; I>uux>uu, Thnc 
J fai(r ^ o^^ Wnn^ ^Kh. Hdt. ; (nvi^xK Enr. HdL 

£>fa OB a£^, aVyi^xl^ii lioc 
Almi^ty, mryicfMis, Pind. ^tch. Soph. Ear.; vofiSlBi, ov, 

Pind. ; ir*KiAjri)i, ««h. i wiWax". <*. ^«1>- 1 wiuw-im, oc, 

jEach. ; ■wiittpy4nij^ ^ ""^ 4- "'• JEk\i, ; irilrHpX"i Wi Sopb. ; 

nvrdpxtt^ or, u Dtben nui, irg»TiifHri)i, ^Bch. Ar. 
An almond, 'ifirfitxri, Ath. ; 'd^iryUAli, IXat, 4, Atb. ; 'li^iir- 

M\w, Alh. ; 'A^iVT^itxier, Hipp. 
An abmrnd-lne, 'o^vtScAco, coDtract. -X^ Theaph. ; 'a/iiySaXtt, 

4, Li 
O/almcmdi, '(ifur)>i(Ui>ai, Xen. 

AlBOft, axtSiv, Soph. F.UT. Thuc Xen. Dem. etc S« Ntarlp. 
Alaft, iV«po5, ar, Ap. Rh. See i/u^ 
Alono, rI^«t and imvnt, Omu. ; /uK^oroi, Ar. I^corg. ; nZiii, 

Heo. Piod. Scqih. Eur. i fua/irmAot^ ar, Euf. ; ald^vroi, or, i. e. 

gutDE almw. Soph.; neiAt, i9pi, Ileal ii,£>ci. ; /loriivi, iyos, 6 

Tkii atomt i^all Aiiigt, tbvto iiinr liir tMMt lairTmi, PUt 
Alan*, aUdtr, Ham. Ap. Rh. ; oTten in phr. ali6tr dtos. Ham. : ot 

Jft, Ap. Rh. ; lariidm, Tbnc lue. ; liiiior, lite. ; ihui alone, 

liiimt tint, Xen. See Only. 
Tokaloim,tlm)iM; Euc.; ^pi)^ut^ Tbeoc. ; 4p>)>tla>> fr)w or lx>i 

To te» lioK, fw^ Hon., and in pan. Eur. Hdt Tbne. PlU. 
Along, 'iM, c ue. Ham. ; irdpik, e. ace Horn. Sopb. Xen., c. dat 

Sofdi. Eur. ; wpita^ e. gan. Ap. Rh. 
AlaaglldO a^ t^ c dat Hmi. Soph. Eur. Xen. See Side. 
AlooC 'onmitf or ir, Hon. ; BuardUv, Ap. Rh. See Apart. 
To itamd aloof, i^Urrafiai, pau. c aor. 2. pert end plupeif. act 

and (ut iBi£ Honi. Soph. ^ach. Thuc. Xen. ; btirrdtuu, pua. 

c aar. 2. act etc Horn. Thoci ^for^iaj, c Ren. Kuneumea c 

dat Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt Xen. ; 'ararriTia, fach. Eur, Thuc; 

tuMrraiuu, c aor. S. act etc Thnc 
Aload,fKwpir and ;uwpa(»c Horn., uAtt), Horn. Aati^o. See 

A^haSat, the, ri ypiiifiAra, Xen. Plat 
AlTMdy, Vt), Omn. 1 H), Omn. 
Alas, ni, Omn. See And. 
Altai, Btif^t Horn. Pind. JEtth. Eur. Tbuc Dem. cstc ; ffX^pn, 

Heat Trig. Daai.; Jtrrfo, jGick Soph.i dC^Xq, AmJl Eor-t 

Qf^Ue, aJ do, « 14a a/tar, etc jSit^i, a, or, 
Eur. ; Stifuatiu, Soph. ; in the, iwXliiuiH, o> 
Rh.; t^ttn-ai, ar, ^ich. 

SohJ Ua allar, it^tiiaot, or, Eur. 

Haang om timmcm oAlir, iiu€^iuoi, or, Thuc 

Having many o/AvB, ToXvtfdp^r, a»r. Call. 


Infraa cflhe aliar, rpaSiiiiioj, ar, Eur. 

Defiradiaff He altar, ^itttSviun, m, Mvii. 

To tiaad at liu aitar, ArlSv^uoaTOT^, Eur. 

A tacrifioe i/ffired at tie aUar, friCdfuor. in pi. Theoc 

To alter, act litSloTTuu, aor. 2. act perf. and pluperf. act. atmri 
in paia. or intram. aeni. Horn. Sopb. Eur. Ar. Hdt Thuc Plat. 
Den, ale; irflporncraJriviai (irilb IXXtir, which ii, boirever, 
nearly redundant), in aor. 1. mid. Hon. [ Tpmria, Horn.; rpiwn, 
Hon. Pind. Ar. ; (i\AcLr<ra>, Eur. ; /irraXAiffin,, Soph. Hdt niad 
also nent Eur. P.pich. Hdt ; iirrSnulit, Sol. Drm. ; KiyK\li», 
Thei^. I iiTOfieiiiCtii, aud l^tra^. Macb. Hdt; itrrSSiMm, 
both act and neul. peif. -ti€KiiKa, etc. Eur. Hdt. Thuc Fiat. 
laoc Dem. etc ; ftrrtrrlfifjfu, aor. 1. —^^(co, perf. -Tftftueo, etc, 
BDT. 1. paaa. -rri^v, Hdt Thuc Xen. Dmh. ; (one thing intn 
another), c g:eTii. ace (aor. 2. mid. almott a> paaa., jaa hare been 
altered >o ai to be mad, (ifraSati A^mv), Soph. Eur. (lee infri. 
To tiUer one'a mind) ; ftrri/pipv, fut -olmt, aor. 1. -^frfKO, aor. 
2. -^rt7i>Br, Soph. Dem. ; arpiifti, Eur. Plat ; itnamtiratta. 
Plat Plat (Con.); firdap^fofuu, eip. ona'i mannera, etc mid. 
/Ettb. Ear.; rapitrrrtifu, aor. S. act and pi^. and pluperf. act 
in pau. aenir, Thuc Ikk. Flat Den. etc; ripihtivia, act and 
ncut. Flat ; nf><tY», Hdt Plat ; ;i«raiiiWai, Xen. Den. ; fuTo. 
irKfiaQit, Xen. Dinareh.j ftaroirimwpiofuii, mid. Plat; /irra- 
irX''f«"''f", Plat 

To alia- fnquailbl, iirrirpmioitai, mid. Ap. Rh. 

Tu atUr a vritiBg or a law, furirfpi^m, Thuc Xen. Dinaicb. 

To aiter /or the batter, /trTotwriiofUH, Dinaich. 

To ooul w altering, rvyfitBtimini^ aor. S. and perf. act not need 

To alter at mme time toith, trviiiirriSiXku, Ariit 

To alter a tiule, ap. for the wone, TDfuXAdrirw, both act and in- 

tmna. £«cb. Eur. 
To 6« n^fcreii, T|i^iro/UH, paaa. Hon. Soph.; furn^mg, fut -wrmni. 

lial, perf. ^T*«TBiiia, aor. 2. -rnror, in any nanner, in mind or 

circumitancea, for better or Ibr worae, Eur. Ar. Hdt Plat Itoc 

Dem. etc. 
To be altered toa»lo ieeon* (o and •>, iieBlaraiuu, paat. c aor. 3. 

parF. and pluperf. act (yioi ix yipoyrot). Ear. 
To be altered n any point, i^toTofutt, c gen. Tbuc. 
To be altered into, imirta, fut -irnrDUfiai, no aor. 1., aor. 2. in- 

em, frxf, rtwriHa, etc c tij, Thnc 
To be altered digUlg, ripinXa^, PI. 
To alliT oae'i mind, iirraiouKriK, Horn, in mid. Bur. Hdt'Plal.c 

/iij and inf. Hdt ; firrSrftyr^aKvt, tenaes from 71^ and tiw^c 

ace rei or c. inlin., and with infln. and fih, Trag. Hdt Tbne. 

Xen. Igoc Dem., go ae to think, c £1, Xra. ; iirrtrlBiiiai, in aor. 

2. mid. and in nor. 1. pasi. -riApi, Eui. ; i^lar&iiai, c aor. 2. 

and perf. act Th. ; v^lar marifuu. Soph. ; IhrDtrrpif^ Eur. g 

Tffniiai (mid.) ^rA^tirai, Soph.; ):toyiyr^iai, c. tdv and 

infin. Xen.; fttri^icu, cap. in aor. 1. fieriSo^t, B^i in aor. 1. 

act part neut impeia. c dat pert. Hdt Den. 
Sina I Aan aitertd njr mind, is iimiiiSoyiUror fui, HdL 
Tit alter ona'* mind mdilenly, iyxfoTpo^w SmXiuafiai, Hdt 
To be pretxiiled on to attrr onc't mind, imJiMiTKO^iai, psia. perf. 

-tOrfimi, HdL See To diuge. 
Apt to alter ont'i mind, (wrieouAoi, or, Ar. ; >«t ^tAtrriKii, AriiL 
C^e niiat alter, litriBrrioy. FhiL ; iirrturTiriar, laoc 
AltarablB, lirrtuelrrrrit, Thuc; or altered, ^irraUaKTii, or, 

Pind. /Each. 
Altwad, fUTWrOrki, Hipp. 
Altaiatioin, iMrivTirit, *vi, i. Soph. Eor. Thnc PbL Lja.^ 

firrAfo\J), nni. fiom, lint alio to, Kur. Thoc Xen. laoc Plat 

Den. ; nrriBHris, ivi, i, Thnc 
0/«™rf, iitriyriKrit, tui, ij, Hdt. Thuc See Oange. 
AlUreation, irrtXiryln, Tbuc Flat Dem. etc 
Altematt, iniiuitit, hy, Horn.; iritAOiibt, br, Ap. Rh.; JE^i- 

<<>Z)t, 0, or, and or, or, HdL Pint Theoc 
To altBinata, 'iiuiioiuu, mid. Hon. ; ^wrofulSa^iai, mid. Pint). 
Tb DMihi <o altemale, iwawiairw, Horn. 

fiolMcto'j'aAenia'uialvHninaii, rim) IF ^nfulfiaroi Artpof, Hora 
Alteraatel;, 'd^i«7)gli, Hom. ; 'V><«>*lt, Ap. Rh. Theoc ; tr- 

aUAf, Pind. Ar. Hdt Xen. laoc; rOfwAUf, Soph. 
/■ aJtennfna ncca, TdpoMiitf, Thuc ; ^roAAit, Xen.; 'dfunBilS^r, 

Ap. Kh.; 'VoiffiiSir, Ap. Rh. ; irS,io,smy, Ap. Rh.; /rd^i. 

■dill, Ap. Rh. 



AltenuUon, 'ifuulii. Plat. ; nv^cbXafu, wt. 4, Hipp. 

qftpttdiet, Bti. ^rriXv^a (rir kiym), PUU 

in Klt«n«tiTe, ^«ri), I tee two tit. fiKim tin fiowii. Ear. 

Although, « nol, c ind. or opt. Horn. Soph. Xeii. etc. ; np, en- 
dive, qualifying •ome ad], or poit^ or in Att. with Kme pronoun 
01 adT^ after Ihe word lo whicb it refen, ei«pt in pfanaei like 
ndXa rtp nrna^ wixa vtp fforimr, etc Horn. JEnch^ Soph. ; 
l)inii, and ntl ffinii, rtp lianit, Horn. ; icafnp, uao. c put. 
often Id Horn, divided with a wmrd between the two parti, Ctorn. ; 
t/uii. Soph. ; etea if, ko) tl !fu>i c. ind., Kol b S/uii c nibj., 
1^1 Dnally ending the wDhmce, ^ach. Sopb. Xen., ml Spti 
c. put Ear., ml, Omn. 

N<jt alOoKgk, otV tt, Horn. Tyrt Eur. Xen. Dem. etc 

AlHtnde, %>i, rb, jflKh. £ur. Hdt. Thnc Xen. S«i Hiigil. 

AltagfOar, ttiyi'fplr, foand aUo in ttneiii,u>iaS' itar. Ham. ; 
f^nt>, Horn.; fftu, Piad. JEtch. Sopb. Enr.; ffdi. Find. 
Soph.; 4nrar,Pind.i nfTxv. Horn. Het Pind. ^kH. Ar. Hdt. ; 
wdnwar, Horn. Pind. Eur. Plat Xen. ', itirrus (slwaya with oi 
in Horn.), Horn. JEKb. Sopb. Ear. IJdt. Xen. Plst-j rafarlfiiir, 
Theogn. JExh. Soph.; Mrir, £Kh. Xen. i '0)^2x4, j^kIi. 
Soph. Hdt. Xen. laoc; nu-rdxni!. Soph. Inc.; ram^it, 
Micb. Sopb. Hdt. Tbuc Xen.; wdrm. Soph. Ear. Plat. Xen. 
Ariil. ; inbToSw, JBtcb. ; wirt, Mich. Soph. Thnc. Dem. Plat. ; 
•II ri wor, JEKb. Plat ; tnxrSt, Ar. Plat ; lArw, Plat, ; t4 
EAs*, Plat : Eas>, PUt Dem. Ikc j mrrivdff i, nvriirurv, 
Thnc Plat Xen. Itoe. .Xichiu. ; inyivAtiUi, Dem. ; nrrix^t. 
Plat ; ^ifiwir, often ri n^. Ar. Xen. I)oc. Plat ; bdrurbi, 
Pkt ! Ti »a», PUt ; ri Snr, Plat i ri (rftiira*, Thnc. Uoc ; 
t4 nirra, Hdt ; oariKm, lioe. j iwiimyxv, Theoc 

AltogMhar, adj. airohas. Plat 

Atom, ffTvrrriiua, Hdt Hipp. 

Zijte w ambtimng alam, irmrtiptMtIS, Theoph. 

Alw«7l, 'ul Att and Hon), old aUr, Ion. and Ham. Onin. ; ii, 
Pind.) (ItMl and JichI, Pind. Eur. Xen. etc; tumyrlii. Soph.; 
twiaTfT*, Hdt Xen. ; iniorar' i*i, Ar. 

Tb 6a ofwiqa rfomjr, lurrlynfuu (aor. 2. -*7n^ijv) wsim', Siart- 
A^ (ht -^o'b) *«», etc. Thuc. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

I am, ii/il, fat bg^uu, etc. Omn. SteTobe. 

To unaljunAte, npdvrvfu, Plat etc. i rTVjpxwi^, Dem. Lycurg. 
See jW^. 

To MttMt, 'SryiliM^ Horn. Eur.; frvftfiXAoi, perf. (M\1|i«i, etc 
Horn. Xen.; tAjto^uu, mid. a«. I. tlXxDainiir, Theo^.; irv/i- 
f^, fiit. -ofota, aor. I. ^htkb, aor. 2. ^vr7«ar, Hdt Xen. 
L;cat)[. See Cdltet. 

AmkWrily, Jparrmwc, Thnc Plat Dem. 

Amatory, JparriK&i, Plat 

To aoutio, ixwKiiart^, aor. '2. pan. nin. -rtyiytir (but bIw 
-firA4^, Ham.), Hom. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thnc ; icdT&irAliiraw, 
Horn, lioc Xen. Thuc. ; triwkiaira, Eur. ; 'iriia, only in pm. 
Theoc. Ap. Rh. 

7b is anoHiI, Ai^w, Hom. Pind. .£ach. Soph. Eur. ; 'iSiicia, 
in aor. 1. Hom. ; 'tri^D^uu, only pre*, and aor. I. pan. Hom. 
Pind. S^h. Ap, Rh. ; t^S^o, perf. mid. tti^y, aor. 2. act 

AniuMd, 'hr^AiTjrrsi, ar. Soph. Hdt Dem. ; irlrdrA^, ^i, 

i i«u i, Lti. 
AmaamnBat, '^yiIi Horn. ; Aiiitos, rh, (i, Sim.), Hom. Find. 

Eur. Thuc Plat ; T<lf«i, rb. Horn. ; jTordvAtrfu, m!. 4, 'I hue. 
AmaaJng, Aauiiamhs, b, Pind. Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat ; daa/ii- 

rii, Hea. h. Pind. ; bau^iai, h. Pind. Ar. Plat Dem. 
imulllglr, imiiialiat, Ar. Plat Dem. ; ftuifum-ifi, Plat 
As AmMen, "A^lfwr, onu, ^ uni. in pi. Hom. Hdt JEteh. Ap. 

Rh. Xen.; the Amaioni, "A/iaCortStt, al, Pind. Ap. Rh. 

An unbuMdor, wpcoMi, tas, i, in aing. only, jGacb. Ar., in 

pi. Omn. proK ; vpifftrufuij &Tot, t^ Eui. ; rp«fl^«vH)r, of, d, 

Thnc Dem. ^icbin. ; 'dv^oAsi, Hdt. 
An ttmba—ador jotf to attaut lit gama, or to amndt iw onic&, 

bnfiti. Soph. Eur. Tbuc. Dem. 
The ddrfof a body of aaboMmidort tfd io eantaU am orade, Vx^' 

d^dvpos, Andoc Dinarcb. 
A filiaa aniianador, iriinpvrtiii, aometunea c dat. o( coUeaguw, 

onlv in pi. Thuc. Xen. Dem. ^tchin. ; ffufurpfrfavrtii, Lyt. 

J tody of, Swpol, itapta, Xen. Dem. See fniuw. 

To it am ambaaador, uptattim, and mid. Eur. Ar. Thnc Xen. 

Tohtam amtotndor lo am orade, etc., iiapin, Ar. Tbuc. 
To be lie cUt/ambamador, (aee lupra), ifxf9t»piti, Dem. 
To be a Jiiloa ambatiador, aviapwttiu. Dem. fichin. 
The o^a </ aatbanador to tie garnet, dwplo, Soph. Enr. Time. 

Xen. PUt Dem. 
7b ffive tm twooiad o/oae'e proceedii^M tu anhaaador, ^wowpt- 

v«fitt, PUt 
Ambar, {Ainpor, and ^AtirrpoT, 6 Kal i), Horn. Sopb. Hdt 

irrpimi, or, Call. ; ^AiKrpi- 


Jjjla aiaiar, ^AiXTpa^J)', Eur. ; J)*'"' 
h|t. Hipp. 

Ambidaztroiu, TtpII^io), or, Horn. ; l^iiiHtiiioi, or, Hipp. Ar. 

Ambtpilty, ifLipikoyia (uied 4>i), Hei. ; Iv^lEaAfa, Hdt. 

Ambt^iurai, aJoArfarriifiat, w, ^ach.; 'Jkoiifui, or, ^ach. Sopb. 
Eur. Hdt ; 'Mi/iar, Soph. ; 'SriniiafToi, ar, Pind. £ich. Hdt. 
Xen. PUl.; Bwo-ii, Soph.; tvcr^iaMii, Macii.; Slxi^i6oi, ar, 
Eur.; «u(bjii, Eur. Hdt; To«^X»^^4I, ir. Soph.; V***"?"', 
av, Eur. ; IfiffAffyot, or. Soph. Eur. Thnc Xen. ; titKpPrtt, or, 
- :h. Soph. Plat Dem. ; V^^uit, or, Hdt ; d^foAor, or. 

1. Pl*t I. 

; iit^ihMt, }Rk\. ; 

To be atiiigiKia, twafLfartiiSCi*, Plot 

AmUtton, ^IXor^do, Pind. Eur. Ar.Thuc. Dem. 

A prOf amiiiHm, filcpof iAotviCb, Theoph. 

AmbLtiou, t^eyAX^tatrir, neut t, gen, as, £ich. ; ^iX^ifiOf, ojr, 

Eur, Thuc Xen. Lt>. PUt ; lir^awpJefiuir, Xon. ; ^tiuipxa!, 

sr. Plat ; ti^tner^irrft (de re), Ariit 
AmbiUonaly, flXorl^i. Xen. Dem. In. Lji. 
7b Ae onAifiDH, filXoTl/i^ofuu, mid. c. aot. l.paia, inmij. ami. Ar. 

Xen. PUt 
Ambrotia, i^Spo«'la(faod in Homer, bnt drink in Sappho), Horn, 

Hea. Pind. Sapph, etc 
Ambmlkl, iiiSpiaiot, a, ar, and or, of, Hom, Hea. Find. Enr. 
Ambulfttary, Tc^rarli^t, Ariat ; irapnn-Eirki, Ariat See Tb tBO/k. 
AmbUMdB, A^oi, Hom. Hcl Pind. faeh. Soph. Hdt ; wpaSt- 

K<H, Horn.; Aox**', H«fc: ffix*», Sofh.; iritfOy Thnc Xea. 

PUL; MpitThue. 
To an amiuteade, Arfxaite , Hom. 
A preUaded or riom anUmteade, ^vSwrttpa, Xen. 
Tie parly formmg am ambuteadr, >Lixoi, Hom. 
To Hi im amliutcaJe, Ji/uu, 3d pi. in Horn, uao. ilarai, only c 

pluperf, invr, Hom. ; Tfofuu, only prec and impeif. e. iir, 

loci, or c ^v or ii, Hom. Hdt ; 'H^Urofiai, pau. c aor. 2. and 

perf., and pluperf. act Eur. Hdt; iyirSitUiai, Ar. Aicbin.; 

OraK^Alfuu, Xen. ; 'thracMi^o/iaf, Xen. ; tnipeim, abt. and 

c (If, Thuc Xen. ; for a person, c aoc Xen. Dem. 
7b place in ambiaeade, tiria, Hom. ; rbrdCa, Uom. ; Aox'C* 

Thuc ; A^furo, aor. 1. without a ptea. Hdt 
7*0 frf oa lai^liueade, /niptdofiw, mid. Xen. 
An oniajfai^e liai had ieea ml, TpoXiAox'VM'ra' (r^pa^ Thnc 
To occupy (a place) iy ambateade, koxia, Hdt; wpoXox'f", 

Tbuc ; or to beHit (wMv) with, Thic 
To catch by ambutaade, Ao^'f^i '" f*- ^^""^ '• i"^P*^ <■> !'■'■■ 

Xen., metaph. Lja. 
AmaUAble, froxoi, d*, c dat Xen, 
To ftmaad, ^{opMofui, Eur. in act PUt ; taptin, Dem. Inc ; 

ttiropein. Plat Iioc £tchin. elc See Camd. 
To be amemded, tnampttrriet, PUt 
Amandmant, Mb^p^cgcrit, **r, 4, Plat 
Aotcndl, i. e. gifta to make amenda for, ^dareira, tc^ Horn. £>eh. 

; dnlXi^ti, 

I, 4, Thuc 

RdJufio, Plat 

7b make anutdt/or, 'iptoKV, anlyfiit i, and aor. 1, act, and mid, 
'4int,-*va,Miii in mid. often -^nr^^uu, ^-tvai/air ; ^d>^afuu,mtd. 
(nt -^nfui, Horn. Xen, ; /{ub^uu, mid, fut 1.- Airsfiai, Eur. 
PUt. ; 'iriXivintni, fut -A,4<^fiai, aor. 3. -tMla*, Soph. Ear. 
Hdt Dem.; 'df^uofuu, mid. Xen. Dem.; iteriru, I Ep^ t AtL 
fut -rbw, rare beyood aor, I. Plat. 


^, jfyu, froi, Kc. -Ir, -rra atn. Ear Hdl. dst. pi, 

Xdfurn, Find. tuu. x'T^'"'", Horn. Eur, Thue. Plal. ela 
Ai unone, C'V^. i^ diL per., and wmetimBi c. uc Ildl. Thoe. 

PUt. Imt Bit S»e 7h fine. 
An (iMajit, 'i^iSl^rTl>l^, Thmpfa. 
AnlktOe, xV<"> Hea. Plat. Xsn. ; ifirhi. Find. Theogn. ; M- 

piTot, or, JEteb. ; ipda/iuis, a, w, uid oi, »', Aiiac. ,i&>ch, Xen. 

Plat. ; '!^*fiiu, P[iid. Thmc ; mipimit. Soph, i iiUparrot, ar, 

Xen. ; ifio^flToi, w, Xen. 

AmUlily, x^'^N PIbe. 

AnlekUe, ^wt, a, or, uid ai, ov, Omb. poat Ham. ; ttroow, ovi, 
•or, nw, Tng. Hdt. Thuc Flat, etc Sea Friatdlf. 

Aniublj, ^Sjmt, JEilb. Soph. Thivx Xen. ; f iXn^iwt, Xen. 

MMOMt, ir, [poeE. irX, (dub. in Ti^.} (tr. Ham. Sopb.; ttvl, 
Horn.}, c d»t OiDD. I /uTik, c. gen. Ham. Soph. Xen. eic^ c dat. 
Ham. lEacb. Eur., c ace. uau&llf witb words of nuitKHi, Horn. 
See ^pioiB^. 

Amiis, to be amiai, idicvt txit, Eur. Xen. etc- See Bad, Wrong, 

AnUr, 4>ZA^[, irrof, 4, Horn. Sopb. Bur. Hdt. Plat. Audoc ; 
^iXl^ OiniL poat Horn. See FrimdMp. 
*"""'*'"". TdpMWtv)), Tbuc Xen, 

Aanatty, 'JUk«, Hdi. Thue. 

Tb iJH^ on oBHKi^, si or fit) /wqriiEijctu, Ar. Thnc. Xan. 

uof, Theopb. 
J, ir, [poet. i»\ (dob. in Trag. or atlewl ditpntri), tW, 
Ham. Soph. ; ltr\ Ham.], c. dat. Omn. ; M, c. ace. Honi. ; 'dvi, 
c. acE- HouL Hdt, witb verb of motion. Ear. Xen. ; ftor^ e. ace 
with lerba oE motion and otberwite, Horn. Sopb. Xen. etc; 
fUTi,e. gen. Horn. Soph. Xen., c. dat. Horn. .Xacb. Eur.,G.acc. 
uiu. with wordi of mociun, (hoogb not alwaja, Ham. ^ «Afi^ 
c dat. kK witb leiba af caottoa, Horn. HdL Eur. Xen. 

AmoTDU, kra^Ais, b- 'pwriK&i, PUl. ; ^^fwi, afnit, J ml i^, 
Hel.; ^•pooT^i, ou, h, tubat. Plat. See Zori^. 

Anoroiul7, IfttroAt, towarda c gen. Thoc. FlaL Xen. 

AauTonaiUH, ^Ucpaarla, Flat- 
la amBiuit ti>,7f7>nfuu,mid.aor. 2. ^tcr^itc, Hdt. Xen., cgen. 
of the larger cntn ; .1360 diachms amount to Vi^ itsten, tmf 
wtBiTim tbno'i arir^jptiv yiynma Tpitx^^Bi Tpi£jrAffuu 4fA- 
uarra (tpiqc/ial), Dent.; Styifiei, Xen. Dem. Ac; a itater 
ammnta to 28 dracbmat, i j(a£un|rti i^nrru abmo'i xol irri 
Sfaxjiit, Dem. ; rapixiiiuu, mid. Hdt. Xen. 

Amounting' to (of the weight of, or length of;, 'dwt, e. gen. Hdt. 

AmmuI, ttrSfUt, ttrt, 4, Hdc Thac. ; 'ipTB/ilit, Xen. ^ichin. 

AupMbtotUr ifL^iSuiSf or, b. 

Th* Amphiotrou, 'A/i^wr joni, of, Hdt ^ichin. 

Tie tauieil of tkt AmpUctfou, 'A^utruwfa, ^, jEicbiQ. 

AapkiOtronlO, 'Aiupturimrutij, .^ichin. 

An u^hlibwu, iii^lreaint, Mtch, 

AapU, ifi^IUi^i, Hom. I^nA ^ich. HJt. ; fth^, all cnaet 
Clrept Dom. and acc- maac. and neut. from. fUyo^s^ comp. iuii«v, 
tafal/i^Tiirrm, Omn. ; 'liobiii, Soph. Eur. HdL Thue. Plat. See 
i-arpt, Si^/idtiU. 

tm ui^Ur, /uTAxbw, Tbac. 

AmflUMitiDm, in ipeaking, ttfrttau, >o>i, i), PkL 

A^lltlde, SyiMf, Sopb. Plat. Xen. , irAATfr<)i, ifTDt, 4, Xen. 

Aiq^, ifMnt*, Edi. ; SXii, Omn. 

In aa^ntatt, 'Jbnwihrra, Hom.; t^>uw, ^icb. Xen. Plat; 
lia^fum. Soph. HdL; 'Arorl^uw, HdL PloL 

Aapatatlea, 'AavTorij)i Xen.; rt/t^. Find. PlaL 

Ab aM^ot, nplorror, Plat. ; npE^i^u,. -Atdi, rh, Anth. ; 
'SX*ttlr^V«>r. Theoph. 

To anmio, t^h, no peif. »cL oi pau.. though then ii aor. 1 . 
pmi. Omn. ; et^jwltw, Ihl in Hem. ; tiappiiiia, no pelf., though 
theie k aor. 1. paaL Hom. Pind.Tng. HdL PlaL Dem. ; oneulf; 
'Utpt, only prea. and imperf. intiani. Hom. ; fif^ulapu, mid. c 
daL rev or c. W^ ">d ^^ ^™- Ap. Rti. Call. 

AmsHDunt, r/p^ir, wi. 4i, Hea. Find. .Xicb. Eur. Thnc. Uoc 
PlaL ;4tot4|, HdL etc. Oma. AtL ; nrrtnrAn), Steaich. ; ntEo, 
Omn. AtL ; jifln, Sopb. ; 'iBupfn, Irras, t\ Pbd. Etir. ; jio- 
Tpai, Dem, ^aehin. -, nipSfiieU, PlaL 

• ■ r, *»j,Fl«L(«^a,Ar.PUL 

An uuallii, 'indrfoMii, itos. t), Dioac. 
Anill^lMl, OT analogoit), 'di^AoToi, ar. Flat, c daL Tbeopb. 
Analog, '^ttOAoYfo. PlaL AriiL 
Analf lU, 'At^ACo-ii. tut, A, AriiL 
To analTM, 'JMtAAw, ArisL ; tuucpvriia, PlaL 
AnalTtieal, 'SrSXXrrhibt, AiiU. 
AnilTtiMllr, iy/AvTucus, ArilL 
An anapmit, 'HytrcuoToi, Ar. 
Anapsftlo, 'iiAittMriiiht, Dion. H. 
Anaieby, 'irapxla, HdL Thue. PlaL 

AnarelilMl, 'Shpx"' '"i £>ah. 

Aaatomr, 'irAro/ii), Theoph. 

An UUMatOr, in pi- riripii, gen. wcrripur and wirpiat, daL 

rarfiai, acc ncr/pcu. Hom. Find. Xach. Eur. Iioc Uem. PlaL; 

npi/yoim. Eur. FlaL Xen. bat nio. pi. Find. Tng. HdL Thu. 

Xen. Dom. etc. ; rfowirtiap, opot, t, Pind. Soph. 

FlaL r ^poyfri4rrap, opoi, i, 1 

f, PI. - 

the fifth generation, 6 wifmii fvwtt, HdL ; rdrroi, 

AriiL Plat. : oi iraitu, PlaL ; of rpvytytrins, oi Tptr/rfrti- 

liiroi, HdL Xen. laoe. 
An asoMtrMt, wpofii^oip, opor, 4, £>cb. Eui. ; nitjuOnirrtif, 

Ofot, ii, Eur. 
AnOMtral, nbfiuis. Hem. He^ Pind. HdL ; ir<5rp^r, a, ov, 

and 01, or, Theogn. Pind. Soph, Enc. Xen. PlaL; vdrpiai, n, or, 

and 01, or, Pind. ^loh. Soph. Eui. Xen. Thue Dem. etc. ; n- 

Tputi., Eur. Ar. That I™. FlaL 
An anokoi, eOrol, ol, (in reality large atanaa which they n*sd in- 

Blead of anchon), Hom. Hea. ; ^TvOpa, Pind. Tbeogn. £aeh. 

HdL Xen. Dem. etc. ; «!*» Itrxia, dSot, A, Sopb. ; rdit )^iMm 

(pi. al and ri), Pind. ; ibvaia, 4, Ap, Rh, 
To asohu. I.e. caat an«har,fr)«iipar ^(t\A«(perf;. ^W\^JHl,e«t); 

■10lit*u (aoi. I. kSBtiko, Ep. niBtiiiia) fi^)i/u, 'A^ivs Pind. 

vEach. Hdt. Xen. 
To oHtior, intnni., aa a ihip aneboca, a crew anchor, etc, Jpfil^ 

luu, mid. Soph. HdL Thue. Xen. etc.; ip/iJo, Eur, HdL Tbut. 

Dem. ; HuAox^'Rur- HdL; J^pfiAv, HdL Thut Xen. ; ^fwp- 

^iffofuu, mid. c. (u, Thnc. ; KSSopnl{oiuu, paai. t aor. I., mid. 

often t lit, Tbuc. Iioc. ; rpotop^fofiBi, pau. et mid. c. irpii. 

To anior Mar to, HdL Dem. ; f^gpfilCo^i, pau. Thnc. ; ^tkb- 

eopfiffofuu, mid. t adverb, loci, Tbnt ; rifoflilia, inttana. Lya. 
To ataAar mud a ^aaiy ntputfiiii/iiiai, mid. and paaa. That 

Dem. ; Arxv, only prea. and imperf. Thnc. 
To rids at mekr, 'r' i.ytd)fm irooAXnici, Dem. 
If« ojwlor im %« Aops, 'it' iohroui /Wpt|» ix"*''^ Eur. [ 

\nrTA Tit MtIi iiPr' if' (t ix"*M**«. Ar. 
He rfoM not onoior « (*« aanw jiope oj tto rt* r/ Ua dljr, obt *ri 

T^f ovT^s ipt^fi Tois iro>AflU, Dem. 
To anchor ijipmli to, irSofniit, t daL or wpir, Tbnt 
To dimgt o«'« aHcioragt, jirfopiiJfofiai, mid. Thot 
To ULOhor, acL d^O^ Hom. Eur. HdL Thnc Xen, 'iriiutx*6io, 

Taandar inframl of, upoop/iiiu, c rpi, Thue. 
To aKckar road, irfpiap/iltOr Dem. 
To andUir logetitr, rBrvfi/tiiu, Xen. 
7b tse^ OKlior, Jpa, Thnc 
An anjohorago, tpiut, Horn. Soph. Eur. HdL Tbac-.iyinpoiixl^ 

.flich. ; raioTSBiior, Ear. Thue. ; yaifjixa, to, Soph. ; rmKixiait 

Ar. ; 'tfenwl, Ariri. 
An anohorlng, coming to anchor, wpeiSpiiivu, •«, ^Thuc 
Idling at omAot, i^ifiaiaiJ. «i, Thue. 

Ham^good aiuioraffB, r«i>J>x", or, Hom. Soph. Eur.; ^Offm, 
Uer. Sopb. 

.^( oaotdr, f^opfui, or, Thue. 

AnohoTy, 'i^iii, Ar. ; a ditferent aort of ancli, rplxli, (Sot, jj. 
At. ; rpixlas, ov, i, AriaL ; rfix^O""; Alex, ; an inferior ion, 
/it^pis, tSo!, j), Ar. ; lU/iSpSifia, Ariitom. 

A dealer is amArviet, luiitpliniKiis, o«, Nicaph. 

AnoiaiLt, rdXai^t (ai^ Enr. Ar.], compar. and tupeH. both vSfJii- 
TtfHi -tJtoi, and w4Aa/oTt(»i ^rdroj, Omn. ; wftXaJ^Toj, or, 
Hom. Find. .Sacb. Soph.; wpAcAilToi, or, of layinga, etc. Horn.; 
yipfr, 6ii^ ii, neuL or, Hom. .^ach. Thue. ; rj^wt, s '»'• 
and or, or, Hea. Pind. .Sach. Si^h. Eur. etc.; iex<^', compM. 



r^., but tSie an img. mmp., iftxtutirTtpot, Find., and inpeil. 

ipxtmarer, JEacb. Find. Soph. Eiir. Hdl. Thuc. Drm. >lc.) 

irftAajytrJ]!, JEieh, Ear,; wi\aliiont, or. Find.; YQwi^'i coni- 

par. and tuperl. ytpairtpos, nrrsi, (ai, ^ach.) ; iriraihs, JEkIi. 

Call. 1 n^i&t, 0, w, ud ■omelime* in Att. oi, or, £icti. Ear. ; 

WfiffSut, in niperl. wpurebritTCi, Eur. ; inUoi^Ysmi, w, Ptat. 

(com.) rpoTti^i, Soph. ; n/iirlAJuat, or. Flat. Aiiit. ; t nUiu, 

Find. Soph, 
jlnciflit, 1. d, of Kncient Inmilj, ^SMExowi, w, Xich.; ipxaiiyo- 

Mt, or, Sapb. See OU. 
AudenUTr riUw, Omn. r ApX'^', ^'°' P'^t- '^•chin. ; rh 

inolor, and by eonL ripx-, MKh. Hdt. See ^Wnw^. 
Aid, nl, Omn.; 4)', Omn. poet.; 1»>, Horn. Soph.; ri, not 

implying tht nunc connection betweeu the eiprauoni which il 

C'ni logelber, which Hal doei ; aiu. itanding after the word to 
joined, or in joining claiiaei afLer the Snt wmd of the cliuie 
to be joined, (Tide LiddtU tad Stotl in toc.), Omn.; », Omn. ; 
Kol t), Horn, with a word between the pHTticlo in Altic, U Kol 
irpotfiaJTTDu I), etc. ^Kh. ; Tt in the fint cIbrk of a lentencc 
i* •nnielimei aniwered by H, Horn. Soph. ; 9j ti occur together 
in Hom., nerer in Trig. 

in aaMUMM, '*«/uW Cmtin. Fherea. Bion. 

Annr, ulnt (Hon.) oMti (Att.) Omn. See Apaiii. 

Ah Higal, &yY<AsT, uted for a meuenger of the Qodt. so In* wnd 
Hercnry, Hom. etc. 

Angelie, ftTTtAwii, A. B. 

AngW, /iiiri»>4ii, Horn. ; itiroi, Horn. Find. *Mh. Enr.; x^Mt, 
Omn. paeC HdL ; Auf^i, Hom. Soph. Ear. Thne. Iioc. Plat. 
Xen. ecc. ; ti^rii, gen. ur, aleo llSai, Att. ace. ir, ii, eip. ths 
■ngar of the Gods, Ham. Hea. ^ich. Soph. Enr. Hdl. Phit.; 
ri/uaii (and tiimrsis, Horn.), only jiut anger. Hit, i), Hom. 
Soph. Ear.; fyyih Omn. AtL ; xo*)j,-EKh. Ar. Dem. ; W- 
1, JEtch. i iiWu/iia, Ear. ; t^ AvtAointnn, Thuc. An- 

I. ; 0c^j»iiida. Ariat. 

Oniaa jbr anger, yiiiiffn Bi mr, piix, ia nom. e^ in Hom. B]wg 

c. »i; , 

To Ugn, JnSfuIiw, only in ptM. Hom. ; 'H^. only in pret. 

Horn, i JpfM^Dt, only pre*, and imperT. Horn., but in pau. c, pert 

piua, Ar. Hdi. ; X'^^t Hom. Soph,; ^l^ Horn. .Saeti.; 

iCt^K", P>nd.; o^n, no perf. no pau. Soph.; J^ no 

Cacl. Soph. Hdt.; *4potAnt, Bur. Thnc Xen. Dem.; 
Ca, Ar. Plal. ; i(opytCie, h. JEK<i<m. Xen. 

To txait (a anger, iXnim (fat. ilJ^ii) tit ipydt Tin, Ear. ; 
fyini*<t ifiy^K ran, FlaL 

An asfla, yar(a, Hdt.; Etmi, Ariit. 

A rv^ aagrt, ipiti, Ariit. 

Hatring ttgtiar co^rfsi, ttr/Amat, av, Eur. Xen. 

So a* lojbrm an anglt, am. a right angle, irhtdpcitt, cr, Hdt 

To angle, tx*>^ Hom. ; 'SXifier, c. ace. Epicb. See Tofiii- 

Angling, trjiarr^la, Fist. 

BeionfftMg to tat^iag, ipfKurTptvnxhs, Plat. ; 'AXuvrtKiii, Plat. 

An uiglOT, 'SAiibi, Horn.; ^fir^aXoi, Anth. ; ■riU.iVnrr^i, sii, 
«, Anth.; xA>^^t, Pancrat. 

Anglily, ■mi^iiiJOia', Horn.; x'lA'^ii Ear. Thuc Xen.; M. 
Ktrm, JEtdi.; jfrymtii, Dem.} /tt>»)r^^i, Plal. 

Knj angrily, 'Crtpodiuts, .^Ach.; 'i^fpfc^uf , Ear. ; vtpTff^^r, 
.Gich. Hdt. Plat. ; vtpionwt, ^ich. 

A'b< aivn()>, i^ir>^i«, £icli. 

AastJ, aoT^eii, Horn.; jr<Kon)ibT, fern. iSu, gen. ^oi, etc Horn.; 
CCnrof, or, Horn. Find. Theoc. ; X^ntht, Horn. Hdt. ; x***- 
Tii (only in phraw x"*'"'"''''* ^HTirir), Horn.; ArircTBf, tr. 
Find. .£tch. ; C^tx^^r. "'i Alen. ; ^aptiuTai, av. £Kh. ; M^ 
fitivit, uit, ^Kh.; 0uiior\ridtit, £Kh. ; ^fifiltfCytoi, ar, Eur. 
'a,TuiifLtnis, Eur. J ^jpOfL^nai, ar, Theoc.; 'tpmntihis. 

.^Kh. ; 'tM^ 


Very angry, vr/ilfiufutj, ar, ^ach. ; 'OwipicoTi 
X^>t <■'( Anbph. ; mfHopyiiJ, Thnc 
Ndl ai^rif, 'X^rFrof, or, Hdt. ; Srtpyot, or, Cratin. 
JVtrf nanfad hf the anger of iXe gods, )it^siir ohx *ii 

Oautd tg mUm anger, i&niri-rot, or, £>ch. 
Aft M be angry, rtiuOTfrliiia, AriiL See Pait 

maie angrif, rcfinnrTki and n^wrmrTOi 

It unul in Ham.) Horn. Tyrt. Soph. Plat. ; riSpaivrTUii, 

To Ea angrt, xo\J 
c prep, tit, ifrt. 
Soph. Eur.; 

mid. Bi 

c prep, iiufi and dat. Hom. Find. 
Hom. ; Korim and jrar^o^uu, mid. liit. 
I. only, mid. -iaaoiuu, (at. -^ra/iai, and act. and mid. -taa and 
-BTOdiatr, perf. mid. pan. ntiarrtiiit, c. dat. Hom. He*, h. Ap. 
Rb. ; a'v^fo^uu, mid. only prei. infin. and part. c. dat. Hom. ; 
•riatnairu, only in pm. c. dat. Horn.; rt^ir£fo^uu, mid. only 
pre*, imperf. e. dat. per*, and aoc com. or c. gem. bec. Horn. ; 
/utfolrai, no per£ cr aor. 2. Horn. ; fiW'i fill- -irx, etc. c. dat. 
Hom. JEtdi. Soph. Ear. Hdt. in mid. .^ich.; ttittaofuu, mid., 
aor. 1. Mbrd^T^r, c dat. Hom. Soph.; oKf udi onai, mid. Hom.; 
'iySfuu, in 2nd pi. ^7((a<r0f, aor. 1. mid. ^yA^nf^T^r, Horn.; 
'iToiairlu, c dat. Horn. ; 'teatfjnr^tafnt, c. dat. Hom. ; 'x^^> 
only in aor. 1. act. 3d pi. and part. Hom. ; Ar7fLi)r(v, c, dat. 
Ham.; ^KTcdfofUu, c. dat. Horn.; niuiria andn^ovds, olio in 
mid. c aor. 1. pau. in act. leni. c. dat. pen. c, ace. can*. Hom. 
Hei. Phit. Dem. ; x'^'l"'' '"'*'- '^ ^'^'^ ?"*■ ''• gen. caui. or c. 
npl, and gen. or dat. or e. ace. cau*. Horn. He*, h. ; ■•pl'x^/uu, 
only in aor. 1. mid. e. dat. Hom.; ix^o/uu, fut. mid. ix^^ 
rafuu, aor. 1. paai. in act leRt. ^x^'i'^'e. dat ore. prep. Hom. 
At. Hdt Thuc. Xen. Plat ; (x>™/«S only pn». and imperf. c. 
dal. ouu. or c ace. Hom. h. Find. Soph. ; x^tral», no pelf. c. 
dat per*, gea. con*, or c. gen. dat and c. aor. 1. paai. in act teni. 
Hem. Thac Xen. Dem.; bufiolnt, na perf. c dat He*. Ar.; 
mipxoiiuL, mid. c. aor. I. pau. in act len*. no fut c. dat Find. 
Hdt Ap. Rb. ; xU^vra/uu, mid. and pau. Theogn. Ap. Rh., in 
act -mi, c. dat Bi. ; Stviiioiuu, pau. e. fnt mid. c. dat pen. 
c gen. or dat cuu. (& fir and aec pen. Hdt) lEicfa. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt Thnc iMcAn^pho.; fvtfOfiJofioi, mid. c.aor. I. pan. 
Mk'r. Hdt; KOToIrv, onW in prei. part JE,k\i.; inftiia. 
Soph. T ifrraira, c. dat Soph. Eur. ; 4{C«tU», c. dat Ar. ; 
ipytfo*™, pau. 0. fut mid. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Flat Xen. laot ; 
xiptto'iTDfuu, pau. c. dat. £ni. Udt ; ^yiarriit, c dat MtiAi. ; 
fipi/iAoiuu, mid. Ar. ; $pliiioiuu, mid. Xen. ; 'Syfiain*, no perf. 
Plat ; 'JWlKOJii/iai, pau. Hdt ; ^ipofylCeiuu, paia. Dem. ; 'iro- 
wr^yaiiai, pau. c. prep Dem. ; »e(in»MKTAi(, no perf. c. dat or c 
gen, Hdt 1 Tpdx^rofuu, paat. Flat ; 'iySriarriii, e. eonjonct c 
dat c, prep, c accai. of a participle, e. g. to be angry that the 
wiae uiould die, iyaraKTtir rot/s pporliiovi indrfiffiurrai. 
Plat : TtpurWpx^fuu, Hdt ; viiqiiifnfuu, pia*. Flat Thnc ; 
tntxio/uu, c. dat Ap, Hb, ; ^uridBi, Ap, Rb, ; xo^jf^ MoKb. 
To be ereeeding^ "ngn/t 'drtpd^irain-^ai, c gen. or dat. caoc Plat 

^•chin, ; Wfpx^'"''*! Ar, 
To be angrg logetiier, atrofyiioiua, pus. Dent Isoc 
To be aryry isnJo, apoiffiaiiirpalrafHU, paa*. c. fut 1. mid. Hdt ; 

. . , Hipp. 

To be Irtaled wili anger, j^eminfuu, paaa. Plat 

Fhraaa to be angry aWi, VtV irst'o^iai (mid.), e, dat pecs. Enr. 
Hdt ; ir ipyg trw/afiai, c aec per*. Dem, ; «ii i/rnr wlwra, 
aor. 2. fiwor, Eur, ; ipyf xfif^iflf^ (mid.). Ear. ; hjrf^ xpia- 
not. Soph. Hdt ; ^ryp xV" ^^1^ Eur, ; ipy^ x'*^!"" (pnaa.), 
Enr, ; hxifiioiuu Si ifrfii't Soph. ; v/iit bfytpi ix^poiiai. Soph, ; 
tX" V)^i '^•eh. Soph. Eur. ; irfiii ix<t. Soph, ; ^olm and 
"Sui^olm tfi^ .ffisch. Eur. ; !i' in^t tX" ■""•■ Thuc ; X"**- 
THi Ix", xo^nwt ^pa (fut olirai, aor. 1. qr^^uia, nor, 2. iiv'y- 
■or), Xen. Flat Dem. ; tv<ni6\mt fxf, to"- StdKHfuu, c. rpir, 

The Goddeniaaaagry\BiiksiM,i^iai rf i ir" Ir/mnjfaF ««i, Enr. 

Bemg atyry, bfrjf rtSirri'iroi pf4rat, Eur. 

To peniit in ai^er, (b^yu ifiyiir, Hdt 

To be angrUy rweisni, o^yqi rirfxiii-, aor, 2, (rX/xor, "Dem. 

In anger, bfTff ; M, il, tiit ifyHs ; ipyiit X^P" i *f^'> l""^ V~ 
tJif, etc etc ; Soph, Eur. Hdt Isoc etc etc. 

Angnllh, U^, mott common in pi. Hom. JEich. Soph. Flat ; 
'iX"*! ''>>< Horn. Find. .£*ch. Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. See Foot. 

AngnUr, -yterMtit, Thnc. ; yariotiSiii, Tbeoph. ; iyyAnai, ar, 
Thnc ; ^y>«rotiIi)i, Tbeoph. 

Anights, riKTap, Hes, Supb, Eur. Flat Ly*. Ap. Rh. etc 8a» 

AnmtdTortlan, Jrfri), Hom. Find. Ap. Rb. ; i^if'tit, mm, 4, 
.£sch. Eur. Ar. Xen.; tnurrpofi,, Thuc Xen. Dem.; Mk^^t, 
wt, 4, laoc See Blame. 

To tniMBdTirt npon, alrutofuu, mid, Hom. Ar. Xen, Antipho. 


Ab aaimal, Jprrrb, Horn. Piiul. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Call. ; (Sor, 
Find. Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; S^rvio, btm, JEich. Soph. Xei. 
PlM.; aV"'' -^Kh.; (itttr, Hdt.; Ca>«P<w, AUl. Ariit. i 
Mmnifia, Irw, ri, un. in pi. Xen. ; (ifMuir, in pi. of auimili to 
ba hnnlcd, Xen. 

^»tm»l^ adj., L e. of sninuJi, CvhiT, Aiiit. ; (iwyn^ Pl«b 

7b pmbtca attiiiialt, imatmtay AiiiL ; iwBr/tirim, Theopli. 

Tkaprodueug o/amimaU, i/trfiinfsit, Tbenph.; iueyoria, Thaopb. 

Kttpmg ammaU, (voTpsf Co, PJat. 

Bebm^ to lie ImpHU o/ammab, <Wrp«^]M>, Pbt. 

Awf BfaaimalM, f^|>Mf, w, Xtn, 

C^ricUv anno/I, {voAipfa, P^L 

Aiffi^tV (o (if BDfela; i^ammali, fwifqplWit, Plat. 

To fin 0* mtmal/ood, {iH^d^A^ Ariit. 

JJwag oi ananiJ /boif, fiH^-)^ AriiL 

One inki /idb oh inaauJ /ooJ, (iM^iytt, Of, Atitt 

To aniaut*. i. e. make to liTe, J/iit'^te, Antb- ; L •. tnoonnge, 
baprirm and »pdcr4», no pof. Horn. .^keh. Ear. Hdt. Tbuc. 
Xra. etc i AnA^irtMi, Ham. ; ifim, 'matt, IpHWi, fdt. '(■■"'t 
■or. 1. 'fOB, fat mid. (in ptM. lenae) ipuifuu, and aor. 3. iifJ- 
IBir, 3d nng. UD. ajnc fprg (Ep. ad pi. aUo ipitrrt, and Ep. 
impcT. V^ *^ ^*')< Ham. Un. Find. Soph. Sea Emaaih 

IsLutixg, a^HTbict, Horn. Find. £ic]i. Plat. ; wifSitkvriiAt, 

laiw, 'lUwiw. Akn. Sappb. Ar. Hdt. Mowfa. 

n* snlil*, (Tttpor, Hon. Find. Aichil. Ear. Xen. Den. < x»^ 

nSw, £«rb. : Ip^ and Jpfpa (tA) toMv, Soph. ; ivT^Ayd- 

Am, Hdl. Xen. 
BamU to po maiif Oi oaUi, fattening the gnaTOi ra the ankle, 

Arv«>tpia, Ti, Bran. 
An amkbi, or omanwnt for tbe ankle, vepiff^^w, HdL 
Rmmd lit arnUl, rtfiM^tpat, Antb. 
Wi& fitdtf wMtM, niuifffiipai, or, Hom. Hea. \ (faffan and 

Ma^fai, or, H«. Eur. ; TJb^tlpai, ar, Het. b. ; Awir^Opef, 

a*, Theoc. ; HAAurrplTJUat, ov, Ariit. 
AbuU, A^tvi, Hdt. See Hiitory. 
Ab uuulllt, AtfT*"^! Bdt. Ihc ; Xvy^Tpdfof, That. 
A eemf H aig ofamiit, }-ayv^fi/^ Plat 
T« Suax, ic&ra£lifTr«fu, Plat 
Tb ■>(•■■ (0 oMM)'^ to one'i own domioiona, vpetvotJo^uu, mid. 

Anaaxatlait, rpotrafiiiru, «», 4, c. dat. of tbe party to which 

the thiag •esnired i* anoeiHl, Tbnc. 
Tft — tm-*- 4JtuC^, £Kh. Eur. HdL Thoc; ^i^ia^iu. 

Plat EnbuL Sea D^tn^. 
*—**"■♦*— I 'Ifinio, £teh. See Datni&m. 


I, >H[fipdfit, eip. in Aor. S. Uhr/ffiASor, Honi. Ap. 
Rh. ; 'JbrvrTAX* (tut -tKht, Sim.), Ham. Sim. Tr^. HdL Thnc; 
Den.; d(*nful£it, Horn. h. Eur.; Mnt., Mwm,at bnt*m,iA. 
Mfi^ and <nov4n>, aor. 2. Inrrar, Horn. Hea. ^adt Eur. ; 
afanv, onlj in aor. 2. and aor. 1. ttro, Horn. Find. jGicb. ; ipS 
<Ion.aiidEp.Jp^),Daed aa fiit of •tnr, perf . rfjniira, pan. -fwi, 
■or. ]. paM. ^n***! fa^ T'^- 'leVop", Horn. Piod. Soph. Eur. 
Tknc Xan. Plat etc ; J((rnv, Horn. Find. ..^tch. Soph. Tbnc 
Dem.; 4[>pA (,-*p*t. Ham, and often in tmni, ai Ik tm <p^, 
Me.X odIj In fitt Ham. Eur., alao in perf. act. plaperC nua. and 
filL paia. Soph. ; Ik^VU, onlj in mid. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; ^rWUs, 
Oom. 1 JKvirr'AAai, Ham. Hdt Thne. Xen., in mid. S<^b. Eur. ; 
^tfm, Omn. pott Horn.) Iiayf^Ma, Find. Enr. Xen.; rpa^pm, 
fnt -Bin, aor. 1 . -^rtyita, aor. 2. -^inyKor, Find. Enr. ; Miim, 
Awcli. i rApryyiXAm, alao to pau an annoniuement on from one 
ts aaotber, .fiaeb. Xen. ; nyftiva, Sopb. Eur. Xen. ; •wpmrrtim, 
enlj in prei. Abch. Sapb. Eur. ; 'dmng^iafw, HdL 
Ta amimet ir/hnk^, *paK^, Tbac. ; woottwrn, Hdt. Xen. 


Dem.: rpoiTfoptiti, Hdt Xen. Dem.; vpoeEarHAAai, Dem.; 

tpottiaiiu, Tbuc 
7li oaaoHia baidn, Tfasitiytpiaia, Flat ; irponlnirDr, Xen. ; 

irpoaiinrYTtitAic, Xen. ; rponryf^MH, Flat. 
Til xnwiwiM ta ail til cilia rotmd etout, npurn^^XM, Thoc 
Ta mnowe f*< arriraJ (/ say ou, tlottry^AXa, c aec pen. or 

■ina tai., or Sn nipwTi, etc, Hdt Eni. Xen. 
One aio aannaou (viiiion to a king, etc) tlnrff^uiiit, Hdt 
tTi-nnnpn^ipjp^^ Kirjat, Find. ; ni^irjythiim, Arot, rb, £acb. 
^■aouonnflif al'aa oractt, Ai{<i, mm, 4 'GkIi. Siqih. 
^tmoimoBBaii q/^imri, etc. 'iwnyyiAfa, Thuc 
To annoy, mrUv, only in fnt Horn. ; inf^ fut xtuiUtai; aor. 2. 

aiicd&w, Ham. ; ittitrv, fut S^fofS aor. 2. lUcov, perf. paai. 

tOtmm, etc Horn. Hca. Trag. Ai. Plat Xen. Dem. ; Xirwiii, 

Omn. pott Horn.; crf^ fiiL n^tnt, aor. 1. Uriitt, aor. 1. paaa. 

4icvlirit,v, Find. |£ur. Ar.; PSfirit, Piod. So|di. Tbnc. Xen.; 

g. t^x'^ov)', Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. c dat 
roiuu, mid. Xen. Iioc j SaxKim, D«m. ; iwU 

70 onof n teni, n tetofioliaa, IrrtvapiXCWv, Thuc 

7b oaiuy a penon teiSe tngofti in oay bu t in ea , «lfUurA>, 

To bt amnoged at, tutxtf^n-i, aor. 1. ilvirx^pdn, no p«f. n 
aor. 2. c. M and dat, or c **pl and dat or gen. Plat Xan. 
Iiac. Dem. £*chin.; Difitit ^ifti, fut iXtm, aor. 1. <nrn, 
aor. 3. KrerKOi', do perf. HdL Xen. Iioe. Dem, ; 0ip^ Ix-y 
inpeil (Ixor, fiit f{> or ax4v«, no aor. 1., aor. 2. Irxo'i P«f- 
Ter; rare, laoc i itaxifii (%", c IP" ^n^ »•• P^ 

Om «#■( i« aimayad, SvTx*l>airTim, c. ei. Flat 

AimilTBnM, ix^vi^, £ot, ^ £ich. Tbuc. ; liaxif"^ 2iii^. ; 

±t, rl, SopL I fxAai, Enr. Ar. Hdt Tbuc Xen. Dem. i *1 
vr, orrol, Eur. 
AwiOTing, inifMlruai, ar, Hm. Hcs. Hdt; Xvxpbi, ,£ich. Enr.; 

Aunipii, Soph. Em. Ar. Xen. Plat Itoc Dem. ; kjfittAi, Ear. 

Xen.; iSapit, camp, -ireras, Omn. Ait; infik', HdL PUt; 

frfXvnt, or, AriM. 
AnnoTlnslT, Jnrtni, Flat 
atiimal, itwiaioi, a, or, and at, or, Hea. HdL ; Iriiai, Pind. 

facb. Enr. ; jr^iiat, a, ar, and at, or, iEicb. Ar. Hdt ; Mt- 

o-uu, a, or, and at, or, Tbuc Ap. Rb.; twrriam, or. Call.; 

W"t4>, Call. 
AnnnaUT, vtrk tm (ri), Thoc ; fraui intorov. Plat ; lira (rq, 

^ umnl, AAm, fdL Jiint, perf. paia. xixifiai, etc, HdL Thoc 

Dem. Iiffi. ; KSavpif, aor. 2. -Aor, aor. 1 . pn. -pp^Bw, Thoc 

Lja. ; jntrUia, Hdt TbtIC Dem. ; '«»<ti>itl>ii£^ Xen. ; ifL. 

X«(^, Dem. Lja. ffiichio. ; 'iraxpia, Dem. jEiehin. j '*«»■ 

XifOTotia, Dem. ; i^aipej^mi, Andoc ; 'iiSpov roiJi^ 'dcvpar 

rUefWi (mid.). Plat Den. jGicbin. 
&uA xmdacl aanalM all Jbmer auHl, tI . . . rj|r vtfn avj^u 

X'tpo'i Soph. 
Ano^ne, rdUrsi, or, Sqih. 
Anoint, labaL mliirCB or 'iiwl. Pind. 
To anoint, 'b>(f«. Ham. Thuc Xen. Flat Don. ; 4#iU«l^ 

Ham.; irU*l^, Hem. Plat ; apoiftAdipB, c dat para, ace tti, 

Horn. ; xcH Hom. Find. Sopb. Eur. Hdt Xeo. ; /lOp^C*. AloB. 

Ar. Enbnl. ; irpox^. Soph, j o'fiV'C*. ArebiL ; wifiXtiipm, Ar. 

Ariit ; iroxfii*, Hdt ; itiTSkit*ie, Ariit ; JrU4lf«s Plat ; 

«a«l•(f•^ Ar. Xen. 
7*0 oHuif fiatwrrf/; o/idofut, mid. aba. or e. ace peitii, Ar. HdL ; 

'uffofrofui, mid. only prea. and inperf. (c aoc t.f. tifot), 

Ap. Rh. 

To anainl (met ■of/'a/br haOing, x^lMfiat, Hon. 
?;> owal wili oU, ikeiU. Pind. So|dl. 
7b owhM (■« tEf^inU wMMd oiJ (aa meatleia did), ti|pUai44i% 

Anointed, AMIpit, Hmn. Ar. Xen. ; >n|U^, Soph. ; KdrBAti*- 

Tot, or, Ar. ; all our, nETxptorot, or. Soph. 
*""*"ttl', ad"., Alffdpvt, At. 

AsolntiB«, 'faiifu, (CM, ii, HdL ; 'CrlUeifit, Theo;^ 
I7hiJ n amointii^, XP«"^». ■*«*- ! *1W"'"' ^heoc Ar. 
One u4a oaoiaU, 'lAefrmt, Aritt, fen. 'dMnrpIs ^ Lyt. 

Anomalou, JM/idAst, or. Ear. Plat 


Awimal(nul7, 'dtwfutAut, PUL 

Anonudy, 'dm/iiXfo, Plat. ; 'imitS^^nii, irroi, il, PliL 
Anon, (Wt, Omn. pou Hon. Sed Imaudialely, ^arUy. 
AnODyMOiu, 'lU^inrirrDf, «', Plat. 
Aaother, KUo[,i|, a, loaislimiB c g«i.,aiKAAat Ml^fivslXXot 

Wjp, Omn. 8« Ort*-. 
Ou •noUier, &u.i)\»v, Omn. 
7b ilag ow OBottw, iXXijXoicToi'fe, Hipp. 
£aii<ig ow an(<A<r, &>Ai)AD4)d7fa, HdL Sm Sliy, Bal, eb 
O/ or bdoagmg to mother, i^kirpiot, Hdl. Find. Trag. Thuc 

Deri. etc. ; i^^Xiifwn, wi, aoi, Duv, Soph. 
Nat by tJu hiBid ofaaolier, oitfvbi ifil itriwmi. Soph. 
M aaotUr time, &AAjrrf, Hon. Eui. Thuc «tc. 
/■ anolier place, tU)|, Horn. Thuc Xen. etc. ; tMj>9i, HiKD. Eui. 

Thuc Deni., bIh c. gen- M i^A. -yuJigt, Horn. ; iAAllx<■•^ Soph. 

Xen. ; itMixv, Xen. ; iUax<Mi, Xea. 
from analier plaa, iMj/Str, Hani. .£ich. Soph. Eur. Thuc etc 
To amAer fAiee, tMuMt, Horn. Soph. Eui. Thuc XeD. Dem. etc ; 

iXXUu, Ham ; bAqr, PhiC. 
One at (me Hm- and one al anelitr, oae to erne fiaee aad ok Io 

Mother, etc, iKKtrrt AUst, V^dSa duoi, iAAa#f v iMjii, etc 

etc., Hom. 
To UUWBT, 'A^ICofioi, mid. c aoT. 1 . pan. in act. tent, c ace. 

pen. and dat, rei, Ln. i^L. rUn luSif, Horn., e. bcc. rei, e.g. V- 

▼bS™, Hdt Horn. Pitid. Soph. Eur. Hdt, i.e. to comipond to 

Xen. ; 'dTJ^ufJofuu, mid. Ilom. Xen. ; hrririoftiu, Pind. 

Soph. ; hmaitiu, e. ace. Soph. ; inritwey, only in Roi. 2. < 

pen. or o. prep. e. ace rei, Eur. Xen. ; inrifintoiuu, mid. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt, i 'I.Tiiitfbfa,uu, mid. Eur. Hdt. Thnc. Xen. Piat Dem. ; 

inSbrotpiMim, mid. HdC ; 'hmXatitim, eap. in aor. 2. 'brtXA- 

lor, Thuc Xen. Plat Lji. ; brrar, or bria bUMii, c aec br. 

A^, ^ftl. Ham. Mk\. 
To antieer oj on orade don, jfpia (xfiif, Horn.}, fuL Xpi""! 

aor. 2. txpV, tontract mi in ij, etc, Horn. Pind. SvHi. Soph. 

HdL Thnc Ljc ; 'Srmpiu, aor. 3. -n^ar, Eur. Hdt. Plat. Drm. 
To immiier tendei (ai an oiacle doe*X rpotSinufiti -etXav, Plat, 


To (MfuMT ittidte, irpotiwoHffroitai, mid. Plat. 
Tb atuaer i^ter i^eratiim (a* miniato* do), %pirH'^J£o>, Xen. 

DecreL ap. Dem. 
To aanetr an Uitdf of, in iefimee if, '-innpSiiioiiphHiiuu, mid. c 

gen. At. 

To mtmer at a porter doei Io tie door, 'MLcoiti, aina cu. Dem. 
Tofhe lie khiu anmtr, oMbnupii; -nXor, Plat 
To mtaer aaamglif, ib^ntioTA&H, ^echin. 
To aaiaer 6)i letttr, irriypifu, Tbnc ; iiTneriSriiu iwunoKiir, 

c prep. Thuc 
To ontuMr bg prodama&m, irriieripiirini, Eur. 
To aiuuer ^ ta^itg, irtUtJia, ful. -KXttyln, and c dat Eur. ; 

'tos^aw/o, Moich. 
Imsdlku aiuaer, arrM/m riSt, Hdt. 

r tie p^ie, /u\r)) iaruiju {Dor. for -dirti) wpbt 


J the antwer), rh 

To In aHtieered, at a pntoi 

puL, e.jT. being waned in anaver to be t( 

nxw^'Bi, £ich., and ai (he retponM iti 

ixptieetir, np, in part, (= to mint. XP^ff^i 

jtj»j»fli>| t4 xi"1''*'"'S Pind. Soph. UdU 
Ok muM auuer, 'AviwplT^i', Plat, beudei ■wpBlHwaicplTioi', 

A> UUWBT, 'ArAcjil™, »t, il, Hdt Tbnc Xen. Imc. Im.; 

'Cir^Kpia-u, Hdt, ; 'tirdAii^ii, wi, i^, Iwc, 
.^Is axnun- q/'m onieAi, xpil°'f^<, Pind. Sol, Soph. Ear. Hdl. 

Thnc etc See Orade; and He aboye. To antaer. 
Aiinr«nU», 'Wtieim, ty, .£ich. Ar. Hdu Thnc Dem. 

To ie auuMrnib /br firtiuie, rpoi6rix<', in Mr. 2. -wxw 'fll 
T^1i:qf, Dem, See Reipoiuiile. 
Aniwarably, '^dAoMbi, c, dat Dem. 
Anfwerlsg to, irrtipHm, or, e. gen. Ear.) irr^t, hr, c 

Ajifwariav, adT,, ird^A.^Stii', Ap. Rh, 

An ant, tiipitvi, wot, 6, Hcm. fuh. Theoc. Plat Aritt 

jt eery large a*i, Ixwo^ip^iil, Ariit 

An ant-hill, iivf/niicia, Aiiit 

OUaiaed/rom aal-U/U, nvpuvlaa, on, i, Hdl. 

An tntagonitt, iyrtilUiot, i kbI 4, c. gen, or dat Pind. Soph. 

Eur. ; irrtipinit, ou, i, JExb. ; ivrftiitoi, MKi. Iioc, Dem. ; 

vJUiuirHli, ou, 4, fich. Eur. ; irriTm-iirHii, oS, 6, Eut. Xen. 

Dem. laoc, JEichia. 
7\i be att amtagoitiat, art&ytBri^ofiiu, mid. tine caa. and c. dat 

Thuc. Xen, Andoc. 
AnUreUo, irrifKriichi, Ariat 
Anteoadent, tpoytyorit 'wpoyrytniftiras, Thuc Ptat ; vpofip- 

yairfi4yot, Thuc Xen. See Proaout, Former, 
Anteoadontly, rpirfpar, Omn. See Br/ore, Fomeriy. 
An utMliainhai, iiutrnper, Tbeoc See Hall, VettibuU. 
AntedllOTiMi, ^t^ut, a, or, and it, w, Hea. Pind. Trag. etc 

See Ancie<a. 
An aniediliiviaM old hwikiii, rporiiSvi, bos, ii, Cratin. 
An antalopt, iofxii, iloi, ij, Enc, HdL Xen.; tipmi, Eur.; 

tsfMcdUi -»o>, 1^, Call. ; SouSJUlt, fof, or IBot, ^ Mt^. Hdt 

Ariel, i fift *, CaiL 
Antonor, vpirrpot, Omn. See iie^n, /'omtr, Fbra. 
An Utkology, l^ihSMii (du) arifiiiot. Met 
Anthropophagi, ii4f>mefft>si, Antiph. See Caailial. 
To Utielpata, fAint (a Hom., A Eur„ a! eUewheie), flit ^rg- 

fuu, aor. 2. I<p8i)r, part fMi, ai if from ^Ma, ^fu, aor. 1. 

i^iMira (net in Hom.l, part aor. mid. ^eifuroi, Hom. Theogn. 

^Mh, Ear. Tbuc Xen. line Dem. ; rApa^fttw, Hom. ; 'liira- 

fAitw, Hom. Ap. Rb. ; ^ifiMni, h. irpofAiiw, /Emib. Eur. Ar. 

Thuc. Plat I»c. ; wpoTtpiu, Thuc ; Tponi^ Hdt Thuc. 
7b oalic^iate toot to prepent (a revolt an attack, etc), rpoit&Td- 

A^itivig, fnt -A^^^^uu, perf. -ehnbo^ aor. 2. -/hWor, Thnc. 

7b anAc^Ate, i. e. to enjoy bj anticipation, rpoKi^^iuu, oolf prei. 

c gen. Eur. ; ijMAaff'uv, Eur. Dem. Xeiu ^Khin. 
Anoeipatioil, (eip. of an adremrj'i aijiunenC), Tpacirbijiftt, 

Aatioi,' o5rtf**"S tI, Plat 

An antldota, t\^!^ipi>iicm, Pbt Dem. ; irt^vtar, Anlli. 

^c(M^ Of im laiidale, 'S^i^fdpniKos, of, Hipp. 

Antique, i^oMi, comp. reg. -^ipoi, etc, but alio an ineg. 

camp, ipxiuioTipot, Pind., tnperl. ifx^^^'"'^', .^^Kbin. Find. 

Mich. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc Dem. etc; ipx«Iiii>', Ar. See 

Anaent, Old. 
Antiqtillj, laAotirtii, wo', ^, Eur. Phit ; ifx^^ft f •'. "i. 

AntlUieiI«, irrHtns, m, if. Plat Ariit 
AntithetiBal, imlevnt, Atiit 
Antn, Sn-Aw, Hom. Pind. Trag. Hdt See Care. 
An UlTil,'^u*u», orar, «, Hom. JEncb. Call. Hdt; lc>uW*Tor, 

Horn. ; ijtiiinot, Mtop. 
AnJiiaty, v^Aor, t\ Horn. ^!ech. ; firfioj (anrieljr for yon, o^ 

^^ttaj^ Hom. ; litKHi^ia, irroi, t\ only in pi, c gen. caut. Hom. 

Eur. Ap. Rh. ; lifK^im), Hom. Theoc ; ^(A>iMn>, £»■, i^ Hei. 

h, Sapph. Theogn. i /lipi/uia, Omn. poet poit Horn, Platj /tfy- 

laipa, Hei. Theagn, Suafpoetni, Hei. ; fMArrij, Hea. Soph. Eur. 

Plat; iHXritini, rfmi, Sim.; ^porrli, IBof, 4, Theogn. £ufa. 

Enr. Hdt Xen. Plat; rtSIt, uvr, 4, c gen. csua. Soph.; ir^ 

rout, JEach. Eur. ; 'IAii, Eui. Plat ; in)Et/isfla, Plat 
An oAtsd of anxiety, fUkitiio, btsi, ri, Pind. Sapph, .Sich. See 

AnziDita (about), 'd^^x'l'or, bc, Horn. ; fUfvitpoi.only inneutpl. 

de re, Hom, Hea, in dat ling. de re, Eur, ; nAt^fiporrit, iSoi, i 

■ol ^ Anac. ; Sl^poms, lEicb. ; Kqitdrivsi, or, Eur. 
jIanoHf about, lo bj to avoid, rpofoj&ift, c gen. Soph. ; trinvos, 

out, oor, am, Ariet 
MiMi^ anrioiu, inttiuot, or, Hom. Soph. Ear. Hdt Thuc 

Antipha. ; UEvijpii, Ear.; ToAtr/t^pifmi, or, Ariit 

♦poirai .K Hdt Xen 

7b be oanoat iJmH, iii^rrponia, only prei. c gen. Horn. ; ripl- 

j(#hi/uu, only proa, and imperf. mid. c gen. Hom. Find. 
To aaia aatiaat, K>4fm, Alt -tan, aoT. 1. paM. -ia^vf. Soph. Hdb 


Ai^, Tu, neat Ti, gen. Tirit, rai, etc. ; oEien tbv, t^ in Att. 
poet! (toi, gen. Mid t^i, alu in Horn,), Omn. 

Ai^ mt, i iwiir, tSca, it, gen. irros, etc Soph. Eur. ; 6 irrvy- 
xi'"', OMTO, or, gen. ovtoi, Eut. ; irporirif^, omto, ir, gen. 
fcrni^ elc. de re, Pind. ; t TfWfruTit"''' "•^ * ''(""tipX*'i Ear. 
Thne, Plat Xeu. j t manvyxir^r and A ffii«-E;(i™., Enr. Hdt. 
Xen. PhL line. ; i tvxJ^v, Hei. PUt. Xen. Dem. ; i frWtxio', 
Rod irithoot tba art Enr. Hdt. Plat ; i irrHxiir, Tliuc. Ike. ; i 
rifSirtxir, Thuc ; tiuv, i, 4, -rh, gen. Btvoi, no dat., ace ai 
Dom^ ijia tfun u gen., alwB;i with ihe article, Ar. Dem. 

Awf wialeBir, ArwafTifaw, gen. dmwin'imnw, Xen.; JrruJii- 
•vr*, aArmilitiivn, Dem. 

Far aigfet tome, tf ^KB/Urtf XPVO^ Xen. 

BragagfiineaTd amji (howeTer intignifcant) aoaimluii, fclxAqfi' 
'X^^vw iy^'^') ij' rixiH, Ear. 

.^■y lUiiff, fTuw, Xen. luc Dem. ; a/am ome, trououy. Plat. 

.^iqiing^ nM, raelit., very nn. after •!, fiq, etc Omn. ; «), Ham, 
PlaL; Anraw, Xen.; twaatii. Plat.; dmeiir. Plat.; im 
triyxart, Eur. j fa'aiS^nrt, Ari«C ; c nfg. AmrrioirF, Plat 

Jl aKji fnw, rdfi, iftei •£, o&h, etc. Ham. ; wot; enclit., Tciy am. 
afiar *i, etc Onin. ; tAiw«, only c neg. Horn. Hei. Saph., witb- 
oDt ncg. Bi intenog. Ar. Xen. Dem. Plat i aa intemg. n, Soph. 
Tbne. : inirrvrt, HdL 

fiam amji atji ai any ttau aUaiipIld tUt t TifAii rCt » Tol^ry ^t- 

. x«W" ; Thne. 

.^■r totaiv, in;, c verb, mot Horn. ; c (1, etc Tfanc Plat. ; 
nfc, enclit. Horn. ; toi, endit. Pind. Soph. Euc. Xen. Plat, etc ; 
iwBvoir, Plat. Xen. 

F*9m iHjr wlm, ■o^fr, eoclil- nen. c <t, eto. Horn. JEk}i. Soph. 
Xen. Plat. 

ApMa, T^xo. Horn. Pind. Trt^. Plat. Xen. See SaifVg. 

ApKlt, ria^ or iv, line eai. et c. gen. umet c ivi, m^ir iri, 
or c. h-ifi, Hom. He*. ; 'irotia^ or ir, line cu. di c gen. Horn. ; 
Vfl*> line caL and c gen. Horn, i 'S.Tirtp9t or Btr, line cai. or 
c gen. Hom. i 'liriynOi or 9ir, line cai. or c gen. often folloir- 
ing iu ca*^ Horn. ; '^'p, e. gtn. Hom. Pind. Trag. uio. after 
iU (aae ; 'Sxtftt or tnr, Pind. Trag. ; H^fo, line cai. and nme- 
limea c gen. Horn. ^ach. Sopb. Thuc. Xen. ; 'itmA, c gen. 
Hom., after iti eaae, Ap. Hh. ; XfP^t ■'»* ^U- "■'i^ <' Et*"- Hom. 
Pind. Trag. Hdt. Thnc. Dem. etc. ; 'ittfiiAt, applied onlf 
men, £*cti. ; im^ASir, e. gen. A^. Rh. ; IuiffTUli>, ' 
•I«fc c. gen. Ai. ; x^ Call. 

Apart, adj. owf, line m. or c. gen. or c piep. ir^ and 

7l> mt tpart, 'dawctopioi, and -t^iji', aa impeif. HdL 

Sittimg Ofoil, 'i^i^uiwt, Hom. 

', HdL, and In 

>, Ap. Rh. ; 

Ti> tub i^art (an; one, in order to ipcak to, 

order to eonnder it leparuelj), 'tenAi^iWiRf, lat. -A.irf«/uu, aor. 

2. -iyJUai, Hdt. Plat. 
71) Ml apart, X'v'O", Plat- 

ApHtaemt, fhtf-t, Horn. Pind. Ap. Rh. See Room. 
ApMhatlo, 'i^wm,', AriaL 
Ap«th;, 'A>40«a, AriK. 
An Kft, wUmr, mm, 6, Pind. ; rtBriimt, Aitb.iL £iop, Ar. PhU. 

£Kfain. ; a laig-laiiecl iqM, K^i, Ariit. 
Totat ofwt, vIAtm^dT^ HdL 

mhject, in 

Ts 4«, f•lA'^H^ Did. b. Pind. Theogn. iEadi. Eur. Thuc PlaL 

Dem. See TotmUalr. 
ApUh, like an Kpe, irtfqjrof iB4)i, Arirt. 
Apuk Mcfav wWviiffiiit, Ar. 

To fliBf aruit triAi, iWiiaffw, Ar. ; '0niri9i|i[l^, Ar. 
^•ritnt, KtBofrrJiAt, Hipp. 
Ab iq^atiin, x^l^ ^"t ''^t Hea. Ear. HdL Flat 
Aftx, KCfm, Hom. Pind. Eur. Thnc Xen. PlaL See Top. 
Am fjiortxm, yr^i'^ Pl>t. AriM. 
A i^akmg iff i^imrami, yf^fiaKoyla, PlaL 
n atbr optorunj^ 7*DfUA0Y^ AriiL 
An ifiaij, iu\iwa«fn/fier, .fipop. 
AplM*, tuoTsi^ Enr. Xen. ate. See Badt, 
Apoaap*, 'teomirli, Onmm. 
AfOnrphal, 'JMirf«<»i, o*, Xen. 
^olla, 'As^XAsr, mat^ Ham. Tiag. Xen. etc ; AtrrMiii, Hom. 

Find. ; 3fuii«*it, Hnn. ; *«Vo>, Hon. £acb. etc, ; ofken Mfcf 


'Av^AAur joined, Hom. ; Hai^, oni. nan. in roe. Piod. Soph. 

Enr. ; Aot"u, "', Find. Eur. Hdt. ; i Xouviyinft. w, Pind. ; 

'Iiprai^tn', ami, h. Ap. Rh. 
Of 01 MoijRwi to ApoBo, 'kwcAXAriat, w, Pind., in fem. 'AtoA- 

fjoii^, 6im, Pind. j a common epithet of Apollo, i^uif. Soph, elc 
In koaom- ^' Apiibf, nMuki, djoi, 4 (^oi, ac.) Soph. 
A eij in ioaoitr of ApaUo,ihinuiim', Ax.; H) nlur, Ai.j 14.4, 

Call. 1 J* - ■ " ■■ 


TU tomp^fl nfApoBo, ' kTofAAnar, Thne. 
/■ipired iy .ipoi/o, ♦oieiUifwroi, oc, HdL 
To ^Kdogiaa, 'AroXrHcyuu, mid. c prep, npl or 'Mp, c'acc. of 

what ii aaid, Dem. .£uhin. 
One mnl apolBgim. 'axat^yirrdur. Plat 
An ^MlOgVC, I1A07VI, PlaL 

Apologj, InAoyfa, Tbnc Xen. Dem. ; 'SiwaX^y^m, PlaL 
An apopilthagm, 'iMi^rytia, droi, Xen. 
Apopleotio, 'dT«T\i)iirr[Klt, Hipp. 
Apople^, 'dcwAqtlB, Hipp. 
^Wltuy, 'drJiPris'iT, IBI. ^ HdL Thoc 
ApoaUU, 'a^ioTiit, Sm, bi, Thnc. ; 'Awaarii, Xen. Dem. etc. 

N.B. Tfaeae waidi, of coniM, an oniy aaad in a political aenae 

hy tbe aathofi above cited. 
To tpoctatlM, 'df Crri^iai, paaa. c. aor. 3. act and perf. and pin- 

perC acL HdL Thnc Xen. etc 

To came to apoilaSee, 'A^ffn^u, eap. in aor. i . Thnc. Xen. 
An ^oitla, dTJoToAli. 
ApoMdk, 'SttarriMKis. 
T* Appal. JmrX^DtfH, foL -{», aor. 2. paa. nan. -nfJrfiir (hat 

alao -ewktrrtr, Hom.), Hom. Sopb. Eur. Hdt Thuc etc Sea 

Apparatol, aArwicatnt, Thnc ; ■wifoeKV^ Plat Xen. ; 'd^op^-);, 

Appml, ia»it, Wi, 4, Horn. Mmii. Sopb. Ear. Hdt Thuc 

t>em.; tatoi, -ri, Horn. Ar. Sea Oarmeia. 
To ftppBTBl, d/i^iJvnyu, no perf., c gem. aoc Hom. Xen. Plat., 

and c daC. ni, PlaL Sea Ta dreu. To daUa. 
Appamt, I^\di (and tiiKos, Horn.), n, 'r, and oi, ar, Hom. 

Soph. Enr. Hdt Thuc. Dem. ; fAnpii, i, in, and hi, hr, Omn. 

p»t Hom.; vItUiiAoi, or. Soph. HdL Thuc PlaL laoc Sea 

«aeh. Sopb. Eur. PlaL See To ■_.... 
Aa •.ppMlOon, •piaiia, Srrai, rk, Pind. JEtci. Soph. Em. HdL 

Plat; %>, «ft, 1^, Mich. Eur. Hdl.; ifdrrmriia, oriu, rk 

JEtch. Theoc 
An ^peal, f^<rii, (mi, ii, Dem. 

An aj^iealfor aid to atlitt, etc., fifiKXilirit, tat, il, Thnc. 
Haeiag an appeal, m ri^t of appeal (aa a Uwauit), or &om which 

there ii an apetal (u a deeiuou }, i^M/uii, oy, Dem. 
To 4ppMl (in law), tfi^" Knv tit. Dem. 
To a^eal to lie ffodt, etc, 'ii/iSicU.dii, and poet, d-jrc, faL 4mt, 

perf. -<^iAi)Kii, etc. Soph. Eut. ; to mattera in proof of aujtbing. 

To oppaitf la ptopie oa wiiaeiea, iMimiuu, mid. c gen. Hdt 
To B^MT, fdn, in imperf. act, and poalo poll fnt paai. infi)av. 
Iiat, Horn. Hei. ; ^ciru, in aor. 2. poet ^dmrinr, Hom. ; ^ol- 
mfiai, pan. perf. ri^a^iiai, aor. 1. Jfdr^ (and J^aifA)*, 
Horn.), and with perf. mid. niprtr" [there ii a difiieretice be- 
tween ^aira/iai c infin. and f. e. part, the former denoting what 
ia likely, the latter what la endetit ; at, the law appaan likely 
to hann at. painrai t ri/uit $\iif'tw ; the law eridentlj hamia 
ai, palrrrm . . . . SAdrrar,] Omn. ; rpoipainiiuu, paia. Hom. 
Soph, Enr. Xen. £ichin. etc, aometimea c. eli and ace Hom. ; 
'AHifuln/uu, Hom. 8oph. Thiu. Xen. Dan. ; lii^ainfuu, Hobl 
Pind. HdL Thnc Xen., alao tuupalrm, Hdt Xen.; In^nlninu, 
Hom. Soph. Plat, and to appear out of, c gen. Horn. ; ^I^- 
rofui, Hom. HdL Thuc. Xen. ; •p'n, no perf., only act Hom. 
j^ach. Ap. Rh. ; iltoiuu, mid. only c aor. 1. *Iirdfii)i' and iiiird- 
lair. Htm. ; loWa, fut. 36^0, pneL and ttag. alio Soicfyrm, aor. 1 . 
itiiciiati, perf. lejikiiira, alao c perf. paaa. ieSibnvuu, and aor. 1. 
Oaicifinr, in part Omn.; lAri^ainiuu, h. Hdt PlaL Xen. 
Dem.; irapl^alHfiai,PlatXeD.;»ra9alRVW<,ThucL]r(.IaM.i 
^nrrdfofuii, paaa. Eur. Hdt Plat 
To appear, i.e. tO leem likely, oAimiii, c infln. PhL 


To apptar loUim, itpttty^alitiiai, e. iaX. Ariil. 
To appear <m tie tmfiue of, tm^im, c dat Ar. HdL Plat 
To apptar abooe, '^ip^ialroiuu, put. c. gep. Thuc 
To apptar baida, wpasfii^alroiioi, Xen. 

To appear Mar, and by the tcag (sbiler), wltfM)i^niliai, ArilC. 
7b apfmr be/ore a nutgiOrale, ^frrifo/MU, c. "pit and ace Dera. 
AppsiraaM (the outward appaannce), tlSoi, rh, Hom. Soph. 
Eui. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Ap. Rb. ; f^», wt, 4, Ham. Soph. Eur. 
1. Plat. De*i. Inc. ; "Hiit, Find. Tbeogn. Plat. laoc ; 

rpisa^a, nay, 4. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; "x^l"^ aroi, jGach. Soph. 
Eur. Ar. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; irpirxvi"^ irat, ri, Eur. Plat. 

, ri, MKh. £uT. Plat. 1 ^arr&ola, Plat. ; 

ijnirriaa, «f, i,. Plat. 
A good i^tpearaaa, tbrfiriui, Tbuc Plat. Dem. JEicbia. 
Hauvig a fair apptaranee, tb^Jt^^Hf, Eur. 
.dnHRW maaii appearamcei, murrinap^i, or, Sopll. Hipp. 
Appaulng, irupiriii, Hdt ; rpe^irii!, Xtn. 
An iq^ieaTiag loffdier, irifuliiais, «at, il, Aritt. 
An t^^tearing n a law$aU or ooMte, cap. an appearing a ucond 

time in tba Mine cauM, r6f<ixHTiSiait, «>i, 4, Plat. 
T» »p;»MBi TflSai, aac. 2. unL poeL except Tag. tiwiSov, Horn. 

HeL Eur. ; aVEnlAu, aur. 2. nipamtwieei; Ham. ; i(lucioiuu, 

mid. fut. -irofuu. Hum.; 'ApVmng, fut. -^irafuu or -^mrafui, poet. 

— tird^v or -tffirdfiTpi, c. ace. Horn- JExiL ; '^Xi(<rv«jiuii, fut, 

iUtoVfui, and poet. Ixdira'o/cai, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 'iXitofuu, Hom. ; 

fAivuH, h. "Aiafuu, M.Kb. ; Aix.yiM, no perf. Hom. Find. ^ach. 

Saph. Eur. Plat. ; r&firfinim, Hom. ; Tpdim, H«. h. £k)i. -, 

paiMeiru, Xecb. Eur. ; ^lUiIimt, Soph. Eur. ; fuiAlrmt, Eur. 

Ap. Rh, and in pais, to be app. h. j ■wifjrfopia, Eur. ; rwwaititi, 

am. 1. irtrora, Eur, Ar. Mel. Xen. ; tiof66ii (a quarrel), Eur, ; 

tO^tp^iim, Ar. ; 'irivf Uv, Ar. ; 'A^LAdojrafui, PlaL ; aOrd- 

■piijni. Plat. Xen. Inc. Ap. Rh. ^ dtnipf/ilfiii, Xan, ; 'AnAai- 

^, Ap. Rii. 
To be appeated, /iSXSnlCoiiai, pau. Thuc ; na?MiclCatiai, ^ich. 

Eur. See 7b rebmL 
Ajpiwiing. calculated to appeaae, 'jt^oAof, of, Horn. ; iuAtx''"t 

Horn. ; ^XjcHipuit, or, JEkL. Eut. 
Sicnj&et toa;f»aH,^«tXr)Vui,aTDi,Ti,inpL£Kh.; luiXuerpor, 

in ^ Ap. Rb. 
^paUM, a^n^ia, Ton. Ck. JpyJi), Soph.; '^4^Tot, ar, Hdt. 
"uilf appmmd, finrifiiiiittiTat, on. Plat. 


'iii. AritL 
An iLppallatuil, bvfia, (toi, rh, (otrofut, poaL not Trag.) Onn. 

To ftfptnd to, rpampvitrliiii, ab. -Jh, c dat Find. ; vpotTl%;u, 

aoT. I. -M]KE, perf. -T^uni,etc., and aor. 1. pan. -rriBtir, Piud. 

Hdt. Oduu Atl. ; iidrrm, no Dcrf. Eur. 
Ab appandag*, ^f«\xli, Ooi, ^, Eur. ; ■4«>«'> Thuc. ; fiHtv, 

To kpptrtain, 'fhrifx", no perf. c dat. Thnc PlaU, and in 3d 

ling, ai impoa. Hdt. Plat. See 7*0 btioag. 
i^pstite, ^4, Soph. Thuc. Plat. ; MSipia, Eur. HdL Omn. 

Att proie ; tpif.i, tm, ^, Plat. Ariil. 
AppadtiTO, hftKrUcbi, Ariit. 
To tpplMid, 'irSMporia, Ar.; Kfvria, Xen, Dem.; 'iriBnf^iti, 

t. gen. or c ace or c ibi and opt. Xen. Pint. ; dopCCiii, Iioc. 

Plat. Dem. ; Moji/ialim, c daC Xen. ; iTmutairoiuu, mid. aine 

cai. 01 c ace laoc. Dem. £ichin. 
To be af^Jaaded (oC » penoo), trvyKporioiuu, Sen, SeeTopraiti. 
To ajiiaad i^ di^png, ^wX&r&y^H, e. dat. Theog. See 7b 

Applniua, iMfiMoi, Ar. Flat. Dem. ; jcpdroi, Xen. Plat, Dem. 
Til do a Ikiag n at lo gam applanji, to mniM aili applatm, 

'Sy6fUim! nlw, tlxoiai, PUt, Ariit 
An I^U, M)yor, Hom. He*. Pind. Sopti. Iioc. Plat. ; fiqXa^^i, 

(nv**'. Eur. 
An t^pte-tnt, nvKia, Hom. 

O/aa triple, fiJiXHOt, n, or, and oi, or, Ap, Rb. 
0/ OB apple, 01 of an appte-tree, ai a brancb, /i^Ajnf, Sapph. 

7b earry applet, iniXo^opJa, Theoc. 
Btaritig appla, p-TiXa^fOt, or, Hdt. 
0/rte cetour (of an apple), ^^Xnff, mroi, » «1 4. Hom. 
ffiW applet, oponnKitei, al, Thaue. 
Planted vii& appk-treit, livifJairiifoi, or. Ear. 
An apple -galAtTor, firfXaifMrr^t, Sapph, 
Like an apple, fat^Jro9tSitt, Theopb. 
AppUuuM, FmxiH, Find. JEKh. Enr. Hdt. Thuc ; 'k^aprut, c. 

geii. nr lii, Xen. Itoc Dem. S«e Meant. 
AppUoabla, xp*l'il^t, n, or, and oi^ ar, Tbeogn. Hdt. Omn. Att. ; 

tritupvi, m. Soph. Tbuc ' See Uffml. 
^plloaUUty, x<>^a'ii, wi, 4, Dem. See UtffiJneti. 
Applloably, xi^l^'t Thnc 
AppUoaUon, rpotto\ii, JEmh. Plat. Ariatj «pdrf»u, «n, ^ 

Tit application, i.e. the uting of, Tpot^opd, Ptat. 
.^p/iJioiftaii, i.e. diligence, inrsifSJ), Xen. Plot. 
To ^plr (aot.), VMC«; in -^tl, pr, -6mi, fuC -Jffti, c. dat 

Hom. Find. Soph. Eur. Hdt Plat Xen. ; Arrrt»qp, aor. I. 

-iBtiKO, pert -rifiuca, aor. 1. pan. -rrtffnr, c dat. or gen. or 

prep. Hom. At. Hdt Xen. Plat ; wpojtdMai, no aor. I . act 

perf. -S^SAtiKo, eic, Pind. Eur. Plat ; npidmi, tome read 

rtpimi, no peif. Find. ; rpotipipit, fut -ofirw, aor. 1 , -t^H^iia, 

etc, aoi. 2, -lirryKor, Pind. Eur. Ar, Hdt Thuc Xen. ; *pot- 

iya, Eur. Thuc, PlaL Dem. j rpoidwrti. Soph, j wposapfiii^ 

Enr. J iwiyii, Eur. Ar. ; wporrtSitiu, Eur. Thuc j (urS^^. c 

dat or c, prep. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; 'wfoshiiu, aor. 1 , -fjiin, Ep. 

-^iHi, aor. 1. paaL uw. line angm. -tiiir, e. dat Xen. ; rpoi^w, 

.^■ch,, but niB, lo applj oneielf to {roar, yrAfaiit, ttiita, etc, 

being often underetood, •ometimei eipreaaed), aor, 2. -wrxar, 

perf. ~^axi<">, c< dat or c 'pb, and ace Eur. Hdt Thuc 

Xen. etc 
7b appty imetdf la, trXri9tfLm, mid. c dat Hdt Thuc Xen. ; 

rpotofi^iat, c. dat Sofdi. Thnc ; ir l fi at ofit u , mid. onlj pna. and 

imperC h. K\f>v^uu, in pau, c. dat Pind. 
To apply (for an office, etc), ^irryjAAifias c ace Dem. 
no/ applied Henuiioet to wmd q^liirt, ritt &a\dm)>, imlxorro, 

Tie agrament doei not aj^y lo time uAa . . . oi roll , , . ii {ur- 

Mlirri Jirrlr, Tbuc. 
One mial apply, wpotamtor, c. dat Plat 
7b afqily anal/fto, hnBrritr, c dat Plat ; hcriow, c gan. Flat ; 

wfoyietia, c. row, and aba. c dat rei. Plat 
To appoint, rtnitaipopai (fate labour* for men, etc), mid. Hom. 

Hei. Flat. ', turriKfiaifoiuu, He*. ; rttii/u, aor, 1 , fAtia, perf. 

tMau, etc. a(^. 1. pau. tr^ttr, Horn. Pind. ^Kh. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt Xen. Plat. Dem.; tiem, Pind. lEich. Eur. Hdt Xen. 

Dem.; >iftrd<ro'as Hei. Hdt Xen. Plat i ifAi» and o^ .Xtch. 

Soph. Eur. ; tiopffia. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem, ; Lmifu, aor. 2. and 

perf. not uted in act aeni. Find. Soph. Hdt ; xaBiimiia, Mmii. 

Eur. Hdt Xen. Iioc Lyi.; 'ftntelanvu, Hdt Tbuc Xei. 

Dem. ; nfviidnia. Soph. Eur. Hdt Dem. ; aV)wUfirnvii, Enr. 

Xen. ; diordo'irGi, Xen. Flat Dem. Ariit ; tiirijriaint, Dem. 
7b appoint a perton lo an i^iee, to be on ^eer, kiiiff,Jadgl, etc ; 

iroii^m, c. gen. ace. Hom. ; KWfC«, Flat Dem. ; twucXupSw, 

e. ace pen. infln. off. Call. ; i^lar^iu, c dat or c prep, and ace 

£icb.,Siipb. Eur. Hdt Xan. Flat Dem.; a-parrairaw, c. dat 

7b appt^nl be/breiand, vpordo'Va', Soph. 
To ha l^poilLtod, Siacii^uu, oalj c impetf. -^ntltair, and fat 

-atlmiuu, Hee. ; Tp<fit(i/iai, «p. in puuc Mich. &ofb. Hdt 

Thnc LyL ; wpiiKtifan, Eur. Xen. 
7b be appainltd lo an i^iae, latflxraanat, c. ace of office, Eur. ; ra- 

Xioftat, perf. rrriKniuu, etc. c nom. aa r. nrptriryii, Dem. 
Appointed, h^in, Hom. Eur. HdtThncXen. jGicbin.i nvpibs, 

Pind. £Kb. Hdt ; TiwT&t, Thnc Plat ; 'i.TiiaKTot, or, Hdt ; 

MroKToi, or, Pind. ; (b; lot], KkiiptfTit, Flat Iioe Don. 
One mntl i^ipouit, nlinuriTior, Plat 
An appointmant, HdrdrrSa-it, nti, i, £Kh. Plat 
To apportion, r/pi, Omn.; SuwYoix'fafwi, JEtdt.; aiutfii; 

Find. Eur. Thuc; fuplC*. Dem. See IhnlloU 
Om mnit iqiporticm, liirtiarrior, Xen. 



An mortiaBmait, fupw/iit, 
App«nt», Mpfitvriit, ay, Pla 


', PUl-Iwc 
App««iUl7, ricfftiaT4 
To apinlM, 'brarQi^fui, mid. Hdt. 
An Kpfttima, HetrAfutfr^i ri^t, Dem. 
To t^akand, 5t>. PUi. ; 'Jbrftyii, Plat. Dem. 
To appr^tmd in lit mtad, 'bwiAaiitim, fut. -A^i^ftfuu, per£ -«lAi)- 
fo, wr. 3: -iXiMai, Hdt. Xen. PUt Jane Dem. S« To opfUK, 

*ppfli«i«iMi, 'tejtyarr)), Lji. Dun. 

^fipniauuii 1/ hhikJ, rjigiru, wf, 4, Plat.; i. e. fear, ^Mvt, 
Omn. See {Ta^enfoMJiiH;, /iur. 

/ioiii to is (fipnaieaiM, 'Jty^^/isi, or, Xen. Den. 

Ajffnhn^y*, npttttit, Udt. Thuc Itoe. Andoc See FtarfiU. 

!• mriM, 'MtlUffiw, fut. -fa, Thuc See To imjiirm. 

t»tflXi>»tih,xplitrTtfuu,jmM,c.aar.l.tiiAnud. c.dat.oriinetas. 
Ham. Find. h. ^Kfa. Rut., in net -«▼•>, Enr. ; wpotrXAii, onlj 
pm. and imperf. c d*t. Ham. ; rpoirimroiiat, mid. fat. -mtitai, 
» ur. 1. caoc or prep. Ham. Meg. Pind. JEich, Soph. ; iriXd^ 
■or. I. act. not lued intiani. bst aor. 1. mid. AreAasvd^qi' Idr 
inhtaifi^, and aor, 1 . pau. i*'^Av9ri* and iir\i6t)ii, and perf. 
pasL WrAif^iai, and aor. iviic ^X^ijr, c dat, or gen. or pnp. 
Horn. Hei. Pind. Tmg. Hdt Xen. PUt ; WXkl^au, mid. onlj 
pna. and impert c. dat. Horn. Hm. h. ; irpanrfAvS^uu, c. dat. 
Koni. ; wtfiaraiiai, pua. c aor. 1 . poif. and plnparf. act. c dat. 
Hom. Soph. ; rpoteaim, fut. and aor. 1. act. not uied inlnuu. 
aor. 2. -ttv, part, -tit, perf. -tdtuKu, often lync. e. g. lit pL 
-SM^HT, 3d pL -tttact, part. -TtSAi, as^ mtdi, c. ace. or daL 
Hom. Soph. Eur. ; tyxfi/irraiiai, pou. c dat. Horn., act. and 
mid. Hdt. Soph. Eur. ; frtifu {-lirai), fiiL tmitlmiiai, aor. 1. tri- 
tiaiii^r, e. ace. c dat. or c ptep. Horn. Pind. JEick. Soph. Eur. 
Xen. PlaL Dem. ; rpduitu, infin. -t^nv, part liir, impetf. -tf'V, 
poet -^^^*^ c, dat or c ace. or c. prep. Hom, Hei. £Kh. Sopb. 
Eur. Xen. Plat ; iwalxoiiai, mid. only pret. and imperf. Hom. 
Find. ; itirtifu (-i^ioi], Horn. Hdt. ; Ittrioiuu, mid. Fut ^ifoi, 
aor. 2. 'Initirir, perf. pou. Tfiuu, ff^qv, c. ace. or prep, Hom. 
jGkIl Snpb. Eur. Theoc; M^ilD'yofuu, c ace or prep. Hai. 
CaU.; (porrp^nt, Pind. ^ich.; eWrro/ioi, only in prea. and 
imperl e. dat Find. ; irlfiiufuu, mid. c ace. Pind. ; h-Iirril;!:!!, 
DO pert Pind. ^aeb. ; etxr'o, only piei. and impeif. ep. imperf. 
of^i'tVMr, Pind. ; oixrtia, Pind. ; Tpsr^pirv, aor. I. -ilfrCaa, 
ao perf. e. dat or aoc Find. Mnh. Saph. ; irtXdv, c. dat h. Ap. 
Rh. ; iiiwi^CM, e, dat h. Soph., -ofiw, paaa. e. dat or gen. Soph. ) 
■pexrrelxH, Horn. Soph.; rpofnAilfafuu, paai. e. geiL Sapli.,e.dat 
Fkt Xen. ; xpttifxv^ '<>t. -(A(^i>iw. aor. 2. -^Mor, peif. 
-AiMta, e. ace or c. dat lEth. Soph. Ear. Hdt Thuc Lya. ; 
^ ye il ara^ai, paia. c aor. 3. and perf. and plnperf. act e. ace. 
JE»c)i. ; vpat/itynfu, c dat. or c ace. ore prep. Soph. Eur. Hdt 
Thnc Xen. PUt ; ■wpotiiiOKat, no other teuaea, c ace Soph. ; 
rriixit, no perf. Eur.; *\ipruif*, act and paia. c. dat Eat. Xen.i 
tXUm, only pt«. and imperf. c dat. Soph. Eur. ; mtpairia, 
So^i TiMlAi, e. dat or prep. JEiA. Ear. Ar.; ^tpi^inu 
i-ifrai). Ear; nlpti^ (-i'ku), e. aec or e. pnp. Eur. Hdt Xen. ; 
Utrntfiit, t. adr. of motion (Mi, etc.), Saph.; itrrifxof, c 
aaa. Enr. Hdt ; ru^pxu^uu, c. ace Soph. ; wtiirrafuu, c aor. 3. 
and perl and pluperf. act e. ace Eur. ; yftir^, no perf. Eur. ; 
'tnifu {-iim\ c aec At. ; Tpsixapfe, e dat Hdt Thue ; 
'Crofuynfu, c dat Thuc. ; rpoidT*, Xen. Thgoc. j ■xifryyi^ 
Tbeoph. ; ttirixritiai, Ap. Rh. ; wrirrm (no perl!,) (ti x*V^ 
c dat. Ent. ; nrcdmi icvAsr, e dat Eur. 

Ta approoA, i. e. be nearij equal to, aposdn* irfX^, e. dat. 
Soph. See To ^ Til eoflu loaardi. 

~ .. _,»)»Wx«, imperf, -erxoi', fut -»X*". "»■ 

l.-«a%er(ather icnaai lara in thia aanta), c dat ore. ace. Soph, 


To wtaJa to ^iproael, ir(Ad((>, e aor. 1, mid. Hom. Hea, Find. 

Xieb. Soph. ; vpomAdfo, Horn, ; ^Txpf^rm, t. dat Horn. 

Hdt i tlX*^, c dot Hci. ; ^weAd^, Hea. ; nAdv, h. Ap, 

Rb,; ;cpf/iirr>, Sopb. 
To* Imoi (^iproaaW jow fiindt, wiKm pl^auri <rA liifiufmi 

Om aaul af^mack, wfottriw. Plat. 
Ab vpnaah, irpdnSoi, i, Pind. Hdt ; t&otsi at (toSot, 4, 

Find. Ent, Ar, Hdt. Dem, ; irpaiiritSira, mi, 4, poet «pan^. 

£aelL Ear.; wpiitiaa, i«t, 4, Ear. Thnc. HdL; Tpoi<gAJ), 


Eur. Pint ; rtpoios, i, Thuc Xen. Iioc Lvi Dem. ; (^aSo*. 

ij, Thuc. Xen. 1 -rpaixApifa, ton, li, pUt. ; VAqiriarf^f, Ariat. 
Appraalhabla, ^irir, So)di. ; tUtarii, Thnc. ; t0S&roi or Xen,; 

iriiprT^i, Call. See AcaaiUa. 
ApptOMlling, liiKKw, Pind, ,£ich. Ear, Thnc Xen, : fairAi- 

funr, Ap. Kh, 
DoMffrrooM to t^proaei, floiT^Awrroi, or. Soph, 
//fl aj&o approacka, v^AOTijr, ov, A, Soph. 
ApprabatiOIl, (Jm, Horn. Find. Hdt; IroiTOt, Pind. Sim, 

Soph. Hdt Thuc Xen. Plat 
To mpptVftiM.t*, trprripiioiiai, mid. aor, 1. iff^ertfut^Tjr, JEKh. 

Xen. Dem, in act -f*. Plat ; 'Dfaipioniu, mid, aor. 2, -eiAil- 

/iqe, Ar, ; ouuiiatAiu, Hdt ) nxr^to/uu, mid, Xen. ; Jfllidofuu, 

Xen, lane. ; BidowB, Plat ; ^<d£b/«K, mid, Diph.L Theoph. 
^propriatliig, oUiutTTicii, t. g. the act of appropriaiint ♦ *1- 

nun-Litt, Phit. 
Appropriatieii, slnfoKTu, tut, i Thue ; •r^mpw^fitt, Ariat 
One »j&D appn^/riaUt^ ff^rrw^urr^s, Arist 
Approral, ar»i. Ham, Pind. Hdt Sec Appnbatiom. 
To i^fian, 4<U^, all tenaea ng. and alao aor, I. mid. J^CU^qv 

Hom^ infiiL prei. i(>iX<f««u (Horn.), Hom. Pind, Eur. Xen, 

alriit, fut -irai and -^a, aor. 1. -lira, perf. pau, -^tj^uu, anr. 1. 

pan. -^fqr, Hom, Find. £tch. Saph. Hdt PUt ; imii4m 

Hom. Soph. Ear. Hdt Thuc Xen, Plat. ; i-piw<tiuu, augm. <l 

no fiit aor. 2. -ttrrifaiy, line caa. Find. ; 'ianSixaiuu, mid. c 

perf. OUL ele Eur, Hdt Omn, Alt proa. ; irUxoiuu, Ear 

Hdt. l^nc. ; hiyiia, c ace Eur, ; -rpoikfui, mid, aor. 1. -va^ 

I^W, Ear, Hdt Thuc ; Uon^ndft., Thuc. Phit. Lji. Andoc ; aii^ 

*1ror, no other tenae, c dat Xra. laoc ; rtrafidot, e. aec and 

infin. Xen.; 'iii/uu or 'iryiionai, eap, in aor, 1. paaa. in act. 

aenw, irr^atitr, c. gen. or t dat or c ace Xen, ; vtftfinm, 

flit -vm, no perf, c dat Ap, Rh. ; fftMroint el/il, c. dat. Hdt.; 

avficAraiMT yiynim, c. dat PhiL ap. Dem. ; fx« ^ Wain, c. 

ace. Thuc 
TojaiM M oppTOHmg, airrrunim, ^ach, Thnc Xen, Dem.; •*»'- 

lui^, jGach. Xen. Plat ; miaiapetrim, Ar. 
Tb lioiD me'i approwd bi/ ikmtOff, iwiu^f^H, Horn. Ap. RJi. 
Approviag of, abrhiaiim, or, c dat Hdt ; aayKitrairat, », c 

dat PhiL ap. Dem. 
An appMvar, aWH)t, ou, Hipp. 
ApproidiElj', 'iTfiiiiwia, Plat 
To qpra^mat*, wtifxonai, mid, fut -eAe^rsfuu, aor. 2. -4Mt 

Av, pertL mid. -^Ma, uan. -<A1)\Wa, Soph. See Tb rnwrooaL 

An msoxittktion, dfuiaffii, (■>, i^. Flat 
An a^lMt, laitM ' Af lainiKhii, IKoac 
April, MovrC;i:i^, £rei, t. N.B. Thii month bepn about tb« 

middle of ApriL 
To put on an ^loit, rpaif^rrlifuu. mid. Pherecr. 
Apt, i. c inclined, Tporiniis, c tl%, Enr. 
Apl, L e, clerer, Ufioi, Pind, Ar, Thuc Xen, Antipho, 
AptLtuda, »»{Btfi|i, ijrai, 4, Ar, Hdt Thuc 
Aptly, myi/i^pBs, Eur. 
Aqnatia, Mdrorpt^i, Hom. ; 'tSUroBpimuai, gen, o»t, Enped.; 

'SSfoiUkSSfet, or, Emped. ; dTporpa^ait, Plat 
Aqoadnot iX"^' Hdt Thuc Xen, Plat ; atniai, S»t, i, Hdt 
.i amdadBi^ ofvrattr bg aqtedwiM, ix"'^ Aliat, ; txftfpiyiM, 


To emdotl water iy aqatdtub, ixrriyrfiti. Plat ; dx<T«^. Mdt 
,,1 noter o/'ogaec/aeti, ix*rTiyii iriif, ep. a eicqit in iriajlL raift. 

vhne a Att, Jl Hon. 
Aqitaona, %ti\it, Horn. h. Xach. Eur. Hipp, Sea Watery. 
Arabia, 'ApUfo, £icb, Hdt ; 'A^Wla, Tlimc 
Ak Azablait'AplCot, ^ich. ; 'HM, a«aj, Xen. ; 'kpitm, Xta, 

Arable, 'ip^liiot, or, meluh. Soph. 
Arable iMld, 'ipara, •mi, j^, Hom, ; 'ipovpa, Hom. Hea, lEach. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc ; 'iparoi, ,«acli. ; 'ifiiia, Inat, ri, Saph. 

Ar. -, w6?^,, Xen. 
An arbltai, PfUtit, Sopb. Enr. ; apMtf, Omn. pott Hna. See 

AiUtraauBt, 0ov\ii, Omn. See Will. 
ArUtnrilr, leinroriMt, luc, 
AitdtiBrj, avTaicpingp,apoi,Tliue PUt Xen.; ttnurU^ Flat,{ 

KramUAi, Ariat ; U*aaTtvr»ii, Aiiat. 



Jrbilrary purer, atroKpitrtia, Plat. 

To aiUbaU, Suunlar, Ihe. 

7b ariilmU u /aecnir <^ a pemm, i/wttauria, with or vithont 

M(i)i' or SfcuTor, c pn. or c dit. Dem. lis. 
To aiUlrata agatmtt a pemm, hAtOIuu Tin Itnir or BfaiTor (tho 

noun ■onwtiiDH bring luiderttood) c gen. Dem. L^i. loo. 
To caxm arUtratum to be gizes agaual, i(dTiluuTdi>fiiu, mid. c. 

gen. Dem. Lyi. 
uUtTfttiaa, (loiro. Soph. Ar. Dem. Lji. ; Mrfo*^ Dem. 
To iaet recourK to arttiTatiaii, 'Jhrorrdct M rV Slarrai', Dem. ; 

iatarTia wfAi fir lumrrV. Dem. uid iimply Ivavnia, Dem. ; 

ffiic^a^af ir;pbi VjoiTTf' Vi Dem. 
7b ja» U< (ieniKii 0/ fAs oriifFatioii pnn agaaul one, Ap\W- 

Kin> (fiit. ifiA^B, petf. l^^iim, boi. 2. i^Xay) tV Iluirai', 


Tb git!* the deatioa at ariifradir, 'dTo^Kifiai Ifomu', Lya. 
An ubitnitor, awmr^i, Udt. Plat. Imk. Lyi. Dem. lis. 
.i4 j«ii< ariilratat, wrIiamrHit, Dem. 
Tb apptmi aa aritiraior, fr>v, li^. 
7b te i^ipoHfAf ar6i(ni(<ir, 'fiiro^/nfioi, puL imperl port '(hnnr- 

vey/iirat, Dem. 
Artmtn*, xifiifet, 4. Ar. 

An anh, ^lUlt, It«>, 4, Sopb. Plst., in ■nhitectare, l^U, Paai. 
To Mob, w B hull iiTcbei hi) back. iapT6ci, Eur. Xen. 
To It araUd,«i awaTc, mpr^sfui, in aor. 1. paw. Horn.; aiapim. 

7b ard oat'! ej/Annct, To^oroiiic, c Bcc. [rit i^fvi) Ar. 
ArMng iu Met lef a hone), iivpiyirY6t, Xen. 
Anh, iwKA.j|i, Plat. 
AnUr, ^fifuXai, Plat. 
Aroktd, Kuprir, Ham. Eur. 
An ankar, Tof*ni» {toJAto, Ep.) Horn. ^»ch. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Thne. Xen. ele, j 'JMrwp, opoi, Hom. ; To(nn^t, hum. ; fcm. 

TofiSrit, iSoi, i). Call.; pvriif (n/»') ^lo", JIotm-, Horn.; pbtiip 

(«p«f) T^u, Ar. ; Alirrnrr^t, CalL ; frliTKoSDi Jlrrigf, Theoc. 
A oaptain ofardierw, rA^qpX'^h Thuc, simply an archer, ^ich. 
A bods o/areia-i, TiJfni/m, Hdl. 
A koneania; hmirri^inij, HdL Thuc Xen. 
Bdomgag to an artAer, famrma or Ailfal ta an art^tir^ Ti^opipos^ 

or, Hom. Find. h. Eur. Hdt ; &rKiM.i{To{oi, or, Hom. Pind. ; 

aXCiri^ajas, ov, Hom. ; to^6kKWoi^ or. Find. ; to^oS^uu, twrns, 

4 Kdl 4i X.Kb. ; TofouAjEbt, t«, ^Kb. : TofMoiuvi, w, ^leh. 

Ear.; niiariv)^t, X.k'Ii.; Toftrp))), Eur. ) ii(|>diAjc&s, Ir, Sopb. ; 

Topifii, Xen. 
Al^ury, Tdfor, Hobl Soph. Hdt. ; rofyairTi, Horn. Ear. ; 4 

TofTid), Flat. 
ArobstTpa, 'ilJn, Plat. 
An uohltaot, akald/uii, Hdt. Plat Xen.; ifx^ttitTm, Hdt. 

Plat. Xen. Dem. 
AMMtMtnral, i. e. belonging to an Btchitect or BrchitectnK, at 

■kilfnl ai an architect, -rttcroriiAi, Plct. ; Vx<t*"™^'> !*'■>■ 

Ariel. ; otKoSa^^f, Plat. 
AloUtootnza, oliMAoiiiti, Tbnc. 
Ajotlo, ipuriic&i, AttiI. See Nortiiem. 
Ardut, iitXtfia, Pind. fitch. ; ^Kry^t, At. ; Ii^trtfWt, ov, 

Ardaa, 1. e. eager, rpMi^i, sv, Sopb. Eur. Hdt. Tbuc Xen. Itoc 

Sei Eager. 
Atdnt^T wfo^fint, and poet, tmt, Hom. I^nd. iClich. Ap. Rh. 
Ardou, IMtty ri, Omd. ; KpoA^ (-fiia, Horn.) Hdt. Omn. 

Att.; d|^4,Thac. Plat See fa^mea. 
Ardiion*, ■tr«i4t, Pind. See D^iaUt. ^ 

ArdnotunoM, Svix^f"! I*!*!- I'o^ Dem. See Djffiaillg. 
AiMl, i. e. apace before a buildbfi, w/mrrSala, fiichin. See 

Anna,' 'dTdw, am, i, Hcl Pind. Tbnc etc. 

riyot. Soph. { 'Aptut ExAii, Eur. Hdt 
AlgQluaona, ifylXMtii, Hdt; tniX^r, Thuc.; 'Er^pyiXoi, 

or, Theoph. 
Argive, 'Afyiiai, Horn. etc. 
Argoa, 'A^J, rt, Hom. etc. 
To argno, ittputTiriai, c. gen. T<p] nndentood, or c. bcc. Ihk. 

Plat. Dem. ; iuLAfya/iai, mid. Xen. Iioc. Plat; iUlAOTi^iifiBi, 


'ATwlfofiai, mid. Den 

ftrongly, fiidiofiai, mid. 


7b arsae iMdg, tia>.trro\Byiaiuu, e. dat. of adrei 
7b arffse probably, L e. to me probable aigumenti, 

To argtta afrtJt, (o reneut cm arffunant, 'irAfiixohot, fut. -^iAj^oV' 

>uu, aor. 1 . —tfiAxttfdfATir, Tfauc 
/ argntd wilh mynlf, iliairrf Biik Xiytir i^iiafr, Eui. to Sii 

Ajfyw tliu. Ear. 
.><r;^iu»^ Kith Idi/ailier, tii lfin|i 1^ nrpl. Soph. 
/f« arffoed ts ifTioifCioK. Mot Uty oi(jrU net to UU, etc, irr^Xrye 

;it iiromaiai, k, t. A., Thoc. 

Toargutagaitut, in-ih^TK, i. Ai, Thuc c. ooc otaignmenl, SoiA. 
Wttlargatd, tiavWiyurrot, or, Ariit. 

Fomd o/arguaig, AtTn-Litli, or. Plat. ; ^^OJKayQi, or. Plat. 
Foadma /or atguiag, f iXoAoyla, Flat. 

5ii{M " argmog, SiftAticriicit, Plat Xen, ; AoTioTotii, Xeo. 
An Mgnmont, rh irfmanimt, Em. ; niUr, Eur. Ar. ; TWfni- 

pia*, £nr. Thnc Xeo. Aiiat.-, irSiiiiiiia, Iltbi, rb Soph. Ihc 

Ariit; Aoyv^i, Flat Xen. laoc; rlarts, «ri, ^ Plat Ihc. 

trguBumt, twa^iXryx", Flat Ariel. 
liable argiHatat, ■wtMroKonAm, Plat. 
the ^ulty of arftuing, Sia\({u, *■>, ii, Ar. Plat. 
ArgnmentatlTa, JtAi/infidrtiibt, Anat 
A^UB, wiriimis, ov, t, Eur. 
Tka ilagtr of Argtit, 'Apiytifimit, Horn. 
ArU, Ei)pii, jGictu £ur. Ar. HdL Thnc Xen. Plat.' See Dry. 
ArUitr, (npir^s, irroi, 4, Thuc Xen. Flat. See Dryiua. 
Alloa, a lign of the Zodiac, ifuot, Aiat 

Alight, ^i. Soph. Ear. Thnc. Xen. Plat Dem. See RigMg. 
To Biiio, 'dropwH, Hom. ; JSpni^uu, mid. fut- hfaii)uu, no aor. 1. 

aor. 1. iip6)air, nau. by eync fip^))v, imper. tfoo and tpo'io.perf. 

Upeipo, plnperC in 3d iing. ofi^', lipAfn and ttfopt, iilio a 

reduplicated prea. paas. in iatrans. lenae ip^po^uu, Horn- ; *Ar6fi- 

riiuu, Hom. ; 'irimiiiai, paiL c aor. 2. and perf. and plupecf. 

act. Hom. £ech. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Dem.; hriiiiaTaiiai, Horn.; 

'dv^i^t, 3d ling. peif. from an unknowa pre*. Ham, 
7b arits, u a bruiee dtwi, 'irirpixii, aor. 2. -Apifior, fat. -tft^ 

fuii^, Horn. 
7b ariie, a* erente do, r^hAofui, paec Pind. ; aa a gidfly doei, 

7b arias, aa miifoitunea, 'iraSKacrtnt, fut. S^aarlim, perf. 

-cfiXdimiKa, pluperf. -fft^Xao^imv, aw. 2. -ifCAoarov, 

lb oriae, u tean, laughter, etc, 'ftvwr^ Eur. .£acb. 
7b oriis, aa a report, /furfim, fut -^to'eO^uu, no aor. I . aor. 3. 

-irtriir, perf. -rAmwa, Ar. Plat. 
7b orw, a* n queilion, rtpifcrJarK, Plat. 

TboriMiU a aound, 'thrar^AAo/uu, mid. Ap. Rh. See 7b rut. 
AlUtOtmter, 'dpwroK^Tfa, Thuc Plat 
AiiitoentU, 'fipirrMpdrMt, Plat Ariit' 
7b dioTv aa ariatocratie form ofgoetmrntiU, *ilpurr«pikr^o^uu,[aai. 

c fbU 1 mid. Phit 
Arlthmotia, 'dpiS/ili, lEach,; Airyu/iit, nin. in ^. Ken.; M^f*- 

/iJfTlirij, Plat, ; ij Ajiyurrtici, Flat. 
SkS/al in onUnefic, 'Opnyiirrliiii, PUt ; \ayit7Uihi, Xen. 
An Biitlunetliiian, 'SpidfurHir, Plat. 
An arm, Bfl-xii", o»i. ', Horn. £teh. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem.; 

ir^X<"< ""i *• Horn. Eur. Xen. Plat. ; iTciUlt, ISoi, 4, Hom. 

Ap. Rh. ; iyaalyi), only in pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; iynir, fini, t, 

«p. the bent arm. Ham. Pind. Soph. ; iK4ini, JEacb. Soph. Ear. 

Ar.; t^iciMi, fiich. Eur. Hdt ; 'ft;«rrii, Theoc. Ap, Rh.;xclp. 

B™' X«p''. ""1 P™t- X<(*i, etc. Hdt, 
Wilk Uag onm, Bi craba, xtipavirar, erroi, b. 
With wkila amu, fitmaiXarot, ar, Horn. Pind. ; \tvKimixy> *<»I> 

With beaatijtl arma, tbihtroi, or, Pind. Eur.; tHwtixn, Eur. ; 

KofJ^X"', ^"r- ' 

FKiU m^ amu, peSirtixiit, Uta. h. Sappb. Tfaeec. 
Rating on (Ae arm, intKirnt, or, h. 
&»fer He arm, 'InwA^viof, ov, and a, or, Theoc. 
/s Ue amit, adv. iyiiitt, Horn. Ap.Rh. ; irfiMtv landalao on the 

aim (reating, etc.) £*ch. 
7b lifl, or take, ox tarty ut OM't amu, iyxiCfiau, mid, Hom. ; 



npia^ArsfUU, uid. Cill. 

&TiiUJfiifuii, Shu. Amoig. Mel. 
rpomixinfwi, mid. Cill. 

7b prt (Mto- oM'f am, SOiiairxiiJCm, At. 

Taann, kL iiipinnt, Hom.; ArAl(«, Horn. ^wh. 
Tbnc X«n. etc. ; pfiatri. Int. -|ri>, ^wh. Soph. Eor. ; ^ir>\If«, 
^•di. Edt. Hdt. Xen. Plat; kOSovUC". Soph. Xen. Igoc 
jGwUd.; OTsiiJfit, Enr. ; d^ipdicl^, Xen.; jdTUogpdrlfB, 

Tb ana omkI^ ftvp^ovofiai, mid. ud paM. Hum. Ar. ; C^niSiuu, 

mid. and paa. Uoin. ; mfirmiAauL, mid. and puL, perf. 

nudpM^uu, Horn. Ear. ; faMw^tlfaiai, mid. and pua. Xei 
To anil umadf ogaiKd, irftnrXtCsfiai, mid. and jiau. linB caa 

c dat. Xm. ; tr\9iiftfii!a)uu, mid. and pau. c. dat Ap. Rh. and 

tlu mid. aod pasa. of moat of the wordt gii 
Tn arm mariftunUf, 'tn9tipfiffiroiuu. He 
To bt armed, rimiua, anlr in 3. pi. plnpsrf. «■■. irtffixliTO, 

To nor anaw, ir^apofim, Xen. ; irlSiipa^op^ Thac. 
nfyil m anmrnr, ir\oyiix'>, lioe. 
Qua mn^ arm, ir\ia^4cv, Xen. 
Anu, •rmauT, lyrtn, rii. Ham. ; iw\it, ri, Omn. ; rtixta, ri. 

Ham. Hei. Soph. Eur.; rirm, JEtch. Soph. Eur.; >r\iir/ia, 

fcoj, Em, PlaL ; a*.|poi, Thue. ; SwMru, ewi, ii. Plat Xen. ; 

■pM^itfu, Atdi, ri, np. in pi. XcD. ; AvAJnii (gen. ov) xiiriiat, 

Badg armair, 'Hwirwitiat (or) N^fur, Soph. 

JBwUn armimr, nrrcvxloi JEicb. Eur. ; sMvftrta, onlir in dat 

■ing. ai adT. Soph. ; irSmrAlo, Ar. Hdt Thuc. Ihk. ficbin. 
Armour for lie armt, wipttfAxiinor, luo. in pi. Xen. 
Good oniwr, ietug wM ormcrf, lior^ia, Xen. 
An armag, iwXi^iiit, £ich. ; twUvii, «ii, ii, Ar. Thnc ; icaSi- 

A jiMln; aader anu, liorKivit, Xen. 

A bting wi d tr amu, fEsrUrrlo, Xen. 

Aimad (wearing teaian armour, etc.), xB^mn/niirT^i, oS, Hom. ; 
XP^JtojChwr, itm, Horn.; xi'^**''^f*Ci wsf, H.; X"^*" 
x4y^i, w, Find. ^ x"^***^'; '"i Pind. (lae Snut) ; irlVrifia- 
X-vixqi. w, Find. ; Mrkiot, or. Find. Xen. Plit Call. ; 
IrnrAoi, or, Sopb. Ear. ; xbA<e*<>t«'x4>i 'oIi Eni. i X"^*>''l>'l'i 
•or, Pind. ; x'^tar^oi, or, Eur. -, rivxr'r^^t, or, ^ach. Enr. ; 
Tirxtvrilf, Vpos, JEwch, ; Tnx>rirH)i, oii, iGich. ; rmxf^ipar, 
Enr.; dirXfrqi, w. Ear.; irXaipifcs, ar, Em. Xen.j X'^*'- 
vAifMit, /n, Eur. ; x'^''''*^fit ^t". Soph. ; 'fimurvftiot, or, 
Em. ; ^rriB^v^wt, Xen. 

IFtU poUn arvour, Xfivo'ornix'ii, «t, Eur. 

»Uf umH/, (IVTXffT, ov, Eur. Ar. Xen. 

Wiallg araud, rSmirhos, or, XKb, Ear. 

Wtariag Om tame at nmiiaT urmsBr, tiiimanm, ou, Thnc 

Gluten,^ wiik armi, •Arix't'^os, », Eur. 

Ah nrmtd iwHi, tiikh^t, m, Omn. AtU ; (rAaiv 4n«TJtn|f j 

A ■(« nlot^ arwt^ iri»*A>n)i, Tyrt. 

A ram o/armtd ma, h-A/n)! ^id^i. Find. 

.^^nmrf to raa ta wet a ma, x^AMwrif, i9oi, Pind. Se« Skuld, 

LigU armtd, if EAit, Ar. Omn. Att praae ; '(twiXiu, or, Hdt 
.J I^ oriMd iMier, yuiuiiis, 9tii, Eur. Hdt Xen. ; Tifv^nii, 

««, Xen. ; KlMiXa,, Thnc Plat 
£i^b^ armed, ti>irrUj)i, ^ai, Thnc Xen. 
Bdaifpag to a ligitarmid iMiT, yvitnrr''i)it, Xen- 
Tie Hsilarmedfimt, wbv^ Thac 
AiX anKrf dl olf, nviuiJ, -rV^', Ham. ; ifiXn, Snpli. ; 'ire- 

rMH, ar. Plat 
TTmparU aflim bodg tmpntaeled by artiumr. t1 AotrAo, Xen. 
//en; araMi^ ivAirai, au, nio. at tabit Pind. JEich. Ear, Th. 

Xen. Dto. : hUrfrUigt, «v, ^acb. ; h'Aafiixor, Xen. ; dvAo- 

^^CT", "\ PI"- 
Tkburj^nnwd/iroEtTibftrAB, S<^h. Xen.; ri dirAXTlitir, Tbnc 

Oamtuatdiitg Ae itatj-armtd/irtt, ArAFrilTirybi, Thuc 

7b b a iaaty-dmoj »/iftrr, ^Ai~t(£i>, Thuc Xen. 

A baltieJhiigU bf tia ie an ji- iH m id Croopt, irUtila, Plst 

Btbagi^ la tit Heatji-arMad taldiert, jrXfrlirbi, Thnc Xen. PUt 

Ttroiiv aaxif oma'a armt, ^ifovAot, or, Xtch. 

Tkt art af m a ii mg armt, 4 i*>>owoi3i^. Plat 

An anmmr-iaarer, '(hmmrurHli, sE, Enr. Hdt Xen. 
Tobaaa armour-beartr, '6waarl(it, c. dat pen. Pind. Eur. 
An «nnl«tiM, mi4i), pi. Omn. ; 'fti«iaix4, Thuc; Siinrnxfl, 

Thuc : )iaAA&7J), Em. Hdt laoc. ; /irtx<>pia, Thuc ) 'iraxi^ 

al, Thuc Xen. 
An amailiea for a fixtd pariod (ranewaUe), twurroMi, in pL 

Kc, 'fviffTortot, or, Thuc Xen. 
», Thue, 


To naie tm anHtrfve, cmniMi r/fuw, Em. ; mrorSia aoi^sfWi 
(mid.), Ar. Hdt ; c ace of condition!, Thnc 

An arm ofAa taa, niAiroi, Horn, ^ach, Hdt Xen. etc 

An armaaiy, mvsAi'ni, .£tch. j^achin. 

An^t, fuux^q. h. JEtch. Ar. Cratin. Xen. Ltl ; /uw^cUlt^ 
Am, 4, The<n>h. Ctea. ; lilAq, only in phraae, ni uhqi; Ar. 
Piat Xen. 

An timj, oTpib-ii, Omn. ; fiAr^ T7«i % Horn. He*. Xen. ; 
irriKot, JEkIi, Soph. Enr. Hdt. Thnc Xen. ; orpirnifia, &Tot, 
ri, .Stch. Soph. Eur. Hdt Tbuc. Xen.; orptrii. Find. HdL 
Omn. Alt; arpiriwOor, Sojib. Ear. Thnc Xen.; roifiaripux', 
Mici, ; SrXiriia, ftrai, ri, Eur. ; tiItj), Ar. ; arpimiUala, Hdt 
inci tt« viait onay, KaRn-pArff, Hdt. Thuc L;a. 

QiBeelag Uar tcM» amy, •wmnrrpaiTla) ytroitinti, Thuc. 
IFtU a large armg, nAGx<Ip, £ach. 

AMmatie, AvMnt, Horn. h. Theoc. 

Aivnnd, V^ c gen. e. dat c. see. Omn. ; npl, c gen. c. dat 
c. aec. Omn. poet., bvt onlj c. dat c. ace Omn. proa. ; ili^, 
ad*, and c. gen. Hom. Find. ; rfli, ad*, alio Bs prep. c. aeo. 
and rm. c gen. .Each. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thnc. Xea. Plat Sao 

To BToua, if^, onlj in imper. Iprtifi, imperf. Spnw, ht. 
tfi, aot. 1. ffWo, impeil mid. and pan. Aprt/iVr, fut ipav^iol, 
aor. 2. mid. ipiffiiir, 3d ling. uau. bj ijnc ipro, imper. ipon 
and Sffto, Horn. Kea. Find. Soph. Em. ; Jpc0ff«, Hmn. £aeh. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. ; JpAlai, onlj pm. Hom. Ap. Rh., and imperC 
Moach.; 'irryipm, Hom. Puid. Ear. Ar.; Kiriu, Mxh. Sofdt 
iKKtfhi, Soph. Xen. See To nwje, lb Bufr!. 

Anrut, l^<. Soph. At. Ap. Rh. ; 'iniyt. At. 

To an^fii, olridiifiai, mid. c ace. poT. and gen. lei, aim c ace 
at iSDti. (e.g. TU'ra, etc.), alao c ace pen. and infin. a 
I, Its, etc, or c ace. pen. and piep. or c ace lei, kotA 
om. Em. Ai. Hdt Thue Xen. Antipha See To omv. 

Amlgnmant, otrlo. Soph. Ear. Hdt Thne Xm. See Ao- 

To anmaM, icpW, Horn. ; V^tw, imperf. 4pn«r, aor. I. ^prvn, 
Hom.| 'if'rtra, Hdt aor. l.jMaa. iipriv^ipi, Hom. Hdt; ■as'. 
Iiim, Hom. Find. Soph. Em. Xen. Plat ; 'iTomffft^, Horn.*; 
tymriUia, Hon.; SiAcos^, Horn. Hdt Thnc; TfSifuu, mid. 
aor. I. Unnitair, Hom. Soph. Ear. Thnc Xm. ; Jp*p4»«, fbr 
tbiifiaati, Hom. ; St^m, only pTCt. and imperf. Ham. Find. 
£ich. Hdt; mipMtt, Find,; liaaToixIfiviai, mid. £ach.; 
rirma, Hdt Omn. Att; lykriaim. He*. Hdt Thne Xen. 
Flat; Ttiro'w^tfe, £Kh.; ^iMyu'C^ Seph. Xea. Plat. ; sTof 
Xffw.^Kh.Xen. ; liilr(»w*^ aor. l.-^fcuto, p«f.-T««uni,elc., 
aor. 1 . pam. -wrtij*, Eur. Hdt Thnc Xen. Plat ; wiWimwu, 
aor. 2. perf. pluperf. aet not lued in act aena. £aeb. Enr. Ar. 
Xen. Flat laoc; ninfTim, 3o^.; aiftiBrr^AAir, Em.; cArax 
TpnlCtg, At. Xen. ; rCvlimifU, laoe; ffurrdavw. Plat Xen. ; 
cxtyiirii-. Plat Xen. ; rvyniXrriifu, Thae ; ff^i>||Vfl^f"^ 
Phit ; itACiAAofuu, arid., one's diBH, e. Ice Ar. Plat ; Siw- 
KfMa, Xen.; SiASfo-fufltrte, Flat.; iciTttTiiff<r>>, Xen. ; adri^ 
TlCit,generallf,uidalaotoairangeaqaaTTel, Hdt; jittrtx°v(^ 


Off M omiB^n^, oUrU^YV, Find. 
)« ol U< KW* fina, nirtaLnr^o^ Flat 
, rainiar. Plat 

, icaff/iir''^', Hom. j (Mt/un', arot, Ap. Rb. Ariat. 
. agread iqxm beferfiand, nfotip^rot, Thuc 
ArTM^eHMmt, uranging, Mm, mi, 4. Pind. Plat ; if/iwia, 
j^acb. ; Siiet<r<t, Plat; rdftf, 'oi, Ai Xen. Flat Dam. ; alao, 
an anangement vilh a auui't crediton, Dem.; Si^oftt, Plat 
Dem. ; oirraia. Flat Dem. ; Kiaianrii, am, i. Plat ; tiijt6r- 
lof^a. Plat ; iiifttta, am, 4, Plat ; <^frraT/u^ irM, th, 
Aiiit i tduo'fiai, Ariat 


flood arrangeaiait, fvAifiwr^, He*. Xea. ; tiaptuirrta, in pi. 


Amat, Ixm, e.g. an unnt impoatare, vXiiriiM tXw, etc, Xi 
P;it Dem. 

To «mr (iia vni7, 
Hom. Find. ^«li., , , . . - 

(h, «ar. ]. mid. 'mpvrcn^qi', perf. KiK^pvtfuu, but Kidopi med 
in ihii lenie, eiccpt in prei. and inperf, ict Horn. He«. Find. 
Eur. 1 taviUn, Horn. Eur. Hdt. Xen, ; Irmfu, mt. 2. und p«f. 
and plup«f. act. not nwd in act (en*. Horn. Xwi. ; ifi^Uwn and 
ifi^nw, onlj pre*, and imperf. act. Hmn. Find. ; Si&mr^tiit, 
Ham. Thue. Xen. I Tdws, Hdt. Omn. Alt.; T^ytia, JEK\t. ; 
I^XfC", Hdt.; Iiirirffv, Ar. HdL Thuc Xm.; igrdair-, 
Xen. ; Kdrlriirffti, Xen. | Mii/riairm, Hdl. ; nAodTdffirti, Hdt. 
Thuc, ~ 

7b arpaur q^otiuf, irriiiam, c dat. Ear. ; irttriaet, c dnC .Gich. 

Hdt. Thne. Xen. Dem. ; AvrlnlMirr^fu, Tfaac Xen. ; irrhtiifir 

tiaam, Thac Xen. ^Xichin. 
To arrof <■ JIait Oj/aiiat, i y r^ W ty vni|d j, or ovt. tbii raiurl, 

7b amy taaelier aUi, aloiignd* a/, avrriiiam, HdL Tboc Xen. \ 

ffvyMArirdimt, Xen. 
7b ami|F hOmi a» a mernt, Uitiagm, and in nid. e. daL e.g. 

inrdnvfiai aJx<>u> ^^ ^iijirn^ Hdt Thne. Xen. 
7V> am^ omemlf h, irr^Uafuu, mid. c aec. Tcici*. Ear. Sea 7b 

put H, Sreit, etc. 
7b be arrayed, Ttiiianat, Find, i iiirioYnifUH, in mid. eap. in 

aoi. 1. Ar. Xen. ; inriamitat, mid. Xen. 
7b bi arrofid if Ut tide of, wSfiriavtiiat, in mid. eip. in 

aor. 1. Thuc Dem. ; wjotflmlgmtiai, mid. c. pi*pL Ken. Den. 

larraji impel/om Um ad*, rdaVB ^lovrtv apit, & ace. Dinanli. 
An IXXI.T, arix^' t^Ii only in gen. Knr. and nam. and ace. pi. 

Horn. Hei. £ich. Eur.) <rTJxit,i,JEi^. Xen.; Tii{u, kk, ij, 

Enr. Thuc. Xen. HdL ; i7*rroti.. ^ Thne Xen. ; wtfirala, ^, 

Thue. Xen. Imc. Dem. ; olWajfia, 4tsi, ri, Xen. ; rarrnr;i;b 

''^'' ■'■«;_ 

/■ iottb orroft irlfi^miT^twi, Plat 

Airean, It^ii/ifut, t\ Dem. 

.rf iei>9 at omar, Miio, Thuc. 

T« urwt, majLOiitiaw, fut -A^i^s^ioi, aor. 2. -JAUw, perf. 
-ebi)^ Hdt. Thne. Xen. lane Anlipho. ; MJU^iCinvioi, mid. 
Dem. Lp. ; 'iym. Plat ; 'Sr^, Plat. Dem. See 7b ihji. 

AiTMt, (rfWirtm, »i, 4, Thne. iCichLn. j ■irt7W)4 Lyi. Dem. 

AlTlm, ^i£nSoi, ^ Soph. J IJii, (Bt, i, Eur,; 'Uifu, Hdt 
Plat Dem. ; idh^ftrfo, Ap. Rh. 

To airlrt, 'ii^, and 'dt*roi, tut iSffw, c act or o. prep. Horn. 
Soph. Zai.;MiiilSm,e. adv. loci, Horn.; 'ucdiw, onlr prrt. and 
imperf. c aec or t prep, or e. adT. loci, Horn. *icb. Soph. 
Ear. ; '6n>, onlr pre*, and imperf. and aor. 2. 1{w, Hnm. Find. ; 
VaWojim, fut I£o^ aor. 2. 'tiriffuu', fimu, etc. perf. f/iuu, riu- 
peif. f]vii)v, uiu. c ace alu e. p»p. Omn. poet ; flO^ttira, 
Horn. Hrt. Ap. Rh. ; tlil^aWaW Horn. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; 'iifi- 
Kirm, c ace. or pnp. Hom. ; '/tplityiofuu, niu. c. are. line prep. 
in poetry, mo. t prep, in proae, Omn, j ^furWo^ Hom, Find, 
Tiag. Hdt Thuc. Xen.; Mpxoi-i^ fnl. -eXeAro^uu, aor. 2, -i\t. 
tar, lync. -qhftw, etc. Hom. Eur. Hdt Thue. Xen, j iw!tair<*, 
fut -(^o'sfui (fut act. and nor. 1. not lucd in intian). KUie), 
aor. 2, -Uif, part. -*4', perf. -gjftji™, (often in manjr potu imc., 
lit pi. -tisiiHT, 3d pi. SiSoiri, pan. -tttiii, mta, firof, etc.) c. 
g«n. ot c. twl and gen. Horn, Soph.; h-iCdAAu, no aor. 1. act 
perf. -^rtMjaa, etc Horn.; fuWrot, in prea, Horn.; alxdw, 
onlj in indie, opt nlx'^w, auhj. al^el-, part. ii>x<li. impecf. 
iicixylr, 2d nng. -eu, fut aij^^o/iai, aor, 2. bd-xp", aor, 1. mid. 
4«Xqo'^^, c ace Horn. Find. Archil, Soph, Eur_ one* c. gra. 
Sofh. ; KiTx^Mt, onlj prea. and imperf. £tch. Soph. Ear. ; rpos- 
'Bfia, nor. 1. rpulicufea, e. dat Hea. ; Siifx^uu, e. ace. or 
prep. Find. Thne. Xen.^ elrfdu*, t ace. Ear. ; i^i*iti, HdL ; 
■wifOi-^yrmi, fnt ^r«v4refHu, aor. 2, -#yt»iif«|)', Theogn. Hdt 
Thne. ; rfp*i/u (-ei™), c. prep, and c see. line pup. Enr. Thne. 

>J^i»r, DM 

Xen. etc ; vtfin, tai. -iam, c prep, Theogn. £Kb. Soph. Eur. ; 
rifipX'V^ Eur. Xen. ; uporucWsfuii, c gen. or c ^1, jG«h. ; 
■•patti^aityititiu, Thne ; iciTlvJai, c prep. Hdt Xen. ; lariKi- 
Um, onl; pre*, and imperf. c ace Ap. Rn. 
7b ornB* of, i. e. obtain, itnifU {~ittnu)t part, -ito, e M and ace 

To be arrived, ting, only piee imperf. and ioL Omn.; vpai^nt, 

jGkIi. Soph. Knr. 
7b arrmfint, vpaA^ucr^ofiai, Thne. 
Tkef iavBtg arrkrd at tit ttm o/ li/i to do n and to, ^KOf fiitu 

alrroi!, c iadn. Eur. 
Aimpuwa, 'AToffUAla, Horn, Hei. Sim.; 'CnporA&, Hon.; 

'toilTTtpIa, ThMgn . ; a£AiIIii, ^tch . Soph. Eur. ; aMileio, Plat 

lane. Dem.; aUiSuriia, &rai, ri, j^acb.; 'IhnpD^ivlB, Plat. 

Xen. Dam. £ac1iin, ; 'l^tpm^Ia, LfB. ; '&\a<<inu, Xen. ; titp- 

Vnpiti, Ap. Rh . ; ^pioTfiia, Arot, rb, Mel. 
ArrogMt, 'Ityiraf, ofos, Hom. Hea. .£ach.; 'STdtrMXnf, gv, 

Horn. Hea. Hdt jGaehin.; 'Irnpirnpfor, auou, or, Horn. Ap. Rh.; 

'Onpf [<Uai, ov, Horn, Find. Ap. Kh. \ 'CWJfwr^oi, or (in Hgm. 

only of deeda or wordi) (anperl, bw^mK-itia-rvTot, Ap. Rb,), 

Horn. Hea. Find, Ap. Rh.; 'JrnpAvK^ spai, Hea. Eur,; 'Crtp. 

«iyu5, or, Hel.i 'DHp4^«K>t, w, Hea. Find. £ach. Xen. Dem. 

'ir/ifmypa, or. Archil. Alcm. ; 'HnifKVnt, or, £ach. Soph.; 
r, .£ach, Xen. ovMUe^o^i, Ar. ) o'a/uii. Soph. ; 
4 ital ^, Plat Hdt; 6«(K(irn|i, ob. Soph. Theoc. 
TO M KTDgiat, 'I'Tap^fiWii, no fut. or perf. Ham. ; 'iraaSi/J^, 

DO fnt etc Hom. ; 'Oripaux*'; Thne ; 'Anl^MT^^iiu, paaa. Xen.i 

ffnalffvofiai, mid. Mel, 
ACTOgmtly, 'l!npff)i>uii, Horn. ; 'Cirapjidnii, ^acb. ; 'Ort/nffA- 

>WT, Plat. laoc.; 'tiWpoirra, Soph,) MrrAAjififHfiwi, Xen. Plat. 
T* amgata, oIiHi^fuu, mid. Hdt 
An unw, Mni{, Ami, A, Hom. ; K^Aiir, Horn. He*. ; 'tit, pi. ri 

U, Hom. Soph. Eui. ; Pifjit, rh, Hom. .^ach. Soph. Eur. Anae 

Hdt. Thuc Xen. etc.! i^i" (olorit, Alt), Hom. Hea. Find. 

Eur. Thue Flat. Ap. Rh. ; r^aufu, &toi, t^, Find. Eur. Hdt 

Xen.; rrJpBfui, Ato^ rb, ^leh.; 'iTYiaimi, 1 ml i), ^ach. 

Soph. Eui, Thue. ; riior, in pi. Soph. Eui. ; 7Ali^fi, al, Eur. ; 

>Tt|vlu ifjivTiis i^a, JEKh, ; tyX" Ttparrir, Enr. 
To ime one'i armu I'a Ou itrmg rtadg (o doit, MtttXiliiai and 

frititKiytBi M rg ytupf, Xen. 

Wilkgol^ amu, xpCrnAAitiTai, av, Horn. Find. Soph. 
Rijoicag « ormei, tern, 'ioxiaipa, if, Horn. 
Holding omuM, 'iiWifoi, o», Hom. ; iUrrotiyiuiy, aits, itnlil, 

As uiaiul, MvTior, Horn.; ^irfcvior, Hdt Tbue; rtipier, 

Eur. Ar. Thne Lyt. Sea OmL 
AlMnio, ifCfrhiii', Qalen. 
Art, rix^^ Onn, ; aiUJUn, Fiiid. £ach. Soph. At. t Wx">*< 

Fiat ; rtxritpuir, PUt 
Aocordiag to ntbi o/ort, raxnnei, Iioc. Flat 
7o bt doM bf rula i/art, ttrrtxroi, or. Flat. Ariat 
Mother i^aU arti, iwuiraii^ff, ofoi, £ach. 
Utrfut H all arit, witntxrot, or, ^leh. 

FatBoatfrr art, ■A.Cf'irTJx>^i. ov, Horn. ; icXtTeapr&i, Ir, Hom. 
Makuig gain qf^rt, TexnumWicir, Plat 
SkUfiU n ncoy orfi, ToAtr^x'^t, ou, Soi. 
Practaimg lit earn art, ifiArtxrot, or, Hdt Plat Dem. 
Fond of art, f a^<x»'ti »i Flat 
FoKdaeuforarl, ^nXarrxrlii, FlaL 
HVilii^ OB url, Ttxr^Tiid'poi, or, Ariat 
To mJu bg art, rtxtiM, Hom. 
T'o ptocUk m art, ^tOjnixrti', Plat, 
An artery, ipnipla, AreUe. 
Artfnl, KtptUiioi, Horn.; aapSUe^Mf, nnaa, d ml ^ Horn.; 

irirCAe^W. •">, Horn. Hea,; loAiau, Hom, Eat.; ioKo^f*- 

rim; sum, oc, gen. ovrof, etc. Hom. ; toXo^^jnii, «>, Hom. ; 

So^ulfilrrii, gen. lOt, A col ^ Horn. ^ach. ; IdXioi, a, or, and oi, 

or, Hom. Tnig. Ar. Xen. ; 4t«Aet, i), »', and m, or, Hea. Find, 

.Xach.i o^AAioi, Of, Hom. ; atnOKo/iirni'^b.; 3oAivi4>)|i, toi, 

Sim. 1 iDAoTh&u, OK, Snpph. ; IkAD^pU))!, 'oi, h. Find. ; SoAo- 

H^IXi»os, or, Sim. ; !oAtp*i^ Soph. Hdt. Xen. ; JaAjAnmt, oSoi, 

i Kal ^ Soph.; touj^pur, .£ach. Eur.; St^ii/nru, £ach.; 

SoAJrwAn, or. Soph,; toAoroiit, ^r. Soph . ; *wal!Aai, or, Hfa. 

Find, .fflach. Ar, Pint Dem.; TowaJSoiAot, or. He*.; iroAil- 

rxdaof, or, Ar. ; aiiiAhi^ftr, Cratin. ; al^diMTA^rat, or, Cratin. 

~ O" 

Mel ar^, Kifiumn, Horn. 
Am art/ill man, rixnina^ ftMi, ri. Soph. 
To ba mrtfBl, atyuirriiC*, Cretin. 
Altfollj, iroorfA*!, Soph . ; AiTUwrwrl, Thsoc. 
Irtinitie, ap«^Iri>, imd tpefnTlthT, Hipp. 
ArOehokl, miiJAtfwi, 4 vol 4, Hct. Thcoph.; icBi'ii|M, Sopb.; 

71> tsul q/'Uc articMif, riMiSas, m, 6, Theopli. 

An KTttals (of uij urt), inrnuF, ri, Ai. Thue. Flat. Dam.; oiHu- 

ifHor, Ar. Plat. £»:hin. 
Tlia ortif^« B fpannuir, fip^por, Plut. 
To artlmlkta, ifOpAv, » the longns piodncea irtiealtte Hnndi, 

4 yXmrffa Ip^ TJtr ^rqv, Xen. ; Suv^p^ Ariit. 
Aitimlata ( nraking articaUtelv), M^'^f'i """i uiu- in pi- Hon. 

Aitienlstioa, ^wl), Omo. See riBH. 
AitiflM, raAw^pitia, Horn.} toXo^poo^n), Hmn. ; Kiptwr^n), 

onljr in dst. dug. and pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; UJuu, Horn. Find. 

Soph. Enr. Xen-i raXmr/jHila, Theopi.i roailKla, Ear.; SoAo- 

^KokU, Theogn. 
An artifice, i. t, an anfal (rick, KifHoi, in pi. Ham, ; pnx^, 

XKh. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; rtxrniia, tni, ri, ,£ich. Eur. ) 

sipur/ia, iret, rh, Pind. Mmh. Hdt D«r. 
An mrtifloor, T4icrmi, wot, i, Omn. ; iTi/uorfiybtf Hom. ; 3iTfu- 

avf-rin. Soph. Eur. Xcn. PliL D(m. ; 'rr^^t, rw, Si^b. Eur. 

Hdt. Xm. Dem. ; ipynirriip. Hen. See Fbnbwn. 
ArtUoial, raerii, Hom. } ^'■P'''"''')^"! <■>'> Hdt. Xen. ; rtxrlula, 

Aa Uiinn, truumrr^i, Hom. ; h|pau|r)Af, Snpli. Eur. Xen. 

Ptal. Dem,; x«<P"^X"". ™, Soph. Ar. Hdt. Tbut Xen,-, 

X«PHn{,aKTai, Soph. Hdt.; XfifWKUrrliiiT, Plat; Simitfol, 

nbaL utd alM aij. S iciil A, Soph, Ariit. 
A fiOoa-aTiifm, aimxrvs, Ar, PUt. ; i/iirtxnt, Hdt. Plat 
BtlBmgiKs lo artinai, SrpfuoupTiicij, Plat. ; x"f"'iX'^^t Ar. Plat. 
7b 6g in ortiBB, SnfuiupyAi, Plat. 

TV fao^ a artiim, tivui7i;|ry(a. Plat. } xetpoifrjiCa, Ar, Plat. 
..4 tax OH otttmu, x<'PbkI{w>', Ariit 
/VoJa^H^ orttmiM, x'f^'Py^ "t Leon. Tar. 
Ab Irtiat, T^Frnf, au, Xen. PUc. Dem. 
A grtal artiit, nryUiinxnt, Ariit. 
AltistiMi, rt^vriiii, Epich. Plat. 
ArtloM, •taoXjti, tr. Find. Ar. Thnc ; 'itcilni, or, £k1i. Pht 

Dem. ; hAeip, ov, £Kh. ; 'A^vJ)i, ^i, J ko) 4, Soph, ; '&u>f4o>, 

•r, Eur. ; 'larfffSriXat, gv, Hdt ; 'AnifiifaiiUrat, or, Thoe, ; ('^nMlt. 

Thnt. Plat. 
Artl«Ml7, 'SS6>jtt, Thnc, ) 'iiAmt, Dem. ; (MAi, nperi. -«Jir- 

TBTB, Enr. Plat. 
A rtl aa w iOM, tHetut, Plat. Dem. ; xPV^^rnt, iroi, 4, ManaiuL ; 

'ArA^r, VTof, it, Xen. Plat. 
Aa, ^ (laiely with noDDi in Ham. except when followiiiK them, 

■ad then it bai ui accent, ai of SI Kitei At), Omn. ; iaS, Hom. 

Hel. ,£Kb. Soph. Theoc. ; iat T(, Ai*t np, int rip re, Hei, 

h. Theoc ; Cfep, and Bmetimei divided, at ii irinip, tK. OmD. ; 

*f»«p ofc, ««ch. Plat ; S»t e. verb. Ham. Sopb. Xm.; At 

*™», Enr. J tnmp. Soph. ; rtr*, Horn. ; <((!t(, Hom. ; J, Hom. 

£ach. Si^. Tbuc ; ^X'l Horn, ; 'Art, Hom, Pind. Soph. Hdt ; 

(n), Rp. 8im), i. e. in the manner which, Hom. -, cXXan t. &r et 

nbj. Thoc. Xen. i tnfp, with or without &••, S^h. PlaLj 

'^, Xuh. Soph. Xen,; 'Anptl, Soph.i kSMnp, Ar. Hdt. 

Tfane. Xen. Plat. ; hwma. Soph. Eur. ; aCw and olit, Hom. Hdt 

Thnc Xan. ; eUirtp, Soph. Hdt ; ^mifn, c. gen., e. g. to do ai 

■n innit, tr ti^u Iriipflia tsm?', Dem. ; to oome u an enemj, 

tr tH,u txBpov tkBtir, etc. Dem. 
At if, AmI, Hom. Soph. ; impti, So[Ji. Ear. PUt laoe. ; iMi. 

npA, Plat ; aOMrepb^l, Plat 
Aitc. htarrt, c gen., e. g. a* to nnmben, r\ifimit bcin, etc. 

fv^fa. Ear. I Imkh, c gen, Hdt. Plat 
Sofiir at, atcorda^ at, lOSIb, Plat Ariit 
Ai wett at, itir, anfwmd bj )). e.g. je are enperior ai well in 

wiidam aa in fighlin^, ir*pl ftty fieu/^g tifi r lore fiix<«^ 

Atidlat ponO/r, {, rx (and I, rri, Horn.}, c. inperl. Hom. 
Xen. Hdt, c. nbat e.g. ai qoickl j- ai poMible, $ti t^xoi, Hdt ; 
it, t. miftri. Hdt Omn. Alt.; tni, c. anperi. Thsogn. MtcK, 
or c gen., aa, p> at &at ai yau can, niirti tmi witm (ic 


fx"*), ,£ach. i tveii, c anperl. SopL Xen. and e. nibat rdx»i, 

(ut anpra), Sopb. Xen. ; i, c. luperl. Xen. 
Al, adj., like the Latin qualit, oloi, often aniwering TWsi, Omn. ; 

Hirot, when aniwerjng tAtoi, Omn. ; iweiBi, anawering ToSw 

(and Att. Hom.), Hom. Sopb. Eur. Xen., otirrtp. Soph. Hdt 

A«LflBtid», (the tree that piaduMi), ali^uii'. Soph. Ar. Hdt. 
J'ttpoFtd wifii luo/atiJa, g-iXfivTii, At. ; tTtvAfm/iiret, Philox, 
IOMM&d,'dt4<alni,teiiaea fromfiJo, fut-£4e'a/uu,aor.l.-(*ir- 

mlri)Ii',(fut.andaar. l.act ni>tUBedinIrani.JpFrf.-<'Si)Ka; aor.2. 

-JSjiy, opt Bohr, eU;.,ai if from ^fiiiG. ace. or prep. Horn. Hea. 

£nT. Ar. Thuc. Xen. etc. ; fltHrigaim, Horn. ; ir^ax"!"^ Sat. 

-aAffovfui, aor. 2. -^AMor, by lync. -^^flof, perf -t^ii^BBt^ 

Ham. ,£uh. Soph. Enr. Xm. ; 'oirataliv, c ace. aometiaea c- 

gen. Hom. Ear. Hdt Thuc.; ttOnifu (-Vku), aoc. 2. put. 

(Ccron^, c ace Horn. ; 'Irfyni, only prei. and imperC lni|nw. 

Ear. ; 'Irt^riCtt, augm. •(, no perf. Ar. ; 'twtpiiifilCM, Xen. ; 

■brtpaipt,, no perf. Xen. ; rpottrMalim, Xen. Plat Cnn. t 

iffirtifu (— ffni), part. -aJw, no fat c, gen., of a ttar ascending 

hesTen, Theoc.; Mripxoiiai, Xan. i vparfofnt, Hdt. Thnc 

See Thnniaf. 
TVi nal« Id usieaif, 'SrUafrH, and the other compoundi of 3afni, 

in fut and aor. 1. act Horn. Hdt; 'irUltiifp, Hdt Xen.: 

MtitftHfs, ThoG. 
To naie to atecud in turn, iriiiifiti{m, Xan. 
Wkidi ton £• aiomdtd, ilM^itt, or, Hom. 
Dtffknll to be aKxnded, tutiiMrrtt, or, Sim. 
AMMicLamy, npoi, to, £ich. Hdt Plat See Ii^bimet. 
7b kavt a pnat owBiduw^ om- a perUM, iiiyiiror h oiJf U iW I 

ri^idTiyi, Hdt 
AaMsduit, (to b« in the aacendant), ir«p'x*, v- S- '^'X^'t 

Awont, 'JWtedru, Mf, ^ and po«L V- Hdt Xen. 

To awartain, iicrvreiyttuu, fut -tniiroiiat, aor. a -^-th/ttr, 

= perf. -ir^nvfioi, etc, Hmn. SopL Eur, ; ifipfffm, fut tipiim, 

etc., BU'. 2. •tpw, aoT. 1. pan. lip/Vqr and q Vi ^t- <">d' >■> V"- 

•eoa- riptropH, Omn. ; 'Sxpitim, Ear. Xea. ; «dTll^ ai <ii», fut 

-fiSgimua, BUT. a -4'iAu', Hdt Xen. Plat ; wifi^tttOim, 

tat. -M^iofuu, aor. S. -tfJUor, Hdt 
DifficaU to oacertoia, Jtln^oi, JEieh. ; SufK&TtfiOAro', o', 

laoc ; 'JbftHp^o'i <"■ Thuc 
To awoibo, 'AKtvTs, no perf. c. dat pen- or e. p«p. Horn. Eur. ; 

'dvlrthi^ aor. 1. -^tifm, perf. ^rMeuro, ate, aor. 1. foat. 

-«T»i|», Ham. Ear. Tbuc l»oe. Dem. etc. 
7b aicr^ roerf llmg to a 6od,nirTl ^Ivdehv ^iM> IrwtfrWiiHf 

" b—fTiiiKu), Pind.; twl^^^ »»bi Twl, Plat Dem.i 
' B, fnt -ofo-o, aor. 2- -^HTirav, aor. 1 . k'fp'^ Hdt Thuc. 

, iriTiAoTlfofuu, mid- Dem. fachin. 

7b tucriSe homo- to a ptnoii, lUHfui, rqi^, etc, W/m> Tin, ,£wb. 

Soph. Eur. 
Let DO ate atarilm Uu iDinynrftMi/jVM^iiATUiFyiC'rtof rnrSalj 

TDtV «fwr Jr ip^, £achin. See 7b imptla. 
Oft mm ateribe, 'ttiBrrio*, Plat. 
Ai^ fuAlo, Hom. Hea. 

Aihan, fulAIni, Hom. i ;MA(t»t, Theoph.; fuAnn«4>,Ap- Rh. 
AahM, lira, ui, ii, Hmn. Theoc. i KoVfo, in pi. Hom. ; ovotla, 

Hom Eur. ; •ttMoi, <often of the dead), 4, Hom- ,£ach. So^ 

Eur. Hdt ; riippa (often of the dead), Horn. Enr. Ar. Plat 
The aika of the iaia, (aibet inatead of men, which had onse been 

men), ini^at lin^ntp, .^Kh. Set DmH. 
Milled teilk adm, icOrviirt^i, or, Ar. 
,^aiajfti»«f.<n'(*ioi, Simon.Aniorg.j awoBtwiS^i, Hipp. ; "<ip«, 

Ariat; t/^imj, Hipp. 
Baiad « oa^ inratfnis, mi, Diphil. 
7b oDwr idii aOet, lOfraTi^fim, Ariat ; lo roait in aahea, vwa- 

ili'£o>. Plat -, otoIMh, Hipp. 
To raiMK lo alia, i/iaMinB, Hom. ; 'itMtm, Horn. £ach. 

Theoc. ; <niraii,aB&^, Ap. Rh, ; to buni to, owoJIfw, Ar. 
^ b« uhMOOd, oBJa/ioi, mid. fat -iroiWi, aor. 1. ^iaiy, 

before, c ace pert, c infin^ more rarely c. port Hom. Pind. 

.^•ch. Soph, Xen. ; oJSo/«i, mid. only fma. and impetf. Hom, 

«(eh. Eur. ; aiSoiuu, pee*, mid. Horn. ; alirxttoiuu, pat. c. &t 

mid. c. nut when one doet the thing of which one ii aihamed, 

0. iofin. when one doei not do it, Hom. £tA. Soph. Ar. Thuc. 

Plat laoc. i twpMaiim, Soph. Em. ; traiOxiniMt, SmA. Soph. 

(for ftupT 


I. Eur.; tArwffx^fuu, 

Hat. Xen. PlaL; kAtmS^^uu, 
Soph. Ikk. 
7b £10 aaiamed ot a ^aag beftm a wnM, '^OwauryiinfAai. c. gem. 


To bi ttaediaglg atiamtd, 'Cwtpiu^iniim, ^tchin. 

J am oiiaiiwrf oflJiiK Ihiiigi, tovtii Si* aSfX^' ^"t ^"f- 

0» niHt tie aiiamed, aSajiyrTtiir, Xcn. 

Athora (to run a ihip uhore), ic^AAct, ur. 1. -KiKaa, both 

tniiL and intnni. Hom, JE.Kh. Soph.; MtJAAv, both tnuu. 

and inlnni. Horn. ; MXXm, b«tli trani. and mtnna. onlf on*. 

and aor. ]. fiKtiXa, Eur. HdL Thnc Xen. ; ifuiiXXii, tMh 

tram, and intnuu. jEKfa. Ear. HdC Itoc; tnicHiXm, Hdt. 

That. 1 •SrSffSdC", only act. Xen. 
To pal me aiion at Pfht, i^aaai fu niXwft, xb mt. I. ^ura, 

7b (■ drim aJare, rtfMwn, fut. -irnroifiai, aor. 2. -tnaer, 

Hdt. ; M^cn^uu, pau. anJT prei. and imperf. c <f, Hdt. 
AlU, 'Acrfo, .EKb. X<D. ; 'Avit, ftet, 4, Mtc^i. 
Adatla, 'AiriaTa7tH)t, laf, iGuh. fam. 'Atriitt, itSot, 4, .£*cli. 

Eur. ; 'kattfra, Soi, 4i 'Gjch. 
Alidei rifiif, Horn. Ar. ; TipSuKlll^, Horn. h. Ap. Rh. ; haOa, 

Ham.; \ii[pi'^T, Hom. StuSHe. 
Dmed atidt, Anfti, Tjrt. Theog. Ap. Rh. 
Ailnliia, Snios, At. 
Ik Uk (a qunlion, «tc.), Iptilrm, and mid. only pm. and imperf. 

c. act either of per>. or cei, or t. gero.aa:.Hom.j iitpttlim, Hom. 

Ap. Rh, 1 Jpfo, foE. /p^oMfuu, aor. 2. Itpitiiir, Horn. Soph. Eur. 

Thnc Plat, i dfM/iai, only pm. and imperf. Hom. ; tftritt 

<Ion. poet tip.\ c. ace or gem. ace. Hom. Soph. Thuc. Dem. etc ; 

'irtfuriti, Hnm. Hdt. Xen. ; fvraAAils, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; wri- 

ttiuu. Mil; pm. Imperf. uid fat Hom. Ha. Pind. £«ch. Soph. 

Ear. ett. ; titfpofui, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; ii'pi-, Hom. ; i^ipaftai, 

Horn.; 'irdpofiai, fut -fp^ofui, aor. 2. -i||i<l;«)ir, Horn. Soph. 

Eat. Xen. Flat. ; twitpaaai, only In fuL and aor. 2. Soph. Eur. 

HdL Thnc Xen.; irwHnfiai, fut. Ttin/uu, no aor. 1. aor. 2. 

tirM^i)!', Hom. Att. ; IvTafiv, c. gem. ace .^Kh. Soph. Eur. 
ir gem. ace. or c. act per*, and prep. 

I. Plat. ^Khin. 
7b oil rn n^wii (in reply), irrtlfo/uu, HdL X*n. ; irrfpatim, 

FlaL Dem. 
7b ott beiida, wpaiipo)iat, PbL ; Tpanpvria, Xen. PlaL ; 

■pofactpoT^, Plat 
7b out <10Mrt()r, 'Snpirriti, PlaL 
7b oat, (i.e. Rqaeit, beg), nhit, c aee. rei, c gem. aec, c. aoe. 

rei and pnp. Hom. Theog. Soph. Thuc PlaL, in paii, de peri, c 

iufin. Pind., de re, Thuc; olTlftg, c. ace. or c gem. ace only 

pre^ Hom. ; llarria. Soph. Eur. HdL Dem. Ai^fipho. 
7b oA ietuUt, iwarriit, Horn. Soph. ; Tponur^, and (imply to 

aak, Pind. MkW. Eur. HdL Xen.; y[fii*t '">'- "• tf"- t^', 

aometimea but rar. e. occ. ni, only pm. and imperf. HdL Jjch. 

At. ; lo aik in retum, invriti, Thnc, 
Ow iBi«< aik, (lee aboTe), Iftrtiftiow, AritL ; irncriaii, PlaL ; 

ahirrlor, Xen. 
An aAag, tpinuio, Stoi, ri, Thuc PlaL; tfAnfim, «h, 4, 

PlaL Xen. ItM. ; afrirvir, »t, Hdt. 
Alkuue, adr. Aot^" Aofi, SoL Anac Theoc; 'Braeklfinr, h. 

XiJ{fi tufioTL, Ap. ilh. 

7b &ail onfaBus al, rtptiiXKhnt, nn perf. c (Ii, Enr. 
Aalut, rXirftat, a, or, and or, or. Thnc Xen. PlaL 
AlUep, rt^ui, 0, Of, and bt, w. Soph. ; half aalNp, ^umi, or, 

EupoL See Slaipiiig. 
J%e hauing a limb iu/«p, ittfm;, ArllL 
Tit Jail aiaep gndaaily, '(tnniirTifia, PlaL 
An up, iirrli, Ahii, if, Hdt. AruL 
Afptngni, lirfdpiYai, Cratin. 
AipMt, S^u, •», 4, Horn. Find. JEach. HdL Thuc PlaL; 

tfiso^a, Pind. Soph. Enr. 
7b ilotM Buk and imi oa a^tel (of a hoate, etc), rp^a/uu, e. 

ijni and gen., c. rpht and gen., c vpkt and ace Hon. Hm, HdL 

Thuc, 1 'iMrrrimifuu (perf, -Wrrofuu), e x^ and ace. Xfq. ; 

dprfv, c- irfibs and ace, Xen. ; 'AroffA^, c. rp^ liiid ace HdL 
Tka MpMi-tiwe, iHpicli, Am, 4, Arot. 


Hdt. Ifoe; TitfUi, Dem.; x'^'^^'i ■)'"», 4. PlaL Xen. 


To aipene, alTi^/i^ii^iai, mid. c aor. 1. paa. in acL teru. c ace 
pen. and daL cam: Find, Thuc Xen. PlaL Dem.; tiAScUAv, 
wrf. -jSMAqita, etc Sc^. Enr. HdL Theoc. Dem. Se« 7b 
U<iia>,7: ' ' 

/ijfufu, M», 4, S.tck. Ear. Ar, Xen 


Ajplult, IfffoAToi, 4, HdL 

A^haltio, diT^oAT^i, AriiL 

A*rkodal, ia^tKt,, d ical 4, Horn. 

Alplratod (of a vord marked with the aipirate), Kaht, AiiaL 

To aapiTata, Uairu, Cjnunm. 

To a«pdm, fUar^wdfuu, mid. c aor. 1. put. Xen. PlaL 

AljdntiOB, &Kia, Soph. See AabitiiM, Dam. 

An ut, tuts, i Kol 4, Omn. ; ittSiai, Ar. 

Q^or MoH^tiifr <a oa aa, Crtiai, Ar. 

7b drive ojia. jtHiUvfo, Ar. 

^pqAdnjs, ov, Deoi. 


I, Hdt. 

A merifict o/aau, inv-pdyla. Call. 
To MMil, iyxtiiuu, fiiL -aiioxfioi, c daL Ar. HdL Thuc Dem., 
in «onli, 'dmn'r^irrot, c. <ii, JEichb. Sea 7b atlaet. 
AwillahlBi Ari'Spofui, w, Hom.i ^^x«"> -r, Hdt. Thoe 

. >jU<vv(usi, jEich. Soph. Eur. See MmrJtrw. 
ita, KTefm, Omn. ; aaltw, do perl act. .£*cli. Soph. 
See 7b vianiiir. 
Am ninatiBn, ^hii, Omn. See JVunJer. 

JjMOlt, 'iXpif, MM, 4. IiBC l>em. .£whin. ; a ilighter aiirt, 

aUitL, Lyi. Dem. ; oLiifffiii, Dem., on a city, rtixofablo, HdL 
An action Jbr an OMiaaU, Jfi^fil 'utpitti, Dem. OiatL ; Sunt aLctas, 


'. Dem. 

Lyt. ; 'Wpffii, c. ace Hom, Soph. Enr. 1 

Itoc. ; trOcisiiJiia, c prep. Ar. Plat. 
7b ouiuuV a cHj), rnxoi^x^"' "''■ caa- Thuc Xeo. 
7b airry bg aiiaiill, 'irafirdCaiiiu, mid. EuT. HdL 
Bf a—aalt (ai taking a town by auault), ^atttX, Tkue ; fA-A, 

■i»i jcpiroi, Thnc Xen. 
To nmnj, Soidfuifn, Thue Xec, PUL Dem. ete.,bymeana offire, 

rCp^ Ariit, See 7b ptmt, To try. 
JJM7, nifo, 4, Eur, Ar, PlaL Xen. See Trial, 1'roof. 
To aaaemUe, (of people, etc, of inanimate ihinn, aee 7b eaUa±\ 

act^ ioAAl£i>, aor. 1. poeL UUuro'a, Hom. ; fy.rrt^C'f'*\ mid. 

Horn. ; 'irftlfa, (perf. paM, red. ir^r^pfa*! Horn.), Hom, Pind. 

Soph. Enr. Thuc Xen.; Mylf^, Hom.; atmlr/tipm, Horn. 

HdL PlaL Inc. £w:hin. ; aor. Z uiu. c red. -^(r/rYmi, no perl 

Hom. Soph. Enr HdL Tb'ie Xen. Dem.; niAAfTH and afuu, 

mid. Horn. Eur. HdL Thuc Xen. PlaL Dem. ; ovydUio, bL 

-KoXiaa, perf, -x^vAquo, Horn. Mich. HdL Thne Xee lux. 

Dem. ; 'SBpalCi. Eur. HdL Thnc Xen. PUL ; atraSfolia, Ar. 

Xeo. PUl ; mT/tpatr TDi^dpu (oTfuraE), HdL 
7b anmiSU, intrana. iyifiojiai, only pre*, and imperf, Hom. ; 

irt*pi9aitai, onl]r prta. and imperf. Hom. ; 'irfOfiojitu, mid. Hom. 

HdL ; 'i.yilpBiuu, mid. and paia., perf. pAu. IrytrfPfot, aor. 

2. mid, pan. aync. irfpAiayat, Hom, ; Mtyt^u/uu, mid.andpaai. 

Horn. Pind. ; crIMlvdfnfw, Hom. ; iouifnfiu, paii. Horn, and the 

mid. and paaa. of nu»t of the active Terba. giren above ; atniiu 

i-Um) parL -liw, imperf. -j/tir, Ep. -4ia, Alt. -ija, no fuL 

Horn. HdL Thuc ; rMorifioi, pua. c a«. 2. and perf. and 

pluperf. acL Eur. Thuc Xsu. laoe; rDrfyxi"', fol, -«At& 

ao/uu, aor, 2, -^MBm^ nan, by lyne qAhw, pof, mid. nau. e 

red. -f>Jrrfi9a, Thne Xen.; Tfotfitt, fuL -ftiaeiuu, HdL; 

irw4K«,onlf prei. and imperf. Thuc Xan. AriaL; around, ^fi^dt- 

■Y'lpvitat, mid. in aor. 2. e ace Hom. 
7b ajBRiMe bttidei or infl olier^ wi^imiKXiTaiim, mid. and pan. 

7b aaoM* hn fi^it, menrrofitt and -o^w, mid. £*di. Ear. 
AlMmhlod, iniiytpiit, in pi. Hom. Ap, Rh. ; j/itrj'JIpjp, Pind.; 

doAAl)!, Horn. So^.; iipdtt, Hom. Find. Eni. Tbuc Xen.; 

IwKAirrat, ar, Eur. 
One uAo a tmni fn , aeL oiit*7«fT*it, Lya. 
An a«MmblT, '27^', wof, b, Horn, 1 'At^u, «», 4, Horn. Ebt. ; 

ilJri^'^, ft, 4, Hom. h. Find. £wh. Eur.i dr>|M, Horn. Enr. 


Hdt. Th. DoL He. ; ^BKOt, H. Hdt. ; ^q/ui, «w, 4, Horn. ; 
rariryfipa, mm, J>, Find, ijch, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Iioc. 
PULDem.; 'oepaiOfu, Otk, £ui.; ainoSoi,^, Eur. Hdt. Thuc, 
Xnu Itoc Dtm.; iiioJa, JEach. IldL; ciKXoyos, Eur. llAt. 
Thuc Xen. PUt. Dem. ; JuKAigo-fo, np. in legal n political 
' "■ "■ . Xen. Dem.j 'IAib, Hdt. D«m.i 

Thuc Xen. 


I, Ap. I 

i, Eur. 

J ■ a m n iV j i)i n^pib, mmrfopia, Eur. 

rie ;iJii(« afniaetimg n aoemWy, 'Srop^ !!■>>■>• Eur, Thnc etc 

T9 ^Mk n a» aarmbbi, r&nri^Ifi^ Imc ; *1» to meet in u- 

•embly, «b»^ gr <» ir<i>.w, Hdt 
To kcid an aM Km i lf (ait in auembly, or ctcd act. to nunmon to 

UKmblf), iMK/,iiini{m, imparf., bolli JiucAi)aiafDv ud /(tiAii- 

riaCfr, Ar. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
Bdaigug lo a» nnemNf, nirrryOp'tit, Inc. ; iucXiiaaurtiKit, Dcm. 
A taemAtr ofiAe aaatbiy^ iitKkjjirarT^s, PIkL 
AMtnt, avrx^fl''!, «», i|, Pla. ; aiyfSia, Plat. 
To unnt, ^imW, MnuitimM c use. ni, Horn. Pind. Eur. Xen. 

PUt. ,£Khin.; nifrinia,, Hotn. Pind. Hdt. Plat; tOrifmiu, 

BO perf. c gen. of what ii uid, Sopb. ; rifipii/ii, aba. and t. dat 

£Kh. Sopb. Eui. ; atrrwaria, fiit -iiru, and -^nt, Xen. 

Dem. ; atrirroftiti, c dat Iioc. Lyi. 
7b jm H aMa atti n g , trffrrrlniat, Ariat 
Tb aorf naait, mmiti. Soph. 

7b apM^ oHnl jy a atiM, JnvfwUai, Ham. Ap. Rh. 
Tb BMwt iett m^ (of ambignou* oiacla), irifisdfiibvliai, Ariat 
To aMOt, fi)^ no perC Omn. ; lax«pli'>l'^ nid. Thuc Flat. ; 

lilrxifiCoiHu, mid. Plat Dent ; Matia, Pbu. ; SiWtCaiiJofuu, 

mid. Dem. 
n aatrl logelia; atylaeipairaiai, mid. £Khia. Sae Ta tag. 
UmimIIwi, Aityof, Omn. ; ^Msl, Omn. ; M{ii, (of, i), ^ich. 

Soph. Ear. ; ^i^iia, irrai, rb, Soph. Eur. Plat j ipiaa, «M, *, 

Plat Arut 
To iMMt, riffim, t, aec of MTinenI, dat of penon to paj, Thuc 

Xeo. Dem. £acliin. ; rvrriirini, Dem.; a-M-rffnla/nii, e. ace. oC 

payment, c Avlp and gen. pfta.'Deii]. 

7b ooMi a pTGpgrt j r of jaal oa^ moI a Da^aa, ri^i^, c gen. prat, 
" entPlntDem. 

, Tj^Brrijcil, At. 

I leiere lie peaalig u OMCOaJ (not being 

filed by law), {'iyim, Btni, etc) Ti>«rroi, Dem. 
A gotnimmtnl aeaorttuy le a u t uia eml, ■niiapxln. Flat ; r^^ianpiiTfa, 

Plat AriiL 
BtUmgiag la Mci a yau t i nmmi, fiimttfl^'tiAt, Plat 
A» OMMUtor, rip^t, Hdt;D«ni. 
Am otaeHer ^/MSBubiuafi, T^iHfT, Plat 
Til iffiet i^iumaor, tifOfia^ Dem. 
To U amt—or, wiftlptim, Dem. 
7b itaih oBBaaor, vdpMUtfii, Dem. 
To aainanU, IitirxiipJCbtuu, mid. Plat Dem. 
AiddlitT, amiK), Pind. Jlich. Sopb. Enr. Thuc Xeu. Plat. 

Dent ttc; 'wirot, Oim.; hd/UKtia, Thuc Xen. Plat laoe. 

Aiddaeaa, ^IXAram, w, Soph. PUt Xen. Itoc^ ; rrwSaaTiakf, 

Plat; friiMhV, Ar. Xeu. Flat 
7b fa aaidatmt, rrmMCm, Soph. Eur. Xen. Flat Dem. ; f^tio- 

nri», e. act rei, Xen. Plat 
Anidtunaly, ^UKrw^m, Xen. ; nroHSafto, Xen. Plat j M- 

OAfitft, Ap. Rh. 
To uaigii, riim, Omn. ; irlyiiiM, Horn, j rpor^|ua, Find. ; Jplfo, 

caec rei, dat para, crc aec.peii.and prep. JEk){. Eiu.i'irorifui, 

Sopb. Eur. Dem. Plat; Mru/itUi, JEmiA. Soph.; wforriant, 

Hdt Thuc ; lOiririia,, Hdt Xen. Plat lioc Dem. ; tilW/ui, 

Hdt Thuc Xen. Plat Dem. ; lufliti, Xen. Dem. ; K&r^eplfo, 

Xen. ; tij^ufiifti, Plat ; 'tanitFrpin, Xen. i tiSftrTfUt, Xen. ; 

tfotwifui. Plat Dem. ; rl^ilitn/ii, Xen. 
7b OBB^ iaiproptrbi, iAXnrpura/Uv, PluL 
To aaa^ (y U, iwoAiipia, Plut Den. See To qfipOBK, To dit- 


■. meeting by night, nwnnvp^o, Eur. 


An Mitgnttton, i. e. an uaigning or diaCribnting, nS/Ti^itf^a 
»i, 4, Epioir. 

To aMLullaU, bm, oidy prea. and impetf. Horn. ; ttviai, ddIj 
prea. and imperf. Hom. ; ufat^ifti, fut -slew, nor. 1. -^rrpia. 
Bar. 2. -iirtytuiii, etc. Find.; ■n\iim, Oist in Hdt; A^uHAt, 
Eur. Thuc Plat Dem. ; ^o^uwfog. Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. ; w/M(- 
tuutjw, Eur. Xen. ; rpotaiioiiM, Dem. ; 'ttfiofui^ Plat ; T^A^ 
<F.J.. PUt; ^uotfoi, Xen. 

AaitmilBt^in'i i/iMavu, mt, 4> Plat ; wifoiieitfva, ap. of lyl- 
lablea, aa in ihyme, Ariit 

To anlit, 'U,/{w, fnt 'JUtt^sv, aor. I. act -qD'o, fut mid. 
(U^ofuu, and aor. 1. mid. ^Aif^qv, c dat Hom. Pind. Soph. 
Xen. ; Ma^, Hom. ; 'ipfiy, c. dat., no pBi£ Hom. Pind. 
.^Kh. S(^h. Eur. Udt Xeu. t*tpky^, Horn. £ach. Soph. 
Xeu. 1 Arliaup^, c dat Horn. Hdt Thuc Xen. ; h^VMi, mid. 
anr. 3. ivriiaiw, c dat Hom. ; Mniiu, fut Miati, etc, no pert 
c ace Hom. ; iriftiiH (-clrcu), c dat Hom. Eni. ; ripfirrifuu, 
pea*, c aoi. '2. perf. and pluperf act c. dat. Horn. Hea. Est. 
Hdt Xen. Dem.; 'iiiiam, c dat only act in thia tenae, Horn. 
Eur.i hiiiibrm, Hom. Eui. Thuc. HdL Plat Dem.; wpofa/wnt, 
c. dat Uom. ; tnfKiw, fiit -irta, no perf. c dat aometimea e. 
ace and eren c. gen. Theogn. Sopb. Eni, Hdt. Xen. ; vpenvwAi, 
Soph. Eur. ; ii^Kia, c ace aometimea c dat Hdt Omn. Act ; 
itw^XU^ Sq>h. Ear. Flat Dem.; :i6flkySyri>iiai, fvt. -■r'ri- 
BBioi, aor. 3. -eytnffuiv, e. dat ,£uh. Ar. Udt Thnc ; Tdpo- 
artirin, c dat £>ch. Ear. ; mitf/i-xiti, c dat Soph. Eur. Xen. 
Plat; aviiMtfairrirrtii, ,£ach. Eur.; fiotfiia, c dat £acb. 
Thuc Xen. ; ifHir^prrii, c. dat Sopb. Eui. Lya. ; ^^k jot, 
Eur.; inipfTiv, c dat Soph. Enr. Hdt Xen. Dem. etc.; 
PoiiSpaiiiit, only act £ur. ; 'iftvySBia, only infin. 'ifiiwISiai in 
thii lanie, c dat So|di. EuT. Ar. ; miAAi^iCtni, fut, -X44>o/uii, 
aor. 2. -OJUor, c dot pen., c gen. rei or prep. ,£tch. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat luc Dem. i ruftSofiw, tat -fi^/uu, aor. 
2. -Mi)r, perf. -■Mqaa,partDfteaeant-Cf<^, iiira, etc.,^t 1. 
and aor. 1. actnotiued in Ihiiaenae, Soph.; T^Mi pJ n, c dat Soph. 
EuT. Hdt Thuc Xen. Plat Dem.; tfotXafittim, Ar. Flat 
Xen. ; MSmfiUi, c dat Hdt Thuc Xen. ; ir^mCWicilwfuu, 
mid. c. dat pen. gen. rei, Hdt Plat ; Mimxi", Thuc ; sviir 
liix'f^. mid. fiit 2. -/utx"^«^ aor. 1, -wiiair, c. dot Plat 
Xen. ; iacrii, e, dat Match. 

7*0 imUfir^, irpvrliutpiit, c dat Thuc 

7b aiait beddti, ■rfi>rTiiiitp4it, e. dat Hipp. 

T'o oMirf is mmn, irritotfiim, c dat Thuc Xen. Plat ; itrt- 
riKovpitOy e. dat Xen. 

7b aurcA ami to aaut, intoifiiia, Hdt ; Tpotlaifiim, Tbuc Xen. 
c pnp. ^i and occ loci, Hdt 

7b T^titt to ojBit, 'diraiiMu, c dat Eur. See lb i«^, To aid. 

Who OBjfit lo bt am^td, it^t.ifri^', Xen. 

Oae a^ to ettiti, 'afoinia, and ior, c dat Soph. Xen. ; ^- 
STrrtar, c dat Dem. ; ir*tkirriBr, c dat. Xen. ; 'ooiifMAiiT^, 

AMlttUtM, KXm^, only in n«n. Hom. Fmd. b. Eur. ; iXxJ), 
Horn. Pind. Hea. Soph. ; 'Hfff^ Hom. ,£ach. Soph. Plat. ; 
trtap, Aral, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; f^i^M, To, Hom. Sopb. ; 'tprifit, 
MI, i, JEici. Soph. 1 ipKtcit, tat, % Soph. ; iripKtira, Soph. 
Eur.; M, Muh.: it^niia, Sroi, ri, Muh. Soph. Eur. Xen.; 
A^A*ui and i^eAJo, Omn. Att ; intpixiiin, Jtroi, Soph.; 
'(MTB^IXii/ia, Ear. ; rfotmfixttait, (wi, 4, Soph. ; JwbcDupla, 
Mtch. Eur. Hdt Thac Plat; irUBiptKnt, c gen. rei. Ear. 
Phxt; htiKBiyitim, 4ret, Xen,; irpoi«linj. Soph.; ^ifitm, 
Thuc Xen. Dem. ; MH>^ 1^*; Aiitt ; iwiptiyii, Ap. Rh. 


Bg de aai^tmee of, tirrrri, Horn. Hea. 

Mataai amitamai, 4 mp' ^AAijUi)' tOtBfla, laoe. 

An aaalftant, 'S^i^mif, ofos, t, Horn, ; 'if^ymr, orai, t kbI i, 
Hom.; twi^iyriip, Hom.; loomrHlp, ^i, Horn. Ap. Rh.; 
iwh4^ii6ct, Horn. Orac op. Hdt ; ifityin, i ml 4, Hom. Trog. ; 
MfNryii, Hixn. Eur. ; ifioirioi, Hom. AJ. Ap. Rh. ; ifioinit, 
Dv, Hom. ; irtifi^6pas, JEach. ; wHftaiifoi, Enr; ouU^mip, 
-opoi, 0, ,£>ch, Eur. Fkt Antipbo. and lem. ovAA^rfHO, 
Xen.; iriMpar>4i, h. ctrtpyinit, ev, i, Sopb. Eur. and fern. 
ffvt/tpydnt, ZBoi, Eur. ; fio^tpdftBt, Eur. ; //Vfurpdrrmp, opor, d, 
Hdt Xen. ; ftrSrfarurriii, oE, Plat laoc Dem. ; jSe^Ai, Hdt 
Thnc Xen. f«n. ffwtpitCTttpa, Ap. Rh. 


Tblaittuan atnktmt, mitJ^iiSim, fiit. ^X^/ioi, nor. 3. -iXi- 

AulitlnB, (i 

(numy o( ih* foili 

10 uaed m luhitsn- 
, , , „ „ , Horn. Soph. Eur. 

; M^^hBb), or. Ham. Ha. JEnb. ; 'lO-aXxoiuinlts, 

not, onij tem. Horn. ; ^>/wAjd}T, (ouittiiTg one aide in battl«), 

Horn. JEKh. ; aSripiBai, or, Horn. At. Pl>t. Ap. Rh. ; lviryb%, 

hr. Find. .£>ch. Soph. EuT.Thuc; coS^t, Find. ; Boiiiicf,ov, 

Piad. CilL Tbeoc. ; iHis-'/uii, w, Sapb. ; airt/rfat, ok, Find. 

Kur. XfD. Plat Dcm. ; Bvntpiiuas, or. Call. 
£bjgi to i« atniUd, tHiifiirroi, or, AritC. 
To ■Itocitte, act. rwnAX^int, c. Kcc. uid dal. £uh. ; Ari{l>- 

riojuii, mid. Ap. Rh. 
Tb aaodale mtih oaetel/, TpoKTiufilfa^iiu, mid. Hdt. ; vpot- 

mpioiiai, lor. 2. -tiArffiiiv, Hdt. Xen, wid with anather, c, ace. 

and dat. Thnc. Sec To toate, OofHua. 
To auociaU iciii, AfuKdtt, c. d&t. Ocnn. ; rpoifl^iIA^, c. dnt. or c. 

rpit and ace Theogn. Eur. Thuc. Xcn. Plat, eic j oSi'iiUuiira'tt, 

and ofBi, pau. c. dal. Snph. Eui. ; *Ai|<ri^ia, c. daL Soph. Xcn. 

Plat luc. ; xi^rtioiiai, mid. c. Jr, Thuc ; rpotfraiplfdfiai, 

paat. Plat j rfoiipx'/ua, fut. -»A«*irofi«i, aor. 2, -JtXMw, perf. 

mid. -<A.^AtiAii, c Tpii and ace Dom. : ipifoiuu, mid. c i-pii 

and ace Plat. 
An HWelata, jTaUpDi (Ir^f, Ep.), Omn.; in fero. ^olpa and 

krifa, Horn, h. Sapph. i.d. one belonging to tha aama ouo- 

dation ; irvrrtKiit, Dem. Sec Comptutum, 
All kMOeultUm, abr^iiia, Muii.; Iraipfia and Iroififa, Hdt. 

Thoc.Plul.Iwe.Deni.; rb iraifilniif, Tbuc. j ffSraioi, ^, Thuc. ; 

mnn-iXfio, Pint. Deni. 
To Mwnt, SiSTffti^ aor. 1. -^ijkb, perf. act. Ttftiita, etc., aor. 1. 

paaa. -uiBrtr, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Plal. See Arrangi. 
Ill tUOrtllMllt, n/Mjr/h. Thuc. S«o CaUietum. 
To MMUgO, tUTtrriiit, Ham.; tiv^ Honi. Ssph.; ic«/ii«, 

Horn. Soph. ; m^, no perf. act. Omn. ; irovf (fw, Soph. Eur. 

Xen. These.) cvynMUrrStiai, aii. Eur.; rSpiSihyti, .Xich. ; 

to be BMuaged, Ktiiiai, fiit. mlo'o^uu. Soph. 
DjffietUt to U atmagid, SvnripiSeXxToi, or, Mvii. 
Ts ***■"" (an appearance), ifrBiiioiiai (mid.) Wb rh eji^fOL, 

2b oaiuM HI foffic, 'ewrteii/u, aor. 1 . -Wijif a, perf. -Jrittun, etc, 

aor. l.paM.-fW^Tii', Plat.-, 'OroAi^iLv, Hdt. Plat. Xen. Itoc 
7b omDH, i.e. to la; down an aiiumption, rftnp AtJ/i^ui, Aiiat. 
7a oome iogtUar mik, otrtmrriBtiuu, mid. FlaL 
7b oniinu beiida, xpBtwapl(a, Aiiil. 
7b mutmi b^ofdaud, tpotrirohaiitim, fuL -X^ifufuu, no aor. I . 

act, aor. 2. -i^ilor, perf. -tfJii)^ Ariil. 
7f u omniMJ, impera. '^lintTai, Plat. Dam. 
0» mtit amme, \iiirrior, Pkl. ; bnBtTitv, Plat. 
Ow niul aoMu baidts, TppiXiprtior, Ariit. 
An awniaption, 'Iir69iffii, tvs, ii. Flat. ; rpdiXirfu, hh, 4, 

Plat. 1 Xvivia, arot, tI, Ariit 
.^ /ali» amaaftum, (an aaaumption of one thing instead of another 

which ii requirad), iini\ifiia, Ariic, 
AanuanM, rlmu, £>ch. Hdt. Thiie Xen. Flat. ; Tiorir, Xich. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; ritrritiia, Atoi, rh, uiu. in pi. £tch. ; 

flrtoutnii, -rrroi, ii, Thne. Sea /Vomite, Oonfidemtt. 
A anaiti ammiHa HMtan, mt, 4, Thoc. 
To aHnra, hrxopKoiua, Thoc. Plat. See To aaert. 
Ainiradlr, irlUpa, Ham. Find. .£ich. Soph. Eur. Xen. Antipho. 

See Cirtaiitfy. 
An utniik, tumfiaimt, Onmm. 
AtUuu, i^imna, Hipp. 
AatLmatla, if9i*rooi, «n, Hipp, ; hftkrwniiKit, Hipp. ; amfii- 

tIoi, au, Hipp. ; uytviiArMrit, Hipp. 
Aitim, ■'p£)irT|0(i>, Horn. S.k)\. Ear.; Tpf^irMtr, Ap. Rh. 
To utoniali, JirrAlia'a^, aor. 2. paaa. uau. i^rri'Arfit*', ^"1 alao 

ittrXlbn', Horn. Soph. Eor. Hdt. Thnc. Xen. etc-, lAri- 

w^liaam, Horn. Thuc Ieoc. Xen. ; Wtwiiiaati, Eur. ; to be ai- 

toniihed, 'itTifuu, mid. fill, tytmnoi, and Ep. ayiiraoiiai, aor. 1. 

both +7{tBAi>' and trfi^aiiatr, or -airff., imperf. fryd^iji', Horn. ; 

3wi<^, Horn. PInd. ^ech. Soph. Eur. ; 3tifi«al», only in prei. 

b. ftovf^fai, Omn. ; 'Jtm-A^raofuu, pua. Soph. \ ^mrarX^fuu, 

paiL Hdt. ; emlhlieim, c dat. Plat. ; eiceedingly, 'Dnp^Bir/ulfs, 
HdL j 'i>wp,if\,1iinttiuu, pau. Xen. Sea To wWfl-. 

1, iirifirAi|ifTot, oil, So[rii. ; iriTiirAtlE, ^t, Lya. 

Aatanlilmunt, 'Afit, Horn. ; ^1lv^u^ orot, Ham, Soph. Ear. Hdt. 

Xen. Plat. Dem. ; H^<". ri and i, Horn, Find, Sim. Ear. 

Thuc, Plat. 1 rifoi, ri, Horn. ; naTirXutii, ecu, it, Thuc. 
A pounr of lutotaAiig, cfMHrii, wi, 4, Ar. 
AitrtngBuey, 'emiinv^ii, u>, ig, Thenph. 
A«tTlngBnt (to the tatte), Ttfv^riii, ir, Xen. Plat. 
An utronomoi, iarpoXlrfot, Xen. ; lurrforiiiet. Flat. 
Araronomieal, ia-rpoH^aii, Plat. ; hrrfoKar/iKlij, Ariil. 
Aatronomj, iarpomfifa, Ar. Xen. Plat. ; hrrpcKoyia, Xen. 
Tb itudy attronom^, kff^parofiiu. At. Plat. 
Arander, Jtnttxa, Horn. } ITxB, HiHS. 
7b Aijb a luiM onader (punning on iti divitioni)i iiirridCm, 

An asylum (aflbrdlng an aijlnrn), y^r 'iiriAar ■wtfotrxi"', Eor. 

See Pe/iige. 
At, 'ri, c. dat. Omn. ; irfhs c dat. Horn. Soph. Xen. c ace Eur. 

Xrn. ; irafA t ace. or c. dal. Omn. j at the Tery moment ol 

danger, trap' airhr rir Klrtaror, Dtm. ; imT-i c. gen. a> to >hoot 

at. etc., Omn. ; ^ifl, c. ace Horn. Hdt. Tbeoe. ; '»rk e ace 

Horn. HdL Theoc ; 'iri c. gen., at at fint light, at CTcning, 

etc, .£>ch. Thue Xen. 
Al lit tiatU o/llie Gnda, ivirirrar Jhi' 'AxwWi Horn. 
Ath«ittlo«l, ^Utof, or. Plat 
AtLeniajL, 'Aftignuni, Omn. ; 'ArriNii, Xen. etc. ; 'ATTlnK&^, 

Ar. I fern. 'At01i, ftoi, 4, Eur. 
A little Athtniim, 'krvuciwr, aroj, Ar. 
Fold o/Ihe Alhtimau, ^'itMtinuot, Ar. Plat laoe Defn. 
Hating lh» AAenani, fuffiUhinuiii, Dem. I.Tcurg. 
InllitAihe%imfiiAvm,'KrrX<ms.^^-i 'Arrln^r, Alex. 
In tie Aliemm dtateii, ATrlaurrl, Dem. Atei. 
Ti, taie tiepart of lie AAetaaai, 'Atti«1(b, Thnc Dem. 
AHachmml to Athe<i$, 'Arrlicurpiii, Thue 
Made hi lie Atiemam/oMoii, 'A-rrlinnyT^f, Menand. 
Athani, 'ASijrv, Omn. 

Fnm Athem, 'Adirfi9tr, poet 'A9irae*r. 
At AHmt, 'AS^HjB-i, Omn. Att proie. 

An ktUata, 'aSKiftiip, Horn. \ UtXir^t, Pind. ; hnof^t, Plat 
Athistid, i.e. belonging to an athlete, UXtrriitht, Ariit ; ksnrrl- 

nil, Ar. ; TU/uwrrlicbs, Plat 
AtUetie (i.e. ttrons), tirxvpi', Aine. Hdt Omn. AtL Sea SItroiijt. 

I, jEach. 
ut, t 

AtlanUo, '2 

Atmoipliero, 'dJIfx^/l'Soph), Horn. Het.; J, Hdt Plat 

An atom, 'tnias, ii, pi. ri, nemocrilna Ariat 

To atona, 'iripjiiraa, no peif no paaa. Ham. HdL ; tW (I Ep., 
I Pind,), Sol. Tiag, ; fut rt™, etc. e ace of crime, dat. of 
penally, aometimei c. gen. of crime, wmetimea e ace of penally 
only, Horn. i£uh. Hdt; 'AvotW, Horn. .£tdi. Eur., and 
Itrorlro/tai in aor. ]. mid., c. ace of tha penalty, gen. of the 
crime, Horn. ; 'AiriiMiigfu, c. ace. of crime, dat of penon 
olfended. Ham. ; liirvrlra. Ham. ; nfifofpii, JEtch. ; \i~, perf. 
paaa. KiM/uu, etc. Soph, Ar, ; Jirrl'u, .Xach. Soph. Eur.; 

niJB, Plat 
To tnaie an yferiag 0/ 

Hdt Dem. 
Atonsmsni 'Aroira, ri, Horn. Pind. JEiib. Eur. HdL, ic 

aa adT. c. gen. Pind. Eoi. ete ; Tfrii, »f, 4, Ham. ; 

Pind. .fflich. Plat ; fialAi^nn, lerot, li, in pL JEtA. ; ■ 


(to the God), 'a^so-i^ 

Atoning (of aacriiicea), Xb^Ioi, or, Ap. Rh. See Erpatorf. 

Atroidoni, d'lrMoi, or, Horn. ; llJirCXoi, or, Hom. ; tuibt, Otnn. ; 
'Amt))i, Soph. ; of peraoni, a^Tirikcoi, or, Theogn. Soph. Eur. ) 
xiKovpyiii, br. Soph. Enr. HdL Thne Xen. Plat Dem.; nc- 
TOHp^it, ir. Soph. ; nijrro*.fu>s, or, £)ch. Eur. ; irovT^rpAfuu, 
or, jEach. 

AtrMionily, mtynlUaii, ^ach. ; Kilioiipyit, Antipho. 

Atrodty, vdrovprlo, £>ch. Soph. At, 

Atrophy, 'Ar^fo, Ariat 

Skt qfairritif,3Tpofoi, or, Xen 



To Ittaek, Hfioif&Y'iiu, Ear. ; rpaiwoUu, to aDOtliu, c d>L, (od 
-ofHH, mid^ W annelf, £ur. Ar. Hdt. Tbuc Xen. 

n oOiei atittdf to (a partj), irpatW^ui ^/uun-iir, c, Aax. at fttt 
pBH. irpatnt^ilfUti, c it Tor X|>i> c. ace. Dcni. ; 'Ir^n^ ^^uw- 
Ti» (li, e. Bcc. Dem. ; ^•fpo/uu irpii, c »eo. Dtni. 

To aUaei, iotnuu. (u blaoic Ktuchei), vyutlfiim, no fiiL etc e. 
dat Simon. Amorg. 

Tg oOaol a /lentn to otmlf, upoa^ahii raa rlf ifuu (mid.) Soph. 

Attuhsunt, ^ihlo, OmD. poit Ham. See Friaidllap, Lon. 

To ftttftck, ^ t ^ fi& x **!'^ lUL, —ftaxioofia* or —iciroiim^ Hom. ^ 
Uujg, no peiC Ham. ; J»pa^, c diiL Hum. ; iwt^iria, c, bcc. 
or t. giD. Horn. ; frtiiu (-if'nu), imperF. -ijior, fut. mid. ^iilira- 
|HH, ur. 1. mid. truurifoiy, c icc. or c dal. op c. prep. Horn. 
Piod. Mtcti. Tiau. Xen. ; i^v^tio pm , mid. and pau. c ace 
Horn. Hn.; i^vpfUUtf t- dot. Eur,; iw6pif^fiai^ mid. or paoi. 
■or. 2. 3 ling, br gjDO., ^irnpTO, cdat. Uom.; 3p^»i, nor. Z 
tSapor,!. iwi or Jvanddat. Iloni.,at>n inlarmilleni diieuo doe4, 
■ina cai. Soph.; impaiit, e. dal. Hhb. ; ir4fxi>lia', mul. fut. 
-ikiiireiuu, am. 2. -^Mor, luu. br ajnc. -^^Aor, pcrf. -^AMa, 
oHLCRd. -<A,4Ai)fti, c daL Uom. Eiu. Thnc.; ifindafuu, poH. 
e. sen. or c prep. Horn. ; lirrifx'l"'^ <■ dau or ace Horn. ; Tpoi- 
CuAoyioi, mid. either with weapon or wordi, c ace pen., dat. 
ioittum. Ham. ; Tpoif^AAii, no aor. 1. act., pnf. -^MXqjta, etc. 
c daUoTC pKp.oriineaa.£ich. Eur. Hdt, Thac. Xen. Item.; 
i'f'Xi', impeif. twtixim, fut. I^iff, no oor. 1., aot. 2. -nrxar, c. 
dat. or c prep, niirik and ace, irX and daL or aec Horn. Hdi. 
Thnc.; brBftoi, mid., in anj manner, hul eip, wit}i wordi c 
gen. Piod. Soph. Hdt. Thuc Dem. ; twurrfSntiia, c dal. Soph. ; 
tiiwl-wrm, tax. -wtaBufuu, no aor. I ., aor. 2. -^iiroy, prrf. -iri- 
•T«ra, Soph. Hdt. Xen. j hl^^, fuU -oJffa, aor. 1. -iSrr)™, 
mor. 2. V<T»w, line cai. Ar. } -ofuu, mid. c dat Hdt. Thuc 
Xen.; wf6ttitu, infin. ^^nu, pert, -i^, iaiperL -gfiv, poet. ^u, 
no other leniei, e. dal. or c spii and ace Xen. ; irjMi/ijlx'VO', 
fuL -iiaxlniiat, Ep. -40ffo/uu, All. -fiaxoii***, e "i^' and ace. 
Xen. ; irpoiTp^;icM, [uL -tfiaifimi. Do aor. 1 ^ aor. 2. -JGfiAfiar, c. 
wpif and ace. Xen. j trryi-Yroiiai, fut j/o^jffo^uu, no aor. I ^ 
•or. 3. -rrwiiiv, c dat Hdt Tbuc. ; ArlSaJw, fut and aor. 1. 
■ct not ued iDtraoa., fut -Aiffo/uu, aor. 2. -M;)*, part -Mi, perf. 
-tittim, part, often lync. -tttii, wro, Sroi, ale, c. ace. or e dat 
Thne Xao. ; Tfoirtrra, e dat Thnc. Xen. ; iriTirrM, c dat 
Thuc Xen.i tmtitiiaL, mid., aor. 1. -a^tfvVfi e. dat Hdt 
Thnc Xen. Iioe ; irirpixit, Thue Xen. ; irpot^iifoiuu, paw. c. 
dat ore prop. Hdt Thuc. Xen.; fncvi, e dat Thoc. Xen.; 
v^oilrra^uu, paia. c aor. 2. and poif. and plupar£ act c 
■*lAt and BCC. Plat ; 'txp'^'i Plot' i (yKtquu, with war or with 
word), import -«(^i)v, fat. -Ktlvoiita, c dut. Ar. Hdt Thuc 
Xeo. I>an. ; iKidnm, fut itJiav, etc. eine cam. or c (ii, Xen. ; 
• ■ ' ■ tHdt!■lfcjh■pVXl^PUl.; <pirAii<ro», Ap.Iih. 

iieaae doei, ^oroirir^ima, Thue 

VH. Horn. ; irlrra, fut. -^w and tpia- 

V and ^r'lAiroi', Ham. .^tch, ; 

"■ : Plat ; Snlrm, no 

<{dpi(ir««, Ar. ; 'CvnqMlSofuu, mid. Ar. ; nlrAirunr^ 
mcirrit tti, £ichin. ; ntfiaitm, no pecf. Plat. Dem. 
To atUxi, ai ihipi do, twiwKiit, fut -TA4<>«vuu, e dat or c. M 
and ace Hdt Thnc Xen.; i/itJAXM, Hdt Thuc or to attack on 

', WofWtf, fut -4tiiraiuu, 

f, cftrinui^ei, 

1^, fftHTlKHfUU, 

viT^fuu, nid., 

. .cdatEnr. 

To jbn H tftaelu^, ffCHrtvu^uu, c dat Ar. ; r1 
edit Thnc Flat lue. ; irw^w^ (-t/riu), c dat of the peruii 
attacked, e fieri and gen. of one a alliu, Thue. ; (rtrn-urrpA- 
T(^ Thue Dem. ^Khin. ; nMcfioi, mid. c pert Hdt 

Tobtlit/int to aUaik, -wpanrlxitfim, Thue 

To ottoot OM awUv (of oppoiite bctioiu), in-IroAe^i^H, e dat 

Wig doa it (iw ottaei 0» aUep f rf tjra rolfmui T^rT An/i- 
wi«T« 3d<-ir J Soph. 

SkaU J ttOack Uen at uqrptr I iin^ Stimr olai vpoofoAi* iifu • 

Attadaag Un (i. e. with accniatioDi) o* (Ui mnmf, iii ir^VTfui 

Toloi^f ^tAirif j> airrhr iroui^mi, Hdt 
An attuk, ipi^h, Horn. Eur. ; i^oX),, by eea or land, MiOu 

Eur. Thuc Xeu. ; irpoi«oA.Ji, Mtch. Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. j 

nTfB, jEich. ; iTiloo/iii, Eur. Hdt Thuc; l^ofot, ^, MKh. 

Thuc Plat 1 Ipopiiii, Thue ; rpiteSoi, ^, Hdt ; ttHtnii, tmt, 

i, Xmi. Plat Aniipho. 
Aa attack Ajr (ca, inTirTvicj, ai>i, Thuc Xen.; ^raXevo-u, mm, A, 

Ja uiiTianca to allaek, spsiA&rii, (»i, q, Xen. 
A periodical attack (of ume diteaw), icJiTSSDAJ), Plat Dem. 
An ailading party, iporfoXJi, A^h. 
Amdy to oOaot, rtiflK-iiti,, e dat Xen. 
Eaa/ to U atlaclied, twrtfo/mt, w. Ham.; (vtirfSeTDt, or, Thno. 

Plat Xen. ; <^<4«llot, or, Thue Xen. 
AonJ to bt atiatktd, IfiTHfieBoi, or, Thnc. t t<>ttv<<ii^\nrrot, tr, 

Xen. r- . . . . . 

To attein, i^ArTBuax, mid. c gen. Horn. ; Arro/uu, e gea. and 
once e. dat Find. Xen. Plat ; twtx*™, fut Tiijopw, aor. 1. 
MSxilira, aor. 2. *r6xoi', c goD. Omn.; tiilTvyxt^, e gen. Xen. 
Dem.; t^iaioiim, mid. fut -^o/ioi, aor. ^. -uij/ii)v, c. gen, 
Eur. ; i^ucyioiuu, c gen. Inc. 

Likil^ to oltoH, Ttiwrucii, e sen. Ariit 

Ilaviag iittaaed ont't end, twifiot^M, c. gen. IldL 

Attaiublo, 'lAgrrti, oK, Soph. ; ^inrpJisurras, or, Eur. 

AnainmULt, trhtv^a, mi, 4, Ikc Flat 

Toattwnpt, Tiipip-lfn, only ptei. and imperf. Horn.; Ttipi», 
aor. I. pau. both in act and paia. aena, e ijif. or c. ace, or c Ai 
or Smi and uibj., more commonlj -t^uu, mid., in act alw to 
make an attempt on a city, etc, c gen. Omii. ; *rix«ip«, e dat 
or c ace or c. infin. Horn. Theogn. Eur. Hdt Thue Phit Xen. ; 
iyx*f**>, c. dal. Soph. Eur. Thue Xen. Dem. eie ; iiAoiuu, mid. 
Soph.; infirm, fut ^>i«4o'<ifuu, perf. '/iCMqica, aor. 2. ^WCqr, 
part ifitiis, fut and aor. I. act not uaed in intian*. aenie, c dat. 
Find. Flat ; 'iriwufia, Thue ; 'teom^Klai, Thuc and to make an 
attempt on (a place) e gen. Thuc ; IiJhrivIuH^, Thnc. Xen.; to 
make an attempt on, e <1>, Thuc; iftwiM, c infin. Theoc ; 

One miut atteapl, hrixufrrrior, Thne laoc; mptnttr, Xen. 
Plat. I»c ; ^ix'VVrioT, Xen. 
To be attaajiled, MrrrAji, Xen. 
One who aHemptit Mxtiptrr^t, ei, c gen. Thue Plat; hX'V^ 

An attta^ ipiiM, Hom. Soph. Hdt ; "^a, Find. Omn. Att; 
*«'Wt^»"i,Ti,Saph. Ikc Dcm.1 tyxtiptfra, »-i,ii, Thue ; 
iwlx*i^l-A, iToj, Tb, Thue Xen. laoc; *rixt((nnrii, »i, Ji, 
Hdt Thue; Av^ipo, Hdt Thuc Uem. ; nfpdirij, mt, j. 

To Attend to, elaAytiu (it,, H. h, Att but not inTariably in either 
OMc), prei. imper. auvlti, Hom. ; aint, Theogn. aor. 1, -ii«o, 
aor. -2. imper. rfwt, •. gen, of what it taid (but to oUcrre, c 
ace. Soph.), Hom. Theogn. Soph. Plat ; Jftnifi^uu, mid. only 
prea e gen. Hom. j itt^tiniuu, no fut eip. to a wounded man, 
e dat Hom. ; ^Inv^fuu, c ace rei, Hom. ; ^i*»b, only 
prea. and imperf. without augm. Hom. Pind.j V**™> only proi. 
and in Horn, impert without augm. Horn. Find. &iph. Eur.; 
atflbitiit, Hom. Eur. Hdt Xen.; Koiiim, only to people or 
animalt, Horn. Hei. ; KOfJfo, Hom. Find. .^ach. ; to a wound, 
to the acquiiition of treaiure, etc., Wcrint, only in pre*. Hum.; 
hfi^'rwaktin, ao\j to ihinga or honei, Hom.; /ut^x'''^ fut 
-tKtiaoiau, aor. 2, -^aMo*, ijne -SAftM", c ace rei, Hom. Ap. 
Rh.j hiiuKioiiai, mid. c gen. Eur. Thnc Xen. Plat: 'i-tA> 

To atbmd to adoiae, adnatn, etc, irjpaiAiAAa, no aor. ]. act., perf. 

-C^f Aijnt, c ace. Soph. ; 'briKoiu, c gen. or wmetimet c dH. 

Hdt Thuc Plat 
To attaiKi la biuiuuit, emplofnieiil,»UL,-rfoiixi l\Taper{.wpote7x''t 

aor. 2. -eirxpv), and »(i. Tjr row, Omn. Att. proae ; i^ioTt^iaj, 

pau. c aor. 2. act c iwi and aoe laoe Dem. 



tfowiiam, ^ich. Eui. Hdt. Xea. Inc. Pbt. ; IwigTiTka, c. am. 

Tb attend Of apigiidan, ^Arr^, Hipp. 
7o atUMd at a lular, airtiiu [-tavi), e. lUt PUt 
7^] aaaid (KhoD]), xf>aTtSp4tai, c. v^i et dftt. Dsm. 
.^Omfw; lo (i. c. making as objaet oS stud;), fuf>i)hAf, c gin. 

Hom^ c dab Piiid. 
/Ifl had paid nwol tdtattitm to horaBnuBuUp, woKit ^uUHTTa ^fw- 

Om «iH< aliatd to, tniHXifrior, e. gen. Ptat. Xen. ; ■wpottieria* 

and Tp. tin nm. Plat 
Attntdanoa, 'OnuprK Soph. S«a jiftentiDD. 
TFoat of atttrndoMBet 'lKg»u(rrh, }lam. 
As atteadut, jintvv, >koi, d (di fiBm. h.), Horn. h. MKb. Sopfa. 

Eur. Hdt. ; WBiuwit, i icnl ij, Hom. Soph. Hdl. ; Itwa&t, Find. 

£Kh. Soph. Eur. Flat. ; It^Uokn, 6 k^ ii, Hom. Find. Sapfa. 

Eur.; )»*n)t, ou. Find, fern. *ir*Tii, Hoi, Ap. Kb.; n|)h«Aoi, 

d Kal 4, Soph.; iatwo\ai. Soph.; Siiiirro|>oI, Call.; 'inoXoaSis, 

Thuc X«n. Plat. ; trCronUt, c. gen. or dat. 4 ical ^ Faoyai. 

Plat. ap. Rh. See Eioort, SmaHl. 
Attentioii, mviiW), Han.; /itkim, Hea. Soph. Eui. Flab; 

•rrouW), Soph. XcD. Ikc Plat ; iwurrpe^. Soph. Eur. Xea. 

Dtm.; iwTfU\tai, e. gen. or c. rpii, Thuc. Xen. PliL Dem.; 

itfinuiM, iriit, t1, Eur. Plat; fttfiiirfia, Xen. Plat. Ikc.; 

arfMrrMrtu, Plat, Xen. j rpit^is, mi, i. Flat.; fTkiumta, 

/r> pcBi' atlaSam to lit >on, rbr ul&v S^ ^t^htist <?>:(, lue. 
Atltmium to a fWrKm n WDlmt, iwrOTpo^Io, Plat. See Can. 
AttaatlOB, MUoifkt, or, cHen. Hei.; iTfUiEirruEbt, Xen. -, mwrf- 

rSiUm, Xen. Plat. ; 4<U.4i(Mt, or. Plat. ; fteponvrucii (of a 

acrvant), Xen. 
Att«ntlTal7, imwtaJtH, Hdb Xm. Flat. S«a CunfiJIf. 
To atUniUtU, AnriHt, Ari)t. S« 7%'a. 
To Attott, /u^iTtyi^ jEuih. Soph. Xen. Plat. I in. See 7b 

Attsatktloii, iiaprifila, Omn. 

To attlra, i/iflirrvnt, e. gem. ace Horn. Xen. Plat, etc See 

AMn, ^W)>. ^T«t, 4, Horn. Tiag. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. etc Sea 

Atti«», 'AttucIi, Omn. Att. proae; 'ArSli, floi, i), Eur. See 

Aa Attitlldo, TX^/u, iItdi, rb, Xen. 
><ii oAitaifa ofde/ina or t/itnldiig, wpet^ii, Xen. Theoc 
7o tAnw oa«^ k^biAi ofttlniiei, iiSBfOrTi>fHu, mid. Theoc. 
To attrast, IAjhk, imperf. «tkjiw, fut. JAjctffB, aor. I. elXxiiini, 

naperf. net. though t}iere ii perf, pau. etc. Eur. Hdt. Xen.; 

irpof^Xm, Find. Theogn. Ear. Plat. ; irunria, fab -oriiru, 

.£ieh. Soph. Hdt Thuc Xen.; irrurwda, Xea.; ipotlya/uu, 

mid. Xen. 
Attnetioil, b{it, wi, i. Flat. ; l^\{u, Ariit. ; iXtct), Plab 
Attnativa, JAxii, Plab ; JMrrlnii, Plab ; vponroirrliiit, Ariab 
To BttllbDtO, 'iii*r(»ii>u, aor. 1. -fftjica, perf. -rtftuca, aor. 1. 

nut. -rriBnii, Horn. Enr. Thue. I»c. Xen. Dem. ; TjiotTWiyu, 

Eur. Thne. ; lurSilSmiu, tar. 1. -ttaiia, perf. -Utmca, perf, paii. 

-IAafiai,Iioc;vipiBiXAii,noBar. 1. acb,peif.-<^$\w«b Eui.; 

'iM^pii, fub -^vit, aor. 1 . -/irryKo, aor. 3. -Vericw, Eur. ; 'Sn- 

AUrihm&tg grtai mfairrtti lo the Ood>, itryiX'^r ftfoTi i7ni>ui- 
trivii/ i&irtf. Soph. See To inptOe. 
One mwt o^tr^En^ 'dvUrrior, FliL 

An attribata, ri hitxafx", Aiiib 

Attrltloil, nHJtTfxifu, iut, 4. Tfaeoph. 

To attuiiB, ifn6(», niu. -inm, Plab Sob Tloie. 

To avail, ^^(ai, hb -{«, no perf. Horn. ; j(paurititi, aor. 2. Ixpaia- 
Itor, no perf., only lued with a negative, Horn. Ap. Rh.; ^^\(ii, 
a*n. e. ace, eometime* (but nre) c. dab Mich. Soph. Eur. Hdb 
Thuc Plab Dem. etc ; tnKptXia,, Soph. Eur. Xen. Plab ; ipKiv, 
fhb -dan, no pecC. ofien in 3d ling. impen. Pind. ^ach. Soph. 
Em.; wpoixm, imperf. rpotixoi', no aor. 1., aor. Q. npalax"', in 
3d ling, oflen ai imperi. Hdb; ttftlm, oba. Thuc. 

To aaal oat't t^f if, 'iiwaxp^f^^ m'd- perf^ pau. in acb aena., 
eoDlneb per ii, e. dab Thuc. 

AtcU, Gf4^at, ft, Horn. Tng. Xen. Plab Dem. See Ad- 


Availablo, xp4<^>> n, o", and at, or, Theogn. Em. Hdb Plab 

Xen. Dem. ; Mnupot, or. Soph. Thuc See Uiefid. 
ATaiioe, (diia«pttI(i,Thengn.; aivxpoKtpSiia, Soph.; ^XapyDpla, 

Imc; rhtortlia, Hdb Thuc. Xen. Plab Deal.; ^lAoKipSdo, 

Plab Xen.; ^>j>x)miiirla, Plab; ^iKoxmi"''^ Plab 
ATarioiOIU, ^IXo/riaros, or, Hom.; (UMnji, Hei.; fiXairHifun', 

twot, Sol.; ^^DJfyHpot, or. Soph. Xen. Ftab ; fl\oiitp^t, 

Theogn. Pind. Ac. Plab; Aeucbi, Find.; alrxpoKtpt^t, Ear. 

Hdb ; filhs^^fi&TDi, er, Audoc. Plab ; r\iomiriiiit, lioc See 

.lis EKxrvuiu mm, TpJicTqt. ov, Hom. ; rKtariimis, av, Kdb 

Thuc, Xen.; ^Dioxn/iirio^i, Plat. 
To bo avBiiaiau, r\tortiiTii, Hdl. Thuc Flab Xen.; ftXanp. 

I^ Xen. ; •fiiAoxpTiiiaTdi*, Phtb Ibk. ; ^Kajcpt^umitt, Flab 
AvarielOIUlj, ^IX8;ynr;4ATwr, Ikc ; wKmrimiidn, Pl^ Dem. 
Annnt, Wf, Soph. At. Ap. Rh. ; 'Awirft, Ar, 
Anbum, i. e. with aubnn hair, {cvAi, Hom. Find. Ear. Plab ; 

alio, epith. of bair, ibid. ; {Bi-ftMpi{,gen. lartirrplxot, Sol. Theoc; 

{»4ai^)ii)i, ou. Find.; imMnoiua, ov, Theoc, 
JVoiV dgid aahm, iMtaiM tiiatt, Eur. 
Aootioit, viMffiT, Hdb Plab 
Tb^ 171 lo aactioH, hraiaiaiaint, Hdb 
An aiutian room, TuXirriipar, Dem. 
Andaotona, Txi^^^t, a, «*, and m, er, Hom. Hea. Sopfa. Enr. 

Plab luc Dem. ; toT^^m, inperi. TaA/itJaTaTai, Hom. Find. 

Soph. ; Tkhiuer, £>ch. Soph. Enr. ; A«D^f,uied ateoaa eubM. 

Arehil. A«ch. Xen.; •warroiifyit, hv. Soph.; -rdrroA^wt, o», 

£ich, Eur.; Tarriro^^ut, or, £ach. ; ToVlf^'i Eur. Tkoc. 

Andaoloaalj, T\iin6rm, Eur. 

AndMtlT, TiJA^ and Tikiai, S.k\i. Soph. Enr. Xen. Plab Inc., 
Aodibla, 'iKoiriiua, Soph.; 'JUovm'&t, h. Soph. Eur.; liiininos, 

or. Soph, ; «&4aoo>, or, Ariab 
.iadtUe id a dubmx, niKinAt, 'ir. Soph. ; rqAEfdi^i, Soph. 
An aoditOT, 'dxpoar^i, or, Thuc Flab ; 'AiEOKrrhf, du, Menand. 
Auaaditor, i. e. one who audita aeconnu, ^Xiivoj, Plab; eWupHNi, 

Tifot, Flab ; XoTiOTJ)!, Dem. ,£ichin. Aiiib ; ffrravT^f, i£ichin. 

An amditor'i taiary, t1 ^{troiTTiK^, Dem. 
An audit (of accounU), tiiObm, Ar. Flat Dem. 
An audit room, Kor/urrtipior, Ltl 
To ftTOnge, tItd^ mid. (1 Ep., I elaewhera}, fub riaoiM, c. ace, or 

f(em. ace. Hem. Soph. Eur. ; tM/uu, c ace ciim. or aine caa. to 

avenge one'i aelf, Hea. Hdt ; kvnbniiuu, Horn. Hdb £ichin. ; 

iin-iraiiiu. Soph. Eur. ; it-rlTlro/iw, Enr. ; -rifiMfiia, c dab of the 

perton aTcnged, c ace of the criminal (c it, and ace of the pe> 

aon aieoged, Hdt), -ofim, mid. c ace rei and dat pen. (alw c. 

gen. nj, Hdb) Soph. Enr, Hdb Xen. Flab Dem. etc ; 10 in pau. 

I tar that Leonidaa hai been thoroughly revenged, AxiFftgi ^/J 

ltryiXiiiTtTliLa^ir9ai,Yli\.;ffdiraa,Mtcb.\ ^njxiavig. Soph. 

Em. Hdb; tuim, Eur.; liOiKiit, Eur. 
To artnge ««'< h//, 'iiiihviiaL, Hdt, Thnc. ; twi^titu [-thni\ pert 

iwtiiiiv, c dab rei, Flat, See Topwiui. 
1h 1^ nmrtngins, avinrpdirm)uu, mid. Hdb; ovriKVpdovopu, 

c dab of pera. aided, c ace. crim. Hdt ; mnrriimpim, Hipp. 
To aeaige ymrfriemli, rciis ^f\oil 'i/ivriBiir, Eur. 
Avvigad, -wiAlrTttas, or, de re, JGich. 
QfesCdt/jr avenged, iu^oiroi, ov, ^^h. 
An tTOngOT, TlfiiopDi. Find. ,£Kb. ; rlfiiipk, c. gen. or dab of 

the peraon aTcnged, Soph. Enr. Hdt Xen. Plat Dem. etc; 

Ttriis, tu, .^Kh. ; 'JlAdffTDip, opci, ,£ach. Soph. Eur. ; 'i/tirTiip, 

opoi, Eui. ; rtiiirttp, opos, ,£>ch. ; ^idmip. sfut, £ach. Soph. 

Enr. ; roirinip, .Xach. Eur. ; wfiKTnp, Mtcb. ; IHinipipoj, 

£*ch. ; irporTp6raioi, JEicb. Antipho. ^ichin. ; ixBjiairriis, 

cij, Eur. : iitkircif, e. ifi^ and ace Soph. ; /urStp^^t, Soph. ; 

■jUiymuai, eap. of blood, Eur. ; T^uup^rV, ip", Hdt 
Avan^in;, roIi>"fuit, 0', Soph. ; Siirrt^pot, or, JEtcb, ; rijiwpii, 

if, Eui. Hdt ; -wpimmf, j kbI i^ £ach. ; irpAlikai, or, iEich. ; 

IkSIkoi, or, Anth. 
AvBtging laie, Aarrp6votros, or, £ach. ; borfpo^SApoi, or. Soph. 
Fond ^amging, niutprrrTiih], Ariat 
An arentta, Imipa, Theoc. 
Tka ftvango, rl lUcor, Tfane 
An atmragt tMkr (neither good nor bad), JfilAtf arpoalmnii 



Tatmff U* anr^ tOinetm Ot grratat imd tie Itait, -rpit ria pA- 
yUros ml tAix^vrat (wiivt) t)> lUmyr anwAi, Tbuc 

Ta anr, ^i»il, no perF. Omn. 9ee 7b ousri. 

An KTVmant, >^i, Omn. S« JaerdiM. 

Athn, Umv, Act. '^nw, orrai, Omn, S« VimUlimg. 

AnrdOB, IJe*>i, ti, Omn. ; <x^ Omn. pott Horn. ; lunt, ri, 
Omn. Att.; 'aWx9«a, Flat D«n. 

An olgit* cf aetniat, tfriyoi, ri, ^Efeh.; oriyii/iB, Sroi, Eor, 

K> mnrt, irdfifrpMrrfu, Horn. ; ifnim, tat. -iau, c. dat pen. ace 
Tci, eitlin' often andinlood, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; ^tpyit, c duL 
pen. (ffr*, Horn.) Horn. Enr, Thnc, ; 'i^ii<*. fut. -4i«., ur. 1 . 
mid. ^({i^ni', Horn. Find. Thnc. Xen. ; 'iiU^ c. sec. ni, 
gen. pen., or c geii. »i, kc pen. Hom. JEci. ; ii^it, c dat 
pm. or c. itr\ Hom. Soph. Xen. ; irtfimi, Hom. Sapb. Hdt. 
Xen. ; ycpviritbt, tat. 2. tjffmaiwv, never need except with neg. 
e. dit. pen. Hem. ; iMarpitit, .£k1i. Hdt. Xen. ; (nnp^ig, 
Soph.) iiwofTptpm, SmA. y'»t.tim, MiAi.; atdrm, no perf. (lo 
■•ert,oiU>ende9ToiirIoaTerl), 1Em\.\ 'inr^fivti/uu, mid. Eur.; 
tmKKiCm, At.; 'E<pAf», Sopb.; rfasrpim, nai.; ^KirA^, 

7b onrf fy praj/en^iirottcieo 


Avtrtliw, 'tgnfrpenf, or, e. ftn, JEuh. Eur., c. /iJI and infin. 

Plat. ; inrrpiraut, cr. At. Xen, PLu. ; rpamwH, ■, w, Ss^. i 

wApfrpffTO, or, c. gen. Ear. ; 'iM{ir'4pw>. .XkIi. Enr. 
^ I ui timj tal, 'i\«{MUaf, cr, Horn. 
jKrtna; ifanti, 'dA({/»uip(it, or. Soph. 
.^cvrfMir a cane, fem. 'i^ii^, HcL 
.^nrf^ tam, 'St^Miit, Theoe. 
An wnting, 'iivrpor)), Mach. Ear. Plat. ; cApilrpinH), Enr. ; 

'aawTpm-ld, Ap. Rh. 
Pnfin to ao«r(, 'ft»oiioF^>i«)ff", "", ^, Plat. 
AwUd (efei, Ac), Anfii, TJrt. ; TUJvrpgvM, ec, fuh.; 

'iriirrpe^s, cm. Soph. 
An Uwer. r^|HTpw, Ham. ; T|r^Tdni>, Hom. Enr. PlM. ; 'ifti, 

ttn, \, Hipp. .^th. 
To Hgmtnt, otflvH or af{ot, fat oifV^T Omn. ; to ingmenl ■ 

(octane by rntDg, HfAwte slinn>, Xen. See 7b twnuie. 
AagnaatUlon, at!(ihrti, (m, i)i Hdt. Tbuc. Xen. 
AnangVi •ttnwJXoi, Uom. ^IkIi.; atvnrH)i. Hnn. Hea.; 

efaii' rt ifi l i, su, Sopb.; olonif^uirrii, «ti, Enr.; etBtmnc^si, 

Enr. ; elii n fii' 3«4p, qpof, Sopb. 
hafTJ, aWlt, Horn. Soph. Bar. Hdt. Thnc Xen. ; ifoa, M)i, 

i «d 4^ HooL Find. Sopb. Eur. Plat. ; oliinrfio, Ant, ri, EoT. ; 

vT^JMr, Soph. ; aWiaTiipiw, Xen. See Om«. 
Bdaagaiff ta mgmy, olnmrru^i, Plat. Ariit. 
TU att iflakmg aagmiti, if sWdrruri), PlaL 
A mat from leitnct to tatt la^nriu, Suai ipndomixai, Soph. 
To late amgniee, aturaamria, Eur. 

Aagiut, MtrA^rrri^.snu, J. begun about tbe mid. of Ang.Ariat. 
Aagiut, irenrit, Omn. t tepipii, Hom. ; in fem. rinim, Omn. ; 

poet, r^rva, h. Ear.; nAAnfrna, h. Ap. Rh. ; xp^o^ Horn.; 

ae/irirlfici, or, Xieh, ; ypiaiuoi, on, Enr. 
Avldig', rpoft^ (I Hom.) OmD.j ifti*i, Tfana Fkt. See 

m( ant, >D|TpoHo'i7v4rT|, £ech. 

1, fuKvHt, Find. ; lutrpiM), At. Xen. luc Dem. Sm 
I* MOU, 'Utifr^ oDlf pM. Hom. i 'l^Aifui (lAtvfuu, Tbeogn. 
Sim.) nn. in aor. 1. ^Xnd^iqr, infin. iktiaiitai and (UJnoftu, 
Rnn. Hei. Tbeogn. Sim. ; 'iAtiofwi, mid. He*. ; 'dAimn, fnt. 
C« and Eofuu, no perf. c ace (c gen. Soph.) Hom. He*. Pind. 
.£«eb. Soph. ; 'Uurmifti, onl; prei. and impei£ Hnm. ; iiiki- 
ofiu, Horn. Hei. e. gen. Ap. Rh. ; JtUtio^iu, Si^b. ; 'iwixloiuu, 
Haa. He*. ; 'MAA&nnt, Horn. Hol Tbeogn. ; ^h- (p*r£ poaa. 
part. «*fvy>tA«T, in act. lena. c gen. Hom.) Omn. ; Tpo^iya, 
Horn. He*.; 'Anrlei/uu, mid., aor. 1. -tfiw<lf»F'. Pind. Eur.; 
'ImrptwvfUu, mid. <L iaAn. Ear. ; 'CnjrrpJirefWi, c infin. or loc 

Si^. Flat ; 'tmctpix"! fut' -fySi^iluu, aor. 3. -^Sp^v, e. 
ace or c. fi4 and into. Soph. Ear. Hdt. ; 'iralHSpdiriai, fut. Spa- 
ro/iai, aor. 2. -'Sf»|>', c. ace or c. prep. Sopb. Xen. Dem. ; 'tav. 
rar^lCu, no peif. Soph. ; 'Ji^IirTiifuu. pau. c aor. 2. and p«f. and 
pluperf. act. c. gen. but Hmetimn c, dat. of a penon, Ear. Plat. 
Iioc. Xen. : 'IraiiUw, Eur. ; 'OnEfor^ui, Plat. 

avoid, 'IXMnutfa, onl; ptei. and imperf, Hon 

>, no peif. Mtch. ; 

ip, and gen. Plat. See 

Om maM avoid, ^miKrion, Ear. Ar. Xen. Plat. Itoc. 

Aile to amid, fi^fuii, or, c ace. Sopb. 

W)ial OBI te acoiibd, ^twrki, Hom. ; ^rmntij, Sopb. ; vdpfMCTOI, 

or, Pind. 
An KToldliLg, 'thrt^ufif, «M, 4,Hom. Ap. Rh.; 'dAii{u, ^Etch.; 

iritpSais, mr, j), HdL Dem. 

Avowal, ifuiXiiyUi, Plat. See Canfitiion. 

One nut avoa, iitaKoytrrf'*, Plat. 
AaiOr«, 'Hill, 4. Hom, Hcl Ear. ; htt, Eur. Xen. etc. 
Aoapioa, the autpicei, tA ItpA, HdL Xen. See Awgury. 
Anipttdooa, aUrmt, a, or, and oi, or, Horn. Pind. Enr. Xen. ; 

StEiii, Hom. mKi. Eur. Ap. Hh.( irabrliun, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 

•Mi4^i, or, Find. Plat. ; <l<a|>Mr, w, Acb. Soph. Eur. ; 

hniviat, ar, Sopb. ; tSnuies, or. Soph. Eur. ; xFV'^t, HdL ; 

IiAStfui, HdC 
AltipieianilT, tUoi^ufnn, Enr. Ar. Flat Xen. 
Anitan, arpOf rit, Ar. Xen. ; ipi^lai, sv, onl; in hhhg. At. ; 

avrrqpit, Plat 
Anitsritj, BiimKiiTTit, T"t> it Plat- 
Antkaallt, 'AAqniii Omn. 
AnthantUlT, Ixtttfu, Omo. 
AntW (of a deed, etc) ; (numf of the following word* an nipd 

abo ai adjeetiveai. atrioi, Hom. Htu Pind. Thue ; rpirapxoT, 

and aa adj. oi, tr, JEicb.: incr/ia. Eur. Xen. Iioc Din.; 

VXfT*^Si Bu, Eur. ; air^jjeip, (ren. -X'V", Soph. ; i-p«»Toup- 

rbt, and adj. ir. Plat ; i^CT«i/p7^>, Plat ; iiDnrrii%, w, J, Ar. ; 

if;:([T/KTi>r, sni, Eur. Dem. ; fem. 'traima, Eur. 
^sUor d/o ^^ (U., T^KTur, smi, Pind. Xk'H. Cratin. ; ncif- 

■Hit. cv, Plat Xen. 
AnthoiitaU**, ttav6vBiios, q, ov, and «i, er, JEtdi.; tHnrl> 

icii. Plat 
Ant^oiitatinlT, ttrworJuis, I«oc. 
AnthOlltr, avfUt, ri, JEteb. Hdt Plat ; ifxh, Pind. £*ch. 

Sopb. Eur. Hdt Thnc. Xen. ; J{o»rla, Soph. Enr. Thoc. Xen. 

Dem. ; vi?M, -rb, lua. in phiaae, t^Xoj, or t4 rixri Ixmr, ol if 

W\«, etc. Find. Omp. Att ; i{(v^ iroi, Eur. Xen. ; ibv;»- 

rla, oTer c gen. Thnc ; trpoerairla, Thuc. ; rpmritTtia, Xen. 
h anOeritf, iamig oaMonfji, ripioi, a, or, and oi, ar, Pind. 

Omn. Att ; rAtiot, a, d*, and ai, or, alio t^Amu, .fiich. ; 

TtKnrpipot, or, c gen. JGich. ; ifx^*^t< Iioc.; a/ ^BTwrn, 

ol i^«m„t6rtt. Soph. Udt Xen. Xfchin.; el btiknfiMMTn, 

Soph. ; ol /]» ToTi rpiypMt, Tbuc. See lupia. 
jri* natlonfw), rt xopia, Den. ; -ret tMi), Thuc. 
ne TliAut oMAnilia itntavtdtltfiimtd, lls{( t^ tUOiulmr 

r4Ku, Mich. 
Qfeqaid anOontf, "Triji^it^, •». Thac. 
To onthoiln, ^[oHrfur .titniu, (aor. I. fltmra). Plat ; 4((Hnriar 

ripix"! impetf. irnpfTxoi', fut. Topi^a, no aor. I ., perf. ropi- 

Vxtita^ aor. 2. wipw^or, part irapiitfx<)v. Plat 
AntkoilMd, i. e. competent etc., Stioi, Andoc. 
Antnmn, iinipa, Horn. He*. I^nd. £sch. Ear. Hdt Xen.,' 

'ApNToiipoi, Soph. 

7%! laUrT end afamtuiHi, •pOriwiipai, Hdt Thnc. Xen. Call. 
Antnmnal, Inifuvii (i Horn., i eluwhenX Hom. He*. Ear. ; 

fffirowpv&i, AriiL in fem. ^Sltvm^i, ttet, Pind. Call 
AtAatndof airiwn, /wranpivbf, Hdt ; iirrimpas, or, Thuc 
Loiin^ mtean (orautnmnairruiti),^Ainr*pHrH|t,ai',i, Leon. Tar. 
AV2UJ«T7, JrraoupEiclT, Thuc, aa mhai. h^nupoi, often c. gen. 

of thing uainit which. Hem. h. Pind. Eur. Si^h. Thac Xen. 

etc : /ElffitAt, uiu. in pi. Hdt Tbuc. Dem. 
A bodg a/* oanliarie*, hlWoupk, Hdt ) nyi^ij^la, l^nc [ iSa^ 

tva, Xen. ; Tb oiifi^x''<^i Thuc 



To await, t^o/iu, t, pcrf. pan. tAryfuu, pert, often line nd. 
t^fu»f, (ind flit. Ittifofuu, c wx. or c conj, twin ^amtt, 
etc Ham. Ha. Tboc X«l ; ^tw, uid poet, in pn*. and impcrf. 
filfuw, e. ace often c ace and infin. Omn. ; mplfijnt, S<>ph. 
Hdt Xen. Pkl. Iwc. Dem. ; itpDiSJ;(<viu, c ace or c conj. 
Air^ &r, or (t, c opt Horn. Saph. Hdt. Xen. Thnc. ; WoiUm, 
Horn. Eur. Thoc Xen. Dem. ; vpot^m, e. dat. or c ace 
Theog. Pind. Mi. Sopb. Eur. ; ntpatmiii; c h-cw and anbj.EiiT. 

To ouuif (a* to await death), iynaprtpiu (SdiwTDv), Eur. 

To ouoif « aOnal (h ai to come to dote qnarten), tti X'V'*' 
tixofuu, Xen. 

To ftwake, or awakan, act. ^Ipo, Horn. £icL Ear. Xen. ; 
'dwydpu, Ham. Pind, Enr. Xen. ; trrytlpa, Horn. Eur, Hdt. 
Xen. ; ipriiii, fat. fl^a, etc., no perf., aor. 2. mid. 3d itng. ukl 
bT pyne. iSpro, Ham. H«. ; irpirci, no pert Hom. ; litytlfu, 
«Kh. Soph. Enr. At. Hdl, Xen. Theoc. ; •i^Omii^, Eur. ; 
'i^Bryia, Anth. ; fitfldmyu (in fht or aor. 1.) 'Swvmi, Enr. ; 
melaph. to awaken deitrnclion, pain, etc., ^^)w, no perC 
Soph. ; 'StoK^iu, Saph. ; iroTfitra, Soph. 

7b awoic, or mkiv, neat the past, and mid. of mott of tbe pre- 
ceding wordi, but in iytipi^iai lerj uaa. in ijne, ai 3d ling, 
aor. 2. mid. lyftre, inper. hp", alio perf. iypfrrftu, Ep. ; 
tyftryofta, etc., Horn. Enr. etc, and twryiifiiiim it ncTci uied 
b; Horn, in tfaia aenee, except, in lyne. fbrmi, ir4yptTB, irrypi- 

To Ik await, 4yfi9iTm, Horn. Ap. Rh, ; typlnopa, perf. mid. 
of t-fiipm, in 3d pi. Iyprr»pian, impen. lypiryopft, part, often 
netaph. of perception, pain, etc., ifinrfl^li JSich, 

To keep aaaie, tm/Jlx^i Xta. ; 'SypSrrim, Xen. PlaL ; Si&- 


', JEKb. Em. Plat. 

A», Ar. 
Awaka, Unvsi, m, Horn.; 'iypimi, 

Tbeoc. ; typtrropita, Horn. 
Ktepmg aaak, tyftrrifm, or, Pherecr. 
A beag auake or Icetpiag oteoitv, (ike 


H* uoi itpt ouafc (bj pain), ' i ff S wt l fgt ^x*"- Hdc 
.if ■ ouiatiituv, 'tritniiru, «M, 4i £acb. Soph. ; tytfoa, ttn, 4, 

AtnlDB, adT., typtrrf^K Horn, i ftr^. Plat. ; i-jtf^'i. Ear. 
/Von viUai ma otaalsj «*%, iyipaifiat, «r, Theoc.; fyv^ll, 

/Va« isAkiI Da« iMtier awaitt, r^yprroi, or, Horn. fa. Moaeh. 

Awafcaning, hftpraAt, c gen. Plat. 

To award, Ti)iia>, Ar. PlaL Dem. See To adjaigt. 

Awara, hfrT^fm, ont, c. gen. ««h. 

Amj, JncroMr, Hdt, Mieh. Soph. Ar. Time. Xen. Dem. 

Aaay fiam, V^>> e- gen. Hom. i 'iwi, c am. Hotn. JEuh. 
Thnc. et«, ; 'Sxariirti, or -fir, c, gen. Hom. ; irff, c gen. Teiy 
niu. after iti caae, Horn. ,£Kh. Soph. 

.Hw^ leitA yn, < etc, ^, 'j)^«, Hom. Soph. Ar. etc. ; W 
ii mtpdjEOf, Ar, ; at* */i nrfpboi J^^ferrf, Ar. ; (((^ Talu, 
Eur, ! '«i^, Ar. ; wpoxaWra, ^Mh. ; x■V<^'^ ^"f- J 
'irty«, Ar. PtaL ; BiM.' ij xifotv, Ar. ; MU' (b ;idiiM«<'. 
Pbl ; get awaj, fipi}^ iitrMni, Ar. ; awaj with him, ot yji 

IT. ; away with yon, ova til aJpOKSi 
c gen. Soph. ; 

rviT hrofiSptin 

iwo^Aifif t fuw, Ar. 
Away, adj. going, being, fan 

Iktowui, Soph. 
ye txM ;«( ouqy OijtoiM, V^rar' irrowiar ^kiya. Soph. 
Awa, 'iri, Horn.; aOin, 4, Hom. Pind, .fiacfa. Pifltt rMa>, 

onlj- nam. ace. and toc. aing. Hom. h. ^tcb. Soph. Enr. ) M^t- 

<■», ri and i, Horn. Pind. Sim. Eur. Thnc FUt. ; an objectof, 

aitai, £Kh. Soph. Ear, 
A fitHi^ of am, ri ipagtpia, Thuc. 
To ilami it am 1^, Sfofuu, only prea and imperf Hmn. i 1£>, 

in prei. part. Soph.; aJBfofuu, fnt.-<»o/iBi,aor. 1. -«iriVi1'', and 

aor. 1. paM, in act. aenu ^Mv«i|v, Horn. Pinl ; lOtoiim, only 

pret. Hiaa. ^tcb. Enr.; vt/itff(fgfuu, in prei. Horn.; ifMafiai, 

no other tentei eieept aor, 1. pan. in act aeni. Horn. Sopb. 

Plat ; 'hnnrrfinrii, no perf., c ace or dat iEich. Xen. 
Awfol, to be r^arded with awe, n/idnp-^i, and it^umr'li, 

Horn.; olSowi, a, or, and », w, Hun. Hee. Pind.£icb. Plat; 

fpm. ^wau^ (e^Hth. of Piowipne), Horn. Hei. ; hntpOh', 

l&Kb.; ^>tvii,Ap.Rb,le. tobefuied,faCfpii, Hdt Omn. 

Alt See TernWe. 
Awfully, alrwi, Horn. 
AwhUa, rdui, (relvt, Hom.) Horn. Eur. Ar. Hdt Xen. Dem.; 

(fpof , Ham. ; rJ^po, Horn. ; wbai, Hom. ; Smt (_Ais, Ep.) 

Horn. Hdt : a little while, fiMir«a, Hom. 
Awkward, iritoiii. Soph. Eur. Pint Ljfc Denuj 'S/iixiria, or, 

Enr, ; JWdplffTipoi, or, Ar. ; alexfit, i, in, and it, hr, 

Xen,; i^^iWfuu, or, Xen.; 'ftr'fivaOToi, or, Xan.; irifAotaM, 

or, Xen. 
Awkwardly, rKoi'wf, Ar, ; tviTpS/r4\Mj,uii'lryunritrTtii, Xoi. 
Awkwardnen, 'Ucn/iorla, Hom, ; ffxaiinii, ^roi, 4, Sa|A' 

Hdt Plat Dem. ; fripurrtp<(n|i, AriiL ; Tdpi^op^i, Plat 
An awl, SiTHf, Atu, to, Hdt 

Awry, adj. imlxui, Eur, Hdt Plat. adT. iruAiM, Flat 
An axa, l{h^. Ham. iioph. Hdt Xen. ; wtAncui, «m, t, Hon. 

Mtch. Soph. Ear. Hdt Thnc Xen.; a-a^aaprsr, Horn. ; tiii- 

Tofm, Soph.; Ji^T^AticKor (an aie with one edge), Horn.; 

■iJTdror, ^Kb. ; x<'^«'/^ ■''^'i ^^ .£Kh. ; yiivi, MI, ^ 

A iamdh ofm aM, w£k«icor, Horn. ; rrfiAii^, Horn. 
Til pale Jbr lie kamUe to go mil), rriAtii, Horn. 
To eaC uifA sa on, wtAinaii and '•Atndw, Horn. Ai.; 'lavstAe- 

■da, Ar. 

7*0 caf teiA an ant at tit nii, wt^fAiadv, Theoph. 
An axlMn, iiiatJyiuio, aroi, ri, Plat 
An ixlt, iiim, oroi, i, Hom. XkIi. Soph. Xeiueto.; x*^> 

£ich. Soph, 

Wiiriiag oa On atlt, Aiorfitubrei, or, ^aeh. 
Aettu^ ^mi (i< ufe, frofdrMf, or, Tbmc;; ODdei the ail«, 

•OwafiyiD,. or. Call. 
Aya, ral, Omn. See Ya. 
Ann, TAoHtii, Horn. Hei. Find. Soph. Eur. Thnc Hdt Plat 

Tbeoc; Kv^rMt (S praperij, aw. u for tha take of metra), Omn. 

poet Plat. SaeAbi; 


To babUa, irwrUAw, only In prea. Het. Theogn. Phoqri. e. ace. 

of perwm addreued. Soph.; MMjiii, Pind.; imi/iMAo, only 

pm. act and mid, Ar. ; avu/iaXioiua, Ar. | ai a riTer, MMfv, 

D0I7 jHfia Anae. See Tb dialler. 
Babble/ imi/iliAla, Ar. See Ctatterinff. 
Babblar, fJUftrfipm, n, Hom. ; uhitfu, Atm, t^, Sopb, ; MAo- 

M^ ■ipJ^uXopMfua^i^ fi^ Pratinai; rtrirw^ Arot, ri, 

Hanaod. See CMaamr. 
A babaoB, wf*qien, Xiap, Ar. Plat S?e Monitf. 
"■VtofMlt, Atiii. ; wi»iwJBt|i, Ariit 
T&, Horn. Pind. .CKb. Enr. Anac, Xen. ; ovap- 

AIWI7, f 


Ba2M^laitU)S>4'uti <■■ Wt ■n^ "• m*, Att Horn. Bnr. Ant 

Haemg a baig, 'thnlraprif, wf, Hea. ; 'Paaprot, or, Eur. 
KtbykMd, rrfniti, Hom,; r^mirtit, ^oi, i). Plat 
A BaaohanaHMii liiaxit, oE, 4, Soph. ; Aucx"^', «S '1 Soph.; 

$iKxoi, Eur.; fem. fldaxo, SopL Ear. Piat 1 BaKx\t,9ot, 

4, Soph. \ AmiU, JtSoi, ^ ^ich, I HouAi, Uot, 4, iCacb. ; 

Soph. Eur. ; &vis, tiot, A, Ap. RL ; SoaxiuH'. <>>i, ^ Orph. 
A fiUou Baedumaiiaii wiA, aiiiRarxot, A m 4, e. dat Enr. 
tteder 1^ SacokHoKan, tfotticxiiln for -eioi, Eur. 
Tie inn of BandamaU, Paeatfit, ISof , ij, Anac 

Ww^ii^ to BatxJim, adj. Siiiix«M> b. flopl. 

^ ., j(;' 



Xm. t BdKXUt, Soph. Ear. ; (Aiti, «v. Soph, Enr. ; taxxoi, or. 
Ear. ; hiiratnit, Ar. ; AiwDirwi, Bacchyl. 
Ta be a Bateiaialiam, Btcxfii, Enr. Hdt ; ^■uxh'C*. &<><'■ i 
ddn^, Gur. ; KdiTUaiixiici''u, put. £iiT. 

Ail it Duife a flanelnnnWM w lUi jtas^ Atiff«ii(Tai ifyxifi Enr. 
7b Mibls a fldaalaiiatittii, to exeiU with BkcIuiuIuii phimi;, 

Oh aeiltd wart fiooiiawi/faii pJlreiHy, iSaiix>lM'fu)i, or, Eur. 
BaoLmaUm nveiiy, fiixxmira, (wt, ^ Eur. j ;8riix"'»«. i^"", 

Ti, Enr. 
,i4 AuoUc aksf, 'Uutx't, Ear. ; ttkur/w, Iriu, -ro, Enr. ; ^ocx'- 

<MX«t, At. 
A Baedae liait, til, ^m, Sf^h. Dem. ; lUel, Dem.; 3M«; 


IV nue o BaaUo Ao¥t, tbiiCa, Eur. : *Mf», Soph. Eur. t lu. 

Tb roK a Sacelu! iliomt n touw q/; tMfaftai, mid. e. see. Ear. 

Ow wlo mtH a itssoln (ioid, riaoTJfl, sG, Oiph. ; fios^ft 

lipof^ Oqih. fnn. f^(£aTt^a, Orph. 
Oh (Rans to or unnfiajdf m Bacdaa doulf or fatiaJt, 'Win- 

xnTM, OF, Eur. 

I, Aitfnnt, Hem. H«t. Enr. ; Ai^Hkrai, Ear, Xcd. Datn. 
c ; hiKX»'- Ear. Soph. HdL ; Banxtbi, &i^b. Eur. ; Bdic- 

Xm, Soph. Ear ; 1«x«, Eur. i AiSV^'t, Ear. ; »Mfut, 

Ar. ; EBui, Soph. Enr. 
TTufttitaU a/Baaiiu, ri AqnTa, Ar. ; ri Awrfow, Ar. Xen. 
Bitaigmg la Oi ZKiwjnia, Aiarivuuiit, Thnc Ariit. 
7W l&mpU B^Baaiui, Auirtfier, Ar. 
Om anma to BaaAm, amiKil i a lid m Mr twnUp, 'dAb^nirai, w, 

A bMhalOT, 'Mifuii, or, Horn. JBiiii. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dan. ; 

'tyi/twrot, ar. Soph.; 'M™{i ^t>. 
^» Imb^ (iMTot ud rmrtr iySfrmi noat nnnl in Alt), onlj 

UML ia pi H<ai. Find. Tng. Xm. Plat.; fimlfpaKB', Hun. 

Flu. Ap. Rh. ; twruus Vf^ ^ Eof- ; ''^ f*>ir4(, Horn. 
0/Aki hoA, fmtaSat, Enr. Plat 
IRK troorf ««i, irXarWrof , w, h. 
Witk ^uitgalid ha^ nwIX^nrrnT, or. Find. Enr. 
met AWBjr tool, nptrdiwrDi, or, Eur. 
irai aaibif badt {at ■ crab), httS'ii/uw, h. 
JbB niy gi on U> Jnei:, vtmi*\^ irf'i i "^ fl, Ar. Pfaertcr. 
CWry^ e« (*( hati, wro^pH, or, Xen. 
7b fvn ow*! ioci {in Sight), HrrlC», Soph. Eur. 
Oh lie bad, kwa^at, or, h. ^Inrrflioi, nv, Anth. 
Oi oh'i hHi (Uling, Iving, etc), farwr, Horn. Soph. Ear. Hdt. 

TV poAn ijfitBig m oikV ioeit, hm<fn|j, itrot, ^, Theoph. 
■mK, haAwazda, adT. (with TcrtM of motion, etc) tif , Horn, i 

wfain. Onin. ; hfao. (and -£<w. Horn. Find.), Hdoi. Hei. Find. 

Ear. Thnc. PliL ; /irrirurtt ar tor befora a rowel, Horn. HoL 

jfrrfim, Horn. He*. Soph. ; TUi^irrr)i, Hom. Ap. Rh. Call. ; 

4»ru, HnD.; Afii^^, Ham. ,£Kh. Soph. ; ai^u, Honi. Hdt. ; 

bMu, Ear. Xen. (ai ta ^na back), Sopb. i f^iwdAiv, Hei. h. 

jSicb. Soph. Ear. Xen., alw itt TrrffiTcUir, Xm. ; wiidrofaor, 

Kmped. ; irrfrlnra (of one falling). Soph. ) 'irtltitjr, Xen. 

Wax. ; itt ToArirSiv, Ear. ; M *Ma, after a rerb af motion, 

Xen.; » M iriiiui. Ear. Ar. ; i^ hrloi. Plat. ; (ti ri JfovCro, 

or nii. Plat. 
TWiMp ioohaanii, Tp<*^irlXir, Plin«cr. 
Baekte ar dM tmdfiir v ardt^ vitSr rt tol TpA^tt^ Ear. 
Boat, ian ti Biirrfi, ji»y haii, etc. adj. Hiofifiet, or, Ham. Soph. ; 

wUibivKraf, Hom. Ap. Kh.; «JUfirirVr«, or, Saph. Ear. 
naeiag ioet, ii^^ppoor, w, canCr. ovi, our, Hom. 
floHrfknt, iiatUtrai, m, Simon. 
Ia 1)Mk, i. c make to go back (aa ta hack a harM, etc), in- 

nfolm, Xen., in mid. to go hack, Thnc 
Ta bMkUta, IMHam, perl -«MA.T)ca, Soph. Ear, HdL Thoc 

Dem. SoeSk-iar. 
A bMkMtar, fimwirQt, Dem. See SUadmr. 
A taak-IDOK, iriaHto/iai, Ar. Dem. 

~" ~ ' 'e. itow, nnwilliog, ln-)H><tt, Pind. Thnc Dem.; 
'. HdL Thae. Dem. 

. t, tmm, Omn. 

Bad, mliAt, Eomp. ■Aiilw([ AtL, Icliawliere)-MTai; poeti, not 

Attic, hare alio -irtpv, alto x'^f" Att., and Ep. x'P*^! 
with alio an img. Ep. dFcleniion, daL ung. xi'^'i nooi. 
pL x'pfl'r, >™. ling, nuuc and ace pi. nent x'mS "••- 
m Hom., alio x'/x'^ipoi and x<>f^*fX"> Hon., Miperi. 
X'ipurrn (only in AtL pnne), aba compar. malfrepot, Anth. 
Omo. ; fAfupoi, Pind. SoL Saph. Eur. HdL Xen. Dem. 

Dem. ; luxtitpit, Eur. Ar. Plat. Dem. 
Bai (of feod), poprrnfiKhs, i. a. inch ai ii 

•hipt, Dionye. (Com.). 
Bad a/mmtj, HSiKl/uit, or, PUl See A 
Emeadii^y, aiiedg bad, vdyiAcM, or. He*. Theogn. Soph. Ear. 

P!aL ; npiKoKot, or, >EKh. ; waiarirripia, or, Epich. Ar. Plat. 

Of bad nature, ini«ifvj)i, Plat 
BaddiA, ratktr iad, ^fAJUot, or. Soph. ; 'Hworirtiptt, or, Hipp. ; 

'BnSicta^t, or, Hipp. 
A fruad i^bad mm, ■onrpd^iXoi, AriiL 
Pttdt tea bad la bt erpialed bg iaagiag, tpya nftiaatif irfxorfit. 

Soph. See Widad. 
A bad workmaa, ^aUt-aufrfbt, Ar. 
Badlj, idfcfii, ccmpar. X'^fi •uperl. Aorta, Omo. ; ^oiKKt^ 

Ear. Xea. Dem. ; ^Aoipvl, HdL That 
Raibtr badiji, iifiUKiicms, Ar. 
In bad tmiditiim, teiti bad firtmiii, fu^Afpai), PlaL ; nr^ipAt, 

Tobtinabad wag, lo bt badlg i^, x^^fnei lx<f, PUL ; /UX*^ 

f&t tmKti)uu, Plat. 
To be wane t/f, lax^JifoTipm Ix", Plat. 
A iMdp, o^fHur, Plat. Sea Tobrt. 
A tMldgai, rpixos, AriiL 
Btdsew, Kiitiin)!, ifTDi, 4, Ham. HtM. Ear. HdL Thnc. Anth. t 

■bclo, Sopb. Thuc PlaL Xen. ; irdn), ^icb. Ear. Ar. PlaL | 

foiX^i, irot, 4t Eur. Xtn. Dem. Iioc ; fiex^pfo, Xan. Plat. 

Andoe. ; wampla, Saph. PlaL Xen. Dom. See Widadiie-. 
To baffl*, iwhciipJ, Ep. fuL -utifvu, no perf. Horn. ; o'^dAAe*. 

often e; gen. rei, Saph. Eur. PlaL Xeo. See To dai^iptmd. 
Ffe it boMed n Ut jJaiu, o-^rfAAerai fiouXniiiritr, JEictl. 
A iMg, 'briDi, Ham. ; flaAdrriov, and eaXkirrur, Sim. Ar. Plat; 

ftUxai, Ar. HdL PlaL Xen. ; iircftior, Ar. ; dnoAtAJLui, 

At.; do'unnifw, Ar. ; HiXiKuii, Hdt; k^otu, wi, 4, Ar.; 

nU»r, Ar. HdL; «tjm)t, ou,d, Ar.; fuifHrTni, Xen. ; fia|KrhHH>, 

Hipp, i miwior, Xeo. 
A ganie bag, iciroOxtt, Xen. 
To carry a W diXAia^xipUi, Ar. 

Baggag«, oiyii, .£kIi. ; vniai, t^ url in ^ Ar. Xen. Dem. 
To earn/ baggagt, amvoi^opiu, Xen. 
A baggage earrier, rimo^^f , owd aleo aa adj. ei, or, HdL Thnc 

Xen. ; nttuo^opi^nn, Enpol. 
Bdtmgmg to &e earrgiag t^baggagt, m 
CarTyiiiigom''t own borage, tdiri^ofra 
WaUUty Ibo baggagt, iriKwpii, ir, Ciatin. 
A bi^gape wutar, vmuSryrfii, Xen. 

Bail, ^Trvj), Ham. Flat. Dem. Antipbo. etc. ; itdrr)^, Dem. 
A *«11, L e. a penan who girea haiL, *y>w. Xen.j ^nwrr^i, «S, 

i. HdL Plat Aniipho. 
A ffmmg baS, S^tyyitiaa, km, M, Dem. ; i^ryyiVt !■«. ; '(t- 

yirrtnt, mm, i, Dem. 
To ball, to nia bail, ^r/wlofui, when augmented dml irft- IxH 

lometimei tiny. e. ace pen. and daL of him to whom iocuritj ii 

giien, PlaL Dem. luc ; lirryvdM, c ace per*, lioc.; ^lyyuiii, 

c aac. pen. Dem. 

7b jrfw ioa, K«T«TyiAv™ (pem.) e. act cogn.-*7yAi»i Flat 
Th Aa bailed, lirTTiida/uu, Thuc liM. Dem. ; tirrrviciuu, Lf*. 

Tb ragu'tv baiifiam, tO/rryyvdii, c 
7b taia bad for, iifffuia)iai, mid. 
A balll^ aitJimt, Saph. 
Bait, <ISi^i, Stoi, rb, Hom. ; iiKtap, irat, rl, alto daL ooDtr. 

ttKlT', ud nom. pL UXir*, Eur. Xen. Plat Theoc; itKiaaiia, 

«Toi, T&, Ar. ; 8il;^ap, ftrot, ri. Call. ; teX^ur, Sopbr, ; AttK^ 

£i^^ Ai teita O* hnl, StMdpini{, <l7ai, Lnn. Tar. 


7b eobsl ar «afue ly a laii, t*\*i(H, in pan. Itdc 
He baiU Oe ioek icilh At tori (^ a fag, raiTw Ut UK^h iripl 

i,~liaai(oii, Hdt. 
To bake, l>rtiu, Hom. Ar. Ildt. Xcd. Plat. eic. (u tbe urn 

baku the ground, Xan.) i ilatniu, Eur. HdL ; T^nrs, fut. 

■i^. no perf. act, peif. pau. r^n/ifuu, Ar. HdL Plat. Sec To 

Baked, Arrit, Horn. I&k\. Eur. Hdt XcD. PUC (applied to 

eanh biked by the lun, or brick* b; > brickmakar, Xsn.) ; ft- 

orrsi, ar, Hipp. See Hoatttd. 
Nat baitd, futKneroi, w, Eur. 
FUtobt baitd, trritlii, Arin. 

A baker, rrfToiraiit, J Kal i, uu. fem. Hdb Tbuc X<n. 
Tie laii n/baJang, ffiToioiii 'iriyiat, Eiir. j iprAdwot, 1 koI j), 

Hdt. X™. ; Vfoi^'. Xen, J ifn-oxSXii, flof, i, At. 
A bakekoiua, ^or^Aiav. At. ; Amfnoi', Ar. 
A baking. i^oToita, Ar. Xm. 
A balanoe, Ti\avTDv, Hum. S,ti^. Ai. ; vrofi^i, Ar. whicb i> 

pti^rly the vsight of the balaaco, Horn. 11. lii. 431. gee 

Holding Ike baiiaet, riKainiivXM, ov. Micb, 
Eq-aUy bahactd, laififown, Br (uio. I Hon., : AtU), JEich. Eur. 

HdL Thoc 1 7iroi(AIH|>, AriiL ; irltpwai, AiiaL 
/■ on <j>>a//jr 6aJa»nJ niavur, 'ta-a^^jroii, Plat. Hini. 
71) ie dfuo//; balamixd, laoiPintii, PlaL i fo'tii ^^ra/uu, £ich. 
To balailM (ons thing igaiiut uiatliET), ivriiiftTaAAdirct, and 

oftencr -tfat, mid., c. ace. and gen., or c ace and ikprl c gen. 

Deni. Dinarcb. 
To bataaa in om't mnd, irivriBiiii^Hn, mid. ^ub. See Tb 

A balancing (of lenlencei), iripio'iH'ii, wt, 4, AriiL 

Bald, f>Uufitr, Eur. Ar. Hdt. PlaL : ySiafit, Aiitb. 

Ai/ii oioHl a fiiat, *fpi)iiiafot, or, Hipp. 

A bald Rcn, ihrii, Simon. ; '^6^, Ar, 

To be bald, /lAMv, At. ; ^1(bi, Hipp.; ^[Xju/ibi, pau. Heib ; 

^dAonp^iVuu, HdL 
To aaU hold, i^iMa, HdL ; hnriiXdi., Ar. 
Baldnwi, ^iiXaHfir^, vrat, fl, AlilL ; fiSStpir^t, tirot, 4. 

j1 becoatiiia iald, /liBmrit, mt, i^, Hipp. 
A bftldriak, Thkd^r, Ahi, i, Hom. H«. See Affi. 
To b»l« (oat water). i>T^^o■, Theog. 
Baleful, Xtrypli, Horn. Pind. Soph. Eui. ; 'arigiii, JEtch. Soph. 

Ear. PlaL See Peniaoat. 
Balafolly, Av7pai, Hom. See Penadotdii. 
To balk, nfiUw, often e. gm. rei. Soph. Ear. PlaL Xan. 
For wfi sDfn balked ta our exptdatioKM ^ (At Oodt, iA^rix yitfi ifitr 

irpit dtir tffipaKiiiiMii, Eur. 
A ball, rpixoi, Hom. ; v^iaipa, Honu PlaL Ap. Itb. ; Frx<"< ^ 

Soph. ; of irool, ToAmi, Sopb. Ar. or of an; thing, EubuL 
Tie ball o/Uie had ot/aoi, m^Bot, r^, AriiL 
j(l ball (to play, etc), ^aii>l>>Sa, Antipho ; iprrii^ Cratin. 
JjJa a ball, adj. <r^ai^iS)|f, Plat. 
IMa a ball, adi. opaifiiithr, Horn. 
7b plaf at ball, v^aipiiti, PlaL ; irrliffmfl(m, Xen. 
A plagtr a< ia/I, ff^oipurr^i, MeL 

To ballut, Jwi&r(f«, Hi[q>. I Id take in ai ballait, -o/m, mid. 

A baUot-bOZ, niloi, Ar. , Kitliffjuot, Ar. Lya. Dem. etc j ■itfia, 

Xen. Ikc Dem.; K\)jpMT^puir, Ar. 
Tie lop o/lie bal/al-l-u alien lie hole ii, KD/iii, Ar. See Vale. 
To baUot, 'M'ifoM-', mid. HdL Xen. Dem. ; '^pIC-luu tC> 

Upfor, Xen. ; ^^ <M'f£'<>l>«'> HdL 

TA* ioa i£Kd IB lalloliig, il^fiai, ij, HdL Omn. AlL See Pbfc. 
Balm (the herb), ni\trtui, Theoc ; /kAItouv, Diosc 
y*'*"", /JtEAo^ov, Theoph. 

Ballaa (the tree), piwSfun, i, Theopb. ; ^oWivlW, DIoM. 
Balutrade, kIw, bKuliili uiu. in AtL), Horn. Pind. Hdt. Eur. 

Xen. etc. 
Ban, V^ (b Hom., i Trig.), Horn. Trag. Dent. See CWir. 
To ban, ipiotuu, mid. (« Hora, i Trag.) c. dat Honu JEk)i. 

Soph, etc See 7b nrx. 

Band, TciUl^, vvBf, i, Honu He*. ; luurxS^n^ w"< 'i ^•eti. 

HdL ; ffopTin), iGich. ; (rofrydi^t, fSif, if, Cralin. 
A band uorn bf uvnai rouinf M« iiad or hwit, vrpo^i, ftai, J), 

Eur. ; rrp6<fu>r, Ar, 
.,1 baad/br a luiord, irtpifoi, Horn. See fiaU. 
.il Aoiif qr* /Kwu (aa of warrion), ouAO^i, H«n. i Mrs*, ri, 

Hom. ; fiiXar, Horn. Sopb. Eur. PlaL jT^f.rk, Horn. .Xtch. 

HdL Tbuc ; irt^ei, tS, £mL HdL Xen. \ orAiif, ,£Mh. 

Soph. Xen. 1 oTpdrif, Find. Eat. i crfirrwiiiui, troi, rti, Eur. ; 

Tdfit, wi, i, JEtcb. ; xtlp. gen. x«V*'. ""■ X»(^'. «t<- S, Eur. 

HdL Xen. 
.^ iwt ofoompetUoTt. trrpirla, Pind. 
,^ toiHJ o//ar«i, jbiaten, Dvwteu, ^a., icS^f , ,£icli. Enr. 
A bamd of doHcen, ■jnajii^ <<c., x^'", Pind. Eur. ; of itan. Soph.; 

crijTotit, aui, ft, Xen. 
A oiotn bami, Ihth, Pind. Tbeoe. 
7b bamd lageAer, awlmiiuu, pa**, c aor. 2. et peif. acL Al. 

Thut Xen. Dem. See To •aale. To be auomUed. 
A bandage, ■nXitiJa', £rai, i, Horn. Eur. HdL j iritiffiAat, Ar. ; 

Xofiwiaiw, Ar; (nrX^iFior, Hipp, j arX^rlnin, Hipp. 
Fo^ o/baiidagm, L e. requiring bandagsi, ^n««-/ux^> (of tha 

gout), Lua. 
Bandjr (bandy-legged), ^Xxii, Hom.i ^AoM'ii, h. AriiL Hipp.: 

^bt, AriiL i ^offurtlir, Anth. ; TtfA oiSfuu ^wii, 

,1 inajr 6iiiiifjr, P^aiainii, AriiL 
lb moib kwiJjr, SAaurto, AriiL 
To ioadj, they iltwd bandying reproachful von]*, T^ /Ur xoAe- 

miiriv A^tita^'v* tuiimrir taraffav, Horn. 
Bana, Kdcir, Omn. ; r%ia, Atoi, td, Omn. poeL See Iv^r^. 
Baneful, Kiniir, camp. -W, (f in AtL, I eliewhen), anperL -firrsi, 

(al» -iiffai, -Atotoi, Hom. Theoc), OinIL ; 'Arapr-q^t, i, it, 

and if, bv, Horn. Theoc i 'a'mpli, AiJck Soph. Eur. Plat. ; 'inc 

^Al|t, Thuc Xen. See Fentiaaa. 
Banufnlly. Avypiii, Hom. ; tAnAi, Omn. See Parswtw*^ 
To bang, Kpoitt, Soph. Eur. Thuc Xen. See Knock. 
A bang, -"KTrr^, Omn. See Biow. 
Tobuddi, t^tKaiiini, fu[.-lul^«. etc e. ace and gen. ^. rmiTqi, 

and (imply c kc pen. etc Horn. Mm^i. Eur. Ar. Tbuc Plat. 

Dem.; (moit of the fallowing word* haia the lame coaitivction), 

<Aoi™, *ich. Soph, Ear. That Lycuig. ; 'lanKain^ Soph. 

Eui. I ^Irrv, aor. 2. pau. iik^pV, Soph, 'itto^irrit, JEv^ 

Soph.; IntiMM, fat. -CMAqcm etc Soph. Eur. HdL PlaL 

Xen. ; troariXJim, Soph. ; itin, fiiL »n^ aor. 1. Umra, no peif., 

aor. I. paB*.Ma«i|i',jeich. PlaL; 'iira4/<>,c.fut.l. mid. -^iira. 

fuu, S^b. HSL; ilofl(ti. Ear. Dan. Lycurg. ; IvSpqA&r^, 

jGicL Eur. ; irafufo/uu, mid. JEtcb. ; ilia,, HdL ; MiAtw, 

Tbuc; 'brifofim, Itac PlaL ^ichin. i i<(^fo>, PlaL ; ^an- 

pimait (by praclamation), Dem. Lya ,£ichui. ; /Hi>(<rr4fuu, in 

aor. 1. mid. ,£iehin. 
7b baniMh by oriraotat, JtrrpAdfa, Thuc Andoc ; iffivrpaiUCm, 

HdL PlaL Lft. 
To bamii at apoUtdum, 'Sytikiirim, SopL HdL 
To ioawi Utliia, trpostitaiMM, Dem. 
To b« bani^ied, ^it*^ Horn. .Cicb. Eur. HdL PlaL Xen. Dem. ; 

imirrm, tiiL -no'otifuu, aor. 2. -irnaaii, peril -i^imgn, Tiag. 

HdL Thut Lya. etc. ; 'imiiirTa, Eur. ; ftfia^iai, pan. c faU 

mid. Eur. ; iw^mioiiai. Soph. Eur. ; luUari/iai, pan. c aor. S. 

perf and plopecf. acL Dem. ; f^yiStiv, Xen. Dem. 
To be baaiiked/br analier, irrlptiym, c gen. Eur. 
Tb be baadAtd kUIl, rwii^bya, Lya. PlaL 

To be baniAedJiir a j/oae,'ik*fraiiri9, PlaL ; 'innovrl^ Xen. 
Baniahed, 'AniaTDi, av, c gen. Soph. HdL ; 'laaixot, or, c gen. 

Soph ; *Ard{*iH>r, c gen. j£acb. ; 'jtroXit, gen. -««), and aUo 

-itot.acc only v.Sopb. Eur. HdL Xen. Thuc Dem.; 'lir^oAu, 

JEkY. ; 'SM&tmut, Soph. ; JCrfpiarai, or, Dem. Dinaich. 
BaxiJwd ^ lie people, iTtfi^Adroi, or, .Xich. 
A banitied penon, flSTcti, Hos, i vol ij. Soph. Ear. Hdt. 

Thuc Xen. £Khm. etc See Utile. 
One tdo ionuiai, IrifHlAin)!, .£)ch. 
Banlahmant, the bcL, SqfitiAairia, .Xudi. j hftiA^, .Xicb. PlaL { 

lULrii, HM, ft, Tbuci ^{Miiiru, HdL; wipiarka, ibi, ^ 

PlaL AriiL ; nrriarSim, PlaL 
T".!) ooiKliVbii 0/ ioauloKiit, f<^, Omn. Att ; Mn/itM, PlaL | 

fwliUiot ^vy^ Eur. 


/it ii/i (eitbsr •ctiin oi condilian}, iti^ia, Plst 

■ ftiM nl f B( /far a jHor, 'Ar»>iiiATi)ini, mi, i), PUx. 
A buk, tjctih Horn. Hu. Find. Tng. Ap. Rh, Xeu. ; 4i^v (Att. 

^Jv), -^1,4, Ham. HeL Find. ^Kb. Eur. Xen. ; l«r4|, Fiad. 

Tng. Xm. Ljrcuig. ; Ix^ot, Midi. Eur. i X'^'> t^j HdL 

J itmp taai, cpiifvit. Ham. Pind. 
jIh artificial Umt, x"f«S *">», ri, *fch. Enr. Hdt Dem. Tbeoo. 

See Monad. 
A bank (or monsj), rp^tfa. Flat Dem. Ira. 
Wilk %t iub, ^i^'u. Horn. 

To tank np, 'ikroxirritu, Xen. ; 'foix^rnfu, Kdt. Thoc 
Wiertii* tKiU itad a iiul nuKf agmut it, ^ (ri Ttix«) irpai- 

A baaker, rpin^^i, au. ^ Dcm. 
7b b a iufar, rfiatClftiti, Dem. 
BiBknpt, 'dMOXfwWfUni, Dem. 
Ut V ftiihff. Ixonctuctfarrw aJ Tpdnftu, Dem. 
7"% iMT* kwtnyf, iitiimiaar tar ifxoivo, i. «. tbej refiued to 

paj the priDci|n], Dem. 
H> wai iiaJcnipL. l\iurHfnt rSr Jcnrrsii, Dem. j i.ri\rrt kbI rfiv 

Smrr Jt^rrr), Dem. 
/ bme liat I mmt bHsna banlrmpl, t^i o&rfai ^Stv JKimiirrJfu- 

»!, Aitipbo. 
To wijc hnini;^, hySrfini rail t^v rp^vtfo)', Andoa 
BMl]cnipt«7, 'Snnw^ XfX^'i Andoc 
A baun, OTHiMlm, HdL Thoc Xea. 
A taaqut, Sou, ref, ^ H«du Hm. Find. Sol. Tiftg. Xen. ; 

tmrrin, iei, 4, Horn. ; fitJtrtm, Horn. Enr. Ap. Rh. AOAiai, of. 

Hem. Hee. Find. Kur. Hdt. Xen. ; bi\tua, al. Find. ; tbi*xii^ 

At. Flat Xni. 
A huarioia baaqad, Tovlhuvfit, Hdt. See Fxut. 
To taaquti Safnifiw, mid. onlf pm. and imperf. end lai. 1 . 

Acua^qr, often c arc of the toad, etc Horn. Find. Soph. Enr. 

Hdt. Theoe. ; tbrnxtiiuu. At. Hdt. Xen. 
To gia a bampiel, iariiaa, augmented teniei tlar. often c Me. 

fen. Kor. At. Xen. Plu. Antipho. ; eiitx^. c ace. pen. Eur, 

^Voai a imfwf, lainiBtr, Ham. Theoc 

A iag ofbamqiiiliiiig, Kfnufr/iir i/mp, JBMci. 

A flaa/or tanquetting, iipioti hint. Find. 

Tie ^ afiar a bamput, MMs, Find. Cratin. ; V*^^". 

AiiiJ^&aafutf, ^VJicafuis, or, Simon. Mel. 
To bUltW, rifoitKiwTm, h. 'Sni'ii^irrii, PlaL ; x-ponWfu, Plat 

Xen. See TojaL 
Baatar, x^*^ h. cMwuit '^o*, ■'^, Ar. PlaL Xen. Dem. 
£bSna( fcoKterii^, x^uf-rurfiii. Plat See JtH. 
A taatsrar, ffnrrr^qi, ou, i, Ar. See Verier. 
B^tilB, $arT«r^,, N. T. ; 0irrt,r^ irar, th, N. T. 
SapUK, AtrrioTJ)*, N. T. 
To bm>tiH, Parrtiii, N. T., nied aln in clauical anlbon tar 

" ta 4ip," ett 
A bar (or itake), lax^s, Horn. JEtch. Enr. ; of a door, iii!«\iii, 

«n(, i, Horn. ; iXiiSpor, kMtepor, Ion. j NA^poK, Att L Tng. 

Ar. XeD.( /ux^f, Eur. Ar. Xen. Sea BolL 

vta. in pL At. Xen. ; niyiiftl!, iSoi, ii, Ar. Dem. 
Tit bar of a rincr, irfxfixiDfui, if oi, t)i, Mu^ 
T« tai, BAdv, Horn. JEuh. Ear. Thac Plat j iu>x>^ii, Ar. i. e. 
to object Id, to forbid, ihiAAh ., c ace pen. c gen. rei, or c iiri 
iw c ri and infl, or & tdS and inC, or c /(^ and inf. Find. Hdt 
Omn. Alt See ToJbHnd. 
Baib (of an amv), trcei, nitt in pL Uom. 

• • (rrf-ta,PlQt 

^JfUfoi, ar. Omn. | ft^iMpiirki, Tbnc Xen. ; irrl- 
', Anac Sm Faragit. 
n (in bngnige), fimftifuiiibi, AriaL 
n >w i»«iir«», dvHp'^ Hdt Flat 

To barb, Irpaarfii 

SariaRltf, Tutpin)!, trrm, 4, Eur. 


T"»i ii, Eur, Xni. liot. j 'iypiinft, trot, ft, PUt See 

Barbarona, 'iiuixanat, ar, Horn. Hea. Eur. Ap. Rb. , '^tUi- 

Xft, or, Horn. Find. *k1i. ; axirXua, a, «c, (and or, ar, Eur.) 

Horn. Hei. Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat Itoe. j £/<&!, Omn. Att. | 

lilMinoi, Soph. ; iiniippttr, Trag. See CVvaJL 
BaibaiOUlT, ifiAi, Thuc. Xen. ; 'iniWirTw Hdt ; iao^rm, 

iEteh. See Crvdtg. 
Baibad, Mxoyxat, at, Eur.; trfKiirrfvrit, Polvb.- ibvmir- 

TfWiiWii, Foljb. 

With three barbt, fppyXaxts, Iivi, Horn. 
A barber, icoiipcii, Flat ; napirtmln, Alh. 
^ 6nr*i!r'» Ag), nauptuit, Ar. Plat (Com.) Dem. Lya. ; nopsit- 

■HipuHi, Ath. 
A bariir'i biU, Kavpttar, hji. 
A bard, ioJtit, Horn. Find. Treg, HdL ; laijir iniip. Mom. See 

Ban, Tvfu^i, often c pn. rei, Omn. ; illtii, often e^ gen. rei, 

Horn. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Flat Lji. See NaM. 
To ban, rvria, Horn. Tyrt. Enr. Hdt Plat ; iKktniCi, Soph. ; 

+ad«, Hdt -. i~ . 

Baring her icwn, KiX-war iritiiini, Hsm. See To ttr^ 
Baraly, ifiAAt, Demad., I & (carcelj fiiyit, Horn. j£Kh. Enr. 

Hdt Thuc. Plat Lji. etc. j 'ayt^wirrAt, Lje. See Scamlf. 
BanfMMd, 'inirtrrituroi (being perf. pan. part of inan- 

rimiu,) Plat 
Bare/aeed impudatce, Ammrrefiirtl wap^aia. Plat 
Barefootod, 'AWIUuii, or, jGach. ; rqAfraut, neut -ow, gen. 

-«Soi, Soph. J XniicArBUf, Ear.; •trtwittr'Bi, ar, Xen. Plat; 

'Snl^Atfni, or, CalL ; H^voi, or, Ap, Rh. ; 'iriM\ai, ar. 

The being barefbat, 'Jir<!vo>«rla, Xea. Plat 

7b JO banfoot, 'Sriwattriii, Att Luc. 

A targain, lia6Kiina, 2toi, ri. Soph. ; iaii, Eur, 

To bargain (for), iiriaiuu, uiu. only in pret and imperf. e. gen. 

pretit, Etir. Hdt Xen. ; hfUiti.tiii only iii aor. 1. c. sen. prelii. 

Soph. At. Hdt Xen. Andoc 
7b moAfl B banfoin, uM^Aapai, mid. Hdt Dem. 
A barga, i)jAs, Uoi, ^, Find. Simon. Eur. Hdt Thnc. Lyi. 

Xen. J TsSAoi, Epich. Ar. Hdt, 
Bark (of a tree), fAaiiii, Horn. Hdt Xen. ; tipfia, Irat, vi, 

Tlia bark of ■ dog, 'liXcr)^i, Horn. ; 'txteyna, irei, rh, AUcb. 

Ear. i iriiniAayriii, SteeicL ; n^Jryyii, Xen. ; i/uiiiXii, Ap. Rh. t 

'GAiicj), f"^et an. PUt Ap. Kb. 

.) ailA lAe bari on, aJrre^fiXauit, ar, Theoc ; with Ibe 

barii alt round, aepTf \awt, or, Xen. 
Wilh roa^ bark, TpexS'^Aomi, or, Theoph. 
WiA iMooU wit, Aiif ^Xofoi, or, Theoph. 
WUA liiM bark, Jkerrj'fbUioi, ar, TheopL 
Wi/k timlar bark, b/iaiifipjioun, ar, Theoph. 
fFHk Ike bark burk, fiAow^^fiTlo, Tbei^li. 
A isnta^ o/Ike bari, pMwf^-Yia, Theoph. 
To bark, i.e. itripatim ofila bark, A^», Horn. ; H^tnr,\i.; 

\f*ff<a, Antiph. Thef^fa. ; ^Aatfv, Theoph. ; npifiUtCs, 

7b bari graiitialif, WoAonU, Theoph. 
7b bark at a dog, 'bKiu, often c ace obj. al vhidi, Horn. 

Theog. ; 'SAEUTTJif, limilarly c uc. Ham. Ar. Xen. Imc ; 

■Aitfai, fat xAdrfK, per£ niKXaYfa and K4it\vta, Horn. Ar. 

Xen. ; dudoow. Ham. ; 'BtJirxM, snly pro. and imperf. ^Kich. ; 

KAoryafrai, only pna. and imperf. ,^ch. Xen. ; 'dris, Ar. ; 

0aiim, no perf. Ar. Theoc ; 'drnnAifo, Xen. -, MirSjOuiYriiv, 

DO fat Xen. ; iwaodm, Xen. 
BarUng, i. e. (tripping the bark o^ f>jiliriiis, Theoph. j npT- 

^Xela^l, Theoph. 
Barley, icpi99), utu. in pi. Horn. .Xecb. Hdt Omn. An. pnae ; 

KfH, ri, indecL Horn. ; barley meal, b^tiw (after Horn. niu. in 

pi.) Horn. Ar. Thne. Xen. Flat ; parched baiiey, Kixpvi, sat, ft, 

Cialin. Ar. 
Bariaf cuket, 'kx^Xtulv, Ar. 
Barleg caktt {hr iprinkling on victimi at a nciifice), oiXol, Horn. 

Ar. Hdt ; oiAifxl'Tai, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; rpixHrat, Eur. Ap. Rh. 


Bartm bnad, /u(f^ H«. b. AnhiL Ar. HdC Xcn. PUL Lji. 


To <ppuiif< lite iarUg eait (on ths lictim), tiXBXiT4tifuu, Thei^iu 

OfbHrUf, KpiSirat, H\ppoa. Xea. 

Eatiaq bari^, tpMrrfi-foi, ar. At. 

Tq eat barl^, npiSiL., Horn. JBieh. 

To tattoo DtBcA barky, Kplti^, Ariit. 

7S> oK barley meal, iXflToairda,, Xen. 

7^ «af iorjay &na<', /utCsf>dr^, Hipp. 

JUma/rom toting barley, KpiSlaaii, tut, ^ Xea. 

Prodaeng barUy, HfSBafipot, at, Thcophr. 

Pndacag bar/eg in abtmdana, itxptSoT, ar, Tbeoc. 

Z*fe barief, t/MiiKfiaiii, or, Theopb. ; KflVWu, ThNph. 

MoJcing barley duo/, JtA^lnrroda^ Xen, 

^<l<a/«rM&irbriiuo/,dA^Ti^ui<hf,Ar.i lA^n^ql, Ninpb, 

Om inb> Moiu ioT^ nun/, lAi^Irfit, Hf pcrid. 

The market fig' barley neat, 4 iXf rrnwAu (Rlai) irriiit, Ar. 

Barky paltafft, KpiStUa, b. ; 'ISfya, Ar. Pfaoeer. 

Barl^ iHi«<r, rrJvim, Ar. Hipp, 

.4 drWiv i/barliy voter, rrlrSrofitefla, Hipp, 

jl flatejir barley eatet, «ia{iirafitu>ir, Ar. 

A ban, dUa, Hm. Ap. Rh. j ^Jtm, Epieh. ; 'Jhnf^m. Thac 

A bftml, irfSat, Ham. Hs. Soph. Bur. Hdt. Xta. Pint. See 

Bamn (of Und), trrptyrrat, or, Horn. Hn. h. | Xuirpii, Hob. 
HdL i tiituKBi, ar, h. ; xiftret, or, ^tch. Soph. HdL, *]io of 
wnnen. Soph., c gvn. Eur. ; 'Anyot, t*, 1S,kV. £iir. ; 'lir^ 
nrraf, av. Soph, i 'Mprurrsi, or, Eur. ; ip^ii, Xen. Ibc ; 
tipopot, ev, HdL ; 'irmi^ikipoj, or, Xen. 

ilamn (of womini, uiiniali, etc.), ari^i, a, or, uid oi, or, Horn. 
Eur. ; &Iio irrtifo u inbit. Hom. ; 'airt;i«i', oral, Eor. ; 'AictAii, 
ar, CaU. ; '^a«i, or, EuT. HdL Ariit. ; rrif&foi, Ar. PltL ; 
btJyoifirot, or, Hdt. AriiL mtifMife, Hipp. 

Qwnw; iamRKB^ 'l^opM, or, £ich. 

BtiTtnlj, 'imffnrwi. Soph. 


BommMt (of uiinnli}, JAfToyorlo, Plat 

Ta be IwiMa (of knd), '4ni»>^ Theopb. 

7b b barret (irf enimili), 'il^r^, Theophr. 

A barrimde, fp«Wiii, Hdt Xen. ; oroipiifU, Ant, ri, Thnc 

Xen. See AnrMr. 
To barriead*, ^fiaam, Horn. Aacfa. Ear. Hdt. Tbnc Flat Xen. ; 

fprfynvu, Ar. ; winpfiam, Pbt. Xen, ; inaafiu, Thnc ; npt- 

eraifiii, Thnc Xen. 
Tb iomborfi roamd, rtplir^ryniiu. Find. See TofeaM. 
Wm barriaided, tbtfi^s, Horn. Pbd. JEMb. PlaL ; npfepxroi, 

A buriar, jux^'i xgaioit, c gen. Soph. ; tfi^frfim, ttrai, rt, 

Imc ; ^ftrtiiit, Hdt. Xen. 
Abftriow, T^fiCoi, Hun. Pind. £)eh. Ear. Hdt. ; niaAA^, Sopb. j 

t%ioi, Mm^. ; Iffo, Aroi, rb, Sopb. ; x*'*"' '^ei, rb, MtcW 

S^h. Eur. Hdt. 
TV nuM a iamw, rv/ifoxo^, Hdt. \ x^^of" ■rifitor, etc Soph. 

Eur.; tiAx^- X"l^ HdL 
Heaped up at a bamiB, Tv/itixi*9Toi, or. Soph. 
To barter, 'ifulSn, c icc. utd f[en. or c. tec. end prep. Horn. 

Find. Eur. ; SiaXXiroia, to siTe in exchanKe rl rir>, to take in 

eichuge t1 irri Tirol, Pind. Eur. HdL PUl ; IrrtKftnXAiir- 

aofiai, nid. e. *ce. end gen. or e. aee. end prep, irrl or brip, 

Dem. leoc ^tcbin. See To temAaagt. 
BaitW, tu^. PlaL AriiL ; /vraM^-Hl, Plat See Eeebai^ 
Meogiag to iorter, iUuricti, Pht ; iurSt\ir'Jiibi, PlaL 
laM, itinbi, eoinpu. ~l«r (t AtL, I eliewhere), -urroi (poeU not 

Attic hare alio -4iTtpat, Araros), Oehd. ; alajipbt, offlnpnr. 

alaxiir, -urrai, Horn. Soph. Hdt. Thnc Dem. etc ; 'brytrlii. 

Soph. Ar. PlaL ; 'iyrrlit, HdL Plal. ; wirmvxpot, Mel. ; to- 

roii'x'"' AriiL 
Bai hg Wrt*, '*)*n,TDi, or. Soph. 
Aw (of an actim), iutwftw^t, Eur. 
Baee (of money, and then mecaphoricallj of men or thinn), icMSv- 

Asi, or, TheogD. Eur. HdL Xen. PLat Dem. ; Tiif&rvai, or, 

Micb, Eur. Ar. Dem. ; wifSiieHOiitiirtt, Ar. 
BaM'miMdad, ^axp^/iTiTU, gen. lei, d nt 4, ^acb. 
ilotii; bam iitdt, airxfo*oiii, or. Ear. 

To bata, kMUiUAji, per£ -tMKvm, et 

Bur. HdL See To 

The baM (of any thlng\ 3a V< ^Kb. Xen.; n<^«i,Ti, Tfaue. 

HdL ; /»ni, tut, 4, PlaL 
Tie iui o/o jftriw, *Tu>j>«4nii, PlaL (Com.) 
Tie bate o/mSUary optratUme, 'S^Ofldl, Thuc See PomuiaUim. 
Baaaly, niimi, Omn. ; oJoxp"'' ^ur. Xen. Dem. etc 
BaMlieH, etax"i ^^i Hom. Het. SofA. Eur. Xen. ; Ktuinii, 

vret, ij, Horn. HeL £Kh. Ear. HdL PlaL An^pho. etc ; tinla. 

Theogn. Sopb. Thnc PlaL Dem. ; lAai, Eur. Ai. PlaL ; airxfi- 

nii, jjTOj, ii, PlaL 
A bate ottun, oltfxpin'n^ ^en. .£acbin. 
BaihfU, alrxfK'Til^r, PlaL AiiU. ; aUxtmifbi, PlaL ; aO^. 

/w, eves, Xen. See Afod*^ 
BatUnllj, oltiviJnM, Xen. ; uurxumiXAi, PlaL 
TiMhftilnaWi aUi)fUKrtn|, Zeno. See ModeUy. 
To b« bMUol, aJtrxirafioi, paw. Horn. PlaL 
BiaU, Airlfur, SttaL EubuL 
Bailn, vfZ/w, iret, ri, HdL i nAbq, Cratin. ; aeXTxrn, Alanan. ; 

A oaAbaad bathi, x^f^^or, Horn. Andoc ; X'P^""'! Ar. ; 

Xtipii-'Sor, Epicb. ; x"^>>"'P**'> EupoL 
A inn n tt< ko, nxAn), Theoph. 

no baiat/br Oe gami of tie KirrUot, KvrriteTar, Dioearch. 
Baiia, ^Tflfxir, «Kh. Xen. ; ^a, wi, 4, PlaL See &w; 
To baak, xAufro/ioi, patt. Ar. 

Baaklng, 'U^>, Si^b. 

A baakat, KilHar and altrtior. Ion. omL in AtL kkhSt, Horn. 
Eur. Ar. ^ichin.; TJbuVwf, HcoL Hea. Ar.; foffibt, Hea. 
HdL ; nSpToi, ri, Sappbo i irvtiplt^ flat, 4i Ai. HdL ; ffrffi^ 
tier, Ar. ; ^X't. Ar. Anib. ; OtMot, Ar. AiUL ; MJUUr. 
not, Ar. ; Kt^roi, Ar. Xen. ; idMiriHor, Ar. ; «Xi>^'> ' "■' 4^ 
Tiyii, At. Thnc ; 1#Iom> w tfflxot, 
^opfi S rinr,P^L 

1 ^efvai, ftet, 4, A 

7*a carry ti< taerti ioeM ta fmonmm, aJr V ^ap J ii, Ar. Dem. 

Tie aufTpag (ta MoW-Aiahif, irfr«fopId, Pl^ 

One utd earriet He batJbit, Mimfipot, im^ii. 

XukaC«Drk,^,^Art*,Jt,n(u. in pL Horn. HdL ; «Ain*, rk, 
Ar. ; fKtyim, droi, to, PlaL 

Mad» ofbaeht-wort, oLHiros, Horn. Thnc Xen. ; vAfirrbi, Horn. 
Htc JEm)i. ; x^Mrii, Anac ; x^Aivrii, HdL 

To mrk m iaaW-wint, vAiim, Ham. Eut. HdL Xen. ; X^eA*, 

Exeaded » &»»;»;; rpirttni, or, PlaL 

Bait, (made of bait, or umething Tei7 like it), fXAi-M^ Ear. 

TV art offiaUmg bait, 4 fAaurrlc^i PlaL 

Baitard, nfaat, oftai aiu ai tnbtL Horn. Tr^. HdL Xen. Dhb. 
etc j iri^friot, a, or, and ei, ar, Horn. ; mtirm, 'Rum. Bni. 
Ap. RL ; rot^r^s, Enr. 

A baitani igipriitg (tmbom), rapttrla JMi (gen. '■cret), Piad. 

Tie MeritOKX o/a battard, ri rdfiu, Lyt. 

To baitludo, ^(C«< Hippon. Anac HdL See To beat, 

A battioo, -ri^t, «■>, jj, Xen. 

A bat, rvmpli, ftoi, 4, Hom. Ar. HdL PlaL 

To bata, iXaaoie,, leoc Lyi. PUL Sea To lattm. 

A bath, Mrrfor, Hem. ; Kmrpor, Hcl fa. Pind. Trag. Ar. Xen. 
PbtL ; 'd^jtfurAM, 4, Hem. Soph. ; tfol-rti, £ich. ; Aavrlipw, 
£ech. Anttph.; fiikbutr. At. Imc Dem.; a bathing tab, 
ir^Aof, if, Ar. ; fiilirTpa, EapoL ; imi^, .Sich. ; a iwimmu^f 
bath, KOKiiiMttpa, PlaL ; a Tapoui bath, frpJo, HdL ; ripnnh 
pur, AriaL ; natural mum bathi, 'HpiUAjia Aourpi, Ar. 

A batltftiom, Koarp^r, Sroi, £k)i. Xen. 

Sam M tie ia<t, Xovrfottlbnes, or, jGmL 

Tb otfoiiJ r»9<A) H a iofi, SJUib'tiW, c daL Ar. 

A bathmUL (one vbo attenda people in a bath), Aeerip^xeoi^ 
Hom. ; Xnnpixoo,, Xen. CaU. ; fl*Urri., Ar. 

TTu trade of a baOmam, 4 ^OAamrM, PlaL 

Feltta$m a foM or unter (a £a(t< ia, XovTpof^t, er, Enr. 

To batha, \aiiofiai, mid. (in aor. 1. ^loa. Horn.), c perf. paM. in 
mid. una., in f. eontr. Aoiifftai, c gen. cr c daL at c tab at 
the bath ; aln Aj>^ Xf^ ^t^ Bom. Hea. Simon. Enr. Ai; Xen. 
— '- mid. Hom. ; x>''''AJ*fUU, mid. Hom. Ap. Rh. ; 


Pmrrlfyui, put. EuboL ; 'Ji^S^ivfuu, Gnr. ; 'l/mUwrii 
ifiMirrir, Hdt. ; IwTiiig bkthcd for ilia bat time, Xavrpa ririr- 
rmt •S^iiifUKtt XP"< ^^- i to lathe in ■ wsim bilh, itfiio- 
^aiTfim, Ariri. ; to bath in a cold batb, ifiijowAoirr^ Ar. ; to 
ballis togetber, ^SpifjiioiAat, mid. Ar. ; to tpend in biitha, lAri- 
Xoioftm t , mid, Ar. 
A tetkn, XoWT^i, Ariit I thuc who batlie ti^lher, niptKiA- 

UaaKg jnt baSud, M^AAsvraf, or, (bf n^Ajw. b. 
HamigJM^ tad a vapoar tett, »ffirtp%m, ar, Hipp. 
FukI e/ballaiy, ^i^jnrrfat, or, Hipp. 
To htfiad t/hatkmg, flXoAwrp^ Hipp. 

A io/iw; Mtft (U Winn mur for the bath in), Airrp^x"" ^pf- 
■wt, otst, Horn. 
Badien'' dnattrt, 6u Xtvr^t, Ala*, 4, Theopomp. (Com.) 
Tb paw «n(tr mTo a faiU (to fill a bath), Xmrpoxaii, Anth. 
tFoMr Ualiaibim Med u a ioM. tJtbrf^t, Ar. 
B aO im g in coU wder, ifvxpoAawla, Theoph. 
.SoMi^ « itc4 icaftr, AfnuAnvla, Theoph. ; a^jfuAjHrrla, Hipp. 
A kafatt, •nc4<Tpw, Ham. £(ch. Edt. Hdt. Xen.] ^tUSot, i,, 

Snra); a Joftui, imirravxBi, Xen. 

A tattallOB, WAdi t\ Horn. £Kh. Thnc ; Xixot, Hon. ^kL 

To bMtar C'n1>>> gate^ etc.X ^^Ui>, perC $it^.wla, Horn. ; 
'tfimrm, Pind. Ana& T^. 
ra ioAer ctoam, ^ib^V", act- and mid. Ham. ; jptin, Xen. See 

A Wttaring^^am, icpAi, Xen. 

Bkttla, x^vm^ Ham. ; alx^)), Horn. ; 'iiU\Ka, Horn. | ^Aarii, 
-Sh, ace. IBa and -v, 4. Hom. Hn. Soph, (in ch.) Ar. ; luH), 
HoDL Pind. 1 SqWuf, i^n. 4. Ham. HdL Ap. Rh. ; Sfipii, wt, 
4, Horn. JEtch. Ap. Rh. i rtwai, rb. Ham. Find. ; ir^t^T, 
Honi. HeL Ear., al» rti'mt rsX^fiau, niinn fuAJriBur, Hon), i 
Ml, 4, only in dat lot, Horn. He*. JEtch. Ap. Rfa., ace Bab, 
CalL ; ihTifti), dat. Iv^r)) and Air/uvi, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; itAxt' 
Omn. 1 'AUU^ Pind. ; iX*)), Pind. £Kh. Enr. ; I/iASsi, Hea. 
PiDd. Ap. Rh. ; init*iiX.ti, JBtcb. Hdt. Xra. ; tIai), and *dXi| 
So^ Ear. i riordru, w>, <ri Hdl. ; ■^fit(4f^ mm, i), Thnc. ; 
iirtlei^ Tbeoc. 


J liaMb ly ai^iK rMTTAfiAxIa, Hdt Tbnc. 

.4 aBHl toOjg, nayiix'', Omn. ft. 

A haute OS At wait, T«xafiAx<<>. Hdt. 

.d iMadiattb, ir>C°Mxf>, Hdt Thuc 

>< eioK AottfE, ofrreirriila, Horn. ; oirMrx*''^ Horn. 

.^ Idttft i^cBtaby, im/Axla, Thnc 

To Oe toke^ dir>iAritvff, Horn. ; *^fid»t«, Horn. Ma 

71f (BK.ofiriir^teli^Ii^iao'/ui^Thne.; SiArat>^»',4. Hdt. ; 
Tt IrrM^ftTsxMv, Thnc. See Array. 

71> 9IAM it tu tm hea appotUt liau o/* iotfie, troA^fuiio ^tfiiipai, 

tFiittsirf B halSt (not haiinv been engaged in a battle), adj. ifiA- 

xn, or. Xen. ; 'MxTra(,or. Xen. ; adT. 'A^lx^l, Horn. Hdt. 

Tkae. Xen. ; 'V>x^ Thnc Xen. 
Si^m tgOeiOi 9/taaU, topIrAiaiFrDt, or, .£uh. 
7S« mgmJ^fitr hMe, rt ToA*fi<icir, Xen. 
71( imtlU-Jidd, fix^, Xen. 
7b (OH Id laOfe, inififitTnifii tf Mxjl, "*>>- Tirl 'i ^X*)'- 'V' 

tlUrt Tin, tun. X'W* ^"i, Hdt Thnc Xen.; it^^iiiytiiu, 

Thnc i tJi X*^"* f'X'f»> Thnc ; tii f^xti 'pXif", 4", c 

daL Thnc See 7b;%iu. 
Foul •fbmtOt, (nnoinied in battle), 'ifnt^iKiii, sv, Hem. ; ^ITl^ 

Mx^ti "i F^A .lEech. ; (avprcXHTai, w, Horn.; 'J^tf^iiret, 

«r, Jbch. Ear. See WtrUta. 
A iMttiMtf*, tAret, Hdt 
A batUamiat, nptirw, ■!, Horn. ; fn^f't, w>, 4, Ham. ^kIi. 

Ear. HdL Thoc Xen.; «piit«/iMr, on. in pi. Honi. Hn. h. 

Ear. i nyvit, jGecb. Ear. ; S^pucw, £Kh. ; ^oAflt, Sat, 4, 

Soph.; «^]wria,«ni),Tb,iapL jGtch.; AroXf^or <p<n«l, Eur. 
A hwU*, 'taw, fcot, ra, Horn. 
T* bairi, ifiitt, iat M^dfe^uu, perf. k^k^oto. At. See To 


pan. rfivjfiaij, plgperf, fi 

tKj (colonr), ^y^, iicet. Ham. 

A bar ti^i SdTf "I. Horn. Hei. Soph. Enr. Ap. Rh. See Lavti. 
A bar (in 1>e "ca), *i^'i>i. Ham. .Gich. Soph. Hdl. Thnc Xen. 
etc ; ayxfa', £rai, 1, Sq>h. 
To put into a baf (intnat.), KJh-lnaAnfat (tli tiSylnf), Thnc 
To bay, 'iUm, Horn. Thoog. See To tat*. 
A banar, Itiyfui, ^oi, to, Xen. Dem. ; rarrtwi/uor, Plat 
To bt, iH imper. fo^i, poet (not Alt), tn or Iffra, inbj. 2, 
poet tH, and du. opt iftin (2d pL aync alw ilrt, Horn.), poet. 
ioifu : iofin. ttrai, poet, ffuv ar tnti*r or f/uru or f/i/itrai ; in- 
petf. ^r, poel. hir, tar, nnd (in lit ling, onlf ) inv, 2d ling. 
poet ofien ijofti and (qfffti, 3d •ing, aomelimn fip', Iftir, and 
•tv, alu ro-mi' ro-Hi, etc Ham. aid £ich. in chor., (Horn, alw 
haa 3d p]. dara) ; fut heiim, poet haafitu, 3d ting, poet alto 
iiratirat, ijnc ai alwaja in Alt farai ; part ty, poet /i* j 
(none of the abnre poet fonni,eiceptJlfffla, occur in Att), Omn.j 
ylyroiuu, mid. fut. Ytj^ootuu, lor. 3. iyi¥6nT)r, i(d aing. by 
■ync lytrre, yirro, Jlol, Dor. perf. mid. yiyirm, with reg. pet- 
aoni, and alao lit. pi. -jiyStMii, 3d pL fryAam, pu^ yry^, wii, 
and Att t*)4», yrfiva, pdf. paia. yiTJi^jMa, fut. 1. pose 
TtiTtftio-o*™ in Plat, (Pind. hu .n inf. ytyiKfir), Omo.j 
rvyxine, nor. 2. Kt Mxo", willi (in Hom.)a inhj. r^oifu, Ep. 
and Ion. perf. ■mixv and rfrtux", and Ep. aor. I. irixvit, 
' ' " '(<t(V"i^(thepoe(a,incladiiigtheTTaK.,uieaItoaperf. 
' ■ ' fr»ri7/ni*,Bar.l.*ri)£"I''(TBr7ofienin 
All. uiea wim a part, e. g. trvx'r ifMr, = ifAf*, fruxm arpi- 
Ttv6fityoi ^ iffTptrTt&QirTQ^, Omn. ;rtfAjf,only inlit and Sdaing. 
pra. ind. and Sd ling. opt. act, 3d >mg. imperf. vt'Afv, end by 
ijne. itrXw, into. nA^nu, part riXmr, in mid. only 2d and U 
pert, aing., 3d pi. yra. ind., impet£ 2d ling. (*\*o, frXn, md 
n\Jffc«, 3d ling. IvXtTDand trtA^o-nra, impent wiXtv, pm. 
put rtkifitim (rX^fifrsi, Enphta:.), (the Attici aae no part of 
the imperf. nor theindn. nor the imperat.), Omn. poet. ; iii^hi4- 
Aafuu,an]yin Sd pera. aing. prea. anbj. Ham. ; riA^Sii, only 

rrca. and Ion. imperf, Tt\Aintar, end part prea. Omn. poet 
X^, augm. imperf. •Jxo"', c. adr., aa el Ix*", to be well, Omn. 
Tpd^fHu, paaa. Soph,, and 3d ling. aor. 3 act rirpSi^, Horn. . 
fioiiai, paia. c. aor. 2. pert and pluperf. act. cap. to bo by na- 
tnie, Omn. ; trrd^iai, paaa. c tix. 3. perf. and pluperf. act Horn. 
Soph. Thuc Xen. ; rJUofiu, paiL Pind. ; lApim and lApm, 
imperf. ^irltpOM' and bvpgr, JEmA. Soph. Bar.; 'iirAfx», no 
perf. Hdt. Omn. Alt; folra^wi, jMaa. Soph. j oUdo^ui, paac 
Soph. ; intpiaaeiiai, paaa. in p«f. Eur. ; RiAntifuu, fht -xtlaaiiM, 
to be in a condition or diapoaition, Eur. Hdt Onin. Alt pma ; 
Oaim, in perf. ^^KO, and aync. part fitSlit, mra, ibi, Hdt 
Sopik Eur. ; KtUaTifiat, paia. c aor. S. and pert and pinperf. 
act perf. port ntBtBrvtiu, ijnc tUtarit, wri^ hs, Hdt Onm. 
Att j 4**, of peraona only in prea. Soph. ; irrvrjtttnt. Soph, j 
oIk^ of pnaona, Si^h. ; Maraiau, c. aor. 2. act etc ; Hdt, 
laoc £achin. ; 'Smurfi^iuu, c adr. loci, Xen. ; ^pfo^uu, 
pan. no fiit Ap. Rh. 

7b it, i. e. to be fixed, laid down aa a law, etc Kt^iat, fiit icifav* 
Fu, Hom. Hdt Soph. Eur. Thuc Lyi. 

To bt aaamg, lidriifu, c dat Hom. 

7a ii oJ iaad, la is aDiJar, etc, tni/Ai, Horn. faeh. Enr. Hdt 

Xen. Den. 

TbieicMi^ioien, tolaaear, rpdni^cdBt Soph. Eur. HdL 

Thoc Dem. ; apsryCvrafui, c dat Soph. ; wpimiiitu, e. dat 

Soph. Eur. ; Tpo>trir^i;ic>, Xen. Dem. 
Tbcis OB, b>£a iifltr,liiit ovtr atgotemor, tobtaa aarUoaf to aag 

ow, to be htMa, fni/u, c dai. Horn. Hei. Find. £acb. Eui. 

Hdt Xen. Dem. 
To Aa aa, or nt, tyttymikU, c dat Eur. Thnc Hdt j fni^u, c. 

To be wUK, ir^i^ c dat. Hom. Soph. Enr. Xen. Dem. ; oMa- 
Tifiai, c aor. 2. act etc Eur. Plat Iioc ; there are alao aonw 
irregular paat tinaea, aa, ttat, vifviiri4i, Ap. Rh. ; tftift, Ap. 
Rh. ; wai on, iwtrfyt^, Horn. 

To be angry, to be ignorant, io bt a alove, to he pntpenmt, etc. 
Xpio^at JpY^, 'JWV'f, t*vXtlf, eivlpf'f, t r. \. .£adi. Eur. 
Hdt Thnc etc 

tt iciB be itUerJbr yoa, t/itirar ifur Sianlvrrai, Xeo. 

Bang inJUmritUng crranufoiKn, il lirrAt, Thnc 

Tldiigi teiick oov an, ri rvr f irrvra. Soph. 

* '----'^ atrM-hs, Hran.; irH|, Hm. Find. Tnw- Xeo. Lj. 



curg, ; ^l/iftSBai, Ai Kom. Eur. ; iwitpofiii (L t, Und m wbicb k 
■hip nH7 mil). Ear. ; tc^/iiiriryii, HdL 9« &ion, 
BetwllJ, ^SiMMvi, b. 

■wif, JEtcb, Eur. ; ^pwrii, fgch. Thac 
Tit tBoidaiig a/lic beaami, Aivurngpovx's JEwcb. 
Bask, Tiyt^Aal, ol, Eur. ; ^ifi^t, ri, Ar. ; ^iyx"', t^. At., 

ofaibip, irritja, Pind-^Kh. Bnr. ; ^lireAoi, Find. HdL Thuc; 

■Sjip^ripuiy, Hdt. X™. 
Tie Moot q/'iratoi heaii, i/iXiikal x'^^^'^'l"''^ Maei. 
WUk aookid beak, AynHhoxtiXTis. Horn. ; i^^i, Find. 
With dorp btak, i(irnimt, sv, MK-k. 
Wui braiil beat, irAdTttpiFyx<"> "'< Acub 
H'rA Uffli beak (of ihipi), JpMicpa^i, or, Horn. 
With Anusi Aeojl, xaAK^fifoAot, h-m. it, ^i, Eur. 
Having lea beaJa, i. c. attkckuig witli the beak tm Hmtt, SiKi/i- 

«a\<>s, JEKh. 
Liie tkree MUpi' beala, Tpi/«i<DAitf, Ar. 
Bmw, of ■ houH, l^Ri, iTsi, Ti. (fn th« deckntioa of S6fu aec 

«pe*r), Hain. ; IitjiDi, 4, Ham. Ear. Ai. Thuc ; liiBoKBr, Eiu. ; 

Ttoifai, ol, Theoph. 
j4 pryadimff (Mm, fi«pa^ Tbuc. 
.X beam a/du in. iitrli, mi, *, Horn. Find. Tmg. Plmt. ; utA 

ofieneit in pL ud tuuBlty joined to ^Aiw or ^(^u, Horn. Find. 

Eur. Xen. PlaL -, Xofun^pu JtAfiv, Eur. ; W«>> jBoAol, Eur. ; 

T^a j^aJoii, Eur. ; Taftj/iira ix.lmi, Eur. 
nefooMo/apair^fDaZa, fA^vv, .fsch. Plat; ^it^icyf, rn^t, 

4 Ann. 
BB«Mtng (a* a beaming eye, clc), foiIfAi, £ach. Soph. Eur. i 

ftuSpitiris, ir, Eur. 
To beam, A^nt, act. and mid. Omn. poet and oace in Xen. ; 

iBTfinu, jGKh. Soph. Eur. Xen. Sea To lUns. 
A batt, icUfUf, Ham. Xen. 
A tidaef ieoii, ipiriXot, Epicb. Ar. 
Jifade o/beaiu, *virua, or, A !<■ m»n - ciia^uror, Heniocb. 
A beai^taier, miiurrfiii, vfoi, At. 
To bear, in all tenua, ^|w, fuL 1. iXru (not found in Hon. 

though he baa imper. oTiri, infin. aiaiiity, aJir^/itvcu), aor. 1. 

^freuro, Hom., '^j/rytta Att., aor. 2. ffvcurn', Horn., 'iveyitov 

Att (all theae trniei nied alio in mid.), fat. ]. mid. ofrofioi 

(oied aUo in pau. kd*. Eur.), aoi. 1. paie. ^riJx^i Ubl Omn.; 

To ieiir,(aibibearabiirdea),^8^irii,impeiC -tnrsr[r^yix^)> 

Find.; KM>^('»,Eu.;i*«^'fN>, Xen. Flit. Inc. Dom. Sm lb 

amy. To tmdure. 
To bear (grief^ Uamr, etc.], 'iriUxeiuu, mid. pnf. paai. in act. 

Mil. Sitiyiiai (and -4irniMt, Horn.), Horn. Plat. Dem. ; (ca- 

lamilj), rripytt, c ace or c. lUt Hdt Omn. Att 
7b tear (pmperity), niTiirtffini, fut. 1. ~*/4w. Find. 
To baar eeill, and alio lo bear or aidare to do a tJang, TA<iit (preL 

neTBT med), aor. 2. frXni', impeiat rfcift (r^AAfli, Horn.), 

inlin. TtrAOHi (rrTA^r and TfTAd^iAoj, Hum., who hu 

aor. 1. hS^iaa tni-aaaa), and perf. part rtrAnibi, Horn. Ttag. 

Hdt Xen,, but lerr rare in proae. 
To bear la da, Tth/Jit, Ham. Soph. Ear. Thuc Xen. Inc. Dem. 
To baar eAildrem^ rlrfH, fnt ^^<v, oftener Tt^o/iat {rntodfuu, h.) 

aor. 2. (Ttm', prrf. mid. t^oko, alto aor. 1. mid. tnffiiiip', 

hor. 2. Irmiiiitii, Omn. 
To btar into, tlt^ipi*, Kom. Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. 
To bear out of, 'k^^, (and lometimea limply lo bear, ai to bear 

Ihiit), Horn. Hea. Eur. Hdt Tboc. 
7b Uar at/mg vilk otim, Ui ielp la btar (gtiefa, etc), o^fi^^pcg, 

act and mid. c. dat pen. ^Kb. Soph. Xen. ; oivnc^^, Enr. ; 

(laboiin), atreiiTorfii, c dat pen. Enr. ; ir(iniuafJ(ii, Eur. ; 

•nvMfi/fW.Ar. Hdt; iriwrfAjffiAnt, HdL 
To bear betidei, T^srwipiptt, Xen. 
Te bear Ora ti«ui a fear, T^'^wpAn, Theoph. 
To bear amiy, iirofjfie,. Ham. 
Ti^ kace borne aiDiijs lrqpeli|a>TD, found in no oth« (enw < 

7b be boTTie », 4it^cf4oiMU, Hem. Ap. Rh. 
To be (one oafa^tffer (of tiro riven), vnfi^^^uu, Ap. Rb. 
He BoMKit bear la bt kelped, obx ll^iwi cii^Xo jfumi. Flat 
To be vtaile arimuiiUag (a bear, tbOimitxtTim, c sec Thuc 
/ wttf bear utti ifoar angtr, Vt^ irEmln o-dI, ,£ich. 

To be hone, olirrioi. Soph. ; ai an eril, IfAinrrbi, And. 

'Me nad bear, olartoi/, Eui. Fhit ; a* an evil, artftrrior, e. dat 

Alixr teiear or lo 6a ionH (loll), ili^o^i.ov, Find.; (grief ),i6f<l)nf- 

rot, or, jGieh. 
Bearing otiUna, railoiroi^r, ^, Eur. ; bearing ofiapring twice, 

ttrAim, or, Anac. 
A baei, Iprrai, 1 Kal ii, Horn. Hea. Hdt Xen. Don. 
Tie Great Bear (the conatislliition), 'Apicroi, i, Horn. Soph. Ear. 

Anac. ; 'ji^o, Horn. ; BoArijt, Horn. Anac. ; 'Apierovfot, Ilea. 

Soph.; 'EAftni, Ap. Rh. 
A baud, MipUai, a:,Hom.;Y<niii, tor, ii,Ham.Tng.Ca]1.; 
' wr, Horn. Trag. Ar. Xen.; 'IliiVi),iGKb. At.; aiKot,Ar.i 
.. ,mt, >»t, i, Mk^i. At. Hdt Plat 
A goaCi beard, ^fvfyot, if, Ariat 

Tie beard or ean i^cont, 'iS^p, ifot, b, Bea. ; yTi^xn, d, Hea. 
To beaid, 'drfm-l^u, pua. c aor. 2., peif, and plnperf. act c dat 

Horn, jEach. See To oppote. 
Bearded, 'trtp^i, Hom. FUt.; ■SmrHut. or. Flat. (Com.); 

vuav^ifol. Flat (Com.); Ta>7«i>^i, Theoph.; wte^tiat (nf 

a alar), Ariat; -ynvuin)!, Theoc. in fern. Ttnaru, iSoi, 4, 

Hamg a Utct i«rif, tiy^ioi, or, and q^'rfwt, Hnn. Plat ; 

MffC iriyttv, Al. 
Haeing kal/ a board, iniiyivtiot, Theoc ; ntrtiro^ipot, of. 

Bearded liln a goal, rparfowiymr, in«t, Cratin. 

7b low a heard, ytnida, Hom. Ar. Xen. Plat Theoc ; Ttrai- 

ivnm, no flit Plat Xen. ; fmidCm, Theoc 
Jial begiiaaig lo lava a korrf, ir^jwoi ^ 'vm^rA^KOVt, 

IKjlni ny d^drm bi^ to bare beardi, iwtl Si Tinror 7<va( J/utr 

o'Ki^iTac, Ear. ; beginning to hare beardt, irwritti^omt yitoa, 

Eur. ; Tireaiai jnal beginning to get a bewd, Taiptolat . . . fipri 

yheux .apKiCair, Call. 
Beardlaai, 'iyinat. or. Find. Phtt ; Kturtbtm, ar, Hdt ; 

Xoii, Theoc; -fiiiailn, Ap. Rb.; fiAtrHrlni, er, Aliat 
A beeni, fip*>", Horn. 
A beeet, tpnrir, Hom. Xen. Call., oppoaed to birda, Hdt ; AV. 

q^i, f, prop, a wild beaat, but uMd of any animal eieept man, 

Omn. poet Hdt Xen. ; bifur, Horn. b. ^ach. Eur. Hdt Xen. 

laoc; KniiaXar, Hom. Hec Find. ^acb. Soph. Ar.; Mnr, 

only theep or oien, Tmg. Xen. 
A lacagt beait, Slaoi, rh. Find. JEtch. Eur. ; KEnerbv, Ar. 
A bead if burden, ■i>irof*Tu.r, Theog. Hdt Thuc, Xen. etc 
Half of &» aolan (fbeari, fui»i,p, Eur. 
/WJ 1^ wild beaiU, fvSiJpof, or, Enr. ; nAtonpai^ or, Ear. ; 

atipiMt|T, Hdt; Anporpjipei, or. Ear. Ar. 
7b lie daiigid nlo a beoMt, ixStipiioiuu, paaa. Eur. 
Free from mid beatU, 'iBn^t, or, Hdt 
Bautly, (i.e. of or beloufiing to beaita), Miptiat, Soph. Eur. 

Xen. ; like a beaat df^pxMot, Xen. Plat Ariat 
Liht a heatt <f burden, 'vnfi^i^i, Ar. 
Beutlj, adr. ftqpi^SHi, I toe 
Watdaag fitr urtU Aoufa, ftitpomrfaaf, ot^, h. 
KiUag icUd isoatr, ftitpo^rst, or, Theog. Eur. Ar. ; AiipoKTirat, 

or, Eur. 
Deeouring ieoab, ^fiirpo^i, or, Eur. 
To kill aUd headt, SmpottKiu, Soph. 
To beet (any thing), T^rru, (betidei the reg. tenaea Ar.baa tmt- 

T^n ). Omn. ; ina-na, Omn.; 'Uodai and 'iAoolai, Horn. Ar. 

Xen. Plat, ; 'ifiaam. Find. Tiag. ; -wi/riacm. Soph. Eur. Ar. 

Thuc Xen. Dem.; inrmitTm, Eur. Xen. Lya. Dem. 
7biaa((apenon),^l(B, Hippm. Anac Hdt Plat Dem.; poe- 

tliu. no. with a atick, Ar. irriMu, Eui. Ar. Ciatin. ; mcria, 

Ar. ; «f», Ar. ; aCroHnr^ Ar. ; fA^Jjram, Ar. ; Khnr, Plat 

7b isM oaf (metal), tkairm, fut JU», pei£ pan. 1\4a«muh, Horn. 

Mimnerm. ; i^tKairm, Hdt. 
7b ieol agmit, Kajrrlia, Plod. JBtci. 
To beat agaiiiMi one uaodtn', ^]Wf«^e/uu, pe«. Eur. 
7*0 heal loot, irOidirni, Horn. Thuc 






la dealk, 'irimiiarirliii, Ly«. Deni. i (tSraAtJw, ^»c1iin. 

To imt tuiii litjitt, niiiiiartl/ASCif, JEschi 

To btal (Ihe ground in dancing), ni^im uSSa, or icfwiv -iy\r nSf, 

Soph. Eur. ; ^am, c uc Ap. Rh. ; Kporiv, c Kc. Ap. Rh. 
7b Jrol Ue itad or iFVii< (in lign of lusentalian), nirroiHu, mid. 

tine cu. uid c act., nlio ■ametimci c (tec canuz, Horn. Eur. 

Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; ifi^J^, fuL ^vo, ^uh. ; nrjt xp^ i«uir 

UwTo, Horn. ] iiiiitAw ■*^xy (rripnli. Ear.; ArlK^wro/iBi, c. 

■cc auis, Eur. ; rXSrAyia, Bion. 
7b i«a( tiown {auth\ terrariaau, Hdt. 
7b ttat fir giait, triiifria, Xen. 
7b biW uto on mdMmgtiAMe nan, ntufiifm, Thnc -, iriMU 

JUhIi^ Theoc 
To iaol u a met, ■fiix" "■ 'H'X"! '"'■ *:p^£» (not upoayiiim), 

t. gm, of eompeuton, Hdl. Xen. 
ro iuf (m ■ heart bean), ifx^aiuu, JEtch. PlaL ; ifX^^", Ar^ 

c aor. ]. mid. ipi(iti.iir, Ap. Rh. 
7b Koke to beat, i^itt (of a hoirt), Ion. 
7o isK teiU iwny Unci m (^ bade, ^m ctri k^du n\A^ (>c 

irXirrli), Dem. 
j/s ieaiUnLoml ofkU boattii^, alrrir ^{^Aigft t£v KSfururfidror, 

jGich., alio c geo. pen. act rei, at ix f tw^Tifi /uv H)!' atli, 

Bwtan, apcmrrit, £ich. ; aa metsl, t(^\iret, or, Horn.; iKirhj, 

Ariat. j mtfinrToi, or. Soph. Kur. 
Btaltm (w the ihare by a (torm), IvriTAlif, T)«i, d ical 4i Sopb. 
7b la JAitai (for game), firrVW'- ">'i Xen. 
BmHiii amVBd, si the lea, i^tfTirXtiicTai, ar. Soph. 
A bating, ^irira, Omo. Alt. pr. See Cs/iiK. 
A ieatmff (of a person), ^ifffin, »toj, ri, Antipho. See Bliw. 
A biaiirg (of the breut), etc in tamentatian, 'ifryiiii. Soph. 
7V beaimg, or the noise made by mch beating, irr*»oi, J-<eh. ; 

mWai itpdTDi, or kt. trrifntr, or m-. X'P"'. Knr. ; yrrixiKia 

XV**, Eur. ; utrOiOt x«ci». XV^". Mk'k. Eur., and lioe X'pir, 

Tfane. ; tavcat, SopL, or the naiie of beating any thing else, aa 

gatn, etc. Eur. 
A leafnjr oftht graaid teiti liefiet n dandmg, icpiroi, Enr. 
BMtitndt, eMu/uirla, Omn. poal Horn. See HapfKiuat. 
A bnnr, tiirtiaf, epat, A, HdL 
Q/'or bAmging to a boaoer, KivrT6ptos, Hipp. 
Bwvtiftll, KB/Jit (d Horn., ft Tiag., £ e]ieirhet«>, eomp. noMllor 

(rTr«g.,Ielwvhere}, niperl. KilXXumt, Omn.; tiSiUfu)!, Hom. ; 

■rfu^i, o», Horn.; 'ftpnipciJii, Horn.; Arrilpo., Horn. Hefc Pind. 

Ear. Hdt Xen.; rffJHji, Horn. Hea. Pind. MKi\. Eui. Hdt Xen. 

Plat 1 'ay?uit, i), Ir, and hi, hr, Hom. Pind. Snph.; x'C'*". Omn. 

poet; *l|iup^f, ar, Sappho, £Kh. Gui. Hdt; i!>|Iii«>t, Het. Pind. 

Ar. Plat Xen. ; fu»«4«i. Pind. ; trAaJfiopiaf, ov, h. ; t^fwHi, 

Omn. AtL; nAA^up^i, ar, EuT. ; tipvt,i, Eur.; iriiTfcJUof, 

IT, ar, and af, ox, Ar. Plat. Xen. 
WM (MMfjiW ohaBti, KsUiiwiffoi, ar, Horn, j iia}iXTrpmpat, or, 

Mtdt. ; mpHfoi, or, Enr. 
WM biaiili/)d iair, iyXadtnint, or, Hom.) ittA\iT\itatut, or. 

Ham. Pind. ; koAAJ^, gen. -^pTxaT, Horn. ; KaJiXUonas, or, 

Horn. H«. Pind. 

mii ftHiXiiW fiioia, ^rAivfTUiai, or. Pind. 
wm ioamiifiU am, uuintxvl, Eur. 
mm Intitifil ego, KoiiX^Kiiipot, or, Eur. 
Hlfi bBaHfalfiet or oiLt/ea. KoUXUnpipoi, or, Hei. 
fm* beanHfid Ladi, naAXfytip, Chnrem. 
Banti/tl (of thingi), JkfiSpJa-iot, a, or, rarely at, ar, Horn. Pind. 

Em. ; rtrrdpHi, Horn. 
JJaaififU, rap. of carved or embroidered work, luIIdXiii, Hom. 

Piod. j^aeh. Eur. ; SaiSjUni, Horn. Hel Eur. ; rokutaiSiXtu 

•r, Horn. He*. ; wiyi^itit, Hom. 
Boaali/mllfjh^ia^ (of a liier), mUU^i, or, and «ju/)»ai, or, 

Horn. Puid. ; mAAfhiai, ar, Eur. 
StoMti/tUji Mm^ naM^aiatnit, Anoc ; jroAAJ^ryy^f, Ear. 
"" "" ■' tiy, KHAAi^Seyroi, ar, Enr.; mAMfaJrof, or. 

Bost^^, uAv'i (for quantity' aee above V Omn. ; (hrptr^i 
(nd -wAi Alt.), £ach. W Hdt ; ira7i[Jt\ttt, Eur. Plat 

la bMVtUy, KoXxiru, Soph. Ariat. ; KoMtnlim, Xen. Plat .* 

'aYdUu, no perf. Enr. Sue To adont. 
Beaaty, ndAAoi, Tk, Omn. ; ir/kiita, Horn. ; xiV^i """> 't. Omn. 

poet Isoc. Plat ; x^i**!. -^th. Soph. Eur. ; hbWjwJi, Eur, Hdt 

Plat ,' xaXXoirtrn, Eur. ; jraXAinrtivia, fooi, ri, Eur. ; Itoppii, 

Find. Ap. Rh.i (ifuptla, .«m1i. Eur. j iS^ Eiir. Ar. Plat Xen.; 

bpaiinif, vroi, i), Xen. 
Imagintd btaufy, SaiOKoXU, Plat 
Beautifid liiiigM,gari»tiiU,tarfKU,/MnnlBte,ttc. ilJMti,ri, JEnh, 

Looing beautg, ^XXAyKaot, or, Pind. 
TIapria ofbtaaly. jcaXAiariuir, Eur. 
Tabetic mad beaati/mi, KcAKumiit, Hdt., in mid. Enr. 
To bMklai, yiXnvlia, Eur. See 7*0 catn. 
Bscftou, S,Ti, c ind. Horn. He*. Xen. etc, e. opt Hdt Xen. ; 

iri^, Eur. Ar. j offrfica, t ind. Hom. Pind, and a> prep, t gen. 

iTBumrter its case, JEKh. Soph.; oSrMir, Ap. Rh.; twitt, c 

ind. Ham. Plat. ; Maitvaiia, c. ind. Soph. ; tlori, Hdt Plot 

Xen. ft! prep. 
Ilecatat of, BiA (Iiol, JExh.), c gen. Xen., c. aee. Omn. ; Irura, 

c gen. either berore or afier its case, Omn. ; tlnjta, e. gen. Omn. 

poet ; cr«*r, c. gen. Hom. Eur. Hdt ; Anntr, c. gen. Horn. 

Hdt ; rapk. c. ace. Find. Thuc. liue. Dem. ; iimri, e. gen. Pind. 

Tmg. i idnrri, c. gen. SMch.; Ir*\p, c );en. Eur. Dem.; vith 

Terb* or nouni of giiering, caiiDg, etc rtJA, e. gen. Omtt, c. dat 

Horn. Plat Theoc 
/ Aotw grief bocauM ^liim onf aU, 4 /ai ixof ropl r* oAtoC ftol 

■*pl ntn-Kr, Hom. 
A bsoesflN, eiJHoAAlf or awriUlf, IBoi, 4, Epich. 
Id be«lnm, «£», Hom. Eur. ; ran-aa-siv, c dat pen. to whom, 

A bMkoning, rtv/w, iTof, ri, Thuc 

To bMOma, ylyroiuu, mid. ful, Ttrdjo'ii^uu, aor. 2. lyttiiiiir, 3d 

sing, by sync. llyfrTo and firro, l&a\. Dor^ perf. mid. yiyart, 

with regular penant, and alio with 1st pi. ■fr<i6fm, 3d pL yt- 

7<tAiri, part -fffaiat, liia, and Att yrrin, TrytMni, perf. paai. 

yryiniiim, fnt 1. pais. ytri)9iiaoiuu, in Plat. Omn. ; iyytfroiiai, 

7b iecDBw 1^ a tiange, luSirrifiai, pm. and imperC paat. c. aor. 

2., perf. and pluperf. act Eur. ; lirrapioiuu, pna. paat. c aor. S. 

act -<4iw, peif. Hf uKu, Emped. Plat 
To become a bum, a citiun, T*XJ> (fuL -tw) til trtpai, di 

ooToi.1, Soph. Eur. Plat. 
He will become Jutppy, tOaifiar *JlrDirct (from 'ftrDrot), Soph. 
Wiataill betomeofimroaUuf ni Epiria fi^tm (from ^oln*}; 

He ii hccoirn gotrng from tarwg I"" 'fd, /iMimitt rial tx yi- 

forroj, Eur. 
(Men by being cowardi) bccam icoam, yCrtunn lirrnpiom. 

7b boBonw, i. e, be becoming to, vphtw, only in 3d pen. aing. pret. 

and imperf, though not always impersonal, and in part. nsu. c. 

dat and inf., tomelimei c. ace. and inf. or c inf. alone, once c 

gen. after the participle, Omn. post Horn. 
It becontei, impen. xA\ in^D. xP^roi end xp^r, impetf. txpir and 

X^r, Omn.; 1(7, c ace, rarely c. dat, also c, Inatand ind., alto 

c impen. fut liriafi, etc ; Ip^^ii, fut ifiiiaii, Omn, Att and 

once in Ham. Soph. Dem. j au^trfim, c dat Pind. ; 'Ap^T*!, 

only prei. Pind. MnAi. ; irportjitK, only pres. and nrely imperC, 

uiu. c. dat. and lometimei c ace. Hdt. Omn. Att.; K&NiKti, e. 

dat Soph. Xen. Dem.; niriim, impers. impert itrr^r, part 

lurhr, tK, c dat pen. gen. rei, or c. dat. pen. and inHn. Oirin. 

Alt Hdt ; /itra fur iiiriaTi, c, dat. pen. and in6n. Soph. See 

BeoomiJic, rufiTp**j)t, .£ieh. ; trptwiiSrii, Ai. Jsoe. PlaL 
Whea it irai teeomiag, Zter, nam. aba. Plat 
More tiim it bteomug, iianfirtpa tov ipoi^uirTai, Plat 
■ to, rfii, c. gen. Hdt jEich. Soph. 

.. .. _.... Thuc Piat Isoc. 1 iiSrrat, Plat 
A iMd, tirii, Oranji !^>trior, Omn. poet aXirrjfp, ijpos, i, Hom. 
Theoc ; Kolnj, Omn. poet, and Hdt ; koTtdi, Hom. Eur. Hdt ; 
\»XOi,Ti, Omn.poet J X^icrpor, Omn. poet ; itA.Iff(a, Hom. Eur, ; 
•rrpmilrii, Pind. jEich. Thuc. Xen.i irr/wfia, Stoi, TJ), Theog. 


r, dnlh, etc.), ttni\ryiit. 

Ar. Pbt Dm.) aUW, Ear. Ildt Xm. PUi Dm.; kXIAi, 
ttet, Ai Ar. 1 nXivtSuv, Ar. ; KAMtpur, At.; (foarrfpior, 
£Kb. Sopb. ' 

A hteM {onilu ground), x*f^. Much. Eur. Tbeoc Ap. Rh, ; 
X»lMiritr, Plat.; xV*<vl'i '*"'< 4i Thpoc. 

.,1 M ^lauBo, 4v>Aia, dSsf, 4, Soph. Hdt. Blon. 

Abtdof Itma, or Krw, oi nAti, orWif , jU«, 4, Ar. Hdt. Xm. 
Put. Hion. 

J koTK.', M, Ti -teHTTpd^K Itow, Xoi. 

Oul 0/ btJ, tlirvOii; Ham. 
To 6crf, X<X<'*>«. Horn. 

.J btdtUad, iM. Nam. ; JW/miw, Hom. ; xV*^ Ar. 

Aarf cbMo, fM), Ilom.; /ninua, ri, Hom.j <irM|i, frai, 4. 

Hmi. I VTfWfio, Ardf, td, At. Xen. 
A ied-poH, tivi>, or -Ir, -Tmi, i, Hom. 
^ iAf-rwa, tufArior, Ar. Piit. Lj>.; koit^, £toi, J, Ar. 
Btd-timf, irafni, Hdt. 

On''^ icitfoirf a is/, CirrpwDi, w, Epicfa. Plat. 
7i* beag wilkmU a Ud, kaip^ia, PUt. 
MaUiig ana itep dk'i bed (u lickniai, grief, •!&), 8tfwunl(yn)i, 

£kIi. ; tfrnui, Eur. 
WUdt ^ OM H o wl < 

7b r«f fo M, BifidH, Hop). ; A^, no perf, Horn. Hei. ; iyiA- 

TdKU^, Ar. 

To pKllo bed vnlA,'rSfiiiiTaiaJt^, c to. mni iit. JEiibm. 
To mab a bud, tropinniiu. Mid by tync. irripniu, Snph. ; and 

vrpArrifu, Xen., ur. 1. inifaa and frrpHVS, perf. aud plu- 

pcrf. put. fevpti/iu, -/H|r, Horn. Soph. Eur, HdL; 'l>rgaT<ip^ 

rvju, EuT. See 7b 9^«ad, Tb ^rew. 
7b mair a i«f o/leatxi or jtrsic, OTiM&nroCeofiai, Ariit 
7b ion a a^ inf, fEiUcmv^ Hi[^ 
7b ioce a iard bed, HKKtiptmerim, Hipp. 
/Tani^ o kard bed, anKiipeKarria, Tbwpb. 
A padaiig-tiui/or At btd-cMtet, rn-pafiiT A«rfwi, or or, Ar. Xen. 

Plat «uhin. 
A bed-fiOotc, viyKoirtt, J Hal 4, Pind, ; o^ifWDi, i kbI j|> tun. i, 

Pind. Tng. ; Kou^trrpoi, 6 lud 1i, Micti. ; iroiHA(x4>i Soph. ; 

Afitio'Mii, 4, Eur. ; d^tvt^Tir, Itat, 4, ace -ir, So|j]. ; wr"^ 

fiit^to, ftru, rk, in pi. Eur. ) tfiMiinoi, uied H adj. jfL, *^u, 

JBth. i wiftvimi, ar, adj. Mtch. 
To btdcrw, flp^K*. Pind. Hdt PUt. Xen.; t*)T«, no perf. 

JEiA. Sopb. Eur.; irttraaTdfa, c g«n. rei, c ace. iuat., aa ha 

bedtwed hii hairy cheeki vith fmih, itpfaf Kttrivra.C tirptxi/ 

ymiiios, Enr.; 'Hypaim, do perf. Eur. Xen.: K»rSwi-tfri, 

Enr; lf>«rlC>, Ar, 
7b bedea mu't-ulf, Ticfulva^icu, c bcc. mid. Ap. Rh. 
B«d«w»d (vith blood}, ^luniput, ^ich. 
To badlai 'd^uup^, H«. Pind. Eur. Hdt; xn^u, £tch. 

8m 7b ((in, 7b otewv. 
Btdriddn (rar confined to one't bed b; ricknea), nXIMim^i, 

Xen. Hipp.; A.;icV'„, Eur. 
A Im*, ^iKiaaa^ Ooin. i IvfcfiMfryii, j^, j^ieb. ; iFfp^ni, Ar. 
A ifmmg bm (before iu wingi an grown), rb^^m, Ari»t 
The ifUHM-htt, /ttfl", Ariit. 
' IaJk a bit, luXiraMnt, Ariit. 
A bee-Uve, fukiavtaifytitr, JEiap. 
Ptd on bj bta, luAimitvTai, or, Anib. 
Mad* ^ bmt, /uXiow^diKToi, or. Find. ; fuXio-rdrsni, or, 

A kuptr ^ bnt, luXianhi, Ariit; fuAwrea^t, Ap. Rh, ; 

fuAlviTM^f, Ariit ; lut^amnrr^t, PUt Ariit ; luKfrviByii, 

JTspey ku, fuAT^pw, ovot, d nal 4i Ap. Rh. 
Supportiy iaet, luXuratrpiipos, or, of a place, Eur. 
Tie faepn^ o/beei, /ulucaoofyla, Ariit 
Baea'-wu, /A-vt, mi, i,, Ariit 
7^ looz teiA aiick beet lim IJit kite, aitipw, Ariit 
A.bMa^tra«, 1{^ Theoph. 
BMahan, Hani, Theopb. 
iMf, Bah, Boht, Hom. Xen. See Or. 
Mtwt-tmUng, Bov^tyai, ay, Simon. ; TavpafSyet, or. Soph. Ar. ; 

only lued is Dom. aad aoE. JEtA-i ebt i* iifStir, Hdt 

Of beer, fif^int, Ciatin. 

BeattlTin. nerU, Ar. ; vvM, Ar. ; wMa, Aria. 

A fmddi*g of beati*gt, irfpi^Tqi, Ar. 

B««t, rtvDtar, Ar. ; ■reiirKiar, Ar. ; T«n-Ali, flo^ i^ Theoph. 

To dna wili belt, irTan>Jir6ti. Ar. 

A boHla, Kirtipot, At. ; trparttxt,, Ar. ; X^P'*"' Ariit ; i 

g beetle. 



To bdall, i-rnriXo/im, mid. only in pm., J>niMxsf4«, mid., i 
perf. pau. -JMSf7fuu, p}nperf. -(8il^n«ir and My/tiir, Hon 
Eur. ; n^^iHi, no perf. c ace. Hdt ; hiffuAe, aor. Q. fron a dii- 

-inam, c dat. Ar. ; tm^Tv^x^irtii, fbL -^(dfo^ui, aor. 2 

-^rCxoT, c dat. Tbuc. See 7b iiaffiai. 
To baflt, TpArB, only in 3d pen. aing. pm. and imperf. though 

natalwayiimperion^.Bnd in part uin. e. dat and inf., lonietiniei 

c ace. and inf. oi c inf alone, once & gen. after the participle 

(e. g. befitting my eiil graini, rpirey rai '/laS Saifitmi, Soph.), 

Omn. post Horn. See 7b beconu. 
BaflttUc, ffv/ttprtiit, JEsdi. ; wftwMni, Ar. Iioc Plit Xen. 


'..iTQ-mapor, nov.; i^doh, or -vtr, aor. or c gen. ijimL.pDn.; 
'ifioiB* or -I'ev, Horn. ; napoiBe rplr, Sopb. ; 'psrlpaifc or 
-«ir, adr. and cgan, Hom. Hei. .iGich. Ap. Rh. ; rplvi |i' Horn. 
I eltewhere), Omn. Plst^ niu. c indie, wfaen following a negation e. 
aubj.piopcriy with Ar, which however ii often omitted inpoetiand 
even by the Trag. but lanly in proae, often jianed with ft, a* 
*fir (Er T*, or wplc y Ir, or c. opt when following a negative, 
(Horn, hai irplr y 3), and wplv y In Hh fDllowed by opt), very 
often c infin. ; uiuall; when the mood it indie, the lenie it pre*, 
or imperf. ; when the mood ii labj. or opt. the tenia iiaot. ; when 
the mood u infin. the tenia ii ofkennt aor. though aometimu 
JKl£ ar prei. c. gen. Pind. ; wpi, adv. flam., prep, c gen. Omn. ; 

^Tptrrtpov, c. A and infin. or c. ff and indie or c. it and lubj., aba 
vp^ipw ir;^r tr, c. infin., 01 wfiTipov irplv If, i. anbj., Pind. HdL 
Xen. ; wpAr6i>' or -^e, adv., or a* ptrp. c gen. Chnn. ; irpda4i 
irplr, c infin. Pind.; rf6ff9ty rplr lir, c aor. 2. tubj. Xoi.; 
itf6a9n 4, c. indie of a pait tenae. Soph. ; irpirBtr xplf 4, c 
indie of a pait leue, Xen. ; wpinf, adv. j^ach. ; lfi*pwr0ir or 
Sf, adr. or ii prep. c. gen. PUt Dem. ; fmrpair^, Theoc. ; 
it wAiIovoi, Thue ; Mm, ai it hai been aaid before, ir tA 
irirti Afvrat, Xen., Ibrefathera and iatfaen and thoaa befiffa 
them, iifiyeiioi ml nr^pe i aol Terror twirm. Den. 

Re/are, of place, rpb, c gen. Omn. ; irpDs4tr or -9*. adr. or ai 
prep. c. gen. Omn, ; rofiK, c. gen. Horn. ; nfiwap, c. gen. He*. 
Enr. ; tiarpartai oc -St, adv. or ai prep. c. gco. Eur. Hdt, Xen. 
Dem. Ap. Rb. ; iwitfoirtt* at -St, adv. Eitr. ; wperpif c gen. 
Ap. Rh. 

Befire (of people), to. in frnnt of, face to Cue, etc. im, adr. 
and a* pfep, c. gen. Hom.; trrqr, adv. Hom.; irtl, c gelt 
Hod.; trriar, ad(. and often ■* prep, c gen. Horn. Hdt ; 
wipoiSe, c gen. Horn. ; Ir, e. dat Horn. ; iyirrar. e gen. Hom. 
Soph. ; irawiSlin, adv. HoRi. ; Vi«*>li, adv. Ap. Rb- 1 rSpi, 
c. dat aa ha aang befon 

iuiia, Urttrat, Eur.; iff, e ace aa to apeak before tbs people, 
\iycvi TouirSat all i^iuy, Xen.; niri, c. acE. aa before one'* 
eyei, mp* Ififwra, Soph. ; bnrro, adv. Soph, 

£e/o>«(le. in the view of all, aa a prize lie* in the Tiew of at), or 
eipowd totbecompetitiDn oi liV), ir fU^tf \x iUgaif,m Ir ji^eij, 
Hon. Hdt, Xen. ; fti t& liivar, Xen. ; *pii, e gen. aa glory 
beforeor inlheeyeaof the Tnijani,iiAfei wfiiiTpAav, Hnai. ; we 
do nothing anguat bafota the Ooda, Ipfi^v oibr iSuAr if^ 
ftf ■>■, Thue ; c. dat aa the thinga bafbre one'i feet, vi wpii wofffr, 

Ar^orT(i.e. iMher than), irrl, e gen. Enr.; I>np*ff4f, e gen. 
Dcm, ; long tpeechet are before (i. e. better than abort apeecbei), 
ri >uucp<k rir eiiafir tArymr twi'wpoirMr Imi, Enr. ; do not (Hit 
your aisument* before mine (i. a. do not prefer, etc.), iti 'rl^et- 
trrbr i/iir roil ire^ Xiyout b^i, Eur. 

Tie) oagU le be b^hreJtamd mik er-enli, 1*7 niToii tiarfoatrr aim 
rir uparfiiArar, Dem. 

BalbM, adj. in point of time, wp^^oi, Omn. ; trporafatrepoi, 

-- ' ^" o- 

Gnr. Xen. 

>, ThiNK 

I, rp6tBiuii (or rfUpe/uJi) nlkiBfiHi, Mv^ 
Bffim (L c. that it luperior to), nairtaai, c. dat. ni or vajj tl 

To ba bafbr* (i. c to be bom balbn, livs before, etc), tfoyiyyo- 

fuu, only in pwt. perf. rpryrywiit, mud perf. pan. -wprfrfirri- 

fUmt, HdL Omn. Alt pniic 
To it iejbrt au, u > choice, ■ duger. a remrd, etc, •wiifimiHu, 

bj ^sc rifniiui, ftit -ctio-sfui, Ep. impcrf. 3d ling. n^ic^- 

iHTo, c dat. Ham. Piod. SopL PUt. X«il ; '^Atiitimi, c dat. 

7!>(gi^m(i.e. in boat of ), irpdic«fi>u, c gen. Soph. Eur. HdL 

X«L, aruapnpodtian, Eur. At. HdL PbL 
To i* bi/vrdkaiKl (in doii^ uijthing), irpirrfp^it, Hdt. Thue.; 

fMni (a Horn., A Bnr., iclMwhere), fut. ipHao/iai, aor. 2. t^»iir, 

aiif fromfMa, ^fu,u>r. l.ffMn (notin Horn.), pui. aor. 1. 

Did. fetfitroi, Horn. Theof(ii. ^Kh. Eur. Ttinc. Xni. I*oc 

Dhi. etc ; irpffToi^v, HdL Thuc See To mdu^ote. 
To bafind, irpsn-iAdw, Ar 
To be&iond, irporrlTrDfiai, mid. toL -yiriaafuu, aor. 2. -*ytr6- 

Mf, pert -yiyom, n^f. pan. e. act, wiw. ^jwt^itbmb, c, dat. 

To hag, 'J^n^dfcM:. act roi, Horn.; afrJi^ c aec rei nr c ace. 

peTL, or c gem. acc, oi c. ace rai and piep. Horn. Find. Soph. ; 

airtim with •imilar conitmction ; rrirni, onlj prei. and aa. 

peif., praperi; In K«p aa a beggar, Horn., c ace loci, aa to go 

begging to olher people'i houKi, wr^aa lAAvrpIaui oljuui, 

Hea. ; mrx*iti, c ace. lei at pen., or c ace. and prep., or c. 

gem. ace. Horn. Theogn. PlaL Lfcorg. Aniipho. ; wpolaao/Aiu, 

mid. fiiL v^oJfo^ioi, Archil-^ iwiurittj Soph.; /irratrimf Ai. ; 

rptiBrrim, Ear. At. HdL Inc. ; 'iyeW' Q«o- 
To brg >iff, ifarrdm, and oftenet -ofioi mid. ^Kh.' Xn. Lji. 

To lap a ermmo/ q/ffivm im aaauaHim (id that tha accuatiqp 

mar be dropped), ^jatrjifcai ria -yfi^ia, .£ichiD. 
Tojoni at i^gtsg, inaBiafuu, EaL -Mimiuu, aor. 1. pau. in act 

•eiu. -iMfhp', c. ace. ni, gen. pen. PlaL Dam. 
A beggar, rpubmit, ov, i, Horn. ; tltpmt, on, ^ Horn. ; aritxii, 

aabiL and adj. Jk, ^ and it, br, Horn. He*. .£*ch. Soph. 

Xen. PlaL Dem. etc j 'ftyipmi, sv; *, Enr.; 'iriifTfim, it, 

J^h. ; IMit rpw, ^ Aichil. 
J* itggarfor Kn^w of food, SBfniHlsaAivMT^p, Hom. 
Bogt^ag, ^^lon-oi, or Horn. ; Mponiiirot, or, £uh. 
/Wf (^6e;(;nii!r, ufTTTrlnij, AriiL 
Bamrij, irraxlitii, Eur. Plat. Lycnrg, ; man beggaily, rtif 

Xun-tpoi, from irn»xii (aee above),' Ai. 
Baggod, afntrit. Soph. 
Bering. "■-X»'<s Ar. Hdt PIbl Ly«. 

Tobogat, TijcT>, hiLT^H, T^/4<u, and'rcjn>vfuu,aor. 2. fr«av, 
perf. mid. T^uto, aor. 3. mid. ^«JfiT)r, Horn. Hea. jGieh. 
Knr. LTcnig.i tytitifajr, aor. 1. mid. no other lenae,' Horn. 
Xteh. S«>h. Eur.; TMriJs, and in mid. Hpi. Enr.; ^vttiti. 
Met Soph. Eur. HdL Xen. PlaL; awtpiiairm, only in pen. 
He*.; yirrdm. Find. JEich. Soph. Eur. HdL Xra.; frrto, 
£ich. Soph. Plat. ; fia, only in prea. and aor. 1. acL Soph. 
Plat ; «c^ Soph. Enr. ; onlp^ Mttb. Soph. £ur. ; iSto- 
m^, Eut. ; ktIIh yinp, £ach. ; tobegslchildien.rufam'*, 
*od -ofLai (rine caa.) mid. Soph. Enr. Ai. Ptat Xen. £>chin. 
Andoe. ; rutovpyiic, Eur. ; nadom^iit, FlaL ; Twcnnroi^afiai, 

7b bigtl h^on, vprttvritt, Theoph. 

A bagettmg, limni^a, Jtroi, t1, .£ach. ; T^rat, £Kh, ; T^vrv- 
«u, wf, 4, Ptat ; T^nwrit, cbi, 4, Thnc ; OTf^ PlaL \ a be- 
getting of children, roiSemHta, Plat Imc ^acbin. ) nmtovfr^'ia, 
PlaL ; ir«i»»7wlo, PlaL 

BogettiBg, adj. njlt/wodj^ or, Eur. ; Tajtaa^dpor, or, At.] 

Bogottoa, Ttmrrii, PlaL 

To hagin, ifX''> ^nd -o/iw mid., no perf. in any Toiee, c gen. or 
c inlin., or •ometimea c. part (mid. more common in AtL pnue), 
Ontn. ; jrard^if, and mid. "e^uu,c. geti. nr c. ace, perf. pan. in 
pai*. una. ititr^fr)fiai, Omn, ; i\iaxa, and -Ofuu c gen. ot c. 
■tc Hom. Find. Eat. Xen. ; 'teapxo (-0|Uai, mid. very tare). 

c gen. 01 c ace, ofl<n e. port Hom. Ear. Hdt Xeo. Plat Iwe. 
Deoi. ; irpoI>n^x*> '^l""^ !•«. Dem. ; Jndpxofuu, mid. c. p<9f. 
paia. in paah leni. Vt^py/uu, cap. of aactifieet. Ear. Avhin. i 
•-poAUAog, perf. -fMxiiKa, and mid. -ofiw, c aca Him. 
Hei. ; Imifu, c aor. 1. acL and mid. Horn. MmA. Ear. Hdt; 
in inttana. teni. Tfrrd^iai, paia. c. petf. and (duperT. act., eape- 
eially of monlhi and aeaaona, Hom. Hea. ; JyixDT^ e. im. 
Soph. ; Uttb, rare except in prea. and imperf. Soph. ; ^fot^jiL- 
(a>la^ £tch. Eur. ; i/iSJAXa,, «i, aa, let ua begin to ipEsk of 
umething elw, ifiSit^iHr ih &AAw Xiyar, Eur. - irWirra, of 
any thing to be done hy two nortiea, a> a battle, a conToraation, 
etc.. Soph. Eur. HdL Xeo. ; Morii^iai, in piea. and aor. 1. mid. 
Ar. Itoc. Dem. ; fx^V"", mid. c gen. Xan. ; icS/tirrii/iat, c gea, 

iLuthe ae- 

To be, 



Tb bfgm, wpnlnda (in mnaic), 'SiKUtptiopai, mid. c. sec. Theoc; 

Ok* «w< Ugm, iprrier. Soph. PlaL ; 'em^fcr. Plat j fiio^tf 

airrioi; PlaL 
A begiiuuc, i. e. one who doea a thing ai the principal, ifxTY^ 

Enr. Xen. Tuc Dinareh. ; ipxiTf^^t, ov, 6, Eut. 
Oae inlo doa a lUagJbr tkefiuTt &pa, uptrrlnitipet. Ales. 
BeglniiBg, adj. jrpArapxO'i MS '^ach. ; Afxtytriis, JEteh. ; 

■poTDiipTOi, or, PlaL 
A beginning, ifx^, Omn. ; dMtSoXii, Find. ; apoai^uor, Piod. 

Xen. PlaL ; by conlncL fpaf/uw. Find. £acfa. Eur. ; 'fwvpxK 

Soph. Dem.; ilttoXii, niu. in pL Eut. Ar.; wpertluia, ri, 

J^cti. ; 'ipafnii, Andoc 
Tb maJB a Ug^mi^ Spuixi" ritiiiai, Ar. 
fFtbbnX a Uffimm^, iv^fdAoi, or, PlaL 
f^om iht bigimmg, ifixS*". Pind. Mt^. Soph, Hdt. ; ■Ux'fi 

HdL : 'inOty, PUl Don. etc 

>agons, t^, iffirm, Horn. Soph. Ar. etc, i1k> e. iiiL, ai, vfll 

ye not be gono to dettnictianP oin ii tipOKca iffi^rrif Ar. ; 

Hffifi; c gen. Eur. ; 'ittfi^t, Ar. ; 'txAyv, Ar. Pbt ; 'trOi, 

Soph. Enr. ; MU>' is ic6pakia, Ar. ; ^iU' ali fuut^ilar, PlaL; 

iri^ ii Kiauaa, Ar. ; ii ^Mpoy, Mteh. ; ^Mpoii, Ar.; 

nfpt>^ J H «il*ii, At. ; aUo in Sd aing; x*'p^Hy &ir. • ayM- 

Xaif^m, £ieh. Se« .^wqi. 
To bogvila, ^npomW, Hom. ; 'ixirim, Hom. Soph. Enr. Thuc 

Xen. See 7b decmt. 
To AtiTnifa (ai to begnila grief, etc), poutuAim, .£uh. ; wdi/ibW, 

nojwrt Thooc 
khBlI (in behalf of), irp^ c gen. Ham. ; bwip, e. gm. Onu, 

See for. 
To balutTO, fyi^iat, mid. fdL Ifcfuu and rx^tn^iai, aor. Z ''X^ 

;ii)r, Horn. ; *pot^po^, mid. and paai. aor. 1. pan. ■rpoti^ 

X^'i fiiL -rpotoiaoiioi, aor. I. mid. rponfrryarffnir, aor. S. 

wponfrr/Kiiair, c. dat or c irpii. Ear. HdL Oaii. AtL ptoia ; 
*ilh hanunity, irpet^^pa|xai faXivflpmlf rpii, etc 

^ilmyuu, c. adr. Udt Xen. Iioc. Dem. ; ijuKim, c prep. 
Ihk. ; irMrro/uu, mid. no pelf. c. mIt. Thuc ; o^iifiirf. . 
fopw, paM. FUL ; irpoijpxivuu, fut -fXtJiD'Bfiai, aor. 3. -^AMar, 
ajnc iiKio*, perf. -tA^Ailfa, c prep. Dem. ; nipix" liuarrhr, 
irdpf'xfu irauriv, etc (impert irapcTxor, hiL -V{ii, no aor. 1 .. 
aor. 2. -irj^irxiw, paiL ripaaxir, perf. rifdaxt*"), Thno. 

Voa ieiow n fie jobm bo/ fo JDar ojjtaa, /l rsti fuiK^xo" *'* 
otri lx*i-(, Thuc 

tfaiBi^, ar / a< boat (jtait, beiattd tifelf mli aodwaHim im aU 
Aae particnilan, la lytryi mplim iHtrfmi fyanhr wfAi Inura 
Ttirtoi tttfHvxiiAt (perf. part acL of rjlp^s), .Xaetain. 

BahftTiouT, Tpijsoi, Omn. poaL Horn. Sw Mamtrt. 

0/ Mtmilar ieiaakmr, i/imirpowBt, or, Thuc ; tfiirfowet, or, Pind. 

OftitlulaT bthseumr, ifwwTp&wmt, Arift 

To behead, SnponviAs Horn. ; 'imitifoToitiii, Horn. ; «4P*T>- 


; niparioTi)!!, npoi, UKd u >dj. 

i K«l i, lEich. ; tifiiyurr^i, uied ai ndj. Eur. 
Bthlnd, kurftr nnd -Bt, and pgel. twiSty, air. and c gen. Oma. ; 

i^irieiv, hAt. u.d c. K'^- Ham. H« ; ^{diricrfcr aiift ^c, Xr. ; 

Xrn. Plat.; ^{Ariv. ^^kB.; xHrixuririr, and -S(, adi. and t. 

gen. Hddi. Hei.; firriwitrttr, and -«i, «d». and c. gfn. Horn. 

He«. ; oirfiTB (and -an, Horn. Find.), Omn. ; ii<nrtaa, adv. 

and c. (wn. Horn. ; juanhri*, Theogn. Ar. Thoe. Xen. PUl.; 'Oii, 

c. ace. Hdt. 
To itoji ieiind, to be bchnd, (0 i> UiiHdiaiid ia impoitarun at in 

H< ifliremii, psH. c. gen. Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc ; 

An e.TjtfditKm behind those of Ike pnaait time in importance, rrpH 

,^.._ ,. _. .■ „.. 



See Inferior. 

To tie a perton^e hands bdiind kit hatk, rtpurrfii^tt, Lyi. ; rtpiay- 
nm'iCif, Hipp. 

To b^iDld, 'oV* (<t Ham., i Treg.), no perf., only act. Ham. 
Sapb. EuT-i ttiStpia or ii, Horn, ; Sira'ivuu, mid. only prei. 
and. imptif. Horn. Hfi.; iriiaaofuH, Ham.; x-fwri^irofiai for 
Tpoi. Ap. Rh. ; iRbv, Dor. 2. fnnn unuwd iSu, apl. "fSoi/u, >ubj. 
'tSte and fSvfu, alio in mid. (mid. onca iti paia. tena. Ap Rh.) 
Omn.; (Itt^Sm-, Horn. Eur. Ap. Kh.; ^{tlSar, Horn. Soph.; 
iwfXof, Ham. Eur. HdL Xen. ; lATtOa*, Hom. Tiag. Thuc. 
Xen.i Tfnitilov, Hom. Find. Tng. Xen.; ifwilor and -^qr, 
Hom. He*. Eur. ; vifnitlBtv, Ar ; imB6niir, mid. Eur. ; Sip- 
■ofioi, mid. aor. 2. tlpinav, uii. ^Spidnii', raid. 8tfuiHr«{)«ir, 
■or. 1. paia. <I'px^'< P^^- ItiepKa, all uied in act iwnae onlr, 
Omn. poeL; icdTilI^pica>uu, Hom. Soph.; wfostipnopai {ntrlS. 
Horn.) Horn. Ilea. Eur.; JtrD/pna^ui, Hei.; Iin-i3^»)uu, Bur.; 
(W«, Hom. Hei. Xen. ; Ktiaan, otAj prea. and impeif. act. 
Omn. pMt. i HlKtiaait, Horn, ; (fiAf^ir*, Soph. ; irpaiAt^ini, 
Soph. ; Apdv, imperf, l^^aov, perf. J^paiUt alua iiptuca f"the 
more probable Allie. at leait comic, ronn," Lid. nnd Sc) fut. 
(from twronai') B^/iai, pcrf. pau. Upofiai and Ifi/iw, aor. I. 
tifiA)!'. fuL 1. i<ti»iaa,iai, petf. 12. Dnna. in act. lenie not uaed 
in prou (Sappho hai VVi and Ham. Ilpi)iu, 2d lins pm. mid. 
aa if from ipvt^). Omn. ; tliofxl., Hom. Find. Tiag. Xen. ; 
KiBopdm, Omn. ; irpanpiiAi, Omn. ; i^opdtt (aor. 1. mid. iwo^- 
lapi. Find.), eip. ai a tuperior, a* dirinc proiidence, etc Omn. ; 
irtfim, Jii. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. Lyi. ; 'S^opiia, Ar. HdL Plat ; 
npiopdm, Xen. ; Sapia, Xen. Plat. Iioc'; rpaopia, etp. from 
a diilance, Tbuc Xen. ; idrfiQa, and -o^uu, mid. Ham. Het. 
Sopb. Eur. ) B^im, no peif. only acL Omn. poit Hom. ; 'inta- 
tKtita, Omn. Alt. ; Tpatextn, Omn. Att. ; 'SrSIKiwii, Hdt. 
PlaC ; ^oirrt^, £ach, ; Jiinrrf^, Soph. ; tmrwiu, JEKb. ; 
dwp^, ^Kh. Hdt. Xrn. Dem.; Aiiaiuu (AiUaiuu, Find. Thcoc., 
Aiopoi, Theoc Call.), HdL Uoin. AtL ; itcttiopiu. Soph.; nirl^ 
tfccEo^uu, eap. Jram above, Xen. ; ArTtite, At. ; i^ptvte, c ace 
or c gen. ^icb. ; iriyiufidet n tftfuires air/aif^ Eur. ; twiwoii- 
fOMla, Ap. Rh. 

To hAold beeidit, rpotaiBtfim, Plat. 

To htkold before ou, upoKtiaini, Soph. 

To heiatdf^m a diHaaee, i(airia«r. Soph. See To h. 

BshOld, adf. til, pi. ■am, Hom. Eui. Xen. ; "iSoO, pi. IBfiT0f, 
Omn. AtLj VIBe, Theoc CalL 

Fainfd to behoti, SuiBioTat, ay, JEkJi. Soph. ; Bun^tnTDi, or, 

A baholdar, xirimii, ou, J, j^ich. Eur. Ar. ; iniip, ^pat, i, 

BahoUlng, eap. ai a Ood doei, it6^tuir, ey, Sopb. Ap. R)i. 

To bohovi (it behoTei), impart. St7, fuL Utik", c ace rarely c 
dat. a)» c. ftrai and indie alio c. inlin,, once in Horn, and Omn. 
Alt i «v«w^iMi, only prea and rery rarely imperf., uiu. c dat and 
•ometimn c. ace HdL Omn. AtL ; Kil^icii, c dat Soph. Xen. 
D«n. See To become, Ok/U. 

BalUg (or euence of a thing). oMs. Plat. AliU. ; a being, (moy. 
Find. Eur. PlaL Xen. See .^aiirni^ 

To bolob, iptiyaiiai, no fuL or aor. Ham. Hipp. ; iprryirm, no 
fut Ear. Ciatin. Hipp. 

A btlehing, tpvyiUL, &tii, rh, Hipp.; iptayiiiit, ilinp. 

OHuinii to belck, ifiripS.TMnt, Hipp.; iptvypiniijis, Hipp.; 
Ifivyiii9tit, Hipp.; ^ftyl|^es, or, Hipp. 

"" '^"' r, iroAHifNcfo, Omn. pioae. See ToUtiegi. 

To balie, ^fMcvmi, mid. c pluperf. poai. in act aena. aor. 1 

in paia. Kiu. Ham. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Xen.; ulraAirxs, 

Hea. Find. See Tof^Jmify. 
Bollef, vIvTif, i»t. 4i Omn. pott, Hom. 
ToWiara, '" 

, often e 

intin. HdL Omn. All ; lytixoim, perf pau. -tiSryiiai, in aet 

aeni. c ace rei diets, h^yoy, elc. HdL 
To beiieve beforehand, irpoTioYtitgt, Xen. Dem.; npiiKHitai, fat. 

-ctfffivwi, c dsL Hdt ; iiHrurridaiuu, Dem. 
lb beliete in, think there art (Ooda, etc) tr'ofuu, mid. Eur. Ar, 

Plat ; ro^iv, c ace (and c djiL Hdt.) .£>ch. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
To be more inclined to bdiar, Tnerirtpor Siintifua vpit, e. ace. 

Balinlng, viOTij, c dat Thecgn. ^icb. Sapb. ; t^wiiB^t, c. 

BaUerod, irw^^t, of the pm 

]. Antipho. 

A bdl, nii^y, wei, J, £>cb. Eur. Tbuc 

Hmag lailh bcUi, oiAwii, Xtuh. 

Sounding viitk bel/i, kiiSmi6kpoto!, or, Snph. Eur. 

WilA belli OH hit horiet' hantett, te»u»at»Mf6ni7wi, > 

7b tarry a bell, nuSuroipiipii*, Ar. 

To bell the eat, Uarra fi)p^l^ FlaL 

BallouA, 'Ei^, Horn. He>. Micb. 

Plat ; UMd of a 
To beiUm n oiutw, Trivtuinla^cai, ^ich. See To roar. 
Sallowing, Ipbyiafiuit, Hom. See Huariag. 
A ballowi, ^wra, Horn. Hdt. Thuc Ap Rh. ; ^ilrli, iSo$, 4, At. j 

trptjoTijpy ipot, &, Ap. Rb. 
The tpont of tie b^loun, 'itpo^iar, Ar. Thuc 
Balljp, yoa-dlp, ipoi, by ijnc faarf^t, i), Omn. ; irpor, Xen. 

^ipp. AriaC. ; jhhAJo, Ar. HdL AriaL ; yaarpltior, Ar. 
Tit ioirtr pari if lie bdly, 'iwoyiirrfar, Hipp. 
The belly, or wide out of a jar, Tdo-rpo, Hom. 
Like a M/ji, nxXiiMiii, Ariat ; jHirtpoitt, tSot, q,{tcn£s),Plierec. 
Fot-bdUed, fioTpitw, tmt, t. Ales. Ar. i yaffrp^t, Hipp. 
With one billf, iiomiolAioi, or, AriiL 
With tmall bell^, iilnpeiailluas, AriiL 

With a hallottj beUg (of a ahield), KoiXrriftmp, opoi, lEvh. 
With kaagry beHy, fiarptt, i», d cal q, conipar. yaerpimtpoi, 

Ar. Flat (Com.) ■/arrpsx^'pvO't, lat, A Kol 4, Cratiit. ; aubM. 

iyyeBTpi)ii,x''f^ Hippon. 
ToUta niua in the b^lg, ■joarpiitt, Ar. 
To balong to (at a po»euii>ii, etc. ), mvefjen, no fat sne aa. 

Find, i rpet^, c dat ^ach. Soph. Eur. HdL Thuc Xen. 

PUL; ip6sKti,m, fuL xpetKiiaoiiat, c. dat Eur. Hdt PlaLi 

'Dwipxie, no fuL c dat Thnc Plat j rponiprdi;uBi, paai. c dat 

To ieAw^ la (i. e. be of the daia of), Sroiuu, imperf. tlwiiiiir^ aor. 

2. inip.ipi, part awiiuni, c dat. h. ; Tt\^. fut. -w*, c. «'t. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt Tbuc Plat. ; iniyrtXiit, c <li or c dat laoc 

Deni.; icafffi^o/u(i(pnaa.) c. (it, Hdt 
To belong to (I e. to be luually found in, aa qualitiea, condittona, 

etc), (H c gen. £ich. Tbuc. etc. ; rpiui/u, c dat Eur. Hdt. 

Thuc, Dnn, ; aa impen. 'iKrJtTw, only prea. and imperf. c ace 

and infin. Hdt ; fini. Soph. 
/( belonjfad to ine to JumeM, fmi fui nrfiv. Soph. See Oiyhl, 

Balonging, 'tb^no-, c. ili, Dem. ; 'wporliiHir, aine caa. or c dal. 

£ac!i. Eur. Thuc. FlaL Xen. 
BoIOTOd, f6>,Dt, camp. ^OJtiy {! AtL, t elaewhete), -i0Toi, Han- 
Soph.; ^Ttpoi, fiiXrirroi, Onin. ; f EXoJnpat, -alrarot, Xen. 

CalL Tbeoc ; ^ih^epoi. Call. Omn. Se« Dear. 
Bolow, adT. yipBt, and -ttr, adr. or c gen. alio from below, 

Hom. Ting., alio trtpSt, or -Sw, Horn. Hea. Find. Tiai. 'DrJnp«(, 

or-««', adT.,orc.Ben. Hom. Hc«.FlaL Ap.Rh. I iE«ro>,c cam- 
par. Kefraripm, -Tffrai, Omn. 
From beloie, iiinrff or -if», Mvib. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; '(mHirtt- 

Btr, Plat, aa [w^p. 'Cirb (alas ^nl, poet) c gen. Omn. Sea 

Undtr, Beneath. 
Balow, adj. y4pTipot, a, w, and oii of, cap. of the Oodi below, ot 

. tlw dcaJ, lUD. ID 

. Ham. Tmf . ; Mprtpoi, c gen. Hum., oF 

dead. Horn. Xach. Plat 
Ta tw belsw, '^worpix", fut. -ipHoiuu and BfH^u/iu, ur. 2. 

-^Sfi^iu'. perf. mid. -I^po^ 
,A lUInD fjUeto mat bAxe, koUi) J* irot jSpo^i B^nsa, h. ; '^(ifU 

Hdl. Xen. 
Abelt, iopTJip. qpoi, A, Hon.: a^pi^y, Koto. Mii:\i- vA mpi- 

f« iivriip, Honi. i /<rrpa, Horn. C&ll. TKeoc. Ap. Rh. ; Tt\a- 

liiu^ wvt, J, Honi. Hei. ; C^^i OmD. ; £urH|j>, ilpot, i, Ham. 

Find. Soph. Eur. HdL ; "iiJa, itrm, i. Ham. \ iinrTfHv. Hom. 
Wlik Etnuoi Ab&, X"^''^'^P^* ^ Find. jlpXxnofi^ttp^ opos, A^ 

To hmniMBi, iwMo, Omn. See To htwait. To tamatl. 
A baoclli i^poHit, Ar, ; Apiram, Ar. ; Spdrfituv, Ar. ; for rowera, 

Apitnv, H», ^ Ham. ; itXTfy, 3<)t, 4< in. pi- Hom. ; (iyar, Hom. 

jEwb. Hdt.1 JlMAwr, He). Eur. ; <r4Xfm, aras, td, uin. in pi. 

Mich. Soph. Eiir. 
7^ intal (of judaei or mogiitnlei} doa aot lil, ieyauMirfit oi 

n,ICi^ HdL 

mu good iaidei, M<rrnA/iaj, w, Horn. ; cfotA^uu, or, Eur. 
IFitt iJariji beadta, rpiatwriitiyet, or, Theoc. ; Tpidnfrropot, ar, 

Hdt. Thuc. 
To bond, yrJif,rrit. actuijly and metaph. bj enUenlj, «te. Horn. 

jGuh. ; Ari7«lfiir™, Hom. Ap. Rh, ; 'tmryriiam, h. j tiitrrm, 

Bcniallj ud metaph. Omn. ; 'brondtama, Hom. i fjwd^irro, 

Xen.; nraitd^Tra, Ar. Ptat. jEKJiin.i avyoiiiwrii, Xen. 

Plat i ahbn, Horn.; u neut. to bend ons'i-ielf, xKh-o/iiu, past. e. 

aor. 1. hxireiir. Ham.; ^^icw, PIbL; Kv^ii*, Hoio. Enr. 

Xra. ; irlKmrSa, c part, -lifw, Hei. ; (UKAiigf, in pau. Eur, 

Flat. ; Ik^Ch, aa horw) bend their lagi, Xen ; ttKokiiu, Theoph. 
To iud oae'ftel/, loop, rptwaiim, mid. Hom. 
To U itnl, (of long pliant apeat-ihafti), rrianiuu, pan. Horn. 
7b bemd (ai one bendi a bow or b uilj, i\fi«, augm. <£vjc. tenKa 

McepI imperf. from tXjciti, fut. tXxtffif, etc. Ham. Hdt. Xen. ; 

Ttlra, Horn. .Gull. Soph.; rlrairti, no fut. TConi.; irrtln,, 

Hom. iEkIi. Eur. Hdt.; TunW, fut.-4av, aor. 1. ofion -uir^'a, 

Horn.; <rran:«, Horn. Hdt. 
Tb bud bad, 'SrttYriixmi, Horn, ; 'of&X&w, Hom. ; 'aravrpifa, 

Hom. Soph, Eur, Hdt. ; 'ardic\dw. fut. -^tow, Eur. 
To bfirf JacM orfimnant, act. JiiitA^. Xen. 
To bnd dowu or Jbneard, intiani. k^ttb, Hom, Ar. Hdt. Pint. 

Urm. ; vi^, tometiniei c. uc cngnat. r, Kt^iaJiiir, etc. Horn. 

Soph. Enr. Hdt.-, iniiiia,Sai. ttra, Horn.; ini7>ii}irTii, Ar. Xen. 
7b bad ok oat tide, act. 'airaSoxM<f>, Ham. 
To tatd on one sila, neut. irtvaroHiiei, Thuc 
Ht iKU ieat OS pleating, ■xtt^ycv ( from s^tvl^) ifimctai. Plat. 
B«Bt, ■yv^rrii. Hom. Hea. Find. ; arpewrbj, i). hv, and hs, h*. 

Ear. ; oiyitanirToy, q, or, Ariit. 
&•(, htndvig, or aoaii/y Aeat (of a bow, h chariot, wheeii, etc), nifi- 

*bM. Horn. Find. JEkH. Plat, ; riXlrrnm. w. Hom. Sopb. 
HW lol, «IV^'n»i oy, and It)?. Hom. ; ttxaiiriii, h. 
.Aoif &i£i, irJUiKafivJIt, Ap, Hh. j with one bend, lurinatirroi, 

A bond, ^Tir^v, S»i, i, in any thing, in a vail, in a licer, in a 
limb, etc Hdd>. Find. Soph. HdL Xen. ; Ki^tH. Eur, Ar. Hdt. 
PbL ; iwiKaiiirii, Hdt. ; npinofirli, Hipp. 

A bemUiiK, n^^.i, «.t, 4, Ari>c. 

A hting had, KonriXinit, tjtoi, A, AriiL 

BaBMth, Jtom, adv. and prep. c. nn, Hom. Hea. Soph. F.ur. 

PUl Xen. : compar. tdLTun-tpu, -rftru, Ar. HdL Xen. 
Ptom beaealJL, niirttet, oi -Btr, JE*c)). Soph. Ear. Xen, ; Mk. c. 

gen., '^iwtpSt, or So; adv, or c. gen. Horn. Hei. Ap. Rh. 

PlaL See Btioui, Undrr. 
BanediaUoiL, t&UiyEa, Enr. PtaL ; tipniiia, Dinucfa. 
BoMfltoOos, thiiyiiria, Hom. Theog. Thuc PUL Xen. Dem. ; 

iWpyia, t4, Horn. ; tinpyJnuut, *roi, to, Xen. l»oc. 
A bMMlMtor, tbtpyinit. on, i, a. an. or daL Find. Soph. Eur. 

HdL Xen. PlaL etc; fern, titpy^it, iSo), ace, iv, Eur. Plat. 
~ ' oa, liipytirSa, Hom, PlaL 
t, liitpyrrinhi, AriiL 
I, Jifi)d/ios, ■n, m, and or, or, c. daL or c prep. Enr. 

Thoc PlaL et& ; ri/i^opot, or, HdL Omn. AtL ; Aw'EtiA.j)!, 

Xeo. PlaL Ikc. Dem. See Adoanbaeotit. 
A bmtt, bnfia, con, 4, How, Sappfa. Tiag. Xeit. PUL Dem. ; 

f^A«t, T^ only nam. and ace. aing. Hom. Tmg. Xen. PlaL Dem. 

See Advaniagt. 
To beneflt, ^pyrriti, e. ace, lometimea c. gem. ace Mtc^i. Sopb. 

Eur. Xen. PUt L;a. ; tuftKiit, c. ucc, Kmelimea c. daL Omn. 

Ail ; ti Toits, c ace Eur, Omn. AtL prTxe. 
Tb Uwfil m relvn, imt^iXiit, c ace Xen. j irrtvroiiu, e ace 

PUl Dem. laa. 
To be bearftttd u rttm, imimiirx^ ftiL -Ttio-ofuu, aor. 2. 

-MiAir, perf. mid. -^Jwrnta, PlaL 
To (fen'r; tarfii /ivni rA< oo/amitirt a/* lie UaU, myawrfci rb 

TT}t vA\ftai irvpjpopiis, hy*. 
Om ought to beiirfit, ibtpymrrior, r. ncc Xen. 
BanavolanM, •Cwn, Omn. Alt. nied in pi. = to the old nae of 
Dem.; vptufi^fvio, Eur.; 

■aCtrr, HdL Omn. AlL ; ibnOAi, AmpbL Dem. PlaL ; 

tbiprferiKis, ArlsL ; ibwimrucis, AriaL 
BauaTOlBILt^, tbroiK&t, PUt. Xen. lioc. 
To be beiuKoleal, tiroi«, c. dat. of object, HdL Soph. 
To be bentnloit is rditrti, irrtuvoia, Xen. 
To b« btnifflited, i^lio,uii, «m. Xen. 

Bonipi, ^pi^par, oMi, h Kol it, Horn. Find. Trag. Se« Kind. 
Bonigtilj, ^pe^yim, Horn, i-rpo^nn, £ieh. Sea Kadlg. 
Bonignit]', xP'Io^''"ir> TT". h, I«o- See AindiiMa. 
Bant, ikjni, e gen. of object, PkL See Imiimi&m. 
To bionmb, g«p.nttim, Xen. 
To i* ioiainiai, rofKiu, Ham. PUL Bion. ; trMina, fut. -Mvov. 

ftoi, aor. 2. -tSSrvr, Eur, ; fuiAicido, £ach, 
BanimUllff, m^ir^SiTJ, Hipp. 
A lMnttlllt£lg, ripKuoa, m, ^, Hipp. 
To baqaaatli, trerpin., Hom. ; by will, 

-tSviift'^r, PlaL Lya. laa:. Dem. .^lehin. See To/eare, 
A baqnoatlllilg, wipitovii, tvt, ij, Thuc ; titBtm, <oh, 4, Lyi. 


A baqnatt, tivii, tai, i, lu. 

TAe Ae^Hetfj of goad m^ Xtf^'OFa tw iryaSM' it^puar, Eur. 

To baraava, 'S^^ptai, no perf. Hom. Hea. Find. ; trrtp^a, fiiL 

-^ow, aci. 1. inlin. alia g^tpiaoi, paia. arifofiM, perf, foT^pif- 

ftai,aor. l.ioTtp^*, aor. 2.pan,ffTipeli, fut l.mid, inp«ii,beni. 

OTipfyro/uu, niu. c, gen, rarely e BCC. Omn, ; ot«/)[itimi, only 

pret and imperf. c, gen, Enr, HdL Thue Plat, ; 'Umartpia, 

c ace, pert. gen. rei, sometimet e gem, ace, Hdt Omn. Atl, ; 

iirooTfplmcu, c, ^en. Soph. ; IctiSa, in fiit, aiOHiini, aor, 2. 

KJinlBov, c. gen. Ham, ; ipparlC". Find. Eur. 
To be iertared, XW™) Horn. Theogn.; xiipiaiuu, pau. HdL; 

/uvJofuu, r. gen. Eur. Hdt; itncirria, Alt -wtraSiiai, aoi. 2. 

-4wwow, perf. -ir/nTiHfa, c. gen. or e. prep. ,£ich. Eur. Hdt 

Thuc. Xen. Itoc Dem. ; Ttrriiiiiai, paH. c, gen. Soph. Eur. PUt 

See To deprine. 
BtrMTOd (or bereft), tint, n>u, >>«i, hut alto tfriot, c gen. 

Horn. JEKb. ; ip-pirbi, h, hi, iu AtL alway* it, In, Find, Eur. 

PlnL Dem. ; fufvoi, poeL pjiSroi, c gen. or e krh, li. Soph. Ap. 

Rh.; /wr<((rro>j)i, or, e gen. Eur.; x<ipoi, a, <", and a>, w, 

A lionett bere/l (of her cnba), Kiri \imra. Soph. 
BoTsaTomont, ip^irla. Find. ; x^f^^t Ap, Rh. 
A baiTT, 'iKpiitpin, ti, Ariat 
A b«l7l, fiiipvf^t, q. Luc. 
To b O iOBoh, fovi'6ofiat, mid. Hom- ; yovrdCofiOL, by, e. gen. or c. 

Tpif and gen. Hom. Ap. Rh, ; \Cairoiuu, mid. {xfro/uu, h, Ar,), 

fut xArofioi, aor. 1. ^AAIrdfiqr, aor. 2. iXiTi/air, Hom. Find. 

Soph. Kur., Tery rare in pr. HdL PlaL ; olr/ai, Omn, ; Ktrijffiu, 

Hom. Find. Xen, FlnL ; Ikctc^, c ace, aometimei c gen. pen. 

Horn. Soph. Eur. HdL Th. Xen. Dem. etc. ; Btnifair, in 3d pi. 

biaawm, port Attrcdiuros, Hea. Pind. Ap. Rh. ; tio/iai, mid.. 

gem, gan. o 

1. jat». iSri)8tir, in ncL aeni. e gen. 

, andgi 

and infill.. 

: c BCC. pera. Soph. Kur. Ar. Omn. proae ; irpattjo^uu, e 
pera. and infin. e gen. pen, and infin., tare e gen. rei, Hdt ; 
rpoitntwa, no fut, e ace pen, and infin. Find. ; AiralMi, no 
fut. Eur, ; irripyii,c. ace and infin. Soph, ; ibiTidCw, Soph. Eur. ; 
Stra/ABi, mid, only ptea. and imperf,, e, ace pera. or c ace rei, 
Sopb, Ar. ; twiaxirirti, t gem. ace. Eur. Thne .ffiachin.; xft- 
Toinr^irTa, Soph. ; irilpiuT^/uu, mid. eap. to obtain by beaeccb- 



ing, £Kh. Eur. Hdt. Thne. Xen. Desi.; brituMa, Ar. Xcn. 
D«ID. ; ■Kpotrlrrm, fat. -nmS/uu, tar. S. -^to'sr, pcrf. -r^- 
■nuia, e, »cc or c. dat. jEtch. Soph. Eur, ; Tponrrriw, sor. 2. 
-AriT«», QD Dlher tense, c sec. or prep. Soph. Eor. ; irpmrlTMi, 
Soph. Eu[. ; ifiyrinai. In tor. 1. pau. in act. km. c gen. Ear.; 
twinairrifitliai, Hdt. Tbuc ; iiiiiaprtpofuu, Xen. 

To ianvi tarnatly, Mripiw, £ich. Soph. Hdt. Xen. luc 

One vaut battd, KiTri^rnrinv, Xen. 

To bMMm, npin, ohI; in 3d pen. sing. pret. and imperf., 
though not tlnrsya impen., uiu. c. det. uid inlin., •oiaedmea & 
Bcc. md inlin. or c infiD. alone, Omn. pott Horn. See 7b 

I. peit and pluperf. let perf. 

piirL ttpnaTiit, Sob, ii, 

Eur. Hdt. Thue. Xen. PlaL Dem. See 7b ««™wrf. 
Bealde (br the tide of). inVwn-Ubr, Ham. Theogn. .Xtch. Thaoc 
ro he heads otu'i k//-, iAJTai, Ham. ; &Adot, .Xtch. 
iMitlei, prep, hi, c dat. Mom. He*. Soph. Dem. etc ; iptit, c, 

dal. Omn„ alu hi adr. Horn. Eur. Xen. etc ; rifi, c ace. Ar. 

Xen. ; ^ifiiS, adr. Ham., c gtn. Plat. ; X<°plt< adr, and t gen. 

Euj. Thuc Ptat. 
Badlai, adT. Iri, Omn. AtL ; wpittri, Ar. HdL Thnc Plut. 

nlius. c. dat Xen. ; ■rpirnf'i, no other tenie. c oat bur. i 
irpoiicjt0n;iai, c dat. Hdt Thuc. Xen. ; rpoiicd«/fo)uu, mid., fut 
irpDiidUtigvfuv, c. ace. Thnc Xen. Dun. ; T«;cii/idx^ >iiio ou. 
Ar. Hdt Thut Xen. 

To baiige in ampai^, wiiwuKufKfa, Hdt Thuc. Dem. 

7s beiitge n liirjt, ii-rinAupic^, Tbnc. 

To CaJbe by beiiegmg, iiciliiAiBfxdit, Thuc Xen. 

To be baaiaged, rapytipiaiuu, .Etch. Enr. 

.Snii; bnit^ by tie Gariiaffaaaiit, KKravris tit iraAispicfcw h-k 

H'.iaC uiut U btMiepal, or liilm iy m^ n^upnr'ai, Xen. 

Diffiealt to beiiegt, SumAiipicTiTos, or, Xen. 

Betiamd, t«x4i"I'i Hdt Thue. Xen. Andoc 

A bedegivff, *|wi*V<'<>> Thuc ; ro\iop»ia, Hdt Thuc Dem. 

etc See To liipe. 
SUIJid in betieging, rttx'l^xyii, Ar. 
BsAegan, olMpitfr, «tch.j *^»«xJ>r A.'ii, ««!li. 
To beWMT, 'Ufl^ Hdt Xen. Plat See To taear. 
To befpaaglB, toucIaab, Plat 
To befprinkla, •tir<iUuK, perf. -tigKrim, etc. Si^b. See 7*0 

Belt, 'Jipurroi, Onin. ; irpo^p^m-irroi, Horn. ; ^ipurros, Hom. 
.ffiltch. Soph. Plat; #^iTe., Horn. Pind. Macil. Eur.; I(>1- 
Tuproi, and poet. Kifrr. Pind. Omn. Att ; XyoTss, £tcb. Soph. 
Xen. Plat ; fliXTorot, Altch. ; piKiurros, MtA. Eur. Ar. Plat. 

Xen. Det 

; 'fcirroi, Pind. 

I all thingi), tirifforat, Het. ; irpfi- 

TT^iof^ lie hetl (the bed 

Wtbtm, Thnc. 
Beit, adT. IfHOTo, Enr. Xen. etc etc. 
What tiera I'l belt, rlap, t\ indecl. h. 
To bi the hat, 'ifiurrtin, H«n. Pind. £(ch. Soph. Hdt Xen. 

^tchin. ; KpiTiiTTtJct, Pind. Soph. Xen. Itoc 
It «™ (AoHsU irhA i«(, WmiAl (t*i>»7i[«i, Thnc 
T'Ac roBordfor bang the bett, iftartM, ri (very latelj in aiog.), 

Soph. Enr. Hdt Plat 
Aairrdiiigtii toto u beet (choten), iptarii^ipi (iwiAryitiim), Ikc 

BeitUl, >4ptioi. Soph. Enr. Xen. See B«Ht. 
TobetUr (one'tielf). fynvb, Ham. Soph. Enr.i /A£4.pffr>,Kur.; 

tyntiiau, fnt -mliro/iw, c. dau of the matter in which, 

To beitnr, tli«fu, aor. 1 . IRatm, perf. pett. iiioiuu, etc. Omn. ; 

Oitp^/uu, mid. (uied in act. tapia, bjr Hei. PiniL),c. pertpBH. 

and anr. 1. pu. in pa*a. tent. Ham. Tng. Hdt PUt Xen, See 

To bet, mpililD/iai, mid. aor. I. -«t*ii[jf«)v, c gen. of the itake, 

or e. npl and gen., alto c dat pen. Hom. Ar. 
To betake (one'i telf to), Tphofiiu, pau. and mid. c prep. Horn. 

Hea. Soph. Enr. Hdt Thuc Plat ; 'axarriit M, c. ace. Dem. ; 

lfar#;(tipjti ill, c ace Dem. 

I, Eur. Thnc Xen. Dem. 
OL, aor. 2. trixe*, c daf 

To bethink (ane*i«dO,'i>>tffu>uVici>; 

See To receUect. 
To betide, nplnrrxiriB, fnt 1. ^(i(i 

Thuc Srs To happen. 
Batimee, *f>wt {*pit Att) Hom. Hea. Soph. HdL Xen. etc. See 

To betoken, tebciffU, Omn. See7ariou>. 

To betray, rpoStStifij, aor. 1. -iSaxa, perf. putt. -tJSoiiat, etc 

Hdt. Omn. Au. i /utOuiu, Omn. Att ; rSpSSitaiu, Thuc Xen. 

Dem. ; Iltap. Dem. ; KSrixpotitt,^ Ar. Thuc HdL Lji. ; d- 

ItaroXim, Soph. ; lii)m\da. Soph. ; jfn^oprffs. Soph ; irigA^, 

Ar. Dem. ; *<li(iW<iMd, perf. -lisXjiKa. Hdt Thuc ; Tfoltiuu, 

mid. Hdt. Itoc Dem. ; iciAiflii^u, aor. 1. -iwo, Dem. ; lnSorer 

irDi/». Hdt. Itoc 
7*0 brtrxiji, i. c to diidoee (a plan, etc), 'iri^rie, Hnm.; /tviie, 

b. Pind. Eur. HdL P\Mi.-,itmrTirini, JEicb. Soph. Eur.; 4*- 

^ff, fut. 1 . liiAaia, aor. 1 . <)rcyKa, aor. 2. iirryKeT, Hdt ; 

KiToryAAtp, Xen. 
To be betnyed, -n-wpiaimlmi, psu., perf. rtrpa^iai. Soph. Eur. 
Batrmjred, irpitirroi, ar. Soph. Enr. ; teSms, ov, Eui. HdL Itoc 

Betrayed (of a plan, etc), lOirirfyKTos, M, Thnc 
One mm betray, jrSpdioria (onl; c. ev), Thuc; TpoSerkr, PIlL 
A betrajal, trpaSoirla, Eur. Thnc Xen. Dem. ; rpitixrit, (wt, f). 

Plat; (of a plan, etc), iic^iBpii (/Jyou), Ar, 
A betrayer, xpolMriii, Hdt Omn. Alt, fern. wpOorit, IBoi, ace 

-1*, il, Enr. Ar. 
A irtnnwr (of an accomplice, or of a plot), ncaniTvpoT, .£ieh. Xcn.; 

fitltvTift, Thnc 
To betroth, 'Miix<i)iat, fnt (iHrx^irsfuu, nor. 2, (nvxVl'T 

Hom. ; rvpifHiei, Pind. E», ; iryvii, Eur. Hdt PUl Dem. ; 

unTrjTudaj, Eur.; ^iiirlfai, Eur.; fiHurriioj, Enr.; <itSSt(/u, 

nor. 1. -Awco, perf past. -J^/ioi, etc c dat or c <t(, Em. 

Hdt Thuc PlaL Dem. ; ttfia/iM, mid. Enr. ; JSrrSu, Tbaoc 
To betroth bi/orehiail, 'bwa/vjivriioiuu, mid. c. jati. n>ce in pate 

To iope betraliad to one, iyyoiopai, pen. e. ace or e dat PlaL 

A betrotiial, /miffrnvw, Aroi^ rii, Eur. ; tyY^ I'let Ine. ; iy 

yiijirij, ties, ^, Im. 
Betrothed, ^unrtrrii, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; /uXAcfTifuii, 4 no) ^ Soph. 

Theoc ; fttAAiJnvt^i, 4 ml 4, but ofUnett q, S<^h. i lyyorrrht, 

Iia. Dem. 
Aoi iefrptied, "(WkBotoi, J ml 4i Lje 
Better, 'a^t[rai<, Omn.; i^ir^ipat, Memo.; 'ifeUnr, Horn. 

Pind. .^ich. ; Bi^rtfos, Hom. £tch. ; BArim ([ At^ I rln- 

where), Omn.; Kpelatm, Omn.; Airfw (only nom. and ace 

ling, neut Hom.), Att A^av, Hom. Tmg. Xen. Plit ; Antrfpu, 

Hom., in neut pi. AiUta, Theoc. ; '6w4pTtpn, Horn. ; KipSlmr, 

Horn.; ^fntpii!, Horn. Pind. jEtcb. Eur.; n^tfr. Ear.; BiA- 

fopoi, or, Thuc 
II seemed to him beUer thm the other, Tv H Mfoptr T( /Uku 

tJm iripev ^wAAAor, Thuc 
Better q^, hraKyirrirtpos, Thnc 
Better, ndc. 'iiuarov, Omn. ; xepairipor, Pind. ; Siil^pifmH, 

tomeCimea u better than, Cfien. Xen. Plat 
To be better, iiaf^pv, fut tcodru and -^uu, aor. 1. -livryita, 

aor. 2. -^irtyiior, often c. gen. or lomelimei c 4, Omn. Att piw. 
It ie better, KpiTti, impen. c infin. ^tch. 
Long ipeechee an bHIer IhoH ikort tpetdiet, tI luucpii Tiiv aiunpir 

Kiyuy iri'TporSir imt, Eur. 
Witdom It better than prxieperity, rb ^poHoi t&tovuirlaf rpiror 

•^■riif X"> Soph. 
II u b^ter liaa our firt/alhen thought it, tm^ipei ^ d ot tpiyoni, 

K. T, X. Xen. 
I'd be better for a pertom, ^iff^^tA€^ impm, c dat Xen. Andoc j 

Xiti, utu, e neg, and kiei ri\ji, am. c neg. c dat Soph. Eur. 
To gel lie better o/iOeygiA&t belter of lie Lodedaanaiiaiu, w>Uor 

ilX"" ''"•' Auf Jnifuwltw, Hdt 
Yrni an better i^ at lo the laniber tf Aipt, nprytfMTIU ifu» 

vA^0or yew, Thuc See 7b be nperior to. To etUKpter, 
To be better i^liat, TAeanjrrJH, cgen, Xen, 
Between, V^li, Hom, (though Bnttman deniei thit), /umryb or 

)iiainiyb or fitirirqTit, adr. or c. gen. Horn. Uee b. Theoc Ap. 

Rh. ; ittra(l), r. gen. Hon. h. Soph. Eat. Hdt Thnc Xen. ; 


furk, & d>t,M betwetn the kuid^ furik X'f^'< Soptu. but in 
Ihii KOW oflener i. Me. Xcn. ; Jr lii"P, c gen. Eui. PlM. 

Betwean, adj. >iivai or/u<ra'a;, e. gen. Soph. Xen. c.i*i, Soph.; 

/irribriruai, ay, c. gia. Ear. ; fwrolxfuot, o*, c, gen. ^Kh. 
A ipaa iatKoa, fi*TaixM'<»'i ^ach. Eur. Hdt. 
The ^uoB AfEJiHcn tight and darhun^ fit /uraij^juar ffK6Tov, 

Ht Aurf u tit tpam ittietm too arvtia, drri) fiirww br iwrat-x- 

liioa iopit. Ear. 
Kwtpiag a ipaee bebntat au'i-idf and lualhtr, in\((nmt iXXq- 

Am, Hdt. Xen. 
7a t( iitaMi MM surf a /kmU to ujwl mw nwbi to go, taifrjit, 

Bercnge, irdnii, ^tir, j), Jlom. ; irJ/io, Arm, rh. Find. Hdl. ; 

nfu, &rDf, Ti, Tng. PUt. j wirn, Xen. Plat. Ikk. ^ichin. 

To bawail, rlXAafiw, mid. Horn. ; mwrijcm, only prei. and in- 

pecf. Horn, j^Kh. ; 'Jb«rm>itxw, Ham. ; orotfx'i*! ""'y ?"*• 

■nd iinpcrf. Ilotn. ; 'dKurrodpcifii, Hom. ; vto>>1x'*'i Hom. 

Soph.; ira«/>,HDm. Tiag. HdL Xen. PUl ^ichln.; yoim, 

c img. imoeif. fy«r and infin. (■■ if from yi^fu} yinjfiiriu, 

Hon.; Y«u»usi<)id. Tnig.; A^riti, Hom. Traj;. Plat. Imc. ; 

>»<[£■ (C but Bi.), in fut. Mrgg slwayi, IJom. ^wh. Soph. At. 

Bi. ; 'lininiicdid, ^ich. ; iwTieaicim, Si>ph. ; 'iiiAJOilcitt, Sopb. ; 

fiipivu>ii mid. no fut. (hough Moch. hu sor. 1. Horn. Hei. .^p. 

Rh. HoKh. Bi. ; ika^tpafuu, mid., no fut. though Hon. hu 

aoT. ]., Thnc olio hoa nor. 1. pau. in act, acni. c. dat, Hom. 

Soph. Eur. ThM. PUI.J ilCit:, (« Hom, i Ap.Rh.); MlrCpliu, 

onlj pro. and imperf. Ilom. ; otu^fw, flit. sifi^Dfiai, aor. 1. 

^tutla, JE(A. ol/iiiniL, no perf. act. but perf. pan. ^^ury^uu, 

sor. 1. paaa. ^/i^x^t °<> other teuHi, Omn. po^ Xen. Dem. ; 

itopffitu, mid, onlf praa. imperf, and aor. 1. Omn,; dipofuiiy 

oolj prei. and impuf. £ach. EuT, j 'SMoSifo/Aai, Tng. Hdt. 

Plat, ; ncftrolipsfiai. Plat. ; tiatipoiuu, Dcm. ; irriim, onlj prea. 

■nd Imperf. Tng. Theoe. ; 'inwrlra, Tng, ; t^affrirtt, c. ace, 

or c gen. ore prep. Soph. Eur.; 'IrripirTirm, c. j^en, .£ach,}OTt- 

rdfi., no perf. Soph. Eur. Dem,; ■SmiiTtrdCa, Trag, Hdt, Xen. 

fachin. ; arorixia. Soph, ; ^iCn, no perf, JEKh. ; aUf>, ont; 

pro; ,£>cb. BL ; ^dj'ia, Eur. 1 JnivuiCv, £ach. ; ^ai^uiCo, Soph, ; 

■i TMpuWa^ Eur.; M«, Soph, Em.; 'irUoiai, and bj ajnc. 

i^iCnU, £>ch. Eur.; Apiv/iai, onl; pre*, and imperf. Jllach. 

Ear. ; niiTo^o^ipoiHU, Eur, Xrp, ; 'iwoka^ipajuut Xto. Andoc. ; 

rfataXa^iipaiuu, e. dat. Thuc. j jrjrre/uu, mid. and paM. ,fiich. 

Eui. Ar, Pine. ; Kirb^rrafiai, Eur. ; 'iroK Jwrg/uu, Enr. ; 

htaiirT»itiu, Eur. ; nlpo/ioi, mid. Enr. £acbin. ; 'inu^/i^, 

Soph. Eur. PUL ; AtniraUai, Eur. ; fif», ontj in ptei. jEKh, ; 

iw^M, JEKh.; Mfca, no peif. £ach, ; UxJ> and £i»x^ no 

perl Eur. ; Arirri^, only pm, and impeif. act. and put. ,£Bch. 

Ar. ; Ku^pofui, only prea. and imperf, Ar. Ap, Rh. Call, ; 'ftn- 

Mlpafioi, lac ; loAifilCca, DO perf. Call 
7b hmail aa amierl, iwiui(ir, Bi., with nonr*raucrt{bfiai, raid. 

fht. I. avynArearrieSiiat, Soph.; cv/ariMm, jEich. Ear, Dem, ; 

afawUp^uu, Plat. 
7*0 iaeail ammd, ift^KlrifoiAai, Ap. Rh. ; near, wipairTaiix<i- 

fui, mid. Ap. Rh. 

7a bHBail a/ieneardt, fMTavTmt, Horn. £ach. and m mid. Eur. 
SiaO t m^ ieaail t at rwifHtfUU Kifaar / tiiK hiiHsaiua i/if 

idkpf KT^myia x*P^' 6tio6w; Enr. 
Btiaalaiff Adami, Kiipiium xoItoi in' 'AS^nti, Bion. 
Sena/iia^ leitt piieoBa coiee, H)r finpi MieTfoxoawntt, Ar, See 

To ht toBoSed., mnietit. Soph. Enr. 
BoBOilimg, l»i» l lp M i| i , Horn. 

ilti^ Ulqi>, i^yoas, of, £ich. 

yfainnRaf^ imimtd to haeaS, ipipirrJ^i, AriaL 

"t earn cajamilitt, ahrorrins, w (jiti), .Xieh. ; 
iMi, .£*ch. See Zaneafup. 
rte luM beuml, fTTeMWT^, Eur, 

To \mnn ot 'p'la' (aogm- tenaa tap.) rap. m imper. Tng. 
Thnc Xen.; ainpiiai, Soph. ; ^h^cofioi, mid. c ace. or c prep., 
c. ^ vpkf and ace Thnc, or iari and gen, Xen, c iiil and intin. 
HdL, e, M >nd uhj. Att £(ch. Eur. Hdl. Thuc Xen,, and in 
part. prea. act, Enr. ; fiKitioiHu, mid, c ace, c fdi and aubj, c. 
n and infin. c infin. Tng. Ar. Xen. Plat. ; iMiMtitfiai, c 


ace, ore. fiiiinA infin. PUt. Dem. ; -rripc^iai, raid. Ar. Plat and 

in act. Plai. ; irwwA., Plat. Xen. 
Om Twul Wok, ^DA«T^, Xen, Plat. laoc ; avUUirr^, Plat. ; 

SinpAMifriof, Plat 
To bawildn, 'drifbt, fnt. {«, no perf. Theoc. Ap, Rh. 
7b ie ietcib^nd, 'iniiinuu, e. aor. 1. poaa. Hum. Pind. Soph, ; 

-iXXofpoyia, onlf prea. Horn, HdL 

Bowilderment, SporH), HdL 

To bawlteli, ^iidami, no perf, JEtsh. Ar. Plot ; iirrrirtia, 
Ar. ; KirtTf'la, PlaL ; Torrrtiiai, PlaL ; KiTi^apiiaKiiii, Plat. ; 
gaa-Koim. no p«£ act. though (here ii aor. 1. nut. tSta-idrttir, 
Theoc, See JToinaiaiil. 

Bojond, 'bwip (and ^Ip, Horn.) c, gen. or c occ. Horn. Aach. 
Eur. Xen. etc, j ripiK or x*p*{. e. gen. Hom, ; iripi, c ace. 
Horn. £ich, Thuc Xen. Dem. etc. ; r4par (eip, aa beyond the 
tea), c gen, aomelimea aa adi. Ham. Het. Pind. Traft. Thuc. 
Xen, c, ace. Eur.; irjpd, t gen, or aa adv, -Eich. Eur. Thuc, 
Xen, PlaL Dera, j rtpanifa, c. gen. or aa adT. TtTig. Xen. PlaL 
Itoc Dem,; 'irtrripa, c gen. HdL; irrht, c gen. Soph, HdL; 
Hia, c gen. Xbq, ; iriiitira and Tetrdmiia, c gen, ^ich. Ear. 
HdL Thuc, Xen. 

Beymd, i e, too great for, Kpilvnn, c. gen. or c, 4 and infin. 

Beyatd detcriptian, Kptirrtnaf Kiyav, Thuc 

A hei^ byroad uhal a nait am hop, Sfoi xptlaaar itw^liiiid'm, 


£n£f beymd bearing, Kpwlvroi^ 1) ^pitv Kixi, Eur, 

A grief beyvut olier griejt, n6x^ww JlXXoi twtp9wf, Eur. 

Hoa eaa a man atgaire weaiik hei/emd kit JiilAer't ridia ! irAt 

rriiaait' hr iXtor til innpeck^r warpis; Eur, 
From beyomL, nipoBtr, Eur, HdL Xen.; mpi-ryfitt, Ap, Rb.j 

■wtpaioeir, A p. Rh. 
7b be htymd, 'SitiKtiiiat, fiiL -stfav^uu, e gen., at, the ttnan of 

evtnlt ia hejond our knowledge, wpoiafiiUa InrAKttrrai ^oat, 

Ka», ^onH). Soph. AriiL 
To Um, liiwii, no perf, £>eh. See 7b ncIuH. 
Ths bibla, tI Blikuiv. 

To UDkaT, ipSalru, only prea. Horn, See 7b jaarrd. 

To bid, 4ipii», c. dnL arc. daL and infin. Hom. Soph. Ar. Thne. 

Xen.; nh-oti^, j^ach. ; ^etv/a, c. noc and infin. Soph.; 

wponv^WH, nt, U bid one hail, w. x'^'^t Soph.; ^I'rtHrai', 

Eur, See 7b on&r, 7b mmaand. 
To bid for (at an auction), cMo^uu, raid. imperC ^ 

in other tenaet, HdL Lva. 
7b bid agaitui aperton, irrmioftai, c daL T.ya. Dean. 
He aent on raiting hit bidding, wpoMwH touti xf^aiaai &wftiK- 

\ar, HdL 
AUddiag,^tTfiJr, Horn. Pind. £ich. Eur,; ofan oracle, xpqm, 

•»T, il, Pind. See Conumad. 
To bida, itin, Omn. See 7b remain. 
tHimi.l^ airH)i, HdL 
Bier, ^^pai', Hom. ; icXhni, PlaL 
Bi^, fi^YOt, fir)>iAi], /ijya, all catet except nom. and ace mate and 

DeiiL from fi^ydAor, ( JItch. bat alto voe fijyafu) compar. 

fuICsr, tupeil. fiTTiirToI, Omn.; 'fiiwN)t, Horn,; j^iflM^i, 

Hom, Pind. Sach, HdL ; rJiSrii, no compar, Hom. Hea. Soph. 

Big, L e. pregnant, iynb/uir, oni, Eur. Xen. Plat. See Prtg- 

Aibyat, ^iroiuyi^i, Xen. 

Cny lag, 'BwifoyKat, ar, Xen. Dem. 
To M Mk, i. e, pregnant, impydM, PlaL 
To talk Ug, araii^ti. Ar. 
One ttho talit big. miittai, kaoi, Ar, ; a big void, fi^ya ml 

Aopffhr (war ti, Ar. See Large. 
A Uguolft, St-itiiat, i iial 4, SCetich 
BIgVi |»>7<iA(ii, Horn.; /ir)A%iMTl, Horn. HdL; /ilya, Omn.; 

in campai. /HiCiras, Eur. HdL PlaL 
Bi^naaa, lUytBai, -ri, Kotn. Ear. HdL PlaL; vMLr^t, dtd>. 4< 

Bile, x^f^'- Horn. ; ;eoAD, Archil Omn. Aa 
Prodnang bUt, Jir^oAoi, or, HdL 
BHiou, x«^^t> PhtL; iniifixpKts, ar, Hipp.] M^aA*t, w, 

Rather btiiont^ inrixo^i, ar, Hipp, 



' To U liSuiia, iitXayx"'^' Ar. Plal. 
A Ull, \iyuiiia, irts, td, Aniipb. 
A bniow, ettiia, ftroi, ri, Omn. poeL ; ahiittiv, am, 1, Omn. 

poet. I iri\Qs, Soph. Eur. ; in daU pi. ri^ttri, Alanan ; iill»ui' 

TDt 6\Ka\, Ap. Rh. See iron, Saiye. 
To billow, i!il>iaf»., only prm. aiid imperf. Horn. Ap. Rb.; itu- 

fiiT jg>uu, pau. Thuc. Sec To fuW. 
Billow7, onH'''i<«t. Jf^Kb. 
A Un, »iiin|. Eur. Hdt. 
To Und, tw, fut. Haia, perC lAfica, c. bcx. and dat. or c. ace. 

and ptep. Omn. ; tfS)|;u, Horn. Xen. ) icAritia,, Horn. F.ur. Hdt. 

Pint. ; invS^. Hom. Sopfa. Eur. HdL Plat. Xen. ; irtit,. Ham. 

Soph. Eur. At. Hdt. PUt. Theoe. ; i*tia, c. Btn. or dat. of die 

thing to which, Horn. Eur. ; rurtlm,, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. 

Plat. Xen. ; 'irW«, Pind. HdL Thnc. ; hiW«, Ar. Hdt Xen. ; 

taXia, Hdt. Plat.; 'AnM*s Plut. ; tyniTStia, PliL ; «M«. 

Horn. Pind. Mtcii. Soph. Mdl. Plat. Ar. Kh. ; tttr/ttia. Ha. b. 

Eur. Xen.; H'h"!^ Soph. Ap. Rh, ; ixf^f*, Mtck.; if 

liiia, Eur. ; "dKiirTa, Eur. Xen. j ata-irrt,, Eur. Plat. ; ir*l->7", 

*Kh. Emped. ; avtnmilCa, Ar. Pint. ; trivtftllm, Eur. Theoc, ; 

tfiif, in aoi. 1. pais. Soph. ; nXtli, Eur.; oiivtiA^si, HdL 
2b AiW (bj oathk etc.), AofiflHi, Tut. A4<1«»uu, aor. 2. fXiUor, 

pcrf. »0.iF^ perf. pau. fftiui^ioi, and in Trag. and Hdt. \iAi|>i- 

f4w, Hdt. ; idTUafrfdna, Hdt. TUuc. ; iyMitriKiqiSiiia, Thuc ; 

|(4t(x«. fut. iMifo' and rfToirx^™, aot. 2. KiiT«rxai., Hdt, 
7b UnJ fo, avyiATi,i,rlrYy\iiu, Soph. ; irpoRviiJa, line (u. Hipp. ; 

oio^firi?^ Hipp. 
Soaid, rtfaim, and -OfHu, mid. round onetelf; Ar. HdL XcD. 

Plat. ; wipurplyyu, H ipp. 
7b is ioisul, xi^i^tV"' Soph. 
7b Ik baad up (a> bair), o^irJo/sai, Horn. 
Bindiiy lit kiutdi of eaptiai tcili ciiauu, rii alxfi^ifftia' X^f" 

Sfciuit 'brrvOAiwii, Soph. 
A binding, tiais, n*t, 4. Plat. cap. by magic Icnota, jwiUio-ii, 

Pint. ; HBTiiSfcrfiot, Plat. 
Blading, Siirnua, a, or, and sj, or (cap. M with a ipell), c gen. 

Bmding At lair, 'iAtrraj, w (of a Bllet), Eur. 
Fit for boding, ttaiuvrhAi, Plat. 
Bonnd, tirSrtoi, n. Soph.; e^iertt, Mel.; SillStTat, av, 

Foif ftoBw', 'dUfuvrfBtroi, ai', £ich. 
Bound hackaardi, JnrMirroi, sv, Simon. 
Kind, ttnat, J nl i^, neut. ovr, gen. -rolii, Mtiii. HdL j 

SfSat"'!, or, Enr. 
j< iQn^ a UpAf, Snrotfa, ArilL 
Biroh (^B tree], muMa, Theoph. 
A Mrd, elnvit, Omn. poet. ; tpru, j nl q (i Horn., iTiBg., t Ar., 

Ellendt coniidm ^rTs common ereiywhere. »jing, a> Homer 

uwd it H, it it no wonder the Tragediani did), gen. -wSoi, aec 

-riSo, and -rw, pi. lifivffid and Spriii at Ifit, Omn. ; tpnor, 

Horn. Ar. Thne. PUl Xen.; irrrniAr, only in pi. Horn.; 

»«TUFk», in pi. HdL; mriurii', in pi. Eur. Xen.; rnir^, in pi. 
" 'i. Soph. ; oTpaltot, JEtch. Ar. ; iprtiio', Ar. HdL ; jfvi- 
V, Anniaud. Nicoelr. ; iprawituir, Ar. 

k». h™. .« „r- 

', £ich. Ar. Theoc ; 

Of or Matging to bird*, IprUtan, a, af, i 

Ztia a bird, iprlMtttt, AriiL 

Tie Urd maritt, ri Scava, Ar. ; el Spriii, Dem. 

Bom of a bird, bfniioyam, ar, Eur. 

7b catch birdi, ifrUtiit, Xen. ; ipvIBoAnxlK, Telrclid. 

.^ birdaatclirr, tpriSokixoi, Piad. ; j(vHtirH|t, dD, i, Ar. Plat. . 

lpr!eoBi,iKa, on, Ar.; l{<in^i. oS, d, Bi. 
7ia ori ^oatdung birdi, 4 Ipriflnn-Ix)), Plat. 
Bringiag birdi (any wind), iprWIiu, on, Ar. AriiL 
^ dialer ut Atrrfi; opyiBoiHtr^Xjis, Critlaa. 

.^•ch. Soph. ; 
Sipar, Annial 

Kiltiag birdi, oIwtjCTiJnir, or, ^ich. 
FoKdHtlifor birdi, ^lAApWSfo, Ar. 
ffaatUd ^ birdi, ttJkifni, i9oi. i lol i, jEtch. 
Prodndin man ii'nJi, mAvJpriAii, ar, Eur. 
WiUoiU iirdi, lipm, or. Soph. 
Sing oflardi, tfrtiofxot, Ar- 

To be rood after birJt, tftSeiiiiitu, Ar. 

(y( proceeding fnim) Ike voice of birdt, oSariSpoos^ or, .Sich. 

liicination % icaleifiig birdt, Buirurim, Irot, ri. Ear. See An- 

A dimaer by iBoiching birdi, oiarifiarra, ten, i lad q, Eur, See 

Birdlime, Ifbi, Eur. 

A birdlinitd licig to catch bird), ^iSlos, 4, Ar. 

Birth, -jwrrj], Hom.; 7*t^l, Omn.; -jimiaa, ti*t, ii, F.ur.; 

7«H), Soph. ; VTopi, lEich. Soph. ; yirtsa, wi, 4, Hdt. Plat. 

Xen., i. e. deuent, ytrttKor, Mvit. ; imifiia, Srot, TS, .Xicb. 
Tie yomyer by birti, br ftni vtd/npos, Scjih. 
1 tuyoo' iii(er,bybir(/i of He tame fallKr, ifA t^ oifr liiaiiiar U 

wm-plj Towou ^ittir. Soph. 
Afotf* 6)( iirtA, 7««5 7ti«»ej, Sopb, 
Belated by birth, yorf ^unu/ios, Sopfa. 
iJirti in dus leaKm, TtXioTorIa, AriaL 
Bcbmgi^g to birik, ytriBXut, or, Pind. Tmg. PlaL Xen. . 
Giving btrti to, c. gen. ai the father who fa^et birth to beame (i. e. 

the luu), i ytviefutt Arbiter virrjrfi, Pind. 
Premlag oerr birli, Y'l'TiiXAli, /tot, 4, Ar. 
.J birliday, ri yniiSKia, Xen. 

.J birliday fead, birliday oJMngt, Tit TtrtfAjo, Eur. PlaL 
A 6nTl*-p/nce, T«n'teir. Horn.; yrti, Hom. 
/^mn oiu'i bVU, fbri^fuot. Soph. 
To bUaot, IR:;t<^BfL^ PlaL AiiaL 
Biieetod, lix^Ofwi, ar, AriiL 
*" "' a, B(x<»T(^Ja, AriaL 
), irionowot, N. T. 
1, iwurtowi,, N. T. 
7b be a biiiop, irMKOwiie. 
A bit, L fl. iinall piece of an; thing, ^n/Jls, Horn. Xen. ; 44irii, 

-iXei, il, Ar. ; ij^iar, PheiccT. ; i/d/uaiui, dToi, ri, AriaL 
TV /suf W, '<tx")*' ^^- At- ; Tir)>fip[, adT. Eupol. ; ffS, uiu. c. 

neg. Ar. Antiph. Dem. 
The bil rf a bridle, xSUvbi ; pi. «I xi^lHil (and in Ap. Rh. Tit 

XaMri).Hiim. Ear. PlaL Xen. Ap. Kh. etc. SIC.; ar^^.Tng. 

Hom. Xen. ; i^iUwr, Eur. Ar. Xen. 
Ciampivg tlie bU. xitUvo^iltYoi, or. Call. 
Tit tradt oj maJdng bill, ti xaUtvnilid), Aritt. 
Biteh, kAm, gen, tcHrit, Omn. ; a bitch puppy, wUrl^iai, Ar. See 

To bite, SHicrm, fuL U^oitai, aor. Q. tSimr, perf. *^xa, etc, 
/rtdicM, Eur. PlaL; iwoSijam, Xen.; IrriUnn., HdL; irw 
Sdim, Xen.; ^p^u, fa. Eur., and it pain doea. Soph.; Uw- 
Ti((<>7, no perf. Ap. Kh. Call. ; /rTxpl^irr. bSoiair (for ^>xi>l/h 
■m), Ap. Rh. 

To bile ^, 'imirtlie, onlr prea. and imperf. Dem. 

May liey bile rA« dm/, ilM( AufsEnTD 7«iar, Hom. 

£tft'ey Ue dial, -jiutf Ui{ tkirrtt, Enr. 

fii'fi'iisr Mfi'r ^>x, Jti{ 'r x*'*"" fi^i^'t, Horn. 

Sifx ymr lija, iS6m nftt rb a^iffui, Sopfa. 

/ bile my lipi (to aroid lauahing), SiIdw iiaarrbr, Ar. 

To frel paia fioK a biie, iSi(tu, c perf. pan., filsyfuu, Soph. 

Abito, tvn^l^oi, ri, Mteh. Soph. Xen-i x'^bWi ^"r *^ 
Soph. ; 1^11, «ti, ^ AriiL 

7^ Mwp iec^% o/'s (JiBHiH, or U^ biting fiiry <^firt,yiitSot,1l, 

BUing pain, hrrfiit, Hipp. 

Biting, adr. jtif, Horn. Eur. Ar. Ap. Rb.; (ao angi; ai) to 
bile, nireJit Ar. 

Biting, 3parr^Pi ^>, agreeing with a feminine noun (ae. aixjiil), 
Mxb. ; SriKriipioi, ar, c. gen. Eur. ; Sqairlicki, AiiaL 

Oiling KCrel/y, MBspyot, or. Soph. Ar. 

Not bitten, iS^ai. or, Hea. 

Bitter, (Unwlii, Ham. ; wurpki, Omn. ; Iplfiii, nau. melaph. (of 
battlea, anger, weapong, etc.) Horn. Hei. jGech. Eur. Xen. PlaL 

Bitter, metaph. i. e. urieioua, etc (aa fate, war, etc.), vfuiHUvh, 
Dv, Horn. ; \iayi\tii, Hom. He*. The<«. An. Rh. ; a«an^*r4>, 
Hea. ; 'Otipwixpai, or, JEteh. ; ram^a, JEKh. ; oin tM/iw*- 

Biller {of aniter, threala. etc) pt^Ko-iai, or, Pind. ; wur^Avo'- 
m, or, ^ach.; Bi^tmroi, ar, Macb.; Bi^fbaiiioj, or, Em. 
Call. ; fitfUt-yiroi, or. Soph. ; 0if^4trm, or, Tbeoc 


Ilatker iitter, 'Hwiwiiipot, ar, Thaoph. 

SieetUj biUer, y^fn^utpot, or, Sapph. 
Z«riap uiai u Utter, ^iX&riKpoi^ Ariat. 
Toba bittv, Tucpainfui, pau^ niu. meUph. np. with anger, Plat. 

7b It baitr agaiiut, ^irZtpofm^KU, c. dit. Hdt. 

Bittarlir, riAiwiKpa, Hum. ; irucpwi. Soph. Eur. 

UttantM, rwp^, irroT, 4, PLaL 

BiUKnuatftimper, iruqifa, Dem. 

TV btiteruea q^ng/erw. J x^> l^'X?'"'t ^Kfa. 

M t MWn. br^Tii, ;{, Hdt. Xen. 

To be Hit bittmm (in nncll), ia^nXTiC-, DioK. 

Bitrnmiiuni, ta^oAi^Siii, Aiiic 

BiTKln, artOpoT, w. Ariit. 

To Unua, aihl(afiai, mid. Hdt, Thnc. Xcd.i aUpuHHrfo, 

To bUb, JlUA^ Don. 

BlMk, iciAduiii, Ham. Find. Trag.; KtAwvtf^t. Horn. Find. ; 
KttMiriif, onsT, d nl i|. Pind. ; fem. nitXaiRn-ii, i3di, Find. ; 
KtXaaAmt, Sopll. ; KtAouv^d)!, Ar, ; in pi. icfXjuv6p^tt, oS. oJ, 
Sopb.; Kf\May6iptiTBi,et,UiicV and gnawed (of the liwr of Pro- 
ineth«u),£Kb. ; nAnmx^i, Bni, i nal 4.Anth.i f^^u, airo, 
B*. goi., ^iVXdviH, etc, coinpar. /uMrirtpoi. etc. Omn, ; n^ 
*i'Xai, Horn. ; /uAdnt^fBat, u*, pi. fuXiu'^xP'"'' Horn. ; /ii- 
>^rrxf»'. or. pL iu*^yxpett, Alta. Hdt.; fKAayxpiHJJt (of 
cwnplBrionJ, Horn, j iH^^iyxp*!', Cntm. Antiph.; m'**)W*'i 
■fit, Eur.; ruXdvfrrsT, sr, Ham. jGtcb. Eur.; iHtJbntpot. or 
(of m foantun). Ham. ; luXAnJiua, w, MKb. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; 
fHA^>(W^i, fteh. Ear.; fi*\af«ArJkt, £k)i.; /tiXOr^vi, 
GTOt, MaA. ; luxirtrrot, or Ui night), £>ch. ; ^Ub>jirr(pai, 
•r (of night), Ar.j itOJbvwrifi^, Otbt. i nl # .cat rh. Eur. ; 
>uUMrrtp^, or, S.ttb. Enr. ; fitAiv>4(d)f, Eur. ; lutJtrmyiii, 
Ear. ■ fuAwT«;c)|i (af ths hauM of PniKipine), Find. ; /ttXd- 
"••i*?!, Ari»t 

VUk Uark ifripet, /wAiUTpiwHii, ar, Ariit 

Wa Made ^nb, fuUb'dcPrutToi, or, ArilL 

CloiJ ia i/n^ luKriiiwMis, Baechrl. ; luhBuiiiua, ant, Mv!\. 
pAAarnttrur, tmt, ^ich. ; iit\iitttw\ot, ar, T 
Kutif^, Ar. 

Wilk bladt taOt, nAtyxpoKos, or, Mk}i. 
Wilitia<ithair,ia\irrxatn,s,o«, Hci. Soph. Enr. i f>iUv«pi{, 
^P'X", Hipp. ; *«Aifa«p4{, Ariil. 
inu blaek kofia, ^tJrfKfpits, or, £icli. 

Fkil i^Uatk Uma (of a riTar), ^Aaf4^i, Oof, Call. 

Bbtde^ged, lu^iriiifMxrot, or, PUt. ; ^UrAp0iiX/wi, or, Arirt. 

Bladfieartid, ccAourffipw, ont, jG^h.^ fuAanwJ^itux, or 

Bti^ 9»li, lu^Jrnfva, Ti, Xen. 

To jmiii blade, or (a Uioi, fHholnvuu, pm. Hom. He*. SopIi. . 
IH^mLm, Plat. ; iU>Jrw, Ham. ; luXirii, Ap. Rh. ; mXainfo/ioij 


7^ le Uoei at A> top, liiipa«Aawii(«, Horn. 

To bluikra (ibaei), nfAwrb, Ar. 

BlaaVoned (with nnoke, aooC, of thinn bunt], alUXitii, Ham. 

•UMAiMhi^ Ariat. 

To beai Uack ami time, ta give a hlack eje, 'tHnnrid^m, Ar. 
*■■ ■ fi<X(uT«ui, draj, Ti, Hipp.; /aWWa, ArijL; a be 

■ ■- ».,,i.Ari.l. 

. , , _ ,..»ei, Eur. Xen. ale 

A blMkUld, KJrrtfM, Ar. Ariit ; ti^lx^'. Ar. 

A Uaako^ (a bird), luXxyKipt^i, Ar. 

A blMknuW, fu)i4i«pDTat, Eur. 

Q^or MayBw to UaofaiiROon, lU^Jitlporas, or, Gni. 

A hUakBHtti, XiA«ii, Hom. HdL Flat. Xen. i x'"*""''*"'' 

XfB. Dem. ; vfttperArm, ofoi, ^ich. ; riSi|p<^t, Xen. ; ffSi)- 

^anpTtf, Tlwopb. 

n k a UaefaMU, xiiK^hK At. Thuc. Plat. 
Bdvugiig to a bJadtimJA (ikilfhl ai), x<UUh>^>M'. X*"- 
Tie trad* ^ a tb^amSk, xaAnlo, Plat.; irisiipfla, Xen.; i| 

XB^ovriinii Xen. ; 4 x<>^oT(Sr[jd|, Flat. ; ^ x<'^'<''^'4> Ariat 
A UadtatiA'i Aop, xaAxtfa>, nvi, Hom. Ap. Rh.; x<>'^'<'>>'i 

Hdt. Plat; ffl>i|p(w, Ariit 
A Uaek-pilddlng, ■)<WTJ)p /fi>X«fi) i»-iBVi|f n ml ^wret, Hom. 

A bUddar, idmt^ wt, 4i Hem. 

do (of a ivord), trriBr\, Eur. 
A Hade of an oar, T^ia^t, Hdt 

A bUln, r/fif i{, i>]vi, j^, Hipp. 

Ilmma, ^w^i, Hom. Find. Soph. ; <KP'i Simon. Find. JBtcK 
Eur. Tbnc. Plat ; otrfa, Trng. Hdt Thuc. Dem. ; fwf^. Find. 
Soph. Enr. Ar. Plat; /I'H'^, avt, % JEh:)i. Eur. Ai. Xen.; 

KATifuiii^u, Thuc. 
To Uu&a, irafnv {alio oAv^ioi), fuL Ariaofxai and ^i^^av., aor. 1. 
Aiwrif^qir, Hom. Hdl. Ap. Bb. ; ttriro/iai, c. aor. 1. paa. Kuril. 
rieSiir, in act. lena. c. ace. Hdt; iia/aiir, Horn. Hea.; fio/ui- 
ofuu, Horn. Theogn. .£Mh. Etir. Ap. Rh. ; airid^uu, mid. c perf. 

and HN'. 1 . paai. in [OM. teiii. Hom. He*. AJ. Thuc Xen. Aniipho.; 
ftroiTiiofmi, c. ace. pen. gen. rei, or c. gem. ace., or c. act and 
infin. Hdt Sieh. Sonh. Ar. Thuc. Plat Dent; utrriuTtdeiau, 
Hdt Thue. Dem.; iroriCu, and mid. -ofuu, Hea. h. £ich.; 
nin^/iai, mid. e. hot. 1 . pa». in act Mne. c ace pen , or a 
gem. ace,, or c. ace. pen. and piep., or c. ace pen. and gen. rei. 
or c. ace. rei, gen. pen, or c. dat pen. Omn. poit Hom. ; bnt 
^IfUfi^fua, c dat pen. ace. rei (either often andenteod), or c. 
ace. pen. gen. ni. Horn. Soph. Hdt ; KArd^/i^/ioi, e. ace. pen. 
dat rei, Pind. Thuc Xen. Plat Dem.; SiAfJiupw, Thuc. 
laoc 1 hrr1fiiii^)iat (in reply), Hdt ; ^^}«i no peif. and no 
pnaa. voice, Theogn. Omn. Alt ; im^ifyii. Plat ; trhTtiim, e. 
dat pen. e. ace. rei, Thuc Xen. Inc. Dem.; KlrrtrfTyriaim, fut 
-'yMbto/iai, aor. 2. -^ynir (aa fi™n -yraiu), pert. -Jynuta, e. 
gen. pert, ace rei, ivc. aec. rei and pnp. Hdt Thnc; Plat Dem.; 
Kixtiu, Thnc ; luiB^Hiioipiti, c dat pen. ace rei, Dem. ; ttoft- 
Sirofou, mid. ftit M)i(wfuu, aor. % t>M6iai», e. gen. Flat ; irrt- 
\a/i(dvDfiw, c gen. Flat ; iw'urnlpa /aiit^ir, c dat Find. ; Ir 
nfrff jB(UX« (peif. «il\iiiia), e ace. Soph. ; tf alrtai fx" (aor. 
2. foxof ), Thue ! ir aklf fxv, Hdt ; fx- fttit^ir, t dat pelt, 
or c (Jt, Mni. Soph. ; ftt^irriT eifil, c dat. Soph. 

Jt gam no prtlaux/hr blaming, obi Ix" cirilfufa^ui, e dat Thnc. 

To rekom he wUI Iranfir tit ilane, oTi fit iTo^aylai iroian, Lyi. 

To lie thefint to blama, rpotrlrXiirvtt, Ariit 

To lefmd o/blaming, fiiXaTaMfai, Hipp. 

BlaMoablo, afrui, ■, w, lamellmei In Att m, or, e gen. rei or e. 
S.Ti and indie Horn. Hea. Eur. Tbnc Plat etc; twtdriat, or, 
Horn. ^ich. Bur. Thnc. Lyi. ; luarrii, uni. c nag. Find. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt Thuc. Flat Xen. ; lOitiiufirroi, ar. Soph. ; MfU^ 
TDi, or, Hei. Theoc. ; >Hgfnrrli, j^ech. ; iwtiaiLfoi, or, Mtch, ; 
i^iKTii, Plat Ariit; Arfi(9V«i, or, Xen.; ^DLafTiii, or, Dem. 

Wiai/y blamtidjle, rlratrioi, or .£tch. 

Oh iBio liara lie Uuna, iirntriat, a, or, and M, or, e gen. rei or 
c. infin. Soph. Hdt Xen. 

To 6e blamiabU, h alrff itroi, e gen. muis, Xen. 

BUmolM;, aftrl^ftiTa, Soph. 

Fond i/blammg inclined to blame, ^Oolnol, ar, line oa, or c 
gen., or c; nrrd, MiA. Imc. Plat Xen.; ifv>ipii, Pind.; iH7>**> ' 
Find. ; fiUfiryai, or, Eur. Pbt \ fOu/rMairras, or, Hipp. 

Blamiiig ipU^kily, xSjii^VfBs, or, Theogn. ; ifrenTwif, Ariit 

Blamelou, uaJriai, a, or, and oi, or, e gen. rei or e uifin. (c 
dat of the jndgei before wfaom one it blameleu, Hei. Ear.), 
Hom. Hei. Mxh. Eur. Hdt Xen.; 'MfT'oi, or, Hom. Ha. 
Archil; 'StUB^t. or, ^ich. Hdt; 'iiiB/ulKH, or, MKi.; ii^^. 
Mui, or. Soph. ; 'ireiriXiiirroi, or, Eur. ; S*«ktoi, or, Theogn. ; 
iiitrfii'. Soph.; 'iiuiut^t. Find. JEMti.; 'ituiJ.rrot, ar, JEtcb. 
Eut. Xen. Fhit Dem. ; 'irdi/ui(mrn>i, or, Hdt Xen. Plat laoc 
Dem. ; 'SriyKKiiTos, or, Xen . Iioe Dem. ; 'irrwlt^tras, or, c 
gen. cam. luc. Dem. ; 'irt^iXryicToi, or, Xen. Dem. 
Wlmllf blame/tm. iribi^i>fiot, or, Simon. 

BUmalelilj, 'd^fmritt, Soph. Plat Xen. ; 'drd^M^rVoi, Xen. 
Itoc Dem. ; 'V-mV». Hdt ; H*T^I. Ap. Rh. ; irrriOiirrli, 
Itoe.; 'irrytAtrrits, Dem. 

Blannliiniiiin. 'Sitt/i^la, JEvAi. 

A blamar, i/ttriit. Plat ; trin/arr^t, fich. 

One/had ofblaathig, ^IXrw'hiiHir^t, lioc. 

One otgU lo hlamt. tdrurrior. Plat 

To blaaok, Anxm^rai. Horn. Eur. Tbeoc etc See 7o wUtn. 

Bland, 'a-jArkt, Horn. Pind. TnE. See Gerili. 

BlMidiahmont, rip^iaa, tut, \ Hom. ; JtipArtfo, Thuc X«i. 

Bluk, a blank daj (in hunting^ 't^iipot ^pa, JEidi, 

A blank lalltl, XtiKU/ia, aroi, ri, Lyi. Dem. 

A bUnkat, x*-'^ Hom. Sopb. Theoc; x^orii, An, 4t Sid.; 
<rJctpa, Ar. 


BUulutad (or wnpped ap b ■ blanket), tyKtKOftll\riniiiQt, k. 

ill. At. 
To h Uip htm a, XoiSopdii, Pind. Hdt. ; ^Xunprviiw, c th and 

ue. or c anli ud gan. Plat. 
BlMphMll7, fitiMO^iiia, c M or Kterk, Ear. PUt Don. 
Bluphanwu, ^Adv^ti/wi, w (tlungh budly ia our unH], 

nut, iAi-fil^ Hnn. ; iAr/i^r, hm, i, Hmn. ; nvii (and nsHt 
EpO, Horn. JEich. Gni. Tbnc; l^nii, Horn. Theoc.; i4^^ 
Hm. ; Sil/u, on, rh, £icb. Sopfa. ; tiro'ii, wi, 4i Eur. ; of fin, 

A lil«M, ff^Aai, ou, ri, Omii, poet. Plat ; ofry)), Omii. pact. 

I« bUH, Solsfui, pui., aor. 2. mid. Aa4"|r> P'tC mid. BAija, 

AtSfo*')' (p«t£ puL BAoifui, 3i<non.), Ham. SiraoD. Soph. ; 

^(T^ ■» fnt. Horn. Hn. Sofdi. Enr. ; allh>, do fliL Pind. 

Sopb. Eur., and id paM. ato/iat, Horn. Enr. Hdi.; fA^fw, no 

pert Pind. £m1i. 9aph.; fXiiTffofiai, nu. Soph. 

fiw, aor. 2. --^Mor, iCich. ; iii^ikirf6anai, poaa. Ariit. 

SUdl^, pkiym, Enr. Ar. ; f\iry<piT, Enr. Ap. Rh. ; ^\Brjm- 
nis, m, Mith. i t^Jr/i^. £rai, Mic)i. ; ftjr^ta, Anth. ; vD- 
pr^wrst, cv, ^Kh. Ear. ; ttpT^Krret, or, Emped. ; vfipf- 
^^■>, aMra, w, gai. otrrai, etc. Ear. ; mpH^hrT^i, Xen. 

To bluon, kAiCh, no ht. Ham. H». Ar. S«s Tb ocUrofe. 

To UaMli, \>iw>ln>, llom. Ear. Theac. S« 7b loUoi. 

BlMk, 'lhrt)r(fui, ar. Soph. Ar. Xen,; BiAnMot, ev. Soph.; 
'irtft£h\iy Soph. ; wpot^in/ut, or, Xan, Saa CUif. 

BImt (blear-«jad), yXitfuw, am, Ar. ; y^afttpki, Hipp. 

7o £a Mear.<jed, Aw^ Ar. Hipp. 

Ilaar.a7M, Xq/uu, of, Hipp. 

To tiUat, itiiiiioiHa, mid., aor. 3. act. part, jwnkr, p«rf. fi^fnjica, e. 
part, /ufiqadii, and in fern. ^fiiUviii, impeif. in4iaiiar, Horn. ; 
PXtlX^f^ mid. Ar. Thooc i tArUKuxioiiai, Tbaoc 

BlMUng, pM^, iSoi, oDlf Eem. Hon. Ear. 

Bltating MaaL vnUiitqitb, Orac^ ap. Hdt 

Nm U1DM9, iHKii)^ Astip. Sid. 


To tlMd, OXH" (fAMs), Hipp. ; ^^ttvrontm, Hipp. 

BlMJlllll, act. oxJuru, «■!, 4, Thaoph. ; fiufarafib, Hipp. 

A bUm&h, mAli, 3sf , 4. Soph. Eur. Xtn. 

To M""*'**! -xf^im., aor. I. tjifira, MtA. Ear. ; ci^uUii, Ear. 

To blouh, tixpi^i Ar. 

To blcad, fiyruiu, Omn. ; npdn-^u, peif. alwsfi ijiic Wapdaii, 
and Wap^iai, Ornn. See Tb inir. 

Om iHul iW, dvyK^to, Plat. 

Ta UtH, /uuc^fa, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thoc; ti^jiyim, 
£ich. Soph. Ear.; tifTintm, JEach. Soph. Plac Xm. 
' BlBHiiig, li^ilfiia, Pind. Ear. TbmL, thongb thia wind, ai wall 
■a the Taibiandalao liXaTJai, baie mote of tlw aenaa of "piaiaa" 
thao eiaotlj what we maao b; ** bleaaing." 

BlNnd, yiiafi, i, i, ri, fien. iituSpcr, Omn. Sec Happf. 

IlMWdnaM, Mai^aAa, Omn. poal Horn. See Bi^iftimai. 

Blight, A•lx4^ ^i. i. 'Each. ; ifOailf,, Plat. 

BUflLtad, VSirtf^i. Atiat.; AiixiTfMiTt. Hipp. 

7b ^ UMtaJ, ifiaitim, Tbeinih. ; jpfkrtfjofui, pan. Thaopfa. ; 
Afixuruhg, Theoph. ; <rfa«Xlfn, Ariat. 

BUndj 'lAoii, Horn. MuA. Sopb. Em-. ; ril^f, Omn. ; intpii, 
Horn.; Btifrffi^&ATor, oK,£ich.; ^fti'^^iH^Tor,o«',Sopb.; 'A^uapbj, 
Soph.; 'tatfKTtt, or, Soph.; jfiplTDaTapi)!, Soph. Ear.; fko- 
Tairlr, Soph. Enr. ; Tv^Aonvt, our, gen. -voBn, Ear. ; 'itipK- 
Tcw hiitiArm ntiiiuim. Soph. ; in fern. 'Uaiiru, Hoi, 4, 

MaioMg bli»L, 'Uoll, av. Soph. 

To Uliid, 'JUada, Horn. 1 HS^Jiiu, Horn. ; 'timf6it, Pind. ; 

Tv^A^, Saph. Eur. Hdt. Plat.; beri^ii^ £ur. KdU Xoi.; 

9KaT6m, Soph. ; ^awiAriK Eur. 
A iUndrnf iMki, rufiAiiUr fA»I, So^. 
7*0 ia ilmd, mcirar PXtru, Soph. 
Otd-fiuUimtd idxu leUiA Wwf Ma mdirWonrfM^, Aq^ioi tpuruad, 

A blinding, 'AAovrit, ftai, 4, Hon). ; T^^Awfftt, (an, ^ laoc ; 

iiiTi^\Mrtt, Hdt. 
■UsdlT, rSfAw, Plat. 

I, Tjl^^t, tfToi, 4, Plat. ; TiT^Aawtt, tHi, ^, Hipp. 


7b ;>&9 aj hOtlmm'i htf^ ihAC^Ma ncf^ A. BL 

j4 UiW uMTia, Til^A^iri f^t, ioi, d, AriaL 

To blink, ftiw, aor. 1. ^tftro, perf. fi^tun, Horn. Ear. Sopb. Ar. 
Xan. Ph.1. Sae lb w^ 

BUM, fitouuvCa, Onin. poat Ham. Sae Hapjiimt. 

BUitfol, \^taf. d, 4, Ti, gen. /ilcdpoi, Omn. See Happg. 

A Uiatmrfon the«kiD),^>(centr.&Tini^a>fr)^^>,oiil7inpL 
Ar, ; ^Aktbuw, Thoc. ; fAMcrauii, ttst, ii, Hipp. ; fAMTw*4- 
Bior, Hip^ ; faSfryt, OTOt, 4, Ar. ; mp^ Hipp. ; ffy^ 
tyes, *, Hl[l». 

Z«fa a blitltr, fAurravMitv'i Hipp. 

BUtha, riMnirai, Horn. Ste Olai. 

To bloat, sil^ Hom. Ar. Plat Thooc See 7b hhO. 

Bl«tt«d, iianwrvfltinis, Ar. 

A U««k, ^lAorE, rfT", ^ Hdt. ' 

j4 liappiiig Uact or Ue emafiaiier't iiodt, ^Eftinr, £teh. At. 

Out OHl of out mad block, fiardtpmr, rw, Pind. ; irf aloDB, pari- 

AMsi, or, HdL; of wood, fiordfKAai, or, Hipp. 

7b blai ap, tfiairm. HdL Tbnc Ptat ; ip^ififm, Tbnc PkL 

Xen. Dem.i 'tfn^pifanroi, Thoc ; JnnMAalit, Hdt. Tbnc 
7b Uodi up roait, ^e. (b; boilding acnaa them), 'SMouatotUm, 

Tbnc ; 'aweTtaopim, Thuc Xen. 
A Uockhg up, 'irvrtixWa, tm, i), Thoci 'JbrJffoftt, «M, 4, 

Xm. j 'AnJKAiio'ii, aaii, i, Thoc 
Tohloak*d«(milil«i7>.'AraTaixIC*, Ar. Thoc Xen.; rtfihii- 

xtC-, Thoc: 'r^«x({ii^ Thuc; vtrhO^im «b, Tbuc Xeo. 

Dem. ; irapv^fiavp^ Thoc ; wrffyitiniu, impect -'iti'V, no fnt., 

e. ace Hdt.; wtf/UUiitiiiai, fht. t lo g f i ai, bo pert at aor., c. aec 

Dem. ; (by isa) ifofplit, c dat or. c M and dat. Hdt. Thoc 

Xsn. See 7b M^ 
A biookado, hmtixWa, aan, 4> Thoc; (by ica) t^tfpi^a, «wt, 

4. Thuo. ; (linea to blockade) fanralxur/w. Sroi, T^ Than. 
Bcmlj to la blodadad, aUnrclxwroi, or, Thne. 
A UoekbMd, TvftMUi, Ai. ; ^'Sevo, Plat. (Com.) 
Blood, tlpa, Aroi, ri, Oimn. ; 'fx^ "Po*i properijr in HooL ttia 

eqniTalant for blood in the Taina of the Oodi, the aenim or watery 

pan of the blood in Plat and Aritt.,bal blood itaelf in Ap. Rh.; 

oifiAnipi Ip^ar, Eur.; faaiU Sfirvs, jGacb.) o^warai ffiryil, 

£*ch. ; oliiirtrTlryiit wtXibns, ipitpiit nA., alpJinipit >«A. 

£ach. Enr. 
Shod taitaa aM, fipirot. Hun. 
.4 $aat o/Uood, alpit, iSu, 4, Soph. ; pint fiJAor, Sopk. ; fi^ 

rsi alpAnifit, JEicb. 
OoOtd Uoad, -wixrn, Mk\. 
Qfinngi rfUood, dpimifiia, •!, Pind. 
A mat o/liood {bt.vmtt litOe), ItSymiiia, Aritt 
Haaaig no b/ood, iyaipM, Ariat. ; 'traipirti, irroi, 4, AriiL 
/Ueaai of blood, voAOnfJo, Ariit. 
Bieodtlitd, ^dni, Omn. See JXn^iber. 
Blbotf-^aiUKaa, /u■V>^ Antipbo. ; piaiparia, Dem. 
Hanaig Uoad, traipoi, or, of animala, in contiediatiiiclion to Goda, 

who haTB onljr 'Ix<^ (»< Sbeit), HdL 
Haimg mmdt Qood, nAvaipiirtt, at, Emped.; nKiaipat, ar, Hipp. 

7b ion maai ilooil, vaKaatpim, Arlit. 

Zoelw^ ilaod, At^w^i, »r, Emped. ; ttJ^jonpat, Hipp. Ariat. 

7b bat tfuul, AI^w^, AruL 

Having NO Uool a( all, 'dndfiM', spr (of tha Oodi), Hom. ; Ahu- 

/i^i^ot, or (of a gnaihoppei), Anac ; 'iW^h, or, ^acb. ; 

'Jtra^wi, ar, Pitt. 
Haaatg Aui: blood, wixiai/iat, or, Hipp. 
To blood, i. e. make bloodj, atain with blood, alpAffwrn, Pind. 

Soph. Eur. ; jrdAu^idww, Pind. £ach. Ear. g i^Mipiaam, Xen. ; 

aipArlCm, JEaeh.; alpJkrim, MKh. Soph. Eur. ; aOAu/iftr^ Ent. 

Ar.; feivfom, Sopb. Ear. Ap. Rh.; infoirbnrm. Ear.; dpf- 

Mrtt, fut -A^ng, aor. I. -A|h, no pert Ap. Rh, 
7b bt ^aiaed nnU Uood, Pparia/uu, poat. Hom. ; alpiwti. Sat. 

(Baa. 750). 
7b £> aku^ sito Head, ilaipiiriopai, pan. Aritt. 
Bleod^gnllrtnaOi ; imputing to thieman bload.gni]tauai, ry it 

vpOTTponior alpa vpoaUAifr, Ear, 
noodleaa, 'dnJ^oirTaf^ or, MtA. 
Bloodleoil7, 'dKU^urrl, Hom. 
Blood-ttainad, 3<^u4i, br, Horn. Hai. Find, ftch.; p 

ar, Hom. £ach. Sopb. Enr. HdU; o^i^fUamr, or. Eat. 



'. Pl»l. 

BoadtUn^, ■MrJm (mr, etc), Hon. Xth. , ^elnn, a, 
and n, V, Hind. Mmih. Hofh. ; fii«M, ■, «r, ud w, w. Pi 
£Kh. Soph. Eur. i ^it^tifi^rot, or. £b)i. Edt. ; a^ahwxh, 
)r, XmA.; atlt»^»»i^, «r, £k1i. Sqrti.i f-a^ibi, UdC; 
o^iaC^i, or, Thooc Arut ; ^^limxifmt, Antb. 

^ thvUUnlf mm, aliiAniw*nit, an, i, Ariit. 

Sk»d7, ffp<irJ«t^ Ham. ; fobvi, Horn. h. ; d^J«f, Hmn. 
.Soth.; folnol, ■, or, lod oi, or. An. Horn. I^od. Tng.; afw 
fifmiTwt, «r. Horn. ; fittpmt^Airet, or, Hon. ; ^^noi, ■, or, ud 
•f, or, Pind. Tng.; fautMita, Hol; BVArs^rMi. £(eh.i 
•baJtr^tf, Sopk. Em. ; tJtiMif^tnt, w. Ear. ; a^aff^arlit, 
.£*cL; .^t rt ^if u, or. .^wJuj otio W flu. Sopkj ■M#'^'. 

' - ( ~ . ,i^i)^„rt<n,%u.; mt,uHrr)ri' 

. ; •Iwriii, Eur. ; ritHiii>iiit, 
; foraUWri, S»ch. ; ^«nl,)^ot, 
•r, ond foo^4«rot, or, .Coefa. ; (lo^iM, «r, Ent. ; s^iitv. 
Tliitc.; foo^i, Tlwopb.; 'tffun, PUt; a^A^ Laon. 

Blaaif4aM^ obtAnrrtt, or, Ear. ; alftAri^ Am, Bit. 

To b« Ustd-tUn^, foHU, Soph. 

To Ttpd im Uaei, aliaiarrim, Thcapb. 

■OOH, Irtn, Omn. (ua Fbmmr), lod swMph. (of Toslh, He.), 
Hob. b.; EWUpk '&fiD, Soph. Time. Xeo. PlU. 

JllMB<Mlba blooBonft paKb,oEe.l, x*^ oBf, Thooph. 

/■ Uaom, lib Hid moM^. oioAti, Hon. Pind. Ai. ; tMrfqw, 
•r, Pind. ; 'difiut, Aich. 

t» UnoH, liL and mataph. Mo>, Hea. Find. Sopb. Tbeoph. 
7<rdo, h. ; ^Xarrltw, fat I . -M^ aor. S. KJUoTor, iwril N%dr 
«(«, nid aha ia phipecl MoCX. PbuL Siyh. Ear. ibne. Xan 
etc; I r aiW a , Tbwe. 

7b Umm ^afa, '*i*h\40, Hon. ; rpororlMHrrinii, Tbcoph. 

7b Umm hyaOr aiO, vAwMb, TbM|di. 

7b iaa a laiiaoaiia ^hloam, rff ur W*, Thaopb. 

7>>i)BjUfUo«t,iBotwb.'ib4ul£'«,m>par£OmiLAlt. Sm 71 

A blst, cVlt, tlu, 4, £aeb. Sopb. Enr. Xon. Antipbot Saa 


To Uat, fua^, Hora. Ti^. Plat. Itjt. Sea 7b 

A blnr, *Ajrr4. Han. Tng. Thnc law. Plat. ale. ; rM, Ham. 

Apt Kb.; TJyvM, iTot, rt, ^ach. Tbooc; rX^rfio, arai, rl, 

Soph. Ear.; aJrof, XH:h.;rdnt, Oni!.^Hdt.;(ofawnpoa>, 

^iCa^j), Eur. ; irpo«oX^ Tbooc 
A Van iBOk &t Imad, fttnriia, tm, ri, Aatipb. 
.d Uho ■■ Oe/iMei, 'tvAnor, in pL Eur. Ar. Lja. 
7*11 atf a/pMy a Nat, x*P^ ^fnT" (*'^)i ^idi. 
/a BUeii aU aorft o/ Uovo on gnm, nlffAqam, or (e^tb. of 

baitlea). Soph. 
To blov, ti|^ ana cu., onlj in pno. and imparf. and an. 2., 

pan, iiiiuu, Horn. Hca. Pind., as 2. lor, Ap. Rh.; if^x^ e. 

aet Horn. ; tpA*h, c ace. Horn. Ap. Rb. ; fMm, inttani. and 

c aec Hon. Sopb. Ear. HdL Xan. ; wrim (alio «v*U, Hon.) 

fat. vrtiatt, do port tiana. and intiana. Hoto. Pind. £w)i. Soph. 

Eor. Xsn. Plat. ; trrwrim (and -urdm, Horn.), Horn. Piad Ap. 

Rh. (i^ainat), c daL Hdt. 
7b Uw (u > fiah doaa), 'bi^imim. Ha*. An. Rb. 
T« Uom a Jin, ^^iis At., mataph. IJNta, b. i ao too, mataph. 

7b U>» ii^,'-lnf>l<Fdai, c ««. Aj. ; M#eni«, Plat. 

7b Un>,^iDai (aoj qnarlar}, 'i M wtrim, iotmu. c Art, Hdt, 

7b WoB oirfuard, Anv^ HdL Tbnc. 

7b Uwyaa^, tuaf*^ Ai. 

7b ifaw «■ (a nil, and fill it), c dat. a c. ace. h. Pind. Eur. 

7b Utne tkroi^ ftdv, and luiuu, c gan. or c ace Hoou Hea. 

lb Uht nnwJ, ■nffwiiim, c aoc Pind. 

7b Uw ipoa, idM^iirdH, e. ace. Ariat. 

7b Hon at tme mi*, i. a. to caope aa wind, wifiwriii or (I*, 

7b Uow «w'( Mm, 'ftklfafiBi T^ fUrmi, Cnthi. 
7b;U[ (a Mil b; Uawiog ai Iba wiztd doca), vpffi^ Horn.; ifi^ 

vpfa'. Ham. ; rf^itim, tnXj in prat, part At. 
Om MMtt btim (a fira), ^Onrrim, At. 
Jtow i ay «ti^y, 'Sitpilif, Hmn. Hea. ; 'On^^ Hom. 
Atnnw fTOM Ut ato, 'diUA^i, Hon. 

£fa« oa from aU lUm, nfl^irwroi, ar, Ar.; blown Ihtoogb, 

Sfonia^rai, Xan.' 
Ablnrlnc, f£oa,5oph.; firvru, nt, i, Tiuofii. 
A Uaduf or piiffliig, ipuraaiiit, Aiiit. 
J ilaeinf tfafin, He^ ^friru. mf, jj. Thanh. 
.^ acuB auilt Jy iWn^, fAnvu, ftroi, Ti, Ear. 
FUfir Uoteo^ funfTltii, AriiL 
A blowp^, #nr^ qpo'i 'i Hdt. 
BlBUai, nJiuX't, Soph. HdL 
To hlnUai, Ua^ Omn. Saa 7b wa^. 
Ablnd8MB,^4rUw,Hom.So^Ar.Hdt.Xen.; aap^Hon. 

EuT. Hdt. SaeCU. 

Qoa, 7XaM[l 
ZterA «■•, K 


Bhuiii (of e;r*a), 'Or^XawMt, ar, Xoi. 
£^ (of miaa), r^owntrdfin, or, Emped. 
Blm^ftd, yXmKh, Pind. Bar. Hdt. ; t^buc^, Sirsi, 1, Pind. ; in 

hn. yXammwa, l3oi, aac Ha and ir, ii, HoDLAnac Soph. Eur.; 

Xtftrii, 4, tr, and it, h>, Thaoc ; yXami/iiiiTat, or. Plat. 
KnaaaM, lAaMtinit, ipvt, 4, AriaL 
A Uaadn, 'atUfrtiia, Srn, ri, Omn. Att. ; 'iiiafrla, Omn. 

Att. ; i^S^lK, Sopb. ) vAwVi^Xiifia, drei, rk, £aebin. ; lift. 

fu^mifia, Arot, rb, Aiiat. Saa Ahiw. 

Ep-f^tdporar, pert 4f>dfrri|n, etc OmD.; vAiwaX^ Ear. Xki. 

Plat. laoc Don. ; ripd^opff^ At. 
Slant, wf^i, Hom.; <Vi**.Hoampar.-4T(pei,£Kb. Eur. Thnc 

Plat. ; of a man. «^«A,4i, Dam. 
T* blnnt, 'irrywiitrm, Hom.; 'J^Mninfw, Hon.; 'AnyrfXlbw 

(need alao iB*ti4)h. to blonl a poipoae). Find. £acb. Hdt. Plat. ; 

7b 6* bbmiid, i/il^iratiMi, paaL (not naad by f[ood authota in 
act), Aacta. Snib. Tboc ; luafilofWL nua. Enr. 

.^re lUr nBonU llmittd tg itr btamis lie dirt bIUm imtai- 
^arrrn {1^ Eur. 

BUntaaM (nni. matwh. aa of poRcptum, ate), IfiOOrqi, ijtoi. 

To blulh, ^iWpid^ Xan. Plat IMm. ; 'drapil^Hia, Xan. ( Ifi- 
tfmlro/iai, pala. Xan. AriaL ; ^plitalm, no perC Ap. RLj feb 
rtaVB adpiftta, Enr. ) ^awlinrariai (paia.) J^ia, Thaoc 

7b iladi a me, 'OwifiSfdm, Ar. 

To bla^/or, 'pnpn#idai, c gan. Ar. 

7b jiea ap WaaU^, i. a. la ba wholly abamelaia, 'iwtfitfidm, Ar. 

A UBlh, ipitvi", int, ri, Eur. ; piAni, Sbii, 6, Enr. ; Ipntin, 
rb, Ap. RL 

To blaitar, ^V fi^i<r*^ l^iWa, but in Anth. I^Xin, do pei£ 
£adi.; ■a^Adfai, do perf. Emped. Ar.; MlAammriv, Ar.; 
rXirayiCii, onlj in praa. Ar. 

BIwtaiinf , vS^Xar/Hi, l/rn, ri, Ar. 

A bow, af Tpai, Hom. Ear. Xan. Plat ; rib, <n>bi, a ~ ' 

pi. J 

T (neT< 

I.I). ■ 

; aSirpafjMi, a 

, Antb. 

' ml i, bat nan. i, Horn. He*. Sopb. Enr. HdL Xan. ; K^wpiot, 
linn.; irirt luftrpm, Horn., and «uiinrirpai,Hiim.i b, Uf, etc, 
a* nil, Horn. .£aeb. Xan. ^tcbin. ; doxAnpai, JBt^, ; rtf. 

tear, fioXoCpfnii It, Hippco. 
I 6oar, aTnioi, HdL 
_ q/'ioors, nwrrdroi. ar, C 

^ idii^Uer ofboan, ovoKivrIa, Hd. 

A board, ir»ii(, Jbcat, 4, Horn. ; 'Uinav, Lj*. 

A dnngU or eU« ioarj, 'iCaf, l»t, ^ Atb. 

Board, L a. maintanance, &|wr ; he charged fiTe otnla > daj for 
the board of two diildnn and their aialer, <It Afar ^ bov trab 
Sloir Kol 'UiA^ rirn Hitiovt T^i hp^foi iXrytSwra, Ln. 

On board ((hip), 'drit n^tt, with Tcrb of motion, aa'trd rqit 
Mq, Hom. 1 with Terb ai|ataaing conCiDuanca M r))ii, aa, 
Tall me, on board what ihip did you coma ? iT-iprwor . . , 
inoitn M rr^t ipUto ; Ham. ; a]» >r nrl, 'api nil, etc Hon. ; 
pnt me on board a altip, d^Ai fu rtfii f^imi (aor. 1. mid. 
nnper.of ^'0'a,lrinn unoaed '^^), Hom.: to put on board, 'JM- 
nufofim M nir, Tboc Xen. ; Hmfiiiu (no part) c M, 
Tbm:. Soa7b«ni«4,TViiHbi(aeaii<irl. 

To bOMt, 'iMfAjm, Hoo. I cixr''d<fiai, onjj wa. and impof. 
Hon.; *lx*F^ »UL fat, i« t «> r a i , aor. 1. KHi^', part paia. 

ifiyfuu, ia fOUi kul i^uptrf. vdy^qr, in kct. mdl, iuu.c infia. 
Ham. Find. JEieh. P1>L ; twtix'ltat, c. inf. or c icc. of >ub}H;l, 
■lao oTer one, c dtt. Horn. h. JExii. ; '{f^o/uu, Pind. ^Kh. ; 
^tdrt^Ofuu, Soph. ; irdTid^co^uu, Thnc ; vti Efuu, ootf in 3il 
■isg. sTtin-u, Horn. Ap. Rh^ ud 3d pL vtiuktu, £M:h.; 
«u8f^, only pro. and imperil Horn. Hh. n. ^ JruSdnt, onl; pna. 
and iiDpelf. Horn. ; /uit^uu, only in lit pL perf. mid. ifnc lii/iJl- 
lur, c iaSa. Hoin. ; n/tvVu, Find. JEnii. Soph. Eur. Thuc. ; 
m/iinlfH, £ich. Soph, KuT. Xen. Lji.; ilu in pui. aor. 1. in 
acl. ■mi. Bur. ; liimttrin. Find. ; n/voiciv*^, ,£teb. ; Ik- 
jro^viifiif Sapb.; 'dvoiito^viifai, Enr. ^ irlmfiwdim, c acc- of 
what ii Biid, Eur. Call. ; twlmiacin, Ttiue. i mimXixim, liDs oia. 
At.; aixK ><- -^Kh. Eur. Hdt. Tbuc; ^{rux^, £ich. Soph. 
Eur. ; hnuxiu, Snpb. Ar. ; fa-jiKK/x^t and mid. -opu, ^Xub. 
Ihc. Flat.; Kwixar^uii, mid. Find. Hdt.; imairxiaiuu, Eur.; 
^^, fKbam, lEicii. ; fft/vofivMii, Eui. ; miirohar/iti, Dem. ; 
'dAIfotwiofiai, mid. often with the idea o[ the bout being 
blu, Ac. Xcn. laoc^^Kbin.; lOnU^eftioim^ lioc. Dein.; 
lirytKirr^fitt, Xen. \ i^>ka>kBrfiaiuu, mid. PUit ; \iy't 'ifOB- 


A bM«t, (It/Wi i^ii T^ Horn.; tvxvA^, Horn.; t^oi, T^, 
Horn.; o^, Find.; oifxW. '^■>i<Ti, Find. Soph. Em. Thnc. ; 
kbA^iI^u, Atoi, t^, Find.} affxt)ir<>, *>t, n, Tbuc.; jciViiwi, 
jEtch. Sopb. Hdt. Tbuc ^iGiehin. ; Kiiaaaiia, ftroi, to, ^Kh. 
At. i 'toAfiwu/ia, irot, t1, Ar. ^^lebio. ; jir^ipw^lo, Eui. 

Emptf beatluig, nm^BXayia, Thuii 

JVoiijF AsihA'ji;, 4«Aiwa^irJa, Al. 

A hal»t tf bmlmg, a iaulfiil iupotitiim, 'dUt^Kk, Ar. Xen. 
Flat. Ihc. jGichin.; litySi^iBrxiii, Flat. 

A eauK for boaitimg, a Aing to boaii af, yaifufa, S/rvx, ti, Eur. ; 
aijcniia (hi tie gift </ tit gnat drilji, lit gnalttl bout of tit 
Uad), Sapor rov nryiXav lo^uwot, x^of^' i^XV fiiyurriir, 

A bouUr, ^iyipat. Ham. ; itiitroi, Enr. ; Kivi*oAu4#iti, Ai. i 

^X"^! V<«i *. Theopomp. (Com.). 
BoMtfol, KtMovx^i. Ham.; xtnvx'l'i Antb.; Sbrwx^i, A[(. 

Kb.; /((yUavxai, or. Find. Mth. Phil. Xen.; liryaxiiyiifos, 

w, lEieii. Xen. ; ii^riiyopot, or, Micb. ; ^^KD^rat, or, JEKh. ; 

ica^*<i«i)i,Thae.;'UjifDit>,iKii, Ar. £cbin. Xen.; 'JUACwi^i. 

Xen. ; r4iiri^ayoi, Dem. 
Nat baatfJl, imiK*«t, or, MmA. ; 'Sui/twaarot, or, JGacb. 
Eaii/j to it boailtd of, liSiJiiirnrm, u, Aiiit. 

Bawtmur, A^^M Soph. ; mxBjLw,*!, soph. 

i l»0»l, <rxMa, Hem. Eur. Xen. ; 'inh-oi, *. Find. Theogn. Eor. 
HdL ; 'iuAnt, jEach. ; 'oadTior, Thnc. ; ^ofti, gen. i3oi. aic. 
ila, and oftenei ir. ,£Kh. Eur. Hdt. ; 'i^.ftai, uc.As,£ich.: 
>if4<q. Sopb. ; iMtni, Ear. ; vop^iii, fta>. 4, Eur. ; niA^, At. ; 
irXoi^HW, Al. X»D. I Arutt^i, frigi, ^ Xrn. ; JrairrfHiiJXi)!, 
i)Tet, ', ,£Mhin. ; jripnouxii, Hdt ; \tiiltoi, Dem. ; T%i|, / 

A boa! for iolding ail, liiO^uai, Hdt 

To boda, iffffofuu, " .... 

forebode and to b 

BodUwH, 'Hainii 

Bodily, ov^«iSJ)i, Plat. I owfi&ruckt, Arut. 

Bodr, iTW)!!!, ^«>, Ti (onlj of a dead bod; in Hoao.), Omi 
S4iua, ri, only nom. and acc. ling., properly oF a liniiig body, 
Omn. poet. ; xP^K Ham. Theogn. ; xf«i v^i, and Ep. gei 
jyoii, *, (Sapph, haa acc. »»). Honi. Find. JEtcb. Xen. ; ywoi 
Find. I iTH^t^ior, Tuc 

Tlie iool; ^o axiriagt, 'Brt^ipla, Hom. Plat 

.^ todjr o/* no, •oUien, ate, Xd^oi, Hoiu. .£icb. Soph. Thnc 
Xen. I iHfwi, «lKh. Eur. 8e» Bamd, Cbmpai^. 

With lim boi^ Tfiviii&Toj, or, JEk^. Eur. 

/■dti^u^ tit hodi), fUXoaiiiS/Toi, ar, PUt 

7b MBBM tt< Wj', ffaifHuri^ Xen. 

A«^ cwrcia, irafHKricla, Xen. Flat 

A bog, fx»>, T^ Hom. Hdt Thnc Ap. Rh. ; Ai/iM), Hdt Thnc. 

Btmr, XiM»^f, Tbuc ; '\^>, Aritl. 

To boffglft oKria, iiicniM, alao Horn.) Omn. See To Imiitalt. 

To BoU, C^ fut C'm, DO perf. neut Horn. Hei. ^ich. Hdt. 
Plat.i and act Ap. Rb. ; iwi(iii, neul. and act Soph. Eur. Ar. 
Hdti iniiu, nenl. Ar.; iiiy«iii, act jEach.; 'iraf/B, nent 
Soph., act Ap. Rh. ; 'irttufiitpii, only pra*. uid Ion. 

. -iptmcer, neut u the tea in ■ ilonn, Horn. ; 'AniAXiw, neul. of 


vavei (aor. 1. uo'a, but in Antb. Effa), Horn. ; I<|>h, fnt ti^", 
act, no perf'. Enr. Hit FUl. Xen. ; 'df^^ Ar. Hdt : ^'■K 
Hdt Ariat) lifiamiiat, paaa. in neut aena. Ap. Rb. ; 'iniBpia- 
n, act, no perf. Ar. ; -wS^Uiiu, no perf., nent Ar. ; JnafAdfn, 
Atiit ; around, npJbMi, nent Ap. Rh. ; irtpiVA^, ntut 
Ahat ; oier 'dwtfifa, nent Ar. ; 'twiftitAit, nent peril -titti^- 

BoUod, )^t, Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat; i^^ia, Xan. Ariat; 
'ArirspaaTat, or, Ar. 

»'ani ta haiL, ir^lroi, or, Hipp. 

A boilinf , U^itit. tmr, 4, Plat ; (4fftt, tm, A, Plat, a boiling 

orer, neat Mpfwii, iwi, 4, Ariit ; Jmra^^oir^t. Ariit 
A b^Uar, i. e. tcikI in which a thing i< boiled ; riiXaj, Ar. 
A bail, Mt^r, rmt, 6, At. Hipp. ; f Gfm, droi, ri, Hdt Plat j 
^uiiirur, Hipp.; oapudavw, Hipp.; i/tititifia, irot, ri, 

One uio ioi iaiU, ^v/iiiTlai, w, i, Hipp, 
/'atf ^Mb, f ufidTMiri, Hipp. 
GiaitH^ boilt, J>inii)Tii(bf, Hipp. 
Bolftvoni, kStfiii, ir, Omn. poet, of wind, fiixnit, mi, only 

maic Ham. See Nouy. 
Boiltaronily, AaSpw, Theogn. £ach. 
Bold, i^pAirfti, ctnnpar. --iripot, Omn. ; .ftpifflMpSioi, ar, Horn. ; 

ApirifiAltHH', orBi, Hom. ; ipaavii'tfitit, Pind. ; Apidyaut, or. 

Find. 1 ApA>r1i^4x'"<> "< ^"^- i Ap&rtnni, ar, Piod. ; dpA- 

'''*^''TX'">*i '''> ^"r- ■ ^f"'<'^"P, Anth. ; IMpatrat, ar, Horn. ; 

dapaaxiiu. Hom. Pind. jEtcb. Thue. PUt Xen. Iw. ; /trfA- 

K^r, ar, Hnn. Hea.; Kpfrraiit, Horn. Find. Trag.; TAilfiar, 

•rol, Hom. Pind. Trag. Xen.; ToA/i^ii, inperl. by lync. 

ToX/cjfrTAToi, Horn. Pind. Sopb.; iirySaafciit, He*.; tUcv«4T, 

b. jEuh. Eur. Xen.; TsX/»|pii, Enr. Thue. Anlipho. Lya. Dem.; 

tCroXiiot, or, £ich. Xen. ; wirrtkiut, lEich. Eur. ; Xifiipin 

(ofaipeeeb), Xen.; iirfU^oKlAvrtt, ar, Ariat; fUJwlrSvnf, 

■uperl. -imMarroi, Xen. Dem. 
fioM B tpeaal, brofir^i, Hom. ; ftpdo^sTafiai, or, fech. Ear. 
AAJ u appodmg, hrrhoKiiat, ar, £<ch. 

EatmUm/lf boHi, 'IrtipTot^tat, or, MiA. ; rtpi9»fait, Ap. Rh. 
A bold wan, TaA/iiHl<, Thnc 
BM M ^Htd, r^^iaa-H|i, Artit 
Boldlj, elkclVwi, Tyn. £acb. ; (MaprSi, ^ich. Aritt ; Acp. 

rlAtoi, leoc. Xen. 1ik. ; ToXiajpAt, That. Lye. Xen.; ^iSlJv 

iTiiiMnif, Xen.; '^purKiw^l^I, Thnc.; ftapva^nt, Xeo. ; 

rifiKiKiriurtaiiin*], Plat 
Ta ie bold, toJtjiAM, Onin. ; baprht, Omn. ; bafvirm, no perl 

Soph.; <9|>da^iv<a> mid. and paaa., no peif. but aor. 1. pau. 

iSpiirirSitr, Mtch. Soph. Xen. laoc. Dem. ; iwaOparintiai, 

Dem.; Aiffutrids, Ar. 
7b ie 6old ogainA, irrZ^nl^^iil^, Thiic. 
To wafa ioU, iaiiair*>, no perf. Horn. jEich. Hdt Xen. ; Sfn- 

aim, no perf. Sieb. Thnc 
BoldilMt, bpSam, and Sipaei, rh, Omn. ; ftpd^^t, )rro(, 4> 

Thue Ike. Plat Dnn. ; tiXfii and TaA^ij, Omn. poit Horn. ; 

ifrroA/Jo, Enr. Xen. ; hWM, ^n, "r^ Find. Trag. Hdt 
Tit ioldmt »fa Mnager, A|iiUn{>rla, Piat 
A bold actiim, TiU/u^ui, dToi, ri, Enr. Ar. Tbnc, Plat 
Boldnm o/^ieeci, wafi^la, Eur. Plat. Dem. 
To me bddnea of^Ked, va^aidjofuii, mid., nted alao paaa. in 

paatieni. Xen. Flat lioc 
A bolftOT, wpom^iJuaor, Ar. See POiaw. 
A bolt, ■hell, kAjiUt, 4, (aXuft, :iet, Ep.) Hom. Find. JEvA. ; 

iX'ii. '"I, and Hom. §«>, Horn. Ap, Rh. ; nXijtvrpor, Find. ; 

xXtXpor (xXiltlpor Ep., nXSBpor Att), b. ^uh. Soph. Eur. 

Xen. ; tfttXvr, Eur. ; ^x^ Ef^- Ar. Thus. ; lUXfJmat, Al. 
.A bolt or Noi/ luad m Mp-buUduig, ■rt?iei, Ar. 
To bolt, iiXtlei, p«r£ poat. ir^aAiur/iai, Omn. ; ii«xKim,Ar, Sea 

7b aM. 
BombMt, Satfuiitn, Plat. ; 'UMq^ fnr, Ar. 
BombMtio, titipatititiit. Plat ; cri/i^t, ^ or, and ai, or, 

A bonMnu, 3w>urai, Ariat 
Abond, l)(0>iii, pi. iia/iol and ie^fi^Omn.; irMltriuB, pi. Tiv., 

Flak x<lAJcrvfw, oTDi, ri, £acfa. ; meti^ih, ttt/ib, Aral, ri (of 

■n oath), £acb. 

A tBrUba Doafrod, (njYpi^ Lji. Dem. XtMa. ; ffviiti\mw, 

DID. in pi. X«n. Plat. Dcm. 
An aeiiem (m a iemd, vnftiKdmr Woi, Dwn. 
To taimg OS actum am a band agmut a parwm, hprfxirm toS ffVfi- 

CoAaliiv rfn (k. ttinir), Ljl 
To noCoto a bimd, fiul in KoHag U4 jxofmaiai Ktpulaled w tf, 

'iro«r>p^ mi 'aaar/pu t1 irvfit^Xaw, Iwc Dem. ; Sxurra t1 

nifiMAaiB ni4m, Ihc See tbenuirf. 
OnjJi ting ioa^ nfiMAoiM, Thw. 
Bondac*> SkAoo^, Ham. Find. SoL Eur. Hdt ; l<nA«la, Omn. 

Att. ; loikier i/iofi (droi). Horn. ; 'iHrrnuar itiup. Hoa. ; 

'SrrfKoia rtx^ Sepli. ; 'aiiiyioit (#>w, Enr. Sm Saeay. 
A bondHan, SaSkn, Oms. S« S^oh. 
A b<ma, ivrior, iartSr, pL irria, iari, Omn. ; gm. pL l<rriofir, 

qf borne, irrtlm, Hdt. PIftt. ; favavi, Ac. 
PraUad hg Us toH, ^loytrlit, PlKt. 
ReadBHff lit bama (pun), itrrtaKirai, or, TheDpli. 
like boma, hrravMii, Hipp. 

Bany, in-o^i^i, b. ; iaribfi, Xen. ; vsAMmoi, w, eoalr. out, 
<w, Ariat. 

IFtU Moct ioao, ^aIhnitu, «r, Horn. 
OTwtfn y D^OH AoH, /unfffTtof, or, contr. n>i, ow, Ariit. 
i'^Ki 11U1& D^ iow, irrita, t4, Ac. 
BonalMl, 'lUrirrtas, ui, Hu. 

A 'bmiJIn, iKip, ti^i, tI. S« ftn. 

A iMMbf , fijirrivc^i^ui, on, Ai. ; Ptpiffx^o't Ar. ; ^ul|l^^ilA■ 

A book, firt)^. i,, lEtth. Plat. D<m. 1 ^3'CX«, 4. Hdt. , fi\t\ar, 

Hdt. XcD. Plit. D«m.i M>Mu«, Dem.; MUSV". Ar. ; 

PiS^ipiar, Aulb. ; ffiyyiMVifUi, irgt, ^ft, up. in prate, Xen. 

PlaL Inc. 
.J ioai (i. e. a put of ■ work), X^i, HdL. r. g. irbich I iriU 

cehle in a lubvquent book.ri tyi, h SMjf K^V if*", Hdt. 
A writer ifboola, $itXjaiypiipot, Cntin, 
A boakMM, piOuMirti, Cntia. Jun. 
A bODkHlllT, 0i(Xwir4Aqi, Dion. H. 
A tiMkmUer^t Aip, fiiKKumiXtiar, Mh. 

n (tlmnrn aeioM the harbour), {iDyna(Sim) roii hifiinii. 

', 4i Soph. Ear. Hdt, Xen. 

A boon, x^^i ^"1 
PUt. I»c. See Fa 

looiiih, 'SypoiKOJ, or, Ar. PUt ; 'trffioi, a, on, and 01, or, Plat ; 

'sTptlot, Air. ; 'drtifiJKUai, ar, Xen. 
Boortduiau, 'aYpourk, Plal. ; 'tnipaKOAlo, PliL 
A k«ot, ifiMXq, £Kh. Eur. i vAUov, Hdt. 1 inii|*l>, Hat, 4 

(only R raan'i but), Xen. Theoc. ; dpCCXli, figi, i Tfaeoc. 
Aiarto/bamlagevnnKmdtrtlKboalb3TiiM>tn,iiiKvrfi>r, MiA. 
A bMUt, mh^, Ar. PLkL Dent. ; yi^', eap. made oC mttle, 

BooUcH, 'irm^OJlit, Tng. Thnc Xen. See Vt^ea. 
Boo^, ^iwr, .oftener in pL Horn. £*eh. \ Kijtt, ttot, 4, Horn. 

Ap. Rh.; fi*fa, rk, Horn. Soph. ; X^i^ tA, £k1i. Soph, 

Xen. ; eniiXoi', oftenn ia pi. Soph. Ear. Thus. ; iricAAnvia, Atoi, 

rb. Ear. Thuc ; 'Sffm/ui, drvt, tI, Eur. ; afriffii, Mici. EuT. 

Thnc Xta.; Aila, Soph. Eui. Thnc. Xen. Dem.; tfwariiia, 

iim, th, .A^hln. 
A mijaag i^bootf, Kifiirria, tot, i), Hdt. ; Arq>AirlB, Xen. 
To nub boolf, take ai booty, Kiftioitai, mid. (ftor. 1. Kitmaiimr 

Horn., iKgaiiair Alt), Horn. Hei. Eur. Xen. HdC Dem.; 

rifOa, aor. 2. frpAOor, no perf. (of iIiTei), Enr. 
To laJa oj ioo^ nrf of a pboe, ixwifda, c. gen. Igei, Hem. 
7b Ana ioii<|r otonj' (theiefoTe to take ii), XeqUh-^ Siqih. Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. See To plmdtr. To ^oiL 
To mil <u ioaty, tJi^iifontkiti, Xen. 
A mUer o/boaly, Mt^upmriiADi, Xen. 
Sit vio proaidet boolj/ (e*p. an epith. of Minerra), 'iyitna, 

Horn. Hea. ; ^t)TTit^ 'iej, 4, Hmn. 
ir,bitrwr mag bt madt booty of, tatxL Atln, Thnc ; Xqtl, tt«i, f|, 

Ap. Rh.; adj. XitArrii and Adn-ii, Hom. 
FohI i^ltoatf, ^akii\1itas, tt, h. 
A berdat (of anjlhing eip. of a diitrict), irx^ria, Horn. Find. 

Hdt Soph. Dem. ; Ipai, b (oipoi, Ep.Ion.), Omn. ; ^lo, ri. 

Soph. Ear. Thnc Xen. ; ts futJpia, Thuc Xen. Plat. 

To uTToumd mii a lordtr (a garment), upaoTnUt, in p 

le bordai on, ^[C•^ c vfiii and ace Hdt. 

TV toni<r « (aa a nation doei on another), i«T(rx>i 


Bordnlnc on, r 

—diar, — detwo, Hi 

, . gen. Hem. ; 'rxdr(lan>, -<Wa, fitr 
Hom. ; Ifupoi, or, Ion. ; I/wvpoi, or, c dat Hdt 
Thuc. Xen. Plat ; ititifun, or, Thuc Xen. Flat ; Tp^oupai, w 
Smrpitofoi (which alio i* fonnd in Xen.), Soph. Hdt Xao.; 
t/ieipiat, er, c. dat Ap. Rh. ; i^6fioi, or, Dem. ; ir<h>MW>, or, 
Ariit ; tt^Yxofrot, ar, c gen. or t. dat £ich. Eur. ; o^rrepit, 
or, c lien. Euc. ; a'byicXiiiMn, ar. Ear. ; dvTl>]Fttnir, orsr, Eur. 
Hdt Thnc. Xen. Dem. ; vfijouan, or, c. dat Thnc ; Ifior^vwr, 
orat, Fht ; irponx^j, c dat Hdt See NmgUnmrimg. 

Bordaitig am, >pkt, c dat, la the Libyan* who bolder m Egypt, 
AlKfi el wp^t KiybtTif, Tbuc. ; till, c. gen. Thac. 

To ilaJk am lie borikn, iirxariu, only in part -imr (ing above). 

To bm*, Tpuwim, Hon. 9i^h. Xen. Plat ^lehin. j Tof^ only 

in aw. 2. tropor, and more laiely aor. ]. irifiin, Horn. h. ; 

Trrpolm, fat -Tfitirii, aor. 1 . trfrftira, pei£ pan. TiTfiniai, 

Hom. Hdt. Xen. CalL; Idtrrrpairu, Ar. Hdt; ewrtrp^ 

(eep. aa minen), Hdt Dtm. ; iti-rlrrtTfalni, Plat. ; liArpwdw, 

Arut. See To perm. 
Bond througb (often at ean fbr ear-ringt), rpirii, Horn. h. 

Find. Plat ; JArpirrat, or, Hom. 
A boring, Tf^irit, wi, ii, plat ; Tp*F^9if, mi, ^ Ariit 
iliiylUi^ iOTiirf (a hole, etc), Tpiw^jin, Iroi, t4, At. Enpol. 
A bonr, TpwnTrJji, Plat 
Ja ndTMneKf lo tore loifi, T^prrpgr, Hom.;Tpird*m', Hcni. Ear. 

Plat, ripos (eep. for boring velli), Phere«r. 
Bonat, eofiat, Omn. See Norli-whid. 
Bora, to ba, ytlrafiMi, mid. only in pre*. Hom. ; fbo/uu, c aor. 

S. ffiir (si if from puiu), perf. r^^ura (in pait ofloi *«^>^ 

uiB, At, gen -vrof, -ulru, -vroi for rt^iwlF, etc. Him.) and 

pluperf. trt^tir, Horn. Find. Trag. XeD. Dem.; ytyrotimi, 

fut ytrie-aiuu, aor. 2. *)m^i|r (3d ting, by lync. fyn^a, 76™, 

Find, etc.); perf. paaL yry^nr/uii, and mid. T^yim, litand 3d 

pi. niu. by tyne. y^j^er and Te^dao-i, part. 7170^11, via, Att. 

yrytii, Sira (infin. yryAntir, Pind.), ftit 1. ptH. yartiUivetiai, 

Omn.; ^AiwrdrH, fut. 1. ^mrrVoi, perf. act MAiorifint, aor. 2. 

((AdtrTor, Find. £ich. Soph. Eur.; Tinriofuu, pau. I^nd. 

jEich. Soph. Eur. ; rpjfaiiai, pau., perf. WSp^iifiai, cap. in part. 

and c gen. of the hiher. Soph. Eui. ; ^/airo/tat, paii.,*ip. in 

aor. 2. Soph. ; Xaxtioiuu, pait. Eur. 
To bt born (with reference to the paienti, to be bom of), (Ifil, c 

gen. Horn.; Iryiyroittu (3d pi. iKyryiorTi, h.), c gen. Hom. b. 

Hdt; f>itDiviai,cgen.Soph. £ur.;'tea<\aaTibw,cgen. Soph.; 

rvtipofioi, c. Her, of whom, equiT. ta a gen. Soph. ; to 'Spioftu 

pate., aoi. 1 . 4pMi|r c Met, Soph. 
To ba bom ofUr, iwiylyraiHU, Hom. Hdt Xen. ; Mfiraiim, mly 

in prea. Find. 
To be bor% b^fiirt, VfO^ionai, c gen. Soph. 
Tb be bora in, iyyiynitoi, c dat Horn. Hdt 
jHitKt did not bxA iiam bin tabtn He toot bom, IXA' oCre vir ^ 

Torra lofrpittr OK&rar A&ni rpottitt, JEtcb. 
Betmff bom </ a Blotter umii^yiilji married, /itrpii fx**^" 'ir^l^ 

fv/ror Ti>H)r, Soph. 
Hf inu bom (lit he put on hit •afFron-^olound baby-dothei), »fo- 

tttrbr owApyimr iyKArita, Find. 
Neall/ bom, retryii^it {riOTtr^i Att), Hem. Enr.; veff^w^i^ 

*ich. Plat; H^rot, ar, oflener, by lync reoTrii, i», b. 

£Kh. Em. Hdt. Xen. ; rtiyOjis, Horn. Theoc. ; rtayiXmot, ar, 

Hi^tom, liyiriii (alao tiiiyariis Horn., ItHyriit h.), Omn. 
Bam in due time, riXtir/iyrot, or, and Ttkii^jorai, ar, Ariit 1 Te* 

\iilinirat, or, Aritt 
Soni lau, or in hit (atherV old age, i^fom, ar, Horn. h. Hdt 
Bom after, Myorai, or. Flat. 
Ttriaa born, TpfyerJlJ. AiiiU 
A bonnigli, Kgwi, Dem. 

Digilizcc by 


Iri|i, Supfa. 
', At. Ti« 

Dem. AkUil, i 

SqfAtfTtT, jfffS, I . - - 

To borrow, -xpiofiai, mid. Eur. Plat. ; ttml^atiax, mid. 
anddat. of ths intamt. oroCthg Kcnrily, Ar. Ptit. Dsm.; ofr^ 
Dem. ; 'troipiaiiai, mid., aar. S. 'iini)utiapi, Dem. 

7b torrMD iBtdn, wfaMviiaimi, mid. & pan. in paa. leDt. Lji. 

Tb &(«nw ySirdar, i. e. on piDpeM; alreadj- enenmbered, MBfrri- 

^Sfuu, c. M and dat oF the mcuritf, Don. 
Bonxmed mon^, SiniaiiM, irtt, rb, Thue. Ikb. fiebin. ; tifntr. 

A boMm, iti\nt, Omn. 
B'tli bips kwDiK, jSjUAkpXtm, w, Hom. £tch. 
A boH, IftfUoi, Hom. 
Os M« ioM (irfa iliield), twc/i^JOMt, Hom. 
Boot, Jfi^bilM*. Horn. Ar. ; JfifUwrli, Phsracr. 
Zub a hot, ifupSAM^i, Ann. 
Bataa7, 4 0*rai<Ei4, Dioie. 
Botk, rat, Omn. ; rl, Omn. ; ifi^ipar, adr. Hon. Find. ; iff 

^irifo, JEich. ; often il ii mads bj- /tir in the oarl; put of the 

•entcncc and t) in the latter ; umietimea with another oonjimo- 

lion added, «■—" the; being alaimed, both at the niddenant of 

the attack, and alw at the gate* bains openid to the Albeniant," 

Sfia liir liixp ^'t^Wt ^ M Twt AfijHlsii TarnM))' dni- 

yofiAnf. ftttfiirrm*, Thnc 
Botil, adj. Ifi^w, gen. and dat. JkfifC''< "^ ^t^f", both dnal and 

ptnnl, and cf all genden, Omn. ; ift^iTtfot, rate in ling. Horn. 

^•ch. Thut Xen.i irfr^i^>fio>, nn. in pL Theogn. Hdt. 

PlaL Dem. lue.; vOr^ifw, Plat. Ad. Kb.; JWIKEiai, w, in 

pl. Soph.; V^'^4ti ^', Soph.; tiAripri, Find. Tfauix Lj). 

Xen. Dem. 
Om boA tida, i^i, Hom. ; ifi^iftn, Hom. ; ^i^oWporfe or 

-Btr, Ham. Hdt Thuc Xen. ; iKdaifOt, Find. Hdt. 
Fnm ioU «ife(, JuirtfA or -«tv, Hon. Ap. Sh. ; MxtptOt, HdL 

Thnc. Xen. ; Slxitai, IEkYi. Thuo. 
£(Xi teagt, i^^erJpp, HdL ; ififorfpiirii, Aiiil. ; fc&T^i, Plat. 
7b balk uofii, ktSirfymv, Flat. 
AfieBiv tot "wxi ■iX^'amp, sfwi, £Mh. 
7b kor tod mum. Id it itdM to hoA tida, taioU httatn be&, 

Ua^ to 6o<l fwiM, fa^vfoTipffgi, c M and ate. or c dat. Inc. 

A ImtOo, x4kB«m, ^ Mp. ot ml, Horn. Ar. PIM. ; XipiMwr, of 

oil or perftmiea, Ar. 
A taltlt (fit Kij thing), 0ikot, Hdt Xen. 
U faafe (made of earthenware), on^uivt, 1 kbI 4i Ar. ; inuiiAm, 

Ar. ; arataipiBT, Enpol. 
HMimg One bMa, rpOAyvnit, Steui 

- " ■ .Ni 

; iriM>i)|r, inj, i, Hon. Hcf. 

Find. jGach. Soph. Theogn. Plat ; flUfwi, t1, Hon. Thnc. 

Xen. Dem. Aiehin. ; wJfa, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; wfrffinv, Hom. 

7%a MtMi ^a BumrtiBa, rfCpb', Find. 
7^ bdoM q/'a «eae£, irMof, JUoi, 4, Ar. Fbencr. 
Wi Itavt mdytgotto&t kOm ofcmr mttay, nMwu miAr tpif 

wlj VrtoTU', ^ach. 
/Vim fl« haUoM, nMtr, Horn. Ap. Sh. ; ■vSM*!', Find. ; jiwvJ- 

fln>. Soph. 
.^< tl« Mbin, nMi, e. gen. Hom. Hei. Ap. Rh. 
To lit bottom, wiSartt, Hom. 

If He boUom, adj. rMroi and nCtrot, Horn. ; w/miirii, Horn. 

'oftSpiti. ^ach. 

', Ftat 

Sna laladt leU m baUamry, nvrlai iKSttofUra frnt TdAwTa, 


n-^t, Horn. Eur. ; &aU>T, Horn. 'Aag. FU. 

, Attoi (beiide* iti own caoe it ' ' "" 

and pL icAiltin, cX«Mw<rt), .£Mh. Soph. 

tot, il, Theoo. 
.i nuU io^ pix", >). Sopb. See BnMci. 
Bovgkt, JftinJAirai, Smb. Sae inM To btn/. 
A baud, lA^M, trot, T^ Horn. Find. Soplt Enr. etc ; w^^iV^ 


Sth, Tt, £Kh, Soph.; Amitwu, Btm, fach. Sea Zesp, 

lit miters P""^ bU h— J i , JtspC^frai aacJr, Eur. 
I Ul boiud (to do u and ta\ hua, Hom. Soph. See O*^. 
To beoad (aa a itona), 'SrSlpicim, bit -4apeii|uai, aoi. 2. i*»pw, 

TVi Adih^ (aa honM moring lapidlj, or dancan), mapTim, Hon. 

Eur. Piat 
To bamd at daKuri, rKaJfMt, no fat Horn. 
To bond (oC a fiih in the Ha), irdAXn, no peif. Eur. 
7b bound acrou, *i)Mii, c ace. Soph. Eur. ; Sianalpir, e. ace. 

Ap. Rh. 
7b bamad, i.e. mark out 

tfiir. Ear. Thnc Xen.; 



A boanduT, Ipsi (sipst, Horn. Hdt), Omn. ; 4purf4a, Itrot, rh 
(o^wfu, lotL), Est. HdL ; rtKmi, Hom. ; t^io, irai, Omn. 
poet Hdt Xen. ; -riKn, rb, HeL ; viwiu^ and rJapVi inded. 
Haa. Find. Ap. Rh.; vlpiimr, mot, i, lEicb. Enr.; Ipw, Tik, 
Soph. Enr. Thne. Xen.; luUpior, am. pL Thnc. Xen. Phrt. 

ne uamM boumd to KUck a quoU cam it Hmmt, Mmnw tSfK, ri, 

(^orbelaigiiglobimmdana, tfm. Plat Dem.; /MNpui^ThDc 

Om Ot bondarim, tfipiot, Dem. 

Btfomd At tonHitariu, 'fiwtpifiat, and poet, bnfmifiat, a, or, ud 
01, or, Thuc. LjB. Plat Andoc Theoc. 

Mhud bj/ boaaiann, Apw/i^m, Enr. Ar. ; 'l^i fi a/Jm, Ar. 

We lia kanmg Ug bamdaritt tf ri^ and wrong eitarij/ mariiBi 
out, (5»i«r 'jttha lul Mm' ^lo'fiifmi, Eur. See 7b dtfim. 

Not maritd out bf boundaritt, iiptrroi, or, Thne. 

BannilOH, 'Vfr^nrroi, «v, Hom. Find. Ear. Ar.; 'briMepn, 
w, Hom.; lowtTii, w, H<hd. Soph. Enr.; 'dnlpm, o»t, 
i icbI 4, Hom. ; 'itttfltrot, ar, Hom. ; 'Airt^rat, or, Pjnd. g 
'dwilpoiwoi, tr. Find. ; 'iavipjnot, of, Hom. Soph., uid 'dre- 
fHlria, only in neut pL Hum. ; 'ilitrot, or, Smh. Hdt ; 'Sw\i- 
TCI, or, HeL Find. Soph. Enr. ; 'SrKrrn, oo, Find. Soph. HdL 
Plat Ap. Rh. ; 'ifirrpot, or, Simon. Xen. Fiat ; 'tMvirim, or, 
£Kh. ; ^Mi^Sproi, or. Soph. Bee lamair. 

Bouadlanly, Sovervr and Inrro, Horn. ; 'ifiirfttt, Xen. 

BonntMiu, bonntlfBl, Ir^atfdpoi, or, Hom.; I^fcm, •*, b. 
Eur. ; iUi^IofMi, ar, Enr. ; itr,t>Jittfot, or, At. ; to^Oit^ 
£|Heh, ; tufnrrtitbt. Plat ; Sorlictt, Ariit ; fCUtvpoi, w. Plat 
Xen. Dem. 

BoBiL^, bonntMtunmi, TBAIiS•■p^ Xoi.; 'i^Ma, Plat) 
Antrpi^Tiif, irrai, q. Flat Ariit 

7b ia ioMtifU, MSwfiXfAvuH, mid. Hdt Xen. 

To bonrgoon, adXAv, no aor. I. nor perf. act, perf. mid.TJti|A^ 
part t((i)AAi, and fam. nn. t>MXv«, Hom. Pfaid. Tng. Xot 
Plat See 7b ilaon. 

A bnr, Mi, Hom. ; ntpot, gen. xipirot, iTnc idpaot, contr. 
Wpgu, dat Kepdri, c^poi, kJim, nom. pL nlpira, iiipaa, xiaa 
(dat pL a^pdd'i, Hom.}, Hon. ; r6iar, Omo. ; x*P^' eJ^nvvM, 
Eur.; IqvuMTOt, Tb, CaU. 

71< omtn o/Ita hw (when it ii taken hold of), ^30"t ^h ^ 

A bowfhet, rifmiia, ftrof, rt, Em. Hdt Xen. 

mtUa iofDiU (after lerb of motion), iIi t. Xen. ; frroi Ta{td- 

/UTOi, Xen. ; Jn tJ{w ^i^tttot, Xm. 
J faualoC qf, Inr r^En^ iimrirrm, Hdt 
A bowman, rofjrv ("t^ Ep.X Omn. See Anitr. 
Uiag or oanjTM; a bow, rofofipot, w, Hmn. Find. h. Eir. Hdt ; 

■ACr^afai, w, Horn, g TcfoStfui, bttdi, A ml j^ JEtcb. ; 

Tojou^i, or, JEiek. ; Tof^iiXCrw, i«, ^d. ; ratMvu'at, or, 

.A^. Enr.; Ta£rTn9(J)>,£acb.; Tatltpi|(, Eor. ; refMt, Xan. ; 

KfpavAjcki, or. Soph. 
iPill itber bow, bfrfifiro^, or, Hom. 
WiA goldai boa, xpyri^ain, ", PInd. 
Witk bnuM iou, x^'ut^rofM, *r. Find. 



mH JMMtiM imp, raXXfratM, n, Eur. 

A bow-«M*, T^pOrof, Hom. 

A IwwiMsf , JkycA^q, Sc^li. ; S<Mia, Atm, t^, Cill. 

Tk*bow(afiiiliip),iip^OmD.; «V*i*|P*^ ^liiu^ 

Bna* to ^rmgim tke ho»i if a Up, twutOtt^ aL, Eat. Thnc 

Fnm (fe Imm, «Wp«#i m .-#cf, Find. Tbnc 

Tttb»vdnra,4f>Ms<nt.-*<n',neiit.UoB.3o|il>.A|>.ntu; n^, 

nnt. and icL Horn. Ho. Bar. Hdt ; ■£rn>,T«rj often, la ba bowNt 

down bjr &« or ilumB, dtoi. Horn. A/, Hdt, Plat. Dem. \ 'tev- 

■At™, Ar. ; yriknytin, Ap. Kh. 
Biwaf <<i>in, cii^i, Horn. At. Ap. Rh. 
Baw4«KgBd, ^(ti, Anhil. Sm ila«fyl«!g«d. 
BinnU, Hfrrpor (^a the ikin which coatuna tlran). Ham. 

tydkra, to, odI; id nimi. and MX. except nice in d>b Honu; 

niWn, tat, ij, Horn. Eur. HdL Hipp. ; X'*^! ^'i ^> '"». in 

^ Hum. h.; ItTipor (Iwaji, aietpt ones in [J. Ham. J£«ch. Ar. 

Flu. Xen.; inrAi^Kv, ura. id pi. Horn. Piod. JGuh. Ear. 

Plat, fichiii. ; x^^ iMt, ^ later J, un. in pL At. Pherecr. 
Tia ttrnttjir Ot baatlM <fa aUp, impina, Ar. Sea EmlraiU. 
Of&* haodt, irrtflKhi, Aiut. i like boweb, imtfotMii, Aiut. 
Til fan o pn ta U« bowelt, Irrtporaiiim, Hipp. 
A bowl, tiwai, Aral, tJ, jd. boid. It4wi, Ham. with Ml untuiud 

dal. pi. pott, i^rom, Hosi. JEtcit. Eur. PliL ; nrrthq. Mom, ; 

«p*rV, W", J Cpvr^ Horn.), Hon. Pind. Ttag. Xan, 

Ja AiriiiBiBora itwrf (nnd by laldian mi nilon), ndflt u ', aim, 

..4 fanir n vUei d« Uxd o/ »i<n» mu onnU, ^uu', Horn. 

A aloHdfir a bowl, 'faaitpirrflptti», Hdt. Xan, 
CW at i/ctt H a foH^ (l>'il')i 'liirao'iRt^iJiB^BI, av, Nicoitr. 
B«x (tba tree), wiiet, 4, ThMph. AtiiL 
JMib af fctr, rdflisi, Horn. Thaoc. 

A bas, JvrfrqC, -npai, J, Ear. ; i^jmirrptr. Soph. Xen. 
A icm (nwde of cedar), icAipol, 4, Eur. Tbeoc 
To box, narrd^IC*, Anac j irvifiAx^ Hdt. Anth. ; nacriiw. 

Plat. Xan. ; tfaipoiiix^ Plat. 
7o ioa (oiCi, IiArtHFra^ e. dat. Xoi. 

Abn« " - 

P"".! .... 

■nllC, *v»i4. Hem. Pbd. Eur. Thnc Xeii. PlaL Dem. ; wvf- 

p*Kii Horn. Pind. 
At iati^ wit, Hon. Hei. Pind. 
SUjfii n ki%, nwrbcii. Plat. 
A iamHgglDn, l/tki, irroi, i, in pi Hoitt. Pind. Plat. ; «fa^ 

A ho7, nu, ToiSii, i (often tA, Horn., ace t^, Ap. Rh.), 

Oam. ; lUfof (alaa kovimi, all pacta, «ien Tna.), Horn. Pind. 

Tra^ Plat. ; mtrtt. Ham. ; nUMr, Enr. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; vat. 

llmnt, Xhi. ; niMpur, Ar. Plat. Xan. ; fdtrxet. Ear. ; luifi- 

tur, of * nora advanced (go than nui, Ar. Xan. PlaL Iioo. 

A gnatjtit bof, 0o6wwt, aiSot, i, Ar. 
QTarUa^B^tDhyitinillaiai, Pind. jGtch. Soph. PlaL 
' Bqriih, ntlbii, Soph. Ar. Plat. ; lu^Mrit, Flat. 
Btarmg beg ebi^m, xaufariim, J nu 4, Ear. 
Tb inr iqr oUUraa, awpareic^ Hipp. 
lo^MCd, nulela, Ilkeogn. 
To tnM, MP^ Tbem. Sea Ta grtngSm. 
A kSNlet, !M. iMt, 4. Ham. h. ; JXucrV, V». ^ Ar. LjL; 

f£Ukw, or f^Uor, HdL Xcn. ; J^iAtn, Hdt. ; x>^<", -"'< 

IFaany braadtU, ifaXiaf^i, ar, HdL 

Tt""!*-. hXfiifii, Horn. Hea. Find. Eoi. Thuc Xeu. PlaL ; 

vAArfa, comp. -trtjwi, HdL 
To In^ iitriji^i^iai, paaa. Ar. ; 'UAjorrAifiai, mid. Ar. Xan. 

laoe. Aactiin. ; 6^i^jAay4Qttat, mid. PUL See 7b bond. 
A hncnrt, 7<idpil{, daaf. 1, Al«. ; SpAcrMaiAoi, AiiiL 
Of a iraggart riiyaajinit, 'Su^sr, ont, Ar. Xen. jGaebin. ; 'UA- 

inMbi, Xen. 
I* InU, vAikM, and in mid. Horn. Pind. Bur. HdL ; 'tmXium, 

Piad.; a«XJ», h. Find.; jqirAJni, Ear. Tbuc PlaL Dinarch. ; 

vAodtas e^. of hair, The<¥h. 
ftatdid, TXaarii, Horn. Hea. Ear. Xaa. ; •VrAurrai, or, and 

tfrAarrai, ar (ihol^ neither Ihia noi the preceding word are | 

applied to hur eariiar than b; the wiitara of the AsthaIcsT)u 

Mom. Ear. Anth. 
WUk iknr <io< braidtJ, ntirXwrai, ot, Bian. 
Brain, iyxMlua, Horn. Ear. Ar. HdL PlaL Dem. 
Bnialaai, 'ilnar, ov, contr, Ibvvi, atrr, ai alwayi in AtL compel. 
~ ■ ■"-' - '^■■' Soph. Omn. proiB. 

'irtiffTtfia, Ham. ^Kh. PlaL; 'iv^ai, 

A bnmbla, 'Ini^u, Horn. Tbeoc ; IwAMfei, 1 nl 4, Theogn. 

Tbeo& Pherecr.; TA^Iavpoi, Ear. Thaoc ; ^^int, EnpoL ; ^x"<> 

4, HdL Xen. 
FM ifbramUa, 'lUio^^t, HdL 
Bran, 'txUfo*, otaxH in pL Ar. HdL Xen.; JcOpitui, ri, Ar. 

Cntin. ; irfrOpiv, in pi. Dem. 
A luap a/ inw, 'ix'VI^'K Horn, j 'Sxl^i ""t, i, Ar. 
£il« tnta, ThiipMvi, Hipp. ; 'JlxUpeSiri, AriaL 
To (frns or iiu milk bran, ix'ip°"< Atiiu. 
..1 maimg wiU foua, 'Ix'plM'u, tor, j), AlitL 
.^ bin fir bnm, 'i.x'^fMaii, Xen. 
A btiiwb, sTDfiMt, Horn. Ear. \ Iprnt, ri (o&en bj Pind. and 

Tng. uplied metaph. to men). Mom. Find. Kach. Soph. Ear. ; 

tin (ottaa mad malai^.). Mom. Find. Eur. PlaL Ay. Rh. ; V 

*^, VM, i, Horn. Theoc Ap. Kb. ; ftoXAii (paniculariy the 

bnnche* borne b; aupplianta}. Mom. Trag. PlaL jGKhin. ; 

npiS^ Hea. Ear. Ar.; 'SKpi/imr, am, 6, Sunoo. Ear. Ihecc. ; 

lAiSot, with, beaidea it* legnlai caiea, daL ling. lO-aSL, daL pL 

lAJttiTi, K>JjU*irc'i, ace una. (AdSii, ace pi. jcAiI&u, ,£acb. 

Soph. At. HdL ) K>Jir, nvi, Ear. Xen. ; lA^iia, i-rai, ri. Ax. 

Xeo. FUl Dem., IXit, ticoi, i. Ear.; ^uMAi, tSot, i), At.; 

ifoSaiaii!, tSai, }, Theoc. ; IpMaimot, Anth. 
A audi brmtek, fix", ^^ Soph. 
A iramdi of a rioir, 'Siro^)Uti ^f', i. Mom. ; icipmt, gen. Srn, 

aot, e>, daL iri, 0^ a, pi. uom. nip&ra, on, a, daL pL Wacbn, 

Has. Find. Tbnc 
j< bnaick of a lul^ieL, T^Qiru, mi, 4, PlaL 
7^ Anuiei i;^ aa a riTci or a toul, 'Amrrfi^, HdL 
TV) aniib {oi^ froHcAaa (ai an onpmned tree doea), a^iifiJIrifofiBi, 

pua. Soph. 
inU euajr brtauin, ■wtfJfiOiMnt, or, Theoph. ; voAk^oi, or, 

AiiiL i *(pucUUJ)i, Ap. Rfa. 
Tit ImMg Matg brmdia, miAtafla, Tbeoph. 
WtAfoB bnmAa, AjOyiiiXMot, m, l)uo^ 

Soph.; lloTDfui, Sapb. 
A brand, i.e. finbnuid, torch, Sdot, Ti, Horn.) tulf, Hom. 

,£ach. \ Htkiar, Ar. ; A^irrJIp, %mi, t. Ear. ; irx'C<>i Ar. 
A brmd, L e. merit of diigracs, xifte/iia, drst, rb, Anac ; 0t1t- 

Ma, JtTsi, ri, PlaL (Com.) HdL; ffKOifM, droi, t^ PlaL 
To band, irrCCii, aometimea c gem. ace Ar. HdL Xen. M». 

__ bronJiiig irtM, naurtifHaii, Ear. ; mvH^ q^i, d, Hipp. 

.i inuMU peraOH, rriyiiArlai, ati, J, Ar. Xen. Lya.; vrtymr, 

A brudor, a peraon who brandi, vrTytbt. Hdt. 

To tmadiah, rdXAa, no petf. (aor. 2. mid. 3d ling, b; aync irdX- 
TK Horn.), Horn. Pind. Soph. Eur. Flat. ; 'MtntUa, i^en i^T., 
a«, 2. part. ^nrjU^, Horn. ; twlwiMji, JRnii, ; rJritraa, Horn. 
jGach. S^.; icf)«U>, mlj pm. Hom.-, hucpiUa, Ap. Rh.; 

7b bndtal at (lo at to ftigfalen, etc), ArTs'iCii, Mom.; hab'W 

(d Horn., Ji Al^ but uau. 4aa. AtL), Ap. Rh. 
Tb braadiik bifon, vpefiUAafui, mid., e. mni and ace. Ear. 
Braadiahed, itoXtIi, Soph. 
A hnndlAiag, iitrtlAai, Ear.; tririmffu, ivi, 4, Thacj tbe 

biandiihing of their arm* in the aii, i liA mr^t favrdran 

tSt hrAor, Thuc 
A braiior, x«A*<^i, Ham. Ar. HdL Xen. etc. ; x'^""'^'"' 

Xen. Dem. 
A troslar, i. e. a pan to bald coati, Irx^f^t Ar. Xes. ; JffxM'a 

Ahn, 4, Ar. Alex. ; ivxifur, Ar, 
Bran, x'*^'^! Omit, 


» but nut 

^jF liam made of Jtran, xfEAcnfui, jta-ot, tJ, £icfa, 
iTot, ■k, Ar. LjL 
Made of bran, x^^^^'i '^ '''9 <'r '^■i ^*S B^ ■ametim 
nlvmyi coaUncteil in AtL out, 7), air, Omn. ; x''^^'""i nom. 
Soph.; xatjcf^Soi, Horn.; *ilyi[aA>[Ot, or, Horn. ^Mb. Sopb. 
Eur. J TiarfxiiKmot, or, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; x"^"^'' Horn. JEtai. ; 
Xakinifnit, Pind. ; %iAimtiftii, Hom., ■!» fern. x<>^<''>'''l>"'i 
Horn. ; xi^o^M,' (ot B honie), H™. 1 xi>^^>^X"'. <"' ("f 
n ipnr, lib witb bnusn poiD()< Ham. ; xalkiiiinp^t, for -twi, 
Hom. Find. ; voAWUtim, eR, Pind, ; voAi^Unii, w, £k)i. 
Sopb. i xiAnirafes, at, Pind.-, X'>^">tet, sr (of a houM), 
Pind. ; x<'^'""^>'<"'i iirr", 1 uil 4. Find. ; x<i^i^>9"'''o'i "t 
£nr. ; x<i^^>wmi o'l Ear. ; xb^"^^'")"!! °>'i Soph. ; x"''^ 
THWTOj, 811, Eur.; x«*Jf*''*il'n'ot, or (of s weapon), Soph.; x«^- 
Kijnwf, nSoi, Eur. (of ■ bone, si ihod with bniu, Ham., of tbc 
Fnriet, Soph.) ; x"^*"^"^^^^^'! *"• Bacch jl. ; X'^^T"'"' ^'t ' 
ml 4 (of u uichor). Find. ; x«^i>"'", «', ^x^- Soph. ; 
KirixcACBi, or, Eur.; h-^oAnoj, w, Ar. Hdtj x'>^'i<'<'v<V"*> 
or (of s ■hip'i beak, or of ■ tnimpet], £ieb. 3o[di. 
Afofe o/JiiH bnta, tJfxoAJni, ov. Mom. 

(%yW n (irmed wilb) Aran, x'^"""?"'^'! *^t K Ham. ; x*^- 
Koxh-Hv, in>o>, Horn.; x'A'">'*'4f>i ^'1 Horn.; xo^'oMpof. 
anoj, Hom.; ^'•^'"X^fl^ Pind.; x"'J"V"''''P'"i ov. Find. j 
^nXicn-Hir, A jtol 4, HU. fOf, Pind.; x^^^'^^"*! "'i Find.; 
XBAirdoTu, Sai, J ml i|, Pind. Sopb. Eur. ; x<>^'">f*'*'''Pi "!""> 
Enr. ; x'^h^dh ^ "^ i, g"<. (Oi, Em. ; x<iA*^^>> "1 
Eur. ; x'^'^ffX^'t Eur. ; xii^oir\i|W)t, Eur. 
Wiadtahat i/bnu, x"'*"*"**". or, Pind. 
WUk beak ofbrau (tpitb. of a ibip), xoIUti/rfoAAt, tioi, Enr. 
PFoni^ipKj loiU Aroji Bii(r«i«(i, nrmiii/i, <&., xi>^*<''V"'oi, or. 

If'arii^jiail n a braaa templt, xo^lxioi, or, Eur. TbuC ; x'^ 
(ArtKoi, or, Eui. Hdt. 

WUk craamaite of irate, x'^^f^^^^-^^pot (of ahonie), Ar. 
Wiik lege cfbrott, xfl^^itK^s, Soph. 
Cataed bg braa, xoAc^lrrat, or (of woondi), Horn. 
7b vtar braa armour, xo^i^^'di, pu<., in aor. I . Plod. 
Atonmlnig i'r brat$, irBktxafjaii, or, Hon). 
Wilkoat *nm, 'ixa^wt, or, c. gen. Soph. 
Nal made of bran, 'iixitkjcRn'Dt, or, ^ffiwh. Sapb. Eur. 
KWoatf a braiun Aidd, 'txB^*0' <^Aair, Soph. 
7b eottr witk bran, nirixo'^i', HdC 

7b toori m bran, ar to make ^ bran, xo^o^i Hon). Find. 
Tboogn. Sapb, Ar. Thut Xm, Plal.; "axoxaXJufi*, Xen. 
Bthv, 'AtA^Vvp, spot, onlj maic Hom.; alrdp^i, on, only 
maic. Horn. ; At and i^is, no f«n. hul neut. ^ft, gin. ^i, ace, 
ling. muc. Mr, neut. 4^, no other oblique cuei, Hom. ; fitn- 
Xifp^l', ou, Hom. ; lutUxvi""' "• Horn.; lumrrikMiun, or, 
Horn. [ /MMtiibi, or, Hom. Ap. Rb. ; firyiU^aip, opoi, Horn. ; 
n^tptfufisi, or, Horn.; f^i^t, 11, or, and at, or, Hoia. ; Mfw- 
liimi, orrof, onlj muc. Horn. ; 'l^mp, apvt, onlv tnaic. Hom. 
Hei, *:«h. ; 'iylfaxos, or, Hom. Pind, : »oAMa(wi|i, Hom, Ap. 
Rh.j ^fyiap, opoi, Hom. Ha.; /leyflfliJ/ioj, or, Hom. Hei ; 
KpiiTtpS^far, oroi, Hom. He*. ; icparii, onlj in mam. Hom. ; 
campac.rpifavair, Ham. Find.; niperi. icpiriaToi (and rdfn-ioTai, 
Horn.), Pind. Ear. Tbue. Xen. ; KOprifbt, Omn. poet. ; rpdrt- 
pit, Omn. poet. PlaL ; nparwht, Horn. Pind. Tng. -, SAxi/ui, i), 
or, and OT, or, Omn. poet. Hdt. Xen. Plst.; iXiff^pay, oroi. 
Find. ; iAjtiiAix", Anth. ; iAx^ii, h. Find., and Dor. i>Ut$T, 
frrot, Pind, ; AAxojbt, Enr. ; 'At^At, compar. ^dpf fotr, 'Afuirar, 
piprtpn, (uporl, ipurrot, ^fra/ras (alio ^tpirrot, Horn.), 
Oinri ; MXli, Ham. Pind. Eur. ; riUiiKdpJuT, or, He*. ; fu- 
T^EAAnfi, aj»i. Pied. ; fi(nifx^)Tt,0H, Anac.; /i^KuxF'o>,'CKh. ; 
'dyiir^HU, ,£ich. j «MiyiJtxi|i, P^d. ; (MjfilXBi, Simon.; 
alx^-^it, £ich. ; Ttmudi, Soph. Ear. HdL ; yirrlKit, Ar. 
PlaL; tfrokiuii, or, Mtcb. Xen.; itn^iot, or, Soph, Enr.; 
tfrrX^r, orot, £ub. ; <ftft>xot, or, ^icb. Eui. Tbue. Xen.; 
r«rCai, «i, only in mate. Eur. Xm. Deiu. ; flMNrCpit, Plat.; 
XB^niKdj>3i«t, or, Theoe. 
Brava^, tfi, Hom. ; ufarnpi,, Hom, ; (irrifAfugi, Tyrt JExb. ; 
(impalifi, Eur. ; TirruciiT, Ar. ', 7<milii), Tbue. ; d'jtix''>t 
Xen.; f ^yovt, Eur. ; oYpSi lor, Ar. ; dtipovi}rT«T, Xen. 
To bo bnTe, titapvitr, facb. Andoc. 

Toietke braval, 'ipumia, Hom. Find. Skb. Sopb. Hdt. XeD. 


£(c)i. Eur. ; in daL ung. iXiri, Horn. ; *d7T|rapfa, Horn, ; H/iir, 
Horn. Soph. Xen. ; ,Uros. ri, Omn. poel. Xen. Pkt. ; »piaot, 
rd, Horn, Enr., but when ia good aente niu. dipiroi, ri, Omn. ; 
rSX/ii and tJa/ii), Omn. poM. Hom. ; aixj^h, Pind. JEKb. ; 
ib^iSxIa, JEKb. Eur. Omn. proie ; 'Jipun-fio, Soph. ; tbirT\ay- 
Xrla, Eur. ; rtroA/Jo, Eur. Xen. ; ipp6rtiiia, Siraj, ri, Tbue. ; 
'CiTfporXb, Theoe. 

A ooaleel ofbranfry, 'ipurr6xiif '^T^r, Soph. 

To bniri, JtoAwla, Horn. See To tpamL 

To brtmt ti a brook, Ki\ipi{at, no Fut. Hom. ; AiUJfv, no fnt. 
AoBc. ; iriytXim, fut. -Ins, Ariit. 

A brawl, roXf^t, Hom. Ap. Rb. 

To adle a brawl, tXainm (fiiL ikLm, eb^) Ko>Air, Hum. 

A brawler, rtuno^p, ^pgi, 1, Hei. 

Brawn, KiM^, owot, 6, Ar. 

IraWDjr, Ti^rt ' 

ro bn7, fipiiu 
UpK-, fut. -I 

BrMtn, x^*°'< ■■ "'■ *"•• ". ™. KHuelimea in AtL eonlr. 
oijt, q, oijr, Omu, See Made •^bmn. 

A braaolt (in a wall), Tb Senppiitnr Tsi; T(lx<f t. That 

To broaoh (■ wall), SuuncdiTv, Ljl 

itreo^iii^ ibini tie aaiU, amd aaiaig vrili lie ^nar a wide breack, 
toatlo oiler inliiii tke ffota, relxi nn-iunnlijnmi, nil wWir 
tirat X^TX? TXdTtuir rffSpu/i^r roia^^fitir, Eur. 

Bmad, iirrii. Ham. Eur. ; Sprat, Horn, h, Thuc. ete. 

Wieat bread, irllfiror, Horn. 

To make bread, aevmtoiiti, and -ofuu mid. Eur. Xen. 

A mikiiig of bread, lifrototta, Ar. Xen. ; TcrBroiti, Xen. 

A mater of bread, rlToroiit, 6 Kol ^, Tbue Xen. Plat. ; rrCrevp- 
r^t, Plat. ; ipToiraidt, Xen. 

Fit for maiea^ brrad, rrEronulMt (of initrnmenta), Xen. 

A braad-eattar, ifrUawes, i koI 1}, Hdt Xen. 

A braad-bMkot, Kir»r or ninwr, Alt. ; ttanavr, Hom. Eur. Ar. 

To eat brrad, hproalriu, Xen. Plat, (Com.) ; ifrro^Sryiu, Hdt. 

£mKl-aa(njr, vlropiyoi, or, Hom. Hdt.; i^o^iyoi (name of a 
mouae), h. ; ofrrliravpoi, Henand. 

Brndth, eipoi, ri, Horn. MiHi. Enr. Hdt. Xen. ; wXins, ri, 
Sinion. Hdt. Plat Xen.; TAftrtrqi-, ifToi, i), Hip^; et/XTtit, 
Tvt, 4, Hipp. 

To bTMk, dpvXXitrini, Hom, ; Srr^u, fut. 1. Hi, aor. 1. faja 
(and ^Jo, imperf. tfor, infin. Stiii, part. i(at, Hom.), part, rffai 
(in comp, urndfiii, Ly*.), no aor. 2. act!, aor. 2^ pati. dfytir, 
(and "ijiir Horn.), port. fariU, no perf. act. or paai., pert mid, 
ii-riL, in pan. leni. Hom. Pind. ; KirJryrvia (aor. 2. pui. iniiu, 
mray^Ku, Ar.) [lometimea e. gen., aa he bad hii bead broken, 
irtTMi7it'r^iin4iaAi)i,Ar,,>o too Plat.], aor. 1. icsr^a [and ia 
■nbj. tariHie, Fhit.], Hom. Soph. Ear. Ar, Hdt. Th, PlaL Lra. ; 
<(it>ni^ Horn. Ap. Rh.; trCrit/rvfu, onlfin aor. 1. act Horn.; 
Myriiu, Hei. ; ^47>'Cyu, aor. 2. paai. if^iyir, ( Hom. has ain 
Ep. imperf, ^ir/ruanor), Omn, poet Xen. Plal. Dem. ; traf^iiy- 
yifu (uaed aim lo brtak through, to brrak open, etc.), Hom. 
Soph, Eur. Hdt Thuc; iKfifr/vvlu (alio to bre^ off a piece of, 
•ometimei e. gen., ai where the water has broken away a part 
of the rand, -g ESoip llif^ir Uoib, Horn,, alio lee below, To 
break oat), Horn. XkK Soph. Hdt; 'tes^^^Trv/u, often ai to 
break umelhing off from, c gen. alio to break down walli, or 
to break and nut to flight a hoiiile nrmj, Horn, Mech. Eur. Hdt 
Thuc. ; Siatpiryniu, Horn, Ar, Hdt Xen. Dem. ; av^^^rrufu. 
Ham. At, ; •tiTaffi^^Yrv|u, Soph, Eur, Hdt Thuc. Xen.; paiv, 
perf. pBH. (fifauriiai, often in pau. metaph, to be broken with 
grief, etc Hom. .£acb. Sopb. ; Jp^ht, often netflph. ii preced- 
ing, no lenM but pro. Hom. b, ; KAdn, fui. icuLrcK, Hom. Xen. ; 
KArSiAda, often metaph. Horn. Find. Eur, Hdt. Flat, ; SuacXAa, 
Ham. Xen,; tuiiAim, Tbue; i<at>Mi, Plat; iwocA^, only 
in aor. 1, pasi. Theoe ; aor. 2. act &mcX,it, quaii from IvAcAir- 
lu, Anac, ; irvyKXAi, only in paia. Pint ; ifim, Fhit Xen. 
Tbeoc.; iiaSpirru, aor. l,pBH, Iirrpt^qr, Hom. Xan, ; Apain, 
■or. I. paM. «p<(Ji>«i|r, Find. £Kb. Soph. Eur, Hdt Xen.; 
■draSnAv, Phit ; iuepaim. Plat, ; <nyr«pa^ Eur, Xen, ; 
nirrpMo, Ar, Thnc Xen, Lya. Dem.; /(ifdirffit, fp. lo hnak 
down a barrier, Ar. ; ovr^parte, Eur. ; KArinirrti, Ar, Xen. 
I Dem. 1 'nc^img, eip. to break in a door, Lyi, ; &6rtijtX4ei, fat. 

]. -9Airm, Hipp.; tiStiJeti, Call.; Suix^. fat. 1. -X*^*S 
pert ptM. -nixliliai, u B atonn don a >bip, Ap. Hh. 
Jo mak (a bank), ImnrcvitCs, and ui pau. of the bamker, to be 

n. ; ntXi^, XcD. Sm 

Th bnai a iortc, mAotafiWot, Eur. X( 

Ih brtat (t, wnon'a or nttti«i*i power), 

Un, £u:b. 
7<> inaJi (an eneaij'a line), iripii|)/i4T>'Vfu, Tboc; tiikifirTH, 

To irial qR i. e. teiminate (a tnice, ate), tiUia, fut. -Aunt, perT. 

fuu. -A&Eyuu, Hdt .Thuc. Xni. Dem. 
7a 6mi.k i^ («Rh), 'Srafi^fry"!'^ Hwn. Ear. Hdt. ; Jpflmr, 

Het; ^dnrrpdc^iof, mid. Soph. Antipho. ; Tpiou'iftf, Ar. ^ iruyx^i 

To bnai ^, 'tnBpaiti, 
'hmpoia, Ar. 
To inai, 1 e. be broken ihort off 

I. Thut 

:b. Enr. ; "amHtauXifii, Eur. Thuc; 

thing, Bi ■ apeai in aahield, 

7b ie irorln agimd, vponcXda/uu, psu. Xen. 

To bnal raaid, or aboal, iriflK&Ti-fruiu, u one ought to bmk 

a (tick kbont [faeii Mcki, rtpunirafai xcnt' ^^ {ilAiir T^nrroira 

aftrij. At. J ntfi^^fffniiix, PlnL ; wffiiflpoiin, Hipp. 
To trait End, inttona. {a* pain, grief, war, etc.) HoffiiM, Soph. ; 

lfyiMm,Sx\. Plat. ; or Bi a bod; do« with aorea, Thuc ; man; 

of the conpODDda oF ptrp^ in aoi. 2. pau. -tji^iyTir, fut. 2. 

pan. ftrfiiaaiai, and perf. and pluperf, mid. -ifipaya, -tppiytw, 

nufcraffiiryr'aiuu, Eur. At. Hdt. ; ^p^fi-flfuu, alio in fut. I. act 

Ji^v, Ma^. Soph. Hdt.; ira^inrdiiai. Soph. , Toft^^trr 

rffis, So^. ; rvflitnTiiuu, Thuc. 
7b Iraai tut agaa, ■wiiurfKaiita, Hipp.; rUurfnaroiim, ODlf in 

pr«. and imperf. Hipp. 

Tb bnak [aXtn), SttKloinoL, mid. Hom. ; ifiMofuu, mid., c aor. 1. 

paai. in paaL taia. Horn. Heg. Eur. HdL Thuc. Xen. 
7b bnak (a treaty, lawi, &c), \lm, Thuc Hdt. Dem. ; inrrcA^, 

Thuc laoc ; Oam), SutBria, fut -mtam, Xen. 
7b irtak (Dbligalioni), B'iCoi"^ niiil. LjL See 7b violate. 
To bnai mUg u upon, lat/idiia M, e. ace In. 
To inaJi, neat., i. e. be tooken, u aimour by a ipear, ^^1j», 

aor. Z fifiKoi', Hon). 
7b inai (aa a yonlli'i Toiee), Tp&yiC'^ Ariat 
7b 6t brvigx [in ipiril), ^trtriofuu, paM., c, dat. or c aec. Hdt. 

Thuc ; twiuJiioiuu, pasi. Thuc. 
/a cruB Ahy Aobid be to AtoAm n ijHnf <u to ffhe up lAmr omu, 

^fm ^iK^A^BtTtr (for ^iEAAa^tiqaw) Ttk 5irAa TapoflovFcu, 

A bTMkar (of friendablp. etc.), BiOxiMyt, «>, 6, Thac 
A hlMker, i e. laif^e ware, ^Mioc, Xach. Soph. Ear. Thuc ; 

■J^u 'iyii, Ap. Rh. 
A brMUng, ^u, MI, fl, EuT. i aA^ii, «i, 4, Plat. ; »pAf"- 

••I, 4, Ariat 
.i4 brtatuta (of a bridj[e, or a tmlf , or a breaking ap of a meet- 
e of breaking up), tttMOit, (M, h, Hdt Thoc 

Caladattd (o bnak, ^ktTic^i, Hipp. 
Wkat earn fa ftmin, ^v>^', c. dat Ham. ; ic 

faailj broken, tMAjviTai, or, Ariit. ; of oath), etc, tlAliTDt, or 

Eur. Xen. 
Brokm, kJXoi, «r, Horn.; tixo^/^^T^r, Ear.; topiecea,ir(pui^t 

A«in M a» wodiU, iiivaieroi, or, Stci. 

Wiat aaaal bo halni, Aoy^', Horn. ; iffitiKTO], or, Horn. Pind. 
& <u Kot to ftg irateii, adi., ^jHirrut, Ar. 
..1 fwnlur ^ionei, nXoSd^mii, ov, Xen. 

rfatmitiv o/ikBvu, vdAiuo-ii, (UI, 4, Xen. 
*■ ■ •- \_f, prtcipilom, inrSKprtiitiot, or. 

I, Ar. 

ph. of a hard 

BrMkfMt, ipumr (1 Hom., a Alt.), Ham. ^ich. Ear. Thnc. 

Xen.; Stnraf, Horn.; 'aiplTufui, otdi, t^, Ariat ; 'upirrur- 

1^, Ath. 
Ta brvaUkat, Itnn'fai, Horn, j 'ofHsriti, pcrf. act infin. lync 

1 *— ,nd lit pi. i>pIoT«f»/, At. Xen. Theoph. (Com.); 


'dpiOToiRii^afuu, mid. Thuc Xon. Dem. ; 'oKparlCoiiai, mid. 
7b bnai/ait lie/ankmd, rpoapurrdo, Hipp. 
7b hnakfial wili, airafia^iit, c. dat Ar. .Sacbin.; eirSxpiirl- 
fbfiw, Antiph. 

7b imi:(/!iiif <n itKlea, Tpoidpiirrda, Hipp. 
7b give a ptrtOH brtakfiui, 'upsTl^n, c aec Ar. 
WillioBl breaifial, 'iiipurrot, or, Xen. ; 'iroflimiTat, or, Ar, ; 
•iniiiriirrai, or, Tbeoc. 
A irag aUkoiU oaf'i bnaifial, 'irapurrlB, H ipp, ; Imapiimini, 
»i, f, Hipp. 
To be vniiaat ou't inail/uf, iripunia, Htpp. 
A braut, >ia{i>, Honi. Hdt; irrqSai, t1, Horn. Find. ^ach. 
Ap. Rh. Thuc Xen. ; aMop, orst, rh, Horn. .£aeb. Hdt ; or^ 
iw, Onin. poet Xen. ; luarrit, Tiag. Hdt Xm. ; X^*^, "*% 4t 
Eiir. ; o^eioi-, Ariat ; *cif>o{, dmi, i. Plat Hipp. 
On, al, or D/(ia irwut, mieijcii, Ariat 
JBetmeai tim brvaU, firrSi^iot, or, Hom. 
/barf o/(Ac treiu<, i^Sfiairrai, or, JEtch. 
With teide brtait, fbpi(rrtfmi, or, Theoc 
Haringi^ in the bfaail, mtpriffattfUii, ar, lEvA. 
Beatimg tie bnait, oTipwrira^i, Eiu-. 
In froat q^ tta Anajt, (rpjarapvai, ov, £ach. ; 

I, i, Hom. Ear. Thuc Xen. etc; l 

A br«Mt-plats, Stift^, ii 

of felt, iDun, Thnc. 

'Wianngabnaa-piale,^irfnver^%,ov,i,'Ron. . , 
Hinmg a variegated breait-pUiie, atoAaMpa{, w 
Jfaritig a lineti brttut-plalt, tdrOdipaf, uav, Horn. 
Haemg a bnae» breiut-plate, xiiAjEtoMpaf, oni, Horn.; x"^ 

aoAiifHf, oKDt, Soph. 
Having a aiate brtatt-plate, \tvia9Apa^ dfoi, Xen, 
Witlioia a breaa-plate, 'SaupinurrBt, ov, Xen. 
To am tnit K brvuipiate, AmpttBait, oftcner '-onai, paw. to am 

oneaelf with, Ham. Ar.; ftopdalfv, Tbuc. Xen. 
Mating breoMt-piatft, bafdxorooi^s, or, Xen. 
A brtiut-aork, Avpufibr, ^ach. 
Braatli, vvoi), (Ep. and Ion. noiJ>, aa alvaya in Hont, uaed alaa 

by Eur.), often in pi. uaed of human brrath, or a breath of wbd, 

or CTen a wind inilmment, Omn. poet ; it»ltil, Hom. ; TrtiiM, 

iTM, t1, Omn. pott Hom. ; irrfiiuini, orot, i, m pi. Mwh. ; 

^^Miitui, -drot, TO, Eur. ; hrBfta, &toi, tit, Antb. 
Only 0/ toitui, Hfm', ou, Horn. ; felfua, Otoi, ri, .Xacb. Soph. ; 

Kdromrj), Pind. 
A bnathlng, draving breath, Anmvj), Ar. ; iKtanwrii, «n, i^, 

Plat ; Jioa^T, Ariat 
Ho/ding Oieir brealk, iyti^arTn aleipa frtBott, Eur. 
Hi* bmy oat if brealk ikowt, etc, wvivim iipttiaiihor leUnVi, 

A tnodajr yibca or bnaSiag time, tttwyruiuL, droi, rt, Gir inbr- 

nv/is, Pind. 
^nobaan q^bwfin^, TSx^nvu, Hipp. 
BraatUitg WJ, (Snwi, or, contr. oui, ear, Xen. Ariat 
D^etil^ qfbnatUng, leaiilimi ofbreatk, cap. alW nuumg, etc, 

SdswroM, Xen. 
Siort o/ bnatk,'chtroot, or, conti. oui, our, Tleopomp. (Com.); 

Oal o/'imiM( with &tiffue,haale,ete.),(lTrfiKrTat,ar, Hom. ;&ri(*- 
rnvToi, or, Hea. ; BvnrrDot, or, contr. ovi, our, Sapph. 

D^rivtd of breaOi (of a (}od pnniihed for foraweaiing bimaeif by 
Styi), n)l>T^t, or, H«. 

A long bTtaiAug, tiMp6*roas, or, contr. out, ovr, Hipp^ 

Wilioul iaiiiig bnatli, kwrmM, Dem. 

To toMtha, vr^ (Ep. and Ion. xrtfv), fut miiva, no pelf, in 
all aenaea, eirui to breathe forth thieata, anger, bToor, etc, c ace 
Hom. He*. Pind. Ttag. Xen. Plat ; farorvfe (and -iretar, Ep. 
Ion.), alio cap. to brealhe forth, ilom. fa, Pind. Call. Ap. Rh.; 
irmim (poet by aync. V"^")) Pmi. Plat; nS/riaritr, alao 
to breathe on, c gen. h. Eur. Ar. ; hcniu, alao eap. to breathe 
forth, ,£acfa. Eur. Thnc Xen. Plat ; ^iaim, to breathe fbrlb. 
Soph. ! iitfo", Ariat ; only of the wind, Sfl/u, put. S^^uu, 
no fut, aor. 2. Aqr (lor, Ap. Rh.), (alao of thinn, a* beanty 
wat breathed around her, npl nUAni hro, b.), Horn. Hei. h. 
Ap. Rh.; iMw, impeif. flXiur, fat fAxtav, aor. 1, ithiOmt, M 
perf., c. occ of the air, PhUyU. 


To breaiit agaiii, imawvim, poet. i/tr. Horn. Soph. Hdt. X«n. ; 

i.e. to recover from fright, grief, etc. ii'iiiurra, Xnn. ; 'Sii- 

^afitira (fiit. -A^ifvfuu, perfL -tfXi)^ kor. 2. ~4\&Sm) i/uairiii, 

7a bteaUm forlh, ipvaiift. Soph. Ap. Rh.; jk^uvkU, jGuh.; 

iKfuria, Theoc 
TbinaUt Aonj, Twinrndai, Hi|qi. Ariat. 
To 6»a(i< on, ^"fe (»nd -imfi», Ep, Ion.), c, dat. or c. sec. 

Horn. He«. Find. Enr, ; Htiyia (und -wtl» Rp. Ion.), rIk W 

bnath* agaiDit, line cum., or e. dat. Hom. Tt*g. Udt. Pint. ; 

ciraWai, e. act Ar. Theoc. Ariii. 
BreMhet, 'baftipAttf, d, HdC Xen. ; v^fX.4tu, al, Antiph. 
T/h biff brteiitt wora % Aiiatia. at\jijtei, oi, Eur. Ar. 
To farsod, Tlmm, iaX. t«{h, tJ{o/««, uu) Ttnae^iai, Bor. 2. frtiw, 

perf. mid. t/toicb, Onin. ; mrrti»fl«, Ar. ; oiwTiiwowwJ*, only 

of the womwi, Xen. See To btgit. To liri^fiirlk. 
To br»ed,i, t. tanauri«h,M to breed honei, elc, Tpe'^, fut, fpcifit, 

perf. pau. TiBpafiiia, Mr. 1. pan. Ufi^r, fnl. 1. mid. often 

uied in put. tent., perf. mid. oied in act. leiia. <and alto in 

neat. unL though not then with reference to th» meaning), Omn. 

See 7*0 mr. 
Higltbred, t^rj)i, Ep. and Ion. tlnrfniit and ifiywiit, Omn. 
High brsediM, tfr^nu, Eur. Xen. Plat. 
A bTMd, 7<««, Horn. 1 f*¥i9Kri, Hom. ; yim, rh, Omn. Sea 

A hnsdw, Tfo^ii, i aal i), Mtch. Sopli. Enr. Antipho. 
BrMdlnK men, Kovporp^i, or, Horn. Eur. 
A bTMdlnK, Tpvpti, Find. Hdt. 
Fond o/" bm'ti^ Aorwu, rpopals frw^i Tmrcti', Pind. 
A Aug brtd, Afiium, *Toi, ri, iiwh. Soph. Xen. PUt ; Tpo^, 

Soph. Eur. 
Bnd mpbfmg iand, ifoit x<P^< S^ni/ia, Eur. 
Brtd sp frydier, iii&rpapoi, or, h. Hdt. Plat. 
A toMM, alV>< Omn. Poet. Plat. Xen. ; wroh (Ep. and Ion. 

nvd), alwaji in Horn., but fiwDd nlw in Eur.), Umn. Poet. 

Thue. 1 vWuyio, BTai-, rt, Omn. pott. Horn. 

" - ■ - ■ Ai. 

oept iu prea. ai 

HdL Dem.; irifAu iwl pirflp, Hdt.; ini\i 

Bxpatocif xp^l""'' II'IbMS li" 'P. Dam. 
Tobrihtit/oreiiaid, rpoSui^Stipa, Dem. 
To brib, aUiipeUuir, mnttiriia, iGKhin. 
To lait a iriie, SapoSoKta, tine cat^ or c. aee. of the hribe, in pata. 

either of the hribe giien or of the penon bribed, Ar. Ciatin. 

HdL Plat. Dem. ; Maratuvotaic^ and -ojiOL, mid, Ar. Lyi, 

AriiL ; SiapBilpafuu iwl ^Mf^'^i DRn. i ■**.-fl«<'oiiai tAp<nt, 

Hdt.; HI Siapa&Kff j^fisra tixaim. Lei ap. Dem. 
To mmiA Smm vAofnr briba belrat^ At mat imparliud maiten, 

Tsit M Tori rpirriiairi Supo^McowTot ■aAi^eu', Dem. 
/f« loDt 6nIiM to lappna an ii^ormaliait, iltsyYiAiar ixUaro, 

Brlhary, L a. girini ■ bribe, (la^fcpi, Xen. Aritl. 
Tit laiaig a bribe, StifMiniiAa, Dam. fichin. 

D«n. JEtchln. 

A pmaaitatjor britttj, tifvr Tpa^, .£tch. 

7b bt tmdfOf bnitry, lAfmi Kpi^nu, Lvt. 

■" ■ ■ brihary, tAfm» iXfXr (aor. 2. of o^a), i 

Ir (aor. 2. of i^KianAne, 

To be eomieUd of briery, 3 

fat. i^Vv), Audoe. 
To aoMK a fMraon ofbr&ay, SaiMimlat Konrrtfiti, ^ichin. 
lAt a hribi, tttfiotaKtSTi, Ai. 
Tiliuiga bribt, kpoJiijiioi, or, Ar. PInL Dem. 
AMgk, itaWoi, ii, Hdt. That Xen, taMiot,' Thnc Xen.j 

*A»*li, (Joj, ii, Anlh. 
J row i/brida, Mfui rMr«iir, Hdt. ; IwltaMi r?drtar, Thue. 
Tb msie brida, 'Airdii^afiai, mid. Thue. ; rXirteroiiv, Ar. ; 

wAirfoupT^-, At. ] taWouj /piio (aor. 1. t^ftm, etc.), Hdt. ; 

wAirAnii lAm (fuL tAxltini, aor. 1. uMcCVa, no perf.), Hdt. 


To buOd of brwt, *Xu*«i», Ar. Thue ! nXa^iii, Anth. 

To mate into brida, nXirBtim, Hdt. ; alu to make into thing* the 
■hape of brick), Ar. 

To ourry bricki, ]rAu*>fofi4j, Ar. 

OarntiHg bricit, vAii4afJf»t, rw, Ar. 

A hriokmakar, wXinHuiryii, PlaL 

A briok-Mto, TXiyStioi', Lyt, 

jMi(*o/'6riei,irXtf«i^i,«ich,j itAi^t™, Hdt. Xen. 

ZOa a brict, vAuAidir. HdL 

Bridal, rufu^tioi, Pind. Soph. Ear.; t-^yi^ui, a, or, and oi, or, 
Pind. ; rvfufiuibs, JEMch, Soph. Eur. Plat. ; n^i^ioi, a, or, aod 
01, or, Eur. Ar. Ap. Rh. ; rvyjpirlfut, or, Alich. ; rv/i^tuHipuii, 
Eur.; n^ifKwiifuii, on. Ear.; fcMfifnoT, ov. Soph, i irirviu 
^ut, ot>, Mel. ; Td^-^Am, or, jEach. Eur. Itte. Don. ; •yHfiiiAs, 
Thue PlaL ; -yiiiUit, MokIi. 

Tiia in^ dmabtr, rvn^lor. Soph. 

A bride, xobpij, Horn. ; rJ^i^ (and ru/i^ Horn.), Omn. poeL 
Xen. ; ir^fifMv/ia, irot, t1, Eur. ; rv/ifvor, in pL Soph. ; Afxof> 
rb, in pi. Eur.; A^JcryHw, inpl. Eur.; n(oi, ij, Theoc 

Out about lobe a bride, ittKXirvii^t, 4, Soph. ; fttAiyi/iot, i, 
Soph. Theoe. 

7b adam or dnm a bride, rv/t^oKofUte, Eur. i rv/i^oarok4m, 

Helping lo adon a bridt, oiwo/ifomfpit, ey. Ear. 

A brideamud, dAAd^ija^Aor, 4, 'Gicb. ; rx^i^n^pm, Ar. ; f4pd- 
•Vu^i, 4, At. 

Leadaig tie bride, n/ipirtirfbt, or, Eur. 

To be lanenltd 6y &HiJ(u, ruiupiKhmrroi, br, JEk)\ . 

A bridagroem, yaixSpbt, Pind. Theoc ; riMnoi, Soph. Eur. Xsn. 
Plat. ; rapjpn^!, Eur. ; ddlAiEfi^niAal, Soph. 

An taJu^pg briiieqroaa, Kdjc6rvfi^s, Eur. 

A brldeanw, nipoxot, Ar. 

A bridge, r^iyn, Horn. Pind. jEteh. Eur. Thue Xen. ; iiiSA- 

A bridge' of boatt, <rx.Ma, £ach. Hdt. 

A bridge of a tyn, iirai, boi, i, Ar. ; (^fni, rb, gen. Kifi!to$, 

icipaei, xipen, etc., dxt. pi. ntpAo'i, Soph. 
7b bridge over, ynpupiv, c, ace of the water, Horn. Pind. HdL 

PlaL I 'irryf^ufiiii, HdL ; (tiyruiu, c. uc. of water, JEttk. 

Ltc I«b. 1 aleo Cf^yiiu yifipar, HdL Xen. 
Tie bridging, or lit malmg if a bridge, C><>{'>, -", 4. Hdt. 

WiA beauty bridget, itaAAif^lipoj, or, Eur. 

A bridle, rilAiifH, rk, Hom. ; V^b, 't^i, Hom. Find. ; iria, i), 

Pind. Tng. Xen. PlaL; ^U^bii, pi. of and t^ Hom. Pind. 

Trag. Xen. PlaL Ap. Rh. ; J^xucd|ft ^poi, t, JEacit. ; Jfunw- 

T^pis •pii.ipi,, ri. Soph. 
A art bridle, ■^itjor, Eur. Ar. Xen. 
A maffit bridle, ^oxaXu'iSla, Xen. 
Tie noeeband (^a bridU, f^i, £tch. 
Belonging lo a bridle, ifinnriipun. Soph. 
With a gotdat bridle, xp'^^'"t "■• Hom. Pind. Sopb.; xp'i'*- 

Xiunt, or, Ar. HdL Xen. 
To bridla, hja^ia. Ear. ; x<Uir<iK, Xen. ; iiixSiur6m, HdL Xn. 
A bridling, xAA/nwu, »i, 4, Xen. 
Tie trade ^naJang br^Uei, itxiAironiUii, Ariat. 
Briei; aiirroiiat, or, Tiag. ^ichin. ; Aidx^i, compar. ^poxfrrtpor, 

fti'x'"*' (' Att., I elaewhece), or ^fidiraar, tnperi. ^x^^'r°> 

and Bpix"^"^ O""- ?"■■. ^'><°' ^™ Sior<. 
Brlefl7, inrTiitm%, £acb. S(q>h. Xen. PlaL Itoc; 0pix**", 

Xen. 1 Kf^&AiiuiUi, AriiL ; i>' fti^X'^ Soph. ; ir Bfax^irif, 

Xen. ; A- ■cff-dAaffi, and ^ icKfaAJau, and fHpaxiTiTtr ■•fBAofv, 

Thue Xen. Lyi. ; tt' iXiyiir, PhiL 
7b JTWdl 6n^, iKKopfiliiei (Ad)w}, Hei. ; Inwfiu^Jii, Hdt. { 

avrriiant, Eur. ; ■nwre/iAi' fipil^ Eni. ; ir Sp^X" v^flt ^^1™, 

Soph.; owiAibir h^>« (aor.S.of ffv*iavJ>),ThiK.;diiiniMA^i 

■Ciriu', Xen. 

7b make a brwfaiuicer, otfcr j^im irwoKfifta, PlaL 
TobebriffbulfkllofneaitiKg,irBfSx^ woUtabt Kiyovt ffvrri/iF- 

ne KiAvi, Eur. 
A brier, 'faai^ Horn. ; 'rbcovAii, 4, Theoe ; M'ni, q, EupoL ; 

TAAlaiTioi, Eur. Theoe ; P^X'U 4, HdL Xan. 
Briery, 'Sjiare^i, HdL 

A briptde, rdfu, •»>, 4, Ly*. ; Tdy/w, ilroi, ri, Xen. 
Ahrigidiei, ra{ufpx^f,£acb. HdL Xen.; Ta^x^,At. Hdl. 

Thne Xen. 



T»hahrigaiStr,ra(iai>xiii,At. ThiM. Lyi. 

Bright, ifryi^im, Horn. ; orArrin, Horn. ; VHfi. vms, t K<d ii 
(mSaa with poat. du. audBcc (kpr^^ ""t Vt*^S Horn.), Horn. 
£tch. Sooh. ; Vr^io^ eonli. Vr$T, V>^imi, Find. ; itrtlritii, 
Horn. ; rifii, nsi, odIt of Vfapoiu, Hodi. ; wimBot, w, of s 
Iwlaiec Horn.; rdvii^f, w, Hoin.; aOa^, oni, Ham. Em.; 
4*'*THfi, lyDi, 00)7 of the suD Di iin, Ham. Emped. ; ar/Xiita, 
■nd in Kur, atyfja, eiy}£rToi, in chor., Horn, Find. Eur. ; 
kyKaiii, i), ir, and if, ii-.Honi. He*. Find. Thengn. Soph. Em. ; 
ft^fi^pHi, Hom. Hh. Ar. ; lapiiifitit. Soph. ; i{i>t, Uam. Ar. ; 
TOii^AriiMi, Jc^^aiiA K ra, gen."M>Tat,-iiffiit, en., Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 
pmiiuw, onlj in muc. nog. whan nwd in thii Knw, h apith. of 
'*" — 1, Hani. Hi. Soph. Eur.; in char. Ktanit, Hoqj. Find. 

Hti. Eur. ; ^uirti, ud aFter Htm. ^nivit, Horn, Find. Tnjc 
fHfct, Het. MiA.; '6wekiifaiis, Hn.; irtpavyi)!, h.; ^oitpii 
Piad. AkH.; npftpnu (and iometim« in Att. vcfi^vpailf). 
Vmi.ilnrrtfiiwit.'y, lEKii.'; \nwdirr(f»t, w, ^ich. Eur. 
■Miv, Mim(of maul). Soph.'; uUIAj^Wriit, «u, onl; in niuc^ 
Anac : m*Arf«y)^i, Eur. ; vripv^, aritT, Soph . ; iimr^t, £di. ; 
IK»wH Eor. (Rhea, 4S.); .i^*T-rti, ^ach. Ap. Kb.; orjrfr- 
TWTXgf, Ar,; A^irffovxoi, ar, Em.; irupffilhii, Eor.; ^w- 
Tpa^oij, Eur. ; nyi^f, «ich. Soph. Eur. ; wifi^mh'. Soph. ; 
XpwH, firaf, J jcol 4, Eur. ; irrnr/^i, Ar. ; fin-twii, Xen. ; 
forir. Flu. Xan. ; xifowot, q, or, and di, w, Mel. ; tioirHri, 
Ap. R. CaU. ; ifii^i, Anib. 

Eaemdimghi bri^, 'SwjpA^wpoi, », Ar. 

ifri^ an Of (d ia (MB a/ir, n)Aai>rf)i, h. Find. Thngn. 

Briglit^ ^odi-rin-oi, Hoin. 

Briglit-tfrd, xiperat, «, iir, and or, or, Horn. h. Xen. Thaoc. ; xfo- 
aimit, e. poet. *oe, Xf^w*'*, in ehor, Eur. ; fem. xp^iabfa, 
iloi, A, Ar. i ^(pavtiwia (of the tiuij, Eur. See Ey. 

Brirlttlj, Aofurpoii, in anpni -imra, Eur. X«i. 

To hiighttm, Amnairti, no parf., Eor. ; ^rAobim, Eur. ; and 
pna. to bi^hUD np with jot, Xan. ; Aofivpem, Ildt. Xan. 

To cAbt OKuy aB^lliiniiyroin aniflkiKg d^i, toot to bri^iIeK it. 1 
fa iilpA w, c. ace and gen., aa, and the aerpmta licked ihe blood 
off h(T cbeeka, ao u to make them look bright again ; <rrri6itL 
f in woftfltm' fiJttirf tfiiKOrrit HtpaOforor Xfoii, Eur. 

lo b* bright, xifm, no puf., Omn. poet, and ooca in Xm. 
See TbaUai, 

BrigbtMM. impoiHl, Hem. Sopb.; abyfh OnUL; oJAai, (Hi 
haa dat. o^Aoi and ''Af, bat the other poata and Iiag. only in 
nam. and aec ling.), Onin. poet. Flat. ; afyXir, Hom. Find. Soph. 
)iaitwp6nn, -tr", % Thnc Xen. 

IrfUiBnn, ofyAn, Horn. Find. Soph.; icrtj, u«i, ii. Find. 
tuttt, rh, Thaogn. £ich.; A^orpdr)]!, ijTaf, 4, IliDc. Xen. 
fyntiH, ri, Ap. Rh. 

A a!^ iWJtinw, 'tfrdA^s^, «>i, 4, Hipp. 

Brilliut, ifAaSi, 4, iv, and If, fo, Hooi. Ho. Find. Theogn. 
Soph. Eur. ; alyklfii (and alyX:fi, frret, Eur. in iba.) Hom. 
I^nd. Eur. ; 'VfuXat, or, Horn. Find. See BHgit. 

IriUloiiUj, A^iwpvi, and luperl. -trma, Eur, Xeu. Iioc. | iy- 

a Xen. See 7b 

Tb bi briUiut, Aifm, Omn. poet, a 

&iB, orffinhHom.; X'i^ii A Htm. Hea.; »fdA^ Theec. 

AWmtv of Ua brim, ^ixi^^i, w, Slmoo. 

MmatHW, ftaiar, or ^ita*, ar tHfiw, Horn. 

Z<b Of ^trniirfaiH, ft«(i>i)t, AnLh. 

■riaaUd, AdXat, Alec. Enr. ; vouc^i, Eur. 

Mm, Jh/iq, Ar. Hdt.; L e. Che aaa, Horn. Find. JEtch. Eur. 
Plat.; k^/aia, Ar. ; 'A\i, 'JUif, 4, Call. 

BriB7, i*i^t, Hom. Find. Enr. Thnc Xen. Flat; h/i4<M, 
Xaefa.; iVB^tOvt, Hipp.; iv^>i Uipp- 

A^iirf ii Mu, Jb^, Uai, 4, Ar. 

7b ^a^ n Irnaa, if^uim, Dioac. 

Oh wio aaUi briu, or brinjr mcata, lA^uvr^r, Dioac 

To Mng, 'Irprim, imperf. alio irjimxaf, inSn. ir/aiiiurai (fat. 
I)w4i'*, onlj oDCa in h.) nn, except in prea. and impei£ Horn. 
Hea. b. Hdt. Ap. Rh.; iSfti, Honi. Soph. Eur. Ar. ; f^ 
(chiedy of bringing maninute thing*), fnl. 1 . oTov (not found in 
Bom. tboDgh be haa impo'. otvf, inlin. tiaiitir and aur^fianu, aa 
vcD aa) fat. 1. mid. Mffe/uu, aor. 1, 4n7«a (fiytam, Horn.), and 

7b it 

P*'' , ... 

pan. tifi^, and Att. ifipi9iiii, a 


aor. 1. mid. -^m', wir. 3. Jfwyitoi' {^maar, Hom.), and aor, 3. 
mid. -J/Jit*, aor. 1. paaa. ^mI^*^. J)>^x*^ Att. (Hom. atu hai 
Sd aing. ^ipJin, aa from ^iiniiu, and 2d pi. imper. •TDc. ^Jpra, 
Eur. uaofut. mid. in paia. ten*.), OiOD.i try^ (chiellj of hriof- 
ing animate thinga), anr. 3. red. liyiryw, Onm. ; Mt^s, Enr. 
Thuc Xen. Dem.; «^£(i, Omn.; mfiWrj^ in prte. imperC 
fut. ], and aor. I. c prep, or c word of motiDQ. aa TtiAjati, to 
Pjlaa, etc. Horn. Ear. Hdt. Thnc Flat. 1 fop^ -i(» (but aor. 
l.t^-iptn, Ian., alao vilh ineg. in£n. 4ap*b*n', Horn. ) Omn. ; 
Sis^w, Th. ; ropfiu, eap. of animate thinga. Find, Soph. Eoi. 
Thue. ; wofSufia, prop, and eip. aeroaa water, £ach. Soph. Ear. 
Hdt. Pkt. ; iTira, aor. 1. act from unua. ea, c. prep. Soph. ; ix*- 
Ttim, prop, to bring water, but often maiapb. to bring Bii; thing, 
jEach. UdL Plat, ; twaxrrt&n. Plat., and in mid. 10 tiring on 
onttaeir (Jittftir). 

~ ' - 'a tai, a thing aidd, elc\ «Jlpl<^n^ fut. 1. 

■. 1. 
Hdt. Xra. Ian. i irU 
^poyuu, mm., 10 Dnng witn ana aa a dowry, Dnn. 

Ta bring (a criminal) befon ajadge, tlitfu tit, Dem. ; irir/i lU, 
PlaL Dem. 

Tb bring bati, 'S:ro^pt>, Hom. Hdt Xen. ; 'tejt-)*, Hom. Hdt ; 
'itiyit, etp. from the dead, Hom. Tiag. ; to bring back to tba 
letter of an agreement, Dem. 

To bring back, Jia»ilf", eap. from exile Find. Plat; KStrtrfi, 
£aeh. Enr. Hdt Thue. Xen. ; ffvyidniyti, Ai. ; of any thing, 
dancBfiffw, Thae. Xen. 

To briig ^ oa, fo, etc, di^pis c. dat or pnp. Horn. Eur. Hdt 
Xen. Flat.; 'Irfup^ HooL Thoc. Xen.; iwXipipa, c dat. or 
fnp. Hta^pti, ^Bch. Ai.; inuf^ and -ofioi, inid.,na>af. 
Eur. Dem. ; aJiOTw, c dal. ac c ace or c. prep. Omn. ; Mt*^ 
c dat or c prep. Oinn. ; wpoi^Tw, c dat or c pnp, Omn. ; wr- 
itsirfii, Xen. ; tArrrtriti, Ar. ; x|iDf ifA]* (of bringing com into 
a town), Hdt ; iwHoirtt, in hit. 1, MS^m, and aor. 1. hi' 
ttiva, c gen. Horn. H«, ; tltKtiiiiit, Hea. Trag. Thnc Xen. ; 
rpoSKOfilfa, Xen. ; twJHt/iJM, c dat Soph. ; iwiarita, fut. 
oirittrot, £wh. Soph.; ^Ajh, and mid. -o/Mi, fat -tMlctt, 
aor. 1 . -alAjtlitra, etc no pelf. Eur,; oiirdaTw, no peif. cdat Eur.; 
MtylW*, Hdt.; alnriiicA^oi, by theatrical machinea, Ar. ; aOrA- 
UMm, perf. -tUkvca, etc. no aor. 1 ., c iti et ace Plat 

T» bring cm <mtu//, Iwcufliriiiiiiai, mid. (and trm/finm, Tbeogn.) 
fut 1 . iwauf^aiuu, aor. 2. frqupov, e, aec Hom. Thaogn. ; Vtt^ 
irreiuu, mid. Dem.; triyoiuu, mid. Xen. Dem.; wtflrftwti 
lis i/iaorir, Lja. ; {Ant M iiiaiirdr, Dem. 

Ha hiom^fiUe OH iimi/i/f tytinrro fiipur atr^ £*cb. 

Tii bring oa oHf^/ baida, birtpm-iotuu, mid. Soph, 

To bring /oruiard, oaf, flc. itnpipa, Hom. Soph. Eur. Thnc Xen. ; 
■paf^fn, Hom. Mea. Eur. Thoc laoc Flat etc.; wpai^iftr. 
Find. Omn. Alt; rtfS^Upa, Soph. Eur. Hdt Xan. Den. 
,£Khin.; nuM^NM^, Hdt ; wpat^ofim, Hdt; ln^afiii, Eur. 
Xen. late.; imfpiu, ar iic^tm, no perf. Soph. Ar. ; inmt^ia, 
Eur. ; wpoft}*. Plat Xen. Dem. ; rpmiiy,, Hdt Thuc ; irpa- 
lupin,, aor. 2. -ai^w, Ar. Thuc. 

7b bring Jbruar^ (witneaiei), a^p'xi'fO'Y n>i-, imperf. npilxo- 
piM>, fut ■{^HH^xVo)4a^ aor, 2. Tapfcrxoftl', no other tenaea, 
Plat. ; witneaKi, or quotationi, irpaCdAAo^ mid. Plat Iw. 

Tb bring fonmrd (a play), ^irna, fnt liBdfoi^ elc Simon. Hdt 
Ariat. ; tlAym, Piat ; sfwiitAyB, Ariit 

To bring ansa. Of a mtmige, MUt^ipn, and -ofiai, mid. Xen. 

7b bring oni ^ itwiiim, no perf,, e. gen. Find. ; i^r/m, c gen. 

7b bring nmnd, npl^fw, Eur. Hdt Xen. ; iripi^ Eur. Hdt 

Xen. Flat. 

'b bring into (a woraa eanditioii, etc), mpiiimyu, in (iit 1. or 

aor. 1 . c ■'>, laoc £achin. 
7b b» brtm^ lo, nfntrra^uu, paat, c. aor. 2. act pert act and pin- 
pert act c at], Thnc Dem. 
7b Mw oiR^, 'bi4)w, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt Plat Dem. etc; 

iro^, Horn. Ildt; in^ofia, Hom. Eur. Hdt 
7b M^ doum, KAri^pa, Hom. j^ich. Hdt Xen. Dem. ; uro- 

Konlia, Thoc 

To bring doan (a man** cooraga), to^roliw, no pert ,£*cb. Eur, 

Ar. Hdt; naeaipi^, Hdt Dem. ; to bring down any thing. At. 
7b bring daie* (a peism'i fortune}, lOdiim, Sapb. 


Tlie aartii wiad inngi m 


to i^ ffTwrndy fiopiai iroX- 

Aiira, poet. MXwrira, c iu. Horn, Find. JEicii, Soph. ; i/twt- 

kiC", Htt. 
To britg loffiAer, miriyte, Omn. ; oVfiSd^An, perf. -tf/SXijitii, 

Horn. Eur. Hdt. XcB.; trvrriria, no perf. Find.; irutupopJu, 

Hdt. Thnt Xen. Plat; ovynofJCn, Hdt. Thut Xen. Itoc. 
To An'fH) ID turn, irrTwpai^ipu, Xen. 
To bring M Itada, twtithya, Andoc 
To bring {», ttAf) iMo port, KO^ya, Soph. Hdt.; miftwlfw, no 

perf., c. prep. X.m'n. ; uStSim^Oii, Dem. 
To bring to, i. s. (top the rruel, irapati*A»im, loid. Ar. 
To brag mdtr, 'bwarfu, c gem. us. or c. Bce. and prep. Ham. 

To bring up, fptpti, fut. 1. act. hfk^. fut. 1. mid. KmetimH tued 

Eui., peri pan. rVSpofifuu, aor. 1. iSpi^-Siiy, Omn. ; iierpi^, 
.Soph. Eur. HdL Xen.; Toproln, no fut. Find.; mHiiti, 

Omn. Alt.; 'Srtroilt^, Soph, Ar.; iKWnStiti, Eur. 
7b Ath^ ^ tn, trrpi^ (Ep. JviT^i;^), Horn. Hei. Eur. Plot. 
/ UMU inujdf up, ^n>Tiiri)IV Tpo^aii, Soph. 
7b Arii^ up oiiUrmi on (a proptltj' ), iianuicfrpo^iau (rg oiirlf ), 

lb inap up from beiou>, iratiipa^ Horn. Hdt. Thuc Xen. ; i(- 

•ofiyn, Eur. 
7b bring oner, i. e. penuade, iponlTo^uu, mid. Eur. ; trposetlifit, 

no perf. Ar, Xen, Plal. ; iTt«Tnnr(b»uu, Plat. 
7b havi brougkt to one, rApOKOfJ^ii^u, Xen. ; tKnoiiiffi/iai, 

7b aid in bringa^ out, ffWtKtHSiQv^ Xen. 
7b bring forih qffipriag, tIktu, fiiL t/{«, oflener T^ofuu (the 

onl; form in Tmg,), Bometime* moii^uu, aor, 3, ^firar, peif. 

mid. T^oica, bI» anr. 1 , mid. Iriiiiair, and aor. S, ^(Krf^i)i>, 

psu, onir in Hipp,, Omn,; '(rrlm-B, Flat.; ixvTlitTa, PlaL ; 

^rrlirrw, Tbuc. ; tytwifi-V, onl; UKd in thii aor. I , mid. Horn. 

Trag. Hdt, Xen, ; 'Hrrynrifnir, Euphor, ; ^Irioiiai, He», ; 

X^fiv, h,, -o/tAi^ mid. JEKh. Eur., also in pau, Eur, ; ^jcXox'^i 

and mid. Eur,; /Kfia, in prea. and aoi, I. Soph. Eur.; kk- 

riotioi, mid. often uted metaph, j^Kh, Soph. £ar. ; mine, only 

prei. and imperf. Eur,; riicmwoiia, Xen, ; fiharrSm, fut. 1. 

BtturHiint, Hipp. Ap, Rh. 
7b bring forth nbieqaai^Sf /tFrirliiTit, £ich. 
7b brity fortk logttier vM (or at tbe wne time), vHnrrlnrti, 

7b bring firth aiite, (uo^iofim, Ariel. ; maiiaoToiiii*, Aritt, 
To be about to briag/orlh, TomU., Cralin. 
Jb bring forth (a« a midwife or Ilithvia), i(ir:_ 
One oa^to bring, olaritr. Soph, luc; rpotarrtor. Plat.; noiiut- 

^ior. Plat. ; tiourrior, Eur, and in pau, «, Ar, 
Om naul bring dmen, lOBaipeiior, and in paii. si, Thuc, 
Ont tHMl irn^ rniiw', ttpuueriiai, Phit. ; up, ifrrrior, Xen, 

PtaL ; nitfirr/or. Plat. ; what muit be brought in, (inc- 

tA)i, At. 
A brUgiltg, 'iTvHf. -^^l<' Soph, Thac. Xeu. ; tr&rn^, Thuc ; 

tliirftrfti. Flat. lue, ; ^pK Soph. 
j4 iriiijni^ oiwr (alliei), TpotSrfvyii, Tbuc, 
j1 bti^D^ bifire a tni^iitTate, 'tiwirfurfii, Lyi. Dem. 
A bringing t^, Tpo^, Omn. AtL ; ivrfo^, Eur. ; ndltwit, «u, 

4, Ar. HdL Xen. PlaU 
A brin^ forth, Tian, Horn. h. Soph. Eur. Xen. 
A britffiagforat bat ant at a time, lurarotdn, ArieL 
A rtuardfor bringing, nt/iuTrpor, utu. in pi. JEitb. Ear. 
A Tfoantfor bringing i^, Uphrrpa, tA, Hom, ; apnmSpio, -ri, h. 
Bringii^ftirA ont'tjint bom, ipoororrfiio!, or, Hom. Flat. 
Brii^ing forth bal one at a time, tiorordicos, or, ArilL 
Bribing forOi jaioW^, TJixfrifitoi, o'. Ariel. 
Oringing forth few at a litter, tUyvriiaii, cr, Ariit 
Bringii^ forth by an antindjt birth, dfi^oKoi, or, Call. 
Haeiiy jittt brmgii forth, riwiki, ^t, i^ Hnu. Eur. ; rtor^f, 

or, Enr. 
oJey/attd to bringoser (alliea, etc.), Arirtryit, bv, c gen. £ech. 

Flat. See Ptriuatia. 
BroH^ on onue^ Mimaroi, tr, Horn. ; iitrropiyiuar, ami, 

£ich, ; inucrit, or. Soph. Eur., or by othen, c prep, or eien 

', HdL 

dig lo B<bi<A wood mag catilj/ be brvaght, Ti\it tinifiuiiuarot 
rqi iXTjj, Ariel. 
A brisger, f>0|Mi;t, Hom. See A bearer. 

Brink, x">^^ '''^ ^™- ^^*~ fl"":- 

BrUk, 'iriXii, Hem. Hei, h. 

To ba Mik, lirralni, only in prei. £Kh. 

A brUtla, 3pl{, Tfilxiii, i\, in pi. Horn. 

Tg brlatls, ^iraa (parf. part. nom. pL Tt^pbtorTfs, Pind.], Omn. 

Briitllnff, fpit^'< ^"■'- 

Sriltly, -rtrStp^i, -rptx"', Simon. Amoig. 

Brittle, p^tKrhs, Ham. ; ttiXamos, or, AriaL ; upaSpoi, Fbt. 

Brittleneii, icpaup^nit, itmi, i, Tbeoph. 

A brouh, ittkit, Horn. Eur, HdL See Spit. 

To brOMh, iariraiyrviu, Ephipp, See 7b (op. 

Broad, riJAt (Hdt. haa fern, itipia, Horn, hai ace. ling. mnic. 

(Jpbr and f&pijt, A*iu* haanp^oiaa gen. fem.}, compar. -irepn, 

etc. Omn, ; rMrbt (fern, alu TMrria, Hdl,), Omn. poet. HdL 

Xen. Flat.; tiwXartit, Xen.; irAli(i,iii, Tbeoe. 
Ai broad a*, iffoirAad)!, c, dal. Thuc. 
OfarhKT, i.e. broad-flowing, eip*pfci>r, Hom,; tbpOpiftim, or, 

Horn.; itifltilnit, BacchyL i r/Arippooi, or, contr. ovi, our, 

Broad (of the earth), *ipuiSim, only fem. Horn. 
Bmad (of dliea, conntriei, etc.), ibptx'P", o*, Hom. Find.; 

ttiptKo^TBi, or, Pind. ; tbpvSiis, Simon. ; tipiirrtprvt, ar, Hei. ; 

tipl/Xtl/>«>, uvi. Find. 
£n>ai/ (of the lea), riptwopot, or, Hom. ,£tch. 
Broad-cieMted, ibpiffTiprot, or, Theoc. 
Broad-boded, broad-^oaldered, tipArvrer, or. Soph.; TAfa^K*- 

Toi, or, h. Sea CteM, Back, etc etc 
Broadly, ti^, Hom. ; tvp/«i, com^ur, ripvr^t, Ar. 
To ^wai brvadlj/, i. e. in a bmad dialect, irAAreiiC*, Theoc 
' — ' ,ipi)t, rt, Horn. ,*«!h. Eui. HdL Xen. See 

See 7b«ibni£er. 

, Find. Tiag. Inc. Plat Xen. 

To broldar, irowEAAa, Eur. 
To broU, -inrOplicff., 
A broil, HMot, Ti, Hi 


Broiua, xaAjtii-, Onm. See Braa, Copper. 

A broDoli, inrii, Hom, 

To brood, reoovfi^, Ar. Hdt. See To hatch. 

To brood over (grief, anger, etc), wJnru, ful. t^i|w (Dot, howafer, 
iiaed in Ham, except in prea,), Hom. 

A bn^od, ^po^, Soph. Eur. ; rtoeiria, Lycorg. ; of tbe men in 
the Trojan bane, ritxnibt, JEtck. 

A brood mare, twrot fiaufOfUrr}, HdL 

A brook, ipoivoi, Hom. Pind. Soph. Eur, ; ^itBpor, Onm. poet. 
HdL; contr. ptXpvr, h. Omn. AtL; X''t^ "^o'l ^^ Horn. 
Pind, ^ich. Ear. ; i^xnifui, Pind, ; rS^io, itisi, t^. Soph. Eur. 
PLuL Mtcii. Xen. See Ainr, Stream. 

TsbMok, fipm, fiiL ofan and offfofuu (Hem, baa not olini in 
indie, though ha bat oltri/ur and olir4iurai, and imperf. oin), 
aor. I, linuctt, Ifrtyiia Att., aot. 2. tfrtucrv, tirryicer AtL 
(Hom. haa alio a 3d aing, prea. ^Jpniri), Omn.; r^dm, never 
u)ed in prea., aor. S. (rXrir, imperf. rAiiSi, etc., part, rXii, fuL 
TA^iro^iai, perf. {uau. in prea. sense) T*TA.ijKa, imperf, aync 
rirKiSt, opt, rrrXaiifr, infin. rrrXiirai (rtrAd/ier and rerXd/ie- 
mi, Hom.), part, TrrAi^^r, aor, I. ^rriAairini For JrcUim, Hom, 
Pind. Trag. Ar, Xen. See 7b endnre. 

A broOB, rreiCJ), Hippon. ; Kitfiqfia, drsi, rh, At. , 

BlOOM, the phut, triyAmriror, Dioic 

Broth, (oifili, Ar. PlaL ; i^mpa, Irtt, rb, Ar. Sm 5b^. 

A broihol, TDpnTw, Ar. Antipbo. ; KiirApior, Ar. ; obrq^u, ftroi, 
ri, Dinarch. ^ich. 

7b ifaMp a brtlhd, ■n^rafymcitt, Ar. Dem. 

A brothel keeper, ToprifoOKot, Dem. jEicb. 

Tib fisiia oftr^K^ brelheU, Topntocnia, JEvii. 

The tax on brolhilt, rh woprhAr, £sch. 

A brother, yrtrrht, Horn. ; UtX^i, or 'ISeA^eiii, Hom. Find. ; 
'6it\^%, Onm. potL Hom, j 'dtiA^iw, Ar. ; idirinpirrot, Horn. 

"■- ■" ■ — ^-o"" 

Tng. ; ^ToKiaijr<tTo>, Horn. ; aJtru, «», i, Trag. ; tiieyiff- 
TpuH, Horn. ; IpufUM, Tng. Hdt. i j/ul^i', ovgt. Soph. Eur. : 
iliarwxipin, h. Pind, Mach, Eiir.; irlW/wi, w. Soph. Eut, 
tfiiawKirfX"', Soph.i oMoIfuw, Soph,; alrriSiKfitt, Soph. 
a£Mfi(uf44ii, Soph. ; rfn/io^un', ant, ficb. Eur. ; iiurftyiraf, 
sfHH, Eur.; ir^rrirat, Eur. ; iii6tth'iias,Ctl\.; i 6/ii9nr, Eur. 
J itMa- Tf^wJii, Eur. ; J iiiMtr yrSiimt, Xen, 

fc^TpiM, luiL u idj.. At. Hdl. Plst. Xec; i/uiiiirivp, ofot, 
Orph. Ap. Pl»t. 
.^ bnUer fy titeja&tr'i tide, (rcErpii, Horn. ; jfiorarpiat, un. ai 
■dj. £Kh. Udl. Xeo. Antipho. Img.j d/unilriifi, opoi, Plat. 

', l^p, ipoi, i, Horn. ; yatiSpii, Horn. Soph. 
HdL ; jn(B«rT^i, oi, i, h-jt. Dtm. ; ovymHIwrJii, Dem. 

firaCjhtr»-ii-Jaiiiyh>ni Aorn^ marriAf fin> luUrt, 'ai\ui, Hesjcb. 

Ok teko iat bntiitrt, iriMitfA^i, Xen. 

Of a bnAer, bmOerif, etc., .jtliA^i, ii, h*, uid is, ir, JEicii. 
Eur. ; 'JUkX^Kit, AriiL ; airiitA^t, or, £ich. Ear. ; Kiaiyi^ 
•nt. Soph,; ifiArropoi, oi-, ^ich. ; J^cnr>jr)ixTOi, of, ^sch. i 
Maifuii, w. Soph. ; oiU^v, oroi, A nl 4, Soph. ; fffr;r)«Hi, 
or, Pmd. Ear. 

>< pair ofbroUien, 'di^n) Afufrrtpot, Enr. 

.Life a brotitr, 'TrtttK^i, Em. 

Bndterlea, 'iritf\fti, i col 4, Eur. Xen. 

Vniappi) UcoMm of a Imlier, SlisiSt\^i in suprrl. JEteh. 

Beramie of a vrtlclud bnitiier-i»law, Kijc6yafiSpct, or (_yiot), 

Tt mat <u or call a bralitT, 'ileAf ({u, Imc 

BraOtrlg ioBt, litkHSth^ Alci. 

t^bntierlf hue, fuXUiA^r, bv, Soph. 

Braw, iippln, tat, ate Iv, ^, Omn. ; nwtd for tha brow of K hiU, 

Hon. Find. 
ni Inw tft US, vtt^iin\, Horn. ; i^p^, Enr. Hdt. ; Kfi/ri^t, 

7b int (ie imiM, (r«>47« (lor. !. -^TdTor) nb jfipii, Soph. ; 

'iivmia (tat. -ariaa) rdt 4«fAt, Dem. 
To ibril ime't imc, fuMirfu (Eq Att., n) elMwbore, sar. 1. -qxa, 

poet, -ttlna) riu iipfibt, aJio siv or «lTd3dAAAi rii i^^i, Eur. 
Dari-bnmal, in>avd<ppiir, t»i, J Kol ^, Theoc 
Wiii uHtli ejBimin, AnucJ^pvT, Oruc ap. HdL 
jltMoM MUa brtuj </a Uii, i^(iu6tit, Hoio. 

Brown, ^ait, Pkt 

AaUM Iran, *<fi^i, ou, Ar. D«m. Ariit. 

Tn 6roieB if /4)n^ or touting, iarSlia, Ar. ; ^ifaoAICo, Pbencr. 

To browM, Qiottoftat^ only prei. und imperf., c. ace. or daL or 

piep. Ham. Sttk. Eur. Ses To gnat. 
T» taraiae, a^do, fnt. aULrs, Ham. Hei. Theoc ; rptta, HdL 
To diiBolowt if (niuu, o^Ifa, At. ; iiTHiridfai, Ar. 
A tenlM, r)i^i{, lYvor, 4< Hom- ; ihr^uv, Hipp. 
Goodftr braimi (medicuie), tr/uftiiii, Hipp. 
Smiaad, ftAaarii, Ariit. 

Of Imaette eompltxioil, /itATxiUipai, ar. These 
Bmnt, to bear the bnmt of attack, iDvuion, etc., upaKirSirfim, 

Omn. Att. proie. 
WtiafOnttm abme ban <a MarvUum Ot bnmt of tit hariariait, 

fd/mr Hapa B Sn fiirai trpmirSunScrai T^ $atfif<f, Thnc 
To bnuh, KspAu, Horn. EupoL At. ; iralfw, onl; iu pm. (Ut. 1 . 

and aor. 1. Soph. Eur. 
To tanuli, L c touch lightlj in paiuu|v if^, onl^ in pni. 

.£«li. ; fUToilnipm, Enr. 
i bnuh, wWui, oToi, Ti, Ar. EiipoL 
Xntfcwvod, 'Mq, Xen. 

Srmthj, Airiot, ■, ar, and oi, or, Ham. Pint Xen. Tfaaoc. etc 
Xratil, Aitpuaani, Plat AriiL 
Bratallr, dOfHiiSai, Iiae. 
To («gia« ircAif, '^idofiot, pact. Sopb. Eur. ; AqpuJofuu, pau. 

bntali^, &i|pi^i, irrai, j^, Ariit. ; AripistCa, AriiL 
To bnitaliM, iiSypmlru, Plat, 

A tenta, aV. ^poi. 4, Omn. poU. Hdt. Xen. See Baatt. 
Bntlah, i. e. iirational, dAff]for, ar. 
Brtba, t4 iXoTo, Xen. Plat. 

Bndak, L e i^onuit {applied to men), Geior, PlaL ; ^rii. Plat. 
To if tTttM, I. e. bmtiihi; ^norest, tiirin. Plot. 


A bnbbl*, woiv^vi, liyot, it. Plat 

Ta biJUe ttp, •SrUiip^t (round in do othet tenie or penon), 3d 
ling. perf. indie, of nnui. iratf^i*, Horn. ; 'triipKiia, Can, no 
peiE Horn. ; milo^ only prea. aiid imperf. (I Horn., I Soph.), dto 
in pOH. c. gen. of th< aource tntra which. Hem, Soph. Ap. Kh. ; 
Anunncdr, Hon. PUt ; •t^SSKiCn, no perf^ Theoc ArUt Sea 

At UilBig vaUr ioet, >afAil(ai, Ar. 

Ta make lo baUit up, «afc^i>r^, Aliit 

BabbliHff ap, iji&DJlihir, Horn. 

Tie naiH qfbiMei, -woii^iAOyni^Kiuiiia, jb-ot, ri. At. 

..^a^Aii^ bMling vp, Kwcli, TSui, 4, -£Kb. Soph. 

A bvok, (U^i, Horn. Eur. Xen. See Slag, Deer. 

A bnok, i.s. a unart peraon, ■a\hi«'urrj)t, oii, ^ I*oc. AriaL 

A basket, yaUh.},t, Horn. Hdt. ; 'ulpln. At. ; 'Stftlar, Hdt ; 'fipt- 

toUoi, Ar, 
Girryi»g a bucket, 'iiVpa4p6pos, ar, Ar. 
A bnokle, irfpirv, Horn. Soph. Kur. Hdt Xen. Ap. Rh. ; npo- 

rli, Hot, it. Soph.; irdpnt, Horn. h. Eur. 
To bookie, inropriit, Hdl. Lycui};. ; limporJm, Herratpp, 
To buckh on onetelf, ■wrfarioixai, mid. Horn. Theoe. Ap. Rh. 
A gament budded on, *6pwTjfia, Sros, rh, Eur. ; *tp6rTiiia, Aror, 

tS, Theoc. ; Iii!np6niiui, Theec ; Tt/nntTpLs, llor, ■%, Thuoc. 
A btuUer, (unr», iloi, ^, Horn. Trag. Thuc etc See Skitld. 
Bnoolio, fiowoUirir, Theoc 
A bnd, k1*v£, Owi, A, h. .ffiich. Sop!i. Ar. Theaph. ; flJuioT^, 

Soph. ; SAoo-r^i, HdL Xen. ; B^iia-nyia, drot, t^, .^ch. Eur. 
Am/ foaag grim bud, x*^i Eur. PUt Xen. 
7^ bursting c^a bud, jcdAiffrot Koj(tificera, .Each. 
FuU 0^ Audi, ruariiffAaiiTat, or, Tbeoph. ; tAKbtoari^i^t, ar, 

Lite a bad, or a budding Jloaer, ttJUDmilh)!, Theopb. 

Dettn gK i g tie bade ttfpiaatt, itifUFTOifrfpiis ipvT&y, ^ich. 

T« bud, BfJurrirv, tat. 1, fiAoontow, perf. MAioTqiia, but 
pluperF. Utt^jurriiKiir, oar. 2. UXaaror, Soph. Enr. Thuc. 
Xen. etc. 

A budding, fixdar^it, mi, ti, Theoph. 

Tie budding of lit com crop, aWao /i[^a,\ j), Tbue. 

A eontinuai budding^ keiXKitrr^va, Theoj^. 

Apt to bud, io make bads, PAairrUbt, Tbeoph. ; PXaaTirrti^t, 

Ckmtiauallg budding, idSAovr^i, Theoph. 

To bridge, SdUXrioiuu, pau. Hdt See To num. 

A bndg«t, »A£»i, At. Hdl. Pkt Xen. See Uag. 

Bnff (the colaur), adj. Kn,rhj, Theoc 

A bn&lo, Harfpot, Pbiloatr. 

A bnffitt, ^iiTpa, irot, rb, Antipb. See Blow. 

To bnllM, KJrrog, Omn. (lee To beat ; bufTeled by the atotm), 
KtpQTihroiffitrai (ic r^s) ^£f x'^^*'^ ^ich. 

Abu&JMB, fitapixoxot. At. Aiiit.; Kciii^6yf\in, utoi, Antfa. 

To plag tie bt^iiai, KaiufSiD^ix^it, Ar. ; ^a^ioAa^tAofuu, mid. 
At. Ikk.; •ji\ananilm. Plat Xen. 

Bnflboneiy, fiuiutk&x^^^*^ ^tqs, to, uan. in pL Ar. ; yi^jtr^ 
nifo, Xen. ; 0ttfiiXjix.^ Ti, Ar. 

A bug, K^u, Mt, J, Ar. 

A bngbear, lap/iii, 6ot, oat. and lonietimei indecl. ai Inleij. At. 
Theoc ; luifiuikiiKtIar, Ar. ; impiiiir, 6rat, ij, Xen. 

A bogle, irilAriYt, erfoi, i,, Omn. See Tnmptt. 

To bnlld, Ufuc, and mid. perf. paat S^itfuu, Ham. h. Ap. Rh, 
Hdt; mlit, «p. in aor. I. fvoa'a-a, Hom. h. } sliH, in aor. 2. r«- 
dnpl. 'b>d^«t', Hcon. ; iroi^n, Hom. Xen. ; rlr/riiiu, and mid. 
not only of homei but alao of ihips carriages, etc Horn. He*. 
Hdt Plat. ) irtfipai, Hom. ; fiqxirdafiai, mid. Hom. Hdt ; 
■oAICb ( properly to build a city, e. name of the cit; in ace, but 
b1)o limplj tn build), aor. 1. iwi\iaira for iriKtira, Horn. Hdt 
Ap. Rh. i to build a city in, c ace loci, Xen. ; rrffo, Omn. ; 
T(KTairo/uii, mid. Hom. Ar. Plat Xen. ; Twrrolroi, do port Ap. 
Rh. 1 T•lXlL<^ alio in mid. (prop, to build a wall, but alao to 
build anything eln), Hom. Plod. Jtdt Thuc Xen.i KoAAiiM, 
Piud. ; ttrdfnir (eip. of building lemplee), tut tlrafiai, Theofpi. 
Hdt Thuc. Ap. Rh.; ^ti^'C*, Ai.; niariyripi (need ume- 
times metaph.) Pind. Eur. ; iriimiiu, in preB. fut I. and aor. 1. 
Hdl. Xen. Dem.; V*^, £°r- 1'huc. Xen. Dinarch.; elnto- 
Him, Hdt Thuc. Xen. Dem.; tiMimJojiAt, Thuci WromeSo- 
liim, Thuc Xen. Plat ; Kcuaaialhitiiii, Xen. ; iroucoli/i^ obo 


lo block np b; bnilding, Ar. HdL Ljrarg. ; «iirtWjinwICo>, Xan. ; 

T«xJ>, HiUi-t-i^, Ap. Rh. 

To Imiid ikipt, ramrri*, Ar. Hdl. Thue. Dem. See Shipt. 
To bnMJof imetiif, awiivioiiM, mid. Thue. 
To biald aeroH, tumaSoiiiu, Thuc Pllt. 
To bmld ap, i. (. to block up b; building in front of, KBminiSa- 

/lAf, Ibb. 
7b build mar, ripoKsiofL^, tiiu ciu. Tbnc ; rpaswiutittifm, line 

at. Thue. npuuralD/i^u, bI» to build round to u to encloM, 

Thuc Dam. 
3b build (b wbII) roiB^ (t eitj), TtpTCiUAji/ui, cue. and dat. cr 

e. gem. sec Hdt. Tliuc. Xeo. Lji. ; v/wimjiiMXAM, c >cc. uid 

dat. Thuc 
Ta build lit, (tiilpAot, perf. puM. -itfvfuu, Hdt. ; iymiciAiaiiim, 

Tfauc. £Kbin. ; iyic&riiuvitoiUa, Thuc. 
7b iaiU i^ (like a towerl, nn'^, Kur. Ai, Thuc. 
7b £uU apais, 'imiKoSofitii, Xen. Ljcurg. 
Tb build lagi n onpoBtuH to, imlrtifrr^, ^ich. 
To be built m, MfnofUu, peif . pui. -t^i)^uu, Thuc 
To be built h^ H oppoBtioH to, Aftvci^ infin, —Uyai^ in iraperf. 

imwjfcu', e. dab Thuc 
ro^u'al iii^ii^, JfauroSafUot, Ar. Hdt. Xen. 
Out muMt build, tU^a/irrriar, PUt. 
A1raild«r, T^KTwr, sni, Horn. Piud. Tc^. Thac Xen. Plat; 

rtitTBflKbt, Xen. Plat.; oUiSoimi, BdU Flat Xen. i Vx^'*- 

Twr, Hdc Flat Xen. Dem. 
A iuibUr'i ■tqp, Ttwronuii', jGachin. 
SkSJid a AibUh^, T«rrJvapx<»i <■>', Soph, i rncroi'Iiiii, Xen. Plat. 

fachin, olnjivilicii. Plat. 
F<mdifbmldiug, fIX«j«»i>^i, « «<ia 4, Xen. 
Tjle •eiOKB of baSding, rtrro&ini, ling, and pi. Horn. Eur. ) i 

oucoSo^'irJI, Plat. 
A >"<lJi«g, L e. a thin); built, ebcM/tiiiia, l/ros, ri, Omn. proae, 

ItaramriaCfia, itat, ti. Dem. ; iwlnlxwiio, droi, tA, AriM. 
BnildiBff, L a. the act, olnSofifo, Thuc Plat Xes. las. ; oin- 

Wotitu, em. i], Thae. Plat.j tnmpti ohaiaim^. Plat. 
IFaU iiBJf, WSfifToi, «», and iM. Horn. Pind. ; ftirrftuwi, Horn. 

h. ; rticTiTOt, w, Horn. h. ; rrrvwiiwi, Horn.; (trnnrrai, or, 

Ron.; dh-broi, or, ^ub. 
Nadf buill, Hit/ivroi, or, Find. ; r'own, w.Piiid.; nAtrioTai, 

U, or, and oj, o», Pind. Hdt Thuc. - 

A bulb, ^Kttt, At. Tfaeoc 
BnlbOQI plant!, ri ^Xoui^ifa, Theopb. 
To bolga out (of uldiera iu a line), iuniiialni, do perf. (tee lb 

^^ lAiytBat, rh, Omn. ; lyiot. Soph. PUt Xen. ; ^Utrirtii, 
irrot, i, Xen. 

BnU^, /!*]«*, neut. fi*)™, •«. m««c *•*>«•, nent Mya, nora, 
(em. firyiUii, and all other caaei in all gender) and nnmben a* 
if ftmn iiiyafjij, compar, fujftir, luperL fi^Tiorot, Omn. j tHoy- 
m), w, Eur. Ariii. ; ir^init. Soph. See Grtat, Larye. 

To bieamt btill^, TpotoyKiv, Arilt 

A bnD, ^eut, Ms ace., fioir (jfiach. bai «l«a gen, fioi, ut. aing, 
P6a, and dat pi. ^oirl in Anih.), Omn. ; raSpot, Omo. ; ^oafDv, 
At. Dem. ; ^oiK^wr, Ar. ; KapTalinnii, oSai, ace -ota', Pind. 

Tk God bull, »(<fraup» (of Jupiter), Mooch. 

(ff or bdougiM to bid/t, raifias, a, or, and ot, or, Horn. Tmg. ; 
^iioi and Wfor, Hom. F.ur. Ar. Hdt 

Ofymg bultM. ngAlK^i, Aloe. 

A butfi kidt, potia, Hom. 

A rwD bulTi Hdt, iiatain, Hdt 

Made (^laem buSt' kidei, tw^ag6tat, or. Ham. 

Made t^fiee built- bidet, rtrrMtm, ot, Sapph. 

Of ni» bulti Ude, ifuitiiot, v, or, or tuf, ov, Xen. ; iiiiotSIni, 
Hdt Xen. 

..4 itrap made o/bulTt Hdt, ffotbi, Hom, 

A glue made afbiJCt bide, ruipArrof udKXa, Eur. 

71« Head of a buU, 0OHHfiA(Sw, Lyi. 

Haviug a btdTi Itead, Boiufiipas, or. Soph. ; Boixtpiet, 
8<^b. ...... , . . 

, Eur.; 


Hmmg a bulTtfooi, tovpiwwt, mlsr, ace. voui', Eur. 
adt n built, nXitoOnii, Hom. Hea. 
7b dojf or Morife i«^, Axf^orfa, Horn, ; PoonpSyiu, Ear. ; 

AwWt^h, Sopb. Eur.; 


, ■aupomgriu, XtA. Si^h. ; Taopoff+t 
7^ jCach. ; all theie wordi are ranlj, if erer, found wilb any 
other teoasa except pm. and impeif. 
A eaenfia tf bulU, paiMiriii, Pind. ; floiK^orla, At. ; PooKriirU, 

Ap. Rh. 
Sbigiug, or bela^iiig to Urn ttaj/iug or eaeriidug built, Sw^jrai, or, 

h. Simon. Mtcb. ; gaiMres, ar, Trag. Ar. ; Povrbm, ar, Ap. 

Rb, 1 Toopo^m, or. Find. Theoc; nufOPpirfit, or. Soph.; 

TaspaKriuos, or, Soph, i ravpotiXat, or, Anth. 
Born of a buU, Porttt^s, Mel. ; $o«ytr*,i, CulL 

epoj, Theoc 

Hunting bidlt, TBupordAoi and q [name of Diana), Soph. But. At. 
LUa a bull, rauptfihr, Ar. Flat 
Liia lie bdloai^ of a bull, taiifi^SirTfyot, or, MteV. 
Eatiag built, rmjpo^iyet, on, 8t}\. Ar. ; ^ev^ifaf , or, Simon. ; 

^avflafnii, ov, b, Anth. 
7b look like a buii, i. e. anage, Tcmpjofuu, paia. (I/VO, ai to the 

eje), Eur. 
A bullet (for a iling), fu^rfili, ISoi, 4, Xen. 
Bnllion, TCP""', Omn. tic. See GfoU, SUner, etc 
Abnlvark, (pCJia, drai,T^Hoin..£ich. Eur. Xen.( ^i|ii^ftrai, 

tI, Soph. Eur. 1 t'n\fit, wt, 4, ^Kh. Eur. 
A bna^ oHiifui, Atos, lb, Dem. See &oeflHjr. 
A bnnoh, ifouiMt, fiat, i), Ar. ; tiaiai, Alex. Dem. 
A buaA i^grapei, 0»r^bi, £ai, t, Umn. 

/* ieuJiiW iudilH (of flowenj, utjjtvtpn. Soph. See CliiMer. 
In bumiet. Hie a bimci, ^in^, Horn. 
A bandit, iy/dtlt, ftoi, 1^, Nicnitr. 
A bnmg, ftiviut, iirot, ri, Ar. ; piarpa, Antiph. 
To bung, fiin, Bi"; At. 
To bimgl«, niipixf^K", "" V^'f- Ar. 
To bungle al tie net<^ lie lirei of tie Greela,iiliTerx'^'<"^^ 

Tov 'EXA-^iwr oAiiara, fachin. 
A bBSglar, ^KaapBBpyit, Soph, j ^aiAou^t, Ar. ; a^ovx^"'- 

rl)j, Xen. 
Bnn^lnglj, o'mloii, Ar. 

To taoj up {with hope, etc), iirrnaplfm, no pert Ar. Dem. 
itudjaj q; (vith hope, etc), firrJitpat, or, Thuc 
Booyuit, 'IttmoTDi, ar, Pind. 
Buiyamt (of a man*! ipiiiu), tli:n«ioi, ar. Find. Xen. Set 

SnTdtji, ix^'i "i Horn. iGicfa. Soph. Hdt Thuc ; ^iproi, 

Hom. Hea. Soph. Eur. Hdt; (kJprior, [Ar. Xen. Lya. Dem.| 

•pipiUifia, bxes, rb, £acb. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; ^tpoi, ri, jEKfa. 

Soph. Xen.; B^irrieftuL, irot, rb, Eur. j irbiirfiui, ina,r)i. 

.i4 burdta H^eiaitfor one beail'M load, pifot ritnio^ofliiir, Xen. 
A flap it o/five tjioimini taienti burdea, ravs nrrowrxi^'M' "m- 

AiijTBr ■)i(>ui» ^(1, Hdt 
7'^ burden if a louff, iuiflbs. Pint. 
Blaring burdeut, ixBo^ipat, or, Hdt ; finvof6fiet, or, Hdt Xen. ; 

of a ihip, ^oprrryiic^t, Thuc 
A liip i^burden, ^oprli, ftoi, j), Horn. 
— ■ rdau, ^Ofrnry^i Hdt 

rrl^i", Mick. Enr. Thuc Xen. Dem. Sea 7b load. 
U, drSiMxMli, Hom.; trux6i,l, Al. Phit Dem.; V 

tfMit, Hea. .AUch. Flat. See Hemg. 
A bttrgitH, or borgber, SquJnii, Soph. Ar. Hdt Xon. Dem. ; in 

fem. SiiMt't, iSot, A, Ar. Theoc See Gtiau. 
7b ie n burgett, tiifurrtbo^m, paat. L;a. Dem. 
A burgea of tie tame borougi at uqitelf, S^furw^finvi fifr* i/un, 

Seia^ a burgeu of Eleutii, Ir 'EAtiHTirfoit t(|fi0T«liivwm, Dem. 
/ ilabiij tint of aiat borou^ be uot a burgker, and <nl« jls (M- 

tUKmJ MoJ i(< mu a bargier rf Dteelia ,..iip6iair twMir Stuio- 

TtioiTO, ivtii^ it ArtupiroTQ iri ^tuAtioSir . . . LjB. 
A biTglar, ■roix'f^'", Ar. Flat 
SniglHy, ToixupOxl", Xen. 
7b ooMMif burglary, toixHfix^, Ar. Xen. Dem. 
Biuial, rlifat, Omn.; rif^. Soph. Enr. Hdt Xen. JEacUn.; 

' ' ' *" :h. At. Lya. JEtchin. ; ic^i, rb, Ear. Hdt lioc ; 

. Rh. 

t, Hdt ; ' 



Hum «4o ei^iU Ic 6t St taritn 0/ da aoijm, Hvi Kt/tm irri 
O/dc UUmgitg la ImnaL, Ti^A2s>, Horn.; icffitm, or, £k}i. 

BsriMfW, 7«*(H4i>, Eur. Ar. Hdt. PUt. Dem. Sec Airfim/ow: 

Bnily, vMlrti, Sopfa. Sec ^. 

To bnn, f^r)>Mw, tmiL utd inlmii^ oulj in prei. in Hum. (ulu 
in pu*. HomO, Hon. He*. £kIu Soph. ; ^jyw, no pnt, 
uid intnua. ftbougb tbii ii nre), in intnuii. un*. ow. in 
Tsice, Hom. T»g. Ar. Pl>[.; irilrafA^, Horn. Het.; Ari^^, 
Hdo. Hdt. Thaci o-fi^v, tniiL, often nuMph. Ham. Ap. Rh. 
MoKh.i niTWtwx-, Hom-Theoc.; W-. trani.._inti«iu. f' 
Bfiat, paM. e^ aor. 3. utd perl ud plupetf mid., no fuL 
■Dj Toice, but Simim. bM pcrf. pu>. «Iw>fuu, Hom. Sim 
.£Kh. Soph. ; •itaUm, bj ajDC drlofa, .£Kh. ; JrSafa, Il> 
Pind. Ap. Rh. ; brm, uid pKM. alto *or. 1. mid. in put. ic 
Horn. £«:b. Ear. Hdt. Thuc ; w^^lTft^|u, fliL and asr. 1. tfip 
Flc, a* from *p4^ (i^ in imperf. hfnfimi), aor. 1. alio frfxro, 
HUL, no pert act^ but Pberecr. bu prrf. psM. imper. whrptiao, 
and Ar. bai 'fHvrpiivftii, Honi. Hea. Tiag. Ai. ; iiarlnw^inu, 
Horn. Tng. Ar. Thnc. Ljt. Dem.; folv, fut. mn^iii (not in 
Ham.), aor. I. bpa (01 (itnii, Hom.), aor. ]. part. kIu (Tiag.), 
OnuL ; 'iriKoii*, Ham. HdL ; KoriiiaUif Hom. Ar. Omn. pnwi ; 
iwUaiu, Hom. PUt. Dcm.j juolai. Ear. Ar. Hdt. Plot.; 81I- 
«1>, HdL i rfunalM, At. Xen. Thtopfa. 1 ^Tvoiv, Eui. ; bISk, 
oolj pna. and impof., Irant. and lometimu intzanL, tbougb 

•em. Horn. Hea. Eur. Xen. Ap. Hb.) idTidBa, .Xich. Eui. Ar. 

Thnc. ; alHA^, in poM. Eur. ; iriToiMAifot, Mtiii. Eur. Ai. 1 

^Asy{£^ Soph. 1 friixiu. in pue. £tch. j irtpdm. Tng. Hdt. ; 

irrifim, Eur. ; Mpiiticr, ^kH. Eur. j KiTiiv«)>d«iiii>, ^ich. 

Sopb. Eui.; (droffl^f^gi, Anlh. ; npfop^, oolj in pm. 

fEach. ; Tv^wtXia, onlj pm. Ar. j t6rimpwt\4<t, Ar. ; adra- 

fpiy^ Ar. ( irCp<te, Plat. 
To Im y^vm M«r, 'tiToirfftirp»>u, HdL; 'CfivTa, Enr. HdL 

Xen. ; 'fr>Hnli•^ HdL ; 'EhraMn, Soph. ; 'ffnuKob, Theoph. 
Tb inn btfire (in front of), rpomJoi, c gen. Xen. 
7>ilanii9W«cw(afui inn; ranging a ccunlr;), irpos&iibcalM, 

7*0 tun! will, nit^iym, Eur. Theoc ; ir^uTl/ii-pi/u, Eur. ; irvy- 

nl*. Plat. ; nTaftrboJv, HdL Xen. ; avyiOinuiti, Soph. ; nfi- 

mmd, ifif^taim, Horn. 
; 'teaitBUd, Xen. 

f«Kia (ww, 'vlC''•^ fnL -iitm, do per£ Soph. 
To tana (of burning incenu, perfume*, tic.), K^iAu, PIni). Hdt. 
To ba Inunt, S^io)iai, pau., c gen. iriipit b; fire, Ham. ; Kibrri- 

0)00, paM. Pind. Enr. ) -rt^e^uJ, pou., onl; ' " 

To i* band toiO, trtrSraaiiidiiiiai, AniL 

To turn ioDOlk (the Kent flame of batred}, iworipaitai, Ctei. 

To le i^ lurmiig If On adt, rtpiUnliyiai, HdL 

A bnnw, ttanif, q^t, i, Pind. 

A bmnlBf , aaiffu, •», q, Hdt. ; f^fn^ru, *bi, 4, HdL PlaL ; 
wtfHva, *wt, J^ liuAph. 

Baniag, in acL Km., e. g. ■■ epith. of £rr, etc, cslcnlnted lo 
bniD, iriAtoi, ar, and iciiXtuu, at, Horn. ; /lUipil, Horn. ; mif- 
ir^Aat, ar, Enr. ; olVwr, wni. Find. 

Btrua^ (of thinga on lice), alAUAu (nied in both Ktuei), Horn. 
Hea. ^Uch. ; ifi*Gpiit, or, etp. of iKiiSca and of divination 
&nm them, Pind. Soph. Eur. -. wtptKoiio^Bi, or, Hom. ; Kuwrbi, 
Snr-i npidti, Mich.; ripT^iKToi, at, Micb. Eur.; wtpU 
p\irfot, or, Emped. ; nIfifAiicToi, of. Soph. ; fkoyun-hi, Sopb. } 
imifiirBt, Ar, ; aWat, Ar. ; iripBrir, Antiph.; rt(ii^**7^i, 
Xen.; HOKHtr^Iirt, AriiL 

£an>( Hid a waU-oiHerfjtaiH, KoUi^ott, 0701, £ur. 

HaifUintt, ii^Hi^t, Hom. Ap. Rh. 

Nealf twif, rtdtauirrot, or, Tbeoph. AlilL 

BMnH altietmd, MUmrroj, ov, HdL 

fioaan iwrn^ (in a ibeet of flame), /lUqii itiMSpa rifii nt/rS- 

ilpivio, Enr. 

A(/ir iKnniv. naiaiiiai, PlaL Xen. 

7b q/ir a bmTit-qferwff, bjmirim, Xen. ; iKumniit, Xen. 

To bnnialk^Aa^apiMr, in mid. for sncatlf, Xen. 

A bnr, t^Wb\u, Ar. 

•n onlj in pcea. 

Bninnr, a haal idioi doM iM< Wrotf, '^Tjnrrot, or, AriiL 
To bunt, trana. ^tnniu, Ep. imperf. ^iiyrvaKor, Horn., no pelf, 
acL or pan,, peiC mid. ff^inn intmni. (ibe prei. and aor. 1. act. 


I of pi 

Omn.; tiatfifrtriiu, rap. in 
eating too much, haliooing, etc Hom. Ar. Xen. Dem. ; h/aj^t- 
TTVfu, Hom. Soph. Eur. HdL ; nofof^iffrviu. Soph.; iwSiiti^ 
P^yru/u, Ar. ; itcn-»fpirrritu. Soph. Enr. HdL Dem.; ntiiCu, 
only in aor. 1. inilairira, Horn. ; narairxtCii, Xen. Dem. 

7b burit/orti, intiana. Uatioiuu, paia., onljr in imperf. and in 
pluperC i^tari/iTir, aor. 1. iitaWir, Horn.; TpSruwrm, ttf, m 
oar. 1. Hom. Ap. Rh. ; 'irSxorrliit, no perf. of blood froin a 
wound (aee Cut) or water. Ham. HdL; fym/ti, of blood, no 
perf. Ham. ; 'iwi^ia, of blood or of bgbl, Pind. £Kb. ; tni/u, 
imperf. iirjtir, So^h.; irifipdaaw, aa a atom, no perf. Soph.; 
iroSfSii^i, ai apringa of water, in pre*. HdL; iKTp4xii, fat. 
-Spifiaifmi, aor. 1. -dipifiw, no oUier tcnaei, aa anger, ate 

To bu^ atmida; iiSXanta, intrans. Ar. 

To tun! in or on a verton, t/iirhtTif, eip. ai aeniationa, anger, 
fear, ete., tat. -rirraii^iai, aor. 2. -twtaor (perf. r^imwa, rarelf 
uaed except in parL semmjit, i^nc -vnri^t, btoi, Horn.; 
vnr^i, AtL), c. daL Horn. Tiag. Thoc. Plat. ; tlswirra. Ear. 
Hdt. Than. Xm. ; /rdAXo^ioi, mid. Ar. ; tlmfliu, c. ace Dem. 
£achin. ; ^toJ*, tare, except in pro. c daL Soph. 

Tb bunt open offoin (aa an old wound doca), iramfi^inirOiiai, 
pou. Hipp. 

Barttiny inlo loan, tcbpuM- pi^iura rifurra. Soph. 

Thi tliandet burit/aHi, Pforrii ififiirftl. Soph. Ar. 

Jit vnca buniing on lie ihon, kv/u X'f'F ^TP^I"*'!', Hun. 

Mas yon Imrtl, liafipirftliii, Ar. 

Btaailiiig ojiOi burtlt ofgri^, iiiXXifi^ yoiaga, Hom. 

T'o moia to bant fotH, fA^, no praf. Soph., alto intrana. 
.^Kh. Ar. 

A banlng forth, irtioaa, fan, q, AriiL 

To bm, icrtt^a, fuL -Hu, onlj acL Hom. Ap. Rh. ; lert^ia, 
foL -fan, but luu. even in Hom. intfm, only act., alao rr. 
rd^, or c. ace. cagn. kt. mipta, etc Horn. Simon. Soph. Eur. ; 
la^opim, no perf. Ham. ; it^ipm, fut. J{olirv, aor. 1. -^rtyaa, 
WIT.-2. -irtyiar, no perf Ham. Eur. HdL Xen. ; ^ariit, fnL 1. 
Sil4*i, perf. -rMipa, perf. paaa. Ttfofi/ioi, aor. 1. iM^^i, not ao 
common aa aor. i, irtifiir, etc Omn.; aaTaMrrit, Hon. Lya. 
lioc. : •tS/rirtStfiat, mid. in aor. 2, port ijnc Karei/itnt, Horn. ; 
Topxviii Horn. Ap. Rh. ; rfpHTr^Uti (and T. ri^ar, c gen. of 
perton, Sopb.) Hom. Si^b. Enr. Thnc PUt.; in|Sf^, Soph. 
Eur.; jcArofi^ow, Ar. HdL PlaL Xen.; 'Oraifi&fuii, mid. aor. 2. 
irii\6iLtir, c pert paai. in pau. acna. Hdt. Thuc PkL Xen. 
Dem.} x<irv£iiu, Eur.; Karaxdrnifii, Ar. HdL FIaL; rufifiiit. 
Soph. Eur. Ar. ; 'ltfiirl{n, Xen. : HuTiunculfa aiirei, Soph. ; 
nS^iiwra ■yvm X0i>rl( Pind. ; uAmT^ X^P^'i ■■ ^1^, Soph, 

To hn^ imli, lo ban mar, ovrAtrrig, £ieh. Sonh. HdL Thnc 
PlaL ; auyaieapiiiii; So^. ; ovradTdMirrw, HdL Lja. Iiac ; 

'W&piKdfTOpiiFtTtr, Hipp. 

7b be baritd, Kkbn/iai, paia. Pind. ; byaiaitai fi^tf. Ear. ; ii^ 

mrcirrH KHAor, Eur.; yijr trJryH^ai, mid. in aor. 1. intin, 

fa't^s'aa^ai, Xen. 
To bt bariai uiti, ^ucdrop^ffOfuu, Anlipho. 
Afoy / be baried 1 iAXd >» Ttfrtivra x^ T^ >"'■ niXinrroi ; 

Hom. Sae To die. 
One vaal bara, Sttanion, Soph. 

A bnrjing, ^iniptms, <w, 4. Eur. Thuc PlaL Dem. 
Soriad, n^it^i. Soph. ; 'uaiminAflixot, or, Theoph. 
Baried vUi, ir^n^ai, or, PlaL 
Baned together, l/iirsifoi, or, Mich. 
A ignmaf u a ipleiidid tomb to be baritd in, mi^v 'an-ir irrt^atr 

^ Tvparrii, luc 
A bub, ^inHiiB, TJt, Hom, ; btSfoni, Hom. Tng. Plat. ; Mroi, 4, 

Horn. Antb. ; ^drla, Pind. ; atrSp^ior, Theoph. 
A bulMl, fi^i^ot (not eiaetl; howerer, for an Attic fU). waa 
' r half ai large again ni our buahel, and the Sicilian )US. 
one-fifth larger), Hei. Xen. etc. 
(of a place), tiabi, HdL Thuc Xen. ; Mitrwi 

by G 00*^ IC 


01, or, Tien. Flat. Tlieoc. ; Mxt"it^', Thtoc. ; 'i^Mtis, Theoc 

BuJif (of a plant), AanrMtii, Theoph. ; ftn^irotiNii, Diou. 

BuisMa, i.e. alTair, irpoy^ ttrai, rd, Omn.j in pi. e>p. of law 
bnaineu, ont. XP^o>i ■"■^ P'K't. XP""! ^^< »'> ^' °°°>' pl- 
XP*. Horn. 1 x^A, and poet, xpfi^j Ap- R^. 

BncilUH, i.e. ImdB, j/ir^pnvui, Atdi, to, Xan. ; TrpryiiiTtta, 
Put. luc. Dem. 

Al totit baiiiiea, irpit A^TVt, .Xicb. 

Noliii^ to do aitii lit buuun, iMh- rpit K6yin', Find. 

Tie viole iuuKM, «£t \^t, Hdt. Plat 

My omt baiineti, &tt oion iutuu, ^fiJr ivrov x^iit, /iv aimC x. 

Mind your mm Imtimt*, ri sour^i fpya "i^pf'. Hom. 

/( ii your btMna; air Ipyov icrlr, j^sch. 

TUi ii my imtiuB, ^fu>l tovto iv^iiceitiu, Ear. 

Tity uAd ibm ■<• iun'tuB htre, oJair stic Arurrpoi^al, Ear. 

Wlial (wiiKn ione (iepilenf) wifil Ihtta! fit ftaXiEirirT)! Soviet 
Aoit Kouwrla; Eur. 

/■ a AwtiKM-^ H»jr, tuteoriiuSt, Menand. 

7b ig II fcmn'f biauKfl, iUMl, Fit. ft^Xirmi, p«iC ^p|A(, c. dat. 
pen., ortea c. gan. rei or c. infin. Omn. \ nfTi<rrt, c. dat pen., 
often c. gen. rei or t infin. Trag. Tbuo. Xen. See J\/bea care. 

To 1m bniT, nintuu, mid. onl; pna. and imperf. c prep. Ham. ; 
roiwriu {i befbn a long lyll.). Hum. Find. ; f», only in pre*, 
part. c. t/x. rei, Hom. ; jfif wad, onl; pm. and imperf. t. ace. 
rai, Hom. Find. ; ifupiriB, Hom. Tng. } i^i^voAi^, only piei. 
c. act rei, Hon. ; i^wo^iit, no perl Find, i mavSiC", Eur. 
Plat. Xen, Dem. ; tTiTifitit,, no perf. c aee. rei, Hdt. Dem. 
laoc; irSAivS^fiai, pau. cprep. Jvand dat.,arn|il and ace Xen. 
Ikc. ; KtXiySiefuu, can. c. prep. Flat. ; ifukkt, c 6M. Al. Thuc. 
Plat. ; IxB, imperf. fTxov, fill, tin, and oftaner iffxfSff", no aor. 1 , 
perf. I^XV^ aor. 2. to'x'"', c ''pl and ace. Xen.j rpayiiirtio- 
liai, mid^ c. peif. and aor. I. paaa., perf. pui., ako in pa«. leni. 
c. aec. rei, or c infil, c. ace. or c gen. or c. Jrl and dat. Hdl. 
Plat Xen. Dem. etc 

To he iiuy, iaxatJoiiai, mid. AriiL 

7i) 6e oner btay, to be a Aa^ body, To\Orprriuirla, Ar, Flat Itoc 
^Mhin. ; trfpifpyrf^ofuu, Hdt Itoo. Dem.; roMwfayiiilTia, 
Ariit ; rtpiiro'i ipA, Soph. ; npuroA npiaaa, Sopb. 

To be too baiy to do a tlmg, Affxa^lor (x« (ii t& ^!) rpdimir, etc 
Xen. ; JurxoXloi' 4^s npl, c gen. Plat 

Biut;, iff^oAoi, oil, e. ijilin. or prep. Find, Enr. Flat Hipp. ; Ttrj 
bin;, iipfipyot. Of, Xen. Iboc ; -woKintpiriiuiy, ont, eip. in Iiad 
■enie, ai a buijbodr, Ar. luc ; ^'O-avfiyiiaii, Isb. Lj'carg. 

Being not buy, Sirpiytuer, ont, Eur, Ar. Thuc Xen, Dem. 

A being baty, wrxohlo. Find. Thuc Flat ; in bud lenie, L e. being 
a butjbody, nkSxfiirriuHjirTt, Ar. Thne. Fiat. etc. pAorpar/- 
jumi«i. Plat Dcni. ; ik^orpurrparfiiBirbrti, Plat. 

Freedom from busiiieH, irpay/uiaiyTi, Thnc Xen. Dem. Iwc, 

Tie tmding one'i oum buaHfH, fSiowfiyia, Plat. 

Loohag lite buiiaea, rpaytiiTtuiitiJ, Plot 

A buUn, KiBapni, Ar. Hdt Xen. 

A but, '^yoAfio, Stoi, rh, Find. Hdt. Thuc Plat. ; tUiv, iral, 
etc, often conlr. eap. in ace ftxii, Mteh. Eur. Hdt Xen. Dem. 

Tiebimi of Mercury, olEp/uu, Tbuc 

A buitaid, stIi, tint, 4, Xen. 

A butle, Tipij^. Imk. Xen. Plat. 

To btutlt, ;Wf<B, no CaX. Eur. 

Bat, &ui, Diu, (and alwBji among the earlier and purer wliten) 
thefinl word in Ibe aentence, often followed by koI Co alrenglhen 
it, or by Ti ic^alio bjyi, uan. with a word intervening between 
them, or by %uai, or tdi Att., 4toi Hom., or Ttp, or ipa, or 
oly in proie, bj -yip in Tr8fl„ where, howeter, yip properly 
nfen to ume other part of the aentence, alu by tV ^< 7^ 
TBI, etc Omn. ; H, properly a] wayi the lecond word in the len- 
tence, though lometimei it ii found later, often preceded bj /tlr, 
as ol /i)v, ... olSi; when in the tmgedlana the peraon apeaking, 
after laying aomelbing elae, tuma to addrew eome one, the name 
of tbe perton it pot fint, then the pronoun, and then M, aa, " bnl 
thill lay to you, Meneloua," Viiri\af,a-o\Strdit\iya, Eur.j 

ande' ■■■■-■ ^■-- ■'■ - ■■- - --■-^- >--■ - 



your hthet with action," tbi^ ri St nrpii . , . ^i 
dlym; Soph. ; oMip, Hom., for 'Itrip, which a! wayi beg 
lentenoe, except when it followa a TOcatiTe ; lometimei in . 
it follow! fii» inatead of II, often followed by 7I, with a 
between them, Omn., poet, nrety in Xen,, 

n Thuc Onl. c 


Not but ahat, ob lAr iMi^ Xen. 

Ali bul, Siror ou, or taov nh, Soph. Eur. Tboc Xen, 

For tie pmrpoeet of Ok tear uhjime/uw, onif a/f bat actuailg eiuf- 

iiig, it rir /iiMjorra ml Saoy 6u riporra ir^\*fuir, Thue. 
Ulya tciU be iert all btit in a moaenl, ^ti f 'OlViriii Satr obK 

4A), Eui. 
A Wtelwr, i>i.ytifta, Enr. ; Ifpri^i, Xen. 1 KptowiKiit., Macho. 
lAo a buliAer, Kptoupyr]Sbr, Hdt 
To be a bvtiAer, ait ttp like a butder, Kptonriv, £ich. Ear, ; 

KptOVfTfita, Luc. 

A bul^er'i ihop, Hpntri\ar, Diod. 

A eattixg up Sie a buliAer, tptoupyia, Lac 

nw bntt-Mtd, DupUtxoi, Horn. 

A bntti or mark to ^oot at, imnli, .Xacb. Sopb. Xen. AntipbOL 

See Mar*. 
To butt, KtporSriic, only in pres. paia. uied metaph. ^nh. ; 

KtptiliCit, Ciatin. ; idpliaa, fut -(», no perf. Flat. ; soptxrm, 

OiH Oat butU, Kopim-Ujn, TbeDc 
Bnttar, Bo^'ripor. 
0/baller, flovripr«w, Diow:. 

A kutter-eaier, Booripopiyot, Anaiand. ; B'x'ropopiytit, Euphor. 
A battook, yfJHrrbt, Horn. Sopb. Hdt Xen. 1 hrxur (in aing. 

only Horn.], in pi. Hon. Hdt Pkt Xen. 
" •--"— "- ■ ' ■■ It the end like a foil), apaiprrhs, 

... . ■*, Enr. 

Bqxobi, "iKipoi, Ar. Xen. 

To bnj, Tplituu, only in aor. 1 . iwpiifaiy, c dat ot price, Horn., 
C gen. Omn. poat Horn., c dat of penon from whom, or c prep. 
ix, or Topi and gen. Horn. Find. Soph, At. Thuc. Xen. Dem. 
etc- ; ia'4afiai, mid., rare, except in prea. and imperf. itovoi/Arir, 
perf. and pluperf. and aor. 1. paaa., in paia. teni. c gen. of 
price, c ace of penon from whom, or e. prep. Hea. Hdt Omn. 
Atti 'inrrpiXfuu, Ar.; fywiAiia, Soph. ; ka/iStra, fdt Al)^^ 
fuu, perf. ^iifa, aor. 2. fUWor, perf. pan. ([\i)fi^iai, and aome- 
time* X(Ai)Wuu, c. gen. of price, Ar. Xen. 1 'iryopdiofuu, mid. 
Xen, ; jjav^ofiw, Lyi. Ariat 

To 619 up, irirwioiuu, Lyi. Plat Xen. Dem. ; r(;i>&7vpil£i>, 

To big/beiidet, Tpomriofuu, Xen. Dem. 

To hug in rgtUTK, or tciM lie matey gol ba ailing aom^iiMg elee^ 

iyrAyopd^tt, act and paav Xen, Dem, ; orrtnriotiMi, Xen. 
To bay if (accuien, etc, ], Itriojuu, c ace. Dem. \ tirwpiiiair, c, 

ace Ibdc Lya. Anlipho. ; ^uv^ofxai, Ly*. 
To bugjbr anallKr, Tpom\.ia, Flat 
To btiy at (ia eaate time teili, ovrrrpiifoiy. Lye 
To be bongbt, iyipis, h, i>r, and ii, by, Hom. Traff, Thne. Plat 

lioc. ; £nat, Thec^. Epich. Ar. Plat Dem. Xachio. ; Ainrrtn, 

Plat ; iiiri\rfTot, Soph. 
Netcly bomgil, rtArvot, or, Ar. ; nnbangfat, ixpttm, Hom, h. 

A buying, £rsi, Hom. ; iirli. Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat Dem. ; 

Snjo'ii, «H, ii, Lyi. ; ifaoKii, Xen, 
A bBjer, ianrriit, Xen. Flat. 

To bnn, 3ri>B<m>, no perf. .Xach. ; Po/iSia, At. Tbeoc Ariat, 
A ban, Pdiiioi, Plat 
Tie bua ofwiitgi, ^irii, Mtch. 
Witi a iiuzB^ loaid, BopXifiiy, Ap. Rb. 
A btunr, SofiCrrr^i, Anth. 
Sj, i. e. by meant of, Sil, c. ncc Omn., c gen. Soph. Ear. Hdt 

Thuc etc. : altn by night 81A riicTa, Hom, ; inrh, c gen. Omn. ; 

ural, c gen. Hom. Ttsg. ; Tpkl, c, gen. Horn. Soph. Xen. ; alao 

meaning near to, Hom., cap. of entreaty, naually in Att with 

the pronoun of the entreated penon between the prep, and it* 

youyd^ofuu irpit ixAx'^^t Hom.; I entreat you by your right 
hand, rpSt rt Itfiat iKvoiifxai, Eur. ; the rerb being lometimei 
lat^ out, aa, I entreat you by your kneel (which I am embno- 

iiw), do not d«traf me, i, rpii fft Tontngr, fn)t^iv> fi' i^tip ■ 
fiaf, and ann the pnpoiiltoa being umetiina Dmitt«d, M, I 
enmat yoa hj Japitet Oljmpiiu and b7 Thentii, Mamiuu 
4fi^ Ziiiti 'OAvinrlw i/Sh S^fuaTBi, Horn. ; I entreat jroa bj 
Iwr, Toinii firnifiBf (Tt, Eur. ; alu, to (waar iy, WKu ifiicai 
wf6t laifiorot. Ham. ; c ace. by nwHiliaht, «pi> riir viKiirTir, 
Xen. ; hj tont, rpit Star, Soph. ; VA ■=- ^^ ^'"^ ; '>'*i <■ 
gan. £icb. Thnc; /wr^ c gm. Thnc Xen^ c KC; of tima, 
aa, bf daj-, fwf 4fi'pa>', Xm. etc ; bj, aap. of tha agent, in, c 
gen. Onm. ; alaii, by fone, Ik plat. Soph. ; np^ c gen. Pind. 
Soph., ie. nau, c dat. Oinn., c ace Horn. Soph. Xea. ; bj. If. 
Btw, birif, c [ten. Pind. ; taeri, in all kiuh, c aix, Oian. ; ^1, 
tap. c gm. of nnmben, ai, amnging their ahipa by fbnri (i. e. 
Cnr Anp), M rt^tiftir -r^ji^uim rlt ran, Thoc, u Xao. 
ate ; liTl, c gta. of entiaat; by, ones in Soph, ; when aaaening 
by Jon, etc m afflnnative Mntaocaa id), c ace Soph. Ar. Dem.; 


alM H) fii, Ar. : rol |i^ Mom. Ar. ; rj| alio i* joined with a 
neg., oi, il ii impouible by Jof 0, <Ax ^i* t( ri) Ala, Ar. } in 
n^atiie Mntsncea, A fuL c ace Dmn., t/i Kmetimu cominf 
afier /i^ ai, /ul talis rap' Aftiji' nfrifmi iMirropai olSroi n^ 
(rrai T«i>rr), Ear., and ersn npdentood, aj, " do yoo pay two 
diaehmn Ibr doing it P " " no, by Jots, but len," iio ^wxM* 
fiurAv tttMS \ fd Af h*X iiiirtm, Ar., si nA* being lut- 

!. atandiiig by the ode at, ■d^amitbi', Horn. Theogn, 

By, i 

JEach. Theoc 
Bjvoiua (tet bygonea be bygonei), iMA ri ftlr afm-Mixtw 

ieuniur, Horn. 
A by-word, rtpDVila, j£uti. Sinib. Ac Plat. See Pneai. 
Bynntliiiii, ^irruT, Thuc Xen. 
^nntls«, Buf^m, Xea. 

Ctkten, ^l^bot, D, Tbeoph. 

A tmSim, irbtai), Ildt. Thnc And). Sea Hid. 

A eaUait, idrni, Horn. Ar. ; Xifrai. ims, i), Horn. Simm. Hdt. 

Thnc ; MStmrU, i,, Ar. Lja. ; jdMrur, At. Xen. Dem. 
A aftbU, (wyiii, pL ol and lA, Ham. Gnr. ; wnaiiOL, ina, -rh. 

Mom. Mvih. Eur. Flat. Ap. Rb. ; npufuHtau, -rk, Horn. ; hM<- 

'TW, Enr. ; irp^ini, iGsch. ; x'^U^arApu, ri, Siir. i nwrjfp, 

V«, Theoc. 

OMhny, ■c&x'fa. Plat- 

OaehiBUtian, j(<x>rf>^, Ar. 9<a LaagUer. 

Outoa, KiKToi, il, Thecnh. 

CUavmnii, >vcpiiSi|>, Lux 

A Midiil, irlAfu, Ariit 

OadniM (of nrae, etc.), #i»/iii, Plat. Xen. Ihc 

A Mg« (for aniraali), alKdmoi, Ar., alio for male&clon, Dem. ; 
abiiin, Atvi, ri, Hdt. See Pritaii. 

To gaifale, rlpM^rns aor. 2. irS^A^iir, Horn, i mlptedSo, 
■ar. 2. vdpatrMSM' and n^pWcAw, Horn. ; MA*)*, no pert 
MoOL Pind. Eur. Plat. ; riftirw ( i lonieiimca, Horn.) Hom. 
MiA. t npiWm^ fat. -i)*, Ar. ; lioiotejilKiioiai, Ai. 

7b i> e^oUd, diXxafua, in aor. 1. paai. Ar. S« To itaww 

O^olMT, jraCbaHvyia, fersi, t^ Ar. 

A CittUt; kJAUm, Ai. See Ann. 

A Mka, WUboi (etp. a oka of meal, honey, and oil offered to 
the Ooda in a lemi-IiiiDid itale), .^Kh. Eiu. Plal. ; trpar, am. 
m pL Anae. Soph. At. ; Mnami, Ar. \ 'innt, trtt, I, Ar. ; 
'tiMm, J im) ^ At. Thew^; mfirinr, Ai. Plat; npi^uf, 
wnvf, made of mailed wheat and bailey, Ar. Ephi[n. ; ''fifta, 
Otm, ri, Hdt. ; ^Mlt, I», J, nom, pi. ^6ittt and ^00^, alio c 
gen. f Ori Boi, nam. pi. ^f9«r, Ar. Anth. ; fil^i, fSoi, j^ eip. 
the (mke offixed to H«ate, Soph. Ar., a csmmon cake, Hipp. ; 
XM"""*! Enbul. ; rKiKoSt, oSrrn, aim x*f Arior w*. Ar. ; »\a- 
nrqi Ifirat, Sophnn. ; AiyOnr, prop, a broad thin lake, Ar. ; 
rwvkt, prop, a cloie heaiy cake, lu. Phereer. ; icJUMo, lA, 
prop, imall rmnd okea, Ar. 

A ofa i^va md hmf, iy*ft', ^'< 4, Steaich. 

A«^ifiarl^<imd«l,*m<rT^ri,Ar.; i«,rH, ^a, Hipp. 

A ooia ifbari^, ^imi, Chion. ; tinTq futfa. At. 

.^ ate if/ntkjiair, rMtUra, ri, Dnn. 

.J cuk i^jmmrttd fruit, ailUtA), Hdt. 

..4 obybr Mcn;^ V™, "J, Call. 

To gain, Tft^a^ia, put c peil mid. rfrpsfo, Hon. 

To eojb amaid a Oang, wtpihfifatiat, c dat. Hein. S«« To 

IFiltoaf ombf, 'drAinwnn, or, PlaL (Cnra.) 

OalaBitona, AiPnii, Omn. poet, i 'ifiiyapTot, », Hom. Hea. 
JOk^ ; KrvyiAJas, Hom. Hei. Theogn. Ap. Rh. ; /it^tot, a, or, 
and «, «r, Hmu. Hea. Tiag. ; MfJ^t (aIt«o^, Ar.), compar. 

Antipho. : 

■Artfti, Horn. Hai. Ar. Hdt. ; muii, compar. Komirtpoi, Hnn. 
Tbeoc, nerei in Att. ; alio ribirlii*,(r Hom., I AtL), mperi. atbiw- 
TOT, Omn. ; oIicTpii, eoinpar. alrrpirtfat, luperi. oErrurrai, 
Hom. Pind. Tng. HdL Plat. Dm. ; twm,ayt^t, Hea. ; aloi^i, 
AnhiL Pind. ; JdoTiini, w. Pind. Soph. Dem. ; U\ua, a, or, 
and OI, or, Omn. Att. ; StinUAut, a, or, and ot, or. Soph. ; war- 
tSufvrot, or, Tiag. i raKStptirts, or, .^«h. ; favurrei, or, 
^ach. ; #iro£i[Ti»Toi, or, .«ich. ; ifa;iiapai, or. Soph, j SlmT- 
im, or. Soph, j SvMiHir, oroi, Em. ; foytfiii. Tag. Ar. Api 
Rh. ; )iitTA.qToi, or, £fch. ; iraAlraiioi, or. Soph. ; f/viox^I, 
or. Ear. ; irjb>dAi|(, Soph, j 'Auiirra^i, or, Saph. } 'i)(^)poi, or, 
Tng. ! 'ftx^""'. w, Eof. Swih, j wor^pii, Eur. Thuc ; '4^ey- 
Y^i, Soph. : iiaytrnia, Mtcii. Dem. ; ■witjrr'bj^t, £ich. ; JM- 
rt^t, ^Kh. Soph. Eur. laoe. Plat. Dem.; 't/riji^j. Plat. 
Antipho. Dem. ; tfifAai, ar, £ieb. Soph. ; Imr^|Bra(, or. Ear. ; 
Eur. ; tCnA-y))', Rteh. ; 3V^-rro>, or, Soph. ; 
', Soph. Eur. : 'ftT^i, Tr^ Plat. ; ifWrot, or, 
flat. ; rpd^ii, laoo. i 'drdpo'ui, a, or, and n, or, Hdl. 

OalamiwiialT, Knrit\hn, Horn. ; Mrypdi; Horn. ; MAfou, Eur. 
Dem. 1 kAkiii, Ouul ; alcrpdf , Soph. Lya., in auperL obriOTo, 
Ham. 1 Frtrftfix, Horn. Soph. ; x^^""'. Plat. ; ttrrtxAt, 
Sii^. Ear. Xen. Plat ; 'irGx*!, laoc ; ir«»|pai, Xen. 

Otlamlty, BoMpccaru, wi, 4, Horn.; 'irq. Hom. Pind. Tru. 
HdL ; vwo, trof, rh, OmiL poet ; jdi*^, Onm. ; 'Otpa, nn, 4, 
Pind. I whu, Pind. Soph. HdL Plat; niSos, A Tmg. HdL 
Omn. Att jaoK ; vi^ia, ftroi, t^ Sqib. Ear. HdL Omn. Att 
proee ; oivi^ofA, Pind. Hdt Omn. Att 1 rri/UL, trai, ri, 
£ach. Eur. ; riftwrSiia, Thuc ( npfrmfui, PlaL ; ri ffiriAir, 
.£ach. ; titrDxIo, Eur. Tbae. Xen. Dem. ; tufrijcnfui, ftroi, ri, 
Lyt. Plat f 'l/ttx"^ Antipho. Dem. £ichin. ; 'irlxwin, Dem. 
£Khin. See IHii/briimi. 

Ohuu^ ealamily, OApOtiiTnpa, only fem. (epith. of Fate), .Sidu 

To Oalrabd*, 'ApiS^, Hom. Soph. Ear.' Xen. Dem. Theoc ; Ao- 
7>f ^ofiu, mid., pail p«a>. and aor. 1 . put, in paaa. uni. Eui. Ar. 
HdL Plat LyL Dem.; cftrUATlfafui, Xen.; inX}uiy((oiuu, 
Hdt Plat. Lyi.: fur^, Aloe. /Etci. Hdt Dem.; iiSf^lm, 
St^h.) tii^iiim, Eur.; iffifOiiim, HdL luc.; oraffutofuu, 
mid. HdL Plat ; ovii^irrfi^iai, mid. and pm. Soph. Hdl. Thuc 

To hKirde ta a aalailaiiaii, aiMfHSiUw, Ih. PlaL 

To eatailainiioeeg, ir <t4f>v ^*y^, S^^i Aorffofuu 44tow, 
Ar. ; ir t4^u A^ TlSffuu (mid.) Eui. ; 4'40oi>i rWiffu, Dem. 

Cii/aiUa; oa smeii^ at lie viltagn If waaaf, hayi{iiuaioi fifnc 
^ ithfv Mmtti (It nAfias, Xen. See 7b eoamL 

CaletbMe, wUflViafTiit, or, Xea. PlaL ; 'ipHiarrit, TbeOc 

One Mttt ealuiale, )MyioTior, PlaL 

5ti$M H oaJcaiitiiv, Aoriorubi, Xen. ; 'dfiti^irriii^i. Plat 

OalmilMlm, <(^i, 4, -^^h. Ar. HdL Dem. ; t^ryuriiii, Eur. 
Omn. Ail proie ; iwiXayVl^t, Ariat ; 'dpF't^iro'it, wi, fi, Hdt 



pcv/mfWa (^foifi. 

A Mldron, }i.4tTit, vm, i, Horn. f^nd. Soph. Eur. Hdl. Thnc 

Xen. ; ^tfir^ioi', Aiuxipp. 

A «aland«r, hkL^t, At. Bit. Xcn. Dem. 

A ealindtT^i liop, Kni^uir, Hdt. 

Bdongmg to a eaiendir, Ki^urTicbt, Plat. 

Tobta adaidir, icri^tim, Ar. 

Tha oal«iid«, I F. ths iini dij of tbn 
Ail), Hdt At. Dem. etc See Moaih. 

A mU, i^croj, &»>, 4t Ham. ; nifrra, ui, d kiI 4, nni. 4i Horn. 
h. IEm^. Soph. ; wilpu, 101, 4i Hom. Eur. ; «ul^x*i, j nl 4, 
Eur. At. Hdt. Theoc. ; ft^ur, Ephipp. 

NouriAin^ ealvttt noprerpipoT, or, h. 

0/a i»K M^»t, Eur. : ^AfX'"". "■■ ^en. 

On* isb jebcti ailva/or ncr^ce, /loo^oo^^myuTT^t, Chterem. 

A Oalf-tkiii, lunrxh, conlt. /uox^, Aiuuiuid. ; /i^ffxiiov, Xcn. 

OalUgnph;, icaAAiVplf fa. Pint. 

Otljl (of a flower), f(ku{, Ixot, h, Theoph. ArisL 

OaIIiop«, KaWiiwii, Hu. b. etc. 

To v&il, j. e. aummDD, iiddreH, W") ™ perf. (in Find, and Tnig. 
'dir^), coccaicdal. Hani. Pind. Soph. Eiir. Ar. ; KdAw (bIk 
to aasoe, U ipok of a), fuL 1. «i\^ii, Alt. coAv, lui. 1. M- 
Aiffn, often in poet, except in Trag. i/ciXurrn, peif. ickAiiiri, fut 
1, pui. (sldom if Mer lued, but piulo-pott fut. nKkiatiiai, perl 
put. opt. KtitiftiiiTii, fat. 1. mid. KaAVo-a^uu uid rv,, AIL jm^oii 
/uu, cic ele. Omn. ; 'inUdX^, and poet. AtkiEX^h, ^uh, Em. 
all proK; (JudU^, Ar. Xen. Don.; wtpluclXia, Micb. Eur. 
HdL Thmt Xen. Dam.; ^pntU^im, Soph. Hdt Thnc PlM. 
Xm. Dem.; ■uiA.^i'ni (alM to Dame, otc^), only pn>. and 
inip«f. H«a. Tn^. ; Ivr/ii, onlj prai. and impeif Horn. Mfxb. 
Ear. ; olb, diu;Ii. in fiiL 1 . Hint, aor. 1 . fm, no perf. Hom. 
.Stch. Eur. Theoc. ; y^ra, perf. of snuj. prei. id pew. ten*., 
isfin. frfimXr, part, -/rymriit, iniperf. iytyAimni ar frjAnn, 
JW ting, ^jryini, inip^T. T^ywn, tcj^hItb, intin. aor. I. T*7«t- 
v^rai, e. dat Hool £k)i. Enr. ; pitrrfhi, tm fut. Hota. Ar. 
Theoc j ^mrii, c daL or c kc Hom. Sopk. ; niKBim, mid., 
mat. I. JKiAntni^jr. aor. 2. iKtuUfi-TJr, Hom. h. Soph.; 'IritiE^ 
AafMi,h.; ;8oai(,fut I.Snt™, oonti. j8A™, m aor. 1, »■«, 
Horn., Mr. 1. pati. iSrlfiTir, contr. M^irAir, HdL, Mom. Pied. 
Enr. HdL Xen. ; aHHa, fiL -iva and -^ffw, Soph. Ear. ; '*ip&- 
ttim Dcm. ; yWyy^pai, mid. PlaL ; vpoi^^yya^uu, Pind. Ear. 

Tb tsA, i. e. to name, l« ipeak of aa, jnfii^e, fuL -Jl«(, 
but Find, -i^, Omn. ) h^ Omn. pott Horn.; nAiffo, ftu. 
KXifn (KAtJfi., Pind.), Soph. Ear. Xen. ; dtB», aor. 'i. of 
unut. pm., imper. tir), infin. (icfit', part, (ta^, etc., with nlio 
■or, 1. iFro, impel. (FrDTjCtc. Soph.; $^C"i no pert Eur. Ap. 
Rh. ; »««>«•, no peif. c dsL or c. i«. Soph. Eur. ; kAIUk, 
Ear.; rpo)tyii|H^ £>ch. Xen. Plat. luc; cUut))^, onlj 
pre*, and imperf. Call. ; apoiirnu', and aor. 1. TpgiHm, £ich. 
Sa^. PlaL ; vponpAi, in fut leni., perf. -wpajtipyiia, fuL 1 , [ut. 
irpatepqAiffv^ia, PlaL ; KKtUi, and kA^ only in pra. and imperC 
Ap. Rh. Call. Se< To namji. 

Til BoU 19 aid, tuallta antu, etc irSpsrjiAlM (*Is ST\a, etc) 
Xen, Dam. Se« 7b aatori, 7b noiBn^ 

To call to if a Aerati (or metely with a load Toice), urifiimt, 
Horn. .Xich. 

3o tali Jbrtk, imi /rem, etc tiaiiXi», t. gen. of wbanee, Horn. 
Tmg. HdL Xm. Dem.; JwrpoiijU^affai, mid., c gen. aa Jkc. 
Hom. A p. Hh. 

7b eaU/ar, icpdCit, fuL icmpdfafuu, perf. mid. c^j^nTn, impar. a^ 
Kp*Xfi, nire in any other tenaea, and nn in th< pro., for the 
perf. it uted in prM. aeni. e. aic. rei, Ar. 

7b eof/ oM fo, lo cn^ oa, twJiOfJa, Horn. Hdt. Thnc X«D.; t*l- 
Mtaru, £ach. Ear. ; 'itvUoili., and poeL V*- E^"- ( *''^^ 
irrprfu, Theoc 

7b rotf Co oattf^ apvrf odo/iuu, mid. HdL ; vponrJbAicdX^a^tai, mid. 

7b sail togtOer, (nrrcU^, Hom. .Xuh. HdL Tbac Xen. Iioc 

To Bail i^KiTt ({toib other*, alto lo call bad aaraea), 'KrwtJUV 
Soph. Xen. PlaL Dem. .Xiehin. 

Tocaav, (altiei, wiineMCt, etc) Mrrofou, mid. Thuc Xen. 

To eaU in (■ inm axing to one, etc), iyiili^iit, c daL of him who 
ia to pay, Xen. Ly>. Iwc. Dem. 

7b eaU (in a coaiing way), hroiMpffiifiai, Ar. 

Ht calbd 10 Um to ielp l>'n, iSit Btnfitw, Xen. 


TotwMdIad, ifl. aaid to ba, 'Jbcaia^ ooly in pTaa.and imperf. aeL 
and tax. 1. mid. 'iimittatiat, c adj. in nom. caw, c adv., aome- 
timea c. infin. &>]]h. HdL Thnc. PlaL Xen.; aAds, only pm. 
and iniperf. c adj. ia nom. taae, ar c adv. £ach. Soph. ; Krtfie- 
fa/iat, paae., aa — of what lather ate jDn caiUad [i. c said to be, 
i. e. ate you) the ton ? T«S MK^pwfw «w^t ; Eur. 

Oiu mul caS, ii\^if, PlaL; icapdjAirrior, Iioc FUL, i.e. 
name, ■pafpirr&r, PlaL 

7b it ealUd, icU tmgU ta le aStd, etc, KKvriet, Plat, i.«. 
named, ■patAyapevT^t, PlaL ; wp«tpirr^i, PlaL 

Oilled, iAittU, Ham. ; called in (at alliei, etc), ^iaX^ro'i "i 
HdL Thuc. 

OiUedfrtaK many ceaMlrva, wiASiAyent, ar, Hon. 

Cailstjrait/ia; TiiXeaAtrr&I, )h ^, and at, ar, of allirx, Horn. 

A oi^lUg of, KXqSiir, 6i»i, q, £ach. ; KXqffu, wi, ii, Ar. Plat. 
Xen. Dem. 

Ollliag, i.e. naming, irpiif^trit, an, i, PlaL 

Oftlllng, i.e. empki^menl, etc, Swrpld), Ar. Xen. Iioc Dem. 
See EmplBjpmiit, 

CaUoaltr, a callnu iwetling, ate, ttt^t, Xen. ; /irn^pwrii, 
«", ^1 Hipp.; Koiiixmfui, Stow, t^ Hipp.; an^fAso'u, cvr, ^, 
Hipp. ; jfartuAat, Hipp. 

7*0 mob m^oBi, Tli\^, Xen. Theoc. ; to ba made or becoma cal- 
loDi, twhnipS^uu, paai, Hipp. 

Calloni, participlei pata. of the above lerba, nlloui in mind, dia- 
poution, etc., 'Irtirnas, or, (nihil tacri, quale eat fociu, nati- 
nuuia, Uamm. in Toce), Horn. 

Callov, irrtir, 3wi, t aol 4, Hom. ; Srrtpot, or, Ew. 

A oalm, -WUiUni, Ham. Ting. Thuc Xen. PlaL ; nptfJa, Horn. 
HdL PlaL Ap. Rh.; ti^lo. Find. Eur. PlaL Xan.; TiAnMlo, 
Enr. j yiXuriia, Ap. Rh. 

Calm, riir^im, or (uied Mmietimea melaph. of pei^le), Horn. 
MtiAi. Enr. Ap. Rh.j t^rf/uo, uaed aa adj. fern. Ham.; eij**- 
fui, or. Soph. Enr.; nWouu, a, or, and oi^ w, (of the tea), SoL; 
'dicDfUir, ami, .£ich. ; 'lUifiarToi, or, Knr. ; 'i>cu|uaf, ac (me- 
taph. of life), Eur. ; liaiXat, ar (af a man), Saph. ; XoMr^^to^ 
ar (ofa time, aeaun), Sim. ; arUt^i, .£ieb. yiXtl^s, or, Eni-j 
TJUtinuoL Anlh. ; 'srpefi^i (of men}, PlaL Xen. ; iAmi, or, corn- 
par. fl>)ia»'(poT and ti^iartfot., Xen. Ap. Rh. Theoc; 'vwtUnt, 
or (of a place), Ap. Rh. ; (Cir^oi, 4, ar, and ai^ ar, Theoc 

Beaalifi^Balm (af a famnan ba\ oMuyiXurot, or, Eur. Sea 

To salM, Koiiidi, only in *cL Hom. jGidL Soph. ; vrt^mtfu, by 
■ync vrifvviH, aometimat orpAryuiu, fliL 1. aTop^aw, irrepv 
All. and irrf^ii, aor. 1. lardftira and Itrrpmca, no perf. acL, 
peif. patt. farpet^, aor. 1. iarpMrir and iar^iirSiir, Hom. 
jGich. HdL; ■>4X1rf(o^ Eur. Hipp.; iiiiySti^iAitB, At.) aoc 
/ufb, ful, Koifiimt, Mi/iw, Att, no perf, Soph. PlaL '" 
mrtr a riiit, no perf. acL ' ' " 

Rh.; cornmiA^ Ap. B 

7b«' ■ - - -< 

p. Rh. ; itSrtaiTofirriiu, Anth. 

Hea. Mieh. Eur. Xen. laoe. Plat. 
To it, lo bKome oalm, (MuU, Eni, Ap. Rh.; eT)<dag, Theoc ; 

■yi^vrtCf, Alei. ; TUqruli^ Anlb. ; 4p«i^, PlaL Xen. 
7b ie calni (fit an angiy man], jinrr^i, Eur. ; irdifu nvii, me- 

taph. Eur. 
QmtHg a calm, rovcin^M, Br, Piad. 
Oaiadaltd to caln, irpcUrrui^T, Aiiat, 
A eilraillg, rfiarou, tm, i, AritL 
Oklmlr, imiiim, PUl Ihk. 

OalmitM, ')«tV^.jeBch. ; «Mla, Pind. £ach, Xen. PlaL 
A OllBWr, raHrrflp, qpoi i. Soph. 
To o»l™, tIictih, fuL W^^ T^ofUM and Teitoifiai. aor. 2. rmtor, 

petf. T^DKo, pret. mid. rlirrafiai, and aor. t. mid. iTtfiiair, only 

poeL Hea. Xen. etc Sea TbtrB^/ortt. 
^ Mdnmuiat*, Siiei^Xa, perf. tiaM(;titm, Soph. Ear. HdL 

Thnc Dem. Lya. etc ; ^rura^arr^, Ar. Xen. Lye Dem. ; fioff^ 

Kaiim, no perf. (indeed aaldom lued eicept in pcet.), Dem. Iioc. ; 

liKair^illiiti, c tU and ace, c Ttpl or ntri and gen. PUl Iioc 

7*0 add ig woy o/'onAian^ irpariiaCiUAK, Aotipha. 
~ ' * i^on/amd, TpoSiaaiMM, Thnc 

Siitikia, or, Pind. Ar. Andoc. ; nijAs, compar. 
new uaed in Att.) and nwfair (i Horn., I AtL), 


■apal ■^HTw. Find.; fntpii. Find. Sopb.; nbcMpMi, w, 

cmti. ovt, (w (of ipeicbn). Soph. ; pdnOiHa, w, Ai. ; Auir- 

^Vui; or, Don. ; vina^airriithi, Dem. 
£•«; i* nnh wa iiif i'ig Ulmrt, trun^arruBii Sttmuint, Inc. 
(Uaa^OWly, IiUMik, Time. ; ruofon-uwi, lioe. 
A MdiaaiBtor, Mnrdrat, Dan. 
OtlamBj, tiiMo>J», Ibfl a Imgihened for tb« nka at UBtie, Pind. 

ThMgn.1 niiti 7A«m, Find.; ^Aar^ij^ Eur, PlaL Iwc 

Don. £Mhin.; vimotHrrm, Ju. X«n. Deo.; rticnfifar^ia, 

ir«, ri, ^Khm., )d(iAJ», Tbie. Xen. Pkt. Imc Dm.; 6ar- 

CUmm^ <Vi>JH( iH, lidfaA)) i^ PkL, u*d «1m in pi. Ga 

- ainnmy nttered bj d)»," Ear. 
EtpoKd to oijianji, tMilfaXst, Plat. 
Tb bt tapamd ta aiUmitg, •UtOS^Aai Ixk Dsb. 
7b i( c tftaf to J (7 mJwHy, dUoAJtv llx«, Kaa. 
Oalrln, K&UMr, ani, 4, UdOL 
C^Wa, 1UK»K Hooi. 
OihU*, *!*•»,«», A, Soph. Hdt. ThiK. 
A MWl, n^wlwi, J «al i Hdt., ia fan. a bodf of Midrii, Hdt. 
A MBal iifni, di^nr^Mri, AriiL 
IhMdapnd, Imliilw, AriiC.; «4^MtAoni^dWui^ tM, 4, 

Aaaap, olxu, i>M, ace. v, ii, Hom.i K^iola, in pi. Unn.^Kh. 

8oph. (Ma IW) ; BKKv^ ID pi. MkA,. Ai. Xbd. ; rrfkinlm. 

Kt^ Eur. HdC. Tbnc Xen. £Khia. ; aks imiI tot m ponEkin 

fiir a tamp^ X<d. j irrHin^ur. g<^. ; vr^nnSila, Xsa. ; rl 

Sw*^ Hdt That Xm. 
7b ;»liii a »N/i, rttiiuu, c. ace. Hoik. ; arplmwtltim, aod chaiiaf 

^(ifw, mid. Thnc Hdt. Xen. Lyi. See To encamp. 
To Mrike a camp, lipa ariAar, JEieh. ; id|w t^ UTpttrf, Thac, 

and aimplr alpci, Tboe. ; (4mm<u, nud. Soph. ', 'baCnrTnlfii, with 

or wiihoat erpiriF or «T(i4rArt>w, Hdt Thnc Xen.; '*•»- 

vnWfofiBi, Bid. Xi 

1, XcD. ; 6 ^Aoi, Xen. 
. _»,irr^k«k, Ear. Hdt. Thnc Flat. Xen. Dan.; erp^ 

Tnfio, tm, Ti. *ich. Hdt Thtic 
A MBTStlMl, tr^i, J, and later i 
Til eirrjr a euqi Kiaf, IF^fofM^ Ar. 
Oirrjag a ea^i-tlool, tii-po^ifai, ar, Ai. StialtU. 
A auuliit. ainrrit, 3oi, 4, Hdt 
A MB, nff^, i tad Tb, Horn. Haa. AlaMD. Ear. Epicb.; 

i^f-l^ Srrat, ri, MtA. ; rfffpim, Ath. Sea Cap. 
Zife a en, vnTfeu, Stench. 
Ou, 1 can, Mxiiuu. 2d einiT. Mv&rai, erm in Att alao oontr. 

S'lf, Sofdi. Bar.; fat tn^n/ioi, aor. 1. paaa. ia inlrani. ieoe. 

Jfcu J i r ft w , Hon. and Xen., though U1U1II7 Avr4#vr Alt, or 

ilill beller 4«»4V ; ao loo imperf. often in Alt 4>™0<i^, and 

ear. 1. mid. tfwqv^iw, Omn. See Tb ie oUi. 
Htm eon am do IB and to, til xph, e. inan. Dam. Tbeoe. 
/ eomof, siic ift IkiH, e. opt JEttb. 
A Miwl, Jxrrir, Hdt Thnc Plat Xen. ; SiApvi, ix", 4. Hdt 

Thnc Xen. Plat ; iu^v»ia, Iroi, rh, Thu& 
A amdmcti^ laalv iy a eamU, ix'Trtrjir^ Plat; ix*""". 

.A makimg s enoj Oroiul Oe Caiiaiawai, ti-p(ix4 XwtMtnv, 

Tb amie a eoiiaj llm^ tiaoitvu, c. aac, Lji. 
«attv_ a aaat, ixmnii (JW|p). Horn. 

f«, £wbi 
7b aoMrf a oetkia uiM tommtvud, to rfnit il tml 1/ tim Utl, 

liirri^, and -e,«u, .id. Ar. Lya. Dem. 
To (Httaf M ten, ^Tlnipb, Dam. 
For a pmom iaomg oi^td mtnigrtat maOtn, to dmt^ mtim 

•maU, a a aeeti tin prtniaa oi^Mua, rt yif rat /t^faXa a-irre^ 

aWT* iiiat aiuKfA inrrew Hr nilpei nrrx*' X^. Soph. 
.4 aMatAnrl ^dfUi, <Woaaw4| xpefir, Flat Dmn. 
Ikmtm, tirUmm, Xteh. Dem. ; mfHtm, Dam. Iiipp.( upif- 

MflB, *T«, Ti; BippL 

Caanv, Ua a^a e/Oa SMtirK, K^«&«i, Ant. 
To mjflr fiomcaiietr, Mynlrjoyiu, Hipp. 

, 'irX^i, At, ^, and ei 


r. svi,^ai 


^i, -otararei. Ear. Ar. Plat Xan. Dem. ; <C7rrffun>, Xen. 

Dem. iGachin. 
OudUlri 'nXvi, Thnc Xen. Dem. 
7b ie eoaiM, 'airAetfg/uu, raid. e. irp&i and aoc Xen. 
Oandonr, 'drA^i, trroi, 4, Flat Xen. ; ilrtimiugini, jEachiB. 
A MidUata, '*)wwrH|>, Dem. ^facUn. 
ToUa eaadidala, 'ATorffofuu, mid. Andoc. etc. 
A •udk, AE^X"", pL 'i, but oftener ri, Horn. h. Eur. Hdt Xen. 


. . ixmix'ti Ar. Pheiecr. 

To aany a eatdle, >,Mt(^»^ifim, Ar. 
^a ukV| Xigcnnroiit, Ar, 
nifHi, t|»i, d, Hei. Ear. Xen. 

To ana, H^'f^i Ai. See 7b inl. 

Oulna, cdHwi, Ar. See Dog. 

A inrllttr. adnaf, poet nAifmi, Att contr. xAwiir, Hem. Eur. 

DukK, iUix'i't ^"t, i, MiA. See BJi^. 
Caahtni, iiriaii ifilii \«jm*^'h|I, Hipp. 
N--^*-', Irtpa^aToi, sr, Horn. Hdt ; i*6fo*fin, Aral, EiU. ; 

li4pHrefiYSt, or, Antiph. 
7b ta a Maaita/, Jwtpetn^yAi, Hdt 

a, ^(3^ Hom. Eur. Xen. Sea BoaL 
n, rule, etc, adnir, arat, i, £ui. L] 

LjcDtg. Ariit See 

. , , . ■*"«. *■ Antb. 

'>'Tt^*"^-T. aoftkifli, fSat, i, Hipp. Ariet 
A oantial^ iUKbi, t^ Omn. pott Horn. See Song. 
A imTlt?"i !^*tu, So^. Ai. Thnc. Dem. 
TU flNM eft, amtiM, Sri/idnti, Soph. At. Dem. 
1\> natoH OK armg, tiaaic^rim, or tuwKqr^ (Tir T^teu Kari 

Til «i^), Xen. 
A aaau to ia r^ Jo eoafaa (la auN amoms On mOagiM, m jbnav, 

itiitti 3iam)Pirr^< «bw «ard rii kA/ub, ta arJ^ni, Xen. 
"*■*■"■*■*• mnjiiii^iaTii, T^ Xen. 
To atlLTMi (foe toeh), fm|«T(£ai, c juc. lei, m perf. I)oc ; for 

office, wtfiifxi"', impor. -spx*)*'?*', aor. S. -W-**"', •jnc. -S*" 

Bar, fat I. -^Ae^ivuu, pof. nid. -eX^AWo, Dero. Andoc; 

W8«ta|>x'■''^ Ariit 
Tb floaeaa aarf loUtet aw'i/naadi lo a ffW^ TdporWu^ Dtnt 
CftBTiadiVi '"P'OT*^ ^Bi- ^ 

A MnnMir (fw officea), maUfxV, «. ^ X^ ; no^fjtvt, 

A (^ «*i*i. Horn. At. i jrt»fl, Soph. Dem. i *rI«po»™, Eur. 
Oap^llit;, SlliVt, wi, n, Hom. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dem. 
O^akU, eliit T«, Omn.; efMrir, Omn. poit Horn.; lieMit, 

Boph. Eur. Hdt Thut Xen. Lja. ; iftfhr»'< ", «■ iiE"' w '■ 

gen., or c vfit aod ace ,£Kh. Soph. Hdt Thoc ; ainofHit, c. 

■^> and ace or e. infin. Thuc Xen. See Ahlt. 
CapabU of, i.t.A\tVt main (l»«ning. etc), »«(Tl«ii, c gen. 

O^Miaw, fi^Tvi, >iev^q. fh"^ >1I <**" 'leept num. and aec. 

maic and neut from iiiiUJis (^Uch. ha* alio yoc maK. iii'fi>^\ 

compar. f«ff«w, iuperl. n*y«Toi, Oma. ; fu7B^o<(n«ii, Find, j 

'CmUtMi, Hdt See Lant. 
Oaptdowaaaa, f^foi, t!i, Hdt PUt See SC», Largaitu. 
O^Mltr, IbV>^. »>ii 4, HoiB. Eur. Xen. Plat. Dent See 


fliparliwni t1 

-i d^aviar, Xen. 
^ ^Aj^bfiai, mid. Hom. 

headland, /Uar, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; tfiir, Tfwai, d. On 
nonC pi. alao •pdant, Horn.), Horn. Pind. Trag. ; 'fniw, i«i, 
and later -iroi. Hat. CalL ; 'upa, Pind. Soph. ; 'SiMfmlifiar, 
Thnc ; MeAof, Eur. See Hmdhmd. 
IFttl dne Difiei, rpr/^Ax"'. ^^ (e^thel of Sicilj), Find. 
A ea.per, i«lir«<^, «ti, 4, both plant and fruit, Anlipb. 
To Okpaii ataifit, oulj in pni. Hom. See 7b dawtt. 
(kplUI, L e. excellent, iiewfni,i, Horn. Find. ^ich. Eur. See 

I eapUal trials i 

a trial for a capital offence, Aarfceu Sici), 



Tb hi capilalfy pumiiird, AnniTy fn/u^fuu, Lji. 

A mmiamTi eapilal, -ri ipx<^ ^nd lomrtimH in un|[., Ly. Ibb. 

Dnn. ^Khin. ; 'A^opfi^. De™. L;i. ; rb nvpiMuiir, Plat. Dcm. 
CapOat! interj, rfyt, Ar.; •tyBBi', Eur. 
Oqit«ll7, Imprwit, X«n. S« Emtlaiaf. 
Tkt MpiUl (of I pJIkr), ^■'ucpdMi', Piad. Ear, ; KiiKpirow, 
Of a coimiry, ftoni, gen. Sstmi, and in tng. ioTM«, Omn. 8« 

It «^tnl>t«, /vtfbifu, in Bor. 2. intant. Thnc. ; wtpivratuu, 

in fat l.mid. ud in aor. Z act Hdt.; Vu>)^. Thnc 8> 

Thai ag/itsla/t la ParAa « lie ttrmi Oat Ai Aliemani nag , . 
etc, *iHovrnu ifioXoytar rpbt W^jprrn &rT« 'A0ijnl«r /^ i^t 
mi... IC.T.A, Thuc. 
7%>y eapitulalai to Ot Athemaiu, on On Itrmt Hat tkt AOienai 
vugU, tte., avrtivBta' rail 'ABttv^a robt 'AAirafwi xf^t^^"^ 
K.T.K Thne. 
Okpltalktlon, J^\o>Ja, Hdt. Tbuc ; irifiMiait, tas, ii, Thuc 
A r^vid (D capUalate, rk 'lo'^fiWru', Tbnc 
O^riw, xAAI^^^ir^i Hon.; ftfr^yriwif, *■>, ij, Dem. 
Ckpilldaiia, xl^'fl»ri «Mt, Hcni. ; low^jrooi, or, contr. ovi, 
im, ^(ch. aoph.; /iFr4«au\oi, or, Ar.; irOX^iAiXjit, or. Plat. 
^Kh.; 'tgitojai, or, Dem.j irAlbvi, Henand. 
Oaprioiandj, 'U«Ai1im, Menand, 
7d if mpnaou, xl^i^^p''^, Horn. 
(hvilMTii, AiTrtiHpcii, trroi and n, Arat Loe. 
A MpUln, ipX""-, orroi, i, HdL Thnc; )>ax^t. Sopb. Eur. 
Xen. ; Adx^tMii, ^tch. Eur. ; -rafiapx"-, Hdt Xen, ; Ta{id^ 
X»ir, J*Jch. Hdt. ; of a ihip, Tpi^popxe'i Ar. HdL Thnc. 
A tajfiaiiwj, t^oxiyU^ Xen. j of a ibip, rpow^vx'". Xen. Lyi, 
7bEiaaa^i(aM,l^;(i>, noprrf.,u(n. cgrn^aomelinieicdat. Ham. 
Tng. Hdt. Thnc. ; XoxM*, KunMime* c. gen. Hdt. Xen. In. i 
■raliapxi'', Ar. Thuc Lj«. 
7i bta^ilaim i^a Aip, rpaipapx^, •"■ ca«. and c goi. Ar. Hdt. 
Anlipho, Lyi. «lc. 

"' ■ V otmeemmg a a^ilaiii of a Mj>, Tfatfafx^'t^^"'^- 

_ In, 'Owshix'^'t Xen. 
I, "irST^TJi, Lji. Dam. Secjmif. 
Ckptlwu, ipiirrlKit, Plat. Ariit 
Oirriow uimf (tiAr, ir>ilKpa\^i, line. 
Captiinulj, dpiirr'ut&t. Plat. 
CaptlMoieH <aboul tiiflei), aiuKpofxr^ Plat. 
To sapttTftta, ft^Xvo, na perf. act. or paw., tliougb than it aor. 1 . 
paa. Horn. Pind. Trig, Plat ; a^, aor. I . act. not uaed, aor. S. 
net. flAw, tot. 1, paig. 4pM)ir, not i|p^finr, h\, I. paw. iup<94- 
sofiai, Horn. Eur. 
To bt a^eatui, 'UIotm^, fnC (Atfinifiai, aor. 3. ut. in pan. 
UDL (u if Iram 'i\Mfu) 9>iar, but more lun. tixmr, (ubj. Uv 
(and iA^t, Hon.), opt. 'dWifr (l^V^, Ham.), infin. 'Uwu, 
part. 'Uotif, puC act. flAan, oftoier MAmh, in pan. hql Soph. 

OaptlVt, adj. hijldr, iSat, A, only fem. Horn.; SopfmiTOI and 
Boif funroi, ij, or, and oi, or, Horn. Ear. ; aJwUimt, or, .Saeh. 
Hdt. Thnc. Xen., alu in fern. i^x^nJUvrlr, Hat, A, Soph. Eur. ; 
Sopilhtn-oj and («yia\. or. Soph, Ear. Hdt. Xen. leoc. ; 
hiEdAirral and JndA. ^tch. Eni. ; >aft\jprrBt and SovpiAirirr. 
or, Trag. ; oJxfi^>»TOI, of. Soph. 

7b foik eaptroa, Xigtfbfwi, inid„ cap. in aor. 1. mid. fXi|unifi.T|r, lor 

which Horn, hai iXttlaaifopi, and Eur. Agtvd^nr, alio perf. 

paai. and aor. 1. paia. in pan. aens. Horn. Eur. Ap. Rh. 
7b had (Hoof imlo eanticilj, 'i^ffw, X«n. 
S^Utng a a^jtiee. uxfid^n-Iirii, Eur. ; olx^iiKwroi, or, A^.aeh. 
Cftpdiitf, SmiAilii, poet. SouUla, Pind. HdL Omn. Att. ; b^Aior 

iiuip, gen. -arot, -ri, Horn. See Slavery. 
Okptan, 'IMhtu, h>i, 4, Pind. Tng. Hdt. Thuc Xsn. ; n^tt, 

««, A. Hdt. Thuc ; A^f"! "«. *, Thnc. 
£rn^ aRBa o/ Oe eapbin (of Troj), f^ptw tUo'ifur ^iijw, 

To «qtnn, Xi^tftbv, fuL XA^o^uu, anr. 2. lAWor, no aor. 1^ 
perf. iKir^ Omn. ; to capture aliie, itntiv, Hom. Hdt. Thnc. 
Plat. See To lala. 

Etttily catiurtd, 'AXairkf, 4, hr, and hilat it, it, Thuc ; te<^o%wi, 
or, Hdt. Thnc. Xen. 

A »«r, ^fio, dToj, Ti, Omn. See OkirM. 

Ts Momeda, litrn^iii ri ncik^ Xan. See TaproMe. 
A eantmmy, ■ArJt)^ioi', Thnc Saa Aa. 
A eaibnaole, Mpo£i "»>< ^ Ariit. 

A earaill, a%a, ftrsi, rb, Unu. i Jptlvw, t^ Sopb. 

To «*rd (woid), nUo>, poet, fbririfn, Horn. 1 {aim, no perf. act. 
Horn. Enr. Ar. Plat. ; aiiwrm (thongfa naieelj if erai UMd 
aicept metaphoricallj), uaed nwlaph. bj ^ach. SofdL Plat.; 
»«4Krf>, Ar. 

A eudor (of wool), i^mit, eu, 6, Pkt 

Oardod WMl, fdo-^io, tmt, ih, S^. 

BAmgag la eardiag vnof, ffirriKht, Plat. 

Tit trade ^earia^, 4 fon-uHt, Plat, 

Naefy {Xirdiil, n6^a^H, or, Hipp. 
■ ■ " r. Pint, 




attentioD to, inviI>A. Hooi. ; fMX^, c. gen. or c npl 
aud gen. or c. irpif and aec He^ Soph. Enr. Plat.; Sfmviiaaini, 
h. Sris, i>», 4, ace ita a^ D-, Pind. ; hi)iiiUia, Omn. Au. 
proM ; ri ArifuXt]', Thnc 
OtTt, i.e. aniiel;, ^^i, to, in pi. (my caie £ir yon, ri it^ita), 
Hom. ; iiMhtSniia, Arof, t1, in pi. Hom. Esr. ; /»A*Mng, Hon. 
Theoc ; cqlof, ri, Hom. .£uh. ; Murli, t>M, ace Ho, 4 (alao 
attantion to), Omn. poat. Hom, ; luififum, Omn. poet, poil Uon. 
Plat. ; l^tiOKn, Hea. Theogn, ; /«X«B4r, mma, *, Haa. h. 
Tbeogn. Sapph. j fuAijUr, im, 4, ^moD. Ap. Rb. ; nfiianuia, 
aToi, rt, Pind. Soph. ; «^ H«. Soph. Tjrt. Hdt Tbeoc ; 
fi^Xufw, arot, ri, .£ach. Soph. Tbaoc ; rftiafiU, Soph. ; Ktfii- 
dm, i.e. diligence, focethought, rpiroM, Omn. Alt; mvOi, 

Omn. Att.; ftAJbcJ), Hdt 
C/rial cart, maimfla, Arin. 

Jm e^ed qfean, t^vta, Irroi, ri, Pind. Sa^L .Xtch. ) T^IfAt 
Btag a o^)ec< o/oon lo iwit, /ukpaiiitfam, or, Piod. 
Oamtaff tart, tiinniSit, Hom, ; avXIi^pviMi, Anat 
Frmfrom ooro, 'dmiWli, Hom. Hea. 
itoaittaiy onrB, AiUEnrM|t, Hom. Alcae. 

7b eon or eon for, L e. regard aa important, lurtiTptrtiau, mid. 
c gen. 'U'fw, nnu in negalivB Mnlenea, only in prea. line aa. or 
c geo. or c ace Hom. Pmd. JEtda. ; 'Ur)^fii, only prea. anl 
imperC only in a negatira lenience, Hom. ; iSopiu, only in prei. 
with a negatin aentence, c gen. or c inSn. or c. part, of (ba 
doer innom. Horn. Ap. Rh.; fxAio, and lUXoiiai, mid., peif. mid. 
Iiiititkn, aor. I. paia. in act aaoi. iiUtJfiiir, c gen. or c ace oi 
c inBn. (tee in&d niKti,) Hom. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat Dem. ; 
Tftn^iim, c gen. £ach. Bur. ; riitm Apor, c gsn. Sopb. ; rifiM 
luSpar, c. dat £ich. Soph. 

Thoora^ii.a. attend to, haTa the care of^ 'd\ty^ only in 
piea., Hon. h. ; uW*, only prci. and imperf. Horn. h. ; nfiif*. 
aor. 1. poet htiiuam, no parf. Horn. Pind. JBich. ; l^tflrsAt^, 
no «tl Hom. Hdt. ; ift^mJa, no fut, c ace or c dat Pind. 
Soph. I Ifi^bvfiu, only prea. and impar. Horn. ; i^n^iroriofiai, 
mid. Horn. ; ifim, only praa. Hea. ; /uXerda, c nn. or c aoc. 
Hei. h. Soph. Ar. Hdt Plat Don. ; /uAiSalrH, only in pica, and 
imperf. c gen. or c. ace Theogn. Hdt Theoc ; mittiit, Sopb. 
Eur.; TiSqr^o^iai, mid. Soph.; 'Sr/taiZm, only pm. and im- 
perf., Enr.; wtfurrbj^m, Pind. Mvii. Soph. HdL Theoc; 
htfiiwriti, Sopb. Dem.; nvuxlai, c gen. or e aoc Eur. Plat; 
h'{^(Ajiv'>'i mid.,efDLl. and aor. 1. pan. in act inie, e gro. 
or (rarely) c ice, alao limply to lalte eaie, c. bt and opt ta 
c, inn, and fuc. indie Eur. Ar. Omn. AtL ptne ; ' ' '' 
only prei. and imperf. e gen. HdL Thue Plat Xen 
To eartfoT, I e. be aniiont about, icM'ofuu, mid., fnLi 
pert niicifia, c. gen. Hom. Tyrt Soph. Hdt Plat hoc Dem.; 
TUpttt, h. Pind. Ar. ; tifMfioiitu, cg«D. or e. dat. Hon.; irpih 
jnjjM^nt, only in prea. Soph. ; ^foyrXQtt, c gen. or e pep. £iir. 
Hdt Xen. Ikk. ^ichin. 
7b iaie carl, i. e. be cautioui, pronde that, beware but, etc, ipin, 
fhL ifim, auitmented tent, aa J«p, eap. in imper., and nan. 
(ollowed by f^, or aomelimei by httt /d| and auhj. .£ach. 
Soph. Eur. Thne Xan. ; roaKemtm, fnL 1. and aor. 1. Tpoox^ 
ift^ioi and irpoi. or irpofrirHifid^r, no paif, e ace or c ^Ai aome- 
timet c fit and infin. Soph, Eur. Thnc Xen. ; ^poufim, c infin. 

Bur. ; ^lAildvsfuu, mid. c ue. e. gen. c inGu. or c prep, c fi4| 
nd Hibj., gr c Inn f4 ud inb]., or c M xnd infill., ^ich. 
Ear. HdL Thnc ; alio in Ml. fCAirm, Eur. Plit. ; rTipit/uu, 
ud nore imnly tii/A«, e. /iJ) b e. •«. and twin nil, Ar. Plal. i 
■Apftrqp^, c turn fil), D«n. ; Tpo^^Mofuu, mid. b f J|> '>' (mon 
ID wnu of to 1m uuioiis for) c gen. Hdt. Plat ; wfimiia, and 
man naiuJtj in AtL vpuroioiuu, mid., c aot. 1. paat., in acL 
Ka*. c ^. rd., or c Iti or Jt or c. Srai, or e. fiJ) or Srut /il), 
Thnc X«i. PlaL Lt<~ ; ■vxwTjtrtJa, c <l*w>, Xsn. ; rpoopibfui, 
mid. Dam. ; trflvu&^DC, uio. prep., alu c infin. Soph. Edt, Xen. 

P!M. Xcn. : hrn)ttiii, c idfio. or c. >n>T, ale. Hdt. ; tii\aei«- 

liMi, mid., c aor. I . paat., in act. nu. e. ace and fit), c. fi^ and 

iafio., or c /ij) and ubj., or c. prep, irtpl, etc Soph, Eur. Fiat. 

Dam. j ImtMiofuii, e. ace., or c >(j) and infin. eta Plat. Dam. i 

nirftnfni. Plat.; 'bdcHt f^". C' gf^ Hdt. 
7b jn ■• iataig eart of, olivtrl^uAiafiiH, mid. e. gan. Tliuc. 

7b taJa tart brfonliamd, wpotovKtim, Hdt. Thac Xao. ; rpoavXo- 

Til tab orm AaiifB, rpoin'^X^fLai, c gCD. Plat 
Tbtoiaami/urWani, iirln)!^, e. gen. Eur.; irrtirifuh^ 


7b Aubynal son, n\iwp^, .£Khin. 

iBratidoM) laimg Uiipilt)U tatug eart of tit tlaja tat 
a ywai , 'ifiK Toil in*«f»+r(u ^XotfirofiasuT tb 
{HT^ifHro', Thuc 

7b tab con of tilt offan of tin- aOitt, ri tAt nvi/uf^w >ii 
X«(*» fx'". Thuc. 

7b (aaial san, fo riip ^oon, iTivuprnipff*, fat. {•>, Ar. 

Jl ha can, lUkti (and c. noni. fU^oitfi), imper. fuA^it (id. fu- 
idrrtai, Horn.), impof. f^At, Tut. I. fiaA^ni, aor. 1. ^'w)'*. 
imper. fx^qntrai, p«£ fU^UXtiiti, pluperf. ^^iX^Mi, no other 
part* naed in proae ; the poeti al» uae fUKtroi (raid-), fi«A^<r0(t, 
ftjAsn-o, niKtaioi (the tragedian) uie no other t«nH of mid., 
Eu. alao ha* fuXiffwrAi, we an a ore), iiiitt)Kt, plupert ^(i4- 
Afi (nerer with aogm.), part ^fiT|A^, pluperf. paai. luiiiKtrra 
(and in Horn. fJii/tKrrat, lUnlkrro), c. d>L peri. gen. rei, alto 
c daL pen. and pnp. npl, and gen. etc, or c oonjonction, 

OmmulearA, fuAifr^, FlaLj iTtiuXitriai, PlaL Xen.; *po- 
rttrriai, Xen. ; tivAitirriar, Plat. ; ffortiarim', £ui. PlaL ; 
npMvrto, Thnc; ^CAorrtor, Inc Xen. PlaL; vpomrr^, 
HdL ; wifbTtpjirior, ArilL 

7b ir talMi ABV o/, fUain^t, Eur. 

At Mlo (niaa ear*, «rli^, Jrat, J koI i^ (naed bj Horn, only 
for watdten onr fbe dead). Ham. ^leh. Soph. PlaL ; luKtrwp, 
fm, c iMl and ace Soph. ; fupvwiH>i> e^ '• Ear. ; /i*Ajb>- 
rit, in^ii, HdL ; fuXdhmit, Thooe. ; mfitiiortit, Ap. RL 

fluafol, luiafiJn, e. gen. or c. dal., aied alao in paa*. aeni. u 
carefdii; done, etc, Horn. Hea. Pind. ; npTfpur, am, Horn. 
Hea. ; -wt^^pSKit, h. ; MiHklis, often c. gen. reu, aleo in pau, 
wni. ai an ohject of me, sp. in neuL (e. g. to whom it wa> a 
an to injnn ma, L c who wen anxious to do ao, ob ilr jri^u- 
Xti nni ii^ nuw. Dam.), Ar. HdL Omn, AlL ptoae ; ic4- 
tnai, ar, Eur.; Kifiiir'iKot, o», Eur.; lUKur, owa, ar. Ear.; 

' *nirrpt^t, Xsn. ; fAUUZati, c gen., Plat. ; twlfaiiiis, Theoc. 

Car^fiil, paaa., i. c carefullT itudied or done, iffSiUoifuioi, «|U, Ar. 

Ou^nllj, npffpUtei, Hom.; avwSaJM. Xm. PlaL Hdt.; 
f ^ « i I larJami, Xen.; fu>uA)vi<Mit, PlaL; iriarptfiut, HdL 
.fiachin. ; ^^uAflf, PlaL Iioc ; iri^piUmi, Af. Rh. 

(hnfnlaM*, ^intttKru, «■>, 4, Eur, 

OftnlMB, 'JlMTTfpw, o»t, « nl 4, Hom. Hot. ; 'SiKiOn, Hom. ; 
j nU fci T , om, Horn. ; 'H^fiorra, Dor, i ml 4, about a thing, c 
ini, Enr. ; iA^yifat, or, Hdl. Dem. ; boyot, ar. Plat Dem. ; 
'U^IWToi, 0*, Thnc. PlaL Dem.; 'i^^H, Thnc Pbt. Dem. ; 
•»tfirrwT«i, or. Soph. Xen. TImoc 

Otrtlat of tterjilaiig m eompariiam of gaimhig On netarjf, tw 
Mvnir inplvrrei npi rk niift-, Thac 

raanrtfa ^eart, tiUKtrnt, or, Tbeogn. 

flilaUltLy, 'Im^Mrrm, Horn.; ^aitja. Ear. Dem. ; 'i^porria. 
rw. Soph. Ear. Xen.; 'OfuAfii, Thna. Xen.; i>JJAfn, PkL 
Xaa. Iioc Dem. £ichin.; 'iidrflant. Thuc. Flat; ^Xrini- 
rut, Xen.; 'A^UUktm, Xen.; timitMt, PlaL; 'dni/[^«t. 


Ar.; xi^ipTOi (L& treatingitaiamatler 

idu7 importance), Plat. Dem. Dinareh. ; in compar. 

*iiwrptffKtwT&r9por, Thuc. 
7*0 fe oan&B, 'teoic^fa, no peri:, Hom. ; fuftitfu. foL -wra, aor. 

1. -nn, and Bp. -A|« (Hom. niea 2d and 3d ling. pna. fuiteli, 

ltMu\ HDin.T7iL Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; 'j^mx£>, lina ou., or 

•ometimei c gen. Tng. PliL Dem. ; iiatiAim, and in uuc 
7c>i«doMoan>f(tt{|>, HdL Aria.; *<iffWt-rHrr^,c gen. Xen. Sea 

OaMMOMI, itri^paeirti, Hom.; /uStuuiirtrti, Horn.; «iwv- 

ffiOtw, h. 'J^ieXlo, Eur. ; 'iiUXtia, Eur. Thnc Xen. PlaL Dem.; 

'A^CXoflo, Xen. Antiptra. Sm Ntglttl. 
CUmt, Spiiioi, Omn. 
ToMTtn, Uirni, f^ni AtL,thoagfa .Xachjlu iia* Ur«w once 

in ptei., and Euripidei ooeaiionallj in other loiaet ; no perf, 

Omn. pseL PlaL 
Asuaai, f^u, Soi, ace. ir, i, .^ach. ; inw>iit, Thcogn. ; 

Affiraffna, irot, rh. Ear. 
CRTMdBg, (worda, etc), a!iit?jis, q, o>, and «, or, Hm. Find, 


A HZMMT, j^limfp, OpOt, MmA. 

To MiMa, ■an44x", no pari. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; iari^cpu, mid. 

Ear. Flat. Xao.i 'trnpavrrd^ only prei. and impari. Ar. ; ■»■ 

pl(Biiai, mid. Ar. 

To •Of in a carmiaig imy, 'DnupIfiifUH, Ar. 
A Uiag to bt canited, lulXryfia, Atoi, rh, £ich. 
A oargo, ^proi, Horn. Hea. Soph. Eur. HdL ; Mt*. and 

oflaner in pi. Hu. Ar. HdL Den. See Load. 
OtzU, Kdpto, Xen. 
Gariu, Kifilxht, Soph. Ar. PlaL 
A OwUb, lUp, K^t, Hom. Xen. etc in fem. ; KAtipo, Hom. 


Oman, «<(rat, Omn. See SUaigUer. 
CuntC odJMc&w, Empad. PlaL 
OwnlTOmU, aptdCoTaf, 0^ djch. ; afnofftrat, ar, HdL; n^ 

Kofiyin, a*, ArJM. ; {wif^Toi, or, AriiL 
To be nniTONIIl, aopKO^tryiu, lomatimea c ace AriiL Hal. ; 

fno^ fr j- A p, Ariit. 
.J beta^ rsmworofe*, (vof&ffa, AriaL ; KfHofdyia, Hipp. 
A MWOl, /uXs^, Omn. poeL See Song. 
To OUOl, iiiSu, and contr. jCSai, fnt. itivu, rare, an. IfCvcfiw, 

ecatr. ^fatuii, (thii cootranion ii not confined to Atlie], na petf. 

(lUrbrq, Hem. Ear. Ar. ; minriaar, Theogn. Pind. 

HdL Xen. PlaL Dem. 1 t^k Ar. PlaL Xen. See Fiatt. 
To euonM, tiUtrh^im, onl; in prea. Hom. Pind. ; (iaix'<V*<, 

poBi. c. fiiL I. mid. inpaiL sens. Ar. HdL Xen. See 7b fiiait. 
A aarpauMr, T^jcror, oroj, Hom. Tru. Tbne. Xen. Flat ; tm- 

Twiai., Flat Xen. 
7'ie trad) of a eamaltr, TtKTofffcii, Horn. Eur. ; 4 TVfW'^ 

PlaL ; 4 TficTona^, Xen. Plat. i1£iehia. 
A earptaltrt liap, TtKranuv, .Xachin. 
7b ie a BOTpaiter, T'KTciiiioiut, mid. PlaL 
A Mipat, rtnii, vroi, i, Hom. Ar. ; itiraaim, trot, rb, .£bcI). ; 

■^ -tiros, ri, Xieh. ; roMln^rrpor, iGieh. ; Miru, ttot, 4> 

Ai. Xen. : hnwiroaiia, ftroi, ri, PlaL ; rteti, Oai, ^ Xen. ; 

^drror, Xen.j Mfe«pov, Xen. 
.^ oHTiet auA i^fi^t '"i*^, Xen. 
^/ijtf/^ 01 " ■ ' ■' ■ ' - ■ - 

To Mtpot, nrdfffua'tv arpArrviu (aaotbei fona of arapAnlfu, 
fuL I. OTOp^m and. rrpAam, and AlL orop*, no perf. act., 
nor. 1. paaa. toTtfiMtir and lerpMiir), JE»cb. See 7*0 

A OUrUgO, 'iMa, Hom. Hol Eur. Thuc Xen. Dem. ; 'ifuflt. 

Aof, 4, Ar. HdL ; 'i|uE{ior, AriaL ; 'ir4nr. Horn. Pind. XkA. 

Soph.; f>v>«>, ii, Mwcii. HdL Xen. Aodoc Dem.; nftin'. 

.d eom^ mM a ilearf, kM^ HdL 
A larriagi mada r/ieieitneori, tinipm/, Xen. 
r»* HMbr ioiij y a corning, »(pw>, 4> only in acb Of. nl. 


Bfloiyiag to a carriage, '£^ia{^t, £tch. ; 'SfufTail, Thwph. 
Large no*^ to toad a eaniage aith [of n lawi), 'iVufinrA,ip9JIi, 

Ear. ; "iM"^'. Xen. 
A oarriagt-nai, 'd^iafh-!>t, Horn. Find. Thtcsn. UdL ; 'a/mfrrkt 

6Uf, Find. ; 'dfufVli TfifCiu, Eur. 
j1 mad vide enoagijbr luo earriago, ITnfiom o^mprit, Eiu. 

t o/w 

'l^wffuafuu, piu. HdL ; lielitia(tvCfHU, Soph. 

.^ earriage tradt, ipiiirpoxia, Horn. ; '64ia!Tpoxia, CalL 

Bone a mrruhwj, *4pi{o^iipirraE, or, Pijid. 

A twiiam bniUm, 'VfoiVT^'i Ar. 

OuilwelndUmg, 'd^DV|>Tia, Thenpli. ; 'ifmiimiyin, Theapb. 

A aunar, fapi^f, Horn.; papriiyit, Thngn. 

Ourion, mrApiuv, and in pi. Ar. 

A turot, •rrifUJhM, « not v, Hipp. DioM. 

To Mvry, ^^i fnt 1. oKm (not found in indie, in Horn., though 
he hu iinparC oTirf, iaGs. thiiar and sl^fiaw), ut, 1, fmuco, 
Horn., Ifw^ni Att., lor. 2. flnucov, Hom., jfrryiciw Alt. 
(>11 thtH tanui uKd alto in mid.l, fat. 1. mid. sfrnviai (mod 
alio in pau. Hni.), aor. 1. piat. tirilx^'iOnm.; pofim, (inSa. 
pnw. alio ^op^nu and fopliiinni, ai if from piptnii, HoiD.), 
Horn. Eur. At. IldL Plat. ; Koiii^ti, fut. KOfitau, AtL. foL. often 
KOfugi, in Find. mt^M, Onin. ; SaffT((£a>, np. of oirjing in 
the handi, Horn. Find. Tng. ; i;^^. fat. 1. raid, in paM, uni. 
Horn. ii. Eur, HdL Xen. PUt. ; 't)*., aor. 2. «T47ir, Mr. 1 . 
Hia (rerj lan in Att. if indMd enr fonnd in the limple Tetb), 

£rf- iTWt" (fwy rare), nan. of tarrjing penona, Omn. ; 
Ifw, aor. 1. act. litfit, paaa tiipttir, Horn. Eur. in ehor. ; 
i^pu, Em. ; rafiit, no perf. Soph. Ear. ; TrofB/uim, mp. maom 
ivaler. jEic}i. Soph. Ear. ; oxfull>, Ap. Bh. 
To earry (a aral], trwicb, etc. in anf diicction), i\niim, fat. 
Alro, Aa AiC, and all tenm iioni JXdot, peif. tK'tifmun 

L Hei. At. Hdl.i *{*)«> Thuc. Dt 

To carry ausH), lo earry q^, irtpfUn/iai, raid., only in 3d pi. aor. 
1. mid. Hom.; higt^Ofuu, mid., am. 1. often XijlvainJir, poet 
and Att. 4>ipaifa)r. perf. paia. kiXifirfiai, eontr. \lAT|fff(«, in 
pau. Milt. Ham. Ear. Hdl. Xen.; irixiu, Ham. ^Kh. Enr. 
Hdt. ; ir/ka/uu, mid. only pm. and imptif. Ham.; 'Smatlfcii 
(iroijNt Alt), Horn. Eur. Hdt. Thuc Xen. ; if**^, fut. V»(" 
and iifnini, (only Vrlon Att.}, aor. 1, both ttpntira and 
l|pn(a (only V^'" Att.), perf. only 1|piraiEa, pua. tlpraaiioi, 
Hoia. Hea. Find. Trw. HdL Xen. ; Jtofmifru, Hara. Soph. Eur. 
Hdt. FlaL ; 'i^afudCa, Ham. Soph. Ar. ; i^inpinlii. Ear. ; 
ShV*<(<^, Dem. 1 iKKtiitii,, Ear. Hdt. Thnc Xen. Inc. Dem. ; 
'JbrsKii^C''. Thac Xen. Ap. Rh. ; J>i«^fw, and -a/iat mid. (a^i. 
in mid. to carry off ptiiea, honoan, etc.), often e. gen. of the 
plaee oat of which, Honi. Soph. Ear. Hdt. Tbuci 'twofi/M, 
Horn. Find. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; 'po^pis eap. » a 
•lonn doei, Hnio. ; iirriii^pm. Hum. ; iwvt4pm, Horn. Xen.; 
vdpl^fw (aiao to carry beyond), PLbL Ariit ; iw^apia. Ear. 
Hdt. Xen. Ike. j iKTepBiiiiti, ap. by lea, Enr. j 'Mtyw, etp. 
of aninute ihingi, Horn. JE,Kb. Ear. Hdt. Xen. : K»Jirm, Find. 
Soph. Antipho; iiac\4rni, c gen. or e. prep. Horn. Enr. Hdt. 
Thne. ; 'anud'f'v, only of people, Horn. Soph. ; 'dn^iiroAiii, c 
gen. of the plase from which, Eur.; 'A^f{», c gen. of the 
place, and -ofioi. mid., line caa. Eur. 

To earrg auaji wHk, <ruF*{A)w, Plat. 

To amy aaoj/ vriiify, 'brtic^pit, c. gen. of plaee hm whi 
Horn. ; 'erfKTlftBu, aor. 1. -ietiiat, aor. I. paaa. -trUijr, So 
Eur. Hdl. Thnc. Lja. ; •tmtito^ii', Hdt. Thue. Xen. ; 't. .. 
^TO, Horn. HdL ; 'imtiAaiitiim, fut. -A^fuu, no aor. I., pert 
-tlKVta, tor. 2. -iKign,, Ear. 

7b earrry aottj Ufortlamd, rpoiyapriCa, Dem. ; ■poMOCDflijif, 

ToeaTtyauayfiomontfluie le anollKr, /frStalne, in aor. 1, act. 
»«r«^«., Find. 

To leia and tarry aaay, ({fupnlfK, Lye. 

To Iw oaniad (away by nDger). iKfipo,uu Tpii ipylif, 

'"'' iwcuitvoif ipyv, Thac. ; and rimply I wai 

ehiquence, or b; the impnlK of the moment, e 


To earry ap (to heaien, etc.), '<nyni£*, Horn. Ear. Dem. ; 'ArA. 

MOiilCn, Xen. 

fo earry aerou, ii*)w, Hom. Tkuc. Xen. ; Sateptii, Xen. ; SiA- 

repStuii; cap. by water, Hdt.; BiAn^Cit, Hdt. Thnc Xen. 

Plat luc.; 'Cnp^pw, e. gem. aec Thnc Xen.: ta^/m, Eur. 

Hdt Thuc Xen.: 'I>r^>^ep^ Xen.; tiXltiCm, Hdt. Thnc 

Xen. PUt ; npoijai, etp. acna water, Thnc ; tiimpaAia, etp. 

in paaa. HdL Thnc 

To cony aeram KaO, mmSM^diit, Plat 
ro carry lo a dutoaoa, rpom/ilfct, Hdt 
fh earry over or aiaag mik an, rifimidCu, Ear. Hdt. Tbae. 

7\i carry wia om, ar uM ametitr tUag. niTKa^d^ Hdt. XoB.j 

miirtiniyti, Xen. 

To carry i^tagtlier vilk, afoc^irdf*, MkSi. Soph. Ear. Xen. 
Ta earry aioiU aiti, imyirtpi^fHt. 

To earry aeraa ailk, or at tie tame tmu, irwSiUIftl^a, Phlt. 
n earry iri(A, i. e. to help to cany, <ni^ipa, Xen. 
lb bt carnad up tuiii, oDrSuSfipopai. 
To earry romud, irfpLnplCd, Thac ; mpi^ipit, Enr. HdL Xen. ; 

rtifii^iti, Hdt. ; wepiAyo, Eur. Xm. ; atriti, Ar. 
7b cony to, tU^prs, c prep. Horn. Eur. HdL Xen. i irpsiMfilf*, 

c prep. Xen. Dem. j Arifaoriflt, c prep. Eur. ; (tfiUii^ c 

prep. Hdl. Thnc 
7b earry doum (aa a riter doet), tSrrii^ofim, Hdt Plat, ; atrl- 

To cnriy bads, 'ixo^ipm, Horn. Hdt ; 'te&yn, Horn. HdL ; ire- 

M^f*. Ap. Rh. 

7b onrry as U« Aoct, ntrs^opAi, Xen. 
Tb earry is ti« ami, rifxii'^, no perf. Ap. Rh. 
To earry a eorpm oat fir Awiof, 'braifiepn, aor. 2. 'btAiiaiy, 

Hdt Thnc. Xen. 
7b Mrry ly Ma, >«iki«\J», and -apat, mid. Eur. ; rauoYoA^ Ear. 
7b earry Utrdtru, tfOfrrrY^", Hdt 
7b carry orden at an aida-di-caap, Biayy4\^M, Xen. 
Avi you all torn «w eorrtsd ^ to aoa cnt iai iy Men from Ike 

aiiemUy bat year. «1 Tir fa tSi JnAqo^ a-^wi Tdirii Jv- 

fiert bif iittlrtr iwi;{BMTa, Dem. 
It ii laafid In amy Um igf (a priKm, Awiiyai IEmtit lit ri ttv- 

littrttpttm, Dem. See Arrv^ etc 
fON amy em a braul aaiomg di Oedt, h N dfuiri aah^ 

jAo^erav, Horn. 
/ aofAn- nmcniep Oi* matter, aer ion my mimory earry «M hati 

a at to TtaoUect any thag, o6n piptniiiiu ri rrfSrnim, ttri itt 

wtfi^ifti Mh (IWkh, HdL 
Owe eugU lo earry, xtpjorior. Flat 
One nait cony b^iirt, Tpaoarrior, Ariat 
One mad earry Kor, npomeiiar. Plat 
A aarrylag, ^n^ alio a being carried. Soph. Flat AriM. ; 'ifft- 

7*, iEaeh. Soph. Thuc : .capW), Hdl. Xen. ; txfa, -n, 4, 

alto a being curied on horHback, carriage, ahip. Plat 
A tarrying auay, Xritarbt, tof, 4, Hdt ; imofiaii, HdL ; 'Aml- 
pwu, Ml, 4, etp. for burial. Ear. Thuc. ; 'JMtfvyJi, tKf. befoR 
a magiitrate, or to priiOD, etc Lyi. Dem. 
A earryiag aerom, SOnroiiI^, Thne. ; aSfSKeiiCSh, Thnc ; wifA- 
A earryiag roaad, weplfopd, Xen. 

Tern iea^ earriai auay Baftnt, oil lAnft^t, Hom. 

A carryiag tradt, Mrryfyla, ArilL 

Ouilad, adr. ^opUqi', Eur. Dem. 

Canltd (or what may be caiiied), ^on^H Pi>xL i jBarnwr^ 

Cbrrwl q^er moay, Aqbrh, and Xtlrrrki, Ham.) 'bopnrrte, 
j), ir, and ki, he, c gen. of the place bom whicb, Enr. Hdt PlaL 
Xen. ) iipwirtiiiot. Call ; iprJtylfuuiit, Orph. ; carried about, 
wtpt^af,tT>>J, by, HdL i eaiily carried, 'Jty^rlf»>. h'. ^l^- 

Oh loto carriu ^, V<™^< ^<> ^ "am. Call. ; pifrra, »i, 
A, £Kh. 

A WTt, '^uto, OmD. 

A OUtar, fnryTiAitnft, Soph. Xen. 

Oarthaf*, Kapx''*^. ^'> 4< Hdt 

"*'*'"r"'*"i KaficnUnm, HdL Xen. 


Cartilage, x^^'i Ariit. 

CutDupn«u, xii^lfimpMtit, Hipp, j x<>*^p'<'^'"t "i Aritt. ; 
Xi^ifim)!, Ariit 

^ b* MTtUaginow, x^^f^^ Hipp. 

To wm (mml), SiuTpt^ Hom. Ap. Rh. ; taioiiat, mid., inaia'. 

I. AtellfEi)*, Horn. ; kfiravofiiii, luc. 
TboBW (u a Kulpur), 7\V>s Hdt. Aolli.; V^^A^ HdL; 

nAirrw. Call Anth. ) ^KO\iwT», Hdt. ; hiT<ni6m, X<n. PIkL 
A tuvar (of rooit}, Joirpii, Horn. ; iip*ir6iiat, Bur. ; y^"*^'! 

Anih. SeeSw^pMr. 
Cuflaff (of m«M), Ikurpootrti, Horn.; cvrcd wnk, ^arAn^io, 

At«, n. Phi, ; r^flfw, Arsi, rk. At. 
PUfir earvHig (wood, etc.) yAinrrtu, Thenph. 
Iknad, ojiOjini), Anth. ; 7\urTij, Ailh. 
Cbmd mri, feUcA/ia, lirM, T^ Thevc. 
A aMMMto, jrfn^dmn, n^ «, Diod. 
A MM, »4Kq, Enr. Hdt. 
A fat ((at a bow), Yvpvrtt, Hom. 
j< now (for uim), iF^Tfu, Jh'M, t^ Snph. Ear. Ar. 
Tk eatr, i. t. eoDdidon of iiSiiin, fSyiia, Aroi, rh, Onin. 
Oat {in the dKleniion of noan>), rrSfii, ttrt, if, ArifL 
£id JjUi It aJKt^f lie am wM mortatt, &U' dhii ttrti iarl Bfio- 

T^. Hon. 
Il itUi otB, t( it Mlda BUS, etc, imi, aim Jvrl, etc Omu. 

/■ flU BBJf ^, ''li & IfCD. LjCUIg. 

A (tot (BH, fnfuttT, Thnr. 

A MMMBt, %)>, fik», 4, At. 

Ouk, V>4pw; Ar. Xen. Tbeoc See Man^. 

To OMUer, IMUm, fat. JirfA^^qira, no aor. 1. Xen. ; H|v l<r- 

«3a Ad(«r, LjL 
A oukiar, xpiviift^i JUoi, S, Eur. 
A «Mk, rMot, H<Ho. He*. Sofh. Eor. Hdt. Thoe. Plat. ; risacrq, 

Ar.; ■ladxRw, KubnLi icdloi,' Anu. AiehiL Soph. At. Hdt. 

PlaL Dem. ; aAtlviMf, Cntjn. ; JtOtlvKUV, Nicoch. 
A aufia, Edpn, Wof, ace -Ma and vr, 4. Horn. Tjrt. Soph. 

A Makat, AMni, w">'. *, Soph. 
OudA, adai'o, Hdt. 

Smdlmg^mtaa, idiriJirnvi, neaC nv, Antiph. 
A MMMk, xWir, rnnn, i, Omn. 
T» Mtt, fi'Ww, Cut. $ltt^ (in At. ^■U.^on) ptTf. S^ftuwc. no 

acr. I. Kt., Bor. 1. pan. Mx^^v (Hom. hu Sd ling. Hxi|ra. 

which LiddeU and Scott eonaidflt " a ijncop. aor. paM.," but 

which hw t>een uaoallj taken for MUktiTo, 3d >in|T. plapnf., 

jnM *a ^Aqfilnr il for B<«Aivi^rii), Ooin. ; /llrrti, Omn. ; Infu, 

2d ling. Dnperf. tii, Kur., Tm need aim m Sd ting, impetf. Ham. 

Xoi. ; aor. 1. Vo, Horn. Soph. Eur. PlaL Sen. 
To taM (lota), mUA«, Hub. Sopb. 
n out (anchor), /utfWM irfAptai \ ^ki to cB>tdawii{on*'>e;«), 

n tad out, ^, oKOjl, spofcifii, Hom. Ap. Rh. ;, Horn. 

Tng. Hdt Tboc Ap. Rh. ; 'droC^UB, Eur. Den. ; itcftlm. 


Ti oalfarA, vCmt&UXaa, c see. and dat. HdC 
7b tmd tiiM (ime'4 ejra), Sti^fm, fut -oCn, hot. 1. -4tv>«a, 

■or. 2. - i re7«M' £ut. ; Sa^hnii vid Sidptwrii, At.; ^rni- 

To tad dMK, nfa-WiXAat, Ham. Pind. Ear. Hdt. Thnc. Xen. 
To tad dam imo, tftHnUiUur, e. pn^. Hon. ApL Rh. 
7b end dmtn (a perwm'i ipiiiti), rAnir^, Xen. i vAnifuii^ ht. 

-iiM, DO pari Ap. Rh. 
7b tad ap (ae the KS doei foam, plc 'ImorrSm, -Ara, Horn, j 

rrtm, rrtcm, Theoc ; 'bmr^ Ap. Rh. 
7b oBit 1^, i.e. to calculate, ^Jr/fiafuu, mid., perf. paaa. and 

aar. 1. jmn. in act. mdi. Ear. Ai. I^t. Dem. 
To U out dovm (in epirit), dkir^, Hom. Eat. ; KtrttO^fo, 

Xen. ; ' tt nnaii f n, Xen. ; K*n)f uU, Ap. Rb. ; icSfrimim, Aritt ; 

' i nar fi nfi u ^n \4ira, Theoc 
For d* ^M o^ aha* wot^au on <«< ifoaw, kJt> yif iyrais 

nyMwu . . . fikiiitJ^Kr piwu jS*A4, jfiacb. 
Cadaig *Mm kr tjat, ^TvAitb' thnr* AAmto, Ap. Rh. See 7*0 

7b tad wKbl, xtllf^ Ar. 


On mud tad oat, itaKiriw, Plat. 

Cad irp (by the kh), MXirroi, or, Eui. 

Cad, at mdol, x^i", Hdt. 

Earli tad up hg, ixPoKii, e. gen. Soph. 

A tolid lump pf'oad mtiid, a^ox6aror, Hom, 

A toMt, or iHodtU at ami/ maleriai/ar a coil, iKiiiytlar, PlaL 

A end of diet, flXqfu>, i^ot, to, Eur. 

Aeadofaxd, 06\oJ, One tf. Hdt. 

7b ifovJ tie hiaard </ fi^ cait, ^Irrv tdriuiw. Ear. ; 'Hmfthrrm 

Klftarot, Tbiw. j 'Srwap^arrita Idrivmr, Hdt. S«e AU. 
.J ai(< or tadiiiff ofiomdM (aa a huntamaa ca*ts thsm when ihey 

hare loat the icent, or aa they cait themielirea), Su^i^i^ ibras. 

A coding net, SIktuov, Hom. Tnig. Hdt. Xen. PhU. Ste Kd. 

A oa*Uw»T, tiiia^WL, trot, Ti, Ar. Dam. 

OMtanrt, KpiiTaAar, h. Piad. Eur. Hdt. 

A TaMmg ofeadiad*, Jcpi/cAUMurrit, iot, j), h. 

Th ToWt tadHUtt, npifiSUiiiiix, Heimipp.; Kparittifm, h peif. 

A aartaUaa, <rvpy(MJAa{, dmi, i, JEi 

. Tifutfiia, Eor. Ar. leoc J 
Thuc. Xen. 

OMtifathm, ri/iMpU, 

Xen. Dem.; inliUb'u,«iit,^ 

jt^itt tadiffotum, XafiSii'tf rairJtr, Ear. 
7b taffir tadigaHom, mtn,w t(™, lUafu, Find. .Sech. Emr. HdL 

Xen. See i-aar'aimnji. 
Cutla, irV)™> Omn. ; wvpytSter, Omn. See Tbon-. 
£tte a taitit, npyTilir, Hon. 
£iia a tadle, iri^Tvet, JEieb. ; wufyMiii, Soph. ; irrtwvawi, v, 

7b attack a cadU, wpTo^idx'v, Xen. 
7b inU J^(i 'lb a eadte. mpy6ti, Eur. Ar. 
Dtdni/iiig eadUt, npToUZwai, or, £ich. 
Witi bKHtti/id ead/t^ iSrvfyvt. or, and m Pind. ^Ar., Hon. Hea. 

Pind. Ear. ; uufrifryot, ar, Eur. ; JcnAAiii'^pTWToi, w, Eur. ; in 

fem. TupTwm, iXoi, ii, JEkK. 

WHi m> tadle, 'HwipyiiTot, at. Ham. ; 'trvffos, ar, Eur. 
Caator, Kdarap, opoi. Horn. etc. 
OfCadar, lS.aarifu>i, Find. 
OMtnunetStiaiL, OTparoweJe wii, wt, q, Xen. 
To dMtrMe, iier4im. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 
Castration, 'Tofij), Hdi. Plat 
Oaitrated, irrofiUt, m, Hdt, 
Caanal, a^^ni, q, w, and si, er, HdL; i riixJv, HaL ; « ')^ 

Tvyxirter, i irrvxiir, Eur. That. 
CMOallr, atTe/iintt, HdL; ori tdC wrefutrw, or & to* air. 

HdL Thac. Xen. Plal. ; rCxilrr-i, AriiL 
OaanaJtr, trv/i^opi, omu. in bad feme, and probaUj alwaji in 

pniee, Pind. HdL Omn. AtL Se« Aeddfd; EvtaL 
A auiilrt, iraf irri)i, of, A, FUl 
Camiitr;, 4 (rofurrlM), PlaL 
A oat, lOlioiipn, Ion. ; alJAwpoi, j ml ^ Ar. HdL 
OaUlOgaa, caraxavai, Thuc ; 'iir jfAiru, ew, ^ Dem. 
To oatalngw, lcl.^SXiyc•, Ar. Xen. 
A oatapnlt, a&rlWA'rqi, oi>, AliaL 
A MtUMt, riTafi^inTti', to, i. Died. 
7**11 Odandi f/Ejapl, KurriSawai, HdL 
J calarad mlieega, \tiKaita, irot, rh, AriaL 
Oatarrh, ttrdlfifioos, oat. Plat.. 
Ofeatarrk, rfTc^^ii, Hipp. 
7b ikn* a ealarrk, ni-rafifd^oiiai, mid. Dio*. 
Cataabopho, Kinagrfofii, JEtch. Soph. Tboc PkL etc. 
To oatoh, liifiwTii, no pctf. (aor. 2. lUiiaptor, and alto Ifiim-, 

opL f'/tiroifu, iniin. fjhrifir, alto perf. paiL ^e^Ky*iLr, all iu 

Het. only). Ham. Hea. Pind. £ich. Eur.; icStV^m, Horn. 

PiDd.Theogn.; Ai^itf^ fuL A^ifu^uu, no aor. 1 ., aor. 3. (M«ar, 

poeL not Tng. often (XXiSor, perf. ^CKiifa, Omn. ; npCAi^iAlng, 

At. Thuc HdL Plat.; fyrSai^aiitira, Thuc Dem. £ichin. 
7b taiA, at one cattiei gaate, etc., oJfim, Hom. Xen. ; '9rfpoiu, 

Soph. ; drijxlo, -iau. Soph. Xen. ; ixfTtfiatuu, mid. Xen. ; Ar- 

ti|fifii^HdL;nirei|pdai,Soph. ;a*iDanet,D«)>i|r(^, HdLPlaL 
7b ealai, i. e. to OTerlake, therefon eomeCimei to And or caMb a 

penon at a place, alxlm (tomedmea in AtL Kijxini, the Tng. 

only uung prat, in both lorma), fuL icix^iifiai, aoi. 2. Iidx", 



(Hon. b« ilio prM. opL *Jx'^''\ "obj- <IX«K l»t pl-«IX<'«*™'> 
intin. ■ixQ'ii', pBTt. inx*'>i <■ i' ^™o "'x^/"] impeiT. 'nlxfi oiitl 
Mu fstx'"'! <""' ' ' ■""'- '"^Xt'^'f"!''! AnhiL, uiD. c uml, once 
t g«i. Sophn Omn. poet.; 'Swarpix'; !at. -Spi^oiuii:, tni ia»n 
nmi. -Ifd^Siuu, «ac. 3. -Aplfuw, Xen. ; ^{ylTn^iai, mid., fu* 
-lyiriiiroiim, wr. 3. J7«4fii)i', no aoi. 1., perf. -rfiyora, c. dft 
To eaiti, i.e. deLect, \i&iuu, mid., oolj pnt. and impnl h. . 
«lpi». Soph. J iirfrvyxltiw, fut. -n6(t/iaa, no BBC. 1, or pert, 
aor. Q. trDxi", e. daL. Thuc. 

roeatataBfta/ii, Mz*, fut.-Jt' or -o^c^ini, no mr. 1. OT perf., 
ua. 2. -vrx"*. Soph. Hdt. Xen. Plat. ; Kpiria, e. gsn. Xen. 
7b sotol Bi ran, ^uftupfo, oor. 2. poeL /irfjAto'icoi', of people 
pIsTioft Kt caCcli-lall, Horn. 

7^ caick by hMiag a»jf ikaig ander. 'I^wotrxaiiai, mid., poet, for 
Ortirx- only pro. uid imperf. Ap. Rh. 

To b) tau^, 1. e. entangled, fi^drroiiai, pa*e. Hon. 

To h an^ {» g<inie), or fti is (MeoteJ, 'jUJvira/uu, pui. fbl. mid. 
lAArofuu, DO lor. 1 ., aor. S. Ii\«v, non nni. and almys in Atl. 
JiUw. tubj. 'AAb (iX^, il» Horn.}, opt. i>Jilqr {iX^, 
H«n.), inGn. iAArai, put iXobi, u if from oAnfii, perC qlA«n, 
■11 in pau. eeni. Ham. Soph. At. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. 

7b 6t taagU H oh'i own man, vipEirtmi, c. dsL of panonal 
ptODonn, or e. pnp^ e. g. do not be caught in joni ovn inare, 
fi4f ffv JiMrrf TTfpfwi^t^ Hdt. 

&^ on^ M lieir om Man, etc., alrrti ir aflffi wtftriaorrtt, 

A «*tdl (of Ui), 3^1, Mieh. Eur. 

CUbUiv oinH/j alnt, iindvpla. Plat. 

AsEoi^n^ to eaUiiKg amimalM o/toa, CmAipIiili, Plat 

CateUMg all d«^ Tdrfypoi, of, Horn. ; rirUATOi, or, ^ech. 

EatUf oo^, iXrrti, Horn. ; tUXirriii, or, Xen. Plat, j 'Vi^U 
fior, or, Hdt. Thuc Xen. 

IVaelj eaugU, naifrret, or, JEmA. ; njUwnit, or, Hdt. 

DifiaU to bi eaa^ tvttilptvroi, or, Plat Aiiit. 

Oiu uila ealcitt, iidfrra, loi, 4, .£Kh. 

CktMhUng, i. e. catechetical initniction, j(Jtr4x^"> ""■ 4i 

Oatagorioal, ittr-nofiliAs, Ariel. 

A aa ta gowm, KAnrT^nvn, ftroi, rt, AriiL 

A MtwoiT, Kinryofia, Aiiat. 

, 'OhrydHi, onlj piea., alwaya c. ace SoTtw or ttSras, 

A Mtmpiilar, Tp<k{, ipaihi, t, Stratti*. ; u^m, Ariet 

Oataa, £>»«, rit, Hran. 

OaOartiai ^vrrMt, Ariat ; aaA^prlicl^ Hipp. 

CMkdlt, icUoUaif, Eccl. 

OttUH, A^r, Ahit. 

JMdw^ aiUtt, BKBO^if«t, or, Theoph. 

QtttU, rpigSra, tA, Hom, HdL Thuc Xen. ; Krtirn, rk (rare 

for a aiiwle head of tattle in eing.), b. Hdt Xni. Plat. ; A^, 

ttei, 4, Hn. Theoc. ; unira, ri, Tbeoc See Or. 
Rid M oaOfa, fWovt, gen. oot, oui, ace. our, h. 
HIMoU coffZe, 'd/iinroi, Of, Anth. 
A oattU-itaakr, ^o-lncXfif, conir. SomA*^, -«n>, ^ Soph.; 

SoirAitn)!, so, 4, Antb. ; Paoukitoi, Oiph. 
Cattle-«ts«llnr, 0infiJUriM, Hum. 
A oavalier, (nr^^, iw, J, and Ep. hnriri, Horn. Si^L Eur. 

Hdt. Xen. See Honmam. 

lada, tii*Aea, <vt, 4, Xen. 

a eatja/eade, 0i«\a^nf, foU -eAAmr, and all other teneea 

in aU Tolcee from -t>Jm, peif. -tK^XJbca, etc Hdt. 
OanliT, twni, i^ .£ieh. Hdl. Thuc Xen.; Indn, Xen.; 

Inb, daei, 4, liK. ; ol htnlt, Thnc Xen. i t& frrlMr, Hdt, 

Xen. ; frreotn), One. ap. HdL ; Iwwinii Ktit, AtL for Adhi, 

.£*i;h. Soph. ; ImroAtfianr (omf) rrpfrtt, of the Ceutann, 

A troop iffoataby, f«\)l, Thnc Xen. 
BAmgaifi to oamiJry, JIgktag at tavalry, tie., tmixjuis, ar, Pind. ; 

tw^-adu, Hdt Xen. 
FUfir amdiy (of gmnnd), trriiTJtros, or, Hom, ; lm|Uiru», 

Horn. ; linr£ri/ui, Hdt Xen. ; i^Urot, or, Xen. ; not niiled 

to c&Talry, ^A^rwwot, or, Xen. 
A fi» la lit eaialrf, TiptfarriarfiToi, Ar. 


7b tna in tte cavalry, Int^, Xeo. 

A eommandtr q/'emalrg, hrwitta^ aieros, .£ich. ; fmfj(<>t, Ar. 

Hdt Xen. Don. ; Irwapitovriii, ov, i, Xen. 
A eammimdor o/oM Iroou, f^xoi, Ar. Hdt Xen. Flat Don. 
A eoaanand i/ oaw/fjr, Iwwafxio, Xen. 
..4 command ofoKt froop, ^iiAi^fa, AriM. 
BtUtngii^b) a. cemmimd,ottoaeommaailero/'aioalry, hmfxttlii. 

To ooemm inll oaeaby, ici8twri(oiiai, mid. c ace. Hdt 
A iJarmak or battle of eavalry, fna/id;(Ia, Thuc j IrrmX^fl"!' 
(en) cAilvat, £Kh. 

Tbfi^ IB owaJnr, dnFofiA^^ f the caxalr; of each eido engaged, 
of Jmrtlf (uxo/idx^ffoi', Thnc 
netofy ofeaaalTji, Irna^lo, Xen. 
7b j« infenor n caoafry, InnwpftTJe^iu, paa*. Thnc 

A MTi, ttrrpor, Hom. Pind. Tng. Hdt Xen. ; nAu, ri^ Eat. 
alone of the Tng. neea it ODca in ace ling., Horn, nets ain 
oviioi, T^, and in. dat. ting, mrfl, dat pi. ov^oi and nn(iavi, 
gen. pi. immv, h., dat pi. alu oirAnaai, Xen., Hom. He*, h. 
EuT. Ap. Rh. ; -fiJI^, only in nom. and ace aing. Hia. ; ufAior, 
Soph. Eur. ; iririi^ f^"' 4> Soph. ; ^Aftr^^jeffoi, 4, Eur. ; 
IraiAot, h. Eur. ; oTifAiuiii', Plat, ; vr^Mvai, TheofHunpu 
(CiHB.) i nrirXirjif , vyfot, J, Ariit Ap. Rh. ; a mre in a rock, 
t^fo^ Soph.; trfrfMr, Soph.; >itfimi riyot. Find.; rirfat 
TlSUdr, Soph. ; a isTe hollowed out by the lea, aiipcr/i, irnni, 
4. Soph. Plat 

/VoM a cone, KrrpoAf, or -#iv, Pind. 

Lib a eon, nmXaMtii, Plat 

/W/yeoHt, irrp^t, Xen. 

Hanitg cava btUm, 'iwarrpoi, ov, Ariit 

£ti>BU n ami, irrpoibr, Eur. ; frouAoi, or, Eur. ; larraoSioiTtt, 
ar, Oiph. ; irr/iexifiiti, Oqih.l; in lem. irrpiis, iSar, 4, Anth. 

Omm, Sn-por, Horn. Pind. Tng. Hdt Xot. 3m Oaa. 

To MtO, AnToA«y^, Ar. 

Cartl, AerroAoyla, Hermipp. 

Ct.^tj, yiiAor, Horn. Hn. Tng.; HiJfci, t1, Onm. poet ; kAk- 
rat, Horn. Pind. Enr. ; KtiA/^r, ■»>, Pind. Ear. ; niitfia, 
jbroi, Ti, Tbeogn. ; k^dl rb, £*ch. Ar. ; 'wAiit, Aiut Sea 

A anl, M'lrAsoI, Hdt ; MvAmt, Hipp. 

To MDlk, mjcrdH, Hdt 

ToMnaa, rfftyu, aiv. 1. Mi|>a, pei£ -rtfiuia, aor. l.paaa.^Aip', 
other tcniea ng. (Horn, niei aleo Hca. inlin. rMgiirai, imperf. 
triStor, oar, aor. Z luhj. BiIm, Pind. and Mimneim. hare 2d and 
3d aii^. pm. rifcii, -riBtTh Omn. poet ; rrOjcii, perf. pan. riruy- 
MW. etc, c aec. tei, dat pen. Horn. Pind. .Etch. Enr. ; irdMti, 
aor. 1. Mil>m, no pert Hom.; fiq^'i'dofuu, mid. Hom. Enr. 
Xen. ; TeAnrrJo, c aec rei, dat pen. Horn. Pind. Eur. i -^pv, 
fnt o]ir«, aor. 1. IjrrfKii Att, Ifnuca Hom., nor. 2. 4'*]™' 
Alt., linuw Horn., no pelt, aometimta c (ii or 't and aec 
rei (ai, caoaing fear, ii ^Mar fifmr. Soph.), Hom. Find. Soph. 
Hdt Xen. Antipho. ; ftrtim, Horn. Find. Soph. ; nitoiiai, 
mid., c gem. ace or c aec. rei. dat pen. or c ace. rei, and 'vl 
cdat Horn. Find. Tr^. : 0<iA\H, no aor. l..peTf. 0AAi|ini,etc 
c. ace rei, dat pera. or M and dat, eip. of feelinat, ai grief^ 
iavp, ileqi, etc Hom. Soph. Eur. ; rirnt, fht T^a^ T^fo^ui 
(the only fut nied in Att), rtmi^uu, aur. 1. frffi^r (onlj in 
HeB,),pwf. Tfreica,«or. 2. fT«n*,Dmn. ; *Di6i, Omn. ; tytiri. 
lofr, aor. 1. mid. of uniued piea. £ich. ; ipiam, Enr. Xen. 
Dem ; ifx^t "" f^-i ^ B™. "ii Soph. ; ifyiCofiat, mid., aor. I. 
ttpyiriiair, Snah, Xen. Dem. ; i(tfr^o,iaA, Ear. Hdt Xen. 
£uhin.; roplfa, h. ; Ariov^, fnt -oirOirii, ^ach. ; iftvpitriim, 
fut -wp^ow, no acT. 1 ., aot. 2. -<opw, pert pui. -tifnumL, bnt 
nor. 1 put. -wp^r, tic Soph. ; -wpoiiria. Soph. Xen. ; ■iplo'- 
T1I/U, in prea. fut 1. and aor. 1. act Xm. Dem. .Aacbin. ; 
iKwopli-a, Eur. Plat ; ytrrim. Plat ; ntpammitl^ Xen. 

7boaue<afwo|i^ v4pVxH,fiit-^and-rx4nii no aor. l.,peTf. 
-ifXVat, aor. 2. -nrxor, Hom. Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen.; «pot. 
(dAA•^ c ace rei, dat pera Find. Tng. Hdt ; irparrfhiiu, Tng. 
Hdt Xen. 

7b cOBM among jioaple, /irrArlAvu, Horn.; ^rrlirrv, Enr. Ar. 

c, JEwei. ; iaBtnipii{it, Hipp. 

Plat. : ifimtfm, Tfauc Sen. Plat. Dem. ; Mj>7^a;uu, c dat 
pen. Xen. PlU. Iwic Dem. 

n enue oJ lie nun* timt, miinapixi', Xen. 

7*a ii nmiwrf (y, npofiiquii, yam. t. diL Thae. 
A MOM, f^FU, Aral, Til, Horn. ; atria. Find. Hdt Omn. Att. ; 
■p^fAo-it, «n, i), ThiK. 
A MBIB, adj. A-ua, a, or, and unwlimet, ibongh mnl;, m 
AtL at, sr, nn. of what ii bad, c gen^ aln t mBn. U«n. Piod. 
Bur. At. Hdl. Thnc. Dem. etc 
Otiaug all lUngw, tIivItmt, or, ^Kh. 
AJBiitteamwi,tirr<iiTai,a,<ir,n\doi, or, Tcag.Hdt XcD.i ofvof- 

run, B, mr aod oi, ov, £uh. Xen. I»e. Flat. Dem. ; mfifirrid- 
Tiei, iw. Plat 
^a criffmal tauie, vfirafX"' "t £acL. ; wptirmfrfis, or. Plat. 
A «anM, riinitr, ovm, d, JBicfa. ; iryiiuir, am, t, Xen. ; iiCn)- 

-Ht'i At. See AuHor. 
tku ttlt n , /•Arouf, a, w, and 01^ ov, £kIu Xen. 
GmmIcwIj, 'SxfMiov. Horn. Theocj finir. Find. Soph. Eur. 

HdL Xen. Plat.; /iAtuIm, 3apfa. ; vpti oMlv, Soph. ; SUUh, 

A MwnnT, '^hwu^ Pind. 
OuiftiA, nvrrurii, Aritt. 
A MUtio, ri niKTCirli-, AlilL 
to akatariH, laJti, faL xoiiaw, 
A MatHT, oiSru, hm, 4, Ikk 
OMtia>, tiKStfn, Theoga. ; rtlJttu, Sopb. Eur. Plat. Dem. 

•p^ma, Omn. Att j tr^unri), Thnc. ; fUMd), Xen, laoc. fi*o^ 

TbttEh, Plat 3e« Oitt. 
A nauMjhr amaiim, ftxafif, M>f,it. Em. 
Caution aowy (a lort of, depoiiled in court! of lav ai wcsrilj for 

the GMta of an action), TjpMbiu, Tit, Ar. Dem. ; wifitrrSaa, 

•w. 4, IM. Andoc 

7k ibpoifts^ Mot awA'oM mauji, Haa, «h, 4> Ar. 
Oa ttt tona, m^tjpfjtins, Hom. ; rpeoaJiTDS, m. Find. ; irp^Hwr, 

•n, or, Dw, £ic)i. Soph. Hdt ; 'icIvSwoi, or, Pind. ; titJUiit, 

Plat Deitt. ; fbktfirlKii. Plat ; piKmerltAj, Xen. ; tb\6yui- 

^9t^ w, Aiiat J irfonnrrlniii, Xen- 
Cantlouilj, fiAU£t, Enr. Plat ; titaitiitiiitimt, Xto. ; ■wpofofil. 

wi, Ar. 
Tb b« CmUobi, etUUfo^uu, mid., c. aor. 1. pau. iii\iiMA|r in 

act or iatnu. leni. SmAi. Soph. Eur. Xen. Plat Dem.; iim- 
KC rei, iGwh. Eur. Plat i iuiAlS^/iu, Plat ; 
....', full. HdL 1 ^Oa^i' fx'i Hdt 
Om mml Utaatiomt, tbtMr/iioit, Flat ; SiwAoA^t^, c ace. lei, 

To MW, Kp<(f«, fut ^K, DO peri. He*. Ar, ; hucpiia, Ar. 
A Mwlmc, xptiyiiii, Anth. 
To amo, 'pirte, aine eai. or c. gen. of the thing ftvta vbieh, no 

peif. Horn, j waim, c gen. rei, Horn. Hei., and in inpet. Soph. 

Ai. Plat I more im. ndofuu, mid., c peiC pau., u>r. 1 . pua. 

and panlo poet flil^ c, gen. or e. pait. Omn. ; mroanfa^uu. Bar. 

At. Kdt Dem., and lAriraiii, c hii sod gen. Enr. ; 'jb4> 

To&Vioi, e. Bti and gen. Thnc. ; t^ity-i nn pert, c. gen. rei or 

c. pan. Hoin. Pind. Trag. Thuc. Xen. Plat I.y*. j 'SrwoKltyit, 

Horn. Pbt : /leroA^, Hem. Ap. Rh. ; nraA^, jGicfa. ; 

inXirfit, Soph. ; lilt, fvX. Mow, nogm. lenK* (L, c. infio. Hom. i 

bXafui, mid. ddIj pm. and imperf. c, gen. Hom. Bi. ; ;IhMi)/u, 
aor. 1. futf^M, Ep. fuH^n (Horn, hai 2d and 3d ling. prti. 
frtuu, ((, and imperf. ^irfCtu, fitUti, c gen. or c ace), Hom. 
Tjrt Ap. Rfa. ; fiMifuti, mid. c gen. Enr.; mid. tap. in fnt 
•X^n^uu, Horn. ; (Bb, nre, euepi in prea. Find. Eur. ; /uBCr- 

rofiat, pan., e. perf. and aor. S. act. ^ech. Ear. Ar. ; Km^, 
c. gen. or e. prep, or >ine cai. £Kh. Soph. Thnc Xen. \ 
**Ix-> fat t^iim, imperf. irnxtr, aor. 2. Htrx^t "th irreg. 
impof. twUrxa, and Mmetimee -ofuu, mid., c infin. or c. part, 
gr c. gen. Enr. Ar. Thnc Xen. ; itrraJji^iM, Ap. Rh. ; 'iv'x" 
■ine caa. or c. gen. onl; in prei. and imperf. Theogn. Soph. Xen.j 
lUrim, DO perf., c. part .Cich. Hdt Call.; hXiiartim, only 
pre*, ud imparl, c part Eur.; 'Mi|/u, nor. 1. -^m, poet 
-ivm, ai abore (alu 3d ling. fiit iriaa, and aor. 1. opt iri- 
vajpi, Horn.), c ooc or c. port Soph. Enr. Ar. Udt; fiiti, 
fAnt, ai pain doet. Soph. ; Atfrnj line cat. So|:4i. Eur. Thnc ; 
JcAthrw, c. part Enr. Hdt. Thuc. Flat ; SfuXiin, e. part., e. 
rh 1^, a£,and mfin. Soph. Eur. Thuc.; '<>oA<In, Xen,; tA- 
Arin, Xan. Imc.; 'fntjiwtiuu, paie. Soph.; xdAi«, fuL 

xdAiffn, c. gon., or lometimeB c. ace. jGtcb. Enr. Ar. Plat ; 
'Inriiwin; aor. 2. fron unita prei. c. pert Xen. Plat ; 'dM»a€4rrO- 
IHu, pan., c. fat 1 . mid. iimrHaoiiiu, aor. Z act Icrtvtiiy, c 
Th nh, oil, and infin. Plat \ 'ixirftiptii; c. dat Plat Xen. ; 
hioTpinaiai, c gen. Xen. L]ri. Dem. ; 'VnLw and Arsefiui, c 
infin. Ap. Rh. ; Aa>4>'«, Ap. Rh. 
Ceatng tofitt, iXiBtipaSrTu 4h Sptur^iur rita, Eur. 
7b ntaka to ceam, Xitytt, c aca lei, or c ace. and gen., e. g- K'^yu 
Xeipai ^KW, Hom. ; iro^ c. ace and gen. or c. ace. rei, Hom. 
Trag. Thuc Xen. Dem.; 'l>«iraj», Hom. Sopb. Dem.; nunroiai, 
for KJtrAr. Pind. ; nArtXiit, -AJmi, but in perC pan. -^ikt)im, 
etc Ar. Thuc Dem. See rotermraata. To difi. 
Ok duM oEue, Aqrrhr, Iim., cited bj Linn, and Sc. 
0» nut suub (o «a«, tovitJiii', Plat 
Oot ato main to etati, wmiFrhli, qpor. i. Soph. 

OaaMlMt, iCvx^!. Horn.; 'Airfruarat, sv, Horn.; 'irtrOras, or, 
Sopb. Plat; lAMprroE, or, Hom. Soph.; 'dALurai, sr, Hom. 
Eur. ; lUipuii, Hom. Hea. Find. Trag. Hdt Plat ; oiK fcuutrki, 
Hom. ; 'UtTffi, or, Find. Soph. ; "irrpvroi, or. Find. Soph. Hdt 
Thuc; 'Vrrpor, or, Simon. 1 'Jtrawrsi, or. £aeh. Soph. Thnc ; 
SviaArdawBTOi, or, Xtck. Dem. ; Hdtri^t, Soph. ; 'irifiutr, 
oral, Enr. ; 'ditrfpHTDt, or, Tiag. ; irCr<x))r. Eur. Thuc PLiL 
Xea. Dan. ; Wrtijc*'. I»c. Plat 

/•tduiffoff w eeoHfut fa t ealiifoa, 'AnvirToi t^ht, Eur. ; 'AadprrM 
3»i, .^Kb. 

OeueisHlj, '^wTor, Horn. Het ; ifitX^'i Ih"^ 1 l/a^or, 
Hchd.; ififLrrir, Hom.; ^u^ur'vi, Hec; naXtfJt, Horn. Ap. 
Rb.( ya\iii(tK, Hom. Ap. Rh.; 'iXmrrar, Horn.} lirii*Alj,Hom.; 
inKtKimt, Horn. ; fffttxJj (lued houeier ii Horn.), Horn. Find. 
Ar., 10 irwfx^i He*. Hdt. ; irtrtxAi, Thuc, in all it* lorma 
oftoi conpled iiith if I, to increaie ila fnrce ; 'trtfi^tn. Soph. ; 
MtAtxtif, Critia*. Fhit ; imwrrcii, Ariat 

Cadw, Kitpot, i, Hom. Eur. Hdt Theoc, or an; thing made of 
cedar, Eur. Theoc 

Of odor, cApIroi, Hom. Eur. Hipp. 

Jniaid uM ddar, mipirris, Eur. 

Tit COM o/Ot ee^r, jcalplt, tSoi, i^ Hipp. 

Oil ofrtdar, icitfiBr, DkiK. 

To oeda, ^Ua, no pert Horn. ; \iit, fut )iiam, bat pert p*a*. \i- 
AG^uu, Find.; innStiaiu, sor. 1. -JSwro, pnf. paal. -ttfo^uu, 

OefUoiLll, 3dfU), Hom.; lif^j, ^, Hom.; KafoUqrIa, Hdt. Xen. 

A CtfftlouiuL, KrfoWJlr, froi, uu. in pL Hom. 

OeUing, ifo^ Horn. Hdt Plat ; fUXoSpor, Horn. h. 

To aelabnto, L e. >ing in honour of, praiie, eta. nXfl*, obI; in 
prea. Horn. He*. Ar. ; nxim, only in pre*. Eur. Ar. (nied alio in 
pau. to be celebrated, Hom. Pind.); tw'igKtii, Hom.; itltm 
conlr. fSii (lhi> form not confined to Alt), fat itiaa, fov, but 
much more oiuall)' iedto/uu, f rrofuu, aor. 1 . <|«icra and ^ov, no 
perf. or aor. 2., aor. 1 . paai. ^o4i|r (rare), Omn. poet. ; /'^Ani, no 
perf. Horn. He*. Pind. Ear. ; '»r*(i/A««, Theoc. i iiatlm, in prea. 
Hea. ; iiiria, Omn. poat Hom. ; nitJUitt, c. ace or c ItfU^ and 
dat or ace, alw kcAoSAi Miliar latHir iimt, Pmd. ; KAgffgr, 
' - -kjfira (icAitfM, Find.}, no pert h. Find. Eur. ; yi^rn, 
■., alto infin. 7r)«rfu', imperl ^yeyiirtor, 
rper. ytymr^, yrymiviTBt, innn. aor. 1 . yrytf- 
rwm. Find. ; cs/iiftg. Find. ; iftii, Pind. ; lufu/ltnm, ttf. in 

perf. from mn>. j 

M^o and itdit, only in prea. Call. Ap. Rh. 
To be oelabrated, yAXa, u 1 am ceiebiakd among men, Mp^iraui 

Itilut, c dat of the cauae, Horn. 

To ce/sArote (a featiTal, etc),'t7«, aor. 2. JFT^yur, only aet in thi* 
Hdt Thuc 1 'JWt)«>, He*. Soph. HdL; -miUitt, Find. 

7b oabfauCa witt q^rrajM (a laciificial feait, etc), Aim, diow, 

Eur. Hdt. Flat Xen. 
Om md ceMmte, 7»yi(rj(Tfor, Pind. ; i/inrrior. Plat 
Oalabnted, Vnrrii, Pind. ; jn/iaorkt. Find. Eur. Thoe. I*oe. 

Xen. Dem. ; irpJ^Toi, or, Pind.; 'da<AnUad/urDi, Si^ ; np)- 

g^at, or, Thuc Lycurg. Sea FamooM. 
Oalabiltr, tA^t, rb, onlj aom. and aac aing. Omn. ; nitof, yh, 

Omn,poet; dhrXtu, Omn. ; 3^ Omn, pa*t Hom.; *i>aEK 


I, Han 

Pmd. Ear. Xen. luc Dem.g nrhitCa, Find. Sot Fatm, 

put; *™(>L , 

dititial (ob\j of the mhabiluit* of heKTcn), oipAvlw, ■ 

Hei. ; otipliant, ov, J, Eur. See Ibmm. 
OellbMy, lurmiXla, Plat 
A Mil, TVpT^, np. under gmni, Hdt 
J atS a/a loiiqiaaiii&, k^tt^i, Ac. 
lb nak Noflni ojlf (of bm), in|pax»rJis PEU. 
A Mllar, olrto, Am, 4, Xro. 
OeiB«at, rififia, Ami, td, Hdt. 
Ta oeownt, rfHyrdw, Eur. 5m TV job, Tb mtUt. 
k, ONUtny, rtifih in pl. Hdb See To bury. 
A »WBt«th, MivTrtfur, Xea. 

Tb rate a w m to u l in iimmr t/, nrvrt^^, c ice. pen. Em. 
A MBMI, HtuMipur, Hdt. Lj*. Aadoc 
& oaMaor (Raman officet), rtfoitiit, P6ljb. 
To it a «auDr, rijutrnte, Ptit 
Tb« otMrnhlp, Tl^itT<Ca, PIdL 
Oanioriou, tfryt^i, Find.; if^riM, Piad-i ^Uu^u^uii, or, 

Simon. ; fIX^4>9ya(, m>, Kut. Plit. i ^iXafriM, w, BEietimee e. 

gtD. or c mrri and gen. JEtch. Itoe. Plat. Xsn. ; dLnJ^vTBt, w, 

Theogn. ; imniiAt, Ariet. ; ^vtiMmtm, sr, Hipp. 
^ omorwu pnvai, fiAn-TTl^iTrHii, Iioc 
Ta It oaHorwu, f!^a9i(m, Hipp. 
OMnnbll, iwiiiAiartot, m, Hee. Tfaeo& ; fuv«rrii, ^ich. ; 

fMftrrif <an. c neg.), l^nd. Sopb. Eur. HdL ThiM. Plot. Xen.; 

EdT^winrnH, or. Soph. See BlamtMa. 

pen, or e. aoc pen. and gen. in, or c gem. aec, or c ace pen. 
and pnp., or c mix. rei and gen. pen., or e. dat. pen. Oinn. poat 
Hon. ; tirlifJtftiiai, o. aee. pert. dat. rai. Find. Thnc Xan. 
Plat. Dem.; tuIiU/ifoiua, c dat. pen. acs. ni (either atteo 
UDdentood). or c ace pen. gen, rei. Horn. Soph. Hdt. ; fiy, no 
perf. and no paia. mice, Tbeogn. Omn. Att. ; twhUidm, c dat 
pen. *Dd ace »i, Thoc. Xen. Inc. Don. Sea 7b Umu. 

A oaonnr, Mrytirt^t, oE, 6, JEtch. See Blamtr. 

am. SttHaadnd. 

A Omtm, Kirrmipot, Ham. He*. Pisd. Em; ; flPA qpii. t. 
Ham. Find. ; ImKhrriaifot, Flat. Xen. 

Of" Caitmr, Karraifutt, Ear. 

Fall o/Cntaan, KartmifOtKiitiii, Ear. 

Lite a Omlav, Keprmplovi. 

Oentaar; (a plant), nrraujilt, ttn, #, Theoph. ; cemnipli), 

A omUMry, Mrovrbt, tor, 4, Xen. 

OanttdBul, tKdTevTbt, Ar. HdL Xen. 

A oantipBde, XavKat, Aiiit. 

OaatnO, /iMtfft^H, or, h. Tng. Set MidiBt. 

Tbn emtiw, tfifif^t, Horn. Find. Soph. ; tI luviit^iKm, h. j 
Wprper, Plat. 

71c cenfn o/iM armg (oppaaed to the wingi), ^tittef^, Kyyot, 4, 
Xeo. SftMuUl*. 

Omtiqile, triTtinllir^Jtrimr, trrt, Xen. 

AeMtailOB, ittrorrifxt'i Mieh. HdL; li[CrJ*r^x«*< Xen. 

To be a CBitiirvm, inArorrofxtti, Dio C. 

A eentmon^i offiee, iw^owTopx^i^ I^o C. 

A veatBiy, intriirTamiiii, Roi, 4, Plat. 

Of a ai afat y, iojtuy a eiiitmry, Mn-trrmrr^t, Find.; Mtrorro^ 
nipet, or, Oiph. 

Iha OqAlna, Ki^Im, Hooi. Find. Soph. 

OnlNna, tifttfot. Ha. 

n« OWtMlim, TlpeTwefcOf, Aoi, 4, AriaL 

ORtnanlM, religwna, Tt>!*r)), Eur. Ar. Flat. 

Cant, Aq/iirHp, gen. &iifii)T^poi, Att. AiffiTrrp^ (an. alto Aitfi^- 
TfHw, PlaL), Horn. h. Eur. Flat.; Ai|A, h. SupL Eur. ; 'Axola, 
Hei. Ar. ; iMAlyirta, Ar. 

Oarigo, tilitnfa, Ti, Horn. Tboc ; KMiyfo, f), Xm. 

Fraia (Jerigo, UMipot*, or -in, Horn. 

OtrtaiM, de rei, oAi, Ham. ; nHupH)t, Horn, fitch. ; V"*', '^ 
Bt, and at, or, bnl only in neot.. Ham. Hei. ; rlfj|t, Omn. pcaL 
Horn. ; iriifv^). Find. £ich. Sopb. ; ^^(awt, a, ar, and o>, or, 
Hdt. Omn. Att. ; rurrti, Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Dun.; io^V, 

Ttrlli, Tvl, etc., often Tov,T^ in Att. poeta, nod T(*, ti^ loae- 
limn in Ham. Omn. 

Cntainly, ^ir, Omn. ; liiyroi, Hmn. Soph. Xen. ; fwoEr, Sopt. 
Plat. 1 iiir, Hon. Find. Bion ; /iJ|v, unialtir, if nol alwaja, with 
mne other particle, ai i) ^V, koI m'I'i n f^S iU^ fiV> etc 
Horn. HeL Tng. Xen. etc [N. R None of the |cec«d>ng 
•roidi, or an; compound! of fiir or fiJ|r, oTor begin a ienunoe.] 
tifTii, cap. in aMwer, or Ut Blruigthen an aaenrrinn fioch. Soph. 
Ar. Plat. ; ti), Omn. ; " nuiaUj lefening to a paM action, while 
lAi ttnngthent an affiimalion, etc., ngorded aa an btentioa." 
iiinn, and Sc in fiV. 

OrtuHJf, L e. with eertainty, to a certainty, ta know, to ipeak, 
etc., IiTiniJvi, Hom. He*.; vl^w, Hem. Find. Trag. Xen. An- 
Upha. ; aiipimi, b. Hdt oontr. ; rS^i, Find. Soph. Ear. Thoe 
Xen. feohin. ; v^nt, Thec«n. ; at^nr^m, Hdt ; irfUw, 
£>cL : BHaSmi, £kL Em. Tbnc. Xen. ; 'Sufiltii, Eni. Hdt 
Thne Xen. laoc. Dem. 

Ytt, oriaMg, in aniwer to lometbing pTeTkutly Hid, wtrrf^, 
rira iiir oh, Ai. Plat ; '^u^jI, Ar. Pkt ; •r^AfU yt. Flat. 
Xen. 1 irarrlno'i or -o'lr, PUt Xen. ; TwreAin, PUt ; 'fn^ 
^ijiif ofc. Plat. ; *■! oi. Flat j irw T^ip ai. Plat Sopboelea 
UK* nw yiif for eertaialf— " I fear le*t boom afflic^im baa Ood 
Im come upon him, for certainly it nnit be eo, if " . . ., Mlemi 
f4 '« S**" •*'rri Tu fy[f, »i T^p, »i . . ,j h«t onaUr 
certataJy not ii eipnoied by **i 7^ the Bonitmclion being 
elliplical (I certainly do not, for haw ibonld I?)— Pttl. 'Do 
Tounol know ma whom you teeP" — A'ei^ " Certuilj not, for 
how ehould 1 kuow youF" — ti^Oi-jifi otrfn^' Irru' ein^tj 
— N«rirr. nil 7V itiToita, etc. Soph. Plot «t; fiii i*f, 
Eur. PlaL Sea r*$, iVo, Not. 

(hrtalstr, ir<f4Hu>< fiKh. Plat Antipho. i iafbns, Tbw. 
Xen. ; Ptlatiriii, trrot, i, Thne ; 'ixpilH^ PhL 

AMMn* Mil Oat I tag at a oata im lf, -ri wiarir riit A^ywr Jfuw 
Mx"S Eur. 

A tntifloate, tp^wu, ftroi, rb, Iios. ale 

To MTtify, $t8tui<t^ Plat Dem. 

7b qni iraU ewfon^ ^bi^6m Ivysr, Sopb. 

CWnlaaa, Y^w^, Onm. See fi/iK. 

OmmOIm, 'irtnwii, «, 4, HoBk Ttrne; 'JbdnsAa, Thoe; 
A^u, *eif, 4, £Mh. 

OMotioii o/eeib, Sibtou, wr, i, Eur. Thne £iehm. 

CfaBattni ofaoe. tiSumxtl, Thuc. See TVwe, RtlMf. 

Oaadan, 'JbrMevu, wi, 4, Thue 

OeftW, iiri), Omn. See Girtllt. 

Tit eat— fir bati^ff, Tpis, drrot, 4, in pi. Ham. Piud. Plat ; 


To ttbafe, 1 0. warm by rubbing, diU*w, lare, except in 

imperC Honi. Hea. 
7b tia/i, i. e to make angry, i(flphm, fiwh. 
7b aio/t, i. e. to be angry, xoA'iVM', »id. and pao. e. daL vat, 

e gen. rei, or e pr». ix, tSrtiia, e(e, e gai. or e i^ and daL 

Hon. Find. Soph. Eur.. See Angry. 
ObMS, 'iX'tt Horn. 1 'ixifor, moat uin. in pi, Ar. HdL Xoi. 
A l«p o/oiqf, •txm"^ Horn. ! •ix'i'^' S™, *, Ar. 
A ohift-Mn, 'ix^p'*^> XoL. 

OfAcff, 'iytf^i. Arid. ; in fern, 'ij^ifirtt, 3ai, 4, Anth. 
WVk ■>«!* ehyf; woXhIxOfu* or, TbeopL 

:ldou foond in 

7b Ifrw ntt ciq^, 'AXl^ Ai. 

.4 MUMd leiAl otoff; 'ixBpwu, wt, 4, AriaL 

Ta aham, livio^ai, mid., imperf. Iww^M'i • 

other laneet, HdL Lye. 
Chagrin, kxttfiitr, ini, 4, ^ech. Tbnc.; rb Sfurof, Eur.j 

flviX^u, Soph, 
To bt ahagrinod, SlHx^■fn^ aor. I. Jtutx'p"'*! ■><> P*r£ or oar. 

2., e M and dat or e w^il and gea. or dot Flat Xen. Inc. 

Don. ; iSipAtt ^(pn, tax. tfo*, aoe. 1. ItrryKa, aor. S. ^rfrxer, 

no ptrC Hdt. Xen. lioe Dem. ; Bifita fxf^ impof. clxo*. fat 

tin, or ox*™, no "r. 1, peif. Tetj tmte, leoe ; >urx*fAi <X", 

e irpii and ace PlaL 
A ehaia, w4hi, Horn. Theogn. Traj; Xen. Plat Dem. ^adun. i 

V*>M, af gnanwntid duini op., Ham. Pind. JEtch. Eur. Ar. 
PlU. Xen. ; Siaiia, jtrar, t^ Horn. ; Sterol, pi. nin. Sxrfii, but 
■In tta/ial, Horn. h. Trag. Hdt Thne. Xeu. Dem. ; tiefmi 
Cnt, Tk, £uL ; ^uv, £uh. ; 'IkOnt, wi, ^ (»m«tii 
nKd of amuacntBl cbsiiu), tun. m pL Enr. Ar. Hdt. Xen. Dcl.. , 
ritiXaf, 4koi, t nl 4, Plat. (Com.) g J^lMu, «qi. onwnienul 
cbiioi. Ar. Hdt. Lyi. ; rrptrrhM, Hdt Xen. 
lb «kria,irt8d«,H(nii. Find. £Kh.Soplu Hdt. Plat.; S^fiit. 
Hmt^it Ulma, etc. etc Onm. ; Striuiei, Het. h. Eur. XcD. 

Bhtlnri, t^fiwi, a, Bv, and af, or, Sopb. Eui. ; tw/ufrqi 

£ieb. ; hi fern. tw/iArif, iSot, i), Sopb.. 
Madi efAaia (ai chun annonr, etc.), orpurrii, J|, i», ud ii, 

A ^alr, ir^i, i, htHT 4, Ham. X«n. Dem. ; Bpa, Hinn. Pmd. 

Tn((. Xea Plat ; Sfxlnf, Hmn. Pind. ^uh. Bur, Xen. Pkt. ; 

AMcei, Mid poet iitmiT, Ham. Hdt.; (rffiaC, JEjch, i^, b. 

Tbnc. : ftiimt, Tng. Ar. Xen. Plat. ; Mjcwio, ornt, t^, Eur. ; 

OfMriia, trot, fi, in pL Enr. ; mUOpa, Xen. 
A chiiriiun, i. b. president of an anemblj, tnffrter^i, Eur. 

Xen. Dem. ; Tp^fSpof, Thac. Dem. 
7l> !• aioviiKn, MvtAt^ c. gai. or c dit. Pind. Mwh. Saph. 

Xfu. leae. Dem. ; Vfiotlpe^, .fifchin. 8«e 7b;irimJ«. 
GhaiM, Sfua, trat, ri, Otao. See OUrM. 
CkallM, nik^, tmi, i. Find. SudIl Uopb. PU. Xao. See Cia. 
Ohalk, 7Jf», HdL Plat 
To ahaUc, tW^, Hdt. 
OUk ttauM (in limbi), *%»', Hipp. 
To a li all t ny*, rpmdXf^oHBi, mid. only {nvs. and imperf. Hum. ; 

*p*'lAAifuu, mid., lilt, -iao/iai, aor. I . poet, often wpmAtcri- 

liw loc irpe«ca\«ffdfn|v, Horn. HdL Xen. 
Ta mail a mmiltr ejaliagi (in legal poceedinga), irrlriiaKiAi. 

A okaQMg^ •pAbkiro-u, «ra. i, Hdt. Anttpbn. Den. 

Tin otalht^ ^a mtiw^ ipAr^iia t«£ {u>-ff^^i«T«t, liL tb« aiking 
of tile watch Wflrd. 

n* fSMlirbM, Xi*Mtt, tl, .«acb. Eur. Xen. 

A ekKBilwr, Mx^i, eip. a voouui'i chamber, or tb« bridal. 
chamber, Hom. Pind. Soph. Ear. Xen. ; aujfuiifui, ftrai, ri, 
Knt. ; maris, iS«t, i), eep. a mman*! or the bridal-dMlobaT, 
Enr. ThfOC ; AWo, «rai, ri, Hdt. See AwM. 

7b tie ehambfr, AijJlfiAitt, Hom. 

n/ar tuiUmp a eittmber, MUfH^t, Hea. 

A ahamtm-iiuid, ^ifhaADt, i^ Hom. 

7b ie a akwitr-iiiai;^ Ifif IitdX^ \Arrpw, Pind. 
t, ttfini, Sach. Soph. 
1, xliiiaiX4ia, nrroi, o, Arlit. 
1, 1*^, tan, 4, Eur. Hdt. Xen. See AtHApt. 
' --'-'->, Di(«e. 

Of ti amam Ha^ afHuniKhat, Dtate. 

Tb eha», Igmi, fnt. S4{afui, perf. >Aiixa(and IAum, Anlh. 
aar. 2. lUmv, ««!. 


jB when eating (a) a pig doea), 

taMim, Ar. 
C b a a paton, ^i^^biioT, sr, Horn. ; reStApqi, £tcli. ; in fem. 

rttiia. Mm, ij, Pind. Eur. Hdt. Pht ; ntfrnxn, or, Baph. ; 

'treBsf, w, Hdt Thnc. Xeo. ; JudUi, Thnc Xm. Pkt See 

A ■hmpiHi, «pilf>axM, Han. Pind. ; lAtfqrV, ^>, «, Hcon. 

Ujch.; irrMxat V>, ^uh. See D^ndtr. 
m. J ,-^ ^(j^^j fcr ai a eJiampion), irpo/i«x(f<«. anlypn* 

*, T*CTi Omn. poat Horn, j ri obritLtrati, Lja. 
■CO, Tf Tiixff, Soph. Pkt ; iiFl n JK T*xi(, Plat ; jeetri 
T<YVr, Xen. ; M or ^ roE (driyutrov, Hdt Tbuc Xen. Plat 
.£iehiD. ; ■tropin, Hdt Theoc. ; rtxirrm, Ariit ; Karit 
M*<««i HdL Dem. .£ichin., and 3a^u>r and rtxi), often both 
Ispther, ecp. when (paken <^ a (iirtiiBata ehanw, Kurk rijci' 
ram ml Soffuira, Dem. 

O mt i ji r lie eloiH, mit^aatt ria ttifuaa ml ri)r r^X'l' ^' 
wtfirrirm, Sichin. 

Am iHtapKiad eiamct, wtfiiayet, Tbnc 

Tit imt a dtoKet if, nca^Kmiii, c infin. Xen, and in Sd ilng. ai, 
impen. there ii ■ chance, aufSmA*!, c inBo. Xen. Flat. 


r«»ifii>iMa(Aa*«q^alaw^^(ta< job ar^paoi, mrluMfTOt 
^(dilu j;^i|vt1i ilm, Xen. 

ffe Iria M> ^ cAomir, Tir Ari Tpo^iti nni Aiflav (a metaphor 
from the game of dnughti, aa played by the ancienta), Tbeoc. 

A ehaSM (penon at thing), i t6x^> """t, o'. gen. arrsi, etc 
Hei. Plat. Xen. Dem. ; i iwvrOxiir, and lametimea without the 
article, Eur. Hdt Plat Se« Aof. 

A alumdalUi, t^x"^"- Ar. Pheiear. Alei. 

To ehuige. Halt of (he following Tcrbi gnrem an ace of ths 
thing given, aod a gen. of the thing taken in exchange, or an ace. 
of thing given, and iari c gen. or eomstimea Ihrip c gen. of the 
thing taken: 'Sfittlit, no aor. 2., c i-pii and ace. of the peraon 
with whom the exchange ii made, Horn. Pind. Trag, Hdt Dem. i 
tiriniittr, Horn. ', firtifHitm, alao in mid. c dat of ibe thing 
taken in axchan<ta. Find. Eur. ; hrraiulSa, ArcbiL ) Ii^hUh, 
Eui. Fl&t ; iudi'n, tometimea c dat of the thing taken in 
eiehange, alao e. ace of the thing taken, alao c ace and aome- 
timet e. gen. of the thing ginn, Omn. poit Ham. ; JEaU^brsw, 
Find. Enr. laoc ; traJOJani, Soph. Knr. ; BiaUiam, Enr. 
Plat, and mid. Pind. Hdt ; itrroMJuriru, Soph. Eur. Hdt 
Plat. Inc. ; iaTa>J>Jim, alao c dat ef the thing tdtep in ei- 
ehange, Eui. Tbnc. Iiac ; fdraXXifovw, Plat Dinaich. Dem. ; 
irrliiATaX^Aiifaiiai, Lya. Iioc. fiehin. ; vlpBUia-m, lonte- 
timea bIm intrant., etp. ta change for the wane, alao to change a 
little, Baph. Tbnc laoc Plat; <rWB\Xiiimi, Dem.; MiaX- 
Aiaw, Aiitt, I e. to give in exchange, irrWmni, aor. 1. act. 
-itma, perf. paai. -iitoiuu, etc. Ear. Dem. 

7b t/tanpc, i. e. to take in exchange, WaUulevoftai, .fitch. Plat ; 
HrrOuitiMtra, fut -X^^i^KU, aor. 3. -i\JUar, perf. -dXitfo, 
Thnc. Xen. 

7b dtaage, i. e. to alter, rpiawJm, Ham. ; rp^m, Horn. Piad. Ar.; 
HipieTp4wm, Het. Hdt ; luBUrriiiu, prea. impsf. fnt I. and aor. 
1 . act and mid. in act lenL, puiive voice c. aor. 3. act, pert Rod 

gaper£ act in paai. tent. Horn. Soph. Enr. Ar. Hdt Thnc. Flat 
em. ; npiAm)^ like n^imnu, Thnc Itoc Flat Den. ; 
limwiHim, Sol. Dem. ; fUT^9/jfo., and poet itrrafp. jEicb, 
Hdt ; o^p^, Enr. Pht ; unmrrpi^, Horn. Ap. RL [ tu- 
mfi^, £Bch. Ear. ; 'iaarrfi^, etp. to change fox the brttsr, 
Eur. ; inarpt^, Ar. ; iripaarp4fn. Pint ; lArcurrpJ^ Dinarch. 
.Stchin. J ittTatl9i)iu, aor, I. -^km, perf. -rtttata, aor. I . pan. 
-n-tfqv, etc. Saph. Hdt. Thnc. Xen.-, Kiri^ Hdt; riflLaaim, 
BomFtimei alto intiana Flat. Dem.; fterA^Jpv, fuL -eira, aor. 1. 
-irtyKa, aor. S. -iirrpm. Soph. Den. ; fuAipfi^o^iiu, mid. 
£acb. Ear. 1 iUsuiv, Eur. Thnc. Plat X m. ; ^crMdMui, perf. 
act nrrt»itKfK(a, lometimei al» inuana. Enr. Hdt Thnc ; 
)imaimi(ii, Xen. Dinarch. ; nmxirii; Xen. Den. ; itaiaiu, 
Thuc. ; lirrUltiiu, Plat ; iuraaxtiiiriim. Plat ; itrramctim- 
pioiun, mid. Plat ; ir*,jdf«Mti;uu, mid. Xen. 

Tb be caulaatlf thmgmg or alUriag, iirfK>il(u, no fut Tbeogn. 

7b dunge, inUana., i. e. to alter one'i condncl, alter ona't ditpou- 
tion, or be elianged in any way, iitpMniuu, only prea. and imperf. 
(only of a peraon'i ihougbu or mind), Horn. ; fwrArfmi, tiit 
^iwvEfuu, perf. -vfcrwn, aor. 2. -twvnr, Eur. Thue. Lya Itoc 
Flat Dem. - ^kitIttw (into), c. ill and ace. Thne. ; ^tpoiJafiai, 
pata. Hdt ; 'drcMMfiA, mid. Dem. ; firrJWclw, b aai. 2. luti- 
t^y, Pbt 

7b dKiMge ome'i t/atart, i^tmt 'i-^isr«fim, pRia^ c parf. and 
plnpeif. and aor. 2. act Ai. 

lb heamt % heag eiamged, nernf 4oi«i, paaa., e. part ri^*a», and 
% act -i^, Empad. Plat 
laga (one'a route), lar^, aar. 2. iiar^n^yor, Xen. 

7b dto^e Bionq', 8i*etW*'f(*, no peit Ar. ; X(*™^ «» P«rf 

To dmagt oad n{«f, iiarUm\ttm, Horn., and in mid. Eur. Hdt. 
Plat; fi»T«*UAe/MU, Hdt Thot laoe. Dnn. ; ■p^'^'l^X*-, 
Eui. Ac. Hdt i lieTiyefvAirKii, (nt -fr^miuu. perf. -*)«"•, 
aor. 2. -iyrmr, e. ace. lei, or e. infin., ot c. /i* and infin, or (to 
change one'i nind to at ta think, etc) t. bi and indie HdL 
Omn. Att ; iiaratiyrYnimioiuu, paaa., in aor. 1, Sopb. j '**o- 
yiyyiaKu, c. toh and infin. Xen. ; /wrfmi-, aba. alao (and to 
thmk eueh and inch ii not, etc) c. fi.ii, ai, and »nbj. Xen. Platj 
■JWanWifiM/Mi, pan. Hdt. i iirrdtoii(~. Plat i /wr^ittajm, c 
fut mid. nrrafaX.ivToiiat, and aor. 1. |Ma. /i^t^Mit^, aoine- 
timea c part Thoc Xen, ; t^d^ixf *wX«*V« (■>».) 




, fan. ftii. put. 1 


n ^lo^Aiv yrmfftfutxtrrt f^ ilytu 

To daHge ou'i 

,MT«i^,, DO 

Bji Ihit tine yon mat 

jdn are ■»{ nno' (0 

d/i(i7Di intir, Hdt 
jldd / am of lit bhu oiwdii hi cnr, md knt not dunged mg 

vdad, ml tyi fiin b cArit tlfii, nd ^k ^lirrofiw, Thuc 
fun, wlo uare toliJjr ta your Hfwj, Aon cioiiTid and btamt iKad, 

laritmi Kiaaar, ifrlms fftimr, Eur. 
Ckatgaig »mr eatttna, and hteomvtg a hitd, imfvit 'ima /wrUJu 

Sforor, Eur. 
¥o», i^ng ekampid, atoU ifamic a if n^on, owf jdv w^ btcomiig 

a beatt, Atll be damged into (or ihall nceite in eichmnge Tor her 

preunt fonn) tiefom i^a ttrpent, ^poKitr yrnitau nrraSaliiiy, 

Mfiop Tf til iutlipatSfil' tiptat dAAiifei rinv, Eui. 
TobeiiiatoiubMtlateoffiaiige,^la, iax. ^ivgoiat uid |tt'4«VHi', 

Kur. 2. |)ui. in kct. mm. i^iriy. Plat. 
Oh niul liai^, lartwUKifriov, Plot. ; fitraOTJlT/or, Iwc ; firri- 

Srr^, Plit. 
dung*, Tfttwda, Mteb. ; JiUJtrJ)^ J^h. Sopli. PUt; 4ii\X»)4, 

Plit. ; lurvM^STfli, Sopb. Eur. Hdt. X«l PliL ; f»TibAa{u, 

MI, ^ Xan. ; 'inaT|»f>^ Enr. ; firraCoA)), nni. ■ changsyrriim 

bnt acsneuniet hIh i changa to, Eur. Omn. Att. proH ; jirrt- 

Sura, Ml, 4, Tbuc. ; iMLnlmau, mi, 4, Plat. ; h-tptimru, mt, 

4, AiiiL ; lirrMiaii, neut L e. b«iiig changed, Piat. ; furimf- 

<ru, M(f, 1^, Plat. 
A ^aage (of fgcune, Mc.], tbtyui, Irrat, it, Ikk. 
.^ tiaHpe (of wind), furdfUna, Aiiit 
Change ofmmd, l^rrASovXiuf or ^trroiffo^^ Simon. ; ftrrdjwtttitt 

ft, if, Hdt. Dem. ; fUTitniB, Tliac ; /urStii^tia, Time 
jl (ujiin duB^ 1^ fmtat (oniall; fhim good to bad, though not 

aiwaji), ■nfrwirta, Aritt. 
Tie daiigu i^timt, ii rd^v XP^Kn', Eu. 
CAoi^Mi tf raaual, A^ara. Jfqfuitit, Uom. ; xtr^nt hniiuitii, 

Ciraigt, L e. ihibII money, tipfJira, ri, Ai. Deni. 
ChuigMbU, lAAar^KAAai, oolj ai epjth. of Han, Ham. ; 
Ii^iirroi, or, Sspph. ; *swfXii, Pind. JGicli. Plat. Ariit ; 
iratkDiAwTtfmi^ on, Piatiua ; iroX^oTpo^oi , or. Find. ; *ikai* 
TftiwtKtt, ov, Pind. i dbAoi, £teh. Soph. Ear. Ar. ; nXirrpo- 
*ai, or, Soph. ; /untTonai, or, Ai. Ap. Rh. ; arf)(lirTpo^t, or, 
Hdt. Thuc i ratjiTpiattot, or, Tmg. ap. Ariit. ; 'intfTat, of 
{not onl; in mind, of animals thing)). Plat. ; 'initiirrtToi, or, 

Dem.; ttiuritoKjis, or. Plat. Xea.; fiiirrilXirroi, or, AritL 
Ckimjitalitt in »Kf, fm-UauAoi, or, Ar; /uTi^AlTucii, bf, AntL 
GnK^tailo it firm, aniaaraiKB, «^ir, woutXKixpMt, or, AiiiX. ; 

otoMfUfi^*', "i Orph. 
ChxapeoAk u miss or jh^ nuctXJyijpiii, voi, 4 jrol q, Pind. 
Ohautd, tulffTpo^i, or, £icfa. ', fi«raAAiucTii, ^, Pind. ^icb. ; 

iXUwrai, or (of mind, intention, ale). Soph. 
A changu, /m-oXAoicHlp, Ion. 
.Ja ^gir to dungs proporiy (when a citiien objeelad 

impo«d on him, on the ground of Hms richer man 1 

paued oier), irr^lovis, tat, fi, luc Lja, Dem. 
A Bbangalias, 'Orotoxitiaioi, adj. Hdt. PUL 
A aluuintl, IraiAai, Horn. ; ^i^, Hdt ; tinAr, fiwi, J, Hdt 

Xen. ; Iuipv{, D^ot, 4 (of tbo channel round tha iilaod Praao- 

piti. ID Enypt, That) 
To molE a dKaHKl Ikroagi (Hosnt Atboi}, Swpiirra (rir 'Ab}, 

To ebUtt, iMtw, tsntr. fSa (lliii fonn ii not confined to Attic), 

flit i*lm and fan, but oftcner -ofioi, no p«r£ act dot aor. 2, 

tat. 1. jmm. iaiv, Omn. Sec To «^ 
Chuitlsg (an irttKQhu' urt of chanting), wafoMamiKtrAi Atiat 
ChMM, xilai. Ti, HeL Ar. Plat 

A ehap, yirvt, vat, 4. Horn. Pind. Tiu. Plat Xen. See Jme. 
OliapTed {with chapped feet), x'V'^'IU Aloe., from X'V^i 

^', 4, ginn ai Qnek for a chap (no authority being died) bj 

LiuD. and Sc 
A ehai^at, im^Ani, Horn. Hea. b. Pind. Ar. Hdt r or^ifta, 

drot, To,(uu. in pL Horn. Eur. Hdt Thue. Pbt; rr^^dvot, 

Omn. poal Horn. ; irr^if, ri, JEich, Soph. Eur. ; wArfut, Pind. 

Bar. i Ijirat, ii, Pind. ; fJ'Tpu, Pind. i mfwrli, ISor, 4, Sleiich.; 

T\^»u, *roi, Ti, Enr. i 'DnrjAiiiro'li, (Set, il, Ptat (CiMn.) 


TU diap/el tfnidoij, rripa (ri) nniv, rr^pa MAar, Pind. 
" wx, Garkmd. 

■iMnt with a dtaplrl, iKrri^, Soph. Eur. Sea To emon. 

Flailed mik dapltli, mfAnUqi, Eur. 

Wearing a lAaplel, aTt^iy^fifot, or, Eur, 

Wtan^ a btantifiil dtafU, naMJarifarat, Em. 

To aear a olop/ef, (TTtfdf-q^sp^, Eur. Dem. 

Tie aearng a daflt, (rrt^Orq^a, Pind. Ear. £achin. Sea 

A olwpiMW, imrr^t, Xan. Plat Sea Bujkt. 

A oh^tar, fnou, «", 4> Ariit 

To ohar, ripaieriia, odIj jna. and Imperf. Horn. Sea To jura. 
Ckund, iMpIiMvTkt, Arift 

CluWMtar, L e. latter ued in writing, o%«, ftroi, t*. Horn. 
CharaeUr, or any other lort of impRMioa, xif^t ^'i ^ 

j£>ch. Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt Plat. Iioc 
(HarrKtor, i.e. diipotition, Jpyl|,Oain. mt Horn. ; TpJrof, Omn. 

port. Hom. ; ijfci, rt, Hea. Pind. Sopi. Eur. Plat Dem, ; f^ 

Pind. Xfl/ia, »roi, ri, Pind. Trag. Hdt j ^vtfili, Theogn. ; i*h 

fia, ilTM, rt, Pini ; a^Kimar, Eox. 
Caantrfer,!. a.r«putalion, *arit,a««, 4,Hom. SojJi. Enr. j *i</ii>, 

Pind. Thut lata. Plat ; 4M, Find, i itf«iri», wi, 4, That 

1 jocul Aaraeler, (Moffo, Pind. Eur. laoe. Xm. Dun. 

4 iod cionu^, caKo««{fa, Plat Xan. 

7*0 iou a good dvtnxltr, 'iiratr ifiitar lAit, Pind. 

Heiat a good or a bad diaractar, fHun 'M*). <* <X»P* ♦«™ 

n> ioDS a had danuier, ddpOfot mWxnw' 4fw> M Ii<iBh*i9^ 

r, ir ir ifiifwn M 


. . t5i ainAtloi- 4i 
.^n atnmed daraettr, rx^lt^ *roi, ri, Plat 
A elwnetaiittio, L e. diatingsiabing (eatoie, xtfonriip, ^pm, i, 
Sopb. Eai: Ai. Hdt Pkat 

To get a daneltr of, wtpulrrtt, no porf. or aor. 2., aa be « 
to me to deaerre tbo cbaiaetcr of an illibend man, 'tfAn^i 
l/ioeyi Sani irtpubrr*iF, Xen. 
A painUr tckm worti atpma dimettr, ifityfi^t, Aiiit 
OlianMMl, Mpd*''^ Horn. Eur. 1 b«paf, A«f, 1, EBi.Ar,)H<^v 

ivOpdjcw, Hif^a. 
Belottging lo eJuireoal, iftpiMiifbt, Alex. 
&II 0/ okmiaaf (name br a coUier) ftifiaitiii, Ar; 
To barm, or mnl* AortBal, irfySKiCm, Ar. 
^ olarBoaJ-mato, ii4pAj[aii, £Bop. 

To eharga (apnea for a thing), 'fai/iroAds,cgea. oflbopiice, 
EuT. Xen. 
To dniye, (in military tactic*), iltatrm, ftit JXJkow, and all 
tcnaea from 'Ada, no aor. 3. Xen. ; wporf^ fuL Stin/uu, 
Tbuc 1 frfvii, impek ttitir, 3d pi. Mttaar, no «bci Unwi, 
Thuc Xen. 

To durge (aa caTalry), »pon«i«fiB, Thnc; tmrpixf, fct -<(^ 
jUWfMi, aor. 3. -Api^ior, c dat Thuc, 
To ohB^ (at (hipt), liMktji, perf. -(MAvni, Thoc 
1% dtargt u appomliai, in'M^-p«x■^ Xen. 
Todutrgtfiat, wpof/MXMi, Thnc 
7<) ekn^ :t^iip4, BitXaA«, Xao. 

7a dan^e, L e. to accnK, a) i iiyopAi, c gen. pen. ace. lai, or e. 
gen. gen. or e gen. pera. and prep. Hdt Horn. Att Sea Hi 

Ho dargidfive obaU a-doffor tb board iftm ddUrm and CM- 

ti^er, ill i^r filv Svav iRutlotf ul iSahfp nrrf M^Asvf r«( 

A^Jpui iXoyl(tTo, Lyi. 
A eharfa, i. e. price far a thug lold, Tl>il|, h. Hdt Plat. Lji. 

Dem. Seei'noi. 
A tiarge (military), >p4>*f. Hdt Tbuc. Xen.; i/itati, lUictly 

of ihipa, bat alao of anything^ evei of a bull, JEiab. Enr.Thne. 

Xen. ; ^o, Thuc Xen. 
A dutrge, i.e. accuiation, fyvXiuu, trot, ri, Omn. Alt Sea 

1. eamminion to OTOilodE, etc, trlarint, mm^ i, 

B. a thing iwmaritlwt to OM'a ov^ ff»ifmi*i ^"^ 

' dargt, wowrl^ Xm- 



71) tan dargt of, iwurlcTim, no pctC c dal. or c ginv. Soph. 

Xcn. Inc. Uem. 
<te nki to tiarpe of, irfrit»r«. Ham. At. Flat. ; iiriirrSBiiai, 

Inc.; frwrjErw. Xen. Plit. ; /uA^SwIt, J ■«! A. Hdt.; fu- 

'ibuDiMblii (q. T.), olriai, i^ or, umatimf ■ in AlL 
li, or t. Sti, Hqib, Mtch. Eur. Thnc. PlmL 
Clargaable, L (. > CUM of gipcnaa, SAirOnipki, Xen. Plat Dns. 
A BluLriot, 'faiini, imp. for muln.butalMiniedgnienJl}', Horn. 

Pind. Xmb. Sopb. ; Iffu, *rc>, A Om. ; ST^i. 4. and later 

4, pL >r^piH (and tl^ Cail.), Ham. Hh. Tmg, Xm. CulJ. ; 

txBi, -ri, (alia with dat. fl, ix"^ and ^, Hom.), Horn. 

Pind.-, txet, i, b. JEMih. Soph. Bar. HdL; i*X"j Pind.; 

«*rfrVi «P' > mr-diaciot, b. Anae. ; frrio, ri, ind Irria Ji'ffwv, 

Pind. fach. ; IxW^ '^'i t1, prop, a mule-chariot, opp. to a 

warcbariot, bnt nied fin anjr Mrt, Pind. Tng. Hdt. Xen. Dem. ; 

txAv, ^Mh- ; <>^. DV", A. Soph. Enr. ; di^Ji, ^01, 4, ("f 

the mn), Eur.; SZ^pJnoj, Ar.; iffJM', Hdt. Xan. 
^ mmd Aariei, \afiwiini. Soph, 
J fimrJiena dionrt, T(T;piiopfa, Pind. 

J pair-iartt ekutot, rttmpis, »oi, 4, Ai. PlaL ; ii^v^ £icb. 
A AwiBt m »r«w, al^ PlaL 
Of a eiarM, t^fdrttat, Eni. Xen. ; J^^njtu, Critiaa. 
Q^Ai toot i/a liariiM, %ift7-dirr«iroi, iGieh. 
Bikmgitg to a/mr-iotm tinarvit, Ttrpiiifcs, or, Att ; rirpmfet, 

■r. Hom. Pind. Ear. 
ITno a darinl, ionw w a aiani^, iwTli^un, or, Horn. ; A>ird. 

l-int, or. He*, h. Ap. tlh. 
HaBBig a btaatiftl ekanel, m lit httl dtariot m a niM, ipuMf- 

fdroi, or, Pind. ; Mffiant, or, Pind. Soph. ; NaUiKi^i, or, 


ina nojA Ac^iU, ^qupiffiimt, «r, Pind. Si^lu 
WUkgaldtii dariai, xfi^liirot^ or, Pind. 
Wilk braxam ahanot, x<iAi(<%iftroi, or, Pind. 
IFifi wHy oianod, ToAudpfiAraf, or, Soph. 
~ - . - „, pini Ear. 


., -.„---, _J. Ar-i !r#(n|A*r/B, Soph, Enr. ; 

intinim, Ror.; if/iiniUtrim, Xan. 
Tb eadmd m a tka-iat fwa, liUB^ptiu, Eur. Sm To dnn. 
Ctariat drmmg, Sii^piiUirta, Pind. ; Siffttp, Xen, ; i^yiAntUtou, 

XoL 1 iitrnx'ta, PlaL ; ip^tiroAia, Ar. 
A tiarieltt r , iirioxii, Hoja. Xen. ; irioxAi, Horn. ; 'f^rfoxol, 

Horn. Xen. ; ^rioaTpif^r, Sopb. ; ip^Mrifirtit, Pind. Soph. ; 

■offHlA^nrt, Pind. JEliii. Eui. ; t7^p<vH|i, Soph. ; tpoxiiaAtiii, 

Soph. Eu. ; ipfutrn' ^iimlnii, SqA. Eur. ; ir^p BlaAJn>\*f , 

A /imal> Aariolttr, tJ^Ximifa, Aalli. 
Tobta dariaUtT, 1inax*i- ; nm, eic«pt in pm. and iraper{., 

Horn. ; Vux'•^ Ar. HdL PlaL ; ^rioorpo^, Ear. 
51>U o) a oknMMT, 4 4r»X^> Pl»- 
lb ia^i eiontf iorK*, h^iimrrfo^, Xen. 
n« iu»fi"mj ofiariat torm, IfaiuIroTpo^, Xen. 
.J okirM Mifar, iftOmnrr^, Horn. Thooc ; 'iiimfyuptht, Ar. 
.^ alariiri KBitr^ tradt, 'iit^ovr/la, Theoffa.; 'l^ui{Mn|y(a, 

A etariet tract, tp/uerpaxCa, Hom. ; 'Sfiarpaxla, GUI. 
(baritabU, ifrrniiiHi*, orst, Xan. Dam. .Xacbin. 
VkailtT, ^yntiiarini, .£ichin. 

OaiTitf htgiat at lumt, 'ftnrWfMt i| fin ncA/iq, Thooc. 
(Shailaa'a wain, i^i^ Bom. ; 'Aprret, Ji, Horn. Anac Soph. 

Ear. ; pMtnii, Horn. Anac ; "ApKTaupoi, Hea, Soph. ; 'EAAcq, 

A aham, twaoMi, Aa JrvWr, Horn. Plod. £fch. Soph. Hdt. 

Xen. ; f^ttKtr, Horn. Ar. Thaoe ; etXrrtifar, Horn. £ieh. 

Enr.; ai|\i4^'> <■?- nnaical, Horn. Ap> Rh. ; aqXiri^pior, 

Soph. ; «(Xi»M, 4"i, tI, Ear. j ♦(XTpor, e«p. a loTMbarm, 

Pind. Tiag. Xen. Dam. Thooc; MAvrfwr, Soph.; B4x-/tiTfiir, 

KU' • M<t ■T>«tt 4 (I Pind., I Ar.), Pind. Ar. Theoe. ; fii- 

7«<Via, ftroi^ Tli, Enr. ; niAunt, HU, A, Plat. ; atArrli, ^t, 4i 

il ioM ttaim, rriprqaa, Itm, to. Soph. 
Dngt orflatBtn ntd at tAorim, ftpJra, Til, Thaoe. 
*" " * '" Mtf. Horn. Pind. Trag. Plat . 

Xan, Dem. £kIuo.; /itrrfirtim, Ar. ; i 

.etc ^ich. PbU. Xen 

fbnoi found in Att.), tiiL 'i 

eaiMi, and -^aaiuu, mid. c 

niW. HdL Flat. ; naing tlieae a* cnam* to calm the tiTer, fop- 

fiAatrimwrn Tovm it rttr w^rA^cor, Hdt. 
To riarm aaas-, iin^im. Soph. Plat. 
A Bhanuw. one who channi, am thatma, iaJii, Soph. ; ittjer^ 

-tipos, t, b. ; ftAjimp, opot, t, JEacb. 
Cbaimin^, uiing charmi, ^cuLated to eharm, appoae, etc, 

3tbrr^wr, or, £ich. Enr.; diXfT^pw, oru, Eui.; AmUi, 

or, lEn'tt. Plat. ; niXirrApui, a, w, and «, or, Eur. ; j^AfffiCpo- 

Tot, or, Orph. ; SeAjAwt, or, Anth. 
Ctornsi^ oJf, in (em. -nrM^arfipa, Simon. 
Cluuin-proa^ 'MlXir'n, or, Hom. 
', Hdt. 

To dan, L a. to hunt (q. t.), digH jci, Hon. Pind. .fach. Enr. HdL 

7o etoH, i, e. la carre, or engra»e melali, r^i^, Hdt Anth.; 

inTi/um, Hdt.1 x'^^"< Antb. 
rte oiam, of an eoeniT, Ilsfir, Mti, 4, Tboc; i. a. bunting 

(q. T.), a^po, Horn. Eur. HdL Xen. PlaL laoe. 
Chawd, Topnrrti, Menand. 
A litutd iHH-jt, TJptv^ui, droi, T^, Msnand. 
A ehani, X'^l^ ^"'t ^^ Hea. Eur. HdU PtaL 
Bfakmg eionu, xav'M'^fiu (of an eBrthqnake), AtiaL 
Ohaata, 'sYvit, Pind. Eur.Dem.;*i[p«(mi,ar,.£Kb.;T^«^nai, 

E, or, and of, or, Hei. h. ; nofBimat, or, Pind. Ear. ; 'iitoifu- 

Tor, T), or, and oi, or, .£adi. Ar.{ 'Symn-Ix^ Ariil. See 

Ta it oiub, nipA*rfAv4<u, mtd. £iGb. Ear. UdL; 'ir/rtim, 

]E*cb. Enr. ; 'l/}[iarivm, Eur. 
Obattalj, 'arrfit, Hei. h. 
To ahaatani aa^foiiit, Enr. PUL Anti^o. Dtm. 
OluMtaniad, wrniSniiint, AriiL 
To oliaiUM, fltiiiui (tL Horn., tI. AtL), mid., only prea. and 

imparL Horn. Eur.; Jhrorfrtlfiai, Hom. Hdt. fachin.j rtrofiat, 

mid. (I Horn., 1 AtL), fuL T^rafiu, ele., cacc pen. gen. rei, 

or c gem. aec, or c. ace. pen. and prep. Hom. Tbeogn. Aiacb. 

Soph. ; imrrfrofiai, Hom. Eur. Xen. ; irrifofiat. Ear. ; 'tesirjw, 

Pind. ; laT^iii, Soph. Eur. Ar. PlaL Xen, Dem. ; i^uiu, c. fnt. 

mid. in paaa Mini. Eur. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. ; woiriaiuu, mid. Enr. ; 

•Wrw, Thnc ; 'kiitiMm, Eur. ; 'iBbru, Eur. HdL ; Kjaiim, 

7b iitfiiet hoAdy diaitatniaU, iwu0*r^ wXifftis, Ai. Plat. 
To inflict additmmd p—i'itanat, wporrl^ufv, c. dat PUt. Dam. 
To b« ohattuaL, tiinir, rl^r, Sifikr, nirJu Tim, sor. 1. fruro, no 

petf. Hom. Find. Soph. See Ta pwiuk. 
Out oeut dattiit, ttiutpirriai, Iioc. 
Dhaatiaamant, tW, mi, ii, Horn. Soph. Enr. Plat.; nAMnt, 

«i, 1^, Plat AriiL ; ndKar/ia, Aroi, th, Xen. ; na^JuriifKr, 

Xen. ; riitapta, Eur. Ar. Itoc. Xen. Dem. ; Tlfuipqair, mm, 4, 

PlaL i K^KMru, Wf, 4, Xen. See Poaubuat. 
A •haatUar, fWvrriip, 4f»i, 1, Thec^. ; iMurai, faeb. 
Qaatltf, 'Byrtia, Soph. ; *of)ir»/ia, oroi, rh, Eur. ; np(«rla. 

Find. MKb. Ear. ; n^rno, Eur. 
Nat liaeiMg ji i aaMuuJ ier otoifily utlif H|r i)Xuiliir a£ coAiit Bw- 

^tAitaffo, ^tehin. See Pir^inlji. 
To akatUr, Ufpria^is, mid. Ham. ; KULtyim, Pind. ; wrUX*. 

only prca. and bnperf. Hea. Theont. Theoc. ; e. ace. pen. to 

waarr by chattering. Soph. ; XerxiJfia, Tbeogu. ; KUJti, Soph. 

Ar. Xen. PlaL Dem. ; inXii-ii, Enr. Dem. ; KtrrlMU^im, Ar. ; 

Ktrotjryim, Eupolii ; p/^iiri^dii, only pna. and JmperC Ar, 

Alei. ; nmfiCKiaiHu, no fiiL Ar. ; oTw/iiAAot, and ffTuji&Uia- 

fioi. mid. Ar. } aapM^ f fn (eap. about nothing), onl; in ^ea^ Ar. ; 

^uipim, Ar. HdL; icpirr^, PlaL; 'UoAis^l., Plat Xen.; 

'iro\.iipiti, Dem. ; Afa^i|r«iia>uu, mid. Hipp. 
Clurttallw, adj. Liplriiiitoi, or, Horn. ; SfitTfOtwiit, Horn. ; 

'SliafTarthit, en. fooliihlj, Horn. ; 'lfif«^rae*j)i, Horn. ; rSrS'- 

TAjfOvotjOr, otaerow, Horn.; XiWpit, Find. Theogn. Sopb.; 

■vrt^oi, Tbeogn. Anac. 8o^. ; 'Mfa4aTa>isf, ar, Soph. ; 'SH- 

f^Aawvoi, or, Enr. ; KOTtTtfuAfiiim, Ar. ; uUot, or, coapar. 

Xd\(aT<j>oi, Ear. Epiebam. Ar. ; tti^iMet, or, Ar. ; MA«tI. 



jcii, At. 1 iJtkit, M, w, M«L i tmid^oi, w, Ai. ; pkiiri^i 
■r, Memiil. ; f \itsniSi|>, Hipp. ; 'aUXtrx"! <"t AriiL 

A ghattanT, XJiiiftrVin, Ham. ; ^aAw, ovi, 6 nol 4, .£k1l 

;^>Via, Araf, tA, Sopb i aT-^fuiA/io, Arof, ri, Ar. ; 'dSoX^rpnli, 
Ar. ; fiAJdfWf, Plat, i TitriytutM, Ann, tJ), M«i»nd. 
.^ (/iBopdnf iboiy otofterw, XKvaCi^tadpi^i«^a|Nl^ua«tn|i, Pn- 

A eaned dalllTtr if a tBonon, AAAdmmitTip&roTJnuM, Ar. 

^ In^ Mimt disttmr, /ubrpo^Xnaptynif, Altlh. 

Otaattaringr, tnbrt. rarrXHark, Find. ; oro^iWia, Ar. ; vtA- 

la^iut, *r«t, Ti. Ar. ; ^tj/ifia, Ar. Pl«t. j X«rxqnla, Ptrt. j 

dIaXwx'<S I*"'' Pl>t ; 'AMpom-D^ibi, Antb. 
ChMip, t^<XV, HdL FUt ) tSmrot, ar, Xea. Plat D«m. ; t(ua, 

OhMplT, 'Wtrtnii, Eui. ; irtTwiHUia, Xen.; fiApv (mWuI. 

fUO«»E), Xen. ; itrikis, Xcn. 
7*0 kS ol«fi/)F, Jmwrifa, onlj in prei, Don. 
dlMpiUH, rir^Xcia, Hdt. 
ToolUBt, ouKiiK, Horn.; ^rapimAtt, ddIt pm. ud Irnperf. Horn.; 

Bidaiiai,nai,, cgen *cc. Horn.; ^AnTfHi,Do perf. line cu. h.. 

^^Aib, Awh. Ear. Ap. Rh. ; ^pAnVn, Sopli. Ac. PUt. Dem. 

'iroaTtpia, e. gea. or c icc rei, Timg. Hdt. Tliac Xen. ; Ktunt 

Xlim, Enr. ; tiiMfuiininu, Enr, Ar. ; $auiio\itiuu, mid. At. ; 

wifSuiwrm, e, gen. rei of which, Ar. ; xipanpoin, perf. pua. 

-c^cpovirfiai, c. gen. rei, Plat Iwc Dinuch. Dem. ; a-tfurvflfo- 

fuu, mid. At. ; yovrr6m, PUt. Dem. 
TtUa dual, xAniUicfif fx'i impecf. ttx", Ar. 
7b ji<^foatgi>(,>l(a(a$i<^st«^B^ vMbtavTtfia, Plat Dem. 
7b olMt o&m; tBiU, al tin tans tias (oitf, Mrrrrfanim, Al.; 

<rJ)H{M[Td«, Don. 

7b ei«W oi t n fng jmtiticm*, '6wa^m r iit, Ar. 
7b in ditiUtd, bi\TB)uu, pau. Ar. 
7b i> oleEdarf ti^ '&rl)iSapw, nul}- in pn*. c. gm. Horn. ; '!>*»■ 

iX^vTivuu, c. ace Soph. See Th dmm. 
A vliaat or aluatar, Jtrtpn-nrrlii, Horn, ; JfV'^'i Ho". ; 

^hirr^i, HeL b. Xteh. Soph. Eur. ; idhniluit, JEt^. ; yim, 

Vm, i, Eur. Plat. Den. ; ^ira(. Mat, i, Ar. ; 'ferwrnpifH)!, 

Plat ; fern. 'drwTfpirrlf or Tplt, (tat, ^, Ar. 
.J obi^ I e. ebealins trick, rKl^iifai, Hippon. ; ^oAnr/iii, Ar. 

laoc Dem. ; fwrntpiv/xa, Aror, rfri Meiund. ; lUHcr^urpis, 

Menand. ; ^^^fi ^''^t, ri, Ar. ; finiTtia, Plat i fffj^nfu, 

Anil, t1. Plat See ZJacnl. 
StUid/or citataig, 'AnwTifnjrlcbf, Ar. 
JWtji ulaotaJ, ^10 act fond of cheating, rC i w tr r ip 'tn, *r, Pbit 

ArUt Sea To Jteeiiit. 
To ulieok, ifboftat, inid.,aor. 1. tifruairifaiv fbi ilpCn^iiv, Hom. ; 

ifrrria, fvt -&rtt, Hom. Enr. ; JpAw, aor. S. JI^wAkiv, and 

infin. ^utiiiHiF, ddI; in Hum., no praf., e. ace pen., infin. oFth* 

thing pnpoied to ba done, or c ^ and infin. Hom. Pind. £scb. 

Eur. Hdt ; ifiiiAim, and Ifmliiiii, no tax. to oither, Hom. ; 

■waixt, no perf. act Horn. Enr. ; Kdrin^, Hom. SiKb. ; iffX*- 

ritt, DD iai. Hom. ; la^itw, do hit Ham. ; ffym (ntn. iffrfti 

" ., ^tpyu Att), no perf. act, fill. ' 

2. ac 

(X". imperf. t(x«'i fnt ffxV" (and !{■, p«£ only Iffxifm, no 

aor. 1., aor. 3. t/vxif and laxttor), Hom. Enr. Xtn. ; tayia, 
, Dnlj pm. and imperl Hon. Soph. £ur. X«U', aArdAa^iMm, 

fbt ^l^i^ufiai, aor. 2. -iUUiir, Hdt ; ai to check an inndirg 

aim;, 'bwoWAAa, Thsc. Xen. ; tvirarritAm, Ariat See To 

ntraai, ToUmkr. 
Out mtf tiaet, tl/mriar. Soph, i Ivrlhitrr^r, X«R. ; niUr^, 

WIb o^ b> be iJucitd, niTafuiiarritt, t». Ion. lor cSrAXirvr/si, 

sr, Hdt ; vxfniiar, in neat [J. Hipp. 
OiZonZiitoi lo ekot, jrirUiirrikki, c. gCD. Ar. ; ifvtrraKrhAt, 

A ehaek, uiKviia, ftroi, rb, c infin. or & Hi and infill. Enr. 

Thue Xen. Plat ; uAxfn), Tbuc. ; iiaUiaiM, Imi, ji. Plat ; 

iuucA\Oiia, t. Trni and infin. Plat 
A at«t H iMUHary afain, ifo'iRi, Omn. Att proae. Sm D^eaL 
A ehMk, wifijlttr, Horn. ; irip<A, uni. in pL in Ham., nin. ling. 

in Tiag., daL pL m^loo'ir Ap. Rb., Hem. Trag. Xen. Plat Ap. 

RL : ndpth, not, and contr. iri^t, pSoi, ^, £k1l Eut. ; yt- 

nfdSu. oi, Enr. ; apir&ptH, ol, TImdc 
^ n» dtei, ^oUfiq^v, These 

tFttt biaatifid otaab, HMhfWppai, <w, Hom. ; tiwifftt, ar, (or 

rWdpfioi, Pind. 

WM/air otaiia, Afvuirdppot. ar, MeL 
WM rauad nny cla»t(, piAar^iuc, or, Theoe. 
ITifit inuwi obeii, x»Unnr^«i, ov, Hom. Pind. 
A AhMkpplaw (ot a lielmet, or of a hone^ baniMt), iiimwmi, 

Horn. ; ^iMpo, Ti (and fdbipar, jEKb.), Unn. Tng. Hdt. 

Xen. ; irdpflw, Horn. ; a^i^ b. 
To ohMT, i. e. make eheerful, 1«1m>, Horn. Pind, j ^M<)Aiii, 

,£icli. Plat ; to help to cheer, irt n)W », Ariit, i. a. to anoon- 

lage by the Toioe, c^Xivuu, aw. 1. kAttai^aff (not in Horn.), 

aor. 2, UtK^Jititii, c aec. or o. dat., alio c infin. of the thing to 

U dane. Hom. Pinl. Xxti. 
To duer tf Sa roue, « alio of oi^r ,^(itf aiamragi M a jwnaa, 

vrpbv, no p«f. Hom. Pind. Soph. Enr. ; daftrbru, no ^at and 

no pau, (Attic a]» ApAa^kw, vhich, howrfer. hae mid. and 

pau.), Horn, .SUcb. KuT. Hdt Thuc Xen. Den.; HOafttom, 

Hom. ; *^>iAiiH^ Thnc Xen. ; •tritafghrm, Xeu. ; ipries 

fiitCfWw, etc, no perf. act,pau.Qatn*ed)ntbi(aenae, Hom. He*. 

Pind. Soph. ; TuTTiJofuu, mid. Horn. ; hAiijiii, e. aoe. or c. dat. 

Horn. ; iwUOijiiu, c. ace. or c. dat and in mid. Ear. Thtie. 

Xen. ; nifijctXtiaiuu, mid. Hdt Tbuc Xen. iMe. Dem. , SiA- 

aKiooiuu,Kii. c dat Hdt Xen. laacDon.; ^t\>^ Xen.; 

vAp<iyrA\«, Theogn. Xen. ; nifiidA^ti, fnt -moAin, aor. ]. 

-nriXmi, no perf. act ^ich. Ear. Xen. laoe. Dem. -, 'irijOAim, 

Xen.i tiBoniit, JExb. Xai. Ariit; •UCai,only in prei. lina taa.^ 

(lit erying iJa), Eur. 
7b duer (a dog), vofMVujMifiai, Xen. 
Tbkohainif (tDbaofgoodclieer),dapa^neperf.OmB.; 'diA. 

AaprAi, Ttano. Xen. ; wpoSifiiu, no perf. Xen. 
A ohaar, t-raiXtuana, trroi, r\ Xen. ; rApdcfAdHTfio, &T«t, tI, 

Eur. Plat 

moJ ctaeri oaa, 3a\T^pi|, Horn. 
Ohaariiig, tHipein', gen. o»f, Hom. .Sicb. Sopb. ; by natt, nt- 

IMu^iluraj, Horn. Het. L ; «ApAH\<iKrr&iii, Plat 
A dieehag, L e. uttering a cheer, TdpAaJXtMru, am, 4), Tine. 

Xen. Ihc ; irdpAnAns-fili, Thnc Xen. ; wifSicJviini, «a>i, i(, 

luc. .Xtcbia. 
deer, i. e, good cheer. Inlt, totrit, Omn. poet Xeo. Seafiori. 
Chaartnl, ytl.ariii, Pind.; rwAfMlt, L; 'f^oai, w, L Plat; 

raprvit, Anac ; ^iXaTirWri, £ae)i. ; Mi/ias, or, Pind. Xen. ; 

ipaitpii, Mick. Soph. Eur. Ar. Xhl Dem. ; fai^pdaovi, neat. 

ow, Xtch. ; ^A*kt, 4, ^, jGieh. Plat ; Ixifbt, Ar. Xen. 
CW^ JBsti^ of eteerW (mntaoH*, fail^Hii, Iv, £*ch. Ear. 
To ba dwvAil, (Mv^im, no perf. £nr. Theoc. ; ^oBifttm, do perf. 

Plat ; ^a^ofpirioiiai, mid. Xen. ; ^t[i6oim, paai. XoL 
On* iiAiniM 6< oSeBjSJ, aMii/Hrrfor, Xen. 
CbearfDllj, aMdyiM, h. JElieh. Xen. ; fwl^i, Xo*. ; llJfit, 

Xen. ; '*yJ^ JnM. Plat ; 'AyAnr-w, Plat 
7b aufa dLtafii, pmSfiim, no p^ £Kh. Plat Xen. 
CllMrflllMH, fMufiJa, Pind. Xai. ; failp^l, l^rsf, 4i lub ; 

^I^afpoff^, Xen. 
CIimtImi, '<txApu. nant i, eompar. ix<V^"^P*'* ^™<- Thecgn. 

Hdt I t^EfiM, or, £ich. Ear. See »iif, MifnOlt, eta. 
Chaaaa, Tvpii, Horn. Eur. Xen. ; ripai^ia, Arat, t^ Ear. ; Tv^- 

tior, Epicb. i Tvpdtii, (cTot, contr. rupavi, ain-rot, Thuc ; rps- 

^Axli, ttoi, ii, Ai. Antiph. ; rpofbiav, AJcn. ; iri|w4i Himc. 
Milk cbcaa curJUd uiA fif juiiK, npii Max, or irlai ako^ 

Eur. Ar. 
CImm o/mart'f mitt, hvim, jGacb. 
Tb omie dmete, rvpim, Alcman ; rupadv, AriiA. 
liiJa okaeaa, rvp^u, Sopbno. 

Eating eiana (name of a mou»}, rupo^itTiii, h. ; nfoy\6fm, t. 
Hamag plmtji o/dtatt, mXtnpoi, or, Pheiecr. 
^mf ntd obaw, ri^piiWTot, ■», Ar. [ mpa^J^, o», Antk. 
minliin pariiigii nciiwv, Ar. 
A chill* gi^r, Tifinnivra, tut, ii, Ar. 

A alMMMMBga, Tiipaa^qi, Ar. 
7b k a cjteuenoa^, TuponX^ Ar. 

deoa, T^pnwu, •!», 4, Ariit ; riiptla, AiiiL 

; 'lairiUm, do fi 

j4 crati on iDiiuA to ifn lAtite, rapeii, Hoca. 
A dlMMOlkc, TupAcla^i, ov, 1, Pfailoi. 

To ehariah, iiftt, only pna. and imperf. (ht aj{4<>w. and m^ 
in Anlh.), Hoot; '«»»n*ii .... . .._*_._ 


without ■ogm. Hnn, TliBiie. ; rp/fv, fnl. ifi^m, sa perf. let or 

Bid. in thB taua, pnt jum. rOfat^ mr. I. itf^ttir. Hon. 

Soph. Eur. lldl. Xen. Dem. ; iii^a\iiu, Horn. ; ifuplraxim. 

Find. I -rvi/ialw, nn, empt in pre*, ind impa£ Find. ^ich. 

Thcoc. ; nfnitm, mlj pro, mai imperf. Find. Ap. Rh. ; Ib^, 

odIj pm. uid imperf. Find. Eur, ; Jk^i^irfrnii, tat. -mwam/uu, 

•or. 2. -Innr, t kc Find. ; rspirfim, no pert Eur. Ap. Rh. ; 

'ilrdAAM, only pm. Soph, nrvaitt. Bur. ; Maiw, nn«, MCtpt is 

pin. and imperf. Theoc 
To ekrul (i fnling or habit, uiger, Ion, etc.), wirm, in thi* 

KSK oolf in piei. Horn. ; rlStfm, mU, »or, i. Munl^Dr, Horn. 

ThHgn. Xidi.-. irrOymi, mid. Hon.; ^OJurrm, H«ro. Pfiid. 

Soph. Eur. ; fiftt/uu, mid!, onl; pm. ud impaC Fiad. ; W>ui, 

Soph. ; ^IXafforitiiai, mid. PtiL 
r«abrii4aU^>(M>HM pcoloag it), ffv rw^i Find. 
7o ekrut mnlff, 'iwvrfipm, Xcn. 
Om BMf lAvnk, dptn^, Pkt. 
Th hi atcritkid, mttarrioi, Theogn. 
A alunr ( the um), xipimt, Thwph. 
Om ulo utoto ten Uu s/s nUn, atmrpAvttirt (lit. af a f«1, 

J aicrTy (the frail ),(ifK(o'uv,Ath. 
A rttri B M W, XipvilrvrBf, ^ HdL Thnc lucd alio Xtpir^m, 

Ap. Rh. 
OanU, ffcirlit, lirai, 4, At. 
To aharap, nfil^. Tut. -{■, hot hmtb om. -{ofui, mid. .£Mh. 

CWm, mrml. Hum. Find. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. ; wivnia, Soph. 

Plat ; let, bowtnt, TtmagUt, which the aneionl Rama waa pn- 

bablf man likt ; mc alio Sunn's DktiimirjifAtiti^mtiet, p-UI. 
A ok«Mboud, Twrb', Soph. 
C imtmai, navel. Hob. PtaL 
A ckff-playtr, novivHlf, PiaL 
Sbljiil « otoa. nnTRn-LKhf. Plat. 
rop%a(,T«m^PlaL Xen. 
(Aart (dC a man), vrfym, Odhu po«L ; 0Ti)#H, ri, Hom. Find. 

«Kh. Thnc. Xan. AJi. Rh. 
A shtct, i.e. a box, irfrmi, Horn. Ar. ; ^afiiSfat, Horn. Ap. Rh.; 

>nUi, Horn. ; Ir^r, Hvn. ; \iprti(, i■o^ 4, Hon. Sinon, 

Hdt Th. ; Aimt, Ear. Hdt ; irTnM, ^t, t, Eni. ; lumii, 

b«f, 4> At.; nxf^*, Ar. Hdt.; «4^t, ttM, 4. AriiL ; 

■■H^Mr. AriU. ; ^m, Antipbo. ; aifarrli^ 4, Ar. Lj«. ; 

d'Atrur, At. Xen. Dem. 
it^p-ciaM, ^AMmprM, w. Find. 
Widt-Aitleit, ibfiwrnot, or, Theoc. 
NarmiB-dKded, fiifinrmt, or (cpilli. o( rr^t), Xeo. 
Carrymg dtalt, tirrtpiptt, or, Dem. 
A ektatant (the fruit), n^w EAMaiK, Theoph. ; aln k^w 

alooe, Xco.; w^»w Karriraur and k. KaoTvoLcir, Theoph. 

lUoTJtH, r^ UneutL 
A AwtMt (thotne), idpA^ Soph. 
C lh Mtna t (the Eoliiar),'adj. tar»t. Hen. 8<qili. 
Xo dww, fiiirdafiu, mid. Ar. EapoL ; 'Mi/iin 

Cknrad (anj^iag ehamd), itimtia, ftroi, t1, Antiph. 

Iba Ohawar (th* miKl* oi tin month lued id chewiiig), /•fan) 
tV. Sf ». *. Hipp^ 

(UauMT, dUin-<x>^ nn. ia |d. Plat. Dem. Se* TWcL 

A shiakan, i. e. ■ rouiig bird latber than ponltij, mavij, Horn. 
Soph. At. Ap. Rh. ; rtUaar, Ar. Ariot See Caet, Ht 

To «r tUdm, watntf^im, Ar. 

Toehlda, ^fi^ariai,mid.,c^aoi. 1. pau. inaat. hiil,c i 
and gen. ni, « e. gem. asc oc c ate. pen. and pnp., i 
lei, gen. pen. dt<. dit. pen. Omn. paM Horn. ; but ■'-"r^/'f-j— 
c daL pctK, ace. rd (either often Dndentaod), or c ace pen., 

jen. lei, Horn. Soph. Hdt See To Uaia. 

GUding, lUn^ia, mm, i,, ^EkIi. Eur. Ar. Xon, 

Aehla^ ipxU, Horn. Find. £*ch. ; '^wnbr, Horn. Find. Soph. 
Enr. ; tfx^t, Horn. Hat. facb. ; nyiamip, opoi, J, Horn. 
Hea.; fUBar, orroi, only in pi. Horn.; rfifut. Mom. Tn^.; 
AoT^nii, Find. ; lcni{0, o^f, I, £Kb. ; ipx'Xiiof, and contr. 
Vx'^ai. .£Kh. Ai. ; VxM'i Ear. ; "fapo*. Ear. ; fifMtit, 
KaA. i *rirr4ni», «ieh. ; ■wforrtxiit. 2Ete\i. Enr. Hdt 
Thnc PIbL ; tifim, Xtn. ; ia pt. al yrAfliiai, Xoi., *1 nop*- 
^o^, Hdt put, ri TpwT^ Kur. Hdt 

r. EapoL ; 'itfitAiieiiai, Ar. ; til^- 


A eUf^</U>J)KFJe,h|fi'T^p«v,<rrM,J,Hagt 

Tla dae/aam ia a dty, iffiro\(i, «u, A, Soph. See Cbmmaiidir, 

Tin ekie/poim, KtttXmior, Pkt ; iK^^jLawr Awu^ Ar. 

Btlmging to a ati^, Tfpoio'iai, Hon. 

Chief, adj. rfWToi, Omn.; /u^irroi, Omn.; nfjUoiai, un. if 
not alwayi ia neut. ling, or pi., ofteneM in pL (aa, you knew the 
chief de^la of tbii itoiy, iAJU To^ar iikr KKpi*Mia Xiytni 
b-Tt, Find.}, Find. Tkue. PhO. Dem.; 'Apet, £icfa. HdL 
Flat ; EfwToi, fiach. See Bit, Grtalat. 

To be cUmf, nfoix", un. cuair. apol^ii (eTen in Hnn. who, hov- 
«Tcr, doei not uh the word in tbii eenae), ia» in ihia eenae ei- 
cf pt in pm. b. Tboc. ; apofirnvuit, mA. and pau-, c. air. 3. act, 
and peril and plaperf. in iatnna. eena., np. in eoncr. part irpat- 
o^iii, MO, dii, gen. -vroi, etc Hdt Tboc. Xen. Plat 

To t> oby (MM^, npiiifu, c. gen. Ap. Rh. Sea 7b aacmf, 7b 

Tin eUrframk, Ot Mt/iBnimr, wpmrtar, Dem. 
Odeflii, iii^unoL, Omn, ; rk ^tfyiaror, Tbnc 

A daUbhtiB, x^'^- Ar. 

A ahild, 3iJu>t, rd, lion. Find. Enr. i i^ai, ri, Horn. Pisd. 

Soph. Eur, ,- IsToni, Horn, Soph. Eur., and in uent lr)«««, 

.^Bch. Soph.; Spfi^ot, Uoin. Find. Anac, ^icb. Eat. Xeu.; 

riiaB, ri, Omn. poet ; ritror, Omn. (gen. riaMf^ Sision) ; 

nu, ■wailit (iroli often in Horn, tbongh only in nam. ; Ap. Rh. 

haa alio ace v^b), 1 ml i^, Omn. ; yirrrgia, Imt, tA, Soph. ; 

turrSroii. Soph. ; /« firii ijt, Eur. Plat ; iiaraSttwlia, Ar«, T^ 

Eur. ; A^X'vru. ^ot, TO, JEtA. Eur. ; noavii, ^aek. Ear.) 

I iiiafiii, ftroi, 'tI, £icb. ; viaMiar, Ar. ; nfSiir, Snr. Ar. 

Hdt Phit Xen. ; nai/iirii, d aol 4. Ear. ; nuBlpHir, Ar. FbU. 

Xen, ; ri 7<»Afiavr, Hdt 
An omiy daU, twtirms, Eur. 

A itaatifid daU, naMtwaa, Enr. Sea Sym, DaagUar. 
Of or Matgixg to AMrai, nlliiai, or. Find. £icb. So^. Rat ; 

«uJ!xii, Sopb, At. Flat 
Iwfklti ty tii/drem, roMrpirm, or (of Toonda), jf^ich. 
flapfj ia chSdrat, or iaoing good or beaulifiil otiuUm, )rf\miiav- 

pot, or (epitb. of a atj]. Find.; fBrau, -niBoi, ^ u) 4, h. 

Ear, Hdt ; nMihnui, £Bch. Eur.; ttrtKm, ar {tii» epjth. of 

an oiBcle promiiing good children), £ich. Eur. Xen. 
IJmlappf H eUUm, tirrnam, ar. Soph. 
Having cUldrai, Tiimut, fem. i 

Haiiig n Shfy to laee duUdrtn, narafjm, or, £icL; n 

nilt, ia, Eur. Hdt Xen. ; irwlrroili, ir. Ear. ; Ttaavnnfr 

/fmiKp tml ant dali, luwimcret, ar, Eur. 
Haanfl (too sliUmi (alao done or ipoken by tmi childrea^ It 

tual^m uaut £>ch. 
Hatmfiflg daUrta (eonaiatnig of fiflj cbildras), n 

d wl 4, £ich. 
/taring manf daUrat, nxh-eam, ar, .Kacb. Bur. ; aahtaaii 

(metaph. of a land with man; coioniei), MoL 
Haoitg oidf ow elM at a tint, iim/ritrt, or, Ariat. 
HavBfs/ea aUifrmt, iUyinui, 6talh, Plat 
Having lod cWWrw, TwmAfrtipn, fem. Soph. 
Fond rf iMdrm, fO-irmu, t aal i, Sbnoo. Flat Tbma. ; ^06- 

TKmi, or. Ear. Ar. Hdt 
land tt eUUnn. aifU^rKi, ti^l,, .Xach. 
Z^iw tium eUUrai, KpnvMlrtitiat, or, ^Each. 
RaariHg duldrm, -rrJtrtoi^t, or, Simon. Ba^ Enr. 
..ImvA^ cUUrao, TKr^irwroi, or, .Xich. 
ATanieTii^ olOlriB), nitofJnf, or, Rom. Eur. HdL; awt^h^i; 

i aol it, ^och, ; TuSoar^Mt, or. Soph. ; ndoh^rap^ apo^ 1, 

fern, -aaiioA^ipa, .£ach. Eur. ; rearorr^rei^ rr, Eur. 
TU blond ofnuirdend diildrm. HfUt ruSafdrgr, Enr. 
71a au^WiH ^ lallmg a child, TBiIo^^f nffap^ Hdt 
Hating cUldrtn, luairiKim, or, ^(chin. 
Elding daUm, rniioiiyot, or, Pind. ; wmtaUpm, or, JEailt. ; 

TfcroSolrqi, Qiac. ap. Paua. 
Bdongimg <o Jaao araJ eWrfm, Koupdfopoi (i. e. blood), jBailt 
TTit hiving, ot bigdtiitg, or iwirtB^ dUUrai, TiKronifa, Xan.; 

■raOoyerU, Plat ; niSonitB, Plat ; nJo^olqiru, no, 4t I'lat- 
diiUnn, or iating good duldrm, nVniK^ Jaihi 
c ; tlmiola, Eur, Ariat Theoc 


Ahndtnet of aUUrm, «>r**^ P'*'- Xen.; ■oAttratta, Inc.; 

ir«AtrrMvta, Atin. 

Tta lunag omlj one cAild al a <«■«, iianroicia, AriaL 
7b ie jto^^ H oh'i MldrtH, ttrrtxriu, Eur. 
7b nob a fimiig, to kave aUf omt diild aact ^OMrnfiaii, iiavriit 

rftrriir, Dem. 

?b MBnitr daUrm, rutoicrav^, Eur, 
2b ta«, btar, b^ ckUdrm, riicpdti, in uL ddI; of ths hther, 

-<fia, mid. of thlher oi mother. He). Eur. ; Tunnrst^ii, ut. of 

Iha mother, -ofwi, mid. of the lather, Xen. \ -rinrmaai laii^at, 

Thoc ; ■waAomtbt, ef either father or mother, -ofui, mid. mil; 

of the &lher. Soph. Em. Plat. Xen. ^tchin. 
Wia pmpb Ok eilyof Cadmai aUk liar eUUm'i oUrfrM, oI 

tU^wH irdAir Tiimwiri nJSogr vaiair, £ui. Sea 7b i^, To 

To nor liiihirai, itaiiaTpop4m, Al. ; ruavrpo^, AriiL ; toiDo- 

■iiji^ Aoth. 
TV rtdftiKr •/' cUldrtu, rtuSarpopla, Flat ; rtiowrpo^fa, Aiiit. 
7b bnr aicag a duld, imio^npim. Met. 
OhUdlMd (childbirth), UU, 1«», 4, Omn. poet PlU.; t^«, 

Horn. h. Soph. Eur, Hdt ; *^X<»i J^ich. ; t^X^txh S^oi, tI, 

nao. in pt. Eur. j Aox'Io, Eur. Plat ; yorii, Eur. ; firrif if, mi, 

^ Aiiit, 
J /brtnoji <v (09 cUUiirit, i^BJcfs, Call ; ri iictroinn', Hdt. 
Am mfiTtiataf duidMrik, IuitokCb, AriiL Call. See LaUntr. 
Beloaga^ to eUliUiirti, ^X">i Eur. ; \ax'"'i, Eur. i Xfx^tof, or, 

Ap.IUi. Aatlu 
Boti^ am taig tHUUrtk, (FrosM, Aiitt 
Aidms in aWiJh'nH, iiayoariias, ov. Hum. Thnc ; tfiXoxoi, Eoc. 

Can. I J«»rJ«« (of medkine), Ar. 

7b b H aUUM, Mbw, rare, except in pre*. Hom. Etir. At. Plat 
To ion a digladt tUidUra, IvitoiiAii, no psr£ Plat Ariit. 
To Jmve m tcug daUUrO, lAtiHiim, no pcrf. Hipp. See 7b labim. 
Tit Ooddea tnlo aub n eUUMil, EtA^Ihw, Horn. Ilea. Find. ; 

'EAnAb, Eur. 
Tia eoBtd em Diama, nio moiiw MMirlh eon, rhr tSXaxar'Af 

t,^ Utow, Eur. 
A mma» h aUUAsf, Ktx*^ Ear. Ar. ; A«x«l>, ^>, 4, Call. 
ChlldhMd, rJirtiti, Hom. ; iruSda, Theogn. Lya ; nrn^r, rrrot, 

^, FUt i »»irfT-(«, Plat. 
Fni» doLlioad, tx yearpit, Theegn. ; Ik tbOw, Xen. Plat 
/TatvR baml w dtfiUaaiJ, nuSg/iOM)), Hipp. 
OUIdlllL, n^uu, a, ov, and oi, or, Hom. H«. £ech. Ear. Plat ; 

nrrOrHi, Horn. Ar. ; Jbirhiut, -nilgi^ 4 leal i^ .Xich. ; 'Ivi- 

vau, ^ack. ; nijfii, 4, tv, and hiter ii, Iv, JEich. Anth. ; 

mutipi^t. PUt 
To 1m oMHtrt, rvi<x<^i only in fttt, Horn. ; rvirii;i:|i, onlj 
jnw. Ap. Rh. Moech. 
CUldliluuu, nrnda, Hom. 
Ohildlvaa, itrrtpnoSf or, Hom. : ^Aicoupott or, Horn. ; *JrrejD«i, ob*, 

aometimei e. gen. (ai irtum ipffintr ralSur, Eat.) Hei. Trig. ; 

Cirau, -ratn, t xai ii, umelimei c geo. Traf[. Hdt Xen. Imc 

Den. ; 'iyoni, or, Eur. ; Kirin (of a lionn* bereft of her eubi), 

Soph. ; 'In-iwat, or (onlj of thoie who ha>e nerer had children), 

Ear. Hdt Plat 
To 1m "fc'Ml*— 'JtrorAf, Theoph. 
CUldlduUH, 'ivoMa, Enr. Hdt Antipho, I«B. 
ChiU, >c^>, -rh, Het. Anac JEtch. Plat Sh Gobi. 
Ta ohlll, rixriu (etp. H fear, grief, etc chill the heart), Hom. 

Hee. JEicii. Ear. Ap. Rh. ; fAx*S "« perf. act or paM., bnt aor. 

I. pa**. i'^ix^< Mtch. Soph. Hdt Plat; 'l>npif><x"> Hipp. ; 

w(p4^>, m pan. Hipp. 

7b fa eUJiW, or (o ^ a attfl after, luriipflvat, Hipp. 
..1 Mi9<iUBoi/, ■^hIM". «t. 4. Hipp. 
ChQlillg, eep. of fear, or thing* producini fear, ai war, death, etc, 

i^vep^i, Horn. He*. Enr. Ar. Ap. Rh. \ Kpaitit, Hom. He*. 

Af. Rh. ; japv^u, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; ^(ruAii, hr (of aa airow). 

To eldiiio in with, metaph. mot^lo, contr. f« wponiHn, Iwih 

finmi lued in lilt, and aor. 1. c dat or tine ca>, Sioph. Plat 
Ohljnant, jAuuf^ Hom. He*. Soph. Xen. ; a menial chunEen, 

Mcqint, mt, 4, Soph. Enr. Hdt ; turi), Mtch. 
A eklmooj, (dUlq or rAXi^tCTi, Soph. ; ir)| (i. e. a hole in the 

loof Mrriag ibi a chimDer), Ar. : Kiwrti, At. ; kbtvoUx^, 


A «him&qr-bo*Td, n)Xla, Ar. 

A «Ull, irfcptfo, ■»!, ^ Horn. ; yinmr, Hom. ; T^roi, mi, i^, 

Horn. Eur. 

Wi& a bag dm, wfvyhtas, or, Theoc. 

7b toaal lit dim (bj waj <^ entrtatj), iWyfreHifif, c ace of tha 
jwnon entreated, ^(chin. 
Oalao, Ui vAtoi, « in pi. t& rwra, Hom. 
A ohllik, x''"'^ '^<"< T^ Enr. Hdt 
To ohlnk, •i^im, Hom. 
CMm, Xfot, ii, Horn. Xen. 
Ohian, Xjbi, Ar. Hdt Xen. 
A dlip, nippet, rb, Ar. ; 'Jbr&cnvyia, Arat, rk, Ar.i npaoX^Ot 

B^ Hipp. ; 'inSt^iita, JlrDt, ri, Theoc 
To oUp, 'SrnTilUM, Hdt See 7*0 eat 
To ehiip (u biidi), TinlftB, onlj in mt. Ar.) AUiv, Theoc 

Uoich. i AdUy«, Theoc 
Tb dirp at grootit or riiltn do to a iorw, avrn^s and -ttfau, 

mid., no perf. Soph. Ar. 
Chllldng (of birii), iiiyepuT/ibt, Theoc 
^ cHrving of grwamM or riden to a iorm, mXtayfiit, Xen. ; voi^ 

Chlrpliig, adj. furCpit, Theoc 

A Ohlad, YA^i, ftof, 4, Soph. ; yXtipSrw, b. Theoc ; 'yitjnr. 

T^p, Spot, d, Anth. 
.^ Imrmir'i MKi, i6prei, £ich. 
J la^Blor'i dami, ayiku, Ar. PhU. 
To ohiMl, jktipii, Ar. Hdt See To cat 
Cblnlnill, Inrliii, Hdt Xen.; 7«rrawt, a, or, and or, w. 

Find. Tng. Hdt Plat See Ndile. 
Cbirtllj, oi Ima, Thnc Xen. ; Intfa, Xen. Sec f k^Ul 
Ohotsa, aV«irti, *»>, 4, Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. PUt Dem.; 

Tooafpftfcj, Dem. Ariit ; b j lot, lA'^ttvis, Mfr, 4, and lomotimca 

■impl; ■ choice, Eur. Plat 
A dixM fafiMei trao fltut, SiaxiipaTOrla, Xen. Dsm. .£ichiiL 
Ofome'i am obwa, i^ i^irrpiatiit. Call. 
(Atoioa, adj. Ifatroi, or, Hom.; icprrhi, Hom. Pind. Soph.; 

licKfHToi, or, Soph. ; i(aiprrei, or, Horn. Find. Enr. Xen. Plat 

CiuSx, x^'i 0°>"' 
To ehoka, rriyu, fat n^o/iai, and oftener anfaifiBi, aor. I. 

Iirrifa, aor. 2. paH. irrfyip; fat 2. pas*, nfrfiropu, Ar. Xen. 

Flat Antipho. ; i*oxr[7« (in psM. lometime* to be chdted with 

rage), Ar. Hdt Xeo. Dem. ; rvurvlya, Hipp. 
A ohoklng, rvTyiio, drot, tS, Epiiod. ap. Ariat ; wrrjfiii, Xm, 

Hipp. ; rrcfti, ri, Hipp. 
dkOkliig, rrffiiJiStii (ai a cough, etc), Hipp. 
Choked, wTiyiSTis, Hipp. 
Cholar, x^>i 0<^ P°^ Hdt See Ai^er. 
Gkolnio, iffiiiiiut, or, ^gch. Enr. ; Sinpyoi, w, Sopk. ; ^r]^ 

Ass, Xen. Dem. See Panioxatt. 
To dtOOia, i.e. Klect, alpio/uu, mid. peiC paai. fpinau, am'. I. 

pau. ipitrir. Omn. ; ^EoipAi for olhen, -o^iai for oneaelf, Horn. 

Soph. Eur. Hdt Thoc Xen. ; Kfirm and -o^ai, mid. Omn. poet 

"' ' ivgitpfni. Soph. Hdti ItocpfvH, Soph. Thoc Ariit; 

Eur. ; tiSKfdlm alpfffir, Hdt ; h')* and -o^ioi, 

. _ mid. •jDc iKiyimr, Horn. ; lnX^yii, Enr. Thnc 

Xen. Plat ; 'dniXiyB, c. perf. pau. part 'IcwtiXryiiJrot, Hdt 

Thnc Xen.; Iul<i^ Hdt Xeo. PUt. Dem.; hO^, Hdt 

Thnc Xen.; aArUV. Hdt Xen. 
7b duoK aultad tf. irScup^ofiai, Enr. Xsn. 
7b oloojs » additiom, Tpotvptt/uu, and aomeUmet ■inmlj' to 

ehooie, Hdt Thoc Xen. 
7b dootifinl, xpex'^ioTorA*, Plat Dem- £*chiD. 
To dtoom by lot, 'imtXiipim, Hdt Thnc Andoc Dsn. 
7b cioow oar o/lm lia^, liix"/"""^, Xtn, Plat Dem.' 
7bcJoaK, i.c detennine, think right to do, iiiia, Omn, Aw, ; 

SiKtuiK, Soph, Eur. 
I/aie elaona, XP!f£»> Theogc £ach. 
/ on pmiaitd hoa to cHiooM, Susuftrmt Ix", Ar. 
Ota Hnuf ciooK, alptrdor. Plat ; lituftrior, Xen. 
OiH Hunt dooK tf loty inMXqpwrior, Ariit ; KTprrier, Xen. 
To ba ohoian, jdtriUHT^i, Fhit 

Wial may be datm, aln telf-dotm, aMafperor, or, Thnc Xen. 
A dUoni^ or dtddu^, SiiiiJHaii, h», i^, Flat Xen. 
Ctootmg ofmtt't oam aeaord, tirrXyfrnt, or, Simon. Amor^ 

~ O" 

Ckoeiaig Otm, or pidtag titm out, Xiryit^, Tlinc ; ^iwiliv, 

OMMB, cAirri*. Hmn. ; irplrti, Horn. Find. Soph. ; hcicpFrat, or, 

/GkH. Soph. Plat. ; B^fef, PliL Inc. ; {iaiprrai, Horn. Pind. 

i^Mh. Eur. HdL ; Xtrrbt, Hn. £Kh. Soph. Enr. ; Arhmrroi, 

«-, Xen. i i*«k>rroi, or, Tliue. Xfn. ; lnAfirroi, or, PJbL ; 

XdTii, JtBoi, 1 jcal 4, no neut. Eur. Hdt. Thue, 
To ehsp, cArni, Horn. Eui. Xen. 
71) okf) qf, iiiiTifirw, c. uc uid gen. Htnn. h. HdL Sec 7b 

A chap or tteak, ^XitxIl ttoi, 4, Aichipp. Sttatlit. 

A ek^pw, Eoirli, A«, 1^, Ar. 

A AondBg bloek, Mivny, JRKh. Ar. 

Cbonl, x^f^^'^ Plot. 

^ e^Dnd mff, xopvW<s Pint. 

^ cAoraZ damee, x^P'^f^ Aral, t&. Ear. PlM_ 

A akonw, x^'< Omn. 

<^a rtorot, x«P<*^t, Ar. PI«l. 

To hilomg lo,fom ok u a obnu, X"?*^, Sopb. 

TV («</ a ekom, X'Viy^ "" P"*- *■ ^^ "' *■ g*". Ar. Xen. 

PhL liec Dem. 
/I pnmder (f, or ^saiffl' q/'o efonu, xopT}*'. Antipho. Lyi. Xen. 
Tt> datf^taSar u a eliniu, KopCfWiot, Ar. Den. 
j4 ntomi utatter or ««aln-, ;tapo'l3<i''('iAoi, At. Plat. 
Bd/m^ig to d< bmJia^ nf a olom*, xop'n'''''**. Xer. 
AAnfRsy to a Aont maiter, xipttShriii^jKis, Plat. 
7l« teadaig or pmnrfuij a dona, xo^rryJa, Thnt I»oe. X«l. 
Tie ^ffla oftmeUi^ a tJiom, xcfofflSoirifUfa, PliL 
ji "njF^ a eiona, xOfVnuki, or, Xen. 
Smonragmff At olmi*, x<'P''^^V^t Ar. 
rMurioul vid ll« oioriM, ^cop^l^'t, «r, Alei. 
.^ aloml •elao'i X'VTf'iii't EpEct. ; xop4T">r. Den. 
A ehavsh, mp^ Hm. Ap. Rh. 
Ohliia, Xf^l^ ^ivt, TO, Xen. TImodIl 

OHBin, xfhtcx 

TO ahriMan, ^arrffa, N. T. 

A GkrirtUa, XpunlSraj, N. T. i Xfwrrorijrnif, Eed. ; X^trro- 

TrtKrrJif, EccL 

To At a Ciriitiai, Xpnrtiirl{K, Ectl. 
Cbllctiu, i. e. luited to Chriitiiint, XpuminlKis, EccL 
/■ a OriHiaa mamur, XptoTiarTjittt, Eccl. 
Chlirtianitr, Xpumimrfi^t, Ecel. 
Mati^ a (rnrfa ■/ Oral m tf drvHaiti^, XpUT^/tinpoi, Eccl. ; 

XpurrsjritrnAM, Ecil. 
lib Ctrutf, XpurratiUri, Ecd. 
Ida Cbut, idr. XpamtitAt, Eccl. 
SbjniHr Oritf, XjiMTscTAvf, Eed. 
Briagmg fixik fStrvt, XptOTsrArat, or, Bc«1. ; Xpiorof ^psi, or, 

Named <^lar CItritI, XpurrmrtiAiit, or, EccL ; XpHprcinini^i, ar, 

figifaM^ apniiiiif CSrisf, XfMToiiixts, or, Eed. 
liiJtmmtBd^ mtpirtd Ay CiriHI, X/rMTr^iTrror, or, Ecd. ; XpurroEf' 

Tru, or, EccL 
J boninH o/lig daMw o/CbM, Xfirrafitoai, EccL 
Chiiitanfai^ "i Attic latiyai at the naming of the child ni 

called a^pijfua, ri, Ar. Lfi., al» Sxcltni, lu. Dem.. S« 

Smfth's Cid. ofAat, in t. ik^iSp^^tui, irhD tim givn j^o/c^ 

ttot, ^ u another name lor the fotiiut, and lito Ipo/iuifipnr 

ilHip,M.wiiri notrecogniwd in Limjill oarf Scott'b GretkLtxi- 

a,and forwbich Ihevrilec inSiurni'i DM. girei no aathority. 
Oknvatia, xf"f^M>. 
A ckiraiate, l^, moat ntm in pL Hdt. Xen. PlaL See 

To •hranlalo, 'ArilTpj^v, Hdt. Thne; Xen. Plat Tkm. SiBfirq- 

fJWf<^ Thue Xo). Antipho. Sec 7b rtcord. 
CktOBlalOr, tt^yuH, Find. HdL ) Tvayrf^^i, Tbnc ; AornrMii, 

HdL Xoi. Itoc PlaL See /tiHoHim. 
A ihiyMUl, xP<>iraAAli, &ai^ 4, AriiL 

A akvri, '^W^nn, Hem. Ear. 
A dmrt, L e. B miieilj man, UAnis, Hn. 
.i4 ridt ekmrl, irA*dT>(, &nt, J, Enpol. 
CkMM^'iwtipUVM, or, PlaL Xen. 


CKar/u*, i. e. miMTlT, yXiirxpit, Dem. 

Ohnrliihlj, 'AnipoiriUtti, PlaL 

Chnrlidmau, 'InipmiUfs, PlaL Xen. 

A elMttrloa, cixj). Hom. Eur. Xrn. PlaL 

OlMtliMd, 'AnvAoi, or. Plat. 

CiMtrintioil, atrmiXMru, «*i, 4, AriiL 

Cilicda, KIXIieIii, Xen. 

CiUoiaa, KfXi{, Nof, J, 4, t^. Hom. ; fem. itfjaira, JEk)x. Xcd. 

A einetOTO, firrj, Omn. See Girdlt. 

A elndmr, r/4^ Hom. Eur. PlaL Sec Atliei. 

To bun to a caider, itipijiiu, Mk\i. ; irMicffs, c. gen. Ar. 


Oil of gimumon, vnunii, Aatipb. 
A dpher, 4<^f, 4, Epich. 

To dphai, 'ipititiit, Xen. See 7*0 csuf. 

Ciphmiiu, 4, ^i9/«rrli4, 1'l't Sec jlrifAimtic. 

Qtm, KipKit, Hom. Ear. 

A tdrola, lofuKiit, pi. t& nAiAa, Omu. ; i^tiX.i)aa, net, fi. Plat. 

/■ a cirdtj KiiKXbdist AriiL 

To moot in a circle, KuiAo^ofii^iuu, AriaL 

Morag in a n'rcfe, in!irAafapIa, ArnL 

IMng in a drrle, n^nry^t (of the Cvcladei), Call 

CmUng (oft dance, etc), dbcvicAot, or, Ar. 

CrVcJn;^ (of leaaont), -'•^nrX^^uroi, Horn. He*. See AemMnjf. 

A idzonit, i. e. ipace cncloied, or lenra encloting, vri^im, 
Horn. Pind.; npJfoAl), Enr. HdL Thue Xen. 1 npfSoAAr, 
Eur-i wfpr^opi. Ear.; wtpieHit, ii, HdL Xen, Sea Ciraim- 


I. Call. 

Circular (of dancei), KuaMktt, Lfi. See Emmd, 

Boanded by a orciiiur fi'«, iifi^piypoiifwr. ar, Diocc. 

To olnmlkts, i. e. to Sow nmiid, ■rwfi^iii, ^L -fiiimiiai, aor. 2. 

pau. in intran.. leni. -tfpijir, Xen. 
a'rrB/iife(< ererjF aiere (k. money), both unong the Greek* and 

barharinni, nai'Siiria'fUroif (ac. po/iir/ioiTi) fr Tf TOit 'EAhijri 

Kil rail Baptipait 'itmrrixO"! Ar. 
Clnill>tla&, i. e. flowing round, fpififa^, PlaL 

To DtroQinolw, TipErZ/uw, HdL 

..< eBTMBciwi pgnon, ifoA^, Ar. 

Ctreamdiloii, -npTrc^Jh ScptuufcmL 

OireiuafttMU*, TiplSo\^, HdL Thoc ; ■nftiirrper, Hit. 

Clrmunllaz (the accent). wtpirwti/Uni, Onunm. 

Maritd vtilA a circimjia, wtpHnutUiimi, Ommm. 

Cinnimflvent, npl^IiTaj, or, c. gen. lod, Eur. 

drtimijMwat, irilicXAt, Oot, only IWni. Eur. 

droiunloetttiail, ir(p(*;uMal MTrnf, Ear. ; hfiSn Jrilr, Ar. 

npfaifij, an, ij. At. 
To ua cinnmiloailiim, iripnrA^nt, .idchiB. 
TodreDmnkTigatO, npSrA^,!!!! — irktiatiiMi, tta. I.faAniVB, 

c. act HdL SttTonU. 
OimmuMTlgAtioB, t(p1tA«ii, contr. -tAovi, HdL Tbuc Xen. 
T* alnuunrtbe, tplCm, HdL PlaL 

awtUBMlibod, npr]'pairTii, or, Tfauc 

A drranucriitd ipact, imroxflii, Thue ; fip^X^ ^ 'tpt- 

>w. £ich. Sopli. HdL 
•i\t»tui. Soph. Ear. PtsL 

Olroumfpwt, rpiroof, or, contr. -roi 
•ihdCJii, Plat. Dem. ; ir^oirrlicbi, 

OiTonmipeotian, rikutii, Theoj 

Dem. -, ipDUit^, Xen. boc. Sei 
CiTiniiiLiiMetl;, rtpifo'iHjifiJnH, PlaL 
OizDiuiutiaM, '^i(, MI, 4, Horn.; irp&yyia, Arot, ri, Omn. 

psaL Horn, and Hei. ; ni/ifiapi, Thuc; ri rlrrav, Enl. ; Tit 

1>irfl(/ix^rTa, Xen. Dem. 
Under lAe drctBtOamet, U rSr irdrTotr, Dm. 
CireiUiLTallatloil, ntflrtixiaa, em, ^, Thue. \ wephax^riiit, 

Thue. ; '4roT((j(ifffi", 4toj, t1, Thue. 

Thue Xen. Dem. ; "awtH-Hxffc, HdL Thue. Xen. 
To aJrenniTrat, irffifpxoiiai, fut. -tXt^irafiai, aor. 3. -^Msr 

>jnc. -ii^Bor, Horn. Ar. HdL ; •wipirpixit, fuL -IpA^caifiai, lol. 

2. -dSpitioy, Ar. ; nikTlroAiTtAifiiu, mid. Dem. 
CinnuiiToliition, wtpirrpo^ Soph. ; Tipli^opi, Ar. PliL X<i. j 

npOeyuyii, PlaL See AemUtos. 



•, Find. Hdt Ptat. 

■tryiiv, Am, t, H«. Find. 

A dttarn, ttiiiunih H<lc ; Aiinnt, Ar. Alac Udt. 

A oUtn*, kIitAh, Thnpb. 

A dUdel, 'infinka, wi, i) and 'bpJrnAit, Hon. MmA. 

Eui. Iioc. Thue. Deni. ; ^poipiar, Mk^.; w4ffikiia, T&, £icb. 

Ear. 1 tiqia, Xan. .AUehin. 
A aitattoB, E\qnt, mi, 4, Ar. Dem. Jlichiii.; ir^mXq^u, At. 

To Cdto, upotK.St.i'iiiat, mid., lor. 1. irpannoAanlftiir, Mr. 1. )■*■. 

io paM. Kiu. Tpaf iic^i^r, Ar. Lyi. Den.; 'iMcU^, fbt. -^n*. 

All. <i, Andoc Lj->. Deoi. ; rSfSuVJi, hju Den. ; lOarrtiii, 

niilj in prw. Dein. s itHrrafuu, mid., in ■«. 1. PUt 
A sltiHIl, Swui, Horn.; icrSt, Horn. Pind. Soph. HdL Thnc 

Dem. m fem. iirr\ Ar. HdL; nAi^t, gv. d, Horn. Piud. 

jEich. Eur. HdL ; in fem. ini\#rii, Dai, Ap. {Uu ; nAfrqi, ov, 

A, Ontn. in fnn. ; tdXTtu, 1(oi, 4, Soph. Eut. Plat. ; iirrtrnj, 

m. J, Soph.; mfo^rqi, tu, i, Eur. 
.^ prnote ct(u«a, iM cppotd to lioK tdm hold i^a, tnit, su, i, 

«Kh. Eor. Thuc 
jt cUian o/'a UXb iCafat, /ilvpanX^t. Ar. Xsi. JEMhin. 
rie iriofa bodf ifatixmM, ir6Ka, hh, •), Soph. Ljk 
.J .^OotD citiifli, Sqfi^i, w, d, Pind. Soph. Ear. Ar. Im Dob. 

in Sam. ; Si^i^ii, IBsr, Ar. Theoc. oVfivaAiriit, ^wh. Enr. 
YemrfiiBoK eiiatit, IfnnKit rai, Sopli. 

7^ mad* Urn lliBT /illoa afiEn, XnHr^^fpw jimiinaTO, Udt 
Tie atiaim of Ha eitf, nir4irruu v&Uai, jGich. 
Fob i«i'>t7 ai it am a dtixat tfOu vxaid, a^ f tcwtp l^bi y*- 

■ytnaiAnt, Itc 
To io a dtizm, nMrt^ and oftsner -ofioi, mid., c. pnp. piu. 

and oor. 1. fm. in intnni. man. Ar. Thac Xen. D«n. ; ijon- 

fdttioiuoy raid. Thoc. Iioc. ; Stvur>£apu, mid., ■omvdma c. til 

and ace Don. 
To bt afUrM) eUixBk cv/iroXfrtim md -ofioi, mid. Thnc Xan. 

To admit 01 a ataai, (Inuif£«, Xen. 

To nbthUik at eilianu, to lr% logeOm- to Urn in a eitf, ttroatl&i, 
Thoc. Xen. Dnn. See To ittla. 

ne rukt ^ n'bauUp, nMrclo, Rdt Thnc. XoL Ins. ; t^i, 

Ql^or ieloKgiiff to a cttiaN, ToUtlictt, Plat. Xen. Imc. i S^uUn- 
ptt, e. g, Sqfiifnpai tShmh = S^/ioroi, Ap. Hfa. 

An armf oompoKd af dlaau (mm oppoxd Id one leiied from among 
the illici), rrpimiiim 9x>\tTucir, Xen. 

Jm innsKf a nfiiini, inAiTi»t, laoc Dem. 

Ii^rion lo tin citiMou, wtHurt^ipot, or. Plat. 

A titj, rrokitfyon, H«&. Ha. ; rrAu, Horn. £ii^. £iir.,poeL 
for wiXu, Htr, 4, nnd lUo in Act. wikva, loo. and £p. alto 
nJAwi, alto Ep. i^^qsi, dak TifAi)! (uc aUo v^tfo, Hei.), 
&1» gen. w6kivs, Theoftn. ; pi. v^Atu and Ep. vikitt, lu aoc 
vJavii, Ep. rflAiai, Ep. pi. dat. voA/hvi ; laoc. lu dual 
wJXi) and ToA^v, (the pme writen almji oie rJjui in thii 
•enH with the article, while the tiagedtani mnallT omit it), 
Omn.; Sim, gen. ni, in Tng. mi, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Thoc 
Xen. 1 wiXurita, droi, rh, Tiag. Udt. Thoc Xro. ; *nkixn». 
Plat. Ikc.; IvtI!^* Call. 

Tie metier dif. fiuTfi*ro\.i, ii. Find. Hdt Thm. ; ona'i fatbu'i 
city, nrpdnAu, il, Antiph. 

A fivtifitd dtg, irifrfmiia, irat, Te, Ear. Orat. ap. HdL; ^Cx»t, 
ri, HdL Xen. 

Ofia belBugiitff lo a dtg, irrliAi, Tbeogtt. £ich. Thoc 

A HOC dty, riimpXtt r^u, ^nh. 

A gnat ri^ itr^fiiJfm>.ii, A koI 4, no D«iL (epith. ef caliBi), 
Pind. Eur. 

MaiiMg dHagrgat, lufarriwaiut, J ml i^, no neuL Find. 

Ltting in a atg, iaTifTpi^, Moi, d md 4, Criciu. 

Maiit«ig or iavingfimr dtitt, rrrplnAii, J ml ^ no neoL poet. 
TtT/>i(»ToXjr, Eni. 

//aniiig lirm dtim, rpWur, J ml J^ no neat Pind. 

Ha<ci»g a htaidrvl dtim, Uitiiantka, A ml 4, >" oeaL Horn. ; 

tiekniKrro/iMftt, w. Ear. 
Madog mauf dlin, raXirrofJi, A ml jl, no nenL Call. 

(Ylit nmt dtji, i/iirrtXa, j nl i), no neaL Soph. 

A ivaed dif, or a cij hadug no (o«iMMi«, 'tm>M nAu, 

XtA. PUl 


A ddorio— dIf, iertums wiAa, £m±. 

7*1^ ffufl if a dty. ieri^irai, JEaA. 

?itar ar mdgiboiiraig to a dtjh doTByilmv, omi, often in pnn u 

hIwl .«Kh. £ui. HdL Thue. 

Deprived ifom'i dlf, Iptniiro^t, A nl 4, no neaL Ear. 
Jiiiliag a diji, hIu living in ma, wakioaoriiiot, er, .£tdi. 
/VuMA'stf , d^AWii^ npMdnjr oMb, nAJo'ffMt, or, h.; J^MwoKu, 

J iral 4, no iieoL Find. ; ^viW^eAti, ^Kh ; fffnltit. Find, i 

itrtr^i, or, .£ach. ; inOjmxot, or, £ach. Ear. Ar. HdL 

PUL ; ro/iMtitiSx"- °'> '^•ch. i iroAiq^x"' ■■■ Pi>><l- Ap. Rh. 

in ftm. woJuiu, Uoi, 4, Hdt. fechin.; veAuii, Epilk of 

Jupivr, AriiL ; ioTv^oi, w, Aath. 
Lomg lie dty, fUdroAji, and poeL fiAivToAtt, nwd ■!» bf 

Tnig. Find. .^ich. Ear. Omn. Att prow. 
For lie ea/ky of Ott dty, rfiwufn/mt, or (aa Mcrifiee, piajar, etc) 

ZtertmjrMjr ofto, wroUr JpAot, n, Horn. ; vraliiwaftot. Hem. 

Hcl. Pind. j^acb. ; vtpir<iroXu, aud poeL w*fsirta)iii, J aol 4, 

Ellcndtinioc.) S^h. 
To Ms cii>, bnrlKt, Horn. ; TJhu>6f, Horn. 
Lonf o^Ue cs^y, (eilith. of Oodl), ioTvlraC, on-ii, facfa. 
7'ik dig mrveyor, iirrDrd^i, Ihk. PlaL Dtm. 
Tit cffice if dty mmyor, imtroitia, AriK. 
" — Hfuatt, Flat. Ariet. 

QfmUlaogBiStotiidty tar 
The city arc^/or't ^fia / 


7b In dty mmyor, larSnitiie, Dem. 
OlTil, i. e. relating to the ilate, woMrliAt, Xen. 
CiM, L e. BinoDg fiillaw-citiEen*, inXMnuoi, ar (war). Ham. 
CV«/, i. e. polile, loTtlu, a, or, aad ot, or, Ar. Flat Xen. Du. i 

xV«'. P'*'- !•»<■ i *'X^ "Mt 'IW*, g«n- -*™, ace. wo. 

-tf. Flat Xen. 
aTlil;, xApi'iTnf, laoc 
fflrtity, Ti rfx*(«. Xen. 
To it ddl to, MxAp^Co^^i mid- c. dsL Ar. 
To dvlliM, l«r^^ii*^ in pan. Sol. ; ^Ifpit^ PlaL 
To eUlm, otr^, Oian. ; iiiim, t. gen. or c. infin. Eur. Thoc 

Xen. Dem. ; tfotmioiuu, mid. cace. ore. gen. Ar. Thoc Im.; 

Siicaiim, Thuc ; irr^tvui, fuL Irf^fofuu, imperC irraqc^'V, 

aor. 2. irrttxiitiir, no aor. 1. or perf. Ac. Xen. j in-D^iCi- 

vo^iu, mid. fill, -t^^oiai, nor. 2. ■-^i^Ui^a|^, no other toaoi, c. 

iren. Ar. ; elctidapu, mid. HdL ; ifiXiaiiai, impeif. -«Airdfii|r> 
-tijitvtliM, PhiL ; i^rrtfuu, e. gen. Plat. ; tniXatMrt- 



1. HdL 

at o<H> otnt, ff^rrtflCofiMt, not. I, frferapif^qr, Jlack. 

Xen. Dem. 
Th claim at law, twiXUdioiuu, mid.£. gen., aim e. ace when it 

haa the force of oblainiug in cootequeuce of audi a claim, htt. 

Dem. Ariet 
To daim iejbrtiaml, befiirt Uiidme, vpo^uICafuu, mid. Plat 
To dtim in oppodtion to anoUur, Jb-Aaipeofiai, mid. aor. 2. irtn. 

Xi/api, Ear, ; ArrlrotJiviw, mid., cgen. of thing claimed, c daL 

of the liTal claimant, ar c. «pl and gen. of the thing, Thnc Xeiw 

To dmnt M rtttm, or at an iqimmlM, in^iiit, Tboc ; krriwm- 

7b daim at damaga (and ut them domi in the indictment), 

ttfjfii^, Ar. lisc. Dem. 
7*0 didm a dare of property on aecotmi if a daiC OKiad to ana. 

AwriiTK^irTafuu, mid. Ugu. 
Titg daim m* lo km betn beattn, ifwiwir oix 1"»i yinctm, 

We Jo not daim lit kingdom in •v^naifiM <o lie iing, tbi ivrl 

iroiDJfieAB ry ^arcAei r^ if^t, Xen. iMf Demand. 
A oU^ drqvii, »i, 4, HdL Thnc Antipho. ; iflaaii, wi, 4, 

Thuc .^aehin. ; ITicaUH-u, mi, 4, Thuc ; arrtkvlM, m, 4< Xen. 
Oiammj, Awiy^rxpot, or, Hipp. 
To bo elammj (aa a coniee), filMai, Soph. 
Clamonr, Soi^, ioi, i{, Horn. ; M), Uma ; Jivirt, Uobl Eur. ; 

Ux4, Horn. Pind. £ach. Enr, ; ftp^i, AtL ftpeiit, Horn. Pind. 

Thuc; AJd^a, dm, ri, JEub.; hit66iia lot 'it-ag. £jch.; 

Kpouyj), Eur. ; Thnc Xen. Dna. ; laxv^ <>T". ^i- Eur. i '*>«• 

WUOh, Ear.; ft^Mu.Piod. Soph. Eur, TbDcPUt Xan. See 

ObBOsrau, nKPtfan, *v, conti. wi. ovr, £ieh. ; ir^CA|TBf, 
w, PkL ; »<f)Mirr»h, Ar. ; AopH^i, Plat ; 'av^i|T<», ». 
Call. See Noiif. 

7li nsH a cbateur, iflitim, Ar. Odul AH. pnue. 

To ion a doMow rwei '•gahat out, dopttioiuu, |«n. Soph. 

damamrtd agaaul, iwili^tt, ar, Thuc 

A elM, ffNtr^ Horn. Udt. PlmL Iioc 

A «!>■■■>* I trirw, 'po*, '. £Mb. Ar. 

C lami — , ol A/wylA4nvt, Ar. 

TV Ai a rf—m i m , fpirpidfit, oolj ptai. ud impect, c /irti ud 

^■brfMff sen', pralectiiig a dm (m > taldM dai^, etc), fp Ar pw, 

Plat. D«. CntiaiH (junior). 
Tkt lU^afa rfoB, ^ f arpiafxn (net bonrer at all aanncing to 

a Scotlnli tkieftaid, for the ^"'f'vX** *■• alecled to Iiii 

CUmdMtina, apvrrtlwi, a, ir, ud oi, ar, HoiD. l&Kk. ; upmrti, 
Horn. Tn«. Hdt. Xtn. Plat. ; ntiriei, a, or, and •>, or (of lone, 
elcX Ham. Eur. ; frfacpOfat, or, Find. ; Kfi^tUn, Piad. Mtck. 
So^ PbL Xoi. ; KptipM, a, Of, aad M, w, Hbl Scfh. Ear. 
Thact AMp<Hto,«,M',aiidoi, (r.fecli. Scnb. Ew. Andoc; 
Xd«|NM, or, Meoaul. Call ; ^ifmt, or, Tbeoe. 

OndMtbulr, apnTAia, Horn.; 'qwt<l*^> Ham.; ivMir. 
UoBkAr. PUL Don. ^Mhio.; KftOk, Pind.; iqiAK 1^"^- 
Thoc; i Kf»t^, Pind. Sopb. Xen. ; Xd'tpi. Hon. for JuI'M h. 
Sopb. Eni. Hdt.Tbiie.Pht.;U«pBl«, mdaDpeiLUtpaiims, 
.£*di. Ybt. Antipho. ; kiBftitbr, Anth. ; cAn^, Sopb. Bur. ; 
AiAhMtwi, Plal. j M jiiAiii, Pint. Dem. 

Tjk oloZtii^ Kot M( Moufa ciMdodw^, air tri «i^qi 4 ■p4«X(^ 
o-u T'^i^rtr, Dan. 

dUT' '>*«m. Hun.; uMxk Hod. Pind. Sopb.; mMtat, 
£ach. ; i^arn. Ear. See Oloai. 

Ts daag, kA^k. hL iikMm, perf. icAthnv, Ham. ; ir^KAar(«, 
Ar. Horn. JEiA. ; mrlMt, Hon. Hak ; imrSUCt, only pna. 
and inpatC Ham. ; K<(<<x^ Horn, i dMLx^i-- «>l7 P^' ■"<' 
inpnlHma.; 'j^M^ Horn. ; Jlx*. ID poet, imperf. UxHTjiar, Km. 

lb «iiii^ at snaf an tntttii^ lirflpAT^ TfaaoG. 

Cblflag, with a danging aaiar, aMxvU. Hei. 

Ta dap, vAArfty^ una oa Tbeoe. ; irifiirUk^rfa (X<fwl), <. <l>t. 
o( tbe thing applauded by clupping, Thenc ; icprn-iit, with or with- 
oat x*V^ or x'V*, Hdl. Xen. ; 'iMiipeT^ like KprrJm, At. 
jGacbin. ; hrucprrim, n a* to applaud, & aoc icl, Menaiid. j 
vrpvrimfKkt Kfi>TiiitXat.i apoiW x* Voi, Enr.; rvftpoiu, Ar. 

A ebppilf , Kp^TM and «. x*V^< Ai^ Plat Den. ; rKlKtrtii^ 
•«», tJ, Tbaoc } x•*«*■^(* »*t*hh, MeL 

A tlap flf tt— A t. ^ard ), Omn. See Tlmibr. 

O^taV <in eptakiag), T.pSptJa, PhoMr. 

7b aw daptrap, Ttftftioitoi, mid. Don. 

Ta llaril^. 8m To sate t/eor. 

A aluiiS, v^n>(, r)7«i, 1^ Omn. See Tmtpit. 

>• dadl, tovWw, perf. MSeen, Horn. ; ndrdx^^ •» Perf. Ham.; 
Ofa^noperf. Ham.; ktCw^ no pacf. Hon. Hee.-, Kpdx*. aor. 
2. 3d iiDg. from DDuaed pre*. Hon. ; 'dr Apdx<> IHodi. ; iirim, 
oalj in pree, and iaipetf. Horn. ; Adiriw, onlj in aor. 2. lUEcar, 
Han. ; aii^fijini, mid., ai the biidlei ela*h mDideKnuly, xi'^I'ol 

xl (<1> '•)< JrwTiJiyini 


. f. Hob. £acb. Eur. -, Krtni, Horn. JRuAi. Xen.; 
■Wm, Horn. Eur. ; '*p* ff iit, fadi. Ear. ; '^syfia. drat, t\ 
Ear.; KpiriXar, h. Pind. Eur. Hdt.; Kpor/iriiit, J£tA.; xpi- 
Tot, Ear. ; w/JMryif, AriiL 

A ala^, tx^i, Hota. ; «p^, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xan. Ap. 
lUuf waf)<M4f.ftat, 4,gaph. See BwHi. 

A g m 'm m l dotted at, w^fdniiui, Ani, ri, Tbaoe. ; Jfin^Jnifis, 

Ibfidem uiilk a datp, npordofiai, mid. Horn. Tbeoe Ap. Rb. 

Ta ftlaap, iiipim, no parf., aor. 2. inifiafrni and fiVilvor, opt. 
IHfJartiiu, alw im^ puL /uiioprclii, no mid. or pan. Horn. HeL 
Piod. Sopb. Eni. ; iM^iMim, fm. ~X4<(<afIa^ parf. -(U*^ 
(but i^arC paia. -A^vw and -tUvifuu), Ar. Hdt, Plat. 

71g> oHoipMl OM iMoAtr'r iodi, Jr xeEpaovt ^^erro^ Hon. 

^jte c/o^W Ui ikoK<. A- f Ipa ol «E ^■■''i Hotn. 

diapag Ui iKad, x^V^ ?C<V" irriptlrat, Find. See 7b ioU, 

A slut, fupir, Ooi, 4, Ear. ; f^pai, vi, ^L ; luUpa, Plat. ; 

nlfu, MM, 4, Xra. Plat. Dam.; rtiiot, rb. In. Den. 
To fllaaa, aArArdovw, c. ilr and ace Plab Lya. 
&Jm;fiiijI to da Hng rAue. rioTotxoi, or, Aritf: 
A bdomgatg Jo Iki Kant da—, nmmxia, AriaL 
To oUttW, ttmim, perf. lAovn, Horn. See 7b doA, To woie 

7b make to diMrr, Kpurii, Horn. Ar. ; KfrrUJim, onlj pnt aad 

inpeil Hon. 
A cUttOT, ■ovrei. Ham. Soph. Ear. Tbac Xan. ; irp^ot, Etir. 

Ar. Dem. See Nairn. 
Tka eUilgl*, ka^i, aAjini («ai^, tSot, Hon.), 4. Hooi. Soph. 

Xen. Dem. 
A efanaa, ir J i iprntifi^ Arat, rt, iBaebin. ; kMmt, Ariit, 
mU bit OH o^oiuB, fwr^KwAof, or, A ri(L 
tFilii limg daiae*, /i^p^vAot, w, A ri>t. 
A 6iKW, tmii, >xai, i, Hon. Hea. Pind. Eur. Hdt. ; x^t (prop. 

of birde, but alio beatu), AacL Sopb. Eor. Theoc. 
WililToll^Bl^daum,^fa|l^liwv(,^tt,^ ml 4,no neat. Horn. ^acb. 

Soph. AiiM. ', d7irtAiix4A<|T, 1 ml i). no nauL h. 
mu itnag davn, iwAri^firuf. d ml 4, no Dent. Horn. 
mtk lixBgU doKi, tifvUnif, d ml 4, m nant. AriiL 
Witi mm^ dam, raKvArOxps, «r, Ariat. 

Ralimg €m daia (a Tenet or table), AMrraCdlfiiir, omt, d, JBich. 
To d>«, i. e. Co leiie in iti clawi, Idrrti, no perf. Horn. Piad. 

See 7b tour. 
7b erook tm'ifii^trt naito miie (ina loot iite ebmi, nfaMu 

roif SurrtAovi, Antipho. 
GUf, nt*^, Sopb. Eur. Hdt. Flat Dem. 
PaUer'i dof, llfyO^t, AriiL 
Madt cf day, niKiw?MrTtt, of, MwA. ; rt*Ir»s, Itac DcO, ; 

bom of cU7, ruliiyareT, or (epith. of the OianU), Call 



I, Ar. 

OlMBlT, adr. Miflmt, Xen. 

Xo dais, KUafpv^ no peif. thonib there ia perC {ui. and aor. ]. 

pan. to be pnriiied, Hon. Soph. Xan. ; lldldUaIpc^ Ar. Plat. ; 

^nWal^, Plat Xen. 
Tb dtam (cloth), ^n, no pert act., pecf. paat. f{aa>ai, Mr. 1. 

em tiiagfiom /^aaaliitr, laatie 
perf., c tec and gra. Eur. 


Ta aipi dealt, tttitfitm, Xen. 

7b tiemp efaoa, haafiu, fat Itm, Ar. See Ta dtaatt. 

To be eUu, wUtpiit,, Ar. 

A eUuiMKt BidcUryau, (VI, i). Plat 

~ — p*n|t, troj. ^Xan.5itd«,«Mt,'ra»AHdt 

To dMUWa, rUofpes Horn. Soph. ; 'liraiia«afpw, Ar, Xen. PUt ; 
^aitpiim, JEtcii. ; to clninie eneaeir, -ofioi, mid. Hei. ; vifiito- 
pim, tai. V•^ Plat (Com.) ; ^i(<U>, Theoc Ap. Rh. CaU. 

7b elHBae imitdf, B^iaiuu, nid. Ar, Hdt 

^ (noidl^Hi, Hipp. See To ejma. 
_, M+«. «M, 4, put 
(Dewff ), ttisiafettt, or, Hon. 

m Ar oImbih^ *fti|Tftir^S«i. Hipp. 

A "If — 'i •otV^vT^ia, ^ach. 

datLT, i. e. eridut, liiibla, in^i, Horn. ,£ich. Suph. Hdt. 
Pkt laoc; >3Aj», ir, or, and Of, or (MeXot aba Hon.), Oma.; 
wpdhfAji, ar, Onm. Att ; ^Irapbi, \, ia, and ha, br, Pind. HdL 
Omn. Att; irA^f, Omo, p«I Hon.; f'poi, £Kb.; T^dr^^ 
Soph, (we Evideat), i. e. bright at tnnipaient, Aaudt, Horn. 
Eur. ; faiaii, and in Att nme ata. fairrbi. Ham. Find. Soldi. 
Eur. ; TJ\iof, a, or, and umetimei Att or, er. He*. Eur. Ap. 
Bb.i 'U&Wrat, or (of water), Hea.i ^^rjit (in ererr aeuie 
of clear, m e dear ligbt a clear tnith, a clear vaiea, etc) Omn. 
Att ; tidfAHri, Ar. Plat 

Oanr (ai a Toioe), UrH Omn. poet PUt | >iyOpii, ^ If, tka 
jBoL fen. Ah«^ Ham. HeL Find. Ear. Plat ; Aiyg^wm, or. 



(olBmBn),I)cnL: irinFplt. Thcoc. MokL 
Clear, i. t. innocent of, sic. (q. v.), niSifbs, e. gm. Horn. Pind. 

Soph. HdL Pl«t. Xro, 
Gear (u de»r profit), irtA))!, M—Jrom which lie receired ■ 

rCTcnue of thiit; minte clear exeh yem, i^' ir TpuEjcsrrii /wai 

leriXiit iXiiit€lu't roi iriairmv TpJmtu-, Dem. 
Ctear of, biIt, i.e. Cite from duigeror, out of reach o^ l{*i, cgen. 

JEich. DcRi. ; f(ii8tr, c gen. Soph. 
OImtI;, L t. diiUaedy, IiqHitfoi, Horn. Bu. Ap. Rh. ; aipa, 

Horn. Pind. Tng. Xen. Antipho ; 'ipuppaitit, Thtoc. ; i. t. ti- 

■iblf, eridenllj, iiapyii, and Ion. irapyimt, j£kIi. Hdt. Drm. 

.Xachin. ', rfoffiXtis, Soph. ; Aii^irpiii, JEsch. ; ^anpAt, Hdt. 

Thiic. Dein. 1 Topit, Eur. ; Tpiiriii, Xtch, Eur. ; ffd^r, comp. 

-ifivrfpey, luperl. -^imara, in pot. often formed with *!, Pind. h. 

Hdt. Omn. AtL ; to ipeak, X'T^bi, Horn. Aji. Rh. ; AiVCpcf, Thrac 
To touad dearly, enjoai ckarij/, XcU*". no perf. Snpb. 
To olMT, icaAiIpog, Hum. Soph. Plat.; hKSBtdfm, c aoc of the 

thJDgcloared, gen. of the thing nnuTBd, Horn. dJcb. HdL Plat. 

To cUar ant a frnwi, 'iramefLiti (rlfr ri^for), Xen. 

Tb c/wr amaj earA, Sui^, Eur. Thuc 

7b ofcar a comfry (ai |rianeen}, lalpit, do perf. acL Hdt 

To bt t>ear (vli«tliet hrighC, evident, or notorioui), ^attrpirti'Bi, 

pan. JEtch. Eur. 
Toi!learimetel/ofaeiarge,'SriJiatMni {tuL -A^ifofioi, aor. 3. 

^AWor) ijTiav. 
To naic cbar, rA^i)rl(og, Stch. Xen. ; Siio^^rl^, Xen. ; J{- 

Biifiariu, Micb. 
Clakring (epiih. of the KHith wind), ipTtorJ}!, sii, i, Hom. HeL 
A el— rtng (lound the raoti of treea), npurllda^it, —it, 4, 

Ownan, aiif^nm, j^Kh. Plat. Antipho; JnifYMa, Plat.; of 
voice, X^vpo^i^ Hdt, 

To slMTO, Ktiim, aor. 1. often Uiamra, perf. act not Died, but 
aor. 1. pu). iKtiirfur, Hom. ; i^'Kti^v, Hom. ; JiAcxlf*, 
Horn. Ap. Rh. ; hU, only in prei. port. Horn.; Siaifim, fol. 
-Ara, aor. 2. JulAaf, peif. pau. )i]j'|»)fw, ant. 1. Si^piSiii', 
Horn.; TflpH, Hom.; iiorfi^Ttt, eip. in aor. 2. tt^fiAyoi', 
and piM. ii(r^7qr, Hom.; ff^'C"* Hom. Hei. Pind. Soph. 
Xen.; iierxlC", Horn. Xen. Plat.; icdTaffx'C*>. Ar. ; ^urx^C", 
Ap. Rh. ; ixTx^C't AjHiL ; r^^mt (aap. a path throuitli ''■■ *^ 
the air, etc.), Hom. Pind. Ar. ; ttAriiira, Horn. Hdt. Plat. ; 
SurXl^irow, rare, except in pree. Hom. ; Sia^^^Trf/fif, aor. 3. pau. 
-t^yrir, Seph. 

To dtcm to, iirrixoitat, mid., fut. Ivfl^o^uu, rmperf. in'«x<!fn|>', 
anr. 2. IrreirxJfil', e. gen. Eat. Hdt. Lji. Xen. Dem. See 7b 

TVi £« dorea, 'Dirsfl^^Trlifuii, Daai. Horn. 

Clod, tiafjAl, piiyai, J Kol 1), Eur. ; rxirrti, Theopb, ; fmriM'- 

Tii, Ariit. ; in fern. ^vyAi, Jkiai, i, (epith. of rock), Ap. Rk. 
fonfjr o(^ (M^si, ar, Hom. ; lirxf''"', f, Thei^. ; (ttf- 

xUti, Aolh. 
Oloran-Iootod, roXvirx^'-, Ariii. See /Voif. 
A Dlnnr, mrti, Hof, i^, Ar. 
A eloft, XW^'i '• lat^r <t< Hom. Ap. Rh. ; pmxj^t (etp. of 

HTOund), Hom. Ap. Rh. ; wriif, wrCxbr, 4 (in a bill, etc.), Horn. 

h. ; rr^, Pind. Soph. Eur. PlaL ; xdir^w, drai, rl, Hei. Eur. 

Hdt PUt ; dr/iii, Euj. ; exi^l^', JEtck. ; ^"r/ii), Ar. ; rxur- 

OInhuut, (Ant, Horn. Eur. PlaL Antipho. Dem. ; ouroi, Omo. ; 

aUriffiit, Pind. ; fdXorfpenrla, Xen. 
OlnMBt, JXf^fUM', ami, Hom. Ar. Lji. ; dS^ffwr, nmi. Soph. 

Ear. ; ^tOumiripiua'. on». Ear. Plat. ; ofirrifviaw, Theoc 
a^untl;, flXw^i^itf, Inc. Dem. 
A Oleik, ypQiiiitirtbi, £kL Thoc Xen. Dem. ; irrryf&ftii, 

Dem. .^lachin. 
AinBider-tttri,'6n>yfiiptii, At. ; 'Oinypa/iiiiTiiM, Lji. Antipho. 
A fidotn-elerk, trtrrrlypi^bi. Inc. 
ToUa dtrt, ypofifiirrtiJ, Tbuc. Xen. 
7b ie <n uMder-derk, 'inr/pafitiaTiit, Lji. Anlipho. 
Glavar, kuMa^i, Horn. ; iyxtnoi, m>, contr. AtL nr, aw, Hom. 

PlaL ; tiim. B, w, Pind. Ar. Tbuc. Xen. Antipho. ; M^uf, 

or, h. ; Ml^ai, or, ^ichin. AriiL ; aa^t, c tec. ni, or »nw- 

tjmea e. gen. rei, alio c »ifi and geu. or arc, or c iIi and ace, 

often e. infin. Omn. poal Hom. ; irCrrrif, Pind. Soph, Ear. HdL 
Thuc. Xen. ; ttrtrmt, tr, Arirt. ; >»vi>, jEech. Soph. HdL 
"niac. Xen. PlaL; HI". Thuc PlaL; ii^tV-', oroi, Eur. 
■of4i>, Eur. PlaL ; 'Spi^v'^'j Soph- ; iiovrtidt, Eai. PUL 
YXaipCpii, Ar. Theoc. ; bvitiao^, or, Ar. ; Ai^uoafAidf, Ar. 
lifvi)), Xen. PlaL I>oc J^KhuL; (rrixrsi, or, PlaL ; nwCiw- 
TiKJt (de re), Ar. 

Clertr at nil, tOnoitrrras, «■, Thot 

Omar m kit oicH omceit, Saniataopoj, ar, Ac, ; BDEDO-ISltut, of, 

Gevtr at oil liagM, tirttirot, ar, PlaL Dem. 

doraily, iro^i. Soph.; avrrrit, Eur.; S*t(>i, Ar. ; flfffWritt, 
cnmpar. (iiTurrT^tpor, Thuc ; i»fii(wi,Ar. Plat, Iioc; eiifwi, 
Plac. Dem. ; rautairr'oiAt, Ar. 

A inui dmer in asg Oiing, aa^arriit, Pind. iGach. Ear. 

rimrinmi, ot^o, Omn. ; airtaa, «>f, 4, Pind. Ear. HdL Omn. 
AlLproae; Sijiin)!, irrn, ^, At, Hdt. Thuc; tiir^i, vi* 
il, Thoc Antipho. Dem.; lerx^rom. Plat. AriiL; Ar!)({i<(n|T, 
/Eachin. AriiL ; ibvliHirla, AruL 

dmenua « oaa'i aun spntoa, loinfrliraf Co, PkL 

A olaw, rffio, Orot, tA, Hom. Ear. 

A allont, TiAjlnii, ou, A, PlaL 

A olift Kimi^t, Hom. Pind. Eur. HdL Thnc ; inrlX^, iSm, i, 

, Horn. Soph. Ap. Rb. ; x^po, Omn. poeL Xen. PlaL Ihc. ; 
tupii, itot, i, h. Pind. Soph. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; r^pot. Soph, t 
ipin^i. Ear. ; \iwti, rt, eolv nam. and ace aing. Simon. MiA. 
Eur. ; i^ifiii, Eut. See Rack 

q^a diff, Atnibi, Eur. ; w^iuoi, Eur. Hdt. 

With l^y difl, BiKiiimumi, w, Pind.; AiAw«^>\ot, vr, 
Orpb. See High. 

Hauattr o/cliffi, i^riiwWtn)!, ou, i, Anth. 

CUaate, oipiriT, HdL ; al ipai, HdL 

A 'I*'—") tnucMittiait, MM, 4, AriaL 

T* oliKb, 'itUairit, in perf. act -ti«v™, port, an. contr. 
-««C>bi, -<««Mra, JMii, aor. 2. -/tqr, -C^A, -«ali|r, etc, fuL 
and aor. 1. (imly in mid.) -tVofuu, -<()raid^r,Hom. Hei. Eur. 
At. Thuc. Xen. ; (Iiarofalrog, Hom. ; 'Ar4fX*l"i'> fut. -^Aetfn- 
liai, aor. 2. -^xMor, lync. -^Xfcr, perf. -iXJiAMa, Hom. Tng. 
Xen. g ttttri^u (-lirai), aor. 2. pan, iliirito'. Ham. ; inafifi- 
Xd^ mid. Ar. 

7b cUab onr, 'thripCalrv, Horn. Eur. HdL Thnc ; htifoipm, 
Xen. ; eap. hille, 'Ihrfp^Kpl^ Xen. 

To mail to clinii, ibuCilrw, in. prea. 1. and EhL 1. and aor. l.act. 
Horn. HdL ; 'irMiMC*. HdL Xen. 

To elinoh (a> an argnmenl), Pttmiiu, Xen. PlaL L}^ Dem. 

To Bliag to, ^ii^uu, mid., imperf. tl^iff if, (bL ((e^ioi and vxi- 
aoiioi, nor. 3. io^Jfnir, & gen. Hom. Hdt. ; irSxoiiai, mid., 
imperf. and aor. 2. often e. gem. augm. l/mx^V and iimr- 
X^V. c dal. Horn., and aet. ir'x*'t '' >ce. Soph. ; firr^uu, 
mid. geneiallf , and eap. a« a ■uppliant, c gen. and lometimei c. 
ace. Horn. Ca)l. ; ^an-nyuu, c gen. Hom.; i/i^fuu, paH.,c 
pei£ aoL fywi^Ka, parL lianpuKin, 6tbi, and poet. i/mpvAi, 
■rat, and aor. 2. act. Mfw, parL 4^^ c. dsL Horn. Soph. 
Eur. HdL; npi^fuu, c; daL or c ace. Horn.; wpot^ioiHU, 
c daL Horn. Eur. PlaL Theoc. ; iwi^ioiiai, c. daL Plal. ; wefi- 
wA^itafiiu, paaL e. daL Hom. Eur. ; •wpotrrivaaiuu, mid. c daL 
Soph. ; irr^ofuii, c gm. Eur. HdL Lj-a. Xen. Dem. ; d/n^x*> 
aor. 3. 4fiTi#xo', Eur. ; wipilxiil'ia, c. gen. HdL ; tftfiptoiial, 
c gen. Hdt. ; in-IA^iSira^coi, fnL -A4i|«fuu, ajir. 2. -(\Wf»)r, 
c. gen. Thoc. Lyt. ; irpotKaA>dafuu, paaa. c daL PlaL ; ■tforyXl. 
XOI"', mid., only preL and imperf. AritL 

A dinging to, Er«({>i, wi, 4, PlaL ; rp6i^ent, Mt, 4^ Xen. 

dinging ts, wpoi^i, e. i* and gen. or e. daL PlaL 

0» m—t dUg to, irStKrim and trtiKria, e. gen. Thuc PUL 

(nia, KA<i^ Hea. Pind. 

To Olip, irt/mirrm, Thuc. Ly«. 

A eloik, XAwTi, Hom. Ap. Rh.; x^^^i Hom. Trag. Theoc; 
ti'vAaf, dicai, 4, Hom. Ap. Rh, ; ^dpot, ri (alwaji a in Horn., 
but d alto in Hea., i Trag., though in nom. and aec pipes, 
*dpq, they ofieneit nie 1), Hom. Hea. Trag. Ap. Rh. ; x'^drli, 
nor, 4 (af finer materiali), Simon. Menand. HdL Dem. ; x^^- 
tur. Soph. Ear. HdL ; x''^'^"", Ar. ^K^iin. ; x^^Tirttuir, 
Ar.; x^iV^>i ^'i 4 (eip. that worn by honemen), Sapph. 
Xen.; x'^'^'w, Uenand.; >iirrot,rh, Anac Thnc; AAwitr, 
AriiL; Tpftw, anvi, o, Eur. Ar. PlaL Dem. ; TfriMrior, Ar. 

Lyi. Ine. ; r4wXei, pi. ol and r^ Sspli. Ear. Theoc. ; t^frxirn, 

Plal. Xen.; ^nr^xon*, Ar. Th«oc.; rro;^, Hot, 4, Xen.; 

<f*«T^i. f^, 4, Xen. ; rdY>Ui '"'o'l ^'i Ar. 
A npfi eJoot, SvAiryll, A*i, 4> Ar. 
.i iaig mane doak, Bcd-m, Soph, HdL 
A tioai mada cfatiiu, airupm, JEich, HdU ; fffrfpo, Ar. 
A tBOollBi dBok, iiartiit, JEtcb. 
A tkict doak, ;ic(ifiJt|uJ*n, JEmb. Soph. 
A tc^arH tame eloak, fop^i, Theoc 
A MoHtl doat, ^owuclt, ttat, ^, Ar. Xcn. Lfi. 
j4 obol^ i. e. pretext to conceal iulenlioni, etc^ wfOKi^JW"' 

Atm, rb, Thnc ; rpdvxviWt ini, ri, Thnc. ; TSfiitiXi/iiiia, 

frrof, rb, Antiph. ; vdsiiiir^Kr/ui, ftroi, ri, Pl^it. Dem. i 'Ari- 

Ztlt a doat, rfOiailKii, Ar. 
Veariijj a that, atavpi'a^6pci, sr, Hdt. ; x^^l^^^'I'P^'t "t 

Theoc; ttfiiiTiiHmtf^ayXat, Hrfgewnd- 
Wtariag a hlack doak, fuAilTTcA'iuvi, m, Mofcb. 
Ham^ Ml doak, "axAaint, «», Simon. 
ItaitiMg a cbak. i^jftTfttmn, ant, i. Flat. (Com.) 
A leaml of a dotik, 'axAJurlo, Eur. 
71> Kui^ip, or &e trade of TmJaiig abajb, x^^^t'i^'*^^ 'X.ea. ; 

Til (MOT a eboi, ;icAii^iAMsfuu, put. Nicottr. 
Ta pu a doak an, on omtidf, 'OrUiiAAiviai, mid. limp) J, or c uc 

of tba datk, Ar. Plat. 
To put a doak on amtiier, x^""^! <■ *cc- P">- Anth. i ripcv^- 

v^X*** fo*- '"■Pf^'S mr. 3. ra|r4f"'<°'X<"'i Arist. 
To aloak (intention!, etc), i-tplAbAo, perT. -fAAqiu, Plat; 

TJi^ijrfA^irr*, PUt. 
I need Ml doak my nwoin^ sUlr StT npofur^tv A^twi, £nr. 
Olssk, — the inilnuDmit* the Gneki nwd for meuuiing time were 

'rdXot, Hdt. ; ■p^iim', ant. i, Hdt ; rrnNx<wr, Hdt (all 

Hune wrt of inn-diil), and nAfijflilpa (an honr glau iiUad with 

water), Ar., often called '{Up, 5Utoi, t^ Dem. Dinanh. 
Chtt, — what o'clock ia it ? vnnka fiAAjirra ; Plat ; wiirlir' krrn ; 

At. ; ■MwU irrb- tpa -rqi iuufat, Ar. 
(Aikiag, etc) wlof o'dads U uo^ iirort»nw, rb sTsiX'io)' rfi), 

AaM of earth. ^>iur, ^, Hom. Soph. Xen.-, S&^af, Ann, i^ 

Find. Tbne. ; Pi^iar, Ar. Ann. 
fUI 1^ tbdt, bnaht^ *p into dodt, lfl$£*ai, Smt, A ml 4, no 

aern. Hom. ; iSaXdnsi, Pind. 
Ts dog, Mlpn•^ Horn. Pind. 
A dog, iiarUuriia. ftnu, ri. Plat 
(Sogi, lohoiraaa, ri, Tbeoc. 
Tn dim, kKiUi, a^Icr*!, perf. pan. n^iifuu, and mart nnL 

a'cAfHriHH. aoT. 1. in Hom. often ii^^ure, in Att fnt nA^fro, 

aor. 1. fcXpn, fat Dor. icA^fw, Horn. ^ich. Eur. Hdt Thuc 

Xen. Dem. Theoc ; ^r'tXcf*, Soph. Ear. Hdt Xen. Plat. Dem. 

Ap. Rb. ; TvyicAtlo, Soph. Ear. Thnc Xen. Dem. ^ichin. ) 

AraC^bf, At. Xen. ; KftTdcXifo, Hdt Thnc Xni. ; mnftOit, 

pert not SKd in act lena. Horn. Eur.; avrrf8i»u, nor. 1. 

•^Bl|Ka, perf. act -rtttutn, paM. -^iBttiiat, aor. 1 . -rriiiir. 

Ear.; vftmiw, Tbeoph. Hipp., eap. to etoM doon ; Anrftiifu, 

Hngi. ; ■jMrrf^iffu, Hdt Lfi. ; ifipi-, in aor. 1. <ir/|>Mraia for 

inifora, Horn.; nrrfo. Archil. Sopb. Ar., at to cloae a 

hone ; IpT* or Upyt, imperf^ '^Tf'' Horn. ; lilnifH, Soph. 
7b ctoM (one*! ej«), itii, aor. 1. (filiffa, c. ace pert not in act 

tnia. S^h. Ar. Xen. Plat, and intiaiu. c perf. fi^/iwo, to b« 

doaed, and alio to dow one*! ejei (no panivg ii found), Hom. ; 

■trtfOiw, BDT. 1 . lametimet iiiiifuiira for imriiuiva, both tnma. 

and intrana. h. Xen. ; miiSiMtM, perf. vnfitHKriiai, ai a dying 

petKHi doea, .£icli. ; rD>nb-ra, no pei£ Eur. ; ovfiyi^fv, either 

aae'i own ejea or thoae of another, Eur. 
2b doee (op. tbe eyei of the dead), KiSaipiti, aor. 2. KaStiAor, 

infin. poet Ka6f\Jur, in tmeai, Hom. ; nt^a/itim, fbt n\Kii- 

ifsfuu, am. 2. rlWUMw, Plat 
To U doid (of ejei or wonnd)), •rufi/ite, otAy in perf. nfi^ 

fiiao, Horn. Plat 
7b dou oae't muik, rrJfia JrUdftlfUH, only prea. and imurf. 

Eur.; cloied doora, irUtiMiUm (from fruAbw) vArt'ttt, 

Horn. ; i{nyiihai irmMfi, Hom. 
Soger to dot Ikear mifljaia mpon tie cAiUrex, rtovurw ^tnloi 

f^rffoBt ^ifeAEtovftai fMfuwrd, Find. 


Clsw, adj., I e. chiaa together, in denee order, rcy^itr, onl; in 
nom. pi. fem. Hnm. ; Tof^iii, tSi, b, and, rnpfbt, itai ii, neut 
rap^b, Hom. Hh. .£teb. ; rtKirit, Hom. Hn. ; mmii, Horn. 
Enr. Xen.; Ar^r/irfMi, or, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; a-poMAuyuvt, or, 
Horn.; JinrTfinpot, Hom. Hei. ; nwRrh-epar^M)!, fich. ; 
vrryAi'&t, of a net, MtU. ; imirrii. Soph. ; niTmXoi, or, Xen. 

CEoM if baOU, irrdlHM, Horn. Thuc ; iyx^fi^X<"< Hom. Hei. 

In doe) ordtr aflnopM, ifttpiTti, Horn. 

Fa/br daeefigktBig (weannu), ariiaai, £ich. ; o^Aui, j^Kb. 

CSiiM (0, vpoFfvitr, c fit, and |^n. or c. dnL Hom. Plat 
Clow (ai a man), L e. not indiacreet, unVuaaiiiint, Hei. ; art. 

vjbii, Plat 
(%«, oftyl*, KoTtarfafiiUnt, AriiL 
O^ o^ai argimeiit, nvjuor. Plat 
Oox If a kotue, nvi^wti, Thnc 
CVoee paeied, dTXicrriroi, oJ, a, Hom. 
Oh teita,^^ is eb« ooniat, iyxlf'ixv^, Hnm. 
CHOM, adT. in doae order, mpyifiir, Hom. ; PiCw, Thnc ; riose 

to, Im-ip, c gen. i^aeh. See f/ear. 
In dote oambat, rTx<'Il>', Ham. ; afrro^x'^ Hom. ; ahroaxMa, 

Hem. ; afrrao^filiiv, Hom. ; iniat, Xen. ; IVe'n', Xen. ; mur- 

rUAr, Thnc See ConAat. 
Fotiotdng dene, iiM^y iiitorrit, Xen. 
(To ihaTe, or to pnM bj) dote, t» XfV {rBpawMa, etc), Hdt 

Thnc See Chedf. 
(3om aaibal, airrorxeH'h Horn. ; nfrrasTUhi, Horn. 
Jo kaep dam to, act xp^iarm, no perf. act c ace. and dat *icb. 

Tb keep dam to, intnna. jfflfiwTOfuu, mid. and jnu. Hom. b. 

£ich. Eur. ; tYxpiiim and -s/ioi, ai above, c dat Hom. Hdt ; 

tXl^i, mii, im^ ''x^MV, fiit l£ofiai, aor. 3. Irxifap; e. neiu 

Hdt Thnc. Xen. Tbeoc ; irrixoi^. c gen. Hdt 
To be dote tiyelker, ((pa, in aor. 2. ffpdpor or SpSfor, and pert 

mid. Ipqpo, pajt fem. aomedmel 'ipipiua, Horn. 
Tb doie lip (aa troope), nryiiXtIm, Tbac. ; a-vjia^tfw rii kirwtSn, 

7b/bn» m cfoM onfar, inlrana. worp^rfofuu, paai, Hdt Thnc 

Xen. ; alao einTpHHUiTn iiB/rolii, Hdt ; w TUD-Ararref (nband 

taurobi), Hdt 
Tb inn^ utto dote aetian, wpotapiiiiia rl rtrt, a* Ajnz . . . and if 

an? one bring* bii barbnrian ibipi into cloae action with hint, 

Alki . . . f Tu tl wpQtBfiiiirii Raftif<ivt Pipdas, Kor. 
COoady, »*ti™t, Horn.; irritifAs, Hom.j mySrth, Tii\K. 
To Inak a penon dotdy, Ix"" mirSpiiim ^trtflJIma; XiA. 
moMlMH, irHKrinit, vrot, i, Ar. Thuc Plat 
Oote arrag, ffC7c\)ivir, iiu, 4, Thuc. 

Ai/e to doK Otelfrnp, ffiyicXtMras, or (at an ojater-aheU), Ariit 
A dnaat, Micq, Xen. 
A dot, dpi/aoi, jGich. ; v^XdMi, jGech. Enr.; aT(wr)«Oi, 

Aoi, ^ of milk. Ariit 
Clotted, JtfofiMSiii, Soph. I i^r'fpewrot, oy, Soph. ; black and 

clotted, ^iJi^nrArJ)!, .£ich. 
7b b ditted, rpJ^o/iai, pnai. in prei. imperf. and in pprf, art 

rh-popa (aetuallv uied onlj of tea WBter, ice, etc), Hom. 
Tb ie dotted nmid, mfhpi^oim, c dat Horn, 
Cloth, ^.tra, t\, only in nom. and ace pi. and Xrri dat ling. Horn. 
Linen dolk and nf eialk, Xfkn', Hom. At. 
A daik ipmd at any tort of antrvig, ir^Aot, J, pi. ol, and later 

Aitg htrge piece if stod (whether nil, ahest, ihroud, robe, etc), 
fdpoj Ti (dwajg d Horn., bat i du in He*., & Tmg., though in 
nom. and ace. ung, end pi. thej prefer d), Hom. Tiag. Ap. Rh. ; 
}rirfot, t\ (probablj of wool, ai it leemi nied in opp. to xfpov, 
•ee LiDDKLt and Scott in tocc), Hom. 

ClotllM, dotUng, t^ui, Sraf, Ti, Hom. Trafi. Hdt ; to^t, ^t, 
4, Hom. Tr^. Hdt Thuc Xen. Dem. ; IrSoi, ri, Hom. Ar. ; 
fofttfiB, Jb'M, rd, only in pi. Trag. Thnc ; dXiifia, Oror, th, 
Horn. Ap. Rb.; niapat, Hom. Hea Find. Enr. Xen. ; it^itr, 
Simrai. Enr. ; oToAJ), Tng. Xen. PhU. ; irKfi^, Soph. Enr. Ar. 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; cpdnsu 01^, of, ^ich. ; 'I^druv, 3oph. 
Ar. Hdt Thne. Xen. lioc. ; 'IfiirfSui', Ar.j '^lArDi^ioc, At.; 
nfitikmmi. Ear.; tiiKftiaiam, rk, no ling. Plat 9m Oofh 


J* ofclolUiig, „ . . ._. 

(t efdtiliiiig, ivrx^"!^ Eat. 

A cbilka Hlim; '^iSTiariiX.7ij, Critiu ; fern, 'i^imntu, i3oi, j^, 

la alotkc, act. In-i^ in Tut 1. tcni Tor »^ vid ■«. I. lovs 
for (Tirii, c gem. kc perf. pui. ttiuu, impcr. tffo-w, pan. <lfi*vai, 
oTton lued metaph^ m. clotbed with itrength, tl^dnt JUjiVi 
Ham. ; irSBirriiu, in imptff. acL KArMfrmr, pert pua. part 
KAToaift^i, Hun. ; trUrriiu (morg conunon (Ten in Alb ihiin 
j^nii/u, which i> Ttiy me,) in nor. 1. act. and pert pan. Horn. 
Find. Ildb Xcn. Ap. Rh.; iripi^n-ifii, onl; in tot. I. inper. 
wpiivvw, Horn. ; ifi^iAvifu, & gem, ace. c vx. pen. dat. of the 
ffRrmen', Plat.f aor. 1. ^fttfftroi in tmetif and it^fttfa, Honi. ; 
V^Jiira, Xen., perf. pui, part ifi^tir>U™i, Ar. Hoin. Ar. Xen. 
Plal. i wpeiofi^imiiu, Ar. ; xipurr^AAs, Find. ; ifi^iti^M, t. 
jt«m. ace, and lalei c ace of garment, daL of penon. Ham. Eur. ; 
i^iwrm, c daC or c i^l and dat. Enr. ; rptiirra, e. daL Eur. ; 
i^'ix", XV- S. If MX"*! c. gam. ace or e; ace. pen. and dat., 
and in aor. 2. mid. ^firw^^^ in pau; u nt, Ar. ; npi^T^K, 
c gem. ace Ar. ; Mim, onl j in aor. I . Iriiiva, Ar. Xen. 

To do&t oa all tiiei, wtpa^^hniviu. Plat. 

7b etatiu »ttdf », Inrljfuu, mid. and paaa., cap. in aor. 1. JirnU 
fair, and pert', pan. ^lat, and pluperf. leiair, e. aoc of the gnr- 
ineot, Hom,, eo Aniive^uu, with aiao fuL 1. mid. fri^i^uu, c. 
ace. of garment, aln e. ace. of limb*, dat. of nrmenli, Horn. 
Pind. Hdt. Xen. ; l/i^^rrfyw, in aogin. teniet %i^ alu e. dat. 
of the limbi clothed, Horn. Ar. ; wtpi6r(iiiai, mid., and perf. pau. 
Mai ttptimimt, Hei. Sapph.; I«vuu (of thinn uiat want 
U7ing on, ai nndali, gaiteri), in aor. 1. mid. ttifr^iqv, and 
pluper£ pM*. tMiiv for tfat^^qr, t. aoc. Uom. ; Wm in prea. 
act^ and aor. l.mid. ttlird^r, Horn.; Mim and 4r4lni, ur. 1, 
mid. Jrtt(in^()r, aor. 2. act. Mfcr, a* if from Mum, V^f. 
IrMvKo, fat. mid. Mimifuu, c. ace of the gannent, Hun. Soph. 
Eur. Ar. Hdt Plat. ; nftrU^ofuu, in aor. 2. act, Kteriivt, and 
irreg, imperf. Kurrttvaifi-rir, Horn, i i^Itw^uu, mid. c ace of 
Harment, dat. of limb. Soph. ; irowUii^a, only in fnt. -fo, Horn. ; 
ifi^rtetiiu, with ace of garment, dat. of limb, or with dat of 
garment, ace. of limb, aor. 1. -Hjiiia, Hom. Eur. t MMKhaiuUy 
mid. Hom. ; npiCiAAiiriiu, Horn. £ur. Hdt. ) 'IvlMUui^ui, Ar, ; 
i^npfiiQu, e daL of limh, Hea. ; crrJA^Ofuu, mid, e. ace. of gar- 
ment Eur. ; ^ii^tffri^Jtaftai, mid. Theoa ; hfiwirxmni^ mid^ 
alio iiaurxinfifaL, Ar., aor, 2. iian^x^'f, Enr. Ar. ; tnpioiiat, 
mid., aor. 1, iwifHtiitiir, part, iwiifuti/imi, HdL ; frdrrofuu, 
in tar. I. mid. and in peiiL paai. c. aec Ar. Hdt. ; idMrnifiai, 
c. daL of garment, ace. of limb, Eur. ; ripiin-ofiai, mid. PlaL 

To be dMed a black, )it?iarottiiBriH, Aiiet. 

To dnlit (metaph.) a ttata with hanaur, power, ahame, etc, 
rtptirrm mJXei Tlfinv, SXtew, claxirtir, etc. Ar. Xen. PlaL 
Dem. ; wtplrttiyii Tin i^ui, S^nipr, etc., Thnc. Andoe. XeD. 

ClaOtd n n^ luobitoe, etc, Aruifi/mi i}^r. tutiXAv, etc, 
Hom. 1 liirot A^IOJhi, Horn. ; npaalimm itpa, Theoe. 

Ohrtlied, MCret, w, e daL Eur. ; ^i-ti/i^tv^iwi, a<^. ', iatti- 
lUroj, c aec. or c. dsL Eur. HdL ; tcSBiarrii, ar, Enr. 

Not cloOtd, badbf daOud, 'On^iwr, emi, < ml i^ Hom. ; 'ilx'^'^ 
P9iy OP, Sinnn. ; 'jtwerXor, or, iometimee e, gen. of the garment 
wanting. Find. Enr, j 'dx^rw, hmi, j ml A, Xen. 

Clotied M Uadi, iHt^iti^r, eroi. j nil i^, ^ach. ; fu^UrynvW)], 
BaeehyL ; ^aiej(frmr (i poet.), Mtcb. ; fuAjifomiXoi, w, Enr. ; 
KuWnir^or, m (_i poet), h. ; liiXSjuriKiMl/iitr, Ar. ; juUmf- 
/wr, Hipp. ; 'twrwXti ^afitar Atuwi', Ear. See Oarmiml. 

A aloud {litaiml and melapb.), re^Xii, Omn. poeL Xen. ; r^^, Ti, 
Omn. ; HfiAuv, AriiL 

A iiaet oioHJ, fuAdWa, Xen. 

/>IR^Eti9 n Us cloiidM, Tula^ adbtM^ fie Joadi, nAuH^i, ^si, 
Horn.; n^irytp^i, ov, I, Horn.; jpffbe^, Find,; fif^ire- 
^i, Pmd. 

To aloud, twbtfdv, Alex. Atiat. ; nwn^m, Ar., bIm intnnt. to 
be under a dead, i, e mifortanate, and to be cloudy or rioomj 
in \vik, Eur. 

Memph, to eUmd at gtary af Admit wOk impioia aeliomt, *S\6rTtt 
tpyois 'A»iirBi 'iiwCsii, Soph. 

Lov doudtd hj piimi, ffwr ^fha V^onhvif^r, Hsou 

TV out a domd oeer good dadM, Kpi^or tISti/u ivXSr, Piod, 


CImdIiM, iniftXai, ail, for 'M^ Horn. 

dandy, woAtrtqkAat, on. Pind, ; Mr^^tXet, w, HdL Ariet, ; 

n^J^i,w,Ar.; o^irrifeAai, or, Thuc. ; nfir^Aot.M-, Ar.| 

npilhif, ArliL ; mfitMiii, Ariel, 
7*0 ie c&vify, mirriraipa, Ar. 
dorea-fiMtad, )^(i|Aar, av. Ear. HdL ; axmit, PlaL ; ftufoat, 

or, AiiiL; turxmi, AriiL 
A elown, 'iypMinii, Hom. ^ 'S)^mMt, Ar. 
OlawillllL, 'd^pemt, or, Ar. PlaL ; 'br^TpKnai, or, Ar. Plot. ; 

'iff'" 'ayputs, a, ar, and ai, w, PlaL ; 'trnfiMti^t, ar, PlaL 
OlovallUj, 'itfftAmt, csmpar. IroiaeT^piM, PlaL ; 'tnifttt^mt, 

CTownilhlWWi 'tw*ifoia>Aa. Plat. ; 'ayrinidit. Plat. 
To oloy, Koftyrvjii, fuL Kopio-gi, perf. part. acL in paei. hih. aeav- 

fl^t, pe[£ pan. icH<(pM>iiu, etc. etc. e. gen. of thug with which, 

Hon, ; 'OttfiapiK, e gen. of the thii^, Theogo. See I^ mU, 

To tatiale. 
Aolvb, KopS-rt, (1 Hom„ Eur.}, Horn. Eur. HdL; ^MLUr. 

Hom. Soph. Ar. Hdt. Xen.; ^^n-par. Ear,; ^drrpev. TbHK. 

A dab i^peopb, irOntftafffa, Thae. ; Kaipda, and traipl^ peat. 

Thoc. Ikk. Dem.; ovrriKua, PlaL Dem.; gbrrlira. *M, i^, 

Dem. ; ffim, ^ichin. 
A nunier if a cbA, JpinaTJ)!, Ar. 
Madt nemiari q/' At tamt chit, ai adj. w p etr m ptBTit, i icol 4, 

Thoc. ; mvreA))!. Drm. 
To ^ub toytUter, tmilt in a obib, ffytrrpi^/saL, paaa. Thae 
Oarrj/iag a eiut, Ko^irftnii, Horn. ; KopSni^dpof, HdL 
Haaxg a btavf dmb, 0iipuaKlnir, um, i laUii, Call. 
To/6na a club, be a elmb, ipSAC». Anth. 
Clnmiy, rnuti. Soph. Eur. PlaL Lyi. Dem. ; 'tfiixf^'- "t 

Eur. ; ittfiplmipoi, or, Ar. ; micx/6i, i, ir, aiMl if, tr, Xen. ; 

SffSBfut, OF, Xen.; 'iyiiunaroi, or, Xeo. 
saJwt. Ar. ; tmrpSwiXmi, Xeo. 
mrwilTqi, irni, 4, Soph. Hdt. Plat. Den.) tifi- 

VOpoTiji, jjToi, ii, PlaL 
A Oliutar, df^iAMi, Uom. Ar. Plat. Xen. t of grape*, ^^put, uo>, 

A cbaUr tfjleagn, etc, t&fv^t, pL t^ Moeefa. Anth. 

In chaten, Barpitiv, Hom. 

(Jii^<n^, ia Aaoa^lU ofa^ei'n, KoUJtiFTpvi, iiM, 4 kbI 4, no Mat. 

Soph, 1 fiorpuita, MeL Ap. RL 
tnji otmifiMl cbiten, rrrpdnipuiiMtt, Anth. 
Ta doatar (of people), tXarioiuu, only in pro. and impof. Hem. 

Hea. ; irytpMoiiat, imly 3d ji. prea. and impetl Hon. Se« 7b 

eolUet, To croud. 

To diuter (of inpc*, flowen. Me), ^orpvde^uu, paa*. Theoph. 
To elnlah, fidprm, aor. 2. piiiofwai, and (^iMw, opL iufidnivu. 

no pal, but irreg. part, ittiiafwin, Onm. poet i f« tf iB f"|r «i, aor. 

1. mfidir^iir, e ace or e. gen. Horn. See To graip. 
Olntah, «M>iur/ia, Jtroi, r^ iEech. 
A dTitor, K^'fffu^ ttroi, rt, Hipp, i 'twittrw, Antiph. 
A MMk, IT^^t, i, and later 4. pi- o^ ud lattf vi, Horn. Hea. 

Tug. Xen. Call; V>lfu>t>. HdL Xoi. 
A aoartd toaA, A^taiirq, 8aph. See 6'Brriii$e, CHorirf. 
A Maohmakar, kf^Oirem^yit, Hom. Tng. i '4fi4>t*iipTBi, Ar. 
"TfTJimiiMnfi '4fu>toii{urIa, Theopb. i 'd^onTrK Theoph. 
A fflffbim. 4n«x*^>, HoDi. I iMeX"> Horn. Xen. ; hf^ti^ 

■nit, sv, j, Pind. Soph. ; Ii^pqUtrft, Piud. JE.»A. Eur. ; drV 

a'o'^JnAoi, Hon. See Oariotetr. 
Tobta Boatimiui, ^ne^*^! ^"t, except io prea. and iapat Horn. 

See Ckarialter. 
(lDa4jator, Mpvyti, Horn. Eur.; reifu^dpet, jGwh.; ruU.1^- 

T*<p, opof, j, JEtch. Eur. Plat. Antiplm., fern, amritirnt, w. 

Soph. Eur.; e^i-pdimip, spat, t, UdL Xen.; wd^ilpai, HdL 

Xen. See^Bufm. 
Oaa4JUtllx, atttfyira, Jtoi, 4, £bt. ; nAX^pm, Xen. ; <r»<- 

IpioTtipK, Ap. Rb. 
Tb ii a Boaifj^or, nififtdx'wi e daL Soph. Ear. Xou PlaL ; 0V*t- 

wSpamtTiii, e daL £*ch. Eur. ; a«/i^x*f'< mid. fuL oouw 

rj^oBfiai, aor, 1. ffvf<^Xio^i|r, e diiL PlaL Xen. ; eVfiSaifat, 

etp, in aor. 2. wriftir, infin. ai^iCqrai, fiiL 1> and aor. 1. not 

ueed in hi* lenie, e. daL Soph. See To atat. 
To eoafolkta, rp^^e^w, paaa^ only in pre*. ii^kC and pett ntd. 

rirpt^a, Hmn. 
7b aaagaiatt arotrnd, TtpfrpJ^nfim, e dat. Hen. 


OoafBlatod, &|i4u^«rrti, w. Soph. 

Juj tiumg atagulattd {tiiood, fovn, himaT,elc), iVAivsi, JEtcii. Em 

OoAl, a*^p«cl^ Hoin. Eur. ; irSpai, iuttt, I, Eur. At. 

A MBl Bunkaat, irtfttmiiMii, FhUvU. } ii^Mndii, ^wp. 

Lib, «■; i><^>ii«i>«i, H^ 

■ ' ■ ■■ '.Philyll. 

■or. 2. mrM^F, I 

Omyims a ooaUaittt, AviAyvr**. "t £nr. 
To adslMo^ 4i& 

nirtiipir9iir, Hdi 
A MditiAK, nCfrTJo, Ear. Pl&t. ; ir^ni{ii, mi, q, PUt. Sn 

OauN, T<x^, Pl>i. 

Cborv (<rf pBO|di!, mumen, cte.), 'i^tAH I^OB- ^ J^k'*- 
OohnIt, vJlx^', compu. wijcirJptii, tnd wixhfar, FhL 
OxtrBdi H ■iiiii Mi '', ew., d^tAw-, Tlmigii, 

O um m iu o^maimen, 'j^uiwrfa, Ear. Plot. Xn. Sm flVrinNM. 
Gout, inH, Omo. ; i wipitJa, nod 4 ripUIa r% UdL Thuc. ; 

4 vM^ot, That : ri urSra, Hdt. 
Ob, or 9^, or btUmffkg to lia Boatt, tpttjo, w, Hon. Sopfa. ; ^ 

X^Uiu. II, <v, luid at, w, Ham. h. JEieb. ; Scrira, ov. Find. 

TUoci iKnuoi, Thnc; Min-wt, a, en, and ai, w, Sank 

Enr. ; 'tifducrm, jEMjh. Soph. Eur. ; trdsarrftwi, w, Anlh. ; 

rifli^t, or, So|Ji. Ear. Hdt. Thac. ; wi^^um, o^ or, and ai, av, 

jBKh.SapLEar.'HdLThDe.£Khia.; aba n^^ttuef . Ap. Rh.; 

•MMwVwt, M, «>, uid n, ar, Hdt. Thoc Xen. ; nifSOAal- 

Wiw^ tr, ThK; ArlMhinm, a, «r, and ai, ar, Hdl. Thoc. 

XtB.; MH^arfftttM, or, Thuc Xen. 
7%< ufaaA M eta noM, ■! ^iMiftaw v^m, Thnc 
n* rfwaOan w /*• eooM, tl nAra, Thoc 
TM part ^SfHa "or dt onori, i( air* 3vplit, Xni. 
~ B bMBonli Ua oout, ntrAftUnt, oolr in pm. juid inpar£ and 
" —'--•, Hdt. Thuc X«. 

c MX. Thot ; wtfirxim, fat 

, r- Jld KC Hdt. Thne. Xen. 

A toaitaig eayaffi, uii^rXaoi, •sntr. -ant, Thoc t wtfSmiiitii, 

A Mat, xlrJir, Sw, «, Omn. ; IUXi{, Iirai, i^, Enphor. CaU. 
A IcaOm tool, l^ij, wi, 4, Eapd. 
.J nmgk ctal, x*pTaa", Ar. 
n> MX ina tt>, nvrilr^ «^«r4». Plat. 
Ha^ag awv omA, ■■Al^'ritr, hvi, i, Theoph. 
Hanag long coatM, iXmxtrmr, atrat, onl; tu pL 
ToMK, imrb.XM, sniT in prat, an. Hk Thtegn. Thmc. ; ftw- 

vaw. Soph. Xcu. ; iraim^ me, except in wl ajna CM.,orcaec^ 

or c v^t and ace Pind. ^leh. ; tmir^rm, tot ironirm, tine 

ca*. Ap. Rh. ; '»rv)*lkiiJni, only in ptei. Ar. 
7b mAieo a firtoa f^ eooBog la do a timg, luOjffffu, fat. -{i^ ns 

p«r£, e. ace nd iolin. ApL Rh. 
Oni^, nibit. Awnla, Eur. Ar. Plat. Xen. i Mnvfu, drsi, rb. 

En. Ar. ; tog mu fcuir, Ar. ; Stpirtia, Inc Xen. 1ml 
CtudW, adj. aaiTJXai, ar, Thaoc 
A MbUir, mya^^i^, ar, Ar. Plat. 
Ta la <■ eoiUir, Ptofofifi^, Plat. Xen. 
CMUisg, wUJftw^is, (wr, 4, Theapli. 
A eMwab. 'Ipfxiw. Hom. Cntlo. X«D.; 'Wx^. Anth.; 

M;m> 'O^wfM, ftrai, Ti, .Each. ; ntnt. Ear. 
A Mdt, 'OAJbrraip, opoi, i. Find. SiiiioD. £ach. Soph. Ar. ; 'iXit- 

Viir, aim, i, Thaogn. jEub. Xen. Dem. i V™> i*"! ^ "^ 

IfrlBa and Ipnr, Ar. Theec ; iroUm tfra, iEich. ; i ■auo- 

Mu Jpni, Soph.; 'Uurrjw^iM', Epbipp. 
OaikWfwr, '£VurT(yaf«r<a, £aop. 

A mfcahtfci, fmMuMq, Ar. 

A MtkhMM, fraAAMT^iaw, oni, J, £tch. ap. Ar. 

A Makto, a^TX". -^aeb. Eplah.; k^txo. Ar. Xen. Arul.( 

"hxm, Aniipk. ; KTfb, MTftii, ^ Anhipp. AnanDd.; x4fai> 

Mi laii* artolei eooUu, uTxoAlpai, a*, Epiih. 
A »wMt.a>U, tcrrxptMr, Hdt. 
£ilb a oocUo-Adi, myxiAMtii, Xanth. 
£ih< a mtUe, i^Ut tocUa Had, nvyx^fv', AtL 
• "..^-Ar. 

KUipmrriif, ^t, 4, Hoqi, Find. ; Ntffpntrvi, 


Hom. Pind. ^ach. Enr. Hdl. Xtn. Plat. ; oioKoirTpifot, Find. 

^Kh. Ear. See Piiet. 
CwTtlu, KwHiTii, Horn. 
A oede of Uwi, reiiaStaiB, Ljl 
A oodiail, wSfaypaitiia, <r«>, rt, Dn& 
To add a Bodieil, vAporptfat, Ar. Dem. 
OoitftlMt, <niftnpia>«Tht, if. Plat. 
Coaqnal, Irai (I Horn., 7 Hei., Att, but not quite alwaya ; 

Hon. alao bu tlvot), canpar. laalrtpH. Onuu See EgaoL 
Coaq-BBllj, la-as, hut nau. I, Soph. Enr. Plat. 
To OOaraa, 'arayici(m. Soph. Enr. Thuc Xen. laoc Dem. ; tUL- 

rryadiu, MtcL Hdt. See Ta tonpiL 
C««raiim, 'dvatjnni, Omn. ; BUl, £ach. Boph. Ear, Xen. 
Ooanlra, 'Sray*^', », ar, and o^ ar, Hom. ; 'S^xtKaerbAr, 

Plat. Aritt. i $iairrtiAt, Plat, 

<ln xmntial, i/a^i. Plat. 

OMtaaeoia, oitnt%, Horn. ; ^Aif, timt, 4 nJ i), no nant. Hoai. 
Find. ^ich. Flat. Xen. j V^'^ Horn. Hei. Ear. g awafi^M^ 
TheiM. Theoc. ; riiinrrptt, tr, So|di. ; Irv^, Xeo. 

Coaral, Tirrifi^ui, ov. Soph, 

Td BB-«xUt, (rtfCnlpxw, Poljh. 

Co-ezUtonM, ailt4irap{u, wi, i), SeiL Emp. 

A Mlln, kbrri), Horn. Ar. j ^apd^ Horn. Ap. Rh. ; Ulfaa$, 
iai, 4, Horn. Simon. Hdt. Thoc ; »4<c«, Enr. Hdt ; irrMlf, 
T^Tsi, 1, Eur. ; KlSwrit, 4, Ar. Lja. Sea Oat 

To eoflJBr, di)«B>i>l^ and -s^iai mid. Snih. Hdt Xco. Plat 

To bo a^errd ap, n^itatiim, plnpaif. aAranlMV, fat mimfiai, 
Hea. ; 'Vrinmitat, aometiaea c ab and ace oT tlie place whaiCt 
Hdt Thnc. 

A eoffiB, rtapoifyah Eur. ) rOfOt, 4; in pL Ear.; vifoi, 4, Hdt 

A ooSa.makar, a^ipeirqTiii <"' 'apoafyb (the readmg of the 

paiage. Nub. 84G, ia doabthl), Aj, 
Cogaaoj (of aisament), iff^Jbiw ; thiakiog that theea ware the 

moat 00R«at argumeola, roiii^ar roJmir r^r ta^ihtaai abau 

^•Jrfmr, Xan. 
Oogant, i. e. eoniincinp, Jw^^i (of >>■ orator), Xen. ; 'irarf 

aaur, b, or, and at, w. Plat ; irlVapcTlicli (of an orator), Ar. 
CogUt^, lo-fiXiii. PUt 
To eogltaU (on), ^HrsoSarw^, only in pna Horn. Haa.i ^fo- 

ria, Omn. ; afoi\iyo,uu, mid. Hea. See To iMri, To unUafe 
Cogitation, >«ui«, drat, ri, Horn. Haa. Xen. Plat ; ffrrU, 

tSot, i, Omn. pvl Horn. ; fp-frWM, Area, re, Trag. Flat. Sea 

Tioa^ MtdHatam. 
CogniMbla (by lav), tbty^iua, tr, Dem. Lya Dinarch. 
Oognlaa&M, ■fita'u. lat, 4, Lja. Aniipho. See Jariidiaioa. 
To oohabit, irtnui^ e. dat. h. Trag. Thuc Xcd. Ikk. ; atrtifu 

(-aum) c dat Soph. Eur. Ar. Hdt Xen. Plat laoe. ; nrralm, 

only in prea. c dat £ach. Soph. ; MX^, c daL or c irir and 

dat SopO.i wyylyroitat, fdt -7«Hio'0/iai, aor. 2. -rjxv^qr, c 

dat Xen. ; to cohabit praTiDotlT, irpeatnia^ Hdt 
OabaUtatian, rCravrla, Flat ; cHrotinita, »m%, 4, Hdt PlaL 

See CbiKvUiq^ 
A eo-LolT, iiiiaKiifes, i aol 4> Find. 
To eohara, eu^^tyuu, paaa., c perf. act niiri^iKa, aor. 3. elfar- 

^fiw. c. dnt eap. lUAtiJuuf of two thinga cshering, or alt tr, tit 

Toln-h. Plat ; avfar^yrtiuu, paaa., c perf, niiwirrrfa, Anaxag. ; 

etrofiiiiM, no paif, act, e. dat. Plat. Xen. 
Cohanat, liaMFrat, or, Arial. 
Odwiattfl)', gvyritJiMt, ,£ach. 

A oobort, xJx«i> H<>»>- -^x^- ^^' "■"■ ''^'K- ^*^ ^" 

A e«U, cp^ftfiaw, Hom. Eur. ; aaftflAot, Horn, Ar. ) fu'TpK, 

Enr. Hdt 
A Mil, vAairri), Aich. ; rAaaritni, Ateh. t n*^ Boph. Ear. 

Ap. Hh. ; rrtlfiiia, ftroi, rl, £Kh. ; ttjyii^i, Hdt ; ^OftMr, 

■»>, I, Ap. Rh. 
b Mil, intiani. ixlimniu, and poet, eras Trag. aJxfmnfiw, paaa. 

Horn. Theoc; to coil round, trant. jfi^aAlffiw, c. ace of the 

thing or port coiled, dat, of the thing lurreaoded, Pind. Eur. 
OollM, iii^tiiurrit, hr, Enr. ; with many coila, »oW»-A«mi>, ar, 

Eur. ; rpi/Xurrsf, ov. One ap. Hdt 
A Mda, nJfiKTfia, drw, r< Ew. Hdt Xen. Plat. Deal, j «fr )i ai 

ATM, Th, Ar, 


A tUver eon, ^fr^fiai, Ar. Plat. 
A ffold COOL, xf^ior, Ar. 
A aiaa coin, KaWMai. Ac. 
T« ooln, cdiiT*, Ar. HdL'; idTbJrTa, Hdt 
To una* eoii, n/iiCti, c. dat Plu. (Com.) 
Ootntd, Maiiiut, w, Hdl. Tfauc Xeo. 
To eolndd*, ru/itnln, not ia liiL nr ur. I . act., fed. trviilitiiKa, 

■nd nor. 2. oiritiir, pKit. avfitki, etc £Kh. Soph. Hdt Van.; 

"vrp^X*! f>''- -IfK^''/"'! aor. 2. -itpaiuir, perC sui>llrlp^i)Ka, 

^sch. Ear. Dem. ; rWrni, onlf mcL Eur. 
OidnddauM, evynXTipla, Hipp. 
Cdtiim, aiyaSiii, i. Ariit 
A ooludar, Ktaxlvor, Ar. Plat. See 5tn«. 
(MahU, KaXxIt, 'Sor, 4, ace fSs uid \r, Ap. Rh. 
OoIoUmi, KoAX^>> Pind. Ap. Hh. Theoc 
Oold, nibn. x*^ 'toi, Horn, j ^rysi, T^ Horn. Hdt. Xan. 

Pint; 'I^Xoi.Ti, Horn. Trag. Xen. Plal., irp^.Ti, ««■- Aiwc. 

£uh. Pint.; HVifiit, Soph. EuT. Hdt.; X'l^, *"'. 't Hdt. 

Tim cold monag otr, iJ0^, Horn. 
A becoming eald, i^u, wi, ij. Hipp. Plat. 
j4 beij^ cold, a coldnttt, ^"xp^er^j, ^ror, ^, liteiBlIj, a cotdnOM of 

lieiirt. Plat. Dem. 
A mU,, i. e. (lekam, up. cold in the brad, KO|>^ri, Hipp. 
Cold, adj. IoiAiAt^i, Horn.; nfnupij, Hom. H«. Simon. Ear. 

Ar. Ap. Rh.j Kfuita, Horn. Hea. Ap. Rh.; ini7»li, ttoi, ^, 

only in fern, (eptth. of night, rtc.), Hom. Ap. Rb. ; ^vjipis, 

Omn. ; alio cold-hMrted, Plal. Xen. 
Foml i/edd, ^J^vxpoi, o>, Theoph. 
Utudia to bear cold, tiipiyai, or, Hdt. Aiial. 
To be mid, ^iyiti, pm. opt ^lyiftir, n if from fih"!", Ar., and 

nany conttactiont are made in » initead of w, e. g. infia. pre). 

/Wt^ v for ^t>ai!r, pari prea. dat. ling. jSrjrfirTi for j^ryovpri, nom. 

Hng, fern. ^iT^ra for ^iTaCffs, Hom. Ar. HdL Plat. Xen. ; itrofi- 

tryif, Ar.; i^xofuii pu*- Hdt Plat; icsrai|rtx**<«i Ariit 
Sold, adv. Mldl7, ■^ixp^i, Ai. Plat 
CWrf.r,Afy«r, Hom. 
OoUa, FTfi^i, Ar. Hipp. 
£tb cote, rTfw^tiilqi, Hipp. 
7b jtiTV Ae coiie, iFTpo^6o/iai, paaa. Dioac 
TO OOU^H, inifiTfrTw, hit -swovfiu, peif. -s^imHca, aot. 2. 

-^»«ow, no aor. 1. Xen. Hipp. 
OoUl^W, a^rrwru, wr, 4. Hipp. 
A MUu, KAatii, Eur. Ar. Xen. ; tJpatar, Xen. ; for a dog. Am. 

fcorAtl, Leon. Tar. See Ntddace. 
Tfearim a aoBar, iiam^m. Of, Theoc. 
Th» tmiM* boiw, itXqb, iSii, ^, Horn., for i(\<lt, cXeiUi, it, 

Soph. Xen. Don. 
To eoUkU, TiifSrtrfir/rAaiat, fuL -THbrs/coi, bnt eip. mod in 

aor. 3. napartyrmi, -yniti, etc^ aor. 1. post, -ryrialhfr. Inc. 

Dem. .Xachin. 
Aoolltogtu, fftytpyot. Dam. 
A eoUtanae n gommmi, otnifx**'* oitvi^ d, lomeUlnea c dat 

Thuc I^a. Plat 
A ooZtsf^w til (k ifpa i^ general, mar fii ti r /ot, Eur. Thnc 
Modettg it a eeUeagiK a/Jigiiter m kit Uagdom, lari ZqW airSSr- 

not ifirmr AJMt, Soph. 
7%i gatatU 0/ Uk Oormtliiimi wu XoHxliia, Oe an of Eulig- 

eUt. mA Jmr ecHti^iitt, vr/iAniy^t fir RofirOlMr BmicA<lSi|i 

i EUinthJovf, nfin-h adrift, Thnc 
7b ie o mJbajnw, ir<irdfiX"i only in prea. and imperf., c dot HdL 

7h be a caliaagae in a penerafi amnand, cvariidniyiit, c. gen. 

To eolloot, Owu. 'aytfpB, DO perf. act Horn. Find. Soph. Eur. 
Thnc Xen. Dem.; /iftytlps, Horn.; jiftytlptt, Horn.; <rvni- 
ylpie, Hom. Rdt Plat. I*oc. ; ioKXiCm, aoi. I . UAAtrim for iih- 
kiiTB, only of collecting people, Horn. ; irlJi^tTw, lor. 1 . o^nita, 
aor. 2. D'Hr^T^ym' (Ariat alio ha* perf. mmy^oxa), Horn. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt Thnc Xen. Dem. ; itUaiiai (i Horn., but uin. 
A, i Alt, a eliewhrre), mid. Hom. ; ov^dMa, no aor. 1., perf. 
irviitiS\riHa, Hom, Xen.j \*y», Horn. Find. Ar. ; onAA^yn, 
Hom. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. Dem. ; •lltt\ir>,, HdL, ; iic- 
A^ya^ ap. money, c ace, alio often c ace. of the perenn from 
whom it i* coUecled, Ttuc Dem. jGachin. ; dXit, only in aor. 1 . 


Ikaa, Find.; I\«;iai, mid., fnt. JAxAo'o^i, etc. (of Duniey), 
Theogn. ; 'dSpoifti, Eur. Thuc Fhtt Xen. ; irMlSpoICi, Ar. Xen. 
LyL .Sichin. } iiiBfoli»iuu, aid. Eur, ; ainrl^ii/u, aor. 1. -iOit- 
Ko, perf. -rUtuca, perf, pan, -^ieii/iv, aor. I . ^^Mijr, etc Enr. 
Hdt Xen. ; <™AAoji«4™, fut -A+fo^u, perf; -tlAi)^ aor. 2, 
-dXMoy, Eat. Hdt Flat ; "a^C", no perf. Eur, Hdl. ; aUraXiCie, 
Eur. Hdt. Xen. ; irt»AiaC«, Ar. ; (rvTM/JCv, Hdt. Thuc; Xen. 
Lyi, ; iiviiipipti, fot vunlffci, of^er -viuu, mid., aor. 1 , iririt- 
rtyKa, aor. 2. ffii^>'»7W, Hdt Xen. Ljcnig. ; rvfi^opiti, HdL 
Thuc Xen. Iioc Dem. i avrtpBirai, aor. 1, infin,, no other part 
in me, Iioc; rafo^p^liat, mid. Plat 

7b colied (taiei, etc), (Irvpdirina, c aec, often alto c ace. of the 
penon from vhom ^y are collected, perf. aot not uied in thU 
ien>e, leoc. Dem. 

To colled (tioopt, al]ie^ etc), irCWoTqfu, only in pre*, imperf. fuL 
1. and aor. 1. HdL Omn. Att proaa. 

rucD^sciDHHf/lai a&ightened man, beaten trocn, etc), aw- 
■tfi^ iimvrir, HdL Plat ; mvarftlpopju iiumrir, mid. PtaL 

To eolbt* bf begging, 'HfyvprACii, Hom. 

To collect btfordumd, be/On it it doe, wpMKXiya, Dem. 

7b callecl/or onaelf, ripiaytlpoiiai. Plat ; Awralpefuu, Ap. Rh. 

Colled ymetf, tiKtjrfOii ifi^t Aid, Enr. ; tt*ar rftroi, .Xech. 

He eollKted Unuelf, airSytipKTt bopir, Ap. Rh. 

The lion yawaiagfiT kit pr^ eoOectt hauey/or a ipring, XJw 
ii\TI x^*^'t Hom. 

So, ccBeda^ iimee^, it ipnmgfiraard, ctpiiair Bl i\(lj, Hom , 

TbaiJ^ (at a crowd doei,elc), inliani,, iaAAifoyuu, paH. Hom. ; 
Iff^piatioi, only in ^nL and imperf. Hom. \ irytpiioftaL, only in 
pna. and imperf. Horn. ; '6rfilpaiAiu, mid. and paw., aor. 3. mid. 
ifftfiiair, part ■jne. ir^iures, 3d pL perf. pau, poet "iyirWp*- 
Tu, Horn. ; triytlpaii^ mid. and pan. Hom. Pind. ; cruv&ytl- 
poiiat, Hom. ; 'i^ofioittu, mid. Horn. Hdt ; mrrptxit, fuL 
-tpOfieS^aor. 3. -iSfitiiov. per£ -tifyofia. Ear. Hdt Xen. 
liOc ; 'dhlfb^ioi, pua. Hdt Xen. ( ffGWpxofta>> foL -fAfdovfui, 
a«. 3. -iSaMdii, luu. by lync vASor, pecf, -tA^Mo, Thuc 
Xen, ; rpoipim, fut -peiiroiiai, Hdt ; mir^iat, only pre*, and 
impnf. Thuc Xen. Aiiit 

7b tolltct aromd, intiana,, iiit^teftiimiim, mid. Hom. ; ifufurr^rf- 
0ofuu, only pre*, and imperf, Hom. 

Tobeeollttlediyam.tii),iauTouyiyreiiai,Sii^.; Mcmytyittim, 
JEtch. ; lyior ^pivAr lipii, Eur, 

Calleding onetd^, ^itirr't^<"'> only '° "om. Hom. 

One mud eoO/et, 'aSpourrior, Xen. ; aOrvctiar, Plat. 

OollMtod {of a crowd), iniryp^', only of people, on)yinpL Horn. 
Ap. Rh. ; diiAAj)t, only of people, Hom. Soph. ; 'BBfiet, Horn. 
Pind. Eur. Thnc Xeo. ; biarfi^t, of an army, Find.; 'dAj)t, 
Hdt ; irlviiTvfrrki, or. Plat. ; <rvAAo^f«i>f, or, Aiiat 

Coltedtd agaiM, TdAkAiryoi, ov. Hem. 

Collected, i. a. unembarraoed, etc, of a man, trior Jovrou tr, 

yoa not bemg coUeded bi your maiel, vSir ^nr oAii It&u' ihi. 


Of taaet, TpSfii, wi, 4, Andoc Dem. ; (bir^is, Thnc. luc 

A eoUeotOI («p. of taiei, roTennes, etc), inSein^ qpoi, I, 

Xen,; diroBrficTiTf, Dem,; ^jcAoTr^r, Lya. ; rpdjrrmp, opor, d, 

Dem. .£tchin. 
One loio ,7onu ia aNlfeiM^ ffCnpAfwrbi, c dat. of the elhet cd- 

lector, CrobyL 
A Hdliar, irepSntbt, JErnip. 
Fond o/col&ert, ^karepiKfii, Ar, 
CoUilion, ov^oAJr, £sch, Hdt, Xen, ; aiyicpaoira, tmt, ^ 

Theoph. : aUroxh, Ap, Rh. 
A ooffiiioa o/carriagct, 'Aftarpoxla, Hom. 
7b bring into coilaiom, rufieiMji, perf. -<MAi|ica, aor. 2. -MUar, 

Hom. At. Xen. ; trvyKpoiti, pert pau. -Wirpmw^uu, Dem. 

, -*Wta, perf, art. -r^tfiHm, paM. 

T.oii^Ku, aor, ., -w^fcjc Enr. Hdt PlaL See Taplaee. 
Oollooation, A/ni, his, 4, Find, ^at 
A eollop, ri/iDt, Ar. 
A eoUoquj, \iyos, utn. in [d. HdL Thac Xen.; Siarfitli, Iioo. 


1, J^vrilMi, Plat. ; AMTbcii, Dem. 
I, rpwrr&rlB, Dom. ; rfrtpyla, Dinareh. D«m. 
Oolliuin, 'OrJTDTiic&i, P1*t Xen. See Dtea^ 
fliiliiniili, traXmdinai, Nioutder; (oA^cdirfK, DioK, 
A sdhnmada, irr«ik, or umetima ttdi^ An. Ar. Hdt. That 

Xm. Dera. jEgdiin. ; wifaaTht, tlot, it, nre, aicept in pi. Eur. 

Cntin. Xni.; mrrii, taot, ^, Xen. ; Evrrdi, Xni. See 

Smrnmrndtd leitt a caloiaiada, npCvrilXar, ok 
T» mImiIm, c. bcc loo, ktICv, lor. 1. poet 

BO pert act. H«. Hdt. wMCm, no perf. «el 
To calonaa a ematry, oi to ptamt iniabitivlt at colomitt, iiiiil(iu, 

Piai. Em. Ar. Hdt. Thnc. Ihc; KftTawlfv, JEtcb. Eur. Hdl. 

Tbnc Xen. ; 'ArauiCCo, HdL Thnc Xni. ; (imuilfH, Hdt ; 

iroudim, Mirh. P1>L 
T'a plant a» aiomili, (Ton, ur. 1 . Eroni nnuud prea., no other 

teaM, Horn. ; rain, in ur. 1 . trama, ujr. 1 . pui. MirAirv, and 

Bor. 1. mid, JraaT^Hfr, to inhabit at acoloniit, Horn. Hes. Find. 

Soph. Ap. Rh. ; '^fiit, (u, tboogfa Horn. pocL hu t), e. tli and 

ate. lad, Enr. ; icWitpiW, Enr. S« 7b bAAl 
Toimialitai a ea/oniit, t^ianai, pua. and mid. Soph. Ear.; 
(JMiElfsfiw, mid. c. (t> and icc. IdcI, £tchin. ; utrouiifD^Bi, mid. 

■nd pua-e. ^r, and dat. ore. (band ace. HdL Thnc. Plat luc.; 
' frouifsfiai, mid. and pau. Hdt Time Sea To ntoiit. 
raji>inineoionaiig,iHSnuiiCa,EaT. Thnc. i irvyiiirouiiiu, Hdt. 

Thnc; rvyrrli/u, UdL Thnc; ir|«nriimicw, Hdt Thuc 
A adoalling, or planting a colsnT, afniirii, «■>, ^ Thnc ; »Iai(r- 

|ih, Sol. Plat.; urreuaeit, Mn, 4, Thnc Plat; rtinlalvii, 

Thuc; «ftrwirio>iAi, Plat Ariit ; 'inrotKUTfjii, Ariit. 
A cdOBf, 'tewtfo, Thuc Xen. I«oc. ^Khin. ; '^nuiai, i|, Xen. ; 

al 'AmuAct (k. rdAfii), Hdt 
A Imhr of a eoltmy, Mtior))), Hdt Thne. Iiac. ; olnorjip, ^i, 

i, Orac ap. Hdt 
A joint Imitr of a ealimj, ointKurr^p, Pind. ; ov^flrrlonii, 


Coloplwailkit, KoXafifnoi, Xen. 
A ColOMU, KaKaatAi, Hdt 

jBieh. Ear. Plat; xi>«f^ ^'t. AH<)I- PI**- X*n.; b«M,ri, 

eip. of bii^t colonr, ^ich. Plat 
StBtOarity tftetimr, iiaxfiia, Xen. ; itietaxfoU, AruL 
FonM^ afeciow, mOShpoU. Ari«t 
.^ dniUg tototiT, KxpoCt, Ariat 
IMiramd, or of beantifiil eolnir, ^orhf, Ar. 
SH^tlfi eolimnd, 'SnsAipit, iif, Hipp. 
AU ^ OH oifTifr, AX^xP""* ar, contr. -ow, -avr, Ariit. ; /iiW- 

Q^tk KIM* mtov, J^xfiMi, «r, coatr. -oui, -our, Aiiit 

Of boa cslonn, STxpau, w, conti. -vts, -«vr, Aiiit 

Gf waiamaiomn,mid>ji%, Horn. Xuh. Xen. ; irouiIXifxpMi, 

•r, omtr. -dm, -w, Ariat 
CSoB^M^ eobir, iuij^Mf , w, eontr. -«<>, -aui', Eur. 
Of a tramgi celimr, >LUuin>ii, mit, 1 wl 4. Eni. 
^ MlooT, fuaint, aor. 1. jfiiora, no perf. act Horn. ; Piwrm, Ar. 

Hdt; »>^Hdl. 
OdoonU*, rdrpjffwiu, or, Ear. Xen. Dam. Sea PtamUt, 


ttXlj, tbwptwiii, Thnc See Plaiuibbi. 
(MnrltM, x>^', Horn. Hea. £ach. Eur. ; Afw^, At. Xen. ; 

iXP^, Sir- Ar. Plat ; 'ixf^'i ".mntr. -ouj, -cur, bat better 

-•t, -«w. Plat. Ariat ; 'Sxpii/iariaToj, rw, Ariat 
A adt, irAUf, J nl 4, Horn. Pind. Trag. Xen. Plat ; t^Auv, 

Ar. Asdoc 
A eaU liai koM niH aU iujSnf Auti, ir£Aai 'itotmt, Sopb. Plat 
BAmgmg to eoilt, mAladi, Alca. Soph. 

Tb tnerf eoAt, lanritTiio^ia, Lf eurg. Imc. ; Kd8iinroTj»^^, lue. 
Bntdimg good eoUt, tllnAaj, or, H«n. ; KaXXtwmKot, ur, Pind. 

n> bnM^ tfnUt, mKtla, Xen. 
To tnai mtti, awAohviWe^ Eur, Xen. ; mtXiio, Xen. 


^ braaitr ofa^, iwXoSdfui?!, Xen. 

Tlte Imai^ rfoijO, rUman, mt, ii, Xen. 

O^a ColBlUla, SoAmoc, Horn. Hdt 

WarMpped al Cape Cb/oitH, SuwiJfiliTet, Ar. 

A ooluniL, n^ir, oFoi, i «al ii. Omn. ; ov^Ai), Hom. Pind. Snpb. 
That. Xen. Iioe. Den, ; nikn, *»ch. Enr. Hdt ; ipftwrinij, 
Enr. : of traopt, ari^t, ri, At, Hdl, Thnc Xen. ; xipta, »ifA- 

Svpporitd by eo/anju, inL^UUtv^ 
Enr. i ■wtfCrriiXos, or, Hdt 

>FtM U^ or apr^ og^mu, ^itmpiR, or, Soph. 

WUh beaudfid wAmnu, (AKfUf, omi, d ical i^, Ear. ; efariiAat, or, 

/r eoliaai (troopi), 8p#HH, a, or, and ai, er, Xen. 

.ilmiyBl n oofoiwi, (cari /uw (k. raw) rwrayitiroi (tc 'Aft)- 
raiw), Thae. 

Toleadmmoam mbm, S^ (k Mpu) M Wpoi, HdL ; io 
■sri alpni, Xen. 

Stalag o» a ooiama, uri /lior M icfyai rafarxiomt, Thnc 

A oomb, ^rrpa, Scrph. Ear. ; rrkryyit, ttof, i^, Ar. Pbit ; arali, 
irrnikt, A, Leon. Tt^. 

To oomb, KTerffu, Ear, Hdl. 

A comioiff, icrmr/^ii, Eur, 

Like a amli, KTtriUtt!, Xanthnt. 

Thi coirA of a DDe^ ki-pal, Ar. 

Tio eoab or unMfei, KiUAaior, Ar. Ariat 

Tim eoai (fkoimy, >ii\par, oftenetC in pL Hea. h. Hdt Tbeoe. Plat 

To combat, t)ii3it, and oFlen S)|^, Horn, ; tqptd^iai, mid., onlir 
plea, and imperf. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; iiApniiiai, mid., onlf ptea. and 
imperf. c dat or c, pnp. Horn. Hea. Pind. Tjrt Ear. ; nfbrotiai, 
mid. Horn. Hei. ; iaucpbviiai, paaa., aoT. 1 . paaa. poet Siupiritp', 
c rpit and an. Hom. Hdt ; mit^fyofuu, paaa., c fat mid. 
nnwhrofuu. Ham. j^Gach. Thnc ; /lix'f't and ^;i(/o^uu, in 
Horn. alH opt ^x*°^1''i f*^ luntiSittiiet, and fiaxeo'fMrot, 
fut fux^fuu. and poet, /laxtrraiuu, aoT. 1. paaa, i/ia- 
xiatiir, Ap, Rb^ c d»t, or e piep. Omn.; My^" X'V", 
Horn. ; f^TvCfu ^lor, Pind. ; fiiyrvfu 'Apij, Soph. ; rvfi^m, 
no perf. c dat Thnc Xen. ; nifiiiiaya, ht inf^Jf- bd pet£ c. 
dat, alio <r. jfi^o^ twi, v. X'W* '">'', '- ^ 'vv'^x'l'i "' '''"' *** 
liixv, Hdt Thuc. Xen. See Tojipkt. 

A OOmlat, tiix^, Omn. j ini^cAA^, £ach. Hdt Xen. ; rpiiiu^u, 
»-t, *, Thac. 

A li^le combal, ^uro^x'oi lidt 

Oow (»niat, afrraa-rAKq, Horn. ; i^orx^, Horn. See F^. 

In ebm tomiat, v^caUr, Horn.; cx^V*, Horn.; ekrofx^ 
Horn. ; oArarx'Hi'i Horn. ; sh-oa-xaKqr, Horn. ; i/iSvt, Xen. ; if 
XVOJ, Thac.;*. 

7b .l%ib n time mmiat, vwrUlr H^f^ XI™V^ That. ; *Ci 
;i:aijiiai (p^aiiuu, aor. 2. aync •IaA*', Thuc Xen.; <ti X'*!"* 
(liu, prea. part Ur, imperf. ^ir, 3d pi. ftanr, Thnc ; ab X'V^ 
ir^raifu, Xen. 

To defind ommlfin dot amiat, in X'V^ '^lArwftH, Xen. 

Btlom/i*g lo tlae aombat, Jry^'fiAxoi, or, Horn. Hea. Xen, 

/fjiMv n f^ib sonAitf, or fit for, etc, lariiiAxvi. w, £icb. 

Tb;^ ia anjib «iM«at, iimiiAxi-, Ear. Hdt Hat 

A eombaUnt, MXvHlr, Horn. Pind. 

j4 amAofaaf is dom aondiat, irfXf^Xf^'- Hon. 

A eomUnaUon, ffMtea, «m, ii, £ach. ; vifarX«cJ|, Plot ; 
nvWAiio, Plat ; of tonea in muaic, aimipa, Atm, ri. Plat 

To OOmUna, tnna. it^yriiu, Omn. ; irMtrra, bo perf. act Ear. 
Ar. Plat Xen. ; mfia-A jm, Ear. Plat. ; wv/ifityiiviu, h. Ar. ; 
miriimitu, only in prea. imperf. fnt and aor, 1. HdL Thuc 
laoc i miropliii, Ariat ; intrana. rtfirrofuu, onlj prea. and int- 
perf, c dat Pind. ; mnrrpi^ and -ofiai, paaa. (of auocdatioDl at 
clnba), Hdt Thac, See Ibjoa, Towiilt. 

Oombutiblo, KoiaJiiot, Plat Xen, ; Kamrrht, Ariat, 

A eomboatlbto (eombuatibla matter), 'iwiiaaiiiia, irtt, rh, Xen. 

Combnation, xmaa, wr, i^, Hdt See Bwrmg. 

To eODU, (to oome to, etc), rpo^ciniiat, paaa. tine ou. or e. ab, 
Horn. ; mKia/iai, mid,, only prea. and imperf. xBAaffK^HTr, 
Horn, h, Ap. Rb. ; Aiiifo^uu, paai., etp, in nor. 1. iXiirttir, 
Horn. Ear. -.'bu*, imperf, Uon, aor. 2. 1{w, no other tenaea, Horn. 
Pind.; 'iadjn (and -o^ioi, mid. Horn.), only prea, and imperf., 
often c ace. Horn. £«ch. Soph.; iKriaim, mid. fnt ^otm^, 
aor, 3. 'ixifiiit, imper. tani, perf. paai. in aame lenHi i^^iai. 



plnpetf. TyfiTiv, no Dthci Mua, Omn. pMt. ; 'ifixyiotm, c. uc. 
ore prep^ in pnH« lun. c^ prep. Omn.; J^lKOnf, Hont. ; i^r- 
Kim, Hdih. ; WrfflK^Hi, Ham. He*. Ap. Rh. i (ira^uvlafuu, 
c. fux. or e. prep, nid ace, •omslimu c. iU. Horn. HdL Xen. ; 
i^urtiaimt, c gen. or c Kcc Horn. Pind. HdL Xen. ; r/wiJi- 
ritnat, Mtcii. At. ; iitmiioitMi, e. tee. ar e. prep., alia c gen- 
Ham. Pind. Trag. Xen.; *i»**«i, impert iMettrar, bot. 2. 
/i^HTDT, part, iirramlir, Horn. ; (T/u, pn*. part, lir, infin. 
I^nu, poet fyWf imper. IBi, imperf. j»r, no otlier tenm, in Att. 
Alm«t aLwayi uied oi fuL and Bomrtimea in Horn., Omn.; 
twttfu (beaidea the prat, and imperC Hwu. baa alao 3d ling. 
imperf. iriur, Sd pi. Mio'ar and hrfnr, Tut. mid. tiulmiau, 
aor. l.mid. ituuriiapi), etp, in the aenae of attacking, u old age 
doe*, or an enemy, etc Omn. ; irpifiii/ii (Usm. aiid Hei. kare 
only the part), Ctan. ; (Tti^u, Hmu. Eur. Hdt. Thne, Xen. 
Dein. ; ir^ifu, Ar. Hdl. Xen. Itoc PlaL Dem.) ttiTrtptifu, 
Thuc ; rarti^u, Hdt. Thnc; ^lilry^^^lMl, teattt homwei from 
lilyniHu, mid. and pau. c daL or une caa. or e, it or lint (fm 
fJiryfirAii, to coma into the hoiue), Hon. Pind. ; fitm, no aor. 
or perf. in Horn, and itrictly alw^i the preient meana ** I am 
come." but the Al^c wrilen do not attend lo thi> much, nao. c 
prep. Omn.; I^im, Soph. Thuc.; ilriai, poet, iiiiicm, .Xieb. 
Ar. ; kW^b, JEk)i. Hdt. Thuc ^Khin. ; ^h, Soph. Plat. ; 
nSfiliai, Soph. 1 vpaMjiMi. JEick. Soph. Eui. i irtAofiai, only in 
prei. in thii Mnie, c hi and dat., cap. a> death camel upon 
men, etc. Bmn. ; irpsirlova/tiu, mid., only prta. e. aec or e. 
prep. Uom. Pind. So^. j i^oftoi, and canlr. riifuu, prea. uan. 
naed in tut. aetue. c aoE. or c prep. Hem. Soph. Enr. Xen., but 
TEFj nre in ihe three kit, er in taj one except Hom. ; fyiAor, 
aor. 2, from anua. praa., lut. fuAaSfiai, perT. /t^ftCAntm, Omn. 
poet. I Iff, fat. tp^w nre, am. 1 . ilfiriira, no pat. Hon. Find. 
Trag. TtiBoc.) i^ifwm, up. itealthily. e. ace. or c pnp. Pind. 
Mtch. Ear.; TlintiHU. hi. TnH^npu, aor. 2. iyirifiiir, perf. 
paaa. yryiniiuu, mid. yiytra. c ill, or eren c aec. (neoeuiif 
comet upon rae, i/ii xp*ii yi-frmu), Horn. Hdt. ; idxlbw, eep. 
to eooM upon lo at to Gad. Co come op with to at to orertake, 
etc, all rnnoda of pre*, except indic, borroired fn>m iitxpou, e. g. 
opt. atxi'tr. «til>i' "X^^ >"S°' I'X^ni', part. Kixdi, perL prca. 
paat. or mid. Kixhl^twoi, impcif. ixixoinH' and iKlxtp; alto itl- 
X<ov, (all the forqfoing are confined to Horn.), aor, 2. Ikix'"', 
fai. Kiximiiai (AtchiL alto hat loi. 1. mii. iaxf^V ; Ap. Rh. 
haa fut, act. nx4<r«, and prca. mid. n^ib'Sfiai, and Eur. baa a 
prea. ■lyxi'iv), c ace, once c. gen, Soph., Omn, poet ; fyxfuu. 
jut. ^XtAra/toi, no aor. 1., aor, 2. liKtinr, more atn. aync. ^Bov 
(at alwaja in Att), perf. Jx^Ma (very tare, except in tome 
Gompoimdi), in Uom. alwayt (b^AAirfa, lit pi. tync •U't^mfl- 
li*y, paiL in Hnm. tlAT|Aat>M>t and ^igAoiiMf, plupeif. flA.^- 
XoMaw Horn,, JjAqXaMtv Call., Omn.; tIi<p^<Vuu (naed in 
ereiy tente of to come, ai a feeling or a calamity cornea aver 
one, aa income eoina in, at a criminal eoniet before ibe ooorr, 
etc etc}, Omn.; Mfxtfiat, nl», to come againit, to actnik, 
etc., c ace or e, daL or c pnp. UniL Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdt 
Thuc Xra. ; ndr^iyuu, c. aroc. Eur. ; adp^o^uu, Hdt Omn. 
Att ; lierlfx'l'''^ *'■<' to come after (in point of lime), c dat, 
or c Bcc. Hon. Pind. Ear. Hdt ; npnipxBfai, c dat c. ace or 
c. prep. Hdt. Omn. Att ; 'Otipx/^uu (Tary orian. alao, aa a 
■enaation cornea oTer one), c aec, tomelinui c daL Hom. Soph. 
Ear. Hdt. : 'Unaifxl-^ Pl^t. ; hiuKia, no perf., c dat Pind. 
Hdt ; •rrlkiJiluu, put., eip. in aor. S. itrrtKiir c cu, Pind. 
Soph. Eui. Hdt ; rporr^AXifiat, Soph. ; idmaxittt (by *•»), 
only in aor. 3. Korivx^Sni, c aoc. loa and S) (e. g. Bopliiavlt), 
h. ; nlkrixi (by aea), fut ao^^ and «aTi«r;^f|aw, impeif. 
mrrtlxo', aor. 2, leinirxav, part, tcrarx^, c. prep, and aorae- 
timei c ace Soph. Eur, Hdt. Thne ; upmnlyvvfu, c. ace. ar c. 
pnp. or c dat Soph. Enr. Hdt Thue Xen, Pint ; itiAhA., 
perf. fltiaWM, c aoc Eur.; twOaiwu, perf. -tfMwo, nor. 1. 
-tfqr. Soph.; twiarpi^iaiini, mid., c ace Eur.; iftiIxck, do 
aor. 1. or perf. Soph. Eur, ; Monrap^i, Soph. ; ropttitiii, Enr. ; 
fairiii, no pet£ nor aor. I ., applicable to all ihingt. Soph. Eur, 
HdL Xen. Plat ; woKiv and -<i|iiu, mid., only prea., e ace. or c. 
«(> and ace « tine caa, Xvib. Ear, ; iwixitpiii, Xen. ; ^itttfifo, 
c lit and ace Xen. Dem. ; rpniwrti (of a ihip), Ap. Rh. 

7b CDBW ayuriimtlf to aaatlf, Iffim, i^ea, 'i^niaa. Ham. Ar. 

To ooHH iiUo HHsl and net eiraautiacet, ^oiif AAu, only in nor. 
1. HitiiAx (<Ii , . , TrfAyjiarx, etc), Itoc 

wTl^uu, paia., c BOr. ! 
D/ioi, e *!i and aee X 

e fut mid. ntrooT^G 

15) oonw OB (at night, , 

eontr. ipra, perf. mid. 3d ting, efwp* and l>piv*i plupeif. 3d aing. 
tpiptt and ajxipai, paia. lahj. ipifrtriai, and bIm in Tng. aor. S. 
mid. part ififitnt, oync. Ififuni, Hom. £ich. Soph. 

To conujhrvard, rpaiffTofuu, paaa,, e perf. act and aor. 2. act 
Dam. ; rAfMalfm, np. la at to addreu the ipectaton in B the- 
atre, only in ptea. impert and aor, 2. wapJtiir, Ar, 

To comt fnna mu plaai to amtJur, fieroftiltw, imly in jxea. imperf. 
perf, -t4tiiKa, and aor. 2. U i r , Hom. Plat ; ^larafiat, pan., 
e pert and aor, 2. act, c gen. of the place left, Eur. 

To eoKie otxr a ptrtom (at a temation, angei, love, etc dort), tin 
imperf. Bunw, aor. I. Bin, perf. MAiiui, aor, 2. Huk, Hon. 
Eur. ; 'liTaSlH^uu mid., c aor. 2, and perf. act., tomelimei c. dat. 
Hon). .Xacb. Soph. Xen.; diSiopu, e aor, 2. and perf. act 
Soph. Hdt ; iianrrlt, fut -irwoBfiai, perf, nirnMn, sor. 2. 
-ntaar, no other tentet, c dat or c prep. Horn. Tng. Thoe 
Plat ; 'bripxfiI'M, only in prei. tnd aor. 'i. 'ijir^AMar, (>4\Av 
contr. Alt (alto in Hom.], Hom. Soph, Eur. Hdt; 'Qwttfiaititt, 
only in 3d aing- perf. 'trroteSpJ^ ff t. Sapph. ; wpotw^ofini, only 
in Mjx. 1. act Tpof^imp'. mid. vpofrvrd^vfv, Tnig, ; i/cwaite^ only 
in prei., c dat Sapb. ; bpipnt, fut -if^n' and -wnvH, aor. 1. 
-tipweaa, no perf,, s. ace. or (^ daL £ich. ; vpoif row, contr. for 
-alTffoi, no perf, e dat .Sech. ; wtpiwJ'Trm, only prea. and 
impeif. .£tch, ; upsifafm, Soph. Ear. ; ititeiyi, c dat Soph. ; 
inrrdti, c dat Eur. ; dtil^ poet (xifu, pm. part *iliit», 
imperf. lit or Itptw, c, dat or c ace Ear. Hdt Thse PlaL ; 
iwox'«l'iii, paaa., pcif, -<nxt/<a<. etc. e. dat Hdt 

7b coflu mer, i. e. to deceive, 'Owirf^xi', fut -tfiiuSiuu, aor. S. 
-^Vpdfior, Eur, ; 'Urdpxoiiai^ Eur. 

To MfflM rvaad, wtfUriwaiiai, only plea, and impeif Enr. ; ^i- 
kiIkA^i, Soph.; rfpFiim Hdt Xen. ; wtpUpX'!""- I^dt ; repT- 
Xip^, Hdt ; rtfitHTpifoiiai, poit. Plat ; nfpliiATSXafiMiim, 
in aor, 2, wifJuiTtXaeor, Tbeoph. 

To 03W ronif (lo another'! opinion), vdfitdTapu, paaa., c 

. Hdt, 

e alt a 

To eoau round teili, or logMir, ffu^cnpMttdM, t, dat Aritt 

7b corffa fy tacottnoa to a pemm (aa property don), mpt'e^u, Hdt^ 

alto by natural revolutioni. aa the aeaaona do. HdL 
To com into propartg, iiiMirtiit, c. aec. or c prep. Enr. Dem. 

Ihl ; pMim, no perf., e eb, Iin. 
To aim* rapidhf, Aropoia, only in aoi. 1., c dat oi e prep. Hom. 
7b eoBic ikMci^'i ■'*° '" o""" *" " ptrKmU ran, wpo n ri r tm, a. 

dat or c aec Soph. Eui. Thne PlaL 
7b ttwta a/ier (in point of lime), trlfiyroiuu, fnt -'yrw^mMU, 

aor. 2, -rytriiii^, pert -ytyara, pert paaa. -rftyinwa^ bat prea. 

Thue Xen, ; Artinp^s/uu, c daL, oi lometimea limply to come 

into, c aec Eur. Hdt Thne 
To Dome o/Jer, i.e. in aeanh o^ fiar^pKo/tai, e ace. Soph. Ear. 

Thue Xen. Dem, ; fuAiiw, c aec Enr. 
7b conia in (at revenue, income, etc}, rpjiifu, part prea. VfMM- 

ilni, impert •wpotito', no other lentea, Ar. Thue Andoe. Detn. ; 

irinmi, HdL ; lUlpx'liai, Xen. 
7b CORK n ballet, or on tb Mage, or timidy to ooiaa, fnftf^ii, 

Hdt Plat Xen. .£tchin. 
7b ODBH (on ttie atagr, or before a cooit of law), ^btiiu, o. prqt 

Plat. Anlipho, Dem. 
7b mau am, liaiu, c gen. Hom. Soph. Ar. Thne Xen. Deo. ; 

iKSaiim, only in prea. and imperf. and »oi. 2. ^Mn", and perf. 

MMqm, e gen. H«n. Tng, Thuc Xen. PlaL ; tiipxfifmt, e. 

gen. Omn. ; irrtpdm, c. geu. or e prep. Eui. 
To eoau logltitr, otvlpxitBi, Horn. Eur. Xen.; aUninrlimt, c 

FKTi^d gen, PlaL ; eip. id aa to aid, vvftwOpirvlfrauai, c dat 

HdL Thnc 
7b mnia to a plaa aiett olhm wm (alio nt money cornea in), 

mif^, fat. m^riffOfim, perf. avnfpO^na, Hdt Itee. 
Toeoou of (fnm a conteaC, etc), 'iipxtuu. •>»> caa. Soph.; 

'aroAAiis'm, and -i/imi pate, and mid., e adj. or adv., a. g. tri- 
umphantly X'^', badly mk£i, io x*^, «>t!W, etc Toe. 

At. Hdt Plut Dem. 
To ODDM io a poiM or a^jrii la jpaaAi^, KcrrilSaJnt, c prep. Hdl, ; 

i/iwiwrti, c tli aod ace. Dem, ; oirerTdtt, c prep. £tchin. 



To Bcm* alo ohV i/al, wSftaTiiiUH, in tat, 3. act npioTtir, wid 

pw£ islin. (jrnc wtftirrdm, c dal. Tfauc ; (fnifu, c Bcc HdL 
Came, impn. Iffi, Horn.; ItWD, Hon). Eur. Ar, in pi. Stfri, 

Hon.; (IT 'iyt, uid pL iST Ayn-t, nin. e. rw, >4 /ml, elc, Dsn. 

Iblloiml bj impu. Hom. ; tla, ^leh. Eur. Ar. g fiiain, Mttk. ; 

^p^ Soph.^Eiir. Hdt. PI>L ; 'AniTt, Ear. 
f^biH o/a^, nvo TperifMf, Hcmi. 
Pbratn for to cow, fiolK* (in pra. ud Bor. 2.) wOa, Bur. g ap^ 

(olvH ioSiKrir, Ear. ; ttpin Tito, Enc. ; mpAfH^ag irAo, Eot. ; 

nf»n*iti'ij(n' (tI), Eqt. ; /(ofviim iriWa, Eur. ; ifuAAiofuu 

<Bid^ c not. 1. pua. uid ful. I, pui.) voti. Ear. ; 'Sanitiy. 

rtfiai {in sdt. 2. pnH. infAynr) rjSu, £Hh. ; «M^pB ntti 

iii/i^, JEieti. 
Him art ua n mm' iig <^ I »> 'itjwrM V<V* ; Enr. 
TUiigi on omg to fjh^ poo, S(ilf» ^M^AAmu, JEMcb. ; wfayim 

kip' Mffjnjijn', £«h. 
H^ awU «Mki 1^ fa nul unUnw (b u to pnke it adaqDUcI j) ? 

tCi &r jfiloiTa mo^i f ^tvi ^ Ikc 
71v laagdom eons ft) htamdat, ki Aimitni' MSaam 4 ^a«Af)(iL 

/( cDBHi w («li ^nul vagU, itiya ^pcru. Find. 
Ohu^ ft) ii9>B{f; 'JMEUf^ Jfunn-^, Iwc 3m To nemr. 
Tfo MwM (of nawf) (<(^ <»m tir, ti hami^iBfw 'Jbdtefu, 

OoBtog, 'irrrAiri«»it(*fycui,etc),H<iin.Hei.,tlK>afadunitT, 

Soph., or OTSD of a fotm, Ap. Rk.i the cvming dav, :t I*Hra 

V^ E)ir. I ^lAv, with 4f^ps HdL Plat. Dam. Prann 

(PlMaa. 16fil)«aj> thattl)on>f|. n*ter om j)ft^ with hCDina, 

bBtalwajiaomeciTramloentBrjiihraie.aaiViiiiaii Atytrb frwE, 

T*tei)r ebi^titoS, etc 

7ie Lfi'v rfi>)i, icrlf 4 VT((x«w 4^1wi Eur. 
Otmmg romi, wtpHttJium, Hom. He*. Sea Smlta^. 
A tomiac !{», w*, ^ Eur. Aniipho. ; 'tifiia, Hdt. PUi. Dam. 
.^ eamaiig fanoard la ^Mok, wifttn, i, Den. g to the ipectaton 

•m the itagc vdplHvu, mi, i. 
A oaiup u, (boBot, 4i Eur. Xm. etc See Batnmea. 
A eammg mA, iKrifOiiii, Arm, t1, Mxii. ; f{>ti», Enr. Hdt. etc. 

A aoiawdlan, rpiyifiit, Ar.; mft^t, Lji.; KmiifUyXm, 

■fTH, A, Anth. 

'I piWt, Ktifnft6t,Ph,t.; iniM>SdiUOTdAai, Al. Aciit.; 
™i», Plat, g iMifililoireitfrili, Ar. 
r, lUftvIfa, Ar. PlaL lux. g rpty^Sla, At. 
JO tcniC eomeiiitt, mfifiWo, Ar. PhU 
Tb vriti mmtditt about ait j i Umg , iwhatiufiiit, e. aec PhL 
73< •erite^ a/ DmH^ia, wi^jiliiliilatfiatAltt, Ar. g rfiytitawoio- 

tunali^, Ar. 
Btbrngiag la eomedf, eamit, KttiuiSiiAt, Ar. PlaL g rpfrfiiSMt, 

Ar. g ufiiirii, ^Khin. 
AtagmgrnaBamti;), ar a oHBaiiijii^ HfitUwio, &ni,Ti,PUL 
fW l ri y, Ko^f, (a Horn., i Trag.. i elaawheie), eompar. nV 

AW (i Trag., I ebaa'bara), inp^ adUiTrat, Oau, g «hp«rj)t, 

SMsh. Eur. Thue. Xeo. S^ Fi^. 
rpMiiHnat, niUai, ri, Omn. g tbwpimia, PlaL Dam. 
r*B(Ij, adv. ict*Mt, Omo. ; <virprW«i, and tbwfwut tt alwaja 

in Att., JEacti. Eur. Hdt. 
A WMMt, K^t^t, and Kofi^f lirr^, Aiiit. 
OnflU, rpirf^iMta, ri, Ar. Xan. PUc See Smetaualt. 
TV ■» emfAt, -rpftr«MTl^ Ariat Menand. 

or c; ac& Ham. 

BaHmg i^tea^, Tpd'viyi&rM'fiii, Aril 
To MBtet, TdpJMmo/ioi, mid., no p 
.£ach. Soph. UdtThnc Pkt. Imk 

paai. £(ch. Enr. ; vferrttfti, Enr. ; nycKf^ofuu, 


n te eamfiwiei, vtfpiAkn^uu, old; in pna. Eat. 
Otalart, L e. canaolaUon, nfintifVt Arei, i-i, .£id). g irnpq- 

Tapta, jCaeh. g wapltudaMr, Soph. Thiie. Plat. Theoc. ; rifilMfMB, 

Xen. IMaL g nfa^^, Eur. 
OoBlnrt, i. e. eatt of poailjoa or dicnmitaiKae, rir/illpais, Plat 

Xen. ; ttrwiBta, HdL Xeo. FUt. 
■nu OHM KM teat Itfl to vie. At amfori af M$l^*Xfna1X ^» 

fiel Aonrii, JkfA^t ^Im, Enr. g limilailr S(^ 

A Mmfoctcr, rip^rop*'. ' <^ 4> Soph, 
Om <NMf EHi/brt, idji^i^AirTW, PUl 
OMitetinf , mwMai, ev, Soph. ; *ww4Xva«j, or, Ear.; roiiff- 

nmi, ov, Eur. Ar. ; irlp47opat, or, Ap, Ith.| sdpJ^tMvri'iikt, 

Gonfilrtabl*, Alirdpir, Horn. Piod. ; efcoAM. or, «iIt of pereoni, 
Ar. PUL ; d^H)!, un. of thingi, iG«:h. ; •Oratip, Cratae. 

OoBfsrMhljr, \h4pw, Hom. 

To be eon/brfoUs, ^ aowifinailf, (farlMa, PlaL 

ComlmiMI (hard to be comforted}, ImipaftMirrvi, er, PkL 

OomCny, o^Crar, Dioac 

OomlMl, fKaarii, Horn, g -rtXalct, Enr. HdL Xen. PlaL Den. 

ComiMllf, TtiUCsi, Plot. 

Ttt WWllld, i. & be commaader of (an taaj, etc), uaiftfim, 
onlj in prei. Horn, g ngfialm, no petC, line ca*. or e. M and 
daU Horn. gipX*^ •"^J >i> pna..c dBt.Hoai.,c gan. Ap.K^,; 
IpX*. no perf., c gan^ •otnatimee c daL Hon. Trag. HdL Tbnc 
Dem.j fryiimnui; c gen., or aanatiinn c. daL Hon. Tfaw. 
PlaL Xan. Dent. ; 'iya, an, gicept in pna. tmpetl fuL and 
■or. 2. $>ft7Dv, Horn. Pind. jGtch. Bar. HdL Thnc Den. ; 
^T^a^iBi, mid. c daL or t. |eD. Horn. Trag, Thnc. Xen. PlaL g 
itrryieiuu. Soph, HdL g Kpi^*^ c gen. or e. daL Hon. JEk)x. ; 
irrpltnrr*ti, e. gen. or c daL Soph. Eur, Ar. HdL Thnc Xen., 
and -oiuu, pax. to ba csmmanded, c iri and g<n. Dm. t erpfrq- 
>JS.riti, e. gen. or c daL ^Kh. Eur.; twIStrriiit, no parf., c 
£ach.| mritia. Soph. HdL Xen.g nJupopx'", HdL 

-*<+<M«^ aor. 2. 

"fi Tvyx^***! [<i'> Tdlfofwi, aoi. 2. trtxx't 
c gen'. HdL 

To gm Oh word of comimamd, iraftYpiim, c inBn. X«il; rtriU 
v<Ac^, parf. pau. -WXtvo^icu, Ar. 

7*0 is jaaud n (PiMian J , Ttrdpx*, e. daL of ODe'f etdlaagoe. 
Hdt. Thoc Xen. Ljc ; nwrpArir)^, c gen. of one'i collaague, 
Dem. ; rinr1iukia)ua, c gen. of the am;, Xeti. 

Te RMuKturf, L & to order, to bid, 'irtirfa, perf. with pm. mdi., 
lit pL ijnc dwy^MT, imper. tmryti, 2d lii^. IwyA-ii and 
irAxfin. 2d. pL Jfwx^ etc, plnpert in impiri. M»e ii»irfii» 
and 'ir^Tfir, Id ting. hriyH, xatA in pre*, lania, imparf. 
'txttyon and iintyto^, tat. Mt*, aor. 1. 4n>{a, (the Tra- 
gedian) hare alio inper. triiy*), o. ace ot e. daL Horn. Trig. 
HdL; ^^uu, mid. (f Hom., r Att.. thoogh Hom. too tome- 
time* luc* r), aor. 1. -iged^qF, c daL and infin., or e. ace 
and infln. or c ace. tei, daL pen. Horn. Trag. Tbuc. Xan. ; 
alio ^u/u, Pind. g ^n^Ii^iw, Soph. Eur. ; MtOlXk, c daL 
ot ace. pen. or c ace lei ; alio irtriMji pvAer, c daL 
pen. Horn. Find, g IrriXXm, man naa. -b/uu, mid., e. daL 
peia., c aac rei, oi c infin. pert pan. in paac tail, de ic, 
Pind. Soph. Eur. HdL Xen.g Kiko/uu, fbL HA^inyuu, aor. 1. 
iiH\iiaitnir (neither in AtL), aor. 2. ^mcA^fitiv, c ace. pen. or 
e. daL Horn. Pind. fich. Enr. ; utt^iii, perf. j 
pai, c ace, Kmetime* c d*L ptri. and infin. On 
jeich. 1 joipiffoai, t daL per*. Pind. g ■ „ 
a* an oraele doee, e. ace pen. or c. daL Puid. Ttsg. HdL Dam. ; 
A^, c. daL pen. et c infin. £icfa. Soph. Xen. Dem. g i^Mafim, 
mid., c daL pen. £*ch.g 4rriwm, and iriwm except in AtL, 
aor. 2. (rurror, no other ten***, e. daL per*, and infra. Pind. 
Soph. ; iwayyi/Ait. and -afioi, mid. Soph. Enr. UdL PlaL Let. 
Dem. g ilew, aor. 2., from unnied pre*. •Ir), alew^u, ale, aor. 1. 
•In, tMr, etc, no other teiuei, c ace. uid infin. Soph. PlaL; 
liani, c daL pen. or c ncc pen. and infin. etc Soph. Eur. 
HdL Thuc Xen.; hrhtatn. Soph. Eur. HdL Thnc Xen.; 
pau. -ofioi, de pen. Thnc ; TctfrtyiXMi, Soph. Bnr. Thoc. 
Xen. Itoc PlaL ; irportfivu, aor. 1. -Awm, perf. acL -rttaini, 
nut. -Titviau, aor. 1. -wtfip', etc, c ace. rei, daL pen. Sifbki 
SttKim, c aec ni. Soph. ; wpo>rtaf*6it, e. daL pen. etc, pate 
-e^iai da re, fnL mid. in pan. tani. HdL PlaL Xn.; Aj^ 
rei, Xen. PlaL 
pn^outlf, Tpoa{<9f(fiai, conlr. upo^. Soph. 

' iippQ»i(ib«i iiftripgyy ^ AA*, e. "-»-- 

D. Onm. ; tym^iMtm, 

}viiit9mi At h/idxn', Xen. 
7b eommmid baida, it addUiom, ^rr^XXn, c aec. rai. Soph.; 
TpenwfaAofMu, mid. Xen. g wfiiiwmiUiii, eip. by knit, Thac. 



land louBy, $oiu. Soph. 

lanif a poiition (n aa to be Ma to tet ncrythin); in it), 
Bjiiuu, impor. -iMtiao, opt. Ko^/iiir, etc imperf. -iinl- 
9l|^v, no othor taael, c gen. X«i. 

A BOFiTnmnd. L e. office or poirei of commwiding, cdprat, ri, 
Hom^ for icpiTai, Td, Omn. ; ifixi,, JEich. Soph. Thuc. X«n. 
Dem. i inairriHtxta, £icb. ; 4r(»urla, ildl. Tbac Xan. PUt ) 
iiytfiinufia, draf, ri (though in 1. c. it Henii Id be uaed in the 
■Utiut for the concrels i/yv^'), ^i"- i /""VX^'t Ipplled to 
thB comtDtnd of Iroopi, Xen. ; aTpirrlyla, Eur. UdL Tbac 
jElchin. ; riyla, Xcn. 

A eonmund, i. & order, bidding, elc, 'f*r/il^, did. in pi. Ham. 
Find. £ich. Eur. ; iyT"^ Horn. Find. ; ^iWai, Horn. ; i^ 
fUMrfmj, Hon. Find. Soph. ; irraXii, Find. Soph. Eur. HdL 
Xen. DeiD.i ^urroA^, un. pi. MKh. Soph. Th. Xea.; »<■««, 
Aroi, Td, jG*cb. r Siifis, o"! 1^, ^Kh. ; Ki^aiaiui, dT«f, TJ, 
£ich. Soph. Hdt. XenJ; Mtkruriiii, Eur.; (iXtMrfuxrln], 
Hdt.; rifiayytiti^ klw tha word ot commwid, Xen. i irlf^ 
YfAiru, MI, i, Thuc Xen. ; rSpdyytX^ia, drof, tA, Thuc Xen. 
Imc. Ly*. 1 wSfStiiXMiiffa, *kj, i, Thuc. j ir/jJrrerfia, Srw, t6, 
PUt. Iwc. ^Nhin ; Tipryyin, Xen. i irl<i*77^it, wi, i^.Xen.j 
Mrofiia, Aroi, rd, PUt. Itoc. £uhin. ; Mrafii, «gi, ^ Hdt. 

7^ db'e/* (otmami fir a dag, ield b/ tack generai w tarm, ■pBrd- 
nla T^t ^/I'pu, Udt ; ri KOJiioiiurar, in pi. Hojli. ; rA ttnt- 
TaXiiino', So^. Xen. etc 

Tluiul iairiiig a eommand, i.e. office, irofx^ Hdt. Xen. 

JiUjlU in oonwaif, ifiX^nit, X«ii. Plat. ; ^Tc/iwIicAt, PlU. 

7^ Off ^conmaniDV, 4 hrWaicrtiiij, Plat. 

A MnUMndK, Katfirct, Horn.; Koirfi^TiBfi, Ofwi, J, Horn.; 
irrinip, «pn, d, Horn.; ifx^'i Horn. Find. JEieb.; T<HfiJ)r, 
Awi, t, Horn. Tim.; ih'*^. ^«». *. Horn, fllich. Ear. Hdt. 
Thne. Xen.; Tdyit, Horn. «Kh. Soph. Ar. Xen.; Tvi/iim^, 
opas, i, JBKb, ; rmiiarTiip, qpoi, i. Soph. ; iffiigriif, apct, i, 
^■ch. ; Sfnof, ^Kh. Eur. ; frap^ot, ^Kb. ; itirofx"'! Eur.; 
«A<v(rri|t, OB, i, etf. he who gsie lime to the rowen, Eur. Ar. 
Thuc. i i oTjjioinM-, oiTot, Soph, ; mw/nirAi, oi, i, and Koviai- 
fiip, qpoi, d, Epi^. ap ^ichin. ; '^^I, on, i, JEtck. ; IcX">', 
errei, i, JEtcii. Thuc. ; or^opx't. Find. ; irrpir^x'l'- -^Kh. 
HdL J o^-f>«ri)A4nti, Trag. j BTpfairyii, Omn. AtLj AoxdT*nji, 
ov, d, ^Kh. Eur.; Xax^r'"t Soph, Time. Xen.; TDA^fuyx'"i 
Thne. Xen.; Ja-rrmrHlp, qf»i, 4, not of uldien, c. dat. Xen. 

A fitloa ammamler, joint ooaaitaKdtr, marpSniyii, Ear. 

OoamiBtdag widtr ofbrt, trop^ot, e. gta. Soph. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 
Set Geaenl, attain. 

Contlani/if coMmandiiig, Kiktimiur, poet, for KtArvruiBi', oktoi 
J, Hem. 

Mtf ioiwr « ermaamder, Krapxat, or, .Xech. Xen. 

OonmiAIldad, titraerat, gr, Find.; fyn^XiM 

aoratfl, fufur^aioB 

I, Plat 
n aor. i . l/irtiaa, Pind. ; Aro^Ufi- 

i^o'xfi, ui Bor. I. pau. in an. tenia bn/iriiattiv c npl aiid gen. 

.^•ch. ; (ritlC", only ia prei. ^jch. ; 'irtfufariimcM, Antipho. ; 

/wji/ienim, in pua. Xen. See To ahbrale. 
CommwoonllaiL, 'Uri/iyriaa, tat, 4, Plat. 
lo Mmmenoe, <iix"and-a/i«i,mid. iiDper£m«iiyToicB,c.geiu 

or e. inRn., or eoDiatlinea c. part., mid. moit common in Atl. 

ptDH, Omn. : xiTipx" and -vino, mid., pecf. paH. nariipy/iia, 

in pau. laat , c gen. or c. aoc Omn. ; loTq^ only pi 

and impeif. and fuL and mi. 1. aet. and aor. t. mid. Hi 

.£ic!i. Enr. HdL, ; Iirrivui^ isnant. pan. e. perf. and aor. 2. a 

etp. of monthi and Kuona, Horn. Hei.] naAry^o/iw, c. ^en. 

Plat. See 7b hegm. 
Om mnl ooaauMot, iprrimi. Soph. Flat. ; '(nprr/er, Plat. 
Ocwuuuamast, ifxh, Omn.; lArUoKii, Find.; wpa^iuar, 

contr. fpof/uof, Pind. Stth. Em. Xen. Plat.; 'IfwfV'J), Andoc. 

See BtgiaaiaQ. 
to •ommend, alv^fofini, only pna. Hom. ; bMv, fat. -ia^ and 

-4ini, -/ow moit luD. in Att., aor. 1. jfnov and |(n)aii, no perf. 

act., perf. pau. frniim, aor. 1. Iir^r, etc Hom. Pind. Soph. Eur. 

Hdt. Flat, (but rare in prou) ; iwaiyiti, fut. -in, and in AtL 

tnore uni. -4craiiat, alw -4"*) Omn. ; iSrniu, in prei. Hei. ; 

Amlnv, Simon. ; riMry4m, Ti^ lioc ; tyiaiiiia(i, Hdt Plat 

Dam. £uhin. 

Md i^^n iouf, Tpdcnir^, Thne 

r, Horn. Pind. Soph. Enr. Hdt; (inuMi, 
SimoiL Pind. Soph. Eur. Omn. proia; erlitAfun', Find.; 'tic^- 
fuof, Ar. Plat Dem. ^Mhin. ; K^fi'oi, Find. ; liptiiila, Pind. 
Dinarch ; tb^ayla, Pind. Eui. 'I'hDC. Ljcnig. See Praim. 

Om ioAo owiaifi, iwajirtnit, Thuc. 

/W 4y ajunnuadii^, hraovriKAi, AriiL 

OommnLdad, ToAiaini, or, Hom. ; irsAMl>wrof, £iir. ; tMnrm, 

Not oammaiied, itvymoffiinTTot, or, Itoc 

OammaummtB wlUi, aimtrrfvt, an, c gto. oi c. dat Ent. Iioat 

*laiiiotpotf or, c gen. Soph. 
To wmtnunit, wipimiiialiit and -e/wi, mid., aip. on a puMge in 

a book, Ariat 
Attommaatarr, Le. a note on a book, ripijpa^, laoe. 
CommaTOa, if-ro^ti, Hei. Theogn. Hdt. Thuc laoc Xen. ; fir- 

duutu, «H, 4, Flat.) i) 'dTopoVTEKJ) (to. r^ni), Ptat 
WaiU o/oinncm, 'V{I<>> Hdt 
Oommareial, iitrofJubt, Ar. Plat Dtm.; Jftnpevrijcis, Plat) 

i^AoicTiKil, Flat ; 'iryopairniAt, Plat 
To Mnmin^i tram, fttfinlni, fut mid. nied in paM. tana. Ham.; 

wiitiirjtt, Horn. Theogn. Hdt. \ eviipir/iiiiu (and vufifurfrii, 

Xen.), Omn.; KifirrOjU, fut JEfpdin*, porf. pait. alnyi lync. 

KixfiiiM, etc Omn. ; wyUfptirmiu, Omn. Att See To mimih, 

A MmmiagUng, (r^ycpairii, ntt, 4i Eo^. Thuc Flat 

I, Mfo^Hi, only pm. and imperf. Hom. Ar. 

uu, mid., li 
r. 1. pan. ^BJo^irv, in act lena. Horn. Eui 

a. Plat Dem. ; 

Tir, 111 Kih, KU*. JIUUI. UUi. i WMiOT'l*, 

pert Oma-i KiTaucTiiJM^ Soph. Em. Hdt Xen.; olvrl<^ 
no perf. act and no pau. raioa, Trag. Thuc X«L Disanb. [ 
■dTourrlfK, Trag. See To pity. 

OaomUMTatian, i^rrrrbi, in, li, Hom, ; lAeoi, Hom. Em. PhU. 
Antipho. Dem. ; alcrat, Omn. ; olrrip^t, Pind. ; atSit, JEtdi. 
Plat Sea IVy. 

A oommluini, or charge, or office, iwivtiaa, in, if, Xen. 

Ti^ grm ZJenoiCtsia a eommuium to tn^f ik» alipt, etc, 
Atf^irMni tlnr Tifi^atai rait mwl tb^tiui, ■. T. \. Thuc 

7b (oiom (ia eonnittHn jIiu ieaa ^nwi, alf h^«Ta\T« WAot, 

The ammatnat of a dttd, RHTrpafx, **f, 4, Plat ; eap. of ft 
crime, Kixoif^yiuuk, dirou fK Antipho, Plat Dam. 

A oonunlaiiaiLei, tiicaa^i, Thne 

To commit, L e. enmitl to ba done, dnrp^m, Horn. Hdt Thac 
Xen. Dem. ; rapotltavu, aor. 1. aet iSmia, pecf. paat. -MBa- 
luu, aor. 1. -tiMur, Eur, Xen. Lyi. Dem. See T'o enfrut, 

lb nunntt, i. e. execute any action, tpdti, Omn. ; wpdovo, Omn. ; 
imrpiaina, Trag. See 7b do, Tb pafomi. 

A MOUnittM-niU, vpiftoiAgf, Ar. Lyi. 

Coimlxtim, viyKpiaii, «n, 4i, Eur, Thuc Flat flea MMw*. 

CommodlBU, ainjirrpos, m, JEich. Soph. ) r^ft^opu, or. Soph. 
Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. Dem. See CouMmmt. 

ComDUHllaiuly, ovfi^i^pot, in compar, -inpor, Dem. 

OomoodltJ, Xl^ru, Omn. See Tkitg. 

CoBunon, i. e. ghand by many, biiii, Hraa. Hei, ; {iMf, Hom. 
He«. Pind. Tyrt «tch. So^.; ArCJCwi, or, Horn,; ^uui, a, 
or, and ei, ay, Att Horn. Pind. ; jfioilm, or, i often lengthened 
into i^ Horn. ; Hwot, or, Hom. ,£tch. ; Koittt, ^ ^, and it, ir, 
Ouin, poat Horn, ; ■wtiyiimnt, an, Pind. Tiag, ; iro^Aiovof, ov, 
Pind. Sopb. Ariit ; atMofioi, or, Soph, Eur. Plat ; vitKim, 
ar. Find. ; miwrii, ^, Ear. ; Mkoiras, ov, Hdt ; oy^^ifyj)!, c 
dat of the participatort. Soph.; MawMit (of calamitiei, i. o. 
iiillered by the whole people], JEKk, ; iyaficXiai, ar, laoc 

■ iloct. Til iur^ta, Horn. 
A common beggar, vrtexit nvS^/uoi 
the people, Horn. 
7b ^wi loiiK it fir Me nowMa good, {wi xt^a, JEwih. 

). one who begi fma all 


OnHHn, i.e. nnul, v^^wt, Eur. Time. Andoc Xcn. ; (liiMf, 
BH, ii, gen. iroi, etc Soph. Ar, ; atrtiSiis, Omn. All, 

Oammam, i. c. lav, i t«x^, PUu Iwc Xcn. Dan. ; i twMlxiir, 
Eur. ^tKAt^ 

Cbmna Timtrfinm, tI KaroftCKiifiAw nilt^iiara, Arut. S«e 

fiovn^ n enniHii, ■aini^j)T, .Xich. 

OoKmmly (in camnon), ir (wy, Pind. ; ivw$, MtAi. Ap. Rh. ; 

t»<k. Sopb. ; nof , Ear. HdL Xm. Plat. ) kduwi, Em. Thitc. ( 

O^maiig, i. e. Hoally, (IbMt«, Plat. ) vk Mrar, or Ai hfnw, 

Hdt. ; the moM commonl; nut with, ol h *s<nrl fut^ior' «iAti- 

. . n pei^le), t^pat, OmD. ; ^liXw, 

Ham. Hdt. S«e PtofU. 
Nat an i^Ok ooBtmim katd t/moL, iAk 'ifWiikt, Ear. 
B3 mtOMi ofOa cranuHtfw^ If ifitiiMr, Ear. 
A wiaiiriT, tqfi^t. Plod. Onu. Ail ; fem. >vi^». Dm, 4i 

Ar. Thwe. 
Iha aammoMTMlth, ri S^iumi, jGich.; rt nu-tv, Hdt. That.; 

ft tq^iJriOT', Hdl. Aiehui. ; {vrit irpdyluini, Epigr. ap. MiMn. 
OMaBom-pUMa (conuiMD-pUoB topia), tJihi, AtuU ; rit rmai, 

Bommotim, rtfixfl, Pi<^- ^^- Ihc Plot; rtfixt, Xen.; 

lipoffia, «TB5, ri, Enr. j Toprfiiit, JEuA. ; 'trStcbiTiaii, wi, i, 
> Soph. ; timiira, Thnc 
Oinofmi, i. «. diiMrbuiee, Si^of, Pind. Sofb. Ear. Ar. Thnc 

Pkt. Dem. S«« .J^ilutia^ TViihAL 
To MwiiHinu, iiiA^yi^uu, mid., with alio aiir, I. and fat l.pui. 

c dat. DC c irpii ud uc At. Hdt. Thnc Xen. Dem. S» 

BtUe, )u8tKThi, Ariit. 

■ov^ hit. mid. and lor. l.mid. 
mid u Oct. {but nniallf the middle Toice hii a diSaronl Mnie), 
t. dat. DC c pnp. Pinil. ^Kh. Eur. Thuc Xen. Dem. ; 'drtxoi. 
rim, and -ofuu, mid. Theom. Xen. Plat. Iw. Dinn. ; ninlsftai, 
nid., c dat. Pind.; nr/uBaiioiiai, raid., c dat. Thnc i ArOvA- 
laaim, c dat Plat. ; hrlKOaimrki, Plat. .Xtchin. ; JhrfprTh)^ 
■or. 1. -*|i™, and -rffc/m, mid. Hdl.; inw'Vs/11, Hdti 
'nfwdarioi, mid. e. dat. Ap. Rh. 

To ioH eomuMmcalieii infi, vi>7>(>H>tai, flit. -^ytriicoiAai, aor. 
S: -r)>*rdfiv, c dat. Hdl. Thnc Xen. ; bIm avyr/tfroiiiu ii 
^iyavt, e. dat pen. Ar. 

7b enniiiiHite, i. e. haye a eommnnication open with una another, 
tfMb-ornifiJo/iai, pau., at — the fsean Sea commnnicBEei with 
the Prapontia, rb Jjytuor nnvtrr^urraj t§ Upomrriii^ Ariat. 
Stt To Bomta. 

A MBBmiMtigB, L e, inlbnnation commDniealed, fuVoi, Soph, j 
wiara, hr, 1^ Ear. ; ti (ItByjxXXdfura, Thuc. 

flMlllwHn, tafYirrT*^', Ariat. 

X«i. ; ifiifJ*, c gen. or c daL, at c irpfti and (KC HdE. Omn. 
AtL) Mfuffo, c wapi and aec., or c vp&f and ace, or c dat. 
Hdt. Thnc Xen. Don. ; nwwfo, Pind. Eur. Ar. Thuc Plat. 

e. the body of the people, (qfiai, Onn. 
', common poHOiion, iratmvia, Pind. Eur. Ai. 
Xen. Dud. ; aow^i, irroi, 4, Flat Iioc Andoc. ; ■oiniiMta'ii, 
OnHKUtsbl*, iirraMAierht, ar, Pind. 

m, iMAril, £ich. Soph. Plat.; furoXAdy)), Soph. 
. Hdt Xen. Plat; iiiM*rh, Plat; nrriMa(u, mm, ii, 
Xen.; ftrrUokiff Enr. Omn. Att proio. See Chamae. 
Tt •ommot*, firfimtfu, not in perf. or aor. !., which are alwaji 
nird in paaa. or inttani. tent. Omn.; rptrm, Hom. Pind. Ar. ; 
iXxdirBm, Eur.; iitnUjfiTw, Soph. Hdt 1 luritiMa, perC 
-eUXw™, Enr. Hdt Omn, Alt pioae. See To otw^ 
A NmpMt, ^furlo, in pL Hom, ; pirpa, Hom. Xen. ; rvnOttrla, 
Hom. Ap. Rh. ■ irMorii, wi, i, Pind. ; mwfttm. Miib. Thnc, 
Xen, PkL Dem.; tr^^Mffu, wi, 4. Eur. Hdt Thuc; ny- 
Tpi^ Thnc Lji, Dam.-, n>t4ujr)fia, fcoi, T«, Dem. See 

Soph. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Dem.; rtwJh^i, Ear. Xen.; ipfiASiai, a, 

w, and 01, o>, Theogn. See Ciim. 
(V^VmU;, sfliiiwi, HoDt ; win, Hom. ; 'Spipiritt, JEiM. Ear. 

Tb 6e eompMi, 'if, in aor. 2. Ifpipor, and phiperf. mid. 'IpV") 

Oomputneaa, wio'^i, tttoi, 4, At. Thuc Plat 

OampuiioiL, frqi, onl; in pi, Hom. Ap. Rh.; ^aijiof, Omn. 
and poet fripat, Hom. ; fern, traipa, Hom. Sapph. and poet 
tripa, Horn. ; wiptipet, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; iTlV^upoi, Hdt ; in 
fern, cnvrriupli, Roi, i, Erinn. ; fl^ii, b»>, 6 kbI i), .Xteh. Ar. 
Plat ; rMiian, A inl 4, Eur. ; rimiuii, 6 kbI H, need alto a* 
adj. Soph. Ear. Plat Ap. Rh. ; ifuhrripai, and adj. M, M>, 
iGich. Ar. Slrattii. ; iiiiaroXai, Soph. Ap. Rh. Ear. ; wlifticti- 
fat, Eur.; irJipoffTiTijt, ««, J, cap. in anna, Pind, Ti»g. Hdt 
PJat Xen. ; fem. irapdirrftru, Jtot, 4. Si^b. Xen. ; <rw«<ihr^r^, 
ap, in reyelry. At. 

A DonpoiBai (in doing an; thing), ov/trpiLcnip, spoi, j, Soph. 

A eoB^iaiaiHi, etp. Uiing together, JfuMAa/iof, I'ind. ; jfui^TOf, 
Pind.; iiUrriat, and adj. et, or, Boph.; mpiarict, and adj. 01, 
or. Soph. ; irfcvxmf , and adj. os, or, c gen. or c dat .£«ch. 
Soph., in fem. imrinirliTpai, Ar. ; oi!ra(inifia, Arir, ri, Hdt; 
nrnvo-iaoTitj, si, t. Plat Xec. ; r^ui, J nl i), Ann. Anth. 

^ ooa^MSBOB, rap. in going any where, mri/twopol, 6 wai ^, 
^•ch. Eur. At., fm. wa^C^u, Itoi, ^ Theoc; o^rSpofuH, 

j< daSy na^amom, ffwq/upcvriii, oi, ^ Ariat 

Oampantolli adj. vi/i^pet, or, e. gen. or c dat Hei. 

Mai< mttpamonaili, mmt tligiUe 01 Inubeoriijr a* a ocatpantai, 
inup^arot, Plat 

A Urrible eongxaiom, BSlifftiXoi, or, ^ich. 

JoBHd wiik ote at a (ompajuoiL, wponmpurrit, ^, Thnc. 

PiOed/or a mmpamoM, atrouaiairrlKhi, Aiiit 

Btloi^/iiig to oxnpnuDiu, pntidinji orer oompunKHu or orer aimpa- 
panimikip, irtuiHiei, Hdt ; tnufliiii, Aritt 

Attac/lad to ojk'j a>ai/inw» (faithful to them), ^Mraipos, or, 
Thnc Xen. 

AUadad to oH*! oompomoiu, adr. flAerolpin, ^achin. 

Aaadoiiail ocfiddity to om'i sonifawnj, ^rraipflo, Xen. ; ^ 
\rnupla, Alex. 

To duoK SI a eoapamem far omtdf, trAplfafui, mid., 
" ' ' ' ■" ' " " fnt and aor. 

r. 1. 

poet frdpurin^i)v, Hom. ; hmii/iiuu, mid,, ful 

ndovofuu, liwnraitaf, Horn. ; wpat(Taip((afu . 
To gnt at a oonqnanm, intfa, Hom. Pind. .Xach.; iOmiK, 

Eur. ; fftiniAAdovot, ^kH. 
7b ii a sonpaiuaa <y^ dfilX^ c dat Omn. ; vpon^^ c dat 

or c vpii and aec The<^. Enr. Thuc Xen. Plat ; rXqinifai, 

no perf., c dat Soph. Plat ; itfiiioiiai, mid., c dat 6<f h. ; 

cirr/iyiioiua, mid., fiiL -ftrfyiofu^ aor. 3. -r)«rdfii)r,< e. dat or 

c prep. Eur. Xen. ; vd|»>pew, c dat Enr. ; ripcSpufo, Ap. Rh. 
Oompufi >- c companionahip, dfiiXla, e. gen. or c dat at c wpti 

and a£C Hdt Omn. Att; awvutto, MuA.; rtrOHria, Hdt 

Omn. Att. 
Waiiag fbr At ampaiaimtUp iif <Agtt, and to iart mf em 

otBtpamij aiio duirtd n nAira, da-iSv/iw' ffwntw koI lyreriAi. 

>uiffAti Tiii ffuroHTlBt, Xen. 
Cangiai^ I e. collection of people, j^4y^< *■>, 4, Hom. h.Pind. 

jEtch. EuT. ; iifirr^, <m, ij (eren of fighlert), Hom. ; iiiMa, 

J&Kh.. Soph. Hdt ; rbrouaia. Soph. ; jc^wr (of f nriea, huntera, 

nlaideD^ etc), JEtcb. Enr.; 'ft)), Pind. Eur. Soph. Hdt Xen. ; 

ftflinu, Enr. Plat laae. Dem. ; x*^\ g*i>- X'^*' or X'P^'i 4, 

Ear. Hdt Xen. ; irr^a, wi, 4, ,£tch. 
j4 oompavf (of competitora), OTpAriA, Pind. 
A Bompami {of dancer* or njmpht, etc), X^'> I^nd. Eur. ; 01 •[ 

il eompau/ {for the pntpote of beating toy expenie conjointly), 

avrrifitia. Plat Dem., alao of the Ooda, jGach. ; inwiopla, Xea. 

A tompmnf, mil (of aoldien), ii^xoi, Hom. £aeh. Soph. Thac 

Xea, but aUo generally at maidrat or cidaena, £tch. Xen.; 

■riia, mj, i, Xen. 
To be a manbtr 0/ a compan]! firmed fir bearing img e qu at e cow. 

jarttty, nrrekiu, Int -'rai, c ace. of the eipente ineuired, or 

c <lt and ace. of ihe object lo^ which the company ia ftmed, w 

the expuie oodertaken, Dem. .£tchin. 


A maiier oftvA a eaa^aaf, (nnriAJfi, Antiph. Don. 

Being one of a cvnpmjF ^nufaen Utfit out one Jdp, /uas iktoi koI 
WiniT«i Ar irvnfkiit, Dem. 

Companbla, m/iSXtfri!, c. dat. ore «^i and oa. Arub Theoc. i 
to be compared Ig, L t. like (q. i.), t/ioua, c d>I. or c. rfbt and 
ace Hom. Eur. X«n. etc. ; tlKaarit, c. daU Soph. 

fPlml tiamol be compami lo ang liing, 'iaiitS^rrrat, Ml. ifO^A.^- 
TQij 9V, Soph, ArUt. 

Wkat a aim eamuit eompan ta ang thing elta (» ai to undentand 
what it i>), iiiiigKrrror ttipAwif naitai. Soph. 

CompUfttlvi, in Qninm. (the c, degree), iTvynpi-rlKbs, Onunm. 

OomparadTety, irpii, c. ace. Soph. Hdt. Thoc Dem. See /■ 
compariKn tDtth, iabk. 

To oompua, J^uJa (alto JfuuSa Smir, in pua. Hani.]i e. ace 
of thing eampBred, dat. of thing lo which il ii compared, olu c 
■pii and ace. of the iatter [n.h. — tiiie ia the eoutruction of nioil 
of the fbllowing wcldi], Hom. Hdt.j 'J^H^uuto, Plat.; tticilfia, 
no perf ocL perf. pan. Att. Snairiuu, conill. like iiimiii, JEich. 
Ar. Hdt Xen.; irponuniCti, JEach. Eur.; 'Arturi^a, Soph. 
Plat. Dem. £>chin. ; irdfHui^ai, Plat. ; ItrTtierttm, c ace. and 
daU Ar. ; iyrerieriiu, fat. -ftj™, aor. 1, -iBrim, prrf. -rWfuco, 
perf. paw. -^4etifuu, aor. 1. paai. -tT/A)v, etc^ c ace and dat. 
£iir. Hdt. Thnc. ; rUpCimiiu, only in prcL imperf. hit. aor. 1. 
(perC and aor. 2. are UHd pouiTely}, laoc ; iiTiTV'A<U'<^i 
fiit -\^1^|ial, perf. -^l\■l|<^a, aor. 2, -iKMev, lioc. ; im\oTJfo- 
fiai, miil, onlj e Tpii and ace Plat. ; aiyiSdAAn, perf. -S/GAiiKa, 
Hdt. Lj-curg. ; rvftSSdC", t ace of the thing) coioparod. Plat. ; 
waptitrdCoi, t. wSfi aad ace Plat. ; /{*rctf», only t »j*f and 
ace Dam. ; irifigiu^, Hdt Xen. Iwe Plat., -o/ou. mid. Eui. ; 
inrJxtf&SitJ^, e trpli or TJEpi and ace Plat ; irrnrapdTtfni, 
Plat 1 iiiT}xidS,ridtifu, Plat ; miynpitv, only e irjiki and ace 
Ariit ; ftmp/w, e irpii and ace Dem. 

To pat tide bi) tuft to at fo eoapart, rifSttltrviu, lioe 

Tb Zoot of nit if nde, annparii^ dun, rlpiUltJafiai, mid., e ace 
and TApi c. ace. Plat ; iri^npia, Xen. 

7b eaapare « lie atiier Umd, or in opponfun, ijrrnKiQm, At. 

7b cesi/Hrv oneKf iBitk, ^T^pff* (fat -{*, Find.), e dat Horn. 
Find. Ar. 

And lial amatier majf /ear lo compare hhntdf and put Uvaiif in 
eon^tetitan aili ne, OTvyij) U u) AAAoi uror i/ui ^iirtai, ml 
6futtmfiituiiat Jtmtr, Hom. 

One miat compare, 'imtiKaario^, Plat. ; avyicptrior, AriaC. 

Oompuiion, nifUokti, Flat Ariit j viyiipurit, eat, ^, Menand. 

/■ oon^ariKin oiA, Svn)i>, adv. Horn. ; prep. irt\ often nied witli 
oomparative*, e gen, Tng. Hdt Xen. ; »pi», e ace Soph. Hdt 
Thoe Xen. Dem. ; vJI^ e aoe Hdt Xen. Pl:it 

A oompartEunt, lUpot, ri, Onin. puat Horn, (aee Part) ; of a 
room, luiriSiai. Horn. 

Td MmpMt, liSnpdain,, Hom. ^ach. Hdt. Xen. laoe ; mpaim, 
aor. 1. Mpera, no perl act. Omn. poet Mom.; (iip^, Eur. 
Hdt ; ipKrlotiat, fuU -iiopiu, aor. 2, -nrffHii-, Thue Hdt Plat 
See To aeeompiiii. 

A oompui (a pair of eranpaaaei), t^kii, Theogn, Enr. Hdt 
Plat ; JiaWmr, Ar, 

A leg ^ a pair of ooapaa/i, JSt\fr7(Bt, Ar, 

OompMciDiL, iKrvri/t, *ot, JJ, Horn.; fcwi, Horn. Eur. Plat 
Antipho. Dent. ; olin-ai, Omn. ; atrripiibi. Find. ; ailMit, JEieh. 
Plat; ftdTobrrrvii, mi, ^, Xen.; Mni/uwlh^, Call. See i^ly. 

To aompalaiOMte, /X*ajpv, only pree and impeif. Hom. Ar. ; 
iXeii, Ham. Soph. Iioe Xen. Plat Dem. ; M<nm, mid., only 
prei. and imperf. Hom. ^Kh. Kur. ; «I^>4ai, mid., fut idSiffo- 
IHu, aor. I. pan. ^irfcjv, in act leni. Hom. Eur. ; ohertiau, no 
perf. Omn.; KJlToucrffpo, Snph. Eur. Hdt Xen.; dierlin, no 
perf. act and no pnie. voice, Tiag. Thue Xen. Dinarch. ; kItdw. 
t1C«. Trag. ; pitying mortali, AvirriAt ir uttr^ rpoW/inior, Micti. 

OompaaalaiUta, ^Aj^^iw, ami, i noI i, neut or (e gen. Ar.), 
Hom. At. Lyi. Imc; alU^pav, avot, i xai f), nent. or. Soph. 
Eur. ; t&oirrlfiutr, Orel, A ml i^ ueut or, Eur. Plat ; Iktirri- 
ichi, Amt; olicTlpiuer, Theoc. 

OompadbU, eri^t^Ktuotj or, e dat or e i^bi and ecu. Plat 
A Mmpkbriot, rrrpiAnii, oir, i. Soph. Plat, lued adj. Xao. ; 
naXtr^i, ou, i. Ear. Hdt Xen. Tioe. See CbMbjniaa. 

A OOBpaiT, ^i{, tmi, i ical il, £>dL Ar. Hdt Plat ; jjAwu^^ 

Ar. Hdt Plat Dem. See Eipal. 
To eompel, kjao/uu, Hom. ) itiiiu, Hom. ; ^(ta, more common 

in mid. than in act, in pau. ontypni. impeif. and aor, l.,ofi«n e 

gem. ace IIoui. Find. Tng. Hdt Thue Xan. Dem. ; BufuifDfuu, 

Eur.; rpvttuiioiHU, Eur.; lc&rieii(oiuu, Thue; 'irarfKdCu, 

often e Rcm. ace Soph. Eur. Thue Xen. Iioe Dem. ; (Itiuvy- 

wifa, ^Mh. Hdt; Mbvyadfu, ^ub. Ar. Hdt Thue. Xea. 

Dem. ; jfnniYKifo, Soofa. Ar. Hdt Xen. ; iiinr/icdC«, Plat 

Xen. ; narHntyniiQe, Thue. Iiffi. ; TposSiwyKd(m, h. Thue Plat. 

Xen. Dem. ; irfialifuu, mid., aor. 1. wpotiiiiiaii', Soph.; ifdr/Kf 

T^ifdAAai, e ace and infin. Soph. 

To eompei at lie ^me lime, triyirayKdC'; Xen. lioe Dem. 
7b 6e competed, tixdio/au, only in prea Hom. ; Ktrramftpoitat, 

2Ek)i. ; titifTfOnoL, only prei. and impeif., e ili and ace or e, 

infin. Hdt Thue. 

What men are eoJaptUed la do, ri naTiifr/iiximr, Thue ' 
One meet omnpel, 'irFfKoirrior, Plat ; rpotirtryiiaff^iai. Plat 
Compalled, 'drrytairrhi, Hdt Thue 
7b be compeUtd, 'irayKoaiiet, Plat 
Conipandisiu, aimoiua, or, Trag. .^achin. 3(0 Siort. 
CoBip«aidionil7, avrriiua, Mtck. Soph. Flat. Xen. laoe See 

A Mmpandinm, irvrrotiia. Plat. 
To oomMiiaat*, irrtmiKim, no pert, e aee or line cat, ^lach. 

Eur. ; irr^hm, aina caa. JE.k\i. 
Some God ii raintng you, oHitpenniinig gem for four firmer pm- 

peritj (le by present advenity), irriiniKina « m ^ipti Dtmr 

tIi -H71 nipo^ <trH{lu, Eur. See 7b regoi'te. 
Conipaiuatioii, -rtiik, Hom.; 'i^ai^, Hom. Hee. Piod. Eur.; 

xkH), Omn. poet ; ojtTo^iuwii, em, ii, H dt 
Ompenation for aaettd proptrtg, irrliioipia, Dem. 
2b etad conipenaation, rijii)!/ ifri/uu (only pna. and impaiC}, c 

dot Horn. 
7b maJx caapeiaatiai, rifrrpr rbfu (fut. rfffv, trura, etc.), or &■#- 

TiH» (rftw, Att), Hom. ; rivu dfioiSiii', Hom. 
CompMIMtor;, ^IotSBiim, or, e. gen. Soph. ; irrlffont, or, 

c. gen. Dem. ; Iri^^os, but Att 1, c. geo. or «. du. ^ich. 

Thue put 
Gompe&Htoiily, im^^iwiit, Xen. 
Comp«tuuj, i. e. ability to do a thing, Itiit"', '"', 4> Horn. 

Eur. Xen. Plat Dam. 
Compelencji, te inScient meana (to liie on, ete), aMfima, 

Plat Aiiit. 
CampsUiLt, L e. able (to do a thing), tiWb-ii, Omn. poat Hom. 
Coo^nienl, L e adeqoate, &tuf, Andoc, in both lenwe ; 'utiriis, 

line cat., or e rpii or ^1, or <is and ace, or e infin., or e fior* 

and infin. Soph. Eur. Hdt Thue Xen, Lya. ; airapirtli, line caa. 

or c. piep. Soph. Enr. Hdt Thue Itoe Dem. 
CompatitlOllt Srr*"'", *<"• 4, Thue; 'ijairuyiiis, Thue 
A OOS^titra, 'i>«rurri)>, Eur. Tbue Dem. .£idin. ; irTryit- 

vurH)i, Eur. Xen. 

Ybiir OHKpetilar, i rii Avrintt, Soph. 
To be a oomp^ilor, '&)wrlfbfuu, mid., Att fut ubu. 'AymiuHfiai, 

e dat or c. prep. At. Hdt l^ue ; imi-ywriiaiim, e dat Udt 

A'o( being a eompetiUr in lie pMic garnet, 'ttiyArurm, or, 

A WmpUatiaii, mrryiii^, Thnc. 

To oompllo, ov)7pa^B, Thoe Xen. 

A oomidler, irvyypJLptbs, Ine 

ConplMOUJ, ^ril, Omn. Att 

WiiA oomplatemy, i^Vwi, Soph. Flat 

To nno loiU complattaiy, ir fiSorii (x•^^, c. ace Thue 

To eOBlplaiiL, ^rCpffit, in a low lone, only prei. and imperf, 
Hom. ; Mniii^opai, mid., no paaa., e gen. oi the cauie, Ham.; 
Itiiupoiuu, e gen. or c. ace rei, or c. ace. rei, dat pen. Omn. 
poit Hom. ; 'iTfimcriii, e dot or e ace or e pnp. iVirlfi, np), 
and gen^ or e rpii and ace, or e <I or iir for ifri, Plat ; 'Sto«- 
rlfyiai, mid., c. gen. of canae, xp^i, and ace of the penon to 
vhom the complaint ii made, Hdt ; Sum>,oyioiuu, mid. Hdt ; 
SttrowiBia, in pret, Dem. ; Siirbii -woiioiuu, mid. Thne ; tnrtr 

7b oomplainloapiTtMqfiit am cotufiKf, M<I™S li>t--''nse.d*t. 

I. Hdt 



To he 



n.™ Att. 01, 

o», e. 


or e. a,Ti mi indie. 


. «K 

. Eur 




rrht, Em. t IMg. Find. Hdt. Ouin 





B, Find. Trag. Ar. Plat.; M/uf^, Find. 
AtffTf eomplainl, irxirXiaaiiht, Thne. 
Cmti t^oampianl, alrU, Tng. Hdt. Thnc T)em. 
/{ ;r» k SOUK a/aMtp/aaJ, sin fx<' *&T^ffiifir, Thnc ; 
iymFiimirir fx*>, c dat. of the penon to vhom it ii g- 


£Kh. aoph. Ai. Thuc. Xen. 

PhL laoe, ; JktcM)!, iGicfa. E 

Pbl. Xcn. Dem. 
Cbnifiltb (of a vew), TAtiiapm, 

el mmtin. Soph. 
Om^nH* h Hk//, airimXiii, Ariit. 

fp«L H«D. Pind. : ID toa in linirnlsr. 

n prose), Omn. ; im\iii, 
; TOTtMit, £Kh. Soph. 
t\Vph; Eur. XeD. tXoi, 



Htm. Sm £iA'n, tFW), 

TttMUn^BtB, >p<Icrir», c. ace (alio oil; in prwnt e. gen,, and 
odIt Bp.), Omn. ; Sunr^nr, Hom. fich. Ar. Hdt. Xen. PUc; 
Anrpinm^ Soph. ; riAfci, and often in Hom. tiXilu, (at rtxiaia, 
etc. Omn. ; Imkim (poet, imperf. ^frfefioi", Iloiti.), Hom. 
I^d. Sopb. Hdt. Xen.; '^mixiii, Hdt. Thoe. Aadoc, Xen. 
Imc : iwlTwAtt*, Hdt Thne. Xen. Dem. ; mon-tXfa, Xin. L^l 
Dem. ; 'are*, and Att 'Or^v (the AlUn hin howavfr both 
fonu), fdt -Ant, no perf., nre in pu*. Horn. Sojii. Thne. ; 
twiritt, Hea. ; '[''^i Horn. Soph. Ear. ; tipeinu, and poet, 
including Tng., nipofnt; no perf. ocl., but peif. pun. imr^ 
paeitai and irrrflfaaitm, 3d pi. vnVpaf^w and nvnlporrai, 
Hom. Pind. Omn. Att ; 't'PT^'f'i mid., imperf. Jttifr)ii(ilf»)>>, 
pnf. paM. JJiipTofffuu, both in aet and pan. ten)., aer. I. '{tip 
T^v^qo onlj in paK Soph. Eur. Hdt Thuc. Xen. Pkt. ; iirtp- 
■fi(tliai, Xkd, Plat ; iic%iii*\iiiu, aor. 1 . patt. -n-XV^, 
Soph. Xen. ; TeXiin or T.XnAu, Thnc. Plat ; iir^pt*, fnt ^rl., 
na perf. Hdt; ir^tifim, tap. numben, or a ecmpliioent of 
tnapa, fte. jGich. Hdt. Xen. Plat; imrfiiipii^ Soph. Hdt; 
T^sn-XiipjM, Xen. ; 'JbcrrAiipdai, Xen. Dam.; 'ftnaXiipJii, Plat 

7o Mp to complat, atnicTtXiit, Theoph. 

7I9 ecmplMed tii eanlri) to tan Aoiuaiti Man, (rv^ ^trAl)- 
fmm h SurxiXEouf, Xea. 

7%r ampfete rfiUa« onwiifiti to rlif M(ni<r, ^ Ult irXqpoT Jt 


>, Hdt 

., rrUfS, Horn.; iyrUfSs, Miii. Theocj ■^TX", 
Mom. Hea. Find. JEtch. Ar. Hdt ; often with anolher word to 
drengthen it, ai ^1 vd-y^cv, Hei., fiAxa t. or ir. /ilUa, Hom., 
'^Yv T. Horn. ; n^nriti', Hom. Find. Ear. Plat ; niHwi (neTer 
withoQt e« in Hom.). Horn. Tng. Hdt Xen. Fiat ; fftinx. 
Horn.: iiam, Pind. Tiag.; frnrfr, Pind.; tHyinpti (fonnd 
aim in tmeai, aa ti^ltiiat^i\ Han.; nv<*4I)!i', Theogn. 
£ach. Soph.; '(rMTr, .Xich. Xen.; «rT«x^, JP-vil. Snph. 
Hdt Xen. laoc. ; ■wami.x"'-, Soph. laoc ; m^ax^s. Plat ; »a^ 
TrtAt, jEieh, Soph. Hdt Thne. Xen. 1 ■firm. Soph. Eur. Flat 
Xm. ; winToStt, MKh. ; xiru, ,E»ch. Soph. Thuc. Flat D«n. | 
•It Til war, Mtc'n. Pbit ; 'irtxrAt, Ar. Plat ; SAbii, Flat Isoc 
Dem. ; tarrtsiitn m mrriTiuro', Omn. Att prote i rSpiwtii; 
often bIm Ti ir. Ar. Xen. Iioe. Plat ; TiAtfm 01 TtX^r, Hdt. 

Ow icio oOD^ibte, irXi|y>^Tqi, m, i, Dem. 

OMBplMimi, irAtlfWfia, Oror, rh. Soph. ; vA^ipsKrii, ihi, i), Hdt ; 
'irvr^'rla. Flat ; Mr/Atrit, <■>, ^ Arisl. ; rfAffwit, wi, 4i 


iri/HrA»tit, «>i, ii, Ariit 
CompUzion, xf^'t g"i. xpv'ii- XfT'l, etc. Hom. and Ion. j 

Xp^I, Xpol',;:iAt,etc. {aec. mnlr. xpi, Sapph.), J, Hom. Mk^. 

Eur. ; xpo^ A^l>. Eui. Flat ; XP^H^ ^"i, ^^ £ur. Ar. Hdt. 

Plat Xeu. 
(^ a good comp/emw, fixpo^t, Hom. ; (i^awi, A ical f), neuL -nr, 

only in nom. and ace neut Ar. Flat. ; tSjcpeas, on, contr. -sto, 

-our, Ar. Plat ; AirVxpMi, or, Theoc. ; KMpixf^, ' m it, 

gen. HTot, aec. nuuc. ~wi', Theoc. 
To iaee a good eomp/nioii, tixpoim, Ar, 
OonpllAiiM, rutofxti^ JEkL Soph. Xen. Ikx. PLat ; 'Omnipyla, 

Xm. : 'trt<lis, (HI, i. Plat 
To oompliMta, 'nAAib'int, Xen. 
CompliMtiinL, itdTahrXaicJ), Plat 
Complicalumo/Ueplolofafilaf, l/rw, «*>, q. Ariat 
Oonplinieiit, Ihimf^ia, ilTDt, ri, Eur. Ar. ; xApiuTio-filit, Pint 
To BompUauBt, x'V'^^&l^ ""^ ™*. Ar. Pkt. ; etrrtim, Ar. 
A OOmiOat, ^«adAq, Hdt Thuc. Xen. I»c Dem. See Flat. 
To tOBlplot, afrtrigouXtia, lite, See 7b P/ot. 
A Mm^ttor, MSau\nrHis, c gen. of the penon agunat vhom. 

Soph. See To PloL 
To OOmpW, ■'(fSofiai, mid. and pasi. c dat (even e. gem. dat„ 

e.g. Ttlirrirral iroi fiMam, Mom,], •ometimo c. gen. Omn.; 

Mnlft^uu, Hotn.-Zthntlnai, Horn. Ap. fih., for OwiIjm, im 

perf. c. dat .«8eh. Soph. Eur. Plat.; vnutifa., only in aor. 2. 

'tnlnaBor, c. dat Sq>h. Plat ; '(hmpfr^ot, e. dat Enc. Ar. Xeo. 

Dem. ; x'^'^'"'* >»i^ ^Each. 1 wurrtiu, e. dat Soph. ; nrofuu, 

impaif. iMfnir, aor. 2. I<rritaiv, e. dat Thnc ; 'Oniimiti, fin. 

only mid. -nnoiiira^uu, aor. J . -^Kouow, c gen. or e. dat Hdt 

Omn. Att prow. 
One mutt amp/g, '^tnurrior. Soph . Flat ; wtiirTior, c. dat Soph, 

Eur. Plat Xen. 5 'irSiiimrrim, Flat 
On^orbunt, rpins, Omn. pott Horn. See AfomKn. 
To OOmpOie, pdnrra, Hea. ; o-im-toii/u, fnt -Ham, aor. 1. -<»i|iica, 

perf. -rMtun, perf. pan. -r^SfirHU, aor. 1. pan. -rriBtir, etc 

Eur. Hdt Thuc Plot. 1 liirXiKm, Pind. j Jipr>^>, Pind. ; n,4^ 

Hdt Xen. Plat Lycurg. ; airl<m)iu, onlj in pm. imprrf. flit. 

and aor. 1. act, aoi. 2, set, and perf. act Died pauiTelf, Plat. 

^i0/il(fi. Flat Xen. ; imrridnrafuu, mid. Flat : ovyypdfn, eap. 

of a aprech to be delireied bj another penon, laoc Ptat 
To RMii«K orpadji aperton, 'Hieiraiii, Xen. 
7b oOKipoK a jmamt, iiopMu, Enr. 
To oojofme ome't camtaiaiwt, 'ifoovdit (fat Inwjtveg, etc.) 

litrwwa.. Ar. ; iyiur. tia Upfui, Dem. ; imw. ri Tpijoimir, 

Xen. ; Imj/u {ri a-pJcFMrov), Xen. 
Tb dDinpuM a plat/ on At tulgrcl of PhadriL, ^aiSpar woiJu, Ar. 
Tb be compoud, rirfxiiiiai, imperf. irMKiifi^, n, to, fnt. rvy- 

Kilp-ofiai, no other tenaet, e. '■ and gen. of the material of 

which, Thnc. I»c Lj-s, Plat 
Tie aompoied coumlaiana tiit /eliaa pali on, & T^AotfToi o3rnit, 

Harii^ oomroanl Ail coioifmaiwe 10 at mot lo akno ie Imw obif- 

tkiiig of iniift hxi toppoHd, IMt>Mt Tp £if« wAanlfteHi Tptf 

rjyv mv4«oi)ib', Thuc. 
CompoMd, 'jTfxti^i, Flat Xen. 
CompoMdlj, tixiKia, Flat laoc. 

GompOMduu, krftiiia. Find. Xen, ; (Mia, Pind. facb. Xen. 
A OOmpOMr, eap. in pnae, mitttna. Plat See Jtalior, i^»<, 

Writer, Historian, etc 
Compoflitloii, i. e. the aet of compoiing, eMtra, mt, ^ ^adi. 

Flat, ; of poemi wofijo'fj, tvr, it, Xen,, i. e. thing compoaed 

tprx'- See W>^t. 
Bebrnging lo eampotitiom, irw^rrla^, Flat 
Componira, trpr/ila, Pind. Xen. See CotHpBtiitst, 
Compotattoa, ffu^otrfo, Sapph. Pind. ; avuwiaitr, Tbengn. 

Pind. Hdt Xen, Plat Dem. See DriMhmg. 
To wmpouid, iityruiu (and poat Itiirya), fnt mid. iiiiwiai, naed 

in pau, aena. Horn, Eur. Flat ete. ; avftiiiyrviu, and poet nri- 

liiirtt (alio Bviiiuyriit, Xen.), Omn.; infi6irniu, fax. ntfiim. 

perf. p 

.«l™,. byi 

Eh. Flat ; raynfetiu. Plat. ; v«rv 

/iJ^ Flat -, amrrlitiiu, fut -A^ow, aor. 1 . -<h|ita, perf. -.rtftw^ 
peii pMi. ^Stiuai, ROT. 1. paai. -rr^^ 


ms ^itgt, tiinucixxmf c iic and gm. of the 

ingndlenU, PUt. Sea To fKix. 
One tasil eompaasd, nutriov, Plal. ; nvfltrW, Plat. ; mr/KfaTiia, 

A oomponnding, o^cpTo-u, wi, if. Plat. 
CoMpoonding, idj. ovfiiplTlicii, Pkt Adat. 
Compoiud, luierit, Ai. FUt ; oirttToi, t), or, uid oi, o, Lji. 

XeD. Plat. 
Oxapoiaid ialeml, rixm hftraKOi, FUt. 
WtU ooapoaivM, tiaiiOtrai, or, Arilt. 
To oamprehMld, i. s. to undantand, irHrliifu, impeif. ffvrhir, 

more umi. myltir, Fiit. niu. (rurltvu/uu, aor. 1. ^vrqica, and poet. 

(not Att.), cnw^n, etc, c gen. or c ace OnlD. ; yiyi/Aaiai, fut. 

yy^ofuu, perf, f)T»irB, ao u>r. 1., aor. 2. tynty, "pv^i, etc, ai 

if from yrSiu, perf. pau. PynnriAui, Omn. j /lorWtw, fut. ^loS^- 

iroiiai, and Dor. fw^iLvuu, perf. fif/i^ica, aor. 2. f/iSBnr, Omn. 

-'XiUW, Plat ; UI^iMX^ IXK, Eur. ; Ktfix<*i iniperf. inrr<ix<»'> 
fill. iraMfru and nrairxV>i aor. % ttirnntpr. Plat. See Tb 

laderataad^ ^ 

Ta (ompniami, L a. compriia (q. v.), aii;(ir(fi>^afi(iiria, Plat Phil. 

/a Kni's; DO ow ol aU, it aHmrdumU alt lit ml, if filr rf 

UtiStn rirrat npiAo/iAim ToAf KXAovt, DenL 
One nuut osn^mAadl, iiiArr**!', Ar. Plat, i. *. compriia, n^m- 

^^jprrim', TfaeopEu 
CompnlMulbla, fM^'. -^Kh. Sopb, ) Xnwrhs, Pl»t Sue In- 

OMftprahmioili f^f, ivPi, Omn. ; yrAiiit, TheogD. Omn. Att 

See l/Hderdaadiiiff. 
OompnluuiTB, /tryS^Kwatiis, Find. 
OompNluttalTaly, inMJie>vr, JEKb. Ikc 
To OOmprOH, atrikaitm, all teniei from -fXJm, flit lUtna, etc 

Horn.; ■rtifpfftia, petf, paiL svrf|>4purFuu, Horn. £ui. ; iriiiw- 

Uv, fiit -Aaa and -at^mt. Plat -, ina«iitt% no perf. Flat ; 

avinn^, no perf. act Xen. Plat; aviatlKiv, Plat; Tiiii>^, 

Arilt ; msTp^^ Arilt See 7b jma. 
OouprMlitilB, TuiTT&t, Arilt 
OompTMiioB, w)aifa\t, «M, ^ Plat See Prtmtn. 
To oompiiM, ovU^ifitiw, fiit -\'44^/w, perf. -flXif^maar. 1. 

aor. 2. -AUw, Eur. Hdt Plat ; rtpiXi^dnt, Plat luK. Drm. 

iforwtfi>ji^iint, Dem.; mfangiX^Eilnt, Plat Ptiil. ap. Dam. 

TH(>t/x"> imperf. -fix"*' fit -iff or -ox^rm, no aor. 1., aor. % 

-trxor, Pl^ ; mrixf (ptrf, pact iniMx>i^i> Horn.), Plat 
7b is mmpriiaii, (ruyao^fa/icu, pua. Sopfa. 
For (toge tUiigt ar« in my care tanprimd n lluf, Jf-rcuMa fif fui 

muv (nrynfilfrnu. Soph. 
Wba Boa la ain;)ruBiJ, npfclqiprot. Plat 
On* ...... 

s, n^'irtfHXirn'Vor, Theoph. 

ipnoDUe, mrfxtfita, c dat Thuc. 
A MHBpromlM, ovnciifnrnit «», it, Plat See ^^mnait. 
Compidlioil, 'Ant')**), Omn. ; Mi, Trag. Xen. Dem. ; ^lao/iit, 

/ lieu him from eomUtiim, lAsh i^twa. Soph. See fWix. 
OanqinlHTU7, $uiiia, comp, fiuutrtfur, Tbuc, ; 'iva7n<prM, 

Plat ; '4t«yiw/iit, eep. c. Ijt*; = iwiTicoiii' Virri, Soph. Eur. 

Thuc. Antipho, etc; trtnrfKts, Hdt Den. ^achin. 
CompnlioiT, 'A«r)«Euoi, n, or, and M, ay, Omn. ; ^lowi, Thnc. 

Flat; 'ftHr)«aoTTic&i, Plat Aiiat; JnbwTHt, only found in 

neut nom. and ace ting. Plat. Andoc 
Cavptmotian, lurrifUKtm, Eui. Time. Xen. Sea S^KtOoKx. 
Componotiou, firr^rtqr'ic^. Arilt 
Caadag compmatim, ittriTfrnras, w, Hei. 
Oonpntotion, AariVfiif, Eur. Omn. Att pnxa ; 'i^re/Hto-u, wi, 

ii, Hdt ; jrBl«7Wfiit, AriM. 
OSBipiltelllo, 'ipltiiatTlit, Thaoe. ; ri^t^nrTM, Xen. Flat 
To eompnte, 'Spltfiiu, Hon. 8o|A. Eur. Xen. Dem. Tbeoc; 

A*r(fi^ mid., perf. paaa. and aor. 1. nn. in pau. aena. Eur. 

Ar. Hdt Lyi. Dom. ; firrpia, JEacti. Hdt Dam. ; ffiyifit- 

Tpiatiai, mid. and pUL Soph. Hdt Thoc ; irrcW/iiafiw, mid. 

Hdt Flat 
To adtda n a oanTwAtfws, aSrifWutm, Ian. Plat. See 7d 

A eomndo, fi^inM', wrai, 1, Horn. ; imi»r, otwt, ^ Horn. Ap. 


Rh. 1 rdpArin)!, ou, 4, poet intpiuCltnii (oiad in a different 
■ense al» ai *i^«iiT))t), Horn. Enr. Xen.; in fern, nifoi^a, 
EIdi, 4 (of Hippodania), Ap. Rb. ; nifoirrinit, ou, i. Find. 
Ttag. Hdt Xen. FlB^ and in fam. rifmrina. Ooi, 4, Soph. 
Xen.; gaiaipmrrirTit, Soph.; ■wipumia^t. Ear.; vUvTikii, 
'iKoi, h, £ich. 1 Aix'f^>> .^wh. ; (rdrdrBrurrlii, ov, i, Iioc. 
Plat; mm-poTuiriit, ou, i, Xen. Plat; irvhAax'^'i Wt ^ ^■1': 
Sea Conponon. 

..4 aomrade on board Aip, awymtimtt, ov, t, Sopfa. ; avnoimft, 
ou, i, Sopb. Eur. Flat ; iriyM>Ma, i iciil 4, conlt. -wi, Eur. Hdt 
Xen. Plat Dem. 

7*0 ie a eomradi, rXflariiuu, mid. and paia.. c aor. 3. and perf. 
act infin. aync. mptirrdjnu, c. dat Horn. Soph. Hdt; r6paa' 
rt^tt, c dat Ear. ; TipoFriria, no petl c dat £ech. So|^. Ar. ; 
miftirapairriTiit, £Bch. Ar. ; o^irapfs^^ui. Soph. ; rifAtia- 
o-afuu, mid., nna cai. or c prep. Ttaoc. Xen.; o'lMt^ui'ffopu, 
mid. Ar. Thnc Iioc Xen. Dem. 

A OOnimtWWtioiL, oirBtaa, tM, i). Flat 

COZUMTB, HDlXat, Arilt 

Oonokntj, miAinji, ir"i. ^ Ariit 

To eonoeal, ipialuu, mid., aor. 1. (Cpto^iiv, Horn.; xti^irm, 
only pre*, and impeif. Horn. ; imMii, aor. 2. (iriJAir and uisMar 
(uied alto in paie. or intnni. leni., eip. in perf. KiKfOa, £icfa. 
Soph., and in ptea. Soph.) (the pawTc ii enlf oaed in piei. and 
not b7 the Tng.), Horn. Trag. Ap. Rh. ; hiiKtittt, c ptn. aoe. 
Hom. .£Kh. I Kpinrrm, aor. 2. pan. lupCttp', etc (nita poet im- 
perf.KpiJirr«ffico»',Hom.),e.Bccorcgem, ace Omn.; ndrditpirrtt 
(alw nMcpi-m,, poet}, Horn. Hea. Find. jEich. Hdt Plat 
Xen. ; braKpiirra, c ace. or e. gem. acc- alw c M and infin. 
Hom. EuT. Hdt Xen. Iwc Dam.; ^i^iArrv. Hom. Find. Ar.; 
'SroKfiim, Hnm. Inc. ; idt^iwn. Hem. Find. Soph. Enr. ; 
MiOMm; He*. Eur. Xen. Plat ; nyaiMrta, Eur. Plat ; 
rtratewix" and wnitrlax'', fat -^irtrxw, infin. iitriaxttr, 
JEtch. EuT. ; 'a^I£«, Soph. Hdt Thnc Xen. ; npurnim, only 
in pre*. Ear, ; 'Awoartpdn {fat mid. -<rrtfi1tirafuu and ~<rrtfoi- 
im in pau lenie, thongb not in thii meaning), Soph. ; ic>>irr(t. 
Find. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; evnKMXiirtti, Em. ; ntyu, rare, ei- 
capt in fni. and impaif. Soph. Eur. Thnc. Flat ; Tifa»m, fut 
-iam and -uUiait, no pert Soph. ; in^lyi^oiiai, mid. Tboc. ; 
ffunidfrv, Dem, See 7b kidt. 

Do w* amced tkt tnUk/ront fit,n^ ... iioAi^i Kirfor, S>^. 

Out vuut amaai, Kpurrior, Soph, 

To Aa Bomeiaieii, lAtrrioi, Sopb. ; miyiiSXurriot, £acli. ; 'i^&- 

Conoaading <a]l tbinga), wtcfutviiit. Soph. 

CoBOeallnB (lo aa to conogal}, adv. KfH^tfiSrr, Hem.; ivCff, 
Soph. Xen. See SKnIlg. 

ConOMlment, xpO^i, Find.; Kp^u, mt, 4), Enr. Plat Arict; 
iritnwpl!^, Soph, 

To OOnoada, rini, no pari, c ace. and dat Horn.; inrrpin, c 
ace, and dat and line cai. Horn, Flat ; inxifpit. Soph. Enr. 
Dem, ; 'Crnx*'p^ c- gen. rai, dat pen, Ar. ; inipd^'H't ^ E^'^' 
tai, dat pen. Dem. ; ihrTxop^ Soph. ; irpofxogpw, Ear. ; irifl- 
•Ifu, aor. 1 . -^Ko, etc, Ar. Hdt Plat ; f^vi", Thuc ; in arguing, 
irvyyrfnicia*, fut ffuTTf^an/iai, act 2. mrtynn, aa if froin 
oiyyiiuiu, Hdt Thuc ; irponfuAor^, Flat Sea Tb joaU, 7b 

Oiw n>iu< DKMgie, irvYxtifTrrior and -^/n, Sopb, Flat 
Conoait, rf^t, Antiph. ; SMCira-Io-o^ Plot Sea Fifln^. 
Conocdted, /irrii|Wiat, a, ar, and oi, «», Ear. ; toiCTi^o^ot, of, 

Ar, : loKH&atiiot, or, Pbeiecr. 
CoiM«itedl7, 'Jtrovpai, (nperL -^on^ Hdt 
ConoaiTtbla, pmrrlii. Plat 
To Donoalva, kvJk, no perf. Hom. Enr. Ar. Hdt Plat Xen. ; 

Hei. Tbeogn. Xen. Lya. (alio metaph. to conceive in the mind, 

Xan.); Kulincii^uu, poia., only piea. and imperf. Hdt Plat; 

nuts M fuv)) TWefioi, mid., aor. 1 . iii)Ki)air, b. 
7b oncn'oe n Uk wind, toim, Hom, Flat; 'frtrorvr^^^iai, mid.. 

Plat 1 flaoTdfM ir yri/tji, ft fftiA, JEmcL Ar. 
Toeonfeive (or entertain) a pru^uH/oririeEioT^Wif^, e.g. pmdenca, 

pily, etc. imipiofiai, mid., aor. 2, 'lirtiX^tir, Hom. Hdt (alao 


liL U concrive in the vnnb, Hdt.) ; rlfiiiat, mid., «p. in sor. 2. 

itiitv, inipCT, »Aro, etc. Horn. Tbeogn. MvAi. 
Out vkhI amam, reifriet, Eur. 
To omMSfcnU, irbdrdfw. Ham. HdL Plat. Iwc ; ainSfaiia, 

At. Xen, Lji, ,E»ehin. 
Tin an comeutra^ aU Leda » MOglmit, nmncffBUTi r^r 

AMw it tV MirvMniii, Tbut S«e To collect. 
OmiMatimtioii, 'iSpcma, n», i^ Eui. Tliuc 
OMUapthro, niqffit, MU, 4, Pint. ; i. e. idea (q. v.), r^fio, ftrai, 

ri. Horn. Hia. Tbeogn. Xcn. PlsL 
OomrptipK, i.e. the power of forming idem, ^pdini/w, 4T9r, ri, 

Tn;. PUl ; rivru, an, 4, PUl. ; SiOf^iru, PIdL See 

To OonMiB, Ttftv, c lit and ^ct, Eur. HdC ; fx") imperf. tlx'"'t 
fiiL {{■ o ffXfr™. T' 2. ft'X'"'i t tJi and wc. HdL ; wportiHia, 
dj pm. and impei£, uin. s« impen., c dat. Soph. Eur. Udt. 
1'hnc. Xen. Dem. ; iE concenit, fyuL, only pni. and iraperf., c 
dat. Soph.; TnWtrai, onlj pcei. and imperf., c. ace. and infin. 
Hdt. See To bream, Ougil, etc. 

7b eowoni oMM^oioirf, dn'tXuftCinfcai, mid., fut. -Ai^/iai, aor. 
2. -exae^id". c. gen. Dem. See TVi is iw^. 

To be amcemtd, i. e. be gony, etc 6x^1"'' imperf. iixHHTtr, fut. 
S: ixMrnftoi, aor. 1, itx^iirti^, fut 1, ix*"**"V™, no other 
teuH, e. daL or prep., e.g. iViri^ and g«n. nr M and dat. Horn. 
Trag. Thsc Xrn. Dem. ; tMtioiuu, pau. Tbeogn. Soph. Tbuc 
PiaL ; iin^iftit 'ir/m, c. ace Sopfa. See To griere. 

CoKctriied m, iwimpo^t, a*, c gen. SMa. See Baiy, OeeapM. 

OBaeern, TpSy/ia, iroj, Ti, Oran. p«i Horn. Set J^r, Matter. 

CbiuKm, Lo. mrow, &x^i< t^, Tnig. Xen.; Ai»ij, Omn. poet 
HmL See Gti^. 

Otuuninc, vul, c gen or c dat or c ace, bnt c. gen. m«t 
noial, Omn. ; i^ e. gen. Hom. Hdt. Pind. Xen., a dat Soph. 
Kir, c KG. Xen. ; KftrJt, c gen. Plat jEachin. ; 'liirlp, and poet 
'irtif, c gen. Horn. Hdt ; irpii, c. ace Ear. Thoc Plat See 

To OOBaert, KomXayioiuu, mid., c dat. of one'i eompanioni, or c. 
*pkand ace. Hdt Tbnc. Xen. 

To ait m camoeri (do an; thing in concert), mr/icHias iroiiti, Hdt ; 
fxrf fyyiCoiim, am. 1 . rlpyiirifi.ri¥, perf. psu. rfpvwr/uu, both 
in act and paaa. teni., Thuc 

In eOBMTt, iBpaai, of a bodj of men, Thuc. ; the; did nothing 
in concot, eWi> Upim firpofor, Thno. 

CoBOR^ i/ia^pavirtl, Horn. Ap. Hh. ; ipirtia, Omn. fane. Ap. 
Ah. ; KowoKoyla, Hipp. 

.>< cauetrt eftBuie, vCiwAja, Ar. Plat 

A a oB BiiiLwt, ffvrxiifnrii, •«, ii. Flat 

A Miuk, nwd u ■ tmnpet, k^x^t. Ear. Theoc. 

To ooneOiAte, 'ndovofiBi, alio poet lAiofuu and ^l^iifuu, AM. 
'K^iifw't fut. l*iaaiua, poet. ItAaniuu (and hii{r<(uu, Ap. Rh.}, 
Ham. Hei. Pind. Pind. .Eich. Hdt Plat Ap. Rfa. ; 'ifiant, 
eap. in fut mid. J^crofuu, and poet. ApJrirofiat^ and hot. I. mid. 
(aor. 1 . pai*. ued in act aeni. &aph.> — [thne middle tenaea ntu. 
gBTem ace, bat dfi/rm in prei. nan. ha* dat, aln c d&t. pen. 
■cc. rei, to make concillalor; gifu oraacri^cei to]. Hem. Theogn. 
£ich. Xbd.; wpotwaiiaiuu, mid. Eur. Ar. Udt Thuc, Xen.; 
'temii'gfiai, Elem. ; vpotiyaiuu, mid., aor. 2. rponrrtr/iffiqv, 
Eur. Hdt Tbac. D«m.; v^Ianvwi, mid., not in aor. 2. Thnc. ; 
Hipinim, Tbac Dem, j KdrefryJ^o/ioi, mid., aor. 1. nertipy&rd- 
pt^ perf. pau. mmCpTw/iu, both in act and pau. aeni. Hdt 
XetL ; liSpino/iai, mid., c. dat or c, sec Xen. Dem. ; iiTiX^i- 
fuu, mid., Hdt ; ^lifiti, Hdt. Plat; 'Amrr^/iai, mid., with 
alio perf. paaa. in act leni. -iienvuu and -nimiiiai, aor. I , pui. 
•ena. Hdt Dem. ; Tpumiofui, Hdt Thuc Dem. ; 'drnprdojUcu, 
mid. Xen. ; ttrpnl^n, no petf, Xen. Dem. ; 'MJtaiiStra, fut 
-Atti^Hw, perf. -tif^vpa, aor, 3. -ihMor, Diaarcb. \ ^ix^'Y^i', 

(he Bwf caldliate, Atlpi^lvr, Xen. 

To be eomaitatedt dirpdr^r, Xen. 

Jiatg to emeOiate, ibwifitKtfras, a*, Thnc; rMtpitirtvrai, or, 

OaseUiatloil, coocilialorj behaviour, elc., fulAiTjio, drot, t\ 

Ear. ; irpoiA-)nyj), Thuc ; ^mxirttrilK, Phit. 
Ooadliatay, calculated to conciliate, bnforiipvti, c gen. Soph. ; 

Aii f lirucii, c. gen. Xen. ; 'fiOxl^yrfiiiis, Ariit 
CraidM, HrrBfun, or, Tng. £«:hin. Hdt; ^x^Xarpa, ay, 

; trUriarpaiiiiinis, Plat ; 'JUiltxOTat, ov, Longinn 


To he eondae, ^pdx^oT^v, Ariat ; ixKopv^Stt X^yoy, Hdt ; 

mirriimi, Eur. i aamiiiiv ^fACu, Eur. ; />'^pax'''»w*»ii*'T™, 

Soph. ; avn^iir Kryu, Thnc. ; iis oviitKiiiri ttntar, Xen. 
To maie a concat rnmcer, inirrJfDn i-roiiplms. Plat 
Ife gate tiem tiit amoK amaer, ixiicop^^av irpi riSt, Hdt 
He ii ttMBioio if abla to be eoHcuattilhrnMeAiiutBaFffinfeatoonb, 

ao^v irpbi AvSpAf furji iv fipaxft iro^ovj Kiy^vt not Tt fTvf- 

Tifurtiii KnXut, Eur. 
One mud be nmcuc, Bpix^^Yf^or, Aiiit. 
Condaelr, avrtiimt, Mtcb. Soph. Xen. Plat Itoc.; $pltx^^', 

Xen.; xe^dAiuiiBSiii, Arijf, ir PfAx*<, Soph,; Iv fipixOrir^ 

Xen.; /fKf^dAatv, and A- irtfaAaJau, and Ofaxyrirft Kt^ 

XflTv, Thnc. Xon, Lye. ; Ji' oAl>w, Plat 
ConoiaaiLaM, fipi.x'6>^i<i, Plat ; ffmroiiUi, Plat 
A OouoUto, |9ouA)i, Hom. ; /rUMptur, Oinn. proie ; rrtHtplo, 

To meet in condaw, airetftici, Dem. See To eovuel. 
To OOnollLda, i. e. inCir, m/wtpofuu, mid, Pind, Hdt Omu. Atb) 

aTS6fi6«fauj mid. Hdt; Koyi^OfuUf mid, c petl pan, in act 

«eni. Xen. ; oTi*\oY(fii^uu, Iioe. Ariat ; irejwJHi, no pari". Ariat; 

ffv/nrtpa/m, Ariat 
7b evmcliida (■ tieat;, an agreement, etc.), aoi^ofuu, mid, Thnc 
7b be eemcbided (aa a treaty), KSrriXofitii'OfuUf paaa., peif, kttrtl' 

^iffifiat, Thuc. 

7*0 eoedmU, i.e. to end, Sitimpafm, Soph. Xen. Sw To faiM. 
(tag suit oHufrnfe, mAAsYiarioK, Aiiit 
7b be eomiltibd, mUitrfiaiios, Plat 
When letn it nud be condudrd to be At cone, etc, b^'iaa mA- 

KoyunitL ^aJnru irm is arrCa, (. t. A. Flat 
A oonclTHlon, mAAsyu-fiit, Plat ; inifiWpair/ia, Atdi, rt, 

CSonalulaB, L e. end (q. v.), r/Xat, •r\ Omn, See End. 
OonaliuiTa, mfirtlKin, Ar, ; iryAXirfHnlAt, PUt, 
OoaolnsLWy, nfiTefniTucBi, Ariat ; avimpaaiunamt, Ariat 
To ooDOoet, ruinijpdai, Ar; #r"P'''^'i ^t- -"^pf", perf. 

paw. alwaya lync -KtKp^/cu, etc Hdt Plat See 7b contriet, 

, Ti, Eur. Hdt 

Conoootioii, i. e. contrivance (q. t.), ^{•^fnvis, Aroi, 
OoiOOnltMlt, irMljtiXiiijSat, m, Ariat. 
Oonooid, ir«n|>iaffltni, Hom. Theogn.; jfufpaa4iq|. Ham. Ap. 

Rh, ; ipSiihs, h. £icta. ; i/tiroia, Omn. proae, Ap. Rh. ; Jfio- 

Sofia, Plat Ariat 
In Mnuard, iiunim, Xen. ; J^rDirnfiaii, Plat ; ifoyrv/iinei, 

laoc. Lyenrg. 
Ooneonrw, aimSat, i, Enr. Hdt Thnc Xen. Iioc Dem. ; rr^- 

X/ryci, Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. Plat Drm, ; avKJurfh, Hdt Lja. ; 

mi^ttoii, tot, 4, Ear. Tbuc Xen, : rvrtpo^^ Ariat 
A DOnonbliLa, 'I\DXai| i, Horn.; imAAdiclT, ^i, i), Hom. Xen. 

Iiffi.; nXAdfri), Hdt PlatLy>.Dem.;Ta>iAiiH)r, Plat (Com.); 

haipc. At. Hdt Xen. Dem. ; ira^i, ttoi, *, Xen. 
CouosbiiiBgB, v^AAiryfia, tiros, tI; fiach.; fraljiifrii, »>r, ^ 

7*0 be a doafltbifu, ^cupet^ioi, paaa- Theopomp 
To keep at a eomaibine, nXAdcf Aifuu. mid. Hdt 
ConenpUoenea, MSv/aa, Thuc. Plat Xen. 

act, perf. aviiSifriim, and nor. 3, amittir, part mifiCii, aa if 
from D^>i4ti^ £Bcb, Soph. Hdt Dem. ; mirrftx"! fut Spdfuii'. 
/iu, aor. 2. —iipSfuv, perf, tmw^wBpifatiu, A'^tcii- Eur, Dem.; 
ipp^C*^ no perf. act., aine cna. Soph. ; ffvfiwtrrm, fut -*wff0Vftai, 
perf. -wAmMo, aor. 2. -iriaoi, c, dat (of two thinga, tls rmrrb\ 
Hdt Plat 

To OOmmi, i. e. to agree, Jfie^poWB, only prei. and imperf. Hom. 
Hdt. ; i^fioBiai, line cai. or c. dat Soph. Enr. ; myx<iV*<^ «■ 
dat Enr. Hdt Thuc Plat Dem.; bfuiXarfiie, c dat pen., or 
aine caa,, or c. aec. lei. Soph. Ar. Hdt Thnc ; miliaria, Xen. 
Plat laoc Dem. See 7b agree. 

OonBnmnoB, niyicXiipUi, Hipp. ; i. e. content, agreement, i/iimii, 
Omn, proae, Ap, Rh. See .^r^reeow*^. 

GOBCUnot, oMpotun, or, Pbt 

Counmntly, V"', Omn. See Tapditr. 

Conaaidan, (iwit, wt, ^ Hot. Eui, ; mo-fiit, Plat 

icpM, Soph. Dem. ; nrrncp^, c gen. pen. 



pEn., oc c gen. pen. and infiu., or c ace. pen., or in pu). c diL 
pen. (c. g. Ibey were condenined to death, rcSai filv KornWiipt- 
Tu atlMTDt, Hdt.,— fur if [ Hm now condsmned, fir yif nr 
Ktriaipiiji luii, Xaa.) Eur. Hdt. Xen. Ihc, Antipho. ; lOBaipiu, 
■or. 3. lOiuKiT, Soph. LjL ; (drOnini^ c gen. pm. nee. 
pmiB, or c. gem. and infiu. HdE. Xen. Antipho. Dem. ; nAti, 
■ftyrivKif, TuL yrAirBnat, aor. 2. -iyrui', u if from ^ni/u, perf. 
act -tyniica, but pun. -*i*Krfuu, c. gen. peri. ace. nene, or 
e. gen. pen. et infin^ alio c. gen. pera. acr. crimiaii, Onin. Att 
pme ; Kttrax'V^"'^''- '~ %'"• V"*-< "' <^ S""- P"*- MC. poen. 
Lf 1. Dem. ; mcroifiT^fefuu, mid. perf. pan. in act ieni. 
Xen. L;i.; i"^")*, c. dat. pera., gen. pcen. or ace pien. Ar. 


irnKtu, Fat. -imi, 
jhroXov^ioi, and ft 
'Aracrffrw, Xen. 

Tftjr iitM eondaiHudAUffiTi, 

IriTiiai, Xen. i 'bJUlv", tenaee from 
if. act. or pan. perf. (fardXaiXa, fut. mid. 
jbrgAitf«|r, utod in paai. ieni. Xen, ; 

ir T^rSf Tcuta ifq^v tifiirar ^din», 

Caadamtug aU to deoO, Sno-i ri^ tV /taxpiir, Ar. 

7b atmJrmn h^brt ^amd, wpatiTSrfrprAiriai, At. Antipho. Ljt. 

Dem. ; TpwcamKinffr*, Dinanh. 
Tb amdniBi Auvlei, TpatiraTttrtrr^Kiii, AntipAs. 
7b proam to As cai>J«iirant, jnrriiSunlCofiai, c. gen. pen. e. ace. of 

the vnlrnce, the luier loinetinie* undinlood, Thne. Ly>. Dem. ; 

AttFiriK, Antipho 
To is ctudtmued, 'iXlciufuu, paM. fbt. mid. in paaa. Mni, 'iXAira. 

Iiai, aor. 3. act., alio in put. leni. 4a», am. Att iJUur, iAolifv, 

ixA, aXHTH, iAobi, perf. liK^ica, 3aph. Eur. HdL Xen. PkL 

Dem. ; SbauieiHu, pat*. Thuc. 
0« iMut omirfCTW, iiiraj'7ipurrii>r,c. gen. Xen. 
Onidimisd, THH^tli, JEtch.; nirijcupiiMt, Eur. 
i>BKm'a^ to fe coBrUnmtd, jcdrU^i^t, Ariit. 
Oondtnuiation, JdrdynM-it, nm, ^. Thuc. Xeu. Dem. ; irArJU 

if'4^'<, •■!, 4, Antipho. i iiftrftx*VeTi>''<ii Dem. ; idTUflni, 

£ptch. ; the vote of condemnatioD, il-^foi Ttnw>i)fUn|. ^ichin.; 

il liSxfA (te. Tptw* or T(/«tint), Ar. j idni inn-<+.p^^AT,, 

Thnt See Smith's Did. AnUq. in r. <fi?^, p. 804. 
To eondmM, wviwiSot, Ariat. Theoph. ; aviirvKr6ti, Hipp. 
OondUIMd, rtinitpoiaiUrts, Plat. 
T««mdaiMad, ovrnUfTifu (aor. l.-^),and a. j/iaurir, c dat 

or 0. tit and an. Plat. 
OOBdMoandiu, /b^iot, a, or. and oi, or j alM ^oBuit, Plat. 

(Com.) ; (jht»<ot filwap tn Horn., though he doei not uae the 

word in thii torn), compar. ffm>, ^ftrroi, Enr. Dem. 

Omdiga, Siiet, Eur. Xen. See Datned. 

OoBdlfn^, i^. Ear. 

OOBdlaMIt, l/ilaiilM, Aroi, ri, in pi. Xeo. See Saaa. 

0«UUtioil (of life, etc.), ^^t. Archil. ; irpSfu, «w, 4, £ich. 

Soph. Hdt ; eriaa, «n. i^, Enr. HdL Plat ; irirraia, wr, 4, 

Plat; i{I-M irei, ri, Ttiuc. 
Qmdilitm oftmi or todji, tA^ivis, ftru, ri, Xen. Plat. ; nUsi, 

Tt, Plat. Ariit ; If(f, Mr, i,, Xen. Plat Aritt. 
Tte amditim r^iatgOaig, nAniaTiait, mi, j), in pmaa eap. the 

condition of affain, Eur, Thuc Hdl. Xen. laoc. Dem. 
Tki amdmoM i/am agnamaii, Xeyat, uin. in pi. Hdt Thnc Xen. 
Settltd amdiHoiH, ^ifri, ri, Enr. Hdt Thoc.; tloKtlfiwa, rk, 

On lluu eomditiimM, M riHtttt, Hdt 

On eaiditim Hal, ip' j, nr ^' j t(, c infin. Hdt Thnc. ^achin. 
Bead amdiUat, thf'o, Ear. Plat Xen. 
A giltiKg mto gtod BomiHiat, riariffa, «», 4, Plat. 
In good amdiikm, fit /or ttrpia (of arma, tHjn, etc.), ^mAj)i, 

Tbnc Xen. ; of aAire, d Sffnu^t, Hdt 
Tb ie u> nay csnfttioa, >iJlK«fiai, imperf. -wf^i))', fut. ~ialmiiat, 

c adv. d, irajcHT, etc Eur. Hdt Thnc. Fhit I»c etc ; I^h, 

imperf. et'x''', ^^ ^f*i "" >» iuiy other teiuei in ihii leuae, c. 

■dr. Omn. 
Tit bi it good aoadttiat, 'Sxiiiiit, no perf. Eur, Hdt Thnc Xen. 

Pkt .Xechin. See 7b/nnU. 
7*a ia R bad amdiUoH, toWk, eren of inanimate thinge, anni, etc 

/■ teluit a eoadUum, obt. Soph. 

To wmdolo, ffufctpMK c dat £ach. Eur. Ljcarg. Dem, ; wy- 


jnlfWH, fill, -KSiioSyai, perf. -c^qas, aor. 2. -inifuiT, no aoT. 
1., c. dat ,£ach. Soph. Ear.; avimriia, t, dat. prei. ace. of 
troaUn, or c. dat of tniuble*. Ear. ; criiMAT^, c dat pics., 
lomelimei c ace. of trouble!, Tnig. Antipho. Dem.; irDmrxn^ii', 
ont; in prea., e. dat nf tronblei, £ech. ; miaipiaau, e. lAr and 
dat. pen. Eur. ', avKXvtilBitta, paaa. c. dat Bdt Antipho. ; rtr- 
d^So^uu, mid., fdt Siiroiiai, Alt. -Monfuu, aor. 1 . paai. -tf^MiT- 
h\r, in mid. lene., no aor. 1. mid., c. dat. pen. c iwi and dat. 
lei, Bimetimei c. dat tei, Hdt Xen. Dem. ; n/iwiMm, t. dat. 
pen. or c dat rei, Ihc. Ariit ; nftriffx*, fut -mlffa/uu, aor. 
3. -iwSem', pert -irAmflB, PUt 

OoadolenaB, rUnAy^Um, oroi, i (uied howerer L c abatraet lor 
concrete, ai those who condole), Eur. 

t^yvi, w, Ariit See Tb toineiit. 
. irytryhi, Thuc. Xen. 

7b te a eondoUitni, (airfdit, lometiniea c gen. of tioop*. 

Oundoamtioii, avYfriiai, Omn. Att See PanUm. 

To MIkdWI*, •ttp", nn in thie aeoie beyond the pre*, and imperf., 
e. cli and ace Soph. Hdt Thoc Xan. Antipho. j reCni, Plat ; 
™r.i™, c I .-....--.- 

no aor. 1. or p 

Tkete Omigi teOl ml amdvtt to your glory, O L 
■w^i rqj li]iinifes Ufi|>, i Aajxtai/i^ruu, rdCc, riiuc, 

OmdnolTa, xMrl>»r, q, *», aid oi, or, c prep. Hdt Ear. Pbit ; 

'trftr^i, or, c. vpht or int mbA ace. Phit ( irpM^pi^i, e dat Hdt. 

See UtrM. 

OmidlLnva to, prep, vpht c. gen. Thnc. See abore. 

To eondott, Tf4m, Hom. Eur.; 'tywiaor.2. 4)*]«r,iior. 1. and 
perf. Tei7 nirelj if otcc Died, Omn.; iffiaiuu, mid. (no paaa.), 
c. gen. or c. dat. Omn. ; ir^n^, Hom. ; T^/ira, pufL Wvefi^ 
only in Thuc. ; perf. piua. irA«wuu, only in ^ich.. Hem. Soph. 
Eur. Thuc Xen. ; irgi|idir^/in>, Hom. Soph. Xen. Dem. ; irape^t, 
Pind. Soph. Eur. Thuc; Uia, /E»A. Ear. Hdt; nWC* *nd 
-QIHU, mid. Soph. Eur. Thuc. Plat; Titpiict^Qu, Eur. Hdt 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; erJuut, Eur.; lAj^ aor. I . -iim, etc, a* .- 
a rirer conduct* tboie who lail on it to aome point, Xen. 

lb OKf M atrndtul^ag, eondaii at Ike kou time, etc, iniftW)in>, L ja. 
Iiffi. ; irOnKwiicrti, Xen.; irvf u niiniti. Plat 

7b oonfuct a pamage myaliert, rvn-erpoinr, fut ino-rfrtov, etc., 
c tli and aoc Plat 

Tb cosdnel to, Mto, lie., ilitrym, e. gem. ace or c ace and dat, v 
c ace. and pnpL Omn. ; tbHriym, Hom. ; fkiifiofUH, c dat or 
c pi^ Onui. ; ittwoftim, Eur. 

7b axtdmt acr™, My^, Hom. Thuc Xen. ; tMUdCm, Hdt 

To OMifHl awag, 'da^T*, Horn. Soph. Hdt Thoe Xen. ; i^rm, 

7b co<tdmcl ToHmd, npijtyw, Thnc Xen. ; nfmpi4yw, Xan. See 

7b lead. To gmU. 

Oondnet, or the conducting (of anything), ini|H^, Hom. Pind. 

,£Kh. Enr. Hdt.; nofJS)), Pind. Hdt 
Oonditet, L e behaviour, vp^rof, Omn. poet Horn. 
A eandnetor, nitrhs, 4 nit it, Hom. Tng. Hdt ; wo/rttit, Hon. 

Ap. Bh. ; irr*/^. im Hom. Sof h. Enr. Hdt Thnc Xen. Itoei 

Ayifrlji, oi, 4, .ffiieh. ; TyrrVi -'Ipoi, i. Soph. ; mvuffv^i, oB, d, 

Eur. ; itDfuaTiip, iipai, 6, Eur. ; of ioiili, ifuxdnfimt, Eur. 
ConduMillg, vD^Hrawi, a, or, and or, or, of a penon, or of wind, 

of an oar, etc, aometimet c ■!> and ace Pind. Tng. ; ri/arlm, 

q, or, and oi, or, Pind. /Ettb. Soph. ; ro^i, ir, .£ich. ; wpo- 

■ifxtvdoi, or, c gen. Moich. 
Ouidnoted, v j^TTfioi, % a*, and ar, ov, e dat 
A sniB, Kwroi, Ariat, of a pine, Theoph. ; ndnw, Poeidon. 
A pin COM, OTfiRKBt, Theoph. 
Conabwulng, imyopifot, or, Theoph. 
ConfMtiaai, ri/^Ta, rd, Hdt. Plot. See SteadmrnOt. 
A omfMtloikar, i^nnroilr, Plat Dionya, (Com.). 
A WkftdorMT, irCr4>f»<ri<t Thnc. Plat ; rb aHwAiioTor, ThiK. ; 

cvmi&x^ Hdt Thuc; t^ niifitxtiAi', Hdt Thuc 
7b ,^wi in a amfideracji, rtrifwSfu, teniai from -ofiii, -t/iim, 
.Each. Soph. Hdt Thuc Dem.; inwidx^, Thue 
AcnfBlanto, MWovpoi, Hom. Pjnd. .GKh. Enr. Thuc Xan.; 

vi/iiiixo', find. Hdt Omn. Atl. ; VtmiUnfi, on, i, £ach. 

Soph. Ar. Hdt Plat.. 


T% wnte, tlSn^ >or. 1. Ilwira, pai£ put. Mto^uu, etc^ Onu. 
Sea Togive, 

Te am/ir (m (o canCer haaoiu, diignce, etc on ft penon), nfK- 
imt, ng peed act., c dat. pen., uc. Ar. Xao. PUt. Dcni. ; -n- 
firmiiti, not. I. -JAiKo, peed ^r^0«iia. aor. 1. pui. -<Ti!hrr, 
etc c dat. Hdt. Thuc X-ea. Ikk. ; r/tatrptloiau, mid. c dU. 

71> eoif^, i- <■ diKUU, oVT^tjvefuu, fbL -yirimituu, tor. S. -r]*- 
rJfcip-, Da Mt. I., e. daL, aim mryylyii. is Ajynut, c. dat. Eur. 
Ar. Hdt Thuc Piat. ; miMiM^iiai, mid, *lu mriC. Xiyavt, 
alio nyiAdXAfl aJtowv, c dat Eur. XeiL ; xP*lH^'C'V^"t mid., 
cdaL Hdt. 

7t> emfir btfiirtiami, vptnyytymiuu, c dat. Thuc 

OmfiMSM, XJ^ot; nwi. is pi. Hdt Thuc. Xen. 

To Wfcw, Jfwkirrfa, Soph. Eut. Hdt TIidc Xen. Dnn.; nSo- 
fuAor^ np. wrrai^;. Fiat Andoc Dem. ; ebrofuhoyia, Thnc 
Imc ; rf9nfia)^rf^t^, Ptac. Inc. Dem. ; BvftrYrimat, fut. 
-)v4«|ii«i, perf. -^TWHta, no tot. 1., aor. 2. -irftm», -rpriiii, 
etc., w it frao -^h^ Saph. HdL Thuc Plat ; 'C^^a^uu, pan., 
c aor. 2. and perf. act, c nom. and inGn. (omfeHing that he ha« 
doDe vranfc, bwarria oirbt tfiuatnirai), &ir.; 'lirBM^afiai, mid, 
c. pot pan. and am. 1. paM. in act Miu. Hdt Plat ; 'Ibittixa- 

Ta ermfim hrfir^utid, vpaaiiafjrfim. Flat 

Tboiyto tat, i.e. that one hu not doua ao and to. ab ^4ft etc. 

e. g. ... when they confMied ihaT had not, the; led them nwaj 

and killed thnn, faiFT( ^ fow, amyoTJrru fac^tuw, Thuc. 
To it toafl m d, or tet^tti to £*, 'it«^»uAa7>JsfiBi, paai., c put 

or infin. Qem. 
Out MBrf amfin, Jfw^CTirnar, Plat Xen. 
Om umil rxmfat btfiniaiid, trimiitaKeyirT4cr, Ariit 
OmlkMadlj, iiiai^yminimi. Thus. Plat Ise. 
OnlMciom, iiiaijiflu. Plat. ; inuKViaXoTCa, Dem. 
to ocmflda ia, L e. to tnut, ntSapai. in perf. and aor. 1. paai., 

peif. mid. ■^iroiAi, In. pL ijik. irtrilfiti' (not in Alt), aor. 2. 

mid. iwUiiapi, and opt poet unrlMiiv (not Att), fiit ■dirci- 

fui and ■wWtovfMi ( £teh. hat also imper. n^nwA), c. dat 

pen., or « dat tci, or c. dat pen. and infin. Horn. Hee. Trag. 

Hdt ; iwfntto^m, S.tcii. ; itvrrtiu, c dat Otnn. Att Hdt ; 

trrrittwiiMi, mid. c. dat Hdt Xen. ; L e. to entnut (q. t.), M- 

rr**-, c ace and dat Horn. Hdt Thnc Xen. Dem.; (Iixeipffi*, 

Soph. ; wifSJ^HftL, aor. 1. -iSttKo, pert pau. -JAofiai, etc. Eur. 

Xen. hjt. Dem. ; a^pUdW^ pert -CMXiKia, etc HdL Thnc ; 

^ftU/im, mid., aor, 1. -qcdfntr, Xen. 
To bt ftmfidtd, trvri^XBiiat, pau. c. dat JEiA. 
One mail eomfida n, Tiarnrritr, c dat Plat 
OnUoBoa, ftp&nu. t^ Ham. Ear. ; dJfm, ri, Omn. : irimi, 

««, ♦, Omn, po«t Horn. ; dd^m^u, ««, ^ c dat Thuc ; rt- 

Aritmg/ram »dt-graBti«i m^Ueaee, i* tov tmif^fertt, Tboc 
Ammi 1% jtnil » amfidmee m Atrntdntt, iii rh rir yriiiiiv 

h t xh r-' •rryn^a«mi, Thnc 

7b $« <k «i;lcbK« r^{the people), norii TnwrSw, Thuc 
Wietgicm aawiifenai, 9ai;t.arffnh Horn. 
Omfldant, SjpffOm, or, c dat Horn. ; dpioii. Gran. ; ftopril. 

Kht, Ham. Find. £wh. Thuc Xen. Flat; -wtalMa, c dat. 

Ham. Find. Enr. Hdt; rurrij., c dat Theogn. Mtck. Soph.; 

fM^xHtt, h. .£*ch. Enr. Xen. ; tStafi^a, or, Hea. h. ; 'Uil/ia«~ 

Tst, •*, c gen. .£ieh. ; 'IMti, Thuc Dem. ; ■wflWapciit, Ap. 

ObmUobUj, tMaptfSi, JEadi. Arirt.) 'Uuf. Hdt. Thoci dtip- 

HXim, Xea. Imc ; dofmirTtn, Xen. ; «A>'m, Plat 
To It OOaUont, ruriefiat, put. up. in aor. 1, Ham. Soph. ; 

hyr^ no per£ Omn. ; Mapciv, JEtth. Andac | 'dnAvw^ 

rJi, Dem. ; nrrtrrJKit, Plat ; yon trill appear 
■ncluwd to confide man in them than in jourulTea, tfuu V 
^rel farl^nvf) narjripar vfti AceCtwi i^ v^t il^ oh-oti 

10 andlM», itfnpniH, poM. ifyrfwOfu, Ham.; ^tfyriit, Andoc. ; 
^T)* (in Horn. ud. MpfH, Att ^tpym), fut mid. aometimea in 
paa« mu.. no perf. act, perf. pan. U/ry/iai, pluper£ UfTnoi*, 3d 
pL poet IpX""! aor. 2. Kt <4'¥'''Wi P<>*t- "pT^Wer (not Att), 
Horn. St^h. Enr. Ar. Xen. Andoc { Ktdvpyrt,u, Eur. Plat; 


K\(lv, perf. pan. KixXiiaiioi, Eur. ; iwTntfijtkiim, c <ii, Xea. ; 

■Jtrb«i«dfif, Ear. 
7b eaajSnt or littH to ctrtam boaadt, irrtlm, c ill and ace, m|Il of 

canlining woidi in metre, etc Flat 
To be eonBnod, (ArctftiTialfuu, pau. Sopb.j ipx^triojiai, pan. 

(only of cattle, etc), Horn. 

.__.__. 4ygJirSii\tivTai, or, Enr.; uSiTS^faKToi, er, So^.; 
iir, 'Sp»iit, i, ir, afterwanii it, br. Ham. ; oTcrii, or 
i*ii, Hdt Omn. Att 

. Spoi (olpai, Horn. Hdt). Omn. ; tpm, ri. Soph. Ear. 
Xen. ; I^Mfiia, ri, rare in nog. Thnc. Xen, Plat So* 

BortUr, Botadury. 
Oonflarauat, i. e. priaon, tifyiibt. Plat ; to pot « keep in ceo- 

Gnement, fx« tub iv ^6xiicS, Hdt 
To ooBilna, iap6ii, JEKh. Ar. Thuc Lji. Aadocj Mmiit- 

Xen. Plat Ljt Dem. ; trlStSiim, TheopL ; vfotmv^pirrlCt- 

luu, c aec azid infin. that inch and uich ii the cav, Dem. 
Conflrnutlon, Klpos, rh. Soph, ; jEMoiawu, «m, 4, Thnc ; irlara, 

«M, ^, Thuc J irllTTciffll, tw, 4, PUt 
OonftmiAtOTT, MaurrXnii, Epiet 
To eonAaoata, >)»»£■, Thnc Xen. leoc L7*. Dem. ; triittviiti, 

Thuc. } liifwirwiii, Xen. ; iraoiifuilni, XeiL 
OonflMWUd, t^niaioi, Thnc Plat Lji. 
0«jCmfa(f pruptT^, fi IhnuAwpara, Ar. Lya. 
Goaflaoation, Hyman, uif, 4. Plat Inc Dem.; 'Speipwit, 

wt, 4, Plat 
Ooaflagnttloit, l/urpqo'u, «», 4, Hdt. Plat.; wtpmvu, «u, 4i 

Oonfllot, 'itiAXa, Horn. ; piX^nts, -iBe>, ace. -iSa and -m, 4> 

Horn. Hec Soph, (only in chnr.), Ar. ; M&", Hea. Pind. Ap. 

R.h. ; m^iMaXi, Micit. Hdt. Xen. ; aCm'A/a tofin, jEicli. 
Confiiel ofatmd, ifirriaa, wi, i, Eur. Thnc, and U Gghtan, 

Hdt. See BatOi. 
To oosfllot, i. e. be oppoaed, irAvriviw, pau., c petC and aor. 3. 

act Ham. .£ich. Thnc. Xen.; trainiioiiai, Udt Thnc Xen. 

LJ'i. ; irrlr/mriitfiai, mid. Thnc Xen. 
Oonflioting (af opinioni or ttatemenli}, Mtnioj, Horn. Soph. 

Eur. Thnc Xen. See Comtrars. 
Oomflnoneo, nfpoii, Theoph. ; ai^ma, Hipp. ; o^^nwu, •«, 1^ 

Aiiet ; riftatn, AriiL 

b Mniprm to, i/ioiieiiai, mid. and nan. c dat. Eur. laoc Plat 1 

Vfofuufafioi, Plat ; 'ipini, tut. V**i etc, no peif. c dat 

a^ituTBot, ar, ^tch, ; avyyti^s, Ar. Plat ; iiiaiit- 
irpcTlii, jKich. ; 'AtMouAii, or, Ar. Plat Dam. ; ov/tirp«r^, 
.£icb. ; nljniai, a, or and Bi, ar, c dat Plat 

Confinrmiblj, alnfiu. Xen. ; 4>ifL^Tpeii, Plat. 

Oontonuation, /uf>^, Onm. pent Ham. ; yj p fu jra , Aru. ri, 
^•ch. Eur. ; act rUntaa, «u, 4, Theoph. ; itifi^uau, —t, (, 

Omflnmltf, dfiaiJntt, vrn, j^ Plat laoc 

To fT"ftniinl| mrfxAwttiii, JEieb.; myicCitim, Ar. Plat; ttl- 
idiii^, Dem. ; ttSrSpiavai, Xen. Plat Iioc. ; tiaatltt, perl pan. 
-vimviuu, Hdt Dwn, 

ClxyfwiKfBV tie (Mu, i. e. making a hlie itatenent oF the tioM 
( when s diing wa* dare), /i»Tf»«7i[Ar (aar. 2. of /wra^^) Tail 
)(fimii, Dem.; CDafaanding the place, i. e. doing a tbing at 
a wrong place, rir r^ar utTiyryth', JGashio. See To 

To oeBfrottt, nfMMM, pert -tfthtma, etc., Horn. Hdt 
To ooaftuo, t^, Hom. Mth. Ear. Xen. Plat : nXariti, Horn. 
Find. Soph, t avynXoriv, Hom. ; Moi/iiii, c aoc ar line cat., to 
came eraifndon, no perf. Ham. ; avyx'v. fat rrnc'i"', lit. 
1. rtr<x""«> oflener trtrix*"", "inielimee poet (not Att) 
c^yx*^ petf' POM- ovi'k^x'W't etc Horn. Soph. Ear. Hdt 
luc Antipho. Dent; rApdova, Omn., enntr. ipiam, Pind. 
.£Kh. Enr. Plat ; rantfiaau. Ham. Soph. Ar. Hdt Thnc 
leoc Dem. ; turofiirati, Iioc ; tiS^ripiaam, Xen. Plat Inc t 
twirifiirai, Hdt; 'irbtifiimt. Soph. Plat. Xen.; KGicrlM, 
Ham. .£ich. Soph. Ar. Plat ; avrsCnU, Ar. Plat ; tiWki*, 
Dem, ; Siinlrit, Thuc ; tiiatim, pcrC pan. 'ttoftaiiai, Deia. ; 
'AvAruptfdfBi, Ar. ; avynpollw, rare, except in pre*. laoc Dan. ; 
Ti^^, Dem. ; iraptfiu. Ear. Hdt ; m^fipii, Tbeoc 
To oaiftt (laeU by an anfal atatement), fwrM", !■(■ -•''■S 
aoi. 1. -l)rt>Ka, aor. 2. -itrrjaor, Dem. 


or of K bgdj of men, no pdrf. but aor. I. piH. b|>t>4i|v, Hnm. 
7b nova « on/iihrM, icAwA^hh, onlj in pm Mid imperf. 
Tkt aneaililti taa tiroiim tsto ma/iinss, rrrp^x'' '''7'^, and in 
pan. (t)iivfl T»Tpii;p<ia (from Tpix", Damm, from rapdaira.LiD. 
HDd Sc.), Hom. 
lb fill tats ^mri amfmnt (of ^ amiv), /i OfCitor nXAir 
'd^f^ofuu (fiit. i^ltofuU) aoT. 2. ll^ijfiqir, if>fkta4ai, peif. 
pua. i^?)viai), Hdt. 
OmftlMd, io caiifuiion, bcpiToi or, Horn. ; 'imaiiat, or, llom. 
JEich. ; ixfirSipBpToi, or, Mweh.; aiii^Of^ot, or, Eur. ; tcairi- 
fvfrrot, or, £ich. ; TJif>lx°<'4'> 1'1'uc- Xen. luc. Dcni. ; 'iTU- 
Tsi, Hdu Thuc. Xen.; 'iirdt^nwrot, Thnc Xni.; 'AjciliT/HrTai, 
w. Plat. 1 'JlKiirffiupfUHi. 
Aotier in mi/iinaii, 'fncamiyiirxiiihm. At. 
/■ a confined mob, viynXit, SXot, i aol 4. Thoc. Plot. S«e 

Wit n eomfiakm, ^artpajcroi, or, Xen. PUt. \ 'aripAx^s, or, Xen. 

OmfOMdlj, fipSw, Mk)i. X«l.; 'atfiiuySa, Soph.; tfi^iya. 

Soph. ; 'u4i;F>a, Soph. ) 'dr^Uf, HdL Thuc. i 'uiiirfUH, Hdt. ; 
'irirrai, Thuc. Xen. Ihk. Dem. j TrrifrfiUraj, Plnl. Iwc. \ 
Tip&x'*^i Imc- ; X^'"! Plat- I'M-; ffi')*(xliji'>™t, Ariil. 
JVa< lym/nediy, leiOoul eottf—m, 'ArdfNkTBi, Xsn. See Ot^ 

OoitfiulMl, xA^l, e*p. csnfaied motion, Hom. ) 5/cAIai, Hom. ; 
■rt^X*, Pind- Thue. Xen. Plat. (loc. i rSpayiiis, ^kH. ; ri- 
pa7Mi>, irat, t&, Enr.; Tlt|id;i:ar, Xrn.; 'diiar/ila. Soph. Eur. 

PIsI. 1 'Arnflo, Hdt Thuc. Xen. ; V^GviI, mi, 4, Eur. Ikc ; 
rifiaiit, tvl, II, Ar. ; ^rirlpajii, wi, ^. Plat, j nrrripain, 

-4«i, 4, Ariit. ; iffpMo, Xen. 
Cbs/iiiuM 0/ Blind, K>rra^eopii ffwiw, £«ch. See r-nnnA. 
OonfaUtion, IXeyxoi, HdC Thuc. PIhL ; \tvts, MI, ii, AriiL 
Tb COnftlt*, fX^u, Eur. Ar. Hdt, Thuc, Xen. Plat, ; '&irt- 

X^yX*"* Antipho. i fff\^^00, Plati iwarrpirUj Ar.; 'Afiitronat, 

mid. luc. ! iui64oitai, mid., aor. 1. Ji«HT^t]ii, Deal. ; inrpi. 

Sufuii, mid. (op. accoutiDnt bniughl agninit oneielf), ^iGechin. j 

A^, Ariil. 
Ox mutl ej*.fate. tKtyKrfw, PlnL ; {(tktynrior. Plat 
CalaJaltd to amfide, 4«ufifTlicii, Ariit. j /X(7x<"<''4ft An't 
Emlg oonfiltd, iHkrytTO!, or. Plat. Ami. j liifiXfyicToi, o*. 

WitU (nnut 6* ennfiUtd, 'iri(4\ryKT0i, Thuc Antipbo. ) EGi- 

iAtyxrot, or. Pint. 
&> Uol i( (KinoC is amfiUed, 'lirtitt.iyKn,i, Xen. 
To ««ngaftl, act. I'^yvf^ Xich. Ar. Xen. ; wfir^TW/U', Ham. ; 

tpi^, Hom, ; around, Ttptrpifia, Ap. Rh. 
7b anu^, intrant. ir^jvCfw, paiL, only in pm. and perr. mid. 

winrya, Hom. ; To^^Mfuu only in perf. mid. rirpof^ Ham. 
Oaugatlcd, 9pofi£tMh]i, Soph.; iniirTii, Eur. 
IjUtli/ eoagealtd, ytomryiii, Anth. ; wrfniirroi, e*, Hipp. 
A oongMiing, or making M conireiil, Tn{ii, ew, ^, Plat. 
OoBgtiual, iiii^fmy, orvt, J Kal i), Hom. He*. Find. ) dftirpo- 

rot, or, tometimei c dat. Pind. Hdt.; iiunirpoTos, ov, Thnc 
7b is oongmial, ino^pmiit, oolj pm. and imperf., aomeiim» 

c daL Hom. Hdt. 
TaoaiigntiiUta,/cAfcM^'>,Thac. Ikk.; ovrxoViit, rut.-x<up4w, 

aor. 2. pail, imper. n/rxB^nVi, c. dat. pen., Bometimei c. h( 

and dal. of the cauae, or t. dat. pen. and fta. oF the canie, or c 

dal. pen. and 5ti wiUi indie. Anac. Xen. Dem. ^«chin. 
Oon^ratnlstioii, i^M^iaiiht, Plal. 
TooongTanto, hytpioiiat, only pret. and impetf Horn. ; irrfpi- 

Boiuu, only prea. and impetf, Horn.; 'iTOpifofuu, mid. Horn. 

H jl. ; 'iyilpoiua, mid. and pan., perf pau. 'irftrm'l'ai, M pi. 

■47)r)^p4Tfli, and 3d pi. plnperf, (in imperf. icni.) iyvripi'To, 

aor. 2, mid. 'Aytpiitrir, and part. aync. i-fpi/itm, Hnm.; ^»o- 

■ytllKtuu, Hom. Pind. ; ir(M)>tfpafiai, Hom. ; ioAAlfa/uu, pan. 

Hom. 1 rtrtiiu {-lirtu), •pun. avriiir, imperf. evr^tw, Att. 

viwpo, Kp. irw^fik no ful. Hom. Hdt. Thuc. ; oWrm/uu, pasa. 

c, aor. 2. perf. and pluperf, act, Eur. Thuc. Xen. laoe.i atrip- 

Xf^ fa^ -fKfiiroiiai, aor. 2. -ti^Moir, unz. aync, -1l>^»r, perf. 

mid. uiu. c redupL -tXitKCea, Thuc Xen,; tpetpim, fut. -p*i- 


Wfioi, Hdt.; rUrlliei; only pret. and imnaC Thoo. Xen. 

7b aagregcit aromd, ifA^irftlpOMai, c. aee. Horn. 
Oongregmtlan, JncAiiiriEa, Eur. Ai. HdL Tbue. Xen. Dem. Sea 

OtognM, wjb^^f, ut, ^, Pind. Mmc)i. Eor. HdL Omn. AtL 

prose ; atiiaSos, j), Eur. Hdl. Omn. Att. prue. See AaaMf. 
Cnngrnltj, Mrntei^iri, Tt, i. Plat. 
Oongnoiu, m/irpn^i, £h^. ; l»irrpat, or. Flat. 

Oongnunalj intUrp^f, Plat. 

Conioal, fuan-HiIJ)!, Ariat. ; rrpoSihoiiSiii, Theoph. ; urpoMU- 

n>i, DioK. 
Ooi^eotDimbla, diaiSfiCaXof, or, ,£Kfa. ; eiffifiCAvroi, or, £idi. 

A OV^iMtllM, •rrix'h JE»A. ; oroxaffM'. Pl»t- ! Tixfmi, 

(a>t, A. Flat, i tirAvio, Ar. Thuc laoc i tUUKct, PUl. 
AJfbrdat} groauiifir aagatim, T«t/io(wit, Cretin. 

rvfifdAADfioi, mid. Hdt. 

A, perf. -«^(Xt)iia, P 
1 tLtdfa, no perf. act. 

perf. act. Tng. Hdt.Thne. 

oriS/i^fuu, mid. Soph. ; Tovdfw, £ich. Soph. Ai. Plat ; i 

X^o/uu, mid., c petf. pan. Soph. Plat. Xen. ; rttiu^foi a i, mid. 

Omn. Att : rurrtKiiApniuu., Thuc Xen. ; '(Wn-n^iaJpafUU, Ar. ; 

jcdrJi/coTtiia^uu, mid. Dem. 
711 an^Khav btfiirduaid, irpoeiH(fi>, Ariit 
7b amjertimt byfirlier rjiKfUona, rptrTHIiaipeiuu. Hipp. 
To be anglciund ^bg/iHlher flrmptoni, TpeiT.ji;^in^*Bt, Hipp. 
A oanjtetanr, (unurrJii, ou. ^ Thuc 
(he uiio amfectara ri^f, nirta, fa>t, i, AkIi. 
To OOQJoiii. iiaynju, Omn. ; vvfeitTn/u. Eur. Hdt Xen. ; irSrap- 

l^iv, Pind. Hdt Omn. Att; atrirri, no perf. act Eur. Ar. 

Xen. Plat.; trUratrrU, Eur. See Tojaai. 
Conjtdntly, 'ifMn, Hom.; ifaS, Omn. ; '^u, Omn. ; mttnn, 

Muih. See TogtOer. 
dmjagll, YtfiitAuii, Of, .fich. Enr. lie Dem. 
Omjugal lave (on the pott of the wife), *Mot fiXi(>aip, iipol, A, 

,*;ich. Sea Marriage. 
Coi(J l^atioii, av^ia, Oramm. 
Conjniietloii, a(v»oxi^t, Hom. ; niCmia. «h, q. Plat ; <rti«fu, 

««, i(, Plat Ariat; irfK*^, Ariat 
Tlie o»jwK«wu (in grammar), Tct girSmm, Amt 
ConJnnotiTalr, ^fuu, Omn. See roTfAter. 
Conjiuiotlin, 'liv^Jt, Oran. Att See Oiiu. 
OoignntiBn, i| /cOtivtiki^, Plat 

To M^jnre, i^x^7*r^. fat 

A oonjunr, /lOyai, Soph. Enr. Hdt Flat £iehiD. ; ^nixtrfurf^t, 

Conjnring (calculated to conjure), ifuxttTwybi, ar, Miit. 
To eotqnro, i. a. to entreat, -fovrioim, mid. Ham.; Towd^ifwi, 

mid., c. gen. or c, irpbr and gen. of that bj which, or in the name 

of which, the entreaty ia made, Hom. Ap. Rh, ; bJt^, Oam. ; 

lioiiM, mid., fut tr^ro/ioi, aor. 1. paw. iMfii]r, in act leni. 

etc, G. gen. pera., or c gem. gen., or c. gen. pen. and iolin., or 

c gen. rel, aometimea e. aec pen. (^ough lara), Omn. Att; 

MpupTtpo/uu, mid. Hdt Thuc ; SiSiiafripanai, Xen. 
CoBBBta, iriiup»t,t, w, Pind. Ear. Phit Lva.; iiufi^t, Pind.; 

>rr^'. Find. Soph.; ffto^<rJ)i. Pind. ^ich.; l^i^as^ or. 

Soph. Hdt Xen. PUt lioc Dnn. 
To Ik eomate, liipioiuu, pau., c. perf. act -ri^iwa, and aor. 2. 

act -«^, Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. PUt ; ir/iyronai, fut 70+ 
'ropu, aor. 2. -v)vrd^iir, perC paia. -fryiiniiiai. Km. Hdt Xen. 
To DOimwit, irlftlyriiiu, Pind.; ra/iiiiyrviu, Pind. fa.; iin(tiy- 

rini. ^tch. Ariit. ; atrirrw, no perF. act Eui. Hdt Thuc. 

Dem.; aHvaprdu, Eur.; ovyKokiAu, Ar. Plat; irvyxAafo, c. 

ace and dat., perf. pau. -tiitXtiriuu, laoc ; atrtipa, only prea. 

and imperf. Ar. Plat 
7b In BoaucUd, niyrb/iai, paa*. Horn. Find. ; tpttrfrriafiai, paai. 

c dat Xen. 
7b U iwitpaTi^ comecled (of tliingt), ripSirliyriitat, pan., eip. 

in peif. mid. xiflainna, c dat lioc ; oii^iofuu, pau. e. perf. 

act -vefun, aor. 2. -*^, c dat Plat. 
To coimtct ometd/jfirm a eomuaHc* bf aarriagi, aCraprili tAvi, 

Enr.; aUrime \4itTpa (AUqAoiE}, a^i-drm -ytrrar, miriwTm 

yitior, rvrirrti K^r, all in Eur. 


Tb tt amnatti! Ay tftningi, dumneU, etc^ evrrrrpaSiiBiiai, pau. 

perf. -virptiiuu, etc Plat. Ariil. 
& MimaMar, VByiceM.irr^s, av, 6 (of tiea), Ar. 
nnnimrtaili o^TicaAAai, ar. Soph. ; a coDDecUd (tfia, tlpo/iini 

?Jiit, AriaL 
A aoasMtlon, i. e. junetian, ir£ftu(ti, wf, ^, Plat. ; 'A^ 

AriiL; virAfii, Ariil. ; ^{d^^ririi, mm, 4, AriiL; aivwX«ri|, 

^ anaaiioa bg marrioffg, nqlai, ri, Ti^. HdL Tbuc. ; K^trvfu, 

ftrai,Ti, Ear. Plat.i nfturWa, Xen.; niatlB, Em. Xen. Anit. i 

■iwaU^Tll, Eur. ; n)orini, Ap. Rh. 
A commetHoRf J. e. a penon coDnected by mornsgeT 70^^^^, Horn. 

Pind. TiBg. Xan. Theoc. ', ngit. Ham. He>.; niSfOTJri, Dp, J, 

Eu.PUt.1 inlStitir,irot,i,EaI.At.; a^ivfio, drot, ri. Soph. 

Eur.; T*HI(pii, Eur.; fem. rios, i. Ham. h. 
Til hokM (onKAin, it^aToT, Horn. 
To farm a nuH ii irfi iw Ay MarTuug, jn)St^ c dat Enr. Dam. 
Qmnee tt y pBcpfe, vpOTjnrSJfr (Epiih. of {4<nKr£nf ), tlom. 
To MvniT* at, ovyx'V^i c dM. D^d- 
Oaanlwue, tf)*ru, *aa, 4, Dera. 

ObbbbUaI, t^^Awi, or, ^kL Eur. Ise. Dam. ; tV^J^i. ThDC. 
Plat. ; ii^, Mo«h. 

Ta aonqiur. o^ai, aor. 3. iIXjiv, perf. piia. ^ifti^oi, but aor. 1. 
^tf^t (of pUun, towu, coDairiH, sic, ntther than of people), 
Horn. Xen. ; Sllfwi|>u, mm in any Toica eicept in pret. Hora. 
Ha. IEm^; Sufwda, only pni. and imperf., aim poet, imperf. 
V^rmiKa, Horn. h. ; ^itiAa, fat S^iaow, poet, (not Alt.) 
to^Uawu, 10, too, aor. 1 ., ncs in perf. act, ]i«rC ■put. i&^i^iai, 
nc, aor. 2. pan. t^iir, Horn. ^kH. Ear. ; td^i(» (pr». not 
foond in Hm.), aor. 1. paw. JUfiifirtfqr, Horn. Pind. Tmg. 
Xbd. ; Kptriit, c aen. or c. ace. Omn. put Hom. ; ArucpOr^, c 
)[ai. Horn. Hdt. Thue. Xen. I>rt. ; 'dnKoli-efuu, only pr«a. and 
inperf. (in a trial of ikill). Ham. ; V^itia, Omn. ; rlcqtu, only in 
pcOL Theoc ; rtfiirudB, ^ich. ; BifaMfo, imlj in pni. Find. ; 
^^ tf when followod by a long lyllable, M.t'ii. £ur. ; %tifia. 
At. ofmner -o^iai, mid. and pau. Trait- Hdt. Thnc Xen. ; 
■ftisirrp^^afuu, mid. and pau., petf. pau. in either act. or pan. 
•eiu. Hdt. Thnc Xen. lue. ; KdrfpT^^/uu, mid., perf. pan. 
(BTfJplnur/Mi, in either act. or pau. wni. ,E«th. Hdt. Thnc 
Xen.; ainifht., HdL ; 'tnpCdUof'u, mid. (in a trial of tkill }, 
Enr. Ar.UdL Xen. PlaL ; iVir' iitaur^ rmtimju, Hdt.; 'Bnp- 
alff, Dem. ; AIr7IC•^ aor. 1. piua. tKuyixttir, esp. ai a 
vreatler, Theoc ; 'Crtyv, no perf., aor. 2. -irfiyor (of a cityj, 
Hdt. Thnc 

■Bfafl- {a a amalfi^t, K!i,TSinu)i&.xiit, Xen. lioe. Dem. 

... of one*! aUiei, 

c dat. of aliiea, Eor. Xen. Andoc 
To eamj^r n tmrw, irrirUiu, £acll. 
To bt am^atnd, /igAd^rt/uu (in a eontert at the gamea), Pind. ; 

nifiMf, fill, n^ufuu, no aor. i., perf. Wcfutn (part in Ham. 

■HpiAt, a«/«firrof, etc, bnl alia irtic^sTai), aor. 3: fidl^uiv 

(oFlen in nibj. Kwijui, ale, Hom.), Pind. ; rKiiiraoitai, pau. 

^Kh. Soph. Hdt. Tfaoc ; ^virdofuu, pasi., no pnl Eur. Hdt 

OiniL AtL pisee ; )Xaarioiiai, pau., no perf, Thnc ; bwrirer 

|fX" (fiit Hi, impetf. <Ix«', aor. Z laX", ""i aor. 1., and perf., 

if any. Tar; rare), Hdt 
Tb ie ftmqiurtd at tia ouim liaia, mirvraioiiai, paai. Xen. 
7o it eoHfHrcd ia tan, iiMAfa-icDfiai, tiit -dA^aiifuu, perf. act 

-<dA*Mm, aor. 2. -fiXmi, infin. -kAmoi, part, -n^gii, ai if from 

JUdfU, all in paaa. aouo, Mtc)t. 
To it aioitf (o coafntr, /uAAoriJCida, vilh a pun on tbe name of 

Ti> frotiaim ai eomqimw- 'iriinipilrait, Hii. Ste Ta pradam. 
Om ntf soafiw, rOnp™', Bur. 
OM ■hM ih< to amjimtd ^ oUd/wi ^mnrr^, c. gen. Sopb. 

"rffqutrliifi ivAti)«^x'*i "1 P'ld.; vu(^«^>, or, Pind. 

Tnig. ; 'lir^n^at, Pind. Soph. ; twutpiMit, Ttauc 
Omjiiriiip moriilt, Sifii&tipiat, (rroi, only mate Simon. ; tdftJl- 

vliapurn, or, Pind. ; ittfMfiai, arroi, d aal 4^ Pind. 
Omiiaen»i ti» mM, KfiigT^fitr, woa, i naiif, Pind. 


OjufiuTv^ oQ tfi^a, irBrSdftirvp, 0^1, only nuuc Hom. Sinuli. 

Soph, Ap. Rh. ; Td^i^x<»t °>'i ^kII' At. ; nyKf&T^t, /Eacb. 

See Victorious. 
A eonqnaroT, rpuucrV, ^jwt, i, £sch. ; Sj^cat-H)p, qpoi, i. Ale- 
man ; DdjiiAiri, Anac ; yiKo/iixai, if, A, Soph. ; JaiarSrqi, «u, 

4, Eur. ; nir.AADi, Ar. 
Bdoa^ag to a oonqmror, riieifHipm, Antiptl. Xen. 
Eiug to tougair, lix'ifirras, w, .£M:h. Xen. ; ii<pt>b-ai, and 

poet ripVbrot, or, iEach. Soph. ; tvKiBi^ot, ay, Thnc ; t*. 

Xvit^i'TOi, or, Hdt 
DiffieuU to it csBfaemf, tufx''p*'^' "'i Hdt 
An tutmy difflatll to be cowptsrad, tutX'Ifwfui, Itot, rb, c dat 

ConqOMt, rfnt, Omn. ; Arucpinfo'u, w(, 4i Thnc. ; x*W"'"> 

wt, ^, Plat See I'ictot,. 
ria proa ofBOKquBd, ri vijinrr^puw, Soph. Eur. Plat. 
ODiuugiuiilty, in^i'iia. Ear. Xen. Pisi. Iiac. Dem. ; sEi»ii(- 
h, Omn. Att proao, HdL, i.yx,umiit, Plat Dem.; 
4. Lyi. I ri auum, Thnc See Rdatiim- 

, or eoDiciaiuiKU, cnivroia, Enr, ; vtrtaa, «h, 4, Ear. 
Menand. ; irByttt^ffit, tut, li, Periander and Biaa ap. Stobee. 

CouetontloM, ttiaot, a, or, and in Trag. aometimea 01, of, Onin. 

ConMioni, atriamp, «pot, JEach. 

7b be eomidoia, rtrnlo, infin. mmitdmu, part ovixiUi, pla- 
perC mvjfStu', fut. ovrttirimat and onvf lA^ov [the conitmction 
ia ifiniSa ifiadrif^ airroAas oyotTfi, etc, uan. with part, either 
in nom, or dat agreeing with the wonoun, e, g. when n man 
ia conacioni that he ia good, i^i'la' tr tii iaitSt &r eir^ wr- 
tlSji, Soph. ; you are conicioiia that you hare not kept your oalil 
to me, irimrtd ■/ «i iii' vix lOoptos Sr, Enr. ; I am conacioaa 
that I know nothing, olhviia i/iMirf ovllr twiaraiiinf, PbU. ; 
aleo c.acc rei, ai — being conacioni of my own ignorance, rruvaiUf 
tliairif 'iiii^BH, Plat ; or withont anything after tbe verb, aa — 
nerer Lope to eacape detection if you liave dona anything wrong, 
for eien if yon eacspe the notice of othera you will at leaal be 
eonacionaof ityourielf, . . . &>■ td^i bAouf Ai^i atmrr^ yimr. 
tiUtavt, Iioc], Soph. Enr, Plat Xen. laoc Dem. ; ao irtrtnifu 
only uaed in 3d pi. prei. crurlovo'i, line Plat ; tryrtyrfriviof, 
filt -yri<ro^uu^ perf. -^ynmca, aor. 2. -4ywur, aa if from yrm/Ot 
conitrticlion like aimSa, and witb «>, ai — they were eonaciooa of 
haring done wrong, awiytvrar a^laa a&na Itt JtSucnii^t, 
Lya. Hdt ; aCina'rafia, only pma. and imperf, c dat pen. ace 
rei, Menand, 

CmiMI^t, i.e, a man forced to enliiC aa a aoldier, ifwyaaiot 
(iroA.afu»TJ(»), Horn. ; 10 imrpHurTbt, Thuc See Prttmd. 

■ 'tryliu, Pind. Soph. 1 icAMyfu, Ar, Hdt Plat ; 

t. ..J. . - . •.prfa,,ThBc.Plat;rtflMpA», 

TCfterf^ only of gnmnd. 

.Slach. Hdt Plat 


OmUMNtad, 'tejrroi, or, .Xteb. Sm H<ig. 
OnuHTated ffromd, T^^Hrot, rh, Omn. 
Beiongiag to coiHterated grotmd, ftfjAnot, Soph. 
Fonemag a amieen^td groiBtd, Tifumiixoi, or, Pind. 
OmUMStlT*, SitSoxM, or, Eur. 
OnHOntiTCljr, i^iit. Plat 

To lakt tOaaefir eonanif, tiir ary^w rayxAyVf tI%u, Plat 

To onuant, rc^, no pek Hom. Pind. Mtch. Soph. ; hthtim, 
Hom. Find, Yiar. Antipho. J&k\i\d. lu/rartin, fut -niiniiat, 
aor. 1. part, poet Kumiaai, Hom, Ar, Hdt Plat 1 lirim, fnt 
-iau and -^w, no perf act, perf. paaa. fni/uu, aor. I . ^r^A;r, 
etc., Pind. Mtch. ; ffinur^B, ^aeh. Soph. Xen, ; traar4u, Thnc 
Xen. ; irvrvinur^ c ace. rei, Xen. Dem. ; ov/cAf^Aoyiu, fat. 
-CnA^oivuu, pert pan, in act, acDB. -tttviiKiiiua, aor. I . -*tmi- 
tJfijpi and -q(DuA,4«i)r, no aor, I . mid. Bur, Plat ; nyxopiv, e. 
dat rei, K c inAn. Hdt Thuc Plat 

OMUmtiBf , ovrtrAiuiif, am, d nl i^, Thnc. ; to a thing, <r«W- 
niTM, or, c dat Hdt 

OoBMqVMiae, i. e. thing rtanltlng, ri ixotir, Tbnc. ; pL ri In- 
(oftvyra, Thnc ; t1 matriiAtny, c gen. or dat Plat 

Gnuafaiace (in atgument), 'SjcaXoi^itfit, wi, fi, Ariat. 

Tie onaef HSKU, eip. of an aaaertion or argnnient, ri M/ura, c 
gen. Plat ; ret tpfiiiUrTa, c ixi and gen. Phit 


Mi. Xm. I» 

Irnpoituea, Synt, So^. Ear. PlaL Dcm. 


compir. luperL Ttpovpyiatrtpor, 

^BTW.'Ar. Tbn^ X«i. Pl&t. 
Amd it it of mo corueqtteaoe to nifl, niifioi fiir o&Bti' rpcypa^ Eur., 

M Ar. Plit. 
n it i^lMt ea»Mtjiitaia, tit /uicpiv fjicfi, c gen. Eur. 
T%»S cauidend U of no comteqtanee at pretaal^ vpayfaa fiii^oi 

a&ttr ^i»Vu''« Ti xapa^uEo, HdL 

yov Bonadtr tAem of no eoiaequaBa, iC D&flfrfrr iroai^ Soph. 
7!iqr r»iuiifar«[ dflu afuo amaeqitoaie, n^ oUrhi Ihrrg, IS»^. 
It aoald ime lieem ofito eiuatipiaiei, np' oUtv ^r in, Eur. 

HenocsiHi wh coiuiifargiJ a nuH rj/" jnol OHIHfWBW bi) Bit iag, 

ir niyurrw TpSyiia Aiuuw^i ropi fioffiXA^ Hdt. 
To it o/amttqiieiia, BflSm, Soph. 
Tlmiiig tceryAtMg tltt □/" &>( ooh^wikb Ha* proeidaig aii^u, 

iu;iiirai rirra Sirrfpa ifKai t^ JUAa wfhi rb iwi . . . oV|iin^n- 

icofiliriu, Thuc Ar. 
CooMqimt, 'Ac^uAit, ar, e. g«n. oi c dit Soph. Pl>t. ; oiM- 

K6\outot^ or, Amt. 
OoMaquntiT, rf, Horn. Ear. Plat; t^ Ham. Find.; tsE, 

Hom. ; T^, Horn. ; (irtMti', Enr. PliiC ; tro/iiii^!. Plat. 

See Tien/on. 
OanMquntial, 'axafur, eni, 4 xol 4, Hdt. Sea Amgaid. 
OoBMqBMldalir, iirya^o^pircit, Xen. Plat 
OonMrfaUm, i^fn^o-n, mi, ^, Enr. 

OoDMrntiT*, ^tAarruib, hr, c gen. Aijrt. See Pmanative. 
la MBMTTB (euahln), rifirxt'ii, Hdt. PUt. Xen.; rporifl- 

Ito oeiuUn, (nvrlBifuu, mid., mt. 1. rurtAinl^iqr, Hom. ; 

pMopai, mid. Hoto. ; JpfuJm, onlj pm. and iinperf. Hem. 

Pind. ; rop^ipi, only prea. and lmpe)f. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; »/■>, 

Ham. Soph. Enr. Plat. Xen.; Imki, onl; in mid., c aor. 1. 

Cin act. tent. Soph. Eiu. Hdt. Xen. PUt.; mmaiv. Soph. 
Plat.; 'l^fpiWB.Soph.; liAm'ivuu, Xen. Plat ; ^fiZonai, 
mid., aor. I. poet ippueaiiair, c perf. pOH. and aoi. 1. pau. 
Ham. Hsa. Pind. ^ach. Saph. ; Ttpi^pii^/ui, Horn, ; latia^tfi- 
Cftai, He*. ; Hi>iia, Horn. Trag. Hdt. Plat. ; SiU^jivw, mid., 
c aor. 1. and fut. 1. pau. Hun. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; irXK^itat, 
HdL ; fpcriit, Omn.; rtpi^pofiit, Ai, ; ^rrl^n, Thaogn. 
Trag. HdL Xen. Plat. Dem. ; aximiuu, mid,, rare, oicept in 
fut. 1. and aor. 1., per£ paai. unt. in act. mhii., aometimBi in 
pan. Omo. Att. ; a*ariti, only pre*, and imperT, act. and mid. 
(no pan.), ao that axtriu and enirroitat an uied ai one word, 
BKoiita in praa. and iinpei£., VKJirro^iw in other leniei, and tbit 
continutt tnrangh all their compounds, Omn. Att. {"« Siriaiim, 
btmfiti rder to oniTcnal contemplatian, lo do iricnifsB, vxawloian 
to paiticnlar," Lin. and Sc.)j nipirKBuiie ,tiiA iitftaKirTaiiai, 
Soph, Hdt, Plat J tuunawia and SauniirTOiim, Eur, Hdt. Thue. 
Xen. Flat. ; trurnirwia and tmiaKhriBiiiu, Soph, Eur, Hdt Xen. 
Plat ; 'btamiiii and 'inaitiminai, Ar. Thut Xen. ; iiro. 
VKotiii and hmaKirroiiai, Soph. Eur. ; \ayiConai, mid., c. perC 
paaa. and aor. 1. pau. in paii. leni. Soph. Ear, Hdt Omn. Att 
proM t iiDurfl^a^ Enr. Hdt Thuc Dem. ; 'fnmfjriiiaiuii, Xen. 
Pkt Andoc. Its. Dem, ; kAayliaimt, Hdt Xen, Dem. ; n\- 
tMyfiofuu, Plat leoc Dem.; ■ardAarffivuu, Xen.; 'Srilur^ 
fsfuu, Thnc. Xen, Plat Dem. ; iiitjrfliofuu, Xen, Plat luc 
Dem.; 'iniAar/iimuu, Plat} frwriSfuio/uii, mid. Aich,; 
'SBpim, Pind. Seph. Eur. PUt; npiSBpiu, Flat.; Putra, no 
per£ Soph. Ear.; iwatXim, Xtth. Hdt Xen. Dem.; Mil. 
liioHBi, mid,, c petf. pau. and aor. 1. paaa in act teni, Omn. 
prow 1 Silfx'l"', niid.. fut -t\ti<ni/ai, aor. 2. -^Mi^ai 
ayoc. qAAu', perf, mid. niu. redupl, -tKiiksta, Ikc ; 't^ 
mid., only pcea. and impetf. Thnc. ; itupiu, Xen. Plat. I loe. Dam. 
Aiiaiiai, fut Aiieviuu, perf, patL in act leni. Plat ; SMtiaiua, 
" 1. Plat 1 'ijid^fpot, fit. -ilffo.,aot.l.-li«7ii(i,aor,2. --^iey- 

« vMdi mtv trougU to laa Ue^, iw / icwt 

r ifrUit ifui ffrdxor 


To coraitUr a iAv^ 
Xen.; Tfeq^ii, ac 

aad K, HViffus Pind. jEach. Soph. 
. »vca, etc Soph. Ear. Hdt Plat I»c 
, , m, ^Kh. ; Kplm, Soph, Enr, Hdt Thoc [ 

Wfw, Soph. Ear. ; tniaiuu, mid. Soph, Eur. Omn. pnae ; 
fy", fut tfi, impaif, tlxf, aor. 2. ('ix°*'i Thoc ; wauiiuu, mid. 
Omn. Att HdL 

To eoiuidtr qfltrwardt, /trra^pd^o/uUj Horn. 

To oomidtr btfonJtaud, wpofoitty and — o^ioc, mid., c aor. 1, paaa. 
in act unt Enr. Plat LjL Don. ; 'rpoaitam4it and irpasvfc- 
To^v, Sgph. Enr. Hdt Thuc. Xen. ; wfotmktim (alau in another 
penon'i cauie), Hdt Thuc. Xen. ; Hftt f mptm, 1i\ff. ; vpoKdrA- 
fiovAltw, fnt -fiiAin/utS aor 2, -ilftdjor, perf, -yi^iwitiia, Hipp, 

3b toHuJir ittidit, rpottiSroiniuu, mid. Plat ; <fKis(r0^u^Ofiat, 
mid. Ly>. 

7b nxuijgr « tis oMer toad, ian'(\ii7{(i)fuu, Xen. Antipho. 

Da / amiidrr hit diioMtiom iihrhi/ to aw, mtca lie it md 10 t Ip' 
^■AffyCfaiial r< afdt ri Bvir/Hrlr MaWw ffi^ivi ravT trrot 
oAxI )ua-/iirsvi ; Eur, 

II vtodt Cratm eomier iarm to, etc, irititat Kpatrai li ^forrOla, 
■Ikhi linuTO, if.T,A. Hdt 

OoaaldaTing, 'ixiSiiy (uaed in no other part of the rerb), b *fit 
and acE. Thuc. 

7b ii contidtred, 'imtct, Dem. 

One vaut aauidtr, 'iBpTfrioit, Enr, ; mrrier. Ear, ; trmfriar. 
Plat ; d-amr^, Thuc Xen. ; ^mrrr^, Plat Xen. ; n>- 
vimT^, Plat ; Kvyurrior, Plat ; '(hroAiryisT^, PlaL ; tw- 
(TKnT^f, Plat 1 IniwiTT^, Plat ; Jift^nrrisr, Dera. ; ifpn- 
rior. Plat; IioBiarAiv, Plat 

One Raw amMer hmda, ueitwrnvr^. Plat 

7b ie aomadmd, trurKrwrin, Thue. Flat 

j1 nijjaeifir eottideTatioa, itifri/ia, iroj, -ri, AriM. 

Out who coimdeti, fporrurri)!, aC, t, "■"■■■■'»« c, MC. m, Ar. 
Xen. Plat. 

A plaoe to arnddtr n, ffamariipiar, Ar, 

Ooiuid«r*U«, muiuoi, Pind. Hdt Itoc. Dam,; iiiimams. 
Of, Xen. : 'AJMB/nrrH TtiMie. 

CouidaraUy, nuir, Horn. Hea. Soph. HdL ; wiUjf, Xtm. ; 
irdpiroM', Thuc. See Af»d. 

Oouldantlcn, Xijot, Soph. Hdt Xen, Plat; nt^, wt, 4, 
Eur. Xen, Flat,; Aorfiaiiit, Eur. Thnc. Xen. PlaL; irtbiofa, 
•wi, 4, Eur. Thue. ; fpoirUiw drimiaa, ««, i^. Soph. ; 'JWUs. 
710-^1^, Thue.; tw^^i^/iii, £>chin. PlaL ; SuJo-jiKfif, «•>, 4, 
PlaL; ^frixftt, PlaL Xen. ; SWi «•'. 4, PUL; M4«nt, 
•BT, 4> Plat; irttiaiiiii, ins, rb, Xen.; AeiifnTirii, «M, 4, 
Plat; Atcipla, Flat; irvUoYur/ilT, PUL ; r^ftifrtt, wi, 4, 
Plat ; 'irikiiTm, Dem. 

7b tait nto ODnnitTafiaa, ^f hwkjyw toiJoiuu, mid, Lyt. 

Xaiptu- \*1«, XldfO' rfaor, X*'^* 

la eondga, SuICfafu, aor, 1, act -^Iwca, perl paaa. MliyMi, 

etc Thuc. Xen. Plat luc 
To oonalat at, ir^ivtw, impeif. <nvuc*l^t|i', fat WTKiloofiai, c 

Jv and gen. Plat. Xen. lucStcbin.; aMonyKU, pSM. e. pcil 

and plupert and aor. 2. act PlaL Xen. 
Oraaiitnia7, vr^t^t, irrai, i|, Ptat 
7b hm oowBtae^ awpi^o/uu, c peif, mid. ovrr^pa^o, PlaL ; 

ffCrltrratioi, paia., c aor. 2, fert and plnperC act in paiB. tana. 

Having no eauitteiKS, ^tMfibt, Ariat ; i^^dpii, Hipp. 
Conaiatant, iiiriiua. Soph. Xen.; 'irtiidf/nfros, or, Xen.; on- 

■iitenl with, Tp^rtw, oiwu, or, gen, orrot^ o^c^ii ate, c gen. 

ConflitaiLtiT, tim^iwi. Plat Ariit 

OonaoaUtlas, Ifinlo, Onm. Alt and Hdt See Compa m mJiip. 
ConaoUtiim, ripirr^pqfui, Atoi, ri, £itji,; tiifnTtofia, £ach.; 

>«pd^w. Soph, Thuc Plat Tbaoc. ; vdlpifiMM, Xen. Plat ; 

irlp^fiX^, Eur. 
OoniolktUT, rifiryofos, ar, Si^h. Ap, Bh. ; tiftl*^''^ ^VP' • 

sji^i^iii9irrbc&i, AiiiL 
Conaolatinlly, «4p(iTapIiiA, Hipp. 
Ts wnaoU, TapJVuMvuu, mid., '" - "- ---■^ 

Digilizoc by 


Soph. Hdt Thnc PUt. Iwc ; nifitr/ofiit, ud -<f<«, mid., no 
pH. £Kb. Eur. j ipcnryopim, Eur. ; irif9i^;i;Dfuu, mid. Theoc 

Tc it amioltd, ■wipSM^miuu, oul; ia pm. Eur. 

A acquoUr, >V<)7<^'> ' ml 4> ^ph. 

Ob* iwhI ooiusfi, «%4^w«irr'i»'. Plat 

To MMOlldkte, irdio^ Ariat. i mipfSm, Xoi. AriiL ; mi/aruic- 
fif, Hipp. 

CouoSBiUB, ippirla, PiDd. h. JEieh. Sopfa. Flat.; myi^M^a, 
Pbt. ArilC ; i/ia^nia, AtuL 

OnMliant, rififmrai, or, o. d>t. or e. pn. h. Soph. Ar. Flat ; 
gfcy tfa , v, c dtt. Eur. 1 TfHJtfilst, or, Eur. j airauXoi, or, Eoz. 

CtBtMaaU, ri 'jt^ora, Eur. 

CaueMBttr> nyt^nu, Pl>t. ; cnyi^woJiTMt, Plat 

Cnaart, l/nvw (expm*ioD oicd bj Adnietn* of Aknti)), t nl 
i,EiiT.iitiC't.Or>l,i*«Hl,t:ar. Stt Hiabaad, Wi/i. 

To MBMWt iri^ J^^, e, dst. Omn. ; rpoitifilUK, c dat or c 
vpkt and ace Thcogn. Eur. Thuc Xm. PlM. ; /irfoiil^^, c. dat. 
Hdt. ; ir\i|o-iif«, no petf, c dat. Sopb. Piat. ; Miii(iiitat, mid. 
0- dat. Soph. J DV/yJ']'n>^i4U, mid., fot. -fyfr^o^pu, aor. S. -ry*- 
rJfiifr, c. du. (C c prep. Eur. 

Coa^lcwnu, Tipdncnrac, ar, HiHn. ; 'ApifpU^i, Ham. Tfamc. ; 
*iM<Aai, or, DnljoTapboaDriiUialion, Horn. b. Pind. ; hri- 
^w, s ■"'> sod 01, or, h. Soph. ; tuhrpniiii, h. Pind. Enr. j 4i- 
■pfT^ii £icfa- Soph.; tdrptrTDf, or, JEacli. ; ndy^f (a irai 
vied oltenett long bj tbe eailf poet*, thongb clearljr ibort faj- 
■oalogy, and ihorl in h. Tbaoc otc. ; in ibe Tngediaiu the 
quaati^ i* alwaji andodded), JEick, Ear. ; n^r^nrroi, ov, 
Ear.XtD. laac.Dcm.; '(Tj#X*irroi, or, Eur. j T«fii^4ri(i, Thot ; 
Arifjb^j, Tfauc. ; iHinRmii, or, Ap. Rh. 

3\t te eomipiaiiiat, rpiwm, onlj praa. and impnf. Horn. Hea. 
niid..<EKli. Sopb.; hihipiiit,. Ham. Pind. Theoc ; iiofiiwm, 
Pind. Trag. HdL | iiimftru, ^ach. ; Aitftng, no perf. Pind. 
£Kh. Plat.; tW^ofrofuu, paai. Pind. Thnc; wtpitKhtciiai, 

Qmtpiaiaafixm eifvr, TrtXt^Ma, Horn. Pind. Ar. ; TiiA^amoi, 
mi. Hea. Sopb. ; rtitjferrn. or, Pind. ; ■n^AifSroi, or, Pind. ; 
nikory^t. Soph. ; r^Mwht, ir, Sopb. 

OMqtMumily, Idrpnwi, Dem. 

Oeo^dKrar, rh-iqufffa, Ar. Thoc^ 

A tBMMfiniat, atrmitiriit, SMi. SojiL Ar. HdL Andoc hj*. ; 
tbe mu^Hnton, al avnariTti Tbnc ; ol wrTtrirYiUnt, X«n.; 
ri ovnoT^umr, Ar. ; ri ovrtontait, Thnc. 

Ta e w p lr o, oM/in^, tone) from -o/iiit, -oiiim, Mte\. Ar. 
HdL Tboe. Dem. ; tHriaiatua, pau. e. perf. and plupeif. and 
■or. 3. acL Ar. Thoc Xen. Den. ; irvaTpi^/uii, pau. Hdt. 
Thnc ; oirytuWw, fat -mivn, no perf. Dem. ; iFV/upwria, Ariit 

7b mnnrt inli odtrt, rrvYcoBvXoY^ivuu, mid., t dM. Dinareb. 

Caitlbl*, ^oCtatrtoi, Ar. Thnc; iigiiiruH, Ar. 

OHUttBOf , 'fVMvq, Plat. ; rh 'StirrSKiMrrer, Xen. 

OaaitiBt, fitfaiot, a, or, and 01, ar, Omn. Alt; fMiiM, ov, 
Soph. ; ifi^ioroi, or. Xen. ; 'ixbrnros, er, Eur, Thnc Xen. Dam. 

CbwbtiU, L e. oHidnaal (q. t.), M«X<x^r, Imc Plat. 

Coututtr, MuUxiit, Critia^ Plat ; K*r£rir(in, Imc. 

To ie ea ntoatfy doing any (Ui^, M^fti, only pcea. and imperf., c. 
part Ham., hkI wntatimet this conitmction ia inrerted, ai — ths 
nightingKle ia aonalantlj linginf, iilriptnu Sd^^oiKTa iqlUr, 
Softi. i tOiTtKim, fcl. -^t>, c part Tbnc Plat laoe. 

A aoaitallMion, rww, Stm, rb, Ham. 9opb. Enr., in pi. rilfta, 

Oautenatlom )^i, ri, no pi. Ham. Tng. Thuc Xen. Plat. ; 
>*^ Aroi, ri, Horn. Trag. Hdt Thnc ; tti^i. Ham. Hea. ; 
fMoi, Omn. ; nArgrk^it, «ai(, 4. Thoc ; iffiMa, Eur. Tfauc 

*, brq^ on) J prea. impetl fat I . and aor. in act 
I., aor. 2. perf. and plnperf. in pax. aena Soph. ; nSBlimiiu, 
vinn. Atb ; wA|)^h, imperf. n^rxor, aor. 2. Tdpn^or, tut 
•wmfiim, perf. vapfa-xiiica. Plat ; trSrlon;^, eqi. in poai. c aor. 
3. etc, act in paia. mi. Plat 
AMSititBtioS (of bodT-or mind, etc), nTamrnrJ), Enr. Plat; 
Ha, tut, i. Plat AriW. ; (of a itote), mKirila, Tboc Plat laoc 
Don. ; irim^ffia, trot, ri, Iioc ; vx^im, aret, ri, Thuc ; 
rirrq/io, ftrai, ri. Plat 
Ch u t ita tM (of either men or itatuj, wrdffrdffu, t«, ^, Tbnc 
Xen. Deo.; tirtiaii, Plat 


.^ bad MBriiMua (of a roan), <<ix*t^ Pl>t-; (of* italo>,KamM^ 

^ ^Doif DCmdaulKiii (of men), <i)(lB, Plat Iioc jSachin. ; (of a 

itate), rivofiia, Horn. h. Pind. Plat. 
Haring a good amitilalioii (a man), tiucrlicii, Flat ; dtrofut, or, 

Pind. Plat. 
Hatrnff a bad oniWaftni (a man), Kix*i"^^i, Oalen ; (a itale), 

iribcitrD/iai', ov, Hdt. 
To inM a aniliftituM, iroAlTi&it, Thnc, often -^fioi, mid., c parf. 

and aor. 1. pan. Ar. Thuc Xen. Don. 
T\/ hOBe OH B^ganMeat cautHutioii, iroUrc&t Kor* JAtYdpxuir, 

Oonatitatloiial, ToXfriaii, Xen. 
OwMtitittiwaUy, toUtImui, Ikm. Dem. 
Ta oourtnln, fiiJfd (man common faowerer in mid. than in act, 

in uu*. only prei. and imperf. and aor. 1.), Omn. ; SlWuffofuu, 

mid. Eur. ; ■f«t<uICo/uu, mid. Eur. ; vOtUkI^/ibi, Thic ; 

•irtrfKiia, Omn. Att ; tUSivyiidi<i, JEkAi. H dt ; Ml«a^i>4{<a, 

£Kb. At. Omn. Att pnae ; KdiKraTinifiiL Thnc lue. ; Tfoi- 

ararinlfog, h. Omn. AtL proie ; SOrrYiciia, Plat Xen. 8«a 

Oonatnint, ''Myiri), Omn. ; 31a, Tng. Xen. Dem. ; fita^iM, 

Bang eeattraawd, 'i\ois, aor. S. part from iidcmiuu, bociomd 

from i/jt/u. Soph, 
To ecmitrnet, tiim (of any urt of building), perf. paw. IMSfur- 

/loi, Horn. h. Hdt; ffunrtr/rviu, Pind. Eur. Ciitiaa; Wfri. 

iiiiu, aor. 1. -Wi|icB, pert -riBtam, aor. 1. pau. -w»qr, Hdt. 

Plat i •fKpBim, PUt See To bidld. To iiKub. 

«"*, «M, 4, Plat See Afoitiv. 

Eaning. JHfvi^Hwnf, «>, *, PLaL Sea ft- 

Ta MMUtrae, Ipttntim, Sopb. Ear. Xen. Plat See 7i> imerprtL 
OoofabcUnd^ 'i<'«*v4>> Ahu, 
Oenanl, ■pdfuvt, upliad to Niciai the Cretan reudiog at Athena, 

and looking after the intaroala of Crete, Thnc. 
A Romaa eoiuiii, CTfSnrth, PoL ; 'trim, Pol 
Ta ii oimnl, '(Mrijit, Plut 

To be oollaagm in Ok anuidMp, rvnnmnim, t. dat. Plut 
Ooimlar, 'hrArlkii, Plut 
Tho •oninlahlp, 'CiniTtla, Plut 
To eouiolt, avii^C'l'^ mid. c. dat pen., aomatimu c. icc ref, 

aor. 1. poet av/ilppacvdiittr, Horn.; hifpofiu, mid., pre*, only in 

Hdt; (the Attic wrilen only lue fut ^p^nfiw and aoi.S. 

^fxlffl)!', eip. of conaullingaOod, or anomda, etc), Sopb. Eur. 

Ar. HdL Tbnc. Xen.; hrtfnrria, Udt Tbnc Xen. ^ichin.; 

KOirdo/Ku, e. dat pert., tameiimei c ace. rei, JCacb. Soph. Thuc 

Xen. ; 'JirdMirdat, c daL vEich. Ar. Xen. Plat. laoc Dem. ; 

/wucoinfofiuu, mid. c dat Plat -, i^ttfdAAii, jn aor. 2. c dat 

Xen. ; miiemhtiaiuu, mid. e. dat Hdt Thuc Xen. 
Ta connit an oracU, xp^h'h '"■(i- "■ i^ Horn. h. Eur. Thnc. 

Iioc ; xptiariipidioiuu, mid. HdL Xen. 
A OOBCnlting, infirvru, Hir, ^, Hdt Thuc 
7b <iffir a mcrifioe b$ w*ie* to oottaU tiU Godi, rmmKiitw (ac 

USalar] dovdofuu, mid., fut doiriaoiiM, Ear. 
Ooiwaltatlon, ffaiXmrts, tut, 4, Atiit 
To wmnima, ^u, imperf. t^ier, fut ^9tm (F in eomponnda, 

AtL f^Affo, I Att) [n.b. — thi* aor. 1 . i* the only tenw a*ed id 

act aenc by AlL], Hom. .£ach. Soph. 
7b RMHiiiM (aa fire doca), rifui, Hdt ; tttitofiM, mid. and paaa. 

Hom.; aubxi (later, a* love dorn), Horn. Ap. Rh.; kAto- 

(Tfi^ (alw of lore), Hom. Theoc ; 'triKia, Ear. Xen.; 'bi- 

Alnit, all time* eiapt imperf. brarowed trom 'trittiit, Eur. 

ThiK. Xen.; irOvBhlffing, Tbnc; 'dvaiir^i^s Hdt; '«>o{it- 

pobw, aor. 1. -aff^wa, Call. 
To anaate ie/brnbnd, vpaudAirxv, Thuc 
To cammmt betiiUt, wpotiratdoKit, Plat 
7b ooawiH (only cf oooauDiing time), itikrirflga, PlaL Dem. 
To b» wwMd, nKTtiKVMi, only in prea. Horn. ; ^ftSu, only 

prec and Imperf. Hom.; ^Im> (I Horn., (Alt), c pn*. paaa. 

^Ofioilnot in Att), pluperf, ^fAiiqr, inlin. ^WvAu (aor. 1. mid. 

«uhj. ointr. ^4^^'. 3d aing. ftfrro, Hom.). Horn. Pind. Soph. 

Enr.; mms^lm, Hom. Pind. JBiit. Soph. Eur.) it^trm, 

in pluperf. pan. Horn. ; 'traooyi^ofuu, Ap. Rh. 
Ta be eonnrntd bttid—, vpotomo'^fiJofKU, HdL Soe 7b dtitng. 


Ommnud, HMrrii, Soph. ; 3iiiif»T, or, Soph. 

Eau'ljl eonaimtd, fM>'i\»Ta>, or, Ariit. 

GMUoning (u fin, or Hmaiimei w Mm, etc), lUStjhoi, o 

Coanmnjr (» ore, c&lunitj, love), 7Vw<ifp«, H«. ) lirffKfui, 

or, £ub. ; liK^Sifuis, w, Soph. 
(biiKunuij; (u diieui), SiUipot, or. Soph. 
Cuunnptioil, i. c. ■ coniiiming of, «tc 'SiiKiKm, «tT, 4, Plat. 

Onutmptiim (diuue), •pStirii, («, i^, Hdt) ^M), Fist. Inc.; 

^rii (iSat, i,) risat, Si>ph. , 
7b ie commplirt, ^iviliiii, AriR. 

Ooimmuiuts, IAji i a coniumioKte blunder, SAav 'Stidfinuia, 

;., TiXiCawii, mi, li, Aritt 
end, (q. v.), T^f, ri, Omii. 

OonUat, 'itpii. Pint. 

To come <■ amlael idti, liiyrCiuu, c diE. Hom, Piud. ; in<77(y- 

rofuu, fnt. -TiMiffofiai, nor. 2. -tytriiaiy, c daL or t prep. Eur. 

Thuc. PlaLi Sirrs/iu, mid. c gra. PlaUi Tponpo^ c dat 

To tmUlA, tfya, poet. Ufyti, Atl. i1)r)Vi p^' P>**- po*'- 3d 

pi. ffXim, ■omctimei in act kiil, Kmetimei c ^nkt or ifi^ 

Hon. At.', tdkrix'; inptrf. iaTt!j(ov, fat. JcOMfig mid nro- 

»X*»w. aor. 2. lAnvxtr, no aor. 1. nor perf. Horn. Enr. HdL 

X«n.i KtM«, up. in perf. mid, KiKtyOa, Horn. Soph. Eui.; 

XwMiw, fal. xtirofiBi, perf. fc^orSa, aor. 3. (xw"* Ham. 

Theoc.; Fri-/a,TiQ perf. j^Kh. Ear. Plat; X"?^ '<■'■ X«p4- 

■TDfioi, Eur. Ai. Hdl. Xen. Dem. 
A eonUinar, a thing which containi, 8xa>. Horn. 
Oonttfallngi >ciB«n-Tje&i, c. gen. Ariii. 

CbatouBi^ ai/ liiiigt, mrf»x*'. P'*'- f™- 1 »w*»'itT»v<S Hipp. 
To OOBtamlllkto, /uoInD, Omn. ; KiTiiualm, Pind. Plat.; 

Xfnliw, aor. 1. Ixpirn, etc. Trag. PlaL fuxAw, Ar. Iioc. Plat. 

Theoc.; AufwlHifuu, mid. 1. c. perf. pau. in act. •ei». Ear. 

Dtm. ; EAMYfCv, Soph, (inteiprete EllendL) ; cv/t^-Silpi, Ear. ; 

Xf^i<*t in !•»•■ Eur.( Kvra^iw^ni. Iioe. Plat. 
*— ' — '-—4 (of a penon), rpairpjinuoi, or, *»ch. See Poi- 

■il7«t, Ti. Soph. Hdt. Thut ; lAan, t*, Trag. ; 
fudiTfio, Atoi, tA, Trag. Plat. Antipba. Dem. 

To Oontamtt, iKtyx^, no perf. act. Horn. ; lArintht, Hom. ; 
■JW«p(f«, fat. -/<r», Hom. -Jt-, Ap.Rh_c.aM. Hom.,!. gen. Ap. 
Rh. ; •t/rtppporiu, e. b«i. or c act ^Iich. Eur. Ar. Thuc Xen. 
Plat ; «ATB^fwr^B, c. gen. Eur. Hdt. Plat. Iioc. Dem. ; itJ- 
ytpiu, c. gen. Thuc Xen. Plat Dam. ; fovAlfot, Xen. Plat ; ir 
ivX'P" T^WS Soph, t iriklT^fiif irvi^fuu, mid. c, ace Thoc ; 
(it Miyaiplv rptmiiai, mid. c. |ten. Thuc; tAl^iiptii f^"! C' 
gen. oc c K^i, lue. ^Khin. ; oMAfuS A^, oJiU^ nV^C"! 
JEtch. Soph. See 7b (tapbe. 

On nut conltut*, iKSymftrr^i', laoc. 

A eontamnal, hrepdirnit, iw, d. Soph. Thuc. ; 'S/riiuurriip, ^pas, 
i, MkU. 

To eostampbto, ^foi^'*, Omn. ; wtpl^pariit, Ar. ; ftwrrffu, 
Theogn. Trag. Hdt Xen. Plat Dem.; mtirrBiuu, mid, rare 
except in fut. 1. and aor. 1., pert. pan. uin. in act. aente, tome- 
timtt in pui. Omn. Alt ; vmniiit, onl; prei. and imperf. act 
and mid. ^no pun.), 10 that o'lroWb and tnthrrofuu nn uted aa 
one word, aiait^it lupplying the pre*, and imperf., and imirrii- 

andthii continnet through all their compoandi, PInd. Omn. Att; 
wrpuTKorii and irepio-K^irrofiAi, Soph. H dt. Plat. ; SivBKoiria 
and iuuntimiim, Eur. Hdt Thuc Xen. Plal. ; htuncawia and 

■ hrtvtirTOiuu, Soph. Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat; 'iraaKOtim and 
imairKirrviiai, Ar. Thuc Xen. ; tiroinnn'^ and iiwaaiihrrBitai, 
Soph. Eur. ; awKawiv and inwWrraftai, Ariat ; dtupiti, Xen. 
Plat Ihc Dem. ; mirtnifiv, AriiL ; dede/ioi, fuL i&eAnvioi, 
perf. pau. in ad. (eni. Plat ; toBiioiim, Xen. Plat ; (" aa Aedo- 
luu and Atmfitt refer to nniverul contemplation, 10 do itKaiciu 
■nd ffKhtTOfi^i to particular," Ltd. and Scott.) 

7b eontn^Aiis agtu», 'irtSttifif. Theoph. 

7b caOemf^altfiom abort, iditiBtaipiii, Plat 

Om fflWf amlaifplate, atcnrriat, Thuc. Xen. ; imOKmior, Plat 
Xen. ; awKtrrior, Plat ; d*ufirriet, P^i. , SiiBwriai. Phit 

Conton^tiioa, rit^ii, laii, ^, Eur. Xen. Plat; SHtoKn|ni, 


Plat ; Mo'ifi^ii, Plat Xen. ; ^tAfVtt, tmt, h, Phit i ^^vW 

Plat. ; inhura, «i, 4. Plat 
ContamplatiTg, Attiftr"Kh, Plat Aritt 
CantompoiBij, i. e. bom at the lame time, eitntt, i tal ii. 

Ham. ; tAi{, Limi, i ical 4. Horn. Pind. ffch. Ar. Hdt Plat ; 

dfiqAjf, Horn. Hea. Eur.; aiii^tirrftt, or, c dat Seqih. 
A bodf <^ comUmporanf, ^Alicl^ Hom. Piud. .£*ch. Plat; 

t/Atfiullia, Hom. Ap. Rfa. 
Oiir cuHdnHpomnu, ol KofT ^/lof, Xen. 
Hit oint ronjaapornnetf ol Ka^ tmnhr, Thnc etc 
Oontempt, iXlympia, Hdt Thuc lioc Dem. ; nirS^ifirtivu, Aft, 

i, Thuc. ; KiTS^piyti/ia, droi, ri, Thuc ; 'Uoyfo, Hdt ; '9np- 

«4'lii, Thue. Iioc. Dem. ; inpnfdvla. Plat 
A* aetioH/or aaUmpI o/eourt, JfouAlIt ttmi, Andoc. Dem. 
Contonptihlo, btHrrht, Hom.; imrii, Pind.; 'itrlt^itAsi, w, 

Horn.; 'iri/iirr", «*, Horn.; irlfuit, ar, Hom. Tng. Tbnc 

Xen. ; ^f^vrbi, Ear. Xen. Plat ; kir6Ttiias, er. Soph. Hdt ; 

'iriHaaroi, or, Memnenn.; liiATu^nrroi, sr, Xeo.; aftrA- 

tftCAi|>tAvi, luc: 'in^wi^f, Dem. 

OonU^tibly, i:iiTUi<\i)/i^i, iiac. 

Oonttmptaoiu, ixfyi^i, or, Hdt lioe. Dem.; inpowrticit, 

Dem. ; KirriipponrrhAs, AriM. 
C011t«D9ta0Ul7, hrJfKnra, Si^h.; i^lyipml, Xen. Plat liOC 
Dem.; icftnS^ponrrunat, Xen.; hrepmrikM, Xen.; KtrArt- 
fpontujTM, Dem. 
To Moltaad, iidpriiiai, mid., only pre*, and impsf. Died not onlj 
of warrioti, bat of competiton in boxing and of diipntanta, 
c dat or 0. prep. Hon. Uea. Pind. Ear. ; /ulxoiiai, and in Kom, 
liix^of", with part fWxei'^rDf and /lax'^iiwot, fut fuix^ 
aafuu, poet ^x^<^o^ui, Att fuxotfix, aor. 1. J^x'^^^Mf , 
and poet iimxiaoiitiir (alao aor. 1. paw. iiiaxt«9iir, Ap. Rh.), 
need of boxen ai well at of watiion, c dat pen. or. c pRp. in 
■enie of againit, imla c gen., M cdat., vpiic ace etc. Hnm. ; 
Iqplifuu, mid^ fat tnpUofiai, alu aor. 1. pau. i^ttftr^jfr, Horn. 
Pind., and Arrpfii, Theoc ; Srrpjdo/tu, tometimei c dat. pert. 
Horn. Ap. Rh., and tupiia, Pind. Ap. Rh.; ipiSaiim, aor. 1. 
if9fl<riiitiy. Ham. ; ipttyiiia, Ap. Rh. ; tor priiei, or with vordi, 
not in war till Ap. Rh., c dat or c. prep, Horn. Ap. Rh. Call. ; 
Iptlioiiai, mid. Hom. ; iplfUp fut- -^"-t D«- -^t "™1 Ji il 'tct, 
nf battle 1 often 0. dat of the mbject of the conteit, e. g. t^ 
in archery, etc.. or c. ncc or c wpi and gen., alio c dat psra. 
and inlin. Omn. ; (pilit rpo^dfct, Hom. ; 'A/uAAdo^uu, mid., c 
dat peta. or c prep. Pind. Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat ; SmiuiJMfimi, 
c. dat or. c prep. Plat ; 'ftyagrffbfiBi, mid., fuL 'tyu^n/iai, 
oftenei Alt. leyarioSiuu, Ear. Ai. Hdt Thnc. Lya. Dem. ; Sww- 
rffofiBi, Thuc Xen. Dem. ^ichin. Pind. Plat; ndTUaiixr 
(lit to dtttxnd into the anna), only in aor. 2. carMiir, port 
KoraAlt, Soph. Xan. ; iiSfiixf", I't or in argument Thuc 
Xen. Phit Dem. ; m-BrefrB, up. in aignment, Xen. ; Iwnf- 
rofuu, mid. Plat. ; 'peMfei, Theoc ; i^iiaim, only in pre*. 
To caitBid wili aaolier [h.b, — the following wordt can hardly ba 
uied without a dative or prep, and ace. of an antagiauU, though 
msit.if not all, the preceding Terbi admit it], irpoixUiita, Pind. 
Plat; rftd^uMdo^uu, mid. Eur.; toAi/uu, Soph. Eor.; ■rra- 
ymrlCoiau, Hdt Thuc Xen. Andoc ; wpattplti, Theoc 
7a amtend taik amotktr jot a tiag, irrhniiiaiiMt, mid., t. dat, 
pen., gen. rei, or irepl aiid gen. Xen. 
To coalmd iteudinglf, 'iwipliiirtlmiiai, Dem. 
To (Kmtfnd a^tvut aa acaitatiom <^ nun^, 'dTwrffo^coi ^dror, 
One muif amttnd, 'iytcrurrior, Xen. 
Oontoat, airdpaticL Plat. 
Contented, alrrapir^t, Xen. 

OonUnted^, airapiiiii, niperl. drapKivraTci, Xen. ; '^t}itnp»t. 
7b be foiifgmted, *iySiw6tty c ff or ^i, c indie, or e. eAr, ffr, 
c aobj. or c. dat rei, Horn. Ar. Plat Lya Dem. ; oMw, fat 
-tan and -^<n>, Pind. JEicb. Enr.; oWpri*, no perf. act, perf. 
mid. (arepya, very rare, c ace. or c dot Tug. Hdt. Xen. Iioe. 
Plat. Dem. ; ifKim, fut -Vo'a, and -e/uu mid. Soph. Hdt Plat ; 
iiapKiH, c dat rei, or c. dat of oneael^ and fan. in nom. ate, 
or c part alone, Pind. Ear. Ar.; 'iaaxpd^ioi, patL c dat Hdt; 
'i^dir^At Ix-, imperf. elxw, fnt •£« and axham, aor. 2. 
la-xoii, no aor. I., and perC tci; rare. Plat. ; ip*'' f*' (>>nd fu. 

XteL), JEicb. Soph. Xen.; ifofiiti itcL, HerodoL AnUpho. 
/ aai ciMMad trilk iavag, tx'"""^ l^ltftiovf ifoi, Eur. 

4^M(r •Atm, Dem. 
ru OatOni would fa endnK nCi (fa eoMMMt ^ iaj^ Jyisi 
«4l inxp$r Jrari ri (fuffu fr)w^fooun, Hdt. 
Om miut fa oufnl, (mpcrbv, c dtt rei, Dinucfa. ' i y fa ffi^f 
'oTi. c (I, and indie, or Hv and luhj. Plat. 

' t, ^u, I>M, acc i>a uid ir, ^ Onn. ; fiix^, Horn. 
* oj, Ti, Horn. Find. Trag. Xen. PUt. Itoc ; Tipaxil. 
I, •«, 4, Hdl. put. 

I, ttnpa, IBat, 6 niii. Find. ; f EXA^mi, or, Pind. 
, PUL Ljl; iraM>v«uri|t, Mte'b.; ^HKIrtx^hiuir, ons, 
' Kol 4. luc LjL Dem. ; ftdxtrEcli, Ariit. ; fntpij, AritL ; 
fa«X»*i. Theoe. 
Oaatantloulj, ^IXilnxAi/ufnH, Plat.; fiEXoKilntt, Xen. 
OoBtHltirailUM, ^OicnatU, Omn. Att pnua; fE^Arix^- 
fuffft^ Ikk. Dem. 
Ta fa eoutaitUmt, ^O^onucim, Time. PlaL Ti 

•ntiOBA, SI 

I. Hdt. 1 


OntMt, equ. JB pNblic ganw*, a contest of (kill. etc. U0\u>r, 
Hen. ; M)Wt, and contr. iU\(i, Horn. Find. Tng. Hdk Dem. 
.£Mhiii. (20Xai tile only form in proae); itthar, and contr. 
ma>, an. pL Hom. Soph. Eur. Xtn.; 'Jh^, wot, j, Omn. ; 
'*Twk, Piiid. Hdt.; fi<x4. Find.; '^uAAo, Find. Omn. ACL 
Hdt. ; 'iiiiXKivm, Sirn, -ri, Soph. ; 'iffinat^ >Kti, ri, HdL 
Thnc ; tp6fiot (not conhned to ladng), Pind. ; «o iri^iq not am- 
fined to wratling..£HA. Ear. 

A platafir a eotiM, 'frj^, Ani, 1, Hn. P. Thnc 

In watMt (hare, or enter into a eonleit), MK^m and 'M\t^, 
■nd kitKiti and 'd*A^ (the latlet the ool; Att. fbra), Horn. 
Pind. Soph. Eur. Hdl. Plat.: 'd^uVuiivuH, niid.,a aor.l. pau. 
Find. Eur. Hdt. Thnc; Xen. Dem. ; Siipulo, Pind. j 'dTwvIfb^uu, 
nid., tilt -Airoitat, Att. -wiifuu, alio to conMt a law-iuit, a[t«n 
e. Bcc cogn., aometlisei in pau. to be eonteited, or to be decided 
after a conteat, Eur. Hdt. Thnc. L71. Dem, ; ifjttmiiaiiai, £iir. ; 
'AjevMi-, Eur. 

SniaaailatiMdiegiidrliiB On^a,haag lit atlgaombaUml, gong 
to tmter am wUk Ifa fun, roforSi ■wit.itr, iiSmi if IptSfti, itgwritt 

To ia« a pmiau comW, rfcAytniiiaiiai, in parf. paM. Thoe. 

Thjima a a eonfak, atrtrrmri^im, Omo. Atb proae. 

Omt aiouM mat mgagt ta a eaitnl tf pnde, xHl • ' - '^^u^Aar Ait 

fx*>* ^poF^fwroi, Eur. See 7b mmtmd. 
Ohm maM iaes a eoutat, '&)wrWT<ar, Xen. 
<^ aniif ioM a ^mnoM enCM, wpoiyti^ivriry. Plat. 
Abi^9^ lo a mteit, 'ary^ma, or. Find. ^ich. Soph. | UWuoi, 

•r, Theogo. ; 'kimtcriiAs, A/ill. 
SeaJf/br tuerf nrl i^atOal, ni^jc*^, or, jEnh. Flat. 
Omo wilt ntftra <■ a tmtttl, Ifttpot (properly a third, wbo takes 

■p tba eonqnerer, bnt ^ao sinpl;). Find. Xsch. At. ; 'iymnariit, 

at, i. Ear. Thnc Deoi. .Xaehin. 
Omi ink) aUm on a raittit against othen, irriytirtai i>i. Ear. 

Xen. ; with othoi, aWtrftmrr^t, Denu ^Mhin. 
Qmti w BBery tort o/" eonlai, wayitii'Iroi, a». Soph. 
Om (sia firtnita oner MM/erii, 'A7wnlpx>Iii w, h, So^. ; 'trjiro- 

Mtv, w, J, Hdt. See aaaut, Judgt, Umpin. 
7b prtaide over amtedM, 'teftmitTia, Thnc 
OMtaxtoM, irAwri), Eur. Plat 

ftmUtnitj, rerrorlo, Plat. ; TcirvUirit, wi, 4, Ariit. 
OnUfnou, rpJixfpoi, or, Omn, Att. Hdt.; *f6nvfies, or. 

Soph. Hdt. Xeo. ; ^laKAot, or. Soph. ; rdfioucai, w, Tng. Hdt. 1 

»Ai)o'i^X"P"i "'i Ar. Hdt Thnc. Xen, Plat-j lirou«t, »r, 

Soph.; wpiaouar, or, Hdt. Thnc PUt.; Sftopor, Hdt. Thoc 

Plat. Xen. ; airfrXiifei, or, Enr. \ iiiaifioi, an, Ap. Rb. ; of a 

houae, 4*i^roixo^ or, JBteh. 
OmittMoa, tytifirnii, Xsn. Plat. Itoc Dem. AriiL ; amSpootrti, 

Plat, ArisL 

■or, d Kol ^ Theogn. PlaL ; 'yiyAriri, Xen. 

PUt. AiiM. 

vm^firms. Flat. ; lytifiirAt, Plat. AritC 
it, ^/cpirefs/uu, mid. Ariit. 
maislaiid, ffnipoi, 1^ Onn. 

' Conlluatal (belonging to the continent), iimpirThihs, Xaa,, 
fem. jy™*'*'", IBoi, ^ (epiih. otwiXu, elt), Hdt. That 

Bom H, Seiai; on (fa aiii(i«ii(, 4ir>ifW)vi4li, .^Each. 

A dmilier oa (fa eemUmtat, ifrttfiinit, air, d, Tfaac Itoc 

7*0 faroow a pari 0^ (fa aii<i(iiHB(, JKcp^fWi in pei£ pan. (of 
what bat formerly been an iiland), Thnc 

ConHsgmaj, av/i^epi, Tng. Ar. ; t6 tCx^, gen. ^01, Plat. 
See ^a»i^ £«■(. 

Contiagant, i irrmtrmr, i irrSxio', oMrn, ar. Ear. Thuc. ; I 
T«x^> P'ot. ; ri trifitairar, oftener tA tniittt^t, Xen. Ariit. 

Oastiniul, (SinfAoi, q, ac, and at, or, Horn. Ap. Rb. ; dirrxht, 
Eur. Thnc. Xen. Plat. Dem.; ItATtX))!, 9oph. PUt. ; MfXtx^s, 

Co&dnuUy, 'a«l (also aOr, Horn.), Omn. ; 'Aff*, Horn. ; tim*- 
I'll, Horn. ; Bilnxii (v Mmetimes poet.), Horn. Pind. Enr. Hdt. 
Tbuc; &^i*x^, contr. -x*i (I Mmetimet poet.), Hes. Udu 
Thnc Theoe. Ap. Rh.; rVrfj^r, Het.; Mt\<x*>, PUt. 
Xen. ; 'iiiamiartit, Xen. ; tA riKovt, Ear. 

A Mnttautioii, nv»44in), Hdt. 

X* ttontliiBS (inlnnt. of an; action), Kfi", Xen. ; 'tworufiti, 
Pind. ; sa a man eoDtinuea to do anf thing, tiirim, fuL -Ocrof, c 
part. Eur. ; tii/nxiit, fut. -it'll, etc, c paii. (which it the niuat 
conttruction of all ¥etba in tbii lente), Omn. prose; 'Ar^if, 
imper£ hriixor. fat iri(/a, aor. 2. tmrxor, do pert or aor. 1. 
Thuc Xen. ; tJtya, no pert, aor. 3. ttfrrtyor, •omelimea c Jf 
and gen. Xen. Dem. ; tiSffiyroiuu, mid., fut -fytrttaoiim, aor. 2. 
-rfiriit^, pert -t*>iwb, also peif. pan. -yryirT^iai, Xen. Dem.; 
ilifUm, often c dat, ore irand dat, orintnne. sintoi. Thnc[ 
Hiftirm, often c dat., or c. M and gen. PUt Itoc Dem. g 
^^v, Ar. ; Tpitiju (-lAw), jiart. wpaw, impart wpa|fto', no 
other tentei, FUt 

To amtiaaa, act. (lomething ilrekdf begun), avnlfm, only pna. 
and imperf. PUt. 

OondKtioiia, taptaik', Hera. See OirtuinJ. 

Ta oostDTt (etp. one's coantswuKa), vOfi^Mw, fat. -ktam, aor. 2. 

r. FUt 
To eoairaci (marriage, frisndihip, etc), riitrfm (alio oted gms- 

rallj), Sopb. Hd t. Flut Dem. 1 atittrri,, no perf. Enr. ; irv^iCdA- 

Aa/uu, mid, Xen. ; Mtmpioiiai, aor. 2. iwiamXiiair, FUt 
Tb caatratt lodoaag Au^, fyyotMim, c. ace of the thing lo be 

done, Xen. Dem. ; /uatioiAai, mid., e. infin.. or c Mp and gen. 

Hdt. IiSB. Dem. 
To iavt doat for OK* bf eeatmd, AwofuvMa, c infin. hex. tif, 

7b oomlratt a iMl, mAA^. 
He eoatraOtd a kabU of talUi^ auui, 4 woAChvyia nrt\tym 

idiTf, Xen. 
k oontrtwt, aviOiXaiar, nto. in pi Xtm. PUt. Dem. ; avrtfH^ 

Andoc Dem. 1 virr^a, mi, 1^ Dem. ; hr wivk to be dona, 

IfTftKUia, Itoc ; trttaliiJrfiia, Aroi, t1, Dem. 
7*0 jRm a (mcJaMvui a jab to do bg eoatrael, iiMimiu, aor. 1. 

-Auto, puf. pata. -jMofioi, etc Dem. ; alto USlSiiu acrk rvy- 

■ypa^r, Dem. 

7b make miilaaC amtriKti, avftfilyrOiu miiiMikaia, Plat 
7b nadMafa a work if eoatra^, inAxiiiMiriB (fnt. -Afifiofiai, aor. 

2. -^AMor) IpTor, HdL 
7b mate a aoalract, drav up a amiracl, wyrp i ^o/Mi, mid. Xen. 

7b trmk a tmUrati (towardt any one), nifimrrypi^iie, e. aoc 

pen. Dem. 
Tkepria oattracUd far, iilatmiia, Sma, rb, Hdt Den. 
Wliat iKqr fa ooatradrdfor, or dame, atlatortloia Am bf tmt- 

troA, luatii^iiMj, Lex. ap. Dem. 

Oontnetsd (of ai 

tniraal^ Banks, stc), -rfofn^tfiirot, Xen. ; 

Caatractiig anylUag, VToATiic&f, e. gso. Aiiit. 
A. OQKtlMtOT, iri^Mtot, Flat ; i luatmrifitrot, h 
To eontndiat (a penon), irrtTwor, ontj in 
~ , etc, c. dat pen., or hi laj a thing in 
£«h. Soph. Xen. PUt Itoc ; to irrtfS ht, part fanpw 
pourrot, etc, pell fanlpiiica, fat mid. ArtiipiimiiAai, ii 



c. uc, cap. of oooliadicting vatttlC, HdL ; trmmo^ayitt, c. iu. 
No out aill aadraJiet jtm, oCru . . . rtxa IfJti, Ham. 
~ "I a fid, or m ohuMm, ikpWofuu, mid., c tat. 1, pBM. 

.., c. iD&n. at c. M and iufio., or c Vri b6, At M, c. 
put. Omll. See To Jmjf. 

tt «• oaA, iiMwiiaiifu, Mum from -apjn, ^ti *f , 


UsMaf/, fii^TisraiaAaylste, 

OontndlBtOIJ (m > i^ort), xbiTyAHetfaf, w, Pisd. ; Mttmi, 

. e. gen. or c dnt. Plat. 

B» uotm amtnulieiart bali ta fkaiai ami to hh, ••fCfi ti id^ 

^t •yfnirV iyvAfi^rtt, Sopli. See OaAuiy. 
!• wmtndirtbigiiUh, ian-itnip^ aar. 2. -^w, AriA 9m 


k, tupur^i. Pint. See i>u(it<«iab 
Ow i tt Ml rtr, ^Hrri^i, qT«, i|, Plat. ; ina^luais, wi, if. Inc. ; 

irarrtiiia, irat, rb. Plat. 
OntmOr, Avrfon, PkL Sea Cadraij, infia. 
0mtni7, ttrrwi, c gen. or c dat. (aln cl|, ai *n»di ciniUuy 

ta what I hnrd, A^i brwi <| oti fjcuvor, Xm.), Ham. Pind. 

Tiag. Hdt. Xea.; iwirrm, amatnurtioii like that of trrm, 

Sii[£. Ear. Hdt. Thuc Xan. Plat. ; 'drotlrruu, c. dat. or e. gen. 

Hdt Xen. Plat. ; ri xUtv, c gen. Pind. JEtcb. ; ri aad ri 

fftrlW, Ear. Hdt. 
Oaiirarj (of wind). Ssfd^i, aan. pL Suiofan', Hum. ; tffnesf, or, 

conlr. -ovf, -wr, Soph. ; 'OiruMi, or, Hdt. 
Otamd if OMlnirjF »■■(«, iin-i wraot, m>, ^ich. 
Ow^nuj te jdbmI to, ^l^uAnt, or, c gen. Ear. 
{^ (ta ntteM ilm dome oagMmg amtrary tt Mr nfere^ (f ti 

MiMAtr wiwfioicTia Siffaleu *pji( i^uif , Dam. 
AiidltlmiomeUMillieeimlrarf,iafikr$t6tgw4Air, jCkIi. 
Ail iww nyt tie cBmtrary, I/itbAw A^k Soph. 
73a eomtrary to yomlk, nirrt rh irdXir, Pind. 
Omlrmy to, ptep. nyik, betbra a Towel *mf^ e. Uc or (late) c 

gan., alio eoatiw; to the will of; Ham. Ap. Rh. ; 'ftrkp, c ace 

HiHD. ; «V> <- ace Horn. Pind. JEtiik. Ear. Thnc Xm. ; i*l, 

c. gea. Soph. Thnc Plat Dem. ; ttf-a, e. gen. Soph. ; wipi, and 

compar. TtpotT^pci, c gtn. ^ach. Soph. PlaL 
OamtTurf to (the Datura of), IJh, e, gen. Boph. ; nhv, Horn. 

Micii. ; fywAMf, c gen. Pind. Hdt. Xen. ; alto aa adT., I hare 

a contisrr apiniim to what thef hava, iji yrifoir tjc* '<* fyiu- 

Xir It oWm, Hdt. 
TSigr ntTtoitd hg lie eontraiy road to Hat bailor to Bidjieii, 

iwmifxifiivmw di TofyMi^ir | rfii BufaAwa, Xen. 
To tmbne* Oo aanOrary opmhit, Tofyxalur rfata fptrbr, Eur. 

Oomlrarj lo nj> txpedaluim, toarq^imv ivrii, Eur. 

On IW amlms, id, Udib. MaA, Thnc. ; oSre, Ham, JEicfa. 
Soph.; irdAir, «»oh.j ToMrrMr, Hdl. Xen. | h T^i iarliii, 
Hdt. ; ii bwoarpof^i, Phil. ap. Uem. 

7b ie eomtnrf, iria^iiofm, paaa. e. fdt. nid. Soph. ; irat 
(x*, f«»- *K impert trxor. aor, 2. fax<v, no aor. 1, per£ 

Plat ; of the wind, ^miotrlitim. Soph. 
To maUaiit At eaitntrm, imrjci^iafiu, mid. Thac 

toproM Oe amtmrf, irrnrix'ifii^ AritL 

OnitnM, 'Kmw(a>ni, *w, it. Plat. ; 'An^ufnrt, aMi, 4, Plat. 

T« Mmtraat, dmrllaUrv^ Xen. 

A MntnnallatlAB, drr^fxir^w, <T«t, -rh, Thnc 

I* MKtntWM, ii^tarm/iMi, mid. and paia., c perf. pluperC and 
aor. 2. act, c dat or e. wpit and ace. Omn. Sea To epfote. 

To MDtlibBM, cvtiffym, fill, -ofcrw, and oftener -aJavfui, aor. 1. 
-^prfln,Mt. 3. -Winnw, no praC .£M!h. Soph. Hdt t n^M>>.- 
Aofw, mid., c ace {onc« c. gen, — but many thinga contribute to 
tbia fair, oi^dAAenu II nAA^ raiiSi tal/arot, Eur,), often e. 
•I» or wpit and aoc of the pntpoae, Eor, Hdt Omn. Alt prow i 
•o eHrimiiai, nid., c gen. Soph, j tiif^pB, Omn. Aa pcoaa ; 
atrmwBpiit, c gen. of the nntpote, lue. Ljcnrg. Dem. ; ffw- 
TaA^ fht -iirm, Dem. £aehia ; 'ptrfCn, Antjpho. Dem. 

Tb oomttOmta imilmd, irrta^ifm, AiMt 


Tb oaBoet eaOriiiaioiit ^vm, 'pArI£t>, o. ace pen. or c npl and 
dat PUt Dem. «aehin. 

Contribnttng, rwrikiit, Dem. 

Mot c wfr ititfBg ow'i akm (to a teaat), 'bifiCaMi, or, fichin. 

Coab^bnUon, fpOnii (eip. toimrdi a feaat, or lappon the poor), 
Pind. Thuc Xan. Ptat Dem. j ilifopi, Omn, Att proae ■, wd)>4- 
xwrfr, Thnc. 

A volmHarj tomttihmtum, Mtoaa, Hit, it, Dtm. fiachin. 

A eottribiiiom to a picnic, trv^iCaX^, Eobal. 

A enrinhtfKW (enphemiim tn a tai), irfcrafa, wt, 4, Imk. 
joint oaufnhitKA, iraT^Aeis, Dem. 
oolloctimg <feomlrilmtiom$, Jplifni, on, 4, Plat. 

A oontelbnMr (eap. to a feaat), tftitrriit, Ar. 

OoBtzlta, fi*rVeAirI«it, Ariit 

Oontlltloii, /imtrnw, Soph. ; /irrtroa, TbuL Xen. Antipko. 
Stt Iteptmlamet. 

OontriTaaM, fnoM, Hf». Tiag.Thut Xen.; /on:*"»«. *"«, 
rb, jGich. ; v^M^it, Haa. Tba^. lEttb. Soph. Ar. ; vJtur;»»s 
*roi, ri, Pind. ffiach. Hdt Thuc, j icipot, JEt^. Ear. Ar. Hdt 
Xen. Plat Dem. ; ■r^X^^ *ach. Eur, Hdt Xen. laoe. ; rixi^fu^ 
Stoj, Ti, Xan, ; iwMxyvra, eat, if, Thnc ; ^pirruriui, fcroi, 
vi, Ar, 1 iSpirfu, ATot, ri, Soph. Eur. Ar. Plat Dam. ; etpcau, 
»«, i), Plat ; /tfifnuui, Eur. Hdt [ iitipim, Hdt ; «^>ow, 
Ar. Xen, ; trO^nVlia, irat, ri. Soph. Xan. ; nAmramaWfili, 
Dem. ; ■JtavntdtoiTfui, ibrat, ri, Dtm. 
I BOHlrircmat im oppatitioii, irrlrixi'vra, ani, il, Thoe. 

T» eoatrira, roAOn^, Horn. -, ^p<i<a«iai, mid., c perf. and 
aor. I. i*B. in act aena. Horn, ; jirifpiifofuu, Horn. Hea. Hdt ; 
rteralnfioiy mtd. (and rtirridvu, no perC act, Ap. Hh.), Horn. 
Soph. Eur, Plat ; rrxrioiuu, mid. Hom. b. Soph. Ear. Thoc 
Xen.; ifr^tn, impatf. <fpnwr, aor, 1. frn«s Horn.; iprvC* 
(« Lid, and Sc,0 EUandt), Hdt ; impetf. mid. V'w^ip', aor. 1. 
mid. Vwdfuii', aor, 1. paaa. Ii^tM^, in pua. aena. no other 
tenaea, Horn. Hdt ; 'V. in wr- 2. *lpi#w, part. 'if4(>*<', Horn. ; 
^irrm, aor. 2. priaa. ^^Mfif*, etc Horn, Eur. Hdt ; 'CfwW, 
perf. act, Tery ran if erer oMd, Ham. Piad. Soph. Ar. Plat ; 
lApfinw, fot tbftiim, aor. 2. ilpw, other act leneea rare, pert 
paaa. (B|»ifuu,aor. 1. • V»i|i', etc, alao fiit. mid. tipi^aiMi in paaa. 
aena. (aor. 1. mid. ipipiifnn', Ajoth.), Onin, ; (iip-Ii*™, mid, fill. 
-Jn^Hu, Horn. Pind. Ap. Hh. ; /iir"*". and oftener -iy«i, mid, 
onlj prea. and imperL Ham. Ap. Rh. ; n^tfioiun, mid., aome^nieB 
c gem. ace, aometimea c infin. Horn. Pind. £ieh. Soph. Eur. 
Ap. Rh. i lufiiVfii-, fut -It«, Horn, i ^nxJWw, only in |ma. 
infin. aad part Horn. Soph, Ap, Rh, more »»n. /mxivdafuu, 
mid., G. pert put- either in act or paaa. aena., bat oftner In 
pan. (>nn. ; rtfiiaixMioitat, Ham. ; n>»ifpi(fafi«i, mid., c psf , 
.. in act lana. Hea. Soph. Ap. Rh.; "^ ' - 

... • T-»g 

Dem. I it^iraffiip4m, only in prea. aine oaa. JEtA. ; wcfii*, no 
p«t act Eur. At. Thnc Xen. Kat ; wpim. Soph. Xen. 
Andoc, Dem. ; wKtai, XKb. Bdt. Ar. ; t^ivfiirKm, Tiag. Hdt 
Xen. Dem. ; ^{dmifrfnw. Soph. ; ^mrofiJfat, Eor. Ar. ; a^a^ 
/b^rrw, .«ich.; witJiiMfOU, mid. Ar., litevp>«iMas h. | 
Itd^itXvdofKu, Ar. Pht j nvifCvdit, Ar.; iftmrrlQii, Hdt 
Plat. Xen. ; fc^porrifw, Enr. Ar.; wepl™^ Ar.; i{na«flfw, 
Pkt Xen. J *tinim, Hdt Thne. Plat ; inrrjcriofuu, mid. Hdt i 
Imtxrioiioi, Thnc ; rinaiCoitat, mid. Hdt ; nmcni^, Dem. ; 
rvrriairm, Dem. ; Ttxi'^'*, and -o^uh, mid. Hdt Ih. Dcna. ; 
ffft*lW™, Hdt ; aerlarniu, onlj in prea. impeif. tat Bad aor. 
I. net Hdt Dem. 
rh ramtrirmfir oHar^ k^^o^M, mid. Soph. 

a fir amaOa; rfiatrrim, e. dat pera, and inSn. Soph. 

lii am 

7b laiato' lo amlrin, crti9^ c. aec or c all and ace Ti^. Thne. 

Xen. Plat 
7*0 eemlTHK (AnWy, <re^£<i/«Ui mid- >»d pMh in f—- mol Soph- 

paaa. in act and paaa. at 

7b amlritu nattifiilf, kAtopMb, Eut, Xen. iidc i/rm 
To contrim hefinimd, irpewfo, and -aiiat, mid. c aor. 

act aeni. Horn. Eur. Thne. Xen. Lja. Andpbo. 
To amtrivi betide*, ArS^ifxlr^afui, Hem. Hdt Xen. ; 


riapoL, .Xadi. Pkt; irp«nt«upknt, Incj ^fanr^taftitiat, 

Tt oH/nM Offoiut a ptmm, Arifi^^iiu, c dat. Horn, 
Tb (»tfnn n appotiiiim, irrlitifxiriaiuu, c rpii wid tec Ear, 

Hdt. Thnc Xan.) itriTixnio/uu, HdL. 
Ta cohMr (eifi oUcn, (nv>^(^ Sopb. ; (rvprnrralnfuu, Pbt. 

7a sgatnta tflmd, aimrx'>i^&^ no pert Thnc 
7*0 eaUme, i. c hit npon ■ codlrirance, Ti/um 'ipo*, Mn:\, 
OiiimHiilamlrwe,^pamrTi9r,Eia.i iituprriiir, P]iit. ; ft^xt^ni- 

riur, Pbt. ; TtxriTTiaT, AriU. 
Om mail ontfrwa tifiirAmd, rfora^iar, XoD. 
A doatliTV, it^j^ndr^i, », j, h.; iTD^irH)!, su, d, £(ch.{ 

nx'"^'^^* i^pl>- Bar- ; tO**l^ MMck. i Hifiiii(fiiot, One 

Bpnd Hdt. : ttpiriit, m, i, Pisl. lane ; fcm. tipiris, Sot, 4i 

SopL ; «iAaurH)i, dD, A, Soph. | ^firyirHii, aS, d, Dem. 
Cbnr at eomtTivmg, yafxj^iiita. Soph, g fiq^inrrliiii, Xan. ( fu^ 

flilBtnl, L t. gaxmiiNit a4 tight lo contiol, Kf^et, ri, Puid. 

Ooui. Atl. 
Satf-ttminl, iyKfArtu, Ar. Xcn. PlkL Iiac Dem. 
To aoatrDl, icftT^x"i impsrf. icftrttxn, foL nf ifor ud mroffxt'ii, 

■or. 3. idrtrxtr, poet Rur. 2. aUo nariaxitaii, Onm. ; (Iw aO- 

tiirjiit in piet. >nd iinp«i£ Hobi. HdL ; utd Korw^lbw ftm. 

uid imperf. (all dillitait fomu of tfai mm wind). Ham. ; Kftr 

riti, c gen., •omitima c tec Ear. Xen. PUl. Inc. ; twTkfSriii, 

Thnc Inc. L;>. ^ichiTi. See Ta goDtrn, To mtnia. 
£09 m amm/, iBUtrtii, Dem. ; riniiiKni, or, Xen. 
DifieMU ta amiral, iirndBtKrin, an, Xan. 
Owtmardal, Ififwfvrrrhii, Plat. ; dtrUeTwbi, Ai. PUt, 
ContnraniaUj, irraayinii. PlaL 
CDB tWwra j, ifU^urUrmaii, •■1, 1^ I(0C Den. ; irrO^fa, Hdt. 

Xen. PUt. 
A r min g a attjttljbr wfr m nri y, ^IfifurCirr^l^i, or, Xan. Plat. 

Til ie (i< mbfnl 0^ amtnt^njf, itn^iat^iaiuu, pau. and afian >■ 

3d nng. prea. ai impen. Thnc. Plat. Dem. 
To aon tr o vMt , ifrTXurli, c s^ and act; awl infin. Soph.; irrl- 

Xtju (often with imtpa ai the fatan), uw. c. fa ei, or with' 

sal ■)>, or c. aec of the italemeDt made bj the apeaker. Soph. 

Eur. Hdt. Thnc. Xen. Haa. Sea To itwg. 
OntBBMioiu, 0T^tt, Horn.; rftaia>>iit, Boph.; IvmiMir, 

Plat. Xen. ; w^tpot, c. spin and ais. Plat. See Obitmala. 

' ', artpt&s, Uodl; irrt^i, Xen.; SiimloTBf, 

r, fiXonuilB, Thnc PlaL 

nw, 'JUptarlii, av, adj. and lubaL 4 vol At Omn. ; 
•an, 1 ml it, He*.) 'v4>iirTsi, ay, Ar. Pheraiz, HdL 
'iirpUTuii, PlaL Xan. Dem. 
neftoH aitHM, 'StptaitoL, -itrot, rh, Eur. HdL Xen. 

', 'ilfiaTucmi, Xen. PlaL Dem.; 'iatXyAt, At 

, ff>iM<li£, tYy*t, i^ Horn. See Srwue. 
mat, 'diwlBvla ar fwjtrlo, Pind. Theoc 
ComlMmnt, 'Jbwroi, poeL bwiroi, or, Horn. HdL Thnc ; ek 

Ta Mm*«n*, AoAAIC*, aar. 1. poeL Uuurin, Hem. ; intrffipl^ 
luu, mid. Horn, j 'ilfaipH (perf. paic. ndnpl. "ii+itpjuuX Ham. 
I^Dd. Soph. Ear. Thnc Xen. ; irvriTil-)w, Hom. HdL PbL laac 
£acbin.; fffirtrv, aor. i. rednpl. -ir^^y, Horn. HdL Onin. 
AtL; nyKi^im, tut. ^lAiaiB, pei£ -c^icATiiia, Horn. ^nfa. 
HdL Thuc Xen. laoc. Dem. See raoamUe, 7b nmw». 

OoBTHtlMMe (of a IhinB (or a porpoaa), iwtr^ltiinii, ifria, 4, 

ar, £1 

7b it tamimital, ifiiiCa, c daL 1 
imftn. Pmd. St^ih. PkL Dam. ; 

apfi6Sii, Xan. ; auii^ifi, foL ~-a(i7», aor. I. -^nTao, nor. 2. 
-^rtTKor, and eip. 3d ling. ai impeta. OniD. AlL 

To In Mry eem r a n' i a t, '<nrtp«wcupAt, Hipp. 

CoDTeilinitlf, wpafyTm, Ear. Plat ; aviipipii, compar. -irtpar, 
-ttTaTov, 01 -Atotm, Eur. Thuc Imk ; iwm^tUtt, UdL Thuc 

A MttTVntion, wrturta. Mom. Ap. Kh. ; oMtaa, in, i, Pind. ; 
mrtffnii JEtch. Omn. AlL [Hvae ; ci^Mait, tut, 4, Eur. HdL 
Thuc. ; vMiifuu «Tai, Ti, HdL Xeo. ; rtovfiMffyla, PlaL 

QHmaQnud, aMtrn, at, HdL 

Ta eoBT^a, nwilrrivui, pa««., e. fuL mid.~fii{i|Uu, twe 
hTer>, c daL Horn. HdL ; avrrfixtt, fiiL -if^itkiuu, pert -St- 
tp^qao, aor. 2. -^tpVt ^P^ HdL ; oiriirTtm, mid., Milj 
prea, and imperC Find. ; nifi/ifyii^iiai, paia., e. firt. mid. -pUfi- 
ILot, in paM. ami., line caa, or c. diu. or prap. Plat 

A oon v i r ga a et, irapd^Aofii, ««, 4, Thanih. 

ConTBTging, vvjixMir))!, 0. «! and daL £acL 

OoiiTsrMiit with, 'Srtmf, «pot, t, c. gen. Hon. Haa. Soph. Eur 
PlaL i (IMi, via, gen. iSSitet, titvtia, etc, c gen., aonulimaa 
~ ' " " ' , e. gen. iEaeh. 

1^ etp. familial, amorooi eoarerw- 
Hom. I iu'^oti oflener in pi. Hem. 
Soph. Enr. '; Hfvi,' Heai L PlaL Ap. lUi. ; iipur/iln, Haa ; Ki- 
ytl, ap. in pL Soph. Eur. HdL Thui:. Xen. PlaL ; Ktinci, Soph. 
Eur. HdL Anth. ; StlAoTDf, PlaL ; iitlwaiH, i, PlaL AriaL ; 
jfiOio, Dem. 

/dia eaatrwi&M, \Krxv*iii, PlaL 

A fiaetjor eaimrtatiat (a low diirepnlabla plaoe), Aiirxq, Hon. 

lie eel ofcantnaHo*, 1) wpoiifiiX^bc^ PlaL 

CoamMtlawl (belonging to cooraraitian), \tKTuit, m.; 
jfinnric&i, PlaL 

Tit mlgti* ^ BDMamlioM, adj. fUMX«i >') HdL ; J/U^wu, 
ftrai, ri, PlaL 

To ooATOrw, li^tfiDMi, c. daL Hon. ; ^^, etp. bmiliar!;, ai 
loten, only pne. and imperL, poeL impeif. contr. iafiCtrmr, c 
dat. or c prep> Mowtiinee c aoc. cognate, Horn. h. ; Ziaianr, 
infin. tuHi'fu', e. daL Horn. ; 'Ipfofiaiiai, nid. Soph. ; IrroiiSdit, 
IV aec pen. Soph. ; SioA^yofuu, mid., c. fuL 1. and aor. 1. ftM. 
& dat or e. piep. Ar. HdL Omiu AtL proia ; vfeAM.iy^ian, 
HdL PlaL ; ifiikUt, c. daL or c piep. Hdt Xen. ; svrr^nvuu, 
fuL -Yar^ofui, aor. 2. -rytriiap; perf. paia. mrfyry^nfiiai, a. 
dat Eur. HdL Thuc. Xen. PhU. ; ou^i/ifTrvfu, e. daL or 0. prep. 
Eur. Xen. PlaL ; rutaptiiiiyruiu, PlaL ; lid^wteJktfy^ PlaL | 
SuMTpteii, Plat ; im/yx^'i'', fuL -ri^ofin^no aor. I. or p«f., 
aor. 2. -trlix'r, Piat ; irrrvyxi'^, PlaL ; al» n]iijif>viuu tuk 
A^Twr, e. dat pen. PlaL ; iriiKtmf /liitar, A^yoifi, or X^jmri, 
c dal. pen. and aometimei e. gen. pen. Soph. Eur. ; ririmt 
(Ci \6jaiii, e. daL pert. Eur. 

Wla/ da jni oomcrw «ntt littt beatitt r( rotrti vwrtr is X^^svi 
rail aqpliu ir1il«i*T>tt, Ar. 

TVi BMnraa ta prnnte uiiU, 'DioAaY'sfHU, mid. c dat PlaL 

To amttrti pn t i amlf leiA, trpo^iaxv^afS mid. c dat Hdt 

The eonTWW, iviirnoi, (hnn. AtL 

OoiiTaiM^, irrtoTpai^iius, AriiL 

OnmdoB, utrajTBO^ Plat ; in logic, itn-iorpo^ Arift 

To oonrcrt, iirr&nltii, perf. -a-^iAi, in pau. atna. Ar. Xa^ 
PlaL Itoc. Lji. Dan. ; in logic, imrrpifit, AiiiL 

Eatilji eomitrtti, n-prnit, Hon. 

Ootmrlible, fm-oUUrrii, or. Find. iEtch. 

OonTOX, Kifn-tj, AiiaL 

Ooaroxi^, ciwr jrqi, TTv^ K AriiL 

To oraTOf, ^)M>, ftiL afiTv (not found in indie, in Um., ihongti 
he haa an imper. otir*, and an in£n. eirJ/ui', ofa'^Hni), aw. I. 
4frfuc4 Bom., ^rr^va AtL, aor. % ^nuaw Hon., iirrymati^ 
AtL (all theae teOKi naed aiao in mid.), dhofuu aaed ■ometimea 
in paia. aena., aor. 1 . uua. irtix^', Omn. { ^op^ infin. pr**., 
alio pof^rai and fMpi&inu, aa it bvm ^<fp>l/u, Horn. Eur. Ar. 
Hdt Fiat 1 iRi^(£a', Ail, fuL ofieu ko^ Omn. ; h*i, fuL 1. 
mid. in pau. aenk Ham. h. Eur. Hdt Xen. PlaL -, 'ift, aor. 2. 
fydr/mi, aor. 1. and peif. iyioxai ^eiy lare, aeldom owd of 
caoTejing nmiirte thingi, Omn. ; npfliai, no pert Pind. So[^. 
Enr. Thuc. ; vapSfia^, no pert eap. acroM water, Trag. 

raooMvef oenia, tiiunwilt*S Thuc Xan. PI«LlM)Ci hlmipiim,Xta. 

To tamg aena uater, tOittfaiuim, HdL 

To oom^ aimif, hanfiiifi, Eur. HdL Tkoc. X«i. 


To eimrry hf ^eaWi ei dtctU, iiacKtwTu, Ham. XtcTi. Soph. Thnc 
Co*BfgiBg taiflly, iirftinijiiro!, Br, Eur. 
CoBFevivg pmplt, Xao^pas, w, Horn. Theoc ; Ador^poi, or, 

A MoWfnM, or tmiTaylAg, fop^ Sopl. Plat. Aritt ; 'iryfyil, 
XKh. Soph. Thne. 
A eoHPtyutg utm^, ^irirofLlBf}, Hdt, 
A a u i v t i p n g aetva, tiiUafilS^ Thue. ; rapiuiii)ilSii, Thuc ; ripi,- 

To eonvlat, 'A^o, peif. pui. A^Aryfuu (not of lpfi>l oonvic- 
tton), c pnp. nnd gen rei, or c ■«. pen. Hnd &i c indic, in pail- 
often c. part. Eur. Ar, Xen. Plat. I»oc, j i(,t\trx-. Soph. Enr. 
Ar. Xen. Plw. Deni. ; iiifrro, no perf. MkYi. 

To eonvielf at a tpeoitr nmriett a perrm bg argitmenl, \. e. provt* 
him lo be H and to, nctToIi^ (uied olni of lent comiction, bat 
not in Altic eipmiion), fat. -Mow. peif. -iMtra, elc, c tec 
and iofin. HdL ; ^QtEicn^ c arc. part. Plat. L^i. Antipho. 

To tomrirt of lepai eolmetioii (a* a pnwecutoc conyicti), nJrJAt^ 
tint. Tut -Kfyoiiai, perf. -fbt)^ anr. 2. -^xUw, aor. 1 pau. 
-•A4^h)r, Antipho. ; olp^at, c. gta. Ri, Plat. luo. Drm. 

pTomcuiBig tin on •ainjF osinte ie comcltd him on aoH, roAAAj 
Tpo^ii tiiifcil Miliar (IXtr, Anli[dio. 

7^ eotaiet, ai a judge or jurj eonTicta, irffraxfifVTor^v, c gen. 
prn. and inBn. Deni. ; nftrofif^fofiai, e. gen. pen. ace. of crime, 

7b It cOBBUied, 'iwixiyx"/""^ pau. Anliphn. ; 'JUfrTMOfuu, fnt. 
'bitmifuu, aor. 2. MAor, opt. ^afqi', etc, ai if from SAnfu, perf. 

JdXafra, all in paH. leni., c. part or e. gen. of the crime. Soph. 

Kur. Hdt. Xen. Plat. Dem. ; ifkunitm, fnt. i^fiati, aor. 2. 

i^Aiir, no aor. 1., perf. fi^qica, e*p. in aor. 3. c. gen. of the 

erime, JEach. Ar. Thnc. Plat D«ia. 
T*a 6e amdcUd of <t cafilal crnK, ipXirtdim SUcrir barJemi, 


To be eomnetfd ie/bniami, rpoiXlvKOfiat, Dent. 

Convicltd nairdfrrrt, iaXmKArti mi ittoyniroi IfSpd^KU, Den. 

Btil ^ dartd lo «y liai I tnu tumridtd out of nj omit minth, 

MX/tnn J* eiwtit la iyii toTi ipm/rini xiroit ttptwiurm, 

Oanvletioil, KkdWij, wt, i), Thne. ; 'iXao-ii, wi, 4, Flat. ; 

lAta^tit^'t, "", 4i Antipho. 
Omrielioit, i. e. a canricling decition, i«Ta;i:cif»Tovla, Dem. 
OMnE^iaii, i. e. certain belief, alvrit, h>i, ^, Omn. poit Hon. 
To OMITiiiOO, a'efihi (aor. 3., both act. and mid., alwaj* witfa 

ledupl. in Hom., air^lVoi', irn-iM^iii'], pert ir^nifti, alnyi in 

pau. tena. Omn. ; rpai«tli(a, no perf. Ar. Plat. Xen. ; idpi^, 

aor. 2. elXav, Hdt. Plat. ; •SraytiiC-, PlaL 
To eamace a pertoa laid bring iim over la oiw'f tmm cfmion, i/ar/- 

■■dfUHi woiioiuu, Xen. 

Who oa it cow w ' j tfaf, optn lo aumeium, fMrtrtioTar, or. Plat. 

WAo aiHHt i> oamineed, 'btUwDi, », Plat. 

Diffiealt to ht oonrwKf, SMb^niirrai. sv, PlaL 

OcoiTiiiiditg, iff^<UJ)T, Xen. ; 'imr/Kvet, a, oi', and or, ov, Plat. 

OonTiitdnglj, lir<^aA«i, Xen. 

In order lo ooneiwn jwii, irioTifn|Toi iV;i£v frtan, Aodoc 

TlkHubi^ Uui Hit um t^ moit mavnetajr itiW ^(U^waenf, n;ul- 

fw Toinii' T^f iir^ilAdiw diw Xi^wu, Xen. 
OoilTiTUl, L e. belonging to fenili, dairirJthi, Xen. 
Gmviriul, i. e. fond of feaila, flXJu/ui, or, Simon. Hel. ; ^io^ 

COiLflTlaUtr, ({wxia, Ar. Plat. Xen. See Feiut. 
CiniTDMtion, iacXTiiiia, Eur. At. Hdt. Thuc Xen. Dem. See 

To MSTiAa, wyKSXiu, fat -KiA4m, often Att. -»a^S, mid. -co- 

XDUfuu, perf. -c^icXi|Ka, etc Horn. ^ich. Hdt. Thuc. Xen. 

Dem. ; uiAXfyn, Ear. Thnc X( 

' »>», MkI. Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat laoc. ; nlpftir^/int, Xen. 
Dem.; avitrporiitn, Ar. Hdt Thac Xen.; niitifiwinwii, 
JEkHb. ; 'SrSxiitwM, Thnc ; rdpaxtv^C"! ^i"'- ^"°- i 'ii*«K^ 
flic-. Xen. 

A aonroj, i. e. body of mm lent to oan 

X6xti, Xan. 


in pL 2Eich. 'Ear. Xen. Ii 

A MSntjlag, Tdpri), Hom. Eor. ; Tfwnfnr^, Xen. ; viyiaaivmi, 

Lei. ap. Drm. 
To b* MOTidMa, rflU^B, Xen. ; ffni««u,pua.paf. Imwfuu, 

OonTiillioili ir^tiitXos, .^Kh. : irrSfay/iii, JEtch. Soph. ', anr- 

liit. Soph. Hdt. ; 'dSoy/ili, Soph. ; IrrCffToir/UH, Ar. ; o'^Uoir- 

;iii, PUt ; inria^a, STDt, Ti, Plat ; irriUr, am, 4, Hipp. 
Fnefira* soamUn, ^^UkiaTai, ar, £icfa. Soph. 
ConTUldn, Irrfowiuprvi, or, Soph. 
To aoo, irrini, only in prei. and imperf., Theoe. 
A 00^ Mri'poi, Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat Dem. ; Ifrriifiot, Xen. ; 

li^awoAt (cip. a good cook), Hdt Plat ; fern, it^lpaamy 


Tobta oooi, lutjnpiiii. Theoph. 
To aook, riirint, fut, xrfnt, no perf. aet, pet£ paaa. rirififuu, Ar. 

Hdt Plat Xen. ; iiprim, fnt -iai (G Lid. and Sc, G Ellendt), 

Soi^. ; jfsni^/iai, mid. Xen. ; nnwffo, Hdt 
To root b^im (in point of time), ■*poi^, Tut. -t^'h", Hipp. 
0/or bdomgmg to a oout, iiAyripiKhj, Ar. Plat 
A aook-llwp, fi<l7«p<ur, Antiph. 
Ijki a good coot, liiytifuaii, Ar. ; Stiwrrratit, At 
Ceokvr, eookiiig, nniairlii, Plat. 
SyjW oootery, i+omita, Xen. 
in* ari (faaisig, * fiayi^wt*, Plat j ^ Afnrodlft, Plit. ; 4 ifi- 

iroBrTBHl, Ariit ; i i+t^rtriK^, Ath. 
j( mohtry Aoo*, ii(«^fTwr£a, Pli. (Com.) Alex,; yurrptKrtia, 

Ath. ; i+oAeyf". Ath. 
Tiwttv </, diiommg em coottry, bifoXAym, Ath, 
Cookad, Tnrrii, Eur. 
.4ay(*B9 ax*ed, ffv, Hom. Ar. Xen. Plat.; W/^ia, Km, ri, 

luu. pi. (uni. qiplied out; to iweetineau), Hdt. Plat 
Cool, diput, or, Sopb. ; 'tttpfiot, ar. Plat ; i(«x«wit, Xen. (mo 

Cold) ; i. e. free ficm angvr, 'iropyot, Ciatin. 
To eCMl, ^tx", aor. 2. pnit. 'f^'. Hdt. Plat; aArsf^v, 

Ariit. Theoph. ; i»i+ix". Ap- Rh. i ''W'x*, Call. 
To eool {or grow cold) togeUar, inttuoi. ffip/ofrix", Hipp, 
/( it eool, iroiliixii, impen. Plat 
Eon (a oobI, (l^«rras, Aiitt. 
Ootaiafl, ifiwrtipwi. Ear. ; idtraifutrlirit, Aiiat. 
A eaotinff, f^u, *■>, 4, Plat ; n^i^VTVik, Plat. ; iftri^T. 

^ enot plaet, Ifutrtipier, Hea. .Xach. 
To drixk aajti% ooo^ ^'U^'AW^' Plat (Com.). 
A eodai, ^♦r«**. AIbi. ; ifwr^ft flp»t, * (eip. a vine-cooler), 

Plat ; ifurr^pfu (like i)wirH)p), Enphro. ; i|mrrtipttiar, Alex. 
OooliuM, '('fijco', T-i, Horn. JEtci, ; ■^ixpinit, rr^oi, j>. Plat 

Dem. j ^ir, nil, 4, Plat ; eip. of night, or of the open air, 

olepoi, Hom.; dfliifa, Hdt 
A MOp (U fatten animali in), t/dnitim, Arot, ri, Hdt. 
To eoop, iniKi(a, una. in paaa. Hom. Xen.; nAniXia, c (It and 

ace. Hdt; trrilpya, no perf. act Hdt Sea To eon/fiat. To 

To «04p«nta, evtamrla, c. dat pera. dnt. or ace rI, Trig. Xen. 
Dem. ) cti/twfdirine, aitie ea*. or c dit pen. dat, or ace. rn, >«' c 
prep. Trag. Thuc Xen. laoc Lri. ; nipihrpdraa, une caa. Soph. ; 
otrt^rTBiuu, mid., c. gen. lei, alaa to ci>.apeiala with on all; 
agnimt a eommon enemj, c. dat of the ^1;, c. gen. of Iba 
enemj, Find. Hdt ^achin.; (rvyic^iw, fnt -ni/uiSiim, perf. 
-niiiitiiim, no aor. 1. c. dat pen. Soph. Eur. ; atriiprTiiiti, c dat 
pen. Soph. ; cnyi/ux^", Ear. ; mynirtpydCaiiai, mid., e. perf. 
paM. 0V]>icArclp7«(rfiai, in act ieiu. e. aec rei, Enr. Hdt. Thac ; 
airtfrrd(oiiai. Soph. ; avrlpdit, fut -tfiri, c. ace rei. Soph. 
Ear. Thac ; avrtartriu, c dat pen. ace ni, Eur. ; irliW^i, 
fut -fpi", c. ace. rei. Soph. ; rtrtpyiu, e. ace rei, Ear. Xen. 
~ vvftifoiuu, mid,, c. dat pert., c gen. or c. ace. r«, Enr. 

Co-oparvtlaii, 'tinA^'i **r, j)i .Xich. Soph. ; wrtf-ita, Dem. 

Dinaich. See AaiMoMo. 
A Oo-«penttoT, atrtpyot, itaiii, Eor. Plat. ; rtw^yinii, m, i. 

Soph. Eur. ; fern, ovitfririt, I3at, 4) Eor. ; avAAl^rrtv^ iipn, d. 


JGkIi. Ear. PUt, AndphD ; fern. nXA^irrpu, Xrn. ; irv/iwpjK- 
■rmf, gpst, 6, Hdt. Xcn. ; atrirpaiin^, 06, i, Pbt. Inc. Dem. ; 
iem. rvi^ifiirTtipa, Afk ^. 

Oo-ordiaate, 7ffvr<A)|i, Dem. 

A ooot 4'AMplt, Mot, J^ Ar. 

& M-^arbiBT, litroxni, Eur. Hdt Ljg. Drm. S« ParlmB: 

Ta Mpa witlL, TponrdAaltg, c. dat Find. Flat ; irCrJIfuAAiliviBi, 
mid. e. dat. Enr. Sm lb omlemL 

A Mipler, i. t. imiUCor, /i^i^i, sv, i, Imc Pint. 

.^ aipicr ofxrilaigt, briTpi^i, £acbin. ; 'ii>d7|gd^«i>, L^ 

Cop^, M7)»i. Ham. Eur. PUL; iplyiaiiia. Ami, t^ Ear.; 
TfU-w, Eur. Ljc ; "fdA.^, XcD. 

TFiU ioadiiiiiu (flpwr, tEifpiYMi, av, Ear. 

7i) (■niaiait wiU a coping. 3|>r)>«^ Horn. 

Oopio**, 'attnit, no aHnpu-. Hom. Pind. Soph. Ap. Rh. ; 'iSiv- 
firsi, tt, or, and 01, oy, no eompar. Horn. An. Rh.; ^OMi, 
compar, -^<poi and -<** (I Alt., feltewhere) (fiiirintr, Epieh.), 
Horn. Ear. XcD, ; soAbt, fim. idAA^ nenL tdaJ>, abliqne ouet, 
eicepi maae. and neut. ace from rsAAit (Horn, tiici aaaj atber 
cam alu frmn ■sXi'i, and » do thg Tiaftediaiii in ckonu ; dat. 
n^fi boireter doai not occur, tboogb JEjch. haa nAit ; Soph, 
bat wexxhn both a* Bate, ace and a* adv. ; Horn, alio niea 
mAit both annaacand fun.), eompar. tAcIw, tnperl. cXfiiiToj, 
Omn. ; S^Sant, ar, Omii. p«t Ham. ; brrorrsi, or, Eur. ; tivfl- 
X^i, Hdt. Xan. S« Pleatifid. 

Copinuly, '^i, ofim c. gen. Omn. ; 'tV (<»>»'. poet) ofloi 
c gen. Hom. iBKb. Hdt. Plat. ; iroAA, ToMLiv, troAAi, TAjurra*, 
*\«(n-^ Omn., eieepl watJtit, which da» not occur ia pRMo ; 
SufJXfii, Xen. 

OaptommNi, V«»Ha, Find. Xn. Plat. Ihc Dem. ; tX^Au, ri. 
Soph. Eur. PUt. 1 f^n>pla,X«ii. Stt Platf. 

Oon^r. X«^*^i. Onn. See Brum. 

A apptr rmtml, x^Xnifia, ftrat, rk, Ar. Xenophoit, Lfi. ; x>^- 
mSv, HdL Plat. Xan. ; x'l^'U'. Ar. Xen. ; xa'uittuw, He> 

.^qr liv»g madt ofatpper, xdXjcnyu, Aroi, ri, JEtcb. 
OfTMren, \f(Po> ;i;aXic^i, ou, Ariit,; yoUow copper ore, iptlxo^ 

»f, Mn. h. Staueh. Plat. 
A/odi o/'ttpptr, j^LlMtas, poet xa^^l^'i Horn. ; y^^*"", Hom. 

Soph., a, Of, and oi, or (aometiaiei aim, though net alwajt, oon- 

tracttd in Att. sSi, v, nSr), Omn.; x'^'^^'- "^i Pind-; 

X>X«ii^Jtroi, or, Trag. ; xa^wAi'M^f, o", BacchjL 
Madt afeopftr ort, ipiix^ittrts. Plat 
With toaui nipper ia H, '[*iJxa^inii, or. Flat 
J a^ftr coin, x"^"™. At. Dem. 
A itt nrti a j (a soht fb iMoBU 0/ Aipt, ai aettt eopper, x^Aw. 

/lo, Aral, rt, Theopb. 
Ta Kvrt n oo^fw, or lo maka of atpptr, xoAxfiit, Ham. Pind. 

Theogii. Soph. Ar. Plat 
BdM/uig to worUng m ooppcr, xaJucariwhiU, Plat ; x>^^'"'py^ 

lAi, Aiiit 
71* art (/■ mrimg n (flffMr, ij x****"**^, Pl»t. ; i Xa*«™p- 

Tiiril, Aiiat 
A fgppwndth, X'^'H Hom. Ar. Hdt Xeo.; xBAwrAni, 

Xen. Dem. 
A Mpplsa, M»<i, Horn. h. Pind. .£acb. Soph. Xen. ; Spfoi, i or 

rt, pL ml;. Ham. Hei. Soph. Ear. ; t^yiit, pi. ifu/uA and 

IpiA Horn. Sjc\t. Soph. See ITooiJ. 
CopjiiiitJaai, fiv"^>it, HeL 
To npiBl&ta, Cftyriia, Otiui. See To jbw. 
To gepT (a writing), iifrnAf, Ar. Dem. ; "dKSypi^, Lyt Dem,; 

i. e. imitate, iKiilittoiiai, mid. Enr. Ar. Xen. ; '<^ofi«^, e*p. ai 

paioten do. Plat ; iiaaxq/iATJ^*, Plat 
To eapf (aa an author copie* ml chaiaclen in the imaginary one* 

of kia wodu), 'taotiAaveiuu, mid. e. gen.—" Ihe h^o Lamaehui, 

copifing whom m; mind deacribed," etc A^wxot t)fH>r Htr 4 >)) 

ffiriniiab,tih^...ttoii^t '- 

d eofj (of anj thing elae, of a picture, etc}, 'Uouolufi^ Srai, rb. 
A otpji/er ddUrm, 1. c a Une for tbem to eepf, 'Myfaiitat. 
To aoqvat, iwrl^^ut, only prei. Plat ; MuHpirrgfUi, paH-, c 
dat of the larer, Theoc. ; AnKtrtfuu, pan. Theoc; KoD. 

OofWttid^ M^i, UA. 

Conl, Kop^Uuv, Diote. ; unpdAior, Dion. P. ; Xe^par Itfcyw 

nrrlat J^xrw, Find. 
Cord, h*ft^, '^'t 4, Hun. ; mipii, Hom. ; /i^pu-fai, i^ Horn. 

Ar. ; JAaAi, tats, 4, onlj in pi. Hom. ; trtnuot (t poet), Horn. 

At. ; "tpf, Atsi, Ti, onlj pL id ihia aante, Hom. k. ; fwJifror, 

Hom. Hdt Tbuc Xin. 1 r^vot, Mte)i. Ar. Hdt Xen. ; x^n^ 

lia, iiros, ri. Soph.; irXivH), Enr.; irxavsi, iumi), Hdt; 

axoirua, Ar. Hdt Dem.; mpitot, Hdt; irwttpa. Soph.; 

irwipTier, Ar. ; irrdffri), Ar. ; ronuir, Archipp. Snattia. ; ra- 

■liloj'. Call; xtpJoTpo^i, Xen.; vXAcJ^t, Xto.; oxw^ 

itoi, q, Theoc See Sofit. 
lied bjr a mrd, vtipcuot, Enr. 

.^ cord idler, irririr«ont\i|i, Ar. ; oirivat, diuj, t, Ar. 
^ ikopfiir tord, awmrowiluor, Menand. 
To and, tit, fnt. >4ffa, perf. lAnto, etc Omn. See 7b Its. 
OordUkl, dimnei, a, or, and ar, or, Hom. 
OordiaUj, iLrrdirfai, Hom. £ich. 
Cnfo, 3xtpi^ Hom. ; Kipicipa, Thnc Xen. 
0/ Cotfu, KtpinpalaT, Thnc 

Aa dUoUKbiJ 0/* Cbr/ii, ttJa^, ami, nau. m pi. Horn. 
A eordwaiuir, ravrvr^fuu, Ar. Xen. Plat See ^nemottr. 
OoilHIiiar, aoplanw and laplirer, Anac Ar. 
Oerintfc, 'L^ipa, Hom. ; K^pu>a>i, i^, Omn. 
71* InribHjF </ ComM, <| KopoMo, Xen. 
OmntUsK, KopMui, Eur. Hdt Xen.; KapattJLni, Xen. 
OarinthlMi*, "Eft^ Hom. 
Onrk, f<\xtj (both the aubatance and the tree), Pisd. jGaeh. 

Plat Theoph. 

cork bgy a«AAAm>i, Lnc 

(gan, IfrOaf " 

Iffy ^Mjimws, 
\, >Afet, aleo Xi 

Omn, iicrit (oal; wed of 

>r groond 

.. able, bj 

Omn. ; atrMi, am. in pL Ar. 

A liitio eara, rtripuir, in pL Philem. Hipp. 

Tie itamHiig crop, Xl^Idv, Hom. Hei. Hdt 

Q^or Moa^HiD to ram, afr^fii, Aritt 

I'tealy i^oun, afrofin, Ariat 

6i»^ oan, voXdorAxvi', vat, d icol 4 (eptK. of Cerea), TbMc 

Proiuiag swcl con (of hud), raxiirilpef, or, Hooi. .£ach. ; 

•fcraxKi, i «al j^ neat «, gen. vat, etc. Antb. 
Frodueing ma^ auamra of mm, rovXlft^ti^wet, or, (or «i>X<lfU- 

Jifuvt (epitb. of Cerea), CalL 
An ear efeor*, oY^xn, mi, i, Omn. poet See £iir. 

com, tlTo^rtot, or, Horn. Hdt ; brfOftiiirfBS, ȴ, ArchiL 

Eatuigtorti, 1 
aiT&oiipas, . 

1, Theopli. 
ItHportathm tfeant, o^nfyJa, Dem, 
Oarnihig corn (ihipt), rMt^irybi, ir, Hdt Thnc Xen. Andoc ; 

o'ft^i, it, Dem. ; of beaata, a'pro^^i, or, Hdt 
To carrr am (ai Tevela), ar import it (ai com merchant!), 

sinri*-, Dem. 
A oora ieaitr, alrawAkJit, Lye. 
A &a|er of ear*, itrAnis, Deitu 
j1 Aiqnj q^wra, afmWa, Don. 
/^■•d ^ deattu ta oem (alio fond of eating it), 4iShienoi, or, 

Xen. Plat 
7b o^y eon, »-Fn;p»«-«l(i(, Ariat 
An iiuptdor of com, com tuarixlt, and con we ainret , rfrt^t^rfn)!, 

Ariit ; vlToftXai, Ami, A, Lyi. Dem. 
A aoneoj aeeompaiofing am, rfronforla. Den. ; alao the actual 

coDTeyanoa of com, Dem. 
A wrmi of com, viriituk, Hdt Thnc Dem. 
Com land fa com field), X^Iov, Theoc 
TOlaga of bold fir com, 4^j) 7wipV<a, Xen. 
HoBinff man) oomjieldt (of a man, or of a diatriet), nXiiX:(lai, or. 

Ham. Hei. Ap. Rh. 
Th, gom/bmer, iMnt, 1i, Mel. 
A Dontar, Aymtw, fiver, S, Hmn. Soph. Hdt Flat ; twS Hdt 

j4 oorwr, i.c a retired pUce, fitxoi, Omn. poet Thnc Xen. Aichin. 
/■ a enmar, n an mdericaid mamter, ir wlfitignf, Dem. 
A eoniiM, SpfTHcai, Horn. Ear. Plat ; Afrpariia, iirtt, ri, Ear. ; 

ytiror, Eur. Lyi. ; 'artytlnfai, Atoi, r\ AJiiX. 

A oarooal, tfT^Wu. *rai, rl^ eftcneat in pL Oan. Sat O arimi. 


A OOraiMt, tiiSiiiia, JtrsT, rh, Xrn. 

Corponl, tOipoiMil, iri»ii&reiiSi]t, Plat. ; rs/iArlibt, AriiL 
A torpi, A^x°t> Horn. JEtdi. Soph. Thuc Xm.; 'iytiiia, trat, 
. Ti, XfD. See fiaw/. Cbtapan;. 
A oorpM, ffii^ui, droi, t&, Horn. Hdb ; rinvs, ini, A ml 4, Ham. 

Soph. Hdt 1 Wxpoi, Oron. j rrufia, ttrai, t1, Eur. 
Etpi'U dt ixrja, ^Ikrraiptla, Xan. 
Arimgfrom aiprii dt coijn, ^iXtraipet, w, Tboc. 
OttrpnlBiUa, ortifip^i, qrot, i), Timnd. 
Oorpnlent, ittx'", comp., iria-nn'. Ta^Iw (I AtL, I ebawhere), 

mx^ipoi, lupeii. ■^^'"'""t ■wx^'^o'i Horn. Ar. ; «T(^pii, 

^ eorpniatfiaoa, fcg>it>, AMxaod. S« Sloid, /a(. 

To MrrMt, L e. lectify, 'JVA», no perf. H«. Hdl. C«IL ; titbm, 

(not GDinniiHi e leapt in prai. ud iinperf.X Sal. Pind. Sofdi. Eur. 

Plat. ; tiop96oiuu, mid. Eur. ; Iwiinptiti, and -o/uu, mid. (alia 

of correcting a nun), Ar. PIiL luc JEichia, Dem. ; iiitap/ii{it. 

Soph.; itiTafi/i09iil(ii, Xen. ; iniTtvr/mCCH, Xan. 
To eomct a urritiag, /irrSypi^, Xan. 
To comet, Le, to cbaitiw (q. T.) tip. bj coiponl pnnialmieot, 

roiArrtit jiDrtAAiNi, v\ir)«ri, Ar. Plat. 
To Bomel otatdff^Mi ipnkiag), upo^iafOiaiuu, mid; .lEachin. 
Correct, if9is, Pind. Sopb. Plat. Xen. Ariit. Sea RighUt. 
To be comeUd, iwSrop6wrcit, Plat. 
ODTTSotloii, «U6nL niu. in pL Plat; iirSrip9aiiia, liTai, t\ 

Plat. Dam. ; iriroffivia, *■!, j^, Xen. Dem, Ariit, ; liifOttna, 

4toi, t*, Ariat 
Carrtdiim, i. a. ehaaUwmaiit, amppmno'riit, tet, 4, Plat. ; wavSint- 

«a. Am, *, put. 
A ioum a^rorrecMaa, in>4^orurr4p'a*'i Pl^t. 
ConevOro, MKyhn-bii, Ari*t.i SiafiSaiTucbi, AriM.; rM<>>- 

Tucii, Aret. 
OomoUr. IpWt, Soph. Eur. Thus. Xan. Plat. Den. ; ipSi, Bopb. 

CoRBOtnoM, ipeSrui, TTot, if, Ar. Plat. 
A OOriMtor, fWwrfip, qpot, i, Theogn. ; rteum, Miib. ; au- 

fporurriit, ob, t, Thuc Plat. ; ntfforioriip, vp«<, '. Plat, 
To MRMpoBd to, tmiuu, mid. imperf. »lr6ntiy, iat, l il-o f iat, no 

■or. 1 ., aor. 2. tawing, part. irw6ium, c dat. and raral j c 

■cc. Pind, PUL ; twoKpiat, ontjr pre*, c. dat. Pind. ; crifiAtXAo- 

fuu, mid., fiit. trv^SAoufwi, and n/i'A^'ofuu, tw aor. I., e. ffiv 

and dat. vGach. ; <rBft0air», <ni\j iu pre*., imperf., aor. S. nvMii*, 

pari (ru^ffti, and perf. m/itit'^Ka, c. ,dat. or c. Jt and aoc JEub. 

Soph. Hdt. Dun. j (riv^, fuL -i^a^iw, rare in other lenaei ei- 

capt thaw and imperf. c. dat Soph. Ar. Plat. ; (nyif^pti, fut. 

ifCrolni, aor. 1. airifrtyica, aor. 2. cMiir/iioi', part nmrtm-xn 

and pan. wfi^^pi^uu, c. fbt. Mid. cvralrafuu, in 

dat Soph. HdL Plat. ; drrimflSogfu, 


One wHut maht to carrttpOKd, hrrtwctorior, PlaL 
Camipomiiig to, vimurfos, av, c dat. £(ch. Enr. Plat. luc ; 

IrrftnUnt, gv, c daL Eur. Tfaa<^ : vimrai, or, c. dat, Eut. ; 

wn^t, ar, c dat. Eur. Ar. ; irrlirrpo^t, or, c gan. or c dat. 

Inc. Plat I avyytriit, c dat Plat Ljciug. i airtpoiioi, or. 

Plat Lrcnij;. ; 'iKiXMitoi, or, e. gen. or, c lUt, Ai. Plat Dem. 

tit ikaU le reqaiUd aitt acHau eorriapaiiJimg to Um oam adiom, 

Ifyoiai r frra ■uUox' dmA#*T«, Enr. Bee Hie. 
/■ a manner eorrt^toadii^ la, ov/i^Tpctt, compai. ovti/irTpirtfor, 

e. dat Xen. PUt Dem. ; twaiiimet. Plat ; 'SmKniain, Dem. 
To oombonto, ^•(auW, Xen. Plat Lfh Dem.; avitl^xof^ 

tat. -xieoiuu, Att ^xotV"", <■ dat Hdt 
At I tUnk, and probabHitf nrroboraU* My opiaiiim, in iiir h^ 

tonim, m1 ti olnbs iiail rviitiix""^ Kit. 
€omlwrttiim, tttyiia, laat, ri, Enr. Dam. Pttnlttra, ast, 4, 

Tooomdo, iriSm, siow, no perf. Horn, i U'lnt, fiit dKofw, 

pert Mtqxoi kw. 2 ISJUor, cap. h can, etc. doei, Eur. At. 

7b it tomdal, ir^wtiuu, aor. S. driw^, peif riv^ra, Ham. ; 

mroiniiFafuu, Xen. 
OorrodMl, ai*iAt, Hippon. Theogn. 
OorroalTa, mrrrtKii, Ariit 

T« aanupt, ^Ipa, fut 4>«>pci, etc., alto ^paa, Horn. ; Thuc. 
. alia hai 3d pi. perf. pai*. tfUpmet, Omn. ; lmie*tfti (eep. b* 

, >■> pue. •ent 

To corrupt uiUJi, together, etc, mrfuMtra, Theoph, 

Com^t, L e. bribed, Swpniiiicai, or, Ar. Plat Dam. ; 'iiiutt, ev, 

Thuc. ; accuiing ilaleiman of making a diiplav from corrupt mo- 

tivee, iri xp4/uo'( rporvanryt^wvrrff twiZtifJj' Tiro, Tboc. 
Cbm^ L a. bad (of blood, etc). rifJvaiprroi, or. Plat 
CoiTQptible (oia; to carrupl), ^tfepria, Ariat; tituiiftapTot,or, 

Plat ; Mii^ietfot, or, Ariit 
A ooiriLptOT, Bu^topeiii, PUt 
CtnnptiaiL, din>^4afKl,,£Kh.)>u^Avi(litenl,aiid«^bribef7), 

Xen. Ariit 
y/'a ctarsfn q^comiptioii be brongU, 'iSiiUa ht^epeitirrit, Thna. 
A dOnalr, ^T)I<^rj|p, ^i, j, Horn, fiea Pirate. 
A eoralot, hifoi, uoi, «, Horn. Eur. Tlinc. Xen. etc See 

Oormtoattoii, dvrpdir^, Sapb. Sea FiiUk, Br^>ktnen. 

A ooiTDlUKll, nyCfuIot, At. Plat. Dem. 

Col, Kilt, 4t Hom. ; Kit, ii. Ham. Xen. 

To Coe, Kimrtt, Hom. 

CoMi, Kyoi, At. Hdt 

CodMtio, KOfffiDTuc&t, Piat 

Cafmoganj, Koaiiayoria (name of a work), Panienide*. 

A oonoopolite, lupirbi, inatii, Imc. 

Coat, Siwim, Haa. Pind. Eur. Omn. proee ; 'Sri*Jifai, Jhvi, ri, 
Enr. Omn. Att fmt ; irAtuwru, wf, 4, Tbuc Plat. ; 'iwiMi 
liMia, ftroi, ri, Hdt.i SOr^'qria, ierot, to, wn. in pi. Xen. 

0»tf ta a launait (anoanting to one.>iith of the nnn at whidi 


/ iliali be amiemud M eof, rV Jn^e^Jw ifA^ow, Dem. 

7b r» a rut ^ io; condmuwi ■■ emit, t^i fraiCtAlu KwS^ 
uritir, Dem. 

To DHt, tIttiv'o', mid., fut Yc^iro^uu, no aor. 1. mid., ■or. 2. 
iytriiair, perf. mid. -yiyora, paaa ttj-Ati/uu, c. gen. of price, 
Ar. i KodfoT^uu, in aor. 2. act nariffnir, c. dat of buyer, gen. 
of price, Andoc 

CoMiTO, mryriit, Hipp. 

CoftiTsnaai, orFfrints, it"', 4, Hipp. 

CoaUlllNI, mM/riKtui, Omn. prou ; vcAux^f^'"! Xen. 

CofUy, Tip.ii,,!, Hom. ; "irrdpriiMi, or (I alwaji in Att), jEich. ; 
ifjifiinr", «ii, B.ii£t. \ rtoKiir^rftot, or, Ar. ; i&ttr^y, 
Xan. Plat Dam.; xi>\c3ixdHit, or, Hdt Xan.; ir>M)t(Aj|i, 
Omn- prate ; IhXoitCic&i, Plat ; mXiTTi^r, oi', Anth. 

Fine and cotUg (fit doth, etc), itpirliuit, or, S^. ■ 

Out^ to driiik, ra/iHJTOTDi, ov, Autiph, 

Cbitfji, ID a 001^5 DuBner, ad*. wo>iUTt>iAt, Xan. Dem. ; Sarif*- 
pAt, Xan. 

A oottwa, aBKar, h. ; idtMii, Hdt Thuc. Anth. 

To OOniA, L e. lie doim, Ktiitai, imiitnr, ntWitiuu, Oma. 

To oorA a ipear, <Ir upoloK^r koBUuu, aoi. 1. kbS^km, no pelf. 

Oanohad (of a ipear), irpoTirJ)i, Ap. Rh. 

A oonell, kAu-t^p, ^i, A. Horn. Theoc. ; kAivCo, Hotn, Pind. ; 
tKivilit, Ilom. ThMf^iii. Enr.; Kimpor, Omn. poet; A^xo'i 
Omn. poet ; nAtn), Eur. Hdt Xen. Plat Dem. ; iiU»i, (Sor, q, 
Ar.; KWrtttor, Ar. ; K}ijiifar, Ar.; ArritXiiTpo*, Ai.; Kofnj, 
Xen.; axliama, litot, i, Ar. Plat; rxifwdSur, Philam. See 

A roam imfi JlrM CMialei fiir dimiv "i rpTaXbui (ic. oticat), 
Amphia. Aniiph. 

QwA jnui, 'dypumi, mi, and lai, 4, Horn. Tbeoc 

A caranant, avrYpi^ Lva. Dem. ^Eecbin. ; tv/itSkaior, nan. 
in pL Xen. Plat Dem. ; TiUofii, ««t, ^. Dem. 

To oOTOUnt, i/uKoylai, Soph. Ai, Hdt Thuc 

7b covenant (to do a Amf), itiSixoiuu, mid. Hdt See 7b agrm. 

To MTU, ^toitat, opt ^i)«i/iq)>, fut fiooiuu, aoi. 1. /piia't^r, 
poat ip^vaitofr or fuviiiiir, alio aoi. ajmc 3d ling. Ipi^ (cap. 
a* armonr, or a citj wJt corm a fighter), Hom. i Kpiwnt, aor. a 
paM. iiilMtir, etc Hom. Het Find. Bopb. Ear. Hdt Thuc; 
vvyMp(nm, Enr. ; nSxirTu, Omn. poat Xen. \ ifi^Utkirrii, 
Hom. Eur. ; nr/niXiwTit, Horn. Eur. Plat ; K&TiKiMm, 
Hom. £Kb. Eur. Hdt Xan.; wtpOJUiirr*,, Hon Xm. Flat.) 


mn.; fjwUAwn, ^leh. Ar. Flat. Dnn. j 
rpiwiU^irro, Xea. FJM.; ^IkJUirr*, Hs. Eur. Xn. PImt 
AriaL; ifMxiafoi, f*i^, parf. -a^fuu, pluperf. ofunifi^ 
jt^W tor ■f'^^MX^fl'i Horn. ; tl\iii, nm in KCt^ Dm. in pMS^ 
Hfi. in pnf. part. (IhiJ|J»t, in paw. wni. Hon). ; JittriiX^, Horn. 
Hdt. ; jnMog, niow, pelf, c^icfrfa (bot. S. ndupL nMSor, 
Ham.), Ham. Tng.; iTKuljcg, He*. Eur. Hdl. ; cdrwDiHiv, 
Ham. ; niramud^, H». Sopb. Eur. Plat. ; nmntw, fnt. -Jtfai, 
Horn. Th»c. ; rictwiiu, Xea. ; 'p^ Hodl Find. Denu ; 
V^»i iit. Jvi^^ aoc. 3. <|^ur;i;av. Hod. ^Mh, Sapb.; 
ifoiirxi; mid. iftirlirxaiuu and jk^irxay^uu, Eur. Ar. g eSta- 
trrapivwvfiUy fut. -arap^irai and -tfTpcifrcf, perf. paii, ->/irrpti/i4u, 
1. hkl -toToji^irtip', Horn, i jtJraAmi/u, imperf. nirailruiir, 

I jam. part. nAtcaiiiirot, Ham. ; ^uthh, fuL /il{>, etc. 

d.; OTJfM, onlj pm. and inipeif. Soph. Eur. Thoc Xen. 
Plat; fwnrr^Tw, Xen.; vwmt^tw, Hipp.; irTr)*(fw, na prrf. 
to. Snpli. Xen. ; amurrryditi, Hdt. Plai. ; itiTa/«r(rrx», Eur. ; 
««■((■, DO petf. Eur. ; trJnrrtCm, Eur. ; Ar(viirJirx«., Enr. ; m- 
fia)urix-t Plat. ; JyiffrAi^rK, aoi. 1 . -tfijiia, Eur. ; JiftTlverdv. 
nifu, fut. -nrjto'H, etc. Ar. Xen. ; irwrryi^it, Xsn. Flat. 
7*0 enosT a not or etair, irTfirm, Hdt. ; liirilr^, faC -lo'ai, etc. 


r otf rand, oS owr, T^xUd^ PlaL ; nftanrriim, 

B doe* a mam), JX"^. Hdt. FUL 
To carer madf vMk (a) Jnpiler with donda, etc), iwiirr&^at, 
mid., aor. ). Jindr^ip', poet. -«ir<rdfH)v, perf. put. in mid. kdi. 

ftJiicB ooomd (ai 

a. HdL 
7b eowr ime'i/aet (from ihama), or (o jlace 

a dead man), ^aaXiirrofUH, mid. Ar. Ptat Xi 
To ooecr dgr heaping t^ ffV7X(^*vv^, HdL Xen. 
To fid omnia ronera^, V^t^V^/Ui fnC. -Aim, aor. 1. -Miini, 

ps£ rMiun, ate., aor. I. paaa. -trMqF, e. ace. of eoTering, dat. 

of thint eoTered, Hom. Eur. ; inTirx", e. t*l and dat. ol thing 

corend, Ear. ; nplaUiirrcg, Ear. Hdt. ; wptK^-hrru and 

-ofuUf ndd., c. gm. of the thing coYeied, c. ace of cororingj and 

thai a(k«i andentood. Ear. Fiat. 
7b Uep (■»'( luai eootnd. mi -rfvpiti, Hdt PlaL 
Om mrf ODsrr, irrtToirrAu', Xen. 
L MW, alX^ia, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; nt^roi, ooi, ri, nom. and aec. 

pi. poeL ffrM, Ham. Hea.; i-aAraa'fia, Atdi, ri, PlaL; xt- 

AiWio, Atsf, ti, Hixo. h. ^uh. Soph. ; npiiHtu>fi/ia, PlaL ; 
' aftrSmt^nifUl, iroi, tIi, fiach.; TtpfrruTfio, Atd>, fi, Enr 

rr^pvf, (701, fi. Soph, Enr. ; vifilVoAAior, ^ir. ; 1 

irai, rk. Flat ; m-iyairrpBr, ^ich. 1 o* . . , 

Flat,; K&rairrtyafftta^ Hdt.; ^r^Atf/iA, Arat, 

■U^iTTpA, HdL 1 iiWv*r4p, %>oi, '. Ariat ; nfMUii^, PlaL 
J dodi cottr, ArrI daL ung., AiTa, ri, nom. and ace. pi. Horn, 
^td k iai a cortr of bran, ^aAK^ V Ar[«rrcu, Orae. ap. Hdt. 
£«■ ^wunf {ormagt of valU kad ttn nm aermt Ika lulmait, it 

nl nAAsl Ttixinr xtmht ^oW 4htptMittrK tii - - - - 

Connl, aAnyf^f , Hon. Hei. Amc. Soph. Ear. Plat. ; inipt- 

Ht, Hea. Ap. Rh. ; ffTrj**!, Soph. Thoc. ; irflXinprii, Ar. 

i™7<r«Ainrrii, ir, JF.Kb.; KiirdaTryet,ar, HdL Plat. 
Qmnd at (ott exda, lfi^p*^t, Hom. 
Cbnrsrf aS rmwl, trfpiffitnJjt, Call. 
CoTCtinC, irfrovxit, 4Bo>, 4 (epith. of nighOt Soph. Ap. Rh. 

mTftntt, Ear., in fem. oreTarrpli, ftoi, 1^ HdL 
Omitg ait rowtJ, Ttp/uitu (aa a ihield or a garment coren 

man), Horn. Hei. ; npmrriii, Call. Theoph. 
Ommmg a aiaa arfi'nr^, i/i^tpiiTot, av, Horn. 
Calcalattd to eoctr, crnnaTlitki, c. gen. AriaL 
jt antrimg ifs 'jwU.uFifiir, Ar. 
J rooafi ' iy (of a raaie by a hone), JX'^a, Xen. 
A oareriat, ^vros, 'r\ Hom. ; ^^f , rb, Anac. ; orpiififtTfl: 

A MWt, P^m, Hon. h. Find. ^icfa. Soph. Xen. ; Splsi, i or 

Tt, pL imlj tfla, ri, Hom. He*. Simon. Swh. Eut. 
Oniit, Kprrrit, Hom. Tng. HdL Xen. PlaL; nfrrriSiat, a, 

or, and 01, ar, Horn. iEacb. See Setrrt 
OnwrOj, KpMV, Hun. At. PlaL Dem. jEaehin. ; 'pC^irUf, 

Hon. I KpuwrtSia, Hum. ; KpMto, Pind. ; tfti^, Pint. Boph. 

Xen. t Kftfa, Find. Thac. ', KpB^t, Soph. Eur. See Seerrli). 

Ta evnti vaMv, flit, -^m and -^nt, aor. 1 . -I^a and -iim, 



perf. ODl]r -qua, aor. 1 . pataa. troSintiiw, Omn, ; 'Ifulps, only 

prea., c geo. or c ace. or e. iufin. Hom. Hea SoL Tng. HdL 

PlaL ; irrixafuu, mid., imperf. inrnxim', fat. ivMfs^ e, 

gen. Soph. Eut. HdL Dem. ; MK/itm, c. gen. aomelimea c aec. 

JEaeii. Em, HdL Thoc. Xen. hjt. ; tropiyvt'iu, mid. e. gCD, 

PlaL See 7b dmrt. 
Corafanu, fiAoxTtdni, w, Hom. ; ^Puwr^fwr, ovdi, 4 kbI 4, 

neoL or, Sol. : Anwti, Find.; fUompMi, Pind. Theogu. Ar. 

PlaL; ^tX^fytpat, or. Soph. PlaL Xen.; JpiffTxiiiiiiirot, <r, 

Xen. 1 TXtoWffnii, ou, niparl. TA»yiKr(ffTAroi, Hdt. ThdC, 

Xen.; wKteynerXidis, Iioc.; fiAaxfV^oT, ". PiaL Aodoe. 
Bateig eoalemt, giaxpaxtft^, Eur. HdL 
A eoeetouM moa, ■rpAitnit, ou, A, Hom. ; a-Xot^imtt, ov, J, Thoo. 

Xen. ; (iIAoxprj^iirriJt, oB, 4, Flat 
CoretOUlT, irAaanicT&ni, Plat. Dem. ; ^HXaxfyiiii/rmi, Itoe. 
7b ig ootxlom, rKtomcrtu, often c. gen. rei, HdL Thus. Xm. 

Plat) fiXMipMiii, Xen.; tpOaxPtf^*-! PlaL lue.; ^Ouixp^ 

/lorim, PlaL 

7b ig iuM^ anetoia, olaxpoKtpaia, Hjrperid. 
Om maif (not) be aretbxu, (tb) xfjorncrtrrtor, c. gen. rei. Fiat. 
Ooratoocnan, rXaovifio, Omn. pnae ; fixBKipStia, Xen. PlaL ; 

^tXi^rl^ laoe. ; ^O^xP^^iTla, PlaL 1 ^Ojrjyauu&tr^, P|au 
Bate (i«vfoa««t, iciiMii^pStia, TbeogD. ; tiajfOKifStia, Sf^i. ; 

nlvxpoKfila, DiphiL 
A oongh, 0j)t, Soxi', t ui d, Thne. Ariit. 
To oOBgh, Ato'rv. Ar, Hipp. 
To c<n^ a lialt, 'OroUnraa, Hipp. 
A oonadl, '&)«pi, Hom. HdL; jSoiAJ), Horn. £ach. Ar. HdL 

Thuc Xen. Dem. ; fftx^Ipuw, HdL Plat. laoe. Dem.; tf^U, 

Xen. ; Bcii*"vrfiii«n', Thoc 
7b tie atuncit, &70p4jrBt, Horn, 
Fn>m timtotaeU, dyspqitr, Hom. 
7*0 hold a comuA, la n«( n eaaaeif, '&)>apdafuu, mid. Hom. HdL ; 

tniiteut^im, Xen. ; fffinlpf^ no perl Dem. AriaL ; ebr^piia- 

litu, mid, Ap. 'Kb. 
Ta prtiide over a comeU, Bavkofixf-, AriiL 
PrtMiag oar cmmeiit (Oodi), AwAaiJn, Antiph. .Xachin. 
Siiiviff n ODBKii, atrtSpos, or. Soph. Eur. 
A sonaat okmis-, ^OllA«vr))puu', £ach. Enr. HdL Tbnt Xen. 

CoBlual, i.e. intention, JrrJiriai,al,Hii(n. He*.; Bitna, ri, Hom. 
Ap. Rh. ; )i.rfT't, ui (*l*a ^1 .£ach.), i), Horn. Piad. JEtch, 
Soph. ; fHiSn, ri (cap. of viie couniel), Hom. Find. Mtdi. Ap. 
Rh. ; Bovkii, Omn. ; ^foSiioctrri, Hea. h. ; 'Ihni^pa^uNrbt^ 
Hea. ; Mi/aiiia, ftrst, rt. Soph. ; fiathai/ia, Jh-ss, t1. Find, 
Tng. HdL ; fieiKtvirit, isi, 4, Eur. ; i. e. expedient, ffiMTflai 
hx<" (Tl-), Soph. 

Dhhus^ i. e. advice, 't/nSrwftrri, Hom. Xen. Ap. Rh. | vdfnf. 
rtffit, MM, 4, .Sich. Enr. HdL Tbnc laoc ; nfitOfAii, HdL 
Xen. PlaL Dinarch. ; w^ouAfat, HdL Xen.; n/tlaiKmfia, 
fcoi, Tb, Xen.; nii^aikrmra, taii, j^, PlaL 

Gopd eomad, (MouXlo, .Xacb. Soph. PiaL 

Bad eonud, trtttii\ia, £ich. Soph. 

To ooniu*!, 'fivDTtt(>iai, mid., aor. 1. 'OnfitK^*D;r, etc., c. aec. 
rei n' c. inGn., e. dax. pen. Ham. Hea. Ar. HdL PlaL ; riftoflm, 
fuL -ia—, aometiniea -^if, bat not in Trag., c aoc. rei, c. dat. 
pen., lometimei, though tudy, c. ace. pen. Find. ^ich. Soph. 
That Xen. Dem. ; 0aaKtbt$, c. daL pen. ace. rei, .£ach. Enr. 
Phit. Dam. ; tIiirW<¥*ai< "lid- Omn. AIL pnae. 

7b (ok (ia had a> eateudlag, rpotov\*iit, Xen. 

Oae inul rawiaaf, miSaiikruT^, Iioe. 

A MaBMllor, dwAt;^^t, Horn. ; ^nrri^i, ou, t (aap. nnth. of 
Jupiter), Horn. ; SwAnrr^i, oS, i, Hom. HdL Dan. £achin. ; 
/ifirnif, ofwi, I, Hom. ; bnl •nvi^^orop, opst, i, Ap. Rh. ; 
PetXufXO', .Xtch.i vifilaiiKoi, Omn. Att.; wpUmiKH (gene- 
rallj, and alio uted in proae particularly of men appointed to 
eonault an apeeial bnaine**, or af deputiei tent to a general mael- 
in;t) JEach. Ar, Hdt. Lya.; fioiAnrrlifm, jGicb.; rinSpo$, 
HdL Tbne. Itoc Dem. 

Til mMs boJf a/ocHurftora, SovXrvnipiav, Xaohin. ; n 

Cn^iy fwaaaatfjii, WAia fioiAaiT^fia, Enr. 

iVnoitt^ B> ooawf, ratMoiiAat, or, Ar. 

Talamff good coaiuBf /or tig cmuioa icBaJ^ *(>iaw^fi)|ru, (an, J aat 

7:tg #aa o/timuiSor, 3ouAt{a, Ar, 

, Goot^lc 

7t> b a eomudlor, 0ou\tim, Xen. PliL 
Ttfitlou ime't om emaad t/ataat^g, 1tieiiiv\tim, HdL 
FiMoimg ok'i oum cam/el nintimalely, airMsuAdi, aw, ^uh. ; 

'Surfr^fUbV, (hvj, neat, (v, AiiaU 
To WOBt, '«p»fi^, Hdid. Siqih. Eur. Hdt. Xen. Dem. Theoc ; 

si^ir^u, >nd mid. mfnrrfoTafuu (the onlj form in Horn.), mt. 1. 

mid. poeL iriiirtivritaiy, Uom. jfiieli. Ap, Rh.t Xiya, Hom. 

Find.; fv-fi^ infill. -4^tu, pari -ubr, Hom. i /urpiet^ Alca. 

Tlinw. ; aftra^a^t^ Ear. Pbt. ^Khin. AriiL ; iffifUiUii, Hdt. 

I*DC ; 'Anyl^fi^ Xen. Imc. Dem. 
To aamut apombfimt, tOtH^jMf, Eur. 
Til esBit ap all toptAer, ntAayfCoiiiu, mid. Hdt Plat Lva. 
7b gnHtf aln^ wOl, to wctwit a lie nekmiig, airifltiUit, Plat 

Ow iMu( RMBl cuaoi^ iynfHrior At, c, ace Pl«t 

OmntiiiK, '^^itrvii, <«f, 4. Hdt 

Potf ctmMtiHg (too nomeroiu to be courited), 'd^i^^u /uf^wv. Plod. 

SkiUfd » cowiriBj, 'ifirS^iifTlicit, Pl«t. 

CotaUd iit, anBtleJ anionff, itifriiutt, or, line cu. or e. dal. 

Hnni. Theoc. Ap. Rh. ; iLrriptBiuot, or, c. dat h. Ap. Rh. 
Bm'fr oHMts/, "VB^irii, Theoc. ; MpV9ii.irria, or, Xen. Plat ; 

tvKiyumn, or, AiiU. 
CmotMiute*, bi/, 4i only lued in ace. nng. An, Hom. Met. 

Tlieoc., pi. Ti An, Ptu. ; tpiatmr (pi. in Hon. aim tfooA- 

vara, dat vftttritari), Odu. ; l!></w, &r«, i-i. Soph. Eur. See 

/We. ■ 
If&i a motf or lumiiir emmtmawx, mimrpimmi, or, Aiiit ; 

Mb««wJr«at. or, Aritt 

mpiaimt, er, AiiiL 

It, or c 4, Sopk. Eur. 

), r^xjf™., L] 

A oouitar (in a .h™), 

CanntaT to, adj. /rdrrui, c. gen., or 

Hdt Thnc. Xen. PUt. See OaOrviry. 
Camter <o, ad*, or prep, 'tfii'c, before a towel irdf)l{, alio 

counter to the will af| c aoc or (later) e. gca. Horn. Ap. REl 

See CoKlrarfto. 
To ooiuitaaet, lirrlniixSriaiiaj, mid., c ace or c Tpii and aec 

Eur. XeiUi lun-rwpia<Tm, c dat Xen. Dem. lEediin. 
la MUltMlMlaaM, iyiifi^4m, on)}' prea. line cai. .£ech. ; irrl- 

<n|K<fii,BlB to make to coonterbalance, to gire la eoimterbalaiMe, 

«. dat or c. gen. of the thing counterbalanced, .iGach. Eur. 
fe.nii*.j li.Umiliij , ij^ififioni, or, Soph, Dem.) IrrlaraS/iot, 

or, c g<m. or c. dat Soph. PlaL ; irrff O7D1, w, Ariat 
fbwtbifSiiIaiKtiv, adr. irri^piwtit, Xen. 
A eonttcWWuiu, brMnHni, tw, ^, Hdt 
T» seutMlhun, di^JMuMit, AnluL ; irtmUJaint, Eur. Tbnc. 

Inc. Bee To Auiot, To enakn^. 
la b« a aa«Bt«>«Tldaa«a, irrifiefTSpia, At. 
Ta aaaatvMt, ird^dm^o^uu, mid. Thnc See To imilale. 
A aaontnMt, MVV^ "toi, ri, Mich. Em. Plat .£w:hin. 
CanntariUt, sApAnvuH, or. Ear. Ar. Dem. ; *\arM<''''v'> .Aiiit j 

irAair/iii''''aj, on, i, oolj dhuc Atiit 
Caiiiitn>4naiiw»riikg, irrhixrv*", *-', 4i That. 
Tb oonnUnnln*, irrtfiinni, Hdt 
A aamtaipaM, At)". tI, Hom. ; ^^foi, rt, Anac ; aTpif»i*r(iFi, 

A oaantaF'flak, irreypif^, or ivTr-ypaf u, MM, j^ Ljri. 
Ta aeimtarplat, irTtw1tm>.*iti, Thnc. ; irrlrtxKiiviai, mid. Hdt 
To ««at«ialM, drn^/^n^ only prea. lise caa. JEiei. See To 

A OMBbrpoiao, irr^j^oirfa, Hipp. 

la aonntacalgB, rj^iim/wbw, Plat 

A aanntardga, I e^ mttcbiroid, rMiuia, Ani, t6, Enr. Hdt 
Thuc. Xen. Dem. 

To ooontarlMU, ttiieiuu, (at Ivn^D^uu, c bec. Hdt Thnc Xen. 
See BqmmltiU. 

OonntlMi, 'aicfitot, w, Hnm.; iirrwrn, at, Hom.; 'AnlpM', 
■•«i, neut or, Hom. ; 'jtrnp/a-ist, Hom. Hei. Sopb, ; fiipMi, 
Omn. poet. Plat ; 'trtifta, or. Find. Hdt Plat ; 'dr^iSfiar, or, 
Pind.TiBg. Xeo.; 'Srtuiit/ioi, or, jGicb. Soph.; 'JMifre>ii|Tat, 
or, Pind. Ear. Xen. Plat Itoc ; 'OAJyurToi, or, Soph. ; '<r'p- 


Coantrj, I. c not the town, aniwering to the Latin rm, 'Sypoi, 
Omn. ; x^PS ^™' ; X^pn't Xen. 

OwiiAy, i. e. a region, X**)"'! Hom. Hot. .£ich. Soph. Hdt. Xen. 
Antiph. ; ytMi, Horn. Trag. ; olo, never in pi, Hom. Tmg. ; ytl, 
Omn. ; X^ft Omn. ; dliios, Mich. ; w6iioi. Ear. ; x^^< \ gf. 
X*o)4r, MKh. Eur. ; x^"^, Hdt Xen, 

QwafrjT, i. e. one'i own country, aniwering to the Latin palria, 
inh-fiti, tSoi, 4, Horn. Ho. Soph. Ear. Thuc Xen. Dem. ; xiTrfw, 
Omn. poet ; trorpli 7010, warpli alo, varplt 'ifoapa, Horn. ; nt 
Tpla or tarpifa '>poufa, Pind. elc. ; ij a-Brputi, Eui. 

Oh'i TKOIier aHaiiry, /tVpl^ Alai, 11, Phlt 

From oneV omMty, rf rpdfc, Pind. Ap. Rh. 

QT or itlongi^ to lie eeumlrji, i. e. niral, nutie, 'Sypiroiias, or, 
Sopb. ; 'iyfoatot, or, Ar. ; 'Syfttoi, At. (batb howerer ma. 1^ 
plied 10 manoen, i e. clowniih) ; 'a7p«^nii, Anlh. 

Btionj/iug lo tie oonfi^F, i. e. to the diitrict, iyx^pios, a, or, and ot, 
or, Pind. So^ Enr. Hdt Thuc ; Arix<i|Hot, a, ar, and at, or, 
Pind. Soph. Enr. Ar. Hdt Thnc. Xen. Plat; x^^nat, B, or, 
and «, er. Soph. ; nrpi^Tiii, Xen. 

Qf OM'i oum anBilry, fSrfiait, a, ar, Hom. Hei. Hdt. ; nrp^, 
a, or, and at, or, Tbeogn. Pind. Trag. Xen. leoc ; irf rpiat, a, 
ar, and 01, or. Pind. Eur. Ar. Plot Xen.; rhflrhi, Eut.; 
oiyyoroi, or. Soph. ; olnur, a, ar, and ot, or. Soph. Thuc. ; 
fern, nir^s, ttoi, 4 (epilh. of 7^, riKa, etc.), Horn. Find. £ur. ; 
TiTTfurra, XSot, lit, Eur. ; toKnfa, ilo', ^ Ear. 

The em^om ofttjg ootadry, t AcoBtr nf^i, Enr, 

Lining m lit eo m i li ' f, 'Srffiro/iai, or, Han. ; irbviuis, or, Pind. ; 
'^Tpifrnti, Ear. See Rtuiic 

A oonatryaUB, i. e. a nutic, 'byp^i, ov, 6, Hom. Eur. ; 'Sypot- 
^n)i, Horn., lem. 'vypauvTii, iSoi, q. Sapph. ; 'iypotinii, aii, 6, 
Soph. Eur. ; 'ayo)iimiT, on, i. Soph. Eur. ; 'S-nmritp, flpoi, t, 
Eur., fem. 'dTfMtrnpa, Eur. ; tvpouiai. At. ; iiypinit, ou, i, 
Theoc ; Stf", Mosch., fern, ^tp^tii, Oai, j^, Ap. Kh. [n.b.— 
moil of the abova word* are uKd ai adj. with wordi ligaifying 
man, people, etc] 

7%t poapU limg and workun it (ie eaurtry, i ynt^'iiAi \imt. Plat 

Ftmd of Jul ammtry, ^iXnoAis, and poet ^uiArroXir, an and 
ISoi, ace. only ir, A ml 4, no sent Pind. JEicb. Enr. Thna 
Xen. PlaL lioc 

fVon tcAateoHrtry/ i-oKbrhi ; Trag. Hdt Xen. PLu. Dem.) in 
indirect queitioiu aiking from what country be came, elc AboJb- 
rht, e. iodic or c opt. Hdt 

From laoay awKfrMi, vahlirelpMr, erar, h. 

A BO BBtijm nii, i. e. rallow.eaunlrTinan, wo^tnii, on, i, Enr. Hdt 
Xen. Iioc ; wo\iiin|i, or, 6, Hdt ; WB»p«tT)t», ou, J, Soph, Xen. 
Plat ; inAiraA/nii, " ' " 

. , . . . Alt, nam. and aec of all genden; 

li»r, and gen. and daL Itiur, alu dat tua-l (Jiieun, Hdt), 
jmea oied undect. Omn. See T\co, A pair. 

In mtphi, rJrlue, L Xen. Dem. ; irarA (tyn, Theoc. 

la OO^le, ovrtvi^ eap. in past of married pei^, Plat Ariel. 
See To jo™. 

COBpled (eip. of married people), irvrliAt, ISat, ^ Eur. 

Ooungc, ^>){t|nf(a (eep. in battle), Horn.; 'irrvrofia, Horn. 
dAcJi (alw dat eing. JUjil, Horn.), Hom. Pind. .Kecb. Eur. 
bu/tht, Hom. Soph. Xen. 1 litroi, -ri. Onto. poet. Xen. Pht 
'uwT^, Omn.; ftpdrai, ri, Hom. Eur.; Stifms, ri, Omn.. 
oixi^ht .Xech. i T^A^ia and TaAp-)), Onin. poit. Hom. ; ^ixfm, 
lEKb. Eur. Thnc Xen. Plat ; 'ipurrilo, Soph. 1 ttrifiia or ir- 
Spela, Omn. Att Hdt; (iroA/Jo, Eur. Xen.; ibrwixyx'^ 
Eur. ; ♦pdrwia, »Tm, t4, Tbuc ; 'OrtpsnrAla, Theoc 

To tola eoBrq^ fto^^ai, Omn. ;' ilAofsiti, Mtiib. Andoc ; 'ArA- 
tofolti, Thnc i ToAfiiit, Omn. ; ^^oA/diK, Hom. Theoc. ; bof- 
oivm, no perf. Soph. 

Oo nr agoooa, 'iyMirttf, opoi, ontynaec. Hom. ; airifinii, only 
taaac. Hom. ; Ai and V>', no fem. and only gen. 'qai, ace mate 
ttr, neut. ifi of the oblique caies Horn.; AuwdA^i, Hom. 
Pind. /Each. Plat ; la^ipMuyiot, or, Hom. ; 'Ayfjrwp, oper, only 
mate Horn. He*, ^ich. ; t^i/uz, ti, er, and 01, ar, Horn. ; bir- 
fuKimr, orrot, only maec. Hnm.; 'irriprnxot, or, Hom. Pind.; 
ntMap^i, Hom. Ap. Rh. ; K^aifiipfvir, ortt, tteut. or, Horn. 
He>.; ■pftr&i, only in msec Hran., compat. rflttmr, Hom. 
Find., nipeit. tfirurrot (Kipntroi, Ham.), Pind. Ear. Thuc 

XiD. ; o^fplu, Omil poet. ; upSttpit, Omn. poet Plat. ; npi^ 
Tuii, Ham. Find. Trag. ; lAcl/iat, i), or, uid at, ay, Omn, poet. 
Hdt. XcD. Flu. ; 'irrmi, cmnpar. '^W, 'J^Hf>wr, fi^tfwt, 
npecL 'JtpuTTsi, fifrrros (bIjo ^uttdi, Horn.}, Omn. ; JfffXii, 
Honi. Piod. Edt. j 'J^n(|Kuit, Ateh. ; rirrA^fuw, oroi, nent. 
sr, jG4elu; itt^iuxot, on, .Smc\. Eur. TEtnc Xen. ; ttrOKiai, 
or, .SmIu Xeu. ; fIncipSas, Soph. Eur. j x"^"!*^"", "t 
Cbunumu h jktftfa, funx^qt, Ham. ; furixapiio', ar, Horn. ; 
furtl^Iei, w. Ham. An. Rh.; ^iffi^ntp, opai, ouly naK. Horn. 
Hea. ; /uraSxjaif, >■% Anac S«e ^r 

Xm. lue. ; «tf<x"* . Xen. ; ytrraUit, Tbuc ; dapaoirrus, 

QfgiKid amragt, \. e. confident, (Mopiriki, h. £«clu Ear. Xm. 

Weqaal tomage, "urdfuxar, or, £Kh. 

A Mnriar, Ari^i, HdL Xm., ued u adj. oi, or, J^ich. ; Tf>^ 

XU, wi, i, S,idi. ; ^^wpo^n^f, HdL Pkt. 
A MMirM, tpdius, Horn. Find. Trag. Xen. ; flat, 4. of > Htci, of 

action, etc Horn. Soph. Eur. Thue. Xen. i fii«ot, Hee. ; r6n>t, 

Pbd. ; Ip^ivia, Sirat, ri. Soph. Enr. Hdt j *lv/r4a, aroi, ri, 

Enr. ; ^i|, ttf. of foitune, t1£. Eur. 
71. oiw« o/t*a Kan, etc, ^ofKt (and alio of ■&«}, Pkt Dno., 

ftp. of the inn, Hi^foaoi, Hdt 
7U oDma ynffbin, lOptaa, nn, ^ Plat Dem. 
71* OHTH ^am amm, nptin, Aatipho. 
Oirt 9' d* eomns, i;- Sp^^wv, ^i!i Sp^^, Xteh. Fht ; l%» 

'Afav, Find. 

7!> fat tt» Auk Oar Bourm, t^r Tovra fi^irftu, Den. 
J totrm (of diihe* at dinnec), veplojof, 4, Xen. 
QT tnra (in siuven), iRtrm, Plat ; iroAX)) 'Antrint, Plat ; 

vinfUvoIr, Plat;»i7^oC;*i>iS'oP;PUt Set Certaimlf. 
JtmoBug tie hbu comrte, ifiilfaiiai, or, Plat 
Tb ciiH^ ti&« eonne (intiaiii.) lurafipit, c aec of tba cmuw 

quitted, (It and acb of that taken, Plat 
Ta WmiM, tuteti, Omn. See TofiUoa, To hoL 
A eoantr, fcrei, Omn. See Hon^ 
A (Wnrt (of jnitiee), 'Afopi, Ham. Dem. ; iLnoT^piar, Ar. Hdt 

A vntrt at j/ard brfon a lowe, aiiKif, Horn. ; tpKos, rh, Horn. 
An auer emri, /liinoAot, Ham. 
Tit hmg'i cowrt, al BairAimi btpni, Hdt Xen. 
n* eairt, i. e. tbe indgo'*, ri Ikwrr^puii', Ar. Plat Xen. ; fl 

Unp, Anliplio. 
71< ^i(g or door Ind%^ito Ot umer eetui, iiiitmXat &tpa, or 

whhout »^ it ititraUKot, Enr. Ar. 
,^ (twri-ibiiae, iex''0''t Hdt Xen. Lja. Itoc; Dem. 
BHoagiag to a omrL aUKiuii, a, or, and or, w, Horn. Pind. Ar. 

Hdt Plat Lja,; tpKtios, a, or, and ai, w, Horn. gopL Enr. 

Hdt Dent 
BdoKfoig to a court of law, tap. of the Oode who prende dtbt 

than, and later, of the daja when the; aie opsn, 'Ityopiuos, or, 

MKb. Hdt 
To eimit (a woman], lanKmii, Horn. Hei. Eur. Xen. Plat (an 

ofliee, Iioc.), /trtUfuu, inlin. poet finWftu, impnf. 3d (ing. 

luiaKtTQ, 3d pL iwAorro, Horn. ; (a broor, or an office), Hdt 

Bee 7b 1KB. 
To Ruirt, L e. to nek to pleaie, raim, no peif c ace or c. irpii 

and ace Find. JEich. ; AtpiKtim, Tbuc Xen. leoc Dem. ; fu- 

^trim. Plat ; Ir »*pAir«(f f^", imperf. (Ixor, fdt 1^ lor. 2. 

'O;**! 1* »o'. 1 ■ Thoc. ; irpojifx" Tir roCr, wpoJ^X" '^ 7«'^1»', 

7b oHiri ein»iBfi)Ijr, 'IrnpiirffpimfK, .£iehin. 

A eonrting (of a woman), /uijivris, ios, if, Horn. ; /u^ornifu, 

ftrsi, ri. Ear. 
A amrtiig rffiaoKt, etc, i^pinlo, Thnt Xen. Iboc. 
3fKil eomrttd (of a maiden), iA^oAoiet, Hom. ; -nXxfininii 

Hem.; Afi^inid^i, jEkL SapL i iW<'mCicittoi, Soph. 
Conrtaoiia, hnrt^is, ou, Hom. Ap. Bh.; itirpoti^jiiipDj, or, Eui 

OoBTtaoulj, x^'l^HT, l»c. 

A BOBrt H Ml. T^pnt, Anfail. At. Xen. Dent; waprUum, Ar. 
■JUroAUr, uof, 4, Ar. ; xV'<Ti'iI> Menand. 
COflltMJ, jnrrbi, 6ai, 4, Hom. ; Mtiuu, onl; pL Ap. Rh. 


A fioniia, 'Ai^ut (in gen. ling. Ham. ha* inf Edu, lengthrning 
the penuhlma}, Horn. jEech. Enr. Hdt Tbnc Xen., lem. lv(^ 
Xen. luc ; oirdW^iai, £tch. Eur. 

A favulf ofanaiiH bf Aojatier't vdt, TirrpSSttJpbi, JEt^. 

Coniiullip, 'Jbvfi^TTii, TT'ot, q, Plat Dem. 

A OOH^'I WK, ^ideovi, DU, Pherecr. 

To Otnr, <t»f^ Omn. See Tifriglitm. 

A WW, ^ii, no. 0D&t (alw ^ov, ^Kh.), ace ^oEv (alto Mo, 
Anth.), dat pi. fioMrl (alu ^orl, Anth.), 4. Omn. 

A ww-liwd, ^orliPt Ipa'i ^< Horn. Tiag. ; A>AiioAm, Horn. £>ch. 
Soph. Tbeoc ; hifodiuXai, Hom. ; pinif, opet, J, Horn. ; 3a>>- 
Sl^t, oa, i, Piad. ; fioiiop^t, Eur. ; |Soii>Jnii, on, h, Pkt 
Lji. ; Soi^TTij, ou, i, ^»ch. Theoc. ; Plmcos, Tbeoc i OovinKt. 
Tijj, Ap. Rh. ; in fern, flirii, IIoi, 4 Theoc See Htrdimaa. 

A eov-hooM, Biautji!, Theoc j fiiaufjiv. Ap. Rh. 

Coward, oowardly, adj. StiftiyMWi ""<. "«»'. "'i Hran. ; ^(i|\u, 
ut, J W ii, no neut Ham. ; Ai>>}>ii, Horn. ; "irot^u, nioi, 
« ml 4, no neat., aec ^!3a and v, Horn. Mmit. Soph. Hdt 
Xen. ; UAhi, Horn. Hat. Theogn. Soph. Ear. Thnc Xen. Dem. ; 
icfticki, Gompar. ndtrfpoi, etc Horn, (not in Att), and Ktidiir 
(IHom.,IAtt),ioperl. iiiHOTo., Alt Horn. Trag. Hdt Xen.; 
'^oA^i, DC, Pind. MvA. Thuc.; Sfvxoi, or, ,£>ch. Eoc-i 
it*«Anr\«fKpT«, or, ^ech. : Srr^JrrX'", or. Soph. ; wonifAi, 
Soph. Enr. Xen. .fichin. ; 'lra>4pot. or. Ear. Hdt Thuc Dem. ; 
^lAd^ot, or, Eur. ; ^C^fMt. or, Eur. Aiitt ; StiftS^rt, 

Cbtunttji H loMe, ^<i7<niTi{\t/uu, sr, Hon. ; iarr6\iut, or. 
Hots. Ear. ; ^^yalx/tv, JEttb. ; ^i^airwu, )>«i, J iral 4i no nont 
At. Pkt 

A oovud, luntTliwotXiit, ftrot, i, Ar. 

7b i< a muard, rpitt, fat ffiau, no perf. (nerei eontiBCted ex- 
cept when the contraction ie into ci), rap. in aor. 1. part rfiaat 
and Tp^ovoi, nied a* adj. coward];. Hem. Hea. Trrt Hdt ; 
flXafvx^. Tyrt Ear. Iwe. Lye. Dem. i 'iroV^v, Thuc ; 
iiiAo^, Arilt 

7b U ruder toaardly, iwattOudit, in perC Id. part ihre>«>«- 
luatAt, £«Ain. See 7'a/nr. 

Cf» fmrf (not) ia a eowant, (oi) ^itj^lrvXTior, Plat 

7bnujbaoiHaoDiRint,Kdiil(i>, Eur., of tcner MUilfivai. paaa. tab* 
made a coward, L e. to be one, Mean. Eur. 

Cowdiee, 'OnUjnla, Hom. Tbeogn. ; KiKintJ, vof, 4i Horn. 
Thnc Antipha, ; ajticq, JEKb. Ear. ; 'irettpia, JEmb, Enr. Hdt 
Thuc Dem. ; 'iitttpila, Xen. ( niinrlfila, jEech. Eur. ; 'traV 
lita, Eur. Thue. Xen. ; ^ix^'• *»dL Enr. ; »fiA£a, Soph. Eur. 
Hdt Thoc Dem.; niiHi^ Enr.; ebcla, Thne. Plat Dem.; 
fOM^lK, Hdt Pkt. ; Ti li*^ Xen. 

/a a coieardlg maimer, 'iri^pmt, Pkt 

To oowar, miovot, peri (imix^ (Horn, hu ool; of prrE. the 
part niTTqAi, htsi), aor. Z trrtimr (wmelimei c ace oF the 
object feared), Hom. Find. Trag. Xen, Plat liot ; rt^om, oolj 
in [wec Horn. Tyrt Pind. Eur. ; rraeniifi, onlj ptet Hom. ; 
ifiToimicrini., alu with aor. 2. act 3d dual, ■i^rll^r^^ aa if 
from -irrfi^, Hom. He*. Sxb. Dem. ; 'OwarHiaem, lometimea 
t dat of the object feared, Hom. Eur. Xen. ; iuTamn4ii, 

Did Ae not coiaer and /ei to lit aitar i^OeGodf oi P-p^ 

tm)(tr 9toi ; Eur. 
A eoxoomb, tomi, gen.ToA, al 

combical air, rpO^mpaiiMt, Ar. 
Cd7, (JSouu, o, or, and Di, or, Hom. Pkt ; oU^fun', orof, ni 

or, Xen. See Modeit. 
To DOHB, viSfiKirrit, a. ace. pen. gen. ni, Ar. See To eimi 
A «rsb, mpicfroi. i, ij. napulra, Ar. Arilt ; tdpiSoi, Ar. Epii 

riToiipai, Ai. Arilt ; anik/tipot, Ariat 
A crai'$ (•iil, twimrffia, iios, rb, Ariit 

I TuAr, ToaiHU, Ar. j with a eoi- 


WulUng like a crab, KafHilyotirnii, AiiitODTm. 

Cribhsd, trtSyrit, Mtch. Enr. Xen.; MnmAot, or, Enr. Ar. 
Pkt Inc. Dem. S« Motok. 

CnbbwQy, IvnolXdt, Xen. Inc. Dem. 

To onuik, tyriiiu, fat 1. &f«, aor. 1. (a£a (and ^(o, imper. 
tfor, ele. Horn.), no aor. 2. act, aor. 3. paat. ttyiir (and 'aVqr 
Horn.), pMt Wy«li, no perf. act at paia., perf. mid. <*»«, in 



A eradi m Oegnamd, /^xM't Horn. Ap. Rfa. Stt BreaUag. 

A eroded voice, irlipiffi<iyvia ^on4), Thwplu 

Crkolnd, adv. (of Kund), wtpaf^iyin, Ar. 

To erMkla (u firs doei, or thing* barning in ths Sre, or ray 
tiiuigi which makat a limiUr noiie, aa the boon af wnUlan, 
etc) -rplfu), um. in ptif. loid. rh-prya. with kdh of fiu$. act. 
Horn. ; o^ifAT-fo^uu, mid. Horn, j fifi^iAg, Ap. Bi, 

A enuMiag noue, Ppii^s, Horn. 

A cndle (of widter-woA), fJ'Knr, h. 

Onft, toXa^foatn), Horn. ; voAvK^pBtio, Horn. ; K^fiSn, ^^ onlf 
in pi. Hom-i lufiaaiini, onlj in dat, nng, and pL Hum. Ap. Rh.-. 
UAoi, Ham. Find. Soph. Ear. Xen. ; Ti^fru, Hp. in pi. Horn. 
H«. Pind.i toXnAMlo, Thaogn. ; nAn-Anlo, Thec^. ; nud- 
Alo, £ur.j B.i%«ni, m, ii, Xen. 

A etafh/tridc, >tt)xM, Tng. Thno. Xoi.; vi^iia, Aral, t&. 
Find. fuh. Hdu Dem. j rlxrnm^ &t», ri, £«ch. Eni. 

Onfty, KtpKUk^i, Horn. ; if^Xt6^fmr, bmi, j keI 4, nmt. »r, 
Hdid. ; oVilAiaj, av, Horn. ; ^iDAiii, ^ av, and ot, sr. He*. 
Find, ^icb.; ^KiAo^-tniii w. Ham. He*.; BoXofil^i, au. 
Hum. ; loK6iatra, u", 1 ml 4, no Daot. HocL ; Saxj«t, Horn. 
Em. Ap. Rh.; UXiiH, B, or, and », ar, Horn. Trag. Ar. Xen.; 
tufjipfofitH; aufTo, gr, gai. orror, etc, Horn. ; tokowXAat, ar, 
Saoph.; lo^tpkt. Soph. HdL Xen.; toXaffS^n, h. Find.; b- 
?M^fiir, trot, 6 K^ii, uut. t¥, Mick. Em. t toKiiwmt, iKtHi, 
goi. ir«t*i, Soph.; toAoft^i, coi, Simon.; SsJlo^^xdm, sr, 
SimoD. ; CoXinOeai, or, Simon. ; Sotjrwoiit, hr. Soph. ; alfibXa- 
idrrw, h. 1 muftiai, Hsa. Find. /Ewh. Ai. Plat. Dem. ; nail- 
ArtoiAoi, BV, Hat j Spl^, Enr. Plat, i mKiwXiKot. oc, Ar. j 
ailiiKiffitr, dvdi, ete^ Ciatin. ; aI/tC\virAJKi>t, or, Cntin. 

JlfotJ cra/?y, ic^urTat, Ham. 

A enftgfiUoa, nirltos, t^. Soph. Ai. Deip. ; KwUiit, Theoc 

Cnftllj, mifh*t. Soph, 

A mnMMn, t^ktiw, ohh, i, Omn. ; Jht^uHfryti, Hod., and 
coDtr. BnfUM^i, Soph. Ear. Xen. Plat Dem. See Art^ 

A I'lVi "'h'", Horn. ; KMfvtt, Omn. ; ir/iihs, Enr. ; nlirilXer, 

On^y, offfM^, inii, 4 ml 4, Horn. iGich. i SJWipofVDi, w. 
Find. ; 'Smimyiiium, ar, Hdt. Thnc Xen. ; up^oMv, Thoe. 

to cnLm, invmrr^t, Ar. ; »irv^1p^, Xen. See 7\i^. 

OnuBp, gfaHiir, iiiot, 4i Hipp. 

To nanp, irriardm, hi. ~«wjlm>, £>(Ji. See To eoi^fiim. 

Aowu, i.e. a bird, l^nAnH. ^ Ham. Soph. Xen. 

Jl ORDM, i.e. amncniBs lo nuu thing* bf, Irm, Hdt. 

3b uroM ^ (i*i«i by cmie*), iniit, Thuc 

Hit/mdmg ^er<ma, ytpStnrSoTla, Plat. 

A wanny, xiaiia, 6iros, to. Ear. HdL 

To enah, Semtti, no perf. kL, perT. mid. SAona, Horn. ; 'Jif>d- 
<Son1yinac>r. l.act.Ham.i Hf>Ix<v> ™IT hi aor. 3. Hon.; 
inrUim, only in aor. 1. act. Horn. ; uv&Af^ only pre*, and 
imperf Ham. ; urte^ Hem. Soph. Ear. ; A^nt, fut. Xav4vo- 
liat, aor. 1. IxSiniw, perf. ;^Aan, but. part. fen. XaAinu, aor. 
2. f Adcor, and -Hf/nf mid., alia in mid. ndnpL XiXJIni/Hir, Ham. 
h. ; *wuipoT4m, He*. ; twurrvwitt., Call. 

7u/(« mix a eratk, 'dvdn^ifUutfo, only ptn. and imperf. Hon. 

Jitpltr made a cnubu aoiw o/ SmMter, Z(i>f tuXinit Anrr^r, 

Onwaftnda, irdx^r, dtm, 4, Hdt 

A Rata (to dry thinfn upon), r^wii, Hom. ; tpiirik, Soph. At. 

To OraTe, t^a^uu, mid., Kit St^nfwi, aor. 1. pan. in act *en(. 

iM^r, c. gen. lei, or e. gent gen., or e. ace rei and f|en. pent ar 

c gen. per*, and intin., n» c, aec. per*. Soph. Ear. Ar. Omn. 

pro*e. See To htff. To atk. 
W oravl, tirwifi,. Ham. ; tpna, imperf. tfywar (ip^ (at. enly 

in Theee.}, aor. I. tlpirtea, no perf. Hom. Find. Saph. Enr.; 

ttMfa/uu, pai*., only pre*, and imperf. Soph. Metager. ; 'iXviml- 

efM4,mid, e*p. like a worm. Plat; ir4Tti- — '- - -" '- 
OraalHig afoiig lit gramd, ^tAiaiaBirri 

)t*i>< Theoc 
(hMrlinf , i. e. a crawling salon, il^irrlnii, Ariit ; i\i>inniir- 

T&cbt, Anit 
A crainlimi t^ald, JpniHrriii, oiJ, d, Anth. 
Cnui7r ^', Hom. ; 4^•^', Hwt 1 '^fp^', ont, i koI it, neat or. 

^Hu. mia. Ar. 

Heoi. Sopb. Eur. Thuc. Xen. ; ^pnwCMUlrr, Hdt Eiqiol. ; fuEn- 
Mtit, Theoc ; 'briiutfr/os, ar, Hdt See Mad. 

MaUag eraxf, ^<ts, Horn. ; fipcnBdA.])!, £(eh. 

7b he erazf, Tdpdrafcg, only pre*. £«eh. Ar. Plat ; 'i^rrletia 
tx<* {inpuC *^X"t ^' 'E*! *>■>'■ 2- ''X**. 1^ ■"• 1.1 P"^ ''- 
XV), Sopb. : trtfiia^it^, Ar. ; irmirtiiAai, and iicr. tu 
f^nt, Eur. Theoc. ; Mc^n*, onl; pm. and imperC Call. 

CraaiiiMa, 'Iaij, Eur. Plat ; lirrpoi. Soph. Eur. ; ^rroi fynw, 
.£*ch. i rb Bio^Wpir pptrir, Eni. ; adpiicaT^ £acb. ; r?Jm 
^r&K, Eur. See MaJntm. 

CruUy, l^m, Soph. 

To eraak, ahdjia, fut. icAil7{gi, pert KtrXtrf and jU;t'^T%>i alao 
poet part ictuKliyr, orroi, aor. 2. (kAAtot, no other (auea, 
Hom. Mifck. ; iplf*, perC ninplya, aor. 2. Iicpiyw, no othtt 
tente*. Ham. ; f(pAx"'> <^1y i" i^' ^- Hom. ; irupffa, fut in>- 
pjfofuu, no perf. nor aor. 2. Enr. ; ^iyyoiuu, mid. Ar. 

& eraaking, apir^. Hippon. ; ntpiyfui, JlTor, rb. Ear. Ar. ; air. 
frni>>s, Xen. [neither wiHii actually u*ed in tki* •nne, bat they 
axpTM* the noiu tc nuka which i* sipiened by "fiiit, <npl(<i.} 

A erMM, rrioc^, Tmg. See Fold. 

Ta erMto, nujn, Omn. See Ta matt. 

CrMtod, i. a. not eternal, wartrrit, Thaogn. ; 7*i-VT^, Aritt 

Cnktloii, yirwts, tat, ii. Plat ; yimim, tut, 4i Plat. 

n< ertatieit </Hi» aorid, laeiiawoitii, Ariat 

CtmUtc, wanrrlit&i, Flat An*t 

Craator, wonrHii, Plat ; yrrlpvf, ofot, i. Flat 

A «T«atnie, p6ror, Mach. Enr. Plat 

MiJe cnatHnt, i. t. mankuid, ^tirii <*t>r, 4) AnrH), Soph. 

i^flnoZit cnHtara, i. a. womankind, di^ia ^u, Xen. 

ne creatana of tie tea, rirroa ^a, Sa[A., and e*en wilboM 
any de*crip(ive epithet, aa—vhich it ii the naton of allcnatam 
to paruie, i wSm -piliia Siintw w^un. Plat Se« SaimaL 

CradanM, wIittii, mt, 4, Omn. poat Horn. 

Cradibility, *-Mr6m>, vot, ^h Plat 

Ondllila, Turrii, Omn. poet Hooi. ; ritSria, Enr. Hdt Flat. ; 
f tfirrurrar, ar. Soph. 

OndfUy, wiotbi, Antipho. 

CMdIt, i. e. reputation (q. i.), Ufa, Omn. peat Hom. t m it ia "a 
credit" to do neh a thing, etc, mair/iit. Find. Soph. Hdt 
Thnc ; in any senac, wfoTu, hh, 4, Omn. poat Horn., eif. in a 
menantile way, Dem. 

Toiaaeae ertdU o/baag, etc., ti(ar tx'V tlmi, K. r. X. FtiX-i 
Sdf «• (x""^* Si aie-i, k. t. A, Dem. 

Onda it Oi gnaUtt i^ aS fimidatiimt of auaef-naUiig, wifra 
i^opiiii waair iarl ntyloni wpit xpt/'ariff/ii*, DeM. 

Sileaea it a aradit to toomtm, yrtvH aov/ibr 4 avril Hpti, Smb. 

Fos uiHl give me tie credit of Oat, iiuk rcvr' iraMiffrrt, Thne. 
See To aOribalt, To ampata. 

GradUabk, ^>M»r*t, or, Xen. Plat See PtrntmaorO^. 

A aradlWr, xpA^t^i, At. Lyeuig. 

OradnUty, ttnrurrJa, Michui. 

Ondalou, wlSMt, ^ach. Flat; rfruToi, ar, Mcoand. Ariat; 
wiarniTuAi, Pht ; Tftx^rt'^'i Theoc 

Oiwdvlauly, ihrlarii, Ar. 

A enak, ^x^'< Hdt ; iiuxh 'd^bi, fuj^ii wdn-ui. Find. 

To ereqh V**< imperf. aTpww (Ait IpiiS, only in Theoc), aor. 1 
tfytCm, no pf«£ Horn. Find. Soph. Eur. ; ipaiii, only pns. 

To «■/> lo, or at, iti/nm. Find. «»ch. Enr. Ar. 
To mep onC, or oat a/, Jf^prci, Soph. Ar. Xa. ; d{qiwffi>, Ariat ; 
SiaJ^jnw, Aritt ; Ii<ttpnfa>, AriU. 

7b cr 

1 -^u. 

To creep ap,vr 1^ 

Ar. Theoc 
7b mep nfti, fntitf*, aor. 3. tataiSur, a* if fl 


To enep auag, 'S^ifrrti, Soph. 
Stooptag dama and empiag, liiiclr^, Hdt, and their fleili tr^* 

with far, crdiwaf It •nptrpofAievTo lUktvatr, Ham. 
A crMpiiig, Iptf i>, M>r, jy, Plat. 
ClMpiSf, JpmrriKbi, Arlit 
(Vmtw^ (of planta), wipicrrtr^ (of the iTy), Eur.; mfoifiiu^ 

MuAai, at, Thpoph. ; ^nAAikavAei, av, Tbeoph. 
A cn^ag tUitg, ifaarbr, Eur. Theoc Ar. See SeptHe, 



r, Horn.; a^inmiia. 

& onMant, /t^rti, Ar. ; /iqWintM, Ar. 
OtuiaU-iiapaii, it^ratMii, Hdl. Thne. Xen. 
A OTMt, \i^t, Horn. Tjrt, T~g. Hdt Xen 

*, At. 
A <rM( efkom lair, Ihva^ o^ Horn. 
71) avU HAen lie pbmt it imtMed, niiMx' 

trvt, ri, Sopb. At. 
J (ripfa enM, -rfiXo^la, Ar. 
CNCtod, MtUrrii, Sei-, 4 («pi(h. of a helmet). Ham. 
OnM (of • bird), irfn^m, ThMc 
nm tanJiwiw ofHf, tHAo^t, ar. Soph. 
Rla tiriM gnaA, T^opuf, Gfisi, 4 ml i^, Enr. 
WHk/hmr ered$, ttTfA^^fo,, w. How. 
Wik fekitt eroL, JiruKoKifai, nu, Eur. ; \Rw^Aafai, av, Ar. 
Wm gMa antL j(pdei)^,, „, w, Ar. 
Witk b/tf ma*, iifoitu^t, or, Ap. Rh. 
IKU ni cn^ (of ■ dngon, » cock, etc.), favikilAofM, ir. Ear. 

WUaml a ovK, 'i^iAai, or, Horn. ; IXo^, or, Hon. 
To wtar a eretl, npdovii^uu, {an. impgrf., w. I. sud. iKOftvad- 
ftq', pBr£ p>H- Kwt^fHu, Ham. 
Tb <■ aat qremte, i. «. of bfuing of tham, etc., MifKlB, Ar. 

Makmg emit, Ao^oniii, Ai. 

Tb hJI erMfa^ Ki^iimaju, Ai, 

Onto, Kpfni, Hon. 

A GMtaa, Kp^i, Kfnri', <™<. in pl' Horn. ; (sm. KpSwo, MO. M 

»dj^ Le. Kmrga »bH(p, etc Soph. Eur. 
Cntu, Kffnm, iaf\t. Eur. ; Kriami, Soph. ; KfiqrlUi, Xen. 
/>tk a Oiiaa, Kpirrucfit, Ar. 
A «t«*iaa, x^P^ A^m, ri, Eur. Hdt. 
A anw, TA^pn/io, droi, r^, Tbue. Xan. Iioe. Dem. ; 'IhnipHrla, 

Thne. Ljr*. Dem. ; i^iJk, Antb. ; -ri ^mAnil, Ar. 
7!k erms o^o lUp, ivlt ■oirJi'AniT dfilXfa, Soph. 
A frib, ttSant, Hom. 

% eiib, 'inAXdfo, c Art uid gen. Dem. 
A ariar, lAtJrntf, opoi, a, Hon. ; «4p«(, iJKM, 6, Omn. ; in biB. 

Ar.; Ih 

I, Hdt. 

Bdvugutg to a crier, Ki^AtMat, Soph. ; mptiBlKbt, PlaL 

n* t^a <^eritr, mpvnCa, HdL Pht. 

^ crin-'t imatf a/iffiee, lafftiaior, Hdt. Thne ; ntpJvMr, Ar. 

A artna, iriEitir,' Hom. Sophodn ; idicnfv'<>< otWon in pL 

Thne, Xen. Inc. Dem. ; Kiitoifrf^iui, jtmi, t^ PlM. Aatipho. 

Ortainal, i^navfyn, ar, Omn. AtL HdL j ■Aranubr, Ariit. 

A ailalaal, 'dXefrqi, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; xliK^fyn, Tfane. Aa- 
A gnat tri mi ia l , 'i^dpritp, -apoi, i, JElA. Soph. Dun, 
OnminallT, kbwi, Omu. ; itSKniiryta, AnCipbo. 
Qdawn, <foiri(, Oui, d mi 4, Pind. Eur. ; Jem. foirunro, Find. 

S« Aaif. 
Ta oinga, imlni, bo perf. Omn. poet 
To cru^ to a perton, 'ififKit, faL 'ipdmt, etc, m perf. e. dat. 

£nr. ; 'ti^px<VS lilt. -«A*Jcr«fiai, aoi. 2. -4XMsr, nn. ijnc. 

-ii>Jav, perf. ledupL -eX^XMn, c acr. Ac. Xen. PIU. Dem. 
ClinglttK, ^Mriicii, Ar. ; &«rnn-t«li, PlaL ; 'ifitVMoi, Ariet 
OripiOad, 4*<Mrii, Horn. ; nuUimnMav, am, J (spilh. of Vol- 

ora), Horn.; x*^, Horn. Soph. Xen. Plat. ; f/ompot, or, Hdt. ; 

''■''AiraTDi, or, Hdt.; 'iywat, ev, Hi[^; niUii, Hipp.; 

rufAkf, ApL Rh. 
To ei^pla, vI^KiK, Horn.; mip^, Ar. Hipp. Den.; laAXim, 

Or^ipltof, K^Uimr, «n, 4. Hipp. 
.^ bang cr^tpferf, r^fMwu, (vt, 4i Pl>t. Hipp. 
BifnaBila^ erifjila (on the atage}, x*'*'*oi^i i', Ai. 
A arilil, bciiii, Tng. Thue. Inc. Dan. ; ^«4), Soph. Bar. Thac 

Plat, laoc; Kovti, Soph. Eur. Thue. Xeo. Plat. 
71i triiit of a diieati, nftirii, mi, J), Hipp. 
ftf aow if tit verg eritu ef «U Oieir fJt, rvr yif Hi wirrtaaw 

M {SpaS brarai hil^t, Hom. ; lo Theogn. Hdt. See in&L 
OHap, upaapte, Plat. Ariit. 
Orinaaaa, Kfttvpirrii, irr«, 4, Thoopb. 
OrlUMl, aplriic^i, Hipp. ; at ■ ciitical time, 'Si^hwh, Sofdi. 

7b k da crittnl Miv, 'itqut^tt, self 3d nng. pre*, ai impen. 

7b ie la o eriHeai comiiiioii, hit iifoZ ir£kdi irie'iurAu, !S.ti^. ; 

M ffipav ^im, Enr. ; M {upaS ilni. Tbeoc 
Btng M a critiad amiltium, 0ttiu iwl {upoii T^xf'i Soph. 
But tie ofy ii H a entinZ Marfitioa, 4 r ix"''" P"Vti Ar. 
Koa teii^ iMoi and ia a mod eritieal wadiiiaii, t/uu iaima ti 

ml ivl fiMs pov^t 6rTtt, Thue. 
A erldd, Mr^nrHrt, Pkt. £«:hin. ; Kftruiit, Plat. 
CriUoim, iwhfy,7iiyiT, iai, f), Thue Dem.; trfrt/ntiai, ftrat, rfc, 


Tie art ofentiiitm, 1/ Hftrmji, Plat. 
A Rcitaiian, juh^piar. Plat 
To araak, itprff*, ful. -(-, Hta, Ar. ; npi^u, fiiL nafiatafuu, 

perf. niiipaya, Ar. Theopb. 
TberauifU, ntrficp^ia, c ace Ar.; iwmpA(ii, uDecu.Ar, 
Croakiiig, sfMry^i, Anth. 
Tie (ToaiH^ o/afiog, iXaXi>)ir, rfrat, it, Ariet. 
A orooodlla, xptKittAat, HdL ; x^^tfo, t, Hdt 
A Dnwna, i^irot, Hom. Soph. 
Croaucolamd, Kpoxdtu, Eur. Theoe. 
A erana, tpbm, gen. yfiii, ii, Hom. Enr. Hdt. Dem. Sea OU 

A crook, ml^aipafi, mat, t, eap. a ahepberd'i, Horn.; X"*"> 
ApL Rb. ; AOTMeAsf, These 

To enwk, AyicEA^ Ar. Arittj enXiiit, Theopb. 

7b eroet, I e. to mdie oodud, irlpAAsfoW, Hipp. 

Togrow or ie enufaiJ, a-icaAiafra/iiu, paai. Hipp. See 7b bead, 

CnMked, tryaiaiot, Hom. Pind.; yrattrrit, Hom. Hea. Find.; 
Kopgfrli, fSoT, i^, cap. luid indeed ddIj of ihipa, Hom. ; aia\i^t, 
litenllj and etp. bad, pertene, Horn. Hea. Pind. Theogn. Ear. 
Hdt Plat ; >iriKiJ^>LAat, or, b.; ir\i7uu, eap. of the mind, Piod. 
Enr. ; tXacrii, of the Dund or connaelt, Eur. ; arpOtiis, Ar. ! 
7«Mi#t, Ar. Aiiat ; ^utbi, Theoe. i flAaurij, MeL 

Witi eroaked tattnt, •yafiimni, ix"' ' «al 4, Horn. 

JVili crooiad Juaie, &r«fiAAMXaf, or, Arsheatr. 

(baokadly, maAlair, Plat 

Crooktd-bacted, >v^t, Horn., Ar. Kv^Jrwroi, or, Antipho. 

WM crsoM aad, ^aiCiliifHrDf , or, Leon. Tai. 

Crop, A^lor, Hon. Hea. Hdt ; 'Aperof, Soph. ; arixvi. vw, ', 
£Bch. Em. ; fopi, Dem. 

TSa crop of a bird, wptfyoptin', MWt, i, Ar, 

Like tieerop (ofa bird), irpoCgX^i, Ariat 

JeWro yi y erapa, fern. AqM^Hps, Hom. 

Aaornv o laae]> cn^ ^iM\4tat, ar, Hom. 

" Vf, i. e. gat mna off from (land), nMfwiatiai, nid. c. ace of 
land, .£icb. HdL Xen. PLat 

lai (at Icait a ^mk id which aiminali wan nailed, nwd a* 
croM), rdrlt, lSo>, 4, Ai. Hdt 

Onai, Sixi^'> Horn. Enr. ; Xs^s, Thongn. Eur. ; K^XP'^ Sopk 
£nr. ; rxiyuit, Hdt Thue Plat Xen.; ^la^Mt, ar, Hdl.; 
iytipvuis, or, Thne. 

OrOMwiM, AlKfuVi, Horn. ; jyinvvdit, Thiu. ; ^epfUtt^.Thae.; 
IrdMai, Ar.; Mxpa, Ap. Rb. 

To looi CTOH, Kif^tmr B^ine, Ac. 

To cron me^iat, tttpurrim, Xen. Plat Dam. ; L e. cnMiemnine, 
-jtrAnSffo, Hdt .Kacbin. 

To OToaa, rtpatitiuu, pau. eip. in aor. 1. Hon. HdL Tbue. ; 
iiitaint, onlj prea. imparl perf. -f^Sqira, and aoi. S. -itti*, aa 
if fnm -<Nrfu> niL -<4'°<i and aor. 1 . -iSriaa, in act. mm. to 
make to cnwa, Hom IEk\i. Ear. Thne Xen. Ap. Rh.; )w 
UMm, do aor. ] . perf., -titKtiKa, Mtch. £ur. Hdt That. Dem. ; 
ttdrepdo, fiit -wot, £ich. Eui. XoL g SumipBiitiiuu, paai. 
Hdt Thue; iOSUiia, no pei£ Thne; Mng^CofO^ >°iii 
Thne Plat Andaei IiAirspriiefuu, e fnt mid. aor. 1. paK, e. 
Boe or e prap. Hdt. Thne Xen. Plat ; irilf4AUXv, en. bj aea, 
Hdt Thue. Dam.; 'tnfixf, eip. water imparf. -eixpr, foL 
-^Ev, aor. S. -eaxor, no aor. I ., petl .-irxvc mm, e ace Thac 

To eroBf <^ier or la (uiiitltDa, ^ranUolr*, Hdt Thne Xan. 

7d tniBi bonier, mirSdUairm, Thne Xen., cvntdUdfJui, Thne 

7b otui a taali (dimbing up and deecending), '{^apaArUalnt, 

Te moIb M ctom, ■reftuii; Thue; UtflAif*, egam.aee Hdt 
rb make to cnw wotr, JUtr^/udw, Hdt 



Wim mut he trotted, MUftr^, Xen. 

To «Msell, irrirvK, fiit -fn, p«rf. ftrP^X" (pMt. P"rt. T»mj*t, 
Ar«i, MDm.), Hom. Find. Tng. Xcn. Plat. Don.; kAtS- 
irrfiirmt, tJw with *nr. 2. KaTJrTAjim', £icb., and aor. 2. 3d dual 
Km-arHrnir, a> if frem --rr^fu, Horn. Hea. ^icfa. Dem. ; 
■TW<ni, nta el«pl iu pm. and inperf. Ham. Pind. Tjrt. ; 
KffravT^trif, Horn. ; 'Chnnrr^ff'd^, uinatiinea c, dat. of the thin^ 
before which, Ham. Evr. Xen. ; 'iwawriairu, Em. ; i\ieiiai, 
on]; in lOT. 1. pui. ^Adffftiv, Ham. ; dXv, onlj in aor. 3. ii^Wt 
nan. 'Utlt, Horn. iiaJi(ti, Xen. Mo«:h. 

raolLoUng, adj., ■rriii, gen. rrwcbi, 1 nil q. Ham. 

Croucknff (aa a bird am ila fonng), 'C^ifuvoi, Ear. 

CroaAiag, uIt. liiXMir, Ap. Rh. 

Anow, N^, i«i, ^ Pind. Theogn. HdL Ljl; aDpOaiKii, 
At. ; ufMbilat, m, Aciil. ; KopiUElrfBtn', Phencr. ; xafAn), Hea. 
Archil, [n. b. — the nofArn ii oat eiacllj the Mme bird ai the 

A yoMtig eroic, •aparlMH, Cntin. 

Ztie a ertnn, xapdJnxiNir, Ariit. ; npAa^h)!, Ariat. 

Tilt emaiitg (of ■ rack j, 'AXticTepafivrCB, Luc. 

Tq omw, 'dnpriUJCit, na perf. Ar. ; laMcliCm, Theoc 

A crowd, 'Srfi?,r,, Hom. Sapb. £nr. ; f iiAar, Ham. Bnpb. Eur. i 

'irfiftt, tmt, ii, Hom. Eur.; nAJni, Horn. Hea. ^icb. Eur.; 

rf^i, ri, Horn. Hdt.; tfiUuit, Hom. Piud. .£Kb. Kar. Hdt. 

Thoc ; ariipSann, Hom. j irXi7«oi, ri, Omn. ; DxAat, Onin. pott 

Horn.; ■AUm, onif, i, Mach. Ear.; Vfi^t, ri. Soph. Ar. 

Plat, ; r^iifiifia, dmi, ri, Edt. ; iiiMa, .^ich. HdC ; ruCTao^, 

A latf crowd, KoKoavfriit, Horn. Hea. Ar. ; iiMei, Hom, Hei: 

Pbt. Ap. Rh. 
A crowd n niotumt fiSfia (tc orpArov, ete.\ ^teh. 
An imgn/arltfjiiaitiediroiad (e.g. of TJnea in a TiaeyBrdJ, irvirTif, 

tao?, 4, Ariat. See ..4a»a%, MaUilade. 
Jn oroadt, adj. ^^»ii, in pL Hom- ; AoXX^, naa. in pL Horn. 

Soph. I Mfiiti, hm. Stituiai, only pt. Horn. ; nihrii, and poet. 

rftait, Hom. Hea, Eur. PLat. ; 'SBpiat (only pi. Hoin,\ Horn. 

Pind. Hdt, Thuc Xeo, Plat.; iruii»ttwiiim, Ar.; 'trfttiMit, 

/<• crvudi, ad*. '«r(XirUv, Hom. HdL; dM, Horn.; M^ll, 

Find. 1 ifiOMlir, Hom, ; dfilXuUi', Hta. ; 'aAUr, Hom. HdL ; 

'bu, Hom, 
To OTDird (to croird loftether, or bring together), ioMJ^s, Horn.; 

a6iita.ii, Hdt, Sea To caUid, To aimimblt. 
To crowd, i. e. be croirded together, intmni. ^Ckoiuu, only prea. 

■od aoi. 2. ^tv, part. iAtli inlhia ienae, Horn.; i/uJiif, Horn.: 

tktyitfuu, paaii. only preL and imperf. Horn. Hea. ; ittfiart^- 

riaiiai, psaa. h. ; 'iriiXJoiau, pou. Thuc. ; oUrfiUafuu, paat. 

Xen. ; Tfplx^/"'i p*"^ P'H'. -k/x'*'"'! '■'i c- '>'■ or c aec 

Xen. Plat. ; nipurri^iriiie, Ar. 
Orowdtd (aatamhliei, feitivala, etc), i. e. to which people erswd, 

Xaovr6»i, •)>, Pind. ; nKtiOTi/iXpoTot, or. Find, 
A onwn, irri^^H», Otaa, poit Horn.; j fr r piym / i^ Am, tA, 

Thengn. Pind, Soph. ; irre^A'iJ'Mi, Anac. ; frt^t, ri, ^ich. 

Tie eraai of tit head, Sptjo^s. Horn. ; KopB^ Horn. h. HdL 

Xen, \ Opf-ffia, irrot, rb, h. Ariat 
7S< cniin of tit itad iden lit iair it parted, tdaitoita rflxir, 

AriaL ; Mamnit, wi, ii, Ari«L 
He cron or omaitiMff ael, L g. the completion or making som- 

plete, bf^jKi, Eur. Plat. ; nXo^r, •»>, J, PiaL ; Kt^itiM, 

P Ul. i na yaxaw, Dom, 
To nown, oW^, aa apenon erowni, or m a thing ciDwai, lome- 

timea t lk|ii^ and dat. Horn. Hea. Tng. Xen. Plat ; npii-r^, 

Horn.; vrrMuit,, Find. Omn. AtL ; tf**rta, no perF. Pind. 

Cntin. 1 ifi^, no pelf. Pind. Soph. Eur. ; itiiMn, fat -thni, 

perf, -BAtica, etc., Find. Ar. HdL Thuc, ; 'inurritpu, Eur. ; 

■drooT^, Eur. ; ffT<«arlfi^ Ar, ; irfedCv, Eur. ; JUwB«ifH, 

poet for 'Aiiitir«i(d£ii, Aath. 
Tb ETotn (flU o Toirlo, or.^^ Toiri^, Ar, Thuc Xen. 
TV ertnni a ^mtmii vilh viiiory, TpotiilyvOiid Tin icpdrd, Pind. 
0nioa croumt iii worrit, x^i iii^'ipurri^rriu Mttrai, Horn. 
To m» a crown, crown onetdf, aear a crom, etc. irrf^arieiuu, 

mid. Find. That ; ipi^iioL, mid. Ear. ; ipirroiuu, mid. Cratin. ; 

OTt^Sntpopiie, Eui. Dem. ; Toanioiiai, mid, Ar. 
To it crotnwd witi mnilin- jiaraDii, niart^dr6e/uu, e. pnp. Dem, 

7b croun, L e. to complete, pat the Gniahing atroke to, but alw to 

•urround with a fence at the tup, S^Fynii, Horn. iEach. Bnr. 
OrowiMd, npure^i. Soph. ; icarairrtfjfi, Soph. ; vrtfintfifot, 

01, Eur. Dem. 
Crowned wUh ieaatiftd loaen or loftti Bufft (aa eitiea), iOari^tim, 

or, Hom. Hei. Find. 

Wii beautiful crown, mUJirrtfiroi, or, h. Ear. 
Wili golden crotoa, ■jcj"'"^*^^, ", Hea. Pind. h. 
Wi& note croKM, taorifttnt, or, h. Tlkeogn. Pind. Ar. 
Omning (aa a garland avwna the bead), npttaAot, ov. Eat. 
AfojbM; ortwaa, art^nvoikt, AriiL 
^Beuvacnway!>r(ia;)rua(ac ^T^X imfAnif^Of, er, HdL 

AndoE. ; art^ifhtii, m, onl j~ maac Dem. 
Tie ri^ oftceoiriag a crown, erefSr^^e^n, Dem. 
WSiout a crown, cap. aa a aign of Ticloiy, iare^tnrrti, or, Sapph. 

PLat. ) lurr4^iy»t, w, Eur. 
A omaiblo, x^"*", Antli. 

To cnxAfy, 'iaAipefidryVfu, fiiL -Kptfii^m, etc, in paBL, alao 
pre*. -Kpiiiafuu, aor. 1. -eiwuia'fqr, Hdt ; 'InoTovp^ HdL 
Thnc. Xen.; 'dfumAarffa, Hdt; >iftraavijU,>^ spit rSvOa 
(•ee abore, CVw), Hdt 

Cnuilllxion, irraipaH'iT, im, ii, EccL 

Crado, Afi^T, Horn. Hea. Ar. AriiL 

Oraal, 'd^tUarot, or, Horn. Hea. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; '^Caixdi, ov, 
Horn. Find. JEv^ ; o^c^Aiei, n, av, and in Ear. or, or, Horn. 
Hea. Omn. AtL; 'B'7|>iar,a, or, and ai.or (Horn, haa gen. iypAn), 
Horn. Soph. PhiL ; Mfbs, Horn. Soph. Eur. ; X>^mf, Ham. ; 
$Sp6iri}tiiios, or, Pind. ; wiiipif, Pind. £>ch. Soph. At. HdL 
Antipho. Dem.; titxil^r, or, j^tch.; ariptbt, Pind. .£ach. 
Soph. ; artfflit, i, br, and ii, ir, i£ach, Eur. Ar. ; ailibu, 
JElecii. ; n4\aa, /ttXiura, iit\ar, all fem, at if from lUKairei, corn- 
par, iu\impoi, etc, etp. cimei, neceatitj, bte, etc £bcIi. Eur. ; 
ifii^, Trag. Thac. Xen. Plat ; ifiAnmr, ort», 4 nl 4, Tng. ; 
bliMi^t, £tch. ; LtMaiaj, or. Soph. ; 'iril^yrrro', or. Soph. 
Eur. ; Uiixyvot, or. Soph. 

Orad-Iooking, 'e(ypwrti, or, Eur. 

Cnallj, 'a'7fHa, Hea.; Itiio^firm, MiHi.; ii/iAi, Thac. Xeo.; 
TWfiui, Dem.; 'dmic'a-ngt, Hdt 

Ornelty, riiip<>ri)t, )|Tat, if, Eur. HdL Itoc. ; A/iAnit, i)Ta i4 
Eur. Xen. laoc. ; 'rypiirTis, tfot, i^ FUt 

To Ea or la ieoonu entel, 'aypi^ifHU, paaa. Soph. Eur, ; /(arypiAoiuu^ 
PhU. laoe. .£achin. 

A trnlM (tmall leaael), filUi), Horn. Pind. Ear. HdL Thnc 
Xen. Dem. See Cup. 

A emtie, i. e. TOjage, routrroAia, Eur.; 'optla, jGtcli. Xen.; 
tlir^aos, contr. -w\aot, Thuc. 

A cndm along lie eoatl, rifAKOfiSfii, Thnc See Fogagt. 

To enlM, Htn-lAAa/iu, onlj prea. and imperf. Hom. Soph. Ear. 
Hdt Flat ; wuwtoAA., Soph. Eur. ; tiiwtJa, fut -rXtimipu, 
often AtL 'Xniwilfuu, aor. 1, -iwXtvaa, etc Xeu. Lja. See 

A ommb, 'inXoi, Horn. ; ^w^tii, Hom. Xen. 

To orambla, if^. Soph. ; ■ftr&f^x'V^ paaa. Soph 

OromUIug, ^dMpit, £ich, ; fWpii, AriM. 

Ra&er crmiiling, 'Dwi^liiBBpot, ar, Hipp. 

Nol puaii^ ta a lamp ijfwet earti ai a lot iciici AoJd enoM* 
away, si tparinir t!w icK^por Is /timr KoStlt 'Tvpot ipoipal 
^uAof, Soph. 

To enuh, '6,ri\B<dm, Hom, ; ftAdo, fut bKiaa, nor. I. poet 
often SA^foou, Hom, Hea. Theoc. ; irtlrdyni/ii, oolf in aor. I. 
ffWiaia, Hom, ; ftAu, fat. ^JkiTirct, etc. Pind. Ar. Theoc ; evr- 
Tfttv, Eur. Xen,; KarftAsdv, Xen.; Apiwrte, Plat Theoc; 
"too^Ar™, Plat 

To cnal dip^tar, nn^Ada, Theoph. 

A arott, cap. one to dip in aoup or gravy to top it np wilbt fuv- 
Tt\Ti, Ar. Pheiecr. 

CmitiMou, /liAAfcidrrpAiEU, or, Ariat 

To ay, Ux*S "iilf P^**' *»il impeif. Hom, ; Apdxw, outy aor. 2. 
fiom annaed prei. Hom. ; &vWii,onl]r pro. and imperf, Hon.; ■!!>>, 
fut dAn>, no perf, Horn. Trag.; 0Mii, Horn.; i^pii^B, fuL »■ 
Kpdfofui, perf ii4Kpirfii, alio an imper. WkimxA, pL rinpaxfi*, 
aor. 2. hpfr]W', .^Kh. Ar. Xen.; 'OrupdCa, Hnn. Find. Ar. 

Theoc ; 'Sro^oMCH, «ap, with joj, Trag, ; li(M (E Ep, I A«.), 


Him. PimL JEadi. Soph. ; Kidiii, Sat. icXdytai, pnf. lUMKiryxa, 
mi Horn. xiiiXirya, tian. Tna. Ar. ; tix^< but oflra a Alt., 
whcD tone etitia write it loirxiw, dd piiC h. Trag. Ar. ; rAXa- 
tfit, ftp. in distnu, Aiiae. ; ^po^i no perf. Tng. ) dfioiuu, 
mid., only pen. MvAi, Eui. ; 'dXAA^(ii, op. with a warlike or 
joTfnl cry, foL -^a and -^*)4<u, no perf. Tiag. Xen. ; irafji- 
Ufa, .XkIu Xen.; 'bft\tAdf>, Kiu. Xn>.; 'bUotla, poet 

. ifiCsiH, £kL Enr. Hdt Xen. Plat ; (iWikIm, ^Kb. Thoe. 
Dem. ; brntrati, fnt. -{•■, no perf., uo pau., loinetiiiiei to ■ per- 
Mn c dat. or c. ace Tng. ; AiUiiO>, oiil; prei. JEich. ; rpi>txii*—, 
c anc eegn. jGkL; 'XdJfo, no perf. Bur.; tyKodi^, Ai. 
ThiE. ; tuiiM^, Enr. ; 'SruXifCv, Eur. Xen. ; BpHx"!"^ mid. 
Soph. ; nfiar/diw. Plat. , -Aniviri., fuL -&r>, Ap. Rfa. UoKb. ; 
^Btfjaiiai, micL, lap. u (D animal, Xen, Theoc 

To trg toad^, /Hyaimt, odIt prea. and imparf. Horn. ^ech. ; ieli- 
ii», onlj pni. and impett £icli. ; trtf9id(ii, Mkb. ; <(spSui£w, 
JBKh. ; 'inlx<^ Ap. Rh. 

r« »y «««{, W»)(^ Horn. 

Toerf onlla, Mtodm, fdt mid. poet. Siaoiuu, t. daL, is mid. c 
Boe. Horn. .Xich. Ear. Thuc. ; wfoitaiaiiiu, mid. Hdt. 

n erf (ml agaatt, to try deam to alia lilnut, icjMUDiIh, c geo. 
or e. ace. Ar. HdL Thiic ; jtStCm^*, Ar. 

To h cniij out agaiiul, 'iritnioiuu, pas*. Ear. 

7b «j> vU (in harmony wiih), lo erg oml logeSer, vMbUIAdfi*, 
c dU. Eur. 1 iriinUUada, Xen. ; a1>iv\a\iiii, Xen. 

7b ojr at OK n/^Bif, ^qxitvoi, mid. Ar. 

7b ny, i. e. weep, M«(ii», Omn. See 7b uvep. 

A arj, Imii, Horn. Ear. ; Uxn. Horn. Pind. jEmIi. Ear. : fimi- 
Tte, Ham.; MoXvyJ), uiuall; wX nd, Horn. h. £ur. HdLThnci 
'SMXii, Hp. a war-eiT, Pind. i itiMtot, Pind. Jjieh. Soph. ; 
^JBfu, ftroi, t1, jEect ; MMfio, jGich. ; Iitx<lf«h ^o'l ^^t 
Ear. ; tacfryiiis, Eur. i Kinpttfiut, Sret, ri, Ar. ; Kpaayii, Enr. 
Thoc Xen. Dem. ; i^ifn/yim, Arei, rb, only yijiu]. Ear. ; 
iXoAHTfifa, tometimei ot grief, Ateh. Bar. ; ^oirru (On, 4) 
aUi, £ich. ; •arlm4>jat,t, Eur. ; ai«^ Kmon. Amorg. 

.1 ZnJ nj^ iftiarfia, Imt, to, Ar. 

rt* era i^tUUrm, Mqx<h j^kIl Ear. 

71* erg rfbMt, icAvrni HoDi, 

Eaatrng erio, atfarn^ eriM, w<|>»%w, W, Soph. Plat 

Utteriag van, ■AamU)', Hms. 

CKaJ oal opoBul, eritd dovm (ao aa to prcTent a penoD'i (peaking), 
twtUwnt, or, litm. ; tA-rUmfMi, PlaL 

rijllll. npJrraAAoi, Dion. P. 

Like erydat, KpvirrilMfas, Anth. 

A n^ A>^i, T^ Hom. Hdt. ; tfisM, 4, in pi. £k1>. ; Mplo, 
■rK £acli. ; MpML^ ri, £icb. i r^oovai, Hdt. 

A oni*, alM > cubic nambei^ ntltin. Plat. 

OoUmI, rripeiT, Plat. Aiiit. ; nCuK Plat. 

A enUt, wqx>"i »'. ^i HdC Xen.; s«7^, ^f, 4i Hdt. 

A obit bmg or hrxiai, ale wl^ficnai, Horn. ; inixvaMi, Hdt, Plat. ; 
'iix>**' (of time), Mimnerm. 

Tko mM( Umg, Sfntx^^ t>«it. u, Hdt. 

Tkrti eaiUi /oi^ Tphiix>v< *^ P"^ *<>'• Hei. Ear. Hdt 

Av aUf In^ Trrpfaiixvt, Hdt Pht 

Kb* eutiti lamg, ■nrrinDyt, Hdt 

Ttn tmbOt Umg, )eiafin|xvi, Hdt 

T%iriem oMit Itt^ TpttK^ltiinixvl, Theoc 

CaUtM, Mrr6t, Soph. 

A mokoo, nAurut, ti^ot, j, Uei. Ar. 

7b erf laiiijiiii. ciKKifii, fut. -Sro, Hai. At. 

Gtetaa (tbe cry), jc^kkv, At. 

A aoMunlMi, aam, uoi^ d, Alcm ; rbvM, Ar.; rlKttw, Ptiiyn. 

TM Half a^a aaanter, oTkvor, Theopii. 

.^ oawabir bed, irJKv^ijkrar, Hipp. 

i«fa a taaumber, ffloMlls, Tbeoph. 

A aadnl, h^^ (« Hooi., G Eur.), Horn. Ear. Hdt ; ^MAov, 
Ham. Soph. Ar. Hdt Xen. ; inc^TJUar, Pind. Ar. Hdt ; •nrtril- 
Xiar.Ar.; imOraAb, ttat, 4, Hdt ; T j^urbw, Ar. ; (fixan, Hdt; 
Mrmv, Theoe, 

T« Mdgal, M>IC". Ar. 

iib a '■^jl'^ mrrixloi, ov, j, only maac. Theoph, 

Te«ai;^f^, PlatDon. Sea 7bi«rf. 

A aoC ^irfia, Arai, t^ Antipb. See £to<e. 
A onlnua, x<^<^. ■"'r. J*. Ham. Hdt ; dipai, ixat. A, Hon. 

Eur. Thuc Xen. See Bmtplati, 
A «aIruii«T, &iipi|irH|t, Horn. 
A mllll, ripiifqptiuir, iliu. pi. Xea. 
Oolinary, liiytifliit, Ar. PlaL 
A eal-dMa«, L e, ■ pbce with no exit at the runber end, rim 

'iritlSToi, Thoc 
A raeine tMt&jvrmtd a eui-tU-ue, x^^^ 'ilrM&rai, Thw. 
To golmiiiAta (of the ran, etc), fuovuplWM, Ariat 
0nlpftbilit7, (JtIo, Tiag. Hdt Tbuc Xen. Sea mamt. 
Calpabla, oItuii, b, dc, annetimee Alt e», o», t gen. rm, er e. 

1,71 and indie. Hooi. £acb. Ear. Thoc Plat ; fuMwrli, nil. e. 

nrg. Pind. Hdt Omn. Alt See Blanuable. 
OnlpablT, KArlfitfiwra, So'ph. 
A nilpnt, 'iUdlrqi, Hom. Ap. Rb. 
To OOltinto, Mcipo, only prei. HooL ; ul^iHr, in aor. 3. mid. 

JKi^qr, HooL ; 'prdfivtai, mid., perf. paB(.«lpYairfiai,ia either 

act. or pau. lena. He*. Tbac. Xen. ; yi/wtrkt, only pm. Eur. ; 

YtB>py/tf, Ar. Thuc. Xen. laae. Dem. ; ^fpT^fJi^uu, Hdt Xen. ; 

trfpyiiofuu. Plat Lyi. £ichin. 
7b calhitale, i. e. to practiae, to pay attention to, iexJu, Plod. 

Tiac. Hdt Xen.; aepAirt^, Hdt Thac Xen. PUt. and alto 

apjJied to laad or lo tteet, Hdt Xon. 
He Kiid tiati/lief aJtiealad Oar aaey Oajr wowld gH He Eatfar, 

_i v.. » '. l^npiiiriatai. That 

Ji yvy^>". At. Pint. Xen. 

OtUBotaf load, fyya, ri, Hom. ; 7«4p7IJ>u^ Stoi, ri. Plat j 
7«P7<a, Inc. 

ColUntloa, f*-nia, Tbuc Piat 

Tkt imltivitiat (of treea), nittu, Theoph. 

T^gsaUeoMoB (ofartt, etc ),<aap«nla, Plat Sea /VwMaa. 

Fa far odtitatuM, iayii/Iiuit, Xen. PlaL 

A mltinUa, '1p>tV,w»> (of Imid), Hc«n. Hea- (of tbe Maiai), 
Pind. Ste Htubamdmaa. 

A tmlHealor (of arta, etc.), la»rH)f, ou, i, Xen. Plat ; deplmm- 
T^r, of, i, PlaL 

To miinbar, fiUfbrm, Horn. See 7b load. To Uiidar. 

ChunlMname, Pi^, Hma. Trag. Hdt Xen. ; 4waxA>i, Ar. Pht. 
Dem. See Heaef. 

Oammln, ktioror, Theoc 

Uix cwuan, MpiniAtit, Tbeoph. 

A OHiBw fiHfer, Kfiiom^in^, ov, J, aUo aa adj. Ales. Aiiit 

OnnMttod, <r^i|M«>U)i, Theoph. 

Onaning, ic^MXfai, Horn. ; tafiUui^fmii, am, 4 nl 4, leuL 
or, Hom. ; alfiOtiet, er, Hom. ; a^(>Aof, i^ a*,aDd at, er, Hea, 
Find. .£Kh.; roMxpS^r, Horn. Ap. Rh.| wmtiOia/i^t, m, 
Horn. h. ; KJU^exHu, or, Hom. j AraXamu, or, Hom. Hea, 
JEkK Ptat ; mAi/T/mrai, Horn. h. Thuc Pbtt. j ^TirNuv^mr, 
ov, H«n. Hei. ; teXa^^nif, av, Horn. ; to/Jinrm, isi, J aal ii, 
no neut Hom. ; IsA^t Horn. Eur. Ap. Rb. ; titMt, a, ar, and 
oi, or, Hom. Tng. Ar. Xen. ; Sa*jifparJm>, sura, er, srroi, at«. 
Hom. ; SaXowXiicot, or, Sappb. ; SoAa^piMlr, h. Pind. ; SaVwi- 
itit, Siaon. ; lo^afii^^iiot, er, Sbnon. ; IsXifuMaa, or, Simon. ; 
toKii^fmr, sm, j ml 4, ^acfa. Ear. ; loXiiroiit, nSot, t Ktd^ 
Soph. ; SdhoTBiiii, er. Soph. ; o^iIIXaf^ntt, eo, b. ; wetanUi, He*. 
Pind. Soph. Ar, Plat Dem. ; woucDJ«o<i\ot, ar. He*. ; rouu^i- 
f^Tu, with alio gen. -ft^iSot, Sofh, ; wamDJ^piir, arot, i koI 
il, Eur. ; watjifi.'iixfitvt, or (not eommon, bowtTsr, in bad teuae), 
Soph. ; O'e^, Ear. Ar. Hdt Xm. ; m/JfrKoim, er, Ar. j 
'AXoni, or (aa a fbi). Soph, j niifaofi4x''>ot, er, Anth. ; 
alfiiki^fimi, aval, i a^ 4, Gralin. ; a(f(D\e<'AJi[o>, or, Cratin. 

JVoj< aaa at iy, r^aSiaTar, Hom. 

Onaning, ir^pSoi, ri, only pi. Horn.; Kflortrtt, only in dat 
Hng. and pi. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; raXDuipltia, Horn. ; laAo^i^ovfcii, 
Hontj S^hor, Horn. Pind. Soph. Ear. Xen.; rixrn. eap. in pL 
Hom. Hea. Pind. j fiqTH, »', and Dor, 4, Horn. Pind. .fitch. 
Soph. 1 /i^Sof, th, utu. if not alwaya in pi. Horn. Pind. £tch. ; 
TsXirrAwfo, Theogn. ; waXdSptu, Theegn. ; woAilf^pav^^ 


The<vn. Hdl. ; SaXwrAMcla, ThMgni ; micMa, Eu. ; nAirf. 

via. HdL ; %^Tixrvru, •«. 4. Tbnc 
A cwMujr trick, o^wfio, &rat, tA, Find. ^kIl Hdt. Don. ; 

T^X>^pii -"">< T^> ^ich. £iii. ; flX^t Tng. Thue. Xao. ; 

htXrixyvnt, «», ifi Thuc 
J oammgfiUotB, 'S^Ainii, «coi, i|. Find.; 'taigia, Anu, t^ 

Sopb. i Tt^inv^ &rai, ri. Soph.; icfMSsi, Soph. Ar. Denu; 

tirixii^fpifot. Soph. Eur. ; irjUai(rri|t, bS, i. Soph. ; ranrixii, 

Ar. I ToiiriUivui, Ant, rl, Ar. { vpiM^ Ar. ; cMmiv, Thsoc 
7Ji U anting, try amaii^ tridt, etc, iaixlii">fpS^4m, anij pm. 

and impnC JEtek. ■. nuifAAafiai, p4W. Eur. ; 't^Mimilim, Ar. ; 

rrxyiC", Ar. Udt. Xin. Plat. ; AtyvrridCn, Cntin. 
Cnuing^. nucf^BH, Soph. ; avrofur/i^wi, Xin. ; Aiyvrnarl, 

k onp, 'lA.tuw, Honui ictnXXw, Honi.; nif fot, t nd ri, 
, Horn. He*. Alcnmn, Em. ; Wru, <ui, rb, pL Imt, Hon. £Kh. 

Ear. PIM.; Kirvtiiar (ynfttly atit of irywaai^Hoai, Theoc.; 

iqiaT^, ^>, J (■]«>}■ Kpitr^p, Horn.), Horn. Pind. Tag. Xen. 

Flu. i jcariXii, Horn, g ^iVkq, Hoo. Find. Eur. Hdt. Ttac. Xsn. 

Den.; iiipia, gen. jc/pdroi, *ipaoi, Ki/mi, etc (dat. {d. alu 

aJpAiTi, Horn.), t1 (not confincal to cupa nada of bom), Pind. 

Mich. Soph. Xen.; K^riUUi, h. Plat. (Com.); K^, -iui, A, 
-Fhocjl. Sapph. S^h. Eur. Plat. Xrl ; WUo, Hippon. ; mii- 

fnafio, &ra(, ri, Mieh, ; nrV, %>o>, i, Eur. i nrniiMor, Ar. 

Hdt. ; Itniui, Ani, tA, Soph. HdL Thnc Xen. Dmarcb. Dem. ; 

KCKixrv, Aine. ; rtxixraw, Ar. ; nrlMirKuiv, Ar. ; umAiinc^, 

Phenci. ; 'AfUKTru, gen. ui, and •Sot, if, Ar. ; ^itXier, Eubul. ; 

idadai (pR^ of biua), Enr. Ar. Xen. ; rpitlim, Ar. ; Kifitiar, 

Dem. ; ti^ Nic ; icWoa. Nic ; cOAAiuv, Theopb. ; cHAlkli, 

itot, 4, Ath. ; a-KA^ur, Atb. ; ll/i<it, Ini, 6, Ath.; IftSHroi, 

Poaidwi. ap. Ath. 
A atp liat mil jtonij on titier end, ip4t9rri}t f ■bi), Horn. ; Uwta 

ifi^KiwiXXfi't Horn. 
A litter aip, ifybfit, fihii, i. Find. 
J cap mads at Hioda, 'PoSiif, i&ii, 4, EnbuL 
.J £iijM ci^ lt«t, Ar. 

.J «ip in tie iJape cf a &mp^, Kwaart\, Ar. Pheieer. 
A% mrOie n aart tmf (uiad bj loldien and vUon), nMiv, wnt, J, 

Ar. Xen. 
A eupdraii^iaraadiaigtlakmdtiamii^amrtifitirnfiMp, 

luriirirrpor, Antiph. ; lirrio'cwTfit, Itoi, ^, Comjci ap. Ath. 
n* cap ^fiiniltiip, j ^JXorViw, Thaogn. ; fiAvnfoia, u' f iA». 

nrffJaKtoif, Ar. AJax. 
nidVi/inaaDra, orq^OMjrpbitf or;tMMr, E^rrd^oi, Tbaopb. 
Za« a a^, VKi^at, Blukh. 
7b lallc otw oh'i capi, KCUnr)>Dp^, Pratina*. 
^umSi'iV our, or eoiuM^ nua to fiunvf sosr (lair otpt, KiwtK- 

\(l>4ax». <»' (Epitb. of feaaU), Amh. 
ArapbeaTM, ouox^ Horn. Enr. Hdt. Xen. Fkt. Ap.Rh. 
To In a^ihaanr, aaioxiMii, mt; prea. Hom. ; slnxo^ ao part, 

•ometimei b. ace. of the viot, poet, imperf. heroxiour, Hmn. 

A enpbcud, irlr^, Ar. ; S^hicii, Xao. 
Oapldltj, TAaonffo, Omn. proia. 
A OU, lOl^taT, Ar. See £>I9. 

lie, VcHrrii, Horn.; 'iorii, Pind. Plat; liffl^.oi'.^Kh. 

. ; (Mo4A|TOi, oc, Hipp^ ; eMtpA- 

Ear. Fiat. 
EiaUy curMe, (i&rat, 

CuAttra, TouirMt, .ffiaeh. Soph, i Ins^^^i, ay, e. gen. Enr. ; 

'a««rirAwo'si, ar, Antk ; l^eif, Nic ; ili»tprrl,f»t, or, Nic 
A enrb, lit. and nieta{A. iHtiUar, ^tch. Ear. Ar. Flat. 
To enri, twiimiiiim. Ax. D«n. fachin. 
7b <wi, i. e. u ehack, KoXa&t, Eur. Hdl. Plat. Sac 7*0 tJmct, 

To smdU, act. rpJ^ Ham. Theoc ; BiwCffrq^u, in prei. imperf. 

lilt, and aor. 1. Aiiat. 

To OB^U (milk with fig juke), Mfw, Ariit. 
To atrdle, intnni. TpJ^ofioi, paac, sap. with pert mid. ritfia^a, 

Hom. i Tiyrtiiai, eap. in perf. mid. iriirqya, Mich. Koac j 

avrhraiiai, pao. c aor. 2. and perf. act. Ariit 
Onrdtad, r^rrht, Eur. 
Calailataii to ardb, r/imliAs, Thaoph. 
Fit to tvdle milt (like fig juice), iwatOiit, Hipp. 
WialmT eaata to eardlt, ■Yl'f^ '^"f t^ Aiut 


A owa, 'JLcq/io, Atoi, t1, Hom. ; 'iaoi, rh, Horn. Aeh. Ear' 
Hdt 1 'info-fid, Aral, Ti, Plod. ^ich. ; 'tic«rrpM', So]^ ; 'im- 
ni, «M u, Hdt ; i^cit. At. ; 'tifiii, Arar, ri, .£ach. Hdt 
Flat; 'haa, ta>i i^, Soph, Plat Anli^o.; 'tdrptta, Ariat; 
'lirpfiifia, Itot, ri, Ariat See Rtmodg. 

na Qoddtm ofcarvig, 'laait, Ar. 

Tkt art ofcar'mg, 'wTaf>Ia, Soph. 

To onra, 'oL/uu, mid. (I Anth.), aith aor. t. paas. Ufic, mpala. 
am. Omn.; 'bJafuu, mid., poet part iit*iiittm, fnt dWnfui, 
Att huMfiiu, etc. (act 'Ac^ alao in Hipp., paai. only in Tefj 
late aathoti), Horn. Find. Soph. Ear. Hdt ; AraAMnfiai, mid., 
cap. one'i own wonndi, Hom. ; 'teoo-dfv, t. aoc pen. gen. of 
diuaae. Soph.; ^niaiiat. Flat; 'JM^JviJtivw, fnt -Kiit/afm, 
aor. 9. itJUar, no aor. 1., parC -JUa,^ Hdt; ^tfoa^tw, Hdt; 
itf&it^x,, Thnc. Iioc Aritt ; 'ioTpai-, Plat ; ''iv^iit, Ariit ; 
'Irytifci, Hipp.} i\vfiii^it, Hipp. 

Tb be cwwf, biafiai, odIj in 3d ling, impeif. Hom. 

It vrili eun yon of your ntboAoly, nitoffun (Att lot from fii- 
6ap/ii^^ for fi*6^piffti\ <rt toD o'lrutffHtinrif, Eur. 

One mat am, a^fcrnrr^, Plat. 

A enrar, 'for^ qpoi, 6, Hom. Find. Soph. ; 'torpii, Hom. Find. 
.Sacb. ; nuitv, a»i, i, ,£*ch. Eur.; Titubr, nuT, d, Sa|rii. ; 
'InoT^ ^fxu, 6, Soph. ; 'Ix^ay, spin, i, Eur. ; VknaT^i, «% 
i (ibough not applied to curen of dinata bf him), X«n. See 

The CvTOtei, Koipvrti, el, Bur. Ap. Rh. 

Onrloettr, L t. norellj, A^u, b. 

Ouloiu, itfiiii, JEtch. Soph, Sea Ran. 

Oirioiu, i. e. iuquidtiTe, Ct^'triiAt, c gen. Plat 

Omt eurioiu, wtflrfryos, or, Xsu. Flat Ike. Dam. 

To make curumt, i. a. inqniaiti™, fyM^ no perf. Hon. 

OnrlonalT, L e. aeearatelj (mido or fitted, etc), irttlyiit, Hom. ; 

A rarl, rtiitdiut, Horn. Pind. ^ach. Ear. Hdt ; vXaxfiti, no. 

in pi. Hom. Ap. JUi. ; P6cTfix<"i IBx^. ; t>^»i, 1^. Ap. 

Rh, ; TAoair, ABdi, 4 Fhencr. ; Kiuivet, Ar. Theoc, ; oTiffi*- 

rCu, on. Cntin. ; pirpUxOi, Fbcracr. ; tAjkA^, itot, ^ Theoc 

Bion ; CoTAtyf, ir^ot, t. Call. ; lAi{, Ini, J^, alao poet (IXif, 

To enfl, tXAu/ui, mid., cap. one'i own hair, Hon. ; fioaTp^l(i^ 

Dion, H. 

Tie bnae errlimg aittea,iUIXa arlCovaa rroi, Simon. 
To tatar Jolts earU, ■w»pir\iKK, Hipp, 
Curling UmKl/up (a* Menmiy did to jump through the kejhole), 

ioX/fMt, i. 
Wiik eurliag iair, otXaKipiiTej, or (onl j of men. *ee below), Hom. 

li.; T^x<n'^«. "i ArehiL; *KrT(*x«i|i, Eut. ; tUMMffrpA. 

Xot, or, Ar. ; DbAoK^fOAar, or, Pheieer. ; oiKifpil, gen. otKirfl. 

X>)ii Hdt ; oixjmfiat, or, Alai. 
Cmrltaeaa, tixAnii, irroi. 4, Ariit 
Cnrij, aMjii, onij of the abort curlj htir tt bhb, Horn. Hdt \ 

fivTfvitts, Ap. Hh. See Aoir. 
lb ioM cor^ ton-, sTptUdAoKo/ulat, Soph. 
""^ ~ ' gain cnrtencj (aa a repon), tuBfrKKtoiim, pou^ 

The anirevt, ^i, cmtr. ^v>, Thnc See Straam. 

Full o/aHTtaU, foiSui, Thnc 

FmU ofeurreati of air, mna/Jkrif^oot, eontr. four, nent. iir,«vr,Pht. 

To enny, irreylfoi. Ear. ; if)ix>i Ar. Xen. Cdl. 

A emjliig, ifSi", "«. i|. 

A euTTeomb, iH^^pai Ear, 

To enna, tfii^tat Cop. Hom., 'Sfi. Att.), mid., fnt. -imfuu, c dsL 
pen,, aometime* c ace. of the com imprecated, ■omathnea e. aec 
pen. and inlin. Hom. Trag. ; rj/rofioiuit. Ham. Theoga. Hdt 
Xen. luc Dem. ; iraipiaiun, Soph. Eur. Hdt Plat Ljt. laoc ; 
iiiirtiixp)ini, mid. c dat or cgen, alao c. ace. pen. and infin. 
Mteh. Soph. Flat 

7b aam bendrn oral lit lame tiim,foiiitoiiaiaa<idiSlioivlemrm, 
wfoiKirtixoiiai, Tb<0]dl. 

CWrw yon, ^rrpiCdqt, Mr. 3. fm. opt. of twrrftti), At, ; l ia^ 


. riw^MT-ipX ..... - 

Kifitatt At. ; iwiftpt tli KipSiaa, Ar. 

tfi^ lit KifOMOS, md pi. oAk di Kifixas i^^it'rrt, Ar. ; a^ur^f 

At. : tiiiAQiv Kiytt, Ar. ; fiilM i% fiintflar. Plat. ; 'ir*yt tit 

tOiOpiar, P]M.t. 
Cme fm—wiU f(m not ia nZnt, emit mdm It 

oJa It ^tifor o'rjwa' lwiax4'*i TiU* ; JEth. 
A niM, Ipl C'f- Ham., 'dp. Ti^.}, Horn. Tog. ttem. ; 4«i^ 

Hon.; itlmfu, jEtcEu Enr. Hdt. Plat. ; ic^nn'fw, Arai, T^ 

X^. Eur. 
CDning (atUiiDB s enne, or bringing ft cam upon), 'IfKuu, n, 

or, Ukd M, w, jEuh. Soph. PUt. 
CvrMd, 'dfiarii, Horn. ; 'SfKuoi, a, sr, ud «, or, £kTi. Soph. ; 

ii«rr*IU Soph. Hdt. Tlinc £aehin.; nirtfarai, w, Soph. Eur. 

Ar. Dem. ; MkpoTai, Thuc Plat, ^tehin. 
Thrice eurmd, TpuKirtfartt, or. Dam. 
7)Ua JoiuM inU wny cwva, e4<it 'oJ^w^^M. Wi Hon. 

Gamititj, wSf4frfiit, PlaL D«m. 

tanoT7, TJtxn. compar. Silwiw, niperi. Tjkxvror, P1*L 

T» rartail, nA«^, Horn. ; nrriiam, Mt^. Enr. Thna Xcd. 

Pl«t ; mrrtKKt, Ar. Thnc Xen. 
Cuttilsd, fuloi^pai, AC, AiiiL ; iiiaufn, or, Ariat. 
A cnrUlk, ■fuKi\BrifM, Jb'of, rl, Atch.; irdfAr^rar/io, Otsi, 

Ti, Ai. Hdt. 
A earful (often irf leathar) dramt alaig Ike Met cf aioM to pm- 

tatOewmi, wififfCta (»>, i,) hoi, £Kb. ; irM^H«> i^*< 

ri, X«B. t wJIpftkivu, Anj, Ti, Xen. 
A tamton, iovb^ Eur. Ar. Hdt. Plat. ; mvtnix^i, irr«> 4. 

Ar^ SM.diM<i: 
A com, iynbr, £ro>, i, H«n. Xen. Se« A imd. 
To eorVB, act. yr^nv. Ham. jGocb. ; ayriii. Ham. Enr. Xm. ; 

Kdinrm, Onm.; frlmipTcIti, pen. part poet, -jcvprdor, Hea. ; 

intnoi. lAcA^afiai, pau. EuT. Plat. 
Til ie curved uJo Uc/Jm ■y'a 6(9, itaK'rtaiuu, pau. AriiL 
Cnrrad, n^bt, Hani. Enr. ; uBii-wtxoi, Som.JEiA.Xta. Plat; 

n^t^i/ui, Enr, ; iysAXDi, Horn. Pind. 
Curard (of b boak), iwlypuwoi, or HdL Arut. 
Omerf (of ihipe}, mpctyit, iSot, j), Horn. 
Onrala (ihe tellacunilii of the Komwu), STfpot tyKGAjvoui, 

gen, Toior, Plut. 
A inahioa, ^^Jlll, ri, Ham.; ruXtuir, Sopb. ; t6a.ii, Saf^b. 

Enpol. Anlipho; wpotmfikmior. Dot onlj for tbe faaad, Ar. 

CnliD.; irTBiCJr, Ariat. 

Coabionad, ^aUfivwi, ar, Enr. 

thMaij, i-exixi,, HdL 

Csftom, ttitih Honi.j r^t, Omn. poiL Horn.; rpiwot, Pind. 

Ar. Thne. £Khtn. ; (Sot, ri, Tng. Thne. Xen. Plat ; ri/uiar, 

■•o. in [J. Trag. Xen. lioc. Dem. ; riiuff/m, irrot, tIi, Trag. 

PbLi aMfltu, h. Plat; F^rit, Wl, 4, Thnc.; >Wf«uw, Hdt; 

Mwfio, »ret, ri, Plat Dem. ,■ *r!Tlla*ii/ia, *toi, ri, Thnc. Xen. 
TV t ^ aUuttd maiomt, ri ittfttt. Soph. 

TUa ■na aU cMfon ^Ua aly, Twra Jr rSai ^r "^ ri\ai, Thuc. 
[^ to Uta liMs HHB^ fnrti s^ Grtfca keep wp He 

rtxpt roSta nAAA ffr 'eXA^Idi t^ nAafy 

JTafwap lip <iea> mCiMu, oCth ra/4^fiara (ac. x^l>")i Tbie. 

Zanf &f aatbm, Uirrit (af a habit), AiiiL 

.^Kvrrfsv to iMilom, (MiStsi, Soph. 

Oaitomuf , •IifMi', vis, ht, gen. Jrai, etc. Soph. Ar. ; >>ifitiiet. 

Ear. Thne. Xen. Andoc ; irirTpa^T, ar, KniMEim« c dat Hdt 

Thnc; Kvufrf/iowt, Hdt Thuc Xen. Dem.; tfii, tSoi, 1 ul 4, 

Hipp. See Aecmatomed. 
nielia aMm, la ie auhmary, n^fofuu, paaa. JBtA. Sopb. 

Enr. Xen.; alio act nyiJfot, Enr., thoDgh perhapa it nay be 

taken (HeL 1064)to mean "10 adopt tbe cnatom,"aa in Hdt Xen. 
WemBamfOataitmoiae euMom u CnaM, ia,WaM)iUiiyAat 

waidoiaal tdofl (4a tmitom n Avaoe, o& rafiCCaw ^niur itaf 

CMttMU, WXoj, Tk, Ar. Xen. Pht. Dein. Sm Tax. 
OutaBJtOOaa, J^iir^v, Dem. ; latlirtvrifan; Xen. 
To nt, 'p7<t*", only in asr. 2. atpyifa,, poet. Uprigfr, e. iwh 

and gen. Horn. ; xalpM, cap. bair, bnt alio to mt ar cnt aff any 


thing, and-o^uu, mid., locntane'i own hair, w hate it art, Hon. 

Pind. Tng. Hdt £achiii. Theoc 1 T/nhw, no tnt., aor. 1. fr. 

latin, aor, 2. hiiiryar, paaa. triJtytir, no perf. Horn, Ap. Rh. ; 

liix^ only in 3d pi. aor. 1. Siixnicr, tor tiixiyvw. Ham. ; 

xdrrii, Horn. Enr. Hdt Thnc. Xen. ; ri/iim (nan. in Hon. 

Ti^ow), perf. Ttrnniai (part T*T/«i*t, rfrgi, Ap. Rh.), etc. ete. 

Omn. ; rvrrium, Omn. Alt ; wipSinitm, At. ; Irri/ina, jGach. 

Ar. Thnc ; i[*TftT//uw, cap. to cnt ciiula, ditchn, etc Ar. Hdt 

Xen. Flat .fiicbiD.; tulriiina, Hdt Dem. ^lehin.; fti^fv, 

aor. 1. poet flpim, br iUpiaa, Mit'i. So;^.; irpb^ impeif. 

fcptar, fnt Tpuiftaj, aor. 1. paaa. in paaa. aena. ^pMqv, no 

other tenica, Enr. Thne.; itirdr^, Thea& ; av^w^rrv, Xen.; 

ia-iTfub". Ap. Rh. 
To cut i^y'iaiirridrfta, Horn.; 'ftnfte, fnt -{^ nnpeif. Ham.; 

'irl^. Ham. Si^h. ; 'Imifian, Horn. Hdt ; kmcirrm, 

Hom. £ach. Xen. Dem. ; 'tear^fuw^ Ham. £ach. SopL Hdt. 

laoc ; 'AxonlpH, Horn. ^acb. Eur. Ar. Xen. Dem. ; '{tpaln, 

eap. to cnt off branehea of ireea, no pert Pind. ; S<^o>. fnt (aftB, 

no perf. (of an eoemj'a head), ^ach. ; 'axaunAiiii, Ear. 1 'bra. 

AHTl<ii, L e. to kiU, Eur. ; braHafiO; aor. I . port. -MpTtra, for 

-MpWa, eap of cutting off hair fram grief. Eur. ; mrrl9tiuu, 

mid., aor. 1. -t^vtiiapi, only of hair, Enr.; Mfiiv, Eui. 

Dem.; "Sitot^uph, Ai. HdL Xen. Plat ^achin.; 'Mrinna, 

Toaa<^,\.a,\o intereept (a* troopa), or to ent off their path to 

intercept their retnat, 'teoXiyiKtn^ fnt -A^/uu, aor. 2. -4XA. 

So¥, perf. -ati.yi^ paaa. only in pm. and imperf. Hdt Thne. 

Plat 1 'towcAaliis perf. paaa. -xlKXiirptu, Hdt Xen. 1 'AnrrJ/uw, 

Xen.; 'hTDTJ^waa, andoftenei-afiai, mii Ar. Xen.; '»wa^uirro~ 

fuismid. Ap.Rh. 
To cut down (men, trees, etc), trlKirrm, Horn. ; irTulfa, Hmt; 

JicWaJw {aa\j tceea), perf. ~«MXvca, Horn. ; txMirrm, Hdt 

Hom. Ap. Bh. ; Stkiiam, Hom. Eur. Ar. Hdt Plat Aachin. | 

Uhjmi, Thnc Xen. 
To eml Aort, L e. leaw nnfiniafaad, or limply to cnt down, inikaim, 

Hom. Eur. Hdt 
To cat Aori, i. e. to end, iatAwnt, laae. Dinarch. 
To cHt Aort of, WomAd^, in tneai, CaH 

To cut alart if, or to ad ef iafbntaad, rporiiam, Hon. Ap. Rh. 
!b «■( 191, sap. aa a cook doea, /iHfriXXai, only pna. and import 

Hom. ; tOturrttMi. HdL 1 fix'i', -^Kh. Soph. ; ifr^Ltm, 

no per£ Ear. ; SiofTiii^ applied to tbe eagle tearii^ Pfnme- 

thena, £»ch. ; liapriCm, Mack.; 'imfifi^friiu. Soph.; kOtS. 

Kpaovpyit, Hdt ; utrixapifiii, Hdt 
TaaUi^ Ja/iirj*aiaii, ipOMraaifimi, Antreh. 
n ca< H ;»DBa, jtoraicihrTa (eap. in miliiary tenie, of mUing 

■— to piecea), Hdt Thue. Xen. Dem.; hbtSo^ or 

'n aor. 1. Kor^imira, Ar. ; Kdron^Sai, in aor. ]. 

paaa. iti>r«n-qif4i|v, Ar. 
To aU into tmall piteea, np/iiriiii, PUt 
7b cut opn, 'JhroffV>, Theoc. See To open. 
T\t ctU oawufar, trnmlpia, aor. I. ti^fwo, Horn. Ap. Rh. ; lift- 

fUHfdia, Alt -OffD, Enr. 
To ad raaoirf, Vf '^*^'^ only in aor. 1. poet Ifi^aitAiava, Horn.; 

npiT^^mg, Horn. Haa, Hdt ; rtplKaipm (eap. hair), and -4/101, 

mid. Hdt 

To od a pHOe i^fiom, 'dannrporiprm^ c gen. Hom. 
To ad autagfiom umder, bnpiwTm, only prei. and imperf., c gen. 

or dat of the thing which ia aboie, Horn. 
To ielp to ad auaj, atrHO^ime, Xen. 
To Odin too, Sixva/iiti, PUt. 
To ad a linat, Stipora/Jia, no peiC Horn. ; 'dvotai^org/t/it, 

Hom. ; aixartiit. Soph. 
Oae rmil ad, T^ir^*, Plat. 
So at b> ait, r^ffi^r, Hom. 
A out, or a outttng, rsfi^ (alao a pbce where anything ia ent, or 

cntolT), Hun. Pind. Soph. Enr. Thne. Plat) frlroyi^, £achin. ; 

T/tV't. eMf, ^ PUt ; Tfi^fta, irtt, rb. Plat. ; xV<m^t 

4 cattu^ ^ ' tMO KOrll, JEmii. ; 'favroft^, Xen. 
i catlag, i. e. an inteiaptiog, 'iriKii^a, aoti, 4, Tboc 
A adta^ qfitiow, 'tawEovJ), Theopb. 


A eMag w too, liiTs/ii), MKh. 
A cutting (of hail), alx) tit piaee (oUol it ad qff, Haifa, Mt^. 

Soph. Eur. 
A oMoig of a fLml or Iree (in order to propagate il), n^^fia, &tsi, 

T^ Xcn. ; xV^T ■''"^ ^ Tbeoph. 
To fluub a euOn^, *^>uKrx'i''>> Theoph. 
(hit, TOfuivi, a, or, and at, oi, JEkIi. ; riap-it, Si^h. Eor. ; IM^- 

fifw't 1, tr, and <», or (of hair), ^icli. &ir. 
Firil out, tpirrSlanifilll, oy, Ariit. 
CW lip, or Old Bi fiurKi, /Ux's^^it Amphii. 
NuaU) aU (of voundt newly mSieted, oi flowen nawl}' gathered), 

ytimiut, er, £mIi. Soph. Eat. ; rtixirrrtt, vy, Ar. ; rtiimrot, 

Dv, Eiipot. ; rH(r>iirn», oii. Plat. Ap. Rh. 

HWi eht, iiriafni, or, Horn. ; t^oiai, m, Aiiat. 
Haifait (iroiyi, VirX^t S701, A ml i), Ap. Rh. 
CnttiBg (abls to cut), Tfl>ut, So^. Plat. ; udpiriai, q, or, and 

Bt, o», Eur. ; T^irrlkii, Plat 
To rsfiiin aiitimg, ro/idit (of ■ diMue which caniiDt ho cured ei- 

t«pt by Bieiiion), Soph. 
A ontUr, aJtiipirriinitr, oras, t, JEtcii. ; ;idxoV*>^'i Ai. Dsm. 

A aiiitr'i atop, ffiSnpit, Xea. ; /laxofonittar, Dem. ; o^Si^uv, 

A Ont-pvna, ^AAnrrntT^uoJ, At. ; PaXaFTirrifuii, PlaL .XichiiL 

7b k a eat-jmrm, fitAarraiToiiitt, PUt. 

A euttle-ML, rtuRf , tSat, if, Simon. Ar. ; m^ta, Ar. E{nchBnn. 

Ajiit. ; rtiwtSior, Ar. ; TtuWjioii, Phenicr. ; twurBrrha (a 

Bieolian name for It), Stiattia. 
rib io» o/a adtU-jidt, iririar, or (nprtwr, AiiiL 
Tha oatwmttT (of a ihip), trrtifn, Horn. Ap. Rk. 
Cjbala, KMi\v, Eur. i KC«W)|, Hdt 
A ojDluiai, jid!iiA^<i>vr, 4, Theoc. Theoph. ; aiaXi^i, ttoi, if, 

Iha CtoIMh, KtiiiAiln, el, Iioc. 
A Ofda, n^icAof, pL ri jcJkXo, Plat. 
CjdiMi, nKAuii, Ariit. 
nu CyelopA, KJKXuf', wni, j, Horn. Eur. 
A little Cydoja (t«nn of endearment), KuKA^iar, Eur. 
Of a Cy^Dfx, KSkX^iwt, o, ai>, and at, or, Eur. ; KiliiAiiirwi, 

Eur. ; fem. KvKAinrli, flhit, if, Eur. 
Like a Cgclop*, KilaA«Eicdt, Ariit. 
A DTput, hCkmi, Hoid. Hcl Ear. Plat. S«e Svma. 
Cyllaaa, KuU^in Horn. 
(^ CMate, KuAA^rui, h. 
A nUsdar, cdAivS^i, Ap. Rh. 

O^rimdrloal, KtAuip^t, Tbeoph. ; Iianfayir/Tiijn, ar, Epich. 
A oymhcl, KifSUinr, Find. Xen. ; nrrdAi), ^Mh. 
AoUU^ gmtuli (haTing cjmbali oied in hex wonhip), j 
I, or (epith. of Cerca), Piad. 

^jnthu, KMot, h. 

A eTprtH-tm, xArJ^roi, ■f. Hem. Pind. Eur. Flat 

Of eTpiMt, xta^iriT&vi, Horn. Find. Thuc. Xan. 
Hoaiiitg a ceiliKg ofcyjrrtia trooii, irbripvnrApQ^s, of, Mneeim. 
Oyprai, Kffiipot, i^, Horn. Eur. Xen. 
From Cgpna, KvnpiSiw, Anth. 
To Cfpna, lOTwportt, Hom. 
OfCgpnu, KiTirpiat, Hdt. Xen. 
Born at Qpnt, KinY»7«4t| h. Sol.; alu hm. Kivportnia, 

poet. Kuwpayh^K (both epitL of VeoDi), Hea. Pind. 

Ojimjt, K^m, H». Call. 

CyTBIttail, KupqHibr, Hdt. 

Cjrna, Ki^t, Xoi. 

OftiaBi, K^^ei, Ciatin. Hipp. 


A dwM, SrWCAai, Ar. Plat. 

SAffbdU, iirAifSfXoi, nbit and adj., only in mamiliiw, Horn. 

Ofdi^odO, Lr^iKSrat, Luc 
A da^n, iiixiufn, Pali. Eur. Hdt. Xen. 1 /idxaSpior, Xen. ; 

^ii^ttiar, Hdt Thnc Xeu. Dem. ; $<t^ior, Ar. Thuc Xeuij 

{tr^A.)) (a l^edanuuiian word), Xen. 
Mil;, i. e. by day, not by night, j^fiArut, Hon), t i^twipm, a, 

or, and as, or, tita for the whole day, alio for eTCiy day, alto 

mly luting a day, Horn. Find. Theogn. MKh. Ear. Anth. ; 

fuAl^fNor, or, Eur. i tuSiu^'p^it-. Plat ; i^iifufirit, Alex. 
DaHf, i. e. every day, irip^fucoi, or. Find, t -rb'^pat, ev, 

JEtch. ; nthifi^pioi, B, or, and oi, or, Ear, g l^ifitpos, or, Hipp, ; 

liA%Hpuiii, Theoph. j fu^^Hpivbi, Dem. 
Dailg, eeery dag ooumnKsi, fk tpafuXia, Iwc 
l>aify, adr. Kit? VfWi Enr. Xen. ; 6<nniiim, Ar. Thnc Dem. 

Dftlntily, mit^. Ai. ; rpe^pfii , Ariat. 
DalntiAMI, TptioJi, Enr. Ar. Ptat laocDem. ; 'iF7;p^i, VT0t,4> 

Crabyl. ; Ko^if fu. Plat ; iio^if ^i, ffroi, q, Plat. 
BunUsl (to eat), l/^tr, in pL Plat 
7b Hoe oil daialiet, ti^ofSyiii, only prea. Ar. 
7b tug daiKtieM, Hmrim, only pm. Ar. 
Dklll^, ao^i, Ar. Plat. ; X"°^'< Pheinr. ; rpli^pii, Eur. 

■Ar. Thuc 
IMntf (eaiily Mtiated), eap. in 000*8 food, Htkopot, or, Plat. 


To be tlaiiitf, m^oH*, no per£ Eur. 
A dale, tjiai, ri, Horn. Hdt ; rimi, Horn. Soph. Eur. Hdt 

Plat) riirof,Ti, Soph. Enr. Xen. See Fofky. 
DklllaUDa, iipurrlit, ioi, 4, Horn. ; lipot, h. 1 Upuriihi, Hei. 
To dAlly, Adp^, Soph. Ar. Plat Dem. Set To Irifli. 

Dam, idirnp, apoi, lync furr^r, 4, Omn. See JlfoOer. 

A dam (to dun water), yi^vpa, Horn. Pind. ; )d^rh% Hdt ; 

X£fu>, ^01, Ti, Hdt 
To dam up, 'iitoyt^ifim, Hdt 
Damaga, n^Aii/ui, ftroi, ri, Horn. .£>ch. Soph. 1 ■^/u, &rol, tA, 

Omn. poet ; Kbiltr, Omn. ; in|/ioirlirt|, £uh. Eur. j nf^a\ 

ing. Thnc ) xi^i], Trag. Hdt Xen. Plat ; irAvi, ti, lEaiit. 

Iioc. I Ci\l^ Soph. Ear. At. Xen. PUt 1 $Ailq, Tng. Dem.; 

0X^01, ri, Eur. Hdt ; Kticmaa, wf, 4, Thuc. ; rpu/ui, jtrot, 

Damaget h o fou-nnl, Ti^ii^ia, Aroi, T^, Ar. Plat ; f^ilpa, &»>, 

Ti, Ihc Dem.; P^oi, rfc. Plat 
j1 aetiimfor damage done, ^XiCqi Sin), Dem. 
To daim daiMgee, ami ml liem doom n tie mfuMwrf, tirftft^ 

(T^U^io, etc). At. Flat Iioc 
Aa iKlvm n uiUai Ate damagte arefimid hf fau, and oof fa/) (0 ti> 

rfunvfion q^ lla jiidgt, 'Mfarroj 'ir/hi (gen. iiroi, t), Mtch. i 

'Or^nrTDi IAei), Dem. 
7b but am adim ami b» amdemad w daaagit, i^lXv, imper£ 

i^iKor, fnt If \ltflw, aor. 2. £fAov (perf. iiphqao, hardly uied 

in Ihi) lenK), c ace. of the amouut, Lye Dem. 
To damage, ^o/uu, mid., only pm. and impert Horn. Hee. Hdt 

Xen. PUt; Bir^^fioi, mid., c peif. pan. in pai*. lent. Horn. 

Eui. Hdt; muiatni, (tit mid., alw in pan. leni. Horn. Hoa. 

Tng. Hdt Plat ; jBAirrBt, bot. 2. paM. ittJatir (once c. dot 

JEtib.) Omn. (though it probably hai not thit mdm in Homer, 

who nwi it iBllier of hindering one'* progreu) ; 'teoCXdrrn, 

Pind. PUt; adTaffiuUTai, h. Hdt Flat; Kbcij*, Omn. Alt 

Hdt ) iciUoup7>^ JEKh. Xen. ; mifoint, odIt pm. .£ach.; 

ix^utia. Soph.; (lua^, Eur. Thnc PUt XeiLi i\avv6tt, 

Thuc Lya- Iioc Dem. See To iart. To bgiat. 
Eaiilj doBKigod, iMXarriu, or, Ariit 


J » iamaga, 'Muuo, mm. tiaifl, c gth. of tllB object, 
>. Enr. ; '(»UW|i, «Kh. 3m HarmUm. 

*, Nmwn, Tng. TheDc S« ZWy. 

UBB, icarArpAw, Eur. Hdt Ihc Antipho ; KSrirtrjrimm, 
t, -yriniuu, no mor. I., pcrf. -tyrwut, fait. ftM. -iyntaiita, 

- — o 1 --""-m-7»*fu,Thiic.Lj». Antipho. S«e 

I, iArlXlW4u>t, AriM. 

1^ 1^, Thac Xtn. Dam. Sao Cam- 

li»mf, '»)Fit, Onm. not Hdt. PtoL Xen. ; nfKiiAt, bv, Simon. 

Aidia. At. ; vAU^, Affath. gaa Afiiu^ 
To daap, r^)7*, Tng. ; '^Tpnln^ Eur. Xen. PUt. ; 'l^vwnfw, 

lb daiHp, DiM^. iripupA)fiai,-^tbii duDpi thoir crango, tdBto 

•r^fai^MTBi tV ftpbtnTTs tV ToircM', Den. 
Tk be damp, rMSUi, Ap. Rfa. 
DaapnsH, "ityptfnit, trot, 4, Eur, Xtn. PIM.; wrli, ftei, it, 

Eur. Plat. ; tAU«, ri, Hipp. Sm Af«u(»«. 
A duBMl, Kifni, and poet n'fni, Omn. ; nirlt, Asi, 4i Honi. 

Saph. Ear. ; mpMnn, i^ Omn. Saa CM. 
A dUM, or dUMlllg, x4P"i Onm. g xopon^Mo, Hom. ; jjixiir- 

T^, in, 4, Horn. Enr, ; ipxite/iht, Honu Hea. L ; xf^ Enr. 

At. Plat. [ XiJpnV^ *"'. ^4, Eur. PlaL ; ipXifMi. -Eieh. i 

IpXWU. *"<. ri. Soph. Xhl ; Snvra, ««, ^ HdL Xen. Plat. ; 

fi>rtfpit, Ap. Rh.; Xf-rriaia, (M. 
A ilagi rf an w , JiMaf, fa«>, J, Ar. ; Uu dutdi 


A «rrfoK>, ni^Ix^ At. Xen. 
J <bma » armov, *i«Xii, w>, ^ Call 
A doHi ^ofMtdgnim^, mimiMig fb iNtwu q/* « noJ, ra^ 

' nya , 4ra», ri, £ach. ; nd^, rorrki, 4, Ath. 
J doan efSalfn, ^ami, Hoi, 4( Eor. 
.4 dmfaia ifaiMi, fiMw, mrat, 6, Ear. Ar. 

amdi all rsnrf, x^ i^i^TUI^r, 


A flaafir daaaag a^ x^'i Horn. ; ariti 
Fimlmefjbr damaag, xopoi/iJMa, Anth. 

', Enr. 

hdUMv, rnafpa, only]a«i.,andmirlinnI|Nt,Hom.; ^iia/uu,mid., 
and ^^ffiaiX^i', Horn, h.; ^irirv (and p4nr« vAnr.ApL Rh.), 
HDm.h.Ap. Rh.; Jpx'<Vw<,niid.Hom.He*.Ar.Hdt. XaD.PLat. 
Ap.Rh. 1 ui»ulCi>,Hai.Pind.Theogii. Soph. Ear. PlaL ; xopx^ 
and -cfUB, mid., no pei£ Pind. Trac. Xen. P[aL Iioc; 'd>4- 
Xf^ Eii.1 frlxapfjH, Ar. Xen.; Ovw^apai, Eur. ; Jnrop- 
X ^a^ Hdt. I jn^^ofuu, Omi. ; fistJJCt, <m\j pm. and im- 
twtC Epidi.t ^)*vi>iiig. At.; vxw'^'^ Ar.j arupflfii, no 
iocf. Ar. J '*r»iriMpJfiB, no pert Ar. 

n dam and <«; oJ tb mm fiiiu ia dtonu, fUAiwfuu, mid. Horn. 

To rfoHi n Wottr meaartd iltpt, hjim (imperf. dXcor, aor. 1. 
rfXKSn, no pert) iN^lhuHC, UJcm rjcma, etc. Ar. 

7b damet om^fiimi, HpfX^afimx, c gen. Dcm. 

7b Amos oih^, l e. loa* by dandng, &npx'tVWi Hdt. 

7b dam ammg, tyaHTibipaim xifr, e. dat Ar. 

7b diiHB n i u aii J , wtflxvfi*i^ c boc Ear. ; i/i^xV^ Critiaa ; 
'(^upX^fWHUi C>U-', irJcnt, c ace Call 

7*0 dam wili or ftipote-, (TiTnifid^ti, Pind. ; rvyxf^ At. ; 
oMMxofx^t Ariat. 

7b daws a maki tniOi, iufxtnuu, mid., c dat. Ar. 

Tofimt a daws, farw x'pM', oo pert .*i«b. 

7b Uad a damcB, Wfoxofiim, e. ace oogn. Enr. 

7b daws IB tam to, 'Cn^x^'V"', >in> ca*. £ee1i. 

7b daws n faaoar qf^ XPr*^i "■ ■ec. Pind. Soph. ; JaJwo and 
•bimt, c ■cc. Ear. 

7*0 doma (b mntowc, ni^xlC*i !•«. 

7b onlr or tanl Id dain, xofnm. Ear. 

7bladiiiisadaa(aaCithnn»),or(o ie reprowatod ta ■ iw ia ddwia, 
Xf*i*tm, fM*. Soph. Eur. PlaL 

A daBMT, Ihrriftimi, opsi, 4, Horn. ; hfxf^hf, W^i '^ Hom. ; 
ifX^rr^it, w, i, Horn. Pind. PkL Xen, j xejiwr^j, oB, i, Pind. 
Ar. PlaL 
AfimiJt dameir, ifXV^f^', fST, if, Ar. Plat. Xen. ; hfXt'Tpiii, 
Un, 4, Ariat. j xf*"", ^>< ^ f^l' ! XV""' ^^> 4. Call 
r a/tit itttr daaoE, ni^Ix«rrj)t, oS, i, Lji. loa, 
an-, wncptirr^i, av, i, PlaL Xen. 


Om mutt doats, XopnTAr^, Eur. 

BeUmgag to dtmdt^, X'V^'^ Ar. PbiL ; jpxfiTlaii, Ari*t. 

Food </dawiiv, ^iA^x'fO'i °^ jEech. Eur. Ar. ; x'VI'^^'t Ar. 

Oae tda afomi o/dmcii^, fuAoxapcvr^i, ov, i, Ar. 

Ifavmg bntiitifid doaoM, or iaoalj^ in Ui dowie, nauixfif**^ '»'> 

Horn. Pind. h. Enr. Ar. 
DoMongy x<>^t1^t, qv, Pind. 

.ilBCMtraHd to dnwet, xoparrMlti b. , 

Ltada^ On dama, at adtuig tit daaa (ai nrauc don), 'ftyq- 

vtxofos, or, Pind. ; d^^opoi, or, Eur. ; XV"^ ^> 

Soph. At, 
Ptaftd OK fir ptcpli to doaoabi, x^eefTlirDi, w, b. 
OMmtoi «ntt daww, yt^KMrrli, dS«, 4, Call, 
li'aawled to tie dcmu, 'ixifot, v, jEech. Soph. ; 'ix^f"^*', ^< 

JBkA. Soph. Eur. 
i%arului9 « tig daws, x<V«Wa^'I'i Anth. 
^ daadmg-Kiool, j(PPTf**or, Epicb. ; x^P^^^, Dem. 
A doK^ng-rAatter, tpxv^oS^^iatei^i, Xen. ; ^x*''^', ^t ^ 

PUt. ; xf^^^^^*^^^ (bsTing, however, Uiu. an eiclniiTa 

mauling, u, chama-maitrr for theatrical exhibition), Ar. Plat. 
Tie hunw of doKemg-tiuuleT, xofcSHoBicitJii, tea aboTg, Plat. 
BdrMging to a damdng-aiaMler, xopoI3BniMKit, PlaL 
To bt danetug mad, ipxifrro^iOrAi, Lac 
Ta dun*, rdU«, no pert Hom. Eur. 
A duidj, naMjrrurr^i, eS, i, Ikb. Ariit, 
Hangar, nCrSunt, Onjn. poit Hom. ; 'iybr, ami, i, Xen. 
For Uere it danger tiai «o oai witt r^/oict, Ivpti tJi^ fc XPV tovto, 

M X^» "»*> Soph, 

7X<fV H daiaTD- J«<, MU^v Tfyvaroi fi^, c. lubj. Hdt. 
7Vria via U no danger (/ Heir revoltimg, aMr Ituvl tm 

IrDrraj ^ jnnwraffi, HdL 
Tb b ta danger, hi Kir6bnf elufioiim, £ich. ; iwlninSinn Ixt 

(imperf. flxo*, foL If*, aor, 2. tffXoj'), Ear. ; iwli^piw Siiiiti- 

luu (impert -eftiatv.fitL-niliroiuu), leoc. ; tiitinils (lf(I,Xen. 
lb 6e ia laore doi^er, ir iianripoa iV^ Xen. 

fCpov >/Aa< aix4>' T«r<urftu, .£k1i. 
Alt liiogi are UrrihU andftUi^ damgtr to nartaU, infpra S)ivib 

nhntWirHnnit fipoToil Klirai, Soph. 
7bniairdin^n-,iEirSiin^,*e; 'inSiurtiirivm, 

HdL) ■teociriiwdi*, Tbnc ; *V>Ku>Sun^, Ar. Xen.; ^Ilrrw 

KfvBimr, Ear.; li«^tmi KiAinr, HdL Thac; 'JMUivi- 

«W(u (fiit. -^^afuu, aor. 3. -<Ufi^ii|f), idrtortir, HdL 
7b raciir, to b« tam^tsd ni doojiar leiM, to Aon a pertaa't danger, 

mrpartvniu, Thnc Xen. Plat. Dem. ; irvrtiiKiiitirtlia, tino 

OM. or c iirri, and gen. HdL PlaL ; vtrt-fwlififiiu, mid. c dat. 

To eaconnter Oiefir^ or Ot ttitfdaegtr, vpoavtvn^ Tbuc Xen. 

Ibe. Dem. 
7b taearOa virggrtaiat danger. 111 svpli tifu (inGn. Um), tii 

npii Ipxii" (fnL JXtMrgfUU, aor. 2. l)AD8or, on. ojnc. JAfcr, 

no aor. 1., pert rednpL A^^Ma), lut rvpii l/ioAor (aei. 2., no 

pre*.), Eur. Xen. 
Bnl boti our propertiee and Ina in Rut iadtoidaaZ iwlji mU 6e in 

daiuer, igia )• vpif Indorqv tiIA4*' iroKnirlvrt^rrai rd T< 

XpWn ml ol ifvxo'i Thnc 
Afori d/' Uch dangert uen prtaimdy tnaurtd, ri roAAi oh^ 

«VKi«Tgv4<*^ Tbuc 
S^ to a dimgsr, atle to nrmonnl U, tronIvSurai, ov, Thnc 
Dannrmu, x''^*'^', ^^' 1'huc. Xen. ; o-fSAipii, Ear. Xen. j 

SiiAt, HdL Thuc. Xen. Dem. ; ttTnitSurot, or, HdL Tbuc. 

PlaL Lj* Dem. ; rtf>4»oXoj, of, Hdt. Iw)t ; SaitwirfomjiJpw 

(of lunediei), leoc. ; 'trafiniftt, i, ir, and hs, tv, Theoe. 
Holier dangeront, 'troKirtSros, or, PlaL 
Fiay dangartmt, 'EripStiyoj, or, Dem. 
Fond i/danger, fiOiHiIvturDi, oi^ Xen. Dem. 
Imaurmg great danger, ^irydXaaliiSiini, or, Arirt. 
InCKTrng IHUe danger, or lanrmiij don^/br (riAi, /uxpoKlrKint, 

Wilioni dangir, "djtMiwoi, or, Pind. Enr. Thnc Anlipbo, Dem. 

Wiliomt danger, adv. 'tniriinai, Eur. Tbuc. 

One nut near do^er, itirSiirauT^, Gur. ; lidjcirSvwvr^, Plat 

Duignmily, friavHntt, Thnc Xen. 

.!<( i^a penoB aerefini o/danger, ^IXoinrBdnn, Xen. 

Duik, tXtpoxot, or, Em. Thoc. 



Tha Dinnlw, "Im-poi, jflKb. HdL 

Dapplsd, murfxor, Horn. H«>. Eur. ; muclXJiWToi, av, Eur. ; 
ImuIiAiWpif, gm. TfiTxo', A icdl 4, Eur. } nudXal^iifiaB', -a»I, 
d Kol 4, ncDt SF, Ear. ; fidAi^i, Em. ; orutrii. Soph. Eur. ; 
■driimjcriif, av, Soph. Eur. ; nurlA^aTiin-ar, Of, AriM. 

Vtry imuA di^ipltd, irvimiirTurTst, w. Soph. 


r, T^nfjcDjit, iw, -I 

Horn. Theogn.; 'iinrttl. , __ , , ... ., __ 

found in pre*., fut. rX^ffii/iai, pirf. riT\t)iM (lued genemll j ^ 
pn*. udh), aor. 2. ItAtiv (ai if from t\^), imper. tX^A, apL 
TAaIi)r, T\a, lAqwu, tAAi, etc, alio in imper. rtrUiBi, opt. 
TrrAofiir, infin. TrrKirtu, put. -rrrATiii, in prei. tenie, Hon. 
hu aUa an aor. 1. triKairva for friUira, Omn. poet. Xen.; 
ifi^, .£Mh. Xen. ; 'Arl^ica/iai, mid., inipet£ imx^/air, fnt. 
<tr'{<vi(U, aor. 2. irraxifiJtii, often 4nrxVl''< ^ gBm. Mig. Hdl. ) 
■vSJrtiK, Hdl. Thuc ; rifiKirtmtiu, Ar. Xen. 

To dart n qppxirwit, (brlToAiHlot, Thnt 

/^ iw< don, ireA^t tl/u, .Xscb. 

Oiu finuC ddn, TaX/arrior, Eur. 

0« iMo litra, ToXprr^f, oE, J, Thnc. ; jnr4vmvri)i, Dv, ^ 


To tt dartd, Takiafrht, Sappfa. Soph. Eur. 

Duing, Kibat., rSX/d and riK/ai, Find. Tng. HdL Flat In. ; 

tire^iSa, Eur. Xeu. ; rikp-riait. Mil, 4i Pl>t. 
A daring action, likpriiitt, trot, rt, Eur. Ar. Thnc. 
Ssiing, adj. ToA/i^tit, auperl. contr. ToA/ufteraroi, Horn. Piiid. 

" ■ ToVlpir, Knr. Thuc Antipho. ; rfroA^i, w, ^*ch. 

; Kivlun 

TBcii, Ari.(. 

rrJraA^i, or, Aich. ; wJavn^fus, 

^Kh. Eur. 

Z^:irw7 agoBUt {in oppoiition), irrtreXfi^t, ay, MkIi. 

Nol daring, 'troA/wt, or, JEich. 

Ssrlnglf, ffrr^Voi, Tyrta. .XkH. ; roA/iTipfii, Thuc 

.J eiu^ ia bt dared, avSlvnifia, So|A. Eur. 

Daik, i e. csutiug daritneu, in darkneu, of time or place, rmrro- 
/•Vut, or, Horn.; ip^nuot. Hoed. Eur. Ap, Rh. ; ^pMilH)i, 

' Horn. ; 4<p^», Hmu. Hei. ; rlipAt'i, Horn. Hea. Soph. ; iottn- 
v&i, Horn. 1 /ptfivki. Ham. Ho. Mnii. Soph. ; >i<^ai, /JKaira, 
lti>^r, gen. iiOiaroi, fukairtit, etc compar. lufjlivfos, tupert. 

' /iiXifTSTor, Omn. poet. ; Sn^fiit, Horn. Find. Theogn. Soph. 
Eur. ; alarht and aJiri)!, Find. Mieh. Soph. ; 'lio-jAitnii, or, 
Anac Thac.j ttopita, Emped.; VKtritu, Hei. Ap. Rh. ; 

■ (o^tiAi, He*. : 'S^ryyiii, Trag. ; yrfpM^lt, Eur. j 'Ani\^it«. 
Toi, ar, h. 'OAiipreTar, ox, Scnih. ; 'i*a^l^i|t, Soph. ; 'iniyirrot, 

■ ov, £Kh. ; Jvlimm)!, or, Find. ; murnu^i, Fud. Trag. Xen. 
PbL^Khin; a-mfrwi, b, or, and oi, or, Eur. Ap. Rh.; iraa. 

• Tcuu, XcD. ; niiTTiAa^iri)!, Simon.'; nwnifM^f, .£ach. ; 

Myaua, Soph. Eur. Ap. Rh. ; fuAnft^dti, Eur. ; nAoiro^dyi, 
' Ai. ; jivr^ium, JEtch. For. ; (bpiiirbi, Av, Eur. ; ix^>^><i 

Epigr. ap. HdK ; noTMiSlit, Flat ; mrriMit, Plat ; tviiJfHrst, 

or. Xtn. ( lAoli, ir, Ap. Rh. ; ipprMns, Hipp. 
Dnri, i.e. diih-colourod, vtpur&i, Ham. ; ilro^, Mroi, i, no. fen. 

or neut Horn.; Utis, Ham.; Uix^r, Horn.; tofit^i, Horn. 

He*. Theoc j HAovkf, Horn. .Xich. Soph. ; Ktkairtt^i, Horn. 

Pind.i /upMl: Ham. He*. ; ra/i^iftet, a. Of, Att. oui, i, silv, 

Ham. Enr. 1 KNEnai (u geneially lengtbeiwd poet ai in the 

eoDipoondi), Horn. He*. Simon. Find. ^Kh. Enr. Plat. ; at\al- 

(wif, (Mn», \ Dnl]> mate Find., fern. KiXaivmit, :iat, 4, Find. ; 
' ntXArX^iiiH, or, ^ich. Enr. ; mpf upofiS^i, £*ch. Ear. ; nhbt. 

Soph. ; nAA&i, Theoc Ariit. ; Kuiratrf^i, Eur. ; icviiii-xpeot, 
'■ or, Eur. ; xoitaxfAs, vrot, j ical 4. Em. ; KodroiMii, Eur. ; 

Koarotiriiti, Ar. ; olnlnfi, Aroi, 6, Soph. ; obwvki, Eur. Theoc ; 

wipiioi, Aiiau Anth. 
Dark {of a riiar), >uAafi^^, lS«i^ t ical 4, Call. 
Salier dari, iirfrtptoi, or, Xen. 
Dark, L e. of obscure appearance or interpretation, rvKTt/Mnr^r, ir, 

of dream*, Em. 
Dari^ maed, ifi^fifAor, only in fern. pL iti^iiUxaonu (emth. of 
^m), Horn. 
Dark, i. 0. dimly teen, ai a apectie, 'a^uupki, Horn. 
Wilk dark ioingt, iMrirfpot, or. He*. ; ivKirirrtfot, or, Eur. 
Aj. ; iH)Jmwripv^, ^yot, t val it, Eur. ^ vtpnrimpoi, or, 
Dor^ L e. of dark complexion, fuAorxfw'vt, Ham. ; iitMa>6}cfoot, 


or, alio itreg. nom, mate pL fuXarixpoii, Horn. ; iii^irf)Cf>t 
or, AIct.j fwAiiTxrt', *»■ Ciatin. Anliph. ; fuXArfxpooi, or, 
iiTcg. nom. pt ma*c luhimifooi, Hdt ; /«X«)W**t ""' * "^ 
:i, Ear. ; /wAavMt, £ich. ; /uhiv^mp^i, or, .£*ch. in ^ 
fwABV^pO^ si, Soph. 

WilJt dark eya, fuUro/vtArot, or. Plat, in fern. rCAwni, Hof, i^, 

ITitA <£iri kair, KuHroxoirni (S poet.), Horn. See fi^B, /?«>. 

iraA donl fformenii, paioxtfio', ani (o lengthened poet), H«D. 
£*ch. ; fiiAoTx^^ (epth. oF mind m doubt), Mih. Kot»i- 
irtirXos, or. h. See Garment. 

WUk (fori waSt, ^haiatixV (houie of Proierpiiie), Find. 

STtpping in Ok dark, io^ieiopwtSas, ot>, only raaic. Ales. 

7b U dark, np^/ifxo, only pre*, and imperC, a* the aea, Horn. Ap. 
Rh. ; wtpniin, of ripening fiuit, DC of youth* whoM chin* ara 
beginning to be darkened by beard*, Theoph. CalL t to begin to 
graw dark by degree*, '(nrnv^fw, Uom. ; it growl dark, 
mMrnariC", Thnc Xen. ; vhen it m* noir getting d*ik, amnto- 
TiCoKTOt ^, hn. 

To darkan, <rictii(v, Horn. ; raida, only pre*, and impeif. Ap. Rh. 
and in pai*. Horn. ; 'i^iaufia. Find. Xiei. Hdt Xen. ; lof^fr, 
no perf. ^>ch. ; otorioi. Soph. ; truritrriti, e. dat Dem. j men 
who are being daikened aa to their chini, rvncutform T^"*, 
Eur. ; Ml yiros iTKiii^rrBi, Em. 

Ilukl7, noTiini, Plat 

DwknMI, 'ax^bt (i Horn., Anth.), Horn. Hai. Anth. ; fd^f. 
Omn. poet ; fprfot, rh {Horn. ooaMinuitTaa IpHiuaipi gr ^aa 
gen.), Horn. He*. Soph. Eur. ) Krtfia. gen. nri-fvii, contr. 
Kr4favi, Ar., dat KT^oI, contr. cr^ (Xen. ha* both form*), the 
Tng. only me nam. and ace, no pt., ri, Hon. £*ch. Eur. Xen. ; 
o-K^oi, land T^ (Horn, ha* only i, and Ponoa lay* i i* "inagii 
Atticom," — hovorer Scfih. Eur. Xen. all ma it neut occaunDilly, 
and Find, ones), Omn. ; Mpot, Simoa, JEicii. ; Iftirt, ThM^ 
Find. Em. Ap. Rh. ; nffrCa, Em. ; ntaTiuxtnii, dtm, 4, Fiat ; 
from du'hne**, i. e. from the thade* below, ipoMtr, Em. ; to 
darknet*, ^'•''''''i Horn. 

To gropt aiout n iJurliWB, IptSot^ia, Ar. 

Walkmg in darknett, ODly fern, ^tpofon-u, Su, 4i Hon, 
Darling, iiOJijcitir, nras, t, Ar. ; xr^""< Ar. ; ^D^arrtfior, 

Ar. : xfooofitiXoXAriuir, Ar. ; yK-bdiiaiXor, Theoc. 
A dan, ^iruriia, drat, ri, Menand. 
Ounal, tlfat, C^ 

Ofdaritd, alpciMit, Theoph. ; olfitht, Dioac 
A dut, otTJb^ eip. lor hunting, Horn. ; 'jtinir. orrai, Hom. 

Find.; ,ajc6rTU,r, Hom. Hdt Thuc Xen.; A^XoT, rt, Horn. 

Trag. Hdt Thnc; Pifitiiror, Horn. Anc. .£ich. Ear.; frd- 

Xaaim, <toi, ri, Ear.; TA^icT|>«r (of lightning), Ear. See 

Darting, il)u, in pL Hon. ; 'iiarrijrin, ios, if, Horn. ; kmniil- 
lihi, Xen. ; -txirrlffu, wi, 4. Xen. 

Iod«n(todartat),'diiwTf£w,cacc,rn,ar c dat c gen. of object, 
or c prep. M and dat, or Ji or nari and aec, unnetimet e. aec 
of the object when hit, no perf. Ham. Find. Eur. Xen. ; alriitav- 
riC*, Hdt Thuc Xen. ; iiinorrtCm, Xen. j OffoxorrlCa, Hdt 
Xen. Dem.; MAhei, perf. ^^Sadhi, in poi pa**, naed of the 
object darted at, nal at the dart thrown, often in part fi)i.%ii4rot 
for 0rfAii/HK», c. ace of hiitruaient, c. gen. of the object when 
mofdai, c ace. af the object when Ait, Hom. Soph.; A)iu, im- 
perf. Iip' and Xour, fut (o'b, acr. 1. fm, poet ft|iiB (not Alt.), 
oor. 2. not oied in limple Terb, nor perf. e. aec oi dat of inatru- 
ment ; c. gen. of object, or c. M and dat Hom. He*. Soph. 
Flat. 1 'i^ivu. Horn. ; tf,a^ieu, Xen. 

7b dart, inCrana. of rapid motton, iiasv, nau. in Trag. I^m, 
ihough not alwaya, no perf. Ham. Find. Eur. ; AfAaai, aor. 2. 
HajHf, Hom. Sopli. ; to dart to and fro, ** lifibtning doe*, fier&- 
TaifHio-rTOfuu, raid., only prea. Ap. Rh. See 7b ^/ring. 

Tke diotana to leiick ow cu ttroiD a dart, 'iicimaiia, ttroi, rj, 

AdMUl, luiuv {imi) irj^p, Hon.; 'JEicamaTJ^i, Hon. £ich. 
Thnc ; 'iUamvTJIp, ^psi, i. Ear. 

£i(i{|U inei de ifarf, 'Icarrwrriiclc, Xen. 

To dM^ ^lUAir, perf. 0A\i]ica, Hom. Enr, Thnc ; ^(rrai, poeL 
imperf. [uot in Trag.), ^IvToincgi' (irreg. perC pan. infin. ^^#*a(. 
Find.), Onn. ; iftiitu, aor. 2. 4|puar, perf. J^um, but itij 
rare, except in pna. and impecf., at leaiM in thi* woiie, £lc1t [ 

- ' ' ■ ^- " ^ o"~ 


to daih to piseH, glrifiaini. Ham. £Ar. USt; SlirUliw, 
Ear.} Iitnifpct, 9oph. i aVTH^c, Hdt ; >i<x'at, foL-x*^"] 
clc^ OS pnl act^ perf. pan. mtx^iim, «tc, u ■ (tonn duhci 
(hip ts piece*, Ap. Rh. 
7*a Ja«i (oni of a penoa'i huid}, JKicpa^, pnL piu, -ic'icpiiiw- 

~ ■ r, If^iMm, c MK^ tad dst. 

k, Bu.i ovrn^rni, Den. 

Ta ^u( or dtK^TWnf— Yon haig duhed mf hopM, Siicnlt*,i>i' 
v^VHWOf /M Avlto), 2 Z^poTfi, PliL ; BIT hops and eipec- 
nUoui have bceo much duked, J voAi ^ MEiii ^ArauTBC <\- 
«U(f, Eur. 

Ta diui, iomiu. (u ths ua, etc.}, ^t^Tivuu, mid. Horn.; nifiaim, 
fob -{is 10 F*^' ^uh. ; mftg, do p«rL JEicii. Xen. ; ■pam^u, 
oolj peek and impeif. Theoc ; ic\i{ai, an pet£ and tare in fot 
alio cAufofiai, pua. np. la aor. 1. Horn. Hei. h. .£k1i. 

To be daiied agaual m^ tUng, nrtniiaiiaL, fn^ onlj pim. i 

daL Ufa. ; imMvuu, pua. c vpli and aec Eur. i w/irrTn 

■ml]' pRi. aud iinperf. JGich. ; ini/iirfTni, fut. -nmSfiai, perl 

-vArrno, no aor. I., aor, S. -iwtmi, e. daL Thuc 
^19 drulad up, JiA^ 'ii^pB04«rB (aw. 1. Dom. sn^ fen 

pan. dC dndpaffng), Ap. Rh. 
Dniiiag artmrnd, i/i^-wKllKTct, av. Soph, 
DsMiff togHitr, sdT, miiaxiriinr. These. 
AukiJ itoun, TorrUiiMt, Soph. 
k dMh (ai of any diing thnwn}, AiA4, £Kh. 1 i. e. tli* dathiii| 

Kond o( can, fiB^t, Minii. 
Bu^iag (of the im, (Ic), ^loi, a, ««, and ot, or, Uoin. Eur. 

M^. ^i. fl (epiCh. of an oar), .^Kh, 
A daitaid, daitaidW, ttA^timr, trot, J ml q. Dent, of, Horn. 

■ditif, compar. kAcm-iimi, etc Horn., and uSidiir (i Horn., I Alt.}, 

raperi. nbimt, Omn. Ste Oeuanibi. 

A dolt (the frnit), Bi^Ot^t, 4, Hdt. Xen. ; tdkrCAoi, Arirt. 
Anny .JdfM, eiMm^ifin, or, Hdt. 
!• data, — aoeeaton who date from Herculea, wpirfifr 'Sm 

fJinwr (b •HpoMtJa, PUl. ; tometime* 'diA^^ yint <Ci, Plat. 
OatiT* (Iba dstiTa cat), i^.toridt, Dion, H. 
T» daab, '4\)I^ pert pan. i)t.iiXmtuu, Hdt. Xen, Plat, ; i/i^ 

vAtkni, firt. -Mdrv, Hdt. See To imaar. 
A dauhtar, MySriip, iuya^ipot, ijac dirjnrpii (the only 

pnae fonn, the Tiag. nae bolhX Oinn. ; idm (and laif^ poet.), 
, Horn. Find. Mtc\u Enr. Hdt. ; ntt, voiUt, ^ (Horn, aftui hw 

W& in num., Ap. RL n(I> aoi). Odul ; trit, on); nam. and ace 

IWr, Ear. ; imijuii, i^ Edt. ; Avyitftor, At, 
A daagilB-iitJate, riot, q. Ham. Ap. Bh. 
ne dai^Utr o/, ^ e. gen. Omn. Att 
To daoBt, fo«M, OnuL! 'icfuC^, £ich. Ear. Thnc Ptat 

AadiiiL. ; iirXifm, aor. 2. pan. both -wxiiyipt and -s-X^Titr, 

Ham. SopL Enr. Hdt. Thnc Sea Tofiigbat. 
T>Mnt]— ». 'Utiht, Uom., Ibr 'dS4i. Thuc. PlaL; *£rapCJrt, 

Ham. £icb. Soph, t 'Eir*pdr))t, aoc inpUo, Horn. ) 'irfitrrm, 

or. Him. £ich. Soph. ; 'irpofiM, or, Horn. ; 'irptaTot, or, 

Piad. Tiag. ; '4f««M, or, Pind, Soph. Eur. Xen. j '«»fa»At|rtTot, 

or. Plat. ; 'A^dorXsyx"'. <»'t Ar. 
Buuitlaad7, 'irpiarMt, ^Kh. ; 'iSfM, Hdt. , 'if-^i, Xen, 
aiMtUimw. 'iTfui^ Find.; 'a^wCIo, PlaL 
To dMrdla, A>ja, nd pul Pind. jGieh. 
To dtwn, ddfafm, inlnni. Hdt. ; 'Orti/^idroiiiu, mid. Xen, ; 

l iif aff— , only pna. and imperC Hdt. : IidAj^m, no perl Ar,; 

AcUftint, Ar.; iwo^oiim, tometime* 3d ling. 'tn^olni, impen. 

lit. mm) tane^me* netaph. of hope, etc Xen. Plat. Dinaich.; 

iwtfa i rKm, HunetiiDca jiit, aa impen., e. g. wb<m it wa* dawn, 

Wa^iB&rnnw, Arin. 
Ihnnt, i^^Ofic^ wH (gen. nwrii, etc). Hob. ) V^I^^*^ Ap, 

Rb.; Ip<y»i, Hg*.h.£pLHdt.ThucXen.;'d:iVa>^£«h.i 
■Wfat, ri, gen. ooi (contr. ovt. At.), daL a-tfio, oit^ (both 
in Xen.), Ar. Xan. ; Ip^Har, UdL , r^Uifiper, Thoc ; trX«>- 
fot i4£, Ap. Rh. 1 'dXtrrifW^iirU, Luc 

At A 

', He*.; 

•r, h. 

Tbsogn! PlaL ; KHipi i n, a, of, and or, ar, Ar. ; M!p'>^'< ^•'• 

Aath, ; *i' 4f(^ ot a^i if V^pfc Xen. 
A' a w a( rf«««, ifSpirfli", only in fern. «p4fH>7rti|, He*. ; 

Uw, ov, only maic MeL ; ip^tMjit, ew, Anlh. 
Toritaal don, waka U dam, iftpttm, £111. Theoc. 


Day, Mt,A(Lni 
Atdi, ri, Omn. poeL ; ^F^^ib, Omn. 
^^Aioi, and in Tiag. ii\iat (only in cnonu^, 
Tery mrety, Pind. Soph. Eur. ; riri,, CoU. 

7>BE dofi, Tptu tjAiav tt^alai, " 

, Eur. ; i ifTtfia, Hdt Thuc. 

Tie not daif, it twiaSa 

Xen. Dem. 
r^ day htfirt, 4 vpartpaia, h 

gen. Hdt. PlaL 
Knoie liat mw aiii md after liU ie maif dap bifim gai are, etc. 
)i >i4 iroAAoEi (ri Tpd^ovi 'd^uAXirr^pai igAio" T(^Mr *£>■ 

f SI (^ iMu^, Tp«it ^aovAt iMev ti){i{BavT 

Mf ifWru, Eur. 
A bting oner lit ia^ (appointed ibi Lbs paytnenl of any penalty or 

damnge*), Airtfnifupia, Denk 
Dayli^ abyai, ol, Pind. ^Kb. Eur. 
Ifjtfli On dim ore bmg, i) iiSupilliipiii, HdL 
Ladai daft (aniweiing to the dia /aid of ih* Roman*}, KiUfci 

ilfifoi, PlaL 
^aiw^K^di9(dieinelaatu>},iTi>fpdLi(gen.-ita>) liiifya, PlaL 


ph.; Kori^^i^, Ji:*ch.Saph. Ikic; fuT ^por, £icb. HdL ; 

iluip. He*. ; h' jfiap. Soph. ; iy fdii, Horn. ; KiEri fkiai, Xm. 
Oa tie filtrd Jay after iit arrival, rf^rtv inij/ay o^ou fKorrot, 

0» alUraate daf, JTtpAfupet, er, Horn. ; np' iiiap, Pind. Soph. 
Every day, adj. fvittrioi. Ham. ; rdr^fupoi, or, £*cl. ; latriiia. 

fibAt, Dem. ; Jfr^poi, ar, Hipp. ; IptaJftat, a, or, and 01, or, 

Anth.; iwTatAruit, Ap. Rh. 
£nny li^, iciiiiifai, Ar. Thnc. : tf ^liatt, Horn. ; ^' j);i^par, 

Eur, ; i^tBoKrflhr, jGicb. ; iA xSaar ^par, HdL Xen. ; iif 

IjcdoTi^H iliJpar or xaf indaniT igi^ Xen. Iioc ; ^ JaEoTqi 

Vpot, HdL 
Eary liird dag, Jut rp^r iu^fya, HdL 
/V U« (teji, L e. tu laat one day aa food, etc iliitflrii, Ar. 
At/br ome't daiiy food it i* cf UtHi eonteqmiue, rqi ^' igtdpar 

Bopat *ti /wcpir ffiHi, Enr, 
LaMtiag It< uMe d^, aibitvi^Hai, Hum. Eur. [ it/itpliaias, a, or, 

and ai, ar, HdL luc 
,i4U day, Tdr^^uy, Horn. ; rdni^pMr, Horn. ; rdH^fupor, UdL ; 

wpe^/iaf, Simon. Amotg. ; Ar' tiAim, Horn. ; nrr' i)fu^i, 8o[d|. 

Eur. i Kvr* Ifuy d(l, and d(l mr' il>cap. Soph. Eur. ; It' ^f^fKU, 

Hdt. ; warar ■/iiifo, HdL 
A joitrtKy ladmg nan daft, or rttpariag mmy iagt lo peiform, 

liik wokAAr Hiujiii' iiht (^}, Thuc 
LaMing only a day, ifiuufot, ar. Find. Ear. Thnc ; tt/idpioi, a, 

or, and o>, or. Soph. Eui. ; d^rifi^pioi, a, ar, and ar, or, Theogn. 

,*;*ch. Ar. i lur^H'ipot, ar, h. 

n< tad if fi« vor inu aBesKf£^ui n cob ttiQ', iraA^^iou tiAt^ 

fiotv^fLipot ^trtXie^ h. 
^ (fay^ ai^por, the Atlic writeta aAer Thoc. and Enr., including 

Ari>l■^h■Ile^ write it Tl^upsr, Omn. ; i^upa, Ar. ; i-^t, Af. 

Rh. ; tV rapavmir -^^dm. Soph. ', aor' ^ft^psr. Soph. 
TUogt dfiM Uniay, Tit ^ iffi^por. Soph. 
Oa U< HWM (fay, (Ae oery day, airriiiap. Hem.; av(>4fupar, £*c1l 

At. HdL Thue. jGichin. 
LailBifffitrt doj/t, utiiBiiiupn, or, Xen. 
La^big lot day, ttxfu^tp", or, Tbnc PlaL 
Lada^ lUrty dayt, rpUJcwUtlitpoi, or, HdL 
LatUag m m y ^•Vt n^vt/Mpof, or, Hipp. 
Vuiiieb '- ^-'- =-..-.; 


Aiomdmeing day, ij>upJ^ror, or, Simon. 
TVi tpanJ ^ liay, pui tita ^nj^ ^/uptim, JEtcb, Sojib. Xea. ; tn|- 

/uptfiit, Xen. Iioc j^achin. ; irirtiiicptim, e. aoc of tba ocespa- 

lion in which, Eur. 
To pati tie day mA, oUrrliufiti, c dat. or c pi^ Xan. PJaLt 

aviieaiiMfticr, Xen. Ari*L 




n panuu li» day i_ 
jaanuy, ij^f^ifm-rH ^iyoi lAoxfai Kt\ti9<iv, JEtcti. 
We tkail ptur omr dayt (i. e. Utc) tnaquitli/ rou, / np^KUfl, nv 
V Iin)Ad iTou . . . iiiafiaaittr. Soph. 

TjI^^ poMRJ tl« HAM iluji, TJtv ^loiwiu' r^liipn* Sniiiipnaar, Xen. 
Wt loeiit He grtatmi part s/'Uf day aSi Uai, ri nUi tHyupria. 
l»riM^ tJrrm, PlaL 

To aomt tko dai/M^ or oompvie by dayi, ^fupdX^itt (vc xpdrtr), 
On U< ttinj i^, OK tiafimrlk day, on tie fsxti daf, tie. (to eome, 
to do anylhiiig, etc.), TpfTalsi, Tnaprawi, SiKtrcuni, Thiic Xen. 
Pint. ; e. g. on iha third dij the; came lo Oigooiim, rptratM 
t^om it rlyamr, Thnc. 
A Md bcelne di»it old, tui SuogfcKBruai, Hn^ 
7*0 Ita day, etael to He day, ^poXrytiy, Ariit. 
Darag Ilok mai^ dayt interr. roaoTfftafi • Horn. 
Oh fAliicA i^ajF ^ H itoiD foany dayi$ intflir, mvTtSoi ; Xon. 
Ej^egedatg Ike day, not being able to pay tm tAe dayfijad, *Owtpitfi*- 

(Nt, or, Lya. Anlipho. Dm. 
To dull*, 'iiilpSti, no p*i£ Hom. Hcs. 
Oanllng, itih)\af, w, according to Damm. Horn. 
A deiMA, Siiiuur, N. T. 
DeMWnilLlp, lidicaiifa, N. T. 

Dnd, '<Mpiaf . Dv, Horn. ; ipWfurof, Horn. Pind. Tmg. ; iin^ 
fans, Horn. Pind.; riian (ut Horn. Tng., bat fir OklL, and 
BCC. ^ Ap. Rh., gen. iMt, dat. vl, and ut b; emit, ace. onlf w, daL 
|J. Ikri, poeLiwo'iand wira^ acc pi uoi, and conti. ul even in Hran. 
tat\y nuuc), Hom. Soph. Eur. HdL Lex ap. Dem. ap. Rh. Call, 
in pi. bepBi, ont; mate. Horn. ^tch. Soph. PUt ; wjcpbi, Orrta. ; 
'Udti, hr, lEtA. ; olx^fo^r, JEk\i. Soph. Eur. Xen. ; rpamL 
luMi, ^ach. Soph. ; ^r&t, fich. Ear. ; AorlW^i, or, Soph. ; 
A^thmer, or, cm^. -^vr, — ovf, Mel. 
if< inh) u rfn^ A M Xe^rw (put of Xatont), Soph. 
TV dawf, ol NJ/awTK (aor. S. part of nJfiMi), Horn. Xach. ; ol 
K(i(fiT|ic^(i (perf, puL rnnu the Mine), .^Kh. Eur. Thoc. PlaL ; 
of S/iiSirrti (aor. I. pau. part. of Jari^), Eur.; of jlilTIf, Soph, ; 
of "iwoyiri/Mm and of tTryrfri/urot, HdU Tliue. Dem. 
Near^ dtad, dSriirliai, or, Plat. 
Half dead, ^/uVr))!', ^Dt, h Kti hi At. Thuc 
LaUlf dBid, dprWb'lii, Ear. ; (wMjt, ^ot, j Kol 4> Plat ; an- 
■weting ta OUT ** late," fcOiuIp^i, ov, i, Mttb. ; pAiAptoi, nin. 
with the aRick, Plat, in feni. fidjcApirii, ilai, 4, Theoc. 
A Itmp of dead, vt,At, ittor, )i, Ham. 
.i d<9 i^ ta jtoaOHT ifOt dtad, ri ytrlTM, Hdt 
Afitlivaiiiiiomimrofliedaad,riIltit{atHi, Dem. 
Aaojni^ tfe <l«i<J, rtHpoiiyniir, sni, A ml 4> neut. or, .£sch. 
Gmdadaig tie dead, HKpewoitwii, ir, Eur. ; maiarri^iii, oy, 
Ooraeyiig tke dead, ytupalifiii, Anth. 
7b amdwi tke dtad, nKftfjtfyiv, Lub. 
Ratitry tflit dead, rtK^oavKla, Plat. 

An aracte r/A» dead, tdum ll« dead or AetrgieMt tnigU be com- 
tidted, rtwMiiarTvo*, Hdt 
Xa jlumflitn. 'Ofunir^t, Hom. 

DMdl7, biiui^Mpot, or, Hom. ; Aj)(ruii, or. Hem. Ap. Rh. . 
JXair, Horn. He*. Trag. ; ixitpiot, a, or, and of, or, Omn. poet 
Plat ; JA^Eru, or, Hea. ; iXeiht, hr, h. ; o&Xoii, Ap. Rh.; ftfl 
riffTfuu, or, Trag. PtaU ; Mrftro^poi, or, £<ch. ; Mrani^jpoi 
or, j^Kh. Soph. Xen. ; Abariltii, Soph. Rnr. 
ty m Idtmgiag to death (aa tong, ate), AirltoVoT, ^Each. 
/a a deadly vuHoer, miAafyitt, Antipho. 
Indicating death (lymptonu), <MrA>iitTii, Hipp. 
A cannng o/deaA, dArArij^cipfa, Anth. 
TopB(to(tei«,W»*-A,,.ff:Kh. Hdt Xen. Plat. See To Ka 
A pnltag to death, MritrtKrir, tut, i, Thnc 
DmI, Kv^t, URieiimea c gen. (iio^, etc,) h. Sapph. £uh. 
Soph, Xen. ; tV 'Ixo^r Iir^SiufUroi', Hdt ; *JM)«oot, or, 
Xalier deaf, 'Ihfdilw^I, or, Ar. Plat 
Demand ditnA, inbs, Xen. 
To dMlbn, iaa^a, Ai. ; iKxtipiB, PlaL 
DaaAuu, in>^<fnrt, ifrot. 4, Plat Dem. 

Deal, adj. i.e. made of deal, Tt^iroi, Ear.; irnw^'U.EiiT. See ^v. 
Ta dMl, L e. ditlribute (q. t.>, vW> Omn. ; ritHttti, Ar. PlaL 



Tb deal, i. e. to Iwtb dealing! with in the m; of tnule, fraUJo'. 
oofuu, paB. eip. in aor. 2. Thoc. ; xpdoiAoi, mid., csntr. w and 
■<> into q and gi, e. perf. paaa. k'xP'V" i» ^t leni., fat mid. 
Xpffiofiai, c dat Dem. ; alao to d«l with a petaon, Le. "trnt" 
(q. T.) him in wch and lueh a mannar, xpct'W" e. dat. Ar. Hdt 

7b ibof (whether bsjing or aelling), 'lyofiiCm, — hem it ii lavftd 
Sir the PelcponDeaian* to d«l, trraM' Ayoixifiir Touri n>\a- 
irorrro'lMt •E«Ti, Ar. 

Hedor ie mw ■wet eansr to dad aiA, i wSnoi, t iiJiXa tk filMi- 
K^tpot jyt^ofrfartei (after he wai dad), Hom. 

We hatie the laun dealt Mttont, TerafuedfMfla Tobi viiiaot, Lya. 

Haaag mnqr deaUnge witt, ^lorpo^i, ov, c. gen. Hom. 

Srujr to deal leHh, rtiini/iCoXot, «r, £ach. Xen. ; einHritrqTm, or, 

Diffiadt to deal mU, Suitr^oAsi, or, Xen. PhiL 

DakllBf*, ffBraMJ^, Eur. ; mnw^/iATa, ri. Plat 

For hkA are the dealiagt if tear, 4 7^ voA^^iov Uptorit, Honk. 


>Mr, i. e. beloTod, teifltuu, or, Hom., nrperi. n^Sumi, Hom. ; 
utrii, Horn. Pind. Eur. ; rtiXtyrrot, % or, and at, ar, Hom. 
h. Ap. Rh. ; ^fXoi, compRT. fUiiv, Horn., and ^rtpai, Horn. 

My dearfiUom, i ^ABifBTfo-t, Ar. j i yXtiair, Ar. 
Btarer Out* one't Mdren, Kpmnrinicrot, or, ^Kh. 
Dear (in price), r^iea, Hom. ; t^ubi, b, or, and oi, or, Hdt 

Xen. Plat Lri. ; frrifiat, or, Dem. 
Tbfl dear, bnfrrifuot, or, Ariat 
TIdt i* very dear, rerprfioAor tout' (otl Ar, 
AI koaeiBtr dear a price, foidroti Tiver olv, Lja. See Eupmaiv*, 

One lobi teBt dear rl/uor^Xift, eu, i, Phryit. (Com.). 
7b be dear (to a penon), xMCo/uui paaa., eap. in perf. part M- 

X3pia»i^roi, c. daL Hom. Ar. Xen. Plat See 7;^ ie looed. 
Doally, ffAnT, Hom. Hea. IEk^. ; Tpor^IUti, Soph. Xen. ; L e, 

in price, nAAeC. Xen. See i'rva. Out 
Fighting all they held dear, tmfJtxfirarTts £rlp Tiji ^l^infToi, 

DMrUMl, nXCrAeio, Omn. proae ; ■ntiixm^^ ^*»' 
Dautit aix/iir. Flat HdL ; 'i^a, Xen. Lycntg. Antipho. 

See /bmwe. 
Deatb, iij)p, iip&i, 4^, Hom. ; \er)>&i, Hom. Pind. Xieb. ; rirpm. 

Hem. Find. Enr. ; oTrot, Horn. Ap. Rh.; Atrirxyt, Omn.; 

Mim, Omn. poet Hdt; lArfpor, Omn. poet; tuOpa, Hom. 

Eur.; U(i|f, Att 4U111, Pind. .£ach. Eur.; riAnid), Pind. 

Soph. Tline. Xen. ; fitriprAru, «hi, it, Simon. ; 'Api|i (A geoe- 

nilly), gen.'Aptei (bstbt contiscted)and'ApM>t, dat'A^I, Att 

'A^i, ace 'A^o, 'Apri, and'A/nir (Homeric decL naaally 'Afi)ot, 

I, a. Soph,; Kbroifiiopi, Eur.; iniar&irii Plmi, Ear,; kAto- 

(TTpo^, Thuc. ; Toi iKoii Ktrrairrpo^, Soph. ; riXin, tI, Hdt 

PLat. ; 'JhraUibrJ) to£ fileu Xen. 
The day tif death, (LijxrXftor ifiaf, Hom. 
A violail death, 'trtryKola rixfi. Soph. 
That yot nay hear the prophecy abonl My death. In rAxtrtimt 

l/ioi pfuitr ridiiirti dHrfdmr, Soph. 
lie day <f death, rep/da hl^pa. Soph. 
The plaee of death (vhete one ia dealined to die), repiiSa xAf^ 

Qaiag a paaifiJ dead, tvtAtrAror, or, Enr. 
Caneino death fa many, raKuttrAror, or. Ear. 
DmUum*, 'atiriroi, ij, or (alwaji in Horn., aflerwaid* ot, ar), 

Omn. See lamorUd. 
SeOKmidlt, riptfoT dea&, Apwtot, Ear. 

A *ti*''"'", SwiAcoiroi, Soph. laoe. Antiph. See Eaeantiamtr. 
To dabw, IpTB (Att ^Ifiyti, iiftf Hwn.), so pnf. act., aor. 2. 

poet ^Ifiyiitar, c. gen. of the object from which, or & pRp., 

iomelimee (rate) c. dat, or c. /iJ) and iniin., or fi4 oA and inGn., 

or c irri lA, or only ficrrc and infin., ar c in&n. too idi and 

iniin. Soph., or c t& /ti) and infin. Eur. ; titlfyie, Omn. Alt ; 

'JhreaAifog, poC pan. -WaAewfuu, Omn. proae. See 7b etxitde, 

Ta dahark, 'drofaim, d 

n fut. 

r. ]. (which hare tba 


■etiTe MOM, to malu to dabaik), Ham. HdL Thnc Xen. ; «> 

iHJrm, Hum. Sal. Hdt Thnc Xen. See To daambart. 
Blhirklttw, -loMira, «» , 1,, Thnc. 
T» dAu*, nimtm, Hdt Thno. ; tia^lfm, jGack. Hdb Pkt. 

Imc Dml t moiN7, niMttt^tim, Ar. Plat. AiUt. 
DtbatkbU, kfi^iipurrst, er, Hoat.; iitft\iryot, w. Soph. Eur. 

Thmc Xm.j ili^icHnrTai, or, Tbnc; J^ifiaf^T^rCHM, w, 

In. Don. S^Douit/kL 
A dateU, irrOayla, Tiiae. ; 'tfuUia, PlU. ; liSufUra, wi, 4, 

X«a. ; ttin^trtknint, hm, ^ Imm. Dcm. See Diqgnte. 
Ta MO*, 'trffiftu, nid. Hon. ; 'utAqrU(«, no peif^ do [bb.. 

At. Tkw. Lji. looc; ^iflX^y*. Xcn. 
Titf lUotorf aaiwty rtnwwfen^ fv^fiai a^Urir mirrali irpovrUfW, 

7b tt ddtofad (to bo the •dtmet of debate), 'ATwffafuu, pw. 

Dea. ( tfi^ictvrioiiai, XKhin. See Ta duipuie. 
A dabator, 'ily«pi)d)i, ni, 4, Horn. Sea Orator. 
T* dabtn^ liofhlpH, L;l ; fwx*^ Ar. Plat. L;*. 8u To 

A JabaMh— , 'Inrref, Sapb. Dem.; btrAriv'n, Cntiii.; %i^ 

Aim«f, Plat, Ariit. 
StbMolwdlj, <4<r^i>i, Itnc Dem. 
Ti fa MaacM, livt n a dtbamiAtd noiiiMr, 'JbtoAmrrolMi, onlf 

pR*. Ar. Plat, t 'iaitrtiiiat, mid. Ariit. 
Dtbinhwy, Mffvrlo, Plat. Iwc ; iuay\iiria, Thne. PUt 
I* iMIHtete, Hiinyritu Bad Kt/rmyrim, in 3d pi. nmucrfauiri, 

aor. 1. nariafu, do paif. tcL, perf. mid. jmrAtTs, in paio. >nu. 

Ear. Xen.) a«««i>da, Xen. 
DaUltr, i#MMiB, Eur. HerodoL Thae. Xen. Dem. See Wtak- 

nom. and MC pi. xA 
Deo. ; i^tbiaui, tnt, ri, Thae. Plat. ; iffA^, Xen. ; xp^t 
tI, indecL Dem. 

Bod eUd, rik 'Impa, Don. r 

In git in oat', diHt, jcpin 'bnXaiiMtim (fbt. -^Vf^ f*^- 
-^Uqfa. DO aor. 1., lar. 2. -^UCw), Andoc. 

.i eaaailii^ tfdtbU, inKoH| xp^w, Phtt. Dem. 

b dabt, 'Cin^icp^i, d K^ 4> Dent, mr, geo. », Ar. Imb. Dem. 

Emidii^ ta Mf, 'bwtfjiptvt, Dem. 

A d*Mn, i^iA>n|t, »», d, Sc^b. Pkt. ; fam. IfeUrrv, On, 4, 
Eur. i ]y«rH|f , ofl, J, Lji. Don. 

A dmd*, ImJU, Dbi, 4, Ham. Hdt Xen. 

I* ilMHll, d^ (man luuallj with a rahitantiTS in dat a aec, 
M«&M«TilAav,^^Tf (rrpoTv, ^v Twi Hwrl), £ach.Thnc; 
lra{flt)wifu, with or without rrpilTi* or rr^iw^ar, Xen. 
Sao Onu, Th d^arf . 

To dMKpUftt*, KM<Taf>^ Ear. Sea To btktad. 

SSMldUM, iri^^nfui, or. Bar. SaaBdnM. 

SMMUttcK, icdfdna^t (oS) fufpot, Eur. 

T» t imj , ^AHMvjOnljpni. andimperf. Hani.; ffJtt, on! j pica. 
Ham.; the coanMiiiflr fonn ii 9AM (I Ep., I Att), do act. leniei 
cicapl prei. in tliia tenw, pert pau. f^j^iai, and plnpert, which 
ia iDote coaBon, iftlftv, mbj. Sd (ing. ^Dfrrat, Ut pL fM»- 
fHvfa (be *H|rni, ^MfMfa, ate. Horn., iaGo. fMirfai, etc (only 
the pna. act. etanun in Ail), Hom. Pind. Soph. ; -ptpimiM, 
fiu. -ptrtiftiiM, aor. 1. Mf«». Att. Mpw*> (Ham. bu Sd 
«ng. impof. fy^p«n.ioT. l.TV")t^™-'^"K' UdLXi 
^n'4p<l<n», Thae. 

n rfeoqi tnU, ffafwpfifw, AiiiL 
To Mala to dn^, (fdar, f#Ant and f^ffiro, impeid fnt and 
•w. 1. of tha preceding *erbi, Horn., die aar. 1. in Miang 
•naa with J (to dartroj), £*ch. Soph. 

7b U dteoftd, npir^nrra, peiC mid. of npul^mfiai, Thooph. 
Bamr, ««bit, MM, 4, Pind. PlaL ; <p»ofi^ Bar. HdL Plat. 
T» diWMI, Anirm, fnt. MnC/iu, pML infln. Mr'airfai (not 
Att.), aar. Z IM»*, poeL inlin. iMr^Hr (not Att.), per£ TM^a, 
imL and pi. nm. njae. rMriiraw, rOrS^u* ritrint rttrSai, 
fa&i. rafeaoi (rrfwiu, £aeh., and TiMinir, Si^iph.), in- 
per. vMvti, opt. Ttfrahc, part Tednriak and Tffprtt, vrai^ 
lam. Tefcrftf u . neat Trfvali (Horn, alio hat T«A^t, TaMtoror, 
and neat., bat dk* f«n. rttrtiKtHk), all 

1 in proea aa well ai in poetry, 3d pL 

', aba tha Attn ba<re fntm* rrfMit" >■><' 

r«SMK*fiBi, no othct tenaea exeept lb* Impaif. Oein. Sea 7b 
Paoa—e, iijiSmi, Omn. See Deaik. 

Saadt, SiXai, Horn. Pind. Soph. Enr. Xen. ; 'fadr^, Omn. ; 
J^irdrni, He*. Thaogn. XeD. Dem. ; rdpAAru, tm, ^ Pind. ; 
llil\i^^ -Atoi, t1, ^acb.; irAarJ), Eur. j fqAdfu, ftrai, rb, Ar. ; 
'fai-nipa, araf, tJ, MeL 

Tin art ofdeemimg, ntflgpoant, mm, 4 Dem. 
Daaaltfal, 'ArM^, or. Horn. ; 'telti|\b>. Ham. Xen. Plat ; 

KA^ruu, Hom. i loXefpor^vF, am, or, Horn. ; loAJ^trrir, lor, 

4 aol ^ no uent. Hom. ; ta\aii.ifn)t, tv, Horn. ; leX^ir, Ham. 

Enr. Ap. Rh. ; S^Aut, a, ac, and si, ar, Horn. Tmg. Ar. Xen. ; 

SatiorXimt, or, Sapph. i SeAepli, Soph. Hdt Xen.; toXaiti- 

xAvor, n't Simon. \ OoKAfoSot, or, Simon. ; toXj>ro*bs^ ir, St^h. ; 
Mill, h. Pind. ; la\afii)S4)r, ^i, t, ^mon. ; BoXjifvavi, 
j ml 1^ DO nent. Sopb. ; to\>JffMr, orat, i ml 4, MteK 

Kur. ; lem. toKSra. Oat, i^, Soph. ; nkt^V^ipcHi, a»i, i vat 4. 

h.j KitSuXat, an, Theogn. Gar. Hdb Plat. Deo.; 'liire«Ai|Tit, 

ir, Soph.; 'AtrdrirTbrii, Xen. PliL ; iflwIinrTJ^ t. gen. 

Xen. ; i^ux^wimis, ov, ^ UeL ; thi* ie daceitAil, if nfS«^ 

TJt(, Ear. 
DaaaitfDllj, ^fr^if, Em. ; rwichmt. Soph. 
Tv daeriva, Vf»**»i "a peit Ham, ; 'Mflrtm, anlj in pna. 

and aor. S. frtfer, and aor. 2. mid. opt, 'l:rS^oliaiii, Horn. ; 

^AisTji, no perf. act, but perl pax. ate, aar. 2. pan. Mutfv, 

often c. ace. ^rat, or in perl paia. c, gen. [e. g. rdau fittXa/t. 

Ithot iatKofl, Theogn.), Horn. Theagn. ; tKi^aipoiai, mid. 

Horn.; iibti^m, Horn. h. Eur., wipMpIvnu, Haa. Ap. 

Rh. ; KKtrrm, onljr act. in thii lenae, Omn. poeL Xen. £ichin. ; 

'4i4r(Ia, HanL Sopb. Enr. Thne. Xen. ; <{&rftrd«, Horn; Pind. 

Enr. Hdt. Thnc Xen. Dem. ; wdpdaAr^, ^ich. ; TipiipxiliMi, 

Alt. -t/iMiaa/iai, aor. 2. -^Ii0or, nm. lync -^ABor, Horn. Ar. 

Hdt. ; 'tWpxaftoi, fat. -*>,i6niuu, aor. Q. -4A.H»r, Soph. Eur. ; 

toA^, MaL Soph. Enr. Hdt. Xen.; ^Xifriim, b. ; fnXim, 

Mich. Ear. Ap. Rh. ; frUu, c. ace., aften c ace. and gen.,Bi— 

fan hare daceired mj hope, f^miirii /» iA-wUat, Soph. ; » loo 

pau. — if I am not daceivad in m* opinian, rf ti ft)) fnvAiffa/uu 

yri/aii. Soph., c gen. or c. dat. HdL, c gem. ace Xen. Omn. 

Alt. Hdt.; tugfvMB, Xao. Iioe. Andae. Dam.; fftoAr^Uv, 

onl J prei. Ar. ; titfiiua, perl -«M]kq*a, Hdt ; liteftnU, 

Phit : a fa ftyn rrrin, Xen. ; aOpiicpo^ bnt oftener -cfioi, raid. 

PUL lioc Dinarch. Don. ; atfpOnBffii, do perf. Plat ; kb»»- 

Kflraiuu, mid. Dem. 
Ta dediiK if mnit, to ^leot deon^iVy, tatt a» oa& n 

(/eenee, *dpil^i|>u A^Tav, ¥apJ^i|fu Ipcec (poet in' ~' 

Pind. ; iackirni X^r, Sopb., ao. 
To earry moag tf dtaU, iioAtrrii, Soph. 
To dMOM Ifjalbiein, nSpiiioyiCaiiai, mid. Iioe. JEgAa. 
7b deaiee b^art, wpaa^airBrdit, Ariat 
Tb (boBog ieiMsi^ Tyonf aia rdM , Aritt 
7b ht dtaimi, cr^dX^Bfioi, paai., nin. e. goi., alu c. /r and dat 

.«Kh. Soph. Hdt Xen. Plat. 
B^tg ai naat itemed >■ tkor 1 ^ , 

■ioai, tiftvt^knt fihi t^i 'Khfraimi Swrfftam f 


Ohm awit dtamt, l^Mt/nrrier, Phit 
DaocdTad, ffuMrr, Eur. 

Eauly dtUKtd, (AitairAnrrai, or, Xen. Plat. 
niffleuU to be dtaivid, BinttJbrtrirM, er, Xen. Plat 
Wka may mil be dtoemd, L e. >wom Uwlj b]-, aa Stji, Uorei. 

or, Ham. 
A daaalTar, iirtfarAt, Hom. ; i^rapanvH);, aC, d. Hem. ; fvMF^ 

r^, a8, «, Ham. Soph. Hdt ; ^ro)>fvrt,i, eS, i, Mel. 
SaaaMbar, Thiaiitthr, abw, 4, begun abmt the middle of I>»- 

Daaa M Tirata, ttnpxin, Xen. laoc ; tntOafx^ laae. 
A daeaBTir, tvMaOxoi, Lf a. ; tMlSe^af, Dion. H. 
Daaannj, K^/ut, Pind. ^ach. Soph. ; tbicoffiiia. Enr. Xen. Plat 

lioc. *;*chin. 1 aturinit, Wat, ii, Eur. i noaiuinit, ir«, 1. Ar. 

Phit. Dem. Iioc. ; tiwp^iu, Plat 
Daoannlal, BaxrHrt, Soph. Eur. Pbt; Can. Bn^ir, aaT,it, Ar.; 

StKoaH)!, Thnc ; ttmrnipit. Plat ; b ittn(pki, Anib. 
DaoaAt, ttnoJiuH, or, SoL Mtch. Thae. ; (hixibiw, arai, i ml 

it, neat a*, Ent XeiL PhU. .fiichiti. ; tivfwa^, JEtA. Bv. 




SeOKltlj, liKiafun, Horn. Ra. XoD.; 

ffX1»™»»i At. X«r. Den. 
Sm^Od, 'dTir?i, OniD. Set Deaeil. 
SMnptlTa, 'dr&TiTTlKit, X«n. FUt S« Deeeilfid. 
To dMide (■ diipate, u judge, elc), Fiid(u, c dU. at tb« die 

SuUnU, not in mid. in Ihii kdk, Omn. ; icpiw, anr. 1- pHi.|>oeL 
vpii«i|i' (not Att.), Omn.i tiSxpCyi*, HiL Find. Thnc Xm. 

Bete.; tuupia, do *ar. 1., aor. S. tuiXac, ^uL Eur. Hdt. ; 

■vpfo, ^wb. HdL ; Jli^iTMiirjui, fut. -71^0*101, no wn. 1. 

perf. -*y«iita, aor. 2. -*>««■, -t™*i, mc, u if bom yrAiu, perf. 

nua. -iytw/iat, Mich. Xtn. Dem.; 7i7>^n>, HdL Thnc 

iKx. ; h-rYi^v^HH, Tbni:. ; if^ffivuu, mid., perf. c pAU. in 

pau. mul Ai. Iw. Lyi, ; IiaiiJnifr, Xan. Plat. Andoc ; iicSi- 

KdCi, Ar. Xen. Plat. laas. ; $fU*im, Dom. ; ^ripAw, Plat 

Dem. ; tuuriiai, Theoc. 
Todtciih, Le. fonn an opinion, Iioirr/AAa/iai, mid. Plat 
To decide agaiiat, to deade tie victory agaitat amy cms, 'iwiiicfbm 

Tiri rflj rtiaii, Ari«t, 
7b ^n n iJM>i/»^ ffwliayi-fntirni, Tbil& 
7b AuKJe j>rgiiiDBi^, T|»tur)Tyr^H>, That 
7b decide, i. & to form an opinion praTtouilj, rpoiuurriWa/tnij 

mid. Hipp. 
Tb ^ decided (caiw to ba bicdgfat to a dediimi), tiaiqp&tfuu, 

mid. Ho. Dcra. 
To U decided (ai a diipote, a lav iuil, nkitrfrfriaKafai, £<ch. 

Antipho. ; 'dTvrffgfKu, pau. Dcm. 
To be deaded agaiiHl (up. nnCaiil;), 

T%eghoA lie dead, and hae mit decided A* wAhji, a-liTotu'u' tfi^w, 

if ab Ztiftetr Kpitrn, Eur. 
To vkomeaear a liadd bt decided Oat lit eolaty beUmged, 

biroriprnv ir tuiwrBy ilroi rijif Arouriav, Thoc- 
A decided gale, i. a. in ona ^ddcd dimtian, sJpu tnp^im, 

Horn. Set TbiMmMBH. 
One jmt decide, Kffriot, Plat. ; tuucprr^ Thnc 
Dtddtagfor oimd/'. furjif-qfoi, or. Find. Mte'n. 
A. maUer to be'dieided, Kptfa, Irar, rb, JEtch, 
To 4taiplMt, irtrfiyyivicti, fiiL -7*^11^101, petC -^ytwita, aor. 2. 

^ynw, aa if &om yiv^ 'peif. ptm. tynutnoi. Find. Al. Thnc 

Dhb. Sea TbrsaiJ. 
Danliioa, Kpfiru, (tu, q, Omn. poat Hom.1 iff^/ui, Srai, ri. 

Soph.; BfUtla, Eur.; )ii)«wu, *«t, 4, Eai, Thoc laoc 

Beat. ; Itarfi1i11.11, Thnc ; tiaKfliaa, mi, q, Xn. Ap. Rh. 
.i judicial dedeiom, 'tri^Aea, wi, 4, Dem. ; frSaa, Dem. 
Tkepncioue deaitiom, ^i rpob^ry/Ufa, Thnc 
DadMn (ai a lictory), trfpoAjc^j, Horn. 
To dwtk, Koriiiti, II St. h. ThaoKO. Tiag. Thuc Xan. ) wSirSicar- 

liia, Ar. Xm. Plat. ; iaicht. Find. Soph. Eur. HdL ; HarKim, 

Find.; HaiKim, Soph. Eur.| Imv^ Eur; inrrixku. Soph.; 

ff>(i|»i^lf'o, £ich, Eur. ; Siacrxniiln-lCti, PlaL See Tb adm. 
Ik* dMk (of a ihip), bfiu, tI, Horn. ; iril^ Arot, rt, h. Eur. ; 

viiAi, Aoi, 4, Eur. J K&rdffTpa^ui, Irai, rk, HdL Thuc Xen. ; 

aSrilmiia, irct, ri, Theoph. 
IlMkad, i. e. adorned (q. v.), (w^fufToi, or, h. (ftriHr^i, or, 

Enr.t oT a ahip, Kftrf^pain-af, or, Thnc; irreyaaiiirai, 

Not dttM, iartynrres, or, Antipho, 
To dMUlB, Tpftyi>M«, FUt. DeB. ; MvU>. Dem. 
Doolomatton, 'Aydvur/u, Arai, r^ Thuc ; L e. the pmctice of 
, apaaking, fM^r^ Dam. 
A ariter ^ dedwaationi, XayoyptAot, Plat Dem. ; ^armroiii. 

DooUntian, ^u, «m, i|> Ajiit ; Uipaaa, HdL Sea jlaaar. 

To dalara, fiaii, opt ^qr, etc., no perf. act, mid., anlj piH. 
infin. and part imperC and fat., paac, only perf.. Ski (ing. ri^ 
rat, port wnpturiUm, Omn. ; iri^niiu, Horn. ; lupiiiu, Horn. 

. Ap. Rh. 1 HHTtr, -ttrt, etc etc, only in aor, 3. Horn. Piud. 
Soph. Tboc Dem.; MtlarCfioi, mid. Horn. HdL ; ii'fli'', only 
prsa. Horn. Att peil act ^«lf>i|ica, plnperC pau. 3d ling. 
•{((pVTo, fuL i(tvfyreiiai, in paar, aene. Horn. Soph. Eur.; 
'S.yoiniii, Horn. Hdt. Lyi. Antiph. ; iityopeiti, Horn. Hdti 
'StiLfairu, Horn. Find. Eur. Xen. ; nSrS^oina, Find. ; wtrofii- I 

.ftin. Plod.; icSrnbppditi, Find.; ^'T<^ Onui. poat Horn.; vpo- 
X^yie, Mtch. Thiic ; iriptirtiie, £ich. Xen. ; mumim, Tn«. 

HdL Thnc Xao. ; rpefM^v, JRidi. Soph. 1 nafrtfiu. Tag. 
Xen. Iwc ; ^tr^ra, impfrf. -uTor, no fiit Find. ; wftimitm, 
only prea. £ich. ; 'tTo^^olm, Eur. HdL Thuc Xen. Dem. ; 
inpairtt. Soph. Eur. Udt Xen. ; KtbrSfturiir (A poet not Att, 
V Ail, fat Oaa, etc.) jEach. Hdt Xen. ; db-tnrsr, Em. ; vpo- 
foint. Soph. Dam. ; iiapr^nM. mid. Ar. Thnc Plat ; iwlfia^ 
T^fHvuu, Plat. Dam.; tiitfoftiii, Hdt PlaL; <>t^lfv, Xan. 
He deelant, orivroi, and aa in petf. arfSro, only is 3d nmg. 

To deatan (aa an oncla dow], Xp<^i contnKled dii in q (xpfbi, 

Horn.}, fuL xfrtSa*, aor. I, *w>i|ott, no perf. Omn, pueL Hdt 

Thnc Lyeurg. ; ixxfiti. Find. Soph. 

7b i£nc2ara (aa an oracle 01 aaalawdoei), Ixtror.aor. Z with pert 

BitlfilKa, Soph. Dem. 

7b dedan (war), airarrAA*, Xen. Lyi. ; wponuBdit, c dat <rf 

the people againit whom, Ar. j ir^rnr, c dat Thuc 
To dedare ie/onluaid, wpolnn^aimiaai, mid. PlaL 

Yamr geaerali deeiarimg Urn aHOMMy 0/ AAeniamt, rSar ifMr^pKr 

irrpaTirfw iro^unlrraiv abri* 'ktrptiiiir t'tfifir, Dem. See 

Dodeulon, KAirif, «>>, ^ Gramn. 
Daollution, rfifiilijuitti, wi, 4, Plat 
To dotl^, intrani. at the day, etc, aAfru, Hdt ApL Eh. ; ikn- 

■Aftv/uv, mid. Hdt., aa the a&in of nea do, etc, rtiei, Eur. ; 

'temAini, Soph. ; fitriwlirrm, fut -WHOufui, peit ^wwriHO^ 

no aor. 1., nor. S.^^mrar, Eur. Thuc Lyoug. 
Tie dtg deeUned, ^ ri^a M ri X'V^ tKKirtr, Xan. 
7b dediM (an inTitation], tnlyiti, fut -Jmim, aor. I. -iwi- 

rtiva, no perf. Xen. 
Tb deetiae (an office, making oath of inability to pnlain tho 

dntiea), iiifiruiu, fut -o/timi, in mid. AtL contr. -oiuSfmt, 

Lyeurg. Dem. £echin. See 7b dtaay. To re/iua. 
BooUno (a dieeaae], TuictUr, onr, i), Horn. Ap, Rh. 
A deeliTitr, tfM,>, ift, 4, Horn. Soph. Ear. ; X^> «paAMx, 

Horn. See HiS, Pnaaice. 
To deeoet, f^, fat JH"*, no perf. Eur. Hdt Flat Xan. 
A deeoetion, <4'i|/w, droi, ri, Ariit 
To daoonU, mrulm, Hea. h. Theogn. Tiag. Thuc Xan.| 'tyitu- 

\n, no perf. Eur. See To adorn. 
BoeontlMI, givitat, Omn, ; t/>Jlfflia, ftroi, r^ Ting. ; tfwalir 

Xitwutiut, droi, Ti, Thuc See OrtauenL 
Tie art o/deeoraling, 4 mniierrhtii, PlaL 
Smotou, ■Buo'/ui, or. Sol. £ach. Thnc.; iJ^pn^i, .£aeh. 

Eur. Hdt. Imc ; •Affxwwr, oroi, j «1 4, neuL ar. Ear. Plat 

iGtchin. ; lUaiuot, a, or, and ai, or, Soph. Xen. Fiat Iioc Lye 

Dem. ; tfroMTOi, or, Ai. Thnc Xen. ; •forAhl)!, Flat ; etfBeiiat, 

or, PhU. 
DmotoiuIt, ttnia-iuej, Horn. Hea. Xm. ; ttvpewfit (loD. -van), 

compir. -tanpav, tnperi. -^arwra, £icfain. Eur.Udt ; eipS't/HU, 

Eur. liOC ; etndicrtit, ^ich. Ar, Xen. Dem. ; *tex4/>a^ Eur. j 

•AffXW"", Ai. Xen. Dem. ; Kxriiimt, Ai. Pkt Imc ; vfttir- 

DMmnun, Kiviut, JEeet. Soph. ; a^ov^ En. Xen. Flat laoe. 

.£ichin.; Kofffu^]-, irrot, i, Ar. Ptet Iwc; itaxniittni, 
Xen. Plat.; tiirp^ia, Pkt 
Witt rfaconm, idiriuf, vorri idaiue', ir Kivi^f, rir Ki^fT, Biad 

adTirbially, Horn. Pmd. Hdt Plat 
To deooj, Tihf^, Ar. 
A decag bird, ToyriTpm, Enbni. Aiiit 
Todomaaa, >urtAg, only prei. (Hnn. hat alao poet impeiC fur6- 

#«rnr), Horn. Hea. £ich. (Si^h. only in chor. ) ; /uiMfuu, pau. 

Xen. Plat; tMuraieiuu, put. Thuc; iwotairm, fut KL and 

aor. 1. not in thii tente, perf. -<tfi)K<s ■«■ ^- -A<|>', p«rt ~cMi, 

at if from Sniu, Plat ; iHrWim, sdy prec Hipp., 
A dOBTaMa, luUtiia, ins, ih. Xen. 
Tha aUek hot ieeteamd, /ilrWu/HL Atbi, t^, Hipp. 
To dMtM, icfirtt, (Jmu. Att ; Sitiiit, MeciL ; lur/rfrArtat, fht 

-7*dn>fiai, perf. acL -iyrmra, perC paae -^yrmr/iai, no aor. 1. 

aor. 2. -i-pnr, ai if bum --rrmiu, Hdt Thuc Lya. Dem.; fiifl- 

fa, oftener -a^iai, mid,, perf. pan. in either act or paaa. tau., 

aor. 1, pau. in pate aeot. Omn. Att. ; ■j(*ifvrarim, Ar. Itoc 
't u deiited, impera. laxt^ aor. I . (toft, part I&cqirar, pe>£ poaa. 

S^SoKToi, part tttoyfiivaf, c dM, of thoae who deoce, Onm. 

Att HdL See 7b vt^ 


A IwrM, <f$^; A, Pba. Hdl. Omn. AtL ■ iM^o^fM, iriw, tI, 

XKb- Omn. AU. pnw : Sutfnwi^ wt, i, Enr. Thoc PUt. 
. liae.; twrv^n, Thnc ; AnAIi, Andoc, ; S((»iii, 4nu, t1, PlaL 

Xsn. Dem. .£Mhm. 
i)n(H i&Braii^ e^rfAra, ri, Horn. Find. Tng, 
Om lalo (mte n dtmi^ ii^fianiTowiKiij, At. 
QTOa ■>•(»« 9; IOb a decrta, ^^^idi^Siit, Ariit 
]> ««H ptt gtr yim 0api,, Soph. Sm OU. 

J* iticj, Ut^ipi*, Don. { fiamin, Ttrj nnlj, if arer, nwd in 

nj teDM bnt pin. act. Iioc Dcm. 
To iMiaftto, 'btn-ltiitu, tar. 1. -Mini, ur. 1. paa. -n-Miir, 

Ho. Find. Eu. Onn. prow ; 'JtyiC". I^nd. Soph. Ar. ; ftb, in 

trinlUJa eM« of pm |Brt C, B. g. SOwTo, p«f. rtflljn. Find. ; 

[V<«. Thi»- Ptet ; Katufim, «uh. Mdt. Plat. ; i(«fitt. aar. 

Z-fT^Jir, Hdt Thnc Lji.) 'AhiMm, Xul) nratf^, Xen. ; 

« dM( (f», At. Hdt. P1>L( TtiurlCti, of coiucenLed notud, 

IV it dtdiealtd, 'tirixtiiuu, poat alw Irpitiiat, -^tt/air, fot -«I. 

taptu, DO other tnuea, c. dat. of tb« leeaiTor, Find. Eur. Udt. 
To b H a laiipb, etc, at a M^ dtdiealad, KUftoi, llii. 
A 0^ JtJieaUd, 'drWii/ui, Araf, ri, Omn. AiL See Ogtriag. 
WLm «^ (s ii iladkaltd, tOBupmriot, Pbt. 
' ""-•■-- 'ujthiDg, 'Wtttfu, (HI, 4, Lji.: 

I, 'nAAayf^uii, mid. Plat See To iafir. To Bomdait. 

1, mUowfi^, Phlt. See Coacbaiim, fa^moe. 

Ttt dtdOAt, 'iittUfim, am. 2. -<iAv, c gen. of thing from which, 

or e. dat. or e. prep, in, or kwh and g«n. .£Kb. Eur. Omn. 

piMe ; 'i^uipim, Pind. Soph. Ar. Omn. piue \ 'btoKatt^ri, 

fbL -A^^fiai, pufl -(bqfa, do anr. 1., aoi. 2. -^kUm, Enr. 

HdL Tboc Xen. 

To iaimt bindm, wpanf m p i a^ai, raid. Ins. Deo. 
Om rnmal dmbui, 'ipmifrrior. Plat. 
A dMl, ^gTWf Onm. ; upSfit, an. i^ Omn. ) rpSyiia, irpi, t^, 

talL HM Hob. ; V^w, drot, T*, h. Tbeom. Pind. Eur. ; ¥p» 

y»t, ti, Pind. Ti^. ; Sfofia, ftroi, ri, £i^. 
JSDoi Ami, '*)MMn^ Hdt 
Ao^paodtinAi, rbafjaria. Htm. Thnga 
^ farf dud^ utMotrn^tt, ATM, T^ Plat. Antipho. 
Tli (M^ tod (faisifi^ Kinevpyia, poeL irii«o«p7iii, Horn. Thnc 

A daed^ Of^ lo in void, XV^t ■* faw aol X'f^< Hom. ; 

Aad, opp. to wnd, l(r)«*, opp. to fiiifct, HoiBn to /^iytii. Soph. 

A datd, i. e. ■ written paper, Tp^^tiTiIor, Lj>. Dem. See Do- 

Enr. Omn. pme ; Ixn, impuf. tlx"i f^*- f"! i™' ^- ''X'»'i "' 

■or. I., perf. UyiiKa, pan. not uied in thii mdw, Enr. Thnc ; 

tru, aor. 2. icdnpl. -fwwv, pan. not nwd in thii lenH, Soph. 

HdL Plat 
Plipt HUjilt (d Ham, a Att);baidaa tha rtg. compar. an iireft. 

i* fimnd, fnf^'owr iitiiamoi, Horn. ; 0ii^, eampar. -frnpot and 

-W ([ Att., I elMirhere), [in aTerj mdw of the Engtiih void, e, g. 

epilb. of tho a«a, of the nind, of unnd, etc], Omn. ; mtnai (u 

poH.), Hod. Find. Kmon. Enr. ; 4^j(&ra(, or Hm. Stsaich. Hit. ; 

fHA^ieUlft, Mac)i. Enr. Ap. Rh. ; ndMtiSJii, Eur. ; -apottttn, 

Ap. Rh. 
DapfDmag, ■• fie datp poofi, etc., fiaSuffiahTij, m, oaij maac 

Hon. ; PMf^t, or, conti. -on, -ovr, Horn. Soph. ; BtkStrat, 

mi, ddIj maM. Hom. Hek; flUUili^Hi, Horn.; nU«i>«4i, 

Hom. Ap. Rh. ; fiSBMfnit. neat. •>, Theogn. ; tfdwud^t, 

SopL ; A)«x»', £«)>. Ap. Rb. 1 nidrolvflli, Ar. ; ^afv^^tW, 

■rrot. An. Rh.; $i»m, Anth. 
Da^ (of •leqi), avAis, toAA^, rati, all caiei except nom. and 

ace. BMK. and neat, from roUli (ftur the reat aee tha word 

nndcT itfaai), Hom. 
/Infi (of toil), BMimprai, ar, b. Find. ; BiBiKoKvai, or. Find. ; 

ftMmfOt. or. Ear.; 0Wy«a>, ar, and Att 0i»yiH, Hdt 



faehin. ( 


Dtep-roaliid, piBMiffit, or. Soph. See AMI 

Deep (of loiind), aiwii, no oompM. Het Sea Land. 

Deep to a» idgi, ^iMM|(, Horn. 

Deepeii, •wSniwifTi.ros, Ap. Rh. 

But tiia TMatia arrayed than- mai tunaty-fiw deep, ia' ivirltBi 
U rJirrt lAiv mil dWir of SiiCauii ^dforro, Thnc 

In wij iJafp onfcr, o^ ^ BXiyBi' i^vlBiir, Thnc. 

^Iw deep, M Ttmripiir, etc Thnc 

Tba daap, Aajr^to, and ^afr^ MAdo'inif, onlv in nam and aec 
neut. Hom. 

fa dwp aater, U>1, Horn. 

To deapan, ^dMvv, Hom. ; of deepening a colnmn of mm, Xni.; 

only or tnopi, iraariinni, Xen. 
Dmt, (U^f, J ml 4, ai a generic (arm alwayi 4, Hon. Enr. 
Xen.) tiiiiis, iSos, i, Hon. Call.; 'ixaitlni, poet 'A;t<>''>^, 
Aiiat Ap. Rh. 
Q^or Moiigiag lo dor, iiiii^ua, or, Xen. Ariat 

21<i And'i^ </»[»-, JUipirCaAia, Soph. Call. ; iJJtifomrat^, Arnt 
.,4 Anter i/itor, jAd^iiAat, J aal j), Horn. li. Si^h. 
Slayiag deer, iiJtifioicTirns, ar. Ear. 
To dabaa, wpadrrai, Thnc ; oiiclfat, Plat 
A daflwiagp, nplicair^ Thnc. 

"- '-^- , ^haff«vU«, c<lior*vl»tdacc. Plat Iioc Dent 
^onobw, ran eicei^ in pro. Dem. 
._.!, A^oeVwila, Ear. Plat laoc Dam. £idiin.i riini- 

yaplM, Itoc. Lya. Dem.; fiainaria, Dem. 
.i4b aetioa/or dfjamatuai, niKinoflou Sbcn, Don. 
£tenoi(tai« 6nHf>U on (ttAi* fir d^itmatioa agamit Urn, abrf 
AofwrtA^i IXax« T^r tav KeKirroptav Stiatr, Tat ap. Dem. 
D«lkllUlt(V7, M«i(iHi, or, Ar.j ^Aia^ij^wr, or, Don, 
A dafluMI, M«4>«i, Dem. SaefabnJenr. 
IMkolt,— a onae in which jodKuent ii let go by de&nlt ip^ 

Unr, ot UDetiDia fymwi 1., Dem. 
7b gam am aOiai bf d^ualt, ipiimr (nibaiid. tUnv) o^, nnt 

in an. 2. ibjw. Dam. 
7% £« M acHoH ig defaaH, lf*iiair i^AwnipH (nan. in aor. 9. 

i^Aar), Antiph. Dem. 
Tigy eam&ad Uai bg defiuM, ll>tuair ^rrhr ilXar, Lja. 
TVr •"■•^'■■■■^ ttB o'n' o" jUi amonipfiew to deatk if defita^ 

ifrifil Uirji bdrairar tmi^fnaaar aSnm ra sal tw /ut' /imIhw, 

A dabat, r^oir^, and in poet rpsrir ^xf*. "fp^ t<f^*, Tiaa. 

Hdt. Thnc Xen. ; fata, Omn. Att proae ; Tpculfia, ftroi, li, 

Oaaaag d^iat, Tporcwt, Soph. Enr.; aoiiicea for Ibe defeat of 

the tnemj, rfamm ixBpir, Eur. 
To daftet, tifiniiu, onlj in pre*, in anj Toica, mid. and paai. 

M iBni^ai, Hon. Hea. .Xacb. ; tofirim, onlj prea. and imperf. 

(olao poet impeif. titmaaicer), Horn. b. ; tsiiiit, fuL Slfiiaw. 

poet titiiiram (not Att), aor. 2. (M/uw. i"" >" porf- ■«., pert 

pm. Mt|/4ai, etc Hom. MtA. Eur.; Sd^iifga, prei. not found 

in Hon. who bowerer hu nor 1. piaa. itaiiiai^r, Hom. Pind. 

£icli. Eur. Xrn. ; njntai,0inn. ; x"P^i oftBner-o/i«i,mid. and 

paia. Tng. Hdt Thnc Xm. 
TO be dtjiatal, btaaaiaiiaL, Thnc Dem. ; tcvicfuu, pais. Hdt ; 

jl^ri^iai, paw. Hdt Ihc; rpnaralm, Hdt; niXaii, and 

-mat, paiB. Enr. Hdt See Ta eomjatr. 
Oat matt tUiat, rlinrrior, Eur. 
A d«(bot, bXai^io, ftroi, rh, Dcm. ; 'iVd^^^u, ftrai, t6, Omn. 

Att. Sea Defiaiaef, Waal, Fualt. 
DofeotlOB, 'teJarAffit, «M, 4, Hdt Thnc An^ho. See AnnA. 
DafaOtlTO, /AAMii, Thuc Plat ; X*^^t Plat 
To lama de/actiae, ^Otia, Thnc 
lalblUW, i^iffUe-u, WT, 4, i. a. tha band of mrrion who >nr- 

nunded Amphiui aa a defence, Hom. ; ^^ap, rlt, only nan. and 

only nam. and ace Hnm. Pind. Eur. ; lAid), Omn. poet Hdt 
Thuc Xen. ; 'iparyii, Hom. Ting. Plat ; IfC/ia, Aral rt, Horn. 
«;>ch. Eur. Xen. ; fxi^ drai, ra, h. Ap. Rb. ; 'U^fivui, trot, 
rb, £gch.; fnAfu, am, 4, IRtA. Enr.; twifaatra, »>, 4 
Soph. Em. ; piiui, irot, -ri, Trag. \ apitKruut. Arat, rd, Trag. 
Hdt Xen. Plat ; ajpoAiXil, Soph. Eur. Xen. PUt ; rpMaAot, 
Xeo.; Wliffni, aeu, 4, Hdt 


71a KRial dtfiaeu, raikax't wtfnrrt}(ai, Enr. 

A itfimt (verbal) m awrft of law, tic -iatt^Ut, Thnc Xen, 
Lyr Antiph. Dem. ; irrdtpla-it, hit, it, Lyt. ; ttnuiiAsyla, Dem. 

2>;Ahei or gniad ofdejam, irriKirfla, Hdt. Thnc 

HanKff at a dtfatpn to atom our tafttjf^ rfiMKi^ia 'T^i (Tatnj^faf 
Iximl, Demad. 

^ iiMiBU ^dtfimet, 'fifiurr^puii'. Plat. 

DafametUw, Ipril'ot, % cr, •oDMtimei, tbougli nuely, ei, or, Hmn. 
Micb, Thuc Dem. ; 'af^HKToi, w, c. gsn. m c dat. of t^ 
sncmj. Soph. Ear. Sm Umarmtd. 

To d^nd, irfpICalm, fiiL -f^vafMi, jib aoi. 1. m llili kiim, 
perf. -tiStiKa, tot. 3 -Mi)*, ai if from -(^>u, na mid. oi paiL, 
c. j[en. or c diL Horn. ; rtpi^sfuu, mid., np. in aiv. 3. tipi- 
iirxil«ir, imper. irtphrxn, etc, c geo. or c aec Hum. ; IpioiiMi, 
mid. (f, but tamctimt* i ; LiDD. and Sc la; only metii gntiL), 
fat. ifuroiiai, poet ipirrafiai and ilfiraaiua^ aor. 1. clpl)a^itt, 
p«L (Ipvcrin^iii', ■!» aor. 2. mid. lyuc. not in lal penon, bat 
2d ling, tpvroj 3d l^pura or 4lpf>r0, alia perf, [»l in act sent. 
*ipi/uu, LnRn. tputrtoi for fl^pi'trffaj, plnperf. flp^ijv. Ham.; ^^ 
ofiBi, raid, poet impetf. ^twinl/iv, aor. 1. ijipvai/ap; aoi. 2. 3d 
ling. lyDC. fpirra and Iftura, inRn. /liwftu (in prea. t> ninall;, 
but alu V in ani, opt. fvaire, i hi. and aor. t „ thoiigh B alu 
in aor. 1. Horn., v in fpin-o), Horn. Find. Tng. Hdt | i^i^ftiW, 
c ace or c. dat Hom. Call. ; i/t^itwii, onl; pn>. and inperf. 
without aagmrnt, Horn. Find. ; ifi^iwu, onlj pm. in Trag^ aim 
imperf. Hon., Ham. Find. Soph. Ear. ) 'dx/fv, hit. i\({^, c 
dat Ham. Xen.,and^<ED)u^mid^ K>i.].'iXti6iH,r, c dat,a]>o 
c. npl and dat, or e. rtpl and gen., and ttp. line ou. to defend 
oneMlf, Horn. Soph. Hdt Thoc Xen. Ap. Rh. ; •i/itirt*, no perf., 
aor. 3. poet alio iiiityitor and -J/iT|r, c. datjien. c ace. of the 
enemr, either often nnderitaod, aJu c gen. pen., unetimea c. 
cwifi and geu., hi mid. aiin act and eip. line ei*. to defend one- 
•eti; Hom. Soph. Enr. Thoc Xen.; tnitim, Hom. Eur. Hdt 
Plat Lja Dem. ; liiifiiiixiif'h fxt -f^X^it""! pMt -irmiuu, 
Contr. "/H^oifiu, c gen. Horn. ; ^rnpaw, fnt. -/irv, do perf., no 
mid. or paiL, e. dat Thaoon. Sopb. Eur. Hdt Xen. ; Mitrtatuu, 
mid., c. aor. 2. act., e. mp and Kea. Boph. Dem. ; Tpatn-aftai, 
mid. c aor. 3. act Soph. Enr. Hdt lioc Dem.; rpenttiffAai, 
imperf. -V'l*'i (at ~'hiaiiai, c gen. Eur. Hdt Xen. ; lYKxTrfa-Ai, 
Hare oieept in prea. and impeif., c. gen. JEwch. Ar. ; 'Onpfff^r^uc, 
mid., caor. 2. act., c gen. Si^h. Ap. Rh.; irrO^iCtn/Ku, 
mid., fnt -kiriHiiuu, aor. 3. -tfJLSin^r, c. gen. Thoc. Dam. 
To defmd bn ipeaiimg for jtididaUif, etc. inXayiaiuu, mid. a 
fhttp and gen. pen. e. ace. of the chaige , alto c. aoc. of the matter 
alleged in defence, alu c Tphs and ace. of the charge, Eur. Hdt 
Tbac^ Xen.; 'tinp6inAayioitai, mid, c. gen. Hdt Xen. Antiph.; 
'Dnpdnitp&Nifuu, mid. e. gen. Ar.; irrdmAajiitai, s. tec of 
tka mutter alleged in defence, Ian. 

c of the charge, Hdt ^huc ; iwoSMm, only pre*. Xen. 
To defiad Bnaiif in (a [daee), hiwafitjicfiui, c fit and acc. of 
the eonrt, ^«chin. 

TbjioH or lielp m J^fimluig, mirliif^iinni, Ljcvrg. 
7b jbia ■• dtftrndimg jadieiaOf, vtntmoturfiaiiai, mid. Lycnrg. 




ttuaitatkei, ir| 


IXitHy, %ptt, t, Horn. Hea. Pmd. ; 'Ui(itHNi, ^i, d, Horn. 

Xen. Ap. Rh.; 'ifxryit, Horn. Tmg. ; 'JU«{At>v, ofn, I, 

Soph. I wpavrinii, Tng. ; 'ifitCt/upoi, Soph. ; apMsAai, Ar. 

See /VutaAir. 
Sabadlng, 'ikt^ntiios, or. Hem.; 'ipur/it, if, TmA, .filch. 

Soph. I 'tXtiirripioi, .£ich. Ear. ; ^iviot, or, ^ich, ; rjMarA- 

T^puii, jClach. Saph. 
DifimSng men, '&\({lfi<pOT0f, or. Find. ; i^iiarBpei, or, Simon. 
SwinaiTa, 'IfuirHipiQi, cm. Flat 
A gmeral iqiialfy ikUfiU balk u ebAaMM aad i^imtim ofiiii afloat, 

rrpftnrrii dffjiulli ■■) ^WrrMi, Xen. 
A d^bum oUkoux, Miixxj^i Thuc. 
To noil a d^^MiM aflimiM, iiilitaxiu, — to Bodie an alliaDca with 

the Argina to at to defend one another't tcrTiliiriea(when either 

(houid be attacked), v^t 'kfytlait mtftax^ vomMoi, fcrt 

if lui4>!w An/iax>v,Thnc 
IMlMtibU, ix^t, Thuc 
Ta datir, 'drWdXAn, pei£ -CMX^hb, only ones in act. Horn. 

ollener -ofuu, mid. and put. Hom. Find. Hdt Thuc Xen. 

Dem. ; Stdrpilm, c acc or c gen. Horn. Ap. Rh. ; 'fcortttfuu, 

mid., tot. 1. -<«i)icdfi4r. Sot. Xen. Plat See Ta palpoiK, To 

7li defer la, pay Tttpat lo, fidd to anolier'i opiaioit, 'iimim, fnt 
i/avaa/iMi. ''-»'■ ^ ^ . -. 

II, pert Att '' 

t <o, yidd ta ano&H 
'itdimm, c gen. Hon 

Soph. Eur. ; 'teffm, 
■wci, Ty T* tx^t* ■Ate' riiua, Enr. 


, N pi. [JuperC pan. of fyy, 

tHodefiud Umedf', (o ipeiii mluemimd^fimx, 

'teoXoylar jkrotltv^ aor. 1. ia^JMCo, c dat pen. Andoc 
0» ■•■•( dsfiarf, 'Ofwrrfcr and 'Vvrr^ c. dat Soph. Xen.; 

judicUly, or with argument, 'InvXoyrrrior, c. prep. Flat 
n« damdMt (inakwinit), d ^e^Tw.Eur.i i'lirotplriium, 

Aali|Aa. ; 6 miptiitnf, £ichin.; iyrWitos, PUt. Andoc 
7b la a di^eadaml, ffiym, c acc of the lawmit or indiclmenl 

(often DDdentood), e. gen, of the crime, Ar. Plat. Ly i. Lycnrg. ; 

'd7i>rf(s>iai, mid. coDttnuUon like friTf, alto c acc of ttie 

crime, Eur. Lyt. Dem. 
On* aMM< iutdei bt dtfrmlatt m, ■poifewcrte', c aoc of the pro- 

Kcndon, Dem. 
A daftmdar, 't^imn, spoi, j, Hom. ; 'UaAaofienit), ^ only 

in Dom. (epith. of HinerraXHon. ; ^irrj;^^!, i, Horn. fach. ; 

fut. -<!(• and -eify^aL, no perf. (^ibcIkw, Hom.) c dat or c. 

gen. pen., e. acc or c. infin. of the n " " ' 

Horn. Soph. Plat 
A»d joa d^ taUtevui 

SeeTbmpeet, To yield. 
Om «h< difir, L c pottpone, ttHrrimi. Plat 
Oh anrf JQ^, i.e. yield lo, hnurrJw, Soph. 

Sefbnooe, hfrpow^ Suph. 

A dsbnlsff, 'itUeKh, Thnc Flat See ZMor. 

DaflaSM, L e. challenge {%. v.), wpixKiiaa, hi, 4, Hdt Aniipho. 

D«fleinU7, 'triKet^a, HK, 1^ Thnc ; MXtofu, Thnc. ; Mew, 

Thuc Xen. Iioc ; lUUi/ifio, firoi, T^ Dem. 
Defldant, Mt4|t, ime eat. or c gen. of the thing in whidi, Omn. 

Att Hdt ; M14i, Plat ; itMwt,,, de re, Thuc Plat 
DcfldanUy, MtAf, compar. ivttwrtpHt and b^Ugrfo; c gen. 

Plat ; AriSevi, Plat 
7*0 fa rf^iant, ^AAefnt, tine cat. or c gen. of the thmg wanted, 

lometime* Sd ting, at Impen. c dat of the penon wanting, h. 

£ach. Thnc Plat ; 'SvoXdwK, Hdt Xen. ; felAetn, Ar. 

Thnc Xen. ; JkilnfiBi, pau. c. gen. of the thing in which, Thnc 

Xen.; unpera. tii, imperf. fiti, fut Mirtt, aor. t. Mita; no 

pei£, c gen. of the thing wanted, c dat or ■omedraes e. acc 

pen. Omn. Att, lometimei tin c dat of the penon, — if the 

ehonu were deficient in any thins, or if any thing were deficient 

to the choint, (f ti tiai rf X^>V> Aatipho, to Enr. ; wpaftti^ 

/br joa on wl a< ajf d^eiml in aal, TpaaniiSai -jiip «&Ur JXAel- 

«•», £icb. ; » Phit See 7b bnwmlimi. 
la daUa, faptaam, only tct, no perf. Horn.; alvx^rw, Hontt 

wi^Airam, Hom. Hec Ap. Rh.; fipa, Horn. Find. £ieh. Eni. 

Xen. ; fuofrw, aor. 1. iiiiara, Omn. ; Jtarii^uafng, Find. Flat ; 

^pdo, .£aeh.; 'iri4^, Enr. Hdt; XP^InS 1^. Piat{ 

fid^ofrw, aor. I. ifiJipirn, Soph. ; nSMrjliii, Soph. ; /labium, Ar. 

Itoc ; ffv^c^Mptv, Enr. ; Av^iobv^uu, mid., perf. paia. %4A^ 

li»aiim, 3d tinf. ^ki/Aorrai, in act tent., but aor. 1. patl. in 

^m. aent. Mtcb. Enr. Dem. See 7b palU*. 
To ({Qib{iuttani. ai traopi), ^afntptofuu, mid. Xml 
A deflla, imvul. ol. only in ji. Hom. ; ft^bi. Find. Eur. Xeo. ; 

afrx^ri 'ro>, i, Hdt ; artrinper, Thuc Xn. ; ntKii, in pi. 

D«Bbd, wpoiTponSu, or, jfitch. See PnUiOad. 

Dtfilimi Oe baitd, x'pof<AH)t, £ich. 

Defllanwnt, fiJairfia,ilTs>, Th,Tiag. Plat. Antipho, Dent ; a:ixlf, 
iSoi, J), Trag. Antipho. See FoOtiHeii. 

To daflu, ^Cwi alto -ofuu, mid., alto peif. paia. in act tent. Enr. 
Xen. Plat. Itoc Dem.; ><oplf«, iGieh. Ear. Bdu Plat Xen. 
Dem. ; 'i^iopiCm, Plat ; Sia^, aor. 3. titiXor, Eur. Hdt Pint 
Dem. ; SMcrer, only in aor. 2. with perf. tulpiiu, &nm >wH*, 
Flat Dem.; WfpiTpd^, Xen. Aiitt; tmStl-fu, not. 1. AiNn, 
perf^ put. -litofuu, Aritt 


7b dQtM bfUm, rpatepl^iiiMi, laid. Arut ; wftitta^Coiiai, Dem. 

To affia a d^uaUam la, JU a iifimtim tm, twiafeSrYiiaiuu, mid. e. 

•1*1. PhL 
Om mtut J^iif, tpirrier, PbL ; liofitritw, PUt ; «Ii« Duut de- 

Gd* beiida*, ■^•rfupwrto', Aritt. 
Batg to difitt, tUi^pirrM, ov, AruL 
AW to «■ lU^biitd in a <p«l, <i Ktyi/ tmipmn, Tbnc 
MUta, 'i*afWfiJ»i, IMnt Aii*t. 
m twe lowy rfgWto «mAm> ^ uAof b hruI aid vAat it jtl, 

A diAmltit- ' 

Tb-ph.; . .- 

Mov^ to a (IfliiitiH, 4pbK AiiM. 

tt dalowv, ^*^, Enr. ; nfttm, Eur. ; lifa^ifcn&t, Hdt. ; 

utrm^yiim, Ln. Dmi. 

BafiCTitj, aIox<> , 

Hdl, { rtrx(*Tt».Vw. ii. Pi«t. 
To 4*&mad, aW^tim, Hum,; t/rtfimim, snl^pni. and input 

Hto.; ^1|AJ«, Xwh. Bar. Ap. Rb. ; 'Imrrip^ c. gen. or c. 

■DC- ici, Tng. HdL Tknc Xoi. ; lAiniKtim, Eur, 
n ii ^nmdtd, iriUBHwrfafUH, paw., c M at gan. pan. c dU. 

of tbe aom, Xcn. Dem. 

7b S< i^^fiMiM Ittidm, wpmSnartpitiiiu, c gcD. Dam. 
A dafraallAg, 'AnuJAi), jGach, Ar.i dmi^iifia, Arei, rj, 

£ch. At. 
A d*&mvd«r, ^i|XirH)>. si, d. Ho. h. Tn^. ; immpifHtt, ov, J, 

PliL, fern. 'JbnM-npvrlr or -Vpl>, fSot, 4. AJ. See .J einf . 
To d«a«r, TfA^, fnt. -in, Horn. Pkid. Ar. PlM.. Dan. 

fachin.; A<«, fdt i^irw, peiC AbBm, Xoi. ; SiUJas Hdt. Sea 

IMUj, <i, Omu. ; hioT^MM, Han. Sea HU^ S^iU^. 

Dtftmot, vnqpkt, Omn. Sea /taut. 

To itttf, wfticSlJCfai, mid., onlj pm. and imperf. Horn, i ifMft- 

XJOfiai, mid., fdt. -^fioi, ■or. 1. often -*inril/u|r Iw -aird^iir, 

Horn. Hdt. Xen. See 7b aialla^. 
BogOBOn^, 4*01 I ti ayrrtt, Eur. 

Todogoaanta, x'ipi^ Y^y''F«^f>'t.r<i'4rorwi,Mr.2. ^TO'rfrnp', 

pert 7*i»™. Xen. 
B«(a>■nt^ '»rrtwrrij, PUt 
/■ a ifapawn rt inrif, 'iytrrSs, Enr. Plat. 
Aogradatioa, aErxa), Vb, Omn. ; '<t^ (b Horn. Tim.), [alio 

Thne. SMOit^nn, 
TOiogMJl^ 4ilrxinik OntB-i nArBurxirv, Omn. g 'Artiiiii, cap. 

of !^ demdMioD, Hdb Anliplio. Dem. JEtciiin. 
Pog li do d , in 1ml mam, 'Ar^m, Ljl Antipho. Dem. .£M:hin. 
Sigte*, i. e. nmk (q. t.), i(lav>a, Jh-or, tI, Enr. That 

7b «el a d^nt, mIt. tmiov, peat, rilinrov, Omn. 

T» «eiW a ^jrnM tfkmmXaUm a had esmi, ii olif rimtaiinrn 

Ifticr*, Thnc. 
7b <fiat a dtgrm qfditgraa jiM on hriigmg mt, il ji' 'dritiit 

tyn*, Sopt. 
7b tote arrieod at met a digne of imiplid^, «b TOirovrov titi. 

Mm a ^n Iiti pAu i. Dam. See ^loil, n Grtat, iov G»^ ate. 
J^ digntt, mr" M-ytr, Tbnc. Saa Gradmdlf. 
Sqortod, K*ri|fJti, a^ of tbe eoonleiwDca, Ham. Enr.; ao 

•Irn^f, Ear. Sea Ant 
7b Ud^adtd, M im fit^ DO p«£ Hom. Enr. ; kStIMfiA^ Xen. ; 

iHniiaafii, Xen. PIkL ; kAtWuIii, AriK. g kSti)^i^, ddI; prei. 

and imp«if, ApL Rh. 
Moetadlj, ax**B^i Xen. 

DtjMtiaa, afcit^nn, Hon. Tlinc. ; rtamrimt, ifm, 4, Xen. 
Om •nbi flaHN d^jaliM, ■ftrffin', oroi, in pL Hom, 
lo loUy, 'AnMa, Arirt. 
7b ii d^ltd, taiiiarlCtl"', paaa. Sopb. 
To Mgm, i{i^, Omn. An. 
Ddty, 9tit, Omn. ; laiiimr, amt, I, Oma. ; toi^ior, Enr. HdL 

Xan. Plat. See God. 
AujOaKg promdmg from lit Dtity, lavi^wi, a, or, and, t, oc. 


;^i< Kwra nul nato iaMTiiMitfn ^'Mt iMer, (I f4 " >>V«'(»' <% 

Xm. ; n Ar. Thne. See Diiimt. 
To dolay, act., Wxirim, onlj pm, Horn.; 'r^«, lilt; tfifyi, 

impof. tn7xi>», aor. S. frwxsr, no bo(. 1. nor part, no pat*. 

Hom. Soph. I nUm, Honu Pind. ; ^fiat, mid. opt ^Mittir, 

Hem. fdt pimftai and tf^Oaiiair, hot alio ^(iini^v, Horn., aot. 

9., 2d and 3d amg. ajnc (pva'a, ffwra (b)ki fp^o, Haa.}, Hon. 

Pbd. iHHtim, Pind. ; 0ftBirm, Mick. Soph. ; icanifrr', Enr. ( 

■lAyM, aor. 2. StfrySeftr, Thoc Dam. ; iicKfcim, Dem. 
7b dsfay (ai conlmy viodi delaj (Bilon), 'AnXofiCiv*, taU 

-A^HvfWi ■AI'' S. -«XaM^i|v, aor. 1, paab -eM^kAlf, HdU 

7b diloji, intiana. IirMni, no part Hom. Ap. Rh. ; t«x<vil*f«S 

nid., only pn*. and import Hom.; /Aiirimjio pert Horn. £ach,i 

Ar^X", Horn. £«:L Soph.Hdt Antipho. Cochin.; i^iim, Horn. 

^ jkWm, Omn.; IwrpMig, Hom. Ar. Xen. Dem. ; fipSttm, 

.. >i^-fi^ al» pna. paaa. in paia, icnae, 

ChuL Att ; OTiB^^, jEach. Ear. ; laemrx^^V'i Soph. ; 

XfoKfw, .£ach. Eni. HdL Thne.; iyxP^C"., Thi>& AriiL; 

Ii^itiUUa, Thae. ; MJhfitm, Thne. ; PiaL Dem. ; hruOirt, 

liiim, Xen. I bnfUMMiM, mid., often e. part HdL Plat. 

Xeo. ; 'MIAdfiai, mid., c. aor. 2. act ir&iiy, ai if from -lip, 

and p«>f. 'irUAin, iomotimoa c iofin. Ar. Dem. ; ttitfvt- 

Ofuti, mid, Dem. ; x^ovvrpEf ^ AriaL 

73a< / aujr lal dabf eommg to (kt fwnt, Ira fri) . . . rov mfimt 

ifUDniv iatpoiffw. Dam. 
7b ht (Majerf, fiiX^^iai, paai., onlj ptei . Xen. 
7b bt dtl-md Ua temttr, i(m«e^rai (aw. 1. paii. infin. ot '{«- 

Hi) if Ipf ^r x«fw^ ThiM. 
Om mW daJay. fuUtr^, Enr. inr^ria*, PUt laoe. 
Balmy, 'JMAVt, mf, 4, Horn. ; farai, Omn. ; '«*d«a\j), poet 

. ..Thnc; 'inftAM, Hdt; Ar*«»*, 

Thne.) (i7Epsvr(i, eot, 4, Dem.; xfiroi, Dem.) J^iCahlq, 

7U i> M taw/br lUajT, abc Opaf M*. Enr- i **X ^V" '^^^i 

^/iar s liorf liabji, B»Ub J> fipaxV xp'""' fur^. Enr. 
.^H i^iaatiimfiir dtlof {in law pmcedinp), 'bwmfiorla. Dam. 
TV walB OfpttaltM firMof, '6riiirliuu, mid. lenaea from ifii-, 

hftism, Don. 

mOoaJ iWaj, twifiimn, Hon. ; 'JWJur, «»eL 
/will tMf^ ]« »tfaM( i<<2ah afar h ifiiatJit tifryrH,gi y, 

^brderatmfi&auBtlB^a/'iMKaKJanaHinyiHiriDWg nOoul 

(May, ♦awiTip ot fUcpoS xP^m* '■(>'•* "A**^, T^oimBp bA 

N/uui niMdlfuitTa, Soph. 
To aim at dtby, it rpltis iJtaint, all lauea &om bdm, lAimt, 

Dtlayb^, afitr ddag, aamtimg dehf, Jfinai, a, or, and ai, an, 

Hom. .£Kh. Eny. 
DtlofH^, iar^i, Pind. Thne. Dam. Sea Stsw. 
A doUyar, pAAiHH, eB, i, That 
-MaotlAU, Mf>1*4i, Horn. £ael 

Xui. Plat! *»!, ^CfAL, 4Ib(l 

act. often 4Ma (or Vhr Horn., Omn. Bee PfauoA 
DaloeUtion, *>•», rb, only in nom, Onm. ; ripfu, mb, ^h He*. 

Omn. Alt Sea Pltamr*. 
To ddonto (an offica or a charge), AriorJUji, jGoch. Ar. ; hrt- 

rptn, HdL Xen.(aee 7b mtnal): (ambaMdon), Wfcn, no 

pert, act Omn. See 7b tad. 
A dologmto (aeBt to a conndl on behalf of olhen), ipMMAot, 

Mich. Ar. HdL ; ovrypiffii, Thac 
DoIomtOd, ^Tfionuf (power), HdL 
IMotoriou, AilTpbr, Horn. Pind. Soph. Ear. ; fiXMtfis, Ha. h, 

Xan. ; i\Upiat, a, or, and ei, ar, Bmetimei c gen. Omn. poet 

PUL Set Injanaa. 
To ddlbtnto, f>Tr<<i>S wd -ofioi, mid., mly prea. and imp«(£, 



TU «n»I J.yi»». «"5*'X" "P"tOx»I, Ear 

iJ«», orv™-*' o/d*/^ ^^"^ "ii;^ ; 

^ ^««. q/^d9!™«, •ili^'Vw. ?'*'•., 

^«ii. Thue. Den. i 'itP"""' "• *=- B*"' "^ 
enemy. Soph. Eur. See t/iwrmrf. , 

%e^J*.«.^ «r. 2 -*,., M if from -^fr,^^ - 
Teen, or c. dM. Horn. ; »«pi<Xii*«a, ""O- '■'■'■ 

mid. (», but wmetime, u ; Lidd. and Sc. ...> 

fut. ipfcr.^ poet *pw<-*u« «.d •'j;;''';^:'- ■ 

t »«. « c. dai. Horn. M.; V*'*T"' '"■ 
withMl ^.gment, Horn. P-^i-' *^"',:' 
imperf. Horn., Hom. Pind. Soph. Eur., " 

t wA md dW., or e. "pl^o K™- ""' 
J, Houi. Soph. Hd.- Ttvi^ X'"; "M'- 
wr 2. poet. »1» V****"' ""^ "''f'' '' "^ 
.MDiT. either often oodentood, ■!» c >:■ 
.. «^ md geu, m mid. «in «;t- «"d -,■ 
„ir, Hom. Soph. Eur. Thuc Xen.; ^^c,, 

put. Ly.. DT ■ ■• *^^^^C U" 

^d.V««.2. Kt.Soph. EOT. Hd. 1 

imperf.-fc«'. t"'--*'^*^y™' 
nie eiMpt in V^ ""* ""P^' "■.'"". 
mid., tMr.2. Kt, e. g«>. Soph, .v- 
mid?, ruL -A4+ot«u, "or. 2.^^*6;^^^ 
To deffd if v*"*"? /**■ ^" ■'' 
»irlp and gen. perB. e. «Io. oi the c ,,.. . 
alleged in defence, alio e. ^pi' "i", ;■■ 
Thuc Xen.; 'lhHp««A<rH''f^ ""''- 

'Cir(pain«ii&ot«u, niid, tgeiL At.; ' 

the m<.M*r .lleged in defence, Ib^. 
To defrmi o«.rf/, ■*»'^n: ■" 

*pir mod ««. Soph. ; i^Sft>-lf<- ' 
To il^aui auMiV'jiidiciaar, etc. Atd' 

aec/of the .huge, Hdt. Thue. ; i"" 
To d^twi c-Mit{»'« (» pl"")' '"""■' 

the conrt, ^Khin. 
Tojom or A«^ m ii?/fe«i«W, iTv^'*J" 

To .f^Anl OM»eif prwwftnWy, t*/""- f- 

jodkWly, or with m 
Ike dafndft&t (in - 

Aniipho. ; i KiKpitttm^ 
To k a MimdamI, ^■ 

(often BndentAod >. 




■■". in art. una. only in piw. unperf. fiit. md ■n'. 1. t gm. 

Kiir.; HH-^lruu, impert. -hir tad -Imr, tai.l.-vf, Ep. 

-w«, c. |;en. Sopb. ; imuniflt^ Enr. ; ipiiiiim, c |ea. Eur. 

\-i^, j£Kh. ; Ifi^ku^, am. 2. -ibum, Dcm. 
- .••"-(aapenb orui opinioa}, 'AnMimfu, Hdt. ; KoHi^", 

y (i lalMr, etc), MJO^u, aor. 1. -Omn, pcif. {»■. 
■u, cic (uimIiIki ofBipcech), Omn. AtL pme ; 'dnli- 
iIpuc. Dem.; 'tei^p«, fat. ^inji«, kit. 1. -<Wt«^ 
>]i'(7Kar, Don. 
'"'>... into Ue Jkmb ^ PiatfiM, 4 Mr ^ ... lUr«v 
. .r^i AU*. Horn. 

' OiWnfl aaiJ Mofa ilfim, KJpu«gr &n«^ fasBtilai, 

r (u ■ rnkdwile), ^x'^i B"*- '• liafiofuu, raid., ilw m 
[ ()» infiuit, Plat, j ;iniitff|ini, mid. e. tec of the m&nt 
'■"■«'. hu fiaimirvT-g Ekom hii own eoDJectiue), Call. 

'.. .Wmr, ovirirACr, Enr. Ar. Thne. PI»L Ink. 
' — 'i^ to fa lUnwwf, 'AnXA^t^ ml; in pnm. Thne. 

■It-tiBer, hbaut, a, or, wid «, w. Find. Pht. ; XWlifiai, a, 
■ Hid oi, or, e. guu of tlw aril, oDca c. ace Ti^. ; itkir^fiai, 
- .(.h. ; ffwrtjpwi, or. Trig. Thae. Xm. Plat, 
• oeliiertr, (roHtp, ^po>, 4, Oan. poat Hool ; fern. Mrriipa, 
■■wo. tur. Ar. Hdt Plat, hjaxtg. \ WHjp, qpat, i, £Kb. Eor.j 
•roAiT^, .ijch.! ^f»,JEtA.i m^, am>,d, jGash. Ear.; 
*wf, ivoi, a, Soph. 

.vetiuue, A.4<ru, m, 4, Hem. Tbeoiin. Soph, Ew. Hdt. Plat 
.. .... ; Uxien, Trag. j 'drAl^Gvu, Soph. ; 'tmrntA^fy, Traf. 

.w~ Dru. ; JKADrApiiir, Ear. ; ownipla, Omo. AH. Hdt. 

:ver7 (nf s woman in childbirth), Tima, Uom. Soph. Enr. 
.a:,; ^tvaa, MR, ii. Plat.! Towrir, Ariat 

■lelinrf (or moda uf qxaking) y« ardor, >ib«Tai, ^ 

', lirtry o/"o« aetur, Wnplni, mm, #, AriiU 
' ' lAtr He timt n/ddmry, radm, Cntin. 
..air (a woman) ta far dtUttry, \6aiimrot, or (epith. of 
":hyia), Tbaoc. ; Imbriiai, or. Poet. f. Plat,; nnrV^t 
' ■-ntp a good dtUeery (aM aoaetor), or nUid Jbr JtHvery (wm a 
r"peh), AwMV^Iirii, AriM. 
' doU, Ktooi, ri, HOM. Eur. Hdt. Xan. ; ^4<">'<i, Oui. poaL 
\.-D. ; r««i, Omn. post. Hdt. Plat 
'"« <M1, rlnw. Soph. Ear. 
Deloa, AqAot, 4, Hob. , •Ofrrtyia, Him. 
■ ••' Dtiii*, AltXut, Xtn,, {em. AqX^t, lUn, 4, h. 
/fr^artd al, Ww (K iWo>, <Cyrt7io>, Soph. 
Dalphl, niM, 4, Hom. Hei. Find. Enr. Hdt.; IIvMr, Sroi, i), 
Horn. Hei. Sinun. Piod. Soph. Cali. ; A4Afai, al, h. Find. Xan. 
7V, DrItM, niSiSt, Hon. Soph. 
f Vo. niJpki, nMwMer or ^fc, Tyrt Find. 
Dalphiut, nMiM, h. Find. Soph. Eur. Xan. Dom.; niWati, 
Tiai;. I A^Kfttm (onjj maae. h.), in ftm. &«A^i, fSoi, 4, Find. 
Soph. Ear. ; AiA^i, Soph. £Bt. Udt. Xan. ; Ae\fiicb, S(^ 

DtHtrnil al D^pU (ic ondea, etc), niMxiiiprTM, or, ^ach. 
^loitn efm a IM^iUim cmeU, UittjifltFnit, Xick. ; IIuMnf- 

T«, or, Enr. 
Comfirmtd hp Ot DifyMaii Oai, OMnf^rt, or, .£aeh. 
Prvplia^^ al Difyki, nttifinTi, (epiih. of ApoUo). jEieh. (of 
■■■- -'-^-~ -here the ondaa were dJiveredX Soph. 

prrf. act bat perf. pau. etc, aor. 2. paM. 
I'. 4>p4yiir, etc), or in pert paa. c gen. 
>[.'n, 1 'AiriniM, Hob. Soph. Ear. That 
-iX46f«iuu, aor. S. '^Mtim, am. nnc 
-"'^p'x*, f"t- -«f*Hn»i^ aor. X -«pd. 
u. ; ifiijc&yvf^ onl; prec and imperl 

PIblImc. ' 

Alttate. < 

-. Pind. EoT. Hdt Thne Xen. Plat 

Soph. 1 'b^ OmL Sea Dteta. 

■ .ny, Hon.; iti^nitat, eii,\. Enr.; ^ 


Thae. Xi 

. S<ViJty«Ttr (not aiwtr* in a had aaaaa). Ail 
L Lji. Inc. ; ti|faiirtoi)»(, Ar. ; 1 BwuA«Y£>it, Pkl. 
^o damagogae, SiyJkjwTk, Ar. Aiiat 
•oia^fD, mflarf to a rf oaiMnniw, ti(R*)i*r)nUi, Aijat.; 
Tb te a gbak^^opHV >iwiA)w]i4«, aonetimea c ace of tba peeple, 
Ar. Xan. laoc Aiiat 
A dam ami, or a demanding, making a demand, Aiiaa, hm, 4, 
Hdt Thue. AntiphoL ; tltniiM, Aroi, rl. Plat ; Siiaiitaa tmt, 4, 
Thae; i&im, mm, 4, Thuc .£aeUn.; Mrtrnia, Uroi, ri, 

Fund ofmaUng dtmcrndt, aSrrrraihi, Ariat 

To dem and I oIt^, Omn.; ^orr^ Soph. Ear. Hdt. Antipho.] 

Hiiti, e. gen. Di c infin. Enr. Thae Xen. Dem. ; UjmSipm. 

mid. £ich. ; Sluaiim, Thne. ; KiXtim, e. aee. and aspt and gas. 

para. Dem. ; bvnrifoir, only in aor. 1 . mid. Archil Ap. Rh. 
To dtaaad (an oath to ha taken, or an aaonst to be rendered), 

'ftnXo/iC^ fnt. -xlitfeiM, part -«Uq^ aor. 3. -iiMar, no 

otha teniei, DeaiL .XBhin. 
To dnHamt (monej doe from a creditor), lyKSXiii, (dt -KoAJm, 

C-K^icAVBh c acc of the tarn, dat pen. Xo. Lya. laoc 

To demand btridtt, wpatarrim. Find. Xech. Ear. Hdt XiL 

7^ ill f ioab, 'inurf^ii, ^j pn*. Horn. ; 'tmairim, c gas. 

acc, alM ^tan ilmpty "to dHuod," Omo. Att Hdt. 

mcAiur/ioi, Thuc ; ^m*rim. 

partj, Tfanc ; imfi^ Thoc 
7b dewurf Mora, to riv ia oao'i d»m 
Damaadad, airqrht. Soph. 
Out «tf demand, iiIrirT&r, Xan, 
To dOMU (ooeadf), avjsMlivu Jfuwrhr (aor. 1. -4a, ioparil. 

-V and -lour) Flat 
Damaaaonr, -rpima, Omn. poat Hon. See BAamaur, Maumtn. 
Damaatad, tmiiti^tt Tiag. Hdt; OaaCUftf, Udt Soa Mad^ 

Damoit, 'dntta, Zeno f, Diog. L. 
A taiiitel, 4f>*«». Onn. 
Itami**, AMtsi, Omn. Sea Didi. 

Omn. Att pRiae ; Iron^Jm, Thue> 


na doManaj, i Svut, Hdt Thuc ; ri rK^tot, Hdt Lye 

A/oBomnr ijfdamacraq, SihiotIiAi, Ar. Thae. 

.d inter a^dtmacracf, >ua^ti|fu(, Ar. laoc Andoc ; tha gnatart 
halar of dennoaiy of all mea, iiirtthut^arot wdcniv, Xan. 

H^rtd ^demod'oaf, uliratnim, Lja. Aodoc 

Jh Um muter a dematrmf, Si|^a«pJM«^uu, poa. Ar. Omn. Att 

TbraioBiata Otpia^eaf iiOeir gmenmait JfrnoaaUet rlrot 
aXiamj ; 4 Mfiiuinw xpd^tt t Eur. 

A daanNnt, "TraMfibAi '&V> Plat 

Damooatfe, InfuiqiArurti, Ar. Plat Lyi. 

Dtmoeralii)^ bmhtimm, ivMfma '«>^X<^ -^aeh. 

Ta Aamollah, '«^>i«*n>, no pof ., no paia. Hoai. £Kh. Thaoc ; 
&IiiT^,noperf., nopaii.Onni.paet.; 'Uilnt(W,fat -{■.BaparC, 
no piM. Hom. fich. ; ifa\ea4(i, Horn. Theec | witOm, no perf., 
aor. 3. lirpUor, poet iufin. (not Att) upMiir, SvL mid. wifaa- 
^uu in pan. ten*., uid aor. I. mid. infiu. tjae. tlftai in poa. 
■eni. Hom.,Omn. poet; Jirr^pAi^ Horn. £ach. Eur. Flat; n^ 
M>,Omn.;><<^H^ Hom. .£«di. Ap. Rh.; irMufAs aor. Z 
nrfaiAor, Omn.; JfUcf^ jEach. Enr. Hdt Thae; SioipA^ 
Thuc Xen. Lyi. 

TaaidvidtmiiiJaiig,wicrtfUm, Eui. 

7b demalitk al Uu mbh tnM, eviiwifit, Eur. 

7b doBoU boMo, hurOSav^ Thne See 7i> deriny. 

Ow nrf demalM, KiSaifrrior, Tboc 

To ia, utol e^ 111) la, or maM la, ifawa fi atai, «Uiivari«>, Tbae. 

Danolitinn, iMtipeva, mm, 4, Thuc Xeo. laoc Dent 

Bwwliihad, torai. or, and ta '" ' "~ 

irrlTM, ar, Enr. Hdt Thoc 


na put. Hom. Ap. Hh. ; 'iyopieiiai, mid. Ham. Hdt. ; 0nAf^, 
Omn. ; xPQH'T'(°>t Ar. Dcm. ^Bchtn. ; tiWotuU^isfiu, mjd. 
Tbue. PliL Andoc ; irpoCmA*^, Thuc 
To deUimili aar^iilfy,migk tit mattir om all iida,iii^pfiC'l''''< 
mid. Mom. 
7b deliieratt Itgitier, nf^irriJafiai, mid. Horn. ; nyifviiAfdo/uu, 
mid. At. Xen. ; invaAiryfcpal, mid., c {riuperf. paji. ' 
Hdt. TbDC. Xen. Dcm. ; ■ovoCnA/v, Xen. 

■ iiaelitr, ovyidtSTifiai, impnf. ffi 

lM^>iai, fiit. rv^irUtlMfHU, PlmL 
_ „ ... kwiiv vAM-i Myw, Hdt. 

]Mlbent«, (iA^irru, «v, AiuL; ol an action or intantion, 

DtlilMint^, irniiiiirtu, Dem.; ^rfwXMfJiwF, D«ra.; iri 
Ti^/mt, .eacti. ; ^ jfi^Tw jf)«^ Ti k' i{ ^1 ^rii, Sofb. 
Out tola doM a tM»g dttibentthf, ^wAtvr^i, vS, d, c gtn. 

JVbt done i&JAenitt^, iafaaifHrm, or, AriM. 

Om irm< dtliitrttte, pouXnirtmi and tfavXnrr^ Sofk. Tbnc 
DeUbnattm, ^auAJr, Onm. Att. Hdt.; tv^, Sopb. Tboe. ; 

^rrurpit, Eur. Thnt X.n. PUti xiyot. Soph. HdL Xml 

PIsL; 'SrSXryuriiis, Time.; mU^fwyite, Pht.; SiAX«7i>')iti, 
Plot. JEKhm. ; ^Xfifio, arss, tIi, Xoa. ; ^sdAnrit, ««, 4, 

JMiiovliM, i.e. habiU of delibantioo, ttKoyurrla, Plm. See 

IMlb«>th«, BovhnrJ^, Plmt 
IMlsaOj, ilportni, Sapph. Eur. ; 'Up^i, vrof, i), Find. Eur. 

X*>M), ^Kh. Ev. Hdt. Plat.; rpCti Em- At. Xea. Plat.| 

'iniKims, qru. 4, Pl>t Xon. 
.^ dtluaey, or dtlieatt onmtmt, rtptifdnifai, ftni, t^ .Alaii. 
Dduaeia <to eit), dl^fa, to, Hon. 
IMImU, 'bdAii, Ham. iGKh. Eur. Xen. Plit. ; -riptir, riptm, 

'riptVj compar. TtfwSrupoj, Omn. poet. ; AyAoa^q^^i, Pind. ; 

'tewiMui, JEvh. ; 'iX/As, t, ir, and it, iv, in in; iaDir, Soph. 

Em. ; rpt^pk, Euc. Ar. Thoc. 
JMemU *• panoL 'IrlAjj^wof, w, eootr. -ovt, -osr, ain witb 

img. gsn. lmA^(fMt, dat. imAixfol, Hei, li. Eur. ; 'JMA^ 

ff»^«t, o», Hipp. 
Ddiaatt (ai a Toiee), Aetpi^iu, Ham. Hei. ; AdpuH, or, Ap. Rh. 
Dalieaf (np. of any thing worcn, any gannent. bnt also af Toiee, 

aonnd of a pipe, and even of appearance of man, alw of the Kn>e 

of amell), X«rrit, Hom. Hea. So|di. Ear. Ar. Tbiux Xni. PUt; 

XtrrSxiot, Hom. Ap. Rh. Call. 
Lirmg deHcaUlj. 'StpMatm, a*. JE»A. Thnc. 
Ddaata ■ Wtt, 'oKpov^bllt. Plat 
Dtlieatt (nnahle to biu coldf, tviX'^Mfut, w, AriM. 
DUloatdT, 'aSpSi, Anac. Eur. ; 'Mp&r, Ear. ; rpO^Mfir, Ar. ; 

Tfiu^pSt, Arial, ; irrfai w ioraci, Tfwoe. 
7i> 1>'» ddiailii^ and to Mwd dttietUlf. X*^^ f"^ -^Kh. 

Ear. Ar. ; T^G^da^ Enr. Ar. PlaL I>oc ; 'SSfimiuu, paai. 

7b Mab Mkale, to frnot (MieaM^ '"fp^t >"> pa£ £k1i.i 'tod- 

\bv, no perf. Xen. Hipp. 
Dalidou, fwXn|lN|i, Hum. Piikd. Atcn.; yMiicbi, compar. ■f*.o- 

Kltrfpsi and 7\i«(anr (I Hom., i Att.), anperl. 7A.lSir6T^ai and 

7AiiiivT0t, Omn. Sea Ai)«<. 
Dalleunuly, ifiiui, Soph. Eur. Xen. Piat. 
Dalight, 4Sdi, rk, only in nran. and ace Hum. ; -nfmiXii, Horn. 

Tbeogn. Archil. ; X^J'^ iroi, ri, Onm. poet. ; ytiScatni, Horn. 

h. Ap. Rb. ; tt fpii r vni, Omn. poet. Xen. ; jm"^i ^"ft XB. 

Xifir and x4p^ 4, Find. Soph. Eur. Ar. PlaL ; r^ir, Mf, 

4, HeL Pind. Onm. Att. ; X*fk Tng- Ar. Xen. Plat. ; ^twj), 

Omn. Att. Hdt ; XiVf^f Soph. Eur. Xen. Pbt ; Infra, eai 


To Idlgkt, itetabv, no perC, ne pua. Hom. ; 'tpm, only in aor. ). 
Sd ling, tpipr, 0. ace (or c tr,mir ^ftalr itur, Horn.), Horn. 
Soph. ; Mara, imperf. tpterer, and Horn. Hrtamr, aor. 3. 
Ui«f, rfotur Horn., 'dSof b., U<1> infin. Soph., U^ lairt 
Find, laretj if aver aaed in any other tenee, c. dat. Hom. Pind. 
Soph. Eur. Hdt. Phit. ; Miiiiiiai, mid. AJith.;- V^tkh, pru. 
impeif. and aor. ]., both act. and mid., iftaa, tiptffiiiifr, pact. 


4p«ra^il>', aor. 1. paaa. ipfoStliir, in aeL teni^ no oilier tenaea 

flit. mid. naed once in Honu, though not qoits in thia iiinaa 
(Tbuc. utet alM pre*, pau. to be pleued), c. dat. or t ace. Onm.; 
fi^ f oi m , alio ilp. Hum., poet. fuL ivfpiiiim, Horn., no pei£ 
act or pan. but aor. 1. pau. tb^pirttir in poa. aaiu. Omn. ; 
r4fwti (Hom. hai beiidee aor. 1. and aor. 2. paaa. alio aor. 1. 
mid. and aor. 2. tadupL rtre^6iaif in paet. aena.), Omn.; 
IoIh, only prei. and aor. 1. act and paag. Horn. Pind. g s^M- 
T^pm, Hom. ; twrfh^u, Att fat hvrXoU, Ar. ; drrO^t- 
tiniuu, mid., fht -Kii^oiuu, aor. 2. -ttMiiair, e. gen. Plat 
7b dtli^ (intiana.j n a lUwg, tba paiaite Toice of moit of the 
preceding voffai and 'ifriMsiHU, onij pna. and impert e. dat., 
in pnae alas c. M and dat. Hom. Hea. Tbne. Xmi. Dsn.j 
yiftfai, not naed in prei., except that .£ich. bai pt«a. fart fsni. 
ytfiair^ ffiml, bnt in fat act aor. 1, act and mid. and fat 
Y^)t)Aa in prei. aena. (peif. the only tenae mad in Att., with tlis 
ahore-mentioned eioeptian), Horn. Pind. Tn^ Dcm. 
' poet Tdn-Cfuu Eur.), only prea. and Ep^ fnt in' 

Andoc. (poet infin. Ktxl'vn'ili'*, Horn.) ; imxW"i pvt. 

KtxSfHftia, only in Hdt (nxiftibi, Horn.), mid. fiit. nxVi- 

OBiuu, aor. 1. fxapituVt And ■<>'• 3. taj^ifiiair, only in Horn., 

paaa. perf. Ktx<W>"^ °^ ■" F«t K*xi^^"'i l>. Ear., and 

KivapiiBi, Eur. Ap. Rb., plupeif. 3d fi. ■[•x^'n'O, h„ aor. 2. 

^Opiiv, Ham. Eur. Xen. (Tiag., except in the BlwT»aienti(Kiad 

initancea, nae only prea.), c. dM. tti or t peep. Oam. ; fit^fii, 

only pre*, e. dat rei, Ar. 

7b bt dttigUtd i^lar, iitrS^ipwoiAai, c. dat Horn. 
7b ba deHgUtd Ml mm, irpoitnT^pinviai, Ar. 
Aitd he taaidtligUai, Toib I) iapht ifj^iaa T^tor&^a-v, Ap. Rb. 

See 71>;)biw. 7brtfau>i. 
Delighted, yritiirtiraT, c dat of the cauae, Hom. ; iefuyt, Htot 

Tng. Hdt. Tbnc Xen. ; fnilpii. Ear. Dem. 
Emedim^f d^Utd, ttfixm^, S^t Hdt Tbnc Plat. See 

Deli^tedlr, icriaUt, Hom. £ach. ; io'>i^nif, Omn. Att See 

Dallg^tfnl, AuiiofAit, Hom. ; fitXlfifwr, oral, ^ «al 4. Hem. Hea. 

Pind.; FuXt««)i, Horn. Pind. Alec; ^orvii, Horn. SimoB.; 

Trpavlt, with alao irr^. auperl. Tfywmrrat C^L, Omn. poot 

Horn. ; iiV^ita, Pind. ; th-tpirift, Pind. ; laiJrfitl^t, Pind. i 

yXiiAeuiun, ot>, Ar. See PItiuaM. 
DallgUfolly, skfoifn, Horn. ; rapnut, Tbeogn. Soph. 

To dalinoate, vtfiy^im, At. Ann. See 7b lUck 

Dallnqnanoy, TAOni, Eur.; oftEAfw, &tbi, T^ Eur. Plat ; rKiffi- 
lU^Ho, Plat See Error. 

A dallnqnent, 'ihifrqi, ov, 6, Horn. Ap Rh. 

Delirlani, ffoiriiAt, Hipp.; fpn>iTiu>i, Hipp. 

DaUrinm, l^trhu, iZot, 4, Hipp. 

To deliver (from anger, etc.), ifWiuv, mid. (ti, but aontetime* v ; 
Lmn. and Sc, «y only molri gtatii), hit ipiavfim, poet ipiv- 
raiiai, na. I. tIfCiritair, poet (Ifwffo'd^iqr, alaa aor. 2. mid. 
>ync not in lit penon but 2d aing. (pvro, 3d IpvTe, alao peif. 
paaa. (^xifUH, inGn. fpiwfloi, pluperf. elpAfinv, in act aena. Ham.; 
Kia (G, but aometimea <> in arai, that i> in the lint lyllabia of a 
dactyl or the laat of an iambic, in tbe compounda S\ fnt \t(rm, 
pert A^CiEii, etc Omn. ; 'irl*.iu, poet iM.-ia, Ham. ; 'IhnXio- 
Itai, mid. Hom. ; i(aya^,im, Horn. ; i*\ii^ c. gen. (once c dat. 
S<f h.), Horn. Tng. Xen. ; ^i^^ldu, mid., poet imperil ^wt^"!*! 
aor. 1. if^tMtitair, aor. 2. aync .Id lii^. Ipcro and v^vro, pL 
^BTD, iafin. ^CffiSoi {t oaually in prea. but alao i in arai, opt 3d 
aii^. ^Mira, ii fat and aoi^ 1. thoagh Hran. hai alio /MJo-Jft^r, 
?inlpin-o), Hom. Piod. Tiag. Hdt; muJw, in ptea. only in 3d 
aing. 3d pi. and 2d iing. imper. o-ilav and rd«, and 3d aing. 
imperf. irui, alio in Ibt, aor. ]., fut mid., and aor. 1. paaa. Hom. 
fa. Tyrt Tbeogn. Call. ; aim, only in lit ting, and 2d pi. and 
part and poet impeifi Dii«nior, and prea. mid. in£a., alao poet. 
Bubj. til, Horn. Ap. Rb. ; aAiu (only prea. Horn.), pert paaa. 
irivttafiaiy aor. 1. iiri^v^ etc etc. c- prep, and gen. but aome.- 
limea c gaL, oaoe c. infin. (" vho aaia you from dying," ai w- 
■r^awriv Aarta), Eur, ; 'draXAda-ffot, c sen. or c prep. Omn. ; 
ifjitalAimn, Soph. Eur. HdL ; 'tawiij*, e. gen. Soph. ; 'a- 
iniitifTaf,. Hdt Phit ; iroKim, Eur. HdtTbnb Xen.; fuMir- 


TWu, in ttL Mni. <ml]r in pro. impetf. flit, and mv. 
Soph. Enr. ; 4d^i»u, inperf. -Iv mi -4am, nr. 1 . 
-^qvo, c gon. Soph. ; iiroKiiu^^K, Eur. ; fyiHii^, c 

7b iriRHT (a •peach oi ao opiniim), 'teoManfH, Udt ; Katfii/u, 

7b deSeer (a IttWr, sic), daiOM^, aor. 1. -Awn, parf. laa. 

->Aafuu,eic(nHdaluof«ipecch), ORin.AR.pnMa; Vbnli- 

1-ru, ThBC Dan.; •bn^i/m, fat. -ol<nv>a<, an. 1. -V*m, 

BUT. 2. -V)*M<, Dem. 
l/Iddmt ...itladitiamUtf PrntOau, ^ ta iyi, . . . Uirt^ 

ir x'ipt'fi fiifJi, Ham. 
To Mher OorMk ami wmia il/rae, K^ivfcr iKfMpar Inli^ 

7b deSaer (ai a midirifs), Aax*^! £ar, ; /loiriafiai, mid., aW m 

paH. d( the infant, Plat ; /wiJjjiai, mid. c ace af ihs infint 

(Blomf. haa /lairia-^n from hii own eaujeetan). Call. 
Ihiefyilo ddmr, niairiiu. Ear. Ar. That Plat Ii». 
Tb wfri to k <ie£iMrsd, '«lrBUat•^ only in pm. Thne. 
Atb la dtlmr, ^ni, ■, w, and of, ar, Pind. PhU. ; A^pu*, a, 

w, and «,«•, e. gen. of the till, once c ace. Tng. j /KXDr^put, 

w. Soph. ) virrifm, ar. Tug. Thoc. Xcn. Plat 
A Umnr, nmfp, ^pM, J, Omn. pan Hom. ; fem. irvriipB, 

Pind. Ear. Ar. Hdt Plat Lycnig.; \»r^, ^f, J. «Kh. Ear.; 

'i>«M>rV,.£*ch.(^mi,iGaeh.; w^, Srsi, Jv .Xaoh. £u.; 

mAr, ■»(, A, Soph. 
SalireniiM, xtff.i, h», A, Hnn. Thaoipi. So^ Eur. Hdt Plat 

Don.; liXOirii, Tiag. ; 'irixicit, 9oph. ; 'tnUKyl), Tiag. 

Thnt. DcB. J JicAirn^iov, Ear. ; «rrV«, Omn. Alt Hdt 
IMlTCIT (of a woman in childbirth), t^i, Horn. Soph. Ear. 

Hdt ; /4aff«rii, mh, i. Plat i TOKtrif, Ariat 
lie dalitmj (or mode of ipeaking) ^aa ondor, l^uru, i/. 

Tie dtlivtry a/am odor, Witftfit, wmt, 4, AriM. 

7b U near dg (iau n/'dEbwj^ todIk, Cnuin. 

^^^V (■ wonui) ta itr <U>wfy, A»rl^»H, «r (epilfa. U 

llithjia), Theoc ; jwtrdni, so. Poet ap. Plut ; Kritipat, 

Haviag a ^nif dettwy (ai an actor}, or niUad far dttnerg (ai a 

ipcfdi), frnapirlkif, Aiiit 
A d«ll, Srasi, Ti, HOhL Eur. Bdt XaD.;^^ra, Onn. pott 

Xoi. ; ribni, Omn. poet Hdt Pkt 
«■«. AiH riwttin. Soph. Eni. 
Ddaa, AJfAw, 4, Hon. ; X)pri>yla, Hom. 
0/Dtlot, AltAiM, Xan.. ran. AqXiii, iStt, 4. b. 
Httunrtd at, iors af Moi, '<V^V»', 3oph. 
0«4^ niM, 4, Horn. Hei. Pind. Ear. Hdt ; Hiiate, am. «, 

Horn. Het. Simon. Pind. Soph. Call. ; AiX^ tL, h. Pind. Xen. 
To i>tJp«i, nM^li, Horn. Soph. 
JVoea £^DU, n iJ W rf fay or -Se, Tjrt Pind. 
MpUaB, IIMhi, h. Pind. Soph. Eur. Xen. Dem. ; HHKiitn, 

Tnf . : AaAfAwi (only nMac h.>, in fhm. A<A^ Am, 4, Pind. 

SopL Eur.; AOkfli, Soph. Eot. Hdt Xsn.; AeXficii, So^ 

Gn^lfrwaJ hf tU Dtfyiiai Ood, nvMcpvrei, ar, j^Kb. 
iVop l eyiy of £U^ OMfMrra (cpitb. of ApoDo}, jEach. (of 

the ihiiiw whan the ancle* wen deliTcred), Soph. 
Tb Uvi«, jO^iaTB, no peri act bat peif. pau. etc., aor. % paM. 

MaAit, oflan c ace (ic. fftrat, etc), oi in petf. paa. c tan. 

{k. rdoo), Hoat Tbeogn. ; 'SMtriM, Hom. Sopti. Enr. Tboc 

Xan. ; 'Ca^pxefuu, fut -t^tistitUi, aor. 3. -4i>Mar, nan. mc. 

-4A4or, Soph. Ear. ; '(mnptxt, fnt. -4pjUo^<u> *"*■ 2. J^pil 

^•r. Ear. Plat, .flechin. ) ^vj^SiyirYim, oidj pcaa. and impoC 

Phn. Isoc S(* Tb cUxmt. 
A4itadir,t««T%t,w,^ Hon. Soph. Hdt SeaiJanmr. 
1 UlW*, f»iM4, £«:h. Ear.; twCiM^a, *M, 4, ThoC) 

nmbkitffiti, FIbI. Den. 
Tb Mvg*. a«nkiliC«, Pind. Ear. Hdt Thno. Xen. Plat 
IMHkn, 'or*, Hom. Soph. ; >fetnh Omn. See Dtmt. 
lUlrir*, Vrir^AiOf, w, Hom. ; nt^rofm, n, h. Enr. ; Irtnt- 

rlidi, iv, e. gen. Xen. Ssa Dtetitf^ 

A d«aa««gM, twafioir (not alwayi in a had MMa), Ar. 

Tfaac. Xen. Lp. Ihk. ; Siv^'^VWi Ar. ; J t^^akrflAx, Plat 
rtt coadurf qTo iamago^m, hptywyk, Ar. Ariet 
^j^, iefai^nur fs, nttCaii (o a rirrnnriiifniii, ^t^trftrjiiiit, Ariat [ 

AvuMwruiif, Pkt 
7b la a itan>v>yaa, Bqfiirtry^, aoDetinui c ace. of tba peopla, 

Ar. Xen. Iloc Ahtt 
A daw and, oi a demandmg, making a demand, afrifni, tmt, ^ 

Hdt Time Anlipho. ; ah-ii^ia, Oroi, ri. Plat r tucalmaa tmi, 4, 

Thuc; i^mni, tw, i;, Thne. .£aiMa. ; twhrffo, ttn, ti, 

A dmtandiiig bat/c (or iometimea mcaptj a denund)^ 'iwakiiaa, 

Hdt Dem. 
A dtmamdiiig (of eriminala for pnaiihiaenl), ^/Jl^^nt, mt, 4* 

Fond ofmaUiig de ma m d t, olnrrurii, Ariat 

To damand, ahim, Onin. ; i(aiTim, Soph. Enr. Hdt Antipho, g 

HUit, c «n. or c in£n. Ear. Thne Xsn. Dem. ; fi^aitmiai, 

mid. £icn. ; IlicaiJv, Thne. ; KtAiAn, d. aec. and *i^ and gai. 

pen. Dem. ; dtaaifoir, onl; la aor. 1. mid. Archil. Ap, Rb. 
To danoKd (an oath to ba taken, or an aoviuit ta ba nndeced), 

'iin>\afiCjt>w, fat -K^tiuu, perf. -<Lk.K^ aac. 9. -i>M»r, no 

other lewes Dem, .£ichin. 
To demand (nnnej due from a creditor), iyKi^ii, fiit -nAieM, 

perf. -K^AfKO, e ace of the nm, dat pen. Xen. Lji. laoc 

7*0 deaam! beddtt, tfotaatm, Pind. ^ech. Ear. Hdt Xsn. 
7*0 irinr—f hadt, 'tnuTlfia, only pna. Hon. ; 'tmrri», e gm>. 

ace, tin often limplj " to demuid,'' Omn. Att Hdt 

krrUtXiim, poiC n 

w/iBi, Thoc ; hrTaerittf 

.(Ml, poiC pua. niianv/iBi, Thoc ; am 
a, Thoe i u-rnrinia'nt, e dat rf the of 

party, Thne ; irraiiim, Thne. 

7b demaid nwra, to rim >• m'l demauit, iwtfiyoitat, mid. Udt 
Demandad, ab^rtt. Soph. 
Om na^ ifnaowf, otnrr^r. Xbi. 
to danattn (oneaelf), avjmUhiiu liminhi' (aor. 1. -itaa, imporC 

-Iv and -lovr)^ Plat 
DemBaaoni, rpirat, Omn. post Hon. See Bttmioar, Mammen. 
Dameitai, iitiJb^t, Tiag. Hdt.; hfKMtp, Hdt Sea Mad, 

DmbmU, 'biBtEo, Zeno af> Diog. L. 
Adoigsd, AfwMi Omo. 
DuBiM, dMrai, Omn. Sea Deati. 
DoUMnej, ftf/ucpArlo, Omn. Att prose ; TrontJ*, Tbue. 

Tha dsawatMT, 1 Sq/iat, Hdt Thne ; ti ta^Soi, Udt Lys. 
Afaeemnr ofdemocraeg, ttnu/rlAs, Ar. Thne 
A inter ofdemocraij, /urMiifuu, Ar. Isoe Andoe ; the grsataat 
haterof dcmoaacyotall mat, iiie^m^fni ■tirrmr, Xen. 

imiaufitioiiaiy pan. Ar. Omn. Att 

7V«toa or* filnn^^^ M iXeir gdvtrmml dfmcauUtf rbm 
lAiarm ; 1) IMifiainu Kfirot ; Eur, 

A damDiiBt, ImiieiiSMlit '<b^. Plat 

DudOCmUc, >wie^p*r&[hi^ Ar. Plat Lya. 

Demoeratiad lattlfmtm, trgMpamt 'An^la, XtA. 

To damdiik, 'tfjUm, no parf., no paK. Horn. X»A. ThMc. ; 
llorda, napwf.,noiian. Omn. poet; 'Udn^, fnt -{*■, na pstC, 
no paH. Hom. Xaeb. ; ifa^JitJiim, Horn. Theoe ; ri/Sm, no perf., 
acr. 3. hrpUtr, pact infin. (not Att) vp'tf'w, fnt mid. t^o- 

en. I.J1. 

demoiidaiig, mfmpMti, Enr. 
/b ^loHat. of til tame time, nitrtflm, Eur. 
7b<i«w>Uilsndu,«A(U>v'kThae See TbtMroy. 
Om ami demtHdt, lOBatfrtiat, Thoc. 

To is, wto o^ loit,otmMMlm, J aw rf ii W. KataferUt, Thne. 
DaDuUtloB, iriUafpenfv «m, 4^ Thne Xao. boo. Den. 
T)«M<iliiliiil. IIirToi. Df, and aonuliiMa Att •farsiv Hooti'M- 
vtAtoi, », Ear. Hdt Thoc 

_' .Goot^lc 

A demon. Sai/mf, arm, i, Onm., bnt not nwd bj duuod Mtliaii 

in s btd wnw, except lonietiniei u " ill rartan* ;" ■•ifiJvuw, ued 

for ui inferior na of divine beingi, Plat. Xm. 
DCBOIIItnllla, 'Jb-oStun-ii, ir, Ariit. 
~ ' g, ItiKrofu, Kur. Tbnc Xm. Pht. Dem. ; tqX^i, 

HdL ; InStlitnvu, Em. Hdt. Omn. Alt. pniH : iii^iriC-, 
wrf. act. Dun. 
To dtmouMralt iiMJn, g p t ii gt ^ iii. Plat. ; vfutAnttkt-ilfu, 


I dnUUrata, Sturr^ao, 

D. ; SmSturriaii, PiU. 

OlHIH __ , , , 

Om buimI rfflioutntla Imidei, TpotliurT^, AlilL 
Demoaftimtiom, l«T|ia, irxij, t1, Eur. Xm. Iiac Dam. ; wipi- 
hrnio, Thmc. ; 'iwittiia, *•>, 4> Eur. Hdt. Tkob Xot. PhL 

A dtmoudratiim n «r, Sil^ibXtiru, *tn, 4, Thnc 
7b mab a dfliwiiMratiofl (in mv), ii;po(tIcri^ Xen. 
To nafe a eoMte' <jfl»iiAiK»is iimlfUUji, tor. 1. -ffi^AA^ott, 

I>amon«tE>tlvt, Iiucrlctt, Aiiit ; 'SmSturrlkir, Ariat, 
DaumatntlTBlT, StwruilSt, AriaL 
To damnr, jkWk