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Full text of "An English-Konkani Dictionary: And A Konakani-English Dictionary."

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y^NGHLus Francis Xavier Maffei 

If TBI MOIBTT ov jsari 



All right* retervtd 



. Paqaki, s. 3., Pro-Vicar Apobtolio 

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In presenting tliis Dictionary, the first attempt of its kind in 
Konkarti, to the public, it would, the Author conceives, be suf- 
ficient claim to their indulgence to state that the bulk of the 
work is the fmit of an extremely short acquaintance with En< 
glish, and of a still shorter one with Konkani. But it should 
further be borne in mind that the Author has bad no written 
materials whatever to assist him in his work. The Eonkani 
langnage hitherto has existed only in the mouth of the people, 
and it has been part of the Author's task, first, to pick up the 
language by personal intercourse with them, and secondly, to 
endeavour to reduce it to method and uniformity. Moreover, 
circumstances have rendered it impossible for him to carry the 
manuscript, at least the English-Konkani portion of it, through 
the press himself, so that he has been debarred from correctiog 
faults which he would otherwise have seen proper to correct in 
the course of publication. 

In spite of these drawbacks, however, the Author would call 
attention to the fact that all the words given in the Dictionary 
as Konkani, with the exception of a few expressly marked, are 
really such. It may be urged in opposition to this statement, 
1) that many of them are, if not identical with, at least very 
like the Canarese or Tulu equivalents; 2) that, as a matter of 
(kct, many of them are not understood by the people themselves; 
3) that the meaning of certain words, in familiar use with the 
common people to express certain material objects, have had 

their meaning extended, and been used to express analogous ab- 
stract ideas; and lastly, that words have been compounded and 
giren in the Dictionary, which did not exist as such before. To 
the first objection he would auswer, that such words cannot be 
considered purely Canarese or Tulu, since they are to be found in 
both the Dravidian and Gaurian languages. The second objection 
may be met by the following considerations ; that the reason why 
some words are not understood by the people themselveB, is, not 
that those words are not Konkani, but that the language embraces 
so great a variety of dialects, that what is understood by some 
is not understood by others, and what is spoken in one place is 
not spoken in another. The Author has not confined himself in 
bis researches to one particular district or to particular classes 
of men. It is quite true, however, that not all the Eonkani 
words that exist, have been inserted, nor are all those inserted 
equally good or correct. A selection, perhaps, will have to be 
made later on. As to the third and fourth objections, it should 
be remembered that either no equivalent at all, or a Sanskrit 
or Marathi one, which very few, if any, would have understood, 
had to be given for such words. The Author may reasonablj 
justify his adoption of these methods on the ground that they 
seemed to him the only means calculated to raise the tone and 
enrich the vocabulary of a long neglected language. As re- 
gards the compouQd words more particularly, he would remind 
his readers that this manner of compounding words is not alien 
to, but in conformity vrith the spirit of Konkani, Moreover, all 
such compounds have been carefully tested and examined with * 
the assistance of different native gentlemen. 

As regards the use of the Dictionary, frequent references 
bare been made throughout to the Author's Konkani Grammar, 
lately published, which it presupposes, and of which indeed it is 
the proper completion. To show the proper use of a word, the 
most important part of a Dictionary, a literal second translation 
„, „ L.oogic 

of the Koukani word or phrase, instoad of an example, haa been 
given; the reader Trill choose that which corresponda to the 
meaning he requires. The different meanings of the English 
words hare been established chiefly according to the Dictionary 
of Smith; to the different English meanings, some of which are 
rather rare, different Konkani words or expressions have been 
assigned, distinguished, for clearness' sake, by numbers; where 
only a semicolon distinguishes them, the words or expressions 
are simply or nearly synonyms. To the Eonkani translation of 
an English word, words in brackets have sometimes been added; 
the reader must use his judgment as to when the sense requires 
the addition of the bracketed words, when not. 

Finally, the Author offers his hearty thanks to all who have 
assisted him in his work; among others to the Ber. Fr. A. 
Coelho, who, after a careful inspection, was pleased to declare in 
writing his full approbation of the work. He would more 
especially express his gratitude to His Excellency Mountstuart 
Elphinstone Grant Duff, Governor of Madras, for according to 
him the assistance of Government in the printing of this work; 
as also to J. Sturrock Esq., Collector of South Canara, for the 
sincere interest he has evinced in its promotion. Above all, the 
Author gives thanks to God, the Giver of all good, to Whose 
special help is due whatever is good in this Dictionary. 

Cannanore, Oeiober 188S. ^, F. X. M., S. J. 

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AppUoation of Roman characters to the 
Konkani Alphabet. 

il = a closed a, often nearly 6. 

a = a common a. 

a = a long a. 

b = a common b. 

bb = tbe same aspirated. 

C = a soft c, as cb in chapter. 

&b = tbe same aspirated. 

d = a common d. 

dh = tbe preceding aspirated. 

d = a cerebral d. 

clh = ttie preceding aspirated. 

e = a sbort e. 

e = a long e. 

f=a common f. 

g = a bard g, as gh in Latin. 

gh = tbe same "aspirated. 

gn = ny in banj'an. 

g-n=ign in Ignatius. 

h=b aspirated, as in English. 

i=:a sbort i. 

i = a long i. 

j = a soft g, as j in English. 

jb = tbe same aspirated. 

k^a bard c, like c in calendar. 

kb = the same aspirated. 

H = 2 in appendix. 

l = a common 1. 

I = a cerabral 1, 
iD = a common m. 
n = a common n. 

II = a cerebral q. 

S=a nasal, indistinct sound. 
o = a sbort o. 

= a long 0. 

p = a common p. 

pb = tbe same aspirated. 

q = a common q. 

r = a common r. 

s = an English s as in salute. 

i = aD English sh. 

| = an English cerebral sb. 

t = a common t. 

th=tbe same aspirated. 

t = a cerebral t. 

tb = tbe same aspirated. 

n = a short u. 

Q=:a long u. 

u = a half vowel. 

T = a common t approaching n. 

^ = ^ in yam. 

z = z in wizard. 

zh = the same aspirated. 

' upon a vowel shows a closed 
vowel, e. g. 6 is pronounced 
as a in tale ; h is pronounced 
as e in well. 

" shows the accent of the pre- 
ceding syllable. 

The diphthongs are pronounced 
according to tbe Roman 
alphabet, viz. by joining tbe 
original sounds of the com- 
pounded vowels ; thus an is 
like on in house; ei as in 
Latin mei, etc. 


DireotlonB for the use of this Dictionary. 

1 . The accent is generally upon the last syllable ; -where 
not, " is put after the acceuted sjllable. 

2. Of the DouDB, the ITominatiTe and Original cases are 

3. Of verbs, the root is given, which generally is foand in 
the Imperative singular; in some rare cases the 3rd person 
singalar is given, to be known by the literal translation. In 
order to secure oniformity, the Imperative has been put, even 
when the meaning would have required the 3rd Person Indicative, 
e.£^. Succumb = p&dau za instead ^p&d&u zata. 

4. Of the adjectives of three terminations, the masculine 
singular has been given. 

5. The negative forms given under Im and Un are generally 
not used by common people: they rather use the affirmative 
form with a negative verb or in a negative construction. 

6. The construction of Konkani phrases is generally hinted 
at in their literal translation. Thus, if in the literal translation 
of the Konkani word corresponding to an English transitive verb, 
a verb and a noun with a Genitive occurs, this shows that the 
Genitive must be used instead of the English Accusative, provided 
nothing else is stated. 

See further explanations in the Directions prefixed to the 
Eonkani-English Dictionary. 

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a. or adj. a adjective. 

Alc. = Accusatire. 

ad, or adv, = adrerb. 

anal. = analytical. 

App. = Appendix. 

approx. = approximate. 

Ari. = Article. 

l>et. = better. 

c. V. = caneatire verb. 

Cn. or Can. = Canarese. 

ch. = chapter. 

ch. cs. = change construction. 

Comm. or Cm. = Communicatiye 
case, i. e. Original with \ar 
giS or kJlde. 

com, = commonly. 

conj. = conjunction. 

tf(?m!^Q!yiz^,= comparative degree. 

crc, = circamlocution. 

D, or Dai, = Dative. 

decl. = declinable. 

Dim. = diminutive. 

e.g: = for example. 

esp. = especially. 

empA. = emphatic. 

ex. = exactly. 

J^. Qv/. = feminine gender. 
/^. = fignrative, t. e, meaning. 

fr. = foreign word, i. e. of Eu- 
ropean origin, especially 
Portuguese; sometimes this 
/r. has been omitted. 

/ui. = future. 

G, = Genitive. 

G. M., G. F., G. N, = Genitive 
mascoline. Genitive feminine, 
Genitive neuter; see Gram, 
p. II and 51. 

Gram, = Grammar. 

JS,fC. = a Bed especially by Hinda 

h. w. = high word. 

Hind, = Hindustani. 

Imp. = Imperfect tense. 

ind. art. = indefinite article. 

iTtdecl. = indeclinable. 

Insir. = Instrumental. 

int. = interjection. 

It. or /tal, = Italian. 

Kan or Kn. = Eanarese. 

Konk. = Eonkanism. 

/. = literal, i. e, translation. 

Lat, = Latin. 

Loc. = Locative case; see Gram, 
p. 10. 

M. or m, = masculine gender. 

ntn. = meaning or it means. 

Mr. = Marathi. 

mt. = metaphorical, i, e. mean- 

«. or iV. = neuter gender. 

N, or iVdOT. = Nominative. 

». c. = not common, i. e, not in 
common use : this sign has 
been sometimes omitted. 

n. u. = not used: sometimes 
this sign has been omitted. 

n. -v. = neuter verb. 



Necess. = Kecesaary mood. 

neg.form = Degative construc- 

Or. or O. = Original case. 

o6j. = object. 

ois. = obsolete. 

ol, = old or obsolete word. 

o^, K opposite. 

P. = Part. 

p. = page. 

pari. = participle. 

^ss. = paaaire. 

perh. = perhaps. 

pM. e philosophically. 

Pl. = plural. 

Postp. or Pstp. = Postposition. 

poten, = potential mood. 

pr, MS proper meaning ae opposed 
to figurative. 

prep. =.= preposition. 

pron. at pro. -= pronoun. 

Prs. «= Person. 

pr. fg. = properly and figura- 

r. — rare word. 

rl. or rel. = religious word. 

rs, = resolve into, 

s. = substantive. 

Sans. = Sanskrit. 

Si. = Subject. 

sing. = singular. 

superl. = superlative degree. 

tr. = transitive verb. 

V. or vr6. = verb. 

zftir. = variety, i.e. of pronanci- 
ation, etc. 

vl, or vlg. — vulgar. 

w. B word. 

See these abbreviations further 
explained in the Eonkani- 
Engliah Dictionary. 

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A, an, ind. art. yek ; see Gram. 

p. 80. 
Aback, ad. pati. 
Abandon, v. 1. sod, e.g. a town, 

apoorman; (Bodsseek; zod 

= obtam,clasp); sand, e.g. a 

2.vater ghal, or s6dn vftter 

glial=piit on the vs,j,/g. 
Abandoned, pari. a. see v. nira- 

dhari = having no help; 

upai natnllo = having no 

Abandonment, s. 1. sodai, -ne,/. 
2. niriidhar, -ra, m. see adj. 

and V. 
Abase, see Humble. 
Abash, V. I&z3j, c.v. of \kz\ U- 

jek ghal=/. put to shame. 
Abate, II. 1 . uno k&r ^ I. make 

leBS,/r.', uno za, n. v.; hSJu 

kar = /. make light,^. 
2. denn, n. v. devoi, c. v., e. g. 

price, feyer. 

Abatement, s. 1. devap, -pa, «, 
2.halnai, -ye, /. see v.; une- 
pon, -na, «. see v. 

Abbess, s. (madriniSi) Todiln,-lm, 
/.=/. superioress (of nuns)^. 
(kS.DyastriaD5t) rodiln, -Ini, 
/. = /. superioress (of nuns). 

Abbey, s. mot, -ta, m, (not ap- 
plied to Christian converts). 

Abbot, j.matafidhipati, -ti, m. or 
-Yodil, -la, tn. 

Abbreviate, V. motvo kS,r =make 
short; uno k&r = make less. 

Abbreviation, s. 1. motvepog, 
-na, «. = /. shortness: bet. 
rs. V. 

2. s&nki^p, -pa, m. == abridg- 

3. zodakser.-ra, «. (in -writing). 
Abdicate, !<, sod = /. leave, e.g. 

an ofKce, a kingdom; raji di 
=pve resignation, obj, Dai. 
Abdication, s. sodni, -ne, /.', 
raji, -je,/. 



Abdomen, s. p6t, -ta, n. 
Abduction, s. rs. v. kad or UadQ 

kane or kadn vod. 
Aberration, s. l.tsuk, -ki, /.= 

/. error, deviation. 

2. vatetsuk, -ki, /. = /. mistake 
of the way. 

3. vankdi yat,-te,/ = /. crooked 

Abet, "v. (vaitak) kumok kar = 

/. make help (to evil). 
Abettor, s. (vaitak) kumok kar- 

tolo, 07 vaitakumki, -kia or 

vaitakumkegar, -ra, m. 
Abeyance, .T. rs. kbali aaa=vaca- 

tion is; or sadiak ravap, 

-raupa, n. 
Abbor, v. kantal, e.g. sin; see 

Abhorrence, s. kantalo, -lea, or 

kantal, -la, m.\ hagefi, -gea, 

«.=/.liatred; jiddij, -da, n. 

=.1. enmity. 
Abide, v. 1. rau = /. remain; 

vas kar = ^. make residence. 
2. rak = /. wait for, expect. 
S.thirzaun rau=remaiii con- 
Ability, s. s&kat, -kti,/ ; aam- 

arthi,-rthe,/.; tran, -na, n. 

see CleTemcsB. 
Abject, a. uno, e. g: ab. man ; 

kirkol = I. low, wretched; 

halko = /. low, corrupted ; 

fi,nvo = I. of low state. 
Abjectness, s. anepon, -na, ».; 

haikepon, -na, n. ; kirkolai, 
-ye,y. see adj. 

Abjoration, s. pirma^ar sodni, 

-dne,y. or bet. rs. i>. 
Abjare,?'.p^rmanars6d=/. leave 

on oath. 
AWe.fl.saktivont; tran asuUo; 

zanto= clever; rs. taiikta= 

power is, or 'tank asuUo'. 
Able (Be), see adj. 
Ablation, s. duvap, duupa, n. ; 

snan, -na, n. {H. K.) 
Abneg:ation, s. apli inkari, -re, 

/.=re9istanc6 to oneself. 
Aboard (Oo), taryar tsad. 
Abode, s. bidar, -ra, n, ; thikaneS, 

-nea, n. = residence, place; 

va3,-sa,».; thanen, -nea, n. 
Abolish, V. dank or damp = I. 

ehxA, /g.,e.g. ab, a school; 

mokupkar; kadnghal, £.^. 

an order = /. drawing put ; 

kadn ud&i. 
Abolition,^- mokup,-pe,/.; r&cldi;, 

-da, n.=l. nullity; rs. v. ■ 
Abominable, a. l.kantaleatso ti^ 

kantalo Svo zallo; khotepo- 

natso =£ wicked. 
Abominate, see Abhor. 
Abomination, 2. 1. kantalo, -}ea, 

7». = act of abhorring. 
2.kbotepon, -na, «. = objeetof 

Aborigines, s. mulTasi= /. radical 

Abortion, s. volaunen, -nea, «. 
Abortion (Caaee), -v. vol&i, e.g. 

avoi hurgeak voiaita = the 

child is miscarried. 




Abound, w. I,bh6r=/, be filled, 
from 'bh6r=fill'; see Gram, 
p. 276. 6; sompurnai asa ; 
bhdrn asa.,orbet. ts&d asa = be too 
much, or also be much. 
About, ad. prep. 1 . sumar, Lai. 
circiter (more or less). 
2. bS.husa = /. nearly, almost 

(a little less). 
3.Yisfant=as, speak ab. God. 
4.bouutaaiQ=/. around. 
5.thaifi=/. as regards, e. ff. 

^tmea tb. = as r. the soul. 
&.by ist Loc, e.g. ab. the 

'Come ab.=gad'; 'bring ab.= 
gjldiii or kS-r or k&r&i'. 
Above, prep. 1 . 2nd. Loc. 

2. voir. 
Abav9,eKi. 1. voir; unt8,e.^, look 
2. pr&3, vorn, mih Comparat. 

see Gram. p. 65. 
'Be ab. = beparvokar=^. make 
contempt, be unwilling to 
condeBcend, G. M. 
Abrade, v. 1. kS4 or pusun 
2. pus = clean, e.g. a black- 
Abrasion, s. puaap, -spa, ». or 

rs. V. 
Abreast, ad. 1. harin = 1. in a 
Abridge, v. a&nksep kilr, G. M. \ 
motvo k&r = make short. 

Abridgment,^. B&nk54p, -pa, m.; 

gosvaro, -rea, m. 
Abroad, ad. 1. bhair = outside, 

2.pJlrg£Tant = in a foreign 

Abrogate, see Abolish. 
Abrupt, 1.<iit = sudden. 
2. laganatullo=sA unconnected; 

see Steep. 
Abscess, s. fod, -da, n>. 
Absoond, v. lipii, c. v. of lip, 

Absence, s. gairhazri, -ri, /. or 

rs. a. 
Absent, a. g&irh^z&r; 'be ab. in 

mind = motir nan'. 
Absent, V. disaaan=does not 

Absinth,^. Lmfirnpitri, -tri,/. 
2. if nsedy^., kazro, -rea, m. 

=nux vomica, {used as a 

term 0/ comparisofi). 
Absolute, a. l.^sertatso I'r as&- 

rtatso=;. unconditional. 
2. BOt^ntr^ asi^llo or sot&ntra- 

t80= /. haying absolute power, 

Z. Often rs., e.g. into 'purten = 

fully', or 'sompuru=perfect', 

Absolution, s. 1. absolusaun, 

-sSva, «. {rl.),fr. ; bogsanen, 

-iiea, «.=forgivenese. 
2.sutka, 'ke,/. = acquittal. 
AbBoJva, V. absolusaun di=/. 

give absolution (W.) ; bogsi, 

{old form 'bogoa') ; map ka.r 



=: excase, overlook; s6d = 
acqnit, pass. 3ut; see Grsja. 
p. 134. 4. 
Ahflorb, V. l.girii, c.v. of 
gir, n.v. (var. jirii), e.g: a 
spoDge absorbs ; vod = I. 

2.gil=/. swallow. 
'He is absorbed in meditatiou= 
to niya^ant budla'. 
Abetain, v. I. tsukiii, c.v. of 
tsuk, «.^. patak tsuk&isab. 
from sin; iy neg. gerund 
in '-tanan' and 'rau', e.g. 
kbainastanaa rau=ab. from 
2.jinzTar dovor=keep fasting, 
Jr.', upasi rau s remain fast- 
N. B. There is no word in com- 
mon use to distinguish irtte 
fasting from simple absti- 
AbBtemiouB, a. 1. hiltan piyeun- 
t80=drinking moderately. 
2. sore piyenatullo=notdriak- 
ing liquor. 
Abstiitenoe, s. 1. tsukougea, -riea, 

2. vlg. jinzvSr, -ra, m.,fr. ; mas 
khaunk nozo, vlg.; upas, 
-sa, »»,=true fasting. 

S.masasodap, -dpa, «. clear- 
ing of meal, n. u. 
Abstract, ». l.kad or T6d. 

2-fg. ch. cs. as, 'ab. your heart 
from the world =tam6en 
kSiliz s&unear tsukoundi', or 

■tujen k&liz humbo] = /. root 
out your heart'. 
Z.phil. ving^ cint. 

Abetraotion, s. l.phil. vingid 
k&r£i i3intna, -tue,/. 
2. in other mn. rs. v. 

Abstruse, a. gutatso or gupit= 
secret,/^.; somzanatullos/. 
not understood; aomzanan- 
so; tiizvizitso = maliciously 
ah.,n.£.; k^nti^i iir k£itin=i 
difficult, e.g. to be learnt. 

Abstmseness, s. 1 . kiitinai, -je,/- 
2. kalok, -ka, m.=sl. darkaeas, 
fg; ft. c. 

Absurd, a. \.vlg. nozo = is im- 
poeaible; 'this ia ab. = yea 
Dozo'; lagan^tullosoot con- 
2. nakazallo = nonsensical; vft- 
reavelos windy, fg., e. g. ab. 

Absurdity, s. l.virodbai, -ye,/. 
= /, contradiction; virodh- 
pon, -ga, n, 
2. nakazalli v^sti; = /. non- 
sensical thing ; nakazallo, 
•lea, ff2. = nonsense. 

Abundance, s, s&mpurnai, -ye/. ; 
p&ripurnai, -ye, /. ; 'ulg. rs. 

Abundant, a. sampuru, e.g. ab. 
crop ; p&ripurn, e. g, ab. 
crop; dildos (TT dadosi, e.g. 
ab. crop. 

Abuse, V. l.gali sang org. sou = 
say abuses ; &al&k| k&r, n. c. 



2. &lak|a Hr, e. g. ab. time, 
n. c.\ pad kSrs spoil; be- 
parvo k&r=/. contempt,_^. 
G.M.; nispr&jog kar, G,M. 
= 1. make abuse, n.c. 

■S.mekoa, mirua=/. trespass, 
e.g. podvek m, = abuse poor- 
Abase, s., -H,/; &uUks, 
-sa, «. c. 
2; nisprltyog, -ga, «(.=wrong 
use; uksam, -ma, m., n. c; 

AbBBire, a. SJnaanatso; 'ab. 

Abyss, s. gundi, -ye,/. 
Academy, s. vidyesal, -le, /. 
Acoelerate, V. l.lagiak&r=iuake 

2. vegin k&r, or bet. ftus&r kSr 

=:inake haste; vegiii taS.l&i = 

cause to go fast ; vegifi 

tsftl = go fast ; ch. cs., e.g. ac. 

death =jini motvi k3,r. 
.Asoentt s. I. tajeabhar, -ra, m. 

^heaviness of voice, weight 

of voice ; taleabhed, -da, m. 

difference of voice. 
2. taleabharatso gurty, -ta, m. 

ssign of weight of voice. 
Aoeent, v. tale^bhar ghal. 
Accept, "B. 1. k&na or kanghe or 

ghe; mann^ = please, Sh. 

Dai.; vopnn k&ne=coaBent- 

ingtake; vopsun k3,ne=con- 

Bigaed take. 
2. melM= aggregate. 


bayetso K amiable; maavon- 
tso = pleasing. 

Aooeptable (Be), manu& = /. 
please; '(&an) s&ntos pautan 
. . .th&in=I feel pleasure 
in ... ' 

Aoceptation, 5. 1.gbevap, -paftt.; 
mauuap, -pa, »., e. g. of a 
2. melonnefi, -nea, n. s aggre- 

Acoeas, s. rig, -ge,/. 

Accessible, a. rigatso or votsayet 

AoceB8ory,a. uneQg&rjetBO = less 

Accident, s. 1 . grStstsar, -rS, 
fn.=fate; giidap, -dpa, n. = 

2. tsuk, -ki, /. = I. mistake. 

3. Barken, -kea, n. opp. to sar = 

By ac.l . tsukon = by mistake. 
3.apsent3 = by itself. 
Accidental, a, l.gratstsaratso; 
2. aui3it = I. sudden, unexpect- 
Acclamation, s. hoglap, -pa, «. 
Acclivity, see SJope. 
Accommodate, v. 1 . layek k&r = 
make fit. 
2. zago di = give place, 
'ac. yourself to the will of = 
G. khusie p&rm&no te^l'. 




Aeoommodation, s. 1 . bori suat, 
-te, /. = good place; boro 
zago, -gea, M.=good place. 
2. s&madhan, -na, n. = concord, 
peace; raji, -je,/ = ac. bet- 
ween litigants. 

Aooompanimeiit (of marriage), 
h.6r-\},-m,m.; dibb&n,-na, n. 

Aooompany, v. pS.voi=l. cause 
to reach, _^,; tfr . . . aangata 

Accomplice, §amil, -la, m.; van- 
tell, -lia,7w.; sangati, 4ia, «t. 

Accomplish, V. vlg. kabar kilr = 
finish, y^.; tirai, tr.v. tiraa, 
n. V. ; ph^dSa bS>r. 

Accord, V. sams pod = fall right ; 
Top= agree. 

Accord {With one), yeka motin 
or yeka budin. 

Accordance (In aoo. with), 
zata=is fit. 
2. p&rmane asa, e.g. in ace. 
with the order. 

Accordingly, ad. t&r, dekun. 

Accoont, s. 1.16k, -ka, n. (also 
statement, importance). 
2./g: karan, -na, M.=cau8e; 
sabab, -bi, /, ; rs. pasnn or 
pasyot=on account of; 'give 
acc.=lek di'; 'call toacc.= 
I^kduinfieakapoi'; seeyHne, 
Importance, Profit. 

Acconnt, v. 1. karan dak&i = 
show the cause, ace, for; 
sabab di=give reason, ace. 
2,16k di = give account. 

Acconnt-hook, s. lekaSen pus- 

tak, -ka, n. 
Aconmulate, v. ras k&r, Ace. or 

G. .^.= make heap; t8ad5,i= 

increase; mel&i, e.£^. ace. 

sins; zom&i or zomo k^r; 

punz^i, e.£'. ace. money. 
Accnmtilation, s. ras, -si, /. ; 

zomo, -mea, m.; punzo, -jea, 

vt. (of money). 
Accnraey, s. zagrntai, -ye,_/ 
Accurate, a. zagrut=/.awake, 

/g: ; sarko = /, exact. 
Amviaei, pari. a. sirS.p podijUo. 
Accusation, s. 1 . firiyad, -di,/, = 

crimiDal aec. 
2. k&ifet, -ti,/=civil ace, 
3.dur, -ra, «. = private ace. 
Aoouse, V. 1. firiyad di or f, 

sang, znd Loc. 

2, k&ifet di or k. sang. 

3. guniaukar k&r=make guilty ; 
duru5.i, c.v. tf/^durua; sin 
ulai=say complaint. 

Accuser, s. l.muddM, -d&i, m. 

opp. to muddayale, -le, vt. =s 

accused, criminal. 

2. vadi, -di, m. opp. to prati- 

v£idi=ciYil aec. 

Accustom, V. sfivoi k3,r, G. F. tr. 

v.\ s. za, n.v. 
Acerb, a. l,h5.rvo (not ripe). 

2.ambot=/, aeid. 
Acerbity, J, l.harvai, -ye,/ 
2.amsani, -ni, /; kodsan, 

^■fg. katiijai, -ye,/ = severity. 



Aehe,^. l.dab,-ki,/. ; pbodapod, 
-di,y;; rs.v. duk-ta: 'I have 
a headache = maten duktii'. 
Aduere, see Aecomplish. 
Acid, a. ambot. 
Acidit7, s. amfi&ii, -ni, or am- 

botai, -y6,y. 
Acknowledge, v. 1. vop, or 
TOppigi kfir, e.g. 'anii mozo 
gunyaiin voptan=sl ack. my 
fault'; Tolok kfi.r, G.F. or 
Tolka= recognize. 
2.1ek, or lekan ghe: 'ack. the 
receipt = T&3id lekun gbe*. 
Aoknowledgment, s. 1 . volok, -Iki, 
/■ ; TOPPigi, -ge, / 
2.rilsid, -de,/, 
Acqual&t, v. k&l&i (c. v. of k&l « 
know); zanfi,i (c.v.ofza,n'a.=: 
Ac^naintance, J. volok, -Jki,/. 
Acquainted (Be acq. witli), G. 
Tolok asa; rs. volkitso, e.g. 
tafii volok m&ka &Ba, or to 
moje volkitso. 
Acc[nirei v. zod; jik; melta=is 

found, /g., sb. Dot. 
Acquirement, f. l.zod, -di,/ 

S.zanvai, -ye,/.=knowledge. 
Acqnit, "V. Bod= dismiss innocent; 
pass: sut; jcfGram. p. 134.4. 
see Behave. 
Aoqnittali s. autka, -ke,/. 
Acrid, a. \. khar; la3tso = 
burning; tik; kodu=bitter. 
^.fg. m8tur= cruel. xf^ 

Acrhnony, s. l.kodsari, -ne{-ni), 
^■fg. k&tinai, -ye,/. 

Across, polt&di = /. beyond, opp. 
to 'alt^i = on this side'. 
'I come acr. a person m= yeklo 
maka melta'. 

Act, s. baryen, -yea, »., e.g. of 
the mind ; also an action out 
of the common run, e,g. a 
dinner to gaests; k&mi, 

Aet, V. l.kilr = do. 

2. t8&l = behave. 

3. b&dli pole or. G. au&ter 
tsUUi^act for. 

4.gunak pod=/. fall to effect, 

e.g. a medicine. 
Acting, s. bS.dU, -lia, m. ; G. 

suater tsSl^tolo. 
Action, s l.k&rni, -me,/ 

2. karyeu, -yea, n. see Act 

3. k&rtuefi, -tuea, n. {or k&rtua, 
-ye, /)« great action. 

Active, l.tsurk; Bnd&l = agile; 
Budeudayetso = agile ; usar 
= clever. [medicine. 

2. boladik = I. strong, e. g. a 
Activity, ,r. I.tsurk, -rka, ». iTf 
tsnrkpon, -na, n. ; Budalai, 
-ye, /„■ Budaudai, -ye, /,; 
u§&rai, -ye,/, see adj. 
2.bol, -la, n. see adj. 
Actor, s. natakfir, -ra, m. or 
fitagar, -t&, m. (in a drama). 
Actual, a. 

2. atantso=/. of now. 
Acute, a. 1 . dh&r aai^llo, or dba- 
ritBO=having a fine edge; 
domsatso= pointed. 
2./g. barik, e.g. eyes, mind. 



AoataneBB, s. l.dhar, -ri, /. 
2. domos, -msa, m. 
Z.fg. barikai, -ye,/, ste adj. 
Adagn, s. gad, -di,/ 
Adamant, see Ma^et. 
Adapt, V. l.layek kS,r, tr. v. 

2. zata or sazta, n. v. =13 fit. 
Add, V. l.aniki ghal or a. di = 
put or give more; 'ani' with 
the required verb, e.g. 'a. 
tin di=add three'. 

2. kudsi, e.g. a wing to a house. 

3. tace iivai sang= Bay besides. 
Addict, V. l.lai = /. apply, tr. v. 

2.1ag=s^ be applied, n.v.\ 

bhal= devote oueself wholly 

Addicted, pari. a. lagijUo, e- g. 

piyeunfiak or piyeuiik=/. ad. 

to driakiog. 
Addition, s. l.ts&3au, -dava, m. 

or ts^ap, -dpa, n. f/* teS,doQi, 

-ne, /. 
2. kusri,-sr6y.=extra measure 

Additional, a. tsS,daTOt ; by 'Sivai 

or kh&rit=beaida' -with the 

required verb. 
Address, v. 1. Cm. ul§.i=speak 

2. Dai. borei= write to; G. na- 

var borei, e.g. a letter ; mel- 

vijas borei = write the ad- 
Address, s. 1. melvilas, -sa, m.= 

ad. of a letter. 
2. ulonefi, -nea, n. or rs. v. 
Adduce, v. dakai. 

Adequate, a. la,yek ; kamak po- 

dtso (or whatever other word 

the sense requires"). 
Adhere,©. 1. lag, e.g. pan panak 

lagta=leaf adheres to leaf. 
"i-fg- TOp=/. agree, e.g. to a 

Adherence, Adhesion, s. lagap, 

-gpa, n. 
Adherent, s. patlaugar, -ra, m.= 

follower; p&ksegar, -ra, m. 

Adjacent, a. lagsilo or rs. v., or 

rs. liigin. 
Adjoin, V. yekkot k&r = make 

union ; melfli or kudsi. 
Adjourn, v. biiki dovor, or pati 

Adjudge, V. tirp di = /. give 

Adjure, v. an di or an dian m5g. 
Administer, v, tB&lki=l. cause 

to walk,y^. 
Administration, s. karkano, -nea, 

m.,e.g. adm. of an establish- 
ment ; karbar, -ra, n., n. c, 

in this mn. 
Administrator, s. karkaneagar, 

-ra, m.\ . . ,ts3.1&itolo = caus- 
ing to walk. . ./g.; karbari, 

-ria, m. 
Admiral, s. tarvaiimukedam, 

-ma, m. 
Admiration, s. ijap, -pa, «.; 

atsaryen, -ryea, «. used also 

for 'miracle'. 
Admire, v. aun &jap pautan 

or Sjap zatafi, (Acc^ n. v. 


Admission, s. rig, -ge, /. =: 
/. entrance. Or rs. v.; see 
Admit, l.ghe^/. receive; past. 
ghetlo ; milak&t di = give 
2.kobal k4r or kobuli di = i. 
make or give consent, Dat.; 
Yop=l. acknowledge, Dai. 
3. rigunk r&ja di=/. give leave 
to enter ; rigSi. 
Admonisli, v. 1. bori bad sangs 
/. say good advice; beStai = 
/. reproach. 
2.k£ll&i = warn. 
Admonition, l.bud, -di,/. 
S.beStaunen, -nea, n. 
3, sikoni, -iie,/.=/. instruction. 
Adopt, V. 1 . posko kSr or posko 
k&rn ghe = ;. make adoptive ; 
dhSrrmaputrv kSrn ghe. 
2.__^. vintsua kad = choose. 
3.vop=/. consent, e.^-. ad. an 
Adoption, i. poskepon, -na, n. 
from 'pos, w. = feed'; rs.v. 
Adoptive, a. posko ; dliarmatso, 
or dh&rmak karieillo=/. of 
charity or taken to charity ; 
datta (putrij). 
Adorable, a. namaakar favo zallo, 

or namiakaratso. 
Adoration, s. n&md,skar, -ra, m. 
with non-Ckristians=53i[ate\ 
vondanen,-nea, «.,«,£:.; par- 
nipat, -ti,/; bhazfin, -zne,/. 
=adoration {of idols chiefty); 
samaran, -na, n. 

I Adu 

Adore, V. l.namaskar {or von- 

danen) kar; bhaz; s&maran 

2. mag, /. supplicate, /^w. 
Adorn, w. 1. surungar (oraian- 

kar) kar, G. M. ; netai, c. v. 

of nef = adorn thyself. 
2. bhor = /. fill, e.g. ad. with 

grace; eobai,c.». ^8ob=get 

Adornment, s. 1 . surungar or 
aiankar, -ra, m. 
2. net, -ta m. or neton, -ra,/. 
3.sobitai,-ye,/.=/. beauty; or 

sobai, -ye,y". 
Adrift (Be), upe. 
Adroit, see SkilfilL 
Adnlatiou, s. fuslaunen, -^ea, n. ; 

fotkiraii hoglap, -pa, ». = /. 

deceiving praise; tondaSea 

hoglap, -pa, «.=/. praise of 

Adnit, a. To41o=/. big; prSye- 

tso=/. of age. 
Adolt, s. manai, -ya, m. 
Adulterate,?'. b6rsi=/. mix;pad 

k&r=/. spoil; kut ghal (=ad. 

Adulterer, s. prMuvari, -ria, m. 
Adulteress, s. pradovarin, -91,/. 
Adultery, s. priduvar, -ra, «. 
Adumbrate, s*. 1. sauli k&r, /r.= 

make shadow. 
2. abiprai kar=/. make a sum- 
mary description ; risko kad, 
fr. ; naksa kad. 
Adumbration, s. abipiai, -ye, f. 

„. „A.oogk- 



Advance, v, 1 . mukiir ghal or m. 
vod=/. put or carry before; 
b^ti k&r=/. make promo- 
tion (to bigher offices). 
S.boro k&r; mukar vots or m. 
t3a.l=go before. 

Advance (In), mung&^ or mubar 
dlo (tndecl.), e.g. 'aufi yek 
rapoi m. ditan=I give a 
rupee in ad,' ; s&n&igar = 
earnest (part paid before as 
a pledge). 

Advanced in a^, ts^ prayetso 
=1. of much age; malgodo= 
/. eldest, ancestor; ut&r 

Advancement, i. bildti, -te, y; = 
(promotion) ; 'get ad. = b. 

Advanta^, s, faldo, -dea, m. 
upk^r, -ra, m. (= benefit) 
adai, -ya, m.\ lab, -ba, m. 
jikap, 'kpa, n. 

Adrantageons, a. adayatso; np- 

Advent, s. advent, -ta, m., rl.Jr. 
yenefi, -nea, n.=l. coming. 

Adventure, f. l.Mrust, -sta, ». 
(fate) {var. adr&lt) ; grats- 
ts^r, -ra, m. ; g&dap, -dpa, 
«. = event. 
2.mosa<SeD kam, -ma, «. 

Adversary, s. dasman, -na, m. 
veiri, -ria, m. ; virod mfirtis, 
-nsa, TTt. ; duSf, -sta, m. 

Adverse, a. virodbi or virodh 
^■/g- kfistantso. 

Adversity, kd«t, 4ta, nt. = /. 
difficulty, pain; apad, -da, 
«.; up&dri^, m., ol. rl.\ 
akant, -ta, m. 

Advertise,^. k£il&i,<7rkalitkir= 
/. make known ; zan &i 
p&rg^t k&r=/. make public 
dak&l k&r = /. make known 
v&rtamftn di = give news 
kfibar di (^ass. k. aik) =/. 
give news. 

Advertisement, s. istyar -ri,, m. 
used esp. for adv, of public 
authorities; v&rtaman, -na, 
«.; kabar, -bre, /.; vordi, 

Advice, s. bud, -di,/, 
2. aIo5en, -ni,/.=opiEion. 
S.kSbar, -bre,/.= newa. 

Advisable, a, k&rtso = to be 
done; Iayek,=/. fit, suitable; 
boro = good; bnditso * of 

Advise, TT. l.bud sang^-=/. say 
2. kabar ad=bring news; k&I&i 

= make known. 
3.a>lo£en k&r = /. deliberate. 

Advocate, s. r&kil, -la, m. 

Advocate, v. see Plead. 

Adze, s. tasni, -ne,/ 

Aerial, o. vareatso. 

Aerolite, s. akasatso fator, -trS, 

Aerometer, s. v&reafien map, -pa, 

«. (vereamap). 
Afar, ad. pois. 



ASbbility, -r- l.niogalp09,-98,n. 
from 'moga!=dear*. 
2. m&ryad, -di,/.=l. urbanity. 

Affable, a. mog&i- 
2. m&ryS.ditso. 

Affair, ■?■ l.kam, -ma, n. 
2, karbar, -ra, n. seldom used: 
'tujen k. k&seii aBa?=Low 
are yoar affairs?' 

Aflbot,w,lag=/.be attached; 'lag' 
is the most general equiva- 
lent, but different words are 
often employed, e.g. 'I am 
affected iritb pains in the 
feet=pai daktat I. the feet 
feel paiii',e/tr. 'The sermon 
affected me = sermaun mo- 
entered good in the heart, 
or also 'sermaan Iftglo'. 
2. sevot asas^. aim is. 

Affectation, s. k&p&t, -ta, n.=l. 

Affected, a. l.k&pti. 
2,«. with 'lag' [seev^. 

Affection, s. 1. vondon, -ne,/. or 
vondounen,-nea,«.=/. incli- 
nation, e. g. antJUk&riia£i 
v6ndon=incl. of the heart'; 
khali, -le,/.; ^purbai, -ye, 
/. = amiability, fondness; 
mog, ^a, m.=loTe. 
2.s&lgi, -ge,/. = fondnes8, {ex. 

Affectionate, a> mogal: 'tsakor 
db&niya thfiin mogal a8a= 
the servant is affectionate 
to his master'; often rs.v. 

Affiance, see Betroth. 
Affidavit, S- p&rman, -na, n. 
Affiliate, v- melfLi = /. cause to 

be united. 
Affinity, J. l.sftirik, -ke,/. (^.) 

2. B&m&nd, -da, m. (/g.) 

3. TondouneS, -nea, n. = chemi- 
cal af., /. inclination. 

iV.^.bailoisili seirik=affinity; 
bap&i' isili seirik = consan- 
guinity; /. relation in the 
direction of the woman, or 

ASBim, V. voi mon = /. say yes; 
khfindit (or kh&ndit zaun) 
sang = /. say positively ; 
k&bul k&r=make consent. 

Affix, V. lag&i or lai, c. v. o/\^g. 

Affiict, V. dukai, c. v. of duk; 
duk di, kfiSt di = give sorrow, 
pain ; kd^t&i, c. v. of kfi2ta. 

Afflicted, a. dukest, or kh&ntiSt. 

Affliotin;, a. dukouutso, or lag- 
tso, e.g. aff. words. 

Affliction, s. 1. kJLJit, -Sta, m. 
2.dnk, -ki,/ 

B.khftnt, -ti, /. ; isS-ntos, -aa, 
m\ B&ntap, -pa, m. 

Affioenoe, see Abnndanoe. 

Afford, V. di=/. give. 

Affront, ». l.mukar vots, or m. 
rfiu, or m. pod=/. go, or fall, 
or remain 'in face. 
2.&kman (or iipamfln) k&r= 
/, make offence. 

Afoot, ad. pEivaten ; 'he goes 
af.=to p. vetafT ts&ln reta 
or p. ts&lta'. 


Aft&id,a. l.hhizad, Z^Jimidtts. 

2.bhiyatao; phukkela. 
Afraid, (I am af.) 1. <iiiak£ bhea 
diBta=/. to me fear appears'. 
2.aun bhiyetan=/. I fear. 
Afresh, ad. 1 . portun = again ; 
ani yek pauti=oace more. 

2. aiIeavSr=lately. 
After, Afterwardfl, prep., ad. 

1 . upraDt (7>ar. uprantea) ; 

2.patIeaQ, e.g. 'taiSea patlean 
Tots = go after him, Lat. 
seguere eum\ 

After, (Immediately af.) ad. tea 
fara tipraut=/. after that 
moment; teats fara or tea 
farats=in the very moment ; 
t&kB&n=:in that moment ; 
patlean&ts; phudefi,e.^.'ailea 
or 'farak'. Joined to the 
participle, e.g. utlea farak. 

After all, 1. tari= nevertheless, 

3. &seS=thus, or &sen zalear= 
things being so. 

4. sikS.t5iiitun=all considered. 
Aff&in, ad. 1. ani yek pauti = /. 

once more. 

2. portun or portean. 

3. punotin., and ag.=portun portun. 

Against, 1. znd Loc. in 'fier'e.^. 
lastraiSer = ag. religion. 
2. 2nd Loc. and ad, e. g. 'to 
sastra6er ad ulcita = he 
speaks ag. religion'. 

12 Agg 

3, ad (Dat.), Sastrak ad = ag, 

4. porto (or portun), £)at. 
Age, s. 1, prai {or pirai), -ye, /. 

Lai. aetas, e.g. 'tuji prai 
kiten? = whatis your age?' 
2.kal, -la, m. (epoch), e.g. 
■tea kal£r g&dlafi = it took 
place at that time'; 'advanced 
age = s&bar pirai', or 'utar 
pirai = declining age'. 

Aged, a. l.matfiro. 
2. prayetso. 

Agenoy, s. diilalpon, -na, «.; 
d&l&lkari, -re,/. 

Agent, s. d^al, -la, m. G. 
mnttalgi, -gia, m. (commer- 
cial); 'auater t83.1tolo = act- 
ing in the place of. . .' 

Aggravate, v. l.bharkarcrbhar 
-di=/. give weight; zSd k&r 
— make heavy. 
l./g. tsadai = I. increase; see 

Aggravation, s. z&A&i, -ye, /,,■ 
hhar, -ra, m. = l. weight. 

Aggregate, ^. 1 . melili, c. v. of 
melta=if together. 
2.yektailtSr=make union; ras 
k&r= accumulate. 

Aggregation, s- l.mel, -la, m.., 
e.g. agg. of Christians.!ounen = the act of ag- 
gregating. [Aooeptanoe. 
3-rig, -ge, /. = admission; see 

Aggression, s. zulnm, -Ime, /.= 
violence; hoi, -la, n. = vio- 
lence; angarpodap, -dpa, ». 



A^gresBive, a. 1. zulnietso or za- 
lum k&rtso = /. makiDg vio- 
lence; angar podtso=/. fall- 
ing to life. 
^.fg. mosatso or risketso = 

Aggressor, s. angar podtolo = /. 
falling on body; zulmegar, 

A^ils, a. sudal ; audsudajetao ; 

t8urb = A active. 
Agility, s. sudalai, -ye,/;; snd- 

sudai, -ye, /. ; tsurkai, -ye, 


Agitate, v. ].hal&i=/. cause to 
moye (/r,), c. IT. tf/"hal; pha- 
2. but k^=/. make plots (Jg^ ; 
tand kilr {fg.') = make par- 

Agitation, s. 1 . tsalap, -pa, «, ; 
halap, -Ipa, ». 
2./g. kut, -ta, K. = plot. 

Agnate, s. (bapa isilean) ahito, 
-rea, m. 

Ago, ad. adin =1. before,^.^. some 
years ag. = thodean virsaS 

Agony, s. mornaSen th^nd, -da, 
«. = /. cold of death; ateyite, 
plur. OT., and volvole, m. both 
mn. pains of a mortal sick- 
ness; mornafieo vodi, pl./. 
= I. convulsions of death; 
gitrgSr, pi. m., or g4r, -ri, 

Agree, I'. l.Top=/, consent, i?^/.; 
k&bul k&r=/. make consent, 

J Aim 

Vai., or kobul z9, = I. get 
consenting; k&rar k&r=/. 
make an agreement (//. 
andard'accordo, accordarst). 
2.zata = I. becomes, e.g. yen 
mak§i zainaa=it does not 
suit me, agree with me. 
3.8&ma zaan asa=A is equal, 
i.e. is in conformity. 

Agreeable, a. 1. khusill&yetso; 
s&nt63 asi^Uo or sintdsatsos 
/.having joy; boro=/. good. 
2.1ayek=/. suitable. z§,ta=it suits. 

Agreement, .r. l.k&rar, -ra, m. 
(contract); guttigen, -ge», 
n.\ gutto, -tea, m. 
2. silmadhan,-na,n.=/.conoord, 
fg.; yekot, -ta, m. = I. uni- 

Agriooltnre, s. buinsagoli, -le,^. 

Ague (fever), a. selitso (tap) = I. 
of cold (fever). 

Al int. ye ! or a\ or ah ! 
2. abba (for admiration). 

Aid, s. adhar, -ra, m.; kamok, 
-mke,y.; mftz4t,-ti,y".=inter- 
cession; &&hai,-ye,/.3:/. as- 

Ail, ^. duk = /. feel pain; sos= 
/. suffer. 

Ailing, a. pidest = sick ; bolaiki- 
natullo^^not healthy. 

Ailment, f. = picla, -de^; asou- 
k&sai, -ye,/. 

Aim,*, seTOt,-ta,OT.=Za/.^mV; 
z&bab, -bi,/. = /. motive. 




Aim,?'. I. zok {Ace. );ponterikSiT 
(Ace); not k5.r; not dar; 
e.ff. aim with the gun. 
2. serot asa = I. is aim, £. g. 
tuzo sevot kiten ? = at what 
do you aim? dist dovor = 
/.keep the sight; prayat^u 
kiir = aiake effort, viith an- 
other verb, according to the 
meanings e. g. he aims at 
heaven = to sirgar votsunk 
pray^tfln ka.rta; db^n ra6n 
Air, s. vaiefl, -rea, «. ; hivo, 

-vea, m. (climate). 
Air, V. varen ghal = /. put air. 
Airy, ^. vareatao- 
Aiflle, s. bfilkaufl, -ava, m,/r.; 

see Wing. 
Akin, a- s4iro {mn. related) : 'he 
is akin to me = to maka 
(s§Jro) lekta. 
Alacrity, 5. tsurkai, -ye,/; end- 
sudai, -ye,/.; usarai,-ye,/. 
Alarm, 5. ayautiir, -ra, «.; bhefi, 
l)hiy&, «. = trepidation ; a- 
kant, -ta, *«., e.g. akantifti- 
ghant marlea = the alarm 
bell was rung. 
Alarm, v. ivS-ntir' kar. 
AJamm, zagounCen aid, -da, n. 
= 1. instrument for awaken- 
ing; zagouoSefi ghJldiyal = 
I. awakening clock. 
Alae, int. ye! 

Alcohol, s. m&dyasar, -ra, m. 
«, c.from Cn. 

Ale, s. bir, -ri,/. 

Alebonae, s. gudki, -ke,/ {mn. 

any house in which liquor 

is sold); gadilng, -ga, «. 
Alert, a. zagrut. 
Algebra, s. ikaeraganit, -ta, «. 
Alienate, v. p&radin k^r, or 

p&rasuadin kar, e. g. a]. 

a house. 
2.^. mou pois kar = /. make 

far the heart. 
Alienation, s. rs. v,\ l.piLrS.diQ, 

-na, «., n. u. 
I.fg. nafikhasi, -^e,/. = l. no 

Alight, V. deufi=/. descend. 
Alike, a. silma. 
Aliment, s. khan, -na, n. ; gras, 

-sa, m. ; ahar (var. har), -rli, 

Alimentary, a. khauutso=/. eat- 
able; post8o = nourishing. 
Alive, a. 1. jivo, pr. 

2. usar,^. 
All,«. l.sS.kSd ( = each, whole, 
2.same6t = all, (Z^t, uni- 

3.yekyek=each, {var. yeyek). 

4. sarvij = Lat. 'universi', {com. 
in pi. but sometimes also in 

5. siglo = whole, Lat. integer', 
but in pi. mn. also Lat. 

All(At),piirten=^.fully, i?^p&ri- 
pnrn; bilkul, Lat.prorsus; 



usually expressed by the 
emph. -t8 {Gram. p. 81), 
e.g. I hare nothing at all = 
tnoje k^e kaints nan. 
Allay, "v.^nd kar=/. make 
cold, fg.; nivai = /, make 

2. uno kar = /. make less, dimi- 

3. haln (tirhalu) k&r=/. make 
light, e.g. pain. 

4. 8S:madhan k^r, or soukasai 
kar=make peace; nidan k4r 
= make quiet. 

AUegiation, s. l.daklo, -lea, m. 

e.g. al. of a text. 
2. nib, -ba, n. — l. excuse. 
Allege, V. saug = /. 

affirm, tell as certain. 

2. daklo di, G. M. = I. give an 

3. nib sang=/. say excuse. 
Allegory, s. TOpar, -re,/.; gut, 

-ta, m,=l. a secret, _;^. 
Alleviate, v. I. hS,lu kar=/. make 
l-fg. bhuzfti = /. console. 
Alleviation, s. l.h^luai, -ye,/. 
'2./g. bhuzon, -ne,/. = /. con- 
Alliance, s. 1, soUo, -lea, m.; ig- 
t8,g5,t, -ti, /. = I. friendship, 
^•/i- yekot, -(a, OT. = union. 
3. siim&nd, -d&, m. = I. con- 
Alligator, s. (AmerikaiJi) sis&r, 



Allot, T). Tant = make parts and 
give;. di = /, give; vopsun 
di = /. assign. 

Allotment, s. vanto, -tea, m. 

Allow, V. sod=A leave, permit; 
rS,ja di = /. give leave; vop = 
acknowledge; di=/. give. 

AUowaaoe, s. I.baten, -tea, ». 
(al. including food and 
clothes); p6d, -di,/ (al. in- 
cluding only food). 
2. rfija, -je, / = /. permission ; 
kobul, -li,/ = consent. 

Allowed (It is), v. by the poten. 
mood of the verb, e.g. kiriet 
= it is allowed to do it; kai- 
deatso or uayatso= lawful. 

Alloy, V. borsi = /. mix. 

Alloy, s. borsillen loha, -ha, n. 

AUnde, s. s&r k3,rn dakai or s&r 
kir, Dat. = I. comparing 
show, or comparison make. 

Allure, V. vodni di*/. give al- 
lurement; talnio ghal = put 
temptations; nadi k5,r; fus- 
lai; piso k4r = make mad, 


Allnrement, s. vodni, -dne,/.; fu- 
slaunen, -nea, ?i.; umalai, 


Allnfiion, s. s&r, -ri,/ 

Ally, s. Lit, -ta, m.-l. friend; 

solleigar, -ra, m. 
Almanac, s. p&nMng, -ga, n. 
Almighty,'!, sfirvijpodvedar; siir- 

vesvAr; sfi.rvijhukumdar = 

Almond, s. b&dam, -dma, ». 



Almost, ad. t8M-unen= /. more 
(or) less; sumar = nearly, 
about; lagin lagin = /. near 
near; it corresponds to the 
Latin ^paene\ e.g. almost 30, 
i.e. something less than 30; 
whereas the preceding ones 
correspond to the Lat. '■fere^; 
bfihaia {the same as l&giS 

Alma, s. izmill, -la, n./r. ; bhik 
(fully: bikSa) ; dhilrm, -ma, 
m. = I. charity (work of 

Aloe, s. kantekuv6r, -ri,/i; loji- 
sir, -ra, «. {B. K.) 

Aloft, ad. ants {ad.), untsai, -ye, 
/. {subst.), e.g. yek fiitor 
unta udai = throw a atotte al.; 
divo untsayer umkilta = a 
lamp is suspended in the 
space aloft. 

Alone, a. l.yetats {emph. Gram, 
p. 81). 

2. aplea-itleak=by itself, alone 
{see Gram. p. 134); yek3uro = 

3. rs. matr^ or ^k&t = /. only. 
Alon;, ad. prep, kade "'' lagin, 

or s^rsin. 
Aloof, ad. pois. 

Alond, ad. 1 , vodlean = /. with 
great (TOice), e.g. vodlean 
ulili=speak aloud. 
2.s6st=;. distinctly. 
3. h&k, used only with vbs. sig- 
nifying make a noise, by 
crying out, striking a thing 

violently, etc., e.g. yemkon- 
dant &tme hak ani hob 

Alphabet, s. &kSfiranmala, -\e,,f. 
{Cn. Mr.)=l. series of letters. 

Already, ad. poilots,^»w^A. ^poilo 
=firBt: hence it is declined, 
e.g. to poilots gelo=h6 has 
- gone already'; Hi poilits geli 
times-i,but this also, 
even; it is often omitted. 

Also, ad. \ . -i joined to the modi- 
fiedword^e.g. amkan-i=tou8 
too. (Gram. P. III. ch. ix.) 

2. LeguD {put after the modified 
•word): 'amkan legun = also 
to us'. 

3. sait {put after the modified 
word): 'amkan sJiit=also to 


Altar, s. altar, -ri,/, {var. -ra, 
m.); pith, -tha, n. {H. K.) 

Alter, V. 1 . b&dfil {odj. witk 
th5.ifi),^r.=change, also fal- 
sify money (nanen) or alter 
the face (sarken h&d&l). 
2. b^d&l zht&,n.v.=l.ii changes; 
or badai; see Gram. p. 279. 

Alteration, s. hadlap, -pa, n.=l. 
change; rs. v. 

Altercate, i). zS.gad {var. zagda); 
see (Juarrel; arenji. 

Altercation, s. z&gden, -de&, n. 

Alternate, a. adalbadil ; parisr- 
piira, n. c.\ s&rten. 

Alternate, v. ^djllbad&l. 

Alternatalr. ad. &diilb&d&l zaun- 




Alternative, f. Tinteap, -tspS,, n. 
■there is no alt. =du8ro upai 

JdVhojish, conj. zarit&r, com- 
pound tf/'zartar=if, and i= 
also ; hence it may be resolved 
{see Gram. Part II, Con- 
junct.) ; -i joined to the Con- 
ditional, e. g. tuven yen 
keleari = alth. you did it; 
but this form may be used 
only when the vb. has a con- 
ditional meaning. 

Altitndei s- ubarai, -ye,/ 

AJtogretber, ad. l.TOttu,e.^. the 
expeuses alt. amount to. 
2. purten = I. fully; pilripurn; 
kevfll; Sgdi; bilkul. 

Alum, s. pb&tki, -ke,y". 

Always, ad. 1. B&daa, or emph. 
2. sS.d&nkal = /. (at) time of 

Amalgamate) ^. mel&i; borsi= 

Amannensis, s- gumost, -sta, m. ; 
bor&itolo = /. be who writes, 
or b^rpi, -pifi, m. \ niLk&lris, 
-sa, m. = copyist. 

Amass, v. 1 . zom&i or zomo kar, 
G:M.,from 'zomo = multi- 
tude', used both of feople 
and things. 
2. ras k&r = /. make a heap, e.g. 
dudu ras k&r = am. money ; 
punz^i, c. V. (am. money). 

Amazed (Be), &jap za or &jap pau 
=1. admire; zim <?r jim zata. 

Amazement, s. jim, -m2, n. 
Ambassador, l.ritib&ri, -ria, m. 

rayadnt, -ta, m. 
2. muniyari, -ria, m.,e,g, am. 

of J. C. 
Aml)er,,-he,/. Cn.; 

vlg. ambar {also H, K.). 
Ambiguity, s. dubaubiiruaiiso, 

-sea, m. or dubaubiruanaea- 

5in utran; gudarth, -tha, m.: 

'to gudarthan ul&it& = he 

speaks ambiguously. 
Ambi|:uous, a. dubaubil.rnauBe&- 

tso; gudartbatso. 
Ambition, f. &bflQkar,-rS.,m.; ma- 

naSa, -se, y. 
Ambitions, a. ^h&nkari or iLhUn- 

karatso; man asetolo. 
Ambnlance, s. pbirti-asp&tri, -ri, 

f. = l. moveable hospital, K.c. 
Ambneh, 5. I. nad, -di,y. = trick. 

2. Iip5i Buat, -te,/i 
Ameliorate, v. boro kJLr=/. make 

good, e.g. a garden; kurt 

k&r ; sarko k&r = /. make 

Amelioration, s. kurt, -ta, m.\ 

gun, -na, m. : the ist is used 

esp. of material am,, the znd 

esp. of mental improvement. 
Amend, v. s&ma or sarko kilr, 

e.g.- errors; boro kiir=/. 

make good ; b&d&l= /. change, 

e.g. a life. 
Amends (Hake), farikpon di = 

/. give satisfaction. 
Amenity, i. khusalai, -j&,f ; ra- 

mayata, -te,/.,«.c.; s&ntos, 



-sa, OT.=/. joy; sukh, -kha, 

Amiable, a, mogatso or mogal; 

ipurbayetso; prititso or pri- 

Amidst, see Among. 
Amiss (Take), yaitakvor-/. take 

to evil; pSsfiatap kaiighe= 

Amnesty, s. 8g.rTijma,f, -fe, /. 

(or -mafi, ~fe,yi); bogsanen, 

-nea, «. = /. forgiyeneas ; 

map, -pi, /. (or maf) = I. 

excase, pardon (granted). 
Amony.^e^. l.piliki,i?r.;moden= 

/. in the middle ; yei used also 
for am. ; bitfi.r = m Latin '■in' 

or •■inter' : hy \st Locative. 
Amount, s. t.riikk&m, -kma, n,\ 

SItoz, -za, m.y e. g. am. of 

money; lek, -ka, n.=l. ac- 
Amonnt, 1). lek zata, e.g. yek 

b&zar rapoi lek zata taka 

= /. it amounts to 1000 Rs. 

to him. 
Ample, a. Tiatarlolo=/. extended ; 

rund=/. broad. 
Amplify, v. vistar, tr. n. v.; run- 

dai, e.g. a road. 
Amputate, v- kat&r. 
Amulet, s. m9,ntraSeii aid, -da, 

n. = /. article of charm. 
Amuse, t- kbusal k^r, tr. = I. 

make joyful. 

2. khusal za, «. = /. get joyful. 

3, khial {or thel) = play. 

Amusement, s. 1. s&ntds, -sa, m. 

or khusalai, -ye,y".=joy. 
2.khel, -la, m. = l. play. 
Analogy, s. sarkea, -kea, n.=l. 

similitude; vopar, -is,/. 
Analysis, J. 1. vingadai, -ye,/.= 

/. resolution, separation. 

2. p&rik|a, -kje,y. = I. exami- 

3. vingadkJirfii cintna, -tne,y",= 
I. thought separating; rs. into 
V. vingad kar or bhed kar. 

Ananas, s. anas, -nsa, n. {perh. 

corrup. of 'ananas', Afr.) 
Anarchy, I. rainatuUen raz, 

-ja, n. = /. kingdom without 

king; anidikar,-ra, «.; or rj. 

2.^. gusap, -pa, ?«.= con fusion. 

Anathema, s. s^rgisirap, -pa, m. \ 

ig&rjeSirap, -pa, m. 
Anatomy, s. angasodna, -ne,/! = 

I. inquiry into body. 
Ancestor, s. malgodo, -dea, m.; 

pitra,-ra,OT.; purvoz,-za,w. 
Anchor, s. nangor, -ra, m. : 'nan- 

gorar=at an.' 
Anchor, v. nangor ghal = cast 

an.; nangorar a3a=isatan. 
Anchorite, s. s^nyasi, -sia, ni.\ 

vanavasi, -si, /o. = Chri8tian 

anc, n. u. 
Ancient, a. 1. porno, used of 

things; purvillo. 
2. adin 9>sijllo or adlo=anterior. 

In anc. times = adii) purvit!. 
And, conj. Sni {vlg. anik) : often 

omitted {see Gram. P. II. ch. 


h, - A'OogIc 




Afleodote, s, kMa, -te, / or Ian 

k. = little Btory ; kani, -ye, 

f. ; kulakStta, n. c. 
Anew, ad. portun or portean; 

auiyek pauti = once more. 
Angel, s. bodivo, -vea, m.\ anj, 

-ja, m./r. 
Guardian A.=rakonb6dv6,^i'OT 

rak=keep, guard. 
Ang«Iii£ (Domini), f.=amori, -re, 

/. corrup. of Ave Maria; 

tinsan, -ni,y. (evening ang, 

vhen it begins to get dark); 

'am. mar = I. beat ang. (ring 

Anger, s. rS^, -ga, m.\ kr6d, 
-da, m. \ kop, -pii, m. 

Angle, .r. Lgiri, -ye,/. = fi8hing 

tackle; sint&ri, -re,/, (for 

fiahing). [(=corner). 

2. konso, -sea, m. pr. and fg. 

Angle, ». maslio db^r = I. catcb 
fiBbes; pag. 

Angry, a. ragiat- 

Angry (Get), Dai. rag ye = I. 
anger come; ragar z% =. I. 
get in anger; ragan raa 
= /. remain in ang. ; kop 
k&r: 'dusreank rag ad&itan 
= I cause to get angry'; 
'dusreantso r&g aila = I got 
ang. witb others'. 

Anguish, s. k&lr&lo, -lea, m., e. g. 
of a mother for a sick child; 
siintap, -pa, yn. 

AnQ, .s. niuli^n zad, -da, n. 

Animftdrersion, etc. see Reproof, 
Cenanie, Consideration. 

1. jinzat, -ti, / or 
jiYal, -le,/. (any living crea- 
ture), exact, hut n. c. words, 
from 'jiv = life' ; prani, -ni, 
/■I «■ e. [tional animal. 

2.monzat,-ti^/. = bea^t trrirra- 
Animate, v. l./r, jiv di:^/. give 
life ; or vants&i. 

2. d&irS.Toat k&ra/. make coar- 
ageous; db&ir di = /. give 

Animated, a. 1. jiTO^/. living, 
fr.\ pr&n asi^Uo. 
2.^. u§ar=lively. 

3. dh&irS,dikKCoarageous. 
Ankle, s. khubo, -bea, m. 
Anna, (a coin) s. ano, -nea, m. 

'1^ a. = paviino, -uea, »»., or 
s&kas s 6 k&s,m., or dedki, 
-ke, /.' ; '-J a = poiso, -sea, 
»«.'; 'j'j a. (pie) = ruvi, -ye, 
/.' ; 'J pie =! res or kas, -sa, 
OT.'; 'tarfl, -T&,f. = 2 pies'; 
'ts&kr^ = 4 annas'. 

Annalfl, s. v&rsiinfieo kobroc=/. 
news of years, «. c. ; h, w. 

Anneal, v. h&da k&r, kam&i. 

Annex, "v. melSi, c. v. ^mel, n. v. 
= be united'; g&dsi. 

Annihilate, ^. l.nants kilr = /. 
make not at all {Kank.y, 
(purten) nas kfirr=^. destroy, 
ruin (completely) ;nira8tfii= 
/. cause not to be, ». c. ; 
antar&iscause to finish, n. c. 

Annirersary, a. YOrsatso. 

Anniversary, J. vorsatso dis=/. 
day of the year (of death). 

' - A.oogic 



Annotate, v. tsitraio kfl,r = /. 
make notes ; gero k&r (saro?). 

Annotation, s. tsUtrai, -ye,/.; 
Sero, -reii, m. 

Annonnce, ■v. kh^bar ad =/. bring 
news, or k. di ; p3,rgJit kJir 
or pirg3,tai = /. make public 
or known ; k5,iit k3,r or kaiai 
= make known; za,n^i,(^c.v.o/ 
zana) = cause to know, «. c. 

Annoy, v. karkar kar, ir.; k. zata 
(maka) = I get annoyed; d6s, 
ir.; bezar kar; tondre k^r. 

Annoyance, s. k&rk&r, -ra, m, 
{used commonly in pi.') 

Annoying:, a. barkirateo, or beza- 
rayetso, or bezar kartso. 

Annual, a- see Anniversary. 

Annul, v. raddu padai.c. v. ; r. k^r, 
e.g. ann. a sentence; ;^e An- 

Anoint, v. kudir tel lai=/. apply 
oil on tbebody; makh, n.c. 

Anointment, ^- makbap, -pa, n. 

Anomalous, etc. see Irregnlar, etc. 

Anon, ad. l.atants. 
2. tbode pa uti= sometimes. 

Anonymons, l.naunnatullo. 
2. t&lli, ^.^. ano. letter; 
mn. deceitful (Cn. talatoli 
= deceit). 

Anotlier, a. 1. aniyeks/. one 
more (and one); Sniyeklo, 
2. dusro. 

Another (One), yekameka; see 
Gram. P. II. ch. iv., Recipr. 

Answer, s. z&rab or zabab {vlg. 
zab), -bi,/. 

Answer, v. zarab or zfibab di=/. 
give ans., e. g. reply to ft 
letter; 'I get an ans. = maka 
z. melta'. 

Ant, s. mui, -ye,/; 'white a.= 
valii,-lie,yi sing, and pi. 

Ant (Black), kantmui; ant of 
sugarcane =domlo, -lea, m. 

Ant (Bed), umlo, -lea, m. 

Ant (Very small), s. urna, -me,/. 

Antagonism, s. virodhai, -ye,/. 

Anterior, n. l.a.6.\o,/rom 'adifi 

= before' (in point of time). 

2. mnkavelOj/ruOT 'mukar=iii 

front' (esp. in point of place). 

Anthem, s. antifon, -na, «.; Idr- 
ta, -rte,/., n.c. 

Anticipate, v. pr. adiii kane, or 
a. kad, or a. pole or a. so- 
mza; but as this verb is 
vague and may have many 
meanings, according to the 
context, that verb must he 
chosen, which best suits the 
case, e.g. in 'he was antici- 
pated by death while brood- 
ing over bis plans'; 'kadlaf>r 
dharla=be has been caught' 
might he used /or 'he was 

Antidote, s. I. vokat, -kta, «.=/. 
medicine, y^. 
2.upai, -ya, ffi, = counterac- 
tion, preventive. 

Antipathy, s. nankhusi, -§e,/. ; 
rs.y e.g. mojen mon tafie 

Ant S 

th&m boren ii&m = iny heart 
IB not good towards him; 
dusmankai, -ye,y. = eiiiiiity; 
hageu, 'gea, n. ^hatred. 

Aatiqaitj, s. 1 . adlo (or porno) 
bal, -la, m.= l. old age. 
2.adm asijlle m^nis or adle 
m^ois = /. meu who have 
been before. 

Anvil, s. bodoantso (or dadaun- 
tao or bettso) ^tor, -tra, w*. = 
/. beating-stone; &digal, -la, 
m., n.c, Cn. 

Anxiety, s. husko, -kea, m. (sigh); 
6intna,-ne,/=i/. thought,;^.; 
bezarai, -ye, /".=/. tiredness, 
fg.; akant, -ta, ni.=d. distress. 

Anxioua, a. l.Sintest. 
2. bezari or bezar. 

Anj,a. kasoio-i (seeGram. p. 75), 
e.g. I am satisfied with any 
kind of. ... ; ii corresponds 
to the Italian 'gualstasi' 
both in interrogative and 
non-interrogative sentences. 

Anywhere, ad. s&rvij thfiin; s^ 
glean {Instr. of siglo). 

Apart, ad. yingad: 'take a. = v. 

Apartment,^- l.maliii, -liy6,y. 
2. knd, -da, n. — l. room. 

Apathy, s. beparvai, -ye, f. = I. 

Ape, £■ vandor, -dra, m. 
Aperture, s. 1, fut, -ti,/.=clunk. 
2. iden, -dea, «. = opening. 
Aphoriem, s. gad, -di,/;- TSfian, 


Apooryphkl,!!- fotkiren uaunaaul- 
' lo, or sometimes only fotkiro. 

Apologetia, a. l.sambaltolo or 
sambaltso^/. defending. 
2,udaraa sangtao^giTing ex- 

Apologize, V. map mlg ^ /. ask 
pardon (or maf mag) ; uda- 
r&n k&r (or u. 8£ng)=exciil- 
pate oneself or give expla- 
nation of what has been 
done; farikpon di = /. give 

Apoloj7> ■^- ndarin, -na, n. 

Apoplexy, s. r&gtaCi pida, -de, 
f.^l. sickness of blood. 

Apostftsy, s. bavadtasodni, -&e,/. 

Apostate, s. bavadt sodijllo (or 
another word instead o/^'ba- 
yadt', according to the kind 
of apostasy meant). 

Apostatize, v. (bavSdt) sod = /. 
leare (faith) ; see Apostate. 

Apostle, s. fipostlif, -la, m.\ 5. 
Kriata muniyari, -ria, m.= 
I. ambassador, minister of J. 

Apothecary, s. voktan iktolo = /. 
he who sells medicines ; voiz, 
-za, OT. = native physician; 
W^f.potkeri,-ri,«._^.; gilnd- 
s&rkagar, -ra, m. (= native 

ApparattLS, s, saman, -nan, pi. m. 

Apparel, s. mustaigi, -ge,/. see 
Dress; samagri, -re,/!; siir&n- 
jam, -ma, ».; surungar, -ra> 
m. =/. decoration. 

h, - \.OOgk- 

App i 

Apparent) a. l.distso. 
2.B0st=/. distiuct, clear. 
3. fotkiro=deceiviDg, e. g: ap. 
happiness {opposite lo real) ; 
saulet80=of shadow. 
Apparently) ad., rs. .into a.\ rs. 
dista matri; = I. only it ap- 
pears; by -so {see Gram. p. 
Apparition, s. diit, -ti,y. Joined 
to the verb; diStipodap, -pa 
{or -dpil), n. {used abso- 
Appeal, V. I.metsM. 
2.niag = /. request, Cm. 
3, saksimonapoi; yitsar=sask. 
Appeal, s. metsounen, -Qe&, n. 
Appeal) V. 1. dis; disti p64=A 
fall in sight, used of visions, 
e.g. Somi J. C. Pedrnk diiti 
2.haz^r s.ia, = {Lat. adesf),l, is 
present ; or only asa. 
Appearance, J. l.diaap, -spa, «. 
2. Barken, -kea, n.=similitude, 
e.g. ap. of bread; rup, -pa, 
n. = figure, e.g. what is the 
ap. of that man? opposed to reality, rs. 
into verb, dista m3.tri}; or 
sanli, -le,/. = /. shadow,^. 
Appease, ». see Allay; moreover 
l.mOTaIS,i = /. make tender; 
farikpo^i di = /. give satisfac- 
2. fuslai (pacify quarreling per- 
sons, a crying child etc.; 
I. caress). 

! App 

Append, see Add, Annex. 
Appendix, s. ts&dap, -dpa, n.= 

I. addition; or tsAdau, -y&, 

Appertain, v. 1. favo za, e.g. the 

book appertains to me. 
2. lag=/. be attached,^., e.g. 
. things appertaining to this 

Appetite, s. 1 . rats, -fii, /. (of 

food); bhuk, -ke, /. = /. 

2.^. khuii, -se,y. (any desire) ; 

asa, -se,/. 
Applaud, V. h6g6!si {or uhojsi). 
Applause, s. hoglap, -pa, n. 
Apple, s, b6r, -t&, n. [of this 
Ap. of the eye=bauli, ~le {var. 

mauli, -le),/. 
Applicant, s. Srrjegar, -ra, m. 
Application, 1. s. lagap, -gpa, «. 
2. mag-itea, ~nea, n. or bet. ftrji, 

-je, f = I. petition ; sadan, 

-na, «. = (act of applying), /. 

Apply, Ti. l.mSrg^/. ask praying 

{Ace. of thing and Cm. of 

person); e.g. sSrkara lagin 

yek kam mag = apply for an 

office to the magistrate ; &rji 


2. lag, e. g. oneself to study ; 
or also be applied, e. g. 

words of the Bible. 

3. lai or lag^i, e.g. ap. a boy 
to study. 

4. ghals^put, employ, tr. 

App 1 

5. za = /. BQit. 

6. sar k&m dakoun di = /. make 
allusion, showing give, e.g. 
these words are to be ap- 
plied to as; or bet. 'lai = 
apply' in this mn., e.g. yen 
s&t amkaa laun pojeyS, = 
Bee this truth applied to 

Appoint, V. nemsi, e. g, to aa 
office; noiiiiyar=^. nominate; 
k&rn d6v6r, e. g. J. C, ap- 
pointed St. Peter, 

Appointment, J. mokruri, -re,/, 
e.g. maka yek mokruri zali 
= I got an ap.; nem&k, -kS, 

Apposite, a. layek. 

Appreciate, z'. mand,boren5iDte 
/. think well, e.g. of a mau ; 
apurhai kSr (of things); khusi 
pau or sintos pau {Nam. of 
pers.,isiLoc.o/iktng)\ mdl 
Tolka = acknowledge the 
price, e.g. of the grace. 

Apprehend, v. 1. dhSr = catch; 

2. Bomza = I. understand ; vojka 
=know; k£i[=grasp. 

3. hhiye=fear. 
Apprehension, s. l.bhirant, -ti, 

/. or hhcn, bhiya, n. = I. fear. 
2. fiintna, -tne,/I = /. thought, 
idea; see Idea {in isf mn.) 
Apprehensive, a. bizud(=timid). 
Apprentice, s. umedrar, -ra, m. 
Approach, v. lagin pan = /, arrive 

3 Arb 

Approbation, s. m&njur, -re, / ; 

pJLsflnd, not used as noun; 

metsoni, -ne, /. 
Appropriate, v. 1, dovor (Dat. or 

with 'paasun') = /. keep for, 

2. apnak kane = /. take for 

Appropriate, a. l.ffivo zatolo or 
iavo = /. belonging (Set. rs.) 
2.1ayek=/. fit, suitable; rs. 
into 'zatasis ap'. 

3. dy the G. (peculiar). 
Approval, see Approbation. 
Approve, ». l.pilsaad k&r = /, 

make approval. Ace. 

2. metsva (or metsvo), with N. 
offers. Ace. of thing; or N. 
of thing, Dat. of pers., e.g. 
aunyen metsvotan = I like 

3. metsoni kftr = /. make ap- 

Approximate, a. lagsilo, or lagin 

asfllo, or rs. ad. lagin- 
Approximate, v. lagin pau = /. 

reach close. 
Approximation, s. laginpavap, 

-pau pa, «. 
Apron, s. mukaveleii lugat, 

-gta, n. = I. anterior cloth. 
Apt, a. layek. 
Aqnatio, a. udkftntlo. 
Aqoednct s. udkatso tod, -da, 

m. = I. canal of water. 
Arbiter, J. 1. p&n5ayetdar, -ra, 

m. ; mMest, -sta, m. 
2, melpanGayetdar = head arbi- 




Arbitrmy, a. khuse p&rm^ne 
a8ullo=/. according to the 
will ; sotantratso ; bet. rs. 
into V. 

Arbitrate, ^- p^niSayetdar zaun 
t8&l = /, behave as an arbit- 
er; ni85eisi = /. decide; tirp 
kar ; md,desti k^r. 

Arbitration,'!. l.k&rar,-ra,7n.= 
/. agreement. 
n.~l. sentence of an arbiter ; 
tirp, -pa, ».=/. decision. 

Arboni, ^. l.molo, -lea, m. = l. 
2.ni9rtou, -tra, m.=l. shed. 

Arcade, s. varand, -da, m. 

Arch, s. 1, ark, -ka, «. /r.; 
gompri}, -ra, «. 
2. donu, -nya, «, (also geomet- 
rical figure): 'donu podlan = 
rainbow appeared'. 

Archaiigreli ^- arkanj, -ja, m. ; 
Sre^tbodvo, -vea, m.; mel- 

Archbishop, s. arfibisp, -pa, m. 
('saib = Lord', is usually 
added) rl./r. 

Archeolojry, s, pornean kalan^ 
vidya, -dye, /. = science of 
former times. 

Archetype, s. n&muno, -nea, m. 

Axohiteot, s. baadpi, -pia, m. 
b3,ndpap5.ndit, -ta, nt. or 
bandpan&muueagar, -ra, m.\ 
silpigastri, -ri, in. 

Architecture, s. bandpavidya, 
-ye,y!; silpisastrij, -ra, «. 

ArchiTe, s. d&fterakhaoo, -nea, 

Ardent, a. -pr. l.lastolo, front 
las = burn. 
2. uma!atso=/. boiling^, uj'^^; 
zfiltso; see Hot. 
Ardour, s. pr. l.giirmi, -me,y: 
(=heat); Tot, -ta, «. or T^t 
(=heat of sun e/c), e.g. 
TOtak gbal, 
^.fg. khuli, -se,/. = desire. 
3.sudsudai, -ye,/;=fervour. 
4. umalo, -lea, m. 
Ardnona, a. pr. 1 . ubar=bigh,^. 

2. k&ntin=difficult {var. katin). 
Area, s. voilen &Dg, -ga, n.=d. sur- 
face; suat, -te, /, or zago, 
-gea, m.; melbh^g, -ga, n. is 
sometimes used; yet it mn. 
surface, I. part above; 'afi- 
gan,-gna,«.^ open surface be- 
fore house' ; m&idau, -na, n. 

Areca-nnt, i.'phopal, -pla, n. 

Areca (tree), s. madi, .-ye,/ 

Argil, s. avo, -vea, m.; 5ikol- 
mati, -je,/.=l. dirty earth; 
kumbaramati, -ye/. 

Argue, P. tark kiir=/. make dis- 
cussion; dak&i = /. show. 

Argument, 5. l.ruzvat, -ti, / 
2.daklo, -lea, m. (= proof of 

3. vivor,-ra, m. (=explanation). 

4. tUrk, -ka, n. (= discussion). 

5. vlg. arment, -ta, n. (an old 

Arid, a. suko. 

i._ - A'OogIc 




Aridity, s. sakidad, -di,/ (Lai. 

Arise, v. l.ts&d or unts Yet&=/. 

mouotB aloft. 
2.iitzrZa/. surge, 

3. ude, e.g. sun arises. 

4. zaEbecome, happen. 
h./g. abzft=/. proceed. 

Aristocrat, s. 1. vodlo m&nis, -3a, 

m.=l. great maD. f-rbu)., -bu. m. (var. porob, 

Arithmetic, s. &iikeaD6i yidya, 

-yc/lW. science of numbers ; 

g&Qit, -ta, «. {Cn., Mr., 

Sans.); litV, -k&, ». 
Ark, s. 1. ark, -ka, «. 
2.Noba-tfiruD, -rri, ». = A 

ship of Koah. 
Arm, s. bbnz, -za, n,pr. ; baulo, 

-lea, )«, = upper joint; r&tto, 

-tea, m. 
Arm, zi. 1 . /r. V. h&tjfiran di=/. 

give aims. 
2. M. V. hMyaran kane= I. take 

Arm-chair; s. hat flsijlli b&ska, 

-fee,/. = /. chair having hands. 
Armorial, see Sscntobeon. 
Armpit, s. kafc, -ke,/! 
Armistice, s. b&tyaranraTap, -pa 

(or -raupa), «.; zuzarayap, 

-pa (or -raupa), n. 
Armooiy, s. h&tjftrangiir, •!&,». 
Armour, s. kudi&eii r&knen, -nea, 

Amu, s. h.&tjS.T, -ra, n. 
Army, s. l&sk^r, -ra, ».; fonz, 
-ji, /.; 6&in, -na, «., «.c.; 

sip&ianiSi p&tlam, •mij/ic/. 

battalion of soldiers, vlg.,fr. 
Aroma, s. p&rm&l, •{&, m. ; pilr- 

mfilafii T&stij, -tu, f. = l. a 

good-smelling thing. 
Aromatic, a. p&rm&}&tao. 
Around, prep. ad. bouatinin or 

Aroase, v. nts&mbol k&r or 

utB&mbolai, c. v. = cause to 

get excited; Txtk\,c.v.a/'\i%' 

e.g. ar. to virtue. 
Arrack, s. soro, -refi, m. (divided 

into 'ras, -si, /.', 'dobr&d, 

-da', and 'tibrad, -da, w.'). 
Arralern, see Aeense. 
Arrange, v. niand=put in order, 

e.g. ar. matters; s&ma k&rK 

/. make right, or s&ma gbfil 

=/. pat right. 
Arrangement, s. I.t3,y3,rfii, -ye, 
/. = /. preparation. 

2. m&nd&Tol, -li, /. (good dis- 

3. often rs. 

Array, v. I. tttyfir kir. 

2. mand= arrange. [.jaa,n. 
Array, s, mandavo^, -]i,/,; krd.ia, 
Anear, s. baki, -ki, /. : 'mojer 

baki kitefi?siwhat are my 

arrears ?* 
Arrest, v. ih&T=l. catch; sfim- 

pdai or s&mpd&i, also fg,\ 

kiUdaut ghal. 
Arrest, s. k&id, -da, ». . 
Arrival, s. 1 . yenen, -neS, «. 

{= coming). 
2.pavap, paupa, «< .ooqIc 



Arrive, v. pau. 

Arrogance, s. g&Tr, -va, n. = l. 

pride; sill, -la, «.=obstinacy; 

ahS.nkar, -ra, m. ; hit, -ta, n. 

Arrogrant.a. garvi (var. garviSt); 

saiiSt; aplea Tadeatao = /. of 

his own will. 

Arrow, s. bhali, -ye,/. 

Arrowroot, s. kuveafiefi pit, -ta, 

Araenifl, s. pasan, -na, n. 
Art, s. 1. vidja, -ye, /. = I, 
science; sikap, -kpa, n. = l. 
learning; samarthi, -the,/. 
2.hikmiit, -ti,/. = /. industry. 
Article, 5- 1- Birak, -ka, n. 
a.artig, -ga, m. (more com- 
monly, se, /.), e.g^. of the 
creed, yy. 
3. saman, -na, m.=l. furniture; 
see Joint, Item. 
Articulate, a. sost=/. distinct. 
Articulate, v. sost utsar=/. ex- 
press with distinction. 
Artifice, s. 1. (Samfitkar, -ra, m. 
2.tantrv, -ra, n. (=inagic ar.) 
S.nad, Kli,/. = /. trick, 
i.hikmat, -ti,/=^. mdastry. 
Aitifloial, a. hikmatitso, e.g. ar. 

Artillery, s. l.iiali=guns. 

2.,nalisipai, pi- m. 
Artisan, s. acari, -ria, m. (esp. 

Artist, J- 1 ■ samarthigar, -ra, m. 
2.Tidyogiet, -ta, m. or uddeo- 
gar, -ra, m. 

As, ad.^ conj. 1. a term of com- 
parison, biri, e.g. to Pedru ■ 
bari karta {Lai. instar). 

2. zagen=iQ that way in which 
{e. g. sicut dicit Isaias) ; or 
tasen = in that way. 

3. causai. particle (because): a. 
dekun (Gram. P. IV. Ch.ii. 
Art. vii.) placed at the end: 
b. pasvot or pasun with the 
participle, {Lat. propter); c. 
kiteak molear. 

4. mollea jinsar = (Lat. quate- 
nus), I. on the said way, e. g. 
Deu mansa^a mollea jin- 
sar patkiak kantalnan=God 
does not hate the sinner as 
man, /. God does not hate 
the sinner in the way called 

5.mon, zann; in sentences like 
these: 'he came as a govern- 
or ; he is called prophet'. 

6.karQ, e.g. accept him as a 
As — aa, correlative ad. l.hari 
{or pori), e.g. he is as wise 
as you=to tum&e bari bu- 

2. zaso — taso, or kaao — tiso, 
e.g. kaso tun budivont, taso 
to budivont = as you are wise, 
so he is wise. 

3. kitlo— itlo or titlo, e.g. kitlo 
vo budivont, titlo to budi- 

N. B. Ml these words are de- 
clined {see Gram. p. 82)|. 



Aa if, biri, e.g. he speaks aa if 
he were a fool = pisa milnsa 
bari ulaita = Zfl/. loquitur 
stulti hominis ins tar \ some 
times this 'bari' is preceded 
by 'mollea', while the prin- 
cipal verb is put in the tense 
required by the meaning; 
e.g. live every day as if you 
were to die oa the same = 
ilsen jiyezai teats disa mor- 
toloi moUea b^ri ; about this 
'mollea' see Gram. p. 313. 

As far as, l.titlen put after 
the verb, e.g. maka k^lta 
title Q = as far as I know; see 
Gram. pp. 236-237. 
2.tS,eea or tea jiD8in=thus or 
in that way. 

As far as possible, 1 . tanki p&rmSr- 
ne= according to the power; 
or tEnkta titlen = /. is pos- 
sible as much, 'kitleS' being 
understood, thus : (kitlen) 
tankta titlen = Lat. quantum 
possibile est, iantum; see 
Gram. I.e. 

As much as, ad. kitlo — itlo = /. 
Lat. quantus tantus. 

As soon as, li|aEi = momeQt,^^/- 
lowed by 'uprSnt', e.g. tea 
kgana uprant=/. after that 
moment. Where a. a. a. intro- 
duces a verb, the participle 
of the zerb is used with 
'kSaiia' or 'fiir' in the Dat. 
or Or. without postp., 
e, g. as soon as they had 

gone oat, the house fell = te 
bairgellea farak, gh&r pod- 
len = /. in the moment (iu 
which) they (had) gone out, 
the house fell. 

As to,viBy&ut&rthain=/.about, 
ch.cs.i 'as to what you write 
=tumin borSiUea yisyant=/. 
about the ... written by you.' 

As follows, t&sen or &sen = I. 

thus; kiteii molear, 

N.B. For the use of all these 

phrases see Oram. esp. P. II. 

Ch.iii. P. IV. Ch.ii. Art.iii. 

AsafcBtida, s. hing, -ga, m. 

Asoend,^. tsM e.g. amoimtaiD; 
unta veta = I. goes aloft, rises, 
e. g. the thermometer rises. 
2. khaduD ghalu ts^ = climb 
with a rope, /, putting rope as- 
cend, (as is the practice here 
in some parts of Kanara), 

Asoendenoy, s. podvi, -ye, f.; 
adhikar, -ra, m. see Influence. 

Asoension, s, s&rgartsadnep, 
-nea, «. or ' sargintsadnen, 
-nea, n. 

Ascent, s. tsadnen, -nea, n. 

Ascertain, v. 1 . nis&eisi, e. g. asc. 
news = kh&bar n. 
2. kajai = I. cause to know, 
Dat.; zanai, c.v. of za^a. = 

A8cetic,a.]. atmeatso=/.of soul, 
mn. spiritual. 
2.devaspoiiatBO, e.g. a book. 

Ashamed (Be), laz; loje, (aun 1.); 
\&z dista=/. shame appears 


^. Dat.; eermetafi, «. v. 

(aui i.). 
Ashe8,-r. l.gobor, -bra, m.; 'as. 

with fire(embera)=muriiiiiro, 

-rea, m' 
2.8inz, -ji,y^, rl.y/r. 
Afih-Wednesday, s. sinjitso bu- 

dvar, -ra, m. 
Aside, dd. yingfld. 
Ab^, •!!. 1. mag, mn. a. with 

prayers, request (Lat. toga), 

Prs. Cm. 
S.itsar or vitsar = question, 

Cm. Prs.; nimgi, -v. = aslr, 

Cm. Prs. 
Aekanae, (Look a.) rfinkclea jin- 

sio pole=look in a crooked 

■way; or only 'vankden pole'. 
Asleep (Be), nid or nidla, per/, 
AjJleep (Pall), nid pod=/. sleep 

fall, Dat. Prs, (esp. at night 

or bed-time) ; nid yeta (esp, 

at extraordinary times). 
Asleep (Put), nidai, e, v.; gana 

gS = cause (children) to sleep 

by singing in a low voice. 
Aspect, s. 1. rup, -pa, n. = I. 

figure; rs, dista (e.g, boren) 

=look8 {e.g. well); tdnd, -da, 

«.,■ tearo, -rea, m. {Hal. 

Asphalt, s. dambor, -rii, m. 

umed, -Ai,/. 
Aspire,^. fipekSie/. desire; lale. 
Asquint, a. tirso: 'look asq. = 

tirso pole'. 

Ass, s, gadSuD, -dva, n. 
Assail, V. angar pod = I. fall on 

body; zulam \ii.r = l. make 

Assassin, s. khunigar, -r£i, m. 
AsBaBBinat«,z'. kbuni k&r=/. make 

assassination; jiusimarskill. 
AssassinatioB, s, khuni, -ye,/ 
Assault, V. zulum k&r=/. make 

violence ; zomp mari=pouDce. 
Assault, s, zulum, -Ime^; zomp, 

-pi,/./ uprali, -li,/ 
Assemblage, s, l.mel, -la, m.; 

zomo, -me&, m. 
a.ras, -8i,/.=^. heap,y^. 
Assemble, v. 1 . Ir. melii, c. v. of 

mel, n. v,; zomo k&r or zom&i. 
Assembly, s. zunt, -tS, m.,/r.; 

me], -la, m.=meeting; yekot,. 

-ta, OT. = unioii; sl.bha,-bhe» 

/. = council. 
Assent, s. kabuli, -le, / {var. 

koblat, -ti,/) 
Assent, v. k&buli di, or kfLbul 

k&r=/. give consent, {or k&- 

bulasasis consenting); vop. 
Assert, v. kh&ndit (zaun) s&ng 

=/. say certainly; mon>:/, 

say. [m. 

Assertion, s. kh3,ndit utsar, -ra. 
Assessment, s. tirvo, -veil, m, 

see Valuation. 
Assets, -r. ast,-ti,/; jindigi,-ge,/- 
Assererate, v. khSndit zaun sang. 
Assiduity, s, rs. into khMa- 

n&stan&n = without inter- 
vention, ch, cs.\ zagrutai, 

-yo, /. 

^ ,., ...lA-ooglc 



Aatiinana, a. zagnit. 
Assiduoaaly, ad. kh&laaastaDan ; 
tbambaaaataiian = /. not 

AmgatV. 1. disA give. 
2.mokrari k&r, Ace. of ihing 

Dal, of pers. I. make ap- 
•ABsi^nation, s. mokrari, -re, / 

(= appoiDtment). 
Asaiffiiment, s. h&Talo, -lea, m. 
-Aflsimilate, v. 1. sarko k&r = /. 

make like, or &^t k&r. 
2. biLd&I = change ('into = 

Assist, V. adliar {or kumok) kHr 

= 1. make help; piXu; s&hai 

di or s. k&r, 
Assistanee, s. &&hai, -ye, / = 

help; kumok, -mke,/.=:help; 

adhar, -ra, m, = help. 
Assistant, a. s. kumki (<!.); or 

kumkegar, -ra, m. (s.) 
Assooiate, v. 1. sangat k&r = /. 

mscke company; Baiigatiza= 

/. become companion ; yekot 

kftr = /. make unioD. 
2.f£'. za = /. suit. 
ABsooiate, s. Bangati, -tia, m.; 

i|t, -ta, m. 
Assooiation, s. mel, -Ja, m.; yeko- 

tai, .ye, /, = union ; yekot, 

-ta, m, = union. 
Assort, 1'. th&ra th&rak ving&d 

ABSortment, s. th&raToI, -li,/. -/. 

Assume, v. l.k£ine = /. take. 

2.^. ISk = consider, £,^. ass. 
for granted. 

3. vopsaoghe, v. kanghe = con- 
signed take upon oneself. 

Assumption, .r. l.ghevap, -p&,n. 

2. B&rginrig&p, -gpa, «., rl. mn. 

Assaranae, f . l-gh&t alo&en, -ne 

[or -ni),/. = firm conviction. 

2. patiyeni, -ni,/. = confidence. 

3.kb&ndit sang-nen, -nea, n.^ 

positivedeclaration; tirm&g, 

-na, n. = Bolemn declaration, 


4. &um&ryad, -di (-de),/. = want 
of modcBty. 

Assnred (I feel), nis6ei zann (silng- 

Asterisk, s. fnl, -la,». (fula,-le?). 
Asteroid, s. Ian graha, -ha, n. 
Asthma, s- l&a, -si,/.: >taka l&s 

marta =he BufferB from asth.' 
Astonish, v. l.&jap k&runk l&i, 

or &jap&i, Ir.v. 
Astonished (Be), &jap za; zim zS 

(be astonished, with fear). 
Astonishing, 0. &japatso. 
Astonishment, s. ajap, -p£, n.; 

zim, -ma, n. (ast with fear). 
Astray (Oo), aun Tat tBuktaii = I 

miBs the way. 
Astriat, z". l.baud = tie; &rmiu 

2. damb = press (in order to 

Astringent, s. b&ndk&rCeu vokat, 

-kt&, n. 
Astrologer, s. jotis, -sa, or jotis- 

gar, -la, m. (zoti). 



Astronomer, s. joyis, -|a, m, [S. 
K.)\ neketrarip&ndit, -ta, m. 

neketranvidya, -ye,y; 

Asylum, s. Ssro, -rea, m. 

At, prep. l.byistLoc. Lat. H'n\ 

2.6y 2nd Loc, Lat. 'm', and 

'super', used for time and 


3.ijy Cm. Lat. '■apitd'. 

4. by Ace. or Or. to show time. the Or. case of the fern. 

derived adjective (showing 


Q.Dat. {to show price); see 

Gram, passim for all these 

cases. Examples of each 

case: l.'togMrant asa=he 

is at home' ; 2.'fantear = at 

daybreak' ; 'modeo ratir= 

at midnight'. 3. 'Trebia kftde 

zalli l^ai = the battle at 

theTrebia'. 4.'atiioon=doii- 

par iw donpara', 5.'rati(Sen= 

at night'. 6. 'at what price 

skitlea molak? (bet. tS^en 

mol kiten?)' 

Atheism, s. cSiStikamfit, -ta, m. 
(Mr. Sans. Cn.), n. u. 

Atheist) s. nastik, -ka, m., n. u. 

Athwart, see Aoroes. 

Atlas, s. bhninnSkSa, -Se,/. 

Atmosphere, .r. vareS, -rea, «.= 
I. air; Antral, -la, «. = 8ky; 
akas, -s&, », = sky. 

Atom, f . l.laa I§n kudko, -kea, 
m. = l. very little piece ; kus- 
kut, -te,/ 

2.k&ni, -ye,/.=/. a piece of 

grain; tuB, -sa, n. (ot rice, 

Atone, V. ^rikpon di = /. give 

satisfaction; pra,iSit k&r = /. 

make penance (G. //.) 
Atonement, s. farikpoa, -na, n. ; 

pra6it, -ta, n. 
Atrooions, a. bh&y&nkflratso = /. 

dreadful; or bet. biyankal; 

khoteponatso=/. wicked; ni- 

gtur = I- cruel ; ghStki = 

traitor; mharu = cruel. 
Atrocity, s. khotepon, -na, n. = 

I. wickedness ; nisturai, -ye, 

/. = I. cruelty ; mhanipoi^, 

-ria, n. 
AttaohjP. \.tr.\a.%^ior\a.i,c.v.of 

lag, n. V. = be attached. 
2.fg. dh&r = /. seize. 
Attachment, 'f- l.lagiLp,-gpa,«.; 

bet. rs. V. 
2.fg. m6g,-ga, m. =1. lore^. ; 

siilgi, -%9,f,e.g. of a son to 

the mother; &parbai, -y^./ 

Attack, V. angar pod=/. fall on 
body ; zulum kar = I. make 
violence; where the verb is 
usedfiguratively, other Kon- 
kani verbs should be used, 
according to the context, e.g. 
be attacked by dlseaBe=pida 
taka lagta, or p. t. zata; att. 
an opinion = inkar k&r = /. 
resist; virodh uiai. 

Attack, s. 1, zulum, -Ime, /.; 
ho}, -la, «. 



2.^., e.g. att. of a disease; 
rs. into v. 
Attain, w. l.«. pau=/. arrive, 
2. tr. zdd = /. obtain ; jik = ^. 
Attar, s. guIoba5en tSI, -tfi, n.\ 

attar, -ra, n. 
Attempt, 7'. k&r==/. 
make effort, pr. 
2. zulum k&r = /. make vio- 
lence, y^. 
Attempt, s. pr&yfi,tin, -tna, «. 
Attend, v. l.sangata Tote=go 
with; pa.yoi=caaae to reach, 


2. haz^r asa=is present; asas 
is, 2nd Loc. 

3. rak= await. 

4. Cit di=giTe attention. 

5. tsakri k4r=8erTe, G. F.\ see 
also Follow. 

Attendance, s. 1. tsakri, -re,/ V. 
Attendant, s. sevok, -ka, m. or 

tsakor, 'kra, m. 
Attention, l.kfin diunfieS, -6ea, 

«.; 6it, -ti,/; zagrutai, -ye, 

/.; ts&trai, -ye,/; mon, -na, 

n.=l. heart, y^., e.g. pray 

with attention. 
Attestion(Pay), 1 . kao di or^\\, di ; 

zagrut raii=^. remain awake. 
2. tsiitrai kanghe=take heed; 

k&b&rdar rSa=take heed. 
Attentive, a- zagrut, or rs. v. 
Attest, ». safcS sang or s. di. 
Attestation, s. sakfi, -Si,/.=eTi- 


Attitude, s. stiti, -ti,/. or Snga- 
CeS asap,-spa, n. = 8itastion 
of the body, n, c; rflp, -pa, n. 

Attorney, s. vHkil, -la, m.; kar- 
bari, -ri&, m.; G. k&m ts&l&i- 
tolo=/. managing the busi- 
ness; muttaUk, -ka, m. 

Attract, ». I.v6d. 
2./g. Todni di or fuslSi; see 

Attraction, s. vo^ni, -ne, /. 
or Yondounen, -nea, «. or 
vondon, -ne, / pr., fg.\ 
fuslauQen, -nea, n. 

Attribute, -o. see Afloribe. 

Attribute, J. 1. gun, -na, »»., e. g. 
att. of God; l&kS&n, -ga, 
«., e.g. Derafiia l&k|&i>an; 
Neuter of the Adj., e.g. it 
is an att. of man=m&nsa- 
fiefi, as Lai. 'kotnims est'. 

Attrition, s. bhiranti&i duk, -ki, 
/. = /. sorrow of fear. 

Attnne, v. (talo) s&ma k&r=/. 
make right (tbe tune). 

Auction, s. l&ilaun, -lava, n. 

Asdacione, a. l.dh&iriivont =/. 
courageoue; zobor. 
2.1iizbandoE/. impudent. 

Audaciousness, s. 1 . dh&ir, -ra,n.; 
zobord&st, -ti,/. 
2. lilzbandpop, -na, n.=l. im- 

Audience, s. 1. b6t (or bhe(), -(e, 

/ = /. visit; milak&t, -ti,/.; 

'begot aiid.=takabet mejli, 

taka milak&t melli'. ring). 

2. aikap, -pa, n. (= act of hear- 




Aodit, V. poleis/. look; t&nki 
fc&r, e.g. aud. accoanta. 

Anditor, s. t&okidar, -ra, m. 

Anger, s. barmo, -mea, m. for 
making large holes; rum, 
-ma, «. /or boring holes in 
■wood for nails. 

Augment, ^. tsg,d&i, c. v. of ts&d. 

Augrment, s. tsidap, -pa {or -dpa). 
n. or tsadouni, -rie,/. 

Angmr, s. bolmen sangtolo, •lea, 
m. = l. saying augury; bol- 
■^•) /■ [cKarm. 

Angrtu', V. bolmoQ sang = /. say 

Augury, s. bolmea, -mea, n. 

Aunt, l.mausi, -se,/. (maternal 
2. akai, -kii, ar mavoln, -ni,/", 

(paternal aunt), 
3.mami, -ye,/. (»r ai, -ye,/. 
(;«•»» of respect, or address); 
Gram. p. 157. 

Aurora, s. fanten or phanteS, 
-tea, n. ; *'/ seems to be used 
only in the znd Loc., phan- 
tear=at aur.; uzaad, -da, m. 
= /. light: 'uzuad zalo (cru, 
dista)=it is aurora'. 

Angpioes, s. bolmin, pi. n. 

Austere, a. kitin (= seTere) ; 
kMdij {sounded like kilrd), 
e.g. au8. superior. 

Austerity, s. l.k&tinai, -ye,/.; 
nib&rai, -ye,/,, e.g. aust. of 
penance; ts&louniSi nib&rai, 
-ye,/. (=rigour); k&rdai, -ye, 
/= rigour. 

2,kh4nt, -ti,/ = melancholy. 
Authentic, a. kh&rots {emph. of 

Author, "0. k&rt, -ta, m,, n. c. ; 

. . . kello, or rs. v. 
Authoritative, i2. podvi&sulla=/. 

powerful; &dikari, e.g.&vAh. 

answer; podvetso. 
Authority, s. 1 . podvi, -ve,/ = /. 

power ; h&kkij, -ka, n. = t. 

right; sot&titri}, -rS, «, = 

absolute power ; &dbikar, 

-T&, m., e.g. auth. of the 


2. sfirkar, -ra, m = public au- 
thority, goTerament, 

3. patiyeni, -ni,/ (grounds for 

AuthoriM, v. podvi di = /. give 

Autocrat, s. sot&ntri, -ria, m.= 
having absolute power. 

Auxiliary, a. adharatso orkumki. 

Avail, I*, (use) 1. pr3,y6g k&r=/, 
make use (G.Af.): 'av. your- 
self of the opportunity =B&n- 
drap gbe or kane, = /. take 
the opportunity'; upiiyogsi. 
2 . upkarak pod = /. fall to bene- 
fit; see Use. 

Avarice, s. l.surat, -ta, m. 
2. absuart, -t£, m., rl. w. Not a 
few of the natives of Kanara 
understand by 'ibeuart* 

Avaricious, a. surati ; imto, 
stronger and more compre- 
hensive than surati. 

' - A.oogk- 



^rikpon kane = /. 
take satisfaction, revenge, 
Average, s. sumar, -ra, «. = not 
much, nor little; BUrasfir, 

Averse, a. nSkhasetso; &et. rs. 

Aversion, s. nakhuei, -Se, /.=/. 
not will ; apaprit, -ti, '/. ; 
kantalo, -leii, m.^1. abhor- 
rence; vonkaro, -rea, «.= 

Avert, V. pois kfi,r or p. d6v6r= 
/. keep far. 

Avidity, s. 1 . khaugepon, -nia, «. 
(for eating). 
2./£: tsad khuSi, -86,/. = /. 
great wish, or asa, -se, /. ; 
nrha, -be,/ (zeal). 

Avoid, V. l.tsuk&i {or tsukon 
kane), c. V. o/'t8uk=he miss- 

S.vatai (Tai(antlo); also used 
in the meaning ^'exchange 
3. pois k&r = /. make far, go 
far from. 

Await, V. rak. Ace. 

Awake, v. zag&i, c. v. or zago k&r 
(n. V. zago za) ; ut&i, c. v. 

Aware (I am), (maka) kfi,Ita=/. 
to me is known; zartau=I 

Away, ad. pelein; 'take aw.= 
p. kad'; it is often untrans- 
lated; e.g. go away=T0t8 
or tern. 

Awe, s. zim, -mH, n. 

Awful, a. hh&y&nk&ratso si I. 
dreadful, c>^bhiyankul; t&r- 
taronntso; po]enatullo=not 
to he Been. 

Awkward, a. tarifetso. 

Awl, s. {Lat. subula, Ital. sue- 
ckiello) d&bb&n, -ija, n. = 
instrument for boring holes 
in leather. [kudar). 

Axe, s. 1. karad, -di, /. (var. 
2.motsi}, -tea, tn. 

Aziom, s. T&Can, -na, n. mn. evi- 
dent truth; &r&mba5en s&t, 
-ta, n.=l. fundamental truth, 
or mukhya 8. = chief truth; 
see Aphorism. 

Axle, s. parai, -riye,/. 

Azure, a- nilsoc/'iiil rongatao=: 
/. blue or of blue colour. 

■ Google 


Bab7,-i-burgen,.gea,».; baleen, 

'Se&,«.; balok,>ka, m. (used 

0/3. C.) = child J. 
Babble, s. bodbodaen, -nea, «.; 

phandio, -\%&, m. 
Babble, v. bodbod. 
Bachelor, ankuar, -ria, m. ; kazar- 

Bacbelorship, s. ankaarpon, -rt&, 

Bao&,-f. ^^X,,-\^,/=lMt.dorsum. 
Baok, ad. pati, e.g. go backsp. 

Tots; or patlean=/. behind. 
Backbite, v. tsadio Bang=:/, say 

Baokbitinj:, s. taadi, -je./ 
Backbiter, s. tsadiyegar, -ra, m. 
Backbone, s. patik^no, -ne&, m. 
Backwards, ad. piitlean. 
Baoon, s. dukraiSen mas, -b&, n, 

=/. meat of pig. 
Bad, a. pad ; vait (physically 

rtWi/morally); khoto=wicked; 

taka vait k3,rtS. = be is sick'; 

'to rEit kibrtashe commits 

Bad^, 5. billo, -le&, m., e.g. of 

a peon. 
Bad-hearted, a. uSto. 
Bay, s. l.fiU, -la, n. {general 

name); p6ti, -ye,y^ = small b.; 

poten, -tea, «.=b. of leather, 

as a schooUboy's satchel ; 

tbflili, -le, /. = money-bag ; 

gogi, -j&,/. = l. sack. 

Jiigg&ge, s. saman, -na, m. 
Bail, ^. 1. zamin za = /. become 

security; zamin di = /. give 

Bail, s. zamindar, -ra, m,=Lai. 

2. zamin, -Ti^,f.=Lat. vadimo- 

Bailiff, s, karbari vitSitso, or k. 
itlatso = administrator of 
property ; amia, ^na, m. 

Bait, s. 1. dad, -da, n. (madafien 
d.i=b. of palm, used as an 
astringent to stop blood flow- 
2. khan,-na, n.=food ; tBS.r&du, 
-da,«, (to catch fishes with); 
buko,-kea, m. ; k&nni, -ne,/. 

Bait, ». khan or khaunk di (mon- 
zatink poin k&r&ea velar) 
= 1. give food (to animals 
when they are on a journey). 

Bake, v. 1. baz Qiorre' in Lat.) ; 
ka,rpi = bake much. 
2.rand=^/. coque. 

Baker, s. undegar, -ra, m. 

Bakery, s. khorn, -na, n. 

Balance, ^> l.tagdi,-de,/.; t&ras, 
-Bi,/,: 'scale of b. = t&gild, 
2. baki, -kiy.=b. of an account. 

Balcony, s. vlg. b&lkann, -kSva, 
m. ; tsAdao, -dava, m. {H. K.) 

Bald,(t. l-bolmando; bodkQ()»». 
alsoy without horns or bar© 

I.., ..iiA-ooglc 



head) ; bolmaten {pig.); kes- 

natuUo; some say koddo = 

skull without hair. 
Bale, s. pendi, -ye,/: as of cloth. 
Ball, s, l.gulo, -lea, m. {mn.ex. 

shot, cannon-ball, and Ike 

like); fg. colics. Dim. guli, 

2. nats, -t8a, »«.=dance. 
Balloon, J. gulo, -lea, m. 
Balm, s. parmMatso r03, -sa, 

m,=:l. good-smelling juice: 

pd,rm&!a5eD tel, -\S,, n. •= 

good-smelling oil. 
Bamboo, s. vaso, -sea, m.; k&- 

rt^k, -nki,/; kirl, -15, m.= 

tender b. ; pieces of b. used 

as ligaments are called 

'kamb, -bi,'/ 
Bamboo-mat, s. hator, -tra, m. 
Ban, s. (of marriage) Cit, -ti, /. 
Band, s. l.bandap, -dpa, n. 

2.biren, -reS, «,, e.g. of men. 
Bandicoot, s. kolnndir, -dra, m. 
Banditti, s. lutkari, -ria, m.=l. 

making prey. 
Banian-tree, s. vodatso ruk, -ka, 

BaniBh, v. 1 . g&d par kii,r ; p&r- 

gavant dhad = send to a 

foreign country. 
'i.fg. bhair gal = put out. 
3.8od=/. leave. 
Bank, J. l.n&infii kinar, -ri, /. 

= /. shore of a river; v4l, 

-le,/; t^i, -ye,/ (shore). 
2.benk, -kS, n^fr.; bun^isal, 

-la, n.=l. hall of chet[ne,_/^. 

3. munSi, -niye, / = a small 
bench or stool. 

4. dokko, -kea, m, = I. beach, 

5. bati, -ye,/, (a river-bank). 
Banker, s. saukar, -ra, m. 

2. Cinvar, -ra, m.; a&raf, -fa, m. 
Bank-note, s. hundi, -ye,/. 
Bankrnpt (Become), divali kad. 
Banner, s. bauto,--tea, m.; giauii, 

-ava, m., fr.\ biLnder, -ra, 

Banquet, s. vlg. bonket, -ti, / 

(meat and plantains); vod 

jevan, jeuna, «.=/. great 

Banter, s. 6estai, -ye,/. 
Banter, •<>. Sestai k&r. 
Baptism, s. baptizm(?r bautizm, 

-ma, m.,/r. 
Baptistery, 5. baptizmdiunSi suat, 

-te,/.; baptizmaiSi pi, -ye,/. 
Baptize, •!>. baptizar kar (used 

in Ike formula of baptism) ; 

bantizm di=/ give b., vlg.; 

vol lai = /. apply oil; 'be 

baptised = bautizm ghe'. 
Bar, s, l.alveS, -vea, n. 
2. sarai, -la, M., e. g. b. of 

Barbarity, s. l.hedpon, -na, n.; 

ranuotpon, -nS, n- 
2. nigturpon, -na, n. or ni|tu- 

rai, -ye, / 
Barbarous, d. l.raiiaot±=/. wild. 

2. niStur=/. cruel; mharu. 
Barber, s. kelSi, -Sia, m.; malo, 

-lea, m, 

„. : L.OOgk- 




Bftra, a. ugto = I. open,^. 
Barefaced, a. l&zbandgo or l&z- 

bando; mostiteo. 
Bargain, s. 1 . b&rar, -ra, m.\ sato, 

-teS,, m. 
Sark, s. 1. sal, -li,/ (of trees). 

2. d6n, -91, /. (boat). ring. 

Bark, 11. I.b6b mar = /. beat cry- 
Barley, s. barli, -le,/. 
Bam, s. l.tupen, -pefi, ». 
2. agr§,ii, -na, «. (a sort of go- 
Barometer, s. varea6efi map, -pa, 

n. = I. measure of the air, 

(vareazadajemap, -pa, n. = 

mea. of the pressure of the 

air), n. u. 
Barqoe, see Bark. 
Barrack] 5. bar^k, -ta, n. or bar- 

kSg, -sa, «. 
Barrel, s. pip, -pa, n. 
Barren, a. 1. vaaz, pr. {esp. appl. 

to women); go^du, pr. (esp. 

appl. to irrational animals) ; 

banjer (J>lace). 
I.fg. fol dinatullo,y^. = /. not 

giving fruit; nirfol. 
Barrier, see Bar. 
Barrister, s. vS^il, -la, m. 
Barter, v. b&diil, (e. g. bar. one 

thing for another). 
Base, a. 1. uno=/. less, usedfg. ; 

h&lko; see Abject. 
2, sftkililo (b. voice). 
Base, s. bunjad, -di,/. 
Basement, s. d&rn, -ni,/. (lowest 

story of a building). 

Bastful, a. l.iajiSt. 
2. bi2ud = /. timid; bhiyatso; 
phukkela = very timid. 

Bashftalneas, s. l.laz, -je,/. 
2.bhen, bhiya, n. = l. fear. 

Basil, s. tal&s, -Isi,/. 

Basilica, s. mukhya igirz, -je,/, 
(m. devastan, -na, «.) 

Basin, s. tast, -ta, n. mn. vessel 
for washing in, etc.; vatli, 
-tie,/. =a sort of plate to eat 
rice from; gulamb, -Imba, 
n. (for curry); pokali, -le, 
/ = a vessel to draw water 

2. taien, -lea, n. = I. tank. 

3. phalken, -kea, «. = /. valley. 
Basket, s. kant, -ti, /. (larger 

kind) ; bati, -ye,/ (smaller); 
-vea, n. (still smaller) ; 
petaro, -rea, m. = wicker- 
basket; dali, -ye,/; pantli, 
-le,/.; kurpon, -ni,/ 

Basket-maker, s. korgar, -ra, m. 
(name of a caste specially 
employed in making baskets, 

Bass-relief, 5. kantonetso vaar, 
•ra, m. = I. work of an en- 
graver. . 

Bastard, a. bapuinatullo = /, 
without father ; (not,perhaps, 
an exact equivalent, but the 
following are commonly 
terms 0/ abuse); vareatso= 
/.aerial; randetso or bodki- 
tso=child of a widow; l&un- 
„, „ L.oogic 



ditsoschild of an anmarried 
woman ; dasiro {vlg. desatso) 
s child of a maid-aerraat. 

Ssate, V. pont mar (mn, sew with 
long stitches). 

Sat, s. l.tonko, -kea, m, (cud- 

2. pako, -kea, m. animal 
(larger kind). 

3. vagal, -gla, n. (smaller). 
Sath, s. nSrn, -na, n.\ snan, 

-na, ft. 
3athe, ^. l- na, n. v. (var. nan): 

nan&i, c.v. 
2. biz&i=/. make wet. 
Bathing-room, s. nani, -ye,/. 
Saton, s. l.T^r, -ri,/. (moatak- 

a<Si) = /. stick (of a com- 


2. betkati, -te,/. = /, sceptre. 

3. dando, -dea, m.; all three 
words mn. a stick used as a 
sign of honour or command : 
the lasi one may also be 
for common uses. 

3&ttaIioii, s- p&tlam, -mi,/, (cof' 
ruptiono/lhe Englishword). 

3atter, v. nalinin mar = /. heat 
with guns. 

Battery, s. (nalintso) mel, -la, m. 

Battle, s. zuz, ^zil, n. = war; 
l^Ei, -ye,/ = /. fighting. 

Bay, s. (dUryafien) kol, -la, «. 

B^onet, s. l.hfindakeiSi bhali, 
-ye,/. = I. arrow of the fire- 
lock; sfinin, -ne,/, n.c. 

Bazaar, s. pent(fe), -te,/. 

Be, V. 1. &sa, to denote: a) ex- 
istence iu a place, b) mere 
existence, c) exterior quality 
or relation, e.g. 'the door is 
open', and the like. 
2.Tortauta or zaun vortautii, 
denoting quality ; in this 2nd 
mn. the verb is very often 
omitted {see Gram, p. 102). 

Beach, s. d&kko, -kea, m. {viz. 
shore prepared for landing 
boats etc:) 

Beacon, see Lij>hthanse. 

Bead, s. m&iii {^r mdcd), -ya, m.\ 
s&ri, -ye,/ 

Beadle, s. pedo, -dea, m. 

Beak, s. boats, -Ci,/ 

Beam, s. 1. aden, -rlea, n. (small 
b.); pfikaso, -sea, m. (rafter); 
tirant, -te, / (big b.) ; t61, 
-la, m. (upon which the roof 
rests); kadi, -ye,/, (small 
slicesi^^'piecesof wood); pati, 
-ye,/ is used sometimes in- 
stead of 'kadi' for 'beam' 
(small); rip, -pS, »., e.g. 
the pieces used to connect 
the planks of a door, etc. 
2. dando, -dea, m, (b, of a 

S.isalen, -lea, M, = b. of acart. 
4. kirn, -na, n. = l. ray. 

Bean, s. bogdo, -dea, m. (b. of 
Kanara) ; ftlsando, -dea, m. ; 
auro, -rea, m. 

Bear, s. l.asvel, -la, n. 
l./g. ra^uot mS.ai3, -nia, m. 
= a wild man. 



Bear, v, 1, z&dai dUr = /. keep 
the weight. 

2, B08 = /. suffer. 

S.balant (or poraut) za = 
bring forth. 

4. z&Im&is: beget, c,v. o/zhlma, 
(more commonly only z&lma, 
ch. cs.) 

S.asa^iB e.g', b. a name, ch. 

6.di=/. give, e.g. give fruit. 
Beard, s- khad, •dS., ».; dadi, ~ye, 
/.: 'seize by the b. = fch,dhS.r 
or kh. hal&i'. 
Beater, s. l.h&mal, -la, m. (only 
of palaiic[uiii and manchil) ; 
boi, -ya, m. 

2.T0rtao m^nia, -nsa, m. gen- 
eral ierm=l. carryiDg man. 
Beast] s. monzat, -ti, /; see Ani- 
Bbat, -v. 1, mar; phophai; dadai 
07'p6t(e), mn. beat in order to 
make hard, e.g. roads ; kand 
— b. paddy (thrash the 1st 
time) ; ^rai, i. e- beat rice 
(thrash the 2nd time) ; bodSi, 
e.g. b. on a wall. 

2. danndai = /. cause to run 

3. ud=/. palpitate, jump (the 
heart) ; 'b. down {e.g. fruits) 

Beatiflo, a. bhagevont kS,rtso or 

sukhi kSiFtso. 
Beatification, s. bhagevont moO' 

nen, -nea, «. 
Beatify, i>. bhagevont mon. 

Beatitude, s. sukh, -kha, n.; 
bhig, -ga, ».; visoa, -sova, 
m. (eternal h.) 

Beantif^l, a. sobit; snnd&r; 
tshftnd {H. K.) 

Beautify, v. soh&i, c.v, i^sob. 

Beauty, s. sobitai, -ye,/; or so- 
bai, -ye,/.; sund&rai, -ye,/. 

Becalm, !'. fuslai; nidan k&r; 
thind kar. 

Because, conj, kiteak, or keteak 
molear or kitoagai mo}ear 
= /. to what if I said; de- 
kun (fut at the end) ; pasun 
or paavot, poslp. {wilh the 

participle); kiteak de- 

kun {see Gram. p. 302, seq.) 
e.g. he haa not come b. he 
is aick = to yeunk nan, 0)k. 
m.topidest; 3) pidest dekun ; 
c) pidest asSea pasvot ; d) k, 
to pideat dekun. 

Becharm, see CbaTm. 

Beok, see Nod. 

Become, £'.za=fit; vazbiz3.unaaa 
= I. is convenient, proper. 

Becoming*, a. milryaditao (de- 
cent); bore& n&dteateo = /. 
of good character. 

Bed, s. kh&tlen, -lea, n.\ mantso, 

-Sea, m.\ antuin, -nS, n. (a 

low poor bed): <antn}nar 

asa=ia sick'. 

3. hindio, -lea, m. =hamn)Ock, 

Bedstead, s. pol&ng, -ga, n.\ 
mg,nt30, -fiea, m. 

Bee, s. movatso mus, -sa, tn. = 
/. fly of honey. , 


Beef, s. vlg. gai£en {or v&k&Cen) 

mas, -sa, n. 
BeeliiTe, s. mova^ea mueaiitso 

gud, -da, m. 
Beer, s. bir, ~n,/.^/r. 
Beetle, J. l.zkc\o,~\Qd.,m.^Lat. 
2. gnngurlo, -lea, m. (the dron- 
ing beetle) ; boTor, -vra, m. 
Befall, -v. l.g&d=bappen. 
2,za=become; 'taka kitea za- 
len = what befell him?' 
Before, ad.,prep. l.adifi, ad. {of 
time) and postp. 
2. poilo (4, -en) a. = Lot. prior 

(poilen postp.). 
S.hnjir = Lai. coram: 'Deva 

hn. = coram Dso\ 
4.mukar {from 'mak=.face'): 

'mukar TOt3 = go b.' 
5.fnden,^.jf. yea fuden^after 

this (in future). 
6. prfts, with the comparal,, if 
it means 'more than' {see 
Gram, p. 64, seq.) 
Beforehand, ad. adin or poilo (poi- 
lots) = /. before, (»- first; see 
Befonl, V. mhelM or mbelo k&r. 
Bey, w. mag = request: 'I b. 
pardon = maf kit or maf 
magtan = /. make forgive 
ness, or I ask forgiveness. 
2, bhik mag = I. beg alms. 
Be^t, V. 2&lmai {bei. use z&lma 

=be goDerated, ch. cs.) 
Beggar, s. 1 . (bhik) magtolo, -lea, 



2. bhik&ri, -ria, m. 
Begin, v. 1. surn kar, G. F- = 

make beginning. 
2.Buru zata, n.v.,G.F.=l. be- 
ginning is done; lag, Dat. 
^l. be applied, e. g. vauriik 
Iag=b.towork; 'to monunk 
laglo=he began to say'. 
Beginning, «. enru, -le,/.: 'in the 
b. =: snruveiit or suruver'; 
'from the b. =; sum thaun or 
aoruver thaun'; arSmb, -bS, 
M. = origin; mfll, -Ja, n.= 
I. root, e. g. b. of wisdom 
Begone, v. {Lat. apage) tsil, v6t8 

= /. walk, go. 
Beguile, v. mos klLr = /. make 


Behalf, (on b. tjr in b. of), I. 

pasun, khatir {Lot. •■pro' or 


I.G. pa^tin = oti the part of, 

fr. ; p4k5en = on the side of. 

Behave, v, ts&I = I. walk, fg. ; 

Behaviour, s. taal, -li,/ ; nftdteii, 
-tea,«. = A character; ts&m- 
kand, -da(i'r taamkan.-na) , «. 
Behead,!'. tSkli {or maten) katir 
<=/. cut the bead; sis kaps 
/. cut the head. 
Behind, ad. prep, l.patlean, ad' 
2. pati, ad. 
Behold, V. 1. pole or polei. 
2. dist ghal=/. put sight {znd 



Behold, int. pole (or oble, vlg. 

corrupt, of cih pole). 
Bain^, s. 1 . vistij,-tu^/; = /. thing. 

2.asap, aspa, ». = existenGe. 
Belohiug, s. Ahak, -ka, m. 
Belfrey, s. gbantii^i tor (6), -ri, 

/. = /, tower of bells {var. 

gbantitso tor, -ra, «(.). 
Belie, v, l.lip^i = /. conceal. 

2. see Calumniate. 

Belief, s. l.u^mbg&nen, -nea, ». 

2.alo&en, -m,/. = l. opinion; 

gb^t a. = firm persuasion. 

3. b^yadt, -ta, m. mn. divine 
faitb; iaatir, -ra, (or sastri^, 
-tra), n. = religion. 

Believe, V. l.Bfltmand=/. esteem 
truth, us^rd esp. of divine 
faith (with 2nd Loc, e. g. 
Devaiier s^tmand). 
2. patiye = /. trust (with 2nd 
I.OC.), or patiyeni d6T6r = /. 
keep confidence, or n&mbga 
or n&mboa {n^mga, 'olg^. 
3.Bint=/. think. 
Believer, J. siitraandtolo.-lea, m.; 
kristaun, -tava, tn. ; baradti, 
-tia, m. 
Bell, s. 1. ghaot, -ti,/: 'ring 
the b. = ghant mar'. 
2.kampin, -ni,/. = small bell, 
fr.\ gbanflen, -lea, «. (higger 
than 'kampin'). 
Bellow, V. arabe {Lat. '■mugt', 
used of cows and bullocks). 
Bellows, s. bhato, -tea, m.; 'blow 
the b. = bhato funk' ; sidi, 
-de,/., n.c. (some understand 

•sidi' as meaning a vessel 
like 'kolso', but smaller; btit 
the Tulu for 'bellows' is 
also 'sidi'). 

Belly, s. pot, -ta, ». pr.,fg., 
of a vessel ; k&nvftt (round 
of the belly). 

Belong, V. l.favo za; where if 
sign^s, 'be tbe property of, 
it is translated by the Gen, 
case of the noun governed 
by 'of; see Gram, p, 223. seq, 
2. lag, Dat. mn. concern, /. be- 
attached, e.g. yen maka lag- 
anan = this does not belong, 
to me, it does not concern, 

Beloved, a, mogal or mogatso ; 
^purbayetso; prititso or pri- 

Below, ad. frep. 1. silkal ad. antf 

2. uno=/. less,y^. e.g. look on 
everything worldly as being, 
b. you = sfik&t s&un8ara5e» 
v&stu tnje uneo mon 6int. 

3. ponda = /. beneath. 

4. khal. 

Belt, ^. l.munz, -ji, /.; pato, 

-tea, m. 
2. kambiirband, -da, n.; see- 

Bemoan, v. riid; see Oroan. 
Bench, s. bank, -ka, m. (e.g. a 

school-bench), fr.; b&ska, 

-ke, /.; munii = stool; 

syas&n, -nit, n. (e.g. seat of 

a judge). 

h, ■. iiA'OogIc 


Send, v. l.bagai, c. v. o/h&^a., 

2. porta = /. turn. 
Bendinff, s. bau, baye,/. 
3eiieath, l.s^kal; ponda. 
2,/^. n&inzallo = I. unbecom- 
3eaedictioD, s. 1 besauii, -sava, 

«., fr. ; asirrad, -da, n. or 

alirTazan, -na, n. rm. 

Benefactor, s. upkark4rtolo, -lea, 
Senefloe, Benefit, s. upkar, -ra, 

m.; adai, -ya, m. = I. advan- 
Benefit, v. upkar; upkarak p6d. 
Benefloiftl, a. npkaratao or ada- 

Benevolence, s. l.borepon, -na, 

«. ; bori khuHi, -se, /. ; up- 

karpoEi, -na, «. ; mog, -gs, 

m. = /, love. 
Benevolent, a. upkarkS,rtolo, or 

mogatso, or boro, or bore 

Bent, a. 1. bagoun or bagrallo, 

or vankdo : 'b. forward=mu- 

kar b.' 
^./ff. lagyllo=/. attached. 
Bent, s. see Bendinsr- 
Becineath, v. testamentar dovor 

= I. keep or put on will,/r.; 

see Will. 
Beqaesti-f. testamentaiSen de^ien, 

-nea, ». = /. a gift of will,//-. 
Bereave, v. 1, tBuk&i.i:. v. ^tauk 

= be misaing; kad. 
Berry, s. approx. dakten fol, -15, 

n. = l. small fruit. 

1 . mag. Cm. Prs. 
Beset, V. vedo ghal or t. mar. 
Beside, prep, lagin ; kade ; sirsin. 
prep, sivai ; kh&rit ; bolh 
these words are used in the 
formation of many tenses, 
those chi''fly which are intro- 
ducedby the conj. nisi, quin; 
see Gram. 

I, ad. tea aivai = Lat. prae~ 

Besiege, -<•. vedo gbal, or v. mar. 
Besieging:, s. redo, -dea, m. 
Besmear, v. l.lai = apply; ('lai' 

should govern in the Ace. 

the name of the stt^ used 

for smearing). 
2. mh^lii = befoul. 
Besom, .r. sarun, -ne,/. 
Bespeak, v. 1. poilits bukum di = 

/. give order beforehand. 

2. badeak kane=/. take at hire. 

3. Cm. lagiii uUiW. apeak with. 
Besprinkle, v. see Sprinkle. 
Best, a. l.bhou boro. 

2.utt&m or uttim. 
Best, ad. bhou boren. 
Bestial, a. monzatitao, pr.fg. 
Bestow, V. di = /. gire; see also 

Bestride, "v. boa = /. aeat, znd 

Bet, s. pont, -ta, m. 
Bet, V. pont mar = /. beat a bet. 
Betake, v.n. 1. lag = /. apply. 
2.a3ro kane^take refuge: 'b. 

yourself to the carnage=ga- 

diyer ts&d' : see Reooorse. 




Betfll, s, pan&Dfii val, -U,/. 
Betel-nut, 1. fopal, -pla, n.; 

supiiri, -re,/. 
2. pan fod = /. nut of betel, 

(exaci mn. h. n. and leaves); 

pan enpari, -re,/ 
BetMnk (oneself), v. aton k&r or 

ugdas kar or motint hSd or 

Betimea, ad. vegin; fantear; 

'early in the morning = bhou 

f. or bhon sfi.kalia'. 
Betoken, v. dak&i = /. ahow ; 

gurtij asa = I. sign is. 
Betray, ». l.ghat kSr, G. M: 

m58 k&r. G. M. 
2. ugto k&r^/. make open. 

(reyeal). [.ga, m. 

Betny&], ^. ghat, -ta, m.\ mOs, 
Betroth, V. B&irik k&r; 'hap^in 

aple duTek Pedntk s&irik 

kelefi = the father has be- 
trothed his daughter to 

Peter'; in pass, sftirife za. 
BetroUial, s. mndi ghalfii = /. 

patting the ring ; sfiirik, 

2. uloEien, -riea, «., «. c. =, I. 

Betrothed, see Bride and Bride- 
Between, prep, moden {vlg. mode- 

g&t) = /. in the middle ; 

bit&r = /. in, Lot. inter. 
Bew&il, V. v&A = I. weep, ch. cs.; 

pirnga = /. groan. 
Beware, v. k&b&rdar ran; tsiltrai 


Bewiteh, V. bhul gbal ; ghidi k&r. 
'Bejoni, prep. I.p61t&di (opp. 

to 'aIt&di = on this side'). 
2.vinens/. withoutj Z^/. *('«£. 
8. bhair (or. adj. bhailo), e.g. 

b. my dnty, b. the yoars of: 

Bible, s. p&ritr^ pastak, -ka, n. 

= I. sacred book; paran, 

-nS, TO., n. c; gr&nt, -ta, to. 

n. c. 
Bid, v. l.formaisA command. 

2. mfig s /. request. 

3. sang = /. tell. 

4. (offer a price) ts&d&i = I, 
increase (price). 

Bier, s. tumb, -ba, to. (a frame 
for carrying corpses on to 
the grave). 

Big, a. 1 . v6d or v6dlo. 
2. girbest {vlg. gnraar) = /. 

Bigamist, a. dogi potiriintso. 

Bile, s. pint, -ta, n. 

BUI, ^. l.bontB,-(ii,/. = beak. 

2. cit, -ti,/, e.g. b. of expense ; 
lek (h), -ka, ». = /. account, 

3. zamin, -ne,/. = A security. 

4. istyar, -ra, to.; see Advartise- 

5. nai, -yS., to.=/. law. 
BUlet, s. at, -ti,/. 
Bill-hook, s. koito, -tea, m. 
Bind, V. 

2. formal = /. command. 

3. £entB=A crush,^. (check). 
Biogripher, s. jiniboroitolo. 




Biography, s. jiniyeMrap (or 

-borap), -rpa, ». 
Bird, s. sak^eH, -ueS, n. 
Birdlime, s. bead&r, -dri,/! 
Birtb, s. 1. zAlm, -ma, m. (z&lm) ; 

porsutpon, -na, «. = Laf. 

partus; balntyor (or bSln- 
' ter), -ra, n.; zftlmatsodis= 

/. day of birth; zallo dis. 
2.kat&m, -tm^, n. = l. family, 

3.&r&mb, -bS, m.=l. origin. 
BirttLplaoe, s. z&llog&afl,-g&aT&, 

m.; Tilayet, -ti,/. 
Bisonit, s. biskat, -tef/,,/r. ; don 

panfi baz^o (undo). 
Bisbop, s. bisp, -pa, m.^fr. ('saib 

= Lord' is usually addei)\ 

var. bismy, -m&, m. 
Bishopric, s. bispafiefi raz, -ja, n. 

=1. kingdom of tba Bishop, 

/g'. ; bifipapoii, -^a, n. = office 

of the Bishop. 
Bissextile, a, upari (moino, vors) . 
Bit, s. l.l&gam, -ma, ft. = Lai. 

2.kadko, -keE, m. =/. piece. 
Bitch, s. kolgen, -gea, n. 
Bite, V, tsab. 
'i-.fg. z&l, «. 11. = I. be burning, 

/g". ; duk&i = /. cause sorrow. 
Bite, s. gas (or ghaa), -sa, m.^ 

I. mouthful. 
Bitter, a. l.kodu, pr.^. 
%fg. kagtantBO = /. difltcult; 

dukountso=:/. causing paiu; 

Bitterness, s. kodsa^, -^Q^/.fr. 

andfg., e.g. b. of words. 

Bitumen, s, t&r, -r&, n. not ex. \ 

katran, -na, », 
BUok, ii<^^ l.kulo. 
%fg, kh&ntiSt or also ka)o, 

e.g. b. days. 
Blacken, v. kfilo k&r. 
Blaekamith, s. k&m&r, -ra, m.; 

lovSr, -rfi, m. 
Blackwood, s. bit, -ti,/. 
Blade, s. l.k&9&s, -nsi,/. (ImI. 

2. dhar, -ri, /. = edge, (of a 

knife, of an oar, etc.). 
Blame,?'. dnrrHi, c.v. ^duruii, 

n. v.= reproach; dar di 

(complain) ; gunySukar kitr 

s /. make guilty ; p&s&nd 

k&r (witk neg. particU) = /, 

approve, or bet. napis^nd 

kilr; bestai e /. reproach. 
Blame, s. gunyaun, -va, m. = /. 

fault; ntip&s&nd, -da, n. = I. 

not approTal, disapproval; 

dur, -ra, n. 
Blameless, a. gunyaunn^tuUo 

s A not having fault; nento 

= innocent (/. ignorant). 
Blank, s. kbali = /. empty, viz, 

paper or place. 
Blank, a. kbali. 
Blanket, s- kambol, -bli, /.; 

b&nat, -ti,/. (a better kind 

of bl.) 
Blaspheme, "v- blasfem uISi = /. 

say h\.,/r.; deuninda uI4i = 

I. say injuries against God. 
Blasphemy, s. blasfem, -m&, m. 

fr.\ deuninda, -de, / or 

i._ ■■■ A'OogIc 



devaniiida = /. injuries to 
God, «. c. 

Bleed, V. 1. r%at kad= /. draw 
blood; sir mar = /. beat 
2. r^at Taiita = /. blood flows, 
e.g. the nose bleeds =nakan- 
tlen ragat vauta. 

Bleeding, s. sirm^rneS, -nea, n. 
or sir marap, -rpa, «. 

Blemifih, s. tsuk, 'ki,/i = /. mis- 
take; aib, -ba, «, = /. fanlt, 
flaw ; kh&t, -ta, n. = /. stain. 

Bless, V. besaun di = I, give bless- 
ing,/?-, or asirvad di. 

2. boren k&r — I. make good. 

3. benjar (ur besment) kir=cOE- 
secrate, e. g. water, houses, 


4. argan di = /. give thanks, or 
glorify God. 

5. vraddi kar = I. make pros- 

Blessed, a. beaavantso, fr.\ asir- 
vad melijllo (= he who was 
or is blessed). 

2. sukhi= I. happy, or bhage- 

3. sSnt ; used of the saints and 
the blessed in heaven, /r. 

Blessing, s. l.besaua, -sava, n. 
e. g. give me your bl. = be- 
saun aiya,yr.; asirvad, -da, 
or asirvazan, -na ».; var- 
dhan, -oa, n. 
2.borepon, -na, n.^l. benefit, 
prosperity; b^rkat, -ta, «.= 

Blind, a. l.kuddo; andaio or 
findlo; distnatullo, or disa- 
natullo; 'he is b.^taka dole 
disaDant = /. to him the eyes 
do not appear'. 
^■fg. somzanatullo or bud na- 

Blindness, s. kuddepon, -na, n. 

Bliss, see Happiness. 

Blister, 1- fod, -da, in.=il. blad- 
der; bokko, -kea, m. (esp. 
2. ol. plastar, -ra, m.^r.\ lep (fe), 
-pa, m. 

Blood, s. \.pr. rSgat, -gta, n. 
"i./g. kutam, -tma, n.=l, house, 
descent; 'm&ntanacen ragat 
= noble blood' : 'every man's 
b. was up for revenge = 
sitmestanfiefi rSgat farikpon 
kaneuukutsambol zaun asal- 

Bloodless, a. ragat natullo, e. g. 
b. man. 
2. r^gtavin = /. without blood, 
e.g. b. victory. 

Bloodshed, s. ragtavikrap,-pa, n. 

Bloody, a. r^gtatso. 

Bloom, s. ful, -la, n. 

Bloom, 'V. ful. 

Blossom, s. ful, -la, n. 

Blossom, V. ful. 

Blot, V. 1. mhelo kJir. 
2.pus = /. obliterate; 'b. out = 
&itt^ kad'. 

Blot, s. cittij, -ta, «. 

Blotting-paper, s. fiitfien kagad, 
-gda, «. 



BloW) 'I- I'Uar, -ra, «».; pet(S), 
-ta, m. 
^■fg. n^t, -ta, n. =. I. loss. 
Blow, V. 1. funk, tr., n.v. 
2. ye = /. come, e.g. vSren 
jeta = wind blows. 

3. vaz = I. sound. 

4. ful = I. blossom. 
Blow-pipe, see Bellow. 

Bine, ad. nilso or nilarongatso. 

or nilrongatso. 
Blue, s. nilso rong, ^a, m. or 

nil, -H,/. = /. blue colour. 
Blunder, s. vod tsuk, -ki, /. = I. 

great mistake. 
Blonder, v. tsuk. 
Blunt, a. 1. dbarnatallos/. not 

sharp, pr., or daddo. 

2. /g, somzanatuUo = /, not 
understanding; or daddo = 

3. fidadidi = roughly frank. 
Blosb, V. loje; I&z; \hz dis-ta. 
Bluster, v. hak mar. 

Bluster, s. hak, -ki,/. 
Boa-constrictor, s. bar, -ra, m. 
Boar, s. randukor, -kra, m. =s wild 

Board, s. 1. folen, -lea, n. = I. 
2. foil, -ye,/ = black-board. 
3.mez(fe), -zSl, n. = I. table. 

4. khan, -na, «. = /. food, 

5. dhaz^n, -na, «, = a body of 
men,/. 10 persons; or ferh. 
mel (e), -la, m. 

6.barii, -ye,/, (the rail of a 
ship) ; 'go on board a ship = 

tarufi tsftd or tarrar ts.'; 
'be on b. a ship = tarvar 

Boarder, s. bidargar, -ra, m., 
«. c.\ jeunak raullo=remain- 
ing at dinner ; 'boarding 
hou8e=jeu[ia<Sen ghir, -r&, 
n. = I. house -of dinner'; 
'boarding school = bidar 
asylli sal, -le, /.' 

Boast, s. &bbar, -ra, n. 

Boast, I', l.&hankarkiirorabbar 
kar = /. make pride, vanity; 
badai kar. Dot. 
2. anind pSu =!i I. reach glory; 
ivith ist Loc, orthaifi e.g. 
to mania grestkayent or gre- 
stkaye th&in ftnand pauta 
= he boasts of riches. 

Boat, s. do9, -ni,/. 

Boatman, s. l.donigar, -ra, m. 

or dorikar, -ra, m. [kar). 

2. kadougar, -ra, m. {or kadou- 

Bodily, a. kuditso. 

Body, s. 1 . kiid, -di,/ (used also 
for 'matter'); sirir, -ra, «. ; 
ang, ^a, «., used only in 
some instance s , e.g.'a,a%a,c 
pod = assault'. 
or zomo, -mea, m. = multi- 


Boil,!', \.i\zhi, c.v. of siz, n.v.- 

karpi (fr.) or karpa («,) = 

boil too much; umal, (n. jr.) 


XMkMjr.,n.v.; khatkftt, «. ». 



Boil, s. 1. fod, -da, m.; fiiil, -la, 
«. (bigger); keBop, -le, /. 

Boisterou, a. I. tufanatao or 
2. t^nt&lmari = /. turbulent. 

BoldjO. l.dliiliravont = /. cour- 

2. b&nkaratso or g&rvi s /. 

3.khfldak9,ii (b. in a good 
sense, resolute). 
Boldly, ad. db&iravont zauu or 
2. gS.r¥aQ eic. 
Boldness, s. I . dh&ir, -r£, n. 

2. (leka) vorten db&ir = /. 
courage above limit. 

3. gSrv, -va; «. or hinfcar, -ra, 
m. = /. pride, vanity. 

Bolater, J. U8e5,-sea,«. (pillow). 
Bolt, s. l.kbil, -li, /. I^f. 

2.bhali, -ye,/. = /. arrow. 
Bolt, V. khil gbal. 
Bomb, s, ujeatso gulo, -Ie£, m. = 

I. ball of fire {or ujeagujo). 
Bombardi v. guleanin mar = /. 

batter with bombs. 
Bombardment, s. guleamarnen, 

-nea, «., «. «. 
Bomb&atio, a. b&nkaratso = I. 

conceited; diindi; annti. 
Bond, s. 1. band, -A&, m. = l. tie. 

2. d&stevoz, -za, n. = l. deed 
(legal document). 

3. (inpL) b&ndi,-di,/.=pri80n. 
Bondage, s. gulampoo, -9a, ». 

Bone, s. had, -cla, n. 
Bonnet, s. topi, -ye,/! 
Book, s. l.liuri^, -ra, tn., Jr.; 
pustak, -kfi, m.; gr&nt, -ta, 
m., n. c. 
2. vanto, -tea, m. = I. division. 
Bookbinder, s. puBtaksiuotolo, 

-lea, m. . 
Bookseller, s. pustakvikoar, -r£, 

Boon, s. denen, -nefi, ». = I. gift; 
kurpa, -p6,/.=grace ; upkar, 
-ra, m. = l, benefit. 
Boor, s. nacUcar, -rS, m. b I. 

villager.y^. (uneducated). 
Boot, see Shoe. 
Booty, s. lut, -\i,/. 
Border, s. l.pdnd, -da, »., #.^. 
of a dress. 
2.deg (h), -go,/., £.^. of a 
well; kamb, -bi,/ (I/. K.). 
3.g&d, -di,/. = /. limit. 
Border, v. gSd asa = I. limit is, 
ch. cs., e.g. Canara borders 
on Malabar = Kanadaci gild 
Malabara k&de asa. 
Bore, V. top; domp{o kar=/. 
make a bole. 
2. k&rk&r k&r=:/. make trouble. 
Bore, .1. 1 . burak, -ka, m. =/. bole, 
Jr. ; dompjo, -lea, m. 
2. k&rk&ri, -ri&, m.=.l. botherer. 
Borer, s. burmo, -mea, m, ; rum, 

-mil, n. \ see Anger. 
Born (Be), z&lma; ubza {used 

also for the Divine Son). 
Borough, 5. mag-ueo, -nea, n. 
strictly, a village to which 



other less important Tillages 

called 'graman' are subject). 
Borrow, v. l.usno (-ni, -nefi) 

ghe=/. take loan, pr.^fg., 

e.g. b. words; magungbe = 

/. asking take. 
Borrowing, s. nsneii, -nea, «. 
Bosom, s. l.h&rdeii, -dea, n,\ 

ku8, -si,/. = /. side, but used 

also for bo. as MiirieSi k. ; 

in some cases 'usko' may he 

used; yet it mn. ex. lap. 
2.^. \st Loc. e.g. in the bo. 

of the earth =matiyent. 
*Eo. friend = kalzatso ist, -^^ 

Botany, s. rnkzadaSridya, -ye, 

/. = /, science of plants. 
Botch, 5. 1. BUZ, -ji^ =swelling. 
2.y^. f^dpoli Tfiur, -rS., m.=l. 

clumsy work. 
Botoh, V. f&dposi k&r. 
Both, frron. can. l.dogi {/em. 

dogain, n. donin), ' 
%when it means 'and' it is 

translated 6y i (= also) added 

to both the connected words. 
Bother, v. k&rk&r kftr or bezar 

k&r = /. make botheration. 
Botheration, .i. k&rk&r, //. m.. 
Bottle, s. bitly, -tli,/,^. ; sieli, 

-le,/ ; siso, -sea, m. ; dUbbo, 

-bea, m. (of leather); dibbi, 

Bottle, V, botlint bhor, e.g. bo. 

soro bh. = b. wine. 
Bottom, s. gundi, -ye, / (t>r 

gun^i, -ye,/); pond, -da, 

«., e.g. bo. of a chest; th&l, 
-la, n. ; ildi, -i, / ; than, 
-Tft, «. 
(From the bo. to the top m, 
th&I& th&un voir legun' ; *he 
was at the bo. of that plan b 
to te alo5enifie3 karSn'. 

fioand, V. 1. ddvdr = I. keep. 
2. damp z/. shnt. 

Bound, see Limit 

Boundary, s, s&rh&ddf, -de,/.; 
g&d, -di,/.; mer, -re,/, (of 
a field) ; 5eturg&d, -di,/ 

Boundless, a. gMnatnllo. 

Bonntifol, a. udar. 

Bonntifnlly, ad. udarponan. 

Bounty, s. 1 . upkar, -rfi, m. \ 
udarpoQ, -na, n. 
2. inam, -mft, n. = I. reward. 

Bouquet, s. ghos, -sa, m. (fulan- 

Bow, V. bagai. 
2, n.v. hSi^B.(also, show respect). 

Bow, £. l.ark,-ka, «./■,; g6m- 

pry, -pra, m. (of a church). 

2. donun,-nva,«.: 'donu podlaa 

= a rainbow appeared'. 
3.g&z, -za, m. (of a yiolin). 

Bowels, s. 1. ankiti, -le,/, pr. 
2./g. bitarlefi, -lea, «. =what 
is inside. 

Bower, ^. molo, -lea, m, (natu- 
ral); matou, -tva, m. (arti- 

Bowl, s, kop, -pa, «.,/■.; vatli, 
-le,/. (of metal). 

Box, J. 1. pet (6),-te,/ (chest); 
korndo, -dea, m. ^m a email 

I.., ..iiA-ooglc 



roundbox; bul,-li,/(8iiuff- 

2.thapad, -pd^, n. = slap. 
Box, V. 1. tapai (I'iff. hizSA = I. 

cause to get wet; or udak 

piyeank lai = /. apply to 

drink water). 
2. muti mSLt=l. fight with fists. 
Boy, s. l.burgo, -gea, m.; 6edo, 

-dea, m. (esp. a serrant boy), 
2. Serko, -kea, m. = male, as 

opposed to 'fiedufi = female', 
Boyhood, s. burgepon, -n3,, n. 

or burgipirai, -ye,/. 

Brace, s. \ . zod, -da, m. = I. pair. 

2. band, -da, m. = I. fastening. 

Bracelet, s. l.kankan, -kna, », 

(precious b.) 
2. taudo, -dea, m. (simple b.) 
Brackets, s. damp&e git = /. 

shutting lines, n. ». 
Brackish, a. kharso. 
Brad, s. matenn^tullo khilo, 

-lea, m. 
Brahmin, s. I. bam&n, -miia, m. 

(christian B.). 
2.bhram3.n = anon-christiaiiB. 
Brain, s. 1. menda, -da, m., pr. 

artdfg.^ e.g. taka m. nan. 
2.y^. mot, -ti,/. = /. mind. 
Bramble, s. kanti, -ye,/ (thorny 

plants); kanteazad, -da, n. 
Bran, s. kundo, -dea, m. 
Branch, s. khando,>dea,»2. (big), 

(dim. khandi, -ye, /.) used 

alsofg. br. of science ; ^nto, 

-tea, m. = small, shooting br.; 

var. phanto; taji, -ye,/. 

Branch, v. f&nte; fante phuttat. 
Brand, s. I.k61it, -Ita, «. = a 
burnt piece of wood. 

2. dag, -gii, m. = a mark made 
by burning. 

3. talvar, -ri,/ = sword. 
Brand, v. dag ghal. 
Brandish, v. hal&i ; d&lai. 
Brandy, s. brand, -^,/.,/r. 
Brass, s. pitul, -tli,/. (or pitai). 
Brave, a. dhairavont=coarage- 

ous; usar = clever; tsurk:^ 

active, n. c.\ sud^l = active. 
Brave, v. see AAont. 
Bravely, ad. dh^ravont zaun or 

Bravery, s. dh&ir, -ra, «. = /• 

Bravo, int. 1, sabas (a term of 

2. kap^s {signifying approval, 

or ironically^ disapproval). 
Brazen, 1. l.pitultso(f>rpit&ltso). 

2. Uzbando. 
Bray, ^. b6b mar. 
Breach, s. modap, -dpa, n. = l. 

rupture; dhal, -li, /. (esp. 

in a wall) ; fut, -te, /.; yer, 

-ri,/. = small br. 
Bread, s. 1. nndo, -dea, m. (made 

of wheat). 
2. poll, -ye, /. = any kind of 

rice-cakes, subdivided into: 

o) polo, -lea, OT.^the usual 

round rice-bread ; h) sandan 

or sannu, -na, ».=the same as 

a. but boiled; i;)bibik, -ka,w. 

i=the same as ^. but smaller; 

„, e.oogic 




d) patoli, -\% / s a cake 

coTered with aleaf of saffron; 

£) Todo, -dea, m. round cakoB, 

3. bakri, -re, /. = any kind of 

toasted bread. 
•4. 'pSpde' or 'pSple' are of a 

thin round shape, like hosts, 

without any riu in them, 
'^.fg. gras, -aa, m. = l. food. 
3r0ad-frait, s. divitso (diatso) 

ponos, -nsa, m.=/. jack-fruit 

of Diu. 
JBreadth, s. rundai, -ye,/ 
.Break, v. 1 . mod (6) (tr.) or mod 

(6) («.)• 
2. fod, ir. V, a Lai. ^frange^ 

used of fragile things, e.g. 

a plate, also a plank {^ass. 

H. plod, M, n. v.=l. tear, rend, 

e.g. clothes. 
•4. tat&i, c.v. ^tut, n.v. used 

when speaking of ropes and 

the like. 
5. sut&i, c. V. of But, used of 

planks tzni^breaches in valls, 

(get loose). 
^.infg. mn. mod, e.g. b. the 

force, the order. 
7.&sk&t za=nget weak. 
B. silence = g&TJe 6ivai ul&i, 
B. fast = jinzvar ai5d; upas 

B. rest = BOnkaHai pad k&r. 

'Day is breaking = uzuHd 

zata' or 'uzuadta'. V^^x. 
B. asunder = kadkean ku^ke 

B. down=moda ghill. 

B. inssado k&r, e.g. a horse. 

B. into^bolfin rig. 

B. in pieces = kudkean kndke 

B. loose = z& or at. 
B. off=l.mdd, f.^. a marriage ; 
rnodn \lA. 
2. rau = 8top. 
■B. open=fod. 
B. oat=bbair sir. 
B. ap = iisti, e.g. b. up earth; 

pud k&r. 
B. upon = a.dil. 

B. with = nai kir = /. make 
Break, s. asor, -r& {or -sra), m. 

(in the weather). 
Breakfast, s. 1 , nasto, -tea, m.=l. 
tifBn; Bakalin&en jeva9,-jeu- 
na, R.=/. meal of the morn- 
ing; alm&s, -sa, n.,/r.; vlg. 
p5z(6), -je,/! = /, conjee. 
Breakfast, v. naito kane=>/. take 

br,; see the subst. ; pez jen. 
Breaking, s. modap, -dpa, ». see 

Breast, s. l.h&rden, -de&, n. 
Lot. pectus. 
2. iSiufi, -Te,/. Lat. uber; pano, 
-neS, m. {ex. milk giyen to 
children) ; momo, ^mea, m. 
{low word). 
Breath, s. 1. usvas, -sa, m. 
2. d&m or dom, -m&, m. = l. 
rest, e.g. take a little rest. 



Breathe, v. asvaa s&rt& = /. br. 
goes out. 
2-u. 3od = /. leave br. 
i./g. soukasai kane or d&tn 
k. = /. take rest ; utsar = /. 
B. Iq = usvas kane. 
B. out = UBvas sod, pr. 
B. upon = funk- 
Breathless, a. l.usvasnatuUo. 

2. niello. 
Breeches, s. l.izar, -ra, n. 

2. pudvefi, -veS,, «. (native br.) 

3. if with a border: todop, -dpi, 
/. {native br.) 

4.gudgi, -ge,/. (drawers.) 
Bleed, V. 1. zaimai, c. v. of zh\- 

ma {bel. use only z&lma); 

g&rb B&mbavai±s/. conceive; 

c. V. af sambava. 
2. pos = raise a breed. 
Breeding, (good b. = politeness), 

s. marijad, -di,/. 
Breeze, s. varen, -rea, n. 
Seab.=bhaileri (wd&rya6efiv.; 

land b. = tfidiye v. 
Breviary, s. opbis, -pba£, m.,/r. 
Brevity, s. motvepon, -na, «.; 

siinkSep, -pa, «., «, c. 
Bribe, s. louts, -tss, m.: >take a 

br. = Ion. kha, I. eat a br.' 

or also Ion. kane= take a br.' 
Bribe, v. louts di=give br. 
Briber, J. . loutsagar, -ra, m. 
Briok, s. it{o or hitto, -tea, m. 
Brick-maker, s. hittegar, -ra, m. 
Bridal, s. kazar, -ra, n. 
Bridal, <z- kazSratso. 

Bridal-dress, s. sado, -dea, m. 

(sadi, -ye, /. = common fe- 
male dress). 
Bride," s. vokSl, -kle, /. {dt^. 
from vokal, -kla, and vokil, 

-kila); tsiiU, -je,/, = l. girl. 
//. (S. K. o/>.) 
Bridegroom, s. nouro, -rea, m, 

boret, -ta, m.; ts&lo, -lea, 

m. = I. boy. 
Brid^,-r- sankou, -kva, m.; pam- 

p&leu, -lea, n. (small, of logs 

of wood, e/c.) 
Bridle, s. l&gam, -ma, n.=Lat. 

Brief, a. motvo. 
Brief, s. I. s&nkSsp, -pa, n. = I. 

2. n&mbra&en s&nk|ep, -pa, n. 
Brier, see Bramble. 
Brigade, s. foujivanto, -tea, m. 
Brigadier, s. foujivantea6en mos- 

tak, -ka, «. 
Brigand, see Bandit. 
Bright, a. l.piirz&lik; uit&I = /. 

pure, clean. 
2.barik = /. witty. 
Brighten, v. I.p&rz&I, n.v. 

2.p&rz&]ai, c.v. 
Brightness, s. 1. uzvad, -da, tn. = 

I. Hgbt; pS>rz^ai, -ye,_/^ or 

p3,rz^l, -la,m.=/.8plendour;, 

pr^kas, -sa, m,, n.c. 
Brilliant, see Bright. [pice. 

Brim, l.deg(fe),-ge,/.of apreci- 
2. kant, -t&, m., e.g. of a 

vessel; 'up to tbe br.=kant 





Brine, s. kMr udak, -dkft, «. s /. 

salt water. 
Briajf, V. l.Md or Sdi; y&voi^/, 
cause to flow; iui used also 
for 'carry.' 

2. T6r. 

B. up (edncate) 3> Tad&i. 

Often cs. must be charged, e.g. 
b. a man to an opiDion = 

B. about =£ kftr&i, c. v.^ e.g. b. a. 
peace = Bollokfi.r&i,^rkaraii 
aaa = is cause ; tirsi = con- 
clude, fioisb. 

B. back=pati had. 

B. before=mukar ghal. 

B. down=s&kal Tor. 

B. forth = I . balant za, Ace; 
porsut sa, Ace. 

2. bb&ir kad s I. take oat. 

3. di. 

B. out = bhiir Tor. 

Brii^al, s. Taingen, -gea, n. 

Brink, s. deg(6), -ge,/. 

Brisk, a. tsurk. [ruad. 

Broad, a. ristarlolo=/, extended ; 

Broil, s. z&gden, -dea, n. 

Broker, f.d&lal, -la, m ; jee Inter- 

Bronze, J.ka8en,-sea,«.;(a//r<jart- 
mately) p&utslaan, -Ut&, n. 
= a mixture of five metals. 

Bronze, a- kaieatso. 

Brooch, s. l.motin, -tiya, n. ^ 
/. pearl. 
2.kanto, -feS, m. (m&teatso), 
i. e. hair and head-dress 

Brood, s. l.pilantBO bind, -dt^. 

m. = l.& flock of little ones. 

2.^. sintfit, -ti, /. = /, pos- 

teritj, or kutam, -fma, ». = /. 


Brood, V. 1. rovanefi bos. 
2.fg. niyal •= /. meditate. 

Brook, s. va], -15,, m. 

Broom, s. s&run, -ne,f. 

Broth, s. kald, -da, m. — Lai. 
jus,fr.; k&sai, -yft, m. 

Brothel, s. CediyafigbAr, -ra, «. 

Brother, s. bban, -&ra, m.: 'elder 
brother « bab' ; 'bab' is tie 
form used when addressing 
him ; 'younger brother = dfik- 
to bhao'. 

Brother-in-law, s. meuno (or mi- 
uno), -ne&, m., used only to 
denote the relationship of 
br .-in-law; bavoji, -ji, m., 
term of address; kngnad, 
-da, tn. not generally used. 

Brotherly (love),d!. moya (mog). 

Brow, s. asdi, -de,/, ie eye-brow. 
2.kopal, -la, «. = /. forehead. 

Browbeat, w. bestai. 

Brown, v. kalso. 

Browse, v. kha. 

Braiae, ». vat (by grinding); 
dadai (in any way except 
by grinding) ; mar. 

Bmise, see Contoflion. 

Brush, s. l.hrus, -sa, m.,fr. 
2. kapai, -ye, /. (for bul- 

Brush, V. du} kad=:/. take away 
the dust; pus. 


Brutal, a. niStur = /. cruel ; 
moQZ&titso •" I. of beaets : 
mharu = /. cruel ; raavot = 
/. wild. 

Brntality, s. niSturai, -ye, /.; 
monzatipon, -na, «.; mha^ 
Tupori, -n&, n.; ranuo^kai, 
-ye,/.; see adj. 

Brutally) ^- niSturayen ; mon- 
zati b&ri or monzatifie jiusiD. 

Brute, s. monzat, -ti,_/^ 

Bubble, s. fo^, -da, m. 

Buok, s. (male of certain ani- 
mals). If the English ward 
have 710 special Konkani 
equivalent, 'dadlo' may be 
used; see Gram. p. 47. 

Baokat, s. kolso, -sea, «., dim. 
kolsulo; 8idi, -di,/. 

Bud, J. t6io, -lea, m.; bongo, 
-gea, m.\ ankri, -re,_/; 

find, V. bongo futta, 

Badget, s. lek(6), -ka, rt. (s&rka- 
rafieo) = /. account (of tlie 

Bufililo, s. redo, -dea, w., fem. 
mosy, -si,/". 

Boffet, V. muti mar = /. beat 
■with b. 

Bnffoon, s. nadgo, -gea, or nadi- 
gar, -ra, m. 

Bbj^, s, Hkon, -Una, m. 

Bugbear, s. biyankulai, -ye,/. 
mn. frightening thing. 

Build, V. 
%fg. patiye=/. trust, zndJLoc. 

Building, s. bandap, -dpa, «.=edi- 
fice; gh&r, -ra, «■ = house; 

bilnglo, -lea, »w. = palace; 
bandavol, -li,/. 
Bulk, s. miikhya = /. main ; se^ 

Trunk, Size. 
Bull,.?, l.pado, -dea, m.: 'small 
b. = padko, -kea, m.' 
2. govo,-Tea,«.=wildbull,bi80n. 
^./g. nakazalli vfisty, -tu,/ = 

/. oouBeneical thing. 
4.BuU(ofthePope)=(Pap Sm- 
ba&en) tirpa kagad, -gda, «- 
BuUook, .t. l.boil, -la, «>. 
2. pado, -dea, tn. = & young b_ 
or a rather large calf. 
Bully, a. l.ladai kartso = K 
2. tantaimari = /. turbulent. 
Bulwark, s. pagar, -ra, m. ; koten, 
-tea, n. :^l. castle; rak&en 
band&p, -dpa, n.=l. defend- 
ing building. 
Bunch (of fruits), s. gh6a, -sS, 

m. ; see also Bundle. 
Bundle, s- l.potli, -le, /. (of 
clothes and the like). 
2.gant, -ti, /. = /. knot, ^. 

used for b. of money. 
3.monli, -le,/, e.g. b. of fire- 

4. kat, -ta, m. = I. pack. 
S.bhoro, -rea, m. (the same as 
'kaf); borkuti, -te,/i 
Bungle, v. 1. fJidpoSi kSr = I. do 
2. tsuk = /. mistake. 
Buoy, V. thir&i = /. cause to be 
firm, or bet. thir kar; kadn 
dor. ^ , 

h, - A'OogIc 

. Buo 



Suoyancy, s. halvai (?), -ye, / 


Borden, s. vojeii, -jea, n. = I. 
load, cargo. 

2. beroz, -zS,, m, = I. tax. 

3. Tozfiii, -Da, n.=°capacity of a 

^■/g- fikant, -ta, »».=anxiety; 

k&rkgr, -ra, OT,=trouble. 
Burden, v. 1 . bhor = I. load. 

2./^. dagd^ = /. oppress. 
Burdensome, a. kSrkHratso = /. 

annoying, troublesome. 
Burial, s. m6m, -na, n.; niksep, 

-pa, n. ol. \ purap, -rpa, n. ol. 
Bnrlesqae, a. hastso. 
Born, V. 1. l&s, tr. and n. v., it 

mn, also injure by fire; 

ujeant gbal = put into fire. 
2. z&l, ». V,, mn. be alight. 
Z./g. zfti = /. burn, e.g. ragan 

z&l = barn with anger; mor 

= A die, e.g. ason mor = die 

out of desire; bhorla = bas 

been filled, e.g. durgunan = 

with passion (in a bad mn.) 
Burning (tute), n. kar, -ra, m. 
Barrow.J. ffinjer,-ra, «.; dol, -\i,f. 
Borat, V. fod (^ass. andn. fu(); 

sod (pass. sut=be disjoined); 

see Break. 
Boxy, V. pur; matiyek pavois/. 

cause to arrire to earth; 

nikepi, ol. rl. 
BnBh, s. l.kinti, -ye,/, (thorny 

2.bole£i, -Ie&, n. 
BoBhel, s. l.k&Jsi, -se,/ 

2. ser= ^ of kilsi; see Appen- 

Bnsiness, l.kam, -ma, »., a very 
common word, used very 
broadly; e.g. for office, em- 
ployment, duty, etc. 

Boat, s. rund, -^a, ». 

Bney (Is), kamar (aaa)<=/. (is) 
on work; or taka kam asa^ 
/. to him is business. 

But, prep. conj. 1 . iivai or khit- 
rit, postp.=.l. except. 
2. pun = Z<i/. sed\ p&r&nt. 
3.b&gar, used anliihetically, 

e.g. not only, but.. . 
4. m&trij = only. 
'i.oflen omitted, chiefly if 
equivalent in Lat. to' sed', 'of . 
&.In the sentence 'there is 
hardly a day but he comes', 
aitd the like, ch, cs. chi^y 
by using the neg. ger. in 
'anan'; see in the yd Ap- 
pendix of the Gram. 'Quin'. 

N.B. The Englisk'\3uV frequent- 
ly cannot be translated by 
'sed': in such cases, except 
where 'sirai' may be used, 
the form of the sentence 
shouldbe changed, andsome 
other conjunction employed. 

Butoher, s. k&sai, -ya, m. c^k&s&i- 
gar, >ra, m. 

Butler, 5. mezatsakor, -kra, m. 

Butter, s. 1. tup, -p&, n. (melted 

and then preserTed; gbee). 

2. lo^in, -y&, n. (not melted). 

Butterfly, s. pisolen, -lea, «. 



Buttermilk, s. t&k, -ka, «. 
Button, V. bataun ghiil. 
Button, s. bataun, -tava,\ 

gubbi, -be,/. 
Button-hole, s. kaz, -za, n. 
Buy, v. molak kaue = /. take at 

Buyer, s. molak kanetolo. 
"Bjiprep. Instr.e.g.^x^ar 

by a foot. 

2.1agiB=/. near, close. 

3. Bat. or Ace. or Or., if used 
with expressions of time {e.g. 
by the ides of April). 

4. pasua (in adjurations) = /. 
Lat. propter; see Grammar 
Syntax. Instrument. 

By the bye, aa. voilebar. 
By and by, thoden-thoden. 

Cabal, J. ta.nd, -da, m. = I. fac- 
tion; orkttt, -ta, «. = /. plot. 

Cabbage, s. kob, -bi (or -be),/. 

Cabin, s. tarraCi, kotri, -re,/ = 
, /, a bed-place, a berth, «. c. 

Cabinet, s. 1. (dakten) kud, -d^, 

n. = (small) room. 

2. dbaz&n, -na, «,, e.g. ca. of 

a kingdom; mlLntrinsa,bha, 

-bhe,/.=council of ministers. 

Cable, s. S.l&t, -ta, ^. 

Cacophony, s. pad talo, -lea, m. 
= 1. bad sound; liet. pad tS^ 
zap, -zpa, «. 

Cadence, s. podnen, -nea, n. or 
deu^efi, -nea, «. (taleaiSen 
po.), or bet. -podap, -dpa, «. 

Cadet, s. dakto put, -ta, m. 

Cadjaa, s. m6d&l, -dla, n. 

Cagre, s. pandro, -tea, m. {Lat. 
cavea); gud, -da, m.\ chiefly, 
c. for beasts. 

Cajole, 7. fuslai. 

Cake, s. l.bakri, -re,/.=toasted 
bread; rotti, -te,/.; poli, -ye, 
/ (general name for all 
rice cakes). [cake). 

2.b61, 4a, m. {a kind of course 
S.patoli, -le,/ 
Calamity, s. kSSt, -tan, pi. m.; 
ftpad, -da, m. (apat?); akant, 
-ta, m.; dJigd, -da, m. {used 
in pi.); vig-nij, -na, «. 
Calculate, -o. 1 . lek(6) = /. count ; 
lek(e) k&r = /. make the ac- 
2. alocen k&r = /. make con- 
sideration, take into con. 
S.riyat kar = take into (kind) 
consideration (/. make fa- 
vorable attention). 
Calculation, s. I.lek (6), -fcS, «. 
2.riyat, -ti,/s*(favorable) at- 
tention: 'auntuji riyatm5g- 
tan = please take into your 
kind consideration'. 

„, „ L.oogic 




Oaldron, s. l.k&d&i, -ye,/. 
2. hando, -defi, m. {o/the larger 
Calendar, s. 1. p&ne&ng, ^a, n. 

2.patti, -te,/. = li8t. 
Calf, s. 1. vaarnn, -sri, «. =very 
small calf. 
2. padO) -^c^T '''• = male calf; 

pSdi, -ye,/ 

3,y^. daddo = /. stupid, or redo. 

Calibre, s. 1. rundai, -ye, / 

breadth, e.g. of a gun. 

2.^. somzikai, -ye, /. =» /. 


Oali^rapby, s. (sobit) b&rfip, -rpa, 

Call, V. 1 ■ &poi (summon) ; alo 
kAr =giTe a call, invoke, call 
2. mon (by name) : 'tumifi SkS, 
kiten mont&t=what do you 
call this?' 
C. aside, v. viBg&d d6T6r « I. 

keep aside. 
C. away, v. kad. 
C. on, V. bliet = /. visit. 
Callixj*, f ■ l.fiponneS, -nea, ff.; 
ulo, -lea, m. 
2. bhes, -Ba, m. ^ vocatiOQ. 
Callosity, see Cora. 
Calm, a. l.nidan (quiet); tb&nd 
=/. cold,_^.; Boukasayetso^ 
/. of peace. 
Calm,^. sonkasai, -ye,/, (also/or 
c. of the sea) ; s&m&dh&n, -na, 
«. nidanai, -ye,/. 
Calm, V. expressed by the adj. 
with k&r; se^ Allay. 

Calmly, f^d. souk&sayen or nidS- 

Calorie, s. uzo, -jea, m.=l. fire; 
or njefitso aramb, -ba, m. = 
or^in of fire, or g&rmetso 
&ramb, or only garmi, -me, 

Calnmniate, I'. l.tsSdio Bang = /. 
say detractions ; badlam 
glial = /. put calumnies; b. 
gbe 39 get calumnies; ninda 
kar=/, make c. ; apr&d ghfil, 
Prs. 2nd Locat. 

Calumny, s. tsadi, -ye,/ ; ninda, 
-de,/.; bidiam, -me,/, (ex- 
actly calumny); &prad, -da, 
m. {var. uprad). 

Camel, s. karen, -rea, ». 

Camp, f. kamp, -pa, n.,/r.\ mai- 
dan, -na, n. = I. plain. 

Camphor, s. kapur, -ra, m. 

Can, V. (maka) tankta, Dat. Prs. 
or tank as& = /. is ability; 
expressed by the pot. mood; 
see Gram. Verb P. II. IV. 
Often ch. cs., e.g. I cannot but 
exclaim =bob marn sangizai, 
or bob marn sanginastanaa 
raunk nozo. 

Canal, s. tod, -da, m. 

Canary-bird, s. kanariiSeD sukrien, 
-nea, n. 

C&nsel, z*. l.mar,^.^. in writing. 
^■/g. raddij padsi, or raddi^ kar 
ac. an order,/. annul. 

Cancer, s. manpuli, -ye,/ (dis- 
2. kurli, -le,/=crab. 

I.., ■'.lA-oogk- 

Can i 

OtJiiii,a. Bado = /. simple; niz 

= I. sincere; aiik&pti, /rom 

ma andkhp&t; mdsk&rnatul- 

lo = /. not deceiving. 
Caudiditte, s. umeduar, -ra, m. 

(ex. TOlunteer). 
Candidly, ad. niz zaun or sadsn 

or sado zann. 
Candle, s. vat, -ti, / or fully, 

iuena6i vat. 
Candlemas-day, s. vati benjar k&r- 

tso dis, -sa, m. = I. day (on 

which) candles are blessed. 
Oandlestiek, s. kastis&l, -la, n. 
Oane, s. l.fiivo, -vea, m. (ex. 

reed) ; bodi, -ye,/ (ex. stick) ; 

b6t, -ta, «. iex. stick) ; r6t, 

-ta, n.,/r. 
Canister, s. l.korndo, -dea, m. 

2. see Basket. 
Cannibal, a. m&nSakhaugi (or 

Cannon, s. nal, -li, /. 'c. ball = 


ac. = nal bhor'; 'let off ac. 

= nal mar, I. beat a c.', or 

'far mar = /. beat a shoot'. 
Canoe, s. don, -ni,y. 
Canon,.f. I.kanun, -nE, ».=law; 

kaido, •dea, z«. is rule. 
2. kaneg, -ga, m. or kanungar, 

-ra, «., or as some say, 

konik, -kH, m. (Lai. canon- 

Oanonisation* s. sant mo^Seo, 

n. u. 
Canonize, v. 

pasar; sant mo^t, 

i Cap 

Canopy, s. pal, -li,/. 
CanthaiideSf s. fod kadtso mus, 

-ah, m. 
Cantiole,.r. k&ntig, -ge,/(sacred). 
Cantonment, s. 5Sv&ni, -ne, /". 

(patlamiiSi), «, c; vlg. barak, 

-ka, «. 
Canvas, s. l.dadden lugat, -g^a, 

n. = l. coarse cloth. 
2. sid, -da, n. = l. sail. 
Cap, s. l.topi, -ye,/ 

2. kep (6), -pa, n. (giin-cap),/-. 
CapabDity, see Capacity. 
Capable, a. tran asuUo (bet. rs.; 

or) zanto= clever; B&ktivont 

= able. 
Cape, s. dd^rnitso mulo, -lea, m. 
Capacity, s. 1, m&p, -pfi,, «,, e.g. 

c. of a vessel. 

2. tran, -nS, ».; tank, -ki,/zs/. 
ability (Lal./acuHas); s&k&t, 

Capillary, a. bhou asir = I. very 
narrow; somelimes\>koM. fiSir 
Capital, <i. l.mukhya = priacipal. 
Z.mornatso^/. of death. 

3. uttim = /. excellent. 

4. vodlo=/. great (c. letter). 
Capital, s. 1. (chief town), per- 

hafs, poilen 3er or mukhya 
§er, -ra, n. 
2. (in money) gant, -{i, /. > (a 
petty sum), I. knot; it being 
a custom here to carry money 
in a knot of the handker- 
chief; puiyi, -je,/ = I. heap 
(of money). 


Cap ! 

3. &S&1, -sla, n. (in connexion 
with Tad = interest). 

4. c. of a pillar smiiten, -te&, 
n. = l. head. 

Oapitalate, ^. apnak vopsan di = 
/.8arreDder,coDsign thyself. 

Caprioe, s. vait mJirji, -je,/. 

Caprieions, a. I. thirDatuUo, ex. 
not coDstant. 
2. Tait m&rjetso. 

Caprioiously, ad. thirnastanaS ; 
vait m&rjen etc. 

Captain, s. kopit, -ta, m. (of 
soldiers, of a ship); most&k, 
-ka,«. = /.head; najak,-ka, 
(also c. of a ship); tandel, 
-la, m. (of a pattimar); ma- 
lim, -ma, m., e.g. of a ship. 

Captions, a. mosfitso (from mSs 
= deceit). 

Captir&te, v. 1. pisM or piso k&r 

= /. make mad,^. 

2.bhuUi = charm. [attraction. 

S.Todnifihad. G.A^. = ^ bring 

4. m6ii Toi k&r = conciliate, /. 

make heart yes. ■ 

Captire, s. b&ndiraa, -na, m. ; 
gul&m, ma, m. = slave. 

Captivity, s. gulampo?, -na, n. ; 
bandi, -di,/. 

Captore, s. l.d&rneS, -neft, n. 
or bet. dh&rilp, -rpS, «. 
or pSgap, 'gpa, n. = draught. 

Car, *. bindi, -ye,/; sirSt, -ta, 
«.; Tfi,th, -tha, m. (used/or 
parading an idol on certain 


Cararan, s. poinS.reanme1(6),-l&, 
= /. assemblage of travel- 


[cioiiB stone). 

Oarbnnole, s. k&mp, -pa, n. (pre- 

Caroasa, see Corpse. 

Card, J-. l.dat kfigftd, -gda, «.- 
/. thick paper. 
2.iSit, -ti,/ (mn. ticket). 
3. k&gad (playing card): 'play 
cards = kagdan kh61' or, if 
for money, 'k. jugar khel'. 

Cardinal, a. mnkbya. 

Cardinal, s. kardial, -\h, m.,fr.\ 
igarjevato, -tea, m., «. «. 

Care, J. I.zitan,-tn6,/., ^.^. of 
a charge or trust; tsitrai, 
-ye,/. = attention, observa- 
tion ; zagratfu, -ye,/ s being 

2. hnsko, -kea, m, = anxiety,, 
Zat. sollicitudo. 

3. l&kia, -fie,/: 'I don't care = 
lakia k&rinan, or rodn&in'. 

4.bez§rai, -ye, /. = /. anxiety. 

5. zogas&n, -ne, /. or zogeii,. 

^ea, «.; porta, -ye,/ 
Care, v. 1. 07te of the above 
nouns with kage or kanghe- 
or k4r; partibol (bet. prUti- 
pil!) k&r, or harbar k&ne, 
e. g. take care of children ;. 
p&rvesa kir. 

2. adn (Jln) di = /. bringing 
give, provide. 
Career, s. \.fr. dann, -ve,/ 

^./g. jini, -ye,/ = life, or also, 
d&un, or bhea, -s&, nt. = state 
of life. 




CareM, a. l.zagrnt = /. atten- 
tive, awake. 
S.bndiTOnts/. prudent. 
3. One of the nouns given un- 
der 'care' with a participle, 
4. 8&rko=/. exact; ad. sarken. 

Careless, a. l.beparvi = /. n^li- 
gent; ts&trainatfllo. 
2, f&dpoBi = good for nothing, 

Z.One of (he nouns given un- 
der 'care' mth 'nS-tijllo'. 

Caress, v. l.fuslai, pr. (as a 
mother caresses ker child) ; 
prltkar = /. love; bhulJli (»» 
bad ntn.) 

Caress, s. fuslannea, -nea, n. 

Oaigo, s. Yojen, -jefi,, «. (or roz^o, 
-na, «.) 

Carioftture, s. n&k&l, -kla, «. = /. 

Carions, a. pok&l = /. hollow. 

Carmel, s. karmi^, -ni, /.; 'kar- 
mini5i benti^, -ni, f. = sca- 
pular of M. C. 

Carminative, a. hajuayetso or ha- 
luai k&rtso. 

Carnal, a. kuditso = /. of body, 
e.g. c. pleasure. 

CarniTal, s. approximately, kh^l, 
-la, m. =: /. play; sigmo, -mea, 
m.\ iutruz, -zii, m.', domin- 
gord, -da, m., fr. 

Carol, f . fiD&ad gayaa, -n&, n. = 

I. hymn of praise. 
Carousal, s. khangipon, -na, n. 
Carpenter, s. aiSari, -ria, t». = 
ex. workman; sutari, -ria. 

m.\ b&dgi, -gia, m., n.c; 
b&d&i, -y&, m., n. c. 
Carpet, s. 1. jemkan or z&nik&9, 
-n&, n. tivSrSi, -se, /. (fine 
woollen c). 

S.snmbaCl mandri, -t6,/. = I. 

mat of coir. 
Carriage, s. 1 . gadi, -ye,/, (gaadi). 

I.fg. mol, -la, n,=sl. price (of 

3. n^ten, -tea, n.==l, demean- 
Carry, s. vor; vavoi. 

G.away^kad or kada vor. 

C.hack=piiti ghM. 

C. forward = mukar ts&lai =s /. 
cause to go on, e.g. the sac- 

C.out=l.pal; 2.kadn vor. 

Cart, s. l.bfi.adi, -ye,/. 

2.ter(6), -ra, m. (the car used 
for parading an idol on cer- 
tain occasions). 
•Carre, v. 1. kantai. 

2. katiirn vant=/. cutting die- 

Canrer, s. gudgar, -ra, m. (ex. 
turner) ; sometimes''i.^&T\= I. 
carpenter' is met with in this 

Carrin^t s. l.kantounCi sama- 
rthi, -rthe,/. 
2.kantounen, -^ea, «. 

Cascade, s. udkapodap, -^pa, n. 

Case, .r- I.f6r,-ra,/». (covering); 
poten, -tea, »., e. g. of a 

I.., ...lA-ooglc 



sword, scabbard; goasani, 
-pe,/. (pillow c.) 

2, stiti, -ti^/.=collditiOIl; 6et. rs. 

3. Q&mb^r, -bra, n. (e.g. in the 
court),^.; vyajy^, -jya, n. 

i. bab, -be,/. = a doubt, a case 

In case (if perhaps) = p&kiek, 

used as Postp.\ see Gram. 
'Taka n&mbS.r gQ^ {or iiagun) 
zalen=the case was decided 
for {pT against) him, /. to 
him the case favourable {or 
unfaTOurable) became'. 
Caeem, s. b&rk&s, -sa, n. 
Cash, s. n&gdi dadu, -dTa,m,=/. 
-ready money; bandi^Uo du- 
du = /. bound money, «. c. ; 
nigid, -gdi,/ r„. 

Cash-book,.!. lek&Sen pastak, -ka, 
Cashew, s. kaz, -z«,/ 
Oashier, s, matsudi, -di, m., 

(matsudi ?) 
Cashier, v. I . birt&rap k&r = 
deprive, e.g, of an office. 
2.naS k&r=raiQ. 
Cask, s. pip, -pa, ». 
Caesook, £. lob, -ba,ffi.,^.; pa< 

yangol v&atur, -ra, «, 
Cast, V. I.ud&i or kadn ud&i. 
2,sod = /. leave (suffer to fall). 
S.ghal == I. put. 
C. down the eyes = dole s&kal 

k&r = /. make down. 
C. out=6odJii, e.g, devils ; bhiiir 

ghal = put out. 
C.down, deject = dukfii = /. 
cause to feel pain, sorrow. 

Caste, zat, -ti, /.; kaji, -ye, / 

{or kni, -la, «.) ; vorg, -ga, 

m. = /. class {approx.) 
Castle, s. koteii, -tea, n. 
Castor, s. (a plant) yendi, -de,/ 

(var. yerundi, -di,/.) 
C. oil = yerundiiSen t6l(6) or 

jendiSen tBl(6) or only t§l, 

-la, «. or more comm. yendel 

Casual, a. auSit ; gr&tstsaratso ; 

see Accidental. 
Casually, ad. apsents; gratstsft- 

ran; aufiit. 
Cat, s. I.mSzdr, -zra, n. 

2, bokul, -kla, m, (male c.) 
Cataclysm, s. l.aur, -ra, n. => 

inundation; budtugal, -la, «. 
Cataoomb, s. l.buyar, -ra, n. 

{La(. spelunca). 
2. patal, -}a, n, (subterraneous 

Catafalque, s. yes, -se,/ 
Catalogue,'^, p&tti, -te,/i=/. list. 
Cataract, s. udkapodap, -dpa, 

n, = I. waterfall. 
Catastrophe, .t. I.sev6t,-t&,#i. = 

/. issue. 
2. JLdrus(, -ta, n. = misfortune. 
Catoh, V. dh&r, e,g. fishes; pag, 

e.g. fishes, 
2. Bampfidai or sampdai, e. g. 

to entrap a person, to c. him 

in words, Lat. capere in 

verbo\ 'dh&r' is used also 

for 'receive'. 
'I caught a cold = maka tb&nd 

zalefi'. C. fire = uzo lag. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Gatobiii;, s. l.p&gnen, -iiea, ft. 

or pagfip, -gpfi, n. (of Eehee). 
2. dh&raen, -iie&, n. or dh&rap, 

-rpa, «. 
Catechiam, s. vlg. katekiBm or 

katesism, -ina,«a.,y>.; dotorn, 

-nU/.T^Lat. docirina,/r. 
C&teohist, s. npadeei, •ai, m,\ 

dotorn sik&itolo. 
Cateobize, v. dotorn Bik&i = I. 

teach doctrine; {sometimes 

'sik&i' by itself will he found 

CateobTunen, s. kristaan zanntso. 

Cate|>orical, a. khiLnclit = /. posi- 

Oatbedral, s. sa&i-igr&z; siidre- 
igftrz, -ji, /. = /. church of 

Catbolio, a. k&tholik ; sfLrvi^ th&ifi 
vist^rlolo or B&gle&D v. 

Catbolicism, s. kristavanfien (kJU 
tholik) iastnj, -tra, n. 

CattlB) J. gorun, -rva, «. (or gor- 
dan, -na, n., old). 

Oaiuality, s. kfLriSeii, -cea, n. 

CansatiTe, a. kS>rtso. 

Cause, s. l.karan, -na, n. 
2. n&mb&r, -bra, n. (legal suit), 

fr.\ Tyajyn, -jya, w. 
3.kain, -ma, «. = a£Eair. 

■Causa, v. kirS.n di or k^ran za = 
/. give cause or become cause; 
k8.r = /. do ; expressed by the 
caus.form of the dependent 
verb; see Gram. P. II ch. ir. 

Caoatio, a. l.lastolo. 
%.fg- koda or dukountso. 

Canstle, s. Iai5en rolcat, -kta, ».; 
lastso fator, -tra, )». = burn- 
ing stone. 

Cauterize, v. las=/. bum, or lonk- 
dan las. 

Caution, s. bud, -di, f. = l. pru- 
dence, wisdom, adrice; za- 
grutai, -ye,y^=/. attention. 

Caution, V. bud saDg=/. say ad- 
2. k&l&i=/. make known (warn). 

Cautious, a. budivont ; zagrut. 

Oantionslyj ad. badin, or z%m- 

CaTalry, s. trups&Tar, -ra, »., 
fr.\ godeaB^var, -ra, n. 

Cave, s. dhol, -li,/; buyar, -rS., 
n. = Lot. spelunca \ ma^s, 
-tea, «. 

Cavil, V. 1. ninda gbal = /. put 
2. mudnai k&r = I. make frivol- 
ous objection, sophism. 

OaTfl,J.mudDai,-ye^/;(o/'-ya,»>.) j 

Cariller, s. mudn&yeli, -lia, or I 

mudnai k&rtolo. 

Cease, v. thamb ; sod s /. leave; 
kfib&r za = I. finish or be 
finished; tirsii; mugda= come 
to an end; m&nna k&r, e.g. 
God ceased to work on the 
7th day; raa = /. stop; n&- 
p&ints za = /. disappear. 

Cedar, s. deud3,r, -r&, m. 

Cede, V. sodun di, tr. =1. leaving 
give, (give up) ; see Yield. 

Ceiling, s. 1. malo, -lea, m. 
(strictly, loft or garret). 




Celebrate, !'. 1. p&rgiLtzaun ho- 
golsi = /. praise publicly; 
pasar {or patsar), e. g. c. 
the virtue of . . . . 
2.k&r, e.g. c. a feast; ts&l&i, 
e.g. a feast. 
Celebrated, a. navadgo = /. of 

name; vod = great. 

Celebration, s. l.p&rgd.t hoglap, 

-pa, n. = I. public praise. 

^./or c. of a feast rs. into v. 

Celebrity, s. JlnaQd, -da, m. = /. 

glory; kirt, -ti,/. 
Celerity, s. jerurai, -ye,/. 
Celestial, a, s^rgintso. 
Celibacy, s. ankuarpon, -nB,, n. 
Cell, s. dakten kud, -da, n. = I,- 

small room. 
Cellar, J. buyar, -ra, «. (subter- 
raneous room); ugran, -na, 
«.; vlg. dispete, -sa, n. 
Cellarer, s. mezatsakor, -kra, m. 
Cement, s. gar, -ra, m. 
Cement, v. 1. garan g&dsi (or g. 
2.^. mel&i=/. unite. 
Cemetery, s. simitar, -ri,/,^.; 
fondasnat, -te,/., nikepun^i 
suat, or purtso zago, -gea, 
m. = I. place of graves; 
sudkad, -da, n. = I. desert of 
burning, bui this word is 
used only for pagan ceme- 
teries ; mftsSn, -na, ». 
Ceaobite, s. monj, -ja, m. (pagan 
c.) ; frad, -di, m, = I. friar, 
fr,\ sangatvasi, -si, m. = I. 
living together, vSna- 

vasi ■>! living alone (au- 
Cenotaph, s. gor, -ri, / (gori, 


Censer, J- turiblij, -blil, n.,/r.; 

dhuparti, -ti, / (anal, to 

H. K.) or dhumpar, -ra, n. 

Censnre, v. gunyiiakar kir ~ /. 

make guilty; not common du- 

raa; gunyaufi sang =./. say 

the faults; see Bl&me, Criticize. 

Oensnre, s. dur, -ra, n. 

Census, s. lokanCen lek (fe), -ka, 

«. = I. counting of people. 
Cents, (7o) Sakdo, -dea, m.\ 'i^/o 

= sakdeak 4 rupoi lekan'. 
Centipede, s. vagoni, -ni,/. 
Central, ^. moden asullo, or 

Centralise, v. moden Tor=/. bring 

to a centre, pr. and/g. 
Centrally, ad. moden or mazant. 
Centre, J. maz, -za, /«., e.g. of 
a, circle and the like ; moden, 
-dea, n. 
Centnry, s. s&taman, -na, n. or 
sSitSi, -ka, «., or satang, 
■ -ga, n. 

Ceremonious, a. 1. d&rbar, or bet. 
dobajeatso = /. solemn. 
S.tsild sarko = /. too exact. 
3. m&ry£dit30. 
Ceremony, s. l.sermoni, -ni, /. 
e.g. of the church,/r.; k&t- 
leii, -lea, «. {H. K.) ; rit, -ti, 
/. (rite), or sastr^5i rit, or 
rivaz, -ji,/.; p^dd^t, -ti,/. 
2. dobazo, -jea, m. >= /, Pomp. 


Certain, a. or s&t = l. 
true (c. objectively). 

2. drM (c. eubjectivelj) : maka. 
d. asa. 

3. &Tok.oorW&a.o{Lai.^uidam). 
4. kh&ndit = o to be obtained; 

'aun niz Bomzatan = i7r &. n. 
zanian = I am certain'; 'maka 
kb^rents kalta = /. to me is 
truly known'. 

Certainly, ad. kh&rents {or kha- 
rots); dubaunS.staDaQ=/,not 
being doubt; dubau voran- 
aetanaS = /. not carrying 
doubt; dr^ zauD = Btirely, 
to be sure. 

Certainty, s. 1 . tbirasan, -n.e,/. = 

subjectiTe certainty. fc. 

2. Bat,-ta,«.=/.trutb;objective 

Cartifloate, J. vlg: asent, -ta, m. 
fr.\ zatak (or jatak), -ka, n. 
(HisT.); daklo, -lea, ?w.."get 
a certificate = asent kad, I. 
draw a certificate'. 

Certify, -v. l.drad kSr = /. make 
sure; nisfiei sang = /. say 
sincerely; niz zaun 8ang = 
I. say sincerely ; kaiai. 

Certitude, s. nirdar, -ra, m. 

Cerumen, s. kaoulo, -lea, nt. 

Cessation, s. I.ra?ap, -pa {or 

raupa), ».; sodni, -ne,/ = /. 

leaving; minnakS.mi, -ne,/., 

or only manna, -ne,y; 

^.fg- soukasai, -ye,/. = /. rest. 

Cession, s. 1 . aodni, -ne,/. 
2. vopsap, -pa, n./rom vopsun 
di = conBign. 

Chafe, 7. l.gasuntapai = /. make 
warm by rubbiug; gas. 

2. kat kad = /. take away skia. 

3. rag adai = irritate. 
4.ragar za=be impatient. 

Chaff, s., -la, n.\ kundo, 

-dea, -m. 
' 1-fg. kundeapast. 
Chagrin, s. l.kark&r, -ra, ■m.= 
. trouble; bezarai, -y&,/. 

2. rag, -ga, m. = I. anger; see 

Chain, s, l.saaka], -kli, yi, pr, 
(big); 8&rpaii, -le,/ (small); 
gop, -pa, «. (fine). 
2. band, -di,/.=/. prison. 

3. bar, -ri,y. =line; kamp, -pa, 
m., e.g. harin {or kampan) 
tsaia=walk in a line; fangt, 
-ti,/.=line; 'fangtin bo3a = 
sit in a line'. 

Chair, J. kadel, -la, n.,fr.; baska, 

Arm-cbair=bat asnlli ba3ka = 

/. ch. baring arms. 
Chairman, s. president, -ti, m., 
fr. ; ' vlg. pirjent, -ti, m. ; 

sabbenaik, -ka, m. 
Chalice, s. kals, -si,/,/r.; patrij, 

-tra, n. 
Clialk,i.europitsuno, ffrvilayeti 

{or vilaiti) tsuno, -nea, m. 
Challenge, v. ladayek apoi = /. 

call to fighting. 
Challenge, s. IMayek apou^en, 

-nea, «■ 
Chamber, s. kud, -da, n,: 'c. pot s 

vlg. tast, -ta, ».' 

„, „ L.oogic 



Ch&msleos, s. sirli, -le,y! 

Champion, s. vir, -ra, m.; parii- 
kraml, -mia, m,, n, c. = l. do- 
ing extraordinary tlungs. 

CSianee (By)> ak&sm&t: 'to ma- 
ka a. mello = I met him by 
c.'; nenarponaa = I. un- 
knowingly; an6it=/. sudden- 
ly; aplestilki = /. by itself; 
apsents = /. by itself. 

Chaaoe, j. l . &dru|t, -t^i ^■ 
2.patiyenin, -ni,y;=s/, trust: 'I 
have a ch. = patiyeni dovor- 
t&n Or p&tietEn, I. I hope, 
I tmst, or aia iisa'; see Ao- 

Chance, v. g&d=/. happen. 

ChaBoellor, s, m3,ntn, -ri, m. 

Ohan^, s. b^dlap, -pa, n. 

Chancre, v. b&d&l=alter entirely 
or partially ; also ch. a dress; 
T&tai, (change money) ; as 
n. V. b&d&l zata or only zata 
= becomes, or dusro zat& = 
becomes another, or b&dal. 

Ohan^eable, a. b&d&l z&nntso or 

Channel, s, tod, -da, m. (water- 
course);, -ye,/, (in 
the fields). 

Ohapel, s. kopel, -la, n.,/r.\ irmit, 
•i\,/.t/r.\ bet. (dakti) ig&rz, 
-jo, /. = /. small church; 
telidau, -A&y&, n. (aTtal. to 
H. K.) = chapel within a 
church; vlg, kapel, -la, «. 

Chaplain, s. k&pelaun, -lava, m., 
Jr.\ dakto figar, -ra, m. or 

d&kto padri, -ri, m. = l. the 
little vicar or father, vlg.\ 
kumki guru, -rn, m. = as- 
sistant priest; s&rk&ri pfidri 
= military ch.; irmititso pft- 
dri, -ri, m, = /. father of a 

Chaplet, s. I. k6nt, -ta, ». 
2, jelo, -lea, m. (crown of flow- 
ers); kopfel, -la, «.=!/. gar- 
land ; mola, -le,/.(of flowers). 

Chapter, s. 1. avilsviir, -ra, m. 
(«. of book). 

2. padrinfii {or madrinfii) 84- 
bha, -bhe, /. =1. meeting of 
friars (or of nuns). 

3. koneganmel (fe), -JS, «.= 
body of canons, [a letter. 

Character, .T. 1. S:kser, -r4, ». = /. 

2.abru,-bra,m.=honour: 'mH- 
ryaditso {or abratso) monis, 
-n§a, m. = man of c.'; m&r- 
yad,-di,/. = /. honesty ; man, 
-na, m. Bi /. honour, repu- 

3.T6ndouni, .ni,/. = /. inclina- 
ation, e.g: what is the c. of 
that man? n&dten, -tea, n.; 
BobauD, -bava, m. = temper, 
nature ; gun, -na, m. = ch&- 
racteristic; j;y(?£». jf^Gram. 
p. 223, se^. 

4. T&B, -sS, m. = t. mask ; as in 
the phrase, 'he assumes the 
c. of=»to ves ghalta'. 

CharaoteriBtic, see Character. 
Characterize, -v. vondoun or vo- 
ndaunen sang = /. say the 



character of; gun sang or 
sobaa saag; kMit kHr or 
k&l&i = caase to be known ; 
somz&i, c, V. = I. give to an- 

Chorooal, s. inglo, -lea, m.\ 'burn- 
ing G.^k^nd, -da, n' 

Charge, v. l.bbor = A fill, e.g. 
a cart. 

2. angar pod = I. fall on body, 

3. lek(6) = I. account, ch. cs. 

4. gunyankar kar = /. make 
guilty (accuse); ISi; ghal; 
see Ascribe. 

5. formal or bakum di i= A give 

6. Topsun di = /. giro in care 
(charge with the care of), 

7. nemsi = I. appoint. 

8. z&tfio kane = /. take care, 
ch. cS, 

9. band=/. bind, e.g. mol band 
=d. bind a price (Konk.) , Ace. 

iV. B. The form of the Eng. 
expression is often changed^ 
e.g. 'taka ghJir rakunk san- 
gl£n = I charged him to 
look after the bouse'; 'how 
much do you charge me = 
mol kitefi? or kiten magtai? 
'I do not like to charge 
any body = koaak k^rkSr- 
ratso zannk khuSivornan, /. 
I don't like to get annoying 
to any body'. 

Charge, s. l.vojefi, -jea, «. or 
voziin, -na, n. (load). 

2.hukam, -kme,y. = I. order. 

3. kaido, -dea, m. = /. duty. 

4. kam, -ma, «. = I. basinesa. 

5. firiyad, -di,/i = accu8atioE. 

6. mdl, -la, n. = I. price. 

7. zulnm, -Ime,/ = /. attack. 
Cliariot, gadi, -ye,/; sirat, -ta» 


Charitable, a. kakultitao or ka- 
kuldar = /. merciful ; dh&r- 
nii|t; mogal = /. dear, noi 
ex. charitable, dut expres- 
sing an attribute springing- 
from charity ; usedfg. 

Charitably, ad. kEkultin; db&r- 
man; mogan; mogalzaan. 

Charity, J. l.mog, ^a,, »»,: 'Di- 
vine ch. = DavfltBO mdg'. 

2. moya m6g = fraternal ch. 

3. izmS.1, -la, n. s /. alms, fr.\ 
dh&rm, -ma, m. 

Charlatan, s. borboro, h^ m. 
(bodbodo) ; I'/^.lottebira.-ra, 

Charm, s. l.tautry, -ra, n. pr. 
or miiiitrij, -r&, n. or oimit, 
-ta, n. 
^■fg. Yodai, ~ae, f. = I. at- 
3. sundiirai, -ye,/. = /. beaoty. 

Charm, v. l.t&ntran k&r = I. 
make ch., pr. 
2. piso kiir, (please very much, 
/. make mad) ; in the passive^ 
s&ntos bhog = /. enjoy plett- 
sure; vodnin di = /. give- 
inclinations; tB&d m&nuii=^ 
/. please very much. 



€1lug, v. I.Sifcar k&r. 

2.kiiQt&i = /. engrave. 
Chase, s. sikar, -re,/. 
Ohastfl, (I. niek^I; nitfll. 
Ghastiae, t;, 1. sikSa di or s. lai = 
I. gire (7r apply puDishment. 
2. kg-st di or k&St4i = /. give 

ffliastity, s. nisk&lai, -ye,/, i7r 

Disk&lkai, -ye,/.; nitalpon, 

-na, «. (W nit&lai, -ye,/. 
diaaable, .^. kaznl, -la, n., fr.\ 

restiment, -tS, m.,/r. vlg.\ 

prk. misaCi aeson, -ni,/ 
Chat, V. uUi = /. Bpeak, Cm, 

Prs.; gSzali mSr (say things 

of BO importance). 
Chat, s. g&zal, -li, /.; ramain, 

-na, «. (long ch.); phandlo, 

-lea, m. 
Chattel, s. saman, -na, m. 
Chatter, v. nakazallea ul&i = /. 

say nonsense ; see also Gnash. 
Chattering, s. nakazallo, -lea, m., 

or nakazalleo T6.8tu, -tun,/; 

gfi.zali, -li,/; ulonen, -nea, 

n.: 'long chat =tamb g^zali'; 

phandlo, -lea, ot. 
Cheap, A. sovai {not to be con- 

foundedwith 86v6i=cu8tom). 
Cheat, s. 1. mos. -sa, m.\ ^hSkki^, 

-ka, n. ; d&go -gea, m. ; fot, 

.ti,/. = ex. lie. 
2.niosagar, -ra, m.=deceirer. 
Cheat, V. l.d&go k&r = /. make 

cheating, j4£c. 
2.fot&i, c. V. of fotua = be do- 


Cheating, s. d&go, -gea, m.\ see 

Check, V. l.raToi = /. caase to 
stop, c, V. of ran = stop. 
2.bagai = ^ bend,^.; see also 

3.b6! k&r = /. make force. 
4. ad ye=/. come against (Dai.) 
5.m5d(6) = /, break, /£;.; see 

Suppress; ts&ld.i. 
6. mokabilo ka,r=/. compare, or 
t&n-ki kfir=±audit (accounts). 
Cheok, i. l.adkai, -li,/., .ri,/=/. resistance, 
denial (or in-k&r, -ra, n.); see 
Hindrance, Rebn£ 
3. (money-Order), see Cheque. 
Cheek, s. polo, -lea, «.; gal, -IS, 

f». (ex. jaw). 
Cheek-bone, s. dad, -dS,, tt. 
Cheer, V. l.khagal kJlr=:/. make 
cheerful, or d^dos k&r = /. 
make glad, 
S.hoglap k&r or hogolsi = /. 
make praise. 
Cheer, s. bog]ap, -pa, n.; alas, 
-sa, m.: 'be of good cheer = 
dhfiir ghe'. 
Cheeifnl, a. khus&l, or khuiiili, 
or khuSalayeteo ; s&ntosa- 
Cheerftilly, ad. khuSalayen, or 

Cheerfnlnees, s. khosalai, -ye,/; 

s&ntos, -sa, trt. 
Cheeee, s. Uz, -zi,/.,/r.; hslvo, 
which is sometimes used in 
this sense, is rather Arabic 



cheese, or bet. a sweetmeat, 
tike cheese on the oatBide. 

Ohemist, s. r^savidyegar, -ra, m. 

ChemistiT, s. r^savidja, -ye,/. 

Cheqae, s. hundi, -ye,y. 

OlierJBh, V. l.mogaa tsl&i {Ace. 
pers.) = l. rule with love. 

2. pos = feed. 

3. hhuz3,i = comfort. 

Ohenib, s. kerubim, -ma, m.,/r. 

Chew, s. 6etr&ng, -ga, «. 

Cheat, s. l.p^t, -te,/. =/. box. 
2. hordes, -dea, n. (Lot. pec- 

CheW( V. tsab; g&l&i (move to 
and fro), e.g. sugar-cane. 

Chicane, see Trick, Cavil. 

Chicken,J. l.pil,-la,«.,(jrkunfc- 
daSen pil, -la, n. 
2. pilo, -le£, m. (in the egg). 

Ohieken-poz, s. kotlo, -lea, m. 

Chide, V. l.besta.i = /. rebuke. 
2. has kha = /. eat a scolding. 

Chief,'!, mukhya; poilo = /. first. 

Chier, s. mukhyest, -sta, m., or 
mostak, -ha, «. = /. head. 

Chiefly, ad. mukhyazaun ; bhou 
kiLrn; &dhik k&rn; vises. 

Child, .r. bargeii, -gea, n\ balsen, 
-sea, «. = /. infant; bal, -la, 
of ejection; balok, -Ika, or 
-loka, m., used of the Infant 
Jesus; put,-ta,c^putrij,-ra, 
m. = l. son. 

Childhood, s. burgipirai, -ye,/. 
= 1. age of the children, or 
burgepon, -pa, «. 

Childish, a. hargeantso = per- 
taining to children; bargean 
biri = Lat. puerorum instar; 
ch. cs., or burgeponatso. 

ChildiflhneBS, s, burgepon, -itE, n. 

Childless, a. burginnatullo. 

Chill, s. thindso ; 5el, -}i, / 

Chilli, s. mirsang, -ge,/. 

Chimera, s. approx. bhiyankulfii, 
-ye,/.; girigiri, -ri,/ 

Chimney, s. durraCi vat, -te,/. = 
/. way of smoke; n&li, -ye, 
/ = /. tube. 

Chin, s, kbadki, -ke,/.; bontso, 
-5ea, m. 

Chink, s. fut, -ti,/. 

Chisel, s. iroen, -nea, n. 

Chocolate, j. fiokolad, -^^f.yfr. 

Choice, s. vintsap, -tspa, «. or 
vintsnen, -^ea, n. 

Choice, a. attS,m {yar. uttim) 
= /. excellent ; vintsnar ; 
vintsleli (v&ati}) = /. chosen 
(thing); &mrnt = excellent 
thing (eatable), also fg. 

Choir, s. I.k6r, -ra, OT.; ig&rzeSi 
malai, -liye,/. (place). 
2. kSntareantso mel (e), -l£i, m.\ 
gayangarantsq mel, -la, m. 

Choke, V. l.maddi = /. twist the 
neck round; fugar k&rj/r.; 
gMo damp = /. shut the neck. 
2.adk&l k&r = /. make hin- 
drance; idiSi,;.^. choke corn 
(in pass, fidtsa). 

Cholera (morbus), s. sireiri, -re,/ ; 
th&nd pida, -do, f. = l. cold 

i'_ - A'Ooglc 

Cho 67 

sickaess ; BS.nni, -ne, /. or 
silnairog, -ga, m. 

Choose, "v. 1 . vints ; rintsiin kad = 
/. selecting take out ; sodun 
kad^.seeking take out; pr&s 
khusiyor, c,^. choose rirtue 
before wealth = grestkaye 
pr&s segnn khu3i ror; bores 
diBta = pleases, seems good, 
a.nemsi, or nom.iy&T, Jr. = I. 
appoint, nominate. 

Chop, V, 1. tsatsai; kadkeS,n kad- 

ke k&r = /. make pieces. 

2.porta=/.turn, c.^. the wind 


Cbop-booae, n. gutki,-ke = /. ta^ 
vern; biclar,-ra, n.=dwelling, 

Chopper, s. (vodli) sari, -ye,/. 

Chord, s. Lvlg. kordaun, -dava, 
n. or »j. = striiig (nmsical). 
2. sari, -ye,/ (of brass); dori, 

Chorister, s. kilntarist, 4a, or 
k&ntari, -ria, m.,/r. 

Christian, s. kristaun, .taT^, m. 

Christian, a. kristiiyantso. 

Christianity, s. 1. kristavanfieii 

lastry, -trS,, n. = /. christian 


2. (siLmest) kristaun s (all) 

Christians. fdigso. 

Chronic, a. l&mb = /. long; dig or 

Cbroniole, s. v&rsan&eo kobro, 
-r5n, pl.\ k&ta, -te,/ 

Chronolog:icBl, Chronolojioally, ad. 
kalan p&rmane = I. accord- 
ing to the time, ck. cs. 

Chronology, s. kalanfii vidya or 

kalanvidya, -ye, / = science 

of times. 
Chronometer, s. gh&diyal, -la, n. 

(var. -li,/.)=/. clock; kalft- 

map, -pa, n., or velamfip. 
Chnroh, s. 1. ig&rz, -je, /:, or 

igr&z, -je or igreja, -je, fr. ; 


temples; derasthan, -na, n. 

{H. K.), or deyaUi, -yfi, ».; 

devaiSeD ghir, -r^, it. 
2.igitrzm5ta, -te,/, or santa 

madr igirz (living charch). 
Choreh-warden, s. fisali, -lia, m. 

vlg-.; moktesS.r, -ra, m.; igir- 

jetso udyog&st, -ta, m. 
Chnreh-yard, s. igUijeSen kamp, 

-pa, n. ; see Cemetery. 
Churl, s. nadkar, -ra, m. = I, 

villager, _^, 
Churlish, a. anmaryaditso, iet. 

Cicatrize, v. gbai suk=/. wound 

become dry. 
Cigar, s. fierut, -t», «. ; idi or 

vidi, -ye, / (a small one) : 

'smoke a c. = 5. vod'. 
Cinder, s, inglo, -lea, m.=:Lat. 

carbo; see also Ashes. 
Cinnabar, s. sindur, -rS, n. 
Cinnamon, s. tikesal, -li,/ 
Cipher, s. 1. sonnen, -nea, n. or 

puji, -je,/. 
2.6,oko, -kea, m. (arithmetical 

3. gudan6i bhas, -se,/ =/. lan- 
guage of secrets. 

„, „ L.oogic 




-CiToIe, s. l.m&ud&l, -la, ».; sat- 
tu, -ta, «(.; also circuit, com- 
pass; phero, -rea, m. 
2.meJ(§), -la, m., e. g. a c. of 

Circlet, s. vajo, -lea, m. = an or- 
nameDt for clilldreD. 

'Circuit, s. boundi, -de,/; suttQ, 
-ta, m. 

Ciroal&r, a, 8dkalo = round. 

Circular, s. boundekagad, -gda,n. 

Circulation, s. boundi, -de, /. 

Circulate, v. \. n. v. bount&nifi 
veta = /, goes around; boun 
or in tr. mn. boundiii {used 
also ^ books). 
" v.^/g. pargiit kar = /. 
make public. 

N. B. All words beginning with 
'circum' not given here, if 
iranslateable literally, are to 
be translated by 'bountin' 
or 'bountanifi' and the word 
which 'circum' is compound- 
ed with. 

Circumlocution, s, utranbouudi, 

Circumspection, s. bud, -di,/. = /. 
prudence; zagrutai, -je,/. 

GircumBtanoe, 5. l.8S,ngti {yar. 
siing&t, -gti), -ti, /; gat, or 
hakigit, -ti, /. {about the 
same mn. as B&ngti), n. c. 
2. stiti, -ti, /. = state, condi- 
3. lank, -ki, /.= power, e.g. 
according: to your 
stances = tanki p&rmane. 

4. thar, -ra, m. or jinoa, -nsa, 
M. =^kind, quality. 

OiBtem,^. I.t&len,-lea,».=tank. 
2. baiii, baiS,/. = /, well. 

Citadel, s. koten, -tea, n, = /. 

Cite, V, apoi = /. summon ; see 
Summon and Quote. 

Citizen, s, r^it, -ta, m. =■ L sub- 
ject; seragar = /. man of the 
town; gaunkar,-ra,TO.=^. of 
the place, of the country. 

CitroUj s. mauling, -ga, n. 

City, s. sfer, or sear, -r^, «,,- 
patan,-tDa, n.; nftgJir, -ra, «. 

Ciril, a. I.p&tnatso; sarkari 
(noukor) = (servant) of the 
Government; raitantso = ^ 
of the subjects ; sadharn = /. 
2. maryaditso= polite. 

Civility, s. m^ryad, -di, /. = /. 
politeness; sikap, -kpa, «. = 
learning, education ; tsal- 
tsamkan, -na, »., used also 
/■■,e.g. c. of a gentleman. 

Civilize, v. tsaltsamkin sikai. 

Claim, V. mag = /. request, de- 
or bakkan mag; hakku> asa 
mon sang = say that there 
is right , wiVA or without thain 
preceding bakkij. 

Clamour, s. bakbob, -be, /., or 
also hak ani bob. 

Olap, »■ talio pet = /. strike the 
palms of the hands. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Clapper (of a bell), s. ghantitao 
lolo,-le», OT. orgulOj-Iea, M. 

Clariiy, v. nmUi. 

Clash, V. ad&ln avaz za, <?/' 0«/)' 

Clasp, iJ. = /. bind. 

2. veng mar = embrace, grasp. 

3. z6d(6),c.^. clasp the hands. 
Class, ^. l.thar,-ra, »!. = /. kind, 

2. TOrg, -ga, m. 
Classic, Classical, a. n&maDeatso 

= /. of model, £.^. cl. author 

= TX&. barpi or nS. kart; or 

nttim = excellent. 
Classify, 71. zativar V&r; Tilevari 

Clause, s. 1. klam or k&l&m, 

-Ima, fi. = l. paragraph. 
2. vanto, -tea, m. = l, part, e.g. 

of a sentence. 
Claw, s- l.nakut, -kta, n. 

2.dauli, -le,/. 
Clay, s. avo, -vea, m., or aveafii 

mati, -ye,/.; 6ik^, -kda, n. 
Clean, a. nit&l. 
Clean, v. nital kar = /. make c; 

gas {mn, polish). 
Oleanlioesfi, s. nit&lpon, -na, »., 

or nitSrIai, -ye,/. 
Cleanae, v. nit&l k&r = /. make 

clean; dalkad=/. takeaway 

dust; da = /. wash. 
Clear, a. l.niUl. 
2. modnantuUo or kupanna-* 

tuUo = /. not cloudy (sky). 
3. sdSt = distinct, e.g. voice; 


4. pSrz&lik := /. shining. 
In the meaning of 'not ob- 
structed', ike negai. form 

<n§,tullo' may be used, e. g. 

clear of grass = tannatullo. 

'The sky is clearing up = 

mojab nit^ z&ta'. 
Clear, v., usetheadj. 'clear' wilh 

(he verb required if taken 

Cl. off a debt = rin ferik kSr. 
Cl. away =.kad. 
Cl. oneself of a charge=b&Saa 

za or sut. 
Clearly, ad. nit&l z^un; sost. 
Clearness, f. see Briffitness. 
Cleave, v. 1. sod, tr. v.; n. v. sut 

used of things previously 

joined; fut = /, burst. 
2.1ag = /. adhere. 
Cleft, s. fut, -ti,/; modap, -dp^» 

«. = /. breach. 
Clemency, s. dfl.ya, -ye, f.=l. 

benignity; kakult, -ti,/.-=/^ 

Clement, i7. mogal; kEkultitso; 

d^yal; kanval. 
Clepsydra, ;. ndkaiJen gSdiyal, 

-la, n. (or udkagHdiyal). 
Clerjfy, s. ig&rjemuniyarinmel 

(6), -la, m., or muniyaripon, 

-na, «.; padriiimel, -la, m, 
ClergTmaa, s. igarjemuniyari, 

-ria. m. = minister gf the 

Clerk, s. or gumost, -sta, m.; 

b&rpi, -pia, m. ; n&kSlvis, 

or n&kftluis, -sa, m. 




Clever, a. ti65,r; t8urk=: active; 

z&nto = skilful; TidvaaSs; 

Cleverness, s, uiarpon, -na, n.\ 

zantepan, -na, n.\ tsurkai, 

-ye,/., or tsurkpon, -na, «.; 

sudfilai, -ye,/". 
Client, .r.k&li$igiir,-ra,ffi.;aBami, 

-mia, m. 
Climate, J. Mto, -vea, m.\ deia- 

gun, -na, ot.W. quality of the 

country, n.c, Cn. 
Climb, ». tB&d, n.v.^ znd Loc.\ 

kbadun ghaln ts&d, = /. 

ascend putting a rope. 
Cliny, V, lag. 
Clip, 'ii. kad=/.take away.; kat&r 

= 1. cut. 
Oloak, s. jibbo, -bea, m. 
Cloak, V. lipd.i = I. cooceal. 
Clock, s. gildiyal, -la, n. {more 

comm. -li,/. hut -la ace. to 

Mr.): 'what o'clock is it? 

= kitle ga,iite?' 'at what o'- 
clock? =kitlea gantear?' 
Cloister, 5. vlg. kouYent, -tai,m., 

ff.\ mot, -ta, m. {H. K.) 
Close, V. l.damp, or dank (ir. 

and n. »,), e. g. a door etc, 

2. tirsi = I. finish. 

Close, a. l.dat (thick); lagun = 
I. attached, or lagsilo. 
2.gflt (or ghat). 

3. gutatso = /. secret. 

4. motvo = short. 

5. imto = stingy. 
Close, act. lagin ; s&rsin. 

ClosenesB, s. datiii, -ye,/.; rs. into 

Closet, s. Ian kad, -d&, n. 

Clot, J. goto, -^a, m. {Lat. 
sanguis coagulalus.) 

Cloth, 5, lugat, -gta, n.\ bansi- 
ren, -rea, n. = rags, used for 
cleaning kitchen utensils ; 
s&klat, -ti,/ (coverlet, also 
broadcloth); m&lm&l, -la, n. 
= maslin. 

Clothe, V, \.pr. lagtan ghs,l = /. 
pat clothes; nes&i, c. v. of 
nee, n. v.\pr. p&ngr&i, e.g. 
the poor, ol. rl. (I. cover). 
2./g. rs. the covering thing 
witi asa, e.g. some animals 
are covered with far=thodean 
moazatink kat asa; or the 
form of the sentence is 
changed., and someone of 
the vbs. given above is used. 

Clothes, s. lugtan, <^lagat ; 
neson, -ni, / = dress, pre- 
pared dress ; mustaigi, ^e, 
/, used in sing. {collectivi)\ 
Y&stur, -tra (or-ra), n. 

Cload, s. kup, -pa, ».; mod, -da, 
«.; 'is it cloudy? =modan 
ts^ ^atgi ?' 

Cloudless, a. kupn&tullo or mod- 

Cloudy, a. modantso ; kupasal- 
lo; het. rs. into noun. 

Clove, s. Uv^ng, l&unga, n. 

Clown, see Boor. 

Clnb, s. 1. tonko, -kea, m. 
= cudgel. 




2. mel (e), -la, m. = /. assembly. 
CliimBJly, ad, f^pOBi, e.g. this 

table ig c. made. 

Clarasf,a. f&dposi; karkoto,^.^. 
c. bench, 

Clurter, s. gh68, -sa, m. (of 
grapes, etc.); g&dai, -7a, m.; 
fano, -QQa, m. 

Coach, s. gadi, -ye, /.; see Car- 

Ooadtman, s. gadiyegar, -ra, m. 

Coadjutor, s. kumki, -kia, m., or 
kumkigar, -ra, m. 

Coasrnlate, see Cnidle. 

Coal, s. l.iDglo, -le&, m. 

3. kolit, -Ita, n. = /. brand: 
'burning c. = kend, -da, »., 
or uzeatso inglo', -Jea, m. 

Coaleaoe, v. mel, n. v. 
Coalition, s. mel (e),-Ia, m.; yekof, 

-ta, tn. 
Coarse, a. 1. moto = I. not fine, 

e.^. bran^ daddo, £.^. food. 
2.y5r- aumaryaditso = /. im- 
Coarseness,^. l.daddepoi;i,-na,». 

2. aum&ryad, -Ai,/. 
Coast, s. tad, -di, /. (ex. mn. 

shore); v6t, -}e,/.; kSraTol, 

-li,^, e.g. of sea. 
Coat, s. kutaun, -aTa, m., fr.\ 

b&ndiyan, -na, n. (a sort of 

light jacket). 
Coax, see Caress. 
Cobra-capella, s. nag, -ga, m. 
Cook, s. kombo, -bea, m. 
Cockscomb, s. deukarea, -rea, n. 

(kontbeaSec I.) 

Cookroach, s. z&rlo, -leS, m. 
Coeoannt, s. itarl, -la, m., mn. 
ripe c; bondo, -cloa, m. = 
tender 0. 
C. day =a d&ryak puja k&rtso 
dia, /. day (on which) they 
do honour to the sea. 
C. tree = m&d, -da, m. 
C. shell = von6k, -nka, m.; pi. 

To;i&k; kitti,-te,/. 

Juice of c. = udak (water) : the 

white matter inside ^kantoli, 

(irkantji, -le,/.; the fibre of 

which coit matting is made 

=kato, -tea, m.\ the fibre after 

preparation = kablo, -lea, M. 

Cod (flah), s. tato, -^ea, m. 

C. liver oil=t&tea<Sen tel (6), -la, 

Code, s. kanun, -na, n. = I. law. 

Codioil,f. tazak41&m,-lma,ff. 

Co-eqaal, a G&risiima, e. g. in 

Coffee, s. kapi, -ye,/.; bunda, 
-da, «. 

Coffee-pot, s. p6n6, -6i,/. 

CoSbr, s. pfet, -ta,/. 

Coffin, s. mornanfii p^t, -te, /. = 
/. box of dead; tnmb, -bS, 
m. = bier (a sort of wooden 
frame kept in the church 
and used by the poor for 
carrying their dead to the 

Cohabitation, s. sangatravap, 
-raupa, «., or only sangat, 
-ta, «. 

Coherence, etc. see Connexion. 



Coin, (a piece of money), s. 

nanen, -nea, n. 
Coin, ^- l.nanenk&r. 

2./^. ga.d, e.£-. coin words. 
Coiuoide, v. 1. s&ma asi^eii = /. 

to be equal; sitmapod. 
2. vop = /. agree. 
Coincidence, s. l.s^ma podap, 

-dpa, «,, or 83,iua podnen, 

-nea, n. 
2.g&dap, -dpa, ». = event. 
S.TOppigi, -ge,/=agreement. 
Cold, a. l.selo, <?.^. water, e/c; 

thand, e.£: weather, 
2./£: 6appo, e.g: cold heart, 

without affection. 
Cold, s. hiun, hiva, n.; 'I am 

cold = maka hiaii khata, /. 

c. eats me'; sel, -U./-; sifi, 

siya, «.; 'I caught a cold = 
^ maka th^od zalen, or maka 

sel zali'; 'make cold, v. = ui- 

viii, c.v. ^niu'. 
Coldly, ad. {Jg.) m6a kuakonW. 

heart crooked. 
Coldness,^. l.b6parTai,-ye,y! = 

2. see Cold. 
Colic, s. gulo, -lea, m. (of a com- 
plicated kind); rs, into p6t 

dukta = I. to the belly ia 

Collapse, -v. pod ; bhasma = get 

Collu', s. pato, -tea, «. (goleatso 

p.); piddak, -ke,/. (of ame- 

Collea^e, s. saogati, -tia, m. 

Colleot, V. 1. mel^, c. v. of mel ; 

ras kar = /. make heap, 

amass. Ace. 
2.kad = /. draw, pick up. 
3. luun, e.g. crop, com. 
Collected, a. (not disconcerted), 

bhennatallo = /. not having 

fear; gabrenatuUo = /. not 

having confuaion. 
Collection, s. yektai, -ye, /.; 

me!(6), -la, m. ; zomo, -mea. 

Collector, s. k^llekHt&r, 'ra, m. 
Oollege, s. vlg. kolej, -ji,/; vid- 

yesal, -le,/ 
Colliaion, s. 1. adiap, •pS, n, 
2./g. ladai, -ye,/. = /. fighting. 
Colloquial, a. (language) taalti 

(bhas) = I. current. 
Colloquy, s. ulonefi, -nea, «. ; 

B&mbas&n, -na, n. 
Collusion, s. v&n5JlD, -ne, /. (or 

-na, «.); daga, ^e,/. (digo, 

-gea, «i.) 
Colonel, s. kolonel or kornel, -la, 

m,,/r.\ patlamitso mukbyest, 

-ta, m, [large. 

Colossal, a- bhou vod = /. very 
Colossus, i. mottea bomben, -hea, 

n.\ gumto, -tea, in. 
Colour, f. 1. rong,-ga, m.\pl. r&ng. 
'i.fg. nib, -ba, «.= /. pretext. 
Colour,^- 1. rong lai = ^. apply 

2.^. ves ghal=/. put the maek. 
Column, s. khambo, -hea, m. 
Colt, s. godeaften pil, -la, n. == I, 

the young of the horse. 
„, „ L.oogic 




Comb, V. ugSi; vfil&i. 
Comb, s. dantoni, -ne,/. 
Combination, s. 1. mel(Q), -la, m. 
= I. unioa. 

2. voppigi, -ge, /. = /. consent, 
agreement; kkrar,-ra, m.=l. 
agreement; kut, -^a, n. = l. 

3. a&ng&t, -gti, /. = I. circum- 

Combine, ti. l.melai, c.v. i^mel 
=be united. 
2.T0p = /. agree. 
Combnstible, a. lasasarko. 
<?ombustion, a. lasap, -spa, n. 

(or lasaen, -nea, «,) 
Oome, II.; past, ailo; see 
Gram. P. II. ch. it.; pau = 
/. arrive, 
^■/g. gid or za = happen. 
3. eya, Lai. •■eia\ used in ani- 
mated appeals. 
Come out=k^lit za., I. become 

Oome to a resolution = nisfiei- 

Bi, /. resolve. 
Come at =:me}, /. be found. 
Come to, see Amount. 
Come to pieces = kudkeaa kud- 

ke za. 
Come together = me!. re. up. 
Come up = za, fut, e.g. plants 
Come upon (evils) = pod. 
Come away = nik&l, e.g. a 
button comes away. 
Comedy, s. hasountso nat, -ta, m. 
ComeIy,a.sundar=/.nice; layek 
= /. fit; vazbi = /. becoming. 

Comet, s. dumaket, -ta, n. {U, K.) 
ComTort,^. bbuz^Li, e.g. c. a man 
in sorrow; s&miidhaD {or 
santos or soukasai) kir; 
dh&ir di = /. give courage. 
Comfort, s. bhuzon, -ne, /. 
Comfortable, a. soukasayetso = 
/. of peace; used also of 
place, isk&layetso = /, ex- 
Comic, a. hasountso or hastso. 
Coming, s. yenen, -nea, n.\ paa- 

nen, -nea, n. = I. arrival. 
Command, v. l.formS,!, tr.andn. 
(be in command); hukum 
di = /. giro order; takid 
di = /. give order. 
2, isifi asa = l. is in the direc- 
tion of, e.g. the house com- 
mands the river. 
Command, .r. forman (^r&rman), 
-na, «.; hukum, -kme.yi; ta- 
kid, A&,/. (a particular or- 
der) ; upadea, -aa, nt. (said of 
the Ten Commandments). 
Commander, s. hukumdar, -rfi, 
m. rl.; adipati or fouji&di- 
pati,-ti, m. = c. of an army; 
formaitolo mS,nis, -nia, m. = 
commanding man. 
Commemorate, v. ugdas k&r = /. 
make remembrance, G. M. ; 
atou kar. 
Commemorative, a. ugdas kfirtso. 
Commence, v. suru kSr (^r.) or 

suru za («. E'.)=begin. 
Commend, -v. l.suadin di = /. 
give n the possession of; 




vop9UQ di = deliver; nj 'he 
delivered theboj to his care= 
tanen burgeak tace z&tnek 
TOpaun dilo' ; hogol8i=praise ; 
umedia s^ng = /. eay with 
2.b<id aaog = /. say advice; 
kantsSi = I. impress. 

Oommeiidable, a. 1. hoglapatso 
or hoglap favozallo. 
2. iiparJis faTOzallo. (tioa, 

Commendation, see Bacommenda- 

Oommensnrated, a., rs. lay ek zata 
= is fit, suitable. 

Comment, v. vivor sang = /. give 
esplauation, G. M. \ ts&trayo 
kfir = /. make notes; &rtli 
8ang = /, say tbe meaning, 

Comment, s, 1. vivor, -ra, m.\ 
ts&trai, -ye,/. 
2.a.rtb saagtso, or only '^^^^ 
-tha, m. 

Commerce, s. vepar, -ra, m. fr. : 
'there is no commerce = v. 
tsftlnaS, I. commerce does 
not walk'. 

Commercial) a- vepHrfitso. 

Commiserate, v. kakult kS^r = /. 
make mercy, G.F.; (maka) 
birmot dista, G.F. = /. com- 
passion appears; tsurtsuro 
dista, Dal. Prs. G. thing. 

Commission,;, l.dalali, -le, /!; 
ugalan, n.fl. or ugalpon, 
-na, «.; pinSaiti, -te,/. 
2. dhazHn, -na, ». = committee ; 
'in c. = dillal zaan'. 

Commission, i'. d&lali di. 
Commissioner, s. 1. d&lal, -la, nt. 

2. p6dvi kitnghello (mS.Dis). 
Commit, J'. 1. vopsundi = /. give, 
deliver (to the care or charge 


N. B. To express this meaning, 
the/orm of the sentence musl 
often be changed. fdo, 

2. adar£>rk3.r=/. perpetrate cr 
Committee, s. dbaz^n, -na, n.; 

znnt, -ta, m.,/r. 

CommodioQS, a. soukasayetso. 

Common, a. 1 . tsalto = I. current, 
ordinary; 8ado = iisnal, ordi- 
nary, e.g. meal; 8&dantso = 
/. of always, h^nce casto- 
mary, ordinary; or tsiidavot. 
2.s^mestantso = of all; sadarn. 

3. sfLrkaratsOiz/. of the govern- 

4. sum&r=Z.a^ medtocris, mo- 
derate, average. 

5. nadkar, mn. uneducated, as 
opposed to sikpi = educated. 

Common, s. s4rkEratso zago, -ge&, 
m. = /. ground of the go- 
vernment, j 

Common (,In), sangata a /. to- 
gether. ' 

Commonly, ad. tsfidavot, or tsfi^ 
davot zaun = I. usually, 
generally; taalten; sadar^ 
= mostly, ordinarily; sumar 
= Lat. tnediocriter. 

Commonwealth, s. dhaz^naiSen 
raz, -ja, «. = /. state of ten 
persons (republic). 

„, „A.ooglc 


Gommotion, s. l.halap, -Ipa, n. 

or haloatien, -nea, «,; see 

2.katkai, -ye,/, = revolation. 
Commune, s. 1. mag-nefi, -nea, n. 

(a large c. comprising some 

smaller communes called 

2. gram, -ma, ». = a small c, 

subordinate to a 'mag-nefi'. 
Oommnnicate, v, l.di = give, or 

paYoi = cause to arrive. 
2.}'ekameka uUi = /. speak 
. reciprocally. 
3.s41aTol asa=i8 intercourse, 

4. in the sense of 'is joined to', 
'communicates with' ii is 
translated by 'lagta = /. is 
attached', e.g. gir igirzek 
lagta = the house c. with the 
church ; melon asa or lagun 

5. kamgar kfine = /. receive 

Communication, s. 1. rs. v.\ ik- 
in&nd,-da, »». = /, connexion, 
2.8a!avo!, -li,/. 

Communion, s. 1 . sangat, -ta, m. 
=/. fellowship. 

2. kumgar, -ra, m. or kommu- 
nianii, -ava, nt., fr. 

3. mel(6), -la, «. = a collection, 
a gathering of people. 

4. yetot, .^, m. {or yektar,'-ra, 
*"■)' ^-S- ^- °f saints; this 
last word mn. rather uniou. 

Community, see Communion, 3, 4. 
Commute, V. badal ; badlak = in- 



stead of . , , , •with the verb re- 
quired by the meaning , e.g. 
c. the punishment of death 
into impnaonment = morniU 
iSea formana bSdlak bfindint 

K^^^'- [gin. 

Compact, a. 1. ghSt = /. strong; 
2. laguus/. attached, c.^. a c. 

company of soldiers. 
3.kant80un= /. preased,/r(?« 

k&atsjti = press. 
Compact, s. kitrar, -ra, m. s 

CompactneB8,i. kantsounen, -neS, 

«.; dambap, -pa, n. 
Companion, s. sangati, -tia, m. 

see- also Partner, Priend. 
Company, s. 1. sangat, -ta, m. 

2. mel(e), -la, m. = Lai, coetus. 

3. sometimes rs. or crc. 
Comparative, a. sartatsos/, con- 

ditionate, e.g. c. advantage. 
Comparatively, ad. sUkat 5intan= 

all thinking, or dusreaS mu- 

kar = before others; sir ke- 

lear=if you compare. 
Compare, v. l.sarko kHr or skt 

kar or sar kirn dakai = I. 

make equal, or making equal 

2. in the sense of 'confronting 

a copy with its original, 

mokabilo kS.r. 
Comparison, J. I . mokabilo, -lea 

m. (vid. sup. Compare, 2.) 
2. vopar, -re/.=similitude, par 

able ; gut, -ta, m. = I. secret 





In comparison with 'mukar = /, 
in face'; Ike comparative 
with pr&e. 

Compass,^. I.vistar, -ra, ?». = /.- 
eztensioD; suttij, -ta.,m.=l. 
S.b&andi, -de,/. = /. circuit. 
3. dikka5en aid, -d&, n, (mari- 
ner's compass). 

Compasses, s. kovar, -r!i, m. 

Compassion, i.kakult, -ti,/; bir- 
mot, -ti,/. = pity; tsurtsaro, 
-rea, m. 

Compassionate, a. kalcultiso, or 

Compassionate, v. kakult kS,r, 
G. F. ; (maka) birmot dista, 
G.F. = /.(to me) pity appears, 
n.\ tsurtsaro dista, G. M. or 
tsurtsur, e.g. aufi taka tsur. 
tsurtaii = I pity him. 

Compel, -D. may he expressed by 
the causative form of the 
verb following, e. g. compel 
him to build a house = g&r 
band&i; bol kar = /. make 
force, or b&Utkar kSr; lai = 
/. apply, induce; 'taka bo- 
ronniSeak lai = c. him to 
write'; lot = push. 

Compendinm, s. sSnkSep, -pa, m, 

Compeosate, v. 1. farikpon di = /. 
give satisfaction, payment; 
iarik k&r = /. pay. 

2. inam or sambal di = give re- 
ward or pay. 

3. s&ma kg,r = /. make right. 
Compensation, s. iarikpon, -na, 

n.\ mam, -ma, n. = ex. re- 
ward, but used also for c. ; 
sambal, -I&> »i. = payment. 

Compete, v. see Vie. 

Competenoy, s. 1 . zai teS = I. 
(what) is required that, e.g- 
maka zai ten maka Ssa =- 
what I require I have; udir- 
poSfin, -na, ». 
2.h&kk9, -k&, ».= right. 

Competition, s. rs into v. 

Compile, v. l.k&r or bor&i = /. 
make or write. 
2.kfidD bor^i=/. drawing out 

Complacency, s. k&lpana, -ne,/.;. 
khns&lai (or kui&lai), -ye,/.;. 
see also Pleasure. 

Complain, v. 1 . Sin ulSi (La/^ 
gueri) as in the sent, 'one' 
complains of the ingratitude 
of another'. 
2. legally, see Accuse; see also 

Complainant, see Aocnser. 

Complaining, a. (full of com- 
plaints) k&rk&ratsos/. an- 
noying, usedfg. 

Complaint, s. l.sin, -na,, m.-; 
firyad, -di, /. z= legal com- 
plaint; dur {or dhur), -ra, 
n. (non-legal); dursan, -na,ff .. 
2. pida, -de = /. sickness. 

Complement, s. bhirti, -te,/ 

Complete, a. bhorn = /. full, or 
8ilglo=whole,c/'purto; silm- 
purn=/. abundant, perfect. 

Complete, ». l.bhor = /. fill. 




2. kabar k&r = /. finish, fr. : 

'maka vis v&rsan zalin {or 

borlin) = I have completed 

my twentieth year'; tirsL 

Completely, ad. purten; paripurn. 


Completion, s. mugdanen {or 

mugdonen), -nea, n. 
Complex, c. z&ite dodo. 
Complexion, s. I. nadten, -tea, 
«, = /. character. 
2.kalet, -ti,/., e.g. of body. 
Complicate, V. gabri kar=/. make 
confused, iutricated; gusSrp 
kJir = /, make confusion, or 
gusp&dai = /. cause t? get 
Complicated, a. katio = /. dif- 
Complication, s. l.tondre, -rean 
fl. m. = I, embarrassment. 
2. rs. into v. 
Complicity, s. samilpon, -na, n. 
Compliment, s. s&lam, -ma, m.', 

rek^t, -ta, m. 
Compliment, v, sMam k^r = make 

salute {nearest word). 
Comply, w. I.tsaiai,*.^. cwitha 
request; T0p = /. conseiit. 
2. khuse parmane te&l = /. walk 
accordiag to the desire. 
Comport (with), £>. l.zata: 'their 
conduct does not comport 
witbtbeirprinciple3=taD £en 
nUdten tanfiea payan p&r- 
manen zaiaan'. 
2. tsal = behave thyself (^. 

Compose,^- l,mel&i = /. cause ' 
to be together. 
a.borSi or k^r (books) = /. 

write or make. 
3.sama k&r = /. make right 

4.fuslai = appease by sweet 

words: see also Allay. 
5. nidan za — I. become calm : 
e.g. I compose myself. 
Composed, a. 1. melon or kello. 

^.fg. nidan = quiet. 
Composer, s. k^rt, -ta, m. = I. 
author; bor^tolo=/. writer. 
Composition, .r. l.borS,{llenkam, 
-ma, n. = I. written theme, 
iei, crc; borap or patr^, 
-ra, «. = a writteu thing ; 
tharavon, -ni,/. 
2.1 made a c. for 50p. c.=sem- 
bdran hadlak ponSs diunk 
kS,raf kela =1.1 made an 
agreement to give 50 in- 
stead of 100. 
Composure, s. nidauai, -je,/. = l. 
calmness ; sosnigai (or sos- 
nikai), -ye,/. = patience ; mfU 
ryad, -di, /. = I. modesty; 
ghatai, -ye,/. = strength; 
siimadhan, -na, n. 
Compound, ». meliii = /. cause 
to come together ; kSr = /. 
Compound, s. ital, -tla, n. = l. 
garden; vatar, -ra, m,, or 
vataro, -rea, m. 
Compound, a. see Compose. 
Comprehend, v. 1. atapi,^.^. 'this 

Com 78 

idea comprehends many 

others'; c.v. o/a,ta,p = i8 coa- 

2. dhiir = catch,y^.; somza =/. 

understand, Nom. or Dat. 

o/Prs., e.g. maica somzata, 

or auii somzataii, 
CompieheneioQ, s. somzikai, -ye, 

/■ — I- understanding. 
CompreheiiEiTe, a. vistarlolo = /. 

CompresB, v. damb, e. g. clothes 

inabox; damp, £./■. cone's 

lips; kantsfli, esp.fg.' 
CofflprJse, see Comprehend. 
Compromise, T'. l.raji (ti^ kobuli) 

kir = /. make a treaty of 

peace {or consent). 
2. riskek pod or sampad. 
Compromise, s. raji, -je, f. =1. 

treaty of peace ; kobuli, -le, 

/. = I. consent. 
Compnlsion, bol, -Ja, «. = /. 

violence; Jlnkya, -ye,y: 
^.fg. garz, -je,/. = /. necessity ; 

or as in the sent. 'I acted 

under c. = bolvostin kelen'. 
Compulsory, a. bdlk&rtso or bo- 

Compunction, s. Axik, -\a.,/. = I. 

sorrow, or bet. &ntaskkrnaci 

duk = /, sorrow of the heart ; 

fintSskarnaCe, tsurtsure, ^/. 

M.; zal,-la,»).=burning,y^. 
Computation, s lek, -ka, n. 
Compute, V. lekkir oronly\%V{^). 

'I cannot c, the amount = 

maka I^ nan'. 


Concatenation, s. yekot, -ta, in., 

e.g. of events. 
Concave, s. pok^l = /. hollow, or 

akasarupatso ; gund, or bet. 

bagallo = bent. 
Concavity, 5. gundai, -ye,/. = /. 

depth, or bet, rs. adj. 
Concea], "v. lipai, c.v. ^lip; gut 

dovor = /,keep the secret, or 

gutan doTOr = /. keep with 

Concealment, J. I- liponnen, -nea, 

2. lipCi suat, -te, / 
Concede, v. di or sodun di; 

sod; rUja di = /. allow; by 

the pot. mood in yet of the 

principal verb; yopo?- kobuli 

di=/. consent (grant), Lat. 

'concede\ opp. to Lat. '■negd'. 

Conceit, s. pisayeci Cintna, -ne, 

/. = l. a foolish thought ; 

h^nkar, -ra, m.; sS], -la, n.= 

I. obstinacy. |-]jari. 

Conceited, a. hankaratso or han- 
Conceive, v. l.giirb sambavai, 

c.v. i^sambaya; ubzai, tr. 

''■'.; g5.rbest za; vlg. guruar 

za, n. i: 
2./g. iSint = /. think (imagine, 

Concentrate, v. moden vor, 

not used infg. mn.=l. bring 

in the middle. 
2. melai, e.g. c. troops = p&t- 

1am yeka zageSr vor or 

melfii, /. collect troops in a 


,s „,A.OOQlc 




3.^. c. the mind upoii = bori 
6it diun Cint, I. very atten- 
tively think; or tuji mot ye- 
kaiSer asuadi = /. let your 
mind be upon one (thing) ; 
or bud = plunge thyself. 
Conception, J. l.konsesaun, -sa- 
va, n. (the Immaculate C.) 
2. g^rb, -ba, m.=l. fetus. 
S.guruarpon, -nS, n. 
4.y^.6intna,-ne,/.=/. thought; 
nakSa, -Se,/. = plan. 
Concern, s. l.kam, -ma, n. = l. 
2. zatan, -tae,/, = /. care: 'it is 
an object of c. to me = aun 
taSi zM&n kanetan'. 
Concern, v. lag = /. be attached; 
'maka lagta = it concerns 
me'; 'it does not c. me = ma- 
ka laganafi, or mojen kam 
Concerned, be c. in = lagta; 
'I too am c. in it = ani mSka 
lagta or makai lagta' ; Or. 
YisySnt kam asa, e.g farmers 
are c. in the soil. 
Concerned with, Cm. (maka) kam 
aaa = /. (to me) business 
Concerning, prep, visyaut = I. 

Concert, "11. alocen kS,r = /. make 
deliberation; vop=/. agree, 
Concert, s. k^rar, -rS, m.\ 'by 
c.=k&rara p&rmane' ; Taz3,p, 
-zpa, ».; or bet. TSzpamel, | 

-la, m. used also ybr mnsic&l 
Concession, s. kiibuli (or kobuli), 

Conch, s. sdnko, -kea, m. 
Conciliate, v. l.vodnio di = giTe 
attractions, G. N. pl.^ n. c. 
2. s&madhan kSr9,i = I. cause 
peace to be made, or fuslai; 
m6n voi kar = /. make heart 
yes; gain the heart of. 
Conciliation,^. sS,madhan, -na, n. 
Concise, a. motvo or thodeafi 
utrant80=/. short, or of few 
words; 8ilnk|epatso. 
Conclave, s. s&bha, -bhe,/ (kar- 

Conclude, v. I . aker kS>r = /. make 
a conclusion; tatparya kftr 
{ICn^\ kabar kftr, or purten 
kabSr k&rW. finish entirely; 
2.ni6Seisi = ZFi^. statue, draw 
a conclusion. 
Coaolusion, s. 1. aker, -te,/. = I. 
end, e.g. of a sermon. 

2. tirp, -pa, n.\ bet. nisceisilli 
Tasti;,-tu,y.= resolution, ff.^. 
of a meeting. 

3. tatp&rya, -ye,/: = deduction. 
Concord, s. l.voppigi, -ge, /.; 

B$:madan, .-na, n.; b^nau, 
-nava, m.\ soukasai, -ye./l 
2.s5,mapodap, -dpa, n.^l- fall 
together (gram, c); yeka- 
mek, -ka, n. 
Conooorse, s. l.sabar lok, -ka, 
m. or lokatsozomo, -mea, vt. 




l.for all other meanings^ use 
the verb melta or yeta, etc, 

Ooncnbioe, s. 6edi, -ye,/. ; dovorn 
ghetulli, -le,/ 

Cononpiscence, s. kudiCi vodni, 
-ne, f. = I. incllDation of 
body, or bet. kudiCi khusi, 
-^e,/- {strictly); vait khuii, 
-se,/.; most, -ti,/.; kam, -ma, 
n. {low a>.) 

Concur, i>. l.iii&l = /. be found, 
(meet in tbe same point). 

2. pau = ^. come, arrive, e.^. 
God concurs with man, 

3. v6p = I. agree. 

4. kumok kar = /. help, e./-. in 
a bad action; vanto melta = 
a portion is received. 

Concurrence, s. l.m§!, -15, m.; 
B&ma, podneii, -nea, n. 
2.k5buli, -le, /. = /. consent, 
bet. rs. 

ConeoBsion, s. adiap, -pa, «.; see 

Condemn, v. 1 . fitvo di = /. give 
sentence {Dat.), also stig- 
matise; fitvo za (^«w,); mor- 
nailen forman di = give order 
■of death, znd Loc; gunyau- 
kar kir = /. make guilty; 
gunyaakar za {^ass^\ used 
also in rl. mn. as in Lai. 
'■qui non credtderit condem~ 
nabitur'; 'condemned to hell 
= yemkondantlo daiji'. 
2. neg. ^p^sfi-nd kSr or kobul 

Condemnation, s. fitvo, -vea, m. 

(civil); sikia, -«e, /. = I. 

Condensation, s. k&ntsouneii, 

-nea, w.; lagap, -gpa, «.; 

giini^poD, -na, ».; dambap, 

-pa, n. 
Condense, "V. kanteai {esp. tnfg. 

mn.); gSnij kir; damb = /. 

press; aul"; lag^i or lagin 

meiai; dat k^r, /. 
Condescend, v. I. putua = {Lot. 

dignare) deign, 

2. vop = /. agree, consent. 

3. G, khuse p&rmane tsfi.! = /, 
walk according to the will 

Condescension, s. pntnap, -pa, ».; 
d^ya, -ye, /■ = /. clemency; 
bet. rs. V. 
Condign, a. l.favo (indecl.) or 
2,devo=/. due; vazbi=/. con- 
Condiment, s. l.fonni^, -na, or 
f6dEiu,-na, «. (for seasoning); 
Ciitni, -ne,/. {Engl, chutney). 
with me&i etc.; pakvan, -na, 
n. (It. companatico.) 
Condition, J. l.sthiti, -ti,/. = /. 
2. s&ngat, -gti, /. = /. circam- 

3.gert {par. Ifirt), -ta, «., e.ff. 
of a contract. 

4. k^rar, -ra, m.=l. agreement. 
Conditional, a. sertatao; o/ten 

bet. rs. 

„, „A.ooglc 



ConditionallTf ad. lertan or sert 
zaun; o/ien rs. 

cs.{Acc.)\ duk-taai/. isGorry 
ch. cs. (pasun); (S.aa) duk 
pfintiin (paarot); (maka) 
birmot dista (tnje pasua) = 
/. (to me) pity appears (for 
thee); kakult k&r, G. J^. = l. 
make compassion. 

Condnce, v. pod = /. fall, e.g: to 
the advantage of; ihis verb 
is the one most frequently 
used to express advantage 
or disadvantage; it may be 
translated by sarko, e. g. it 
conduces to move the heart 
= moralai earko (zaun asa) ; 
in subordinate sentences, it 
may be expressed by the Im- 
perfect subj.; see Gram. 

Conduct, s. I.n&dten, -tea, n. 
^.by ts&l&i, e.g. under your 
conduct=tumin ts^I^itanao; 
ts&louneii, -nea, «., n.c.\ by 
kbaL=ander, e.g. noder your 
c. = tumSe kh. 

Conduct,?'. l.tsaUi,^.= cause 
to walk, as a mother her 
child, andfg. as a king con- 
ducts his kingdom, 
2. vor=-/. bring, aa a general 

conducts soldiers. 
3.t9M = /. walk,^. (behave). 

Cone, s. there is no word in 
Konk. to express the geo- 
metrical figure, if not 6ip, 

-pa, n. MS wedge, or bunu 
Mr. Cn. Sans. S&nku, -ka, m. 

Confection, s. approx. mitai, -ye, 
/.; d6s, -n,f. ; halvo, -vea, n. 

Confederacy, s. eollo, -lea, m. 
iStagilt, -ti,/. = /. friendship. 

Confederate, s, soUeagar, -ra, 
iSt, -ta, m. = l. friend. 

Confer, v. 1. di = /. give; kSr = 

;. do. 
2.S,lofien k&r = make delibera- 
tion; s&bha k&r. 
Z.Cm. alSi; G. bud vitsar = 
I, ask advice of. 

Conference, s. 1. ulonen, -nea, «. 
= /. colloquy; kut, -ta, n,= 
I. secret (improper, illegal) 

2. budbal, -li, /. ^ I. familiar 

3. mel(6), -la, m. = I. meeting, 

Confess, ». l.vftp = /. acknow- 
ledge, grant, consent; kobuli 
di = /. give consent; Tolka = 
acknowledge; niz zaun sang 
=say sincerely. 
2.kumsar kiir = hear confes- 
sion, rl.; kumsarsk bos= /. 
sit for confession. 
S.kumaar z&=c. oneself. {Cm.') 
Confession, s. 1. voppigi, -ge,/.= 
/. consent; rs. into v. 
2. kumsRr, -ra, «. (W.) 
Confessional, s. kums&r, -ri, f. 


Confessor, s. l.vlg. p^dri, -ri, m. 
tjrkonfesor, -rS, m. {hearing 



confession); kumsar kflrtolo; 

■who is your c.? = kona lagin 

kamsar zat&i?' 
S.bavadt utaartolo = profess- 
ing (Christian) faith ; or kon- 

fesor, -ra, m.,/r. 
Confide,^. 1. patiye, zndLoc, or 

patijeni do?or = rel7 on. 
2. T0psundi=giTe over; saadin 

di = /. alienate, ^/-.y^., e.g. 

a soa; taben di = /. give in 

Confidence, s. patiyeni,-ni,y..* 'in 

c, = gatan'. 
Confidential, iz. Lpatiyeoitso. 

2. gutatso, or rs. gut, -ta, m. 
Config:nration, s. rup, -pa, «.; 

akar, -ra, m. 
Confine, s. sS.rh^ddij, -de, /. = 

boundary; g&d, -di, /. = 

boundary ; mit, -ti,/-, or bet. 

mkv, -re,_/'. = boundary. 
Confine, v. damp= /. shut; band 

= 1. tie; b&ndint ghiil = put 

into prison. 
Be confined to bed = a) antul- 

nar asa; i) porsut za, ba- 

lant za= bring forth. 
Confined, a. a3ir = /. narrow. 
Confinement, s. b&nd, -di,y. = /. 

fetters or bonds; balntyor, 

-ra, m. = Lat. partus; rs. 

into V. 
Confirm, v. 1. thir kSr, pr.,fg., 

e.g. the Sacraments c. us; 

or also confirm a contract. 
2.p&sS,nd kSr or kohul kiir; 

76p = approve, consent. 

3. krizm di, /r. = t. give con- 

Confirmation, f. 1. thirasan,-ne^ 
2. krizm, -mS, 7n.,/r. (rl.) 

Conflseate, ^. z&pti kflr (var. 
jepti k.). 

Confiscation, s. z&ptl, -te,/. 

Confiagration, s. vod uzo, -jeil, m,; 
la sap, -spa, n. 

Conflict, s. l.lfLdai, -ye,/.; zuz, 
-za, «. = /. war. 
2./g. nai, -ya, «.=/.discord; 
z^gadnen, or zflgden, -dea, ». 

Conflict, V. l.ladai k&r. 
2.zaga4=/. quarrel. 

Conflietingr, a. virodh asutloici/. 
contrary, e. g. c. words ; 
laganatuUo = /. non-coher- 
ing; B^mapodanatullo. 

Confinent, s. l.sangata vautolo. 
2.n^intso phanto, -tea, m. = 
branch of a river. 

Conform, v. rap di; je« Adapt, 
Accommodate, Comply. 

Conformation,^ . rap, -pa,n.; rs. v. 

Conformity, s. 1. samapodnen, 
-nea, «. = I. falling right,y^.; 
sarken, -kea, n. = I. simili- 

2. layekpoii, -na, n. = I. suitr 

3. yekot,-ta, m.=l. conjunction, 
e.g. c. with the will of God, 
{s£e Uniformity). 

4. teuts rup, -pa, n. = l. the 
same form. into parm^ne tsal=s be- 
have according to the.... 

h, ■.. A'OogIc 



(or anotker verb instead of 
ts&l may be used, as ihe mn: 
Confonnd, v. 1 . guspadai=/. cause 
confasion, c. v. cygnspod (or 
gaapad); g&libili k&r (gabri 
k.) = /. make perplexed; 
pass, gngpod; samp&dai (or 
sampdai) = entangle, c. v. of 
sampad; lirkai, c. ^. ly^sirka. 
2.borsi or melai = /. mix, join. 
3.1Skz&i = /. put to shame; c.v. 
o/l&z, n.v. 
Confraternity, s. bhaTapon (or 
bhaupon),-na,«.,«.a,; vlg. 
konfrij, -li,/., fr.; irmann- 
dad, -di,/.,/r,; 'enter a c.= 
irmaun za', n.v.^fr. 
Confrire, s. irmauD, -ava, m.,fr.\ 
Confront, v. I. mukar rau = /. 
remain in face, «. v. 
2. mokabilo k&r = /. make com- 
parison (of a copy with its 
original); vlg. yen ani ten 
Confuse, see Confound. 
ConfiiElon, s, gus&p, -spa, n. or 
guap^,-de,/,,y^.,^r,; gon- 
d61, -la, m. 
Confutation, s. sohap, -pS-, «.; 
pUdaa, -dava, 01.=:/. defeat, 

Confate, '•!. solu&i,i^. %•. of solua; 
p4dau k&r, e.g. arguments. 

Congeal, t>. karekir (gar kar?), 
tr.v.; fg. bhou tb&nd kilr, 
tr. ».,- ghit k4r, ir. v. 

Congee, (Anglo-Ind. word), s, 
p6z, -je, f. (boiled rice and 

Congenital, a. s&imbatso ; zfiL 

Congestion, s. r&gtaa&nkiit, -ta, 
n. (var. -sankal, agreeing 
with Mr^ 

Conglomerate, v. zomo (or ras) 

Congratulate, v. pftrab or porab 
di, £>rp. kar; (aun) santOB 
= /. (I) feel joy (for you, 
about this); z'iff . borefi fest 
di or b. f. mag. 

Congratulation, s. = parab, -rbe, 


Congregate, "b. meiai, c.v.; zo- 
mai or zomo kir; ras k3.r = 
/. make heap. 

Congre^tion, s. mel(d), -la, m.\ 
zomo, -mea, m.; 16k, -ka, m. 
= 1. people. 

CoDgreas, s. sabha, -bhe,7^; mel, 
(6) -la, m.\ vlg. zunt, -ta, nt. 

Congruence, s. layekpon, -na, «. ; 
samapodap, -dpa, n. 

Congruent, It. layek; samapodtso. 

Congruity, s. 1 . vazbipon, -na, n, 
2. see Congruence. 

Conjecture, s. I.parkonen, -nea, 
n.=zl. guess; parak, -ka. n. 
2. aio&en, -ui, y. = /. opinion; 
gundhalt,-ta,M. (rough esti- 
mate, e. g. of the number 
of pages in a book at a 



Coi^eature, v, parki = /. guess ; 

alodenkfir; distas/. appear, 

ck. cs. 

Conjanction, s. l.mel(6), -la, ot. 

(esp. state of c). 

a.yekot, -ta, m. {esp. act of 

3. zomo, -mea, m.=l. collection. 
Coajunctnre, i. sangat, -gti,/.=/. 
circumstance; samayo, -yea, 
m. = l. occasion; vel(6), -la, 
m. = l. time, opportunity. 
Conjuration, s. 1. mfintri}, -tra, 
n. (illicit). 
2. laleuncefi mag-nen, -nea, «. 
= 1. longing reijueBt; nma- 
leafieii mag-nen = /. longing 
Conjure, v. l.mintri; k&r (in a 
forbidden way). 
2. an mag = aak under oath. 
3.l5.1eun mag = I. aak long- 
Connect, v. 1. band = tie; meiai; 
lagai ; jodsi or gSdsi or 86n- 
dai, e.g. two planks. 
2. kantsai (connect by dove- 
tailing, elc, n. c. inpr. mn.). 
Connection, s. 1 . yekot, -tA,m. = I. 
union; bandap, -dpa, «. = /. 
2.^. 8§.irik, -ke,/.=/. affinity 
(aisir.); s^iro, -rea, m. (con- 
i./g- samand, -da, m. = /. re- 
A:./g. aalgi, -ge,/.=l. intimacy; 
istagat', -ti,/.=/. friendship. 

5. kam, -ma, «., e.g. I bave no 
c. with him=maka ta5ekade 
kam n^n; see Intercourse. 
Connive, v. samil zas/. become 
accomplice; poleun polei- 
natijllea bari kar (or another 
equivalent verb in place of 
kar); dole damp = /. shut 

Connivance, s. samilpon, -na, n. 

Conquer, v. 1. jik = /. gain.y^. 
zait vor, 2nd Loc. 
2. (zulmen) kai^e, e.g. a town 
/. take (violently); solvai, 
pSdau k&r = defeat, 
3./g. ad ye = /. come against. 
e, g. passions; inkar k^r 
(Acc.) = l. resist, e.g. 
sioDs;m5d (6)=/. break, g.^, 
passions; palvoi=/. quench, 
e.g. passions. [vortolo. 

Conqueror, s. jikpi, -pia, m.; ziiit 

Conquest, v. jikap, -kpE, n.; zait, 
-ta, «. = I. victory. 

Consangininity, s. (bapa isili) sai- 
rik, -ke, f. = l. relation on 
the side of the father. 

Conscience, s. antaskarn, -na, n.\ 
some use konaert, -ta, «. ; 
harden, -dea,».; 'ca8eofc.= 
bab,-be,/.'; 'remorse of c. = 
antaskarnatso kido, -dea, m.' 
or 'tsurtsuro, -rea, m.'' 

CouBoientious, a. nitivont or perk. 
antaskarnatso; antaskarna 
pannanetsaitolo; sarko = /. 
exact; nazuk antaskarnatso; 
vlg. konserti. 





CooBOientJODsnesfi, s. nit, -ti,y;; 
nazak fint&sk&rn, -na, ».; 
abru, -ra, m. = l, character; 
see Consoience. 

OouBcions, ti- motir asullo = /. 
beiDg oa mind (in possession 
of one's eenaes) = volkontso, 
£.£■. of a fault. 
Be c. of = vojka, /. recognize ; 
kaita, S6. Dat. 

Consciousness, s. mot, -ti, f.-=l, 
mind ; rs. into v. or adj. 

<!on8ecrate, V- l.p&Titr^ k&r = ^. 
make sacred. 
2. bhetai = /. dedicate (Devak); 
jf^Oflbr; somorpi;konsekrar 
]i&t,fr,\ benjar \^z,fr., e.g. 
water, a cemetery; bezment 
kS,r,/r., e.g. bouses. 

Consecrated, a. pivitrij; vlg. ben- 
jar kello {var. benjer k.). 

Consecration, s. l.bhetounen, 
-nea, «.; somorpounen, -nea, 
«.; or sam&rpon, -ria, n. 
2. bezment, -ta, n.\ konsekra- 
saun, -sava, «., fr.\ (at 
mass) piivitrijpon, -na, «. 
or pS.vitri} kfl,rni, -ne, /". or 
bet. p^vitry k^rfien ; rs. v. 

Oonseontive, a- !■ magirtso = /. 
wbicb is after. 
2. patlo=/.whichisbehind; pat- 
lean yeuntBO= coming after. 

Consent, s. kobul, -li,/., or kob- 
lat, -ii,/.; Toppigi, -ge,/. 

-Consent, v. l.kobul kS.r; vop=l. 
consent, e.g. to a proposal, 
to temptation, e/c. 

2.khu§i vor=/. desire, e.g. c. 

to temptation ; (maka) mets- 

vata (ten) = I. (to me) is ap- 
proved (that); metsoni k&r. 
Consequence, s. I.f61, -la, m. = l. 

effect, what follows. 
2. sevot, -ta, fn, = l. issue; rs. 

into zatS = is done, or hap- 
In c. of = pasuu or pSsYOt or 

deknn; see Gram. 
Consequent, see Conseqnenoe. 
Consequently, ad. titr ; debun ; tea 

Conservation, s. sambalai, -ye, 
/. or sambalap, -Ipa, n.\ rak- 

nen, -nea, «.; bet. rs. v. 
Conservative, a. sambaltolo (ad- 

leo soTOyo), 
Conserre, see Preserve. 
Conserves, '{. mitai, -ye,y,; halvo, 

(or alvo), -Tea, m. 
Consider, v. 1 . niyal ; alo6on kir ; 

(boren k&rn) 5int; dhy&n k&r; 

prestau kSr, e. g. what sin is. 
2. zM&n k&T=l. take care, e.g. 

c. your own well-being. 
3.14k, e.g. I c. him a friend. 
Considerable, a. bliou = much, or 

5ikke (or tikke) vod. 
Considerate, a. ts9,trayetso ; bu- 

divont; zagrut. 
Consideration,^. 1. niyal, -la, m.,- 

dbjan,-na, «.; prestau, -tava, 

m., e.g. about God. 
2, z&tiln, -tne, /. = /. care 

ts&trai, -ye, f. = attention, 


.L.tiogic _ 



3.alo&eD, -ni, /. = /. opinion, 
deliberation, reason, regard; 
vitaar, -ra, m. 

4, m&ryad, -di,^ = I. honest;, 

5. z^bab, -bi,y^ = /. motive. 
Take into c. = alo^uik k&ne; 

riy^t k&r. 
Considering, prep. iSintun = /. by 

thinking; rs. into p&rmiirie, 

ck. cs. 
Consign, v, vopsun di; taben di. 
Consignaient, s. vopsap, -pa, «. 

or bet. vopsoueii, -neS,, «. 
Consist, 1'. 1. melon as£; kello 

2. zata = agrees, is in accor- 
OonBiBtence, Consistency) f. I.dSr 

tai, -ye, /, = I. thickness; 

ghitai, -ye,/ 
^■/S- nidanai, -ye, /. = I. ec^ua- 

bility; or also thirgun, -na, 

tn, = /. constancy. 
Consistent, a. 1. thir = /. firm. 
2. yekamekalagt 30=/. attached 

reciprocally, or sama podtso, 


vante lagtat = the parts are 

Consistory, s. s&bha, -bhe,/". 
Consolation, s. l.bhuzon, -ne,/. 

{esp. of persons in sorrow). 
2.sS.nt6s, -sa, »;. =ijoy; ulas, 

-sa, m. = joy, elc. 
Console) ^. l.bhuziii, c. v. 
2. one of the above Nouns with 


Consolidate, v. gh&t k&r. 
Consonance, s. l.voppigi, -ge,yi 

= /. consent. 
2. sSmapodap, -dpa, «. 
Consonant, s. siingata utsarcen 

(akler, -ra, «.), or the Mr. 

Cn., Sans, vyanjan (renjan), 

-na, n. 
Consort, s. 1. sS,ngiiti, -tia, m. 

sangatin, -ni,/. 
2,gharkar, -ra, m.; ghirkarn, 

-ni,/; poti, -ti, m.; potin, -ni, 

/., etc.: see Husband. 
Conspionons, a. 1. distso = /. ap- 
pearing; di|tik podtso = /, 

risible; draititso, n. c. 
2. navaddik or nfivadlolo (var. 

Conspicuously, at^. bhair^ng; see 

Conspiracy, s. kut, -ta, n. 
Conspirator, s. kutagar, -ra, vt. 
Conspire, i'. I. kut k^r = /. make 

a plot. 

2. vop = I. agree, ch. cs. 

3. petsad = /. try, ch. cs.\ see Vie. 
Constable, (policeman), i., vl^. 

pbolisman, -na, m.; see Po- 
Oonstanoy, s. thirasan, -ni,/ or 
thirgun, -ria, m. ; gb&tai, 


Constant, n. thir; /-,r. kh&Ianasta- 
nafi, = /. withoat interrup- 
tion; s^dantso = /. of always, 
or bet. rs. into sftdants. 

Constellation, s. neketraaSi ras, 



Consternation, s. bhen, bhiya, 

n. = l. fear; akant, -ta, m. 

= I. distress ; gusftp, -spS, m. 

= 1. confusioD. 
Constipated (Be), vlg. utkade 

b&nd za; kunt&a. 
Constipation, s. kuntflnap, -pa, 

«., «. e. ; e&it, -ta, «. 
Conatitnte, v. l.nisiSeisi {var. 

ni&5eisi) = /. establiBh. 
2. k&r = /. do (compose), or bet. 

rs. melon asa, ch. cs.; s&imb 

zsa,—l. nature is, ch. cs. 
3.nein3i = /. appoint. 
Gonstitntion, s. l.kaleti (t/ar. 

kalet, -ti), -ti, /. (bodily c, 

good bodily c); kuditsogun, 

-na, m. = l. quality of body. 
2. (raja-)kaide, = /, laws (of 

tbe state); (raja-)rup, -pa, 

n. = I. form (of government) ; 

see Foundation, 
Constitntional, a. kaidea pilrma- 

ne asullo, or prh. kaidea- 

Constrain, v. b6! k&r = /. make 

violence; lai = /. apply, e.g. 

c. to do. 
Constrained, a. t6ndat8o = /. of 

the mouth, e.g. c. laugh; 

adetso, e.g. walk, etc. 
Constraint, see Compnlsioa. 
Constiuot, I*. band=/. build; k&r 

-/. d(J. 
ConBtructJon, s. l.bandap, -dpa, 

n. = l, building. 
2. the act of constructing, rs. 

into V. 

3. rOp, -pa, «. = /. form; akfir, 

-ra, m.=l. figure. 
4.(utran&i) mandavol, -li,^.^ 

/. arrangement (of words). 
S.&rthf, -tha, m. = l. meaning. 
6. gildavol, -li, /. (used with 
Construe, v. 1. (utrau) mftDdl = /. 
arrange (words). 
2. artbf sang=/. say meaning. 
Consul, s. 1 . approx. adhikari, 
-ri, M,, or adhipati, -ti, m.\ 
konaul, -la, m.^fr. modern mn. sarkarfitso 
T&kil, or -daial, -la, m. 
Consnlt, V. I, bud kane; mislat 
kar (illegally); alo£en kftr 
= 1. make opinion (delibera^ 
2. zatan kanes/. take c&re,G,f. 
Consultation, s. alo5enime}(e), 
-la, m., e.g. of ministers; 
misiat, -ti, /. (illegal); alo- 
fien, -Di,y. = /. deliberation ; 
bud, -di,/. = /, advice. 
Consnlter, s. bud sangtolo. 
Consume, v. 1. nas kar, Acc.=l. 
make rnin; vibad kar. 

2. las = I. burn, /r., «. z'. 

3. pind = /. tear (a dress); see 


4. mugdi = I. put an end ; c. v. 
of mugda, w. v. 

5.khar.5i=/, expend; vet, e.g. 

6. hdstij kanghe, rl, mn. 
Consummate, v. l.tirsi, c. v. of 
tirsa (finish), 




2. Bainpurn kit; bhorn k&r. 

Consniniaate] a- s&mpurn = /. 

Consummation, s. 1. tireap, -pa, 
2. aevot, -ta, ■m. = L issue. 

Consumptioii, s. kevad, -di, /, 

Consumptire, -i. koTadi, -dia, m. 

OonsnmptiTe, <i. kevaditso. 

Contact, J- apdap, -pa, or 
S,podne5, -riea, «., bet. rs. v. 
apod; or still bel. lai or lag. 

Contaffion, s. tobo, -sea, in. 

Contagrious, a. Toseatao; rs. into 
Xk^ml. be attached. 

Contain, v. \.A.kv, e.g. this box 
contains gold; at§,pi, c.v. of 
atap, «. v., pr. fg., e.g. the 
ten commandments are con- 
tained in two precepts. 
2./g. m6d=;.break,^.(check); 
bag5i=/. bend, y^., c.v. of 
baga or bago; . fients = I. 
crush, y^. 

Contaminate, v. khilt^i = violate; 
b3St^i = yioIate; mhelo k&r, 
orm^ii\^i,pr./g.; alsik kiii" 
2ikol k&r. 

Contamination, 5. khMounefi, 
-uea, «., or kh&tounfien, or 
khat,-ta,«; &!Sik visty, -tu, 
/. = /. ugly thing,y^.; iilsik- 
pon, -ua, «,, 5ikol, -kla, m., 
fg., see Impurity. 
Contemplate, v. niyal, or niyal 
kar; dbyan ka,r (more ex. 
than niyal) ; t6p kir, h. w. ; 

topak bos = /. ait for con- 

Contemplation, s. t6p, -pa, «.; 
dhy^n, -na, «. ; vorto niyal, 
•{a, m. 

Contemplatire, s. t6p kfirtolo; in 
its widest sense niyali, -lia. 

Contemporarily, ad. teats velar; 

Contemporary, a. teats velatso, 

or i. kalatso ; yekS.ts velatso, 

or yek&ts kalateo; bet. rs. 

into adv. 
Contempt, s. beparvo, -vea, «». 

wbeparvai, -ye,/. ; fis&ddi;, 

-da,, n. 
Contemptible, a. beparvo favo- 

zallo or beparveatso ; h&lko,. 

or 8.nT0 — /. low ; uno = l.- 

inferior,^.; thodea lekatso ;; 

rs. mol band. 
Contend, v. 1. zilgad = ^- quarrel; 

arenji; llulai kar = /. £ght- 
2.inkar kar = /. resist (Acc.)^ 

3. petsad = /. try, vie; praj4- 
tan k&r = make effort. 

4. kh&nclit sang = I. say posi- 

Content, s. dadosan, -ne (-ni),yi. 

or dadoskai, -ye,/ ; sintoa^ 

-sa, m. ; khusalai, -ye, / ; 

ulas, -sa, m. 
Content, a. dados; s&ntosatBO. 

Contention, s. 1 . zigdefi, -dea, n:~ 

Iftdai, -ye,/. = /. %bt; nai« 

-ya, m. = l. discord. 

h, ..LA-ooglc 



■2. prS,;&t&ii, -tna, n. == I. effort ; 
petsadneQ, -nea, ». = /. ef- 
fort, emulation. 

Contentions, a. z&gdontso, (bet. 
z&g^teo), or ladai k&rtso, 
or nayeli. 

Contentment, see Content. 

flontoate, s. nftg, -ga, w.=/. ar- 
ticle; d&rleleo T&stu = /. 
tilings contained. 

Oonterminoos, a. lagsilo or lag- 
tao, or rs. lagin; rs. mit 
{or mitmer) asa or lag. 

Contest, V. I. see Oostend. 
2. sambal = /. defend, e. £■. c. 

Contest, s. see Contention. 

Context, J. l.atranii mand&Tol, 

-li, /.; utrantso s&m&nd, 

-da, m.\ m&tl&b, -ba, m, {or 

-be,/.), e.g. of a passage. 

iZ.&rth, -tha, m. =1. meaning. 

Contignity, s. lagap, -gpa, «.; 
6ei. rs. into v. or adj. 

Conti^ons, a. lagin asullo or 
lagBilo; lagtso; bet. rs. into 
adv. or into lag. 

Continence, s. 1. sambaloneS, 

• -laeS, n. or sambal^p, -Ipa, «.; 

nidanai, -ye,/!; Budilai, -ye, 

f. = self-control. 

^■fg- niskillai, or msk&llcai, 

-ye,/ = I. chastity. 

Continent, a. l.segnni; nidani; 
apnak sambaltolo; sud^. 
2. nisk&l. 

Continent, s. (soki) buin, -in,/. 
cr (suko) gaan, -ara, m. 

Contingency, s. g^ap, -dpii, n. 

by Pot. Mood. 
Contingent,'!, ak^sm&t&tso; auSit; 

gratsaratso; rs. Pot. Mood. 
Continual, a. kbalinatullo {yar. 

kh&lanatnllo) ; sH-dantso, bet. 

rs. into sidants, or rava- 

nastanan etc. 
Continually, ad. khS.]ana3t&o; 

ravanastanSo ; B&dants. 
Contin nation, s. mukarts&lonnen, 

-^ea, «.; mukartsilap, -Ipfi, 

«. ; bet. rs. 
Continue, v. 1. mukar tB&Ui, 

c. 11. ^ mukar tsSl, n.v. 

2. mukar veta, n. v. 

3. (thir) rau. 

4. anivaidodi=give more time. 
Continuity, s. 1. n£nkh&li, -li,/ 

2. nSilravap, -raupa, n. into v. 
Continuous, a. kfa&Ianatnllo. 
Contortion, etc., see Wreath. 
Oontrafaand,^ . tsoriyebadap, -dpa, 
n., n.c.\ 'make c. = tsoriye 
Tor; sunk tsukii'. 
Conitraband, a. (kaidean) m&nna 

kello, or bet. tsoriyetso. 
Contract, s. kilrar, -ra, m. ; gut- 
tigen, -gea, «. ; gutto, -tea, 
C. of marriage = kS.rar, or rs. 
into siiirik, or mudi ghalSi. 
Contract, v. l.k&rar {or gutta) 
2. uno {or Alir) kir = /. dimi- 
nish, make narrow; &sir&i, 
c.v. ^Mir, n.v., n.u. 

i._ - A'OOgIC 



3. zata=is produced, or lagta= 
is attached, Sh, Dat.^ e.g. a 

4. k&rs do, e.g, c. & friendship. 

5. mirio ghal = /. make folds, 
pass. m. pod; vankdo kir, 
e.g. the face. 

6.zodn ghe, e.g. c. an obliga- 
Oontraoted, a. 1 . &sir ; motvo ; 
I.fg. somzanatullo. 
Contraction, s. Siinkiep, -pa, n. 
= 1. abridgment; motvepo?, 
-na, «. 
Gonttaotor, s. gutteag&r, -t&, m. 
Oontradiot, t>. 1- Dai. ad ul&i; 
inkar kir (Ace). 
2. neg. ^lag, e.g. you c. your- 
self; Dat. virodh asa; neg. 
^ pod. 
Coatiadiction, 5. I. inkar, -ri,/. 
(var.-TS,,n.)-=l. resistatice; 
adnlonen, -nea, n. 
2. virodhai, -ye, /. = inconsis- 
tency ;nakazallo, -lea, 91.=/. 
absurdity, nonsense; rs. into 
neg. form of\h%. 
Contradictory, a. virodh (asullo); 
laganatullo ; samapodana^ 
Contrariety, s. virodhai, -ye, /. 
Contrary, a. l.porto; virodh a- 
sullo or virodh vetso. 
2.fg. ^ugunatso^/. unfavour- 
able; s&mapodanatullo. 
Contrary to, see Ag^ainst 
On the c. = porten. 

Contrast, {. t&iSvot, -ti,y!, e.g. 

of white and black, good 

and evil; bhed(e), -da, m. = 

I. difference. 
Contrast, :'. Dai. ad asa; sea 

Contravene, v. m5d(6)=/.' break, 
/g., e.g. c. a lavr; Ziai. a^ 

ContrarentioD, s. modap, -dp^, n. 

(kaidea m.); iidyeuiiefi, -neS, 

»., n. c, e. g. c. of an order. 
Contribute, ^. pau; kumok k&r; 

ts&d&i = /. increase, ch. cs. 
Contribution, s. 1. paunSec, or 

pavap, paupa, «,; kumok, 

2. vanto, -tea, m. = I. portion; 

o/tm «: V. 
Contrite, a. dukest or dukitso. 
Contrition, v. Devmoga5i duk, 

-ki,/., r/.; speaking broadly 

(patkan&i) duk. 
Make an act of c. = dukitso 

akt k^r. 
Coatrivanoe,!. upai,-ya,w.; hifc- 

mJlt, -ti, /.; 6&mitkar, -ra, 
m.\ nad, -di,/. see Plan. 
Contrive, "V. l.sodun mel = /. by • 

seeking be found, ch, cs.\ 

sodun kad = /. by seeking 

take; fiint = /. think; nad 

kar or n. tsai&i = play a trick. 
2.kar, e.g. c. schemes =: bik- 

mat k&r. 
Control, V. tsSiai = /. govern; 

sambal = /. defend, guard; 

Ti^L=:l. guard; melbando- 

i.., ■..;A.ooglc 

Con 91 

b&st pole; k&bardari ka&e 

(take care of). 
Control, s. melbfiEdobast, -ti,/. 

k&bardari, -re,/. 
Lose (one's) self-c. = atsambo^ 

Co^troTersf, s. l.t&rk, -ka, ». 

= I. discussion ; (Srtso, -&ea, 

2. D&nib&r,-bra, «.=legal case, 

A-; Ty%y. -ir^r, m.-, nai, 

-ya, m. = l. discord. 
ConiroTert, v. tark kftr. 
Controvertible, a. t&rkatso. 
Contnmaciosa, a. saligt', dbarun. 
Costamacy, s. s&\, -la, ». ; dba- 

runai, -je,/. 
Contumelious, a. &kmanatso or 

^pamanadjk; gali soantso. 
Costnmely, s. &kmaii, -na, 

i77'&painaD,-na, m.; gal,Ji,^. 
ContnBe, see Braise. 
ContnBion, s. dadaunen, -nea, 

lolo. -lea, m. 
Convaleseflnca, s. gon, -na, 

rs. boro zata. 
Convalescent, a. gu^iatso; 6e/. rs. 

(taka) guni zat&; or boro 

Gonrene, v. mejili; apoi; 'c. a 

meetiog 3= melak &poi; zun- 

tak apoi,'//-. 
Convenience, s. l.vazbipon, -na. 



3. layekpon, -na. 

=/. opportu- 

4. soukasajeteo zago, -gea, m. 
Boukasai, -ye,/! 
Convenient, a. l.vazbi; iUvo. 

2. layek ; apkarak podtso. 

3. soukasayetso. 

4. rs. zai, Laf. decet. 

5. by Ihe Necess. Mood of the 
principal verb. 

Convent, s. konvent, -ta, n.,/r.; 

mot, -ta, fn., used only /or 

pagan c. adjoining temples. 
Conveotiole, s. kut, -ta, n. 
Convention, s. I.mel (6), -la, 

m. = I. assembly. 
2,kJlrar,-ra,m.=/. agreement. 
3. ri?az, -ji,/ = /. fashion. 
Conventional, a. ka.raratso. 
Converge, », bfiga = /. bend; 

mel^/. meet. 
Oonvergienoy, s. konso, -sea, m.- 

bagoijefi,-nea,«.; ban, bave, 

/. = /. bonding. 
Convergent, a. bagontso; yeke 

Buatent vetso; meltso. 
Conversation, J. l.ulorieii, -nea, 

«.; g&zali, -\i,/. 
S.nadten, -tea, n. = l. behavi- 
our; tsal, -li,/^ 
Converse, ^. yekameka ulai = 

speak oue to another; g&- 

zali mar = /. beat a chat. 
Conversely, ad. porten. 
Conversion, s. portouneu, -nea, 

«.; hadlap, -pa, ».; novi 

jini, -ye,/. 
Convert, v. l.bfiditl = /. change 

(ir.); b&dal («.); oij. with 

thain, fir. fg. 

^ ., ...A-ooglc 



2. porti = /. turn, c. v. ^porta, 

«. i3.yfr.fg., e.g. be conyert- 

ed to God ; boro kar, pass. 

b. za. 
GoiiTert, s. doto kristaun, -tavii, 

tn. = new Christian; Devftk 

portillo (m&nis) = (a man) 

converted to God. 
Convex, a. vlg. ubar; rs. irdo 

gulo or iirdea gulea rnpatso, 
Oonvexltf, s. nbar&i, -ye,/., or 

bel. ubar ang, -ga, «.; rs. into 

adj. or &rdeagulea&en riip, 

-pa, n.; Jirdogulo, -lea, m. 
Convey, v. l.vor; vSm; aagsi. 
2. (p3.ra) suadin k&r; 'c. an idea 

= rs. &rth asa,' ch. cs. 
Conveyanoe, s. biindi, -de, /.; 

gadi, -ye,/- ; 84r&f (or efirat) , 

-ta, n. 
Coavict, v. ganyaakar k&r. 
Conviotion, s. Lgunyaukarpon, 

-^a, n, = I. state of being 

2.alo&en, 'ni,/. = l. opinion., inio v. 
Convince, v. somzoun di or som- 

z&i; 8omzasok&r; dak&i; see 

also Convict 
Convincing, a. aomzonntso or 

Convocation, s. I.mel (^), -la, 

m. =meeting; zunt, -ta, «., 

fr. = meeting. 
2. apounen,-nea, n.; melounen, 

-nea, n., or melouniSen. 
Convoke, v. apoi = /. summon; 

meiai ; zomo k&r. 

Convoy, s. ^&Te,pl. m.; seeCuAvwL 
Convulse, v. vodi kar, n. c. 
Convnlsion, s. vod, -di,/; kamp, 
-pi,/.; morlugi pida (epi- 
Cook, If. rand; sizSi (by boiling). 
Cook, s. randpi, -pia, m. ; vlg. ku- 
sinier {ar kuzner),-ra, m.,fr. 
Cool, a. l.thaud, or bet. tband- 
80, ^r.^.; 5elo. 
2.^. nidan=/. ciuiet. 
Z.fg. beparvi or fadpoli = /. 
Cool, s. iel, -Ji,/; tbindai, -ye,/ 
Cool, V. 1 . thind kir, pr.fg., e.g. 
appease; nivii, c. i^. ^ niv, 
tr.fg.,e.g. appease. 
2.Taren ghe = /. get a breeze. 
^.fg. also nidan kir, tr. v. 
^./g. sadil za = /. get lax; rSg 
niuta=/. anger ceases. 
Cooly, s. kulkar, -ra, m. ; manai, 
-ya, tn. ; vauradi, -dia, m. ; 
begari, -ria, m. ; al, -la, m. 
Co-operate, v. 1. pau, e.g. God 
co-operates with man. 
2.parmane tsal with the Or. 
case = l. walk according to, 
e.g. c. with grace. 

3. kumok kilr = /. help. 

4. sangata raur kftr with the 
Or, case; or bet. sangata 
with the Or. case and the 
verb expressing the kind of 
co-operation, e. g, c. in the 
defence of; (7r-i=al80, affix- 
ed to a Noun, with the re- 
quired verb. 



Go-opflration, 5. kumok,-mke,/; 
pa-rap, panpa, «.; s4hiU, -ye, 
/.; rs. into v. 

Cope, s. kap, -pa, m. (a kiad of 
priestly Testment), rl, 

CopioDS, a. s&mpurn; bhou, i?;- 
ts&d = /. much; dados. 

Copiousness, s. s&mparaai, -ye, 
/.; dadospon, -na, n. 

Copper, s. tamben, -bea, n. 

Copper, a. tambeatso. 

Copp^-monay, s. khurdo, -deS,, m. 

Copper-pot, s. haudo, -dea, m, 

Copper-smitli, s, tambti, -tia, m. 

Copper-wire, s. t&inbeaSi aram, 
-me, /. 

Copy, s. l.nak&l, -kla, n, 
2.n&muao, -nea, m. = l. model. 

Copy, V. l.n^kal kad. 
'i./g. nakal k&r. 

Copyist, s. gumost, -ta, «.; bir- 
pi, -pia, -m.; o^kiilTis, -sa, m. 

Coral, s. poulen, -lea, «. 

Cord, s. razu, -zva, m-. (strong, 
long c); alat, -ta, m. {strong- 
er, thicker than 'razu'); dori, 
-ye,/, (a common c) ; sumb, 
-ba, ft. (c. of cocoannt fibre). 

Gori&nder, s. kfi.n-pir, -re (or 


Cork, s. guddi, -de,/.; ba6, -5i, 
/., n. c. 

Cora, i. l.dSni, -ye,/ = /. grain; 
bh&t, -ta, ». (ex. paddy). 
2.kbin, -na, «. (horny excre- 
scence of the skin). 

Conur,^. konso, -8ea,,m.,pr.^.; 
c stone = koBseatso fator. 

Oorn-fleld, s. gado, -dea, m. 
Comiofl, s. kang6r, -ra, m. 
Corollary, s. fOI, -la, m.; soTfit, 
-ta, «. = /. issue; iei. rs., 
e.g. tantlean z3,ta. 
Goroii&tioa, J. l.p&tar bosoanejir 
-^ea, «, ; orhet. rs. into patiLr 
2.mukut -t&, 7n. = I. crown. 
3. kurou, -rova, m.^r. (rl. mn.) 
Corporal, a. knditso. 
Corporation, s. mel(6),-}a, m. 
Oorpsej s. moden, -dea, n. 
Corpnienoe, s. motai, -ye,/. 
Corpalent, a. moto (empk. mot|o); 

Corpiuole,^. knskat Y&stij, -tu,/ 
Correct, a. sfima; sarko; sudd^, 

Correct, v. 1 . k^r witk ike above 
2. bud sang = /. say advice; 
sikfia di = /. give punish- 
ment; bestSi (be|tai). 
Correction, s. rs. into v., or 

suddfk&rni, -ne,/., n.c. 
Corrector, f. l.sima k&rtolo. 

2. bestaitolo. 
OorreotnesB, s. 1 . soddypon, -na, 

2. sikia, -Se,/ 
Correlatire, a. lagtso; s&m&nd 

Correspond, zr. 1. s&mapod ; s&ma 
2. (yekameka) zatat. 
3.s&lavoI asa = /. intercourse 




4. iirtli asa. into Or. of noun, with 

b&ri = as. 
CorTespondasce, f. l.e&mapod&p, 

-dpEl, n. 
2, s&laTol, 'li,y. K^.intercoaTse; 

^&\gi,-ge,/.^l. familiarity; 

doati, -te,/. = I. favoar. 
Correspondent, s. kobro ditolo(of 

a journal). 
Corroborate, v. tbir k&t; hbl di. 
Corroboration, s. b&l, -la, n.; thir- 

pon, -na, ». tJ/* thirasan, -ae, 

/.; rs. info v. 
Corrode, v. tarye, «. it. («. c), 

e.g. wormB c. timber; eurye, 

n.v., ch. cs.; kuskuB, n,v. 
Oorroaion, Corrosive, rs. v. 
Corrupt, V. kusfii, c. v. ^ kus, 

«. v., pr.fg.\ pad kar; see 

Falsify, Contaminate, Corrode. 
Corrupted, /*./a''^. ^Corrupt; see 

Degrraded, Base. 
Corrupter, s. kusdi, -di&, m. 
Corruption, s. l.kusap, -BpS,, n. 

2.1onts, -taa, m. = l. bribe. 
Coruscation, s. pr&k&i, .ga, m.; 

p3,rzfll, -la, M. 
Conrina, s. (a kind of fisb), d&AiS, 

-diya,«. (i/m. d&diyaro, -rea, 

Corypbens, s. muktes&r, -ra, or 

mukteei, -aia, m. 
Cosmo8:ony, s. I. siLunsaratao 

&r&aib, -ba, m. 
2. sS,uiisS,ra&rambavidya,-ye,/. 
Cosmo^apby, -r. s&unsar&tso ti- 

7or, -ra, m. 

Cost, s. I.m61, -la, n. 
2. kb&rts, -tsa, m. 
S.luksan, -na, n. z= /. loss, 

harm; n4it, -ia., m. 
Co8t,2'.(mdl) pod, tf.^.dharupoi 
podle; it costs =mdl asa, 

(mftl) lagtil, e.g. tin rupoi 

Costive (Is), a. kuDtfiriii 
CoBtiveness, s. kuQt&nap,-pa,».; 

vlg. utkiidefi b&nd zata. 
Costly, s. mbar&g; moladik. 
Costume, s. l.e6T6i, -ye,/.; ri- 

y&z, -ji,/!; d&stur, -ri,/. 
2.1168011, -ni,/. 
Cot, see Cottage, Hammock. 
Cottage,f.kombat,-bta,«.; gud- 

8ul, -la, «. 
Cotton, 5. kapus, -psa, m. 
Cotton-tree, s. kapBin, -ni, y. 
Conch, s. kbatlen, -lea, ».; an- 

t^ln,-na,».(DatiTec.); man- 

tso, -6e£i, m. = bedstead. 
Conch, V. I'pod, n.v. 

2.1ipoD bos. 
Coa>:h, s. khonkli, -le,/.; usmod, 

-di,/. (auffocating c). 
Cough, ^. kbonkli yeta ; kbook. 
Conncilt^r. sftbha, -bhe,/., or alo- 

Senis&bba; vlg. zunt, -ta, n, 

or mel(^), -la, m. 
Councillor, s. alo5eais&bbegar, 

-ra, m. ; siibhe(tso) saudo, 

-dea, m. 
Counsel, s. bud, -di,/; aloten. 

Oonnsel, v. bud di ; aloiSeD s&ng. 


Count, ^.lek(^)= cast upaccouDts; 

mez(e) = /. meKsure. 
Connt, s. nearest w. pr&bu,-ba, 

Conntenaiioe, s. 1. rup, -pa, n.; 
tdud, -da, n. 
^.nidauai, -ye, /.; mfiryad, 


3. gun, -na, m. = l, favour. 
Connteuanoe, ^. l.manua = /. 
please, e, g. an opinion ; 
Tintsun kad = choose, e.g. 
an opinion. 

2.guEiatii0 zaun asa. 
Counteract, v. Dat. ad ye ; inkar 

k&r. {Ace:) 
.Counterbalance, !•. \.pr. s&matuk 
=weigh equally; aama asa, 
ch. cs., e. g. these virtues 
were counterbalanced by 
great vices. 

2./g. adkai gbal=/. put ob- 
Counterbalance, s. \.pr, s&ma- 
tnk, -ka, n. 

2./g. rs. into -v. or adkSJ, -\\,f. 
Counterfeit, v. ka,pat kar = /. 
make simulation, e.g. c- 
Wendship; Or, of the noun 
with bari = /. as, with the 
required verb, e.g. c. the cry 
of a bird = suknea biri bob 
mar; fotkiro k&r. 

C. a document=fotkiren diate- 
TOz bor&i. 

C. money=fotkiro dodu kilr. 
Counterfeit, a. l.fotkiro; 


5 Cou 

Counterfeit, s. fotounen, -i^ea, 

n. ; kiip&t, -tfi, «. 
Countermand, v. (adli or dilli) 

bukum kad. 
Countless, a. leknatnllo or leka- 

Country, s. l.gauii, -ava, m.\ 
del (e), 4a, m. 
2. buii, -in,/. = /. earth. 
S.jillo {var. zillo), -lea, m. = l. 
district; muluk, -ka, n.^l. 
district, n. c. 
4.Dad, -da, «.=■/. village. 
Native o. = zallo gaun ; vilayet, 
-ta, «, 
Countryman, s. I.gauntso m^ 
nis, -nsa, m. 
2. nadkar, -ra, m., (used also 
fg.for uneducated); see Cul- 
Couple, J. zodi, -ye, /. 
Conple, V. meld.i; yekot kflr. 
Courage, f. dh4ir,-ra, «.; m^rdb, 

Beof goodc. = gbe. 
Coura^ona, a. dhiiiradik, or 

dh&irS,vont; zobor. 
Courier, s. l.pedo, -dea, m. 
2, d5,layet, -ta, m. (of a judge, 
collector, and the like.) 
Course, .f. I.daun, dave,/, = /. 
running ; also c. of a river ; 
vat, -te, /. = I. road, e.g. c. 
of the stars. 
2. jinos, -nsa, m. = /. manner; 
p&rmane (used only in the 
Or.), e.g. iavoteg, p. = in the 
proper manner. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Cou ' 

3. p&riplit, -ti,/, e.g. c. of lec- 
4.prfi.yMi,-ti,/., n.c; see also 

S.jinos, -naa, »i, = thepart of a 

meal served at one time; 

e. g. a dinner of several 

In the c. of = velar wilh the G., 

or moden with the Or. case, 
A matter of c. = s&hfiz. 
Of c. = kh&rents; tiisen zai; s^ 

h&z; alb&t (zxir. &bmt); k-t'kl 

zaun = necessarily. 
Court, J, 1. angan, -gna,«.(a/5C 

c. yard of private houses). 
2.raul, -la, «. (royal palace); 

k&5Srri, -ri,/. (public office). 

3. nitiraul, -la, n. = I. palace of 
justice, «.cr,; vlg.'kodt,-ti,/. 

4. munsuhdar, or mousubdar, 
or nitiii,T, -ra, w.^/. judge. 

Fay court = mS,[i dak&i. 
Court, V. man dak&i; fuslai. 
Courteona, a. l.m&ryaditso. 

2. mogal or d&yal. 
Courtesy, s. l.m&ryad, -di, /.; 
t6altsamkS,n, -na, n. 
2,m6g, -ga, m.; dftya, -ye,/. 
Cousin, s. I. bapulbhfiu, -ava, m. 
= brother on the uncle's 
2. mSiUsibhau = brother on the 

maternal aunt's side. 
3.bapnlb&in, -ni, /. = sister 
on the paternal uncle's side. 
4, mausib&in, -ni,yi = sister on 
the maternal aunt's side. 

J Cra 

Oorenant, s. k&rar, -ra, m. 
Cover, V. l.dank (^or damp). | 

2./g. lipai. I 

3. sambal. ! 

C. the expenses = kh&rts bhfl.rti j 
kar. I 

Cover, s. dampnen, or danknen, j 

-gea, «. 
Coverlet, see Blanket 
Covet, V. l.Hie or apeksi; aia 
k&r, G. J''.; khuSi vor ; abla 
2.Iale = long for. 
Covetous, <z- I. surati = stingy. 
2.apekSitolo, etc. 
3.orboai (c. of food). 
Covetousness, s. surat, -ta, m. or 
absur&t, -ta, m. \ abla, -ble,/. 
Cow, s. gai, gai,/; vak, -ka, «., 
fr. (in the phrase v&kd.cen 
Coward, i7, polkuro ; aisi; bhi- 

Cowardice, s. polkurepon, -na, 
«.; alsai, -ye,/.; bbeii, bhi- 
ya, n.; h&lk«n mon, -na, n. 
Cowdung, s. akn, -na, n. 
Spread c. = s. kad. 
Coxcomb, s. I. senkaren, -rea, n. 
2./g. h&nkaratso m&nis, -nsa, 
m., or &hank&ri, -ria, m.\ 
dUndi, -di, m. 
Grab, s. kurli, -le,/ (shell-fish). 
Crack, v. sod = disjoin (sut, n, v. 
= be disjoined), e.g. beams 
of a roof; fod, ir. v. (fut, 
«. P.); yere. ■ 
C. joke8=has^i or SeStaio kfir. 



Craok, ^. l.fut,-ti,/.; yer,-ri,/. 

a.gouji, -je,/ 
Crack-liraiiiad, a. piso; vid l&gyl- 

&aft, s. I. hikm&t, -ti,/ a arti- 
fice;, -rS, m. = 
artifice; nadgepo^, -na, ». 
2.kani, -ma, «. (haDdicraft) ; 

k&s&b, -Bbe.y: 
3". tfiruB, -rva, «. 
Cram, v. bhor - A fill; aansi 

=:thrn8t in. 
Cramp, s. \.rs. lir guspodtS, or 
sir Tddta; T&kul, -kla, n. 
2.T0di, ^./. 
Crane, s. ddnk, -ks, ». (tbe blue 
bird, common here, some- 
what similar to a crane). 
Crapnlons, a. khaugi; potaro; 
piyeuniieak lag^Uo or pi- 
yeunk 1. 
Crash, s. gouji, -je,/ 
Crater, s. t6nd, -da, «. 
Cravat,^- gomte&5ealug&t,-gta, 

Crave, 11. (laleun) mag. 
Crazy, a. l.pieo; vid lagyllo. 

2.&8k&t = weak. 
Cream, s. 1 . 85,i, -ye,/ 

^■fg. ottim. 
Create, v. l.r&ts. 
^.fg- nemsi. 
3. g&d = found. 
Creation, s. l.r&tsap, -tspii, »., 
or ratsnen, -nea, ». 
2. sfiUDSar, -ra, m. =:. I. world. 
Creator, s, ritsnar, -ra, m. 
Creature, s. l.r&tsna, -ne,/ 

a.bal, -jS, «. {in pi.) a term 

of endearment. 
Credentials, f. liparasiiSen kHgad, 

-gda, n. 
Credibility, s. patiyeni, -ni,/; 

n&mbganii, -Qe,/.; s&tmand- 

Credible, A. patiyenitso; n&mbg&- 

^itso; satmandtso. 
Credit, .f. I. borenn&nn, nava,;!.; 

abru, -bra, m.\ m&n, -na, m. 
2. itbar {or hitbar), -ra, m. (in 

Give on c.shttbaran di; nsito 

di; udarak di. 
Creditable, a. Siparasitso; mar- 

Creditor, s. rin dillo (mftniB). 
Crednlons, a. (sompen) pati- 

yeuntso; nilmbgontso. 
Creed, s. satmandtan = I belieTe, 

used also as subst. 
Creep, v. ta^r. 
Creeper, s. val, -li, / (plant) ; 

b6l(4), -la, m. 
Crescent, a. yod zauntso (moon). 
Crest, s. I.senkareii, -rea, n. 

9. lendi, -ye,/ (of a helmet). 
Crest-fallen, ii. khalto i^rkh. kello. 
Crerice, s. fut, -ti,/ 
Crew, J. see Crowd. 
Crib, i. l.raorgi, -ge, / = man- 
ger; khavon, khaune,/ 

2. goto, -tea, m. = I. stable. 

3. palnen, -nea, n^l. cradle. 
Criak,.r. l.Todi,/ //. = /. spasm. 

2. ghat gaio, -lea, m. = l. stifF 
neck, ch. cs. 


Cricket, s. l.birmofi, -to,/. 
2. iSendat, -(a., m. (play). 
Crime, s. &kr&m, -ma, «.; &prai], 
-da, OT, ; vod gunyaun, -ava, 
m.; khotepOD, -na, «,; patak, 
-tta, «.; pap, -pa, «. 
Criminal, ri. l.kboteponatso, ct- 
2. firiyaditso. 
Criminate, v. I.firiyad di. 
2.gunyaakar k&r; zatpi (re- 
taliate), n.c. 
Cripple, s. thonto, -tea, m. 
Crisis, s, z&khtnekal, -1&, m,, n. 
«.; tirp, -pa, «., or tirpa- 
kal, 4a, m.; sevot, -t£, m.; 
risk, -ke,/. 
Criterion, s. gurtij, -ta, «i,; 

MkS&Q, -Qfi, ». 
Critic, «. khodi kadtso; see verb. 
Critical, a. 1, risketso, or ziLkh- 
2. khodi kadtso. 
Criticize, v. l.vlg. khodi kad. 
2.Yaitborenbhed(e)k&r; ^ibaii 
bhed k&r; tsukisod; daru&. 
Oritiqne, s. gan-Mbati'p&rikfia, 

Oroftk, s. l.mSnkeaniSibob, -be, 


^./g. 819, -9*1 ^• 
Croak, v. l.bob mar. 

2. sin nlM. 
Crocodile, J', sis&r, -sri,/. 
Crook, ». bagai, c.v. ^bSga i>y 

Crook, s. gaats, -tsa, ffi.=hook. | 



Crooked, a. 1. vankdo; donku. 
2./g. innayatso; tuakon, pr. 
{usedesp. o/a. dress stitched 
Crookedness, s. vankdepon, -n$,, 

n. or vankud, -da, n. 
Crop, J. \. general terms, belen, 
-lea, «.; pik, -ka, «. 
2. particular kinds of rice are, 
yenel, -la, «., or karti, -ti, 
/ {isi crop); suggi, -ge, 
/. {znd cr.); kojkefi, -kea, 
n. (yd cr.). 
toop, V. t8ab = /. bite. 
Cross, s. l.kuris, -rea, m. 
2./g. kast, -ta, m. 
Cross, a. asuUo. 
2. kark&rantso. 
Cross, 7'. 1 . z6d, e.g. c. the bands. 
2.utar, e.g. c. the river; pel- 

tadi rots. 
S.inkar kar = thwart, Ace. 
Cross-examination, s. addas^val, 


Crossing, s. (vatantso) mej (e), 

-la, m. ; bet. rs. 
Cronch, v. baga or bago. 
Croup, s. guntan, fl. n. 
Crov, s. l.kaulo, -lea, m., dim, 

kaulor, -ri,/. (a small bird 

similar to a cr.). 
2. sad, -da, m. (cry of a cock). 
Crow, V. sad ghal. 
Crowd, i'. I.taUen-billen,-lea, ». 

(6illeri-b.) ; zomo, -mea, m. 
2. tand, -da, m. = l. faction. 
Crowd, V. zomoun zomoa, n. v. 
Crowded, a. lagun. 

I.., ..iiA-ooglc 



Crown, s. l.mukut, -ta, m.; ku- 

rou, -rova, m. (rl.) 
%fg. razTOtkai, -ye,/! 
Crown, V. mukut gh&l. 
Crown-prinoe, s. kuvor, -ra, m. 
Omoible, s. koyo, -veS, m. 
Crnoifli, s. kursimaz, -ji,y". (war. 

imaz karB&rer); vlg. knris, 

-rsa, 01.; kursar zodi^llo. 
Crnei&xion, s. kursarmarnen, 

-nea, n.\ rs. into v.. 
Cmoify, V. kuraar mar; karsar 

z6d; kursar khilai. 
Grade, a. 1, jivo; hftrvo = not 

2. t&rno; ptkanatullo. 
Cruel, a. niStur; mharu; krur. 
Cruelty, s. niSturai, -je,/.; mha- 

rupon, -9a, «. 
Cruet, s. bul, -li,/i {s<>me under- 
stand by 'bul' 'snuff-box'); 

sisli, -le, / {^not generally 

Cruise, "v. (d^ryaut) bouu. 
Cruising, s. d&ryant boundi, -de, 


Crumb, s. Ian kudko, -kea, m. 
Crumble, v. kudkean kudke k&r, 

tr.\ bh&sma, n. v. 
Cmeb, V. 1. Ta{; = /. pound. 
2.mo8ti = /. trample; ftente; 
(iddi {esp, with the band); 
dadai, e.g. stones. 
S.jik^/. gain (conquer). 
^■fg- naS kftr. 
Gsjat, V. l.kat, -ti, /!, e.g. of 
2. man, taave,/. = l. scar. 

Cry, V. l.gouji k&r; bob m&r. 

2. p&rg&t k&r or pjlrgit&i; bob 
mam s&ng. 

3. T&d = /. weep. 
Cry, s. l.bob, -be,/ 

2. F&dnen, -nea, n. 
Crystal, s. 1 . arao, -Beft, m. 
2. rOp Irsallo fator, -tra, «.; or 
the Sans. Mr. Cn. sfatik, 
-ka, n. 
3.kb&do, -dea, m. (of salt). 
Crystalline, n. araeatso; pflrz&lik. 
Crystallization, s. fatraa&en rilp, 
-pa, n. ; or sfafik zauniSen, 
-fiea, «. 
Crystallize, v. riip mel ; or 

sfatik k&r, fass. sf. za. 
Cub, s. pil, -la, «. 
Cube, s. s&tsouk^ntso kudko, 
-keS, wi.; or the Sans. Mr, 
Cn. gh&n, -na, m. 
G. root = gb&namul, -la, ». 
Cuckoo, s. koguj, ^li,/ 
Cuoumber, J', l.touaen, -se&, ». 
2.goBalen, -lea, n. (Egyptian 
Cudgel, s. bodi, -ye,/, (small), 
tonko, -kea, m. (bigger) ; 
Bonto, -tea, nt. 
Cue, J'. l.tiiSaro,-rea, m. =biDt. 
2.m&rji, -je, /. = humour, ca- 
S.khusi, -@e,/. = will. 
Culpability, s. gunyaukarpon, 

-na, «. 
Culprit, s. gunyaukar, -ra, m. 
Cultivate, v. 1 . sagoli k^r ; besai 
kar; Tas&i. 



l.fg. z&tftn k&r,G. F., e.g. tbe 
beard ; sovoi {or iibyfiB) k&r 
= /. make practice, 

Onltivated, a. l.aik^llo or sikpi 
= learned. 
2. z&t&n ka^ello, e.g. language. 

Cultivation, s. sagoli, -le, /.; 
Tomp, -pe,/. = /. sowing,^. 

Cultivator, .r. besaikar, -ra, m.\ 
buinkar -ra, m. \ sagolig&r, 
-ra, m. 

Cnltnte, s. \.fg. sikap, -kpa, n. sagoli, -le,/. 

Cumbersome, a. l.bhou z&d.. 
2. tondreatso. 

Cumin-seed, s, jirefi, -rea, «. 

Cumulativs, o., rs. info vottu, g,^. 
c. arguments. 

CunninjT, a. nadgo or nadgiro. 

Cunning, s. nadgepo^, -na, «.; 
nad, -di,/l 

Cup, J. tambUr, -ra, m., fr.\ 
k6p, -pa, n.,fr.\ patr^,-tra, 
«,; JSikrij, -ra, n. 

Cupboard,^. W^.almar,-ri^; no 
purely Konk. word is used, 
if not kantr^l, -la, «. = a 
kind of cavity or recess 
made in tbe wall, used as 
a c. ; kbano, -nea, m. is used, 
hut not commonly under- 
stood, though common in 
composition with d&fter. 

Cnpping-^laes, s. r&gat Tod.5en 
patry, -ra, n. 

Curate, see Ticar. 

Curb, f . (low wall) doro, -rea, w(. 

Cnrdle, 9. d&in k&r {tr. :>.), d. za 

(». V.) ; mel&i ghal \. dat k&r ; 

m&nke {ex. mn. miUt turned 

Core, s, l.vokat, -kt&, «. 
2.bolaiki, -ke,/ -A health. 
Cure, ^. l.Tokatdi; pida tbam^ 

b&i; boro k&r; gun k&r; 

vas k&r, n. c, 
2.mitak ghaln doTOr = /. pat- 
ting to salt keep, e.g. meat. 
OniioBity, s. l.nfizukai, -ye,/". 

(a curioas thing). 
2.&tr6gi}, -g&, m. = longing 

desire; kobro aikunci asa 

(kobranaia), -se,/- 
CuriouB, a. l.nazak (worth; t», 

be seen) ; &&ni&tkaratso. 

2. kobr&nSea asetso, or het. rs. 
v.\ t&rifetso. 

3. zagrut. 

Curl, V. jilpan kftr or iilp&i, c. v. 

(hair) ; panti ghal. 
Curl, s. jilpan, pi. ».; panti^ 


Currenoy, s. 1. s6v6i, -ye, /; 

riv&z.-ji,/; ts&lap, -Ipij w-j 

bet. rs. into v. tsfiU -; 

2. t8Sltenna^en,-9ea,M.; ts&lto 

du^u, -dvS, n. ■ ~ 

Current (bl), v. tsJLItfi; 86r6i &s&. 

Current, s. 1. dann, dave, /.; 

ts&mi, -oe,/. (c. of water); 

rs. into v5u = flow^ toJo* 

-|ea, m. (c. of a river). 

2. val, -la, m. = I. stream ; aSaii 


3./^. riYaz, -ji,/. 

„, „A.ooglc 

Cur 1 

Curry, v. 1. malia k&r (rub or 
cleanse horses). 
2.kd,m!ii (tan, anneal). 
Curry, s. kSdi, -ye, /.; amb, 

Cuny-oomb, s. kh&rar, -ra, n. 

Curse, V. sirap ghal = I. pqt 
curse; gali sang = /. say a- 
buses; vait mag = /. pray 
eril; b^lam ghal = /. put 
calumnies, y^,; ap di = t. 
give adjuration. 

Ourae, ^. sirap, -pH, m.; an, -m., 
/.=L adjuration; gal, -\i,/. 
'=: I. abase. 

Cursed, a. sirap podyllo. 

Cui^BOirily, ad. vegin or ToilebSr. 

Curtail, s'', motvok&r; kad; ka- 
tjr; u$o k&r. 

Curtain, s. pordo {var. phordo), 
nJea, m. 

Cnrred, a. yankdo; b^gallo. 

Cushion, s. u§en, -sea, n. 

CuBtard-apple, s. ati;, -t£, n. 

Custody, s. 1. rakrieii, -nea, n, 

2. paro, -rea, m. = I. guard, 

3. kaid, -da, «, = arrest ; see Pri- 

Put in c,= 
Seep in c 

parear ghal. 
= k&idant dovor. 

1 Cyp 

Custom, J. 1.86T6i, -ye,/.; dis- 
tur, -ri,/; rivaz, -ji,/.; nt, 

2. sunk, -ka, «. = /. tax. 
Cnstom-honse, s, sunk&katefi, 

-tea, «. 
Cnstomary, a. sfivoyetso or so- 
Toye p&rmane asullo; sa- 
dantso, e.g^. c. meal. 
Customer, s. kekari, -ria, m. ; 

giraiki, -kia, m. 
Cut, II. kat^r, pas. katar; tas = 
I. hew.; sind; beud (grass); 
bh6t (fuel). 
C. in two = don kudke k&r. 
C. off=kad; n^ k&r; yekats 

phara ^Sd. 
C. short = motvo kfir. 
Cut, s. l.katrap, -pS, n.; katro, 
-trea, m. (small c). 

2. ghai, -ya, m.; z§,kh&m,-khme, 
/. = wound. 

3. mar, -ra, m., pet (6,) -t5, m. 
=1. stroke. 

Cutler, s. suriyegar, -ra, vt. ; su- 
Ho k&rtdlo; surio iktolo. 

Cutlet, s. 'dig. katlet, -ti,/! 

Cut-throat, s. khunigar, -t:%, m. 

Cylinder, s. adkulen, -leS, n. 

Cypress, .r. ts&bkatso ruk, -ka, 
m. {perk. Casuarina). 

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Dab, V. see Dash, Strike, Slap. 
Dabble, f. I.udkantkh&l = /.pla7 
in water. 
2. voilebar, wiik k&r or some 
other equivalent verb = /. do 
on the surface. 
Dabbler, s. 1. voilebSr kartolo. 

2. ph&dposi, -sia, m. 
DagrffBr> *■ t^tari, -re,/ 
Daily, f^.dispodto: 'diepodtogras 

= daily food'. 
Daily, ad. disandis or h&ryek dis 

= /, every day. 
Duntiness, s. 1. nazukai, -ye,/! 
2. potarpo)^,-9S., n.=/. gluttony. 
Dainty, a. l.naznk. tasteful. 
Dam, J. 1 . iiToi, -Toi,/=/. mother. 

2.kat, -ta, m. (mill d. etc^ 
Dam, I}- kat ghal. 
Damage, 2'. 1 . luksan {or n&St) k&r 
= make barm; f>r luksanak 
pod = /. fall to loss, ck. cs. 
2.Tait k&r = /. make eril. 
Damage, s. 1. luksan, -na, n. or 
n&St, -ta, m. 
2. vait, -ta, n. = eyil. 
Damask, s. dS,mEBk, -ka, ». 
Damn, v. see Condemn, 
Damnation, see Condemnation. 
Damp, V. gelo k&r (or lel&i, 
«.c.); Sele, «. &, = get damp; 
YOlo kftr, e.g. cloth ; bate = 
get damp through monsoon- 

Damp, a. gelitso. 

Dampneaa, s. 161, -\y,/.; bato, 
-tea, m. (d. caused by the 

Dance, v. nats or {Gaa.) nadtsi. 

Danoe, s. nats, -tsa, m. tr 

Dancing (woman), s. kalront, -ti, 

DanjWf -S- risk, -ke,y. (var. risk, 

-ka, «.) perh. fr. ; z^kh^m, 


Be in danger = riskeat aaa. 

Be out of danger = risk utSr- 

lea = /. risk passed. 

Dangerous, a. risketso = /. of 
danger; mosatso^/. deceit- 
ful; luks3,natso = /. of harm; 
luksanSJc podtolo = /. fall- 
ing to loss. 

Dangerously, ad. z&kham z&un. 
D. sicksbhou ts&d pidest = /. 
very much sick; giidis TaiJ 

Dare, V. 1 . tr. V. see Challenge. 

2. n.v. maka dh&ir asa or aun 
dhiliraTOnt zaun asan = I 
have courage. 

Dark, a. l.kalokatso. 
2.ka}oso or fcalso, used both 
of colours and fg., e.g. d. 
(sad) days. 

3. Bomzonk nozo ftsijUo or only 
Bomz&nat^lo ^ I. DOt intel- 
ligible ; see Abstruse. 

Darken, v. k^lok {or k&lso) k&r 
= make darkness (or dark)* 

I.., ...lA-oogk- 



f^->fg-\ uzvad kad or divo 
bad = take awa.j light. 

Darkish, a. kaho; sanlo. 

DarknesB, s, 1. kalok {or kaluk), 

-ka, m.; &iidklr, -ra, m. 

^.fg. gut, -ta, m. = l, secret. 

Darling, a. mogal ; ^purbayetso. 

Darlinj-, s. bal, -IS,, n. 

Dart, i. bhali, -ye,/. 

Dasli, z'. ». ad&l ; sometimes the 
Nom. in English to this vb. 
becomes the Object in Kon- 
kani, e.g. the carriage dashea 
against the gate =bagil gadi- 
yek adJLlta; see also Dis- 

Date, s. l.tarik, -rke,/: 'az kitli 
tarikVswhat date is to-day?'; 
'kitle tarker? = at what date 
{oT&Aj) of the month?' 'moi- 
Dea6e vis tarker = on the 
20th of the month'; tithi, 
-thi, / (of a lunar month). 
S.isvi, -ve,/. used where there 
is question of years, e. g. 
what year are we in now? 
3. khazur, -zra, m.=Lat. dacty- 
/wi(fruit); kharku,-ka,m.= 
dried date. 

Date, V. \.pr, tank bor&i = ;, 
write the date. 
2. sura za=/,begin,e,^.d. from. 

Dang:bter, s. du, -ve,/. 

Dauj:hter-in-law, ^. son, --ne,y. 

Daunt, v. bestai; bben ghal = 
cause fear; bhiyeunk lai. 

Danntlesa, ii. bhennatullo; dh&i- 
rftvont or dh&ir&dik. 

Dawn, s. l.^uteo, -te&, ». or 

f^nte&par, -ra, «.; 'fante&r= 

at dawn'. 

S.uzvad, -d&, m. m, I. light: 

'azvad zaloW. light is done*. 

Dawn, V. uzvad za or uzvad. 

Day, s. 1. dis, -sa, m,; holiday 
= aitar, -ra, m.; or sontatso 
dis or sontadis'; 'working- 
day ai vauratso dis, or, 
rare, vaury k&riyet asuUo 
dis'; 'in the coarse of the 
d. ZE disa moden or disaSea 
2. uzvad, -da, m. = I. light, as 
in the phrase: 'it got day 
= uzyad za,lo*. 
'The day before yesterday = 
p6r (to he distinguished/ram 
pur = bury, and. from -^qt- 
aa = last year'). 
'The day after to-morrow = 

■From day to day s disadisa', 
'Every third day = poiro'; 'at 
every third day = poirean'. 

Daybreak, see Dawn. 

Day-Iabonrer, s. (cooly) kulkar, 
•ra, m.; vaurildi, -dea, m.\ 
begari, -ria, m. 

Day-light, s. uzvad) -da, m. 

Dazzle, ». tip™/, prick, ^.,<;,^. 
uzT&d doleank t6pta. 

DeaooHi s. diakni^, ~q&, m., fr. 

Daaoonsliip, s, diaknypon, -nS, 

Dead, a, 1. mello, pr. and fg. 
2./g. jivnatullo. 



Dead, s. 1. mello, -lea, m. 
2. fttmo, •med, m. = I. eoal; 
vlg: kulen, -lea, n., i.e. ap- 
parition; 'raise from the d. 
1= melleantlo jivont k&r'. 

Deadly, <>• l.risketso-/. of risk; 
mornatso; jir kadtso o /. 
taking away Ufe; 'deadly 
wound = jiv kadtso gh»i'. 
2.kodu a: /. bitter, e.g. d. 

Daaf, a. l.keppo fir. and fg.\ 
kftn-nabullo; bfaero. 
^-fg. aikanatyllo, e.g. d. to 

Dflafan, v^ l.keppo k&r. 
"^.fg. kan phnttii, ck. cs. = I. 
ear is broken. 

Dssfisb, a. kepposo. 

Deafliess, s. keppepon,'-Da, n. 

Deal, s. (a good deal), tBftd = /. 
much ; bbou ; S&bar [all 
these words are- strictly ad- 

Da&I, V. l.vepar fc^ra/, make 
2. tsiil = /. walk, behave, Cin. 
Prs. ■- 

3.1 have to d«al with =-CV». 
kam iiBS., I, to me buBiness 
is. ■ . 

. 4. gt^&i B I. haodle, e.g. d- ia 

Dealer, s. vepari, -ria, m. ■a'Z. 

Dealing, s. l.vepar or TySpar, 
,-ra, m.=trade. 
2. s&lavol, -li, f.^l. inter- 

course : 'd. with the devil = 
B&itana lagia silaTol'. 

Dear, a. 1 • mogal {Lat. dileclus) ; 
mogatso; priUmogStso; pri- 
titso,£'/'mol£digaA mnch 
costing, opposite to 80vai = 

Dearnesa, x. l.nihargai, -ye,/.= 
much price. 
2. m61, -1&, «.=/. price, used 
' also/g., e.g. price of virtue. 

Deartk, s. dukol, -\a., m. =famine ; 
b&rgal, -la, m, = famine; 
durbikSa, -io,/. 

Death, s. mor&n or mora, -na, 
«.; 'condemn to death=mor- 
nacen forman di, /. give the 
order of death, or mom^so 
£tTO di'; 'sudden d. = aui^it 
m.'; 'premature d. = SdeiSeS 
m.'; 'violent d.=TolYoleaiSe5 
m.'; 'natural d. = sS,imbS.Sefi 
m,'; 'd.-bed= mornafiefi aa- 
tuln'; 'd.-warrant=smorn&t80 
daklo', *or -Sen zat&k'. 

Debar, v. see Ezelnde. 

Debase, v. see Adulterate and 

Debate, v. 1. t&rk k&r = /. make 

discussion ; vlg. Erment k&r, 

corruption of argument kSr. 

2. vivor B&ng s /. say ezpla- 

uatioa, G. M. ' 

Debate, s. t&rk, •^, n.\ j^rtso, 
-6ea, m. 

Debanob, v. kas&i, c. v. ^tus = 





DelialitRte, v. fisk&t k&r = I. main 

Debility, s. Askfttkai, -ye, /, .= 

Debonair, a. I.mogal. 
2. m&rjaditso. 

DoIA,^- l-ri9,-9&,».(of money); 
'be in d. =1 rin as^'; 'con- 
tract a d. = rin kilr'; 'clear 
off a d. = TVD. farik k&r'. 
2. kaido, -de^ m. = duty. 
3.t8uk,,-ki,/. =3 /. mistake. 

. 4. k&m, -ma, n. = I. buBinesB, 

Debtor, s. l.riakari, -ria, m. = 
d. of money. 
2.tBuk9Uo, -Iea,.f».=s<^ader; 
bei. rs.v. 

Debut, s. BUTu, -TCj/.a/. begin- 

Decade, s. khUia, -^a, m. (of tbe 
rosary): 'roBary of 5 dec. = 
paats khJLnanSen kont, -ta^ 
- w.' 

Deealo^ne, s. (DevaiSe) somor- 
ti6e dhil npades — /. the tea' 
commandmeDtB of the Divine 

Deoamp, (flee), v. p61. 

Deoant, v, T6t = I. pour out 
(^/ully, duerea aidanant 

DeDftpitate, v. t&kli (or m&ten) 
kat&r = /. cut the head; si» 
ks.p = /. cut the head. 

Deoapitation, s. t&klekatr&p, -p.&, 
n.\ siHakap^eo, -^ea, n. 

Decay, -b. 1.8ak = /. dry, wither 
away, e.g. a flowej; decays. 

2./g. ybi = l. fell, *.^. ab^il*- 
ing ; /g; p&d po4 = /- get bad, 
e.g: a stake. 
Deei^, s. padpodnen, -neft, «. 
Deowtae, v. sir. 
Dseeued, a. sftrijUo; mello; 

morn p&uUo. 
Deceit, s. 1, mCa, -sa,M./ f&t, -^, 
, /.*lie. 

2. d&go, ^ea, m., or d&ga, -ge,/. 

: 3. fituri, -re,/, 

DeceftAil, 0. mos&tBo; fotkiro. 

Deeeive, v. m&e k&r — /. make 

deceit, Prs. Ace; fo^, c. v. 

of fotou, ri.v.\ d&go kftr; 

T&nts&n k&r (collade); ft^if 

kar,/r.; tBuk&i=./. deprive. 

Dmenaial, a. l.dha T&ra&ntaoai 

• of ten years. : 

-2. dhaidhavea T&rsftDtso = of 

every tenth year. . 
Decenoy, f. l.m&ryfid, -di, /.; 
f /^. m&n, -na, m.a:/. honour. 
2.ma98ugi, -ge,/ 
Saoent, C l.mfi,ryaditso, with 
reference to exterior deport- 
ment ; manatBDsrespectable. 
2. Tazbi = couTenient; vlg. bo- 
ro = good. 
Decently, ad. m&ry&dia. 
Deception, see Deceit. 
Decide,, v. LniiSeisi, e.g. as a 
judge; tirpk&r; nltk&r = /. 
make justice; £&ma kar =/. 
make right ; ph&,is&l utsar = 
pronoonoe seuteuce. or uisiSeisi, mn. 
make up the mind. 




Deolded, <2. l.bben Qat^o = iiot 
afraid; tbir = firm. 
2.tirsillo = /. certain, settled; 

Deoldfldly, ad. 1 . dub&vaviiie = 
doubttees ;kb&reiit3 ^indeed ; 
aib&t {var. ibiat). 
2. tbir zlian = /. firmly. 

Decipher, ». viyor sftng, G.M.\ 
&rth Bang, G. M. 

Deoision, s. 1. pbiLis&l, -la, n.; 
tirp, -pi, «.; tinn&9, -na, n, 
= decree or judgment de- 
2. SBTOt, -ta, m.=:l, issue. 

DeciBive, a, tirmanateo, e,g. d. 

Deck, V. surangS,r k!Lr = /. adorn. 

Declkim, v. I,an6i bbas ntsar, 
= /. pronounce a nice lan- 
guage; uniSi bbas ute&runk 
&byaB kS.r = /. make practice 
in pronouncing nice lan- 
guage ; ar skorier and bei. 
only utsar or mon, e. g. de- 
claim a sermon = sermaun 
mon ; or still bet. uniSi utaar. 

2. bob mar = cry. 

3. gali sang = /. abuse. 
Declamation, J. nu5iutBaraQ,-n5, 

n. = I. nice pronunciation. 
Declaration, s. I.vivor, -r&, m. 

= I. explanation. 
2.utsaran, -ria, n.,e.g. d. of 

our faitb. 
S.kaiitai, -ye,/,/rt>OT k&lit = 

known; pftrgfitai, -ye,/. = /. 


Declare, v. 1. vivor s&ng = I. 

explain, G.M. 
2, utsar = I. express. 
3.p&rg&td,i or p&rg&t k&r = /. 

publish ; kd.l&i, c. v. = make 

known (inform). 
4. T6p = /. acknowledge; volka. 

5. Bomz&i = /. give to under- 

6. khftndit s^ng = /. say posi- 
tively ; mon = say. 

Decline, v. baga = bend. 
2./g: ut&t = I. cross; 'dis ut- 
&rta = the day is declin- 
S.deun = /, descend, e. g. 

4. pSd pod = decay. 
5.inkar k&r = /. make re- 
sistance, refuse ; naka moipi 
= /. say 'no', refuse. 
Decline, s. padpodap, -dpa, n. 
Declivity, s. deraneu, -nea, n. = 

descent, or deuni, -ne,/. 
Decoction, .r.k&sai,-ya,,m.; kodo, 

-dea, m.; nirol, niula, m. 
Decompose, v. l.kus&i = cause 
to be rotten, c, v. ^kus, «■ v. 
= rot. 
2. Tingfid k^r = /. make aside 
irr separate, tr. p.; ving&d 
za = get separate, n. v. 
Decomposition, f. I.ving&dzaun- 
iSen, -6ea, n. 
S.knsap, -spa, n. 
Decorate, v. surangar k&r, G. 
M.\ il&nkarkfir, Cn., G. J/.j 
net&i = adorn. 



Deoor&tion, s. I. surungar, -rA, 
m.; fil&nkar, -ra, m.; net (^)< 
-te,/. (cr -(a, m.) 
2. m&ryad, -di,y: {Lai. insig- 

Decorum, J. mSryad, -di,y^; m&n, 
-na, m.=ex. honour; m&nsugi, 

Decoy, v. (dakoun) phot&i; rod, 
vodni di; fusliii. 

Decrease, v. 1 . ir. v. uno kftr = 
I. make less; u^o zS, = hQ- 
come lees. 
2. deroi (c. v. ^deun) = /. cause 
to descend, (abate), e.g: d. 
the price = mftl dcToi. 

Decree, s. !■ hukum, -laae,/. <= 
order; forma9,-tia,». = com- 

2. ph&is&l, -1&, «.=sdecisiOD, sen- 
tence ; tirp,-pa, «. =decisioD; 
tirmaa, -aS,, ».=deci8ion. 

Decree, s*. l.bukumdi; formS^i 
s order. utsar = pronounce 

3. nisSeisi = establish. 
Deereplt, a. bhou mat&ro = /, 

very old; ziiddo; z&r&dio; 

Decrepitude, s. matSrepon, -na, n. 
Decretal, s. tirp, -pa, n,; tirman, 

-ria, n. 
Dedicate, ^- bhet^s:/. offer; so- 
' morpi or s3.milrpi; see Coa- 

Dedication, s. bhetouiien, -nea, 

«. = offering: somorpo^ (or 

s&m&rp&n), -na, n. ; s(e Oon- 
Deduce, v, deuB=/. descend, cA. 
cs,\ ye, c6. cs. = coma; ghe, 
c&. cs. •stake; cisSeisi; tfit- 
p&riya k&r a make a conclu- 
Deduct, V. kad-/. take away; 

k&Jri = Bubtract. 
Deduction, s. l.k&JvunSea, -iSea, 
2. tatp&riya. 
Deed, s. l.k&rni,-ne,/.=i action. 
2, d&klo, -le&, m. =s authority, 
or document; d&steroz, -z&, 
D. of sale = kr&i6it, -ti,y^ 
Deem, v. aloien k&r; Cint. 
Deep, a. X.gaaA pr., and /g. also t 
e. g. thought, meditatioD, 
mind; kbol; k&ntn. 
2./g. k&tin, e.g. sleep, matter; 

nibbor, e.g. sleep. 
S.s&k&ilo, e.g. voice. 
4. gutateo, e.g. questions. = /. firm, e.g. d. con- 

Deep silence = a n-bun nan, /, 
not 'an-bun', or g&p£ip mn. 
very silent, cA. «., e.g. gftp- 
6ip raule =: they remained 
very silent. 
Deepen, v. 1. gund kSrr, tr.\ gund 
za, n. V. 
^•/g- ts&d&is/. increase. 
Deeply, ad. l.gund zaan, 
2./g. purten = totally ; bhou 
tsM = very much. 



Beer, ;. lii&l, 4U, n, 

Befaoe, v. vidrup k&r = f. make 
a fearful figure, or without 

Defanution, s. tsadi, -ye, /. = 
backbitiDg; b&dlaro, -mi,/, 
or -ma, n. = calumny; see 
OUitmuyi^nda, -de,y.; be- 
dap, -pa, m.\ byabra, -ra, 
m. = l. UQ character. 

Sflfame, v- boren iiaun {or man) 
kad^^.'take away the good 
name (or honour) ; ninda 
8&iig = say calumnies ; b&d- 
lilm gh&l ; bedap k&r = make 
defamation ; manar uUi. 

N. B. man kfid is not quite exact : 
yet it ts used in this mn. "■ 

Default) s. 1. naBtanau = I.. n<rt 

. being, cA. cs. ; or resolve it 

into verb diata. =s appears, 

with neg. part. . 

2. giiirhazri, -re, /. = absence, 

ch. cs. 

Defeat, v. 1. vor, prs. 2nd 
Loc.=l. gain a victory; daun- 
dai = cause to run (away), 
c. T. of d&un; p&d^u k&r, 
solri, or solr&i = defeat. 
2.inkar kar, e.g. d. a bill (in 
Parliament) nirfol k&r = I. 
make fruitless, frustrate. 

Defeat, s. I. p^dau, -dava, »». = 
military d. 
2, inkar, -ri,/. {or -ra, «.)= /. 

Defeet, s. fi.ib, -ba, n. = esp. 
physical defect. 

Dtfeotion, s. 1 katkai, -ye,/=-Z. 
2. 8odnen,-ne&, n., or sodni, -ne, 
/. = l. leaving. 
Defective, a, = /. less. 
2.fLibat80, e.g. not- having a& 
(one's) members, or with any 
(esp. physical) fault. 
Defence, .t. l.sambalap, -Ip&, «., 
(?/■ aambalai, -ye,/".; raknen, 
-- _-nea,«,=/, protection, guard; 
ftiro, -rea, ot. = refuge; g6p, 
-pa, n. = bo8om,y^. ; adhar, 
-ra, «. = help. 
2. zap, -pi,/. = /. answer; fg, 

mn. defence. 
3.b&Jiavi, -TCj /. mn. d. i^-a 
case by, a pleader. 
Defenceless, (f. agro natijUo: nirft- 

Defend,^, l.sambal; asro asa = 
is refuge, ch. cs. ; rak = I. 
guard, hence .'rakoribodvo, 
-vea, m. = guardian angel'; 
pois kar = keep far ; tsukai 
= ward off, ch. cs. 
2. t8fi,lfii, = I. cause to walk, 
e.g. i. a case; b&Eavi s6d = 
I. seek defence (of a plead- 
Defendant, see Aoeneed under 
. Aoouaer. 

Defensive, a sambaltso. 
Defer, v. 1. pati ghal = /. put 
back; magir kfi^r = /. make 
2..maa d&kai,=/, show honour ; 
see also Comply. 


Def 1 

Sefbreiica, s. ma,D, -na, m. = I. 
honour; lifeSa, -ie,/ 

Befloienor, s. unepon, -na, n.; by 
the verb tsukta = is tnissing, 
or nan = is not ; or rs. into 
thodo <= a little. 

Deficient, a., e.g. d. in 
2. &ibat80 ; see Defsctire. 

Defile,^. 1.mhMok3,r, ortnli^lai 
s: I. make dirty; bIifi|Uli; 
iiLlsik p&tak adar=/. commit 
an obscene sin; kb&tHi = 
ImI. viola, contamina. 

1. bol k&r = /. make violence, 
Lot. stuprare. 

Itefllement, s. kb&t, -ts,, n. = /. 
stain; bursepoiii, -nia, «. =: 
impurity; bh&St, -ta, n. 

Define, v. gSdi glial = put 
^.fg. vivor sang, G. M. = /, 
give explanation ; or vivorsi, 
= /. explain; s&kt&n bit&r 
dak&i = /. show among all, 
i. e. distinguish ; nieiSeisi = 
establish ; 8omz9.i •= give to 
understand, c. v. of somza = 
understand; &rtb sang s say 
the meaning, G. M.\ sost 
dak&i = show clearly. 

Definite, a. kh&ndit; nisi^eisillo 
= /. established, decided. 

Definition, .r. l.m&sudo,-dea,m., 
e.g. d. of man. 

2. vivor, -ra, m. = /. expla- 
sation; firth sangtso = say- 
ing of the meaning. 

9 Deg 

Definitive, see Deoisive. 
Deform, v. b&irup k&r ^ I, make 

disfigured; rapp&dk&r; un 

k&r; vidrQp k&r. 
Deformed, a. rup natyllo; &Uik; 

Deformity, s. l.bftirup {or vid- 

rup), -pa, n.K physical d.; 

an, '-sih, n. 
2.vaitpon, -na, n. = moral d.; 

vikat&i, -yo,/., e.g. of sin. 
Defraud, V. m63(6) kir - /. de- 
Deftity, V. di = give ; 'defray the 

expenses == kh&rte kJLr, or 

farik kir, or khJLrts bhorti 

Defy, V. see Challenge, Sespiee. 
Degeneracy, s. kbofepoti, -nil, n. 

= /. wickedness; pad zaun- 

5en; kusap, -spa, n. w= I, 

Degenerate, v. kus; vait za; pad 

Degradation, s. 1. kirko]ai, -ye,/.; 
lu5cepon, -na, n. ; iipamaQ, 
-na, m. = dishonoar. 

2.b&rt&rap, -pS, n. mn. re- 
moval from a degree, e.g. 
from the priesthood, etc. 
Degrade, v. l.b^rt&rap k4r =s I. 
make degradation ; kad = /. 
take away, e.g. kamantlo 

^.\&zh.i,c.v. iyiJlz=be asham- 

3. hiilko kiir = /. make low ; 
uno k&r. 

Deg 1 

Degree, s. 1. graa, -ava, m. fr. 
{I'lg. takli = /. head), 'Graa' 
is used in nearly all the mn. 
of the English 'degree'. 
2.pato, -t^a, w. = diploma, 
3, huddo, -dea, m. = I. rank,, -ra, n. = sort. 
By degrees = thodefi thodefi = 

little by little. 
In Bonie d.^tikkeft = a little. 
In a certain d.=thoden or su- 

In the same d. = tfisents. 
Deification, s. Devak sarko k&r- 

tso; Devak sarko zauntso. 
Deig^, V. putua = /. condescend, 
Si. Dat.,e.g. makaputuata; 
dS.ya k&r = make kindness ; 
often omitted. 
Deism, s. keyalesvaramSt, ~ta, 

«. (C«, Mr^ 
Deity, s. Deupon, -na, n. {ab- 
stract terni) ; Deu, Deva, m, 
= God. 
D^eet, V. dhair kad = I. take away 
courage; dukai [c.v.of ^\sk) 
= I. cause to feel sorrow. 
Dejected, a. dukitiUo ; dbalr 

natijUo; fiintest; dukeet. 
Dejection, s. duk, -ki,y.; ^pabar- 
vanso, -sea, m.\, 
-ra, n. 
Delay, ^'- l.pati ghal = /, put 
back; rig. magir kar=make 
2.todou k§.r = /. make late; 
kbai, tr., e.g. yaur kb, = de- 
lay a work. 


3. soukas k^r = make slowly ; 
soukas yots, «. w.=go slowly. 

Delay, ^' todou, -dera, m.\ ka- 
lau, -lava, m. 

Delegate, v. 1 . dut zaun dhad = 
send as ambassador ; aplea 
b&dl£k dhad = l. send in 
one's place; aplea buddear 
dhad = I. seed on one's owe 
2. Dat. apli podvi di = /, give 
one's power; ropsun di = /. 

Delegate, s. b^li,-lea, m.\ v&kil, 
-la, m. 

Delegation, s. dilli podvi, -ve,y. 
=/. given power. 

Deliberate,?. l.pole = look; (int 
= tbiak; tak = /. weigh. 
2.t&rk k^r = /■ make discus- 
sion ; aloCen kS.r = /. make 
deliberation ; see Enquire. 

Deliberate, a. l.budvont {or bu- 
divont) = I. prudent, cir- 
cumspect; boren k&rn &in- 
tun = well considered; za- 
grut=attentive; zagrutayen 
2,khusetso = /. wilful; kbnSen 
kello = made with will; tu- 
kijUo; or rs. kbusen = wil- 

Deliberately, ad. l.zai mon; 

khusen = I. with will. 

2, zagrutayen = /. with atten- 

tion ; boren kS.m 5intun = 

/, after having well thought. 

Deliberation, s. \. alo6en, -ni,/. 




S.niCeii, -6eva, m., = resolu- 
tion. v., or ad., or a. 
Delicacy, s, l.Dazukai, -ye,/. 

2. ruts, -rTi£i,y. = I. taste. 
Delicate, a. 1, nazak, e.g. food; 
rutitso; eabS&m, e.g. d, 
2. rieketso = /. dangerous. 
3.dakto = little; askit = /. 
Delicious, a. 1. suadik; kbusS^ 
2. rufiitso = d. to the taste. 
Delight, s. s&otos, -sa, m.; khu- 
Salai, -ye, /. = I. pleasure ; 
sukh,-kha, n.=/. happiness; 
nlas, -sS, m. 
Delig:hi, V. tr. I. sSntos {or ka- 
salal) di; s&ntos hhog&i = 
I. cause to feel joy, c. v. of 

2. manua = /. please. 

3. n. V. s&ntos {or kusalai) bhog 
= feel pleasure. 

De%htftil, see DeliciosB. 
Delineate ». l-fg. vivor sSng, 

G. M.~l. say explanation. 
2./r. risko gbal=/. put(drair) 

lineB,/^.; n&k£a kad. 
Delineation, see Sketoh. 
Dfllinqnent, s. gunyaukar, -ra, 

Delirious, a. m6t tsuk^llo = I. 

deprived of mind; girigiri; 

mdtir natvllo = ^ not being 

in mind; zankiro. 
Delirioofi (Be), v. zank or zamp. 

Delirium, s. rs. m6t naS = /. 

mind not, or nanm6t, -ti, /.; 

girigiri, -ri,/. 
Delirer,:'. ]. sod = /.leave; sod&i 

n/, cause to be left, release; 

BEinibfi^ = /. defend. 
2. TOpsun di, or only di (hand 

over to), Prs. Cm. 
3.ut8ar = /. express, e.g. d. 

a speech, a sentence. 
i. dh&d = I. send, e. g. a mis- 
sile; god = discharge, f. ^. a 

5.kumok kSi,r=/. help (to bring 

6.niTrai, e.g. from enemies; 
for 'be delivered' see Brin; 
Deliverance, s. sodvoni, -ni,/. 
Deliverer, s. sodvondar, -ra, m. 

appl. to our, L. y. C. 
Delivery, s. l.pursutpo^, -na, 
«. {Lai, partus); balnter, cr 
balntyor, -ra, m. 
2.utsaraQ, -q^, «.; utsarana. 
tso jinos, -nsa, m. = way of 
Deluge, s. l.auru, -ra, «. = par. 
tial d. 
2. budtngal,-la,n.= universal d. 
3./g- daryo, -ya, m. = I. sea, 
e.g. d. of tears; gude = /. 
mountainB, e.g. d. of ini- 
Deluge, w. l.auru yeta, «.!<. = /. 
inundation comes. 
^■/g. bhor = /. fill; damp= 
/. cover, ^. 




Demft^g^St s. kut k&rteo m&nis 
or kQtagSr, -r&, ot.e/. aman 
making revolution; katkai 
k&rtso m&nie or katkayegar, 
'ta, m. = l.a. man making re* 
volution; tint&Imari, -ria, 
ffi. = tcoubleeome; utsiimbo- 
}ai k&rtso m&nis = I, a mas 

Semiind, i>. l.mag = request; 
h&kkan mag = /. ask with 
2.zaisis required, ch. cs, 

Demiind, s. I.mag-nen, -nea, n. 
2. vorat, -ta, m. = d. for pay- 

Demean, v. l.tsfi.! = behave thy- 
self; see Behave. 

2. putua=deign, Sb. Dat. 
Demeanour, s. ts&l, -li,/I; nMten. 

-tea, «. 

Democracy, s. dhazfLnauiSen raz, 
-ja, ».; p&rjeSeii raz, 

Demoliah, v. \.ms k^r; vibad 
k&r; b6smi; all three have 
the same mn. 
2.kadn ghal = abolish, I. put- 
ting out put. 

3. apti. 

Demolition, s. n&3, -sa, n.\ vibad, 

-da, m.\ bfism, -ma, m. 
Demon, s. bhut, -ta, m. ; deuD- 

tsar, -r^, m.\ s&it&n, -iia, m. 
Demoniac, s. deuutsar lagijUo 

m&nis, -nsa, Tn.\ deuntsar 

asyllo m&nis. 
Demoniaoal, a. saitanatso; deun- 


Demonstrate, "o. ruzvat di=/. give 
proof; tfrruzuk&r; dak&i=/. 
show; vivor sang = /, say ex- 
planation, G.M.\ sangUQ di, 
e.g. in preaching, ex. speak, 
treat; gurt^ as&=A sign is, 
ch. cs, 

Demooatration, s. ruzvat, -ti,y.; 
ruzu,/. (mn. also signature 
or a mark standing for it) ;. 
vivor ,-ra, »(.=/. explanation; 
dakon, -ni,/.=/. representa- 
tion ; d&klo, -lea, m.=sl. d. by- 
documents; gurti},-ta, m.=L 

Demonstrative, a. ruzvatitso ; 
thir; ghS.t. 

Demoralization, s. l.kusap, -spa- 
(or -pa), n. = l. corruption^ 
2.h&lkepon, -na, ». 

Demoralize, v. }ms&i = l. corrupt^ 
c.v. ^kus. 

Demure, s. see Uodest 

Den, s. dol, -li,/. ; buyar, -ra, n. ;. 
p5.njer, -ra, n. 

Denial, s. inkar, -ti,/. (-ra, «.) 

Denominate, v. mon=:A call, give- 
name, Dat. ; ulo kSr,- n. c. 
= more com. call or call by 

Denomination, s. 1. naun, -ava, 

«, =1. name; ulo, -lea, m,^ 

n. c. in this mn, 
2. thar, -ra, m. = I. kind. 
Denote, w. dakiii=/. show; gurt^ 

asa = 8ign is. 
Denounce, v. I.somzd.i, c.v. = l, 

give to understand; p&rg&t 

„, „A.ooglc 

Den 1 

k&r, or p&rg&tiii = /. make 
public; k&Ht \hi, or )i&\&i, 
c,v, = l. make known. 
2. firiyad di = /. give accusation 
(legally) ; durua (non-legal- 


Sense, a. k^ntsoan = /. pressed 
(esp. infg. mn.); g&a, e. ff. 
A. hair (superl. g&ntif) ; 
laguns/. attached, e.g. a 
company of soldiers; dat = 
/. thick. 

Sensit;, s. datai, -ye, /. ; kin- 
tsonnen, -nea, n. ; lagap, 
^pa,«.=/, contiguity; g^n^- 
pon, -na, n. 

Dentist, s. dantafivoiz, -za, m. 

Dennnoiation, s. 1. vlg. notia, 
-sa, «. (common adYOrtise- 
ment),^.; istyar, -rS, m. or 
n. (by the Gorernment) ; pilr- 
g&tnefi, -nea, «. = publica- 
tion; Tatsap, -tspa, n. = I. 
reading. V. far other mn. 

Deny, v. l.inkar k^r = /. make 
resistance, refuse, Ace. 

S./g. A. oneself = risrai, /. 
canse to forget; Gal. ad 
rots = /. go against; aplea 
&uguna5er z&it Yor = l. gain 
victory against one's own 
vices; see Self-desiaL naka mon = /. say 'no'; 
nan mon; neg. form of Y<i^ 
.= I. agree, grant {^nega' 
DPP. to 'concede"). 

3 Dep 

Depart, V- bbairs&r; vetasgoes 
taal, e.g. d, from here. 
D. this life=sftr. 
Deputed, a. s^rijllo or morn- 
pa ullo= dead. 
Department, f. 1. zillo (t?^ jillo), 
-lea, m. = district, 
2. ilako, -kea, m., e. g. forest 

^.fg. thSr, -ra, m. = I. kind, 
e.g. in every d, of studies. 
Departure, s. l.bhairB&rS,p,-rpa, 
«., bet. rs. 
2. morn, -n§, n. = I. death. 
Depend, v, l.umk^on asa, or 

2. kbalto asa = be under; tabe- 
dar za = be in care of. 

3. favo asa = /. belongs. 
4.patiye, Prs. znd Loc. = I. 

5. hatant asa = is in the hand 
of, e.g. it depends on you 
to come. 
6.fg. lagun asa, 2tui Loc. = I. 
is attached, e.g. on the life 
of the king depend the lives 
of the subjects ; det. rs. and 
ch. cs. 
Dependence,^, l.kbaltepon, -na, 
«. = /. subjection. 
2.fg. samind, -da, m. = /. con- 
Dependency, s. adin asijUo gaun, 
-aiiva, m.=l. subject country; 
khalgaufi=/. subject country- 
Dependent, a. khalto. 
Depict, v. see Paint 


Dep 1 

Depletion, s. iinu&rnen, -aea, n. 
Deplorable, <z. 1. dukountso. 

2. r&dtso ; rSdneri favo zallo. 
Deplore^ v. b6b marn r&d = /. 

crying weep ; or only T&d. 
Depopulate, see Devastate. 
Deport, •!>. l.gad par kir — 

exile; tapak dhad= confine 

to a certain place. 

2. tB^l = I. vr8.\k.,/£: (behare). 
Depose, f l.h&lko kiirs/. make 

low; nieral=:/. deprive, e.g: 
of an office, «. c. ; bS.rtiLrap 
kir, e.g. of an office (the 
comm. expression); kSd = 
take away, e.g. from an 
2.a6d = /. leave, abdicate. 

3. sakS kg,r ; saks di = /. give 

Deposit, V. l.&manM d6v6r. 

2. d6T6r = /. keep (save) ; th&i. 
Deposit, s. l.&man^t, -ta, n. 

2. adou, -dva, m. 
Depositary, J. thavanigar, -ra, m. 
Deposition, s. I.b&rt5,rap, -pa, 
n. = degradation. 
2. vangmol, -la, ». = written 
evidence under oath; sakS, 
-ei, /. = evidence or wit- 
Depravation, X. l.kusap, -spa (or 
-pa), M. 
2.b&lkepon, -na, n. 
Deprave, v. kua&i, c.v. ^kua. 
Deprecate, 'c>. 1. mag = /. pray. 
2. dei. pois k&runk mag = /. 
pray to keep far. 

4 Der 

Depreciate, I*, l.beparro kar^/. 
despise, G.M.; mol band. 

2, man kad. 

Z.see also Abate (the price). 
Depress, v, l.khalto k&r = /. 

make humble, low. 
2.dba,ir kad=take away cour" 


3. mod(6) = /. break ; fg. dnk&i. 
Depression, s. kbaltepon, -^a, n.; 

see Dejection. 

Deprive, v. tsukiti, c. v. ^tsuk = 
miss; kild = /. take away; 
nisrai, e. g. of an office. 

Depth, s. gundai, -ye,/, also fg. 
e.g. of mind; kholai, -ye,/l 

Deputation, s. l.bftdli, -lia, m. 
= /. substitute. 
^.bet. dut, -ta, m. 

Depute, V. aple suater . . .dhad; 
apleab&dlak dhad = /. instead 
of him send ; b&dliak dhad 
= /. send a substitute; dutak 
dhad = I. send a messenger; 
or dutzauQ dhad; see Dele- 

Deputy, s. dftlal, -la,»i. = agent; 
b&dli, -lia, m. = substitute; 
dut, -ta, m. = messenger. 

Derangre, 'c. gus&p i&r = /.make 
confusion; guspadais/. coa- 
found, e.g. the mind. 

Deranged, a. pisoso; vid lagyiUo. 

Dereliction, s. sodui, -ne,/,; nir- 
iidbar, -tSl, m. 

Deride, v. has or haseak ghSl; 
yedai = /. mock; 6e£tai k&r, 




SeriTatios, s. ftritmb, •ba, m. = 
I. origin. 

Derive, v. into aei, e.^. 
St. Francis derives his name 
from caetle Xavier = Saua 
FranSiskak Xavier moljea 
kote&6en naunasa. 
2,ghe = /. receive. 

3. ;eta = /. cornea, ch. cs. 

4. kad = /. draw. 

5. melta=/. is foiind,y^. comes, 
is derived. 

6-nip&za (n.v.). 
Derogate, v. r&dd^ kSkr=l. make 

nullity; see also Diiiparag:e, 

Descend, v. deun, c.v. de- 

voi (f^r deund&i, fl.c); ut&r. 
2.^. ubzata, ch. cs, mn, has 

S.putaas/. deign, Sd. Dat. 
4. mh] = be found, e.g. an in- 
heritance, Sb. Dal. ; p6d = 

fall ; ya = come. 
Descendant, s. sJLntat, -ti, f. = l. 

Descent, s. I. devarien, -nea, «. 

(deuni, -ne,/.),, -ba, «. = origin; ku- 

tamb, -ba, n., or knfam, 

'tmii, n.\ r&gat, -gta, ». = /. 

blood, ^. 
Describe, v. l.ghal=A put, e.g. 

d. a circle. 
2. vivorsi [or vivor sang) = /, 

give a description. 
8. t&psil sang, G. F. = I. say 


4. yetapr&kar s&ng, mn. say the 
history of, /. say as it comes 
(as it came). 
Description, s. I. t&psil, -li, /.; 
vivor, -rS, m. 
2. &biprai, .je,/, = l. neivs,, -rii, m.^ml. kind. 
Desert, n. yek&ts= alone; yek- 

Buro = solitary. 
Desert] s. 1. &r&aeti, -ne&, n.; 
ran, -na, n.\ molefi, -lefi, ». 
= ex. forest. 

2. pun, -na (or punen, -neS), n. 
= merit; tsakri, -re, /". = /. 

Desert, v. eddsleave; pdls/. run 

Desert, s. sodftp, -dpS,, n. ; sodni, 
-ne,/.; nir&dbar, -ra, m. 

Desenre, v. (maka) l^vo zat§, 
Dai. Prs. = I, is due ; taka 
zai = he deserves it ; devo, 
(-i, -en) asa = is due. 

Design, V. I.n&kiSa kad = draw. 
2.8odun kad = /. seeking take; 
bor5.i=/. write, 

3. nomiyar=/. nominate; Cintun 
borai = /. thinking write. 

4. alo&en k3,r = make inten- 
tion, have in mind, make 
a plan. 

Design, s. bhau, -af a, m. = con- 
ception of the mind, plan; 
&lo5en, -ui, /. >= intention ; 
see Plan. 

Designate, ii. 1- dak&i = I. show. 
2. nemsi = /. appoint, mokruri 

„, ..,:,A.ooglc 


3.kfi4 = A draw, (select); vin- 
tsua kad = select. 

Deslgution, see Appointment. 

Sesixe, s. khnsi, -§e,/; ipekSa, 
-kSe,/; asa, -se,/. {or ase) 
ruts, -Ci,/. (of food); arba, 
-be, /! = longing ; laleuneo, 

Desire, v. I.kkaii vor, G. F.= 
wish ; asa kir, G. F. or only 
&se = wiali; &pekiSi, apeksa 
kfir; lale=long for. 
S.mags^ request. 

DeeirooB, a. l.khuletso; bet. rs. 
into s. or v. 
2.urbe8t = loDging. 

Itesist, ""■ thamb = /. cease; 
86d=/. leave; rau=/, remain 
(from doing) ; m^nna k&r = 
/. cease. 

Besk, s. dakten mez, -za, n. = I. 
small table. 

Desolate, a. l.yeksuro^ solitary. 
2, nas kello = rained. 
3.dukest = ^. sorry. 
D. place = ariinen, -;iea, n. 

Desolate, v. duk&i = /. cause sor- 
row, c.v. tf/^duk; see Der&a- 

Desolation, s- duk, -ki, /. = I. 
sorrow ; see Solitndef Devas- 

Despair, v- ]. ^£ {or ase) s6d = 

/. leave desire or hope. 

I.neg^./orm o/^a.iie=l. trust. 

Despair, s, bebd^rufinso, -sefi, m-; 
&pab3,ruanso, -sea, «.; nira- 
sa, -Se,y., e.g. in d. of life. 

Despatch, v. 1. dhad = /. send; 
dandi ; r&T^nen k&r == send 
e.g. a message. 

2. k&bar k&r = /. accomplisb ; 
tjrsi ; ph&diSa k&r. 

3. sfima k&r = /. settle. 
4,./g. jiusiS m&r = kill. 

Despatch, s. 1. dhadnen, -nea, «. 

or dhfidap, -dpa, »., «. c.\ 

r&vanen, -nea, n. 
2. kagad, -g^a, n. = I. letter. 
3,isty£ir, -ra, m. public adyer- 

4.hukum, -kme,y. = /. order. 
Despise, v. beparvo {or bepiirTai) 

kiLr, G. M. {F.) 
Despond, v. asa s6d = ^ leave 

Despot, s. l.vait rai, -ya, m.= 

I. bad king; ni^tur rai, -ya, 

tn. = I, cruel king ; aple iiS^ha- 

dip&ti, -ti, m. 
2. sot&ntri, -ria, m., i. e. a king 

with absolute power; aple 

i&JShadikari, -ri, m. 
Despotism, s. 1. niSturai, -ye, 

/. = /. cruelty. 
2, BOt&ntry, -ra, ». « /. absolute 

power; aple iiSiShadikar, •r&, 

Dessert, s. fdlhar, -rS, m. 
Destination, s. l.sevot, -{a, m.^ 

1. aim, end; 6et. rs. 

2. mokrnri, -re, ■/. = appoint- 

3. m&ndavol, -li, y^=: arrange- 




SeBtine, v. l.kS,rn dordr, mn. 
ordain, appoint; nemsi = 
nominate, appoint. 
2. nirmi, e.g: God has destined 

me to die. 
S.Tiatsnn kad = eelect, e.g: d. 
for heaven. 

Destiny, s. gratstsar, -ra, tn.= 
fate {often misfortune); nir- 
manea {or nirmonenj, -nea, 
n.\ n&sib, -ba, ». = lot, Lot. 

destitute, s. durbalo, or dublo = 
I. poor; bet. eodijllo = aban- 
- doned; vater gballo = /. pat 
on the iray (abandoned); 
nirbhagi = /. unhappy, wret- 
ched; nastaQan=Dot having, 
added to the word following, 
destitute of; vinensi/. with- 
out, ch. cs.\ or use the neg. 
form, e.g. d. of feet = pai 
natullo; upai natullo; ^har 
natuUo = I. without money - 
niradbari; g&tnatuUo; kir 
kol=/. wretched. 

Destitution, s, niradbar, -ra, m.; 
sodnen, -nea, n. or sodni, 
-ne,yi ; durbolpon, -nS, «, = 
poverty ; durbolkfii, -ye,/: = 
poverty; fikant, -ta, m. =■ I. 
misery; k£i£t, -t&, m. = I. 
suffering; j.^e Destitute. 

Destroy, ». nis kir = I. ruin ; 
vibad kir = rain ; bhasmi, 
c. Tf. of hh&Bma ; see also 
DemoliBh, Annul, Consume, 

DestJuetible, a, nas favo zallo; 
nas zauntso. 

Destinotion, s. nis&ntfin, -oi, ».; 
bhong, -ga, m. 

Destraotive, a. luksanatso = /. 
causing loss; nas kilrtso; 
vib&d k&rtso. 

Desuetude, s. rs. sovoi n&ii= I, 
no custom. 

Desultory, a. krfimaviii = irregu- 

Detaoh, v. \.pr. kad. 

2, niklai, c. v. of nikil, e.g. a 

Z.fg. pois" kir, pois" doT6r = 

/. separate. 
4. ving&d&i or vingM k&r = /. 
Detachment, s. kumpni, -ne,f,fr. 
Detail, v. t&psil sang = /. say 

detail, G..f. . 
Detail, s. tSpsil, -U, /. 
Detain, :>. I.dov6r = keep; pati 
dov6r = keep back. 
2.todou kar =1^ make late. 

3. ravoi, c. v. of rau = remain. 
Detect, V. l,mel = /. be found, 

Dat. Prs.\ sodua m6I=/. 
seeking be found. 
2. taias k^r, e.g. a thief. 

Deter, v. 1. be|tai= /.scold, men- 
ace, hence ch. cs.; adai = /. 
pre- vent, e.g. he deterred 
him from doing thiB=tanen 
taka yen kfirunk adaila. 
2. pois" dov6r=/. keep far. 

Deteriorate, v. pad kir, tr. v.; 
pad za, n. v. . 



Determinktion, s. 1. tinnan, -ca, 
n. = l. decision. 
2.iii^u, -vi, m. K resoIutioD ; 

mfittu, -tSi ».i «■ '^• 

S.nirmoneB, -nea, «., e.£', d. 

of a meeting ; nisiSeisilli y&f 

BtQ, -tu^.=deteriniiied thing. 

Determine, z'. l.vivor 8ang = /. 

say explanation, G.M. 

3. ntiSeisi = /. decide; tirp 

k&rn di. 
3. 5int = /. think (make up 
one's mind) ; niiSeu k&r ; 
miLttn k&t. 
4, s&ma k&T = l, settle. 
5.1ai = /. apply, «.^.d. to write. 
Determined, a. nis&eisiUo, t. e. 

fixed; kh&ndit. 
Detest, V. kantal; h&gen dovdr. 
Detestable, a. kantalo ^vozallo; 

kantaleatso ; hageatso. 
Detestation, s. kantalo, -lefi, m.; 
h&gen, 'gea, ».; jidd^, -da, 
Detlirone, 'p. pat aoi&i^l. cause 
to leave the throne; patan- 
tlo kfid, n. c. ; pa^a voilo 
kad; nierai = /. deprive (of 
an ofSce). 
Detract, ». kfid. 
2./ff, durua; man kadis/, take 
away honor; tsildio 
say detraction. 
Detraction, s. tsadi, -ye,/. 
Devastate, f- desvat k&r; dM 

k&r; see Ruin. 
Devastation, s. desvat, -\e, /. ; 
nal, -la, m. 

Devalope, v. 1 . pr. kad ; sod&i. 
2 ./£'. vistarSri = /. enlarge ; only 

S.Tivor 8&ng=/. give explana- 
4. vadiLi ■« /. hring up, 
5.ts&d&i=/. increase, 
DeTSIopment, s. v. ts&d&i= 
2. Tadau, -dava, «. 
S.sevot, -ta, m.^: issue. 
Deviate, ^. 1. porta - I. tarn, 
{imper. sing, por&t). 
2, vat 8o4 = I- leave the way; 
vat tank = /. miss the way. 
Z./g. p&d za, vait z& = /, get 

Deviation, .r. l.portouneS, -i^eiL, 
2.tBuk, -ki, /. = I. mistake, 1 

erring; gunyaun, -ava, m.= | 

I. fault. I 

Device, i- 1. 6ilm&tkar, -ra, m. = \ 

I. artifice; hikm&t, -ti,/. : 

2. npai, -ya, m. = /. means. I 

Devil, s. sSitan, -na, m. ; hhut, 
-l&, m.\ deuuts&r, -ra, m.\ 
mharu, -rva, m, 
DeviliehjO. 1, s5.itanatso,/r.,_/^.; | 

deuntsaratso, Pr.,/g. j 

l./g. khoteponat BO = wicked. 
Devise, s'. sodun kad=/. seeking 
draw; £int = /. think, frame, 
imagine; see Beqneatii. 
Devolve, "n. 1. vopsun di, tr. v. ™ 
I. deliver; sodn di. 
2. n. V. mel == I, be found, e.g. 
property, an inheritance, «/<;. 




DeTota, V. 1. bhal, e. g. d. thy- 
self wholly to; bhetai = /. 
offer, G. M. (tsakrek). 

2. prSyog ka.r=/. make use, e.g. 
time; het. kh&rci = expend. 

3. lag = /. apply, e.g. to studies. 
DeToted,i., rs. z'.; lagijUo ^given 

to, I. attached,^^. 
Derotion, f ., -Da,».; 

bb&ktipon, -na, n.\ bhikt, 

-ti,y.; 84ntipoa, -na, «. 
I.fg. bhalap, -pa,«., n.c. = l. 

attachment; ipnrbai, -ye,/. 

= /. affection. 
Deroitr, v. 1 . gil = swallow, fr., 
/g., e.g. eat quickly; grSsi 

{pi. w.) ; bakabaka kha. 
2. nas kar = /. ruin. 
Devout, a. bh^igeTODt = /. holy; 

devagelo; deTisponatso, e.^. 

a d. woman. 
Dew, J. dou, -ova, m. 
Dewy, a. dovatso ; dovan bhor- 

lolo — I. filled with dew. 
Diadem, -5. makut, -ta, m. = I. 

crown ; kurou, -rova, m. = l. 

crown, rl.,/r. 
Diagnosis,.!. l.pidegun = /. qua- 
lity of sickness, [sickness. 
2. pidep&riksaiE examination of 
Dial, s. saryaCen gadiyal, -la, 

n. := /. clock of the sun. 
Dialeot, s. tsalti bhas, -se, y. = 

/. current language; hjllki 

bhas = /. low language. 
Sjaleetic, j. tirkayidya, -ye, /. 

= /. science of discussion, 


Df&logrne, s. ulonen, -nea, «.; 

g&zal, -li, /. IE chat; sfim- 

baien, -^a, ». 
Diameter, f. I,(m&nclii!&<ieii) ad- 

mezap, -zpa, »., n.u.; Tyas, 

-sa, w., Mr, Cn. 
2. datai, -ye, /, = /. thick- 
Diametrioally, ad. l./g. purtefi 

= /. entirely; kev&I. 
2. portefi = /. contrarily. 
Diunoud, s. Tazry, -ra, «. 
Diaphoretic, a. gham^itolo s= /. 

causing perspiration. 
Diarrluea, s. ntkade, -dea, n. ; 

'hare d. = utkade za'; vlg. 

potantlen veta, Prs. Dai.', 

'taka p. veta'; nirToJi, -le, 
/.; jalab, -ha, «. 
Diary, s. di8&6en pastak, -ka, 

n. = /. book of the day; 

disarrati patri^, -ra, n. 
Dictate, v. 1. formal = /. com- 
mand; see Command. 
2. vatsun 8aDg= /. reading say ; 

boroun£eak Yats = read for 

writing, n.c. 
Diction, .;. bhasetso jinos, -usa, 

w.; or only bhas, -se, /. = 

Dictionary, s. utrautso mel(6) or 

utran mel(6), -[a, m. = I. 

collection of words; utran- 

iSen pnstak, -ka, n.; e&bdan- 

arthapastak; llrthapustak ; 

8&bdaa bfi.ndaf, -ra, n. 
Die, s. tsouk or iSouk, -ka, m. ■= I. 

square, n. ex. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Lie, !'. 1 ■ m6r ; m6ra paa ; s&r = 

/.depart; pray sod = /, leave 

the life; pran di= /. give life 

(for another). 

"i./g. d. (of love, etc.) = mdr. 

Diet, s. 1 . khan, -na, w, = /. food. 

2. unec khan, thoden khan = I. 
little food; uticD kh&un5en; 
bet. p6t, -ta, «., e. g. of a sick 
man, k. w. 

3. a&bha, -bhe, /. Lat. con- 

Siflbr, -v. l.sfima n&in -= /. is 

not equal ; « .bhed(e) asa = /. 

difference is (are not equal) ; 

t&pbavot asa. 

I.neg.form ofia^=.l. agree. 

D^erenoe, *., ts. v.\ neg. form 
of aarken, -kea, «. ■= re- 
semblance; ts&d(i;ieii, -Dea, 
«. = /. more or less, ajft^u/jf 
asn0un\ bhed(§),-da,7».=:/. 
distinction; tiiphavot, -ti,/^ 
Tettyaa, -sa, wj.; phorak, -ka, 
m.\ aat&r, ra, n. 

Different, a. 1 . g^ma natnllo = I. 
not equal; tots niLia^Qot 
the same; -j6T = L^t. alius, 
e.g. they went hack to their 
country by a different road;^^OTb3,d&lta= changes; 
dusro = Lat. alius, e.g. it is 
not this, but another, or it 
is different from this. 
2. Teglo = /. separated : 'men 
speak different things = mi- 
nis vegleo vegleo vftstu ul4i- 

Diffbrently, a. l.dusre jinsin^/. i 
in another manner. | 

2. nan zalear =: I. if it does not | 
happen, (else, Lat. secus). 

Difficult, a, k&tin, e.g. the study 
of a language ; kiL8tantso=/. 
painful; sometimes the subst. 
\i^i is used; &ng&d = hard, I 
e.g. to God no work is dif- I 
£cult; we walked through j 
difficult ways; saiik5st, 

Difflonlty, J- l.k^st, -ta, tk. =/. 
arduousness, pain; kfltinai, 
or k&ntinai, -ye, /, ; see adj. 
2. &ag&dai, -ye,/, see adj. 
3.&ddi, -de,f. = l. ohjection. 

4. pr^yis, -aa, w,, e. g. d. of 
doing something. 

5.akant, -ta, m. = l. distress. 

Diffidence, ^. dpab^ryaso or 
bebarvaso, -sea, m.; neg. 
form of patiyeni, -ae, /. = 
trust; bhen, bhiya, «. = /. 
fear; nirasa, -se,/. = /. des- 
pair; apadbair, -ra, n.\ apa- 
nd,mbik, -ke,/. 

Diffident, <!■ patiyenat^llo; ^pa- 

Diffuse, V. l.vaToi = c^use to 

2. Tistarai=:/. extend, tr.v. 

3. vau = /. flow, n. v. 
i. ye = I. come, e.g. diffuses a 

sweet smell = pormol yeta, 
/. a good smell comes. 

5. fSrslai, e.g. d. an odour; ^s^!, 
«. V. 




Dimue, a. l.Tistarloloix /. ex- 
2. ts&d = much. 

TUg, TT. l.kond. 
2.U3ti>=/. stir, e.g^. a grave. 

Jhgeat, "o. l.sama. kfir=/. make 
right (arrange) ; maad = a.r- 
S.jir&i, c.v. ofya\ jirvon kar; 

v&rga; maka jirta (food). 
^•fg- horen kUrn &int=/. think 
Digestible, a. bolaiket80=/. heal- 

Dilation, s. jirvon ,-ne,/(of food). 

Dig estire, a. jirvonetso. 

Dif ^r, .r. kondtolo, -left, «t. 

Digit, 5. Nilgai, -la, n. (inch). 

Digrnttury, s. huddeagar, -rii, m.^ 
e.g. a biBhop. 

Dignity, s. l.podvi, -ve, /, = A 
power, e.g. walks with dig- 
nity; TOdpon, -nS, «. = /. 
greatness; d&baso, -jeE, m. 
= 1. pomp. 

2. stiti, -ti,/.=/. state; huddo, 
-dea, )W. = rank. 

3. man, "Ua, m. = I. honour; 
mana&eu kam, -ma, n. = I. 
high office. 

4. m&ryad, -6.i,/.=l. decorum, 
and also decorations. 

Digress, z*. 1 . 66d = /. leare, ^. ; 

pojta = turn (tm^er. sing. 

2.bhair B&r = start, /r. 
DigrsBBion, s. rs. v.\ sodneS, 

-oea, »., or sodai, -ne, /.; 

portanen,-nea, »., or portap, 
-pa, ». = I. turning. 

Dilspid&ted, a. podtso = /. fall- 

Dilate, v. vistarai, c. v. of vis- 

Dilemma, s. vlg. yen en bain 
tenen n&iS = /. here well 
there river; katri b&ri tiirk, 
-k5, «., n. c. = Lat. argu- 
mentum forficis instar. 

Diligenofl, s. zagrutai, -ye, / = 
carefulness; uaarai, -ye,/". = 
/. cleverness; tsatrai -ye,/. 
E care. 

Diligent, a. zagrut; usar; tsurk 
= 1, {ictive; tsatur. 

Dilute, ^. m61&i {with the word 
expressing the diluting li- 
quid) = l. mix; patal k&r = 
make thin. 

Dim, a. kaloso, or kalso; kalki, 
appl. to night and mind ; 

Dim, V. kalso k&r. 

Dimension, s, vodai, -ye,yi z6k, 
-ka, ». = /. measure; mezap, 
-zpa, ». = measurement. 

Diminish, v, urio k4r, tr. v.-^l. 
make less; uno za, n.v.\ 
devoi = I. cause to descend 

Diminution, .r. unepon, -:tia, n. ~ 
I. deficiency, or rs. v. 

Dimness, s. ka^ok, -ka, m. 

Dk, s. hak ani b6b, -be, /., or 
hak Uh. 



Dine, ■v. jeu, c. v, jevoi; jeva^ 

kacie {or kattghe). 
Dining-room, s. jeunaSeiL kud, 

-da, «.; jeuaSeii kud; jeuna- 

Dianer, s. jevan, jeu^a, n. = 

meal : 'inTite to d. = jeunak 

apoi'; 'give d. = vad (serve 

Diocese, s. dies, -sa, m.^ or dio- 

sez, -■L\,f.,fr.\ bispa5en raz, 

-ja, ». 
Dip, v. bud&i, c. v. ^bud; bu- 

doun biz&i = /. plunging wet. 
Dip, s. budap, -dpa, «. 
Diploma, s. pato, -tea, m., e. g. 

doctor's d. 
Diplonuicy, s. ts^lounSi vidya, 

Diplomatic, s. rayatso v^kil. 

m.\ m^ntri, -ri, m. 
Direct, v. 1. s^ma k&r = /. make 

I.G. isilean nit vots = go ia 

the direction of, ch. cs,, e.g. 

direct yourself towards = 

iailean vots. 
3. porti = ^ turn; 'direct the 

ship towards the shore =: 

tarun veiek porti', 

4. Or. parmane k&r = /, do ac- 
cording to (regulate); in- 
stead of k5,r, the meaning 
may require some other verb. 

5. ts^l&i = /. cause to walk, 
fg-, rule- 

6. G. navar kagad borai = /. 
write the letter in the same 

of, address; melvilas borai = 
write the address. 

7. vor = /. bring, lead. 
Direction, s. \. rs. v. ; karkhano, 
-nea, m. = I. admiaistra^ 

2.kus, -si, /.=sl. side: 'te 
kusin = /. in that side' ; vesai ; 
only thain: 'in every di- 
rection, everywhere = s&rvij. 
thS,iii or sagjean'. 

3. karbar, -ra, «. 

4. regrij, -re, /. = I. rule, /r. ; 
kaido, -dea, m. 

5.sikon, -ne,/. = instruction. 
Directly, ad. 1 . nit zaun=straight. 

2. atants = now. 
Director, f. 1. tsaiaitolo (Joined 
to the thing or person di- 

2. karbari, -ria, m. adminis- 
trator or superintendent of 
a building, and the like. 

3. vodil, -la, m. = /. superior. 
Directress, s, vodiln, -ni,/.; tsS- 

laiteli, -le,/. 
Dirt, 5. 1. koir, -ra, m.; fiikol, 

-kla, m.; bursepon, -na, «. 

filthiness, pr.fg. 
2.agruiL, -ra, «., e.g. of the 

Dirty, a. mhelo; iilsik>=/. ugly; 

burso {physic, and moral) ; 

aSto (hands); iSiklatso, e.g. 

d. body, d. place, pr./g. 
Dirty, v. mhe^&i, c.v. of mhej; 

mhelo kar = make dirty; 

iSikoUi, n. c. ; 5ikol k&r. 




2f. B. Soint verfii eompovndtd tritA dii no( put doien here mai/ 
by the negative form of the oompoand»d verb. 

Disability, J. aSfikt, -ti,/, e.£: for 

an ofEce; rs. podri nan = 

/. power not. [weak. 

Disable, v. &skiit kfirr = I. make 
Disaocnatom, v. eovoi kad = /. 

take away the custom, 

(adli = anterior musi be 

sometimes added), 
DioadTantage, s. luke^n, -na, n.\ 

n&st, -ta, n. ; 'luksanak podta 

= /. it falls to d.' 
Disadvantageons, a. 1. luksanatso 

= injurious. 
2. &ugunatBO = unfavourable. 
Disaffect, v. mdn pois k&r. 
Disaffection, a. 1. nakhuSi, -se, 
/.; &paprit, -ti,/, «. c; kan- 

talo, -lea, m.i= abhorrence. 
2. Sappen mon,-n&, ».=/.heart 

! t!t<prettei, 

not salted (cold). 
Disagree, w. \.neg.fon 


, %.neg.foTtn of z\: 'makil zSi- 
naS = I disagree with this'. 
*I disagree with you = maka 
&ni taka vettyas asa'. 
Disagreeable, a. l.dukouDtso = /. 
afflicting; vlg. boreii ii&in = 
not good; by the neg.form 
' of the verb inanua = please, 
or (T^borefi dista = it seems 
well (is nice, pleasant); k&r- 
k^rantBO = /. annoying; be- 
zarSyetBO {or bejaratso) = 
troublesome; tondreatso = /. 

2. Alsik {said of 9!(a^X)=l. ugly. 

3. k3.tin = severe. 
4.1^&i kilrtso = qnarrelliDg. 

Disagreeableness, s., rs. into adj. ; 
k^rk&r, -ra, «. «:annoyance ; 
bezarai, -je, /, = /. trouble. 

Disagreement, s. nanvoppigi, -ge, 
/., n.c.\ nyai, -ya, m.'sl, dis- 
cord; vetyas, -aa, m, (dif- 
ference of opinion etc.). 

Disappear, i: 1. nap&ints za; mi- 
yak za. 
2, cause to disappearEn&p&iats 
{or mayak) k&r. 

Disappoint, v. a§a kb&li k&r, or 
a. besti k&r; asa tsak&i; pa- 
tiyeni tsuk&i; vlg. ambaden 
z&leii, or ambado di; fot&i 
{not ex.); mo8(6) k&r; vlg. 
Bular gbal (put on a big 
Btick); kadiyer ghal (put on 
a small stick). 

Disappointment, s. by the verb; 
gadai, -ya, m. = /. cluster, 
fg. (Konk.y, nirasa, -se, f; 
mosavolok, .lki,/.= acknow- 
ledgment of deceit; tsuk^ 
mak, -ki,y. 

Diaapproral, s. nap&s&nd {not 

Disapprove, v. neg. form of piU 
sfi.nd kS.r = approve; or of 
kobulkitr=conseiit; gunyS,u- 
kar k&r = /. make guilty; 
durva {ex. reproach). 


terbi eompotmdtd with dii nol put down here may be expreueS 
by the negatiTo form of Ike eompoandad Terb. 

Disarm, 2'. batyarao kad = /. take 
away the weapons. 

Dis&rraiifreiueiit, s. guB&p, -spa, 
n.=l. coDfuBion;&kr&iD,-ina, 

Disaster, s. p&dau, -^ava, m.=^l. 
defeat; (vod) kSfit, -ta, m.= 
(great) suffering; tsak, -ki, 
/. = mistake (which has been 
the cause of disaster); &pfid, 
-da, n. 

Disavow, 'V. neg.fornt cifvop = 
acknowledge; or of kobul 
kir, or of kobul za = con- 

Disbelief, s. 1 . &nbar&dt, -ta, m. 
used for d. in God. 
2, 3.pabilrvan80, -sea, m.\ ipa- 
D^mbik, -ke, f. = distrust ; 
Upadb&ir, -ra, n. 
S.dubau, -bava, mi. = doubt. 

DisTjelieve, v. l.neg: form of 
sitmand (d. in God). 
1. Neg.fornt of a)'^a,i\je, i)nfi^ 
mga, c) Dflmboa = trust. 

Disburse, J', farik k&r = /. pay; 
kb&rfii = /. expend. 

Disc, s. mand, -di,/'. = quoit. 

Discern, v. bhed kjir = /. make 
distinction; t&favot k^r^/. 
make distinction; somza; 
kai = get known, Prs. JDat.\ 
sost pole ; solt dista = ap- 
pears clearly, ch. cs. 

Disoernment, s, bud, -ii,f; budi- 
prfi,kae, -sa, m. 

DiBohargie, v. 1. vojen kad = /. 
take off the burden. 

2. van =/. flow as rivers, ch. cs. 

3. vonk = /. vomit. 

i. eod=/. leave or dismiss, e.g'. 

a missile. 
5.ts&l&ia/. perform; pal, «.^. 

6. mar = A beat, e.g. a gua. 
7.k&r = /. execute, do. 
DiBcbarg:e, s. l.far, -ra, m. (of 

a gun). 

2. palo, -lea, m., of a duty. 

3. rs. V. 

Disc^le, s. sis, -sa, m. = papil 
(tiar. sissi}, ^sa, m.); siktolo 
bargo, -gea, m. = learning 
boy; iakulatso burgo, -gea, 
m. = school-boy, /r. 

Discipline, s. l.sikap, -kpa, n. = 
/. learning; tiirbet, -ti,/l = 
2. m&ryad, -di, /. = /. modesty, 
decorum; kaido, ^dea, m. = 
I. duty,^./. military d. de- 
mands sacrifices. 
3. tsal, -li,/. = behaviour; n&d- 
teft, -tea, «. = conduct. 

4. k&£(, -t&, m. = i. pains. 

5. kordo, -dea, m. (instrument). 

6. palo (kaideatso), -lea, m. = 
observance (of duty). 

Disclose, V. d^nknen kad = 
/, take away the cover or 
lid; ugto k^r = open. 
2.fg: pirgftt kitr, p&rgatai=/: 

I.., ..iiA-oogrc 




X. B. Some v«r&» eompouniied teith dli no! pttt doten here man ^* expreued 
by the negfttive form of the oompoandsd rarb. 

make public; k&lit k&r, k^ 

l&is/. make known. 
3. d&k^i=/. show. 
Siflooloar, V. r6ng kad. 
Disoolonred, a. r6ng natullo. 
BiBComfit, V. daundai = I. cause 

to run awa;. 
Usoomrort, s. bezarai, -ye, /. = 

/. trouble; husko, -kea, m.; 

kMt, -ta, fft. ; kark&r, -ra, m. 

= /. annoyance ; duk, -ki, /. 

= /. sorrow; khaat, -ti,/ = 

affliction; S.s&madhan,-na,n. 
Diseomposure, s. l.gus&p, -spa, 

«.; see Coafasion. 
2. ^s^madhan, -na, n. 
Diacoiicert,!'. 1 . mod (6) =1. break, 

e.^. d. plans. 
2. gusp&dai = I. confuse ; nirfol 

kar = make fruitle8s,y^. 
SisooiLtflnt* see Disoomrort. 
Sisoontinue, see Interrupt. 
Oiseord, s. 1. nai, -ya, m.; regla- 

6ai, -ye, /., more common 

veglatsar, -ra, »».; dusman- 

kai, -ye,/. =/■ enmity; zS,g- 

den, -dea, n. = a, quarrel 

viva voce. 

(0r-^&),n.,e.g. music; 

beb&nau, -nava, m., e.g. 3. 

among brethren. 
3. galgouji,-je,/, e.^.in music, 

Qfameetiuge/c,,«.c.: ■create 

■aiscord = adi&i, /. cause to 


Difloonnt, s. vatau, -tava, m. ; 
unen, -nea, n.=-l. less, ch. 
cs. {or unau, -nava, m.), 

Disoonnt, v. kfilvi. 

Diaeonntenance, v. lazfLi — put to 
shame; rug. form of p3,a5,nd 
kar = approve; dur»a = re- 
proach, blame; kantal = a- 
bhor, not to like; inkar k&r 
= /. make resistance, Acc.\ 
bored disanan ^ does not 
seem good. 

DiBOOorsg^, V. 1 . dh&ir kad or dh. 
tsuk£ii=/. takeaway courage; 
asakad=/. take away desire, 
2.bbestai = /. threaten, scold, 
deter, ch. cs.\ adai = /. pre- 
vent, impede. 

Disoourftgement, .f. SpadhS:ir, -ra, 
n. ; iiddi, -de,/. = /. objection; 
rs. V. 

Discouraging, a, Sugunatao etc.; 
dh4ir tsukountso. 

Discourse, v. 1. Or. visiant ul&i = 
/. speak about ; t^rk kar = 
/. make a discussion. 

2. gfizali mar = have a chat. 

3. s&mbas&n k&r = I. make a 
dialogue. [kar. 

4.8ermaun kar, yr.; prftaAng 
Discourse, s. 1 , ulonen, -nea, «. = 

2.sermaun, -mava, m. = /. 

preaching,_/>'. ; prfisSngj-ga^ 


,s „ L.oogic 

N. B. Some verii compounded ttrAA dli 
bji the negative form of 

3. 8&mbaiS.n, -na, n. ; g&zali, 

-li,/ (chat). 

Sisoosrtesy, s. &um&rj^, -di,/. 

DiAOOver, i'. l.ukto kd.r = make 


2.p^rg&t kiir, pJLrgSt&i = /. 

make public. 
3.dakS,i = /. show. 
4. soduQ mh\ (or kad) = seeking 
find, find out; ty an acci- 
dental discoYery is meant, 
then only (maka) mfel. 
Discovery, see InTention. 
Discredit, v. 1 . ftpanimbiki k&r 
= /. distrnstful ; man kad = I. 
take away honour. 
2. neg. form of nimboa = bs- 
Discredit, s. apamao, -na, m. = I, 
dishonour ; pad nauti, -nava, 
n. = bad name, bad repu- 
Discreet, a. l.budivonts/. pru- 
2.mogal = /. dear. 
3. 6y a gerund (Cintun = think- 
ing), ch. cs. 
Discretion, -r. 1. bud, -di,/. = /. 
2.kusi, ^e, /■ = /. will, as, 
(leave it) to his discretion 
= ta5e khuse p^rmatie, /. 
according to his will {ck. 
cs.) ; bud might also be used 
in the 2nd mn. 
js, V. l.tUrk k&r=:/. make 

nof j>ui Aown Asr« mojr hi expreiiei 
the oompoiuided verb. 

discussion (vlg. arment kfi,r); 
iSertso k&r - I. make discus- 
sion; Cint = /. think; pojos 
/. see; tuk = weigh,^. 
2. ulili = speak. 
See also Eoqairy. 

Disoussion, s. t&rk, -ka, «. = 
argument ; £ertso, -Sea, m.; 
see Enqairy. 

Disdain, Ti. beparvo(i3rbeparvai) 
ka.r, G. M. {F.)\ beparvayen. 
sod or tsukfii = /. avoid with 
contempt; kanta! = /. abhor. 

Disd&in,^. beparvo,-vea,w». cr be- 
parvai, -ye,/. =/. contempt; 
kantalo,-lea,ffi.; h&gen,-gea, 
«. = /. abhorrence. 

Disease, s. pida, -de, /., e.g. 
to pident podia = I. be has 
fallen into sickness, 'Takai 
pida laglea = he too got the 
sickness'. 'Recover from d. 
= boro za'. 'Severe sickness 
= kflntin or nibbor pida'. 
'To die of a disease = pident 
or piden morien'. 'Heredi- 
tary d. = daizantli pida'. 

Diseased, a. pidest; pidevont. 

Disembarrass, v. tondreaatlo tsu- 
kM, e.g. a person in per- 

Disembark, v. v. tarvantlo 
kad - /. take out of a ship ; 
i.n.v. tarvantlo deun = /. de- 
scend from the ship. 




y. B. Some verbi compounded wUh dii 
(jf the D«K«ttT* form of 

HiBOTigige, -0. l.kad = /, drav. 
2. veglo k&r, vingftd k&r s /, 

make separated. 
3 sods,!, c. V. of sod = release. 

Diseoffaged, a. I am disengaged 
= inaka kam u^n, I have no 
business; auiL khali asan 
= 1 am without (business); 
maka pursot asa = I haTQ 

SjBantanffla, v. l.kad = I. draw, 
e.g^. taka kiuStantlo kadla = 
Le has been disentangled 
from his difficulties. 
2. piriyar kfl,r, [Pass^ p&riyar 
za (kamantlo p. zalo) ; tsu- 
kai {in pass, tsukon ghe). 

Disesteem, v. neg.formofxa&xiA\ 
m61 band ; beparvo k&r = de- 
spise, G. M, 

Disesteem, s. l.beparro, -Tea, m. 
2. pad naun, -nava, n. 

DisfaTonr, s., -n&, m.; 
vlg. &kman, -n&, m,. 
2. cakhusi, -Se,/. (disgrace). 

Disfigure, v. vidrup kSr or (b6i- 
rap k&r); vlg. illsik kar = /. 
make ugly. 

Disflgnrement, s. b&irup, -pa, n. 

Disgraee, s. 1. nikhuii, ^%,f, =/. 
not will, e.g. he fell into 
d. with the king=raya6e ntl- 
khulent podia, /. he fell into 
the not-will of the king. 
2. nirbhagipo^, -ijfl, «.=wretch- 

not put doun Ktrt majf fte txpr^tti 
tA« eomponadod T«Tb. 

3. &paman, -na, m. 
Disgrace, v. l.b&rt&rl,p k&r-s 
depose; nisral = deprive (of 

2. &pamaD k&rW. make offence. 
Disgraced, a. 1, D&rkhuSent po- 


3. bekup (stupid). 
DiagraoeM, a. &pamanatso or 

&kmS,nat80s/. iguominions; 
fi>]§ik, vlg.\ l&jetso s shame- 
ful; UjiSt. 

DiBgnise, s. tIs, -sa, m., pr. and 
fg. (pretext). 

Disguise, ;'. t6s ghal = /. put a 
mask; Or. b&ri (k&r, or some 
other ver6)=l. (do) as, e.g. 
goujia bS,ri ts&lta s I. he 
walks as a shepherd ; lip = 
/. conceal. 

Disgust, s. l.6y the neg. ^ruts 
= taste (ruts nan). 
2.k&rk&r, -ra, m.ssl. annoy- 
ance; 'mfikfi k&rk&r zata = I 
get annoyed (or bet. in plural 
m&ka k&rk&r zatat); bezarai, 
-ye,/. = /. trouble, tiredness ; 
crc, e.g. m&k&purozaleniz 
I hare got enough, 1 am 
3. k&ut&lo, 'lea, m.=abhorrence 
{also ^food); TOukS,ro, -reft, 
m. = nausea,^.; neg. form 
of khusalai, khusal&i niin; 
s&ntos nan. 

„, „ L.oogic 




y. B. Same aerbt compounded with dli 
by the oegatire form of 

4. ubgoti, -ni, /., e.g. aikon u. 
aili = I got tired of Hstea- 

Sisg^t, ^- \.neg.form, o/'rutBta 
{of food): ■maka rutsanan 
= I have no appetite. 
2. (maka) puro zata = I am dis- 
gusted, or tired; kaat&l = 
abhor; neg. form of Taa,'QM& 
= please; vonkaro yeta s/. 
nausea comes. 

Disgnsting, a. 1 . rutsanatijllo (to 
the taste), pr./g. 
2.^s\k = Lat./oedus; kantalo 
farazallo = abominable; kan- 
taleatso = abominable ; vod- 
kareatso » causing nausea ; 
k&rk3.ratso = /. annoying. 

Dish, s. pr. l.t^bak, tabka, «. 
(of tin or brass); polgau, 
-9a, «. = a large plate, tray. 
2. tat, -ta, «. (of a balance). 

Diflh-cOTer, s. danknefi, -nea, n. 
= 1. & covering, lid. 

SisheartOD, i>. l.dh&ir {or Ma) 
kad or dh, tsukii = l. take 
away courage or hope, 
2. bestai = i. cause to fear. 

Dishonest, a. man nati^llo =n /. 
without honour; khoto = /. 
wicked ; apatiyenitso {or bet. 
(bepatiyenitso) = I. unfaith- 
ful; d^eatso. 

Dishonesty, s. &um&ryad, -di,/ 
(disposition to cheat, elc.)\ 
Jthotepon, -9a, n. = wioked- 

pvi down here ma;) be expreued 
the oompoBuded Tscb. 

ness; mos (6), -sa, m. = I. 

deceit; see Injustice. 
Dishonour, s. &paman, -na, ?n. ; 

T^^. akman.-na, w. ; iaz,-J6, 

/. = ahame; beabru, -ra, m. 

Dishonour, v. 1. 4paman kar = I. 

m^ke dishonour; m&nkad = 

1. take away honour. 
2.k9.tai or zulum k&r = do yio- 

Dishonourable, a. &paman favo- 

zallo; S^mauatao. 
Disinolination, see Aversion. 
Disinfeot, v. ghani kad = /. draw 

out a bad smell. 
Disinbarit, v. daiz ka^ ; d&iz tsu- 

kai; daiza bhair ghal; daiz 

Disinter, v. m&tiyentlo kad. 
Disinterested, fi. 1. lam disinter- 
ested = maka laganan —I. to 

me is not attached, i.e. I am 

not concerned. 
2. sUm&ud natullo. 
Disjoin, V. yeglo k&r = /. make 

separate; sod; vingad kfir; 

viugd&i, n. c. 
Diqjsnotion, s. 1. veglatsar, -ra, 

m. ; ving^&p, -pa, n. 

2. aut, -ti,/, e.g. of planks. 
DisjunotiTfl, a- veglatsar k&rtso 

or-vBglok&rtao; vingadjiun- 

tso, n. c. 
Disk,, see Diso. 
Dislike, s. kantalo, -lea, m. ; see 

Antipathy, Disaffection. 

„, e.oogk- 




Some Mr&f eompOKnded itith dli not put doum here may be etipretted 
Gjr the ne^BllTa form a/ the oouponnded T«ri>. 

Disobey, v. mima = I. trespass, 
/£■. ; khalto n&ia = is not 
obedient; TodilanSefi at&r 

BJsIike, V. 1. neg.forjn ^ruts, 
Prs. Dal., e.g. J dislike this 
fQod = yen khan maka ru- 
%.neg.form of boro dista = 
seems good ; rug. form of 
manna = please ; neg. form 
of za.. 

DisIOMte, V. tsak&i, e. g. s&nd 
tsuk&i ; hadfin ving&d sartat 
= the bones are disjoined. 

Dislocation, s. hadaS veglatsar, 
-ra, m. 

Dislodge, v. bhair ghal. 

Dismal, a. I.kalso^/. darkish; 
kalokatso = /. dark ; bet. rs. 
into kalok pdd or ;e. 

Dismember, v. 1. kudke k&r = /, 
make pieces. 

2. sande kat&r = /. cut limbs. 

3. veglatsar k&r = /. separate. 
Dismiss, v. bhair ghal ^ I. put 

out, vlg. ; sod&i = I. cause 

to leave, or only sod ; raja di 

= give leaye ; b&rt&rap kir," 

e.g. from an office. 
Dismissal, s. 1. sodap, -dpa «., 

e. g. of a prisoner. 
2. b&rt&rap, -pii, n. = d. from 

Dismount, ^. dean a/, descend; 

c. V. devoi ((>7- deand&i, «. c^ 
Diso])sdient,a.khaltoaatu]lo; to- 

ctilan5en ut&r aikanatullo. 

iiik&nan = /. does not bear 

the word of the eaperiors; 

vodilani^eautrak man dinan ; 

Todilauk m&n dinSn; vlg. 

sangi^llen aikan&n; Or. p&r- 

mano ts&l, in neg. form = 

walk according to. 
Disoblige, v. 1. &paman k&r = /, 

make an offence; duk3j = /. 

cause sorrow; kbuse p&r- 

m^ne tsitl, in neg. form = 

walk according to; &um&r- 

yadin tsJll. 
Disobliging, a. 1. Unupkari = not 

making favours. 
2.imto = /. stingy. V. 
Disorder, s. l.gus&p, -spa, n.- 

confusion; jlkr&m, -ma, n. 

see Concision; tsuk, -ki, f, 

= mistake, error; gunyaun^ 

-nyava, m. 

2. kut, -ta, ft. = disturbance, 

3. pida, -de,/, •b disease. 
i.vlg. rs. sftma n&in a not 

arranged (ch.cs.) 
D^order, v. I. k&r toiih the 
words given above under 
(1) and (2). 
2. tsuk. 
Disorderly, a. 
2. tau(d,lmari is turbulent. 



S. B. Borne verii eompotinded mlh dla 
hy the negative form of 

SiBOrpaniBation, ^. I.ku8ap,-Bpa, 

«. = corruption. 
2, gu8&p, -spa, n. = confusion. 
Disorf&niae, v, \.pr. kuaS,i, c,v. 

of ku8 = rot. 

2. pad k&r ; krimaTin kir. 

3. kudke k&r = I. make pieces ; 
aaude kad = /. draw out the 
limbs; vingM kir = sepa- 
rate; simpdai = I. disperse. 

Disown, w. neg, form of Top = 

Disparage, v. man kad = /. take 
away the honour, or bet. 
^paman k&r; boreii nanfi 
pad k&r = spoil the good 
name; manak nMt k^r ; b&- 
abru k^r; man&r ul&i. 

Disparftgement, s. &paman, ■Da, 
m.\ mananii^lt-t^i ^^ = loss 
of rank or honor; beabru, 
-ra, m, 

Disparitr, s. rs. into s&ma = 
eqnal, mlh the neg. particle; 
t^favot a: differenco ; or ts&d- 
anen,-nea,«,; Tet7aB,^a,m. 

DiBpaesionate, a. nidhan = calm; 
thS,nd = cold, /g.\ siima- 
dhanatso = of peace; rup- 
poleinatullo = I, not look- 
ing face (not partial) ; see 

Dispel, 1). kad = /. take away, 
e.g. fear, clouds; bhair ghal 
= /. pat out. 

not jiut down hera may he txpretted J 
the eompanndad T«rb. 

DispeiiBary, s. vlg. aspiltri, -tri, 
f.\ gandsarkafii angfi4,-^4iiX* 
= shop of the apothecary. 
DiBpensation, s. \ . vantap, -tpa, 
n. = distribution ; b&tvado, 
-dea, m„ e.g. of money. 
2. 8&S£ii,-ye,/ {DeTfi6i)= provi- 
3.(Devan db^ijllen) sukduk, 
-ka, n. 
Dispense, v. 1. vant = /. distri- 
bute; batvado kar. {Ace.) 

2. {from a law) rftja di = /. give 
leave ; or sod&i = /, cause to 
be left; maf kar, 

3. 86d = leaTe, remit. 
Disperse, v. 1, simptai = scatter, 

c,i). o/"aimp,£.^. water; sim- 
pdai = scatter, c. v, of sim- 
pid. = /. take away. 
3, daundai s /. cause to run 

4.«.w. daua = /. run. 
5.ud&i=:/. throw. 
Dispersion, s. simp&dned, -nea, 

«.; rs V. 
Display, v., ir. v. dak&i = /. show ; 
nkto kitr = make open 
Display, s. dakoo, -ni,y". 
Displease, v. l.duk&i = /. cause 
sorrow, c. v. 

2, &paman kilr = /. make of- 

3. k&rkS,r k&r = /, cause annoy- 

N. B. Some verii compounded iritA di« not put down here mag be expreiied 
£y the oegatlTe rorm of the eompoaodtd verb. 

aace ; karkSrz^ = get annoy- 
ance; neg.form ^metBVO= 
approve, be satisfied; mg- 
form of manua; nakhusent 
p6d = fall into disgrace. 
Bispleased (Be), neg. form of 
metsvo; neg.form of xoAaaa 
Displeasure,^, l.duk, -ki,/. = /. 
sorrow, pain; nakhusi, -Se, 
y, = disgrace, 

2.ka|t, -ta, m.^l. suffering, 

3. ^paman, -na, m.\ 'incar any 
one's displeasure = ^paman 
k&r, or Ace. dukfLi = cause 
sorrow, or uakhuSent p6c[a 
fall into disgrace'. 
Disposal, s. l.mandaTol, -li,y; = 
/. arrangement. 

1.TS. s&ma k&rn^. arrange. 

I am at the disposal of = aun 
Or. khal asaii = /. I am 
under; see Discretion. 

3.1iat,-ta,»i.; fl.^.tujeahatant 

asE = (be) is in jour hand. 

Dispose, V. l.sSma k&r = /. put 

right or in order; mand = 


2. m6D Tot k&r = incline; m6t 
or m6n yondai; vondili = /. 

3. mSrog ugto k&r = make open 
the way. 

4. by the c. form of the princ. 

5.k&r = do, as in 'how shall I 
d. of this ?' 

6. ik=:seU. 

'H&t^nt i?7'podvent asasis in 
the hand, or at the disposal 
Disposed (Be), z'. khusiasa; soa- 

kas&i asa; vondaii. 
Disposition, s. l.mandaTol, -}i, 
/. — arrangement. 

2. Tondau^en, -nea, «.= incli- 
nation i yodni, -ne,/. 

3. gun, -na, M.^cbaracter. 

4. nLiLrji, -je,y. 
DispoBsess, v. l.iist nisrai, sua- 
diu tsuk&i s /. deprive of 

Disproportion, s. \,rs. into zfita 
=isconTenient, inneg.form; 
or TUg.form of s&ma mezap, 
-zpa, n., or of s&ma map, 
-pa, M. = right measure; naii- 
layekpoQ, -na, »,; niinda- 
m&sS'i, -ye, /. 

^.mg. form of s&mkn^, -da,, 
m., = I. connexion; see Dis- 
Disproportionate, a. s&ma pod&- 

natullo; layeknatnllo. 
Dispata])le, a. dubavatso = /. 
doubtful; t&rkatso = contro- 
Disputant, s. t&rkagar, -ra, m, 
or tirkist, -ta, m. 

' - A.oogk- 

If. B. Soma verbt eorapomidad aUH. • 
by tba BegkUTa [orm 

- SispuUtion, s. t&rk, -ka, n. 
Diapnte, s. LUrk, -ka, ». = /. 
2.z&gden, -dea, n. = l. ciuarrel 
(viva voce); nai, -ya, m.\ 
Tevar or yevar, -ra, m. 
Dispute, V. I . tark k^r. 

2. z&g^d or z^gda. 

3, dubarai = k spread doubt 
(or dubavak ghal). 

Disqnalifloation, see Disability. 
Disqaiet, see DiscomposDie. 
itisqaisition, see Discussion and 

Bisre^ard, z*. l.bep&rvo k£lr = /. 

make contempt, neglect, G. 

M. ; amksa kftr, G. M. ; mg. 

form of guman kir. Ace. 
2.neg.form ofzikika'kkv, or z. 

k^ne = take care, G. F.; 

sod = leave. 
Disregard, s. beparvo, -vea, m.; 

Bodnen, -nea, n. s abandon- 
ment; sodni, -ne,/.; &lS.ksa, 

-|e, f. = (, not care. 
Disregardfnl, a. beparvo k&rtso or 

l&k|a kfirnatullo or &lilk£a 

Disrespect, s. ^paman, -na, m. 
Disreipsot, v. apam&n k&r ; neg. 

yi7r»»(^mandi= give honour. 
Disrespectful, a. l.&p&maaatso; 

2, man dinat^Uo. 
DisTUptioa, s. modap, -dpa, n. ; 

fut, -ti,/ 

11b not put damn kera may be axpreiiad 
of iha aompannilsd Torb. 

Dissatisfaotion, ^. I.&santos, -sa, 
2.expr. by dados nMn3(I am) 
not satisfied, or by neg. form 
^dadoskai, -ye,f. 

3. by di^ta = feel pain. 

4. duk, -ki,y. = /. pain. 

5. nanmetsvonefi, -nea, n. =s 

Dissatisfied (Be), ». rs. meteva, in 
neg. form, or dadosnatullo. 

Dissect, i>. kSt&r; kudke&a ku- 
dke kilr. 

Dissection, s. &irap, -rpa, ».; ka- 
trSp, -pa, «.; k^it&rnen, -nea, 
«., u, c. 

IMssemble, v. lip^ — /. conceal; 
rs. into pol&inatijllea b&ri = 
/. as not seeing, anitke other 
verb required by the context ; 
lipoundovor; k&pHtk&r. 

Disseminate, v. l.vomp, /r.,y^.; 
bin ud&i. 
2.^. vist£r {or vomp), e.g. d. 

I^senaion, s. nai, -yfi, m.\ expr. 
by neg. form of siLmadh&n, 
-ni, «., orfl/'soukasai, -jeff; 
vetyas, -sa, «., e.g. of opi- 

Dissent, v. 1. neg. farm of vop. 
2. vetyiis asa = /. difference is, 
e.g. of opinions. 

Dissertation, f. l.t&rk,-ka,fl.=/. 
2. lamb ulonen, -nea, n. « /. 




if. B. Soma verbt compounded toUh c 
Ay the negatiTB tuita 

long speech; ie/. viyara^efi, 
-nea, «. 

BiBsarve, see Djsabl^re. 

Dissever, see Separate. 

SjSBimilar, a. dusro ; biid^I ; aar- 
konatijllo ; eamanatijllo. 

DlBsimilarit;, see Diffetenee. 

Sissimnlatioo, s, rs. neg. form 
^poje =a see, and biri = Lat, 
instar^ e. g. polenatijllea 
b&ri = L(U. nan videntis in- 
star, with another verb in 
finite mood, as the meaning 
requires; k&p&t, -t&, «.=/. 
simulation ; rs. lipfii = con- 
ceal ; samilpon, -na, n. = /. 
conQiyance, complicity. 

Dissipate, v. pad k&r = I. make 
bad, spoil; g&rjeSivaikh&rCi 
= A spend without necessity; 
nas kar, n. ex. \ yet = /, pay 
quickly ,y^., n. c, e.g. money; 
bhoDgii,i, C.V., e.g. A. money; 
see Disperse. 

Dissipated, n. 1. iSintinati^lIo ==/. 
not thinking ; or bet. rs into 
6int in a finite mood. 
2.Tait khusalayank lagijUo =■ 
given to bad pleasures; dftn- 
gi, h.w., n.c. m6n hounta =■ /. heart 

Dissipation, s. l.vert kh&rts, 
-tsa, m. ~ I. rain expenses. 
2. bhongostol, -la, m., e.g. of 

lit not put down A«r« may be expreutd 
of tke oompODBdod Tsrb. 

3. r5.m6nbounta«heart walks. 

4. dangai, -ye, /. (irregularity 
of life), n.c. 

Diasolnte, jee Dissipated, zndmn. 
Dissolution, s. modap, -dpa, n, 

SissolTS, V. l.k&d=:/. melt; or 

bet. kSd^i; khirai, c.v. of 

khir, e.g. in water. 
2./g. kadu ghal =s /. abolish. 

3. mod(6) = /. break, e. g. a 

4. mel&i = /. mix. 
Dissonance, s. galgouji, -je, /. 

see Disoord; bet. rs. affirm. 

Dissuade, v. bud sang = /. say 

advice, ch. cs. ; bestai >e /, 

cause fear, ch. cs,\ vlg. kilr- 

naka mon sang; m6t porti 

= turn the mind ; firfii ; vlg. 

kanakvaingin band. 
Dissuasion, s. motiportounen, 

-nea, n. 
Distaff, s. kirki, -ke,/. 
Distance, s. poin, -na, n.\ lamb^i, 

-ye,/.; rs. pois = far. 
Distant, a. 1 . pois = /. far, f^A. (;. 

2 . reglo = separated . 
Distaste, .i. by ruts nan = no 

taste (of food) ; or kantalo, 

-Jei, m. 
Distasteful, a. rutsnatuUo; kan- 

Distemper, s. pida, -d;e, /. ^ I. 




JV. B. Some verba compounded icxtk dii 
b;/ Ike nagatlTi farm of 

Distend, v. l.viatars/. extend; 

ruDdai E make large; sod&i, 

e.^. a cloth. 
2.8uz&i, c.v. ^8uz = Bwell. 
Diatention, s. visULrap, -pa, n. 

Distil, V. i. kad (d. casbew-nat 

juice, «/£.); mar 3= take toddy 

from the trees; rand = I. 

cook (d. over the firej. 
I.n.v. vauta = /. flows. 
Distillation, s. l.vaTap, vaupii, 

n.*=l. flowing. 

2. randap, -dpa, n. 

3. marap, -rpa, n. 
Distillery, s. bhfttti, -te, / (of 

Distinct, a. I.b&dfil. 
2.duBro = /. other, different. 
Z.reg\o = l. separated. 

4. Yiaes^ peculiar. 

5. so(5t {or su&St) = clear, evi- 

6. neg^. form of s^ma : 'A. is 
distinct from B, = A. ani B. 
s&ma nain'. 

Distinction, s. 1 bbed (6), -da, m. 

= 1. difference, not equality; 

pborok or ph&r&k, -kil, n. ; 

see Difbrsnoa 
■ 2. man, -na, m. = l. honour; 

m&ryad, -di (or -de), f. 

(marks of honour). 
3. &a&nd, -da, m. = glory. 
'Without d. = teats jinsin, or 

bbed (6) kArnastanaa'. 

\ot ■put down here may he e*preiied 

the ooiapoQnded verb. 

DistinctaTe, a. bhed k&rtso, or 
G. [see Gram.) or rs. noun. 
Distinctly, iz</. l.vingSds/.sepa^ 
rately, aside. 
2. sost (zaun) = clearly, ex- 
Diatingnish, v. 1 . bhed (d) kir = /. 
make difference; iiint=think, 
e.g. we must d. two caBe8= 
ddn babo &intizai, 
2. earken poIe = /. look well. 
S.veglo kiLr = /. separate. 
4, navadgo zata=get3 famoas. 
S.dusreafi prfls usar zata = /. 
gets more clever than the 
others; or only z&it TOr = 
gain victory; jik. 
Distinguished, a. l.uttam = /. 
2. navadgo = /. famoas. 
Distort, V. v61. 
Distortion, s. volS,p, -IpiL, n. 
Distract, v. \.pr. kad; vod (6). 
2.neg.form of ^ii di = /. give 

S.adai = prevent. 
4. mot boundai = /. cause the 
mind to walk. 
Distracted, a. I. rs. v. 
2, 6it dinati^llo; or rs. mita 
bounta = /.mind walks; or 
mdn bouatolo. 
Distraction, s. 1. motiboandi, -de, 
/., mon9,bonndi, n. c. = I. 
walking of mind. 



K. B. Soma eerbi compounded nith Hi m 
by the DegatiTS form of thi 

2. in prayer, dy crc, e.g. mag- 
nen montanan dusri fiintna 
aili = /. while praying other 
thoughts came; adCintDS,, 
-ne,/.^l. contrary thought, 
ft. c; hhaili {.intnfi., -De,/.= 
exterior thought. 

Distress, s. kitlt, -ta, m. ; &prad, 
-da, m. ; ak&nt, -ta, m.; see 

Distress, v, kS£t di = /. gi?a 
pain ; k^t&i ; k&rk&r k4r =s 
I. annoyance make; bezfir 
kar = I. trouble make. 

Distribntfl, ^- vantr; patiii 
send, e.g. gifts ; bfltvado k&r, 
e.g. money, letters. 

Distiibntion, s. b&t7ado, -dea, m. 
yantap, -tp^i ^• 

DistribstiTe, a. vanto k&rtso 
van teat BO. 

: put doien here 
Dompo ended T«rb. 

mttjr le exprtiied 

Distriot, s. l.jillo, -le9>, m. (lo- 
cal dirieioa of a country, in 
2. taluk, -ka, n. (subdiTision of 
a 'jillo'); muluk, -ka, n., n. c,\ 
vado, -dea, m. (of a village); 
see ConntTy. 

Distmst, s. rs. into patiyeni, 
-ne,y. = confidence, in neg. 
form ; &pab&rTanso, -sea, m, \ 
nirasa, -se, /.; ^padhiir, 
-ra, n. 

Distrust, V. neg. form of p&tiye 
s trust, Prs, 2nd Loc. 

Distrustnil, a. I.patiyenatullo; 
2.dubauntB0 or dubavantso. 

Disturb, v. l.dde; rftgle kftr; 
up&dri^ di; utB&mhol k&r = 
/. excite ; bezar kHr, k&rk&r 
kir - bother or annoy. 
2. e&madhan kad = /. take away 
peace; g&libili k&r = con- 

DIstnrbauoe, s. 1 . knf, -ta, n. mn. 
political dietarbance, plot; 
katkai, -ye,/. = I. revolution ; 
utsambolai, -ye, /. = excite- 
2.bezarai, -ye,f. = /. anxiety, 

Disunion, s. nai, -ya, m.; yeg^fr- 
tsar, -ra, m.; &B&madh5.ii, 
-na, «.; uasoukasai, -ye, /, 
= DO peace, com. rs. souka- 
sai nan; nayoppigi, .^e, f. 
>E no agrsement, com. rs. 
yoppigi nan. 

Disunite, v. yeg}o k&r ; ying&4 

Disuse, s. sovoi nan m, I. custom 
not; &paprftyog, -ga, m. 

Disuse, V. \.tr. v. sovoi k9,d = 
take away the custom ; sovoi 
mod(6)~ break the custom; 
Bovoi add, or b. eodJli. 
2. sik&illen kfids/. take away 
(what has been) learned. 

Ditcli, s. 1. kondok, -ka, {or 
khilnd&k, -dk&), m. 



2. kh&ni, -ye,/., mn. ditch by 

tbe wayside. 
Ditty, s. pdd, -da, n. 
Diran, s. (TurkanJ^i) m&atriS- 

aS,bba, -bbe,/. 
Dire, v. 1 . budfti, c. v. of bud = 

Lai. •■merge', used also fg., 

e.g. d. into a science. 

2. gundayent rig=/. enter into 
depth; ponda rots. 

3.^. niya) = meditate; dhyao 
k&r = make meditation. 
Biver^j v. l./r. rat B6d = /. 
leave the way ; porta. 
2.dasre isilean ts&l = I. walk 
or go in another Bide; yiti- 
gSdzafir TBglo za=getBepfL- 

3. neg.form ^vop= agree. 
Divergence, ^. l.rety&s, -sH, m. 

(of opinion). 
S.TingJldai, -ye,/., «, c; por- 
tonijefi, -nea, n.,e.g. of lines. 
Divers, a. veglo. 
Diverse, a. I. veglo. 

Diversion, ^. 1 . rs. into v. 
2.veg]atsar, -ra, m. = sepa- 
ration; or bei. portounen, 
-nea, «. = /, turning, also/g. 
/or 'relief; or g&mmM, -tft, 
«, (recreation). 
Divert, v. l.porti = turn, c.z'. o/ 
porta,, pr. and/g. 
2. tr. V. kad ; pois kiLr. 
3.kusalkS.r=/, make cheerful, 
amuse, n.v.\ soukasai k&ne 
''I. take peace. 

Divest,^. l.ri&giSLi,morecommort 

nagdo ka,r = ^. strip. 
2./g. banish (from the mind)= 

bhair gbal, /. pat out. 
3. s6d = leave (an office) ; raji 

di^give resignation. 
Divide, V. l.Tante kfLr = /. make 

parts (distribute); bh^ k&r ; 

vlint = divide. 
2.kudke k%r >= /. make pieces^ 
3. vingSd kir, or vingid dov6r 

a/, make aside, separate; 

vingad&i, c. v., n. c. = I. 

make aside, separate ; veglo 

k&rsA separate. 
4.».s>. 8ut = /. leave; see also 

Dividend, s. vanto, -tea, nt. 
Divination, s. bolmen, -med., m. 

{rl.) nimit, -ta, n. 
Divine, s. see Theologian. 
Divine, a. I.Devatao; Deupoiia~ 

tso; Devagelo (devout); 

Denponi, e. g. d. nature. 
Z./g. fi,japatso = admirable. 
Divine, v. I. bolmen (or nimit) 

Bang = /. say divination, (rljj 
2.parki = /. guess (naturally); 

Bumar £int = I. think about 

(like parki). 
Diviner, s. bolmeagar, -rS, m. ; 

nimitgar, -ra, m. 
Divinity, s. Deupon, -na, n. ; 

Deu, -v&, m.; Devas&m&ndi- 

vidya, -ye,/. (Theol.') 
Divisibility, s. vantiBarketT, -kea, 

Division, s. l.vantap, -tpa, «- 

Div 1 

2. vanto, -te&, m. (partition of 
two places, chapter, section); 
bhag, -ga, m. {also d. of an 

3. nai, -j&, «. = /. discord; 
veglatear, -ra, m. 

4. t&nd, -da, M., i.e. adivieion, 
a. company of men, a certain 

Divorce, s. hy ike verb (b&ilek 
Bod5en) ; b&iletso veglatsar, 
-ra, nt. = /. separation of 

IHrorce, v. bfiiiek {or -dadleik) 
B6d=IeaTe wife {or hneband). 

Diml^, V. parg&tSi or pftrg&t 
k&r ; k&Iit kHr, or k&I&i, c. v. ; 
fais k&r, e,^. news; ukto 
kar = /, make open,^. 

Dizziness, s. Lgavoli^, -li,/. = 
2. My head is dizzy => moji t&kU 
gunnta = /. my bead is turn- 

So, II. 1 . k&r, Past, kelo, is used 
in a great variety of ways, 
chi^y in the composiiton of 
vbs. 'I have to do with ^ 
Cm. mSk& kam asa'. 'How 
do you do? = k&90 (or k&si 
in/.) a9ai?=/. Z«^ qualis 
^s, or tujeii karbar kisefi = 
how are yonr things?' 'They 
»re doing welt s bore tsill- 
tat, /. they walk well', 
2. zata = is convenient ; puro 
= enough: 'that will do = 

7 Dog 

Do away -with = kadn ghal, I. 

Do without = g&rz n&n, I. do 
necessity, or add = leave. 
Docile, a. I.sikasarko s fit to 
2.Bado = tame. 
3. khalto(0rk&lto)=/. obedient. 
Docility, ^. l.sikasarkeii,-ke&,n. 
2.sadepon, -tia, n. 
S.khaltepon, -n&, n. 
Dcok* J. l-g&d, -di, /, or t&d, 
-di,/; (for ships). 
2.(b&ndivanaD<Si) p6t, -t^, / 
k/. box (of criminals); (b&n- 
. ' diTanan&i) dftri, -ye, /. = I. 

rail (of prisoners). 
Doctor, *. l.d&kt&r -xd,,m.,fr. 
{cki^y a physician). 

2. pjlndit, •tfi, m. IE a learned 
man; sastri, -ria, m. 

Doctrine, £. 1. sikap, -kpa, n. 
2.sikon, -ne,y^ = inBtruction. 

3. dotorn,-&i,y.=catechism,y^. 
Dooameut, s. l.d&klo, -)e&, m. 

2. d&steroz, var. d&steivoz, -z5, 
«. (papers). 
Doe, -f. 1. bftilen mernn, -rvft, «. 

2.bailo soso, -sea, m. 
Doer, s. kirt, -ta, m. {rare in this 

sense) more com. k&rtolo. 
Dog, s. 1 , snneli, -nea, «.; kntren, 
-re&, n, 

2. peto, -tea, m. = male dog. 

3. kolgen, -gea, n. = female dog, 

„, „ L.oogic 

Dog 1 

Dojf-ooUar, . s. g&leiltBo pato, 
-tea, m. 

DogBU^ s. Mradtaiii sikos, -ni, 
/. ■= /. iastructioa of the 
faith; or bavEldtafii nemBilli 
sikon = /. decided instruc- 
tion of the faith ; or simply 
bUTadt, -ta, m. « faith. 

Dogmatic, s. bavadtiiSi Tidja, 


Dole, see Allowanoe. 
Dolorous, a. 1, dukrat, e.^. d. 

2. khjlnti|t= I. gloomy. 

3. dukount80=/. causing pain. 
Dolour, s. duk, -ki,/. 
Dolphin, s. d&ryatso dukor, -kra, 

m. = /. pig of the sea. 
DonuUn, s. 1. raz, -jli, n. 

2. fist, 4i,yi; bhuin, -in,/. 
Dome, s. ko)os, -sa, m. (a point- 
ed oruameot at the top of 

the roqf ) ; ghumiit, -ta, n. 

(cupola); n. c, Mr.y Cn.; 

givi, -ye, /. ■■ vault; see 

Domestic, s. tsakor, -krii, m. 
Domestio, 0. l.gilrtaosof home; 

kntmatBO = of the family. 
2. Bado=itame; 'the domestics = 

ga r fiin' ( jec G ram . P . I . i . ) . 
Domeatioate, V. I. BOToikar,/r.= 

make custom; sovoi za, n. 

v. = l. get accustomed. 
2. sado k&r = /. make tame. 
Dominate, v. 1. razvot k&r ^ 

reign; t8ftiai = rule; formal 

= command. 

S Dou 

2. &dbik&ri z&un asa = be pre- 
vailing, e. g. the Liberal 
party dominates in .... 

Dominioii, s. 1. sot&ntry, -ra, n. 
(absolute power); podvi, -ve, 
/. = power, 
2, Tazvotk&i,-ye,/W. kingdom; 
raz, -ja, n. 

Donation, s. 1. denen, -nea, n.; 
d£n, -na, n. 

2. kaaik,-ke (iTr-nke)^ (splen- 
did don.) 

3, izmai, -la, «.y^., bhik, -ke,/. 
salms; dhftrm, -m§, m. — 
charity (act of reUeving), 

Donkey,.r. gadaun,-dva,». = ass. 
Door, s. 1. bagil, -gla, n. 

2. dUrvato, -(ea, m. » gate. 

3. dar, -ra, «. 

4.koudi, -de,/ of cadjans. 
Door-frame, s. darv6nt, -ta, m.; 

pi. —Vint. 
Doorkeeper, s. baglarakno, -^ea, 

Dormitory, s. nidSen kud, -da, 

n.^l. sleeping room. 
Dose, s. 1. mezap, -zp&, »., 

map, -p&, n, = measure. 
2.p&riman, -^a, «. = quantity ; 

kitlena/. how much? 
Dot, s. tibo, -bea, m. 
Dote, V. 1. mogan mdr; lale,!bud lagta b I. the reason 

of a child is attached (to 

old men when their minds 

become weak). 
Double, a. dodo; d6n panti ts&d. 




Doable, v. I.dodto k&r; dodo 

]skv, or only d6d ; vlg. fory 

k&r = cover ; see also Told. 

2.ddii paufi ts^ k&r = mske 

twice as large. 

3. portun (kar or another v.) = 
(make) again. 

4. boatanin T0t8 = go round. 
Doublesess, s. dupat, -ta, n. 
Donbt, V. l.dubau; dab3.u 6int 

= /. think doubt; dub&uTor 

= /. carry doubt. 
2. dubavai, c. I'.-dispute about; 

or dubavak gh&l. 
Doubt, s. dub&u, -bsTa, m.\ 

B&nder, -vS, m. 
Doubtful, a. l.dabsuQt80,dubaTi 

(aubjectively o Wobjectively). 
2. t&rkatBO = coatroveraial. 
Doubtless, ad. dubaTayine, or 

dubaunaatanau = /. without 

doubt ; dubau roroatuUo ; 

kbilreats; Mb&t = of course. 
Don^b, s. l.gondif, -da, m. (ex. 

mn. gum). 
2. molleleu pit, -t&, n.Kkaead- 

ed flour. 
Dore, s. koudo, -dea, m. 
Doreoot. s. koudetintso gudy, 

-da, m.s:l. cage of doves. 
Dowaj:er, s. d6t fiBylli vidou, or 

only vidou, -dvi,y. 
Dower, s. 1. d6t, -ti,/.; dSn, -nS, 

2. &nd&n, -ua, n. (native para^ 

Down, s. pak, -ka, n. 
Down, ad. l.s&k&l. 

2, d&rQir=on the ground(lower 

'Bud up and down = voir a&k&l 

Down, a. s&k&ilo. 

Downwards « s&k&ilean. 
Downcut, a. l.s&k&l gballo. 
2. pondlo; as in the sentence 

poodlean doleaniu pole^/. 

look (upwards) with down- 
cast eyes. [«, c. 
Downf&U,^. 8&k&lpodap, -dpa, »., 
Downright, a. kh&rots {emph. of 

kh&ro iE true) = Lat. merus; 

Downright, a. ni^k&p&ti. 
Dowry, see Dower. 
Do«e, V. nid ye, 6et. a^ P^ 

(half-sleep); j^m ye « I. 

drowsiness come. 
Dosen, s. dfi^ziLn, -na, n.,fr. 
Doziness, s. 1. j6m, -mi,/.; z6p, 

-pa, m. (-pi,/.), pr. and fg. 
2./g. ahai, -ye,/. 
Drift, s. n&kSa, -^e, /. 
Drsjr, V. v6d -s Lai. trahe. 
DragomRn, see Interpreter. 
Drain, V. adak kad ^ /. draw out 

water (from the land); see 

KItor, Empty. 
Drake, s. dadleu as, -sa, n. 
HnjaA, s, nat, -ta, m, 
Dramatio, a. natatso. 
Dramatist, s. natagar, -ra, m. 
Drape, ^. ues&i; pangriLi. 
Draught, s. I.vodap, -dpa, «. 
2. piyeuniSen s /. drinking ; pi- 
yoiiefi, -nea, n. 



3. varen, -reS, «.; vireifii daun, 
-ave, /.; rs. info varen 
yeta = /. air cornea. 
4.boati, -te,/. (of fishes, birds 

■5.n&\ii,l, -kla, n. a copy. 
See Cheque and Levy. 
Srangbt-baard, s. gnrpalen, -lea, 

Draw, T, 1 . v6d mn. pull steadily; 
kanti (d. to land). 

2. ka^ (water, a sigh, a sword, 
a conclasioD, a line). 

3. risko kad, /r. ; n&kja kad. 
D. tears ^ dukan g&lilL 

D. near=lagiiL p&u. 
D. round to = zomoun veta. 
D. up='l) bor&i; 2)mand => 

Drawer, s. {of a cheat of draw- 
ers) goyet, -ta, «., /r. 

Drawers, s. iz&r, -ra, n, = close 

Drawing, s. 1. pintar, -ra, «. 

(the picture drawn), y?. 

2.ti&bja, -ie,/!=^.Iine; n&kia 

kadap, -dpa, «., «. c. or only 

nik§a, or risko (nam. j>l./.) 

Dread, ^f. bheii, bhiya, «. ; bbi- 
yankulai, -ye, /. ; bhiraut, 
-ti, /.; kamp, -pi, /. = /. 

Dread, v. bhiye; kanip=:/. trem- 

Dreadful, d. bh&y&nk&r; bhiy&n- 
kul ; t&rt&rountso. 

Dream, ^. sopan, -pna, n. (or 
-U.&, n.) 

Dream, v. (maka) sopan pdd = 
/. d. fall, alsofg. ; sopne. 

Dreamer, s. sopnSg&r, -r&, m. pr. 

Dreary, a. bhiyankul. 

Dregs, s. m&ddi, -de,/, (sedi- 
ment of liquor). 

Drench, v. biz&i; see also Soak. 

Dress, s. 1. neson, -ni,/.; mus- 
taigi, 'ge,/; vostrij, -tra, «. 
(yftstur, -ra); Ingat, -gta, 
n. = l. oloth,_^. used. 

2. restiment, -tS, m. (sacred 

3. kapad,-pdEl, ff. (native female 

4. kirgi, -ge, /. = girl's dress ; 
gagro, -reS, m.>nglen,-leil,«.= child's dress. 
6. khopon, -na, n. (for dead 

Dress, v. 1. nes&i, c. v. of n^s; 

pale (trees). 

2. boro k4r, = I. make good 
(cure); gun kftr, e. g. a 

3. tftyark&r = /. prepare (food); 
rand » cook. 

4. s&ma k&r, e.g. the hair; 
ug&i, e.g. the hair; ini ghal 
(make tresses); panti vdl; 
sendo b&nd (braid women's 
hair) ; sendi band (braid 
men's hair), or simply k^s 
band, which last .is a very 
simple way of dressing 
women's hair; the others are 
more elaborate. 

'- A.oogk- 



5. (besayek) t^yar k&r. 
Dreaser, s. voiz, -za, m. (native 

Dreaaing, s. t&yarai, -ye, /. s I. 

Dried, a. sukfUo or auko (aaki). 
Drift, s, l.seTOt,-ta,«»,E/.ainL 

2. ras, -si,/. = heap. 
Drift) z: rasik mel&i; raaik ror; 

rasik Bagsi. 
Drill, ^. I. t6p = pierce. 
2. pok&] k&r = make hollow. 
3.^. 8itfi.i=/. teach (a soldier). 
Drink, v. 1. piye. 
2.w/^. kdp inar=/. beat a cup, 

(be given to drinking). 
Drinktble, a. piyeuntso; piye- 

Drinker, s. piyean&eak lagi^llo 

m&nis, -nsa, m. = I. h man 

giTOQ to drinking. 
Drinking, s. piyonen, -^ea, n. 
Drip, V. vau = I. flow. 
Drip, s. yayap, vaupa, «.; tem- 

beafi vavap, «. c. ; bet. rs. v. 
Drive, V. I. I6t x: /. push; b6! 

kar = /. make violence; b6- 

|an ta&lai = /. cause with 

force to walk; mukar ts&t&i. 

2. daand^ =^ I. cause to rnn, 
e. g. d. a herd of cattle. 

3. lai = /. apply, e.g. d. stakes 
into the earth. 

4. n. V. gadiyes&vari k&r (a 
carriage), n. c; g&diyer 
boson vots. 

Drive about = yenefi tenen 

Drive out, drive forth = bhair 


Drive together a mel&i. 
Drive, s. 1. gadiyes&vari, -re, 
/., «. c. 
2, gadiyesfivaresuat, -te, /. ; 
panth, -tha, m.? 
Driveller, s. piso (m&tuB) ; sop^ft- 
gSr, -ra, «.; harebira (or 
arebira), -ra, m., vlg. 
Driver, J. gadiyegar, -ra, m. 
Droll, a. hastso. 
Drone, s. l - dadlo movintso mus, 
-sa, m. 
^.fg. alsi, 
Droop, 1). 1. umk&} s /. hang 
2.baa=/.fade,laQgmBh; denA 
= descend,^.; pM==/. fall, 
e.g. courage. 
Drop, «. 1. teiabo,-be&, «.,/r. 
and fg.\ 6it, -ti, /.; bo^tu, 
•tS, m. 
2. madi, -ye, /. = /. ring ; bet. 
v&zra6i mudi = /. ring of 
^'fi- S^t) ^- S- gi^® ™® some 
drops of wine. 
Drop,!', l.let fall in drops, crc, 
e.g. tembe tembe poclunk bM 
or 1. 1. podai or tembe z^un 
%iX^\\for leaves zh&d&i. 
^■fg. 86d =1 /. leave, omit. 
D. in = bhe^, /. visit. 
Dropsy, J. nalkut, -tft, «.; vlg. 

ang^nt udak bb6rlaa. 
Dross, J. koir, -ra, m.\ vlg. ga, 
gnva, m. 

„, „A.ooglc 



Sroesineu, s. buraepon, -d&, n. 
Drossy, a. bnreo. 
Drong^ht, s. snkid^, -^i,/. 
Drown, v. badfii, c.v. ^bud. 
Drowsiness, s. l.j^m, -me, /.; 

z6p, -pa, m. 
^.fg. alEai, -ye,/. 
Drowsy, «.^r/r. ^^y jfeniyeta = 

drowsinese comes. 
I.fg. ajsi. 
Drcd^, i- l.HSta, «. v. = I. 

anffer pain. 
2. tsakri k&rn kS«ta. 
Drndge, s. gulam, -ma, m. 
Ding, s. vokat, -kta, «. 
Drngrg ist, -T. Toktan iktolo ; g&ad- 

s&rkagar, -ra, m. 
Drnm, s. dfilij, -li,/". 
Drnnk, a. &m&lz&llo, i?^ iLmalatso, 

or &malkor ; bebdOj^O-.; aoro 

piyello: 'he got drnnk = to 

bebdo zalo, or taka JLmat 

Drnnkenness, s. bebdepon, -na, 

n.,/r.\ amal, -la, «. 
Dry, a. \.pr. suko. 
2. b^t (gade), (j/^*. io b&il (gade) 

= wet (fields), 
^./g- khusalaiDMuUo = /. not 

having pleasnre ; ff^Tbirs^. 
Dry, V. 1 . suk&i, c. v. of suk. 

2. d. tears = dnkan pus. 
Dryness, s. fr. stikidad, -di,/ 
Dnbiona, a. dubauntso; dubavi; 

see Donbtful. 
Dock, s. as, -Ba, n.\ admanil, -la, 


Ductile, see Docile. 

Dve, a. l.devo; yOTO, e.g. due 

to me^maka yevo. 
2.&T0; faro zallo. 
3. exfr. by the Necese. mood. 
Dne, s. rin, -na, «. = /. debt ; 

see Taxes. 
Duel, s. dog&n5i l^&i, -ye,/ = 

/. fighting of two; dogan bi* 

tarli liidai. 
Dnke, s. duk, -ka, m., fr. 
Dnil, a. l.kaJso (of colour) = /, 

blackish; see Gram. p. III. 

ch. ii. 
2. dharnati^llo = /, not sharp, 

(fdii/i^cutting instruments). 
S.kupantsOs/. of clouds (of 

the sky) ; be(. mojbar kupan. 

ts&d asat. 
4.8&kSilo (sound). 
S.daddo = I. stupid; somza^ 

nfLti^llo ~ /. not understand- 
ing; pbadp08i = /. faint, e.g. 

d. impression, colonr. 
6.dukeat = /. sad, sorry; beza^ 

Dull, V. kalso k&r; see Blnnt. 
Dnilness, s. phiLdpoii rdng, -ga, 

«.; phftdposipon, -nS,, ». (of 

Dniy, ad. sarken = l- exactly; 

fayote jinaiS; k&idea p&r- 

inanen=/. according to duty ; 

boren = /. well. 
Dumb, a. mono; monko, n,c,\ 

Dumbness, s. monepon, -uS, n. 
Dan, a. kajso, 
Dnnoe, a. piao; see Dull. 

„. : L.OOgk- 

Dun 1 

Danf, s. 1. ahn, -n&, n. (cow d.). 
'Put dang oa the floor = s^q 
kad = /. draw d.' 
2. saren, -rea, «, = manure., -uva, m. {general w.) 

Hwag, V. 86p ghal = put manure 
(to trees, etc.). 

Dnn^eon, s. zail, -ta, «., or j&il, 
-la, n.,fr.\ (ka!ok&&eQ) bd,n- 
dikhau, -na, n. see Prison. 

San^bill, s. pr. sareaiSi r£B, -si, 
f. = I. heap of dung ; thapo, 
-pea, m. 

Dope, V. see Cajole. 

Dope, s. vegin fotvoutso ; tbSk- 
tso; mdB{6) pauotso. [copy. 

Dapliotte, s. Dak&l, -kla, n. ^ I. 

Daplioity, v. ^Isapon, -ua, ».; 
k&p&t, -ta, n. 

Durability, s. t&g&p, -gpa, n. 

Zhuable, a. t&gtolo; t&gn&r. 

Duration, ^■l.kal,-la,m.(of time). 
2. t&gS,p, -gpH, n. 

During, prep. 1. velar = /, at 
the time, preUded by the 
participle of the verb denot- 
ing the action ta which dur- 
. ing refers, or by the adjective 
form of the noun governed by 
ii;e. g. mis eangCea velar = 
during masB or wheu mass 
is said, or mia&fiea Te]ar. 

2. by the Dat. {seldom used). 

3. moden, e.g. diea modeii -= 
during the day ; see Gram, 
ch. on Verbs, and alibi. 

3 Dys 

Desk, s. see Twiliffht 
Dnaky, a. kaUo. 
EuBt, J. l.dul, -}i,/. 

2. pud, -di, /., e.g. saw-dust. 
Dost, V. dul kad ^ /. take away d. 
Dnety, a. dajitso. 
DutiM, a. l.khalto. 

2. mogal 2 1, dear. 
Datiftalnasa, s. kbaltepon, -na, n. 
Dnty, s. 1. kaido, -dea, m. = 

2. kam, -ma, n. s /. business 
{or thing to be done). 

3. tirvo, -Yea, «., tergi, -ge,/. 
= tax on the land. 

4. sunk, -ka, ».=tax on move- 
able property. 

Dwarf, s. kulla, -la, nt. {irreg. 

noun); kbunto, -(ea, m.; 

khunti, -ye,/. 
Dwarfish, a. kullaso. 
Dwell, V. 1. raa = /. remain, live. 
i.fg. niyal; tint. 
3. Boukas utsar. 
Dwelling, s. bidar, -ra, n. 
Dwindle, f. bau=fade; deutt=/. 

descend, fg. 
Dye, V. rdnglais/. apply coloar. 
Dynasty, s. patakutam, -tma, 

».; or bet. rayakutam; g&- 

raneii, -iieS, n. 
Dysentery, s. z&t&m atkade, 

-dea, n.; hag6n, -ne, /.; 

bhembro, -refl, m. 
Dyspepsia, see Indigestion. 

, L .oogic 

Xaoli, a. pron. 1. dogi, doni = 
both; ie^Gram. p. 60. 
2. Mryek ("</;'.); hiryeklo 
(pron.) ; yeyek {adj.) ; yeya- 
klo (pron.); these two last 
are more common than the 
preceding; see also AIL 
2laffer,a. I.bhou aSetso t^aseto- 
lo; lag^llo (giTen to). 
2. urbest, or vtrbevont, e. g. 
for the glory of God; urns'- 
leatso = /. ferrent. 
Eagerneas, s. 1. (taM) asfi, -ge, 
f.=l. much desire. 

2. urba,-be,y.=/, much desire; 
umalo, -lea, m. = I. fervour, 

3. khaugipoD, -n&, «, 
Eagle, s. g&rud, -da, m. 
Eaglet, s. g&rudapil, -la, n. 
Ear, s. 1. kan, -na, m. (also 

sense of heariog) ; 'k^nant 
podlau = it fell into the ear, 
I heard'. 
2. ear of corn-^ka^as, -nei, /. 
Ear-ache, s. kaaafodSpod, -Ai,/.\ 
rs. kan dukta=/. the ear feels 
paia ; or kana&i dnk, -ki, /, 
Earl, s. has no equivalent in 
Konkani beyond pr^bhu, 
-bhu = lord. 
Early, ii:. \.pr. Biika]int80. 

2. porno 1= /. ancient. 

3. suru zauntso = /, commenc- 

4. vegintso. 

Early, ad. 1. s&k&lin, 
2. vegifi = /, at time, soon. 
'Early in the morning =bhou 

Ears, f.melta (maka)=/. is found 
(to me); melai = gather, 
tr, v.\ zata, ch. cs. ; z6d = /, 
obtain ; jik = /. gain. 

Earnest, a. 1. kh&rote (emph. of 
energetic; niz = /. true. 

2. Often crc. or rs. and ch. cs. 

3. um&leatso; sudsud&yetao = 
/. fervently, ch. cs. 

A. tsurky = /. active. 
Earnest, s. 3&n5igar, -r&, m. = 
earnest, i. e. part paid be- 
Earnestly, in earnest, ad. Besides 
the adv. formed from the 
preceding, khfirots zauii etc. 
1. thamba Das tana n = without 

2. monapurvok. 

3. miiryadia = with gravity. 
SameBtnesS, a. 1. sudsudai, -ye, 

/. = fervour. 

2. zagrutai, -ye, /. == /. atten- 
tion, care. 

3. kh&rits kbusi, ^e, f = I. 
true will. 

Bar-ringr, s. 1. mudi, -ye,/. 
2.arkat, -ta, m, 
3.alko, -kea, m. These are 
three d^erent kinds of e, 




Ssrtli, s. l.niati,-ye,y! (the soil 
of the earth). 

2. buin, -in,/, [seetns to mean 
the globe). 

3. B&unsar, -ra, m: = I. world; 
pritim, -mi,/., or priltvi, -vi, 

y: = world, ol. 
Earthly, a. 1 . matiyetso = /. made 

of earth. 
2, s&unsaratso (of this world). 
Earthquake, s. bhuiakamp, -pa, 

m., or bhuk&mp, -pa, m. = 

I. trembling of the earth. 
Ear-wax, s. kanulo, -lea, m.; 

kaupo, -pea, m. ? 
Zue, J. 1. soukasai, -ye,/. 

2, mSryad, -di, /. = /. modesty 
(grace); aobitai, -ye, /. = 

3. sompepo^, -na, M.=facility; 
B&sarai, -ye,/ = facility. 

Easily, di^. 1 . Bils&ryeii ; sompon; 
sompeponin; sompepon^n. 
2.30ukas, or BOukasayea =: I, 
slowly or with peace. 

Bast, s. udenti, -ti, /, if also 
mn. an oriental country ; 
mudla, AS,, n. 'In the e. = 
udenti (or udentint)'. 

Easter, s. paskaufien fest, -ta, n. 

Eastern, a. udentitso. 

Eastern, s. udenti, ~ti,/. 

Eastward, ad. udenti isileau. 

Zaay, a. 1. s&sar; sompo; sompe- 
po^iatso: k^tnatullo = /. not 
difficult; slob or sulob; s&- 

2. BOnkasayetso, or sAmadhS^ 
natso = /. peaceful, comfort- 

3. siiimbatso = natural. 

Eat, V. l.kha, past khelo, c.v. 

khavoi (esp. anything not 

2.jeu (take a meal). 
3. seu (luxuries). 
Eatable, s. khaunieo v&stu, pt. 

/. = /. things to be eaten. 
Eating, s. khan, -na, n. (mn, 

food); rs. v. 
Eaves, s. damben, -bea, n.; pau- 

leo, //./.; nftli, -ye,/ 
Ebb, s. sukti, -te,/ (falling or 

low 6.) ; the opposite o/hh&T- 

ti, -te,/. 
Ebb, V. sukti yeta or asa. 
Ebony, s. abuus, -sa, n.\ kflri- 

roar, -ra, m. 
Ebriety, f. see Drunkenness. 
Ebnllition, s., -tea, 

m. ; umalo, -lea, tn. 
^./g. utsambolai, -ye, /; or 

also umalo, -lea, m. 
Eoeentrio, a. 1. modennatullo; 

I.fg- tarifet80= awkward. 
Eeolesiastio, s. igiirjemoniyari, 

-ria, m. 
Eocleslastio, a. igarjetso. 
Eobo, s. pr&titalo, -lea, m. = l. 

Becond yoice; porto talo, 

-lea, m. = 1. again Toice ; 

porto &Taz, -za, tn. or pr&ti- 

&vaz,-za,m.=/.agaia sound. 



Eeho, V. 1 .pr. talo pati ghfil {or 

di or k&r). 
2.n. 71. talo pati ye; tajo por- 

tun z&, 
Eolat, s., -Sa, m. = l. 

2./g. MknA, -da, m.=/. honour, 

glory; man, -na, m. = I. 

honour, glory. 
Eoleotic, a- Tints uu kadtso. 
BoUpae, s. 1 . gran {or giraij), -na, 

«. (suryagran: tBilndragraij). 

2. UQO man, -na, m. 
Eclipse, "V. 1. kalokatso k&r. 

2.^. (mSnak) n&Bt kftr^cauae 
loss (to honour) ; manar 

Eeplitio, s. saryaiSi Tat, -te, /.; 
granaglt, -ta, m. 

Eoonomio, a. lekan kb&rCitolo = 
/. expending vith account; 
M|tan khirfiitolo = expend- 
ing moderately ; hfiltatso; 
uno khilrtsuntso ; k&^isitso. 

Eaonomize, ^. lekan khilrSi = /. 
spend with limit; h^ltan 
kha,rfii = /. spend with mode- 

Eoosomy, s. 1. kflsiSi, -si, /.; 
gh&rakarkaao, -nea, «.; or 
g&r tG&louu£isamarti, -te,y. 
or g&rasamarti; s&ilab, -ba, 
2.' mit, -ti,/. — /. limit,^., n.c. 

3. silsai, -ye,/. {Deyafii) ■= pro- 
vidence (Dirine). 

EoBtesy, s, dijt, -ti, /. = /. ap- 
parition, ardifitipod&p,-dpa, 

«.; 'taka yek diit podli = he 
fell into an ec' 
Soatatic, a, 1. didtipodpatso. 
2. distpodijUo = one who has 

seen an apparition. 
3.^. s&ntosatao. 
Ecumenical, a. s&gle igiLrjetso = 
of the whole church (council), 
Eddy, s. bovor, -Tra, m. 
Edge, s. 1 . d^g, -ge, f.^l. brink. 
2. dhar, -ri,/!, e.g. of a knife. 
Edict, s. \. hukum, -kme,/. = /. 
order; T^rtaman, -na, «.; 
forman, -9a, «. ; upades, -sa, 
m. = commandment, e.g. of 
the church. 
2. dangro, -rea, m.: ''. 
Ediflcation, s. 1. bori dek(6), 
-ki,/ XI /. good example. 
2, vriddipon, -na,«. (motifien). 

Edifice, s. ban dap, -dpH, n. 
Edify, V. 1. bori dek (6) di = /. 
gire good example. 
2. Tr&ddi kar. 
Edit, V. 1. pfirgat k&r, or p&rgfi- 


2. B&ma klirn p&rg&t k&r = I. 
haTing revised publish (a 
Edition,!'. piirg&tounen,-ne&,ff.; 

p&rg&tpon, -nil, n. 
Ednoate, v. 1. Bik&i = /. instruct; 
or bet. (DeTaCe bbirantiat) 
T&d&i 3c /. bring up (ia the 
fear of God) ; or only T&^&i. 
2. sudd^ ka,r = /. cleanse, /g. 
h. w. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Edu 1^ 

Edscated, a. m&ryaditso-, m^ 
nateo; sikpi; t3alteiinik&D&- 
tao; (7r tsalts&mk&nsikullo; 
bei. rs. into s. 
Bdneatioii, s. l.sikap, -kp&, n.= 
/.instruction; tirbet, -ti,/. 
= course of e. 
2. m&ryad, -di, /. = /. polite- 
ness; taaltsilmkin, -nft, n. = 
tidiness, civility. 
Zdnee, v- kad ; bbair kad. 
Eel, s. 1. marimugnd, -da, vt. 
seems to be the true eel. 
2. puryol, -1&, m. and pambdl, 
-la, m. are animals similar 
to an eel. 
EfRuie, ^'. l.pus,^.^. charactera. 

2.kadQ gbal. 
JEflbct, s. I.f61, -la, m.\ gun, 
-na, m. = ex. quality, pro- 
priety,^, effect. 
2.*« //. saman, -na, ffi.(cbat* 

*In effect =1 kh&rents.' 'To the 
effect oi=Dat., or p^sun = 
on account of. 
Effective, EffeotnsI, a. I.b61asijl- 
lo = /. baring force. = /. true; guu&tao; 
gunak podtso, ck.cs. 
Sflbctu«te, ». kar = /. do; gu- 
nak p6d, ch. cs., e. g, vokat 
gunak pddta. 
Bfibmin&oy,; . batlandpoii, -^a, ». 
BSbmin&te, a. b&ilando. 
EflbrTeflcenee,^- l.un)aJo,-!ea,/n. 
%fg^ utsambolai, -ye, /. = I. 

t Ego 

Effie&cions, a. 1. gunak podtso; 

or rs. gunftk pdd - I. efifect 

fall; or gun k6r; or gun 

2. gb&t ; boladik ; see Effeotnal. 
Effloftcy, s. bdl, -la, n.\ podri, 

-Ye, /, = I. power ; gun, -na, 

m. {_first mn, effect, second, 

efficacy); rs. adj., e.g. e. of 

goodexample^bori dekbboa 

Effloientfi. l.gunest = virtuoug, 

e.g. man; ganatso, e.g. 

2. layek ^ I. fit. 
Effloresocnoe, s. folv&sti^, -tu, /. 

Effort, s. prSy&tin, -tnH, n. ; pe- 

taadap, -pa, ».; mioit, -ti,y. 
EStontery, s. I&zbandpon, -nS, 

«,; mdst, -ti,y. 
Wasim, s. 1. sindilr, -ra, m. (of 

2. lot, -ta, m. (of water). 
S.vikrap, -pa, n. 
4. Tolap, -Ipa, «., e. g. of water 

or blood. 
Eft, s. pal, -\i,/. 
Egg, s. tantin, -tiya, «.; per, 

-Ti,y. (of fishes). 
*Lay eggs =: tantiyan ghal or 

dov6r'. 'White of an egg = 

doyo b61, -!&, m.' 'Yolk of an 

eggstambdi mandol, -li,/.' 
Egotism, s. 1. aplo m5g, -ga, m., 

or apnatso m&g, -ga, m. = l, 

Lat. amor sui, 
2.h&Dkar, -rft, m. = yainglory. 

,. , L.HbgIc 

Ego 1 

Egotist, s. apii&tBO mogk&rtolo 

m&nis, -qI&, m.^aman loving 

Egregioiu, a. 1 . utt&m (var. 

uttim) = /. excellent ; bhoa 

u8aF = /. very clever. 
2. vodloiegreat. 
3.&prupi:/. rare,^. 
Egrees, s. bhairsJlrap, -rpa, n. 
Egyptian ]nffa,J. gosalen, -lea,R. 
Eight, a. at; /or the numbers 

compounded with eight su 

Gram. P. II. ch. ii. art. n. 
Either, a. vo ya tos/. this or 

that; dontlefi y«k. 
Either. . . .or, only or is trans- 
lated, which see. 
Ejacnlatioii, s. nskar, -ra, m, 

(pious e.); &at&sk&rD&Sen 

mag-nen, -nea, n. 
Eject, V. A.\jMi = l. throw, e.g. 

food; bhair ghal = pat out 

2. (asti) nisrai == deprive (of 

Eke out, V. urfti. 
El&horate, v. 1. kiib&r kiir = /. 

accomplish, y^,; tirsi. 
2. zagrutayen k&r = /. make 

Elaborate, a. sarko or zagrutayen 
kelIo = /. made attentively. 
Elapse,^, utruit veta; pasar za, 

fr.; or only za; the znd 

phrase is more common. 
Elastio, a. vistarisarko ; votti; 

jaggi; pativetso; patibagon- 

tso; pa^iadtso. 

8 Ele 

Elastiolty, s. pativotsap, -tspa, 

».; patibagoneS, -nea, «.; 

pativodap, -dpa, n.; pati- 

adap, -dpa, n. 
Elate,;', fug&i {c.v. o/iM%)=l. 

canee to ferment,^. 
Elated, a. hd,akaratBO or h&nka- 

ri ; girvi ; fugtso. 
Elation, s. h&nkar, -ra, m.; gftrrf 

-va, «,; fagap, -gpa, n. 
Elbow, s. kompor, -pra, m. 
Elder, a. malgodo (eldest); 'elder 

brother = malgodo bhau (if 

the eldest), or bab, -ba, m.'; 

or vodlo {ex. elder). 
Elect, 7>. l.vints; vintsun kad* 

I. selecting take; sodun ka^ 

= I. seeking take. 
2. nemsi = /. appoint; nomiyar 

= /. nominate,^^. 
Elect, a. 1 . nomiyaryllo,^. 

2 . via tsan kad yllo (a/£i7 W. imn .) 
Eleotion, s. yintsap, -tspa, ».; 

vintsnen, -nea, «., «. c. 
Eleetor, s. vintsun kadtolo or 

only vintstolo, -lea, m. 
Elaotrieity, s. viz, -za, «.; or 

vizaiSi vidya, -ye,/., or hef. 

fiaktividya, -je,f., n. c. 
Elegance, s. 1. rup, -pa, «. = /. 

figure, of figure. 

2. unSi bhas, -se, /. = /. nica 

3. sobitai,-ye^=beauty,gracer 
refinement; &undir&i,-ye,y.;: 
ts&ndai, -ye, /., H. K.\ or 
un5ai, -ye,/. 



Zlegant, a. I. r^p Ssullo = /. 
hariDg form (nice). 

2,iiiiCi (of language). 

3. sobit =t /. nice; sund&r; 

4. nitai = I. pure {Lat. nitidus). 
Slement, ;. 1. malatso vanto, 
-tea, m. = I. radical part ; 
mult&tro, -Tea, m,, n. c; 
badko, •kea, m. = I. part< 
piece; Boru, -ve,/. = /. be- 

2. poili aiton, -ne,y. = first in- 
struction; vidyemul, -la, M. 
Elementary, a. l.y^.' sado = /. 

2. saruetso = beginning. 

3. BOmpepo^stso = /. easy; 
kll4tnat9lIo=/. not difficult, 
ch. a. 

Elephant, s. h&st, -ti,/I 

Elepkantiasis, .f- hftstip^j^niSi 
pida, -de, /. = l. sickness of 
the feet of an elephant. 

Elevate, ». 1. pr. ukol; or nbSr. 

2.^. man di = /, give honour; 

or mana&en kam di -^ /. give 

high place t^roffice t^r honour ; 

b&dti di = promote. 

Elevated, a, 1. nbars/.high,^. 
2.y^. g&rviSt = /. prond. 

3. TOdponateo=/. great; rorto 
= sublime. 

4. Toilo=/.beingover: (e. voice). 
Elevation,^, ubarai, -ye, 

/. = 1. height; ukUp, -pa, 
n. = lifting np. 
2. ubflr zago, -ge&, m. 

3. m&tiyeSi r^s, -si,/. 

4. gUrv, -va, n. •= I. pride. 

5. man, -na, m. ; vodpon,,-na, 
n. s highness or greatnesB ; 
vortepon, -iia, «. = subli- 

Slioit, V. 1. kad = I, extract. 

2. dh&r,«.^. an actof contrition. 
Eligibility, s. vintsi sarken, -ke&, 

Eligible, a. vintsi sSrko. 
EUmin&te, v. k&i ; bhair gbal a 

/. put ont; see Bemove, Bid, 

(get r. of). 
Elixir,;. rS8ayan,-na,«., C«.A/r. 
EllipH, a. ftnd&kr&ti, -ti, /. 

(Geom.),Cn. Mr.; urtantiyS- 

rflp, -pa, «. 
EUlpBiB, s. p&dalOp, -p&, «., Cn. 

(Gram.) \ utrfisodnen, -neS, 

».; i77-B&bd&nBodQeil,-nea,». 
Eloontion, s. utsarin, -n&, n.; 

utranSi p&dd&t, -ti,/. 
Elope, V. pb\. 
Eloquence, s. unfiibh&B, -ae,/ — 

/. nice language; snpralap, 

-pa, m., Cn. and Mr.; see 

Eloqnent, a. rs. into s., e.g. un<£i 

bhasen uUitolo; (jrunfiihhSs 

yeta to-/, he who e. comes; 

or only uniSi ulouno; supra- 

lapatso, Cn. Mr. 
Else, a. ad. 1. n&ii zalear = Z<z/. 

secus, I. if this does not 

2.&nia/. more: 'and nothing 

else = ani kaifi nan, /. and 




some thing more no'; 'no one 
else K fini kon nan'. 

3. daBro=/. other: 'somewhere 
else = dusre suater or yer 
soater, /. in another place'. 

Elsewhere, ad. dnsre Bu&ter. 

Bluoidste, V. fg, vivor sang, G. 
M, = I, aajr explanation ; sost 
k&ra>/. make elucidation. 

Elnoid&tion, s. 1. vivor, -ra, m. 
2. rs. V. 

Etnde, ?■ l.tsukjiis/. avoid, or 
cause to be missing, or cause 
not to he, e.g. e. a blow, a 
2. fotfti = /. deceive. 

Bmaoi&te, v. b§rik k&r=/. make 
thin, meagre, tr. v.; barik 
za=/. become thin, meagre, 
n.v.; bhag=become meagre. 

iGnuLoiated] a. barik; bhageto. 

Emanate, v. pr. bhair ye = /. 
come cat from, with -ntlo 
affixed to ike noun governed 
by from; bhair s&rs/. go 

Emanation, s, l.kirlap, -pa, n. 
(germination). (vait) varen, -rea, «. = /. 

(bad) air; 
3.ub, -be,/ 

4. bhairs&rap, -rpa, n. 

5. bhairvavap, -v&upg, n. 
Bmanoipate, v. sod&i = /. cause 

to leave, deliver; sutka kftr. 
Emancipation, s. sutka, -ke,/. 
Embalm, 1}. pormolai; kudint 

pormol ghal = /. put balm 

in the body;^ kudik pormo- 
laSen tel(£) lai = /. apply 
balm to the body; modeftk 
pormola&en te](6) lai = /. 
apply balm to the corpse; 
modea pormolan doT6r = I. 
keep the corpse with balm; 
moden pormolaSea. telan 
bh6r = /. fill etc. 

V. bfind ghal s /. put 

a tie; kat ghal. 

Embankment, s. ka(, -%&, m. 

Embargo (Lay an), ■". adai = L 

prevent, i.e. hom going oat. 

Embark, v. tarvar ts&d&i. 

2.n.v. tarvar tBS:d = /. ascend 
on the ship. 

3./g. lai=/. apply, e.g. e. any 
one on an undertaking. 

4. lag, n.v. 
Embarrass, v. 1. tondre k&r = I. 
make embarrassment; g41i- 
bili (or gabri) k&i=l. make 
confusion; gus^p k^r = /. 
make confusion (g. 3& = I. 
get c); <7rgusp&dai; sirk&i, 
c. V. of sirka=get entangled. 

2. mod(6) = /. break, fg. dis- 

S.adai; llddi ghal = /. put ob- 
Embarrassed, a. tondreant asuUo 
= /. in embarrassment; see 
the verb ; guspM^IIo. 
Embarraesment, a. tondre, -re&n, 
m. pi. ; gus&p, -epa, n. — /. 
confusion; sirkau^en, -neii, 
«.; see the v. 




Xmb&Sfiy, s. I . raibari, -Ha, m. ; 
ra; adiit, -ta, m, 
2.rajar&vaDen, -nea, n, 
XmbeUish, v. sob&i (c. v. of sob) 
= I. make nice; suruogftr 
k&r; r6ng di. 
Embers, s. 1. gobor, -bra, m. = 
%. murmuro, -ie&, m.=bur[iing 

3. ujeatso Inglo, -I^i '"• = '■ 

burning cinder. 
Smber-daj, s, katemp, -p&, ff., 

fr.\ here usually they say: 

mas khaank nozo zallo {or 

Esijllo) die, -sa, )«. = day (in 

which) meat cannot be eaten. 
Embezale, v. nag&i. 
Embitter, s. duk&i = /. afflict; 

rag adai = I. cause to bring 

anger (Dat.'), provoke. 
Emblem, s. karu, -ve,/.; gurt), 

-ta, m. = sign ; kbuna, -ne,/. 

= sign; sarkea, -kea, n. s 

Embody, v./g. rap di - /. give 

Embolden, s'. db&ir di=/. pat coa- 

rage ; thir kSr <e /. make firm. 
Embowel, v- ankiti kad = /. draw 

out the bowels. 
Embraoe, v. I. potlun dfa&r, or 

potl&i, or pot|lun ghe, e.£^. a 

mother embraces her child. 
2. v6Dg mar (in general, even 

in vrder to catch) = grasp. 
Z,/g. Tints or vintsan k&ci a 

/. elect, take, ^.j". an opinion. 

i-/g. kbuii vor — /. desire, G. 
■P"; fg-\ raanua = /. please 
^■/g- ghe or kanghe = /. take, 

e.g. an opportunity. 
6. TOp = /. consent. [-ma, «. 
Embraoe, s. vfing, -ge,/.] khem, 
Xmlvooktion, s. bizounen, -nea, 

«.; or biz&p, -zpa, n. 
Embroider, v. lugtar fulafi gb&l 
= /. put flowers on a cloth. 
Embryo, s. pilo, -lea, m. used 

Emend, etc. see Oorreot, etc. 
Emerald, .!. manik,-nk&,».;pa5fi, 

-£a, n. 
Emerge, v. 1. (udkantlo) voir 
ye-i/. come (oat of the water) 
'i'./g. z& = l. become, happen. 
Emergency, s. 1. bh&ir yeneii, 
-ne&, n.; bhairs&rap, -rp&, n. 
2,y^. firkilsm^t, -ta, n.; z&rurai, 
-JO)/; g^rz, -ie,/; vel (6), 
-111, m. 
Emetio, s. Tonkoun6en vokat, 
-kta, n.isl. a medicine caus- 
ing to Tomit. 
Emigrate, V. bhaic B&r = /. start; 
P&rgavant raus/. stop in 
a foreign country ; g&di 
bb&ir vetasgoes beyond the 
boundary; g^par vetil. 
Eminenoe, s. ubfirai, -ye, 
/=/. height. 
^./g. t6^ mfin, -oa, m. = l. 
great honour; vortepon, -^, 
w. = /. sublimity. 

Emi 1 

Eminflnt, <i- fg- &prap = /. rare; 

z&it TOrtolo^aining Tictory, 

fg.\ uttim = /. excellent; 

TOrto >: sublime ; nSvaddik, 

var. n&vadgo, nav^dyllo =: 

EmiuBiy, s. bedi, -di, m. = I. 

spy; gutateo dut, 4a, m.=l. 

secret envoy. 
EmiBsion, s, bhair dhadap, -dpa, 

«.; see Sending. 
Emit, V. pr. bliair ad&i s /. 

throw, e.g. VesuTius emits 

fire ; bb&ir s&r&i e /. cause to 

go out, e.g. e. a sound. 
Ihrnnet, s. mui, -je,/. 
Smoliient, a. halu or moii k&r- 

cen (TOkat)=:/. making ligbt 

or soft (medicine); or only 

Zmolnment, a. jikap, -kpii, ».; 

upkar, -ra, m.\ adai, -yS, m.\ 

see Advantage. 
Bmotion, .r. I-movalai, -ye,/. 

2. Todni, -ne,/.=l. inclinatioa, 

/g- [ment. 

3. ntaambolai,-y6,/.=/. excite- 
4.gua&p, -spa, n. = l. pertur- 
bation, confusion. 

Zmpercr, s. m&harai, -ya, m.; 
Cn., n. c.\ v6d rai = /. great 
king ; padsa, ^a,»(. {Turkish 
word), ft. c; sultan, -na, m., 
n.c; rai, -yS, m. = king. 

Jlmphasis, -T. ])bl,-lS,,n.=l. force, 
/g.; taleabh&r, -ra, m. = 
stress of the voice^^.; utran- 
bbar = I. stress of words. 

2 Emp 

Xmpire, s. razvot, -ti, /, = I. king- 
dom; raz, -ja, n. 
Zmpirio, s. auboTatso, e.g. e. 

ISmploy, v. l.kbariSi = /. spend; 

pr&yog k&r, G. M. = I. make 

2. tr. kamak lai = /. apply to 

businesB ; or kam di = /. 

give business. 
3.n. s*. lags occupy oneself, 

/. apply to, Daf. 
4. kamar asa = /. is on duty, 

in basiness, is busy ; or taka 

kam asa. 
Employment, s. 1. prayog, -ga, 

m. « /. use. 

2. kam, -ma, n. = l. basiness, 

3. udyog,^a,M.=employment 

Emporium, s. veparatso zago, 

-gea, m. = I. place of mei^ 

Empower, v. podvi di = /. giie 

power ; or adhikar di. 
Empowered, a. podvi asuUo. 
Empress, s. mabarani, -ye, /. ; 

CakraTartin, -ni, /., Cn.; 

rani. -je,/. = /. queen. 
Emptiness, s. kbaiipon, -na, ».; 

iei. rs. adj. 
Bmply, a. 1. fr. khaii, also/g., 

e.g. e. pleasure; rito. 
^./g. also, T&reatso = I. of 

Empty, V. 1. khaii kars/. make 




2. kad = I. take out, discharge. 

3, vompti. 

Emnlate, ». addia or arda, e.£-. 
Fedru ani Paula tea kamak 
uddatat, or Pedru Paulu 
k&de tea kamak udclata; 
melvodii or meloddi (iike 
udda) ; petsad = /. try. 

Emulation, s. uddap or urdap, 
-pa, «.; petsadap -dp^ n. 

Ejaulons, .r. petsadi; uddatolo. 

Enable, v. 1. b61 di = /. give 
2. 6y Imperf. subj. or by a c. v., 
e.g. J, C. Bent the H. Ghost 
to euahle the Apostles to 
preach the Gospel = J. Kri- 
Btan Spirit Santak dhadla 
Apostlanin vanjel pS.rgit 
kariao; yet^ this does not 
ex. mn. enable, 'He en- 
abled him to have a house = 
I tanen taka g&r b&nd&ilen', 
or also the pot. mood might 
be used. 

Enact, I'. I.(kaido)g^=E/.found 
(a law). 
2.p^{knd k&r = /. approve; 
kSrbul kS,r = ^. consent (Lat. 
sancio); metsYO = /. ap- 
^■/g- vfis ts3,iai = act a part. 

Enamel, s. dantanSen rogan -na, 
». ; dantan^ed lukan, -na, n. 
entirely Mr. 

Bsoamp, v, tomba mar=/. pitch 

a tent ; or thanen k&r. 
EnoeintOt a. g&rbest ; guruar. 

V. band = /. bind ; see 
Enchant, ^- 1 ■ pr. t&ntran k&r 
{or m&ntran kftr) = /. make 
^.fg. pisai = A make mad; 
bands/, bind, e.g. b; a 
sermon, «. c. ; vodni di = /. 
give attractions; bhou khu- 
gal kftr =s /. make Tery 
Enchanter, s. tantragar, -ra, m. 
Enchantment, s. I. pr. t&utry, 
-ra, n. 
^./g. pisounen, -nea, «. 
Enflhastiiij:> s. fg. &japatso s /. 
wonderful; or bhou sobit = 
very nice; or pisountso. 
Enchantress, s. tilntragarD,-Di,^ 
Encircle, -o. 1. suttu ghal (be- 
siege); redo ghal. 
2.?oi ghal (enclose, e.g. a. 

field with a fence). 
3. gutlai =: I. envelop, tie. 
EnoIoBore, s. voi, -i,/. = fence, 
e.g. voin band = I. bind by 
a fence; beli, -li, /., «. €.\ 
Tatar, -ra, m. 
Encomium, etc. see Praise. 
Eneompaas, etc. see Enolrele. 
Encounter, v. \. mel = /. be 
found; p6d = /. fall, Prs. 
znd Loc. 
2.mukar rau = /. remain in 
face (in a hostile manner). 
^.Or. mukarYots = go in face 
of, e. g. encounter deaths 

„, „ L.oogic 



Bneotmge, v, dh&ir di b /. give 
courage; bad sang = /. say 
advice; bdl di = /. give 

Enooorkgement, s. 1 . rs. into m. 
2.db&ir, -ra, n. 

Enanmber, v. tondre k&r = /. 
makeembarraasmentB; fahar 

Enoyolioal, a. crc. sfi,mestaDk 
borilillen kagad, -gda, n. = a 
letter written to all; bet. 
bounten kagad. 

Enoyolopedia, s. s&rvijridya, -ye, 
/. = I. science of all. 

End, f . l.serot, 'ta, »i.=A exit, 
aim: 'tatso eevot pau1a=hi8 
end is come'; 'Deu imtso 
sevot = God is our end'., -ti, /. — /. lioiit, n.c, 
Cn.\ g&d, -di,/ = limit. 

3. nimano = /. last, ch. cs. 

4. drQt, -ta, m.; fiker, -ri,/.=/. 
extremity, e.g. the end of 
a letter, of a lioase. 

S.tirman, -na, »,, «.i:. = de- 
cision ; tirp, -pa, n. s de- 
End, V. tirsi, c;t, ^tirsa; 
kab&r k&r = /. accomplish, 
/r. (pass, kabar za ■= /. get 
accomplished); mugdi {c.v. 
tf/" magda= be ended) =bring 
to an end, e.£: labours. 

2.th9.mb=/.cease; m&nnak&r. 

3. B6d = I. leave. 

4. sevot asa = I. there is an 
end, issue, (turns ont). 

6.&Dt&r: 'to&ntiLrlo=he died*. 
Endanger, v. 1. tr, v. riskent 

gh&l s /. put in danger. 
2. n. V. riskent asiSen = to be 

in danger ; mosant ghal ; 

mosant asCen. 
EncUor, v. mogal k&r = make 

dear; or iQdg(6) k&rii=caua& 

to love; or band = /. hind. 
Endearment, s. fuslauneii, -near 

n. = I. caresses. 
Endeavour, v. -pT&y&t&n k&r = 

make an effort. 
Endeavour, s. pr&y&t&n, -tna, n. 
Endone, v. patir hor&i. 
Endow, V. 1 . di = /. give ; bh6r =- 

/. fill,/^. 
2. d6t di = /. give dowry. 
Endowed, a. asnllo, e.g. e. with 

wisdom = bfld asuUo; bhor- 

lolo = /. filled. 
Indnranoe, f ■ l.sosnikai, -ye,_/^. 

= patience. 

2, in other mn. ch. cs. or rs. 
Endure, 7. b6b, bhdg b /. 

i.n.v. thir zaun rau = /. re- 
main constant. 

3. tag = /. last. 
Enduring, a. into v. 

2. sos^ik. 
Enemy, s, dusman, -na, m. 
virod (mS.nis) = adversary 
du$t, -ta, m. ; v&iri, -ri, m. 
durSan, -na, m. 
Energetio, a. tsark = active ; g&k' 
tivont; nSar; bo]adik. 

Ene ] 

Energy, s. tsurkpon, -9a, n. = 

activity; sftk&t, -kti,/,; bftl, 

-la, n = l. force; uiarai, -ye, 

/. z cleTerneBs. 

Enervate, v. &sk&t ^&T = l. make 

Enerr&tioa, s, fisk&tkai, -J6,/, 
Knfeeble, see Enervate, 
Enforce, v. 1 . b&l di=/. give force, 
e. g. a law ; in the pass. b. za. 
2. gb&t kar = make strong ; thir 
En^a^, i>. l.adou di = /. give & 
pledge ; bet. advaa band {^or 
some such verb) = I. bind by 
2. ut&r di=/. give a word (pro- 
mise), ch. cs.; bhas&i. 
S.badeak kangbe = /. take to 
hire (hire); lai, e.£: e. work- 
men, hire, or also occupy. 

4. vodoi di = /. give an inclina- 
tion, allure, captivate. 

5. aogar pod = /. attack, fall 
oa life; zuz m&r = /. beat a 

6. k&rar k&r = I. make an 

7.apna£er kane stake upon 
oneself; voisun ghe = take 
upon oneself. 
Enga^ (Is), l.kamar (asa). 

2. ut&r dilansgave word. 
Snifagement, s. I. znz, -z&, n. =i. 
2. dillen utir, -tra, ft. = I. given 
word (promise); (diIli)baB,-se, 
/. « /.given word (promise). 

5 Eng 

3. k&rar, -r&, m. = I. agreement. 

4. mokruri, -re,/. = I. appoint- 

5.8&irik, -ke,/. = /. betrothal, 
exchange of ring; idef6d, 
-di,y.=exchange of betelnuts 
etc.; or rs. s&irik zaii = /. 
relation rose (is betrothed). 
6. kam, -ma, n. •= /. business. 

Engaging, a. mogaI=:/. dear, or 
mogatso; vodneantso; vodnio 
a^tso; mannontsoac/. pleas- 
ing; khnsalayetso = /. de- 
lightful; sobit = /. beauti- 

Engender, v. fr. z&lm&i, c. v. of 

Engine, s. 6&kri}, 'ra, »,; y&ntry, 
-ra, n. 

Xngioeer, s. margabandpasa- 
stri, -ri, m. or only bandpi, 
-pia, «. 

England, s. Ingland, -da, n. 
Ingleter, -ra, n. Prtg. 

English, a. luglez. 

Engrave, ^. l.k&ut&i. 
2.kat&r = cut. 

Engraver, s. kantS.itolo, -le§,, m. 

Engraving, s. kantoui;ie5, -nea, 
n.\ or kantounCi vidya, -ye, 
/. -1 /. the art of engraving. 

£n^os8, V. l.i/ it m». occupy,, 
crc. rs., e.g. my attention is 
engrossed by the game = 
s&gli moji mot (6) khela thftia 
asa; or aun atan khela via- 
: yant f&k&t fiintan = /, (my) 
whole mind is on the play, 
„, „ L.oogic 

Enh 1 

or I think only play; bud = 
be. plunged. 
2.m5t (6) b£nd=/. bind the 

3. poilents molak kane = /. 
take at price before. 

4. BoiS( D&kill kad, etc. 
Enhance, v. 1. ts&d&i, c. v. of 

ts&dEbe too mucb. 

2. Tad&i {c. V. ofySA) = cause to 

3. sobit k&r or sob&i = /. 
fine, beautiful. 

4. mbSr&g kflr = I. make dear 
(rate higbly). 

Enhanoement, s. yistarap, -rpa, 

».; ts&dap, -4pa, n. 
Eni^a, s. gut, -t£, m. = I. secret; 

umeni, -ne,/. 
Enigmatioalj'a. gut&tso. 
Enjoin,'!', form&i, or bukum di 

= order; see Oommand. 
Enjoy, ». 1. \}h6g = Lai. /raere. 

2, pr&yog kar = /. uae, G. M. 

3. upkarak pod ^b), preceded by 
Dat. of the personal, falls to 

Enjoyment, s. 1. bbogap, -gpa, n. 
2.kbulalai, -ye, /. = /. plea- 

Enlarge, v. vistar = /. extend ; 
tslflii, c. V. of ts&d = /. in- 
crease, not ex.; rundai. 

Enlargement, s. rs. into v.; vis- 
tar, -ra, m. 

Enlighten, v. uzvad k&v, or uz- 
Tadai, pr.,fg., e.g. mind; 
pet&i; or uzvad di; u. lai. 

6 Enq 

Enlist,^, l.piltter bor&i; naun 
bor&i = /. write the name ; 
mel&i ~ L collect. 
S.badeak kane = /. hire. 

Enliven, -o. usar k&r, e.g. a con- 

Enmity, s. dusmaa-kai, -ye, /l; 
hligen,-gea,«. = hatred; jid- 
dij, -d&,».: 'cherish entaity= 
jiddij {or dusman-kai) dov6r'; 
a&i, -ya, m. = l. discord; 1&- 
dfii, -ye, /. = l. contention, 
war ; z&gden, -dea, n. = I. 
quarrel; virodai, -ye,/ = /. 

Ennoble, v. l.m&ntiLn melfli, ir, 
v.; m. mSJ, n.v. 
^./g- vorto k4r. 

Enormity,^, l.khotepori, -^a, n, 
= I. wickedness.|turai, -ye,/, = /. cruelty, 

EnonnouB, a. l.tiio^o. 

2. niStur. 

3. bhoa v6d = very large. 
Enongh, ct. puro: 'not enoughac 

pavanan=/. does not reach'. 

Esqnire, ?■ l.Titsar (i7r itsar), 
/Vj. Cm. ; mag *s /. request 
2.t&n-ki k&r; d&riyaft k&r. 

Enquiry, f. l.s&val,-Ie,/. = ques- 
tion, also matter of inresti- 

2. vitsaraii, -na, n. (into a case); 
or vitsar, -ra, m, 

3. t&n-ki, -ke, /. = /. examina^ 
tion; d&riyaft (or d&ryapt), 




Enra^, 1). rag ad&i=/. cause to 
be offended; utsatnbol kar = 
SnTa^d, a. ragiit; or ragar 

Enrich, -o. grestlcai di = /. 
give riches ; great k^r. 
2./g. bh6r = fill. 
Enrol, V, patter nSun boriii = /. 
write the name in the list. 
EnslsTe, ^'. gulam k^r. 
^EkiSDare, v. l.nadint dh&r = /, 
catcli in the snare; sirkEi, 
c.v. ^§irka=be entangled, 
2.pasant ghal = /. put into 

a snare (birds). 
3.^. Todni di=/. give inclina- 
i./g- pisai = /. cause to get 
mad, n.c. 
Entaa, w. \./g. (-ntlean) za = 
(from it) become, ck. cs. 
2.had=bring; ittillo zS {the 
legal term, but more com- 
monly used in the mn. of 
referring a case to a higher 
Entangle, v. 1, guspfidai, c. v. of 
gusp&d = get confounded; 
aampadai, e.g. a person in 
bis words. 
2.dhfir = /, catch, ff.^, in anet, 
3. g6nd, e.g. thread; reudai, 
c. V. of revdd; v6I, 
Enter, ». l.rig, 1st. Loc; bitSr 
Tota = /. go in. 
2. 8uru za = /. begin (time). 
Enter a confraternity s ir- 

mauii za, /. become an asso- 
E. on the priesthood = padri 
(or saserdot) za, /, become 
Father (or Priest). 
E. on office = kamak rig, 
E. in a book = dak&l kflr. 
Enterprise, s. kftrtuven, -veS, n. 

(m&ha k.) 
Enterpiiaiag, (7. tBurk=/. active; 

dhJliravont = courageous. 
Entertain,^, l.bidar di = /. give 
hospitality; kanghe = /.' re- 
2. khusal kar (or khuSalai, c. v., 
n. c.) = I. make cheerful, 
(amuse); ■! entertain a wish, 
a hope = asa asa', ch. cs. 
Entertainment, s. 1. bidar, -ra, 
n. = I. hospitality. 
2. khusalai, -ye, /. = pleasure ; 
upauar, -ra, m., n. c. 
Enthrone, f. 1, biap kSr = /. 
make bishop. 
2. patar bos&i = /. seat on the 
Entbnsiaam, a. I. immoderate e.: 
pisepon, -na, «, = /, mad- 

2. in general mn. sudsudai, -ye, 
f =1. fervour; or umalo, 

-lea, m.\ urba, -be,/.; tsM 
asa, -se,y. 

3. ntsamhojai, -ye, /!= excite- 

Enthusiastic, a., rs. into s., 
1. urbevont = I. fervent. 

1. ,iA,i)Oglc 



3. phoot&jigar si /. a man of 

4. g&rmetso = hot, fg. 
Entice, v. rodni di = /. allnre 

(give inclination) ; fotii = /. 

deceive; nadint dMi- = /. 

catch ina net; nioaantghal; 

fuslai; pisAi ur piso kar = /. 

cause to get mad; v6d = I. 

Entioemant, s. vodni, -ne, f.; 

mos, -ea, m. ; fuslaunen, 

-nea, «. 
Entloins:, a. 1. moeatso, fotkiro 

= /. deceitful. 
2.vodQetBO = /. of inclination; 

Entire, a. 8&glo. 
Entirely, /^id. purten = /. fully, 

altogether; piripurn; Bom- 

purnayen = with fullness. 
Entitle, v. l.h&kky di = /. give 

a right. 
2.E. a hook'= puetflkak naun 

dov6r = /. give the name to 

a book. 
Entity, s. l.asap, -spa, «. = be- 
2. viat^, -ta,/. = /. thing. 
Entrails, j. ankiti, -Je,/. 
Entrance, s. l.rig, -ge,/. 
2.rlija, -je,/. = leave. 
S.bagil, -gla, ». = /. door. 
He has entrance to the king = 

raya lagin rotsunk taka r5ja 

Entr&nce-fee, s, s&n5igar, -ra, m.\ 
mnng&d, -da, n. 

Entrap, V. \.pr. kat&r mands 
prepare the trap. 
2. katrin dhfir=catch inatrap; 
see Ensnare. 

Entreat, v. laleun mag = /. beg 
with longing; an diun mag= 
beg adjuring. 

Entreaty, J' &nt&sk£lrnaiSen mag- 
nen, -nea, «. = /. a reqnest 
from the heart. 

Entmat, ^. T0psundi=/. deliver; 
taben di = /, give in care; 
s6d^/. leave; G. hatant di 
= /. give into the hand of. 

Entry, s. l.rig, -ge,/ 
2. make an e. in a book=puBta- 
kar bor&i, or dakill kJir. 

Entwine, v. revod; t6j; band. 

Enumerate, ». I. lek (6); mez (6). 
2.mon = /. recite. 

£nameration, s. 1 . lek, -ka, ». 
2.mezap, -zpa, n. 

Enunciate, f. sangs/. say; utsar 
= /. pronounce. 

Envelope, s- lokato, -tea,0z. {par. 
lakoto), e.g. of a letter. 

Envelope, "v. gutlai, e.g. e. in 
a cloth. 

Envenomed, a.fg. bhou kho^o = 
/. very wicked; vikal,^. 

Enviable, a. asa faro zallo or 
aia k&rtso or aseuntso = de- 
sirable; ipurbayetao = I. 

Envious, a- mosri ; niskutsaratso; 
iiiskutsari; kuSclo; an en- 
vious person = agio, /. a 

„, „ L.oogic 



Environs, s. airhllddij, -di, /.; 

bount&nitso gaun, ^anra, 

m. = l. the country which is 

EnTOy, f. dut, -ta, m. 
Bavy, J. niskutsar, -ra, m.; mosor, 

-sra, OT. 
Envy, V- niskutsar kjtr, G. M, 
Epio, a. viratso: 'e. poetry = 7. 

Epidemic (disease), s. \. voso, 

-sea, m\ or voseafii pida, 

2, loka5i pida, -de,/. = disease 

of the people. 
Epigram, s. borap, -rpa, n. 
Epilepsy, s. morlugi pida, -de,/; 

giravu, -va, «. 
Eplscop&l, a. bispatso. 
Episcopate, .?. bispapon, -na, n. 

(dignity); bisparaz, -ja, n. 

Episode, s. adkitha, -the, / = /. 

cross-story, n. c. 
Epitaph, s. mornai^en bSrap, 

-rpa, «. 
Epitome, s. s&nksep, -pa, m. 
Epitomize, v. s&akgep kilr. 
Epoch, s. kal, -la, m. (occasion 

and era). 
Equability, .f. nidanai, -ye,/ 
Equable, a. nidani or nidan = 

Eqnal,r7. 1. E^ma; sarko= similar. 

2.1ayek = /. suitable. 
Equal, v. sSrina asa. 
Equality, s. sS.r, -ri, /, e.g. e. 

of two lines. 

Equally, ad. 1. rs. into adj. 
2. biri = Lai. instar, e.g. love 
thy neighbour eq. with thy- 
self =tuje biri peleatso mog 
kS.r; teats jinsin = in the 
same way. 

Equator, s. has no proper equi- 
valent'., s^mabhag^git, -ta, 
m. or Mr, Cn. vi|ttvavrat, 
-ta, «.; buinmodlogit, -ta, 
OT., anal, to Cn. Sans. 

Equilibrium, s. 1 . s^rituk, -ka, n. 
2,/f-. rs. s^ma. 

Equinox, s. ratikdisaks&r, -ri, 
/.; Mr. Cn. viiuv, -va, n. 

Equip, V. t&yar k&r = /. make 

Equipage, s. 1. zuzasaman, 
-na, m. 
2.dSrbar, -ril, n. (retinue). 

Equipoise, s. sS.mabbar, -ra, m. ; 
s^ma ttik, -ka, n. 

Equity, i. nit, -ti,/. 

Equivalent, a. 1 . sSma = equal. 
2.yekatukat3o; yekabharatso. 

Equiyocal, a. dubavatso or du- 
bavi ; see Ambiguous. 

Equivocation, s. dubau, -bava, 
m. = l. doubt; or dubavacin 
ntraii,^/./=doubtful words; 
see Ambiguity. 

Equivocate, v. gudartan ulfLi. 

Era, 5. kal, -la, m. 

Eradicate, I', l.humhol; (ruka- 
6in palau) kad = /. draw out 
(the roots of a tree). 
^.fg. kadn ghal; see Destroy. 

Erase, V. 1. pus = cancel. 



2.cittii kad = remove a blot. 
Eraaore, s. 1 . rs. v. 

a.pusap, -spa, «. 
Erect, a, 1 . nit = straight. 

2. ubo = /. standing. 
Erect, I'. 1. uk61 = lift up. = /. build. 
Erection, s. l.bandap, -dp£, n. 
{Lat. aedificium'). 

2. rs. into v. or adj. 

Err, V. l.tsiik: 'vat t8ukli = l 
went astray, /. the way has 
been missed'. 'Tsukla = he 
made a mistake, a sin {subj. 
2.fotua = he deceived. 

3, parpol zaun boun or only 
boun = be vagabond. 

Erratic, a. 1. parpol. 

2. kramavin = irregular. 
Enoneons, 5. fals, /r.; fotkiro; 
8atavin = not true; rs. into 

Error, s. l.tsuk, -ki,/, 

2. patak, -tka, «. = /, sin. 
Eructation, s. d6nb, -ka, m. 
Erudition, s. sikap, -kpa, n. 
Eruption, s. 1. eruption of a 
volcano, ujeavonk, -ki,y", 

2. f6d, -da, m. (a suppurating 

3. mumbar, -bra, «, = a pimple. 
Bryeipelaa, s. daddur6g, -ga, m., 

Escape, 7^ l.p6l = flee; or pdln 
2.tauk&i=/. avoid; or taukoun 

3.1ip = /. hide; (-ntlo) pariyar 

za = get rid of. 
4.bhair ailr = /. go out, e.g. 

Escape, s. l.polap, -Ipa, «. = /. 

2.iden, -dea, «.=:a small hole, 

e.g. in a cask of wine. 
3. often rs. into v., e. g. there 

is no escape from death. 
Escort, I', paryar vor. 
Escort, .r. l.paro, -rea, m. 

2. d&rbar, -ra, m. 
Esculent, see Eatable. 
Esoteric, a. gutatso. 
Especial, a. mukhya = /. princi- 
pal; viSes. 
Especially, ad. mukhyazaun ; 

bhou kirn; idikkftrn; tsad- 

zaun; vises. 
Espionage, s, bedipon, -na, n. 

from bedi, -di, m. pr. = 

Esplanade, ^. m^idan, -na, n. 
Esquire, s. saib, -ba, m. 
Essay, ^- 1. pr^y9,tiln, -tna, n. = 

I. effort. 

2, p3.rikSa, -§e,y; = /. trial, esa- 
mi nation. 

3. dakten borap, -rpa, «.; see 

Essence, s. s^imb, -ba, n. = na- 
tnre; sar, -ra, m. = I. ex- 
tract, y^. used also for e. tn 
phil. mn. 

Essential, a. mukhya=/. princi- 
pal; saratao, e.g. e. quality 



Establish, V. 1. gad = /. found; 
stapan kJlr or stapsi, e.g. 
a college, «. c. 
2, nisfieisi = I. decide, deter- 
mine; nemsi = /. appoint. 

IiBtabliBltmeiit, s. I.karkhano, 
-nea, m. 
2.baadap, -dpa, n. = /. a build- 

Zstate, s. 1, ast, -ti {or asti, -te), 
y. = landed property; buifi, 
2. stiti, -ti, /.; bh^a, -bu, ot.; 
liuddo,-de£,«n.=rank; thg,r, 
-ra, m. = kind, class. The 
second and third estate kere 
have no better equivalents 
than mflQt&nantlo = noble, 
or gre8t = rich; awi/khaunk 
jeunk asulIo=hariag to eat, 
or dublo = poor, respective- 

Ssteem, s. boren naun, -nara, n. 
= 1. a good name; man, -na, 
»!. = /. honour; m&atS,n, -na, 
n. = l. nobility. 
He is iu great e. = to bou 
boren naun bb6gta. 

Esteem, V. l.Cint = /. think. 
2. m&nA=Lai. mag-ni/ac-horea 
£int; m^n d&kiti=show honor; 
fipurbai kiir, G. A = /. make 
affection; prit k&r = /. love, 
G. F. m61 kar = make price, 
appreciate, Ace; I3,ksak&r= 
I. make care. Ace. 

Estimate, .f. 1. lek (6), -ka, n.-^ 
I. account: &ndaz, -zS, m. 

{or flndazo, -zeii, «.), e.g. of 

the cost. 
2, aloBen, -ni, _/.= judgment, 

opinion . 
Estimate, ^. lek(^) k&r; jlndaz 

kar, G. M. 
Estrange, v. m6n pois k^r^i/. 

make tbe heart far. 
Estuary, s. 1 . aj Ten, -rea, n. 

(the mouth of a river). 
2. diirjakul, -la, «. 
Eternal, a. sasnatso; ^gUriit = 

/. infinite; sadantso; mor- 

Eternally, ad. sasnaceii sasitak; 

or s^dankal. 
Eternity, s. sasin, -sna, «. ; sS.- 

dankal, -la, m.^l. epoch of 

Ethic, a. tsalitso. 
Ethics, ^. tsaliiflstr^, -ra, n. 
Etiquette, s. tsalts&mk&n, -na, 

n. ; mary^d, -Ai,/. ; mirya- 

diCi da,3tiir, -re,/. 
Etymology, s. 1. sibdanvidya, 

2.(sabda-) mfll, -la, «. 

Etymon, s. s^bda^ (or siibdan-) 
mul, -la, n. 

Eucharist, s. santisim sakra- 
ment, -ta,' m. ; kumgar, -ra, 
m., flwi/komuniaun, -ava, «. 
are used not uncommonly 
by the people /or euch. 

Ennuoh, s. khozo, -jea, m. 

Euphonic, ct. boro vaztoto. 

Euphony, s. boren vazap, -zpa, n. 

BTscuate, v. 1 . khali kar = /. make 

' - A.oogk- 



empty; vot or Tomti=poar; 

2. kad = /. take out. 

3. s6d=/. leave, e.g. a country. 

4. hag (go to Btool). 
Er&cnatios, f ■ I.utk&de,-dea,».; 

hago?, -ni,/. 
2./g. sodni, -a9,/. 
Srade, v, l.tsuk&i^/. avoid. 

2.p6! = A get away; Jff Esoape. 
Svanesoent, a. 1. nfip&iuts zaun- 

2.^. khali; fotkiro. 
Evangfllical, a. evanjel aikfi,ita 

to ; or evanjelan aikaillo. 

'ETaugelical couiisels=Bvaii- 

jelant sangylleo budi {or 

sikoneo) ; Durbolkai, An- 

ka&rpon, Khaltepon are the 

three e. couDsels). 
Evangelist, s. evanjeligt, -ta, m. 

fr.\ 8U¥4rtamanagar,-ra,m., 

Erangelize, v. evanjel pHrg&t kar; 

suTS^rtaman p. k. 
Evaporate, v. (vareSut udoa veta 

z /. (in the air) Hying goes; 

Evasion, .r. l.tsukap, -kpa, n. 
2. nibiji, -ba, n. = /. pretext. 
Evasive, a. tsukouotBO. 
Eve, s. vijil, -la, m, (of a feast), 
fr.\ (festatso) adlo dis, -sa, m. 

= previoa8 day (of the feast). 

'We are on the eve of war = 

zuz lagin asa'. 
Eveni^. 1. telto=8mooth; sarko. 
^■fg. mdan = calm. 

E. number = faden, -dea, n. 
Even, Hf/. legun; s&it; pariyant; 
these words are placed after 
the word mod^ed; see Also. 
Not even {Laf. ne quideni) = 
i with neg. particle, or p&ri- 
yaot in neg./,, see Gram. 
Evening, s. sanz, -je / 'In the 
Evenneas, s. 1 . teltepon, -^a, n. 
'i./g. nidanai, -ye,/ = equani- 
Event, s. l.gidap, -dpa, «. 
2. sevot, -ta, m. = I. issue. 
At all events = puni, k&seui 

In the e. of = zfirrt&r, if. 
Eventnal, a. rs. sekin; k^detso; 

tirsountso; bet. rs. 
ISvw, ad. l.sadaDt8 = always. 

2. thambanastanaiL=iace8saDt- 


3. kaiS(puni), asinthe sentence, 
'did he ever commit auch a 
thing?'; kain; by the canting. 
Jilt, or Potential Mood. 

For eTer=sa8na6ea sasnak. 

In neg. sentences it is Joined 
to the verb. 

'Ko mortal has e. been able 
to attain 80 tauch = m&nsak 
titleu kedint8 tanklenan'. 
'Are friends ever to be pre- 
ferred to old men? = iStaak 
matare&n pr&s k&in" vintsua 
kadi zaigi?' 
Everlasting, a. sasnatso; sl^ 
dants t^gtso. , , 



Evermore (For), ad. sidants. 
Every, a. l.haryek; yeyek; kS.- 

8oloi = Z(7/. quivis; h&r. 
2. jinsan. 
Everybody, /ru«. haryeklo; ye- 

yeklo; kasoloi m^nis, -nia, 

?».; fr koni. 
Every-day, ad. disandis. 
Bvery-day, a. disadisatso, dis- 

EveiTthiiig, ^. s&kM, 
Xvery-way, ^. l.siirvi^ kusin. 

2. purten = altogether; p&ri- 
purn = altogether. 

Everywhere, a. sflglean; s&gle 
kMe; sarvg thitiS, tj/. 

Evidence, j. l.uktepoii,-na, n.= 
I. being open,^., «, c; rs. 
BOst-= evident. 
2.ruzvat, -ti,/. 

3. sakS, -si, f. (Lai. testimo- 
niuni). 'Give e. = sak| sang'. 

Evident, a. imi\ ukto. 
Evidently, ad. soStzaun. 
Evilji. 1. vait(5. fl«[/ai^'.),-ta, «. 
2. khoto (adj.y., pad. 'Speak 
e.= vait ul^'. 'Wish e. = v. 
Eril-doer, s. vait k&rtolo. 
Evil-minded, a. l.mosor k&rtolo 
=.1. envious. 
2.rf. taka khudi Dan = /. he 
is not willing. 
Evil-speaking, s. I. tsadiyegar, 
-ra, ?«. = /, backbiter. 
2, gali sangtolo = I. abusing. 
S.tsadi, -ye,/ 

4. gal, -11,/ 

Evinee, v, soSt kfir = make 

clear; dak4i=/. prove, show. 
Eviscerate, v. pr. ankiti kad3=/. 

take out the bowels. 
Evoke, V. -ntio apoi. 
Evolve, ^. 1- sod^ii; k&d. 

1. fg. BOst kar. 
EwB, s. bokri, -re,/., «. «.; tj/^. 

gataSl bokdi, -de, /; see 

Ez-, as part of the title of one 

vbo has been in office, 

1. m&ji — if he has left the office 
lately ; 

2. kS,Ila (thief)— if degraded 
from it. 

Exacerbate, v. ntsambdl k&r = /. 
make excited; duk&i (c. v. of 
dnk) = /. cause sorrow. 

Ezaot, V. 1. (b^kkan) mag = /. 

2. formal = /. command, ck. cs. 

3. T&rat k&r = /. make a de- 

Exact, a. 1. sarko; zagrut = /. 
attentive ; kr&matEO = /. re- 
gular; or kr&m ^syllo. 

2. s£ima. 

3. b&rabiir = /. exact, right, 
equal; as, I found the ac- 
counts e. 

Exaction, s. l.vSrat, -ta, m. 

2. b61, -la, n. = violence. 
Exactly, ad. l.sarken. 

2. ex. Bo^t&sents. 
Exactness, s. z&grutai, -ye,/ 
Exaggerate, v, 1. tB^iii = /. in- 



2. ts^ saDg=i /. say too much; 
tsadoun sang; vlg. goppe 
mar; kuvale kat^r; tsoulto 
mar. {Konk.) 
Eiagr^eration, s. tsadoun, -ne, 
/■; ^'if • goppo, -pea, m, {in 
the pi. goppe). 
Exalt, T'. I.y^.hogol6i=/. praise; 
hoglai; ubolsi. 
2. b&dti di (promote to a higher 
office); manaceD ]i&ta di = /. 
give high office; vorto k&r, 
e.g. e. humble men; Yoir 
kad; man di=/. giTe honour. 
3. Yorni = exalt, e.g. e. God; 
tarif kar, G. F., n.c. 
Exaltation, s. 1 ./g. hoglap, -pa, 
«. = /. praise; tarif, -ie, /., 
n,c.\ man, -n a, »(.=/. honour. 
2.vortepon,-na, «.=sublimity. 
S.b&dti, -te,/. = promotion to 
a higlier office. 
Examination, s. I. p^rik|a,-6e,/., 
e.g. in the school; vitsaran, 
-na, n.=s.l, inquisition ; t&nki, 
-ke,y. = /. inquisition; dari- 
yaft, -ti,/. 

2. ugdas, -sa, m. = I. remem- 
brance: 'e. of conscieace = 
patkantso ugdas = I. remem- 
brance of sins'; or &rit&Bk&r- 
natilnki, -ke,/. = inqnisition ; 
of the heart. ! 

Examine, I'. l.parik|a kSr,(?.i^., | 
pass. p. di. 
2..vit8ar = /. investigate. 

3. (antaskSrn) tinki k4r ; dft- | 
riyaft k&r; patkaiitso ugdas , 

k&r = /. make memory of 
i. pole (or polei) = /. see, in- 

Examiner, s. p&rikSa kSrtolo; 
pfirikiegar, -ra, m, = also he 
who is examined, whereas 
p&rik£a ditolo = only exa- 

Example, s. l.dek (&), -ki, /. 
(bori dek = good example, 
edification, e. g. e. of saints). 
2.daklo, -lea, m. zc a short 
story ; dr&itant, -ta, w., n. c; 
kfita, -te,/ =h:story. 

3. vopar, -re,/. =a parable. 

4. Q^muno, -nea, m. = I. pat- 
tern, sample. 

For example = kasengi molear 

= /. as if you say ; dr&ltan> 

Eiiaperate, f. rag aciai=/. cause 

anger; utsambo^ kar = /. 

excite ; duk&i, c. 7',= /. afflict; 

kodu k&r. 
Exasperated, a. ragiet, etc. see v. 
Exiisperatini^, a. dukountso ; 

Exasperation, 5. l.rag, -ga, /.'2.= 

2.dukounen, -nea, n. 
Excavate, ». 1. pokai kSr = /. 

make hollow; pok6r. 
2. konds/. dig. 
Excavation, s. pok&lap, -pa, n. 

or pok&lai, -ye,y., «. c; f6nd, 

-da,i!«. =grave; k6Dd, -da, n. 



Exceed, v. l,tsad = too much, 
uiith (he verb showing the 
kind of excess; mirua = /. 
trespass^;iuikuii: 'he exceeds 
bis limits = podvek mikvata, 
/. trespasses power'; tsS.d = /. 
be too much. 

2, z4it vor = /. gain a Tictory, 

3. by the comparative. 
Exceedingly, ad. bhou = much; 

or bhou tsfi,d = very much. 

Excel,^- l.jik=/,gaiii,^./-.Peter 
excels Paul ; zfiit vor= /, 
gain victory, Prs. znd Loc.\ 
uttim zaun yortautaW. is ex- 
cellent; by the comparative. 
2.boro zaun vortauta (ivith 
superl. or compar.) or, in- 
stead of boro, so?ne other 
adj. as the meaning requires. 

Exoellence, s. vortepon, -na, w.; 
aprupai, -ye, / = rarity, y^. 

Xxoellent, a. uttim or uttam; 
bhou boro; vorto; aprup. 

Excellently, ad. bhou boren. 

Except, prep. 'kvihS.,postp.\ khirit, 
postp.\ hy the gerund, neg. in 
tanali, or by the neg. condi- 

Exception, s. virodai, -ye, /. = 
contrariety, n. u. ; fiprupai, 
-ye,/'.=rarity; fi.pavad, -da, 
m., Cn. Mr.\ bet. rs. ad, or 
virod aaa. 

Exceptional, a. ^prup = I. rare; 
virodayetso; see Exception. 

Excess, s. 1. ts^au, -d^va, ». 
2. nigutai, -ye,y. 

3.taak,-ki,/. = /, error; miruo- 

nen, -nea, n. akr^m, -ma, n. 

= I. disorder. 
ExcesBlve, a. l.tsSdavot, e.g. e. 

anger, beat.; rairuontso. 
Exchangee, v. I.b^dM; &d&lb&d&l 

2, vatai = /. e. money. 
Exchange places = yere suater 

TOts, /. go to another place, 

or also suat badal. 
Exchange, s. b&dlap, -pa, n. 
Exchequer, s. khilzano, -nea, m. 
Ezoise, s. sunk, -ka, n.; see Tax. 
Excitability, -T. utsambolai,-ye,/,; 

or utaambola sarken, -kea, n. 
Excitable, a. utsambolatso, ut- 

sambola sarko. 
Excite, v. l.utsambol k3.r. 

2. ubzS,i = cause to become 

3. utai, e.g. e. your hearers to 
penance; huakai, e.g. a dog 

4.kante TOr = /. bring thorns, 

i. e. instigate. 
5.b61 di = /. give force. 
6. lai = /. apply. 
7. bud Bang = give advice. 
%. by thee, v., e.g. ex. laughter 

= has&i. 
Ex. compassion = movalai; 

kakult dhJirai, or rs. kakult 

dista or k. kilr. 
Excitement, f. utsambolai,-ye,/.; 

umalo, -lea, m. == I. boiling; 

/g., e.g. e. to sin. 



Exclaim, v. b&b mar = /. beat 
noise; 8ang=/. say (in speak- 
ing); b6b marn sang = cry- 
ing say; commonly the form 
of the sentence must be 

Eiolamation, s. b6b, -\i6,f = l. 

Kxolnde, v. 1. pois dovdr=/. keep 
2, bhair ghal = /. put out ; kad= 
/. take out; bhair dank, or 
bbair gbaln dank. 

Ezolusion, s. bbS,ir gal&p, -pa, 
«., n.c.\ rs. V. 

Ezolnsive, a. I.yeksuroi-/. soli- 
2. by the emph. -ia\ rs. into 
kharit or si vai = except. 

Exolusively, ad. matri^, &ki.i or 
fakt = /. only; rs. kb&rit or 
giyai; by -ts emph., e.g. that 
is not the fault of old age 
e. = utar pirayeBita ti tsuk 

Ezoommnnioate, v. \. ig&rjentlo 
bbair ghal,. or igSrje bhair 
2. zati bbair ghal = /. put out 
of the caste. 

Ezcommnnicatioii, s. eskomuni- 
aufi, -ava, m., fr.\ s4rgin 
sirap, -pa, m. = the curse 
of heaven; igirjeairap, -pa, 
ffj.; or rs. v. 

Excrement, J. gu, -va, TO.; I&ddi, 
-de,/i=horse-dung; sen.-na, 
«. = cow-dung. 

Exoresoenoe, s. dunkuti^, -ta, n. 
Excruciate, !'. l.kMt&i; iza di; 

duk&i; volvolai. 
2.dukin jln vetfi-^/. by pain 

life goes. 
Excruciatiiig,a.kS.ntin; kil^touD- 

tso; dukountso; volvoloun- 

tso; ijetBo; d&gdouotso. 
Exculpate, "v, 1. gunyaunatullo 

dakili=show innocent; nda- 

ran sang; nirapradi kftr. 
2. nib sang = say excuse. 
Excnlpation, s. udar&n, -na, w., 

or rs. V. 
Exunraion, s. 1. pSsii, -ye, f. 

(Lai. deamhulatio); boundi, 

2,savari, -re,/. = a riding e. 
Excusable, a. m&f favo zallo, or£{or map) kit, 
or m. di =! I. make or giro 
pardon ; bogsi = forgive. 

2. maf mag = beg pardon. 

3. nib sang = I. exculpate, say 

Ezonse, s. 1 . maf, -fe,/ or -S, «., 
but bet. indecl.; bogsSaen, 
-nea, «. 
2. nib, -ba, «. = pretext. 
Execrable, a. sirapatso; kbote- 
ponatso; kantalofayo zallo; 
Execrate, s*. l.kantal = /. abbor; 
sirap ghal = I. put a curse. 
2. bllit&i = defile. 
Exaoration, s, I. sirap, -pa, m. 
2. rs. V. 



Execute, v. 1 . k&r = 1. do ; eoyoi 
kar, G, F., e.g. a good reso- 

2. pal = I. perform, e.g. a duty, 
a promise. 

3. tsaiai = /. cause to walk. 
4.Jari kir, e.g. a will. 

Execution, £. I.k^riii,-ne,y., de/. 
rs. intov.\ jari, -re,/! 

2. morna£i siksa, -«e,/. 

3. asteikap, -kpa, n. 
Executioner, s. mhar=a pariah, 

only such people being em- 
ployed in this o0ice; jari 
k&rtolo, -lea, m.\ ^si gh&l- 

Executor (of a will), j. = (testa- 
ment) jari k&rtolo. 

ZzaButive, a. jarik&rtso. 

Exegesis, s. vivorsangiSi vidya, 


Exemplar, s. l.namuno, -nea, 

m. = pattern, sample, used 

2.dek(e), -ki,/., e.g. J. C. is 

our exemplar. 
Sxemplaryi a. dek (6) kfiueank 

favo zallo = I. worthy of 

taking (from it) an example; 

attiiD = /. excellent; n&mu- 

Sxemplify, v. dek (6) [or daklo) 

di; dakleanin dakiii. 
£xempt, a. viroit : 'exempt from 

sin = patkan viroit'; often 

ch. cs. 
Exempt) V. l.rSja dis/. gire 

leave, ch. cs.; maf k4r. 

,, e.g. 

2. a6d = l. leave. 
Exemption, s. 1 . maf, -fa, i 
from a law. 
2. sufka, -ke,/i, £.^. from sin; 
sodni, -ne,y". 
Exercise, .f. l.&byas, -sa, m. 
2.kam, -ma, n. = I. basiaess, 

S.boundi, -de,y^ =walking ex. 

4. kaido, -dea, m. = I. duty, 
e.g. daily ex. 

5. sOToi, -ye, /. = practice, 

6. Telar, as in the phrase, 
'in the exercise of hia office 
= kam kfir^ea vel&r'. 

7. rs. (kam) tsiilili = exercise 
(an office). 

8. kovat, -ta, «. (military 

Exercise, v- 1 ■ ts&Iai, c. v. = /. 
cause to walk, e.g. an office. 

2. sOTOi k&r = /. make habit; 
Hbyas kiir. 

3. p&riksa k&r=/. make exami- 
nation, try, e.g. patience. 

4. kovat Bik&i = drill. 
Exercised, a. rs. taka ^byas a8&, 

or kii}ta=he has practice, or 
he knows; &hja.a asuUo. 

treat = /. (yearly) exercise ; 
ritrit, -ti, /., or riter, -ri, 
/■,/r.; &tmeat30 {or devaspo- 
natso) fi:byaB, -s&, m.; t6p, 
-pa, «. = the hearing of God's 
voice; contemplation. 

Exert, V. l.vaur^ 3= make effort; 
„, „ L.oogic 



2. pr&y&t&Q V&T = /. make 
an effort. 

3. dakSri = /. ehow. 
Exertion, s. pr&y&t^n, -ina, n. 

(var. -tne,/) 
Exhalation, s. l.porm61, -la, m. 
(a good Bmell). 

2, ub, -h&,/. = l. vapour. 

3. gban, -Tfi,/. = a bad smell. 
Exhale, i'. l.bhair ghal = /. put 

out, cA. cs.; bhair s&rai. 
2.bhair Bar = come out 
Eihaust, V. mugdi, e.v. of 

mugda = fiuiBh ; kh4r6i = /. 

expend; tirai = /. finish, e.g. 

e. a question. 
2. fisk&t k&r = make veak ; 

d%si = make tired; d&nvai. 
Exhansted, a. puro zallo = tired, 

I. got ODOugh; rater podso= 

I. falling on the way; A&a- 

Exhanation, s., rs. into v. ; (ts&- 

davot) isk&tkai, -ye, / = /. 

(excessive) weakness; dfin- 

Bonefi, -nea, «. Fplay. 

Exhibit..^. l.dakS.i=/. show, dis- 
2.dolean mukar ghalsput be- 
fore the eyes. 
Exhibition, s. dakoiuen, -nea, «. 

(or dakoni, -ne,/) 
Exhilarate, ^. kbuGaUii, c. v. of 

khusal, n, c, or khuSal k&r. 
Exhilaration, s. khnsalai, -ye,/. 

Exhort, V. bori bud &ang=/. say 

good advice ; bndba^ sang ; 

api ; see EnooiirAg:e. 

Exhortation, J. l.bud, -di,/. =/. 
2.budbal, -li,/ = /. a kind of 

familiar preaching. 
3. sermaun, -ava, m. = preach- 
ing, used also for exhorta- 
tion, fr. 
Exigreney, s. g^rz, -je,/; V&&\, 

-ta, 7n. 
Exile, J. l.pardesi,-sia,OT. ; pS-r- 
des, a. = foreign. 
2.gadpar, -ra, ^.=.Lat. "^exuP 
and '■exilium\ n. c; pfirdes- 
pon, -na, n. = Lat. exilium ; 
desant^r, -ra, n. 
He is in exile = pd.rgavant 
bhair ghala, or p&rdesi za- 
UQ asa. 
Exile, II- gadpar kar; paradesak 
dhad = send to a foreign 
country; or gavaii bhair ghal 
= put out of the country. 
Exist, V. asa. 

l.asap, -spa, m,, 

2.jini, -ye,/. =;. life. 
Existent, a. I. jiyeuntso = living; 
haz&r = present. 
2.atantso = /. of now. 
Exit, s- l.bhiurs&rap,-rpa,».= 
2. aka4o, -dea, ««. = a narrow 
footpath; iden, -clea, ». = a 
small opening, e.g. in a door. 
Exonerate, v. haluai; see also 

Exorbitant, a. bhou tsM, or tsii- 
davot = /. excessive. 

Exo 1 

SzorciBS, "v. deantBar&k sod&t a 
/. cause the devil to leavo. 

Ezorciam, s, 1. bbutasodouni, 
-rie,y;, n.c. 
2. bliuta6odouDeainag-Qea,-iie& 

Exordiom, s. euru, -ye,/.; t&fa- 

rai, -ye,yi 
ISzoterio, i. p&rg&t = /. pablic; 

ugto = /. opeo.y^. 
Ezotio, a. bbailo = /. exterior. 
Expand, v, I.vistar. 
2.s6d&i, e.g. Bowers e. their 
leaves ; gbal = I. pat. 
Ezpanaion, .r. vistarap, -rpa, n. 
Expatiate, "v. lambai ul&i ; vistarn 

Expatriate, see Exile. 
Expect, "0. l.rak, e.g. I expect 
you to-morrow; e. a letter, 
payment, etc. 
2. rau, n.-B, = l. wait. 
3. patiye = /. hope, trust; ala 

asa, ch. cs. 
4. fiint=/. tbjnk. 
Ih^otation, s. I.b&ruaso, -seS, 
m., e.g. I was disappointed 
in my e.; patiyeni, -ni,/.= 
/, hope, trust; asa, -le,/; 
2.a,lo5en, •Di,/. = ^. opinion. 
Expefltorate, v. kbaokar. 
Ei^wdienDy, s. vazbipon, -na, n, 
apfcftr, -ra, m.; upAi, -ya, 
Expedient, s. 1 . favo = /, due ; 

vasbi'^/. conveuient. 
2. upkaratsos/. advantageous zainiit is e., Lat. decet. 

9 Exp 

Expedition, J. l.aus&r, -ra, m.= 

2. (phoajifien) dhadap, -dpa, n. 

= the sending of an army; 

or phoujipoin, -na, n. 
Expel, V. bhair ghal = /. put out; 

bhair dbad = /. send out; 

nivrai = /. deprive; or bir- 

t&rap k&r = dismiss. 
Expend, jr-kh^rSi. 
Expenditure, s. khilrts, -tsa, m. 
Expense, s. khfirts, -tsa, m. ; 

kust, -t5, n. (in ind Loc), 

only in the phrase at my 

Expensire, a. kb&rtsatso; mhSr 

r&g = /. dear; mol&dig = of 

Experience, s. 1. ^nbou, -bova, 

m., or. Snbhdg, -ga, m. 
2.pirik|a,-5e,/; = /. examina- 
tion, a trial, a specimen. 
Experience, v. 1. sfts, bh6g=;/. 

suffer, feel. 
2.p&rik$a kiir = /. make trial, 

G.F.\ or pole = I. look. 
3.sik = /. learn. 
Experienced, a. anbh6gi; or &n- 


Experiment, s. parikSa, -Se, /.', 
p&ry&t&n, -tna, «., e.g. phy- 
sical e. 

Expert, a. usar; zanto; see 

Expiate, v. 1. pra^it k&r = /. 
make penance, G. N. 
2. f&rikpoi^ di s /. give satis- 




EzpUtioD, s. 1. pra6it, -t§,, n. 
2. farikpon, -na, n. = I. satis- 
Expiatory, a. 1. praiSitatso. 

2. ^rikponatso. 
Expiration, J. l.usuas, -sa, m. 
{ex, uBuasai^i s6dDe, -ne,/, 

2. &nt, -ta, ffi. = eiid; rj. zata: 
'on the e. of 5 years = pants 
vorsan zaun'. 

Expire) II. prari sod = I. leave 
life, die. 

Explain, V. l.B6dM = /. unfold. 
2./^. vivor sang, G, M. = /. 
say explanatioD ; dakoun di 
= /. show, as in preacliiDg; 
somz&i = /. give to under- 

3. &rth Bang = /. say tbe mean- 

Explanation,^. 1. vivor, -ra, m., 
e.g. of doctrine. 

2. arth, -tha, m. = /. meaning. 

3. udar&n, -na, «., e.^. e. of 
one's own proceedings. 

Explioit, (i. sost; kh&ndit = /. 

Explicitly, ad. so|t (zaun). 
Explode, V. mar, e. g. a gun. 

Ex. an opiniOD = yek alofieo 

k^dn udii. 
Exploit, i. vortikilmi, -ne,/. = 

great action ; dhiiiraTOnt 

karyen, -yea, n. ; or m&ba 

k&rtuven, -veil, n. 
Explore, v. 1. s6dna kilr; sdd; 

p&rik&i k&r; pole {or polei). 
2. vits&r&9 klir=make inquiry. 

Explosion, s. far, -ra, m. 
Explosire, a. faratso ; or far 

Export, ^. r&ft kHr; bhair vor. 
Exportation, s. r4ft, -ta, n., Hind. 
Expose, V. 1. bhair dov6r, bbair 

gbali7rmukarghal=/. place 

out, or before. 

2. ugto gbal = I. place open, 
e.g. to a danger; pSrgatai 
= publish. 

3. dak&i = /. exhibit. 

4. riskent gbal = /. put in 
danger; 'he exposed himself 
to death = morna&e riskent 

Exposed, a. ukto gbaltso or p&d- 
tso {e.g. to a danger); bet. 
rs. khal, e. g. riske kh. = e. 
to risk; patka kh. = e. to 

Expoaitios, s. 1. vivor, -ra, m. 
= /. explanation ; dakounen, 
-^ea, H. (or dakon, -ne,/.) 

2. lek(fe), -ka, «. = a statement. 

3. Sakramentacen besaun, -sa- 
TEi, n, = e. of the Blessed Sa- 
crament^.; SakramentaiSen 
dakouneS, -;iea, n. 

Expostulate, ». Sin uiai=/. speak 
a complaint; durva=/. blame; 
guuyaukar kfir = /. make 
guilty ; hiikkan mag = ask 
with right. 

ExpoBore, s. k&£t,-ta,;«.EAdifiK- 
culty, pain ; see Expose. 

Expound, see Explain. 

Express, v. 1, pil = squeeze. 

„, ;, L.oogic 




2.iitsar = /. give expression in 
words to, proDOUQce; p&tsar. 

3. dak^i = I. show. 

4. nl^ = I. speak. 

Express, a. -ts emph., i.e. exact, 

Eipress, s. ravani, -nia, m.orn. 
Expreaslon, s. I. atsir, -ra, m. 
2.ntrafi = /. words, sentences. 
3.rup, -pa, «., e.g. e. of tte 

Expressive, a. 1 . rs. into gnrti; 
a8a=^. is a sign ; or dak&ita. 
2.rupatso, soSt, e.g. e. face. 

3. b61 asijllo = I. having force. 

4. somzontso = intelligible. 
Bxpreaaly, see Eiplioitly. 
Expulsion, .r. bhair gbalap, -Ipa, 

n., n.c; or rs. v. 

Eipnnge, v. pus; iSitti^ kad. 

Expurgate, v. s&ma k^r; nit&l 
kar; nitlai, 

Ezqnlsite, a. l.utt&m = /. ex- 
cellent; TintsQllo, or vin- 
tsnar, e.g. e, pain, e. food; 
bhari, e.g. benefit. 
2.ni5tur=cruel, e.g. e. pain. 
3.ru5it80=:tasteful (food); na- 
zok = /. delicate. 

Exquisite, s. nazakgar = a deli- 
cate, elegant man. 

ExqnisitenesB, i. l.nazukai, -ye, 
/. = delicacy. 
2,Tortepon, -na,«,=siihlimity. 

Extant, <T. urta tOa=remaiuing; 
ani asa to. 

Extempore, ad. 1. yekats fara=^ 
at once, ch. cs.; anSit. 

2. t^yarnastanan = /. not being 
prepared, ch. cs. ; rs. utrAfi 
tond&r aB&t = /. words are 
on the mouth, t. e. he can 
speak extempore. 
Extend, v, I.Tistar. 

2. lamb k^r = I. make long. 

3- kad. [road. 

4. rundai or rund k&r, e.g. a 

5. ani di = /. give more {e.g. 

6. pan = roach. 

Extension, s. yistar&p, -rpa, n. or 

vistar, -ra, m.\ lambai, -ye, 
/. = /. length; zago, -gea, m. 

= /. space, place; rs. into 

kitlo = how much. 
Eztensive, a. \.pr. vistarlolo. 

Extent, s. vistarap, -rpa, n. 
Extenuate, v. 1. maf k^r = /. 

2. Ian kftr = /. make little, e. g. 

ext. a fault ; uno k&r = I. 

make less. 
3.iisk&t kilr = /. make weak; 

b61 mod(6) = break the force. 
Exterior, a. I.bhailo. 
2. s&mandnatulloB/. not hav- 
ing connexion. - 
Exterminate, v. kadn ghal = I. 

drawing put ; naS k&r, vibSd 

kfir = /. make ruin. 
Extermination, s. naS, -ha,, n. ; 

vibadi -^a, m. 
External, a. see Exterior. 
Extinct,, a. s&n^llo or mftm 


Ext 1 

Extinction, s. 1. nas, -sSl, n. 
2. &nt, -ta, m. = /. end, e. g. 
of a family. 

Eztinjfuish, v. palvoi, c, v, of 
palva (a candle, anger, etc^ 

Extiss^nieher, s. palTOuoSen kut- 
ten, -tea, n. 

Extirpate, ^. kad; kadn ghal; 
huinbol= root out,/r. andfg. 

Extort, Extr&ct, "v. kad. 

Extortion, s. zulum, -Ime,/, 

Extra,*, l.kusri, -ri,/.=/. sup- 
plement, addition, e.g. what 
13 given over and above in 
2.vises = /. special. 

Extract, s. l.sar, -ra, m., e.g. 
e. of fruits. 
2. siinksep, -pa, n. = abridg- 

Extraction, s. kutam, -tma, n.\ 
ragat, -gta, «. 

Extra-judicial, a. e^rkarazainil- 

Extruieons, a. I . pargavautso or 
pS.rgauntso = of a foreign 
country ; bh^ilo = I. from 
outside; pilrki = foreign. 
2. s^mand Dat^llo=rnot having 

Extraordinarilj, ad. flprup; &sa- 
dharn eaun. 

Extraordinar7, a, ii>prup = rare; 
' asadbarn. 

Extravagance, 5. l.&kram, -ma, 
n. = I. irregularity; vid, 

2 Eye 

2.pisepo9, -na, n. = /. foolish- 
ness ; girigiri s madness in 
a small degree; tarife&i 
vfistij, -tu,/. 
Extravagant, a. 1. pisoso; vid 
lagi^llo; ^kr&matso=irregu- 
2. font&jigS>r = fantastic; taii- 
fetso = awkward. 
Extreme, a. ^ritso = being at 
the extremity ; nimano s 
last; bhou ts&d; S,Badbarn. 
Extremity, s. 1, mit, -ti,/;; bet, 
mitmer, -t^,/. 
2.&ker, -kri,/. 
S.tudi, -ye,/. = top. 
4. palouii, -Iva, m. (of a dress). 
E. of suffering = ts&davot kiiSt. 
Kxtricate, v. l.sM^i, e. g. from 
2. s&ma kS,r = I, make right ; 

kad = draw. 
Esitricate out of difficulties = 
tsukon ghe or pSiriyar za. 
Extrinsic, see Exterior. 
Exuberance, s. sampurnai, -ye,. 


Exuberant, a. bhorn, or pusk&L 
Exnde, V. dikej^rom dik, -ka, ««. 

=juice, exudation. 
Exult, "v. (auii) ^nd.nd pautan^ 

/. (I) arrive to exultation;. 

Santos bhog = feel joy. 
Exultation, s. in&nd, -d&, m.\ 

ulas, -sa, m.\ eukb, -kha, n, 

<= happiness. 
Bye, s. do}o, -lea, m. 


Eye 1 

Xye-brow, s. asdi, -de,/. 
Bye-grlasfl, s. vokly, -kla, n.^fr.\ 

di8tieiikry,-ra,«.(Z?.^.); see 


3 Fac 

Eyelid, s. dole&Seii damp^en, 
-nea, n. ; p&pdeS, -dea, n. 

Eye-witnesB, J. pol&illo sakji- 
gar, -ra, m. 

Fable, s. l.kaaji, -ye,/ 
2. Top&r, -re,/ = a parable. 

fabrie, s. \. baadap, -dpa, n. s 

/. an edifice; karkhano,-iiea, 

OT. s /. an establiBbment. 

2. lagat, -gta, «. ; T&stur, -ra, 

». = /. cloth (manufactured). 

TabrioatioD, J', fot, -^i,/ ; k&lpa- 
na, -ne,/, «. c. 

Pabolotu, a. nf^. <^ = 
true; k^lpanetso ; fdtkiro = 
I. false; f6t {in composition; 
kaniyetso, or bet. rs. kanije 

Face, s, muk, -ka, ». ; makam- 
b61, -la, »., rarer than muk ; 
rup, -pfi, «, = I. figure, fea- 
tures, countenance ; tdnd, 
-da, n. 
In the face = makar. Face to 
face = mukar, or rubrub. 
To mukar poleita =he looks 
you in the face, t^. facie 

Face, V. 1. inukar ran s /. re- 
main in face; mukilr Tots = 
go in face of, e.g. f. dangers, 

2.y^- pole, e.g. the window 

faces the street, n. c.\ G. 

isilean asa. 
FaMtions, a. JSestayetso; iSes^ 

k&rtso; n&klaii k^rtso = /. 

making copy,y^. mocking. 
Facetiouaneea, s. iSestai, -ye,/; 

tom&so, -seS, m.; barik^, 

-ye,/ = /. wit. 
Facilitate, v. l.sompo k&r. 
2.halu kS.r = /. make light; 

uno k&F s /. make less. 
Facility, j. l.sompepon, -na, «.; 

sfisarai, -ye,/ 

2. sandrap, -pa, «■ = /. an 

Fao-8imiIe, s. n&k&l, -klii, ». 

Fact, s. l.karyen, -yea, n. 

2.vasti}, -tn,/ = I. thing. 

3. kflrni, -ne, /. = /. action ; 
k&rtuTen, -vea, n. = /. ac- 

4. g^ap, -dpa, n. = I. event. 
In fact = khiirents, emphatic 

of khiiren = true; or niz 
zaun, or &lbS.t. 
Faction, s. 1. kut, -\&, n. = plot. 
2.t4nd, -da, «. = party. 

Fac ] 

Futioas, a. kutatBo; t&ndatso 
t&ntillmari ^ /. turbulent. 

7aotitiona a. fi^mMk&ratBo; or 
bet. hikm&titsq^/. artificiaj, 
produced b; art; k&p&|i. 

Factor, s. dfiliil, -Ia,M.=ageDt; 
b^dli, -lea, m. = I. acting 
for; karb&ri, -raa, m. 

Factory, s. karkhano, -nea, m. 

Faculty, s. I. podvi, -ye, /, = 
2, sSkftt, -kti,/;, £.§; a faculty 

of the Boul, 
S.samartbi, -the,/ = ability; 

see Ability. 
4.vidya, -ye,/], or 8a8tr((, -ra, 
«., e.g-. theological f. 

Fade, V. euk (noifo be confound- 
ed with sukb) ; bau. 

Fag:, ^- kaSta, c. v. kistai ; kis- 
taDv3,arkar; mia&tia raur^. 

Fag:o1^ s. mouli, -le,/. = a small 
bundle of firewood; bhoro, 
-re§., m. (a large one); dim. 
bborkuti, -te,/. 

Fail, ^. l.tsuk; beparvok&r = 
neglect, G. M. 

2. \\&\ = neglect, e. g. s^ kh&l- 
X\\ uno asa^isless, e.g. he 
failed in going to church, 
or also the light failed me. 

3. fota,i. 

4. divali kad = make bankrupt. 
6.s6d = leave. 

6. neg. of jik, e. g. p&rikia ji- 
kunk nSn; pad za, used far 
failing in a law-suit. 

4 Fai 

Fail (Without), s. tsukanSstanag. 
Failare, s. 1. tank, -ki,/.=/. error, 

2. often by nan prefixed, e. g, 
f. in strength = nan bolaiki. 

3,gunyaufi, -aya, m. 
Fain, ad. I would f, die=3moraa 

zaiear boren. 
Faint, a. puro zallo=/. tired; 
baunt80=laDgni8hii)g; iisk&t 
IK weak, used also fg., e.g. 
f. remembrance; illots (illits, 
illents) — only a little. 
Faint, i'- !• paro za = /. get 
enough.^r p6d = faU on the way. 
S.jint mar = swoon. 
FaiatnsBB, s. 1. guvol, -H, {or 

g«Wi). / 
2.&ak&tkiii, -ye,/. = weakness. 

3. rs. m6t tsukta = /. mind is 

Fair, 11. l.sobit, sundor; an5i; 

goro {said of Europeans as 

opposed to naiives); p&rzalik 

s: shining; nit&!=pure; ku- 

pannat^llo s unclouded. 
2.gu9at30 = fa7ourable; or la- 

yek, e.g. a fair wind. 
3. nitivont =s just. 
4.8umar=moderate, or suma- 

5. boro = good. 
Fair, s. sant, -ti,/.; jatro, -reS, 

m. = l. a Hindu feast, 
rairnesa, s. 1. sobitai, -ye,/.; j 

sobai, -ye,/.; sund&rai, -ye, I 

/ ' 

2.nit, -ti,/. 




Faith, s. I.bavadt, -tS, m (di- 
Tine faith). 

2. nfimganeD, -nea, n., or n&m- 
g&ni, -Be, /. (human faith). 

3. dillen utar, -tra, «.=/. giTen 

4. patiyeni, -ni, /. = /. confi- 
deace, faithfulness. 

5. sastry, -r&, n. = religiou. 
In faith = khareats ; bavadtin 

or havadtan. 
Faithful, a. 1 . havadti (he who 
believes in God). 
2. patiyenitso = trustful. 
Fiithfulness, s. uilmg^ii, -^e,/ ; 

patiyeni, -ne,y. 
Fakeer, s. f&kir, -ra, m. (a Mus- 

sulmau mendicant). 
Faloon, s. p&kkisalo, -lea, m, ; 

gidgo, -gea, m. 
Fall, f. 1. pod (6), used also for 
be alaiu, decrease, decline 
from a state ; seuta. 
2. deun = /, descend, pr. and 
fg"., e.g. the price, the wind 
S.Tihad za = get destroyed. 
F. asunder = m6d(6) = break. 
F. at a man's feet = f?. piLyan 

F. awaysLsftr; sM. 

2.barikza=/. get lean; bhag. 
F. back = pati ye, or portun 

ye = come back. 
F. foul = dasb. 

2.gali Bang, 
F. headlong = Tompto pdd. 
F. into =:Tau = flow. withsm6I = /. he foand, 

meet; s^ma pdd = ^ree. 
F. off= l.nia&r = slip. 

2. pad zS. 

3. p6d, e.g. f. from ahigh state. 
F. on = angar p6d=/. fell on 

life, attack; tarker p6dta = 
falls on the day; p6d=:/.fall, 
e.g. evils f, upon had men; 
Or, visyant alien {or pddleii) 
= /. came about, e. g. the 
conversation; maka ailiin 
or podlaa (daiz) s: /. there 
fell (an inheritance) to me. 

F. out= 1. z&, or giid = /. 
2. z&g&das/. quarrel. 

F. 8hort=tBnk; uno za. 

F. sicksipi^ent p6d. 

F. under = Or. khal p6d, or 
khal za. 

F. among robbers = tsoran 

bit&r pod. 

Fall, s. 1 . pddap, -dpa, n. ; deu^i, 

-ne,/., or devap, deupa, «., 

also for a f. in the revenue. 

2.vib&d, -da, m. = raiti. 
Fallacious, a. f6tkiro; d&geatso; 

Fallacy, s. mos, -sfi, m.; dSgo. 

-gea, m. 
Fallibility, s. tsukasarken, -kea. 

Fallible, a. tsukon podayet asijl- 
lo, or tsukon podtso, or 

Falling:, ^- podtso. 'F. 3icktiess= 
morlugi pida, -de,/.' 



Falling off, s. katkai, -ye, /. = 

7ftIlow, a. b^njer; Mnjerzago, 
-gea, m.=f. ground; p&dil z. 
7Hae, a. l.faU, or phals, ^. 
s&tavin ^ not true. 
2. neg: of khfiro, or of niz 
ffitkiro = I. deceiTing, e. g. 
f. gods, coin ; lotik, e. g. f. 
witness, ol. 
PalBehood, s. f6t, -ii^f 
F&lsiQr, V, 1. badal kir, (jr ie/. 
bor8i = /. mix. 
2.f6tkiro k&r = make false. 
F. a document = fdtkiren d&s- 

tevoz borii. 
F. money = f6tkiro dudu kir. 
Falter, V. gage ; raun rauu uUi 
=/. speak stopping stopping; 
kampon ul&i=/. speak trem- 
Fame, s. l,kobro = /. news, pi. 
f. from kobar. 
2. ^D^nd, -da, TO.=glory ; boren 
naun, -ava, n. = I. good 
name; man, -na, m.=hoaour; 
kitt, -ti, f. 
Familiar, a. 1. ijit, -ta, m. = I. 
friend; rs. sAlgi k&r. 
2. rs. Tolok asa, cA. cs. = I. is 

Grow f.; B0T6i za = custom get, 

^A- "■ [asa. 

Be on f. terms with = Cm. salgi 
Familiarity, s. l.saigi, -ge,/. 

2. sfilavol, -li,/. 
Family, s. 1 . gS.r6in = Laf. do- 

2. kutam, -tma, n. 

3. g^ranen, -nea, »., e. g. tbe 
family of the Bourbons. 

4.rilgat, -gta, ».= blood. 

Family-name, s. alkugn, -gna, 
»., fr.\ kutmafien naufi, 
-avS, n. 

Famine, s. dukoj, -la, m.\ b&r- 
gal, -la, «. 

Famous, a. navadgo or nava- 
di^llo or nETaddik; kirt pa- 
ullos/. arrived fame. 

Fan, s. aino, -nea, m. 

Fanatic, s., a. uts&mbolist, -ta, m. 
= /. an excited man ; pisoso 
or vid UgijUo, «, c.\ vlg. 
sim budivont, -ta, m.=l. 1 j 
wise; foat&sigar, -ra, 7».=a 
fantast, fr. 

Fanaticism, J. utsambolai, -ye, 
/.; pisepon, -na,M. = foolish- 
ness; ts&davot urba, -be, f. 

Fanciful, a. font^zitso; sopne- 
tso; k^lp£inetso (mS,nis, -nsa, 

Fancy, s. l.k&lp&na, -ne,/=/. 

2. girigiri, mn. half-fdolishneas, 
fg. ; pisepon, -ria, n. = /. 

foolishness, y^, 

3. m&rji, -je,y; = caprice. 
Fancy, v. k&lpana kS,r, n. c; vlg. 

Fantastic, s. fontazigar, -ra, m. 
Futtastie, a. kJtlpanetso. 
Far, ad. pois. 
As far as = p^riy&nt, nam. 
As far as I can = maka tankta 
„. „ L.oogk- 



tilleo, or maka tankta tftsen; 
moje tanki p&rmane. 
Far the moBt diligent = eilri- 

vi? nsar. 
So far, thaB far = titlea. 
How far = kitlea. 
Tare, 5. 1. khani, -na, n, ■= food, 

2. mdl, -la, n. = I. price. 
Pspewell, s. Leu boreii tarua = 
God make good; sukhyzSruil 
= /. be happiness. 
Farm, s. ital, -tla,«.; z&min, 
-ne, /.; ast, -ti, or iisti, -te, 
y. = property; gado, ~de&, 
m. =a field. 
Turn, V. l.besai k&r. 

2. hadeak kanghe= hire (l. take 
to hire). 

3. hadeak di = I. give to hire. 
Tumer, s. I. vokal, -kla, m. 

2. buinkar,-ra,»«.= cultivator; 

aagoligar, -ra, m. = culti- 

Farther, ad. mukar; a. maka- 

Farthing-, 5. 1. fardiag, -ga, «., 

■ A 

2. tar, -re,/ =two pies, if the 

£ = exactly i o Jis. 
Fasohiate, ^. holmeS sang = /. 

saj iacantation; gh3idi kar; 

bhul ghal. 
Fascination, s. 1, bhul, -li, /.; 

ghadi, -di,y; ; bolmen, -mei, 

n.; t^ntru, -ra,ff. ; m&ntri}, 

-ra, «. 
2.^, Todni, -ne, yi; pisepon, 

-na, n.; fuBl&ituen, -iiea, n. 

Pasoine, s. mouli, -]e, /.; see 

Faahion, s. rivaz, -ji, /.; madri, 
-ri,/, «. c; 80T6i, -ye,/ = 
habit; daetur, -re,/.; 'go oat 
of f. = atafi rivaz naS'. 

Fashion, v. kilr; rflp di. 

Fastid. l.ghS>t=strODg; ^rnuD. 
2. thir = firm. 

Make fast = l.ghatk&r = make 

2. band = bind. 

3. big ghal = put a lock. 

4. damp = shut. 

Fut, ad, ghg,t or ghM zaun; or 

thir zaun. 
Fastj If. jinzvar kar, (or -dhftr), 
/r.\ .tfe Abstinence; upasrau 
= /. remain abstaining. 
Fa8t,J.jinzvar,-ra,»t.,/r.; upas, 
-sa, m. 
Break a f. = upas mod(6). 
Declare a f . = upas formai. 
Fasten, v. 1. gh&t k&r. 
2.melii=,/. annex; band=/. 
tie; sirk&i (f. with hooks); 
(butaun) ghal, /r., (gubbi) 
ghal = I. put a batton. 
Fastening:, £. 1. bandap, -dpa, 
ti.; bandni, -ne,/., n.c. 
2.bS,Ddpas, -sa, m„ e.g. for 
shoes; sutli, -le,/i ; fint, -ta, 
«, ; dori, -ye,y. = a rope. 
Fastidious, a. 1. bezarEyetso; 
dostso; bez^ri; klirkS,rat80. 
2. nazuk=delicate, nerer con- 



2. kltrk&r, -tS., m,, used more 

frequently in the plural. 

3. nazukai, -ye,/". 

Fastings, s. upas, -sa, m. ; see Put. 

P&atiDg, a. 1 . khaiinatijlla=with- 
out food; upasi; jeunk kha- 
unk nati^lo = not hariog to 

2. rs. bhainastanaS rau. 

Tat, s. yds, -Be,/; tsJlrab, -rbe, 

YiX, a-; 'very fat=motto'; 
2.itatso (f. soil). 
Fatal, a. 1 . gr&tstsaratso. . 
2.risketao; jlykadtso; fidrus- 

3. bhou luksanatso b /. very 

Fatalism, Fate, s. 1. gratstsar, 
-ra, in.\ ^druSt, -ta, n, 
2. akant, -ta, ■m. = l. difficulty; 
see Calaiaity. 

Fatber, a. bapui, -pai, m. ; Ba,p, 
-pa, m. used for the First 
Person of the B.Trinity; pai, 
pai, m. used only partially; 
bab, -ba, m., an, -nS, m. 
used chiefly as the term of 
address; padri, -ri, m. = I. 
a priest. 
Father of the church = igiirz 
matetBO bap. 

Father-in-law, s. maun, -ara, m. 

Fathom, i'. gundai niez(e)=souDd 
the depth. 

Fathom, s. 1. vaun, vava, «. 
{Lat. ulna = 6 ft. about). 

a.gundai, -ye,/; thai, -la, n- 

= bottom, depth. 
FathomlesB, ^. thill mManatijllo. 
Fatigue, s. min&t, -ti, / ; tsM 

kam, -ma,«.=/.much work; 

kagt. -ta, m. {in pi.). 
Fatigue, v. l.puro k&r = make 

tired, pr. ; d4nvS,i, c. v., n. c. 
2. puro za = get tired. 
Fatigued, a. I. puro zallo; cUin- 

2. b&ullo = languishing. 
Fatneie, s. l. motai, -ye,/ 
2. it, -ta, m, {or itai, -ye, /.) 

= f. of soil, l, manure, fg^. 
Fatten, v. motfi,i, c.v., n.c; bet. 

mo(o k&r. 
Fatuity, s. pisepon, -na, n. ; see 

Fault, s. tauk, -ki,/; gunyaun,. 

-ava, OT.; Srprad, -da, »i.;.pa^ 

tak, -tka, n. ; aib, -ba, n. 

(physical f., flaw); uri, -na,. 

«,, or unepon, -na, n. 
Fanltless, a. gunyavavine, or 

-gunyaun natullo. 
Faulty, a. tsuk; s^ma natijllo. 
Favour, s. 1. dosti, -to, /, e.g- 

he enjoys the f. of the king 

= rajace dostent asS.. 

2. upkar, -ra, m. = & benefit. 

3. mog, -ga, m. = love ; or rs^ 
into mogal. 

4. adhar, -ra, nt. = help. 

5. daya, -ye, / = /. clemency. 
In favour of =khatir, or riu&t, 

or pasun {Postp.). 
Kestore to i. = rs. portun dosb 
„„ .„ L.oogk- 



za or adli dosti mM. Enter 
into the f. of = dostint rig. 

Lose the f. of=nakbu§ent p6d. 
Faroni, v. upkar kS>r = make 
faTOur; ditya kILr = pleaael 
(usually, d&;a k&m) j guna- 
tso za=i become favorable; 
kumok di. 

FsTonraWe, a. 1. gunateo = pro- 
pitious, e.g;. f. answer. 
2. adayatso = adrantageouB ; 

apkaratso = beneficial. 
S.lajeksSt, suitable, e.g. f. 
wind. pso. 

4. dajal=clemeDt, kind; dosti- 

Faroarite, J. ddat, -sta, m., e.g. 
f. of the king. 

Favourite, a. mogal. 

?awii,v. fuslai = flatter ; patle^n 
vots = /. go behind, show af- 

Pew, s. bhen, bhija, «.; bhi- 
rant, -ti, /, : 'fear of God = 
Leva£i bhirant'; see Dread, 

Fear, V. bhiye ; bhefi dista. 

Pearfnl, a. l.bhiyatso; phukke- 
la (very much afraid); bizud 
= timid, shy. 
Z.bhiyankul (causing fear); 
bh&yiLnk&r, n. c. 

Fearfnlness, s. bbeii, bhiy a, ». ; 
bhiyaiSen mdn, -na, n. 

Fearless, a, bhennatijllo. 

Fearlessness, s. dh&ir, -ra, n. = 

Feast, s. f6st, -ta, n./r.; p&rab, 
-rbe,/.; 86nt,-t&,m.=8aint'3 

day, not a mere Sunday. 

I wish you a happy feast = 

boren f^st magtan. 
Feather, s. pak, -ka, n. 
Feathered, a. pakan asi^Uo ; or 

p3.kan futi^llo. 
Feature, s. Lrup, -pa, «.; dei. 

tond&iSen rup ; t6nd, -da, n. 
2. gun, -na, ot. = character; 

nfidten, -tea, «.; see Bress. 
Feculence, s. Cikol, -kla, m.; 

m&ddi, -de, /. = sediment; 

bursepOD, -na, «. 
Feculent, a. &iklatso; burso. 
Federal, i?. BOlIeateo. 
Fee, s. 1. sambal, -la, m. = pay- 
ment; kul, -U,/= wages. 
2.tergi, -ge,/, = /. a tax. 
Feeble, a. l.&skiit; bdlnati;llu = 

/. not having strength; bo- 

laikinati^llo = unhealthy, 
a.phadposi = faint, languid^ 

e.g. f. impression, 
3. kalso^ darkish. 
Feebleness, s. S,BkiLtkiLi, -ye, /. ; 
nabolaiki, ~ke,/.=l. unhealthi- 

Feed, ». p6s (c.v.poski); 

khaank di = /. give to eat. 

2. kha = eat, c. v. khaYoi. 

3. jeu = eat (take a meal) ; 
sen = eat (delicacies). 

4. tsfir3,i, c. V. of ts&r = graze. 
f>.fg. udak di, e.g. rivers feed 

the sea. 
Feel, -i). I.bh6g. 
2, apod = touch. 




3. hat ghal <= /. put the hand ; 
or hat lai. 

4. s6b k /. aaffer, 

F. glad = s&ntos bb6g. F. 
Borry =s dukhy dista. This 
table feels 8aiooth=ye£i mfez 
teltenlagta. He felt it deep- 
ly = boren laglafi or borea 

Feeler (of an insect), s- misio,^/. 
f. =• I. mu8taches,y^. {sing'. 
miSi, -§e). 

Feeling, s. l.bogt, -ti, or bogti, 
-ti, /., e.^. f. of humility; 
bhogap, -gpa, ». ; or bogti- 
pon, -na «. ; Todni, -ae, /. 
= /. inclination ; m&niapon 
(or manSepon), -ria, n. = 
tender heart, civility, polite- 
2.aloi^n, -ui, /. =an opinion. 

Feign, v. 1. k^piLt kfi,r=/. make 
simulation, e. g. f. friend- 
2. dilkd,!, with fdtkiro added to 
what is feigned; Or. b&ri 
k&r = do as. 
F. tears =f6tkiri3 dukaii gilai.' 

Feigning, Feint, s. k&p&t, -ta, «. 

Felioitation, s. p5rab, -rhe, /. 
'P. ditan = I offer (my) feli- 

Fell,!'. 1. katran ghal; porti, 
or portan ghSl, e.g. a tree. 
2. kidiny ghal. 

Fell, s. l.porvdt, 4a, m.^bigh 
a.kat, -ti,/. = Bkin. 

Fellow, s. 1. sang&ti, -tia, fn.\ 
iSt, -ta, m. = friend; sando, 
-dea, m. = I. member, e. g. 
of a university. 

2. mUnia, -nsa, vt,=l. a man. 

3. lutstso, -ucCea, »i. = (abad 
f., a rascal). 

Fellow-citisen, s. (aplea) gaun- 
t80=of (one's own) country; 
or (aplea) serantlo = of 
(one's own) town; eangati- 
rMt, -ta, m. 

N.B. In Ike same way, all 
other words, not put down 
here, compounded with fel- 
low, may be translated. 

Fellow-prisoner, s. sangatibandi- 
yan, -na, m. 

Fellow-eoldier, s. s&ngatisipai, 
-ya, m. 

Ffillowehip, s. 1. sangat, -ta, m. 
= company; yekot, -ta, m. 
= community, union. 
2.i|tag&t, -ti,/. = friendship. 
i./g. siLmilnd, -da, m. = con- 

4. of a unirersity, rs. 'Got a f. 
= sando zfilo, or mel&ilo'. 

Felt, s. bnmas, -s£, m.; comm. 
= good for nothing, but in 
Mr. it mn. fait. 

Female, s. bail, -le,/; b&ili v^st^, 
-ta, /. » a female being; 
hiiilm&nia, -nie, /.; iSeduff, 
-dva, n. = I. girl, as opposed 
to boy. 

Female, a. bililo or baili accord- 
ing as the word to which 



il is joined is masiti. or fem.; 
see Gram. p. 47. 

TemiBUM (^sder), a. bailo; 

ftnee, s. voi, -i, /.; beli, -li,/., 
n. c.\ vedo, -dea, m. -> sur- 

Tance, V. Toi ghal = /. put a 
fence, or voi band -i I. bind 
a fence. 

Feanel, s. b&diSep, -pi,/! 

Itement, s. l.fug, -gi,/ 
2.^*. umalo, -lea,ffr. = /. boil- 
ing; utBamboJai, -ye,/". 

Ferment, v.fg. siz&i, c, v, of siz. 

Fermentation, s. fug, -gi,/. 

FeroeiooB, a. 1 . niStar ; mh&ra. 

Feroeity, s. l.nifiturai, -ye,/ 
=cru6lty ; inbarupOD,-D&,M. 
2.kbotepon, -nS, n. 

Ferret, "o. bhair kad, 

FemtsinouB, a. lonkd&tsoso. 

Fermle,5. l.k&t,-ta,««. (ametal 
ring fastened to the end 
of a common stick). 
2. an&8, "ELsi, /. ^&n iron ring 
&stened to tbe end of a 

Ferry, s. k&dou, -dva, m. (the 
part of a river over whicb 
pasBongers are carried). 

Ferry-boat, s. k&dva&i don, -ni, 


Ferry-man,^. don^ar(i3rdonkar), 
-ra, m. = a boatman; ktidva- 
gar, -ra, m. = the owner of 
the boat. 

Fertile, a. f61 dinntsos/. giring 

fruit; or f6Udik; fAlab&rit 

ital or itatso. 
Fertility, s. it,-ta, m.=l. manure, 

used freq.fg. for i.\ sfir, -rS, 

m.;folab&rItpon,-ria,«.; vlg, 

bb&rtigai, -ye,/.; vlg. rs. crc. 
Fervent, a. pr. &fg. eudandaye- 

taoe/. active; urberont = 

zealous; umajeatso. 
Fervently, ad. sudsudayen; &Sen; 

Fervour, s. Lamajo, -lefi,m.,/r. 

S.sudsudfii, -ye,/s=/. activity. 
3. ifia, -Se,/ =/. desire. 
Feetival, s. 1. rftja, -je, /. = /. 

2. B&l natfllo dis, -s5,, tn. = I. 

the day on which there is 

no school; fSst, -ta, «., fr.; 

p&rab, -rhe,/; sdnt, -ta, m. 
Festive, a. l.festitso. 
2. JLa&nd&tao — ^ of joy. 
Festivity, see Feast. 
Festoon, .r. fulan,//. n.; ark,-ka, 

«. ■= arch (of flowers), fr.; 

g&mpry,-ra,«.;tdrn, -na, ». 
Fetch, V. apouQ had, or only 

h&d'>= /. bring, or vor. [kad. 
Fetch s 8igh = uskilr add oru. 
Fetid, a. 1 . ghaniero. 
i.fg. vonk&reatao a /. causing 

Fetter, s. 1. sankji, pi. f.from 

2.bilDdi, -i,/ = Laf. vincula, 


Fet 1 

Fettar, v. Lbiladint ghal = /. 

put Id fetters. 
^■/g. adai = /. prevent. 
Petos, s. l.g&rb, -ba, m. 
2.pilo, -lea, m. = slriclly, 

Tend, s. zilgden, -dea, n. \ nai, 

-ya, *«, = discord. 
Ferer* i. tap, -pa, m.\ z6r, -ra, 

'He lias fe?er=taka tap jeta= 

/. feyer comes to him ; or ang 

un zata = /. life gets warm, 

(is slightly feyerisb). 'Get 

free from feyer = tap s6d 

(maka), or (mozo) tap sut. 
Feverish, a. tapatsoso. 
Few, a. tbode, pi. from tbodo = 

a little; 'afew moresaiiiki 

Fibre, s. \. kato, -tea, m. (cocoa^ 

nut f.). 
2. nar, -ra, m. (f. in general). 
Fiokle, a. thirnat^llo; &tliir; 

Fickleness, s. &tbirpoB, -na, n. 
Fiotion, s. I.falsapo^, -9a, n.\ 

see Fei^a. 

2. k&p&t, -ta, n. = simulation. 

3. k&lpana, -ne, /. = imagina- 
tion; kani, -ye, y; = /, fable, 

Fictitious, a. kiilpanetso s fan- 
tastic; kaniyetso. 

Fiddle, s. rebek, -ka, n.\ sa- 
ring, -ga, n. (H. K.) 

Fiddle-striuff, s. kordauD, -daya, 
m.,/r.\ bet. dori, -ye,/. 

2 Fig 

Fidelity, s. patiyeni, -tti,/; nam- 

g&ni, -ni,/ 
Fidnciary, s. (&maQ&t) doy6rtolo; 

tabedar, -ra, m. 
Pie, int. 6bi ; or £ha. 
Field, s. l.gado, -dea, tn. 
2. zago, -gea, m. = a, place, 

S.kamp, -pa, n., fr.; bet, mSi- 

dan, -na, n. 
4. l&5&il, -la, ff. = a meadow. 
5.tBOrovatso zago, -gea, m.= 

Wet f.=bailgado. Dryf.=bet- 
Field-marghal, s. mukbya &dlii- 
p&ti, -ti, m. = I. chief com- 
Fiead, s. bhut, -ta, m. = deyil. 
Fierce, a. 1. k^ntin; nistur; 
2.bhou ragi^t; ranvot = wild. 
Fierceness, 5. l.k&ntinai, -ye,/.; 
niSturai, -ye, / ; mharupon, 
-na, M. 
2. ranyotpou, -na, ff.swildness. 
Fiery, a. njeatso; ntsambolft- 
sarko or ntsambol zauntso ; 
Fife, s. pirlok, -ke,/. 
Tig, s. anjur, -ra, «.; rumbacl, 

-bdfi, n, (country fig). 
Fi^ht, V. l.lMai k&r=s/. make 
3.ZUZ k^r; zuz. 
Pifilhtinj:, s. l.zuz, -za, «. 
2.1fidai, -ye,/. 

Fig 11 

3. z&gden, -dea, «. 
Tignte, s. 1. akar, -ra, «.; rup, 
-pa, n. (also a statae or 
pictnre on a wall eic.) 

2. pintnr, -ra, n. = ^i(Avir9,/r.; 
rnpnen, -nea, n. ; Sitri^, -trii, 

3. sfim&ndi atftr, -tra, n. = con- 
nected expression (rhet. f.) 

rignre, »- fiint = think. 
FignratiTe, n- siim&adi, or s^ 

Fflch, V. gutan ta6r = steal se- 
cretly, or only ts6r ; nagfii. 
File, J. l.har, -ri, _f., of soldiers, 
of papers; kamp, -pa, n. 
2.p^tti, -te,/.= a list. 
3. kan&s, -ri$i,y,=a carpenter's 

Hari asat = there are lines ; 
harin = in files ; see Line. 
. File, V. 1. harin gh&l. 

2.kansin ghas; kan&s ghal. 

3.y^. nit&l kJir; suddu kfi,r, 

FUi&l, a. burgea bSri, ck. cs. = 

as a child; or burgeatso. 
riliii|f8, s. tsuro, -rea, m. ; or pud, 


N. B. Care should be taken to 
pronounce the d in pnd dis- 
tinctly palatal. 

Fill, !■• I.bh6r,^r. and/g,, e.g. 
jails, pipes, camps. Fill with 
emotion, graces etc. 
2.Tnlr. bh6rn za; bh6r, e.g. 
the vessel fills with water. 

Filled, a. 1 . bhorijllo, or bhorlolo; 

5 Fin 

3. dados = /, satisfied. 
Filter, v. gal. 
Filter, .r. g&icen aldau, -■a&, n., 

or gaini, -ne,/. 
Filtli, s. l.koir, -ra, m. 

2. mhelap (or mheldp), -Ipa, 
«,; or mbelepon, -na, 
pr. and fg. \ d,lsikpori, -na, 
n.^pr. and/g.; fiikol, -bla, 
m. ; biirsepon, -na, n. pr. 

Filthy, a. mhelo; ilSik; hurso 

Fin, s. sempato, -tea, m. 
Final, a. akair or akritso; k^ 

detso; nimano = last. 
Finally, ad.- sekin; kMek or Vk- 

Finanoe, s.\. iraal, -la, n. (a re- 
mittance of money), 
2.hutta70l, -li,/ (income). 
Find, :'. 1. mfel, Dat. Prs. = /. 

be found (to me). 
S.sikElearn, e.g. I find from 

what you say ; k&I z= get 


3. bb6g=enjoy, e.g. f, pleasure. 

4. dista = I. appears, e. g. t, 
guilty = ganyankar mon di- 

P. fault = durTa. 
F. by experience = anbhdg. 
Find out=Bodun kad=/. seeking 

take out. 
Fine, a. 1. barik = tbin. 
2. nazuk=delicate, e.g. f. taste 

in drawing. 
S.sobit = nioe. 




4. boro, e.g. fine floor, gold; 

or borea jinsatto {or b. tb&- 

fi. moladik ^ precioui. 
6. rap asuUo = baviog form. 
T.borsiQatuIlo^ not mixed. 

8. sudd^ — purified. 

9. unfii, e.g. f. cloth. 

Kno, *. julman, -ni, »., or jul- 

mano, -nea, m.\ aikSa, nSe, 

f. •= puaisbment ; d&nd, -da, 

m. a ia/. mulcia. 

Fine, v. di wiik one of the above 

nneness, s. I.barikai, -r8,y. 

2. nazukai, -ye,/. 
Finger, s. b6t, -ta, ». 
The names of tbe fiye fiDgers 
are : a) akando => thamb ; b) 
dakoun&en b6t = forefinger ; 
c) modlen bat = middle fin- 
ger; d") mudiyeSeii bdf « 
ring-finger; £) kirokoIiSen 
b6t = little finger. 
Finiflk, v. I . tr. kabar k&r, t^r 
k&bS,r za, n.v.^fr.; ph&d<!&a 
k&r; tirsi, /r. v.\ tiraa, ». ff. 
2.magdi, c.v. iT/'mugda. 
3. «. 9. ilntiLr s end. 
4.thfimb = cease; m&nna k&r. 
5. za (zalen = done) = I. get. 
Finite, a. \,rs. by &ui ^enllo; 
g&d asullo. 
2.khlliidit (certain, fixed). 
8. mit asullp s baring limit. 
Fire, s- I. uzo, -je&, m., also 
a conflagration. 
2. divo, -Te&, M.=/. lamp, ligbt. 

3. f&r, -ra, m. = a discharge 

of artillery. 
4.^. b61, -la, «.; tr a/w u^o, 
-jea, m., e. g. ragan uzo 
5. audlsudlai, -J6,/. 
Of fire = ujeatBO. Be on fire= 
las. Set on fire = laeii or 
nzo lai. Take f. = pSt or 
uzo lagta. 
Flre-boJ^ s. ujeaSi pfet, -te,y". 
Fire-brand, s. kolit, -Ita, ». 
Fire-engine, s. ujeaE&kry, -ra, n. 
Fire-fly, .r. kazalo, -lea, m. 
Fire-lock, s. bJlnduk, -ke,/i 
Fire-pu, s. 1 . k&ili, -le, /. (a 
2. kail, -li,/. (of pot-etone). 
S.tondor, -ra, m. (for cakes). 
Firewood, s. lankud, -kda, n. 
Fire-work, s. dursupon (darsa- 
ban), -na, n., or akaSaba^, 
-1J.B., n.\ 6&m&tkaratso nzo, 
-jea, m. =/. fire of artiflce; 
or bikm&titso uzo; fageteo, 
/, ^/. = crackers ; kh&znen, 
pL of kb&zno, -nea, m. = a 
small sort of cannon. 
Firm, a.; b&luat^llo s 
not moving. 

Be firm = thir zaun ran. 
Make firm = thir k&r, or bdj 
di, or gh&t k&r. 
Firmament, s. molab, -Iba, n.\ 
&ntr&l, -la, ».; akas, -ea, tt. 
Firmly, ad. gh&t zaun; thir 




I am f. convinced = aafi thir 
liloCen k&rtan. 
FinnnssB, s. I.b61, -la, n.=l. 
a.ghitSi, -je,/. = l. strength. 
S.thirasan, -ne, /, =/. con- 
First, a. 1 ■ poilo, Id time, place, 
rank, eic. 
2.miikh7a = /. principal. 
First, (!</■ l.poile suater = ia 
the first place, first of all. 

2. poilo. 
3.adifi = hefore, 

JTirst-hom, a. malgodo or poilo 

rirst-frnjts, s. poiliiE tblaa. 
Tlsoal, s. B&rk&ti kb&zano, -ne&, 

m. ; rayaCen b&ndSr, -ra, n. 
Viab, s. mflsli, -le,/. (vlg'. mSu- 

Fish, V. l.masli dh&r; inas|i 

2./g: sarkefi Yitsar or sdds/. 

ask exactly or seek. 
Fiflhermsn, s., -viS,, m. 

(a certain caste). 
2.mog6r, -gr&, m. (a caste 

slightly different &om kh&r- 


3. (m&sH) p&gtolo, -le&, m. 
(^ener. term); gftriyegar, -ra, 
m. — an angler. 

4. maelegfir, -rH, m. (fish- 
seller), n. c. 

Tish-hook, s. gftri, -ye,/; 
FiBhiiig> s. inaslepaga,p, -gp&, n. 
Tish-pond, s. k61, -1&, n. 

Flat, s. mut, -ti, /. or gudda, 
-da, JM. = a blow with the f. 
6. mar = bufret. 

Pit, s. j6rij,, -ri, m., e.g. a f. of 
anger; used also for a fit of 

Fit, a. l.Iayek. 

2. rs. into za = be fit, fit for, 

3. zanto = wise ; Sjlktivont = 
able; rs. into potent, mood. 

Fit, V. I . mand = I. put in order, 
e.g. f. one with a hat. 
S.ghal = put; or sama ghal s 

pat right. 
S.lajek kar=i make fit. 
i. taySr k&r = make ready. 
5. lag = (fit together) /. be at- 
Fitness, s. layekpon, -na, n. 
Five, a. pants. 

Fii, V. l.lai or lagai, c.v. of 
3.gbS.( kar = make firm. 
3. nemsi = appoint; mokruri 
kar-:make an appointment ; 
nisSeisi^ resolve. 
4.1{ararkar amake an agree- 
Fix in the memory = motint 
khantsai or boro ugdas do- 
Fixed, £7. I.nomiyarlolo; nis5ei- 
eillo; sarko. 

3. rauntso = I. remaining, e. g. 
f. stars. 
Flkbby,a.blLut8o; sAdil—/. loose. 
„, ,,'L.ooglc 



Flagr,^. bonder, -ra,M.=abaiiQ6c, 
/r.\ giauQ, -ava, /w, = a bless- 
ed b-.yr.; bauto, -fea, m-. = 
a signal-flag. 

Flag:, V. ban = languish, fade, 
fg. used; uuo za = get less, 
deun or p6d, e.^. the con- 
versation flags. 

Fl&^llate, V. (jerbandanin) mar. 

Flagrellation, s. jerbandan6e mar. 

Flaggy, a. bagontso; baotso; 

FUgitiottB, Flagrant, a. kboto. 

Flag-staff, s. bautokato, -tea, m. 

Flail, s. b&itad, -da, n. (the 
native flail). . 

Flambeau, s. tsnd, -di,/., or diuti, 
-te,/, = a torch. 

Flame, s. ujeaiSefi kind, -da, ».; 
ag^en, -tea, «. (ujeaSen a. 
= a great fire). 

Flannel, s. flanel, -la, «., c/^.; 
loveCen lugaf, -gta, «. •= 
woollen clotb. 

Flap, ■v. (pakate) phapud. 

Flash, s. porzSJ, (or p&rz^I), 
-la, m. 

Flash, ^. porz&I. 

Flask, s. kodrad, -da, m. = a. 
square bottle,/r.; siso, -se&, 
m.; dim. siali, -le,y:; botly, 
-li,/.=. a bottle, /r. 

Flat, a, 1. 8&ma = even, e. g. 
3. zago. 

2. Cetto (esp. stones, nose). 

3. telto = smooth. 

4. vistarlolo = extended. 

B. fg, rutsnati^Uo = without 

taste, e.g. a flat joke; barik 
n&in iisuUo, e.g. not witty; 
iSappo = /. not salted,^. 
^.fg. as in to tell a flat lie, 
to give a flat denial, by the 
emphatic -ts. 
T.bhou sak&ilo =/. very low, 
as a Toice, a sound. 
Flat, s. I.siima snvat, -te, f., 
or s. zago, -gea, m. = an evea 
place; mfiid^Q, -na, n. 

2. maj^i, liye, /. = a story. 

3. &rdo gurtf, -ta, m. ^ I. half 
a note. 

Flatter, V. l.hogolsan fotfti; 

fuslai; patlean boun = /. 

walk after, ^. 
2. F. oneself = asa dbS.r = /. 

entertain hope. 
Flatterer, s. fuslaitolo, or bet, 

fotkiro hogolsonegar, -ra, 

m.\ or fuslauneagar, -ra, nt. 
Flattery, s. fotkireii hog{ap, -pa, 

«.; tdndaCefl hoglap, -pa,.».; 

fuslaunen, -nea, n. 
Flatulence, s. vai, -ye,/ 
Flaunt, 'i). 1. boun. 
2. ub = /. fly,y^. 
Flaronr, s. suad, -da, m,; rats, 


Flaw, s. itib, -ba, ». = a physical 
fault; tsuk, -ki,y!s/. a mis- 

Flawless, a. &ibnatullo. 

Flax, s. nar, -ra, m. {a generic 
term); perh, sdn, -pa, w». 

Flay, V. kat v6d; tsamboleu T6dl. 

Flea, s. l.fiiru, -ue,/. 



2.kiraQt, -(i, /. (a buUock- 

3. haiku, -)s.e,/. found esp, on 
dogs, cats and fowls). 
fledged, a. pakan futuUo. 
Flee, V. 1. jrfil = escape, or p61n 
TOts ; daun = run. 
2.tsak&i = aToid; s6d=TleaTe. 
3. (-ntlo) bhair Teta, or only 
veta=goeB out;^. nap^nts 
za = disappear. 
Flee io = Cm. a&rokS^e=/, take 
Tleer, s, CeStai, -je, f; n&k&l, 
-kla, n. ; yedaunefi, -nea, n. 
Fleet, s. t^rran = /. ships, 
Fleet, a, &unsiLri; vegiutso = 

Fiesta, s, 1 . mas, -sa, n. 

^.fg. kud, -di,/. = /. body. 
Fleshy, a, masal. 
Flexibility, s, bagas&rken, -kea, 
«., pr. and fg.; or b&go- 
nefi, -nea, «., pr. and fg. ; 
siidilai, -ye,/, fr. andfg. 
Flexible, a. bagaiyet aaijllo; or 

bagontso; or bagaearko. 
Flicker, v. 1. pakaS halili; ub, 
wiih the quasi Dim. -so; 
see Gram. P. III. ch. ii. 
2. z&}kai, c. v.\ z&lka, n.v., e.g. 
tend z&}kata = the torch is 
S.hal, e.g. a string. 
Flight, s. 1. pdlap, -Ipa, n.\ 
ubilp, -pa, «.; udap, -dpa, 
n, ; daun, -uve, f.\ dav&p, 
daupfi, n.!, -1&, m.\ zomo, -mea, 

m. = & swarm. 
Put to flight = daund&i, c. v. 
Flimslness, s. barikiii, -ye, /.; 

patfllai, -ye,y., n.c. 
Flimsy, a. barik ; p&tS.} ; iUk&t, 

e.g. f. arguments. 
Flinob, v.^i a&r=go back. 

2.inkar k&r Acc.=Ae\ij, 
FUng, V. ud&i. 

Flint, s, I. &ekm&k&tBO fator, 
-tra, m. =/. etoue of flint. 
2. paka^, -ni, n. (ex. granite). 
Flirt, V. l.hal&i. 

2. ud&i. 
Flit, -n. boun; uba/. &j,fg. 
Float, V. 1. upe = 8wim. 
2. ub = fly ; s&dil umkSj = be 
hanging loose. 
Float, s. terpo (or teppo), -pea, 

w/. = a raft. 
Flook, s. l.hind, -da, m. 

2. jilpafi,^/. «,=a lock, e.g. of 

3. (lorentao) punzo, -jea, m. = 
a little wool. 

Flog, V. mSr. 
Flogging, s. mar, -ra, m. 
Flood, s. l.aari^, -ra, «. 
2.bu^tugal (or burtugal), -Ift, 

». = a deluge. 
S.fg. dAryo, -yea, m. = a sea, 
e.g. f. of tears. 
Floor, s. I . nhl, -l&, n.\ dJLrn, 
2. malili, -liye, /. = I. upstairs. 
Floor, V. n61 sILma k&r (reduce 
to a level). 





Florat s. fulan (yeka g&UDfiin). 
Florid, 0. l.TFUddhi. 

2. tambdoso = reddish. 

3.t&mbdotsaTery red. 

4.^. &l&nk&ratBO. 
Plonr, s- pit, -ta, «. 
rionrish. f. 1. fulan di; kirla. 

2./^. rrfiddhi zft =c /. get pro- 

3.jiye> = l. lire; see Btudish 
and Blov. 
Tlov, V. l.ran. 

2. s&dil zaun umkfLj, 
Flow, s. l.vav&p, Taup&, n. 

2. bhirti, -te, /. — high water; 
see Ooorse. 

Flower, s. l.ful, -la, «. 
2-y^-. f- g- f. of nobility, rs. 
makbya, or also fiil. 

3, surnngar, -ra, m. = ao orna- 

Flaotnate, v. Lyenen teiieo hal. 
2. dub3.u, dub!lu $int. 
3.upe = /. float. 

Flaenoy, s. sadilai, -ye,/^; s&d- 
s&dai, -ye,/, «. f. 

Fluent, a. s&dil; B&dBfidit. 

Flnently, a J. sftdil ; B&i^s&4it- 

Fluid, a. pa.t&l = /. thin,^. 

Fluid, s. TaunSi ^k%i\}m=l. a fluid 
tbing, or bet. patS,! vftstij, 

Flute, s. pirluk, -ke,y; = a musi- 
cal pipe. 

Flatter, v. I.yenen te^efi ub. 
'i-fg. aimpdai. See Flicker. 

Flux, s, Tavap, r&upa, n. ^ & 

Fly, s. mus, -sa, m., dim. musk, 
-ka, n. 
Drire away the flies = m. am- 
bod or daundai. 
Fly, V. l.ub. 
2. p61 = /. flee. 
Foal, s. (godeafien) pll, -la, n.= 

the young of a borse. 
Foam, s. fend, -da, m. 
Foun, V. fend yeta = /. foam 

comes; fend borta. 
Fob, s. dakteff bols, -sa, n. 
Fodder, s. gorraniSen khaii, -nia, 
«. «food of cattle; tsoroii, 
-rra, fft. 
Fodder, V. ts&rai ; pds. 
Foe, s. duBman, -na, m. 
Tog, s. l.duuri, -re,yi 

2. kalok, -kft, m. = I. darkness. 
Foggy, a. duaretso. 
Fob, ini. 5hi. 
Foible, s. aib, -ba, n. 
FoU, s. domosnatf^lli talrar, -ri, 
/. ; daddi tiWar, -ri, /. = /. 
a blunt sword. 
Foil, K*. nadi k&r; yedai; mos(6) 

kar; T^rt kar. 
Foist, V. mosan borai = /, write 

Fold, s. 1. g6to, -tea, m. for 
2.miri, -ye,/, (of a garment). 
Fold, as an ajfix^ dodo ; see Gram. 

P. n. cb. ii. 
Fold, V. I.d6d, e.g. a towel; 
an]ai; kor&l. 
S.gadi kar; mirio p6d. 



J^Iia^ J. l.palo, -lea, «»., c(i/- 

lective noun. 
2. pi. d/kholi, -ye,/.; see Le&f. 
Follow, V, 1. patlean TOtB=/. go 

after; aik = /. bear, e.^. f, 


2. patlau k&rc:/. make foIloW' 
ing, f. a custom, G. M.\ Or, 
parmanen kiLr<=act accord- 
ing to. 

3. eangata vols. 

4. za = /. become, happea. 

5. d4k kane = take example. 
6. v6p = consent, e.g. f. an 

opinion. instr., e.g. f. anger. 
As follows = fiaen. 
F. on = tbir rau. 
F. oat = tirai, jari k&r. 
Follower,; ■ 6ia,-5a, /s.=a disciple; 
mandtolo, -lea, m.\ patlau 
kfirtolo ; patlaugar, -ra, m. 
Following, s, patlau, -lava, ^. 
Following, ii. l.duBro=/. otber; 
yeuntfio ai /. coming, e. g. 
f. year. 
2. patio = being bebind. 
Folly, s. pisepoD, -na, n. 
Foment, 1^. 1- B^- 
"H./g. ntsambol k^r = /. excite, 
stir up ; b6] di = /. give force. 
Fomentation, s. s^k^, -ka, m. 
Fond of, a. ^purbayetso; bet. rs. 
into S,purbai asa = fond- 
ness ia; rs. into rats = like 
(in taste), sb. Dat.\ lag^llo = 
attached, given ; r^.mogkfir 
slove; rs. manna = please. 

Fondle, v. fuslSi; prit k&r; lale. 
Fondneu, s, &purbai, -ye, f,\ 

mogalpon, -9a, n. = /. dear- 

ness; or mog, -gft, m. 
Font, s. bautizmaSi suat, -te,/. 
Food, s. l.kban, -na, ». = food; 

&n, &ana, n. 
S.jevan, jeu^a, m. = a meal. 
S.gras, -sa, m., e.g. diapodto 

gras = daily bread. 
Fool, s. piso manis, -nsa, m.\ 

budnatuUo mftnis. 
Foolish, a. piso; budn&tullo. 
Foolishness, s. pisepoi^, -na, n. ; 

girigiri, -ri, n. 
Foot, s. 1. pai, -ya, m., pr./g. ; 

{Aran, -na, «., h. K. rl.\ mul, 

-la, n. = f. of a mountain ; 

metau - 1, steps, e. g. {. of 

tbe altar. 
2. khnr, -ra, m. (of a chest of 

S.fut, -(i, /. (measure), /r.; 

g^n, -^a, n. = a measure in 

use in this country, equal 

to 9 inches about; see App. 

to Konk.-Eng. Dictionary. 
Od foot = p&ivaten. 60 on 

foot = paivaten vots or tsai. 
Foot-bath, s. payaosekap, -kpa, 

Footing, .r. l.gbat n%l, -la, ».-= 
/. standing ground. 
%fg. stiti, -ti,yi = ^. a condi- 
tion, a state ; bet. rs. e. g. 
on the former f. = adle bftri. 

Footm&n, s. tsMtolo sipai, -ya, 
M.; bet. paidai, -la, n. 



Footpath, s. Hair y&t, -te,/. = /. 

a narrow road; pftivit, -te,y. 
Footstep, s. payantao gurt^, -ta, 

m. = I. a, eign of the foot; 

mfet, -ta. «. 
FootBtooI, s. moo&i, -nije, n. 
Fop, s. dilDcli, -di, m. ; doul&t 

"Sot, prep. 1,/^. pasun.iTrp&BTOt 

= on acconnt of, Lai. propter, 


2. TOTTifi = throngh, Lat. per. 

3. nimtio = oq acconnt of. 

4. khatir = Lai. pro. 

5. pannanen = according to or 
coQsidering, La(. prae. 

6.b&dlak = instead. express price, Dat. 
8. to Sftow time, Ace. . 
For, conj. l.kiteak, or kiteak 
molear = because. 
2, dekua (put at tke end of a 
clause), e. g. to boro dekaa 
= becaase he is good. 
3.pasun = on account of {with 
the participle), e.g. for God 
has created ub = Devan 
amkan r&tsijllea p&sun. 
Forage, v. khan {or in) di or 

had = give food. 
Forage, f. khan,-aa, n. 
For as mnch as, see fiecatiBe. 
Forbear, v. rs. into neg. form, 
e. g. f. lamentation = lii?. 
nl&inaka; sdd = leare. 
Forbearance, s. sosnik&i, -ye, /. 

s patience. 
Forbid,?'. Ladtvar. 

2. formal, ch. cs. = l. command. into neg. form of potent. 

Forbidden, a. n&inz&llo; ftdvar- 

Force, s. l.bdl, -la, n.\ or bolai- 

ki, -ke,/ 
2. s&kilt, -kti,/i = f. of natare. 
S.zulum, -lmej/. = violence. 
4. sipai, -ya, m. = a soldier {in 

the pi.) 
5.piitlam, -mi,/. = a battalion. 
6.fouz, -ji, /. = an army, 
(The law) is in f. = bol tis& or 

ts&lta. (The law) has lost 

its f. = (k&nan) ts&lnan. 
Force,?'. I. b6] k&r=make force. 

zulam k&r = make violence. 

2. lai = apply, compel. 

3. rs. into c. v. 

4. zulmen rig=euter violently. 
F. in = bolan (with the verb 

required by the mn.) 
F. out = kSrd. 
F. a passage through = bolan 

F. out tears = dukan g&l&i. 
FDraed,a, &un8&ratso(f. marches); 

See Constraint. 
Forcible, a. bolan kello (or 
bol&n with some other vb.)\ 
bolatso; znlmetso. 
Forcibly, ad, bolS>n. 
Ford, 'V. l.utron vots. 
2. pay&nin utron vots; k&doa 
Ford, s. k&dou, -dva, m. 
Fore, a., ad. mukavelo ; aditi. 





S. B, Fore, in eompatition leith other uord* nol jrinen htrt, 
it la be rtndered moitiy by UI3. 

7ore-ann, v. (adia) tiLjar k&r. 
Forebode, v. muks,r {or adin) 
gang ; dak&i ; &. bhdg (fe&t 
before); k&l&i = aanouace. 
Forefather, s. malgodo, -dea, m. 
Forefend, see Forbid. 
Forego, v. a6d. 
Forehead, s. k&p&l, -la, n. 
Foreigii, a. l.p&ra. 
2. p&rki s a stranger. 
B./^. s&m&adQat^lOsiiot cod- 
Forei^er, s. l.p&rdesi, -8i&, m. 
2. atTO, -rea, m.^an unknown 

3. pirki, -kia, m. 
Foreknow, v, adin zaaaD. 
Foremost, a. 1 . muk&relo. 
2. makh;a = chief; poilo = 
first. [fidifl. 

ForenooD) s. s&ka{in; donparan 
Foze-ordain, "!>• adiii nisfieisi; 

adin yiotsuQ kad. 
Fore-rnnner, s. l.barakari, -ri, 
' m.\ see Freenraor. 
2. mukar vetBO m&niSi -nSa, m. 
— a man going before. 
Foresee, v. adin volkatd; or 

adin po}e. 
Foresight, i. l.barikai, -ye,/.= 
prudent prorision, I, thin- 
2.muk&ili 70|ok, -Jki,/.; bad, 


Foreat, s. &r&neS, -^ea, ».; mo- 
lefi, -lea, n. ; ran, -n&, n. 

ForestBlI, v. adin molak k&ne a 

/. buy before. 
Forester, s. l.moleag&r, -ra, m. 
3. m&lekudiy&, -ya, m. = a man 

living in a forest. 
Foretaste, s. I. adinruts; but 

bet. use simply rute, -fii,/ 

B taste, e.g. God gave him 

a f. of heaven. 
Foretell, v, adin sang a /. say 

Forfeit, ^.jnlmlLn,-na,m.; d&nd, 

-da, m. 
Forfeit, v. l.d&nd ^rik k&r>=/. 

pay a fine. 
2. t8uk&i = /. deprive, ch. cs.\ 

bogd&i = /. lose. 
3.h&kku sand « /. abandon 

a right. 
Forfeitore, s. hogdauneS; -^eS, 

Forge, V. 1. k&r, e.g. f. a bolt, 

a nail. 
2. f6(kiro k&r = I. make false. 
3.f6lkiro dak&i, «. f. 
Forge, 5. kamaraiSi sal, -]e, /. 

=abig f.; kamaraiSen katen, 

-tea, ff. = a small f.; (kamil- 

rafii) &ng&4, -g4^i/-; kama- 

r&ko^ken, -kea, n. 
Forger, s. f6tkiren d&stevoz k&r- 

Vorgmj, s. f6t dflsk&t, -ti,/. = 

a false signature; fdfkiren 

d&stevoz, -zi, ». a a false 


„, „ L.oogic 



ToTget, V. 1. visilr or is&r, c, v. 

visrai (Jg. deny oneself). 
2. neg. of agd&8 SrSS or a. k&r. 
I forgot=9/^. Qgdas pavanaa, 

or Qgdas nan. 
Forgetful, a. ugdas natullo; vi- 

s&rtolo. ly, 

Porgetfulness, ^. visJtr, or isir, -ri, 
Forgive, ». bogsi, e.g. f. sine; 

maf di, or maf kfi,r = /. ex- 
cuse; e6d == L leave. 
Forgireness, s. bogsanen, -nea, 

a.; maf {or map), -fi, f. 

{perh. -ia, ».) 
Fork, s. garp, -p9,, ». (a table 

fork) ; k&nto, -te£, m, = I. 

a thorn, y^. 
Forlorn, a. vater ghallos/. pat 

on the vay, abandoaed; 

kirkol = wretched ; upaiu&- 

tallo; niradhari. 
Form, s. 1. rup, -pa, n. ; n&moDO, 

-nea, M. = l. a model. 
2. lit, -ti, /. = a manner; or 

kb&ndit rit, e.g. f. of tows; 

pidd&t, -ti,/., «.c. 
S.jinos, -nsii, m.czakind. 
Fonn,^. l.kar,e.^.f. the world, 

a statue, a friendship. 
2.sflma ghal = pat in order 

(arrange); mandW. arrange, 

e.g. an army; rflp di. 
8. &int = /. think (a plan). 
i.cA. cs, melon asa = /. is con- 
Formal, a. -ts, emphai., e.g. a 

formal letterskag&di^ts; or 

kh&ro s true. 

Formally, ad. sarken = I. exactly ; 

6y -ts. 
Formation, s. rs. into k4r or zS. 
Former, a. poilo = first ; to = that 

{opp. to TO = this) ; 9,difi 

asfllos being before; adlo= 

ancient, anterior. 
In former times = adin, adin 

purvin or adin magifC. 
Formerly, ad. adin; adig puivifi. 
Formidable, a. bhiiydnkaratso ; 

bbiyanknl; t&rUlraiintso. 
Formless, a. rilpnatuHo. 
Formula, s. 1. utrantso th&r, -ra, 

m.^l. a manner of words; 

p&dd&t, -ti,/., rit, -ti,/., e.g. 

a f. of words, a mathemati- 
cal f. 

2. ut&r, -tra, «. = a word. 

3. namnno, -nea, m, 
Formttlary, s. rititso mg) (e), -la, 

m. ; p&ddatitso mel (6). 

Fornicate, v. vebiSar kfi.r. I 

Fomioation, s, vebiSar, -ra, n. \ 

Fornicator, s. Tebi(3,ri, -ri3., m. 

Forsake, v. e6d=: leave; s&ndi; 
vater ghal = /. put OD the 
way; e6dn ghal. 

Forsooth, a.; JLlb&t. 
2,mo]e£ir = that is to say. 
3. -ts empkai., see Gram. p. 81. 

Fwswear, v. I.p&rma^&r add. 
2. f6t p&rma^ k&r. 

Fort, s. koten, -tea, ». 

Forth, ad. bhair = Za/. extra. It 
is sometimes omitted, as, 
'from that day forth = te& 
disS, tb&un or toil disa 1&- 

„,,.„A.ooglc I 



gait'. 'And bo f. = fini &8en 

yer aftit'. 
Torthoomiog:, a. yeuatso = /. com- 
ing; distso = /. appearing. 
Torthwltli, ad, atants; yea Hi- 

na = in this momeat; to- 

vol^ts = just then; or tea 

fortification, s. l.koten, -tea, n. 

= ^. a castle. 
2. pagar, -ra, m. = l.aL vail., -ye,/i 
ToTtifj, V. ghfit k&r = /. make 

strong; b61 di = give force. 
Portitnde, s. gh&tai, -ye,/.; b61, 

-la, «.; dhitir, -ra, «. = /. 

Fortitiglit, s. ddn h^pte = /. two 

TortresB, see Fort 
Fortnitons, a. auSit; gratstsa' 

ratso ; see Aooidental 
Tortnnate, a. sukbi, bbagi=hap- 

py, or a happy man ; ^rudt- 

TOnt = lucky. 
Fortnnately, ad. fidruStan; often 

rs. into adj. 
Fortnne, s. 1. lidruiSt, -(a, n. = 

luck ; gratstsar, -ra, m. 

2. bhag, -ga, «. = happiness; 
sukhi}, -kha, n.^happiness. 

3. n&sib, -ba, «. = destiny. 

i. ast, -ti,/. {or asti, -te) = pro- 
perty; 'a man of fortane = 
astivont, or astidar = rich 
or having much property'; 
gre3t = rich. [^_ 

FoTtane-tellerj-r. l.gbadig&r.-ra, 

2. nimitgfir, -r^, m. = a sooth. 

Fortune'talling, s, nimit, -ta, n. 
Forum, s. the nearest equivalent 

to the old Roman forum is 

perhaps kifieri, -re,/. 
Forward, ad. mukar = before. 
Forward,!!. 1. vegiSyetolo; ade- 

tso, e. g. i. rain. 
2. vortea dhfiiratsooe/. too bold. 
Forward, v. 1. dhad = send; or 


2. Topsun di = deliver. 

3. kumok di = give help, 

i. bfidti di = /. promote (to 

higher offices). veginyeta; or poilen 

Forwardness, s. aumiryad, -di, 

/; l&zbandpoQ, -na, n.; m6st, 

Fossil, a. kondiflU (vfi,stif). 
Foster, v. p6s. 
Foster-father, s. poskobapai, -pai, 

m.=l. the father vrho feeds. 
Foster-mother, s. poskiavoi, -vol, 

/. = i. the mother who feeds. 
N. B. All other words, com- 
pounded with foster, are to 

be rendered in the same way 

as those given here. 
Fool, :'. mhelo kir, or mhel&i 

s make dirty ; kh&t&i — /. 

stain, violate, n. c. ; Sikol 

kiir = make dirty. 
Foul, a. 1. mhelo = dirty; £ikla- 

tso; kh&tatso. 
2. TOnkareatso = I. loathsome. 


S.khote&ponatso; &umiLr;£idi- 

'Fall foul of = adar. 
roulneBfl, see Dirt 
round, V. 1. gfid. 

2. stapisi. 

3. band ^ I. build; ghal = cast 
(type), etc. 

rouBd&tion, s. Lbunyad, -di,/, 
used also fg. 
2.garpan, -na, n. = l. an insti- 
tution, an order. 

3. ghSr = /. house compounded 
with some word specifying 

further the kind of founda- 
tion referred to. 

4. bandijUefi or gbitdijUen gbiir 
= /. a built bouse. 

S.tBOuki, -ke, /., «. c. in. this 

mn. (usually a BC[uare). 
Pounder, s. g^dpist, -ta, nt. 
Fountain, 5. Lzir, -ri,/. 

2.fg. mul, -la, n. =1. a. root. 
Pour, (J. Car. 
Fourfold, a. Sardodo, or 65r- 

pauti ts&A. 
Fowl) s. 1. Bukneii, -nea, n. 
2. kunkad, -kdS, n. (a cock, hen, 

or chicken). 
Fowl, V. sikari k&r. 
Fowler, s. sikaregar, -ra, m. 
Fox, s. k616, -lea, m. (strictly, 

a jackal), usedfg. also for a 

cunning person. 
Fr&otion, s. l.kudko, -kea, m. 
2.&UDS, -§a, m. (math.), n. c. 

Mr. Cn., or &udso, -sea, m. 
Fraotnie, s. modap, -dpS, «. 

Prafflle, a. l.midtso, or futfcso, 

or modasarko. 
2.fg. g-sk&t. 
Fragility, s. m6dasarkeD, -kea, 

Fragmenti s. kudko, -kea, m. = 

a part (large or small); kus- 

kut, -ta, n. = I. an atom, a 

very small part. 
Fragrance, s. porm61, -la, m.; 

suad, -da, m. 
Fragrant, a. suadik; pormolatso. 
Frail, a. l.mfidtso (Pr.); or md- 

dasarko (pr.) 


Frailty, s. fi,sk4tkai, -ye,/. 
Frame, s. l.tsoukij, -ka, m.,e.g, 

of a window. 
2. rup, -pa, n. = shape. 
3.fg. sobau, -bava, «., e.g. of 

Frame, v. 1 . sS,ma mel&i = /. put 

together regularly ; mand=s; 

adjust; layek k&r s make 


2. n&muno kflr = make a plan. 

3. ghad, e. ff. a law, a rule ; 
kJtr = make, 

4. sik&i^teach. 

5. tsouk k&r. 
Frame-work, s. tsouk, -ka, m. 
Franchise, s. l.vdt, -ta, 'm. =:/. 

a TOte, a voice, a right to 

2. sutka, -ke,/. =: liberty. 
Frank, a. l.nisk^pti = sincere; 

ugto = open, 
2. bbenniitullo = without fear. 




3.8ado = 8imple. 

Tranbiueeiise, J', lob^, -na, n. 

I^ankness, s. l.dh&ir, -ra, n.= 
2.nentuvai, -ye,/. = candour 

of mind. 
S.saden mdn, -na, n, = l. a 
simple heart. 

Frantic, a. in6t tsuki^Uo = /. 
deprived of mind; vid lagyl- 
lo; piso. 

Fraternal, a. moya (mog) = fra- 
teroal (charity). 

Fraternity, s. bhaupon, -nS, n.\ 
mel(^), -la, m. — tm associa- 
tion; »/^. confry, -n,/.,/r. 

Fratricide, s. 1. bhavakbuni, 


S.bhavakhunigar, -ra, m. 

Fraud, s. rooB, -aa, m.; tbS^ky, 
-ka, «. 

Fraudulent, u. mosatso; f6tkiro; 

Fray, s. z&gden, -dea, n. 

Freak, s. m&rji, -je, /. = l.& ca- 

Freckle, s. glduvi kat, -ti, /. ; 
sib, -ba, «. 

Free,«i. 1.8&ttyat8o(^^»7.);b&ud- 
natyllos/. not bound by a 
bond; khalnati^Uo, or konak 
(cT konna&ea) khalnat9llo = 
/. not being under any one; 
(aplea) 80tiintrar fisi^llo, or 

2. vir&it = exempt. 

3. rs. into Ger. nastanau, ch. cs. 

4. dudn dinastanaa = without 

fee, or aambal dinfit^Uo; bet. 
funkeateo = gratuitous. 

5. uktos open. 

6. aple podyent = under one's 
own power. 

7.&nm&ryaditso = not becom* 

iug, not honest. 
Man is free= vait boren k&< 
runk m&nsak kain b61 k^ 
rinan = /. nothing compels 
man to do evil or good. 
Make f. = l.t86r (6). 
2. ^um&ryadin k&r. 
Free, v. l,Bdd=leaTe; s^nd; sut- 
ka di = /. give liberty, e.g. 
to a prisoner. 
2.kad=(lFaw; vir&it k&r=make 
exempt; tsuk^i (make free). 
Free-booter, s. tsor, -ra, m. 
Free-bootinf, s, taori, -ye,/. 
Freedman, .i. sutka mel^Ilo (ma- 
nia, -nSa, m.). 
FFsedom, £. l.autka, -ke,/, f.^. 
from a priaon. 

2. sattya, -ye,/., e.g. of doing 

3. JLum^ryad, -di,/ = diahones- 


4. aot&ntrij,, -ra, n., e.g. aplea 
sotantrar a8a=i8 in his own 

Freehold, s. T^rg, -ga, m.\ svin- 
ta zago, -gea, m. 

Freeholder, f. vilrgadar, -ra, m. 

7im\j,ad. l.ri'.addLna8tanS,n = 
/. not having objection ; khu- 
Sen=/. with will; monapur- 
vok; zai mo9 = /. that must 




be done, e.g. commit Bin f.; 
Batty0n=/. with liberty; za- 
nazaun = /. knowingly. 

2. artba pirmane=/. according 
to the meaning (not liter- 

3. s&dilzaan = /, looeely. 

4. aumS,ryadin = /. unbecom- 

IF^eeman, s. aplea Bot&ntrar a- 
sijUo minis, or shorter 80- 
t&ntratso minis, -nsa, m. = /. 
an independent man. 
Frea-will, s. 1. Bittya, -ye,/, 
«, c. ; khuSi, 4e,/. = /. will. 
2, Bot^ntr;^, -ra, n, = I. inde- 
pendent power. 
Treeze, v. kire zatit =■- I. bail 
becomes; gar zata = /. ice 
becomes; vl§;. ghit zata=/. 
gets solid {e.g. water freezes). 
Praight, s. l.nor, -ra, w., e.g. 
f. of a vessel ; badeii, -dea, 
n. = I. bire. 
2. vojefi, -jea, n. = I. & burden. 
Frenoli, s. a. Fransez. 
IVenzy, s. pisepon, -na, n. = I. 
foolisbness; vid,-di,/:; pise- 
ponatso rag, -ga, m. = /. 
the anger of mad men; ragi£t 
pisepon, -na, n. = /. angry 
Freqneney, s. nir&prupai, -ye,/, 
Frequent, a. 1. tovo} tovoltso; 
nir&prnp = /. not rare. 
2. tsiltolo or tsaltso = /. cur- 
rent; rs. sib&r pauti zata, 
or 3. p. gidti. 

Frequent, v. reta wiih -ts, or- 

only vetS; s&bSr pauti veta. 
Frequented, a. TetBoyeuntBO=/. 

going and coming, e.g. f. 

Frequently, ad. sibar pfiuti ; 

tOTol tOTol; g&diye gidiye^ 

every moment, 
Treeh, a. l.novo; ailevartso. 
2,th£ind = /. cold,fi.^. f. wind. 

3. bolaiketBO = uutired; bolai- 
kent = I. in bealth, ch. cs. 

4. BiYO, e.g. f. water, not salt. 

5. kbarnatuUo = not impreg- 
nated with potasb. 

FreBken, v. tb&nd kir, nivoi ^ 
/. make cold. 

Freah-man, s. umeduar, -ra, m, 
= I. apprentice, novice. 

FroBkneas, s. jivaj, -li,/ 

Fret, V. l.tsaban kad = /. bit- 
ing take away. 
2./g. kirkir kS,r, bez3,r k&r = 
/. make trouble; zilfti = /, 
tease ; d6s = trouble. 

Fret, s. kirkir, -ran, m. pi. 

FretTnl, a. kirkiratso. 

Friable, a. 5en5i8arko. 

Tiist, s. vlg. frad, -di, m.; mo- 
tbavasi, -si, m. = /. living in 
a convent; sinySsi, -sift, w, 
used only /or a pagan f. 

motion, s. ga8i;ieii, -nea, n., 
n. c. ; gasap, -api, n. 

Friend, J. iSt, -ta, m.; iStin, -ni, 
/ ; dost, -ta, m,=^l. a fa- 
vourite ; see Fond, Favourable. 

Friendless, a. UtnatuUo. 

„, ■„ L.oogic 



Ttiendli&ess, s. mogalpon, -na, 

«.; diya, -ye,/,; m&nBeponi, 

-na, n. = I. hiimanity,yV. 
Triendly, a. 1. inogal = /. dear; 

da,yal = /. clement. 
2. gunatso E /. favoiirable. . 
Friendship, s. 1. iSt^&t, -ti, / 
2. dosti, -te,/. = /. favour. 
Form a f. E i. kHr. 
Intimate f. •= kalzaiSi i. 
Ttigrht, J. bhen, bhiya, «.; bhi- 

yankulai, -ye,/. 
Take f. = bheii di&ta, /. fear 

appears, Prs. Dat. 
Ttigrbten, v. beltai, c, w. = cause 

fear by speakJDg, scolding; 

bhiyennk lai = cause to fear, 

/. apply to fear. 
Ttifrlitfiil, a. bbiy&nkiiratso, or 

bet. bhiyankul ; t&rt&roantso 

= 1. causing trembling. 
Trifid, a, th^nd = /, cold, used 

aho/g., e.g. i. temper. 
ftiU) s. mirio, pi./. = /. folds. 
TriDge, s. rSnd, -da, n. 
Frippery, s. 1. iSindi, -de,/ = old 

torn clothes, rags. 
2./g. see Bran, 
frisk, V. nats {or natsoa) = /. 

dance; D<$ = /,jamp. 
Frith, J. dftrya-aSirai, -ye,/. = /. 

astrait; aires, -Tea,».<Eaa 

Fritter, s. see Cake, 
.fritter, v. (f. away) = yett&i 

(waste); pad k^r = /. spoil; 

kh&rfii = /. expend. 

FriTOlity, s. khali v&sti}, -tu,/ 
= /. an empty thing ; naka- 
zallo, -lea, «!. = /. nonsense; 
fiillir viistv = /. a trifling 

Frivolons, a. khali = /. empty ; 
6ill&r~/. trifling; nakazallo 
(-li, -len). 

Friazle, v. ini gbal = f. hair. 

Pro (To and), yeneS tenen, or 
pati phude = here there, or 
I. behind before. 

Frook, s. approx. kutaun, -tava, 
m.; Toileii Yftatur, -ra, n. 

Frog, J", l.manko, -kea, m. = 
a toad. 
2. manki, -ke, /. » the com- 
mon f. 

Frollo,J.m&rji,-je,/.=/. caprice; 
kh61,-Ia,>M.=/.sport; mirje- 
kbnlalai, -ye,/=/. pleasure 
of caprice. 

Frolic, a. udtso=/. jumping. 

Frolic, V. ud = /. jump; nats 
= /. dance. 

From, prep. 1. in Ike meaning 
of out of, -ntlo {to be added 
to the Loc), e.g. (J. C. de- 
livers) from hell = yemk&n- 

2, if signifying distance of time 
or place, thaun, e.g. from 
10 to 12 o'clock zdha thaun 
barfi p&riant, or dilrn = tak- 
ing, may be used instead of 
thaun (dha darn. . . .). 

3. k^tso, the same almost as 
iYt&an; it is f or medfromlsAi^^ 

I.., ...lA-ooglc 



=mclose,hence k&dtso=whicli 
is cloae; e. /. Deva klid6i 
karpa amk&n melUt = from 
God (which is near to God) 
we receire graces. 

4. lagait, e. g. from to-daj = 
az lagait, n. c. 

5.1nsirum. signifying cause, 
e. g. he is pale from loss of 

6. Or. p&BaQ E= on account of. 

F. day to day =s disa diaa. 
Front, s. 1. muk, -ka, «. or mu- 
kaveli {or mnkaToili or mu- 
kaili) kus, -si,/ (visty,, -tu, 
/. elc.) = the front side, 

2, In composition, mukaTelo 
may be used, e: g. f. door = 
mukavelen hagil. 

3. poilo = first. 
In f. = mukar. 

Front, 1). p61e =s /. see, e.g. this 
room fronts the street, n. c. ; 
G. isilean aea. 

Fronting, prep, mukar. 

Frontispiece, s. 1. muk, -k&, n. 
= I. the anterior part, e. g. 
muk3,r kiten boroun &sa = 
what is written in the f. 
2. (pustaka-) S,riimba&en 5itry, 
-r&, n. = I. the figure of the 
beginning (of a book). 

Frost, s. approx. kire, -rean, 
pi. m. = hail; gar, -ra, m. = 
I. ice; rs. da^ z^ b become 

Proaty, a. garatso. 

Froth, see Foam. 

Froward,<i.dharan; f^Obstinate, 

Frown, v. t6nd rankdeS k&r = 
/, make the face crooked ; 
kopalar mirio ghal = I. put 
folds on the forehead. 

Froaen, a. 1. gbiit = /. solid, or 
2. garatso = /. of ioa. 

Fmetifloatian, s. it)\, -Ici, m.; 
rs. into f61 diunSen, 

Fructify, V. it kiir = /. make fer- 
tility, {or bet. itatso k&r) ; 
f6!adik k&r. 

Frugal, a. hiltan kbauntso = /. 
eating moderately; haltan 
kh&rtsuntBO = /. expending 

lYugftlity, s. hSJt, -ta, n.; k&si- 
si, -se, /". = /. economy; rs. 
hd,ltan kha, or h. kbar&i. 

Frugally, ad. baltan; k^sisen. 

Fruit, s. 1 . f61, -la, «. = a material 
2.f61, -la, m.,fg. or effect. 

Fruitful, «. I.f61adik£>r fdldiun- 
2. ital or itatao = /. fertile ; 
f6Iabarit = /. fertile. 

PmitfalneBB, s. it, -ta, m. = /. 
fertility; f61adikpon, -^a, «.; 
fblab&ritpon, -na, «,, «. c. 

Fruitless, a. nirffil ; fdldinatullo. 

Frnit-trsB, s. filantso ruk, -ka, 
m.; folTOStutso ruk. 

Frustrate, v. mod(6) = /. break, 
fg.; mrf61kiir=/. make with- 
out effect,^.; v6rt fcftr; see 





Fjtistration, s. modap, -dpa, «., 
iet. rs. into v.; see Disappoint- 

Fry, J. zomo, -meS,, «».=a ewarm. 

Fry, V. baz; t&l. 

Fry, s. baztjllefi khan, -na, n. 

Prying-pan, s. kail, -li,/ 

Pndgre, inL iShi! 

Foel, s. laokud, -kda, n.; zoloa, 
-Iva, ffi.; sSn, -ni,y; or sSn- 
of CO wd ling). 

Fugitive, «. I.p61t80 = /. fleeing; 
phflrari; dannt60 = /. Tan- 
2./^. &tMr = /. unstable, 

FalOTom, s. kutti, -te,/., n.c; 
kaliing, -ga, n. 

Polfll, V, pal, e. g. t. a duty, 
a promise; samba}, e.g, a 
command, a vow ; tirsi = /. 
carry out; tsiiliii = I, caase 
to walk, y^., e.g. a duty; 
farik kar = /. pay, e. g. i. 
a tow; kh&rots dak&i = /. 
show, true; samp^, e. g. i. 
a prophecy, n. c.\ giidun 
yeta = /. comes happened 
(is fulfilled), ch. cs. 

Fnlfllment, s. palo, -Ie£i, w., e.g. 
of a duty. 

Full, V. loveiSen lugat dadai. 

Full, a. l.bhorn; borabor; bbi- 
rto; s&mpuru; pura. 

2. dados = /. satisfied. 

3. trani or tranik (voice). 

4. efiglo. 

F. of comfort = (parte) sdu- 

F. of sorrow sdukin bborlolo. 
Full-moon, s. pnnou, -nvi,/. 
Pally, ad. purto {decl^) \ piLri- 

purn; samparnayen. 
Fulminate, v. pr. z&glaita = /. it 

FnlnasB, s. 1. bh&rtipon, -na, n., 
■ e.g. i. of riches, of colour, 

eic.\ bh&rti, -te,^ 
2. sUmpurnai, -ye, /. -= abun- 
Fulsome, '^' l.kaotaleatso. 

2.kirkol = /. low; inyo. 
Fumble, v. saspi, tr. v.; saspa, 
«. V. (feel for something i 
the dark). 
Pttme, s. 1. dav6r, -rra, »»., p; 
/g., e.g. fumes of anger. 
2, ub, -be,y. = /. vapour, steam, 
&./g. g&rmi, -rme,/ = /. heat, 
e.g. fumes of anger. 
Fume, V. 1. duv6r bairs&r = /, 
smoke go out. 
%/g. rSgar Z& = /. get angry. 
Fumigate, v. duv6r gbal = /. 
put smoke ; bet. duvrak ghtU 
= /. put to smoke; dhump&i 
= /. incense. 
Pun, s. fieStai, -ye, /.; t&maso, 
-sea, m. 
Make fun -G^.i^. fieStai kSr, 
Pnnotion, s. 1. kaido, -dea, »».= 
I. aduty, an office; bh^s, 7sa, 
m.=l. avocation; kam,.[nii 
n. = l. business. 
2. Bikit, -kti, / =/. a faculty. 




3. guri, -na, m. = I. power. 
4.karyefi, -yea, «. = /. an ac- 
Fnnctioiuiry, s. l.&dhUcari, -ri, 
m. = l. baring power.!70g&st, -ta, m.^l. one 
employed in a public office. 
Fand] s. I.ils&l, -sla, n. 
2. fg. kM.zano, -nea, m. = I. 
a treasury,^., e.g. f. of 
learning ; bandar, -ra, n. 
= /. a treasury. 
FnndfUnentali <i^. l.bunyaditso = 
/. of fonndation, pr.,/g. 
^.fg. mukhya = /. principal. 
Fnueral, s. mdrn, -na, n.\ pnrap, 

-rpa, n. = l. a burial. 
Funeral, <^- mdrnatso. 
F. pile = sari, -ye,/". 
Tvji^wifS. almen, -mea, ». (^erh, 

almben, -bea, «.) 
Funnel, s. na,Ii, -je,/.=l. tube, 
is the nearest Konk. equiva- 
lent; the Engl, wordis com- 
monly used, at least in the 
large towns. 
Funny, a. fiestayetso; hastsOs/. 


Fur, s. l.louii,-OTe,/=/. wool. 

2. tsambden, -dea, «., or love- 

6eB t8ambdeD=:a woolen skin; 

sometimes^ kat, -ti, /. = /. 

a skin. 

Furbish, V. telto kiir = /. make 

smooth; gas = I, rub. 
Furioue, a. ragar zallo, or ra- 
gaa z^tolo; piso = ^. mad, 
fg. ; riinuot = /. vi\A.,/g, 

Furl, 11. rOTod = /. roll, e.g. a 
sail; korol. 

Furlong, s. miiilaatTO van to, -tea, 
ffz. = /. ^ of a mile ; vlg. ulo, 
-lea, m. = I. call (as far as 
one's voice can carry), or 
kombasuat, -te, /. = /. the 
place of a trumpet. 

Fnrlongli, s. raja,-je,/".=/. leave. 

Fumaoe, s. 1. vlg. khdru or 
kh6zn, -na, ». (for bread). 
2. aguten, -tea, n. (or agStea), 
of goldsmiths. 

Furnish, w. l.di = /. giye. 

2. tayar k&r = I. make ready. 

3. an di (adn di)=/. purchase, 

Furred, part. a. lovetso or loun 

Furniture, s. saman, -nS, m. or 

gbS>rtBO samau = I. an article 

of the house; g^rvata, -to,/". 
Furrow, s. vorro, -rea, m.; tsilri, 

-ye,/.; tas, -sa, «., n. c, Mr. 

not in use everywhere. 
Furrow, v. k6s; nangrai, n.c. 
Furrowed, part. a. mirio asuUo 

= /, having wrinkles {Lat. 

Further, fii/. l.yeft 8i7ai=/. be- 
side this. 
2.ani = /. and (more), e.g. I 

say nothing f, = Eni kain 

3. mukar = /. before, e.g. go f. 

= mukar yots. 
Further, v. yad&i = /. cause to 

grow, also/g., e.g. f. God's 



glory; kumok or sflhai kilr- 
= /. make help. 

Fartheraaoe, s. kumok, -mke./. 
= /. help; s^ai, -ye,/ = /. 

Fury, s. kop, -pa, m., or bet. rs. 
ragan zai=bnrn with anger; 
ts&davot rag, -ga, m. = l. ex- 
cessive anger; krfld, -da, m.\ 
pisepon, -na,n. = /, folly ,^. 

Fubs,^. gouji,-je,/;=/.noise,y^. 

Pntare, a. yeuntso™/. coming; 
g&dt30=/. happening; phud< 
lo, e.g. phndlo kal = f. time. 

Pntiue, s. l.fudar, -ra, m.\ or 
phadlo kal, -la, m. 
2.iiiinit,-ta,ff.=diTinati0Q: 'n, 
Titsar=ask (a fortune-teller) 
about future thing e'. 
In f. = phuden. 


Oab&rdioe, s. jibbo, -bea, m. 
Oabble, v. bodbod ; gilzali mar = 

/. beat a chat. 
Gabbler, s. bodbodo, -dea, «., or 

borboro, -rea, m. 
Gabbling, s. gazali, -lin,/.^/. 
Etad,^- parpoizaan boufi=/. walk 

roaming; boun. 
Qadder, s. parpol, -la, m. 
Gadfly, s. kirant, -ti,y. 
Oaf, s. tdndaiien big, ^a, n.=l. 
a lock of the mouth, pr.fg. 
Oag, V. t6nda&en big ghal = /. 

pat the gag, pr.,fg. 
Gage, V. see Pledge, Engage. 
Gaiety, .r. nlas, -sa, m,\ khusalai, 

-ye,y. ; s&ntfis, -sa, nt. 
Gaily, ad. khuaalayeo. . 
Gain, .r. jikap, -kpa, n.\ z6d, -di, 
f.\ adai, -ya, »».; Ifib, -bS,, 
■m. ; faido, -dea, m. ; nofo, 
-fe&, m. 

Gain, V. jik (make profit); z6d(6) 
= acqaire; m^le/. be found, 
e. g. maka moineak Sar ru- 
poi m&ltat = I gain 4 rupees 
a month ; k&r = /. do, with 
some one of the preceding 
G, over: Todni di = /. give in- 
clination ; m6n voi kfir = I. 
make the heart yes. 
G. the fayour of =. G. doatint 
rig=/. enter into the favour 
G. a cause: Tyajyij jife, or 
Dal. T. gun zatS = /. favour 
becomes to. 
Gainful, a. adayatso; ^ideatao, 

Gait, s. tsal, -li,/ 
Gala, s. dobazo, -jea, m.=l. pomp. 
Galaxy, s. molbamarog, -rga, m. 
=1. the road (which is) on the 





sky; Eikagag&tiga,-ge,/., Mr. 

Cn., bui nol used in Konk. ; 

dudavat, -te,/. {B. K.). 
Qale, s. I.varea, -rea, n. ^^ I. 

2. yareaSi dann, -ve, /. = /. 

a current of air. 
Gall, s. l.pint, -ta, n.,pr.,fg. 

e.g. for anger. 
2./g. kodsan, -m,/.=/. bitter- 
Gall, V. gas = I. rub ; zezarM. 
Gallant, a. ].sobit = ;. nice. 

2. dhfiiravont = I. courageous. 

3. m&ryaditso = /. polite. 

4. d&Ddi = /. ostentatious. 
Gallant, s- vir, -ra.w. =/. aliero 

(a courageous man). 

Gallantry, J. l.dM,ir, -ra, «. = A 
2. d&ndipon, -ria, n, mn. va- 
nity in dress and the like. 

Galleon, s. v6d tarun, -rva, n. = 
I. a large ship. 

Gallery,^. l.i'//.'baikaun,-kaYa, 
**-> ^-g- g-of a church; va- 
rand, -da, m. (var. «.); ts&- 
dau, -dava, m. {H. K.) 
2. fiitrafisal, -la, n, = I. hall of 

Gall-nut, s. addo, -4ea, m. used 
for ink and cement. 

Gallop, s. khadam, -ma, n. 

Gallop, V. khadamaii ghal. 

Gallows, s. gilarak, -ka, tn. = 
/. the tree of a rope; gai,-la, 
m.; faseruk, -ka, m. = l. the 
tree of rope; faai. 4e,/. 

Gamble, v. jugar kh^l, y^t kh^l 

= play for a stake. 
Gambler, s. jugarkar, -ra, ««.; 

y§tigar, -ra, m. [-ti,/. 

Gambling, s. jugar, -ra, m.; yfet. 
Game, s.^l (or ky6I), -}a, 

m.\ khusalai, -ye, f. = l. 

pleasure; at, -ta, m. 
2.ranuot=i/. wild,(.f. animals 

Make g. of = G. nilkai kar, /. 

make a copy of. 
G/une, TI. khel or kyal ; see Gamble. 
Gamut, -I. gayanamandaTol, -li, 

y", = order of music, «, «. 
Gander, s. dadlen as, -sa, ». = I. 

male of the goose. 
Gan^, s. zpmo, -mea, m. ; Sillea- 

billen, -lea, »., mn. a crowd. 
Gaol, s. vlg. z&il or jail, -la, m. 

/r.; see Jail 
Qangn'one, s. bogdal, -la, n. 
Gaoler, s. vlg. zaUer, -ra, *«.; 

see Jailer- 
Gap, s. l.iden, -dea, n. 

2.fut, -{i,/ 
fiap^ V. t6nd uktefi kar s /. make 

the mouth open, pr.,/g. 
Garb, see Dress. 
Garble, see Falsify. 
Garden, s. ital, -tla, n.\ molo, 

-lea, m. as the g. of Gethse- 

mani; rodt, -ta, ». = a small 

g.; t5t (6), -^, »., used also 

for plantation ; bag, -ga, n. 
Gardener, J. maH,-li, »/.,yy. = he 

who waters the plants ; t6ta- 

gar, -ra, m. 

Gar 2 

fiulasd, s. jelo, .lea, m.= a string 
of flowers; kopel, -la, n.,/r. 
used esp.for a g. of artificial 

Oarlie, s. losun, -sni.y^. 

Garment, s. mustaigi, -ge, /. ; 
lugat, -gta, n. = l. cloth,^, 
Tastur,-tura,«.; ne8on,-ni,y. 

Gunet, s. yakut, -ts, m.., n. »., 

flwret, s. 1. malo, -lea, m. {Ital. 

%/g: bidar, -ra, n. = I. an 
abode; thikarten, -nea, n. = 
/. an abode. 

O^rrison, s. sibandi, -de,/, mn. 
also establishment; raknen, 
-nea, n. = l. a guard, a de- 

Sarmloiis, a. bodbodo; lamb 
jibetso = I. of long tongue ; 

Qaitei, s. nado, -dea, m. 

dls, s. vai, -ye,/i, used com./or 
&s,tu\eiice, root meaning' gas 
as in Cn. & Mr. ; ub, -be, 
/. = /. steam ; vlg, varen, 
-rea, «. 

Gash, s. v6d ghai, -ya, m.=.t. 
a large wound; katrap, -pa, 
». = /. a cut. 

Gasti, V. ka,tar = /. cut. 

Gasp, V. ka.rse. 

Gasp, s. kirS,s, -rsi,/. 

flate, s. darvato, -tea, ««. = a big 
door, also, e.g. a church 
door ; bagil, -gla, ». = a com- 
mon door. 

3 Gea 

Oate-keeper, ;. baglarakno, -nea, 

Gather, v. l.melfii, c.v. of \a.k\\ 
yektaink&r=/. make gather- 
ing, e.g. corn; iirai=g. with 
hands, e.g. what you have 
swept up. 

2. luufi = reap, e.g. g. a crop. 

3.p&rki = /. guess. 

4, nis&eisi = /. establish, con- 
clude; tatp&riya kftr, n.c. 

5. pule = /. suppurate. 
G. in = zod(6). 

G. round = Or. kMe mel. 
Qatherin^, s. melounSen or bet. 

meliip, -Ipa, «. ; mel(§),-la, 

Gauya, v. mez(&). 
Gauge, s. mezap, -zpa, n. 
Oaantlat, s. lun, -ra, n. >= /. a 

glove,/r.; see Glove. 
Gay, a. 1. khusalayetso; siiato- 

2.pJirzaiik = /. bright, e. g. 

Gaze, w. p6le with -ts, or jiv soda 

pole = /. look giving up life. 
Gaze, s. 

2.di|t, -ti,/. = /. sight. 
Gaaette,.?. l.i'/f.gajet,-ti,/.,/f. 
2. v&rtamaoap&tr^, -ra, n. = 

I. a writing of news. 
Gazetteer, s. v&rtamanap&trist, 

-ta, «., or — patrikegar. 
Gear, s. 1. ssman, -na, m. = l. 

an article. 
. 2.mustaigi, -ge,/ = /. a gar- 



1. &Dtu, -ta, m. 
= vegetable g. 
2. govardan, -n^, M. = aDimaI g. 
Gelid, a, th^nd gar; garatso or 

gara bSri = /. like ice. 

Oem, s. I. r4t&n, -tna, n.=a, preci< 

0U3 stone. 

2. bongo, -gea, m. ; see Bnd. 

Qeja, '"■fg' stirtingar kfi,r, G. M. 

= I, make an ornament. 
Oeader, s. 1 . ling, -ga , n. (Gram.) 

2. thS,r, -ra, m. = /. kind. 
Genealogy, s. 1. kntma^eo kobro, 
pL, /. = 1. news of family. 
2.t&klean5i bar, -ti,/. 
General, a. 1. sadharn = /.ordi- 

2. samestantBO, B&ktantso = of 

3. p4rgSrt = I. public. 

4. tsMavot mn. common to all 
(noi com. in this mn.) 

G. confession = jeral kumsar, 

-ra, n.,/r, iylg.) 
In g.=svottar; tsSdavot zaan. 
Become g. = p&rg&t za, or only 

General, s. vlg. jeral, -la, nt.,fr, 

fldbip&ti, -ti, m. \ ^dhikari, 

-ri, *«. ; mostak, -ka, n. = I. 

G- of an army = foujiadbip&ti, 
-ti , m , ; f oujih u dde ag ar,-r a , m. 

Generalise, v. s&mestank lai, eic. 

Geneialissimo, s. mukbya adbi- 
piiti, -ti, m. 

Generality, J. 

sadfiranai, -ye,/. 

2. tsadaTOt vanto, -tea, m. = /. 

the greatest part; tsSdavot 

16k, or only 16k, -ka, m. = the 

most people; del. rs. into adj. 
Generally, tid. l.tsadavotzaun, 

■mn. for the most part, 
2. vottar r?rTottu = altogether, 

not in particnlar. 
Generate, "v. z&lmiii, c. v. o^ 

zSrlma; bet. use the neuter v. ^ 

ch. cs. 
Generation, s. I. z&lm, -ma, tn. 

2, santat, -ti,/ = /. posterity. 

3. kuli, -ye, /., a^t, -sti, / = 
a tribe. 

Generic, see General. 
Generosity, s. udarpon, -n», n. ; 

T6d m6n, -na, n. =1. a great 

Generous, a. adar; Toda mo- 

Genesis, s, ilr&mb, -ba, m. 
Genial, «■ kusalayetso = /, of 

pleasnre; mogal = /. dear; 

bore mfirjetso = /. of good 

Genius,^. 1. sobau,-aTa, ;». = /. 

a disposition (of mind), 
2.d&itpon, -na, n. 
3. concrete noun, d&it (mUnia, 

-nsa, m.) 
Genteel, a. mSryaditso ; see Polite, 
Gentile, s. jlnbavadti, -tia, m. = 

/. unbeliever; Hindu or 

Hinduantso (g. of these 

places); the Goattese word 

Konkno is used partially 

also in Canara in this sense, 
„, „ L.oogic 



mn. only Konkaui-speaking 
Gentle, a. 1. m^ryaditso, mn. of 
good manners. 
2. lln = /. meek, «. c. 
S.sotikasayetso = /. of peace, 
f£^., e.g. g. wind. 
Oentleman, s. sardar, or sirdar- 
b&hudar, -ra, /».; maryaditso 
mSnis, -naa, m. = l.s. genteel 
man; manatso m&nie, -nsa, 
»i. = aman of honour; vodlo 
maQi8= I. a great man ; saib, 
-ba, /».; bab, -ba, ?w.; see 
Gram. P. III. ch. i. 
flentlenesB,5.m&ryad,-di,y^; tsal- 
ts^mk&n, -iia, n. i= politeness. 
Oently, ad. l.maryadin. 

2. soukasayen; thoden thoden. 

Ctenoiiie, a. 1. niz = /, sincere, 

true ; kh&rots=:/. true (emph."^ 

2. nisk&pti = /. sincere. 

B.borsinatuUo = /, not mixed. 

4. sado = I. simple. 

5. nig^l, aput, e.g. genaine 
Christian, g. wine. 

Oeogrrapker, s. buinvivori, -ria, 
m. =1. explainer of the earth ; 
buinsastri, -ri, m. = a. man 
learned as regards the earth; 
buinn^kSegar, -ra, ?n. 

Oeograpky, s. buinrivor, -ra, m. 
W. adeschplion of the earth ; 
buinsastry, -tra, n.; buiii- 

Geoffraphioal, <7. buifivivoratao or 
— viTOrk&rtso, or sotmlimes 
only buintso, or rs. buio. 

G. position = buin&i suat, -te,/l 
Oeologioal, a. buiafir&nibat80=/. 

of the origin of the earth, 

or het. rs. buin&r^mba vi- 

syant, or perh. — visayatso. 
Oeologist, s. buinar3,iii1:}ap&ndit, 

cr, shorter^ buinpSndit, -ta, 

m., n. u. 
Geology, s. buinar^mbasastry, 

-ra, n.\ perh. buinritsne- 

sastru,, -ra, n. 
Geometer, s. buinmapist, -ta, m.\ 

rekhag&nitasastri, -ri, m, 

(Cn. Mr.) 
Geometry, s. buinmap, -pa, n.= 

I. a measure of the earth ; 

rSkhag^nitasastrif, -ra, n. 

{Cn. Mr.) 
German, s. l.sairo, -rea, m.=l. 

a relatire. 
2.bhau, -ara, m. or bh&in (or 

boin), -ni, /, = brother or 

sister ; bapulbhan or mausi< 

bhUia = cousin. 
Germinate, v. ubzSi, c.v. ^ubza; 

Germination, s. kirlap, -pa, n. 
Gestionlate, v. bat porti=/. torn 

hands; angaviklep k&r [Cn. 

Mr.) = I. make a movement 

of the body; ang porti = /. 

turn the body. 
GestionlatioQ, s. hatanbhas, -se, 
/. = /. the language of the 

Gesture, s. 1 . avSsfca, -te, /. = an 

unbecoming g. 
2,hatanportouneQ, -^ea, n.=L 



a turuing of the bands; see 
Get, V. l.infej=/. be found (ob- 
tain), Prs. Dat.\ z6d=l. ob- 
tain, acqaire. 

2. p6d = /. fall, e.^. g, aa in- 

3.6y caus. verb, e.g. get done 
== k&r&i. 

4. za <o I. become, be done. 

5.paa = I. reacb. 

G. abroad =l.kalit za = /. be- 
come known, or p&rg&t za. 
2. ts^l, or ts&lto TAssl. be 

G. acro8B=utrili, c.v. o/" nt&r 
= cross ; or poltiidi TOr. 

G. along = inukar TOts = /. go 

G. among = p6d = /. fall. 

G. at = pan = /. reacb. 

G. away=p61, or dana=A flee, 
ran away. 

G. back=I.Yapas gbe or voeal 
kilr, or pati ghe. 
2. pati Tots = go back. 

G. clear of=tsukai;p&riy&rza. 

G. down=devoi, iT.s'. ^dean = 

G. bold = dbar. 

G. in = yektai k&r; see Gather. 

G. off=kad,8ut(beacquitted). 

G. on = boro asa = /. is well. 

G. OMi = 2ndLoc. deuii = /. de- 
scend from ; bbair vote. 

G. ready = tayar kilr, 

G. rid of, see G. clear of. 

G. tbrougb = 1 . pan = I. reacb. 

2.tirsi = /. flnish. 
G. togetber, see Gather. 
_ G. up = ut. 

G. npon = tsad = /. ascend. 
Sewffaw, s. 1. ftillftr vastg, -tu, 
/ = /. a trifling tbing. 
2. kb^ltso saman, -na, m, = a, 
Ghaatliness, s. bbiyankulai, -ye, 
/; m6rni,&onpantrepon,-:9a, 
n.-l. the paleness of death; 
bef. rs. modea bari pantro. 
Ghastly, a. l.kampereateo. 
2. bhiyankul = /. dreadful. 
Ghost, s. 1. Mmo, -me9,, m. = I. 
a soul; kulen, -lea, n. = a 
goblin or ghost. 

2. duStakai, -ye,/, (devil); 'du- 
^takayeSen vokat, -kta, n. = 
amedicine against duitakai'. 

3. pran, -na, 0i.=life, e.g. give 
up the g. = pran sdd. 

4. Spirit, -ta, m. = II. G. 
Giant, s. 1 . rakkos, -ksa, m. {often 

an abusive term). 

2. pandou, -ot&, m.=g. of fable. 

3. dait, -ta, m. = & tall man. 

Gibber, see Chatter. 

Gibbet, see Gallows. [».) 

Gibbosity, s. p6ng, -gi,/ {or -ga, 

Gibbone, a. p6ngo. 

Gibe, V. jei&i=l. mock; has = /. 
laugh at. 

Giblets, s. has no nearer equi- 
valent than n&kari v&st^, 
-tu,/ = /. useless parts (of 

'- : A.oogk- 



Qiddiness, s. gavol, -li, /. ; rs. 

t&kli guanta = the head is 

turning, or m6t tsnkta =: /. 

the mind is not present, 
Oiddy, a. 1. gnroIitBO. 

2.^. hadaatuUo = /. not wiae. 
Gift, s. 1. denen, -nea, n.; kanik, 

-ke,y. = a splendid gift ; bhSt, 

-te,/. = I. an offering, 
a.sakti, -ti {or §ak4t, -kti),/. 

= /. a power, e.g'. g. of in- 
'Belen kanik = the present of 

the first crop to the land- 
Gifted, a. asullo, with the name 

of what one is gifted wiih; 

e.g. g. with a strong mind 

= m6t asullo, 
ai£:)uitio, a. d&itatso, or d&ita 

b&ri; bhou T6d = I. very 

Giggle, V. amburko has =s I. a 

smiling laugh. 
GUd, V- hangar or mulam lai = /. 

apply gold ; m. kad. 
Gilded, a. hangar or mulam laillo; 

Gilder, s. muUmgar, -ra, m. 
Gilding, f. mulamasamarthi, 

-the,/. = I. the art of gilding. 
Gill, s. 1 . (J of a pint) jil, -la, 

2. gablan, pi. n. (of birds and 

also of men): 'taka g, den> 

lin=he got gills'. 
Gimlet, s. rum, -ma, n. 
Gin, ^, 1. nad,-di,/. = /,a8nare. 

2. jin, -na, m.,jT. = a liquor so 

3,, -tea, m. = & ma- 
chine for cleaning cotton. 

Gin, v. kapus nit&l k&r. 

Ginger, s. alen, -lea, «.; sunt, 
-ti,_/". (dried g.) 

Gipsy, s. I.jipsi, -sia, m.=Lat. 
'i./g. parpiil = /, roaming. 

Gird, p. 1. revodn ghal, or only 
revod, or, often^ only gbal, 
e.g. g. a sword; Or. boun- 
t&nin band, 
2. lag = /, be applied, e. g. g. 
(oneself) to the task = ka- 
mak lag, 
G. up oneself ^ t&yar za. 
G, on a sword=penktab t&lvar 
band = /. bind the sword to 
the loins. 

Girdle, s. pato, -tea, m.\ mnnz, 
-%f- {g^ner. tirm)\ neva}eii, 
-lea, n. used mostly by 
non-catholics ; dab, -hi, f.\ 
k&mbarband, -da, n. used by 
Mahomedana; band, -da, n. 
3= /. a tie, 

Gir], s. cedun {var. Codun), -duS, 
«.; tsili, -ye,/. {H. K) 

Girth, s. 1. band, -da, n. 
2. bSrundi, -de, /. ; see Ciroom- 

Gist, s. 1. sar, -ra, m. = I. sub- 
stance; makhya viistij, -tn, 
/. =1. the chief thing ; mul, 
-la, n.=.l.& root,/f. 
2. mnlo, -lea, m. = l.a hinge,y^. 



0ive, V. di. 
G. a blow = mar ISi, or hei. 

only mar. 
G. to uDderstand >= Bomz&i. 
G. back = pati di or TapSrS di 

(Lai. restitue). 
G. cbase = daundai = /. cause 

to run. 
G. in one's narae = dakftl za 

(be registered). 
G. oat (juice) = 1- dike, or bet. 

dik ye. 
2.m6n = say. 

3. ^a 86d. 

4. 86d or tamb = /. cease. 
G. oyer = vopsun di. 

G. np = 1. vopsun di, viz. de- 

2. ghat k&r = /. make deceit. 
3.vater ghal = /. pat on the 
way, abandon ; 86d = I. 
G. way = 1. pS^au za = be de- 

2. khase p&rmarie kfir = I. 
do according to the will 
3.iden di = /. give escape 
(to a passion); kobuli di 
e/. give consent, 
G. place = 1 . pois = far, ck. cs. 
2. vat sod = /. abandon the 
G. & Aiaaer = vst4{o/tn/eriors 
to superiors); jevan di, 
Olaoial, a. gar&tso = /. of ice ; 
bbon s^l or bhou th&nd = 
I. very cold. 

Olaeis, s. l.garatso zago, -gea, 

m. = l. a ground of ice. 
S.deuni, -ne,/. = l. slope. 
Glad, a. dados or dadosi; s&nto- 

eatsOEz/. joyful; khusal = /. 

merry; fLnltad asuUo = /. 

having joy. 
Qladdes, v. dados k&r; khusal 

Olade, s. approx, laC&il, -la, n. ** 
I. meadow; moIeal&6fiil, -1^^ 
«.; tsirovaz5,go, -gea, m. 

Gladiator, s. kustigar, -ra, m. 

Gladly, ad. B&ntosan ; d&dosi- 
zaun ; khuaalayen ; &a&ii- 

Gladness, s. s&atos, -sa, m.; see- 

Glance, 1J. p6]e; diSt ghal = /. 
put sight. 

Glance, s. dilt, -ti,/.; 'cast a g- 
= d. ghal. 

Glare, s. 1. pHrzai, -la, m., or 
p^rzijai, -ye, /.; prUi&s,. 
-sa, m. 

2. kirn, -na, n. = l. a ray. 

3. ulop, -Ipa, «.; dau, -arS, tn. 
— heat with light {also heat 
of the body). 

Glare, v. p&rzlirl. 

Glass, 5. 1. arso, -sea, m. mn. 
mirror, and also the sub- 
2. tambUr, -ra, m., Engl. = 
tumbler; patrij, -ra, «., noi 

Glassy, a. arseatso. 

Glaae, V. arso gbal or a. lai. 



Q}e&m,v. y&TzS.], pr. /£'.; mini- 
mini kir {Ifal. luccicare) as 
tke eyes of a cat or as the 
stars g. ; or only minmiQ ; 
jilibili tar. 

Qlaam, ^. 1. p^rz&l, -la, m. 
2. fer, -ra, m. 

^.fg. kirn, -n&, », = /. a ray, 
as a g. of hope. 

Aleuts'. 1. Tints ; b&itaSefibh&t 
mel&ie=/, collect the paddjr 
of straw. 
I.fg. baH. 

Olide, -v, nis&r, mn. slip, and 
also run away. 

Qlimmer, v. p&rzill, anVA ike 
quasi-dim. -ao; je» Gram. 
P. III. ch. ii. 

Olimpse, ^. 1 . di|t, -ti,/. 

2. illo nzvad, -d^, m. ^ /. faint 
light; 'get a g, = pole'. 

Olitter, 1). p&rzai ; 7.&gzkg. 
auttar, s. p^rz^l, -la, m. 
Gloat, V. jiv soda p6Ie = /. look 

leaving life (Konk.). 
Olobe, s. 1. golo, -le^, m.; dim. 

gnli, -ye,/ 
2.buin, -i3,/. = /. earth. 
Qlobolar, a. vadkulo. 
Qloom, s. l.k&Iok, -ka, m., pr. 

/g; e-g' %■ of life. 
^.fg. kast, -ta, m.\ khiBt, 

flloomyta. I . kalso = /, blackish ; 

kaiki, applied esp. to night. 
^■/g- kbantii^t, dukest, (intest 

= /. sorry. 

3. lasfUen tdnd = surly. 

glorification, s. aD&ndpon, -pa, 
«., or bet. anandbaritpori, 
-na, »., n. c. \ see Glory, 

Glorify, V. 'kakoA. di, or a. kar; 
man di ; man vadai = /. in- 
crease the honour, e.g. of 
God ; ubolsi or hogohi = /. 

Glorious, a. 1 . zaitevont = /. vic- 
2. maDadik,m». giving honour; 
rs, manak pddtso; anand- 
barit = /. full of glory. 

Glory, s. ^nand, -da, m.\ man, 
-na, m. ; hodvi, -ve, / = /. 
majesty; maima, -me,/ = /. 
majesty; hoglap, -pa, n.=l. 

Glory, I', anandpau: <I g. in God 
= aan Dera thain a. pS.utan'. 

Gloss, V. parzai ; minimini kar. 

Glossary, s. utrantso vivor, -ra, 
OT. = /. an explanation of 

Glossy, a. parzaiik. 

Glove, s. lun, -uva, n.,/r.; ha- 
tanmei, -ya, m. = I. stockings 
of the hands,//-., «. u. 

Glov, s. 1. garmi, -me, f-^l- 
heat, e.g. of anger; umalo, 
-lea, m. 
2. parzal, -la, m. = I, shining. 

Glow, v. 1 , tap = /. be hot ; c. v. 

tapai ; nn za 3 /. get warm. 

%fg. zai = /. burn, e.g. ragan 

z. ; umal. 
Glowing terms = umaleaiin 

„, „ L.oogic 



Glow-worm, s. kazi^lo, -lea, m. 
Gloze, ■!'. fuslai = /. fiatter. 
Olne, s. I.g6ndi}, -da, m. 

2. paak, -ka, m. 
aiat, V. jir 36da kha ; p6t bb6r. 
Glut, s. khaugipon, -na, «.; p6(a- 

6eti bhorap, -rpii, ».; dados- 

kai, -ye,/. 
GlntinouB, a. pankatso. 
GInttoa, s. p6^ro m&nis, -nsa, 

m. ; khaugi, -gia, m. ; orboai, 

-sia, m. 
Qlnttosoiu, a. p6taro; khaugi. 
Gluttony, s. pdtarpoii, -na, ».; 

p6tard, -da, n. 
Gnash, v. kidkid, or kirli. [», 
Qnuhin^,^. dantanJSabiteD, -;tea, 
Gnat, s. 1 . z^ar, -re,/, 

2. muBk, -ka, «. (a little fly, 
dim. o/^man). 

Gnaw, V, tsabun kad = /. biting 
take away. 

Gnomon, s. uoranCi bodi, -ye,/. = 
/. a stick ot the hours; khil, 
-li,/.; kanto, -tea, m.=l. a 
thorn, used/or the hand of 
a watch, hence perk, for gn. 

Go, V. 1 . veta (goes) ; Past gelo ; 
see Gram. 
2.bhair s&r = /. start. 

3. za = /. become (tutu out); 
soTot asa = aim is, 

I am going to bed = nidtaB 

thSia asan; see Gram. P. II. 

ch It. ; the story goes that. . . 

= k&ta ts&lta ki 

Two go for oue = douank yek 


G. about = 1. boun. 
2. pr&y&t^n k&r = /. make 
an effort. 

G. abroad = bhair Tots, or hkc- 
pir vota. 

6, astray = tsuk. 


G. back = pati TOts. 

G. behind = patlean vetii. 

G. beyoud = poltodi Tota, or 
only ut&r = cro88,i7rbirp4r, 
or g&di bhair vols, n. c. 

G. by = 1 . lagiD vots. 
2. patlau Idir = /. make fol- 
lowing, or dek(S) karie = /. 
take example. 

G. dowQ = deuD. 

G. for = apouD had = /. calling 

G. forth = bhair s&r. 

G. in = rig. 

G. oft=za = /. become. 

Go on =s 1. mukar rota = I. go 

2. g&d = /. happen. 
3.jik = /, gain,^. succeed; 
TriLddhi za = /. get pros- 

G. out=sl. bhair 8&r = start. 

2. palva = /. get quenched ; 
thamb^/. cease. 

G. over := 1. utron rots = /, 
crossing go. 
2.s6d = /. abandon (revolt). 

3. Yiip=i. consent, e.^. g, over 
to an opinion. 

4. voilebar vatsW. read super- 



G. round; see G. about. 

G. throagli= l.Tet&, with the 

Instr. in -atleaa. 
2.tir8i = /. fiDisb, carry out, 
G, to=slags=/. be applied, e.g, 

g. to war. 
G.up = t8Jld = /. ascend. 
Let go = s6d. 
Oo&d, $■ khilo, -lea, m. = /. a 

nail (fixed in a stick) ; fLnkus, 

Qoad, V. I. (kbile&u) dauodais 
L cause to run (with the g.) 
2.fg. ujai = /. cause to rise 

Goal, s. sevot, -ta, m. = /. aim. 

Goat, s. gauntso bokdo, -dea, 
/w., or bokdi, -de, /. = I. a. 
sheep of the country ; some 
say simply bokdo, bokdi; 
benkreS, -rea, «. = a wild 

Oo-betwesn, s. 1. malo, -lea, m. = 
I. barber (g. for arranging a 
marriage, a barber formerly 
being used as suc/i). 
2. ddlal, -la, m. = /. an agent; 
P&aiSayetdar, -ra, 01. = /. an 

Qobble, 'B. jiv s6da kha = I. eat 
giying up life (Konk.). 

Qoblet, s. vlg. k6p, -p§, n. or 
tambler, -ra, ff(,,^,; pfltri}, 
-ra, or p&nfiapatry, -r&, {Cn. 

Qobliu, s. druitakai, -ys,/. {vlg. 
dus^kai); kulen, -lea, n.\ 
bhut, -ta, m.^l. a devil. 

God, s. Don, -era, m. 
Qod-ohild, s. vlg. filiad, -da, »., 

fr. ; dh&rmaput, -ta, m., db. 

du , -ve,/. = a child of charity, 

exact w. 
Goddess, s. devi, -ri,/ 
God-father, s. vlg. podorn, -ni, 

m.^fr. ; dh&rmabap, -pa, m. 
Godhead, s. Deupon, -na, n. 
Godless, a. DeunatuUo = /. with- 
out God ; Deu deuntsar na- 

tuUo = /, without God or 

deyil {ylg^. 
Godliness, s. bh&Ict, -ti, /., or 

bhSJitipon, -na, n. 
Godly, a. Deragelo. 
Ood-motlier, s. vlg. modern, -ni, 

/.,/r.\ dh&rmam&i, -ye,/! 
Go-down, s. malo, -lea, m. ; 

ugran, -na, «. 
God-send, s. m&ima, -me,/, {also 

punishment); sukduk, -ka, n. 
Gogffle, a. gugitBo = /. of an owl, 

e.g.g. eyes; ambado; amba- 

Goitre, s. 1. fdli^, -la, n. = I. 

fruit {Ital. pomo d' Adamo). 
2. gun|, -tfi, n. {Ital. gozzo). 
Gold, -T. hangar, -ra, n. 
Some kinds of %. are 1. poun; 

2 , Btambol ; 3 . kn rzat. 
Golden, a. bang£rfl6en mulam 

Gold-leaf, s. (bangarafien) t&g&d, 

-gda, «.; f61, -li,/ 
Goldsmith, s. son&r, -ra, m. 
Gong, s. perk, ghant, -ti, /, or 

thilli, -ye,/; yatli, -le,/ 



flood, a. boro, applicable in all 
the senses of the Engl, word 
A g. deal=bhou tsid. 
Mako g. = 1. 8&ma kSr » /. 
make right. 
2. farikpoD di = /. give satis- 
faction; bh6rn di = /. give 
full, e.g. m. g. honour. 
Good, s. \. boreD, -rea, n. 
2. pi. ast, -ti.y; =/, property; 
mhftl, -la, m. = l. chattels; 
d&n, -na, n., or d^n T^st^, 
Do g. = bore3 kAr. 
Oood-breeding:, s., 
-na, «.; maryad, -di,/.; man- 
sepon, -na, «, = /, humanity, 


Oood-bye, s. sukhi zaufi = /. be 

Qood-Frjday, s. nim^no sukrar, 

-ra, m. = I. last Fr, 
Qood-hamonr, s. bori m&rji, -je,/. 
Good-looking, a. bolaiketeo, or 

bolaikent asullo; rs. boro 

dista = /, appears well. 
Oood-natnre, s. mogai sobau, 

-ava, m.=l. dear character; 

mogalpop, -nS, «, =/. dear- 

Good-natured, a. mogal = /. dear; 

sado = /, tame ; diyal = /. 

Goodness, s. borepori, -na, n.; 

boren mou, -na, «, = /. good 

heart; mogalpon, -na, n.=l. 


Goods, s. mhal, -la, m., 

-na, m. = articles. fpt. 

Good-temper, s. boro sobau, -ava, 
Good-tempered, a. borea sobava- 

tso, or mogal, or lln. 
Good-will, s. bori khnsi, -^e,/.; 

m6g(6),-ga, m.=l. lore; dos- 

ti, -te,/. = /. fatronr. 
Goose, s. bailen as, -sa, n. 
Goosebeny, s. approx. £61, -la, n. 
Gordiau,a. nearest eq. kastantso, 

or katin:=/, difficult. 
Gore, s. ragat, -gta, n.% geto, 

•tea, m. = clotted blood. 
Gore, V. hand (stab with horns). 
Gorge, s. l.gomto, -fea, m.; g&- 

lo, -Jea, m. 


2./g: ftsirai, -ye,/. = /, narrow- 

Gorgeons, a, sobit = /. nice ; su- 
rungarat8o = /, ornamental; 
dobajeatso « /. showy, 

Gormnndise, ^. jlv s6dn kba=/. 
eat leaving life. 

Gonnondiser, s. p&taro manis, 
-nsa, m.; khaugi, -gia, m. 

Goiy, a. r^gtatso ; r^gtan bhor- 

Gospel, s. vlg. vanjel or evanjel, 
-la,ff».,^.; subhavarta, -te,/l 
(C«., Afr.), or bet. savftrta- 
maa, -na, «. (Cn.,Tul., Mr.^ 
Sans, and Mai.); 3. Kri8tS.6i 
B6m6lt,-ti,/. = /. thereligioa 
of J. C. ; bori kobar, -bre.y^ 
= /. good news; boreii r&- 
vanen, -nea, n. = /. good mes- 
sage; Devafcefi utar, -tra, n. 
= /. Qod's word. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Oossip, s. I.g&zal, -li,/ = idle 

talk; phS,Qd!o,-!e&, m. = idle 

2, phandleagar, -ra, m. = a 

talkative person. 
Qoaaip, v. phaudle or g&zali mar 

=: /. beat chats. 
Oonrd, s. dudin, -di7a, ». 
Qourmet, ^. nazuk m&nis, -nsa, 

m. or nazukgar, -ril, m.=l. 

a delicate man; khaugi, 

-gia, m. 
Qtmt, J. vat, -ta, m. 
Ekivern, v. \.i6k\hi = l. cause to 

walk, ^. 
2. razvot or razvotkai k^r (o6j. 

2nd Loc.) = reign. 
OoTernesa, s. I.mestin, -ni,y".= 

a female teacher, /r, 
2. vodangeli mestin, IaiI. pae- 

dagoga, (a female attendant 

on children); bet. aya, -ya,y^ 
GoTemmeiit, s. 1. 3&rkar, -ra, m. 

= civil power ; &dhikar, -ra, 

nt. = l. authority (supreme), 

2, raz, -ja, n. = I. a, kingdom. 

3. karkhano, -nea, m. = I. an 

QoTBinor, s. &dhikari, -ri, or 

&dhipd,ti, -ti, m. 
Gown, s. 16b, -ha, m. (of priests), 
/r.; payangol viatur, -ra, «.; 

anglen, -lea, n. (of native 

girls); gagro, -rea, m, 
Qtue, s. l.karpa,-pe,/.(Mo//.), 

e.g. Divine g. 
2.doHti, -te,/. = l. favour, e.g. 

of a king. 

3, maf, -fi,/. = /, a pardon, an 

4.m&ryad, -di,/! = /. honesty, 

e.g. walk with g. 
5.argan, pi. n. = I. thanks- 
6, netoni, -ae,/. = I. an orna- 
T.saib, -ba, m.=l. a lord. 

Grace,!'. net5.i=/. adorn; sob^i^ 
/. make nice. 

Qraceftal, a. m&ryaditso; Bundiir 
IE I. nice. 

OraoefalneBs, f . m&ryad, -di,/.; 
sobitai, -ye,/. = /. beauty. 

OraoioitB, a. gunatso = /. favour- 

OraoioiiBiieBS, s. mogalpon, -nft, 
». ; daya, -ye,/- 

Gradation, s. kr&m, -ma, n. = I. 
order, or mandavol, -li,/. 

Grade, s. grau, -ava, m.; huddo, 
-dea, m. = I. a. rank; th&r, 
-ra, m.=sl. a kind. 

Or&doal, a. tho^efi thodeatso; 
6et. rs. info ad. 

GradnaUy, ad. tbodea thodeiL 

Graduate,!'. l.patodi = /. give 
a diploma; pass. p. ghe = 
receive a d. 
2. grau ghal = I. put degrees, 
e. g. to a thermometer; vante 
k^r = make divisions. 

Graduation, s. 1. grau, -ava, m. 
= 1. & degree. 
2. rs. into v.; see also Gradation. 

Graft, V. isedt k&r,^. ; kisi kar 
= /. inocnlate. 




Oiain, ^. dhani, -ye,/. 

2. k&n, -na, «. = a single grain. 
Oram, s. kulit, -Ita, m. ; ts&oo, 

-nea, ». =• Bengal gram. 
Qr&mm&r, s. vjSik&T&a, -9a, n. 
Grammarian, s. Tfalc&r&nist, 

-ta, m, 
Orammaticalf i- ryak&r&natso, 

or bei, vyak&r&^a parm&iie 

Orammatioally, ad. TySJdLr&na 

Oranary, s. tupefi, -pea, «. 

flraiid,ci. dob&jeatso; vodponatso. 

arand-ohild, s. natrun, -tra, ». 

Orand-daogrliter, s. uat, •ti,/. 

Orand-fatlier, s. azo, -jea, m. 

Grand-mother, s. aji, -je,/. 

Grand-son, s. natu, -tua, m. 
Crreat grand-father = porizo, 

-jea, m. 
Gr. grand-mother = ponji, -je,y. 
Gr. grand-son, gr. grand- 
daughter 3ponturun,-ra, n. 

Grandee, s. I. m3,QtS.Qantlo = /. 
2. huddeagar, -ra, m.=l, digni- 

Grandeur, s. dobazo, -jea, m. ; 
Todpon, -na, n. 

Grange, s. na^, -da, n. = /. 

Granite, s. pakan, -na, n. 

Grant, ti. 1, di; pataisAsend, 

e. f . gr. iadulgences, gifts. 

2. B6d E /. permit; T6p e /. 

consent, e.£'. in argument. 

Grannlous, a. reretsos/, sandy. 

Grape, s. dak, -ke, /. mn. a 

single fruit of the vine. 
Graphic, a. soit = I. expressive. 
Grapnel, s. Ian nangor, -gra, m. 

s=l. a small anchor 
Grapple, V. 1, dhar= I. seize. 
2.iadai kar = /. fight; zS^&A 
= I. quarrel, 
Graap, p. l.dh&T, pr., /£■., e.^. 
2. eomza = /. nnderstand; rig 
= /. enter (ia mind), cA. cs. ; 
jik = I. gain, /g. (under- 
Grass, s. tan, -^a, n. 
Grass-hopper, s. dempo, -pea, m. 
Grassy, a. tanatao, or tjtnaa 

Grate, s. see Grating. 
Orate, v. l.Tat=i/. grind. 
2. gass/. rub.]ai=:/. cause to bnrn,^. 
(tease, irritate); utsambol 
kar = /. make excited. 
4. gftrgar, mn. make an un- 
pleasant noise, e.g. that of 
Qratefitl, a. 1. upkari. 

2. mannontso = /. pleasing. 
Gratefnlness, s. upkarpo^, -na, n. 
Oratifloation, ^. l.khusalai, -ye, 
/. = I. pleasure. 
2. dadoskai, -ye, /. = content- 
Gratify, ?■ l.npkar kar = /. make 
a benefit. 

2. dados kar = /. make content. 

3. manuas/. please. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Orating:, s. 1 . g&,rgkcQ, -rea, m. = 

I. a grating, harsh sonnd. 

2.iiUri, -ye, y. = rails, e.£: of 

a church, of a monastery. 

QritiB, ad. funkea or funkeaCe; 
sambal dinastaiian=/. with- 
out paying. 

Oratitnde, s. upkarpon, -uta, «. 
or upkar, -ra, m.; upk&ri 
m&n, -na, n. = I. a grateful 
heart; npkaranugdas, -sii, 

SntBitonB, a. funkeatso = free 
from fee. 

Oiatnity, s. decien, -pea, n. = I. 
a gift {or dan, -na, n,, n. c.) ; 
inam, -ma, n. = l. a reward. 

Qrare, s. f6nd, -da, m. 

OriTO, P. see Enyrave. 

Srive, a. l.zM = /. onerDuB. 
^./g-. bhari, e.^. g. man. 
i./g sflkailo = /. low,^., c.f. 
g. sound. 

Siave-dig^r, s. fondkadtolo. 

Oravfr-^tone, s, fondatso fator, 
-tra, 7n., som£ say kh&diyetBO 
&toT, or marblatso fator, 
or arseatso &tor; bet. gori, 

Sraye-yard, s. vlg. simiter, -ri,/. 

see Cemetery. 
Oraritate, v. zildai k&r = /. make 

heavinesB; vlg, rs. z&d zaun 

a8a = /. is heavy. 
Gravity, s. bbar, -ra, m., pr.,/g. 

mn. also the force of g. 
Siavy, s. l.kald, -da, m., Jr.; 

k&aai, -ya, m. 

2.r6s, -sa, m-^l. juice. 
Oray, a. gobra rougSrtso ^ /. of 
the colour of ashes; dovoso= 
/. whitish. -^ 

Gray-hairs, s. pike kSs = I. ripe 
hairs; 'of g. = pikeank^san- 
drtuflt 7'- l.p6s = /. feed; ts&rlii 
= /. pasture; c.v. ^tsilr. 
2.d&rnir pai lagoun ub ^ /. 
fly attaching the feet to 
the ground (as birds are 
sometimes said to graze the 
3. lag = /. be attached (rase). 
Grazing, s. ts^roa, -ot^, m. 
Grease, s. tsarab,-rbe,y.K^.fat. 
Grease, v. ts^rab lai. 
Great, a. dignity v6d or 
Todlo, used also far large ; 
tsfid = /. much, in great 
quantity ; rund = /. broad. 
^./g. TOrto = /. sublime, su- 
^./g. bhari = /.graTe,^. (im- 
'How gr. = kedo'; 'so gr. = 
tedo'; 'asgr. as = b^ri T6d'; 
'rather gr. = vodso'; 'toogr. 
= ts&d, or ts&d rund'. 
Greatly, ad. ts&d ; bhou. 
Greatness, s, 1. rodpon, -na, n., 
pr., /g.\ ruudai, -ye,/. = 
^•/g. vortepon, -na, «. = /. 
Greedy, a. ts&d khusetso, aletso, 
urbetso; khaugi, (gr. in the 

„, „ L.oogic 



matter of food). SometiiOes 
gr. may be expressed by a 
noun, as by khaugi. 

Green, a. 1 . tS.rno (of fruits) mn. 
also unseasoned. 
2. patsuo. 

Oreen, s. 1. tirnepo?, -na, «. 
2. patsiio r6ng, -ga, m. = l. a 
green colour. 

Oreen-gTooer, J. randyoi iktolo, 
-lea, m. 

Qreenhom, s, umeduar, -tSl, m. 
(a beginner). 

Oreenness, see Oreen, 

Greenish, n:. l.tiirnoeo. 
2. patsuoso. 

Greet, v. s&lam kilr, or b. 8ang = 
/. make complimentE; rekad 
di, /r. = I. make compli- 
ments ; besaufi mag = /. ask 
ahlesaing (used by in/eriors), 


Greeting, .f. I.s&lam, -ma, m. 
2. rekad, -da, m.^fr. 

Gren&de, see Bomb. 

Grenadier, s. G. mo]lo sipai, -ya, 
Tn.\ d&it sipai = /, a giant sol- 

Greyhonnd, s. sikarepeto, -tea, m. 

Gridiron, s. bazfii diri, -ye,/. 

Grief, j. duk, -ki,/; kSat, -ta,OT. 
{used in fl^ 

Grievanoe, s. sin, -na, m. = 1. a 
complaint; apam, -ma, «., 
«. c.\ duk, -ki, /.; kirk&r, 
-ran, m. ipl.)=l. troubles; 
kUt, -ta, m.; kodaan, -ni, 
(-96),/ = /. bitterness.y^. 

Grieve, J'- dukili, c. v. of duk; 

k&stSi, c. V. (?/"k48ta. 
Grierons, a. k&stantso = /. of 

pains ; dukountso = /. aiBict- 

ing ; zad = I. heaVy, f^. ; 

kodu = /. bitter,^. 
Grievonsnese, -r. kodsan, -ni (-ne), 

f. = l, bitterness, e(c. 
Grill, T. baz = roast. 
Grim, a. 1. vankdea tondatso = 

/. of crooked face, or only 

2.mliaru = /. cruel; ranuot = 

I, wild. 
Grimace, s. raakden muk, -ka, 

»., or vankden t6nd, -da, n. 
Grin, s. dant kirkidai; dant 

dak&i = /. sbow the teeth; 

&um&ryadin has = /, laugh 

immoderately; hasear ghal 

= I. put on laughing, ch. cs. 
Grind, v. 1, d61; vaf. 
%fg. dagdai, c. V. = I. cause 

Grinder (Tooth), s. dadi, -ye, f. 
Grind-stone, s. daoten, -tea, n. ; 

van, -na, «. (for grinding 

curry-seeds); 8an,-9e,/.= a 

stone used for pulverising 

Gripe, v. I. dhftr. 

2. muddai, c.7>. = cause gripea. 
Gripes, s. 1. muddoneS, -nea, 

«., or muddonl, -ne, /., mn. 

ex. gr. 
2. gnlo, -lea,ff*. = /. ball, a di- 
sease of a more violeiit 




Qrlffiagipari.a. l.miiddaneatso. 
2./^. batin = /. severe, e.^: 
OriBt, s. 1. pit, -ta, «, = flour. 

2. dhaui, -ye,/. = /. corn. 
Oro&n, V. r&d; pirnga. 
Oroaaisffi -i. r&dDen, -nea, »., 

or rSdS,p, -dpa, ».; pirngo- 

ni, 'ixe,/. 
Grocer, s. yari, -riii, m. 
Groom, s. godeagar, -ra, m. = 

a hor8&-boy. 
Groove, s. gero, -rea, m., e.g. 

of a column. 
Groove, ^. gero k&r, e. g. in a 

Grope, ^. saspi (/r.) ; Baapa (».) 

= feel with the hand in 

Qross, a. 1. dat. 
^.fg. flrUmfiryaditBO. 

3. jamla, -U, n. = the total sam. 
Groasneas, s. 1. datai, -ye,/. 

2. &umiLryad, -di, /. = /. un- 
Orot, s. dol, -li,/. 
Oroteaqae, a. vidrupatso; tS,ri- 

fetso (awkward). 
Ground, s. 1. darn, -ni, /. = I. 
soil; nM, -la, n. 
2. zago, -gea, »». =A ground; 
z&min, -ne,/. = a possession, 
a farm; suat, -te, /. = /. 
a place. 
S.singti (or singitt, -gti), -ti, 
/, bab, -be, /. = I. point, 
matter, e.g. my argument 
rests on these grounds. 

4. pat, .-ti,/ = /. back, (gr. of 

a picture). 
6. ksiran, -na, n. = I. cause; 

z&vab, -bi, / = /. motiye. 
Gain gr. 1. jik = /. gain, make 
profit; adai m^l « /. profit 
be fonnd. 

2. vistar = I. get spread, e.g. 
Lose gr. = padau zata = /. de- 
feat takes place; pod. 
Grounded (Be well), v. boro romb- 

ta = /. it goes very deep. 
Ground-floor, s. darn, -ni,/. 
Groundlesa, d. khali = ^ empty; 
karan natullo; v6[t=/.vain. 
Ground-rent, s. g^n, -ni,/ 
Ground-work, s. bunyad, -di,/. 

Group, s. zomo, -mea, m. = I. & 

collection; me](S), -la, m.=l. 

union {perk, also in art). 
Group, V. mand = /. arrange; 

mel&i = /. collect. 
Grove, s. phad, -di,/; b6n, -na, 

n. {Ital. bosch£tto). 
Grovel, v. ts&r =s /. creep. 
Grow, ^. I . f ut, as plants in the 

2.vad, e.g. a child grows iu 

stature. fpale. 

3. za=^. become, e.g. he grows 

4. adai k&r=/. make progress. 

5. tr. V. beaaj k&r=/. cultivate. 
Grown up, vaduUo or vadavol, 

-li,/; manai, -ya, m. 
Growl, V. ghonk (as a dog) ; b6b 




Growth, s. Tad, -di,/, cr vada- 
vol, -li, /. {this 2nd means 
also a district of a village), 

Orad|:e, v. l.mos6r kHr, G. M. 
= /.make envy; or niskutsar 
kftr, G. M. 

2. purpur = /. grumble. 

3. purpurn di = /. give gruml)- 
ling; naka mon =/. say no. 

Gnidg:e, s. mo86r, -ara, m., or 

niskutsar, -rS, m. = I. envy ; 

kodsan, -ne (-ni),/". = /. bit- 

ternesB.y^.; dusraankai, -ye, 

/.; jiddif, -da, n. = enmity ; 

nakhuSi, -^e,/. = ill-feeling. 
Gruel, s. approx. ambil, -la, n. 
Gruff, a. 1. &umilryaditso = /. 

un polite. 
2. k^dij, = I. aevere ; k&tin = /. 

Grnffliess, s- l.aumilryad, -di,y. 

2. katinai, -ye,y. = /. rigour. 
Grumble, v. purpur; pati uI3.i = 

/. speak behind; portuu ul&i 

= /. speak turning or again; 

§in ul&i ^ /. speak a lament. 
Grunt, v. gurgur (as a 'pis),P>'./g. 
Guarantee, s, z&min, -ue,/. (Lat. 

Guarantee,^- z3,miudi=/.giveg. 
Guard, V, sambaj ; p&rtibol k&r ; 

pravesa k&r; rak; pare k!ir 

= /. make aa escort. 
Guard, s. 1. asro, -rea, m. =1. 

a refuge. 
2. rakno, -nea, m. = a guardian; 

rakneD, -nea, n.; adar, -ra, 

OT. = /. help. 

3.paro, -rea, m. = l. an escort. 

4. aibilndi,-di,/;=/. agarrison. 

5. mut, -ti,/ = g. of a sword. 
Mount g. = rak. 

Be 00 g. = tsatrai kane. 
Guardian, s. rakno, -nea, m., e.g. 

a guardian angel; a tutor; 

kavilgar, -ra, m. 
Gnardianahip, see Guard. 
Quara, s. peratso ruk, -ka, m-. 

(a tree of thia country like 

a pear tree). 
Guess, V. l.parki; sumar fiint; 

dubavar sang = /. aay on 

doubt; b^ltar sang. 
2. bolmen sang = /. say an in- 
Guess, s. 1. parkounen, -ne§, n. 

2. bolmen, -mea, «. 
Guest, s. l.sJiiro, -rea, m. {mn. 

also g. at an entertainment). 
2.Toulo, -lea, m. = g. at a 

marriage dinner. 
Guide, .f . 1 . vat dak&itolo = /. 

ab owing the way. 

2. tsaUitolo = /, ruling. 

3. sik&itolo=/.in3tructor; rak- 
no, -nea, tn, 

i. sikap, -kpa, «., sikon, -ne, 
/. = instruction; bud, -di,_/l 

= /. wisdom. 
Guide, V. l.vilt dak&i. 

3. sik&i; p5l, «. c. ; see above. 
4.pauoi or pavoi = /. cause to 

reach (accompany), c.v. 0/ 

pan; aangat k&r = /. make 



Gui 2 

S.sourHkl&n k&r = protect; 
pirtibol kir = protect. 

Gnide-post, s. vat dakountso 
fator, -tra, m. ; margatso 
^tor, -tra, ■m. = l. a stone of 
the road ; khambo, -bea, m. 

OuHd, s. vantelean iuel(e), -la, 
m. = /. an association of part- 
ners; bet. rs, inlo ranteli, 
-lia, m. = & partner. 

Gnile, s. mos(d), -sa, m. 

QnilelflSB, a. sado = /. eimple; 
neQto=A innocent; nisk&pti 
= /. not simulating. 


Quilt, s. gunyauD, -ava, m.; 
tippu, -pa, m. ; &prad, -da, 
m.\ ^paman, -na, m.^l. 
an offence. 

Guilty, a. gunyaukar. 
Become g. = g. za. 
Prove g. = g. mon kar. 

aainea, s. gini, -ui,/.,/r. 

Guise, s. v68, -sa, m. ; rup, -pa, 
«. = /. figure, appearance ; 
rit, -ti,/. = /. fashion, man- 

Onlf, s. see Bay. 

anll,.£- l.mos(6), -sa, m. 
2. /g. bomma, -ma, m. = a. 
simple fellow. 

Gulp, s. gas, -sa, m. (a single 

9 Gym 

Gum, X. I.m61a, -le, y^ (of the 

2.g6nd, -da, m. = that which 

exudes from the tree. 
3. dik, -ka, m. = the sap of 

trees; pank, -ka, Jn. 
Qnnuny, a. paokatso; gondatso, 

Gun, s. 1. nal, -li, /. (a big can- 
2.banduk, -ke,/, e.g. a rifle. 
Gunpowder, s. daru, -rve,/. 
Gargle, v. gaz, as a small stream 

running over a stony bottom 

Gargling:, ^- gaz. -p,/- 
Gush, V. l.vau = /. flow («.?;.). 
2.v6t = /. empty, clear(^y. v.). 
Gut, 'V. antkitio kad = /. extract 

the bowels. 
Gutter, see Xavea. 
Guttural) 'S'- gomteantlo or gom- 

Gnzzle, i'- jiv s6dn piye; k6p mar 

{vlg.) ; piyeunSeak lagf llo 

zaun asi. 
Gymnasinm, s, l.k3:3riltingli&r, 

-ra, «. 
2.vidyesai, -le, /.= school of 

Gymnast, s. kftsrS-ti, -ti, m. 
Gymnastic, s. kflsr^t, -ta, n. 



Ealierdulier, s. j5.n, -ria, m. 
Habit, s. l.neBon, -rii, /. = l. 
a dres9. 

2. soT6i, -ye,/. = /. a custom, 
a practice ; dS^tur, -ri,/. = /. 

3. bolaiki, -ke, /. = /. health ; 
kaleti, or kalet, -ti, /. = /. 
COQBtitatioD (of body). 

Habitable, a. ravaearko; vasa- 
sarko, n. c; rs. into v. 

Habitation, s. ghir, -ra, «.; bi- 
dar, -ra, n. (oot permaneut) ; 
thikanefi, -nea, «., or tanen, 
-nea, n. = I. & place of resi- 

Habitual, a, I. sorfiyetso, or rs. 
80T6i asii. 
2, porno = /. old. 

Habitoallf , ad. so?6ye p^rmane = 
I, according to habit ; rs. inlo 
sOT6i asa, e. g. do a thing h. 

Habituate, ». l.sovoi k&r = /. 
make a castom. 
2. Bade \ki = I. domesticate, 
make tama. 

Hack, i>. kat&r = /. cut; tsatsai 
=1. chop; kudke k&r. 

Hack, s. badeagodo, -dea, m. = l. 
a hired horse. 

Hackney, s. porkoto, e. g. a h. 

Hagrjrard, s. kulefi, -lea, «., mn. 
an old ugly intractable 
person, /. a goblin. 

Haggle, V. modnai kiLr = /. make 

Hail,.r. I.kiire,^/. m.; k&reantso 

paus, -sa, m. = I. rain of 

2. gar, -tS., m. = ex. ice. 
Hail, V. !■ g^r p6dta or k&re 

2.siilam di; sd.Uin \^t = I. 

give compliments. 
Hall-stone, J. koro, -rea, m. (var. 

k&ro, -reil, m.)- gar, -ra, 

m. s: ice. 
Hair, s. kesi^ (g), -sa, m., pi, 

k^s; 'cut the h. == k. kad\ 
Hair-oloth, s. kesanSea lugiit, 

-gta,n,; vlg. prajita&en laga( 

= /. cloth of penance. 
Hairy, a. loretso; s&bar kte 

Half, a. Srdo; sade, e.g. half 

past nine = eade nou uor- 

a£t; see Gram. p. II. ch. ii. 

Art. ii. 
Half-brother, s. mausibbau, -S,va, 

m., or b&pulbhau or abhrep, 

Half-dead, a. &rdo mello; all 

other words compoundedwith 

half not given here may he 

rendered in the same way as 

HaU, s. eal, -1ft, n. 
Hallo, int. ar6 (to call atten- 



HaUaaiution, s. bliilnn, -ma, ».; 

sopan, -pna, n. = 1.& dream, 

/£■.; tank, -ki,/ = /, an error. 

Halo, s. 1, disatso mand, -da,m. 

2, p&riTes, -Sa, m. (Cn. Mr.) 
Halt, V. 1. ran = /. remain; 

mokam (or mokkam) k&r. 
2.thoiito te&l, or kunta = /. 
valk lame. 

3. dabau ^ /. doubt (hesitate). 
Halt, s. ravap, ranpa, «. 
Haltar, s. gal, -la, m., e.g. a 

horse's halter, «. c.\ pSrS, 
-sa, m, the same as gii,], also 
a noose; d6ri, -ye,/. = /.'a 

Halve, 1}. ddn vfinte k&r ^ /. 
make two parts. 

Ham, s. zangal, -gla, «. (thigh). 

Hamlet, s. 1. gr&m, -ma, n. 
2. vado, -dea, m., a very com- 
mon -word to express a suh- 
division of a large village. 

Hammer, s. vlg. mortel, -la, n., 

■ Jr. ; kudanti. -te,/ = strictly 
a wooden h.; may be used 
also as a. general term ; 
lonkdafii kudanti = iron h.; 
tutyo, -jea, m. is the exact 
equivalent\ fiammadi, -de,/. 

Hammock, ^. hindlo, 4ea, m. 

Hamper, v. sampdai = /. con- 
found; tondre&r ghal ^ /. 
put in embarrassment. 

Hand, f . I.hat, -ta, m.: 'palm of 
the b. = tiilat, -t&, n.\ t&lro, 
-Tea, m. 
2. Torantso gurt^, -ta, m. <= I. 

a sign of hours; kftnto, -tefi, 

m.; g&nteagurty. 
Have in h. = hatant as&, ch. cs. 
Clap the bands =t&lio pet. 
L&y h. on = bat gbal = I. put 

Pass from h. to h. = boundai; 

bat b&dal. 
Be at b.= l. login aBa = /. is 

2.kumok k&r = help. 
3. t&yar aaa = l. is ready. 
4. 1 have no money at b. = 

mojea batant kain nan. 
S.baz&r a,aA = l. is present. 
Take in h. = batant ka^e. 
Be in the hands of = G. sot&n- 

trS.r &8a = /. is in the power 

of, or G. hat&nt asa. 
Ontbeone b., on the other h.s 

ye partin, te partin, or ye 

Taten, tc Y&ten. 
Ontbe other h. = zaleari, or 

Out of h. = bata bhair. 
Come to h. = hatant p6cl. 
To live from h. to mouth = 

ai6eD az, phaleaSen pbalea. 
Hand, v. di, or vopsun di=:/. 

H. down = patleandov6r, ff.^, 

h, d. an example, a doctrine. 
H. round = yan( = /. distribute. 
Hand-heII,J. kSmpiri,-ui,/,y^.« 

any small bell; ghantlen, 

-lea, «. 
Hand-bill, .f . k&ikurad, -di,/. =a 





Hand-book, s, h&tpustak, -ka, ». 
Hand-breadth, s. g&n, -pa, n. 
Eandcnff, s. kb6c[6, ]-dea, m. (for 

HandlU, s. undi, -je,/.; posi, 

-sea, m.; mut, -Ui/-; thodo 

(a.) = 1. & little. 
Handicraft, HandineBs, f . 1 . ^ 

mitkar, -ra, m. 
2.hatankaiii, -m^, n. 
Handkercbief, ,f. leBu(e), -sa, m.; 

pl. \k%. 
Handle, s. 1. thorun, -rva, «., 

e.f. of a knife; mut, -ti./-; 

hatajo, -lea, m. (of boxes). 

I.fg. karan, -na, n. = l.& cause. 

Handle, v. l.tsal&i; golfii, €.£■. 

h. money. 
2.apod = /. touch. 
Handsome, a. l.Bobit; suudar. 
2.udar = /. liberal. 
3. dobajea,t80 = /. pompous. 
' 4. v6d = /, great, much. 
Handwriting:, s. batb^rap, -rpa, 

«., or only barap. 
Hang:,!'. I. umk&1ai = execute, {17- 

hang up, e.g. clothes, c.v. 

^umkal; lamb&i, e. ^. a 

2. fasi ghal = /. put the rope 

Hanging:, J. l.umk&lounen,-nea, 

2. faSi, -SB, /. = I. a rope (the 

hangman's rope). 
Hangman, see Executioner. 
Hanker, w. lale, o6j. Dat. = I. 

long for; Men mfir. 

Hankering', ,1. laleun«S (or l&lon- 

nen), -nea, «, 
Hap, se£ Cbanoe. 
Haply,flrf.yekadevela; hypotent. 

Happen, v. g&d ; za = A become. 
Happily, ad. sukhzaun ; ^dru|taa 

=/. by fortune. 
Happiness, s. sukh, -kfaa, «.; 

bbag, -ga, «., «. c. ; see Joy; 

kiSSm, -ma, m. {H. K.). 
Happy, »■ 1. eukhi; bbagi or 

bhagevout; khuBaI = /. joy- 
ful; sufol. 
2.1ayek=/. fit, e.g. a h. word. 
3.jikpi<=/. successful. 
Harangue, s. uloneS, -nea, n. 
Harangne, v. uloneil utsar; not 

ex. ; see Preach, Oration. 
Harass, v. z&13,i = /. cause to 

bnrn,y^. (disquiet); duk^i= 

I. cause sorrow; dds; bezar 

kilr = /. make uneasy; kir- 

k&r k&r = /. make trouble ; 

k&StS.i (c. V. of ka|ta) = I. 

cause pain ; angar p6d = /. 

fall on body {milit. term). 
Harbinger, s. 1. harakari, -ria, 

2.kbuna, -a6,/.^l. a sign. 
Harbonr, 5. I.b&nd^r, -drS, n.; 

a!vefi,-ve5,«.=/. an estuary, 

here used for b. 
^■/g: asro, -rea, m. = I. refuge. 
Harbour, v. 1. iisro di, ir. v. = I. 

give refuge. 
2. asro melta, «. v, = /. refuge 

is found. 





Hvd, a. (to the touch, 
not flexible); karkoto. 
2. ka*tountso = /. painfnl (tr.); 
k^taatso (r.); k&tm = /. dif- 
ficult; prS.3r&eatso, n.c. = /. 
difficult ; m&nieponaatuUo 
= /. without humanity ; kftd- 
dij (kfird) = l. rigorous. 
Harden, v. gh.&tk&r, pr. /g^., e.£'. 

h. to heat, cold. 
H&rd-hearted, a. ni\o. 
HardinesB, Hardness, s. l.motai, 
-ye,/. = I. etoatness. 
2. db&ir, -ra, «. = /, courage. 
S.ghatai, -jQ,/.^l. strength. 
4. dharunai, -ye, /. = /. obsti- 
Hardly, ad. l.kikStan = I. with 
2.kJltioayen = /. with severity. 
Hardship, s. upMrg, -dran, m. 
pl. = l. sufferings; kait, -ta, 
m. =1. pain; akant, -ta, m, 
= 1. distress; minat\j, -ti,/. 
= /. fatigue. 
Hardy, a. l.ghat = /, firm. 

2. dh^run = /. obstinate. 

3. lazbando = /. impudent. 
Hare, s. soso, -sea, m. 

Hark, int. Cit di ; aikre (or -go). 
Harleqnis, s. hasagar, -rii, m. 
Harm, .f. luks^n, -na, «.; nd£t, 

-ta, n. ; vait, -ta, «. = /. evil ; 

ked(e), -d&, m. 
Harm, v. 1. kar=do, w»VA a»y 

of the above nouns. 
2.duk&i = /. cause pain. 
Harmful, a. luksanatso,f?rluksan 

{or other nouns) k&rtso or 
luksanak p6dtso; vait. 
Harmless, cz. g u nyau natullo; vait- 
karinatuUo ; nentuo (nento). 
Harmonious, t7. l.yek^ts t&lea- 
tso = /. of one voice ; tajeafE 
2./g: 8&map6dt80 = /. falling 
Harmoniously, ad. l. yekflts- ta- 
Jean (?); taleafimelan, or rs, 
^.fg. a&madhanan = /. with 
concord; yekmotin = /. with 
one- mind. 
Harmonize, v. 1 . fa8lai= I. pacify; 
thfind kir = I. make cold, 
fg. (calm); sSmadhan kfir&i 
=s/. cause to make peace. 
%fg. Bamap6d = /. fall right 
(fit together). 
Harmony,j. l.taleanmep), -la, 
»»,, or only mel ; z'lg. boren 
kantar, -ra, n..,fr. 
"i-fg. s^madhan, -na, n.=sl. 
concord; soukasai, -ye,/I = 
I. peace. 
Harness, s. 1. s&riiirevilstur, -ra, 
n. = /. the dress (armour) of a 
2. godeasaman, -na, m. = I. 
furniture of a horse. 
Harp, s. kindari, -ri,/. (?) 
Harpy, s. fg, doleant ritgatr 
natullo mfinis, -usa, m. = /. 
a man without blood in the 
eyes (Konk.). 
Harrow, s. gunt&eii pholen, -lea, 



Harrow, v. gnntai. 

Harsh, a. \.s.a^o% = l. acid. 

2. k&rk&to (to tlie taste, or to 
the ear); gflrg&reatso (voice); 

3. k&tin = /. difficult, severe ; 
k&rk&rantso ^ /. trouble- 
some ; see also Orate. 

Harshnesa, s. 1. k&rkiltai, -je, 
yish. in taste. 
2.gli,rg&ro, -rea, m. = h. of 

S.k&tioai, -je,/. = /. severity. 
Harvest, s. I. beleii kat&rtso 
ve} (6), -}a, m., or only bejea, 
-}ea, «. 

L&i luuni, -ne, /. = I. 

gathering of a crop; bejea- 

luvap, -Iiiup&, n. 
3. luuatso kal, -lii, m. s I, the 

time of gathering. 
Hasli, V. kudkean ku^ke k&r = /. 

make pieces; tsats&i = /. 

Hasp, s, ankdo, -^^i ^- C-^^ 

hasp of a door). 
Hassock, f. (payanSen) usen, 

-se&, n. = /. cushion (for the 

Haste, s. aus&r, -ra, m. (var. 

auns&r) ; see Hurry. 
Haste, 7. auB&r; vegin ts&l (or 

k&T or other verbs') == /. go 

Hastily, ad. ausliran; vegin. 
Hasty, a. aus&ratso; aas&ri; 

vegint&o, n. c. 
Hat, s. . 1. vl^. 5ep6n or &apen, 

-pea, ».; topi, -ye,/.; k&ndi, 

-de,/ (of areca leaves). 
2.tdpif, -pa, m. (pi a bishop); 

take off your h. = t. kadi. 
Hatoli, V. rovane bds. 
Hatoliet, s. k&ikurad, -di,/ 
Hate,:'. kantal = /. &bhor;hageD 

(TT jiddf dov6r; m03drkJlr= 

I. make hatred (envy), G. M. 
Hatelhl, a. kantaleatso, or kan- 

talo favozallo; hh^ito k /. 

wicked; kh6teponatso. 
Hatred, s. 1 . kantajo, -lea, m. = I. 

abhorrence; h&geS, -gea, n.; 

niskutsar, -ra, m., mo86r, 

'Sra, m. = envy, hatred. 
2. dusmankai, -ye, /; jiddf, 

-da, «. = enmity. 
Haug'htiness, s. garvf , -va, n. 
Haujrhty, a. gftrvi; see Proud, 

Haul, V. v6d = I. pull, drag. 
Haunt,^. hkS|tai,(;.;'. ^k&sta; 

duk^ (c. V. of duk) — cause 

2. veta = /. goes, with -ts. 
Hare, v. 1. asa = /. is, ch. cs. 
2. dovdr^/. keep. C.I'., e.g. have done = 

k&rai ; by necess. mood, e. g. 

have to go = votsazai. 
Have (the dinner) on (the 

table) = gh&l = /. put. 
Haven, see Harbour. 
Havook, s. vibad, -da,m.,b63m(, 

-ma, m. = ruin; nai, -sa, n. 

= destruction ; desvat, -te, 
/. = devastation. 




Hawk, s. gidgo, -ge&, m.; pilkki. 

salo, -lea, m. 
Hawk, V. 1. kliaok&r = force up 


2. ySr ik, «.^. hawk wares. 
Hawker, s. bountso jari, -ria, 

m, = l. Bk walking peddler. 
Hay, s. tjtn, -na, n. 
Eay-coek, s. t&uaCi ras, -si,/. 
Hazard, s. &dru3t, -■^, n. = I. 

a venture; risfcj -ke, /!=/. 

risk; zfikam, -kme,/; by the 

pot. mood. 
Hazard, v. mosant ghal = I. pnt 

into risk. 
Hazardous, a. niosS,t8o; ^drusta- 

tso ; see Hazard. 
He, pron. to; see Gram. P. II. ch. 

"Bz, prefix. dadlo = ^. male; see 

Gram. p. 47. 
Head, ^. l.t&kU, -le,y.; bodko, 

-kea, m.\ hodik, -dka, n. (of 

a fish); matea, 'tea, ».; mos- 

tak, -ka, «. pr.,/g., e.g. h. 

of a commnnity. 
2.mukhyeBt, -ta, ■m. = l. princi- 
pal, (leader), tf.^. of a church; 

Birom^ni, -ni, m. of a party. 

3. tali, -ye, /, e.g. h. of a tree 
(top) ; rs. into voir = upon. 

4. somzonkai, -ye,/.=/. under- 

5. n&g, -gS-i m. = I. an article, 
e.g. ten heads of cloth. 

6. mulo, -lea, m. = l.& hinge.y^. 
(main point); mul, ■■la.,n. = l. 
a. root,^. (main point). 

Two head of cattle = gorvanSi 

z6di, -ye,/. 
Head, pre/, mnkhya, e. g. h. 

Headaohe, s. tJLklefii duk, -ki, /. 

or kipalafii duk; taklefii 

phodapod, -di,/.: 'I have a 
'** h. = moji takli dukta or t. 

Head-foremost, Headlong-, ad., e.g. plunge h. =bud; 

t&kli B&klean, tJikli s^kal 

karn = I. head downwards. 
'i.-fg. aus&ran = I. hastily. 
Headicess, s. dharuuai, -ye,/.=/. 

obstinacy; s&l, -la, n. 
Heading, s. m^lvilas, -sa, m. = /. 

an address, an inscription. 
Headland, set Cape. 
Headless, a. matennatullo. 
Headman, s. 1 . gurkar, -ra, m. 
2.pil,tel, -la, m. (civil h. of a 

S.moktesar, -ra, ot. = leader, 

{also ot soldiers, captain). 
Headmost, a. mukavelo = /. an- 
terior; poilo = /. first. 
Head-quarters,.!, mokam, -ma,». 
Headsman, see Execationer. 
Headstrong*, a. aplea vadeatso ; 

aple i^iSetBO. 
Heady, a. B&liS|. 
Heal, V. I. hero k5,r (tr.); boro 

za (k.); gun kHr. 
2.^.sama kar = /. make right. 
Health, s. bolaiki, -ke,/; kSSm, 

-ma, m. {H. K.); gun, -nS, 


m.\ kiileti, -ti, /. mn. good 
Is in good b. = bolaikent asa. 
Drink to health=bolaiki mar. 

Healthy, a. 1. bolaiketso; bo- 
laikent aBullo = /. being in 
health ; bolaiki asullo = /. 
haying health ; ksematso ; 
vlg. boro. 
2.^, soukasayetao ; samadha- 
natso, e.g. h. place. 

Heap, s. 1. rae, -si,/.; punji, -je, 
f., e.g. of money (punzo, 
-je3,, »i. = a big h.) ; zomo, 
-mea, m. = L an accumu- 
2, muten, -t^a, «■> ^-g- of fire- 

Heap, V. ras k&r ; zomo k&r, or 
zomM, CO. 
H. reproaches = &kmanaa Toir 
&kman k&r. 

Hear, w. l, aik {rooti aika; see 
Gram. p. 140, para, 10); 
OT». also hear prayers; pay 

2. kanant p6d = I. fall into the 
ear; kobar aik s /. hear 

3. k&n di or 6it di, ran. listen. 
I do not b. well (am a 
little deaf) = kan liikanans 
/. ear does not hear. 

Hearer, s. 1. sis, -sa, m. = l. 

a disciple. 
Heaiing:, f . 1 . kan, -na, m. (the 


2.bhfet, -te,/. = ^. Tisit (audi- 

3. ulo, •le&i m., m^- distance 
within which one can be 
heard, (a furlong). 

Hearken, v. gu^an aik = /. hear 
secretly; kan di. 

Hearsay, s. phukaro, -rea, m. >« 
/. a rumour. 

HearsBj s. mornaSi gadi, -ye, /. 
= 1. carriage of a funeral. 

Heart, s. 1. vlg: kaliz, -Iza, n. 
ex. it mn, liver, according to 
the Mr.\ yet in Mr. too 
it is commonly understood 
of the heart {pr./g.y, ka^za- 
tso gondo, dea, m.; und, -da, 
m. = {this mn. ex. heart). 
2.&nt&sk&rn, -na, «. {moral 
mn.), var. flnt&r&ng, -ga, «.; 
m6n, -na, «. {moral mn.'), 
a.dhair, -ra, n. = l. courage. 

4. moden = /. middle, e. g. b. 
of a tree. 

Learn by h. = baipat kir ; Tig. 

dekor 8ik,/r. 
Hearth, s. randS-n, -dni, /. {var. 

ranrn;, -ni,/.) 
Heartily, ad. kfllzan ; S,at&skilr- 

niln or &ntiiskarnin; rs. 

into adj. 
Hearty, a. 1. kalzatso or ^nt&s- 

kilrnatso, see above\ niz =/. 

2.mogal m^l. dear. 
Heat, J. l.garmi,-me,/.,/r.y^,; 

ub, -be,/; Ydt, -ta, w.; tap, 

-pi, /. (h. of rainy season) ; 



ulop, -Ipa, m., e.g. L. caus- 
ing inflammation, or the in- 
flammatiOD itself; kh&rai, 
-ye,/, (of the body). 
^.fg. utsamholai, -ye, /! = /. 
excitemeat; za!,-1a,«f.; nzo, 
-jea, m. 

Heat, ^- tapii, c.v. (?/'tap, n.v., 
e.g. h. iron, water; an kHr 
= /. make hot, e.g. water; 
g&rmi kar = /. make heat; 
k&d&i, e.g. milk. 

Heathen,^, iinharadti, -tia, m.; 
vlg. Hindu, -dua, m.\ the 
Goanese say Eonkno, -pea, 
w,, but this is only a partial 

Heathenism, -T. d.abiivadtpon,-nS', 

Heating, s. tapounefi, -nea, n.; 
ulop, -Ipa, m. 

Heave, v. 1 . ukol = /. lift. 
2.8TiziLi=/. cause to swell; 

c. V. o/buz, n.v. 
Z./g. Qtsambol za or ut, mn. 

get excited. 
H. a sigh = uskar tad or u. 

Heaven,.?, l.sllrg, -ga, /«. 
2.T^inkut, -ta, «. (paradise); 
inukti,-ti,/.,o/., mn. eternal 

3.molab, -Iba, n. = l. sky. 
i./g. Deo, -va, m. = I. God; 
sargintso 16k, -k£, m. = 
people of heaven. 
Searenly, a. s&rgintso. 
Heavenwardfl, ad. s&rga isilean. 

He&TinesB, s. 1. bhar, -ra, m.; 
zidai,-ye,y., mn. also physi- 
cal depression. 
i./g. khint, -ti,/. = /. distress, 
/g.; duk, -ki,/ = /. sorrow. 
3.&padh^ir, -ra, n. = depres- 
sion of spirit. 
4. d&ddepon, -na, n. = I. dulness 
(of mind). 
HeaTy,'^.l.z&d,£.^. air, burden; 
bharildik, pr. fg,, e.g. h. 
I.fg. alsi = /. lazy. 
^.fg. kh^ntist or dukest = /. 

^.fg. boro = /. good, e. g. h. 

rain {or bolvont). 
f,.fg. kSitantso = /. difficult, 

6.jirnEtullo = /. not digestible; 
or jiruonnatullo, 
Hebrew, s. yebreu, -reva, m. 
Hedge, s. voi, -i,/.; see Fence. 
Heed, s. zagrutai, -ye,/. = /. a- 
wakening; tsiitrai, -ye,/«/. 
Take b.=kabardar rauurtsat- 
r&i kanghe. 
Heedless, a. ts&trainiitullo. 
Heel, J. l.khfit, -te,/. 
2, p6nd, -da, n. = /. the lower 
part,/«'A. Iiet, paySCefi p6nd; 
pfiul, -la, m. 
Heel, 1). b&ga = /. be bent [as, 

the ship heels over). 
Heft, see Handle. 
Heifer, s. padi, -ye,/. 
Heigho, int. sabas. 


Heigfht, s. l.abarai, -ye,/., or 
abar sailt, -te,/. = /. a high 
place; nntsai, *ye,/. 
2.y^, vodpon, -na, «.=/. great- 
ness ; huddo, -dea, m. = I. 
rank, high state. 

Jiaigiiten,s. tsSMi^l. increase; 
ubar kSiT=l. make bigb; see 

HeinoTU, a. bhon khoto, or b. 
khotepon&tso ; bhou k&tin; 
kantaleatso=/. abominable. 

Heir, s. daiji, -jia, m. 
Leave h. by will = vl^: testa- 
meut&r daiji k&r; f££ Will. 

Heiress, j. daijin, -ni,/ 

Heirloom, s. iSarajindigeSen daiz, 
-zSk, n. ■— I. movable inheri- 

Hell, s. l.yemkdnd, -da, n. 
2. p&till, -la, »., tnn. a subter- 
raneous place. 

HelUsb, a, I. jemk6ndatso; yem- 
k6ndant1o ; rs. yemkftnda 
bari = /. like hell. 
2. s^itanatso = /. devilish. 

Helm, s. Bukhanen, -nea, n. (of 
a ship). 

Helmet, s. (lonkdaSi) topi, -ye, 
/. = /. hat (of iron). 

Help, s. 1. kamdk, -mke, /.\ 
adhar, -ra, m. ; aspfid, -da, 
»., or Eispat, -tH, «.; s&hai, 
-ye,/ = /. assistance. 
2.1takoJt, -ti, /. = A mercy; 
m&z&t, -ti, / = intercession, 

Help, V, k&r with the above nouns. 

I cannot h. exclaiming = bdb- 
marn saaginastanan ranok 


Helpless, a. kumoknatuUo; upai- 
natullo; dublos/. poor; ni- 
radhari; kirkol = /. wretch- 
ed; askat = /. weak; la^ri = 
I. reduced. 

Helplessness, s. Ia6ari, -re, / 
or laCarpon, -na, «.; sddni, 
-ne, / = /. abandonment; 
niradhar, -ra, m. 

Hem, s. p6nd, -da, «., e.g. of 
a dress; dfeg, -ge,/ 

Hem, V. 1. p6nd siuu = /. stitch 
a hem. 
2. hat ghal = /. put a dam. 

Hemisphere, s. &rdo gulo, -leS, 
m. = I. half globe. 

Hemorrhaffe, J. pasi, 4e,/ 

Hemp, s. sdn, -na, m.\ nar, -ra, m, 

Hen,i. l.kombi,-ye,/;kunkad, 
-kda, n. 
2.bailo (-li, •len) = /. female, 
added to some nouns, for 
which see Gram. p. 47. 

Henoe, ad. 1. anga thaun = /. 
from here. 

2. az lagait = I, from to-day. 

3. yea mukar, yea phu^ian = 
in future. 

4. t&r or dekan = I. therefore. 
Eenoefortb, see Hesoe. 
Hen-house, s, kunkdantso gud, 

-da, m. = l. a, cage of hens. 
Henpecked (husband), a. bailando 
(dadlo), n.c. in this mn.; 
bailek bhiyetolo. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Hep 2 

Hepatie, a. kalzatso. 
Hspt&fon, ^. satgitanrup, -ps, 
n.=sl. a figare (made) of 
7 lines; eatkonseanrQp, -pS, 
n. = I. a figure (made) of 
7 angles. 
Heptarchy, s. satz^nanSen r&z, 
-ja, «. = /, a kingdom of 7 
persons, (;r j;/. sStrajantso- 
yek6t, -ta, m. 
"Bat, pron. titso or itso; jes 

Gram. P. 11. ch. iii. 
Herald, s. 1- dQt, -t&, m. 
2. r^vaci, -Dia, m. ; harakari, 
-ri, m. 
Herb, s. 1. t&n, -na, «, 
2.zad, -da, n^ =s I. a plant; 
gidamnlki, -ke,/ = a native 
medicine. (/?. ^.) 
Herd, .t. l.hind, -da, m., e.g. 
of cattle. 
^.fg. iS&lIefi-billefi, -ka, «. 
(a crowd). 
Here, ad. anga (hanga, H. IC.). 
H. and there = I. ieiii tisin, 
or yensin teusin, or yeneo 
2. s&rri^ dikk&a ^ /. in every 

3.ta£e upr&ots^ after that. 
Here-abont, ad. snm&r &og&. 
Eere-after, ad, 1. a£e uprfint; 
yefi mak&r; ye& phndan; 
2. y£kp&ati=/. onetime (once). 
S.melefl apr&nt = /. after dead 

9 Her 

Hare-after, f. du8rijirii,-ye,/.=/. 
another life. 

Hereby, aJ. aiSe vorvin = /. 
through this. 

Hereditary, a. daizautlo. 

Herein, iid. antun. 

Heresiarcb, s. vlg. herejinSen 
mostak, -ka, n. = I. head of 
heretics ; baTadtavirodhan- 
2en most&k, -ka, n. 

Heresy, s. vlg. herezi, -zi,/.,/r.; 
m^tabhed (6), -da, m. » /. 
difTerence in religion; bavad- 
tarirodbai, -ye,/. = I. oppo> 
sition to faith. 

Heretic, s. vlg. herej {or yerej), 
-ji, or yerod, -da, m.\ bav&d- 
tak Tirodhi, -dhia, m. 

Heretical, a. bavadtak ad asullo 
b/. being against faith; m&- 

Herespon, ad. t&5e uprant; tOT6] 
= /. then. 

Herewith, ad. a5e Torvia. 

Heritage, see Isberitanoe. 

Hermenestio, a. ^rthavivori. 

HermenentiOB, s. &rthaTivor, -r£, 
»., (?f firthavivoravidya, -ye, 
/■ = I. explanation of the 
meaning, i7r science explain- 
ing the meaning. 

Hermit, s. vlg. anakoret, -ta, «., 
Jr.; Bilny£iBi,-si^,m.='a pagan 
anchorite; v&oftyasi, -si, m. 
= /. an inhabitant of the 
desert; yeksuro m&niB, -nia, 
m.m:l. a solitary man. 



Hennit&^f s. v^oav^sti, -te, /. 
{Jierh. v4navas, -sa, w.); mot 
-ta, m. = l. a convent. 

Hero, s. vlr, -ra, m.; dblLira- 
vont m&nis, -usa, m. ; poil- 
van, -na, m. [used for a 
cunning person). 

Heroic, a. Tiratso ; bhoii vorto = 
very high. 

Heroine, s. virin, -ni,/. ; poil- 
vani, -m,y., «.;:. in fhismn.; 
vlg. nsar fi.8tri, -x%f. 

Heroism, s. vlrai, -ye, /., n. c. \ 
Tortepon, -ria, n. = /. subli- 
mity; ^sadarn dh&ir, -ra, 
n. = I. extraordinary cour- 

Hers, pron.' titso; see Gram. 
P. n. ch. iu. 

Hesitate, I'. l.dubau=/. doubt; 
toudrear asa = I. is in em- 

2. gage = /. stammer. 

3. pati pbuden kitr = /. do be- 
hind and before. 

Hesitation, £. l.dubau,-bava,m. 
= /. doubt. 
2.tondre, -drean, m. pi. 
3. gag, -gi,/. = /. a stammer- 

HeBperian, a. ^stamti, or ftstim- 

Heterodite, a. kramavin=/. irre- 
gular; see also Awkward. 

Heterodox, see Heretic 

Heterogeneous, a. l.dusrea (or 
Ud&\) thd.ratB0 = ;. of a dif- 
ferent kind. 

2.y^. 6S.m&iidnat;ullo = /. with- 
out connexion. 

Hew, -B. tas, e.^. a rough plank; 
kat&r = /. cut, e. g. h. a 
branch from the trunk. 

Hey, int. sabas. 

Hiatus, s. 1. uktepoD, -na, n. = 
/. an opening ; iden, -dea, n. ; 
fut, -{i, /.; khali = /. an 
empty place. 
2. p&d Tazap, -zpa, ti. = 1. a 
bad sound ; see Exit. 

Hibernste, v. pansatso Te!(6) 
ts&lfii = /. pass the time of 

Hioonp, s. kejni (or k&lni), -ne, 


Hiocnp, ^. k^jni j6 = l. h. come. 

Hidden, a. gutatso = /. secret; 
lipitn i7rlip^llo=^. concealed. 

Hide, V. lipii, c. v, of lip, «. v.\ 
gutan dov6r = /. keep se- 
cretly ; damp= /. cover, shut. 

Hide, J. kat, -ti, /.; tslimbden, 
-dea, n. {esp. dressed skin, 

Hldeooa, a. 1. illaik = /, ugly; 
vidrup = /. without form. 
2. bhiyankul ; bM.yinkiiratso ; 
t&rt&rountao s I. causing 
trembling; kanta}eatso = /. 

Hideouenesa, s. bhiyankulai, -ye, 
/=/. dread; aisikpo?, -na, 
«. = /. uglinees. 

Hiding, s. lipouiieo, -nea, n. 

Hiding-place, s. lipun rauDfi 
snat, -te, /.^s, place for 
„, „ L.oogic 




remaining hidden ; lipijUi 

soat, -te, f, = I. a hidden 

Hie, V. aus&r; yegin tsftl = /. 

walk quickly. 
Hierarch, -r. p&vitrQ &dhikari, 

-ri, m. = l. a sacred em- 

powered person. 
Hieraroky, s. 1. p&vitrij adhikar, 

-ra, »(. = /. sacred power. 
2.budde, //., jn. = l. dignities, 

ranks, e.g. h. of angels. 
Hieroglypkio,^. l.gutaiieD b^rap, 

-rpa, n. = I. secret writing. 
2. s&riSin &k£era£k, pi. n. ; s&r 

asalliii akSeraS, pi. n.\ s&a- 

ketafiitry, -ra, «. {Mr. C«.) 

= I. pictures of signs. 
Higgle, see Haggle. 
High, a. 1. ubar. 
2.1iaddeatso = ^. of high state; 

v6d = /. great; TOrto, vodlo, 

Todpon&tso; boro, e.g. h. 

H. Toice = Toilo talc or unts 

talc, -Is^i ^• 
He aims h. = tatso levot ubar. 
Highland, s. 1 . porvotaotso ganii, 

-ganva, m. = /. country of 

2.podoa, -dva, m. {ex. high 

High-mass, s. vlg. k&nt&r mis, 

-sa, n. 
High-priest, s. Todlo guru, -ru, 

m.; Todlo saserdot, -ti, tn. 
High-treason, s. rayamos(6), -sa, 

High-water, s. bh&rti, -te,/ 
Hilarity, s. kuSalai, -ye,/.; see 

Hi]l,x.gado,-de3,,m.; ghat,-tii,M. 
Hillock, s. ghati, -ye,/ 
Hilly, a. gudeantso. 
Hilt, s. mut, -ti, /. = I. Ui,/g. 

(of a sword). 
Himself, pron. tots; see Gram. 

P. II. cb. iii. 
Hind, s. bailen meruit, -ruil, n. 
Hinder, a. patio. 
Hinder, v. adai or adkfll kiir ^ /. 

make objection. 
Hindmost, a. nimano = I. last; 

dusreanfieapatlean yeantso; 

GJLmestan \iiii,v patio; ake- 

ritso = /. extreme ; k^etso. 
Hindrano^ s. ^di, -de,/; h&rkM, 

-ti,/; adkai, -Ji,/ 
Hindn, s. Hindu or Hinduantso. 
Hinge, s. (baglatso) mnlo, -lea, 

m.\ bizagrg, -gra, «.; vato, 

-tea, m. (b. of wood). 
Hinge, v. (mulear) portata = /. 

turns upon the hinge. 
Hint, s. hisaro, -rea, m. 
Hint, V. 1 . hisaro di {or kftr) = I. 

give a h. 
2. m6tiat had = /. bring to 

mind; sir k&r = I. make 

Hippopotamns, s. nS,iutso godo, 

-dea, m. 
Hire, s. m61, -la, «. =/. price; 

sambal, -\s,,tn. = l- payment; 

pag, -ga, «. {n. c.y, baden, 

-dea, «., e.g. work for h. 

Hir 2 

Hire, v. 1. badeak kane. 
2. lai = /. apply (h. pereoafl); 
dli&r=/. catch,y^. used. 

Hireling:, s. badeak ka^ello ; kuU 
kar, -ra, /»,=day-laboarer. 

Hirer, s. badeak kanetolo. 

Eirinp, s. badeil, -dea, R.; badeak 
kaneundeii; rs. 

Hirsate, a. loretso = /, of wool. 

"B^fpron. tatBO; see Gram, P. II. 
ch. iii.; &plo mn. his own. 

Hiss, V. fusfus. 

Historian, s. kobrangar, -r&, m. 
or kobregar; kategar, -ra, 
m.\ kobro 8ikyllo=/. learn- 
ed in news. 

History, J. l.katS, -te,y; 
2.kani, -ye, /., mn. a short 

story, fable. 
3. kobro, pl.f. = /. news. 

Hit, v. 1. mar = /. beat. 

2. pet(^) = give blows. 

3. bodS.i = knock, e.g. a wall. 
H. off = sarko viyor sang = /. 

say exact explanation. 
H, upou = mSl = /. be fonnd 

{Dat. prs.) 

H, the niark= notak lag. 

H. together = adSl = /. dash. 

H. or miss = k&seni zaundi. 

Hit, s. mar, -ra, m. ; pet, -ta, m. 

Hitch, s. l.adkai, -H,/.; addi, 

2.tondre, -rean, pi., m. = I, 

embarrassment; tondrean- 

iSenkaran, -na,«. =/. cause 

of troubles. 

i2 Hob 

Hither, a>^.anga. 'H. and thither 

=jenen teiien, or th&ii. &nga'. 
Hitherto, ad. 1. yeddl; yedol 

pILnyant ; atan p&riyaat ; 

yed61 monaaitr. 
2. anga pariyant = /. till here. 
Hire, s. 1. movacen malen, -lea, 

«. {strictly it mn. only a 

nest of bees or wasps). 
2. mOTantao gud, -da, m. (wood- 
en box). 
Ho, int. 1 . y§. 

2. katakata = alas. 
Hoar, a. doyoso or douso = /. 

Hou-froat, ,f. approx. don, dova, 

Hoarse, a. sfiranteatao; rs. talo 

pddia = I. voice fell. 
HodTBeness, s. s^ranto, -tea, m.; 

moto ta{o, -Jea, m. ; taleacen 

p6dap, -dpa, n. 
Hoary, a, 1, dovo = /. white 

2. dovoso = ^. whitish (hair); 

piko = /. ripe,^. 
Hoax, V. play a h. «pon = 6efitai 

kSr; khelkulan kar=mock, 

Ital. hurlare. 
Hobble, V. thontozaun tsai = /. 

walk lamely ; kunta. 
Hobby, s. asa, -Se,/. 
Hobby-horse, ^. 1. lankdatso 

godo, -dea, m. =1. a horse of 

2.moga(Si aioJSen, -nt, /. = /. 

favourite opinion. 
Hobgoblin, s. drustakai, -ye,/. 
„„ „ L.oogk- 



(ghost) ; knlen, -lea, n. ; 
bhnt, -ts, m.=:l. a devil. 
Hobnob, V. bolaiki mS,T = I, beat 
health (drink to the health 
of); bolaiki kane (G. F.). 
Hoek, see Ham. 
Hoe, s. khoron, -rea, «, ; koranti, 

-te,/. = a little hoe. 
Ho;, s. dakor, -krS, m. (male); 

dukirn, -ni,/ (female). 
Hog:8head, s. pip, -pa, n. 
Hold, V. I. dh&r, e.^. in order 
to prevent one falling. 

S.T^ng mar, mn, grasp. 

S.somb, e.^. a vessel holds 

4. tsSil&i = I. cause to walk, 
e.g^. h. an office. 

6.ka,r3:/, do, €.£-. an opinion 
(aloiSen k^r); 5int s /. think. 

6 dak&i = /. show, e.^. b. in 
honour, cA. cs. 

7. ran =: /. atop, e.ff. h. yonr 
tongne = vogo ran. 

S.zSe/, be fit (be applicable). 

H. back = 1 . dh&r = /. catch ; 
2. inkar kilr = /. make resist- 
ance (show difBcultf, hesi- 

H. cheap = beparvo kilr, G. 
M. = /. make contempt; 
s&s&T k&r. 

E. fast = gh&t db&r. 

H. peace = t(^o rau = /. re- 
main silent. 

H. out = 1. sosaigai kfine (or 
sosnik&i k.). 

2. di or bhet&i = give or offer. 
H. in = pati dov6r. 
H. to, see Apply. 
H. up=]. ukol, or ukoln dhir. 
2. rau = /. remain, e.g. if 
the weather holds up. 
H. with = v6p = /. consent. 
H. your tongue = jib kov6I = 
/. roll the tongue. 
Hold'fast, s. ankdo, -dea, m. 

= a hook. 
Holding, s. genisuat, -te, /, or 
geniz&min = a land held oa 
Hole, ^. bur&k,'ka, «.; domplo, 
-lea, m. ; nAm, -ma, «. (in 
the earth); modap, -dp&, n. 
= 1. a rupture; bll, -la, n. of 
a rat and the like. 
Holiday, s. I . r&ja, -je, /. = I. 
leave; khaU=/. empty (day). 
S.f^st,' -ta, «., or sunt, -ta, m. 
Holiness, s. santipon, -nfi, n. ; 

bhagevontpon, -na, n. 
Hollovr, a. 1. kliS,li=/. empty, 
vain, fr. /g., e. g. vain 
2. pokal. 

H. voice = dobdob talo, -le5, m. 
Hollow, s. dhol,-li,/.; see Cave. 
Hollow, "0. pokal kir, pokrfi.i. 
Holy, a. l.bhagevont, cr bhage- 
vontponatso (h. man). 

2. pivitrij = aacred (books, sa- 

3. sant (title of saints). 
i.beujar, e.g. h. water, oiI,_^. 
fi.vlg. Bagrad,/r. 

I. ■■■ A'OogIc 



Holy-water, s. agment, -ta, n., 
fr. ; tirt, -ta, w., the sacred 
water of the Hindus, used 
for washing their idols, etc. 
(H. K.) 
H. water-pot = pi, -ye,/, (big). 
Homage, s. mS,a, -aa, m. 
Home, s. ghir, -ra, «. ; 'go h. = 
gh&ra Tots'; 'at h. =ghfi,ra'; 
thikanen, -nea, «.; thanen, 
-nea, «= a residence; bidar, 
-ra, m. = t, dwelling, an 
Come h. to any one = Ifig. 
Homeless, a. gharnatullo. 
Homely, a. 1 . tsMto s /. current. 
2.sado = /. tame, simple. 
3. 8a4hara,n = I. ordinary. 
4. &um&ryaditBO z /. unpolite. 
Home-sioknese, s. gh&rSi 5inta, 

Homieida, s. I.khunigar, -ra, 
tn, (a murderer). 
2.khuni, -ye,/, (murder). 
Homily, s. budbal, -H,/. 
Homogeneous, a. yekats th&ra- 

tso = /, of one kind. 
Hone, see Whetstone. 
Honest, a. I. milryaditso; ap- 
pfi,nt; manadik = /. of hon- 
our ; manatso ; nadteatso, 
abratso ^ I. of character. 
2.8ado = A simple; vlg. boro. 
Honesty, J. l.miiryad, -di,/. 
2.bori jini, -ye, /. = I. good 

S.Sbru, -ra, m. = /. charac- 

Honey, s. 1. mouD, mora, n. 

(natural), pr./g. 
2. my, -la, M. (artificial). 
Honey-l»e, s. movatso mus, -sa, 

Honey-oomb, s. poli, -ye,/. 
Honey-flweet, a. movatso, fr.fg. 
Honorary, a. manadik. 
Honorary, s. inam, -ma, n. 
Honour, s. 1. man,-na, m. ; boren 

nana, nava, ». = /. good 

2. niskaiai, -ye,/., or nisk&Jpo^, 

-na, ». = /. purity, e.g. h. 

of a woman. 
S.^nHod, -da, m. = I, glory, 


4, m&ry§d, -di, / = decorum, 
mn. also distiuctions, signs 
of honour. 

5. n&dteii, -tea, n., abra, -ra, 
m. = character. 

6.huddo, -dea, m. = I. rank. 
T.kaido, -dea, m. b /. duty, 
e. g. pay the last h. to ; man 
may also he used in this mn. 
e.g. nimano man dak&i. 
Honour, v. 1 . man k&r, or man 
dak&i ; gumman k&r, G. N. = adorn. 
Honorable,!!, manadik; seeMoTUMi. 
Honorably, ad. manan. 
Hood, s. l.topi, -ye,/ 

2. kh61, -la, «. = a cloth worn 
on the head. 

3. muski, -ke,/ (a covering for 
the whole body). 

Hoodwink, v. fdt&i = I. deceive. 
„, „ L.oogic 

Hoo S 

Hoof, s. gfel, -la, «. (of bullocks). 

Hook,^. l.gari, -ye,/., for catch- 
ing fishes. 
2, ankdo, -dea, m., for windows, 
droGses, etc. ; gants, -tsa, m. 

Hooked, ti^. l.vankdo. 
2. ankdo ghallo, or a, a3i^Uo = 
having a hook. 

Hooping-oougk, s. sunekhonkli, 
-kle,/. = /, cough of dogs. 

Hoot, «. V. (gug) biibmar. 

Hop, V. donko ghal = /. put (one) 

Hope,^. l.b&ryaso,-3ea,m., var. 
b&rvanso, (theol. virtue and 
also in other nin., as, there 
is no hope of eucceea), 
2. patiyeni, -ni, /. = I. confi- 
dence; asa, -86,/. 

Hope, V. l.b&rvaBO dov6r (2nd 
2. patiye (aW Loc). 

Hopeful, a. 1 . patiyeriitso. 
2. barvaso asijllo. 

Hopeless, a. patiyenatullo ; nir- 
asetso; vfert — /, vain, not 
giving hope ; asa sodtBO. 

HopeloBBiiess, s. nirasa, -ie, /. ; 
nanpatiyeni, -rii, /. ; apa- 
Mrvaso, -sea, m.; vlg. ; vom- 
ptea kolsear udak = I. water 
in a pail turned upside down. 

Horde, s. tand, -da, m. 

HoruiOB, s. 1. dist, -ti, /. = I. 


2. molbadeg, -%fi,/. == /. brim of 

the sky ; akas, -S£, m. = sky ; 

molab, -Iba, n. = firmament. 

35 Hos 

Horizontal, a. ad. 

Horn, s. 1. sing, ^£, n., e.g: of 
a bullock. 
2. k6mbij,, -ha, m, = a trumpet. 

Hornblovsr, s. k6mbagar, -ra, 
m. = a, trumpeter. 

Honied, a. siagafi aagllo, 

HoRiet, s, kirftot, -ti,/. 

Homy, a. singatso. 

Horolo^, s. ghfidiy^I, •li, / 
(det -la, «.), 

Horrible, 0. Lbhijaukul; t&r- 
tarount30 = /. causing trem- 
bling ; bhayS.oka.r, «. c. 
'l.fg. bhou illsik = very ugly; 
khoteponatso = I. wicked. 

Horror, s. 1. bhen, bhiya, n.\ 
bhiyankulai, -ye, / 
^.fg. kantalo, -}ea, m, = an 
object of abhorrence. 

Horse, s. 1. godo, -dea, m. 
2. trups&Tar, -ra, n. (corr. 
from trupa&Tari?) = cavalry. 
Ride on horseback = godear 

Horsekeeper, s. godeagar, -ra, 
m. ; kaskar, -ra, m. 

Horseman, s. 1. godear bdstolo. 
2. s&varigiir, -ra, m. (a cavalry- 

Hoiseraoe, s. godeanp&nth, -tha, 

Horse-shoe, s. nal, -li,/. 
Horae-eoldler, s. sfi.varigar, -ra, 

m„ or godeilslLvar, -ra, m. 
Horae-oulture, s. totanfien k§m, 

-ma, n.; to^aniSi besai, -ye,/ 
Hose, s. l.mei, -ya, m. 



2. izar, -ra, re, 
Hospioe, s. viati, -to,/. 
HoBpitable, a. 1. bidar diaQtBo= 
/. giving abode. 
2. udar = /. liberal. 
Hospital, s. aapiltri, -ri,/. 
Hospitality, s. I . bidar, -r&, ». 
2. ad^rpoEi, -^li, n. = l. liber- 
Host, s. 1. bidar ditolo = /. 
giring abode. 
2. hostij, -to, /. =& consecrat- 
ed wafer; zomo,-mea, m._=l. 
a multitude. 
S.fouz, -ji,/. = /. an army. 
Hostag:e, s. zamindar, -tSl, m. 
HoBtess, s. see Host. 
HoBtUe,[i. l.duam&nSt30;hJlge^ 
tao; jiddatso = of enmity. 
2,virodhi=/. contrary; &ugu- 
nat80 = A anfavourable. 
Hostility, s. 1 . dusmankai, -ye, 
/.; see Bmoity. 

2. virodhai, -ye, /. = /. contra- 
riety, p^g 

3. In pi. ladai, -ye,/.=/. fight- 
Hot, u. 1. un, e.g^. water; khilr, 

TOM. very hot (water); tap4il- 
lo=/. made warm; votatao= 
BUnny, warm; ubal,f./. hot 
days; g&rmetao (or gftrmi), 
e.^. day, dress, man (/^.); 
umflleatso = I. boiling, y^. 

2. ntsambol = /. excited. 

H. bath = un udkaSen naii. 

Hotal, s. 1. mnaafiiri, -ri, /. = 

a traveller's bangalew. 

2.jeaniimnsaf&ri=:a bangalow 

providing bed and board; 

puzfit, -ta, n. 
3. m^zkh&n, -na, n. = I. mess- 

honse; bidar,-ra, «~/. abode, 
/£•.; jeunaiSen ghSr, -ra, «.; 

pnzit, -ti, /. ; dh&rmasal, 

-la, ft. 
Hotchpotch, s. khifi&di (khiedi), 

-Ae,/., «. c. 
Honnd, s. (sikiire-) p^to, -te&, m. 
Hour, s. 1. nor, -ra, n^/r. 
2. ganto, -tea, m. 
'What o'clock is it? = kitli 

uoraiL zalin? cr kitle g&nte?' 

' J h. = yek kaldo'; ' J h. = 

&rden uor'; '3 hours = par, 

-ra, m.' 
Hour-glass, s. reveCi ghadiyal, 

-li,/. =sl. a. clock of sand. 
Hour-hand, s. uoraatao gurtg, 

-ta,TO.; vorant8okanto,-tea, 

r».; see Hand, 
House, s. I.ghar, -ra, n. (var. 

gSr); bidar, -ra, «. = I. 

abode, a temporary dwel- 

2. gfLriSig, pi. n. (persons of the 

3. gharaneii,-nea, «. =dyna8ty. 
- 4. hudde, -dean, pi, m. = I. dig- 
nities, a legislative body. 

House, V. 1. bidar di. 
2. aaro di = /. give refuga 
H. cattle s goruan goteant 

ghal <7f hatiyent ghal. 
H. grain = dhani ras kar = /. 

heap g. 



Hoase-dog, s. sunen, -ne&, n. 
Household, s. l.kut&m, -tmS,, 

n. = /. a family, 
2.ghilr, -ra, n. 
Householder, s. gh&rkar, -ra, m. 

used also/or husband. 
HonsekeepeTf s. gh&raraktio, 

-nea, m. 
Houseless, a. gb&niatullo. 
House-maid, s. tsak&rn, -ni,/. 
House-rent, s. gh&rabadeQ, -dea, 

House-wife, s. gh&rhiiTD, -ni,/. 
Hovel, s. kombat, -bta, n.\ see 

Hover, v. amk^, or umkliln &sa; 

ub = /. fly, /g. ; boufi = I. 

■walk ; see Play, Wander. 
Row, ad. l.k&ao {adj., see Gram. 

P. II. ch. iii.), or fcasilo {rl^', 

2. kedo = /. how great (kedo 

Y6d = how great). 
H. many = kdtle. 
' H. much = kitlo or kedo. 
Howerer, ad. tari or zaleari 

(notvithstandiug) ; k&s&lei, 

jinsia=:/. in any way; z&t- 

tHr = if, with i added to the 

verb (ziLt&r keleari) ; i added 

to the verb will often suffice. 
H. his intentions are good = 

zaleari, etc.\ h. sagacioas 

you may be k kitlo badivont 

tun zaun asleari. 
Howl, 'a. b6bm&r = /. beat noise; 

see Bark. 
Howl, s, bib, -be,/.; goroz, -ei^/". 

Hubbab, s. hak ani b6b, -be,/., 

e.g. an infernal h. 
Huckster, s. yari, -ria, m. 
Huddle, V. g&Ubili zaun zom&i 

E /. collect with confusion 

{tr. w.); rs. into &u3&ran = 

hastily, or guspon = con- 
Hue, s. l.rdng, -ga, m. 
2. t3drB.&i pat dh&r6i b6b, -be, 

/. = l.s, cry for catching the 

back of a thief. 
Hnir, see Sntbraoe. 
Huge, see aiant. 
Hulk, s. porkoten tarun, -rva, 

«. = /■ a spoiled old ship. 
Hall, s. sal, -li,/. = /. a bark. 
Hnman, (Z. l.mJiniatBOorm&Die- 

po^atso, or mS.nSeponi. 
2. Bouosaratso = /. worldly. 
Homane, i. m&nseponatso (kind) ; 

moga! = /. dear; kakultitso, 

diyal, = merciful, clement. 
Humanity, s. l.mflniepoQ, -iia, 

n. [mn. also pity) ; m&nda&eS 

siiimb, -ba, n. = I. human 

2. bolepon,-na,,«,=/. clemency; 

d8.ya, -ye, /.; kakult, -ti,/ 
Humanize, v. mansugl sikiii = L 

teach civility. 
Humble, a. l.khalto = /. subject; 

lln; maryaditso = /. modest. = /. less, low; h&lko; 

Enmble, v- !• khalto k&r. 
2. mod (6) = I. break, /£. ; see 



Humbn;, s. nakazallo, -lea, m. 
or nakazalH vSpSt?, -tu, /. ; 
zaok, -ki,/. ; tb&kk^pon, -na, 
«., «, c. ; mos (6), -aa, iw. «= /. 

Hnmbuf , t^. th&kkgpon k&r ; mOs 
k&r; kbelkulan k&r = hoax. 

Humidity, s. 1. 561, -\\,f, 
2,bato, -tea, m, (h. of mon- 
S.bizouneB. -tiea, «. 

Humility, J. kbaltepon, -na, «., <jr 
kbaltea m6n, -na, n. ; lintu- 
vai (var. lentuvai), -ye,_/^ 

HDmoron8,a. l.iSeatai karteo, itt 
iSeatayetso = /. making fan ; 
n&klan kartso = /. making 
copies, y^. 
2,barik=!/. witty; tarifetso = 
I. awkward; (bore) marjetso 
= /. of (good) bumoar; khu- 
sal =s I. merry, 

HtunottT, s. 1. m&iji, -je,/ 

2. BOToi, -ye, /. = /. custom 

3. nadteii, -tea, n. = I, charac- 
ter; vodni, -ne, /. = I. in- 
clination ; sobau, -bava, m. 
= I. temper (of mind). 

Homonr, v. fuslai. 

Hump, s. pdng, -ga, n. 

Hiunped, a. p6ngo. 

Hundred, a. sembor, or sembor 

(in sing-.) ; sen or Sen (/*/. 

sifi or sin), 
HuDdred-fold, a. sembor paati. 

or Bemborani, 
Huiig:er, s. bhuk, -ke,/. 

Hnii^r, V. bbuke ; bbnk lag (Prs. 

Dai.) = l. h. be attached. 
Hnnyry, a. bbukello or bbuk 

Hunt, 7f. sikari kar. 
Hunt, s. sikari, -re,y^ ; bfint, -te, 


Hunter, s. sikari kartolo, or si- 

karegar, -ra, tn.; b6ntegar, 

-ra, m. 
Hurdle, s. l.tfitti, -te, / (a 

screen made of cadjan- 

2.roclap, -dpa, «. (a very big 

S.izai, -ye, /. (a screen of 

bamboo sticks). 
Hurl, V. sdd = i. leave, free, e. g. 

missiles; udai = throw, e.g. 

Hurrah, int. sabas. 
Hnrrioane, s. tufan, -na, n.\ 

vadal, -la, ff. c= a storm. 
Hurried, a. ausaratso; darvod 

Hurry, s. ansar, -ra, m. ; darrod, 

-da, *w. 
Be in a h. = aus^rar (or Au- 

s^rant) asa. 
Hurry, w. ftusarai, c. v. ^ausftr, 

n.7).; more com. ausir kar; 

vegifi karai = /. canse to be 

done soon. 
Hurt, s. 1. laksan, -na, n. 

2. ghai, -ya, m. = l. a wound. 
Hurt, V. luksan kar, (tr.) ; I. -za, 

(n. v.); nast kar; dukai = /. 

cause pain. 

„, „ L.oogic 


Hnrtfalj a. rait k&rtso or nMt 

k&rtso, or luksEuatso, or 

nastatso, elc. - 
Hurtle, see Daah. 
Hoeband, s. vlg. dadlo, -lea, m. = 

I. man, male; gharkar, -ra, 

m. = /. householder; g6u, 

gova, m. {a low word) ; poti, 

-ti, m. 
HosbaQdman, s. huinkar, . -ra, 

m.', sagoligar, -ra, m,\ see 

Hssba&diy, s. sagoli, -le, /.; 

besai, -ye,/ 
Hush, int. 1 . ye. 

2.<Sap (to command silence). 
Hush, V. vogo ravoi = /, caase 

to remaia silent; fuslai = I. 



Husk, s. l.eal, -li,/.; s&rl, 4a, 

«. (of grain). 
2. moto kundo, -dea, m. = L 

thick bran. 
Hustle, "v. kompran mar = /. 

beat with the elbow. 
Hut, see HovaL 
Huzza, see Hurrah, 
Hydraulic, s. pr&vahaiastri^, -tra. 

Hydrophobia, s. udkabhirant, -ti, 
/. = I. fear of water. 

Hydropic, a. nalkutatso. 

HydrostatioB, s. udkas^m&nda- 
Tidya, -ye,/. = /. science re- 
lative to water. 

Hyena, s. sunenvagat, -gta, n. 

= l.a. dog-tiger; k5,ttekurba, 

-be,/, {yar. -ba, «.) 
Hygrometer, s. Selimap, -pa, «. 

= /. a measure of humidity. 
Hymn, s. vlg. k&ntig, -ge, /. ; 

fin&Ddgayan, -na, n. 
Hyperbole, see Exa^fferation. 
Hyperborean, (7. 1 . bhou b^gatso 

= /. very northern. 
2. bhou thftnd = /. very cold, 
Hypercritic, a, bhou kodikadtso 


Hyphen, s. melagurt^, -ta, m. 

= /, a sign of conjunction. 
Hypochondria, s. kh3.nt, -ti, /.; 

see Uelauoholy; 9,padh&ir,-ra, 

Hypooiiey, s. kSp^t, -ta, n. = I. 

simulation ; bhaktikd,p^( = 

/. simulation of devotion; 

f6tkiri bhakt, -ti, /. = /. ■ 

false devotion. 
Hypocrite, s. k&p^i, -tia, m. = l. 

simulating; fdtkiro m&nis 

-nsa, /«.=/. a deceiving man ; 

f6tkiri bhS.kt dak&itolo, 
Hyp08taBifl,.r, sot&ntraSensflimb, 

-ba, n. = I. nature in its 

own power (Za/. substantia 

Hypofltatio, a. aplea sot&ntrar 

asi^llo or sotS^ntratso, 
Hypothesis, s. lart, -ta, »., n. c.\ 

k&lp&na, -ne, /. = /, imagi- 
nation, n. c. 


I, pron. aaS (bSua); see Gram. 

P. II. ch. iii. 
loe, s. kire (kore), pi. m. (perh. 

hail); gar, -rS,, m. 
loe-oold, a. th&ndgar, gara b&ri 

th&nd, ar only g^rab&riso, 
loiole, s. udkatso fator, -tra, m. 

'=1. a stoue of ice. 
IdeA) s. 1. mdnabhau, -ava, m.= 

I. a conception of the mind 

(^Pkil.); Cintna, -ne, f.=.l. 

a thought. 
2.volok,-lki,/=/. knowledge. 
3.k&lp&na, -ne,/:, n.c. 
4. n&nmne&Ci fiintna s /. an 

exemplifying thought. 
Ideal, a- !• nJtmtineatso = /. of a 

a model. 
2.iSiTitvllo = /. thought. 
3.k&lp&net80 = /. imaginary. 
Ideal, ^. n&muno, -nea, m. = /. 

Idealism, s. mayS,, -ye,/. Sans. 

Mr.t and partly also Konk. 

Jor mayak za = disappear ; 

k§,lpS,na, -ne, f.=.l. imagi- 
Identical, a, tots = /. the same 

{see Gram. P. II. ch. iu.); 

Bima = /. equal; 3arko = /. 

equal (similar) ; yek&ts = I. 

one thing: '■A and B are 

identical = A ani B yek&ts'. 
Identify, ^. 3&r k&r ^ /. make 

equality ; sarko kflr ; yek&ta 

mon sang = A say that (they 

are) one. 
Identity, s. sir, ri,/. 
Idiom, s. 1. (hh^ietso) gun, -na, 

■m. = l. a quality (of the lan- 
guage); bhSserlt, -ti,/ 
2. tsalti bh&3, -se,/. = /. current 

Idiomatic, a- (bhaae-) guaatso; 

rs. priLt^k ^ I. peculiar; 

viSfis; rs. into the noun. 
Idiot, s. nenar, -ra, m. = /, 

Idiotic, a. nenSr; t8alts&mk&a 

natullo = /. uapolite; pisoso 

= /. somewhat mad. 
Idle, a. 1. alsi; kam natullo >» 

not busy, 
2,khal = /. empty, e.g. id, talk 

=kh. utran {or g&zati). 
3. v^rt = ^. useless; upkarna- 

tuUo, 6<rupkarakp6dnatullo, 

e.g. u. utran=u8ele8a words. 
Be t. = alsai k&r. 
Idle, V- !■ ala^i kit. 
2. pa<ik&r=A make bad (spoil), 

e.g. i. away time. 
Idleness, s. SlsHi, -ye, /.; jSm, 

-me,/. = l. sloth. 
Idler, s. ^poSj, -SeS, m., mn. 

good for nothing. 
Idol, s. 1. bombefi, -heft, n. = l, 

statne, applied however to 

i.; kuddSu, -era, )».; mart, 


„, „ L.oogic 



^.fg. bhou mogal vaatij, -tu, 
/.s:l. g, very dear thing. 

Idolater, s. bombeank bh&ztolo, 
-lea, m. 

Idolatry, s. bombeanpuja, -je, 
/. = I. -worship of idols ; kud- 
deVafipuja, -je, /. = I. wor- 
ship of idols. 

Idolize, v~ G. mogan ni6r = /. die 
for love of; lale = /. long 
for (Dai.) ; G. tsadavot 
^purbai asa = /. is a great 
affection of. 

Idyll, s. gouleantso slok, -ka, m. 

If, conj. z&rtar; by the cond. in 
-lear; •pi^e^{wi(hiheparli- 
ciple)=ia the event of, in case 
ttkat; see Gram. p. 251. 
Even if=z&rit&ri, or z&rit^r, 
or z&rt&r and i added to the 
verb; see Gram. p. 155. 
If not, 1. by the condit. neg., 
or 2. by sivai^/, beside, oti/A 
iAe past participle, e.g. yen- 
kelea aiv5i = if you do not 
do this. 

Ignoble, a. uno; kirkol; h&lko; 
gnvo; seeBue. 

IgnomiiiioaB, a. ^Isik = /. ugly, 
Jg. ; litjist = I- shameful ; 
&pamanatso = I. disgrace- 

Igr&omiiiy, s. l&z,-je,/.=l. shame; 
iipaman, -na, m. = I. an of- 
fence, loss of honour. 

Ignoramus, s. AMAo mS^nis, -nd&, 
m. = I. & stupid man; vlg. 
redo, -4ea, m. = I. abuffalo, 

/g.\ or boil, -la, »;., or ga- 

dauS, -dva, «. 
Ignoranoe, s. nenarpon, -iia, n. ; 

nentuvai, -ye,/i 
Ignorant, <J. nenar, or sikana- 

tullo, nento. 
Ignorantly, ad. nen&rpotian. 
Ignore, v. l.nenan; see Gram. 

p. 144. 
^i./g. s6d = I. leave, omit, 
m, a. vait ; 'I am i. = maka vai^ 

karta' {d^.from aun v. kSr- 

Fall i. = pident pM. 
Speak i. = vait ul4i, or vait 

kobar ul^i, or manar nl^i. 
ni-affeoted, a. nankhusetso. 
ni-bred, a, tsalts^mk&nnatutlo, 

or aumaryaditso. 
Ill-breeding, s. nantsalts4mk&n, 

-na, «., or fLum&ryad, -di,y^ 
Ill-health, s. naabolaiki, -ke,/. 
Illegal, a. kaideavirodbi, or kai< 

dea p&rmane uatuUo. 
Illegible, iz. vatsunk nozoasullo; 

bet. rs. ; vatsinanso. 
niegitimate, (7. l.adharakzallo= 

/. become by help; vlg. potar 

zallo = /. born on the belly 

(low expr.y^ khiro bapui nat- 

uUo; vareatso. 
2. kr&mavin=/.irregular; kai- 

dea virodhi = /. against law. 
Illiberal, d^. udarn^inasuUo ; su- 

rati; imto =t stingy, 
niioit, a. by the neg. Pot. Mood; 

^e^Gram.; d.nnayatBO. 
Illiterate, a. sikanatullo. 

if. B. All the tuordt eompoiaided with the Lot. Im s not, 
not put doan here, are to he formed according to Gtr>m. Put IJI. oh. 1 

lU-natnie, s. k&rk&ratso, or vait 
eobau, -aya, m.= l. trouble- 
some nature; bezarai, -ye, 


ni-uatnred, a. vaitsobavatso, efc. 
IUmbs, s. pida, -de, /.; rog(6), 

-ga, m. 
lUogioal, f^- nayavirodbi. 
Ill-temper, s. kodsan, -ne (-ni), 

/. = /, bitterness, fg. ; see 

Illnminate, 'v. prakas&i, n. c; 

uzuad kar = /. make light; 

uzuadS,i, c. v. of uzu5.d, n. 

v.; dive lai=/. apply lamps. 
Illmaination, s. uzuad, -dS,, m. 

pr./g., e.g. otmmi; pr&kas, 

-sa, m. 
Budiprakas, -sa, m. = use of 

IllnBion, .f. bhriLm,-ma, ». ; tsuk, 

-ki,/. = ^. an error; fdtkiri 

alo^n, -ni, yi = /. a wrong 

opinion; sopan,-pna, n. = I, 

a dream,_/^. 
IIluBtrate, ». vivor sang, G. M. = 

I. say explanation; sarko 

(-ki, -ken) dakiii = /. show 

exactly ; sost k&r = /. make 

clear, distinct. 
UlnBtration, s. vivor, -ra, m.; 

daklo, -lea, m. = l, example. 
Illnstrions, a. navadgo ; p&rzg,lik 

s /. splendid ; dobajeatso = 

/. pompous, grand; v6d, or 

Todponatso s /, great. 

Ill-will, s. mosdr, -era, m., nisku- 
tsar, -ra, m. = /. envy. 

Imagref s- 1- imaz, -ji, f. = I. 
a statue, /r. 

2. rejist, -ta, m. = & picture,^.; 
pint^r, -ra, n.,/r.; rupden, 
-dea, «., or rupnen, -nea, «. ; 
citri^, -tra, n. 

3. Garkeu,-kea, n. = 1. a. simili- 

4. k&lpana, -ne,/. = t. an Imagi- 

Imaginable,!]^. &inttso,:7r&intuyet 
asf^Uo ; dei. rs. ; iSintunk 
taukta ten = wbat can be 
thought; s&tvq jen JSintunk 
tankta ten = whatever can 
be thought. 

Imaginary, ^- k&lpfinetso, n.c.\ 
girigiritso = /. of fancy ; rs. 
61ntun (or iSint^llo) matri^ 
= /. only thought ; khiiro n&in 
asullo = /. not true. 

Imagination, s. 1. kalp&oa, -ne, 

/. exact but n.c. 

S.girigiri, -ri, /. (holf-foUy). 

3.kS,lpounen, -nea, n. (act oT 

the i.); vlg. iSintna, -ne,/. 

Imagine,^. I.k^lp&na kilr; j^int 
= /. think. 
S.sddun kad = /. seeking take. 

Imbecile, a. pisoso; ^remarla 
(I'/f .); nenar = /. ignorant ; 
vid lag^llo. 

Imbibe, v. piye = I. drink ; fg. 
bh6rn za or bbdr = /. be filled. 
„, „ L.oogic 




AT. £. All the aordt eompowaded mth the Lai. im = not, 
>t put down here, are to be formed aeeording to Oram. Part III. oh, i 

Imbrtte, v. budfii = /. plunge; 
biz&is/. moisten ; rdng lai, 
<w r, di = /. apply colour. 
Be imbrued with = bh6rn asa. 

Imitable, a. dek(e) kane^et 
asuUo, or dek kauenntso; 
D&muneatso = /. exemplary. 

Imitate, v. 1. G. dek(6)ka9a => 
/. take example ; G. patlau 
k&r = /. make foUoviog ; 
. . . Barken k&r, Or. b&ri k^r, 
Or. piirmane kfir = make si- 
milar to. 
2. nlikal kad = /. take a copy. 

Imitation, s. I. patlau, -lava, m. 

= following. 
2. Barken, -kea, «. = I. Bimili- 

3.dek(e), -ki, /. = I. an ex- 
ample ; rs, into v, 

Immaoulate, a. papkh&tnatullo ; 
niskSl = I, pure. 

Immaterial, a. kadnatullo = /. 
without body or matter. 

Immature, a. 1. pikanatuUo; 

t&rno = /. green (fruits). 
2. &s&mpurn = I. imperfect. 

Immediate, a. l. (bhon) lagsilo = 
/. (very) near, c.^, im. cause. into iitant8 = /. just now, 
ck. cs. 

Inunediately, ad. 1. bhou lagin = 
I. very near. 
2. tea {or yea) kSilria, or tea 
(yea) f&ra = in that (this) 

Immediately after, upriint tefi 
fara, e.g. im. after death 
there is the judgment = 
melea uprant teata fara 
z^dti asa; npratJlts; only 
fara, e. g. im, after getting 
np, pray to God = utuUea 
iara Deva lagin mag. 

Immemorial, a. from time i. = 
kobro natullea kala thaun. 

Immenae, a. l. mapnatullo, or 
mezapnatuUo = /. without 
measure; gM natulIo=/. 
without limit; &g4uit = /. 
numberless; Ifekavin, or 16k- 
natuUo; £intayin=/. without 
end; vlg. bhou Y6d, or bbou 
ts^ vistarlolo = /. very 
great or extended. 
2. d^it = I. gigantic (very 

Immensity, s. nanmap, -pa, n,\ 
bet. rs. into adj. 

Immerge, ». bud3,i, c. v. of bud, 
«, V,, pr., fg., e. g. im. in 

InmerBion, s. budap, -dpa, n. 

Immigrate, ^. yeta = /. comes ; 
p&riigavantlo yeta. 

Imminent, a. 1. p6dtso = I. ia\\- 

2. bbou lagsilo, or bhou lagin 
Immoderate, a. billt natullo; 
mirTOnt80 = /. surmounting; 

Imm 244 Imp 

N. B. All the teordi componnded with the Lat. imanot, 
not put datcn here, are to be/ormed aceording to Gram. Part III. i 

Immoderatel;, ad. hSltnastanaS. 
Immoderation, s. Tniruo^ea, -nea, 

Immodest, a. &am&ryadit8o; S.]Sik 

= '- ugly, fg-. e- g- im- sin ; 

l&zbando i^ar. Uzmando), 

or l^z natullo = Bliamelees. 
Immodesty, s. aumiryad, -di,/; 

l&zbandpon, -na, n. = /. 

Immolate, v. bhet^i = /. offer. 

Immolation, s. bhetounea, -nea, 
n.\ sakrifis, -sa, m.,/r. 

Immoral, d- ^naayatso = I. illi- 
cit;^ryaditso = /. im- 
modest; kboto = /. wicked; 
lajist = /. sbameful; kusnllo 
= corrupted ; kantaleatso = 
/..abominable; yait tsalitso 
or vait gunatso = /. of bad 

Immorality, s. augu;i, -na, m„ or 
durgun, -na, m, = L vice ; 
&nnai, -ya, m.; Tait, karnio 
= /. bad actions ; vaif tsal, 


Immortal, a. m6TDaTin; m&rn- 
oatullo; sa3natB0=/. eternal 
s&dankalatso = /. of ever. 

Immortalize, v. Tis&matuUo kSr 
= 1, make nnforgottea; sas- 
nak dov6r or saanak urii 

. = /. cause to remain for 

Immortality,-^. am&ran,i7ram6rD, 
-na, «,, «. c. 

Immovable, a. halonk nozo as- 
uUo, or halnaso, or halna^ 
tuUo; rs. into rau = /. 
remain; gbat=/. firm; ts&l- 
Im. property = stirajindgi, 

Immunity, s. sutka, -ke, /. = I. 
freedom; i££ Exemption. 

Immntability, 'f . tbirasan,-ni,/'.^ 
nanb&dlap, -pa, n., n. c. 

Immutable, a. badS.lzauDkiiat- 
uUo, «r bMalnatuUo; tbirj 
t6t3 = /. the same. 

Imp, 5. 1. dru|takai, -ye,y,; bhat, 
-ta, m. = & ghost, a devil. 
2. tflntaimari, -ria, m. 

Impair, -v. pad k&r = spoil ; una 
k&r = /. make less; ^sk&t 
kflr = /. make weak; kad s 
I. take away, e.g. im. hononr ; 
m6d(6)=s/. break,, fl.jf", ino, 
one's, energy. 

Impale, ». (suliyen) t6p=^. trans- 
fix (with a pale). 

Impalpable,, a. apodaafEso, or 
apdanknozo^suUo ; bhon 
b&rik = /. very thin. 

Impanel, ^. patter bor&i = /. 
write on the list (a jary). 

Impart, v, di ; vanto di = A give 
a part, communicate. 

Impartial, a. nitivont = /. jnst ; 
kh&dakh&d; rup {or tdnd) 
p6|eDatullo = /, not looking- 



2f. B. All the Kord* eovtpoundeS leith the Lot. Im = not, 
not pat doan klre, ara to be/ormtd according to Oram. Part III. eh. Ir. 

at the face; p&^patnatuUo, 

/rom p^kSa = the side. 
Intpartiolity, .f. l.oaap&kSapat, 

-ta,«.; nit, -ti,y; = /. justice. 
ImpasBable, a. utrnnlciiozoasallo, 

or utranatiso, or utrasarko 

Impansibllity, s. BOBinafUarkeD, 

-kea M.; 6e(. rs. 
JmpasBible, a. eosinaosarko. 
MpasBioned, a, utsambol = /. 

excited; ragan z&ltso = /. 

baming for anger; uma- 

leatBO = /. boiling, y^. 
Impatience, s. 1. nansosnikai, 


2.&\xs&r, -ra, m. = I. haste; 
dirvM, -da, m. 

Impatient, <7. 1. soBnikainatallo. 
2. &as&ratso = /. hast; ; asetso 

= /. eager. 
Be im. = soanikai kanenan. 

Impeach, v. firijad di=/. give ac- 
cusation ; durva = /. blame. 

Itnpecoability, s. pS,tkantli sutka, 
-ke,y. = /. freedom from sin. 

Impecoable, a. patkantlo viroit = 
free from sin; patak ada- 
runk nozo ii8uUo = /. impos- 
sible to commit sin; patak 
natullo = without siu; pat- 
kantlo safuUo = free from 

Impede, ^. 1. adai, or adk&l (^or 
addi) kar. " 
2. todou kar =s /. make delay. 

Impediment, .f. l.&ddi,-de,yC, or 
adk&l, -li,/. 
2-gag,-gi,/.=/. a Btammering. 

Impel, V. l.ts&l&i = /. cause to 
walk, c.v. ^ts&l; dauodfii 
= /. cauBe to run, c. v. of 
daun; bdl kar=/. make force, 
Tiolence; 16t = /. push. 
2.1ai=/. apply, e.g. j. to write 
= borouD5efik lai; bud sang 
s l. Bay advice; ntsambof 
k&r = /. make excited ; utfti 
= /. cause to rise,^., e.g. 
i. to perform a duty ; by ihe 

Impend, v. I . umk&lai, t. v. of 
umk&I, ». V. 
2. p6dtso E,sa=l. is falling (im- 

Impending, a. p&dtso; bhou lagin 

Impenetrability, s. riganansar- 
ken, -kea, n. 

Impenetrable, a. riganansarko, 
or rigunk nozo asullo. 

Impenitence, s. dharunaic/. ob- 
etinacy; n&Sprajit, or &pra- 
jit, -ta, «. = I. not satisfac- 

Impenitent, a. dharun=/. obsti- 
nate ; prajitkilri natullo. 

Imperative, a. 1. formaitolo or 
2.g&rjetso = /. necessary. 

Imperceptible, a. aikunk (or po- 
leunk) nozo asullo; del. rs. 




2f. B. All the aordi eompovnded teUh the Lot. im = not, 
not put down here, are to he formed according to Gram. Part III, eh. if. 

aikunk uozo ; di|tip6daDa^ 

tuIlo=^. DOt falling to sight. 
Imperfeet, a. l.&sampurn; tirsi- 

natuUos:/. not finiebed. 
2. tsuk = I. vroog, or bei. tsuk 

asullo = having fanltB ; Sib 

fisallo or Mb&tBo ^ I. having 

Imperfeotion, s. 1. Jts&mpurnai, 

■y^i /■ ; ^ib, -ba, «. = a fault 

(esp. physical), 
a.askiitkai, -ye,/= /. frailty; 

tank, -ki,/, =a mistake. 
Imperial, a. l.maharajat&o, or 

2.^. rayab^riao, or bei. rs. 

rayab&ri or raya6eajin8iEL = 

I. in the manner of a king. 
Imperions, see Arrog^ant 
Imperishable, a. vlg: kabarzaunk 

nozo asullo, yV. ; mdrnayin 

= I. immortal; nasnatullo; 

sadankalatBO ; ^ntavin = /. 

mthout end. 
Impermeable, a. udkak dampijllo 

= /. shut to water ; see Im- 
Imperfional, a. zon dak3,inatullo. 
Impertinence, s. b&I, -]a, n. 
Impertinent, a. saliSt. 
Imperturbable,'!, nidan = /. calm; 

tband = /, cold,y^.; thirs/. 

constant; s&madhanatso = /. 

of concord. 
ImperrlouB, a. see Impenetrable. 
Impetuosity, s. b61, -la, n = I. 

fdrce ; zulum, -Ime, /. = I. 
violence ; S,a8&r, -ra, tn. >= /. 
Impetnons, a. I. bfiliSt, or b6- 
2, &us&ratso = /. hasty, 
bnpetns, see Impetuosity, 
bnpiety, s. 1. nanbh&kt, -ti, /. 
= I. no piety, 
2. khotepon, -na, n. = I. vricked- 
Impine:e, see DaslL 
Impious, a. 1. bh3,ktnatulIo = /. 
not pious; Sastra-adasallo. 
•2.khoto = ^ wicked. 
3.kantaleatso = /. abominable. 
Implacable, a. movalanatnllo ; 
dharun = /. obstinate; farik- 
ponkanenatullo = /. not re- 
ceiving satisfaction. 
Implant, v. 1. lai. 
2./g. k&utsM = /. press, e.^. 
in the mind = mdtint. 
Implement, s. Laid, -da, it. =: /. 
an instrument. 
2. upai, -ya, m. = I. means. 
Implicate, v. 1 . sirkai = /. en- 
tangle; tondreant ghal = /. 
put in trouble. 
2.1ag = /. be attached, ch, cs., 
e.g. be is also implicated in 
it = ani taka lagta; mel&i = 
/, mix, mingle; see Imply, 
Implication, s. (say something by 
i.) hisare di = /. give bints; 
see Imply, 



JT. B. All the leordt eovtpounded aith the LaU Im = not, 
li firf down here, are to be formed aeeording to Oram. Part III. oh. It. 

Implicit, a. rs. into implicate; 

Implore, V. mag, Prs. Cm.; a? 

diun mag = /. ask giring 

adj a ration. 
Imply, V. I. somzuD yeta = /. 

come 8 understood. 
2.atapi, c.v. ^atap= contain. 
Impolite, a. tsalts&mk&n natallo, 

or &\im&Tyadiiao; d&dio-l. 

Impoliteness, s. nant8alt8&mk&9, 

-na, «.; ftum5,ryad, -di, /.; 

ranuotpo^, -aa.,n. = I. wild- 

Impolitio, 1. l.bBdiiatuUo,badi- 

2.tsllIounfiGak adasyllos/. be- 
ing against goyerning. 
Imponderable, a. bbarnfitnllo. 
Import, s. &rth9, ^tha, m. 
Import, ^- 1. had = /. bring. 
2. itrth^ asa = /. meaning is ; 

somzon yeta = I. ig ander- 

S.gfLrjetso zaun asa = /. is 

necessary; see Conoem, 
Importaaoa, s. l.bhar, ^ra, m. 

= 1. weight,^.; g&rz, -je, 

/. = /. necessity. 
2.huddo, -dea, m. = I. high 

state; 'man of im. = vodlo 

m&nie, or podvi asullo, or 

huddeatso m&nis, -nsa, m.' 
Important, a- 1- bhari = /. 

weighty, /g; gilrjetBO = /. 

necessary; aloien k&rtso = 
/. making opinion (giving to 
2. v6d or Todlo = I. great; pod- 
vedar-/. powerful; hnd- 
deatso = /. of rank. 

Importsne, v. bezar k&r, or 
kilrk&r k&r; portun portuo 
mag = I. ask again and again . 

Importunity, s. k4rk&r, -ran, pi. 
m.\ tondre, pi. m. = l. em- 
barrassment ; khanpati, -te, 


Impose, T. l.formai. 
2.fdt§i=:/. deceive. 
Impossibility, s. nantank, -ki,/: ; 

iei. rs. into nozo. 
Impossible, a. nozo; t&nknatuUo. 
Impostor, s. moa(6) kartolo, or 

mosagar, -ra, m. 
Imposture, s. nad, -di, /. = /. 

a trick; m5s(6), -sa, m. = /. 

Impotence, s. ftskfiitkai, -y6,y. =: 

/. weakness. 
Impotent, a. bhoa iisk&t ^ /. 

very weak. 
Impreoate, v. mSg, e. g. vait 

mag; son, e.g. gali son ^ 

say injuries (abuse), also 

call nicknames. 
Imprecation, s. 1. sap, -pa, w., 

«, c, or §irap, -pi, m. = I. 

curse; souvo, -vea, «n. = a 

calling (one) had names; 

gal, -\i,/.=l. abase, con- 



X. B. All Iht Kordt comjiQunded toiih the LoX Im. = not, 
put doitn Aere, are to be formed according to crram. Part III. oh. 


tumely ; vlg, 
-ara, n.,Jr. 
ImpresB, v. l.mhor mar = /. 
beat a seal. 
2.kl,Qts&i, e.£'. on the mind; 
boro ugdas k&r = /. make 
good remembrance, ck. cs. 

3. moyalai = /. make tender 
(the heart); rig = /. enter, 
e. ff. boro rigla = made a 
good impression; lag = /. 
be attached: 'sermauit boro 

Impreeeion, s. 1. k&atsounen, 

-nea, n. 
2. mhor, -re,/. = /. a seal. 
3.1agap, -gpa, «., e.g. upon 

the mind. 

4. utaamholai, -ye,/. = /. ex- 
citement; bet. Ts.into v. 

I have an im. that..., I am un- 
der the im. that. . . = maka 
dista ki . . . 

ImpresBive, a. ISgtso. 

Imprint, see ImpresB. 

Imprison, v. b&ndint ghal; tu- 
ringant ghal; -ulg. jailant 

Improbable, a. 1. s&tmandunk 
nozoso = almost impoasible 
to be beUeyed. 
2. plLB^nd kS,runk ^von^i 
asullo = /. not worthy of 

Improper, a. boronilin aauUo; 
n^inzallo ; ^um^ryaditso. 

Improperly, oi?. 1. anmaryadia = 
/. not decently. 
2. tBukon = /. wrongly. 
Impropriety, s. fiumaryad, -di,/ 
Improve, d. 1. kurt k&r=/. mako 
improvement {esp. material); 
gau k&r = I. make improve- 
ment {esp. immat e rial , moral); 
boro k4r =/, make good; vrad- 
dhi kS.r =/. make prosperous. 
2.adhar kiir = /. make help. 
Improvement, s. kurt, -ta, m., 
e.g. of the ground; gun,-na, 
«. or vriddhi, -dhi,/.; see 
Imprudence, s. nanbud, -di, /.; 
rs. into Sintin^stanan = L 
not thinking (well). 
Imprudent, a. budnatullo ; badi- 
br^t ; taatrainatullo ; za- 
grutainatullo, or zagrutna- 
Impudent, a. Rzbando; UjiSf. 
Impugn, V. Dat, virod ul&i = /. 
speak against; or virod veta. 
Impulse, s. boj, -Ja, «., pr./g., 

e. g. im. of mind. 
Impulsive, a. 1. /. lottso. 
2.kiimketso or kumkitso = /. 
Impunity, s. siksesutka, -ke,/ = 
/. freedom from punishment. 
Impure, <i^. l.nitMnatullo; iilsik 
= /. ugly, /g. ; mhelo — /. 
dirty ; Ciklatso = /. dirty, e. 
g. water. 


Imp 2 

2. barso, pr./g: (morftlly); 
pozdo=/. profane, dishoaest ; 
mostitso = /. wanton. 
3.borsi11o = /. mixed. 

Anpority, s. most, -ti,y. = wan- 
tonness; pozdepon, -na, n.; 
Itudi&eo khusio = I. bodily 
pleasures; biH-sepon, -na, n. 

Imputation, s. firyad, -di,/.; see 
Ch&r^, Blame. 

Impote, V. lai — I. apply (as- 
cribe); gunyaukar kar = /. 
sbow guilty. 

In, ^ep. 1. ij^Loc. t/ place 
where is meant, e. g. in India 
= Indient.* 

2. by the 2nd Loc. to show 
time, place, e.g. sanjer = in 
the evening; p&ttersin tlie 

3. by the Instr. to show direc- 
tion : 'tea kusin vots'. 

4.bitar = /. in, among. 

5. thiUn = there, as regards ; 

e. g. in the soul there are 

three facnlties; see Gram. 

P. IV. ch. u. 
Inability, see Inoapability. 
Inacoessible, a. yotsanansarko; 

Totsunk nozo &sulIo; votsa- 

Inaoeuracy, s. p&ram&ii, -se, /. 

= inadvertence ; n&nts&trai, 

Inaoonrata, a. fiinddi^ = not 

correct, n. c. ; zagrutn&in- 

asuUo ; ts&tr&inatuUo. 
Inaotive, a. alsi; kamnatullo. 

9 Inc 

Inactivity, s. alslU, -ye,/ 
Inadequate, a. kamak pddana- 

tullo = /, not falling to the 

business; layek nd,inasi^lIo. 
Inadvertence, s. nantsatrai, -ye, 

/ ; pfiramfirsi, -se,/ 
Inalienable, a. p&radin kHrunk 

DOzo asfllo; p&radin k^ri- 

Inanimate, a. jivnatuUo. 
Inapplicable, a. nanz&untso; p6da- 

natullo; bet. rs. into zainan. 
Inappreciable, a. m61 ^von&in 

as^Uo; m61natullo. 
Inapproachable, see Inaoceeaible. 
Inaptitude, s. nalayekpon, -na, n. 
Inarticulate, a. soStuatullo, or 

— n&inasi;llo. 
Inasmuch, ad. dekun = I. there- 
fore; tea pasun = /, for that. 
Inattention, s. nanSit, -ti, / ; 

nants&trai, -ye,/. 
Inattentive, a. £it dinatullo ; 

Inauf urate, v. l.suru kir = /. 

make a beginning, G. F. 
2. benjar kar = /. bless, fr. \ 

p&vitri^ k&r. 
S.dobajean kane = I. take with 

solemnity ; kamak rigii = I. 

cause to enter into an office. 
Incalculable, a. l^knatuUo, or 

l^k kiLrnozo asijUo. 
Incandescence, s. tapouneii, -nea, 

Incandescent, a. tap&illo. 
Incantation, s. bolmen, -mea, n.\ 

bhul, -li,/.; ghadi, -di,/. 



Incapability, s. aSikt, -kti, /.; 

&tran, -na, n.; naolayekpon, 

-ria, n. 
Ineapable, a. l.lS.yekDatallo, or 

— D&iaEsnllo. 
Incarnate, v. m&usas&iinb ghe 

— /. take human nature; 

m^nis z& = I. become man. 
Incarnation, s. m&nlavatsr, -ra, 

m., n. c. ; some say inkar- 

nasaun, -sava, n.,/r. 
Xnoaation8,a. tsfltrainatuHo; bud- 

Incense, s. 1 . dhump, -pa, m. 
2. loban, -na, n, = frankin- 

lucenae, v. dhump^i, c. v. 
IncentJTC, ^. nmalai, -ye,/, e.g. 

to Bin; ut8ambolai,-ye,/.=/. 

excitement; rondounen, -nea, 

n. = I. allurement. 
Incertitude, s. Saman, -na, m., 

e.g. in. of death; dubaupon, 

-9a, n. 
Incessant, a. kh&lanatullo. 
Incessantly, oi^.kh&lnastanan, or 

kh^lnastanin ; thambanas- 

tanM; ravan&Btanaff; g&- 

diye gidiye = /. from mo- 
ment to moment. 
Incest, v. saireapr&duvar, -ra, 

«.; sS,ireabitilrIen produTar, 

-ra, ». 
Inch, s. fiDgM, -la, n. dpprox. 
Incidence, s. podap, -dpa, n. 
Incident, s. g&dSp, -dpa, n. = I. 

event; siugS-t, -gti,/. 

Incision, s. k&trap, ^pa, n. ; 
katro, -trea, m. (small, 

Incisor, s. mukavelo {or muklo) 
dant, -ta, m. {var. mnkailo). 

Incite, V. utsambol k&r; uskai 
(a dog) ; utii = /. cause to 
rise,^^., e.g. to virtue. 

Incitement, see Incentive. 

Incivility, see Impoliteness. 

Inclemency, s. k^tinai, -ye, y. 
^s^madhan, -na, »., e.g. of 
the weather. 

Inclination,^, l.bagounen, -nea, 
«,, or bagap, -pa, n. 
2.deuni, -90,/ */. a slope. 
i./g. Todni, -ne, /.; apurbai, 
-ye,/. = /. affection, fond- 

Incline, v. l.bagai, c. v. of baga. 
%.fg. m6n voi k&r c= /. make 

heart yes. 
S.Tond^i, c. V. ^vondou, e.g. 
vai^ak vondouta = iQclines 
to evil; khusi &sa. = /. is 
desire; boreu dista = /. ap- 
pears good. 

Inclined, part, a. 1. Utjar = I. 
ready {not ex.). 
2. -so quasi-dim. (see Gram. P. 
III. ch. ii.) e. g. in. to white 
= doTO-so. into vondonneii asa ^ /. 
inclination is, e.g. I am well 
in. towards N. = T^i. th&iS 
maka v. a. 

Include, v. 1. bit&r ghal = /. put 



2. atapi = I. contain. 

3. lek = /. count, consider. 
Inolusire, a. 1. sMt = also. 

2. at&pan = I, containing («, 
c.),e.g.itom 2 to 13 in. = don 
tbauQ tera atapun, or don 
thaun tera p&riant ata. 

Incognito, a. gutaSea rupan; 
v^ b&dluD. 

Incoherenae, s. n&nlagap, -gpa, 
«. ; bel. rs. into laganan. 

Incoherent, a. laganatullo; b&- 

Income, s. 1. hnttarol, -It, /. 
2. adai, -ya, m. = I. profit. 

Inoommensnrable, a. yek&ts map< 
natullo; bet. rs. yek&ts map 
nan = there is not one mea- 

Ineommodious, a. soukasainar 

Incommmiicable, a. Tanto zaun- 
Barko natuUo, n. c; dina 
Barko; bei. rs. 

iBOomparftble, a. sfLrivin or e&r- 
k&rinanso; H&matullo. 

Incompatible, <i^. 1. TOpanatullo= 
/. not agreeing, or nanvoptso. 
2. melanansarko. 

Incompetence, s. naDvazbipon, 
-na, ». 

Incompetent, a. podvinatullo ; 
vazbinatullo ; h&kki^natullo 
=/. not having right; kamak 

Incomplete, a. &3&mpurii. 

lacomplfltenesfi, s. ilB&mpurnai, 

IncompreheiiBible, a. somznnk no- 
zo asnllo, or somzas&rkona- 
tullo somzananso ; pS.ripurii 
somzananso = /. not fully 

Inoonoeir&blfl, a. fiintisarko na- 
tuUo ; bei. fiiutunk nozo 

Inconelnsive, a. akernatnllo, n. 
c; ruzu zaunknatnllo ; tal- 
mul natullo («. c), e. g. i. 

Incongruity, s. Tirod, -da, «. 

Inconsiderable, see Trifling. 

Inoonsiderate, a. t sat rain&t alio. 

InoonBiderateness, s. naiits&trai, 


Inconsistency, s. 1. thirnatulleS 
mdn, -na, n. *= I. not firm 
2.nanlagap, -gpa, «.=s/. inco- 

Inconsistent, a. l.thirnatullo=/. 
not firm. 
2. nanvoptso, or vopanatnllo. 
3- laganatullo =1. not adhering. 
4. 8ibmap6danartuUos /. not fall- 
ing right. 

Inconsolable, a. s&miidhanDa- 
tullo ; bhuz&isilrkonatullo, 
or bhuzounk nozo asuUo. 

Inconstancy, s. thirnatullen m6n, 
-na, n. 

Inconstant, a. thirnatullo, or 

Incontinence, s. nansambalon- 
neD,-nea, «., «. c; barsepoji, 
-na, ». = /. impurity. 



Inoontrorertible, a. dubannatullo; 
t&rk k&runk nozo asallo. 

InconTenienoe, s. 1. iisiindrap, 
-pa, n. 
2. naiivazbipon, -na, «. 

Inoorporata, 'v- mel^i = /. mix. 

IncorrectneBB, s. a5uddijpo;i, -na, 

Inoarii^ible, a. 6&mazaiBarkoaa- 

Incorrupt, a. kusanatuUo. 


Inoormptible, a. kuBanansarko, 
or kusasarkonatuUo. 

JnoreaBB, v. 1. tBfidai, c.v. of 
tB&d, n. 2'.; het. tsad k&r. 
2. TrMdhi za = I. get pros- 

luore&Be, s. 1. tsS.diip, -dpa, «., 
or bet. tsMau, -dava, m. 
2.Triddhi, -dhi,/.=/. prosper- 

Incredible, a- n^mbgasarkona- 
tallo ; n&nsMmaadtso, or 
satmandinanso ; vlg, rs. into 

Incredulity, s. d.nbaTadt, 4a, m., 
(jrinbavadtpon, -na,«.; nan 
n^mbganen, -nea, «. 

Inerednlou6,<z. ^nbavadti; namb- 
gauatullo; s^tmandiQatuUo. 

Incriminate, v. flryad di; see 

Inorost, "u. 1 . katin dank ; kat za. 

2. mau za. 
Incabste, v. rovane b6s. 
IncubuB (nightmare), s. hardea- 
Bul, -ja, m. 

Ittonlcate, v. k&nta&i, e.g. on tbe 
mind; m6tiut gbal = /. pat 
into mind; sangun sang = 
saying say; portun portan 
sang = /. again again say. 

Inculcation, s. porti porti bud, 


Inculpable, a. nento (var. neu- 

tuo); gunyaunnatullo. 
Inonlpate, v. gunyaukar k&r = /, 

make guilty ; see Blame. 
Incur, V. mfel = /. be found, sb. 

Incurability, s. nafigun, -na, m. ; 

bel. rs. 
Incurable, a. boro zaunk nozo 

asuUo; bet. rs. 
Incnraion, s. angar p6dap, -dpa, 

Indebted, a. I'la. asullo. 
Indebted (Be),^. l.devoasii: 'lam 

i. to you for one rupee = aveo 

tuka ySk riipoi devo asa'; 

rinkar zaun &Ba = /. is 

debtor, fg. also, e.g. for 

one's healtb; rin asa = /. 

debt is; rinanin bb6rlolo 

zaan asa. 
%/g. also, upk^r mand, or u. 

Indeoenoy, s. fiumaryad, -di, f. 
Indecent,(i.lLum&ryadit80; l&ji|t 

Indecision, s, tondre, pi. m. ; 

dubau, -bava, m. = I. doubt. 
IndeoiBire, a. dubavi or dubauu- 

tso, e.g. i. Tictory; tondrea^ 




Indeclinable, a. rapnatullo; b^- 

d9,lz£luDknat)illo ; b&dalniU 

lodeeoroufl, s. n&inzallo; iam&r- 

Indeeortun, s. ^um^ryad, -di,y. 
Indeed, ad. kb&rents, mn. also 

the Lai. quidem:, oiz-zaun; 

albfiit = of course {var. 5.b- 

ISt) ; nizgi, or kbftreogi, 

or 8&tgi = I. 18 it true ? 
Jndehti^able, a. purozaunkoar 

tallo ; bezarzaunknatnllo. 
Indefinable, a. &rthij, sangunk 

nozo as^Uo ; vivorDatullo = 

I. not having explanation. 
Indefinite, a. gMnatulIo = /. 

without limit; igariit = /. 

numberless, e. g, iig. jini 

= eternal life; dubauntso, 

or dubavi = /, uncertain; 

kh^ndit n&ia asullo = /. not 

Indelioate, o,. nazuku&iiisullo ; 

Indelicacy, s. naanazukai, -ye,/. 
Indemnifioation, s. farikpon, -na, 

Indemnify, ti. farikpo;i di. 
Indemni^, s. ^rikpon, -na, n.; 

rs. na^tavin a without harm. 
Indent, v. katre ghal = I. put 

Independence, s. sot&ntrij, -tra, m. 
Independent, <z. l.aplea sotd.ntrar 

asyllo (or sot&ntratso) ; 

(konak) khalnatnllo == not 

being under any one. 

2. aple khuse p^rmane ts&l- 

tolo = /. walking according 

to one's own will ; see ITree. 

Independently, ad. l.BOtantran. 

2. sivai = /. except, mih th: 
Participle, e.g. ind. of self- 
denial we do not go to 
heaven = apnak inkar kelea 
sirai, etc. 

3. ts^trai dinaatanan a /. not 
paying attention. 

4. aple khuse parmane = /. 
according to one's own wish, 

Indestruotible, a. nasasarko- 

natullo, n. c. \ bet. nas k&r- 

nozo asijUo. 
Indeterminable, a. nis5eisisarko- 

natullo, or nisceisunk nozo 

Indeterminate, a. nis^eisinatullo ; 

kh&ndit n&in asijUo. 

= incertitude. 
Index, s. l.pananpatti, -%<&,/. = 

I. a list of pages, 
2.kanto, -tea, m.; see Hand. 
3. gurt^, -ta, tn. 
Indian, a. Indietso, or Hindus- 

Indicate, s. dakai; gurt^i asa = 

/. a sign is, ch. cs. ; ^rthu asa 

= /. meaning is, ch. cs. 
Indication, s. l.gurti}, -ta, m. 

2.dakon, -ne,/. 
Indicative, a. dakouutso. 
Indict, see Aconse. 
Indi&rence, s. 1. nidanai, -ye,/. 

= calmness (ascetic ind.). 



2. th^nd =/. cold, or thitnd mdn, 
-nS, K. = /. a cold heart ; be- 
parvo, -vea, m. = /. neglect 
(sastrabeparvo); alsai, -ye, 
/. = laziness. 

S. nanvondounen, -nea, n. = l. 
no iaclinatioQ. 
Indifferent, a. 1. nidan = /. calm. 

2.tliand = /. cold,^. 

3.t8istrainatullo = /. not giv- 
ing attention. 

4, beparvi =/. neglecting; alsi 
= I. lazy; sutnaratso = /. 

5. Tondanatullo = /. not inclin- 
iog; vait-boronatuUo. 

I am indifferent to it = maka 
Indifferently, ad. 1. see the a. 

2. blied(4)karinaBtanan=^.not 
making difference. 
Indigence, f. l.durbolkai,-ye,/., 
or durbolai, -ye,/. 

2.kirkola,i,-ye,/. = /. wretched- 

3, 86dni, -ne, /. =1. abandon- 
ment; niradhar, -ra, m. 

4. girz, -je, /. = I. necessity. 
Indigenous, a. gauntso = /. of 
the country; W^, angatso = 
I. of here. 
Indigent, i^.dublo; kirkol; sodi^Uo, 
or vater sandijUo; gS,rjent 
&s^llo = /. being in need; 
upai uatuUo; niradhari. 
Indigestible, a. jiranatullo, or 

Indigestion, s. &jirn, -na, n. 

Indignant, a. ragifit or ragar 

zallo; kr6datso. 
Be ind.=rag£lrza, t^r ragar rau, 

or ragan zill. 
Indignation, -T. rag,-ga, m.: 'excito 

ind. = r&g adiii'. 
Indignity, s. 1. nliinzalli karni, 

-ne, /. = I. a,n nnbecoming 

action; khotepoQ,-na, re. = /, 

2.&kman,rrr&p&man,-na, 7n.= 

I. offence. 
Indigo, s. nil, -li,/. 
Indirect, a. nitn&in astjUo — /. 

not straight; vankdo = I. 

crooked, pr. fg., e. g. ind. 

Indirectly, ad. rankde vatOD = I, 

in an indirect way. 
Indiscreet, a. bhed(6) kilrnatullo 

= /. not making difference ; 

budnatullo = /. aot prudent. 
Indiscretion, s. naiibud, -di,yi 
Indiscriminate, a. bhed(^6) k^rna- 

tnllo = /. not making differ- 
Indiscriminately, ad. bhed(6) k^ri- 

Indispensable, a. bhou g^rjetso 

= I. very necessary ; bhou 

zirur = /. Yery argent; rs. 

. . .Tine(^rQastanan);raunk 
Indispose, v. Dat. ad uUi = /. 

speak against, ch. cs.; mon 
. . .thaun pois k&r — /. make 

the heart far from. . . 
Indisposed, ti. I.t*.;. bolaildniiasa 
„, „ L.pogic 



(there is) no health ; or 

bolaikinatullo; r^.eoukasai 

2. nfinkhnletso = /. not willing ; 

iet. rs. [ /: 

Indispoaitios,^. l.nanbolaiki,-ke, 

2. naukhnsi, -se, /. => /. no 

will; rs. soukasai nan. 
Indispntable, a. dubaunatullo ; 

IndisBolnble, a. veglatsar k&mnk 

nozo asallo; ving^ k&runk 

nozo asuUo ; modanatuUo. 
Indietinct, fi. 1. eoltnatallo, £.^. 

2. f%dpo3i=/. faint, e.g: colour. 
Indistinctly, ad. rs. info aost 

afui nan afixed to the verb\ 

•vlg. gnlugula. 
Indistingaishable, a. bhed(^) k^ 

rank nozo asnllo ; bet. rs. 
Indite, V. bor&i = /. write. 
Individual, a. 1. aplo = I. own. 
2. visea = /. particular, 
S.yekatso or yekleatao = /. of 

one only. 
4. vingM=/. separated, single. 
Individnal, s. yeklota = I. one ; 

vingid z6n, -na, m.(or other 

similar noun) = /. a single 

Individnality, .r. (yekleatso) gan, 

-na, m. 
Indivisibility, s. nanvantiaarken, 

-kea, n. 
IndiTisible, a. vantisarkonatullo ; 

vantunk {or kudke k^runk) 

nozo asi^llo. 

Indocile, <!• sikasarko n^ifiasullo. 

n., or nansikasarkefi, -kea, 

«,, «. c. 
Indolence, J. alsai, -je, /.', j6m, 

or zfem, -me,y. (var, jim)=/. 

sloth, sleepiness. 
Indolent, a. &\si; j^metolo. 

Be ind.Esj^me (var.jkm yetfi), 
Indomitable, a. sado k3,runk nozo 

asullo = /. impossible to 

make (be made) tame ; s^o 

kiirinansarko, ». c. ; sado 

kflrinanso, ». c. 
Indoor, a. gh&ra bitflrlo. 
Indubitable, a. dubaanatullo. 
Induce, -v. lai = /. apply, e.g. 

ind. to do ; by c. v. \ bud sang 

= I. say advice ; atiii = /, 

cause to rise, ^., «. ^. ind. 

to act courageously, ck. 

fuslais/. coax, e.g. to sin. 
Indncemeut, s. Todni, -ne,_f. (var, 

vodnen, -nea, «,), or bet. 

Tondouneii, -nea, «.; inam, 

-ma, «. = /. a reward. 
Induct, •!>. see Inaugurate. 
Induction, s. tatparya, -ye, /. 

(logical argument), n.c. 
Indole, V. I. soukasayen ia&i&i 

= I. govern peacefully ; sou- 

kas ts&l = /. walk (behave) 

slowly, ch.cs. 
2.iclen di = /. give escape, y^., 

e.g. ind. a passion. 
3. 76p, or 76pun di = /. consent 

or consenting give ; sod = /. 




4.kba8q'p^riiianetB&l=/. walk 
according to the desire of 
(comply with) ; dados kir = 
I. make satisfied. 
5. lagijUo zaun asa =. I. is at- 
tached (given), e.ff. to drink- 
Indulgence, s. l.induljeos, -sa, 
«., /r. (rl.) ; eiksemaf, -fi, 
f. = I. pardon of pnaisb- 
2.apkar, -ra, m. = I. favour; 
Boukasai, -ye, /. = /, peace 
{opp. to severity) ; dadoskai, 
-ye,/. = I, satisfaction ; d&ya, 
-ye,/. = /. clemency; sEmil- 
port, -na, n. = I. connivance, 
Grant ind. = induljens pat&i = 
/. send ind. 
Indulj^ent, o. mogal = /. kind; 
Samil = /. conniving; bou- 
kasayen ts^ltolo = /. ruling 
with peace, G. F. 
Indurate, v. gb^t k^r. 
ladnstrionB, a.^iti = making 
difficult things; zaato; tsnrk 
= /. active. 
2.prS.y&tJtn k&rtolo = I. mak- 
ing efiFort. 
3. hikm^titso = I. of artifice, 
arts ; S^matkaratao = /. of 
Indnstrj, J. l.hikm&t, -ti, /.\ 
c^matkar, -ra, tn. 
2.min^t, -ti,/^ = /. an effort. 
Inebriate, J', amal kJir =s /. make 
intoxication; ^malatso k&r 

=r. I. make intoxicated, {un- 

lae&hle, a. otaarunk nozo asuUo 
etc.; bet. rs. 

IneffectiTB, (I. vert; gnnak pMa- 
natullo; nirfoladik ; rs. riga^ 
nan = does not enter ; b6!- 
niltullo = /. without force. 

Ineffleacy, s. naitgnn, -nS,, m.; &s- 
k&tkai, -ye,y. = /. weakness. 

Inelegr&nt, a. unfiin^inasullo. 

Ineleganoe, s. nansobitai, -ye, /. i 
nanunCai, -ye,/, n.c. 

Ineligibility, ^. vintsinafisarke^ 
-kea, n. ; bet. rs. 

Ineligible, a. vintBinansarko; vin- 
tsun kadinanso. 

laeqaality, s. naiSsar, -ri,/; bhed 
(e), -da, m. = I. difference. 

Inert, a. 1 . halnatuUo, or balunk 
nozoasullo,(7rhalanan sarko. 
2.al8i = /. lazy. 

Inestimable,'!, ^molik (usedesf. 
of the Precious Blood of 
J. C); bhou moladik = /. 
very precious. 

Inevitable, a. tsukounk nozo 
asullo; tsukan&nso, or tsu- 
kanansarko; &v^s asullo = /. 
being necessary. 

Inexcusable, a. maf favon^iD 

Inexhaustible, a. vlg. kabSr- 
zaunk nozo asullo,/r.; mug- 
danatuUo = I. not finishing; 
perk, tirsanatullo, but this 
mn. which is not to be com- 



Inexorable, a. rs. aikanaa s /. 
does not bear, or aikan^ 
/.not taking-satisfaction; ^^ 
ti^ = /. rigorous, cruel, 

Tnexpedienoy, s. nanv&zbipon, 
-na, n. 

inexpedient, a- TazbiD&inasuUo; 
layeknatullo^:/. not fit, not 
Boitable ; kamak p6clana- 
tallo ; rs.. zainan. 

Jnexperienoe, s. nanHnbdg, -ga, m. 
(var. -bou, -bova, m.); no- 
narpon, -na, ». ^ I. igno- 
rance; naMb;as, -sa, m,; 
naosordi, -je, /. = /. no 

Inexplicable, a. vivor eangunk 
nozo asullo, or vivor Bangi- 
nanso, or v. sanginaiisarko. 

Inflxtingnisbable, a. palvanaoBO, 
or palvanatullo. 

Inextricable, iz- tondreantso = /. 
embarrassed; sutaaanso, or 
suttBO n&im asullo. 

Infallibility, s. Qant3uk,-ki./. ». c. 

Infallible, a. l.tBukon pddana- 
H. dubaunatallo = not doubt- 

Infamons, a. beabratso = /. of no; &pamanatso, or 
&pamanadik ~ /. of no 
honour; kboteponatso = /. 

Infamy, v- beabru, -ra, m.\ &pa- 
man, -na, m.; khofepon, -na, 
«. = /. wickedness. 

Brand witb inf. = abru kad, 

or beabru kS,r. 
Infancy, s. balsepou, -na, n. 
Infant, s, balsen, -sea, n. 
Infanticide, s. 1. burgeakhuni, 

-ye, /. = /. the killing of a 

child; baheakbum. 
2. balseakuijigar, -ra, m. = t]i6 

murderer of a child ; bajsea- 

khunigarn, -ni,y^ = the mur- 
deress of a child. 
Infantry, s, paid^l, -la, «. 
Infatnate, v. pisai, c. v. of pisa, 

n. v., or piso k&r. 
Infatnation, s. pisepon, -na, ». 
Infect,?". \.\^\{tr.),ar\&^{n.v.) 

= 1. attach, or be attached; 

z& = /. get («. v.), e.g. a 

sickness, ch. cs, 
%.fg. kuaii™/. corrupt; bhor 

Infection, s. voso, -sea, m. 
Infer, v. 1 , nisSeisi ; vlg. antun 

sik s L in this learn, ch.cs. 
2. parki = /. guess. 
Inference, s. \.rs. v. 

2. parkounen, -nea, «. =a guess. 
Inferior, a. khal asullo = being 

under, or kbalto ; uuo = /. 

Inferiority, s. unepon, -na, «. ; 

dei. rs. into adj. 
Infernal, a- l.yemkondatso or 

2. yemkonda bariso = /. as in 

the hell. 
Infertility, s. rs. binjer = not 

Inf 2 

fertile; &appepoTt, -na, «., 
fg.\ unepon, -na, n. 
Infect, V. I. v63d lagii, n. c. 
2. b&C&vavin k&r = /. make not 

Infected, a. Ybsb lagullo ; bd.&a- 

Infidel, a. s. &nbavadti, (-tia, m.) 

Infidelity, s. anbaradtpon, -iia, 

Infinite, a. ^g^nit = /. namber- 
less,e.^. inf. God; leknatallo 
= /. numberless ; ^Qtari;i = 
/. endless; a&mpurn = /.full; 
sarvij gunanin siiaipurn = /. 
full of all perfections; mit- 
natuUo, gadQatullo= without 
limit ; 'God is i. = Deva thilia 
silkSd boreo T&stu asat'. 

Infinitely, ad. \,see adj. 
2. 8&rivi;i = I. without com- 

Infinitire, a, kh^uditnatullo, Di§- 
(Seisiuatullo = not determin- 

Infirmary, s. pidestani^eu knd, 
-da, «., or p, sal, -la, n. 

Infirmity, s. iskatkai, -ye,/. = /. . 

Inflame, v. fg. zaiai = /. cause 
to burn (for anger) ; ulpai, 
c.v. ^ulpa, n.v.\ utsambol 
kar = /. make excited. 

Inflamed, a.fg. ragan zaltolo, or 
i-agan bhorlolo = /, filled 
with anger ; ragan khatkjlt- 
tolo = I. boiling for anger; 

i8 Inf 

Inflammation, s. 1. uzo, -jea, m. 
esp.fg. passion, heat; nlop, 
-Ipa, «., pr.fg. 

2, vaidaman, -na, «., mn. infl. of 
the heart. 

3. agrun,-gra,n,(of the tongue). 
Inflate, ^. 1. suz&i = ^. cause to 

swell, c. V. of suz. 
^•/g- g&rTkar=/. make proud; 
/g. ful (m. v.) = get like a 
flower (proud); /g. fugiii 
(c. V. of fug) = get pnflfed up 

Inflect, V. bagai. 

Inflexibility, f . nanbagonen, -ne&, 
«. or nfiabagap, -pa, n. 

Inflexible, a. bagauatuilo, or ba- 
ganansarko, or baganaoso. 

Inflexion, J. bagonen, -nea, n. 

Inflict, "v. dt, lai, e. g. punish- 
ment; mar = /. beat. 

Influence,^. 1. mulado, -dea, m., 
e.g. infl. of a man with others; 
b6I, -la, n. = /. force; bhar, 
-ra, /». = /, weight, y^.; {also^ 
the same as muliido); podvi, 
-Ye,f. = I. power. 
2.8&k&t, -kti,/. = /. ability. 
S.upai, -ya, m. = L me&ae, e. g. 
maka u. nan = I have no i. 
4.harbar, -r&, m., e.g. divine 
infl. or also care. 

Inflnence, v. mulfideak ghal = /. 
put to infl.; pass. m. p6d = 
/. fall to infl. 

Influential, a. bbari; podvedar, 
or podvi asullo; Mhikari. 

Influx, s, Tot6n, -ne,/. 



Infonn, v. 1. k&lit i&r, or k&l&i, 

c. V. of kill = be known. 
2. rup di, or r. k&r = /. give 

Informal, a. kaidea pilnna^te na- 

tuUo; kaideak Tirodhi; rlt- 

natuUo = /, not haying for- 
Information, i. l.kobar, -bre, /.; 

Abiprai, -ye,/.; vordi, -de,/. 

= /. report, 
a.uolok, -lki,/: = /. knowledge. 
Infrootion, ^. 1. modap, <dpa, n. 

= /. rupture, /f, 
2.gunyaun, -ava, m. = L fault. 
Infreqnenoy, s. S,prupai, -je,/. 
Infrequent, a. &prup. 
Infuriate, ^.ragaDz&l&t=/. cause 

to burn for anger, 
Infose, V. 1 . bit&r gbal = /. put in, 

Pr.,/£'.,e.g'.i. gifts. 
2. Tot, e. £■. i. oil in the lamp. 
3.^. labM, c.v. ^lab, e. g: i. 

Infusion, f. l.bit&rghalneu, -nea, 

w., del. rs. inlo 7>. 
2.kS,Bai, -ya, m. (medic, i.) 
Ingenerate, v. z^lmfii, c. v. of 

Ingenious, a. 1. kS^ti- 
2.barik = /, witty; see Ind08- 

Ingenuity, IngenionsneBS, f. bUri- 

kai,-yQ,/; fiflmiitkar,-ra,m., 

bikmflt, -ti,/. = I. artifice; 

ularai, -ye, f. = /. clever- 
Ingenuous, a. nisk&pti = /. sin- 

cere; aado =/. simple; ukto 
= /. open,^. 

IngennonsnesB, s. nisk&p&t, -ta, 
n.\ Biidepon, -na, ». 

Inglorious, 1. manbhogiDatullo ; 
l&jiSt = I. shameful. 

Ingraft, see Qraft. 

Ingrate, a. flitupkari. 

Ingratiate, v. movalai = /. move, 
make tender ; mogal za, = /. 
become dear; mog(6) k5,r&i 
= 1, cause to love- 
Ingratitude, f. &DUpkarpon,-na,«. 

Ingredient, ^. 1.6&mb§,r, -t&,m. 
2.alean, -na, m. = all the in- 
gredients for curry. 

Ingresa, s. rig, -ge,/. 

Ingulf, 1)- gil = I. Bwallow. 

Inhabit, v. l.asa. 
2. rau = remain; vas k&r; jini 
jiye = I. live life. 

Inhabitable, a. raviet asuUo; 
bi^ar diuntso. 

Inhabitant, s. 16k, -k&, m. ^ I. 
people {in the stng. mostly). 

Inhale, v. usu&s kane = I. take 

InharmoniouB, a. taleamel(S) na- 
tullo ; 8&map6danatullo = /. 
not falling together. 

Inherent (Be), v- lag. 

Inherit, v. d&iz p6d > /. inherit- 
ance fall, Sb. Dat.\ daiz 
yeta = /. inheritance comes, 
Sb. Dat.; daiz kane = /. in- 
heritance take. 




Inheritable, a. daizasarlco. 

Inheritance, s. daiz, -za, n. \ pit- 
raati, -te,/. 

Inheritor, s. daiji, -jia, m. 

Inhibit, v. adTar. 

Inhospitable, a- bidar dinatullo 
= I. not giving abode ; raunk" 
nozo as.iUo or ravanaso. 

Inhamaii,a. nistur; mharu; m4n- 

Inham&nit7,-f- naaiD&n6epoQ,-na, 
».;-mSturai, -ye,y;; mharu- 
pon, -9a, n. 

Inimitable, a. dek(e) karteunk 
nozo asullo, or dek kanei- 
naso; rs. deki Toir = /. above 
example, or ferh. dekiroilo. 

IniqaitonB, a. giinayatao. 

Iniquity, s- 1. ^nnai, -ya, m. = I. 
2. khotepon, -na, n. = I. wicked- 

Initial, s. suruvetso or suruver 

asallo.. or suru k&rtso. 

I. letters = suruvedin fikieran. 

Inject, V. hit&T ghal or b. udai. 

Injunction, s. hnkum, -kme, /.; 
see Order. 

Iqjnre, v. luksao k&r, n&|t k&r, 
viiit k&r = make harm ; &k- 
m&Q k&r^make offence; b6] 
k&t = make violence; dukii, 
c. J', o/" duk = afflict. 

Injnrions, 1- iikman&tso; dukoun- 
tso = /. afSicting; luksanak 
podtso = /. falling to harm. 

Iignry, s. &kman, -na, m.; nMt, 
-ta, m., i7/-luksan,-na,». = /. 

harm; vait, -ta, n. =1iarm; 

duk, -ki, /. = I. pain, sorrow. 

Injustice, s. 4nnai, -ya, m.; &nit. 

Ink, s. vlg. tint, -ta, n.\ sai, -ye, 
/. {H,K.)\ masi, -se,/. 

Inlay, v. katrap ghal (?). 

Inkstand, s. vlg. tintyor, -ra, »i.; 
saidouti, -\A,f. 

Inlet, i. rig, -ge, /. = ingress; 
see Batnary. 

Inmate, s. 1 . 16k, -ka, m. = /. 
an inhabitant, people. 
2. vokal, ^la, m.isa tenant. 

InmoBt, a. bhou bit&rlo, pr.fg. 

Inn, see Hotel 

Innate,^- s3,imbat80=/. natural; 
B&imbaa Chapo ghallo = /. 
printed by nature. 

lanarigable, a. tarunts&luatullo. 

Inner, a. bit^rlo. 

Innkeeper, s. mezthau (or some 
such word) tsalaitolo, orperh. 
mezkhanagar, -ra, /a., «. c; 
jevagagar,-ra, ?«. = /. he who 
gives meals ; jevan ditolo. 

Innocence, s. nentepon, -na, n. 
(jrnentuvai, -ye,y,; niraprad, 
-da, «.; gunyaunnatijllijini, 
-ye,/. = /. life without fault ; 
eantipon, -aa, n., bhageront- 
pon,-na, n. = sanctity ; uiski- 
lai, -ye,/., or niskilpon, -na, 
n. = purity; nisk^p^t, -ta, «. 
= 1. simplicity. 

Innocent, a- nento; pataknatullo, 
or papkhatnatullo; gunyaun 
natuUo; bhagevont; nisk^l; 

„. e.oogic 



Taitk&rinatullo; nisk&pti; see 
the noun. 

Innocnons, b, Taitk&rn&tallo. 

Innovate, v. novo k&r; bS^&l = 
I. change. 

Innovation, s. biidlap, -p£, n, = I. 
change ; novi rit, -ti,/., novi 
rivaz, -ji, /., novi ni&ryad, 
-di,y: = anew cnatom; novi 
vastly, -tB,/=/. a new thing. 

Innovator, s. novo m^ryadegar, 
-ra, m. 

Innoziong, see Insoenons. 

Isnamerable, a. l^kn|itallo, or 
Ifekavin (asnllo), or likavor- 

Inobservant, a. beparvo k&rtso = 
/. making neglect, G. M., 
(j^bepam; m6dtso=J. break- 
ing, ^■ 

Inoculate, Tf. l.dagghal = /. put 

vaccine (in medicine). 

2.^1?^ Oraft (in gardening). 

Inodorons, a. p&rm&lnatullo. 

Inoffensive, 17. akmank^roatuUo; 
see Innoanone. 

Inopportune, a. rs. lavonatullea 
velar = /. in not right time; 
^vonatuUea velar fisullj. 

Inordinate, a. kr&mavin, n.c.xsl. 
without order; miruontso= I 
/. exceeding (the limits); s^ 
man^in asullo=/. not right; 
vait = /. had; iium&ryaditso 
= I. unbecoming. 

Inor|:anic, c jtvuatuIlo = /. life- 
less; g6pn&tullo, n.c. 

Inqaest, s. vitssirUn, -na, n. 

Inquire, v. see Enquire; moreover, 
somzun ghe = /. take uader- 
atanding; kohar ghe=:/. take 

Inqnisition, s. see Enqoirf. 

Inqniaitive, a. vitsari. 

Inroad, s. 1. ftng&rpddap, -dp&, 
«. = /. a falling on the body. 
2.1ut, 'ti,/.^l. prey. 

InsalubriouB, a. bol&ikinatullo. 

Insane, a. piso; aremarla; vid- 

Insanity, s. 1. pisepon, -na, n. 
2.vid, -di,/. 

Insatiable, a. d&dos k&runk nozo 
asullo, or dados zainanso. 

Insatiability, 5. nandadoskai,-ye, 


Insoribe, v. 1. bor&i or bit&r bo- 
2, G, nayar bor&i = /. write in 
the name of, (addrees); mel- 
vilas horil,i = /. write the ad- 
Inscription, s. melvilas, -sa, m. 
Inscrutable, a. 1. vitsarnnk nozo 
S,Bullo, or vitsarintinso. 
2. gut&tsoz:/. secret. 
Insect, s- kido, -dea, m.; kid, -di, 

/. (of a small kind). 
Insensibility, s. \.rs. melaso=h& 
seems to he dead. 
2. nafibhogap, -gpa, n. ; bet. rs. 
into c^. 
Insensible, a. 1. visve natullo = /. 
without senses ; bhdgina- 
tullo = /. not feeling. 
2. meiIo30=/. apparently dead ; 

I.., ..iiA-ooglc 



fing tBnk&itolo = /. body a- 
Toiding: an expression ap- 
plied to bullocks, etc. when 
they will not let themselves 
be yoked, and fg. applied to 
people who try to avoid the 
performance of their religi- 
ous duties, or are iDseusible 
to religion. 

Inseparable, a. yingficlkSrunk no- 
zo asuUo, or vingiid k&ri- 
nanso, etc. 

Inaeparabilityt s. vingManansar- 
ken, or ving^dzSinanBarkefi, 
-kea, n.\ n&Qviogadap, -pii, 
«., n.c. 

Insert, v, Jiit&r ghlil, or lai ^ /. 
put in or apply. 

Insertion,^. %\t\ln%-a\,-ti%,f.,e.g. 
i. in a book, n.c. 

Ineiie, prep, bit&r; adj. bitftrlo. 

InaidloQB, a. mosatso; naditso; 

Insight, s. volok, -Ikd, /.; 'get a 
thorough i. intOspurti vo- 
lok mby. 

Insignia, s. gurti; , -til, m. (iLdbi- 
k&ragurti}) = /. sign. 

Insigrnificant) a. I. &rthijiDatuIlo 
■= /. without sense. 
2.5illar = I. trifling. 

Insincere, i. kHpti. 

Insincerity, s. k&p&t, -ta, n. 

Insinuate, v. l.(Taukde vaten) 
rig = I. enter (crookedly); 
thoden thoden ghal = /. put 
little by little; hiSSro di = /. 
giye a hint. 

2. portnn portnn sikili=/. teach 
again again; fuslai=/. flatter. 

InsinsatinjT, a., see verb; mogal 
= /. dear. 

Insinuation, s. I. hisaro, -rea, t». 
=1, hint; vankdin utran = /. 
crooked words. 
2.fuslau[ieu, -nea, ».; see the 

Insipid, a. Sappo = /. without 
%aX\,,Pr.,fg., e.g. i. words; 
rutsnatulIoW. without taste; 
nlikSizallo = /. nonsense. 

Insipidity, J. iSappepon, -na, n. \ 
nakazallo, -lea, m. 

Insist, V, magun mag, or portnn 
portun m&g, or mSg with 
-ts; thirzaun ran {or some 
other verb instead of rau) = 
I. remain constantly. 

Insolence,^. 1.8ill,-Ia,».; g&rvy, 
-va, «. = /. pride. 
2. l&zbandpoi>, -na, ». = /. im- 
pudence; hemmeu, -mea, n. 
= /. yanity. 

Insolent, a. s&li<St, dharun = 
obstinate; gftrvi = /. proud; 
aplea vadeatso, or aple 
khuie p^rmane ts&ltolo = /. 
walking according to obo'b 
own will. 

Insoluble, a. 1. kMounk nozo 
asullo, e.g. an i. metal. 
'i.fg- zabdiunk nozoasalloz/. 
not possible to give an an- 
swer;^, 8utananso = A not 
possible to get rid of, e.g. 
an i. question. 



Insolreat, see Banlcnipt. 
Ituomaoh, ad. titlo. . .ki=s80. . . 

that; Ase jiaaiS. . .ki. 
Inapeet, 'v. 1. sarkeS p61e = I. 

look exactly; melbindob&et 

p61e ; tftnki kir. 
a.rak = /. guard; see Superin- 
Inspection, j. vitsar&Ti, -n&, n. = 

I. ioquisitioD; t&nki, -ke,y.; 

bet. rs. into v.; see Superin- 

Inapector, s. 1. vlg. iuspekt&r, 

-ra, m. 

2. m^lb&adob&st pdletolo, or 
p&rikSegar, -ra, m. 

Inspiration, s. 1. usras, -«a, w., 
or bet. usvas kaneuntso = I. 
taking (in) breath. 
2.harbar, -ra, m. (divine i., d. 
operation); m&ima, -me, f. 
(divine i.) 

3. Devageli iSintna, -ne, /. = I. 
a thought coining from God 
{ascetic mn.) ; suasadeneii, 
-nea, «.; budideiien, -nea, «. 

4. In. of the Holy Bible, rs. 
Devan m6tint ghallen ; kon- 
tsounen, -nea, n. (Devak-), 

Inspire, v. 1. uskar vor = draw 
inspiration; f^ je^.usuaskar 
9e=/. take breath. 
2.m6tint gbal = /. put into the 
mind, e.g-. the Holy Bible. 
3. only di or ghal, e. g'. i. 
courage = dh&ir di; dy c. v., 
e.g. i. fear = be6tai. 
Instability, s. thirnatullen m&n. 

-n&, n.=sl. an unstable heart; 

^thirasari, -ne,/ 
Install, i>. 1. pat&r boaS,i = /. 

cause to sit on the throne. 
2. 6&drer bo8S,is/. cause to sit 

on the seat; huddo vopsun 

di ; kam dobaje^n di = /. 

give employment solemnly; 

mokrur k&r = /. appoint. 
Instalment, s. 1. mokruri, -re,/.; 

huddea5en vops&p, -pit, n. 
2.ki8ti, -te, /. (Ist, 2nd, etc. 

i.); yaido, -dea, m. 
Instance, ^. . 1 . z&rurai, -ye, / = 

/. urgency. 

2, mag-nen, -nea, n.=l. request. 

3. d&klo, -le&, m. == /. example, 
e.g. to give an i. 

Instance, i>. m6tint had =/. bring 
into memory; agdas k&ra/. 
make remembrance; niyalak 
had=/. bring to considera- 

Instant, a. 1. zixut = I. urgent. 
2. p6dtso = /. falling (immi- 
nent); lagifi lagin asullon 
/. being very near. 

Instant, s. \M.n, -na, n.\ ki;t, 
-n&, n. 

Instantaneous, a. yekats ^ratso 
(teats pharatso) ; yekats k|&- 
natso; bet. rs. into ad. 

Instantaneously, ad. yekats fara, 
yeka k§&na {or kina) bitar= 
in one moment. 

Instantly, ad. l.magun magun 
= I. asking asking. 
2. yekats fara = at once. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Instead of, ^ep.lAdlak; suater 
= /. in place, (wifk the 
partic.'), e.g. i. of receiving 
a blessing, he received oursea 
E agirvad m6I£e suater takS. 
airap podlii. 

Instep, s. paul, -la,, n. 

Instigate, v. uta^mbol kd^r « /. 
makeezcited ; hnsk£ii(a dog); 
see Szcite; kaote vor ^ I. 
bring tborns.y^. {Konkan.). 

Instigation, s. utsambolai, -ye,y^ 

Instil, T. (thoden thodefi) bitflr 
gbal = /. put in (little by 

Instinct, s, s&imbai5en Tondoa- 
nen, -ijea, «. = /. natural 
inclination; perh. 89Jmba5i 
bud, -di,/"., or s. za^vai, -ye,/-. 

Instinctire, a. s^imbavondounea- 
tso, or a&imbaiJea rondounea 
p&riaane asallo. 

Institute, v. g^ = /. found; sta- 
pisi = /. found, n,c.; k&rn 
dovor = /. appoint, e.g. J. C. 
appointed the Apostles ; ni3- 
i^isis/. establish; nem3i = /. 
appoint; nomiyir = I. nomi- 
nate, /r. 

Institute, s. l.g&dip, -dpa, n. 
(that which is founded) ; gar- 
par, -ra, «., e. g, a religious 
order is an i.; karkhano, 
-nea, m.\ dh^rmaStai, -ye,/. 
= i. of charity,;«. c. (dh&rma- 
aaji-le,/.); ord, -di,y;,yy. 
2. bandap, -dpa, n. = l.EL build- 

Instrnot, v. l.sik^i, c.v. ^ sik. 

2. vad&i, c. v. of yad = /. grow, 
be prosperous. 

3. hukum di s /. give an order. 
Instruetion, s. 1. sikapj -kpa, n, 

or aikon, -ne,yC 
2. hukum, -kme,/. =s /. order. 
Instmctire, A. l.Bikountso. 
2. upkarak p6dtso = I. falling 
to benefit; bud diuntso = /. 
giving wisdom. 
InstruotOT, .r. ].Bik3,itolo. 
2.upadesi, -si, m.\ &igul, -}a, 
m.\ mestri, -ri, pi.,/r. 
Instrtunent, s. 1 . aid, -da, n, (also 
musical i.); fi&krif, -ra, n. 
(a machine). 

2. upai, -jii, m. = I. meana. 

3. daklo, -lea, m. = a, deed (a 
written document). 

loBtrumental, ti. kumki = /. help- 
ing, e.g. i. cause, opp. to 
mukhya = principal ; o/ien 
rs. into vorvin = through, 
ch. cs. ; aid zaun asuUo. 

Insnbordinate, a. l.khiiltODatul- 
lo; miruontsOiE^. surmount- 
ing (orders). 

2. kut kilrtso = /. making plot. 

3. Billist = /. obstinate. 
Insubordination, s. l.miruonerE, 

-nea, n. = disobedience. 
2. B&l, -la, «. = /. obstinacy. 
3.katkai, -ye,/ = /. reTolu- 

InsnfBcienoy, ^. l.nanudarpodan, 

-na, n. = I. want of means of 




2. rs. into pavanan = I. does 

not reach. 
Insufficient, 1. pavanatuUo; bet. 

rs. info pfivanan. 
iDsalar, a. kudreantso, or knd- 

re^ntlo, or kudrea b&ri. 
Insalt, s. akman, -na, m.; gal, 

-\i,/. = I. abuse, contumely. 
Insnlt, V. akman k&r = /. make 

offence; gali siiiig = /. say 

abases ; see Abnse. 
Inaaltinir, t. ^pamanatso, or &pa- 

maoadik or fikmanatso, or 

&kman k&rtso. 
Insaperable, a. l.jikuuk nozo 

asuUo, or jikananso, e. g. an 

i. general, rival ; z&it vorunk 

nozo asuUo = /. not possible 

to gain victory. 

2. miruonk nozo asullo = /. 
not to be surmounted, pr. 

fg.\ utrauanso or atrunk 
nozo asuUo s /. not to be 

3. bagannk nozo asullo, or ba- 

Insupportable, a. sosunk nozo 

asullo, or sosinaoso. 
Insurance, s. zaminetso mel (S), 

-la, m. = l. society of J,; 

b&5aTi, -ve,/, ; bim, -ma, m. 
luBOie, 1). 1. risknatnllo k&r; 

bim utrai; b^fiavi k&r. 
2.zamindar za = /. become 

surety, ch. cs. ; zamin di = /. 

give surety, ch. cs. 
Insnrsent, a. katkai kartso; kat' 


Immrgont, s. katkayegar, -ra. 

Intact, a. l.apdunknatullo {or 
apodnatuUo) =/. not touch- 
ed. " 

X/g. kh&t n&tuUo = /. stain- 
less; or kh&touD'natallo. 
3. tots = /. the same. 

Integer, ^. purto &nko, -kea, m. 
= /. a whole number. 

Integral, ct. purto. 

Integrity, s. 1. gnnyauaoat^lli 
jini, -ye, /, = l. a. blameless 
life; nentavai (lentu^i), -ye, 
/. = I. innocence; maryad, 
-di, /, = I. honesty; abru 
-ra, m. = I. character. 
2. ankuarpon, -ria, n. = I. vir- 
ginity; niskaipon, -ria, n. 
~ purity. 

Intellect, s. ginyan, -na, «.; m6t, 
-ti,/. = /. mind; somzikai. 
-ye,/. = i. understanding. 

IntaUeotnal, a. mdtitso. 

Intelligenoe, s. 1. somzikai, -ye, 
/. {var. somzenkai). 
2. ginyiin, -na, «. 

Intelligent] a. somzonitso, or 
somzatolo; usar = /. clever: 
barik = /. thin,y^. (of sharp 

Intelligible, a- somzayet Asullo, 
or somzasarko. 

Intemperance) s. 1. nanhaU, -ta, 
2. potarpon, -n,a, «. = /. glut- 
■ tony. 

Intemperate, ct- h&ltnatullo; 
ruontsoa/. surpassing (th< 



proper limit); merebhiiilo= 
/, beyond the limits. 

Intend, v. sev6t Ss^ >e /. aim ie, 
ch. cs.\ aioiiea asa =1. aim 
is, ch. cs.; 2int, = /. think ; 
nis<SeiBi = /. establish. 

Intense, a. umal&atBO=/, ferrent 
(boiling,^.), c,^. i. sorrow; 
k&tin ; by the emph. -ts {see 
Gram.P. III., ckii.); Byre- 
pealing the word it qualms. 

Inteneity, s. nmalo, -lea, m.; 
k&titiai, -36,/. 

Intent (To the i.), by the supine; 
by the Dal. of the aisol. 

Intent, a. lagyllo = /. given ; rs, 
into pr&y&t&a k^riz/. make 
effort, ch. cs.\ i^it duintso = 
/. giving attention. 

Intent, s. 1. sevdt, -ta, m. 
2. alo£en, -ni,y. 

Intention, s. sevd^, -t£, m.; m6n, 
~na, n. = /. heart ; kbuSi, -se, 
f. = /. will; aloCen, -ni, /.; 
irado, -de&, m. (purpose, 
aim, object); "ulg. tesaun, 
-avS, ft.,/r. 

Intentional, a. khasen kello = /. 
done willingly, 

Intention&lly, cid. khuieo. 

Intently, ad. ^t diun ; pr&y&t&n 
k&ro, petBada = /. making 

Inter, v. par; m&tiyek pavoi. 

Interoalary, a. 1. mirvontso. 
2.t8Mtso; see BisBSztile. 

Intercalate, "v. bit&r ghal. 

Intercede, v. mag ; m&desti k&r 

= 1. make mediation; m&z&t 

kftr = /. make intercession. 

Interoeder, s. m&desti, -sti, m. 
Intercept, v. l.dh&r = I. catch; 

raaoi k I. stop. 
2. &iidi [or adk^) kar = /. make 

S.kad = /. take away, e. g: 

light, communication. 
Intercession, ^. mag-nen, -nea, 

«.; vinit, -ti,/, tj/. ; ja&z&t. 

Intercessor, .s. madest, -ta, m. 

Interchange, v, bSd&l. 

Interoonrse, s. I. sSlavol, -li, y, 
(indifferent and bad i.) 
2. kSm, -ma, «. = I. business ; 
s&mand, -da, m. =s I. con- 
nexion; ist&g&t, -ti, /. = I. 
friendship; t8al,-li^/.(ort83,l- 
vat), e.g. maka taSe Ifigin 
tsal asa. 

Interdict, .f. mannai, -ye,y! =s /. 
suspension; adTarap,-rpa,». 
= I. prohibition (with the 
addition of some wards to 
specify the i, meant). 

Interdict, v. 1 , advar [see the 
noun) = I. prohibit. 
2. m&nnai kar = /. make aas^ 

Interest, v. 1 . adayatso zaun fisS. 

2.vodni di = /. give ineKna- 

tion ; band = /. bind, fg. • 

monakiag; ^«£ Charm, FlessSr 

Interest, s. 1. adai, -j&, m. = I. 

„„ „ L.oogk- 



profit; upb&r, -rs, m. = I. 
benefit; prayog, -ga, «. = I. 

2. kam, •ma, n. = I. basiness. 

3. Todni, -ae,/. = I. incliaation ; 
monaklagap, -gpfi, n.; 

4. iSit, -ti, /, = /. attention. 

5. vad, -di,/. (i. of a capital). 
Interested, a. \.rs. lag ■= /. be 

attached,y^.,£.^. tnkalagta. 

2. bat {obj. Dat.) -m. I. -band 
is, e.g. i. in a business. 

3. adayatso = /. of profit, 
lateresting, a. l.Srdayatso. 

2. Todnetao = /. of inclination; 
mdnah lagtso; in6n bandtso 
= /. binding the heart, /g.. 

Interfere, v. rig = I. enter, e.g. 

in a business; ilddi(cradk&l) 

k&r = /. make objection ; tndl 

= /. mingle {in the past 

tense use melai). 
Interference, s. bdrsanen, -riea, 

n. = I. mixture; adyenen, 

-nea, n. = I. coming against. 
Interim, s. bit&rio Tel(S), -la, m, 

= I, time between. 
Interim, ad. itlea bit&r. 
Interior, a. bitfirlo. 
Interjacent, a. bit&r asuUo; moden 

Interlaoa, see Fold, Twine. 
Interlard, v. mel&i ; borsi = /. 

mix; bitfir gbal = /. put 

in or between. 
Interleave, ^- panafi bit&r ghal = 

/. put leaves between. 

Interline, v. gitan bit&r bor^i = 
I. write between lines. 

Interlinear, a. gijanbit&rlo. 

Interlocutor, s. uloneagar, -rfi, m. 
or uloano, -9ea, m. (bit&r). 

Interloper, s. moden aillo (m&nie) 
= /. (a man) who came be- 

Intermarry, v. diun ad = /. 
giving bring; or had vor. 

Intermediate, a. modlo or moden 
asuUo, or rs. into moden. 

Interment, s. purap, -rpa, «.; 
m6rn, -na, n. 

Intanninable, a, Untavin or &nt- 

Intermingle, v. meMi; see Inter- 

Intermisaion, s. m&nna, -ne, /. ; 
thfimbouQen, -nea, n. 

Intermit, v. th&mb > /. cease ; 
mfinna kfir ; s6d = I. leave. 

Intermittent, a. poireatso = /. of 
the day after to-morrow 
{used for all kinds of i, 
fever); kadto (karto) vorto 
(tap), n. c. = I. taking bring- 
ing (fever) ; vetso yeuntso = 
/. going coming. 

Internal, a. l.bit&rlo. 
2. aplo = /. own. 

International, a. kulietso (kuli- 
antso), or kulianbit&rlo, e. g. 
i. law. 

Internecine, a, yekameka jivsin 

Interpolate, v. f6tkiro k&r ; pus- 
takAut ^vouiiin tin utraii 




gb&l {or borHi) = I. put not 
proper words in the book. 

Interpose, ^. 1. bit&r ghal = I. 
put between. 
S.m&desti za^/. become in- 
tercessor ; p&niSayetd&r z& 
= /, become arbitrator; ma- 
ziLt k&r = /. make interces- 
sion ; see Interfere, 

Interpret, w. Tivor sang, G. M. = 
/. say explanation; ftrtb^ 
sang = /. say the meaning, 

Interpretation, s. vivor, -r&, m. \ = 
&rthy,, -tiih,m. = l. meaning. 

Interpreter, s. mnnsi, -si, m. = & 
public i. in tbe civil courts; 
dubaSi, -sia, m. = private i. ; 
arthavirori, -ria, m. = /. ex- 
plaining the meaning, e.f. 
i. of the H, Bible; t&rznmo 
k&rtolo = I. making transla- 
tion; (utrantso) &rthi} sang- 
tolo =1 1, saying the meaning 
(of words); (w/^^ .) d6n bhaso 
kiiltat to = he who knows two 

Interregnum, s. rajantri;, -t&, «., 

Interrogfite, v. vitear, or itsar. 
nterrogation, s. 1 . vitsiiran, -ga, 

«. = inquiry. 
S.silTal, -li,/. = question- 
Interrogative, a. vitsartso, or n- 
tsartolo, or vitsari. 

Interrnpt, v. 1. vogo rauoi = /. 
cause to remain silent, e.g^. 
a speaker ; Mdi k&r = /. 

make objection; ad al&i = /. 
speak against, Dot.; tham- 
b&i, or r&uoi = /. cause to 
cease, to remain. 
2. s6d -I /. leave (or s6d&i, e. v.) 
IntermptioB, s. 1. Sddi, -de,/., 
or adk£tl, -li, /. = l. oppo. 
-ne,/ = intermission. 
Intersect, v. moden k9,t&r = /. 

cut between. 
Interseotion, s. (gitan) m6l(6), 
-Ja, m. = l. union {of lines). 
Interstioe, s. 1. pursot, -ti,/. = L 
2.iden, -dea, a.; fut, -ti,y. 
Interval, s. 1. bit&rlo ve!(6), -la, 
m. = I. time between ; vlg; 
t^mp, -pa, in.,/r. 
2. point, -ija, n.=l. distance, 
n. c; modli suat, -te,/!; 1am- 
bai, -ye, /. = l. length. 
In the i. = itlea bit&r. 
At frequent intervals = tordl 
Intervene, ^. 1. bit&r (or moden) 
je = l. come between. 
2.adyes/. come against; ad- 
kal k!lr'=/. make opposition; 
see Interfere. 
Intervention, s. see Interference. 
Interview, s. nionen, -nea, «.; 
bhfet, -te,^=s/. visit. 
Have an i. with = lagin ul&i. 
Interweave, v. mel&i ; see Weave. 
Intestate, a. vlg. testament kfl- 
rinastanan ; see Will. 

„, : L.OOgk- 

lot 2 

XatestisB, a. bit&rlo. 
Intesti&e, s. antkiti, -te,/. 
lothrall, see XitBUre. 
Intimacy, J. istagiit, -ti,/. = /. 

friendship ; a^lgi, -ge,/. (used 

for proper and improper i.) 
Intimate,^. iSt,'ta,/n.=^. frieud; 

s&Igegar, -ra, m., or eaigist, 

-ta, w». 
Intimate, a. 1. gund = /. deep, 

fg; e.g. i. knowledge. 
2. mogal = I. dear. 
Ultimate, v. kd,Iit k&r, or k&I&i = 

/. make known, 
Litimately, ad. 1. kalzan = I. 

heartily; B&Igea = /. famil- 

2.gniidai p&riyant = I. till 

Intimation, J'. k&Iit, -ta, ».; p&r- 

gUtounen, -nea, «. = /. publi- 
Intimidate, v. bostai (by threats); 

bhiyeunk lai = /. apply to 

Intimidation, s. bhen, bhiy^, ».; 

bestau^en, -nea, n. 
Into, frep. 1 . thain; see Gram. 

Syntax, ch. II, Art. I. 
2. Dal.\ see ibid. 
^.Aoc.\ see ibid. 
Intolerable,!!, sosunknozoasallo, 

or sosinaneo. 
Intoleranoe, s. itansosnigai, -ye,/ 
Intoler&nt, a. BosnikaiuatulIo,<7r 

Intonation, s. ta}eaiSi aura, -re, 
y., or bet, gayanarig, -ge, 

i9 Int 

/. = /. ingress into music, 

Intone, v. (gayan) sum k^r = I. 
begin (the song). 

Intozioate, v. &mal k3,r = /. make 
intoxication; Amalatso kSr 
= /, make intoxicated ; bebdo 
kfi,r = /. make intoxicated 
(/r.) : 'I got intoxicated = 
maka Umal zalen'. 

Intoxication, s. iimal, -la, n.\ 
bebdepon, -na, n.,fr. 

Intractable, a. ts&lounk nozoasul- 
lo, or tB&loananso, or tsa- 
l&isarkonatullo; t&nt^lmari 
= /. troublesome; B&ligt = 
I. ohstinate; aplea vadeatso 
= I. of one's own will. 

Intrench, v. kh^nd&k kilr. 

iQtrenchment, s. khS:ndiik,-dka,»7. 

Intrepid, a. bhennatullo; dhiiira- 

Intrepidity, s. n&nbhen, -bhiya, 
n.; dh^ir, -rii, n. 

Intricate, a- k&tin = /. difficult; 
= /. embarrassing. 

fotrioacy, s. tondre, -rean, 

Intrigue, s. oad, -di,/.=/. a trick ; 
kut, -ta, n. = i. & plot; mos, 
-sa, m. = /. deceit ; f6t, -ti, 
/.; mismt, -ti,/. 

Intriguer, s. mosagar, -ra, m.; 
m^sliitigar, -ra, m. 

Intrinsic, a. bit&rlo. 

Introduce, i". l.vor = /. bring. 
2. in a drama, tsalai = /. cause 
to walk,^. 



3. dak&l k&r, e.g. i. a custom, 
or i. (make kaoirn) a person. 
Introdnotion, s. 1. Torap, -rpa, 
n.\ bet. rs. into Tor. 

2. sipar&s, -Be, f.-=-l. recom- 
mendatioii, e.g. letter of i. 

3. &r&mb, -ba, m. = I. origin ; 
or suru, -ve, /. = 2. begin- 
ning, or the Mr. pftribaiybr 
the i. of a book, or perh. rig 
= /. entrance,^. 

4. tilyarai, -ye, /. = /. prepar- 
ation, Lat. exordium. 

Introdnotlve, a. fir&mbatso, or 

suravetHO, or t3,jar k&rtao. 
Intmde, i>. pr&Teg za; tsora bSri 

rig = enter as a thief. 
Intrnder, s. priiTesi, -lis, m. 
IntnuioB, s, fiDnajaiSi rig, -ge, 

/, orrs. into v.; tsora b&risi 

rig, n.c.\ bet. rs.; hakkij- 

nati^lli rig = /. entrance 

without right. 
IntTDSt,^. saadin.orp&raso&din 

k&r; Toisi; see Bntrost. 
fotnition, s. 8o£t dist, -ti, /, = 

/. clear sight. 
Isnnd&te, v. aur yeta = I. innn- 

dation comes; see Deloge. 
Inandation, s. anr, -r&, n. 
Inure, v. sovdi k&r (/f.), ors.T^ 

{n.v.)\ gh&t k&r = /. make 

bftrd,y^., or gh. za («. p.). 
Isatility, s. nispr&fog, -ga, m. 
lav&de, V. angar p6d = /. fall on 

the body; zulmen rig a A 

enter Tiolently. 
^Talid, a. 1 . &sk&t — I. weak ; 

bolaiki nStuUo =a I. without 
2. r&dd^ &sulIo = /. null ; &thir, 
ex. hut n.c. 
Invalidate, v. l.r&ddi^ k&r = A 
make invalid. 
2. &sk&t k&r = I. make weak. 
Invalnable, a. 1 . &molik (infinitely 
precious); moIaToilo. 
2. bbou moladik = I. very pre- 
Invariable, n.b&d&lzaunknatullo. 
InvaBion, s. 1. angarpddap, -dpa, 

2. zulme&i rig, -ge, /. = I. no- 
lent entrance. 

3. b61, -la, n. = /. violence, 
laveotive, s. gal, -li, / = /. 

abuse; akman, -nE, m. = I, 

Inveigh against, v. g&li sang = I. 

say abuses; angar p6d = /. 

fall oa the body, attack, /g. 
Inveigle, v. fusl&i = /. coax; 

pis^i or piso k&r = /. make 

mad (/g.) 
Invent, ^. 1. s6dun k&d = /. Beek- 

iog take. = ;. found. 
Invention, s. l.mfelap, -Ip&, ». 

(esp. a chance i.). 

2. s6dun kadnen, -nea, n. (pur- 
posely sought i.) 

3. novi v&sti^, -tvL,/. = /. a new 

4. k&lpane<Si v&stu = ^ a thing 
of fancy ; k&lpana, -ne,^ == I. 



laveatiTfl, a. l)&rik = /. tliia.y^.; 
kitSti = /, industrious. 

XnTsntOT, s, gAdpi, -pi&, m. 

InTentory, s. pittti, -\<iif. = a list. 

Inverse, a. porto (turned); rs. 
paji fudefi (p. £. zalo). 

InveTBion, s. porton^en, -nea, n. 

Invert, !'. porti, c. v. ^ porta. 

iBvest, "v. 1. kam di = /. give 
work; mokrurkftr=:/, make 
an appointment ; nemei = ap- 

2. vedo ghJll 3= /. put a Biege. 

3. b&ndobiBtin doT6r = I. put 
in security , e.g. money ; vadik 
ghal = /. put to interest. 

laTestiffate, v. vitsaran k&r. 

Investigation, s. vitsaran, -na, n. 

Investitare, see Instalment. 

Inveteracy, s. e&bar v6I(§), -la, 
m. = I. much time ; 6ei. rs, 
into siibar kalatso, or crc. 

Inveterate, a. %Waa.v kalatso e I. 
of much time ; adlo = /. of 
before; porno = /. old. 

rnvidiouB, a. mosri. 

bivigorate, f. b61 di = /. give 

Invincible, see Insuperable. 

Inviolability, s. I. ^maDkArinft- 
sarken, -keii, n.\ kh£itouDfU 
sarkefi, -kea, n. 
-2. p&vitr^f gnJii -na, sw. = /. 
a holy character. 

InviolaUe, a. kh&tounk BOzoasul- 
lo, or kh^tounsye isuUo; 
khtltnatullo; p&Titriji =z /, sa- 

InvioUte, a. kh&tn&tullo. 

Invisible, a. diiti pddanatullo; 

Invitation, s. apounefi, -nea, «. ; 
voulik, -ke, /. = i. for mar- 

Invite, 11. 1. Eipoi; voujik sang, 
see the noun, 
^.fg. Todni di = /. give incli- 
nation; fu8lai = /. caress. 

Inviting, a. Todnetso; j'^f Attract. 

Invocation, s. mag-nen, -nea, ».; 
ulo, -lea, m. 

Invoice, s. samananp&tti, -te, /. 
= /. a list of articles. 

Invoke, i". mag, Prs. Cm. 

Involuntary, a. khusinatullo, or 
khnien k&rin^tullo, or n&~ 
khusen kello; nenarponan 
kello; bet. rs. 

Involve, see Imply, Implicate. 

Invulnerable, a. ghai ghalunk 
nozo aaullo, or ghayesarko- 

Inward, a. bitarlo. 

Inwardly, ad. bjt&r. 

Irascibility, .r. krodasarken, -kea, 

Iris, see Balnbow- 

Irksome, a. k&rkg,rat80, or beza* 
r&yetso = I. troublesome ; ton- 
dreantso =b /. embarrassing. 

IrksomenesB, s. kflrk&r, -raS, //, 
m. ; tondre, -rean, pi. m. = 
/. embarrassment. 

Iron, s. 1. lonkad, -kda, n. 
2, pato, -tea, m. = A a hoop of 

„, „,L.ooglc 



Iron, V. istri k&r. 

Iron, d, lonkdatso. 

Irona, s. b&ad, -di,/! 

Ironical, i-n&njet8o; khelkulatso 

= 1. mocking. 
Ironmonifflr, s, lonkdasaukar, 

-ra, m,, or — yari, -ria, m. 
Irony, s- ninji, -je,/i; hoglapsen; 

nadilioglap, -pa, n. \ khelka- 

lan, pi. n. 
Xrr&di&te, v. uzvad di=V. give 

light, or u. k&r, or nzvad^, 

c. V. ; pr3ias3,i, c. v. 
Irrational, d. 1. bndnatallo; gi- 

nyannatullo ; somzanatuUo. 
2.moQzatitso = /. bestial. 
Irrationality, s. na&somzonkai, 

or naSsomzikai, -je,/ 
Irreoonoilable, a. s^madhan ka- 

rinasarko, or silmadbaa k&- 

runk DOzo asuUo, or only 

s3.madha,n natullo, etc. 
Irrecoverable, a. patimelunk no- 

zo asullo, or patime]aiiaaso. 
Irrefragable, a. zapdinaknozo 

aaullo, or zapdinaosarko; bet. 

rs.; ghat=/. firm; solTanaeo, 

or BolTouok nozo asnllo. 
Irrefutable, a. solvoank nozo 

asullo, or solvanaasarko. 
Irregiilar,«. (asullo); 

ilkr3,matso=^. immoral ; vlg. 

kaidea pS,rmane uatulIo. 

2. rupnatulio = /, without form. 

3. s^manM asullo = /. not rigbt, 
Irregrnlarity, s. 1. &kr&ia, -m&, n. 

2. miraoDefi, -nea, n. = /. ez- 

Irrelerant, a. k&makpMnatullo; 
tM n&iii = I. npt great (no 
matter), cA. cs.; Millar = /. 

IrreligiouB, a- sastri^ natullo, or 
sastrakact asullo; bh^gtiviQ. 

Irremediable, a. borozaunk nozo 
asullo, or siLmazaunk nozo 
asullo; gunavin; upaioatul- 
lo, or rs. upai nan = /. no 
help, no means; upayavi?. 

Irreparable, see Irremediable. 

Irreprehenaible, a- gunyaun na- 
tullo; best&unk nozo asullo, 
or bestaonansarko, or bes- 

Irresistible, <i- inkar k&runk nozo 
asullo, or inkar k&rinanso. 

Irresolute, a. dubavi, or dubaun- 
tso, or tondreaut asullo. 

Irresolution, s. dubau,-baTa,m.; 
tondre, -rean, m. pi, = /, em- 

Irreverence, s. ^paman, or ilk- 
man, -n&, m. 

Irreverent, a. jipamanatso, or ilk- 
manatso; man dinatuIlo = /. 
not giving honour ; &umir- 
yaditso = /. not polite. 

Irrevocable, a. portaa (with the 
verb required by ihe ««.) 
nozo 9^ullo ; pati kadank 
nozo asullo, or pati kadi- 
nilnso, e.^. i. words. 

Irrigate, ». udak ghal, or u. simp, 
or a. s6d. 

Irritable, a. ragist or ragar zai 

„, „ L.oogic 

Irr 2 

Irritate, v. rag bSd&i. 
Imption, see Inro&d. 
IsinglasB, s. masles&r, -ra, m. 
Island, s. kudro, -drei,, m. 
Islander, s. kudreagclr, -ra, m. 
Isolate, V. reglo kJlr; Ting&d 

k&r; pois kad. 
Isolation, s. ving&dai, -ye,/., n.c.\ 

yekeurpon, -na, ». ; vegla- 

tsar, -ra, m. 
Isothermal, a. tets g&rmetso. 
Issue, s. Bev6t, -ta, «. ; see Exit 
Issne, I', l.bhfiir s&r = /. come 

oat, e.g. i. a decree, cA. cs. ; 

pilr g iitk&r, or p&r g&tili (m ake 

public). = /. become. 
Isthmus, s. baifigomto, -tea, m. 

= /. a neck of the eartb. 
\\,,pron. ten or yen; see Gram. 

P. U. ch.iii. 
Italian, a. Italiteo. 
Itoh, s. kb6r6z, -rji,/- 

Itoh, "B, kb6T6z zS, or korza, 

. e.g. mozo hS,t korzatfi. 
Item, s. r&k&m, -kma, ». = kind, 

sort, e. g. books of three 

kinds; kfiIS,m, -Ima, n.\ bS.b, 

-be,/. = /. case. 
Iterate, v. portun k&r {or some 

suck verb as k4r). 
Iteration, s. porto (-ti, -teii), with 

the required noun, e. g. i. 

of the same soand = porto 

Itinerant, s. poinari, -ria, m. 
Itinerate, v. poi^ k&r. 
Itinerary, s. poinakobranpustak, 

-ka, «., or poinakobro, pi./. 

= I. book of the voyage. 
Itinerary, i. poinstso. 
Itself, pron. tents; see Gram. 

P. II. ch. iii. 
iTory, s. h&stitso dado, -defl, m. 

= 1. a. tusk of the elephant. 

Jabber, V. neg.form o?^so5t ul&i; 

see Chatter; bodbod. 
Jackal, s. kolo, -lea, m. 
Jackanapes, s. l.mankod, -kda, 

^.fg. t3,nt&Imari, -ria, m. 
Jackass, s. l.dadleS gadauii, 

-dT&, n. 
"i.fg. dadda (blockhead), or 

also gadflun. 

Jacket, .r. b&ndiyan,-D&, n. (var. 

Jack-fruit, s. 1. pfi^ds, -nsa, *«.=. 
the whole ripe fruit; pan- 
suli, -le, /, k&dgi, -ge, /., 
guzo, -jea, m. (unripe). 
2. §M,-da, n. (one of the pieces 
into which the fruit is cut 
previous to eating).- 

Jag*, V. katre ghM. 

„, „ L.oogic 

-n&, «., khir, -ri, /., ex. a 
sweetmeat made of j. 

J&il, ^. «/^. zSil, -la, «.; Hndi, 
-di,/. = /. fetters', biindikban, 
-ii&,n.; tnriug (z/dr.turang), 
-gi, «. 

JaQer, s. vlg. jelftr, -ra, »m.; 
b&ndirakno, -neft, m. = /. 
a guard of a prison ; b&ndi- 
adhipSti, -ti, m. = l. a com- 
mander of a prison («. «.) 

Jun, s. mitai, -ye,/; d6s, -si,/. 

Jamb, s. darv6nta&o ubo kudko, 
-kea, m. 

Jang^le, v. z^^, or z&gda. 

Jar, s. \. buyaufi, -yavS, n. = a 
pot (for [Ackles etc); bftrni, 
-ne,/. (larger than buyaan). 
2. z^da^en.-nea, »., ^rz&gden, 
-deii, n. = l.^ quarrel; nfifi- 
eS.mapddap, -dpa, n. 
S.gouji, -je,/. = /. noise. 

Jar, V. l.z&g&d. 
S.gouji k&r=:/. make noise. 

(Tasmine, s. bolo (c?r k&lo), -lea, 

Jaundice, s. kalkfi,i, -ye,/. 

J&nnt, see EzoursioiL 

Javelin, s. bhalo, -lea, m. {or 
bhali, -ye,/) 

Jaw, s. gal, -la, m. =tbe cheek; 
dadam, -ma, n. = the jaw- 

Jealons, a. mosri; niskatsari; 

Jealousy, s. niskutsar, -ra, m.; 
mosdr, -srs, m. 

i Joe 

Jeer, v. yedai. 

Jeer, s. yedaunen, -nea, «.; gal, 

-li,/=/. abuse; see Mockiny, 

Jest, s. Sestai, -ye, /; tomaso, 

-sea, m. 
Jeat, ^- fieStai kir, G. J^,; n&k&l 

k&T, G. N. K I. make copy, 

fg. (i)r n&klan k4r); m&ak&- 

ri k&r; tomase k&r; h&s 

(Laugh at, A;c.') or hasear 

Jester, s. khejgudo, -dea, m. 
Jesofl ChriBt, Somi Jezu (-zu) 

Erist, -ih, m. 
Jew, s. Judeu, -deva, m. 
Jewel, s. rat&n, -tn&, ».; n&g, 

-gS, m., vlg., mn. article, 

which set- moni, -ya, m., 

vlg. = beads (of gold); ma- 

nik, -nka, n. 
Jilt, s. patoli, -}e,/ = /. a kind 

of sweetmeat, y^. 
Job, J. l.kam, -ma,». = ^. work; 

or (Siliar kam = trifling work. 
2. mugdoai5en kam = work by 

contract (/. to be finished, 

as opposed to work by the 

Jobber, s. d&lal, -la, m. = I, 

agent, broker. 
Jookey, s. 1. gddeap&nthagar, 

-ra, m. 

2. godeftndalal, -la, m. = l. a 
broker of horses. 

3 . tb&kkagar, -rfi, 01. = a deceiv- 
ing man. 

Jocose, a. 6estayetso. 


Jog, V. liiiaro di = /. give a 
hint ; dole mdd(d) = /. break 
the eyes, ». «, give liinta by 
winking with the eye. 

Join, V. 1. mfeiai, c. v. Qfm^ =. I. 
unite ; doro {or dhago) ghal 
=j. two pieces of cloth by 
stitching; knd8i=/. add,e.^. 
a wing to a house; g&dsi, 
e.g. pieces of cloth; jodai, 
e. g. planks ; «. v. kudsa. 
2. sangilta vote *= I. go with, 
e.g.'i- bad company ; or also 
m^ = l. be united; i|t&g&t 
kar = /. make friendship. 
Join the enemy = dusmana san- 
gata Tots, or duBmanapdk- 
5ek my. 

Joint, s. 1. gant, -ti, /. (j, of 
the body). 
2. sand, -da, m., e.g. of a door, 
of the body, eic. 

Joist, see Beam. 

Joke, see Jest. 

JolHty, s. ulas, -sa, m. 

Jolly, a. khusal; nias&tso. 

Jolt, V. k&skfts, e.g. a carriage 

Jostle, V. lot(6) = /. pneh; fid&l 
3= I. dash. 

Jot, s. kain = /. something : 'he 
does not know a jot = taka 
kaia k&lnan ; vlg, rs. sopnin 
sir&ntiiC (Sintank nan = did 
not think)'. 

Jonrnal, s. vlg. gajet,,-ti,/,y^.; 
dispodten kagad, -gda, n.\ 
kobraa kagad; v&rtam&na- 

275 Jud 

patrik, -ke,/. i7r -p4trg, -ra, 

Journalism, s. v4rtamanap&t- 
ran5en kam, -ma, n. = /. busi- 
ness of journalism. 
JOHrnalist, s. T&rtamanapd,trist, 

-ta, «,, or -piitrikegar, -ra, 

m. ; dispodte vordegar, -ra, 

m=sl. & man of daily news. 

Journey, s. poin, -na, «, 

Journey, v. poin k&r; mJtrgest 

za, n.c. 
Jowl, see Cheek. 
Joy, s. s&ntoB, -sii, m. ; khnSal&i, 

-J6,'/-; orfc,-ka, m.,rl., ol.; 

ulaa, -sa, m.; snkhif, -kha, 

«.; ftnind, -da, m. 
Jubilant, <2. ulas bhdgteo. 
Jubilee, s. vlg. jubileu, -leva, m. 
Judge, ^> munsubdar, -rfi, m.; 

nitidar, -ra, m. ; mansif, -la, 

9i.=natiTe s nbordin ate judge. 
Judge, V. l.nit kir = /. make 

2.alo6an kilr = /. make opinion 

Judgment, J'.,~ti,/.,e.g.j. 

pronounced byajud^a; ph&i- 

B&l, -1S>, n. =1 I. sentence; 

zftdtii-te,/"., munsub, -be,y., 

esp. in rl. mn., e.g. last j. 
2.alo&en, -ni,/. (logical j.) 
3. bud, -di,/. = l. discernment, 

or also the faculty of judg- 
Judgment-day, s. nimano dis, 

•sa, m. = I. the last day; 

z&dtetso dis. 




Jndgment-hall, s. nitisal, -la, n. 

Jndioial, a. nititso. 

Jndioatan, s. 1. nitipodvi, -ve, 

/.; niti&dhikar, -ra, m. s /. 

power of judging. 
2. 8&rh&ddij, -di, /. = juris- 

Jndioions, a. nitivont. 
Ja^, s, aidan, -na, n.; m6g, -ga, 

Juggle, V. khy. 
insgler, s. kb^lgodo, -dea, m.\ 

thilkki}, -ka, m.; k&nk&tgar, 

-ra, m. = one who plays 

tricks by sleight-of-hand. 
Joice, s. gar, -ra, m.K extract; 

dik, -ka, m.; rds, -ai,, m. 
Jnjabe, s. bdr, -ra, n. 
Jumble, v. ras kd.r; g&libili 

zaan zomM, or prh. gusap 

k&rn mel^; bor8i=/. mix. 
Jnmp, V. ud; udi mar. 
Jump, s. udap, -dpa, »., or udi, 


Jaaotioii,f.mel(S),-la,m.; s&nd, 

-da, m. = juncture. 
Jonotiire, s. 1. s&ng&t, •gti,/.=. 

a circumstance. 
2. B&nA, -da, m. 
Jungle, s. ran, -na, «.; molo, 

-lea, m. = ti bower, e,^'. 

Gethsemani; moleii, -lea, ». 

= a j. properly so called. 
Junior, a. dakto = /. little, e.g: 

j. brother. 
Juniper, s. jinatso ruk, -ka, ot.(9) 

Jnnk, s. dfi? -ni,/. 

JnriBOonfluIt, s. sastrazanar, -ra, 
m. ; v&kil, -la, m. 

Jarisdiotion, s. nit kar6i podvi, 
-T6, /, or only podvi, -Te, 
/. = 1, power; &dhikar, -ra, 
m. = authority, or niti&dhi- 
kar, -ra, m.; sfirhiiddi}, -di, 
/. = A a limit,y^. 

JnriBprndesoe, s. kaideavidya, 
-ye,/.; nayasastri;, -ra, «. 

Jorist, s, T&kil, -la, m. ; sastra- 
zanar, -ra, m. 

Juror, s. (pS,rm3,^iir doT6rlolo) 
panfiayetdar, -ra, m. 

Jnst, ad, sarken = /. exactly; 
khareats = /. truly ; matn^, 
or We&t = I. only. J. now = 
atants. J. before = cikke 

Jnatioe, s', l. nit, -ti, /.; nay, 
-ya, m. 
2.santipoti, -na, »., or bhage- 
Tontpoi^, -pa, ». 

Justification, X. l.bhagevontpon, 
-^a, n. 
2.ndara9,-na,«.=an apology. 

Jnatif^^t'. l.nItivODtk&r;bhage- 
Tont kir. 
2. udaran sang=/. say an apo- 

Jut, V, bhair ye = come oat, e.g. 
a rock; mukar p6d = I. fall 
before, e.g. a rock; mukar 

Jnztapoaition, s. lagap, -gpa, n. 



Keel, s. taryapdnd, -da, n. 
"Keea, a. l.barik = /. thin, ^., 

e.g". k. eight, mind, etc. 
2. nmaleatso, e.g. k. sorrow 

(intense) ; katiri = /. severe, 

bitter, e.g: cold. 
Seenness, s. l.barikai, -ye,/. 
2. amalo, -lea, m.; k&tinai, ~ye, 

/.; see adj. 
%Sb^,v. l.doT6r,(ffl/j(?k. order). 

2. dh&r=/. catch, e.g. a falling 

3. a3a=/. is, sh. Dat. 

4. p68 = /. feed. 

5. sambal = /. defend, e. g. k. 
promises, tows, order. 

6.^rik kar = /, pay, also vows. 
K. an account = 16k borei. 
K. waiting = todou kfir, ch. cs. 
K. a feast= f^st k^r, or f. tsiilS,!. 
K. apart = vingad dovor. 
K. backs 1. adai; 2. dov6ri 

3. lip&i. 
K. company = pavoi ; B&Dgata 

vots; siingat kftr, 
S. down, see Beptess. 
E. off=pois kad, or p. k&r, p. 

dov6r ; see also Abst&in. 
K. together = sang§,ta dov6r, or 

votta d. 
E. np with s patlean vots = I. 

go after. 
K. up = 1. sambal, or dov6r, 

e.g. a custom; 2.dhS,ir di = 

I. give courage. 

Keeper, s. rafcno, -nea, m. 
Keeping, s. 1. s&mbalap, 4pa, n. 

= /. defence; ra.knen,-Qea,R. 
2. sS,mapMap, -dpa, n. = 1. & 

falling together; Jayekpon, 

-na, «. = I. fitness. 
Kemelff. I. bin, -ya, n. = l. seed. 
2. koy, -ye,/, e.g, of mangoes; 

moi, -ya, m. 
Kettle, s. k^tlj, -li, / (with a 

Key, s. \. tsavi, -ye,/; bigahat, 

-ta, m. 

1-fg- upai, -ya, m.=.l. means. 
Kiok, s. kh6t, -te,/; lat, -ti,/ 

of horses esp. 
Kiok, V. khoten mar, or kh6t 

mar, or kh6tai, 
Eid, s. bokde5en p!I, -la, n. = l. 

the young of a she-goat. 
Kidnap, v. (mlinsank) tsor(ii) 

steal (men). 
Kill, V. jivsin mar; jiv kad 

take away life. 
Kiln, s. ^guten, -tea, «, (or 

Kimbo, a. vankdo; zodi^llo = /. 

clasped; bagaillo = bent. 
Set the arms akimbo =:penktat- 

hat dov6r. 
Kin, s. s&irik, -ke, /. 
Kind, s. thS,r, -ra,m.; jino8,-nsa, 

m. {Instr. jinsin); dinos, 

-Dsa, m. {perk. corr. o/'jinos); 

d&rzo, -jea, m. 



Kind, 17- dS^yal; mogal; kakulti- 
tso = /. merciful. 

Kindle, v. funk = /. blow, pr./^:, 
e. g. the H. Ghost kindled our 
hearts; 'uzo f, = blow into 
the fire'; pet&i, c. v. of pfet, 
e.g. a candle; uzo or uzu- 
fid lai=/. applyfire or light; 
z&l&i = /. cause to burn, c. v. 
of i^^ e.g. a candle. 

Kindliness, s. mogalpon, -na, »., 
or diija, -ye,/. 

Kindly, ad, mogan or d&yak^rn. 

Kindly, a. mogal, or dS,yal. 

Kindness, ^. dS.ya, -ye,/; bore- 
pon,-na, ».; mog(6),-ga, ?»., 
i»rmogalpon,-na,«.; upkar, 
-ra, m.\ kurpa, -pe, /. = /. 

Kindred, s. s&irik, -ke,/. 

Kindred, a. s^iro or s&iro dairo. 
He is of my k. = maka (sfiiro) 
lekta = I. to me k. is rec- 

King, s. rai, -ya, m.\ raja, -ja, 
m. (a petty king). 

Kin^om,;. l.raz,-ja,«.; razYOt, 
-ti, /, or razpd.t, -ta, «,; 
razvotkai, -ye,/. 
%fg. virg, -ga, m. = /. class. 

KinglytA' 1- rayabHriso; 
rayabilri = /. as of a king. 
2. rayatso = /. of a king, 

King's-erU, v. kfi,ntm&I, -la, n. 

Kinsfolk, s. s&iro dairo. 

Kiss, s. umo, -mea, m. 

Kiss, V. umo ghe, or u. kSne. 

Kitchen, s. vlg. kuzn, -na, n., 
fr.\ randpakud, -^a, «, 

n. (or randpa&eii kam). 

Kite, J". g6n, -ni,/ 

Kitten, s. mazra^efi pll, -la, n. 

Knave, s. lutstso, -£5e&, m.\ tb&k- 
ki^, -ka, -m. 

Knead, v. m6!, e.g. flour. 

Knee, s- dimbi, -ye, / ; dompar, 
-pra, «. 

Kneel, -a. dimbio ghal (or dimbi 
gh.) = /. put knees ; dimbiyer 
p6d = /. fall on the knee, 

Knife, s. 1. suri, -ye,/. = a com- 
mon k. ; peskElti, -te,/. 
2. koito (kuito), -tea, w. =a 
large scythe; koiti, -te,/ a 
small 'koito'; koitul,-la,«.= 
a still smaller 'koito'. 

Knifb-maker, s. suriyegar, -rS, 

Knight, s. 1. 1. B&varigar, -ra, m. 

%.p^h. the nearest eguivalent 

for the title is mabaraja, or 

the Mr. and Cn. s&rdfir 

bahadur, (used sometimes). 

Knit, V. 1. t61, e.g, k. caiman 
leaves = modal y6I. 
2. i^ighal=/. put tresses (braid 
the hair); see Prown. 

Knock, V. 1. bod&i, e.g, at the 
door, at the walls, Acc.\ 
pet(6); tapud = I. tap ; 16t = 
I. push. 
2. adfil = /. dash. 
E. out = bodouQ gh&l. 




K, up=kutti (arouse by toudi- 
ing the bead); gongsi (aronse 
by toucluDg other parts of 
the body). 

K. down = portun ghSl (or 
porti), e.g. a wall. 
Knot, s. l.gant, -ti,/. 

2. sendo, -de&, m. a the knot of 
hair at the back of the head 
as arranged by the womett 
of this country \ in the case 
of men it is called e^ndl, 
Enow,^- za.]^&a\seeGr&m.p. 144; 
k&I = /. be known, s&. Dat., 
, an art, a 

way; k&lit &sa; gottu asft 
{neg. gotta nin), vlg.\ volka 
= /. recognize; volok &s& 
(ff. F.) = I. knowledge is. 

Knowingly, ad. z&nazatiQ, oraom- 
zon, or monahparTok. 

Knowledge, s. 1. zaitvai, -ye,y.; 

bud, -di, f. = I. wisdom ; 

volok, -Iki, f; Bomzoi^k&i, 

-jB, f, or Bomzoni, -rie, /l 

2.mahet, -ti, /., e,g. taka ka- 

maSi m. asa. 
3. k&Ht, -ta, n. 

Known, ^arf. a. 1 , rs. into -v. 
2. navadgo (well k.) ; Yodlo = /. 
great, e.g. a k. man. 

Lt, inter, oble {corr. of o p61e). 
Label, s. mMvilas, -sa, m. ; naun, 

-ava, n.= l.s. name ; Si^, -ti, 

f.=l.s, small note, a ticket. 
Laboriona, a. katin (var. kantin); 

ka^tantso K /. painful (or 

Labonr,^. l.TS,ar,-ra, m. (vaur" 

is the verb) = /. work; kam, 

-ma, n. = I. buBinesa. 
2.ka8t, -ta, m. = I. pain (used 

in pi.) ; minatfl, -ti, /, = /, 

S. prityfttan, -tna, n. = I. an 

Labour, v. 1. Taur tar or vaor"; 

kSm kar = I. make business. 

2.kasta, n.v. of kMtai {or 

ka^tavai) = /. suffer pain; 

kSJt Bds — /. suffer pain. 
3.prayS.tankar, petsad = make 

an effort, try, 
Lahonrar, J. vauradi, -dia, m.; kul- 

kar, -ra, m.\ begari, -ria, m. 
Lae, s. lak, -ka, ».; '100 lacs 

= k6r6d, pl. korftd (m.)'. 
L&oe, s. r^od, -da, n. 
Lacfl, "!>. l.r^nd lai. 
2, band =>: /. bind. 
Lacerate, v. gbai ghal=/. put a 

wound; bok6r = /. scratch, as 

a cat does; pind, tr., n. = I. 

tear; c, v. pindai, e.g. 1. the 




Laceration, s. l.bokrap, -pa, n. 
2.pindap, -dpa, n. 

husk, s. g&rz, -je, /. = /. neces- 
sity ; tsukap, -kpS, n. 

Lack, V. rs. into g^rz aB& = /. 
necessity ia {not ex!)\ hy 
the neg. i^/'asa; tsak = I. be 

Lackey, s. tsakor, -kra, m. 

Laconic, d- s&nksepatso = /. com- 
pendious; tbodeaS utrantso 
= /, of few words. 

Lad, s. burgo, -gea, nt.\ iSedo, 
-dea, nt. (iSedo burgo). 

Ladder, s. nisS.n {var. nison), 
-ani, /.; delo, -lea, m, = 
a single bamboo with its 
branches cut short. 

Laden, a. bh6rn, or bhorloto. 

Lading, s. vojeii, -jea, n. 
Bill of 1. =vojeap&tti, -te, /., 
or samanaraaid, -de,_/". 

Ladle, s, d6i, -ye, /. = a large 
wooden utensil for kitchen 

Lady, s. l.saibiri, -ni, ^, used 
almost exclusively for the 
Bl. V. Mary. 
2, bai, -ye,/. = a native 1. ; ayi, 
-ye, f. is a word used for 
addressing an old woman; 
bibi,-ye,y. used for a Mahom- 
medan I., and also contemp' 

Lag:, V. see Loiter. 

Laic, s. sounsari, -ria, m. 

Lair, s. phanjer, -ra, «.; d61, -li, 

Lake, s. kul, -la, «. {var. kdl); 
t&Ien, -lea, n. = a small tank. 

Lamb, s. bokrea5en pll, -la, n.\ 
Sell, -J9,f; ti generic term 
used esp. fg. for J. C, or 
for the faithful. 

Lame, a. tbonto. 

Lameness, s. thontepon, -na, n. 

Lament, v. gin lil&i = I. say 
lamentation ; r&d = I. weep ; 
pirDga = /. groan. 

Lamentable, a. 1. dukest = /. 
sorry; kodu = ^. bitter, /2^. 
S.birmot favozallo = worthy <rf 
pity; or birmotitso. 

Lamentation, s. sin, -na, m., e.g, 
1. for ingratitude; rMnen, 
-nea, «., or r^dap, -dpa, «. 
= /.aweeping; pirngoni,-ne„ 
/, = /. a groaning. 

Lamp, s. vlg. lampiaun, -avS, 
m.; divo, -Tea, m.; diuti, -te, 
/. = /. atorcb; murti, -te,/. = 
a kind of 1. used by non- 
Christian Hindus ; pan&s, 
-sa, m. 

Lampblack, s. kazal, -zla, n. 

Lampoon, s. ninde&en p6tri; (or 
pitrij}, -ra, «. ; nind'efien 
kagad, -gda, n. 

Lanoe, s. bhalo, -lea, m.\ bir&i, 

Land, s. 1. bnin, -in,/ = /. the 
2. zago, -gea, m. = I. a place; 
zS.min, -ne,/ = /. anestate. 
S.gaun, ganva, 01.=/. a coun- 
try, e.g. the 1. of France; 



jillo, -lea, m. = l. & district; 
maluk, -ka, «.; de8(d), 4a, 
?«,, n.c. except in compounds. 

Xand, V. (tiirTa voilo) utr&i, c. v. 
= 1. cause to come down; 
(tarra voilo) utir, «. v. s /. 
come down;- (tarva voilo) 
deyoi, c. V. =1. cause to come 
down; (tar?a voilo) dean, 
M.v. = l. come down. 

Xaodlord, s. z&mindar, -ra, m. 
(possessor of gardens) ; bat- 
kar, -ra, m.; v&rgad&r, -ra, 
fa.; dh&ni, -ja, nt., khavSud, 
-da, m. = a lord. 

Jftadmark, s. gade£5i g&d, -di, 
/. = I. a. limit of the field ; 
Cetorg&di, -di,/. = A a sign 
of boundaries. 

Xtadlease, s. g«n, -ni,/. 

Lane, s. g&Ui, -le, /. ; v6q, -ni, 

Xangaa;e,^.bhas,-se,/; ulouuiSi 
sftfcti, -te,/. = /. a power of 

2. atraS = /. words. 

3. jib, -be,/ =/. a tongue,^. 
Xtogrnid, a. bftlnatallo = /. with- 
out strength; &sk&t = /. 
weak; sirputo; bauntso — /. 
fading,^.; fftdpoii, c.^. 1. 

languish, v. bau = /. fade, /g^.; 
p6d = /. fall, e.g. the con- 
versation languishes ; uno 
^ata s /. becomes less ; b61 
a^en zata = /, force dimin- 

Languor, s. bSvSp, -p&, n. = /. 

a fading away, /g.; iskftt- 

kai; -ye,/. — /. weakness. 
Lank, a. l.pat&I. 
Lantern, s. vlg. lampi^un, -ava, 

9n., or lantan, -na, «., pan&s, 

-sa, m. 
Lap, s. 1. miri, -ye, /. = Lat. 

2. usko, -kea, m. e the part of 

the body from the waist to 

the knees, e.g. burgen auoi- 

£ea askear bosta. 
Lapse, V. 1 . when 1. of time is 

meant, z£, e.g. tin vorsan 

zalea uprant. 

2. nis&r = /. glide. 

3. tsuk z: /. err. 

4. p6d = /. fall, e.g. a property 
lapses to. . . 

LapBe, 5. 1. of time, rs. into ii. 
2. tsuk, -ki,y: = /. error. 
3.nisrap, -pa, n. 
Large, a. rund = /. broad ; v6d. 
Lasciviona, a. 1. mostitso >• /. 
2. kbasEl >= /. jolly. 
Lash, s. 1. i:ahuk,-bka, n.(orm.) 
= I. whip. 
2. mar, -rfi, m. = a blow ; pet(^)> 
-ta, /». = a blow. 
Lass, s. 5edun, -dua, n. = l.& girl. 
Last, s. nimuno, -nea, fn., e.g. 

of a shoemaker. 
Last,a. I.nima^o (of time»/.); 
2. akrit80=/. extreme (of place). 



3.gelIo=/. gone, e.g. year; 

&dlo = previous, of before ; 

k&ltso = /. of yesterday, yet 

used also, e.g. in the phrase 

1. Sunday. 
L, year=porun ar gelleiL voraa. 
At last s sekiS, or kSdek, or 

"LzbXjV. 1. t&g, e.g. a house lasts 

long; nr = /. remain, e.g. 

the war lasts a long time; 

balya; tail = /. walk, yj-., 

e.g. the school lasts 2 hours. 
2. pfiu = I. reach,_;^,, or puro 

zaon asa = is enough. 
Latoh, s. khil, -H,/. 
Latchet, s. fint, -ta, n.,/r., e.g. 

of shoes; dori, -ye,/.; nado, 

-dea, m. 
Late, <td. 1. todou, a noun, used 

as an adv. 
2. magir, or uprant = /. after. 
Late, a. 1 . sarlolo = /. departed 

(this life). 
2, ad]o = A previous; nimauo = 

/. last; maji (late in office). 
Lately, .<z<^. vod61; ailev&r; ni- 

Lathe, s. k&d&il, -la, n. 
Lather, see Foam. 
Latitude, s. vistarS,p, -pi, n. = l. 

extension ; rundai,- je,/. = I. 

Latter, J. dusro; duyim; vodol- 


Lattioe, s. tatti, -te,/. = a screen 
of cadjan leaves ; izii, -ye, 
/. = one made of bamboo- 

strips ; TOdap, -dpa, ». = a 

big 't&tti'. 
Laudable, a. hoglap&tso ; see 

Lauffh, 7'. has. 
L. at = fieStaio k&t, G. F.; 

naklankir; khelkulan kar; 

kebd&i kar; or' only has 

with Ace. 
Laughter, Idughingr, ^- ^&%o, -sea, 

Laughable, a. hastso. 
LauBohjZ'. (tarun) daryant devoi 

=/.caase(a ship) to descend 

into the sea. 
LanndmB, s. modvoln, -ni,/. 
Laundry, s. umboliSi suat, -ia,/. ; 

duua&i suat. 
Laureate, a. pato asullo. 
Lavish, <z.ve5ik; tsad khar&itolo, 

or taad khartsnntso. 
Lavish, v. baitnastanan khari^. 
Law, s. kaido, -dea, m.; kanun, 

-na, n. 
2, nai, -ya, m. = /. justice. 
Lawful, <!■ !■ vazbi = /. reason- 
able, convenient. 
2. kaideatB0,<7rkaidea pftrma^e 

asullo; nayatso; by the Pot. 

Law-giver, s. kaideagar, -ra, »». 
Lawless, a. kaideavi^ or kaido- 

Lawn, s. laSiiil, -la, n. 
Law-ssit, s. vevar,-ra,m.=a pro- 
cess in law ; vyajyy, -yft, m. 
Lawyer, s. vakil, -la, m.\ lastra 

za^ar, -ra, m. 

„, „ L.ooglc. 



Lai^ a. l.sadi} = /. loose, fr., 
fg., e.g. 1. coDBcience; be- 
parvo k&rtso, or beparvi = /. 
neglectiog; kaide ts^Mna- 
tnllo = I. not performing 
duties ; slsi = /. lazy. 
2. ts&d dHyal = /. too clemect. 
L&zity, -T. 8fi,dilai, -ye,/;,/^.^., 

e.g. 1. of conscience. 
Lay, V. 1. ghal, or dovdr. 
2. b61 mod(6) = /. break force. 
L. eggs = tantiaii ghal, or t. 

L. aside = l.kad, or pelean 
kad = I. take away. 

2. samb&ln dov6r = /. preserv- 
ing keep. 

S.zoke dov6r = /. keep witb 

L. before = mukar ghal, e.g. a 

L. down = l.s6d = /. leave, e.^. 

2.klifindit zann sang = /. say 

L. hold = db&r. 
L. in = yekt&ifi k£ir = /. make 

a collection, Ace. 
L. on = bolan mar = /. beat 

violently; tap&i = /. cause 

to get hot,y^. 
L. open = ugto k&r, or u. dov6r. 
L. out = 1 . bb&ir ghal. 
2.khfir6i =: /. expend. 

3. nilkSa kad=/. draw a plan. 
L. together = sangata ghal, or 

vottu dovfir. 
L. up = l.doTor. 

2.antulnar Saa = is in bed 

(ill), ch. cs. 
L. upon = 1^ = impute. 
L. waste = pidder k&r, Jr. ; 

nis&ataQ k&r; n^s k&r, or 

vibad k. 
Layman, s. Bouns&ri. 
Laainesa, s. alsal, -ye,/; bepar- 

vo, -Tea, m. = I. negligence, 

contempt; ykm, -me,/. = /. 

sloth, slumber; d^Lddepon, 

-Kia, »., n.c. 
Lasy, a. &lsi. 
Lead, s. sisefi, -sea, n. 
Lead, v. 1, ta&ISi = /, cause to 

waUc, c. v., e. g. a mother 

leads her child. 

2. vor = I. bring, as a captain 
leads the way ; had = /. bring, 

3. vat dakjli = I. show the way. 
4.mukar vots = /. go before. 

5. lai E L apply, induce. 

6. kh&rfii = /. spend, e. g: a 

7. veta = I. goes, e.g. the road 
leads to ; see also Guide. 

Leader, s. &dhip&ti, -ti, m.; ts&l- 
iiitolo; see Qeneral, Influ- 

Leadings, a. mukhya; see Influ- 

Leaf, s. 1. kholo, -lea, m. ■= a 
green leaf. 
2. kholi, -ye,/ (a dried 1., ar a 

small 1.) 
S.palo, -lea, M.sfoliage; sdp, 
-p&, m. ss leaf for manuring. 



4. pan, -na, n.=esp. I. betel leaf, 
used also for a page of a 
book; f61, -li, /,/?■. = 1. of a 
book, of metal. 

S.t&gild, 'gda, n. = l. of metal. 

Plantain-leaf = siroti, -te, /. 
(green); aenet,-ta,'«. (dried). 

Betel-leaf = kitaar, -sri,/ 

Areca^leaf = pouli, -le,/ 
League, s. 1. mel(6), -la, m. — l, 
society, company; i|td,g&t, 
-a,/. = l. friendship. 

2. BoUo, -lea, m. — I. confeder- 
acy, alliance; k&rar, -ra, 
m.=l. agreement. 

3. kos, -sa, m. (3 miles). 
Iieak, V. (paken) pounta ; pans 

Leak, s, fut, -ti,/. 
Lean, a. barik; sirputo (very 

lean) ; b^eto (80 1. as to 

seem a skeleton). 
Lean, 'v. vonkon b6a (sit leaning); 

Tonkon ubo ran (stand lean- 
Jisannesa, s. barikai, -ye,/.; sir- 

putai, -ye,/. 
Leap, v. ud, or udi mar = /. 

beat a leap. 
Leap, s. udap, -dpa, n., or udi, 

Leap-year, s. upari v^rs, -sa, n. 

Learn, v. 1. sik. 
2.S,ik = /. bear. 

Learning, s. sikap, -kpa, «. 

Lease, s. geri, -ni,/ 
L. at will = 5&1gSQ, -ni,/ 
Perpetual I. = mulgeg, -ni,/ 

On l. = ggriik. 
Lease, ■!>. g^iiik di. 
Least, hy the superl. ^lan. 
At 1. = pun, or puni, 

after the tweeted word. 
Not in the 1. = kaints nan. 
Leather, s. ts&mbden, -dea, ». 
Leather, a, tsambdeatso. 
Leave, v. 1. sddi; sand. 
2.T0pBun di = A give coosigaed 

L. off =: 1. thamb or rau; see 
2. add, e. g. bad habits. 
L. out = 66d. 
Leave, s. rija, -je,/ 
I take I. = r. kanetaa. 
With your 1. = tum5e d&yea. 
Leaven, s. melai, -ye,/; fug, -gi, 

/, for bread. 
Leaven, -v. fug, e.g. dough by 

pouring in toddy. 
Lecture, s, 1. sikouueu, -uea, n.\ 
slkon, -ne,/ 
2, bestaunen, -nea, n.^l. a re- 
Iieeture, "v. l.sikounen di. 

2. bestai. 
Lecturer, s. sikonnegiir, -ra, m. 
Ledger, s. lekaaSen pustak, -ka, 

n. = l. a book of accounts. 
Leech, J. zolu, -Ive,/ 
Leer, v. vankdo p6le a I, look 

Lees, f., see Bregs. 
Left, a. davo, or daTeahS,tatso; 
da7okuro(daukuro) = a left- 
handed man. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Leg -2 

Leg, s. pSi, -ya, m.\ khar, -ra, 

m. (of a beach). 
Legacy, s. mdraas^n&d, -di, /. 

"LagsX, a. kaideatso, or kaideaa 

formaillo, or kaidea pir- 

mane asullo, or kSrideasarko. 
Legality, s. kaido, -dea, «.; nit, 

-ti,/. = /. JHBtice, 
Leg-aliee, v. (kaidean) stapisi, 

n. c. \ (kaidean) thir kilr = I. 

make firm; kaideatso k&r. 
Le^ly, ad. kaidea pd,rmanQ. 
Legate, s. (raya) dut, -ta, in. 
Legation, s. (raya) rivaneS, -nea, 

Legend, s. l.melvilila, -sa, m. = 

/. an inscription. 
2.katha, -the,y. = /. a story. 
Legerdemain, see Jnggler. 
Legible, o.. sost = /. distinct; 

vatsiyet asullo; vafeisarko. 
Legion, s. approx. pong6d, -gda, 

Legislation, s. I . kaideag&dap, 

-dpg, n. 
2. kaido, -dea, m. = l. a law. 
Legislative, a. kaidegadtso. 
Legislator, s. kaideagar, -ra, m. ; 

kaide k^rtolo. 
Legitimate, a. I ■ kaidea p&rmane 

asullo, or kaideatso ; vazbi = 

/. becoming. 
2. niz = /. true. 
Leistue, .^. pbursot, ■■ti,y.; kh^li 

= /. empty (time); Yel(6),-Ia, 

rn.; naLikam, -ma, n. 
I find Peter at leisure = Pedru 

5 Les 

kamar nMullea velar maka 

melta,tfrF.kbali astanan... 
Not at 1. = k&mar. 
Lemon, s. Umbo {or ts6rlimbo), 

-beil, ia. 
Lemonade, s. limbeaiSen udak, 

-dka, n. 
Lend, V. nsno (-ni, -nen) di. 
Length, s. lambai, -ye,/., fr./g. 
At length = sekin, or k^6k 

or k&d^r. 
Lengthwise, a. ubo (-bi, -ben). 
Lengthen, 'v. Iamb k&r. 
Leniency, s. d&ya, -ye,/.; kaknlt 

Lenient, a. dilyal ; kakultitso. 
Lent, s. vlg. karezm, -ma,* «.; 

perh. paskadlo upas, -sa, m. 

paskafudio upas, -sa, m. 

paskafudlo vei(6), -la, m. 
Leper, s. k6dkar, -ra, m. 
Leprosy, s. kM, -da, n. 
Leprons, a. kMasi^llo. 
Less, a., ad. uno. 
Less, affix, -natullo, or a-, or 

-vin, (?r-nis; J^^Gram. P. III. 

Ch. IT. 

Lessee, s. badeak kanetolo, or 
b. laitolo; badeagar, -ra, m. 
mn. also he who gives out 
to hire. 
Lesson,^. l.f'^^.lisaun,-savil,n., 
fr. ; pat, -ta, m.\ dillefi kam, 
-ma, n. = l. given business. 
2, sikon, -ne,/. = /. instruction. 
Give lessons = 1. sikjli. 
2. bori bud sang = /. say good 


Lest, conj. by the supine neg, or 
by the imperfect subj. neg. 
or by the neg. participle 
■with pasun ; see Gram. Ap- 
pendix I. 

Keep him ap lest he fall = 
p6daDa£t zaunk taka dov6r, 
more comm. p5danafio taka 
Let, ^- 1. s6d (suffer, allow); 
by the imperat. mood, by the 
caus. form. 

S.badeak di = A give to hire. 

L. blood = iir mar. 

L. dowD = devoi (deundiijW.c.)- 

L. fall, 1. fly, 1. go = s6d. 

L; in = kobuli di; rig&i. 

L. off = mar, e.g. a gan. 

L. slip an opportunity = s&n- 
drap s6a. [sSrko. 

Lethal, a. mdrnatso, or mdrna- 
Lethftrgf, s. gad nid, -de, /.; 
kumbak^rnaci nid, -de,/. =/. 
sleep of the god Eumba^ 
k&rna (a fabulous person- 
age) ; rs. m6tir nan = /. is 
not in mind. 

^./g. alsai, -ye,/ = /. laziness. 
Letter, J. 1. kagad, -gda, w., 
p&trikagad, -gda, «. {also 

2.ii,k|ar {var. Hkser), -ra, it. 
(1. of the alphabet). 

3. sikap, -kpa, «., or perk, bet. 
sikon, -ne,/. = /, instruction. 

To the 1. = sarken, or s&bdan 
p&rmane, or also &ksaran 

LettiBj*, s. blideii, -de&, n. 

LeTee, s. s&kaliatso d&rbiir, -ra, 

Lere], s. 1. s&ma zago, -gea, m. 
2.mdt (jiilmS>t), -t£, n. (an in- 
^.fg. map, -pa, «, = /. measure. 

Level, a. s&ma; adgero, -rea, tn. 
= 1. a horizontal line. 

Level, V. 1. s&ma k4r. 
2. ^gero k&T. 
S.j&lm&t kad. 

Levelled, a. kapo, a term used 
exclusively to express the 
lerelness of rice or any grain 
with the brim of a measure. 

Lerer, s. approx. lato, -tea, m. 

Lerigate, ^. telto k&r. 

Levity, s. khali m6t, -ti,/. = I. 
empty mind. 

Levy, i>. 1.8ipS,yank mel^, or 
s. yektain k&r. 
2.ghill = /. put: 'levy a taz = 
berfiz ghal'. 

Lexicon, s. has no proper equiva- 
lent in Konkani: perhaps 
utranh&ndar, -ra, n. the 
literal translation of the Mr. 
gS,bd&kos, may he used as 

Liable, a. pddtso ; by the adj. in 
-tso, or -sarko, of the princi- 
pal verb, e. g. 1, to faults = 

Liar, s. fd^iro m&nis, -nsa, m. 

Libel, s. nindep6tri}, -tr&, n. 

Liberal, a. 1. uddar, or Todam6- 
nfiiso = bountiful. 


Lib 2 

2. sampnriis:/. abaodant. 
3.ukto = /. open.y^. 
4. as a term of politics, novea 
kalatso = /. of the new time, 
as opposed to adlea kalatso 
= /. of former time, i.e. 
coaservative, may be used. 
These expressions are com- 
monly used -mith reference 
to customs, habits, etc. 
Liberality, s. uddarpon, -nfi, n. 
Libertine,^. 1 . ^ediyalo, -lea, m. 
{/em. fiediyali, -le). 
2. m6stigar, -r&, m. 
Libertinism, s. most, -ti,y^ 
Liberty, see Freedom. 
Be at 1.= 1. by the pot. mood. 
2. mojea sotfintrar asa. 
Libidinous, a. m6stitso. 
LilHury,^. 1. pustakansal, -la, n. 
2. pnstakaS mel(6), -la, m. =b I. 
a collection of books. 
Librarian, s. pustakaga.r,-rii,ffi.; 
pustakanaala-^hikSri, -ri, 
License, s. 1. r&ja, -ie,/. 
2.1iukum, -kme, /; (legal 1.) 
3.&am&ryad, -di,/ 
License, v. hukum di. 
Licentions, a, 1. rait tealitso = 
of bad morals; mdstitBO. 
2.1utstao = /. rascal. 
Lioentioosness, s. anm&rjad, -di, 

/. ; l&zbaDdpon, -na, n. 
Lick, V. l.leuD. 

2.t8ak = /. taste. 
Lid,^. damp9efi,-riea,«. ; mand, 
-di,/i; see Eye-lid. 

7 Lig 

Lie, s. f6t, -ti,/. 

Lie, V. 1. fdti siing, or f. mar. 

2. ad pdd, e.^, 1. on the bed; 
in other cases only asfi = is. 

3. adp6dun soakiisai k&ne = /. 
lying takfl rest. asa, or antulailr 
aEa = I. is on the bed (sick). 

5. atap = /. be contained; see 
also Depend. 

Ab far as in me lies = m£ka 
tankta titlen. 

I 1. ill = maka vaif k&rta. 

L. in wait = nadir S.s&. 

L. over = pafi ghal = /. put 
Life, J.,flr jini,-ye,/'. = life- 
time ; auk, -kli, n. 

2. pran, -na, m., e.g. J.C. gave 
Hie 1, for us; jiv, -va, m.= 
physical and also superna- 
tural 1. 

^.fg. tsurkai, -ye,/., or uiari,!, 
-ye,y. = activity, vivacity. 

L. of saints i=Baatan&iji^i, or 
santaniSeo kobro. 
Lifeless, a. jivnatullo, see Insen- 
Lift, -v. ukoj ; ubar. 
Light, ^. l.uzuad,-da,m.-=Xii/. 
lux, pr./g., e.g. \. of mind. 

2. divo,-vea, m.=l.a. lamp, used 
also for its light ; dipfi, or 
diuti, -te,/. = a torch. 

Bring to light (secrets) = ukto 
k&r, or pHrgJit kilr. 
Liffht, a. 1. uzuadatso, or pri- 
kasatsOj/T-.^., e.g. 1. colour. 

Lig 2 

2.ha!u (not heavy); higur, 

{Lat. levis). 
3,bolaiketBO=/, of health, e.g. 
. 1. food. 

4. fiillar = /. trifling. 
Idjht, V. petfii, c. V. of pfet, e.g. 

a candle; divo lai = /. apply 

light ; perk. bet. azu&d lai. 
L. upon = m&lta. 
Lighten, -v. 1 , uzuad di, or u, 

kitr, or u, lai. 

2. halu kir =/. make not heavy. 

3. ziglaita, or zaglanen yeta = 
/. lightning comes. 

Light-house, s. bautokato, bau- 

tea-katea, m. 
Lightly, iia^. l.halu zaun. 

2. auB^ran, or vegin = quickly. 

3. voilebar = I. on the surface. 

4. sovai = I. cheap. 

5.fiintiaa8tanaD = /. not think- 
ing; kar^nnastanan = /. not 
being cause. 

6. aamfiryadin = /. unpolitely. 
Lightness, s. 1. haluai, -ye,/. 
2.&umaryad, -di, /, = /, un- 

Lightning, s, zaglaneii,-nea, (T)ar. 

z&glan), «.,/r.y^., e.g. the 

horse ran like lightning ; 

viz, -za,»». = a thunder-bolt. 
Like, a., ad. sarko = /. similar; 

sama = i. equal; b^ri = /. 

as, e.g'. like him = taiSe b.; 

p^rmS.De = /. according, e.g. 

he acts 1. a child = burgeaSe 

sovoye p. tsalta; jinsiS = /. 

in the way of (burgeaCea j.). 

8 Lim 

Like, V. 1. ruts = I. taste (food), 
e.g. yen maka rutsta. 
2.maaua = /. please; vlg. boro 
(-ri, -reii) distil = /. seems 
good; G.khuse parmane as& 
= is according to the wish 
of; metsva = /, approve of: 
'to maka metsvata'. 
3. G. &purbai asa = /. is fond- 

If you like = khusi aslear, or 
manualear; d^ya k&m. 

Likely, a., ad. By the conting. 
future; s3,tnl5iidi80=/. which 
can be believed; metsva- 
sarko = I. which can be ap- 

Liken, "s. s9,r kiir; see Comp&re. 

Likeness, J. 8arken,-kea,«.; sar, 

Likewise, «i/.legun,fy Si&ii,placed 
after the ejected word; teats 
jinsin = /. in the same way; 
-i joined to the word modi- 
fied; see Gram. P. II. ch. vi. 

Liking, s, l.ruta, ■t\,f. 
%fg- marji, -je,/. = /. caprice; 
khusi, -5e,/. = /. will. 

Lily, J. perh. kanel, -la, «., Mr. 

Limb, s. 1 . sando, -dea, m., e. g. a 
limb of the body. 

Limbo, s. limb, -ba, ».; pata4, 
-la, «. = a subterraneous 
place. . 

Lime, s. tsuno, -nea, m. 

Lims-stone, s, tsuneatso ^tor, 
-tra, m. 



Limit, tumitation, s. gS.d, -di,/; 

B&rMdd^, -di, /.; mit, -ti, 
/., Cn.n.c., except in cont~ 

pounds; mitmfer, -ri,/".; aker, 

-ri,/.=/, an extremity; ant, 

-ta, m, = /. an end. 
Limit, "s. gad ghal = /. pat a limit. 
Limited, part. a. gSd asijUo, or 

&D.t asijllo. 
Limpid, a. nitS.1; nirniol; p&rz^ 

lik = /. shining. 
Lineh-pin, s, khil, -li,/. fcal). 
Line, s. 1 . git, -ta, m. (geometri- 

2. iangt, -ti, /. = esp. 1. of a 
page, ^, also^ e.g. I write 
a few lines. 

3. T6i, -li, /.; har, -ri, /., e.g. 
flowers in a line, 

4. gero, -rea, m. (drawn line). 

5. kus, -si,/., dikka, -ka, m. e 
side, direction; by isileans 
in this side. 

e.gftd, -di,/. = /. limit. 

7, t4klean6i har, -ri,/. = /. line 

of heads (genealogy). 
S.onut and use the Instrum.; 

e.g. in that line<= tenen. 
Lineage, j. kutam, -tma, n. = I. 

family ; s&nt&t, -ti,/.; r&gat, 

-gta, n. 
Lineament, see Feature. 
Linear, a, gitantso. 
Linen, s, lugat, -gta, «. (nara5en 

Linen, a. eoQatao(?), naratso. 
Linger, ^'.todouk^r; pStiphnden 

k&r = be not exact at the 

appointed time. 

Lin^iat, s. bhasanz&nar, -ra, 

m.; bhasanpandit, -ta, m. 

Lingnifltie, a- bhasaDvidya, -ye, 

f.,or bhasasamartfai, -the,/ 

Lin^, s. 1. sankliCi mndi, -ye,/. 

= /. a ring of a chain ; gants, 

-tsa, m. 

2.y^.8ank41,-kli,/ = /. a chain, 


3. band, -da, m.~l. a tie. 
Link, V. band. 
Linseed, s. sonaiSen bin, -biya, 

Lint, s. But, -ta, n. 

Lion, s. siufi, -iTa, m- 

Lioness, s. siuin, -ni, /. (bailo 

Lip, s. 1, T6nt, -ta, m. 
^./g. d6g, -ge, /. = brim, e.g. 

of a pot ; kant, -ta, m. 
Liqaefy, v. kild&i, c. r. o/\&A, n. 

v.; pat&l kftr. 
Liqnid, II. kad&illo; patal; vau- 

tolo, or vauntEO. 
Liqnid, s. vaunfii vastu, -tu, /., 

or pat^l v&stt}. 
Liquidate, 'n. farik kar. 
Liquor, s. I.r68(6), -sa, m. 

2. nibbor 3oro = /. strong coun- 
try-liquor ; soro, -rea, »«., 
a general nanie, esp. for 
country liquor. 

Lisp, see Stammer. 
List, ^. l.p&tti, -te,/. 
2.16k, -ka, n = /. an account; 
&it, '-ti,/. = a small note. 

3. vedo, -dea, m. = an enclosed 




Listen, v. kan di = /. give ear; 

gutan aik = ^liear secretly. 
Listless, s. zagrutnatuUo ; bauD- 

tso = /. fading,^. 
Litany, s. ladin, -m,f.,/r. 
Literal, a. akseran p&rmane 

asullo, or perh. iikieratso; 

utraii parmane asullo. 
Literary, a. sikpatso. 
Literatnre, s. sikap, -kpa, n. ; 

sastrij, -tra, «. ; yidya,-ye,/. 
Litho^aphy, s. fatra6bapo, -pea, 

TO,, «. u. 
Litiffant, s. zl,gadtolo. 
Litigrate, v. zagda, or hei. z&gfld; 

nai kiLr ; arenji. 
Litter, s. maCil {or maniSil), -la, 

n. ; d61, -li,/ = a simple 

sort of 1. used by country 

people; palki, -ke,/. 
Litter, v. pilafi kad, or p. gbal. 
Little, fi!. l.lan; dakto. 

2. kirkdl = /. wretched. 

3. motvo = /. short. 

Little, s. thodo, (-di, -deri) ; illo, 
(-li, -len) ; ^ikken {var. tik- 
keii), dim, cikkesen. 

Litargy, s. vlg. sermoni, -m,/.\ 
igarjerit, -ti,y., or ig5,rjepid- 
dS,t, -ti, /., or igarjeriyaz, 
-ji,/. ; katlefi, -lea, n. [ff. K.) 

Live, I", l.jiye; jini khar^ = I. 
spend life. 

2. jiv4a kar == get a livelihood. 

3. rau, or vas k&r. 

4. kha = /. eat. 

5.vants = be saved, e.g. from 
a BickaeBS, from danger. 

Liveliliood, s. udarposan, -aa, n. 

= sufficiency of means for 

living; jivan, -na, «. ; khan, 

-na, «., gras, -sa, m. = food; 

abar, -ra, m. 
Liveliness, s. barikai, -ye, /I 
Livelong, a. 1. s%li jini t&gtso, 

or lamb jiniyetso; vlg. tin 

disantso = /. of three days, 

e.g. tin dis sermaun kelo. 
"i./g. bezari, or bezarayetso. 
Lively, a. u§ar; kbu8al=/. jolly; 

Liver, s. kaliz, -Iza, n. 
Livid, a. siseatso, or sise&rilnga- 

im=l. of the colour of lead; 

kalso = /. ratber black, e.g-. 

a 1. wound. 
Become 1. = kinde (ex. become 

red from a blow). 
Living, a. jivo. 
Living, s. 1. udarposan, -na, n. 

2. jivit, -ta, m. 
Lizard, s. pal, -li,/ 
Lo, int. p61e, or oble. 
Load, s. vojen, -jea, «. 
Load, I'. 1. bh6r = /. fill, e.g. a 

carriage, stomach, gun. 
2. (khandar) ghal = /. put (on 

the shoulder). 
L. with chains = sankal ghal. 
L. with injuries = &kmanaiuS 

Loaded, a. bh6ri}lIo. 
Loadstone, s. vodneatso fator, or 

v^tso iator, -tra, m. a /. 

attracting stone; lohaJSum- 

bak, -ka, m., Cn. Mr., n. u. 



Loaf,^. undo, -dea, m.=l. bread. 
Loan, s usni T&stij, -tu, y^ = I. 
a thing lent. 
Take a I. = 1. usno ghe = /. 

take a loan. 
2. rin gke - /. take a debt; 

dudu usiio gbe. 
Hake a 1. = rin di (give to 
Loath, v. neg. form of rnts; 
Ts. Tonkaro yetS. = /. nausea 
comes; kantal = /. abhor. 
Loathing, s. vonkaro, -rea, m. 
LoathBome, ii. 1 . vonkareatso. 

^.fg- bezari, or bezara^etso. 

Looal, ti' zS^eantlo, or gavantlo, 

or jilleantlo; rs. 

L. disturbances = yekats {or 

thodea) gavaotli katkai, 


Locality, .f- enat, -te, y. ; gaun, 

ganva, m,. = I. country. 
Look, s. 1. big, -ga, n. 
2. kulup, -pa, n, 
S.jilpan, pi. «., e.g. a lock of 
Look, V. 1. big ghal = /. put the 

2. damp = /. shut. 
Locomotire,-?. dnvraCi gadi (dura- 
gadi), -ye, f. = L a. carriage 
of smoke. 
Locust, s. dempo, -pea, m.\ tolo, 
-lea, m. (in North Canard). 
Lodge, "o. l.raa=:/. remain; 
bidar asa = I. lodging is; 
Tas k&r = I. dwelling make. di = /. dwelling give. 

Lodger, s. 1. vokal, -kla, /». « a 

2. bidari, -re&, m. 
Lodging, s. bidar, -ra, ».; gh&r, 

-ra, n. ; see Inn. 
Loft, s. malo, -lea, m., an approx. 

word, such a convenience be- 
ing unknoTon here. 
LoftinesB, s. untsai, -ye,/.; abiU 

rii, -ye,/ 
Lofty, a. 1. nuts; ub&r. 

%fg. vorto, or v6d. 
Logic, s. tHrkadastrij, -ra, n.\ 

nayaifiBtnj (nyayasastri^), 

-ra, n. 
Logical, a. ruzu k3,rtB0 = demon- 
strative ; nayasastratso, or 

Logician, s. t^rkasastri, -ri, tn. 
Loin, s. penkat, -kta, n.; krnt, 

-ta, n. 
Loiter, v. alsai klirsi/. make 

laziness; todoak£r = /.make 

Lone, Lonely, a. yeksnro. 
Long, a. 1, lamb, e. g. piece of 

cloth, time, sermon; dig. 
2. = /. much, e.g. time. 
Long, ad. s&har vel(6) = much 

time; oris&A rejzmore time. 
L. before = s&bar vela adin; 

bow 1. ai kitlo vel ; how much 

longer = ani kitlo vel {vlg. 

kitlo temp); so loDg= titlo, 

or titlo lamb ; too 1, = ts^ 

Long, V. lale, Dat. ohj. ; urba asa ; ~ 




Lonjiflli, a. 

Longitude, s. lamb&i, -ye,/- 

Look, V. 1. p61e, or polei, used 

also for face in a certain 

direction, n.c, in this mn.; 

dist ghal ; tsoi {H. K.) 

2.dista = /. appears, ch. ex.. 

E.g. it looks well. 
L. about = yeu3in teasin pAIe, 

or isifi tisin p61e. 
L. back s pati pdle ; 1, down= 

B&kal p61e. 
L. for = s6d — I. aeek. 
L. in the face = tondar p61e. 
L. out = tsfitrai karige, or piiti 

phuden p61e. 
L. through = 1. (Inslr.) p61e. 

2. dist ghal. 
L. to e: 1 . cint. 
2. p&tije = /. trust. 
L. towards = G. isilean p61e = 

/. look in the direction of. 
L. up to = mand or boren 5int 
= I. think well. 
Look, s. 1. diSt, -t\,/. 
2.tdnd, -da,-«. = /, face; rnp, 
-pa, n. = /. figure, form. 
Looking-gilass, s. arao, -sea, m. 
Loom, s. mag, -ga, m. (a weaving 

Loose, a. 1. s&dil, e.g. hairs, 
2. gh&tnatullo = /. not firm, 
Z./g. aplea sotftntrar a8^11o = 
/.being in one's own power- 
aple khusetso = /. of one's 
own will. 
4. m6stit&o = I. dissolute. 

Loose, 'V. s6d, e.g. a dress, or 
sildilkjlr; mod(6) = /. break; 
snt, e.g. a rope, n.v. 

Loosel;, ad. 1 . zagrutai nasta- 
nan, or nanzagrutayen. 

2, i^posi or vait jinsin. 
Looseness, s. 1, s^dilai, -ye,/- 

S.ntkaden, -dea, n. (sickness); 
hagon, -ni,/., see DiarrlwBa. 

3. m6st, -ti, /. = /. bad morals. 
Lop, V. kdii kiir. 
Loquaclons, a. 1. bodhodo. 

2. gjlzali martso. 
Be 1. = bodbod. 
Loquacity, s. bodbodneii, -nea, n.; 

zank, -ki,/. (delirium?). 
Lord, j. \.asJ)h,-ha.,m.,usedalso 
for God; suami, or somi, 
-ya, m., used also for J. C. ; 
s&rdar, -ra, m., used esp. 
for European gentlemen; n&- 
bab, -b&, m. a Mahomedan 
prince, used fg. for Lord. 
2. k^rt, -ta, n.\ dh&ni, -y&, 
m.\ khav&nd, -da, »». = the 
master of the house. 
Lordship, s. the title can be ren~ 
dered only by the common 
noun saib. 
Lose, V. 1, hogdiii, tr. v., or 
hc^dauQ ghe; iint&r {var. 
fitra) = I. go lost, e.g. sftrg 
patkiak ant^rta; vlg. bhair 
ghal = A put out; f^^. bhair 
P^<e/. fall out, ch. cs. 
2. pad za = /. be spoiled, e.g. 
the fruit of my work; nlt|t 
z& = /. get loss, ch. cs. 
„, „ L.oogic 



3. tsuk&i := I. deprive. 
Loss, s. 1 . hogdauneii, -;tea, n. 

2. luksan, -u&, «., or nist, -ta, 
m. = I. damage. 

S.p&dau, -dava, m. = I. defeat 

(ia a battle). 
Be at a 1. = (maka) somzanan. 
lot, s. I. sodti, -te,y;, e.g. in a 

a.gratstsar, -ra, ■m. = l. fate; 
. &dru|t, -ta, ».; niigib, -ba, 

n.; g&t, -ti, /., e.g. amifi 

zuza&e g^tir asaun. 

3. yanto, -tea, m. = l. a portion. 
^.{inpl^ aaba.r = /. many. 

Lottery, s. sodti, -te,/. 

Load, a. sost; ghat. 

Loudly, ad. vodleaa = I. by great 

(voice); sost = /. distinctly'; 

b6b marn = I. crying. 
Loaiig:e, see Roam. 
Louse, s. Tu, -ve,/. 
Loot, see Boor. 
Iiove, s. 1. inog(6), -ga, m.\ prit, 


2. iipurbai, -ye,/. = l. fondness; 
urba,-be,/.; laleunen, -nea, 
».; asa, -se, /. = a great 
desire; moyamog, -ga, m.= 
fraternal love. 
Iiovei ^> 1. inog(6) k&r = /. make 
love, G. M.\ prit kS.r. 
2.Blint03 bli6g = /. enjoy 'plea- 
sore, ch. cs., e. g. love an 
anstere life; boro (-ri, -refi) 
dlsta = /. appears good 
^pleases); metsva = /. ap- 
prove of, e. g. to maka mets- 

vata = /. he is approved to 

me (I approve of him, I love 

S.Hpurbai asa, e.g. maka ta6i 

^p. asa = I love him. 
LoTeliness, s. mogalpon,-na, ».; 

ilparbai, -ye,/. 
Lovely, a. 1. m6g(6) favozallo, 

cr mogal or mogatao ; pri- 

2. sobit. 
Loving:, a. mog k&rt80 = /. mak- 
ing love; &purbayetso=fond. 
Low,ii. l.tiLpkato, e.g. 1. place; 

tfi^u (n. c), or sftklad, or 


2. hJLlu=/. light, e.g. 1. sound, 
I. voice; 'v^ith a 1. voice = 
h&la or lou'. 

3. nno = /. less, inferior, e.g. 
1. man ; halko ; alpo, e. g. 1. 
mind, 1. place; kirkdl; 4nvo. 

4. aovai = /. cheap. 

5.bhou a8k4t = /. very weak. 

6. motvo = /. short. 

L. voice = B&kililo talo, -|ea, m. 

(or see above). 
Low, ad. siikal. 
Low, v. ambe, used of cows and 

Lower, v. 1. devoi, {or deund&i, 

«. c); c.v. ^ deun; also 1, 

a price. 
2. siik&l kad = I. take down, 

e.g. the voice, 
3.dukest za = /. get sorry, 
4.kapant8^ zatat^/. clouds 

get many. 



Lowliness, s. kirkolai, -ye, /. ; 
upepon, -nS., n. = I. inferior- 

Loyal, a. nisklLpti = /. sincere ; 
sado = /. simple; p&tiye- 
nitso = /, trusty ; niz = I. 
true, sincere. 

Loyal^, s. nigk&pflt, -ta, n. 

Losenge, s. mitai, -ye,/. 

Lacidid. l.pS,rz3,lik = /. shining; 
uzuadatBO = /. of light. 
2.oitM = /. pure. 
3. rs. into dista or diaua &sfi = 

is transparent. 
He has 1. intervals = thode 
piLuti mdtir asa. 

Lack,£. gratst8ar,-ra, m.\ hivukt, 
-(a, n.\ n&sib,-b£i, n. 

Luckily, ad. ^druStan, or grats- 

Lucky, a. 1 . adruStatao, 
2. sukhi = I. happy ; gunatso = 
/. fayourable. 

Lucrative, a. adayatso. 

Lucre, s. adai, -ya, m. 

Lacubration, s. (ratstso) vaur, 
-ra, m. = I. work (of night) ; 
(rati kello) vEur. 

Lnculent, a. sost. 

Ludicrous, a. hastso, or hasoan- 
tso = /. causing laughter; 
6eiStayetso = I. funny; tari- 
fetso = I. awkward, laugh- 

Lugr, V. v6d(6) = /. pull; 16t. 

Luffgagw, ^- aaman, -nS, w. 

Lugubrious, a, dukest = sorry; 
dukountso = sad. 

Lukewarm, fZ. 1. unso; naksi-un; 

i./g. alii = /. lazy. 
Lukewarmness, s- fg- alsai, -ye, 

/.; in pr. mn. rs. into a. 
Lull,?', l.gana ga = compose to 

sleep by making pleasing 

sounds; nidai = /. cause to 

sleep ; zomp kad = more the 

2.nidfLn k^r = /. make quiet; 

tlid.nd k&r = /. make cold; 

fuslai = /. appease. ; 

Luminary, s, 1. uzuad&£i v&stf, { 

2. fiiankar, -ra, m. = I. an orna- 
ment, e.g. the 1. of the state. 
Lnmiiious, a. uzuadatso; p&r- 

ziiUk = I. shining. 
Lunar, a, ts^ndrematso. 
Lunatic, a. piso30=/. a little mad. \ 

Lunch, s. phfilar, -ra, m. = & : 

tiffin, collation. ; 

Lung, s. popis, -psa, m. 
Exert the lungs = vaur^. 
Lurch, s. l.kMt, -ta, m. 
2. tarvalaknan, -nea, n. (the 

rolling of a ship); kep, -pa, n. 
Leave in the 1. =■ vater gbal. 
Lure, s. 1. vodni, -ne,/.; lonts, 

-t3&, : 


2. kh^Q, -nii, n.; s 
Lurid, see Ohastly. 
Lurk, V. lip = I. be concealed. 
Lurking-plaoe, s. lip&i suat, -te, 
/. = /. the place (in whidi) 
one can hide; lipylli suat, 
-te,/ = /. a hidden place. 
„„ „ L.oogk- 



IitiBoioas, a. tsM raiSitBO = I. 

too Bweet. 
Lust, s. 1. most, -ti,y. = impare 
inclination ; kam, -mfi, «. ; 
kudiiSikhusi, -46,/.= I. bodily 
2. asa, 4e, /. s /. deeiro. 
Iinstfnl, a. 1 . mdstitso. 

2. bailando s /. effeminate. 
Lostr&I (water)} ^> 1. agment, -ta, 
2.tlrt, -ta, «. (H.K.) 
Lnetre, s. T6d kastis&l, -la, n. = 
I. a big candleBtiok; jamb&r, 

Losty, a. gbit = /. strong; bo- 

laikeot asullo = /. being in 

LnzorioiiB, a. m6stit80 ; bailando ; 

vait khniiank lagyllo = /. 

given to bad pleasures. 
hvxiaj, s. m6st, -ti,/.; kudiiSeo 

khiilio = /. bodily pleasures; 

k&m, -ma, n. ; pAzdepon, 

-na, «., bursepon, -na, «.= 

/. dirtiness,^. 
Lye, s. khar, -ra, m, ; gad, -dit, m. 
Make 1. = 1. gudiik lai. 
2. kh9,raiit ghil. 


Haee, s. p&tri, -re,/, (a sort of 

Hooerate, i>. = /. make 

2./£: kaitii (var. kaitavdi), 

c.v. ^ kiiita = cause pain. 
Hachinate, J>. l.kutan kar = /. 

make plots. 
2. 86dun kad = /. seeldcg take. 
Kachination, s. kat, -ta, ».; mos, 

-8a,w. = deceit; m4sUt,-tij/. 
Machine, s. fiar&k, -rka, n. (par. 

5erki, -ke,/.); y&ntry, -ra, 

«.; aid, -da, n. = I. an in* 

Haehinist, s. iSarkan k&rtolo, 

-lea, m. 
H&okerelf s. bangdo, -deii, m. 

Had, a. piso, e.g. maa or dog; 
motirnatullo = I. not ia 
(one's) mind. 
Be m. after = lale, Dal. ; mo- 
gan mdr==/. die out of love; 
pisaa = I. be mad. 

Uadam, s. saibin, -ni, /. ; vlg. 
madam, -mi,/.; bai, -ye,/ 

Hadden, v. l.pis^i, c.v.o/^ia&M 
(more com. piso k&r). 
2. zaifii = /. cause to bum (ra- 
gan = for aager). 

Had-bonfle,-^- piseanCen ghUr, -r&, 
n. = /. a bouse of mad per- 
sons; piseanCi asp&tri, -re,/l 

Kadness, s. pisepon, -pa, n.; 
girtgiri, -ri, /. = ». transient 
alienation of mind, n. c. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Mag 2 

Xasraaine, s. 1. darukbano, -nea, 

m. (for powder). 
2. ugran, -na, n. (for miBcel- 

laneous articlee). 
H-igU ^- P^- t^ 1*^ = ^- three 

Ha^io, s. bolmeD sang&i hikm&t, 

-ti, /. = /. the art of saying 

incantation; m&atr^ (f r* t&n- 

trfl), -ra, «.; pbitispon, -na, 

«. (the most common ward) ; 

ghadi, 4i,/.; bhul, -li,/; 

niiuit, -ta, n. 
Ha; ician, s, bolmeagar, -ra, m. ; 

ghadigar, -ra, vt; t&ntragar, 

-ra, m. ; phitisponagar, -ra, 

m.; nimitgar, -ra, tn. 
Uagistrate, s. a,dhip&ti, or d.dhi- 

kari, -ri, m. =a. person of 

public authority. 
Magnanimity, .r. dh&ir, -ra, n. = 

/. courage; T6d mdn, -na, n. 

= I. great heart, 
]Ca|*iianimoa8, a. vdd ni6natso; 

dh&iravont, or dhiiiriidik. 
Magnet, see Loadstone. 
Magnetize, ^'. vodi3i s4k&t lai = 

I. apply attracting power. 
Magnificence, s. dobazo, -jea, m.; 

Tod man, -na, m. = /, great 

honour; vodpon, -ria, n. = I. 

Magnifloent, a. dobajeatso; vod- 

Magnify, v. Torni, hogolsi, p&sar 

= /. praise, exalt. 
Mahcmedan, s. mu3ulnian,-na, m. 
Maid, Maiden, s. 5edun, -dua, ». 

16 Maj 

3s /. a girl; tsili, -ye, /. 

{H. K.); ankttar, -ri,/ = /. 

a virgin; kinyastri, -re,/; 

nar, -ri,/ 
Maid-servant, s. tsak^rn, -ni, / 
Mail, J. l.kSvafia, -ee,/ = a80rt 

of coat of mail, «. c. 

2. tapal, -la, «. {/or letters etc^ 

3. tS>palp6do, -dea, vi. = a, post- 

Maimed, a. 1. thonto = /. lame. 
S.natallo added to the limb 
Main, a. mukhya = /. principal. 
Main point = mulo, -lea, m.= 
I. 3, hinge, ^. 
M&uUj, ad mukhya zaun. 
Maintain, v. 1. dovdr = /. keep. 

2. tsiil (with p&rmane) =^, walk, 
J^., e, £■. maintain your 


3. sambal = I. defend. 

4. p6s = /. feed; jevan di^l. 
give food. 

5. kh^ndit sang = /. positively 

Maintenance, s. dispodto gras, 
-sa, m. == I. daily food; dia- 
podten khan, -u&, ».; adar' 
posan, -na, n. = suf^ciency 
of means for living. 

Mi^estic, 1. 1. m^imetso; bhou 
tsad m&ryaditso; voclponS- 
tso, = /. great; manatso. 
2. podvetso = /. of power. 

Majesty, J. l.m&ima,-me,/,e.^. 
God's m.; vodvi, -ve,/; vod- 
pon, -Jja, n. 

Maj 2 

2.rai, -ya, «., or rSrii, -ye, /. 
— king, or queen. 

Uajority, J. 1. vodlo yanto, -ie&, 
7n. = l. a great part. 
2. pirai,-ye,/.=/. age (miineai^ 
or some such word being un- 
derstood)\ manaipon, -na, «., 
n. u.\ bet. favo pirai or vazbi 
pirai, -ye, /. = requisite age. 

Kake, v. 1. k3.r, »ot/. kelo; see 
Gram., used especially in 
composition with a noun; 
also when we should use 
give, e.g. kumokk&rz:help, 
/. make help (give help). 

2. kad, e.g. m. the sign of the 
cross = kars&iSi knrukad. 

3. by the c. v. 

4. p6d, = /. fall (contribnte) ; 
see also Appointi Form, Con- 
fltitate, aain,RepreBent, Vftlue, 

M. against = adk&I k&r; lid 

ye; luksanak p6d. 
M. amends = farikpon di = /. 

give satisfaction. 
M. as if, see Simnlate. 
M. away with = sM = /. leave ; 

see Rid, Kill. 
M. for = G. isilean (ordikkan) 

M, free with =anm{iryadiiitsai; 

see also Filch. 
M. good, see Compensate, Fulfil, 

M. light of = beparvo kftr, G. 

M., or B&sar k^r. 
M. much ofsl. thaia Apurha- 

7 Mai 

yen tsfi-l = I. proceed with 
fondness towards. 

2. mand ; Ukia k&r. 
M. baste, see Haste. 

M. over = pllradin kfir; vopsan 

M. out = Bomza=:/. understand, 
M. ready = tiyar kir. 
M. up = 1. melon asa = /. is 

formed, ch. cs. 
S.^rikpon di. 

3. niSeu k^r = /. make a re- 
solution (make up one's 
mind) ; nisfieisi ; see Oonsti- 
tnte, Snpply. 

M. use of=prayog k&r, G. jW. «. c. 
M. way = suat kSr ; vat s6d. 
Hake, s. see Fie:nre, Form. 
Maker, s. 1. /. k&rt, -ta, »»., not 
often used. 
2. -gar added lo the thing made, 
or by the participle of the 
verb; see Gram. 
Malapert, a. ^umiiryaditso ; laz- 

bando or lazaatuUo. 
Malapropos, a. 1. layeknatnllo ; 
kamak p6danatullo. 
2, rs. favonatullea velar. 
Malaria, s. vait vareii, -rea, n. 
Malcontent, s. kutagar, -ra, m. 

= /. a maker of plots. 
Male, a. 1. dadlo, (-li, -len). 

2. dadleantso = /. of the maid. 

Yale, s. dadlo, -lea, m.\ 5erko, 

-bea, ?«., used in opposition 

lo girl = <Sedufi. 

Malediction, s. airap, -pa, m.; 

nig. maldisaun, -sava, n.,fr. 



Hslofaotor, s. gunyaukar, -ra, 
m. =1. a guilty man; &kr&- 
matso minis, -nia, m. = l. a 
man of crimes; rait k&rtolo; 
^nnayatso m&ais, -nSa, m. = 
I. an unjuBt man; khoto 
m&nis =/. a wicked man. 

Malevolence, ^. rait kbuSi, -Se, 
/.; niskntsar, -ra, m.senvy; 
mosdr, -8r&, m. = envy ; kho- 
tepon, -na, n. z /. wicked- 

Halice, s. vik&tai, -ye, /., Jrom 
vik = poison, /f.; vaitpon, 
-na, «., e.£'. m. of sin ; klii>- 
tepon, -na, n.=il, wicked- 
ness; nadgepon, -na, ». = /. 
cunning; moB6r, -sra, vt.^l. 
hatred (envy). 

Halicious, fi. \si.i,etc.; seelUXi^, 

Ualiffn, V. bS,dlam gh&l = /. put 
calamities; tsadio sang = /. 
say detractions. 

Haligrnity, s. kbotepon, -na, n., 
or vaitpon, -na, n.\ see Ualice. 

Halleatale, a. in6u == I. soft. 

Hallow, s. petarlezad, .da, «. 

Haltreat, a. k^t&i, c. v. lyk^gta; 
bdng kjlr; d&gd&i, c.v. = l. 
cause suffering; nisturai 
tsM&i, {2nd Loc.) = /. pro- 
ceed cruelly. 

Haltreatment, s- k&Stounen, -neS., 
n.\ d&gd, m. pi., or dSgdou- 
nen,-nea, n.\ niitnrai, -ye,y. 

Han, s. LmSruis, -ns&, m., or 
m&nis, -use, /./or a woman 
{pi. m&nsafiybr women). 

2. da,dlo, -lea, f». = male (dfidlo 

mfi-nis)., -la, m. (a cooly). 
M^nis as meaning mankind 

has m9.nsan in the plural. 
A grown-up man =manai, -ya, 

m. {also a cooly). 
Han, V. 1. m&nlB di s /. give 

2. rak = /. gnard, e. g. m. the 

Han-of-var, s. lamb agbdt' -ti, 

/ = /. a long steamer ; zu- 

zatarun, -rra, n. = l. a ship 

of war. 
Hanaele, see HandonK 
Hanage, v. tsilUi, e.g. men or 

beasts; also m. a baeiness. 
Hanageable, a. tsfil&isarko. 
Hanagrraient, s. 1. karkbano, 

-nea, m. = l. administration; 

tsMounen, -ne&, n. 
2.hikmat, -ti,/. = I. artifice. 
Hanafsr, s. tsfil&itolo; mostak, 

-ka, n. = l. 2, head,^.; kar- 

kbaneagar, -ra, m., e.g. of 

tiles, etc. 
Hanohil, s. maiSil, -la, n. 
Hans, s. maneiSe k6s, -san, pl. 

m. s /. hair of the neck. 
Hange, s. 1. khoroz, -rji,/ 
2. ruB, ravS,, n. (corrupted 

Hanger, s, kb&vo^, kb&utii, /. 
Hango, s. ambo, -be&, m. 
Hangoateen, s. bind, -da, n. 
Hai^o-stone, J. pftr, -ri,/. 
Manhood, J. m&nsepon, -11&, «.; 

„, „ L.oogic 

Man £ 

Todli pirai, -je,/.=l. grown- 
up age. 
Vania, s. pisepon, -na, n. 
Manifest, a. ugto = /. open,y^. ; 

aost = /. distinct, evident; 

parg&t = /. public; rs. tnlo 

kalta = is known, or kSlit asa. 
Uanifest, v. pargat {or ugto) kar ; 

dakai = /. show. 
Hanifestation, s. parg3,touaen, 

-nea, «. ; gurtij, -ta, m. 
Manifesto, s. istj'ar, -ra, m.; see 

Kanifold, a. I. tsM dodo; 

pauti tsad. 
2,veg!o = /. diflEerent; see 

Kaaipol&te, v. 1. hatanin apdd 

= touch with the hands. 

2. hatanin kar = make with the 

Kankinii, s. m&niekul, -la, n. 
Hanliness, -J. dhiir, -ra, n. = /, 

courage; \Irpon, -na, «, = A 

heroiam, n. c. 
Hanly, «. dhiiravont ; viratso = 

/, heroic, n. c. 
Hanner, s. l.jinoe, -nsa, m. 

vat, -te, /. = ^ a way.y^. 

marog, -rgS, »i. = a road,^. 

p&rmane = L in the manner 

(not used in the nom.f, e. g. 

favotea p. =in due manner; 

nSmuno,-n6a, ?«,=/. a model, 
fg. ; bhas, -se, /. = /. lan- 

2.m&ry&d, -di,y:=/. decency. 

3. B0v6i, -ye, f.=l. custom; 

i9 Man 

poriSorbSri {usedas postp.), 
e.g. tea p. =thu8. 

HanoeaTre, s. 1. kovat, -ta, n, 
(a military exercise). 
2.hikm&t, -ti, /. = /. artifice; 
camMkar, -ra, m. (or «.) 

Manse, s. padricen ghir, -ra, «. 

Mantle, Mantua, s. v61, -li, /. 
(a white veil) = the m. of 
native women. 

Manual, &. hatantso; 'm. work = 
hatan5en kam, -ma, «., or 
hatanci k&sflb, -sbe,/!' 

Manual, s. hatpustak, -ka, n. 

Mannfactory, s. karkhano, -nea, 
m. ; kirCen ghir, -ra, n. = /. 
house for making, with the 
name of the article manu- 

HannfactuTe, ^- I.hatan kiir5en 
kam, -ma, n. 
2.hatan kelli y^stij, -tu,/ 

Manufacture, Ji. I.k^r. 
2. t3,yar k5.r = /. make ready. 

Mannre, s. sen, -na, «. = /. cow- 
dung ; it, -ta, m. ; saren, -rea, 
n. = Lat. laelamen, dung; 
86p, -pa, m. = leaves for ma- 
nuring; gob6r, -bra, m. = /. 
ashes, which are used as 

Manure, v. saren ghal. 
Manuscript, s. batan boreillen 

(pustak, -ka, «,). 
Many, a. a^bar ; zaite ; tsSd ; M 
these words are used also in 

Map 31 

As m. as = kitlo . . . titlo, or 

only titlo [see Gram. p. 240). 
How m. = kitle : so many = 

Kap, s- buifinaksa, ^e,y;; gafi- 

vafiDS.kga, -se,/. 
Mar, see Spoil, Disconcert. 
Harasmns, .r. khevad, -<li,y. 
Marander, s. lutigar, -ra, m.\ 

desvot kirtso {var. deBvSt 

k.) = /. making devastation. 
Uarble, s. 1. no pure Konkani 

word used; we may use the 

Mr. Bangamaravar, -ra, m. 
2. ij>l.) gutio, pi. f. (playing 

marbles), yrow* guti, -je,/. 
Hatch, s. poin, -na, n. 
Harch, v. poin kar; tsal = I. 

Mare, s. godi, -ye,/. 
Margin, s. dfeg, -ge,/. 
Marginal, a. deger asuUo. 
Marine, a. d&ryatso or diryantlo. 
Marine) s. tarrasipai, -ya, m. = /. 

a soldier of a ship. 
Mariner, J. tarvoti,-tia,ffi.; fchS- 

lasi, -sea, m. 
Maritime, a. d^rya lagsilo = I. 

being near to the sea; see 

Mark, s. gurtu, -ta, ?«. ; by the 

Neul. adj., e.g, a mark of 

ignorance = nenarpona&ea. 
Mark, ?. I.garti^ k&r = /. make 

a sign. 
2. bor&i = /. write; dakHi = /. 

S.i^nt = /. think. 

} Mar 

4. bhed(e) kir = I. make dis- 
Make out = mez (e) = /. meas- 

Market, s. pent, -te,/. 

Marriage, s. kazar, -ra, «., fr,, 
but in common use; viva- 
ha, -va, «., or l§.guij, -na, 
n., or T5,rdik {var vadik), 
-ke, /. (H. K.); matrimoo. 
-na, m., fr. (in catech. and 
eccl. 9nn.) 
Invitatioa to m. = vouHk, -ke,y. 
Celebrate a m. = kazar kar. 

Marriageable, a. kazaratso, or ka- 
zaraprayetao ; savasiai. 

Married, a. kazari, or kazar 

Marrow, s. (adantlo) meadu, 
-da, m. 

Marry, v. kazar kJLr, ^. = give 
away in marriage; kazar 
za = /. get married, Prs, 
Dal.; r6sp6r k4r (corrufi. 
of 'receber') = perform the 
ceremony of marriage at the 

Marsh, s. tftlefi, -lea, n.; m&d^, 
-ka, n.\ 6iklazago, -gea, m. 

Marshal, s. mukhya fouji&dhi- 
p&ti, -ti, m. 

Marshy, a. Ciklatso. 

Martial, a- zuzatso, or zuzasarko. 

Martyr, s. vlg. martir, -ra, m. 
(-ri, /.), Jr.; r&gtasak^igar, 
-ra, m. = l.& witness of blood. 

Martyrdom, ^ . ritgtasak^, -^i,/. = 
a witness of blood; r&gta- 
„, „ L.oogic 



saksiSen m&rn, •na, ».; vlg. 
martirpon, -na, ft.,/r. 

BlartyroIogT, s- r^gtasakjiigaran- 
6i patti, -te, /.; martiraS- 
p4tti, -te,y. 

Harvellons, a. ajapatso. 

Hascallae, a. 1. dhairavant = /. 
2. pullinga = /. m. gender. 

Hash, s. borsounefi, -nea, «, 

HiiBk, J. Te3, -sa, m. 

JHaak, v. 1, yks gbal, pr.fg- 
2.1ipai = /. coDceal. 

Masquerade, s. vesakh61, -la, m. 

U&Bon, s. ^tranm^st, -ta, m. 

Hue, J. 1. raie, -sa, m. (rl.): 
'high mass = kaatar mis'; 
'low mass = r^zar m,' 
2,ras, -si,/.=l. a heap; rupna- 
t^lli ras; zoino, -mea, m. = 
I. assemblage; 'en masse = 

MasBAore, ^. jivsia mar, or bet. 
kbaoi kS>r. 

H&Esacre, s. khuni, -ye, /., or 
zomeakhuni = /. killing of 
a crowd. 

Kasa-book, s. miaapustab, -ka, 
«.; vlg. mieal, -la, n.,fr. 

XaBsire, a. z&A; bhari. 

Mast, s. kuTO, -vea, m. (of a ship). 

Master, s. 1. dh&ni, -ya, m., e.g. 
m. of the hoase {Lat. do- 
minus) ; k&rt, -ta, m. ; kha- 
T^nd, -da, »».; pr&bhu, -bbu, 
2. gb&rkar, -ra, m. = l. a. house- 
holder (vlg. husband). 

3. mostak, -ka, n. = I. head,y^, 

4.up^deBi, -si, m. = a. teacher; 

S.igul,-la, m. (a teacher of low 

classes iu village-schools); 

Sen&i, -nai, m. = I. a writer, 

mn. also a village master; 

vlg. mestri, -ri, m., /r., or 

mastar, -ra, m.,/r. 

5.k&,rkhaneagar, -ra, m. = I. 

an administrator, director. 

6./g. motir asuUo (mfi,ni8) = 

/. being in (one's) mind. 
7. adhipJiti,-ti, »!. = /. amanof 

(public) authority. 
S.apnaCer z&itvortolo = gain- 
ing victory against oneself; 
apnak ad yenntso^/. com- 
ing against oneself. 
Be m. of a science = gundai 
pariyaht zana = I. knows 
till depth. 
Vaster, v. I. khalto kflr = make 
2. purto (-ti, -ten) zana = I. 
knows fully; boren 80mza = 
/. understands well ; gundai 
pilriyant zana = /. knows up 
to depth. 
Haaticate, v. gol&i; tsab; danta- 
nin khan mocl(6) = l. break 
food with teeth, n.c. 
Mastication, s. tsabnen, -nea, n. 
Hat, s. mandri, -re,/. 
Coir-mat = sumbaiSi mandri, 
Mat, V. t61. 

Matcli, s. 1. ujeaSi kadi, -ye,/. = 
/. a stick of fire. 



2. kazaratso karar, -t&, m. = 
I. agreement of marriage. 

3, zod, -da, m. (equal), e.g: not 
even N. is a, m. for them; 
id, -da, «. 

Hatch-box, s. ujea6i pfet, -te,/. 

Sate, s. sangati -tia, m. = I. 
a companion. 

Material, s. jioos, -nsa, m. = /. 
the manner, quality (ingredi- 
ent) ; m6p, -pa, n. (tlie wood- 
en material of a house) ; as 
inthesent. 'Of what material 
has this house been built?' 
often rs. into Insir. or 
Genit.\ sometimes SM3i&-a.^l. 
article may suffice; sambar, 
-ra, m. = the materials for 
making curry. 

Haterial, a. 1. kuditso = /. of 
body, fg. M. as opposed to 
spiritual, A<zj no exact Konk. 
equivalent; a Sans, or Mr. 
word, as expressing the idea 
of a false religion, is not 
suitable, so perhaps the best 
course ■will be to use kuditso, 
and extend its usual mean- 
ing. When material is used 
in reference to wind and si- 
milar objects, it m^y perhaps 
be translated by kuditsoao, 
or murtitso (J>erh. ex. Sans. 
2. bhari = /. important. 

Mfttarialism, s. hss no equivalent 
inKonkani; iheMr.Cn.A&- 
hatmarad, -da, m, may serve. 

Uaterials, f. saman, -na, m. 
Hatemal, a. majetso or avoitBO, 
Hathematioal, a. parimanatso. 
Mathematics, 5. p^rimanandja, 
-ye,/. = I. science of quan. 
tity; ganitasaatrij, -ra, ».; 
ganitavidya, -ye,/,, Adr.,Cn. 
Matins, s. ophis, -phsa, m.; aaka- 

Iin5en graneS, -nea, «. 
Matricide, .s. l.avoikhum, -ye,/. 

2.avoikhuniyegar, -ra, m. 

Matriculate, v. patter boriii = I. 

write on the list; (ridye- 

aalek) melfii = I. aggregate 

(into a college). 

Matriculation, s. (vidyesalek) 

melounen, -gea, «. 
Hatriinony, see Marriage. 
Matron, s. aji, -je,/. 
Matter, s. l.As opposed to s^mi 
it cannot be exactly translat- 
ed into Konkani: the Sans. 
miirti, -ti,/,t>rkadi(Sivast^ 
-tu,/.=/. corporal (material) 
thing, or only kud = body, 
fg., may be used. 
2. irado, -dea, m. = I. object, 

e.g. of a science. 
3.vS.8tij,-tu,/, = /. athing; Sy 
the G.; see Gram. P. IV. 
ch. ii. Art. ii.; kam, -ma, n. 
= /. business, thing. 
4.bhar, -ra, m. = l. gravity, 

fg. (importance). 
5. pu, -puva, m., rasi, -se,/ = 

What is the m. = (tuka) Htea? 



No m. = TOd nain; Cintanan. 
Hatter, v, alofien k&r = /. make 

opinion (give to think); g3,rz 

asa = /. want is ; tsM lagta 

= /. much is attached. 
It does not m. = alo5en k&ri- 

nan, bisat nan. 
Ktttock, s. pikas, -sit, »., fr. ; 

kndol, -dli,/. 
KattreBs, s. g&zdi, -de, /. 
Hatuie, a. piko, pr.fg., e.g: m. 

Mature, v. pikiii, c. v. pr./g. 
Mttnrely, ad. boren Sintun = I. 

after having thought well. 
Mstnrity, s. 1. bud, -di, /. = /. 

wisdom (of mind). 
' tnioyodlo = l. grown up. 
Kandllii, a. l.&malzallo^'riLma- 

latao; soro piyello; bebdo, 


2. daddo = I. dnll. 

Kannd, s. m6;i, -na, m. (a mea- 
sure = 48 seers, or for 
jaggery = 40 seers). 

Maw, s. ganzo, -jea, m. = Lai. 
inglwvies, the crop of a 

Hazim, see Aphorism. 

May, V. By the Pot. Mood; see 
May be = zaunk puro; yeka- 
devela or yekavela. 

Maze, see Entangle. 

Meadow, -f- l&i^iSil, -la, «.; tiQ§- 
£en maidan,-na, «.; tsorova- 
zago, -%th, M. = a grazing 

Haagre, a. 1. barik = /. tbin. 

2. Buko =i /. dry,^. 

3. bbou Ian, thodo = little. 
Heal, s. l.jevan, jeuna, «. 

2. pit, -ta, n. — flour. 
He&n, s. halt, -ta, ».- =^ /. mode- 
In the m. = moden. 
Mean, a. 1. medio, nr modeS 

2. uno, halko, kirkol = low. 

3. cillir = I. trifling. 

4. imto = /. stingy. 

In the m. time =s itlea bit&r. 
Uean, z*. l.sevot asa = /. aim is; 
iSint = /. think. 

2. &rth asa = /. meaning is, G. 
M. ; gurtij asa = /. sign is ; 
dakfii = I. show ; somzon 
yeta = /. understood comes. 

3. m6n or mhun = /. say, call, 
e.g. aka kiten montat? = 
how do you call this? (what 
does it m.?); see Imply. 

Heaning, .r. 1. firth, -th£, m. 
2.Bev6t, -ta, m.=l. aim; rs. 
into 7). 
meanness, s. 1 . unepoo, -na, n. ; 
kirkolai, -ye,/, (low condi- 
2. imtepon, -na, n. = stinginess. 
Means, s. upai, -ya, m. 
By no m. = k^seni naka ; k. 
Heasles, s. ururen, -reft, n. 
Measurable, a. map&tso, or mezi- 


Heaflura, s,, -pa, n.; h&tt, 
-tSi, n, (right measure, pro- 
portion); mezap, -zpa, «.; 
z6k, -ka, «., e.g. of a dress 
to be made. 
2.aloiSeii, -ni, / = /. opinion, 
e.g. take measures s aloSen 
k&r, upaikane; upai,<;a,m. 
= /. meaas. 
la aome m. = yeke jinsifE. 
See App. to Konk.-Engl. Dic- 

Ueasnre, v. z6k gbe = /. take m., 
e.g. of a dress to be made; 
mez(e) ; vistar = /. be ex- 
M. out = mez (e). 

Heaamed, a. vazbi = /. proper ; 
halt asullo = I. moderate. 

Heasnrer, s. mapeli, -li£, m. 
[par, mapari, -ria, ot.). 

Heat, ^. mas, -sa, n. 

Heohanio, s. aiSari, -ria, m. 

Hechasics, s. 6^kraosamartbi, 

Uecbanifim, s, iS^krq, -ra, «. {or 
tsikr) ; bikmit, -ti, /. = /. 

Medal, s. arluk, -V.9,/.,/r. 

Meddle, v. rig = /. enter; see 

Mediate, v. m&desti za = I. be- 
come intercessor; panCayet- 
dar kir = I. make as arbi- 
trator; madesti zauu fuslai 
=1. by arbitrating appease. 

Mediate, a. medio: 'm. cause = 
modlen karan'; opp. to lag- 

silen, or lagiien (approxi- 
mate) and poisilen (remote) 

Mediately, ad. dusrea Torvin ^ 

through another; i^^-prfkspar; 

dusrea mukhautrij,. 
Mediation, s. vinot, or mftzat, 

-ti,/. (W.): 'through his m. 

= to madest zaun, or tafie 

Mediator, s. madesti, -ti, m. 
Medical,<z- l.horokartso, 177'gnn 

kartso = curing. 
2, voizatso = I. of the pbysi- 

ciau; vaidikatBO = m. treat- 
Be under m. treatment = TOiza 

khal asa. 
Medicate, v. Tokat di = I. gir& 

medicine; boro kar. 
Medicinal) see Medical. 
Medicine, s. l.voizapon, -na, n. 

.(science) ; voktanfii vidya,, 

-ye,/, (science). 
2. vokat, -kta, «., pr.fg. 
Mediocre, a. sumar {or 8um&> 

Medioerity, s. sumar tbar, -t&, 

m. = I. middle kind. 
Meditate, v. 1 . niyal, or niyaj 

kar; dhyan kar. 
2.horeii tint = /. think well. 
S.sevot asa = i. aim is. 
Meditation, s. niyal, -la, m.; t6pf 

-pa, ». = contemplation ; 

dhyan, -na, n. 
Medium, s. 1. modli vasti;, -tu, 

/. = l.a thing in the middle. 




2. d&lal, •la, ft. = I. aa agent. 
Medle7, s. gus&p, -spil, «. = I. 

Seek, a. bolo; lin, n.c. 
SeelnesB, ^. boleport, -na, n.; 

santipon, -na, «.; movalpon, 

-na, n. = I. tenderness. 
Heet, V- m^l, SS. Dat., used in 

nearly all the senses of the 

Engl. meet. 
Meeting-, s. vlg. znnt, -ta, m,,fr.\ 

ni6l(e), -la, «.; s&bha, -bhe, 

/, =a council; kut, -ta, n. 

(a secret, illicit m.) 
llelancboly, s, kh&nt, -ti,/.; dnk, 

-ki,/,; sankirnai, -ye,/- 
KeUncboly, iz. kb&ntiSt; Cintest; 

dukhest; rs. lasijllen tdnds 

/. burnt face,y^. 
Helliflnons, a. suadik, or mova- 

bariso; movatso. 
Sellow, a. pikots = I. very ripe 

(truly ripe); mou = I. soft. 
■Helodions, f7. gayanatso; suadik 

= /. 8weet,yJ. 
Melody, s. gayan, -na, «.; gSya- 

najinos, -nsS., m. = I. quality 

ofmnsic; taleatsojin03,-nsa, 

m.= I. quality of voice; see 

Helen, s. 1. ^pat, -pta, n. 
2. (water-m.) kaling, -Inga, 

Melt, V. 1. kadai, c. v. of k&d, 
«. v.\ k&i^, c. V. of kSrga, 
n. »,; iilg. udak kir. 
2. movalai = /. make soft, c. v. 
of mOT4l. 

Hamber, s. I. sando, -dea, m., 

^.fg. vanto, -tea, m. = l.B. part, 
e. g, m. of a sentence. 

Uembrane, ^. kat, -ti, /. ^ I. 

Memorable, a. cavaddik s /. fa- 
mous (used esp. of tbings); 
navadgo = /. famous {esp, of 
persons); naungelloa/. of 
name; ugdas kartso = /. to 
be remembered. 

Memorial, MemoTaodnm, .r. 
daa kfirCi 6it, -ti,/, = /. a note 
for remembering ; ugdas, 
-sa, ni.\ yadast, -ta, m.;ii, -JQ,f. = l. a petition. 

Memory, s. ugdas, -sa, m.; m6t, 
-ti,/. (faculty); yad, -da, m. 
In tbe m. of our fathers = 
am6ean malgodeaiiiSea ka- 

Menace, v. bestai; bhen ghal, 
«, c.\ or bet. bhiyeunk lai. 

Menace, s. bestaunen, -nea, n. 
{or -ni, -ne,/.) 

Menagery, s. monzatingal, 'Ifi, 
«.; monzatinzomo, -mea, nt. 

Mend, v. s&ma kilr = I. make 
right; durust k&r; boro k^r 
= I. make good, improve; 
see Improve. 

Mendioant, .r. izmdimagtolo; dn- 
bio or durb&lo (m^nis) = I. 
a poor (man); bblkari, -ria, 

Mendicity, s. durb^lkai, -ye,/. 


Venial, a. 1 . tsakretso = /. of 

2.Mlko = /. low. 
MetutrnonB, a. moineamoitieatso. 
Mental, a. m6titso; ^tmea vis- 

yant asullo ; rs. itmea yis- 

jant = /. about the soul; &t- 

meatso = /. of the soul. 
Hention, -v. ugdaa kar, G. M. = 

I. make memory ; uliii = /. 

speak ; naun mon c= /, say 

the name of, G. N. 
Hention, s. ugdas, -sa, tn. 
Hsntor, see Onide. 
Mercantile, a. vyaparatso. 
Mercenary, s. 1 . lonts khatolo = 

I. eating bribes. 
2. kul vortolo = /. taking pay- 
ment, or kulkar,-ra,«(.; ba- 

deakkaueino=/. a hireling. 
Merchandise, s. l.vyar, -ra, m., 

vlg. yar = small things to 

be sold. 
2.vyapar, -ra, «, = saleable 

articles, and trade. 
Merchant, s. vyapari, -ria, m.\ 

saukar, -ra, m. 
Merciful, a. kakultitso, or ka- 

kuldar {this 2nd is also a 

noun)', dayal=kind; Ha, or 

bolo = /. meek. 
Merciless, a. niStur; mharu = 

cruel; kakultnatuUo. 
UercilsBsnesB, s. nisturai, -ye, 
/. ; mharupoii, -na, n. ; na- 

kakult, -ti,/ 
Mercurial, a. tsurk = /. actire; 

usar = /. lively. 

Mercy, ^. kakult, -ti, /I; birmot, 
-ti,/.; diya, -ye,/. = /. kind- 

Mere, a. rs. matr^ = /- only, or 
SJ^t; beSfo, e.g. m. water = 
baji ; 6y -ta (empk.) 

MergWi P- budai, c. v. of bud, 

Meridia&,'{. donparanm&nd^I, -la, 
«., M. c. ; donpSrrangit, -ta, m. 

Meridian, a. donparantso = /. of 

Merit, s. punen, -nea, n,, or 
pun, -na, ».; punef61,-Ia, m. 

Merl^ V. &T0 k&rs gbe = /. 
making worthy receive; la- 
vozauu ghe = /. becoming 
worthy receive; fivOza, e./. 
maka inam f. zata=I m. a 

Meritorious, a. punevont. 
Make m. = favo kd,r = I. make 

TLdtr^, a. 1. khusal. 
2. fiestayetso = /, funny. 

Merry-andrew, see Jester. 

Mess, s, 1. jevan, jeuna, n. 

2. vlg, for m. in the mn. of 
food set on the table at one 
time, b&ga is used, e.g. 
kitlea biiganfieh. . . .? = how 
many kinds of . . . ? 

3. jevan kanetolo = a person 
taking food at; vlg. phang- 
tin bostolo = /. sitting in a 
row, as is a custom of the 

4. gusS:p, -spa, n. = /. confusion. 




Tlaaa, v. m^khanant j^a ; teats 
m^zar b6s = /. sit at the 
same table. 
Itamge, s. 1. t&Tanen, -nea, 

n.\ hukum, -Icme,/! a /. an 

2.Tirdi, -de, /., k&bar, -re,/. 

=iiew8; vfirtaiiian,-na,n.3/. 

aa advertisement. 
Mmei^BT, s. 1 . dilt, -ta, m. = an 

ambafisadoT ; barakari, -ri, 

«.; F^vani, -nia, m. (any per- 

Bon sent by another). 
2. pedo, -dea, m. = l. a courier. 
Keu-lioiise, s. niez3dian, -na, rt. 
Vesamate, s. (m&zS-) B&ngati 

-tia, m. 
Ket&I, s. loha, -ha, ». (in Mr. 

= iron), ft. ^.; 6ei. dhat, -ta, 

m. (in Mr. = metal, 6ul 

used fg. for strength); tam- 

bentamban, -na, n. 
Ketkmorphosifl, s. (rupa-) bMlap, 

-pa, n. 
Hetaphor, s. s^m&nd-ntilr, -tra, 

n.r=l. related word ; aS.m&nd- 

Srth, -tha, m. = /. related 

■etaphoiioal, a- samfLnd-tirtba- 

tao : sotnetijnes only s&m&nd 

in composition, or s&m&ud- 

asnllo, or silm&iidi. 
Hetsphysios, s. s^mbapelen sas- 

tff , -tr&, n.; sSimbabhailen 

sastrQ, -tr&, n. 
Msteor, f. l.neketrif, -ri, «.; or 

the Mr. ulka, -ke,/. 
2.akaBat60 SilmJttkar, -ra, m. 

Hethlnks, v. dista = /. appears. 
Hethod, s. kr&m, -ma (vlg.. 

k§,rm), «. =/. order; jinos, 

-nsa, m.; rit, -ti, /.; see 

Kethodic, a. krlLmantri; = I. re- 
gular ; or krUmatso. 
Uetouymy, s. navab&dlap, -pa, n. 
Uetre, .r. al6k, -ka, in. 
Metropolis, s. mokhya p&ti^, 

-tna, n. 
Metropolitan, f. arSbiepsaib.-bS, 

m.,/r. = I. lord archbishop. 
Mew, 2'. 1. vedeant ghal = /. put 

into an inclosure. 
2. myau k&r, (as a cat). 
Miasm, s. yai$ varen, -rea, «. = 

I. bad air {vlg.); vait ub, -be, 
_/, = /. bad evaporation. 
Microscope, s. knskut p6Ieun(!en 

aid, -da,7z. = /. an instrument 

for seeing small objects. 
Mioioscopio, a. bhou Ian; kus- 

kut (or kuskutatBo). 
Midday, s- donpar, -ra, ?n. 
Middle, s. moden, -dea, ».; maz, 

-za, m., e.g. of a circle, (any 

central point). 
In the m. -^ moden. 
Middle, a. l.modlo, (which is in 

the middle). 
2.8umfir (or sumaratao) = /. 

U. class of people = sadarn 

Middle^iged, a. modle pirayetao. 
MiddlingTi ^- sumar, or sumar&- 


L.oogk- _ 



Uiiidgbt, s. modenrat, -ti, /. 

(z'lf. modean, -ne,/.). 
<At m. = modenratir'; 'from 

m. = modear&ti thaun'; 'of 

m. = modenratitso'. 
Midst, s. moden, -dea, n. 
Kidwife, s. voijin, -ni, /. 
Mien,*. t6Dd,-da,«. = face; rtip, 

-pa, «, = form; tsaro, -reS., 

m. = look, appearance {It. 

Hight, s. podvi, -ve,/.; bol,-!*, 

», = /. force, strength. 
Ki^hty, a. podvetso, or podvodar, 

or podvi asi^llo. 
Hij^ftte, V. bhairafir; g&dpar 

veta = I. goes beyond the 

boundaries; 6ei. g^i bbair 

Uilcli, a. dudatso. 
Uild, a. I. nidao = /. calm. 

2. s^madhaoatso, or soukasay e- 
tso = I. peaceful, also of cli- 

3. d&yal = kind; santi, bolo, 
liD = meek. 

HildnesB, s. gantipon, -na, n., 
lentuvai, -ye, f.\ bolepon, 
-na, n. = meekness; dAya, 
-ye,/". = kindness. 

Ifile, s. vlg. mail, -la, «.; kosa- 
trizaihiso, -sea, «». = ^k68. 
Three miles = kfis, -sa, m.\ 
vora6ivat,-fe,/.=one hoar's 

2[ilitant,0. l&dai kiirtEo; zuztolo. 

Military, a. foujitso. 

Milltftte, ». aaa = /. is: 'm. for = 

pasnnasa'; 'militate against 

= ad flsa'. 
Milk, s. J . dudij {or dud), -da. «. 
2. d&in, d&iya, «. = co^alated 

m., or curds. 
Milk, V. dadij kad=/.drawmilk 
Milk-man, s. kaudigSr, -ra, m. 
Mill, s. 1 . Tattso fttor, -tra, m. = 

I. a stoue for grinding; Tan, 

-□a, n. 
2.ghano, -nea, m. used esp. 
for grinding cocoanuts and 

extracting oil. 
MiUeped, s. kotarli, -le,y^. 
Millet, s. z&adlo, -lea, m. 
Million, s. dba lak = I. tea lacs. 
Mimic, 1. n^klan k&rtso = /. 

making copies,^. 
Mince, 'o. kudkean kndke k&r; 

tsatsai = /. chop. 
Kind, .1. 1. m6t, -ti,/.; m6n, -na, 

n. (Mr. mfinfL); ginyan, -na, 

«.; somzikai, -ye,/. =/. nn- 

2.alo&eo, -ni,/ = /. opinion. 
S.khusi, -se,/.=s/. wish. 
Mind, "!). 1. &int = /. thiuk. 
2. zS.tSrn kar, G. F. = I. make 

care; lilk|a k&r: 'do not 

mind = iaksak&maka'; 'Ido 

not m. it = bisat nan = /. 

I have no care'. 
Hindfnl, a. ugdas k&rtso. 
Mindless, a. 1. ugdasnatnllo = 

not remembering. 
2. zagrntkainatuUo, tsS.trainB- 

tullo = QOt attentive, care- 



Mme,5. bangarakh&ni,-ye,/, = /. 
a ditch of gold. 

Uine, V. (bangar) fcond. 

Hine, a. mozo; see Gram. F. II. 
ch. iii. 

Mineral, s. has no pure Konkani 
equivalent; 5fflWJ,dhata,-ta, 
m., or loha, -ha, n. =/. metal. 

Mineralogy, s. dliatuTidya, -ye,/. 

Mingle, s'. mel^i; horsi = /. mix. 

Miniature, J. approx- laa rup, 
-pa, 72., or Ian diStiriip ; Ian 

Minion, s. &purbayet80=/. loved; 
dost, -ta, m. = I. & favou- 

Minister, s. 1. m&ntri, -ri, m., 
e. g. of a state. 
2. moniyari, -ria, m. (of the 

S.tBakor, -kra, m. = L a ser- 
vant; noukfir, -ra, m. 

Minister, v. tsakri k&r, or seva 
tsakri k&r, G. F. 

Ministerial, o. 1. m&ntritso. 
2. moniyaritso. 
S.tsakretso; ^££ Minister. 

Ministry, s. 1. seva, -ve,/. 

2. mfintripon, -na, n. 

3, moniyaripog, -na, «.; see 
, Minister. 

Minor, a. 1- urio=/. inferior. 
2. une prayetso = of inferior 

age ; prainatullo = /. of no 

Minority, s. uni pirai, -ye,/. 
Hint, s. l.ortalaun, -lava, m. 

(a plant). 

2.tanks5!, -li, /. :=the place 

where money is coined. 
Minute, s. vlg. minut, -ta, m.\ 

nimis, 4a, ».; kS&^i, -na, 

«., khin, -ria, w., ghSdi, -ye, 

/. = a moment. 
Minute, a. 1. bhou bank, or bh. 

Ian; fiiUa.r=/. trifling. 
2.sarko = /. exact, 
Minnte-hand, s. kauto, -tea, m.\ 

vodlo kanto, -tea, m. 
Minuteness, s. I . bhou Ian v&stij, 

-tu,/.=/. a very little thing. 
2.barikai, -ye,/ 
Minntin, s- Ian tapsil, -le,/. = /. 

small details; laa vivor, -rS, 

Miracle, x. 1. &tsllriyen,-yea, ». ; 

ajap, -pa, «. = /. wonder, 

astonishment {^.OT«.); ftja- 

paCi k&mi, -ne, / = /, a 

wonderful action. 
2. fig.mMkar,-ra,m.=awonder- 

fal thing ;vizniitv&st9,-tu,/. 
Miraculous, a. ^japatBo. 
Mire, s. ubir, -bra, m. 
Mirror, s. arso, -sea, m. 
Misanthrope, s. sang^t kan^altao 

= I. abhorring society. 
Misanthropy, ^. sangatiakantalo, 

-lea, m. 
Misbehave, v. ^um^ryadin ts^l. 
Mi8behaTiour,5. ^nmiry adifiitsal , 

Misscarria^, see Abortion. 
Miscarry, ^'. 1. vol^i, c. I'.tf/'vol, 

«. 57.; vlg. gfl.rb kad, 
2. neg. form of jik = succeed. 

„, „ L.oogic 

N,B. l^etBordl beginning aith TUa- $igttifging arror, defect, anil the like, not 

pill domn here, are labetramlaledinfheiame manner at TtitpTiat, vtx. by pr^xing 

tsnkoD S3 mietaking or mi>-, to ike eorapounded tcord. 

Z.neg.fortn of •^M = l. arrive, 

e.g. a letter ; tsuk = /. fail. 
HiaceUaneotu, a, s&bar tMran- 

tso; th&ra th&iantso; borsil- 

lo = /. mixed. 
Hlscellauy, s. borBoanen, -nea, 

«. = /. mixture, orrs. into a, 
Hiflohief, s. I t&nto, -^ea, m. 

used esp. in pi, 
2.niit, -ta, >».-/. loss, harm; 

ked, -da, m. 
3. iikmaQ, -na, m. = I. offence. 
ICiaohieTons, a, 1. t&ot&lmari; 

2. luksaaatso = I. bartful. 
Miflcondact, ;. pad nUdteS, -tea, 

n.; padfsal, -li,/; beSbra, 

-bra, m.i=l. no character; 

gunyaun, -yava, m. =: I. a 

Hisoonstrae, v. &rth b&d&l = /. 

change meaning. 
Jliaei,a. surati; imto (^stronger 

than Burati). 
H iserable, a. kirkol ; dublo. 
Misery, s. 1. kirkol&i, -ye, /. = 

2. durholkai, -ye,y. =/. porerty ; 

bikepon, -na, w. = I. beggary, 

n. c. 
3.k48t,-ta, «i. = ^pain; vigni^, 

-Da, n. ; dfigd, -dan, pi. m. \ 

daidirpon, -na, n. 
Hiafortnne, Hishap, s. iidru|t, 
-ta, «.; nirbhagipoii, -^, «. 

{vaf. nirbhag, ^a, «,) ; &pad, 
-da, m. 

Misinfonn, ii. f6tkireo kobro di; 
f6tkiri Ubiprai di. 

MisUy, V- bbair p6d = I. fall out, 
be lost. 

Kislead, 0. f6tiLi or moB(6) k&r 
= I. deceive ; tsukon p6d&i = 
= /. cause to fall erring; 
tsuk&i = I. cause to err. 

Misprint, v. tsukon chapo gb&l. 

MiBproaauQce, v. tsukon utsar. 

Misrepresent, "v. tsukon k&l&i; 
f6(oun sang. 

Miss, s. saibin, -ni,/; ; see Lady. 

Misa, z'. 1. tsuk, M.S'.; > I missed 
mass = mis tsuklon' ; 'I nois- 
sod the mark = ndt(6) tsak- 
lo'; ni^^.^aBa: 'one book is 
misBing <o yek pustab uafi*; 
kh^l, e.g. (maka) mis khfil- 
2. 36d = let pass. 
S.iisa asa » /. desire (want) 

Missal, -f- misaSen puBtak, -ka, n. 

Misshappen, a. vidrup = /. withr 
out form. 

Missile, see Aizow. 

Mission, s. 1 . dhadap, -^pa, n. or 
dhadnen, -nea, n. 
2. r&vanen, -nea, n. = I. mes- 
sage; dutpon, -ua, «, 

3.dat, pi. m. = ambassadors. 
Hissioiury, s. vlg. missionar, -ra, 

„, „ L.oogic 



m., or padri, -ri, m. ; iastra 

dlt, -ta, ffi. = a messenger of 

KisBpeU, V. tsukon bor&i. 
Hisstatement, s. f6tk]ren sang- 

nen -nea, n. 
Kiat, s. l.duuri, -re,/, 
2.y^. kalok, -ka, «. = /. dark- 
Histake,!'. tsuk, e.g. the way. 
Mistake, s. tsuk, -ki,/.; guDj&un, 

-yava, »». = /. fault (moral); 

aib, -ba, «. (phye. fault); 

&prad, -da, m. = Lat. culpa. 
Hister, s. saib, -ba, m.; see Lord. 
Mistress, s. l.saibin, -ni,/.; see 

2, mestin, -tti,/, /r. = B, female 

teacher; up&desin, -ni, /.; 

sik&iteU, -le,y, 
S.dhiimn, -ni,/. = ahouBe-wife. 
Misty, a. l.duuretso, 

2, kalokatso. 
Mis under stasd, v. tsukon somza. 
Misuse, V. nispr&y6g k&r. 
Mite, s. appTox. kid, -di, /. = a 

small worm. 
Mitig:&te, etc, see Allay, etc. 
Mitre, s. (bispatso) topij, -pa, 

in.\ Dig. mitrij, -ra, m.^fr. 
Mitten, -r. Iu3, luva, n.,Jr.; ha^ 

tamei, -meyS, m. 
Mix, V. boFsi; mel&i. 
Mixture, s, melounen, -nea, w. ; 

mel, -la, m.; boraounen,-nea, 

»,;borsap,-pa,«. ( 
Mnemonics, s. ugdas Idtr&i sa- 

marthi, -the,/. 

Moan, see OroasL 

Mob, s. zomo, 'mea, m.; kh6t, 
-ti,/,; ^lleubiUeik, -lea, ».; 
pokreanzomo (or pokri zo- 
mo), -mea, m. 

Mob, V. zomo kHr. 

Moak, V. Sestai k&t, G. F,\ toma- 
se ki,r = make jokes; h&9 = 
I. laugh; n&klaa kar = /. 
make copies, _^.; mfi.skari 
kJbr; kebdai (or-A&jo) kir = 
/. acorn; khejkulan kar; ye- 

Mocking, s. yedauuen, -nea, n.\ 
kebdai, -ye,/. = scorn; 6e|- 
tai, -ye,/,, tomSso, -sea, vt. = 
fun; kendneii, -nea, n. s an 
offeasive reproach; kheiku* 
lafi, pi. n. 

Mode, see Manner. 

Model, s. I.n&muno, -nea, m., 
pr./g., e.g. of virtue. 
2. dek(6), -ki,/. = /, example. 

Modal, D. k3,r, or rup di =,/. give 

Moderate, a- halt aaullo = I. hav- 
ing moderation ; sumar = /. 
mediocre; m&dy&m; modlo 
= I. middle, y^. 

Moderate, v, 1 . ts^l&i = /. govern, 
2.halu k&r = /, make light; 
see Allay, 

Moderation, s. h&lt, -ta, n. 

Modern, a. 1. novo = /. new. 
2. novea kalS,tBO = /, of new 
time; yea kalatso=:/, of this 



Modest, a. nisk&l ; m&r7S,dit80. 
U odesty, s. msk&lai, or niskillkfli, 

-ye,/, orniskfi.!pon, -na,«.; 

m&ryad, -di,/,; bhida, -de, 


Uodify, V, badM(b&dal = be mo- 
dified), or badM kfl.r. 

Modulate, "v. (talo) b&da.!. 

Uoiat, a. selitso; biz&illo. 

Koisteiii 1'- biz^i; sel k&r. 

Moisture, s. sel, -li, /.; bizap, 
-zpa, »,, or bizouneii, -nea, 

Molar, a. see Grinder, Tooth. 

Hole, s. 1. tsamkul, -la, m.=. 
a natural spot on the body. 
2. kat, -ta, m. = & dam. 

Molecule, s. kuskut, -ta, n. 

Molest, ti. 1. bezar kar; kiirkS^r 
k&r = I. trouble; d6s. 
2.1asiii = /. cause to burn; 
bhong kar. 

HoleBtation, s. bezarai, -ye, /. 

Mollify, V. mou kSr. 

Molten, a. k^&illo. 

Moment, s. 1. bhar, -ra, m. s /. 
gravity, y^. importance. 
2. ks&Q, -na, «. ; far, -ra, m. = 
Lai. ictus, a stroke; khin, 
-na, «. gh^di, -ye, /.; t^d, 
-di,/.; tan, -pi,/, e.g. m. of 

Momentnm,5.b6I,-!a,«.=:/. force. 

Monarch, s. (9ota.Qtratso) rai, 
-ya, m. = I. (independent) 
king, or only rai, -ya, m. 

Monarchy, s. razvot, -ti,/. 

Monastery, s. vlg. koSTODt, -ta, 
m.,/r.; mot, -ta, wi., H. K. 

Money, f- l.dudu, -dua, m.\ dir- 
ven, -vea, «. (much money) ; 
vlg. poiae [ex. coins of 4 pies 
each); vlg. rnpoi=/. rupees ; 
bangar, -ra, m. = l. gold. 
2.nane5, -nea, «, = /, a coin, 
also a golden piece, or also 
a coin = Lat. •■denarius' ^ 
thus: Judas sold J. C. for 30 
Ready m. = n&gdi dudu. 

Money-bagTt -^^ th^ili, -le,/ 

Money-changer, s. rupoi vatai- 

Monitor, s. l.upMesi, -si, m. 
2. tsuki k&liiitQlo, or tsuki saDg- 

Monk, s. frad, -di, m.,fr.\ vina- 
vasi, -si, m., or Mr. mota- 
vasi, -si, m, = /. an inhabi- 
tant of solitude, or of a mon- 

Monkey, s. mankod, -kda, m. 

Monosramist, s. yeke &3tretso 
(dadlo, -lea, w.) = I. (the 
husband) of one wife; yeka 

Monogamy, s. yekets astre k&d- 
6eii vivaha, -ha, «., «.i*., or 
yek&ts potipon, -n.a, n. 

Monogram, s.l. yekakser, -ra, «., 

Monomania, s. perk, bhriim, -una, 
«., or hhrant, -ti,/ = /. illu- 
sion, n.c. 

llonopolize, v. d&rkast k&r. 



Monopoly, s. d&rkast, -ta, m.; 

gatto, -teii, m. 
HoDOBylUbie, a. yebakseriltso, 

Mr. Cn. 
Uonoayllable, s. yekakSeraS&bd^, 

-da, m. (Cn. Mr. Mai,), n. u. ; 

yekakser, -ra, «., Mr. 
Jfonotonoiia, a. yehats taleatso; 

yekathfi-ratao; yekajinsatso; 

bezarai k^rtso. 
Monotony, s. l.yekats taleatso 

jinoa, -riBfi, m. 
^.fg. bezarai, -ye,/. 
Monsoon, s. paus, -sa, m., or 

paus&tso vel(6), -la, m.,or p. 

kal, -la, ffi.,' or paasUe dis, 

Monater, s. Lridrup v&stij, or 

rupnati^li v^sty, -tu,/. = /. 

a thing without form. 
2. rakkos, -ksa, m. = a wicked 

S.bhut, -ta, m.~l.& devil, _^. 
Monstroos, a, 1. vidrup, or rup- 

2. raksatso, or rs. raksa bflri. 
Month, s. moiao, -nea, m. 
Monthly, a. moiaeamoiaeatso, or 

h&ryeka moiaeatso, or rs. 

moineak yek pauti = once a 

Konament, ■!■ ^^. I.yadagurty, 

-ta, m. = l.& sign for remem- 

brance; ngdas k&r£ea b&n- 

dap, -dpa, n. 
2. f6nd, -da, m. ±= /. a grare, or 

bet. gori, -ye, / (a kind of 

tombstone over a grare). 

Kood, s. rup, -pa, «. =s /, form ; 

jinos, -nsa, m. 
Moody, a. 1. ragiSt. 
2. bezarayetso = /. peevish; see 
Moon, f. ts&ndrem, -ma, m. 
New m. = amas, -ae, /. 
Full m, = punou, -nvi,/. 
Moonlight = tsannen, -nea, n. 
Moor, s. l.reval zago, -gea, m. 
= a sandy place. 
2. tflleiL, -lea, n. = I. a tank ; 
see Waste. 
Moral, 1. l.tsalitso; nayatso. 
2,boro; bhageTOut. 
Moral (certitude) ^perh. tsalti 
thirasS?, -ni, /. (sovoyeSi 
M. theology ■= nitigastr^, -ra, n. 
Moral, s. l.tsal, -ii,/.=l. be- 
2. nitisastry, -ra, n. 
3.f6J, -la, m., e.g. m. of a 
MoroBB, see Marsh. 
Morbid, a. pidestso, n.c. 
More, od. ts&d or tsitdtau : 'bhou 
tsftd = much more, or very 
much'; anis/. and, e.g. say 
something more a ani kain 
s&ng; aniki (some more); 
adhik,/'r the comparat. of 
wkich see Gram. 
Moreover, ad. tfiSe sivai, or teii 

Moribund, a. mortolo, or morta 

th&iii asullo. 
Morning, f. 8&ka|iD: 'very early 



in the m. = bhou s&kalifi'; 
'in the in. = s. or a&ka{ia5en. 
Good m. = deu boro dis diun. 
Kornin;, a. s&ka}intso. 
KoTOse, a- t&n^lmari (miscbieT- 
ous); bezarayetso (peeTisb). 
Morrow, s. f&lea, -lea, n. 
Mortal, a. l.moruatso (subject to 
or causiog death); mortso = 
wbo mast die; or morasS.rko. 
2. in&Dsatso, or s&uiLsaraiitlo 

(hiunan, worldly). 
S.maha (sin). 
Mortality) s. 1. sabar m6rDan. 
2. miiiigepo^, -nS, n. = l. hu- 
Mortar, s. 1. tsano, -nea, m.= 

2. van, -I1&, »., esp. of Btone. 

3. ruko, -kea, «. = a wooden m.; 
jiddo, -dea, m. 

Mort?ag:e, s. adou, -dva, m.; id, 
-da, «, 

Mortgage, v. adou di, or a, ghal. 

Mortgagee, s. adou kattetolo. 

Mortgager, s. adougar, -ra, ftt. 

Mortifloation, s. mas 
meleu = /. fiesh is dead, e. g. 
an arm; m6ru, -na, n. 
2.kudi5i d&ndon, -ne, _/! (pe- 
nance); prajit, -ta, «. = /. 
S.bezarai, -je,/. = /. trouble; 
duk, -ki,/, = /, pain, or da- 
kounen, -nea, n.\ d&gd, -dan, 
pi. m. = /. sufferings. 

Mortify, £'. l.morai(?^jivmod(6), 
«, H.; bet. crc. 

2. (g&rvi^) mdd(6) = /. break 

3. duk&i^/. cause sorrow; d&g- 
dfli = /. cause sufferings. 

4. &pna&er z&it vor = /. gain 
victory against oneself; ap- 
riak inkar k&r = /. resist one- 
self; apnak ad y& = l, come 

Mosaic, s. p^Qcaraugi kam,-ma, 
M., (Mr.), n. u. 

Mosque, J. mSzid, -di, /.; palli, 

Mosquito, s. 1 . z&l3.r, -ri, f. 
2. mu3k,-ka,».; kimaB,-msa,n. 

Most, a. 1. bhou, or s&bar, or 
ts&d, 07- bhou ts&d. 
2.tB&davot = Lat. plerique ^ 

M. of all = mukhya zann. 

Mostly, ad. tsMavot or ts. zaun ; 
rs. vodlo vanto = /. a great 
part. [«. 

Mote, J. kadi, -ye,/.; kuSkut, -{a, 

Moth, s. kid, -di,/.; kido, -dea, 
m., of .a large kind; sa^&s, 
-nsi, /. 

Mother, «. 1. mat, -ye,/; maia« 
mother-in-law is also used, 
though only partially, for 
mother, but it is properly 
used only as a term of ad- 
dress for a mother ; ayoi, 
-Toi,/. if I, -io). 
2. mata, -te, /, as in the 
phrase, 'Sancta mater eccle- 
sia = (our) holy mother the 



Hother-in-Uw, s. main, -in,/. 
Motber-tonfne, s. gaanSi bhils, 

-86,/. (apli bhas). 
Motion, J. l.halonneii, -nea, «. ; 
b61, -la, «. (impulsion). 
2.ntkade,-clea,n. = eTacnation. 
Motion, V. bat bal&i. 
Motive, -T. s&bab, -bi,/".; k&r&n, 
-na, n. =i I. canse; alofien, 
-ni,y. ^ intention ; e6vot,-ia, 
m. = I. aim. 
Motto, s. sangneii, -nea, n. ^ /. 
saying; gad, -di,/ = a pro- 
Terb; vakya, -j&, «. = /. a 
Mould, s. n&muno, -neft, m. 
Mould, V, riip di = /. give form. 
Moulder, v. bosma = /. get des- 
troyed; nas 2a. 
Mottldy (Get), z'. bate, (owing 

to monsoon-weather). 
Monnd, s. l.(matye<Si) rSs, -si, 

f. = l. a heap (of earth). 
2. gudi, -ye, /. = /. a hillock. 
Monnt, V. 1. ants veta == /. goes 

aloft; ts&d. 
2. godefir b6s = /. sit on horse. 
M. guard = rak. 
Monntain, s. gndo, -dea, m.; 
p6rT6t, (or parvit), -ta, m.; 
dfingfir, -gra, m. 
Uoantaisoufl, a. p6rv6taatso. 
Honntobank, see Impostor. 
Vonnted, a. aauUo. 
Honm, v. v&d ; see 0roan, 
Uonmfnl, a. Ldukest, (sorry). 
S.dakonntso = ^ causing sor- 
row; khfintiit. 

■onrning, s. kh&nt (k&nt), -ti,/;; 
duk, -ki, /. ; ridnen, -nea, 
n.; see Hel&noholy. 
HooBO, s. nndir, -drft, m. 
Konstaohes, s, misio, jt/./. 
Hontli, s. t6nd, -d5, »., pr.,fg.^ 

e.g. of a Tessel. 
Hove, V. 1 , hal&i, c. v. i^bal, «. v. 
2.t88.1fti i^c.v. of. tsftl) = cause 

to walk. 
3. s6d = /. leave, e.g. move 

from a place. 
^■fg. utsambol kftr = /. make 
excited;^. mov£j£i = /. sof- 
ten; rlg = /. enter, ^. ^.^. 
the sermon moved us all 
deeply, ch.cs. 
5. by the c. v., e.g. m. to work; 
lai =s /. apply , tf.^. sikSe&k lai. 
M. on = mukar vots. 
Hoveable, a. ].£&rajindgi (pro- 
Movement, s. l.hfilap, -Ipfi, n. 
(neui.), or halounen, -neil, n. 
^.fg. katkai, -ye,/ =/. revo- 
Mover, s. haiftitolo; see Leader. 
HoW) v. kat&r == /. cut ; luun. 
Mower, s. kat&rtolo, m.\ luuntolo. 
Much, a. tsJld {used also alone, 
asproft.); hhoa (only as adf. 
or mih another WQrd)\ zai- 
to; s&bar. 
Much more mr bhou tsilcl. 
As much as = kitlo. . . .titlo, 
or only titlo. 

I.,,... ,fcrfOOglc 



How much = fcitlo, or kedo = 
how great. 
So much = titlo, or titlots 

Too mnch = hhou tsild, 
Much less = l.bhon ano (-ni, 

2. n&iata .... b&gar = not only 
.... but also. 

UaoUage, s. pack, -ka, m.\ dik, 

-ka, »(.; g6nd,-da, ffi. = ^um. 
Uaolc, s. see Dung:. 
Kncous, a. pankatso. 
Had, s. ubir, -bra, m.\ ked, -da, 

m.\ (ikol, -klS., m.\ mati, 

-ye, m. 
Uaddle, z*. 1. mbeIok&r,i7^inhe- 

1^ = /. make dirty. 
S.guspfidai = /. confuse; gfi,U- 

bili kir. 

3. in pass, be muddled = &mal 
zata=/. intoxication becomes. 

Muddy, a. ubratso; matiyetso; 

Unff, s. hatanSil, -la, n. 
Hnffle, see Wrap. 
Mugr. s. mog, -ga, m.,^. 
Xnggy, 1- lelitso. 
Mulct, see Fine. 
Mule, s. katsar, -t&, n. 
Muleteer, s. katsaragtlr, -ra, m. 
Mnlisk, see Obstinate. 
Multiple, a. zaite dodo. 
Multiplication, s. tsJi^ou^i, -ne, 
/. ; gunakar, -ra, m. (Arith.) 
Multiply, V. 1. ts^&i, c. v.^ or 
tsfkd k&r; pass. ts. za. 
2. gunakfir k&r; bet, gugsi. 

Multitude, s, zomo, -mea, m. ; 

raa, -si.y^ ; by sS-bar = many ; 

kh6J, -\i,f. = a gathering. 
Mummy, s. mummi {a word 

common to many Oriental 

languages ) ; porm&laillen 

moden, -dea, n. 
Mumps, .r. 1 . keppaten, -\e&, n. 

2. bit&rlo rag, -gE, m. = I. 

interior anger. 
Municipality, J. l.(3erantle, or 

aeraCe) ^dhipMi, //■ m. 
2.8er (or sar), -ra, «. 
Munificence, s. uddarpon, 'rtl, n. 
Munificent, a. uddar. 
Mnnition, s. pagar, -t&, m. = I. 

a wall; see Fortification. 
Murder, s. khuni, -ye,/. 
Murder,7'.jiT8inmar; kbunik&r. 
Murderer, s. khunigar, -ra, m. 
Murderous, a. khuniyetso. 
Murky, a. kajokatso. 
Murmer,^. l.purpur=grumbler 

m&namlLna ul&i. 

2. siri ul&i = I. speak a cook 

Murrain, s. monzatiapida, -de,/. 

MuBole, ^. 1- eniiyu (Sans., Cn, 

Mr.^t «. «., or potra, -re,/ 

2./f. dhat, -ti,/ = /. strength. 

3. Sindarpi, -pi,/ (a shell-fish). 
Mnehroom, s. almben, -bea, fr. 
Music, s. 1. gayan, -na, ». used 

comm./or -vocal m.; c/f.kan- 
tar, -ra, n.,/r. 
2. T3.zap, -zpa, »., esp. instru- 
mental m. 

Mus S 

Knsieal, i- gayanateo; B&ma- 
pddtso = /. falling together, 


Muieian, s. 1. vl^. k&atarist, 
-ta, m. ; gayanagar, -ra, m. 
2. Tazpi,-pia, ^.(inBtrumental). 
Hnsket, s. b&nduk, -ke,/: 
Mmketiy, s. biLndukanfar,-ra, m. 
Hnalin, s. mMm&l, -la, n. 
Most, s. ros(d), -sfi, ;». 
Must, V. By the Necess, mood; 
absolutely, zai, or girz asa. 
Mnstard, s. sasaun, -sva, ». 
Kastard-plaflter, s. saBvatso lep 
(e), -pa, m.\ vlg. plaster, 
-ra, wj. 
Snster, v. fouz p61e; foazi me* 
loan p61e; baz&r za = /. be 
present; ni6!=/. be collected, 
M. np courage = dhair ghe. 
JIitstineBS, s. bato, -tea, m. 
Knflty, a. batello. 
Xnt&bility, s. b^lasarken, -ke&, 


Mnt«, a\ t6nd yenatullo ; mono. 

Kntilate, zi. niQtrok&r = /. make 

abort; uno kar=/. diminlBb; 

Bands kat&r^/. cut members. 

Hatinesr, s. katkaycgar, -ra, m.; 

kutagar, -ra, m. = l. making 


7 Mys 

Xntinous, a. katkayetso. 
Kutiny, J. katkai, -ye,y. 
Hntmy, ^- katkai k&r. 
Hatter, ii. milnamS,na kiLr; m6na 

bit&r ul^ = /. speak within 

the heart. 
Untton, s. bokrea^n mas, -sS, 

n. = I. meat of sheep. 
Hotual, a. yekamekatso. 
Mszzle, J. sondi, -ye,/., e.g. of 

a dog ; muskar, -ra, n. 
My, fron. mozo. 
Hyriad, s. dha bazar. 
ICyrobalan, s. 3,rdo, -de&, m. (a 

email fruit). 
ICyrrh, s. vlg. mir, -ra, «.; perh. 

pormola r6s(6), -sa, m.; mu- 

Hyeelf, pron. aunts"; see Gram. 

P. II. ch. iu. 
Kysteriona, a. gutatBO. 
Myetery, s. 1. mister, -ra, «., 

fr.\ gut, -ta, m. 
2. kbSn, -na, m. = a decade of 

the rosary. 
Kystic, a. gutatso; gudartba- 

vivor sangtolo ; gudartb vi- 

■ystify, V. dubauD uiai; m5s(6) 

kar=/. deceive; sampdai=/. 


■ Google 

K&bob, ;■ l.n&bab <7riiS>rab,-b&, 

m. (a Mussulman prince)-, 

used also fg., e,g, n&baba 

bilri ul&ita a be speaks like 

a n. 
2. duduS4ik — I. & man of 

Nadir,- s, nadir, -ra, »., fr. or 

the Mr. adhodwa, -5e,/., or 

patalabbag, -ga, m. 
Na^;, see E&ok. 
Nail, s. l.nakii, -se,y., of tbe 

Hail, "s. khilai, c.v.: 'n. to tbe 

cross = kurs&r kb. or z6d'. 
Naive, a. eado; nisk&p{i. 
Naked, f7. vingo; nagdo; ngto = 

/. open, fg. 
Make n. = vingfLi ; bet. vingo 

Nakedness, s. nagdepon, -aa, ».; 

viijigepo?, -;ia, n. 
JXtmBi s. l.nann, nara, n. 

2. alkugn, -gna, n. = family n., 


3. boreii naan = /. a good name, 

4. utir, -tra, n. = I. & word. 
5.ulo, -lea, m.^l. a call, e.g. 

taka ulo karta = be calls 
bim by name. 
In my n. = mojeaaTinf'^mojea 
narar. What is your n. = 
tnjen nauii kiten? What is 

tbe name of that thing s 
tfika kiten montat. Enjoy a 
good n, = borgit nauii bhog. 
Give a name = naun do?6r. 
Hurt tbe good n. = (borefi) 
naun pad k&r. 

Name, v. 1, moris/. say, Dai. 
thing; nSun utsar == /. pro- 
nounce tbe name ; ulo kar s 
/. call by name; nauc dovdr 
s /. put a name, e. g. in 
2.nemsi = /. appoiot; nomiyar 
= /. nominate. 

Namely, ad. monje, or mun&en = 
I. to say ; or molear = /. if 
you say. 

Namesake, s. teats nava,tsom3,nis, 
-nsa, m. 

Nap, s. 1, loufi, -ove, /. = I. 
2. z6p, -pa, «. {var. -pi,/.) = /. 
abort or half sleep: 'take a 
D. = Ian nid kana, or \. n. 
kad, or adp64'. 

Nape, s. man, -ne,/. = neck. 

Napkin, s. vlg. t6ndatso tuvalo, 
-lea., m., fr.; bat pnsiSea 
Ingat, -gta, n. 

Nareotie, a. nidauntso = /. caus- 
ing to sleep. 

Narrate, v. sang, or mon. 

Narration, s. kiltba, -the, /. = I. 
a story; sang-^eu, -;^ea, n. 

Narrow, a. aSir, e.g. n. road. 
„, „ L.oogic 



Narrow, v. &sir b&r. 
Narrowneas, s. aiirai, -ye,/. 
Nasal, a. naUn = through the 

NaBtiuess, s. mhelepon, -^a, n, 

Naaty, a. Ulaik; mhelo', kanta- 

Nation, s. p&rza, -je,/.; zat, -ti, 
/.,kuli,-ye,/. = atribe, used 

also/om.; s&s&t,-Bti,/. = /. 

National, a. zatitso or kaliye- 

tao ; gauutso =s I. of the 

Native,<i. 8&iiiibat80=/. natural; 

(yea) gauntso = /. of (this) 

country; vlg. angatso = /. 

of here. 
N. country=szallogaun,-ganTa, 

m. vlg. \ vilayet, -ta, «. 

Nativity, s. z&lm, -ma, m. =birth. 

N. of 0. L. J. C. = Natal, -la, «. 

N. of the B. V. M. = Montifieii 

f^st, -ta, n. 
Natural, a. 1. Bfiimbatso, = not 

artificial, not violent, e.g. 

death, gifts. 

2. niz, or niskilpti, opf. to af- 

3. adarazallo (put) = a n. son ; 

Naturalise, v. ts&lto kilr. 
Nature, s. sJlimh, -b§, ». {also 

in fhilos. mn.)\ gup, -9a, m. 

= I. quality, character ; see 


Naughty, 1. 1. iUdposi; alsi^/. 

2.g&rjek pddanatuUo = /. not 

falling to neceBsity. 
3. tantalmari ; pad = I- bad. 
Nausea, s. vonkaro, -rea, m. 
Naneeate, i/. vonkaro yeta = /. 

nausea comes. 
NaoaeouS] a. vonkareatso; kan- 

taleatso=i/. of abhorrence. 
Nautloal, a. ti^rviintso; tarvapoi- 

natso; d&ryatso = /. of the 

Navel, s. bombli, -le, /. 
Havigable, s. tarvapoipasarko; 

6et. tarun ts&ltso. 
Navififtta, v. tarvar poin kic, or 

tarvar ts&l. 
Navigation, s. tarvapoin, -na, n. 

= /. travel on ship. 
Navigator, s. kb&Iasi, -sia, m, = 

ex. sailor ; tarvoti, -tia, m. 
Navy, s. tarvan, pi. of tarun; 

tarvanme}(d), -IS,, m. = f . a 

collection of ships. 
Nay, ad. rs. pavanan a /. does 

not reach (suffice); rs. n&ints 

, . .bS,gar= not only . . .but 

also; porten = /. on the con- 
Near, a. 1. l&gin Asullo, or lag- 
Silo; siLrBinasullo,(7rB&rsilo; 

2. sfi.iro 3 /. relative. 
Near, ad. lagiS {empk. ISgints); 

Sro; 'very near = lagin la- 

'Smxiprep. liLgin, k&^e; s&rsiii. 
„„ „ L.oogk- 


Hesrly, ad, lagiS lagiS, e.g. 

30 (lesB than 3< 

e.g. n. 30; ts^avot; tead- 

nnen = more or less; sumar 

= I. about {Lat. cirdter'). 
N. related = lagsilo siiro. 
Neat, S' goruafi, pi. n. ■= cattle. 
Neatf a. oit&l = /. pure; sund&r 

= /. nice ; ts&nd = /. Dice, 

Neatness, s. nitS,lpoii, -na, ».; 

sunditrai, -ye,/. 
Neceesarily, a<^. &'v&b zann = /. 

being necessity; iy the Neces. 

mood; see Gram. 
Necessary, a. By the Neces. mood; 

e.g. it is n. to go = votsazai; 

g&rjetso; zS,i asullo; z&rur = 

/. urgent. 
It is n. = zai, Prs. Dot. 
Necessity, s. 1. girz, -je,/ 
2. akant, -ta, m. = /. distress; 

kUSt, -ta, ?n. ; d£igd, -dan,^/. 

m. == sufferings. 
Neck, s. l.golo (g^lo),-Iea, ffi., 

pr., fg.y e. g. of a vessel; 

gomto, -tea, vt. (var, gomti, 

2.g4rdan, -na, n. = the 'first 
stomacb' or 'shaking-piece' 
of a cow ; also the neck itself. 
Ifeoklaoe, s. s6r, -rS, m., pi. s6r 
(£-ener.) ; goleatso mbEl, -la, 
m.; penmen, -dea, «, = a 
golden n.; pouleaniSen kdnt, 
-ta, «., of coral; poulean&i 
siri, -ye,/.; pidduk, -ke,/., 
of golden beads, or also of 


common beads; fugador,-rs, 
m., with gold and precious 
stones; tsakr^sor, -ra, m. = 
a kind of golden n. ; k&nti, 
-te,y. = a golden a. 

Need, see Necessity and Neces- 

Needful, a. gitrjetso; g&rjeront. 

Needle, s. suvi, -ye,/. 

Needy, a. dublo; see Poor, Indi- 

Nefarious, a. khoto. 

Negiation, s. naka moniSan, or 
nafi moniSen; 

Neglect, V. beparvo kiir, G. M. ; 
neg. form of Iftkia k&r; 
m&kSa k&r = do not mind ; 
neg. form ^z&t&D kane. 

Neglect, J. l.beparvo, -vea, «., 
(jr beparvai, -y9,f; ftiakSa, 
2. alsai, -ye,/ = /. laziness. 

Negligence, s. udaain, -na, n. 

Negligent, a. beparri; alsi; fiid- 

Negotiate, v. I. Cm. uUi = /. 
speak with. 
2. kfirar kir =/. make an agree- 
ment, Cm.; kam k&r = /. 
make business ; vepar k&r = 
/. make traffic. 

Negotiation, s. 1. ulonen, -nea, 
». = /. speaking. 
2. k&r&r, -rS, m. = I. an agree- 
S.repir, -ra, m. 

Negotiator, s. 1. dot, -ta, «. = /. 
an ambassador. 



2. d^lal, -la, m. = an agent; 
Takil, -la, m. = ex. a pleader, 
yet apparently used also 
for n. 

3. Tepari, -ria, m. = L& trader. 
Ne^b, V. kilikil. 
Neij:Uioiir, s. I. pelo, -lea, m., 
e.g. love yonr n. 

3. sezari, 'ri^, -m. = one living 
cloae to another; dairo sezari. 

Ifaifkbonrhood, s. lagsili sniit, 

4e,/.; 6ei. rs. 
In the ueighboarhood = lagin, 
or aro. 

Heifliboiirin^, a. lagsilo, or la< 
gin aeullo ; laguo asullo (or 
ISgti) = /, attached ; rs. bS- 
glak — at the door. 

Neither — nor, conj. -i = also, wM 
the negative particle added 
to the verb; e.g. he i& n. 
old n. young = to t&rnatoi 
B&in, mataroi n^n. 

Neither, <i. toyi nan {or ■akia), 
Toyi naS (or nain) = /. that 
also not, thlB also not, (nan 
or nfi.ifi joined to the verb). 

ITeophyte, s. novo kristaun, ^ta- 
va, tn. 

Nephew, s. batso, -iSea, m. is the 
n. of a brother or sister 
only when it is the child of 
the sister or brother; putnyo, 
-yea, m, is the n. of a brother 
or sister according as it is 
the child of the brother or 
Bister ; bhavatso pat, or 
boinitso put, -ta, m. 

Nerve, J. 1. Sir, -re,y; = /. vein, 
is used also for n. {in Mr. 
too)\ t&nti, -te, /. 
^.fg. bdl, -la, n. ^ I. strength. 
NerTOOB, a. 1 . Ijr asf Ho. 
2./g. bizttd = /. shy, of ner- 
vous temperament. 
3. b6!adik = /. strong. 
Nest, s. I . gont^r^, -ra, m. ; gild, 
-da, m. 
2.y^.a8ro,-rea,m.a/. a refuge. 
Net, s. zai, -Ifi, n. 
Nettle, s. khatkutli, -le,/. = Lai. 

Nettlfl) V. korzili, c. v. ^korza. 
Net-work, s. kap6a, -6e,/. 
Nentral, a. p&ksapatnatallo. 
Neutrality,^- nanp£Lkiap&t,-ta, n. 
Never, ad. kedinta = ever, wttk 
the neg. nan {Joined to the 
verb, if there be any). 
K. mind = vod n&in; (intaniin. 
N. more = afie uprant {or phu- 
dea)kedints. . . .nan, or ani 
Nevertheless, conj. \. -i or 'Oi add' 
ed to the conditional, e.g. 
altboagh Peter does not help 
me, n. I will lore him = z&- 
rit&r Pedru maka kumok 
k&rin&n aun tatso mogui 
k&rtao; or -i added to the 
verb of the protasis sv-ffices, 
and n. is omitted. 
2. zaleari, used absolutely. 
New, a. novo; vodol zallo, or 
vodoltso, or vodol aillo. 
K. moon = amas, -si,/. 

„, „ L.oogic 


Nev-oomer, s. p&rdeii, -iia, m.= 

I. a foreigner; atari ail1o = 

who came now. 
Newish, a. noYoao. 
Newly, ad. vodol ; ailerar. 
News, J. kobar, -bre, /.; vftrta- 

maa, -n&, n.; y&z&i, -de,/.; 


puk&ro, -reS, m. = l.& report, 

Lai. rumor. [aik. 

Beceii:e n. •= kob&r ghe, or k. 
I have no n. ai mfika kob&r uSS, 

mn. I do not know any thing 

(about it). 
Newspaper, see Jonmal. 
Next, a. lagsilo or lagiS Ssullo. 
N. year = dneren v&rs, or 

phudan, or muk&rik. 
Next, ad. l.lagin, or s&raifl. 
2. magir = I. afterwards; oflen 

rs. into aprant preceded by 

a participle \ see Gram. 
Nib, s. pint, -ta, «., e.g. of a 

pen; dom&s, -msE, m. 
Nibble, f. kha, e.g. a mouse 

nibbles ; or bet. taats&i. 
Hioe, s. 1 . Barko == I. exact. 

2. ta&d aarko = too exact. 

3. nazuk = exact, too exact, 
delicate, squeamish, dainty. 

4.t8&nd = beautiful, H. K.\ 

S.suadik = tasteful. 
6. bezari = fastidiona. 
Nicety, J. l.nazukfti, -ye,/.; see 

2. aobai, or sobitai, -ye,/. = I. 


Nioku&me, .!. 3dnfLun,-aTa,n.z:/. 

against-name ; pSd naun = /. 

bad name. 
Niece, s. 1. baiSi, -iSe, /, or boi- 

niti du, -Te,/ = I. daughter 

of a eister. 
2, davdi,-de,/, or bh&vaoi da= 

/. daughter of a brother. 
Niggr&fd, a. snrati; imto. 
Nig-gardlinesB, J. aurat, -ta, m. ; 

imtepop, -na, ». 
Nigh, see Near. 
Night, J. rat, -ti,/ 
By n. = ratir, or r&tiSeff, or 

ratfiea velar. 
Night-mare, see Ineubns. 
Nightly, a. rattso. 
Nimble, a. taurk; sndsudit; uaar; 

see Qulek, 
Nimblenees, J. sudsudai, -ye, /.; 

tsurk, -ka, n. 
Nine, o- n6u. 
Ninefold, a. nondodo, or n6u 

pauti ts&d. 
Nip, V. 1, £imto kad = /. give a 

pinch.<Si = cut ofif by means of 

the finger and thumb, e.g. 

a flower. 
Nippers, s. ftimto, -tea, m. 
Nipple,^. 1. 6ia&, -ive,/. 
2. h^rdefi, -defi, n. = I. breast, 

/g.; than, -n&, n. 
Nit, s. lik, -ke,/. 
No, ad. 1 , nan is used to deny ex- 
istence, (^ being in a place. 
2, niifl, in denying the posses- 
sion of some quality. 

„, „ L.oogic 



3. naka, in an imperat. and 
optative mn, 

4. i^e whole sentence may be 
repeated in neg. form, as in 
Z^tin, Joining the negative 
to the verb. 

Ho, a. 1. the affirmative cor- 
responding adj. is used with 
neg, particle joined to the v. 
2. nan, e.g. no strength = b61 
nan; kain a&n « something 
Ho more = aoi . . .nan. 

No one, no body = kon nan. 
Nobility, s. m&nt&a, -na, n., e.g. 
a. of a family; rodponi, -;ia, 
n. = l, greatness; vortepon, 
-9a, «., or TOrten m6n, -na, 
n. = sublimity. 
Noble, a. 1. m&ntilD&ntlo, e.g. 
a. family. 
2./g. vorto = /. sublime; vodlo 
= /. great. 
NoA,v. l.hisarodias/. giTeahint; 
tSkli hfiUi = /. move the 
head ; t&kli bagai = I. incline 
the head. 
2. dole m6d(6) = I. break the 
eyes,^. give a hint. 
Hod, f . l.z^mi^r j&m,-me,y.=/. 
sleepiness, drowsiness. v. 
Hoiae, s. gouji, -je,/.; b6b, -be, 
/., or bobat, -\i, /., of ciy- 
ing oat, or any loud sound ; 
see Grating. 
Make ^ n. = gouji kAr, or b6b 
mar = cry. 

Noisome, a. 1. pad; &l8ik = /. 

dirty; nanbolaiketso. 
2. kantaleatso = disgusting. 
NoiBjr, a. gouji k&rtso, or gouje- 

tso; b6b martso. 
Nomadio, a. bonntso. 
Nomenolatnre, ^. 1. s&bdanbb&n- 

d&r, -r&, n. ssl. a treasure 

of words {anal, to Air,). 
2. pHribhasika utran = /. tech- 
nical words, {Mr. Cn. Gn.) 

n, u. 
Nominal,i. I. rs. vdr&u (or u&Ya) 

p&rma^e, or perh. naviitso. 
2. utrantso * /. of words. 
Nominally, ad. bh&ilean&ts ■■ 

exteriorly only ; e. g. bh. 

dak^ta^he shows exteriorly 

only; see KominaL 
Hominate, v. mfyo. ; see Appoint. 
Nomination, s. mokruri, -re,/.= 

/. appointment. 
Nominee, s. mokrur kello. 
None, see No. 
HonsfliiBe, s. nakazallo, -lea, tn.\ 

zank, -ki, /.; irthnatullin 

utranW. insignificant words; 

piseaponaSin utrfin = foolish 

words; ragleaii utfir, -trS, 

n. = l. a confused word. 
Noon, s. donpar, -ra, m.: 'at 

noon E donparan'. 
Noose, s. pas, -sa, m., e.g. for 

birds, pr,^ fg. ; gant, -ti, /. 

— knot; bandpas, -sa, m. 
Noose, V, nad k&r = /. make 

tricks {or. nad is^i). 




Nor, conj. ani. . .nan; see Hei- 

tter — nor. 
Normal, a. kr^mantri;. 
North, s. b&dg or b^&g, -dga, 

n.'. 'in the n. = b^gak'. 
Northern, a- 1)d,dgatso. 
Nose, s. u&k, -kii, n. 
Lead by the n. =kaDant simpti 

gbal; nak korpi = tease. 
Speak through the q. = nakin 

i^ar. nakian) ul&i. 
Noaejay, f. pdd, -da, m.\ see 

Nosology, s. pidansaatry, -ra, n. 
Nostalgy, -f. (gaun&i) ala, -ee,/. 
Nostril, s. DakafieD pad, -da, ». 
A man without nostrila = eimro, 

-reft, m. 
Nostrum, s. gntavokat, or gupit 

Tokat, -kta, »., or ihe Hind., 

Mr. buta or buti, -ti,/. 
Not, ad. nan, or n&,iQ joined to 

the verb; used also in sen- 
tences like this: who would 

not wonder? 
Notable, a. ts&trayeteo, or tsft- 

trai lavozallo. 
Notary, s. mag-nensaDbdg,-^a, m. 
Notation, s. ts&trai, -ye,/.; §&ro, 

-rea, m. 
Notoh, s. katrap, -pa, n. 
Note, s. 1. gartij, -ta, m. = l. a 

sign {it might also be used 

for a musical n.) 

2. ietyar, -ra, m. = a public 

3. ts&trai, -ye,/., or aftro, -rea, 
m.\ see Notation. 

4..filt, -ti,/ = a memorandum. 
5,taIo, -lea, w». = a vocal ut- 
terance; or taleatso jinos, 
-nsa, m. 
Note, V. l.gurti^ kJir = ^. make 
a sign. 
2. tsiltrai k^r = I. make a re- 
mark; £>;■ a/jo pay attention. 
Note-book, s. ts&trayefiea pas- 
tak, -kfi, «., or anal, to Cn. 
Noted, a. vodlo = /. great; nS- 

vadgo = /. famous. 
Nothing, s. kairi nafE (nan being 
joined to the verb): 'be does 
n. = to kain k&rijian'; emph. 
kaints nan. 
Once we were n. = amin y^k 

p&uti kftints natuUeaun. 
We should fall into n. if, . . 
= &nun nftp&ints zatdaun, 
zftrt&r. . . . 
Notice, s. l.kobar, -bre,/. 

2. abiprai, -ye,/ -= /. informa- 

3. ts&trfiri, ' -ye, /. ; see Note: 
take n. of = tB&trai k&r; see 

Notioe, V. k&l, or k&lit za = /. 

get known; ts&trili kfir; pdle 

- 1, look. 
Notlflcation, s. vlg. notis, -sa, 

n.,fr.\ see Adrertisement. 
Notify, V. k&I&i, or k&lit k&r 

(make known). 
Notion, s. l.&rth, -tha, tn.=l. 

meaning, e.g. nor does any 

other n. underlie this word. 
„, „ L.oogic 

Not , 


2.alo<3en, -ni, /. = /. opinion, 

S.kobar, -bre,/^ a: /. news, 
i.sikon, -ni,y; = I. instruction. 
S.y&ridea, conception; seeJiei. 
Kotorions, a. p£irgM. 
fiotwtthBtanding, see HeTBrtbe- 

ITom, s. naufi, n^va, n. 
Konriflh, v. p6e, also beasts ; je- 
yan di, or jevoi ; yadfii = /. 
cause to grow. 
Nonrisiuii^, d. bolaiketeo. 
NonriBbment, s. posap, -spa, n. 
or po8(6), -sa, m.\ see Food. 
Kovel, a. novo. 
Novel, s. k&tha, -the,/.; k&ni, 

-ye,/. = a fable. 
IToTena, s. noven, -na,M.^.; salyi, 
-ve, / ; nou diB&n5en mag- 
ne3, -nea, n. 
lIOTiae,^. iimeduar,-ra, fn.;ume- 
duarsastri, -ria, ». (a n. in 
religion); p&rikser asullo. 
Horitiate, ^. pariksekal, -la, m, 
= 1. s, time of examination ; 
t&nbekEl, -Ifi, m. = l.& time 
of trial. 
Now, ad. &taiL, empk. atants. 
N — n.=:thode pauti. , . thode 

N. and tben = thode pauti, or 

tov61 toY61. 
Nowadays= 1. atan or yeliB di- 

2. yedfil, used more comm. with 
piriyant = till, e. g. atan 
p. = till now. 

Nowliere,oi/.kb&in*nan {tkeneg. 
being joined to the verb) = 
I, somewhere not. 

Noxious, d. 1. luksiinMso. 
2. &kmanat30=^ offensive; vaif 
(in Is/ and 2ndmn.), or bet. 
rait k&rtso. 

Nugatory, a, r^rt; besto; 6eStfi- 
yetso ; nispr^yoj&natso. 

Nniaance, s. bezarai, -ye, / 

Null, a. \.rs. rftddtj - nullity, 
invalidity; or r&dd^ asi^Uo. 
2.v6rt = /. useless; &thir,«.w.; 
see InTalid. 

Numb, a. isvenatuIlo = /. sense- 
Be n. = jim za = be struck. 

Number, s. 1. flnko, -kea, m. = 
aritbm. n. 
2. zomo, -mea, m, = I. multi- 
tude; sibar = many. 
3. 8l6k, -ka, m. = I. poetry; or 
bet. 8l6kamap, -pa, n. = mea- 
sure of poetry. 

Number, v. lek(e) = count. 

Numberless, a. l&kn&tuUo; S,g&- 

Nnmbness, see IneenBibOity. 

Numeral, a. Snke&ntso. 

Numerator, s. I. l^k k&rtolo. 
2. ilu3io, -SeS, m., of a fraction. 

Numerous, a, s&bar, or zaito, or 
tBUd; see Uany. 

NnmiBmatio, f . naneanvidya, -ye, 


Nun, s. vlg. madri, -ri {or 
madrij.-ri),/.; kanyastri, -re, 
f.^n-c, deukanya,-ye^,«.c. 

Nun 3 

Nanoio, s. dut, -ta, m. (pap saiba- 

dut), of high rank; r&vani, 

-Qia, m. 
Nunnerj, s. vlg, konveiit, -ta, «., 

or madrintso bonglo, -lea, 

m.; (kjiayastreaii) in6t, -ta, 

m., n. u, 
NaptialB, see Marriagre. 
NursB, s. 1. aya, -ya, /.; see 

2.dudkarii, -ni,/. 
Horse, v. I. vagal; vlg. Ciuo di 

or dud di. 
^./g. fuslai = I. fondle. 

6 Obj 

3- rak = attend to an invalid. 

Nusety, s, 1. borgeankud, -da, 
n.; vlg. palneakud, -da, n. 
2.Tadoun5an garpan, -na, n. 
= I. institution for educat- 
ing, or the Mr. paianasthan, 
-na, »., n. u. 

Hnt, s. f61, -la, «. 

Nntmef, s. zaif6I, -la, n. 

Nutriment, s. ahar, i^r har, -ra, m. 

Hatrition, s. poeap, -spa, n., or 
p68(6), -sa, m. 

NutritiTe, a. pdstso. 

Hrz Tomiaai s. kazro, -rea, m. 

0, int. 1. ye, used to invite 
2. ah; k^takata. 
O&k, s. some say vr^ksaraja, -ja, 
m„ but it is a very uncer- 
tain equivalent. 
Oar, s. Tolo, -lea, tn. 
Pull with the oar = v. kad. 
Oatk, s. p&nuait, -na, n. ; soput, 
-ta, m. = a, private o., or 
only an af&rmation, adding 
s&t, or kh^ents. 
Keep an 0. = p. sambal. 
Take an o. = p. k^r. 
On o. = p&rmanar. 
Tender an o. = p&rman k&runk 
Obduracy, 5. sSl,-]a,».;h&t,.ta,», 

Obdurate, a. l.sMiSt. 

Obedience, n. khaltepoci, -tta, n. 

Obedient, a. khalto. 
Be o. = G. utir aik. 

Obediently, ad. khalto zaun. 

Obeisance, ^. n^m^skar, -ra, m. 

Obey, V. G. ut&r aik = /. hear 
the word of; khalto zaun 
asa; khalto zaun ts&l; (vodi* 
lani^ea utrak man di; v. u. 
palo di). 

Obituary, s. mellean&en Uk, -ka, 
«.; melleanoi p^tti, -%%/. 

Object, s. I. irado, -dea, m., e.g. 
the 0. of the sacraments 
(Lat.^nis = Gni); sev6t, .^, 
m. (an aim). 

„, „ L.oogic 

Obj 3 

2. v^Btij, -tu, /. = /. a thing, 

Z.for 'object of science' 'a}e can 
Perh. use the obsolete uoun 
{Mr. also) visAya {/rom 
which the word nSyant = 
about is derived); otherwise 
Object, ?>■ 1. adai = /. prevent; (^ 
adk&! k&r, or MAi k&r; 
abSep kfLr, or a. ha4 = bring 
2.»eg. of 'pks&aA kfi.r = /. ap- 
prove; inkar k&r (.i4trf;.)=:/. 
make resistance. 
Objection, s. adk^l, -li,/"-; Mr- 

t&t, -ti,/.; addi, -Ag,/. 
Objective, a. 1. vastuntso^/. of 
the things. 
2.bhfiilo=/. exterior; kh&rots 
= real. 
Objnr^ate, v. bestai. 
Objurgation, s. bestauneo, -nea, 

«., or bestauni, -ne,/". 
Obli^tion, s. 1 . kaido, -dea, m. = 
/■ a duty. 
2. upkar, -ra, m. = l. a benefit. 
Contract an o. = kiiido zodun 

Be under an o. = rs. devo aaa, 
Sd. Inslrum. (avefi tukfi devo 
asa); or (maka) kaido asa. 
Obli^atoTy, a. rs. into kaido asa ; 
gUrjetso; k&rizai asijllo, or 
Obli^, V. formal = /. command; 
lal = /. apply, attach,^. 
You will 0. me, if = &un tuba 

7 Obs 

upkari zaun vort&utolon zir- 

Obli^iiiff, a. mogal; upkari; vod- 

netso, or vodui diuntso = I. 

giving inclination, (sympa- 

thetic), «. c. ; handtso = /. 

binding,,^., n. c. 
Obligdiij^neSB, s. mogajpo? , -na, n. 
Oblique, a. vankdo, pr.fg. 
Obliquity, s, vankdepori, -na, n. 

or vankud, -da, «. 
Obliterate, i>. 1. pus = /. cancel; 

%fg, uiio za = I. become less, 

e.g. the memory of. 
Obliteration, s. pusap, -spS, «. 
Oblivion, s. visAr, -ri,/. 
Oblivions, a. visari; visrauntso; 

Oblong, a. digso. 
Obloquy, J. gal,"-li,/. = /. abase; 

adulonen, -nea, «. = /. talk 

ObnczioaB, a. 1 . p6dtso =/. falling, 

e.g. to risk; ukto ghallo = /. 

put open, or only nkto (or 

ugto); sarko added io the verb, 

e.g. pddaearko=/. oh. to fall. 
2. luksanatso = /. hurtful. 
Obaoene, a. hurso, p6zdo = dirty, 

/g.; lajiSt = I. shameful; ftu- 

miryaditao = /. unbecoming ; 

aiaik = /. ugly,y^.; kanta- 

leatso= abominable,^.; m6s- 

titso = I. luxurious. 
Obaoenity, s. hursepon, -na, n.; 

p6zdepon, -ria, n.; aisikpon, 

-na, n.\ m68t, -ti,/. 



Obsonration, s. kal6k, -ka, m. 
Obscare, -T. l.kalokatso; kalBO = 
/. somewhat black; uzuadoa.- 
tullo = without light. 
2. kitin = /. difficult; gu^atso 
= /. secret; somzuuk bozo 
asullo, or somzananBiirko ; 
t^zyizitso = maliciouBl7 ob. frhalko = /. low; &nTO; 
see Low. 
Obecnre, v. 1 . kalok kiir = /. 
make darkness; uzuad kad 
= /. take away light. 
2.y^. maa kad = /. take away 
Obscurity, s. 1. kalok, -ka, m.; 
^ndkar, -ra, m. 
I.fg: &nvepon,-na, «.; uneponi, 
-na, M. = a low state. 
Obseqaions, a. 1. man diuntso, 

2. gulam = /. alayish, f^. 
Obserrance, s. 1. palo, -lea, m. 
2.riTaz,-ji,/. = /. fashion; lal, 
Observant, a. 1. man diuntso. 
2. zagrut = /. careful ; tsatrar 
yetso = attentive ; sarko = /. 
Observation, s. ts&trai, -ye, /. = 
I. a note, a remark, attention ; 
saro, -rea, m. 
Observatory, s. zotisasal, or ne- 

ketranpanditasal, -la, n. 
Observe,?'. ,1. p61e. 
2. tsfltrai k9,nge = take care, 

or is. kar = make a note. 
S.sambal, e. g, rules, cus- 

Obsolete, a. porno=/. old ; &p.rup, 
or S,prupatso = /. rare. 

Obstacle, s. b&rk&t,-ti,/; adk^, 
-li,/.; see Objoction. 

Obstetric, a. voijigitso. 

Obstinacyj s. siLl, -la, n. ; dha- 
runai, -ye,/".; murdarpou, 
-na, «., «. c.\ see Obduracy. 

Obstinate, a. s^liit : dharun ; 
aplea vadeatso. 

Obstrnct, V. damp or dank = /. 
shut; Mdi kS.r = I. put an 

Obstruotion, s. adkiil, -li,/. 

Obtain, f. l.zod(6); atasi, ».<:.; 
magun ghe ; m^l = /. be found, 
Sb. Dat.\ za = /. become, 
Sb. Dat.\ jik = /. gain. 
2. tsil = I. walk, fg. be cur- 

Obtrude, "0. b61 kar = /. mako 
force, compel; see Intinde. 

Obtuse, d. l.dharcatuUo. 
^■fg. daddo or d&dda = /. ata- 
pid; somzanatullo. 

Obviate, v. tsukai = I. avoid; 
mukar rau = /, remain in 
face; (-ntlo) pariyar za ■= 
/. get rid of; add! k^r or&^A ; 
niyrai = I. deliver, ch. cs. 

Obvions, a- soSt = I. evident; 
pS>rg&t = /. public. 

Oocasion, £. l.s&mayo, -yea, m., 
e.g. of sin. 

2. sfindrap, -pa, m. = /. oppor- 

3. Tel(6), -la, m.-=i. time; s&ng&t* 
-gti,/. = I. circumstance. 



Ocoaslonal, a. !• rs. B&adrapa 
pjlrmane, or s&ndrapfitBO. 
2. au&it = /. casual ; fluSit g^- 
tao = /. happening cssuall;. 

Oecident, see West 

Ooonpstion, J. l.kam,-ma,ff.=/. 
business; udy6g,-ga, »».=/. 
(civil) employment. 
2, rs. into kane = /. take, oc- 
cupy; or bet. zulmeu k^os 
/, take violently. 

Ocoapied ^), v. kamar (asa) = 
/. (is) on business. 

Oeeapy, v. l.kSne s /. take. 

2. znlmeu ka^e = I. take vio- 

3. &B£i = /. is, is in possession, 
ch. cs, 

4. vistar = /. be extended, ck. 

5. k&mak Ifti s /. apply to vork, 
give -work. 

6.bh6r = /. fill, fg., e.g. oc. 

the mind with. 
Occur,?',; gM = /. happen. 
2. m6I = I. be found, ^. Dot. ; 

mdtint ye=come in the mind. 
Ooourrence, s. s&ng&t, -gti,/ = /. 

Ooeas, s. diryo, -yea, m.\ s&mdir, 

-ra, m. \ s5gor, -ra, m. used 

also/g., e.g. oce. of graces. 
Octave, s. X. vlg. oitav, -va, «., 

of a feast; fitvo dis, -sa, 

m. = I. eighth day. 
2. Stvo gurtij,-ta, m. (in music), 

or atvo tfilo, -tea, m. 
Ooulist, s. doleilnvoiz, -za, m. 

Odd (number), s. gelen {var. 
geden, -dea), -left, n., opp. to 

Odd, a. tarifetso = /, awkward. 
Odds, s. ts&dunen, -nea, n., bh§d 

(fe), -da, m. = difference. 
Be at 0. = nai asa = /. discord is. 
Ode, s. p6d, -da, ». = /. a song. 
Odiona, a. kantaleatso. 
Odium, s. hSgen, -gea, «. ; see 

Odontalgy, s. dantaiividya, -ye,/ 
Odorous, a. p&rmJtlatso. 
Odour, see 9oent 
CBoonomy, see Economy. 
(Ecumenical, see EcumeniooL 
Of, prep. 1. -tso, -Ci, -iSefi, or 

-lo, -li, -lefi ; see Gram. P. II. 


2. visyant = /. about. 

3. Instrum. or Genii, toexpress 
the material of which. 

Of late = Tod61, or ailevar. 

Of old = adifi, or adin purvin. 
Off, ad. 1. poia = far, 

%for off as a particle in com- 
pound verhs see such -verbs. 

S.tsai = go; tsJil vots = off 
with you. 

4.mukar = iii face, e.g. far 
off the promontory. 

5. lagifi = /, near. 

6. vingid = /. separated. 

Is well off = vrUddhi zaun asa. 
Offence, s. 1. jlkman, -na, m. 

2. duk, -ki,/ = /. sorrow, 

3. pad dek(6), -ki, / = A bad 



4. guayaan, -ava, m. = I. fault; 
&prad, -da, m. 
Offsnd, V. 1 . {Lkman k&r ; rag 

2.dukai, c.v. = l. afflict. 

3. patak adar = /. commit sin; 
teuk=err; mod(6)=^. break, 
y^., e. £■, o. against the com- 
mandments, cA. cs. (Ace.) 

4, pad dek(6) di = /. give bad 
example; see also Disgraee. 
Offbnsire, a. I.&kmanatso. 

2. dukountso. 

3.kantale&t30 = /. abominable; 
ai3ik = /. ngly.y^. 

4. zalmetso = /. of violence (o. 
war), or zulam kiirtso, or 
the Mr. Hind. iSadavatso. 
Ofter, V. 1 . bhetai (to God attd 
also to men), or bbefoun 

2. aomorpi, ropsi, rl. mn. 

3. di = /, give. 

4. mdtint ye = come in the 

5. k&r = I. do, e.g. o. violence. 

6. z& = /, become, e. g. an 

Offering, f. l.bWt.-te,/.; somor- 
pon, -na, «. 
2, deneS, -nea, n. = I. a, gift. 
3.ido, -dea, m. = a certain o. 
at tbe time of marriage. 
Office, s. 1. kaido, -de&, m. = 
2.kam, -ma, n.^l. business; 
ndyflg, -ga, m. (civil) em- 

3. upkar, -ra, m. = l.s, benefit, 

4. ophis, -sa, m.,/r. (eccl. o.) 

5. kaeiri, -ri, {or -re),/ = the 
place wberB public business 
is attended to. 

Officer, s. udy6gagar, -ra, m. =. 

civil 0.; foujiB&rdar,-r&, m. 

= military o. 
Official, a. s&rkaratso. 
Official, s. udy6gagar, -ra, nt., or 

iidy6g&at, -ta, m. 
Officiate, v. (kam) tsal&i. 
0. at the altar = Deva&en kam 

Officious, a. upkari; mogal ; rig- 

tso = /. interfering. 
Offing*, s. t£di poisilean. 
Offeoooring, see Bran. 
Ofibet, see Shoot 
Ofibpring, s. s&nt&t, -ii,/.; bnt- 

gifi, pi. n.\ kutam, -tma, n, 

= I, family. 
Often, ad. siibar pauti; tovdl 

As often a3=(kitle paufi) title 

Ogle, V. vfinkdo p61e. 
Ogre, s. perk, rakkds, -ksa, m. 

_= /. a monster, 
on," J. tel(6), -la, ». 
Holy 0. = vlg. benjar tel; het. 

P&vitri;^ t. 
Oil-oake, s. p6nd(§), -di,/. 
Oilmiui, s. t^Iagar (or t61kar), 

-ra, m.\ ga^egar, -r9., n. 
Oil-mill, Oil-press, s. gbano, -nea, 




Ointment, s. mnlam, -ma, «.; 

p&rm&|ii&i v&etq., -tu,yi = /. 

firagrant thing; tel(6), -la, n. 

= 1. oU. 
Old, a. l.mataro, o/persotts. 

2, porno, of things. 

3. adlo = I. anterior. 

Elder brother = vodlo bhaa 

(malgodo bh. = eldest b.). 
Of o, = adifi purrin. 
Grow o. = mataro za. 
O, age =iQatari prai, -ye,/,; or 
nt&r p., or silbar p., or ma- 
taxepon, -nS, n. 
O. maE = y6k mStaro; jabbo; 
o. woman = yfek matari; 
O. fashioned = adle riTajitao, 
Olden, a. adle 8oy6yetso = /. of 
former custom; adle sovfiye 
parmane iisullo; pomo; ad- 
lea kalatso, or adlo. 
Oligarchy, s. thodeantso &dbj- 

kar, -ra, m. . 
Olive, s. nanelatso ruk, -ka, tn.; 
Sans, jitarok; jitaf61, -la, «. 
Omega, s- fg- ^Qt, -ta, m.^l. 

Omen, s. nimit, -ta, n.\ kbuna, 
-lie, /; gurtg, -ta, m. = /. 
a sign; &drn|t, -ta, n. 
Omission, s. 86dnen, -nea, n.\ 

nak&mi, -ne,/, n.c. 
Omit, V. 1, neg. of k&r; s6d = 
2.thamb=/. cease; ra.u = /. 
remain; of bet. ran preceded 
by Gerund, neg. in tanan of 

the principal verb, e.g. jevi- 
nastanan ran = omit eating. 

Omnibns, J. t&ptilgadi, -ye,/. 

Omnipotenoe, s. s&rvi^podvi, -ve, 


Omnipotent, a. s&rrypodvedar. 
Omnipresent, a. B&rv^hfiz&ri. 
On, prep. 1. v6ir; or znd Loe. 
to show, a) a local relation, 
b) a logical basis, e.g. on 
that spot, condition. 
2.1agin = /. close. 
3. vilyant = about. 
^.by instrum., e. g. on a line = 
harin; oQtbisside=yekasin. 
Play on the violin = rebek vaz. 
da, ad. 1. mukar = /. forward. 
2. r&vanastanaa =s I. not re- 
maining (continually). 
Once, ad. y^k panti. 
At o. = 1. yek&ts pbara = /. in 
one moment. 

2. atants s jnst now. 

3. sangata=together; Boven = 
at the same time. 

One, a. 1. ySk (cardinal numb. 

and indef. article). 
2.yeklo<oan individual. 
3.vo = /. this, in to = 

that, e.g. one says... the 

other. . .; yeklo could also 

be used. 

4. pbiLiano=a certain (person). 

5. as equivalent to the German 
'ms^a^ it is omitted ; or m&nis 
or amin may be used, e.g. 
what one wishes one readi^ 
believes = amin kbosi vor- 

One 3: 

taun, ten amin sompen s&t^ 

This is the on9 = vot8; at one 

dajsyfikpauti; at one time 

= adi, or adin purrin; it 

is all o.sjek&ts. 
One another = yekameka {deck) 
Oneself, pron. apun. 
Onion, s. piyau, -yava, m. 
Only, ad. mitrij; &k3,t; by -ts; 

see Gram. 
Only, a. yek&ts ; rs. into ad. 
Onset, s. 1. zulum, -Ime, /.; 

iingarpMap, -dpa, n.\ npriU 

"i./g. gali,/ //. = /. abasings. 
Onward, ad. muk^r, 
Onw&rd, a. mnkavelo. 
Opaque, a. disanatullo. 
Open, V. 1 . ugto k&r or ugM 
(used also /or reveal). 

2. suru k&r =s /. make a begia- 
ning, G,F. 

3.katfi.r = /. cut, e.g. a. wound; 
pulai, e.g. a pustule. 

4.k&r = I. 4o, e-g- o. a way. 

0. the bowels = utk^e zS,. 

0. out = Tist&r, or s6dfii, e.g. 
a cloth. 

O. the door = bagil ugten kHr ; 

bagil kad. 
Opes, a. l.ugto. 

2.Totsayet Hsullo s /. acces- 
sible; rigasarko. 

3. p&rgilt = /. public. 

4. sado or nisk&pti = /. sincere. 
5.nis(eiBin&tnllo = /. not set- 

2 Opp 

Opening, s. l.ideS, -dea, n.\ mo- 

dS,p, -dp&, ». = /. a breach; 

fut, -ti,/ 

2. sum, -\e,/. = l. a beginning, 

an inauguration ; see Exit. 

Openly, Hi/. soSt, onp&rgkt zann; 
bh^r&itg, or bh&ileau = I. 

Operate, v. b61 asa = /. strength 
is, ck. cs.; gunak p6d = /. to 
improvement fall, ch. cs., e.g. 
a medicine, a sermon ; boro 
rigtlit^r'borolagtiiE/. enters 
or is applied well, are used 
esp. for sermons ; see Inflo- 

Operation, s. 1. k&rni, -ne, /.; 
kam, -m&, n.\ karyen, -yea, 
».; k&rm, -ma, »., n. c.\ k&r- 
turen, -vea, n. = Lat^ faci- 
nus, a bad action. 
2. katr^p, -pa, «. = /. a cutting 
(in surgery). 

Ophthalmy, s. doleantso ul6p, 
-Ipa, m. = /. inflammation of 

Opinion,^. l.alofien,-ni,/. = per- 
suasioD, judgment, set of 
tenets, esteem. 

2. gad, -di,/. = 1. & saying. 

3. &nkul, -Is,, ». = a good op. 
4.vado,-de&,Mt.= a particular 


Oplnm, s. Sphim, -ma, «. 

Opponent, s. porto ; virodhi. 

Opportune, a. ffivoto = /. due; 
layek = /. suitable; s&ndra- 
p&tso = I. ot opportunity; 
„, „ L.oogic 




siliiia kUlfitso = /. of right 
Opportunity,J. 1. sandrap, -pa, 
M.,paut,-ti,y;; B&msyo, -yea, 
m. ; iinkul, -la, n. ; s&ma 
kal, -la, m. =s I. proper time. 
2. npili, -ya, m. = I. means. 
Oppose, -v. ad ghal =put againat ; 
adkal kar or addi k^r = /. 
make obstacle. 
Opposed, a. 1 . virodh asullo. 
2. porto. 

S.mukar asuUo^A being in 
face; mukavelo. 
Opposite, a. 1. mukavelo. 
2. porto. 
In the 0. direction = porte 

Be 0. to = Dal. porto asa {Lat, 

e regione). 
O. to = mukar. 
Opposition, s. ^di, -de, /., or 
adk&l, -li,/.; virodhai, -ye, 
/. (contrariety) ; virod tfi.nd, 
-da, m. = l. a contrary part. 
Oppresa, v 1 . pr. bharan mod(6) 
= /. break by heaviness. 
^./g., c. V. = L cause 
sufferings; zulum k&r = /. 
make violence; fg, r^^ = 
/. cause to weep; duk&i = /, 
afflict, cause sorrow ; k^tai 
= /. cause pain ; ye^ik dhir, 
or y. lai = apply to forced 
work (Lai. angariare). 
Oppressed with debts = rinan 
Oppression, s. dagd, -da, m. = 

suffering; zulum, -Ime, /.; 
gul^mpon, -^a, n. s /. sla- 
very; ikman, -nS., m.= l. 

Oppressive, a. d&gdouutso; zu- 
lum k&rtso B /. making vio- 
lence; nid^ur = /. cruel. 

Oppressor, .c. d^gd3.itolo, or rS^ 
d&itolo; zulmegar, -ra, m. 

Opprobrious, a. l&jtStz=A shame- 
ful; kantaleatsQ^/. abomi- 
nable ; aisik = I. ugly, /g. ; 
S.pamanadik ; beabratso, or 
abru kadtso. 

(^probrlnm, s. Jipam&n, -oa, m.\ 
l&z, -je, y. = /. shame; beab- 
ru, -bra, m. 

Oppugn, 1). Dat. virodh ul&i = I. 
speak against; Dat. virodh 
ye = /. come against; see 

Optative, a. aSetBO. 

Optio, a. di|titBo; dr&Stitso, n.c. 

Optics, s. diatividya, -ye, /l, or 

Option, s. I . iiSfiha, -Va&,f.\ kbuli, 
2. vintsap,-t3pa,».,<7rTintsnen, 

-nea, «. = /. choice. 
I have no op. = mojea sotJin- 
trar nafi. 

Opulence, s. grestkai, -ye, f.\ 
dhSa, -na, «, ; dirven, -vea, 
n. (much money), 

Optilsnt,<i. (bhou)grest; dudua^ 
dik; dirvest; dhflnest. 

Or, conj. ya or va ; it is often 

•- A.oogk- 



Or . . . or=ya (only one or is 

Whether... or = -gi, e.g. I do 
not know w. this is right or 
not = yen s&magi tsalc au6 
nenafi, or yen s&ma ya tsuk 
men aun ne^^; will he come 
or not?=to yetologi n&n? 

Oraole,J. l.sari,-na,».=aHinda 
"i./or the 0, itself, rs. into d&rlan 
yeun sang, or (Bfi.itan) angar 
yeuE sang = /. after (the 
devil) has come in (yoar) 
hody, say ; perh. iekun, -V&, 
n.\ nimit, -t^, n. 
S./g, hhou hudivont mania, 
-nsa, m.=l. avery wise man. 

Oral, a. t6nda t6ndantto =• I. 
heingfrom month to mouth; 

Orally, ad. tdndpasin. 

Oranj^e, s. 1. sonaring (var. bo- 
nanaring, or solnS,ring, or 
naring), -rnga, n. 
2. torenj, -ja, n. (perk, pompel- 
mous, Lat. citrus decumana, 
or het. the pomilow). 

Oration, s. vlg. sermann, -avS, 
^■i /^•\ pritsing, -ga, »,, 
n. u. ; ulonen, -niea, «. 

Orator, s. has no pure Konk. 
equivalent; bestw. pr^s^nga- 
gSr, -ra, ?».; sermariat, -ta, 
m., «. c, /r.\ prSsitnga- 
p&ndit, -ta, m.; s&bhan pan- 
dit; nlonegar, -ra, m. = I. 
speaker; or nloupo, -riea, m. 

Oratorical, a. l.nnfii (bhasetso) 

= /. of nice language. 
2. ^Unkaratso = /. ornamental. 

/,; prS.s&Dgpo9, -na, «.; pr&- 

sUngap&nditpon, -na, ».; 

ftl^nkarafii v.; see Orator, 
2.mag-neii k&rSeii gb&r, -ra, 

n. = I. a house of prayer; 

vlg. kopel, -la, n.,/r. ; irmit, 

Orb, s. 1. mand, -da, m. = disk. 
2. gnlo, -}ea, m. = & globe. 
Orbit, i. hovado, -dea,«.; boun- 

di, -de,/' 
Orokard, s, (folvostniSen) t6t, -ta, 

«.; mojo -lea, m. 
Orokestra, s. 1. igS.rjemal&i, 


2. gayang&rantsomel(6),-]a,m. 
= a body of aiugera. 

3. gayangaran&en sal, -la, n. s 
/. a hall of singers. 

Ordain, v, 1. formal = /. com* 
mand; nemsi = /. appoint. 
2. ordinark^r (Jr.), rl.; pd,Titr7 
&dhikar di = /. give sacred 
power, or the Mr. dbarma- 
dhikaraSi diha di ^ I. give 
initiation in religious autho- 
rity. (In pass. for diput mil 
= I. be found, received). 

Ordainer, £. l.nemaitolo. 
2.ordinar k&rtolo; d&rmadhi- 
karaiSi diha ditolo. 

Ordeal, s. k&tin t&nki, -ke,/. = ^. 
a difBcalt trial. 

Order, s. l.manclavoi, -li, y.= 
... ,,L.oogk 

Ord 3 

good diapositioD; kTiim,-ina, 
«. = regularity. 
a.hukum, -kme,/. = /. a com- 
mand; takid, -de,/. = a spe- 
cial order; forman, -na, «. 
S.huddo, -dea, m.=l. rank; 
thS,r, -ra, m. = I. kiad, class. 
4. mel(6), -}». m. = l.& college, 
society, reunion ; yekot, -ta, 
OT.; vlg. 6rd, -di,/. 
S.ord, -di,/.i in rl. mn. 
C.hundi, -ye,/. = an order for 
money. [y^. 

Take holy orders = ordinar za, 
Order, v. 1 . mand = /. arraiige ; 

e^ma ghal = /. put right. 
S.hakum {or takid) di=/. give 

Ordsriy, ad. s&ma; Barken; kr&- 

Oidinaoee, ^. istyar, -ra, n. = an 
authoritative proclamation. 
Ordinaiily, ad. 1 . ts&davot zaan ; 


2. snmar (in a common degree). 

Otdinuy, a. sadarn ; see Common. 

Organ, s. sando, -deii, m.=l. a 

member (nol ex.); perA. aid, 

-da, «.; g6p, -pa, «., e. £■. 

of plants (/. boBom,_;^.) 

Organic, a. sande asnllo ; g6pa- 

tBO, or g6p asullo. 
Organism, s. 8andeafflel(e), -la, 

m.;pl. sande = organs. 
Organiaation, s. g&dap, -dpa, n.; 
me!(£), -la, m.; mandavol, 
-|i,/. = ;. -diepOBition ; Set. rs. 
into V. 

5 Orp 

Org:anize, v. mand s /. arrange ; 

rup di = /. giye form; melHi 

= /. unite; g^=/. foand; 

sfLma glial = /. put right. 
Oriel, see Balcony. 
Orient, see E&st. 
Orifice, J. t6nd, -da, «.,y^.; see 

Origin, s. 1. flr&mb, -b&, m.\ 

Buru, -ve,/. =/. a beginning. 
2. kutam, -tma, «.=/. afamily. 
S.mul, -la, «. = /. a root,^. 
Original, a. 1. poilo = /. first; 

&rilmbatBO, or suruvetso, or 

sorrer asullo; siimbatso=/. 

natural, e.g. o. sin; ziilma- 

tso = A of nativity. 
2.niz=/. true. 
Original) s. 1, &b^1, -sla, n., opp. 

to copy. 

2. n&muDO,-aea,m.=a sample. 

3. tarifetso m&nis, -ni&, m.=l. 
a curious man. 

Originate, v. &r&mb asa = /. ori- 
gin is, ck. cs.\ mp&zS.; k£ir = 
I. do; r&ts = /. create; suru 
k&r s= /. make a beginning; 
z&lm&i = /. beget ; za = /. 
become; ubz&i {c. v. ^ubza) 
= /. cause to become. 

Ornament, s. JLlUnkar, ^a, nt., 
fr.fg,\ neton, -ni,/.; surun- 
gar, -ra, m., n.c. 

Ornament, i). &l&nkar k&r, G. M, 
(persons and things) ; netiii, 
c. V. (esp. persons). 

Ornamental, a. £il&nk&ratao. 

Orplian, ct. p6r {it means also any 

Op 3i 

poor little boy) ; avoib^pui- 

Orphanagre, s. pdranbidar, -ra, n. 
OrUiodoz, a. apnt = /. pure, not 

mixed, /g.; BS,tevoiit = /. 

Orthodoxy, J. aput sikoii, -'^^,/- 

(or aput bavadt, -ta, m.) = I. 

sincere doctrine. 
Orthoepy] s. s&ma utsar, -r^, m., 

or s&ma utsiirap, -rpa, n.; 

suddi^ utaflr. 
Orthogrraphy, s. sS^ma (or sadd^) 

b!Lr£p, -rpa, «. 
Oeoillate, v. yenen te^en bal; 

OBOillation, s. halSp, -Ipa, n.; 

d&nd&J2e3,-6ea, «.,('»' d&nd&- 

Jap, -Ipa, «.; yenefi teicten 

OsBBonB, i^' hS^antso. 
Ostensible, a. dakounteo, or dii- 

kaisarko; p6Ieyet (or polou- 

yet) aeuUo. 
Ostentation, s. &bbar, -ra, n.; 

araaan, -ni,/.; &h&ukar, -ra, 

m., bfidai, -ye,y". = vainglory ; 

mizad, -di,/ (var. mizadki); 

doulit, -ti,yi; fi.antu, -ta, m. 
Ostentations, a. d&ndi = ahowy 

in dress, eic; ^unti. 
Ostler, s. g&diyegar, -r^, m. 
Other, a. 1. dusro; duy&m. 

2. aniyek = /. one more. 

3. y6r = /. Lat. reliquus. 
4.b&d&l = /. different. 

5. tbo^e = /. Bome. 

6.ani = ^.and or more, if o. is 

1. Out 

Joined to some, e.g. some o. 

thing = ani kaiii. 
Other than we wiBhed = yfet 

5intlen, ySk zaleii (Konk.). 
Some (cohorts) my brother 

commanded, others Fompo- 

niaB=. . .yer ... .Of beasts, 

some live on land, others in 

water = . . , . thodeo 

The other part of thebody=. . . 

The one is . , . the other . . . . = 

yeklo dusro. 

No other weapon but=. .b&dal. 
Each 0. = yekameka. 
Otherwise, ad. 1. naii zalear (or 

some such verb) = /. if it does 

not happen. 

2. dusre jinsln = /. in another 

3. o/len rs., e. g. I think yon 
have not yet done it, o. you 
would have told me = , . . . 
kellen zalear maka sangto- 
loi asulloi. A man o. re- 
spectable =s yek m&ais yera 
viSyant m^in- ^vo zailo. 

Ottoman, s. tarik, -rka, m. 
Ought, -D. By Necess. mood; zai 

= /. is necessary ; kaido asa 

= /. duty is. 
Ong'ht, s. kain. 
Onnce, s. ons, -sa, n.,fr.\ see 

App. to the Konk.-Bnglish 

Onr, <z. amtso. 
Onrselres, ^on. amints. 
Oat, ad. 1. bh&ir. 


V. B. Many word* compounded uith oal, net put doion here, may ie 

expreited wiiA tkt help of 
2. p&rg&t = /. public. 
0. of minds: mAtir natullo, a.; 

or zamptso. 
0. of my power = moje podre 

0. of lo?6 = rnogan. 
0. of hell^jernkdndantlo; see 

Gram. p. 54. 
0. of shot = poia (aea); ^ra 

0. of sport = fieitayen. 
Outbreak, s. katkai, -ye, /; 
ut3ambolai,-ye,/.=/. excite- 
Ootc&Bt, 'f' 1- '^■'!>ig- b&it&illo; 
2. pfiradesant ud&illo. 
Ont-do, V, jik ; see Snrpa«i. 
Onter, a. bhailo. 
Outfit, s. saman, -na, m. 
Outilaiilc, V. perk, vedo ghal, 
On^ow, »- l.mirvoa ySd, or 
leka vorto Tad. \verh, 

^•/S' *'*- **"''' zainafi, or other 
Out-honse, s. m&tou, -tya, m.; 
gOTol, -via, «.; nSni, -je,/.; 
na^iyekodkeS, -kea, n. 

OiitlaBt, 7! v6m t&g = last 

more than . . . 
Ontlaw, see Outcast 
O&tlay, .F- kb^rts, -tsa, m. 
Oatlet, see Sxit. 
Outline, s. s^okfiep, -pa, ».; see 

also BkBtoh. 
Outlive, ». vants; magir jije = ^ 
live afterwards. 

eomparative ; itt OqIUbI. 
Ontniunber, v. . . .T6rn ts^ asa 

= is greater than . . . 
Outrage, s. flkman, -na, m. 
Ontrag^e, v. &kmaii k&r. 
Ontrajreous, a. S.kmaDatso. 
Oatright, o'/-^nts; teaks&n. 
2. purtea, or p3,ripurci = fully. 
Ontmn, v. mukar daan; pati 

Ontaet, s. suru, -ve,/. 
Outside, ad, bbi,ir, ad. postp. 
Outside, s. bhaileS rup, -pa, n. 

= I. exterior form. 
Outakirt,^. I.&Ut, -kri,/. = 1. 

2. koQso, -sea, m. = l. a. comer. 
Outspoken, see Frank. 
Outstanding, a. rs. into bald urta 

= I. balance remains. 
Outstrip, Outvie, v. jik = /. gain, 

^.; miru&i = /. surpass. 
Outward, a. bhailo. 
Outward, ad, bbair. 
Oatweifli, v.. . .T6rn ts^ tiik => 

/. weigh more than . . , ; mi- 

ru&i = /. surpass. 
Ontwit, V. f6ta,i = I. deceive. 
Outwork, s. bhailo pagSr, -i&, 

m.; bbaileii kotea, -(ea, ». 
Oval, a. digso; rf. iautiya bari. 
Oven, J. 1. khfirn, -na, «., e.g^. 

0, for breadj/r. 
2.aguten (or agu|teQ), -tea, 

«. = a sort of brick-kiln. 
Over, frep. 1. voir, *;■ 2nd. Lac. ts^ = /. more than. 



3. sivai = /. besides. 
Over, ad. l.Toir; unts. 
2, G, velar =s /. in time. 
It is all 0. = zaleS, or tirsa- 

0. and 0. again = portun por- 

0. and again = sS^bar pauti. 
Overaboand, v. tsS,d, or ts^ za. 
Overbalance, see Oatwei^h. 
Orerbearing, a. salist. 
Oreroast, a- s&bar kopantso. 
Orerobarge, v. ts&d mol eSng. 
Overcome, v, z&it vor = I. bring 
victory; jik (8urpaeB)j mir- 
u&i; khalto k9,r. 
Orerooat, s. kutaun, -tavS., m. 

(native), vl^. 

Overdo, v. tsid kar {or ts&d 

wiih some suck verb) = I. do 

too mucb; miruoD k^r. 

Overdrink, 'd. miruon piye, or 

miti bhair p., or lekavort p. 

Overflow, v. bhair vSu ; d6g 

Overfond, a. 1- ts&d &purbajetso. 

2. tsM apurbai kiirtBO. 
Overgrow, v. miruon vad, or leka^ 

vorto vad. 
Overhang, v. umk&lai or lamb&i. 
Overhastjr, a. ii&A fLuns^atso. 
Overhead, ad. matea voir. 
Overlay, v. lai, e.g. with silver; 

see Smother, Suffocate. 
Overlong, a, ts^ Iamb. 
Overlook, v. 1 . pdle ; rab = /. 
2. maf kar = /. make excuse. 

S.beparvo kar = /. make con- 
tempt, (neglect). 

Overpower, see Overwhelm. 

Oversee, v. rak; see Superintend. 

Overseer, j. 1. rakno, -nea, m.; 
m^lb&ndob&st pdletolo; mu- 
zimdar, -ra, m. 
2.8enai, -nii, m.^s, superin- 

Oversight, s. 1. raknen, -nei., n.\ 
see Superintendesoe; zHt&n, 
-tne,/, = care. 
2.s6dni, -ne,/ 

3. (doleanfii) tsuk, -ki,y. = /. a 
mistake (of the eyes). 

Oversleep, v. miruon nid, or leka- 
vorto nid. 

Overspread, see Overlay. 

Overstep, V. mirva. 

Overtake, v. pat dbftr; dh&r; 
fat kirn db8.r = surprise. 

Overtask, v. ts^ kam di. 

Overthrow, i)- 1. s^kal ud&i. 

2. nas k&r = /. make destruc- 
tion {Ace). 

3. pfidau kar = /. make defeat. 
Overtop, V. v6rn ubar asa, or 


Overture, s. BS,rt, -ta, n. s=a pro- 

Overturn, v. 1. vompto ghal; 
2./g. nas ka,r {Ace). 

Overvalue, v. ts&d m51 sang. 

Overwhelm, £'. z^ai Vkv^l. make 
gravity, pr. fg.\ bhar k&r, 
e.g. mdtik bb. k. =: o. Uie 

„, „ L.oogic 

Owe 3 

Owe, V. 1 . deYO asa {Sb, Inslr.) 
2. by Necess. mood; see Due. 
I o. my life to yon = aven moji 
jini tuka devi. 
Ovl, s, natuk, -ba, n. = ex. a 
bird that begins to screech in 
the ereniiig; gug, -^,/. => a 
big owl. 

9 Pag 

Own, a. aplo ; svfLnta ; kh&ski, or 
kaski {in compounds kbas, 
e.g. khas bhati). 

Own, V. 1. Top = /. acknowledge. 
2.asa=i/. is, ch. cs. 

Owner, s. db&ni, -ya, m.\ k8.rt, 
-ta, m.; kbav^ad, -da, m. 

Ox, s. boil, -la, m. 

Oyster, s. kalun, -Iva, n. 

P&ce, s. met, -ta, n. ; b^kkar, -ra, 
«,; 'b. dov6r = walk with 
long strides'. 
Pace, V. I. ts^l; boun. 
2.tsMn inez(6)=/. going mea- 
Pacific, a. nidan; soukiisayetso ; 

Pacification, s. silinadhan, -na, 

«., etc., or rs. into v. 
P&CJIj, 11. 1. s^madhan kiir&i = 
/. cause to make peace. 
2. fa8lai=/. caress; see Appease- 
Pack, s. l.kat, -ta, m.\ potli, 
-le,/., of cloth. 
2.biren, -rea, ». = /, a faction, 
set, e.g. a p. of thieves. 
Pack, v.»\. kat bandi=A bind a 
2. dambaz/. compress. 
3.ts3.1 or TOts = /. go. 
Package, &. kat, -ta, m.\ see Pack. 
Packet, II. kat band ; see Pack. 

Paddy, s. bhat, -ta, «. 

Paddock, see Enclosnre. 

Padlock, s. big, -ga, «. = /. a 
lock; khil, -Ii,/. = a wooden 

Pagan, s. ^nbavadti, -ti§, m. = I. 
an unbeliever; Hindu or 
Hinduantso ; Konkao, -nea, 
m., is sometimes used for a 
Eonkani p.; see also Idola- 

Paganism, s. finbavadtpon, -na, 
«.; see also Idolatry. 

Page, s. 1. pan, -na, «., or put, 
-ta, «., n.c, of a boob. 
2.t8ak6r, -kra, m. = I. a, ser- 
vant ; f'erk. noukdr, -ra, m. 

Page, V. panan bor^i = I. write 
the pages. 

Pageant, s. l.dobazo, -jea, m.= 
I. pomp; douliit, -ti,y. 
2. khSl, -la, m. = I. a play, 



Pajods, s. diul, -la, ». = a Hinda 
temple; Msti, -te,/.=& Jain 
temple; san, -na, n.^a small 

Pail, s. kolso, -e6&, ta. = a. vessel 
to carry water in; b&ldi, 
-de, /. = a leathera vessel to 
carry water in. 

Pain, s. duk, -ki,/.: 'feel paia = 
dukta (of the body and soul)' 
k&§t.-ta,m., esp. of the soul 
khyast, -ti,/,; kh&ut, -ti, /.; 
&kS,Dt, 4a, m, = I. distress 
d&gd, -da, m. s saffering: 
vigng, -na, «.; volvojo, -lea, 
m. = very great pain. 
Take pains =yanr'; pr^y&tan 
k&r; min&t k&r. 

Paiii,^'.diikta,>Si5. Z>fi^.;dukdista 
= I. pain appears, S6. Dat. 

Painfnl, a. dnkitso or dukest; 
dnkoantso=^. causing pain; 

Paint, ^. vl^. pintar kJlr, /r.\ 
CitrSi, n. u.\ ronglai; nS,kjia 
kad = draw ; see Deaoribe. 

Paint, s, r6ng, -ga, m, = I. coloar; 
bannij, -na, m. 

Painter, s. 6itragar, -ra, m.,n. «., 
vlg. pintartolo, -lea, m.^fr,\ 
r6ng laitolo, or r. kadtolo, or 
rongagar, -ra, m., or bfinna- 

Painting, s. 1. iiitraan&i vidya, 
-ye, f., n. c.\ b8.nnij[ kadiSi 
2. fiitry, -ra, «., rejist, -tS, «(., 
/r. = & picture. 

Fair, s. zdd(6), -da, m., or zodi, 


Palaae, s. bilnglo, -lea, m.; raa- 

ler, -ra, n. [dim. ^rSnJ), or 

perk, raul, -!a, «. itself, 
Falanqnin, .i. palki, ^e,/i 
Palatable, a, ra&itso; suadik =s 

/. of flavour; g6d = /. sweet. 
Palate, s. 1. ruts, -fii,/. (taste). 
2. pompeii, -pea, »., the roof 

of the mouth; kopo, -pea, 

m., n. c. 
Palaver, s. nakazallo, -lea, jn. = 

I. nonsense; zank, -ki, y. ; 

£e|tai, -je,/. = /. fun; khali 

utran, pi. «. = empty words ; 

g&zali, pl., f. = /. chat. 
Pale, s. 1. su|i, -ye,/; see Stake; 

khunto, -tea, m. 

2. phidar; -ra, n. ; khambOr 
-bea, m. (rukatao)=/. a pillar 
(of wood). 

3. Toi, -i,/, vedo, -dea, m. = /. 
an enclosure. 

Pale, a. pantro; ^Iduvoso, 

Paleness, s. pantrepon, -na, n. 

Palinode, s. (sing a p.) sangi^llen. 

vait pati kad ; laganat^lten 

uloneii, -nea, «.; sangi^lleak 

adasijllen sang-uen,-nea, n. 

Palisade, s. sulifivoi, -voi,/, or 

Palish, a. pantroso. 
Pall, s. 1. kang, -gi,/ = a kind 
of black cloth. \eic. 

2.jibbo, -bea, m., of soldiers, 
3.v61,-li,/, of native women. 
All three only approx. 

Pal 3' 

Fall, V, iS&ppo za = /. become 

insipid ; ratsnatnllo z& =r I. 

become without taste ; Dai. 

paro za = /. get enough, 

Pallet, s. khatlen, -lea, n. = l. a 

bed, a coach; antuln, -iia,ff. 
f alli&te, v. lipili, c.v. o/My, yfis 

ghal = /. put a mask. 
Palliative, s. y^, -%&, m. 
Palm, s. 1. mad, -da, m. ^ a 

cocoaant tree ; kavato, -tea, 

m. = a foung p. 
2,teudeti, -te, /. = a palm- 
S.pido, -4ea, m. = the lower 

part of a palm-branch. 
4.g^, -na, n. (a measure); 

Tfet, -te,/ 
P&lm of the hand = t&I&t, -ta, 

«., i7r ta,lyo, -yea, m. 
Palm of martyrdom = marti- 

raateo riim, -mil, /»., yr.; 

rfigtasakSegnrtQ, -ta, m. 
Palmyra, -f. l.talto,-tea,/n.(tree). 

S.iryfil, -la, m. (fruit). 
Palpable, a. rs. into lagta = is 

attached (Konk.) ; p&rg&t ec 

public; aost = /, evident; 

vod = I. big, e-g: p. mistake. 
Palpitate, zi. u4=/.spring,jump; 

dUdd&d, as the heart. 
Palpitation, s. dMd&do, -de&, m. 
Pals;, ^. ar, -ri,/., i7f ariSi pida, 

Palter, v. m6s(6) kftr. 
P&ltrr, a. S,nyo; kirkd^ <^&r >= 

/. trifling. 

I Pap 

Pamper, see Indulge. 

Pamphlet, s. dakten puBtak, -kS, 

«.; k&dtil, -ie,/ (-la, «.) 
Pan, s. kail, -11,/; kundlen, -lea, 

». = a Teasel for making 

curry in. 
Panacea, s. s^ry^vokat, -kta, n. ■ 

z/. every medicine. 
Pander, v. fuslai. 
Fane, s. arso, -sea, m. (kitke- 

PaaegTric, s. hoglap, -pa, «. ; 

hogJapaiSeii prils&ng, -ga, n. ; 

vlg. sermaun, -mava, m.^fr. 
Panegyrist, s. hoglEp k&rtso ; 

pr&B&ngagar, -ra, m. 
Panel, s, fo}ea, -Jea, «. (hagla- 

folen; vonti fo}en). 
Pang, s. 1. Tojyole, pl.^ m. = 

2. akant, -ta, m. = distress. 
Panio, s. perh. SuCit {or yek&ts 

pbaraSen) bhen, bbiya, n. =1. 

sudden fear ; karan natuUeii 

bheS = /. fear without cause. 
Pannier, s, knrveii, -yea, «. ; see 

Pant, V. l.k&rse. 
%./g. lale, obj. Dal. = /. long; 

G. ftgea m6r = /. die for 

desire of. 
Panther, s. bolpo, -pea, m. 
Pantomime, a. n&klan k&rtso = /. 

making copies,^. 
Pantry, s. ugran, -na, «. 
Pap, see Hippie. 
Papal, a. papsaibatso. 
Paper, s. 1. kagad, -gda, «. 



2. fiit, -ti,/. =/. note, banns, 

3. d&stQTOz, -za, n.=il. a, doca- 
ment; d&klo, -lea, fn. 3=/. 
a document. 

4. T&rtam&nap&trv, -ra, n. = 
a newspaper. 

Psrable, s. yopar, -re, /.; gut, 
-ta, m.; gud, -da, n. = I. an 
ambiguous sentence. 

Parabola, s. B&makaksai^unif ,-Da, 
«., Cn. Mr., n. u. 

Parade, s. 1. koyat, -ta, n. (mi- 
2.dobazo, -jea, m. = I. pomp, 

Paradi£*in, s. n&mano, -nea, m. 

Paradise, s. T&iokut, -tS, n.; see 

Paradox, s. nozosi MoiieQ, -ni, 
/. = /. an opinion which 
seems to be impossible ; sSA- 
D&inBen = /. apparent un- 

Paraffrapt, s. vanto, -tea, m., or 
bhag, -^a, m. = /. a division ; 
k^lUm, -Ima, «.; aT&svilr, 
-ra, m. = I. a chapter. 

Parallel,!!, s&mapoisilo; Mr.Cn. 
B&mS.Dtr9, n.u. 

Parallel, s. 1. sar, -ri,/, or sar- 
ken, -kea, n. = I. resem- 
2.saniantr^ git, -ta, m. 

Parallel, v. see Compare. 

ParalTsis, see Palsy. 

Paralyze, v. fg. bfil m6d(6) = /. 
break force. 

Paramount, a. 1 . mukhya = /. 

2. sot&ntratso=/. independent. 
Parapet, .r, 1. k&ttapuni, -ne,/ 

2. doro, -rea, ot. = a kind of 
parapet crowning a well. 

Paiaphersalia, s. approx. andan, 
-^a, n. = native p., viz. a box 
given to a bride with va- 
rious little presents in it. 

FarapliTaBe, s. &rthat&rzumo, 
-mea, m., mn. a translation 
of the sense. 

Parasite, s. 1. dnsrean vorvin 
2. Mr. bandagul, -la, n., n.u. 

Parasol, s. s&tri, -re,/., of cloth; 
saten, -tea, n., of leares. 

Parcel, s. 1. vanto, -tea, m.=l. 
a portion. 
2.kat, -ta, m.=l. a packet. 

3. t&nd, -da, m. = l. a set, a 

Parch, V. las = I. burn; see 

Parchment,.!- tsambden,-dea, «. 
Pardon, .r. maf, or maph, -ph&, 

n. : 'beg p. = m, k&r' (or 

k&r&,pl.y, bogsanen, -nea, «. 
Pardon, v. maf kir; bogsi, e.g. 

sins (tmperai. bog6s) ; 86d = 

/. remit. 
Pare, v. 1 . katlLr = /. cut. k&r = /. make less, 

Parent, s. auoi, -i,/., or bapni, 

-pai, »»,; i»^/. auoiba,pui = 

/. mother (and) father. 
Parentage, s. kutam, -tma, n. e= I. 





Parentheflifl, see Brackets. 

Parhelion, s. Buryaearkefl, -kea, 
n. = I. image of the aun, or 
the Cn. Mr. mithjasnrjo, 
-jea, m,\ or pratisuryo. 

Pariah, s. mar, -ra, m. (man); 
pi. maraS (men and women) ; 
maddulefi, -lea, «., or mad- 
den, -dea, n. (woman). 
P. boy = korlo, -lea, m. 
P. girl = koriea, -lea, n. 

Parish, s. I . vlg. firg&z, or pbir- 
guez, -%f.ifr.\ perh. hind, 
-da, in. = ;. a flock,y^, 
2.igiirz, -^%,/. = l. a chnrch; 
mel(6), -la, m. = /. a congre- 

Parishioner, s. vlg. ^rg&jetso; 
perh. sell, -yo,/.=/, a sheep, 


Parish-priest, s. vigar, -ra, m. ,fr.\ 

gouH, -lia, m.T^l. a pastor, 

fg. \ me^amostak, -ka, n. = /. 

the head of a congregation. 
Parity, s. sarkeii, -kea, n. 
Park, s. vedo ghalli suat, -te, 

/, = /. place surrounded ; or 

only Tedo, -dea, m. 
Parliament, s. rftjas^bha, -bhe,/ 

or mel(e), -la, m. 
Parlour, s. nloanCen sal, -la, «., 

or u. kud, -da, «. 
Parochial, a. z'/^.firg&jetso; gou- 

Parody, s, n&klan k&rtso sl6k, 

-ka, m. = I. poetry making 

copies,^. [.tra, «. 

Parole, s. bhas, -se, /. ; ut&r, 

Paroxysm, s. bhar, -t&, m. = I. 

gravity, _^. (of a disease); 

Parricide, s. 1. bapai^ khuoi, 

-ye,/, (crime). 
S.bSpfitso khunigar, •!&, m. 

(the agent). 
Parrot, J. kir, -ra, m- 
Parry, v. tsuk&i, c. v. of tsuk. 
Parse, v. vakyaSe vSnfe sang. 
Parsimony, v. h&lt, -ta, ».; see 

Parson, see Parish-priest 
Part, s. l.T&nto, -tea, m. (dis- 
tribution, division). 
2. kndko, -kea, m. = a, piece; 

bhag, -ga, m. = I. partition. 

3. padt, -ti, /. (in the phrase 
taJSe pa^tin =i on his part, 

fr.); pakSa, 4e,/ 

4. k&ido, -dea, m. = I. duty. 
S.gaun, ganva, m. = l. acoun- 

6. dikki}, -k3., m., kus, -si,/ = 

side.directioQ ; by the Instr., 

omitting part. 
As for my p. = moje p&k|ek ; 

maka ISgta. 
Play the p. of = 1. G. stiater 

tsSl, I. walk (yjf.) in the 

place of. 
2. v6b ghal = /. put the mask,^. 
Part, 2'. kudke k&r = /. make 

pieces; kat4r=/. cut; regla- 

tsAr k&r = I. make separa^ 

tion; veglo k5,r = /. make 

separated. [a wife. 

P. from = s64, = /. leave, e.g. 




Partake, v. {Or. aangfi-ta) vanto 
m6!ta=/. part is found with; 
(Yanto) kSne = I. take a part; 
z6d = I, obtain. 

Partial, a. 1. t6udar p61etolo = 
/. looking in the face ; p&kSa- 
patatBO ; nitnitullo = /. un- 
JQBt ; or mtiToot nS,in aeullo ; 
16ntB khauntso = /. eating 
bribes; vosili k&rtso. 
2, rs. into yfik vanto = /. one 
part ; or yeka gauntso = /. 
of one country, e.g. p. dis- 

Partiality, s. vosili, -li, /.; pii- 
kfiapat, -\&, n. 

Fartlole, .f. 1. Ian kudko, -kea, 
m.; kuskat,'te,/.=aa atom. 
2.partiknl, -la, n., rl. tnn. 

Partioolar, a. 1. prfLt^k; vises, 
opp. to general. 

2. 8arko = ^. exact; nazak = /. 
delicate,^, curious. 

3. S.prup, or asadharn = extra- 

Particular, s. l.yeklo = /. one 
(individual); ving&d m&nis, 
-nsa, m.=.l. a separate man. 
2. tipsil, -le,/. = /. a detail. 
Partienlgrly, i3^. 1. mukhyazaun 
=/. principally; fidbikkilrn; 
vises zaun. 
2. rs. into t&psil, e. g. t. san- 
Partisan, s. I. tilndagar, -ra, m. 
2. p&k^egar, -rE, m. = adherent; 
lagijUo (mania, -nSa, vt.) = I. 
attached (man). 

Partiiion, s. 1. vanto, -^a, m. = 
also a. screen. 

2. kh&n, -nS,, m. = the shelf of 
a cupboard. 

Partitive, a. vante kiirtso = /. 

making parts; vanteatso. 
Partly . . . partly, ati. &rAo . . . 

&rdo = I. half. . .half; thode 

. . . thode ^^ some . . . some. 
Partner, s. vanteli, -lia, m. = 

a sharer; sangati, -tia, m. = 

/. a companion. 
Partnership, 5. sangat, -ta, tn. = 

Parturition, s. balnter, -ra, «. 

(var. bfilntj6r). [tion. 

Party, s. 1. tind, -da, »». = a fac- 
2.kut, .-ta, ». = l. a. plot. 

3. virodhi, -dhifi., m. = one of 
two litigant parties. 

4. p&kSa, -ie,/., e.g. in a game. 
e.g. of cards. 

Pass, ^. !• ^^/- pasar zh^fr:, 

2. veta = goes, mith Instr. 
-ntlean {see Gram.), e.g. p. 
through a town. 

3. utar = /. cross, e.g:2. river. 

4. rig = /. enter, fi./. through 
an orifice. 

5. ts&d llsa = is too much; mi- 
rua = /. surpass. 

6. ts&l&i = /. cause to walk, 
fi-< ^'S- P- the time; kh&rfii 
= /. spend, e.g. life. 

7.di = /. give, or utsar = /. pro- 
nounce, e.g. a sentence. 

8. mukar di = /. give forward, 
„, „ L.oogic 



e.g. a glass at table; hat 

9. kfir = do, e.g. a law. 

10. pfls^nd k&r = /. make ap- 
proval ; metsva = /. be ap- 
proved {Sb. Dal.), ch. cs. 

1 1 . za = /. be done (ie going to 
be finislied); tirea = /, be 
finished; vlg. kabar zas/. 
finish {n.v.),/r. 

12.b&diili3 /. change, ch. cs., 
e.g. pass from one place to 
another. = /. come, e.g. an in- 

14. 16k=/. count,^. (conBider), 
e.g. he passes as a great 
man = vodlo m&nis mdn 
tS,ka 16ktat; m&nd = /. es- 

Let him pass = vat s6d ^ I. 
abandon the way. 

P. away, e. g. time = zata or 
ts&lta, or veta. 

P. by = 1. Or. lagin veta = I. 
goesnear;^. patlaukiirc=/. 
make following; fg. dek(§) 
kaiie = /. take an example. 

2. sod = /. leave, pay no at- 
tention; neg . form of tii a 
= 1. give attention. 

3. zata = /. is done, e.g. time. 
P. over = l. nt&rn/. cross. 

2. beparvo kiir, G. M. ■= neg- 
lect; B6d = /. leave. 

Come to p. = g&d orz&, I. hap- 
pen, be done. 

P. through, see Pass, 2. 

PaBs&Uo, a. 1. eumar = /. me- 

2. Totsayet asallo. 
Passably, ad. sumar « /. in a 

mediocre manner. 
Passage, s. 1. vat, -te, /. = /. 
way; kh&ni, -ye,/. = a moun- 
tain p.; m&rog, -rg§, m, 
2.kadou or k^ou, -dv&, m., 
of a river. 

3. vanto, -te5, m. = l. A portion, 
e.g. p. of a book. 

4. rs. into the Instr, in -ntlean ; 
see Gram. 

Allow a p. = rs. into poten. 

ptood, or vat as&. 

PasBen^r, s. vatsuro, -rea, m.; 

poinari, -ria, m., or poin 

k&rtolo; utari, -rig,, m. = 

one who crosses. 

Passing-beU) s. m6rnaCi ghant, 

-ti./ [mn.) 

Passion, s, 1 . sosap, -spa, n. (phil. 

2.durgu9, -?&, m. » vice; iu- 

gun, -na,m.; vait vo4ni,-ne, 

/.=l. bad inclination; vlg. 

paisaun, or nad paisauS, 

-lava, n.,/r. 

S.k&^t, -ta, m, = I. pains, also 

p. of our L. J. C; vlg. pai- 

8S,a£t, -iava, m., also o/3.C, 


4. rag, -ga, m. = L anger; krfid, 

-i&, m. 
5.zal,-la,M(. = /. aburning,^. 

(great internal sorrow, and 

also fury, iul n. u. in this 

znd mn.). 



Predominact p. = mukbya dar- 
gun, or anal, to Mr. rajguii, 
-ria, m. 
P&SBionate, a. \.G. Apurbai k&r- 
tso = /. loving; lagijllo = /. 
attachediyj*.; given to; or 
rs. into lagta. 
2. utsambolayetso or utsiimbol 
= I. excited. 
Passport, s, r&hadari, -Te,/'. 
Past, a. 1. patio = /. of behind, 
y^,; patle jiniyetso = I. of 
past life ; adlo = /. anterior. 
2,zaHo = /. done, happened. 
Fast year = porua, ad. 
Past, s. gello kal, -]&, m. = I. 

gone time. 
Paste, s. l.molleleii pit, -^, «. 
= /. kneaded flour. 
2.g6ndv, -da, m. 
Paste-board, .f.d&ddekagad,-gda, 
n. = /. coarse paper; dat 
kagad = /. thick paper. 
Pastime, s. kh61, -la, m, = I. play, 
amuBement; khusSlai, -ye, 
/, = /, pleasure. 
Pastor, s, goali, -lia, m., pr.fg. 
Pastoral, a. gonliatso. 
Pastry, s. poli, -ye, /.; mitai 


Pastarage, s. ts&rou, -rova, m. 

Pasture, v. tsilrii, c. v. 

Pat, V. thapiid. 

Pat, s. thap, -pi,/. 

Pat, a. layek = fit; s&ma = /. 

right ; rs. into zata. 
Patch, s. kudko, -kea, m. ; kopo, 

-pea, m. \ 

Pateh, V. kudke mar, or kopo 

Pate, s. mateii, -tea, n. 

Paten, s. paten, -na, «.,/". 

Patent, a, pflrgat = /. public. 
Letters- patent = approx. r&ha- 
dari, -re,/. 

Patent, s. pato, -tea, m., e.g. p. 
to teach; the word in its 
more usual meaning has no 
Konk. equivalent. 

Patentee, s. pato asnllo. 

Paternal, 1. l.bapatso. 

Paternoster, s. am&ea Bapa. 

Path, s. ilsir vat, -te,/. = /. a nar- 
row way; vornfeu, -ka, «.; 
see Way, Road. [tso. 

Pathetic, a. moval, or movalann- 

PathoB, s. l.bhogap, or bh(^- 
pon, -na, «., M. c. = I. feeling. 
2. kakult, -ti, /, = /. compas- 
sion ; movalpoiDi, -^a, n. 

Patience, s. sosnigai -ye,/ (var. 
sosnikai) ; pasavai, -ye, /., 
Have p. = 8. kane. 

Patient, a. sosuik = safFering, 
having patience. 

Patient,*. pidest,-ta,OT,,tjrsosnik 
manis, -nsa, m. 

Patois, see Dialect. 

Patriarch, s. 1. patriark, -ka, m. 
{add. saib = lord). 
2. mulzon, -na, m. = I. root- 
person, founder of a family. 

Patrimony, s. ast, -ti,/ = /. pro- 
perty; daiz, -za, n.=l. in- 


Pat 3 

heritance (ex. bapaSefi d. = 
/. paternal i.) ; pitr&sti, -te, 
/.\ Tatau, -na, «.; vit, -ta, «. 

Patriot, s. viliiyet m5g(6) k&rtso 
= /. loving the fatherland; 
zallea gauntso indg(6) kfi.r- 
tso = /. loving the father- 

Patriotism, s. (aplea) gauntso 
ni6g(6), -ga, m. = /. love of 
(one's own) country, 

Pateistic, s. m&tabap£nGi vidya, 
= /. science of the fathers 
of the church. 

Patrol, i. (sipayafi) gisti, -te, 
/., Cn. Mr. 

Patron, s. rak^o, -tiea, «n.; sam- 
bajtolo = /. defending; pa- 
Uk, -ka, m. ; serati, -tia, m.\ 
vlg. patron, -na, tn.,fr. 

Patronage, s. raknen, -nea, «.; 
asro, -rea, m. = /. refuge; 
adhar, -ra, m. = I. help. 

Patroness, s. rakni, -ne,/.; pa- 
lakin, -ni,/.; serotin, -ni,/.; 
Sekai, -ye,/. 

Patronise, v. gunatso zaun asa 
= 1. is favourable; asro di = 
/. give refuge ; raks/. guard. 

Fatter, e*. dh&dftdh^aza; dala- 
dala za; patapata za, all 
onomatopiBic words, and the 
same in Cn.^ Mr., Konk. 

Pattern, s. 1. n&ninDO, -nea, m. 
"^.fg. dek(^), -Id,/. = example. 

Panncb, s. giinzo, -jea, m. (kh9^ 
naposknto, -tea, ot.) = strict- 
ly, the gizzard of a fowl. 

7 Pea 

Fanper, a. duhlo ; por = destitute, 

Panse,^. 80uka8ai,-ye,/.;thamb- 

nen, -nea, n,=s stoppage, £.^. 

of the blood from a wound. 
Pause, V. (ilSikke) rau = I. stop 

(a little); soukasai kanee/. 

take rest; d&m k&^e. 
Pare, v. dadai, pet(6) = /. beat, 

e.g. a road. 
PaTsmsnt, ^. dMrn, -ni,/. 
Pavilion, s. tombif, -ba, m. 
Paw, s. dauli, -le,/. 
Pawn,j.adou,-dva,ff(.; id,-da,«. 
Fawn, V. adou di = /. give p. 
Pay, s. 1. samba}, -la, m.; p&g, 

-ga, m. {Mr, too); t&l&b,-lbe, 
/.; kul, -li,/ swages; m&zuri, 

2. inam, -mfir, «. = reward. 
Pay, V. farik kir. Ace, e.g. a 

debt ; sambal di s I. give 

F, penalty -I Biklas6s = /. suffer 

Farms pay well=f61afi ditat. 
F. for = badeak kane = hire. 
Payable, a. farik k&rtso. 
Payment, s. s&ndai, -yfi, m.\ see 

Peace,^. I. soukasai, -ye/'.;B&ma- 

dhan, -na, n. = /. concord, 

peace; 8d.atos, -sa, m. = I. 


2. raji, -je, /, boUo, -lea, m,, 

e.g. p. after war. 
Lives in peace = s&madhanant 

asa or jiyeta. 

Peace, int. vogote rau. 
Peaoflftll, (z. Boukasayetso ; s&ma- 
dhanatso; nidaa = /. calm ; 
santi = I. meek. 
Fe&oock, s. m6r, -ra, m. 
Peak, s. 1. tudi, -ye,/, e.g^. p. 
of a mountain. 
2.pdat, -ta, «.; dom6s, -msa, 
Peal, s. goroz, -zi, /. ; hn&z, -za, 

*M. = /. Bound. 
Pearl, s. motifi, -tiya, n. 
Pearl-fialier, s. motiyaa kadtolo. 
Peasant, s. nadkar, -ra, m. ; see 

Pebble, s. gundo, -dea, m. 
Peccable, a. patkak p6dtso; pa- 

tak adariaarko. 
Peccadillo, s. Ian patak, -tka, n. 

= 1. tk little sin. 
Peonlate, -v. nag&i = /. steal. 
Peculiar, a. 1. by the G., e.g, p. 
to men = ni^nsaSen. 
I.hy -ta, e.g. a custom p. to 

you = tum6its rivaz, 
3, vis6s or prM6k = /. particu- 
lar; mukbya = /. principal ; 
&Badharii=/. extraordinary; 
6prup = /. rare. 
Peculiarity, s. vis6s gun, -na, 

m. = /. peculiar quality. 
Peculiarly, ad. see Peculiar ; more' 
over, bhou kUrn, or adhik 
kSrn = especially. 
Peonniary, a. 1, duduatso. into dadua visyant, etc. 
Pedaffojroe, s. Aigul, -U, m. 
Pedant, s. 1. doumt li&rtolo, or 

8 Pel 

doul&titso = rain; d^ndi; 
2. bezarayetso. 
Pedantry, s. I.'(vidy6-) doul&t, 
-ti,/. (a?--doulu, -la,»»., «.c.) 
2. bezarai, -ye,/ 
Peddler, s. jari, -ria, m.\ bovon 
viknar, -ra, m.^l. a walking 
seller, n. c. 
Pedestal, s. pai, -ya, m. 
Fedestiian, a. rs. info tsfiln = 
walking; rs. paivaten = /, 
on foot. 
Pedicle, see Stalk. 
Pedigree, see Qenealog^. 
Peel, 1!. sal kad = /. take away 

tbe bark; sdl. 
Peel, s. sal, -li,/; sari, -la, n. = 

Peep, V. tiln p6l8, or only til; 
di^tgbal=/. putsigbt; dista 
= /. appears. 
Peep, s, tilneS, -nea, «., crtilap, 

-IpS., n. 
Peer, v. dista = /. appears. 
Peer, a. l.s&ma. 
I.approx, m&DtS>nantlo = /, 
PeeTifih, a, bezarayetso, or up^ 

dri^ dinntso, or dfistso. 
PeeTifihneas, s. bezarSi, -j^,/. 
Peg, s. khun^i, -ye, /., e.g. to 

bang clotbes on, etc. 
Pelf, s. dudiu, -dva, m. ; deantB&r, 

-ra, m.=L a deyil,^. 
Pelican, s. apfrox. hanso, -sea, 
m.; or Mr. panakoli, -li,/. 
Pell-mell, ad. ye^en toiieS. 


Pellaeid, a. distso, or bet. rs. into 

-ntle&Q dista. 
Pelt, V. (fatranifi) mar. 
Pelt, Peltry, s. tat, -ti, /. = I. 

Pen, s. \.vlg. pfen, -na, n.^/r.; 

I&knik, -ke,/, 

2. (gomantso) vedo, -dea, m. = 
/. an enclosure (for cattle). 

Penal, ^- sikletBO; bei, rs. into 

Penalty, s. siksa, -sg,/.; jalman, 
-na, m. = I. a fine. 

Penance, s. 1. prajit, -ta, «. (var. 
prafiit), c,/. for sins; p&sfia- 
t&p, -p&, m. 
a. farikpon, -na, «. = /. satis- 
faction, payment, repara- 

3. (kndiSi) dandon, -ne,/. (var. 
d^ndoni, d&ndounen, -nea, 
«,, dandoan) = /. (bodily) 
mortification ; d&gd, -daii, 
pi. m. = sufferings. 

Pencil, s. vlg. pensil, -le,/.,y^.; 
8iseakhii4i,-ye,/!=/. apiece 
of lead. 

Peadant, s. mudi, -ye, /. = /. 
a ring. 
Some kinds of p. are', arkad, 
-da, m.\ pfikal, -!&,«.; gund- 
I&n,//.n.; kap,-pa,m.; pal- 
van, pi. n. {this last kind 
is bigger). 

Pendant, a. nmkiLJtolo. 

Fendnlom, s. dMtso bIi§T, -ra, 
m., n.u. 

Penetrable, a. rigasarko. 

Penetrability, s- rigasarken, -kea, 


Penetrate, -v. 1. rig = A enter, 
pr.fg., e.g. a sermon. 
"i./g. lag = /. be attached, y^., 

e.g. a word. 
3. parki = /. guess. 

Penetration, f. l.y^.barikaij-ye, 
/. = /. thinness.y^. 
2. somzikM, -ye,y. = /. under- 

Penetrative, >>. barik; Bomzonitso 
= /. intelligent. 

Peninsnla, s. ulvo, -vea, m. 

Penitence, s. see Penance. 

Penitent, a. l.prsfiit kartolo. 
2. rs. into Or. kadekumaar zata 
= /. confesses with. 

Penitential, a. pracitatso; du- 

Pen-knife, s. kanyet, -i\,f.,/r.\ 
peskati, -ie,/. 

Pennant, Pennon, s. giyau n, -yava, 
tn.,fr.', see Banner, 

Penny, s. penni, -ni, /. 

Feneile, a. umkilln. 

Pension, s. vlg. p^nsen, -na, «.; 
umbali, -li,/. (originally, a 
free gift of land); inama- 
eambaJ, -la, m. = I. pay of 
reward, or the Mr. Hind. 
bontapag, -ga, n. 

Penaire, a. 5intest; khilnti^t. 

Pent np, a. damp^llo. 

Pentagon, s. pants konseaniSen 

Pennltimate, <i. nimanoso; nima- 
riea poilo, or n. adlo. 

, 30 , 



Penumbra, s. sanlisi, -lesi,/. 
Fennrions, a. 1. adharnatuUo ; 

2. surati = /. stingy. 
Penury, s, durbojkai, -ye,/. 
Peon, s, pedo, nlea, m. ; nlgi, 

-gia, w. = a private p.; dft- 

layet, -ta, ^n.^an official p.; 

sipai, -ya, m.; d&fedar, -ra, 

m. = a head peon. 
Pmple, s. 1 . 16k, -ka, m. (sing-.) ; 

m&Dis, -nsan, «. = l- men. 

2. porza, -je,/. = /. a nation. 

3. zat, -ti, /. = I. & caste, a 
tribe; kuli, -ye,/. = a tribe. 

Common p. = flnTO 16k; fi&llen- 

billen (crowd). 
People, V. vaa kiir; lokan bh6r = 

/. fill with p. ; rs. poilots aea 

= /. is the first. 
Peopled, 1. rs, 16k asa. 
Pepper, s. mirin, -riya, «. 
Peppermint, s. vodtalfiuS, -lava, 

m.; pudin,-na, M. {^/■.,C«,) 

Peradventnre, a^. &driiSt&n; 

Perambulate, v. boun. 
Perceive,!'. 1. pile. 
2. k&l = become (be) known; 

Tolka a I. know, Lai. cog- 
Percentage, s. sekdo, -dea, m. 
Perception, s. volok -Iki,/.; ka- 

}it, -ta, n. ; somzikai, -ye, 

/.; see Idea. 
Perceptive, <i. vo^kontao. 
Perch, V. hbs = I. sit. 

Percli, s. k61, -la, m. 
Perehance, ad. By the Jut. con- 
ting, or poten. with puro ; 

see Chance, Peradventnre. 
Pereolate, v. gaiai. 
Percns8]on,£.mar,-ra,ffi.; pet(6), 

-^, m.\ bet. rs. v. 
Perdition, see Bnjn. 
Peregrinate, I', l.boun. 

2. parades! zaun bona. 
Peregrination, s. (pS,radesa&eu) 

poirt, -na, n. 
Peremptorily, ad. kh&ndit zaon. 
Peremptory, a. khandit; tirma- 

natso = /. decisive. 
Perfect, a. l.samparn; uttini = 

/. excellent ; sama = /. right. 
2. vorto = /. sublime; bhage- 

Tont = /. holy; mz = l. true, 

Perfect, v. sampura kar. 
Perfection, s. 1. sampnrnai, -ye, 

/, = I. fulness. 

2. gun, -na, m. = I. quality 

3. vortepori, -na, «. = /. subli- 

Way of p. = s4mpur9aye£i fS,% 

God has all perfections = (vlg;.) 
Seva thain sarvi^ boreo vista 
asat; D. th. gu^aCi sampur- 
nai asa. 
Perfectly, ad. vlg. bhou borefi; 
sampurnayen; kappas, or 
kappas borefi; purteo, or 
paripurg = fully; gnn^^ 
pariyaut = /. till the depth. 



Peifldlons, i>. mosatso. 
Ferfld;> s. mds(6), -sa, «■ 
FerfDiate, v. tfip; phapsi = make 

maay wounds; burak k&r= 

/. make a hole. 
Perforation, s. topnen, -nea, n.; 

burak, -ka, m. [^gion. 

Perforce, ad. bdl&a ; see Compnl- 
Perform,!'. 1. pal.e./-. a duty. 
2. ts&l&i, c. V. = I. cause to 

walk,^., e.^. a duty, a part ; 

k&r = /. do. 
Ferfonnancei s. palo, -lei, m. 

(var. pal); Set. rs. into v. 
Perfiune, s. p&rm&l, -la, m. 
FtrAune, ii. piirniillaj, or p&r- 

m&l lai. 
Perfunctorily, «</■ ^poSi; uda- 

fiiiiEin ; beparvean ; eflma- 

natullea jiasiS. 
Perfunctory, a. ^poli; l&ksa- 

natullo = /. careless (not 

Perhaps, ad. By the foten. mood, 

orhyconting.flti.\ j'^^Gram.; 

yekadevela, or yekavela; 
' zaunkpuro = /. may be, ch. 

cs.\ by the quasi-dim. -so; see 

Gram. P. HI. ch. ii. 
Peril, s. vlg. risk, -ke, /.; zS- 

kb&m, -khme,/.; mos(d), -sa, 

m.\ gratstsar, -ra, m., &d- 

ru5t, -ta, «. B /, fate,y^. 
Period, s. 1 . vorsan^^ri^, -kra, 

«. = /. wheel of years, fg. 

{anal, to Mr.) 
2.kal, -la, »*.»/. time; seealso 


S.pnrten vakya, -ya, «., pur- 
tefi utsarap, -rpa, M.=a foil 
4. Tei(6), -la, m, (length, dura- 

Periodic, a. 1. poirefin poireatso 
(tap); kadto Tortao, or kadto 
nrtao (tap = fever). 
2. toY61 t0761tso s /. of then 
and then. 

Pariodiul, s. tovdl tov6IiSen Y&r- 
tamanap&tri^, -tra, n. 

Periphery, s. m&nd&l, -la, n.= l. 
a circle {geom.y, eutt^, -ta, 
M.; boundi, -de,/ (bovado, 
-dea, «.?) 

Periphraais, see Oireumloeution. 

Periah, v. naS za = /. ruin get 
(I p. = aun n. zatgn); bh&sma, 
n. V. of bh&smi; samp&d; 
m6r = die; Unt&r. 

Perishable, a. naszauntso; s&m- 
P&dtso; &Dtak pMtso. 

Periwig:, see Peruke. 

Perjure, v. f6tp&rman k&r, or 
fdtkiren p. k.; f6tsoput ghal 
{or di); f6tkiro 8. gh. (pri- 

Perjurer, s. fdtpS:rmanagar, -ra, 
m., or fotp&rman k&rtolo. 

Perjury, s. ffitpfirman, -na, «., or 
ffitkirefi p.; soput, -ta, m. 

Permanence, s. urap, -rpa, «.; 
ravap, ranpa, »., or raun&en, 
-JSea, «.; bet. rs. into v. 

Permanent, a. 1 , rauntso, or urtso. 
2,^. thir = /. firm. 

...... A.^glc 



Permeable, a- rigasarko. 
Permeate, v, rig = I. eater. 
Permission, s. raja, -je,/. ; hukum, 
-kme, /. = /. an order; rs. 

into s6d. 

Permit, v. raja di ; hukum di = 
/.giveorder; s6d; = A leave; 
h&buli di = /. give consent; 

• v6p = I. agree. 

Permutation, s. badlap, -pa, n. 

Fernicioos, a. luksanatso ; vait 
= bad; or vait kartso. 

Peroration, s. nimanefl mag-nefi, 
-nea, n. 

Perpendionlar, a. ubo. 

Perpetrate, 'v- adar; k&r. 

Perpetual, a- sasnatso = I. eter- 
nal; antnatuUo = /, without 
end; agSnit; ■;ilg. kabar zai- 
natuUo = /. not finishing; 
rs. into ravanastanan, or 
kbalanastanaii ; rs. into sa- 
dankal ; gidiye gadiye = I. 
every moment. 

Perpetuate, see Immortalize. 

Perpetuity, s. sas^n, -sna, «. = 
/. eternity. 

Perplexed, a- dubauntso, or du- 
bavi; tondreantso. 

Perplexity, s. dubau, -bava, m.\ 
tondre, Nom. pi. m. 

Perquisite, s. dusre faide = /. 
other advantages. 

Perron, s. metafi, fl. n. 

Persecute, v. 1 . dagdai = /. cause 
suffering; iza {var. hinsa) 
di = give torture, fg.\ kiiig- 

tiii = /. cause pain; d&ndili; 
r^d&i = /. cause to weep. 
% daundai = /. cause to run 

Persecution, s. dagdouneu, •^ea, 
«., or d&gd, m. pi.; iza, 
-ze (binaa, -se), /; see Op- 

Persecutor, s. hinsegar, -ra, m., 
n.c.\ dagd&itolo = /. caus- 
ing sufferings. 

Persererance, s. thirasati, -ne,/: 
or thirsan, -ne,/. 

PerseTere, i». thir rau, or thir 
zann ran; ani {with the reg. 
verb), e. g. p. in writing = 
ani bor&i. 

Persevering, a. thir; bet. rs. 

Persist, see Persevere. 

Person,^, l.zon, -na, m. {fhil.) 
used also for a Person of 
the most H, Trinity ; milnis 
-nsa, m.\ manai, -ya, m. = 
esp. a coolie, 
a.rup, -pa, n. = I. form; ves, 
-sa, «. = /. a mask, fg. 

3. sometimes omitted; e. g. the 
keeping ai his p. = ta&i ziiUin ; 
my own person = aunts. 

4. khuddy, e. g. kh. pola = see 
in person, personally. 

Personal, ii- aplo= /. own; kaski 
= /. private; zonatso {or 
zonantso) = /. of person. 

Personally, ad. khuddij;. 

Personification, £. zonarup,-pa,«. 

Perspective, s. 1. diSt, -ti,/. = l- 



"2. durbi?, -^,/. 
f erspioaoiona, a, barik = I. thin, 
/g. \ BOmzonitso s I. intelli- 
fennpiCQoiu, a. 8<^t. 
PeiBpiration, s. gham, -ma, m. 
Perspire,^- ghame; hume. 
Persntde, v. 1 . Bomziii =. I. cauBe 
to understand; or somzonn 
di, or Bomzaso k&r. 
2. bad s&ng = /. say advice. 
3.1ai = /. apply, y^.; movalai 
= /. make soft; m6a Toi kir 
= /. make .the heart jes,/g: 
1 cannot p. myself =m&k& di- 
Persuasion, s. gh&t alo£en, •»!, 
/. = I. firm opinion ; bud, 
-di,y. = ^. advice; i^vorTi6= 
through, ch. cs. 
Persn&sive, a. somz^isarko, or 

Pert, a. &am&ryaditso. 
Pertain, v. 1. favoza (favo is 

2. lags/, be attached,y^., e.g. 

tukalagta=it pertains toyon. 
Pertinaeioas, {I. s&liSt; dfaarnn; 

aple£ vadeatso. 
Pertinent, a. Iay6kz=/. fit; s&ma 

= /. right; rs. info za (Lai. 
facit ad rem). 
Pertnesa, s. &nm&ryad, •di, /.; 

l&zbandpo^, -na, «. 
Perturb, v, tondre k&r. 
Perturbation, s. tondre, m. pi. ; 

bezarHi, -ye, /; ak&nt, -ts, 

m. z: /. distress. 

Peruke, s. purn, -na, ».; some 

say tb&kari kSs, pi. m. 
Pernae, v. zagmtayen vats. 
Pervade, ». rig = /. enter or 

rig an bona. 
Perverse, a. 1 . kboto ; pad ; titn- 

taimari, eic. 
Perreision, s. kusap, -spa, «.= /. 

corruption,^.; vaitpon,-;5a, 

n. ; (vait) h&dlap, -pa, n. = I. 

(bad) change. 
Perrert, v. kas&i = I. corrupt, 

/g., c.v. ^kas; pad kir. 
Perrious, a. rigasarko. 
Pest, i. mar, -ri, /, pr. fg. 

<mar aili = that troublesome 

man (pest) came'. 
Pester, v. karkflr k&r = I. make 

trouble; see Teaze; kanant 

simpti ghal = /. put a tail 

in the ear {Konk.). 
Pestilence, s. mar, -ri, /. ; pfest, 


Pestilential, a. 1. maritso, or 
mar launtso. 
2. bhou luksanatso = very hurt- 
ful; nalk&rtso = ^. destruc- 

Pefttle, s, musii], -sla, n. 

Pet, s. 1. bhou prititso burgo, 
-geii, tn, {or m^nis) = a 
very dear hoy ; apurbayetso 
2. utsftmbolai, -ye, /. = /. ex- 
citement ; utsambolaBarken, 
-kea, n. 

Petal, s. pakli, -le,/. 

Petition, s. l.mag-nen, -gea, «. 



2.itrji, -je,/. = aiiy demand; p. 

to a superior. 
3. firjad, -di,/. = /. complaint. 
Petition, v. 6rji di = /. give a p. 
Petitioner, s. Arjegar, -ra, «. 
Petri&otion, s. fatorso, m. = I. 

apparent stone. 
Petrify, I', latorso k&r. 
Petrolenia, s. latraCen tel(fe), -la, 

«. ; vlg. £imnetel(fe), -la, «. 
Pettineu, s. b&Iken m&n, -na, 

n. = I. meao liear-t. 
Pettish, a. bez&rayetso. 
Petticoat, .i. gagro, -rea, m. (t 

of girls) ; b^niyan, -na, r. 
Pettifog^, s. UU&i T&kil, -la, 

m.; k&tv^kil (ylg-.). 
Petty, a. dSkto or Ifin ; Cillir = I. 

trifling ; h&lko or apvo 

low; uno = /. less, inferior. 
Petnlanoe, s. a&l, -la, ».; &am&r- 

jad, -di,^ 
Petulant,!?. saliSt; Sum^ryaditso. 
Pew, s. (igSrjentli) bJiska, -ke, 

/. = /. a Beat in the cburch. 
Pewter, s. doven sisen, -sea, n. 
Phantasm, s. k&lp^na, -ne, /. 

dist, -ti,y:; see Fantastia, etc. 
Phantom, s. sopan, -pna, n. = I. 

a dream,^.; drustakai, -ye, 

/ (vlg. du|takai)=:/. a goblin. 
Pharmaoy, s. gandsarkafii ang^. 

Pharos, see Li^ht-honse. 
Phase, s. b^dlap, -pil, n.\ iSain^t- 

kar, -ra, m. 
Phenomenon, s, akasaS&m&tkar, 

-ra, m.; disap, -spa, n. 

Phial, s. siso, -sea, m. (dim. si- 
sU, -le,/.) 

FhUologiBt, s. bhasaSp&ndit, 
-ta, m. 

Philology, s. bbasanpanditpo?, 
-ni, B. 

Philosopher, s., n. w. u. ginyana- 
s6dnar, -ra, m. = l. a man 
inquiring into science, n. u. 

PhUosophical, a. ginyanatso. 

Philosophy, s- ginyanaa6dna, 
-ne, /. =s i. inquisition of 
wisdom, ». ».; poisilean ka- 
ranaSvidya, -ye, /. = /■ tbe 
science of remote causes. 

Phlebotomy, s. lir mar6i,/. = A 
beating vein. 

Phlegm, s. 1. timpi, -ye, /. = 

2. darkai, -la, ». into th6.nd = /. cold. 

Phosphorus, s. sukrn, -ra, m.= 
tbe morning star. 

Phosphoreaeence, s. parzSJ, -|a, 
m., or pr&kas, -M, m. 

Photography, s. uzvadantleii £i- 
trij, -ra, «. = /. picture from 
the light; or uzvadantli 
naksa, -Se,/!, «. ti: 

Phrase, s. utsar, -ra, m. = I. ex- 
pression; vakya, -ya, «. 

Phraseology, s. utsaratso jinos, 
-nsa, tn. = I. manner of ex~ 
pressiona; or utaarafii rit, 
-ti,/., or only vakya, -ya, «. 

Phrenology, v. kapalagunaniSi 
Tidya, or kfi-palalakSanavi- 
dya, -y^,/. - science of tba 
„„ „ L.oogk- 



^nality of the brain (forehoad 

Phthisis, s. kevad, -di,/. 
Physio, s. vokat, -ktii, «.; bhairi, 

-re,/.=l. a parge. 
Physical, i. 8S.imbatso = /. nata- 

ral; kaditso = /. bodily. 
Physician, s. Toiz, -za, m.; p&n- 

dit, -tl,, m, = l. a learaed 

niaa,y^. used for ph. flJ we 

»f£ doctor. 
Physics, s. sfiimbaiSiridya,-ye,y; 
Physiognomy,^, l.t&nda&en rilp, 

-pa, n, 
2. sobavagarty, -ta, m. = l. a 

BigD of indications. 
Physiological, a. pranateo. 
Physiolog7, s. pranavidya, -yo, 

/. = /. the science of life. 
Piaonlar, a. ^rikpoiiatso, or fa- 

rikpon diuntso. 
Pianoforte, s. gayanaiii p^t, -te, 

f. {anal, to Cn,). 
Piot, V. vinta, or vintsum kad, 

e. g. something np from the 

ground; kad. 
Piefeaxe, s. knddl, -dli,/.; pikas 

-sa, n.,/r. 
Pickle, s. lonfiefC, -iSe&, n. 
Piokls, V. loniSen kilr; f6nnii^ 

Piotnie, s. rejist, -ta, «., fr.', 

rupdeS, -dea, «., or rupnefi, 

-nea, ».; 6itrf, -ra, n. 

(S. K.). 
Piece, s. 1. kudko, -kea, m.\ 

kopo, -pea, m, {esp. a p. of 


S.nanen, -nea, n. = a coin. 
3. kuBkutvar, -ra, ». = an atom, 

n.c, or kuskat, -ta, n, 
A p. of ground = dakten nil, 
-la, »., or zageakudko, -keS, 
Break into pieces = kadkean 

kudke k&r. 
Fall to pieces = kadke za. 
Be all of one p. = v6p = /. 
agree; y6k gant as§. 
Pier, s. l.khambo, -bea, m. = I. 
2. dbakko, -kea, m. {Mr. Cn.) 
Pierce, v. 1. t6p, e.g. p. with a 
sword, or a thorn pierces; 
rig = /. enter, ck. cs.\ ph^psi 
= I. transfix, (make many 
wounds), wound; burak k&r 
= I. malie a bole. 
2.fg. dukai = I. afBict. 
Pieroing,«. l.katin, c.^. p.pain; 
nmaleatso = I. boiling, fg. 
(intense), e.g. p. pain. 
2.barik {also perspicacious). 
S.kindri, e.g Toice. 
Piety, s. bh&ktipon, -na, «., or 
bb&kt, -ti,/.; devaspo?, -na, 
Pig, J, l.dukor, -kra, nt. 
2,sol6g,-ga,fW.=a young male 
pig; l&itaun, -tara, m. 
Pigeon, s. parvo, -vea, m. 
Pigment, s. ring, -ga, m. 
Pigmy, see Dwarf. 
PUaster, s. kbambo, -beH, m. 
Pfle, s. 1. rUs, 4i,/. = /. a heap. 
2. sari, -ye,/. = /. a funeral p. 



3.raul, -la, n. (dim. raaler) = 

/. a palace. 
4. Bali, -ye,/- = 1. a, stake. 
File, V. r£s kiir. 
Pilfer, 1!. lead = /. take away ; 

nag&i = /. steal. 
PJIgTin, s. p&rdesi, -sia, m. = 

an exile ; poii;tari, -ria, m. = 

a traveller. 
Pilgrimage, s. (aagoniCen) poin, 

-na, «. = /. journey (Totive); 

p&radelapoin, -n^, n. 
Pill, s. guli, -ye,/. = /. a globule 

{dim. i^gulo); matreo, -trea, 

«. {H.K.) 
PilUge, s. desvat, -te, /.; lut, 

-ti,/ = /. prey. 
Pillsge, V. desrat (or lut) k&r. 
Pillager, s, lutkar, -ra, m. 
Pillar, s. I.khambo, -bea, m. 

^./g. adhar, -ra, m. = I. help. 
PQIow, s. men, •sea, n. 
Pilot, s. taruD tsM&itolo = /. 

ruling the ship; arkati, -ti, 

Pimple, s, mumbar, -bra, n.; 

pnli, -ye,/. 
Pin,i. alfinit,-ti,/ (w/^. Slpinas, 

-Ba, n.),/r.; ferh. auvi, -ye, 

/. might be used also for pin; 

or maten asijlli Buvi. 
Pin, v. alfinit t6p. 
Pincers, s. 6imto, -tea, m. 
Pinch, V. fiimto kad; cimto ghal, 

n. c. (Ital. dare un pizzi- 

cone);ydmH= ■pinch in order 

to detach or cut ofF. 
Pinch, s. Cimto, -tea, m. 

A p. of snuff = y& 6imti (-{e, 
/) pud, 41/- 
Pine,t'.bhag; 8iA,/romconsump- 

tion; barikza=becometi)iQ, 
Pine-apple, ^- anas, -nsa, n. 
Pin-hole, s. suviyeburak, -ka, m. 
Pink, v. tdp = /. prick. 
Pinnacle, s. tudi, -ye,/. = /. top. 
Pint, s. &rdo siso, -sea, m, 
Pions, a. bbfiktivont; devaspo- 

Pip, V. 1. kankar, as hena p. 
2.koke, as cocks; sad ghal = 

crow (like a cock). 
Pipe, s. 1 . pip, -pa, n.=:l.& cask, 

a pipe (in Mr. also). 

2. pemparen, -rea, n. ^ & mn- 
sical p. 

3. n&li, -ye,/ = /, a chimney. 
4.gudgudi, -de,/ = a pipe for 

Pipkin, s. toplen, -lea, n,- bad- 

kulo, -lea, m. = La(. olla, 

a pot, diBh. 
Piquant, i7- !■ tik, i^rtikso; kbar. 

I.fg. barik = I. thin,y^. 
Pique, E*. &bbar k&r = /. boast; 

b^dai k&r. 
Piracy, s. d&ryaatli ta6ri,-ye,/ 
Pirate, s. daryatsdr, -ra, m. = 

a sea-robber. 
Pish, ini. 5ha. 
Pismire, s. miii, -ye,/. 
Pistol, s. Ian b&nduk, -ke, /.; 

pistjtl, -la, n.,fr. 
Pit, s. f6nd, -4a, «.; kond, -da, 

«.; see Arm-pit 
Pit-a-pat) ad. dMd^dean. 


Pitch, J. 1. tar, -ri,/; damb6r, 

-ra, m. 
2.katTan,-ua,».; &andaii,-na,7i. 
Highest p. = bhou ubar, or 

bhou T6d,^, 
Pitch, V. 1. borai=/. write, e.g^. 

a ke7-iiote. 
2.mar=s/. beat, e.^. a tent. 
3. tar lai = /. apply tar. 
Pitched, a. (battle), kritmactrf 

= I. regular. 
Pitcher, s. sidi, -ye,/. 
Piteous, <!• l-iuoval; mov^lanu- 
tso e: 1. cauBing pity. 
2.dukest = /. sorry. 
Pith, s. 1. bendtt, -da, m. (yar. 
2.sar, -ra, m. = l. substance, 

S.tsnrkai, -ye,/ = I. activity. 
Pithy, a. l.bendu asuUo. 
2./g. Jirtban bhorlolo, cr^rA. 
PitiM, a. 1. kakultitso; birmo- 
titso ; d&yal = kind ; mOTal 
= /. tender, or moTaloantso 
= /, moving. 
2.hJLlko, or &nyo=:/. low. 
Fittanoa, s. izmill, -la, «. = I. 

alms.yr.; see Alms. 
Pity, s. birmot, -ti,/.; tsartsnro, 
-rea, m.\ kaknlt, -ti,/; d&ya, 


Pity, V. (maka) birmot diBta, 
G. F. ~ I. pity appears (to 
me) of; kaknlt kfir, G.F.\ 
■vlg. pdt dukta or p. z&Ita 
= /. my belly feels pain- 

Pivot, s. molo, -lea, m.\ see 

Pix, s. piks, -si,/.,/r. 

Placable, a. s&madban k&riyet 
EsuUo = who may be ap- 
peased; moval; bel. rs. 

Haoard, s. iatyar, -ra, m. 

naoe, s. 1. Buat, -te, /. = a 
portion of space ; zago, -gea, 
m., mn. also ground. 
2.gaun, ganva, «. = /. country. 
3. ndyfig, -ga, m. = & civil em- 
In the first p. = poilents, or 

poile suater. 
If I were in your p. = aun 
tujen snater {or tnjea b&d- 
lak) aslear. 

Place, I'. ghal = /. put; dovfir, 
more used than ghal. 
F. in order = mand. 

A'. B. the compounds of Place 
are mostly formed regularly. 

Placid, a. nidan or soukasayetso ; 
see Calm. 

Plag:iary,s. pustakafitaor, -ra, w. 

Plague, f- 1. mar, -ri, /.; pfest, 


l.fg. kast, -ta, m. 

3. kark&r, -ran, m. pi. = /. 

Plajiue, ^. bezar {or kirkar) 

k&r; d^s. 
Plain, s. l.s&magaun, -ganv&, 

in.=l. even country ; m&idan, 

-na, 11. = Lai. planities. 
2. podou, -dva, jm. = a high 

plain; kamp, -pa, n. 



Plain, a. 1. bMo = /. simple; 

tBalto = /. current. 
2. BoSt = /. clear, evident, dis- 

tinct; 8omp6»/. easy. 
S.niz = /. sincere, tme; often 

rs. ; see "Fxvik, 
Plaintiff, see u?ider Aoonser. 
Plait, f. 1. miri, -ye,/.: 'make 

plaits = mirio ghal, cr m . kad'; 

'mirio p6dtat =/. plaits fall', 
a.ini, -ye,/ = tress; see Dresa. 
Plait, V. see Drew. 
Plan, s. I. namuno, -nea, m. = /. 

sample, model, /g.\ alofien, 

-\a.,/. = l, intention, opinion; 

seT6t, -ta, m. = I. aim ; n&k£a, 

-5^1 /■! ^•^' of a building, 

2. m^sUt, -ti, /., or kut, -ta, 

n. = l. a plot. 
Plan, V. n&mano asa, ch. cs,\ 

seT6t asa, ck, cs.\ alo&en kir ; 

n&ksa kad. 
Plane, s. l.sitmagaun, -ganv^, 

m. (a level surface), 
2.kisul,-le,/ (an instrument). 
Kane, v. tas = ex. hew ; kisul 

Planet, s. graba, -ba, ». {H.K.y, 

bouniSefi neketrij, -ra, «. = /. 

a -walking star. 
Plank, s. folen, -lea, m. 
Plank, ^. folin gbal. 
Plant, s. zad, -^a, ».; rdmpo, 

-pea, m. (a young plant). 
Hant, 9. l.lai = /. apply, attach 

{to the earth), e. g. ruk lai. 
2. ghai = I. put. 

3. g&d or stapiBi = /. found. ' 
Plantain, s. 1. kelen, -lea, n. 

2. bomgfilo, -lea, )in. = a big p. 
insipid, bat good for cook- 

3. nand4rkai = p. of Malabar, 
the Malayalam name. 

P. tree = 1. kbelfmbo, -bea, m. 
2. moko, -kea, m. = a young 


Plantation, s. tot, -ta, n. 
Plash, s. (udkan) gouji, -je,/. 
Piaster, s. 1. lep(6), -pa, m., e.g. 

2.t8ano,-nea, m. = l. chanam; 

or6ei. tsuneatso gar, -r&, m.; 

B^ruri, -^e,/. 
Kaster, v. 1. l6p(6) lai. 
2. tsuneatso gar kad; &&nin 

Plastic, a, rup diuntso. 
Plat, s. zago, -gea, m. 
Plate, s. l.bosi, -se,/. 
2.polgan, -na, «. = a large 

hollow plate; see App. X. to 

Platform, s. 1. sopo, -pea, m. = 

a kind of raised terrace in a 

house; zagli, -le,/. (H.K.) 
2. katen, -tea, n. = a, sort of 

embankment around trees. 
Platinum, s. platin moUo dhatu, 

-tu,OT.; dovearupen,-pea,«. 
Platter, s. tahak, -bka, ». 
Plandit, s. rs. into talio pet (e) = 

/. clasp the bands; metsuo- 

9en, -nea, «. = /. approval; 

hoglap, -pa, n. = I. praise. 



Rinsible, a. hoglap favozallo, or 

hoglapatBo; metsvoatso. 
PUy, s. 1. Idi61» {var. thy6!), 

-la, m. ; at, -t&, m, 
2. khuealai, -je^/. = I. pleasure. 
3. Seatai, -ye,/.; tomaso, -aea, 
Play, V. 1. khfel or khyaj. 
2.Ge4tai k&r = /. make a joke. 
3. 3&nt6s bh6g = /. enjoy plea- 

4.Taz, e.£'. an instrameot. 
HVBT, s. l.thfilagSr, -ra, «., 

in a game. 
2. Taztolo, of an instrament; or 

Tazpi, -pia, trt. 
Playfol, a. l.-khosal; kh^lgodo; 

ulasatso = I. joyfnl. 
2. cestai kiUrtso = /. who makes 


Plea, s. 1. nib, -bfi, «. = pretext. 

2. ndaran, -na, «.; pr&tiz&vab, 

-bi, /. = an answer to an 


Flud, V. 1. tsill&i = /. cause to 

walk,^.; e.ff. p. a case. 
2. ndar&it di s> give answer to. 
Header, s. vikil, -la, m. 
Pleasant, a. l.khuSalajetso, or 
kbnsal k&rtso ; moga} ^ i. 
2. sobit =a beautiful. 
35e8tai k&rtso = I. making 

Pleasantness, s. mogalpon, -^a, 
n. = l. affability; khasalai, 
-ye,/; = /. enjoyableness. 
Pleasantry, s. barikai, -ye,/. 

Please, V. l.miiaQa, e.g. God; 
c.v. manu&i. 
2. metsva = I. approve, ck. cs. 
(maka yen mefsvat^), e.g. 
the conduct of; p&s£ind k&r 
= /. make approval; pa5u^, 
n. c; ruts = I. be tasteful. 
S.khuial k&r; d&ya k&r. 
Please give = daya k&rn diya; 

upkar k^rn diya. 
If you please s manuslear. 
Do as you p. = tuje khule 
p&rma^e ts&l. 
Fleasnre, s. 1. khusalai, -ye, /., 
or also khu8i,-se,/.(cjr. will); 
s&ntoe. -sa, m.\ ulas, -sa, m.; 
sukhtf, -kbS., n. = /. happi- 
2. ruts, -5i,/ = /. taste. 
Pleasing, see Rease and Charm. 
Hebeian, a. fiiiTOi=/. low; bin; 
zomeatso = /. of the people. 
Pled^, .f. a^ou, -dya, m.\ Id, -da, 
«.; zamin, -aB,/, = l. secu- 
rity; utar, -tra, »., or bhas, 
-se,/! = /. a word, promise. 
P. of marriage = ayerman, 
-na, m. 
Hedge, V. nt&r di, or bhasai = I. 
give word, or promise ; za- 
min di, or adou di=/. give p. 
Plenary, a. purto = /. full, e.g. 

p. remission. 
Plenipotentiary, s. sotftotri dut, 

-ta, m. 
FlentiM, a. vlg, rs. into raa = 
/. heap, ch. cs.\ s&bar = /. 
.much, many; milst; br&- 

„, „ L.oogic 



ia3,nd(/?. ^.); pusk&l; som- 
purnayetso, «. c. 

Plenty, *. somparnai, -ye, /.; 
ras, -9i,//= /. a heap; rs. 
bhou or B&bar=miicb, many, 
ch. cs. 

Pleonasm, s. ts^au, -dar^, nt. 

Plethora, s. r^gtabh&rti, -to,/. 
E /. fulne&a of blood; teiid 
T&gat, -gta, «, = I. much 

PliaUe, a. bagauntso, or baga- 
Barko, pr.fg. 

Plight, s. stiti, -ti,/. = /. condi- 
tion, Btate; bet. rs.^ e.g. into 
the polen. mood. 

Plod, V. k&8t£n yaarf = I. en- 
deavour greatly ; k&Sta = /. 
suffer pain, n. v. of k&stai. 

Plot, s. 1. kut, -ta, n.\ m&sl&t, 
2.dakten nel, -IS,, n.\ diikto 
or Ian zago, -gea, f». = a 
small piece of ground. 

Plot, V. kut k&r. 

Plotter, s- katag&r, -ra, m. 

Ploag:h, V. k68, n&ngr&i. 

Ploagrh, s. nangor, -^rfi, m. 

nonghinjT, s. koBS.p, -spa, «. 

Plong'hman, s. kostolo. 

Pluck, V. k5«l, e.g. a flower, fear 
thers; khunt, e.g. leaves. 

nnj, V. damp = /. shut. 

Plnme, s. pak, -ka, n. 

Plume, V. &bbar, or douUt Idlr 
= boast. 

Plump, a, l.pu^ti, motosi stout. 
2. ^posi = clumsy. 

Plundar, f . desvat, -te, /.; lat, 

-ti,/. = /, prey; oagoii, -ni, 
/. = /. stealing. 
Plunder, v. sulvSd; desrat {or 

lut) kg,r; zulnm ts&Ui. 
Plunge, V. 1. buddi, c. v. ^bud 

pr.fg., e.g. into calamities. 
2.M. V. p6d or bad, 
Plnnjfe, s. bndap, -dpa, ». 
Plurality, s. zomo, -mea, m.; rodlo 

vinto, -tea, m.=.l. & great 

Pins, ad. ildhik ; taSe vorn. 
Husk, s. loun asi^llen lugat, -gta, 

n. = I. woolen clotb. 
Pluviometer, s. pauBamap,-pa, n. 
Ply, '>>' I> lag = I- be applied, 

2.borefC k&rn tsfilii = /. per- 
form, exercise carefully, etc. 
Pneumatie, o. vflreatso, tr varefir- 

Pocket, s. b61s, -sa, n.\ kiso, -seS,, 

m.\ fill, -la, «.; poti, -ye,/I = 

a bag. 
Pooket, V. nagSi, c. v. = steal. 
Pooket-book, s. ugd&sapustak, 

-ka, ».; tB&trayepustak. 
Poem, s. sldk, -k&, m., ^r sl6kEi- 

g&dip, -dpa, «., (?r the Mr. 

karya, -ye,/. 
Poet, s. sldk kilrtolo; podan k&i> 

tolo; or the Mr., Cn., Sans. 

kiLvi, -vi, m. 
Poetaster, s. Anvo k&vi, or i£ill&r 

kivi, -vi, «. 
Poetic, «. slfikatso, or the Mr. 


„, „ L.oogic 



Poetry, s. sl6k, -ka, m.; or the 
Mr., Cn., Sans..\i&n\.&, ~te,/. 
or kavya, -ye,/. 

foignant, a. k6du = /. bitter,/^.; 
kiitin = /. difficult; dukoun- 
lao;perh. phapsountso ; top- 


Point, s. I . domds, -inaa, m. , e.g. 
of an instrument; pdnt, -ta, 


, ■2.b6ntB, -fii,/. =beak. 
3. tibo, -bea, m. =1. a dot. 
4.t&n, -ni,/. = /. moment, e.g. 

p. of death. 
S, mukhya y&si\t, -tn, /. = I. 

chief thing; se£ Sting, Object, 

Stage, Degree, Item. 
He is on the p. of going = to 

retso asSr, or veta th&ia 

To such a point =a titlo. 
'Point, V. l.doin63 k&r. 

2. tibo ghal. 

3. dak&i = /. show. 
Pointless, a. 1 . dorndsnatullo. 

2. 5&ppo = I. not salted,y^, 
3.d^do = /. stupid; jiruatullo. 
f oise, ^. sflma tuk kiir. 
Poison, s. Tik, -kil, n.; n&nji, 

Poison, V. Tik ghal, or v. di. 
Poisonons, a. vikul. 
Poke, i>. k6nk or t6p. 
Poker, s. nzo tsaliSi bodi, -ye,/, 
Pole, s. 1. k6l(6), -U, «. = Lot. 
Petrica; tenkdi, -de, / = p. 
to knock down fruits with. 
S.phidkr, -ra, n. 

3. khambo, -bea, m. = a pillar, . 
a support. 

4. druv, -tS,, «. = p. of the earth, 
n. u. 

Pole-oat, s. r3,nm3,zar, -zra, n. 

Polemical, a. tarkatao = ^ con- 

Police, s. ganvilbiindob&st, -ti, 
/ = /. safety of the place ; 
or kramaraknen, -nea, «, = 
I. guard of order. 

Policeman, s. vlg. pholis, -sa, 
m.; kr&marakno, -nea, ot.; 
ganvabaudobilstigar, -ra, m. 

Policy, s. (rajs.-) karkhano, -nea, 
m. = I. administration ; k£r- 
bar, -ra, «., «. c. in this mn. 

Folisli, V. telto, g&ma, or sudd^ 
kflr = /. make smooth, right, 
or correct. 

Polished, a. telto, s&ma, or suddu; 
saf; thaitaiit. 

Polite, a. tsaltsJimkan asullo; 

Politeness, s. tsalts^mk&n, -na, 
n.; m&ryad, -di, /.; m&n§e- 
pori, -na, «. = humanity,^. 

Political, a. stititso = /. of state ; 
rajatso = /. of the kingdom ; 
sJirkaratso =/. of the govern- 

PoliticB,^. l.ts&louDcisamarthi, 
-the,/. = I. the art of govern- 
2,t8&lonnt90 jinos, -nsa, ?«,= 

way of governing. 
3. stjtifieo vistu = I. things of 
the state. 




Poll, s. 1. navanpStti, -ts,/. 
2. maten, -tea, «., t&kli, -le, 

/. = /. head.,tea5i pat, -ti,/. = l. the 
back of the bead. 

Poll, 1). patter borai = I. write 
OQ the list. 

Pollute, V. kh&tki; bh^t&i; 

Poltroon, s. aisi, -sia, m. 

Polygamy, s. anal, to Cn., Mr,, 
Sans, bhou {or poti- 
pon, -9a, n. = l. being many 
consorts; B^bar&atrio 
asat, or s. dadle asat, 

Polyg:lot, a. sahar bbasantso. 

Polygon, s. sahar konsean^en 
(rup, -pa, «.) 

Polytheism, s. sahar devansa- 
Btrij, -ra, «., n. c. \ homhea 
puza, -je,/. 

Folytheist, s. s&bar devansastri, 
-ri, m.\ bel. 8§.bar devani^r 
s^ttnandtolo ; bomheangar. 

Pommel, see HUt. 
Pommel, v. mar. 
PompouB, ct- 1. dobaje§.tso = /. 

2. doulatitso = /. of vanity. 
Pond, s. talen, -lea, n. 
Ponder, v. tuk = /. weigh, fg. ; 

Cint = I. think ; niyaj = /. 

Ponderons, a. bhari, pr,,/g.\ z4d. 
Poniard, see Dagger. 
Pontiff, s. Pap, -pa, m., add 

saib = lord. 

Pontifical, a. Pap saibatso. 
Pontifloate, s. Papsaibaraz, -ja, «, 
Pony, s. tankan, -na, n. ; poni, 

-ye./. A- 

Pool, s. 1 . mad^, -ka, n. ; talen, 

-lea, «. 
2.zS.r, -r\,/. = /. a fountain. 
Poonwood, s, siriponne, -nea, n. 
Poor,a. dublo, or dnrbalo ; g&rib, 

Hind. Mr., yet used some- 

times ; p6r = /. destitute, or- , 

pban ; kirkol = /. wretched. 
Pop, s. gouji, -je,/ 
Pop, •!>. gouji ka,r. 
Pope, see Pontiff. 
Popiqjay, 5. kir, -ra, »». ; see 

Poppy, s. 1 , k&sk^seatso ruk, -ka, 

m. = l.& tree of p., Mr. Cn. 
S.kfiskiiso, -sea, m. = seed of 

p. {in pi.) 
Populace, see Crowd. 
Popular, a. 1. lokatso, or zomea- 


2. loka&iddstibhogtso; lokatso 
dost; lokak mogal. 

3. tsalto = /. current. 
Popularity, s. lokaSi d6sti, -te, 

f. = I. favour of the people; 

lokatso mog (6), -ga, m. = l. 

loTe of the people; 
Populous, n. s&bar lokatso ; lokan 

Porcelain, s. &ini aidan, -ua, n. 
Porch, s. b^lkaun, -kara, tn.\ 

tsitdau, -dava, m.\ varand, 

-da, n.; anga^, -gna, n. = 

yard of the house. 

„, „ L.oogic 


Porcupine, s. sal, -]i,/. 
Pore, J. <Sil, -li,/ 
Pork, a. dukramas, -sa, «. 
Porosity, s. rigasarken, -kea, «. 
Porous, s. 5ili asullo. 
Porpoise, J. daryaduk6r,-kra,OT. 
Porridge, s. ambil, -la, n. (a kind 

of p. made of ragi). 
Porrinyer, s. pir, -ri,/. 
Port, s. 1. bindltr, nlrS, «. = 

a quay ; alvefi, -vea, «. = /. 

an estuary. 
2.t8al, -li,/. 
PortEtble, 'i:. vorasarko, (Tvortso; 

Portal, s. darvato, -tea, m. 
Portenllis, s. uiokSUso sankoa, 

-kva, m. = I. a suspended 

Portend, v. dak&i = I. show, or 

mnkar dakfii; gurt asa = /. 

sign is. 
Portend, s. 1 . gartij, -ta, m. = I. 

a sign; khuna, -jib,/. 
2. ftjap, -pa, «., or S,japa6i v&st^, 

-tu, f. = l. a wonder, or a 

wonderful thing; asiSaryen 

{or atsaryen), -yea, «. = a 

Porter, s. bEglarakno, -ne&, m. = 

/. a door-keeper. 
Portfolio, s. l.kagdanfiil, -la, n. 
2. m&ntrihuddo, -dea, m.\ m^n- 

triudy6g, -ga, m. = /. the 

rank of minister. 
Portico, s. l.tsouki,-ke,/.; tsau- 

di, -de,/ 

2. sopo, -pea, m.; bS,IkS,un, -ka- 

va, fn.; varand, -da, fft. 

Portion, s. v^nto, -tea, m.; hiso, 

-sea, m. 
Portliness, ^- gh&n, -na, n., e.ff. 
to ghanan ts^lta = he walks 
with portlineas; bhar,"-ra, 
m. = I. gravity; bhirm, -ma, 
n. (feigned p.) 
Portly, a. puSti, etc. 
Portrait, s. sarkeS, -kea, n. = I. 
likeness; Citrij, -ra, n. ; nik- 
sa, "le,/ = /. a sketch. 
Portress, s. baglarakni, -ne,/. 
Position, s. l.suat, -te, /, = /. 
a place. 
2. stiti, -ti,y. = /. state, condi- 
tion; rs into foten. mood, 
e.g. I am in a p. to. 
Positive, a, l.khandit; kh&ro = 
I. true; see Explicit 
2.dubaa natullo. 
Possess, ■!>. 1. asa, SB. Dal. = I. 
is; dov6r = /. keep. 
2./g: ng = i. eater, cA.cs., e.g. 
p. the mind; bhdr = /. fill, 
e.g. p. the mind. 
3.&nbh6g (or bh6g), e.g. p. 

4.kal = /. be known, e. g. p. a 

language, ch. cs. 
6. p&s kanghe = I. take pos- 
session; 'possessed by the 
devil = deuntsaran p6s kan- 
6. aotilntrar dov6r (pass. s. 
I power; 




or bet. only sot&ntrar asi, 
ch. cs., e.g. p. a country. 

Fosaeasion, 5. 1 . ast, -ti, /. = l. 
riches ; z&min, -^Q,/., buiii, 
-ifi, /. = p. of land; dirvefi, 
-vea, «. (much money); dh&n, 
-na, w.; dh&D mfin, -na, n. = 
all that we possess, /. pro- 
perty and mind, as used in 
the sentence^ we must offer 
all that we have to God. 
2.£inbhou, -bhova, m., or &a- 
bh6g, -ga, vt. 

Possessor, s. 1. Srubbogdar, -ra, 
2.db&Qi, -yii, m.^l. master, 
Lai. dominus. 

Possibility, s. tank, -ki, /; rs. 
into poten. mood. 

Possible, a. zauyet asnllo; bel. 
rs. into zauyet, or other 
verb in the poten. mood. 

Possibly, ad. As far as I p. can = 
maka taukta titlen. 

Post, s. 1 . (rukatso) khambo, 
-bea, m. = I. a pillar (of 
wood); see Stake. 
2.udy6g, -ga, OT. = civil p. 

3. bifddo, -dea, m. = l. rank. 

4. tapal, -la, n. (public semce); 
t&palgadi, -ye,/. 

5.mokam, -ma, n. = l. station; 
thaneii, -nea, «, 
Post, V. 1. (istyar) lai or mar= 
/. attach (a notice). 

2. ghal = /. put, e.g. troops. 

3. tapalar ghal = I. put on the 
post, e.g. a letter. 

4. tiipalgadiyer poin k&r = I. 
travel nvith the post. 

5. dak&l k&r=enter (iu abook). 
Postage, s. t&pftld&stur, -re,/.s 

/.taxofpost; tS.pala,Senm5T„ 
-la, n. = I. price of post. 

Posterior, a. paflo = /. being be- 
hind; magir asullo or roA- 
girtso=/. being aiter ; uprau- 
tlo = I. being after. 

Posterity, s. s&ntat, -ti,/.; kufc- 
matsD (kutmafiiu) = /. of the 

Posthnmoas, a. bapui melea up- 
rant zallo; bapaik kaduUo- 
{a rather (pensive expres- 

FoatmaB, s. t&palpedo, -dea, m. 
= a letter-carrier. 

Postmaster, s. t&palatso adhika^ 
ri, or t4pala^.S^hikari,-r), >»., 
or tap&Iafien mostak, -ka, «. 

Post-offioe, s. tSpalkaten, -tea, 
«.; t&palkS,6eri, -ri,/ 

Postpone, V. pati ghal. 

Postecript, s. tazak&l&m,~lm&,».. 

Poatare, s. kudirit, -ti, / = /. 
mauner of body; kudistiti, 
-ti,/. = /. state of body; ubo- 
rauu&i rit, -ti,/ = /. mauner 
of standing; bei. rs. 

Pot, s. modki, -ke,/; aidan, -na, 
n.; knndlen, -lea, ». = an 
earthen p. for preparing 
curry iu; budkulo, -lea, m. 
<M a kind of earthen p.; see 
App. to Konk.-Engl. Dic- 

„, „ L.oogic 



Potash, s. khar, -ra, m. 
Potato, s, 1. b&tato, -tea, m. 
S.karando, -dea, m. = & kind 

of fruit similar to a p. 
3. keno, -nea, m. = Telinga p. 
Sweet p. = k&iigi, -ge,/. 
Potion, s. piunen, -gea, «. 
Pottage, s. kald,-d&, m.,/r.; kfir 

Bai, -ya, m. =s sonp, decoc- 
Potter, s. kambar, -ra, m. 
Pottery, s. 1. kambara&en kam, 

-ma, ». 
2. kumbarakarkb&no, -nea, tn. 

= I. workshop of p. 
Ponob, J. poti, -ye,/. = A a bag. 
Ponltioe, s. lep(e), -p&, m. 
Poulterer, s. kunkdan iktolo = /. 

a seller of fowls; kombe 

Poultry, s. kunkad, -kda, n. 
Ponaee (on), v. zomp&.i mar; 

dhir, or nbon db&r=/. flying 

Pounce, s. reti, -ye,/. = /. sand 

{usedlo dry up ink en paper); 

see Claw. 
Ponnd, s. 1. ratly, -IS, m. 

■2.Tedo, -defi, m. = l. an enclo- 
3. paund, -da, m. (coin). 
Pound, V. I. pad kfir; T&ti (^ 

d61 (by grinding). 

2. dadai, e. g, roads. 

3. mosti = I. trample. 

4. vedeant gbal = /, put into 
an enclosure. 

Pour, "v. \ . v6t or vomti. 
2. simp, e.g. by watering. 
The clouds p. out = kupan 

Pont, V. kh&utilit d^ta = I. ap- 
pears gloomy. 

Pout, s. bezarai, -ye,/,; see Ill- 

Poverty, i. 1 . durbfi,lkai,-ye^/., or 
durb&lpon, -n&, n. 
i./g. rs. fniouno=l. leas,^.^. 
p. of courage. 

Powder, s. 1. pflcl, -di,/., e.g. 

2. daru, -rve, /. = ganpowder. 
S.pito, -tea, fn. = thick p. like 

that into which bamboos are 
sometimes eaten by worms. 
4. kup, -pa, m. = sandstone- 
powder, n. c. 
5.dhul, -U,/ = /. dust. 
Powder, v. pud kfi.r; see Pound. 
Power, s. 1. podvi, -ve,/. 
2.b61, -la, «.; yekthar, -ra, m. 

3. tran, -na, n. = I. ability; see 
Ability; gun,-na, m.; samar- 
thi, -the,/. 

According to his p. = ta5e 
tank! parmane. 

Powerful, a. podvedar; boladik, 
or bdl asullo. 

Poi (Small), s. bolnik, -ke,/. 

Praotioable, a. kariet asallo ; 
kartso; bet. rs. 

Praotioal, a. karnean Tisyant 
asullo = /. being about ac- 
tions ; bet. rs, into k&rneafi 
viSyant; anboratso = /. of 



experience; i^r&nboiiasTillo; 

zaiito = /. clever (in action); 

kam&k p6dtso=/. falling (fit) 

to business ; apkarak pddtso. 
Pr&otao&lly, ad. k^r5ea p&rmaae 

=s I. according to what is to 

be done; k&FJ3en p61eun = /. 

looking to what is to be done. 
Prftctioe, s. l.soTdi, -ye,/„ e.g. 

p. of a good resolution, also 

exercise, custom. 
2.d&Btur, -ri, /. = /. fashion; 

rud, -di,/; lal. -li,/ 

3. iibyaa, -sa, m., n. c. = exer- 
cise, e.g. of 
prSyfig, -ga, « 

4. anb6u, -vil, >«., or iinbfig, -^a, 
m. = /, experience. 

Practise, v. 1. sor6i asa = I. 
practice is, cA. cs.; flbyas 
kHr, or 80Y6i kSr. 
2. tsalai = /. cause to va.\k,/g., 
e.g. medicine. 

Prftirie, s. lamb m&idan, -na, n. 
= /. a long plain. 

Praise, s. vornoni, -ne,/.; hog- 
lap, -pa, «.; anSnd, -da, m. 
= ex. glory. 

Praise,?'. l.hogolsi(i'iir,ubolsi); 
hoglap (or ^nSrid) kir; pa- 
tsar, e.g. the saints; TOmi s 
/. exalt. 
2. sipar^s k4r=:/. make recom- 
mendation (by praising) ; 
tarif k&r. 

Praiseworthy, a. hogojsountso, 
or hoglap favozallo, or hog- 
lapatso, eic; see Praise. 

Prance, f. l.ud = /. spring. 
2.y^. ^bbar kir = /. make os- 
tentation; or ^bbaran ts&l. 

Prant, s. m&rji, -je, /. = /. cap- 
rice; khelkulan, -Ian, n. pi. 
a merry tricks. 

Prank, v. &bb&r kS.r. 

Prate, v. 1. g&zali mar = /. beat 

a chat; phandle mar. 

2. bas kh& = /. eat language 

(get a scolding); b6bmar = /, 

cry; W^.bodbod = /. chatter. 

Prater, s. bodbodo, -dea, m. (ylg.); 
phandleagar, -ra, tn. 

Prating, s. gizal, .U, /. {com. 
in pi.) 

Pray, '". mag-neii kftr, or m. m6n ; 
prartAn kiir, «.c.; Cwi.mag; 
vlg. r&zar kar,y^. 

Prayer, s, mag-nen, -nea, «. ; 
vlg. r&zar, -ra, n.,/r. ; prar- 
tftn, -na, ».; granefi, -nea, n. 

Prayer-book, s. mag-niea^n pus- 
tak, -ka, n. 

Preach, v. vlg. sermaun kiLr; 
sangon di = /. say, speak ; 
prisang kar. {U. K.) 

Preacher, s. sermaTist, -ta, m., 
fr.\ pregad6r, -ra, m., /r., 
ft. c. ; sermaun kSrtolo, or 
padri,-ri, »M.,y^. ; prSsinga,- 
gar, -ra, m. {H. K.) 

Preaching,^, z'/^. sermaun, -mav^, 
m., /r., pr&sang, -ga, n. 


Preamble, J. tiyarai, -ye,/. = /. 
preparation; perk, rig, -ge, 
/. = 1. ingress,^. 

„,...., A. oogic 



Precarioas,a. thirnatuUo (or stir- 

natuUo) or &thit. 
Fiecftation, f . tefttrai, 'ye,/.=:l. 

care, heed : 'take precantions 

= ts. kanghe*. 
Preoede, v. I. makar (or adio) 

Teta^goBH before; adic and 

the verb required by mn., e.g. 

study should p. food = jeun- 

iSea adm sikaz^. 
Precedence, 1. l.maii,-Da,m. = /, 

2. rs. into v. 
Give the p. to = v6rn viatsun 

Precedent, s. adlo daklo, -lea, 

m. = /. preceding example. 
Precedent, a. adlo or poilo; see 

Precept, s. upades, -sS., m. ; vlg. 

maudameut, -ta, m.,yy. (W.); 

fornia^, -na, n. = /. a com> 

mand ; kaido, -dea, m. = I. 

a rule, law; hubum, -kme,/! 

= /. an order. 
Preceptor, ^. 1. upadesi, -si, m. 
2. ^igul, -la, m., vlg. = a master 

of low classes ; see Teacher. 
Precinct, J. mitmer, -re,/ ; gM, 

-di,y,; s&rh9,dd^, -di,/. 
Preeioos, (Z. 1. moladik, or &mo- 

2, mhar&g = I, dear, of price. 
P. blood (of J. C.)=.fimoUk 

Precipice,^. l.kS4B0,-8e^,M.=:/. 

declivity ; kh&ndak, -dkS,, m. 
2.gundi, -je,y*. 

Precipitance, Precipitation, s. &u- 

s&r, -ra, m. « /. haste. 
Preoipit&te, ^. bodii, c.v. ^bod. 
Preoipitoaa, a. &us&ratBO. 
Precise, a. sarko. 
Frecooions, a. rs., s&manatuUea 

velar; rs. inio tsid vegin 

yeuntso = coming too soon; 

perh. kala-adlo = /. before the 

Precocity, s. kala-adli bud, -di, 

/., or rs. into adj. 
Preconception, s. adalo6en, -ni, 

/.; vS,Dkdi§,lo<Sen. 
Preconcerted, a. adinvopQllo, or 

adink&rar kello. 
Precursor, 5. l.dut, -ta, m.^l. 

a messenger {ex. mukavelo 

d.); hiir&k&ri, -ria, m. 
2.khuiia, -tie,/. = a presage. 
Predeeeaeor, s. maji (ildhikari, 

-ri, m.') » /. anterior (magi- 
strate), [kad- 
Predestinate, ». (ftdia) vintsun 
Predestination, s. adinvintsap, 

-tspa, «,, w. c. 
Predetermine, v. adin nisSeisi; 

adin lai = /. apply before to 

Predicament, i. vfi.rg, -ga, m. = l. 

Predicate, v. (kh&ndit) sang = I. 

say (positively). 
Predict, v. adin kiil&i ; adin sang. 
Prediction, s. adinsang -nen^ 

-Ilea, «.; profesi, -s\,/.,/r. 
Predilection, -r. apurbai, -ye,/. = 

/. fondness, great afFectioir. 




Predispose, v. l.Tond&i = /, in- 
cline ; vodneo di, or vondou- 
Qeadi = /. give iocliQations; 
b&gSi = /. bend,^. 
2. kar&n di = /. give cause. 
S.adin maiid = /. arrange be- 

Predisposition, s. 1 . adinmanda- 
7ol, -li,yi = /. before-arrange- 
2. vondounen, -nea, n. = l. in- 

Predominant, <z. 1. ts&lountso^/. 
ruling; zSit vortso=carrying 
2. B&dantso = /. of always, e.g. 
passion; mukhya=/. princi- 
pal; £^ Influential. 

Predominate, 71. . .v6rnpodvedar 
zann asa=/. is more power- 
ful than. . . ; tsfllai = rule; 
tsai = /. be current. 

Pre-eminent, a. nttim (utt&m) = 
/. excellent, 

Prafaee, s. adinsaDg-^en,-neii,». 

Prefect, s. S.dhip&ti, -ti, tn. 

VttSiiec,'". vintsun kad = /. cboos- 
ing take, pr. fg., e.g. p. 
true honour to vain honour, 
etc. \ khusi &Ba, = I. will is, 
with comparat.; manva or 
boro (-ri, -ren) dista = /. 
pleases, with comparat. ; 
mand =s /. esteem. 
I prefer Rome to Paris = Parisa 
pras K6m maka mauTatfi; 
see also Appreciate. 

Preference, s. give the p. to : rs. 

into prefer, v. 
Preflgmre, v. rs. gurti; asa = /. 

is sign; dakHi = I. show. 
Preflx, V. mukar borai =1. write 

Pregnancy, s. gurvSrpon, -na, «., 

or gumatsar, -ra, m. 
Pregnant, a. guruar; g&rbest. 
Prejadiea, j. 1. vankdi alo5eD, 

-ni,/ =/. a crooked opiniou ; 

idaloSeu, -ni, f. = l. a, con- 
trary opinion. 
2. laksan, -na, n. = I. harm. 
Prejudice, ^. luksanak p6d = /. 

fall to p., ch. cs. 
Prejudioial, a. luksanatso = /. 

Prelate, s. igS.rjehuddeagar, -ra, 

«i.=dignitary of the church. 
Prelection, s. sikon, -ne, /,= /. 

instruction; sikounen, -nea, 

».; see Lecture. 
Preliminary, a. muk3,relo, or 

mukar vetso ; ir&mbatso = 

/. original, of the beginaiug ; 

poilos^. first. 
Prelude, s. tayarai, -ye, /. = /. 

Prelude, v. t&yar kir = I. make 

ready, prepare. 
Premature, a. see PreooclouB. 
Premeditate, t^. adifi £int = I. 

think before ; adin uiyal ^ I. 

meditate before. 
Premise, v. adin BiB6eisi=estat>- 

lish before; adin sang = /. 

say before. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Premues, J. 1. gMravedo, -deft, 

fn.; gMr ani zago=/. house 

and ground. 
2. the Mr.^ Cn.^ Sans, purva-, 'la, m. 
Premiam, ^. iuam, -ma, m. 
Premonish, i'. adin ka,Mi. 
Prentice, see Apprentice. 
Pre-oconpation, s. haeko, -kea, 

OT. = trouble. 
Pre-occnpied, n. haskeatso = 

troubled by thoughts. 
Fre-occnpy, v. (duBrean adin) 

kane=/. take (before others). 
Preparation, s. 1. tftyarai, -ye, 
f.\ aitemon, -na, «. 
2. s&nnai, -ya, m. 
Prepare, "v. tSiyar k£Lr; kfir = /. 

Preponderance, s. bhar, -rfi, m. 

= I. gravity, /g.\ ziit, -ta, 

n. = l. victory, ^, 
Preponderate, "s. z6it vor. 
Pre-reqnisite, a.s. By the Necess. 

mood and adin; g&ijefieo 

T&Btu, or zai asulleo v&stu, 

^/,y^. = necessary things. 
Prerogative, s. h&kk^, -ka, «.; 

vises deneo, -nea, «., or v. 

JLlSnkar, -ra, m. 
Presage, J', gurt^, -ta, m.\ adli 

{or mukaveli) volok, -}ki, 
f. = I. anterior knowledge 

(feeling)", 6ei. rs. adiii bh6g ; 

(adli) kbuna, -rie,y". 
Presage, v. (adin) dak&i = /. show 

Prescribe, If. formaiW. command. 

Presoription, s. 1. (legal) perk. 
zaizalto anbou = I. required 
possession ; or the Mr. zuni- 
vahiva,^, -te,/. 

2. huknm, -kme,/. =1. an order. 

3. voizafiit, -ti,/, = /. a note of 
the physician; or voiza hu- 
kum = /. an order of the ph. 

Presenoe, s. hazri, or hfiz&ri, -re, 
/.; rs. m^£>h&zar-x/. present. 
Real p. = niz h. 
In p. = mukar. 
P. of mind = dh&ir, -ra, n. 
Freaent, a. 1. haz&r (p. in a 
2. atantso = I. of now. 
For the p. = B&dyak; at p. = 
Present, s. de^ien, -nea, n. ; ka- 
nik, -ke,/. = a splendid pr. ; 
inam, -ma, n.\ beleakanik 
is a present of tenants to 
a landlord. 
Present, v. 1. bhef&i = I. offer; 
di = /. give. 

2. di^k&l k^r = I. make known, 

3. mukar ghal = /. put before. 
P. thyself = mukar ye. 

P. (to a living) =^«rA. siparas 
kir = I. recommend. 
Presentation, s. 1. bhetounen, 
-nea, «. = /. offering, e. g. 
in the temple. 
2. gipar&B, -se, /. = /. recom- 
mendation (to a living). 
Presentimfflit, s. vlg. rs. maka 
adiii diBta; see Preaags. 

„, „ L.oogic 




Presently, ad. By the Pres. 

instead of Fut,, see Gram.; 

ataDt8 = /. juat now; yeka 

khina bitir = /, within one 

Preservfttion, s. raknefi, -nea, n.\ 

zogaBan,-iii,/.,e.^. of healtti. 
PreseivatlTe, a. raktso. 
Preeenre, v. rak ; samba] = /. de- 
fend, keep; (sambfiln) dovdr, 

e.g. food. 
Praaerve, s. d6B, -si,/.; mitai, 

-ye,/, = a sweetmeat. 
Preside, v. tsill&i = I. caase to 

walk,y^.; vlg. pirjent zaun 

Ssa, or kMelar asa. 
Presidency, j. l.ts&loanen, -nea, 

n. = act of one wlio presides ; 

&dhikar, -ra, m., tjr&dhipMi- 

pon, rna, n. 
2.khato, -tea, nz., e.g. the 

Madras p. 
President,^. 1. adhip&ti, -ti, m,, 

e.g. of a country, of a feast. 

2. (3£(,bhe)naik -ka, m., for a 
meeting; vlg. pirjent, -ti, 

Press, ^i. 1. damb {not to be con/. 

with dfimp), e.g. with the 

hand upon clothes ; b61 k&r 

= /. make force; sansi; 56p. 

2. 5irmutai. 

3. lot = /. push. 
4,ganeant ghal = /. put into 

the press {e.g. to extract oil). 
P. one with questions = yeka 
Toir y6k vitsar&n kir; siU 
Tali voir s&val k&r. 

P. the enemy = bhair kSr. 
He presses me = to maka ^n- 
sir k&rta, or to m. vftttai k. 
Press, s. 1. Shapkhan (or 6hapa- 
khan), -na, n. (office). 
2. gino, -ne&, m, = the ma- 
Pressiny, a. zSrur. 
Pressure, s. X. dambap, -pa, n. 
^./g- dfi^du, pi. m. = /. suf- 
3-rata761, -\i,/., e.g. of busi- 
4.z3,rurai, -ye,/. = l. urgency; 
tMako, -kea, m., e.g. p. of 
Prestige, s. gaujer,-ra, m., e.g. 

p. of a name. 
Fresnme, "n. 1, 2nd Loc. ts5d 
patiye = /. trust too much 
to; &h&nkar kHr = I. make 
pride, ^. 
2. fiiot = /. think. 
Presnmption, ^. I. &h&nkar, -ra, 
2. g&rr, -Ta, n. = I. pride. 
Presumptnons, a. &h&nkari, or 

-ratso; g&rrist. 
Pretence, s. 1. nib, -b&, n. = 
a pretext. 
2. kiipfit,-til, n.=l. simalatioo. 
S.hatty, -ka, n. = I. right, or 
rs, into v. 
Pretend, v, l.(phot&un) ra6n = 
;, (deceiving) say. 

2. nib sang = /. say pretext. 

3. k&p&tan ts&l = /. proceed 
with simnlation, ch. cs. 



4. h&kki^ m6Q sang = I. 8ay as 

a right. 
Pretender, s. kipti, -tia, m. = l.& 

simulator, rs. into v. 
Fretenaion, s. 1. liakky, -ka, »., 

or bei. hakkf^sen. 
2.alo£en, -ni,/. = I. judgment, 

3.doulat,-ti,/. = /. yanity; nib, 

-ba, n. = l. a pretext. 
Preternatural, a. saimbmiruon- 

tso or -mitontso. 
Pretext, s. nib, -ba, n. 
Pratty, a. sobit; gomto {H. K.); 

sundar ; ts^nd (H. K.) 
Pretty, ai^. 8umar=:/. modera- 

Prevail, ». I. z5Jt vor = /. carry 

victory ,y^.; jik = /.gain,y^., 

prove strODger. 
S.dakJll za, e.g. a custom, a 

fashion; t8&l=±/. walk, y^. 

(be current), see Influence. 
Prersnt, v. adai or adk&l k&r ; 

inkar k^r = /. make re- 

Bistance, opposition {Ace). 
P. from doing = k&roeantlo 

adai, or k&rinaso adai. 
Previous, a. adlo, or mukavelo. 
Previonaly, 0'^. adin. 
Prey, s. l.lut, -ti, /., e.g. of 

soldiers, of wild beasts. 

2. khan, -iia, n. = I. food. 

3. sikareiSin suknin = I, birds 
of hunting. 

Prey, v. lat k&r. 
Jrioe, s., -la, «. 
2.kinim&t,-ti,/ = I. valuation. 

Low p. = unen m. 
Piiok, V. t6p, e.g. kauto toptii. 
Prick, s. topneS, -nea, «. 
Prickle, s, l.kanto, -tea, m, 

2. ghfimalen, -lea, n. (p. caused 
by heat). 

3. mulo, -lea, m. 

Pride, s. g&rv^, -va, «,; 'to gki- 
van rauta = /. he remains in 
pride'; fth^nkar, -ra, «.; am- 
aan, -^i,/. = acidity ,y^., e. g. 
taka ts&d amsan asa=:he is 
very proud, /. to him much 
ac. is ; doulit, -ti,/. = vanity ; 
ftbbar, -ra,«. 

Pride (oneself), v. ilbbar kfir, or 
g&rvtj kS,r; b&dai kSr. 

Priest, s. pujari, -ri, m., hot, 
-ta, m., and guru, -ra, m. 
are strictly applicable only 
ta pagan priests; guru may 
perkapsbe usedalso ^Catho- 
lic priests; vlg. padri, -ri, 
in,,fr.\ saserd6t, -ti,»».; vlg. 
vigar, -ra, m.,/r. = l. parish- 
priest, yet with many equal- 
ly applicable to all priests. 

Priesthood, s. gurupon, -ria, «., 
n. c.\ saserdotipo^i, -na, n., 
fr.\ padripon, -na, «. 

Priestly, a. saserdotitso, or guru- 

Prif, s. dflndi, -di, m. 

Prim, a. tsiid sarko = I. too 

Primacy, s. poUepon, -na, «.; 
sot&ntr^, -ra, n. = I. inde* 
pendent power. 




Primary, a. 1. poilo - /. first, 
^.tnakhya = /. principal, or 

Prime, a. poilo; mukhya. 

Prime, s. ful, -la, «. = I. flower, 
fg. (the best of); see also 

Primer, s. (pata-) poilen pustak, 
-ka, «. = I. first book (of 
lessons); poileo sikoneo ==. I. 
first inatactiODs; suraveSeo 
sikoneo = /. beginning in- 

Primitive, a. 1. poilo. 

Prince,^. feuvor,-ra, «., e.g. tbe 
son of a king; n&bab, -ba, 
m. = & Mahomeclan p. 

FrinoesB, j. kuvdro, -ni,/". 

Principal, a. mukbya. 

Principal, s. 1. makbyest, e.g. of 
a cbarcb; moetak, -ka, «. = 
/. bead; gurk^r, -r&, m. 
2.p^tQl,-la, M.=-p. of a Tillage, 
appointed by civil authori- 
ty with magisterial power. 

Principally, ad. makbya z&nn, 
<7r jldhik kftrnitTrbhoa k&FD. 

Prinoiple, s. 1. anru, -ave, /., 
arfimb, -ba, m.=l.& begin- 
2. T&5an,-na,n.=& fundamental 
truth; mukya s&t, 'ta, n.=L 
a fundamental truth; z&r, 
-ri, f. = l. a fountain, fg.\ 
payo, -yea, m. 

Print, ». 1 . 5hapo ghal or cb. mar 
or fib. kintsii, or iShapsi. 

"i-fg. k&ntB&i = A press, e.g. in 

the mind. 
Print, s. 1. Shapkhan, -nfi, «.= 

office, etc. 
2. Chiipo, -pea, m. = a (physical) 

Printer, s. thapeagar, -ra, m., or 

fibapo gbaltolo. 
Printing-office, s. iShapkhan, -na, 

Printing-press, s. fibapeay&utr^, 

-rS, n. or — aid, -da, «., or 

perh, — ghauo, -nea, nt. 
Prior, s. m^tavo^il) -la, m. = I. 

the superior of a convent, 

PriorsBB, s. matavodiln, -ni,/ 
Prison, see Jail. 
Prisoner, s. bandivan, -na, m. 
Prithee, ini. d&ya kSm. 
Privacy, s. yeksurai, -ye, /., or 

yekBnrpon, -ria, «. 
Private, a. 1. khaski (ka8gi) = 

2.yekodo (app. io public) = 

3.yeksQrOs/. living alone. 

4. patiyettitso=/. of confidence. 

5. vi&g&d = /. separated. 

6. gutatso or gupit = /. secret. 
Privation, s- 1 ■ tsukounen, -nea, 

«., or tsukap, -pa, «., n. »,; 
2. dagd, m. pi. = sufferings. 
Privilege, s. hakk^, -ka, «., or 
visSs hakki^; vis^B upkar, 
-ra, m. = l. a special bene- 


Pri 3 

PriTy, a. gupit, or gutatso; rs. 

into gottu asa = /. is known. 

P. council = mantrinsabha, 


Privy, s. kakns, -sa, m., fr.\ 

paikban, -na, «., n.c. 
Prize, s. 1. inam, -ma, n. 

2, lut, -ti, /. = /. prey. 
ProbfiMa, Probability, see Likely, 

Probation, s. 1. tftnki, -ke, /, 
e.g. of an apprentice. 
2. parikSa, -5e, f.=l. exami- 
Probationer, s. umedvar, -ra, m. 
Probity, s. bori jini, -ye, /. = /. 
good life; ^pp&ntpon, -na, 
n. ; nisk&p&t, -p, n. = I. 
Man of p. =s B^t&tBO m&nis, 
-nsa, m. 
Problem, s. 1, saval, -la, «. = 
interrogation, as in the cate- 
2. gut, -ta, m. = l. g. secret. 
S-vitaarfin, -na, n. ((jr vitsa- 
rap, -rpa, «.) = /. aquestion. 
Froblematioal, a. dubavi. 
Proboscis, s. 86ndi, -ye,/ 
Proceed, v. ]. nit vote = /. go 
a.mukar YOts = /. go forward; 
mund&rsa {c. v. mundftrsi). 
3. only TOts, e.g. I p. now to 

explain = sangunk vetan. 

4. za or ubza, e.g. fruits from 

a tree, and fg. also /or the 

proceeding of the Secondand 

3 Pro 

Third Persons of the most H. 
Trinity, e. g. Patru Bapatso 
(or Bapathaun) nbzata. 
5. firiyad di = /. give an accu- 
Proceeding, s. tsalouni, -ne, /, 

e.g. of a meeting. 
Proceeds, s. huttavol, -li,y^ 
Process, s. 1. firiyad, -di,/.\ ve- 
var, -ra, m. 
2. npai, -ya, m. = I. means. 
In p. of time = mSgir. 
Procession, s. proseaann (vlg. 
pursaun), sava, m.; merava- 
9ig, -ge,/. (ff.J^.) 
Proolaim, ». parget tar, or pir- 

g(lt&i; dangro mar. 

Proclamation, j. pr&gatpon, -na, 

«.; forman, -na, «., or hu- 

kum, -kme,/. = /. an order. 

Procrastinate, ^. todou k&r = I. 

make delay ; pati ghal = I. 

put back,y^. 

Procrastination, .;. kalau, -lava, 

Procreate, v. zaim^i, c. v. of 

Proctor, Proonrator, s. 1. mnk- 
thalik, -ka, m. 
2.daial, -la, m. == an agent. 

Proonre, v. 1 . kftrn di = /, doing 
giro, or badn di = I. bring- 
ing give. 
2.t$las kir = /. make search. 

Procurer, s. maIo,.-lea, m.=l.& 
barber, used also for p.; 
dalal, -la, m. = I. an agent. 

Prodigal, a. l.tsM khariSitolo, 



or ts. kh&rtsuDtao, or h&lt- 

nastan&n kh&rtsuntso ; ve- 

2. (bapiik) eddloloBhe who left 

(the father), the pr. son of 

the H. Bible. 
Prodigality, s. Tefiikpon, -rift, «., 

or T^ts, -tsa, m. ■= ex. ex- 

Fndigioas, i- ^japatso = /. won- 
derful ; &prap = /. rare. 
Prodigy, -r. 1. iits&riyen, -yea, n, 

= /. a miracle; &jap, -p&, n. 

~ ^ a wonder, miracle. 

2. khuna, -^e,/. == /. a sign, Lot. 

Prodttoe, v. 1. kir = /. do. 
^.by c. v., e.g. pr. laaghing^ 

3. muk&r ghSl = I. put before; 
had = /. bring. 

4. l&mb k&r = make loQg(er). 
Produoe,Prodnct, .t. I.f61, -la, /n. 

i> /. effect. 
S-huttavol, -li,/. 
Production, s. \. perh. dakoni, 
-ne,/. = /. representation. 
2. z&lmouoeiL, -ne£, m. 
3.f61ab&ntpon,-:[ia,n.; seeYvt- 

See also Prodnot. 
Prodnctire, a. fAladik = /. fruitr 

ful; f61ab&rit. 
Profanation, s. bh&it, -fa, n. 

(or bhriit). 
Profane, v. bb&it&i (var. bh&Sti, 
br&iti) ; pad k&r = /. make 
bad, spoiled. 

Profane, a. p6zdo, e.g. p. words; 

Tait; pad. 
Profeea, v, 1 . utsar ^ I. express, 
e.g. faith; k&l&i = /. make 
2. ts&l&i = I. cause to walk,^,, 

e.g. medicine. 
3.p^rgllr(iiog09eok&r=/. make 

public 70 WB. 

Profession, s. 1. bh^s, -sa, m. = 
state, condition. 

2. ut8ar,-ra, m., or perh.het. u- 
ts&r&9, -na, ».=/. expression. 

3. pilrgftt iingoneo, pi. /. <a I. 
public vows. 

Profs8Bor,f . p&ndit,-ta,m.; Tidye- 

np&desi,-8i,m. = /. ateachor 

of a science. 
Professional, a. bhdaatso; bh^s 

Profloiency, s. adai, -ya, m. 
Proflolent, a. adai kfirtso ; kabil. 
Profile, s. yeka pakie6en rup, 

-pa, n. ; yeka pd.k|efien 6itrf , 

-trii, n., or perh. p&kSefiitr^; 

kusiSen £itry. 
Profit, 5. adai, -ya, m.\ jikap, 

-kpa, «. = I. gain, pr.fg.\ 

n&fo, -fea, m.\ ^ido, -de&, 

m. ; lab, -ba, m. 
Profit, V. l.adayatso zann asa; 

upkar, or upkarak pdd ^ /, 

fall to benefit; adfii k&r = /. 

make p. 
2. priLy6g kflr = k make use, 

P. by an opportunity = s&nd- 

rap kanghe. 

„, „ L.oogic 



Profitable, a. aday&tBo; upkii- 
rateo, or upkarak p6dtso; 
pr&yDJ&aatBO = /, of use. 
Profli^aoy, J. l.khotepoQ,-tia,«. 
a.mfist, -ti,/. = I. luxury, 
^ofii^ate, o. l.khoto; ph&tiDg. 

2. m6stitso. 
Profonnd, a. 1. gunA, pr./g^. 

^•fS- vorto = /. sublime. 
Profundity, s- 1. gundai, -ye,/. 
(gundi, -ye,/.) 
2.Yortepon, -na, «. 
Prorosfl, a. ts&d kh&rtsuDtso; ve- 

Profnsiott, J. B&mpurita>i, -ye, / 
a /. fulness ; see Prodigality. 
Progenitor, s. malgodo, ^e&, m.\ 
pitra, -ra, i«.; puryoz, -za, 
Progeny, j. s&nt&t, -ti,/ 
Frognostio, .r. gurtij, -ta, m.\ 

khuna, -ne,/ 
Prognosticate, v. adin sang ^^ /. 
. say before ; adin kfil = be 
known before; parki = /. 
Programme, f. k&r&eatso viv6r, 
-ra, m. = I. explanation of 
what is to be done ; j&d, -da, 
m. = l. remembrance. 
Progress, s. iidai, -ya, m.; Tr&d- 

dhi, -dhi,/ 
FrogresslTe, a. J . mukar vetso = 
/. going forward. 

2. ad&yatso. 

3. thodea thodeatso. 
Prohibit, f. advar; m&aDak&r = 

/. snapend, e.g: traffic. 

Prohibition, s. adrarap, -rpa, n.; 

m&nnSi, -ye,/ = suspension. 
Project, V. I. n&mnno k&r; filo- 

&eu k&r. 
2.muk&r s&r — /. come before, 

Lai. eminere, to stand out. 
Project, s. n&muno, -uea, m.; 

aloften, -ni,/, etc.; see pJan. 
Projectile, a. l.gulo, -lea, m., 

a large p. 
2. gull, -ye,/, small. 
Projection, s. I. nSkja, -se,/ 

2. mukarsilriip, -rpa, n. 
Prolix,'!. lamb = /. long; Tistar- 

lolo = I. extended ; s&bar- 

ntrautBO=/. of many words. 
Prolixity, s. limbai, -ye, /.; s&- 

bar utran = /. many words, 

Prologne, s. tayarai, -ye,/. 
Prolong, V. 1. limb kilr. 

2. Taido di^A give more time, 
e.ff. p. the time. 

3. pati ghal = I. put back. 
Prolongation, s. rs. into v. 
Promenade, s. boundi, -de,/ 
Prominence, s. ubarai, -ye,/; see 

also Projection. 
Prominent, a. 1. ub&r. 

2.muk&r pMtso or rauntso. 
Promisonons, a. borsillo = /. 

mixed ; thSratharantso = /. 

of many kinds ; rs. into bhed 

Promise, s. utir, -tra, «.; bh&s, 

-se, / 
Promise, v. 1. ut&r di; bhasai. 
2. in/g. mn., e.g. p. to become 



good; rs., e.g. dieta* ap- 
pears, or bet. p^tiyenitrust, 
ch. cs. 
Promissorj-note, s. vaidea&It, -ti, 


Promontory, s. buiBg&}o, -{^^t ^■ 

= I. a. neck of the earth ; or 

bel. mulo, -lea, m. 
Promote, v. 1 . vad&i, e.g. the 

glory of God; tsSdSi, = /. 


2. upkarak p6d =s I. fall to the 
benefit; adhark&r = /. make 

3. b&dti di = /. give promotion 
(to higher of&ces) ; voir kad ; 
unts kam di, n.c. 

Promotion, s. bSdti, -te, /. = p. 
to higher offices; /or other 
mn., rs. into v. 

Prompt, a. 1. usar = I. cleYCr, 
lively; tsurk. 
2.t§,yar = /. ready. 

Prompt, v. 1 . lai = /. apply, de- 
termine, e.g. kamak lai. 
2. hud s&ug^/. say advice; utfti 
=^. excite; su»Sendi=sugge8t 
words, as, to a speaker. 

Promptitnde, s. 1, tsurkai or 
usarai, -ye,/. 
2,tAyarai, -ye,y. = /. readiness. 

Promptly, aJ. Yegifi=/. quickly. 

Promulgate, v. p^rgat k&r, or 

Promulgation, s. p&rg&tpon, .^a, 

Promulgator, s. p&rg&t k^rtolo. 

Prone, a. 1. bagallo = /. bent. 

2. rs. p6ng p6dlaii=/. the hump 

3. lagtfUo = L given, affection- 
ate; vondountso = /. inclin- 
ing, /r.^., e.g. to sin. 

Prongr, J- molo, -leS,, »>.; kanto. 

-tea, m. 
Pronoun, J. navab&dli, -le,/. 
Pronounce, ■v. 1. utsar; moQ = 

/. say, e.g. a sermon. 
2. di, e.g. a sentence (fitro). 
Pronnnoiation,.r. nt8arap,-rpa,H. 
Proof.J. l.ruzvat, -tij/.ji'^ruzu 

= oral p. 

2. d^lo, -lea, m. = p. by docu- 
ments, [tion. 

3. vivor,-ra,»».=T/. an explana- 
4.t&nki, -ke,/. = /, a trial; pa- 

riksa -se,/. = I. an examina- 
5.k^t, -ta, Pt., ord&gd, pi. m. 

= 1. pain. 
6. tllnkeaflk41,-kla, fz.W. acopy 

of trial, proof-sheet, opp. to 

tazan^Jcal. - 
Prop, "!'. zMai Yor, or z. sambal 

= /. carry gravity, e.g. a 

Prop, s. 1. digo, -gea, m., e.g. 

such as are put to falling 

2. khambo, -bea, «., pr. fg., 

e.g. p. of a family. 
Propagate, v. 1. vadai, c.v. of 

vad; tsildii, c.v. of t^iA^ 

increase; Tistar&i=/. extend, 

c. V. of vistar. 
2. p^rg&t k&r = I. make public. 



Propel, V. lot = /. push; I&k&i 
{H.K.)\ mukart3fi.Iiii,f?rm. 
daundai = cause to go for- 

Propenae, see Prone. 

Propensity, s. vondou^en, -nea, 
«., or Todni, -ne, /, = /. in- 
clioatiOD ; rs. into lagijUo 
zauD asa, or boro (-ri, -refl) 
dista; khusi-se,/. = /. will; 
asa, -se,/; = /. desire. 

Proper, a. 1. pr&t6k; vis^s; see 
2.£plo = /. own; rs.inio iayo 

zata = /. beloDgB. 
3. m^ryaditso = /. becomiDg. 
4.1ay6k = t. fit, or rs. into 

i.bytheG. e.g. it ja p. forman 
to fail = monea^n . . . 

Properly, ad. 1. sarkefi = I. ex- 
actly, or borefi k&rn. 
2. m&ryadiii = /. becomingly. 

Property, s. l.gun, -na, m.=l. 
quality; sobau, -ava, «.; rs. 
into G. {see Piofet, 5.) 
2. aet, -ti, /. = I. possesi 
biiidik, -dk£, n.; dbSn, -na, 
«. ; mhal, -la, m. usedrather 
for p. in jewels and the like, 
yit, -ta, n. 

Propleey, s. vlg. profesi, -ei,/. 
muk^li sang-ni, -ne,y^ 

Prophet, s. prophet, -ta, m.^fr. 
dirgadilrsi, -si, »/., n. u. 
mukavelo sang-nilr, -ra, m. 

Prophetess, s. prophetin, -ni,/. 
dirgadiLrsi^, -ni, /, n.u. 

Propitiate, v. 1. anal, to Mr. 
&Dkul k&r, but n. c. in this 
mn. although Unkul is used; 
movalai = /. make tender; 
fuslais/. appease; farikpon 
di = /. give reparation. 
2. gunatso kSir = /, make fa- 

Propitiation, s. farikpon, -na, 
n. = I. satisfaction. 

Propitiatory, a. ^rikponatao; 
upkaratso or upkarak p5d- 
tBO = /. beneficial; anal, to 
Mr. iinkulatso, hut n. c. 

Proportion, s. 1. BJlmap5dnen, 
-nea, «,, or — pftdap, -dpa, 
M. ; sfimamap, -pa, «, = /. 
juBt measure; damaBai, -ye, 
/.; mezap, -zpa, «,, or map, 
-pa, K.=/, measure, i;.f, yea 
ghiir£k m. nan ; b^lt, -ta, 
»., e.g. in preparing food. 
2, vanto, -tea, m. = I. portion ; 
p&rman, used only in the 
abl. case (p&rmane). 

Proportional, a. rs. mapa pilr- 
mane = /. according to mea- 
sure; vantea pftrmane = /. 
according to portion. 

Proportionate, a. s&mapMtso, or 
rs. info noun. 

Proportionately, ad. damasay eiSer, 

Proposal, s. \.rs. into n.; n&r 
muno, -nea, m. _ /. a plan, 
2. iilo5en, -ni,y^ s/. an opinion, 
a sentence. 




3.B&rt, -ta, n.=l. condition; 

&bipr&j, -ye,/. 
Propon, "v. 1 , (mukar) gb&l = /. 

put (before). 
2.S&rt k&r=s/. make (put) a 

condition ; aloiSen kfir = I. 

make opinion; <iint>=/. think; 

vlg. m6n s /, say, 
, I have something to p. to the 

meeting E 8&bhek y6k alo- 

&eu sangunk asa, or. . . atar 

s&ngSen asa, 
Fropoiition, .r. l.&biprai, -ye,/ 

(ex. ftbhiprai), e.g. to deli- 
berate on. 
2.3&rt, -ta, n.=i. condition. 
3. bud, -di, /, = /, advice, sug- 
4.vakya, -ya, «,; utsSr, -rS, 

m. (Gram.); see Proposal. 
Proponnd, », p&rg&t k&r = /. 

make public. 
Proprietor, {, dh&ni,-y&, m.; k&rt, 

-ta, m.; see Kuter, 
Proprietorship, s. dha,nipo9, -9&, 

»., or yazmanpon, -n&, n. 
Propriety,^, miryad, -di,/=/. 

honesty ; rs. into zata ten = 

what is proper. 
Propnlflion, s. lot(6), -^, m. 
Prorogue, v. pati ghal = /. put 

Koscrlbe, v. g&d par k&r = /. 

make out of boundaries ; 

see Exile. 
Prose, s. raiS&n, -na, n. Cn.; 

bet. gatha, -the,/., Mr. (or 

gidya, -ya, «.) 

Prosecute, v. 1. tB&iai=/. cause 

to walk,/»-., c.v. ^tsAl. 
2.firiyad di = /. give an accu- 
sation, cA. cs.; vevar k&r = I. 

file a suit. 
Proseoution, s. 1. tsaiou^efi, 

-nea, «. 
2, firiyad, -di, /., vevar, -ra, 

m. = l. an accusation. 
Prosecutor, see Accuser. 
Proselyte, s. 1. sis, -sa, «, = /. 

a pupil. 
2. novo kristaun, -tav&, m. — I. 

a nev Christiaa ; patlaug&r, 

-ra, «. z /. a foUover ; mand- 

Prosody, s. 8l6kap&ddat, -ti, /. 

= /, a formula for verses; 

k&vitepaddat =a formula for 

Prospaot, s. l.diSt, -ti, /, = /. 

2.sangat or sangti, -gti,/ = /. 

a circumstance ; asa, -se,/, => 

/. chance. 
Prospectus, s. niikia, -Se,/ = I. 

a sketch, oatline, or -p&(ti, 

-te,/; namnno, -nea, m.^^l. 

apian; riBko,^/./.=/. lines 

Prosper, v. rraddhi kar. 
FroBperi^, s. 1. vraddhi, -dhi,/; 

b&rkat, -ta, n.; sukh, -kha, 

n. =^. happiness; horepo?, 

2. grestkai, -ye, /. =. I. riches, 

ProsperooB, a. vrfiddi; gaiiatBO, 

or bet. rs. into gu?, -na, «., 




or into the v., e. g. DJiinb&r 

taka gun zalen. 
Prostitute,^, iiedi, -ye,/. 
Prostrate, v. 1. s&k&l gh&l = /. 

put down; seuti. 
I.fg. \>h\ mod(6) = break force. 
3. sftrpdd » /. fall, e. g. upoo 

the ground for praying. 
Prostrate, a. 1 . bftlnatullo = /. 

without force. 
2.8&rpMloIo, e.g. for prayer; 

Prostratdon, s. 1 . na3b6|, -U, n. 

= I. no force. 
2.&padhftir, -r&, n.s/. no cou- 
3.8&rp6dap, -dp&, n., e.g. in 

prayer ; sii^tang, -gh, n. 
Proteot, V. l.rak; BSrmb&l = /. 

2.adhar k&r = /. make help; 

mozfit k&r. 
S.pois k&r = /. make far, e.g. 

p. against. 
ProtMtlon, s. raknen, -nefi, n.; 

sambalonen, -nea, n., or 


m. = /, help ; moz&t, -ti,/. = /. 

intercession; fisro, •reft, m. 

= /. refuge. 
Protector, s. rakiao, -iiea, m., or 

r&knar, -ra, «,; see Patron. 
Proteotress, s. rakai, -ne, /, or 

raknam, -ni,/. 
Protest, 17. I.&ddi ghal = /. pat 

objection; inkar kilr ^ I. 

make resiatance {Ac£.); tug. 

of p&B&nd k&r. zfian e&ng <e /. say 
positively; p&rmanar 8ang = 
/. say on oath. 

Protest, s. &ddi, -de, /. s /. ob- 
jection.y^.; nanp&a&nd, -da, 
n. a /. disapproval; rs. into 
ii., ffrkb&Ddit G&ngnen, -nelL, 
n. = positive saying. 

Protestant, s. protestant, -t&, m. 

Protract, V. l&mb k&r = I. make 
long; ur&i = /. cause to re- 
main, to last (longer); todou 
k&r = /. make delay ; k&lau 

Probaotion, s. rs. into v. 

Protmde, v. mukar l6t(6). 

Protrusion, s. I6t(6), -^4, «., or 

Protnberanoe, s. l.gunt (gJlnt), 
-ta, n.; dunkut, -t&, »., e.g. 
from a blow. 
2. m&sknt, -ta, ». 

Protuberant, a. makar s&rtso. 

Proud, a. g&rvi {var. g&rvJ5t); 

Prove, T'. l.ruzvatkir, or ruzu 
k., G. F. » demonstrate; da- 
k&i a /. show. 
2.p6!e=o/.look; pr&y&t&n k&r 

= /. make au effort. 
3.t&nker ghal — /.put on trial. 

Proverb, ^. gild, -di, /; monni, 

Proverbial, a. gaditso, or rs. gadi 

Provide, v. l.ditff hadn dii^.^*. 
2,t&y&r k&r = I. make ready. 




3. z&t&n kanghe = /. take care, 
G. F.; tsMrai kanghe. 

4. formai = /. command. 

P. against, the ^rd followed by 
the neg, supine, etc. 

Provided, a. bhorlolo, or bhfim = 
I. filled; asfUo = I, having 

Provided, conj. By the cond. 
tense; zirt&r = if; sometimes 
by the Gerund -tanan; see 
Gram. P. IV. and App. I. 

Frovidenes, s. DevaiSi s&sai, ~ye, 
f.\ harbar, -ra, vt. 

Provident, a. z^tfiit {or ts&trai) 
kaneantso; hndivont = /. 
wise, prudent. 

Providential, a. DevaCe s^eayeo- 
tlo or -yet&o. 

Province, s. 1. jillo (var. zillo), 
-lea, OT. = a district; some 
jajv jilli,-le,/, «. c, probably 
a diminutive form. 
2. gS.un,-anva,m.=/.acountrf. 
^.fg. kaido, -dea, m. = l. duty; 
or kiim, -ma, n. 

Provincial, a. jilleatso. 

Provision,^. l.khan,-ua,n.;ahar 
(var. bar), -ra, m. = food ; 
udilrpos&i;, -na, «. = /. liveli- 

2. z£it&n, -tne,/. = /. care; tftz- 
viz, -zi, /. = prudence, in- 
vestigation; taySrai, -ye,/. = 
preparation; upai,-ya,w,=/. 
measures, means. 

3. b^ndob&st, -ti, /. = /. secu- 

4. ^&rt, -ta, m. = l.& condition, 
stipulation; ktirar, -ra, m. = t. 
a contract. 

ProTieionaUy, ad. sadyak = for 
the present. 

Proviso, s. sfirt, -ta, n. = l.a con- 

Provoke, f. I. rag hadai. 

2. utsambol kSr. 

3. by c. V. 

Provoeatioa, s. rs. into v.\ utsam- 
bolai, -ye,/; = /. excitement. 

Provoking, a. utsambol kartso ; 
bezarai k&rtao, or bezaraye- 
t80,(7r k^rkfiratso = trouble- 

Provost, see Superintendent 

Prow, s. tarvamuk, -ka, n. = I. 
the face of a ship. 

Prowl, see Plunder, Roam. 

Proximate, a. lagin asullo, or 
lagsiio, or lagtso; 'p. cause 
= lagsilen karan'. 

Proxy, s. 1. rs. dilal, -la, «. = 
an agent; b&dli, -lia, m. 
2.diLlalpon, -na, n. (abstr.) j 

Prudence, s. bud, -di,/; zanvai, 
-ye,/.=s/. 8cience,7^.; sani- 
pon, -na, «. ; viv§k, -ka, rn. 

Prudent, a. budivont ; zanto = /, 
clever (in acting); viyeki, 
n.c; sani. 

Prune, v. l.kilsi k&r; bodkai. 
2./g. kad = /. take away; ka- 
tar=/. cut (off). 

Priirienoy, s. 1. khordz, -rji,/ 
2./g. asa, -se, /. = I. great 


Pry a 

Pry, V. 1. til, or tiln pAlespeep. 
2.sarkea pdle; portua portun 
p61e = ^. look again (and) 
again; sddun p{^e = /. seek- 
ing look. 
3. gundai p&riy&ot p61e = /. 
look up to the bottom. 
PBalm, s, salm, -ma, /«., Jr.; 

pBendo, a. fotkiro, or as pr^x^ 

only f6t.- 
Pshiw, inl. Sha. 

Psychology, s. Mmeasastri}, -ra, 

Pnbecty, s. (kazar zaunCi) prai, 
-J^i/A ^^- prayebharit, adj.; 
or naunk lagta s /. begii)S 
to bathe. 

Public, a. 1. parg4t, opp. to se- 
cret; priisidd^. 
2, s&rkarat80=/. of the govern- 
(common) ; samestantso. 

Public, s. 16k,-ka, m.=l. people. 

Publio-honse, see Tavern. 

pQblicau, s. sunkanguttedfir, 
-ra, m. 

Publication, s. 1. p&rgatou;ieQ, 
-nea, «. . 
2. pustak, -ka, n. = l. a, book. 

Publish, V. p^rg&t k&r. 

Puck, s. dru^takai, -ye,/, 

Pnoker, s. miri, -ye,/ = l.a. fold. 

Puddle, s. ubir, -bia, m.; ked(^), 
-da, m.; 6ik6i, -kla, m. 

Puddle, y- ubran bh6r or fiikl&n 
bh.; mhelSi, or mhelo k&r. 

1 Pul 

Puerile, a- burgeaponatso, or rs. 

into burgea bilri. 
Pnff, J. funk, -ki,/. 
Puff, P. l.funk {Ace). 
2.fg. gArvij ipr ibbar or dou- 

lat) kilr, or gftrrant rau. 
3 . fugii 1 inflate, ^. 
P. awa}r = fiinkuQ ud&i. 
Fag, f. l.mankod, -kda, m.= 
an ape. 
2.dakto peto, -tea, m. = l, a 
.little dog. 
Pugnacious, a. IMai k&rtso. 
PuiGsant, a. podvedirr, or b61adik. 
Pule, -v. b6b mar, or rftd. 
Poll, V. 1. vod(6) = Za/. trahe, 
Z.kado./. draw, e.g^. watfir, 
P. up = kSd or humbdl = root 


P. down=kac[n ghal; ad porti. 

N. B. The other compounds are 

mostly expressed by one or 

ol/ur of the two given verbs. 

Pullet, s, taiig, -Iga, n. = l. a 

young ben. 
Pulley, J. approx. lato, -tea, »».; 
or Mr. kappi, -pi, /. {used 
on board ship). 
Pullulate, V. ubza. 
Pulp, s. (fdlancen) mas, -sa, n. 

= I. flesh (of fruits). 
Pulpit, s. vlg. pulpatri^, -ra, n. 
{or m.); pr&s&ngasiy&san, 
■na, »., n.u. 
Pnlpons, a. masal; ts^d masatso 

= I. of much flesh. 
Pulsate, -v. ud. 

„,...., A. oogic 



Fulfiatioii, s. ndap, -dpa, n. 

Pulse, s. I.nad, -di,/. 
2. sang, -go,/. (Tegetable). 

Falverisfl, v. pad k&r =c /. make 
powder; vat; see Qrind. 

Pump, s. approx. lato, -tea, m. 
(a wheel for drawing water), 
or the Mr, Cn. bdmb, -ba, 
m. [perh.from pmnp?) 

Pump, II. l.lateaa. . .kad. 
2. k&d = /. draw out, discover. 

Pumpkin, s. 1 . dudic, -dij&, n. 

2. kuvalo, -lea, m. 

3. boblefi, -leil, n. = white p. 
Pun, s. barikfi), -ye, /. = I. wit; 

C^t&i, -ye,/. = /. fun; nid, 

-di, /. = /. a trick, ^.; 'to 

nadi kiLrta = he makes fun'. 
Ptmoli, s. I. p&n6, -H., n. = the 

beverage so called. 
2.approx. burmo, -meft, m.^l. 

Punch, V. tdp = /. perforate. 
Puncheon, s. pip, -pa, n. = l. a 

Punctilio, s. sukS^m, -ma, n. 
Pnnotilione, a. suks&mi. 
Punctual, 1. sarko; z9^ut; suk- 

s&mi; kaideS>t9o; b&r&b&r; rs. 
Punctuality, s, kr&m, -ma, m. = 

I. order; snki&m, -ma, n.; 

zagrutai, -ye,/. 
Punctuate, v. gurty ghal s /. 

put Bigne; tibe ghal = /. 

put dots. 
Punctnre, s. topnen, -neS., n. 
Pundit, s. pg.ndit, -ta, m. 
Pnn^ency, s. kS-i, -ra, m,; k&i^er, 

-ra, m., e.g. p. of mango 

leaves (to the taste). 
Pungent, 0. l.toptso^/. pricking. 
2./g. tik, as is a chilli; k4ne- 

Punish, V. iikia di, or b. lai; 

k&lt di 3= /. give pains. 
Punishment, s. 1 . iikJa or siksa, 


2. k&|t, -ta, m. = /. pain. 
3.jalm&D, -na, m. s /. a fine. 
Undergo p. s sik&i bh6g. 
Capital p. = mom&i:^ sikSa. 
Liable to p. = diksek p6dtB0. 

Pnny, a. Un. 
Pnpil, s. I. sis, •B&, m. 
2.bauli (yar. maali), -le, /.= 

p. of the eye. 
Puppet, s. bombefi, -bea, n. = I. 

a statue, used comm. /or an 

Puppy,.:. l.(Bunea6en)pil,-la, n. 
2./g. &b&Qkari burgo, -gea, 

m. = l. a conceited boy. 
Purchase, v. m61ak karte = take 

at a price; zdd = /. obtaio; 

bad^^ bring; or badn di. 
Pure, a. 1. nit&l, pr./g.; nirmol, 
2. boreinat^lOs/. not mixed; 

nig&l ; apnf ; thet(6). 

3. nisk&l = I. chaste. 

4. suSi = /. correct, n. c. 

5. niral. 

Purgatory, s. purgat6r, -ri,/.; 

adj. pnrgatorintlo; see Gram. 
Purge, Pnriiy, v. I. nitftl kir.^r ghfil B /. pat oat, ch. 




3. bhairi kaiie=/. take a purga, 

ck. cs. 

PargejJ. bhairi, -re,/. =/. pbysic. 

PnriBt, s. Budd^ bhasek lag^Io; 

jgar, -rft, m., or 

Purity, J. 1 - nisk&Iai {var. -lkS,i), 
-ye,y,; mtS.!pon, -na, «.; nir- 
m&lkai, -ye,/. 
2.maryad, -di,/. = /, modesty. 

Parple, s. 1 . zamblilugat, -gta, «. 
2.zamblir6ng, -ga, m. 

Pnrport, .i- &rtb, -tha, nt,\ tat- 
pirya, -ye,/.; iibiprai, -ye,/. 

Purport, V, m69=/. say, (intend 
to say); firth &aa=/. meaning 
is; dak&i «/. show. 

Pnrpoae, s. 1. sevdt,-^, m. (aim, 
Zal. causa Jinalts); irado, 
-dea, m., «.^. of the sacra- 
ments; alo6en, -ni, /. = I. 
opinion, judgment, intention. 

2. ni&eu, -5eT&, «». •= /. resolu- 
tion,e.^. to avoid sin; kbusi, 
^6,/.=/. will. 

3. Sintua, -ne,/. = /. a thought. 

4. B&bilb, -hi, /. = /. a motive ; 
tesaun, -ava, ».=:/, an inten- 

5. by the Dai., seeQiaja. P. IV. 
ch. ii. Art. I. or Supine. 

Pnrposfl, V. I. niCeu k&r. 
I.Dat. sevdt (i8a = aim is, etc. 

Purposely, ad. hikm&tin « I, with 
industry ; zana zaun = 
I, knowingly ; z&imo^ = /. 
freely; khusen = /. willingly. 

Puree, s. (dudna5en) bdle, -sa, 

».; (dnduaiSi) poti, -ye, /.; 
taili, -le,/ 
Fay out of his own p. = aplea 
da^uftn fi&rik k&r. 
Pnrn, "O. (dudu) potiyent ghS,l. 
Fnrsineas, see Asthma. 
PorsUia, s. goieibaji, -je,/. 
Pursnancfl, s. (in. p. of) Or. 

Pursue,!'. 1. daundaL = /. cause 
to run, c. V. of dfiun ; angar 
p6d = /. fall on the body ; 
bo!(6) k&r = /. make violence, 
2.(mukar) tsalfii = carry for- 
3. sevfit asa = aim is, ch. cs. 
P. a coarse, p. study = tsfil&i. 
Pursuit, s, l.kam, -ma, n. 
2.daundauneQ,-uea,«.; angar- 
p6dap, -dpa, n., or uprali, 
3. sev6(, -ta, m. 
Pnrnlenoe, s. pu, -va, m.; r&si, 

^e,/; rendi, -ye,/. 
Purvey, Purveyance, see Provide. 
Pus, see Pnrnlenoe. 
Push, s. I.l8t{6), -ta, m. 
^.fg. pr&yS,tan, -tna, n. = I. 
an effort. 
Push, V. I.l6t(6); likfti. 

2. utsambol k&r, utili = excite. 

3. tB&13.i or daundai = I. cause 
to go. 

4. (on) pr&y&t&n k&rn mukar 

F. away = lotun kad ; bdl k&rn 
kad. ' ' ' 



Posliiiijri <>- tsurk = /. active; see 

also PnslL 
Ptuillanimity, f . iipadh&ir, -rS, n, 
Puslllanimons, a. apadh&iraront, 

or &piidhS.irat80 ; bhiyatso. 
Piutole, s. fdd, -da, m.; puli, 
-ye,/.; kesoli, -le,/. (a large 
p.); pMil, -la, n. 
Put, V. l.ghal; doror. 
2.1ai = l. apply. 
P. to flight = daundfii. 
F. to death = mdro^^i siksa 

P. into the heart = mfitint ghal. 
P. spirit = d&ir di. 
P. to trial = t&nker ghal. 
P. into the hand = vopaun di, 

hatant di, 
P. into prison = bSndint ghal. 
P. a case = 6int; sArt kir. 
P. a question = vitsar. 
P. as certain =■ khiireS mon 

sang, or kh. m. 6int. 
P. an end = kadn ghal, or sSd. 
P. in the number of = lek(§). 
P. hounds to = gild ghal. 
P. apart = ying^d doyfir. 
P. away = I . sambaln dov6r (p. 
2.86d=:/. leave, e.g. bad 
habits, a wife. 
P. by = 1 . Cm. doy6r = depo- 
sit; yopsun di =£ /. deliver. 
2. s6d = /. leave, refuse. 
P. down=s 1 . ghal, orsikkX ghal ; 
devoi, c. V. of deufi = dea- 
2. khalto k&r = humiliate. 

3. kfid = /. take away, e. g. 
reputation; &eivo k&r = /. 
maJce dishonourable. 

4. ravoi == /. cause to stop, 
e.g. death puts down envy. 

5.s6d = /. leave (resign). 
P. forth = l, vistar, sM&i, e.g. 
a cloth. 

2. ye= I. come, e.g. p. f. shoots, 
ck. cs.\ fut; ubzai = /. pro- 

3. sang, or utsar = I. propose, 
express, e.g. a saying; ma- 
kar ghal =s /. put before. 

4. mar, e.g. a cry, 

5.s6d- (mut), «.^. the fist; 
ukto kir=/. open,«./. hands. 

P. out of z bhair ghal. 

P. in = bitAr ghal. 

P. in mind = m6tint had (or 
m. ghal). 

P. in danger >= riskent ghal. 

P. in doubt = dubavak ghal. 

P. in a passion = rag bad&i. 

P. in array — mand. 

P. in order = mand, or sama 

P. in afright=be6tai,{by scold- 
ing, etc.); bbiyeunk lai (in 
other ways); bhisdai. 

P. in practice = sovoi k&r. 

P. in the way of=margar vor. 

P. in writing = borai. 

P. in the place of = G. bidlak 

p. into 6Uspicion=annian ghal. = /. stop; deud = /. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Put 3 

P. off^ 1. kad = I. take away. 

2. bM = /. resign. 

3. pati gbal = I. put back. 

4. doT6r = keep for. 

5. fot&i = /. deceive. 

P. 00=1. ghal, e.g. a tax. 
2,n6s, e.g. p. on a dress. 
P. out= l.bhair ghal; see De- 

2. palvoi = /. quencb. 

3. kad = /. draw out, e. g. 

4.g^libili k&r = /. confound. 
5. pirgat k&r = /. make pub- 
«.(vadik) gbSl =^ I. put (at 

P. to = 1 . Dot. or 2nd Loc. 

^.by c. v.\ Iai = I. apply, deter- 

P. to silence = vogo ravoi. 

P. to work = kamak lai. 

P. to sbame = l&z&i, or l&jek 

P. to sea = darja voir kad, or 
d^ryant ghal ; d&ryak devoi. 

P. together = sangS^ta ghal, or 
mel&i, or vottu ghal, 

P. up the ears >= kan di. 

P. up = I . utai = /. excite. 

5 Pyx 

2. mukar ghal = /. put before. 

3. B6a = /. suffer. 

4. rau, laith Ind Loc. in -ger 
(live at). 

P. upon = Dat. 

FntrefaotioD, s. kusap, -spa, n.\ 
kuB^dai, -ye,_/'. 

Putrefy, v. kusfi-i. 

Putrid, a. kusullo. 

Putty, s. gurud, -di,/. 

Puzzle, V. tondrear ghal=c/. put 
in embarrassment; dubavai, 
or dubau kilr = cause doubt. 

Puzzle, s. tondre, m. pi. \ gusap, 
-spa, m. = I. confusion. 

Puzzlings, <!■ katin = difficult; 
tondreatso = of embarrass- 
ment; see also Puzzle. 

Pygmy, s. kuUa, -la, m.; khunto, 
-tea, m. 

Pyrainid, s.perh. domsatso kham- 
bo, -bea, m. = I. an acumi- 
nated pillar. 

Pyre, see Pile. 

pyrotechnics, s, hikmati-ujeafii 
vidya, -ye, /.; akasbanavi- 

Pyi, s. piksid, -^,/,,/r.', vlg. 
kals, -si,/. = /. a chalice. 




Qnack, v. 1. b6b mars/, cry, 

as a duck. 
2. ibbar ka,r = /. boaBt; bit^^i 

3.bodbod=8peak nonsense. 
Qnaoki J', l.bodbodo, -dea, tn.; 

zankero, -rea, m.; pbandlea- 

g^r, -ra, m. 
2.1ottebira,-ra,OT. (vlg.word)=s 

Lat. circulator. 
Quadra^sima, see Lent 
Qnadrang'le, 5. l.Car konseanSea 

(rup, -pa, «.), 
2, tsouki, -ke, /. = & kind of 

portico of a quadrangular 

Quadrant, s. m&ndalakalden, or 

bet. kalden m&nd&I, -la, n. 
Qoadratic, a. ^acconk. 
Quadiilateial, a. 5argit&nt80, or 

car gerantso. 
Quadrnped, a. iSarpayantso. 
Qoadruple, a. fiardodo. 
Qnaff, V. jiT sddn piye. 
Quail, s. kenkan, -na, n. (of a 

large kind); Ioto, -vea, m. 

Quail) ^- dh&ir s6d = I. leave 

courage; bbiyan tb4rtar = 

I. trenkble for fear. 
Qnaint, a. nazuk. 
Quaintneas, ^. nazukai, ->e,/. 
Qna^e, v. kamp ; th^rtar. 
Quake, s. kamp, -pi,/., or kam- 

pero, -rea, m. 

Qualiflcatioo, s. layekpon, -^Su, 
n. = I. suitableness; i&rt, 
-ta, n. = l. condition. 
Qualified, a. 1. liiyek. 

2. parikfe dillo = /. (one) who 
has given examination ; 2)lg: 
pas zSAlo,/r. 
Qualify, V. 1. layek kir = /. 
make fit. 

2. gun (or sobau) sang = t. 
say the qualities. 

3.mel3.i = /. mix, c.^. q. sharp 
sounds with flat ; perh. deun- 
dai or devoi = /. cause to des- 
cend, /£■., e. ff. q. joy, lan- 
Quality, s. 1. gun, -na, m., e.g. 
q. of ahorse; sfiimb, -ba, n. 
=/.nature; sobau, -bava, »». 
= I. inclination (natural). 

2.thar, -r&, m., jinos, -nsa, 
m. = I. kind. 

a.huddo, -dea, m.^l. rank; 
sakat, -kti,/. = /. power. the G., e.g. it is a q. of 
the lion = siiLT&JSeD. . . . 

5.«. tnio adj. kftso or kft- 
Qualm, s. 1. vonkaro, -rea, in. 

2.fg. tsurtsuro, -rea, w., of 
Qualmish, a. bezarayetso. 
Quantity, s. 1. parimaii, -na, ». = 
a mathematical q. 

2. zomo, -mea, m. = l. a multi- 


Qua 3 

tude; ras, -si,/. = /. a heap, 

a multitude. 
3. inS:p, -pa, n. =s I, a measure 

(in prosody). 
4.bhartipon, -na, «.=fulnesa. 
b.liy ldtle = how many. 
Quarrel, s. z^deii, -dea, n.; uSA, 

-j&, m. = discord ; lS.dai, -ye, 
/. = /. a fight. 
Qnarrel, v- zagad or z&gda; 

arenji; lidai k&r = I. fight. 
Qaarrelsome, a. zftg^dtso ; ladai 

Quarry, s. podou, -dva, m. = /. 

high ground where quarries 

are worked ; kalpanen, -nea, 

«.; tank, -ki,y. 
Qnart) -f ■ siso,-sea,m. = abottle; 

y6k kaldo, -dea, m. = one 

Qnartan, a. poireatso (tap). 
Quarter, J. 1. savai, used io ex- 
press 21, 4J., etc, e.g. savai 

ikra ghiote = a quarter past 

2.pau, used io express |, IJ, 

2|, elc. e.g. paune 6ar= 3|. 
3. kaldo, -dea, ot,; tsouto van^o, 

-tea, m. = l. the fourth part; 

seedr&Ta. P.II. ch.ii. Art. II. 
Qnarter, v. 1. iSar Yante kar = 

make four ps,rts. 
2.bidar dJ = giTe abode; bidar 

Quarterly, ad. titisrea moiueak. 
Quarters, s. bidar, -ri, n. = I. 

a dwelling; ghar, -ra, n. = l. 

a house. 

r Que 

Quash, V. mfisti; see Trample, 

see also Annul, Subdue. 
Quasi, -so; see Gram. P. III. ch.ii. 
Quaver, s. 1, kamp, -pi,/^ 
2.atvo vanto (iu music). 
Quaver, v, (talo) kamp3,i. 
Quay, s. dhakko, -kea, m. 
Queasiness, s. vonkaro, -rea, m. 
Queasy, a. 1. voukaro yetolo = 

(be) to whom nausea comes. 
2. vonkareateo = /. causing 

3. bezarayetso (fastidious); na- 

Queen, -T. rani, -ye,/. 
Queer, a. tarifetso; vidrup; ha- 

seagar; hasountso; phanta- 

zigar, or phantazi k^rtso, 
fr., n. c. 
Queeruess, s. tarif, -fe, /. 
Quell, V. 1. khalto k&r = /. make 


2, rauoi = /. stop, e.g. sedition; 

S.fnslai = /. appease; thand 
kar = /. make cold,y^,; nivai 
= make cold,_;^.; s^madban 
k&rS,i = I. cause to make 
Qaeuch, £>. l.palvoi, c.v. ^pal- 
^*i P''- fS-1 ^- S- ptission, 

^.fg. nivoi = /. make cold, e.g. 
a passion; tband k&r. 

3, dados k&r = /. make satis- 
fied, e.g. thirst. 

4, nas kir = /. destroy. 
Querulous, a. sin ulountso. 



Qttfliist, s. t&nkeg&t, -ra, m. 
Query, s. 1. B&Tal, -li, /., e. 
a q. made with a view to 
elicit an answer. 
2,Yit8arfi.n, -na, «.=/. iuquiry. 
an interrogation 
Qoeat, s, Bodna, -ne, f.=l. in- 
quisition; vitsar^n, -na, k. 
Qnestion, s. 1. 86dna, -ne,/. = /. 
inquisition; vitsar&n, -na, 
2.bab, -be,/. = /. a case, e. 

of conscience. 
S.tark, -ka, n. = L& 

or matter of discassion. 
4. t&nki, -ke, /. = I. & trial, 

Call in q. = dubav&i, or bet. du- 
bavak gbal; t^rk k&i 
Question, v. l.vitsar = inquire. 
2.tark kar = A make discus- 
sion, dispute. 
Qseetionable, ii.tiirkatso; dubavi 

= doubtful. 
Quibble, see Cavil. 
Quick, a. l.tsurk = I. active: 
usar = /. clever; somzonitso 
= /. intelligent; barik 

2. vegifi -witk the required verb, 
e.g. vegiii tsiltolo; vegintso, 
n.c.\ zald or zS.ldi; d^us^ra- 
tso = /. hasty. 
S.jivo = /. living. 
4. aucit = sudden ; yekats pha- 
r^tso = /. of one moment. 
Quicken, v. 1. jiv di or vants&i » 
give life. 

8 Qui 

2. ut&i = /. excite; utsambol 

3. &u8&r kllr = /. make haste; 
&u8&riii, c.v. of&.\)iakt. 

Qoiokljr, ad- 1 ■ vegin, in lime and 
manner; zap kirn; sararafi, 
e.g. he walks q.; ^us^ran = 
I. hastily; zaldi (Hind.) 
S.tsurkaiyen = /. actively. 
Qoiokneas, s. 1. aus^r, -ra, m. ^ 
I. haste. 
2. barikai, -ye,/ = /, wit. 
S.usarai, -ye,/ = /. liveliness. 
QuioksUrer, s. padr6s, -sa, tn. 
Quiddity, i. ear, -la, m. 
Quiescence, s. soakasai, -ye,y. 
Quiet, a. nidan = calm; sou- 
kasayetso; tband = I. cold, 


Be q. = I . vogo rau = /. remain 


2. soukasai bhdg = enjoy peace. 

Quiet, -^^ soukas^i, -ye,/; visou, 

-sova, m.\ viir&m, -ma, m. ; 

s&madhan, -na, n. 

Quiet, V. nivai; th^nd k&r, fns- 

lai; see Quell, Calm. 
Quill, s. 1. pak, -ka, n. 
2. l&knik, -ke,/ ; vlg. p6n, -na, 

Z./or the q. of a weaver, perk. 
naii, -ye,/ 
Quilt, s- gazdi, -de,/ (//. imbot- 

Quintessence, s. sar, -ra, m.\ ut- 

tim sar. 
Quintuple, v. pantsdodo; pants 
pauti tsild. 


Qui ; 

^p, s. b&rikai, -ye,/. = l. wit, 
a witty saying; Cestai, -ye, 
/. = l. a, joke. 

Qnire, s. tsovis foli, pr./£: = 2i 
sheets,^,; teovis panafi, pi. 
n,; see Choir. 

Qnirl[,^.nlb,-ba,n.s/. a pretext; 
nad, ~di,/. = l. atrick; bari- 
kai, -ye,/; see CaTil. 

Quit, V. 1. s6d = I. leave (free). 
2. iarik k&r = /. pay (a debt); 
pa! = /. fulfil (fidaty). 

Qnit, a. sutijllo; — vin {affixeS). 
We are quits = Bilma zalea; 
hangnatullo (-li, -lefi) zalo 
= ^. (he) became without 
dependence ; Butka zali. 
43aite,i7i^. purten;kev^l;TargU3; 
&gdi; pflripurn; -ta, empk. 

19 Rad 

£.^.'q. B0=ta3ent8; dubau- 
nastanan; bhou:=rery macb; 
kain = any; boren = well; 
s^riviu = without compari- 

Qoittasce, s. 1 , rs. ^rik kar. 
2. rasid, -de,/. 

3.inam, -ma, «. {or m.) =s /. 
Qnirer, ^'. kamp; th&rt&r. 
Quivering, s. kamp, -pi,/ 
Quoit, J. mand, -di, /; bolen, 

-lea, «. 
Quorum, s. z£i title z&n, pi. m. 
Quota, s. vanto, -tea, m. 
Quotation, s. daklo, -kle^, m. 
Quote, V. daklo di ; vivorsi. 
Quoth, V. sangleii = (I or he) 


Babbi, s- somi or suami, -ya, m. 
Babbit, s. B080, -sea, m. 
Eabid, a. 1. piao, e.£: a d(^. 

2. (ragan) z&ltso ; ragiSt. 
Baoe, s- 1- kutam, -tma, n. (var. 

S.kuli, -ye,/ {or kul, -la, «.) 
= /. a tribe; zat, -ti, /. = /. 
a caste, tribe. 

3. godeaupout,-ta,0z.,'7r-p&nth. 
R. of life=jini, -ye,/, or jirii- 

yetso vel(fe), -la, m. 
Baoe, V. 1. petsad = /. try, rival. 
2.pontak daun. 

Bace-oonrse, s. pontazago, -gea. 

Back, s. 1. r6z, -za, «., or r6d, 
-da, ». = a wheel ; 5akri), 
-ra, ft. 
2. katin duk, -ki,/ 
3.g6to, -tea, f». 
Back, ^. 1. iza di; bhdng kar; 

2. v6d = stretch, strain. 

3. (mot) pisi k&r = r. tbe brains. 
Baoy, a. ruSitso; see Pungrent. 
Badianos, s. pfirz&l, -la, m., or 

p&rzd.lkai, -ye,/ 




Badiaut, a. p&rz^ik. 
Radiate, v, kirua di; p&rz&I. 
Radical, a. 1. poilots s I. first. 
2. rs. mula thaan = /. from tlie 

root, e.g. a r. reform. 
3.muldiya = /. principal. 
Radius, s. kirn, -ii&, n. 
Raffle,^, sftdt, -ti,/. {var, sddti, 

-te,/.) ■ 
Baffle, V. s5dt ghal. 
Baft, ^. terpo, -pea, m.\ jang&l, 

-la, n. 
Rafter, s. p&kaso, -sea, m. 
Raff, J. 1. lugat, -gta, n. 

2. in pi. fiiudi lugat; pindk&r 
□eaon, -ni,y". 

3. in/g. mn. neson, e.g. wisdom 
is often clad in rags^duble 
nesonent thode paati zanvai 

Bage, s. kr6d, -da, m. ; zal, -la, 
m. = /.burning,^., n. c. in 
this mn.\ perk. bet. r^gazal, 
-la, w., n. c.\ utsambolai, 
-ye, /., also a storm, entha- 
R. of hunger, rs. nibbfir bhuk. 

Bage, V. ragan z^ = /. burn for 

Bagi, 5. natno i^ar. natsoo), 
-nea, m. (an inferior kind 
of grain). 

Bail, £'. 1 . v6i ghal = /. pat a 
hedge; darik&r = /.makear. 
2.angar pdd = /. fall on the 
body; gali son. 

Rail, 5. 1. dari, -ye,y.; grad, -di, 


2.digo, -gea, m. (ex. a sup- 
Raillery, s. yedanneS, -nea, b. ; 

khfilkulafi.V'. «. 
Railway, s. lohamardg, -rga, m., 

or lonkdatso mar6g, -rga, 

»»., n. c. 
R. carriage = duvragadi, -ye,/., 

/. a carriage of smoke. 
Raiment, f-oeson^-ne,/.; v&stur, 

-ra, «. 
Rain, s. pilus, -sa, m. ; 'strong 

r. = boro or bojront p.' 
Bain, V. paus p&d ; vdt = I. pour, 

n. V. 
Rainbow, s. donu, -^iva, n. 
Bainy, a. pausatso, or pansilo. 
Raise, v, 1. uk61 or nbar. build. 

3. utai; utsambSl kS.r = e£cite. 

4. mar = /. beat (a cry). 
5.(mellea,ntlo) jivont kSr = 

C.b^ti di = /, give promotion 
to a higher of&ce; voir kad; 
manafien kam di = /. give 
honourable employment. 

7. melai = collect, gather, /. 
cause to be found; rask^r^ 
collect, /. make a heap. 

8. tsadai = ^. increase, cv. of 

Baisin, s. kismis, se,/. 
Rake, s. kaipul, -1&, ».':=an agri- 
cultural implement. 
Bake, v. see Scrape. 
Rally, V. 1. melai — /. gather. 
2. mand = arrange. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Ram : 

3. yedai = /. mock ; n^laii Vkr 
= /. maks copies, _/^. 

Bam, s. dadlo bokro, -rea, m. 

Ram, V. bod&i; saasi; jedvi. 

Ramble, ^. parpo] zaua bouiu 

Buniiy, ^. khaade zatat, or kh. 
fattatai/. branches become, 
c&. cs. 

Bamp, -a. (zulmen) nd = /. jump 

Rampant, a. mitm^r mirvontso = 
/. exceeding limit; tsMavot. 

Rampart, s. pagar, -ra, m. = I. 
a fortification. 

Ramrod, s. g6z, -za, m. 

Rancid, u. 1. amb6t = acid. 

2. ghaniyero= I. stinking; see 
Fnngent, Unaty. 
Rancour, s. rag, -ga, m. = t. 
anger ; mos6r, -sra, m. = 
hatred; h&geii, -gea, ». s 
hatred; rs. into mdn kus- 
kata = /. heart is not right, 
nol ex. 
Random, a. ak&sm&t = /. acci- 

At r. = Cintinastanan or ts4t- 

Ranf^e, f ■ l.har,-ri,/.=:/. a line, 
a rank.£ir, -rii, m.=.l. a claas. 

3. vistarap, -rpa, n. = I. exten- 
sion ; suttu, -ta, m. =a /. 

Ran^e, v. 1. mand = /. arrange. 

2.boun = /. walk. 
Rank, s. 1. huddo, -dea, m. = L 
dignity; stiti, -ti,/. = state; 

H Rap 

bhSs, -sa, m. = l. state, vo- 

2. bar, -ri,/. = /. a line ; kamp, 
-pa, n. 

3. th&r, -rir, m. = l, a class. 
Bank, a. 1. lekavorto ristartso. 

2.ambot = /. acid. 
3. ta&davot = excessive- 
Bank, V. l.barin {or kampan) 
2.ghal or dov6r = ;. pat, 
3. lek(S), e. g^. as a friend. 
Hankie, v. 1. ku3 = /. be cor- 
2. utsambdl z& = /, be excited; 
zaj = /. barn, /g^,, e.g. angry 
feelings ; see Snpptirate. 
Ransack, v. I. liit k&r = /. make 
prey, m. robbery. 
2.sarkefl sdd = /. seek exactly. 
Ransom,^, (gulamponantlo) B6dfi,i 
= /. deliver (from slavery). 
Bansom, s. l.s6clvon, -iii, /.; 
ndarg&ti, -ti,/. 
2. sddvoniSen .mdl, -la, n.=l. 
price of r. 
Bant, V. atsambol zaun ulS.i. 
Banter, s. utsambol uloneagar, 

-ra, m.; see Fanatic. 
Bap, s. thapad, -pda, ».; thap, 

Give a r. = tapM. 
Bap, ^. bod&i, or thap mar (Dai.) 
Bapaoious, a. lutkar. 
Bapacity, s. b6}, -la, «.; zulum, 

Bape, s. zulum, -Ime, /. = /. 
violence; rs. into kad. 

Rap 2 

BapM, a. jeldi; tsurk; Tegintso, or 

TegiS ts^ltso. 
Rapidit7, s. tsurkpon, -:q§, n.\ 

&us^r, -ra, m. 
Bapier, see Daff^er. 
Rapiae, s. I.ts6ri, -ye,/.; nagon, 

2,lut, -ti,/. = I. prey. 
Bapt, ^. jiv afidn = /. leaving 

life, added to the required 

verb (Konk.) 
Baptnre, -i. l.alas, 'Ba, m. = l. 

(great) pleasare. 
2.dist, -ti,/.= /. a Tision, 
Bare, a. l.&prup, or &pTap&tBo. 

2. uttim = /. excellent. 

3. nazuk = /. delicate, fine. 

4. iisadham=:/. extraordinary. 
Barefy, v. pat&l k&r, or patUi, 

€.£". air. 

Barity, s. l.&prupai, -ye,/. 
2. pat&lai, -ye,/. = /. thianeBS. 

Bascal) s. lutstso, -cea, m.; 
pokri, -ria, m.; tb&kkagar, 
-ra, or tliS,kk^, -ka, m. 

Base, V. 1. kad. 

2. kadn gh&I ; see Graze, Erase. 
Bash, a. 1. ts&traiaatuUo; za- 

2.khali = /. empty; &as.ySi.t = l. 
unjust, e.^. a r. judgment. 

3. auairatso = /. hasty. 

R. judgment =also adalo&en, 

Rash, s. see Fnstnle. 
BashnesSfi'. natEiitrai,-ye,/; uta- 

v61, -li,/ 
&at,f. undir, -dra, m.\ fiiteondri, i 

>2 Rat 

-re,/ (a smaller kind); iSin- 
len, -lea, n. (a still amalier 
kind) ; kolundir, -dra, m. = 
a big r, or bandicoot. 

Smell a r.=nadit80 pormol yeta 

» I. smell of trick comes. 

Bat, V. 1. andaz kAr, G. M.\ 

m61 nisSeisi ; m61 band. 

2.mand = /. hare a high opi- 

3. baltai == /. scold. 
Bate, s, 1. m61, -la, «.; d&r, -ri, 
/., e.g. kh&Q5e d&ria iktai. 

2.1ek(6), -ka, «. =. /. ac- 

3. jinos, -nsa, m. = I. manner; 
see Tax. 

At the r. of five annas an hour 
= kosak (gb&nteak) pi^ts 
Snean lekan. 

At any r. = k&sem z^andi. 
Batber, ad. l.pras, or v6rQ, or 
ki with the comp.; see Gram. 

2. porten = on the contrary. 

3. Sikke or tikke = a little; -so, 
quasi dim., see Gram. P. III. 
ch. ii. 

BatiAoation, s. p&siLnd, n. c. as a 
noun; metsvoneS, -Qea, n.\ 
moozur, -re,/ = /■ confirma- 
tion; kabuli, -le,/ = I. con- 

Ratify, V. p&s^nd k&r; m&njur 
kS.r; thir k&r; kobul k&r. 

Ration, s. bhaten, -tea, n. ^ al- 

Rational, a. I • somzikai {or bud) 
asullo; somzoni; budivont. 




2,s&ma, z: /. right; vazbi =/. 
conrenieot, proper. 
BationalisDit s. has no recognised 
equivalenl; perk. budiSisi 
alo5eii, .ni,/. = /, anopiniOD, 
which has (only) the appear- 
ance of reason (wisdom); or 
crc. or the Mr. hetavada, -da, 
R., n. u. 

Bationalist, s. budiront-eo; see the 
note above. 

Battle, ;■ l.khilkulo, -lea, m. = a. 
toy for children. 
2. pbodpodefi, -dea, n. (used in 
the holy week). 

Eattle, V. I. garg&r. 
2./g. giizali mar. 

Barage, v. l&tkilr; zalumtsM^i; 
desvat k^r; vibad {or nal) 

Ravage, s. lut, -ti, /.; zulum, 
-Ime,/.; deevat, -te./I; nSa, 
^a, m. 

Ravagei, s. lutkar, -ra, m. etc. 

Bave, i>- (ragao) zS.1 = /. burn 
(for anger). 

Baven, s. kaulo, -lea, «. 

Baven, v. 1. lut kilr; niSturai 
2. gapag&pa kha,. 
3.k6p = be angry. 

BarenoiiBnefiS, see Olnttony and 

Baviiie,^. I.khani,-ye,y^agorge 

made by torrenta of water. 

2.phalken, -kea,».=/. avalley. 

Barln;, s. k6p, -pa, m. 

KaviBb, V. 1 . zulum kiir = /. make 

Tiolence ; khAtSj = I. Tiolate, 
2.bhou kbasal k^r. 
Bavisluiient, s. 1. zulam, -Ime, 
/ =1. violence; bol, -Ifi, ».; 
kh&tonnen, -nea, n. 
2.bhou sintos, -sa, m. 
Raw, a. I. jivo = /. liying. 

2. t&rno = /. green (not ripe). 

3. tiiyarnatullo = /. not pre- 
pared; randunknatuUo or 
randinatuUo; surai (r. rice). 

4. nenar = I. ignorant; ka- 
bhounatuUo = /. inexperi- 

5.k&rad[o = /. rough. 
6. aejitso = /. wet, e.g. weather. 
Ray, s. l.kirn, -na, «. 

2. vagolen (the animal). 
Razor, s. vakdr, -kra, m. 
Baaob, V. 1 . TJstar = /. be extend- 
ed, e.g. a country; lagun 
asa = /. is attached. 

2. pau = /. arrive. 

3. lagin pau = /. reach close to. 

4. kanant p6d = I. fall into the 
ears, (hear). 

5. di = /. give, or bhair di = /. 
give out, Z^t. porrige. 

Beach, s. l.vistarap, -rpa, n. = 

/. extension. 
2. sakat, -kti,/. = I, capacity. 
Re-act, ». ad ye, or pati lot(6). 
Re-action, s. pati l6t(6), -t&, m. ; 

prS,tik&rQi, -ne,/. 
Read, V. vats. 
Reader, s. vatspi, -pia, m. 
Beading, s. vatsS^p, -tspa, n. 


N. B. Wordi eompounded uith Be-, not put doten here, are formed bg prefixing 
pStl or poTtnn to the aord compounded kUH Be-. 

Re&dinesB, s. t&yarai, -ye, /.; 
tsurkpon, -na, n.*sl. activity. 
Ready, a. i.t&j&T. 
2.tsurk = /. active. 

3. barik = /. witty. 

4, D&gdi, e.£: money. 
Beal, I. kb&rots ; niz. 

R. property =s zago, -gea, m. ; 
thir ast, -te,_/". 
Eeality, s. l.y&stij, -tu, / = /. 
a thing. 
2. aat, -ta, «. = /. truth. kharots. 

In r, = khirents, or niz zaun. 
Boalize, v. l.kar = /, do; jari 
k^r = execute. 

2. sov6i kitr = /. make execu- 

3. kh^ro m6ni kS,r — /. make 
true; kiLrniauiu dak&i = /. 
show with facts; see also 

Realm, s. razvotkai, -ye,y".; raz, 

-ja, «.; razvot, -ti,_/". 
Ream, s. r^zm, -ma, n., Mr. 

{^from the Engl.) 
Reap, V. l.(beien) luufi; (pik) 

^■/g. z6d = /. obtain;^. m61 = 

/. ba found, ck. cs. 
Reaper, s. luuntolo. 
Re&pin^-book, s. (luan&i) koiti, 

Rear, V. 1 . Tad&i. 

2. pos =■/. feed. 

3. band=/. build, c,^. an altar. 

i.p&tleaii (ddn) p§,yaaiu-ut = 

/. rise with (two) binder feet. 
Bear, s. patU fouz, -ji,/, =/. be- 

Reason, f. l.eomzikai, -ye,/.=/. 

intelligence; m6t, -ii,/. = l. 

miud; bud, -di, /., e.g. the 

uae of r. 
2.ruzYat, -\d,/., ex. ruzu = /. 

a proof. 
3.karan, -ua, «. = /, a cause; 

sfib^b, {or e3,vab) ■h\,f.=i. 

a motive. 
^. often rs. 
Without r. (for nothing) = 

Reason, v. 1. t&rk kar = make 

discussion, Lat. ratiocinari; 

vlg. arment {corrup. of 

argument) kar,//-. 
2.budin ul3,i = /. speak wisely. 
Reasonable, a. I . vazbi = I. pro- 
per, convenient ; sama = /. 


2. budivont = /. wise. 

3. sumar=^. moderate; see also 
Rational. . 

ReaaonfthlenesB, s. bud, -di,/,=/. 
wisdom; vazbipon, -na, «. 
Reasoser, s. tarkagar, -ra, m. 
Rabec, s. reb^k, -ka, n.; sarangi, 


Rebel, 5. katkayegar, -ra, m.,or 
katkai kartolo; kutagar, 
-ra, m. 

Rebel) ^. kut k^r; kafkai k&r. 




N. !i. Worda compounded teilh Ba-, not put doten here, are fanned by prefixing 
pstl or pottOQ to the leord eompoundtd leith Be-. 

Bebellion, s. katkai, -je,/. ; kut 
-ta, n. = plot, r.; utsambo^ai, 

-ye,/. = /. excitement. 
Bebound, v. pati sSr, or p. pdd, 

(?/■ portan ud. 
Bebnff, v. inkar kiir = I. make 

opposition; 5^/. rs. into mel, 

IM mg.form; see also Check, 
Bebnff, s. inkar, -ri, /. (-ra, «.) 
Rebuke, v. bestai = /. scold; see 

also Blame. 
Bebna, s. gad, -da, m. 
Bebat, z*. 1. patimar = /. beat 


2. s4b&b di = /. give answer. 

3. inkar k&r = /. make resis- 

Beoall, V. 1. pati {or portun) 
2.kad'=/. take away. 

3. raddj kar »= /. make nullity. 

4. in6tint had = I. bring into 

Beoant, V. pati had = retract, 

take back, e.g. a former 

Beo&pitolate, v. 8&nk£Sp k&r. 
BeoapitnJation, s, s&nksep, -pa, 

Beoapitnlatory, a. s&aki^patBO, 

or s&nk6dp k&rtso. 
Beoaat, v. 1. portnn ghal, e.g. in 

2, porteiin rQp di b /. again 

giye form. 

. pati 3&r. 

Beoeipt,^. l.r&8id,-de,/(/^iW.) 
= acknowledgment of: 'ac- 
knowledge the r. of = r&. 
lekun ghe'. 

2. p&nditaiSit, -ti, f.^l.a. note 
of the doctor. 

3. rs. into kanghe = receiye {or 

4,huttaT61, -H,/, = income. 

BeceiTe, v. 1. ge {ex. ghe), past 
ghetlo, or kanghe, or kane, 
{past kangelo or kanelo), 
or kanel. 
2.bh6ga:/. feel, e. g, r. pleas- 
3. m^ s be found, e.g. an 
answer, ch.cs.; see Admit. 

Beoent, a. noYo; ailerartso. 

Beoently, ad. yodAl (roddol = 
some time ago); ailevar. 

Becept&ole, .r. dS,rap, -rpii, n.; 
aidan, -na, «. r«. 

Beoeption, s. kanghe vap,-gheupa, 

Beoipe, s. p&ndita£lt, -ti,y. 

Beaipient, s. aidan, -na, n. 

Beoesfl, s. yeksurai, -ye, /., or 
yeksuri suat, -to,/. 

Beaiprooal, a. yekamekatso. 

Bfloiprooallf, ad. yekameka, 

Beoital, s. 1. sang-^en, -nea, ».; 
iet. s&Dg^Q. 
2. utsarap, -rpfi, «., or utsar, 
-ra, m. = 1. expression, pro- 

Beoitation, s. vatsap, -tspi, ».; 

rs. into sling or m6n = say. 

„, „ L.oogic 


y. B. Wordi eompounded with Be-, no( put down ^re, areformtd by prefixing 
pltl or poFlan to the vord eompounded viith Re-. 

BflcIoBe, s. vlg. anakoret, -ta, 
«., fr.\ B&nyasi, -sia, *»., 
used only for a pagan r, ; 
T&navasi, -Bi, m. = I. the ID- 
habitant of a desert. 

R8Coe*iiize, V. volka; gurt asa, 
e.g. tatso gurt maka asa = 
I r. him, /. his sign is to 

Reocdl, V. 1. pati s&r (on account 
of fear). 
2. kantal = abhor. 

Beoollect, v. 1 . ugdas kar, G. M., 
or u. yeta =/. memory comes, 
ch. cs.\ atou k4r, G. M.; yad 
2. dusri (intaa bbair ghal = /. 
put out other thoughts ; mdn 
pati Yod. 

Recollection, s. ngdas, -sa, ■m,\ 
atou, -tora, m.\ yad, -da, m. 

Within r. of men = ugdas asS 

Keoommeaoe, v- portun (or porto, 

adj.) with the required verb; 

portun Buru kar. 
Beeommend, v. l.sipar&s k&r, 

e.g. r. a person to another; 

umedjn sang, G.F. 
2. metsva = /. approve, Sb. Dot. 
RecommendablOjiZ' I . siparilsetso; 


2. &parbayetB0 = I. amiable. 

3. tarifetso = r. for wit, n.c. 
in this ftift. 

Beoite, t. utsfir, . 

sSng, e.g. a speech: 

e.g. prayera, etc. 
Reckless, a. fodposi >= good for 

nothing; tG&trainatuUo = /. 

Recklessness,;. naiita&trai,-ye,y;; 

udasin, -na, ».; utavol,-li,y. 
Reckon, v. I. lek kar, or only 

lek(e), e.g.&Qtioxint8,or also, 

fg, consider as, e. g, as a 

friend; r. it as a gain = yen 

adai m6ri lek. 

2. mez(4) = count, one by one. 

3. iSint = /. think, ch.cs. 

R. on = patiye, znd Loc, e.g. 

DeTafierpatiye; see Consider. 
Beoko&iDff, s. Uk, -ka, n. ; vab- 

zap, -zpa, n. = I. measure ; 

see Reckon. 
Reclaim, v. 1. (pati) mag {or 

vapS^ m.) = /. ask back; 

h&kku aBS> = /. right is, or 

h. a. m6n sang. 
2. bud sang = /. say advice, 

e.g. r. from crime; or also 

pati kad. 
Reclamation, s. m&g-iien, -nea, 

n.; or bet. pati mag-iien. 
Recline, v. 1 . bagai => I. bend, 

c.v. ^baga. 

2. b6s = I. sit. 

3. &dp6d, e.g. on the grass. 

4. vonkon ubo ran =s /. lean 
standing, or vonkon bfts = /. 
sitting I. 




iK B. Words compounded leiih Bb-, not 
picl or porlan to Ae limple 

Beeommendatioii, s. 1. §ipar&8, 

2. metsyoneft, -nea, «, = /. ap- 
probation, e. g. of a superior 
of his subjects. 

Beoommeiidatoiy, a. sipar&sitso 
or sipar&s kiirtso. 

Bflcompeuse, v. iuam di = /■ giye 

Recompense, s. inam, -ma, m. 

BeoompoBe, ^. l.portuu B&ma 
ghal, or p. maud. 

2. p. bor^i = /. write again. 

3. thand kiir, or fuslai = /. make 

Reoonoile, v. s&madhan k&r&i, 
c.v.\ fuslai; thS-nd kSr = /. 
make cold,y^. 

Be conciliation, s. s&madhan, -na, 
«.; soukasai, -ye,/. 

Beoondite, a. gupit or gutatso; 
lipi^lo = /. concealed. 

Beoonnoitre, ^. vitsar&nk&r-, Bar- 
ken pdle, or 86dna karn p. 

Beoord, s. I. daklo, -lea, m. = /. 

a document, e.g. a volume 

of records. 

2. ugdas, -sa, m. = I. memory. 

S.daftfer, -rS, «. = a roll of 

4.i« pi. (yilrBanfieo) kh&bro, 
pi. /. = l. news (of the years) ; 
k^tba, -the, /. = l. history. 

Record, v. dakfll k&r (enter in 
a book); urS,i » I. cause to 
remain; bet. ugdas urM. 

pui doun here, are formed by prrjixing 
word compounded leiih Re-. 

Recount, ». eang or mfin. 

Recourse, s. (have r. to) I. Cm. 
asro kanghe = take refuge 
in; adhar mag = /. ask help, 
Cm.; kakult mag = /. a&k 
mercy, G. F.; only mag; 
veta = /. goes. k&r = /. make use. 

3 . pr&j&tan k&r = I. make effort, 

4. sometimes omitted, e.g. have 
r. to flight = dauQ. 

Recover, v. 1. vSsul ghe, or var 
pits ghe = /. get back, e.g. 

2. guri zata = /. good quality 
(health) becomes; boro zata 
= /. becomes good (healthy). 

3. vants = ex. survive, e. g. 
k&s^loi jiv vants as onan=£iz^. 
nonfieret salva omnis caro, 
I. all flesh would not be 

Let me r. = usuas s6dunk di. 
Recovery, i. 1. vasuli,-le,/, e.g. 
of money. 
2, gun, -^a, m., e.g. of health; 
s&uin, -ne,/. (from a fit). 
Recreant^ a. bluyatso= /. fearing ; 
phukki = I. coward ; db&ir- 
uatullo; see Apostate. 
Recreate, v. 1. khusal k&r (or 
kulaUi, ». c.) 
2.santos bh6g = A enjoy plea- 
sure («. v.). 
Reoreation, J. 1. soukasai, -ye,/.; 

N. B. Word* eompounded with Be-, not 
patl or portnn to the n'mple 

khugalai, -ye,/.; g&mm&t, 
-tSi, n. 
2. khuSalayetso Tel(6),-la, m. = 
/.a time of pleasure; kli^ltso 
vel = /. a time of playing ; 
kh^l, -la, m. =s play, amuse- 

Bsorimin&te, ^. t6ndar mar = /. 
beat on the mouth; pati 
i^or portuQ) gunyaubar k&r 
= /. make back guilty; upra- 
teu ulSi; durva. 

Bacrnit, s. novo sipai, -ya, m. = 
I. a new soldier. 

Recruit, v. 1 . novo k&r = I. make 
2. bol di = /. give force. 
3.bh6r = /. fiU. 

Recruiting*, .r- sipay&niSen melou- 
nen, -nea, «. 

Beotaogle, J. samakonso, -sea,^. 

Rectifioatioii, ^. su(ikar6eu,-iSea, 
n.\ auddij kiriSen. 

Rectify, V. sima kkv ; see Correct. 

Rectitude, s. nai, -ja, m. 

Rector, s. vodil, -la, m. = I. 
a superior; ts&l&itolo; kar- 
kbaneagar, -t^, m. = I. an 
administrator (not ex., or 
only for some cases). 

Recumbent, see Lean, Beoline. 

Recuperation, s. Td.3uli, -le, /., 
e.g. of one's own things. 

Recnr, v. 1. mag = /. ask. Cm. 
2. portun ye, or pati ye = 
come again or back; p6d = 

put dovtn 'here, art formed by prefixing 
aord eompaunded with Be-. 

/. fall, e.g. a feast; see 

Bed, a. 1. tambdo. 

2. zambli rang&tso (a reddish 

3, kentso {said of hair), light- 
red, auburn (//. biondo). 

R. timber = martitso ruk (?). 
Redden, v. tambdo kSr, tr. v.; 

t, za, «. V. 
Reddish, a. tambdoso, or tamhso. 
Redeem, v. sdd&i, c. v. of s6d = 

leave; s6dvon kftr = /. make 

salvation, G. F. 
Redeemer, s. S6dvondar, -ra,w, 

TarSk, -ka, m. 
Redemption, s. sddvon, -ni, /.; 

udargati, -ti,/. 
Bed-hot, a. tap3,illo; ujeab&riso: 

zSItso = /. burning. 
Redness, 'f- tambdo r6ng, ^a, m. 

= I. red colour. 
Redolent, a. rs. p&rmal yeta = 

/. smell comes; pSriniljatBO 

= good amelling. 
Redouble, v. dodo k3.r = /. make 

double ; ddn pauti tsM k&r 

= make twice more. 
Redound,^. I. mirua = /. exceed, 

surpass; bhair vau=:/. flow 

2.^. p6d = /. fall, e. g. upka- 

rak p6dta = /. redounds to 

Redress, v. 1. pati di = /. give 

back ; vap&s di = /. give back. 




y. B. Worit compojittded wiA Be-, not 
pati or portnn to the simple 

2.bb6rD di = /. give full, (re- 
pair), e.g^. honour. 
Bednee, v. 1-iy c, v.; k&r = do. 
2. urio or barik or &Bk&t zat& ^ 
gets les8, or thio, or weak, 
S.khalto )i.&v=:L make subject, 

ch. cs. 
4. ur^i = I. cause to remain 
witii, e.g. Csesar had been re- 
duced to two legions. 
5.pau = /. reach, arrive; za — 
/. become, e.g. reduced to 
6. s^ma k&r = make right, e.g. 
a diBlocation. 
Eeduction, s. 1. rs. into v. 
2. nnepon, -na, «. = /. diminu- 
tion, /g. misery; lai^rpon, 
-na, n. 
Heduudiincy, s. tsadau, -dava., m. 
Bednndant, a. tsadtso; see 

Bednplioation, s. dodap, -dpa, n. 
Beed,^. £ivo,-Tea,««.; n61,-!a, «. 
Beek, v. 1 . duvor yeta = I. smoke 

comes, c&.cs. 
2. nb yeta = /. steam comes. 
Bed, V. kamp; h&l = I. move 


Befeotory, s. jeuna6eil kud, -da, 

«.; j. sal, -la, «■ 
Befer, v. l.dhadsA send; iei. 

crc, e.g. T. to the letter = 

kagad p6le mdn sang. 
2. mukar ghal = /. put before, 

e.g. a thing to a judge. 

put doan here, are formed hy prt;fiaiag 
tBord eotnpotmded with B»-. 

3. m6n = /, say. 

4. lai = /. apply, /g. ascribe, 
e.g. r. faults to; ganyaakar 
kHr = /. make guilty, ch. cs. 

5. s&r k&rn dSkfii s /, making 
comparison show, (allude). 

6. rs. pasun = on account of; 
(to what does this r. ? » yen 
kitea pasun?); visyant asa. 

Reference, s. (with r. to), viiyant 
m/. about.' 

Beflnei v. 1 . s&ma (or nital s 
pure, or B&mpurn = perfect, 
or suddi} = correct) kir. 
2. vrfiddhi fcir = /. make pros- 

Eflfloemeat, s. gun, -na, m. = I. 
improvement; rs. v. 

Be&eet, v. 1. (uzvad) pa,tip6d&i, 
-sarfii, -udfli = /. send back 
2. (tujca itle&k or portun) 
fiint = /. think (with your- 
self or again); alofien k&r = 
/. make judgment; 6int = /. 

Reflection, s. 1. pa^ipddap, -dp&, 
».; sarkeii, -kea, n. = simili- 

2. niyal, -IS,, m., or prestau, 
-tava, m. = meditation, con- 

3. ts&trai, -ye, /. =s i. a note, a 

4. (porti) fiintna, -ne, f. = l. 
(turned) thought {pkil.) 

Jf. B, Worit eompomidtd with Be-, not 
pitt or portan to th» timpU 

Reflaotire, a. rs. into the parti- 
ciple of the verb {see above). 

Reform, v. 1. uoveo rQp di = ^. 
give a new form, 
2. a&ma or sarko (k&r) = /. 
make right, e.g. life. 

Beformation, s. 1. noven rOp, 
-pel, n.s:l, a uev form. 
2. gup, -pa, m. = I. improve- 

Refraot, V. vankdok&rs/. make 

Refraetion, s. vsnkdepon, -na, 
».; vankud, -da, n. 

Refraetory, a. dharnn=iA obsti- 
nate; inkar k&rtsos:/. mak- 
ing opposition; hokum mi- 
ruontso= /. surpassing order. 

Refrain, ""■ I.tsuk&i, c.v. = l. 
avoid, keep back. 
2. (apnak) inkar kir = /. make 
resistance (to oneself); apnak 
3d f eta or veta>=goeB against 
oneself, n. c; (apnacer) z&it 
vor= /. carry victory (against 
3.samba4 = A keep, e.g-.- r. 

the tongue. 
I could not r. from ... = . . . 
nastan&n rfiuok* nozo zalen. 

Refresh, ^. 1 ■ soukasai di s /. 
give peace. 

2. portuD ghe, p. di = receive, 
or give again. 

3. thand k^r ^7, make cool 
(mind and body). 


put down here, are farmed hy prefixing 
word eorapottnded with Re-. 

Befreshmant, s. 1. souk&a^i, -ye, 
/. = i. peace. 

2. gh&Uii, -ye, /. ^ t. strength. 

3. ph&lar, -ra, nt. s I. luncheon. 
Refrigeratory, a. thiind k&rtso. 
Refuge, s. 1. asro, -rea, m., pr. 

fg.\ s&r&pa, -na, «, 
2. adhar, -ra, m.^l, help ; s^sai, 


Take r, in. . . xiO»..asro ghe. 
Refuse, s. s^riinasfidtso, ri/^W.; 

asro sddtso (or sod^llo); 

p^rdeSi = /. an exile. 
Reftalgenoe, s. p&rz&l, -la, m. 
Refusal, s. inkar, -ri, f.\ rs. naka 

m6n=/. say not; nSnkobuli, 

-le,/. ™ /. no consent. 
I got a r. e: maka inkar zali. 
Refuse, !'. oak& m6n; inkar kar 

{Acc^\ neg. of kobuli di, or 

vdp =3 consent. 
Befntation, s. soluap, -pa, n.; 

p&dau,-dava, »!.=/. defeat^. 
Refute,©. l.solvS.i,«.^. an error; 

p&dau Iiilr = /. make defeat, 


2. tondar mar, or t. jivsi mar 
= /, beat on the mouth: 
ex. recriminate (in private 

3. s&tSvip dSk&i = /. show not 
true, n.c. 

Regalia,^. rSyafie gurtij,, »».^A = 

/. signs of a king. 
Regard, ?'. 1 . pdle = look ; diit 

ghal=/. put sight {zndLoc). 


Reg 4( 

if. B. Wordt compounded with Be-, not 
pA^i or poTtvn to Ike timple 

2.6int = /. think; lek(6) = I. 

count, cODsider. 
S. lag = /. be attached , _^-., ^.^. 
it does DOt r. me = jeS makS 
laganan; p6d=/. fall, or si- 
m&nd asa <e I. connexion is, 
respect, have reference to, 
be concerned with. 

Regard, s. 1. z^t&n, -tne, /. =1. 
care ; ts&trai, -ye, /. = /. 
2. iLlo5en, -ni, yi = esteem, opi- 
With r. to = viiyant. 

Begardless, a. ts&trainatallo; 
zS,t&n kanencituUo; fUdposi. 

Regency, s. (raja5enj tsS,louneS, 
-nea, «.; (rajatso) karkhano, 
-nea, «.=/. administration of 
kingdom; ts&Iounfii s&bha, 
-bhe,/. = /. a council of re- 

Begenerate, v. 1. portun zalm&i. 
2.J^, noYO HiT = l. make new. 

Begeneratioa, ^. 1. novi ji^, -ye, 
/. = l. a new life. 
2. novo zSrlm, -mii, m. = I. a. 
new birth. 

Regent, s. mz ts&loantso ; raja^ 
karkfaS.neagar, -r&, m. 

Begioide,^. rayakhunigilr,-r&,fft. 

Regimen, see Diet. 

Regiment, s. foajiv&nto, -tea, m. 
= a portion of an army. 

Region, s. 1. g&un, -anra, m.; see 

)1 Reg 

put doten here, are formed hy prefixing 
aord compounded v>Uh Bs-. 

2.6uat, 'te,/. = 1. a. place. 
Register, s. l.daklo, -lea, m.= 
a record. 
2.patti, -te,/ = /. a list. 
3. d&fter, -ra, n. = a roll of 
Register, v. dakSl k&r, ir.; d. 

za, «.V., e.g". in a book. 
Begifltrar, s. dakle dovdrtolo; 

vig. rijistrar, -ra, m.,/r. 
Registration, s. rs. into v. 
Regret,^. duk,-ki,/. = /. sorrow; 

p&g&atap, -pEb, m. 
Regret, V. duk, or duk dista = 
/. sorrow appears, Sb. Dat.\ 
pfi.s£atap pan (aun p. pau- 
Regular, a- 1. kr&mantrif (yar. 
k&rmantry.), e. g. r. habits. 
2. 8&map6dtso = /. falling right 
(symmetric); kb&ndit = /. 
S.kaidea p&rma^e tsfiltolo, or 
kaide sambaltolo = /. observ- 
ing duties. 
Regularly, ad. 1. kr^m zaun, or 
bet. kr&mantri} zaun, or 
2. favotea p&rmane = /. in dae 

3.tsukanastanlln = /. not fail- 
Regnlarlty, 5. I. kr&m, -m&, n. 
= I. order, 
2.mandaT61, -li,/. = good ar- 
rangement, disposition. 

„, „ L.oogic 




2f. B. WoTdi compounded with Be-, not 
pSti or portnti to the limple 

BeguUte, v. 1 . taHlSA = direct. 
2.Bama ghal = I. put right; 

kr3,mar doT6r = I. put in 

3. o/len the construction of Ike 

sentence must be changed. 
Eegnlation, s. 1 . vlg. rfegrg, -re, 

f.^/r. = l. a rule; hukum, 

2. kaide, pi. m. = I. rules, pr.\ 

kanun, -na, n. 
Rehabilitate, v. adle bari ka,r. 
Rekearaal, s. l.katba, -the,/. = 

/. a story. 
2.80v6i, -ye,/., or fibySs, -sa, 

m. = ;. practice. 
Behearae, v. 1 . sang t^r m6n = I. 

2. 80v6i {or abyas) k&r = /. 

make practice. 
Boi^i V. 1. razvot (or razvot- 

kai) kar, znd Loc. 
2.t8&13.i = /. govern. 
Relgrn, s. raz, -ja, n., or razvot, 

-ti,/. or razpat, -ta, «., or 

r^zTo^kai, -ye,/. 
Rein, s. lagap, -gpa, n. 
Reinforce, v. (fouz) tsadSi = I. 

increase (an army), 
Reinforoement, s. ts^douni, -ne,/ 
R^ect, ^. 1 ■ ud&i = /. throw ; add. 

2. inkar kir = I. make resis- 
tance, {Ace.) 

3. beparvo kar = /. despise, re- 
ject, G. M. ; neg. of piiaand 
kftr, or v6p=con8ent, or na- 

pM dovm here, are formed by preJExinj 
word compounded ailA Be-. 

p&aand kHr; neg. of aik: 

'mag-nen aikanan'. 
Rejection, s. inkar, -ri, /. {^ar. 

-ra, «.) 
Rejoice, v. khuSal kflr {or khu- 

sal&i) = make joyful; s&ntos 

di, tr.v.^ or s. bh6g, «.!'.= 

/. give tfrfeel pleasure; ulas 

di or u. bhdg. 
Rejoin, v. 1. mel&i, c. v. qfmii\ = 

be united. 

2. zab diun Bang = answering 

3. pati ye, or pat dhftr = I. 
come back, f>^ keep the back. 

Relapee, v. portun p6d = /. fall 

Relapse, s. portenpddap, -dpa, 

«.; bet. rs. into -v. 
Relate, v. l.mon; sang = say, 

2.t&psi] sang = say details. 
3.1ag = /. be attached,y^., e.g. 

mS,ka laganan = it does not 

concern me. 

4. Or. visyant asa=/. is about. 
Related, a. 1. s&iro: 'nearly r.= 

lagsilo s.'; ISktso, 

^./g. simitnd aByllo = /. con- 

3. visayatao = I. which is about, 
e.g. Deva v. niyal, -la, »., 
Relation, s. 1. kobar, -bre,/. = A 
news ; ^biprai, -ye, f.^l. 

N. B. WorA» eompoundtd mth Re-, not 
piti or portnn to the timple 

2.6&iro, or s&iro clairo,-rea,M. 
= /. klDsman; Uktso m&Dis, 
-nsa, m. 
3 siiirik, -ke,/. = /. coosariigui- 

4.y^. s&m&nd, -da, m. = l. con- 

nectioa (also phiL). 
Me is my r. = to mak& s&iro 
Rel&tionBhip, s. 1. sfLirik, -ke,/. 
= /. consaQguinity or affinity. 
2.sarken, -kea, n. = i. resem- 
Belativa, ^. s&m&ndi, -dia, m. 

(a distant r.) 
Relax, V. Bi4 or sidil kftr = /. 
lax, p-.^/ff., e.g. get tepid. 
Relaxation, s. 1. g&dilai, -ye,/, 

2. da,m, -ma, m, = /. rest, breath- 
ing ; khuialai, -ye, /. =: a- 
musement, pleasure ; sou- 
kas&i, -ye,/; 
Relaxed, a. s&dil, pr.fg. 
Relay, s. tS.palg6de, pi. m. = /. 

horses of post. 

Release, "a. 1. sdd, pass, sut; 

s&dil k&r = /. make loose. 

2. sutka k&r = /. make delivery. 

Release, s. 1. sutka, -ke,/ = /. 


2. sodvon, -^e, / = /. redemp- 

3. Bidilai, -■^fi,f.s^l. relaxation. 
Relent, v.perh. sut, e.g. hia anger 


put doun hare, tyre formed by prefixing 
tBord eompoaaded mth Be-. 

Bella, s. relik, -ke,/.,/y. 

Relief, J. 1. halVai,-ye,/.,/r.^. 
= /. lightness; bhnzon, -^e, 
/= comfort, consolation; efi- 
madhan, -na, n.; d&m, -ma, 
m. = I. rest, a taking breath. 
2.adhar, -ra, m. = /. help; 
a&hai, -ye,/ = /. help, assis- 

3. s&dilai, -ye,/ =/. relaxation. 

4. kantoaQB&en JSitr^, -tra, «. ^ 
/. a carved image. 

Believe, ». 1. halu kSr, ^./^. 

2. bhuzii = I. console, e.g. 
the afflicted, etc. \ s^madhan 
or BOukasai di. 

3. biLdM = /. change, (milii.). 
Beligion, s. sastrij, -ra, «, (var. 

sa8tir,-ra,«.); s&modti-ti,/ 
Religions, a. 1 . sflmodtitso or 

2, deyasponatso = /. devout; 

bh&ktivont = devout ; bha^ 

gevoQt=/. holy. 
Balif ions, s. sastri, -ri, tn.\ mota- 

vasi, -si, m. = I. an inhabi- 
tant of a convent, «. «.; zig. 

frad, -di, m., or padri, -ri, 

Belinquish, v. s&d or sand. 
Reliquary, s. 1. relike korndo, 

-dea, m. = l.a box of relics, 
Jr.; relike p6t, -te,/ = /. a 

box for relics. 
2. urku,-k&, «. = a native form 

of r. for private use only. 




Jf. B- Word* eompoundad ttilh Be-, not 
pa(i or portnn to the rimple 

BeliAh, V. ruts = /. taste, Si. Dai.; 
tsakuQ p6!e = /. tasting see; 
or teak. 

Bellsh, s. 1 . TOtB, -5i,/. - /. taste. 
2.ni8teD,-tea, n., wbatis com- 
monly eaten with rice to 
make it more palatable. 

Reluctance, s. nankhuii, 'le,/^, 
or rs. khusi nan. 

Belactant, a. khagm&tullo. 

Bely,!'. patiye, oij. 2nd Loc\ or 
patiyeni dovfir. 

V. rau; ar, e.g. d6n 
batio urlyat = two baskets 
remained (of food). 
Bemainder, s. I . baki, -ki,y., e.g. 
of a debt. 

2. urta ten = I. what remains. 

3. usten, -tea, n. (of eatables). 
BemainB, s. moden, -dea, n. = I. 

a corpse. 

Bemark, s. ts&trai, -ye,/.; I&ro, 
-rea, m. = annotation. 

Bemark, v. ts^trai k&r or ts. 
kange; pdje = /. look, ^. ; 
kan dis/. give ear; m6tint 
gh3,l = I. put in mind. 

Bemarkable, <!■ l.ts&trayetso, i^r 
ts&trai favozallo ; p61euntB0 
= l. to be seen. 
2. navaddik = I. famous ; aa- 
vadgo; UkSa faTOzalIo = /. 
to which care, attention, res- 
pect, must be paid; bhari 
= /. important; ftaadbar^ = 

put doign Aere, are formed 6y pr^fiasmg 
word eontpoanded toUh &••■ 

/.extraordinary; &pmp = /. 

3,&jap3.tso = /. wonderful, etc. 
Bemedy, s. 1. upai, -ya, m. = I. 

means; vokst, -kta n. = I. 

medicine,/r.^., e.g. against 

2. gsro, -rea, m. = refuge; 

fldhar, -ra, m. = help. 
Bemedy, v. 1. boro or s&ma k&r; 

guii k&rs/. make improve- 
2. upai di a /. give means. 
Bemember, v. ugdas {or atou) 

kir, G, M. ; yad kSr ; ugdas 

yeta or u. asa = I. memory 

comes, or is, G. M.\ m6tint 

Remembrance, s. ugdas, -sa, tn. ; 

atou, -tova, m.; yad, -da, in, 
Bemlsd, v. 1. m6tint had, or m. 

ghal =■ /. put into mind ; 

ugdas k&r = I. make memory ; 

niyalak had = I. bring to 

2. bud sang = /. say advice. 
RemisisoaDoe, see Bemembr&noe. 
Remise, a. alsi^/. lazy; f^posi 

= negligent, good for noth- 
ing; 8adil = /. loOBe,_/^. 
Remission, s. I. s&dilai, -ye, f. 

(a being loose). 
2. hogsaiie, -nea, n. = I. pardon. 
Remit, v, 1. bogsio/. pardoa; 

sdd, e.g. a fine; But, n. v.; 

m&f kir K I. excuse. 





2f. B. Words eompoxmdei wttA Ba-, not 
pft^I or portan to tho titnple 

2. deaa = /. descend, e.£.feyet. 

3. dhad or dhadn di s /. aend; 
parol = I. cause to reach. 

4. vopsun di = /, consign; see 
also Befer. 

Bemittaaoa, s. dhadijllo dadu, 
-dua, m. = I. sent money; 
i&£ Cn. hundi, -ye, /. com- 
tnonly used. 

Remittent, a, retso-urtso or vor- 
tokadto (fever) ; poireatso 

Remonstraaoe, see Protest 

Bemonstrate, v. 1. beStai = /. 
scold; bud eangssay ad- 
vice; durva=:/. expostulate. 
2. &ddi kar = /. make opposi- 

Remorse, s. tsurtsoro, -rea, in. 
e. g. r. of conscience; &n- 
t&sk&matso kido, -dea, m. a 
I. a worm of the heart; m6- 
natsabni, -ne,_/. 

Remote, a. poisilo = which is 
far; rs. into poia. 

Remotely, ad. pois. 

Removal, s. bhairs^rap, -rpa, n. 
= /. starting; see ^^^liAiL^fi^, 

Remove, v. l.kad, or pel&n k. 
or p. vor=take away. 
2. tsuk&i = /. avoid, Ace. 
S.vots mfin = /. eay 'go*, 
d.bhair s&r = /. start; see 

Bemaneiate, v. in&m di, ^e. 

jjui down Aoro, are/orfnsd hy prefixi/ng 
word Miapounded viith Be-. 

Bemaneration, f . l.inam,-ma,«. 

2.kul, -li,/.=wage8. 
Bend, v. pind, £,^. cloth ; mod(6) 
=/. break; f6d, «.^. a tree. 
Render, v. 1. di = /. give, e.ig. 
an acconnt. 
2. tsillili, e. g. T. what is due to. 
3.k&r = /. make. 

4. t&rzumo k^r = I. make ver- 

5. pati (or vap5,B) di = /". give 
hack ; bhdrn di = /. give full , 
e.g. hononr. 

Rendezvous, ;. melasu&t, -te, /. 

(or meliii saat) = /. a place 

of reunion. 
Benegade, s. 1. b&v&dt sddijllo 

=s /. one who left faith. 
2. Iutst30,-Cea,m. =/. a rascal. 
Benew, v. 1. portun k&r = I. 

make again. 

2. novo klbr = /. make new. 

3. k&r = /. make right. 
Renewal) s. porto, joined to the 

req. noun, or rs. into portun 

Bennet, s. me)ai, -ye, /.; ir^an, 
-9a, n. (buttermilk, common- 
ly used here as rennet). 

Benonnoe, v. 1. pat k&r (p&ti 
k&r 3: send hack). 
2. B6d = /. abandon, e. g. an 

Banovate, see Banew. 

Benowned, a. p9,rb&l; see also 



N. S. Wordt eompoanded loith Be-, not 
put or poiian to the ritapU 

Bent, s. l.b&dea, -dea, fi.'Er. of 

a house. 

2. gfin, -^i,/. = /. a lease, used 

also for I. ; 'gSnik ka^e = /, 

take at r.' 

a.vad, -di /.-=/. interest (of 

a capital). 
4. foj, -la, m. = effect. 
5.modap, -dpa, «.; fu^, -ti, 
/, = /, a chink. 
Bent, V. I. badeak di=c/. let on 
2.hadeak kane = I. take on 
Renunciation, s. sbdtd, -ne, /.; 

raji, -je,/. 
Repair, v. 1. sS,ffla k&r. 
2.iarikpori di = /. giye repa- 
ration ; hh6rn di = /. giye 
full (r. honour); see also 
Reparation, s. 1. farikpon, -9a, 
n. = I. satisfaction. 
2.yor other mn. rs. into v. 
Repast, s. jevan, jeuna, «. = /. 

Repeal, v. r^dy kar = /. make 
nullity, e. g. a law ; kadn 
Repeal, s. r&ddi;, .da, n. 
Repeat, "v. .portun, with the req, 

verb\ p. kir. 
Repeatedly, ad. portun portun. 
Repel, V. 1. pati k&r, or p. ghal 
= /. put back. 
2. inkar k&r = /. resist, {Acc^. 


pu( down i«re, are formtd ly prefixing 
viori eompottnded loitA B*-. 

S.patimars/. beatback; p&ti 
ldt(6) 31 /. push back. 
Repent, T^. duk dista, Sb. Dat=t. 
sorrow appears ; d, dh&r = /. 
catch sorrow. 
Repentance, s. duk, -ki,/.; p^&a- 
tap,-pa, M.; tsurtsuro, -rea, 
m.; zal, -la, m. = l. a huta- 

Bepertcny, s. b&ndar, -ra, ». 
Repetition, s. rs. into v. 
Rdpine, v. Siu ulfli. 
RepininjTt ^- ^i^i -^i '"- 
Replace, v. \.G. euater ghal. 

2. adle suater ghal. 
Replery, v. zaminer pati karie. 
Reply, V. za,Tab (or prMiz&vab) 

di; patiul9.i,cr pati portun u. 
Reply, J- (pr&ti-) z&vab, -hi,/./ 

pati-ut&r, -tra, «., n.c. 
Report, V. k&l&i=/. make known, 

c. V. of kM; k&bar had = /, 

bring news. 
Report, s. 1 . phukaro, -rea, m. = 

I, rumour; k&bar, -bre,/ = 

I. news. 
2. jniia, -na, m. =■ I. honour. 
3.16k, -kit, n. = an account; 

riror, -ra, m. = I. an expla- 
nation, a statement. 
Repose, s. soukasai, -jG,f.; d&m, 

-ma, m. ^ /. breath,^^. 
Repose, v. soukas&i {or d&m) 

R. your hope on =b 2nd Loc. 

patiyeni doy6r. 





N. B. Words compounded toiih Be-, not 
pad or portun to the limple 

Repository, s. dov6r6i suat, -te,/. 
Bepreliend, v. beStai; see Blame. 
BeprebenBion, s. beStauneS, -nea, 

Represent, ^'- l-baz&r It&i = I. 

make present. 
2.mukar ghal = /. put before, 
3.G. suater asa = is in the 

place of; G. rup dakai = /. 

show the form of; G, v§8 

ghal =. put a mask; or only 

dakai ^ I. show. 
4. nijalak had = I. bring to 

5.6int = ;. think. 
Bepraeentation, s. l.dakon, -ni, 

f.^e.g. of the Passion of J. G. 

2. sarken, -kea, n. =/. resemb- 
lance; rup, -pa, n. = l. form. 

3. iirji -je,/. =1. a, petition. 
Representative, s. G. rup dakai- 

tolo, etc. 
Repress, v. l.bftl mod(6) = I. 
break force. 
2. niyfti; thambfti, r&Toi, e.g. a 
Eepressiott, s. rs. into v. 
Beprieve, v. l.pati ghal. 

2.(phJiis3,l) pati kad. 
BepTimand, 'V. l.beltai. 
2. napHsand k&r = I. make dis- 
Reproach, v.$tai = /. scold. 

2. l&z&i = /. cause to blush. 

3. gali e&ng, or g. sou = I. say 

pvt down here, are formed hy prejixing 
vord eompoanded leilh Be-. 

4. gnnyaukar k&t = I. make 

S.k^nd; see Blame. 
Beproaoh, s. l.dur, -ra, n. 

2. bestaunen, -nea, n. 

3. ^paman, -na, m.=l. disgrace; 
laz, -je,/ =/. shame. 

Reprobate, ». sirap ghal, or s. 

Reprobation, s. sft^ni, -ne,/., or 

rs. V. 
Reproduce, v. I.portun ubz&i = 

/. produce again. 
2. p. dakai kar = /. introduce 

again, e.g. a custom. 
Reproof, see Disapproval. 
Reprove, see Reprimand. 
Reptile, J. jival, 4i,/. n.c; jiu- 

dal, -H,/.; tsirEajiudad, nSi, 

/. = /. a creeping animal. 
Republic, s. dhazftnanfien raz, 

-ja, n.=l. reign of 1 Opersons ; 

parjeCeii raz = I. reign of 

the people. 
Repudiate, v. (bailek) B6d. 
Repugnance, s. naukhusi, -%&,/.', 

inkar, -ri,/ {var. -ra, «.) 

= /. opposition ; vonkaro, 

-rea, m. = l. nausea. 
Have r. to = boren disan^n, or 

khusi nan, or vonkaro yeta, 

e.g. to food. 
Bepngnant, a. khuiinatullo. 
Repulse, see Repel, Refusal- 
Repulsion, s. adlot(6), -ta, m. 
Repulsive, ». adl6ttso. 


a. B. Words tompeunded with Be- 

pEfi or portan to the timple 

Repntation, ^. boreanauS.-naTa, 

n. = l. good name; man, -n&, 

m., abru, -iS., <». = lionbut; 

bori alofien, -iii,/ = /. good 

opinion; kirt, -ti,/. 
Enjoy a good r. = boren nana 

Injure, impair the r. = boron 

naufi (or man) kad; b. n. 

(or m.) pad k&r. 
Bequest, i>. mag, 0«. 
Request, s. mag-neS, -nea, n. 
At the request of = maglelea 

(or mfi-gCea) pasun. 
Grant a r. = mag-neS aik. 
Require, v. 1. zai =/. is neces- 

Ba,Tj,S6.Dai.; g&rjetsozauu 
asa =: is necessar;; or g&rz 

2. mag = /• request. 
Requisite, s. gftrjefii vastij, -tu, 

/.=l.& necessary thing; zai 

Requisition, s. l.miig-nen, -nea, 

2. apotinen, -Eieg, n. = l. a, call. 
Requital, s, inS,m, -ma, n. = I. 

a reward; sambal, -IS., m. = I. 

pay; (%rik, or) farikpon, 

•na, n. = l. satisfaction. 
Requite, "o. inam di or farik k^r. 
Rescind, v. r&ddi^ k&r = /. make 

Rescission, s. r&ddy, -da, n. 
Rescript, s- hukum, -kme, /. 
Rescue, v. kad = I. take out, e. g. 


pMi down here, are formed hy prefixing 
word eompottnded viith Be-. 

from danger ; 86d = /. deliver, 

or bet. s6d^, c. v.; sutka 

k&r = I. make delivery. 
Research, 5. vitaar^n, -na, ».; 

diriyaft, -ti, /. = judicial r.; 

t&nki, -ke,/. =s I. & trial. 
Research, v. k&r with one of the 

above nouns. 
Resemblance, s. sarken, -kea, n.\ 

B&r, -ri,/. 
Resemble, v. sarko zaun asa (ta^ 

£e s&rko; ^»/ Devak sarko) ; 

Or. b&ri z^un asa = is like; 

Dat. s&ma zaun asa = is like. 
Resent, i>. viiitak vor = I. take 

to evil; pasfiatap kanghe = 

/. take sorrow; vlg. bontso 

f ulta = /, the bill flowers . 

(be makes long faces), n.c. 
Beseutment, s. nankhusi, -se,y., 

or rs. into v. 
Resenration, s. rs. v. 
Reserve, v. ap^ak dovdr s keep 

for oneself; sambain dov6r, 

e. g. food. 
Reserve, s. gutatso sobau, -bava, 

m.^l, a mysterious inclina- 
tion, or rs, into vogo rauta. 
Reserved, a. gn^tso; vlg. th&ra- 

Beservoir, s. l.t&len, -lea, «. = 

a tank. 
2. bain, bain,/. =/. a well. 
3.mildak,-dka, n. = ^. amarsb. 
4. kat, -ta, m. = a, dam to keep 

water in channels. 



N. B. Wordi compounded icWt Be-, not 
pitl or portan lo the timple 

Beside, e'- rau, or aaa, or vas kAr, 

Besidenoe, s. 1 . thikanen or ta- 
nefi, -nea, n., also of a bi- 
shop; bidar,-ra,w, = ^. dwell- 
ing; bonglo, -lea, m.,/r. 
2.raTap, raupa, «. = (tbe act 
of) remaining. 

Beflign, ir. v. 86d = I, abandon ; 
Topsun di = /. give over; 
raji di. 

Beaigrn, n. v, soa^ikai kane = 
keep patience ; s&madhati do- 
v6r = /. keep peace; rs. De- 
Ta£e khase pirmano tsai. 

Besi^atioa, s. l.soanikai, -ye, 
f.—l. patience. 

2. yekot, -ta, m. = I. union, e.^. 
his r. to the will of God = 
tatso yekot DevaiSe khusek. 

3. raji, -jo,/. = r. of an office. 

4. khaltepon, -na, n. = /. sub- 

Sesin, s, dambor, -ra, ot.; tirbaa- 
tani g6nd, -da, m. = Arabic 
gum; i^udan, -na, ». 

Besist, i>. l.inkar k&r. Ace; 
addi (or adkai) kir = I. make 
2.mukar rau = /. remain in 
the face. 

3. porto zauo asa = is contrary 
(Dat.); Dai. ad z^un asa = 
is against. 

4. ad ul&i = speak against. 
Besistance, s. l.inkar, -ri, /. 

[var. -ra, «.) 

put down here, are formed by prefixing 
teord compounded with Re-. 

S.&ddi, -de,/, or adkai, -li,/. 

= I. obstacle. 
3. b61, -la, M. = /. force. 
Beeolnte, a. 1 . dhairavont or 

dh&iradik; thir = /. firm; 

bben natuUo = /. not afraid ; 
2,tayar = /. ready. 
Resolution, s. 1. ni6eu, -Ceva, m., 

e.g. to avoid sin. 
2. dhair, -ra, «. = /. courage. 
3.alo6en, -ni,/. = I. opinion. 
4,mrmariefi, -nea, w., e.g. of 

a meeting; or het. ni5£eisilli 

v&st^, -tn,/. 
BeeolTe, v. l.nistSeisi = deter- 
mine, pass a resolution. 
2. vivor sang, G.M., or vivor- 

si = /. explain; Jirth eang = 

/. say meaning. 
S.vingad kar = /. separate. 
Eesort, v. l.veta, wilh -ts; see 

Gram. P. III. ch. ii.; sabar 

pauti veta = goes many times. 
2. asro kanghe = /. take refuge; 

pray6g kar, G. M. = /. make 

use; see Use. 
Besound, v. l.talo {or avaz) pa- 

ti p6dai - 1, send back voice. 
2.fg. hogojai = I. praise, ch. 

cs. ; b6b mar = /. cry. 
The house resounds with up- 
roar =ghar goujen bh6r!an. 
I, s. adhar, -ra, 7a.=help; 

sahai, -ye, /. = assistance; 

upai, -ya, f». = means. 

A'. B. Word/ compounded teitb He-, not put daiBn here, are formed By prefiinsig 
piti or porlnn to the timple word compounded ailh Be-, 
nan di, or m&n 

Beapect, t'. 1 . i 
k&r; mand. 
2.1ag=/. be attached,^, (con- 
cern) ; see Begrard. 
Bespeot, £■ 1. man, -na, m.; m&t- 
yad, -di,/. = honesty. 
2. s^m^nd, -da, m. = relation, 

3.jiao3, -nsa, m. = I. manner, 
Beepectabilitf, s. 1 . miirjad, -di, 
/,, or man, -na, m. 
2. mfiryaditso miinis, -nSa, m. 
Eeapectable, a: 1. manatso or 
abratao or m&rjaditso. 
2. sumar = moderate. 
Respected, a. man bh6gtso. 
Bespectrnl, a. man k&rtso, or 

man diuntso; m&ryaditso. 
BeBpeoting:, prep, visyant. 
Respective, a. aplo = /. one's 
own ; ST&nta = own, «. c. ; 
haryek = /. each. 
Every man has his r, faults = 
yeyekleak ta5eo ta(eo tsuki 
Appoint a captain to each 
legion respectively = jeje- 
ka t&ndak yey^ moktesar 
Respiration, J. 1. rs. into aauas 
kane, or usuas, -sa, m. 
I.fg. da,m, -ma, m. ["out. 

Respire, iJ. usuas s6d = breathe 
Respite, v. d&m kane. 
Respite, s. dam, -ma, m.\ todou, 
-dova, m. 

Response, see Answer. 
Responsibility, -I. zS.vabdari,-re/ 
Responsible, a. l . za,vabdar. 
Q.ast asullo, t7r astitso=^. rick 
Is r. = z. zata or z. zaun asa; 
apnaSer voisun gheta = /. 
takes upon oneself. 
Rest, I- I. nid, -de, /. = /, sleep, 

2. soukiisai, -ye, /.; dim, -mS, 
m., e.g. after having work- 
ed; visou, -sova, «., e.g. 
eternal r. in heaven. 

3. digo,-gea, m. (anything serv- 
ing as a prop or support). 

4. baki, -ki, f. = l. remainder; 
urta ten. 

Find r. = soukasai bh6g. 
Take r. = soukasai {or d&m) 
Rest] 7'. 1. soukasai bh6g. 
2. neg. of h&l = /. move (». ».); 

rau = be not moving. 
^.fg. patiye=/. trust, zndLoc; 
see Lean. 
Besting-plaoe, s. katefi, -tea, ». 
(a dam around trees used 
as a r.); soukasai kaneani^ 
suat, -te,/. 
Restitution, s. pati diunSeii or 
vapS,s d.; farikpo^, -nfi, n. 
= /. satisfaction. 
BestleBS, a. utsamb6j = /. ex- 
cited; soukasainatullo. 
Restlessness, s. nfinsouk&sai, -ye, 

/.; utsambolai, -ye,/. 
Restoration, s. see Restitution. 
„, „ L.oogic 



N. B. Words eompounded with Be-, noi 
pB^i or porton to the nmpte 

Beetorative, a. gb&tai dinnt&o i= 

/. strengthening. 
Bestore, v. 1. pati (or vap&e) di. 

2. adle bilri kSr (i'r j^jwe simi- 
lar verb) = I. make as before. 

3.portun dakfl,! k&r = I. intro- 
duce again, £.£■. customs. 

4.gun k&T=l. make improve- 
ment, (r, to health); horo 
k^r = r. to health. 

S.portun = again, wifk the re- 
quired verb. 
Bestrain, ^. 1. sfimbal = /. keep, 
e. g. the senses ; dampun 
dovdr =. I. keep shut, e. g, 
the eyes, a sigh, anger, etc. 

2. adai or Sddi k5,r = put ob- 

3.m6d(6) = /. break,^. check. 
Beatraiot, s, 1. samhajouneo, 
-nea, n. (self-restraint) ; su- 
dalai, -ye,y. 

2. adkS,!, -H,/. = /. an obstacle. 
Restriot, ^. {or mitm^r) 
ghal = I. put a limit. 

2. uno kiir = I. make less, di- 
minish; ^sir k&r = /. make 
narrow; aval^i. 

3. dad68 asa=is satisEed, e.g. 
I r. myself to saying, ch. cs. 

Restrioted] a. 1 . isir, pr. fg. = I. 
narrow; g&d asullo. 
2./g. Ian = /. little. 
BestTiotion, s. 1. mit, -ti,y. = I. 
a limit. 
2. s&rt, 'ta, m.=l. a condition. 

! put doan here, are formed by prefixing 
leord compounded Kiik Be-- 

Mental r. =perh. gud, -da, m. 
or gudart, -ta, m. 
Besnlt, V. za, = I. become ; gSA 
= I. happen ; seT6t asa = /. 
issue is, ck. cs. 
Besnlt, s. f6I, -la, m. = I. effect ; 
Bev6t, -ta, m. = I. issue. 
Be the r. of = za, 
Basnme, v. 1 . portu n kanghe = /. 
again take. 
2.portun lS,g = /. again he 
attached,,^., e.g. r. studies, 


3. ^viunwith the required veri. 
Resurrection, s. jivontpon, -na, 

n. (kudiSen j. = r. of the 


Betail, v. (sell by f.) tsungdi 

(or fiiliar) ikap, -kpa, n. 
Eetail, s- tsungdi (or CillSr). 
Retailer, s. £ill&r veparagar, 

-ra, m. 
Retain, v. 1 . doT6r ; Cm. asa ; 

anbh6g. . 
2. p6s = /. feed. 
Bataliate, v. farikpon ghe = take 

revenge, G. N. 
Retard, see Delay. 
Retch, V. Tonk&ro yeta = nausea 

Betention, s. 1. patidov6r^n. 
2.ravap, raupa, n. 
Retentive, a. gh&t = /. firm (me- 


N. B. Words compounded urtfA Be-, not 
paCi or portUD to the limpte 

Reteativeness, s. ugdas, -sa, m. 
Betioeuce, s. bit3,rlo gut, -ta., m.\ 

monepon, -na, «. = /. diimb- 

nes8,^., n.c.\ bet. rs. 
Reticulated, a. zalab&riso. 
Reticnle, s. daktefi zaj, -Ja, «, 
Retina, s. dolea&efi zai, -|a, n. 
Retinae, s. p&riv&r, -ra, m.\ san- 

gat, -ta, m. =^ I. company; 

durbar, -ra, «., of a prince. 
Retire, t<. 1 . pati s&r. 
2. veta = I. goes. 
S.ving^ veta = /. goes aside; 

yeksitre auater yeta = goe8 

to a solitary place. 
4.G. kusin veta = goes in the 

direction of. 
5.s6d = /. leave, e.^. r. from 

an office, town ; rflji di, from 

an office; bhair8ar = goout. 
Retired, a, yeksuro = solitary; 

ving^d = separated. 
Retirement, J- 1. yekaurai, -ye,/., 

or yeksurpon, -nS, n. 
2. patiaarap, -rpa, «. = /. go- 
ing back. 
Retort, V. pati mar; upratefi 

durva (recriminate); tondar 

mar = /, beat on the face. 
R. abuse = pati gali sou. 
Retort, s. 1. patiz&v3.b, -hi,/. = 

I. against answer. 
2. nali, -ye,/. = /, a tube. 
Retouch, V. 6&ma kiir = /. make 

Il£trace,t'.(ail"leyaten) pati veta. 

put doan lure, are formed hy prefixing 
viord compounded with B»-. 

Retract] v. pati kad =s /. take 
back, e.^. words; farikpon 
di = /. give satisfaction. 
Retractation, s. rs. into v. 
Retreat, v. l.pati s&r. 

2. &6d = I. leave, ck. cs. 
Retreat, s. l.asro, -re^, m. =/. 
2. yeksurai, -ye, /,, or yekeuri 

snat, -te,/, = solitude. 
3.tM ascet, mn. perk. t6p, -pa, 
n.; it mn. ex. hearing in 
silence God's voice; or Htmeii- 
tso &byas, -sa, wt. = /. ex- 
ercise of the soul ; (&tmea6i) 
yeksurai = ^. solitude (of the 
soul); «/^, reter, -ra, n.,/r. 
Retrench, v. ueio k&r = /. make 

less, e.g. expenses. 
Retribution, s. ioam, -ma, n. 
Retrograde, a. patitsaltso, y^. 
Return, ■!). l.pati (or vap&s) di. 
2.r. a kindness = title apkar 

k&r or pr3,tiupkar k&r. 
3.16k di {or TiTor di) = /. give 

a statement. 
4.pavoi=:/, cause to reaoh,^. 
5. pati veta. 
Return, s. 1 . rs. into v. 
2. ISk, -ka, n. = I. account. 
S.prMiupkar, -r&, m. ; p§ti 
with the required noun, e.g. 
r. of kindness =:pati-upkar; 
farikpop, -na, n. ^ /. pay, 
e.g. of an injury. 
4. huttavfil, -li,/=/. revenue. 


If.B. Woria compoanded v>ith Re-, not 
pitl or portQD to the rinple 

Bennion, s. porto yek6t, -ta, m.; 
8&in&dha,n, -na, n.=l. peace. 
Besnite, v. 1. portun mel&i = /. 
unite again. 
2.y^. B&m^dhaa karai = recoQ- 
cile ; see Join. 
Bereal, v. ugto k&r = /. make 
openjcrugSd; ugdSpeak&r; 
k&lit k&r, ork&1&i = /. make 
known; pa.rg&t kftr ijt p&r- 
gS,tdi = publish ; dakiLi = /, 
Sevel, s. khaugipon, -na, n. 
Revel, ». l.jiv s6dn sSu. 

2. vait khnsiank lag. 
Bevelation, s, 1. pfLrg&tonnen, 
-nea, «. = /. publication. 
2. ugdapen kelleo v&stu = /. 
revealed things; u. kellen 
Sastri;, -tra, «. ; bavadt, -ta, 
m. = I. faith. 
Beveller, s. khaugi, -gia, m. 
Bevenge, v. farikpon ghe, G. N. 
Bareage, s. iarikpott, -i;ia, n. 
Berenue, s. 1. hattavol (var. 
huta&l), -li,/.; adai, -ya, ««, 
2.beroz, -za,M.; vftsuli, -le,/, 
BeTerberate, v. pati mar, or pati 
pod&i, e.£, voice; pati ud; 
avaz, fi.^. this church re- 
verberates the voice = yi 
ig&rz arazta; iei. rs. pr^ti- 
talo zata. 
Bererberation, f . pati udap, -dpi, 
«., or rs. info v. \ pratitalo, 

piri iovm here, are formed by prefixing 
word compounded with Re-. 

Reverence, v. mfi-n dakai, or m. 

kS-r, or m. di; namaskar 

kar = r. by prostration, ^l 

by the Hindu-Konkans it is 

used for r. in general; baga 

= I. bend oneself. 
Beverence, s. man, -oa, tn. ; nd.- 

m&skar, -ra, m.\ s&r&n, -na, 

«., n. c. 
Your r, = tumin saibano, or 

padri saib. 
Reverend, a. man {or n&miiskar) 

^Tozallo; vlg. rs. saib. 
Reverie, s. sopan, -pna, n. = I. 

dream,^^.; bhrfi.m, -ma, «. 

= illusion ; girigiri = fancy. 
Reverse, v. 1, porti, or portuu 


2. badai = /. change. 

3. radd^ kar = I. make nul- 

Reverse, .f- 1. badlap, -pa, ». = /. 

2, portourien, -nea, «. = /. turn- 

3.pad5a, -dava, m. = l. defeat. 

4. pat, -ti,/. = /. back. 
Review, 'v. 1. p61e = /. look. 

2. portun tanki kftr = /. again 

make inquiry; see Criticize- 

Review, s. (porti) tanki, -ke,/. 

Revile, •v. gali sang, or g. sou = 

/. say abuse; vait ulS.i = /. 

speak ill; Sirap ghal = /. put 


RevHer, s. gali soutolo. 

„, „ L.oogic 

N. B. Wordt eompounied taitk Ra-, noi 
piti or porEnn to the limplt 

Revilinff, s. gal, -li,/; Sirap, -pa, 

m. = /. malediction. 
Berise, v. portun pdle; s&ma 

k&r or suddi^ k&r = correct. 
Reviser, s. t&nkegar, -ra, m. 
Beriaion, s. (porti) t&nki, -ke,/. 
Revive, v. 1. portun jije = /. live 

2,^. dhftir di = I. give cou- 
rage; portnn suru zS = I. 

again begin. 
Revocation, s. rfiddij, -da, «. =s 

/, nullity; rs. into v. 
Bevoke, s. r&dd? kiLr = /. make 

nullity; pati kad = I. take 

back, e.g. a promise, con- 
Revolt, V. katkai kS.r = /. make 

revolution; ku^ k&r ^ /. 

make plots. 
Revolt, s. katkai, -ye, f.\ kut, 

-ta, «.; utsambolai, -ye,/. = 

/. excitement. 
Ravolation, s. l.boundi,-de,/.= 

/. a going round. 
2.b&dlap, -pa, n. = I. change; 

see Revolt. 
Revolationary, s. katkayegar,-ra, 

m.; or kufagar, -ra, m. 
Revolve, v. I. bouns/. go round, 

«. c; or bountS;iin veta. 

2. bound&i, c. v. = cause to go 
round; porti = /. turn, c. v. 
of porta. 

3. i^nt = /. tbink; or niyal = 

pu< domt Kert, are formed by prefixing 
aord compounded with 'Re-, 

Reward, s. inam, -ma, m.; kal, 

-li,/. = /. wages. 
Reward, v. inam di ; pass. in. m61. 
Rhapsody, .r. kr&maTini utraa; 

r&glea-utran,^/. ».; boraillo 

5l6k, -ka, m. 
Bbetorio, s. unfiibhas, -Be,/=/. 

nice laogaage, eloquence ; 

&l&nkaraiSi samartbi, -tbe,/.; 

see Oratory. 
Bhenm, Rheumatism, s. vat, -ta, 

Rhyme, s. s&mapddnen, -nea, n. 
Rhythm, s. map, -pa, «. = I. 

Rib, s. b6r, -ri,/ = Za/. costa. 
Ribald, s. lutstso, -fiea, m. 
Ribald, a. kboto. 
Ribaldry, s. kbotepon, -na, n. 
Ribband, s. fint, -ta, n.^fr.; ap- 

prox. sutli, -le,/. = It. nas- 

iro; nado, -dea, »»., e.g. of 

Rioe, s. 1 . bhat, -ta,/. = /. paddy. 
2.taadu! {var. tandu, in the 

nom. only), -dla, m. = raw 

rice; Some kinds 0/ rice are, 

a) jirsal (fine rice); b) Bur&i; 

c) ukdo; d) ma8kS.ti; e)kozo; 
/) suggi. 
3. sit, -ta, n. = cooked rice. 
Rioe-water, s. nis, -sa, m. (coa- 

Rice-milk, s. kbir, -ri,/. (a sweet- 
meat of jaggery and rice). 
Rice-gruel, s. p6z, -je,/. 




Fried r. = iirmuli, -le,/. 
Bich, a. 1. great, or grestatso; 
duduatso; dMDT&nt; list 
asullo, or fistin bhorlolo. 
2./£: bhdrn = /. full, 
a.dobajeatao = /. splendid, 

4. ital or itatso = I. fertile, fat; 
£61 diuntso = /. fruitful. ■ 
Riches,^. l.grestkai,-ye,/.; &u- 
kul, -la, ».; dudu, '-dva, m. 
=1. money; dirven,-vea,«.= 
much money (treasure) ; ast, 
-ti,/=/. property; simpH-t, 
-ta, ft. 
2./£'. sampurnai, -ye, /. = /. 
Richness, s. 1. s&mpuruai, -ye,/. 
2.dobazo, -jea, m. = l. pomp. 
Rick, s. raa, -si,/". = /. a heap. 
Rickets, s. morlukeSi pida, -de,/. 
Rid (set r. of), v. tsukon ghe ; pft- 
riyar za, £.^. yeakamantlo 
p. zaio; pois kar = A make 
Riddle, i. 1. umeni, -ne,/.; gut, 
-fa, m. = I. & secret; gud, 
-da, «. 
a.taalni, -ne,/ (approx.) ■= a 
sieve; galni, -ne,/. 
Riddle, ?'. l.gutan uUi=/. apeak 
with r. 
2. umeni parki =: /. gaess a r. 
3.papai = I. pierce (full of 
Bide, V. godear b^s. 
Rider, s. l.s&varigar, -ra, m.; 
godear bdstolo. 

2. ts&daTOt k&lam = I. addi- 
tional clause. 

Ridge, s. pat, -ti, / = /. back ; 
patos, -sS, m., of a roof. 

Ridionla, s. hasfii vastij, -tu,/W, 
a ridiculous thing; tarifei^ 
vfistu; nakai, -kla, «. = /. 
a copy,y^. 

Bidionle, v. nSklan kar = /. make 
copies, y^.; has {Acc.)=l. 
laugh at; 5eltaio k&r = /, 
make fun, G. F.\ tomase 
k&r = /. make fun ; yedai 
= /. mock; khelkulan ka,r. 

Ridioulons, a. hastso (basso); 

Rifle, see Plunder. 

Rift, s. fut, -ti,/. = /. a chink. 

Ri^,?/, tayarkar=/. make ready, 
(a ship). 

Right, n. l.s&ma; rasti (r. mea- 
2.nitiTont = I. just. 

3. sarko = I. exact. 

4. uzvo, e.g. T. hand. • 

5. nit E /. straight. 

6. bhou = very, (R. Reverend). 
Right, s. 1. hakkij, -ka, n.=Lat. 


2. nit, -ti,/. = /. justice; nai, 
-ya, m. = I. justice. 
Bight, V. silma gbal, or mand. 
Righteous, a. nitivont. 
Righteousness, s. nit, -ti,/. 
Rigid, a. 1. kilddi^, (k^rdij), e.g. 
r. officer; katin. 
S.nifitur = /. cruel. 

Rig 4 

Bi^ditf, •*. I.k3,tinai, -ySt /.; 
k&rdai, -je,/. 
2.Di8tarai, -ye,/. 

Rigmarole, s. gud, -da, n. {Lai. 

Bifoar, Rigorous, see Rig^id. 

Rim, s. dfeg, -ge,/. 

Rime, s. dou, dova, ot. 

Rind, s. sal, -11,/. 

Ring:, s. mudi, -ye,/. 
Exchange the r. = mudi ghal; 
sSririk zata = I. relatioa be- 
comes: this 2nd expresses 
rather the ^ect of exchang- 
ing the r. 

Rinjf, V. mar (bells). 

Ring-finger, s. mudiyeten bdt, 

-ta, «. 
Ring-leader, see Leader. 

Ringlet, see Dress- 
Ringworm, s. dad, -di,/. 

Rinse, v. du = I. wash. 

Riot, s. l.kut,-ta,«. = /. a plot. 

2. vait jini, -ye,/. = I. abad life ; 
miruonen, -nea, «. = /. ex- 
cess; khaugipon, -na, «, = /. 
excess in eating; ^r&m, 
-ma, «. i^ar. k&rm) =/, dis- 

3, lut, -i\,/.=l. prey, plunder. 
Riotous, a. 1 . kutagar. 

2. khaugi. 

3.v&it jiniyeteo. 
Ripe, a. piko. 

Almost r. = amborpiko. 
Ripen, V. pik&i, c. v. of pik, «. v . 
Ripeness, s. pikSp, -kpa, «. 
Rise, V. 1, unts Teta = /. goes 

6 Ris 

aloft; tsiid = /. ascend, e.^. 
a barometer rises. = /. get up; ubar. 

S.ude, e.g. the sun rises. 

4. jivont za = I. become in life 
(from death). 

^./g. vrSddhi za = I, get pros- 
perous. or abza = /. become, pro- 
ceed, happen. 

7.m^ = be found, e.g. an op- 

8. sum zata, G. F., or yeta = 
/. beginning is done or comes, 
e.g. a wind rises. 

9. ts&d zS = I. become more, 
e.g. anger, wind. 

lO.katkai k&r = /. make revo- 
ll.bitdti zata = /. promotion 

12. pau = I. reach, arrive. 
11. dista =1 /. appears. 
Rise, i. 1. rs. V. 
2. tsMap, -dpa, n. 
Give r. to = &riimb di, or karan 
di, or by c. v. 
Rising,.?. 1. rs. v. 
2. katkai, -ye, /. = /. revolu- 
Risk, s. risk, -ke,/.,/'".; mos(6) 
-85, »». = /. deceit (ttsedesp. 
for moral r.); zllk&m, -kme, 
/. = wound, yet used /or any 
bodily r. 
Bun a r. = riakent p6d. 
Risk, V. riskent (risker) ghal. 

Rit 4 

Rite, s. islg. sermoni, -ne, /., 

fr.\ (igarje-) rit, -ti,/ {not 

Jr.) = I. manners (of the 

church) ; k&tlefi, -lea, n. 

{H. K.) (ig&ri^) p&dd&t, -ti 

/.=l. formula (of the church), 
Bitual, s. ritiiSen puBtak, -\sa, n. 
Rival, ». 1 . petaad = I. try, make 

effort (in competition with) 

udda (ex. w.) 
2.mos6r k&r, G. M. = l. make 

hatred, ck. cs. 
Biv&l,J- Lpetsadtolof^rpetsadi, 

-dia, »»., or uddatolo. 
2. mosri, -ri&, m. 
Rive, -v. ffitSj. 
River, s. n&in", -it^f. 
River-bed, s. nfi,inta!, -la, n. 
Bivet, s. khilo, -leS, m. 
Rivulet, s- dakti nfiin",/; tod(6), 

-d&, m. 
Road, J. mitr^, -rga, m.; vat, 

-te,_/^; rfiato, -tea, vi. (Cn, 

Mr. also). 
On the r. = mSrgar or poin 

kS:rtana, or vetana. 
Bad r. = khilrkoto marog. 
Easy r. = iskiil m. 
Make a r. = m. kat&r. 
Out of the r. = vate bhair, but 

comm. a crc. is used. 
Roam, V. bouii (parpol zaun b.= 

lead a roaming wandering 

Roaming, a. parpo^. 
Roan, a. fiintSerongatsoW. of the 

colour of tamarind; tambdo- 

Bo = reddish. 

7 Rod 

Boar, V. gor6z mar, or g&rza, 

as a lion, tiger, etc.\ gouji 

kftr, or hfib mar. 
Boar, s. gordz, -zi,/! 
Roast, D. l.baz. 
^./g. zfilfti = /. cause to burn 

(for anger). 
Bob, V. 1. lut; t36r(6) = I. steal 

(zalmOQ ta.), 
^.fg. kad; tsukai = deprive; 

see Plunder. 
Bobber, s. lu^kar, -ra, m.\ zul- 

megar, -ra, m. = l. a maker 

of violence ; t8or(6), -ra, m. 
Robbery, s. lut, -ti,/.; tafiri, -ye, 

/.; nagon, -ni,/. 
Robe, s. lugat, -gfS,, n.=L cloth. 
Bobost, a. ghUt = /. strong; 

dandgo; pu|ti = /. stout, fat, 

fleshy ; boladik, or bftl 

aaullo, or boli^t; dindo. 
Bobastneu, s. ghfitai, -ye, /.; 

dandgepon, -na, n.\ rs. 

puiti = /. stout; b61, -la, n. 
Rook, s. kh&dap, -dpa, ».; paz, 

Book, v. hal&i, zomp kad, d^Ui, 

palnefi halai = lull a child 

to sleep. 
Rocket, s. hikmiltitso uzo, -jea, 

m.=l. fire of artifice; akas- 

ba^, -nil, n. 
Booky, a. fatrantso ; kh&dpant- 

80; khfi^pan asallo. 
Eod, s, bodi, -ye,/;; bfet, -;ta, «.; 

dando, -dea, m. 
Bodomontode, s. khali b&dai, -ye, 



Rodomontade, v. khali b&dai 

aUi; see Bombaatio. 
Roe, s. b&ilefi Sit&l, -tla, n. 
Rog^ation, s. graiiefi, -nea, n. 
Rogue, a. vait, 
Rogne, s. lutstBO, -iask, m.; th&k- 

kagar, -t&, m.; l&bfidi, -di&, 

Roguery, s. luCftepop, -na, «. 
Roll, V. 1.161, «.^.; loiai, c.v., 

e.g. OD the ground. 
2.koT6}, e.g. paper. 
Roll, s. koulo, -lefi, m., «.^. a r. 

of paper; lor, -ra, »». 
Roller, s. pitti, -te,/. 
Rolling-pJQ, ;. lato, -tea, m. 
Roman, a. romatso. 
Romance, 5. kacii, -ye.y.; k&I- 

panefii kitha, -the, /. = l.d. 

fantastic story. 
Romantic, <2. k&lpanetso; S&mJlt- 

karatso = I. curioae. 
Romp, V. 1. ud = /, jump. 
2. ^umSrryadin khfel == /. play 

immodestly, rudely. 
Romp, s. l.udap, -dpa, n. = l. 

2. §,am^ryaditso kh§j, -la, m. 

= rude immodest play. 
Rood, s. 1. kaldo ekro, -rea, m. 

= the fourth part of an acre. 
2.kris (kuris, -rsa), -6&, m. = l. 

a cross. 
Roof, s. paken, -ke&, n. 
Boof, ^. paken ghal. 
Boob, s. approx. kaulo, -leS, m. 
Room, s. I. kud, -d&, n. (r. of a 


2. zfigo, -geS., m. = I. a place, 
ground, space. 

3. suat, -te,/., /., e.g. in the 
r. of N. = N. suater ; badlak 
s instead of. 

No r. for mercy = kakujt k&r- 
tso ve!(6) nan. 

Roomyi a. vistarlolo = /. extend- 
ed; isk&l. 

Boost, s. kdl, -la, m. = JLai. 
periica; tenkdi, -de,/. 

Boot, s. pal, -la, n,\ mul, -la, 
«., pr./g. 

Root, V. palan fuf. 
K. out = humbol; umti. 
Rooted,y^.=lag9llo=/. attach- 
ed, e.g. motik 1. = r. in the 
mind; r. to the earth = dS.r- 
nlk lagi}llo. 
Become rooted = gb&t za. 

BopCi s. dori, -ye,/!; sumb, -ba, 
n. ata r. of cocoanut fibre; 
yento,-tea, m. = &T. of straw; 
razu, -zva, m. = a thick r.; 
alat, -ta, ot. = a still thicker r. 

Bopy, a. lagtso = /. attaching; 
paukatso == I. glutinous. 

Rosary, s. l.kfint, -ta, n, (esp. 
the material r.). 

2, tfirs, -sa, m. = r. prayer of 
five decades. 

3. rozai, -ye, /. = r. prayer of 
15 decades. 

Rose, s. l.gnldb, -ba, m. 
2.g6ndo, -dea, m. {yellow r.?) 
3.butani^6ndo, -dea, m. (not 
ex. r. hut a red flower simi- 
lar to a r. 



Boatrum, J- l.tdnts, -6i, /. (of 

2.tarvajib, -be,/ (of a ship). 
B0S7, a. gulobirongatso. 
Rot, ». kaeSi, c. v. of kus, «. v. ; 

pad kar, tr. v.\ p. za, n. v. 
Sot, £■ kusap, -spa, ». 
Rotate, r'. bouS or boantilniir 

Rotation, s. boundi, -de,/ 
Rote, J. (learn by r.)baip&t kdr. 
Rotten, a. kusullo; vlg. pad. 
Rottenness, see Bot. 
Rotnnditf, f. vadkulepon, .^a, 

Rongrli, a. i. d&ddo, e.g. clotb. 
2. moto=A not fine, e.g. flour., £.^. road, table, 

(not even). 
4. katinW. severe, e.g. weather. 
5.k&r^o, e.g. paper. 

6. tsalts&mkiin nS,tuUo=/. un- 

7. utsamboI = A excited, e.g. r. 

Rang;h-diang:lit, ^- k&r&di n&kSa, 

^e,/; see Sketch, Oatlise. 
Ronghness, s. 1. d&ddepon, -na, 

2.inotai, -ye,/., -na, n. 
4. k&tinai, -ye,/ 
S.k&rMepOD, -na, «. 

6. nantsaltsainkSn, -na, n, 

7. utsambolai, -ye,/ 

For the precise meaning of all 
these words, see the corres- 
potiding adjectives. 

Round, V. 1. vadkulo {var. ad- 
kulo) kS,r. 
'^■fg. siinipurn k^r = /. make 
Bonnd, a. I. vadkulo. 
2. by the emph. -ts ; see Gram. ; 
purto = /. full. 
Bound, ad. bount&nin. 

Go r. = boun. 
Round, s. 1. suttu, -ta, m.~l. a 
circle; or m^ndil, -la, n. 

2. boundi, -de,/ = /. rotation. 

3. paundo, -dea, m. = r. of a 

After a longr. of years^s&bar 
T&rsan zalea uprant. 

Boundabont, a. rs. tenen yenen, 
or bount&nin. 

RouadneBB,5. vadkulepon, -na,». 

Bout, V. daundai =: /. cause to 
run, c. V. of daun; pSdau 
kiLrz=/. make defeat; soluoi. 

Bout, s. gouji, -je, / = /. noise; 
gus&p, -sp£, n. = I. confu- 
sion; ^len hiUeu = /. a 

Route, s. marog, -rga, m.\ dikkij, 
-ka, «. = /. direction. 

Boutine, s. sovoi, -ye,/, or rivaz, 

BoTO, see Wander. 

Bow, s. bar, -ri,/ = /. a line, Lat. 
series: 'harin ts3,la = go in 
a line'; kamp, -pa, m. ; see 
also MesB. 

Bow, s. z&gdeii, -dea, n.; Udai, 


Bow, V. volo kad or v. mar. 

Roy 4 

KoTal, a. 1 . rayatso = /. of the 
2. rs. rayab&ri = as of a king ; 
vodponatso = /. great. 

Royalty, see Reign. 

Rnb, w. 1. gas. 
2. rigSd, e.g. r. oil on the body. 
R. out = gasun kad. 

Rubber, see Wbetfltone. 
Indian r. = rabbar, -ra, «. /r. 

Rubbing:, s- g*sap, -spa, n. 

Rnbbisb, s. ki&ro, -rea, m.; nS.- 
kari saman, -na, m. s use- 
less articles. 

Rubrio, s. 1 . tambdi mati, -ye, 
/. = l. red earth; tambdin 
akieran,^/. n.=l. red letters. 
2.(sermoni-) kaide = /. rules 
(of ceremonies); (3astra6ean 
kaman-) kaide. 

Ruby, a. tambdoso or tambso. 

Ruby, s. manik, -iika, n.; k6mp, 
-pa, n. 

Buck, see Fold. 

Rudder, 5. snkhanen, -nea, n. 

Ruddy, a. tambdots. 

Rude, see Roug-h. 

Budimeat, s. poileo sikoneo = I. 
first instructions; surveiSeo 
B. = l. initial in. ; adipat,-ta, 
m.; &r&nib, -ha, m., or suru, 
-Te,y;=A a beginning. 

Rufflui,^ . lutkar, -ra, m.\ lutstso, 
-Sea, m.\ see Hnrderer. 

Bnffle, see Plait, Fold. 

Rng:, s. kambol, -bli,/ 

Bug^d, a. 1. kh&rkilto; see 

2.k&rk&ratso=/. troublMome. 
Ruin, s. 1. vihad, -da, m.\ bostu, 
-ma, m.\ nas, -sa, m. 

2. kusap, -spa, n. =. I. cor- 

3, kudke, or bet. rs. into v. (3.) 
Buin, V. I. vibad {or nas) kir; 

bosmi, c. V. of bosma. 

2. b61 kilr = I. make violence 
(r. morally). 

3. pad p6d=/. fall spoiled, e.g. 
a house, n. v. 

Ruinous, a. 1. luksanatso = /■ 
2. p6dtB0 = /. falling, e.g. a 
house; hosmak bagontso = 
/. inclining to ruin. 

Rule, J. \\^,'T&,/.,fr:, 
nem(6), -ma,«. ; kaido,-dea, 
m., e.g. r. of christian life. 

2. tsfllounen, -nea, «. = /. go- 

3. kdl, -la, »x. = an instrument 
for drawing lines, etc. 

Rule, V. l.teftiai = govern, c.v. 
2. riiZTotkai k&r = reign, ohj. 

2nd Loc. 
S.ts&l, n.v., e.g. a custom- 
Ruler, «. I.k61, -la, m. 
2.lidhikari, -ri, m.,-or ts&Ui- 
tolo = /. governing. 
Bumble, s. gouji, -je,/. 
Rumble, v. gouji k&r, or bdb mar. 
Ruminate, v. 1. rovond {or rn- 
vonts) kad. 
2.portun portun fiint •= think 
again agaio. 

Rum 4 

Bnmma^e, v. 86d = I. seek. 

Biiinple, see Plait. 

Bnmoar, s. phukaro, -rea, m.\ 

kobar, -bre,/. = /. news. 
Bnu, v. l.daun, c.v. daundai. 
2. »au = /, flow, c. V. vavoi. 
3.p61 = /. flee. 
4. veta = /. goes, e. g. a way 

runs to. 
R. after = patleaa vots. 
B. about = boun. 
R. foul of = ada.1. 
R. high = tsad = /. ascend. 
Si. into destruction = bosmak 

JR. out = l.bhair pM = /. fall 

"3. za (come to an end) ; mugda. 
B. together =s m61 = /. be found 

or joined. 
B. against = angar p6d (at- 
Bun, J. dauii, daye,/. 
Bunawaf] a. poIijUo. 
Bnndlet, s, Ian pip, -pa, n. = I. 

a small pipe. 
Bnalet, see Bivnlet. 
Bapee, s. rupoi, -piya, m. 

1 Ryo 

Bnptare, s. l.modap, -dpa, 

vingdap, -pa, n. =l.\ 

2.^. nai, -ya, m. = I. discord. 
Bnral, a. nadatso. 
Bnse, s. nad, -di,yC = /. a trick; 

nadgepon, -na, «, =s /. cun- 

BuBh, J'. 1. perh. siklean p6d, 

or B. bolan pod; dlidadadu, 


2. bud = /. be plunged. 

3. rig = /. enter. 

R. into mischief = tante k^r; 
gunyavant p6d; tsukoQ p6d. 
Buiili, J. bolist daun, dave,/. 
Bnst, s. mati, -ye,/ = /, earth, 


Bust, T, mati mand; loDkde. 
Rustic, s. nadkar, -ra, m., pr. 

. fg.\ bondro, -rea, m. 
BuBticate, 'o. nadant soukasai 

Bttstieity, s. nantsaltsamk&n, 

-na, «. 
Rusty, a. matilagullo;i^£Bottgh. 
Bye, s. Ian goufi, -ova, m. 
Byot, s. rait, -ta, vi. 



Sabbath, s. sabat, -ta, m, 

Babre, s. tfilvar, -n,/. 

Sacerdotal, a. saserdotiteo, Jr. ; 

Sack, J. l.goni,-ye,/.; poti, -ye, 
/. (bag); potefi, -tea, «. a/, 
a bag of leather, 
a.deavat, -te,/; see "Plnaiet. 

Sack, V. 1. goniyeot gbal, or g, 
2. desTat k&r; see Plunder. 

S&ok-oloth, s. d^den lugat, -gta, 
n.=l, coarse cloth; praji- 
ta5en v&etur, -ra, n. iml. a 
peniteatial dress; kamb61, 
-bli,/. = a rough blanket. 

Sacrament, s. sakrament, -ta, tn. 

Sacred, <z. 1. p&vitr^, or p&vitri; 
kello = I. made sacred. 

2. vlg. beajar, or benjar kello ; 
koQsekrar kello = /. conse- 

Sacrifice, s. l.sakrifia, -sa, m., 
fr. ; bhetounen, -Kiea, «., or 
bh^t, -te,/. = /. an offering. 
%-fg. d^gdij, pi. m. = suffer- 

3. s6dni, -ne, f. = l. renuncia- 
tion; bet. rs. into a6d. 

Sacrifice, ?'. 1. bbet&i = I. offer; 
s^m&rpi; vopsi. 
2.pran di = /, give life. 
S.TOpsun di = /. givenp; s6d, 
e.g. give up enmities. 
Sacrilege, s. p&vitrancen bh^t- 

pon,-na, ».; pflvitrauci ts6ri, 
-ye^/.^n. u.\ Baknlej,-ja, m., 

Sacrilegious, a. p^vitri; (v&stu) 
bb^tountso; f6|kiro = /. de- 
ceitful, e. g. s. confession ; 
or pad. 

Sacristan, s. miron, -rni, m,, 
fr.; perh. ig&rjerakno, -nea, 
m. = I. the guardian of a 

Sacristy, s. vlg. saukrist, -ti, /. 
(^or sankest); perk, igflrje- 
kud, -da, n. =i I. a room of 
the church. 

Sad, a. kh^ntilt = sorry ; dukest; 
dukountso=/. afflicting ; kis- 
tantso = I. painful ; iSintest 
= /. thiukiug, but fg. 

Sadden, v. duk^i, c. v. of duk, 
n. v.; k^tiii s /. cause pain, 
c. V. of k&fita, n. V. 

Saddle, s. jin, -na, «. 

Saddle, V. jin ghal. 

Sad&esB, s. kh&nt, -ti,/.; ak&nt, 
-ta, m. = I, distress ; duk, 
-ki, /. = I. sorrow ; apad, -da, 
«. = I. calamity. 

Safe, s. 1. ghat p6t, -te,/. = /. a 
strongbox; <7r b&ndob&stiiSi p. 
2. b&ndob^sti^i suat, -te,/=/, 
a place of security. 

Safe, a. 1. risknatullo-'/. with- 
out danger; b&ndob&stitso 
= /. of security ; gh&t = /. 

„, „ L.oogic 



strong; or thir; b^&vet«o; 

n&St^viEi=/. without liarm; 

2. patiyenitso = I. trusty. 
Safe-eondnot, s. zamiu, -ne,^, = 

/. security. 
S&fe^nard, s, upaj, -ya, m. = /. 

means ; sambS-Ioanen, -nea, 

«,; raknen, -nea, «. = I, 

a guarding. 
Safety, s, b&iSavi, -to^; n&iirisk, 

Saffron, s. h414d, -Idi,/. 
Sa£;aoioii8, ii. taurk = /. active; 

budivont = /. wise ; barik = 

/. thin, fg.\ nadgo = /. cun- 
Sagacity, s. bud, -di, /.; nadge- 

pon, -na, «.; barikai, -ye,/.; 

usarai, -ye, /; I. tsurkpon, 

-aa, «.; see adj. 
Saffo, s. aagu, -ga, wi. 
Sail, s. Bidij, -da, «. (of a ship) ; 

paraud, -da, «. 
Sail, "v. l.ankar; sidan s6d. 

2. tarvapoiii k^r. ^jn^ 

Sailer,^. tarun,-rva, «.; nag,-ga, 
Sailor, s-. k&laBi, -Bia, m,\ n^ga- 

gar, -ra, m. 
Baint, s. sant, -ta, 
Saintly, a. bbagevont. 
Sake, s. (for the sake of) pasun 

or. pasTOt = Lat. propter, 

nimtiii; khatir; inogaa = out 

of love for. 
Salad, J. salad, -di,/., /a; ki- 

r&mb, -bi,/. = a kind of s. 
Salaam, s. s^lam, -ma, m. 

Salary, s. sambal, -la, m. ; pag, 
-^,m.\ kul,-li,/. = ^ wages; 
saskar, -ra, «. 

Sale,*, l.ikap, -kpa, «., or vi- 
kap, -kpa, n. 
2. Uilaun, -lava, n. = I. an 

Salient, a./£: mukhya. 

Saline, a. kb^r. 

BaliTB, s. timpi, -ye, /. (var. 

Sallow, a, h&lduvo. 

Salmon, f. seuto, -tea, m. 

Salt, s., -ta, ». 
2./£'. barikai, -ye,/ = wit. 

Salt, V. mitak gbal. 

Saltish, a. kbarso. 

Salt-mine, s., -ye,/ 

Salt-pit, s, k61, -la, n. ; agor, -ra, 

Saltpetre, s. potlemlt, -ta, n. 

Salnbrioua, a. l.bolaiketso. 
2.y^. adayatBO=/. advantage- 

Salutary, a. upkarak pddtso = 
beneficial; see Salnbrious. 

Salutation, s. s&lam, -ma, m.; 
n&mS^k&r -ra, m. {H.K.)\ 
man, -na, m. 

Salute, V. sS.Iam kar, or &. di; 
rekat kar, or r. di = give 
compliments; namaskar kar, 
or man kar, e. g. a person 
of distinction; ^Ig. besaun 
mag = I. ask blessing (for 
an inferior), yr.; besaun di 
=s I. give blessing (for a sn- 
perior),/^.; itsar, e. g. salute 




for me N. = N. itBarlan m6n 

SalTation, J. s6dvon, -ni,/,; h&- 

Cavi, -ve,/!; salvasaufi, -sa- 

va, n.^fr.\ udarg^ti, -ti,/". 
Salve, -?. nmlam, -ma, «.; par- 

m&laCen vokat, -kta, n. 
Same, a. tots ; see Gram. p. II. 

ch. iii. 
Sample, s. namuno, -nea, m. 
Sancti&cation, s. 1. bhageront- 

pon, -na, «. 
^.for the act, rs. into v. 
Sanctify, v. l.bhagevoat kSr = 

/. make holy. 
2.pavitrti kar = make sacred, 

consecrate ; zig. benjar kfir. 
Sanction, s. metsvonen, -nea, «,; 

noun; kobuli, -le, /. = /. 

consent; or voppigi, -%%/. 
Sanction, v. metsva, Sb. Dat.\ 

pasand k^r; kobuli di; or 

rs. kobul asa = /. consent 

is, ch. cs. 
Sanctity, s. santipon, -na, «,; 

bbagevontpon, -na, n. 
Sanctuary, s. pa^itru zago, -gea, 

m. = l. a sacred place ; kir- 

tici igarz, -je,y. 
Sand, s. rfeun, -eve,/! 
Sand, v. rfenn lai; reven damp. 
Sandal, s. van, -ne,/.; kadau, 

-dava, n. (of wood). 
Sandy, a. reval. 
Sace, a. 1. bolaikent asullo, or 


2. motir asullo, s&ma motitso = 
of s. mind. 
Sanguinary, a. r&gtatso = /. of 

blood, e,g, victory; nistur 

= /. cruel. 
Sangrnine, a. 1 , rSgtan bhorlolo, 

or r&gtabarit. 
2.umaleat80, e.g. s. hope = 

umalea&i asa. 
Sanity, s. sSma m6t, 4i, /. = I 

right mind. 
Sap, s. ros(6), -8a, m.; dik, -kS, 

fn,; 8£ir, -ra, nt. 
Sap, -if. . . . kbal k6nd = /. dig 

Sapid, a. rniSitso. 
Sapient, a. budivont ; vidyevont. 
SapIesB, a. 1. diknatullo. 

I.fg. Cappo. 
Sapphire, s. nil, -la, «. 
Sarcasm, s. kh^lkulaii, pi. n. (not 

e;i;.)=banter, raillery; kheb- 

dai, -ye,/. = biting mockeij. 
Sarcophagus, s. mornaci pet(6), 

-te, /. 
Sardine, s, tarlo, -lea, m. 
Sardonic, a. toodatao, or tdnda- 

purto, e,^. laugh; f6tkiro = 

/. deceitful. 
Sardonyx, s. gomedik, -ka, «- 
Saeh, see Belt. 
Satan, s. s4itan, -na, m. ; deun- 

tsar, -ra, m. ; bhut, -fa, «. 
Satanic, a. s&itSnatso. 
Sate, Satiate, ?'■ dad6sf>r-sikSr; 

bhor = ;. fill. 
Satellite,^- I. u^tS^rSLha, aslron., 

Cn. Mr. {H. K.) 




2. paro, -rea, m. = L a guard; 
pedo, -dea, m., sipaj, -ya, 
m. = & peon. 
Satiety, s. dadoskai, -ye,y^ 
S&tin, J. satin rasim, -sma, n. 
fiatire, s. 1. nakal, -kla, n. =. I. 
copies,y^.; khebdai -ye,/". = 
/. mocking. 
2. Qfiklaa k^rtso slok, -ka, m. 
Satiric, u. naklafi kartso; kheb- 

Satiefaction, <$. 1. farikpon, -na, 
«. = /. payment, _^. 
2. prajit, {var. praCit), -ta, «., 
e.g. for sin; parihar, -ra, 
«., e.g. for sin, 
3.s5.ntos, -sa, m. = /. joy; 
pleasure in ; dadoskai, -ye, 
/, = pleasure in. 
Satisfactorily, 'I'/, l.dadoskayen. 

2. Bumat* = /. moderately. 
Satisfactory, a. 1 . dados kartso. 
2.1ayek = ;. fit; sumar = /. 
- moderate; kamak p6dtso = 
/. falling to use; purto = /. 
Saturate, v. bhor = /. fill. 
Sanoe, s. vlg. bos, -sa, «., /r. ; 

approx. Cetni, -ne, f. 
BanciT, s. pir, -ri,/. 
Saucy, a. saliSt. 
Sansaye, s. lingis, -sa, n. {It. 

Savage, a. 1 . ranvot, pr.fg. 
2./g. monzati bSriso, or only 
moozatitso = bestial; bhou 
ragist=/. very angry; ni|tur 
= L cruel. 

3. sikHpnatuUo = /. ignorant; 
tsalts&mk^n natullo = /. nn- 

SavajenesB, s. 1. ranyotpon,-na, 

S.nisturai, -ye,/'. = /, cruelty. 
Save, J'. 1. rak=/. guard, keep; 

sambal = /. defend; sambaln 

dov6r, e.g. food for. 
2.s6dvon kar, G. F. = l. make 

delivery; bacau kar, e.g. s. 

the soul; salyar V^'c^fr. 
8ive,prep. sivai = I. except; see 

Baring, a. perk, zaminetso = /. 

of security, e.g. s. clause. 
Saving, s. 1. kasisi, -se, f, = l. 

2. adai, -ya, m. = I. profit. 
SaviagB-bank, s. pcrh. (dudu) 

rakcefi sal, -la, 7^., or (dudu) 

sambaln dovorcefi sal. 
Saviour, s. Sodvondar, -ra, »/., 

rl.\ Tarok, -ka, m., rl. 
Savour, s. suad, -da, m.\ ruts, 


Savour, v. ruts, Sh. Dal.', 'maka 

yen rutsta'. 
This savours of sedition = kat- 

kayei^i ruts asa. 
Savoury, a. suadik; rucitso. 
Saw, s. korvont, -ta, m. ; gargas, 

-sa, m. 
Saw, ^^ cir; phal {ex. cut). 
Saw-dnst, s. pud, -di,/.; or dul, 


Saw-fish, s. isvon, -na, m. 

Say, v. sang; m6n {or mhun or 

Say 4 

mh{)n),pasi mo!o = /. recite, 

narrate, relate, say; utaar = 

/. express. 
I mean to say = monje, or 

Sayiny, s. 1. gad, -di, /., e.g: 

sayings of Solomon; sang- 

nen, -neft, «. 
a.aar, -ri,/ =/. similitude. 
Soab, s. kh6r6z, -rji,/. 
Scabbard, s. poten, -tea, «., of 

a sword, 
Ssabby, a. khdrjitso, or bet, khor- 

Scaffold, s. faseruk, -ka, m. = /, 

a tree of the rope (for bang- 
ing); iasekbambo, -bea, m. 
Scald, s. ujeatso f6d, -da, m. 
Scale, ^. I.tflgad, -gda, «. = dish 

of a balance, 
2.IM the pi. tagdi, -de,/, ta- 

ras, -si,/ = a balance. 
^.fg. buddOj-dea, m. = l. rank, 

e.g. scale of society. 

4. kbaval, kbaula, n. ^ s. of a 

5. map, -pa, «,, or mezap,-zpa. 

6. grau asulleii aid, -da, n. = 
I. an instrument baving de- 

7. s^ptasY&ra, -ra, m. (Sans.) 
= the gamut, /. seven notes ; 
or gayanamandavol, -li,/. 

Scale, V. kad = /. 
take away the scales (of 
2. nisninin tsad = /. climb oa 

16 Sea 

the ladders; tsadn kanghe = 

/. ascending take. 
Scalene, a. s&ma natnllea gitan- 

tso = /. of not equal sides ; 

viS&m, Cn. Mr. 
Scalp, s. mateaci kat, -ti,/. 
Scaly, «■ khfi.uIantso, or kbaula£[ 

Scamp, s. see BasoaL 
Scamper, v, p61n veta. 
Scamper, s. p61ap, -Ipa, «. 
Scan, V. mapa p&rmane vats = I. 

read according to quantity. 
Scandal, 5. l.pad dek(§),-ki,/.=s 

/. bad example. 
2,18rZ, -je,/. = /. shame. 
3. b&dlam, -roe,/ = /. calumny. 
Scandalise, v. 1. pad dek(^) di: in 

pass, uinda bhog, or pad d. 

2.dhaclai = shock, y^. 
Scandalous, a. pad dek(e) diuntso, 

or pad dekitao; apamanatso; 

lajist = /. shameful. 
Scanty, a. 1. motvo = /. short, 

e.g. a gown; Ian = /. small, 

e.g.s. number, 

2. &prup = I. rare. 

3. isir = /. narrow, y^. 

4. imto = I. stingy. 
Scantiness, J. motvepon, -iiS>, ».; 

imtepon, -ria, n,; unepon, 

-na, M.; see Scanty. 
ScapejH'ace, see Basoal. 
Scapular, s. bentin, -m,/.,/r. 
Scar, J. man, -ave,/. 
Scarce, a. 1. uno = /, less. 
2.&prup = /. rare. 



Scarcely, ad- k&stan = with difB- 

I had s, arrived when = aillea 
pharak; see After. 

Sciroity, s. 1. unepon, -na, «. 
2,a,prupa,i, -je,/- 

Scare, v. bestai; bhiyeunk lai. 

Scarf, s. selo, -lea, m. (loose 
Testure hanging upoa the 
shoulders; lesi^, -sa, m. (na- 
tive e.) 

Scarify, h. bokorn (or bokmn) 
rfigat kad- 

Scarlet, a. "bhou tambdo. 

Scathless, a. n^tavin = /, safe; 

Scatter,^, l.simpdais disperse, 

2. simp, £.^. water. 
Scavenger, s. marog zadtolo = 
I. he who sweeps roads, pr. 

Scene, Scenery, s. l.atasal, -la, 

n. = l. 3, hall of drama. 
2.di§t, -ti,/. = /. sight. 
Scent, s. p&rmal, -la, m. =. I. fra^ 

Scent, V. parmal kane; p. lai = 

I. apply fragrance. 
Sceptic, s. s&tmaudinatullo; ^pa- 

n^mbiketso, or n&mbganar 

Scepticism, J. ^panambiki, -ke,/. 
Sceptre, s. betkati, -te, /. ; (ra- 

yacen) bet, -ta, n. = I. the 

atick (of a king). 
Schednle, s. 6it, -tit/-; P^tti.-t^) 

/. = /. a Uat. 

Scheme, s. n&muno, -nea, m. = I. 

plan; nikSa, -56,/=/. sketch; 

risko, pi. f. = I. lines, /r. ; 

alofien, -ni,_/; = /. opinion. 
Schism, s. m&tabbed(e), -da, ?». 

3= /. difference in religion; 

ig^rjentlen vingdap, -pa, n. 

= I. separation from the 

church; tind, -da, m. = /. 

Sohifimatic, a. m&tabhedatso. 
Scholar, J. l.i'^^- iskolatso bur- 
go, -gea, m.; sis, -sa, m. = I. 

a disciple; siktolo = /. learn- 
2. 8iki}llo=/. he who is learned, 

£.£-. Sanskrit s.; p&ndit, -ta, 

m. = l. a doctor. 
3.mandtolo, ».(.=/. afoUower; 

patlaugar, -ra, nt. = I. a 

Soholastio, a. vidyesaletso. 
School, s. l.sal, -le,/.; vlg. is- 

kol, -la, n.,fr. 

2. patlaugar, -ra, m. = /, fol- 

3. patlau, -lava, m. = I. a fol- 

i. siktso zago, -gea, m. = I. 

a place in which one learns; 

e.g. 8. of wickedness. 
Sciatic, s. penktaduk, -ki,/. 
Soienoe, s. 1. vidya, -ye,/., sae- 

try, -ra, «. = a system. 
2,zanvai,-ye,y! = ^. knowledge; 

volok, -Iki, y. ; samarthi, 

Scientiflo, a. vidyetso ; vidyevont. 



Soimit&r, s£e Oaillotine. 
SointUlate, ?'- kiruan di, or uz- 

vad di; miniuin; kidi pod, 

€&. cs. 
Sciolist, s, Sill&r sikpi, -pia, m., 

or sikpiso. 
Scion, s. 1. ankri, -re,/. 

^./g. 8&ntatitB0. 
Scissors, s. feaUr, -it'i,/. 
SooiT, ■!■'. n&klan k^r = /. make 

copies, 7^.; has = I. laugh 

at, Ace; yedai; see Hook, 
Scoff, -J. •a^W&fi,pL «.; khebdai, 


Scold, 1'- beStai ; has klia ; g&d- 

m kar.' 
SooldiBg', s. bestaunen, -nea, n. 
Scolopendra, s. vagoni, -ne,/. 
Scoop, 'c'. pokal kJir, or pokor. 
Scope, s. 1 . sevot, -ta, m. 

2, suat, -te,/. = /, a place. 
Scorch, V. ulpai, e.g. the sun 
scorches; sukai = /. make 
Score, J. 1. gurty, -ta, m.=.l. 
sign; git, -ta, m. = I. & line. 
2. lek, -ka, n. = I. an account. 
S.kod, -di,/. = twenty. 
Score, J'. 1. gurti^ (or git) kar. 
2. lai=/. apply, attach, impute, 
Sooria, s. koir, -ra, m.; vlg. gu. 

Scorn, 5. beparvo,-vea, ?ra.; kheb- 
dai, -ye,/. 

Scorn, v. beparvo {or khebdai) 
kar, G. M. (F.) ; yedai = /. 

Scorpion, s. itau, -tsa, m. (var. 

Soot, see Tax. 

Scotch, s. katrap, -pa, n. 

Scoundrel, s. see Rascal. 

Scour, V. 1. gas. 
2,ausar = I. hasten. 

Scour^, V. korde mar ; (jerban- 
danifi) mar. 

Scourge, s. 1, silen, -lea, M. = a 
8, of thorns; £abuk, -bka, 
m. = a. whip; kordo, -dea, 
m.=:& discipline. 
^./g. siksa, -le,/ = /. punish- 
ment; mar, -ri, /. = /. pest, 
fg., Lat.flagellum, a great 
punishmeat, n. c, in this mn. 

Scoot, s. bfedi, -di, m. 

Scout, ■!'. 1. bed pole; bed kaike. 
2.^. beparvean sod. 

Scowl, see Frown. 

Scraggry. "■ karkoto. 

Soramble, "v. petsad, or rs.\ crc. 

Scrap, s. kudko, -kea, m. 

Scrape, s. tondre, Noin. pi. m.= 

Scrape,^'- kant. 

Scraper, s. kantnen, -nea, n. = an 
instrument for scraping. 

Scraping:, s. kantap, -tpa, n. 

Soratch, V. 1. bokor, as a cat 
with its nails. 

2. phapsi = /. pierce in many 
places ; ghai ghal = /, put a 

3. korpi, e. g. a sore with the 
hands; see Erase. 

Scrawl, V. gifcei. 




Scream, s. bftb, -be, /.; kil&nts, 

-6j,/., of young children. 
Screim, f. kilanta mar ; b6b mSr. 
Screech, see Scream. 
Screen, s. 1. raknen, -nea, n. 
I.fg- asro, -rea, m. = I. refuge. 
a.pordo (or poddo), -dea, m., separate rooms with; 
izSi, -ye, /. = & screen of 
bamboo sticks. 
Screen, v. rak. 
Screw, s. iskur, -ra, m.^fr. 
Scribble, v. gi55i. 
Scribe, s. skrib, -ba, m. (of the 
Bible). In other mn. see 
Notary, Copyist 
Scrip, s. 1, 6it, -ti,/, = /. a note, 

a small piece of writing. 
2.thaili, -le,/.= /. a bag. 
Seriptare,.r. P5.vitrijPu8tak, -ka, 

n.=l. Holy Book (Bible). 
Barofula, s. kantmai, -la, «. 
Scroll, s. koulo, -lea, m. = & roll 

of paper. 
Scrub, V. gas. 

Scrnple, s. 1. dubau, -bava, m.= 
I. doubt, or bet. kftstountso 
dubau, or perk. bet. tondre, 
pl. m. — I. perplexity. 
2. bah, -be,/. = /. case (of con- 
science), n. ex.; tsurtsuro, 
-rea, m. = pain of heart. 
S.struplu, -la, m, = A measure 
of weight, /r. 
Scrnple, v. dubau ; tondreant 

asa = I. is in perplexity. 

Scinpnlons, «. dubavi; tondreSn- 

tso, or tondreant asullo. 

Sorutiny, s. vitsarfin, -na, «.; 

nimit, -ta, », = I. inquiry 

(into the future); pa,rik§a, 

-§e,y. = /, an examination. 
Soud, ». varean lotun veta = /. 

goes pulled by the wind. 
Souffle, s, z^den, -dea, ». 
Scuffle, V. z&gM or z&gda. 
Senll, see Skull. 
Sculptor, s. vlg. a&ari, -ria, m. ; 

silpi,-pia, /«., «. u., but good 

w.; rs. kantounitso vaurk&r- 

tolo, or kantounegar, -ra, 

Scnlptore, s. Icantounen, -neit, 

M., or kantounCi yidya, -ye,/. 
Sculpture, V. kantai. 
Scum, s. koir, -ra, m. = s. of 

metals; see Foam. 
Scurf, s. khirben, -bea, «. 
Scnrrile, a. lazbando; anvo. 
Scurrility, J. bursepon, -na, «. ; 

lazbandpon, -na, n. 
Scurry, s. pa5i, -se,/. 
Scutcheon, s. kutmatso gurtij, 

-ta, m.; dalu (Cn.), n.u. 
Scythe, s. koito, -tea, m., or if 

smaller, koiti, -te, /., or if 

very small, koitul, -la, n. 
Sea, s. daryo, -yea, m.; aagir, 

-ra, m.; samudru, -drS, m., 

or sS.mdir, -ra, m. 
An arm of the s,=khari, -ye,/. 
On s. and land = ddryant ani 

Put to 8. = aken s6d = /. leave 

Be at 8. = tarvar poin kar. 



A 8. of troubles = kirkilran- 


Sea, a. dS,r;atBO or dfiryantlo. 

Seal, s. I. mhor, -re,/., the in- 
strument and also the im- 
pression; hoetgi, -tu, /,= I. 
a wafer. 
2./^. ga\, -ta, fa. <ml. a secret. 
Keep under b. = mhore bit&r 
do76r, or mbor mam dov6r. 

Seal, 7'. 1 ' mhor mar, or mb. ghal. 
2./^. dank or damp = I. shut. 
3./^. thir kar = /. confirm, e.g. 
with blood. 

Sealinff-wax, s. lak, -ki,/. 

Seam, s. sivon {or sion), eiuioit, 
/, (If, cucilura). 

Sear, ?. ulpai ; suk^i. 

Search, ^'. B6d = /. seek; sarken 
pdle = I. look, inspect care- 
fully; vitsar, or vitsar&n 
kar = ^. make inquiry; t&nki 
k4r, nimgi=/. make inquiry ; 
dS.riyaft k^r = /. make in- 
quiry (judicially). 

Searching, s. s6dna, -ne, /.; see 

Season, s. 1. (varsatso) kal, -la, 
m.\ (T&rsatso)Tanto,-tea, m. 
2.vel(e), -la, m. (due time). 

Season, -i^. 1. f6nnu {var. f6dny) 

ghal = /. put condiment. 

2.tftiyar kS.r = /. make ready. 

3. ghM k^r =: /. make strong. 

4, melai = /. mix. 
Seasonable, a. rs. farotea velar 

= I. at due time ; layek = I. 

Seaeonablenesa, s. layekpon, -na, 

n. ; ^voto ve}(§), -la, m. 
Seaaoning, ;. 1. nisteu, -tea, n. = 

what is eaten with food as 

a relish. 
2. 3,1 ean, -na, ». = all the spices 

commonly used in seasoning. 
Seasoned, a. 1. f6dni} gballo. 

3. ghat, see the verb. 
Seat, s. 1 . sijasan, -na, «. = s, of 

authority, e. g. in a church; 

b&ska, -ke, /, = & common 

s. ; i;lg. bank, -ka, m., or 

k&del, -la, »., /r. 
2, 8uat, -te, f.=l.& place, or 

rEuniJi suat; tanen, -nea, 

«., bidar, -ra, «, = a resi- 
Havea seat in. . . =b^kk9 asa, 

/. right is. 
Seat, 7/. b6s&i, c. v. of bos, n. v. 
Seated, a. rs. asa = is. 
Secede, see Recede. 
Seclude, v. dhamp, or\ihaXr ghaln 

Seclnsion, s. 1. bbair ghalnen, 

-nea, n. 
2.yeksurai, -ye,/, (yeksurpon, 

-na, n.) = l. solitude. 
Second, ii. dusro ; duy^m (Hind. 

w.) ; 'duy&m talo = echo'. 
S.-hand clothes = pornen vas- 

Second, s. kbin, -na, n. 
Second,^, gunatso zaun asa = /. 

is favourable; kuDiokkar = 

/. make help; or adhar k. 




Secondary, a. une garjetso = /. 
less necessary; makhyana- 
tuUo = /. not principal; or 
bet. mukhyan&inzallo. 

Seoondly, ad. dusre auater = in 
the 2ad place. 

Seoreoy, s. \. gut, -ta, 'w. 
2.yeksurpoii, -ga, «. {or yek- 
surai, -ye,/i) = I. solitude. 

Secret, a. l.gupit, orgutatso; 
lipullo = I. concealed. 

2. yeksuro ^ /. solitary, 
S.gudatso, e.g. s. alphabet. 

Secret, s. gut, -ta, m. 
Secretary, .;. 1. muusi, -si, m. 

a general term. 
2.pardam, -nia, m. s a. of a 


3. seristedar, -ra, m. = s. of a 
jadgfl or talisildar and tbe 

4. sekretar, -ra, »«., vlg., /r. 
esp. of a bishop. 

Secrete, v. lipii, c. v. of lip, «. v. 
Secretly, m^, gutan ; fintr^Dgan, 

Sect, s. I. t&nd, -da, m. 

2. m&tabhed(6), -d&, m. ■. 

ference in religion; 

vanto, -tea, m. = I. 

rated portion. 
Sectary, s. t&ndagar, -ra, 
Seotion, s. vanto, -tea, nt. 

-ga, m., of a book. 
Seonlar, a. saunsari = 

world, or ia the w.; 

saratso = worldly. 

= fac- 

=/, dif- 

of the 

SecuIariBS, v. tsaltea kamak lai 
= I. apply to common use. 

Seesre, a. 1. soukasayetso = /, 

2. risknatullo; baSavetso; n^|- 
tavin = without harm. 

3. ghat = strong, c.^. * S- box; 
Jiiindob^stint asullo (or ofker 
verb) = I. being in security. 

4. in the mn. of certain to be 
obtained, etc., rs. dubau nas- 
tanan = doubtless with the 
•verb required by the mn. ; or 

5 kharo = /■ true. 

Seonrei "o. riske bhair ghal = /. 
put out of risk; or riske vin 
k&r ; bandobitstin dov6r = /. 
keep (put) in security; ba- 
&S,u kflr = I. make safe; 
damp = /. shut. 

Security, s. l.zamindar, -ra, m. 
= he who gives 8. 

2. zamin, -ne, y., var. z&mini, 
-ne,/. = security (itself), 

3. soukasai, -ye,/. = I. peace, 

4. raknefl, -nea, «. = /. protec- 
tion, guard. 

S.nanrisk, -ke, f.; bindobast, 

Sedan, s. palki, -ke,/. 
Sedate, v. th&nd k&r, or nidan 

k^r; see Appease. 
SedatenesB, s. nidanai, -ye,/. 
Sedative, a. halu k&rtso = /. 

making light,^.; see also v. 
Sedentary, a. bfistso (b6s8o), e. g. 

B. life. 

„, „ L.oogic 




Sedimant) s. m&ddi, -de,/.; mur, 

-ri,y.; majpi, -p&,/. 
Sedition, s. katkai, -je,/. 
Seditious, f^. katkayetBO, or kat- 

Seduce, v. 1. pie^i, or piso k&r = 

/. make mad, y^. ; nadi kit 

= L make tricks, (tempt); 

vodni di = I. give inclination, 

allure; fuelai. 
2. kuBai = /. corrupt; pad dek 

(S) di = /. give bad example. 
Seducer, s. kusdi, -dia, m.; fus- 

laitolo, eU.; see the verb. 
Seduction, s. fuslaunen, -nea, n.\ 

nad, -di,/. = /. a trick, temp- 
tation; m6a(6),-8a,jw, = Ade- 

ceptiou; th^kkf, -ka, ». = /. 

fraud, simulation. 
Sednctive, a. naditso, or fotkiro, 

or fuslauntso; see verb. 
Sedulity, s. tsurkpon, -na, n.; 

zagrutai, -ye, /. = care; rs. 

into tsuk in neg.form. 
Sedulous, a, zagrut = careful; 

Qsar; t3ukiiatullo= not fail- 
See, V. l.pdle, or p61ei; t86i 

{_H.K.)\ di|t glial = /. put 

sight, obj. znd Loc. 
2.B0mza = /. underetand, or 

kfil = be known. 
See to = z&tSn kane s /. take 

care, G. F, 
Go to see, vieit = bh^t. 
Seeing that= dekun or pasvot, 

etc.\ see Gram. p. 270, seq. 
See, s. BiyiisS,n, -na, n. 

Seed, s. l.biii, biya, «.; zun b. 
(seasoned s.); rov, -va, m. 
2./^. sS.ntat, -ti, /. = /. poste- 
Seek, v. I.s6d, e.g. a lost thing. 
2. prayMAn kir = /. make ef- 
S.asa kar = /. make desire, 
G. F., or ase ; lale = /. long 
for (Dat.). 
4. sevot asa = /. aim is ; or irit- 
do asa, or aIo5en asa. 
Seem, v. dista. 

SeemlioeBS, s. l.rup, -pa, n. = l. 

2. m&ryad, -di,/. = /, decency, 

3. layekpon, -na, «. = /. fitness. 
Seemly, a. 1. layek = /. fit; ka- 

mak p6dtso. 
2. sundar = /. nice; miryaditao 

= graceful. 
Seer, see Prophet 
Seeth, see Boil. 
Se^ent, s. {geom.) m&Di&lSi- 

bbag, -ga, m. 
Segrej^ate. w. 1- veglo or ving&d- 

kar; TCglo (o^ vingad) do»6r 

^ take aside. 
2.TiDtsun kad = I. choose; 

Yint8=/. separate, e.g. many 

things one from the other. 
Seine, s, v6d zal, -la, n. = l. a 

large net. 
Seize, v. 1. dh&r = /- catch. 
2.1ag=/. be attached,^., e.g- 

fire, disease, cA. cs. {Dat. 




3. z&pti k&v = distrain ; angar 

p6d = I. fall on tLe body; 

zompSi mar = pounce. 
Seizing:, s. dh&rap, -rpa, n. 
Seldom, a. &prnp. 
Select) V. vints or vintsun kad 

=/. segregating take; eodun 

kad = /. seeking take. 
Select, a. uttim = /. excellent; 

Selection, s. vintsap, -tspa, «., 

or vintsneS, -nea, «. 
Self, J. -ts, see Gram. P. II. ch, 

iii. Einpk. Pron, 
Selflslii, a. apnateo inog(d) kir- 

Self-oontrol, s. sudalai, -ye,/. 
Self-denial, s. apli-inkari, -re,/; 

apli viB&r, -ri,/, = /. forget- 

fulness of oneself, n. c. ; 

atmea^i d&ndon, -ne,/ 
Sell, "n. ik or vik. 
Seller, s. iknftr, -ra, m., bet. ik- 

Sellin;,^. ikap,-kpa, n.\ ^ecSale. 
Selvage, s. lugtadfeg, -ge, / = /. 

edge of cloth. 
Semblance, s. 1. sarken, -kea, n. 
2./g. sauli, -le,/ =/. shadow, 

Semicircle, s. flrden m&nd3I,-Ia,». 
Seminary, s. vlg. seminar, -ri, 

Semitone, s. &rdo talo, -lea, m. 

or ^rden razap, -zpa, n. 
Senate, s. rajas^bha, -bhe, / 
Senator, s. rajas&bhesando, -dea, 

m.; m&ntri, -ri, m. 

Send, 2'. l.dhad, 17/' dhadQdi = /. 
sending give; pat&i, used 
esp.fg.for grant (graces); 
petai {H. K.) 

2. r&vane k^r = /. make a 
message, (send a message). 

3. B6d = /. leave free, e. g. a 

S, for = apoi or apoun ad. 

S. forth = bhair sod. 

S. away = bhair ghal, or s6d&i 
= /. cause to leave. 

S. in the place of = G. bidlak 

S. up = ubz&i = /. cause to 
become, e.g. sprouts, or fut 
= come out, ck. cs. 
Senior, s. malgodo. 
Sensation, s. bhogap, -gpa, n. 

Make a s. = lag = /. get at- 
tached, or rig = enter, /g., 
or ajap zata = /. wonder 
becomes, ch. cs. (or ajapta). 
Senae, s. 1. isvo, -vea, m. (or 
visTo), of the body; indro, 
-rea, m. (Z?. K.) 

2". bud, -di,/ = /. wisdom. 

3.s&ma m6t, -ti,/ =/. a sane 

4. &rth, -tha, m. = /. meaning. 
The five senses are : dist, kan, 

pS,rmaI, ruts, apodnen. 
Sensible, a. 1. distso (disso) = /. 

2. isve asu.llo = /. having senses. 

3. budivont = /. wise. 

4. barik = /. penetrating. 



SenBitive, a. 1. isve asijllo = /. 
having senses. 
2. birmotyont = /. feeling pity; 
moral =5 /. tender; movala- 
Barko = fit to be moved. 

SaaBibility, s. 1. isve, pi. m. = 
2.bhug5i B^kat, -kti, f. = I. 
the faculty of feeling (bh6- 
gap,-gpa,«.); mova]pon,-na, 
«. , or movala sarkeu ; see adj. 

Sensnal, ct- 1- isveantso = /. of 
2.kudit80 = /. bodily, c,^. sen- 
sual pleasures; mdstitso, or 
burso s= impure; vait khu- 
seank lagnllo = impure. 

Sensaality, s. radst, -ti,/.; kudi- 
ceo khusio = I. bodily plea- 
sures; bursepon, -na, «.; 
pozdepon, -na, «.; aisikpon, 
-na, «. = /. ugline8S,_/2'.; i'/^. 
(vait) kam, -ma, «. = /. (bad) 

Sentence, s. I. phaiaal, -la, n. = 
s.of ajudge; tirp, -pa,n.=/. 
a decision; tirman, -na, ». ; 
nirn^i, -ya, ». 

2. vakya, -ya, n. (Gram.); utsar, 
-ra, m. = I. an expression. 

3. gad, -di,/. = /. a proverb. 
4.alo6en, -ni,/. = I. opinion. 

Sentence, ^. ph&is&l sang, etc.; 

SententioQS, a. g&dibharit. 

Sentiment,^. 1. bhogt, -ti,/. (or 
bh6gap,-gpa,«.?), crbh6gti- 
pon, -na, n. = l. feeling. 

2.m&n, -na, «. = /. heart, inind. 

3. alo5en, -ni,/ = /. opinion. 

4. mg'ngepo:p,-na, n. = l. huma- 
nity, good B. 

Bentimental, a. bhdgtso; mova- 

lountso = /. moving ; moval 

or movalasarko = tender or 

fit to be moved. 
Sentinel, Sentry, 5. rakno, -nea, 

m.; pareagar, -ra, «i. ; paro, 

-rea, m. 
Separable, a. yingS4 kfirtso, or 

viogfidsisarko, or yeglo kliri 

Separability, s. ringSdsisarken, 

-kea, «., or vegla-, «. c. 
Separate, <z. vingM; yeglo. 
Separate, v. 1. yingiid k^r, veglo 

kar; /^. bhed(6) k4r =';. 

make difference. 
2. vante kar, or kudke kfi.r = I. 

make parts. 
S.pois dov6r, or pois k&r = 

keep far. 
Separately, ad, yingild zaun, or 

yingad vingM. 
Sapar&tion, s. veglatear, -ra, m. 

(var. veglatsai, -ye,/); vin- 

gS^ap, -p&, ». 
Sepnlolire, s. l.fdnd, -da, m. 

2. sepulkrij, -ra, m., of J. C. 

3. gori, -ye,/; ex. a monument 
over a grave. 

Seqneaoa, s. 1. patlau, -lava, m. 
2.f61, -la, m. = I. effect; see 
Sequestration, s. zfipti, -te,/ 
Serapb, s. seraphim, -ma, m. 
„. „ L.oogk- 



Sereiude, s. ratCen gayila,-iia,n. 

Serene, a. l.kupafin&tiillo; nitfll 
= /. pure. 
2.^. md&n. 

Serenity, J. 1. nitajai, -ye,/,; ni- 
tJLl molab, -Iba, n. = I. pure 
S.y^. nidanai, -ye,/; Boukasai, 
-ye,/. = calmness. 

Serf, s. tsak6r, -kra, m.; gulam, 
-m&, m. = /. a slave. 

Servant, s. hav&ldar, -ra, m. 

Series, s. 1. bar, -ri,/, e.g: a. of 
statements; kamp, -pa, m. = 
a line, e.^. kampan ts&la = 
go in a line. 
2.^. zomo, -mea, m. = I. a. 
multitude; sankil, -kli,/, = 
/. achain,^.,^.^. b. of words, 

Serioiu, a. 1. g&rjetso = I. ueceB- 
sary; bharadik = /. grave, 
/£"., important, looking s.; 
bh^ri; alo^n k&rtso = l. 
giving to tbink. 
2.gMis, e.^. 8. sickness; nib- 
boi = /. strong, £,^. s. sick- 
3. kb&ro = /. true, (not in jest). 

Seriously, ad. see adj. ; monab- 
purvok, e. g. say Bometbing 
not in jest. 

SerionsnesB, s. bhar, -ra, m. 

Serpent, s. jiudaj, -}i (or jiudad, 
-di),/; sordp, -rpa, ««. = a 
kind of s., used sometimes, 
generally: serpenti^, -pi,/., 
the s. of Oenesis, ol. 

a. sorpabariBO. 
Serried, pari. a. lagun = I. attach- 

ed,y^., e,g, a 8. pbalanx. 
Serum, s, t3ik, -ka, n. 
Servant, s. l.tsakor, -kra, m.\ 

sevok, -ka, m. ; dSai, -si,/ = 


OT. = a public 8, 

1. gulam, -ma, m. = a slave. 
Serve, v. l.tsakri {or seva ts.) 

kar, G. F. 

2. upkar, or upkar kir, or up- 
karak (or kamak) p6d = /. 
be useful. 

3. ts&l^i = /. manage, e. g. a. 

i.G, suater asa = is in tbe 
place of. 
Serrioe, s. l.tsakri, -kre,/, or 
seva tsakri. 

2. upkar, -ra, m. = /, advan- 
tage; prJiy6g, -gS, fit. = /. use. 

3. kam, -ma, «. = /. office. 

4. kaido, -dea, m. s /. duty. 
Divine S. sastra^en kam, -ma, 

«.; kfitlen, -le&, n. = I. cere- 
mony, (ff. K.) 

Serviceable, a. adayatso = I. pro- 
fitable; upkarak ((7^ kamak) 
p6dtso; prfi.y6gatB0 = /. use- 

Servile, a. l.tsiLkretso. 
2, h&lko, uno = low, mean. 

5. work = tsakrefien kam ; hut 
commonly aitaratso vaur = 
work of Sunday is used. 

Servility, s. gulampop, -na, n. = 
I. slavery. 



vlg: zunt, -ta, m., or 
bet. rs. into zuntak biatat = 
they Bit for the meeting; mel 
(6), -la, m.=:l. aunioQ, meet- 
Set, a. 1. kb&ndit = /. definite, 
2.kaidea p&rm&ne (asijUo) = 
(being) according to rules. 
Set, s. 1. tand, -da, m., e. g. a s, 
of bearers. 
2. rompo, -pea, m. s /. a young 
Set, V. l.ghal or do76r»>/. put. 
2.1ai= /. apply, e.g. a tree, 

(plant), an emerald. 
S.sama kar = /. make right, 
e.g. a watch, a limh. 

4. bud, at&m, e-g. the aun. 
S.gnrtg, ghal = /. put a sign 

(set to music), or het. botfii 
= write. 
6. nemsi = /. appoint. 

5. in order = mand or sama 

S. in motion = bal^i. 

S. about = sura k&r = begin. 

S. against = I. virodh asa=iB 

against, ck. cs. 
2. ski kar=make comparison. 
S. apart, s. aside = yingad 

dov6r, or sambaln dov6r. 
S. before = mezar ghal = /. pnt 

on the table. 
S. down = borfii. 
S. forward = bhair silr ■= start. 
S. in = 8uru za = begin; lag = 

/. be attached,^. 

S. on = 1. huskai, e.g. a dog; 
kante lai = I. apply thorns, 
2.z&]&i = I. cause to burn 
S.angar p5d = /. fall on the 
S. forth = l.mukar ghal; bhair 
e&r = start. 
2, vistar = I. extend. 
S. off = 1. hogolsi ^ I. praise. 
2. Burungar kar = /. adorn. 
S- on fire= las (or lasSi, c. v.) ; 

uzo lai. 
S. over = Dat. doT6r = /, put 

to, e.g. a goyernor. 
S, round = vedo mar. 

5. up = I. ubo bar = /. mats' 
standing, e.g. a pillar. 

2./g. uktohar=/. make open, 


Setting, J. (of the sun), astamti, 

Settle, V. 1. 8S>nia kar = /. make 

right, e.g. a quarrel; viip = 

/. consent, agree. 

2. thir kHr = I. confirm ; nis&ei- 
si = /. establish, make cer- 
tain; doy6r = /. put, e.g. a 

3. farik kar = l. pay, e. g. 

4. kazar kar = /. marry, ir. v. 
5.h6s = /. sit, e.g. birds s. 

npon trees. 

6. ghar kam rau s I. making 
house stop, colonize; bidar 
{or thikanen) kar = /. make 

„, „ L.oogic 

Set < 

abode; gb^rvaai za = /. mak- 
ing house iohabit. 
7. sakai (or pondak) pM = /. 
&I1 to the bottom of. 

Settled, a, kh&ndit; nisceisillo. 

Settlement, s. I. vas, -sa, n. = /. 

2. S,Dd&9, -na, «., (natlTe par- 
aphernalia); d6t, -ti,/, =/. 

3. k4rar, -rfi, m.=l. agreement; 
voppigi, -ge, /. = /. coEBent 
(mutual agreement); rs. 
into V. 

flettler, s. novo vaai, -si, m. = I. 

a new inhabitant, «, c. 
Seven, a. sat. 

Sever, zi. Tints; see Separate. 
Sereral, a. thode {pi. of thodo) ; 

s&bar = many. 
Severe, a. kaddij, (kird), iee 

Rigid; katin, o/jf for b. 

season; gadis. 
Severity, s. Idltinai, -ye, /,; see 

Sew, V. siun, 

Sewer, j. iSiklatod(6), -da, w.* 
Sex, s. zat, -ii,/. 
Sexton, see Sacristan- 
StiabbinesB, s. I. perk, durbolkai, 

-ye,/, (of clothes). 
2, imtepon, -na, n. = I. stingi- 
Shabby, a. l.fiindi. 

2.imto =1. stingy. 
Shade, Shadow, f. l.Bauli,-lo,/= 

Lot. umira. 
"i-fg. kalok, -ka, «.= Aobacurity . 


3. dru|takiLi, -ye,/i =/. goblin 
kulen, -lea, «. 

4. in pi. patal, -lii, n. = I. in- 
fernal regions. 

5. pordo, -dea, m.=.l. a screen. 

6. yeksurai, -ye,/! = /. solitude ; 
yeksurpon, -na, «. 

7. asro, -rea, m. = /. refuge. 
Shade, V. 1. rak = I. guard. 

2. Baali k&r. 
Shaft, s. 1. bbS,li, -ye,/. = a mis- 
2, thorun, -rva, «. = /, a handle. 
. 3. khambo, -bea, m. = /. a pil- 
4. isalen, -leil, », = s. of a car- 
Shag, s. kambol, -bli,y; ; lovefien 

lugat, -gta, «. 
Shake, ^. 1. haliii, c, v. ^bal, n. v. 
2.kampS,i = /. cause to trem- 
Shall, ff. By Jut. or Necess. mood; 

see Gram. 
Shallow, a. gundn&in asuUo = /. 

not deep. 
Shallow, s. gundn&in asulli suat, 

Sham, s. fot, -ti,/, or k&p&t, -ta, 
«., or th&kki^, -ka, n. = simu- 
Sham, a. f6tkiro, or fdt in com- 

Shambles, s. k&saigara5i aug^d. 

Shame, s. Uz, -je, /, pr. fg.\ 
&pam£in, -na, ^. = I. disho- 
nour. ^ , 

Sha 4: 

Shame, -v. \&z dista = I. shame 
appears, Sb. Dal. ; Hje, Sb. 
Notn.; germe. 

Shameful, a. lajist or ftpamanatso 
or ilpaiiianadik ; S-lsik = 

Shameless, a. l^zbando. 
ShamelessnesB, s- liLzbandpon, 
-na, n. 

i,-ya,ffi.=the whole 
joint from the knee to the 
Shape, s. 1 . nimuno, -nea, m. = 
I. a sample, form, model. 
2.rup, -pa, n. 

3. form, -TaaL,n.,/r. = l. mould. 
Shape,?'. l.rupai=/. give form; 

kar = /. do. 
Shapeless, a. ruf>natullo. 
Shard,5. kaili,-le,/. = Z^^. fesla; 

kailekudko, -kea, m. 
Share, s. 1, vanto, -tea, m. 
2.zagai, -gle, /. = share of a 
Share, "!>■ 1- vante kar = /, make 
parts, ir. v. 
2. . . . sangata m&I = I. be found 
(received) with others, ch. 
cs.; bh6g =/. possess ; vanto 
Shark, s. l.mog6r, -gra, m. 
I.fg. mosagar -ra, m.; th&k- 
kagar, -ra, m. 
Sharp, a. 1. dhar asi^Uo = bar- 
ing edge. 
2. domsatso = /. pointed, or rs. 
into dom6s. 

J She 

3,y^, barik = I. thin (penetrat- 
ing), £.£'. s, mind, eyes. 
4. ambot = /, acid. 
5.dukouatso, or k&tin = /. 

severe, e.g. words, wind. 
Sharpen, v, 1. sanik d&r = /. hold 

to the whetstone; paz =b1i. 

with sandstone. 
2. barik k&r, see adj. 
Sharper, s. th&kkagar, -ra, m.-=l. 

a cheating fellow. 
Sharpness, s. 1. dhar, -ri,/ = 

■ 2. domos, -msa, m. = point or 

^.fg. barikai, -ye,/., e.g. of 

4. katinai, -ye,/. = severity. 
Shatter, v. 1. kudkean kudke 

k5,r = I. make into pieces. 
l./g. khalto kar = /. make 

subject ; mod(6) = /. break, 

fg. (pull down). 
Shave, v. kapui kar; khad kad^ 

/, take away the beard. 
Shaving, s. kapni, -pe,/. 
SlTawl, J. selo, -lea, w. 
She,^^i'«.ti; «£ Gram. P. II. oh. 

Sheaf, s. (bundle), pendi,-je,/, 

of paddy; sudi,-ye,/.; mouji, • 

Shear, v. (louii) kat&r = /. cut 

Shears, s. katftr, -tri,/ 
Sheath, s. poten, -teii, n. 
Sheath, v, poteant ghal. 
Shed, s. matou, -tva, *».;,goT6!, 



goala, m. (with sloping roof); 
ni&Dt&p, -pa, n. 
Shed, 'i.: 1 . vauoi = I. c&ase to 
flow, c.v. ^vau; giliii,c.^. 
2,vikrai, e.g. blood. 
3.zftd, n.v., zftdai, tr. v., e.g. 

Sheep, s. l.bokro, -rea, »»., or 
kamblibokro ; seli, -ye, /., 
used also fg. 
^./g. bokro = stapid. 
Sheep-fold, J. hitti, -te,/. 
Sheepiab, a. dfiddo or bokro = /. 

Sheer, a. l.deam; kMso; 's, 
place = deuni, -ne,/.' 
2. -t8 emph. (mere). 
Sheet, s. 1. antolfii v61, -li,/.; 

dupato, -tea, m, 
2.f6l, -li,/.; pan, -na, «.,«.c.; 

kagad, -gda, n. 
Shelf, s. vlg. almar, -n,/.^fr.; 
see Cupboard; £oak, -ka, m. 
Shell, s. 1. simpi, -ye, /. (of 
fishes) ; koDgo, ^ea, m. (s. 
of molluscs). 
2.katti, -te,/. (of fruits). 
3.karl, -la, n. (of an egg). 
Shell, V. simpi kad, etc. 
Shell-fiBh, J. khubo, -bea, «. = a 

kiud of s. 
Shelter, .f. 1. matou, -tva, m, 
^■/g. asro, -rea, m. ; rakaeD, 
-Ilea, «. ; gop, -pfi, ». = /. 
boBOm.y^.; adhar, -rS, »»., 
or B&hai, -ye,/ = help. 

Shelter, -v. 1. rak, or samba} = 

2. adhar kfir, etc. = help. 

3. asro kane = /. take refuge, 
ch. cs. 

ShelvinjT, see Sloping. 
Shepherd, s. gouli, -lia, m.^pr./g. 
Shield, s. 1. h^rdeafiea karaneii, 

-nea,M., for defence; h&rde3^ 

Cen raknen, -nea, n. 
2./g. asro, -rea, m. = refuge. 
Shift, V. ] . b^&l = /. change. 
2.yeneS tenen hill = /. move 

here and there. 
S.petsad-/. try. 
Shift, s. 1 . upai, -ya, m. = /. 

means; hikmftt, -ti, / = I. 

industry, device. 
2, tsoli,-ye,/. {of native women). 
Shifty, a. hikmiltitao. 
Shin, s. payantso nolo -lea, m. ; 

pSi, -ya, m. 
Shine, v. kirnan di = /. give 

rays; p&rz^l ; pr&kas di ; 

uzM; zillz&l. 
Shingle, s. pakeaSen folen, -lea, 

«.; foli, -ye,/ («. w. in /his 

Shining, a. zSrlzMit. 
Ship, s. taruh, -rva, ».; n&g, 

-ga, m. 

Ship, V. see Embark. 
Shipwreck, s. tarva6e5 futap, 

-tpa, n. 
Shipwreok, v. taruh futta = I. 

ship gets broken. 
Shirt, s. komia, -msa, rt. {also 
Cn. Mr. Tul., Mai.) 

I.., ...lA-ooglc 



Shirer, v. 1. m6d(6), or f6d = /. 

break, tr, v. 
2. kamp ori]xkt\&r=l. tremble. 
Bhirerln;, s. l.modfip, -dpa, n. 

2.kS.mpero, -rea, m. 
Shoal, 'S'. !■ zomo, -mea,m.; ras, 

■»i,/ • 
2.gaiid DfiinRsylli su&t, -te,/. 
Sliook, V. dadai, c. v. ^dada, n. 

v.,pr./g.\ adlai = /. cause to 

dash, c.v. of sA^. 
ffiiock, f. Sngkfidnen, -nea, n. 
Shocking, a. l.dadauQtao. 
2. dukoaateo s I. afflicting; 

kaataleatso = /, disgustiag, 

Shoe, J. l.motso,>5ea,m.; papus, 

-sa, jw. (ludianhalf 8.); van, 

-ne,y. = I. sandal. 
2. nal, -li, /. = s. of horses, or 

Shoe, V. nal mar. 
Shoe-maker, s. tsamar, -ra, m.\ 

moiSeagar, -ra, m. 
Shoot, V. 1. sdd = discharge. 
2.sikari kar = /. make hunU 

Shoot, s. anfcri, -re, /. (of a 

plant); see also Twig. 
Shop, s. angid, -gdi,/.; g^iing, 

^a, n. = l. a tavern ; kar- 

khano, -nea, m. (s. of a 

Keep a 8. = a. dov6r or a. ghal. 
Shop-keeper, s. aDgiLdgar,-ra,m. 
Shore, s. v&l, -le, /. [vfel, -le,/. 

= carminecolour; ve!(fe),-la, 

m. =time]; tad, -di,/. 

Short, d!> motvo; laa = /. little, 

or d&kto - small ; thocio = /. 

Fall 9. = neg. o/^xi = l. reacfa; 

neg. of rahl = I. be found. 
Short-hand, a. (writing), m6di. 
Short-aij^hted, a. lagsiledLStitso. 
Short-aightediiess, s. la^^silidist, 

Shortcoming, s. unepon, -iia, n. 
Shorten, v. motvo {or nno) kir. 
Shortly, ad. 1. vegin = soon. 
2. thodean atranin = /. in a few 

Shortneaa, s. motvepon, -na, n. 
Shot, s. 1. guli, -ye, /. = I. a 

small ball; vlg, monisaao, 

-sava, m. 

2. far, -ra, m, = Lat. ictus, 

a stroke. 
Out of s. = iara bhair. 
Should, imp. of Shall. 
I should like to do = k&rton 

or kJLrin. 
You should do = k^rizai dista; 

see Gram. p. 270, seq. 
Shoulder, s. khand, -da, m. 
Shoulder-blade, J. bbuz, -zi, ». 
Shout, s. b6b, -be,/; bak, -ki,/. 
Baise a s. = b6b mar. 
Shout, "v. b6b mar; bak ani b6b 

mSr; b6b mara sang k I. 

crying say. 
Shore, v. 1. lot(d) = /. push. 
2. mukar danndai = /. cause to 

run before. 
Shovel, s. approx. kailato, -tea, 

m. = & small s. of iron. 




Show, p. 1 . dakai or dakouD di. 

2. ta&l = /. waXk,/£: (behave), 
e. g. B. yourself good = boro 

3. k4r = /. do, e, g. a. mercy = 
kakult k^r. 

4. sikai = /. teach; k&ldri = /. 
notify; soiiizai = /. cauee to 

5. forth = sost kir or kal&i. 
Show, s. 1. diit, -ti,/. = L sight. 

2.dakon, -ne,/. = representa^ 

3. dobazo, -jea, m. = I. pomp. 

4. disap, -spa, n. = I. appear- 

Shower, s. 1. pans, -b&, m. = I. 

rain; zh6d, -dil, m.; §en,-ni/. 
2, sabar = /. many; 161, -la, m. 

e . g. a, s. oi tears = dak&n- 

tso 161, 
Shower, v. 1. ndfirpon^n di = /. 

give liberally. 
2. podta = rain falls. 
Showy, a. 1. &haokan=:/. ambi- 

tioas; ^tt^s k&rtso = vain, 

2.dobajeatso = /. pompous. 
Shred, v. tsatsai, ir. v., or tsur 

Shrew, s. zagad£i ftstri, -re,/. =s 

/. a (^aarrelling woman. 
Shrewd, a. barik. 
Shrowdness, 5. barikai, -ye,/. 
Shriek, s. kilants, -Si,/; kindri, 

Shrill, fZ. Yoilo=/.bigh,«.^. voice; 

barik =/, thin. 

1. galmbi, -be,/ = 
a small s.; sunkat, -kta, n. 
(bigger), a Icind of crua- 

2.kaUa, -la, m. = l. a dwarf. 
Shrine, s. pit, -te, /. 
Shrink, v. 1. dodiii a I. make 

double, usedalso for a., c.v. 

of d6d ; more comm. auUi, 

or gutli k4r. 
^.fg. pati sir = I. go back, or 

Shrivel, v. (t6nd) vankden k^r = 

/. make (face) crooked; mirio 

p6dai=^. cause to fall (make) 

folds, n.c. 
Shroud, s. khopon -na, n. 
Shroud, V. gutlai, e.g. ia smoke. 
Shrub, s. zadkut, -ta, n. 
Shrug*, V. bbuz ukol. 
Shudder, i'. tbartar; kamp; ang 

kad = /. draw the body. 
Shudder, j. kamp, -pi,/; kam- 

pero, -rea, m. 
Shuffle, V. 1. borsi (cards). 

2. guspadai = I. confound. 

3. nadikar {or -a. tsaiai)=:make 

4. vankdo tsai = /. walk crook- 

Shun, V. tsukai, c. v. of tsuk ; or 
tsukon kanghe ; kantain tsu- 
kai = /. avoid abhorring. 

Shunning, s. tsukap, -kpa, n., or 
tsnkounen, -nea, «. 

Shut, V. 1. damp (damb = press) 
or dank; big gbal a /. put 
the look. 

„, „ L.oogic 




2. Tedo mSr — /. surround; voi" 
ghal = I. put a hedge. 
Sbntters, s. dar, -r§, ».; z&nela^ 
iSin (or kitke&i£() b&gl&n, pi. 
n. « /. doors of a window. 
Shy, a. bizud; bbiyateo; l&jiSt. 
Shy, V. bben dist&. 
Shyaeaa, ^. bhea, bhiya, n. 
Sib, .r. B&iro dairo, -reii, m. 
Sihil&nt] a- fusfuBtso. 
Sick, a. pidest; vait k&rtolo. 
He is s. s taka rait k&rta. 
He fell 8. = to pident p6dlo. 
He is 8. of. . .^to bezar zalo 
= be got tired. 
Sicken, v. bezarai k&r=troable. 
Sickle, s. koiti, -te,/. 
Sickly, a. bolaikiaatullo; pidest^ 

80 (»//. tikke pidest). 
SicknesE, s. pida, -de,y^; rog(6), 
-ga, m., n. c; naiibolaiki, 
-ke,/. = /. no health. 
Side,^. ].p&k4a,-ie,/.; kuB, -si, 
/.; dikki}, -ka, «.; rs. iBilean, 
or tisilean = I. in the direc- 
tion of. 
2.kadTal, -la, «., ol. (s. of 

J. C); kueal, -\&, n. 
S.t&od, -da, m. = i. faction. 
On this 8. = alt&di ; on that s. 

= polt&di. 
On one s. — on the other b. = 
yeka dikkan — duBrei dik- 
Is on the b. of = G. p&ksek aa&. 
Oa the s. of the father = ba- 
pai i8ileS,n, e. g. consangui- 

Sideboard, s. samanan&en m&z, 
-za, «.; kapat, -ta, «. 

Sidelong, a. vankdo. 

Sie^, s. yedo, -dea, m. 
Lay 8. = redo mar; raise s. = 
T. kad. 

Siesta, s. (donpar^nfii) Boukasai, 

Sieve, s. tsaln, -ne,/. {var. tsal- 

ni, -ne,/.) 
SierS) ^. tsal. 
Sigh, s. 1. uskfir, -ra, m. (var. 

nskaro, -reS, m.) joined 

usually to askar^sob. 
2. ttSTa.8, -sa, m. — l. breath. 
Sigh, V. uskar (or usvSs) s6ds 

I. discharge a 8. 
Sight, s. 1. diit, -ti,/.; 'keen a. 

zbarik d.' 
2. nip, -pit, n.~l. form. 
Sign, s. gurt(j, -ta, m.\ knru, 

-rve, /. = s. of the cross ; 

khuna, -^e,/. = a portent. 
Sign, V, 1. garti^ k&r. 
2.Daan bor&i = /. write name; 

d&sk&t ghal s /. put (your) 

signature; ruza ghal. 
Sigsftl, s. niSani, -no,/.; see also 

Signal, V. gurtij kSr. 
Signal, a. T6d = /. great ; ta&trai- 

iavozallo = /. considerable. 
Signalize (oneselOi v- °^un paa 

(aun nauQ pauloa) = /. 

reach (to) name. 
Signatore, s. diiskflt, -ti,yi; ruzu, 

zu,/.; nauu, nav&, «. = /- 


Sig i 

Signet, J. mh6r, -re, /., or mhih 

refii mudi, -ye, _/!=/. a ring 

of seal. 
Si^ificant, a. 1. &Tth asullo. 

2. bhari = importaot. 
Signification, s. &rth, -tha, m. 
Si^ify, V. 1 . &rth asa = /. meait- 

ing is; somzon yeta = I. 

understanding comes; dak&i 

= I. show. 
2.blia.r asa = importance is. 
Silence, s. l.vogeS ravap, -rao- 

pa, n. ; het. rs. into v. TOgo 

rau, or into neg. of ul&i = 

2. monepon, -na, n. = /. dumb- 
ness, fg. and only in some 

Silence, "v. vogo ravoi, c. v. of v. 

rau, n. v,; g&p&ip rau = be 

very silent. 
Silent, a. TOgo (viigo); gilpfiip. 
Silently, ctd. l.vogo rSun". 

2. gutan = secretly. 
Silhonette, see Profile. 
Silk, s. ra.sim, -sma, «. 
Silk, a, r as mats 0. 
SUk-worm, s. r&smakid, -di,y: 
Sill, s. baglapdnd, -da, n. 
Silliness, s. pisepon, -^a, ». = 

Silly, a. piso. 
Silt, -v. (ubran) bh6r. 
Silver, s. rupen, -pea, n. 
Silver, a. rupeatso. 
Silver, v. rupeamulam kad. 
Similar, a. 1. sarko; b&ri = I. 

as, with Or. preceding; see 

3 Sem 

Gram.; vlg. taka ani aka 

y6k gant = /. to this and 

that one knot (is), i.e. are 

similar, agree. 
2. vlg. taka ani aka yfekkapad, 

{an indecent expressiori). 
Similarity, s. sarken, -kea, n. ; 

sir, -ri,/*.; surup, -rpa, »., 

e.g. 8. with God. 
Simile, Similitude, J. vopar, -re,/ 

Simony, s. pfLvitrani^n vikap, 

-kpa, n. 
Simper, v. (ftumaryadin) has. 
Simple, a. 1. sado, e.g. s. boy. 

2. tsalto = /. ordinary, current. 

3. yekodo = /. not double. 
4.pi8oao = a little mad; see 


Simpleton, a. pisoso. 

Simplicity, s. sadepon, -na, «., 
etc. see adj. 

Simplify, v. sost k&r =s /. make 

Simnlate, "v. k^patan ts^l = be- 
have with simulation; fotoun 
dak^ = I. show deceiving 
{or other verb) ; f6tS.i = de- 
ceive; nadi k&r or n. ts&l&i. 

Simulation, s. kftpat, -ta, «.; 
th^kkf, -ka, n. ; nad, -di,/. = 
/. trick; vlg. some say lalsa- 
pon, -na, «. 

Simultaneous, a. rs. teats velar 
s at the same time; seven, 
e.g. soven M3.ri ani Jezu 
tankan meljin = they found 
simultaneously J. and M. 
„, „ L.oogic 

Sin 4 

Sin, s. patak,-tka, «,; pap, -pa, 

n.; iiprad, -da, m. = a fault ; 

tsuk, -kj, /. = I. & mistake ; 

guDyaan, -ava, m. 
Sin, ^- patak adar, or p. kar. 
^uee, prep. ad. 1. tli§,iinzfrotn; 

lagait, e. g. from to-day = 

az 1,, Hind. n. c. 
2.p3,8TOt, or dekuD, or kiteak 

moJear=because; i^Gram. 
3, upraat = after. 
Sincere, <z. l.nisk^pti; sado. 

2, niz = I. true. 

3. sutaYO, e.g. a. confession. 
Sinoerity, s. niskilpit, -ta, «.; 

sSidepon, -na, n. 
Sinecure, s. tsakrinati^llen kam, 

-ma, n., or -lo sambal, -la, 

m. = l. office or pay without 

Sinew, s. 1. iir, -re,/ = I. vein, 

nerve; J^ea/iu Nerve, Tendon. 
2.b61, -la, «. =/. force. 
^■/g. prfiyatan, -tna, «. = I. 

Sinfnl, a. advarlolo = /. prohibits 

ed; vait = /. bad; khoto = 

/.wicked; piitakzfiun ^sullo 

= /. which is sin; or patka- 

SinfulneBS, s. khotepori, -na, «. 
Sing:, I'. I.gayankflr; vlg.^^-a- 

tar \i&T,/r.; gS. 
^./g. bogolsi, or vorni = /. 

Singe, V. ulpai, c, v. = scorch. 
Singer, s. k&ntarist, -ta, m.; ga- 

yan k&rtolo. 

4 Sip 

Singing, s. gayan, -na, «. ; vlg'. 

k&Dtar, -ra, n.,/r. 
Single, a. yek&ts. 
I have not a s. pie = moze k&de 
khainta nan. 
Single ont, ^. vintsun kad. 
Singly, ad. vingM. 
Singular, a. l.yekats = only one. 
2.aprap = /. rare. 

3. &s&darn = I. extraordinary. 

4. tarifetso = I. curious, origi- 

Singnlarity, s. into adj. 
2.&prupai, -ye,/., etc. 
3.tarif, -fe,/. 
Sinister, 0. S>uganatso; iidru^la- 

Sink, V. 1 , budS.i, c. v. of bud, 
n. v., pr./g., e.g. into ain. 
2.devoi, c.v.o/A.Qaa = l. lower 

e.g. price. 
3. pdd^ s /. cause to fall, c. v. 

i-/g. rig = /. enter, e. g. a 

5. pad p6d = /. fall spoiled (be 
in a declining state); sa 
also Sqnander, Invest. 

Sink, s. burseponatso f6nd, -da, 
m. = l. Si grave of dirt ; bursi 
Buat, -te, /. = I. a dirty 

Sinless, a. patak natuUo, or pap 
kh&t natullo or gunyftuna- 

Sinner,^. patki,-kia, »».,/; pajs, 
-ya, m.; papin, -ni,/ 

Sip, f. ab^: burld. 

h, ...lA-oogk- 

Sip < 

Sip, J. kuskut, -t§, n. ; barko, 

-kea, m. 
Siphon, s. nilli, -ye,/. 
Sir, s. aaib,-ba, »»., in voc. saiba, 

or saibano; see Esqaire; see 

Gram. P. III. ch. i. 
Siie, s. maharai, -ya, tn. 
Sires, s. fuslaunfii (&stri) ; patoli, 

-le,/. = a coquette. 
Sirrah, s. latstso, -i^Sea, m. 
Sirocco, s. fagar k&tCea viiren. 

-rea, «. =s I. suffocating wind; 

sirdk, .ka, n. 
Sister, s. baig, -ai,/. 
Sister-in-law, .i. 1. miani, -ne, 
/. (a sister of the wife), 
a.bivoz, bauje,/. (the wife of 

a brother); voni, -ye, /. 

used in addressing the wife 

of a brother. 
Sit, V- !■ b6s. 

2. zuntar bds = /. sit on the 
meeting, /r. 

3. alsai k&r = /. make laziness. 

4. s&ma lA^l. become right, 
e.g. a dress; or halt za. 

5. r&Tane bds = hatch. 
S. down = bds. 

8. up = zSgo rau. 
Sitting*, s. zuQt, -ta, m.,/r.\ mel 

(e), la, m. = I. reunion. 
8itnat«d, (Is s.), v. ilsa. 
Situation, s. 1. suS.t -te,/. 
2. udydg, -ga, m., or kam -mS, 

«. = /. of&ce. 
Six, a- sa. 
Si», J. vodai, -ye, / = volume; 

Tistar, -ra, m.=l. extension; 

5 Ski 

lambfii, -ye, /. ^ I. length ; 
p^riman, -^a, n. ^ /. quan- 
tity, «. c. ; map, -pa, it. = I. 

Skate, V. nisSr. 

Skate, s, nisartso motso, -6ea, 

Skeleton, s. 1. hadaniSi g^davo}, 
-li, /.; hadants =: L only 
^■/g. bbageto, -tea, «».=a very 
thin man. 

Sketch, s, I. nak|a, -se, /. =a 
draught; riako, pi' f.^ fr,\ 
mSsudo, -dea, m. 
2. motvo vivor, -ra, m. = I. & 
short explanation. 

Skiff, s. dakti d6n, -ni,/ 

Skilftil, a. 1. k^ti = /. industri- 
ous; za^to = clever; or usar; 
hikm&titso, fiam^tkaratso = 
artificial, curious ; nadgo == 
I. cunning; vlg. boro, e.g. 
he is s. in playing z to boro 

2. sikpis/. versed, learned. 

3. &nbog (or ilnbott) a3ullo = 

4. o/ien rs. tnlo v. or ad. 
Skill, s. 1. zantepon, na, »,, or 

zantigai, -ye,/. 
2.<Sd.m&tkar, -ra, m. = artifice. 
3.8&kftt, -kti, /. = A ability; 
triu, -na, «,; tsoturai, -ye,/. 
Skim, "D. I.fSndkad. 
2. voilebar uUi == I. speak on 
the surface, (touch upon). 
Skimmer, s. doyi, -ye,/. 



Skin, s. kat, -ti, /.; tBambdefi, 

dea, n. = leather. 
B'±in, v. kat kad. 
SkinfliBt, s. imto m&nis, -nsa, m. 
Skiniir, 0. barik = /. thin; bbage- 

Skip, s, udap, -dpa, «. 
Skip, V. ud; imraa = /. cross. 
SkJimish, s. Ian IMai, -ys, f.\ 

Skirt, s. vastrapond, -da, «.; dfeg, 

-ge, f., or kamb, -bi, /, = 

the oraamental border of a 

Skittish, n. 1. bbiyatso. 

2. lfi.zbando = /. wanton. 
Skttlk, V. lip. 
SiuU, s. kitten, -tea, «.; koddo, 

-dea, m. 
Sky, s. 1 . molab, -Iba, «.; akas, 

-la, n.\ asmati, -Da, a., «. c. 
2. varefi, -rea, «, = /. wind,y^. 
Slab, s. 1 . marblatso fetor, -tra, 

2. dakten Men, -lea, n. 
Slack, a. 1. s&dil=:/. loose. 
2.y^. alsi = ;. lazy; fadpoSi; 

Slackness, s. 1. s&dilai, -ye,/ 

2.alaai, -ye,/. 
Slag, s. koir, -ra, m.\ ligit, -ta, 

«.; I'jjf. lonbdagu, -va, m. 
Slake, p. l.ravoi, thamboi = 

cause to cease, e^g, tbirst; 

palvoi = I. quencb {also for 

2, mou kar=/. make soft, e.g. 


Slasder, s, 1. bedlam, -me, /I = 
I. calumny; vaitk&bar, -fare, 
/. = /. bad news. 

2. ninda, -de,/. = abuse, blame. 

3. gunyauii, -ava, m. — I. fault; 
^paman, -na, m. 

Slander, '<.'. badlam ghal = /. put 
calumny; ninda k&r = /. aay 
blame, accusation; bedap 
k&r = I. make defamation; 
manar ul&i. 

Slanderer, s. badlamegar, -ra, m. 

Blander oufi, a. ipamanatso, or 
b&dlametso; see Slander. 

Slang, s. h^lki bhae, -se, /. = I. 
low language. 

Slant, a. Tankdo = /. oblique. 

Slap, s. 1 . tbap, -pi,/ = a heavy s. 
2. thapad, -pda, ». s a slight s. 

Slap, V. tap&i. 

Slash, V. l.kS,t&r = ^. cut. 
2. tsatsai = /. chop. 

Slate, s. fatrafii foli, -ye, /. = /. 
a sheet of stone; borountso 
^tor, -tra, m. = l. a stone 
for writing on. 

Slangrhter, s. (zomea-) khuni, -ye, 
/.; desTat, -te,/. = /. plunder; 
p&dau, -dava, m. = I. defeat. 

Slave, s. gulam, -ma, m. 

Slave, v. gulama^en kam kS,r = 
I. do work of a slave. 

Slaver, s. lal, -li,/. 

Slavery, .*. gulampon, -pa, «. 

Slavish, a. gulamponatso. 
Slay, "v. 1. khuni kir = /. make 

homicide, fg. ; jivsi mar = 



kill ; jiT bad = I. take away 


2. solriii, p&d&u k&r = defeat. 

filler, s. khnnigar, -ra, »»., eic. 

Slftyingr, s. khuni, -ye,/., or rs. 

into V. 
Sledg^fl, J. 1. nis&r£i gadi, -ye, / 
=. l.B, Blipping cart; diikran 
n&tulli gadi, -ye/! 
2. k&marakud&Dti, -te, /. ^ /. 
the hammer of a amitb. 
Sleek, a. telto, e.g. s. beast. 
Sleep, s. Did, -de,/. 
Deep B. = bori n. 
Get B. = nidai, c.v. 
Half 3. = z6p, -pi, f. {var. -pa, 
ffi.), or jfem [yar. z6m),-me,/. 
Sleep, "V. nld ; Did yeta = s. cornea 
or Hid pddta = /. a. falls, more 
usedfor taking a doze, a oap. 
I cannot keep from sleeping = 

d61e ugte k&rnozo. 
Go to 8. = nidunk vots. 
S. off = nidon oiulai (drunken* 
nesB) = /. get clear by sleep- 
Sleepineae, s. j^m, -me,/. 
Sleepless, a. nidnatullo. 
Sleeplessness, s. nanaid, -de, f. 

{vlg. nid nan). 
Sleepy, o. rs. j6m yeta or zopir 

asfl; nidreat. 
Sleet, s. barik k&re, -rean, pi. m. 
Sleeve, s. lobatso (or olher gar- 
ment) hat, -tfi, m. = hand of 


Laugh in the aleeraa = gutS.D 

Sleight, s. nad, -di,/. = /. trick; 

bikm&t, -ti, /. ; S&m&tkar, 

-ra, ft. = l.a curious thing. 
Slender, a. iisk&t = /. veak; 

barik=/. thin; nrio = /. less; 

bhageto = very 3. 
Slendemess, s. &sk&tkEi, -ye,/.; 

barikai, -ye,/^; seeadj.\ urie- 

pon, -na, «. = /. diminution. 
Slice, s. 1. pati, -ye,/, kap, -pa, 

n. = a a. of bread. 

2. kudko, -kea, m. = /. a piece; 
souii, -le,/! = a small piece 
of wood. 

ffliee, -v. taataai. 

Slide, V, nis&r. 

Slide, s. nisrap, -pa, n. 

Slight, (I. Ian ; thodo; halu=Xa/. 

levis ; bharnatuUo = unim- 
Sligiht, s. beparvo, -vea, m. -. 

contempt; SlSksa, -fie,/. 
Blig^ht, V. beparvo k&r, or &\&k- 

sa k&r; a6d = /. abandon. 

lot go. 
Slime, s, ubir, -br£, m, = l, mud. 
Sling, I-. ud5,i=/. throw; s6d=/. 

diacharge, leave (free). 
Sling, s. gopin, -ni,/. 
Slink, V. p61 ■= I. flee, ran away 

Slip, V- -1. nia&r; g&l. 
2. 86d = /. leave, e.g. let s. an 


3, gatan vor=/. bring secretly. 
S, away = p61 = I. flee. 

S. out of the memory = ugdas 
visar {Sh. Dai.) 



Slip, s. 1. nisrSp, -^, «. 
2. tsuk, -ki, /, = I. a mistake. 
S.khandi, -ye,/. = /. a small 

i. tir, -ra, w. = a long narrow 
piece of paper or cloth. 
Slipper, s. 1. £inel, -la, n. 
2. papa8,-sa,ffi(.=a shoe (Indian 
half 8.) 
Slippery, a. 1. dub&untso = /. 
doubtful ; risketso = /. peri- 
2. nisrasarko = I. od which one 
can slip; nis^rtso. 
Slit, 7'. katS.r = I. cat. 
Slit, ■*. katrap, -pa, n. 
Sloop, s. afprox. patmir, -ri, /. 
Slop, ,r. 1. Bimpi^llenudak,-dka, 
n. = /. water thrown about. 

2. soro, mn. liquor; bet. raa 
soro, -rea, »i., or urak, -ka, 
M., or gd,ngaro, -rea, m. 

3. tfl.yar vistrafi, pi. n. = ready 

4.ra8,-8i,/. = /. a heap, num- 
Slope, s. denni, -ne,/. 
Slope, 'V. deun = /. descend, e.g: 

the roof slopes. 
SlopinsT) <^- deuDtso. 
Sloth, s. 1. alsai, -ye,/. 
2,jein (var. z6m), -me, /. = /. 
si umber. 
Slothfnl, a. alsi; see Covard; 

Be s. =j6me, var. zfeme (aun 
j^metan); jem ye, ch, cs. 
Sloaoh, s. 1. bagap, ^, n, = I. 

bending; b&u,bave,y.; p6ng, 
-g§,, n. = l. a hump. 
2. Tfinkdi ts&l, -li,/^:/. clown- 
ish gait- 
Slon^h, s. kdnd, -da, n. (6ikla- 
6en k.) = 1.b, deep place (of 
Sloven, a. tsfilts&mk&n natalloso, 
«. «.; vlg. burso = /. dirty. 
Slow, a. 1. Boukas, or sonkaa 
2.a}8i = /, lazy. 
Slovly, ad. soukas or soukasa- 

Slowness, s, eoukasai, -ye,/. 
Sln^gard, see Slothfnl. 
Slnioe, s. tnmb, -ba, m. 
Blnmber, s. jfem, -me,/.; z6p, -pi,. 

/ (var. -pa, m.) 
Slomber, v. jeme ; zopir asa = L 

is in half-sleep. 
Slnr, see Spot. 
Slut, s. bursi ftstri, -re, /.=L 

a dirty woman. 
Sluttish, a. burso. 
Sly, see Cnnniny. 
Smack, v, 1 . umo di = I. gira 
a kiss. 
2. tap&i = I. slap. 
3. 5abuk hal&i = I. more the 

It smacks of heresy s m&tabhe- 
daCi ruts &sa. 
Snwck, s. l.patmSr, -ri, /^ 
d6D, -ni,/. = vessel. 
2.gonji, -je,/. « /, uoiso. 
S.rnts, -fii,/. = /. taste. 
4.thap, -pi,/ =/. a slap. 



Sm&ll, a. l.dakto, esp. used of 
material thiDgs; \xaypr.fg- 
2.halu = /. light, e.g. voice. 
Z. nno = /. less, e. g. s. re- 


4. Miliar = I. trifling. 

5. aomzanatullo = /. not aader- 
staudiag, e.g. a. mind. 

Make s. = badkean budke 

S. coin = kburdo, •dea, m.\ 
Sungdi dnda, -dvii, m. 

Smallsess, s, lanai, -fO,/. 

SnuU-po^ s. bolnik, -ke,/! 

Smalt, see EnameL 

Smtrt, V. k&tip dnk bli6g = pain 
much; tsurtsure bh6g= /. 
Buffer (interior) pains ; zfiJ 
= /. bum, ^.; vlg. p6t&nt 

Smart, s. k&tin dnk, -ki,/.; za}, 
-la, nt.\ tsnrtsuro, -rea, m. 
S. money = farikponatso dn^u, 
-dva, nt. = I, money of repa- 
ration ', or julman, -na, m. = 

Smart, a. 1. dukonntso = I. a.i- 
flictin^; z&lountBOs/. bnm- 

2. barik = /. thin,^. acute, e.g. 
mind; tsnrk, or uiar » cle- 
ver; Buduk. 

3. n&zok, = /. fine, delicate. 

4. p&rz&]ik =s /. shining, e.g. s. 

5. k&ti^ — /. severe, e.g. s. pain. 
Bmsrtness, s. I. zal, -la, m, * 

burning interior pain ; k^ 

(in duk, -ki, /. - /. bitter 

2. b6J, -la, n. = I. force (impe- 
tuosity) . 

3. tsurkpon, -na, «, = /. activ- 
ity; barifcai,-ye,/,=/. acute- 
ness,^., e. g. o£ mind. 

4. ittas, -sa, m. = showiness; 
see also Smart. 

SmajBli, V. l.mod(&)^/. break; 

pud kilr = /. make powder. 
2. vat = I. pound. 
Smatter,^'. l.voilebarsik = learn 

2. voilebar ul&i = I. t&lk sup.; 

n^azallen sang = /. say non- 
Smattsrsr, s. zanarso^/. an ap- 
parently learned (man); vlg. 

ftrdokuro sikpi, -pia, m.=l, 

half learned. 
Smear, v, 1 . (ts3:ra.b or tk\) \S,\ = 

I. apply (fat or oil). 
2. lep(^) l£Li = I. apply plaster. 
Smell, f. 1. piLrm^l,-la, m.(good 

s.), mn. also the sense of s. 
2.ghan, -ni,/. (bad s.); imsan, 

-ni,/. (fishy 8.); hunga,-ge,/ 
Smell, V. p&nn&l ghe (or gh&n 

ghe) ZE /. take smell, G. M. 

(G. F^, e. g. 8. a flower; 

pilrm&! {or ghan) yeta, G. M. 

{G. F.), or pftrmilUa or 

SmeUinsTi ''■ 1- p&rmJllatso (good 

>■) (had s.). 
Smile, V. amburko (haso) has. 




Smite, s. ambutko haso, -sea, m. 
Smirk, s. adetso haso, -sea, m. 

=1. an unnatural laugh; fot- 

ftnite, V. adlai = I. cause to 

dash, c. V. of adai. 
Smitb, s. 1. &£ari, -ria, m., in 

iron or wood. 
2.1ovar,-ra, »i. = a blacksmith. 
3. sonar, -ra, m., in silver, 

Smock, s, tBoli, -ye,f. 
Smoke, v. l.yod (6irut v.) 

2. duvor lai = /, apply smoke, 
bet. duvrak ghal = /. a. to s., 
ch. cs. 

3. duTor bhair sILrta = s. comes 
out, ch. cs. 

^■fg~ sddun kad = /. seeking 
Smoke, s, duvor, -vra, m. {var. 

dur, -ril). 

Smooth, a. 1. telto = /. polished. 

2.k^sn£itullo=:/. without hair. 

3.mdan = /. calm, equable; 

th&nd E /. cold,y^. equable, 

e.g. s. man, s. sea. 

4. s&mas/. right, e.g. s. speech. 

5. mogal = I. dear; fuslauntso 
= I. caressing. 

SmooUi, ?'. l.tettok&r=:/. make 
2.fu&lai = /. soothe. 
3.halu kfi.r = I, make light. 

4. B&sar kfi.r = /. make easy. 

5. nib 85,ng = /.. say pretext, 
ch. cs. 

Smoothly, ad. soukasayen. 

Smoothnsas, 5. 1. teltepou, -na, 
».; bet. telsan, -ni,^ 

2. nidanai, ~je, f. 

3. fuslaunen, -nea, n., see adj. 
Smother, v. 1. fugar k&r,^. 

2.palT0i = I. qnench, e.g. 

3. dampan doTdr=/. keep shnt, 

e.g. a sigh. 
Smoulder, v. bit&rle bitar las. 
Smug, su Neat, Spruce. 
Smuggle, ■s. ts6riye vor. 
Smut, s. g49, -si, /; giiiriim, 

-ma, m.\ k^st&l, -li., n. = l. 

Smutty, a. 1 . gUiramatso = /. 

of smut. 
%/g. bureo = /. dirty, impure. 
Snaok, s. (go a. with) sama vante 

ghe = receive equal parts. 
Snaffle, see Bridle. 
Saoil, s. pikul, -la, m. 
Snake, s. sor6p, -rpa, m., pi. 

sor&p; see Gram. Parergou; 

jiudal, -li,/. = a reptile. 
Snap, ^. I. fod = /. break {fass. 

fut), e.g. glass ;mdd(d) =1. 

break {j>ass. m6d). 
2. vhazfii = /. cause to sound 

(s. fingers); fiitki m£r. 
S. up, 1. gil = I. swallow. 
2.tsukon ravoi = /. inter- 
rupt abusively. 
Snappieh, a. tsabkor ; tsabasSirko, 

or tsabiSeak laguUo = given 

to biting. 
Snare, s. l. nad, -di, y. = I. a 





2. pas, -sa, m., for birda. 
Snare, v. 1. nadi k&r = /. make 

2. sampdai = /. catck; see En- 

Snarl, v. gurgur, as an angry 

Snatoli, ^- db&r; kane. 
S. away c= kad. 
S. down = 84kai dovflr. 
Sneak, ^. ts&r = creep. 
S. away = p61. 
Sneer, 7f. beparvean has = I. 

laugh (at) with contempt; 

yedai =s /. mock. 
Sneeze, s. sink, -ke,/ 
Sneeze, ^. sink kad. 
Sniff, V. (nakan) T6d; nakan 

usvas v6d. 
Snip, V. (tudi) k&t&r = /. cat 

(the extremity). 
Snivel, v. kirmefi ranta. 
Snore, v. gore. 
Snorin;, s. goroni, -ne,/. 
Bnont, s. sondi, -ye,/. 
Snow, s. approx. dou, -ova, m. = 

dew, fg. 
Snow, ^. doa p6d, 
Snab, V. 1 . p6nt {or dom6s) katUr 

= /. cut the point ; kimiSi -i 

2.raT0i = /. stop (interrupt). 

3. fll&ksa k&r = disregard. 
Snub-nose, s. Setten nak, -ka, n. 
Snuff, s. 1. kazTO, -veS, m. = 

a burnt candle-wick. 
2. pud, -di,/, := tobacco pow- 

Snuff, V. 1, pud T6d = /. draw 

2, kazTO kad = /. take away 
burnt wick. 

S. out = palroi, c. v. 
Snuff-box, 5. bul, -li,/. 
Snuffle, i>. n&kian ulai. 
Snug, a. 1. gu^laun = wrapped 
2.1ipullo = concealed; yeksuro 
=1. solitary. 

3. soukasayetso = /. peaceful. 
So, ai. 1. itlo or title (de£l.)=l. 

as much, used with ki, e. g. 

itlo. . .ki = so. . .that; fLsen 

or tilBen {also decl.) used with 

ki (d,sen. . .kisso . . . that); 

fi,8e jinsjn^in such (this) way, 

also -with ki. 
N.B. ftsen etc. may be used 

also absolutely, e.g. ^sen asit 

= it is so. 
2. tea paaun = for that ; tar = 

As ... so = k3,30 (or . . . 

t3,so; kedo. . .tedo, or kedo 

yfid, . .tedo tM. 
So that (s in order that), by 

Supine, or Imperf. Subj., or 

So ( = provided), by the condit. 

or by z&rtilr; see Gram. 
And so oni=ani yer s^t, or ani 

So to say =s yeke jinsia = in a 

certain way. 
So called = mollo. 
So far as = itlo or titlo, «. g. 

Soa 4 

BO far as depends on me = 
moje par tint fisa titlen, maka 
tankta, te jinein. 
So far from = moje thaun pois, 

or m. afi,rsi£i thaun pois. 
And so forth = ani t&a&leu. 
So small = tedo l&n. 
So great = tedo v6d. 
So BO = sumar. 
So often = title pauti. 
So sooD = itle vegia. 
So then = tir. 
Soak, V. 1 . mou kiir = /. soften ; 
biz&i = I. make wet ; s61 k&r 
= /. make wet. 
2,y^. bebdo zaun £isa, or soro 
piyela = ia drunk. 
Soaking, s. bizouneft, -nea, n. 
Soap, s. sabu, -ba, m. 
Soap, ^. saban gas (or s. du). 
Soapnut, s. ringo, -gea, tn. 
Soar, v. 1. unts veta = /, goes 
2.^. guun, fi.^. the mind soars. 
S. above (excel) = jik or zilit 
Bob, V. uskar. 
Sob, s. uskar, -rS, m. = s, convul- 

sive sigh in sorrow. 
Sober, a. I.h3.1tan piyeunt30 = 
/. drinking moderately; fimal 
zainatullo = I. not drunk. 
2. m6tir asullo = I. on mind; 
s&ma m6titso = I. of right 

3. uidan = /. equable, quiet; 
siido = tame ; simple. 

4. bhari = grare.y^. 

Sobriety, s. 1 . hiljt, -ta, ». ; h&l- 
t&n piyeun6eQ; Qanainal,-la, 

2. a&ma mdt, -ti,yi 

3. bhar, -ra, m. 

4. nidanai, -ye,/i, see adj.; sam- 
balounen, -nea, n.,bel. sam- 
balap, -Ipa, n. 

Sooiability, .1. 1. sangatpon, -na, 
2.fg. mogalpon, -9a, n. = /. 

Sociable, a. 1. saogatponatso. 
2./g. mogal = dear. 

Social, a. kuIiantso=/. of nations. 

SooialiBin, s. asteyekot, -ta, nt. 
= /. common union of pro- 

Society, s. 1. sangat, -t£, m. 

2. mel(e), -la, m. = I. reuoion, 

3. salgi, -ge,/. = /. familiarity. 
Sook, s, Ian mei, -ya, m. 
Socket, s. (kastisala) burak, -ka, 


Soda, s. khar, -ra,~!m. 

SodaliBt, s. vlg. irmaua, -ara, 
m.,fr.='l. confrere; bh&u- 
portist, -t&, m. dx., bul n. u. 

Sodality, s. irmindad (var. ir- 
maudad), -di, /., /r.; bhau- 
pon, -na, n., n. «.; see Confra- 

Soever, see Gram. P. II. cb. iii 

Sofft, s. k6Q, -&i,/.; khatleii, -lea, 
n.=l. a bed; sopo, -pea, m.= 
a long seat made of mad 
or earth; maatso, -5ea, m. 
„, „ L.oogic 



Soft, a. l.mou. 
I.fg. moval. 

3. mogal = I. dear. 

4. nazuk = delicate, 

5. fuslauntso = alluring. 

6. Uzbando = /. wanton. 
T. telto = even, smooth. 

8. 80ukasayetEO = peaceful. 
Q.hala = /. light (voice). 
Soften, s'. 1 . mou k&r. 

2. moTfblSi. 

4. fnslai ; see adj. 

5. nno kftr s make less, dimi- 
nish, e.g. a crime. 

6. sado k3.r = make tame. 
Softly, ad. soukfiaajen. 
fioftnesa, s. I.moaean, -ni,/. 

'i-fg. soakaaai, -je,/- 

3. movaJpon, -ni,, n. 
Bolio, int. ye! or ah! 

Soil, s. 1 . zago, -gea, m. = ground; 
darn,-ni,/., e.^. d^rnirp6d- 
lo = he prostrated himself. 

2. zallo gaun, -ava, m. = native 

3.g&liz, -za, n. ^ I. dirt. 

4. kh&t, -ta, «. = /. a stun. 
Soil, V. 1 . mh^Io k&r, or mh^&i 

= /. make dirty. 
^■/g. pad k&r, e.g. b, the re- 
putation of; bblidt&i = stain. 

Soiled, a. mh^lo.i^r&lsik.orbur- 
so, or kh&t&illo, etc. 

flojoaro, V. T&n; bidar k&r; vas 

Sojourn, s. ravap, raupa, ».; bi- 
dar, -ra, «.; yas, -sa, «. 

Sojonmer, s. 1. p&rde§i, -iift, m. 

2.Tiiai, -si, m. 
SolAce, V. bhuz&i, c. v. 
Bolftee, s. bhuzon, -ne,/. 
Solder, e'. meJUi = /. unite; pSn- 
tsM; yekot k&r -= ^. make 
Soldier, s. Bip&i, -ya, m. 
Sole, s. atteS, -tea, n. 
Sole, V. attea ghal. 
Soleoiflm, £. 1. bhasetsuk, -ki,y. 
2./g. ftiim4ryad, -di, /. m, I. 
un politeness. 
Solemn, a. dobajeatso, t>r d&r- 
biir9.tso; T6d, g&dd&l, e.g. 
feast ; festatso ^ I. festival. 
Solemnity, s. 1. dJlrbSr, -ra, «.; 
dobazo, -jeS, m. = I. pomp ; 
Tfidpon, -na, «, = /.great- 
ness; g&dd&l, -IS,, n. 
2. piLrab, -rbe, /., fSst, -ta, n. 
= a feast. 
Solemnize, v. fSst k&r, or v6d- 
po^an kilr, or dobaje&n V&r. 
Solicit, v. 1. mag = /. request, 
or an diun mag ; porat. 
2.fuslai = /. attract, allure, 
ch. cs.\ patak iidarunk l&i 
=> /. indnCQ to sin; nadi k&t 
= /. make tricks, (tempt), 
a.lale {Dai.)=l. long for. 
Solicitation, s. I. mag-rien, -nea, 
». = a request. 
2. laleuneii, -nea, n. = a long- 
ing for. 
3.fuslaunen,-naa, »., nad,-di, 
/. = & temptation. 
Solicitude, -r. 1. i^intna, -ne, y.; 
„, „ L.oogic 


porva, -Ye, /.; IfiiJS., nSe,/.; 
see Care. 
2. husko, -kea, m, = uneasiness. 
Solicitor, s. v&kil, -la, m. 
Solid, a. 1. ghat, pr.fg. 
2. bh6rn = I. full. 
S.borsinatulto, aput, nigil = 
not mixed, e. g. b. metal, 

4. kh&rotB = I. true. 

5. bolaiketso = /■ healthy, e.g. 
8. food. 

6. tin jinsanin vietarlolo = ex- 
tended in three ways. 

7.gund = /. deep, ^., e.g. s. 

Soliloquy, s. aplea itle^k ulou- 
nen, -nea, n.\ yekleaJSen 
ulounen, -nea, »., or yeklea 
-ulonefi, -nea, «. 

Solitary, a. 1. yekeuro = unfre- 
quented, living alone. 
2. kh&ntilt = gloomy. 
3. 16knatullo = without people. 
4. vingiid = separated. 

Solitary, s. vanavasi, -si, fn. 

Solitnde, s. yeksurai, -ye,y,, or 
yeksuri suat, -te,/.; aranen, 
-nea, n.=l.a. desert ; yekant, 
-ta, m. ts used by some, but 

Solo, s. yekats talc -lea, m. = I. 
one voice. 

Solstice, s. sfinkrant, -ti,/. 

Solubility, s. kadasarken, -kea, 
n., or khirasarkeo. 

Soluble, a. kadasarko, or khira- 

Solution, s. l.k&dap, -dpa, or 
khirap, -rpa, «., or rs. into 


2. tirp, -pa, ». = a decision ; tir> 
man, -na, «.; tirsoanen, -neli, 
«. = a completion. 

3. parkounen, -nea, »., e.g. of 
a riddle. 

4. zavah, -hi, f.^l. an answer. 
Solve, V. 1. kadai or khirai. 

2. parki = gae&s. 

3. ukto kar, or ukto karn dakai. 

Solvent, a. 1. iarik karisarko = 
/. able to pay. 
2. kadtso = /. which dissolres. 
Sombre, a. 1 . kalso = 1. & little 
2,khanti4t = /. gloomy. 
Some, a. 1. tbodo (-di, -den), 
e.g. some bread, some men; 
illo (-li, -len) = /. a little; 
tikke or Sikke = 1. & little, 
2.amko 2= /. certain, Lat. qui- 

3. konyek = Za^, aliquis, e.g. 
kouyek mania = 8. man. 

4. yeko, e. g. b. times = yoke 
pauti, n.c. (yek y6k?). 

Something = kain or kiteS. 
Somewhat = illo, or thodo, or 

fiikke, or by -so ; see Somo. 
Somebody = kori yeklo, or only 

Somehow or other = kasogi 

Somehow = kasen puni. 
Some time = yfek pauti {fast or 
„, „ L.oogic 




future) ; aditi or adifi parvio 
or &. magiiL = formerly. 
Some time ago = voddol {emph. 

of Todol). 
Somewhere = kfi&ingi. 
Somewhere else = kh flingi dus- 

re k&de. 
Sometimes = thode {or y^ke) 


S.. . .s. = thode p^uti. . .th. p. 

Somerset, s, lag, -ga., m. or lag- 

mudi, -ye, /; '1, mar = /. 

beat a s,' 

Somnambnliam, ^. BOpnant ts3,)ap, 

-Ipa, n. 
Somnolence, s. jfetn, -me,/.; z6p, 

-pi,/.; nidCi khusi, -se,/ 
Somnolent, a, nidrest. 
Son, s. putrf, -ra, M., or put, -ta, 
m.\ bargen, -gea, n, = l. a 
child ; s&ntatitso = (one) of 
Eldest 8. = malgodo p. 
Son-in-law, s. zavoia, zaunya, m. 
Sonata, s. Th&zfip, -zpa, n. 
Song, J. p6d, -i3k,n.=esp. a pro- 
fane s.; k&ntig, -ge,/ = esp. 
a rel^oas a., fr.; gayan, 
Sing a s. = pdd mh6Q. 
SonlesB, a. nirputri}, n. c; bur- 

8onoronB> 'z. rhaztso. 
Soon, ad. vegin; S.UB&raa = 
hastily; atafi=/. now, yef 
used by some for soon. 
As s. as = phuden, wiih the 
participle; set After. 

Do as s. as possible = tankta 

title vegiii k&r. 
I would as soon be a slave as 

a soldier ^ sipai zaun^ea 

-pr&s gulam zain. 
Soot, s. g&ir&tn, -ma, m:, gSs, 

Sooth, s. B&t, -ta, n. 

Soothe, V. ha]u k&r = /. make 

light; fuslai; thd.ndk&r^/. 

make cold, fg. (appease); 

niTS,i o= make cold,y^., e.g. 

anger; Todni di = /. give 

Soothsayer, see Fortnne-teller. 
Sooty, a. giur&matso. 
Sop, v, biz&i. 
Sop, s. bizd.illo kadko, -kea, m. 

= 1, a, soaked piece. 
Sophism, etc. see Cavil, etc. 
Soporific, a. nidauntso. 
Soprano, s. voilo tajo, -lea, m. 
Sorcerer, s. ^tsar k&rtolo ; phi- 

tisponagar, -ra, m.; bolmea- 

gar, -ra, ?«,; tiintragar, -ra, 

m.; ghadigar, -ra, m. 
Sorceress, s. ghadigam, -ni, /,; 

see Sorcerer. 
Sorcery, s. phitispon, -i^a, «.; 

bolmen, -mea, «.; gh&di, -di, 

/.; bhul, -li,/.; see Charm. 
Sordid, a. imto, (very stingy); 

Uiik =1 /. ugly, fg.; Mrlko, 

or knyo^l. low, abject; kir- 

kol ; kantaleatso, etc. 
Sordidnefls, s. imtepon, -na, «.; 

^liikpon, -na, n.; kirkolpoo, 

-na, «. 



Sore, s. gbai, -ya, m.; z&kjim, 

Sore, d. HStountso; dukoaatso 
= I. cauBiog sorrow, pain ; 
dullest = painful ; kh&ntilt 
= gloomy; k&rk&ratso = 
troublesome; mo7aJ=/. ten- 

SorenesB, s. lMt,-t&, m.\ zai, -la. 

Sorites, s, ta.rkaras, -si, /., or 
t&rkamel, -la, m. = l. a heap 
of syllogisms- 
Sorrel, ^- aiduvoso = /. yellow- 

Sorrow, s- duk, -ki, /,, of body 
and of soul; kii|(, -ta, m., 
esp. of soul; pfU5atap, -pa, 
m. = displeasure; za}, -la, 
m. = burning, /g. (interior 
pain), e.g. for the death of 
relatives, esp. for sin; tsur- 
tsuro, -rea, m. = /. remorse, 
■ a»^a/;f7interiorpain;kli$nt, 
-ti, /. = melancholy. 

Sorrow, ?■ dukti,, or duk dista = 
pain appears; p&siSatap pau 
(&u n p. paut&fi) ; k&^ta ; 
tsurtauro bhdg, eic. 

Sorrowful, a. khlinti|t; see Sore. 

Sorry, a. dakest; kbilDti|t; du- 
6it, eic.\ see Sore. 
Be s. = duk dista; see Sorrow. 

Sort, s, 1 . tb&r, -ra, m, ; jinos 
(or dinoa), -asa, m. 
2. ofoii and express by the 

Sort, V. 1 . zativar k&r s I. make 

classes; bhed(S) k&r=/. make 

2. za « /. become (agree with), 
e.g. yen m&ka zata. 

3. . . . saugata m^l = receive 

Sortie, s. bbairsiLrSrp, -rpa, n.; 
angarpddap, -dpa, n. 
Make a s, = bbair sar. 
Sot, a. 1. piuniSak lag^Uo m, I, 
given to drinking. 
2. piso = foolish. 
Sottisbfa. l.&malzaUo,(7rfimal 
piyello = drunk. 
2. daddo = /. stupid. 
Soul, J. 1. &tmo,-meii, M.; pr&n, 
-na, m., esp. as the principle 
of life; mdn, -na, n., e.g. 
Lat. exultavit spiritus a my 
soul hath exulted. 
2.fg. bunyad,-di,/=/. founda- 
3.b&!, -1^, ft. as a term of 
Sound, s. ] . vhaziip, -zpa, n., or 
avaz, -z&, m. 
2.taloi -lea, m.=l. voice, used 
also/or the sound of instru- 
3.b6b, -be,/. = /. a cry. 

4. gouji, -je,/. = /. noise. 

5. gayan, -na, »., esp. a musical 
oral sound. 

Soand, V. 1. vhdz (or &raz z&), 
tr., n. V. 
2. mtir = /. heat, tr. v., esp. 
used for other than wind- 
instruments, e.g. bells. 


Sou 4 

Z.fg. p&rik^a {or td,nki) k&r = 
make examiDation. 

^.fg. hogolsi = /. praise. 
SoTind, a. l.boro, e.g. s. sleep. 

2. guaat80 = /. favourable. 

S.bolaiketao = A healthy; bo- 
laikent as^Uo = being in 

4. nibbor or gadis = severe, 
strong; kS.tin = severe, 

5.b£irab&r, e.g. s. argument. 

fi.aput = /. sincere, e.^. a. doc- 
trine; kh&ro or niz = true, 

1. nazuk=/. delicate, fine, pure. 
SoandoesB, s. \. bolaiki, -ke,/E: 

/. health. 

2. silma in6t, -ti, /. = /. right 

3. datai, -ye, /. = I. thickness 
(of wood). 

4. bhar, -rS, m. = gravity, e.g. 
of arguments. 

5. aputai, -ye,/i =1. sincerity; 
see fioiind, Validity. 

Sounding-, a. vhaztso. 
Soup, s, kald, -da, m,,Jr,\\&s&i, 
-ya, m.\ kat, '^, «. (of 
Sour, a. 1 . ambot, pr./g. 
2./g. k&rk&ratso s /. trouble- 
Sour, V. 1. ambof kflr. 
^./g. z&lili, or rag had&i, or 
flonroe, s. l.ziir, -ri,/. 
^./g. karan, -na, «. = /. cause; 
fg. Hr&nib, -ba, m. = /. oti- 

7 Spa 

gin; mfil,-Ia,».=aroot,y^.; 

rs.inlo vorvin=tbrough; or 

pasun = on account of, ch. cs. 
Sourish, a. ^mbotso; ambso. 
Sourness, s. amsan, -ni, /. 
Souse, V. l.udkant bud&i = /. 

plunge into water. 

2, lou5en ghal = /. put pickle. 

3. budon dh&r^plunging catch. 
South, s. t6nk, -ka, n., or t&nka, 

-ka, n. 
Sovereign, s. sotfi.ntri, {var. so- 

s&utri); see King. 
Sovereign, a. l.sotantratso = /. 

2. uttim = /. .excellent; see In- 

Bow, s. dukirn, -ni,/. 
Sow, ^. bin udJli = ^ throw seed; 

Yomp^/. scatter, e.g. seed. 
Sowing, s. \.rs, into v. 
2.bin, biyS, n. =/. seed. 
Sower, s. vomptolo. 
Space, s. l.zago, -gea, m.\ suat, 

-te,/. = a place. 

2. vistarap, -rpa, n. = /. exten- 
sion (local). 

3. ve!(6), -la, m. = /. time ; phnr- 
86t, -ti,/i = I, leisure. 

Spacious, a. vistarlolo; isk&l; 
rund = I. broad. 

Spade, s. khoren, -rea, «. (//. 
badil£)\ mammati, -te,/ 

Span, "ii. g6nan gha). 

Span, s. l.gferij-na, n. (the mea- 
sure); vH, -te,/ 
"^.fg. motvepori, -ina, «. = /. 

„, ..:,A"ooglc 

Spa 4 

Spangls, s. (bangaraSefi) tAg&A, 

-ed&, n. = l.& leaf (of gold). 
Spare, a. 1. bank = thin. 
2.urta to = which remaiiiB, 

e.£'. time. 
Spare, v. 1 . k&UU k&r = I. make 

economy; h&lt&a kh&rci=^. 

expend moderately. 
2. k&sisi k&rn mej&i {or yekot 

k&r) = /. by economising 

gather (or make union); or 

bet. k. kSrn ras k^r. 
3.t8uk&i = /. avoid. 
4, mog&D tsil=^^ proceed vith 

5,dov6r = /. keep, e.g. food 

for to-morrow; or keep in 

life, e. g. in a slaaghter; ba- 

i^u k&r = /. make ealvatioa 

(do not kill). 
Spark, s. kit, -ti,/. 
Sparkle, v. pa,rz^l = I. shine; u- 

zuad di = /. give light; kiti 

p6dtat = /. sparks fall, ch. 

cs. jilibilifi za, c&, cs., like 

Sparrow, s. girboji, -je,/. 
Sparrow-hawk, J. p&kkisalo.-lea. 

Sparse, a. 1. iprup = I. rare. 
2.simpdaillo = ^. dispersed. 

Spasm, s. kamp, -pi,/., or kam- 
(kS^p, -pa, m. = a, row, 
series); dei. vodi, pi./. = I. 
convulsions; morlugi pida, 

Spasmodic, a. 1. vodiatso = /. of 

8 Spe 

convulsions ; kampountso = 
I. causing trembling. 
2./g. katin s /, severe. 

Spatter, v. damp™/, cover. 

Spatterdaflhes, s. voile mei, -yaa, 
m. pi. = over-stockings. 

Spittle, Spatula, s. koranti, -te, 

Speak, ?. ul&i; utsar = I. ex- 
press; sangun di = /. saying 
give, i. e. preach, have a 
speech, reason. 
S. against = znti Loc. vait 

ulai; ga\i son. 
S. out == ulz sang. 
S. together =gilzali mttr=chat; 
sangata ulai. 
Speaker, .y. 1. uloDeagar,-ra, f«., 
or ulono, -nea, w. 
2. pr&s&ngagar, -ra, m. = I. & 
Spear, .r. bhalo, -lea, m.; bhali, 

-ye,/, {dim.) 
Special, a. 1. pr&t6k; vises. 

2, mukya = principal. 

Speciality, s. gun, -ua, m.; by 

Gen.; see Gram. p. 223, sef. 

Specially, ad. bbou k&rn ; fidhik- 

k^rn; mukhya zaun; vises 

or V. ziian. 

Specie, s. nanea, -riea, n. = I. 

current coin. 
Species, s. thar, -ra, m. ; v&rg, 
-ga, m. s/. a class; zat, -ti, 
/. = I. & caste ; by Gen. 
Specific, a. 1. vises or pr&tek; 
by Gen.; see Gram. p. 223, 

Spe 4£iidit = /. positive. 

Speciflc, s. YiieB vokat, -kta, n. 

Specify, V. t&peil eang = I. a&y 

details ; th&r (or zat or T&rg) 

sang; sarkeii sang = /. say 


Specimen, s. 1 . daklo, -lea, m. = I. 

an example. 
2. n&muDO, -nea, m. = I. a 
Specioiu, a. boro distso. 
Speck, s. kh&t, -ta, n. ; see Spot. 
Speotade, s. dijt, -ti,/. 
Speetaoles, s. vlg. vokly, -19,, n.\ 
diSti&iikri}, -ra, n.; k&n&dak, 
-ki, n. (H. K.) 
Spectre, J. druetakai, -ye,/. = l. 

a goblin; kuleS, -lea, n. 
Speculate, v. 1. dhyan k&r = /. 
make great attention ; niyfil 
= /. meditate. 
2. k^sisen vyapar k&r= I. trade 
economically; jikSeak lag 
or labak lag = be attached 
to gaining. 
Speculation, s. 1. dby&n, -n3>, n. 
S.kasisetso TepSr, -ra, m. = I. 

economical trade. 
Speculative, a. dbyanatso. 
Speculator, s. 1. dbyani, -nia, m. 
2. labak lagtolo. 
Speech, s. 1. ulouni^ s&k&t, -kti, 
/,; bhas, -se,/.™/. language; 
nt^r, -tra, «. = /. a word. 
2.ulonen, -nea, n.; priis&ng, 
.iga, «, = t, preaching; vl£'. 
sermaua,-mava, »i,=preach- 

9 Spi 

Speed, J. zilrurai, -ye,/.= /. ur- 
gency,^.; &a9&r, -rft, «.=/. 

Speed, V. TrS,ddhi za = /. become 
prosperous ; vl£: beaaau 
zaan; gunat30za = /. become 
favourable, ch. cs. 

Speedy, a. tsurk. 

Spell, s. m&ntri}, -r&, n.\ see 

Spell, V. &kseran utsar. 

Spelling, s. ^kserantBO utsar, 
-ra, m. 

Spend,?'. 1. kbar2i,^.y^.,e.jf. 
time, life. 
2./g. ts&iai, e.g. time. 
3. y6t = I. pay quickly {also 

Spendthrift, s. khirfiik or veiSik. 

Sphere, s, 1. gulo, -leii, m. 
2.fg. ilako, -kea, ■m. = I. de- 
partment,^. ; bovado, -dea, 
m. = I. compass; mitmer, 
-ri,y. = /. limit. 

Spheroid, s. guloso, -sea, m. 

Spice, s. p&rmala6i T^sti}, -tn,/.; 
gar&mm&salo,-lea, m.; ajean, 
-ua, «. = a mixture of the 
spices commonly used in 
seasoning, condiment; f6dni;, 
-na, n. (var. fftnijij, -ria, «.) 

Spice, V. f6dnij gb&l. 

Spioee,.!. 8amb5r,-ra, m. (curry- 

Spider, s. sajiyo, -ya, m. 

Spigot, s. guddi, -de,/. 

Spike, s. k&n&s -nsa, n. = an ear 
of corn, Lai. sptca. 

Spi 4 

Spill, V. simp, e. g. s. water; 

vomti; simpdfli. 
Spin, V. 1. t6]. 
2. guaudS.! = I. agitate round, 

c.v. tf/"guiin. 
Z.fg. lamb kar = ^, make long, 
BpJMge, s. valfiebaji, -je,/. 
Spindle, s, sut Tol£i gadi, -je,/., 

or Cat, -ta, «., J/r. 
Spine, f. k3.ric>, -nea, m. 
Spiral, s. revod, -da, m. 
Spire, s. approx, kolos, sS,, «., 

e,^, 8. of a church. 
Spirit, s. 1. atmo, -mea, nt. = I. 
soul; mon, -na, n. = I. mind, 
&o\i\, considered expressly as 
spiritual, e. g. my spirit 
praises God; mdn cannot 
be used as an equivalent in 
all cases /or spirit; perk. 
kudivoilo Botantri, -ri^, m. ; 
spirit, -ta, m.,/r. 
2. kulefi, -lea, «. = a ghost. 
B./g. dhair, -ra, «. = /. cour- 
4:./g. tsurkpon, -na, n. = I, 

activity; sudalai, -ye,y. 
5.sevot,-ta,m. = /.aim; savab, 
-bi, /. = /. motive; irado, 
-dea, m. = aim. 
6. gun, -na, m., e.g. he is led 
by a good s. ; nadtefi, -teS, 
«. = I. character. 
7. soro, -rea, m., or vlg. dobrad 
or tibrad (soro) = I. double 
or triple liquor (arrack). 
Spirited, a. dhairavont; usar. 
Spiritless, a. jivnatullo; aid. 


Spiritual, a. 1. atmeatso = /. of 

the soul, relating to the soul; 

devasponatso ^ I. devout; 

pavitr^ = /. sacred. 
2. kudnatuUo = I. without body 

(immaterial) ; nirakari = /. 

without form. 
S.igarjetso^ /. of the church. 
For s. in philosophical mn, 

^crA. kudivoilo, or kudivoilea 

Spirituality, s- kudiroilensotan- 

try, -ra, n. 
Spit, J. thimpi, -ye,/. 
Spit, V. thimpi udai. 
Spite, V. dukai = afBict; kastai 

= /. cause pain. 
Spite, s. moa6r, -sra, m. = I. en- 
vy; niskutsar, -ra, w».; nan- 

khnsi, -se,/. = I. ill-will. 
In B. of = zaritar = although, 

ch.cs.; mosransby hatred, 

beparvo karn = despising; 

jikon = conquering; virodh 

= /. against. 
Spiteful, 1. mosri; nankhusetso; 

kodu = /. bitter; see Spite. 
Spittle, s. thimpi, -ye, /. 
Spittoon,;. pikdani,-ne,/;thini- 

piye&en aidan, -na, n. 
Splash, v. (ubran) iSiklii == /. 

make dirty (with mud). 
Splash, s. Sikol, -kla, m.; ubir, 

-bra, m. 
Spleen, s. l.pint, -ta, n. (proiaS- 

ly this is gall; (plih&, Mr. 

Cn. is perh, spleen). 

Spl 4 

%.fg. Tait mirji, -je,/. = /. ill- 

Splendid, a. TodpoiiatsoW. grand; 
dobajeatso = I. pompous; 
p&rz&lik = /. sbiniDg; uttim 
= I. excellent. 

Splendour, s. p&rz&l, -la, m. = I. 
brilliaacy; dobazo, -jea, m. 
= I. pomp; vo^poii, -na, «. «= 
I. greatness. 

Splice, v. meliii, or bet, g^^si = 
I. join together ; sondili, 
e.g. ropes, planks, etc. 

Splint, s. kudko, -kea, m.\ souli, 
-\Q,f. = a piece of wood. 

Split, ^. katUr = /. cut ; £ir = I. 

Sfdit, s. fut,-ti,/.; modap, -^pii, n. 

Split, a. futijllo. 

Splutter, V. g&dbaden nlSj = 
speak hastily and confused- 
ly! gage = '^- stammer. 

Spoil, V. 1. aisrai = I. deprive. 

2. pad kar = I. make bad; 
kaB&i = /. corrupt; nas kar 
= I. ruin. 

3. lut fear = /. make prey. 
4. belse, n.v., e.g. food. 

Spofl, s. lut, -ti,/. = /, prey. 

Spoke, s. khunto, -tea, m. 

Spokesman, see Orator. 

Spongre, s, d&r;ai5en almben, 
-bea, n. = I. mushroom of 
the sea (used for expunging 
stains); diirjiici jib, -be,/ = 
/. a tongue of the sea, (a 
spongy substance used for 

1 Spr 

Sponge, v. (almbean) pus. 

Sponsor, see Qod-fatfaer, Ood- 

Spontaneous, a.-khusetao; hel. rs. 
into apaents, or aple khusen ; 
saimba p^rmane as^^llo. 

Spoon, s. kuler, -ra, n.,fr.; saun- 
tu, -ta, «. {H. K.)\ some say 
5&m£o, -i^, m. 

Spoonful, a. kulerbbSr, /r. 

Sporadic, a. &prup = rare. 

Sport, s. 1. khusSlai, -ye,/. = /. 
pleasure; kh^l, -la, m. = I. 
play; at, -ta> 'W- 
2. n^kai, -kla, h, = /. a copy,y^. 

Sport, V. kbel. 

Sportive, a. kh^l kartso = /. play- 
ing; khasalayetso = A plea- 
sant; Cestayetso = /, funny. 

Spot, s. 1. suat, -te,/ 
2. gurt^, -ta, w. = /. a sign, or 
bet. kbit, -ta, «., e.g. a s. 
on the body; 6iti, -tin, pi. 
/.; lasen, -sea, n. 
On the 8. = fitflntso ; tea ks^n 
= in the very moment. 

Spotless, a. khiltnatulto, pr. /g. 

Spotty, a, kh&t asullo. 

Bpoaee,.T. poti,-ti,OT.; potin, -ni, 
/.; g&rkar, -ra, tn.; garkarn, 
-ni,/.; dadlo, -lea, «.; bail, 
-le,/.=sa wife; gou,gova, tn. 
= 1. a husband (a low word). 

Spout, s. t&nd, -da, n. = I. mouth, 
/g. (of a vessel), 

Spont, v. bhair b&t = I. go out. 

Sprain, V. vdd. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Spr 4 

Sprawl, V. tand. 

Spray, s. zhod, -da, m., ex. the 
fine rain driven, e.g. inside 
a verandali by the wind. 

Spread, v. 1. fintul, e.g. clothes; 
aod&i E uufold. 

2. Tistar=/. extend, propagate. 

3. p&rg^&i or p&rg&t k&r = 

Be B. = fflis za. 
Sprightly, a. tsnrh; usar. 
Spring, s. 1. ka,man, -na, »., of 
a carriage, for papers. 
2./tfr the season, see App. to 
the Konk.-Engl. Diction- 

3. zfi,r, -ri, /. = /. source; 
6ilmbi, -fee,/. 

4. udap, -dpa, n. =i I. a, jump; 
«di, -ye,/. 

5./g. ful, -la, n. = l. a flower, 
^., e.g. B. of life. 
Spring, t'. l.ldrla,, e.g. corn; 
ubza; yeta = /. comes. 
2. ud=/. jump. 
Sprinkle, v. udM = /. throw, e.^. 

Sprout, w. Tad = /. grow; kirla. 
Spront, s. ankri,-re,/. (of trees); 

mungo, -geii, m. (of seed). 
Spruce, a. 1. nit&l = /. pare, 
2. dflndi = /. foppish. 
Spnme, s. f6ad, -da, m. 
Spar, s. vlg. spor, -ra, »., y^*., 
/^M. kanto, -tea, m. = s. for 
Spur, V. sporan (k&ntean) t6p. 

2 Squ 

SpuriouB, a. 1. neg. -^kh&ro or 
niz = true. 

2. boreillo = /. mixed. 

3. vareatso (son). 

Spurn, V. bepirTO k&r, G. M. = 
despise, or (beparrean) sdd = 
leave (with contempt). 

Sport, V. bhair sHr. 

Sputter, -v. lal viiata °e /. saliva 

Spy, s. bfedi, -di, m. 

Spy, z'. bSd kaite. 

Squadron, .r. 1. s&varantso zo- 
mo, -mea, »»., or e&v. vanto, 
-te&, Ml.; trups&varanzomo, 

2. tarvaii = ships. 

3. fouz, -ji,/. = /. an army. 
Squalid, a. burso = /. dirty ; kir- 

kol = /. wretched, 
Sqnalidity, s. bursepon, -icia, n.\ 

kirkolai, -ye,/. 
Squall, 5. 1. tufan, -na, n,\ 

vadal, 45. ^^ 
2.b6b, -be,/. = /. a cry. 
Sqnall, v. b6b mfi-r = /. cry. 
Sqnander, v. pad k^r = /. spoil, 

e. g. money; uas k&r = /. 

ruin ; rs. h&ltnastanan kh&r- 

ei; v6t. 
Squanderer, s. kh&r<5ik or ve£ik 

mJlnis, -nsa, m. 
Sqnare, s. tsouk or ts6k, -ka, m.; 

it mn. any thing of a square 

Square, a. tsoukatso or &ar kon- 

Square, v. 1. tsouk k&r. 

„, „ L.oogic 

Squ 4 

^■fS. sfimak&r = ^. make right, 

settle (accoants), 
3. zata = /. is done, agrees 

Squash, see OrnBli. 
Sqnftt, V. 1. gutli k&ra bda = /. 

sit on the bams; uIcMyan 

2.1ipiin bos = /. sit concealed. 
Squeak, V