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Author of TelugumEngUBh DicHona/ryi 

Ew'Tutor to their Highnessea the Prvncea of Cochin; 

Late Ag. Profeemmr qf Mathematiee, jVfVuiaioy Cdftegt, Mddra»; 

Chief ttMmif^er in Ma^ihmaties, UaSftQ$ JhmermJtyi 

haXe Tutor to the Mintfr RoQah cf Pa^opurom. 

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5. A GoramoD Alphabet for the Different Languages of 

India ... ... ... 4 

6. The contrasts between English and the Indian Ver- 

naoalArs ... . ... ... 8 

7. The comparative fitness and valae of English and 

the Indian Yernacalars for Practical and Scien- 
tific purposes ... ... 8 

8. Edncation to the Aristocracy and men of wealth ... 8 

JiJo^tSoA^H^ TStfSS^cp^^ isa^aiooo]^ pts^sins^si^^ i 
-TT^^P^otoig S'o^sTvJtsSMTT^B ■an'Sa^^sKS^ Tr»i6e$jSb I 
ffgST^ig &POB56'(^M'd H^iSsr^tSwoe&ilS 6aD^iT*0§p& I 

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Pbop. p. SANKARANARAYAN^^.^^^ r. a. s. 

'igi ize y ^ 


In this edition I have made two important im- 
provements. First, I have separated entirely different 
meanings and different usages by semicolons, and more or 
less synonymous and related meanings by commas, so far as 
this distinction is possible to be indicated with the 
limited punctuation marks at our disposal. This is parti- 
cularly advantageous and convenient to Europeans 
learning Telugu, though not so necessary in the case 
of Telugu students to whom the intention or drift of 
the meanings would be clear enough, even without 
any such grouping. Secondly, 1 have marked the 
accents of words, both the primary and secondary, 
according to the best authorities. The accent is defin- 
ed to be simply 'a greater stress on some particular 
syllable of a word distinguishing it from the others^ The 
Indians are often charged with bad accentuation of English 
words. The accent is a matter to which much weight is attache 
ed and we must bow to it, as we must in perfect humiUty to all 
prevailing notions and to what is. It may however be just 
remarked that unfortunatelyEnglish magnifies the importance 
of the accent beyond all proportion, to the great detriment of 
the melody and music of its poetry and versification, as can 
be readily peroieved by a Comparison of it with Telugu poetry. 
Now, be this as it may, since a Telugu youth scarcely 
proceeds in his studies without looking into his Dictionary 
for every new word he meets with, and as the accent thus 
inevitably catches his eye from an early period, his accen* 
tuation is bound to improve* This improvement coupled 
with the pronunciation of difficult and unobvious words, 
given in the unmistakable Telugu character, places the 


students of the Telugu country at a great advantage 
with respect to the acquisition of correct pronunciation 
of English, which is next in importance only to a know- 
ledge of the correct forces of words. 


In announcing, with great pleasure, the issue of the 
third edition of the Dictionary, I have but one or two facts 
to touch upon. It is a matter highly useful and desirable, 
that as many technical, scientific and philosophical terms as 
possible should be given and their equivalents made avail- 
able, I need hardly say that this is one of my constant 
aims. Our ancient terms of the sciences and arts, unfor- 
tunately, seem to be found inadequate, either because there 
were never written many works, in those departments of 
knowledge, in the Indian languages, or because many of them 
are now lost. I make every search for them, drawing upon 
every resource for information and making every inquiry for 
resources. Again words of new coinage are perfectly worthy 
of serious consideration, and desirable to be incorporated in 
a language when they are suitable and satisfy the canons of 
word-coining, and appear to contain in them the principle and 
germ of life. When new words, however, are the result of 
the gradual development of a language they fare like all 
other spontaneous growths, and carry their fitness and per- 
manence with them. Bat when men have to create and 
infuse life into new vocables all in a lump, the task is more 
an embarrassing and arduous one. I have spared myeetf 
no trouble to find out and introduce desirable techiiK»l 
terms with available and appropriate equivalents either oid 
or new. I have made in the work whatever further im- 
proventients and additions occurred to me «b enhancing ita 

ntility and addiog to clearness. I hare oompletedi in this 
edition, my reference to the information, in Ornithology and 
Botany, so kindly furnished by the Rev. W. H. Campbell, m. a. 
B. IX, and W. M. Thorbnrn Esq., o. s. I have also consulted, 
among other works, the recently published Standard Bng* 
lish Dictionary, the Telugu Physiology and Astronomy of 
Rai Bfilbadur K. Veerasalingum Pantulu Garu, and, for 
those botanical names which are not given in Dr. Moodeen 
SheriflTs Pharmacopoeia, Drury^s Useful Plants of India. 

In the interests of satisfactory English and Ver- 
nacular education in the Telugu country, and from an 
earnestness to see the correct view and method fully 
disseminated and well and permanently impressed in 
ill quarters where this book reaches, I am tempted to 
add here a few words more regarding the great im- 
portance and value of the Vernacular, to the yonng student, 
in the study of English. There is no way of learning any 
language except by reference either to objects themselves 
or to the words of another language already known. The 
language first acquired has always, naturally, its own ad- 
vantages. Sometimes the finest grasp we get of certain 
English words is through our mother tongue. When some 
English words and their forces do not well remain in the 
mind or well and clearly come within its comprehension we 
often succeed in making them do so by finding out the 
best corresponding Vernacular, whether a single word or an 
explanation. The Vernacular word serves like an anchor to 
fix the foreign word and its sense in the mind. No end of 
illustrations can be cited for this truth. This is but a 
special case of the general truth, which is universally ad- 
mitted, that a comparative study of any two languages 
throws a flood of additional light on each of them. Of 
coiirse there are parts and aspects of a language, especially 


such a languafge as the Bnglkh, irhioh transcrad thia means 
for mastoriog them and require efforts and an instrument 
tality of a more refined and bigher kind to seiae their spirit^ 
&eir accurate foroes and nice distinctions. 

Thus the mother tongue serves for some time as a 
most useful and perfectly unavoidable go*cart in learning 
a foreign .language/ until a prdper foundation is laid and a 
firm footing obtdindd in tile latter* The student must^ 
before going to his ola»s, prepare all his English lessons as 
well as may be with the aid of thq Vernacular Dictionary, 
and the teacher must supplement bis knowledge and make 
his mastery complete- When the pupil has thus beforehand 
spent some of his mind and exertions in grappling with his 
lessons at home, he is best prepared to take in what the teacher 
says. Else all the earnest and vigorous vociferations of the 
latter will pass off simply grazing the head of the former. Or 
at best, say in the case of the most attentive boy or girl, they 
will merely take the place of the first preparation of the pupil 
at home, or rather a great deal worse, what from the varied 
diversion and imperfect concentration and what from the 
naturally passive attitude of the mind in a class, and will 
stand in need of being supplemented still as before; so 
that the precious labour of the teacher will be doubled, and 
the pupil's real progress halved, and what is perhaps 
more important the soundness and firmness of his grasp 
of what he learns also suffer proportionately, or worse- 
I may then sincerely hope that all teachers and school 
masters in the Telugu country will gladly and hearti- 
ly do their best to contribute to the advancement of the 
cause, equally of sound English and Telugu education by 
painting out to their pupils the proper mode of studying 
a foreign language especially in its early stages. 



I am exceedingly glad ta take this opportunity to 
m^Atiiou thatanf obe^YaMoos^ inith^ Intax^dactioni on thei 
langQ9ge9 »nd alphabets hai^e met with a very favorable recep- 
tion and appreciation by the learned, public^ both native and • 
European aohblars. Now that my htimble suggestions on the 
alphabet have been before thfem for these nearly five years, 
I hope that my educated countrymen, the public in general, 
and enlightened noblemen,. specially, who are the mainstay 
of our co\iqtffy . and nation, will take a more active and 
praojticai interest in the sdbeme of a common alphabet for 
the different languages of our country. I cannot say any- 
thing n^ore her^ touching thisf very important subje^ct and 
musk drop it with this bare reference to it. 

I am bound to add a line with reference to the ap- 
pearance in the book this time^ of the author's bust as a 
frontispi^e. By pressure of my friends and the publishers 
1 had to allow it a place. 

Mabbas : 1 THE AUTHOR. 

<laDoary> 1897, 



It is most gratifying to me to see the very good 
reception given to the first edition both by learned scholars 
and by students. The printing has taken longer time than 
was expected and hence the delay in the issue of the second 

I havie spared no paina or means to make desirable 

ImprovemeQts and additions in the< work for the second 

edition. The Rev* W. H. Camp|?ell, m. a., b. d., a speKpaliat 

in OrQitbologyi and- W. M* Thorburn, Elq,T6.8., who 



T understand has devoted special attention to the study of 
Botany and is considered an authority on the subject^ 
very kindly furnished me, at my request, with lists of correct 
Telugii names of birds and of plants and trees respectively, 
as used in those Telugu districts (the Ceded Districts) in 
which they have experience, and according to their opinion. 
I have been able to make use of the information so kindly 
given by these scholars in the greater part of the work, and 
have to express here my sincere obligations to them. I have 
also now consulted, for botanical and medicinal terms. 
Dr. Moodeen Sheriflf^s Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia of 
India, in those parts in which 1 was not able to do so in the 
first Edition. Whenever doubt was thrown by any of the 
authorities on any matter I have always made a complete 
investigation of the point before arriving at a conclusion. 
And when a point could not be settled, I have given all the 
various renderings given by different authorities. 

In this Edition I have managed to find time to intro- 
duce throughout the work Ardhanvswaram and BakcUa 
Bepham where they are correctly required and necessary. 
Of course these are disputed in the case of numerous words 
by difibrent authorities and I liave in such cases followed 
what I believed to be the best. 

Sdfidhi is a great peculiarity of Telugu as well as our 
other vernacular languages. In some cases Sandhi is com- 
plained of, and rightly complained of, both by Natives and 
Europeans as destroying clearness and causing ambiguity. 
In some cases, however, breaking the Sandhi produces exact- 
ly the similar result of unclearness and loss of meaning, oa 
account of long habit and the almost inseparable nature of 
certain compounds which it seems absolutely absurd to dis- 
join. And the rule, therefore, I have thought to be the wisest 
to follow in a work of this nature has bei^zit'^^6 make or not 


to make the Sandhi according as it contributes to clearness 
or the opposite, so that in both cases the very objects of a 
dictionary and the purposies of an explanation may not be 
frustrated but served. In a great many cases, however, it 
seems to be a matter of perfect indifference for clearness 
and meaning whether we make the Sandhi or disjoin the 
words } and in such cases I wrote either form indifferently, 
or chose the one which I felt as leaning more towards clear- 
ness and more agreeable to the ear* 

Some desirable changes in meanings and parts of Speech 
have been necessitated in accordance with the changes and 
improvements found in the New International Edition of 
Webster's Dictionary. I have also this time had before me 
Monier Williams's English-Sanskrit Dictionary and availed 
myself of any suitable equivalents it afforded. 


Madras. \ THE AUTHOR 

June, 1894. 


To the students of a foreign language, a diglott dic- 
tionary explaining in their mother tongue as far as it is 
practicable, the important and common words and phrases 
of that language, is an indispensable help in the early stages 
of their study. The importance of such a help may be 
readily brought home to all, by observing that the verna- 
cular language of a learner takes, in his acquisition of a 
foreign tongue, the important office which direct observa- 
tion of nature and what has been called object-teaching 
perform in the acquisition of his mother tongue itself. An 
Bnglish-Telugu Dictionary, within the reach of the majority 


of the ever inoireasing tinmbers of Telugu stridents, has 
been a great want all this time. Obsei*ving, as a teacher, 
this real want of the young student in the preparation of his 
lessons at home, and noticing with pain the disadvantage 
and retarded progress caused to the Telugu student by the 
absence of such a help, I conceived the idea of undertaking 
to supply that want and have devoted many yeafs* labor 
to this work. While I labored to secure as much accur^y 
and intelligibility in the renderings as possible, the chief 
point that I constantly kept in view in the course of the 
compilation was to write nothing that is not, according to 
my lights, really needed and useful for some purpose and 
to some class of referrers or other, only without marring 
the completeness of the work. For in my opinion the func- 
tion of an Anglo-vernacular dictionary is very limited, and 
any thing like a comprehensive explanation of the vocabu- 
lary of English mnfet fee in English atone, and by subtler 
means than dictionaries. The studeAt must look to the 
great English lexicons for fuller help. Hoping that I have 
not on the whole strayed far away from my aim I crave 
the indiilgence 6f the public ^ for my failures as well as for 
the inevitable imperfections of a work of this kind, especial- 
ly in its first edition, and offer it only as an humble and no 
misplaced service to my young brethren of Thrilingana I 
feel glad to see that the resiilt of my labors will not only be 
helpful to the student class for whom it was mainly intend- 
ed, but will also be of use as well to the BngKshmen who 
have to learn Telugu, as to the general Telugu public 
whose interests in acquiring a knowledge of English are 
increasing with astonishing rapidity. I have not omitted 
technical words having available equivalents, though indeed 
much more coruld have been done with better help of books 
and pandits than I could command in this paH of the 
country. Mr, Brown's renderings of Botanical names have 


been checked in the gl*eaterpatfc of the W6rk, by a reference 
to- Dr. Moodeen Sheriff's Supplement to the Pharmacopoeia 
of India irhich I take to be more reliable in that matter as 
it formed the Special sabject mattfer of its investigation. 

I have entirely depended upon Webster^s oomplete 
Bnglidh dic^nary wifch SuppJement, for authority on cor- 
rect meaning and parts of speech of EiigKBh words and 
phrases. 1 must here express -tny great acknowledgments 
to C. P. Brown's Bnglish-Telugu dictionary and V. S« 
Apte's English-Sanskrit Dictionary. My acknowledgments 
fu^ also due to the Rev. B. Bayle/s English-Malayalam 
Dictionary and the Rev. P. PercivaFs English-Tamil dic- 
tionary, which occasionally suggested preferable equiva- 
lents, Malayalam and Tamil containing so many Sanskrit 
words which are even more aptly and commoiily used in 

I have also much pleasure to note here another fact. 
Not having been able to get arTelugu young man to come 
to this part (Cochin) of the country to assist me in the 
preparation of the dictionaiy, T resorted to a bold course, 
from extreme unwillingness to give up my idea, I found here 
an intelligent Brahmin young man of Mangalore, by name 
Panambur Rama Row, to whom 1 taught Telugu from the 
beginning and gave the necessary training to render me, 
reliable aid. He has been found, throughout the work 
admirably useful. This fact will, also, indicate the nature 
of the disadvantages and difficulties I have had to struggle 
against iu the course of the writing, and printing of this 

In conclusion, I am only prompted by a sincere ad- 
miration for the English language and the consciousness 


of the exceedingly small portion of its treasures which this 
book interprets in Telugu, if, in offering a book likely to 
come into large and, I trust, no temporary use, and form- 
ing a primary channel of communication between a Ian* 
guage so profound and so vast, so scientific and exact, 
so living and vigorous, and a language so ancient, so rich, 
and so sweet and mellifluous, I feel called upon to record 
here that this volume is but a poor representative of the 
great wealth and thought-embodying power of the noble 
English language, the crippling and weakening of which 
unavoidable in a work of this nature is barely justified and 
compensated for by the utility of the book and by express 
homage to the seemingly wronged. 

I cannot conclude this without expressing my deep 
feeling of thankfulness at the successful termination vouch- 
safed to my undertaking. 

Cochin in Malabar, > THE AUTHOR, 

January 1891 . J 


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T AM glad to avail myself of thia opportonifcy to make a few 
" observations contrasting English and the veroacnlar lan- 
goages of Southern India in some of their aspects, to controvert some 
of the priooiples adopted in Brown's English and Telngn dictionaries 
aikd to discuss certain qnestions of literary and pnblio interest and 
bope that the views expressed will receive the fall attention of the 
educated public. I specially beg to draw the unbiased attention of 
my learned countrymen of the different parts o! the country to my 
eaniMt proposal, in the last part of the Introduction, of a common 
alphabet for our different languages with great obvious advantages. 

The literary difELculties attending the compilation of a diglott 
dictionary would hftve been insurmountable^ if a certain latitude had 
not been tacitly allowed to the compilers by the reading pablic as 
well as by themselves. The nature and genius of every language 
mast be expected to differ greatly from those of any other language 
that does not bear to it a close kinsbip of some sort or has not at 
least been a geographical neighbor to it for any long period. And 
the relationship of English and Telugu being scarcely that of cater- 
cousins, the two tongues may not be expected to agree very much in 
their modes of expression. I will notice and illustrate here a few 
interesting points of contrast between English and Telugu ways of 
expressing thought, which have struck me as remarkable, distinguish- 
ing Dot only Telugu but other Southern Indian languages from English 
and perhaps from other kindred tongues also of the West. Almost 
all the following remarks with necessary change of words will be found 
applicable also to other Indian languages than Telugu. Illustrative ex- 
amples and renderings, however^ will be given only in Telugu; and 
other than Telugu leaders can easily suppose the necessary equivalents 
in their respective languages^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The first and most general feature that oonstantlj arrests our 
attention as distingaishing English from onr vernacolars is in tbe 
order in which it expresses tboaghts. The one language seems, in 
general, to vent ideas in an order jnst the reverse of that in which the 
others do, even as Arahic and other Semitic languages do in writing. 
When yon attempt to translate any Bnglish passage into anj of the 
vernacnlars yoo have almost invariably the curioas necessity to begin 
at the end or with the last convenient part. First of all a typical 
example may be given. 

The rock at the top of the mountain. 

Look, how you must begin at the end and end at the begin- 
ning. While the Englishman says * speak to me', ' I said he had 
come', the Telngu says ?r»S^ aj>&r»&jS», oT»c& sy-0^|3^c«^p ^fcv^jD. 

While the one says : the other says : 

See the star. |i'3t(^i5»fSS -S^SSo. 

Ask what you want, f^So nr^sJojB^a osssHoKi, 

I referred to the book. •$)jgS'jS» ^-O^p). 
He was punished because he was oT»c& ^«5^^*^jSa ?Cj6^ ^*a».osJco 

wrong. "SfSS. 

One of my friends. F» "^^ftn^oer* '^S'c& l58' F* 

Come to-morrow. "S"^ tSr^, 

Varied and moi*e complex illustrations of this truth are within 
easy observation whether in speech or in writings. It can hardly be 
discussed and decided here, which order is more scientific or psycho- 
logically correct. The vernacular form, however, in those oases that 
have been illustrated above, seems to me to be more reasonable and 
accordant to the real order of the ideas in the mind. A great deal 
of this difference between the two tongues may be nearly set down 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


•8 alttmately dae to the one beiog far more inflectional than th& 
other, which expresses most of its relations by independent words; 
and it may be laid down as a general rale that whenever the relation 
between two things is expressed^ the order of the words has to be 
reversed between English and vemacnlar. 

Another characteristic of English that would seem on reflec- 
iiou almost grotesque is to be found in some of its verbs. There are 
many verbs in English which require man as their subject and make 
bim seem an agent where he is only perfectly passive and least fit to 
be made the subject of a verb. The Englishman says eqnally well 
'The man speaks' and 'the man bleeds'. The same form and equal 
agency attributed to man in both the expressions have sounded simply 
nntnie and preposterous to my Telugu ear, almost from the time I 
first knew them, early acquainted as it was with the properly varied 
mode of expressing^ the same propositions, in Telugu. Spontaneous 
or involuntary, and voluntary actions seem generally to be treated 
differently by Telugu. English seems to attribute agency to man too 
uniformly and unnaturally, while Telugu seems to discreetly vary the 
form of expression for different circumstances. Take another example 
' I have lost my book'. I was indeed no agent whatever in losing my 
book, aa I might be in selling it, in carrying it, or even in tearing it ; 
and in Telugu we very rightly vary the expression and say |r»"^^S'«5» 
8^^O09(^d. The validity of these examples may not be admitted until it 
is pointed out that the expressions given above are the only common and 
idiomatic ones in the respective languages. An attempt to express the same 
thoughts in the opposite way in both the languages will result, in 
grossly awkward expressions. Thus the expression f ^f6|3r»*^^g'i69o 
(& a^c^T'lodr^o^f)' is ridiculous in Telugu for its intended sense; and 
to use any novel Euglish expression like 'my book has gone or dis* 
i^peared' will be merely doing violence to the custom or idiom of that 
language. An illustration very well to the point is found in the En- 
glish expression 'he digested his supper' as if that were the most volnn*' 
tary of our animal functions I The peculiar feature contemplated here 
may be presented more clearly and see^ to be a real and no imaginary 

Digitized by V^jOOQIC 


ohe, hj placing together side by side corresponding Englisti and l^logfll 
expressions for the same ideas. The table of sentenoes given below 
shows how Telaga begins with assigning complete agency to man 
where he is renlly a conscious agent and diminishes sach agency gra- 
ddally as he is less and less of a oonsoioa^ and willing actor, leaving 
it doubtf al and admitting a variety of expression where necessary, and 
finally making him completely passive when the action is distinctly one 
beyond his control. 

Providing two lines for the two possible modes of expressing 
each proposition, the first being assigned for that which has man as 
the sabject, it will be observed how English fills only the first line 
throughoat leaving the second completely blank, whereas Teluga fills 
only the first line in the first two examples and both the lines in the 
next three and the second line alone in all the remaining oases. 

He speaks. 

[my hand 
1 received the falling frait in 


{oT^CSk> S5b-»d*T«>'(fifo5f <3^C^. 

I solved the problem. 

1 learnt the truth. 

I hoArd the sound. 

Be bleeds. 

He lost his book. 

The child cut teeth. 


riS^S-^^ sJodlbfSc) wo^^r^otSf). 


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t hutiA « pulse on the road. 

He digested his supper. 

Do yon underataod the verse P 

Do joa see the small star? 

I received a blow or hurt. 

jsnfjg f£>^tSs» e>eJH^a. 

Observe in particular bow iu the second and the last examples the 
same manner of expression is used in finglisb ip altered oircnmstaDces 
while it is cbanged in Telagu. I^bus tbd tendency io English pbra- 
^logy seems to be indiscriminately to throw all appearance of acting 
on man whether he does anything or not. It is not to be supposed 
ibatin doing so English implies only abundant faith in the will of 
man. For, nnduly egotistic^ it lacks in due appreciation of where 
iQ&n's will is really exercised. Take the third of the examples given 
ibo?e * I solved the problem.' Of the two Telagu expressions given 
for this the second is the more common one. It is true that gener- 
^ly efforts of mind| helped also by practice and experience, are not 
iwde in vain to solve a problem. Bat, tt must be remembered, when 
^^ problem is of its true and singular nature and not one of the ex- 
^ples for exercise of a known kind and principle, in which text 
books abound, the solution is observed to be somewhat fortuitous and 
<]epeodent upon a lucky hit or flash for which, though not entirely 
^eft to chance, one must yet trust to time, himself only fixing the 
tjoestion before his mind. Easy examples hardly deserving the name 
rf problems could not have been very common in the days of little 
fusion of knowledge. For such cases, however, Telugu has ^US'j^^jJ 
^ m a^icfc^^*. Bven in this last alternative expression the true 
Kprii ef T<liigo will be ami lurking, by separating and examining the 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

tneauingof the two parts whioh compose the wordi ^i^c&c3B»«-^&(^^^5 
cS^. Again, the word ^Ocfia> seems to illustrate beautifally the 
spirit of Telttgu : it means Ho he understood or perceived.* It appears to 
be a peculiar possession of Telagu : English seems to be jast forming 
and will probably have in time, a word like it — viz. Clear, v. t. But 
what is idioroatioallj expressed in the one language by ^zStSotSsa fS^SSlc) 
^c^^ is idiomatically expressed in the other by *I understand that verse'. 
Wherever necessary in the least^ Teluga draws a difference and uses 
different expressions. ' I think* is emplojable for the purposes of both 
the Telugu expressions "^?6 wer^-Oo^-^F^fSS 75s' ^oc-^-S^arj^fSa 

and F»SS <S^c^^|^a, ^4»t^^^a l5g' efSS&o^^i^^a. Observe, 
once more^ the difference of spirit manifested in the expressions ' I 
have or possess or own a book' and ?r»§^6' *^_^S'aS»jr^a. 

It may perhaps be objected that in shifting the appearance of 
agency from man, we connot lielp placing it in some other object, 
generally inanimate, which won Id be equally unreal. It is trae we 
must have something for the nominative of an active verb. But in any 
case other than that of man, there is no suspicion of any active part 
in the subject of the sentencci and such sentences are neither jarring 
nor avoidable. When man, however, is concerned, to give him the 
look of an intentional actor, when he perhaps bitterly regrets that be 
is a helpless sufferer or a powerless tool of forces, seems grotesque 
and irrational. At all events, the differentiation pointed out above as 
observable in Telugu and in other Indian languages, is not one that 
a sound and philosophical language should avoid adopting if it can. 
Also, this is one of those circumstances which render difficult and some- 
what inaccurate the translation of many English words singly and the 
renderings in such cases must be adapted to the context by the reader. 
A similar spirit of levelling the distinction necessary between a living 
creature and a lifeless object is observable in several other English 
words. One instance occurs to me now : English says equally ' an old 
man' *an old cow' 'an old house or chair', but Telegu requires * i6»^^ 
5r»c&^ tbi^taSni^j aud not indeed i&9i?8*0^ but ^*•ctf*^^•' 

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Tbere is semeihiog worth iu)iiBg in the nature of the distinction 
of traDsitive and intransitive verbs in English. This distinction is gene- 
rally understood to bo eqnivalent to that of *^€r^^r/S» and ^S'tf^S'rfM 
in Telngn. Bat there seems to be a radical difficalty about the real 
nature of the transitiveness of a verb. I oonfess I do not know where 
to geek for what others may have thought on this point, and would 
here examine the question a little way. Is the distinction a renl 
or entirely a conventional one f Afc first sight it would seem to be 
of such a fundamental nature that it must hold good in all syste- 
matized languages, and that when we have a Telugn equivalent 
for an English tranaitive verb, it must also be a ^^^^\^cx^. But 
consider verbs like * advise V 'admonish' * deserve' * warn ** inhabit ' 
'inform' 'tell' 'teach' ' require '* need ' 'tax', which are all transitive 
in English, their use being as in ' advise or teach a boy ', ' inhabit 
a town or house', * warn a man^, *tax the people' Ac- We have 
tbe accepted Telbgu equivalents for them: — «»g^5)^, ^^^^zs^y ^ss 

?o^, "§e)08Sc ScS^, ^^^ *^' ^^^ surely their use is not snppwg 
^;} ^. but ^sj^i^i oog^s5^. The. question arises — ^How far is it 
then accurate to equate * transitive ' to ii^^^rOoi and the several 
English verbs to the corresponding Telugn verbs. From the de- 
finitions of trarmtvue verb and i|^S'5^8'(8obS, equating them depends 
open tbe recognition of a supposed common feature to both, viz. 
the one taking what is called an object after it and the other what 
is called a S'tf^, before it. Thus it turns upon the equivalence of 
'object' to S'tf^. Now, the 'object' is in the objective case govern- 
ed by a verb, and is affected by the action— S'tf^agfectfr* S^_|u^j5bo 
3 (SoB5o9a3S'{j-2k>e;85a)^ s^o2^^(^d. In these definitions, the first part 
refers to the form and grammar and the latter part to things and 
ftctionsj both of which are always expected to agree with each other 
uid do so too in proportion to the philosophical soundness of a Ian. 
gnage. Then in equating 'transitive' to if)S'5^6'«S», the ultimate 
grammatical implication is the equivalence of 'objective case' to 
6jfectfj*?><r_J, iii which, *oase' and a<r_i may be admitted to mean 

Digitized by V^OOQlC 

the samo thing with reference to the nonn or A^slcs5» $ and nonn 
and J>^Bic8S>5 are unqnestionably the same, depending upon noth. 
ing further than their identical nature and definitions. Now in 
English, the case or ©<?'_|> I thinV, is in a confused and very im- 
perfect condition ; it can offer nothing definitely corresponding to 
the different cases in Telngn or Sanskrit beyond the very first or 
\^^tSQ, And the English objective case can scarcely be said to 
coincide with Og&cl5a^J>9' j 5 it covers a much larger gronnd, being 
only one of the few English cases. Thus we see according to accepted 
definitions in the two languages all the grammatical terms concern- 
ed appear to tally with each other except the last pair which stands 
as the basis of all the others and to which we have traced the sup- 
posed equivalence of transitive to •fjS'tf^l^jSM. It should not there- 
fore be surprising if the commonly assumed correspondence of this 
grammatical feature between the two langnages breaks down and 
presents frequent examples of its failure. Whenever in English 
a suitable preposition between a verb and a noun, expressive of the 
proper relation between tham gets dropped for some reason or 
other, there is the chance of the noon falliog inb> the objectiv^e 
pa^e and the verb getting transformed into the transitive kind. 
Thus if the disti notion of transitive and intransitive be a real one 
answering to something in the relations of actions to things and 
not purely oonventioiiali English has man^t and has a tendency to 
make more, unnatural transitive verbs. Whereas, Teinga seems 
to scrupulously reserve its relationship of 8'g^ and |Joo3 only to 
those definite cases where the result of the action passes to or 
affects the object in a marked, striking and palpable manner, as in 
*beat* 'break* or * punish'. Every action has a great variety of 
connections with things around, and its results go far and reacb 
very remote things, au'i what English does in many cases is to slur 
the tedious expression of the distinct real relation and to conven- 
iently make the verb transitive and the thing a so-called object. 
To the examples already given a few more may be added: *fear,' 
*obey,' ' befall ' followed by a perBonal obje^, but in i^alily a verb 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 


ol ike pnrely mtransHive forc6 of happen; 'become (me)*; * behove*; 
'mait'; * avail'; 'deprive'; *like*; 'refer (a person)': in some of 
tbtflO it will be observed a contrivAnoe has been resorted io in the 
shape of a prefix to dispense with the proper preposition. This sort 
of transitive has been developed to such an extent that is eztro- 
melj inconvenient and unmanageable to render saoh peculiar verbs into 
other languages. There are cases, though rare, of such verbs eluding 
the carefol endeavours of even English lexicographers sorupaloaslj to 
gire them only transitive equivalents or explanations. While the con- 
Tenience of the English transitive verb may be anphilosophical, it is 
perhaps one of those features of the language which make acquisition 
and display easy and one of the innumerable, small eanses which are 
popalarizing English. 

About the natare of the 'f)S'5^8'|Jo8SI have never been fully satis- 
fied: the teacher said |§oeJSoa»^^jfSo86» 8SDft5aa»^ x^-cygi&ajSS s^ofi^l^-^ 
^(8oc5 -p^^^ tSn im^H when the result of the action passes to some other 
object, the verb is *(^^^^s6m. But there was something unsatisfactorily 
lagae in this definition. The result of an action passes in numerous 
ways aod directions and to mahy objects around ; which of them is 
contemplated in the definition P With that definition^ it seemed to me 
the most intransitive of verbs that could be prod need might be shewn 
to be transitive : if you lie, sit, remain or sleep, the result of the action 
flows to or effects tangibly the place among other things and yet these 
ire not t^^^^sSm) yoo do not say ' lie the place' or ^^e>«5a»ji$d 6vo^^* 
Then which particular relation or what kind and intensity of effect from 
the action requires or entitles the noun to be made ^^ and to be put in 
£^&d8cr»d<r_| p What is that peculiarity which is inherent in actions 
that require transitive verbs P If there is any, that is I think, better 
End more correctly represented in the Telngu language than in English. 

Passing from any such radical differences in favour of Telugu on 

pomis rather of philosophic interest^ the advantage, on the whole, for all 

poelictl purposes seems to be overwhelmingly on the side of the English 

I^Bgoage. A few of the peculiar features which give to English at onoe 


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sach wonderf al ease and convenience, precision and freedom from ambi- 
gmiy, and which seem almost to present impossibilities when we atiieiDpt 
to translate English into Telagn and likewise any other vemacalar of 
Southern India, will be briefly noticed here. 

What is called the I'elative constroction in English seems to be 
unparalleled by anything in our vernacul>irs. Nor is it equalled in 
power and elasticity by anything that can be pointed out in thecn as 
serving in its place. The explanation of the extreme usefalness of the 
relative pi'onoan, I conceive, probably lies in this It gives yoo a nice 
grammatical link— a new word, and yet only the old one, that opens to 
yon all the field of a full fresh sentence, while reserving unspent^ for the 
purpose intended, the full energy of your original word; the antecedent, 
whatever its position and whatever the fanction it is to serve in the 
sentence. The relative pronoun admits of either being made the subject 
of any complex predication in all its possible varieties or of being pre- 
dicated of something else in whatever manner it may be necessary, the 
antecedent remaining completely unaffected or unused all the while. 
The simple expression 'the standing man' is easily rendered f)€»^|^ 
«foj6^^c&. It has an alternative in English * The man who stands*. 
The possession, however, of this variety of expression here does not seem 
to be attended with any good or gain to English. So also the slightly 
more complex ideas expressed in, ' the crookedly standing man', ' the 
man standing there with a book in his hand' do not seem to absolatelj 
need the help of the relative in English or to suffer any way in our ver- 
nacular from want of that facility^ being easily rendered as ^ ^^ij~.ii 
^^•$)^8'8S3o»dj:)§^p poo^^ 8Sd^;^cc^' &c. But come to a little 
more complex idea * the man who was brought to me yesterday by my 
Servant' : this could not have been expressed in English at all but for the 
t^^o, and only finds vent in Telugu barely with convenience, ease of 
breath and grace, as Pc^'ir*!©©]^^ i3n»sJgSS*§"O^I^ sfoj6;^cc2& or more 
strictly though less elegantly ^ Pl^ 13^»0|J?^^^ lo^s^gSS '§czi&l^ 85»;5b 
«^cc^ '* These simple adjectival constractions, which have not their 
like in English have been rendered possible in Telugu by it« inflectional 
nature, and by the want of an alternative in consequence of which its 

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nmple coostmction must have perforce received a greater development^ 
wMle English mnst have too eagerly embraced advantage of the relative, 
iherehj too early incapacitating itself even for sach simple conceivable 
oonstmctior.B as 'the there standing man' or 'my servant-brought- 
nmu': it mnst however be borne in mind that this sort of ez« 
pression is made possible only by means of sufficient inflections ; as 
ki instance in 'servant-brought' servant ought to have, strictly speak- 
mg, some termination or particle to denote the instrumental case, for 
the expression to become sufficiently intelligible. Now take the fol- 
lowing *'the man who denounced but last year with such eloquence 
and vehemence as the world has rarely heard since the time of Burke, 
hifl opponent's conduct though exactly the same as his own procedure on 
the present occasion and under circumstances and motives precisely 
similar to those which are actuating himself now". Here the relative 
allows the writer to make whatever complicate statement lie wants of 
the antecedent, leaving the word quite free to be dealt with as he wishes 
or requires, and the previous construction of it also entirely unaffectecl. 
Whereas, the adjectival Telugu construction becomes quite breathless 
he such an expression. Its inflections, 1 fancy, are not enough to help 
it in such an extreme emergency ; and besides, even if you succeed in 
imiiing the whole qualiflcation into an adjectival form, the reader or 
liearer will have to wait to know what is 'going to be qualified by this 
tremendous collection of words 'until the whole of it is finished and ter- 
minated by a verbal adjective ending in < SD(^^ <OSb or W6S% which 
would give an oppressive strain and pressure to the reader's mind. This 
partly explains that difficulty of which we, at least I, often experience 
in following the long sentences of the Tolngu newspaper and other 
writings. For the Telugu fashion of expression, all the moods and forms 
of the verb woold require to have their corresponding adjectival as well 
tt other forms, to make the style unambiguous, nay intelligible, but 
many of which are unfortunately wanting. Thus taking a simple exam- 
ple, we have for ' he may do* znc& ^ocjSs^^^jSS 5 but for * who or that 
^J do*, • when he may do', if he may do', * he might do', we in rain 
N prompted to say ^OC^sy-S^^g, ^OCSStf^^l^-^ifo <fe5, which are 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

neither io ose nor have meaning ; of eonrse^ if we can manage tbeee io 
any extent in some other way, that ia ont of the qaestion. We have to 
render ^ those who did not oome' as tt^PoJ^I^ which is qnite ambignons, 
meaning as it does either those who did not, do not, or will not cone. 
In oomplez cases where the adjectival oonstraotion cannot serve, what 
Telngu has to do is either to break np the passage into several short 

sentences, or proceed like this o)«^c^^ o>d &o 1S1&9*; 

•^>r» &c , «g3T»c&, «>gG "t^ egoT'p Ac." This seems to be the 

nearest approach which Telnga can offer to the English relative con- 
struction ; and it may perhaps admit of being systematically worked up 
to something like it. But it will be evident to those who are farailinr 
with involved English sentences, how inconvenient a method it mnst 
prove to go on in this manner dropping a constraction and then taking it 
up. Thus the only help seems to lie in breaking np into short independent 
sentences, when it is possible Such a style, however, is suitable onlj 
for certain kinds of composition — ^for purposes of science, logic and argu- 
ment,^— and would result in great loss of force and coherency when it is 
out of place. 1 would quote here, as an illustration, selected by a single 
glance over a few pages of a certain good English work, a sentence of no 
extraordinary length but yet one in which the relatives (italicised) appear, 
I believe, to pretty good advantage as regards the nniqae fa notion which 
they serve in clothing as it were the long thought: " ...and there is 
little chance of reasonable thinking on the matter, while people flatter 
themselves that they perfectly understand a subject ot which most men 
know absolutely nothing and of which it is at present impossible that 
any man^ or all men taken together, shonld have knowledge which can 
qualify them to lay down the law to women as to what is, or is not, their 
vocation". Apart from any difficulty about individual words the sentence 
may be fairly offered as a specimen of constructions that, I venture io 
say, defy the best vernacular writers to throw them into the vernacular 
elegantly. And yet it does not contain any undue combination of ideas 
needlessly thrust together into one sentence, which ought therefore, 
strictly speaking, to be broken up and should not, as it is, be taken as 
a fair instance of a complex construction. 


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There is aootber aspect of the relative oopatmotiofi which aocoants 
tar the admimble expansive power which it lends to English style qnite 
eompatiblj with ease, elegance and perspicoity. It is a general trath 
that a qoalifioation onght to precede the qnalifiad inasmoeh as it is bnt 
one of the bnndle of attributes oonstitnting the latter and should there- 
fore be stated first. Bot " though, up to a oertain point it is well for the 
qualifying clauses of a period to precede those qualified ; yet, as carrying 
forward each qufilifying clause costs some mental eflort, it follows that 
when the number of them and the time they are carried become 
great, we reach a limit beyond which more is lost than is gained".* The 
question here has been decided by the writer by the consideration of the 
mental effort. But apart from this consideration, even from the point 
of view of the true psychological order, it seems to me the epithets or 
qualifying expressions may be of two different natores and classes one 
of which should come after the qualified. And whether from con- 
sideration of the mental effort or from that of the right order, the 
line of demarcation, I think, may be nearly drawn thus. When 
the qualification is more of an adventitious nature and only adds 
to the well-known and essential attributes of tlie thing qualified 
and is eA^ long and complicate, it comes better after the qualified 
is mentioned. To vary the style thus where necessary, the English 
relative construction is an important anxiliary. Whereas, our vernacu- 
lars have not the alternative, and consequently all qualifying clauses 
must precede the qualified. Again^ the convenience of inserting the 
qualifications by means of the relative claase after the thing qualified 
gives the facility to intersperse the principal naked sentence with subor- 
dinate clauses and these again with their subordinate ones and so on to 
a surprising degree without making the whole cumbersome. Whereas? 
long before this degree of complicacy is reached clearness and unambiga. 
ity are lost in the adjectival vernacular construction. 

English has a great variety of tenses and moods of verbs, which 
it often becomes very trying to bring into Telugu. It would be interest- 
ing and instructive to see how far Sanskrit may cope with it in this 

• Spencor'B " PhUoiophy pf 4yle". 

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There is another enviable feature in the English grammar. Its 
strict classification of parts of speech and the system of accounting for 
the position and function of every wm^l in a sentence, are found highlj 
usefull safeguards against confusion and ambiguity, and contribnte 
greatly to precision and exactitude. They are of particular service for 
purposes of teaching, as every teacher's experience can verify. When a 
boy sometimes does nbt understand a passage or sentence^ and in hopeless 
confusion appears to quarrel with the passage and cannot state his diffi- 
culty to his teacher, the cause of his failure to understand is beautifully 
eliminated by means of the English system of analysis, parsing, and 
giving the construction of every word before him. If he err in construing 
any particular word connecting it with a wrong word and plausibly ask 
'why not sof it sometimes becomes difficult to convince him of his mis- 
take. But we can always drive him into a corner by asking him to 
explain the position of that other and another word until at last he finds 
himself in an untenable position. Telugn, I believe, has not such a 
hard and fast system of grammatical analysis, following nearly as it does 
the Sanskrit classification of only a few parts of speech including under 
one name of Avyayams a variety* of words. The usual equivalent ^^V 
KjSw now given for 'part of speech' is .itself I fear of recent introduction 
necessitated in the course of teaching English grammar. So also, (Jdlr* 
ti'^ti.t^tSoii for adverb fieems to be of recent recognition and origin. In 
Telugu as well as in Sanskrit, connection in sense takes the place, to a 
great extent^ of grammatical construction andj analysis, and has been 
found to sufficu tolerably. 

The degiees of Comparison of adjectives and adverbs are another 
important source of precision and perspicuity in English. It will be at 
first disputed if I say that degrees of comparison are absent in Telugu 
and have no place in its grammar. Why, we say 8{0 xypS'olb Z)0a;g) 
for 'this is heavier than that*. First note in this that all the indication 
of the comparison is by the ffth<ase ending ^oToand^^the adjective itself 
undergoes no change for the purpose. And the consequence is that the 
force of the comparative adjective becomes dependent upon other words 
and the context, and never is able to stand on its own legs. Thus in 

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tbe coarse of an argnment if a higher degree of an attribute has to be 
predicated of a certain thing with obvious reference to a foregoing one 
for comparison, there is no means of doing so bat by actaally introdac- 
ing tliat foregoing thing in its fifth case. The absolate adjective stands 
always for the comparative or relative one, and is manifestly attended 
with serions inconvenience. To utilize a familiar instance, when a pretty 
good pen is brought you, yoa are helpless to say thro' Telaga * get me a 

better pen'. We generally say sSdo-OS'cjjSm'SsSMj bat it implies that the 
one first brought is a bad one. Oar only other alternative is, so farad I 
know, Slo^^o^sS3ot:)^o«5i»'38SM^. It will be noticed how the adjective itself 
imdergoes no modification and entirely depends apon the mention of the 
foregoing thing for its relative force. We are at a loss to enforce oar mean- 
ing thro* Teiugu with the same power as thro' English, when we want 
' the largest'. The most suitable words we can think of rather direct 
the mind to the very large. Try translating this foregoing sentence itself, 
or another say 'my father's biggest horse was sold away'. The rigoroas 
understanding of the superlative in English is carried so far that, when 
the topmost position is occupied not by one but more than one, it is not 
allowed in correctness to say ' the largest ' but ' a or one of the largest'. 
Only a slight laxity in the usage of the superlative is observable in the 
case of what is called the superlative of eminence, which however does 
not seem to have vitiated iu any degree the real force of the superlative 
in its place. Now there are two Teiugu forms for the comparative and 
superlative degrees of adjectives which are sometimes heard in ele- 
mentary classes of schools in the course of teaching : i^ft5'?)g^Sjj-0'?)g. 
But I am afraid, no sooner are these written down and presented to the 
eye clearly than they are disapproved and rejected. First of all, they 
are not at all classical and accepted whether in form or meaning, sheer 
necessity in the course of teaching English Grammar having driven 
teachers to resort to them as expedients. Besides, the former may mean 
•larger' but the latter does not surely mean 'largest' but only *very 
large'. They are not used for purposes of comparison in writings. If 
you take up any Teiugu book and turn its pages, you need not be sur* 
prised if you do not find these comparative and superlative degree forms 

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ahy where in the whole book. Thas there is do regnlar ptovibion iu 
Telagu for the comparative and saperlative degrees, thongh, it most be 
admitted^ there may be some special words having all the strict saper- 
lative sense, like "A)€»^ L^a*"^' (SJ^bSd, ^^tSoy &c. We have two 
suffixes taken from Sanskrit decidedly preferable to tfaeJ, Sx>§^0^ 
though they are not much utilised : ^^ and ^r&>- They exactly corres. 
pond to the comparative and superlative of English, except that the 
second is also used, in Sanskrit, as a termination to denote the ordinal 
number. The difficulty nbont them does not then relate to thoir sig- 
nification or form bat to the propriety and the manner of their being 
taken after pure Telugu words. They very well join with (^^^afe) 
Sanskritio words ; there is no qaestion about the correctness and nsefnl- 
ness of the words " *^o2Je^^?^35»" ^* ^oSJj^^t&aiw.'' Bat when we 
come to pure Telugu words, as «5do€), "Bv^ ^o, ©J6;g), x^ewS'j^, we feel 
tl»e difficulty. The hybrids ""Bg^^i^sSM'* ^<'3j)^8&86»'' &c. do not 
sound well at present. We however find no other expedient and I woald 
respectfully snggest to Telaga scholars to think on the subject and, 
should no better means occur to any, to accord their considerate approval 
to such hybrids after the analogy of several other long^sanctioned ones 
which are already found in the literature, and to popularize them thro' 
their writings gradually. 

I would also say a word here regarding an essential aspect of the 
degrees of comparison, which is not touched in the best manuals of 
English Grammar. Good, belter, best; large, larger, largest Ac. are invari- 
ably given as connected words referring to and depending apon each 
other in meaning, and in a manner as thoagh the words in themselves 
were in asoending order of magnitade or degree. But it id nothing of 
the kind. Better is not better than good, best is not better tiian beUer, 
and boit is not the best of the three good better 8f best. If one thing ia 
declared to be better than another, this another need not be good, nor 
need the former be. And the good^ whatever meaning may be assigned 
to it, may be far above the higher or far below the lower of the compared 
two, in &ct anywhere. So also with large, hea/cy, or any other company 

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ble adjectives* The coibpftrfttive and superlative formfl might as well, if 
possible^ have been qaite independent words signifying respectively 
^exoeediDg another in size, weight, &o.% and 'exceeding many others 
severally in size, weight &o* We are sare from the true forces of the 
three degrees, that if we find 'heavy body* in one page 'heavier body* in 
another, and 'heaviest body* in a third, there is no relation whatever 
between these three bodies ; the first may indeed be heavier than the 
second; the third may be much less heavy than the first. 
When we think deeply on it, the positive degree by itself 
hardly seems to have any meaning in by far a great number 
of cases. There is almost invariably an implied comparison, 
I feel I cannot understand the meaning of merely 'a long rod' 
Further inquiry into this particular point will see me perhaps inex. 
tricably in metaphysics. But we are sure that the comparative degree 
is the essential and fundamental one and the others only grammatical 
or linguistic necessities or conveniences. While thus the comparative 
degree is all essential, it is a matter for regret that our vernacular 
languages have no recognised provision of a form for it. There is also 
matter for some surprise in a remark made in his grammar by Professor 
Bain, perhaps the most logical of English Grammarians Treating of 
the degrees of comparison of adjectives, he concludes with the remark 
" Like many other dual forms the comparative degree is superfluous*'. 
He has evidently in view only the particular case of the forms 'the 
better of two', 'the best of three', to the exclusion of all other contexts 
requiring the comparative, and thinks that ' best ' being the more com- 
prehensive of the two will do for both as many good writers have also 
accepted it. Whatever may be the exact truth about the analogy bet- 
ween the comparative degree and 'dual forms', I cannot understand 
how ' the comparative' can be superfluous, while it alone represents our 
real knowledge, which fact Professor Bain, of all men in the world, who 
has at least brought into such' prominence the great truth of the re- 
Utivity of all our knowledge, is the last or least expected to overlook. 
Apart from this, from a mere grammatical point of view, it is impossible 
for the superlative form to take the place of the conparative anywhere, ex. 
cept the particular class of expressions like * the least of two'. The cwip- 

Q Digitized by VaOOsTiC 

pamtive has an aotnal place and U indigpensable. The positive degree 
1^, oorreotly^ found necessary only in two cases so for as I can see nowt 
(1) A bright sk J distinguished from '^dark sky', (2) 'five feet Zoti^'. 
In the first it is far from signifying a qnantitative comparison and 
denotes or involves a mere distinction, or opposition of qualities termed 
by some a logical distinction. In the second it is, I think, the same as in 
the fiirst in sense and only definite in addition. A great many uses of 
the positive degree acquire meaning and intelligibility as expressions 
of dgree throagh an implied reference to some appropriate standard re- 
siding in ourselves. The superlative degree is only the repeated oom> 
parison; and however real and nsefnl it may be grammatically and pra- 
ctically, it is probably only fictitious and conventional so far as the 
single or simple operations of the mind are conoerned. 

Passing from such minate points in which English excelS| we 
observe that its main and essential superiorityi I venture to think| to 
perhaps any other language on earth lies iu its abundant vitality and life- 
The mainspring of this must undoubtedly be found in the huge portion 
of humanity that speak, write and think in Englifih at this day. The 
English-using portion of mankind is, besides being large, the most active 
in every way and the most widely spread and powerful — actve in manu- 
facturing, trading, governing, legislating, codifying, recording, chronicl- 
ing, inventing, patenting, research, engineering, forest-cutting, travell- 
ing, sailing, exploring, account-keeping, civilizing nay humanizing, 
evangelising, colonizing — which it looks as if I must only stop enamerat- 
ing to take breath or rather to give breath to the reader — and in almost 
every other imaginable department of human activity equally on land and 
water, each one of which must be accompanied by a corresponding gain 
to the language. The life in the English language is evidenced by the 
power of its words and combinations of words to raise in tl>e mind, with 
admirable vividness and readiness, their corresponding ideas. If any- 
thing can be said to constitnto the life of a word, I suppose it must be 
its ability to call up a thought or conception, or to release one from its 
mysterious confinement. In this, I think, English excels in an eminent 
deeroe. If that language is a dead language^ which is not used by any 

° Digitized by VjOOQIC 

• 38- 

liviog nationsy then that one which is employed by the greatest number 
and the most active of Hying hmnanitj-^-that whioh enters into the 
composition of most living minds and has the best chances of endariBg 
for ages — that which has prospects of nnlimited further growth and 
development, may well be said to be most ftdl of life. The association 
between the word and its meaning must necessarily grow stronger in 
proportion to the freqaency of the employment of the word in that 
meaning. In the case of any but the most concrete terms, there is also 
a gain to vividness from repetition. Now if it could be calculated how 
many times each partioalar word has been employed in all, in English 
and also in any of our veroaoalars, there is no knowing what the com« 
parison would be. Only a faint notion of it cau be had from the house* 
fols of English ?n*itings of all classes, which bear witness to the immense 
activity that is going on in the English tongue.There is no magic that gives 
particular combinations of articulate sounds the power to bring into 
mind particular ideas. I trust it is no ofi^mce against the philosophers 
contending about the origin of language, and not very far from the truth 
for all intents and purposes, to say that it must be ultimately some con<> 
vention^ of however unconscious and rude a sort, that fastens ideas on 
vocables. And in advanced stages of progress, especially, conscious aud 
systematic convention is most actively at work from sheer necessity. 
New names and new" meanings to old words are constantly being propoe* 
ed and accepted, expressly or in silence. When the nation is strong 
enough in numbers and has sufficient occasion to make a large use oC 
them, they become current and strongly signiflcaDt. A few examples 
w«ald well illustrate how words have, in English, gained force aud vivid 
impressivenesB by extensive use, and lost the same in Telugu by disuse 
or iBBufficient use. The idea of ' right', n-^ has not indeed come into the 
Telugu country with the English. Bat what is the Telugu word for it, 
which every Telugu man woman and child of sufficient age understand P 
I hiave to regretfully aoswer ' none'. I know a word will oocur to the 
Telugu reader, whioh most Telugus understand and use rightly : tf*9S{|.^. 
But it must be remembered that it is not a pure or Sanskritic Telugu 
word) but an Arabic cue. If the condition of being commonly under-t 
stood by all bo wt aaido tiiere nay be found one or twQ nearly ecnuyalen 


Sanskritic words. Wo tave first i^«5»ci^. This means mastership ot- 
ownership rather than right, being "^^SXi^^ifea.H. fl. Wilson, however, 
gives both the meanings of * ownership' and ' right' to the word. See- 
tharamacharynla in his Telagn dictionary seems to incline, rightly I 
think more to the former meaning. Bat in view of the intimate connec- 
tion of the two ideas we may accept the word in a manner. We have 
next T^^^^iJ 5*^^ given by Brown. This is a very good word for 
• freedom or independence', bat not for • right' or even ' ownership', 
though special circumstances may be imagined in which it may seem to 
stand for it. We have then ^r^c^, also given by Brown. Not to 
speak of the total absence of any ooautenance from classical authorities 
to anything like the meaning of * right' for this word, it seems to me to 
refer to altogether the opposite idea, and the coofasion, too, between tbe 
two ideas observable in Brown and in the Teluga spoken in Madras to 
which Brown's rendering I suspect is to be traced, is explainable, tp^c^ 
no doubt refers in a manner to the ownership, but directs the mind both 
from its usage and its etymology to that aspect of it which results in the 
creation of ' obligation, binding, or daty' which is opposed to and neces* 
sarily coexists with ' right'. Thus this word seems to be quite inappro- 
priate. A few other words might be likewise examined and rejected. 
But my chief and present complaint against one and ail of these words 
is not so much that they do not etymologically express exactly the re- 
quired idea, as that they are not used extensively and rendered common 
and the association between any of them and the idea in question not 
made indissoluble by sufficient utilization and repetition. The essential 
sense of the word ' right' is excellently expressed, I think, by the some- 
what sasthraio Sanskrit word ^^'W^tSr/Soi but which is anfortunately so 
little used to the purpose that I fear it will take a little time for many 
to admit that it has that sense at all. But remembering that * right' is 
as it were the moral power, and forgetting for a while the grosser mean- 
ing of civil power which is too generally super-induced upon tbe word, 
we can recognise t9$'7^C^i6» as meaning * right', it even seems quite 
as capable as the English word, lending itself to all its applications. But 
we are so little familiar with our own word — and we are turning it so 
little to practical uso that we forget ita existence and make use of some 

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shift or other when we have to express its idea : in a (ieriaiil bdok I see 
'a woman has no right to independence' translated as (^_g J ir^^o^o J 
tSo^B. Now it should not be imagined that I have selected a difficult 
legal word and that Tel ago cannot, in fairness, be expected to cope with 
Knglish in that phraseology. For the word and idea ' right' are so com- 
mon that even English-learning foreign children know it very early. 
Speaking of its being a legal word I woold point ont an instrnctive fact. 
The commonest appropriate term s^^^ which whs mentioned in the 
very beginning is an Arabic word and mast be traced to the time of the 
Mahomedan rale in the Northern Gircars. Owing to this advantage of 
belonging to the ruling race the word not only gained perfect currency 
in its own language but found way into a foreign tongue^ as per- 
haps ' right' itself may do one day during the English ascendency, 
thus forcibly illustrating the original truth as to the force and life which 
words acquire from ciroumstanoes favoarable to their extensive employ- 

To take another example-— proportionate. It will be seen that 
.the notion of proportion so necessarily stands at the foot of all advanced 
koowledge and mental training in accnracy^ — at the border between po* 
pnlar knowledge and exact science^-'that one would venture to regard 
the possession or otherwise by a language of a corresponding word as 
aUnoet a conclusive test of its development. What is then the Telugu 
word for ' proportionate'. I fear no reader will readily think of one* 
Suppose then you open an Anglo- vernacular or Sanskrit dictionary you 
will find there under the para devoted to that word, various words 
meaning * proper' ' fit' &c. but few or none exactly to the point. The 
compiler will seem to be catching at straws and hover about the confines 
of the principal idea in question^ unable to bring the idea itself within 
the grasp of any one suitable word or expression. The words given 
seem to be quite lifeless and powerless to raise the required idea in the 
mind and your own exact notion acquired through English will seem 
to be melting away as you go thro' the lot of vague words and shifty 
circumlocutions intended to oonvey it. But after all what is the cause 
of ail this difficulty ? In my humble opinion^ it is not the entire want of 
a^Boitable word, but the negleot to which many are consigned. And 

Digitized by L3OOQIC 

.S6 * 

fthonldn't words like »11 other growfthg beoOtno atrophied and die at 
length if neglected P The English word hns no revealed origin for ita 
meaning, nor any inherent p^nliar power to convey it. It is etymologi- 
cal ly a com pound having bnt the erode signification of ' for or before a 
share', no better than so many TelagQ words which we have alluded to 
and rejected. Bat the whole sonroe of its present force most be its 
having originally been ably otilised for the purpose and being given 
extensive currency thenceforward. And as a consequence its original 
vague and crude sense is forgotten and its acquired force stands in bold 
relief before the mind. Whereas, the currency which our words have 
is such that their primitive signification seems to haunt our minds 
tauntingly to the total exclusion of any super-induced desired senoe, as 
against the forgottenness Of the original meaning of the English words ! 
Our words might be ably coined and highly suitable; but the field they 
have in their language being small they lack in a large use made of 
them. They become forceless from want of use while the complaint in 
English is that its Wordfl are losing force and beooming trite from too 
much use. We have for instance a good Sanskritio word for ' propor^w 
tionate' etymologioally perhaps even saporior to the English word, and 
better conceived-ft^}6l&*5>. Necessary derivatives, also, may be formed out 
of it. 

It may be specially pointed out here that for the mathematical 
ideas of *ratio* and * proportion* the words t^owo^Jo and ^ozio^ i[^j5aco 
are given in a Sanskrit dictionary and appear to be well suited. 

Consider the common English words 'advise' 'advantage (over 
another)' 'size' 'bulk' 'quantity' *rate, ».' ^ reasonable' * likelihood or pro 
bability', 'selfish' 'exact' 'obey* 'important' ' collect (revenue)' ' proposal' 
'prepare' 'promise* 'conditions' 'exception' 'recommend' 'owner' 'exer- 
cise' ' honest' ' variety' ' floor* ' weather' ' complaint'. Remember these 
are almost as good as household words in English even as 'table' or 
'cliair*. What are then the oomtton Teiugo equivalents for them, or, if it 
be contended that it is unreasonable to expeot one language to answer to 
another word by word, how do we nubaage to translate passages contain- 
ing them or to express the same ideas when needed in, Telagu P Doea 

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. 87 . 

the Don-Sfigitsh-kiiowihg Telnga mind gei these oonbeptions ; and if it 
does what does it do to deliver itself of them P If you set to think on 
these questions with referende to iliti words given above and numerous 
other similar ones which jou maj find on the pages of the most elements 
; aiy English books, you Will have various reflections and answers. We 
We first for * advise' «»§^^JJ or '(iOtf^TH^, The second is a very widely 
osed but an Arabic word learnt from Mnssalman neighbours ; the first i® 
a good Sanskrit word but is of too grave a nature and is not put to such 
& familiar use as the English word has so usefnlly come down to in 
'I won't advise you to do so'. Bat we can and do manage saying 
Wix)^d3w(So ifoo-oa"r»fibor"9^2^?) TrSSS^c^^l^^a, «>ta>^cs^c2S?)"^pa 
^5J^^ This is surely perfectly idiomatic. Bat if strictly scrutinized, is 
it not rather wide of the mark, to express the intention P Aud after all, 
possession of a distinct word for a distinct thought— is it not a desirable 
^elp to and sign of the solidiScation of a hazy notiooi P Then for the 
words ' quantity' * size' Ac. I confess I had to fi&lter on many an occa- 
sion when*I had to speak of the quantity or size of a thing to a domestic. 
For the correct words s:>0:Sar»«i6» and "a»S^«feo are not commonly used and 
Qodersiood. The occnsions requiring them are managed by means of 
special words like ^^ij^ss (lees), <OsSi^s^ (more), o3o^ (how much), &c., 
which are all at once too particular and too general and are not nouns 
heaides. They cannot help us without limit, to express the general 
notion of quantity without the genei-al noun for it. Again take the word 
'rate*. In a Telngu dictionary, having the necessity to express the idea 
of 'rate' while defining a certain term, the learned writer seems to have 
Wn obliged to put it thus : ^^ lin»4S§o^OC$5f> &iBr*I6^Ss5'^«i>:, '\ In this 
case, in fact, I fear there is no general word in Telngu meaning * rate' ; 
only its sense, when in a phrase, is sufficiently expressed by ^^;jl^) ^^ 
^1^, S|o^, ^o^, &c. I think the word sJo& may be appropriated for 
^be porpoge. If you take the word ' promise* the first thing that comes 
to your mind is spiT^to^c^. So also with • reasonable*, lSv>'^l^- Think 
^ the origin of these words. Let us examine puecise, accurate or exact' 
Having been far more used in vague speech than in precise writing, our 
Mul word -pQ, perhaps like many others, has sufifered serious deteriom^ 

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tion. And ifc must be a diffionU affair to reclaim ifc from its acquired 
yagueness and reinstate it in its dae definiteneas. Hence it is that 

• accnrate' seemR difficult to be rendered with its simple and strong force 
intact ; and i^d^l^ does not seem to do on the Telnga ear what ' accu- 
rate' does on the English-knowing. To make clear myremark regarding 
the deterioration of the word i»^i it will be nsefnl to notice what is 
taking place with the word 'exact' in Engltsb wben it is ordinarily said 

* exactly five tons' or colloquially exclaimed * exactly !' Imagine this sort 
of thing to take place for several oentnries without its coanterpoise of 
anfficieiit strict nse in writing, and yon can realise what has occnred to 
the Telogn word ^d. ^-CK^^c^ seems to denote stringency better, and 
to be more respected. Another very good instance of a deteriorated 
word is ^^ which is qoite identical in sense with the nice English word 
too, hot which is unfoi'tanately, scarcely used oorrectly both in Telugu 
and in Sanskrit, while the English word will certainly mislead if mis- 
used, I TV ill not here multiply these examples any further. 

Besides the want of life and vigor in what words it has, what is 
more easily admitted is that Telugu entirely wants numerous words. 
Its deficiency in this respect, in common perhaps with every other 
language of this country, is almost such as will cause despondency on 
reflection For the defect of its vocabulary is no less than what is indi- 
cated by its defective literature. And the poorness, at least compara- 
tively, of its literature is nothing less than the absence of any thing like 
the sciences and philosophies of the west (except perhaps a bit too much 
of astrology and palmistry which have been somewhat expounded as 
if every thing earthly had been completely scanned) which it is needless 
to ennmerate here. I mean no disparagement whatever to its beauti- 
ful and charming poetry, Puranas and moral teaching. It is enoagh to 
observe that the meanings of [^ta^ OSr^intitioi for concave, in^^z^ 
« ¥^j^!6m for cylinder, s^^Stf e5T»^«S» for rectangle, and numerous others 
like those which Mr. B^^pwn, with the help of able pandits, was forced to 
give in his dictionary must tel) how deplorably defieotive our voce, 
bulary is. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


1 may be here allowed to observe that Mr. Brown's ways of et- 
plainini? and rendering in some eases are amnsing and in some objection- 
able. He presamed to translate Bacchus as z>viT*tSMC&, Belial as ^^C^. 
And the same spirit and principle are observable tbrongbout his 
lari^e work. The least that oan be said against snch equivalents is that, 
tbongh a small similarity may exist between the two tbings enough to 
mislead a narrow view yet tbe associations and traditions oonneoted with 
ibem in their respective languages aind nations are as different and 
diTergent as possible, and that neitber tmth nor any other object is 
ierved by them. The fact is Mr. Brown's large volumes were un fortunate- 
ly written on no very sound principles. Tbe compiler evidently set him- 
self op against real scholars and bent several, temporarily at least, to bis 
views> and induced them to assist bim in writing wilfully wrong Telugn 
in what was intended to be a permanent and authoritative work. Of 
oourse parts of bis work are correct and welcome. But on tbe whole, 
whatever may be tbe explanation, a very considerable part of the 
energy represented by his bulky volumes has been a huge waste. Tbe 
M^or did not bring to bear upon bis literary undertaking of a standing 
n&tnre the necessary grave and cosmopolitan spirit. Wbole paras are 
to be found in the books in question wbich are perfectly useless from any 
justifiable point of view, but in wbich the compiler seems to have 
indulged without stint; I should not however wish it understood that I 
set no value upon the large amount of information and reciprocal transla- 
tion contained in them. On the contrary no one owes greater acknow- 
iedgmeuts to them than I do. Nay further^ I believe that such labors as 
those of Mr. Brown have placed tbe country under a deep debt of 
gntitade to the authors, when tbe native scholars were all apathy or 
bad not the means to do any literary service to their country. 

I may be permitted^ after the opportunitioH I have had of study- 
ing tbe words of our language side by side with those of a superior 
language, to say a word, in general, without entering into any lengthy 
SscnssioQ, as to bow far and how our language may be improved. Of 
oourse the difference in life and force between Telugu and English 
must eV0r be such as the difference between sixteen millions and sav one 

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• 40. 

hundred And sixty milliocs must make it. That differenoe in expansion 
development, force and elasticity whioh is due to this enormoas differ* 
enfie of pntrouai^e, activity, and infl*ience, as well as that due to any 
futidiime'tal and coDstitational or irreversible strnctaral differences 
nmst ♦xisit. If th(»n Telnga is de8ti»>ed to be so weak bs this treinen. 
doua comparisnn f(>rebodeSj shall we rather abandon it entirely, or cons' 
ci.;usly make our movements in that direction whioh wo have already 
been one nHciously pursuing, and so shape oar conduct an to expedite 
or facilitate its final dissolution and disappearance P For, we hav® 
already ceased to have our communication with friends and relations in 
Telugu wherever the alternative of English is in the least possible. We 
have almost given up conversing in Telugu or at all events in unmixed 
Telugu whenever we meet English-knowing friends : witness the mons- 
ters like * equal "7r» distribute 'SooScoS', cu^p own weight ^^«& tum- 
ble «cx»^o»j^6'5 no word — no part of speech — no particle — no prefix 
nor suffix, is safe against ^these inroads of hybrid talk. It may however 
be observed by the way that this is philosophically no different phenomen* 
on from or mora coudemnable than that whioh is recognizable in th® 
Madias Telugu 'or*c<3o-cr»' fr*od^Tr»' and the Northern Telugu f'SsxSoTT* 

&o. i)oth brought about by similar circumstances and subject to the same 
laws. We write our diaries in English. We jot down memoranda in 
English. Nay, we vent our anger and upbraid our servants in EngJisb 
slang. Of course I cannot quite quarrel with this our conduct. What 
else should two men, one a Telugu the other a Tamil or a Maharatta or a 
Bengali, do when they meet, as it is so largely the case in these days ? 
Shall we then deliberately continue the same policy and give up all 
manner of cultivation of Telugu gradually, fiist ceasing to write any 
Telugu books if we do it at all now, then cease to read any, and then to 
write or read any newspapers, then cease to buy or encourage any and 
then finally cease to talk Telugu in our homes, by which the sweet Ian* 
guage will slowly^ quietly and without any pangs or agony, gasp its last 
and be buried in the archives of the Telugu Bajahs or the poor huts of 
the Telugu Paiidiis, and, forgotten by the coming generations; join the 
worthy sisteihood • 1 Sanskrit and other ancient languages, though nu. 
like them, perhaps never to be thought of or touched even as a foaftil f 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 


! how Vfe bear the thought of our mother Telugo dying, when we 
think of its sweet poetry and music, which has received the un^tiinu^us 
homas^e of the whole of Soofcliern India, nay b*'yond and from fnn i^/ners 
iho have natar-iliy called it the' Italian of the Plast' thoui^rh more ap- 
propriately the latter language should be honored as ** the Telugu of the 
West". But is it inevitable ? We uoish not. All that is not so strong 
and influential as English need not die, so long as there is any spirit left 
ill the people coflcerned. Bat what is the tendency of the times and 
what are the forces at work all around ? They are nndoubtedly extre- 
mely unfavourable and powerful. It seems to me scarcely possible in a 
thinker to have the intellectual courage to predict either way with cer- 
tainty on such a question. The attitude of a people, however, will irre- 
trievably decide a doubtful ftite that challenges the prediction of philoso- 
phers. But if we have the toisk we surely can rally round our mother 
tongue and strive to keep her up in the intense struggle that is g"ing on 
and the keener that is coming. It is the wishy 1 believe, that answers 
for at least half the cause in the revolutions of the world. In bringing 
ikem about it is at least as potent as circumstances and has to boot some 
control over many of them. The far-reaching undermining influence of 
English is evidenced everywhere And apart from the general neglect 
and want of cultivation, the resolvable part of the evil to Telugu for one, 
manifests itself chiefly in these forms: (1) disuse of perfectly suitable 
and useful Telugu words in favor of only equally good but needless for- 
eign words (2) neglect and even ignorance of the rules of the language. 
The opposite error to be guarded against is the over-conservative ai.d 
jealous exclusion of all additions and slight necessary changes towards 
approximating the book language to the spoken : which is in fact in- 
creasing the element of vitality: regarding this last caution I am how- 
ever bound to add that though 1 write thus in general terms, 1 hardly 
know exactly what I refer to and I feel much fear that if any short- 
sif^hted innovations and laxity be once permitted and introduced in a 
well*defiued language, chaos iivill be let in in time and the purity and 
correctness lost which would be doubly unftirtunate to a language of 
little influence and very limited support. This is a matter tiiati re- 
quires a special thinking and treatment from sound scholars. When it 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

is an nndeoiable fact that we devote by far the greater part of onr time 
to reading and writing English and that this has been going on to snch 
an extent that onr thinking itself at present is carried on in English, it 
will be considered scarcely necessary to prove onr neglect of our vema- 
cniar by detailed instances of its consequences. The newspaper, perhaps 
on the plea of making itself intelligible to the vulgar as well as to the 
learned, is written in incorrect Telugu. Id lay opinion it is not in the 
least justified in making itself a source of spreading and aggravating error 
instead of being a respectable means of instruction and improvement in 
every way to its readers. But it would be no wonder if the newspaper 
alone were the offender. The learned writer of the Panohangam appears 
to be decidedly ignorant of the rules of Telugu grammar, and the little 
of Telugu he has to write is rather repulsive with mistakes. And simi- 
larly numerous other misoellaneous writings appear in bad Telogu. All 
such performances would do better service to the language by their 
non*existence. I hope I shall not be mistaken to presume that I am a 
better Telugu scholar than many of ray friends whom I criticise and that 
whatever I do is faultless. I therefore hope to be excused for mention- 
ing here facts which are notable as illustrative of the general truth of oar 
neglect of our mother-tongue, it is a different question how fiebr that 
neglect is venial and brought about by uncontrollable circumstances. My 
sense of what learning is, is really shocked to see continually a large 
amount of incorrect writing being complacently issued and received by 
the public as a matter of course without a murmer or surprise, and with- 
out| apparently^ any thought in any quarter of improving or helping to 
improve things. No Englishman would excuse either a newspaper or an- 
almanac for containing bad English. Nor is there any circumstance to 
make the case of Telugu different. Then the great desideratum is snf- 
ficient regard in us for our mother-tongue. And if we can and do tarn 
our minds to it a little occasionally, instead of completely spuming it, I 
believe we need not despair of its becoming capable of serving us toler- 
ably in our increasing needs. But far be it from me to wish Telugu to 
be in the way of the philosophers and philanthropists who long for the 
consummation of one language for the world or to envy English for its 
fear prospect of attaining that honor. But I trust that there will be just 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

•Doagh room in the world^s literary caltnre for at least the magnificeot 
Sanskrit and the beaatifal Telsga without giviog the world the cbarac* 
ter of a babel which we all sometimes feel so very desirous to remove ia 
order that we may wia back the privilege which the arabitiooH men of 
old lost. Far be it, also, from me to desire to stimolate any artificial and 
inordinate enthnsiasm so as to divert the miud from its spon tan eons, 
natural and what may be on the whole a wholesome ooui*se. If Telugu, 
a language so perfectly phonetic, so sweet and euphonious, so mellifln- 
008, but so constituted as to be a little iooompntible with an easy-going 
caltivatioQ of it, if this beautifal language, I say with ail its poetry of 
aoal-reviving harmony and with all the revered names of its cliarming 
bards, be destined to disappear from the face of the Earth from want 
of xeal, attention and attachment to it on the part of its natives, from 
want of encooragement and patronage on the part of the aristocracy 
who own it for their mother-tongue, shall we mourniully say ^ it must ' 
and be content ? 

We must, however, be delighted to see that there are just now 
fiigns of a change of attitude towards Telagu. And let as hope that this 
wfli prove to be a real and lasting reaction. Let us also hope that a 
sound guidance and favourable circumstances will be vonchsafed to this 
new turn of zeal. Lastly, I would most earnestly state what I think of 
as the best recipe calculated at once to bring out the many hidden 
defects of the language and to evolve the best means of remedying them 
and developing the language— a large amount of free translation of useful 
Biiglish books, which work must be rendered possible either by indivi- 
dual or general patronage. 


Lkt us now turn from the aspect of the English language as a 
vehicle and instrument of thought to its alphabet, which is common to 
all the European languages, and its orthography. This subject is 
receiving considerable attention but almost solely from western scholars. 
Few foreigners, I believe, have expressed how they find and what they 
think of the English alphabet and orthography. Full justice, therefore 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


cannot from the nature of the case have been done to the exposition of 
its defectR partly from the partiality for it and partly from the unfitness 
and iiiabiiity of the long aocostomod ear to do that task. Bat to an ear 
accostomed from infanoy to a perfectly phonetic and scientific alphabet 
and orthography, and not vitiated by an acqaaintance with an unphonetic 
system, it^ time-honored defects and absardities mast be perfectly plain. 
An ear which could not have by itself conceived or believed in the 
existence of any alphabet bat a perfectly phonetic one, refuses for a 
long time to become familiarised or reconciled to the patent anomalies of 
the English orthography. When we regard English in this aspect., it 
seems like a bright and inestimable jewel wrapped up in a nasty rag 
unworthy to be toached. Its orthography is so extremely arbitrary and 
' barbarous ' that it is utterly disgusting and repulsive to the unbiased 
mind. The alphabet is no methodic analysis of articulate sounds. There 
is no pretention of uniformity in the names of its letters. Few of them 
are other than false and misleading. The alphabet commences with a 
vowel whose power is rarely what is indicated by its name, and then 
come three consonants one of which is notoriously needless and useless, 
and then a vowel which is a complete misnomer, and so on it proceeds 
in an orderi well-known as disorder, or at least incapable of yielding 
any order. A detailed examination of the whole alphabet is fruitless 
and too much for this place. Nor is an exposure of its anomalies 
necessary at least for any Hindu reader whose sense of his ^^ ^^ s^^ ^ 
is not yet completely overpowered. lor him to read the English alpha- 
bet is to criticise it. For a mere going through it is enoagh to bring 
out its absurdities. Its actual distinct soands are by far insufficient for 
the purposes of English itself, — being scarcely half the number required. 
We are therefore especially surprised when we look at the ambition of 
this alphabet. Not content with writing or rather mis-writing all the 
European languages, it aspires to write all the Oriental languages,— 
Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Zend and what not. It is when we read 
some of the English works on oriental subjects, containing foreign words 
or passages transliterated into the Roman character^ that we feel most 
annoyed by the utter incapacity of that alphabet. When coming to such 
foreign words, unless we have already known them, wa fM^A^bUged to 

igi ize y g 


merely pass the ejes over ftbe flo«o&lled letters and be oontent with a 
Bight of them. And I am afraid, too, most oriental scholars of the west 
in reality replace sounds with yisnal impressions and have a systema- 
tized dumb reading of their own. A great English aathor is SMid to have 
remarked * We have not named onr vowels bnt niok-named them !' And 
he might have with trnth extended his remark to most of their conso 
nants as well. What a certain Indian Prince* of keen intelligence and 
observation said when he cnme to learn English seems to be well worth 
recording. When he was asked to pronounce c^*m-e as it is pronounced 
(^^ while calling the letters such as they are (viz. ^ ^ o^C S|), instead 
of at least calling it i^tx) (Somy), it seems he^ exclaimed '* I will 
none of sneh a reasonable language ! "^ and conceived an aversion 
for it which he coald never afterwards overcome, though he is 
said to have often regretted his not having been able to learn 
a langmnge which appeared from all accounts and from its 
results to be so full of knowledge and wisdom and so potent. Very 
similar to this must be the feeling of every youth of this country of not 
beiow the average intelligence when he comes to learn the English 
alphabet and spelling, though it may not be strong enough to find vent 
in the same manner and have the same permanent efPeot, as in the case 
of the Prince. It is genions alone that resists the prevailing teaching in 
any matter on account of anything in it that may be arbitrary and short 
of strict reason. It alone resists the vitiating influence of perverse 
cofiventions and refuses to be reconciled to them. And nil ordinary 
human intelligence is overpowered, scolded, and subdued into taking in 
and assimilating a great deal that is arbitrary and unreasonable and 
then ever afterwards it becomes inonpacitated to judge correctly and to 
divest itself of and rise above tho overgrown prejudice. In my strong 
conviction the English spelling is effectually perverting and spoiling the 
elementary sound-sensibilities of .the natives of this country. I think 
I have often noticed evidences of such a result unmiHtakably traceable to 
that caune. The defective alphabet and orthography have given rise 
to the unnecessary and, to an Indian mind, ludicrous distinction between 

•iH. H. the late Maharajah of Cochin (1864.88.) . ^-irAm^ 

digitized by VjOOV IC 

• 46- 

the Dames and the powers of the letters, to the lots of prononnoiiigf 
dictionaries which are after ail extremely nnsnooesstnl thoag^h they are 
perpetually accompanied hy the humiliating qnaHfioations like ' a as in 
father' 'g as in go', to a systematic onltivation and treatment of 
anomalies as a special branch of grammar, to a great waste of the 
generalizing faculty in endeavoring to bring under rules what is impossi- 
ble to be brought under any, and to a regular system of school exercise 
and examination in writing to dictation words and passages which are 
most fall of anomalies as if it was a matter for exultation instead of 
deploring. Even sach minds ' as thosu of Professors Bain and Max 
MuUer have not been 4)roof against the perverting effects of the western 
orthography. Profesflor Bain's treatment of the English alphabet will 
disclose to any Hindu reader a great confusion regarding simple articu- 
late sounds. The treatment, besides, of the alphabetical sounds by all 
grammarians is rendered unintelligible by the unavoidable permanent 
ambigaities of the letters. The writers, however, being enslaved by long 
custom do not seem to saspect the unintelligibility of what they write. 

To shew the disadvantage under which English Grammarians 
labonr in treating of any phonetic questions even connected with their 
own language, I will give here an instance of iheir stumbling with 
regard to a point which may be considered of but small importance 
but which acquires particular significance in this connection. The rule 
for placing a or an before a word appears to give great trouble to all 
writers on English grammar. Jnst read what any grammar in your 
rench says abont it. The rule, its exceptions, and the exceptions to its 
exceptions, and quoting the authorities of 'the best writers' all these 
betray a total misapprehension of the true principle. To say merely 
"a is Qsed before a consonantal sound; and on before a vowel sound" 
would be a perfectly correct and sufficient rule. There can be no 
exceptions to it; the h silent and all other things are in it. If any of 
our best writers be found to have violated it they must be simply taken 
as having erred therein. And the second syllable being accented is a 
mere shadow; I cannot see how grammarians came at it^how they 
guessed at Macaulay's intention — how they wonderfully generalized 

Digitized by V^jOOvlC 


from one iostanoe. 2I is a vowel-Botind, and a oonsonanial soand is qitito 
well proDOUDoed after ifc ; but when what follows is a vowel soand, an 
which ends in a oonsonantal sound is necessary for easy and eaphonioas 
utterance of the two words successively. It will be observed that I have 
iavariably used i^ove, ' consooantal sound ' and ' vowel-sound ' for 
oonsonant and vowel. For unfortunately in the case of English if we 
ipeak of a word beginning or ending with a vowel or a consonant, there 
is DO gnarantee that the pronunciation of the word does begin with a 
Towei sound or consonantal sowid ; to such an extent and so unnaturally 
are the letters and their sounds divorced in that language ! In place of 
ihe simple phonetic rule enunciated abo7e it is instructive to see how all 
the grammarians from the birth of the Bnglish grammar have been 
misled by the false scent of their letters and have inflicted upon boys 
things like ^h silent' ' h not silent but second syllable accented/ ' u long' 
and so on. I trust that the small and comprehensive rule given above 
for placing a or an before a word may be incorporated in special 
works on English grammar so as to completely take the place of all that 
is usually written on the subject. 

The strange inconsistencies and blunders of the English Orthoepists 
regarding the letter u are interesting to notice. This unfortunate letter 
is called a vowel but is taught and read yoo in the alphabet and is also 
credited with the same power in numerous words even when standing by 
itself, as use (cS6r»^) ; and this u too is enough to form an exception to 
the rnle foi- a and an. All the lexicographers and all Englishmen seem 
to labor under a misapprehension that the n sound (cS^ro) as it is, is a 
ample long vowel sound. Webster counts the soond of u in tube, use^ cuhe^ 
pwe^ among the pure long vowel sounds, and relegates that heard in rude^ 
rumor, rural, crude as an occasional sonnd occurring only when preceded 
by r. If it cannot be that the whole of the present generation of Engu 
liahmen are making a whole-sale mistake in reading ihe letter u and in 
pronouncing the words use, tube &c.^ as they do, (which are all called not 
Qij ^?r, AxnaT^ but cS^To^ cSSarofT , to^c'cT) then calling the sound of 
a in use and tube a vowel sonnd, discloses an egregious blunder which 
will not do credit to a Telugu child. Ogilvie make the sonnd of u the 

^ Digitized by L^OOgie 

•aaiie in tke words, eiibfi, hAe, u$$j rud^^ suii, rumour, mroi and oalls it 
a \o»g Towei Aoand difl^eront from that in orude, rule. To make sure 
what Bonnd is meant by the former we mast hear it from the mouth of 
the lexicographer himself or through a phonoj^raphio copy of his 
ILiterauoe. But I trust we Daay depend upon the living phonographs of 
a long snoQession of Englishmen ffrho hare taught iu this ooaiiiry, 
at least ss regards the first three words tm&e, tuhe^ U9e, and the nature of 
the letter u. Aooording to ail of them withont ezoeption, I believe 
the words ere read to^c^Tj ^^?r, cJ^rtJ" an.^ the letter as c«&. We 
have never heard rude as I^qS (rysde) ihoogfa Ogilvie seems to make 
it so. Any reader, at least Hindu, oan now Judge what to think 
of either the eonsistenoy or the prevailing nnderatanding about the 
sound of u. 

In the "Missionary Alphabet*' of Professor Ma^Mnller's in- 
vention nsed in the transliteration of oriental works 



is sale 

cted to represent 



•• • 




.. .. 




in ordinary 

Roman form, . 



while g 


in Italic form 





in Italic form 




in ordinary 

Roman form, 


while t 


in Italio or 


-^th a dot 

below it 





• • t • . ... 


while d 



Digitized by ^OOQie 



Notice efipeciaUy the p«rvers6neg(4 in taking up t for ^ and then t 
wiHk m ^ontiioal Mark for to, d for ^ and d with a mark lor S^. I eap^ 
pose these will be admitted as ample proof of the deeprootedneM of 
the nick-naming propensities even in snch master-minds as Professor 
MaxMaller and other oriental scholars notwithstanding the revolution 
prodnced in their minds by the knowledge of the correct Sanskrit 
analysis of articniate sounds. There may be some sort of defence for 
part of the nick-naming pointed out above. Bat it will be lame and 
weak^ and cannot stand. I believe there is no reading of the ** mission- 
ary alphabet " with its dots, apostrophes, italicizing and ail other 
diacritical marks and contrivances: passing the eyes over it is all that 
oaa be done. Only when the symbols are used in combination of words, 
their respective powers are remembered through the association of visual 
impressions, and the wards are read. Nay^ I fear, mere visual im- 
pressions are even more largely taking the place of sounds and ut- 
terance. And we need not be surprised if we should find any scholars 
in the west knowing Sanskrit words only through the letter-curves 
and not able to utter them at all. This would be a most undesirable 

A writer in the "Nineteenth Ceniury'* * who eomes forward 
evidently as a strong advocate of reform in Bnglish spelHog says ^ we 
need not go the leogth of the fanatics of phonetioism, who would spell 
' knee ' nee, and write ' eye ' in the same manner as the personal pronoun 
ly ' wife' yf, to desire a change in the spelling of many English words 
which are a stumbling block to foreigners ae well as to natives ''• Here 
the charge of fanaticism by an advocate of reform against the innocent 
proposal to do away with the unnecessary k in knee betrays the extreme 
weakness of the desire for reform. The proposal of the '* phonetic 
fanatics " to spell wife y/, grounded on the fancy that the single letter y 
properly represents the sound of a good conaonaat followed by an equally 
goody nay long compound vowels viz. 2.> hetrays how ill the analysis of 
articniate sounds is understood in the west^ Ko occidental ear ot 
tongue can thus be expected to do perfect justice to tiiie science of 
' MSeO Jatmacf : tlie late Okarles Maokay LL, D, ' 

Digitized by L31OOQIC 


homan sounds and to the making of a nniversal alpliabet. The latt^ 
task will be better entrasted to Hindu scholars with all the neoessary 

Not having the patience to master with the help of Pandits the 
necessary roles of i^o^ in Telugn, Brown invented and adopted in hia 
Telagu-English dictionary a novel plan of confusing the distinctioDS 
between perfectly distinct consonants. When he found some words 
beginning with ^ &c , occorring sometimes with X &c., it was quite 
sufficient reason for him with his western instincts and training iu the 
irregular English Alphabet, to 'mingle* all the letters, except the nasal, 
of each of the five Vargams, as also the first three ooshmams (^§yi6»0D) 
and to treat them indifferently and under one head. Mr. Brown's own 
statement of his experiences and reasons which led to the invention of 
this admirable simplification of things will be found amusing and puerile ! 
He writes in his preface : *' Thirty years ago, in reading Telugn poetry 
I often met with a word beginning with g as (gora) and was directed by 
my learned tutor to seek it in the Andra Dipica under Koru. An initial 
J (as jelnngu) was to be found under ch. Words beginning with D might 
at pleasure begin with T. Dova and Tova equally mean a road. Puli is & 
tiger: bat in compounds P changes into B and it becomes Bebbaii. 
And some words that begin with sh may he (u toell written with S. 
From this uncertainty the learned seldom relieved me : on being asked 
they often reply that either spelling may be used. At last I removed the 
uncertainty by transcribing the dictionary, when nearly half complete, 
and mingling those initials which are changeable." I do not know what 
notice this attracted at the time ; but within my knowledge no notice 
whatever has been taken of it And this indifference on the part of the 
Telngns, though depreoable always, has in this instance only helped the 
innovation to die away silently. And the highly scientific classification 
of articulate sounds in the Telugu alphabet has fortunately remained 
unaffected. Mr. Brown concludes the same pre&ce with this defence . 
" In composing this work I have had the approbation of many learned 
assistants. But some (sastris) scholars have disapproved the spelling 
here exhibited. Instead of that found in poems and ased in ordinary 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


life they -wisli QS to practice a pedantic style; which is admired because 
oonoeited and far from clear. Sach refinements are disregarded by men 
of real learnings who are therefore considered valgar by some who are 
inferior in sound scholarship". The existence still of a few men of 
Mr. Brown's persnasioo in this respect though not perhaps going so far 
as he did, makes it worth-while to say a word on the view expressed in 
this passage. What is here condemned as pedantry is of course demand- 
ed by the opponents as necessary to keep the language pure and correct 
and to prevent it from undesirably going out of its lines. What Mr. 
Brown refers to as '^ the spelling here exhibited" includes even that of 
the utterly illiterate speech ; it may be licence and vulgarity itself ; it 
would seem that no lisping of a child — no hurried jumbling or slurring 
of sonnds — no villager's stammer, is to be let go according to Mr. Brown ; 
they must all be seized eagerly and put down as right good language : 
for instance, ^^ss^r^o (sixtieth) -J^oj^e^, ^§,e3^, '&>j6m 8)-€)^or»o^ 

(to the bottom), ooop^xSoo© s^-O^P^, ^&^}^^ A'tT' (always)- This 
snrely seems to be too mucht 

I do not mean that any language should be petrified as it is. 
Bui it must be admitted that every language has its slang and 
vulgarisms originating from ignorance or haste, which the learned do 
and ought to disapprove and gnard against deliberately. Observe the 
English thinkers and scholars deploring the absence of a Qovernment 
Institution for *^ the ascertainment of the English langnage", and racking 
their brains, as yet in vain, to devise a suitable scheme for the purpose, 
fortunately for Telugu, it is so thoroughly phonetic and so mle-bound^ 
it can boast of grammar and prosody so definite^ and the ears of the 
Telngus so keen and sensitive and unvitiated yet, that Telugu needs no 
such extraneous help as a (Government Institution, to preserve its purity^ 
unless it be ruined and undermined by foreign interference or the utter 
neglect of its natives. Nor is it so influential as to command such a 
hixory as a goTernment Telugu "Educational minister or censor". It 
has fortunately a better internal power than English to check wrong 
exoresoences so long as a scholar-like and sufficient cultivation of it is 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 


kept up. Bat nofortanately its oaase, I fear, has been locg deieried 
and real Teln^o pandits are boooaoans^ rtipe. Oa the ooni»*ary the poor 
langoage has had to encoanter oa more thfiii one oocaeion dangeroixa 
patronage from friends of a too active temperaniei:kt hnt holding tbe view 
opposed to preserving its purity in more than one way. Mr. Brown 
made it almost his point to employ and encourage vulgarisms. Nothing 
was, as already observed, too bad for him« If it was left in such hands 
for SBy a quarter of a century^ there is no knowing what a wild and 
hideoos thing they would have made of it. They would have managed 
to reduce it to the condition of a khond dialect. Next, the attem|^ of 
some, of coarse ever well-meant, to supplant the Telngn alphabet, pro- 
posing to write all Telugu in the imperfect and irregalar Bomau alphabet 
are another matter for regret A proposal to romanize the alphabets of 
India seems to have been mooted and rec^ved much attention in the 
time of Sir Charles Trevelyan, Governor of Madras. In 1863 a certain 
Teluga book of moral verses, called Neethiaangraham was actually print- 
ed in English character and published by Mr. Lingum Lakshmaji Pan- 
talu of Vizagapatam with an introduction by Sir A. Grant JBart. Mr. 
Lakshmaji Pantula prefixed to his romanized edition of Neethisangraham 
'an analysis of the Telngv language which he is said iohave considered 
in some respects original and an adrance npou Gambell^s Grammar*. 
The analysis is a sort of elementary grammav written all in English 
language and character. In this respect nndoobtedly it most be original. 
In the analysis the part in which the alphabet is treated shows smrprising 
and in a Telagn man inexcusable coalasioa regarding plain articnlate 
sounds* That a learned and uttelligent Telagu scholar like Iiakahmaji 
Fantala should have eoantenanced and lent his labors to the promotion 
of soeh a deplorably retrogressive scheme of romaniitng and destroyingr 
the perfectly phonetic Telaga alphabet, is mnacooantahle to me if I 
confine myself to ordinary reasons Perhaps it pleased him to please — 
to please tiie powers that took a fancy fior the sebeme from their ia*. 
sufBotent kaewledge. Of eomrie there is a eardinai virtue — and I would 
not appear to cast diioredit upon it even in a hnrry — that nsay be 
described as finding pleasure in pleasing. Bat its application is unmia- 
takable In the present ease, for in staa oe, if a few mere eveate or 

Digitized by L^OOQIC 


oimmstaiiodg tended in the same direction and favored the Bobeme, a 
mo«t irraparable dama|/e, I think to the world, woald have beet) abetted. 
Bnt foiinnatelj the Telagu alphabet has not been destroyed and both 
^ scheme mnd the novel book had only an ephemeral life. And this 
ihoald improM a lesaon on any who mi^ht fee) tempted to join outsiders 
in demolishing any of their own tilings. That woald be contrary to the 
Tery nature and self-oonservation of things and institntioiis. It were 
% pity for the fort, for all ontsiders to bombard and those inside to join 
them. In his in trod notion to the Neethisangraham, Sir A. Grant re« 
marks ''The Telngn alphabet is a great barrier to Europeans. Months 
an required before a person can learn to read the language as it is now 
wikten, with any ease". Many other Europeans entertain the same 
belief. On a certain occasion an English printer and pablisher said to 
ihe author of a Telngu work ^' who the devil can read your Telugu 
obaraoter ! Better write it all in Boman letters and we will buy up the 
work*\ These remarks betray the most flagrant blander that we have 
ever known of. The two English gentlemen forgot the fact that they 
w«re spending, not monthS| but all their lifSe-ttme in learning the English 
apdling. Whereas the Telagu alphabet, spelling and all^ can, in troth^ 
be learnt by any man or boy of ordinary intelligence in a few days. 
lAi as hear the opinions of betten-knowing Baropeans :-^ 

'* Hence in the English InngoAge as now written and spoken there 
u m geoeral so imperfect a oorrespondeuce between the sonnd of a word 
ftnd the soandsof the several letters that are written to represent it, 
that the spelling of each individnal word has in a mnnner to be learned 
by itself. By no possible rules can a learner be taught when he sees the 
ptmps of letters n*o-w, p-1-o-n-g-h, e-n-o-u-g-h, to make ont the sounds 
or spoken words that these groups actually represent ; or, conversely, 
when he hears the words spoken, to find out what letters they are repre- 
sented by". **The English orthography has grown into a serions evil"... 
'* There can be no doubt that phonetic writing would g^reatly facilitate 
the acquisition of the power of reading, and conseqaently of the edaci^ 
tion of children and illiterate adults To learn to read from per- 
fectly phonetic ohaa*acters, would be merely to learn the alphabet, and 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

• 54- 

to spell woald be merely to analyse pronnnoiatioii. A child at aohool 
might be made a fluent reader io a few weeks." Bat this is natarally 
a weak testimony of the evil, of nnphonetic or the importance of a 
phonetic alphabet and spelling, proceeding from thoee who have been 
inured to the irregular alphabet. I always feel really pained when I am 
obliged to correct or rather pervert a boy whom I had taught the sound 
of * gem', when he comes to the word ' good/ and pronounces it natu- 
rally. When I want to write the words though' and 'through/ my 
fingers are relaotant to proceed after the o. I feel that my writing these 
pages submitting to the customary spelling represents so much wasted 
energy and confirmed perversion. The greatest misfortune that has 
occurred to the Iiuglidh orthography is, I think, a circumstance which 
has bean universally mistaken for a step in the right direction productive 
of great good to it. Till so late as one hundred and fifty years ago the 
English spelling was ' a chaos*. A word might be spelt in numerous 
ways in the same page by the same writer. Only "among the classic 
writers of the Queen* Anne period some degree of uniformity began to 
establish itself. But this was a retrograde step and an evil, if oonfir- 
mation of anomaly must be regarded as such. Consistency in absurdity 
has been fancied to be a great gain by the whole English literary word 
which has been deceived by the temporary convenience it yielded. But in 
reality it has served to petrify and fix what is wrong and has given a false 
appearance of good to what is essentially evil ; and the feeling of the 
necessity of reform and the desire or inclination for it having been re- 
moved or weakened, its chances are distanced, and the task of the 
" Spelling Reform Association" rendered more arduous. 

There is another mistake made regarding the relative spaed of 
writing English and Telugu. First of all we have to admit that in 
general the English characters intended for writing with the hand are 
simpler than Telugu and admirably suited from their slant for good, 
fluent onward progress. Their invention has been ezceUent for purposes 
of quick writing and small writing. But all this does not at once decide 
the question abont speed in favor of English against Telugu as many 
may fancy. It is true that, say I and jb are just appreciably simpler 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

thtn o and o. Bafc this comparison is fallaoioos, the real ootfiparison 
being between 2a, ha and o » j observe the lengths of line these letters 
require respectively. The speed with which a character can be written 
must I suppose nltimatelj depend mainly on the total length of line, 
straight or carve, which has to be traced by the pen to write down 
agiveu qaantity of sounds. Judged by this rigorons method, it is plain 
I believe that Telngn mast write more qaickiy than English other things 
being equal. Experiments, made with dae precautions, by writing pro^ 
pwly chosen words, say sai table proper names, in English and also in 
Telagu, and marking the times taken in each case, will shew that Telngu 
is generally a shorter work than English. Apart from the question o^ 
qaickness the Telngu alphabet and orthography are scientific intelligible 
and assimilable even by a child as a matter of course. And speed is out 
of the question and cannot be a recommendation to an alphabet and 
orthography should they be unscientific and irregular in the extreme. 
When therefore the English alphabet will grow more than double of 
what it is and when it will be so transformed as to be no longer itself, it 
will be time enough to examine its merits more fully. Meanwhile let us 
consider the merits of the Telngu alphabet and see how it compares with 
the alphabets of the other important languages of India. To begin with, 
there is its southern neighbor Tamil. Its alphabet is well known to be 
very incomplete and, strangely, stands unique, I believe, in that respect 
among the principal languages of this country. The forms of its 
letterp, also, have too much of straight and upright lines. These 
Are always a disadvantage and a trouble to the hand which natural- 
ly prefers to trace curve lines if possible. Thus the Tamil bears 
DO comparison whatever with the Telngu alphabet. We have next 
Canarese. The alphabet of this language is scarcely different from 
that of Telngn. The few deviations in some of its letters are only 
eambersome and fanciful. We have then Malayalam. Its alphabet 
and orthog^phy are somewhat defective and appear to have been 
badly tainted by contact with their defective neighbor Tamil. The 
lew other alphabets in use in Southern India are^such as hardly challenge 
oomparison* Then of the alphabets prevailing in other parts of India those 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

• 66. 

6{ the Mftharatti, Bengali, Gazarathi and iome others are modifleatioaa 
of the Nagari characters and what may he said of this last will he applio- 
ahle to them also. The alphabet of Urda and kindred languages, I beli- 
eve, is not claimed to be complete or remarkable for convenience or grace- 
fulness. The Deva Nagari alphabet which is regarded as the alphabet 
proper of the Sanskrit language is highly scientific and phonetic. But the 
jforms of its letters are so complex and tedious that they cannot be printed 
or written but in large size and slowly ,and are scarcely suited for practical 
purposes. The chief explanation of their tediousness and unfitness for the 
cursive hand lies, I think, in the frequent lifting up the pen required in the 
formation of each character and the difficulty of passing fi*om one letter to 
another without prejudice to legibility. As a certain facetious gentleman 
once remarked **the N'agari characters are each a building in itself. At 
all events the Nagari Alphabet seems manifestly unsuitable except for the 
purposes of Rishees and Devas who in all probability intended it for them- 
selves and would not after all wish it became popular and useful for pro>> 
fane purposes. Now I have to beg that my statement may be taken with 
no impatience if I observe that the Telugu alphabet is a decided improve- 
ment upon the Sanskrit from whatever point of view they may be regard- 
ed. It represents more articulate sounds. The hranpa sounds of <») and ^ 
are perfectly common in most languages. But these are, on whatever 
grounds it might be, neither required in Sanskrit nor represented in the 
Nagari and other kindred alphabets of Northern India. But Telugn has 
these two vowels in clear excess of Sanskrit. Its consonants likewise are 
more than the Sanskrit, in the letters ^ iS which mark, besides, a difie* 
rentiation of pu*ticiilarly grieat iraportAnce as will be seen fdrther oii. 
Thms Telugu has all the vowels that may be found in any vernacular at 
this country. It has also all the regular consonantal sounds represented, 
that may be heard uttered anywhere in this oountry eziceptthe Tamil sodnd 
of L^ and some of the deep guttural sounds of Urdu. The forms ol ite 
characters oroi I believe it is not a view prompted by the partiality of a 
native, well-formed and graceful. There is perfect symmetry and beauty 
in them and yet little of needless loops and time* wasting flaorishes. They 
have the mioimnm of straight lines and qo rectilineal angles. Tbe^ c|o 

Digitized by L3OOQIC 

BO offeaoQ of #«/ sort io ibo ajes or to iCihe fingers? The inyentor or in- 
yentora of tim Teljag^ alphabei most hare possessed gveab skill, whether 
instinoti'Fe or stodiud, in the art of pleasing the eye by symrae^j and by 
Bieaos of wedl-ofa«eeii carves and yet without going far beyond the small 
limits allowable for on alphajbet^ jast as the makers of the English alpha- 
bet most iutve possessed the genius to seoare both simplioity or Hnear 
smi^ness of letters compatibly with perfeot distinctness. It must be ad- 
oaitied however the latter had not to pat their invention to a great strain 
as they stopped short after forming only twentysix letters^ not half the 
full alphabet; as a oorroboratioQ of this trptli we notice the difficnlty 
experienced by recent schok^rs to add some more letters to the Englisli 
alphabet with the same simplicity and distinctness combiued as the time- 
honored ones; their additions are fonnd to be rather intricate and not qaite 
ia keeping with the existing letters, and perhaps indicate that the eapa- 
city of a small length of line to predace or famish practically distinct 
corves has been eKhaasted with twenty-six. To go back to the Telag« 
tlpUbet, it ba^ a few trifiing deviations frora perfeot nniformity which 
are easily perceived and remedied. Slight modifications are respeotfoHy 
pn^Qsed below, with whteb the alphabet can continne to be perfeetiy 
lanrieealile Bot only to write pare and classical Telngn bat also Sanskrit 
as hitherto. Sanskrit works have been always patched mostly ia tbe 
Telagn charaoter ip Spnl^bcrQ JndijBi,in consoqoience of j^hioh |i good many 
people who are not Telngas have come to learn the Telngn alphabet. The 
Sanskrit works pablished in Telngn character are besides Well- 
kDowo io be mnch 4es8 costly than those in tke JITagari or any 
other character. The " Adapted Telagn Alphabet, " given below> 
can represent perfectly not only the languages of Southern India 
bat also the important and well-define^ languages of Northern India. 
What is equally important at the present day, it is capable of 
representing the numerous foreign fioglish and other words and 
oames, which are every day becoming indispensable in the Indian 
Temacnlar writings of newspapers &c., so as to convey their trae 
pronnnciation witlnput i^y corruption, nay^ making the written 
words more true to their .sounds and unmistakable in that garb than 
in the Bnglish. Then if there be a common alphabet for all of us m 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


India, will it be asked^ what will be the good of it ? Well, the alphabet 
of a laogange is a tnfling thing like the humble porter, it. may be, at the 
gate of a magnificent palace or a mnsenm, or at the month of a 
.wonderful oave^ or it is like the small key of a most preoions cheBt 
of jewels. Without passing the porter or possessing the key, joa 
can only hear of the Palace or the cave or the chest. You cannot really 
know or enjoy them. By having a common alphabet the different 
peoples of India will have better access to each other's languages 
and there will be indeed better understanding among them and harmony. 
The whole continent of Knrope has one common alphabet and its advant- 
ages are not few ; if the continent of India have similarly a common 
alphabet and that an incomparably more scientific and better one than 
Europe boasts of, the advantages will be more. It will go a greater way 
towards facilitating intercourse and the unification, in one sense, of the 
different races of the ooantry^ than many more high-sounding means 
and proposals. And the alphabet presented below, which is the resalt 
of some study of the principal of the Southern Indian alphabets, which 
are all as a class simpler and less intiieate than those of Northern India, 
is respectfully offered for the acceptance of the learned as the best suited 
to serve that end and as in my h amble opinion the most aooeptable 
aspirant for that honor. 


Anaswara o 

Visarga : 






^ « 




^ cr 




Digitized by V 





























This alphabet will be read correctly (in the case of con8on«n<B 
with e^T^tfo >^J^fi added to them as usual with oar alphabets) up 
to the third line from the end by the native of any of tliose languages 
wboee alphabets are read as ^^^f...Then the first two letters in 
that line are ^ (v), aud its aspirate which is introduced merely for 
greater uniformity though it has no real existence in any language I 
the next two are the English w or Urdu ^ (waw) and its aspirate ; and 
tbe last letter in that line is the English / or the Urdu letter <^ (f»y)* 
All the letters of the next line and the first three of the last are 
the old ones [^ — ^oo^^^lj. ^^^ "®^^ ^^^ >b the English a or the 
Urdu ^or ). And the third letter from the end is the Malayalam 
or Tamil ip (the sound of 8 in measure or 9 in a«tire) i the next 
one is the old \^ the character having been formed from that 
of the VisargOf since the two sounds are manifestly identical. 
The hist one is the distinct sound usually represented in English 
bj h$h and generally regarded, bnt inaccurately I thinki 
as identical with the combination of tf & a^ [^ and Tl, 
All the letters can take on the usual appendages as in the common 
Telagu alphabet. I have now to make an apology to Telngu scholars^ 
to the fathers of Telugu literature, above all to the inventor of the Telogu 
alphabet. In offering their alphabet to all our brethren of this country 
I have felt that it but behoves us to reflect aiid see what defects it may 
bave in the forms of its characters and to present it divested of such, as 
far as that may be done with a sincere will neither to overlook what really 
caUs for modification nor to be carried away by the objectionable desire 
9^ innovation for its own sake. It will be obserred how uniformity has 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

• 60. 

been stadied to be Beonred in the forms of ihft letters; bow the simple 
consonaDts are made to yield their oorresponding aspirates hy the naiDe 
single principle qaite old and nothing new to Telagn but forming a decid- 
ed advantage over other aiphabeis, and extendible to any farther letters 
when necessary; how the yery common and necessary foreign sounds have 
been provided for in a manner that is in harmony with the essential fea- 
tures of the old alphabet. The deviations from the the Telugu alphabet 
as it is, will be, I think, self-explainiog to the intelligent Telugus ; and 
as to others who are not acquainted with the existipg Telagu alphabet, 
they have no existence. The letters introduced to represent the fern 
foreign sounds are adaptations, shaped not without precedent and ana- 
logy, of those frveigQ letters themeeltes He ti»t the aasoctaiion between 
d^em and their sounds is poeaii^ preaef ved ia regard to wfaate^rer sactbaB 
of pec^ it ean be. lit wiU be seen that they lUso quite ^imv^mently trice 
on all the usual appenda^^ea of the Telugu letibers. 

But it is some of the latent capabilities of this alphabet that are 

more remarkable^ interesting and usefal. It will be remembered by Tela- 

gus that they have two letters and sounds ^ ' which are not found in 

o o 
Sanskrit and other languages. They are distinguished from -^ Qhy being 

pronounced in a little hinder part of the mouth. I do not find any Eng- 
lish or other well-known words by which to illustrate the sounds of IS iS 
to other than Telugus: probably the initial consonants of the Hindostani 
Words Choaki, Oheiidan, J$nn (oolleotiou) 1^1^ tf i^&^ tfij5 illustrate 

. the rounds in questiaii unlew they are pronoumoed differently from what 

o — 

they are in Telagn. The difference between the sounds of -^ Ai^d ^ is 

perfectly clear and unumtakable. They are not at the same time, entirely 

UBconneoted sounds. ^Hiey are different and yet related in a peculiar 

manner. This dafferonoe whieh is taught and learot very easily at* 

ways presented to me seme difficulty as to its real nature. First of ail it 

ooourred to me tlial thea the same kind of differenlaation may be made in 

the sound of a ^ nay further. In many other sounds K^ i &c., a^i ^ Ag* 
Not stopping there, the differentiation seemed to extend to the f andamen* 

tal vowel sound «9 itself sm^^ ^ ^ ^imA^ iaittr, the pnotegsd or 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

ieergha Boond, the difference is more easily jJ^rcelyeS and better onder- 
gtood; it is illastrated in fche English words am and arm, the former of 
which is not correctly represented bj the nsnal Telugo letters e^g^ as it 
can be easily seen. Now this difference having been fonnd applying also 
to the vowel ^^ the donbt arose whether the well-known difference of 

4uid ^is that of the consonant at all. Bat this poiut is decided thns. 
The true naiare ^ a consonantal sound is for some pnrposes better ex- 
amined by taking the onavoidabU help of some vowel before it than after it* 

o -* 

Pronoance therefore ^^^ & ^^^ and see. llhen the distinctness of the 

consonant for one, will be admitted. So also the consonantal sound of 
o— o -• 

^ ^ and others can be easily recognized as different. Then are not ^ ^ 

a -- 
different? They are al0O nndoabtedly. Then do the consonants ^ -sS Ac* 

o -* 
each take both ^ and ^ and must not they^ as every several consonant 

most take every several vowel after itp The singular tmth seems to be 

o o n -• 

that iT and other analogous consonants take only ^ and ^ while -(T 

and oUiers take only t9 C5. And the soands concerned seem to be of 
a peculiar nature, and this restriction upon the relations between 
consonants and vowels seems to be unique and $ui generis so far as I can 
see, and I am unable to explain it by reference to any further fact. 
It must be also noted that th^ differentiation does not seem to apply 
to the labial consonantal sounds ST tT &o. This may be explained 
thos: the differentiation in question takes place within the month and 
consequently falls ont of the question in the case of sounds which are 
uttered by the lips. While the labial consonantal sounds themselves do 
not nndergo the variation ^ they yet are capable of taking the differentiate 
ed vowel after them^ as exemplified in the English words pat, palm ; 
^, boU; mat, malt. I also suspect that it is probably nothing but this 
variation of sound treated above, that is presented by the two pairs of 
lett€n ^ t^ [9 9 S ^ ^ (apart from the increased vibration of the 
Umgue in the case of ed^« The differentiation in question is, further, 
^rcmely niNrfnl in one way. English greatly abounds in the peculiar 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


o oo o o 

Boonds of tho class C5 C5 ^ -t^ do both short and proloDged, as, at^ am, cat, 

man^ pcU, packagcy hatter^ latter ^ clamour ^ manage and so forth, which are 
not to be written ^feT, e^C, "5^^, «Sar»^, &c. In fact this class of peca- 
liar sounds are the common ones in English in place of our broad fan- 
damentai and easy sounds of the ordinary ^ t?, S' "ff^ Ac. Then the 
differentiation already existing in Telugn and now extended, bein^ 
perfectly real and natural, is most serviceable in writing correctly the 
numerous English words and names which we are daily obliged to 

o o o o 

employ^ as, "^"l^, sSr»"?52?S", -^m^ Ac. Again examining once more 

o o -•-• 

what takes place when we utte^ w ^ and « JT we find as already pointed 

out that the second set of sounds are produced a little behind the re^on 
where the first are produced. Then shifting them a little further back 
we find another peculiar class of English sounds which also appear to be 
more common in that language than the open sound of the Sanskrit and 

our vernacular ^ W. This third class of sonnds are exemplified in tbe 
English words, pot^ cot, ought &c. English somehow seems to have a 
preference for these somewhat out of the way sonnds and largely abounds 

in them in all syllables of its words. Now all these three sounds ^ « 
and that in pof, appear to be decidedly kindred ones and VHrieties of 

^"r*e^o[^TR5r\]5 and thus a just ground is found for representing tbe 

last also by an analogous extensio?! of the symbol, as ^ (o -* 3 being 

the Telugu figures for one two and three). And therefore the Bngliah 

3 3 

sounds like po<, cot Ac., can be correctly written -^AT, ns^^ Ac., and 

that with better phonetic fidelity, as well as the previous sounds of pat, 
mat, and car, aught, which were written -i^iT, iSr^kT and "r»S^, WlT. We 
have therefore three varieties of ^ ^^ and of most of the consonants as 
indicated previously. All the varieties are representable by being merely 
numbered above and can he read also distinctly. Further, the same 
variation with ^ ^ apd other pounds if carried a little farther backward 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

• 68. 

in the month so as to nearly reaoh the throat, will give riae to the hffrah 
fnttnral eonnds of Urdu sfioh as j formerly alluded to, which are 
bowever more like some of- the natural operations of the throat attended 
vith an explosion than regular articulate soaods. 

There are only two more classes of English sounds, so far as 
I can find, that appear afc first sight to resist being represented correctly 
by the Telagn letters. The^e are the compontid vowel sounds heard 
in Uie words taUar^ rainy, paidy and bailer, soil, coin. First of all I have 
to observe that the sound of the former set of words is not what it is 
thought to be, if authoritative lexicons are to be trusted : according to 
Ihese, the words are only "^oS"^ "tp, i^tS". But if we are required to 
write them as they are commonly heard pronounced by Englishmen^they 
sre qnite correctly represented thus : "^boaSS", "Ooooj^, "S^. 08S*T»y«6M 
being immediately followed by another consonant is neither an unpro* 
nounceable combination nor unknown in Telugu ; for we have ^os^tJoa^ 
^Scgo fto., found in standard works like Bbaratham. Then as to the 
second set of words hoiUr Ac.f their sounds are not clear from the 
[ezicons ; but must be either ^J'^JSSS' or •c»o»€)5". 

Begarding certain other letters of Sanskrit, on which the 
following observations are made> though I do not feel sufficiently 
warranted from my information to be decisive^ I would yet briefly 
iftate here what occurs to me, so that my impressions may be fully 
examined and their soundness judged by Sanskrit grammarians who 
have made a special study of the subject (1) The generally accepted 
Towek ^^od, D have nothing of the vowel in them but are merely "tf^o 
repham and oT^^o lakaram followed either by a pure efW^^o %karam or 
by some sound that is scarcely articulate. (2) The vowel S3 is simply -» 
^^y akaram followed by yakaaram. (3) The vowel ^ is simply aharam 
followed by the variety of vakaram which is represented in English by w. 
(4) The anuswara is cmly a substitute for any of the five nasals of the 
five vargamsi with the restriction that it must be $klways taken to belong 

Digitized by L^OOQiC 


ho that yar^m to whioh its following? eonsonaat foeloci^R, so thai we 
ghonld nof write ^os$ when we intend ^^^' Besides heiag a snbstitaie 
for the five prinoipal nasala, the anoswara has f^everal other pecaliRr 
nasal sounds before the anthasthxims and the ooahmams except ol : one 
sonnd bftfore OBS; another before ^ and ^i another before ^^ and another 
before ^ *f^ tf« (this last may be perl taps taken to be the same as &) • 
T^oobSsS)^ *iSolsS^tbf^oznSSi6»y <i5oer»s>i6a>, *j5o^005s6o>^ ^fSc^lStSx, ^ogr*^. 
Thas anderstood, antmmram preRents the only exception to the perfect 
natore of the Sanskrit, alphabet and orthography. It takes away from 
their thoroughly phonetic cbsraoter, thongh very slightly and yet not 
withoat a slight gain to simplicity and convenience. Bat when I observe 
by the way that even this one isolated and trifling nnphouetio character 
has tronbled much some yoa»g raindrt which came under my observation 
and proved as it were a fine stcme in their orthographic digestion or 
assimilation, when I state this I only hope to be credited with the re- 
quired carefalness of observation. Such is the fineness of the true 
human intelligence in its finest specimenfi, and it is not altogether dif- 
ferent even in avei^ge or mediocre individaala: it throws off, like the 
tongue, the finest grain of sand. Its sensitiveness is like that of the 
squeamish stomach. It won't be cudgelled into swallowing any thing in 
the least unreasonable aod arbitrary. It will not accept any oonventioo 
unless it is completely explained beforehand. The teacher must intro- 
duce any necefisary conventions or even any inhetent difiicnlties with an 
humble explanation, made in the best possible and consistent way, in dae 
humility before the iriexorable strictness of the logic of the young mind. 
Else, it will froth, rear and bolt away. It will not know itself either. 
It oannot state its trouble. It is anomalies both real and apparent, avd 
obstructions to perfect reason, to be found in plenty throughout the 
educational means and system, from ABO up to the treatment of the 
higher subjects even in the best written text-books, that make dunces or 
retard the progress of many an iiitelligent lad. (5) Visarga « is nothing 
else than hakaram S^- Thus aMUwafram. and vieargam^ though they are 
read after and seem to be counted as vowels, are neither vowelfl nor even 
independent sounds. 


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SofwtnH I o»n see, tbe Adapted Telngn Alpliabet involves M 
•oii of HMomltj or hibob whatever. For ^e ose of tbe ordmary Telai^a 
wriiiBfB, »fi ibe abaeBoe of anj namber above them, the leM^m nraet be 
Mad ae if the middle attwber -^ is uiadet'stood and the middle sontid 
btended. This means reading the alphabet in tbe old manner only, 
except the second mrgom wbiob is at present read, when omiambered, as 
if n 18 anderRtood, b«t whioh ought to be read, ibr eoiifiistency, as if -^ 
is nuderstood. Any tjpographtoal disadvantages whioh the Telngn al- 
pkabet may be found to have are only snch as are common to all onr^ 
veraacQUr ahpbabets. They are perhaps miavoidable in a complete al- 
phabet and in what may be called the syllabic mode of writing which is, 
I ventnre to think, strictly considered, tbe pi^oper mode. 

Developed as in the previous pagep, the Adapted Telugn Alpha- 
bet, it will be observed, is capable of representing not only all tlie Indian 
langasges bat also Englisli and other foreign langaages correctly, which 
most be regarded as an extraordinary feat for an Indian alphabet to 
perform as English and the Semitic languages are so different in nature 
Iran all oriental languages and so fall of what we feel as odd and out of 
ihe way sounds. But whatever its capacity to represent non-Indian 
langaages correctly and the utility of its doing so, its admirable fitness 
for the Indian langaages aiid the advantages accruing from its adoption 
by all or most of them, are, I submit, undeniable. I therefore in all sin- 
cerity and earnestness call upon my brethren of the Tamil,, and 
Malayalam countries, I also call upon my countrymen of Gnzarat, Bengal, 
Maharashtra and other parts of the country, to cionsider this question, 
exercising all the impartiality they are capable of, to lay a.side their 
Bot annatural bias for their different alphabets, to recognize and realize 
the beneBts of a common one in our motherland, and to spare no means 
and lose no opportunity gradually to encourage the best one as such. Of 
oonrse there wilt have to be some undoing of the past and some 
reconstructive wofk. But there can be no difficulties that cannot 
be met gradually and by a sincere desire to attain the end and by 
keeping it in view. If the inability to give up a long cherished alphabet 
should prevent ue from coming to the desired decision on such a 

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qoestion, one woold be sorely grieved at Uie proapeot of our ooming to an 
agreement in greater matters. I therefore once more earaettly aek 
my learned and infloential coantrymeu to endeavour tiieir beet to 
iiiittate their motherland in this A B C of unammity. If the Adapted 
Teluga Alphabet is to be accepted as the oniversal alphabet for India, 
the Telogas will be oomparatively gainers thoagh in a trifling degree. 
And I therefore tmst that they will understand the situation and 
their duty of making a saorifice, if need be> to promote the carrying 
out of the scheme. While offering the utmost of my humble oo-opera- 
tion and aid towards the carrying out of the object, I can only here 
respectfully invoke, in general, the patriotic Telugu nobility to bestow 
their enlightened consideration on the subject and to do upon a sound 
basis, the little it requires of them, to confer a lasting benefit upon their 
country by popularizing their beautiful simple and perfectly phonetic 
alphabet among the different peoples of this vast land — and thus begin 
the alphabet of their national reform — I say reform with all reverence to 
their sound and tiniie-honored institutions. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



o. «- adjective. 

adv. = adverb. 

ancU. — anatomy. 

art. — article. 

agtron. =» astronomy. 

aim. "» auxiliary. 

coZZ. — colloqoiaL 

p. (i« 





comp. — compound^ composition.prep, 

compar.^^ comparative. 

conj. mm conjunction. 

contr. ■=■ contraction. 

def. — definite. 

dimi. a» diminutive. 

disL »i distinguished. 

fern. «=■ feminine. 

ybZ. .■— followed. 

fr. .-» from. 

geom. -» geometry. 

mp. *) 

or tmm imperative. 

impers. >» impersonal. 
tncl. — indefinite. 
interj. — interjection, 
tno^/t. «B mathematics, 
n* -• noun, 

opp. «■ opposed^ 


■« participial adjective. 

— person. 

— plural. 
»= possessive. 

— past participle. 
™ prefix, 

— preposition. 

— present. 

— present participle. 

— principal verb. 

— pronoun. 

— past tense* 

— psychology. 
•^ reflexive. 

— relative. 

— second. 

— singular. 
swperl. — superlative. 

— verb intransitive. 

— verb transitive. 

— transitives. 
-" and. 

— etcetera. 


pr. p 



p. t* 






V. i. 

t;. t. 

In the phrases given under a word, the first letter of the word, 
with a point or small dash after it, stands for the word, as- 
under Number, n. for number, and n*s for numbers* 


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No Avurice except in the Accniifiition of KnOvVltd^^'^ 

Learning and Language have so progressed thut k;j^\vI»^4«o-.n 
vordfl is becoming knowledge cf thiui^s. 


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adv, ■SfSaS'SS. 

A, tnd. a/rL 2J^, 



Ab-al'ienate, v. U a.S'piar'cs&cjSwTJs' 


Ab*al'ien-a'tion^ n. a.g'p |^«&cj5m 

A-ban'don^ tr. ^, a<S-o-5^,ayft o-Sf , 
A-ban'doned, p. a. xy^f)© oaJc»a|^,^a 

A-ban'donment,n. a><S-0*^to&),j)'i^?^ 
A-base', v. t. jb-s^sjw^, 8n»^S)ftd«^^^ 

A*based', a. 8r.^««a5?C2)a|^, ^SSj^sr 
A-base'ment, n. jb-t^sjea^to, 8n»^«w 

A-bashed^ a. f^ybra&i^ \ ^o^i6itSo9 

A-bash'ment^ ». jB^sj€>p'j:»o^ip'86oi&», 
A-bate', v. ^.^J;^o^,^sSj^aj:ddB»,«i> 

A-ba'ted, a. ^^^, 8&|»tf(S{f. 
A-bate'ment> n. V^io, tffiSj^-jsXbto, 

Ab'bacy, n. ^J^i&ocr«TBoS'«$>nr'^ 

Ab'bess, n.^^;g)e>er«7CjiJr^ cjBo^t^ 
Ab'bey, n. -jCTTy*^ c^e) 85»^ij». 

Ab-bre'viate, v. ^. ^oat,«i5M ^cfi»j 

Ab-bre'vi-a'ted, a* itJoJL^J^jif. ' 
Ab-bre'vi-a'tion^ n. ^o7ft^«jij»^c3aS» 

Ab-bre'viatory, a.7;ro^3sjtf»^d8fe|f 
Ab'dicant, n. j)^© o5f r*f)jf w»c&* 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 


Ab'dicatei v. t. ac&^r*;6,s:d^c^o 

Ab'di-ca'fcion, n. (^|5'tr»«c«S»ei>^-s-» 

Ab-do^men, n. 5'^-^,^2Stftf»,SS*l, 

Ab-dom'inal, a. g'i^-^^5^ ^8|^ iJS' 
Ab-dom^inous, a< "a25Ap»&)?C€),~gjtf*r* 

AK-duce% r. t. 'SSe5>^o85»]^sSc fejBr* 

Ab-ducfc', t^. t, oer»B^(,~^«SM7r»C77^p 

er*oK^l^8S6o-7r»cTpp &iBr^p^3S. 

Ab^uc'tion^n. ©en erj^^^Tr* 2.1^ 

A-b^^ adv, sjs^§'2^p, 8fco^«SM^p. 
Ab-er'rant, a.acr.5 jfo^^g,^l^,e)|^;;r 

AVer-ra'tion, ». scj^cj «4»^&^^^Ao} 

irbet'ment, n. iif^ir*\g^z&a. 
A-bet'fcer,'^ n. fi&sSLj,-^^c85»^S3 ^^ 

A^beyWce,n. r'p^-r'otfMsyeaSS pt 

Ab-hom'inable, see Abominable. 
Ab-hor', V. U ^^sS^oTssiSci, Xd^o^, 

Ab-to?'reiice, n, ^^z^ojt&ay aj^XasJx. 

Ab-hor'rent, o. ^7:itfT»e53<5^|^4S. 
Ab-bor'rible, a.^^j^.c^c^^e>9j&sJ., 

A-bide', r. t. psy^o^j pex>^,€wo^&5 

A-bid'ing, a- |jf2?l^^P«»^^^c^> ^ 

A-bid'ingly, adv. S>tSisS»'7^;^^ig^ 
A-bil'ity, n. ^J,j-^ti>^'^i^^ 00^. 
Ab'jeet/a. ?>^^^,e*^i&i^>j^, P^^ 

Ab-jeo'tiofl^ n. jKfeea>»c©d]^S ©, 
Ab'jecfly, adr.|>^iS^-7r»^K8:^ort»7r». 
Ab'jeofcnes8,n. ![K5^g«s»,e2?«fo^g8S». 
Ab'ju-ra'fcion, n. ^cjscr*^ •^^cS'iSm 

Ab-jure', t?. f . jsJ5&^e9'$r'tf£S'86w-7r»© 

Ab-ka'ri, n» -^icpqm S'w "to. snp 
AVlac-ta'tion, n. OiifS* So^^oa 



ab8olut6».*jC)8<j:) sjco. 

X€>. A. to read«=^c5b8JcKo» 
A'ble-bod'ied, a. zIv^tp^^c^I^. 
Ab'lepsy, n. ^?fe^^^«SM^ «c2f^£«SM. 
Ab-lu'fcion,w. ^^?^«6w5 ^ISX^-^^tix, 

A'bly, ady.7Jn»8SjVc«i»^,P'$)w^5^. 
Ab'ne-ga'tion, n. TUdWcXnS^^Zi-fi^^ 

Ab-nor'mal, a. «>'^v^atf^l^, asJ 
Ab-nor'mity, n. t^-^^ss'^^ asjfi^ 
^£hS». [oT*pl:)oc25 "ids' £r«K»€>. 

A-board', odi;. & prep, i,^ ^s^ss '^oo* 
A-bode', p. i. of aifd^. — n. fior»*i:i 

A-boi'ish, V. L •)^-ScSS>, fe^-^dOw, 
AVo-li'tion, n. <0^"^c3aS»iD^ ^^-^ 

A-bom'inable, a. e-jC^sf^c^c^, Xg^c 

A-bom'inably, adv* ^^zs^or&ai^, 
A-bom'inate, v. t. ^^zs^cK-^, Ka^o 
5?, e>97^sx«6» -6^ o^ji^c 

A-bom'i-na'tion, n. e$'i:)tf»<>»2!^5&>} 

AVo-rig'inal, o. wOsfo^^, «6ob5o 
AVo-rig^inea, n.pZ. «©«& pori"T6oo^, 

A-bor'tion, t^ KV\^sn6», ?Ccr\»-CK 

A^bor'tive, «. t5nno«5»"A» •feeS^^, 

A-bonnd', t?^ u ©i^t^|5»iriSo^»^, 

A-bout'j P^^* Hj>ft§o-Oj -^^>^«^i|i-e)j 
oKea, ^fcosjtfwj^.— adv. tf;^lfaj5j 

e>S'(^«^g'l^fi^5 ^|»^cS'^e>. To 
come a.—'j^ip'ae5?&>. To bring 

A-bove', prep, fcoce^j ^.Pj*^^"^' ^* 

adv. fcoc25'5 2l ^^tpj "■^t'-^^tv^. 
A-bove'board', adv. wer.tfoXKS»?c, 

A-bove'-men'fcioned;'\ a. 2.^^^^c^> 
A-bove'-named'/ L '^}^^ a^dop 
A-bove'saidV )l^^ V^8o. ^' 

Ab-ra'sion, ill tr»8)d^ ttfoaS^. " 

A-breasfc', adv.i^^tsti^-flr^jZtzs^ij^ 

Digitized by L^OOQLC 

A-bridge^ v. t. ^o^K^tS^'^cs^^ ^o 

•» . [«^»^^. 

A-bridged', p. a. 'ijroik^^|i'/'j:roiK 
A-bridg'ment^ n. ^olt^THzS^j^ ^o^X 

A-broach', odv- "Sw-Oj •a»tfc»'^4S, 
A-broad', adv. J)J8^oi$»K} ^o^io, ^ 

Abrogate, v. ^. r^g-ScxsSj; [f^^'S 

<*> o 

AVro-ga'tion, n. r^g-ScxsSlito, ^^ 

Ab-rapt', a. wtfS^tf^^c^^ ^^&»0i3 

Ab-Tupt'ly, adv. ^tf-d^^^ir*, . ^^^ 
AVrupt'ness, n. ^^^AaoS SttoSbAo 

Ab'scess, w. ^sjeaj&j^ ©j^^^ SSOb-$}, 
Ab-scis'sion, n. r*c^, r^cSwik). 
Ab-scond', v. t.'BDcassSofi^ -^ad^^^ 

Ab'sence, n. l5rd<i&&D, l3sSoi^&>, 
tJs>a, e>^5yjs»5 »6r^jg,^. A. of 

Ab'sent, a. tJpj »HSobl5f), sj6r<«, 

l^jtf tfTpo|f85»7Pj6|^. — V. t with 
the refl. pron. i^««)-s^fiSofi^*<i&. 

Ab'solute,a* f)?yoSStf2»^,«fi^«s»'3j;>, 

Ab'solutely, adv, ptf oSS^j&jtt', ^si 

Ab'so-lu'tion, n. ©»j^|^«6»,a8SM_|. 
Ab-solve', V. t. a^j-K^^*s»^cs^j o 

Ab-sorb', v. t. fcoy^, ^i^e;^x?D8c6ja 

Ab-sorb'ent, a, ioo^i^^^e^g'd o^&. 

Ab-sorb'ing, a. sSd^^^^i^o^cSSw ?r-S' 

Ab-sorp'tion, n. ioa^Ao^ fcoo^, er«85 
©§ ^^fir'0^r'jSaio}SDS'c85o?fc&>5"Sp 
OOSofibTPp i»ao8So^c»5» "SitocaS 

Ab-stain', r. i. j&-i5c)§^f)c»»o&, srd o 

•OcX^o&, s^J^ex>r*jSa; with fronu 

Ab-ste'mious, a. oa^<r*«a|^, tx>w^ 

Ab-8ten'tion, n. >^]^r*jDcSo»o^^b&>^ 



Ab-^ter'gent, a. pg[^oi$ao^&. 
Ab'stinenee^ n. j$j^^i?|SWo^ t^ik-S 

Ab'stinent^ a. a&*j6r*P]^. 
Ab'stracf ^ a. ■^^|^,(a'gc^^l^,"3ea> 

Ab-stract',i;.^. («"^c8o^,'geao^c:»»5 

Ab-stract'ed, a. '^ejo^ooScaSj^j sJtf 

AbHBtrac'tion,n.'^ego^c33»4o^|C'^c8 o 

Ab'stract'ly,ady. jc'^cS'sSmtv, sk^ 
Ab-8truse', a,)^i^-^'^, '^OiBr'^ioSS 

Ab-Btruse'ly, adv. j^^z^-t^, 
Ab-stfuse'ness, n. y^^^, 

Ab-snrd'ity, n. ^^oKB, e)cs^ J'^, 

Ab-snrd'ly, adu. e)'j:)o?C^«5ou-7r». 
A-buii'dance,w. o "dj^if «i» jO»"^ si i&o , 

A-bnn^dant^ a. o-^o"^l^,oo3"^Jl"2o 

A-bun'dantly, adv.Zi-^rst&^i^^cas'^ 

AB8-A00'^e>txr'C*'), vX eiiQ^p^j-^K 

A-bu'sive,a. 8"Sbifo ,«&»?>. o^&.P^fo. 
A-biit',v.i. ^^l)c»i>oe^,e^r*f)cxsS>o 

A-bys'mal, a. eii^Kosjp^eTr*^^*!^? 

A-byss', n, ^Tr^tSoi^ -^"or^faSM, 

A-ca'cia,n. g'jBotf^dw. 

Ac'a-dem'ic, 'i a.a"cr»c^w-»'i:fo»o 
Ac'a-dem'ical, J ¥3^(^5s:i2^£^\V^lt^o 

Ac'a-de-mi'cian,w. a2^£^\^er«c'^8^ 
A-cad'emy, n. «)TT*c^e) $ ^^^^\^* 
A-can'thu8, n,2.-r'"^S''$r'€>^to. 
Ac-cede', v.t. -(jis^^o^y «>oRg'eo^, 

Ac-cel'erate,v.^.^£5f -S) to^-^KsSa^i g'sSw 
^csaSi} '■^jT»-^\^c35S>. A-d motion 

Ac-cel'er-a'tion, w.^ojf-atoiD 5 gotf, 

Ac'ceni',n. a^rj^ioere^S^^oj^f) ^o 


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Ao-cen'taate^t^^.^_ds^ooSS5 .a^^tf ex>sS 

Ac-cen'ta-a'tion, n. fr. occen^ita^ 
Ac-cept', r. t.-fit^Bo^^^ofi^do-i^, 

Ac-ceptVbil'ity, w. eoAg'dosjc «;^ 
Ac-cept'able, a. woAg'dofics^;^ |^, 8r» 

Ac-cept'ableneBS,n.'^ w ^7 

Ac-cept'ably,a(f(^. j * '^ ' 
Ac-cept'ance,n.e)oR-r«^fB5M,'j5«&^ ®o 

Ac'cep-ta'tion, n.e^«5M,^P^^»c85M5 
Ac-cept'ed,a.«oRBrx^^j^, ^jig^^-^ 

Ao-cept'er, Vn.«d|K6r.^,-^^^r'p 
Ac-cept'or, j pTsT'ci^j «Swo^^O o-O 

Ac-ces8Vi.|«'^^i5w5 i^X" 66SScaS^;g)to5 

Ac-ce8'sary,a. ^8fT»-5-»e^^5 *^5lj^ 

Ac-ces8'i-bil'ity,n.55K'ftaSS ir»f)^\& 

Ac-ceB'sory,a. •f^Trf^-B^dgbi^} ^^Ir-^ 

Ac'cidenoe, n. o^SosrnjtfJfCTiSoj. 
Ao'cident, n. e^S'T^r^^Tr* T^Toipriio^ 

Ac'ci-den'tal,a. «>^7^^-7Nr' Sex^, 
Ae'oi-den'tally, adv.^iir^^'ri^i ^ 

Ao^cla-ma'tioQin soBS^op ^o<y*sSw 
Ac-di'xni^^ "I r. ^. ctf "S^-^^d^g. 
Ac-oli'matize^J d&§ ^oi7«to^<ioXc 

Ac-cli'mati-za'tioni i», €5^0"^^"^ * 
Ao-oliv'ity, ». .^T^b^fe e>|fc7r» f39Sj^ 

Ac-cli'vou8,a. ♦U(Sjy-&ipj56^, 


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Ac-oom'modate, v*Xi$*(^Bcxx>^^'6li 

Ac-com'xno-da'tmg^ a,»j^8c)D^^|^ 

Ac-coiD'mo-da'tion, n, sS'ftB 5 e5j6?(b 

Ac-com'modative, a. sj^©om^ \^. 

Ac-com'paniedy p. a, ^^"j^eosjcoS 

1^, "SowSosJcoiS^. A. by — ^ — 

Ao-com'paniment, n. 8cp>8^;6o^l^O^ 
Ac-com'pany, v. ^"SoAoc^ig)^ BcpS^c 

Ac-com'panying,a. scn»«^5S^5r^ii'6S}Scn> 
Ac-com'plice, n.eS>sxip.\^c»i»|^o&^ 

Ac'com-plic'ity, n, 2i>5xip.^^ci^(^o 

«s;>^dcss»o&&) I5tf ^sJ»nr»d^£«5M, 

Ac*cpm*plisli, «. <. 75ftd'3flo\, in^o 

Ac-com'plislied; a^sSM^os^tedS^^'^M 


Ac-com'plishment, n. "3ea"Seb\<b5 
■pw"Soflo6o, jftab^Aoj j6c»Ho-^5-j5-'> 
lfk>gtf»5 |Jjfe€9^^ p-^CT^, 2. "^^S 

Ac-cord', n. ^i^^, ^0^-5^5^86005 ^ 

f^?feng«SM^ SDg'sSo^CS^^ oii^^SfJ^M} 

Sis' tT* ^8600. Of one's own a.=r^^gS 

Ac-Gord'anc0; n. wj^Jfewc^, ei^-j^ 
e:^«S». In a. with= j«-r«»85D0TT», 

Ac-cord'ant, a* «>j6?foe32oj^, ^c^'i^ 

Ac-cord'mg, p. a. ej^7:r©cH0^, «^ 

;<bCT2>{^- A. to= ■iS^sS'jj^, l?"^ 

Ae-Hjord'ingly, ad/u.^^-jriStSMi^,^ 
Ac-cost', V. f. (OlS^Oo^, tfooS'eo^, 

Ac-cou-cheur', n. i&o(^-^P^^*5m 

Ao-count', n. W^j ftsjtf «&», sjtf^^ 

^cl^^. On a. of— Tr»efE9i5wss'e)|^, 
On this a.^s{o2^p£^_^i&M.A man 
of a."^ fCtSyT^cdS^y^ ^p>c&> — 


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g'(^e»S'|fc©w^; with /or. 
Ac-count'a-bil'ity, n. ^_^5'5t»6^c 

Ac-count'able, a.^_^o'or>a6a6|^^*^ 

Ac-count'anfc, w."9g'j^i5r»c33»or»c2Sb, 
Ao-count'book', w. "3?j^-^_^g'jSM, 

Ac-cou'ter, ) 
. ,, , V same as — tre — . 

Ac-cou'tennent, J 

Ac-cou'fcre, v. f. e^^^'^oo. "gd35> i5§' 

Ac-cou'trement, n, •(i^'Scs^^^ '^ 
1^5 a-s, pZ. i&-^ e3c»»^i5»ex>"a». 

Ac-cred'it, v. ^ |^«^ 5^)^-7' tfOo^x. 
Accredited, a. o33Tpa§7r» e5>^-r»5f 

Ac-cre'tion, n. ^o-^, sy^a. [s'eoSb. 
Ao-crue', v. u ej)^jr«Sa?(b5 -j^To^ao^, 
Ac-cu'mulate, v. t |^;<b^c»w; Sr^ 

Ao-cu'mu-la'tion, n. is^;fe^dtss»(b} 
Ac'curacy, n. ¥'^^^«i», T&)f)^^86oo, 

Ac'curate, a. g'^^^-^, ^P^^S* 

Ac'curately, adt;,§'-e:)^^sS»'7r*,'j:rd-7^, 

Ac'curateness, same as Accuracy. 
Ac-curse', v, L same as Curse. 
Ac-cursed',"^ p.p. So a. S^-tt-jjKo^ 
Ac-cursf, J t^5^sJ|5^^(^5-^S,|.. 
Ac'cu-sa'fcion, n. poOo^&3^ pos^ar* 

Ac-cu'sative, a. f)oOo^&.— n-. ao& 

a^atp'_|. [«Sm'3csss>. with of. 

Ac-case', v.<.poao^,p)o^Jl^T'•$J^"^^ 

Ac-cused', a. ■^i^iS»-ar»s5c©a|^.— n. 

Ac-cus'er, ». ^y«SM i^nS>^oT'c&, & 

Ac-cus'tom, V. ^« ^9^c7:rj&aL S'ooc^C'^ 

cSSm 13S' s5otf^. 
Ac-cus'tomed, a. «e3or»d»^o, «o5j» 

Ace, n. t?&>-s*'§^85»e>5r< «j6a «>?&|^ 

A-cerb'ity, w. .^^fS^^TCebj^X-oStoSi^ 
A-ce'tou8, a. -^o p 

Ache,w. (SniSaS)^, d^^b^, -Ssr^. 

A-chieve', i?.(.-(^^o^,8^oab,«fi^c3aS>, 
A-chieYe'ment,?i.-j^^ o-^^,iroii>iDj 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

-i-»cS,«^«5». Sulphuric a.— Xo 
9^ ^T^»sy«'«i», ?Co2?TPjg>«Sw. Ni- 
tric a.«B"Sitotf^iTP»ajg'85». 

A-cid'ity, n. •$)€»•$), •$>oc«^j5». 

A-cid^nlate^ v. t. •^f>ocsSc'SAx>. 

A-cid'ulou8, a, r^o^jjw-^jop. 

Ac-knowl'edge, v. t. 2Lsj^§^^,'i5s&^ 

j^s'00^5 e5oa|^c^p'3Doc3c'^c3Sj. 
Ao-knowl'edgment, n.a.xjjr'jSSAo^f:) 

A'com, n. jBo«6'tfs^&85M (oak) ca» 
A-cous'ties, n. ^'n^r, ?cf)asic33B'^ 

Ac-quaint', r. ^, "^oo*^^ "^©ooSc"^ 

foil, by vdth. 
Aoquaini'ance, n-<0ewS'/e56-:^o5Si6M, 

J<|^5P»C&^ tfd^^G&, Cd^OOS'^C 

&. [tCo: foil, by with. 

A(v-quaint'ed, a. s»&^OQ58^X'0;«)Qsa9' 
Ac/qui-eeoe^ i;, i. •j^sfo^So^f ,a;35^r' 


foU. by m. 

d ACn-AOI 

Ac'qui-ea'oence, n. «j5«^©,^j6i5»9, 

Ac-quire', v. L "jJo-^ftoiS; «6 o^, 
XSo^, 1^02^, 9$9^CS^* 

Ac^quire'ment, n.'(Soi^S^Q^i:>^&o 

Ac'qui-si'tion, ».'j;fo-&»ao^^,alr»o«6 
Ac-quis'itive, a. 'j^jo-^^o^&j'^v 

Ac-quit', v. ^.a&25c?^<:3Q5(>,f)g*J)^oo3p 
&CSa^^oa», ©8i» J^doSjj foil, by 
of J (with the re^. pron.) ^e^ 
r^fSb, i^sj^o^, as^ to a. one's 

self welL 
Ac-quit' tal, n. ©&>5Je>, f)8^J)c085p& 

Ac-quit' tance, w.^oooeBa-Br^^jSw}^ 
A'cre, n. <0S'ir>oejf£)*2^8'-^r»e)c^. 
Ac'rid, a.a.K2.c>'5 "s^^^^c^j-S^esoSSsfo 

A-crid'ity, n. SLKObj "T'tf «S». ^ 

Ac'ri-mo'nions, a. r'ejaSS Jfee^jSw^Coj 

Ac'rimony, ». |^^^,tObsl^, fe|^^. 
Ac'robat,n. -^"gboT»c2^^ ani&^o'snc 

A-cross', prep. 4 adv. e5>fi^85»»-7v,20S' . 
A-cros'tic, ^. SLg^a^f Tao5^©o?J-r'ss'c«S». 

Digitized by ^OOQlC 



Act, n, (Joos^ fiTj^caSw, ^cSf, }cp^ "ppo 

Act'ing, a. 2LS'p§»^i>ex>-7r' «f)^cXg>^ 
Ac'tion, n. T^tf caSw, JCJf), (Joojj ^c?;^ 

Ac'tionable, a. oT^c"Sc«5»"Sc»»io g'ss 

Ac'tive, a. ^es^^^j e^'^X■^Ke>5-^5l)o 
^^I^N . A. voice — g'^^gS' |5J 

Ac-tiv'ity, n. ^«aSSctf|fiS»5«r*(K^. 

Ac'tresB, ». |^6S, 'SsSLS'Jf. 
Ac^tnal, a. sr»^5y^|^, cXJSTpg^l^, 

Ac'tu-al'ity, w. f)S«5M, sj^^s^jSm. 
Ac'tually/uit;. f)Sj6»7r»,5r»^5j8S»7v^ 

Ac'tuary, n. -s^cfc^saN. 

Ac'fcuate, v. ^ |^"gS>o^, |^^»^ 

Ac'tu-a'ted, p. a. ^^a^^cgi^j ^a^ 
A-cu'men, w«*^&^«»a,8S^^X't»a. 
A-cute', a. oT^cSgpi^j-^j^&^iwaXo} 

angle «= o^r*e3 j5» . 

A-cute'ness, n. sr^cfij '*j5y*Jtjt»|j& 

Ad'age, ». -^-aj^, er«r* J. [tfw. 
Ad'amant, ». sj|0is»^ ^SS'©|^tf-D^tf 
AdVman'tine, a. sjiesSooBj^al^jsJiC? 

A-dapt', V. L irot^TC^-^, ^Jasred^^ 

Ad'ap-ta'tion, n. jb^ofiJbssed^fSo, ^^a 

A-dapt'ed, a.^5\|f ,c»S>^;aoj^,^55c3aS» 

Add, V. ^•^5i^, 5cpOo^,g'€X)-^,'f^oS'o 

Ad-deii^dam, n.,pL Addenda^sSoQ^o 
Add'er, n- a5l^tf^«i». ^^^y^ ^^ 
Ad-dict', V. *. e>e>oT*&o tfooKc'ioaS*: 
Ad-di'tion, n.^ob^6o,^5o\6o,^oa*^ 

Ad-di'fcional, a.2^c7r»c^tf^c23S^,« 

$g'«S»-7r»c'^a|^, '^•^• 
Ad'dle, a. ^Ss^ocoi^, ^sSKji^o»i^, 

^M^, »p§-a»SSo«£c'^cs^. 
Ad-dress', I'. ^. aco^jfeS-O^syj}^© 
ep"i^8S» "Ss' ■Oebfr»*$T» ioT»c3a». To 
a* one's self to=2Lg'a<5^ ^sj^r^ 


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^iS-fj^^tSoiy^^^^^ a-es, pZ. ^py^ 

Addressee^ n.^e3bcr*acr»-cr»obcoSb. 
Ad-dress'er, n. a^t» -^do. |jT*iB(^ "Ss' 

Ad-duce', r. ^. ^Tytf^^eo^, ^Tr>8^» 

A-dept', n, p-$)ewc(&^ |S)fceMc&, S 

Ad^eqnacy^ n. ^Xdawo^^io, ^Xbc^r 
Ad'eqnate^ a. ^j^y^ cs^^jb^, ^jS> 
Ad-here^ v. i, «otor*j6, ^KScfiwo 
Ad-her'ence, n. etotor^f) c35^o& 

Ad-her'ent^a. eod»^pc3s^l^, «>;6 

AdrWsioni n. «)o&>d r*j64o. 
Ad-he'sive, a. «o&»r''p^^. 
A-dieu',n. infer/. & adv. 2^oiS«S», -jC) 

5^ l&oS'fib e5?6j6^to. To bid a. to 

Ad-ja^cence^ | n. ^e l5S' «o4Sc3aSs>o 
Ad-ja'cency,J &&>, |«S'i^j6o&(^. 
Ad-ja'cent, a. ^a tSs' woi6c»»>|j^, 

Ad'jec-ti'val,a. ©"^slea v^owo^J^bi^j 

Ad'jec-ti'vally, adv. ©"^sSwWj&o-Tr*. 
Ad'jec-tiVe, n. ©Tf sJLrtA9. 
Ad'jectively, adv. aTfsleaB&a-Tr*. 
Ad-join', v. i. ^a<3SS»odfo, ^X0c3QSi)o 
&, 25jCee7r» f^o^. — v. t. e5o6S 

Ad-join'ing, a, ^acfiw?^, ^Xl)csa5^ 

Ad-joum', v. f. 8i)6laJ»S'"3tfSS pOfc 

Ad-joum'ment, n. f)ejo-^^c»S>&>^p€» 

Ad-judge', 'I v.t. &Ob^^c»Si>, d^o 
Ad-jii,dicate,j -^, p^^ocoo^. 
Ad-ju'di-ca'tion, n. &0o^. 
Ad'junct', n. ^acSS*?^©} ^{f^coAjf 
a. — a. ^acs^i^. [&>5 aLA», t?^, 
Ad'ju-ra'tion,n, 2Lto-ato>A3, «|^-?i4:o 
Ad-jure', v. f., «|^T5A». 
Ad-just', r. e. -jcra-^^, -jifa^css*,^ 

Ad-just'ment, w. oabcirdx), 'j^Tssao 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Ad'jutaat, n. "^^v^p^^t <^e^^'^', 

Ad-min'ister, v. t.^'^\*,^si'^,^tSto 

Ajd-miii'is-tra'tioii,n. tfdiy»o^«5w5 8S 
rSto^i^, ^2^&o^to, "^^S?^"^ 

Ad-min'is-tra'tor, ». 556-^0 on^ sj^c 

Adrmin^is-tra^trix^ n^ ferru of od- 
Ad'mirable,a. -aaS^cs^Hi^, j^jboas 

Ad'mirably, adv. "aalS^ce^H^^, ^^ 
IboassSwTT^; ^^^rs^r$}^-r^. [d. 

Ad'miral, n. iia^o-fio^siwj. cwS^*^^ 
Ad^mircblty^ n. i/C^v-j^ooo^^lf i|5b^ 

Ad'mi-ra'ti<m> w. •aa^^9^j6<b^ 5^ 

Ad-mire', v. t. -©D^^r^fB, "sjd^^gbs 

«6\5Jao^; ^5>3o^, l^^o^o-S?. 
Ad-mir'er, n. -aD^^r*jSaoT«c&>. 
Ad-mis'sion, n. |j5'35^«5», er«8sS)3cfei5 

«oAs'dc-fif, abs;^r*!5c>, ^i&^ao^^ 

Ad-mii'tance>n. tr*5sDI-a»f)^^Ao;(SJ 
Ad-mix'fcure, n. g'€»*^&o, sx>(^aS36. 
Ad-mon'ish, v- f. tto§^x»^,^^o^j 

Ad-mon'ition, ru woa^jjjto, ^9c^5 
Ad-4non'itor, n. t»g^»^j«r»cife. 
Ad-mon'itory, o. t»a'3«j^|M, 

A-do', (wd^) n. «oa, g'cJOS', t^osJ 

Ad'o-les'cency;j * ^ 
Ad'o-les'cent, a. dSs^sj^ 2^^fer«|6 

A-dopt', v. ^. CJ^&jBr'jSa, iSg-r»tfi5w 

A-dopt'ed, a. tf ^^iB§^|^c«><3|^,"?»o« 
A-dop'fcion, n. SJ^, '^os^S'sSw, %"'^ 
A-dopt'ive, a. j^^^jBr^p^^ tf ^^ji 

A-dor'able, a. -^psjboBS^o}^. [y;^. 
AdVia'tion^w.*^©, ^^^(f> «Tr» 


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A-domed', p» a. cf)ool^^^^^c^i5M. 
A-dom'ment, n. ee)o-r»tf i&a, ^ott* 

A-droit', a. ^tii'^\^tSti»Xo, "JJfib^K 

A-droit'ly, adv» "^Ob^^S^, ^jSd^^j^?^ 
A-droit'nesSj n. ^j6o^j^lfi5», ^ife 

A-dry', o. xra*ti»Xv, j^fc^cr'p^joio 
Ad'a-la^tdon, n. «s»ip^8, ^^^ti» 
Ad'a-Wtor^n. «s»^^9^cflSjoT»c&, 

Ad'alatory, a. 6(*^S'-^, e>©tf -^^^ 
A-dtili% a. •«*oc«^Tan»c63|f , s^ooS*^ 

A-dnl'terate^ v. t. fio^^fiM^j^^eaj?^ 

oa;f. [^^ 

A-dnl'teM^'tkm, n. -St^tfiStlo^^w 
A-doFterer^n. 5rtJc>t&, tf^do^ 

A'-doFlerefls^ n.gTo^S, tfc^^^T^Ot^^wo 
A^dnl^terine^ck s^^^ar^tf sSo^tf e>^c »> 

A-dal'ieroW| a, Ctp^^6^^^y ^o 

18 ADO -AD V 

Ad*am'brate> v. t. ^^casi^ -j^ 

Ad-vance',t;. <. s5»oaaSS6c»S» l5s' "§ 

Ad-vanced', a.<0fi5b&)j6]^, 85mo2^»j6o 

Ad-vanoe'ment, ». i5a3o&>sSc?s^tg)6o ^ 
Ad-van' tage, n. er^TsSw, ^s*®t^»|^ 

— v.t* er-<rtf»S'€»Xcsc3BM. 
Ad'van-ta'geous,a. e>j65j»e>2o^, e> 

Ad'vent, n. tr»S', s^-^^io, «K8&^«$». 
Ad'vBn-ti'fciouB, a# S5"'Ss.8&o7r»?Sc>j2r^ 

Ad-ven'fcure, n. T^tf^'i^^^cJiwj^. » 

Adrven^turer^ n- "j^sf^iBsSc^, "§Ao 
Ad-ven'turous, a. "Sj^iZSX^, it^a^^ 

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AdVerb, n. |8c«j^6*^s1c9«Sdo^ ef)ssc 

Ad-ver'bial, a. |Jcx^©'^sjwe^ ^oz>o 

Ad-ver'bially, a(Ii;.|§a5^»"*S5xw«i» 
Ad'versary, n. o)08, ©6^^, ^|^i&. 
Ad' verse, a. aobg^(^,^5)Q5cpo^t^, 

Adversely, adv. a>Ootf j5M7r»,(«8B&' 
Ad-vei/sity, n. fi^g^, ^"^ai^§«^5 

«5»J5, ©855^, ^^t&X). 

Ad-vert', v. t. (with fo>) ^Tr»j}»8o 
AdVer-tiseS v. *. ^sJB'6o^lScs6», ^5«' 

Ad-ver'tiaement, n. |tf ^Ao|^5 ^ctf^t^ 
Ad-vice'( — p"), n. wg, «y*?^, ^jcj 

Ad-vis'able, a. h^^-^^, ^*^^2?(^^ 

Ad-vise' ( — dr),v« ^^»a^s^J,^« 

Ad-vis'ed, a. t5er«-s^^ •^l^B'2>^. 
Ad-vis'edly, ody. ^^r^^^ '^^S^ 

Ad-vis'er, n. i»a^?55CT»c&,^«"^^ 
Ad-vocacyi n.^^s^e)s^JE^«5od|^tpQo 

Ad-vocate, v. t. ej&Sj^osi^sSx'c^s** 
Ad'vo-ca'tion, n. e^fSbScpo s^&s&aj^ 


Adze, n, Trfi^f;) l5S' ^(S^oosj^ sr^ 
A-e'rial (cOoox^doos^), a. -tt-Ot:) o©o 

Ae'rie, n. r*j)^|^i^8:«fi^oXj*ifo. 
A'eriform, a. oj^c5^^^i5j^}stS»Ko. 
A'erify, v. t--7r'l)5^f)o-^. [;g). 

A'erolite, ». ^-F^^jSMj^oasJifo sr^ 
A'er-ol'ogy, n. •x»cJ^^_^S8&>, 
A'er-om'eter, n. 5r»c3a»jg>o«)eb;g)j6"3 

A'eronaut, n.8^K;C>8&j&>8S»er«(3n»-r» 

Aesophagus, n. e)^5r»8r»g'. 
Aes-tket'ic, "I a. rs^^T'i^ t^owo^ 
Aes-thet'ical,J ^|f, tf7:^«i»ii5^&-o 

Aea-thet'ios, n. «tngr. ^^ar'^assc. 
A-far', ac?y. ^ist^i^^ i$r>isti»i^. 
Affa-bil'ity,n.-^o^c«S», jJooS, sSa 

Affable, a. 8i)-cr»o2r7r»jSd i?^-tr»f 8S» 
Af-fair', n. 8jp,T»Oc«S»»}«^c5j«j<tfi5». 

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Af-fect^ tJ. t. jfinfib^ ^a>Kc'ic«5> $ ^ 

"Spa g'OXcSSwl^^A^ '^•^. 
Affec-ta'tion^. |^&3o*^,"a(3S«5K>,4o 

Ai-fect'ed, a. pSiS^-r^p^-^SS^?^, 

•^i{®S*«^' ^[^"^S^t^^ 'S-©\§^c». 

Af-fect'ing, a.tfp6'5Ja6»*^43o^^&,«&> 

Af-fec'feion, 7i. 25oKS, (J««59, 5^•^^€>5 

Af-fec'tionate, a.|j&sx)o^^3b,|j£8S3K 

Af-fec'tionately, adv. rtt^S^^^oas 

Af-fi'ance, n. asna^sSM^sS a6»o«6c"^ 

cfiw (^TT'i^a&o} 1^8^ S'. — V. t. ^ 

o — * 

Af'fi-da'vifc, n.|ejscr-ra •^o^S'iSwt^ 
fr'ccO»$53©63oi66o ist^jB^o^S'sSm 

Af-fil'iate, r. t. ^-^^^aSM^iBi^fSS^^ 

Af-fil'i-a'tion^n. jfeg-^^i^a&o ^jBi^fSS 

<b^ ^853er«c"^Ob^r'jSo(So. [d^or. 

Af-fin'ity,n. T^oaoefaSwjOo^Jb^aSwj 
Af-firm', v. ^t & i. 0ar*$7v^c'S8j^,9i^ 

Af-firm'ant, n. iS^a^TPC "Ssjjct'c 

15 4rr-4rL 

Af'fir-ma'tion,n. 8 tf i6m7pc^xj^&)5| 
K^) (opp« to negation or denial) 

Af-firm'ative, a.SysJea^^fo} ^^1^75 

Af-fix', V. ^e5o6So^,^0g^,^;\0o^. 
— n. ^0^c(5^cO35«5k>. [8)^0'^. 

A£-flict',r. ^ TT^o^, ab245"?)4»,-^ 
Af-flic'iion, n. tj*??, abS^sjoo, «5'c^j^ 

Af.flic'tive, a. ^Ispirs-^^ yZS^^i^^^is 
Affluence, n. T^sfcxg, t^Tosjcj, so^q 

l^o«Sw, ^os5?fo, ^Kg&», 
Affluent, o. T^osjttKo, SD^gtf caSwX'o, 

aer«c'^Ob -OJ^oSbew. 
Afflux', n. |XJoT»3^«6». 
Af-ford', v, t. s^^^, rwX'c'^dssSj. 
Af-fray', n. S7C«^b5», B'oa^aSx^S'cxJSc 

Af-f right', v.^ e>S'^^7r»i?'c«3T>^oD. 

— n.wg'^^TT* tfo&?(bifrc«3«5», 2S 

&*^, "SCJOb. 
Af-front', v. ^ ^x^sfir-i^Kjea^, ejfo 


Af-fu'flion, n.^p^cx^&D i5g'^^. 
A-float', ocJi;. or a, %fxySSi %o^ 

i^^5 "go s-tor'p ^^i^. 


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A-foot', adv. i^d^'fS). 
A'fore', adv. sSMoCfea. 
A-fore'hand', adv. «5»o8&-7r»lS. 
A-fore'said',a.«6Mo«$>c^xr^a)a|^, 2. 

A-fraid', a.^a^T^&l^y'^^Ql^p^^^i' 
A-fresh',adf. ©dJ\, «5dwo, l^^l^ 

Aft, a- & adv. i«^J6 "Sj^^ ^to^. 
Aft'er, prep. & odvt ^^5r»^> t*fe^ 

Aft'er-birth',n. ^tf'fia;^^!^ •SfSbtfca'S 

Aft'er-crop', n. •i:)05JS^^tf sfeoCO "Oo5^ 
Aft'er-iioon',n. e)55Tr»g»«5», i&"qr»^ 

Aft'er-paina', ti. ^^ts^^ill ^t^^n^ 
Aft'er-thought', «. &«&^*S c»<r»eH 

Aft'erward, '^ adv. ^O^sn^, fc«fc^ 
Afi'erwards, j Ad. 
A-gain'(ei??^, adv. ^d5\, «Sj«^, «5» 

A-gainat',prep. aobg•5»■7^,^KJ©l6'» 
sfoj-TT-, •)^i>0b7r». Be ready a. my 

arrival— ^e6«^^l^?^;^^5 *$*^ 

Ag'aUocli,n. e)KOb?Co«*^^tft-. 
A-gape',a(ir, or a. ^^ir»0b'9«id^9^f)» 
A-gate', n, a,g'©y5i^«5'o». 

Age, ». i$atdi», ^oBSto, ««6} 
A'ged, a. (a'35^i5»if5D, » osS'^^ ^ 

oi^'j (S)^ or a'as^ -^ce^Ko, 

as^ a. ttofcy years. 
A'gency, fi.8:^^tfgtf»,nntnfl^iS», 
-T'l^CTBJwi i6j«J2B»tfp9 ^59f>97^ 

A'gent,^^-r^^sScab} nr^CJcaiiwj 

Ag-glom'erate, v. ^, 8&r*«ic6csg», l8 


'A.g-glom'er-ft'tioii,n, ^o^ir^cScS^ 

Ag-glom'erative, a. 8&r^§^ jSa^tf i^j 
Ag-glu'tinant, a. tf©|B8^jSa|fg. 
Ag-glu'tinate, v. t.' e^oiSo^. 
Ag-glu'ti-na'tion, ».8&r»&r*jSb&),S'D 

Ag-gla'tmative, o. rojir^jfeirg. 
Ag^grandize, v* t. w^S'iJM^dafe,"'^ir» 

Ag-gran^diaement, »• ^^^jT^lScSib 
Ag^gravate, v. ^. tferfr^otf^e^^j^ 




400 -AOB 

Ag'gregate, v. /. ^CJb^,^«,^,iB»^ 

Ag'gre-ga'tion, n.g^a^cfecx^&D.a.S'^ 

Ag-gress', r. t. 2iCo<3^. [-ct»^. 

^g-gres'sion, ». 2.^»<5fo^; g'otf^s&- 

Ag-gres'sive, a.g'e^x^»86M|^5S"g»oi)ex)"S> 
Ag-gres'sor, n. g'otf^s5a-tfoi{r8i»^i&]^ 

•r»c^,S'oftr»o^oT«atfe5€;^ i cesser* 

Ag-grieve', v. ^ «6?^-S)djD,5Sc«{C)i^s5wg' 

A-ghaat', adv. or a, e5^ vO^csjS^ "S 

Ag'ile, a. er*$a5585M7Coj^eso2 1^5 -^ 

AgiVifcy, ». «j-»$D55sSx*,^eflo5SccJ]^8&05 
Ag'itate, r, t. g'e^So^; S'DooSc'Stos 

Ag'i-WtioH, n. ^'cJeo^j g-oc^, g-^sj 

If j6m, ^v g'jr«€M5M . \ 

A-gloi!v',a. -^t^Py-^ca^^. 

Ag'nail,**, ;r*«>^d». r— n. era. 

Ag-na'tion,n. ^^l^^^sSx. 
A-go', adv. or a. ^8o£f(b,85»f5b-$).'^ 
o^ifi»^, five months a.^e^ooseSo 

-A'-gog', a. or ady.«)B>5fc^3SM;Coj ^ 

A-go'ing, adi\ d<;g)^. 

Ag'onize, v. i.^s^^;^^fK>ti^^^^tfi 

A.g'ony, n. -gs^i^, 5j^ij^,e5^co^^^Tr 
A-gra'rian, a. ssr^-ci^ooS'^SX) -jjTo^jo 

A-gree'able^a. w^Scn»e)2??^, ^fi.-^ 

A-gree'ably, arf<;. eySbXbca»$M-7r», S|o 

A-gree'ment,n. 2.dozi&^, 2.5?^o2^ 

S5s5w^S3g'^^c>Stej ^o&S"^ ^^iSmo 

Ag'ri-cul'fcural,a. sscsJi^oKS 'jCioooi? 
Ag'ri-curture, n. ssos^i^ocsSjSw^rvS^, 

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Ag'ri^ul'fcurist, n. "^fiJcTn^cA^^S)^ 
A-ground', ody. e5d^^,?nDi(;-;s^ai 

A'guish, a. ^Oe^^aSw^i^l^^. 
Ah, intery ei)^a-*c. ['Sx'jSaoTr'. 
A-head', acfy. sSwoi^iiDo^^sSwoJ^tfTr*^ 
Aid, V. t, ^K^oOit&a ^c3^. — n. -^g^ 

Aid'-de-camp' (Si(S-^^c)^ n. "^fj^cT' 

Ai-grette', n. sSfncxC ^.CStor^jSS 

Ail, 1'. ^. ISoSwo-^, t&o-^, "^^0^. 

Ail'ing, a. 6r^K«5w^^ ^¥«><&^^. 

Ail'ment, n. e^KsSw^ sj'c^^'iCjog'dosSw. 
Aim, 1% i, & t, XSeS-CSj"*^, XbeSi:^^^ , 

O CD ' o 

Aim'le8s,a. ^cHS*'25^86M^l5p. 

Air, n.7r»©,oT»cfiSas&5"3o<S,»8!p»jJoX^5 

Ait'-gan', n. -Tr^OtiosS^sJo^^feoafo-^ 

Air'ing, n. e?tfc'Stoio57r»D^5r»d,Ctf« 
Air'-pump', n.'^er«p^ofi7r»f) -rr^p 

-«3Sr«"^\ T^Dp po*$)&)SSc-7r»p ^C 

Air'-tight', a, tt*© OKxbDj^dxiab^TPp 

Air'y, a.7r»©'z?^Tr»^«5x'7r»Tr»cc^X^,-7r» 

Aisle, n. «^xjaer«^«S'^^?C«5». 
Ait, n. 8jj^, e)otf. 
A-jar', odr. ^Xf6»'S^^. 
A-kin', a. tf _^^o«)o¥«5»?^€>i ®o^^ 

Al'abas'ter, n.-s^o|^-^o^«5» "dS'^oo 
A-lack', interj, «)®j^c! 
A-lac'ri-fy, r. <. ^eaDSS-^go^. 
A-lac'rity, n. ^v^-^t^y ^«rV85%sS», 

A-larm',w. ^os3«5M^a?ibex>,'3ttOb^8)^ 

A-larm'ing, a. ^o3586M-^feSo"giSb, O 
A-larm'ist, n. -g-^sj'^^pcfiarojJS'oSotjr 
A-lar'am, n. p^'S'^dk tSif •)^^©o^ 


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Arias', ifderj, e^^j^c ! 
Al^be'it, adv. eooo|^sj^4S§p. 
Al-'bi'noj n. -^to^^c. 
A-lbu'go, n. S'ofiSltoc»cX'S)"K^^-$jtg)g. 
Al'bum, n, •O^^aSMOj^'Si^r^jSS*^)^ 

Al-bu'men,n. ^sj^sSm, "^^i^r'ab^, 

AFchemist, n, ^•^93--2^8S» '©©^(^st'c 
Al'cliemy>'> n. i^'j:roT»e5j5coe5|^c7r»»o 

Alcohol, a. s&Oc#»tf«^. 

Al'cove, n. Kaer*«5bsr«e)7r»(6o& ^7C 

Ale, n. 2Lg'a}5!)*j6o75^Tnoc». 

Ale'hoase', n. S'gi oK^. 

A-lert', a. ff^K?5j»g'^-7^f5S|^, ^eajSS 

Al'gebra, n. I)©KeS^«5». 

Al'ge-bra'ic, "J^ a. h2SK^ 'i:>o»o¥ 
Al'ge-bra'ical, J joj^. 

Al'ge-bra'ist, w. SssXeS^g^cd^ 

A'lias, ». sfeedeawtf-fiOb , 7r»86^o^CJ 

i5a>, |«©ir-8Sa85w, ^^?^.— adv. id 

Y, as, Bamayya a. Rangayya—* 

Ali'bi, n. ^v^o^^^oSSjo&iii^ 5^5^ 

Al'ien, a. ^^^-^^^ z^^-^^^ ^?^*c 

Al'ienable, a. s^oboi-O^'^ocsScsJH^. 
Al'ienate, c. t, ^^&»^d §^"3c3aM, 

AVien-a'tion, w. «foe5a5»S'6§-0^"Sc«S# 

A-light^ V. *. |§oe5a?fc iStf ot^-co. — «► 

A-like', a. a^©c3a&)|^^, aS'j^ft9-7v'j& 

j5S|^.— adv. a.s'j^6©-7V; ^8^^ 

AJ'iment, n. t5a^i^i6M, 
Ari-men'tary, a. ^i^u^owoJ^jo^. 
Al'iquant, a. aoK^ l5sSoa^v*^6<f>/: 

opp. to aliqiiot. 
Al'iquot, a. aoX^l586o5^ ^f^o-^n^^. 
A-live', a. 2§sji6»<S^j6(^^ 5 g'al>g'-7r» 

Al'kali, n. -^e^sSx) , IK^jSw. 

AJl, a, & n. «)o5Jefl05 «>P^j e>o^csao»^ 

JCK3^S5^, •i:)ttg!5oo,'f)85o_;g86».At a. 
«B <0o^ j&»|^«5oa}6. In a.— «)p^ 

T) p. — adv. 'i:)o-^2J86Do-7v, ^o^ 

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O 65 

AHay'ment, tJ.^sjnfsSsc^jSM^^sSa^a&o 

Al'le-ga'tion,n. Wj-^tt^c S5:^ca(Sc^ 

AWege',v. ^. ^sj^j ^f^5 s^sxtt^c 
Al-le'giance, n. ^_| j "D^aifrj|. 
Al'le-gor'ical, a. «r»5J-B-»€)o-r»^ «& 

Al'legory, n. ttj^ss-r-oo-^ij^&j j ^\ 
Al-le'viate, v. *. ^«^s5o^8S»^c33S>, 

AHeVi-a'tion, n. ^s^^ss^^aiw, ^55 

Al'ley,n. ^oiSb, •«;)?r^o»eaiSc>fc^. 
Al-li'ance, n. -^|aeJg'5Sw,»o¥bSQ86w, 

Al'K-ga'tor, n. -SwjtC)!). [^ir-'jcrsSM. 
Al-Ht'er-a'fcion, n. osSsfoS'^w 5 «;«) 
All-knowing, a. '^^o?^c'Q 


Al-loi'ment, n. o^X«5m^ ^^o^qo'^ 

2LSjjj§^pS, "^oOxSj^, e9(;5dl$»9ooa 

Al-low'ance, n. e5oA^*«^j6w5|^^&o» 
Al-lude', 1?. u -fyj^^Q-^, ^"^o^, 

Al-lure'.r. <. t?^6 o^^ «cr^2r»05>C^ 

AHure'ment, n. t5^ -i^^ox^ l^^l^ 
AHu'sion,n. -^u-o^ii^; ^iT»sj^ao£fc£) 
Al-luVial, a.^syj^iSMS^e^^r^tor^p 

Al-lo'dium, n. j^dtt-^ 5 ;&.^^ ^^^o. I Al-lu'vium, n. 5Jo<5^, sf o3^, eS^sjofig 

Ario-path'ic, a. fr. aZ/opa%. ' -- - « - — • -* 

Al-lop'athy, n. 6^^osSo&rf)S,o^^ 

Al-lot', V. t. s?rogboo"ScSM,a^Ko^o» 

5), »6Ss;-«c T'l^r'psJ^jiOeJo^ w 

All-wise, a. 'jcjscs^cg^. 

Al-ly', n. -jcTsJ^cj&c^, ^^fir»^c^^^ 

Al'manac, n. 35o%r»oK«5». 

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Almirah, n« |)5dsr. 

Al'moner, n. -o^y e»"a».^5;^oT"aTy' 
Al'monry, n. T3^^oo^^aj^o85M,2;J^ 
Al'most, orft;. -^TSnbo-T^^ ^t^^ta^ 

Al'oe, w. g'oaojj. 
Al'oes-wood', n. sS»"5^to»{f«s». 
A-lofi', arfv. ^^^ 2.^"^^ d^<5fo?<b^. 
A-lone',a. 2.o63,ao4oa,^-s^§,g>l^ 

A-long', odr. & j)rep. ■3o6d,sS^2^^"3o 
A-long'side', adv. & prep. j«g'(^j6, 
A-loo£',flcit;. 5^oc;<^ acr»5'«feo-7s:', "Sea) 

A-loud', adv. XkSi^y tiX^ir*, ■?)2s¥c 
Al-pac'a, n.a>rOi6Tfo8r*i6ji6a)o5^^i6 

AVphabet^ n.i,^z$no:>f^S^rSi^o,tsV 
Al'^pharbei'ical, a. «>i 5'(S'«&*}5S^i^ 

Al-read'y, odr. efissta^ s^o^sSiSmo 

21 ALM-ALTf 

Al'tar, n.g^sji^sScx;. 

Al'ter,t;. ^. *Sa-JJb^, ^£^85m^c5^, ss^c 

Al'ter-a'tion, n. s^fibs, "^jSsSmhScss^ 

Al'terative, a. ssi-eb^rejo?Cc^~^(:^. 
Al'tercate, v. f. iSxaSjsj-c^^ ^v^o-^, 

AVter-ca'tion, 7i. ^KsizSx^^ S'os^85x,a 
Al-ter'nate, a. a.g'dSxxS-C) a.g'dSTr^jSb 

Al-tei'nately, adv. z^k^&^^^^^, 
Arter-na'tion, n. a.g'<£3a(S-o a»g'i3 

Al-ter'native, n.s^s>.|^-sptf«6w tJ)oAg' 

Al-though', c(m/. ©|^f6, o^ss^iSSp. 
Al'titude, n.»)^,iy»2i^^^^^^ci6w, 

APto-geth'er, adi%^f)^cSSS»cK£>^^^f)o 
^<:»»)c'^d,'S>»^i5w"7r»j 2S^_§7r»,"i 
Al'trui&m, ». 5>i^^-A)^. [sjoiSw. 
Al'tru-ifi'tic, a. ctf^-da^Ko. 

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1, J «^P 2L5r 'gof)^^ 


Al'vine, a. §'&)*^e;^p "iiKio^f^ozioi^ 

Al'ways, adc. o^Jo sJ^j^^ o^sJ^&jiSS^'i:) 

Am, the first person singular of the 

verb be, in the indicative mood, 

present tense. ^ir^ySo^t^ooacssM 

A-main', adv. eDOsSwS^} s^Att^j «'§' 

A-maVgam, n. ^^jCiOai^er^tf^jSao^t^s^^ 
A-mal'gamate, v. ^.S»|^8&»^(d;^} tf 

A-mal'ga-ma'tion, n. S)oi^«5w ^c33» 
A-man'a-en'sis,n. "d^sSc^, '^zs^-S 

Am'aranth, w. ^ibo^'^)^. 
A-mass', y. ^.scr»«^c"Sto,^0o^,|^?6^ 

lass'ment^n. Sor«3£c"S^io,,^K>^&), 

Am'atory, a. ■sr«tf*«j:)023o^^^,-r»«59 
A-mazje', r- ^. e5^^j^c«6MB^ooK'c'^cH»^ 

•|we>t|r8$«.7r'eb«jj|A-maze'ment, 7i, e?^^tfo36M, ^^dk^ 

Am'azon, n.css3atfiS»"^'^i^&^0"^«fe* 

Am-bas^sador, n. xr^asS'^Q^ ^Sj^^^-o^ 
Am-bas'sadress, n. Tr»ocso^im«5» ^ 

Am'ber, n. ^c3sfcE^, ^e9ur^fr.oa3cSD 
A.m'bi-dex'ter| n. "go&^l^o^ ssp 

Am'bi-dex-ter'ity, n. "go&^sfoo^S^ 

Am'bi-dex'trous, a."Qod^^«^o^5ip 

Am'bient> a.^tor'pc33»o"S&,-^^ 

Am'bi-gu'ity, n. -jcjoa^^, :j5o'SsJ<g 
Am-big'uouSj a. •j:)oax'^^j-j;jo'^tf«g 

Am-bi'tion, n.tjJ^^^^^^S ^pr^Obtoj 

Am-bi'tious, a. tJ'S'X'oj^i^^iBe^pr* 
Am'ble, n. 2LS's2;?^f^;ibw -^c^aC^. 
Am-bro^sia, n. tsi^\^t&», 
Am-bro'sial, a. «>8S3\^«5doq5^^. 
Am'bu-Wtion, n, SK,?(b6o, ^s^i^. 
Am'bus-cade',^ n, ssar»<bD,^o-OcfiS*o 
Am'bash, J ^&)^oa5»^Tr'cKc«S>o 

A-meen', n. e>l^f5b ^pj ^er*c^. 
A-meer', n. ^iltofib «j6 i&s^^feoBS 

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A-meFio-ra'tion/ n. •TrXb^c5SS>&)5 ^ 
A' men', inter j, ado,'& n.^Tfp*&, w 


A-me'na-bil'ity, n. ej^o^fe^:; ^ ^jj 
A-ine'nable,a. v^^o'T^dSo, u^c^d'ScSoj 
A-mend', V. ^. Q«Sb, -^ssdo^, ^d^ 

A-mend'ment, n.OiSb-^^, lC)5y^e9. 
A-mends', «. «tn^. & pZ.^e»,K>2$bex)j, 

A-men'ifcy, n. j^s&c?^, {^sSociosb^, sSo 
A-merce', v. ^. ^Ji^a^ot^, ^l.o^/ 

A-merce'ment, n. ^li, £>o2S^. 
Am'ethyst, n. 2L^2?^t?jj^8SM. 
A'mi-a-bil'ity, n- sSjo^^^iSm^ t6o^o 

A'miable, o. «5ao^, "^^o»5mXo, t6o 
ej^c^^, •jCjSSbe^xSsaX'o, -f^jCJ-jCj^^Ke), 

Am'icable, a, ^pa^v'^n^^ "jJjsj^t?^ 
Am'icably, adv. «>j6Scpe)«6ao7r»,'j:);&^ 


id', ,>-> 
ids!', j 

prejf). sfo^cj c^^«&. 

Am'ity, n. "^^^i^i&c., •;:)«pcsSm^ 'j^o^. 
Am-mo'nia, n. i^or^-jb-^cfaSw. 
Am'mu-ni'fcion, n. t^os^ Kiod^'Sxx, 

Am'nesty, w. ,&S)oo^io,X.sscr»sje3«5M. 
A-mong', *) . 

Am'orous, a, sbr^z^z^KOy -^s$d8$doK 

A-mount', h.'Sdo^sSk); "SJf^. — r» i. 
A-moui', n. ssc^^ct'I^bSdo^ ^jj^csSdo. 
Am-phi'bious, a.|b^vere}6 "^oysi ;<j' 

Am'phi-the'ater, n. 7bn»sS»^cfiSa <o 

Atn'ple, a. a^JpJ^^^^^^Spr^^'^ 
c»r"eca5 S)^€)^t^, ^^§2?c^- 

Am'pli-fi-c'ation, n. o^^ao-© ^sj^&d, 

Am'pHfy, v. f. a_^doo^s;^, ■?)0^ 
Am'plitade, n, o ^OjSw. ©-d^^jaSDo. a 

Am'ply, adt\ ©^^«6oj-7r^; o8S"^Sx55m 

Am'putate, v* t, «>sJcxj3sy^\2^*SM ^ 
Am'pu-ta'tion, n. e5yo8Ss5^\?^(^«5o3. 
Am'ulet, w. «j«£c, iTo^^. 
A-muse', v. ^'. a"^cn»cSBtoo S'€»Xc^cfi»j, 


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A-muse'ment, n. D^^jcn.j^aSM^'^afog',^ 
A-mus'ing, a. a^n.s^g'jj^^, j^^*^ 

A-mu'sive, a. g)^^Kr»^'g'^^^,^cr'-j;jg' 

An, ind. or^. SLg'. 

An-aoh'ronisra, n. a^S'-s^os^jofib S6^ 

A-nae'mia, n.jj_|'.'acr»|^e«^^ ir-odSb 6r*?c 
An'ies-thet'ic, a. A. w. I^oSk "^Ooos 

An'agrara, n. 5^(5^-SiJo. [sSDofi^. 

An'a-log'ical,^ «• ^tSr^^^^, ^j^^jf 
A-nal'ogou8, j ^^j^.-jCTooo^sSwKe^; 

A-nal'ocry, n. -j^sj^j^^sSm, s^OS', -jcJo 
A-nal'ysis, w.s^KsSm, ©tp-S^^siw, s5\ 

A. of sentence8=5rȤ'^0^^^. 
An'a-lyt'ical, a. a^-^o^^^. 
An'alyze, v. t. ©tp-^go^, sr^cra.^. 
A-na'nas, n. e^iy7:fci^7:rs:^o«>. 
Aa'apest, n. •j^jx'esjjM. 
An'a-pes'tic, a. -jcJXwsSmodX'o. [sSm. 
An'archy,n. ■a»5^7Sp-5-»a«5», wina^S' 
A-nath'ema, n. t'sjjjm, 

A-nath'ematize, v. t» tfbo^^ 

AnVtom'ical, a« fr. anofomy. 
A-nato'ioist, n. T^b^^rj^^cik. 
A-nat^omizOi v. t, ^doo tr^pooSoX 

A-nat'omy, n. T^btsv^.^^tk^, ^ao^ 

An'oeator, n. "^fi^sScifc. r«>s^. 
An-cesf ral, a. -^d^r-^ fctfj^Jo©© 

An'cestpy, n. -^Obgeoj sjo^«6m. 

An'chorage, n.e>o?Ce6-gcBS»jtfo>S»joo 

TCOb'SooSP'CSS \4oSS s^r^* 
An'choret, '^ n. sJi^sr^jB, "i^ c^^^S, 
An'chorite, J sr»^(«^c^, o559. 
An'cient, a. •^■or-^i^'^jj IJ^^I^'^^ 

An'ciently, adv. "^l^ *r»oAo«6, 

An'cients, n.pi. •^6gfiSoo,"^Kice», 

And, conj. t&i^, c»S», pSb, «$96dcsS>. 

An-drom'eda, w. (astro.) •^sjOBcr^p. 

An'ecdote, n. j5i»^*o,r^'. 

A-nent', prep. ;fc65o-o. 

A-neV, odr ^r»^7r 5 ifewo,©6R. 

An'gel, n. 'SsjiSj*^. 

An-geFic, ^ o. "Ssfg^ ifTooo?^ 

An-geFical,J |^, 0»c^^. 

An'ger, n. r«c«Sw, ^r«yIi«, 6r«CL«5w. 


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An'glicism^ n.eo]^ocs39*SkO»85cwl5g' 
An'gHcize, v. <. s^oR 5^ 9*sier<p§c"3 

An'gling, n.-TvosSaa^c'^csJoDSJixxb. 
An'glo-In'dian, n.s^oSaSa^ R^s&o^Sb 

An'grily, adv. r^^t^S^, r*5586M7r». 
An'gry, a, r'sjjSwsr-o \|^^ r^sjiSDaKe), 

An'guish, n. «)&-^>5t^, -w*?, xja^^sj 
An'gular, a^ r*e3«6Mex>Xo5 §^T5»-^tf 

An-hy'dride, n. w^Sj^^sSm. 
An'icat, n. ^^^S'to. 

An'i-ma'tion, ». g^tf|^c«6M, "i^j^tf^ 
An'i-mos'ity, w. tsX, ^(^^^j5w; "^ 

An'iseed, w. ji-«-$)HoSc». 
An'kle, w. -F-»03V»S'i^^085oofi^. 
An'klet, n. e>o"S "Soo.^sJ^ilcsjSw. 
An'na, n, t^TS^j fc'fTsSM. 
An'nalist, n. -;^©j^tpOoc&>, 
An'nalfl, w. yi. -tI^Si^bSm. 
An-neal', v. ^ -tt-S s5{j6i5m "a». sr* 




An-nex', v. t, ^Oo^^So&d^cjJw, ^JSS 

An'nex-a'tion, ??. ^Oo^r'fSa&D^S'oo*^ 
An-ni'hilate, i\ ^.pr'^«5w^c33»^p^5b2^ 

An^i-mad-ver'sion, n. potf , e^^sje. | ^^,j^..j^j.l^,j.j^^^ ^ ^^^^ j^^^ 

An'i-mad-vert', v, i. e^^&c-^, po 

CO eD 

An'ni-ver'sary, a, isj© !j;)05J^\tf85Mjj 

Ani'mal, ». e?o5^*, ^^.— a. eo^ An'notate, v. ^ sn^y-^|^sSw^c5^, ^ 
•^ooo5f"25o|^. I An'no-ta'tion, n. ot-cv^cc^sSm, ftSs'. 

An'i-maPcnle, n. g'o5|S'?Cs?3^p ^^^ An'no-ta'tor, w. ^r^ogp^^tS^ (jr^jt^ 


oJ»c&, oT»ci)r"c^. 


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An-uounoe', v. t «*4SoS?,iw8'«So'^5 

An-nonnce'tnent, n. <j*63o*^, isjS'<&d 

An-noj', «?• ^. S^otfirtf c»», ^ss^fijjy 

An-noy'ance, n. 5^oe>j^, d^c^o'tfijw, 

An'nual, a-jC^T^jos^STj^sSMsy^^efo, ^ 

An'nually, ody. ^5^'J;Josy^^^l6M,at5 
An-nu'itant, w. ^sj^^r^tSo^ b^r^^ 

An-nu'ity, w. sj^^i^iSw, Si%^eris 
An-nul^ V. t. r'^S'SdOw, ts&'^cs^, 

An'nular, a. tfocttcr^TPtf ^^. 
An-nul'ment, n. r*6S'gdQS>&D. tffibt! 

G^ CD 


An'odyne, n. >s,^f> ^sf sfo^sSw^ 
A-noint', v. f.^-p^obsSx. l5s' wodx), 

An-oint'ment, n. e^^coXaJw^^ooibDj 

A-nom'alous, a. ©«8^^^, «-jC?oK^ 

A-nom'aly, n. a»6^«SM, ei>7:;oX^85M. 

A-non', odt;. ^^cdi6x> 5 ©ea. Ever 

and a.«=i «sj^5$s3\j&, j&I>n8&«>v, 

A-non'ymous, a. "ioblJp, ^5>iB?r5yp 

An-oth'er, a. «feftlai»r, ^ft^^, eto 

An'swer, n. ^^^tSon, Sojnao, (5^^ 
J^c^i6». — i;. t. & t\ ^_^{m>^\, 

An'swerable, a. ^_^^sr»06a6^, -^r* 

Ant, w. ^850, fcior. White a,— ^scj 

An-tag'onism, iu J^tf ajw, ^^3, ©gr* 
An-tag'onist, n. jj a6^§, o)0d, y^ 

An-tag'o-nis'tic, a. ^^j^Xo, ^^ts 

Ant-arc'tic, o.s^vlra^^sjfjo^o^^i^. 
An'te, o pre/Jflj. ,$Mo£re4 os^p,^^s&» 

P^^ ^e-jcJ^sJM, as, antedate. 
An'te-ced'ence, n a&ooiSasr^vdo^sSaeS 

An'te-ced'ent, a. n^ots^, sfoe^Qa»s' 

An'te-cham'ber, n. 8SMo&'eJ;ca. 
An'te-date', w- ^. ajwo^^s "io-gcM). 
An'te-di-lnVian,a. »e>i»foK585w^s3 


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An'te-pe-mtlt^iinatej a. ^tS}bo& 


An'thro-pol'ogy, n. Bfcj^xJLo sJgl^^ 

An'ihra-popli'agi^ n. pZ. i^^tSno'fSp^ 
An'ti, pre/iflf* ©8r*^iS»}Jb'3c»-^ ^tf^ 
V ns», BS, anbkociaL [Z^l^* 

An'tic> n. aj«7;Jr"r»cifo. — a. z^-w^^ 
An^christ, n. ^ ^;^;g)|^fiS ©er*^ . 
Aii'ti-cliris'tian, a, ^ ^lb«fe^ mS»^ 

AiHtic/ipate^ v. ^. aj»o«&Tr»c "SDjir^ 

An-tic'i-pa^tion, n.i5Moab-7Pc"aO|Br' 

An-tip'athy,n. -^tSrti^, j>6r«9rt»,K^ 

An'ti-qoa'rian, a, •^tfoTr-e) ^ooo 

An'fciquary, n. •^•Tr»^|5'-tf6|^ a^jar^tf 
An'tiqtiatei r. ^. |jy«c^a-7vc "^cjmS*. 
An'ti-qoa'tied, a. c^x> j&oT«2Jbtfer« t} 

An-tique', a. •^•Tr»^^*^5 a"r»tf^^. 
An-tiq'aity, n. -^e^-^KJijw. 
An'ti-sep'tic, a.^8S^xd<sSofiic^'P&. 

An'ti-so'cial; a. ^th^n^i ^fn^Hy^ 
knr^i\L'eeiB,fu{'pU AnUbheBes) ta^ 



a* S)^ 

An'titype, n. i6vn>isb9^^5 2^*?o« 
Ant^ler^ n. fi»&^s^i^. [i6o3)CemsfMM. 


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^x-i'ety, n. -Oo^^ ot»cSSo^, J)^?1 1 Ap'erture, n,rso^tix>y tf(^«S»^ xj\ 

Anx'ious, a. -Ooe^o^^^^^ ir^cSSo A-phel'ion, n. (astro.) ^'t5\. 

^fetfsSa^TT-^^. ; A-piece', adv, ^v^, a.S'er^g's s^o^sS. 

Anx'iously, adi'.t5e^tf^«r^, €)o^^. Ap'ish, a. r«c8^^e»Ko. 

^ ' CD 

A'ny, a.& pron. oisjcg c^?^; ^2.1^ A-poc'ope, n.^g«5oo6a»8'^ «>o^& 

A'nybody, n. <0sjc;3j^i;6. [|^i6. Ap'ogee, w. {a8tro.)?^oK85». [^&. 

A'ny-how', adv. ao-;fe|^^ ^rpS, cO;!^ J A-poro-get'ic, a. ^jfi^sj^ ^sjj?^^ 

A'nyone, n. o)sJc^p, o^sjc^tTj^. i A-pol'ogist, n. &;6^S)C9 ^5?^iT»ce&5 

A'nything, n. Sig^i^j^, Si^^;l>. ' L^:^^ ^|Po^»S»e)^ p«n«.o^ 

A'nywhere, ad/;,»)S'^«^2.c^i^- | ^^*' [j^, 

A'orist, n, ^2J5^-gfo *oc^;^ ^»^ A'V^^'ogize, v. i. £,tSn^€d «&;b8^ 

"T'oaJM. Ap'ologue, n, ^©^^. r^. 

A-or'ta, n. a^xs^oaSsSK^^So •)d^85D -^ A.-pol'ogy, n. Ji;6^tf»}5S eoSb?ibr"fSS 

tfj^sSDo«i)odfoi:)g"3^4S(j^«'86w;Zvj| Ap'ophthegm, n. |b85r-t^|^i6». 

«^^«^P- I Ap'o-plec'tic, a. ^oKOlT^Ser^X' ^o 

A-part', ddv. («'^cS'85M7r-,X)(37r»,eSj' 
A-pari'ment, n. ^a. 

ApVplex'y, n. woKar^a cws?Sc>6^X 

Ap'a-thet'ic, a. «>§'^ei9^o03p,^irs A-pos'tesy, 7i. ^cTjs&^sJd^KiiM. 
j^iiM'eJp, ^■cr^^^x'o^ p^^o^^sy , A-pos'tate, n.«j:J^8fo^^j^. — a. ^^oaSj 

Ap'athy, n. p^^o^^s^a&oj ^-cpjfe^ | A-pos'tle, n. jj^aa»g'j^ «45cc&. 

^5 ^S'^«l5sto. j A-pos'fcrophe, n, 2L^4S-7vp"=ir»'^ \ "7r»p 

Ape, n. «S^c^T5paa»g' §^c^sJod3 so ' W^tfai^oo er^fooO^^to ^«)-^^8S 

A-poth'ecary, w. i&oabooKasnc&j 
Ap-pall', V. ^. fp'oesST:)^. 


A-pe'rient,a. 8:>iS^5fS'?y^j^.— ». -^^Ap'pa-ra'tus, w, *»rc^cf«5woj* 

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Ap-par'ent^ a. if^^g^t^, S'^ct3&^ 
l^,"^cAo^(^.Heir a. to a throne 

Ap-par'ently, adv. «>oo$*SS,-i^'^5o; 
Ap'pa-ri'don, n. ^^sSoj^ fc^-t^ifiw, 

ZM 7r»co8Sge>«6»er«c "^jft^&Ob^ 

Ap-pear', r. i. e5?Cx)^, S'l^co^. 
Ap-pear'ance^ n- e)KK)ab&),«tf n^sSm, 

Ap-pease^^ v. t, T^o&^cssn^ nfiS9(^«6M 

Ap-peVlant, n. ^.f^^cctfj^^tf^s^g & 

Ap^peVlate^ a. ^oB^-g^i^tf»K€>. 
Ap-pePlatioiij n. "it^, jijnSor6». 
Ap-pel%tive^ n. -ioo, -fnr&itSM. — a* 

Ap-pend', r. ^. ^16^> ^H?)o3?, wj{& 

Ap-pend'age^ ^ n. ^or^cwSi^O, ^ 


-i^oKi^^ e]l$9 3)0^ 



Ap^per^tain^ v« u ^oeso^^^; ^o2^. 

Ap'petite, w. t?cg^S),^^5 fc5^,st^, 

Ap-plaud', v. ^.■a>^^r'^,^?^o-i^, 
Ap-plause', w. 'g^c^; "^^S^ !^^- 
Ap'ple, n. SLg'eT'Sxjo^. Wood a- = 
•3e>Xs)o5^. Custard a.= ^?r*53o 
86». Redcustarda.= Tr»85o^o8Saj. 
Rose a.«=«©oix>"^"gi^s:?o(Sb.Thom 
a,=»^-So, i^-r»c«5. Adam's ».= 

Ap-pli'ance,n. -^^^nSo^, ^zs^^e^t^^ 
Ap'pli-cabil'ity, ».^s5c»m_^^,Sj-' 

Ap^plicable^a. ^j\;^,cScr-«>7Cc2>(^^^*^ 
Ap'plicant, n. e)(Sb;ib5T»c&, r*"3& 

Ap'pli-ca'tion, n.«&Kbio^r^Ob&D^(^ 
Ap-plj', V. t» "ScssMi •$r'c3^5^»S»*^ 

tf tf 4r»*j6o^d8»)5'iCr o23o2?»SMg'OHc3a» o 
Ap-point', V. ^poossx)o^^pgo»o^; 


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Ap-por'tion, r. ^. jjo-C^ooo-dfx. 
Ap'posite, a. c»5> J'jb^, 8^a2.f^- 
Ap'po-si'feion, n. ^Sd^, ^oOS', t?^^ 

Ap-praise', v. t. ■Sop«^o»o^,xSjOo 
Ap-praise^mentj n.*3op^x ocoo^to, 
x&ao-^. ["SoTtosT^cifc. 

Ap-prais^er^ ik «&ao-^ ■3Sc«5>oT'C&, 
Ap-pre'ciable, a."3t>iBr'|i'c2S^J\|^,w;r* 

Ap-pre^oiate^ v. t. Xb€9aS»|K^fip»o^, ^ 
Ap-pre'ci-a'tion, n. Xb«|^tf»ratf»,"8© 

Ap-pre'ciative, a. xbCT«6ooj6 (Xfino^ 

Ap'pre-hen'sion, n.Tr»c^3ftS&'S©iB 

Ap'pre-hen'sive, a. ^a^Xs^Sl^'si 
Ap-pren'fcice, ».«f) TSejo^r^fSbancfflb, 

Ap-pren'tdoeehip, n. s^rpaJto^ cp"^ 
e^^e^f^ ^-^gs^aj »p^aoj8^ 

Ap-prize', t?. ^.'aoS'tojSSDOo-^'sScsS*. 
Ap-proacV, v. f. & i. ^h>to^,&Xfa 

Ap-proach'able, a. e^KweS^ccTKi^. 
Ap-proach'ing,n. =3|^^8S C5otord>D 

Ap'pro-ba'tion, n.^ok^^tStS^ ,iit^ 
Ap-prop'riate, v. t. B^jjac ar^5\o^ 

Ap-pro'pri-a'tion, JH ^^Sj-^Ko^ 
Ap-prova'ble, a. 2.553§^?^csJ\?r,7;r8&j 

Ap-proVal, w. woA-^ifjfci), --TKi) 9, 
Ap-prove', v. ^. woAg'do^, «j6j&9 

Ap.prox'lmate, a. r»o^«i» s^o^oao 

Ap-prox'i-ma'tion, n. tf*&>tfX)a-7^j6 
Ap-pur'tenanoe, n. 2Lr-cr»f>fS^c "^©^^ 
A'pricot, n. Sg«»»o«>. 

A'pron, n, ©iDODsfoaeWmSS^ir zS»oiS 

Ap^ro-pos', ocfc. T5«&c«3tf»^sS, "SraS 
Apt, a. ^j\-^ csw 8''»>rf. «tf -a,;^. 


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Api'ly, adv» ^K^^toT^, ^ttSj-»?C«53o 

Apu'nes&, n. oar^Xc^, ^Hcs&ocSb&o, 
A-qna'rios^ n. 5ooi;rxp«. [i^. 

Aq'aeduct, w. -r»e»sj, d^g^B&fiosJw. 
A'qaeoosj o. |b*SfJo«)o2;^;^^. rf{^, 
Aq'ailine^ a. KK>2ScJL'i:)o®oe;?2b;^55jo 
Ar'a-besque', a. «^^a©^^2>|j. 
Ar^able^ n. eSb^j^ce^Kj^. 
Arbiter, n. «6D¥cs^_a. [^cfiSj&eo^. 
Ar-bit'rament, n.^ycj^riM,Kb?csj_2 
Ar'bitrarily, adv. ^nr^^e^tSxi^, fSz) 

At^bitrary, a. f>tf oSS'S'^li', t^Jj-cSnoCJ 

Ai^bitrate, r. ^•feCo^^idtgojaSo^c^siw 
Ar'bi-tra'tioi?, ». &«;^^5?&?rc^iS»5tfo 

At^bi-tr'ator, n. «s>«?ess_6,sjon3^c»S9 
Arbi-tr'a'trix, n. t&i^c^_di^ j6o(Sb 
At'bor, n. i^5d». [ '" 

Arc, n. s5^o8SMer*T^3S'<5rX85». 
An/anai n, pi- of armnwtn. 
Arca-n'am,n. rsi^^cti», «5d5^i6w. 
Arch, W, 9i!SaTr»*r*lJ85w} g'i6r?jSb5 ficx) 

Ar'chflB-ol'ogy, see Aroheo— . 
Ar-cha'ic, a. ^J^■fc|^2p|^. 

Ar^chaism, n. (J^4)|^|«a5j^Kj5w. 
Arch'an'gel, n. |«'qr»^'Sxr«6'^. 
Arch'bish'op, n. (J^K5D^^O|«-qr>|i' 

Arched, a. lfjS{r»fi>7r*8'6S^5 oejosjoj^c^ 

Ar'che-ol'ogy, n. •^tp^i^sr^^ ^J 
Arch'ep, n. at»'5^c&. 
Arch'ery, n. at»»cJc. [i5»,€:52^ifx«SM. 
Ar'ehi-e-pis'oopal, a. 2.^^^«>i5 

Ar'chi-pel'ago, n.^|^^|^6;g)€»?Co 
Ai'chitect; n. «0^. [^gf'^sSi*.. 
Ar'chi-tec'ture, w. ^eK^y'^^aSoa, ot* 
Ai'chitrave, n. ^otfrajMoBwS'j^^'Otf if 

Ar'chive,n.jJ^c^j5'd^*S ?«)*?)^c3^ o 

At'chives, n. pi. ^Jn^^-^ ^-^"^-^ 

Ai'ctic, a. ^^Q^. r^g?- 

Arc-tu'ru8,w. 7^&^J6,^^JjM. 
At'dency, w.^^^lr85»,^^Xai»,&^ss^. 
Ar'dent, a. j? tosfoXoj ^^X^|i', && 

Ai'dor, n.6X,^,6^sJ^^^^X^5sJto2^€)5 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

ABB -AIM 38 

Are, the preset indicative plaral A-rith'me»ti'cian, n.«5o^KM2^cfibj 

of he. ^ist^iSmj ^fT^ab) ^I^© 
A'rea, n. tibtiy o^lQ^^Sc^tf-^r^oc 

A-re'ca, n. j^cS'^to. fttOBSoo. 

A-re'na, n.^^oX-fe^ooSoo^-^sSw^caaM 
Ar'e-na'ceoas, a. s^TSo^-j^joooef ^^. 
Ar'gent, a. •3o<9S^c'^|B]^j ■SoaaroftSj 

Av'gue, V. t- & t. sr»Oo^,^d{,-o5?j 

Ar'gament, n. oT»JJ«5Do,^j^{p.«5»5"Tr»l^ 

8590. TiSm. 

Ai-'gu-men-ta'tion, n. sr»2^35», tf^fj,- 

At'gu-men'tative, a. ^aj^o^i^^S. 

Ai'id, a. o)o(3{&^ODc>|^. 

A-rid'ity, n. «)oai^ooa^|©. 

A'ries, n. iSo5lTr»<8. 

A-right', adt?. ii:)d7V',9^-7r»,a,c^-7r», 

A-rise', u. i. li^j ^^^oodo^j S'e»Hb, 

A-ris'en, p. p. of ame. 
Ai'is-toc'racy, w. |C^ig)e». 

A-ris'fcocrat, n. Kec4^c<5^. 
Ar'is-to-cra'tic, ^ a. i5J^:g)o ^o 
Ar'is-to-crat'ical, j ©o¥2=>t^# ^s»\ 

A-rith'metic, w. ed^o^TCE^^aJM. [^^r. 
Ar'ith-met'ical, a. wo^'XeS^'i^jopo? 


Arm, n. ^oo9,frs$«>;g)|<^cfi5i9iJ».To 

be in a-s •» 2^o'3^^^cfiS»tf *^ F^ 

Ar-ma^da, n. csfcg-^ itfoXbo*^. 
Ar^ma-diVlo, n. C5l6sfsro«SSDb9S'&o^ 

At^mament, n. ^(^cb5o») c335»tf -^^rs 

Ar^matore, n. ifsj-tf A^. 

Arm^*cliair^ n« ^dboaSd^. 

Armed, a. iS^eoKoj^cfi&^iSweo^Oo 

Arm'ful, n. ^©"Scab, fcXOer* xsto 
Arm-hole, n.Sotf. [sjoftS, 

Ai'millary, a.s^eooSiSn tJiT raoQ5i5»> 
Ar'mistice, n. dd&gitepeo-^t$c»5»^, 

Arm'less, a. iStfboo'tSlDj T*jp«»"dpj ^ 

Arm'let, n. ■0;^T'^5Tr«5w>^5r-tfri». 
Armor, ». ^s^-tfi5M, ^ir*. 
Ar'morer, n. e5da»¥i5» ^csfcsncifc. 
A-rmo'rial^ a. SSe>£)db^*i^oe)oi;i^^^. 
Ar'mory, n* t^cfi&tf^o. 
Armonr, see Arjnor* 
Arm'pit, n. «otf, Tr«5wi6r*e>iJ»,8'J6^ 

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A-ro'ma, n. ^^sr^'f);^, ^Xo^tSoo. 
Ar'o-mat'ic, a. •^oT-fCTi^X'e). — n. ^ 
sr^^l^Ko sr&$. [c335>. 

A-ro'matize, v. ^. *(6aoT«»'i5|^ S'oaTCc'S 
A-rose', p, f. of ame, 
A-round', prep. & odi;. ^fcofSo;^ ejo 

A-rouse', v. t, "^-^^ p^aJ"^-$)$ ^Ji^5 

Ayrack^ n, f^^ *000. 

Ar-raign', t?. ^. ^sJ^iar'-^)^"^^ iSwiar- 

Ar-raign'ment, n. ^tf^"aT'-$)&), "^tf 
Ar-range', v. t* 'j^is^ao-^PO'^ed'^^S 

Ar-range'ment, n, aTTv&o^cd^^V 

Ar'rant, a. absl.^aS. 

Ar'ras, n. •O^^a■S)^^2^l^"0^. 

Ar-ray', n.^gr^tf''^^^;;^- — v* ^-Jgrg 
aJ*j5»7r» a»^ea^5 SJOb'fiex) fear's) 

Ar-rear', n. "^sSwa^M, OaX^ "^S' OoXbwj 

Ap-rest', v. ^.pe»*^, e^a^Ko^jtf A»r* 
Ar-riv'al, n- ^ob&3, ^S)"S^^5M, tpS', s5 
•^^40, «X'«So^8ix>. [by a^. 

Ar-rive', v. i. sJ-0^^eo^(»"S«o^;f oU. 

Ar'rogant, a. X^^i&oKo, ?^9jg>c^. 

Ar'ro-ga'tion, n- fr. arrogate. 
Ar'row, n. ttctsSw, ef)s%3j. [e^i&o. 
Ar'row-root', n. -^e?ibo2i o33j6s5xr» 
Arse, n. ;<bsJ«5M, ^ir'^^^j6M. 
Ar^senal, n. tJo^^^o. 
Ar'senic, n. ^^e9«i». 
Ar'son, n. zi^T^^CQ^^^tSr&xi. 
Art, n, SJ^cj'^Oox, •v^«6D"er'j^y^86».-^ 

indi. mood, present tense, 2nd 
person singular of be, ^la^ig). 

Ar'tery, n. ^sSop, «&i^^_^7T'tf«6w. 

Art'ful, a. "^Ob^TCo, -t^sfo^^j^e^BSMKo} 

Art'fulness, n. S'sj^jSm, l^^©«fo«jM, 
Ar'ticle, n. sJxr»gi5M, sr^;g)} ^oX^\ 

Ar-tic'olar, a. l^s.-^ozior}^^, [^. 
Ar-tic'ulate, a. i^^^r^i^ ^^^do^c 

Ar-tic'u-Wtion, n. ^i:r\iscd, 
Ar'tifice, n. daw* J,^o^^i5», «»)^,<»)* 

X'ai, ^^0838590. 
Aivtif'icer,»c<5fo,««)^5 ro^p^ 

Ar'ti-fi'oial, a. rCK^^^i^, «fe?^sl^^ 

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Ar-til'lery, n^ fcj^o?fcoo. ] As'car-twn'able, a. p^^o^o^c^K-n^^ 

Art'iflfc, J &, ^f)^. j As'cer-tain'ment, n. p^xCDc»o^^5 

Art'less, a. p;S.^^ftS^^, fc^jSr^ooD^T pS«i>i "^O^r*jSi)fc). 

^j5'5 ■ar'd^, «)7r*?CeS'^j5'. [^e». ' As-cet'ic, n. 'jCJit'^cIB, s^c^sr^iS, ^ujS. 
ArtVare, n. ^o^-^js-j^to, ■^l^^T^i — ^- s5|^ot»^(^5 'pw^^§>9<^^^7^^ 
As, con/. »'73,|«-s^^85w}e5j5^^} jTj^i l^l^^d^^o^- [.'f^'^S. S^^*^* 
g'. A. to=K>eiSo-o. A. U8ual= oT- 1 As-cet'icism, n.^TnXcJ^,i6a>?);^_9, 
i^S'^-^»i5w,<05?^dSs5l5-^.Easy a. As-crib'able, a."^6r*t,o»c2^;<i^. "* 
it is— ^a^ot;r2pc^5j^^if). A. it ' ^g^cribe', r. t. ^^ho^. 

As-crip'tion, n. «6^5Se98$». 
A-sep'tic, a. (^^sp, ^i^p. 

1 *^ . Q^ vr Ash, n. '^CSJ^ibD^JOdSa.S'Sf'S^to.-fc 

^fSb.Do a. you promise— 5r»X'_9 ^ 

AsVfcBt'ida, n. s^oK>s^. 
As-bes'tos, n.5?;fee)c?r6S^63oa^e) ]T«if 

is easy— «>a't6ootp'85M"s^co4S. A. 
yet^sg^oS'. A. far a.«=» sJwSS. A. 
well a.«»sa^5g.He trembled a. he 

A-shamed', a. ^)^}^&^. 

Ash'es, n. pZ. idT»fi"a. 

A-shore', adv, ?C^^,a.&^.The ship 

ran a.=«i5g2:ja^g^©. 
Ash'y, a. iw-<SB7:^oe)Q?^^^5 ^tir^ 

As-cend , v. t. & r. o)sS),-, <0?ibttb , &oc K . , . . 

s.a ^^ rx L ^ |^-side',adi;..5>ri^|6b,i»-7v-,i»r)-§S5 

aScfS^ig). \^. — a. I -^©ejc^ac^. ^ u-r-^ i\^ u- J 

As-cend'ant, n.i-^y^ttoojSwj-^dcSSci . "^ 

., ^ ^ I As'inine, a. -7v*aS5^oi3} tv-S-S-jJIowo 

As-cend'ance, ) ^^ ^ ^ - ^ 

As-cend'ancy. f!lL^^^*^ "^1 ^^^^ C^^^" 

As-cend'ency, ) *^- | ^^' ^- ^- «^^^ ^^^ ^-^Iko^j O 

As-cen'sion, n. o)5S^do, t?6r*tf^c38Sw^ | A-skance', 
^5^ £7(«&|^85m .Right a.'e»(a8tro.) 

As-cent', n.,>)5S^^^5^|i^^«5D?5<0§S^ 
As'oer-tain', v. ^.p^T^oDoo^j ^j^qTT 
^, pSsSw'SOjBr'j^. 

A-skant', ]^^"-*^^^^L^lr-^- 
A-skew', adv, sto-^-tv. 
A-slant', adv. oiiooT»eo7r». 
A-sleep', adv. ^(^ir^, p|^^^^. 
A-slope', adv* •iio5T»©07r'. 


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As-pat'agus, n. a,^aj6'^^cdo^». 
As'pect, n. e-5^t^85»^«^?^,8'l^c©& 

Asp^en, n. s^&a^JslsiM. [s^'^. 

Aa-i>er'ity, n.g'ea8S,S'5^(;-^«5»5^oX^ 

As-perse', v. t. e$r>hs,o^, poOo^. 
As-pet'sion, n, i^sxwj^^ib. 
As-phaVtic, a. ©og'Tr^jSai^. 
As-pir'ant, n. ^^0'^ot»c<&>. — ^. « 

As'pirate, v. L 20_©tfc»sS.— ^^Jt 

As'pi-ra'tion, w. ^^g', r*eS', e>?^sS.. 

As-pire', v. i. «^83^, §^0b, e>"£vLo 
^: foil, by to or a/ifer and rare- 
ly by at 

Ansquiiit', adv. '^o^'^'t^* 

Ass, n, i^&'Q. 

As'sa-tet'ida^n. s^oXbsj. 

As-sail', tf. i. 2.C0&, sSm^oSo^. 

As-sail^anl, ». 2.c®<5^^3^cd^. 

As-sas'sin, n. ^5fe9Sc^, ^»5^«j;)c«&>j 

As-sae'sinate, v. ^.^o-^J-^Ad^j^^^c. 
Aa-aas'si'-iia'tioB, n. ^^^cisSxuv'^o 
A^-saalV, n. j^cw^Ao.— v. f . ^c© 
As-saolt'er, n, 2.c^^«^c^. F^. 
As-say', n.c6J6i5 sJ-^^Urj&^^^^f 

As-sem'blage, w. •i^i6tnj5^jj», ?(>o'^, 

As-sem'ble, r. ^. s^0&^> 9&*aicft(3&. 

A»H3em'bly, n,^tS6ir>th}&»y^tSs*etSf»g 
As-sent', w. eo^"iff^iy«5M, a;«>^cfcJo, ^ 

As-sert', v. ^ fttf86»7r»c'2a5jj. 
As-ser'fcion, n. ^u^cwfi^O. 
As-sert'or, n, '^^^•ss^c&y. 
As-sess', ^. ^. sjfJS^a^o-^. 
As-sess'ment, n. s>j6^. [t^ixHcx^c^. 
As-B€se'or, n, sJf^^pCocoo^snc^} 
As'sets, n. p^ t?^ 5 2;>x>»|X'^p3S» 

As-sev'erate, i'. t ^^^AmT^c "SsTj, 
As-sev'er-a'tion, n. ^p^gt^rr^c "Sfc^ 

As'si-du'ity, n.^^fijt^iy^^J^y ^^^ 
As-sid'nous, a-|yWo,i/frS'Ko,W'fJ_| 

As-sign', V. ^.f){^ooDo-^,iDo330ao'»5 
A8'8ign-ee',n. -^^^r^i^ ss'oJi^oT'C 

As-sign'ment, n.^^o^,6i-ey^"3c»» 
As-sim'flate, v. t.^tir^i^tixi'^cs^y Stf 

As-sim'i-la'tion, n. •j:)sin^s5««^&>5?§ 


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As-sim'ilative, a. ^gajoalSiar^^tf J 

As-sist', v. L & i, ^iJsHocsSjSm^cj^, 

Asrsist'ance, n. ^ni^cBSr&xij ^^5^^ 

As-sist'ant^ n. •^8^cJfi>c&. — a. ^jj« 
As-size', w.i5n»coK;^<r ^ 'j:)»sS€) "Soe) 

As-so'ciate, t*. t. ^tf'»r»7;jjS» ^cJ^. 
—V. t.^^^.—aXt>^^. — n. ^a^ 

o^' [(psy.)v>o©o¥id>j^7:Jo7:rf^«s». 
As-so'ci-a'tion, n. 'jjrj^or^-fJsSMj "^^^ 
As-sort'^ V. t. ^c^X^ooTv* iio\w^. 
As-sort'menfc, n, ^^sS^oo'^edo sjwo 

As-suage', v f. ^55^«5a(^8iK,^c35S>,« 
As-suage'ment, n.^sj^«fo|^86w,T'o^ 

As-sua'sive, a. ^55^8&|^j6x:S'^&, 

As'suetude, n. sT'd^g', ^e)»r»to^ «^ 
As-sume', v. t. & i. ssb^o-^^j^^w 

As-sum'ing, a. «)j^o-5-*J^8i»Xe), Xec 
As-smnp'tion,n. 558r»o^(b, "^r^fSS^^^ 

AMump'tive, a. tf«r»otfc2^K^5 a^fr^o 
s;)CO(S|i'5^fip»os;JC2^a|i'. r^^c«5«6!». 
As-sur'ance, n. ^i'j^g'jWip'cxoaJMj f> 
Assure, v. t&^stSxur^c^KS^j^t^oSS. 
As-sur'edly, adv.p^^osSsSMTn, ^4 

As'terisk, n.jH:s)|SHc)ea)5fc. ri6!r»8J*«5». 
Afl'terism, n. &^}&x^-r:-}$iocS^^£,^^ 
A-stern', adv* & a. i^si^sj^i^toi^. 
As-then'ic, a.zivir*^-^^. 
As'theny, n. zioir>^^, e^is^v^^tix>. 
Asth'ma, n. ^©v^^S^TCaJM, ^^-ft-w^ 

Asth-mat'ic, a. ^t:is^6^X 'fiozio^'^ 
^. — n. ^zyrptSxtso^ tt^sj^So^ 

A-stir', arfy. p(j^-go,-^oor'p. 
As-ton'ish, v. ^.e^^ttcs»w^,e^«\«Vj 

As-ton'ishing, a.^^^^^^tS'^^.^t^, 
As-ton'ishment, n.«^xOVN«&>5,««6\^ 
As-tound', y. ^.aXjj^8&s5«^, e^Pc 

As'fcral, a. |i'&^^•iJ;o«5o^2^^. 
A-stray', adt;.(^sJ^g,^,^5J^'cr»eer«. 
As-trict', V. t, a^lc^sOKo^g'to. 
A-stride', adv. Tn»i6\ «6'l^tf»7r«c'3 

As-tringe', v. t. O^o^j tfA». 
As-trin'gency, n.a.xobOo'Cj O^o^afc 


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Aft-trin'gent, a. 2/^2.(^5 ifcotSK^is 

opp* to laxative. 
As-troPoger,*c85^jj-c&, ijJe)^ 

A&'tro-log'ioal, a. ^v^^ J^ozio^ 
Aft-trol'ogy, w. 2r*c95l«5x>^ov^ ^ 

Afl-tron'omer, w.j5-cr»o9,ar*c8VN j^^ 
As'fcro-nom'ical, a, a^^^^^j^ yf^o 

As-tron'omy, n.aHoS^Njg^^c 
As-tute', a. ^eso3ji't»aXo,*t&3-»&^ 

As-tute'ness, n. •t6j^&,«»a. 
A-snn'dep, adv. ti&i^, ^'tc^tSo^-rr', 

A-ay'lnm, &S'^l^i5»,«iyoBS«5», 

At, prep.sjg,jjK w,wo&5^c^^. A. 

all—cOo^ j!jr»|^«Sx.jSb. Av leaflt-«» 

8lb«i5-^ci,«S»|i'. A. night«-T^•^p 

oQSoesb.A. any rate«»<0]|o|i'i!So, ■»> 

^fiS.A. the rate ot^^^zs^^y sso 
Ate, p. ^. of eat. [^i^* 

A'theism, ». rr»_|S'8S>^a5M.[jSaHr»c&. 
A'theiflt, n. 7r»_^sSc&, '^;g)c&l3ci^ 
A'the-ifi'feic, a.|y^s'oT»:J ^oziolf^ 

Atye-n8B'ain,'> n. -^jg^aSMODySbtf^ 
Ath'e-ne'um, J tfif^CjOS'oojSa s?«joij) 

87 AST -ATT 

A-thirst', o. TPtf^BSMXo. 
Ath'lete, w.j5B^c»Mgai»^c38SjoT»cifo, 

Ath-let'io, a. £^^-7r»|JSfcc^|^, ©Dgpc 

A-thwart', prep. ;fcocr». — ady. ^5)^^ 
A-tilt',,if?^,§jtf-7r»5r»0. [iSmtt^. 
At'las, n. C(feoa5M€) •^^S'ijmj g'o^if 

At'mospliere, n. •j^cs^t^, th©, « 
At'mos-pher'ic, a. 5r»c»S»jg> -j:)©©©^ 

At'om, n. «cM?g), tftfi&^cwjg)} "d^sSw. 
A-tora'ic, a. ft^c90'j:)owo2f'^|^5 e^ew 

At'omism, w. «>eM;g)efi> Xbelo-D^jB 
A- tone', V. t. i:r}^tida^ist&» ^cjjSj, 

A-tone'ment, n.|j^ooo«\^85w,c68^ 
A-top', adv* T>^. [txS^. 

A-tro'cious,a.«8fi^sS, ^ aoS j^-O^ «£,-^ 
A-troc'ifcy, n. &Tr» i^iSw. 
At'rophy, n. £,os^^Ki6». [o^. 
At-taoh', r. t. e)o4So^,^Oo^j^_5^ 
At-tach'ment, n. "^^js-sfoa, ejS»-u^?C 

At-tack', V, t.-^czdSk. — n.2^cwi^&). 
At^tain', v. <• & t.A^oe^,^)©^^,^:)©^ 

At-tain'able, a, ino^cts?^^. 



ATt-AVD 86 

At-tain'ment, n. ^oi:nQox5a3&^&^ 
At-tainf/, v. t. «s;©^^«S»lfcsg»5«)sji 

At'tar, n. «>^ob tPfSbeesSa^r^.^*^- 
At-tQjn'per, v. ^. feUsSowc^jOoiysSw 

At-tempt', r, ^ & i.rsJoBS^N o^ 

At-tend', v. t.e^fSa-^rao^.S^d^sy.S'^j 

At-tend'ance, n, sja-t^^cj ss-0\d3Sao 
At-tend'anfc,a. Scpfi^}Sa|^,25X' ea^|^. 

At-tend'er, n. JSK'Mi5«cx^o<&>or»c 

At-ten'tion, n.|^«,e>jT7;r'^86x^7p^Cc^ 
At-ten'tive, a. ^^c^tCo, »^^7C_^Ko. 
At-ten'aate, «. ^ i^j^T^siwTr'r'tojjb^ 

At-ten'a-a'tion, n. ^i^^tSadi^cTk^ 

At-test', V. u i!r^Sic}6oj'^^^, 
At'tes-ta'tion, n. -fr^SHotSo^. 
At-test'or, n. ■^JSic«S»^s3^oT»c&, 
At'fcic, n.s^^'S. — a.jjSsx.'^i^^^^j^vsl 

At>-tire', v. ^. ^ooS'dP^^S^ifcXb 

At'fcitade, n. 2.4^;&K>}P«)^to ■»». 

At-tor'ney, n. ^ylex), tf &53^©,?6«6D;d^, 
«5Do3»ceb. Power of attorney =• 

At-tract', V, t. wg'e o^, -^&\. 
At-trac'tion, n. tsS'g^cosSDajj&'^w^sjiii^ 

At-tract'ive, a.tjg'Q o^(&5«6D"?>croi^O' 
At^trib'atable, a. w6r*fco$jc2JJ\c^. 
At-trib'ute, r. t, ^^ho^ .-r-n,^^ 

At'tri-bu'tion, n. W6^85»«S». 
At-trib'utive, a.^6r*&o^|^g57^>e&i5» 
fSS ■3£)oo3c'^'^&. — n.;C>e3iS»>f6'S0 

At-trite', a. nHb<9tf «?i^ ftH^R**o»^. 
At-tri'ticm, it#T7»&a,a.t^o«S'ja5^'\"Q^ 
At-tune^, V. ^. •jfc98ar»ejo\ . Ts^tfaa . 

Aii'bnrn,a. r*oT5"aDeap, ?r*«6«&8S» 

Auc'tion>n. i)e>8533. 
Auc'tion-eer', w. ae)i5w'Sc»5>»^c&. 
Aa-da'cioos, a. -j^j^^i^afeaXo^pBrxoas 

Au-dac'ity, n. j8^xfir»D]i'^^ri», piTj 

Au'dible^a. s>|^c2d2^]^«S. 
Au'dienoe^ n. s>^5 s>^3j«(3&. [tio. 
Aa'dienoe*oli«^-m'beT,n. r'eoij) s&'io 

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Au-di'tion, n. ^Dpoio. 

An 'ditor, w.a^5r»c&jl3^{^f^as&avO 

Au'ditoiy, n.ajSJ)oj»a7:ji5aT»i^i6aD. — a, 

Att'ger, n.«^tfn,5^M«cn4»,tf o(^i6m 
Aught, n. a^ji'i^. [^cjaSa^^^iiw. 
Aog-ment', v. ^.•*o^,'%^^^:^c»Si. 

Ang'ment, n. -%^^,^^g'85»5(«r»oe' 

Ang'men-tft'tion, n^sSsSSj'^r^'SS^r^o 
Aag-ment'ative, a. Xouj A iSj 'v* 

An'gar, n. V8S]rife:>^Kr3Br.cafo, (6^3 

Au'gury, ». tffiSi^tf»3 ^«S|^>5r^W, 
Au-guBt', a. i6otf^|boosS2p^, jTsn^, ^^ 

An'gust, n.o)pao2^sJooDoft j^-pjoJiJM. 
Au-gust'ness, n.iSotf^jboKS^, Tr-o^tto 
Aunt, n. fc^^jD J Tb^O 5 -io^^^^o^ 

Au-re'lia, n. "^ob^fc^ifncifc. 
Au'ricle, n. ^6 r. ['S^;^!^- 

Au-rif'erous, a. •fice^9^v2Jg''SD|^. 
Au'rist, n. ^a>>fc^ "Soo. TrXb^ScfiM 

Aus'pice, ». ^53|^j&o5 u^-^,tJj§'o56 

Aus-pi'cious/i, ^f ^^, ^f^jScpo^ 
Aus-tere', a. ^©^iR>^,<w^X'2p(^,fe(^5j 

a.. * 

Aus-tere'ness,^ ^ ^^ 
Ans-ter'ity, j »' ^^I^^^^l^^^- 

Aus'fcral, a. tfi^ea-^. 

Au-then'tic, a. piSj^i^^oKSTptf^j^, 

Au-then'ticate, v. ^ p^x^M-^, e)cr»$ 
Au'then-tic'ity, n. pSifco, iir»ssn«g' 

An'thor, n.^Ko¥tf_g5^i5|^•^•C(5Sb,-r*tf 
Au'fchoress, n. (Xo^'^Qs^. 
Au-tho'rial, a. ]J(o^^jS T^Toao^jp^, 
Au-thor'itative, a.i^a&^g^g'^pi^j^ 

Au-thor'ity, n. w^-t'^sSdoj |«ss5r»CT 
Au'thoriee, v. t, ^^-^vt^^y^j^ 

Au'thoriz^d, p. a.e^^-r^^a&oK'o,^ 
Au'fcobi-og'raphy, n. ^^^d^t&a. 
Au-toc'racy, n. 0«'-i5\^^S)^cj6w, 

Au'tocrat, n. p^^pfiS^iju^JSjg). 

Au-tog'raphy,J * *^S -x. *** 
Au'to-mat'ic, 1 a, ^^o^^wfi ©a 
Au'to-mat'ical,j "^eSb ■gg' «"©&, 


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Au-toiD 'aton,7i.^|^8Scx3n'"jS|^i^ccSo 

Au'topsy, n.'j:j£033jfa>7r»c^^^&),7:)£ 

Au'fcumn, n, «8oTr»ex>-r»e«S», ^tfj^ 
Au-tum'nal, a.^{^gn»(^o«j;Jooo?f jp^. 
Aux-il'iary, a.^8^oc52?(^«A.verb-« 

A-vail', V. ^55pSsr^^,2.js;g),^sjaj-* 
Ho^5 'j:)tf<oa3sfo?g)5 (used reflex- 

A-vail'able, a.^^r^^^-w^d^^^^ 
Av'a-lanche', n. r^oaSlijcJ^fSooaar*© 

Av'arice, n. v^^ts^, eB^c^. 
Av'a-ri'oious, a.WB^c^X€),o^|>ab^. 
A-vaunt', inter;, ^j^. 
A-venge', v. ^.cXcfeda^r^jJa^^l,©^. 
A-ven'ger, n. tfXc6ab^r*j6Kr»c2fo. 
Av'enue, W'.'Bod^^^jyob'jCjotfaefo^o 
AVer, v. t. &tStix>i^cS^sfk>. ^jgS:^ . 
Av'erage, a. & n.^xp-jCTd, -{(TTCto 

A-ver'ment, n. i^i6»i^c'^KS^. 
A-verse', a.25|^«S»"<Jf)^7:r«foj8l5f),|tf© 

A-verse'Ress,"! n. ep^iSw, ^itthc 
A-ver'sion, J ii»,W75tfmp^l^BJw. 

A'Tiary, n. sja6poj6"ao5f AoSS s)^ igg' 

A-vid'ity, iu «)^^c^, t^^e^^osSw. 
Av'o-ca'fcion, n. ot«»c-^^^«Sm, 2Ji_§- 
A-void', »• ^.^t)^o^r'j6^35j^^r'j5S, 

A-void'able, a.^f,^o^r'|^c25Kf^, ;&- 
A-void'ance, n. ^S)^o^r»|;S>&),s&-yS3 

Av'oirda-pois', n.©^,^. c^ r'^S6c»^cr»c 
A-vouch',*^ V. ^ p^^a&tSs^Kc "Ssj^, 

A-vow'al, n. p^^ooSiSMTr^c'SKNjto; a. 

A-vow'edly, odt;. T^a^^ti^ii^, ^y^ts. 
A-vul'sion,n.*£)j-acfiS,&), -^je^S-ScaaSs 
to. [•Oc3aiodfc,rf6ii|oor'pc3B5,o«>. 
A-wait',v.^.<»)a^«,^S^^ pfid 0^,-5^ 
A-wate', v. Lp^^H^.—v. t.-A>€»r' 

A-wak'en, i). ^p^5•e3•^,•«D«)r'e»•^. 
A-ward', v. ^.©§0^, ^{cx^^v^i^^p 

&tib^^c3as».— n. a^^&fib^. 
A-ware', a.<0€4c5\^;"§Oi5^. He is not 

a. of my arrivals^ js^sy^^^^-foX 

9 ^^c«> •)ea>c?Cc^fc. 
A-way', adv. ^ss^t^s^tstSi^n^^th^is 

oc6c»ifcjiSb, as, to give away«B&s) 
•S)^'Sc35»to, to run away«=»-^6ir« 

Awe, n. tp'oos«i»5 ^J'^o'cS' ^ocs 





A-while', adv, r^o^id**"^"^. 
Awk'ward, a. ©-r»tf^^, •aj^dx); ^ 

Awl, n. tsTJ "drrfi^Ob «^ j^^aTCsrop 




Awn, n. S^fJ^-^c^ciSooe) §^|^f5bp<5fo 
Awn'ing, n. iSo€»S'(fco 'SS' s^^iix,. 
A-woke', p. ^ of awake. [tt*. 

A-wry', a. or adv. srog'^g>^5 sjortf 
Axe, n. ?rsit. 


Ax'iom>n. |tf^cJi«5»7v» pSs^^p "SO 

Ax'is, n. ^Jg,i5»5 25)00^5 iSoOb;^'^ 

Ax'le, ) 

Ax'le-wJ " ^^^- 

Ay, adv. e:5jg)j6. 

A'yah, n. xr»a. 

Aye, adv. ^^^. 

Az'are, a. {bes^e^^l^. — n, fiossts 85». 

Bab'ble, v. i. & /.s5'-0\Tr»pjjb-»ioer»&5 
Babe, w. -o^Oa^^A^^oOi^ 13«' g'ofi^, 

Ba'bel, n. ^es^{^«S», XoiS^K*Vtix>, 
Babyish, a. to^^'^, tt'oc-^). 
Bab-oon', n.zi^TBr^c^. [^si, 

Ba'by, n. -©i^Os^, d^^oSaf, So63 

Ba'byish, a. "coc-^). 
Bac'chanal, n. ?3r^xbcis^«^. 
Bach'elor, n. (®tf;^^an>a,"S)og-T«p»r»c 

^. [-upa^gjiix). 

Bach'elorship, ». ^^)s^-I55c8S^o,^©^ 
Back, n. &c-$)5 -SfSb^. —a. "s^rdS 

—adv. ©6?\, "SfSbS'sS, 8&J^o.— r. ^, 

Back'bite', v. ^.sj6^>S;.8SaofiJbfi^J),OT^, 

Back'bit'er, n. 't5^^oo^sJ-o*r»c&, «^ 
Back'bone', n. "S-^^sSMr, S't? ObV. 
Back'door', n. "5>ifdST3n>c5^86M. 
Back'gam'mon, n.^g'&r^os^odSoawSf 

B^ck'ground', n. ^y&. 
Back'hand'ed, ao)^^ss^^5g'lp.sS5^•^^. 
Back'side', n. "Sf^g'i^S'i;-. 
Back'slide', v.^. -af^^sScadSM^^Xb. 
Back'stair', | a. tf8^.'J:;gss>,^' Sa^jT, 
Back'stairs^J ^i^sjog^i^. 
Backstays, n.^oz:>tS^v^ (^^{j-o 

Back'ward, a, "Sj^r^cadHt^j ."3^8' 

•i:J^^xi»"55p.— ady. •SjSbS'SS. 
Back' wards, odv, "a^g'sS. 
Back'wardness, n. ;$r»oSJo«5M5 e^^oR 

Back'wa'fcer, n -B^e»5j,e'oQ5c,7:)«6w^2J 

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feiO-titi 4i 

Backyard, n. ib5<5^. 

Ba'con, n. ^sJ^-gji s^Ker«^4S|i' s/oO 

Bad, a. ^5^, t^tx, icpii^t}^, «6do-S)0 
Bade> p« t, of 2^i<2. 
Badge, n. Xbeso^, -e:)sJ'^i5w5 S^OofiJ^. 
Badg'er, n. jbeJoSSg'i;-. [sSocf>. 

Bad'ly, adv. ?3t»v7r», iXoTT*, Tr;<b-5n» 
Bad'ness, »• ^2$^|^a6», «Sbg^j«ix^. 
Baffle, y. ^ <roK-^^^, PsmwiSw^ 

Bafflement, n. ipro?C85M^c«&>io} ^ox 
Bag, n. ^o^, — t?. t. ^o-Dtr* 'Scficb. 
Bag'a-telle', w.a^iTo^^c^^o^'^'^o^ 

Bag'gage, n. -^s^nf^, (jscKJ-*e*^p 
Bag'pipe, n. I^^^l^, ^8&i^e^3 <^ 


Bail, ». •^c&3,^l:x)i3oj#Sx)^?irj^oj^c 

2fo. — y. ^. #IX)!Sc)2?)?)«^^b%S. 
B^il'able, a. a^fco}Safcoc2^ad^s^<:i5^l^. 
Bail'bond', n. ^t^^ji^iSx^. 
Bail'ee', n. |^s^ o)ssps525 <>5JSo ^o^c 

BaiPer, "^ n.|^8&^§'s5cx.^^a,g'psjg7:>^ 
Bail'or^J sS jSoo.^5r»c&>. [e$D. 

Bail'ifl^, n. e3^ocXJ3^e)85Mt^o25D wojjp 
Bail'ment, n- -^t^ a.S'psfJJ V'^sSsS^o 
Bairn, n. So«ot*c<5^, Os^. [^^to. 
Bait, n. ^rSj e^g'a o-oieo^-i:) -^-^^(SosSc 

Baize, n. JToK^. ["^oo, "ScHb. 

Bake, y, ^(8r^"^)ir»oo^5iSc^. — r. i. 
Bak'er, n. C^"EDexD-gr'oD\oT»c<Sb. 
Bak'ery, n.6^"goTO-B^i3je5b s^eo. 
Bal'anee, n.^jr^*^, «$-?i^«S, •i:)a?^p 

Bal'cony, w. •^.d^jiMoe^dsJ-i^JJ. 
Bald, a. z)<io, ^s^cfi, '^o^d^g'txrc^^ 

Bal'derdash, n. "SeJsij^iooo; "iDaiJp 
Bald'head', n. ©&)^OoT»coSb. iSouoa. 

' CD } ^ 

Bald'ness, ?i. ©io^o. 

^ CD 

Bald'pate', n. ©Ao^ojtk&j, sS»oS. 
Bal'drick, n. ^T-o^o^J6S,^&g'A»,^i 

Bale, n.©^,i5bj^<io5Ji5;^,2$>S^i6iw — 

Bale'fire^ n.«6f ^8Soo|^So'^Od3S» 7:jo~is' 
Bale'ful, a, s5^f)§'?^2o^,fiir«^§'^2?c^i 

Balk, tt. e^'oiSMj e57't?'oXiS».— *v. t. 
ijroXj5DD"^d3S>; '^ed'^. 

Ball, n. ?feo^, ^o5«^ ©0^)5 iT'ioc^Sw. 
Bal'lad, n. ir«4o,s5a^i5M. 

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BaVlet', n. •^sisSNODX'iSaKr^ifo SL^a^ 
BaHoon', n. e3-ff-5rc«cr-^sS»; ^x^ib 

Bil'lot, n, ^to-g^ e5)|;i|Jr'o«38S»oc'3 

BaU'room', n. ip^^o^yo. [jSm. 

Balm, n. ^S)J^sS»^-r*d5 *t6o5r»-j;J^^ o 
Balm'j, a. ^sJT'ol^g'j^^^jssdsSD^sSw 

Bal'sam,n. SLS'ai^^ Josbjj a.g'^^© 
Bal'uster, n. S)or*<5^,i7r'5r*«g. 
Bal'as-trade', n. ^^f^f^dsst^^-, ^oi^ 

Bam-boo', w. •saboa, zr»oXb. r^. 
Baro-boo'zle, v. ^.aj-^^f-^^^^o-Oo 
Ban, n. ^griSa>. e58r.^j^Tr»|^5-2)0§p 

Ba-na'na, n. ^^c^^oC^. 

Band^n. ©o2?85M,S'i>D5'jcro2;)o^«i»j«5D^ 

, <tSsK, 758' SdDD.— V. ^. g'OococKto 
Band'age, n. r^jDj 7v»ocs«Sw^SSc7pp 

Ban'dicoot, n. sfoar'sS^. 
Ban'dit, n. (pi. Banditti) ooa^cd^ 
ar»ox', "CT^dc-TT'-or^tosj'cd^, "Bob 

Ban'dog'^n. -?!,2^id^86^)--. 
Ban'dy, n. ^o<S. — y. t, ^zjo® "Soo. ^r* 
pp) «SMo«^so^ji>g'ssr'd^5 ^xy&-5^l^ 

Ban'dy-legged', a. ar»a-?p«G\Ke>. 
Bane, n. asS^jSoaj ^d», ^es^)-^}. 
Bane'ful, a.^tk-fr^d^-^^z^p^^-^^. 
Bangor. ^r'^,Tr'(:ab. — n.^» .j^i»» 


Ban'ian,?i. 8Sa||^^,55-jgS6cab52.S'iij- 
Ban'ish, v. t. i^^sSmjSooS ■S^ncJTAx). 
Ban'ishment, ». "^^jSwf^oa •S^ncJT 

Bank, n. x'Aja, so&), ^Adj r-g.— tf. ^. 
Bank'er,w. r'S-cj^ebcd^, -(i^iSto-s^d, 

Bank'ing, n. T'^zr^^-h-^t^, ^jSt» 
Bank'note', n. id^?5wj^8o©«^c»7r»5r» 
Bank'rupt, a. ©•T'tr'oao^i^.— n. a 

Bank'ruptcy, n. Q^^ e)|^C7r^ jj^ 

Ban'ner, w.^jggjKSw,^©^,-!^-?^.^^, 
Ban'neret,n. -O^^^JgSKiw, [r'S. 

I Banns, w. pi, -i:,oc3»7fo^o 

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Ban'quet, n. ao«6.-rv. /•©o&^c3qS>. 
Ban'ter, v. L^QO^-fjtSxt^c^. — n.c© 

Bant 'ling, n, -cjTn !)«5^. 
Ban'yap, see Banian. 
Bap'tism, n- ii*&s5o^s5oofi6 2S^(^"(^^ 

Bap'tist, n, ^ ^^;g)e>ere»^^7i^^l^ 

Bap-tize', v. ^. |J*&s5o^85Mt^o2S;) eT' 
Bar, n. g'?^, g'^, S)"^i es^siwi sjl 

to.— v. ^. e^tooS'sJe©'^, t95^Ho^. 
Barb, n. TrcasSM "Sod. •j'p r^i^'osSo 

Bar-ba'rian, n.§xr»5^c<5^5 oT'XdS'sSM 
l5psr»c&, sSwoesoc^, ^o^\cdfo. 
—a. 7r»Xd^J5wl5p. 

Bar-bar 'ic, a. T^XaS'^lJp. [sSm. 

Bar'barism, w. e^cor^Kas'^, "ar»dx>ef t^ 

Bar-bar'ity, n. iJcp^^^sSmj eJ^r'Xe 

Bar'barize, v. ^. •ar»to7r»c^c»S>, "Soo 

Bar'barous, a. •jjj^to, e)7r'Xa§';^^5 

Bar'ber, w. 8&oKe)5r»c&, sSdoTCO, iST 
Bar'bet, n. ^sSj^jSoogpoos-^Sssd. 

Bar'bioan, n. t»fia55, r^ioK^^v^ 

Bard, n. g'o. 

Bare, a.^ ^, 55*55 OXowd^c^. — r. ^. 

Bare'bone', n. o)869dg'ex> g'|^co^&^ 

Bare'faoed', a. jBXb;&^0^. 
Bare'foot, a. & ady. 5^^ -is^tfxsS^jSa 

Bare'head'ed, a. & adv. -^-Tr* "Sw. 
Bare'ly, adv. =€5^0 •O^oS', "^^X^S^ 

Bare'ness, w,"^S)o,l5g'di^o&<So5©Xo» 

Bar'gain, n. "^^16^5 2i5^o©Sg'. Into 

the h.^='^ci^}^sipt^'§'T^^ot^m 

Barge, w. "^cJSiSlsy. 

Bark, n. ^tostoj -©^^^^j-^i^j SS 

Bar'ley, n. coSsfoo e>j6 t^'^cjiSm. 
Bar 'ley-corn', w. ^oK>tfi5Mer« i5b3-«c 

Barm, n.-^xr»ooofcocaj^o?fe, 'ar'cS, 
Bar'maid', n. •^ix'ooo e^oK^ "Sm, 

Barn; n, •qr>|^o'$j§^to. [^^a. 

Bar'nacle, n. a.g'aj5bt6o^_g'Xb€) 5 sis' 

Ba-rom'eter, n. TT^Sacog'j,- "^-^^ 

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Bar'onet, n, 2.-?^?^ a»b«6Xe) ij^c 
Bar'ony, n. 2;-5^l&o^,?)Cb&jSa tfli^K) 

monly in the p/. 
Bar^rel, n. S>>^o». 

Bar'ren, a. 5r^j^,s5oe?c^y,^t)o»p. 
Bar'ri-cade', n. ^s^^io.e&aT^ito 

Bar'rier, ». e>&, e^a^i^w,. rsr»6. 
Bar'rister, n. ^I^a^ ir-goKSsy^a, «J£w 
Bar'row, n. ©Oo^oo^jB (^iJr*;^ ^ 

Bar'ter,!;. ^ A i-sa^Oo^r^jSo, It/tfSS 

Bansalt', n. a.g'a^tS^eS'OM. 

c^. — n. ef)&?ib, |Jo2^f5b^^a,S)^i6M5 

Base' bom', a. ^jo^ •^)to8'Ko. 

Base'less, a. pTm?^cr2>(^' 
Base'ment, n. e>e&;ibB5o(feo«6»i t9(&?fc 

Base'ness n» jb-c^tf^jSw, ^■rSx^^t&a. 
Bash'ful, a. a(Soa5«6cw7Co, jBXbXo. 
Bas'il, n. &e)S^to. 
Bas'ilisk, n. nr-e^iD-jC^j^^BSw. 

Ba'sis, n. «-qr»tf«5M5 -^csn©. 
Bask, I?, i. & t. 8?)-^^§^f6, "^c^S 

Bas'ket, w. Xocj ^fc). 
Bas'ketful, w, XoTc(Sb} w'^c&j. 
Bass, n. sSooiCJ'i^JctfsSM. 
Bas-soon', n» ^c'3<Sb*r»e5c©'^xx85w. 
Bass'vi'ol, w. a.s'a^^^fcw. 
Bas'tord, n. artf^'c^, ari^^osSMS^o 

Bas'tardize, «. ^ ST'i^s^cs^p pwj»&o 

Bas' tardy, n. ^'e^^^gcSM. 

Baste, V. t. s'g^cr'AMj "Sc^ib^i^ 

Bas'ti-nade', "^ n. g'g«5^ -^c^sSxo 
Bab'ti-na'do, | -^ ^"^i^ x^^:^. 

Bas'tion, w. r*&3i»«>S5. 

Bat, n.. ;c!\o85a55 eijAoe;'^ ©o^pc^Tlj 

Batch, n. Sto, S^j a^g'^a^s^e;^ ^ja 
Bate, V. t, ^K c^. — V. t. ^;<b. 

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Bat'fowl'ing, n. X^h^icko. 

Bath, n. i^^'^tSo^', iir^^il^i6»^c3^^ 

Bathe, v. t. t^^i^jSm^ocoo^j ^(&> 
Bat'ing, prep. a7r»cx»o-0, a^r*. 
Bat'on, *^ n. "^jj^^sJl^a) "^m. sr» 
Bartoon', j «, sjto§-fii, ^^^jSai "dsT 

Bat'ta, n. ©^sSm. fi^sSbtfoo. 

Bat-tal'ia, n.«grcs^»«5a5, CJo&fSSpo)-^ 
Bat-tal'ion, n. 5j&r»o«6». [l55'"4dfo. 
Bat'ten, n. "Sp'^pD^^o^doSSc'Stowzj 

eD CD 

Bat'ter, v. ^.r"4»5 sJd^cT'dw. 
Bat'tering-ram', n. -j^ritojioj ©^-j^j 

Bat'tery, n. wfib^, t>^o,A-^'^d$o^v 
85^5 2)«'o;<be»5 §^^605 afiactJoo 

Bat'fcle, 7u cs^^tSoo, ^^io. —v. ;, 

Bawl, r. t.e>w^,^r'e\eo^. — n. e> 

Bay, a- r*o^B3«p.— n.7:r«i»(^i^V'^, 

^ig)6oi6r»p e«>?()r*p oa^aao^^. 

Bay'onet, n. -j^rfj^oos?^ eSb-^§r*|5'j^ 

Ba-zaar', n. ef)oK<S8)^, «53^e3o, e^o 
Bdel'lium, n. ^|in»ikaK3fSS8SDOfi&opS 

Be, V. u ^o& 5 «7<b, w^, ^000 

Beach, n. -^tSM^biSf^^j f5^^ir•$^ 

B ittle-array, n. "^^ew cs^|8S»|:(ss? 

Bat'tle-axe', n. Xoj^jrgl). [i^i5». 

Bat'fcle-door', n. ^0(&^<bDg'w . 
•o w ea 

Battle-field, n. cts>2^^xx). 

Bat'tlement, 7t.t»eoSS^;r*«^. 
Bau'ble, ) "" , 

Baw'ble, j ^' ^^^^^^55^^, 

Bawd, n. soolo^^r'S. 

Bead n. •^'j:). 

Bea'dle, n. -fnoos^^vtiiiV^tiLis^tSo 

Bea'gle, n.a.s'ai;r^^4:;)^^-^c6oSori^. 
Beak, n. sjcIsSmSSj^. r?Co. 

Beaked, a, civ «5»SS^s5o43 oo3o?C8S» 
Beak'er, ». «SmSS[;-)\-^^5 S^S^aot^, 

Beam, n. s^oiSxi^ St^wsSw.— v. t. -sj 
Beaming, a. ^^-w-f^Hs^^-^-^; 
Beam'y, a. ^"s^^c^^^^. 
Bean, «. -osSj^e&T^ocs. 

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I^ear^ r.^. ^sirKSo*, iSiro^y ^rero-^j 

7:j«r»o^5 g'fSd, -^}65 -r^cjswj (used 
reflexively) ^si^^p>, |Casj_do 

^"gc»»io. To b. out= S C^ssea^ 

r'jl)/!© b. with=i;a\5ioooT^&). 

Beards n. x'a^iiMj Ka^*$) '3ojJ^^c»j5c) 

^ \5 •30ao-S . 
Bsard'ed^ a. X3^-^"3o|abg'e»?Ce}. 

Bear'ing> n.-r»'^,'T^&>5 -ff^JSb-^j 

Bear'ish^a. #>€iocX»oo«3s(od3. 
Beast^ V, ?5o\Ki6M,«^$,©o!fe;{). 
Beast'HneSB^ n« s5>\)C^o8S^i&30. 

Beat, t;. ^. §^^5 irci^j «POcoo^f£» 

"j^cKc^Tto. To b, tiine*= (^r-fio 
§^;6, e^efc; ^e»-^ -soo. ^to^ -^K 

toj j3^a'a». atSb-»d^Ao5 ("i^o^S^sSM 

Beat'en, a. u^c^s:j<^|^^ e^^S^^j^^ in 

Be'a-tif'ic, *) a. S)CJ»jj^^o25 S'tf^?^^^ 
BeVtif'icalj •jaoa^S'yjOf^. 
Be-ai'ifi-ca'tion, n. 55tf;sj^^o2^i6»S'€» 

Be-at'ify, v. t. 5jtf;in^o£JsSM;6?C€»X'c 


Beat'ing, n.r^toio^5r»o»o-^} SsSiSoj 

Be-at'itude, n. iar-^^o25«5M. 
Beau, n. fi^Xj6o"B^c2^, fb&oTPc^, 

Beau'fceous,^ a. t^oe5j^2?(^^ ^'^^ 
Beau'tiful, j ;^-^^ ^^jj-p. 
Beau'tifuUy, adt;.T^.o25J^85»7r»,ft5o2^ 

Beau'tify, v. t, «e)oS'do^,^oS^j^o 
Bean'ty, », «o2:^j6Do,^o>5?rc8Sw;^o 

"^o SJCc jyo?$b c ^ . 
Beauty-spot, n.9e)g'j5w, ^^(b^. 
Beaux, n., pZ. of heau. T?^. 

Bea'ver, n. ^to^'^ojSa^od^a.s'eo^ 
Be-ealm', v. /. "^^aiSrsoaj ^^0^0 

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Be-carae', p. L of become, 
Bs-cause', con/.o)o26^^l^j^C7r».B.of 

Bed'lamite, n. '3«isr»ct&. 

' ea 

Be-drench', v. L ^i^-^. 

Bed'rid', *) a. er^XsSx)^^ «fooS 

'rid', -I 

Beck, '^ n, ^odT^CT^p^^ST^c tK- 1 Bed'rid'den, J 
Bock'on, J p^cS^TJog. — r. ^ & i. | Bed'room, w. si^rxa7 sJ^S'dSw. 

Ba-cloud', t'. <. «&i»v§'s>^ 

e3 -^ CO ea 
Bed'sore',n. e>^S'-g-»o«5Ms5oo^i5>»s5to 

B3-come', v* i. wHb^ »;&, eooa^^g). 
What has b. of it«= wa i^^i^ 

5,sS>?fe. [^^, d3S> J'^ji'. ' Bed'stead, n.sfoo^«S». [i^-jcTsfoOKSiSw. 

Be-com'ingly, ado. ^^^jSm-tv^ ^H 

Be-com'ingness, n. e>» ^, ^Hcs^o 
B3-crip'ple, t?. 15. SSodS7r»c"^c:33». 
Bed, n. sj^g', sJw^, "^r^^J ini^^ 

Be-daVble, v. t. ^i^cSo); ^dfo-^). 
Be-dag'gle, v.t. vy^ts^v^ 8^*6 o^ 5 

Be-daub>i. wodSS^-^cJSm^^OojSm. 
Be-daz'zle, r. /. S'o^^foooesiOo&o i^ssb 

CO . CO ■ ' 

Bed'clothes', n. pi.^^sjv^'SoD.sjd&g' 
Bed'dmg, n. sjdfcg-, -^jSo^, sJes-^. 
Ba-deck', v. ^, e^oog'ao^. 
Be-dew', t;. U ^dfo-^. 
Be-dira', v. ^ 8&w.S'«5»j|^^^c3^. 
Be-diz'en,vi. aoSooo© ^Ko-Tr-do^. 
Bod'lam, n. -^^^0^2, ^g«^2.^5 

Be-duck', V. ^ ?)rNW-«^oj6i5Qpo^ 

Be-dwarfV-^* 8^|S7r'^csfi5,8Sea>^^ 
cJ^. [bl^bee) ^-&jC^. 

Bee, 7t. (honeybee) %'^dcK^ (hum. 
Beech, w. a.S'-?>jrs^\£,sSM. 
Bee'-eat'er,n. c^\1*S'^8!)&). 
Beef, n. K?&«ino7:^«&o,>r*air.o'i5i5M, 
Bee'hive', n. "^-^^e-cefc, "g-jStf^, 
Been,(prin.|)§-,aux. Cif*.)p.p.of k. 
Beer, n. |}ei >9j6 -ji^mow. 

Beest'ings, same as Biestings. 

Bee8'wax',n. ^|^35». 

Beet, n, ©j5i&>8S5?^y^;io^& slS*© 

Boe'tie, n(.-£c8^-^ei?(b} ^e'S,sS8fo^?^ 

& 85p«Sw4>^. 

BeeVe,n. ««,)&, r*^, • • [tfooXb. 
Be-fall',v^, & i,^oiftioSi^k^>% o^, 
Be-fit',^. <. ^;fe, ^adawbttb. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Be-fore',prep. & adv. jJMoe^ea, cOfib&Dj 

Be-fore'Iiand', adv» zS^osinv''^, 
Be-foul', V. t. 85Me^§^cS^, 8Si0^sS» 

Be-friend', v. ^.7:rs^oa3«6»^c33w,^« 
Beg, t;. L [j^r-do-^, -ic(&^}^, e)d^ 

Be-gan', p. ^. of begin. 
Beg'gar,n. ?&5ocdfo,a^^77'cifo,d«r. 
-i^sSc&. — V. ^, ■S2JoT»iDc7r»c"^c3;^, 

Beg'garly, a. J^e^tfg'i^.&sjjasS^j^- 
Beg'gary, ?i. 0^j^^^§^iiS<So, ©as^ 

Be-gin^ v. i. ^i^o^85d^,w^o?)o^. 

Be-gin'ner, n. t?^o?)o^oT*ca^, ^sj 

Be-gin'mng, n. tJj^otp-iJM, -SooJ^ex) 5 

Be-gird',v.^ ^^r'f6,e;55^5o^r*j6. 
Be-gone', infer;, ir^i^.'ten,jP-*-^"^S^^^- 
Be-grime', v. t. iSMedS^cSob^ 8&©jf 


49 l&Ef-ftlSt 

Be-gQile',v.^ i^§-^^^5 ■a^-^T-^) 

Begum (OKS), v.t. ^og'()r*c«5b) -CT^ 
Be'gum (l)XS), n. -o^sS. 
Bo-gun', p. p. of iegrin. 
Be-half ',n.5j,£LsSM. On my b.— ^y^sj^ 

Be-have', v. t. & i. |^o&,aS'r*j6c»^ je-j 
_6o^; used reflexively when t. 
Be-ha'vior, | n. ^^^^ \^^^'^, ^^ 
Be-ha'viour,J zs&. [g^cJSS.. 

Be-head', v> t. ^}S^>^^tSs>;>^a^^^^r' 
Be-held', p. t. & p. p. of behold. 
Be-hest', n.ii3^,^^B,^^^^, [^. 
Be-hind'hMd', a. ^j6S'c«5(S^, -ajjaar 

Be-hold', y.t,Ai. -^-^^^^^^^^ 
Be-hold'en, a. 6»5j-F^o'ai6c'3 7^ 
Be-hoof ', w. jcaj-»©^i5M, ej'^sSM. 

Be^hove', j'^-^-^^^^^^^^- 
Be'ing, n. ^p§, |©5 ,in»ES, ^a.— pr. 
p. of fee. [^, (tftf^ao^. 

Be-la'bor, v. ^ ab&>g'ftd«S^iEr»c2i$i), r' 
Belch, V. t. &t."gf6^,— w; 'gc-^jlfs' 
Bel'dam, n. zSo^^S^Q. ["^J^n- 

Be-lea'guer, v. t, $$od^&6^. 
Bel'fry, n. ?Co4oXo K^^^i^. [^. 
Be-lie', v.^. «)»g»jw^^«r>o8S ^pto 
Be-lief, n. ^^S'^ov'g^ijiwj ifc^«SM, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

fiAt-UV M 

Be-liev'er, n. |^-|^&ot»c&; ©^S?5 

t5_§SSc& 5 1^9 iS5;5!nWB6oo^o26 

Bs'Ht'fele, V. ^. ■cyf^^a-Tr'c'icSSM;-©^ 
B9II, n. Xo&). [sxsSbx'DS'. 

BeVlardon'na, ». s^fj cO^^sjo^oBcd^ © 
Balle, n. |Jp';C-^rjf , ?)dx>S'Jf , )r*c<bD 

BePUg'eront, a.cJsgaCfsSN^cJsga^l^. 
Boll'met'al, n. S'o^, Tr»oT:}085M. 

Bel'lowsf n. sing. <fc pL r*DgX)^_§. 

Bal'ly-acW, n. g*eSo-^-^S)^. 
BsKly-bound', a. i&oaj^gj^. 
Bal'ly-god', n. ©oS^«^^ fiotlo^d. 
Bally-worm, n. S^S^ 75^ SOS' ^t^jSm; 

Ba-long', V. i. ^ofi6, ^o«)o^o^. 
Bs-loved', a. jftooS^t^^ «^§c^; rS 

Be-low', prep. & ad?;. |§oe^^?fefirj;$i^ 
Belt, n. ^iSy n^&i^^ «^5r*?)» [K^ 
Belt'ed,. «., ^a^te ife'. sJg Koj i^oT»8 
Be-moaA^ v. ^ 3«*_\^ ificr-fco^. 
Bench, n^ jr^ooif^ nr«<'saDo, i^ajooj 

Bend, v. ^. sjo-afj t&^c^^ [^^S' — 

Be-neath', prep. & adv. jlos^^ axbaj 

Ben'e-dic'tion, w. &sJt5'/w1-c7*g2Ja5». 
BenVfac'feion, n. ^sr-B-^CTaSajj tt»^ 

Ben'e-fac'tor, n. ^sj^ff^a^^sj-BPS^sSw 
Ben'e-fac'tress, n. ^s-r*dE5. 
Beti'efice, n. ?<ba;6r»|^c85M, ^^^^oas 

Be-nef'icence, IK ^sr-r^CTi&o, -^to, 
Be-nef'icent, a. ^S)-g-«>dSb(^,']ls,sSog'0' 

Ben'e-fi'cialjLa. [SJcScr^©^ g'o'^pc^, 

Ben'e-fi^ciary, n. sij>^c8fef5a^ao^ 

Ben'efit, t^. ^e'c^o-oaji^s^ja^ cr»^«S»^ 

"^ex), 86DO-D, ^085m. — v. L "^oo^ 

c33S>. — u. *• "^ood^ofi^, ?7»tyi5» 

Be-nev'olence, n. tso^, S'pS'ffija), ey 

Be-nev'olen1^ a. cJcttb^^.?^? ^<^ 
Be-night,' v. ^ •fecS'&SS's^aj,. *c^a 


Digitized by ^*OOgIe 


Bent, n. s^o-^j sjg«^^ e^^fia-o, ^ 
cr-sl,w^^j8ame as Bent-grass. 
— p. <. A p. p. of fcerwi. 

Bent'gras8',n. i&^o^, a.s'af^-tSoX^. 

Be-nnmb', v. ^. S«$web8'o3?Cc'^c»w, 9 

Ben-zo'ic, a. ir>o^^^ozio^-^^,B' 

Ben-zoin',n. ■jbr'^oiTreS. 
Be-queath',i;, t. tS:iiSei^*(S^ "^^S 

Be-qnest^ ». tfotfw'T'i^r^-^r^g'aJM 
Be-reave', v. t. 5)Jr.^sjwT^, i3«So5^c 

Be-reave'ment, n.«A^|i'^,|^s^«S»*»o 
Be-rrft', p, p. of bereave. 
Be'ri-be'ri, w. sutfa^s&oooi^ 88S»«> 

Ber'ry, n. -f^ooS. 
Berth, n. ^^«5a), 85to^ sit^:g>,c^&>^. 
Ber'fl, «. x'«)2^K?S^o56;6 ^gr^i6». 
Be-seech', r. U »Sjd^e»§^f5o^ "^c& 

Be-seem', t?. <. ^;fe^ a.^^, ScnoKc^ 

c»S»o&. [^.c^dfe. 

Be-set', «;. ^ ^g^r^jfi, ^ooj^^'t-o 

Be-side', prep. j^S'ij-j^, tfK^wj ^5^ 

Bedsides', prep* ft a<2tu t*^, s^o^ 

Be-siege', v. «. j^A^a-ScssS), jSwfefttj 
•», rSto -aoD. oT»pP "S(5'S^ ^to 

Be-smear', v. ^ ef)cx)SS, •^c3BS>, it* 
Be'som, w. ef)cx)SSca?'&), e>0^i&(j^c 

Be-sot', V. t. '§t)s:)j^cjrto, ^^^^ 
Be-sot'ted, a. «5d jSj^j^, 
Be-sought', p. ^ & p. 29* of beseech. 
Be-spat'ter, v. t. ^eM^dB5», 
Be-speak', v, ^.j&oo^^Tr-tfn^Scsjwo 

Be-sprin'kie, v. /. -Owrao^, -OOSo 

Best, a. & ac22;« superL of ^ooc2 A 

Bes'tial, a. c^&^j^oosjoi^, tSajX^^ 
Bes-tial'ity, n. 85b\?C(j^ooStfc«SM. 
Be-stir', v. ^. ^^^^"^toj ^ew^ S'co 

Be-stow', V, t. s^^,2Jo85^<:38fo,foll. 
by on or 'up<)n as, to b. a thing 
upon a man; ^ S^T»A»5 'SjJt^ 

Be-stow'al, u. ss^^Aa, 4^. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 


Be-stride', v. t. t^<\ |f&«SD}6o«^ 

Bet, n. tfoBitfMj co'Sj5M«r« so^^fi^^ 

Be-take', v. U (with the reflex, 
pron.) e^^-ffao^^ ws^ooOo^. 

Be'tel, n. ^sSwoi^sS&cX. B. leaf= 

Be'telnut', n. syS'ip, ^c^^^i^. 
Be-think', v. f. (with the reflex, 
pron.) & t. ^oc-^r^-^y 2r'5Jg'«5» 

Be-tide', v. ^. & u Y^oip'ao^^S'ejo?(>. 
Be-time', *> adv. 'j:)»$30C585m|^sS, "Stf 
He-times', J sS, -aos^oS'd^, '^^OooS 

Be-to'ken, v. t. •^j-o-Oo-^, "Icx)*^, 
Be-tray', v. ^•^i^;g)e)5Sn5T»S)Ooo*$) \, 

Be-tray'al,?i. jS^sj^sSwTv^l^jgoS'sJx 
Be-tray'er, iu jS^gr-, s^g-jcr^sfesSc 

Be-troth', «. ^."So^Sot^K e^'sSoa^cssi), 

/ CO a—o ^ ' 

isJT3'^«5» "^cs^: used of either 

Be-troth'al, "^ n. |«i3^^!6m, lio^ 
Be-troth'ment, J %zr^K ^j&o. 

Bet'tePj a. & adv. comp. of good & 

^a^-^'^ w^cTP r'o^jSM 8Sadc^5 

«5d65 saws' TT'pg'o'lo TTXaTT*. B» 

half=s^l^c. — V. <. K!)e3S)6a^, "C 

?fc^CSSS». — V.i. TrKTib, (^OQ38&?fe. 

— n. l^oD-^j w^sScdfo, "=53^2. -\^ 
oT»cafo, ^(^jSb S)oo-0|^5P»c&5 (^*^ 
S") x*oB«SM"2>ftS^oT»c&.He got the 
b. of his enemy=o3^cifo^i^63oOe 

Bet'termeut,n. ^s^vftj ttXoj ^o3S 
Bet'tor, n. 5Jo'S85M"SiBj^sr»c&). 
Be-tween', ') 
Be-twixt', j P^^^- ^^^^ '^^S- 

Bev'el, n. r^cajSw^jjar*©^ -f^a-^^^ 
Bev'erage, «. -^^tfsSM, ^•|5'®j-»Ko 

Bev'y, n. ^I5b5r»j5»«5a55 C«S^o;fco'$). 
Be-wail', v. ^. A i.&§gpo^,i6S^«ifc. 
Be-wail'ing, n. a&^, 6^c^^«s», ^ 

Be-ware', v. t. ^|K_^7r»f5oo&, »^iX 

^sj^ :commonly foil, by o/. 
Be-wil'der, v. ^a?C\ ^sSdjSm^cs^, tt* 

Be-wil'dered, a.aKx^«&c^oa|5', ^oo 

Be-wil'dering, a. ©X'^^jjSdS'ooX'c'^'^ 

Be-wil'derment, ».a;C\^«&, ^oi^^^ 

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Be-yond% prep, & ody. ^ss^v^ e>dx> 

jtfg'j^j Oao-O, TT'C^a, ^ CTV*. 


Bid, V. <. t3^to^^tw>'^*^ aojSwer* 

as^ b. farewell &c. To b. fair— » 

Bid'der, n. ae)?5Mer«'3oi^a|i'5P»c<&. 
Bid'ding, n. «»} »o«5Mer< :3e)5oei) 

Be'zoar, n.;r*6^«(^|f j5m^ r*wS«SM. Bide, v. t.^tno^ ,i.&^cs^oiSo*, -^-0 
Bhang, n. ©pa, Kofl^cxo. I a^oik, — v. u ^ofibjS tfj^MTV'jSao 

Bi'as, n. tf'^tf».-t;. ^ jj JQ *•* | Bi-den'tal, a.T5oifo«o^Xo. [a^. 

Bi'ased,a-«3^ir.^»5.;Ce, ^o^Sto Bier,n.^s^^^|f,5«>;6cHbe3oa. [g. 

Bib, n. a5^7<bo"S-3) sj :c^ We» «5Mfta8 

CO C9 

Bib'ber, n. (jr;()C«^^. 
Bi'ble, n. |J;^«&^-32^«S». 
Bib'lical, a. fr. bible* . [cftS. 

Bil/li-og'raphy, n, j^o^jfcje) ©s^tfw 
Biflio-ma'nia, n. w^tfg (Xo^TaiM^) 

Bib'alous, a. i^sJsj-cr^WjSMjSb fclKifo 

"^g' oaro^^S^"?^- 

Biest^gs, n. pU S5jjS^c^€»,«5»efloc 

Bi'fold, a.TJofio^Jl ^5 75o<Sba5^«S»15 
Bi'form, ^ a. T5o& bj^8;j«5Me»X'o, 
Bi'formed,J •9oc»'t^i^j5m«)Xo. 
Bi-fur'cate, "^ a. "So&T'jpooX'o^ Uo 
Bi-fur'cated,J (&-^o»Soo»t^5 ^Ko 

Bi'f ur-ca'tion, n. T5od^^oc3 oom 

Bi'ceps, n. 2^o«^er<p ^^c»M;&"dg'g'o 
Bick'er, v, i, SX'5^;j<r*&. 
Bick'ering, n. ^:)|^SX5^«5» 
Bi'comed, "^ a, "©o^r^j^ex) Ko^ 

[^- Big, a.-?>fij, JTtfN, er»?g). 

Big'amist, n. sqs^eso^i^cooKosT'c&j 
Big'amy, n. sigeso^'O'cei^Tr^p tp'_2 

Bi-cor'non8,J Tr'€>^ojjr»^©SD^. | Bight, n. a^o«5M-7r'f5oo& «^^ts5M. 
Bi'cycle, n. ^o^^-^iysSwoiS^Soj^^fo Big'ot,n. «i>tf^ttcnp,i^ar»»85a57r» 2Ji^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

110- »m 


Big'otry, n. ifjgsjJtiSjoe^O «6e^^i^^ 
Big' wig', n.~s>c^«5Dj5b4'^c&, "^J^wjg, 

Bile, n. t^i^w "^tf ^.^ii*^' 
Bi-lim'bi, n. ©©I^O-r^oaS. 
Bil'ious, a. t^'i:)o©o5J^|^. 
Bill, n. tftii5»5Sj;-5 US'j^^&Sj sJtoo 

ss^oS'jjSS ^B5M-r»p ^^^^^ iSc© 

sSw.B. of exchange*— tfTOt>S,«3Tn 
^«Sad. B. of ladings— »i »o jr^j^iti^, 
Bil'let, n. ^63, -C^^r^^tw. 

Bill'hook', w. -S)tf s^oS'g' 9. 
o — * 

Bil'liards, n. SL^ft^rjpi^tfoe^'-^)?^©^ 

Bil'lings-gate', w. -»a^ife«jr.&DOD, zjoa^ 
Bil'lion, n. ip«^«6» «>|5'c-7r- o&r«to. 
Bil'low, n. -^iS^Oj '%rsk>^i» H^ ^is 

Bil'lowy, a, -^sj e^oooKo. 

Bin, n. 5^i3: tt-'S. 
Bi'nary, a. "Bo^^ai^. 
Bind, V. ^g'to,e3o^o^5 pc^vO^o^j© 
^pcTT'c'icJSa, 7nr»^cpc-7nc"^c:fiM. 
Bind'er, n. S^d^5P»ca^5 '^^^zS^v 

Bind'ittg, tMCto&>; vtSii, ^ir^j^l^^ 

Bin'nacle^ n»i^zUr*i^l^vjS>^'Xi& 

Bin'ode,n. ^Sd^dyT^^^ttS^fK}^. 
Bin-oo'olar, a. 'QoiSoio^Xvi '5oSo 

Bi-og'rapher, n.z;^p 4So^¥?Sa (jnji^ 
Bi'o-grapVic, "^ a. 8Lrf>tf^^^ 7^0 
Bi'o-grapli'ical, J ©o^J^;^. 
Bi-og'rapliy, n. 2j^p^d^^f6», 
Bi-ol'ogy, n. ^ssr^j^ ^sSo^. 
Bip'arons, a. tfsyo&o €)f6 w^ctt* "So 

Bip'artite, o. a£9^X«5M-7r»jSao"Sifo, 
Bi'ped, n. Og^sj »oS>;&. — o. "9o& 

Bi-pet'aloufl, a.75o<&tf^i6»«)K'e, T5o 
Birch, n. r*otf -o^a^totfoiS^^. 
Bird,n.tftl, tto, 

Bird'cage', tu «(l?6^c&,fc&>?lr»c&. 
Bird'catch'er, n. sjjjpojjjtf ^srKr^fo, 

Bird'lime', n. cJgpoffi ?;»toA3SS ^jj 
Bird's'-eye', a. «i,s5l3 ^^^^i6»j6o 

Birth, n. s^jSx., •$)^tf, (tf^s^sSw. 
Birth'day^ n- -^g^ ^^f sjm, ^^ 

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BirtbrTight', n. ^kpt^^cXtx^ ^^ 
Bi-secf ,t7*.^, "^oikrpr&^XziMeQnr^^ 

]Ksli'op,w. 3 5^:J>ooa»rt- ^eb;^. 
BisVopnc, »/2j^ig)OGa»r^ 7(bOb 

Biah'op Vweed', ?*. iifo-$)^toj ^ 
Bis^nmtli, n.tfX2fa6ays5'o6S2LS'eK«tf»86oa. 
Bi'son, 71. -r*-8]68S», siojj&czy**. 
Bit, n. sSwS'j^, ^fSSS'5?fegii»i5<r»6Ser« 

— V. L S^8&>'3cas».~i?.<. & p. p. 
Bitch, n. wc&fi&rj^. [of hUe, 

Bite, v^. &i. re«^.— w. -r*&x3. 
Bit-xio^beD, n* Oisr»e)55rt3j6a>. 
Bit'ter, a. ^^cg^^jT^ S'SiTj^j >>fc^rD 

Bit'teraess, w. iScdi>^ ^ojSm, »X. 
Bi-tu'men, n. 8i>^"g en&ii.<8er*«S& e> 

Bi-trn'minons^ a, tsar's oi5u 7:103^0^ 
BiValve,a. "Boefc-Oxj^o^^ i6t»cxj3c 

Biv'ouac, v.i,&n. tr^ipooSofib "^^^ 
— &to. 

55 tot-ALA 

Blab, «. ^. A ?'. c5€r«^^j^t5sSoa^ sss 

BlaVber, n, «e;^^|^iJsoo5^s^tJiJboT»c 
Blacky a. ^o p. — w.^ex)-^) 5 ""5-»<*x>g' 5 

Bkck'amoor, n. ?)|^oB3"^eSb^|^-r» 

Black'board', w.'SS'^oa'aoa. 1 •t'cjsSo 

Black'cap', n, a.g'2r'Sg'oS)2e&). 
Black'en, vX ^«w^^c«S».— V. luS 

Black'guard, ». Jj^c^fo} «i)-on» 8bc 

Black'hole.', n. 4)cg'6S r*easSw, -fcc^ 
Kack'ish, a. r'o^KSwi^op. [fiSXa. 
Black'lead', n. ^^f^ssHc K^c©& 

Black'leg', n, s^idj '<^a:-7r*c&. 
Black'mailV n. wo'aj^to fir'oKoSS 

Black'-mouthed'^a. «i)XP^sSLer»"S<Sb, 
Black^ness,w. ^€X)-$). 
Black-oil*, n. 85r.oi^o?\^^o«5o3. 
Black'smith', w. ^z^is^cdio ^^c 

BlacFwood, n. Qe»>7ib2$3 ;&^js©. 

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Blad'der, n. i^xn^iEr*oc6«Sto, ^sfc 
Blade, n. K^ Sxyy. sr^pd^cS, «8S 5 

Blade'bone^ n. "OS'jj-oBosSa^S'. 
Blain, w. ■fej5ooSSesD-^, '^^cN* 
Blam'able, a^potfo^^c^^^^^^^^^c^- 
Blame, n.^sj^posj. — v. ^.^c^'ar* 

Blame'less, a. ^sj^"^?), pg^^lja^. 
Blame'woi/thy, a. po"^3^5,5?c^>^8>;^ 

Blan'card, n. a;S'ajSali)]y»tfw|o. 
Blanch, v. d. '3cx)*^^cfiS>) a^eo^. 
Bland, a. ^o^gpc^^ *^^^2.f^^1'^«^5 

Blan'dish, r.^ ©o5Scp*Sir4oe)^^ ^i^ro 
Blan'dishment, n. 9c«Sop«Sa^6oc», ^ 

Blank, a. ^^^ S5|S} (jr»c^"e5p. — n. 
Blan'ket, w. tfozDl^jsj^^a^s^^ «6sJ^^. 
Blare, n. Tr-8n»oa»S'(^ g'tfS'§r*tfe?£p. 
Blas-pheme', v. ^. ^i$&r>tkt9i&c^, 
Blas'phemous, a. 2_8jabn»siS'2?c^« 
Blas'pliemy, n, g_;j26'jlc9. 
Blast, n. s5(S-7vO} tt'O'Sdv . — vX jr^ 

Blast'ed,a. ^go'^'^aHooDjf, ^SaH 

Blaze, tu s&oioj-'T'o©. — ^^v. i. t^o^y 

^cfiM. r — n*ssts fi'. 

Bla'zon, v. ^. 2>er*c^o?Cs)e^^;5^d o^. 
Bla'zoiiry, n. 55?^ |^. 
Bleach,t7.^. "^oo-^lScsa&i^cosi^Scfiw. 
Bleached, p. a, "^o cTJ^e^i^j ^tosjiS 

Bleach'ery, n. «%g'0oT'O|& ©&)€»* 
Bleach'ing, a. "B&^^^cs^^hS.—n. 

Bleak, a. e&*^e)2>(^^ SX>8j^OSO-7r* 

Blear, a. •^jBS'g^j sSo^g'i&'i^rg'Tr' 
Bleat> n. "Ajctfocsw^).— v. i.««d^. 
Bled, p. t. & p. p. of bleed. 
Bleed; v. u "p^obT^eao. — v. L -p^ 

K)&c3^. [g'roS'sJMg'eoTCc'^cSSSj.' 
Blem'ish,n.^rori5»5 0'^5j«6».~t\ f. 
Blend, v. t. g'oo*^, Oo^jS»t5c3;^.— 

1;. u g'OcX^. [i^gnoT^. 

Bless, V. t. 6ao<^^ e5§»£ao^, efSS 
Bless'ed, a. «c)tp'2>c^^ -^syj^^]^, -^ 

Bless'ing, n. 6s5|^, w$-o^i^ii»5 jytf 

Blew, p. ^ of 6Zot^. 

Blight, W.;5<»>*^, jr^^tS^, -sy-ab.-*— 





Bligbted, a. ^a**oo&^, io, 
Bliad, a. ^&'^ 0'3g'lr.^5>l^.— v. t 

Blind'fold', v. t. S'o&S'c^ '^S' i^by 
cSJSj.— a- S'oa^SSKo^rg^. [cr»&). 
Blmd'man'sbnfl', n. ■cpc?<b&^i5bj'C^ 
Blind'ness, n. Woy^£sSw,|Xb<S^I^86». 
Blindside, n. ©oSr^^a&sSw, a)€)Jn»^ 

Blink, V. i. tfo&'jcrXs&a r^o^jBl^po^ 

Bliuk'er, w. ?<b||85aiGa»g'(^S'ogSSS'lD 
^^bifer-c^ "Sir Ko^. 

Bliss, n. (Otf« ]^o2:^8^^ s^tfj&^^jicw. 

Bliss'ful, a. ts^iSr^i^o^^^'^^. 

Blis'ter, »• d^j;-5 8y*SSj^«&o2So. — 

Blithe, *) a. ^er'f^fsSoaX'e}, 7:)o 

Blithe'some, J t5^sl«S»Xo. 
Bloat, v# (• ^OvO^. — V. i. ^Wv. 
Bloat'ed, a* ^!!K^, ot»c-€)|^, d^oH^. 
Block, n. "SooiSb, asbri^.— v. t. efi^ 

Block-ade', ». i6M4oa.— v. t «Sm(So 
Block'head',n, "a»^ir»cdfo,0dfccifc, 

Block'ish, a. «fco»«53©ab|^. [tCo. 
Blond, a. i&^X2.c^"§«?>«SM^"^S^N 
Blonde, n. (^K^^'3of)sS»^'^2j-t6o\ 


Blood, fU ^^t&y^'j tf J^-jJ^oao^Kiooj 

5S'o^«5». A man of noble bv— ?r 
s;^sjo^^c<&. Relations by b.«— 
tS_^^o%io^i6a^Xi> a>o^;f)ejo. Bad 
b.—s^X", "^siiiw. In cold b.«=e:j 

Blood'guilt'7, a. tf^tf^^^. 
Blood'honnd^ n. a^rar© "ScfoSStfj^. 
Blood-red, a. fj^e^syo o^^p. 
Blood'shed', n. (ir'caijr^sSaD, ,in.e3 
Blood'snckW, n. SoK •&». -^^o& 

Blood'thirst'y, a. [^^^^, ^f^tf 
^(^- [iSbj. 

Blood'ves<sel, n. tS^Tr'A, b^ir'V 
Blood'y, a. ?f J'li^ooSg^^j ^^ts'^1(. 
Blood'yflux', n. "p^ob"^©. 
Bloom, n. i^^5Trr€)c«SM.— «. i.*^ 

Bloom'ing, a. ^s^cfiS-^^ss^^jSwXo. 
Bloom'y, a. aS'jBo-Oi^} •^tgcooX'o. 
Blos'som, ». -^Jfig. — v. i. -^^j 

Blot, v. ^. Sb<^^"5:Ax>5 ^Mfc'^cS^ 5 
«5Dfe9S'.iSc«S5"SS'«53^^"Sto5 jB-o^cttct*. 

Blotch, 7*. ^85DiO*5^CW55 Kfo^x. 

Blot'tingpa'per, n, a>^-^;^^s5w. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




Blow, n. B»v5 WKje^. — v. t. (^t>) 

Blub'ber, v. i. tSM^xSas ar»c^|^tosx> 

Bludg'eon, n. eib&s'fta. 
Blue, a. }bo"Ba|i'. — n. S)e)s^2^i66d. 
Blue'stone', ^ 

Bluff, a. ^ir^^^j «8&Tr»cJ^a^5P^&> 

Blu^ishi a. r^o^jSa^jbo^Ji^. 
Blun'der, n. 8y*j^-^(bDi ^sj^. — t?. t. 

Blunt, a. "»»^fr,sr»ca"«5p. — v. ^-a» 

Blur, ?lr. ^5366^5 tf^otfjicw. — v. ^ «cr» 

Blush, V. io)Mcirew5J6?ibtfd^. — n.<0 
Blus'ter, v. i. ©zy»cx» "t^ 5^o©85m€X) 

■fig' 3^o»i6», e;5^*^^. 

Bo'a, ') 

Bo'acon-stnc'tor, f 
Boar,n, jSdXjiJoOj wa^ajsoft. 
Board, n, ceg-j ii^oBwS'j^^to)}"^^., 

^©^«5M^c3a5». On b. the sliip«« 
i/d^bjctf . Above b.—seaft^CoX^Jw 

«86oe^. [5r-c&. 

Board'er, n. sit:^.^^ ^®|5'i5» ^csSi 
Boarding-house, n. "^cAaSj^^Ncoa 

Boast, V. ^« & t. z^TJF^oo^ l9^ 2^oe)s699 
Boast'ful, a. 5^oo«5»«» "d^ ocj'oa 

Boat, n. sTfi^sJ, ar*?. — v* u tf «^«jer« 

Boatswain, n. ^©"^oa^^cTP Ci^syo 

Bob, n, |jSer»&|^0. — v. t, dS»cXber» 
^5 jj^cj^dfo. — v. ^ ^2^00^5 96ea> 

Bob'tail', n. ■s>»oS«^cS'e|^C7r-SSc5> 

Bode, V. ^. & t. TT'c^S^ig) "cr^pjD jSmo 

p. ^ & p. p. of feide. 
Bod'ice, n. Mas'. 

Bod'ily, a.^Stj-jCfowo^g??^. — adv.^ 

•Bod'kin^n. sj® j^«6». [eo^ij5S9. 

Bod'y, n. aaS€»,"^«5^«s»} «&j643oc&, 
frequently in composition^ as in 
anybody, nobody &C.5 ifi»^c p^K 

^ig), je)-cr»gi&a.Heavenly bodies 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 



Bod'y-guard^n. »,£LTytfi6MSj'fi^ctS^ 

Bog, n. w>tftf"^e). [e>f5oi6^po^. 
Bog'gle, y.i.v^o^fr»o^,'j^or«©c^, 
Bog'gy, a. t»^aJ7r»iJS|^^. [tfip. 
Bo'gus, (collo.) a.e^ 2j-^,toa^&)g'«^ 
Boil, r. t. ^&sS,«59e5)C?C>. — r. ^. ^ 

Boil'er, n. tt^, "f»c;6. 
Bois^teroas, a. zxini^t^t^'Si ^z$^^ 

Bold, o. 2^0'gi6»?Co,7i^tf^'y^«S»Xe). 
Bold'ness, n. 2.^§«^."(^»^75^«^, "8 

Bole, n. e«>X^^*fin.f6,e^fo;6^te>^6} a, 

Bol'ster, n. -a2^ao<3b,^e>x«i,Trl)t6^. 

Boltj n. ^oo-^oa T5». 5r»p e&KS 

COS.— V. t. W&Xa08S-Sc3QS>) «0 o 

BoltW, n. <ge^. 


Bo'lus, n. -stf jfr.^. 

Bomb, n. a,tf©!f2>^t^oX?iao&. 

Bom-bard',v. t. fecTo^ibeo "f»©\i6!>:&) 

Bom-bard^ment,n. tcro?iac»'Sc3BS>^ 
Bom'ba-sine', n. a^r a}6*ji) ^«c 

Bom^bast, n. ptf^S'tf ©•$)&.. 

Bom-bas'tic, a. ptftfS'tf»"$>S)jC€) 

Bond, n.^jr»&,^ijD^-^^85», ©o¥85i»} 

Bond'age, n. is^^^tSoi-j ^wj rto. 
Bond'maid', n. eg^^i^-eJsSod^ sjp^"^ 

Bond'man,n. "cnTfccdfo, TTp-jcTsT'C 

Bonds'man, n.-^C(bcS^5T*c&, sr 

Bonduonut, ». X^\-8r*ooS. 
Bone, n. <0ii»8', e^S. 
Bone'less, a. <OtfbaS'e»75p» 
Bone'setter, n. ae^x^^gTr^p ioo^fc. 

69 69 

Bon'fire', n. fej^syj&jj ^s^Hsfooto. 
Bon'net, n. hsr^t,, sSfnobs. 
Bon'ny. a. ^oiS^-^^^ ^^^^Ss>iKo. 
Bo'nus, n. e3tftt>isx»^j6M, 
Bon'y, a. ^|«5D08S2a|^, <0i6»s'ooXt). 
Boo'by, n. iSoj^^cafej Zj^^^B-^ltSoo^ 

Book, Ik •^^ri&9, i5oi[^i6M5tft^i6wj 

Book'bind'er, n. -^ i^tfjiMO^ tjxbtf 
Book'bind'ing, n.-^^tfis»oS3 eix&DS' 

fe^*^- [sj-ar -St, J. 

Book'case', n.-^^g'i6»e»-«,lDe&|)e6 

Digitized by L^OOQlC 



B>ok'keep'er, ». 2S;^ye3o^ I3g'^«& 

B}ok'keep'ing,n. Sj^^ipCb^ 'QS'^c? 
Booklet, n. tDfT^-^j^riSa^. 
B'jok'muB'lin, ». a^rajSiie* -(^(^^P^J 

**> ft} 

BDok'sell'er, n. •^_^g'5^_gs&c5^. 
Book' worm', n. -Osfo^io-^Oo^, -u^sfe 

Boom, n. 8)a'o;\'5oa. ^T'P^^cp. 
Boon, n. sststs^^ ^sj-s^^^sSm. — a. ^ 

Boor, n.-5ir»<bo53r»c<5^,s5t3dxr°aoT»C(&. 

^ CO 

Boor'isK, a. ^T'2?(^j»p^?CQS'^"«5p. 
Boot, n. -5^$)a*<e!fo, ^T-S^j cr»tp:sSw. 

To b. «=»2.^'7^^^®^'^sSo5£.. , 
Booth, n. i^S'5 t9oX(S, 26-^tttf». 
Boot'less, a. psSLvo^i^, pi^a'8'^j^. 
Boot'lick', w. S{S^-5^e;;&^5, tScy^^o 

Boo'ty, n, ^^^^ ,er*c^r*j^caa 
Bo-peep', n. iy»c?()&>i6r»c^cr'A3. 
Bo'rax, n. "sOtt'^sSm. ^ 

to} r^c&oS'^. 
Bore, n. «^o|¥«5c» 5 S^v^is, S)^|^«s»5 
<3^o25JJg'e»Kc^c:3aS>oT»c&>. — v. t. 

& i. jfoi98ix>^cfii*,^«»^. — p. i« 
of 6ear. 
Bo'roal, a. ^_gcfGSS^ •jSowo^^i^. 

Bo'reas, w. ^^is-i^i^t. 

Born, 2?. p. of hear. — a. •$)4S(^. 

Borne, p. p. of 6ear. — a. ^r*^ §^p 

Bor'ough, w. ^Oo, "Sc(5o. 

Bor'row, v.U 2ocoe9sS» "e5§' ^sS^tt-^ 

Bosh, n.s:pS5&^f)|^a} ^^©5 im-.&dS' 

Bosk'y, a. e^a^aTr^T^jT^. 

Bos'ora, n. erf''^>^6^,Hbo'3,55•^■^^5tf^ 

?ri53f. — V. t. tfD^T6der«-cr»c^. — a. 

2 1^. B. friend— (j3^vpl6^jr»^c 
c&>, ^'^ctki. 

Boss, w. X)© V , Xbtttf^ ir-oBS. 


Bo-tan'ic, "J 
Bo-tan'ical,J * ^ 

BDt'anist, n. i^xL^W" ^')2^(:ik>. 
Bot'any, n. i^q>^^^is», ["goc* 
Botch, w. e^&ss^^jj^^g".— V. <. 'e^^^as 

Botch'y, a. e>^sSe»Ke>, •Sr»i6S'«oKe). 
Both, a,, or pron« & conj."0o5fo}Si,s{ 



to. —V. i. ^o^tii^^^f^i « 

Bot'tle, n, vsi&^ir*. — v- ^. ^^Ser* 
Battle-gourd, n.^^^-r^o^ "^w. "^ 

Bot'tom, W. ^2^?ib, i§oa ^K36m5 
BDt'tomle88,a.ei)-7v¥2pt^, ei^KoSp. 
Bough (iT*), n. ^tor'sfo^, 'T'^. 
Bought, p. t. Sd p, p. of buy. [sSaa. 
Boul'der, n. -2)5J;C)oi or»o», X'o^i■«&e? 
Bounce, vA. -Oi^fiS^^ o))^© 2 c©&, 

Bound, f>. -^itSy S)o^i6o9} Ko^. — v. i^ 

61 BOT — B&A 

Bourn, '^ n. -^cf, <0o , t^Oo^^ "6 
Bourne, J S'. 7:).8o^g>. [sJp. 

Bout, n. (S)085^«Sm 5 a.s'-^d^cs^ 
Bo' vine, a. K^'jCJoao^;^)^^. 
Bow ('3^), V. t. s^o^. — v« i^sso)^' 

Bow'el, n, "iTib, ^0|^sS»; generally 

used in the pL 
Bow'er, n. jb^i^eco/o^r^Atf^sSw. 

B'Jw'knot',n. iSj^dsSajSw^. 

Bowl, n. H"^5 ;<bo^,— y. ^ er^g^o 

^. — r. i. er^. 
Bowl'der, n. see Boulder. 
Bow'man, «. aoo"8r^c^. . [•^* 

Bow'wow', n. 4S^<S"«r'<r, sSS'^osSw 

vw j^vr*T ». w IT , .-• w w w >iv ^ JJ^-— ' ' — 

?^«^'^' <. — &p. p. of bind. 
Bound'ary, n. ^^iS> "dtf 7:)ej^&, <0 

Bound'en,a. «)SJ2?(^^''^^5;^2 t^*^* 
duty«=e5B^c»o^^ -e^cip "pw | 

Bound'lese, a. •A>{J'Sp, wfio^^i^.^ 
Boun'teous,^ a» Tr>^^tiaoX6^ tT 
Boun'iiful, j 7ytfciiw;C«>j «);d7C^2p 

Boun'ty, », ^•cr»iJ^ij»,-a^^jribo5 
Bou-quet'.(tw^*i),n. -^cwoB, 


Box'er, n.«&oSx cssS>e^«S»^c5S».oT»c^, 

' CD <i) 

Boy 'hood, w. itocsSd^, s5^5^|^sS». 
Boy'ish, a. r?|5, tpo^-$), fco ^(^-^. 
Brace, n. S'to, »o?«6c»5 S^^ a**&. 

Brace'let, ?t. S'og'c?j6w,^aocj3iSM^ ssv 

Bra'cer, n. j^SS'to Ci^ "^.j. «t)*w 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Brach^ial, a* '=dB'pozio^-^^. 
Bra'cing, a. -(^^s^j^^mo^^kS, z^v 

Brack'et, n. s^ohS^tr^t -a». "gp^ 

Brack'ish, a. g^c^p^ «a^. 
Brag, v. t. ^^ottsSwoD^xj^r'jSb, jcs 

Brag'gart -> n. ^^^B^^r'p.or^c 
Brag'ger, J *>,ttiycw)r*Ob, ^23 &> 

Brah'man,'^ n. yiriSi,exicd$o. — a. 
Brah'min, J [jrtfjea •j5o«)o¥2>|5'. 
Braid, v. ^. 2S«^-gcJS»,ei>TO.— n. ^«^. 

Brain, n. sSd^JsIj^jSm, ■jfio2;^T6o \, "Sajj 
Brain'less, a. "SDatJpj fo-Ox, 
Brain'pan', n. ^o-^^g-eSroabaJMr, 6" 

Braiu'sick', a. fc^^, "S^j ^oSObHb 
Brake, n. ^S^or, «^o^^4o Xbo-^j 

Bram'ble, n. x«^ fecK •^. 86mo2^ 

Bram'bling, n.2§f65r»o»tfo6Sa;8'8r*a 
Bran, 7i. ^i^dk>'^ in^^ ^i6»tf. 

Branch, n. §^^,^^,-3^0835 V'X'iixj. 

'«5g' ^•^ooTr'c'^cfiM. — a. y 4:536^ 
Branch'ing, a.r*^ooXv,^^Kj^^ 

Branch'less, a. r^^oolSp. 
Branch'let, n. o^^r*^, «)|^^^. 
Branch'y, a. r^?&j««r^ poacxS>?^. 
Brand, ». §-»«©, r^eag'^^ 5 ^6&r 

•^?r|^«5aoj "IJtf^cd^p "§005^1^^ 

Brand'ed, a,zr»c^'tasSczi&^j •^eaS' 

Bran'dish, v.t,^Vto^ ^a^t^^ e^So 
Brand'.new',a. ^r'^^ ^i^^S^f^^, 

Bran'dy, n. •j^Tr-ooo«r«^g'aj3j^. 
Bra'sen, see Brazen. 
Brash, n. '©|^«fccj^K«^iS>»8'{^e». 
Bra'sier, n. tfo*tfsr.c&5 8So«43. 
Brass, n. Si_tfa, fc_|'^ai». [SsJo^S. 
Brass'y, a. g^^a ^o25oi;f;tt>|^5 ^^ 
Bra-va'do, n ?C0gaS»,©7^o»,i»» co- 
Brave, a. 2 i^^«5»?Co, •^tf-'jcfjixiXo, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



^d8&, BtS^yir-Qo^y •^j^'jJiiwS^ | Breadth, n. "Si^cK)^, 2;^€)ctf». 

Brav'ery, n. ^i^c«5»^2.^^'^^'^'^ 
Bra'vo, n. ei>®-^tf'T6oc2^l^ «3oa^ 

o^, eat. 
Brawl> t?. t. SK^^8&^&, ^ef ea^cfiS*, 



2^859^ 13 cSw. 

Brawl'er, n. ibr<in&5T»c&, SKS^*Sr» 
Brawn, n. g'o«i iJs i^^cs&s&j co6 

Brawn'y, a. ^iosi-^^v. 

Bray, r. ^ tSo-S.—v. i. (tpS'S) e^ 

ea^. — w. -Tpfl'S osSea-l^. 
Braze, t?. t. s^^&ir^&'i^ «&SS. 
Bra'zen, a. s{^&^c^^^^ ^^& 

Bra'zen-faced', a. ^^j&^«)|^, "Sxaofl 

Bra'zier, n. ^o^{^or»c&. 

Breach, n. 5j;<be», •j^os^- g'e^tf^i&o}^ 

Breads n. 8r»"&>5 c^sH(^>5m, 2i§sy|^«5». 
Bread'com', n. 8^1g€» ^c3awto 8Ss5 

Bread'fmit', n. -?)gc«ri8Se»j3c>«o^ 

Breadth'wiae, odr. «rfis»7r», ■3«i 

00x2. "^(^« 

Break, v. t. TCT^ocfT^^ ©wo^ja^ 
J<o^5 'SOobSc'^csjSi, ^fc^'ScSw, 

eb\5 Xi>|a«5» "Soo. srtpp er'oKcfejB 

fir*O^.To b. Out= ««'S^tfl4»-7p 

•jt^otp-ao^^) "<58' 6'cx>?(>^. To b. 
with«=«6'e^tnc^&).— n. xjXbc©, Sc 
iSS'j "So-^j ip-oKafcaj peo-^). 
Break'age, n. tfXboo, &cio; S)0S)C2)d 

(bass s>5<D*<?&&)SS (5^cS^ ^e3o?(). 
Breakers, n. a;ifo|^c-7r»p§^o2£ "^oD.ji) 

Break'fast, n. 0|^85»^ofib "a»fiJ4S^ 
Breaking-in, n. Xi>e>9«5M "^k^o. Tnpp 

Break'wa'ter, n. -j^jaSMi^jSMer* woo 

g'«£«5»KcKgcx^o& «'^ 15s' l^&?g). 

Breast, n. Xbo'3, tS^tSx^, zs&,tSojy 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Bftl- BRI 


Breastbone', n. jcs'j^ o86«6»tfcx> tf !) 

Breast'-deep', a. «i^8^tooft3eHc^ 

Breast'-high', a. ft^t5»^d^&7(c>|^j5j 
Breast-milk, n. ^jSocttoo. 
Breast'pin', n. T!?*-r»{,-c»3SSc"Sto 

Breast'plate', n. e^8%3jS'5^^85»,«b^ 

Breastwork', n.or»8S»^d^&7(c>^c?C*S 
Breath (|JSS")^ ^. ^S,a, T'g'iCjjSa). 
Brathe (il)fi")^t;. t.^&a&cBMj ai^o 

jBr'j^j ^fc6^e}035to©&^. To 
b. one's last= ^ip.c385wJ)^SbT^4Q, 

Breath'ing, ». ^8,e^ ^g-j^jBiw. 
Breath'Iess, a, ^td'6Pf ^IbOSr* 

Bred, p. ^. & p. p. of 6re6d, 
Breech, n. fceaoc^ooj lfe^8o5»8'{^ 

Breech'es, w. pJ. tJo «^«5m, s^eb. 
Breech'Ioad'er, ?u 'Sj^S'jSa^a 8&0& 

Breed, v. t s'^5 ■$)4So^, S'odKc"^ 

Breed'er, n* fco oo~&A»e}o&i^$ 2S0A 

Breed'ing, n. f'jjWo^ "ao^i^j <Si, 

^6v^$ toidoo, ^2^S. 
Breeze, n. 8SDo2^«or»fi&^i69». 
Breez'y, a. tpOXo, n^i^Tr* -tt^OS) 

Breth'ren, n. pZ. H^^&Tr^t^, 

Bre'viary, n, ^oyXthtSf», -o?^^ -^ 

Bre-vier', ». g5D§j^D-i:>|5'^2*«^ ^^J 
Brev'ity, n. ^0|X'85*«6», •j^o'iv^sjj&a. 
Brew, V. t. 'fr^ij^cxo "a». •j^ppss'o 

Brew'age, n. •{5T>Tr»o». 
Brew'er, n- •^tt'Owss'o&st^ccS). 
Brew'ery, ^ n. •^■o^ocosyo'Sa 
Brew'house', J o»^. 
Bribe, n. ool5«S». — v. t. oo^Oo^ \, 
Brib'er, n. ooSa>cs» \ot»c&. 
Brib'ery, n. €)o^g:i5^^toj ooS«s» 
Brick, w. s|638',ai^S'. [-^^^r^fSSio. 
Brick'bat', n. ss^^jjStf. 
Brick'kiln', n. cq^S'o «tfji», e^t 

Brick'lay'er, n. B^&xjpsncfib ^c 


Brick'mak'erjn. S}^g'eox!c»S>5r»c&>. 
;Brick'work', n. q6Sro5^c"ijB^cp. 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

65 BBt-»&i 

V. i, px'f)Ker*(&, ^f^^s&p x^w 

c3Ba». [oocXj. 

Bright'ness, n. vo©, (tf-5^^ri6»^ "3 

Bride, n. -^oa^-c^-^eo. P^C*^- i Bril'liance, ) 
Bride'cake', n. -iboS ^os^e^sSw -gr ^ j Briniancy, J ^ 
Bride'cham'ber, nf.r^t^ri^s&^^cJ^TCi^^^'^^^'^^^ ^- ^-5-^o^&, -^oSKe^j 
Bride'groom', n. -i,oa§-5^sS. [6. \ ^^^^^ a5J§23^.-w. «^^ex3&a^ 
Bridge (^a^), n.^i^^, sjo^.l c^ ^»Xs&«s5^, 5^^S8Sw. [ofi^oi^. 
Bri'dle, n. ^T.»S^5ptf 02?^, ^foo^ 1^'^' n.^o^-r. i. ^o^^^^p.& 
^.—v. i. p^i-, p§|^s;&.— V. t. Brioi'ful', «• «)o^s5-e9SSpoa|^,^| 

Bri'dler, n. r^.z^^^r^^^c^, i Brim'mer, n. poa^^^c^j H?^&^o 

Brief, a. ^o^kW, ^o^^T^^.i^^™'"^^"^^^-^^^^- [^|^-«^^^- 
^o^K^t^, ^oi^KSt^^— Brim'stone, n. Kotf^^, ^s^-? US' 

Brin'ded, "I a. «o^w€)oX'e), d^a^ooKo, 
Brin^dled, J sSoS^exD^Co. 
Brine> n.-^e3otf^?5K)5•iCJ«S>5^Ki»58'^^ 

Bring, V. t "^^^5 fcex5^r'?)sy^^,& 

^r*?) SS^^' To b. to Ught«=o8r» 
tSoKtSi» ^cjaSado, ©osSejo sJed^do. 
To b. to an end—j&wao^&D. To 
b. forth= rj^&D, jtf •iC)S:)o^^. 
To b. to mind= 2? 8)Sc'5^\(b. 
To b. up= lio^&D, ^2).o^(5o5 
'^Ob^(b5 s^gSc'S^xdo. To b. to 
pass= "^{^"^Oo^do, in^Q^^, 

Brin'ish, a, -r»esos>^7v-j^^^, ^s>^p. 

Brin'jal, ft. s^o-g-^oas. 

Brink, n. eo^, 2l&, r*^, ^s-jSw. 


Briefly, adv •jJo'^^jSm-tt*, 'i5o(X'tf' 
Bri'er, n. sSmo^^^cj. 

•^ CO 

Bribery, a. sSmo^Ko. — n.sSooofiC^a^tf . 
Brig,n. •goe&^o^85MO-0(^^^j-^5^5 

Bri-gade% ». ^^os&^er* ^S'^XaSao. 

Brig'a-dier', n.^^^naSMU-^p QwS'cs^ 
&^^X^c6io. [aPoX. 

^ig'and, n. 7T«6er«cr*ger«c^r'i5^ 

Brig'andagei n--cr«»eer«r'fcSS^c^r' 

Bright, a.-r^oSKo, je-^'J^^i^l^', "gdo 
^righf en, 1?. ^. -SoegocTib-^ibDj ■3ex>c?<b 




Brm'y,a. ^5?>^-7r»jjS^^,^s>^?CDHcXfi>] Brogue, n.^v^jsin^oeo} (jr»i5ao«5». 

Brisk, a. •^eso^^^srSX'o} ^jt^t^TsSw j5o»p'5^cx>\. 

Bria'ket,n. sSD^TCsSMoa^S-i^e^sSMj. Breakage, same as Brokerage. 

Brisk'ness, n. S'esoSScsJ^sSw, a^Sj 
Bris'tle, n.sjoa'So^g'j OOo^^d^^ 

Bris'tlmg, a. "^c^j^, pS'i^c^y^fc^ 

Bris'tly, a, aeso^^'aoi&g'ooX'o. 
Bristol-stone, n. •^slou^X'sSao, S^cj 
sSDOooSjSaSa'oco. [^?g)^63. 

Brit'tle, a. -a^6^|^,*^oip'«S»-7r»sjHD 
Brit'tleness, w. -a«6^c2J|^85M. 
Broach, v* U "SSsSm^cBSj; "awjJoa"?) 

Broad, a.j)¥*o^|^,"3fiSo^o»|5'5'iC)^sJ. 
Broad'axe', n. KoxdTTd^, 
Broad'cast', adv. "SCJ^D^^toTT', ft5>o 

Broad'cloth, w. © pr>l^, 'jCiS'o^e^. 
Broad'en, v. t. "S^^oox^cJSm, "S^^cxk 

Broad'ish, a. r*o^«5»'3fiS2. \t^« 
Broad'side', n. ig^aoaS'j^i^S'j^j i,^ 

Broad'sword',ii. sj(ion»S' 9. 

CD — • 
Bro-cade', n. -jCTai^iio^-S^^sJto. 

Bro-chure', n.^o^^ .^'^^'^•;^^r&». 

Broke, p. ^. & p. p. of 6reafc. 
Bro'ken, a. sHD^j ©ftl^i^. 
Bro'ken-heart'ed, a. ijbSipjSw^^sSDT^ 

Bro'ker, w. tfcr»e,wS9TT'ebc&,^eai> 
Bro'kerage, n. ^ea>?(c>, «>a^, Cb^^o 

Bro'mine, n. (^]?^s»«5». 
Bron-chi'tis, n. 8^85m,j:)(3"^85w. 
Bron'chocele, n. Ko^tSr^o^Kt&xi. 
Bron'chus, n. (pi. Bronchi.) w^o-fi 

Bronze, n.a,g'aj6*|6o ^o^» 
Brooch, n. ^^|^os35S j^^^r^fSb 

Brood, V. i. & t. (Hbg^p Scr>Oo\oS 
in&y^^ fee* 55M7r»^er«-Oo^ 5 ^o 
s^c55m, -Oo^o^; foil, by over 
or on — n. sjvi&oew 5 '^o'^f^t&^i. 

Brook, n.Cii^oSDeso, -f^oosj. — v. t. 

Brook'let,w.-0|ir^5S:e3o. [oa»S'^ix>. 

Broom, n. -fcc-$)Oog'AD 5 ^olf^fcsJoiS 

Broom'stick^ n.4)c-$;OoS'|S|^r'oa5c. 

Broth, n. S)^t^ 7r«tf«{^»iy^»j5ao *SS 
*— {J) » 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Broth'eler, n, oo^cxoo^SS t^^5r»c 

Broth'er, n. ^c5^i»ft3|^5r»c&, ^5 

Broth'erhood, n. s^V 85»,'^X'5'j5"irvT. 

Broth'er-in-law', n u^s^sSoftdcO. 
Broth'erly, a. •iC)"3jv»J5K)p8c5JH^5 "i^ 

92P^j ^ceaXo^ ^«53Xo. [<S. 
Brough'am, r^. a.g'^j^j^Oo Hb« -^jzjo 

Brought, p, t, & p. p* of fcriwgr. 
Brow, n. g'^^ysSo^ Qap^aSao. 
Brow'beat', v. t. ^jSb^s^sSjoojSwSc^X 

BrowD. a. ?^e^t&i?srSz&MKo, f)eb-s^8) 

Brown'ish, a.r*o^«5»;r*ab«5D5Jg^jSMK 
Browse, t?. ^. & i wSSwdDcUSM. — n. 

Bruise, v. <. |^ocX'c5rto,-?;)«feS'c^^, 

Bruised, a. 'j^€)cK|^,"3©v^J\0|^, -TnoKS 
Bruit, n. sy2^o9,-7r»OoT»^, 7r»0jSr»&) 
Brunt, n. ^i^s^S, "^K«5», &^5J^5■3©v 

Brush, t*. sSo^, SS^^,^f)g'.— v.^. 

Brush'wood, n. -0|^d^i^c». [^sjo^. 
Brush'y, a.d^&2. «^^®Lf^^^^^5^° 
Bru'tal, a.85;^X(j^o352?c^^|^^'g?c^> 

Bru-tal'ity, n.^Son»{^^£85M,pcfcx65|jcr» 
Bru'talize, v. t, «&\Kr^c33S>pC7vc"^ 

Bru'tally, ady. j^tfsSMTr*. 

Brute, w.. «5d\?C35m, x?'8o2&5 «^«'^c<5^, 

Bry'ony, n. 8r»o2^s5o&Sa>S'&cK: S)^-^ 

Bub^ble, n, ^»^6v^^85», {biSiwX^j sJ|S 

Bub'bler, n. ^7*7:)«5»^c3^ot»c&. 
Bu'bo, w. ^og'er«c-7vp xSe)cr«C7v-*p 

Bu-bon'ic, a. 3>*o^7r*(^63ac^Stf\'?>o 

Buc'cal, a.tfig)5^ 15^ «» ?C«j:)o23o^^^. 

Buck, n. -da ^?&«8)0 "Sod. ST'pO-* 

Buck'et, n. ^ctf, Sb*N^&5^^. 
Buc'kle, u. t, ^%\j^^%^o^y }^oh^^ 

Buo'kler, n. a.g'a^J^^^i'a) '^S' "^"3 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Buck'ra,m, w. OobT^^osScttS^^Hbfi^. 
Buck'8kiii',w.«5D\?C-^5^8SMt, 'S&Sr^ont' 

Back' tooth', w. sSxciSbsSsy-O^cJaMod^ 
Back'wheat', n. a>S'a;6^?r*«)sSooo. 
Bu-coFic, n. r^S)-5^A«$5^o63^'5o. 
Bad, 71. "2x»K e5g'"^>»X2^,s5MSStf85Mj^o 


Badge, r. i. ^ocS:>^i^oQ. — w. ^y 
Budg'et, n.'icro^^aoT'io,S^'€35 Tr»cey* 

Baff, n. «Of$b85oa^e»5r'o^8!SM5)^-^ 

S5i^ 853J. —a. a)j68SM<§^€»^c"^^(5'. 

Baffalo, n. cOfJbsSxj ^5^5 1?^. 
Baff'er, n. T5o&>2}o^"2o3. cT'SSj^-^ 

Baf-foon', n. 8^-iC)c"s^c^l^, ©55j';1SSc 
Baf-foon'ery, n. s^-jcTcsSx). [dfo. 

Baff'y,o. r*o^8SMss^-^5^»j6»?Ce;. 
Bag, ??. ^© , «53C^Jj-«85m. r»T»-?). 
Bug'bear', n. s^|3 1350b-^go^^a, 
Bag'gy, n.2.o63?<bg-^©oa .— a. i^oopp 

Ba'gk, n.a»^g>^^^ ^B^-n* "S^ tp 
Build^Oir,)!;. ^ g'<bD,p6^o5?. — w. t? 


Baild'ing, n. S'<&x>&d5S)oc>, ^^2^bSx>. 

Built, p. ^ & p. p. of build. 
Bulb, n. K2^, ^^osJi ^oaS. 
Balb'ous, o. K2S'e5§'«6osJ7:)oao5J^|^4 

Barbul, n. S)§0S)&3. 

Bulge, v.i. ^D§cfiS>o&, ^ix>v§^p 

Balk,»$,5^o«5», ^o-^o^j s^dssir-ed 
Balk'y, a. ^-^ii^j-^j-^o-^^ysso^-^. 
Ball, n. s:^svtfr«6c»;o}i65;&^dooer«p^tf 


Bul'lace, n.r*aoJ^-ig-«o?J5;8^ao5J^(bD. 
Bull-baiting, n« (Oi^aoSacJJ SSS'^ojJi 

Bull'dog', ?u Sbg'sr'^ If^lSlS^'^ tyt:^ 
Bul'let, n. ?^-^§Hbo&>5 -O^Tn ^02^. 
Bul'letin, ri.|^s'&>^K)(9!r. [oawrsj^. 
Bull'finch', n. ggf^sr-cxo er-^^i^ 
Buriion, n. g'(Sex>-e5§' ir^riSMew-TV^^ 

Bul'lock, n. a)g>, sfjsSL^rsSw. 
BulFs'-eye', ».-3ex)c;<br'wSoS|o63g'5)^ 

Bul'ly, n. Sx'ar»08^5,^X2^?roS5e>^ 
Bjil'ruah', ». S8^"^^Sotoa^]6^<Sco. 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Bum'ble-bee', n. &-^«. 

Bam'per, w. -^xncxo^S^ f>o*l^^"%,- 
Bamp'kin, ». sj^to^eoT^c^^ ^r*Ax> 

Ban, n. a.tfaj!Sb^Sovcx» TJtf ^Jfi^c 
BaBcb, n. i?o, ;fe^, fTv. 
Bunch'y, a.'7?e)iy"DjSao'3fifo5 ?fe^oo-7r» 

Band, n-Kto: «>«^S'i3. 

Bang, 71* l)-iy«a»S?ffi^. 
Bun'galow* w^. ©oKf^, 8S^. r«6c». 
Bong'hole', ». ii^OM^Kr^Ob'eStf^oi^ 
Ban'gle, i;. t.&.t, -OoSJtfjjoJ^iJ^cfiSi. 
Bon'ker, w.5^"S3. 
Ban'ting^tt-xrajS^tad -fil^f^rf!)-^ 

Baoy, n. "^oa^gaj voKCb-7rf> ^a^S^ 

to^ ^d32.P t?^;g)|^ "^©"ScSij * 

Baoy'anoy, w.'§W','^t©^g?^rtfc)5"^ 

Baoy'ant,a.'^02^^,T3f?»8'f), "i"9&>. 
Bbr'den, ?i.»e»^,ipptf?fe85"»a^'%j^&D 

-^^ iay*oooaSS, "aj^*^. 
Bor'densotne, a. a)0o2.(^^^cKS^*i^^ 

Bu-re^u'craoy, n.Zj^ii^^^jr^&o'siQ 
Bar'ge88,n. ^X^^^, ^ir>vir>^^^. 
Bargh, n. -^^sSx)^ ^Ob. 
Burgh'er, n. -^{^st^jS. 
Bar'glar, n. S'^^-^ar'oX^s{od3§S'j5r^ 

Bar'glary, ?i. g'^^-^aro?C^|^sSw. 
Bur'gomas'ter, n. ^q-^^, 
Bar'grass', n. ft5o|63o^. f'^d^x&D. 
Bur'ial,n. -^^sj^sSw^ -^cI^-^^&d, 
Barialground, w. ^t'^V^S^. 
Buried, a.i:p>cB-^y -^d^'^iSi^, 
Bur'ier, n* iroc^^^jr^c&>. 
Burke, v. t. ^t^^QtSMi^c^ot i^c^ 

Bur-lesque', a.^bxi^*()-^^^i^K^V^;> 

Burn, v. ^. "ff^ex)^, ^^feoc'StbDj ^«S' 

Bum'ing, »• "S^ooioj «5Doio5 oT^c^,^ 
Bur'nish, v. t. "SowocHaiito, -08 0^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Burnt, a. t^^ii^,^o&^. —p.t. & p. 

p. of hum. [z)g3xSaj6¥£f>. 

Burr, n. S'ea^.c^^ 5 ;C)0|^P6aos5s5m 5 

Bur'row, n. '^oeH'i^p^SoS^^oD^^ 

Bar'sar, n. TS^^ij^^rdx,-^ oKS^-^e. 

Bur'sary, 71. '^^i^^zSxi, 

Burst, V. i. sjHb€», -Oto, "SxbD,^?)!^ 

;gio. A b, of laughter^- 5)T»oo|^ 
Bur'then, n. wOo^, ^^i^aSoa. 

Bush, n. ints, [^, s&esoc^ib^cSJSj. 
Bush'el, n. r'o^a"«fsi«&o. 
Bush'y, a. ^b^sJeoKoj ^k>^^. 
Bus'ily, adv. OoSj^^xjpTT'. 
Bu8i'ness,w.xjp,-^{^c«Sai} ssoss^tstSoo, 

Bus'kin, n.a,g'^3-_^6SS*<&. [2;J«5m. 
Buss, W. sS»i6.— 17. ^. sSaoi6-a(b3r»i5So. 
Bust,». i^dfo8Sao|^s6^^K«Saos&-(5sS» 

Bus'tard, ti. 23|o^cS'o8SjS:)5jJL, ^otf 

Bas'tle, v. i. -jcToSJa^sSdaS,, ?Co£ri^X^r 

CO ' 


Bus'y, a. sjp7r*j5j(^,s»per<^;^, sjf> 

Bus'y-bod'y, n, tJ>^S'|^'j:»o;\. 

But, conj, prep. & adv. tJOoo^^, 
HBT^p, n5^^5^S;^5*Sar*(^jSi». He has 
b. one son= e><^p§a,s'j^c'^ sSsscr* 
O0C&. Take any thing b. this= 
SI© a<S-08&eJ'Sp2.c^f6^i5§^f^*^- 
B. for the rain=5r»t^ "eSsSoSi^oaa 
fi^o. I cannot b. do so= «><bo^ 


Butch'er, w- ^dSS'snccSb, g'-^oc»sr»c 

Butcher-bird, w* "SXbcbr'oX', s^^'SsS 
Butch'ering, n. ^-^cxo^^z&n, ^^^ 

Butch'erly, a. ^B^tS'^'^. [sSx*. 
Butch'ery,w. r^srs^p, tf-Sc, 'i:)osHtf 
But'ler,n. ^^wsSm^. posssx^o-^c^ 

Butt, n. ^-^i "a». 5T»p"S»JSc>9^x'8i»5 

85Draoc;<be». To make a b. of= <>) 
?C«P5>^cxS»&>.The b. df the com- 
pany c=3 ^o^eSaSSTStZ^^ct&xiil^ Tr» 

Butt^nd,?i. ^c"go5fc-^§ "ac». sar^p 



?^ ^iJb«5». [€X>S'. 

Bat'ter-fly^ n. jb^8^8'-0€K>tf', «sS-0 
But'ter-milk', n. iSd^K, ^o . 
Batter-tooth,n. jSMoSJeJsJTO.ftiM^^a. 
Batter-woman, n.^j) a,"3^^i5cxj5 
Bat'tery, w. e^s^cj ir>z&>(^ "Sod. "a 

Bat'tock, n. fceajce^, §,« . 
Bat'ton, n. «r»^-t6o, Xbo^, §^ij^. 

But'ton-hole', n. ?<c>o^^;iDo^ tfoi^ 
Bat-tress, n. ^osif^d, «5»A»;r*«S, 

Ba'ty-ra'ceous,^ a. -^^^^okS^S^^ 
Ba'tyrous, j oa»S'{;- 76eoj5wc» 

Bax'om, a. e58^?Cc«5w-7p^ ^er*«i:r«ix> 
Bay, v. ^. r»^, "SoSSc&^i^fSS. 
Buy'er, n. r^-^^sTtcifo. 
Bazz, n. ^po-s^trs^M, j^^t^^, fTo 

Buz'zard,n. a.g'oy-aai^ "4x. 

By, prep, sjo^; ^^j^^bozj^, "ct'^tt'j 

B. and b.-™^^©^*^ "^-^er*. 
By the by= ^^^^t&^, 7r«r'g' 
7C)c?C© g's^S'jSw sj-?D^^a. Day b. 
day=a|^a^85».B. degrees ^r&y 

iS's&sSasTn, j^"^€9. B. turns— 350 

5>o isJ-s-*CJ*5w. How did you 


come b. this book ?— ^sS ^ *^ 

^8'-&<r»?6|^ jJ-O^t^a. — adv. ^ K 

By '-blow', n. jc-g'j^'So., fir»oKB£K. 
By'-cor'ner, n. i&r»e>5 TT'cl^i^^re^ 

Bye, n. jfoOo^.!^^- By the b= tJ> 
By'-end', n. er*s-Oc33a>"^^8SDo, ii^}^ 

By-gone', a. X^o-O^, Se^a^cxo^. 
By Mane', w. 'jCJofi^, s{wi>Sol)?. 
ByMaw', n.p©c^|^, a-crv^dDo, ei^osj^ 

By'-name', w. tf<^c»^c^8Sc7r^p t^ 

By'path', w. ^^\^^} er^oX^sy* 
By'play', n. ^sjf'^S'sSm. 
By 'road', n. -Oc^^jS^sy. 
By '-room', »• s&esoc^i^ Xa. 
By'stand'er, n. 25X'wf)€x;^(^^5r»c 

By'-street', n. •©i^rj^'icroaSbl)^. 
By'way', ?i. -t)?^^ -jCjo^Sb^sy. 
By '-word', n. -j^ito^, €r«r« J. 


Cab, n. a.§'a¥"aa{^^«-^«)0(S5 r"o^ 
^•~ ft© 

Ca-bal',n. fiS|&>, fiJ^Tr-u^-^j^. 
Oab'a-lis'fcic, ^ a. 7(b_S2>f^; lij^T^ 
Cab'a-lis'fcical, j gjSwTCe), e^^sSo^, 
2?e^- [eo^, ar»oXOo-^. 

Oab'bage, n. r*T6oS3p{j.— v. <.e)S)8^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Cab'inet, n. I)«>sy5 T7^»*aa3:)S'{^ e©^ 
Oa'ble, n. "sjt^sS, ©^, cntgijrSb; 

Cac'kle, v. i. (^ib\irA^ "aas.) e 

Ca-coph'ony, n. esj^|tf»^ ^tS'fS^tS 

Oao'tus, n. jr^X-cri^h:^, «5Mo2^"a 
Ca-dav'erous, a, tpyc^ssokS, 
Oa'dence, n. •j5£8r«5woa»8'i^tfir-8rN^, 

Oa'di, n. 5^efS'e)7r»ccWT*^«9, -5^^. 

Oadj'an, n. ^fej^ss. 

Cage, n* )e^c&, »d©i^«s», tf^}6.^ 

Oai'tiff, n. a^xrv, fioc&, fi&sS^c&; e 

~« O CD 

Ca-jole', v. ^.sjo-Oo^, ■s^r"r>'^'^^$ 
Ca-jol'ery, n. s^o-i^t^j t»g;io-^, o- 

CaPabash, /i. ^fe^asJodS ScoS'^to; 

OaPatnme, ?*. '^j^sSaj^oosp *_^?r- 
Ca-lam'itous, a. «5bS^S'{^^^, ^^^ 

Ca-lam'ity, », tJs^j^, as^, s^C&sSa, 
Oal'amus, n. 5<^oc3j6 >►«' i^xnOr. 

CaUcA'reoite, a. •3t>?r^-$) «S*^\^d 

OaVci-na'tion, H,(r^«fao'^d&Ao^*t6d 

Cal-cine',v. t, ip'^tf»lSc»S», 1^1^ 

Cal'culabie, a. TCcalboBSjo^i', ?C£|o5:rc 
Calculate, v. t, & i. l3g'(^-?,to,x'E?o 

Oal'cu^la'tion, n. ■e5S'jr^^X'e9^,a)p^S', 
CaPculative^ «• Keaio^^^otoo^^^. 
Cal'eu-la'fcor, n, XeaSSc^Sb, "Or^;-^ 

Cal'cmlus, n, tg»^L^r^«^^si»5 XsS» 

Cal'dron, n. «oTir»,|b«GN t^cSis*'^, 

Oal'e-fao'tion, n. 3^\c'^dfi»&D. 
CaPefy, v. ^ "sS^c'^csSJ).— v. i.-^cS 

Oal'endar, n, z^o^croXtSyj*^ eewosre^ 
Calender, n. o&dcx) -s^Hg'KfcDeo ■&». 

& ooSoj^a&o. — V. L jSajSa-^^cfiM 
<So!6 O03o(yi6»er«c'3g ISoSSj^. 
CaPends, n. pj. 6r<«5»-gir^oer« ^sj 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 




Cal'ibw, j **• ««'^"'^' ^*'^- 

Cal'ico, n. a,B'aj6T6»)fc^. [«,i$. 

CaFisr-thea'ic, a. ^'j^fcfC^'itJooo^g??^' 

Gal'is-theu'icfl^ n. ^*(SiS^, 

Call, ». ^ &eK>^j 8cn»c»a>5 "4eb "aiA^j 
e^fSi, ^55^ To c. (any one) na- 
me8«i«ptoAo. To c for«^l§«5D,» 
<y^^K>k>. To 0, to Blind— 2»_& 

^v. To c. on or npo n—a^ ooo 

Galled^ p. a. ^^dib, ^;5d, ^^^z^Uo , 
CaHig'raphy, n. j^X^^ijr^ctf "iJtf 

CJal'Ioug, a. 'r»ooS7n«^5"a»o<S^€j 

Cal'low,a. "l^rj^eo^J^. [ir§e9«5». 
eal'hia,ii.^rA^tf>»;^)^abgifo nr'ocs'3 
Calm, a. ^o^;a)^,7B8fo^ag>j^,S't>c^ 


^5 TV*^'^ W^CT^ 7r»l>fc<8So«^ 
^oi^S ©. — V. t. ^o?^^c3aw,"i5i&^ 

Calm'ly, adv. ^^^85»7v, "^s^a-zr*, 

Oalm'ness, n. "ps&ja^'yo^^^pxfo^ir 

Ca-lor'ic, w. ^sl85», "^cSoo. 
Cal'o-rif 'ic, a. "gcasto g'oaX'c^'^iSb. 
Oa-lum'ba,n. ai.S'aj[^taj>-gc&-gg' ^xr^ 

Ca-lum'ni-a'tiou, ». ficp&.o^&), wjj 

Oa-lam'mra'top, n.iSj^o^^ncih, 
Oa-lum'niatory^l a. wsJsr^crg'if ^^j 
Ca-lum'nious, j etf^fij-a)|^, 
Cal'umny, w. «S)5T»tf ii», t^tkt^MS», 

C^ye, t\ i OP ^. ^j6, ab*a^-s5c3aii. 
Calx,n. er^i^ipr^iSM^er^tf^^&^iriJw. 
Cam'bric, ».a,8'ftj6i^]BF»€3^^^'f^|^^ 
Came, p. t of come. [©Ad. 

Oam'el, n, a;o"fe,e;*»6Stto,cr»A5cw5. 
Ca-meFopard, same as Giraffe. 
Cam^era, n. Ke^5 cs^^ (c. obsoura) 

Cam'omile, n, ^i&oSsJo^oQwS'-^jJLx 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Camp, n. e^o^i^dHf^^oiSu^^Oe^i^xj & 

Cam-paigu', n.cfioogs^ j cJ^iJ-s^o 

Cam'phor, n.S'e<7^^j^«s». 

Cam'phorate, a.^»r»^?^«s»^e\(^. 

Can, 7t. ^oi»5 ?V75^5 '^^t&Kvir^^^. 
— aux. v.^_|'c^g'^(i'^C(Jo35, S" 
cjo?fe'«5S' g'CJlcx^o^Sb, as he c a n 

Ca-nal',n. "^tfne^oosj, i^aci^oSoeso. 

Ca-na'rybird',n.'^eSb^&Sa;g'8r*©5> JL . 

Can'cel, v. t. r*^"^cx^, i^«6^cfiS», 

Can'cer, n. (Od|^-r'c«5, l)^jtftfi^6oS' 

Can'cerous, a. r'caoSS -^o&S '^oziotf 
Oan'did, a. pS;^|^, psxj^tfio^l^, 

Can'didate, n. ^er*c?C8S» "Sod. §^K) 

Can'didly, adv. ptk^xJtosSDa-Tv, cas 

Can'dle, n. ;^^«s» ^^ "Sod. sj'P 

Candle-stand, 1 n. ^t^-$) sJ^"S>Tb 
Can'dle-stick', j a^o^ifcdiSs"^^. 
Can'dor, n. P^j^»&dcsSm, e^s&^ooss' 

Can'dy, v. f.^^i^-tf^ ifS'tfw^cJ^ 

Cane, n.'3^i6a3, 'ttSx. — v. ^. "S^^ 

_§85»"^cJS>. [tooth .-.r*69tfg>. 
Ca-nine', a. SoS'^ '^ozio^'^i/^' C 
Can'ister, n. d^Ovj ■€:)|^^-a"&>. 
Can'ker, n. r*ea>8o-^o2^5 (Sc^sCk 

Can'keroas, a.r*«o8S-^o^sj"9 9p 
Can'nibal, w, ^tf i5j^o^tp'i,sSc&. 
Can'nibalism, n- ^lf«Scr»o'55^*&ea8Sw, 
Can'non, w. &ero^. 
Can'non-ade',». &tf o;fcoo'5^cxK&> 

Can'not, anx. v. «>^_§f)c"3€x>*^ "jcrij^ 
Ca-noe', n. er*'p,s>«^sy. [^rj^^iSao. 
Can'on, n. s>$, f>oc6«&>iSw^ ^<&ds5w>, 

Ca-non'ic, "I a. ^^^j^ ^ "(^ <>»<>? 
Ca-non'ical,J 2D|^.[Qb;^oer«c'^«r^, 
Can'onize, v-^.-^ar^^i^ipsrjr-^ 
Can'opy,n. oir';^«i>3,-]go«)S'to^tfoaa, 

Cant, n.a7;);^&)e», ut-sSdo^^sS.} ca 

Can'ter,n. a.^^tf8H;C)6©"^^«^tf. 
Can'tiole,n. ir*to,^^i5w, i_5i^. 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

Oan'ton,n.B*€XT'nr»,^<J7. [ifc^oiiw. 
Can'tomnent, n.«0j^i6c»,"$l^©J\c«»o 
Can'va8,n. 8 ^73^j^i£, 5ji£«^cs)€». 
CJan'vas-baoV, n^a,g'x>^T^^t»g§^a. 
Can'yass, v. ^ S^rao^j r*Ob, e^) 

Can'y, a. -SsSmoo 15^ -g^i^MeS^c^ 

Caont'clioiic(SSn^$r'r), n.rSziJS^^l^ 
Cap, ».eS^ocfi,^fc. — V. t. ^8)-s 

Ca'pa-bil'ity,n. ^J, ^sfc^g*^^ 

Ca'pable, a. gJV^^, ^ JKe, eg^i^, 

Ca'pableness, n. ^^J, -^sSo^^sSw, 
Ca-pa'cious, a.^^g'sSaos^c^glSS' \X 

Ca-pac'itate, v.t. ^ JS'odKc'^cS^, « 
Ob pcTfc'^oaSj. 


Oa'per, n. «6i6»8SjKo&.— Vt i.e6iSM5S 
Oap'illary, a. 'So^&S'tfoftS^'^iJr^^i^, 
Cap'ital, a.i6»jpe^(^,i5'^(^^(^>lj' 

Oap'italist, n.9p8Sc&j5r»c"i^tfi63o«^. 
Oap'itally, ady. Sto8^D'c;fe-7r-, (J^^ 

Oap'i-ta'tion, n. Se)tf fSoj^. 
Ca-pit'ulate, v. i. a^fi^owS ^(^;g>|^5S 
tf JSc^a^i^, i<S3^o» w-^cwifo 

Ca-pit'u-la'tion, w. •j;^»ar»i?'|^53a€r*c 
Oa'pon, ». g'Tyl^r*^ w^ctt* O^od 

' r*. ^L« ^^^ ft Ca-pn'cious,a. ^o-O^c^t^, poDS^a^ 

Ca-par'ison, n. ;fe||j6»2>^p eoo-r»tf 
sSM7r»-3c38S>?feg -Sod., fJ|.— V* *• 1^ 

Cap'ricorn, n. sfcS'tf-u^^. [o^Ke?. 
Cap-size', v. t. ^e)>Soi5b'7r»^cfiS>* — 

Cap'stan, n. ii«^er« ©wi&oc^ ^ § -e^ 

85-Sc»S>, «^;§)-S<38i>, ^ooS'eo^. i Cap'sDlar, a. ^i^^i^o^zSo^. 

Digitized by L3OOQLC 

jSio&**y5 ^;^^*^ ^T^^Steg'^^ 
Cap'tain, n.^^mb^wa^cthy-^K, 

^T?^J6C^^ IfoV-^B^ifo, 13^«b8Scafo. 

Cap'tiou8,ia. "l^^ A<p o^^H^wc^od^ 

Cap'tionsness, n.i5jDir«fyc3Kr"3l^s5e3€K) 
Captivate^ v. *. i^^cifej^iJS^jfe, sjo 

Cap'ti-va^ting, a. «&-9)cn>tf*t^^^, •ot* 

Cap'ti-va'tion,w.i6D^*^ nTt^O o^4o, 
Cap'tive, n.5jAD3r'i^c«)<5;^5r»c&,^^ 

Cap-tiv'ifcy, ». ^w, ©oa,^ ^j^^l^c 

Oap'tor, »K25o»o-0|^5r»c&5C&»r'f)^ 
Cap'ture, n. er«cow^r'j6to,«tor' 

Oar, n. ts^f6», ^tftotf», wfi. 
Car'at, n. irw?ib sy^^oSo a&X©r^ 

Car^fb-van'saryy ik {)^r»Ob&X»^^ift». 
Gar'away, n. ^(^-^D^itt,-^!^^ 
Car'biae^ n. -O^^-i^. [co^ 

Oar'boia^ ». ts^Ku 
Car-bon'ic, a. ^Jh^fS^^^'^. C. 


Ca^'oasB, n. i)}6c?fe, ^tfife, cS^tf(^. 
Card, ».K*7^^-'r4^rf8i,e tf 3^i5»j«Ad 

Cai^damom, n.S©S^So5*r»o». 
Cat'diac, a. Hbo^a-^osST^otoo^^^j 

sy\a^c3aSj«5oofib5 ^^N85^85!X)J5S -^ 

Car-di'acal, a. same as Cardiac. 

Car'dinal, a. j^xspc^f^, iS-qr«;^^^. 
0. point8=;3^oDa5&5-e».C. num- 
bers «=■ •jcTo^csT'Ti^g'jSMeKj. — ». 6^ 

Care, n.8r*^K^,5S©e>i&»^«>|»iS»5»^cr»^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Carreer') fh ^ff^, tJTaWj Ksfojf^fe*; K^. 

Catie'lessly, ttdv, t5af*(XS'-7r-) t3>^^tf 
CareTessness, n. «>er*(K'^,«l*i^,S85D 

Car'icature, n. 5?6tf<T5^i^i5» !b"5^ifi5c» 


Car-Bal'ity, > ti. a^oiOoW 

Car'nal-mind^edness, j •jeo^t^ j. 
Oar-Ba'tion, n* i6r^o^sstSti». 
Oar-nrf'tan, ^j. «Slio©o«tfl^i6». 

Car'nifyj v. u th^^t&n^. 
Car'nival, n. ^ ^J^i^a»rj^ aoos 

Car-niv'ofa, n. pi. c^^'j^tftefSbd^eo 
Car'nivore, ^. isi^b^f Af^o^i^. 

Oar^ol, n. -jjoS^SLiS^lSi^^iSl^ «£Jtf» 
'5^g'ib-«<bj 8o8o^gt^«M.— V. t. & ^. 

Ca^rot'id, n. ■a32^?(bou»'d^63o& T>tf^ 


Oa-^ouse^ v» i 

Carp, v. t. 'Sp^jt)cttcr»^8:ra<x>^c»»^ 

S'ej^2^: foil, by at. — n.Ko^'&c 

Car'pal, a, sSoeStf^^^at^. 
Gai:'pel, n. g's&tr-sjot&'SoD. ir^ ^i^ 

Car'penter, n. sygsr^^fo. 
Car'peatry, n. ijgcf), s^i^iSm. 
Carp'er, n. l5f)*«pc*Sor*dlk,«e3tt)^c«5» 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

OAK -0 AS 


Car'pet, n. is^^ioz>V^ QsH&. —v. t. ' Cvt-load, n. ooA 0€»;j>> tto^Mfo 7I 

Car'peting, n. ®5r»*^e», l^^tfottlS 
Car'pus, n. sSd^Iwot^t^S, tSoptfAw. 
Car'riage,n. wofi, i^$^85»} 5r»«f»^tf»5 

Car'rier, n. ftr»iB§^p^ift5r»c&. 
Oar'rion, n. ^a;^75^^fi&^v^i6^o-i5«5iX). 
Carrion-crow, n. tfinoTpS. 
Car'rot, n. sj^^iSwo o;^, Si^S'ocf, Xtf 

Oar'ry, «. ^ ^cr-jar'pd^^j "ar»c«»5 

90^5 5?ao^5 g'OAc&oefoj (with 
the reflex, pron.) ^^-^^^^ (« 
sJ_do^5«o'^eSj'&>g'i5»er« 2.^«^ 
8&o2Sb|^ "^jir^iJa.To c. into execu- 
tion=« To c. out«- l5i^"^0b\&D, p 
0£er»o^4o. To c. on— <6?lo^&), 
S^-^Aoj -^J^o^do. To c. one's 
point— sjftS|^cto|ic)7^^o^&>. To 
c. tales=» tJ^deo ^sj^&d. Toe- 
through— ^ixi^o^^^zSxttSo^ 

Cart, n. 230^. —v. t. ©oSfcoc^'SiSr* 

Cart'age, w. ©oSej'^'^iBr'pt&^i&toj©© 
Cart'er, n. aoa^oo5r»c&). 
Car'tilage, n. A-^lj^obTyiB ,8&*ar^. 
Car'ri-lag'inons, a. ^cbTS^S T^Toeao^ 

Oar-toon', w. -ff'J^^iSM jpjp^jB^^-Oj^ 
Car-touch', n. HbogS^Ar*. r«j». 
Car'tridge, n. ^&r» iJtf ^Ar-. 
Cart'wright', n. oog> ^cj3»iy*c&. 
Carve, v. t. & i. •0_g'eb^€» "SSSj^ 

Carv'er, n. «0^, d^KObcp ^c36»5t»c 
Carv'ing,n, «^K«)Cp, Oj^iSmoo^ 

Cas-cade', n. "^oofceflo, pgf tfjSw^r'o 
Case, n. t^-^j «g&^j 2.ea, Ki&'^i^j S 

any c. — o)"^ |^}6. In c* of anc- 
ces8»- &o8SiSbdKex)?^7^2$o. — v. t. 

Oase'ment, n. i^si, ?C«r*JtiJ». 

Case'mented, a* S«S§e»Xe>. 

Cash, n. y^85», J.S'iSm, i^«^5 "^ 

•30 t^ciT' eebig) (^^;j) Tr»f)a. 

— V. t. ^K&i^j^sj^^ iStf -^ 
Cash-book, n. ij^K&^ir: [-^^g^jSa. 
Ca-shew', n. rfa«6^Sto<3^iS»o^«5W;>3a. 
Cash-ier', n. «^tf{,-75ij»2^oos^-B^a, 

Digitized by L3OOQLC 



CWing^ n. i^onc^i liia^, 2^. 
Ca'sings^ n. 2)2^8^09^ S^eo>S>2^$'tx>. 
Cask^ n. I>-^. 

Cas'ket, n. 2Dtf g^, 2i«K, 7:^o-^&>tf». 
Casque, ». ^j^^ Jcdt$»y ^€>^Tn,S|f5* 

Cas'sia, n. ^j&otf^to. [^-r^i^cxc. 

Cas'sock, n. sog'O^S'l^^^^ '^^ "^g 
Cast, v. ^ -gcsw, o-i^iObj S'tfcKo'Od^ 

To c. a horoscope — »^^!r«5» X 
£3o^jsr»c»»&>. To c. upe— "eJS'j,- 
^csaSa&Dj tf i5D(^iSM^c3a»&>. — v. i. tf 

Cas'tanets, n, jjZ. ^tf^eo tJ^ ^D^"1 

Cast'away, a. a-j^e occaSi^, ■^ft*'^ 
OB5c23a^585p§jfr»Dc^,s»p§Tr-p, pOb 

Cas'tel-Wted, a. twabS^SSTT* S'^^. 
Cast'er, n. 8S8^c» ■?»>. sr»p "T'^n S' 

Cto'tigate, V. t. nJLo^y cJo^o^^ "3 

Cas'ti-ga^tion, n. "Bo.ewr^^Aojpoad 

Caa'ti-ga'tor, n. «<lio^5T»cdfc. 
Cas'tigatory, a, ^i ^"^2fo. 
Oast'ing, ». d^c^, d^ctfsjp. 
Casting-net^ n, 0'iC)Obsro, ^^psjo. 
CastVron, n.^^c^oMj^bjiaj.— a.^c^ 

Oas'tle, n. r*4o^ 2Joa^86M5 looObS^j «>o 
Tre.O. in the air=jro"^j63^§^eS', 

Cas'tled, a.t»Ob 5^00X05 ^oTrStfftS;^. 
Cas'tor n. |b«)SSg'^5?)OoSStfi^S8^86M. 
Cas-to'reum, n. S^jjo^j f)OofiSS'(^S)Q 

Cas'tproil^ w,, tJ*5»SJ85», -c^dj^jSMC) 
Cas'trate, V. ^.o).^ "Soa. 5r»f)§ O^oo 

ej — • L 

Cas-tra'tipn, n. ft^§^<b3&) l5tf &c«i> 
Cas'aal, a. ^5r»$|^^|^,t5S'6^S'^|^, 

Cas'aally, adv. ^^-^^i^^ t5>^o&^ 
Oas'aalty,n. B X)g'i6», ^g'|^S'«Sw?Cc 

Cas'aa-ri'na, n.Bi&SSsiy'}^, ^to7^i&> 
Cas'aist, n. ^xn, 2;J», a^vPe^sScfifo. 
Cas'uistry, n. ^-u-^V^^Otj^^ctj SS^ 
Cat, n. &0 , «cr--a»«)l5». [i^(;-i6m. 
Cat'aclysm,?i. Qo^tfoti3i5». [er^sj. 
Oat'acomb, n. ^5^iSwt)}6-^cST>|ja 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



CatVlep'sis, ^ n. wu-i&Q^tfi^j^ 6^ 
CatVlep'sy, j j(9S». 

Cat'ama-ran', n. ^s5^/^(«r»!i», 
Oal'a-me'nia> n.e^s^jw^^ m)&ij),^ ^ 

Cat'amoant, same as Cougar. 
Cat'aplasm^ n. "Sti^tSod. 
Cat'aract, n. "^ooSoew^pgr t^8&;)^§^o 

Ca-tarrh',n. sja"^«S»j 6r»os», Sqotod^ 
Ca^tarrh'al, a. fr. Catarrh, 
Oa-fcas'trophe,n. s&j^osj^, ^^;^^ 

Catch, v. ^. tftor'j^, -0§i,-o^r'f65 
To c. a disease— 6^x'«5» ^?iOo^ 
r'jja^^Xbo&g^^, 5r»ct)o^To c. at 

Cateh'penBy, n. tocnADg'-^ ^i^ctt-^S 

Oafe'e-chet'ic, \ a. (5«\^tf i5»a> 
Cai/^-chet'ical, j Tv-lStf^e^^^. 
Cat'eohiae, v. «. ^5r«^_*tf^y«fo^-77- 

|jr»^^ T^iOjXtJ* ^Ko^iJw^ 
Cat'echist, n^^^^^^Si>ii6»^fsr^^ 

Cat'echu, n.-r•C'^t5>'jB<SB^o^x^•e>lS» 

CatVgor'ical, a.tJan»<pgo^,p^oa32p 

Ca'ter, «• t. ©o<S"8)to,^n»^8-S'^. — n. 

Ca'ter^coms^m, n. s$s*r^'^v>o^ify. 
Ca'terer, ». ^&^75^85d(K e^(X^-2) 

Oa'teresi, n. ^8S|^-j^85D|H2f |X^"r»4D3 
Oat'ei^pil'lar, n. r'oKt-^ObJfe^S'o©^ 

Cat'er-waul'ing, ».l>g^8a»S'j^a.TfT^) 

Cates, ». pt, ^r^^^tf-^r^idwoa. 
Cat'-eyed', o. fc^iTo&X'o, -fcrcASer* 

Oat'flsh', n. ar*€»X^GX). [l?. 

Cat'gut', n»^5ifcj«^:€jjS|^^o© tiS' fee 
Cath'ariHewheel', n. ^^^w^eitba. 

Ca-thar'tical, a. ti't-^'j^T^^^^, 
Cath'efeer, n. e^j^astolfip. 9^^\^^p> 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Ca-thol'icism, n.e^8&i!5a ■r»^DsSj^ 

Cath'o-lic'ity, n. i^^^i^ ^^*^^^S 
Ca-thoFiccai, ».e^p^e^X'a6MoSosfoo«^ 
Cat'Kng, n. -Oj^fct , 8)© fee) . 
CafHrtnt', ft. (Malabar c.) s&K&ej; 

CatVnine'tails'^. 3^«x) ©i^r^fxr* 
Caf s'-eye', n. 2.^^^5«fo"<5Jfo v^^ 

CatV-paw', n. tf^^cSj-»»^ ij«>lf 96 

Cau'dal, a.^cS'i^J-owo^r^^^l (g^c^X 

Cau'dle, w.i^tnoa>cfiS;,j6^i^j6 g'D 
Caught, p. t. & p. p. of catch. 

Caii-sal'ity, n. -^^w^ojiM, -4r»&^Q 

Cau-sa'tion, n. -F^t^CT^caJM- tfOKo^ 
Caos'a^ive, a.-w^ts^^^^-^r^^^^ 

Gaul^dron, same as Caldron. 
CauTi-flow'er, n. fij'i^TP^tf ®r-»Ko 

Cana'al, a. "*^^^Tte|^ j -^^^^ 

Cause, n.-Bni^»j5»^ -=Sr»?^^^i5b!rie)tfa>, 

C, and effect=a-ff-»0'ra-r»tfcjj»e». 
Material c— if:>itow>o»-¥^eje9i^. 
Efficient cpoo^^T^eJeaiJip. To 
make common c. with one^^ig' 

c»,S'«oXc^ddto 5 4ooD€>Sf . 
Oause'less, a. -w^tScszs^iSp, pa oo ^ 

Caus'er, n. -F-tfsSciSb, ^Socoo^5t»c 
Cause'way, | n. «)'^7v- sfcjjS^a^jS^ 
Cau'sey, j jB?^tj-&d, ^fo, ■^^$. 
Caufl'tic, w. -r^ifs5»5 •^o«>'P 

Caus'ticaJ, a. same as Caustic. 
Caua-tic'ity, n. -B^^Oic^g^^^s^ijMj 

Gao'ter, w.o)g7r--r^©^^o»?l&tf-^g;. 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 





Cau'terize, v* t. sr»c^'^c3a»,'Sw6'"5> 
Cau'fcery, n- sr»c^, -ideas'. [to. 

Oau'tion, n. caojdw^ t6»o^^^^X^,^) 

C5au'tionary, a. i65Mo2^8r*(K^c "Soa*^ 
Cau'tious, a. B6Mo«$b«^(K^Ke),^X«j* 

Oau'tiously, adv. «^(K^5^, ^(X^ 
Oau'tiousness, ». i6c»o262r'|X'^j er'X 

Cav'al-cade', n. 5S€)oig)Ob Xb«i5»e) "p 
Oav'a-lier', n, Xbg-^ZT&j J^Obc 

Cav'a-Uer'ism, n.^sJ'O'B^tfjdw, 7C0£ 

CavVlier'ly, adv. e5s5^o-r»tf86w«S^, 
Oav'alry, n.Kjw-^jJ^odfo^^foiJXaoiSM 
Cave, n. T^ts^, ?)e>«5a>. [86» 

Ca'veat, n. ^li^tits^ ^koo^tSoa, e)^ 
Oav'ern, n. ibj^r^oc^Hbtf*. 

Cav'il, ??. «^-C7»^S5C3,e5>(S'8S520t^P025. 

Cav'iler, ^ n«. ^S5j€»s5|j5i3*c2fc,«^-tj* 
Oav'iller, j oI^s5Jc9«x>^cS^5j»c&. 
Cav'ity, ». ^oe^,tSo(^ti»,n>zi^,^Q. 
Caw, r. i. -f^§5J13Sj'cJ6». — n. -5^S 

Cease, v. t. «t»j^, pO€)sbijg), O^^^-^, 

Cease'less, a. o)2^'PKf),a^^sTp, peosf 
Cease'lesely, adu, piso^rstknK^ o>si'^ 

Ce'dar, n. '^syx3-»0bs^&ife». [KoxS>, 
Cede, v. t. i;aa^ocx50K>©^'Sc»»;a>c^ 
Ce'ded, p. a. s^Ci^"^oQScoa^. 
Ceil,v. ^. er«S'sJ^"Sc35w, t^j^oSiScSS*. 
Ceil'ing, n.fftfoS),er<r5»^;^toS'(§oe^ 

CeFebrate,v. ^.sJo^X *t5S' ^^\sst&» 

CelVbra'ted, a. ^sJ|5g2^^, l5^§^ 
Cel'e-bra'fcion, n. ^^nsj*5» ^cs&toj 

Ce-leb'rity, n. ^5i5|,^J^,i_a,■Sob5 
Ce-ler'ity, n. "tXtSM, 23s$tSM, 
Cel'ery, n. z,^Qi^-^€r^ck>^tS. 
Ce-lea'dal, a. ^ois -(joziolf'^i^, aao 

Ce-lib'acy, n*^otfj'^tfc«i»>'?:»ofi'S8So 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Cell, n. ^|(^Ka, -CfT^eMj Xbtf^^ »o 

Oel'lar, n. i:nc^b»,'^vtSj-*VX. 
CeVlnlAT,a. w«da>«eeejo7r»j5ao"ai^. 
Ce-ment' (iB-BDO^),n. K-^^,-7r»t^j«o 

25 f^^ X^Cfib} e5)^*5». —V. t fcJ>0630 

e>otor*jSa, Sj^d^r'jSa, a.S'fiSocS^ib. 
Cem'etery, n. ^^|^8i», ifSbcJ^e^jja 

Cen'obite, n. ifTiy'^ cjB. 
Cen'otaph, iu sJ4SX^6. 
Cense, t;. ^. ^zst&a'ic^^. 
Cen'ser, n. ^Sj'-^^d, ^t'sjS'o^bSm. 
Cen'sor, n.pfecdB^sia'SaSsSci^j^sJ^oo 

X)too3r»C&5 l?Co^85»ej6 Sy_^l5ar»(^XJ 

j9S'cJOf5S|S5^eo^io5S «>^^"SoBSS' 

Cen-so'rious, a. poao^<5^, ^sj^oo 

Cen'surable, a. ^fcv^^l^.poJSojoi^, 
Cten'sare, n. ^"^sJea^-fosT'^jpoSJ 

Cen'sus, w. slS'q^-^ ©^e> t^o^cQ 
Cent^ n. ^^aSw, (6-»ea>j rf^coK) 258^3^^ 

Cent'age, n. |^4SSo^tS^K)^I^5Jo^. 
Cen'taur, w. i^-^J^^sfej^ §'ag'0^^8SD\ 

Cen'te-na'rian, w. ^^^ofiisT^c^,^ 

Cen'tenary, n. |&^efli>8r6jj&e»5 |^ 
Cen-ten'mal, a. ^^o ^ovoif ^^5 

Cen'ter. see Centre, 

Cen-tes'imal, a. ^Br»o^2>l^» c^ws^ 
"^2 c^* — ^- c^«5y ^^KbSm, ^iEr*o 
^tfw. r€r*'Ood:^«>ooD2^sy^Xi5»c». 

Oen'ti-me'tre, n. *^sssr.«ja €5oHbtfi6» 

Cen'fciped, ) 

Cen'tipede, j^-^^^^^^^- 

Cen'tral, a. sSd^c-j:)^^!^, i^Asx). 
Cen-tral'ity, n. «$^^fc!6So&4o. 
Cen'tralize, v. ^. tSa^ctSoo^^ '^^^' 
Cen'tre, n. 85d¥^«^>"^oi5«^^ |^&«&. 
— t?. i. 85o9ciSM"7r»f)e»^. — v. ^, «& 

Cen'tric, ") ,^ 

Cen-trif'ugal, a, 85D-qr>o^Oog>|^. 
Cen-trip'etal, a. j^^cTr-gioSbi^. 
Cen'tuple, a. ^^eao^^c^^ «?e^;feCT2o 

Cen'tury, w. ?&^l|so&, ^«r»«5x. 
Ce-phal'ic, a. «i^-^^^o©o¥^|^ 

Ce-ram'ics, n. sSj&jtfcf). [i6». 

Ce-ras'tes, n. r'j^€»Xe>2>«' »^8-^ 
Ce'rate, n. «5ao»|^86»»S^ ^jB^ a/S'©? 

Cer'berus, n. ^p^i^^N^-5^-r»{j85»?co 

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OIB-0BA 84 

Cere, v. t. ^^ife>"^c»». 
Ce'real, a. •qr>|^c'r^ooo?2?l^* — ♦••"^ 

Cer'e-bel'lum, n. "aotf«SS5»ir^"3i^g' 
Cer'ebral, a. -bd«63 ^ovio^-^^^, 
Cer'ebrum, ». -saaC^iStr^p idow^^K 

Cere'cloth', n. ^]^-^?6 5^. 
Cere'ment, n. ^a^sSaaoj^a S'<b3Ao8S^ 

Cer^e-mo'nial, n. e^xr^e^s&a^ 8'5^«6m) 

CerVmo'mous, a.cxsS-qr>j^K15 |^^«fo 

Cer'e-mo'niously, odv.oBSTpft^Tr*, 

Cer'emony, n. -^tf^iSpo, jjo^, -jjo 

e^tf»j e?^vr»^*5», «53TPc2^. To 
stand on c.a^ Q^odt^^M ^cSm&d^ 
^J^cP^SivssH t^2^-^r^jSa&D, Not 
to stand on c. — » ^j^igiv |^2i-^ 

Cer'tain, a. p^^^^sn^syjpi^, Cj'^ 

^oBS2>^ ) a.TP^g'. For c.—Of 

Cer'fcainly, odi;, p^^oo5«5»7r*^ P7;^^\« 

Cer'tainty, ».p&6»,p^^oBSi6»,«rt_^ 

Cer-tif'icatepi. p^tfN|^X)(©!f,|tf&^c»«s 

Cer'tifi-ca'lion, n. pStfop "SOobsc"^ 
Cer'ti-fi'er,n. p?tew^5r*c^^ pjSjia 

Cer'tify, v. t. pj5i63p'^OoBSc'^c5^,f> 

Cer'titude, n. pf^ocSi&j, Ocr»(?. 
Oe-ru'lean, a. Jbotftf'joi^. 
Ce-ru'men, n. HbDO). 
Ce-ru'minou8, a. ?feOs>3Ko. 
Ce'rase, n. ji-j^j^^jSw. 
Cer'vical, a. -aoa^^i^oooyjDi^. 
Cer'vine, a, &t>^^ozio^'^^. 
Cess, n. 85fSa^,rxj>^«SM. ^i^i^^t. 
Ces-sa'tion, n. p«)-$), ©-u^j&iSm^^c 
Ces'sion, n.eq-o^'iScxsM&o.^^SL^s-^^o^. 
Cess'pool', w, 85M6§ib*S?(bo&). [^. 
Ce-ta'ceous, a. ©StooHosSo^jCTotoo?;;?^ 
Chafe, V. i. "Sc^Cij r«ssssa^, 6^sS.s:i^, 

Chaff, n. d^to,^iixS'}^^ifo, «s»^(^, 
—V. ^- & i. <0?CH^I>^ds6>*, ttdsJ^v* 


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Ohaf'fiiick, n.^jSSsnooasyoASaBoaS'ibsSo 
Ohafing-dkh^ n. sSoss^. 
Cha-grin', n. rS5«5x, ^cCJea^OTJ^SS; 

Chagrined, a. r*8j*5»sy^^c5', *ct5ed 
Chain, n. r'ooT^j sJOb'ff,*:©^, sj^o 

Chain'work', n. ^e»'T&c!D. 

Chair, n. 8Sft^. 

Cbair'man, n. ^^|y»oBSSSc&, 'j:)^ 

Chair'manship, n. ^iTr-'j^^iT'^cg'c 
Chaise^ n. a^^s>^i^^«)0(3. 
Chal-ced'ony,n. a;S'aj6-i6ce5'o». 
Chal'dron, n. g^o^a"^sS.ii»j -ttix) 

Chal'ice, n. tfo^i6», "^i^, >^^. 
Challcj »,^85ot^^ii»,^g, «)c;s-85». 
Red c.«-'^JibOb, -^ow*o».— V. ^ 

Chalk-pit, «♦ ^«6»t6»|^^^ TCp. 

Chalk'y,a. jitfo^|^^tf>»Xo j "^cjp. 

Chal'hrnge> v. i. iSXdia5!K>|^9S&<K>^, ^ 
O03ci&»(^6S "8^e»(^^5 tfo^iSwsJTO 
S&5 Wdl^fcc^, ^«^^ S-B^j^E?© 

w^c&tfe' Tntf 05r»cfi^x5-O^|^5r»pp> 

Cha-lyb'eate, a. si}6«5oag'e)|B^. 
Cham'ber, n. xa,«w. — /'. i-p55go 

Cham'berlain, w. ^Tss^sr'e^X'Oboer* 

Cha-me'leon, w. <S^o«^^c?B^|i' 2>g'eo 

Cham'ois,n. oj^^icao, r'ofi^^oS'. 
Cham'omile, n. jbsfc^j&o&^to. 
Champ, V. L & i, ^o^^ S^o^^i^ 

Cham-pagne', n. a;g'afSb*jSo^TT*o». 
Cham-paign', n. oooSc»,2dT3-»|^85». 
Cham-pi'gn, n. a^g'afSb^ SoS'i^ ^ 

Cham'pion, n, ^j-o2;$dc^^, b^cdk>, 
Chance, n. t5>evss.i5(»,2sjij», aa-^K 

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Chan 'eel, n.-^^ ^i^oKi&t;^K^\X\a^ 

Ohan'cellor; n.^^^TSifT'cOSr^^TuByf^ 
Chan'cery,n. pP»coa3j6^|^*5» iStf^^r. 
Chan'cre, n.-j^sr'Owd^SSj^'^S'r^ewSS 

Chan'de-lier', n. §^«&^eoXofe53j^o<r 
Chan'dler, n. 2)^-$,sjjb€)o^c»»5r»c 

Change, v. U jsj^0b^,jir»fib^r'}6,-3e3o 

^. — «?• t. fij^eaj; «T»0b\C^od6, "SSed 

ChangeVbil'ity. n. *ir.iy<&Hb«*5»5 

Change'able, a. i&nrs^c^^i^ y *^^^^ 
"^oOcJ^H^j ■t^o-C^O^)!^', ■x^5502>(^- 

Change'ablenei^s, n. ssj^^^;(be3s563^ 
Change'fal, a. ^o^o^^,«S i^^|^. 

Change'less, a. ssr»eap,?^^£?^2p^.{8 ^^ 
Change'ling, w-ssb^d^'SoQ3C2}<S|^^«c>^ 

Chan'ger,n. 5St».ejo€J'«t^;<b -Oo^fcwD 
Chan'nel, n, •F^e)05S,^sSM}-cr»ot^86ou_, 

Chant, t;. f. & t. iy*^|-7r*|^i&o^ctiSb. 

Chancer, ». •7r»ooSfiSc&,-^i3Tfc2&. 
Chan'ticleer, n. r^fi-^oB*. 
Chant'ress, n. ^&d«'J|, -7r»oo&p. 
Cha'os,w. 7:rj^8«5»ofiD ee>^er»a6i>a 

Cha-ot'ic, a. KD!)D7r»j5c»|^^,-©ofiJeasro 

Chap, n. f)cftSg',«Xbe»j(coll.)tf»?5c»4;,oc 
d:^,.a8, who is that c, a clever 
c. — v.U «;<bocr*&o. — t;.f. tfXbeo, 

Chap'el, n. ^i^XbS. [I>c&dc»"3c3S». 

Chap'elry, n. 0|^^?(b<aocs5?>-ff^tf85»^ 

Chap'eron, n.-D^«2^-«^"3o&> &^Sh 

Chap'fall'en, a.85Doyi5w€)?^fi^o»|^, 

Chap'lain, n. ;feOb$, •^e^8n»&c^. 
Chap'laincy, n. ^6r*8n»^ci6c». 
Chap'let, n. SsJtsor^oj'^os^otf jf^sfcD 

Chap'man, n &$boer^&Oa;(c>^ -Oov 
Chap'ter, n. «>-qr»co5385»,^^75i5w. 

Char, y. *. Tr'0^2S^xb^cJ^, '^^^• 

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oo^ e>&e3«SM$ i^iSnVX)^ t^l^crr* jr^^ 
«5»er«f>'^5S.iS»5 S 9,^^jjD^,a8, he 
spoke in the c. of a magistrate* 
Chai'acter-i8'tic,o. iy^^Zi^i^f^^ ^ 
i^S^j^5 Xbaa^l^j Xbe32?(^. — ^^ 

Char^acter-is^ticalj a.^tf»2?2>c^^7^ 

Char^acter-is'tically^odt;. *(Sth&tS>*K, 
Char^acterize^ v» t. sd o^> e>£ce3s&x> 

Char'acterless^a.&igsSw Hbc3«5ak*7$S)oc jaS> 
Charge^ v. L iScfiab^ i^n'i^j ^tf afej'S 

Charge'able, a. ^t*s5c25H]^,«6^I)0»c 

Char'ger, n. cs^Trf^^t&x>. [(5_^^- 
Ohar'iness, n. ST'iK'^^saojiaj. 
Chat'iot-eer', ?*. 76*5^$. 
Char'i table, a. WcK^'^ ,i:r>&\^ct^ 
Xv, ^-U2^ ^^^} -^S>Ko5 CSosSXo; 

Cliar'itableness^n. Tr'^x^oiSMjsi^er* 
Char'itably, adv. ^os>^y ^ 5J"s-» j^ioo 

Char'ity, n.TT'^^Qi6»,cr'cX'«Sw,-^a, 

Char'latan, n.'s»o&^tSnp,^2S e»«©oSo 
Charm, n.sSooj^tSMjt^JScj^S'i^^jSMjsfo 

Oharm'er, n. sfoo^^-s^ci^, aj^o|8Soc 
Oharm'ing, a. e^co^853"^y*i5^tf gpi^, 

Oharm'ingly, adt;.«fo|^t^|r»g'o^o-^|^ 

Char'nel, a. ^s^jSwoofSb ^OfSwroaj^Xo. 
Char'nel-house', n.Sj:)^oooi^sr»oi «^ 

Charred, a, tpo^cwSi^, tr'XbTr^ 

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<Hi4— OK ( 

PP T^-^ 13r*J>|(So SJioi&o, ^l5(»|^ 

Si io 86oa TT* 1ST* CJSSo . 

Char-ta'ceou8,a. -g-»?l^«5»tf o6S. 
Char'ter, n. Tn©y»^^«S», w^-B-^tfsj 

l^Cj^SiO-O \pCf OOD o^j a»5^o©<Sg'^^ 

Char'tered, a. ^';i:)|^'^0£«'«j» Tr-p 

Char'wom'an, «. 8or»00. 

Char'y, a.^^^Ko, zi^tk^ir^piold 

Chase, v. t.-tcij^i^o^ '3o(SocfiJ;iboo^ ^ 

Chasm, w. &c^, -jsToflSb, tf?6o;>5 er«c 

Chas'my, a. X^&coX'o. [S^^i'^ctJM. 
Chaste, a. ca^tf jpiTj^^^^Ttei^j Ȥ^i 

l5p, ^©^^aj»-55p, pg^&a^. 

Chas'toi, V. t. tf oAo^,^4o^, Tr;6> 

Chaste'oess, ». zid^a^^ef^tktstr^^ 

Chas'tieement, ». «jg,, tfo«^|f . [sSx). 
Chas'fcity. n. ^9|jy^c«i»5 cQ^dJ^ 
Chat^ t?. t.i5»l6\Aoer»^. — tl.iJoo^xAo, 

Ohat'tel,7t. 7C)-*nvr.tf8'tfw8^,sfTfo;&, 

Chat'ter, v. i. & ^s^£roi,ir»cXb,(j&e»5 

»'«Jfib435 r*c©Ctt5w^. 
Chat'terer, n. s^s96^c<s^&. 
Ohat'teriog, n. tftf«b&), t»-0^8cnc^. 
Chari'ty,a. i6Ml5^Ao<r»'S&. 
Chat^t7,n. iS>o^$63. 
Chaw, v. t. ^«&e». 
Cheap,a. «;g^g,^,-3€,^^j^2^^, ^ 

Cheap'en, i?.e.-3o^SSj^5J^cX&, S^tf 
Cheap'ly, oiti, ^^S'tt". 
Cheap'ness, n. ^:g)8', «>?fes3r. 
Cheat, i;.^ "aj^ifT-^;^^, sJo-C)©^, ss5r» 

Cheok,y.f. ^csc^, «c-^, ^&>otftfftd 

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Check 'er-work', w. ^i ^sjtf «i»?Ce)X«6 

Chee8e,n. S^j6Sn . 
Cliees'y,a. S^fSb^ss^oiS. 
Chee'tah, n.-oeso^-^O. 
Chem'ical, a .tf-fjsn^^^ ^ ^o©o9 

*<9lL "^ *^ c» ^ c» j Cheque, n.«5woa,wTr»8«5». 

Cheq'uer, see Checker. 
Cher'ish,?;.^. -r^-tnSSo^ir^txo-^ ^ "Zo 

Cheek, n. ^osJ;Id;>X^, tSi^si. 
Cheek'-bone, w :^:g2£®o?6wS'. 
Cheek'iness, n .^§>S'(^'j:)oXa6M,'^>»o 
Cheek'-tooth,n. ^^siic^. [S^^«5». 

Che'root.n. inX^^. 

' At 


Cheek'y, a. e^S'.sj-iioHgjj^, -^oooS ^, . , ^ ^ ^ ^ **^ w 
j^ ^ L «" ^^' I Cher'ub, n. •^^yfi^'^, TCo^doQcab. 

^, *~ ^ . . ^ «5^ ^ -=. I Che-ru'bic,a.'3tf2fr»^'j:)o©p^"aDT^. 
Cheer, n-t^jn'j:?KS»,-i:^o^;ss.8S»52^tf^ "^ *^ ^•-•'^ 

sS»5«r*Scftf»5 <r5k^«5»eK>5^iEr^«J-,Cher'ubim, n. pZ. of c/wrtii. 

r-!65 ^oS^Z-^^^n^ -^^ Chess,n.«e5^oKi^, ^*lJoK«S>.. 
■^c3g>.-r. ^^^^tf-sjea^, ^er- Chess'board', n. «^^?^o?C•^^)g;. 
^5;eo^, -9 ycsr«&. " Ches8'man,n.«^tfoK-$,,r>i^ l5r -^ 

"^ ^ OSS, 7^ "3. Che8smen,pZ.=^j5tfo 

Cheer'ful, a ^^^»^7v?$i)j(>, f:)© 

Cheer'fully,adv. ^o^^^'^^^, ^' Che8t,n.e^8S^, ;C)o-35 ■^^. 

^rv5j»«5M<§^. rj6»,^^rstf»«5a). Chest'nut; n. T3»-cr»«5Msyo^a»tf aj6 
Cheer'falness, n.-f:ro5^sSLs5», d^jr^ -f;) '^ «>«^a-F-os5. 
Cheer'ingly, odv.^cT'-^g'j^xfejTr-, ^ Chev'a-lier',n.?^i^c&} trfe. 

Chew, v. U hi. |^«fo«3 } s^-cj^cer^-Oo 
^,To c.the ciid.='3«5DOb'Sd5$>*6o, 

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Cheer'lesB, a. "j^jo^S^slaSwlJf)^ ^^Tf^ 

Chi-cane', ^ n. sr»5585My^^c»$> 
Chi-can'ery, J r^iSs^jSw t5s' 'So-'fJ 

Chick, \ _^ 
Chick'en, j •*• ^*^^- [^^- 

Chick'en-heart'ed, a. fce»8§a>t^, §0b 
Chick'enpox', n. •?:)i^^sfo^«T'eb, «^Ao 

Chick'-pea', n. "^^^KJ^oS. 

Chick' weed', 77,. o^Xt^iS. 

Chide, V. ^ & i, b^r»to~^h^, XBo^, 

^^ «^ CD O -^ 

Chi'ding, ». ^sr^to, Kao'$),§^f!)0*^. 
Chid'ingly, adv. r*X,o-€) *5y>^ ■?)djD 

^ CD 

Chief, a. ifoj^o^|!$', ui5-qp»|^-go^, 1^ 

Chief 'jus'tice, w. ^sj^sSd fr»cctlr»^5sO, 
Chiefly, adv. j^m^osSmtt*, (S-qp»;^«&o 

Chief'tainiW. •jCj^xr^eb^fj^osssoc^^,"^ 

Chil'blain',n. *%l^-r«e>«5oo&S)oe)So§'cx) 


Child, w. 05^,S)O, 8,e)-i-»oB3/^e»c& 

To be with c.ato?<e x^^tv^ ySboi^&). 
Child'bear'ing, n,^^sszS»imp>i^. 
Cbild'bed', w. -5^ j6-^, ^sJfJ^5«i», 
Child'birth', n. ^tt*^9, ^tf •jCJs??^. 

Chil'dennas'day^n, a'Po©epa-2>irG 

Ohild'hood, n. tt^ci^w, «j&^(^i63o^ O 
Child'ish, a, 8)otf^'^,Tro^^,w>a 

Child'ishly, adv.lo^l^tSs^i^, S^jsr* 
Child'ishnesB, n.«jB^|^»SM,fco ^tfi^j 

Child'less, a. f^a^ep^df), t^jo^^ -^p, p 
Child'like', o. !:)3SsJoftS,«^^oo^|i', 

ChiPdren, n, pZ.fi5^€X),5J(55r»9^} 7^0 

Chill, a. ^op, 'Seot^'^cSd^^W p^ir* 

Chil'li, n. ©DtJ ("B) 5) t^okj. 
Ohill'iness, n. ^^osSoa, it. 
Chill'ing, a.^ej^p,23oo8SM"pc&j«)2.^i{ 

Chill'ingly, adv. ^Q^^tSxi^Q:i^^j^. 
Chill'y, a. ^D^^s^cac^-^ASo^dSb. 
Chime, n, •jC)85o0^^?5M,o)§'B^tf8Sx> 

Chi-me'ra, n.tffcSi^263,S)-©^o33-on:^^. 
Chi-mer'ioal,a. ^k3 |y«5D^(^, jjpSio 

Chim'ney, n. i^K?rAoi59o,5^K;^c<&>. 


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Cfiim-pan'zee, «.»^r*c^. 
Cliin, n. x'^CsSjj. 
Chi'na, n.S!)o-7rȣ3. 
Chma-root, n. s;;e^oK^^^. 
Cbi'na-rose, n,©5j"^g'-cp«j5^x5c»^(bD, 

Chi'na-ware', n.iio-r^Si!m^}$)-6^^ 

L o 
Cliin'congV,n. tsno^z^y^j^^i^^ncxxi 
Chine, n. fcc-$},-3i6^5 "3'3^j6a>g'. 
Chink, n. |)c4o, »;fce», •j^jofiSb; XoKo 

Chintz, fi. e^oXaoXbS^, -fcdSXbi^, g'oo 
Chip, V. t. ^SSj^, -O^, &7^«^^ ■^S' 

*i^r, isr^^, r«^^ ■?;)^tfMtf^. 

Chi-ret'ta, n.^o'^sSao ef>ssS8&)oab*3to 
Chi-rog'raplier, n. |jr»c^-5^C(5^. 
Chi'ro-graph'ic, a. ^s^»c^7:)o©^^g^^. 
Chi-rog'raphist,?*. ^jr.c^-5?C(Sb 5 -^ 

Chi-rog^raphy, n.^^c^, ^-^d^ -^ 

Chi-roro^t,»- vTo© o5^ e>$r^ocss 
Chi.roPogy,n.'j:^oS e)<S^e>$^ir»(X3«5a> 

Chi^h)-man'cy,n. 7^s5bo|ag'86»,e)ea^ 

Chi'ro-man'fcic, a. 7^«5cxnOg' ^00 oi? 

^i Ottl-OtiO 

Chirp, ^ V. i.(5;J<S^oo)scp»c»S»,§^S^ 
Chir'rup,) §^8&>f)2f£?):3c3&>,§«s^to 

Chis'el, w. ^D,-&jjCT85»3,&)or«5M iSr 

Chit, n. ^53 5 '^n&g')^ 5 g,o . 
Chit-chat, n. ^233^0^ ^fcr^fSofc), ^ 

Chiv'alriCj 'I a. s5tr-(g'«&)j6a>K'e>, IT 
Chiv'alrous, J ^^^^^^ ^T^V^in 

Ohiv'alry,w.tfTr'|S'«&iJb9, ^8>>ix»/C^ 

Chlo'rodyiie>n.a,S'«& oe6. 
Ohlo'roform, fu bej^t^j^j^o^ I5«r-8r\ J6 

Choc'olate, n. so^ajiSiTfio -^l^sTrfw* 
Choice>n. s^^B&a^S^etf^xjeo-^&D.SiftbA 

^^i&jot^, C*f^S>(^> i5^^^c^> 

Choice'ly,adt;. ttXotp, r»^j^j5»7v, 
Choke, V. U & i. ^td ^boX^osic^ 
Choke'damp', n. XfSSoooSoaboi^asS. 


Ohol'er, n. r*sJj6»,S€n6i»,^r^$«S»ye:5 ICliris'fcendom,w.|i^«&^i6oa|^f5c>7^ao 

Ohol'er-a'ic/». a^p-^^j^sS^ 7:^0^02? Chris'tian, n. (J;^iSj^^c<Sb,3 ^j^ 

Ohol'eric, a.r*fc^^,Se>j6»sJgc^jS)^ ' name = s^o^S^OoTr^g' 3^ ) -sCT^tJo 

Choose, v.t. & i.aob^r'jSi), r^Oor^j^, i Chris-tian'ifey, n. ^i;^xi)^J&a. [cj^. 

Chop, V. t ]^ea>So^ ^ea>?fc, "SkiScs^. Chris'tianize, v. ^J^BJa^^pc-Tr-^ 

—v.*. •OjT^sSMg'^oaTn^eaaSj Christ'mas, n. ^"^ooOo -5j.>«s "^©J^sy 

n. i^esDSo; cSoaS'i^^ c^;;$b^; c»«^^, 
Chop'fall'en, a."3e)'3e)Ctf^ooD|^,"So c 

Chop'log'ic, n.Ziiosi^Q^^^^^^^o 

Chro-mat'ic, a. e^o;<be)'jC)023o5J"aa^. 
Chron'ic, a.&o^^|^^&e«p.C. disease 

Chrpn'ical, same as Chronic. 

Cho'ral, a. i^cx^^o 158' ir-Ao^ei ^r Chron'icle, n. -c^d^^.—y. /. ^a^^Tr^ 
Chord, ».^«)9,'T&)95oT»a'c7b-»¥^«SDaS» i5'c$^* 

ri^&cl?. The c. of an arc— arc. ' Chron'icler, n. ^^^cs^^^c^io. 

Cho'rist, \ n. THoc^BSc^Sb, ir-fioSSc i C^^^^'^log'ic> )^ a* -s^v^^tSy^-^ 

Chor'ister,j <3b,-7r»|^i6M^cssS»oT»caSb. Chron'o-log'ical,) ts^}^, ^aSj^-9^ 

Cho'roid, n.'^^r&yffQZShvtSxt, 
Cho'rus, ?i. jjo »} a,S'7^a S'Oja ir'ik> 

Chose, p. U of choose. 

Chro-nol'ogist, n. -^Oc-s^di^iSbae} 

Cho'sen, p. a. »0b\r'|^c»(3]^, i-jfsS. ; ^u 1/ 

O ^^ *"^ L. © t Chro-nol'ogy, n. ;:^6^^, -g^opifoBS 

Chough, n. ©)g-s^^>v"^§. [2p(^ 

Choul'try,n. ^^^t^, ^^fiojg. 

Chouse, n. -s^j^^-T^ciSo. — v. t. uj^'jJ 

Chow'ry, n. ^y^sfot^jSw. [j5»^cfiS>. 

Christ, n. ^t^. [^^^' \ "^^^^f^"^ ^o"3&|.8 

Ohris'ten, v. t. ir»ifcg'^^«j5»^(;»5j, "4 1 Chrys'o-ber'yl, n. a,g'8f'©J)oiS»^ 

Chro-nom'eter, n. ^p^^;a>|^ x<2 

Chro-nom'etry, M.g'-0^tfi5w7v*'S^jj» 
Chrys'alis, w. §-p^-^0b;^ex>1«lfi^e» 

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Chrys'olite, n. ^o^sr^^niiiS. 

Chub'by, a. ^CKc^^r^. 

Chub^aced', a. «Mn»"CwX'«)X'o. 

Chuck, n.r^aoessea*^.— V. ir^SsjU 


Chuc'kle, r. t. & n. 'j:)o«S^sx8Sm^«^ 

Chnck'ler, n.jjcr-aXsnc^Sb, JTcf^Sst'C 
Chump, n. r'oKScfi^S'^. [ifo. 

Chu-nam', n. •j6o^j6a>5 X^^. 
Church, n. T^bS, ^^j^^octfj^-o^^c^ 

Church'man, n, -^a©. [oa. 

Church'yard^ n.^^_^;g)o^^jr^ 
Churl, n. 5)^d^T»6^ytoor»c^, e)^ 

Ghurl'ish, a. ar»^^, «a&Tr"c»a)^> 

Chum, n. i&|X-O0^& 3^|3,«5do^j:). 

Chuming-stick, n. g'ss^iSd), «5»o^«6oj. 
Chut'ney, n. »*^&, ^CbcDoS. 
Chyle, n* w^Jfj^tf^jSw, -qr-^tfriw. 
Chyme, n. (v8j^7'^^85>oab)-i^S'i5M. 
Ci-ca'trix,n. 7V'oo3i2j8&^^, -^oASj^ 

Oic'atrize, r. i.("7V'OCJSJS»)*fin»j!SbtoTP 

Ci'co-ro'ne, ». ?rs)^^oii»©er«j5boa 

»3 CHB-OiB 

Ci'der, n. SLS'GjSb^'ji^-u'ooD. 
Ci-gar', n. d^K^to. 
Cig'a-rette', n. ■o^8b^?C^(b. 
Cim-me'rian, a, -tz^'^o^-t^iS'^^. 
Cin-cho'na,w.3i,-s-*'^S' C^sl ¥ •$)^ (bD . 
Ciuc'ture, n. cjaS, ^^Sg'to. 
Oin'der, n. «r*;6, "s^ott- pO^^a. 
Cin'er-a'ceous, a. zxr&'BtSoT^Ko. 
Cin'erary, a. txt^&'&Xv^ ur^&'^^ozio 

Cin'er-a'tion, n. «^X> "dtf txr-a^Tv* 
Cin'nabar, n. s^okS)8'«Sm. 
Cin'namoD,n. osjoKsJ^), xs^Ovp. 
Ciuque, n. ^oxtdi, 
Ci'pher, n. T6d|^, •^©o«5»5 eo'^j 

Cir-car', n. ^ir»i^&'y 'Sv^. 

Cir'clet, n. ^'^^■^^tSx^ "Sg' s5^o«Sw. 
Cir'cuit (-f^dj^^),**. -^^JSoSObXcxSo, 

Cir-cu'itous (i^Oj'ij-ccxxxSsofr), cu ^ 
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Cir'cu-lar'ity, n. ;(bo^cS|^,5Je&o^5«lbJ. 
Cir'calate, r. ^'^^Sab^fejsr'o&o-ti^j 


Crr'cu-la'fcor, n.a^^f6e)o2^€J8sj6-$; 
Cir'culatory, a. ^^f^edl^&j ^^ 

Cir'cum-am'bienpy, n, «uj^&dw^jjS,o 
Cir'cum-am'bient, a. ^pi 2."^^?^ 

Cir'cum-am'bulate, t;* i. ^|»ffe«^Ob 
Cir'cum-am'bulation^n. ^tf2ji,cns»^ 

Cir'cumcise, v. ^ Tfo^^©:gd8S». 
Oir'cum-ci'fiion, n, ^j^^^^© ej^l^^S 

Cii/cum-loc'utory, a. ©6b;fo(&-^ ^ 

Cir'cum-nav'igateiv.^. ^i^^^ijm ^ 

Cir'cum-ija7'i-ga'tion,n. ixr»;r*^«to 

Cir'cumH3cribe',v.^.^ tofSb Ac6 Ac-^ ; 

Cir'cumspect^ a* ^p^^^zSoav}^^^^ 

Cir'cum-spec'tion^'iX'^/ -ji^jj-z?* 

Cir'cum-spec'tive,a. ar'jX'^Xo^ "j^Tlx) 

Cir'cumstance,!*. t^j oK®, 5 1^^ X'^jasr 
Cir^oum8tanced,a/a'Sf)aiȤ').S 8 iJ 

Cir'cum*stan'tial,a. as^^^^^-:^© •^ 
Cir'cumval-la'tfen, n. ^AMf6 S'^ 

Oir'cum-vent'>t?.«. tt^?j«6M^diS>,3jo 

Cir-cum'fer-en'tial, a. sJd^-jCj ooo??^ 
Cir'camflex, n. -jcf^a^ji*,. ^-^^ 
Cir'cum.ja'cent^a. ^^jsb^oiScJ^o 
Cir'cum-locu'tion, n. e)^c J, sj.r* 

^85^C23<S^6. j 

Cis'tern, n. 5^43. g,^, 
Cit'aiiel, n, r«&j,e&?r8Sx,. 

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Cite, v,L ^-zj^i^do^f ^,}(\^o^i6»jb(i 

Cit'ric,a.p«&^-i:^o23o^«5aooa|^. C.acid 

Cit'y,n. s;A3e^5S», I^K^bSm. — a. 5;j&dc3 

Civ'et,n.-$)j!Sc)C?ibj -^f^cXbtjgi. 

Oiv'ic, a. •$)tf7;)oao2;J2)|^. 

Civ'il, a. i&Tj'c«Ko5 'f'^^rcg (^; 7r»X 

s5cair«2^ ?)SxoKS«'^c^. C, war = 
Ci-vil'ian, n. F'cOBST J^J "^^j^P 
Ci-viFity,n. Kw-u^ce^^^ffT^j^c^s^} 7r»X 

Civ'ili-aa'tion, n, ^o^XaiT^. 
Civ'ilize, v^t. jr^Kd^^jiiK^Xc^cS^. 
Civ'iliaed, a. jP'Kag'^Ko. [«)5^ . 

Clack, n.<SoSS^&>5Sj^«6ofSc)¥£p. — i'- **• 

Clad, a. tfsJvCwSi^, i5ar»oB3ce)(3;^, sja 
■^Sx^^i^. — pX&i P'P* of clothe. 

Claim, v.*, ^i^Cjpsr^ao^lStfs^Oo;^^ 

Claim'ant, "i n, ^f^tfpd*t65T»cofo j 
Claim'er, J tf^fiSj^ Xosj^cifc, -^ 

Clair-voy'ftDce, ». ®j^?Cj5^^, ep^ 
Clair-vQy'ant,n. i^^'^X'?^^ ;Ce)5nc 

Clam, ».^^7C)jj, -T«§Otf^. 
Clam'ber,t?.t, <0?CC|ji"c8a, •)6oj^. 
Clam'miness, n. «3og',2S?C6o. [i^. 
Clam'my, a. ?S7Cio-7rjiSd^, ©oS'TV'jSi 
Clam'or, n, sSr»c^, ^Wvoa, "i^oaiS, 

e^©^c:X5i>.Spelt also clamour, 
Clam'orous,a.«)ea^<5^, «r*33ve»"S)"fc> 

Clamp, n.tto«6, £)J\o^|^2?^86a>. — 

Clan, w. sSoj5M,5yo^j5M, "^Kj "^Kst-o 
Clan-des'tinej o. tfs^'i:)c2j>j^,Xb_g^ 

Clang,n. Ke^Xcss&j^b^^p. — v. i. Kra 

Clan'gor, ». XCTKe^¥£p. 
Clau'ni8h,a. z^ "^KoT^ass'OScp'Scsso^o 

"32^5 2i5'^KoT'a'?ro»o¥2>^' 
Clap, V. t. ^to5^5;;^^§^^.— v.i.-iCjo 

Clap'per, n* Koicoa»S'(^|T'e«§'. 

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Clap'trap', n. ^^fiSg;^|f ^ tSj^^^iS 

Clar'et, n. SLg'afSb'^T^Tcnooa. 
Clar'ifi-ca'tion, n. ^a^c»w<b. 
Clar'ify^t;.^. «>a^cS^,p»^e)«SM^c333o. 

Clar'i-net', n. 75(5r^OM^i633^25ca'^ 
Clar'ion, w. 2Lg'g)^2?c^^c'3&>r*«&o^. 
Clar^io-riet^ same as Clarinet. 
Clash, V. L 2orfcSlx>c25^§'4Sr'tor'fSc) 

Clasp, n.^^os^r'-gf^sSMj^-cJ^S^Q^^o 
Xi^'sSk. — v.t. §^0§^;\0o^5^cJ\ 


Class,» sSw^ SoojSm, 'Sx^^'Qj ^jf 

Clas'sic, w, sSdsJ^S'Sj sSasS^-F'SScsSw. 
Clas'sic, '^ a. jJ^Sk^^^, -ji^oisjTy^ 
Clas'sical, j o&^-^i^ ,\^'^>T^K^iS'^ 

Clas'sifi-ca'tion, n, ^j^?C5$be»7r»o)^ 

Clas'sify, v. t. ^tfX'«^€»7r»i)e^^eai^. 
Class'mate', n.-jj^s^-qr^ccs^c^^, -iCitf^ 

Clat'ter, v. i. S&D^ios&p ^S)>j5^?C>5 "S 

Clav^clQ, n. »,^?g) wi^c-TT'Xbo^fcaceJ 
Claw, n.s;;<^eo«$3\?C«SMeo'S(». oT»jDQ» 

sSm, tfoSJ'. — V. i. ?r*tfN<S^©ObSS. 
Clay, ». «3og'8Soj6^, -SKtfsSofSS^. 
Clay-cold, a. ?gK&>sSaq6S5Jl5 S|i"7r*pa 

Clay'ey, a. o og'sfo 04352) oS'^Soj^nSJoASj 

Clay'more', n. "^2J^i^j5x. 

Clean, a. sja^Gtf^j^, p^^o^^, sabjtf 

di^5^5^5S58'ifc;<b. — adv. ?r»_§7r». 
Clean'mg,7i. *^^85»l3cs^&). [tt*. 
Clean'lfly, adv. pw^ojixTr-, «)|ytfM 
Clean'Iiness, n.^t^^^ ^^^:6\^ jf^^ 

Clean'ly . (;|gi ), a.Jc^&j^p^o 

Clean'ness, n. 2. 5^ ^5*^; ssd^iy^. 
Cleanse, t?, ^ ^(^iSm^csSj, S'&;ib. 
Cleans'ing, n. 'fcjyjSM^cxsw&D. 
Clear, a.-j^^g^^t^^^^^S^t^^P^^^S?*^? 

sIiSm^cS^, "§&>SJW^: '^SSdo^.^ 
Sol;-Cfec333o,«>2^8SMOO&|B'ScXS>,a8, to 

c. a road; (p^^-^^ o^ip-i^Tr*) 

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^oir>tSfySS / &s, he o*ed ten 
rupees by the bargain; &&&\^ s^O 

Clear'ance, ». &8\'Sc33w&>j sJd^j,-^ 

Cleap'-head'ed, a. "Idoga^woOKo. 
Clear'ing, ». tfd^j^^86w^css»4o. 
Clearing*nut, n. -oo ?\oS> ssjodfcwS) 

Clear'ness, n.^y^tk^,'4k)Q^i^t&», ^^ 
Clear'-aight'ed, a. ^^'^tSx^rr^^&n^c 

Olear'starch', t;. t* (e5|3oSS)Ko2g-S)^. 
Cleave, t?. i.kjJ^od} ^o^r^py, ^^^ 

Oleav'er, n. ^So^^r^ j Koi^rgS). 

01?ft, a. ©^2^1^, s5;\5)^.^««i:)o£^, 5J 

;fe€X),Sc&).— p. ^ A p. p- of cleave. 

Clem'ency, n. i^dtOySLtSo^^oaif^p^ts 

Clem'ent,a. fiTvssKo.T^o^^t^, 25oa3?C 
Clench, v* ^. Bee Clinch. [€>. 

Clor'gy, n. «5o"5J'^vr*Oc)cc», 2.Si^«>- 
Cler'gyuia»», n. is^^r'^ur'fiocc^,^.^ 

Cler'ical, a. ir6^8r^^i;yooo2?^|f ,2. 
"" 13 

Clerk, n. jjr»c»M5r»c&>,'<3^6^Kbi6o^» 
Clerk'ly>a. XbitfDTi^ iJg' iJ^o^owo^ 
Clerk'fihip, n. Jfei&^njf). [^1^. 
Clev'er, a.'geoX'o,l30o^X'c),K&)^t^, 

Clev'erly, adv.-^^-TT*, p-^ea^^T*. 
Clev'erneBs, n. "^ob^^p-^wtf^^^^iJ^. 
Clew, n. ^ooo^, i^^cwlTo'S} «^«^5 
«5o5^«5m, §d»BS. Spelt also o?we. 
Click, n. iTdDofiSjj-iSaiiSi^titfw.— V, i.l' 

Cli'ent, n* syiewjSS r^Obr^i^^ ^S^S 

Cliff, w. P|6D36M7V'jsbo<&) cO^^r'od. 
Cliffy, a. ^?r^r*a«^e»?Ce). ' [S ©. 
Cli'mate, n.2LS'"gir8&i>oax>8'l,-*«3^^0 
Cli-mat'ic, a.a,S"^ir8$w5BoDS'i,- 4^}| 

8 9 ^o23oi;;^^|^. 
Cli'ma-tol'ogy, n. •S^«5xe)aa»g'j,-^ 

Cli'max, ??. ^^^^cr&)9, ^^j^^85m5 

Climb, V. L & i, <OsS^, e56^8r»o^, 


Climb'er, w. oDsSj^ot^c^j ^ci?, o^. 
Clime, n. cJ^sSdj, |«'S^8&o. 
Clinch, n, KkSi^zs^T'^koi ts^^-^^ 

Clinch'er, ». a^cTsSwySb I^25«5dj4Sc5? 
Cling, V. i. ^o&xt^pa^otSofi^^rp 

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Clin'ic, n. &^xi&^c&>, 6^K«i»tfe)?^ 
Olin'ical, a. isjSi^'pozdo^'^il^i ^?i^o 
Clink, w. i, ^o?C>«5ap) •r»c?<b.—- n. ^e» 

$d^s53r5c> ^238&M. 
**^ CD 

Clip, V. ^r^gao^j ^SSj;-55^rJ^ 

Clip'per, n. 2.r©?^^|^S'_§a. 
Clip'ping,nA'>fSc)S', g'|9o^^a5»S'j,_. 
Clique, n SS^Ao^SSi&D^^^snOo, Sto. 
— r. i.^asS|to^c»5:.,a.8'6S7r»5cn»ufo; 
Cloak, ».2.c^S'5)^§^rSbs5_^^85M5S)osl, 

Clock, n. Kficttb-e^BSai. 
Clock-maker, n. KSoSj^^-^) sJiDoT^c 

Clock'work', n.X^aSj^iSr&xiSSo^ sjjD^ 
Clod, n. sSDodSXj^, 85oofe3-S)^N. — y. i. 


Clod'dy, a. «5oo6Sli^Ne) T^poSt^. 

Clog, v. L ^^QQ^^^bS'^, ^kiO^^^ 

sSodS -aDS^So g'"Sodfo fes^osj e)|^C7r* 
Clogged, a. 43^ox?K^;^, ©^i^^^ « 
Clog'gy, a. e^^oS'g'^^^i^. 

Clois'ter, n. ©tftSM^jSr^jS* 8}j3^$ ^ 
cr^cT6o€)«&^«5M« — t^ ^. 'c^*'^^'^ 

Clois'tered, a. «i»j:)x^^er«j5io'3&, 
Cloke, see Cloak. rf^j^s;i5o-0|^. 
Close, v.^. »X'ed-7r»^Oo\5 sSb(r>cS&$ 

agpj^5 "pip^tn^^i^, "iCjIiDtf^i^. — 
n, ^^^ ^50^85^5 ft5s5e^e3tfM. — (wit;. 


Close'fisi'ed, Y a. ^^^ytft^jr^ 
Close'hand'ed, J d^^- 
Close'ly, ody. sjx^mtv', •j:)b3SJj5»|^5 

Close'ness, w. £JX'e)6,'i:)b58385aa}Sie9aSSj 
Close'-sfcool', n. sSaewcXb er^er^jSoo 

Clos'et,n. Ka,«>«;«6oe5icK>7Ca. — v. t. 

Clo'sure, w. i^j^casooiDjCJX'ea^cJ^^Ao. 

Clot, n. Ke^; «5»2^; g'fii)85M.— t?. i K^ 

c» o c» 

CD ' O "^ 

Cloth, w. sJ_^^s5m, ®fo. 

Clothe (g^S'),^?. ^. «D|De3o'Sc»»,«b*^ 

8&)oe)^ 2fao^§^fSb, 

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Clothes, n* pi. tfdo^ ss^J^s^&o, «6 
Cloth'ier, »• ©&>e»w^&5^ ?JSSc&. 

CD ~o — " 

Cloth'ing, n. «)|3e»;55jg^iS»e)0;,2i>*^. 
Clot'ted, a. KS^rtoS^pc^, -£obr'p|^5 

Clot'ty, a. X5^e»;(«^oD-7r»jSc)|ir^. 

Cloud, n. -da^lSM, «5o«»x5 Sbo-^}^5S 

Cloud'-capped',"^ a. -^a^ss^^^c^^ 
Cloud-capt, J "&>$D<>^^^2o^,"^ 

Clouded, a. a&w.S'^t^j ^cS'iSS'S^ 
Cloud'iness, n. i&«)v"7r*?Sc)o&>&:)5 ^ 

Cloud'less, a. «&«xk"^?), *$di&»i5P5 
Cloudaet, ». -©i^^^^jsSm. 
Cloud'y, a. iS>t»^S'©D^?^^ *$3^^(^a 

aough, n.. r»o«rt5eio8S, ^t^^r^os^ 

Clout, n. ^j^ri?^)^^;^^;^)^^^^?^^ 

Clove, n. oS5oX«5w^ «)l5oK"^a>K .— p. 

^ of cleave. 

Clo'ven, p. a. *0^|^,s5A©(^, »>gS c^- 

— p. p. of cfe(w;e« 
Clo'ver, n. 2oS'OjSb^«Qsfctf«i»KoKa. 

Clown, 71. "Sij-to^riCifc, tf^&JJ'dsr^c 
Clown'iBli, a. i^j^^ji^, t!»-y*p,^?fo 

99 OLO— OLtJ 

Cloy, V. t. aa^^ioj5w-7r»9f)S)o^ ,«•?:> 

Cloyed, a. "S«>Kt5^<b.^5J-0^(^:, jSm^sSx) 
Cloying,a."gD3X'«5»"aa>^^. [yxx> J^c^. 
Club, » iSc^^g'^i ^o^t^yffsSj-'^tixi'j 


Club'houae', »• a.g' •jCjo^sSoooyftoSS^ 

Club-law, n. tSoSi^iii^t&x>,^->^^tfi!> 
Cluck, n. r^dasi^i^.—v.t. (r^&) 

Clue, w. ^odS'o'Sj S^«^, J^^)a5§<b^ 
Clump, n. ■2«>g>; «^S'^5 a"Sf)sr^i& 

Clum'siness, n. -sir^to^^jSw, ©"F'tf 

Clnm'sy, a. ©-r^tf^i^, -ar^^pc^J ^^ 

Clung, pi. & p» p. of cling* 
Clus'ter, n. i?o, JTo, ^^5 ?<c)0'$), 

?ib5 ?feo-^7r»Sj'2fo.— V. ^. ?fco-^Tfr» 

Clutch, n. ^9^sJ<bD§^fSb6o, S)to 

— y. i. (with di) «)ofi^§^^C2y*;g), 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




Clut'ter, n. «e>5, frofCo^^^^&^iS^ 

Clys'fcer, n, sjjj ^^^^ ^ e^T^^jSw 
Coach, ??. z)o^, 2^J?)'ri!»5 X)85LsS «^6v 

Coach'man,n. 230(S<S^e»5T'C&> fr* 
Co-ac'tion, n, z>v-*jr*^^tix*, 
Co-ad' jutant,a. zsiSiiy^'fji^oaSitS'^ 
Co'ad-ju'tor, n* *()}(^cya. [l^ 

Co-ag'ulate, r. i. -4oa§^?Sc), ?<g^*J> 

Co-ag'u-la'tion^w.-iCo^, ?C6Ss5c:^*0; 
Co-ag'ulative, a^^^oo5jc"^"^(Sb. 
Coal, w.Kp^s^Tfe^^o^r*^, eo'©?^;^. 
Coal'-black', a. 2r»;(b55"e3^o'p. 
^Co'a-lesce', v. i.Scp'^J^r^^.g'e)^^^, 

CoVles'cence, n. o)g's5o?fe(b, ^©cssm 

Coal-field, «.«r'?<bX'^ex)o5^j«"^^sS». 
Co'a-li'tion, n. ^^sSd^o&d. [^o»c. 
CoaFpit', n. ^^ex) j^s^^ssosSm'Ss' 
Coal'y, a. Kp^y^^-j^Toe^oe^gp^. 
Coarse, a, sS^j^g', •fT^^jSoo-s'^Pj ar» 

d>D, •jCjtf -j^j^iSp, i>r»^^SS-s^f)5 opp. 

Coarse'ly,adi;. a5M«^g'7r» 5 iiT*<bD7r^, 

CoaWne8S,n.i6Mgbtfce:J|^«5c»j «j^Kboc 

Coast, n. •j:rs5M|^&j^a5»,'g:^^8L^^ 

Coast'er, n. 2L&^"^s5^ig) ^^^ ^^, 
Coast'wise', adv, •j^sSDoiS&^^tfM^. 
Coat, n. ^-g-'j^oesjg'r^} "^c^j a^ 

Coat'ing, n. -^c^. 

Coax, D. ^. 853 0-Otfcr»<bo'^^ SL/SkoxSj, 

Cob, n. a>g'2r*es?iafe9*$;^&0. 

Co'balt, n. 8&>^S^cr»-qr'5^;g), s&eSjJo, 

Cob'ble,t;. ^. i^c^^sJ^oa TP?<b^cfi5>. 
Cob' bier, n. ;5T*GXoT»C(3&}iBT>to7PSJp 

Co'bra, . | ?t. ?p»?(>c'?riSM> 

Co'bradeca-pel'lo, f ^p^-^a6». 
Cob'web',n. •^"e5-$)0bHb5i^* 
Coc'culus,?*. i&>75a&c?C, ■&c-^6o&cX', 

asi^y'a, -r*s';^d, -b^I-s^oc. 
Coo'cyx, n. ^^63S'. 
Cocli'ineal,u.«eojSJ'^CbK), SOwSioo^, 

Coch'lea, r?. g'-cns^x-©. 

Cock, n. r*<S-^o2?5 K^sSc^jKacttr* 

Digitized by L3OOQIC 


000- oor 

Cock'a-too', n. a.s'8^9 ^008'. 
Cock'atric6,n. g'«)8'l)^^«i:)5\^«)"^tf.j!ix>5 

Cock'boai',n. ^^^er^TS "38' ci^sr. 
Cock'chaf'er, n. 2Lg'8r'0-4c2i-$jeb?<b. 
Cock'crow', '^ n.y^asS'C^^sSDoaS 
Cock'croi?v'ing,J jSw^'Sejsnesa'^^. 
Cock'er, vd. cr»Do-^,2oa^Ao^. 
Cock'erel n, ■e:)f^r*a-$)o#. 
Cock'fight', n. r«a«d^8SM. 
Coc'kle, n.zMT^^ •^K>?C)5?6eb?<b ejSb 

Cock'Joft', n. aa^2?Sao&t)?>^ ew; 
Oock'ney, n. ss'^'^o, "Se«8^ir^e». 

Cock'roach', n. «^&c^"«5S'«5^ao8',z)a 


Cocks'comb', n, r«(S'^o^oa»S'^5S 

Cock'sput', a. 2LS'©5JJo^8fo3o^^(bD. 
Cook'sttre', (ooll*)a. £^4^^i^ c^«fo,6' 

L o 
Cook'swain^n. ^o1^ode>^&ei^srsT«o|jJ 

Cock'ap, n* xjoafc^cs*, ^oabfeoyS. 
Cc/coa-nut', w. r^zj.6-^oo5,'?bo-r* 

Code, n ^\^) ■(r'Qass'^^nSoiy^^w^ 
Cod'icil, n. j&tfeD^-jCj^sSM^ s&eaoijn 

Coe'cum, n. ooSS', 
Co'ef-i'cient,w. •jCjs^.-s^a-s^^cas&o. 
Co-e'qual, a. 5$be)c2^c^;"iCjs5r»^2?(^* 
Co-erce', v,L po'v o^sSM^cJ^-aDOSJoe^ 

Co-er'cion, i».p)ervo?;^«5po,»otfo^«5a>;0 

Co'e-t^r'nal, a. •jcTj&p^c "^i^. 
Co'e-ter'nity,w. -^sSdJO^^c^. 

Co'ex-ist', vd. ^^'T^e)85ooa^o2&. 

Co'ex-i8t'ence,w. ^g'-"g^o853o«Sboo^^. 
Oo'ex-ist'ent,') ' ^ 
Co'ex-i8t'ing,J <=*-« 

Co'ex-tend', v.i. 'jcTi^pj&d-tv' 8r«»cS)o-0 

CJo'ex-ten'sion, %^5r»c.^, 7l»«5a5r»o 
Co'ex-ten'sive, a. ^j&jiwTr'sr'c&oO 

Cof'fee,n.-^S);\o^e»75g'X)^te) 5 tpS) 
Coffee-pot', w.. "FT&^N-F'c^efc -^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



Coffer, w. »j*g'e»o^-^'^^^e3i&». 

Oorfin. n. l>^cSb-?)-^. —V. t. &f6c?fe 

Cog, i?.i. ■aj-'i;j«i»^c33S>.— w.ocfio|^ 

Co'gency, n. ©ysSw^'sr J,^«i>^ §«Sw. 
Co'gent, a. ziv"^^, ©osJ "^c^, P^^ 

Co'gently,adt;. ©otfMTT', pi6^{^»^ 
Cog'itate, i?.i. ^j-»©o^, ^ot^^r* 

Cog'i-ta'tion,n. ^v^^^, «o^e^, ^e> 
Cog'itative, a. e5er*-Oo"3&,-€)o9o^ 
Co'gnac', n. 2,^a?J^|f •^tr*ooo.[& 
Cog'nate, a, '(Soz>o^tSs»Kv, ^Aoefig' 

Cog-na'tion,n. ^ozio^tix*, "jcT^^&osS 

Co^-ni'tion, ?i. "S?)|58^f6i3,|X'tf^c3j6», 
Cog'nizable, a. ©nS^GosrccfHt^, Jo«5 

Cog'nizance, n. x>^vr»i^c3,x>j5D»^,e:5er« 
Co-haVit, V'i. 7:roK«i>i6»^cS»,^o^ 

Co-haVi-ta'tion, n. -jj^o^Xjiw, •i:)o;C 
Co-heir', n. ■cr»cCj^ac>cifo,-^05nc2fo. 
Co-heir'ess, n, •^Og'_5, "CPcfij^a^-Tr* 

Co-here', v.t. w«fe8Sr*fSb, e)o&or*j!Sc). 
Co-her'ence,^ n. e)od»r*f) dSwo^^ 
Co-her'encyjj 4o,kjA»5 shafts' ,'j:)o»o 

Co-her'ent, a. ek>d»r*pdtJ»oafoi^gj 

Co-he'sion, n.eo4DO§^pc*wo2fo<So,75o 

Co-he'sive, a. e>oto§^73^, «K&)-7r« 

Co'hobate, v. t. -^^^gsSo^i^jSw^csSw. 

Co'ho-ba'tion, n. -^^Si^tftfaa. 

Co'hort, n. ^ir»vtSi». 

Coif, w- a,tf jfinaafey*fc. 

Coil, V. ^.^to,«^^c-3to.— V. t.«^ 

Coiled, p. a. ^tor*p(^, ^AacoS^, 
Coin, «• fneSsSM. — u. ^* fn»SiS»€»Tr» 

Coin'age, n.7r»S«S»€»-7r»«S»|^'5cs6aAo5 
ir»Si6Me»5 i^^H^tSan^ tf0^o^&>, 

Co'in-cide', v. i. Ȥ^ao^, tJ^^J^fo, 
Co-in'cidence, n. ai^Oo^to,'jS5&)iS> 

Co-in'oident, a. al^»0'O|i', Tide's 
Coin'er, n. jn^tSMO!>tSoii^<yS^r*c&>i 

Coir, n. iT't^, fec^j |^e&, ©&. 
Co-i'tion, n.c^S^'fJoKtfaSSMj-j^o^XBiw. 
Coke, n. ^tfaf^ifc*^^. [-^^^T^iiw. 
Col'ander, n. <5rf»o*S asSoeScJCto 

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Cold'-blood'ed, a.HcSop-p^flb^Cojijj* 

Cold'-heart'ed, a. pgc&c^'l^, g'©!^ 
Cold'ly, adv. So thj ^o^i^MTr-j f)» 

Cold^ness^ n. So ctf^i5w^4^o85M,S0} 

CJol'ic, n. S'&-^'^fc^, ^©"^fc^. 
Col-lab'o-ra'tor, ». •i:)tf<oss«s»7r-«f) 

CoV'lapse'^ v. i, i^oo^fecHa^ 860^60^01^^ 

r^)^^*^, •)oad^^to, e>otor*p 

s&>o, 7C*'»o?|^i6»5 ^"T'l^OOSQw 

Col'lftrbone', same as Olayiole. 
CoUate% V. t. ^d^'^, ^o^^o-^S, 

Col-lat'eral, a. -^e^N^T^o^o^i&^TCo, 
CoWa'tion, n.*j:^o^»8o^4o,^0^^ 

|*^KXa. — (Col'— )w. -jCTo^CJpi^ 
CoHect'ed, a. Scptfc'S(K:>c©a^5S5t^j-» 

Col-lect'edly, odv. ^a^ z^ij-^i^^ "^ 
CoHect'edness, w. "psfoja, «5D|^*t6o \^ 

Col-lec'tion, n.xbo^^,'f}tfDo-cr»oK5«5M5 

?C>o-^-?f|^;fc^oo5c®a|^. C. noun 
Col-lect'ively, adr.;foo-^TY'^I^Xb7r», 
Col-lect'or, n.^6o\ «pc& ,|*^Ki ^c»S> 

Col-lect'orate, n. 'Su^. [i5w. 

Col'lege, M.iT'^ ^^^^o,8:)"cr»coos3 
Col-le'gian, ^Jim^wov^^s^^ 

Col'let, n.^oXJ^sSwer^^g^i^MfSb ^o^ 

OoHide', v,i.B^cSSr*^,8i.S'xr*p;^"^ 

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Collier, n. ^yHboo|^3^sr»c&j^8^^€> 

Coriiery, n.^i^Xp. 
Col'li-ga'tion, ».§'Ax»&)5S^p^t9o^j6» 

Col-lin'gual, a- atf^^^otDopJpc^. 
CoHi'sion, n-j^Jo^i^^^sS^/^SLIf^^.^^ 

Col'locate, t'. <. ^o^, "sto. 
CoVlo-ca'tion, n.^oSf^,"a(b3&>,tfOj5 

Col'lop, n, rino^'^J^^i^i ^oSi, 
CoHo'quial, a. •^nSr^'^^Q'^o^tLtdV^ 

Col'loquy, n. 7:>o^sl€9, ^er'SjiSwi'i^o 
CoHude', V, i. BS(&d^cs&. 
Col-lu'sion, ». sSito. 
CoHu'sive, ^ 
Col-lu'soryJ «-^L*»^l^- 

Col-lyr'ium, n. -^(SooS', «)o2S: i^jSw. 
Corocynth, n. S)43-^^^, "^^"^^xi* 

Co'lon, n. -^^-4?^, -^Ssl^^jSMi^fic) 

Co-lo'nial, a. fr. colony. 
Col'onist, w. •jcTg'^^jSwi^aS-O c^is^^ 
"Sf sSoo'^ if^^'TT' p)53^«fj85» aO'^ee-O 

CoVoui-za'tion, w. fr. colonize. 

Ool'on-nade% n, j^o^iSvotfK)^. 
Ool'ony, n, •jcT^'g^iJM^aa-© |5^_$"7r- 

Col'or, «. ^^ tfM,i^o?fe,t5*oaS5 "^"Ij;- 
— V, l.^o^'tcSsSiy^aSS^iiy. — V. i. 

Ool'orable, a. ^8S}i6Dp©o5jSftS§S^c^ 
Col'ored, a* ^o)fe"5oB3ce:>S|^5 iot-ct^ss 

CQl'orist|W. e^o;(bw"ScXgj*r*c&. 
Oororless, a. tsoi^'tp, »tt'o?(>j5bT'f), 
ft tf g •2?«^J T^-^^^^^c^- [^c^- 

Co-los'sal, a. j©tf<joai^^, *5atf«7r"(^ 
Oo-Iob'sus, ». («)»t!^ofi^^|f 0(X«^i&o. 
Col'our, see Color. 
Col'por'fcer, 'i n. t^hf^^ "§-0\«5d^ 
Col'por'teur, J ^ozioif^^ i^^^ 

Colt, n. y^^i^tv^ ^fSatP'tfBSwfi- poos' 
Oolt'ish^ a. Ifeoi&o^ ^«|Ntf'S&>. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

(Jolts'foot, ?l. T^TCfjfogBtolJS' T^i) 

Col'umbfuy, n. "^;j)^i5mo7^c<&. 
Col'umtine, n. a^g'ft^g)^ ^&o. — a. 

Col'umn, n. j^otp-jSwj ss'Ooiff, ar^o©. 
Co-lum'nar, a. ^o^-s^j^2>c^' 
Co-lure', w. ^^B^'^^Jt^v^ ^S' 

Co'ma, n.2jbro8&-|5^?g)a»S'i^'^^^o 

Co'ma- tose',*) ^-^j^^^fc;^!^^ "^^P 
Co'matous, J (^er<j6?f^. 

Comb, n.i6"3^|^, s^TS^^, ■Og'^oto^ -^ 

Com'bat, r. v f^xp2^,l8?C2isin^^^ 

Com'batant, n.Sxa^jSr^&snc'^; t&^ 


Com'bative, a. SK^^sfeoa-t^^Ke). 
Com'bi-na'tion, w.S'ex) •^40,^00^*058' 

'(^j-^KiSm, •j^o^sS.jSaa, ai^sJi6»,a; 
Coiii-bine', r. U ^Ob\,S'e»'^, ^^xi> 


105 ooL-pay 

Com-bined', a. ScpS^^tfO^c^, v>^c»S> 

Com-bin'edly ,ady. ^a,^t^, 5)^«%j 
Gom-bu8'ti-bil'ity,n.-T«13&) ?iaCT«6w. 
Com-bu8'tible,a* "r»e»|^«3, fJxj^oto 

Com-bus'fcion, n.-8r»€x>4o,«S30&&),^;fe 
Come, V. t.sJ^^j^ob^i^'S^o-i^j-ffot^r 
Oo^,8'e»?fe3e?fe. To c. ofE— tffc^o 
^r^i^io. To c. out or to c. to 
light— ©oB5€»sj5^to.To c. about 
^fJo^fto^Ao. To c. to liand«=- 
eo86to,^©§sJ^^to.To c. to one's 
self— "SDaSss-^^io.To c. to pass 

Co-me'dian, n/ ^oST^tkitS^I^^^^^ 

Com'edy, n.-fSoSr^^^tS-^H^ sJi^^sJ-^ 
Come'ly, a. jd^x^^ c^;«o^2?«^^^^lr-P^ 

Com'et, n. ^c^t^r^, 2^85o*1?^^. 
Oom'etary, a. <§^cS'^S'i^ -^^owo^^ 
Com'fit, n. ix>-5PO», tjr&cJias. [^, 
Com'fort, y. ^. ^tp'Oo^, ^41^30%$, 


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"^om'fortable, a. t^^^^^^, «^o»7r» 

Oom'fortably, adv.^tf>ti»i^y tf«oc» 
Com'forter, w. &>Tr>«5\sr»c&, ts^do 

Oom'fortlesa, a. Ti>4)«5MlSp, 'fJoS^ii 

Oom'ic, "I a. n^^ot^-^^, ©-s^tf 2* 
Com'ical, J i^,|^;g)§-$)go^&. 
Com'ioally, adr. «j<'j:)cS'tfi5a>-7r»^«)T» 

Com'ing, n. xpS'^sj^^Ad.— a.Tx^c^y* 

Com'ma, w. ^fi^zg^oeH r'o^j&apoox? 

Oom-mand', v. ^.e5g^8)o^,X)^o^;J& 

ifoj !re»?(c"^c«S»j*B5rj ,as, money 
0-8 comforts; r^coto^^ei^^Csj&yr 
to^cfiw, as, a high place c-ing 
the fort.— n. ^^yt^^^^t^if)^ xj 

Com'mau-dant', w. w^c^^e^^-B^djS 

Com-mand'er, n. "^ (O * (j ' oo SflSc^^g^ 
Oom-mand'ing, a. t9^"r»^j5w^cs^ 

Com-mand'ment, n. tja,©^^^ ^0^ 
Oom-mem'orable, a. 8r*S)S'ii»d^§^ 

Com-mem'orate, v. t. g*tf -s^gi5»* 
Oom-mem'o-ra'tion, w. ?f*CTgr»tfitfbi* 

Oom-mem'orative, a. |['«J"f»^"^c^. 
Oom-mence', v.i. eij^o^O'S, "aaoc^eo 

J6. [2500. 

Oom-mence'ment, w. t?^o^i6», "&» 
Com-mend', v. t.-^^^r^^, inKiSo, 

Com-raend'able,a. ibd^^cj^k^,'^^c 
Oom-mend'ably, adv.^^c^Sxfj^y'^^ 

Com'men-da'tion, n. ^^©^"aD^vAa. 
Com-mend'atory, a.^So^^^dS^^t^o 

Com-men'surable, a.^H^^^fSSxbw-aD 

Com-men'sarate, v. ^. ^z5s$ do^. — 

a. same as Commensurable. 
Com'ment, v, u o3^c^C(^tfM^c3ao(>, 

Com'mentary, w. iSs*, oT»c^C(^tf». 
Oom'men-ta'torA n. 5r»o^c^S' ^, 
Oom'mentW, J *Sg'qSjBi^sr»C(Sbr' 
Com'merce, n. sf_gg'«5t»,sr»c-^^8&05 

Com-mer'cial, a. zs ^^i^ovo^n^'f^. 

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Com'mi-na'fcion, w. "Stfeo-^, SSfco 
Com-min'gle, v. t. tfew*^, ^^tSx>^ 

Com'minute, v. ^ d^S^cx^, ^^S 
Com'mi-nu'tion, w. d^<S^cSJS»&)^^;$r«' 

Com-mis'erate, v. ^^Ds)&,sjeer»sJ 

Com'mis-sa'riat, n. '^i^sStf^'eSg'^ 

Com'missary,n. *^^SS^®I^ -^s&lH 
Com-mis'sion, ». ^cxSj&d, iSdKo^ 

CotD-rois'aioner, n. a.S'tfpp^cJSoo&DSS 

bom'missure, n.7:jo^^^tf». [& 
Com-mit', v. ^. (5&sl{^5,itfM) ^cJ^j 

Com-mit'ment,'l ». -T'5f«)er«"ato 
Com-mit'tal, J toj^^l^jSaa^cfiwAoj 

Com-mit'tee, w. ^^j ^^^i^^if. 

Com-mit' ter, n. (^S)^^«Sx»)^^j(fsr»c 

Corn-mix', v. t, Sio|^?io^css», 7:)otftf 
Com-mix'ture, w. Ooi^85»,-j:)og'2J«5x,* 

Com-mo*diously, adv. ^^B-tv^ 'S^eo 

Com-mod'ity, w. sj^^g'-^-j^tfSS. 
Com'mo-dore', n. z^^'s^ts^t^^^^o 

Com'mon, a. ini^^e^'^^, "j^ssj^^o 

2^1^, s&^i^j'J (^. C. nouii«=2y'© 
oJ'-u^S'sSw. C. sense™ •^jj^sa'^tf 
i6m. In C.= "i:)«6»T3^08SsSw7r», 2* 
g'{^4S7r», ^«&^ap. In c. with 

OQ5e», ^TT»|^«5». [floeo. 

Com'monalty, n. •^;Saf^^|«ee», Q 
Com'moner, n. -^j^t^o^jSaci^. 
Oom'monly, adv. •j^T;r»J^e«5»7r», ^ 

Com'monness, n, -j^-qp^^ea^gi&j, w 
Oom'mon-place', a. ^j^g-j^Tp^tfcai^ 

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Com'mon-place'book', n. oSt^tt' 

Com'mons, n.-^«fif^c©f5oe», ^«^5J 
4D86M't5p5r»Ob. The house of C.-= 

Com'mon-weal', '^ w. ^sJ^^'^^^^£ 

Oom'mon-wealth'jj «5», sSosJ^i^'^ 

l5S' s&^fapd^} Tr»Sc«^^ msl^«5aj. 

Com-mo'tion, n. Jxi?'«S»^ ^^Dg'^S'o', w. i. ^o^txo%!^ jS'ojBi6^ 
Com-mu'nicable, a. ^DooSc'^ooSctf 

Cpm-mu'nicant, »i- ^©o33c"^jB^3t»c 
Com-mu'nicate, v. t. ■^t)c«>c"^c3fi», 

Com-mu'ni-ca'tion, n. "SOooSc^cssw 

«^«5», t?**5* ^^^5 e>oix)<b, ^;b 
Coin-mu'uicative, a. Tp^mtfa^'TT' 

Com-mun'ion, w. ^^rKjc^c^^oao^ 

Com-mu'nity, n. ^«j»oo^ 2i?^d», -po 

Com-mut'able, a.^sin^sczs^'^. 
Com'mu-ta'tion, n, s&^eJox, *$»^0a\^} 

Com-mute', y. t. JfifOoxj ^H o^ . 
Co'mose, a. sS^^Ko, S^^X'o. 
Corn-pact', a. c^fes^i^^ -^©(^^i^, 

(com' — )n. 3^eiov&^^ ^tjroos ^ 

Com-pact'ly,ad«;. « Ao«sm 7r» ,^td^ TT* 

•Og'i^K.C)^ M^^X^WTT-, S^Sto^ag'Tr-. 
0om-pact'iies8,n. XiS,2:J4o8S», ^^^ 

Oom-pan'ion, n. ^OT'c^^'^S' ^W 

Com-pan'ionable, a. ^t^sn^ ®j-» 
Com-pan'ionship^n. «j^tf*5j»«j586x^^ 

Com'pany, n. ^^^^otkko^ ^ts^vn^i 

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Tobearc.= -Soiocts^^to, 8on»«Sc 
tf^^io. To keep c. with= ^z^ 

Com'parable, a. ^zstxxt^cts?.^ , ^ 

Com-par'ative, a. ^n*tf ^8&ci6»^5j^ 

. ;S9 ^0-i»dfo.«-^tf l«So 

Coin-par'atively,adt;. B^tf ^8S>cii>i 

Corn-pare', t;.t. 8^c»^,'i:)ad<e»\5 wis 
Com-par'ison, n.^o^8fecii»,^{j^«So 

Com-part'ment, n. Ka,«ea. 
Com'pasS; v. ^. •^toS^^^ ^ssQo^, 

Com'passeSy n. pZ. w^e)T5ip iStf -e^iy 

Gom-pas'sion, w.g'pg'tf«S»,3^0,2^o«5, 
Com-pas'sionate/i. ^t^'QikfioSj^ 

Com-pat'i-bii'ity, n. ef)j)6r*^js»^ -j:)© 

Com-pat'ible, a. •j^oX'^^ai^, e)©6^^ 

Com-pa'triot, n* ^|^"S^^coSb. 
Oom-peer', w. •{:}86mc^^, •i^ab-»jjoc<Sb, 

Corn-pel', y. ^. ptf.o^o^^a)e)s^o^8$w 

Com-pen'dious, a. 7:)o^5j^^,^ojK 

Com-pen'diously, ady.-jCio^sJsiMTv, 
Com-pen'dium, n. ^o^^zko^'^oAs, 

Oom'pensate, r. *. & ^ ^sli&o^^ ^ 

Com'pen-sa'tion, n. ^ga, ©25ocx>^ |^sl 
Com-pete', v. i. ^4S'^&i^,(5jSii:)^6o 

Com'petence,'i n. e>g^^, ^^^^^^j 
Com'petency, J tJ^ewi^^-jcTsSo^^} ^sp 

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Com'petent, a. ^K^^^^^-^^, a.^-ar« 

^1^0^ ^«5»g csSaiTCo. 
Com'pe-ti'fcion, n. ^iS, ^^i^,as'^er* 

Com-pet'itive, a. S)g'?fi08S»|^^ isjoos 

Com-pefc'itor, w.jb^sS^cJSoosnc^^ sb^ 

Com'pi-la'tion, n,^o^js^tS!x,,^'£^e&^ 
Corn-pile', v. U ^o^ix^o^, I^Xb^ 

Com-pil'er, n. •Se30(Ko^iS»e)}6o<S 536 
Com-pla'cence, I w. if)o5^sl85», ^ 
Com-pla'cency>j ^. 

/^ CDm-pla'cent,a. ^oSr^tkt&)^i^p>^^, 

Corn-plain', v.i.-SoaeaTbtor^fSb^fcxpc 

Oom-plain'ant, w. fcxpc^Sb n;JjB|^5r»c 
Com-plain'er, n. "Sooea "atoS^fSbsT'c 

Com-plaint', n. "^ooe^, fc-o^cabj snc 
Com'plai-sance', n. jSj-u^cJ^, ©c^oos 

Ooin'plai-8ant',a. «5d"d^c2JXo, Tr»Jk 

Com'plement, n. -^ ej*^ ©^SooS* 

Com'ple-men'fcal, ^ ^. •^^^c«S> 
Com'ple-men'tary,J ^&5,*5MHo^^^. 
Com-plefce^ a. ^o-^^^^. -p«-^65 

Oom-plete'ly,arfy. -^jg-Tv-^j^o^sSa) 
Com-ple'tion, n. ifj«&^^, sSmAo-^,'^ 
Com'plex, a. J»|^^2>|^, ?^'7a^•^s3^^•^^ 

Oom-plex'ion, n.«SM^xpK«5»,8S»y«5w 

Com-plex'ional, a. «&d^86M6a»^{,-t3^ 

Com-plex'ity, n.e)-^g'«SMrOi5c:»wo& 

<b,Oo^yj5w7r-j6od^(So, -pSSj^. 
Oom-pli'ance, n.«oAn5^i^id»,7:)i&^8, 

Com-pK'ant, a.^y;6|^6S,*j6oe)^c 

Com'plicacy, n.os3j^7r-il>o(gb6o,e5'^ 

Oom'plicate, a. ^v^^^-^n^, ^'^^'^ 

Com'pli-ca'ted, p. a. -o^i^^. 
Oom'pli-ca'tion, n.^8Si,-, 1^^[^i, 

Com-plic'ity, w. abs5L ij^^«g«i»|f o2$)^ 

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Com'pKment, n.j^^jf ^^^^-aa^^r* 

Com'pli-men'tal, ^ a, -Basj^jSb "30 
Com'pli-meii'tary,J ce5c"^"^&, ^ 

(com' — )w. «sb■T^•er«-J5|^,fi5^^, fi^^^ 

Com-ply', t?. f. ^t^^o-^^ SLsj^r'fSb, 

nsaally foil, by with. 
Com-po'nent, a, fpTC^-^ ,^^casss'^ 

C5om-port', v. u 'i:r05J&,t9j5bSj'Do^, 
• tf;<b. — V. t. (with a reflex. pro.)c^ 

Com-port'ment, n. ^a^^,j^sy_gji'. 
CJom-pose', «. ^, gj^Ob^^O^OTSa ,t^^o 

Coin-pesed', a.7»o^2o]5',"p«&^aKe}^'3 
Com-poe'edly, adcT'o^tSMi^y^ozs 

Com-pOs'er, n. rSKio^sr^ctJh, jK'oys' 

Com-pos'ite, a. j)0|tf2a^,ei>"^S'5>"cr>g 

Com'po-Bi'tion, n. tf^|^,g's5c^«5w5^X'o 
5Jtf»5 Oo^^«SM, -iaffl^iSMj ^tinl^^ 

Com-pos'itor, n. «5?^e:5j6^t^85»ejo^ 
Oom'poBt, n. <Oeb^, TioAo. 
Oom-po'sure, n. T'o^«5»,"p«&^0,8'oc 

Oom-pound',v.f. S'oo'^, ^^^^^ ^(^ 

^sj&^Tn^s;^ (com'— )a.ef)lJ 

tf^)!^© S'OiB^, 8X^5^^. C. sen- 
tence«B»Bcoi5'coT»S'c«S»; 85otf<oT»S'o 

Com'pre-liend', y. ^ ^X'8^•o•^, "iDiB 

Com'pre-ben'sible, a.'gD^§^|^c2^H^, 
Com'pre-hen'sion, n. ^(zs^vdt^/^^^ 

Com'pre-hen'sive, a. o^^«Sm g'?);\ 

CD v_ — ^* 

Com'pre-hen'sively, aclv. o-^osSw 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Corn-press', v* <.«>€9C^,§^o^8S»7r»c 

s^sSw^fo^ (com'—) n. 7r»oQ58&c 

e) c» 
Com-press'ible,a. gqgx>'3&^ r^p^s^M 

Com-pres'sion, n.e«c^&),^&i;-&), 

Com-press'ive, a. e^eac^^, "^"^Ir- 
Oom-press'or, n. t^cac^^O "iS^^rac 

Com-prise', v. t» cH^^c K©^c»S>oi&, 

Com-prised', p. a. 85|Ooada»|^, ^wc 
Com-pri'sing, a. g'OKcx^t^^, g'€>. 
Com'promise, ?i. "fT j&'ipi^s&aj ©snC^ 

Oomp-trol', V* U see Control. 
Comp-trol'ler, n. "SS'i^od s^Si^o^S 

Oom-pul'sion, n. zdos^o^sS^, pcr\o2jJ 

Com-pul'sive, 1 a. ©tr»^^ij-tf]^(^>^ 
Oom-pul'sory^ j ts^p, ^tf^tf ^ooSsjo 

Com-punc'tion, n.KJ7*^gPj5i5»,»5^ 
dom-punc'tious, a.«j^\^8:«SM7Co,tf 

Com'pu-ta'tion,n. 73tfip.^085atoA«3o 
Connpnte', v. ^ Dtfj^^^caso?, "Dtfi^-Ti 

Com'rade, n. •jJiJ*wjB;53p2ijS»o&ir»c 
Con, V. f.sjg" o^,tf;g"3S<33»,'i:) o^^«j^, 

Con-cat'enate, v. ^.S^tfea-^^r'eD'lb 


Con-cat'e-na'tion, n. »5bif),ti5nDg',w 

Con'cave, a. sjo «SM7r»}6^,^5r*^^ 
Con-cav'ity, n. sso «Sm, 6»5^^^. 
Con-ceal', u. f.TT»c«^,«5De93C?fe^c»»}. 
Con-ceal'able, a.-cr>c^c25H|^,«S>ea)C?<b 

Con-cealed', p. a.T3-»cHd8S>|^,«fc«)c 

Con-ceal'ment, n. xp'c'^, xpc^toj 
Con-cede', t?. ^ "jcJdosjpsotf^r'jSajoS 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Con-ceit^ n. e5b^s^o-s-»cr«SM^ e^tf $$&* 

CJon-ceit'ed, a, Xa^ap^^KJ^^sSooXo^i^ 

tf5j*o-i-»tf8S»X€). [aSoa. 

Con-ceit'edness, n.x'5£«5M,e:585*09'55 

Con-ceiv'able, a. ^ocxJ^g'c^^i^^ ^ 

Con-ceiveSt?. ^. & i. ^oc-^^^Sroo-cft, 
Con-cen'trate, u.^. i^astoSc'S-^^j 2^tf 

Concentrated, a. sSd^oSS'SceDS]^'} SL^ 

Con'cen-tra'tion, w« ;^&i5af6 ^5b&>^ 
8fe5Jcf)eo^&35oiT»|X^.O. of atten 
tion, mind, or tlioaglits«» zMij- 

Con-cen'tre, v* ^.sSa^cSSc'S^x. — v.i 
?d>5Jc8Sss-0^pe»^ . 

Oon-cen'tric, "^ a. S^g's&e^c^^, a^S' 
Con-cen'trical,j "tDs&^cjSwTr-cX'o. 

Con-cep'tion, rj.xarjj-qr»o^e98Soi,g'efo-^ 
Con-cem', n. -jCJoeDo^JjSMjPSto^tfMje 
iSm, »f)5 -Oo^, o7nj9S085». — r. ^ 

Oon-cemed', a.^o^Xo, a^cr*j^«5aj?Co, 

Con-cem'ing,prep. Hbe-So^, 0SkCXs5 
Con-cem'ment, n. 75o©o^«i»5 ^^ij- 

Oon-cert>. ^g'0i5cfi>'er«-v^c^^c:S^^Si 
u'^^^cs^, 55^^ (con'—) n. 

Con-cert'ed, a. g'o^ aSa-o-Oo-o f)^^ 

Con-ces'sion, n. -(it^^^^ok-^^tSx)^ 

Conchy n. ^o^s53d. 
Oon-choid'al, a. ^o^T^tfg^c^* 
Oon-choFogist, n. ^o^ jsSS^ "^tfSi^ 
Con-chol'ogy, n.^o^sjfiJi. [sr^cdfo* 
Con-cil'iate, v. ^.•fJ^pctfw^, ifrj5or»-qr» 

Oon-cil'i-a'tion, H* ^;sar.Tp^^85w,«5D6d 

Oon-cil'iative, ^ a, ^j&^-i;r»^85» ^"^ 
Con-cil'iatory,J &j^j&^-qr»T^85»'3€» 


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OOH-OOtf 11^ 

Oon-ciae', a. •j^o^55^(^;ToO|X8^'^^, 

Con-cise'ly, (idv.^o'$\titixn^, ^ojK 
Con-ci'sion, n. ^!^^85a). §^ce^. 
Con'clave, n. *(S^y j^if^^. 
Con-elude', r. i.85M5\o^,15w'^i6^,& 


Concluded, p. a. •j:)j5j^^^c5', jSwK^ 
Con-clu'ding, a. g'2^5563. 
Con-clu'sion, n. e)o^85M,'j:)aj^_fc, 86m 

Con-clu'sive, a. S'^^sjda^^oS^sfoo^OjS 

Con-clu'sively, adv. ao^^^sSDOTr*, 
Con-coct', r. ^.tf0^o^^c33M_|s:)j6o^;So 

Concocted, p. a, g'O^^^?!^. r5J?^^<So. 
Con-coc'tion, n. S'e^^i^, sp^S'^cS^ j 
Oon*com^itance,'i n.a.g'^-^^^wf^ 
Con-oom'itancy,J •j^doOr:«S>o^^>*o. 
Oon-oom'itant, a. t^j6-j5ao^ r'p 
cs^o'Sdfo. — n. ef^^-j^jQ©^ S^p 

Con'cord, n. ef^Sj^oj^?*, ^sfo^©^0{^ 

Con-cord'ance, n. w^JfeeticJ&^s^'S^ 

Con-cord'ant, a. ^^^Qo^ cs$»o'S 
Con'course, n. -^^^kt-s^sSm, Xbo-$)^ 

Con'cre-ma'tion, n. •jCjs^.Ks&i^sSoo. 
Con'crete, a. •j:)ocJ3S>^^^, S30|^^;^ 
^. t5-r"i^853oKo; opp. to abstrdct. 
Con-cre'tion, n. g'DcJfijto, Bj'd^io, 

Con-cu'binage, n._|^p^o^§^f5o&), 

Cun'cubine, n.^o^§^p|^_| %00'S, 

Con-cu'piscence, n. -r»«&a"r»tf«6bo, 
Con-cu'piscent, a.-g-»85ot>-^tf8S»Xo. 
Con-cur', v. ^-jls^^e^f ,a?j^§^c^5«^ 

Con-cur'rence, n. -jJsfo^So^&j^^i^i&j 

Con-cur'rent, a. Silijpss]^!^, ^^^f^^ 

•f:)tfc936MKo, ST»5^7;)o^ao^ifo, ar* 

Con-cus'sion, r*.'3©.,^^i6w^'j5o$ii4o 

Con-demn', r. t. poSo^, ^s5^5::&», 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Coa'dem-na'feion, ».po»,tffc^tfi5»7r» 
Con-dem'natory, a. poSJj^ "SOib^, 
Conrdemned', p. a. po&ozsczi&i^^^o 
Con'den-sa'tion, n,-j:Ja|X«J'8S», ^oS\ 

Con-dense', t?. ^ X&3^r5^,$3?)i?'©osjc 

Con-denaed% a. ^Jb^rxyo^l^, ^§"^^ 
Con'de-scond',i;. i. 250BSxScJ^,e:^?$d(X 

Oon'de-scend'ing, a. |^^i6>^K€>,f>K^£ 
Coi/de-scend'ingly, adr. pKtfjsiM 

Con'de-scen'sion, n.^|j&^,i&Ki^gi6ao, 

Con-dign', a.^?^|^,c5^_^^c^i7r*goc6 

Con'diment,n. -fioir^t&xiy^Qo^^tSM, 

115 00 U- COM 

Con-di'fcion, w. i69,e)5j^, cs^j p«)o2f 
Con-di'fcional, a.?i?J5^Ǥ^c?^(Sc^; iSp 

ooss&joi^, p33oe?|^s& o^c^dSi^. 0. 

Con-di'tionally, adv.sJ.JJl5b2.f>;^^^ 

Con-dole', v. i,^sis^°ospti^jt^^^^ 

by with, 
Oon-dole'ment,'^ n. «)f^^g'85», Sj' 
Con-do'lenece, j a^s^^-;:) i^sj^^, «« 

Con-done', t;. f. &J)oo^. [<^« 

Con'dor, w.;<b-«^l5g''^«C5s"^?C^^5jiv'. 
Con-duce', v. i.-icr8^oo38&?fe,«(^^5> 

"^cSwi^SS "Sg' •iC)Oip'aoxJc'^cJ^*o5S 

f^j5^-ff^a7r»^o2^, "B^tfe^i^D^; fol. 

by to or toward. 

Con'duct, n. ^si^^ [^ss^^, ^^^^ 

Con-duct', v.t, ^2^feo^,S^Ho-cs3 5&i5 
r'p^^, 7j'e-^'^5 (with the 

reflex. pro.)i5sJ^®'^^^^'^^(^- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Con-duc'tion, n.^tf^«$»Xc>od^'^cfiOo 

Con-duct'or, n. ^5^S>o^5r»c^j Tr»d 
Con'duit, n. ns^ewsj^ sSo-cne. 
Cone, n.^€g>t^c«cy>-s-»tf8S». 
Con-fab'u-la'tion, n. 85»S xiocx>,'j:Jej- 

Con-fec'tion, n. s^-epooa, tp'«ic85a),^ 
Con-fec'tioner, n. Xto-GPcxot^oKfeSsT'c 

Con-fec'tionery, w. g:toTsPO» ^oTCfl; 
Con-fed'eracy, n.-^o^,«cx>;gOb2L8'-5P 

Con-fed'erate, n.^t^cs&cSS^^^a^-^ 

Ccn-fed'er-a'tion, n. z)oS^^^,zsrs^K 
Con-fei/, V. i. sSa^&)er»&^75o9^Sx.c^. 

Con'ference, w. ^cio^sleg, §cr>(ScJ5x» 

Con-fess', v. i. & ^.^^!s]^pa,s^j§^j;S^^ 

^^^^^ "Sod. "CT'PpSOsf^r'jSj. 8S>er' 

Con-fessed', p. a. sosjjr'p^. 
Con-fesh'edly, adv.^-^sijj^r^Pl^j^ 

Con-fes'sion, n. -^^^^p z^^r^^^^ 

ZtS^^oi ^^jSd^jBi^ ■^jSs&ooJSS a. 
C!on-fe88'or, n.xzs^r^p^ir^tstix^v^o 

Con'fi-dant', w.t5_g'^^8r*^c&,«o^ 
Oon'fi-dante', n.fem. oi confidant. 
Con-fide', v» ^.|^^ai.s:^Ho^^e5$^8S» 

O^^Po-^: usually fol. by in. 
Con'fidence, n. |^«&^r85»,0'5r£ii:jKS»; 

2^{Jc8^^ f)0.lf«53a^ P^^O03«5c». 

Con'fident, a. i^s&jg'sSMKe); ^^ckSx) 

see Confidant. 
Con'fi-den'tial, a. Wo^t^oHbc'S |5', e^ 

Con'fi-den'tially, adt;. tfjJ^'jirosiMTT*, 

Con'fidently,ady. p^^osSsSw 5^,^0-0 

Con-fig'u-ra'tion^n.wrN©,^ -sra-86M, 

Con'fine, n.d^2)-^^^^o,'i:r«)fi^l5s''i:;e 

sj,^. — .( — fine')y.^ tf^fi6ei'<c"Sto- 

^eaej'^jSbo^ ^pCTvO^fsSw eric's &DD5SX) 

^sSwer«c'SdDD,«So&os5ea^.To be c-d 


tized by Google 



Con-fined% p. a. pt^^o^tk»v^p>iii^y 

Con-fine'ment, n.^w, ©oa, -f^sjD^ 

Con-firm', v. t. ft tfsJftd-^^&r'^^cssM. 

Coii'fir-ma'tion, m. S tjsjw-^^, bj^$ 

Cou-firm'ative, "> a. S ^sjea^ ^^y 
Con-firm'atory^ j tJcr»$^c3Sd^g, ^ 

Con-finned', p. a.Sj^8:eso5;5co<3|^,p«\ 

Con'fiscate, v. ^ S_&^05Sj5 ar^f^c^ 

Con'fis-ca'tion, n.^_fc5fJxpj,-0by^^ 
Con'fis-ca'tor, n. S^^cfiMdr^ci^. 
Con'fla-gra'tion, w. -^»j63oto,^Xbe)C 

Con'flict, n. cSfijJ^«ix)jA*m&>a5», ©6^ 
— ( — flict') r. i. X)8r*^o^, atfftSo 

Con-flict'ing,1 a. X)Obg^]^,55J^7:)^» 
Con-flict'ive, | ©«>2S-aD^, ©g'^So^ 

Con'fluence, n. •j:Jo?C8&8Sx,"3o&i5bar»c 
Con'fluent, a.^O^^.^-Sifo^ •iC)oX'85a 


Con-form', v. u^}^^do^,^'^^^o 

Con-form'able, a.eJjSbJibeagpc^i^f^'r' 
Con-form'ably, adi'.«)?Sa;fo€3KSw7r',t5> 

Con'for-ma'tion, w. i^^^z$xi,^^i^^ 
Con-fopm'ist, w. ^^-jcJac^sr-ciSb. 
Con-form'ity, n. efSb-j^Jdo© cs^o^^ 

Con-found', r, ^.^jrsS3S?«^,g'o5Jif-a 

Con-found'ed,p. a.^osstSTCd^t^yXct^rs 

Con-front', tt. ^. o3«^,6r»|^ -^^ o)&eo7r» 

Con-fuse', v. L lysfosjee^, g'e;s5tf-s> 

Con-fused', p.a.TPesojSj^esaTPfSai^, 

Con-fu'sion, n. 7:?o(y85oa5w,Ko5J»r*^ 
«6w, ^^tf "^to^ ?Ce>o, 7r*z)Tr», "30 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 

oov-oav lift 

Con'fu-ta'tion,n. ^o5^|^i6w,e:?ll^55»5»^ 
Con-fute', V. t ^o^o^, t9^S)0-»^, 
Con-geal', v. i.-f,&^^-^c»S.;X'gr|» 

Con-geal'ment, n» "£ob<feo3^^ip'0o^ 
Con-gee',n. Xo^jW^^^Swof^ajc^Ko??. 
Con'ge-la'tion, n. "4ob6.i, X5^S'&»&d^ 

Con-gen'ial, a.«)fSS§cr»e)^I^^oiS''jd'j^ 

Oon-ge'ni-al'ity, n. e>{6Scpo^,Sg'7:)£ 
Con-gen'ital, a. •^(«»S'^o(2cfi5»^^, 

Con-ge'ries, n. ^'wgf. & pJ. sSxj^, tt* 

Con-gln'fcinaht, a. ^cx>-^ ^*3, «o 

Con-gki'tmate, V. ^ e)od3o^5b, ??X&> 
Con-gWti-na'fcioii, n.^o&yi^pcy^6 

Con-grat'tthtte, v. t. a.S'a§S'0)\ j^-^o& 

Con-grat'u'la'tion, n. Sj^a^ *j5o<S^ 
Con-grat'ulatory, a. scp2^ iio^tk 

Con'gregfate> v. i. & ^, K>o-^s^5^, 
Con'gre-ga'tion, n. ;(>o*^ Sj'i^&> 5 

Con'gre-ga'tional, a. *(ii6s^e ^o7s>o}f 

L ' C9 eo ^ ^ Oon'gress, n. ^if, •j5sin258SM 5 »9, 

Con-gest'ed, a. tf _^85m tJ>^S's5M-7r»s3^ ; 
Con-ges'tion, n. ■^s^.s^wy* 2.§'i?*(*o 

Con-glo'bate, a. xbo|^p^ ^od^Tr^fSb 

Con-glom'erate, r. ^ 
a.S'63-7r»^c3fi>5 sSp»5^c6c3b» 
2^oes5oc»|^} SOTTAS TT'S&'iSbr'fi^.—n. 

Con-gres'sional, a. ^^i)oz>o^-^'^. 
Con'grnence, n. e5^?6wo^, ir^c 

Con'gruent, a.^^^Ki^-^^, '(toX^-^ 
Oon'fjfnious, a. ^"^y^tdc-^^y e^ 

Digitized by'LjOOQlC 



/ a. ei^cer^cS' -^ix^Tr-jSo 


Con'ical, >^ ^ ^ .^ 
Co'nifonn. )''«^'^''^^^^ 
Con-jec'tui'al, a. ^8r»os;cc>5|^, ^^ 

Con-jec'tnre, n. ^jj^, ^ («)^a^ocoo 

-$), «>|!5bsS2r»^«5M v. *• & i. ^ 

Con-join', v. t. 5cn>eJb^, ^fib^. [r'fSb. 
Con-joint', a. •j^JocSSj^^'I^, S)§^ 

Con-joint'ly, adv. g'DjB, »i<r tio^, 
Con'jugal, a. J)ot»«j»75ooo$'"33j^^ tt^o 

Con'jugate, t?. ^ |Sc:ttJ^l5T»x;pslj^^^ 
Con'ja-ga'tion,w. |JcttJ-K7»5)f)?l^_§. 
Con-junct', a. t^^ocS^^^d^, ScpSi^. 

Con-junc'tion, n. ^0S',-iC)o^T-T>x'i5M, 

Con-junc'tive, a. g'0'^5fo,g'w$)|^&3. 
Con-junc'ture, n. *(jo'(5^r-o7<tSoo, g'O 

Con-jure', f • t dj^-p^y «l^^gfc« 

^5 »©Sfir»Oi), ^^f^O^' 

Con'jure, v- U & i. 7r»^(3a5Jc^cfi5^, 

Con-jur'ing, n. -?r»o^a2^c. F^. 
Con'jurer, n. 7fej<SoT»c&; jsor-o^sSc 
Con-nas'cence, 'J n. ^S' -5^0160056 25 
Oon-nas'cency,f ^o^&),^o(^o-7v^ 

Con'nate, a. Si^-^osSaofi^ ©5^0-©^^, 
Con-nect', v. ^. ^Ob^, ^^^,^oz)o^ 

c3S3o. P'ioozDo^fsSwX'o. 

Connected, p. a. ^a^i', -jcJo^^o^o-o^, 
Con*neot'edly, ad*?. «j;joz)o?8S» g'D;\'tion,7*.5cpag',:S©8',S'Oc»5;ido5 

"^oedo^sSsa, e^o^^csSao; 2)o2;^;^,-^ 

Con-nect'ive, a.g'5)"s:)^,f^ooo^85M|!5b 
Oon-nex'ion, see Connection.rdfoio. 
Con-niv'aAce,n. -^^-^si^^^^o 
Con-nive',v.^-,^ -O t^ fiS^^j^sSoifo: 

usually foil, by at, 
Con'nois-seur', n. «Si?'C(3b, J^bra^^c 
Con'no-ta'tion, w. eifaSw. [^fo. 

Con-nu'bial, a. »5r»s^ ^owoef^pc^, 

Con'quer, ©. ^. ■K€»^,2So»o^,iao 
Oon'querable, a, 2^oa>otf^^g2?c^, "^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ iC 



Conquered, p. a. »o»o»coa|^,^^iCon'se-<5ra'ted, a. same as conse- 

2P^. I crate. 

Con'qaeror, n. ^?c»>o•D|^sT^c&. ' Con'se-cra'tion, n. ssOl^sSw^cs^&dj 

Con'san-guin'eous/i. tf ^"jcfoejo^^jSM Con'secratory, a. sjO|^i5m^'P&>5 ^ 

Con'san-guin'ity, n. ^^h^or6», xs ^ \ Con-sec'utive, a. ts^^i^j^-^^^iJ^tB 

Con'science, n. sS^^^^^i,, ^-^^^ '^''^^ a.r^s5^^i^, c^^sSdj^-^o-^) 

a^u'e^^ J, e)o^§g'tfe9«5». ! "^SS^a^f^^^, as c. numbers or 

Con'sci-en'tious, a. 7r»coo3tx)0?CoJ years. 

_^ ^_.^ ^ -sa^ ^ ^ I Con-sec'utively, adt;. srob 7:) 7r»,2.S'&3 

Con'scil^n'tionsly, ad„. ^ ^^ , Co^-^^^'^-^^* «• ?J'^^»^>ai9'»^. 

Gon'scionable, a. ij^ccxO'B^f^^^tf "ao 

^^ , . -^^ ^ I Con'sen-ta'neous, a; ej)j6xbe3-aD|^,^;\ 

Gon'scious, a. ^OaXo^tfg'8i»Xe),(0 1 , » ^ ^^> 

ft5c;icfi»((N ;He 18 c. of his faults L. , . , ' ,. 

** Con-sen' tient, a. SLsj^r^p;^, oi-r«»!;> 

Con'sciously, adr. ■SOiB,c»)65c5\,<0ea>S' 
Con'sciousness, n. <0e3oS', ^ ^(^c«^, 

Con'script, n."^|^er<^ob^r'iJb<b8S'^c 
Con-scrip'tion, n. e5osyo^«i»7n "^(^ 

Con'secrate, v. t. Xiti\^r6»^a^i^^ 

Con'sequence, ?f. ^e^sSw^ ?f*0«f*tf 85», 

!{So85M7r» oJtf^Si^ ; used with ^ 
or on. r«j»o"r'6gp(^,i£o»85»x'€>, 

Con'se-quen'tial, a. ^otftio'^tk^'^ ^ 

Oon'sequently, adt?. -T°ct3&S, g'fSaS'. 

Oon-serv'ancy, n. J^£,e3«5(»,-T»'^2fo 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

121 opv-qox 

Con-sid'erate, a. ew^^^i'K'o, wer* 

Con-flerv'ant, a.e^ Jfic8^2to|^,to(^iSx tS^ 

Con'ser-va'tion, n.^j36ce3«6s»,-ff^-i^i^ 
Con-serv'atdsm, n.55cr»Oo\e)8Ss^?l86s»"t5 

Con-serv'ative, a.'j^o^JLo^^Sbj-jiioiC 

Confser^vortoir^, n. 'j:roA^-^^T*e>. 
Con'ser-va'tor, n. sJd'i^oSSc&^'i^o^ 

Con-serv'atory, n.«-cng8S»e)j6«6s»f|c 
Con-serve', t;, ^.CT*! X'^"a&o,-B^-i^&, 

Con-sid'er, v. t. & i.eiJw^-Oo-^^j) vP 
Con-sid'erable, a. «|^o^T^^, §^0^ 

Con-sid'erably, adv.e)^o^«feo-7r»,r*o j Oon-soFable, a. i-CT'or^ctf H|^. 
^«S»nBr»fi&o«^,t?er«^l^SS"gc2^H|5'o^5 j Con'sola'tion, n.i-cr»fl&>^,^wao-t), 

0. Con-sol'atory, a. «SboijrSsj1f85a;^g'tf jb 

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Con-flid'erately, adv. ^v^-^^S^, p 

Con-sid'er-a'tion, n. ^v^^^y^iT'lS 
CoDrsid'ering, prep.^o, -^Sic-rr*, 

Connaign', v. ^ a^sj^j^o^, -^g^i^jJM 
Con'sign-ee', n.^is^o}^ sisj^Ho^^jJ 

Oon^sign'ment, n. gi.sf^Ho^jei^g'jSM 

Oon-sist', V. i. (foil, by 0/ or tn)g'0 
Kd8S»o&, wooocX^oifoj (foil, by 
with.) ej5b?(be385aj?CfSbo&, A^'f^C 

Con-sist'ence, ^ ». •j:)o?C^8ix>, eaOog 
Coii-Bi8t'ency,J ^^^otStS\t&ij, ^o»o 

Oon-sist'ent, a-«j5oX^^|5', ea5b«^ 
Con-siat'ently, ado, ejSa?(>€ac!6w-7r», 

Con-sole', v. t,i,i:r>t^^,^w&o^ ^sSit 
Con-sol'idate, v. U ^}b^©otf c"^cs^, 

Con-sol'i-da'ted, p. a, X43^ooSc«)(S 
Con-ioyi-dation, n. 'tobr'fSWojKgsJ 

Gon-sol'ing, a.fiJ>?i^33^«fo|^8'tf2»I^. 
Cob'soIs, w. pZ. ar*er^|^85» sr^ob wc^ 

Con'sonance,'! n. t&^oag', oS's&^c 
Oon'sonancy, J «6oo, ^fSD-f^tfe^iSMj 2f§ 

Oon'sonanfe, «• ti^jjS'icrdo^daSi)?^, «5 

Con'sonons, a. 2fgp*tf^«S»X'o. 

Oon'sort, n. •i:)tf'oT»^5 'T^gj ^^ — 
( — sort')r. i. •f:r8f»sT»'j^8i»^c3aS>X 

Con'spi-cu'ity, m. ^N4o«6w-7r» S'^cw 
CJon-spic'uoxis, a.^^-j^^g.-^^^tSo^&D 

Con-spic'uonsly, adv.*^'i:r^g«i»7r»^ 

Con-spic'uousness, n. *36k3vto«5»7v^ 
XSon-spip'acy, n. sS(&),«JbTner*-?5j^^oo 

Con-spir'ator, n.sS|&)er<^a^3T»ci^. 

C5anHspire', v. t. A fc sSitotScJaSa^fibTr* 

Con'stable, w.«)oi^^,«^e7^6. 
Con'stablery, n. ^cr"Obc». [|^. 

Con-stab'ulary, a.^er-Obo'fJotJo^yja 

Con'stancy, n. poatfaS^S iJ^, p^^o^j 
Con'8tant.,a. •)2l"§xp, p?^o^K'2>t^>P 

Con'8tantly,ad/;.«)aS'^KSSofii^ pxSo^^S 

Con'steHa'tiou,n.t^3t|^ «j:r«5=oTr«ocj3 
Con'ster-na'tion, n.^o i^-i^&o^fjSja 

Oon'stipate, v. ^.i&ooo^ifea^cssSa,^ 
Oon'sti-pa'tion, n, j&o©©^?^, ^jr* 
«^«5». rTr»oKS«5M. 

Con-stit'uency, n. pc»Jr»8S386e •^sSw 
Oon-stit'uent^ a. a.g'TPpo3i»g'^ e)s5 


Con'stitute, v. ^. S)»\m5?, f)c«5Sx>o 
^, C^-Oo^, Cj«S)o^^ g'O^o^^ 5f 

Con'sti-tu'ted, p. a, pocsSSDooxjcoSi^, 
Con'sti-tu'tion, n.p-cr^e9i5>>,J)Trv4», 


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Con'sti-Wtional, a, ^'j^iS^'^l^ y"^^ 

Con^ati-ta'tion&list) "^ ». f)«)o^|^e)^» 
Con'sti-tu'tionist, ^ -s^iftSs»ii^ei^ 

Con-strain', v. L ac>tfo^«5»^c5^; P 
CSon-strained', p. a. f)ef.oi?«5»er«!!Sb 
Con-straint', n-pcr. o2||?«i»,3De>sJo^85»5 

Con-strict', v. ^.«2^!6w, ^«c^, >» 
Con-stric'tion, n.^e&sSDaAo^weaC'^Ao. 
Con-strict'or, n.g^o2^^e»i^o8Sj6 T:»g 

Con-strin'gent, a. «5i3o^C'^§^^c'^ 

Con-struct', ». *. S'to,f)6^o^po^^w 
Oon-sferuc'tion, n. f)Tnjt»:fa>, ^^°^;i 

Oon-struofive, a. f)8_^o^'S'j7Co5P 

Con-struot'oT, n,p5^d^l^oT»c&,S'g 

Con'strue,!?.^. e>giSx)^xJ^j «5^^oo5 
Con'stuprate, v. ^^ee^,(jp'gj67r»c 

Con^fitu-pra'tion, »• ^ ^p^M-^&>, 
Con'sub-stan'tial, a. S)§^^^|^. 

Con'sukr, a- fr. cowma?. 
Con'sulate, n. SIS' -o^©c«&^|^o«6 sxtf 

Con-sult',v. ^ & i. a.g'd ^^\Jncas 

Con'sul-ta'tion, w. a.Vd^ tJtr<-tfi^ 

Con-sum'able, a. op^3-»K tfewtfctf 
Con-sume', v« t. t^do^ 3 ifS^oS, 

Oon-sum'er, n. s5c083i6mtSc5J»ot»&j 

Oon-su'ming, a.^tr^o'^iSo^^p'i'^iSd. 
Con-aum'mate, cu •^tf^i^) (J^sl 

(con' — ) V. ^.•$r'j5^Sds&,*iJ«&^J^ 

Con'sam-ma'tion, n. i^mHo*^^ *{5«if% 

Con-snmp'tion, n. XiosStfo^ ^jOBS 

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Oon-sump'tive, a. £cOk)o^&, ^^o 

Con'tact, n. -j^T^tf^sSM, ^^cSSto. 
Con-ta'gion, n. l^;^^^«^ s^^^I^ ^y< 

Con-ta'gious, a. woAMe^X" t^Tooo^ 
Con-tain', v. t cto, g'OK c3a»o^Sb. 


Contained, p. a. er«x;o^|^,^r«x>e> 

Containing, a. er<8JoS't)Kc«S>|^,8'o. 
pon-tam'inate, v. f. «5oix> l5cJ&, 

Oon-tam'i-naTiion, n. ef)o<bD, e>^-Oj 

Con-tam'inative^ a. ^sd^gifo iS 
Gon-temn', ». ^. «5o&c«5w ^cjaw, 

Con^template, v» t. & u -qropo'Sy 

- ^^^iS^ •^^. [i^ifej, ^o^^i^. 
Con'tem-pla'tion, n» eer«-tf|5', t?^c 
<5on-tem'plAtive, a# ip^c^juebcgl^; 

Con-tem'pora-ne'ity, n, SiS'-e^osSao 
Oon-tem'po-ra'neous, a. Q^-w^^tiio 

Con-tem'porary, »kSS'-Br»o'$)srK:fib^ 

7^)853 T'&JlSbCi^. [tf86M,^£|-S^lJl6». 

Con-tempt', n, e^o^S^csSaa, ©i^-ji^^ 
Con-tempt'ible, a. ©i^«j(r^e>s>ctfK^, 

"4r-O0ST&)^, |b^2»c^, P^^-^c^- 
Con-temp 'tuous, a. ©tf^cJ^-ao^i^, 

Con-temp'tuously, adr. Bis-^i^^ 
Con-tend', r. u 8y«Tj»2fc, S'o8r»o^, 
Con-tend'er, n. 8y«xr»&sr»c&>, S'o 
Con-tend'ing, a. 8^Tr»'Sd^, Sx'rf 
Con-tent', a. ^^fc^oa^^, T^ofibS)^ 

^PO} (Con'—) e)'<pa,€r««e>j6^ 

Con- tent 'ed, j>, a. •j:)o&J)c ^^»oa|^, 

Con-tent'edly, adv. ^^^, ^5©^ 
Con-tent 'edness, n. ^ Jf, n^o^^. 
Con-ten'tion, n. t^Ob, SK«^iS», jr»c 

Con-ten^tious, a. g'otf^ |fcc36>c2|i', 


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Con-tent'ment, n. ^^, •jCTod^sS.sSw, 

Con'fcents, n. pZ. er<8Se)j6o&> sTfr 

^eo *{5oKc^ex> t)^ S5slooSs&»ex>. 
Con-ter'minal, "i a. «o4Sc3a»c2^; 
Con-ter'minoas, J ^d c3ts»(^, 2. 

Conr-tesi', v.t, & u ir^-o^S^y l&Xsi 
x^2^^ ©sT-s^jiM^cJBw (con' — ) 

Con-test'able, a, 5T»ao»c2^H^, asr" 

Con'tes-ta'tion, n. asr^J^sSw, S;C«^ 

Con'text, n. -^er^j^tf 7:^o2Jcr^T^, 

Coa-tex'tural, a. lSc^(«OS^ Y^oejo 
C!oBi-tex'ture, n. eor, ^c^. 
Con'ti-gu'ity, n. t^etf, ^Cotf, -^fc) 
8Jc86», cJX'wTr' ^oifoto, B^cl 

Con-tig'uous, a- ^Oc»»c^, j^Xm-tt* 

Con'tinence, "i n.2g"^0|ao«S^g8i», 
Con'tinency, J 85|o|ac»S pjXtf»«5»^ 

nr»«j!r»ap (Ktf'jSM, s^«6!>i&K>. 
Con'tinent, a. sqo|ac»S ■ p^z^tka 

C!oii'ti-nen'tal,a. jfesHfi^xJ •jjooei? 
Con-tin'gence, ^ n. tf&?fc KJ^l^a, 
Con-tm'gency, J ^c^zsc^, ^P^^ 

125 ddit--oo« 

Con-tin'geiit, a. SobKcs^H^, ^tofto 

Con-tin'ual, a. e^si'^Xp, a^Sfos^p, 

Oon-tin'aally, adv. (Od^'^KsSofiS, a 
Con-tin'aance, w. ^(iT^S^er*'^ ^o 

Con-tin'a-a'tion, n. ^i^^ "Ij s^og' ^o 
Con-tin'ue, v. i. ^^^^^^^'^ ^o^, 

Con-tin'ued, a. •)«^'Sx'p,X)&s^p;Ptfo 
Oon'ti-nn'ity, n. <Oa$"SKBSo«^^o&&D, 

Con-tin'uous, a, *<0«^"^Kp, «S>-C)>j^ 

CJon-tin'uously, adv. o35^'§X8Soa^,'^o 

Con-tort', V. ^.s^oS'V^cSSm. [«5wX. 

Oon-tort'ed, a.s^o8'j^s^ooD|5'. 

Con-tor'tion, n. sJoS'tf, o-r^i^Kix*. 

Oon-tour', n-^^s/^-r^c^sSM. 

Con'ttaband, o^p-ix^oxJcej^i^^fejSr* 
p U^C^^cnfiip. — w.S^»5M^r« p-ix^o 
8jc©a^sy^S'«s»5 p-iy,^o5;rc©S|5'«j:) tf 

ICon^tra-band'ist, n, p-ix^ojjcttS^ss 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

OOV— OOV 126 

z>&S'^Cfia>^ T^^^OQto^ iS«S^CfiS>5 

TT» S'eoXbi^^ ^jSr'jSi, as to c. a 
disease or habit ;^£,^tr*^a»^^ 
-O^a TvlScx^. To c a debt»»c5 

Con-tract'ed, a.«5wa^c^r*P|^,'i:)oli 

Con-tract'ile, a. 8S»5foc-5r'-a(Sb. ^ 

Con'trac-til'ity, n. j&a&c^r^pgy^^ 
Con-trac'tion, n.i^2^^ r'pjb^^to, 

er<8JiS»^^^l^^a-7r'^c»»&>. C of 
debts— «tf^€»^<:»$>&D. 
Con-tract'or, n, 8L«^otftf» ^i&r*f>|i' 

Con'^ra-dict', v,^. -Tr»2$*j6,"f3fi^j6, t5f^ 

Con'tra-dic'tion, n. -r»2^}6to, "^iJjj* 

Con'tra-dict^ory, a. t^-l^^^^ntS^^ 

Con'tradid^tinc'tion^ n, -^c^iSm^ ss^ 

Oon'tradis-tin'guish, «. Ll^iStbXzs 
Con'tra-ri'ety, n.}sstS^>^Tfti5*^9S»,^^ 

Con'trarily, adv. aob»«6»-7r*, (^©s&^ 
Con'trary, a. fiK)|^'^,(sr9s&-o2>^, 

Oon-trast', r. ^ ij!fij85j»^^-$;, gn>iy 

(Con'—) n. -^pj^sto, sj^B'g'i^fiJM, 

Con'tra-vene', v. t. i5j9s$p»9o^, •)© 

Con'trarven'tion, n. oe^^;J85M,^cOs5^. 
CoiHiriVate, v. t. s^^,^a*cx^zi>.^ ' 

Con'tri-bu'tion, n,-f^tf«c«5i5!»,«jSS8&* 

€>«5»5SoTT'585o-0'Sc^. [^Oo^dfe. 

Con-trib^utive, a. 'jcTtf^T'dgpt^r^^jSb 

Con-trib'utor, n.*(Sa*cxst&ij'^c5^mj^c 

Con-trib'utory, (u ^i^^T^^^^^t^ 

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Con-triv'ance, n. cJU&^^^-^ooSiSw; 

Coii-trive% vM c»S>_J^c«»,i'€ko^^ 
Con-triv'er, w. sj5aj^5r»C(5^, g'Cko-O^ 

Con-trol', n. ej^-T'j^sSw, t^^^j^i^w, 

Con-troFIable, a. ewc^cKpS^, 1^ 
Con-trol'ler, n. e)e9c^or»c2foj«9'0^ 

Con'tro-'Ver'Bial,a. a5r»-cr»'jl^2^2o|i'^ 

Con'fcro-ver'sialist, n. sp»Qo^ sp»C 

Con'trover'sy, fi* 5p»2J«Sx, SK2S«6ao, 
Con'trovert, v. t, ■ScJpoT'ao^j -f 

Con'tro-ver'tible, a. S)5T»T3n»«jl.2^2? 

Con'tro-ver^tist, n.3T»ao^oT»c<5fo,bo 
Coii'tu-ma'ciou3j a. «€3cXp,©&K'c© 

Con'tamacy, n.iJbB^?^^c85M,^K''j:)j^eo 

Con'tn-me'lioua, o. Brs^ij^do'^CSo^X 

Gon'tnmelyi n. ^rsi^i^tsz^, Xg,c9 
Con-tuBe^ V. t ^eK:?Cc?rto,«)^tfc^ 

to, r<^. 

OoHiun'dnimj n- -^wSi^Ke) (f^^j ^ 

Con'va*lesoe\ v. i,^g^i>>H5,^b€M&)fe, 

Con'va-les'cence, ^ »• c^g^ «fo?^'iS' 
Con'va-lofi'ceucy, J (^|®> &*Xt^ 

(5doS 8ea)Xb853pjp«6a3^ '^esa^o. 
ConVa-les'cent, a, 6^Xi6»8^ad t?6^ 

Con-vec'tion, n. itfss^«6we> er«}Si 5r» 

Con-vene', v. ^. ^tp'Scr^Qb \, ^Oo^ 

Con-ven'ience, 'i n, ^^Sj^osSm, -^ 
Con-ven'iency, ) ^5;«^^ s^^:?©, 5r»&D 

Con-ven'ient, a. ^^sSpo^i^, tf-j^^ 

Con-ven'iently, adv. e^^Sj^oj&JTr*, 


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ooH^qoy 126 

ConVent,n. ^jr»^^'iK>oi6i}it&». 
Con-vea'ticle, n. K>^^}Sn^tS»,. 
Con-ven'tion, w. er<g'&'$, v^\i*(S 

ZjSio2d&^, o)Tn^d». rOcr»4a>^. 
Con-ven'tionaJ, a.-^o"IOtfia)^^er«g' 
Con-ven'fcion-al'ity, n. 7^o"IS S'^o 

Oon-ven'fcual, a. 8&^f:>o©o9"aa|i'. 
Con-verge', v. t. 8oS'TSr*&)Sj'&, a.g' 

Oon-ver'genoe, '^ n.a^g'^&DS^agbto, 
Con-TOr'gency, J Si^ "f o^Jc^'$ jSm^ 

Con-ver'gent, a. B'0'^(Sb, a.S' -ar^&D 
Con-vers'able, a. -ji^^jb^,^, •i:?in^c 

Conversance, w. sja-sToKSiSx,, jsjfcw 
Conversant, a. "SO^^^, p-^csoc^^, 

ConVer-sa'tioDjW. *()o^tLvdy •jCTer-o 
ConVer-sa'tional, a. •jcTop^sSLra'jCfooo 

ConVer-sa'tionalist, '^ n. Sr^Tv- 
ConVer-sa'feionisfc, j ^of^ Sb^o^ 

Con-ver'sative, a. g'€»-^cK^c»^^j6oo 
Con-verse', V. i. ssr>6oc7»<3b, •jcTo^ 

Converse, a.^OjJofi^^ocScoSi^^Csj 

Conversely, adv. ^p^8o&-7^•, «i»6 

Con-ver'sion, ». xScnObx ^ ^|^o«&^ixj 
Con-vert', v. ^. ^«>^, «Jdtf^|^«5»^ 

Con'vert, n. «^o«&^85»cr< i fi-^^o-o 

Oon-vert'ible, a. a5r^"lfi(5fo, ipskcX5r» 

ConVex, a. ?6^|^|:r, ^a, ^"^^^ 

Con-vex 'ity, n. j^ces^, tf^<3-7r- 
Con-vey',"^^ ^. &?§^P8H$, ^gvr-jBs^f) 

Con-vey'able, a. SiBr^pj^c^J^^. 
Con-vey'ance, n.«)o<3-a». st^jj^i^sSmj 

Con-vey'ancer, n. «J^^8i»cx> |jp»cssS> 

Con-vict', V. ^. fir«S).oKSp &0b^^c5sS>^ 

(Con'— )n.-^tf^c&^^i,oj5c«)di^ 
or»c&, "SO. 

Con-vic'tion, w. "^j^sSm^&o^Ad, ^ 
8JjjlBj^-^to5 P^^oBSsSm, ^^g'sSMj 

Con-vince',v-^. ^^sfe^j^^ :gc», |^ 
Con-vmced',j>^. ^^^^ ^t^^, 

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Gon-vin'cible, a. ^^oj;jcJfK|f, 2jt}^o 
Con-vin'cing, a.p^\08S«S»(Sa"^go^ 

Con-viv'ial,a.^ en» ^j:) ^|^,^^ \ss^7:)oz)o 
Con-viViali8t,nr. ^e7''jj85K>8'e>oT»c&. 
Con-viv'i-al'ity, n. ^^tf»85»,^^ 
ConVo-ca'tion, n.^cTtfr^l.. [t^sSm. 
ConVo-ca'fcional,a. t^^^^Cjooo^^^. 
Con-voke',t;. ^. •j:)i?'8$pao^. [<=^(^. 
Con'vo-lu'ted, a. ■aaOcSi^jiii^^r'p 
ConVo-lu'tion, n. ■aoO,-?>|5'y^|j,©«> 
;fea^. [^,-3»|i'cKc*ic»5b. 

Con-volve% v. t ^to,"a)l)"?)|»,T>|^c 
Con-vorvulus, »,-ff^jitf g^ai»,s^^Xo 

i5s>^ 2$b^-a». ^fjtfsSo^ felftr'pjb^ 

Con-YXilse', v. *• K^iKrfs^cociOi^, -^ 

Con-vnl8ed',a. x'ei;Ci^sj«c"iafo,r'6oo 
Con-vul'sion, »• !rotf«5»,tfcac5S, -S* 
Con-vul'sive, o.5JoS'tf€»fi^;g)^fe3,tfe3c 


Coo, tf. t. (^I&tf 8S») SJ'CSSSSo. 

Cook, n. tfo&3oj'C^, sj-t^SSc^j 8^oto 
Cooked, p. a. sjo«^c«3S|^, 5S-s^|^i5a)^ 

Cook'ery> ». tfoioxjp, sso^^ •^g'«5aoi 
Cooking, n. s^odo, zt^n^tSm, 
Cook'maid', n. ssohot\^fir>^^^'^oo. 
Cook'room', ».sJo<SoooDgo,-^8''iro,«Sa 

Cool, a. ^op, $^o2>c^5 "Ps^^^pt^j 

Cool'er, n. t^^\^^^^S^^' 
Cool'ing, p. a. ^o^^, ^sl^o&^tf 

Coollyi adv. ^o-7r»j"3«&.a'7r»,p^^o^ 
Cool'ness, n. Ug>c25^iS», ^g;!^, <^«> 

Oooly, n. Sj'Osncafo. [3,^^. 

Coom, n. S'wi5j»x>i5», -iy^j^ijo, <r*?^d^ 

Coop, ». g^«GN"acx). oT^pP I^J^cJSwT^C 

Ooop'eriti.. f)-^oo3€»^c3aS>iT»c&. 
Coop'wage, n. S)^o«Ss5?)j fe-iy-oKSoa 

gtS^jSj^O. [afo,{rD|5tfp^^«5. 
Co-op'erant, a.a.rj^jjsj.oas^jjjp^'P 
Co-op'erate, v. u^iS^osS:s5^,^^}ssp 


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Con'fa-ta'fcioii,n. ^o5$^K5M,e:?^5j«i», 
Con-fute', V. t. ipo&o^; «^S)OiS, 
Con-geal', v. t.-i.«)^^^c«»,7CgS'|^3 

Con-geal'ment, w. "5ob&),$o?)^ao^ 
Con-gee^n. Xb^5«)t^^?;5wsf a^l^Ko??. 
Con'ffe-la'tion, n. "t^ki, XSi^ixiko^ 

Con-gen'ial, a.«)j5a5cr»€>2'c^;^^'r»S9^ 

Con-ge'ni-al'ity, w. t5>f65cpe>^,S§''i^j 
Con-gen'ital, a. •^&og'j5ao<2daS>|jr^, 

Oon-ge'ries, n. .nngr. & pi. sSak, -d^ 
Con-gest', V. t* 2L.8'TS^&)^cf^^g'c«5w 

Oon^glom/er-a^tipn^ n. ^oc^cesxb^) 

Con-gltt'fcinant, a. ^e»-^ |i'4S, e^o 

Con-gki'tinate, ^. ^ e>o^o^6^ ?5X<feo 
Con-glu'd-na'bion, n.«o(b:)§^jDc33»o 

Con-grat'alate, v. ^ a.S'aSS'Oai^^oci 

Con-grat'u'la'tion, n. Scp«^ •i:io«§^ 
Con-grat'ttlatory, a. scp^^ iio^tL 

Con'gregate> v. i. & t^ K>o*^5^c&, 
Con'gre-ga'tion, n. ^o^ ^d$o6:^ 5 

Con'gre-ga'tional, a. •f^a&r.e 'j^o©©?? 

Con-gest'ed, a. cj g'sSoo ei>^g'86w7rȤcp 

, Con-gres'sional, a. •il^'j^o«)o?'a>|^. 
Coii-ges'tion, n. -^s^sSdoo-* z^^^ ^ , ^^ ^ ^ 

\ Con'gruencei n, e^jjoHbes^^, d^-^c 

Con-glo'bate, a. ?()0|^p^ ^oi^Tr^jSo 

j^Jn . — y. ^. ^ofi^TT^^cs^. 

Oon'gruent, a.^jSoKbrajp;^, "jcToK^^ 

Con-glomWte,,,. U ^o^^Tv^^dc^jIcon-gru'ity, n. (^^S^.>^, e)f^^e.o 

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Con'ic, 'I ^ fc^c^cr ir-<b.^-7v-^ 
Con'ical, ^^ ^^^^^ 
Co'niform, ) *^ ^ 

Con-jec'tural, a.^8r.os>c«&<S;^,^^ 

Con-jeo'tnre, n. ^sf*, ^ («>)S^omo 
-$), e5j6l6^^86» V. *• & t. ^ 

Con-join', v. ^. ScpOo^, ^Ob^. [r'fJc). 
Con-joint', a. •j:)ocx^_^25|5', Sil^ 

Con-joint'ly, adv. g'0|5, altfr ©o-t)^ 
Con'jugal, a. ©ar^tf^'i^oejo^^Sal^, Tr»o 

Con'jugate, v* t, |Jc«t»15j'8SjDs1j^^^ 
Con'ju-ga'tion,n. |Jc«T»K7'5)p?l^_§. 
Con-junct', a. -jcJocx^^^;^, Scp»a^. 

Con-junc'tion, n. ^a§',i|^oST-«»?C«5», 

Con-junc'tive, a. g'0-S)2foXe»-$)^^. 
Con-junc'ture, n» -^o^^r^XtSxi, S'O 

Con-jure', t;. i.a<fcoT>to, wj^i>^fc« 

Con'jure, v. t. & i. 7r»{^(5©J5c^cJS3a, 

Con-jurying, n. 7r*»(Sg:)2Jc. [^. 
Con'jurer, n. -7r»o35T'C&; s$ar-o|^sSc 
Con-nas'cence, *J n. o)S''g^e>?6Do2So 25 
Con-nas'cency, f 5^o^(feo,^o<^D7r-^ 

Con'nate, a. ^S'TT'osSoofi^ ©^o-€)(^, 
Con-nect', v. i. ^Sbj, §cr'0b^,-iC)o©o2f 

c3a5o. r-joozDo^ii^sSMTCe;. 

Connected, p. a. ^a;^, icJobdo^o^;^, 
Con-neot'edly, adf?. "fjozDoyjSw g'D^ 


Con-nect'ive, a.g'5)~S)&,^o«)o^jS»j5a 
Con-nex'ion, see Connection-r^foto. 
Con-niv'aAce, n. •^■os^a^i^^^Soo 
Con-niveV.^T^ -Ot^ a^l^'d^tf §So&); 

nsually foil, by at. 
Con'nois-senr', w. e)$<^coSb, ><bcs2^c 
Con'no-ta'tion, n. wiJjtfw. [d^. 

Oon-nu'bial, a. »3t»8Jt. -jCjowoy^^, 

Tr»os>»Wos3 ozf 2?1^- 
Con'quer, v. ^ "T^ejo-^^sowo-^^S^So 

Con'querable, a. 2?o»o«5?g'c2>|^, "^ 

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Conquered, p. a. 2?o»ojC)C©a|^,^^'Con'se-<5ra'fced, a* same as conse- 

2P^. I crate. 

Con'queror, n. ^ic^o^^i^cd^. I Con'se-cra'tion, n, coi^sSw^cs^toj 

Cou'san-gain'eoas/i. t^J'-jcfowo^JiSM 'C^^'s^^^^^y' ^- s5a|5i5M^"^&>5 g^ 

Ko,z)o^^^sSmXo. [•i:)0©oif86M. j syj^f^86 'i:)8S3a^o^d^. 
Con'san-guin'ity, n. 2^9^ciS», jj^ Con-sec'utive, a. ssK>f)7r';6^5a,jr^ 
Con'science, v. sS^^j^^i,, ?-cr!^95^ "^""^^ a.r*Ss5^^2^, c^&sfcj^-go-^ 

Con'sci-^n'tious, a. ]j^coo3t»OXo, 
Oon'sci-en'tiously; ady. ir'ccxfiiSM 

Gon'scionable, a. ly^ccxo^i^^^tf ■»> 

Con'scioas, a. 'S0»Xo;^tfg'8S»Xe),c») 

ft5c^cfi»|ir^;He is c. of his faults 

Con'sciously, adv. ^O|5,«)65c5\,<0ea>S' 
Con'sciousness, n. oJesoS', 2.^(^i;«^; 

Con'script, n."^|^er<^Ob^r';$b6o8S'^c 
Con-scrip'tion, n. eiosyo^tfwTn "^^^ 

Con'secrate, i;. ^. CJ)i^85»^dQS»5^«5» 

758SD«^f5a|^, as c. numbers or 
Con-sec'utively, ado, sst^-fSiv^, a.S'&S 

Con-sen'sus, ». 'i:)sfoj^sS»,Sii9'sji5cw. 
Con-sent', w. t:)*^^, ei)oR-5^tfj6M, e> 

Con'sen-ta'neous, a. efSbXbes^pc^^^^ 

Con-sen'tient, a. a,ss^r*p;^, oi"r*^ 
Con'sequence, w. ^osSm, :5>0«f*tf 85», 

Con'sequent, a.«j5o^ao^J^,g'0'7^o&, 

!{S€>86M7r» o)0\S^ ; used with to 

or on. [«j»o-r'dgp^,«^o©«5»x'€>, 

Con'se-quen'tial, a. 7:)o^j)o^^5 e5 

Con'sequently, adt?. -T°ct3&S, g'ySdS'. 

J6x>f>^x^X»ea^. — a,^tSody^o^7^'y | Con-serv'ancy, n. tf£,w«5(»,-T»ir'^& 


Digitized by ^ 

Con'ser-ya'tion, n.^j36ce3«5»,-ff^-i^& 
Con-serv'atism, n.55cr»Oo\e)8Ss^?li5»"t5 

Con-serv'ative, a.^j^o^JLo^^Sbj-j^o^c 

Confser^vortoire', n, '(Sofi^inl^T'v, 
Con'ser-va'fcor, n. s^Q-i^oSSc&^'j^oir 

Con-serv'atory, j5M©^«6»yc 
Con-serve', t;. ^8r'|X'^-a&o,-B^-i^&, 

121 OOV-OOX 

ConHsdd'erate, a. ew^^^i'K'o, wer* 

Con-flid'erately, adv. ^tr<-{^|^5^^ p 

Con-sid'er-a'tion, n. e:5er«^|f ,©Ty»tf 
Conrsid'eriiig, prep.-^-D, -^t^d^, 

Comaign', v. ^ a^af^j^o^, -^j^i^jSm 
Con'sign-ee', n.'j^^CJSSo^ a.c^?\o^^jJ 

Oon*sigii'ment, n.^Ko^jei^S'BSM 

Con-sist', V. t. (foil, by of or tn)tfO 
^cSSS»o&, ^ooocsSoo^} (foil* by 

Con-sist'ence, ^ ». •i:)oX^8ix>, e^aOog 
Con-Bist'ency,J ^y^oiStS\t&ijy *(Soz>o 

Con-sid'er, v.t. A i^w-^^x^g^j)^ I Con-sist'ent, (u^oK^^t^, ea5b«2? 

do^; ^vc-S, «)o^ 

l^^a.!)^^^ ^oaB'-7v»?Sc)olSdfo,^J$S?C> 

Con-sid'erable, a. «|^o^3^i^, §-o^ ^^-^^.S^^b^^j^o-QSk. 

^^ ® c ?o , _^ I Con-sist'ently, adv. ej6?(bcac!6w'7r», 

Con-sid'erably, adv.e)^o^«feo-7V,r*o | Oon-soFable, a. i-cr>tf^ctf?\i^. 
^«5»»TP&o2i,t?er«^^SS"gc2^H|i'o^5 Oon'so-la'tion, n.i-cr»fl&>^,^wao-t), 

0. Con-sol'atory, a. «SboijrSsjlf85a^g'tf"»> 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Console', V. i.iTT'55r5,^eafio^,fife^ 
Con-sol'idate, v. U ^J>^©o«c"^<:5^, 

C5on-sol'i-da'ted, p. a. K^S^ocScwS 
Con-ioVi-da'tion, w. '««>r*fSWo,X'gsJ 

Gan-sol'ing, a.fiSSi^sj^sSDi^S'j^Tto^. 

Con'sonance,'! ». d^oag', og's&^c 
Oon'sonancy, J «6m, wjjb'j:Jtfe9«5M5 2f§ 

Oon'sonant, a. ti>j6'icrdo-©cS3S»?^, «5 

Con'sonons, a. 2f^p**'^»S»X'o. 

Con'sort, n. •j^tf^sr*?? 'T^g? <^^ 

( — Bort')r. 1. •j58f»sT»'i^«5»^c3aS>,tf 

Oon'spi-cu'ityi ti. ^N&)86w-7r» ^^czi 
Con-spic'uons, a.*^'?J^g.'£(^,1^^<^^ 

Con-spic'uonsly, adv.^^s^^nixi'rr>j 

Con-spio'uousness, ». T6k3v&>«5»7r»S' 
CJon-spip'acy, n. ^^^Tr*v^^'^ v>o 

Con-spii/atop, n.sS|&)er<^a^5r»ci^. 

OonHspire', v. t. A <. 8Sitot!c3aSa,obTr» 

Con'stable, n,v) oi^^^^ej^ a . 
Con'stablery, n. ^cr"Obc». [|^. 

Can-staVulary, a.^«r»0bo'j5ooo^^ 

Con'stancy, n. pcwtfa^^S i^^^ p^o^j 
Con'stant, a. ^^ei'BKp, p^o^^-^^^p 

Con'stantly,ad/?.«)aS'^KSSofii^ ptfo^^ 

Con'8tel-la'tiou,n.|^3t|^ *(it&»Tr>o:^ 
Con'ster-na'tion, n. ^o i^-i^&o,^)©}© 

Oon'stipate, v. ^i5DOt)o¥iS»^3cfiS>,^ 
Con'sti-pa'tion, n. j&o^o^sjw, Wij' 

Con-stit'uency, n. pc«r»8S386e v>*^ 
Oon-stit'uent^ a. 8og'Tr»po3i»g'^ wss 

Con'stitute, v. t o)»\^m5?, poaSSao 
x$>, C^-Oo^, Cj«S)o^^ S'OnO^^ !f 

Oon'sti-tu'ted, p. a. pooSStooxjc^S^, 
^^-t^^yPtiolfi^^ Tr»»c|b®,'u>arc 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Con'sti-tu'tional, a. «^ii^2?^jV^«^ 

CJon'ati-tu^tionalist, "> »K f)©o^|^OL^ 
Con'sti-tu'tionist, J "s^tf^ao^a^ 

Con-strain', v. ^. ©€>tfo^8to^c5^; P 

Oon-strained% p. a. pt^^o2?t6»er«fl» 
Con-straint% n-pcf. oy«5»;2D05Jotf8i»5 

Con-8trict% v. ^.^«Jb«5», ecao^; >» 
Con-stric'tion, n.ef>«$>jS»Ao^«cac-^&). 
CJon-fitrict'or, n.r'oi^^oai^oBSjSb T^rg 

Con-strin'gent, a. j&oifcci^r*^c"^ 

Oon-struct', «. <• ^toj^a^o^^Sir^w 
Oon-struc'tion, n. ptPjW^fe), «^"^;^ 

Oon-struct'ive, a. pe^o^tf JXo^p 

Con-struot'or, n.p5^d-0|^oT»c«fo,S'g 

CJon'strue^t?.^. «>Ji6»^X)^} ef>^£08S 
Con'stuprate, v. ^.^ea^,(ygj67f c 

123 Q01I-CM)» 

Con'sta-pra'tion, »• j ^p^ea^Ao, 

Oon'sub-stan'fcial, a. Sil^^^i^. 
Con'sal, n. ^^ tj»2Sc«S» l^o2^ TCtS 

Oon'sular, «• fr. consul. 
Con'sulate, n. a.S' Tj»8?otf>i(i'o«6 s>tf 

CJon-sult',t;. ^. & i. a.S'a e^jj^cxfi 

Oon'sul-ta'tion, n. a>V6«r* ^^^t^ 

Con-sum'able, a. ap^3-»K tfewtfCJS 
Con-sume', v« ^. z^do^ j ip'vS\o«, 

Oon-sum'er, n. syco83«5»lSc33S>oT»&} 

Oon-ffu'ming, a.5fftr*OT3^,©p'S'^2fo» 
Con-sum' mate, a. •^tf^^j (jisSL 

(c5on' — ) V. ^.-^^^ScW&j^jJjjj*^ 

Oon'sam-ma'tionj n. itf9»Jlo«^, *{5tf^ 

Con-snmp'tion, n. X^oBSifo, ^^oesS 


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OOH-OOV 124 

Con-sump' tive, a. &omo^2^, I^^o 

Con'tact, n. "i^r^tfvjSM, ig^cfiSto. 
Con-ta'gion, w. i^^j^^ ^«^ s^O(^ 6^X' 

Con-ta'gious, a. ^oto&^?C 7^000^ 
Con-tain', v. t ^to, e'en cja»o&. 

Contained, p. a. er^xJoj^i^r^, v^xjo 

Containing, a. er<s^g'0j\cjsS9|jr^,g'o. 
jDon-tam'inate, v. L ^oty> ^d3Si>, 

Oon-tam'i-nalion, n. ^odco, e)^-Oj 
Con-tam'inative, a. ^sd^e^ito) ^ 

Gon-temn', ©. t» ^v&.c^}s^ tScS6», 
Con^template, »• *. & u ipn'cpo^, 

- ^^^^^ •^^. [^«S», -Oo*^. 
Con'tem-pla'tion, n, eer*^^|5', v*i{ 
CJdn-tem'pUtive, a# T?r»c|f«ebc5i^, 

Con-tem'pora-ne'ity, n. oig'-r»e>sS>o 
Con-tem'po-ra'neous, a. S)^'^-«e)8&>o 

Con-tem'porary, n.o)S'Tr»e>'$)sr»c&, 

Con-tempt', n, «e>&c«SM, ©i^-ji^^ 
Con-tempt'ible, a. BiS^ij-d^THciSK'^y 

Con-temp 'tuous, a, 9t^*i5(|-do^^, 

Con-temp'tuously, odv- S^-^j^iJ 

Con-tend', v. i. 8y«Tj»&, iofno^, 

Con-tend'er, n. dr8Tn3fosr»c&), 8'e> 

Con-tend'ing, a. a^Tr-'ai^, 85?C«^ 

Con-tent', a. ^^^©a^^, "jCio^S). 

^paj (Con'—) ei'<pa,€r«eojSc)|^ 

Con-tent'ed, p, a, fjo&Sj^ T^ao©^, 

Con-tent'edly, ady. ^;^^, ^oS^ 
Con-tent'edness, n. ^J&, 7^0^^. 
Con-ten'tion, n. j^ab, 85X«i^, snc 

Con-ten*tious, a. g'ojj* ifccSSjc^i^, 


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(SOU -oon 

Con-tent'ment, n. SK_&, 7^o<3^sli6»^ 
Con'tents, n. pL v^isojbo&> sn^ 

Conrter'minal, "i o. ^o4Sc»S»^, 
Con-ter'minous, j ^6 cS6»(^, 2. 

Con-test', v. ^ & ir 8y*TT»2^, ^)<^ 
«jy»d^, asT'C^j&a^ca^ — (con'—) 

Con-test'able, a. 5r»Oo»ctfH|^, ©sr* 

(Jon'tes-ta'tion, n. a5r»«^«5», SX^^ 

Con'text, ». "^G^^tf "p^o^CJa^^^ 

Con-tex'tural, o. 7Sc^(«S0 'f^^^® 
Cpn-tex'ture, n. eOtf^ T^c^. 
Con'ti-gu'ity, n. ^©tf, ^OosJ; inbd 
tSot&xtf CJX'eaTr* fSbo^&)to, F'ci 

Oon-tig'uous, a- ^dc«S»(i^, ^^mtt* 

Con'tinenca, 'i n.^g'^ojaoKS^gsSM; 
Con'tinency, J s^o^6oos PjX'tf'jSM^ 

-T'jjj^&P |X^tf»«S», 2^8S3«5n. 
Cpn'tinent, a. s5^(©o85 p\Xzhti» 

Con'ti-nen'tal,a. aSatf^fi^tf ^o©e¥ 
Con-tin'gence, ^ w. sSe^iTfc tf?\|^©, 
Coii-tin'gency, J ^o^ssc^; ^P^ 

Oon-tin'^gent, a. SttbKcsJJ^i^, ^toSo 

Con-tin'ual, a. cOaS'^TCp, »^&)S^p, 

Oon-tin'ually, atte. o^sfBX^oS^j s> 
Oon-tin'aance, n. ^(^S^er*"^ ^o 

Oon-tin'u-a'tion, n. ^(^\ "^ s^oS' j6o 
Oon-tin'ae, i?. i. ^c^^|?^«^"^ ^o(&>, 

Con-tin'ued, a. «)«^'S7Cp^a3fos^;ptfo 
Con'ti-nu'ity, n. o)a^"^K8So5^^odfo&), 

Con-tin'uous, a. ■«0aS"S7Cf), ^2>-^^(^ 

Con-tin'uously, adv. <05^'§K8Soa^,"9o 

Con-tort', V. t '. s^og'tf ^cs^ . [sSwK. 
Con-tort'ed, a.sjoS'tf s^ok>^. 
Oon-tor'tion, n. sjotftf, »-8r»V«fc^. 
Con-tour', n.«^©/«-5^tf86M. 
Oon'ttabarid, a.p-i>.^ox)CZ)5|^,6j8r* 

Con^tra-band'ist, n. p-fx^otfctoS^sj 

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OOX— OOM 126 

Con-imcif, v. i. rt»abc4f r»f>8^i6, ^ 

3>(^^csg>, ;<!>^^cs6>^ ^^^cs^^ 

"TT* s'wHb^^ ^jBr*^, as to c» a 
disease or habit ;«JtWer«s58S»^|5 
^l^a 7r»^c3BS>. To c a debt=w 

Con'tracfc, n.2.»^otf«6M,g§*J^^,a,«So 
Con-tracf ed, a,86wi&C'^8^p^,'i^oiiL 

Con-tract'ile, a. j5»&ciSr"35a^} « 

Con'trac-tirity, n. i5»afoc^ r'p^^ 
Con-trac'tion, »M6»ifoc^r'pj^5g&), 

er«»«5»^S^j^a7r'^c5Swio. 0. of 
debtsasa^aj^oo"^ cjaJ* to . 
Oon-traot'or, n. SLi^otf Am ^i6r»f>|i' 

Con'^ra-dict', v.^. ir^^/tiSj^, ^^ 
Con'traniic^ticm, n. -r»«}6&), id2J|6 

0<»'tra-dict'ory, <]U i>b»g5>j^,c^^^ 

Oon'tradifr^tinc^tton^ n. -^tStSo^, sjg 

Con'tradis-tin'guish, t;L ^.lS^«to^KJ 
Con'trarri'ety, »i.5)y'i:r^irj>8r*¥tf»,5Sc 

Oon'trarily, adv. aobtfi&o-Tr*, (^©8^ 
Con'trary, a. ti^S-^^ .^B^o-^-^ , 

Con-trast', v. f. -^iJsSwiSo-i^-^;, ^v 

(Con'—) n, ipsTsSM, ss^^^T^tfw, 

Oon'tra-vene', v. t. i»98cp»S)o^, a)a 

Con'tra-ven'tion, n. a8^^«65»^D^ 
CoiH}riVate, v. ^. s^^.-j^Ttf^cxesScx,^ " 

Con'tri-bu'tion, n.^u^ofisSw.wjsbs^ 

Con-trib^utive, a. :iC»tf»-^©gj,|i',ef>f6 
Con-trib'utor, n.^a*cx^tix>iScs^.r»c 

Con-trib'utoryj <u ^^^-r^b^^^^t^ 

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Oon-triv'ajice, n. c35» J,^^obSi6», 

Con-trive', v.*. c33» j^c»»,i'0^o^^ 
Con-triv'er, n. S)^^5r»c^; g'0^o-O|^ 

Con-trol', n. ^^"T'VjSm, ir^^H^^fSoiy 

Con-trol'Iable, a. ^^c^cKr&'t^) 1^ 
Con-trol'ler, n, ^rac^5r»c&)je?'^ 

Con'tro-ver'sial,a. osr»Tr»«iJ^£J2o^, 

Con'tro-ver^sialist, n. sj^C^o^ sj^C 

Con'tro-ver'sy, n. sncJsSx, SK2^«S»* 
Con'fcrovert, v. i. l5s^p5r»ao^, "B"" 

Con'tro-ver'tible, o. aoT»Tr»'j:)^25^ 

Con'tro-ver'fcist, n.oT»ao^sr»c^^lto 
Con'tu-ma'ciouflj a. ^e9cKp,©t67Cc«> 

Con'tumacy, w.j6cr»g^g8SM,©tf '(^Ir-O® 
CJon'tn-me'Iions, a. 8tf'i:ii^ao^&,K 

Oon'tumely, n. ©t^^^^-^jiw, Ktf,c9 

to, r^- 

Oott-ta'sion, ». i^'vcKc^^Ao^ ^&«6 
Oo-num'dmm, n» ^ssSjj^Xo (5*^5 ]f 

Con'va-lesoe', v. i.f^§^iS)K),?fomS>?fe, 

Con'va-les'cence, ^ ^^•'f^S^ «fo?fc^ 
Con'va-lefi'ceucy, J I^^^* 6^^*^ 

ConVa-les'cent, a. 6r«Xi5w86aa ^^ 

Oon-vec'tion, n. |CJs^86ooo er«jji sr^ 
Con-vene', t?. ^. •j^tp'Scp?^^, ^^^^ 

Con-ven'ience, "^ w. e>fSa8cp»o85M^ -^ 
Oon-ven'iency, ) «pc«fco, s^*}:)!^; sr^do 

Con-ven'ient, a. ^fSbScpo^c^, sj-f^^ 

Oon-ven'iently, ctdv- «j68j'0«&^7r'4 

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OOH-QOH 126 

Con'vent,w. icTtt*^ ^Ti>o«fc*«j». 
Con-vea'ticle, w. Xa^75iir*ai&^. 
Con-ven'tion, n, er<tfQa»$, v^^^ 

Con-ven'tionaJ, a.^o"ll^tf"aa|^,er«g' 
Con-ven'fcion-al'ity, n. -j^o"^© g'^c 

Oon-ven'tual, a. «&^«i;^o©o5f3to|^. 
Con-verge', v. i, slS'^^oScp^^, sl^ 

Gon-ver'genoe, | n.2,rTSr«&)S^&to, 
Con.\rer'gency, J i)r ^o^jcr-^) Oo^sp 

Con-ver'gent, a. tfo-^dfo, z^ -^^ 
Con-vers'able, a. -^^-^^^ ^^S^c 

Con'versance, n. sjdo^ocssjix., ^afce;> 
Con'versant, a. "SD^c^, p^^c^^, 

ConVer-8a'tion,w. i^o^tLtd,^^^ 
Con'ver-sa'tional, a- f^ov^sSLra-jCjowo 

ConVer-sa'tionalist, 'I n. S^^tv 
Con\'er-sa'tionisfc, ) i)o^ ixo-S 

Con-ver'sative, a. S'e»-$)c)r*oo^^i6M 
Con-ve^8e^ v. i. ssj^ioer^cSb^ -j^o^ 

Converse, o.^OjJofiJb^oaSc©<S|i',X)5) 

v^cast69i^ t}aa$s»^ ^o^t^t^^ 

Conversely, adv. ^ojJoad-Tr-, ©»6 

Con-ver'sion, n. jjar-eb^ ^ e^^csfo^isy 
Con-vert', v. t jsj^Kt^, tfas5^|i'«s»^ 

ConVert, n. ef>^g«5t)^8SMer<^J3■3«o^ 
Con-vert'ible, a. *&^^afo, ^©5^^cJ«^• 
ConVex, a. ?6^o2?c^^ ^^y ^"^^^ 

Con-vex'ity, n. ?SSc|^, tf^a-Tr- 
Con-vey'/^^ ^. H^pir*^, ^a^-jBr-f) 

Con-vey'able, a. fe^Br^pi^e^ai^. 
Con-vey'anoe, n.«)oa-ac», ir»tf*|^85»5 

Con-vey'ancer, n. »^5«$Mc» ^jycsg* 

Oon-vict', t?.^. ar«8,,oo5p ^flo^^cs^^ 

(Con' — )n. "^tf ^c&.^dLoccttS]^ 

Con-vic'tion, n. "^^sSm^&o^Ad, ^ 
SJ^aj--$)&)5 pn^^c»S«$M, ^^S'sSooj 

Con-vince',1?,^. i^s^^to ^cs^, |^ 
Con-vinced',p^. ^^-^^ zf,^^^ 





Oon-vin'cible, a. ^t^oxicrsf^'^ yZjt^^o 
Gon-vin'cmg, a.p^^cDBSj&aj^'^go^ 

Con-viv'ial,a.^ ^ ^-^i^ ^^^\^^ozio 
Con-viv'ialist, Wr. ^o^t^jSmS'ooT'C^. 
Con-viv'i-al'ity, n. ^ig^\8^«5»,^cr» 
Con'vo-ca'tion, n.^^pr*|.. ['j:)«63c>. 
Con'vo-ca'tional^a. ^^•j^joao^^^. 
Con-voke', v. ^. •jCTtp'S^Oo^. [<^^l^. 
CJon'vo-lu'ted, a. -aDOsjaf^,"^!^^^'^ 
Con'vo-lu'tion, «. 'aDl),"i!>|i'y^Aj,8»o 
;ib&. [•^,'3>(^cXc'^c»S». 

Con-volve', v. t. ^to,"a»0"S)4»,"8>|^c 
Con-vol'vulu8, n.-5^^if^j5»,s^«tt^?Co 

Oon'voy, n. ^ik>,'vr^7St>ytSj^^i6»i^-^ 

,jD(H ^6^"»». -i^tfsSoj^ feiBr'pj^ 
:g)aoab "Sis' ijioa. — ( — voy^) v. t, 

Con-vulse', v. ^. X8iXrfsJc3cSo^, -^ 

Con-vul8ed',a. Ki^Ka^sfwc^iafo^r*^ 

Con-vul'sion, n. iTotfi&i^tfcacsS; -^ 

CJon-vul'sive, a.8joS'{loa^^l^63,sJc9C 


Coo, t^. *. (-^^tfjSM) SSr»c36a. 

Cook, n. sjofiooT-c^, 5)-x:^8Sc&>5 tfoto 
Cooked, p. a. ssodczi&'f^y ss-c^|^«S»»^ 

Cook'ery, n. s^oAosjp, s^oto^ i^i}&x>$ 
Cooking, n. s^o&a, e-s^^i6w. 
Cook'maid', n. sSoko^C^fin^^u^oo. 
Cook'room', n.tfodooooa),'^S'^o,i& 

Cool, a. Sop, ^^o2>c^5 15«^ag?l^, 
V. t.Scr»5b,e:5ea>,S€> 5>i&5^o^tf dfo. 

00 ' ' CO ' 

Cooler, n, t>^\^^^^S^^' 
Cool'ing, p, a, So^^, ^sl^oSS't^ 

Cool'ly^ adv. Sj>7v*}"p8&.a7r»,p^\o^ 
Cool'ness, n. <c> ccJ^^jSm, ^g,!^, <^o 

Coo^y, n, ^^5r»c«fo. [S,^^. 

Coom, n. S'waj»tti6», -iy^J^to, «r*?<5>8^» 
Coop, n, r««Gv-?S». sr»f)f) i5bar>cSS>;<T*C 

i^.— V. ^. er«tfoc'3|Si5bar»cJ^. 
Ooop'er, ii. fe-^ooSoo^csswsr'ci^. 
Coop'^rage, n. fei^oBStfpj i-^oKSw 

Co-op'erant, cuz^ij^titkass'^tip'i'^ 
Co-op'erate, v. u^tt^a^TtsHo^^sizip 


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Oo-op'er-a'tion, n* §cr*fi$KJi^^c5J5^to> 

Co-op'eratire, a.^S^aH^&^iS^-jcfsHcxss 

Oo-or'dinate, a.'nJjfi^jf^^^sfcoc^]^. 

Co-or^dinately, adv. 'fjan^tS^ir'^ ^ 

Co-oi/di-na^tion, n.:f)sjjr»^^-5^{li5M} 
Coot, w. -js^afojiM r*(S t5s' tf^a e^a 

Co-pai'ba,"^ n.s&oab7r»^sj^j-«>Ho^ 
Co-paiVa,J a.g'ajSSli*©©^'. 
Co'pal, n. 8i.^Sj6l&>»oS'. 
Co-par'ceiiary, n. Tr>dKr*25^c8S»,a.S' 

Oo-par^cener> n* tydSj^a^c^, a.g' 

Co-part'ner, n. ?pr?C*£i<&, -^Oot^c 
Oo-part^nership, n. ■iy-^sr^p^^iSw'^ 

Cope, n.a,tf«>^^^-^a6o«i>o^.— r. i. 

aiXb: foil, by with, [dfo. 

Cop'ier, ?*, ^«8^5^»c»foi^•c&, "^iji>SSc 

Co'pious, a* ft^jj^i^', e$«'2>{5', «i 
Co'piously, adv. t^'^^nix-K^j v"^ *^ 

Co'piousness, n. a^s*^, w^g'a&o. 
Cop'per, H. tr*5\, ^5r*|riDs53o. 
Cop'peras, n. w^^"^©. [Ko. 

Oop'perish, a, TT%j\syo43,Tr*JlXbcs8i»c» 
Cop'per-smitli', n. •u^XS)f>or<&, H* 

Oop'pery, a. t^»)\<§^^oosc»ai^, ir»R 
Oop'piee, n. -o^a^^tf ooXooos^ift. 
Co'pra, n. ^'^JS, S^tudfiosS. 
Copse, n. •«D|i^d'£Jc{)?Ce> dsSeSft, t)to 

Cop'alate, v* i. •j:»osEr*x'«5»^dsaa. 
Oop'u-ia'eion, n. ^^©^ t^oo^j-^X'jSm. 
Oop'alative, w. 'j^iSM^^cttortg-r^sso 
oss^.— a. sr6ii&. 

Cop'y, w. |j59,|^g'ctt}2.?fsj<S,"aDeoi)o©9 

Oop'y-hold'^ ». SLlTay^J^^^Tk^atoc 
Cop'yiftt, nv^fi&^«p*as»isr•c&. [i5». 
Cop'y-righf , n.^Ko¥t^«foctibo,iton2f 


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■aj^jM5»}l>-^fc3p^, z$Xw^ 


Cork-tree, tK itotibr»^s^Jtl^tf8&>x. 

Cork'y, a. "SoifosJoiS. 

Coi/morant, w. ^«)$tp§, ifJto^fiJ't^ 

Com, n. •qr'^c^iMj^fi^Bfea^^J^c^f^®*© 
^ T'oKS '6}i tei5». Indian c— 
-l«)tfij-**jr^oo. Wild c. « J)«ntf 

Oor-nel'ian^ ». fi^«)X)otf«&»/ o^sSi6wt3^ 

Cor'neous, a. r'85»^'i^p»o^2j|5'. 
jCot'uer, w. i^opv, r*CT«J»^ «?Ui*». 

Cor'net^n. Oc'a&r'a^M^. 
Corn'field', n.invtSM^ jS^S. 
Oor'nice, n. ^s^'m, ^ab, «y*g>, ?5^a^ 

03 "^03. snj^ -Otf ?f fSbO& '^O-TT'tf ^ 

Oor'nu-co'pia, w. •jCTa&Aa ^tf^«5». 
Oor'ny, a. r*8^syUil>(^^, Kgj •j:ri(:rc 

Co-quet'ryj, n.^oto^&),5JK^c5^(^ 
Co-quette', ». s^Xcr-cS, ^^<>^i^^x 

CJo-quet'tish, a«&)8Sj|-cp^"5k&,s5;€)^A 

Cor'alline, a. ?;fK«ij5M'fj;Q,©Q¥^lf. 
Cor'ban, n.^TK-^j^,e>J6.o95i:t'(5«^i 

Cor'bel, n. jgoip'i5x"a». snp -Otf^jidp 

Cord'age, w. »^1>, ^j^^ (J^^x* 
Cor'dial, a. sSj^S-^tfjS'^c^^wsr*^© 

Cor-diaFity, n. "^n tf»«6»; •{:)-cr»xsy«SM; 
CJor'dially, ad«. 85o|^S-^»£S'86M7r». 
Cor'don, n. r^"^?J^^«5»^ «532^e». 
Core, n.8J^5JoK5i5»585o?^9^K85Di,wo^ 

Gorge, n. r*tf «5», s^Cbsja. 
(Vri-a'ceous, a. -t^e^i&jgjoiS. 
Co'dran'der,w.r'_»Siod,8S^o©d. C. 

seeds»>e5pdSj-«oo, V^c^^ jj^*^' 
Cork, n. «»g5'^c39»'3o&^S)tf «^.— «''^. 

Corked, a.O0;4^"4i&^5atf4akairi,-sr"i:f 

Cor'ollary, w.tiy«|5Tr>o^86»5 tf30^i6», 
Oor'onal, a. ^bk>*^oz>o^'^^^ ^tft6dj 


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OOft— OOB 


Oor'oiiary, a. ^t^^ono^-^^^ i6*r* 

Cop'onate, ^ 

Ooi/o-na'tion, ».«4j^-i>.g'j6». 
Cor'oner, n. a&^^^icda^CT'tfw^-^a, 

Cor'onet, n. -©^^SfitoiSM. 
Cor'poral, a.^6tf'j:ro©oef2>(^5'^6^«^ 

Cor'porate, a. s?tf ©jrjjj-jcrao^ s^Si^, 
Cor'po-ra'tion, n. "jiJo^SjsSm. 
Oor-pc/real, a. -jCTtffttf^^^^-gn,^^ 
|^,«j»5JtfMXo: opp, to spiritual. 
Cor-pc/re-al'ity, n. -^^fitf^. 
Oopp8(r*5^^n. Mngr. & pi. sj&n»oi6M, 

Corpse, n. i^jy^sw, g)^c;<5>, |jS^«5». 
Cor^pnlence,! n. ^ig, sjosSm,^ 
Cor'pulencyJ o^. [o^pi^, ©OjBi^. 
Cor'pulent, a. ^o^|^, o-2.(^> sj 
Ooi/puscle, n. ei^ew^gj tf_^g'e9»Saa. 
Coivpus'cular, a. e^»>«&^|^^|^^ ^99 

Cor-rect', v. ^. S^&,^sSdo^, ^i».o^, 
SS'i^c'3^, ^f^re^cSSS*.— a. ^25^ex> 
l5p, -i^Jdapi^, ^^"^^^ l8'«^S^(^5 

Oor-rec'tion, n. afi^i^d:^, ^sfooDOfib 

ae6|^4Sa, tptC) 

Cop-recj'tional, a. G'Bifc.'i:);ydo13ab. 
Coivrect'ive, a.a'Q&>, iSsdolsdidy tS 

Oor-rect/ly, odt?. 'i:rd7r-,^tf^c»'^SSo«i, 

Oor-rect'ness, n.^s>^€x>l5o3^ •jCia^-fr^sl 
Cor-rect'or, n.a26oT»c&. r;\c3aa»o&. 
Cor're-late', v. i.}ssvii^^^oz>o^i6»^t 
Cor're-la'tion,*!, ^'^cr»c|^o'i5 o»o¥«S» . 
Cor-rel'ative, a,^(S^>^tS ^ovio^tS^K 

"CPp^^o©o?Jid»Ke> ^086w . 
Ooi/re-spond', v. i.^d}ss^,S{i6»iSdy^ 

Cor're-spond'encejn. ^^tfi5J*^_$ 

CJor're-spond'ent, a. 'f)0^^, (8S©6a> 

Cor're-spond'ing,p. a.^g^-^,s^^ 
(^, ^v^-^^y t5®^(^, T^jaa^i^."" 
Oor'ridor, n. ^sizs, jy^-o^. 
Cor'rigible,a. TrXb^ocxSc«5;\|i', a«)Ao 

Oor-rob'orant, a. ©og'^^-oai^. 
Cor-rob'orate, v. ^.oosrea^, «?a^5Jm 

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Cor-roiya-pa'tioii, n. ©ocm-STAo, jtf 

Cor-roVorative, a. ©oCw-^^S'^. 
Cor--rode', v. ^. «^6otfc"^c»wj Bp'i 

Cor-ro'sioii,n, ©P'^cSsSjAd^ tf^doxj c"^ 

c353a<k>5 «e«)Xb4o,S'{fc;C>&o,J6.0KS«5». 

Cor-ro'sive, a. ©p-^cjaw j^^^&o»o»c 

Cor^rugant, a. B5M&^e»53& 'jJ^^tf 

Cor'rugate, a, i5»(5^^e)osj<3 j^. — v. ^. 
Cor'm-ga'ted, p.a. j&o^^cx)7r»^iBt^. 
Oor'ru-ga'tion, w. iSx^^ex>s5fi^&). 
Cor-mpt', V. ^. ^3ic?r&>3 ,"^66^500^ 

Corrupted, a. ^Sd^coD^^'j (^sS?>\^,86m 
Cor-rupt'ible,a."j^<8o'52fc, j^fiSKs^Qo 

Cor-mp'tion, n. i^cCkAo^^^Aoji^^^ 
Cor-mj>t'ive, a. ^eJ-g)&,2fetr|^^iDc 

188 OOB-008 

Cor-rupt'ly, adv. ^^t&ir&xi-rr^^&'u^^ 
i^i6M7r», ^»^-7r». ri5»^ tali's©. 

Cor-rupt'ness, n. ef^j^afoiioa, «^"^5 

Cor'sairin. an»oKo isS. 

Corse, n. ^sji5», 8)j6c;C>. [jSm. 

Corse'let, n.e^«5»^rs^^«S»,sy&;d7^c5 

Cor'set,n. eaai. 

Cor'tege',n. sOsn^sSoj, ttd©|^8Saj. 

Cor'tex, n. ^65oa»8'(,-«&D. [i^'. 

Cor'tical, a.^A»oa»8'(^«6o'i:jo2j 0^*33 

Co-run'dum, n.8S0b»otfid»,SStfo^e5' 
cx». [j6. 

Cor'uBoate, v. i. -aawicsSa, ^^^^«5d 

Cor'as-ca'tion, n.-aaeso-fe^^tf^tfsSDjSb 

Cor'vine, a. -r^f-jjoe^o^^^c^- [*^* 

Oos-met/ic, n.«5»v«5M|^^«rf5^c'3^^ 

Cos'mic, \ 

Oos-mog'ony, ^.S^5^^a^>©^S«^;^_§- 
Cos-mog'raphy^w. arKft^sstfra^SM. 
Oob'mo-pol'itan, n. er^g'»S3o^o^c3a» 

Cos'mo-pol'itanism, n. er«S'i5»|^o^ 
Cos^mop'olite, see Cosmopolitan, 

Digitized by ^OOQlC 

Cost, n. "ao, (S'asstfM, i^j^ocriM^ tf to 

Cos'tal, a.Sio^^iij^^tS^^oiiOZio^ 
Cos'tard, n. a^g'ajSS^^jrjoi^. [5>ff . 
Cos'tive, a. «5do©o2j?«5m7V'J6|^. [«$» 
Oos'tiveness, n. jSjooo^sSm, «ir'«^ 
Cort'liness, n. "^oi^&^jasJiwiSbj^e^o 

Cos'tume', w. asb^, ^^^•^,'3j1i5». 
Cot, n. 85do^85m5 ?ib<3^. 
Cote, n. ■A>cg'oS^^5 e)osJ, ^c*. 
Co-tem'po-ra'neous, a, Stf-ff^osSDo 

Co-tem'porary, a.^j6»"ff^l)c62.(^« — 
Co'te-rie', n, %. 8r»5^o§c7'&D86w, Sto. 
Co-ter'minous, see Conterminous. 
Oo-til'lion, w.«)ps)oa8&o© e:5&a;8'i*n 

Cot'quean', w.«c5^oK, Jj^o^^cS^sJj^ 
Cot'tage, n. Xb<3^, So^^^sSm. 
Cot'tager,^ n. 7<b<3*^ -^^r^p cs^o«> 
Cot'ter, J oT^ciSb, So^Se^sr^iJ. 

Red c. tree = i^os^zxftSo)^'^^. 
Yellow-flowered c. tree «=>§^oei 

Cot'ton-gin', n. ^_9er<i6oax)^ojl» 

Cpt'tony, a* ^f^^otk^. 

&cSw.To c. a lance=«8^(Sb^&DSS 
»^to859?<b|fto -^c"fej6 sJtor'fSb&) 



Cou'gar, n. a.tfesrS-^l). 
Cough, n. & V. t. tf;jfc. 
Could(sS(g^j f . ^ of can. 
Coun'cilj n. -jJtp-.^er^-tfifTJtf. 
Ooun'ciUor,V i^ w^t^t^^ t^^rsT^der* 
Ooun'cilor, J "^tfc<5fe, i^o^. 

Coun'sellor,^ »* j6»0|9, t>ag^«j^ar»c 
Coun'selor, j &, fi€)tf<^5)jj5T*c&^ 

Count, !?• t o3o^, T3tfi^"a^, "QS^o 
^^ (with on or v^on) i^i^r^p 


n. a.-r»i59tf(tf#6«&Di5». 

Count'able, a. "gg'jjy-"^.<;9ajf . 

Coun'tenance, n. j5»ip.5^^^ «5>jipi5» 


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— ddv. e2$i5»-7r»,(^^S3^€)8^7r»^© 

I^^JOo^&t 6»tf^ar sJM, as counter- 
act*^— (cdtint' — ) n.75S'jp."s>^oT»c 

Coan'fcer-act', v. t. |«98&'€>i5«TSc3aS», 

Conn'ter-ao'tion, ?*.^a^6^«fco,i tf®^ 

Ooml'tel^acfc' iye, a, (K983f»©6T55fo,X) 

Coun'tep-bai'anc©,- n. 755696^,7^6?^ 

a»^"a^f>§75d'7r»ifo^ cHb j^d6a>^'S|S 

OouDi'ter-buff', v. ^. a&ir©c5rA»,-8|t 

Cann'ter-cliarm', n. iSS9«6ooi^«Sb9. 
CJoun'teF-cui/jrenty n* •)«6&7r» -dn»ea> 

Cottiiter-eviderice,n.o}efei67i^^ c«&>> . 
Coun'terfeit, v, t, i6tt9^a»tps^kSo 

ro^o^, e^gij^TT* 7:J^o^.— of. 

Coun'ter-mand', v. ^.|^^\"^c33a>,?^i6 

SJW-S, S6n.a^-gc»»; r'43'^C335a 

(coun' — )n. ^x»2^&3 Cttr*© So ©Obg 

Ooun'ter-march', v. i- «5oeaf)d^^ 

(coun'ter-march'jn. sSaeaD^^^). 
Coun'ter-marV, n.^^ziot&xii^'Scss^ 

Coun'ter-mine', w.isjSjd^O'oX'sSMjisj© 
c3aS>_| . — (coun'ter-mine')t;.^. isj© 

Conn'ter-pane^ n, sjea-^&c^^S. 
Coun'ter-part', n.|^^55cr>s58&a,^sj©sSa, 

Ootm'ter-plot', n. <»)^&«)SS^jo,^«©c5:g> 
J. — (Coun'ter-plot')y. ^.<0i6»oSS 

Oomi'ter-pomt'^ w. x5M-$)^6skdS. 
Coun'ter-poise', n. 7;)65^c;<b&)"^"^ 

Counter-poison, n.a.tfas5,85w|i'sS s>ea3 

Ooun'ter-scarp', n.r*&>^Ay>fSdod^^ 
Coun'ter-sign', w.T5o2^5J7:)oBg'«5»l5S' 
^i5r»ejo. — t;^^, T5o5^s5^7^o^g'85x>'^ 
c5s». Too. 

Ooun'tei^sig'nature,fi. l5odisyiSior» 
Ooun'ter-'VailV*^* -^Ci^, Cfcocxfo^; 


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Ooun'ter-work', vX («8oo3^«S»^ I Course, n. Ks&^85w^f^,^e))^«5wj ft^^cr* 

Count'ess, w. fem. of count, 
Count'lea8,a. "9^^t5f>,«Oo^2>(^^ ^ 

Coun'fcrify, v4. ef>ir"Kdtfi5»7v* S'^i'c 
Ooun'try, n. "^^jSMi^i^sJSJjSa^, 7r»«>^ 

Coun'tiyman,n. TPC'^^»l3(bj'd5r"c 

Ooun'tryseat', n. 5:>^caii»^5Saj^?^i5» 

Coun'ty, n, «cr-. 

Cou'ple, n.-Ooafo,S^,a^2^,5r£OBS85c», 

Cour-a'geous,a. J^^j5»?Co, ptf xOBS 
Coui>a'geously,adt?. 2^j^o|55>,tir*, p 

^o(bD, j5»A».Ia the c. of time= 
"^Oj^j&jSaa;^. In c. =- firtJo^JTr*, 
^S'8fcl6^J■7^•. Of c.«=» «tf^r85»7r»lS. 

Oours'er,n. 5Jo^-^Xbu«5w, -iXti^Ko 
Cours'ing, n. -^cAa. [^g*^- 

Court,n. ^^^ e^i^sSw, r»e»j&S&^&) 

(50059^0^, ^f^l5«^*^t^'«^0'^ 

Oour'teous/^. '^"^^^^«>^'c^^^c^l^j 

Ooup'fceously,adv. ^Tr-otfTr-, 'i:rif'j:r 
Oour*teousnesa,t^. i5»Tr»otf^ ^ts^S^, 
Coui/tesan, n. -^jTc. 
Oour'tesy, n. sSa-D^oJ^^ifJ^fi:)^, a^^ocfi 

Courtlier, n. Tn»7:rip'o8Sofibo& sr»c 

Oourt'like', a. ^^jf "8to|^, 
Oourt'liness, n. unKatf^, -fTtf -jCT^. 
Oourt1y;a,-p^8?ij;f<r'i(fQ«)<xf2^jf5 ^^ 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

adv. «S)ir»oa*7v»^ ir»X'6g'«6M7r». 
Cotirt'-mar'fcial,w, ^kn>ot&io^t> -fT^c 

Court'y ard',n.e5sjtf e9i6w,ar»S ,-^ tf i^^ 
Cous'in, 71. ^0 2;Jo|&ooa»S'^ ^sic 

Coas'm-ger'man,^*. 2,S'i^^^85w-cr»ciS 

Cove, n. «5Deaoc?<5>, "O^to; Ts^cl^a^o 
Cov'enant,n. a.^owSg'. —v. i.^o«) 

CovenMLted, cu a,2^o©<3«'^^r*f)|^. 
Cov'er/ t>. ^. aSar^aSAx^ tfxJ^} ■CT'C^} 

Oov'ering,n. g-j?^, i6j-c^, siw. 

Cov'erlet, ». -©j^ a.», 

Cov'ert, ».^eMc;<5>,'C5*d>D}<Sr*og'. — a. 

Cov'ertly,adj?. {f^w:j^j5a,^^ "SOcwi 
Cov'erture, n. Aea>c;<b, jbe^. [sSoai. 
Cov'et, i7.<.&i. «i8o^^ r^Oa/^I^a 

Cov'etous, a. e^o^X«>, ■iTn'j^Ko, 

137 000-OOX 

Cov'etously, odt?. e>B^c^^^ i6ir»^ 

Cov^etoasness^ n. «Sc)-a»§^, cr<^i6». 
Cow, n.«;g), ?r*^. —v. ^. -stfao^, 

Cow'ard,w. 8)eJ§,«o2^. — a.&fe586ab|^. 
Oow'ardice, '^ n. fc658^|^8SM^e>2^ 
Cow'ardliness, J tfc«6oo. 
CoVardly,a. &eJ8^|^, ^©^obS«5mK 

Cowdung, n. ^^-^cfi^, X^«SDC»Siif». 
Cow'er, v, i. a»i^cX>,S^e>c;^,<ro8S«5M 

Cow'hage, w.8>©oK>eSbHb "^tfi^-o^ro 
Oow'herd^ ».r o ?nc4S},;r*iy' W(Sb. 
Cow'hide^n. .)^^tf^ss»,, 
Cqw'itch, same as Oowhage* 
Cowl, w. -j^Ti^^ g^oo"SiB§^j6i6MT6>c 

CowFstaJff'^ n. ©ab;^c» ^r^cSjSj&DSSi 

Cow'ry, n* Kss^. 

Cow'slip', ^ n. aj6cXb»;^6b»oiS SlS! 
CowVIip, J ^pi^^i^^. 

Cox-comb'ical,a. fi^ow«5M7r'?Sjo'3&, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Coy, a. i}o9r^^ti»Kv, aSooStfbaKo, 

Coy'ish, a, §ro^t^ t&a!^ts»Kv. 

Coy'ness, n.j5Xb.O(Saj3U^. [SiaJnOb^. 

Crab, tt. «)0(j^nBr*cxC^i^,«'iftH^8'i6». 
Crab'bed, a. -Oea-C^eAfr^^^^i^bT^Oac 

Craek, h. ss^dco^ ftctojtf^TsP^^S'oDXb 

]6. — t);fee», "si^j »e«}c;<b, fee 

Crack'-brainecK^a. "3ft|, |?ft»g'5p 
Crack*er, n.zi^oXdTl^d^^kti^y^^j^kn 

Crac'kle,v.i.(diini. of ci:ack.)^ios>4o 

Crac'kling, n, ^iD^k>i6i>p>^^. 
Crack'nel,n. a;g'aj^*3&^|kci6M, 
Ora'dle, n. ^ocSc«>^<§^e),«r'Jo}^oc 

Craft, n.'^cfe^jcjsw J, ^§w, «Sj^ocS, 

Craft'ily/*dy. tfc&)i$y.<r^, ^^©e6oi5» 

Craft'ine8s,». ^tf4D«5w, ^^p8$^l5». 
Crafts' man, n. s$poT*ci&,^?)^,«o^cp 

Craft'y, a. s'55iS^^,^|^«»8SM7<o,aj^ 
Crag, n. gL^ar^d^sSTr-^S* p^&i86;x.7r»f6 

Crag'gy^ j MSJ^o^j©!^ o^fiSi^&^Sa «> 

Crake, ». "S^^iiiugs^a. [J^^^* 
Cram, v. ^. Scp'ed>,^8S8Sj,-,e»C'^5»9 

£o86^4otfM7v» ©!6(b5 «BsO c^&3. 
Cramp, n.©8^©sr»a8M$^&i5ok»Ob5«&>o 

Oran'berry, n. g'«>ocs lEPcwSfSasNt) ftb 
Crane, n. i.'3§^o?C, St»^§^«i>SS,«)S'ft"* 



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Oa'ni-ol'ogiflt, n. g'^€>«8JC;.sSc&. 
Cra'ni-ol'ogy, n. {T-^ocSJBLS' T j^ 

Cranky n. syo-^cb^j s^^i^ J.— a. 

Cran'nj, n. l)c*Sg', sjXbco, ifO(j^«S()». 

Crape, n,^,^d^^^KiSi, 

Crash, v. i. Xf)«o|^^Oo^, -^tf-^fsSb 

Crate, n. ■3fiSbebtx>&). 
Cra'fcer,^n. «);\^X)»'£^«sp{^85». 
Cranncli, v. t, S'jj^efs&p i^sfocx). 
Cra-vat', w. ■aDfi^eSs'&»r'"^<5fo;C>5^. 

Crave, v4. ■Scd^r'fSc), o9;5cr»«)§^j6, 

,j!r«© o^, r««>, e:5«&?fe. 
Cra'ven, ii.&eil§sr»c2fc. — a. tfoesifo^ 

Orav'ing, n. 5r»ot?,e>$er-sS.,r*aS',^ 
Craw, n. ©o^t&o awS'j^ ^F*^^ 

Craw'fish', n. 7r»5*6^oB5c «!6 ^csj. 
Crawl, t?.f. 2DoK>5b, (ir^csS, ar*C7r»&. 

Cray'fish, see Craw-fish. 
Cray'on, n. ^5^•'9(&t^g•^« . 
Craee, n. ^o-o^^^, "SlI^^tSM. — v.^. 

Cra'jsiBess, »» ^ tft»a, ■tfo^_g^,"3 
Cra'ay, o. S iftxa"i3p. 

Creak, r.*.«g>«fojjb,8ej8erer»«fo. 
Cream, n. lx>cX«^, -^w "&«)?(>« fcocO 

Cream'-faced', a.'So'Sod^ocoT^'to^ 
Cream'y, a.ftoc?Ctftfo«3| bDcKtfKe). 
Crease, n. i6b&^^, tb^^.—v^ t. s&tf 

Cre'at, n. ^^^t^ e^ ii>ofib d^l6d. 
Cre-ate', v.t. i^^«o^, pe^o^f, ro^o 
Cfe-a'tion, n.-i^^^,ptr^cdtf». [^. 
Cre-a'tive, a. 'j^^^Oifi^^^, ^^tftf 
T^(^. [Cfocttb. 

Cre-a'tor, ». -j^^^r^^-^^cesb, ^«Sg 
Crea'tural, a. eo«b7:ro»o9^{^. 
Crea'ture, n. |*»e3, ©oSb^, ^6, ^\ 

Cre'dence, n. |^«^tf, t^^^^t^. 
Cre-den'tial, n. Ti^^'^rr>K^i&iP p 
t^t5>^}&», ^^znw^C — 8, pi, w^ 

Cred'i-bil'ity, n.|i'8fc^cc^Kc35^o&(b,ft 

Cred'ible, a.^8&^c«H(^,8>tf£'i:)}boc6ito 
Cred'ibly, adv. ^r^c^Ki^^isr^. 
Cred'it, n. (^^6',X'c9c^,«;eb:S,i__§,^c 


Cred'itable, a. ^§^1^, 35r^X'^^ 

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CJred'itably, tidr. 7^^i$»-7^, TDfe 


«|^f^l6ar»tf*l5w.— p. ^. of crow. 

Creed, n. ifo^sJM. [^^^. Crew'el,r^. tfo?Dl>Tr»?f85M, g'oa^l^b-ex). 

Creek, n. ■0]^^|^a,.g'ooSg5 •OI^t:)^^ , Crib, r.f. ;^c^er«Tbto.— n.-oi^X'aj 

aroXtf?^iS»7Pir<d. |criVbage,n. a.s'azf^pi^ -ff^^«5Mo 

Oreep'er,n. &cX, e^5 a,tf02f s^^^^l^j^ | ^^^^^^ j-^. jja^^ o^. 

«|ooc6f6&^. jCrib'ble,?i. sSxlfcS'S;^^^.— v.^. SOo 

Creep'ing, a. j^"? ^ . '^ 

Cre'mate, v.^. "B^ew^i 2J8j*^«5»^d5Sa. 

Cre-ma'fcion, n,^tftftfT.^i6»,TPc»^&3. 
Crep'itate, v-i. tf&)«>&)«fcj6; -Oio-Oio 

Crep'i-ta'tion,n. ^ioOdo, ssAdcAo. 
Crept, p. <. & p.p. of creep. 
Cres-cen'do, n. (^o^^T"^i6m^o2^) 

Cres'cent, n. ei>i^-cSoiaoc&, «{^n:^o 

Cress, n. e5ac«r.€»^^. 

Cres'set, n. ^-y^J^feciSM. 

Crest^n. ^^^r'sj^jifo-u^ooajS^aS'to; 

Crest'ed,a. «^{^j5x?Co5&TT»octoX'€>. 
Cresi/fall^en, a.c5s>^oo5iSM>aoQ7r^s5 

Crib'riform,a. S^iisyofcS. 

Crick, n. "aDfiS Ita). snpp j9sJ^cS^o 

Crick'et,n. s|or*a, ic.^cro»5 z.^ 

Cri'er, n. o)oi5m-^&ot»c&>} ^6So^ 
Crime,n, "^^^sfco, ef^sx«6M, -^i^i^sd. ^ 

: Crim'inal.a. "^i^sfcoKo^fir^si^^,^^^ 
^(^)^«^' "^?^86MOfSb aT3n»tfe3^"^ 

Crim'i-nal'ity,w. "^^tSoa^ wc-tr*^^ 
Crim'inally, odr. ^c^-tt*, ^^tSoti>. 

Crim'inate, v.t. fir^ibc»8r*»CTiS^^c»S», 

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Crim'i-na'tion, tt.^sJjj7ar»^^/fir*A? 

Crim'ple, vJ. «&o&c^^i5d2^>£5 ^ 
Crim'son,n, "lo-^sr^. — a. tsjiss 

Cringe,!;.!. |^g'j^8)|^ooS«i)0€» ^cs^, 

Cringe'ling, n. ^fi'i^^.-^^'^'^ ^'^ 
Crm'ging,n, i^S'j^a^ooSifej^^gsj^^- 
Crip'ple, n.8So4S5T»c&,0^cr»oXbc&. 

Crip'pled, a. 8So43, ^|o. [^cSm. 

Cri'ses, n.pZ. of crisis. 

Cri'si8,w. ^o^t^^t&>cx^}&>9,^o^k)^ 

Cri8p,a. "a«(>^ 1^^ g'jj^tf cr^'Qiib 5 ^o 

Cri-te'rion, n.«}J6L»tfM^ ?ib«a^5(j5«ani 

Orit'ic, n. ;()e3fir«ss.Oar»tf8Scifc, ^d^^ 

Crit'ical,a. ?ibe9er*sl»'S-C^S'2o7$'5 ^f)j^ 
Crit'ically,adv. S'^^^iS»7r»,*t6cn»<&^ 

Grit'iciBei v.t. titSod^e^ ,rdW^^c^ ^ 
Orit'ioism, n. ostoif s^^jio, ^A^^s5^e» 
Ori-tique',n. ?ibwer*sS.c6&^a6>tfN5 tJ 
Croak,t?i. (S'sJ^oo) 5cr>cJ3S>5 i5ane»Xb, 

Oroak'er, n, iSbir»oo?fo§^}5b5r*c&, ^C) 

Croft,n. ar»a, ■?>tf3fo,d^e)i6M. [^«S». 

Crone, w. ^wj^JOa. 

Crook, n. syotftfj er^c^g'wj ^oi^j&o. 

Crook'ed, a. 35oJ\ii',«oS'2_ (^,5y|8'^|^. 
Crook'edly, adv. sSo^tSi^,iS^t^'7r'. 
Orook'edness, n. ^o^iSy sJi^^. 
Crop, n. 2.^^ ^o6d, ^c)«Sm. — V. /. 

r^^oo S'_§do^5 r*c»M. — r. i. 

(with ot^)©ocs3ctt5J^, •i;)v!;l«SjXb5 

Crop'ful, a. •^»'85c»7npo(3|^. 
Crop'sick', a. ^^^z&oi^^p ^o^i::xs 

Orore, n. §^43, ^esooJtoD. 
Cro'sier, n. xroS'uS'ed, r'"?)-«jM, 

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Cross, n. 2. ^^ii)^^-©iJ*^5»c^ ^eos^ 

C» multiplication«B5:ji2r*9^cfJ85M. 

(Sx, as, to c. the arms or legsj 

Cross'bow', n. a.g'©!;^^*!^ ^^• 
Cross'bred', a. oo^^s^Ba^, •j^oS'tf 

Cross'breed', n. sx>^^s^©,'j5og'veyi^. 
Cross'-ex-am'i-na'tioii, w. i,)aa S'JL 

CroBs'-ex-lLm'ine, v. ^. o)ei$bA3S'Asr»p 

Oross'grained', a. -S;«^-jJ^i^^^^i6t' » 

Cross'ly, adv. e^5^id»-7V'jS^sJ«5>4-7v». 
Cross'ness, n.-0M-eD«eer»'S(5fo Xbe»a6M, 

Cross'-ques'tion, v, t.^^i^,^^^vi$o 
Cros8'way',w-. «><Sbi^sy, we&-cr»5. 
CroRs Wise , adv» t^a^^MTv*. 

Crotoh'etyi a. e&ef^ti(n^tJMKe>,f)ss6€r 

Oro'ton, n.lJ^raSdjj a^^ft^f^i^ ^sl 

Crouch, V. i.|^eS^r'f>c3aMo&,A^oO 

c3aS)o&, syoXTj*c;C>r'pc»Moao5 ^ 

Croup, n. HbgsSMatoS'i^ "Sj^tfiS^^X 

Oroup'er, same as Crupper- 
Crow, w. -r»§j r*ascpc^.— 1> i. (^ 

Crow'bar', n. ^ssis^ s^peau l58'ar»ca 

Crowd, n. Xbo-^, ^iSbj^tf»85». -*»• t. 

Crowded, a. ^ibo-^^poSi^, •^Ti&.tf 
Crown^ n^SStoaJMj Tns^cijM, itf<»^c 

oo-r«tfi5M$ Ijlg^^j^©} "Boifof^V 

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Crowned, p. p. & a.c^^^ j^c^c^^ 
Crawn-glass^ n. (jSg.^^ e)g«5M. 
Orown'-post'; n. s^oASoBoaS"^^ "S)«_^o 

Cm'cial, a. 2^ J^A^ €)9h\ySptiO^ 

Gra'cible, n. tr*8^«5»oiJb 5'tfcKo^ 
Gru'cifix, n. ;5r»f62.^'^|f "^csSeor' 

Cru'ei-fix'ion, n.i6ar»j5b2.c''5*3-A5CSSe» 
Crude, «. «>556«S.lp.^^^^, (jc8^j©8cr» 

Crude'Iy, adv. "aar»to7r», ^|r»X'aS'iS» 

Crude'ness^ ^ n. ^>r»dx>^^iS», i5»i^ 
Opu'dity, J ^^^}&x>, «s5dss.j^^^ 

Cru'el, a. ijj'tfg^c^^ 8'©I^^^«08Si5» 
Cru'elly, adv. jSj»«^i^-7r». 
Cru'elty, n. |^^j^£ife>, (J'8^cifo),8'^ 

Orvi'etj,n. Zji-g^^tii -O^Tj^^^, 
Cruise, n. 8L6'»9^»Mwd^ 8^o^i6992&" 

148 OBO-OkU 

pr'o^iiM S^rStSo^^^k), — v. i. -jC) 

Cruis'er, ». cjoSjJ^'^ ia^. 

Crum, "^ w. 6^"gb8SMg'i^5 6^^Sco 

Crumb, J 6'^-ao_^p9-x'i6M. —v. /. 

Crum'ble, v. t (diini. of crumb)^t) 

Crum'bling,a. d^aj^cSTr-Tr^oDj^iS. 
Crump'et, n.e^sj^tSw, e)|», ar*"^. 
Crum'ple, r. t ^tt^cssto, -^vc'^,-^ 

Crunch, v. i. g'?J5'?J«SDf)|^8&oo. 
Crup'per, n. 2§per«jSbo(S;<bw •$;<§^cg' 

Cru^ral, a. -Br^D-jcfowo^i^, 2r'o5>Dg' 
Oru-aade^ n. 2, 1^5&e» a.-r«15oS'nan» 

Oru-sad'er, w. 2^!j^6od ^^^25o«£ 

Cru-sad'ing, a» S)'^p20g'TT<»f)§ atjbg 

tfi&»^;d ^jglfco^^Jcff^^^f c«*>g-^ i Cruse, n# •©t^^-Tr^sSAl^ iJs' toog. 

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Crush, V. L^vcKcfT^) €)^^c?rko^ 

Crust, n. 6r'^a»S'^OebT^-7r'jSi>o"S 

Crua-ta'ceous, a. ;<bo7Ce), "sboSSTCo. 
Crust'ed, a. -g^oSSS'&Si^, sJSS^g'&S^. 
Crust'y, a. XiS,,XiS^'^'^^X}6;»7<0'y 

Crutch, n. ^og'g''6a,SSofc3oT«>cc&^fi^ 
Crux, w. § ^o^t$». 


Cry, V. i. ti>«d^5 o3&\5"a»6a"S)&x);8cn» 
Cry'ing, n.-SDog, o)?&^. — p« a.iidfc^ 

Crypt, n. r*8^S);6c?<be>fSair»c©-a^jr 

Cryp'tic, 'i a. w8tf tf»f:)c2?t^^ ^^ 
Cryp'tical, j -^H^. [sJoiS^p^^o^c^. 
Crys'tal, n. 'j^x&SS'iSx.— a. -j^K^S^iSm 
Crys'talline, a. •jK«Sg'-i:)o»o<|Jg)|^5 p 
5^e>2p|^,'j:^-{^\2)^.C. leiis«»g'o6S 

Crys'fcalli-za'tion, n. 7CK6Sg'i6o^syl3 ?C 

Crys'taliize, r. i.^jcKiS^wwa UA^^^to. 
Cub, n. San»|^,fce) . — V. t&i^'f^t jBo 

Cube, n. pSocaaw, "SS^oo^^Jb, ^O^"^^ 
er«c^^, -^4i6a^co& r'o^cwJJa ^ 

Cu'beb, n. ^cos^^wdoaSsSy), ^cS'Ood 
Cube-root, w.$o|^i6cr»e)«5M. 
Cu'bic, "I a.^|^s:?8ab^e986wK>);paa 
Ou'bical, j css>,-3a^e»^^ •)^ er^c^ 

Cu'blt, tt. I^»r>9, l6ar»"5C&. 

Cu'bital, a.i5atr»"8c2&5i$Mr»cr6abi^S'7:;o 

Cuck'old, n. ss^^Tj^ds^at^ ^^eTcXo 
Cuck'oo, n. fcs'i&j •eJg'r*8€)»^©er<^ 

Cu'cumber, ». ar*.'j^ign»o8$.. ^ 
Cu-cur'bi-ta'ceou8,.a* er^^^tosir^ 

Cud, n. ««)ig)c» ■^sfcObJ^l^^r'-pi^ 
e^sHJfsSw. To chew the c.^ss^ 

Cud'dle, 1;. i.Tr»c^s^<;g)5«$w&c-S§^f) 

Cudg'el, n. {^^^g'ee, afi^. — v. t.^w 
Cue(s^o)> n.2Jgt^^'^^ Jfeo^ioy^p 
1^5 files'} r^'jcr, .«)ay^j S5|3>, «)©Y. 

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Cuff, n. ^23j,<«-fe,>fe^5 5^-rvoG5 

Ctti-ras8'> n. g'sj^^ato* [ow. 

Cui'ras-Bier', n- S'sJ^aiwlSiBr'jDi^iair' 
Caish, n.^2^€)9S-^i&r';6r»-;58!$M,s5DO 

Cu'linary, o.sjoioil^osaoJf^a^^^S'^i 

Cull, t^. ^i35^&d3»»— H. ^v^}^!^ 
Col'lender, n* S;grf, ^%^?^^- 
Ool'let, n. e)tf -^-^ijogS. 
Cul^lion, n. *«8d, J^i^cfifc. 

GnVminAte, v. i. ^^^*»|^8^^89 e 

CaVmi-na'tion^ ti. ^^^^^«5K)|^S6e) 

Cal'parbil'ity, n. ^tf85c»,«5JTn2?«fa>, 

Cal'pable, a, *^»«ix»Ko, ^;^^(*'. 
Cal'pably,adp. "^jTito SiT^&jJ'to, g 

Cal'patory, a.po2yj6"90^2^,f)oicr»g' 
Cul'prit, n. «)sJTr»9,^y^c<5^,er*5),. 

Cult, «. ifoTnotf , 7r*tf Sy85»,>J^|^8SM5 

•^2?. [colter. 

CiiFter, n. t^'C'^^SS'caj. Also spelt 


J ^e)^ 

Cul'fcirate, v. t. irj!Ll3c«i>,fi^gSJ^o8S 

Cal'ti-va'ted, p. a. «>t^c«)attfj|>^?6 

Oul'fci-va'tion, n. l^S^^s^csj-j^aWM, 

■^tf^aswj «>?jga, ij^Kd^^, jjejp'if 

Cul'ti-va'fcor, n. Tfc-^^tfoco^^'^crb 
Cul'feure, n. ^^tx^i^K^^ss^isi^aB^tiao^ 

Cul'bUred, a. o-ry»c«r<jjT;Jo7(iig»lS cd 
Cul'ver, ». ■Sg;Xbs5^. [sJ^j^^jb^^. 
Cul'vert, n. ©i^^TPoMJwBr-cAw&a 

Oum'bent, a.^8o2^8;)ac*fr^j^o;^d3S> 
Cum'ber, v. ^ zj«J^-?r«2i^c«efo^«^o 

Cum'bersome, a. ©0^2. c^; lar'OBS"^ 
Cum'brance, n.^tfi6a»|^oCJi^,s)tt.o 

Oum'brous, a.v>t^'^^^^kio^itS'^^, 

Cum'in, n. ^o^g^^e^S'stoj. 
Cu'mulate, v. ^. u^;ib^c5S3a, a.g'437r» 





Cu'mulative, a. (d^2c^;Sj'«^c6|8^. 
Ou'mn-lose^ a.^K>vSr^po&c5^^^. 
Cuu'ning, a. ^-^oBSaSDaXo^Tgeb^Ko, 

Oun'ningly, odv.tfxjAoitfMTr'j-x^KSDiBri^ 

Oup'bear'er, n. s^^o^sj5ny»{^sSc<5fo. 

Cap'board, n. atfa^gp^ SfibsJ. 

"j:^.— {— pel') V. U zSsn^v^^rscKo 
^"imy^cs^y^e^'^cs^. Spelt also 

Cu'pel-la'tion, n.s^isv^tS^t$:avSi^^ 

. o^cX^^^ "30(3 tooTT-ttoojSc) g'tf'cHo 

Cap'ful, n.H-^c&>. 

Ott'pid, n. s&^^.c<J§b, -s-sSxC(J^. 

Cu-pid'ity, n. -f'sSobSm, ^r'tf^sSwj^) 

Ou'pola, n. ^-^cr^J^^fsSw. 
Cup'ping, n. ;\'^g'wS)o^ V^Oo & 

Cu'preous, a. tt^^^sjo^Sj -u^X^a^. 
Ctt-prif'erous, a, -o^^^Xe?. 
Cur, n.^oK^^i^, ^fi^SSri^. 

Our'able, a. 8S«Sb«)^&)«S^2fo^|^,jsr. 

l^^ca^XTS*, tr?ibtfe)DS) i^^g^i^. 
Cu'racy, n.2j_^^o^^'i5o«io2?^^ 

caws' c5SS>6r^cK8SM. 
Ca'rate, n.^Jj^^Soaa^r^ -^e^gri 

Ou-ra'tor, n. i:;g,;ja^cr»{^e3g'^,«5So 
Curb, n. ibgSTkaSMjtJioog'jSwj 5Le'x>^ 

ai.— r. ^ ^racT^, Pw^, tJioog' 

Curbed, p. a. r^^tSo^-^^^^ ^ctcX^, 

Curb'less, a. e)&l5p,pv.o2;J«SMl5p. 
Cui^uma,n. xJt^o-^j 3;JT6o-^*ato. 
Curd, n. tOo?C), «^. [jJbo<SbAo. 

Curd'iness, n. -£ec»wo&<^D,-aOo7C>7r' 
Cur'dle, v.i. "ifibr'jjc), ^ifcr^ysb. 

Curd'j, a. -td^, -^OoHoT^fSai^^. 
Cure, n. SSs^Lob^to, ^§^^, r'S'^^^ 

j;^,§6fi^«), ;()€98So?ib, ^^^^y^. 
Cure'less, a.;&,^p^sSfi^ijf)^^;^-jQ3s 

Cur'few, n. ^^^^tS^-^cx^os^otiio 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Cu'ri-os^ity,^, 'SOiBr'i^sjlJl^j^ 

Ca'riou8,a. fio^^, «>-^c5a^s5^(^, O ' 

Cu'rioiisly,adt?« ©^i^«S»7r», ^^i\^S 

Carl, V* t» ^dooo -^iDOD sJ^c^^^ 

cXSSa, sJ&"Sc»S». — V. u ^tor'jSc). 

Curled, a. «^^ex> -^tocjOTT-fSatirN , «5w 

Car'lew,n.2.S'2f9-?,«6^ooS, ^o-c^xj 
CurFy,a.^|o«>5?&D«)-7n}6^. [A . 
Cap-mad'geon, n. fcjBT576, e>!^€r<^>. 
Ciir'rant, n. o3o2ic"349(^ iTX'JficSJod^, 

Gnrrantrbush, n. g'Oois&os^o^aod^ 
Cur'rency, n. ^5^, ^oj^aj \^^is 

Cm/rently, adv. t^tji^VwiSm-tp, -^ 

Our-ric^alum,n. S)-cr»c&oSS pi^ooao 

Cur'rier,n. iS^^cCfSc) ^c»»o3fc2fc, 
Cur'rish, a. 5og'(^;fo«3^2$>?l7:)Q9^xjria> 

Cur'ry, v. ^.(tr*«)fSa)»c^}5b^c3H»5Trc 
2i>5 (XbM i6»j6)5^«S». To c, favor 

Cur'ry-coinb^n. 5r(r*)»xJ85» ^^c 

Carry-powder, ». i^ninv^iioirtstbd. 
Carry-stuff, ru So^^TT'OOSeo, TTfi'idM. 
Curse, v. ^. 3to, i&riy.o^, ^to^. 

Curs'ed, a.^fco»caS|^,'^tf|X'_;^23|^j 

Cur'sive, a. ^•e»1&>8'^7^•^5^•ia|^, ^ 
6^2^!^. C. hand*- TToo^ ST^ 

Cur-so'rial, a. i^fi^^AosScTPp sj&l? 
Cur'8ory,a. 22> ^ocafcaca, ^0^ 
Curt, a. TJojKtf*^!^, "jJoSS^tf^^j^i 

Cur-taiF, r. <. ^H o^, ^&\j^s^cSS». 
Cur-tail'ment, n. ^H^o*^, ^SSj^sj^ 

Oar'tain, n. 'Sv,j;jv-cr»,tffn&.— v-<. 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

Curt'sy, n. s^oj^i^i^. 
Ca'rule,a. ^^^^t^o^-^ii^, [cflSwb. 
Car-va'tion, n.sJo^fcj^^^o'^g'eoXcK 
CiirVature, ». tfp«'»,5Jo-^. 
Oorve, n. ss^o-^;, sso^^c^, ss^'6s(>. 

Curved, a. sjo?\|^, sjo-^Ke. 

Ourv'ednes8,n. s^o*^^ tfjS'^. 

Cur' vet, v.l c^«S3a5S,Ko&.— ». a.s'a?? 

CurVi-lin'eal, ^ ^. ^ ^ 
Oar'vi-Un'ear J «-^L^^^*^^^^^- 

Cusp, n. -^ttoi^, "8o^^^J^g"*^e»S'Oc3a*J 
Ouss-cuss, n. zstS-it^y e>ig)«i)?CS'SK), 

Cus'tard, n. -^ooj^Hb^y^ iTSfc syoS 

^a.C.apqle.= ^er^osSw. 
Cu8-to'dial, a. -jCjoj^&ca •j:)ott)o?J-Stoj^. 
Cus*to'dian,?i. sjfte)?^ ^oaS>sr»c&>, 

Cus'todjr, n. -r«»ssO,7:) otf &ra, ^(5^ 

Cua'tomarily, adi\ iT»&§'-7r',ar»*oy^ 
Cus'tomarj, a. oT»^5b^ ^, ^ipr»c^G3 

Cus'toraer, n.3r'(5^§'Tn a.^'ossoXiSeK^ 

Cus'toip-house', n.ifi^-j^{f^o2,"^oS' 

Cut, V. ^, r«dC»,^»jSS,'§c^,:s&l^. 

•^§)^c>^.a^^§^to.The child is 
cutting te^th«^ Os^sSssogasr^. 
^?^a. To c, a good or a bad 
figure— sSoo^-tobTT^p ^i^^epTT* 

^^fSo^jJSj^dc^do. To c. up?:?^^ 

spoS^'^^a^to. To c. oui= ^8j^ 
ts'w^is "^O^M-CSJi^. — v.t. §^cs$>5 

I^.Cand dri^d-^-i^Jtfg^sja^^^Qj^c 
©<S^.— n. r«c^, ji'eaoSo, t)D^} tt* 

Lr«f)§^c^.A short c..=k?C eSi^sj. 
Cu-ta'fleous, a^-^^K^-^^^ ^S^^^o^^o 
Cutch'ery, ». ^^6. [??:^c^. 

Cu'ticle, n. -:^»j>^a3i?»g'jr-;^«^^>««^ 

Cu-tic'ular, a. ^g^ Jiwg^atfjy^^.*'*^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Cut'ler, ». §'&o3 "^03. t^f^CT^c^ 

Cat'lery, n. ^^oo "S«. ^cJ^&)lfe' 

Cat'let, n. j^o-^-^^l^'jr. 

Cut'ter,w. C)|if^5j«^sy5§^cfiS>-(5-*5J]^s5M. 
C^t'throat^ n.5rP€Spig'^«>r*c»w«^c«b^ 

Cut'fele Y 

Out'tletfiaV, j ^- a^rar^^c^. 

Cyc'lic, I a. 8a;\©aHsr^^l^A3,Tr' 
C^c'lical, j ^(g- -j^Jott^rjpT^. [to. 
Oy'cling, ». t^S^jy-efc«>oa^f)g^^ 
Cy'clist, n. j^ftj^efo wafl^ jCU^^ 

Cy'elone, n. i^^fj*^^ ap^ji 



Oy 'clops, n. i^v^^^f &?^jf» Si.^S'yS^X 

Cy'der, see Cider. rt>-^%SiT6jc&. 

Cyg'net, n. tf*o^^o . 

Cylinder, n, ;^^e> jgof* T^if9». 

sie'dia, "i 
a'dia, ^ 

see Encyclo— . 

14& 0t^&~DA0 

Cy-lin'dric, \ a. »^e> ^:>v^-5^ef 
Oy-liu'drical, j ^^. [^«5m. 

Cym'bal, w. or»o»o^<Sb?r'^5SM,^?r" 
Cyn'ic, n.xfofSp;3y^"^^S)., X)?J^c<&,-eD» 

■Oeaer»"S5^ »nc(&). — a. same as 

Cyn'ical, a. -t^fta^w cj^'ScSb "(CJc^sj 

Cyn'icism, n. ?6ofSb5lc"c^s:SLj5a)^ -CwD 

Cy'nosure, n. ^^ssjSmj tJS'd o^'^i'©. 
Cy'on, n. "^g-f^j ^r^^r'«%^. 
Oy'pher, see Cipher. TsSw. 

Cy'press, n. fccg'^^ab>J;^, ^sso-e^sj^^; 
Czar, n. tf'&?c"S^-^-i^^g'sr_6. 
Cza-ri'na, n. ^i^x^^-^f^-^^^ss^p. 
Czai'owitz,^o o^-^^^5j_e Sco 


Dab, V. ^. "aoo tt*^^ l5s' 2i^. — n. 
Dab'ble, v. u ^fiSooSofibtsd^jTr^ibX'^ 

Dab'bler, n. tpXotv' ^^-r^psjpp^ 

Da-coii', n. e;)oaj^^^ar»oX, er*c-^2fo 
Da-coit'y, w. ooajd^dx), 8^c*^&), 

Dac'tyl, w. ^osJ-^^er* tp-Xe^sSw^SS^^ 
Dac'tjl-ol'ogy,n.. i^r^cXsp'o^d^ a.g'd 


Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Dad, n. ea^, cT^ooSi^, ^^osScjiar*^: 


Dad'dle, f, t. a«£syl3^8)^^8)^l^aSo^. 
Dad'dy, same as Dad. 
Daffodil, n. •^i^^o-^?5.«5m. 
Dag'ger, n. ^u'cBo^ S'&r»6. — r. i, -^c 

Dag'gle, V. i. ^(gdaw. — vX ^^-^j 

Dah'lia, n. 73n»|r'S^» sSmooXo 2>g'a|6 
Dai'ly, ady, |^da^ri»jSb, a^a^«&o^ 

Dain'tiness, n. *^5S85ar»CJ^, '^^^^ 

Dain'ty, a, Oo^Xoj ^KciBpc^jrar'^^ 

Dai'ry^ n. -^oo-aijb^fe "^wj. O ^o^d^ 

Da'is, n. «tfc?C),?)-^^,S5j^5fi[^,-^a§'. 
Dai'sy, n. z^ti^-^^ "^H^^f^^-^^- 
Dak, see Dawk. 

Dal, n. sjs;^. [g'j^jfo. 

Dale, n. sJo jSk», er*ss, ¥^odiv^oti>j 
Dal'liance, n. ^{^7:»i5»,i&a«6en4o,*^l>, 

Dai'ly, V. u rsSso&tr^^, i^rs^tin&i,^ 
Dam, n. ^jD jSaxKria*; ?Cto, ^^^,t?|^ 
Dam'age, n.^sxi5», «J<f), ^esa-^, "3 

Dam'ageable, a. s^p iSs' a^'T'i^S'oo 

Dam'aged,a. l5<S8^c»>i^,s^p8^o6(5', 
Dam'ascene, see Damson. 
Dam'ask, n. tfoHboj'^Sood^ "^c^er*^ 

Dame,n.?o^§^E§, s^o^§-5)ga>|^t5c&a, 
Dam'mar, \ n. ;ibH osSmsjo^S soS's^^ 
Dam'mira I ?g). Black d. =^o 8^» 
Dam'mer, ^ ^, 2;ir«»5?sJ 5Jj:g,«S«)a» 

Damn, v. ^. :^t$^r6»i^Kc^cS^, ^^ 

Dam'nable, a. ^^ir'SjSk^j^, ao§^0 

Dam-na'tion, n. ^tfg'i5»5 tf o2^t^5iar«»^ 
Dam'natory^ a. tffco^^^. 
Damned, a. e)8 ir'fcSk^^, |^tfg'«6M 

Damp, a.^8&^7r»j!6?rx , "^s&tvcJoi^^, 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Damp'en^ v. t. ^ifo^^tasfc, §^0*3 
Pamp^ish^ a. §^o^85K>^«6a.a^, r'o 

Damp'ness, n. ^<3, ^«^^ ^«^- 
Dam'sel, n. 5?ifo^, S'l^c, ca^sJ^. 

Dance^ v. t. «^i^, ^^c«5o^ xScsS)* 

Dan'cer, n. e:?"3ifc5T»c^5 tj&^a,!^ 
Dan'cing, n. c^^c«S», |r»Aoc«6»,^6o. 
Dan'de-K'on, n. ^oaSwo oK sjodS*^ 

Dan'dle, v- ^i5»ac>-7r»^^"3CSbr*pa5j^ 
Dan'driff, ^ n. ^ofcactf s&^l^oojb^tf oo 
Dan'druff, J 7r»l5^(Sc^oe^"^g'^o 

DanMy, n. [d^X-j6o-r'c&,?)to-8r'cc:^5 
Dan'dyish, a. id^KT6o -ff^p55l3 i^^. 
Dan'dyism, n, iin»XT6s)Tpp^(^«5», 
Danger, n. Kos^t$», e9^o8S«S»,8J«p, 

Dan'gerous, a.^ir^assits-^^ , ^p^ 

Dan'geronsly, adv,«i^o32>S'tftf»-7r», 
i^pS'e»Xc?y*3g)|^to. D. ill— •r>c? 

Dan'gerouBness, n ^-^cx^i^^ ,^i:r> 
Dan'gle, 1^. u (jSer^^Sb^ ^Hb. — v. i. 
i^cT'i^'SdaM, ^4^. raob;C>»r»cifo. 
Dan'gler, w.j^cSoer»&or»c&>,'3o4oc 
Dank, a. ^s&j-tv^F^?^, •0_g<S7v-f^ 

Dap'per,a. -Oi^^aSo^eaj^. I^^ r^X' 
Dap'ple, n. 85a^^. — a.o^^rfgsSwKo, 

Dap' pled, a.^j^sser iBD|^,|ar'*|3P5fg«6M 

Dare, v. i. & t. "gj\o^, •^tf'iBc^. 
Darling, a.7^8^75s5»Ke>,'§?<bsjKo 

Dari'ngly,adv. ^tSctSMiT^,i^th^ti>i 

Dark, a. *cS'&Sa>|^, ^o^ v'^^^f^j 

^e) pj 7v«^2p]^tf o?fe?Ce)^ ^V*^^ S* 

z^-g^ifsSoaj w^ey'i^sSM, "^Docsaoj tf 
Dark'en, v. ^ ^cS'^^cx^j t^ex)*^^ 

Dark'ish, a. iS»pfec^63^|^, r^o'^rs&x> 

■fccS'^sai^} r'o^sswi^o p. 
Dark'ly, adv.-fccS'^-Tvj ^-py^tkzixi'T^*^ 

Digitized by L^OOQiC 



Dark'ness, n.foclf6S, ^o^T^VtSo^^ ^ 

Dark'some, a.'focS'6S^|<^$i'j^7r»"S0 
Darkling, a. ^fcoos^t^, iSaiB^. — rt.jft 

Darn, v. t. crxj^&cs^,©^);^ ^p;^|^^^ 

Dar'nel, n. 2^Cbj5c>^ai5^5bHbd5>7r»8o«) 
Dart, n. ttctj^m^^^ ^85w5a;g'2r'8^c 

Dash, V. t §^(^0, ©jJor'AS e)»€>;<b|^to 
^c55^} (with OMi) r»&3"SdBi*, &iB 

Dash'ing, a.xS^^fsJKo.^.^"^*^?^^; ^ 
Das'tard, n.&ft^i^sjotJ.— a.S,6l8^^, 
Das'tardize, v, ^&e58^|^ii» ^ooXc^ 
Das'tardly, a. h^^^-^. [c33S>. 

Da'ta, n. pi of datum. 
Date, n. *g©, ^pSsSj ^^cf^lStoj^ 
§r»5f^co<&.Wild d- tree«ai^c0 

Date^lesd> a.'^a^p. 

Da'tive, a.f^o^»tr»ia^glf^>|^,-i^ab6 © 

Daub, u.^. •^T'cSJoJi e^tofiS) a-g^lf «6w 

Daub'©p,n. *^0o^l5f) «^«>;S)xjpsr^ 
Daugh'ter, n. Scpc^Ob^ r';&»_tf, -^ 

Daugh'ter-in-law', n^, §^«idb,1&^sSL. 
Daugb'fcerly, a. r^j&^jg^owo^Jb^j 

Daunt, v.^ tp-oBSsj^^, "SJ^do^. 
Daunt'less, a. pejAoaSjcgiT, •3sJ^f>^ 
Daw, n-a.g's^d-r^S. [^tf^-jeoc^ ?^. 
Daw'dle, ti. i.&^ -s^osSwacg-^^ v. 
Dawk; n. 4ad»^e»^ ^t»€> ^^oo. 

Dawn, t;.<. *8o sneso, ^^cT^tfocfisfc 

Day, n. a^jSw, er^S^j^^^, e)sj*-j6ox. 
To win the d.*» Oooao^&), "^©o 
^&3. D. after d.a=d. by d. =^^5$ 
©Ol^ttd, a^^Oi^'tJw; D. and night 

Day'book',n. g'8)-o TStf 6^5? t)^ ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Dfty'dream',n. tfg(yj&, ^Ty^^o^^l^ 
Day'-la'bor,-^boiip, n. er^S^jjp, er*gS 

Day'-la'borer^-'bourer, n. s&^Osnc 

ifc, 6^5^Scpl)§ sp^cx^o3^c&- 
Day'light', n. eXoo "dS' » X'^'3cK>cXb, 

Day'spring', n. «eoer«fio»s -ir»e)«5». 
Day'8tar',n.'SsS5y^^(^5 *tfa^8occ&. 
Day'time', n. rXeo^Oj^aSM^e^jj^jSw. 

Daz'zlmg, a. tfogb ^tfo&|5'^^^&, 

Dea'con, n. 2^^j^^e> XaS^r* a^T* 

Dea'coness^ n. /??». of deacon. 
Dead, a. ^-O^j^, sS^©c«r»oOfi'5 19^^ 

D. langnage «« s|sjjj^Sb oT»<Sbg'€r« 
IJpj^-fe^^'sJw. This law has be- 
come a d. letter — -^ts^cobs^Ad 
«j»pfib85Scr*X^«y«oco^6.D. let- 
ter— •Ofib(r»a^'cr»fio -O^lj-pS^^tw. 


«j» Jn the d« of night.** egi 


Dead'en, r.^ r^wdfe-i^aoai^i^tlcSMj 

Dead'lock^ n.*)^^.'^?^ *<c«^e)pft 
Dead'ly, a. ^j^-wo^tfTtoi^, ^j^^»«Hf) 

— adv, (jy»"2yo^g'tfDo-7r»5 r^wiij^ 

Dead'ness,n.^j^ wjSw'doa^pS s^^sSm, 
Deaf, a. ^aiS,w^ebc2|^,"T3;g)ejo»|^c 

Deafen, V, t. 13?g)<&tfea^, ^ig^fc^ 
Deaf-mute^ n. ^©^SiiancX', Sfi^Uoj^ 

Deafness, n. 133g2^, «>9t^^c8$M. 
Deal, n. ^KaSxj nr»Stf86ooer-&D€r« SLlf 

A good or great d. «=- ©■d[j^i5ai, 

C35m} (with mth) ptfcEr*©^, *j^o 

Deal'er, n. s^_gsScdfo 5 &o^srK:e:$b. 
Deal'ing, n. sj^iTiifejj 5^_§>»P^ x^gtf 

Dealt, p. ^. & p. p. of (2eaZ. 
Dean, n. 3^ ^^jg)oeHa;S';6K>jA^|f 8S» 

Dean'ery, n. 3^_^ig)oer«Tao8'Kb«>*' 

Dear,a. ^&cxB2^c^# 6^§^l^j "■**^^ 

^€>K©, Htt^I^i^. — adv. i8)0»itfx» 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Dear'ly, adv. (8)CttS«5w7r-, -^^r^SS^'^o 

16, )\Tr»§-7r». [9. 

Dear'ness, n.^8,o8S^S»,•3e)•^^^^5 ^l 

Dearth^ n. {Teaig, ^b&bSm, ^Tr»8, ^fc 

Death^n. ^^, 8$3ere3t5M; s5;^^c^. 
Death'bed',n,«o^ jg)C<&g', «5d J^ra^ocsSc, 

Death'blow',fk t5^;g>"3©v. 
Death'less, a. t5^;g>75p, 85o?^e««5Ml5p, 

•^1^. [43. 

Deatll'like^ a. «*:g>s^o6S,id)\*>ci6sJo 
Death'watch', n. 2,^^© -Oj&jAo "Stf 

De*bark^ v. t. & i.ij2$^;5doS Qo-^ 

De'bar-ka'tion^n.i, 2^^ jsb o6 a;^>^75g' 
De-barred', a. «)5^HoS)C©<2^,^&Dog'sJ 

De-base', v. ^•|b-?^s>M^,lr«|5'sJea«^,^ 

De-base'ment, n, ir»|^*'&), ^sSj^ 

De-bat'able, a. 05T»xr»'j:i^25^|5', •j^o 
De-bate', n. o3r*tf85»,3r»Tr»|;6oT»2^iSw, 

De-baucb'.n. abtnj tf iSmj OoSS^&)«5» 
-TT* ^^Xb^, e>9sfoa'c'^|^«&05 dr«SO 

De-bauched', a. ib^Saa^, ^& |^«^ 
DeVau-chee', n. ab-or^^c&, e^s^c 

De-bauch'ery, n. iB^xbctr* lib^i^aSMj 

De-ben'ture, n. fiPtf^fftfMsr^iJbs^^ \ 

De-bil'itate, v. t. jb^^sjea^, ^^CTvO 

De-bU'i-ta'ting, a. o€>tr»|^5fw^|i'43. 
De-biPi-ta'tion, n. ©e)lr»|5'x)e6«^6o. 
De-bil'ity, n. Pi^^^s^^e^J' J, vivh^i^ 

DeVit, n. e)S)^,Tri5 S'Ob^, ^o® 

V. ^. g'Oo^ ur»c333o, "^o^ ii3r»cS33u; 

opp. to credit. [^.I^^ c^^^cc^t^. 

DebVnair', a. jB^xaif^t^, ^fSik^c 

De-boucli', V. % «>ooSoo'3ob,"wcXcfiSj 

DeT)ri8', n- ^^, sStf^j sjfl *<oc»|:r 

Debt (^aT), w. 2;x»€»8S», etfj, Tri, 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



afo,«?;;^«5aebc&.- opp. to creditor. 
De'but', (^w>), w. ^J^tf o<r«S», ^5•^ 

De'bu'tant',n. (J^^TT' ^tSo^t&» 

De'bu'tante', n. jJ^^tt- •j:)^oBSo«i> 

Dec'adalj a. tf^'j^Jo^c •jiJoooi;^^^* 
Dec'ade, n. ««^'i5o4>o,«tf^«5»5tf'5f5JB[ 

De-ca'dence, "i n. 4cO0S«5m, Inw^m, 
De-ca'dency, J e^o^c^^^. 
Dec'agon, n. tftfr«£3«5», «tf«&8r»-r«» 

Dec'alogae^ n. "^jg)C& iBj^'^lfos^ 

De-camp', v. i. "5^**$, -i^a **5&^ 

De-camp'ment; n. ^Oc^tSauSd-o iy>d 

De-cant^ tj. f. 2^'§6oj6sjo^, (l^tftf 

Tj'tfiSMj^) itoctfitoctf sso-od^cs^. 

De-cant'er, n. i^j5|^ |j^s^«-cpg «i»j6 

De-cap^itate^ r. t. ^o r*to, ^tf "t^fi^ 

De-cap'i-ta'tion, w. «^"<n««5». 
De-cay', v. i. ^«o^, &.E§o5f j ^^l^ 
^1^ — n. ifr»tf«fco,Jto8S«5M} ^^^^ 

Decayed', a. ^aA^owi^, l^^^* 
Deccan, n. tfA^ea'^^sJM. [^'^^' 
De-cease% n, sSa^eaisSM^^y'iS. — v-*. 
De-ceased', a, *^^^, *p^ooe»|^,i6y^ 
9c«r»oOe^. The d«^f)j6<o»^o3S 

De-ceit', n. «^^•^«5»,^^p85i>«5»^5^o^5 

De-ceit'ful, a. s^j^^'^il^, S'ssto^i^, 

De-ceit'f ally, adv. •ajr»i:)85K>7r',a5ar»o:6 
De-ceit'fttlness, ». •ajr»'i585M^c»»# «» 

De-ceiv'able, a. «j*o8S8S eHc»^^, 

De-ceive', t?. *. sjo;Oo^, ^r»V»«^ ^ 

De-ceiv'er,n, -oj^^fii^ci^y^o^^c^^ 
De-cem'ber, n. «o|jaofiis^sio^5^"pe). 
De'oency, n. bSdtt'cJ^, sj^i^bjw, IIT*-© 

De'cent, a. «5aTr»c2S^c^^®»^^§^(^> 

De'cently, adv. j^-mcft^ir*, c:Jfi»_tf«5M 
De-cep*tiou, w. *Br»^ij», .tfo^I^; 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

DEO— DBO 156 

De-cep'tive, a. 's^'(itSo:>^c5^^iSj^o 

"^C»5»^g, P2§jSx>-8n>p^ JJ5nO0Sa>|^. 

De-cide', v. U & u p^^owo^, f)^^ 
De-cid'ed, a. pfj^c»32o^,p^^cx»oxjc 

De-cid'edly/idt;. f)^^o»SjS»7^,iD5ljy. 

De-cidW, n. p^^ooDo^oT»c<5fo, his>^ 
De-cid'uoas, a. "r«er»^?fowoa6w7r»"or» 

Deo'imal,?*- ^J^X'wS'T^o.spc «. 2^^o 

Dec'imate, v. ^. tfOoassJ-cr'pp r'to, 

Dec'i-ma'tion, n.&to"SiBtfa85DoOer< 

De-ci'pher, v. t. (■c:)SSJ^^5T•c^?Sa)■§© 
j6 r'p^fi^bsg), I6^cfec3&, rySbcJTjJoj 

De-ci'pherable, a. ©^^c6i5■§l)iB§^|5'c 

De-ci'sion, n. &fto^, p«S^o8385», ca 
De-ci'sive, a. p^^cx^T^^, ^2.^c^^«^ 

De-ci'sively, adv. p^^osS«5«>7r», p 

Deck, n. is^ato^^^ ^^sSm, ^^^^ 

ao^5 ia^ss^osrob-i^ "ds' ^^7:10^ 

Deckan^ n. z^i^ea'^^'sSDo. [e^Si^. 

Decked, a. ef^oo^^gp^, ^ott-Qosjc 

Deck'er, n. ^os^oS-jcT l5s'^toXoSj-* 

^5e5e)oS'ao^5r»c^.A three-d«s=» 

De-claim', v. i. (^^cjo^o^, ^Cj^c^o 
De-claim'er, n. (SJ'j^o^c-^sr^c&^^sj 

Dec'la-ma'tion, ». ^sj^JoKriw, ^c 
De-clam'atory, a. ^5^oK^»S'^|^, 

Dec'la-ra'tion, n» i»g'&>|^, ^jocsSoosJe© 

De-clar'ative, a. |Sj§'63o^&,'§Do03C 
De-clar'atory, a. ^53^&)|^^^^2b. 
De-clare^ v. ^.wgr-tf oX'«Sx7r»^»^,"B0 

De- clen'aion, w.a'^slca'^slw ^P9$» 

Jto33«S», tfSa^jg&i^ s5^^«6oj. 
De-cKn'able, a. ^s5ocx6jS»e>8j"e3c7r»tf 

ej*5J^i6DQe>f6 inoiScKv. 
Dec'li-na'tion,^^ <Lct85w) «'» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



De-cli'nmg, a. iLESo-Oi^ig>S^, 7an» 

De-cliv'ity, n. OHb^fc, ato5J»c»7^f5c>o 
d^^&s59»: opp* to acclivity* 

Do-coot', r. ^ g^^TOOSs^ -F'C^jl^tf 

De-coc'tion, w. ^^ooS8$9>. 
De'col-la'tion, n. ^tfTj\««&a, [Ajd. 
De-coror, v. t. ^rS7&^ "Stf^oXb^^cJT 
DeK5ol'orant, n, tfoJ^ba^cK'j^sn^^- 
De-coVor-a'tion, n. tfoJ<bd^cr*tofoj 

De-col'orize, v. ^ tfo?fe*<cfrA». 
De'com-pos^able, a. i5aic&oosc&H(^, 

De'com-poBe', v. ^« ©5icfec*»,a»8'»^ 

De'com-posed', a. |«SK8^o»|^. [ift. 

De-com'po-si'tion, n. ^^oriDKbto, ^fiS 
«\^;d&>, -OfiSs^^to) ^Ki$Me>;ld& 
2^c&cj59»&:). [4^. 

Dec'orate, v. ^.wootfoo^, ^oipdo 

Dec^o^ra'ttoiii n. «5t)oTn»tfiJ»,^\07r» 

Dec'orative, a, ^e)o-sr»iJ2?*^^^o7r» 
Dec'o-ra'tor, n.ef)€)onr'^s5M^c3SM5P>c 
De-co'rous, a. 8SaTr»c£^X'e>, X)^oc3«Sm 
De-co'rously, ady. •j^c^cxjSsSmtt'j «& 

De-cor'ticate, v. ^. <§^€»a.c»^, 5S|oc 

fedOw, ^Ax)i^cr'&3. [^c6c35>>&). 

De-cor'ti-ca'tion, n. <S^e)o2.e>>t$>6o^ §5 

De-co'rum, w.t6DTT»c«,8:>(^o5S«5M^«cr»^ 

De-coy', v. ^ tJ^-^&s^oOo^, <02^ 

De-crease', v. i.^;<b,«S^o»o«^, ^s^(j- 

— ^. ^sS^sJ, ^y^tso^ ^o«)*Sx} 
opp. to increase. 
De-cree', v. ^. &«)^^c»S>5«8r'&ox^. 

Dec'rement, n. J&,o5S«Sw, s^Ji^o-^), ^ 

SS(;-55: opp. to increment' 
De-crep'it, a. eSbcTvO^c^^l^E^oOc^, ?§ 

De-crep'itate,v.^. ■^c;\o«fi^,'^C'S. — 

De-crep'i-ta'tion, n. "^c^toj-O&D^i^ 


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DBO-DBF 158 

De-orep'itude, n. ©Tr"tf^,j6ai>aoa,» 

e3iS». "dS" <&tf .€>i5»». 

De-cres'cent, a. |tf8fe^tfJfol4»-7^• In^o 

De-cre'tal, n. ezj^j ^^^•— «• ^^y^ 
De(/retory, a. &eb^^^^6otfCtt3e^5 

De-cry', v. ^.25j»e3o,f)oao^^J)^o^. 
Ded'icate, r. ^. "jcTi^dvo^, e^O^^WTS 

Ded'i-ca'tion, n.^sijer^ea, Itocfib^p-SfiJ 
Ded'i-ca'tor, w."j^8fed^o^5r»c&5 «o 

Ded'icatory, a. «o8^6er»«i^)^, T^sfe 

De-duce',i;.e.<^»fc,o^^ «)f6"&o»o^. 
De-du'cible, a. ^inoKSc^f^^y efSbifc 

De-duct', 1?. ^ (a,tfT5»j|ij»er« j$io(S 
De-duc'tion, ». ^^•^^fo, jycsj^oi^ 

De-duct'ive, a. e:j?6aj^plfi^|:r,^8r.o 
Deed, n. sjp, -5^t^ctf», ^*gi4»^2^ 

85»j«J^'^S*, C|^«&o. In d. «=»pti 

85m TV, ir»^s^85a57r». 
Deem, v. ^ & «• ^oc^, 0)0^. 
Deep,«c2.r^; Wtt*^^^} Ko^tf 

adv. er^c^ir*. 
Deep'en, v.^, €^^c^^cxs> 5 "^^^-Cko 

Deep'ly, ody. er<c«^7r»5 TCofji^jSw-Tr-j 

Deep'ness, n,er«c5^ shallow" 

fieaa. [cwcS*. 

Deer, w; 8ing.& pLfiSbfc^, g'eS© "dtf tf 

De-face',t;.fc ^«-^, a<r»-^, ^fl-G'fi 

De-^face'ment, ti, ^w^&d, :6r»-^&), 

De-fal'cate, v. t&i. ^^ o^j^ssj^do 

De'fal-ca'tion, n. ^SSjy-sjj i2Jsr»c8»«^ 

DefVma'tion,n. e5S)i_88'<»7Cc'^cJSS> 

De-fam'atory,a. e^sjss^tf^^, e>s5po 

De^fame', V J. "Sdb^M*^, etfijB^ 
De-fault', n. ^x5^,e;^5Si6»;ir»ca8Sii» 


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De-fanlt'er, ».«j5-tr»$,A^tf-^&o^i5 

De-fea'sance, w. tfi^sj^^'^Ao. 
De-fea'sible,a. {^asSsjesotfcJ^^c^. 


De-feat', n.i,a^:g)&>, ^)\j6<;i>to, exJ 

Defecate,!;.^. p8;^e}85»^c3sS>, ^c)© 

p^o^l^, ^a^ooSc»a|5'. [40. 
Def'e-ca'tion,n. ^o, p5^€)«5»^c»S> 
De-fect', w. eHs»i5M,^fiS(^«y,-309, §^ 

D©-fec'tion, n. (8^8^»i»a«S^ »a«"a 
to4o, ^om^^-^Ad, ^i^tffi^tfDosr* 
op oa-D"i:>todo. 

De-fect'ive, a.^8S{y-2,(^,e;'*s£>l^,e5 

De-fect'ively, adv. ^sSj^ss-tt*^ er«sJ 
De-fect'iveness, n.^sS(^sjg>cfiSio5fc 

De-fence', n, nr^'^, tf S^w^'Swv •a».0 
De-fenoe'less, a. e^A^^^, tf JE^-ea 

De-fend^ v. ^. ijJLo5?, nr»^, nr*^ 
De-fend'ant, n, («9sp»o,o)aa, «^^ 

De-f end'er, n-SL^x? 4.«6m |^o3n»0 o^ sr»c 

De-fense', see Defence. 
De*fense'les8, see Defenceless. 
De-fen'sible, a. tf JtcajSooKo^tf JLsSobs 

De-fen'sive, a. tfJtS'jtoi^, ^ 'S^Ts^gjo 
De-fer', v. L pD&T>to^ s^oedaddS's;^^ 

Deference, n. |5'^2&^15^ sR^obpoos?^ 

De-fi'ance, n. SKi^jSw^sS&oo^Ao,©^^ 

De-fi'ant, a. <Ki^86w|^8S&€»^|^g;,^^ 

De-fi'cience,*! n. ^sS^jy, r'wc^, 
De-fi'ciency, j er«sJ«6M, (^cc^«^. 
De-fi'cient, a. S'sSi^«y-7r-f6(^, ex^-Sfi 

Deficit, n. ^sS{^tf,er«S)«6M,"3DO,e;^ 

De-file', V. ^.»$!nO|^c«&»^c»»,«)oto^ 

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De-file'ment, n. «*^, €:9o4>^, -gao, 
De-fin'able, a. f)Oor»&os:;cJJH|5', as^ao 

De-fine', v. t. oX^t^tio^oj^'Szs^j p^ 

Definite, a.pi8^^^^,pgo8S^^,»^ 

Definitely, adv. 7:JvSl«&j7r», ptlji-S" 

Dof i-ni'tion, n. e)&e9«S»e)j5S "Sj^j&d, 

pO£-?:^^iS»,pQor»sJe«85M,P^CfCT, ©sj 

De-fin'ifcive, a. p^^oaDo^&,f)Tr»Ve9 
De-fleet', v. i. ^§'^^e^aJ\dr<3g), ©|i^ 

De-flec'tion, w. ©(^p sir-tf sSm^oS^ 
De-flour', ^^ v. ^ ^es^, \^^c^ 
De-flow 'erj cs^. -$)i&^e)^ g^^-g 

De-flux'ion, n. y^zs^tixi, -g-»Ooto. 
De-fo'li-a'tion, n.e5SSaoTT»ooio5t9SS€» 

De-force'ment, n, ©oss'o^jSwTr^a.g'p 
De-form', v. t. SotJcn&c'^cjaSj, ©T^tf 

De-formed', a. «>-m^29^,«ntf©irv9 

De-form'ity, ». trr^rsr6», 9S{1cps;i5w, 
De-fraad'j v. f. iST*^f6»^fi e*ctf*Oo 

De-fray', v. t. ■pe);St!c»»,g'Oo^"ato, 
De-fray 'ment, ». ji^«%»^8i^^<b,^0ci\ 

Deft, a. tSoo^Koj t^tS-^^, ^jC^-^, 
Def t'ly, adv. 7S«i^«3r*, Tr?6-7r», ^cr»^ 

De-funct', a* <^^|i',Sp*<o»|f. — n. 

De-fy' V. *. «X«^iSju^8S«)ett^,9^^j^ 

De-gen'eracy, n. tiratf ^J", ^fiSj^arsStf 

De-gen'erate, v. i. h^n^tSuK^iJiSo^, 

Do-gen'er-a'tion, see Degeneracy. 
De-glu'tinate, v. ^.(^odxg^pcsswy^ 

Deg'lu-ti'tion,?!. (J>5o?(b&>,g'©«>o^to, 

Deg'ra-da'tion, n. ^8Si;-sr^|^85»|i' 

De-grade', r. t ^S$l;-tf *»]^85s»|^fiS 
l«^c«> J tffi»;$ Ids' T^tSiStfi^t^ 

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De-grad'ed, a. tr»c^|©SsJ^^^,^l6(^ 
De-gree', n. -aato, eo^^, ^5^K8 5 

De'ifi-ca'tion, n. ■^ss^oer^^Oo^^j 

De'iform, a. "Sjy^T^c^r'XJsSwKo. 
De'ify, v- ^. '^sJ^oex-^^Ob^, ^5y«6» 

Deign, t>. f . & i. «>j&|Xtr»o^, a:o8S 

De'ism, n. ^5b^o^6 l^sfo^S' ^^c& 

De'ist, ». '^ig)c&i5r»^c«ipai^«5;» au 

De-is'tic, 'J 
De-is'ticab) «• *•"• '^^^ 
De'ity, n. B^ss«5m, "^sj^; "^sj^jSm. 

De-ject'ed, a. -oo^^i^oK^, -t);^^ 

De-lay', n.^v^cut^^ i^Hb, <o^) O 

De4ec'table, a. ^jOVsSa^^^, tfiforf 
De'lec-ta'tioii, n. f»an»tfto, «^$** 
Delegate, t7« ^ »<^cD^7r*tf o&o^, p 

DeVe-ga'tion,ii. e}«6«o-7f jio^i^> p 

Del'e-te'rious, a. a^p}iiS-iBo^ ,^m>i^ 
De-liVerate, v, i. A ^. e:5 er« -O o ^/ 

De-lib'erately, adr. «er«^^ ^^^% 

De-Hb'eratenes8, n. ^er«-tf 1^, 7^b5<& 
De-lib'er-a'tion, n. e:?ei<^-tf^,(^r^^ 

De-lib'erative, a. eu^-Ooi^^^. 
Del'icacy, n.«5D\«6^g«5>i^;j5ng5y85M,r* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

WU-DBH 169 

Dedicate, a. 8S>\«c)2,|^,|y'd?"3i^^r* 

De-lir'ious, a. 'gt)j>¥t^|^,flp^sjo]f 75 

De-lir'ium, n.-€)_^|y8S>.Sp^,'j:)p^-^ 
•* <p 

De-liv'erance, n. ©eSbsJo, ©^cr^l^ 
De.Hv'eror, n. if J6,§6cefc, X)iar^^«S» 

Del'ioately, adv. «5;^fib;g)7r», js^2^'^ 
De-li'cious, a. eb©X'e),ip^X'c2>|^,«fo?b 

De-light', n. -jcfo^S^sljiw^^^a^sSoo, 

De-ligHt'ful, a.-fro«S^sig'tf^^t?|^o 
De-Ught'f ully,adr. •jcToer^jlS'O'tfMTr", 

De-lin'eate, v. <.&p»tftfDo (e5-r»^85») 

sfd o^. S>sfdo^. 
De-lin'e-a'tion, n.-©j^ii»|sr»c»»6o,t9 

De-lin'e-a'tor, n. -Oi^aSx ^5t»c^ot»c 

De-lin'quency, n. 75tf «5»,e5>«-Dr»2;;j8iM, 
De-lin'quent, w. ^5)^q3j5|^sr»c&,«5> 

De-liv'ery, n. sn^^-Sda&fio, ««^J^o^5 

2fc "^Stf t55r»4o«r-'3(Sb$^tf e3 "dtfa^^BSM , 

Dell, n. er«5f, T5oifcr'oa£e)'i;)o2Sb|^j6o 
Del'ta, n.^OQi»S'i^"8o&-^cxjSoS&^ 

De-lude', v. L ^r»'jC)-$^^\, sjo^o^, 


De-lud'er, n. ■aT'^7r»c^&,5yo^sSc&. 
Del'uge, n.Se^itf^TocSsSM^-s^.sfedJS. 

De-lu'sion, w. |jpol),^y8S>,a<r»cxj3,i5j-» 
De-lu'sive,'^ a. psSStfo"^ ?)^^«5m 
De-lu'sory,j i^^^ct^'Qi^^^t^ Tr»p, 

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Delve, V. U \^^\ ?C>o&)^c»S>. 
Dem'agogue, n. 75^ar»^o®j6oj6'Sc 


^sy^^ljBSM^e^g'^-eff.A cheque pay- 
able on d^25tf^^-^tftt>0<S«|^CA^ 

De-mand'abley n.ef)^ -5^^8600^ «& 

De-mand'ant, n.X^-7ve&;fo5r»c&^ 

De'mar-ca'tion,') w.o)g»of6 «|^c-7r» 


'i:fa8^g>o;sb a^^w 

De-mean', v. ^. foil, by the reflex. 
' pron. i^&^r'jjb, |tfsj_do-^5 ?)-i5 

De-mean'or,-our, n*^5)A»60,"3 ^a, 
De-meut'ed, o. l»-e:>^»g^,'3||5aa^t^. 
De-men'tia, n. fcS^ (^•^^)^'3||. 
De-mertt, ». «a3-*Kc^, ef>?<b«»5M, 
er«5r86», ^fiSj^ss, r'eac^, 8^5S;.tf»: 

opp# to merit. 
De-me8ne'(atto|5^,n. 2j€^7^^^^o^ 

Deni^i> a prefix. 7:f;C«6oo, «>?J8S». 
Dem^i-god, n. ■SBr»o^*j5o^?foc^,e^ 

Dem'ijohn, n, -aabObejgejD^tofSc^^ia 
De-mise', n. K^o^koyTTtiy^^r^p^^^ 

De-moc'racy, n.j^ss^j^^^jSwjjCgy^ 

Dem'ocrat, w. ^xj2r'|K>^^csr»o. 
Dem'o-crat'ic, '^ a.(«2r»|j5^^Q»Jt 
Dem'o-crat'ical,J 2>(^$ ^»8y^-^D^ 

De-mol'ish,t;. ^-i^&^cfiSaiWa^cjr&x), 
Dem'o-li'tion, w. 85i^ciBr*c3dS>4o,-^dfo 

De'mon, w. ttcXJ3ciS»,fc'?'^85». 
De-mo'niac, a. tv^^oziot^-^^^^t^ 

De'mon-ol'atry, n, ^V^^^ Hiri 
•$p®. [c»38'^x'o^p^s»,^^?'■^^aa•c. 
De'mon-ol'ogy, n. ^^J)^a3r»a©5i 
De-mon'strable, a. Scr»fcowc2J;^;^, fia 

Dem'on-strate, v. ^.^x5-^Oo^,isj9 

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De-mon'8trative>(r.p'8^ a^cy^-^T^^S, 
Dem'on-stra'tor, n^ecpfeo^ar^c^^j 

Do-mor^ali-aa'feioo, % . {5&;b^«0-^&)^ 
De-mor'aUsie, v* L f^^ ^ak^Aw^J 
Demoralizing^ a. jto^«^c?r"«3ifo, & 
De-mul'cent, flk«6^i^^i&»;5b^odXc'i 

Do-mure', a.©o«S43§Xo|tfiJM7^tf J^c?^ 

De-mur'rage^ n. ifi^jjb 'i^t^f^i^^ 
r*p^5r»c^ ptf 08ST««>ife» tf o"8o 

De-mur'rer, n. jS^tfe»| 5r«g^oii»?6 

Den, njfeaJ^jTj^CT^&^o^BD. — t). ^. Kb 

Den'ary, n. sjO. — a. tJ^-ySo^cKo. 
De-na'tionalise^ p- f. •j:^'S^«&tr»c2S'o 

De-ni'able,A. Tr»25^c«K|^,ifet^cJ^5^|^- 

De-ni'al, y^, -g^K^j6*3,1tej64o5S^ooSc|^ 


Den'izen, n.-B^*$)tfj^c&,S)(Soe3oT»|5. 
De-nom'inate, v. t. ■fiob'Sxbo^fr'sSaS'iJ 

De-nom'i-na't)on, n. -Sob, -(^"qr^tfCT 

De-nom'i-na'tor, n.-4ijo"^i>55r»c^|K 

De^no-ta'tion> »« ^SeialJcssStio^'ScD*^ 

De-noteV. ^. i6ro^o^,Je»>tf^cflS», 

Denoting, a, •^r»T:^8'i^i^, "SOotic^ 
De^noue^ment' (^^ut*c), fk SbS'S'^ 

De*npanee^ v. ^ «dSr>cro^i&»7r»ld»«fiid 
De-noun^^menti fK ^^tfi^ao^ft^div 

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Dense, a. ts^^i^^y-^o^-^y pOrfife* 

" o o 

Dense'ness,^ ft. 25toiSM^ OS^jp^, ^ea 

Den'aity, y 5f , i^'o^iJsfcD : opp* 

to rarUy^ [>,8Sj^tf«)Xc^dBS9. 

Dent> ». 1^>8S{^, ^^y Koto. — v. L 

1^ — n. «o^c85», tfo«r»o Jg^e^»SM. 
Den'tate, a. >>8S{^ c^e^, «*oc«iMs:j6 

Deni'ed, a. -^sSj^ootfai^ . 
Den'ticle> n. -©^j^ tf ^sjoftSa^ 
Den'tifrice, n. cog)<S^«5Mr"f$i ahS, 

Den'tist, n. ^oli'^&cc^y ^SaHow 

Den'tistry, n. cJo^-oS^^ ^c^ so^ 

Den-ti'tion, n. sjo^'a»ojff&). 
Dei/u-da'tion, n. OXoo^riwHScsfixfeo^ 

faoce^^ Soocfin ^dSo2^ ^c:fi9»&>. 
De-nude', v. <. &?CdoJ^«SDk#^dB&, |^Kj^ 

De-nan'oi'Cft^tkm, m poC^o^to, e2? 
^tfi6i^, ^'^l^tfed, ^a5^«9p tifniSo 

De-o'dorise; v. #. ts^^^jb **c^to, 

De-pwt', V. i. & L "Sfsj^^ig), sytfe)8H 

De-pari'ed, a. {6<o«>|^5 ^pir«oc»^. 
De-part'ment, n. tp, poos Ooo-O^ 

De'part-men'tal, a. fr. department* 
De-pai/tttre, ». |»cttj^»86M, "3Ki^ 

De-pend', v. i* ^aSM^r^pcSMoifo, (a. 
S'a^P) ^tStka ^^r*p c»S>o&5 
2c^ «j6r'Pc353oo&, efSa T^do-O 
c305do2^, i'3Str»afc: with on or 

De-pend'ant, n. ^j^j^c^^, a,^p aH 
De-pend'ence, n. ^tfiS»"Sj5r'f)dB»o 

De-pend'ency, n. ^8^^, (^t&s;, r*f) 

©c«jb|^«S er«Ctta|^^^^Tr»©ca6». 
De-pend'ent) o.. |^8to^c»5»d'a^, t5(^ 

■^. — n. Zj^p^tkcav^ }botk>tT< 


Digitized by ^OOQlC 



De-pict',v t. sja o^5«)^obig)i5T»c»». 
De-piratory, n. "Soj^g'oo-or*?)^^!^ 

De-plete', v. t. ^ ^a-Tr-^cjaSj, xjiSa 

De-ple'tion, n. ^ ^©Tr-^cXJSaioj i^ ^ 

De-ple'tory, a. ©oaSMj^^cr'to^^S. 
De-plor'able, a. «>g^rtf2?c^^ SctC)?^ 

De-plor'ably, odr. ab§^g'0'8$»7r», ssc 
Dep'Io-ra'tion, ??• ^80^60, &>%po 

De-plore', r. ^. & i. abS^po^^ ssc-?) 1^ 
De-plume', v. ^. "SS'jy-ojSa ^s^dcs^ 

De-po'nent, w. -j^dL, 5t*2J>32j«>^'^_\ 
De-pop'ulate, r. ^. j© sr* 73^ tf 85» ^ 

De-pop'u-la'tion, w. ^«2r']5^'^«6w, p 

De-port', r. t. S^rAy^j^oa-s^y^cTr^, 
S^o^tSt^soil^^ tiotScS^: foil, by 
the reflex. pron. i^a^r^fji^ijji 

De'por-ta'tion, n. '^ly'o^tf «s»|^sSKofc 

De-port'ment, n. 2^^8,8^ (X?55_^|^, 

De-pose', v. t. jiotf^^^^aSw Tto. ^^ 
55Mo?SaoS (^i5"ScJss>, ^j^^y^pc 
scsSjj o3-»2iu2jOS:)i>tS5 \. — v» i, -fin 

De-pos'it, 17. ^. ^o^,-i>to. — n.a.g'p 

De-pos'itary, w. a/a;^)\o^^ocs3coa|^ 
Dep'o-si'tion, n. oj^zjxt^^obSm, "i^&o 

De-pos'itor, w. r^&er*jd^85Mj "a». z> 

De-pos'itory, n. erjX^Tr- ^-^p^iS^ 
De'pot (Sa^), n. »cx)'jC)tfsS€»^o^& 

Dep'ra-va'tion, n. |y^c'^csS>to, Jb© 

De-prave' v. ^. ?)©^eflo-^, ^y5St)c■^ 
De-praved', a. 1>B^&^, ^BcSitky^B 

De-prav'ity, n. ab-qn|^ga6»,«Sb6^a,ac> 
Dep'recate, v. t. sSniie^fSj, ^^^-t^tso 

Dep're-ca'tion, ». scp»ii5JfSc>&>; ^hy^ii 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Dep'recative, ^ a. 8cn»«^tf T^eSb, «y«p 
Dep'recatory, J «)8*$r.ejo ^^ n^kS, 

De-pre'ciate, v. t. aoDsr^fiSij-sj^cfiS*, 

De-pre'ci-a'tion, »• ^8Sj,-tf7r- <0o^ 

' o o 

De-pre'ci-a'tive,^ a. ^sS^ss'-tt^o)©^ 
De-pre'ciatory, J ^Sb, ^^tf'fjlj- ®°^ 

Dep'redate, v. /. & i S^c^r'fSa, r* 

Dep're-da'tion, n. 8^c"$)<5^, §^o, 
Dep're-da'tor,n. fir'c"^<5^ar»oX,r'o 

y <*> « 

Dep're-da'toryj a. fir*c^r"3^fo,§^ o 

Dap're-hend', i\ t. c^fiy»€»(^'^Ocxs3Soo 
De-press', v. L^cbc^,^?< o^,Oo^5 

"5o^H^o^5 ^i»v5)€^^, «5oo25ifc>^ 

De-pressed', a. «>c3cSc«5(S^ 5 ^gl^l^ 
Depressing, a. X)>ptfS'»2?(^^ «5o^*^ 

De-pres'sion, n. xiot&xijKio^,'^^^^, 

De-press'ive, a. ^5So?(bj^to^'^&, ^ 
Dep'ri-va'tion, n. 75 SS o 5^ c "^ osSo &>, 

De-prive', v. t. "dsSo5Sc"^c5^, d^c?r 
to, aSn»^5)W^; foil, by of, as, 
to d. a man of a thing. 

Depth, n. ej^c^^p^So^^jKo^^^^j -7v» 

Depth'less,«c^"e5p5 er«c^«ojJf). 
Dep'urate, v. t. ^a^c33S». 
Dep'u-ra'tion, n. ^B^cjas>&). 
Dep'u-ta'tion,n. 2.S'Tn»J^c>&>;^sS sjfSj 

De-pute', v. ^ ©oi6€»-7r»S)o-^, 6)^ 
Dep'uty, n. ©fibooTr^ poosoaotfc©^!^ 

De-rail', v. t. i^KwoS "^k». sr^ppes^fSc) 
De-rail'ment, n. a^K«>o<S"^a>.a tfaSw^ 

De-range', t?. ^ sjab*i5 (lysSosSx)) ^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 



De-range'ment, n. sOb-iS ^t)^a!r*ig)&o, 

^,^0 i§o«^e», S'osst^«5»5 "55^,8)^^. Der'vish, j ^'^^li- 
Det'e-lic'tion, n. sS-Oiitoto.xJdB^^ Des'cant, n. ^cfJoKsSw, tf^i^iiMj sn^ 

De-ride', v, t. "7??)^d^, i^igg, o3KB^ 

De-rid'ingly, adv. Mw*^!^^ e)55«5< 
De-ri'siouj, n.<0X'^^«>,|^?fecTr&o,"3§(;- 

De-ri'sive, a. ^^n^i^gS?'!^ ) o^^'^^ 

De-riv'able, a.. d^92:;c£:?<(^; ^S^^-S 

Der'i-va'tioii, w. ^g^i:^;^_§> ?«SLj^ 
De-riv'ative, a. -^g?^, ^®i^l^aS*(^- 

De-rive', r. t. d^o^;5)aSc»M 5 ^^^^ 

— V. i. iToD^^b. 


Der'mis, n. "sSs^p e^ v^rat^^tSM. 

Der'ogate, v. ^ ^SSj;-t>'^c»S>, ^K 
1^. — w. t. r»o^8fo<b39S 6S-:3c33i>, 
^Sojj-sy^cXSj; usually with /row. 

Der^o-ga'tion, ?i. ^BSi^-s^^cSSaAoj tT* 

4)C5'i^io,R^i5M. — ( — cant')t?. t.jc 
De-8cend% v. i. ft;l>, a^tf-^^, ^§oa9 

— V. t. Oo^. 

De-scend'ant, n. -^o^^sr^c^, syo^ 
•ft)C(5fo:correlative to ancestor or 
a.9renelafif« — a. same as d— en^. 

De-scend'ent, a. s>2fe^|S^, QXb-^ 

De-Bcen'sion, n. ^8oa§aXbto, «sy6^ 
De-scent', n. axbto, «s^8r*«h«5D05 ©Hb 

'jtJo^^j e^8S», ^gi|^^5 ZSo^^tSo 

De-scriVable, fl. sr^occtfH^. 
De-scribe', t?. ^ s^o o^, X)sydo5?5 -o 


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De-8crip'tion, tt. 35gT^, tiStS^^ti^ 

1600, aj6*i^, -as-^^^. 
De-Bcrip'tiTe, a.«)«y5oT8ifoysygP^^ 

Deft'e-cra'tion, n.e^xJftj^sJw^ADjWxj 

«ij'€)tfx>|fo«0 IPS'© «)a^-?)gi^ 

Deserted, pa. ©aoi^^cwa^. 
De-sert'er, n.-^dJ^oooi^^ir^owjfta 

De'Ser'fcioii,n.^^«&T»o«6M?Sc)X)aC) -^ 

De-serve', v. t. & i. eg,^ KO^cSwo 

De-served', a. eg,^*!^; ^^c^^ cs^^ 
De-serv'edly,ad(;. «)g^«S»7r»,^?^c^to, 

De-serv'edness, n. €^g^^,^Hc»wo& 
Dd-serv'ing,a. e^c^I^^^l^c^c^^ 

De-serv'ingly, adv, «e^85»"7r»,Sa-* 

DeB'icoate> v*t •)o8^c'ato,tJeac'?S|^. 

Des'ic-ca'tion, ».«iic'BA3Dto,o)o«^c'9J 
De-sWcative, a. ^hbtin:>Sk>,^o9icli 

"iJtoiSjoab. rc33S>o&,'dfi'dflfooifc. 
De-sid'erate,v.^. ^svas^jsr^^/v^xsvfi 
De-sidVra'tam^ n. -r»sj^o|B^a,§^iiC 

De-sign', v. t. juj^^, tfo^^tScSsS)^^"^ 
(sr*c:3a5oj |^ifeff^i5r»i«r»cJ^.'— !?• *• tn 
^i6», ^oo*^, aSj-^-C^I^, »?6^^5^^ 

Des'igiiate, v. ^."tObT'toje^jio^ioa^j 

Des'ig-na'tion^n.'iob, iJ^8&i5K ,'j^oe . 
Des'ignative, a. "ttoi^^^^y^ts^^ 

De-sign'edly,adv. t»a'$p»'£g'j5w7r». 
De-sign'er,n. s{ogb "»». «r»f)S ^ifej^ 

De-sign'iiig,a. S'$j4S^|^,6S©\tfi65>.?C€>, 
De-sir'a-bil'ity, n. r*eJctfKcfiS>o2^4o, 

De-sir'able/». f*crc5J^|^,sr»o^}boB3^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 



De-sire', n. r'eB'jSHflSlj, jn»4|f,w<f, «| 

De-sir'ous^ a. r«d6'Ko,^"*JtKe),o3r»o 
De-8ir'ou8ly,adv. r*dir3^,«*J6.^, 

De-sist'ance, n. sscr»}6Ao,t!*Oo^*^, tf 
Dee'olate, v. ^ -s^Afo^cSiM^pTP^lfisl c 

DesVla'tion, w, imSbfi^ij-^Hp^t^ & 

en with q/*. 
P^-spair'ingly, adv. pT7»^7r*. 
De-spatc}i% v.^. sJo-^, ij5r»iff»^cs^j 

Des'perate^. «^ldi5,pTr»tfg»|f,^5><) 

Des'pwpfttely, ad«. pTP«^«y^ -fe^ 

Des'perateness^'l n* Ptt*^, i^a*^ 
Des'per-a'tion, j i5»,^^X^. 

De8'pioabl0,a.*^3to|^,lb-er2>|^, Kg, 

De-spise', v. ^. «ojScctfMlSdi^,8^£Sg' 

De-spite',n. ^sJwsSw^-^g c,a>er«^ji5aj, 
sJX, ssar»^^»c«i». — prep. €)£^e^^ 

De-spite'ful, a. "^iSLB^MXc^^-e^tf c?Co, 

De-spoil', V. /,r*o ■2)^,ar*c^r' jss^e5 

^; usually folL by of. 
De-Bpo'li-a'tion,». s^gj.e^c-^ifo, q5) 

De-spond', ?;• t.e5^j^&)^r'^,t5^e» 

De-spond'ene©,'^ «. pTn^,^¥©«t 
De-spond'ency, J ^r*j6to, wToD^Sb 

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bus— t>Bt 

De•«^nd'ellt,a•wtf«>^fo^ septs', Qe><^ 

jT^, p-tr»^c"Soa^. 
Desponding^ a. ?)T7»^7r*jft?'^; ^^^ 

Des'pot, n. {^o8S^|^<6^ iC^rfcii 

De»-pot'ic, "I a^pe^oSS^^ltf^o)^^)!^ 
Des-pot'ical, J "ifip^^&lJp, |^»2b 

Des'potism, ?i. ptfoSS^ |tf^^«fe>^ 
Des'pamate^ t;. ^ & i. ^bo&cfiS^^tSoO 

Des'pu-ma'tion, n. ibo&dBwAj, «5oO 

Des'fci-4»'tion, n. a^ooolScraro^^^) 

Dee'tine, v. U t^^o^, poKfioo^^pg 

Des'tiuy, w. a^^ «)S^^gsSa>, J^sJiSm, 

Des'titate, a. asVSp, pOb-ierg)?^, 

wc«>ti;-^} (foil, hy of) -tpy -d 

sSo^i^|f^, ©^2»^, tfftr«ir^l^. 

Des'ti-tn'tion, n. "tJoo, '4tft§l'ifc*,Tr> 

De-stroy', v. U |ar«f i58i^d«», -^^hS 

De-stroy'er> n. ir*¥i6oo ^cSS»spci^> 

De-struc'fcible, a. F'^ifoa^oKSctfXi^, 
De-struc'tion, n. ij^^jSm, z^o^iSw, 
De-struc'tive, a. •ibr»ifoHS'^&> F'tf 

De-struc'tor, n. |r»^i5MTSc»»w^&, 

Des'uetade, n« sr»tt>ir^s5^j e^sr* 

Des'altory, a, pe»g'<5^t5p,«>pj!rjo«S^ 

De-tach', v. f. ©i^cfecfiSj, 75«a^da», 
De-tached', a. jC'^cSo^i^, t!"J;|^,"S 

De-tach'ment, n.'jSew^cjaSoAoj'^ e^Jfeo 

De-tail', v. ^ ©5^60^, ^©^^iSmtp 
^sj^.— (de'— ) n, ©tftfiJM^- used 
chiefly in the pi. In d.— ftaj?yi6w 


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De-tain'er, n. poo-^^'^&sT^c^, t5 

De-Wriorat^, v. t, y^e^tS^ l5^j&^^^ 

Deteriorated, a. ^K^, ^8S(^2^d<oco 

De-te'rio-ra'tion, w. ^Sof^ssXb^-)^ ?<be3 

De-ter'ment, «. ti9<iooS'KSM^ tJiDog'^is-- 

De-tei'minable, a. p?Jooao55c«SK<^. 
De-ter'minant, a. p^xoo^c^i^^. — 

• ;5c«>«^, fells' •|^c«J^^. De-tei'niin»te, a. fj^.;^oo:.o^c j^^i^, 

De-tect'er, see Detector. ^'^^^^'c^r^. ^^^^'^^. 

De-tec'tion, u.g^ i^i,,ei'^^^ *j^^, De-ter'miQatelv,ad»j. p« .cx:»o5?c&,A 
- «^&^'?ibi35 ^O^Sid^j^i;), wooSwsiS 

De-teot'ive, a. aroK^^i&»«)7S». sr^p 
^^SJ6ator*"3^So5^•c^fo. [^5r»cC^. 

De-tect'or, n. Tr>c^cz>&i^-a->pp^p-i^ 
De-ten'tion, n, d^sSoa^pOt-^cfiSx^^s^ 

De-ter',t?.^ <rcwsii4Spe»'^, «>5^?\p 
De-terge', r. t. ^^ysSw^cssw, S'o^Sk 
De-tet'gent, a. *,jr«SM^"^«>, *a^ 


De-tei'mi-na'tibn, n.f>^xocCi6»jiD'a» 

De-ter'minative, a. psTxcxoc^j^AS. 
De-ter'mine, r. ^f)^^c»&c^,ptf owo 

S)dskj;-ec^.— y. i. p^^o«5«i»^iB 
r'jSa; often with ou or wpow. 
De-ter'mined, a, p9^o»o$jc«>a;^} p 

De-ter'minedly, adv, psf\c«Siii»^. 
De-tet'rent, a. «ct&, e5&>otf"4r'& 

De-ter'sive, a. ^|y!d»^cHS>|^63. 
De-test', y. ^. eJ7:)tf»c«&, 6^c53S>; A 
6^^oi^, ^g,c^, "^J).o^. 

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De-test'able, a, -ba^ociS^jj^, 758r»oxJc 
Dei'es-ta'tioii, n. ^•f^tf^cc^*^^ ^ 
De-fchrone', r. /. jBos^«i^l^«5»j5bo5|^ 
De-throne'ment, n. ^osH^j^i^s^ocySbcS 
J3el'onate, v. i. -S)O^£p^"40a^j6l5 

De'vi-a'tion, n. i^r^is «Sm j6oS ^«^do, 

Dei'o-na'tion, n. ^cp^3:s?<bex>i;j5> ®" | De-vice', v /.^^•o5i«xo,c3aS»^;^o ?^ 
De-trac'tion, m. d§S^s5^««^^. ^ ""^ Dev'ilitjh, a, lassie ^-^o'idot^'^x.^ w 
De-traci'ory, a. etfiT»:sYtf ^^^^sSj^ 

De'vious, a. ^A>D'CPdgb|^^ -cr^d^S)^ 

Det'ri-men'tal, a. sJ<»g'eJ'S3i^, l^?lV?J L. . ^ . . -^ 

\^ \.^J^J ^ I De-vise', v. t. «^. , g-O.c^, chS, J 

Deuce, n. UodfcSs'ij-ooXo t5&> ¥-«J^ ^ 

Dev'astate, v. t. i5n^«fo>KSc»S>, -^&jDe-vib'or, n. «SDtf«V"i5^ •^T'^S^'Sw 

De\^a8*ta'tionj n. -^dfo, fr^iSo*,?^© j De-void', a. i3&o«^ev;ii^, «)Sr>^2?c^3 
De-vel'op, v. «. a^ao^, "Sw^, »[ «^«^§S(^, c^8r^2>tf ; with o/. 

Digitized by L^OOQlC 

i>BY -mo 


4o Vtfo^Tr»o«5a>. 

by on or upon.— V. t 8^\, ^o ; I^ew'iness, n. rijo^-7vj6o&6o. 

De-volve'ment, w. f>ttQ8r.05j sso^ssi ^V'^*^^ X'oX'S^w, "J^^A* ^^^ 
De-voW, V. tt^p^T^f^o^, ^xJ03a-- S'oe3tfi6w. 

^jiiacfiSbrtoiwith a reflex- pron. ' ^«^^^<S^1^5 i&o^s^o^. 
w-j:? J-S)to, (5^oo>^^. Dex'ter/t. ssa(tfS'j^'jc>02}o9^l^, SSS^ 

De-vot'ed, a. S)oSi^l>«toKe>, t^jD-^T^ I ^x^TJiss^'^ ; opp. to ainister or 
«fe>Ke>5 a>g2p(^5 ^_|X'e>5 a,^-an»c^c ^A E^^,;^' i^^ig"^' 

©^osscoSfT. I Dex'terous, a#tf* <er»^8Ji^Ko, l6e6^ 

De-vot'edly, adv. OaS^Dtf4»«r^,e5^ Ke>,f)-^e9^Ke), ^^«SDer»i^tfiSK>?Ce). 

De-vot'ednes8,n. e^co^i^^, S)to25 

Dev'o-tee', n. tfr^cfib^ •CT^-3fcc&, "j:^ 
De-vo'tion, ».tjr J,^|^e^-crj,i&?j95 

De-vo'tional, a. <r J^o^o^^*^. 
De-vour', i;,^ ifJoo^^-^dDS^, Sp-gcS^j 

De-vout>. Iff JXoj ft^^co^-jj jKe), 

De-vout'ly,adi;. rp-J^^^^fir^-*, ^ 
De-vout'nes8, n. f?rJ^jDji9, ««5:r §, 

Dew, w. «&e^, fin.i5a«5a». 

De-wan', n.8SDo^^,a5y•f5a,aano^g.[5j>. 

Dew'drop', n. »foo^^to, 8r*i$»0o«$b 

Dex'terously, adv. "jSob^^, p-^H^ 

Dex'fcrous, "^ same as deMerom, 
Dex'trously, j dexterouslj/. 
DiVbe'te»,n. otf%«iSb**^6^x'ito». 
DiVbet'ic, \ a. zjj^tSKn^er^Xiio 
DiVbet'ical, y zio^-^^. 
Di'a-bol'ic^ > a ^cxs^i^-fiozio^^ 
DiVborical, y ^j^os^sfcoss^odSj e9 

Di'a-orit'ic, V a. -^Jtf«5(»j6 "gtossc 
Di'a-crit'ical, J ■^c3fi>^6S. 
Di'adem, n. Ifitoito, i&»SS<&Dido). 
Di'ag-nose>. t. & i. oJ6cCTrt»of^4| 

Di'ag-no'sis, fi. 6^Xw&c»aSMex?6 ^ 
Ofi^'alc»» T^W, oJ(te9i$)»t}ta 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Di'ag^nos'fcio, a.s>*x^^'^tsti»}^ ID 
Di^ag-noi'ticatei same as diagno$e. 


Di'a-met'rically,adt;. i&¥£"7r5«Oaiefo 
Di^amond, n. tt^ei5K,,tftf}«&)-v";\^ 

Di'a-pa'son, n. •j^g-o^gs'aSw 5 -A>^ii^ 

Di-ag'onally, adv. z.^9Sxr^v^o& •)«$> . Di'aper,n. t»Acr»€»X'oXb2^. — r. ^ & i. 


Di'al, n. }b«£xactfT»tf«S», •l&jr»«fc<^«Sj [ Di'apho-ret'ic, a. ^i&to sjto^^^ 


ASo5»8&04r», "^tf^jtfw. 

Di'alect, w* ^ti^, T^^'^tfj^w. Di'apbragm, n. •^tf»85we;'*550ft^85w^ 

Di'a-lec'fcic, a. ^ifj^l^^^WQ^^^y c^^!^ ^^tfsSw^SSj^ ^<5^«fcj6 eg 

DiVleo'tical, a. same as diafeeWr . I Di'ar-rhce'a, n. ^^tf^E3,(t5©i^«^i5«,^ 
Di'alec-ti'oiati, ». ^jpo^-SScifc. j Di'ar-rhoe'al,a. t^^aU^^T^e^X ^o^ 
DiVleo'tics, n. sing, ^^j^^, ;^ I f ^^- [PPl^-?^-^^^;^. 

Di-am'eter, n.^floor-oc^, ^va^^ \ ^'^'^^^^^^ ».«^a.w, ©^. 

Diram'etral, '\ a. 'f^&sx>frvc^ ^o 

Dice, H., pZ. of die. •^-oS'ex), ^^»i!r> 



DIO-DIK 1?« 

Dick'y, ) 

Dic'tate, i'.^'?5fc^|5noooo^5 ^^Tr»ij 

I)ic-ta'tion, n. ^I^^^^ococ-^^} ^ 

Dic-ta'tor,w. ^fc^ ^snoooo^sr^c&j 

DIc'ta-to'rial, a.piJo9S^iR)|^, egjSw 

Dic'tion, n. 2.^> "i^iriSM, «r»S'^tf^, 
Dic'tionary, w.e:5-0^xp&(S'«Sai^c^tjr» 

Die' turn, 71. ^^'^rs'^tS^^iS-^Sii^tSM, 
Dicl,p,^.of the verb do, ^jBOf), — 

Di-dac'tic, *) a. }b^?j^^^2p|^,?y«^ 
Di-dac'tical, j ^^<5^, ^zs'd^^^^. 
Di'dac'tics, n. ww^. ir*^^'^ifcX)«c. 
Di'daj/per, n. s5j^^K)(Sr«<a,|bOor«a. 
Die, n. •^Og',■J^■B585w^tf,f:5^J, eK 

Died^.p. /. &p. p. of dw*. 

Di'et, n. C^pci5a>5i5r'2?|^i6M, «tf«?Ji5». 

DiVtet'ic, a.isifci6x>ji>ibtiot>^^^tH 
Differ, ni.ip&o^, ay*e>lfc»S»o&,'S 

DiPferencein. ip«^tf»,*rcB^c75i6»5 ^) 

Dif ferent,a.iptf2o^,tfcB^cY^i^(^j s^ 
Dif'fer-en'tial, a. "^J^i5Mj!l>'^*to^f^ 
Dif'fer-eii'tiate,!?,^ ipsss^w^^ ^^o 
Differently, adt;. -jge^fti^iSw-rr*, TpcJ 
Dif'ficalt, a.s'g^i^X^f^^f^^ifciKri 

Dif'fi-oult'ly, adv. ^cX$r*^tSi^^ , ^ 

Difficulty, n. g'g«5M,|«aB5r>-j5i6w} ^ 

o vo© ; opp. to etmness or /art. 

Diffidence, n. ^or*^i5M, <ro8Stf», 
'i^o'^tf^tiKj^P tf ci5wts^t>&o,(opp. to 
confidence); £)aoo5«Sw,iB?fe. 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Diffident, a. '^ts^l^'^opy tJoT^-jS 
iS»Kp,i^«&^tfi6»-df>,(opp. to confi' 
dent); DScxjSjSmKo, j&^Ko. 

Dif-fuse', v.U o3r"cl>osJc"^cS3S>, ©_;^6o 

Dif-fused>. oT»cl)0^|^,^5rac^. 

Dif-fu'sion, n."3»Soo(So,5r»o^iO |g 

Dif-fu'sive, a. ar-cS^o-^l^g^ftj^do^ 

Dig, V. t* & i. (^^> ^I^l^i6»^cjs»> 5 

To d. out or ap=(^agQo^to, To 

d. down=» «>&/\>^ l^'ag xj^^CjS^ 

Di-gest', v.^.«ftlJ\o«^§^?Sc),2§g«S»^jB 

— v.i. 2§j^«5o5&,«e3o?().— (di'— )n. 

Di-gest'er,n. -r*c?fe,'ir|^5^^?^-5^0bc 

Di-gest'ible, a.eggaSw-g^cSJaj^,?!^*^ 

Di-ges'tion,?!. ^tfaSw, «eso?()io. 
Di-gest'ive, a. ^?j-g-'egp|^. 

Dig'giog, n, ^^^, ipi^t^j6». 
Djg'it, n. eo"^, eoS'iiaa^L^w} ^^© 

Dig'ital, a. j^^v-f^ooo^^*^} eo"?© 
Dig'i'ta'lis, w. 0€»r*o(9syo^«)A3>sSL?. 
Dig'itate, 'i a. ^B^ 
Dig'i-ta'ted,) "Sifo, < 

Di'glott, n« ©o^^iTCo^jSak*.— a.T5o 

Dig'nifi-ca'tion, »»• IT^^ xJe^^'tD, 
Dig'nified, a. TT'tfsyjSDjXo, «Obig)?Co, 

Dig'nify, v. L "TT'tfsJeea^, ^^tfea 
^, ^sj^^cX^, ^|f ^ tfc»Xc"^c»». 

Dig'mtary, n.?rtf^^ar*oX'jS»^|^i5M 
Dig'nity, n. ITiSsst&xi, ^|^^, »5oig), 
Di-gress'v.i. «5cr»d^<5^D-^o& asiooS 

Di-gres'sion, «• |«;^^«5»!6 i^HoS 

Di-gres'sional, ^ a. sSw^jyoo^sSx "8r» 
Di-gress'ive, j |;^4S, e5|«Tfc^^^, 

Dike, «. e>K^, tf otftf«5», -y ooxrj Jb^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



. ^3bf)OOSex>-7V 4)e)^'idBSi», ©Stt- 

Di-lac'er-a'tipn, w. ^f^??^^ ^ 
Di*lap'idate, r. ^ (j»^«5»^csSb^^^o 

Di-kp'i-da'fced, a- i^-abtfai^, H^o 

DiVa-ta'tion, n. ^t»,(Soi ^Ovo^iSo 

Di-late', v. i. Ojg©o^, -fyo^ isz$^ 5 

with on or upon : ^t».,'?,e5aoo3 

S : contract. 
Di-lat'ed, p. a. ^€)j|^, JDofl c»Si?r5^^ 

Di-la'tion,w. ^t»v<b5 ^C) o^to. 
Dil'atory, a. S^xb ^^&^ e^OT^cafea 

Dil'et-tan'te, n. ao^^tf sjbo sis' oao 

o»5o«& OoSj^© e^^JefS^ X'05r»c<5fo. 
Dilettanti, »•, pi. of dilettante. 
Dil'igence, n. ^ygj -i^^, ■i^(ix>S)dfc 

Dil'igent, a. [^^Xv^ if^h^ti^ik, 

DiU,tu (seeds) ^^sSftv «y*a>, -^tf 

DiPly^lal'Iy, v. i. -y'ocfta-sJ^jSM ^ 
Dil'aent,n. \fisc?{oS^Q, ^sszi»ir^ 

Di-lu'tion, n. sjoo^i^ ^doS^ib 5 »o 
Di-lu'vial, '^ a. &0(^fcx^ ^ozyotf 
Di-lu'vian, j ^^. 

Di-lu'vium,n. sjwsrosroi^sj^^tMC^fir. 
Dim, a. •t'o© l5p, -aDewc^C) s&>iB^ 

Di-men'sion, n. %ro^, sjas&^wsSj^. 
Di-men'sive, a. sJdsir-ra^SMXo^r^oosyc 

Di-min'ish, v. t, ^^c^, ^SSj^tf :^ 

Di-min'a-en'do, adv. (-jcToR^rSm ^o 
«Jb) esy6^«j»c386M7r-, *?fe^. 

Dil'igently, adv. ^5^5^5 -^dx* »a, Dim'i-iin'tion,w. ^^i^^j^^^^^i^s 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Di-min'ative, a, ^^^) SSwo^, i5o^ 

Dim'issory, a. sJo&"^"^c&, d^:g>iD8S 
Dim'ity, n. a,§'af6l&> e:;^^:)©^)^, ;^o 

Dim'ly,ad«?. «5oo2^«5»-7v,e>"i:)^gi5M-A"», 

Dim'ness, n. in»o?^8p»|^^^ ^ r^^i^^^ 

Dim'ple. iu vyiXfx>XSii6»'lxx>. snpi^c 
* o c» , 

Dim^pled^ a. s5oi6ms>S|^. 

Dim'ply, a, tiotS»wKv. 

Din, n. ^w^,?yova),Bcpc^co} ^gp. 

Dine, v. i* ©t^sfeoa^D «5»^g «jr*Sj^i6«) 

Ding, V. i. ?£p^c»5» — n^^^^l^nc 
Ding'dong', n* ?C«?Ce9^p, ^pr•c^. 
Din'gle, n. w^tf, uo&r'oa^o 7;>o«6, 
Din'gy, a. ;6^iB^, i5Mft«§»»c^, ifcSt) 

Dinging, ». ^^SjfsSw ^dt6o4a. — <». 
Din'ner, n. <f*2?|^ife», ifotpctf^^^f*© 

Dint, n. Tbo^\j^, p^h, ^©^a^o^f «'«)?(> 

Di-oc'esan, n. OsS.-^ ^?^3 ^J^ ^«> 

Di'oces^, n. Os).*^a»S'i,^e$-r*i^«Sto 
Di-op'tric, "^ 

Di-op'trical, ) ^- fr- d^i^'' 
Di-op'ferics, n. «tngf. -mo© StfCT«5M€» 

Dip, V. t. 86i>»o^i e^ab.— v, 1. ti»p^ 

' CO 

Diph'thong, n. *i:JgtJ5^go»7S<5^. 
Di-plo'ma, ». a3j-*Kc^85^pS'j^?"r» 

Di-plo'maey, n, T5o&-u^c«S»oSS sSd 

Dip'lo-mat'ic, ^ a. Tr»» i^*^ T* 
Dip'lomat'ical, j tfc fJowo^ ^|^, 

Di-plo'matist, n. Tr»©ci5»oSS ^^«^ 

Dire, a. <rc»Jo8'cr^|i', "Vr^^^if . 

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Di-rect', a.*fJd^{^,l&r»6Sgc>^,c$^f). 

Di-rect'er, same as director. 
Di-rec'fcion, n. OSSj^, ^ •^5«^^«^^ 

Di-rect'ive, a. wsfio^^ASj ^«i &o 
Di-rect'ly, adv. ©(^-tt*, t^O-tt, *(StS^ 

Di-rect'or, n.^^oss^T^e, i^8^-$)3t»c 
Di-rect'ory> t*. «fapycjj^®oD^o"S&'g 

Di-rect'ress, ) 

Di-rectMx, j »»' *®^- <>^ rf^>^^^- 

Dire'ful, a.^a^o^is'^^, -^>j^tf^l^. 
Dirge, n. ^-o^i^inpXbt^o^ ^&Slp«5» 

Dirk, n, ttcSSj g'^r-d. 

Dirt, n- $i»%S9, gpo, i59§0;865>D|^i6». 

Dirt'ily, adv. i6»9S^i^^^^^ti»i^. 
Dirt'iness, n. iS»e88, ^©, e>«i>0, 

Dirt'y, a. iJweMg)]^, ^ui^^ pb?r^, 

Di-rup'tion, n. sjXbexxb, »8^o?fe6o. 
Dis'a-bil'ity, n. 3^erxOc«Sai>, ^^J,i 

Dis-a'ble, v. t. &tf .o srea^, ^^^ 

Disabled, p, a.&erv€»c2ir8oco^, « 

Dis-a'blement, n. 26^ vo^. w^ ^^. 
Dis'a-buse', v. f. jC'sSoPoT'lfea ^cXJ», 

Dis'ad-van'tage, n. e^^^Scpo«S», 

Dis-ad'van-ta'geous, a. i^sk^^c^, tf< 
Dis'af-fect', r. <• (^sSof^ ^X o*^, ^ 

Dis'af-fect'ed, a. ^^j&^Si^, e>j;^e^ 

Dis'af-fec'tion, ??. r^sjiSw, tSul^^ 

DisVgree', v. u "ipOo^^ft&^^o^,^ 

Do^g's^ig), «>g'43o-^:usually foil, 
by with, sometimes by to. 

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Dis'a-gree'able, a^-jCidsji^f), in^cKp^ 

DisVgree'ableness, n. ^^s^^o^^^ 
Dis'a-gree'ably, adv. ^^ti^Q s^mtt^j 

Dis'a-gree'ment, »• ©er^^fsiw, 7:j6s53^ 

Dis'aUow',v. L & i. f)"ix.^o^,so«jj 

Dis'an-nulV. ^tf«b«ea^,r»4S "ScJBw. 
Dis'an-nul'ment, n, tfttb^ee^fo. 
Dis'ap-par'el, v. t sj < J 8r.^»SM ^ 

Dis'ap-pear', v. i« g'|^c«)«^S'd^;S,^>:^ 
Dis'ap-pear'ance, n, S'l^ce^^^^^Ao^ 

Dis'ap-point', r.^ «^<ro?C«5»^c»5o, 

Dis'ap-poiat'ed, p. a. «T*<ro?C«5»j5a 
Dis'ap-point'ment, w. «^^o;Ci5m. 
Dis'ap-pre'ciate, v. U ©oosj tf K o^, 

DIs-ap'pro-ba'tion, "^ n. ^^ok -^ 
Dis'ap-prov'al, j tfiS», 7;Ja&^9o 

Dis'ap-prove', v. t.^s's^^, t^Jj^ 

Dis-arm', v. t. p-u^ cs^^pcir^c "^ 
Dis-arm'ament, ». p-u^ c35S>¥bf)C7r»c 
Dis'ar-range', v. t. |j'85o«5xj5b75^ oi 
Dis'ar-ray', n. §'o550^s6m, ^'ewj&^eso^ 

Dis'as-so'ciate, r. i. "^eso ^c33m, ^ 

Dis-as'fcer, n. as j^, ^ssfi^, (Ktf'naptf 
Dis-as'trous, a. tJsJ^^^l^^^c^, 26^2^ 

CD •— «^ 

DisVvow'al, n. ns^J^fSbto, "de^fSaio^a. 
Dis-band', v. t. ^^tScfT^.t^s^ck^'t 

Dis'be-Hef, w. ^^oo,«>sj|^j&^ tf ,«)X> 
Dis'be-lieve^ v,^.|^xfc^^^i^;^s5j^?&^ 

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D^s-bty 182 

Dis'be-liev'er, n. -^ )^ti>^ti»}i} j^ 

Dis-bur'den, v. Lv^i^Qc-^ ^boT^b 
Dis-burse', v. U ^jDo^i (^^') ^ 

Dis-burse'ment, n. ^S o^Ao, j^a^ 

Dis-burs'er, n. ji^«5acrs^\5r»c&"$^ 
DLs-bur'then, same ad disburden. 
Disc, see Disk. 
Dis-card', v. t. (^ar*cX8S» wjSa^x'tf' 


Dis-cern', v. t. & u "^OjBr'fSb^a'jj^o 

Dis-cern'ible, a. "gOiBr^^c^^^^iT, g'^^'c 

Dis-oern'ment, n. "gCg), «)-s§riS»,»-S 

Dis-charge', v.L zi^tr^^'ic^.po 
•gw). snpf)) -^cfiw, ti^t^i (lfein>8 

fe^'ScJOw^ l^^&, aat;)-Moo&), 

Dis-ci'ple, n. ^^^ccifo, eo"g5T»iB, o 

DIs'ciplin-a'rian, n. ^^8Sc& 9^75 

8Sc&, ^8v^^cisS>oT»c2fo, — a. «& 

Dis'ciplinary, a. ^Sb^^oz^o^-^^^ "^ 

Dis'cipline,».^Jg,,-ff^cx»Tr>5 ^xj-g^ 

Dis-claim', v. L ^|^c5TPtf ^^ ^jf "^ 

Dis-claim'er, n. ^|^0-f»2^j6^; *|^sS 

Dis-close', v.t 'S0o«Sc'^cS5S>,e)o«S<^ 
Dis-clo'sure, n.QszS^^czi»j^') »oo3w 

Dis-coVor,v. «. -j^lj^sgp^ i^o;C>jjjasj^ 
Dis-ool'or-a'tion, n.i^o*^5^cJr<b)^, 



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Dis-com'fit, r. t.i,&0'^f ifoXzsta-^, 
Dis-com'fiture, r>.«C2?c»3i5M, «ir»t?' 

183 DI8-DIS 

Dib'oon-tent'ednesfl, n. e^^j^^oifc^} e:5 

j Dis'con-tent'menfc^ n.e>^_fc,w^o^ 
Dis-com'fort,n. e^-^^cJ^Mi stWvoO/ Dib'con-tin^uance, "> n. ©tj'j&iSm, 

Dift'con-tin'tte, v. i.pD^aHig),t5c?\i^ 


Dia'com-pose', v. ^. g'oc^'SxbD^^cc^ 

Dis'com-po'sure, n. tfoc^, S^oCJtf,, 

^j^TS, ^aa,4a,S*9-^, ^^^^^ Di8-con'ti-nu'ity,».o^^»«5>,,-§o-^. 

Dia'con-tin'uous, a. ^d&sSo i^'&sfo 

Dis'cord', n. 8>8r««?i$», iToctf, A^V^cK 

Dis-oord'aace, ^ n, sjc^cooSkSw^ »6^ 
Dis-cord'ancy, J ?85a>,2.^^^5'^^ ^ 

Dis-cord'ant, a. -j^asj^^f), in'(ScKPyt> 

Dis-cord'antly, arfy. sJ?j'j:)^tfaObg«5M 

Dis-coun'tenance, t?. ^.pm^do^,^ 

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Dis'con-cert', i\ t. tp'oKtf w^^, g'otf c^ 

(dis-con' — ) n. ir^fScXtX), tt-a»^(foo 

Dis'con-nect', «. t, "^eflo^cS^^ li^^i} 
Dis'con-nec'tion, ru '^e5>^dB«>6oj "^ 

Dis-con'solate, «.«P?Sb^c2c^^ fijbs^ifra 
Dis-con'so-la'tion, n. j)iy»{^«$Da, ^o 

Dis'con-tent^n.e-j^o^Sx, *^^ — 
Dis'con-tent'ed, a, ^_fcl5p> :^5^_5 

DIB-Dltr 184 

Di8*cour'age, v. L ^J tfctfw^,(«© 

Dis-cour'agement, »• ^^^tSoti^^^d 
. 85m, dff^tf»tp'oK«5w, |C9Scn»Oi6». 
Dis-course', n. -j^Jo^^slea, ^xJ^jCjoKsSaaj 

Dis-cour'teous, a. «8&ir»ce^^(^, a^^ 

a— ^ a— 

Dis-cour'tesy, n. «)«5DTnc5J,"ar»<§:otf^ 

Dis-cov'er, v. ^g'p"2>&o,tf j6c^jSb,'§f) 


Dis-cov'erer, n. |r*^-7r»tff)"a63|^5r»c 

Dis-cov'ery, w.S'fSi)c5rfSb4o,rf)i:,to&)5 

Dis-cred'it, n.e5>5rs5of|^«5M,es5i_0,«tto 
^^J6^5^,«l«9g. 5 1^8&^ Tr»pS ©.— 

Dis-cred'itable, a.5J0b;&^^sSi^2.c^> 


Dia-creet', a. a'^tfi5»X'o, "SDcXo,©^ 


Dis-creet'ness, n. J)'^^i6», iDo, 
Dis-crep'ance,'i n.-?ffi^sS», cj^^l^tfa 
DisKjrep'ancy J Ootf^, e)v^oJ^erN8SM. 
i^Ko, ?c^^2?(^. [2)15'. 

Dis-crete', a. ^5^c^2b«^^ "^^c^^^c^ 
Dis-cre'tion, n. "SOa, a"S8'85»,7:rfco5c 

Dis-cre'tional, ^ a.^^^. -^o8S«5» 
Dis-cre'tionary,J |^-^{^856«S8Hc^ 

Dis-crim'inate, v. t. & i. "^eao^daSa, 

Dis-crim'i-na'tion, n, ji"^^86M,"SDa^ 

"^5J«5moj6 "SOiBr^^dfoj "^SJslea^ 
^&S, ■^tfiSapj5a'g€X>*^|5'A35 Jfeeau*! ^, 

Dis-cur'sion, n. g:>^do^'^tfjj<b. 

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tHa-cuAive, a.»ifcDJisicxd^^,ft_^ j Dis'eIn-pk>y^v.i.»f)(r*^<3^3^c^^ 

Dis'cus, n.-c^^S'jSw^ ^^v^^ti»^i^^\. 
Dis-cuss', V. ^.^a^o^,«T»ao^5a^y* 

Difi-cas'sion, n. •n^sSMjasfoj^N^^l^j;- 
Dis-cus'sional, a.^ntS'(jov>o^'^'^ ,^ 

Dis-dain'ful, a. B^^\^6o'^oidj^^\j^ 

Dis-ease', n.6r*X'«5»>,8r'3Sc«S»;5r»g?^'S 
Dia-ea8ed^ a.6^*;^a>|^,6^X^5;^G2c^5 

Dis-edge^ v. ^5ncasto«^cr'to,TB»g> 
Dis'em-bark', v.^. i^2ij6oSOo%&ja;<» 


Dis'em-bar'rass, v. <.^Soi,-u^j6oa« 
Dis'em-bar'rassment^n.-oeSj^ €r*fSao 

Dis'em-bod'ied, a,^6{^«5a) fSbaS ^|5',e> 
Dis'em-bod'y, v. L ^Stf85M"d8Soa^c"^ 

Dis'em-bogue', v»u& L^ti»]^t&x>^ 
Difl'em*bow'el> v. *.tfa6-fe]6*0^"*?fc 

DiB^em-broir, v. t. -oeSj^ir^j&oS ^ 

Dis'em-ploy -ment, n. ssjBeHjSaoS ^ 

Dis'em-pow'er, v. t. «^-e^jjife>j6ofi 
Dis'en-a'ble, t;.^.«)085M'^sSoa^cecioS». 
Dis'en-chant', v. ^. er*sliS» a?Cc«fc2fo 

Dis'en-chant'ment, n,2^«5DO|^2DCj6M 

Dis'en-cum^ber, v. t. 2D5b?g)^J)^o^, 

^cSSm. r9wo^«5w8^s&&>. 

Dis'en-cum'brance, n.»Cb;g)&6bto,^S) 
Dis'en-gage', v. f-aa^cfecsSj^afifcc^S, 

Dia'en-gaged', a. a^^sjc^DSi^j ^tftf 
Dis'en-gage'ment, n, s^s^O^SJiSojs^tf 

Dis'en-tan'gle, V. tt&to^ ^istst^^ ^ 

Difi'en-tan'glement, n.-©55Si;-.fec33M&>j 

Dis'en-tlirall', v.t. "j6tf-8^ ar^^fSboS 

Dis'en-ti'tle,!;.*. «WSij-l5sSo«^c'^c«S>> 
Dis'es-teem^ n. ei^J&cAd, ^ITtSzS 

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Dis*fa'v6r,-Voup, n. e^{6|K'tf'Si»'^^ 

P^Xt^tkiij ^5y©S&^»€)^, Wj^SJ-T'tf 

Pis-fig'a-ra'tion, n. Oan*-^^«ic JT 

Dis-fig'uPe, V. U t-T^fSt&o ^cS^, 8S 
Pifl-fig'ared, a, j>-r*j^85K,^oc3c©d|^^ 

Dis-fig'urement,w, a"T'J^85»^c33M&)^ 

Dia-f ran'chise,t>. L ^Ktf 5r»*jboSSc?Co 

. j^qS ^&^o^. [chise. 

Dis-fran'chisement, disfran- 
Difi-£ur'nidh> v. ^ "tJsooi^c'^csaSjj ©Sr» 

Dis-gorge% V. t & i. S'sSj^, "^^^cX 

Dis-grace', n. ^^THr^i^t^y «;5cS_e, ^ 

Dishgraoe'ful, a. wsJsfr-^tfjf^l^,^)^?, 
Dis-grace'fully, adv. f^iS;^'!^ i^i^ 

DiS'guis'edly, adv, ssa^eso&^tfsSxxS^, 

Difi-gust', n, ^•i:j«^e«5w^ -fefitf, a^ 
SS, ftt^>fc v. t. htS^ '$)|3o^, 

Difi-gust'ful, *> a. ^T^jtf'C^^c^, -fcs:^ 
Dis-gust'ing; J ?j*gS' ^^s^cbSm *$) 

Dis-gust'ingly, adv. e?^j^c«5»7r». 
Dish, n. sj'KjiM, ^io, ^t»SS} Sgj-^ 

Dis'ha-bille', w. sjj^wtv^ Wj^sj-tt* 

Dish'cloth', n. ^i^eJ0&&'^Hb2^. 
Dis-heart'en, v. ^. ^2.^ cs^^-^, 2^ 

Di-shev'el, r. ^ (^^^J^) »6o8Sc 
Di-shev'elled, a. -Oo8)87r» J^l^^, r* 

Dis-hon'est, a. jb©"^?), ^^t^t^qc^ 
Dis-hon'estly, adu. €^7^^ci^7r»,e|f' 


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DiB-hon'or,-n'oup, n.«5s^ficr»^i6w,e>8l> 

Dis-hon'orable, a. ^«5oir»ciJg>j^,«s5 

Dis-lion'orably, cwfo. ^sjs5cr*|j'^j^i6» 
Dis-hom', v. ^. r'sSM.oo&jBTSctSw. 
Dis-in'cli-na'tion, n. ^pxxsSw^ac^ J. 
Dis'in-cline', t^ ^.Qg bSm iJsS 5$c"^dBS) , 

Dls'in-cor'porate, v. ^. ai^cfecs^^'iCjo 

Dis'in-f ect', r. t.ti>ij^cs^ifyv}^ii^c?r 
Dis'in-fect'ant, w.^o&x>6^K«6m^SS"S^ 

€3 I. ed 


Dis'in-gen'uous, a.S'tf&)2?c^^^®-i^^ 
Dis'in-lier'it, v. ^.sn^^-j^^^sSailSsSoa^c 
Dis'in-her'itance, n.?T*tf f^«JcB5»f6ofi 
Dis-m'te-gra'tion, n.^KtfM 2. ^t^^. 

187 t)i8-*Bn 

Dls'iii-tep', V. i. (•^cS^xr^pp) -so 

Dis-in'fcerested^a. 'j:)q itf^y-% © jrr^t^ 

Dis-in'terestedly/ orfu 'i:fg^S) ^j-»®^ 
Dis-in'terestedness, w. ";froi5jaj-»«5 
Dis'ln-ter'ment, w.-i^cS^Tr^ppi^ao 

Dis'ln-tlirall', v. t. o:ar^|^«5»^c»Si, 
Dis'in-thrall'ment, w. ^rf) fJ^^^aSai jjb » 

Dis-join', v. ^.a^^c6c3SS>,^«■^c«'sJea^, 

Dis-joint', v. i. iwi^&^o^.— a. -^ew 

^ossc^Si^, ii6Nafi^cfecxj3c«)<3|^. 
Dis-joinl'ed, a.iex)^&^|^^-3e3c8^j"^ew 

"Seso; ^T^jo^^^l^, ©a. 
Dis-joint'ly, arfy. ■g'^eaj-TT'. 
Dis-junct', a. ©a^^,-^"^^. 
Dis-junc'tion, n. -geAHbio, ft^\tf«5M, 

Dis-junc'tive, n. ©S'o^S' Yj«5a;^^oo5 

Disk, n. ^fcoj^pa^N 'dS' -l^^tf^5»5 Oo 

2)8590^ 8530dlO85a). 

Dis-like', ». ^-^i^^^ ^psl«6oa, -fcc^ 

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Difi^locate, v. t sjAactss^do^^ l«»if 

Dift'lo-ca'tion, ». •Si»c8SiD,ieK>^«s;j&>; 
Dia-lo4ge', v. <. ^^«ix)^fcxc<$> , ^v 

9itSod}&o& "fecr*^, 'S^vcr'to. 
DIs-loy'al, a. Ti*©<r jTSf), |^©0|fir* 

pia-loy^ally, adv» ir^^ i&^ts^js^ir*, 
Dis-loy'alty, n. i^8X>^«^sS»; u*© 

(er^i^jSw, ef>i|r_|. 
Dis'mal, a, <ro5SoS'tf^|^,^^>j^^^|5', 

Dis'mally, adv. ^cxj3og'c^«5M-7r»,&§y 

Dis-man'tle, f. ^s^j^^lr^i^jSoo^cj^; 

Dis-mask^ t'. ^•'Ssks6M&^'$c:jt^js$b:r«c 
Dis-mast', v. t. (&,fi^fSa) ^otp'sSaaoo l5 

Dis-inem'ber,v. t. ^^^ ^i^sSmtt'c'^ 
IHs-mem'bermeiifc, n. ^^^n^ ?r^5&^ 

Dis-mis'sion, n. ^jr*-^<5fo, ^^iB■^ 

Dis-mount'^ v. ^. do^.do*^5?^>e^dM 
Dis'o-be'dience, n. ^^oo^^t^^ p 

Dis'o-be'dient, a. e^ft^ct^c^^, e^ 

Dis'o-be'dientily, adv. ^s sS attbsJsSw 

Dis'o-bey', t?, ^, & i. ^i^^^a^S'tb* 

Dis-oVli-ga'tion, n. wf6tf-r»tf s5ao,«) 
Difi'o-blige', V. ^^s:^^t^tf»^osss'^ 

Dia'o-bli'ging, a.^sr-r«»tft»a'^, ^ 

Dis'o-bli'gingly, a<iv,ei)po5j-g-^t^i»a 
Dis'o-bli'gingneas, n. t9}6j5-g-*tf tx> 

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. «Scnea>5 ^e^ tfoc^, JB^t^Ti^Mj ET 

Dis-or'dered, a, ss&'iS^fcj^^, lyi&i&w 
Dis-op'derly, a. sJOb^TPlJp, (e'«foi&5 

DIs-or'gani-za'tion, ». i^Tj^^i^jib^ 
Dis-or'ganize, v. ^ i)TJv^ ^a^cJT* 

Dis-own', v. t, ^i^Qs-^^^) tfl^SS-fJo 
Dis-paii^ V. t. 25^l5S'^i^S2^cfcc»oa. 
Dis-par'age, vJ. ^5Sj;-sJs?«^«^; ^«i^ 

Dis-pai-'agement, n.e^So^s^85«'^(^.3, 

Dis-par'agingly, adv. g^So{^aJ-5r»-^ 

Dis-par'ity, n. e^TCTaJo^j^^, -^S;fo^^^ 
Dis-pas'sion, n. •fTifottDg, ^s&'sbr'^ 

Dis-^as'sionate^ a. pt5w^& ir*^^^. 

Dia*pas'8i(matdy, adv. ?)«l^ JGc ^^ 

Dis-patch', same as despatch, 

to, liHc^to, *^{^car*oD.f>sT»aoT^. 
Dis-pen'sable, a. s^ooScc&J^t^j ^"£& 

Dis-pen'sary, n.S^sl^'y'oj «&o£6oo 
Dis'pen-sa'tion, w. sjo^^&Djsi^^ibjeR 

Dia'pen-sa'top, n.xjoOoM^^oj'ci^. 

Dis-pense', v. ^ ^^^5 »o^;)"g)to 

V. i, (foil, by with.) aft^-^jto^ 

Dis-poDs'ep, w. s;^^9r»c^. 
Dis-peo'ple, v. ^.p-cPjjSosic«6M^cs^. 
Dis-perse', v. t. -^zstScfT^, "ss^go. 

Dis-persed', a. ^>5e>c?r(t.^c«<S^, ^tf 

Dis-perb'er, n. ^j^{^c?rto5r»c&. 
Dis-per'sion, n. ^tfOd^^io^ sj&psso 

Dis-pers'ive, a. ^2J»cr*to|^|g,'SJS^ 
Dis-pir'it, r. ^. e>2^tfc«W'^;^«r% 

Digitized by ^OOQlC 



Dis-pirtted. a. ^"^iSg^&ni, 2.^5*^ 
Dis-place', id. ^ciS»^fc^o^, ir^ 

95cp t> 

Dia-place'ment,w. ^vti» ^fevo^iD, 

Dis-plant', t?.^ ^€>«Sm^S.^o^, ^ng) 

Dis-play',vi. «ft5^i^-^^ "^wOt^ 
o»o^, S'^ceDftS'^, "^OocjSc^cJSSj. 

(So, •t5r«>'^«5o,a'^cn»2^85M€»'S33.S -^^ 
Dis-played', a. ■^^sjc^a^, "SeaCh^ 
Dis-please', r. ^. r*53«5M ^e»?Cc'^cSJS>, 

Displeased^p. a. §^s:;86»s5-0 \|^,8S&?^c 
Dis-pleas'ing, a. e^'j:^sf»c2?c^,r*sj«5M 


Di8-plode>.^ -tto^y^y^o^fT^.— 

Dis-plo'sion,9i. "£0963. 
Dis-plame%v*t. t)o^i6M «:;«^cJrto. 
Dis-port', w.^to,^ifii,ft«r»7:Jri». — v.i. 

Dis-pos'able/i. e^QtfeAdS ^tfSj-*J^o 
Dis-pos'aljn.sio^-gcx^&Dj e^"3c3s2> 

to, ©iar»o7Ji5». 
Dis-pose', v.t. aev^ea^^iTsSD^w^j,^ 

(p ^ ^ ^ 

To d. of— ^tf p"^)c».0) &a x'^dOwiDj 

Dis-posed',p.a. S^^sSajKo^KSa^-jaaKo. 

Dis-pos'er, n. ©T?^o538Sc&,©-qr»^5Si 

tf^ea^CT^c^, SJasli^-eo^oT-c^Sb. 

Dia'po-8i'tion,n. si^i^,sin5>^,«5o|^^. 

Dis'pos-sess', V. ^ ^^ ^^t^i^^ 
Dis'posHses'sion, w.^^p&jSr'p'stfvc 

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101 t>t0-t>IS} 

Dis-praise',n.poJ^,ei)S)^©S)w. — vd. po 
Dis-proof, n. ^o2^^,'«5j^P^9o^&) 

Dis'ppopor'tion,ti. ^Kri»€)a3»S'^s 

Dis'pro-por'tionable, "^ a. e5^fSaOa^ 
Dis'pro-por'tional, C jjt^)^, ssc 
Dis'pro-por'tionate, } ^^ij*!^ S^l^^ 

Dia'pro- por'tionably,-rally^ - ately, 

Dis-prov'able,a. ^ff^j^pObS^ift^obSc 

Dis-prove', v*t. ipo<3o'^,"8n»tfp"^^o 
Dis'putable,a.05r»Tr»<^^2^^l^, t^o"S 

Dis^pntant^n. ^8i^o^o3^c&, sr»Oo 

Dis'pu-ta'tion, n. »sn2^j6»,tflJ{j-aS». 
Dis'pu-ta'tious, ^ a. 5t»Oo^&, tfo 
Dis-put'ative, J i^^ifccflbc^^c^, 5P» 

Dis-quaPifi-ca'tion, n. e^^g^^^ e^ 
Dis-qual'ify, v. ^ «}6s::c:»w_^sSm ^ 

Dis-qui'et, n.^i^6ids)o, oT^cSSejjSw^ 

•€)0^,g'oC^,^Ctta-»'j:j85M. — W.^."3«&^ 

Dis-qui'etude^n. "^sfo^OlSoo, ^oc^, 
Diji'qui-si'tion^n. i«^oK«5m^ ^tf^oT'c 
Dis'quis'itive,a. j^-ic;oK«&oab l5g'^»^ 
Dis're-gard^n.pgJtcsSM, wo&oiSaj, 

Dis're-gard'ful, a. ^•£iko^<&, 9tf 
Dis-rel^ieh, v.^ ef)gx)&);e>7:)«^»c» 

Di8-pep'utable,a, ^tSiSn^iiS'^iii , t^ 

Dis-rep'u-ta'tion,^ n. esy^&'ifjSDd^ 
Difi're-pute', ' J ^xji^O, ^*^v^fi 

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Dis're-spect'a-bil'ity,!*. einiJ;j|boa3 
Dis're-spect'ablei a. e>7r*{^»jbo63'aa 

Disrespectablj^ adv. ib-j^aj(»-7r». 
Dis're*specfful,a. ^«5»ir»o£Jl8'P&, 

Dis're-spect'fuUy, adv. ^t^ir^o^iv', 
Di8-robe',v.<. sjj^^8SMo;SA&iB'^c3^»2) 

Dis-root', v. «.-^rx5^"§o?^'Sda»,p8fl[* 

Dis-rup'tion, n. cHbeK)&>,©tf2^d<;S&>, 


Dis-rupt'ive, a. 5?KOs^ij)^^^"^ab5 

Dis-sat'is-fac'tion,n. ^*^o&h^, ^^\ 
Dis^sat'is-fac'tory, a.^v^g-^^^pc^, 

Dissatisfied, p. a, ^8:K_fcc«s^oaj^^^\ 
Dis-sat'isfy, V. ^ «>^_fcg'o;>Kc"^cs^. 
Dis-sect', V. U »6(5?giS» 'B'^td^^K 

Dis-aec'tion, n. ^s^i^tfjs, "9*€5j^k 
Dis-sect'or, n. nr6{JlS^5j^^aot) tfO^ 

S^9c%o^, -tsscTT^, er^c-^r*^; 
foU. by of. 
Difl-sem'ble, v. t. & t. pS2p^-cr»f)p 

Dis-sem'bler, n-p^S 9p tj^c^st-c^^, 

Dig-sem'blmg, a. S'afo^'c^.p^sSw-r' 

DiS-sem'blingly, adv. ^»^tf»-7r'. 
Dis-sem'inafce, v. t. •r»cfcos;;c'^c3SS>,» 

Dis-sem'i-na'tion, n, ot»o&o5)c"^c»5# 

Dis-sem'iuative,^ a. or»cfcoSic'^'ptS), 

Dis-sem'i-na'fcoT, n. ^SJ^{^sSc^S),5^•c 

Dte-sen'sion, n. a6^!?Kba, g'otfrii&w, r 

OQ385M er«-3jO o^5b,^]g^^j|j!r'CWW»c 
K©J^daS»o&;folL hy from. — w.acb 

&>^a,s5^p5nc2^, ^oAg'ao5jpoT»c&. 

Dis-sen'tient, n. ^pTJn ^iJ^o3S«5odXo 
•T»c2^,a.s5^f)5T»c^.— a. ^oAs'dos) 

Dis-sen'tious, a. ©5r»a:sSMe»?Co,S'otf» 

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^ ^^^O05«5»,^>pr^5(jy»O3Sli>i^« 

Ks'ser-Wtion, r^.^^'^oX^6»,jKo^J&o, 
Difi-serve^ v^ t. ^tis^etSM ^ooSS'a^ 

Dis-serv'ice, n. ^s;Tr'J^«5»,i2fc,tf«p. 
Dis-serv'iceable, a. tf«f)g'e^^|f , «)sJ 

Dis-sev'er, v. ^.a2^c?rto,^oao-C)"3eso 
Dis-sev'erance> )*. "Seso^dOwio^X) ®j-» 

Dis'sidence, n. ^^-fj^^jJ^ooSiiw. 
Dis'sident, a,^o^^dotp,i^t^^o^p, 

Dis-sim'ilar, a.d^e>f),2LS'&©-7r»"«dp,"?f 25 
Dis-sim'i-lar'ity,'J n. ^e>0o, "sSeaoS© 
Dis'si-mil'itude, I i^j^odk>^, ^^ 

Dis-simf iilate, V. i. ^^o^, «6o|^*^ 
Difi-sim'u-Wfcion, w. ^s5toi$»,f)S2>(^ 

Dis'aipate, y. ^.^55tfcr'^jS'gtf«5»7r' 
sScoc6s5oi;i^d8S>^ ipofo^cSSSo. — v. l. 

Dis'si-pa'ted, a. ^^licjr^Od&li^ ss^ 
Dis'si-pa'tion, n- ^j^dg^i^ioj piar»tf e3 

193 DI8-DI8 

Dis'sipative, a.^c^?^c?r"lo&jf)5r>t^ca 
Dis-so^ciate, v, <.'Sfe»"^c»&.r^lQ^. 
Disnao'ci-a'tion, n, ■ge5o^c33»&). 
Dis'solu-bil'ity, n. S'?fcKA*;6K>e»i6DD. 
Dis'soluble, a. itScf<ir^4>^^' 
Dis'solute, a.fib5l-j^^5J_g|^«5KrXo,iir*§d 

Dis'solutely, ad/o. sii-q^ »i&k>|^P«^,a^ 

Difl'soluteness, n.«^-o;» gjSM^a^sv^^sj 

J)is'so-lu'tion, n,^^cKir*tb^^ti&ir^T& 

&>5 ooa3«5», £lOSSi5», |3-»^85»5 IS^ 

Dis-solv'able, see Dissoluble. 
Dis-solve'^ i;. t.^rscf^o-^ jiitScKcTT^, 

Dis-soVent, a.^tsc^o^^^.—n.^tsc 

Dis'sonance, w. •s^£e^fte6gi5»>i'rfj^«Sw 
aoaS'^8^p08'l5sx), («)9scp«^JX). 

Dis'sonant, a. •;5£?jtfx)a»g'^A^o6^ 

DisHsnade'^ t;. ^.s^e^f^tS^^Oi^^d^^i&^f^ 

from. rss^to,«fr»p^o«»to« 

Dis-sua'sioD^n. s^g;)ti^9Q^&9| td^gf^ 

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Difl-syi'iable> n. ^o^iJt^«ScD©^ Keuy* 

Dis-taste', n. eK)^5^sltttoi»^^_|, 
Dis-tem*pe(r»tin*e, ». syc^eoBStfa), fe' 

Dis-ten'tion, j a)-' o 

Di*4fl',-ill', t?. t. ^g-*ea>, \^^oS^ «r» 
^ ^T'^Tm;^. — V. t. «r*to«y^ 

Dis'tiHa'tioa, n. TPesato, ^^II©o^&>5 

Dis-til'latory, a. ©iS-j^owo^f g?^^- 
Dis-till'er, ».-^Tr»oDa "Soo. a tt'c-^ 

Dis-till'ery, ». ^-dx^m "SM^a Tn»c 

Dis-tmct', ^^.'rT^^^l^j "^^l^^lf e^ 

Dis-tinc'tion, n. ^sJjJm^ sjc^^c r)«S», 

Difihtinc'tive, a."^2J85K)j5a "lOooSc'^'^ 

Dis-tinc'tively,"'^ adv. "^>^''^'^h\^ 
Dis-tinct'ly, j %^^i^is:^ ^|^c»8fo 

Dis-tinct'ness, w* :f)^ss.^5 8D(^)^^^, "^ 
Difi-tin'gttish, -y. i* "^gtfifoifSW^cewa 

Dis-tin'guishable, a.^vSl*5»7r»"§S)(5 


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Dis-tin'gaieliinent, n.^tf«6«)]6 ^p'^ 
Distorted, p. a. S^^^^i^, zso^^'4 

Dis-tor'tion,ti.s5og'iJ, S)T'tf:6»5 t5>iy» 

Dis-tort'ive, a.85oS't^^^&, aj|g'«5w^ 
Dis-tract', v. fc(|SJ*^^ OsJ^ocsS«5»76o 

Dis^tract'ed, a. ^osj^ss^^^s&^^^sSdc 

Difl-tract'eflly, adv, Zi^i;r'Qf^t6»i^, 
Dis-tract'ing, a. g'os^^tfed^&, 85d|^ 

Dis-trac'tion, n. «^"qr»o^85oo,?5D|^T6o 
Dis-tract'ive, a. jsy^p^ci^sSM ^ooKc"^ 

m 0W-W 

Distressed, b.«^5J«JA^«0(^,^kj^5^|^ 
Difi-tress'f ul, a, ei>%^rS'^li, i^spsSw 

Dis-^ress'mg, a. ^SbS^jg'j^^^. 
Dis-tril/ttte, v. t. xjo-0"ato.s5o^eo'5 

sr^e-TT' "^Tj^xto^caBSj. To d. jus- 
tice— ^co»S«»^^Ad, «Jd**^o 

Dis^train', v.'L S-^i^cSfij. [&. 
Dis-train'ep,-n'or, n. S_& ^cfiS>Kr»c 
;Dis*traiBtf, n»^^;ar»cr^t^i5»ir»obji^ 

^e>j6 tftor'^to. 

Dis-trib'uter, »*. «o^"S.A»ot«c^. 
Dis'tri'bu'tion, n.jjo-^S^ «o-0"?)to 

Dis-trib'utive,a. sjo^poo^^i^, s5os5 

Dis'trict, n. 'S^^ |K54^j6x>, «?^K"55«. 

Dis-trruBt'ful, a. ws^^i^S' tfiS^^^S,^ 

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Dis-tuFVance, n,'p^Q'^t9'^^,^oc 
Disturbed, p. a. "p^Q^Si^jtfoc^ 
. '^o&|^,^tfD(^. ro5nScXS3i>or»c&. 
Dis-turb'er, n. 5^o2:J{^ii&05T»c&, « 
Dis-un'ion, w. ©^«5a^cj6»l5oo, T^Tdsje^ 

Dis'a-nite', v. L -Seao^cs^, tOdgc"C^ 

Diflumted,p.a. "^ew^ooSc^DS^. os^c 
Dis-use', n. •r»2fog'€r«75aa,^S)^3^K 

Disused, a. oT«<&g'^fc^|i', e^osr^&o^ 
Ditch, W. «X'^,S'oCJS'«S»,tf 6^. — v. ^. 

Ditch'er, n. |^ig)goT»c&, ^sr^d, ^85^ 

Dit'to, n. «)"S, 2.«^^^^<^^^ "^^S 
_^ji». — adv. ;;a^^8)^|5'j»-ff^«^85M, 

Dit'ty, n.x;8J«5», -i^fc). [^^tfl^S'^|^. 
Di'u-ret'io, n.i6tr»^^sj»'g'«5w. — a.i^on 
Di-ur'nal, a. r>XkS, ^h^^^-^^y sig'O 

Pi-up'nally, adv. (C90|5'85»fSi, p^c 

Di-van', n. aarpwdw, 8^oo;g)8Sr»toS», 
Di-var'ioate, v. i. ao^K«5a?fe, •^o& 

Di-vat'i-ca'tion, n.Tjoi^V'^«^«>"'^ 

Dive, i\ i. jSpajJocXb, cr*c«^SS^;&, tf o 

Div'er, w. |b^er«tr<cl^SoB5»56c?6»^c 

Di-verge', v. i. or»cS)o^, sog'^oi^w 

sg; opp. to converge. [fto-^Ao. 
Di-ver'geiice,-cy, n. jsj •i56o^to,sr»o 
Di-ver'gent,'! a.2j^^^^o&^tSi^^ 
Di-ver'ging, J tSs>t&»-rr^}iilSii^iStixiS^ 

Di'vers, 'i a. jsr-ir'ti^'^^ yt^H^^-^^ , 
Di'verse,) "S^^, "^J5^|j'. 
Diversely, adv. js^-^Zi^z^iT^y-^'^ 

Di-ver'sifi-ca'tion, n, iir^jr'Zi^tSai 

Di-ver'sified, a. Tr-ir^ifo^tf-Sii^, ©©^j 
Di-ver'sify, v. U jr'-tS-^Si^ti^ ^c3&, 


Digitized t 



Di-ver^flion, n. e&>,"S§&tf,a'^2^«S»5 

Di-ver'sity, n.a©9B5»,TT'(Sfa2??tf»,-c;) 
Di-vert', v- ^. sfolKo^, (^tf^, i^tf 

Di-vert'ive,j "^d^o^ ^^'(^^tS'^ll^' 

Di-vest', 17. t. 0(boD"a». o tSsoos^c"^ 
» ^ -s 

c5SS», ©lr'|^sj66-5?: opp. to ini^sf • 
Di-vid'able, a. ^p^osjcsj^c^, ©^©c 

Di-vide', r. ^. ^Jlo-^, atp'^o^, ^o 

C3B59. — V. t^^^Kj&Hb, "SwHa, -fcoD} 
Di-vid'ed, a, ^-Ho5>coSc^,"^e93^oo5c 

Di-vid'edly, adv. ■^eso'Seflo-TT',^*;"^^^' 

Div'idend, w. -iy^oo, ^Xr6», tr»^8ix> 

er*s^ol^5 tf<tfc«S»j 9^eJc«iw, ^^o 


Div'i-na'tion, n. t{rasSLo^?Sb^s5^tojt!r 

Di-vine', a. 2.5^'r»^'»o?^5>c^;2.^^^ 

iJr*ipcJ^c<&. — V* U & i.ip'SsJ.c^ 

Di-vine'ly, adv.B^fiS'j&wTr*, ^.^^c^®^ 
Di-vin'er, n, -cpc^s^i&xnpp 'Stf^sr^c 

Div'ing, a. J)fcSeHe>'*c^8S 86»pc"7^i^ 
Di'ving-bell', n.|b65er^K5l)§85of52>i5i>cc» 

Di-vin'ity, n. ^sy^<g85»,-e*^g^^;^«S»5 

Di-vib'i-bil'ity, w.a^S?)OQ35^,^^os;-c 
Di-vis'ible, a. ^^osJcc^K^^, 9^Ki6oooo 

Di-vi'sion, ». ©^?Ci6ooe»^c5^<^5 ©9^ 

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Di-vi'sional, a.^^^j^jfoc-jSo^o^J^lf . 
Di-vi'sor, n. thQo'^ik^oapQy tf»iy«S», 

Di-vorce^ n. ©sr»s^^£J«$»5 isa^cX 
Di-vorce'ment, n. a3T»s^»Z)o^«SM^ ^ 

CD ^ ^Zi 

Dl-vulge^ V. ^.^Oca3c^c55S>;(i^s^75o 
Diz'ziness, n. ^oBt^S:>i^,€o^^boJ^ 
Diz'zy, a. eToI^ObXb^^^, g'o^§>Ob;(a 

you d.«=«^^8i3r«. To have done 
— «6j»Ko^4a.To have done with 

jSl^'^^r* ^i&"ScfiS><b. Your care- 
lessness will not d.=s|boc38r'i7C^ 
5jp§Tr»«^. That will d.=»e)a«^c» 
^, To have to d. with=^^oz:)o^ 
sSwVSj^cssModfc&D.You have noth- 
ing to d. with it.=» ■cT'P^JbBSsJ 
P'dfib. To d. withs=62Jb^&D^ sSmKo 

Doat, see Dote, 

Dob'bin, n, tSxi^tt^^i^J^^tsSo^. 

«r-di?«i> Ife-^cs;^^, Tfeo^r^jsito 

Do-cil'ity, n. s^^o¥, o"$o8S^; a^oos 

pc»sfc'B4»"2>"^ W 9S^^ '^DX)a 
Dock'et, w. *t6^^X)|^«&>>> ^c»^_^ 

Dock'yard', n.ft/^^er'eJb^g) efKft§^i6^ 

Doc'tor, n. ^.^ijc&j »dS«fbc&, jy* 

Doc'toral, a. 2.^§P'(^®^^?^2?<^- 
Doc'torate, n. 5>oatf.^c^ife?,xro<3i^c 

Doc'toress,-tress, n.2_2^oTr>€)5,2.^5 


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109 wy-RPii* 

Dog'gediy, adu. "a»o^"7r«, sJtoadS? 
Dog'gedness, n. a^ban^-^sjto, lifi^T^ 

Dog'gish, a. 8S6'i^5Jo63e;^'f5^^s5s5wX 
Dog'ma, n. ^xyo^jSoo^pwozuJ^j ^5^ 

sSw, a^, ■<5s' e>!;)(j^^»o8S«6». 
Dog-iiiat'ic,-^cal, a. «&t'J^ ^1^^ ^<S 

Dog-mat'ically, adv. fcS sn&'jSooT^, 

Dog'matism, n. &<S oT'S^sSx, "^a^*?:}?^ 
Dog^matist, n. ^sn^tS^ ^cjsmoT'C 

Dog^matize, v. i. ^r»^^8)^^'S'i:)8oc5 

Dog'ma-ti'zer, n. ^^sS^^-j&is&^sSofyfc 
Dog's'-bane^ w. -s^jBTC^^Ob^^js^t^ 

Doc'u-^en'tal, "i a. tsp^ tJcnsstf'^ 
Doc'a-men'tary J ^, -^e^l^Qp^ss^ 

Dod^der, n. ©CJptf-^z^jiM. 
Do-dec'agon, «. tt^cJ^^IJ^jSm. 
Dodge^t?. i- & t. 'S)T^*pt&»'^c5^, 3^ 

C3a» J^^ ^oc5\ ^Iko^ r'j6(b, 

Dodg'er, ?t. -sbr'^TccSoy iSo-tf^c&. 
Doe, n. e^c&^og'; eJc&S^a"^. 
D(/er, n. ^cSJww^.c^, ^_g. 
Does («^), the third per. sing, 
-pree. tense, of do. ^c&^fv^d 

^BofE, (do off) V. ^-(^6^'att>. ®) &^ 

Dog, »-:^i^, «b«$.^«i»5 f^^c^ — 

D0g^oart','n.-abS'iaT'^eb ?<bg'^2x:fa. 
Dog-cheap, a. e>® ^^tfa^i^, l^g'j^ 

Doge, n. -3jbTi)85&)€3iS»^o250 (^-qr^i^ I Dog's'-ear', n. •$)^S'i5Mer< s&S-C)^ 
Dog'fish', ». *p» e>j6 ^cu. | tfi^tfracawrj;. fTi^. 


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Dog'sleep', n. sStfj^pjtf, eo^ p^^ 

Dog'star',n, "^o^l^&^^sfopr'oS^eso^ 

Dog'tootV, r^. r^eatfTO. 
Dog'-wea'ry, a. gia§^0 e)e>|5j^. 
Do'ing, n. ^Sc^, r)^^«s»,tfp. D-s«- 

Dole, n. s>o-e:)"a&»&)5 s^osfcj ^)&«6»5 

Dole'ful, I a. aSbS^g'tf^j^j »^ c>c^ 
Dole'some, j 86m Ke). 
Doll, n. (a2^er*^e^(6) ^«^. 
DoVlar, n. Uo&i^^tf ^■ibr'ooSoSS'iS 

Do'lor,-lour, n. 25bo^i&>»j ^S'tfw. 
Dol'orous, a. fiao^rr^o^^j^j fi^Sip 

DoVphin, n. '^&'(i^C}i»y^^rStSo:,^KodSo 
Dolt, n»^arrtosT»c&,'a»g>or»c&,«5oa 

Dolt'ish, O. "^ao'3^, ^ir»2?f^> «&r»^C 
Do-main', ». Tr»©ci5M, Tr»Sx ^85m, "S 

Dome, n. ;fo«5o^totf»sj'9j6o&^tf 35», 

Do-mes'tic, a. ;Ovtf* ^oajo^^^^^j 7^ 
"Stf -j^ooo^^^)^} "Sotfcoa^, "So 

Do-mes'ticate,^. t. «e>ar»to ^oaKc"^ 

Domesticated, p* a. 8$9-€}^^^oBSC23& 
Dom'icile, n. jD5r»'i:)3S», 9j^^-^i^tSs»^ 

Domiciled, p. a. StfjSwTPTPc^tfifiM 

Dom'i-cil'iary, a, 5T»if)^c^ ^o«>o^ 

Dom'i-cil'iate, r. f. Stf«S>*-7r» psr^if^ 
Dom'inance,-cy, n.|«©€)^,j5»^^,e5 

Dom'inant, a- j^©€)2?(^^«^%jS*(^^^ 
Dom'inate, v. f.^^T'^siM^cs^j^cw, 

Dom'i-na'tion, w, ^^hb^^jSm, ^X)^ 

Dom'inative, a. S)"9&, («^^i6»^ 
Dom'i-neer',v. i* j«^ig)15g'oBS©>ST-j5j 

Dom'i-neer'ing, a, ^^Tn*c^«S» i^"2> 
Do-min'ical, (^. ^aor»tf85» •fJo^io^f^ 
Do-min'ion, n. u'SS'ci&o^ nr»sl^«S», 

Dom'ino; n* tSw^^sS) ilittf-j^iS t9ka 

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Don (do on), v. t, ^&?<br*jSc>, ?0o 

^, "SjBr'i^; opp. to doff. 
Do-na'tion, n. ©sJtos&^i^iSaoj S(cr»«6o^, 

Don'ative, n. z^j^w ;5Sr»|^«Sx», S||3^j5m. 
Done, J9* P« of do, 

Do'ni, n. ar*'^, -sg sj^tf^ -Oli!^ i^^. 
Don'jon, n. r«to8S>9c?6o&K^-^tf«5». 
Don'key, n. 7V'a"3|'«a)fiJc>,"8«)oiJg>5r»c 

Do'nor, n. xr^, 85^^j5T»cab.[ar»c2fo. 
Doo'dle, n. ft^^sj^c^Sb, "SOa^SSij^sj 
Doo'ly, n. <g^b, « o I, -fFw^fi. 
Doom, v. fca^o^^erjff^&o-df n.« 

Dooms'day^ n. g'er'^sJ'^^sSao, -j^r^g 

Door (<g^5"Vn. xr^ej8SDs>,5rȤ0;Xr'g 

i^iSw^l^sy.ln or within d-s«*sio 
4S€r«5»o.Out of or without d-s= 

S{OiS OO03iD, «)O03«»(^o^. Th® 

&iult is laid at his d.— ^sT^^ e>^ 

Door'cafie', w. Tr^Cwd^ajM, 
Door'keep'er, n. ■n^tfir»oSSc&. 
Door'sill^ ». ;C2^«. 

Door'way', n. -cj^(StSx>. [pi6f^. 

Dor'mancy, w. |5^i^|^,-i:^o|^»5wl5 
Dor'mant,a. pj^a^^^|^^5,»^^^ 

Dor'mitive, n. f)j^g'€X)Kc'^c»M «5aocJb. 
Dor'mitory, n. jsfi^S'iS^. 
Dor'mouse, ». sjoOr'sSi^, ^o^gSwtf 

Dor'sal, a. ■sj^^lSg'fc-^^^ai^. 
Dose, n. a.r-^io§^^ "^Ts^^sSm, slS' 

Dos'sil, n. ^sJcMS»er<"^l^o^sy_9. 

Dost, the sec. per. sing. pros, 
tense, of do. ^csafc-Sf f^n ^. 

Dot, w. ^g'(^, ?y A», S)o«6;g) V. ^» 

Do'tftge,n. s^-cr»5;o*^t»a©o€r«5;?i5M, 

Do'tal, a. _§ J^^-fJoaDoZiJ^^. 
Do'tard, n. wa«s»jBo^|^ sSw^jCi?) stk: 

Do*ta'tion, n. tf»ffsdi5»}_§ %^0o^^ 
Dote, V* 1. S>•v>\'7^(joodfeJ^^^asSM^o^, 

^^ with on or upon. 
Dot'er, n. waas^M^o-Di^jSM-j^O^ncdfo} 

Doth| srme as doea^ 

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POT-DRA 202 

Dot'ingly, adv. "Seg-Tv^j «8^^8&5^. 
Dot'ish, a. "S||, 8»^^^c^, i»§«6wi5o 

Dot'fced, a. ^S'^^-^iS^^, ^^ij-w>ii^ 
Dot'terel,n. a.g'aeiJ^^-oi^^e) oH&to. 
Dou'ble, a. 7JoiSo^'2^l^,"B4S^^,aQ?<b 

T3o2|^5 g'sjio^^, Scn-i:)^^ 

Dou'bledeal'er, n. ^ir^'jCiTr^c^, asx* 

Doa^bledeaKing^ n* 'dT^T^TiSM^ ^s56o 
Double-edged, a. -^os^o^wKv.^i^. 
Dou'ble-faoed', a. ^r^-fJ^^^S'ciS^ 
Dau'ble-hand'ed, a.-ar»75«6»^'^i^. 
Dou'ble-heart'ed. a. ^ar^jj^Co^Xo^ 

Dou'ble-lock', V. ^.^-©iofeKiSw T5oofo|) 
Pouble-meanm^, a. -^o^^tf j5MC»Xe>, 

Dou'ble-mind'ed, a. 5x)0-0^c ^^^ 

Dou'blene68,n, ag;ibe3j5»,7J4S, Qg^g 
Doub'let,7i. a.g' ^ir-_^ob xS^-f^ossj 

Dou'ble-tongued', a. "Bo&tj^ooS'oj) 
Doub'lets, n. pZ. ir»-og'e)er< S^tt-ss 

Dou'bly, adv. 7Jo«io ^oo-tt*. "56S-7r». 


Doubt'er, n. 75o*^«reo^oroc&, 'j^osf 
Doubt'ful, a. ^o'Sis^'^i^^p^Kcx^tixi 

Doubt'fuUy, adv.-j^o-^tf^jSjttTT*, e>j6 

Doubt'fulness, w.^oaX«J,'iJo'Stf»tf». 
Doubt'less, adv. p^^oSz^tSs^i^y p 

Dou'ceur^ n.e)o^i6», -^aS^ !).^i5m. 
Dough ((S^), n.S)^8^&oa. 
Dough'ty (^^43), a.5jTT»|g'8&«5» Ko, 

Doughty (<S^om)> a.TP^-s^oS' fco 

Douse, r. ^.aoxSj,f)dSe;^«5Mo^. — vA. 
?)43er<«S'76[^J^7r»33dfc. ["SoJibs^. 
Dove, n. -^^g^ifoj, ^sb^^sSo^j TibsJ^, 
Dove'cot', ) 
Dove'cote', f ""' ^^^^^ ^c&. 

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Dow'ager, n. ^^aa«>tfij-«_|eH §^0 

Dow'dy, n. |5nK6S'«5»"^p^c&a,i5T' 

Dow'er, ^ n. tf»tfe9iS», _§J 9|^iS»^ 
Dow'ery,J ^oja ficp^dS^^^^. 
Down, n. iss^va^^iy^ is^^p'So\^ 

d-«7©00500, ^TS^^sSM; C5(^8'a»v. 
— a.i§oa 5o)iooT»€)o-7r»{6|^. — prep. 

Down'cast', a.»o^^i5Da"a».oT»f) sJo^ 

Down'falV, n.7r»^«Sw, iSto, ijoc^ « 
Down'fall'en, o.|5n'^2*c^^'^**^o=^c^- 
Dwn'hill', o. a;<a&-7r»j5b^. — n.a&) 

Down'inesfl, n* ^cJ^^s^^f) "3oj& 

Down'ly'ing, n.cod^r'jjb^fcS'S?. 
Down'poui-', n. SSsr^^. 
Down'right', a.-j^^sl^^c^^ c© iScyj^Cf 

Down'staire', a. •&«^^§o©j Oo^ljoa. 

Down Vard,a.i§ 0^2. «^^ ij<=>^2,w«^ 
— -a<2v, same as dovniwards* 

Down' wards, adv. jJoaS,©;^*^}*^ 
Down'y, a.|6n»c2.c^i l^t^^'^ll^ ,^^^ 

Dow'ry, n.t^tfw85M, ^Oja S&^c&d 
Dox-oFogy, w.g^xj^j^jSw. 
Doze, V. ♦•fiS^SS, ^cHb^Pj^ «5ot»v7r» 
j6o^. — v» ^* otfS'aSM^r* "ff^osSai 

Doz'en, n. & a.j50|^oifo. f^. 

Doz'y, a.jDj^8&«»v-7r-j6fr^. 

Drab, n. vxr^&'&^oKyXo tt^O"©^} 00 

DraVber, n. oo'Sv ^ti^^r»^ti» ^ 

Drab'bish, a. vo'^^^^^tinKv. 
Drab'ble, v. t. «SM65§^c»»,wC^fiJer« 

Drachm, same as dram. 

Draff, n. sSSQ, tf&;<a. 

Draff'ish, | a. psJL^J^j-^^g'js)^,^ 

Draff'y, J p§j$r.O^. 

Draft, ri.-^ifc^(b, -^^^, e^^'g^easS^j 

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cajSoj ad^&c«». — a. tn7Moil6 ^zs Dram, n. ?r?b\ e5j6lfc™pS'er* c^7r» 
Drafts'man, n. ^i6T'(r»oo "»». ©jsr* i Jtot^tf^^Kitoj r*o^ida»^ tftfotf. 

Dra-mafic, ^ a. i5r»&>S'ifJooo<f jo^^, 
Dra-mat'ical^J ir^ioBS^I^. 
Dra-mat'icaU j^ odt^. 7r»Aa8'ft©-7r». 
X^oooi^sr^ig)j!j3 ©003^ &c:sj5,Ao§s|I)i^m'atdst,'438'tfM^jB|^«'o.[cx^ 

^litfNOfjS 8;)?()ocfr^os5oi^85M. I Drank, p. ^. of the verb drink. 

Drag'gle, v. i.t»tf£rer«-^&^, «5MeJ§ 

Drag'net', n. •^s^O'^Oos^o. 
Dragoon, n.^ooSoS'i^^^g'j) B'O^^ij^ 

Drag'onet, n. SLS'sT^^^dcs;. 
Dragon-fly, n. {^ficK, (6n.|bcX. 
Drag'on'sblood, n. J^sSd-t^o^ sSd^K- 

•$)?^J6, 2Lra>;6^ Hb^o«S». 
Dra-goon^ w. er(^, ^^g-^-jCTos-objaLr 

Drain, n. 5yg^cx^(b, ^^©Tn^dt^ 
Drain'age, n. fjiCKwcwSiSl^^ioj ^ 

Drape, v. Lt^k^trss^'iJ^^oo^do^ , 
Dra'per, n,og€)e_g3Sc«>. 
Dra'pery,tf.©^oi3r»cT^«f «to>, ^ay^sr^o 

Dras'tic, «.©o^^, ifg^^^^. — n.oo 
Draught, n. see Draft. T^i^ t?&D. 
Draughts n. pZ. jd-»?C&r»o5yo63 a.g'o?;^ 

Dranghts'man, see Draftsman. 
Dra-vid'ian, a. (jr^otf^owo^-^^. 

Draw, r. ^. ^&^,t7^?C>. t?tfe 01^5^ 

O^o^.To d. in= 's>3^^i^^^v^c 
ziWT^r'^do. To d. out=:a?ic*$; 

do, 5)M^4o.To d. Up= ^g'ooiCT'^ 
^Ctfj^Ob ^d83a*3. To d. lots— fe 

to-;g<:ss»&>.D-n battle-"'5:)«6^^c3aSj 
^iSw e^^CTT* 2.rd8p ©ocSiSw pi^ 

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StobKo^ ^iS^^ ^^^^ kSwj>^iSt»c33S>. 

To d. back="s;sSS'c&ct^&).To d. 

near™ aK^aSSsr^^to, -pboto'^ 

&D. — n. <r»Xb^, -^&\&). 
Draw'bacV,^xJiSM^^^srraj ^fib 

Xb, S5^85», ^^sxsSm, ^SSj^s^. 
Draw'bridge', w. «>?C^2. t^ "S'^^o) 

Draw-ee', ». ?i^o(S§id^85M^^© o^tfo 

l^l^MOO'^aD. aroT«c35MoT»C&5 «$w)o5 

Draw'ing/n. ■€)^^85a)|Bn«<:33Sa55P5 st&d 

Draw'mg-room',n. £JiJ.|^/^^tf*i5M^ B' 
Drawl ». i. & L 6e^ *5»e)5^sSir»^a'(&. 

Drawn, p. p» of drau\ 
Draw-well, w.Ǥ^<^Tra,^c'3<SbTro. 
Dray, n.-i:)iJ8oex)'Sc5^ -ae^^^oSj^^fo^ 

Dread ((J3(f^); n. t;ro33i5M, "gsJOb^^S, 

If ^1^. — V. t. & i.^oo3«(5fc, 0;(>ex> 
Dread'ful, a. ^osio^ts-^n^^ [jcdfo. 
Pread'fully, adv. i^casoi^t&ay^. 

Dread^kss, a. per ^ocss^fi'. 
Dream^ n. iTo, •i;^xj^i5Da.-r-.v. i,^ocK 

Dream'er, n. irocKjSasr-ci&j sjtfosa^ 

Dream'ful, a. T^^gJJ^iSDoes^i^. 
Dream'lesSy a. ^oeK>l3p. 
Dream'y, «• r^»Ja«^s^'9?^l^^5 «r)^ 

Drear, same as dreary. [ooj;^!^. 

Drear'ily, odw- ip'oo3og'{fa5ai7r», ttj^ 
boiA}^. [Ooa69pOS»>odfeS ^. 

Drear'iness, n. ^ooJoS'tf^j&o, TT»;g) 
Drear'isome^^ a. i^oc5oir^«5M7r' fSbo 
Drear'y, J "safo, -i^ifoir* jjao-g 

Dredge, »*^ctf€»c^&2L8'^r»^ebs? 

cjtsS)oe^oi^i5M. — v. f. 


"% p&oScS§«x>. 

•— * CO 

Dredg'er, "^ n. g)o<2c^TO^fio 

Dredging'box, J «Sar»ce$'er« S'jT^sSw 

Dreg, ».i6!)fi , iSa^,Xi5;used chiefly 
in the pU The d-s of 80ciety= 

Dreg'gish, a* «5aS3^po^^, «5ae)^^ 
Dreg'gy, a. sfcS-Tvj^^^, »Sd^X^; r 

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Drench^ v» t, ^dio'^^tSoio^^ voiSo^ 

Dress, v. t. ©iooaS^&Xbi tfi^^ US' ■;3 
^, ^g'j^c-3^,Og>5tfS£85M^daSo, 

c55S>}('^o&7r»o8Si5Da'a». 5r»pp) S' 
tos<S^«Sw,tJaf6-^^c»Sj. — r.i. ©to 

Dressed, p. a. ©toeo^&?6r*f)|^i 2& 

Dress'er, n.-7r»o3S«S»«>SSOb-^e»T5oo.ft 
«o^y«SM'^|B85Dofibtf^^^6cc^5 -i^^sr 


Dress'y, a. woo-g-»c^ifcdBMc"3 i^,!*'© 
Drestj p. p. of dre«*. 
Drew, p. t, of drat^. [^^''' 

Drib'ble,»ADo^r'&o7r»-r»eaa "S^ 

Drib'blet,") ^ 

Drib'let, j ~-^-^'^5*?i^i^«^- 

Dried, p. ^ & p. p. of dry. — a. .Jo 3 

0(^, tJeJ^j tfftSd^oooi^. [of dry. 
Dri'er, n.o3o5£c'54Sc^»r»cdfc. — Comp. 

Drift, n- iS»o«6BSr*tor*pTnc»fi^a5 

r*<fco§^p^;g)l5tf "iOs^^^. — r. t. 

Ob\. — a. |b«G\7r»0 "aoo. oT»p sJo|^ 

Drift'less,a. )i>^-6py^'^^^i^^-^^. 
Drill, r. ^. iSo^z&x^^cs^^ ^c»^5 S' 

Oac)-iy»dx)} 7r»l?4StS^e»5 {^0|^2;;^i63»09 

Drill-ploagh,!*. -sc^Tg). 

Dri'ly, see Dryly. 

Drink, t?.i. \yr^^, T^^j&j^dflfcj S'^ 

?<bj feoa^. To d., the health or to 
the health,of— st/S'pS ^«5385n;sS 

Drink'able, a. i^Kccr^i^, ■£oc68S». 

Drink'er, n. ^p^;fe5r»c&, -iy^^aSw^ 


Drink-money, n. ^jr^HbioSSs^isneSwTr* 
. 8^iS\0cr»8'oQ. 

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Dink-offering, ». ^73^06 -f^tfotf^ra 

Drip, v.i. -vea). — v^t -r»eb\.— n. 
Drip'ping, n.«r»A»«r»A»-7r'-T'ea>i3i5 

Drp'stone', n.}bobs^aoo3cXto 2,8' ©aj 
Drive, t^ ^.5S^€»5|^^ifco>^5g'^i•^J■3o 

;feeJ ^0"C;)«Jr»(feocr»& iJS' 1 s»oo39n o 
« . — w. ©cr*"^ tf 85wo oaer*8^ ;g>io} 

Driv'el,w.3^o;<,a^a)5 wviS»-5Jf)"a©a 

Driv'eler, n. i5^oK-T'ag»^r*j6oT'ci^5 

Driv'eling,a. ^oX-8-»0b^r*j6^jr^. 

Driv'en, p. p. of drive. 

Driv'er, n. ©©a 1^. ^c»snc&,7^ 

Driz'zle,!;.!. ■OJ^SSto-tt'SSQcSQw^^j^SS 

Driz'zly, a.-0j6sS«)»«)^^^. [^y. 
Droll, n. 8J«7:i^-T'cefo.— a. ©o^^i^, 

Droll'ery, n, •)X^^,iHifrciS»,»0tf««5j 

Drom'edary, n,-s,fifer^i3cxs3,"^KTT»ig). 
Drone, n. "g-^^ocspsSDX-^-^^JcK^jd^ 

Tr»X^je^8ix>»o4S ¥£p. — 17- i. -r»e 

Dron'ish,'^ a. i^^ssj^d^i^, ©grsfojTC 
Dron'y, J e),^e53SSc«^i5oa"c5p,sSootf 

Droop,v.i.^^oco^, sT'&j^;^)} JkeSo 

Droop'ing, a. sr^Dd^owi^j p-j^^^s^K 
Droop'ingly, ady.^3ol^'^l6M7^•5^^oc 

Drop, n-^g'^,i:)ofiJb;g>,ir>^, -oj^sSj 
^^oa»ir^ ^Si. — V. t. ^g'^oo 

— v4* %SbS'(^oo7r"a&, "s^eso 5 ^ 
&r»€»^Cifo5 e:98'762^^7r»5J^\5 pO 

Drop'ping,n. '^g'(^e»« eSb&Dj^g'^ 09 
■7r»85r*c5S»4o5 d-s, ^^i^e», ^^fe^* 

Drop'sical, a, f r. dropsy, 

Drop'sy, n. tSa-irv^s^O'sSM l5g'85er«2^ 

Dross,n.^^iS», er«tf»i5»er*p85o'&) 5 

Difoss^y, Ot VH^iltf»Xo,«fe*&Xe>5»f)§ 

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Drought'y, a. s^Si^D o3o<3aHooft|^, 
Drove, n.jfooJ^, ?<c>o-^j Dcr*&,<jS^5J. 

— p.^. of drive. 
Dro'ver, n. s$^:go9 "S&otfeo ^ic».«r»f)p 

Drown, i;.^. jfo^o^j jiwoOtSo-^j « 

Drowned, p. o. tf»f>cH^, {bf >er*tfa 

Drowning, w. f)?v«r*X)<S^^!5b^&3. 
Drowse, v.L sSJaSo^ pifiTsHtft. — n. A 

Drow'sily, adv. {DaJ&^sfe^Tf. 
Drow'siness, n.p&5f«jo^,f>«fe?fiS5o-$) 

Drow'sy, a. pifoif «i3«»^"^?6c^^, P(5 

Drub, V. ^. §^to, "aao^, "ir^i^. — n.'S 

Drudge, v. i.^^^^i^^ttsp'^&a^txi 

?(bo^(b35)(&). — n. «5Wal7Bp|i'tfp^ 

Drudg'ery, n. toij^OS'^^jTcp, ^8 
JJif«5»5 ?)-r^'^sj, 8r.|^s^ 9. 

Drudg'ingbox', see Dredgmgf-Twx# 

J) ^&»tf a. 
Drug, n. sS>o2^d^^,i&>o«»^eR6,ifiRn 

Drug'get, n. JToXC^, S'o©^. 

Drug'gist, n. 853o2^e)oXaor»ci^. 

Drum,n. (S^c»,"^e,i^o«i)$,i^7\:'Tr»,^o 
-8r»5«53^€>, 8&^CJoK«5»j 5^dfc«S»5(of 
the ear) ^^^0, (^o)^2j.— v- i* 

Drum'ma^jor, n. dr^e»l5^ "^dsr^ooDo 

Drum'rDer, n. <g^e»"iac». r'tooyc&. 
Drum'stick', n. <g^e»or»0£»o^ §^ 

Drunk, p. p. of drink * — a.^^\^f<i^3 
Drunk'ard, n. ir'Xbc^e^. 
Drunk'en, a.g'^j^5\^,8S>^"7r«jSd?r^, 

Dmnk^^nness, ru sS3&,«foo»^*S»,2^ 
Dry, a. <,)oa^,t9ft§|^,^aTJf),d^(S7r'jSb 

?r^} -cr»tf*j5MX'e),5JS)^cr'ppr5 ^S^*^ 

•a».)5 j5ol5croi^o2?S'«5w-r»f). D. cul- 
tivationa="a34o'(i^7<b»<S, ^o8 

C3 ft) ' 

^. — tJ. i. ©Jo^), tsea), s^oSS. 
Dry'ing, a.weac'?J"Sb5fo,s^7C5'c'3"^ifo5 

Dry'ly,adv. ^fllJeSo^^, in&i^\T&y^>^ 
Dry'ness, n. ^flidsx), ir»a7r»j5bo&6o, 

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^fibxya: opp. to tre^-mir^^i ! Duck'weed', n. a.S'aii6*i6o|bft3ia»g'(j«. 
Dry'saltV^ »»• ^xj^'^^^^'u^o-j^^riD^ ^i Dock, n. |5r»?«5M, t^tfiSwj ^tossw. 

Da'al, a.;>^joo5i5aii?6l5g'T5oASp^l)c3iSc Duc-til'ity, w.-sd^c^I^i^m ,16^-7? eioHb 

Dab, v. i.^fe),r'^^s5|g85Do§«r*«X) l5S' 

Due, a.s^oo2g«jc;^l^,^8» o^sJ«j5i^,Tr*§ 

DaVber, n. la's 

Du'biously, adu. ^o't^^6»'K^y ^o^ 
Da'biousneas, n.^o'Si^^oi6xi,t5^i_^ 
' Da'cal, a. fr. dt^fce. [o?C^,«fJ;^§^. 
Dac'at, n. SL^jar^cSsJw. 
Dnch^ess, ». fem. of dukf^» 
Daoh'y, n. Sk^oT ^ji> |»^$aa»S'|^ 

Dack, n. d^gTj'^5Wc<2^'5r&jSbtf©jS2> 
^ 8S>5?$og';fe«^j^otf3^r'jSa&>. To 
make d*s and drake£w^«^2 r>^^ 


DiickMegged', «. S^fivcCKK'o^tr'?^ 

ro (J) ' 

Du'elmg, n. 2^6£j£c»s>gid6d hSo&4o. 
Da'elist, n. tfgos^ dcbgtfi^^GJSw^t 

Du-et', n.s^«5ft»l3s^o35^s:tf«Sx [fife. 
Daf'fer,n. x;f>§sST*3|^5r«'Cc:^5'i&r»-jCf7v-*e 
Dag, n. ^i^'ixo. s^«fo^od*»5c?<b 

p.t.& p. p of digr. 
Dake, n.a,g'|^^s|D?5^ l?^' -^-^ts^j. 
Duke'dom, n. dkr»or epo ^55^^aa» 

r^tnacifcj 155' J^r"*^- 
Dul'oet, a. ^©idjr^ -3r 5fc?btf^^» 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 



Dull, a, 856o25t3oaa3|^,"aoa'3(^,»^c2 

S'oaXc'^ocCp, ©o^ldp. — V. ^. sSff^o 

DalFard, ) n. 2/(&c<Sb, "aoa^^ iSaj^ 
Dull'head', f ^cd^ «fcocJ^x)a. 
Dall'ish, a. r»o^«5»«S3o£J^^5 a*j6o?^ 
•$)^o^<5fo. [15SX). 

Dall'iiess, n.8S3otfw©,^esaSSc5J|^K5M 
Dal'ly,ady. «53oiJ85»7r», "aDO 7^*5 «fcoC5 

Dullness, same as^^^ - 
Da'ly, adv. ^K^<i»7r», a>sJ>a'7r',oo3T?r^ 

Damb (a^S), a. i6t'cX^(^, ^^»crofib 

"3p5 o^(^85a^7V»f5b(5^, j5ar»&)er»fiop. 

DamV-bell',n. ^7^5r^^c5^t^-^&^ 

Pumb'ly, adv. z^xj^cKt^^ sSj^6oer-s^ 
Damb'ness, n. i6r»cX^^85oo. 
Damb-show, »• ssj*&Dcr»2^sSoa^'^^d5M 


Dam'found^ v. ^. g'e)s5tf sjea^, S)So 

Dump'y, a. in^^'^, fiSea)2.o^2c^- 
Dan, a. g'&osjg^i^, If^ro^^ss^^^^ 

Dunce, ^ n. e?&cifo, •a»26, 

Dun'der-head^, j j^sr* 4^c&, ^^« 
Dune, w. s|i6og'a©v. [«»©. 

Dung, n. (s;«):g)e>) -*«^,(5)^e)) U&d, 

Dan'geon, n. ^erf»(5»o,T'-D>?Ovtf^85Do. 
Dung'hill', w. -£ci£sStf^, ■55o(So. 
Dung'y, a. s5oe)i5oal58'-£cag5^po<Sc5^ 

Dun'nage, n. ij^vki^^rs^^in^^o 

Du'o-dec'imal, n. sjoi^oa^sy v'X'sSw, 

Du'o-dec'imo, w. •^«&r»;&Sc> 5joi"3o 

Du'o-de'num, n. ^o^^tSxn^j&xi^ isjJ? 
Dupe, n. ■ar»f:)s^ocx3^5r»c2^j ^sSoeJ^ 

Duping, n. •ar»'i:)«5x, fc^ej^iiD^aSw. 
Da'plex, a. aotogpi^, gooO. 
Du'pHcate, n. ^^,j^©, «"^©pj5o^-7r» 
^ooScwS^i'd a. ^o&D^i^,S^-7r» 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Dap'per, same as dubben 
Dtt'ra-bil'ity,n. 6tf tp»oi6d9 «fo"^^ 

Da'rable, a. 23e)2p(^/|3, fetf^-B-'e>«S» 

^S^S*^> pe»sJC5SHf^. 
Dar'ance, n. -s^tfO, 3265 -r»oiS». 
Du-ra'tion, n. -s^oiSmj |^^> poo^ 

to, ifejS^to. [^■^^^• 

Dar'bar, n. r^a)^Scr'toj6M,«^^85»^ 
Da'ress, n* "s^s^Ou*^ ^0^60, ^fib. 

Darst; p. ^. & p. p. of dc^re. 
Da^^ ». ^o'34)cS'43, «6»p*c^4S5r^x> 
^i5»|^a)*^cro;<c>. — a. §^o^8$M-fec 

Dask'ish, a. 7:)oB-fccg'4S7r« f6?i^. 
Dask'y, a. i6Mp-fcc8'6S7r»j6|^^j tpoS 

-ep5 l^gjp, 2;^f5iri8to|^. 
Dast, w. si>7&^,^^j 55Tr»K85M, t»J^} 

Dust'er, w. 26a5M^ 5Jbi^>^ oT'C^fo H^ 

DosVman^ n. sSc^sr^cd^, &^c» ^ 
Dast'pan', n. ^&). rsJ^c^ScS^j^Tj^ 

Da'beous, a. ^|^ e;J5;^8S»^-ff^tf<i» ^ 

Du'tiable, a, ^oS'«6»-$)^^r'{^c 2J>1 
Du'fcifuli a. ^n^^^t^ j^-5^e^sSK> |^«^ 

Da'ty, n. e;J2^853o,-i:)£e?5^«6M,©^55jp,p 

Dwarf, n. sSoObTfoa?', or»j&jSoc&, sb^68 
•)ac)?CSSoii^cfi»5 «6o65oa»S' Tr»pp 

Dwarf'ish,a. ^foOo^ibe^Tr-f^i^^, in^ 
Dwell, V* i. -r°c-$)tf«Sx*o2&, ps^^o^j 

Dwell'er, n -ff^c-$)?^ »^(^ ot»c<&, 
Dwell'ing, w. psn^^jSw, ^p8 sJ^, 

Dwell'ing-house', n, ns^c^tf "^c^ 
Dwelling-place, n. psr^'jcr^oiSoj. 
Dwelt, p. ^. & p. p. of dtijeZZ. 
Dwin'dle, v. t. ^j^jb^^,J&.cxoo-©d^2&, 

Dye, n. tf oXb, «o*oa5, s^"^; egg'iSw. 

Dyed, p. a. tf o?(b-Si5(^, «^o33 «0|^* 
Dye'ing.n, tfo;<a'^<33S>&>. 

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Pyke, see Dike. [«^J&' 

D/'qasty (g fn| a-) n. 2l§'5^o^«$x»;^ 

Dys'en-ter'ic, a. fr. dysenterif^ 
Dys'entery (S"^©"^©),**. ^sSM-f^^ejbi 

Dys-pep'sia, | n. «)2!tf 5r»c^,sSD0-cr«> 
DyB-pep'sy, J ;\^. [e)^:»6r^;\. 
Dy«-pep'tic,a. ^^eSg-i^owo^^l^.—w.. 
Dys-pWgia, ^ n. ^^^tkx^i^.^sr^p^ 
l>yai'ph^5fy, j ^SooXl&r aH^feAo. 

Dy!j-ti>^cia, n. g'Sk|»TC)5j85x. . 

Bach, a. or a. p^ow^i ssf^^^efi^^o^a.^'^ 
(S'^rc^fo, a^r'^g'i^pS.Oii e. sid© 

Ea'ger, a. e^cl-Nfir^i^, tJ&^^Ko, t?^ 
Xo, "w^^i^K^^j 9*b^Xv, 9:>iSjK&^ 

Ba^gerly, aciy. ft^cf^iwTr-, ^?foy?^ 

Eag'le-eyed^ a, ^^i^^Ko.-^^Si^ 

Ea'glet, w. Tj^otfc&g^. [Kes^j^i^q'jft. 

Ea'gle-wood', n, wC{Jb«jS «ai6a^8Soo 

Ban, v.^ ^j5c^j S^o^cJBSa. 

Ean'KDg, n. ■dacS'S)^ . 

Ear, ». ^t),\^sStSo^asst$»^^isn<ti^ 
c^^_§5 l5^5 ^^§;» ^c%- To turn 
a deaf e. to=»a(;ftfj!^ig&),^af)'B4j 
^iF^^kx, I^ came to my e-Qfrif»^^ 
"^j^tJoiSp. To give or tend e» to 

Ear'drop^ n. irtat, 
Bar'dnim^ n, "B«>^«). [jSoli^x^iXJi^, 
'Earl (e5g;)^». Marquis ^yf^^^^^f^ 
EarlMom, n. Earl «f$aj^^;g)aa^j^ 

Bai^less, a. ^^e»^P} 0^psli6» l5j&. 


Ear'Hest,) eompft.&superlof eor/y. 

Bar*ly(^8^), a. «5wo«4S,"aoatfftS, ^D, 

Earn («)5^)j v. ^ ^Qo^, ^oi^eso 
Bar^nest (^"0^?^)^ a. stoi^-^o^lf^ 

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jest. [«a^5 p^rsS»i^. 

Ear'nestly, adv, 35d|^S"^ e-TV'^^^Tjjr- 
Earnest-money, n. ■j^o^S'^sSk. 
Ear'nestness, n, 8i>^S'^3c5'^je^l;r- 

Earn'ing^tt- T^To-^C^t^a^, Kfi^^. 
Ear'ring', w. ^©aSr^cHb, Woto a^cSb, 

Earth (^j;)>^. sp^?r*tf«Swi«i^JX)^'^ 

Eskrtt'bom', a. ^«)aa&o«^ "^§^- 
•EartVbred', a. f^^ni, fe^l^jjc^. 

BaTtV©!i*waTe',w. «&ofiS^|^i5^5«&o 
Earfch^ling, n. ^«o^:S9«5b^ ^c^« 

Earth^y-mind'ed, a. i:)0'jir»-tr»-i:)^^ 

EaTth'iiut',n. "St6"^^X-r»oa3. 

EartVi^nake^ ?». s?3n»g^o?3«*a, 
Bartli'worm',w. sr^^-^sSa*, *>g. 

Ear'wig^ tk tJOa^^^ '^ebXbss'odS"a,g'-^ 
Ease, n. "^sfo^a, psSo^^sSw, ^^iSm, 

Eas'iness, »• Tfooijrs^, ^T5r'da2r»'i;>i6x} 
East, n. i^T^y^^fg^r^y^'iS^tSoo.'^a.iij* 

e# wind, 
East^er, ") »• 2 ):g*€>SBb:>8'j^Sb«' 
Easter-day »| x»o^fcK. 

d^sao^, as, e. voyage* — adv.^ir> 
Eastfen^ a. 6br^«jjii^«^o92^ 5 ^ 

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Eastward, adr,^eb^^AD0-7r»,^5o^ 
Eas'y, a. tbo^^^^S'sxidM-s^Py^oo 

Eas'y-chair', n. ^c^ex>Ke) o)&)?T*2.f^ 

Bat, V. <. ©TSb, tp-Ao^^-AxasMj -s^c"^ 
c38a).To e. one^s own words— ^r* 

Eat'able, a. ©^ctf^^j^, ip-JteloKST^^. 

Eat'en, p. p. of ea^ 
Eat'er, n. 8^5r-Ci5^,^_^,t?'Jt8Sc&. 
Eat'ing, w. a^6o,<rtlo^(&o,ifr*©|f tf». 
Eaa'deco-logne', ». a.S'aijj-aa^ ^ 

Eaves, n. pZ. s^oiSidMo^^eooo. 

Eaves'drop', n. BSMoz^Oo^fSaSS 

V. i. ab^o-OcXJoooa©;!), tycacSsSjoa 

Eaves'drop'per, w. j^o-i^o^'^Js'tt^c 
Ebb, n. •j^85»j^i6»QcDS'j^-^to (opp. 

Ui flood) ; i^CTX^^&ooSsiM. — v. t. 

^K>, sJASi^iS, Jjfil&aysjg), ^Ji^a^Jg), 

Ebb'tide', ». same as e66. 
Eb'on,a. i^o^^zs^^pS^ctf^i^ ^i^^p. 
Eb'ony, n. ^o ^sy|«r.^, r*«)Tr>tf 

E-bri'ety, n. kSo Qb, ^^, 2?^i5». 
E'bri-os'ity, n. ^-'cHbtf^^^^sSw. 
E'brious, a.s5a_5§^^, ^-sii^i^. 
E-bul'lient, a.«^ol?(Sb, ^O^^Sbj ^ 

Eb'uHi'tion, n.i&eJc^^s^oHixfeo, «^o;b 

Ec-cen'tric, '^ a. osj6^2^|^,-3||,o 
Ec-cen'fcrical,J -^i^^pc^^ ©o^^j^. 
Ec'cen-tric'ity, n. 2.^S^c8i»,"3eJ^ 

Ec-cle'si-as'fcic, n. -t^^b^i^Q-T^ 3^ 

2>(^^ ^8^«r»^c •i^o«>o2;|J2>(^. [tic. 
Ec-cle'si-astical, a, see Ecclesias- 
Ech'o,(a)r'),7t. ^5©i?^f), ;5!^»e9>^^^T-c 

c»5». — w- ^. 8aJ< c3aS>nl^ao^,jfifCa> 
E-clat', n. ®oas«6»}§^^, js^j ^9, 

Ec-lec'tic, a.5j8§e>^ ^jBAa^ ^^^c^ 
Ec'lec'ticism, n. ^'^^ sjo^sSvo ^o 

E-clipse', !»• (-t&T*TnrO) ^X«f•e^ i6(p; 

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E-clip'tic, n. (^o^s^^gitfaj, ioj^^^ 

Ec'logue, n. ^fc ir'k^ s5o43 a,S'a¥ 
E'co-nom'ic, '^ a. s^odSlSS' SS<b^o^3 
E'co-nom'ical, j T^Towoe^^^j £)a«^sso 

-g-ogSoS^ 2r*iX'e^7r» j6o'3&, ^^SiJ 

E'co-nom'ically, ado, (&r8cSao7v», Sto 

E'co-nom'ics, w. ^'ngr. ^sJ'STv^c t:)© 
©oif 85d?() ^J^ ^j6» 5 xpSc^Of^^ 

E-con'omist, «. Oo^sscoodj Tr»ec^o 
E-con'omize, v. t. & i. vxt^i&m^ zso 

E-con'omy,^s^oo3385oL>, ^C(SSX)5 
S'_586mj ^Tr\<bD; (S'«5as5M^ ^*^^ 

Ec'stasy, n. xsi^;^'^'^, -^tfsyj^cs&o, 

Ec-stat'ic, ^ a. sjtf sJ'SGc^ I^^^osSom 
Ec-stat'ical^J ^|^^ -^j^ jr'TciiM^c 

I'ical, J ^, 


B-da'cious, a.^o&^'^ ^. 
E-dac'ity, n.©oa8br<^^|^86M. 
Ed'dy, n. i6o<S, |btfNi6oa, t5tf_g86M. 

E'den, n. •^Tg)c^'S»^&)«TT'j5M-^!g) 

E-den'tate, '^ o. s5o&"dp, £Joe^«i>j 

E-den'tated, j eol5p, pgo^^^. 

Edge, n. ^o^, ^>^5 •j^om^ot^cSjx), 

&«Sc^5 wtf o^iSm.To set the teeth 

on e.»«sJo^ -^Ofco^io. — V. U 

g'-ato; -aDO Sao -T^^iSto^.—Ve i. 

ej ' CO CO 
Edged, p. a^^Q^Kvj «>o^ "^^^, 

oT^cS^t^. r "SOS'S (^. 

Edge'less, a. e>o^l5p^ or»C(S ^p, 

Edge'-tOOl', W.o3^caXot5c55a>^?85». 

Edge' wise, adv.^c-^^y ec^sS •;:) 

Edg'ing, w. wai^eio^'dS'S'OOj. 
Bd'ible, a.©|5'ctfHc^, '?'<Si siooS ^j^, 

E'dict, n. ■Dear's, Tr»2?^-i5(^ (jjg'Ao^ 
Ed'ifi-ca'tion, w. g;'c^s^a ^cssmAo; 

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Ed'i-fi'cial, a, ifis-^^ozio^-^^. 

Bd'i-fy'ing, a.|P(^5y|S'2p^, ^st^ 
E-di'tion, n. 2L§'^8«5>^\ "Soooo^l^ 

Ed'itor, n.w^>^-gcx^&)8S |Ko^ri»}6 
T:jsS'5o-Oooo'^\oT»ci^, r Ko^i CTP^ 

Ed'i-to'rial, a. |Ko?85wj6'j:rsJdo^o» 

^\d^. — n. 

Ed'itorship, n, e^^^]^^ (Xo?j&»;l) 
Ed'ucafce, v. ^.t)z5-*^?;pc*?)86M ^ocoo 

Ed'u-ca'ted, a. ^tfbig)§^Pl^,^^«>c^^ 

Ed'a-ca'tion, n.^i5b;j), ^^^O'WcV'c 
Ed'a-ca'tional, a.zi-zr>Q 'j^owo^ ibj^. 
Bd'u-ca'tionist, w.a»c^S)^&5 oo5o«6 1 Bf-fect'or, ». "?wgfix|f5»»cifo, -^^o 

E-duce', ». ^ "Saf^j S'^^cw&i^to < 

E-da'cible> a. ^8r»os5c«;\^. 
E-dal'corant, a. •^co-^jja 8^c?r*3& 

Ei-dul'corate, v. ^. fe*^7r»^css>5 ^g 
Eel, w. -^86waj"i5;l>o<5fo^c5), -^cel>3 

Ef'fable, a. ^x?^^ooa^, sj-c^lbocxs^ 
Bf-face', r. t. dba-O-ScXJw, ^ eJS> -g 

Ef-face'able, a. -^^t^-icx^c^f^^ ,^& 


Ef-fac©'ment, n. r*g-fioH5wk>,?fc(S-D'aS 

Ef-fect', n. ^otf»p<a»i6aa^(53(r^»|^ 

Ef-fect'ive, a. ve>S'j^g>|^, ^^tf J^jayT, 
Ef-fect'ively, ody. |^tf ^sSaPibT^to^ e^ 


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Ef-fec'tual, a. 'j^jfJoiJMTS'^A^Jfcea-?^ 

Ef-fec'taally, adv. w^3^35M7r», in- 
Ef-fem'inacy, n. «c«^oX^i^i6w, fce>d§ 

Ef-fem'inate, a. «c«^oJ<^^, fcali^ 

Ef-fem'inately, adv. fceSSTn, ^'^^q 
Ef'fer-vesce', v. L s^o«b, «Do*j6o\«5af) 

Ef'fer-ves'cence, n.s^o?<c),^f^^85oo. 
Effer-ves'cent, a. ir»o"7?^§b. 
EfFer-ves'cible, a. s^o"??^^ ^Qfp^ 

Ef-fete', a.P^ii-^^,-^istix^^t:i^^,zi 

Brfi-ca'cious, a. )i>tdtSx>'4'^&,^i^ 

Efficacy, n.i^iS^^^tSxi,^^tSxi^cs^ 

Ef-fi'ciency, ru 'ptS;>is^^ 75^260 tfcJ&o^ 
Ef-fi'cient, a. -{Cjsfog^Ko, -g^e^o-^z^S' 

Effigy, n.a.§'p6a»S'i;-t^X)«5M,(«e98&;, 

Ef-fla'tion, n. 7v»0<5^po-^&). 

Effloresce', r. i. "ioaj (Tr-Oer*"!:^ 

Ef'flo-res'cence,'^ n. -^ 8).^^ o ^ Aoj 
Ef flo-re8'cency,J •^^tpojSms 7^ 

Ef'flo-res'cent, a.~£ eJ^^j d^(So836a>c 
Effluence,*) n. -y^eaoto, P'iCr>tfCT85M, 
Bf fluency, J Pjji^^sysSw^ i^^fj^v^r&xi'^ 

Effluent, a.jKJ'frao^dfo^ptf^^i^,-^ 

Ef-flu'via, n., pZ. of Effludum. 
Ef-flu'vium, n.5SS\^xy^P}5aoai5^ O 

Ef flux',n.|jJ5Jra85K., (jir»5585x,"F^e90<feo. 

Bf-flux'ion, n.isJoT»8^'«5M,pi75^\ss^8$x), 

Effort, n.o85^85M,(Coas^8SM,6ac 
Ef-fronf ery, n. iB^*ST»0|^^|^i6iM, |a?fe 
Ef-fulgo', V. i. ]^-^Ho^, [iJoo. 
Ef-ful'gence, n. "^©TGcy.ns^o®,!??-^ 

Ef-fuVgent, a. e90^c-5-"^o"3<J:^, "^fe 

Kf-fuse', V. Uis^a^. — v. i. -w^txi^^ 
Ef-fu'sion, n. ^tic^ho^ -r^ewAo, qJ 

ocsScwSj^a. r^tf85M7r»sj'3\&. 
Ef-fu'sive, a. |j)Oo^(3b, -r»^&, o 

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inr-ifti 218 

Eft, n. e>©, ir^. j-^c&. 

E-gest', V. U ©-jj^o^^ 8&e)0-fJtf|5'8Sx 
B-ges'tion, w. 0'{5||i'«5» ,t>as^^^si 

Egg> w.|Xb^,«>o3^i5w. — V. ^-^jar^eo 
Egg'plant', w, sjoX'^&&€r«'^^ef©. 
Eg'lantine, ». 808'aj6'l6o;iber'D-^^. 
E-glom'erate,t;. ^.oo©fSaoS-cr>^8i»j6 

E'goism, n. «8^.o-B-»tf8SM, ^j^-&«>lS 

B'go-is'tic, '^ a. ea^o-^-»tfa6MSS'5D 

E'go-is'tical, j -^sSo, etf^o-B^d^i^. 

E'gotism, n.-^i^-^i^^to^f^^TfeftJo-O 

s5e»a5ar'eflo^SJj&), ^85^o-r*0^t5Da, e) 

tf^o^sJaSw, ^i^^^y W^n>5ttT»|^ 

E'gotist, W. <05>^o&j6 ^?a^SbeJo-Os5j- 
E'go-tis'tic, "^ a.e5>tfT,o-^egb|^^Xeo 
E'go-ti8'feical,j ^,^5 KtS^tSy>}^'^t)-t^ 

E'gotize, V. i. ^ji's^^^oef-aSo ^^^oco 
E-gre'gious, a. e)|^^cx»o^^,ao§j^O 

E'gress, n. 23c»5e»^«5^cx>A?^e)oc3ejo oOo 
do_^^«S>^8iw. — ( — greS8'j«;.i.2)083 

E'gret, n. "go §^oX. [-^jjjSnAo. 

Eh, iw/ar;'. §^os3tf3j ^^^^fcsSMjSa "Sod 
Ei'der, n. Z.^Zitf^^^tba^'^'^^, 

Ei^der-down^ »• Eider e^fSbtr^aOo* 

Eight) o. & n. o)jDS^&. 
Eighteen', a. & 7^. «$2&79pSX}&. 
Eght'eenth', a. tffi6'^o>J5sy. — ^». s? 

Eight'fold', a. oJjDOotfo^oo. [^Xi4». 
Eighth, a. JpOatf sy. — ». J p Sio sr s5 
Eightieth, a. o3j6©ao5S5J. — w.o3^2> 

Eight'y, a. & n. tJj^e^a. 
Ei'ther -^sj§" or ©£JS"), a, pro». & 
conj\ T5o63er<^S'6S, s^Og^i^ j;^ ^a 

E-jac'alate, u. ^, sjStp W^c7r»e5^^ 

E-jac'u-la'tion, w. rS-T^e^cTr^^^x 

E-jac'ulatory, o. e5fr^(5cj5M}$i'ge»-^ 

E-ject',y./. ^)o^663§^^<:55S>, "srvc^r 
E-jec'tion, | w. "S^xc^Tto&D^ejcxss 
E-ject'ment,J 6S§^^c3as><b,©8^.5Li^ 

Eke, V. ^. 15.0^, d^<gaoT^, -^j-^v^ 
E-lab'orate, v. ^ao?<bo|^85Ds2^cssS*, 

^cx^.— a. SDaK>0|ysSD5)a^j5i^ iSr 
E-lab'o-ra'tion, n. Ooi^S^to^:^ 

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B-lapse', V. i. re^, tf^^-Od*^, X©o 
E-lrts'fcic, a. o8S7|r'i6©f>d^ofia^43, -^ 

E'las-tic'ity, w. ft©^«^^i5», ooo 

E-la'fcion, ». ^gr^^SiSoa, e^c^otfaiw,^ 

SS. — V. Ljsu^c^B^in^'i^ . — vA, 

;g>. At the e. = tfXft5. 

EFbow-chaii/, n. ^?^«>Xe)&S\. 
El'bow-room', w. s^ ^5to ^ssootosS 

Eld'er, a. compa. of oW-"^c5^c2c^> 

Eld^erlj, a. -i)g, Tr»oriK.K«^fc|^, s^obS 
Eld^esty a,^uperl. of old. 

1^, r^o^r'^c^Sj^, ?>c3a&>^2?f^, 

E-lect'ion, n.acb^r'j6&>^i6r'i66D. 
E-lect'ion-eer', v. i. S)"^p^|^«Sm^sS 

SLg'ap r*0br"i6»5ap pGKa^-s&SSe^ 

E-lect'ive, a. §^0br'?S)c^6S, ao\^w-D 
E-lect'or, n.§^0or"};^iT»c2^^0\^«a^ 

B-lect'oral, a. p(35on»85DS5>o -j^ooo^^ 
Er-lect'orate, n. pctfr»8$3Soo -j^s&oxr* 

E-lec'tric, '^ a. oi5bc-i5\_|7^o2)o^^ 
E-lec'trical,J ^, 2.^i5^) ^^S^^ 

E'lec-tri'cian, n. Ofi^c^\ j ^^^^c 
E'lec-tric'ity, ^-Ofi^c^ jjOfiS^c^N^ 

E-lec'trify, v. t. aasbo^ Jp ^^j^ 
E-lec'tuary, n. '^i^ctka^ ^s^86oo. 
El'ee-mos'yiiary, a.^^tSxii^s^^^'^ , 

Eregance,| n.^ois),^X^,iro^ 
Bregancy,j o^csSw, «)oOjjw, cnO^^ 

El'egant, a.^x'^^ ^'isKtosSiS-^^ ^^^o 

Elegantly, adv. -jSaoe5Cf«6»-7r», ji^K 

E-le'giao,a. «^S'tf-i:ri6M?Ce). 

El'egy, n. ^^^-ptb^i^ji^dki aiS'a^ 

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El'ement, ti. sSbcr»osy;^;g), i;6^j6Do, lElf'ish, a. d^^vr* o-r"jf85M7r»]i5»o'3 

^ig)5"^paa»g'^7r»f)«i:)j^s52p|^i5SlBinock', w. ^fi^«)S'gc^^€)*3o^^^^€». 
■e5§'^^«6»5e-8,a.g'^^ ^85»a»g'^ i E-lic'it, v. ^. ©oa3iDcS>cfi», z303Soos>w 

ElVmen'tal, a-tja?&,|jj^«So,«aiSar- E-lHe', v. <. z^ «>,&^sSMj3aa<2^"S)to 
El'e-men'tary, a. t?a'^^2pt^,|^-qr> El'igi-bil'ity, n. «)g^^, ^a-oXo^,^ 

E-lim'inate, v. t.^^'tcis^.^^'ics^, 
Ei-lim'i-na'tion, n. i^^'^c3a»&). 

El'e-phant, n. ^^c;(b, Xz^jSm. 
El'ephan-ti'asis, n.-uxr»^-7r»e»^c^c-7r» 

El'e-phan'tine,a.^i6cXb^oeDoe?^t^5[E'lite', w. 2Lr'j:ro5»sSMer«(jis3t>oo,pXc>. 

S)i6c^sJo^5^§ag>|^,L^sJf^O(5^;^|^. E-lix'ir, n. ^-^o^^r^, ^SoiZi^-q^'k 

EPevate, v. t. ^^^^sSDofi^-?,^, ^"^ I -^^pg-ewKc-^cXJM ^sSL2?85do5 -^ts 

ElVvated, a. 2."^_§c^^ ^c^^^t^j! 
ElVva'tion, n. S^^c^^cbSm, ^c^©. 


Elk, W. g'cMC tf^ e>fSS ©otSb$. 
Ell, n. SLS'&3oir»^X^8SDor*e>^. 
EHipse', n. r«a|^d^5Kr»-^7r» j^o^fo 
"Sip, ^oSisS\^}6x), 

^^^^o^t^', §-o2S, S«^, a«^.|EHip'si8,7i. ^g^sjssw 

El'e-va'tory, a, 2^§<0^<!Sb5 ^<(^«^i{ 

E-lev'en, a. & n. sJ^Sb'^S'od^, S3-^(5 
E-lev'enth, a. 55£5o'^g'o«$sj. — w. s^i^^ 

Elf, n. Sj^^iSm, ^^liuo, £;oo3c«6m, 

Blf'in, a. jJo5Sg«5w5jo^. 

El-Hp'fcic, I a. r«a|jii>e^Qwri^ ^ 
El-lip'tical,j -5^i^85m7V(6o'3&, e^o 

Elm, n. ^o^^&»»o^ z^ ^to. 
ElVcu^tion, n. st^-tt'&S, iTȤ\ J, sf 

El'o-cu'tionist, n. or»^N_8 Xosncujb; 
El'ogy, ». ^9, ^j^Ktoa. 

Digitized by V^JiOOQIC 



E-lon^gate, v. t. d^5fo?fe^cjtsS>, i^Kc 
fec33S> a. p&-$)7r-jSo]^, p^K 

Elongated^ a* same as elongate. 
Elon-^'bion, ». d^^Sb?^^ &l^^5 76^ 

E-lope', V, i. -^eS^^g), «i>Xp O^-O 

E-lope'ment,n. ir«eJ^;^Ao,^o(fijs)c tv* 
p «&?Cf)c-A-poa-0 a»S'p^ -^eS 

El'oquence, n. oT»S'^doD^£85», ^^^ 
Eloquent, a. sr^Tr-fiSXe), ^a^uPSfcCo 

El'oquently,adt;. or»7r»iS^,§'«)%3^{ib 
Else, adt?. & conj. e^"5^sS?r^, tSbS 

1^ a. & jjroti. ^§(^|^,st^tf35M. 

Else'where', adi;.«5De36a9S'ij-a^ 2.^t^^ 

E-la'cidate, !;• ^ "^iosea^^O^^s^aSM^ 

E-lu'ei-da'fcion, n. -iCi^slsjM^AD^a^tf 
E-lude', v. ^. ^fc^o^r*^, ar^S'S'i^ 

B-lud'ible, a. ^fc^o^e^i^cSHj^. 
E-lu'sion, n. ^fc^o^r^^to, «^,sJo 

E-lu'eive, | a. ^&^o^r*-p<Sb;5J^^ 

E-lu'sory, j ar'tfg'p, ^a^i&^aodfojafo 

•^l^go;;^! "Or^^^, s^oOSOo;^. 

Blve,, same as elf. 

Elv'ish, same as elfish. 

E-ly'sian, a. asjogpc^^ t^^S oc3 ^^I^j 

^1^. [c^«^^ ^H^otS ^{^86m. 

E-ly'sium, n. «i:;g{^«Sa:,2.^o^«5»,t^oCJ 
E-ma'oiate, v. i.^Sxjj-c^^o^oSd^^, 

Ei-maciated, p, a.-cSj^j^^^^oOt^^'j:) 
E-ma'ci-a'tion, n. ^§i^^ig)&), s^ 

Em'anant, a. ^§s^^^|^d3. 
Em'anate, v. i. ^od7i>, "^fj^) pc^s^o 

Em,a-'na'fcion, 11. (^^e^eajfca, S'wTfoioj 
Em'anative, '^ a. 2§s5^\d^, ^-(i 
Em'anatory, J eo^<Sb. 
E-man'cipate, v. ^. ■cr»^c»ix"a».oT*js) 

E-man'ci-pa'tion, n. "cp'-i^jo ©^3r^(^ 

EJ-man'ci-pa'tor, n.oaj^sSco&^as&o 
E-mas'culate,i;. ^.sTvsicgs&oo^r'to, 





E-mas'cu-la'tion^ ». r'S^-jf ^cSJaa 

Ena-bale', v. t, S'Ao-TT'S^to, o^tv-JT 
Eui-balm'(^JoTPS), v. t. 8SK8^^o^^ 

Bm-bank', v. ^. Xd»8b-fic3BSj,Kto"3c38«», 

Em-bank'ment. ». g'to, XA». 
Em-bar', v. ^. ;caocs5"^cS3»5 ^«^«6k>^ 

Etn-bai'go, n. e54oo§'«SM,f>er«¥rt»5 S 
Em-bark', v. ^ i/a^2fia)§^o^,<0?68& 

Em'bar-ka'tion, n. o3;fc8J69, S.2^er« o) 
Em-bar'rass, t?. ^. ^&ss^^^, ^ ^tf 

Em-bar'rassment, n. s^Wvoa, S^o^J 
Em-bas'sador, w, Tr»oo5 ^6, Tr»e 

Em-bas'sadress, n. Tr»2«&»€)5'^Tno53 

Em'baaaage^ > %. -xncK^ir^tSat, S^ 
Em'bassy, | ^o^^ -u^cxSTrtfsSM 

'?J'QpSSjo-?;)cSJ»o(& ^oaSx. 
Em-bat'tle, v. ^. csa»K tcTft^s^i&x)^ 

ex>o^&DSoiM0by^2P fl)oab©o^cfiw. 
Em-bed', v. ^ "gptrfi^c^ d^c^Tfe "eSs' 

Em-bed'ment, n. s^esb^bio. [ao-^. 

Em-bel'lish, i?. L f^xoiv^do^, «oo^ 

Em-beyiishment, n. ^ooS'do-^&D, 

5Ko7r'do^<feo^«€>og'tfca85»} ^07r» 

Em'ber, n. (used chiefly in the pZ.) 
Em-bez'zle, t;. ^. (c^^ a^tf^Ho^^tf 

Em-bez'zlement, n.20S)v H o-0|i'}i^ § j6 

^o^&>, 9jd'^cfiao&>, e)s^i^{^ea«6M. 
Em-bit'ter, v. ^.^c«6^c3Si>55Sc'pJ(i'ce* 

Em-bit^termeiifc> ».^c«6^c»Si6o5»c'?5 

Em^Uaze^ 'i v. t^\o-K*do^,^^^or^ 
Em-bla'zon,j ©o^. 

Em-bla'zonnient,'! n. ^o7r»C^«6»} -o 
Em-bla'zonry, j |^i6aDoo|sr»^ « 

Digitized by L3OOQIC 



Bto'btem-afic> ") a. Tfa^^^S'ji^/Xd J opportunity >« at^l^^fooi6Qo?5bfc^^ 

?r,<r-o^7i'29^.[^Tr»o«5,«8fo€>rito. ;^|)o^, «0oK|^i6m. 


Emblic Myrob^an, i*. ^SdTroB5,T5 1 Em-brace^ent, »• r cAOo^,e5DoKi^ 

Em-bod'iment, m ^.8' t^ca^^^toj = ^o^«Sw. [^«i«. 

-* Em'brocate, v. ^» «&>© o-a^ , ^ oiSaiS^ 

^ ^ ' 1 Em'bro-ca'tion,n.2^e)tf»5g'ib7o85«5a>5 

Em-bod'y, V. t «^cjxd^^, T:r^6tf *s*, ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^g^ ^^^ 

Bm-brogl'io, see Imbroglio. 
Em-broid'er, v. t ^\07rdf^5 '^^^ 

Em-broid'ery, w. t»*tDTr»os5p, t^tr* 
Em-broil', V. ^.8'octf"5)&»,-C5S|^e^^-8> 

Em-broil'ment, n. tfotf^^s^j 'C)!6i^, 

Em-bold'en, v. ^. ^bctfea^,"? OoOa 

Em'bolism, w. «^g'i6^7:;«6»5 ei^^S*©^ 

Em-bos'om, v. t. tf^tfoKsfco^^ "Bto 

r*^5 250855^ t?J^0o^5 •cy'c^, i& 

Em-boss', V. ^.^wSS ^to^cSJSaj^tf© 

9'K«5a>2.8 tJ^cJ^oi^^to -0(585» Em'bryA, n.Kcr^«5oo«Dfcorf85»5«6o«S 

Em-boss'ment, n.^£)§cfiS>^to-C)|j$^ "7r»?Sc>^5 Wl^o^8&»o«^|j^ . 
Era-bo^'el, V. t. S'2^-^*D^^?fec»& I Eni'bry-ol'ogy,n.8,o<g^?r^^s5^«Sbo!6c) 

Em-bow'er, see Imbower. lEm'bryon, '^ a.tio^^ozior}^'^ ^to 

Em-brace', v./. r*c;\0o^r'j6,«0oX|Em^bry<mal,j <§^^^^o23o¥^l^. 
l^«s»lSc5^5 ^cJao-^5 eJoArOo^; i Em'bry-ot'omy, w. ?CorNsSMi«>o<S fco5^ 

J5a5 esjooOo^, •$r»j6r'fSc>. Sans. E-mend', r. U^^ ^^zsbo^ ^^b'^cs^. 
krit logic e-s many sciences «=« 

^ -^^^idtxioa^^c^KcJgjT^v ©.To e. an 

Em'en-da'tion, n.a2Sb&),©2Sbir«&x),-j5s 
E-mend'atory, a. 0^1)•^<bD^■^&. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

IMl-KMU 224 

Em'erald,^^, «Sotfg'tfij». 
E-nierge', v. i, J^f^co, ©oc53oo'S6a,«> 

E-mer'gence, "^ n. esj'i;y{^85», ^^^ 
E-mer'gency,J 5rc«&5,Oo§^0 «>X^g 

E-mei'gent, a. ^?C^c^j^> ^iS'pfS'^ 

E-mersed', a. ?)&Sj8l5«c3aa)7S^^, 
E-mer'sioTi, n. «)oaS&)SJ^^&>, ^toXzi 

Emmery, n. fiSoOOo^^ooBo&S'j^^S. 
E-met'ic, n.^T^oSsSaoi^. — a. sJj&^S'tf 

O05, «&0'C3^"^OOS. 

Ein'igrant, n. s5o-i:)sb^ooo^or»c&,s;)y 
"S^jSoa^^sS ■3K^o»(^oT»c3fo. — a. 

Em'igrate, v. i. sJo-jC^^^, ssj^"^^8Sm 

Em'i-gra'tion, n. s:re)'j5^;S6o, xji^"^^ 
Ern'mence,*^ w. ^|^^^<ioi6»5 '^^S^ 
Em'inency, J jSmj 0)^5 ^1^^^ L^©^^* 
Em'inent, a. ^i^^^^^i^, «^^&>2.^^-**^ 

Em'inently, adv^ ijf3l?6oo-7r»5ef>9^oc3 

B'mir,E-meeT^, n. *6a^i^'S*-^ "^ 

Etn'issary, w. ifip^, ^y»&c&,"SS?feoT»c 
E-rais'sion, n.oo8S48itf o*$)&>,(^'^?^ca 

E-mis'sive, 'I a. (^•j^aotfc'^'^ji^ 

E-rai8'80Ty,j jB"^"^&. 

E-mit', i%^.jS)f)ao«c'^c»»5;a §0&^, 

E-mit'ted, p. L & p, p. of emit. 
Em'met, n. -fcsSo. 
Em-mew', v. ^ ?(fr»c4Scr«c'3A». 
E-mol'Hate, v. tysQ^'^'^cs^^ilr^tk 

E-mol'lient, a. •a3^|^^cx^|^6S,;6^tf 

K-moVuraent, w. e5Tr»oa3«5M, t9o3S 

1^^ er^^rsSM, S5«^\0<S, "S^T^tSoi. 
E-mo'tion, n, «&^^a^ aTf^jSw, Tr»X 

E-mo'fcional, a.s&'^a^O'F^tf 'i:io2)o¥ 

Em-pale', v. ^r'ed^"ScJ^5^&or'(^^ 
Em'pale'ment, n.-^&oj5a§^ooSc€»-;T' 

Em-pan'el, v. ^ see Impanel. 
Em'peror, n.^^ss^y-xr&^^-u^^jTn 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Bm'phasize, v. ^.so^tfooSS, ^Sj,-^ 

Em-phat'ic, 'i a. ^§^ ^sj^czjA 
Em-phafical', j j^, «& j^T^^t^sS s>(^ 

Em-phat'ically, adv.a.^, l&o8(,-/g 

Em'pire, n. Tr»©o«5M^Tr»sl^35»} ■j^iS' 
Em-pir'ic, n. ly _^ ^2Sr'i^*5»l3s'6Sa^l^ 

Em-pir'ical, a. same as empiric* 
Etn-pir'ically, adv. e5^_S^os5«5»7r', 

Em-pir'icism, n.^^^v^^^'^ ip-tfajbi 
Em-ploy', V. t. 5jper<c'Sto,^ar«cX'0a 

Bm'ploy-ee', n. «pcr«jSo|^^snc&, ^ 

Em-ploy'er, n. ocS© s^^fSScdfo, ^pp 
Bm-ploy'ment, n. «p, ^er«c KjSm, 


'. t-sjgaoas?fe,s^&3 

225 EMB-imi 

Em-po'rium, n.syj^S's&a Tr;67r» ^61? 

Em-pow'er, v. ^.«^Tr»tf?X)^\. 
Em'press, n. n^jS'sj jqodS'j^ ^»^c,^ 

Emp'tiness, ?i. jg^^c^, 6_^^, ^^ 

Emp'ty, a. ^^^-^^, ^^, j^g^ ^ 

l3p5 $oi&^l5p5 p^i5w-B-*p.— V, ^ 

2^e»cS'«r* cSSSi). 

Emp'ty-hand'ed/i. ^©u-e^iOocx^-Sp. 
Em-pur'ple, v. ^.tJea^-^i^ew-^) r^jBi^ 

Em-pyre'al, a. t^t^a:^-^^. 
Em'py-r'ean, n. ^ar*85Do«^e>«S>»,6^^ 

Em'py-reu'ma, n. rsSwObro-^* 
Em'pyreu-mat'ic,a. S'sSwObro-^jXo} 

E'mu, n.p5j^r«asyo&S2oru,»s;A. 
Em'ulate, v. ^.so^'peT* •jCTi^-i^'^&dSSc 
■TT^p Sao^toSoCTV'poaSlK o^, i«a 

Em'a-la'tion, n. a.g'p^-jjJ^&^i^jjw-B^ 

l5^'?^^g.[-7r'p^Xb&DSSosS©^o^ J&, 
I Em'ulative, a. ^^^t$»i^p "i^^ 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



E-mul'sion, w. -i^oiJcr^tfifotfTr Jl>o& 
E-mul'sive, a.85;rvii5>^«i»?Sd^«)X'c e"5 

En-a'ble, v. ^.^J S'odKc'^cj^, •i:)a& 
En*act', v. f. o^o^, ^g^&o^^iitf^ 

En-act' meat, ». ^&)i&», ^«j:)^iSm; 

En-act'or, n.s?"i5^a&«^(B^or»c^. 
En-am'el, n, "Sopfco-TnESsJo^^ s5"cp 
tf l6»5 Co4S ©0854S ■^pjpSJXy^i5», 

CSJ». [fco^. 

En-am'or> v. ^. ^^^4^'OJ5c'sc»», s^o 
Enamored, p. <t. sfot){f, »r^^o-0|f ; 

foil* by W'i7fc or o/. 
En-am'our, same as enamor, 
En^cage^ v. t. y^cdSo w^^ctt* sjo©^ 

En-camp', v. u 0(ScS&, ©Hb, 8&Tn» 

En-camp'menfe, n,'S-a»e» "aoa. "^^ 

En-case', v* f .er<5joj6o^ , d^H"sto, 

En-caus'tic, n. fco-Tv^ewofcoccJ "^^ 
En-cave', v. U Do«5»tr« '^S' Hbtf%er* 
Bn'cemte', a.Ms^n^^^^. [-cnc^. 
En-chain', v. U r"6)o*^^^to,X'g7r» 

En-chant', r. ^ sS»o^po^5 8&o(^j5» 

En-chant'ed, a. «&o|^ ®^^(^> ^ 
En-chant'er, n,jiir»0(^c2^, s^oj^gT' 

En*chant'ing, a. ^Ssfo^T-tf^e^J)!^. 
En-chant'ingly, adu.«9 bSd'^o^ «^JJ 

En-chant'ment, na&o(^02^c, «53o^^ 

En-chant'ress, rt. sSao^^S'^^saj^fcr-p- 
En-chase', v. t. -^to}^ ^oT^tf «5a>c» 

En-cii/cle, v. ^^^r*^, ca'S^o^. 
En-close', v* ^^to§^j6, «ja'^o^5 

Digitized by L3 00QiC 



Bn-co'miast, n.^5>3c^53r»c&, 0|6cr» 
En-co'mi-as'tic, 'i a. •Sa-Sr^r"j53fo^ 
En-o(/mi-as'tical,J 5;'5>3o^&,'^^ 

En-co'mium, n. J^l^, ^^t^;^^. 
En-com'pass, v. t.^ko^^^jZSd'SSxo 

En-com'passment, n. 5jO"Ssl|i'8&»,-^ 
En'core', adr. or in^er/. tprj- s^or'S' 

En-conn'ter, n. oJaac^do^ea^xJc&ioj 
e)2^J\o^5 ^^j'^fo} ^y^JJ^. — V. i. 

En-coun'terer, n.oD^^er'j^fSasnc^^b^o) 

En-cour'age, v, t. '^^sfitS'^, ip* 
En-cour'ageinent, n.i^er*Nsj^8Sx),i^ 

En-cour'aging, a, (^«r\8^. sjw^^ 
En-cour'agingly, odr. 2.^^*^ *^«»^ 

En-oroaoh', v.|^e^j^e>idw^Sc-7r» 

En-croaoli'ment, n. ^^y^oci^i^lfifoe* 

En-crust', "^ 

En'cpus-ta'tian,J ^ ^ * 
En-<5um'ber, v. f. w0b-3§t-o^5 «ij^ 

En-eum'brance, n. ©K)ij>} S^otf tf ,•© 

En-cy'do-pae'dia,*^ ^, r'^S^'^^ ^ 
En-cy'clo-pe'dia, j slocSsSaoofSo ^ 

En-cy'clo-ped'ic, a,'i:;c^£-i:^0|X'8^.f)^o 
End, n. i^s^.r'i^^r'^^^sjtf} ft5o^«5», 

^ir'oa38&>^5 ^oosTcaSi^ ^aSr^K 
tfM,s|3€)85x. To put an e. to*»»p5)fc 
'3rjs»&)^ wcfc-3o3S»&), To no e. — 
ae^S'g'siaj-Tr'.His hairs stood on 6. 

i^t5(»-^e>^do^(59. He is at his 
wit's e*'^ir*pv»S^iMx>'^*^fbir*^ 
"dfi^, 537PI asx>c3a3pjic)^^^l3«6, — 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

En-dan'ger, v. t, e5>i^o8S8&oer«f)§c'3 
En-dear', v. ^. (ao3S8&7fe|^to^c»»,(J) 

En-deartng, a. |j£«Saj5S«3oiSo^(&), ^fe 
En-dear'meiit, n.«5»26,^S)9,jfco8385M5 

En-deav'or, '^ w. [^oKSS^sSw^-s^to* 
En-deav'our^f — v.i. & fcip'd»55&, 

En-dem'ic, n. a.S'"S^^oSS «cn(^«5»sj 
^^3^ er^KsSw. — a.2.g''S^^€)8S sir* 

End'ing, n. jJmKo*^, e)o^«5»5 e^o^c 

16305 e:9o'9^c««fco. 
En'dive, n. -g-»iBf)^to. 
Bnd'less, a. ^^'6p, S'sSj&otop, &j^p, 

End'lessly, adv. t^clSeSoi^, ^o^sSm 
End'long', adv. & prep.pifo*^]^. 
End'most', a. §'&)g'«^s5&). 
En'do-car'dium, n. ;6o'S-f'oq3 e^^c 

En'docarp, n. s?o^oao»^(^ er«s305^ 
En-dog'amous, a.a.^sroJTjJMlSg' a^S'"^ 

En-dog'amy, n. aotftf o^aSwUtf 2/S'"§X 
En-dorse', ». U («>6 tfTM0^"a».«r"p)"3 

En'dor-see', ».<0syf)r'wSS'3jSbS'|^S'jj- 
En-dorse'ment, w. ■sjSbg'^.*^)!^ (f^ 

En-dors'er, n. ^56 r^odO&Hxo, •r*P'3^ 

En'doscope, 71. i6(r»^jr'^cxJS»6i5^^'^ 
En-dow', V, t. TT'i^'oo^^, ci^85w^p 

Endowed, p. a. (with tri^fe) g'e),g'©A 
En-dow'ment, n.Tr»^«5»5j&»|^c«5»5?6 

C9«5»5^_j5Srtf«S». [033^c3Sw. 

En-due', v. ^- si^^, S'e»X'c"^c5^, 2^ 
En-dur'able, a. i)ij^o^cyir>&^ , w^c 

En-dur'ance',w. cr»5>ao, iob^, ^z^^^ 

Bn-dure', v. ^.7:)8!r»o^,sj«&,ieo\ 

V. i.«r'«>c33wo&,pOOc35S>o2Sb5^fi^ 

En-dur'mg, a. ieb^^'&S, pfx^^^,^ 

End'ways',^ adi;.poD©-7r»,pO-e:)^to, 
End'wise, J r'j^^SwofirHb^ixjj e^o^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



En'ema, tt. ^'p^tbixr^yn v^vitiss 
En'emy, n. ^(^i&, "^d^tiG^^yXiXtr^c 

En'er-get'ic, ^ a. ^^SKo, oo«S»K 
En'er-get'ical, j v, \W'&Xoy i^t&> 

En'er-get'ically, adv. ^ J<S^, oe)«6oo 
En'ergize, i?. i.^? jpt^-^-t5tf|«Scr^ 

En'ergy, n. ^ j, «)oi6», I^ct, -^jSd 
B-ner'vate, v, ^.fibc^. e>85Do^c«S»,«)€)ftn» 

En'er-Ta'tion, m. tte>Sr»|i'c«^doj ©o 

En-fee'ble,t?.^. |b{f «jJ)s5w^c33m, «6tf .o 
Bn-fee'blement, n.esbif.cis&o^cJ^do, 

En-fold', see In—. 
Bn-force',i;.^. eDer'^T'i^tfjSw^cJ^.p 


En-force'ment, n. ^© o^Ao, }$si^o 

Bn-for'cible, a. •T*iSbS'€r«p8'^c©«^c 
En-fran'chise, v. ^. •^ifsnjB Q5»S'j^ 

En-fran'chisement, w. -^jtf sr^jB a» 
En-gage', t^ t a,«^o©<Stf?!dQw^a>s5^otf 

O»o-i^, a^xea^s «S'a 0^5 da»2^ 
En-gaged', a.«cr»&>er'Sp^\o»o85C23<3 

En-ga'gedly, odv.|jJ«<S^^s5o(^S-$r»^ 

Bn-ga'ging,p. a. ^^^-^-^^ K$D^?)cns^» 

En-ga'gingly, adi\ sSoT&cr^tf'tfsSxTr*. 
En-gen'der, v. ^. S'odX'c'^cxjw, -^^So 

Eii'gine, »• o3Soi^86», -j^^^i^jSm. 
En'gi-neer', n. ooSoi^-r^Obc^SbjooSo 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

Ea'gi-neer'ing, ». o8So|^85»efS»]^& 

Ba-gird', "I v. ^ -S^r^jSy, ^to 
En-gir'dle, J ^^•^tf£too^, cd'^o^. 
Eng'liBh, n. wo^jcoS^^sl; wo^cttS*^ 

Eng'lishmaai, «. ^o^ob3o^^&. 
En-glue', f?. i. »o^*^ e>o43c^. 
En-gorge', v. ^. & i. e:5ifotf^^ i^ao 

En-gorge'ment, n. e^&tf ^5^ ^oii> 

En-graft', see In—. 

En-grain', v. L «Sa^*^\^fr»ix>^to^ 

En-grasp', r. t. K^T^zsiy^r^j^, 
En-grave', y. L -O^ObiS^SSj,-. 
En-grav'er, n. -D^«0;g)^SSt-33^c«b. 
En-grav'ing, w. e^^^-S^ctosSw, -O 

En-gross', v. ^. t?^S'sx>o^r'J6, ^is^ 
Engrossing, a. «&|^-36a^^.i^o^c35» etf 

Bn-gfOfls'meiit, i».eo^cs^j$t5(jffij>o 

En-gulf', V. t. ^p^oA"^c5S>, er<f)§ ^ 
En-hance', v.t "Ttr^O^Oi^, ih&Xb^ 

En-hance'ment, n. "V*-^ \ e^S^oKS 

E-nig'naa, n.»atfy,Xcr»<5^«r»tfoi5Dj, ;icp» 
E'nig-mat'io, ^ a. nb^T^gifeoXe},-© 
E'nig-mafc'ioal,j 2ir-(^> '«^§'*>»'^ 

E'nig-mat'ioally, adr, Xn^«6»7V', e 

E-nig'matisty n. )iT*iftSo>i^ tSyknH^ 
En-join' v. ^. a$o^,«a^&o^, efe-^ 

En-joy', v. ^.^iSStjroo-^,;^©^^^?^©© 
cSBif^o^Ko'S. To e. one's self 

Bn-joy'able, a.e5>j6<roocccJK^jd^oO 

En-joy'er, w. «iSStfrao^«r»c&. 
Bnrjoy'ment; n. -^i^j^tprsjiSM, ^x 

En-kin'dle, v. ^."^OXo^^ t^^«>c'e&o^ 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



En-large', i\t.-iiiSQi^c^cS&ii>t>^ , 
2) jgaoS)C"^c3aM,r*25^©'7r»c'^c3aS». — 
V. i. a_^8o^^5j^ (foil, by on 
or upon)^ "atfOooS^fe^ ^^5 ^^ 

Ea-larged',a. -^gagaj^^^O.^^K^sJ^, 

'V'-Oxo^Aof 2^ "^* ^^P jSao^ 

En-light'en, v. t •3a>^0bj6tfe»Kc"^ 

Of) r«»Kc"^c33w. [?>'Stfrt»Ko. 

En-light/ened, a. e^|^ife» d>oO|^, 
En-light'enmanty n» '3c»«fe(&^ ^eo 

Xc'^d5»i>5 g7j^s^0^cSfixSo,©^6Hr 

Bn-Knk', v. ^.r*a>Tfe5^e»"%. [tf», 
Bn-lisf v. i. c^er« ^fib^r^j^ l5r •> 

Bn-lisfment, n. 8;jAxr«^»b\ r*jSado 
Ealiyenmg, a. ^^^V'^y tf os^ 

Eu-no'ble, v. ^ ^kJv^csjSj, ^[r*TT*»c 
Bn-no'blement, n. ^8j^^c3sS»&),^|^ 
E-nor'mity, n. «6-u^j^^. -^^g'sSx, 

E-nor'mous, a. esJOS^^^^^jz^s^o 
E-nor'moualy, acJi;. oo§(^o-7p., ^^^ 
B-no^gh^». -vsf ojB^f o*, «*«)^o2^, 

— inter j* <^€». [see In — . 

Bn-qnire', Bn-quir'er, En-qnir'y, 
En-rage', v. ^.r*s;«5»sy^^|^tonSc3as>, 

En-raged% p. a. r*85iS»sf •0^^,e^K'«^ 

En-rapt', a. titSss^c'^^, tJi^os^tp-d 
En-rap'tmre, "I v. t. t3^o^ ^6«^pc 
En-rar'ish, j 7r»^d5w,'f:)o^-St»^ 

"^CS^f-fSfj^in M5C"&3aa> . ["^daSai^ to. 


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En-rav'ishment, n. zs^ss^^^ s>0«5t» 


En-rich', v. t. ^"(^sso^pci^c ^c3a»^ 

^ po-$), as, to e. the mind. 
En-rich'ment, «. ^^sJo^pc tvc^ 

En-robe', v. ^.©4jS'to,s5_^^»S»-Scfii>. 

En-rol', w. ^. sJ^er<^j^•iBr•?Sb■dlrTy'^ 

e»^cJ5S», a^fc^^er« o^S^o^ "dS'^ 

En-rol'ment, same as enrollment. 
En-roll', same as enroU 

En-root', v. <. er8c5^7p]7'&»,"S0b^ 
En-san'guine, v. ^.tf ^i&mS^sSoO^s&m 

^cS^, y S'85DO'^p»CfiS>. 

Bn-sched'ale,v.^S^S)^^er«^§j^o^ . 
En-sconce', v. ^T3r'c^,5jaoi6»7r»i6o 

En'sem'ble, n. & adv.e)o^<3g»,a.g'j,- 
En-shrine', v. t. isJSSk^cfiMj t5r_§5^ 

En-shroud', v. t. «sbsnc»S>, rs^^. 
En'siform, a. S' ©sjo^S ty5^^«5»X'o. 
En'sign, n.^^23r6»,'^oZB*^'^-^i^zix^-^ 

En-slave', v. t,-Trp^'7^c4cs^f^y$\ 
En-slave'ment, n.^trp^i^c^cs^^^ 

En-snare', see In — . 

En-sue', v. u ^o^Zio-^, S'ooHb, ^ftSo 

En-sure', v-^p^ \osS5)ea^5see In — . 
En-tab'lature,w._^ otp'siM^oi^-s;)!^-^ 

En-tail', v. ^■cr>|^0|g'c«r»25c$"B-«tf «S» 

En-tail'ment, n. f r. entodL 
Bn-tan'gle, v. t. -DsSi^^csaM, -eMS^^ 
eric's to,-D5S(^er«ctf;^0o^. [j6w. 
En'ter, v* ^ ^sj-^^o^, er^tfoSSc^;^, 

En-ter'ic, a. eo^©r^^,^^Jfe€)•j:rooo 

En'ter-pri'sing, a.7y*tf*^tfwX€>,2. ^S. 

Eu'ter-pri'flingly, odw.ii^i^^ifeofi^. 

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En'ter-tain'er, w.aofi6"2>^5r»c&} ^ 

En'ter-tain'ing, a.f^o^S^sSLg'tfg)^, A 

En'fcer-tain'ment, n. Ooe^, 7;r^r»(,-tf 

En-thralP, see In—* 
Ea-thralFment^ see In—** 
En-throne', v. t. ^om^^^ "aaSj^o^, 

Eii-thr<me'ment| n. jKot^^^f-B^l^o 

En-thu'siasm, n. rs^k^^o, s>Ȥ{^0 oos 

En-thn'siast, n. ^^g>'^\9n, ^^£9 

iki-4ihn'si-as'tic, ^ a. «^ ^JX 
En-tlin'si-as' tical, J ©, ctotfo X©, 



En-thu'si-as'tioally, fldt^.^^stf^i&ft 
En-tice', V. <.w^.^*fc e^d o^,o}?^c 

Bn-tice'ment, n.&&* 7f^^ ^^c^^tt 

En-ti'cingly, adi). sr^sjfed^r^j^i^^ 
En-tire', a. •^tf^^^S', e^^oiS ^|^, 
En-tirely, ocfo. eD^c»»}S»,*$r'_d-7t^, 

C9 — • 

En-tire'ness, "i n,*|Jo'$ng?^,^(SSr»o 

Ett-tire'ty, J ^«f, •i5s&_^»5», -jcTsS!) 

En-ti'tle, v. U as-*X^^r«)K'c'^d«b, 

cS^5 "£ob"S>to. 
Entitled, a.j^§Si^)Co,eg,^Koj "ifio 

En'fcity, ».^^gi5M, ^J^g«5w,$r^£ 
En-tomV (<Ood>T^E), t;. ^. ^^a^ 

En-tomVment, iK-^eSb^do, •jjur-^ 
En'tomoFogiBti n.feoS'^_^ Ss^cifc. 
En'to-morogy, n. I^g-r icf W, 

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Ba'trails, n. pi rty^oo, 
En-tram'mel, v» ^.■083{^cr«c'3to,§'tf 

E3-nun'ci-a'tion, n,^s>^,aa6o^to^ 
'S«)o85c"^cs^&>5 ^B'S cw>a O0Sf> 

E-nun'ciative, a.a5Jdo-O^T)N&. 

En'trance, n. T3r^e^«5»,K>^?S»/2£5*5 ; E-nun'ciatory, a. ^^^i^ca -jCTooo? 

isJ'^^!6w,r5y«>0'oip'?S». — En-tran- 
ce', t;. ^.S)j^sj^^S'e»?Cc'^cS«>, a»«£oo 

En-trance'ment, ». sJifs^^^. 
En-trap' v. Lss^v^S^^}^, ?s^i6er« 

Bn-^reat', v. t- & i.259ijap-e»r*f6, "^c 
En-treafy, n.^^^y «&(^a,'^c&r* 

En-trench', see In — . 
En-trust', see In — . 

En'try, W.T5^^«5M,«Scr»tf s5M,|tf'^^l63a} 

En-twine'> v. t.-^to,"aoO"Scxg>,"£j5b. 

E-nu'cleate, v. ^•Xb^CojSi woSStoc fe 

E^nu'merate, v. t. U^^ib&DD, iio^j En-vi'ronment, ti.^ix>r'p cfia>o& 

E-nu'mer-a'tion, ri.l3S'(^"2)&o&)^Op^ En-vi'rons, w- pi.^(&x)|tf S'j,-od, s:*o 

E*nu'merative,a.tfObfJ-7r» 'Qg'^^iilo' ^' [??• 

E-nn'mer-a'tor, n.lJS'j^'ato snc&. , En'voy, n. TT»cw3Trd, «6^€$^, -u^sei cO 

En-vel'op, n.g'sj^^a, i5ar'c3aS» j^a, 
2L«, sSbj'C^, or*&r», r*nfj6» t? 

2>(ia eric's A», ■^p«§^"3 i5'-^&3c'3to, 
T3-»c^, «53esoc?C>^c3aS>. 

En'velope, ?i. same as envelop. 
En-vel'opment, ». e:?x37\2J|5'«&o, ifsj^ 

En-ven'om, v. ^. asx.sS»-5)to, s:)sli6» 

En'viable, a. ^-tSxoticsSK^ , e^^os^c 

En'vier, n.^*t^cn»oo3S)&sr»c^^. 
En'vions, a.s5D^^i^»S»Xo, -^tf Xo, 

En'viously, adt% e)t^o8S<5^, i^tto 
En-vi'ron, v- f. s5a'^?)^o-iS*,'^d»r*jSc>. 

B-nun'ciate, v. ^.^aj^j, asJdo^,"§0 

En'vy, n4e:9T^a33, iogUp^^i&o, i 

Digitized by'LjOOQiC 



En-womb/ r. ^.-cr»c^. [dfosS. 

En-wrap', see In—. [f>8^g(^a. 
Bn-wrap'ment, n, g's5^*o^g'x)^,a.S'T3r' 
Bp'an-let', ) 

E-phem'era,'6|^2§©5 2lS' e5|^i6» 



E-phem'eral, '^ a^e^iy^^^jpc^^w^^x 
E-phem'eric, J tJsSMtfo^, &<tdifoT^rs 

E-phem'eris, w.a^-t^tfcj fJ^OSSo tfo 
E-phem'eron,n., pZ. ephemera.z^id^ 

E-phem'erous, same as ephemeral. 
Ep'ic, n. sSasH-B^sycsSM, fctf-j^dj^s^g;^ 

Ep'icene, a, or n. (oT»cS'5Je9i6M^o&) 
Ep'icure, n.£qo|doc6-^^f)tf?^c&,^ 

• Bp'icu-re'an, a.^XafeoO-c^TCo, osS. 

EMC&, ^XtfTr»O03ewc&, ^S^^^fc 

Ep'i-cy'cle, n. d»^«-?^^S'85», |j^8^iy 
Bp'i-dem'ic, n- 6^7Ci5» "^rS^oD, 4)^ 

Ep'i-der'mis, n. f 6tf«i»oa»g'j;^^5^ 
Ep'i-glot'fci8,n. ^55«tf^,^o^g'.[«5!>,). 
Ep'igram, n.o:^-^^'ct^^ nytosjttc 
Ep'igram-mat'ic, | a.^ife^j^if 
Ep'igram-mafc'ical, J 2?j^5 ""^^S* 

Ep'i-gram'matist, n. Tj'i»j525otfwe» 
Ep'i-lep'sy, w.i6ancr^6r*x'86»,€3j:T6;^if 

Ep'i-lep'tic, o. iSoj'fir^e^x'dMKo, ^ai^ 

Ep'i-lep'tical, a. same as Epileptic 
Ep'ilogue, n. ^Xo"q^>o^sS^oabo^fo f^lg 

E-piph'any,n. 2.J^*^®»^lr- ^^ 

E-pis'copacy, n.OsS.-^ooawg'i^ l5*^ 
E-pis'copal, a. SsSL-^o ^sJ^^£'i5ooo 

E-pis'co-pa'b'an^n.DsJL-^oa ^o^i^^'9 
Ep'isode, w. ^-^jp-o^jSw, ^tftf^j. 
Ep'i-so'dial, ^ a. t^^-^}^'^^^ <^jj 
Ep'i-sod'ic, [tfTp^r^?. 
Ep'i-sod'ical,) *" 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

E^pis'tle,n. ^t», tf|^i$w, '^^ct^ 
E-pis'tolary, % a- S^w ^qz^o^-^h^, 
Ep'is-tol'ic, J S^t»0cnC2»^. 
Ep'itaph, n. *pir<o»i^5r»ppxbft3o«) 

Bp'itha-la'mium, n.'^o&^i:>j tos* 
Ep'i-the'lium^ n. -ae^^oo^^we^w KoTx 

E-pit'ome(qft6S^?>5oro)&6y'j>5), n. 
E-pit'omi8t,n. ^o^ fc o ^ isndCw sr^c 

&. [(Xftr^O^lsncSSa. 

E-pit'omizeji v. L^o%,zitix>lScs$!^j;^Q 
Ep'och, n. ig^tfjiba, <;XS>;C«5c»5 -r»e)«5x, 
Ep'ode, n. ^fecR^j&o. ['f:r85ao33«&o. 
EpVpee', n. s&s^-^sscsSm. [^Saj, 
E'qua-bil'ifcy, n. 7:^«fo9^5J85», •!:)s&^q 
E'quable,a. ^sSd^^, ■^ar.^^^;foe»t5 

firqttal'ity,n. ^aja^gjjw, ^i&^^ff, ^ 
E^quali-za'tion^ n. ^«5»i53Q^cs^i:>. 

E'qually, adv.^frs&sSwTr' 5 cr»coa5«Sw 
E'qua-nim'ity, ». ^'8i>^;yiS9#, ij^JsS;)^ 

^S.^S'^f^'^P dx>2jp p?\O03"aD 
E-quan'imou8, a.peg-r»tf2?(^> *<^«> 

ErquateS v. L ^ijir»^i5M^cXfi». 
E-qua'tion, n. T^rfcoSTtfrai&a.i^sSac^SM. 
E-qua'tor, n. e>5k'8^, vfirn$a$o-g^, 
jp^sJd^p^^lL. Celestial e.«9 ^c 

E'qua-to'rial, a^^t^^rrt^ ii^vo^ 
Eq'uerry,| n,w^^^e)5ir*2^oSMS'^ 
Eq'aery, j e)^£'rc7^9c«^cd^. 
E-ques'trian, a. e*£ctt5^^, Xbw-^ 

E'qui-an'gul^r, a. ^z&ir^t:9'^^j^zsn 

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E'qui-die'tant, o. ^ti^tSr^'^^^^tir^ 

E'qui-lat'eral,a. ^t^^Q-^^, ^^-^ 
^^5Sg'^e»?Ce>. B. triangle=«j:)85oip 

E'qui-li'brate, v, U *(^btkr*c^. 
E'qui-KVrium,n. ^a^ pS'^'jcJ 8&^^«5do • 
E'quine, a. ?bM«s»«5^ -iC) 02099 o^]^,«> 

E'qui-noc'tial, n.t^^i&iodotkiiySr^otSfi 
^Sky ^p»&8S50«Soi6c».— a. fr. egwi- 
wo«j. E. point«=eo33^j6a>. 

E^quinox, n. ©s^sy^, ^tSfiTn\^o^^ 
-g^€)«5a>. Vernal e.«-= s&tf* as^sy 
sSw^tf'dsjJJsiM.AutuTTinal e.= ©5^ 

E-quip,.V.<. ^^^tf*|5a)^CS35t>^ (&tf«S» 

Eq'uipage, n.-f|^, ^sJ^ifeBajgo, -j^r^^o 
a^sSM,7:ro<;ptfa5D^,-j5^i&(K5 •ntf^^r'a 

E-quip'ment, w- ^iBP^tf^sSw^^tf^tfcg 

Bq'uipoise, n. •j^fft^cTfeA^j -j^d^er-pr. 
E'qni-pon'derant, a.'jtrw^cl^efo^TJd 

E^qai-pon'derate, u, i. A ^. •jJd^iT^c 
E^qairpon'derQUB, a.j^p^ftr*^^^^ 

Eq'aity, n. to-^coc^sSm, ^©, ¥5^*^- 
B'quiv'alwoe, '^ n. ^cTa^^^^^ T^sfc^g 
B-quiv'alenoy, j tf^^ ^riacsSaa. 
E-quiv'alent, a, ^sir-^T&»^, *«§2i> 

E-quiv'ocal, a, 'jjJoax'^^^eijj&i^xcws 

E-quiv'ocally, ody* 'jt)oaX'«5M7v, "8o 
E-quiv'ocate, V. t. ^ot>K}&i^'7^'^^^^ 

B-quWo-oa'tioB, n.^oaX'85»7p^5j^ 

Adj 'j^ 00X^01530158* ir>^cl6iM. 
E-quiv'oca'tor, n. ^o©X5jm-7v»^5)^ 

E-quiv'ocatory, a. ^;i^K^'^^ e5>^ 

*) n. "E 
Eq'uivoque, X «5m, 
E'ra, n. ^S'jSmj "s^otfw. 
E-ra'diate, v. i. (Stfe98S>ia)'a».) \^ii 

E-ra'di-a'tion, n. S^casSDoew "Soo. a 

E-rad'icate,t?. ^.p&^osSoo^cx^,fiSbosj 

E-rad'i-ca'tion,». i5»'e>iar'^85»,p?jcr» 

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Eq'uivoke, 1 n, -QoiitStSi99&o Ko«cy 


^^ 0) 


B-rad'icative, a.f)Ocr^oiS»lST&&. — 

E-rase', v. t. (j^f^^'^PP^ &(3o "jS 

cSSS)^ 13bSo2^C^cSo(>. 
E-rase'ment, n, ^eJJ)'3dSS>*o,&a-0 

E-ra'sible, a. ^6SS)"^o85C«K|^. 

E-ra'sion, ^ n. [sn^H^ TP>pp ^ft5& 
E-ra'sure, J "^cJiS^Ao, Ac-c:)"3cfiSi>iD. 
Ere, prep, & adv. tf»o«^, -^tfgtfM. 
E-reot', v. t. "dsrp^, Q?>^"»r»f)«>-^, 

E-rec'tion, n. si«>,S'AD2i«5w5 -^lo^ 
E-rect'ive, a.o)J^p©ii2^,l555*?^&. 
E-rect'ly, adi?. ^t^7r», poo;g)7r». 
Ere'long', adv, r'o^sSw -s^oiSMer* 

Er'go, conj. or odr. S'jjo^, -^PceaftS. 
Er'mine, n. "Sofp ^5^a SSO . 
E-rode', v. t, ©p'^daSj^tf^eosJc'^daS*, 

E-rod'ent, n r*ca>85ao«<>. [cfiodto 
E-ro'sion, n. ^p -^cxSMto, sf^dotfc"^ 
E-ro'sive, a.Sp"gcs^|5'g, sj-eosjc*^"^ 

E-rot'ic, a. T»Afttf,o8$lf2toff,<rjo-ir» 

tfajioBSi68»f6syd o^&, ir»i6!>(j6d^ 

E-rot'ical. a. see Erotic. 

Err, V. i. ^tf^, d^tfsj&, lysSatfiSa, 

Er'rand, w. SoS'f)?) J&^j-^Ko-O tf ofc^ 

Er'rant, a. ^cfo^do^i^g, ifir»giS»jsS 
^fc^©a"7?&, j)tfft^g>]^5 "S^^oxr» 

Er'ranfcry, n. '^^'i5o-iD'»tfi6M. 
Er-ra^ta, ». pi. of erra^ttm, 
Er-rat'ic, '^ a. po5S«5Di6»"€5S' ^o-^ 
Er-rat'ical,J do^Ho, 8:?oKs53^|^5^ 

Er-raHum, n,^'S\v^pi^P\jr^^v^ 

Er'ring, a. ^^^^c^, ^^3^^' 
Er-ro'neous, a, «y»tf ^2?(^^ ^S st^' 
Er-ro'neously, adv. in^ir^^i^, \^ 

Er'ror, w. ^^^^tsinto^-^^^gtix^, 

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Erst, adv, iSMofib, •$r*»'Qj6oo, "3a)«6o. 
Br'ac-ta'tion, n. ^^J6•^, "^j^-^,^ 


2^9 SftA-Ml^ 

I Es-clieat'able> a, -^u^ij-J^^ ^ojJccJ 
Br^udite, a. i!no&^oti»Xoy ^cSs^ | Es-chew', v. ^.ssj^par'pa^s^a o^^»^ 

Er'a-di'fcion, n. -^oSgciSa), sy^^j^oa «^t^P "^oioc^i^ t^}^fyoc^ '^^ 

E-nip'tion, w.2r»2H, 2:^2^, s^aSj^,^ j oT'J^aSw. — (— cort'jv. <. rs&.T^tS 
j&<b-s-«oaS5 «>S'-c^C^7r» -^Sjr-^Ni sS»7s^p IT'^sr^tStSxiiv'p "SoAoc^y* 

— ^ — *> ft— u) I <p 

E-mp'tive, a. S)ai3«3Sb, atfooaoc^^. 

E-ryn'go,n. ip-gb -^^g-tf ^?r aa»tf 

Er'y-sip'elas, n. z^^i^tf-f^^ tffiba^X 
Es'carlade', n. o K«|^c-7r'(«'|gb)"^l^ 

Bs'ca-pade', »• Xbw^'SPc*^5§^o"^ 
Es-cape', v. t & i. ^fc^o^r'jSo, ^ 

Es'char, n. csSip^tr*©^, i^sSj^. 
Es'cha-rot'ic, n. s&^sSi^«6do«^. — a. 

Es-cheat', n. 'jcJxpij-ebSS^o'Sdfc'^sj' 

Es'cri-toire', n. ijr-cs^wo^ aST6oSo. 
Es'cu-la'pian, a.g^sJciproeDo^;^^^!^* 
Es'culent, a. S^ccJJl^, ^sHj^^j-^Xo 

&^i^i&ol6Dd. rc5aa>o&ZX5^€X) "Sod.©. 

Es-cntch'eon, n. ss'o^j&oifiJoo^Sj,- 
E-sopVagus, n. t9|^iT»stp»§', ^s^tt^ 

Es'o-ter'ic, a. ^xjo^pc^, ^z^-fig-^H^, 

1^; opp. to exoteric, 
Es-pal'ier, tu ocTSSoSiSdo, s^&.8y^o 

Es-pe'cial, a. tSxspc^^, ^tf ■qr»|5'gp|i'. 
Es-pe'cially, odr. a6bu^c«&oTv. 
Es-pi'al, n. ^-^^^^p^^^. 
Es-pi'er, n. ^^5nc<3b, -^Xb-.^^ 

Bs'pionage, n. "S7fe^n^tff),?^^fc^ 

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Es'plarnade', n. asosSw^ ^-cni^ife*. 
Es-pous'al, w. ~^ozr^ cS:yki J ~?iO&y ftsr* 

Es-pouse', V. t. asT'sJ'iSM^iSs^fSS^lbo 

Es-quire', w. ^j-»$bpa»tfir-^^o^c^ 

Knight ^}6oT»p§ (§oaoT»c&5 j& 
■u^ T5^ •T» tf S'sSm . 

Es'say, n. ■o^^sJ'^oX'jSw U^^sj^T'e 

^9^. —(-say') r. t. ocSST^jSa.^ 

Es'sayist, n. z^tiika&t!K»'^Ti^o^^ 

Es'sence, n, •^ijsSm, ^tr^^pXaj -jcig^ 

Eshsen'fcial, a.$s»^>Q'^fS^^v^^fi'^^y 
t9K^g;gD|^5 7:)^2.«^> "(^^2?(^^ t^ 

Bs-sen'tially, odi^ e>Qifcifjifca"7r«,« 

Es^taVlish, Vit.-^to^y PosxsOdo^, 
E»-taVlisliment, n.^&o-^to^ ^*^c^ 

Es-tate', n. e j^^,ooTsr*ifj6»j^ 
Es-teem', v. ^, ?P»^-7r«<»)on:65 «)^cr»do 

Esteemed, o. ir*tfftocc»S^^ Xcmoc 

Esr-thet'ic, a. if'j:r8r'l^^^^ ^ozio^ 
Es-thet'ics,n, sing, see uiEsthetics. 
Es'timable, a. s^yT^i^, IT^tf aosfctfH 

E8*timate>t;» ^ <0o^,eo<i^8'(&o4>i6,6 

Es'ti-ma'tion, n. •)f)^g',"7r*tfsr«S^, ?b 

Es'timative, et. ^S«tr»o'3fib, ipftabg^So 
Bs'ti-ma'tor, n. ifoao-^-ac»S>5r»c&, 

Es-top', V. ^pDfc-^dk&^e^oorsJw^, 
Es-top'pel, n,t9(k>og'cM^&D. 
Bs*trange', v. ^. s>5^^"i{}5r4»^c3a», •) 

Ea^trange'ment, ». fcS^piSto, ©J^ic^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Et'cBBt'era, (Ac, etc)s)^^o6^"te>.«). 
Etch, u. ^-o^^«5m^8S{^. 
Etch'ing, n, ^^^sSw^&j^&dj ^S^i^ 

EJ-ter'nal, a. P^2>(^, ^^&^5*c^> ^ 

E-ter'nally, odv^^g^sSMTv^^^sSso 
E-ter'nity, w. p^c^, TT^j^er^j^oc} ^ 

E-ter'nize, v. /.'5'^j^«&K>^to^dQ». 
E'ther, n. e:9nr*^8SM,2^jj<oaS'j:)«6a) jSr- 

E-the'real, a. ^o^d&.^ozaoif'^i^j^ 

Eth'ic, '^ o. J)©^_^ ^•jJowoyj??^, 
Eth'icab) }^»sic»s^|i'. 
Btli'icB, n. wigr.|b9^j^^«jou. 
Eth'nic, "i a. -S-^eajISKoj&j^JSiico 
Eth'nical^J ;5oHb«do^l^. 
Eth-nol'ogy, n. 'S-^eso'Sx'o ^8bo^ 

Bt'i-qnette' (a)6S^fcS"),w. j&u^c^, w 

Bt'ymo-log'ical, a. '^g^i5^;;j_§e>&ra 

Et'ymo-log'ically, adv. ^o^c^n^ 
Et'y-mol'ogist, w. ^§i6§^;^_fp o«Sd 


Ea'charist, n. |J^s5o^«5Mer« i59tf^i» 

Eu'logist, 7i.v^c^sr»cfib,^©o^ 
Eulo-gis'tic, «.^^o^|^«S^ -^^0^ 

Ba-lo'gium, n.d;«l^*»,-^©, ^?3|^^ 
Eu'logize, t> t.^^o-^fj^'^oS. 
Ea'logy, w.^?^,^|^i5m,'7^^, ^sr 
Ea'nuch, tt.-i'-^o'iC)5oc&, S^S^TjSm. 
Bu'phemism, n.t^^'^'^ o85o^8S»j6 

Eu'phe-mis^tic, a. sfo\ab2.c^> j&^&do 

Eu-phon'ic, | a. j^ss^^^iir^ ^ig) 
Eu-pho'nious, j e)§o;^|:r.'" 
Eu'phony, n. ^j'c-c^g^i&o, sioj^i^ 

V^P'^^ 1^^^, iT'e"^^- "~ 
Eu-phop'bia, n.^s^o^^aiw*, ts^^ 

Eu-phop'bium, n. ^«s»Cfc-ft*c». 
Eu'phrasy, ».p?J^o8?^-tSw)^. 
Eu'phuism, n,7i'4So•^*^^Jcn►j8^J^8^^ 

Bu-ra'sian, n-cXfir^tf-^ipoiisy^^tfeoSS 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Eu-sta'chian, a. ^ol6t(iS^^ 7^o«)o^ 
Ba'tha-na'sia, n.e57r»c*5cr»'i:ri&tf»jS», 

E-vac'uant, a. aiSii^i^-r"©^]^.— n. 
E-vac'uate, v. t.z^^do^^ ^^e^i^ 

E-vac'u-a'tion, n.«)a«)d<$&),^_g6 

E-vade', v. ^ & i. ^fc^o^r'iib^-s^tfD 

Ev'a-nesce', v.»|^Tr"S'd<;g), ^if\ 
EvVnes'cence,n. tf^cej^^tf **^&), 

EVa-nes'cent, a»^fi^j^c2a^636<Sb5p 

E-van'gel, n. -^^^. [^oTfej^^^^. 

E'van-gel'ic, "i a. 2.^00 ^oa)oZ? 
E'van-gerical, J •^^. 
E-van'gelist, w.jj^acog-^ ^d^^j^ 

E-van' gelize, v. i. ^i^5S^^«i»er«^sJ 

E-van'ish, v. i. jJr-oo3^sb^;g),^cSx^c 
E-vap'orate, v.i. «aa^ d^ig)^ s^X 

E-vap'o-ra'tion, w.t5aooa3^:g)&3, d^ 

Xap63bX^d^ig>&3, sy\88^;g6o. 
E-vap'oratire, a. wod-A- l5cssS>i^|3. 
E-va'sion, n.^ti^o-Sr'^h^^odi-rr^rs 

E-va'sive, a.^&^o^i-jsSf^g} •jcToaX' 

E-va'sively, a/iw.^&^o^r'i^^toj^ 
?(ir'OQ3a5a>"SOo55poK5c8SoS^^ 'jJoG 

Eve, n. •ji^osSo-r'oiSM, *t^"^i; J^*^ 

EVen, a. iStS^-^H^, •^*r^^S'^oDl5p, 

9^KosJCX'o,"S^-SPp,(opp. to odd.) 
—V. t.^ti>tixt^cS^,^tSi^w^ 

E'ven-hand'ed, a. s-^ir-^sSwlSp, p 
EVening, n.-^oK5o-5^o«5», T^opr^ 

EVenly, ody. ^5Saj6M-7\7,StoAD8;jort5a'<J 
E'ven-mind'ed, a. ^^fo^axo. 
EVenness,n.-^^^^Xbe»l5sto5 pss.v 

EVen-song', n.-jcro-qr^csyos^i^j&o. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



E-venf f al, a.^^S' ■^^S^tSa>o^po& 

E'yen-tide', n.-j^o8So-r»oiS». 
E-ven'tual, a.-j:jo<r»o«ctf^;g)t^g, ^0 

E-veu'*Tially, adv. ^o'^, ^«^SS, e>o^ 

Ev'er, adv.o)|^^i38p,«0s5^*S8p,p^g«ix> 

anon=es:j^2^5>^^fo. For e.«=-For 
e. and e. «0s5^&S§p, ^^Tg^i^MTC. E. 

Ev'ergreen, n. a)5)^6S§p5)S^-7r-^o& 
^ to.— a. «)5J^4S§ps?^^-7r';5bo^&. 

Ev'er-liv'ing, a. -otf o2log>c^i=S^s^f>; 
Ev^er-more', odv.^xr*, p^oJ^'Tr*. 
E-ver'sion, n. ©ObK'38c5^to5rr»n^j6»^ 

E>-vert', V. t.u-«5)D^c8'^^i6^^o5S4S§c"S 
Ev'ery, a* ^sjl), a.r'^^^. [A^gcd^- 
Ev'er-y-day', a.^B di^tS»}^ sr»&S' 

Ev'ery-one', n. |js® 8&f6;^cc^&5 ^55 

Ev'ery-thing', n. •j^S'ojSm, e)o^c55»} 
Ev'ery-where', adv. «o^&)j6, ef>^ 

Bves'drop', v. u ^o^o&t>}^. ^^^. 
Eves'drop'per, n. d^o^oS Of6or«c 
E-vict' v. ^. "^^vc^to, ©oQS&Dc lar* 
cfiSo. ifir'c333o4o. 

E-vic'fcion, n. ^^vcr'toio, 23oo5<Soc 
Ev'idence, n. -ji^&cjSM^pCJ^^i^aiw^fib 

Ev'idont, a. ^^^tfaj-Tv^r^c^D&^j^ 

Ev'i-den'fcial, "^ a.0b5^sg)P^\^j(^ 
Ev'i-den'fciary,J :£,ct&»^oz:io^'^^. 

Ev'idently, adv. ^y^tLtSo^yr, (5^c3S. 
E'vil, a. ^i^.iSbSK. ir»8)Sl n. ^esa 

The E. One— £^oc3csS». [» ^. 
E'vil-eye', n. i^!!xar*Sk86w. 
E'vil-eyed', a. w^oooKo. 
E'vil-mind'ed, o.«&sl^g^5S'85»Xo,«& 

Evil-speaking, n. -Sbir \sl, pofto^ 

Evil-worker, n. «SbTT^^c^,fibsn^ 
E-vince', v. t. -^fco^, "^Ocwsc"^ 

E-vince'ment, n. '§Ooo3c'^cx^4o, tf 
E-vin'cible, a. 0b55ig)tfe»<c«;<t^,^;^c 

E-vis'cerate, v. «• d^Aj-fcO^ i^vj^ 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Ex-act'itode, n. t^^, \^^^^tSao, ^o& 
Ex-act'ly, ado. -^d'rr'^ S'Oj^ifejTr', 

Ev'o-la'tion, n. ©r^o^to^Oj^ao^l ^^<»"c5oo, ^oS^i^, ^tt*. 
(So, sraTTs5DiS»5 -^ij-oit-^t^JiSm. I Ex-act'or, same aa ejpacfer. 

Theory of e.=»^W8SDoT«»cjtfM 

By^o-lu'tionary, a. fr. evolution, 
E-volve', V. t. oS'^osjc'^ct^,, »tfc& 

Ex-ag'gerate, v. ^- r^o^sSwfS^ JTs^^ 
cSfi»,230C5e»fecS^ v. i-. OS'^Q^,! Ex-ag'ger-a'fced, a. peSQS'o'So -'jr- 

Ewe (cfiSr«»), w. wc&r"^. 

Ew'er, fiy ^oi»} §3*s^. 

Ex, a prefix. 86»^s;^,X^g>;^, x$r«^ 

o3o]^, as, ex-governor. 
Ex-ac'erbate, v. ^. e^Xtfw "aa?. zrpp 

Bx-ac'er-ba'tion,7u •y^aa^j^85a> 
«^tfi5xi, ^»§^5Jl$^J,. ^^^g'jfea. 

ExraciiV a. v^ogt^i^, g'-o^^2?;^, ©to 

-go]^ (f^PO^- ^oa^2?«^, v-crg» ^ij-. 

Ex-ag'ger-a'tion, n. r'o-3j6»3br'firv 
Ex-ag'gerative, ^ a. «>©^oa3iS»7r» 
Ex-ag'gerafcory, | :3-s,>^^Sb, p©|8 

Ex-ah', V. t. •^'^^ifr^^'^cs^,^ 

Ex'al-ta'tion, w. ^^^^S^^^jbi^^^ 

Ex-alt'ed, a. ^i^^S© ooso<6 tx^c 

©fi^, ^^^^2»|^, 3fc3^ "^1^, ^^ 

Ex-act'er, n. £i«sJo^i6»7v* •^-^^r' 
Bx-act'ing, p. a. «er« «P(^»iJb^7r»-^ 

Ex-am'i-na'tion, n. zibJk^ 8Kr^e», 

Exram'me, t?. ^. sjfiv&OT^jaiSDOko^, 
Ex*am'i*nee^ n. S)§i{^ocd^, x;d!i^^< 

Ex-am'iuer, n. «&4v»^^<a* 





2JO\S'«5M^jjcr»crj^O.. To follow an 

tosj^a^^'r*^4cr. To make an 
e. of a man=2i,^pp ^tiioO s^ 

EJx-a&'perate, t?. ^. tSc-^, r^jTBSxsj 
Ex-as'per-a'tion, w. r*s5i6b»^ t9^a^ 

Ex'ca-va'fcion, n. ^^ck>if!t^9oXT6») 
Ex'ca-va'tor^ n. ^s^tf^nc^, l^igg 

Ezr-ceed'ing, a, 5)oo^|^^e5G^tojs^^, 
«>91fTte|i', "^1^, «»«feD adn* wO 

Ei-<5eed'ingly, adv. e>©^a6 «i»7r»> 

Ex'cellency, ?*. (J^g^^f ^?^^*«^^ 
9A His E* tli9 Qoremorr 

Bx'cellenfe, a. Ossc2c>t^, |j^sk-^|^,ar' 

Ex'cellently, ado, |^g.j5bo7r-,ao8^0 

^»^"^- [city. 

Ex'ceu-tric'ity, same as Kccentri- 

Ex-cept', v. t.0<&^,0l3^coaio-^ 

— prep. & coti/.^s^^TPS'^ai^^oS 

Ex-cept'ing,prep. &co7tj. (properly 

a participle)©^-©,© (5r»OK>o-o^o^3^. 

Ex-cep'tion, n.tifs^osio^^ti&^^^c 

«&i*,s5i»TS8'«SM,p-ix2?56».To take e» 


Ex-cep'tionable, a, s^»J)o8S2>(^^ ^^ 

p. ^ 

Ex-cep'tionalA a. a.S'-t6j^i^85s»?Sa e) 
Ex-cept'ive, J f6^ao-Oc»wo5^p, © 

Ex-cerpt', ».a.S'(Koip«5M^oa#)^r'p 

Ex-cess', n. e>^g'85w,<OsS^sj,J-,^^5©a 

Bx-cesa'ive, a.^^^^QJ^oos^Dj^^poeS, 

Ex-ckonge', v. t. aJ<r»eJO^, sp«fooaSsS» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

BZO-EXE 246 

Ex-change'able, a. aa^a\c25;\;^. 
Ex-cheq'aer, n. ^s^S'^^-jCj^Mj^^s?^]?', 

Ex-cise', n. feobsj, ^og'sS»,sJ5,5)f6^. 

—17. t. &Obsy"ScS^. 
Ex-cise'man, n. *j6doS'd, •j^ooS'sSmj^ sj 

Ex-ci'sion, n. r^^:gc3S»4o,^^^s5»^ 

Ex-citVbirity, n. 'icl^ik>J^tdt&»,'iik> 

ot?'8S»7r» r*5Jj6K5J^\<Sb?(be98SM. 

Ex-cit'ant, n.^rSiftfMi^gs^eajSS^g'cjo 

Ex'ci-ta'tion, ?i. (JStJstctj TJc^feAo. 
Ex-cit'ative, | a. r£-g&o^ab5^eao 
Ex-cit'atory,J SS-^&So^^Sb. 
Ex-cite', i;. ^.L-S-Sfco^^TJc-^^-^or" 



Ex'cla-ma'tion, w. ew$),"^S',Scfc^, 

'^a>69, W^\T]r»i 

Ex-cit'ing, p. a.^-i^^-^-^ ^-tc-^^d^ 

Ex-claim', i;. ^ & *. Wc»S>,(^^, | Ex'cre-nien'tal,: ) a.s5oi 
a^tfTv^ -S^ XgTT- ^^^tf^ife* -a^.JBx'cremeii-ti'fcious, j ^1^5 

Ex-clam'ative, *> a. '|g'"S'^&, ^ooea 
Ex-clam'afcory, j "ag^-s^efo, e^?^ 

Ex-clnde', t?. ^. ^ifsSoa^c'^c3aS>,^^^ 

Ex-cluding, pr. p. ^^, o^^, Oiff^ 

Ex-cla'sive, a. er^sjo^Oo^r'^^^iS,© 

Ex-clu'sively, adr. "ls5'e>ij»,sJ2r»i^'&5 

Ex-cog'itate,!;.^ ^cr^-Oo^^Cko^, 
Ex-cog'i-ta'tion, t^. (^y-»-c^^, S'o^i^. 

Ex'com-mu'ni-ca'tion, n. ^0, e)Sr«» 
Ex'com-mn'nicatory, a. "aO-^^eSb,© 

Ex-co'riate, v. U «5^«>i6er*cX'c/rto, 
Ex-co'ri-a'tion, n. <S^c»8r*cKay«^to, 

Ex'cremenfc, ». «foe>jS»,-^6sJL«fco.[<fc), 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Bat-cre8'<5enoe, n. ^S^i^vxs^iedtSxy 

Ex-cres'cent, a. g'£S9s575-aai?&, -ar* 
Ex-crete', v. L (J?ftif«5ooj6o(S) i^lSd o 

^ , afi ■O'^to J oo55&)Cief*c»M . 
Ex-cre'tion, n. n^ss^jjaa, s^^fifeoQoD 

Ex-cre'tive, 'J a* 85ooi6an^jr'&Of5S « 
Bx-K>re'tory,j asSiSSoS^^. 
Ex-crn'ciate, v. t.^co^tSoo-T^'^ty^o 

Bx-crn'oi-a'ting, a. €i>^o^2o^>9fc^ 

Ex-cru'ci-a'tion, n.e>8&|jj^l^"^t)^5 

Bx-cnVpate, v. ^^s;^"dtff)S'(^c©e»'^, 

Ex'cnl-pa'tion, n.^&*ix<y^p^i)o^ 

Bx-onl'patory, a.jDj^s>ir»9pc-7v*c'^"^ 
Ex-cur'sion, n. aa^J^ifiw, acr--^^«5M 

Ex-cur'sionist, n.©sHxr'gi53oaMig)»r»c 

Ex-cur'sive, a. otf»©o^2&;:scr.if «5ooy6 
Ex-cus'able, a. &^oisczs^^, 
Ex-cuse', V. ^5^sx)o^,85Dp^o-^5S)"Sp 

ptf5;jTr»?pc-7r'c"^c3aS>5 sioo3c5JoiB(^ 
©■a». Tr»f)pO(3-©"g>to,Ur»-^^c33*>: 


(with the reflex. proD.) <&fiooi^ 

Ex-cnse'less, a. J6cOooeir»p. 
Ex'ecrable, a. e©2i)Sl,e)©ab-a',?J-a3 

Ex'ecrate, r. i. ^^o^^ ^to, 
Ex'e-era'tion, n. ^sjtfw, t^to. 
Ex'ecute, v. t. Sffib-^, "^w-Sfioj^, ^ 

Ex'e-cu'ter, see Executor. 
Ex'e-cu'tion, n. "pea'30b^«feo^ ^a^c^ 

Ex'e-cu'tioner, n. dye&cxJM^wssd. 
Ex-ec'utive, a, '^«'^0o^ e§-5^tf«5w 
Ko. — w.&fib^|85-^{^85»2?aKo^5r»c 

Ex-ec'utor, w. -^^^Ob^oyc^Sbj ^p^ 

Ex-ec'utrix, n. ^pjar«ooo^or«p i&l^ca 

Ex'e-ge'sis, n. ot»c4J»c?^«5oo^^s1c8^, 
Ex'egete, n. sj»c^cc^«i» Ty;<bXc'50j5 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Ex'e-get'ical, a. tis^-^^^ ^y^'^'^li^- 
Ex'e-get'ios, n. fli»9.oT»c^ci^tf»lSg' 

Ex'e-ge'tist, same as exegete. 
Ex-em'plar, n. j&^ao, pj^c^si^idw^ |i' 

Ex'emplary, a. ^JS^2*c^^ ^_^«^^ 


Ex-em'plify, v. ^. ^■cr's^»jr€90a^\. 
Ex-empt', V. t. o$o8;jcw(S|^Tr»pjD^oa5 

OOOOU5 coals'. — n. ajT^ocoosJc^ai^ 
Ex-emp'tion, n. ScT'ooao^&D^sfop^o 

Ex-e'quial, a. ^_g'^iSoaSe>'jCjoe)o2;;^"a3 

Ex'equy, n. ^_^lf^§oc6,«5:;lfg'5^^, 
t9o^^r$^j6oa, |j£^g'5;^«s»; usually 
in the pi. [^^5^i§oo3e». 

Exequies, n. pZ. same as exequy; 

Ex'er-ci'sable, a. ^^rS'sS^i^Sa ^f^l^", 

Ex'ercise, «. ef)9'o^«iw, T^^sTsix,; 
^^^'SsJ* 5^6(^8608500. — i\L ^^^r^ 
•^ 5 «>9^c'iCrsSo5S'ejoKc"^cfe, -^^^ 

Ex'er-ci'fflble, a. ^5«So«>er«p8 ©cc^^?^. 
Ex-ert',©. <*€ffSS^a->X»e«^,ap®y^ 

To e. one*s self = ^ssobs^^i^ ^ 

cfiSo^^ |^sSoS)^&^. riy86o«5M. 

Ex-er'tion, ». (jJottS^^Ao, -inix), sja 

Ex-ert'ive, a. -^toas-S^, zid^zSo^ 

Ex-o'liVtion, n. .hjo^ -^oo. sr»j5 "a 
Ex'ha-la'tion, n. W&aj^ftOOufc^to; 

Ex-tale', V. t. (^fcd-a».)£x»S4a«>& 

Ex-baust', V. ^. tfcooSsi»^Sc*5i;d^cKr 
to, ^caocX'cr^to, ^ ^^-tt^'^chSo, 

Bx-haustlblej'O. c^o8ai5M^^"&66«^c 
Ex-haust'iag, a^^^^ij^fK>xc'^'^ik>^ 
Bx-baus'tion, w, ^sj^cwSw, :&,<y6a», 

Ex-te«Bfe'ive, a. ^oacHS*'c5sSoak "^"^ 
Ex-haust'less, a. «)£,o8S*^^, ^eaoc 
Ex-hib'it, v. ^ T^-^, S'f6s:ea^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



£x-hiyar»ai> a. 6'er*if)«6os>'^ S'ooX'c'^ 

Ex-liil'arate, i;. ^. darer'T^sJw^^^^r^ 
Ex-hil'a-ra'ting, a. «^o«§'if ^^, ^ 

Ex-hil'a-ra'tioxi^ n. 6ijr*^a6w, ^^9^n 
Ex-hort', r. ^. (^«r»\8r»aa6,|j4tf«^ 

Ex'hor-ta'tion, n. ts^^f^sSaa^ ^^^^ 

Ex-hor'tative, a. i»a^-3.^2fo,^aH^ 
Ex'lior'tatoTy^ a. isr^^o^^iS, wba^ 

BxTiu-ma'fcion, n. ■^c^i^xr^pp^.S^ 
Ex-hnme', v, t. -trc^^-cr^pp l5^°^ 

Ex'igence,'!^ ^- ^S'l^e^, ^sj-jcJlftfM, 
Ex'igency,! ^ss^otSo^, ^X^ctSoi. 
Ex'igent, a. ^ss-fStS-^^^ wK^cJjT^- 
Bx'ile, 71, "SnfsiMjS^ofi •3«'\C^(bc2)S 

—p. ^. '3nr«$»fSboa'3^Ncr'^. [&>. 

Ex'ilement, n. •a^tfM^o^-3«xcr'A» 
Ex-ist', r. i- ^oJ&>, (©^bSS, ?§0o^. 
Ex-iflt'ence, n. ^p§, ^o2fo4o, 38, 

Ex-ist'ent,a« ^0*3^, ^S^o-Qcs^o'3 

Existing, a. ^^, ae^casn^jo^'^aj^ 

Ex'-of-fi'cial/i. ^ff^gKi6»sSO'^^^K'fi. 
Bx'oM'cio, adv. ^ar*c?Ca6eoj6«|Sl5»' 

Ex-og'among, a. "5t»"SXiT»0^ ©ot» 
Ex*og'amy, n. ■3le«"gXsr»aer« »5T»i^ 

Bx-on^erate, i?. ^ p&^txossp pl^to 

Bx-on'er-a'tion, w. per^SkOCSp pOor* 

Ex-on'erative, a.a.g'Tref c^f5bo&a^r» 

Ex'orable, a. "a»fta»'^2^^ tfoSo^lGg^ 
Ex-or'bitance, '^ n. ^sxj^jSm^ e^^.g' 
Ex-or'bitaiicy,J .«&>«5w, ^tj^cobSsSm, 

Ex-or'bitant, a» «Oo^2)|^,«^S'^;^, 

Ex'orcise, v. t. e^o8Sc«i»^ ^od l)tf 

Ex'or-ci'ser, n^ SJooSctfMejj^^oosnc 
Bx'orcism, n. 2Joo3ctfwoj5b ^S'^ckh&o, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Ex'orcist, n. tf ocs:^sSMe>po«5^«) «5^o^^ 

Ex-or'dium, n. ^a^TT'^jSw, ^-^ss 
Ex'o-ter'ic, n. tj^sHAd^^, ■^tSr^'^c 

opp. to esoteric. 
Ex-ot'ic, a.sjtj-g$oos^l^,e|^c'^^-^. 

— ^^^c"S^-^^to -&». 
Ex-pand', t;. t. aj^aosJc^cS^, OS'^o 

Ex-panse', n. s>^€)^^ o_§o^tfM, ©d©. 
Ex-pan'sible,^ a. o_^do5Sc2S)l^, »a» 
Ex-pan'sile, j Tt»0^o»c2JK|^. 
Bx-pan'sion, n. s>g'^^«6», aj^do*^, 

Ex-pan'sive, a. »^aos;cll"^^Sb5 sj»c 
Ex'par'te, a. S)g'xj4,-^} <Oaass&«SM 

Ex-pa'tiate, v. i, o^ao-o^sr^^^si^c 

Ex-p'ati-a'tion, n. a^ao-D ^sj^to, 

Ex-p'atriate, r. t. S^^^pci^c ^ 

Ex-pa'feri-a'tion, n. "^^^y^pc-Tv^c "^ 
Ex-pect', V. t. p6iio^,<0i&ob,^^^ 

Ex-pect'able, a.pSl,os:;C2J;\^. 
Ex-pect'ance, "^ n. <0alebtS'^4o, |5' 
Ex-pect'ancy, j ^ ^5 r^a^, e^^ja)^^ 

Ex-pect'ant, fu^&itii'^S^ci^^z^ 

Ex'pec-ta'tion, n. «>)d$bobT^^&),isj& 

Expected, 2>. a. o^^SbOb •^2Sce^cSo^ 

Ex-pect'edly, adv. ^^r'p^ ^-^b 
Ex-pec'torant, a.^^z$-o^^^.-^n. g'^ 

Ex-pec'torate, 1;. ^. "i§'ao^,-5-«oifio 

Ex-pec'to-ra'tion, ^."Ig'ao^^S'^sSoojSj 

Ex-pec'torative, a. 'Ig'ao^f^S'oDXc^ 

Ex-pG'dience,| n. ^ss^^}^ts», ^^ 
Ex-pe'diency, j c3^ J'^, ^5S3-^^5^ 

Ex-pe'dient, a. ws^^^g'2a|^,^«)^2> 

Ex'pedite, v. t. ^ga^sse*^, e^sy-jijjj 
Ex'pe-di'tion, ». ire's J|^^&), tf o«^ 

Ex'pe-di'tionist, n.25o«Sc«T^i^er<cty* 
Ex'pe-di'fcious, a. ^-^erxo, sjfiKo, "SK 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Ex-pel', V. t. "stfNcJTto^ ^5085toc^er• 

Ex'piable, a. ^cai^^^ti»^^^d^tL 
Ex'piate, v. t. ^Jbn»cx53<^^85iM^^ «50 

^, "^oi&^cSSj, Op^x^Kcea^, I Ex'pi-a'tion, n. |i^cxJS«^^iS», tfOjH 

Ex-pend'itnre, 'i^o83jS»,g'floj,"^ Bx'piatory, a. (J^oos^^g^g^l^, i^ 
Bx-pense', ) e>ig),ap2BT-»Ktf». i Ex'pi-ra'tion, n. p^^'^tSo^^^tdt^Ho 
Ex-pen'sive, a. Svini^'^'f^ , a^tf ^(bjws^T^^jSw^e^o^jJM. [^|^. 
s5»ip82.c^5 ^?>S'2?c^S'«>^Xe). j Bx-pir'atory, a. ^&a©ifo-$) -jc^ottey 

Ex-pen'sively, adt?. w^r sjgoKS«$» ' g^-p W, t;. i. p^giBo^, (S*&0 0& 

Ex-pe'rience, w. e)?^9's^«^. ^ J,« ^yeld^^ r. «. ^ftaa&^.acxJS 

Bx-pe'rienced, p. p. & a.e)jsb^sfi5» 
Ex-pe'ri-en'tial, a.e^^ss^jSwtfo^^D 

Ex-per'iment, n. tf6»Sk,^iB -i^-^Ao, 
§^^]^. — w. i. & t. sjftJLo^, ^ja 

Ex-per'i-men'tal, a. €i>;5btfrs^ji»^^^ 
Ex-per'i-men'talist, n.556&^cx^5r»c 

Bx-pir'ing, a. ^td a^^5b^|i^) ^ 

Ex'piry, ti. Ofca a^fo^toj ezJsJ-^;^ 
Bx-plam', t?. t. wg85M^S)^, ©JS^cjsjm 

Bx-plain'able, a. "jd^^^gsjea^caJH^, -jJ 
Bx'pla-na'tion, n. e^gaiw, ot»c^Cc^ 

Bx-per'i-men'tally, adv. sj6& isbr-e) ; Ex-plan'atory, a. Q^^}Ct9^ik>, t>ssrs 

Ex-pert', a. p-^ea^Xo, sa^^Tr* vc 
^jSmKo, i^fcra^c^l^'. — (ex' — ) n. 

Ex-pert'ness, w. p-^e^^, a^5fcif5r, "^ 

Ex'pletive, a. p^ trS'2i>c^^ -^s^-^ptftf 


Ex'plefcory, a. pcjgg'^?!^, A'aJ-^pg 
Bx'plicable, a. ^^Sj^-qrulzi^ ^ss^css 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Ex^plicate, t;. ^. C:^«59d^o^25s5«0<jff^ 

Bx'plicativa, "> «.egid»585i!>^<&,'i^^ 
Bx'pK^a'tory J §i5»^"^dfc. 

Bx-pUc'itly, adv. •5J^sl.i5;^-7r»^^4o7r'. 
Ex'plode^, V. i. »^«6bjSb,"sg<^45^"£ 

Ex-ploit', n. ^ts^^^ct^y ^^ei^^ 
Bx'plo-ra'tioD, n. "saTsS^o, sja^^^o 

Ex-plor'ative, 'I a.sja«^9o^&>, -gg 
Bx-plor'atoi7,J -^dSb. ["^^.o^. 
Ex-plore', V. t. -3^16, ^d^^o-iS, ^ 
Ex-plo'sion, n. 2)?fo]^a&o(5Sb4o5 -£c»*o, 

Ex-plo'sive, a* «Xb^i&o"3&>, c-gpcjo 
]^"£oc25;<^, *4€)cJr*"Sb3fo n. do 

Ex-po'nent, n. t?;^^c», *jin^S'85a>, 

c3S» (ex'— )». w^c "ZS^ib* ^5S 

Ex-port'able, a. e^^c^^Sw^^fi^CaKJc 
Ex'por-ta'tion, n. t5^c"S^idM|^§6^tf 

Ex-port'er, n. 7;Jef5SCo^sy»c<Hb, JK^ 
Ex-pose', r. ^. ^3a33e^3Sftav6, "SoS^ 

Ex'po-si'tion, n, 5r»c^C(^i6w, asso^ 

Ex-pos'itiye, a. a5r^€3«SM^^eSb, ^y^ 

Ex-pos'itor, n, snc^ci^^jg, a^ciJsj 

Ex-pos'itory, a. ©sroo^efo, a^tf'tfsjea 
Bx-pos'tulate, v. i. iSosSssotspi^Q'^ 

5J^, oT»ao^s5a^|l68SDiv)©9jir»e»; foU. 

by with, 
Ex-pos'tu-la'tion, n. i(Sb-&tfvpo "§!) 

Ex-pos'tulatory, a. i3oa^-2,^«5,5j»a^ 
Ex-po'sare, n. "Sed-o^i^to^zsoqSiDC 
Bx-pouiid>.^. (P^^aix)f6) a^cjcw 


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Bx-presB/ v. <• zsr^kto^ "^^^i ^^ 

&c»», fcoifo, t&^,(^T5T».) 
■7r-iJbXo82>oi^ «& — a. iS^xLti»'7^ 

Kx-press'ible, a. sj^|boa3g>|^, t$r>iD^ 
Ex-pres'sioti, w. "^DocJSc "^cx^do, ^ 

Ex-press'ive, a. ^sjaSMjjb'^OosSc'^"^ 
Bx-press'ively, adv. ^s58S»^g'(^7r» 
Ex-press'ly, adv.-()>^TiS^ti»-7V'. ^sjllcSo 
Bx-pngn'(o3r\*^c^), v, ^•So»o€) 
Ex-pol'sion, n. «)8r»^(,-l^«S>35 "S^^c 

Ex-pul'sive, a. "S^xcr^lscSb. 
Ex-pnne'tion, n. r'*S'35c33»<b, ^e^fc 

Ex-pange'^ r. ^. r"AS*Scfi», ^w&'S 

Ex'par-ga'tion, n. ^^^tSbo^ko.ef^xL 
Ex'qaisite, a. (jSsJ.^]^,"A32.1^^r?^^ 

Ex^qaisitely^ ady. Ossci5i»7r», S)oS{,-0 

Bx'siocate, v. t. ^(SjDjHdTto, w*9C 
Ex'tant, a. s^ss^^if) ^i^^, eqaS'jSb^ 

Ex-tem'pora'neouB,1 a. 4^ ti ^^ 
Bx-tem'porary, J ^|^, e5>Q03^^ 

Ex-tem'pop©^ adi;.e>cx6^"^»^^S'i6» 
7r», T3Pto"qr*if7r»» — a» same as 

Ex-tem'porize| «• i.i5»o«^"7viBtf«S»^ 

Ex-tend', v. t «t»c8)o«Jc'^cs^, ^^©o 

S^^. — V, i, oT»eS)o5?,»^6«)5pXb 
Ex-tend'ible, a, ir'&^o'tc^^i^ . [d^. 
Ex-ten'sion, ri.©^o«SM^or»c^^2)^do 

Ex-ten'sive, a. o^o^i^, a&8aXe)^ S) 
Ex-ten'sivfr-ly, adv. 0^i^86m7v*,«>§8' 

Ex-ten'siveness, n. a Ji^ ^, -u^iJwtfc 

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IZT-I7I 254 

Ex-ten'sor, n. (muscle) snoi^-tftfijM. 

Ex-tent', n. o^o«5m, ©;d7?Ji&a,©ftlaj 
i^?yi5», ci^oo^iSm, 85d&o. To some 
e.«=»g^o^8SD&osS. To a great e.= 

Ex-ten'uate, «• ^. ^X o^, ^«5a^«5»^ 

V. i. sJett^S^Xbj 5^&K?ib5 fjl^«&Hb. 
Ex-ten'a-a'tion, n. ^H o^^^ ^^85^853 

Ex-ten'uatory, a.^K o^^Sb^»Otf*ao^ 
Ex-te'rior, a. ^s^»o^^©cxJS^,8'l^co 

Ex-ter'minate, t;«^.25bos$ (T^i^i^^cSm^ 
p^^e;8SM^c3aM. rfi5c)0S)|3^^85M. 

Ex-ter'mi-na'tion, ». fj^isba^oiff^^iiw, 

Ex-ter'mmatory, a. ]ff^^i5i»^"^i^ . 

Ex-ter'nal, a.»o8563,^«^»c^j^,"3c»tf 
^; opp. to internal — n.Tr»jHc-ff^ 
lfsS»^7Ertf»cS 9:u8ually in the pZ. 

Ex-ter'nally, adv. ^ooSto, "Soocto. 

Ex-tincfc', a. ^«o-o^,Si5)^dfcl5p5«ft5 

Bx-tinc'tion, n. |3^^i5», p«j:^e)«5M5t? 
Ex-tin'guish, v. t. *er-0o^,«eso-^5?r 
Ex-tin'guishable, a. etf^ccSJ^fT-, ^r»i? 
Ex-tin'guisher^ n.65jii»«ft5^^;^to t^. 

Ex-tin'gnisliment, n.efib^do, (ir»tfi$a>. 
Ex'tirpate, v. ^. pr^ottai^c^, jr^^ 

Ex'tir-pa'tion, n. pCj^otfDj^fiaoxJisr-^ 
Ex-tol', V. ^.^o^^r'pcBj-ifc^T^^xDo 

Ex-tol'ler, ». ^©o^sncifc. 
Ex-tort', V. t. ©e;sJo^«S»7r»6dHS» "SS' 

•^^^r*j6. [to -gr •$)^^§^fJb6o. 
Ex-tor'tion, w, 23cr»^r»K».j^!&u7r»6c53S> 
Ex-tor'tionary, a. »osro^i5M-7v*&^r' 

"P'^fo. [r^fSboT^ciSb. 

Ei-tor'tioner,n.e5|x»coo38S»7r-^^ v 
Ex'tra, a. w^tf^^i^^o^sl^)^.— n.« 

Ex-tract', ». ^.&c3^,-ae9aSS,cj^;C>,l)CSS5 

}657^lf«SMao^.— (ex'tract')n.&i5 

Ex-trac'tion, n.-acaiSS&),^i^c&c3Q»to. 

Ex'traju-di'cial, a. «8^«i,2p|^, ^^ 


Bx-tra'neous, «.»c»>*S5«^^^|^ Jt^^ 
Ex-traor'dinarily, adi;.«7^isa-^c«S» 

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Ex-traor'dmary, a.^-^jscn^c^pl^^^ 

Ex-trav'agaiice,'i n. «9 S5coo5«ix>, 
Ex-trav'agancy,J «6r»co ea a o fi ^^ 

Bx-trav'agant, a.^^sSco&t&a'^'^d^, 

Ex-trav'agantly, adv. wao^sSMTr-, © 

Bx-treme', o. r^^cxssotf 0, tf iisJiS^Cisy 

Bx-treme'ly, adt;.Sto§(^0,«*O5e>©^« 
«o^c«5m5 wag'^S©, e)i0r»cs;je55 e> 

Ex'tricate, v. ^©afco^^^&^c^^aeSb 
Ex'tri-ca'tion, n.-O9S(^er«^0(S»a&o 

Bx-trin'sic, a. e3o»^, "Soas;^, ''J^'^i; 

Ex-trude', v. ^"3tfNC"3|»,e3083ft3§|^ 

Ex-tru'sion, n. •atfvc'Sto&j, »obS6S§ 

Ex-u'berance, w. irsSto^ciiSwj ^^^ij 

Ex-n'berantly, adv^ti-^rstk^-r^,^^^ 
Ex'u-da'tion, n. 'F^eso<feo, n:)S^e?86w,^ 

"e5S' ir»cx). rOox^^sSoObv. 

Ex-ude', V. i.r^iio-^ y 'T'eso. — i'. ^-g-» 
Ex-ult', V. i. 2?OC385M"^'.o6t9j^oao^, 

Ex-ult'ant, a. ©o3oiS»^oa tJ^oao^ 
Ex'ul-ta'tion, n. SoBSsSws^op «^o£J 

Ex-nlt'ing, a. i??)-© 'j:jo^sl8SMi»r* ^ 
Ex-ult'ingly, adt;.-7?ejo-$)5fe)p -jCJo^S^ 

Ex-n'viae, n. 2)Z.-^86DJOD"S)co.2?o5^5g)e» 

Ex-u'viate, r."CJa2^^. 
Ex-u'vi-a'tioD,»tf o<&^&>. 

oa»S'{^i^o(9!5M";dg''3^«SM. To have 
an e. to«=»|55'^c§o-0|^K-S)^<So^ 23^ 

Eye'ball', w. ro^^?fo&, t\^K^<tSas>. 
Eye'brow', »-g'j53^r»i5D. 

Ex-u'berant, a. e^a^cxJJjji^, ^^tf^f^y^* ^'^f^^ "^^ ^^^ Xo.used in 

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comp. words, as, blue-eyed, 

Eye'drop', n.§'?)^«St^§'j,-, "c^sI^iSm, 
Eye'glance', n.^-$),|)i.e«tfM, S'&r» 

Eye'glass', n. g'o&3oK5e58SM,*^er«a^c5' 
Eye'lasV, n.S'fSb'^sv^'So^i^S', c&j 
«S»; 1-»s>^ 'Soj^g'oo; usually in 
Eye'less, a.i?fofi, g'o^TSp. [the pi. 
Eye'let n.^-f^^tSo^tS^y Xot»&:S». 
Eye'lid', n. S'^l^sJ^. [s&oab. 

Eye'salve',**. S't)r«5w, iToftSi "S'^ifc 
Eye'serv'ant, n. oassJsSar-^cifc <0«l>*o 

Eye'serv'ice, n.g'o636a»ab&) ^ca&sjp. 
Eye'shot', n, T^-^*ififr-tfrt», j^J). 

Eye'sight', n.-^-^, 2^8>.. 
Eye'sore', n.^^fUMi^^Zi-^tStb^y io 

Eye'tooth', n.bjcar^eaxigj. [j^O. 
Eye' wash', n. g'o& S'dfcXb&ofiS ffooei) 

Eye'wit'ness,n.^o^O-^-0]^ zr^cdSo. 

Ey'ry, J i^oiJb r^S^^Xj-c^^. 


Pa-ba'ceou8, a. ^^^i^o'V^as^^ozio 
Pa'ble, n. rc^grjp, tf^S'^, -^fijj-^S 

Fab'ric, n.s'<feoc©<S|^a, s^, ^^a^iSooj 

SJpj ©|o, s^^ ^i6m. 
Fab'ricate, v. t.g't^o^j S'A»5 •^>^o 

Fab'ri-ca'tion, n.g'o^^, ^^"^5 watt 
Pab'ri-ca'tor. n.S'Cko^o3^c6&). 
Fab'ulist, n.g'(jJe»irD^o€> |HfcSSMsr»c 

Fab'ulize, v. ^.g'iSJ€>ySc>6'«)^o^,S'^o;Sj 
FaVulous, a^^^tSi-^^j^^^^^^ 

Face, n. sSmj^iSn; iSaa^p^^^ ^^^^ 
T^ f-<=n59ajpi6x|^8S sSm 

^'ai2$by?ib^to, jS»^8S»^-7r». To 
make a f.«»i59o^85MS:)^8^cfi5o&). 
To fall on the f . «= ^ishoc oifc 

Face-cloth, n« ^s$«^g9o9^^ tS^sfOkn 

Faced, a* a^jps$»»Ke>:used in comp. 

words, as, smooth-£aoed. 
Fac'et, n.5f^etfw"fti».3T»paa»g'i^ »"fc 

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Va-ce'tiovis, a.^itS^-^^ft^^Q ^^-^ 

Fa-ce'fciously,adr. f^r jj^j&o-tv*, sH-j^Jo 

Pa'cial, a,i6x>sf>^ ozioif-^'^ . 
Fac'ile, a.-|aD0^2o|5'5 -t^o^c^I^;^ 

Fac'ileness, n* •i^otjr^. 
Fa^cil'itate, v» t.^oi^tS^'^Sci^p ^ 

co^^dOSo^ ^ol85K'd9So^c'^d03b. 
Fa-cil'i-ta'tion, n. •^otfrsSw ^05»<to, 

Fa^il'ity,».'T^cjoig), ^oi^tSw^ ^oo 
Farcing, a. ^jS>:4>j5»7r»i6?^,o}e^Oo 

Fac-sim'Ue, n,^©, &oo«S»7r'iSboab 

Fac'tion,?^, g'J>., 8o|A3^c3B»5r»o^^, g' 
Fac'tionist, n» SSi&)e;^^d(^oj»c^. 
Fac'tious, a. sS^Ao^cx^^l^, S'otf^ 

Fao-ti'tiou8, a. e-^^Og'^oi^^S'O^^ 

Fac'fcor, ».;<Mir»-^^ i5PSS'a5!», ooaSsn 
Fac'torage, n.?<bsS3^'d;jS^^^g'«5x>. 
Fac-to'rial, a. ir. factory, [-xr*-^. 
Pac'tory, n.-^;&^jSbeo^c«5»8^; -5^ 

Fao-to'tum, n. e^p^sj^bojSb^csSxfeoBS 

Fac'ulty,n.^ J^, sSoc^^nJ^, wa. 
Pad, n.•3||^y85olSg' "S^ o&^sij-^ti» 

Pad'dish, a.-seS^ysSoewKo, (jr* ol^Ko. 
Fad'dist, w. ^■^pQoDg'S)-D^ cfSr^^^^S 

Fade, v. i.isr»&ir^;^, 5$^ 85!x.^^Sb. s^ 

Fad'ed, a.oroSs^cxo^^ gr.|^2o|^5 sir* 

Fade'less,^p, cOsJ^^SIp iJ'^K 

Fad'ing, a. zr^& d<6abefo.— n. tpo© 
Fae'ces, n. pL see Feces. 

Pag, W.g'^^^s^p:^cSSS;,or»c«3^ l^^g- 

Pag'-end', n.©'a ^^CTr-^ior^^ojijo 

Pag'got,! n. i^%o^^, S'-^-^Siw 
Pag'ot, j O0&.— v. t. g'ioTT'S'to. 
Fail, v. i. ^&^s^i&, i(SaM;g>, tproXtf 
^, ^^, i>5>^5 j^^o-0 759505^8^1^)5 
— v. ^. =e5^e)g'^;g> 5 «'ytp'oX'86Di^ 
cjsm. — n. ^»^<So. Without f.«» ^ 



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YaH^ing*5>aSx>, |^c^^,er*?l85M, iFair'ly, ado. Sg^j^-Tr-, ^XbX'jsia^jj- 

Pail'ure, n. ^sj^doj ^oKsfeij asr^o^. Pair'-spo'ken, o. ^X6S'«6a.-7r* ssr*^ 
Fain, a. •i:>o^slri»Ko, ^ J>X'o$ r^e <^(^^5 ^I'j^7r»"i5g' v^tf •i:)5SM7r's>oo 

^: used with would. \ Pair'-way', n. iiioo j^aer^'cy'c&DCc; 

Paint, (;. i. i6tr»©\g), i6«r*cr^ir6;^, j^ ' Pair'y, n. ^j^fr-p; cxfi^ciSc^j §^ 


Faint'-heart'ed, a. t658a>^, yocft^ Paith'ful, a. |^8&^8'tf(»Ko.»^jT5i&»X 

Paint'ing, n. i6ir«tf\. 

04 pSx?Ce>5 -(in^SiJfrjKo; ^JK&^e^^ 

Paint'ish, a. r"o^jtoifikr-t3rj^flOi^, S 1 '^1^, x^^ ctShij^, P^'S^l^p i^Q^'^y 

Paint'ly, ado. 23et»^j6»:A^5 i&o£J«&b j Paith'fuUy, adot ©v^£-f:»«iw7v*^|^xfo^K' 

Paint'nese, n. i&r-tf>ja!r6o»?^.|^ «3e> j ^t&^H^od. [j5w, <r J5 7:>^gtfj». 

^I^^^.PtlJ^y^^i^* IPaith'fulness, ?t. fc^^-^aSw, ^i^g- 

Pair, a. •^o5J^2>|^^ «>o«2o7i', Ss'^^- j Paith'less, a. a'9"£'i;)86M-<5p,|^5^^8S3^ 

tsp^oos^l^. B*. play—psl^&ir-^ j Fa'kir, n. -^iff-g?, slob. [j^T^ . 

tt», car-^oBSiixi. The f. «ex= _| ^ : Fal'cated, a. g^i^sjOsJlJ sso^^i^^ 

Pal'chion,w. sp^tS»j-^ts^^. 

Pal'con, n. 2^ooo5;6s)iL, «Sk ef*©u-« 

Pal'coner, n. clXoiJa-ao^:) "SctosSa^^ 

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Fall, V. i. »&, ■o'»a),8^c»5 OKA^ift,* 

To f. foul of— 2^c»i^<5o. To f. 
in with— ^ii^Oo-^Ao, ^}^^o^ 
&35«0«b6r*^jjo&), •j:)0^o^&D. To f. 
ont;= SK2$aj^<Sb,i3. To f, oflf = 
!<]J^s^$fo; S)(S^-gL|3ire:g)<b. To f. 
short= «*€)§'<^:g&). — w. s^Ao, 

Pal-la'cious, a.^^Tj^p^^Q^^-r^ri 

Fal'lacy, n.-4r»er'g{5r»-i:)85»,a5Tp^-4n 
Pall'en, a.s^^i^^Sr^i^tf^fiSsj-O^l^.iESo 

•O^ooD]^.— p. p. otfall. [9. 
Fal'li-bil'ity, w. 8y*?^i>-<*oo }SjSic^f{^& 
Fal'lible, a, 8y»»sj"3^, jyiCtoo^^Sb, 

■ar»"iC»!^^j^^. All men are f.= 

Fall'ing, a. sj'a^^, 5;&>^?r^.— n, 1$ 
Falling-sickness, n. i6an»CK5T»c3BSji&, 

FaVlow, a.f)(&)7r»j5c>|^,5ScsJ-(5^oc585» 

Fal'lowdeer', n. a/tf»^8jiij(*«6fc^. 
False, a. ^^gj?!^, ^'f^^SS?^^'^!^^ 

False'-faced', a. so^^Xvj^zskS^^, 
False'-heart'ed, a,^tj^^^^^^^^ 

False'hood, w. w^JTajw, e|^^tf»,e 

Falae'ly, flkit;. e-j^T^cBSw-Tr*, eotfidw 

Falsfi'nefls, n. «t>tfi&o, ^•j^y^c^jifir' 
Fal'sifi-ca'tion, n. ^©s^sSDp peJ^fco 

Fal'sify, V. t. pjSti»iniSp ^Xtsta-S, 
e52Dgi6w)^c»». [to truism, 

Fals'ism, n.|«^cJ£^^?fwotfi5M:opp. 

Fal'sity, n. wa)|ii», ^^g^ig^tSniM. 

Fal'ter, v. i.^eiczi^^S^^^fSd^^o 
^^o^, '3f5oS'fec«S>. 

Fal'tering, a.sycacSS^^^j-j^oi^-Oo^ 

FaFteringly, adtf.^or«^tf»5^) tye3C 
Fame, n. i j, cxis^i^lfi^^, ^^?^^ "ii^, 

Digitized by V^jOOQ iC 

rAM-rifft 2«o 

Pame'less, aj^g'^p. 

Pa-mil'iar, a.TrHb7r»"it)jB]^,'^^tf*iS» 

^Vj tl^l^Xo, ^tSsSKOy tfd^CXJS 

Pa-mil'iar'ity, n. ^|^;&, ^58', ^a*^ 

Pa-mil'iarize, v. ^.e>€)py»A»s;M^, sn 

Pa-miFiarly, adv. ^|^;^7r», •r»3^S' 
Pam'ily, n, 8S&oo2diS»5 ss^oJ^sSwj ^o 

Fam'ine, n. S'w;g,-^&>S'rt»^;B:?feiS»^ 
Fam'ish, v. t. ^'^^ir^jsr*tiico ^osSs^^ 

«o^, «^-g^-i^o^5 C-^ •^<:5^- Fan'fa^e^ n. TT'T'o^sf) 


Pam'ishment, n.e5tf<Tr»fibo"dOoa, sj 

Pa'mous, a.ijKo, ^5;^c©Ke>, j^jB 

Pa'mously, adv.isr^o^TT", ^J5^^ 
Pan, w.a-jcJ^g'gj :^65>. — u. ^. o-jcrob; 

Pa-nai'ic, a. i6r»^^ J^Ko, e^Oo^gp 

Pa-nat'icism, w.i5b(r»4^^ §, "Sel^ §, 

Pan'ciful, a.oo^^^ a^l^^l^; -sS^sj 

Pan'cifully, adv. 'Oj^a^(^5S»-7r»,Oo 
Pan'cy, ». ^5j8Sx, o)^^^, ^00-^5 

^j^tf^sSoo, ^5cr»5S. — If. i. ^oC'^y « 

0-D^^2*<^5 S|Sl«5»^SS e5jSc>Scr»o^ 
Pan'cy-work', n. -2D|^2^|^«p. [1^. 
Pan-dan'go, w. |^^oO"^53.85». 
Pane, n."^5T»e>oo585!>i, HbS. 

Pang, w. r*ea, 2^o^«5», SJosl ^. 
Panged, a. r^wcwKo. 
Pang'less, a.r^woDiSp. [j^b^m. 

Pan'ner, ». a^Kj3r»C(&»5 s>'f:)Ob oa5o 
Pan'tasn), see Phantasm. 
Pan-tas'tic, "^ a. ti^b^-^-^^-^^o 
Pan-tas'tical, j ^i^'; pS«5M -r'p, 

Pan'tom, see Phantom. 

Par, adt;. fi^e^85M-7v«: «*085d&»SS— a* 
s^ts-^^, «^2f«5M|^pb|^.By f. = 
JtoS)^!), 'vS^€;853<b:)^. As f. a«^=sJ 

wSo, 85d^^So, 7T»cg'. 

Parce, w. sJ^'jCTeir'&Dg'jSM^^sJs^.'jCj^sSwj 

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Par'cy, n. ?few«5oooSSsy«^j »Tr*\9 l5g' 
Pare, v. i. -jir^Xb, S^Hb,|^5i^,'3lC\5'(an> 

FareVell', n. "^o^fy^'^^r'p ir^^n^ 

(Fare'well')a. g'fif 55^, "^e)^*^^^ 

Par'-famed', a.aa?<bofi^»B6»s3n»cfco-0 

Fa ri'na, n. j6-»g'e»5 d^<S, fcoS. 
Fa'ri-na'ceous, a. j6^g'e»7r»j6?r^5fco 

Farm, n.-^Xb^ooSc^^'^ojSta^-D'"^ 

Farm'er, w. -r»c-^, ir^?o^5J«)cd^,s5gs5 

Parm'house', ». s^oiiaafiK^w -r»c-^ 
Farm'ing, n. sJctfT^oaSsSoo. — a. sscsJ 

Par'most', a. ^^e^ts'^H^ yi&nis^tk>^ 
Parm'yard', w. -5,^&, 8^(2 . [^. 

Par'-of', a. fiiptf •^. 

Par'rier, n. ?feeaiS»o8Scr'tftf»<x>(cr»5^ 

Par'riery, n.?(bw^ 2. ^it'^jf'^^*^^ 

Far'row, ». (xjoft) a.g'jsneb -^pn^to 

€». — v. ^. & u C^cod^") te) ex>"^ito. 

S • CO CD 

Far'sight'ed, a. aj'tf5rvSx?C«. 
Far'sight'edness, n. fij^^c^Sx. 
Fart, (Low)n. e^i^^^sncSwjg, fc^. 

— t?. i. fc^. 
Far'ther, a. compa. otfar. e^rs^^ 

Far'thest, o. superl. otfar. ^fK c63 

Far'thing, n. S)-7r»f)"«5g'"Oo&tf^5e» 

Fas'cicle, n. "^i&^ck) "aoo. •r»pXb^,Xb 

Fas-cic'ulus, n, o<3-8-»K^86»o -0?^^ 

•^j^S'aSw, S^_^2f86»5 ?fo_9, ?<b-i5\8Sx). 

Fas'cinate, u. /.|y853-$;d3o-^,^cr»2r»o 

Fas'ci-na'tion, w. |^«5d8SM| t?S'o 86m, 
or»c'ar'ifr»«5M, ©iy»oe^5 "acnfir^o sire's 

Fas-cine', n, g'^e^ftoi^. j^pS'd^. 
Pash'ion, ». 2.^0,O??«6M,iScr»^ i65»,j^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 

Pash'ionable, a. |y'Xe8'2p|^,oT*&3 

used chiefly in the pZ. 
Pdsh'ionably, adv. jr>K&^tb9i^, p^ 

Pash'ion-mon'gor, ». [i^X't6o"5^c&, 
Past, V. i. ^Zizn^i6»o&>,pTng^^i6x) 

86m a.-S;C86wX'o5X'^7r»f6c^^, SHb 

2to(^5 ^^^Zi^^'^tSx>Xo. To play f. 
and loose=^5jo>«5oo7r- t^«^§^}jS 

TT-; ;Cj9-7v.iF. by=-£jK'M,«ir)8is5«5oo 

Past'-day', ?i. ^xJot^-jC) a^sSw, ^j^ 
Pas' ten, v. ^ ^iy^^ ^^o^^c^, OJio^j 

Pas'tening, ?>. OHo^^^a, ©ofiSc>,g'(bD, 


Pas-tid'ious, a. ^p^^-^^, "^pSp-jcj 

Past'ing, n. ^^xJst'^^, oo^ra 
sSw a. Sj^TT^fSbiJr^; sj^xa^ -^ 

Pat, a. [^ti^l^^tfi^f^'^^, ioT^^ 

— n. ^5^^* — V. ^. <fc i. see 
Pa'tal, a.jj^TT o^g'^]^, (^»tf«f)^tf 

Pa'talism, H.e)p^^g e^s:*^^-^ [^ip^ 
Pa'talist, n. ^sKsi-^ -g-'e^eas&jsioT'C 

Pa-tal'ity, n, •Q^ss^i:^^^ !^^^\tLz&ij, 

Pa'tally, ado. jjS^-TfS'o^S'riMTr^, ©i^ 
Pat'-brained', a. s&osjgp^. [g'^^ijw. 
Pate, n. o^, efij^^^daa, xa, ^sjsSm, 
Pat'ed, p. p. & a. a^osjc^S]^, g^© 

Pa'ther, n. ^©1^5 •^r'agS&c^;^^} 
sjo^85m|5ss e5a-^ebg^c&5 tja-^-" 

5^|^-{Cfo^^8S9p^5J^5^^25f6. To f. 

on or upon=««6^8)o^&D. 
Fa'therhood, n, S)^n^oj6m. 
Pa'ther-in-la-w', ». «r*85D, ■sLofigsSw 

' CO 

Pa'ther-land', n.^^j^tf riw,»^^j)o. 
Pa'therless, a. ^o^a"Sp. 
Pa'therly, a. ^o|a7;Jo«)o?^2ft>^j 8,^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Fdth'otnable, a. tr^c^br'ootfc »H|^ 
Fath'omless, «. ^tt*??^^, er*cdb 

Fat'ling, n. ©j6&DSS^§^s5^c^gt^fr^ 

S)0 "?»). 2?ogbj6, ^^(^ 2?o*^. 

Fat'ness, w. ir'acc33a>o(5^io, zjoo'^, 

Fat'ten, v.t, ^r'ss^c'S^j (■^e)"2>».5r» 
pp)lf»^ss^c33S>. — V- i. (J^^,»C 

Fat'ty, a. 'S^tt}^-^^^ (f^^^' 
Pa-lu'itotts, a, xSbx»eoc2?^)«^*^^^2 

Fa-tu'ity, r».'3j|^(^«5M,l)-Chc^^i6»,t3o 
Fat'uous, a. 2»a"€5p^ ^^xn^c'^'f^ ytSoo 

Fat'-wit'ted, a. «53o25^^. 
Fau'ces, n. pZ. r^oai^o&^&X'ft^tJs^ 

Fau'cet, w. S):^o»tr«fSbo(3 Sbcb^§& 

Faugh^ interj, ^tTvJ ^. 
FauFchion, same b,q falchion* . 
Faulty n. ^5j^,^{^j^,^«xp¥i6», er^ 

find f. with«»^35^«to&)> pofto^ 
Faultily, ady. ^xy^Tr*. [&d. 

Fault'less, a. ps^sJ.^^, ^c^cx>"€5p, 

Fault'y, a. "^fcjsSw^^^^e^sJ-u'^capi^, 

Faun, 7Usi^-^s$^. 

Fau'na, u.a.S'sTS'sSoofiS^cTr-pa.^o^s&o 

Fau'nist, n. ^-cr*^ ^ -jcjSa^cd^. 
Fa'ror, t. ^ 2LCXfl^c3bo»^ «>jCaScr»o«5iu 

In f.of=»e)JJbScr'OS?^8Sx)t^. 

Fa'vorable, a. e>f5bSy»o^|^, ^sJcsSm 

Fa'vombly, ado.t^^^otiMi^^^cs^ 

Fa'vorer, n. ^sJ-F^a, «}Jbs&^o«S»^ 
Fa'vorite, n. cq^c2^,|&c»5»c^&>5S^ 

Fa'voritisra, n.t^iar»co5i«S»7r*^t^S|s^ 

Fa'vour, same as/aww*. 

Fawn, n. ^oS'fco'^t^bn^N^Di^SiiS^g'sSw. 

— V. i, (agoJT) -^J^ ife' Sbo c"3^5 

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|S;Sj_6o^,r*r*8Ser»&>; foil, by on 
or upon, 

Feath'erless, a. ^r>^^iSp^ ^S'(^«o 

Fawn'ingly, adv. «a©|^o8Si6»*7V', s^ j ^^^rx»^c©<S^5 SXPbo^Jc^^^I^. 

Pay, /i. see Fairy. 
Fe'alty, n, ■(5^SX)i?'_§. 
Fear, ». ^oc5«5oo, aXbe»5 ^oc5 v^^ca 
i55». — V. L & t*. ^oBSsJ^Sb. For f. 

Fear'ful, a. ^rocSoS'^f 2?(^> ip'ocSiSw^ 

Fear'fully, adv. ^oc^otf^jSooTr-. 
Fear'less, a. p^^a&'^i^y-§^^ot&»Xo, 

Fea'si-bil'ity, 7t. i^^ojg^^^cr^cs^o 
Fea'sible, a. (i^^^^i^, ^^§£>(^ 

Fea'ture, w.«6aaip8i»er«^d]^Qa»S' ^sj 

Fea'tured, a. sSoa^^s ^dXo. 
Fe-brif'ic, a. ©^er^^^J^S'^^. 
Feb'rifuge, n. 2?£»8j.ej^|i'8&ofi:>, 
Fe'brile, a. ©gtf ^o©o2;J^]^^ 28^(f -o 

Feb'ruary, n.s^o^s^-^ooeH-QoiSss^a. 

Fe'cal, a. Kfeo-jcTooo^jbii'. 

Fe'ces, n. pZ. 85Do«5w,-$)6sSLitf»585?^, 

Fec'ulenoe, ' 

Feast, n. ao5Sc>5 ^^^tix>,t>odk>K Fec'iUenoy, j ^"^t' "^t"' ^^' 

v.i. ^_5-7r'«r*s^iS;>>:g<3j»j «l^o Pec'alent,a. jSa^Tv^j^^r^^ [«^2>(^. 

t^j^otfsjft^. 'Fec'undate, v. t. KlS^}6^^cs^, xer^ 

Feat, w.«)^i^^r^^^ri»,tf-x^•^g'85^«S^a^ ^^_©^cXgo5 i55e>sJo^i5»:daS>. 
eDo«5c«j6^^&-ir-j^g«Sw,:^^,be>, Pec'un-da'tion, n.Xor^riD^i^, K6^^S\^ 

Peath'er, n. 55lc"l*5'i,-er<p ooo^cg', ' Fe-cun'dity, n. -jcro^^^jT Tr«ST»frcaS»^ 

•^. To show the white f.— fceSS I Fed, p. ^. & p. p. oifeecU [^ ei5». 

^^jSmJSo 8'^S)fc5^&). [^cv^sSm. Ped'eral, a. Tr»»o85Mcx>^i5r'fSb'i:)o^ 

Feather-bed, n.85^e$>^oo3c, ^kr't's^ \ »i^o»o^^^^ ^*S{r»^c'r)o«o^2?^5 

Feath'ered,a. -^cS'ooXo,"l©g'j^e»Xo. 


Feath'er-edged', a. sncSab^, && Ped'er^'tion, m 7:^09, 1^^^*P^j 1^^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ iC 



Pee'ble, a. iSc&' o^l^, 23o£n»^^l^. 
Fee'bleness, n ©e;£r*(^e^,&tfvO^Q85M. 
Feed, v. t. ^S^s5M"fcto5^Sxo^, -^ 

cJSm; ?5r*23:^<6»^o^>: with onorj 
upon. — n. -Aac^, ©o«^;J)€»?^f6ss 

Feign'iiig, a. pAt^x^s^p, f^©g-^,io 
Feint, »i. syo^j^, S's)&:«5m, ^T'-iJ)»SM, 

I Fe-lic'itate, v.^-jCJo^r^sJ.sSaJfocir'S'oso 

I Fe-lic'i-ta'tion, n, ^o^^^rtc-hJi 
Fe-lic'itous, a. -(yo^T^fitS'^'^, j&oK 

di^y £oK5e)c3aw_g'2>f^ sJ-c^j^aSwiS^^ 

Fe-lic'ity, w.tS|^oj5«$oa^'i:Jo<;r^sSw«5M,i6o 
Fe'line, a. aOsr'S'j^jo^Dofi-ao^, sir»-D' 

c55»;§^^53«Sl5c3;^.— p. ^. of falU 
Fell'er, n. §^|3s«ic^fir*c36»oT»c&, ^ 

Fell'mon'ger, n. ^r^^vfij^fiScifc. . 

Feed'er, ?^ ^jSbsnc&^'Sfc'fojr'C^^J) 

&3psio-^6o6S -r«e»5J. [«. 

Feed'ing, w. t^cSm^^ "&k:^5 «^^S'^ 

Feel, t^ L & {.-(iy^rs^r&xf^^'^t^r^^^y 

. ^r'i6,e^|6<roc^,s3e^ Tof. after 

Feel'er^ n.i^^^&;^il^bd'(ii&>i. 
Feel'ing, a, ^i^^^^j "^^^ «^|^ 

Feel'ingly,adv. sSd^-^J^S'j^cJ^c^^ 
Fee-simple, n.5jo^«?^o«tf 7vef);5c)^©o 
Feet, iu pL of /bo^. [xrc^Hi^fi Tr»_|. 
Feet'le88,a. ir»«iifc>«o"Sp. 
Feign, r. ^.j^feSc«^,&>sSi,-^cssM, S'sJio 

Feigned, p. a. g'sjAo-^, i^^oziczaA^, 

Fel'low, n. ^^^'^liSir^cinc&^T^iUi-Sf 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

^cH.-', ap, a young f. &c.; &.^Sb>^cl Feii, n. sm, -o ^&i;£r'Sa. 
&>, p^cHi. Fence, ».wsjjyre85M,Ka,g'o^,-3«jo)fc; 

Fel'low-crea'ture. n. ^jfi^fS^^go^;^ -^^, »^«^, <r^5«s»} Wc3BS.i?o 

r ellow-feel ing, n, iStii^Siiai, tso _, ' 

5^Sg-»c3^, rpg-tfsSM, SCX6. ^^c3£.>tof£,-3«»;ferto.-r. 

Fellow-servant, n.r'iSjSs&g'K). ^xr5^cSS»;K6<l^cxs»,:^«S»^c»S>. 

Fel'lowship, ». t^jKSo!5», ir'otii,fj Fence'Ie88,a.wsstfe3s5M'^p,'3«»Xc>"Sf), 

^«»-7vf6oafc»_2J6e)«SM. Fen'cer, n. TJrns>j^>caL., KdS^ 

Fellow-stadent, ». SJ'«lcSa:3efc » ' Fen'cible, n. ■i;f3^?»3L-Eytf.&> posi 

Fel'ly, M. oo(3-i5(g'»iMoB»e'i,--^to^o , iaSSfc'B li". 

Fel'on,n. -^tf^cifo, ?rS;^a«S^^'^ ! Fend, «. «. & i. (contraction of 

^^ ^^ *^ **^ Fend'er, w. ^ci;,e38SM, ^sj^essSaotsJS^sy 

Fe-lo'nious, a. ^li vT^, ^S)Sk-^:^^^ « 

Ferony, w. ^^t^^ j^sS^s^tt-^sSm^iS^ ' « 

Felt, j9. t. & p. p. of feel ??.-^oc5 1 *'eu'nel, n.^d^-Si^ ^gg^og'g sso63 

^:^S'oa3?>l5g'23]r»efc5 6r*«5o85M^S^^iB ; Fen'ny, a.^^&'^z^-j^jii^^^ sjeaTv* 
c^^5^^' Feu'agreek, n.-a^o^^dg; "^o^f». 

Pe-luc'ca, n.2.raj-j^«)«a^s5 [e5cC^. | Feof-fee', n.<i5)|&^oc^^^N 5r»c&. 

FB'male,n.t5c(&a,|j^ ,^|j,-^odS.-a. t Fer-in'gee, n. sj^oH. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Per'inen-ta'tion, n.-^DcSSjfci, inoHa 

' ' PO CO ^ 

Fer-ment'ative, a.-^i)oo3c'^^&>. 
Fern, n. «5^o^«>S'^. [^^^o85». 
Pern'ery, w. ?;)e»afSal6j"a»S'(^ojSbiio 
F©-ro'ciou8, a. ^{^^^, ^|K^j^, 

Fe-roc'ity, n. ^J^eosSWf |^l^^§«5w, 

Fer'reous, a, s^jSosSM-jcjo^io^i^^oi^^s^^ 
Fer'ret, «»sSx>o;i^s5oftS a»S'&a^$5 

S'S'ySSc ^TfSo.often used with otiL 
Fer-ru'ginous, o.stpSbtSx)^©!^. 
Fer'rule, n. 6^c8'©"Sod. ot»P j^JSo^ 

IBS' S'(bD e:5)|^c/^€;-«8$^-$;^oX'^!5M. 
Fer'ry, n. ^ftSpTT^aSo^S sja^sscXSwo 

Fer'ry-boat', w. aieso7T'c<bD53fil5J.[^. 
Fer'ry-man, n.S)*3€;'<s5«$5rcXfi^-$)oT»c 
Fer'tile, a. ^os^o^^oj^jTi^tfsro^^j^, 

Fer-til'ity, w. -jirojjjsooj ^^ss^^i^^^sso^ 
Fer'cili-za'tion, n. o}0b^'3cx^^;^« 

Fer'fcilize, v. t,ipj^sx)%ii^sS(^^tK}7<c^ 

Per'ale, n, 0^0(6 Qi^o^&DSS^r^^ap 

FerVently, adv. i&i^t^ts^^-^^ . 
Fer'vor, '^ n.&|^86»/S^5^\S'o35»,«5a 
FeiVour,J -^t^ts^^^. 
Fes'tal, a. sJo^^X-jCio^jo^jDj^, ^^\sy 

Fes'ter, v. t.-fosSMSjAxj^fcsSDosb^cjsSjj'tf c 

Pes'tival, a. ^^>^5S2?<^>*=5<5^2<^^*^** 

Pes'tive, a. ^^nss^^, ^o^^sSt^)^, 

Pes-tiv'ity, n. ■gi&r, ^g>jS5«5M,Co2^ 

K, "jCjoejl^BSw; ^^^r&xt, ^^oCS^m. 

Fes-toon', n. ^e^€9jSx>5 «^«jsH5^?S». 

Fetch, ?;. ^ ^cx>d"S^^.&^§"Ps5^^. 

Fete, n.sjoiJSbK "^^>g',Oo2$b^^5^^^55sSM. 

Pet'id, o. ro-^r'^i^, fib»^o2?^^. 
Pet'lock, n. ?ibw •^t*© -foos&oSSsS "3 

Po'tor, /i.S'o-$;,fibtf o¥8SM.[X'e)^K85w. 
Pet'ter, n. icro'?Oj^\os^e;«Sw^"F^tf\e)o 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



8.— r. t ^o'^^>rirS^i f)aFvo9s5« 
Fet't;erles8,a. e^SoSSoo'^ ,'^-;5>jg> c^. 

Feu, n,zsok>'^o^S{^'^^k^'i^&^tS^. 
Feud, n.5So'§'S'e)s^sSM,©^3^»sSM,g'oc 

Feu'dal, a. ;5a-»;^csSx ^ozio^'^'f^, 
Peu'dalism, n. cs^iS^ti^ikt -{CJs^obo 

Fen'dary, '| a, ■^■Ott-c^^tt*^^^; 

Fen'datory,j ssr^^osSw -jcJozooe?^^. 

—»"e37v»c&,s55r»?J'ci6M(5c> "^'^^>^ 

FeVer, ?i. ©^^jSm, ^^s5m, ?55r»i5&|^sy 

FeVerishnesB, w* e^i^g'^oa, ©£»^)lx 

Fe'^ereus, same t^ feverish - 

Pew, a. §^?>^5 r'oJJesa. 

Few'nesa, n. «>e)^'i:)o^c. 

Pi'at, n. tJS ^T'^^tSt^} fc^. 

Fib, n- ^^)^f«s»,?r'o«S,g'o. — v. i.?r*o 

Fib'ber, n, «^otfiS»tn&ar*c^. 

Fi'bre,) {^^cHbj -^"^ ^tf«6». 
Pi'brm, n. -^o^zstSbsy^ C*^* 

Pi'brOTis, a. S)C^7r-f6|5^^, -^r^rST^J^ 
Fib'nla, n, gT'jfe^^wenWo^S .[^^c^. 
Fic'kle,a.S ^wjBlSp^-c^o-^o^t^jn^^sre? 
Pic'kleness, ?i. -^o-c^ojiao , -x^ssw^^^^, 

Fic'tile, a. ^oc^cwSi^; SS«foj^sr»c& 
Fic'tion, n. S'o^j^, g'o^ia^S'^Xtog'^. 

Fid'dle, n.-j^o^oJ^.SLSoD. — r.^tSo^K 

Fid'dle-fad'dle, n. t^y.^c^e;>,-s^ 
Fid'dler, n.-^tfo;ioT»o»o^oT»c2&>. 
Fid'dle-sticV, n.^'eS'^fcaoDsr^oaao^ 

Fid'dle-stritig', n.SjSewcfloa^^&cir. 
Ji-del'ity, n.^ J.j^tf^a'T'^f^siM^iJh^ 

Fidg'et, n.S':Se»io,x^oa^p>^.— wi.-s^so 

S'idg'efcy, a. S'£^13^;PD-Ot^^4opoDS^ 
Wie,intei'j. ^, ^s&re. [Qca^i5^^"^o. 
Fief, w."So3<p^-^;6^sx),8Sfcr»f^o'^'vi5-*S)c>, 
Field, n.^otfM,afo(S.sSf65cfi3o 5^^005 

Field'fare^ n. S)n^jg'sJo&SaaK>^aix. 
Field-marsbal, w. "^it^sjO, 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Pield-oflScer, n. ^o^fcer^pa.g'cxsMar^c 
Pield'piece', n.-?:)i^^^oJ\. 
Field-sport, n.^^^SihlSchoilr'tS:^ "Sod. 
Fiend, n. eJoKJctfao, SjT'-i^iSm. 
Fiend'ish, a. 8>T'^^oc2f><^^ Pg ^^J*^ 

Fierce, a. j^»^?^,^(K^^,^l^"^ 

Fiercely, ad«?.|Scp»5Jj6M7r»,^(K8ix>7r^5 
Fierce'ness, n. &^tf^,^l>^^.C^^s52>(^• 
Fi'ery, a. ^J\^«530S3^|^5j:>K:^ofeS5& 
Fife, w. "i^^a^^, *Ss*tf«>. fcw^i^©. 

Fif 'eF, n. to |5'|K^Oc3J«r^C2iiBPC<&>. 

Fifteen', a. & n. c&^otocfc. 
Frf'teentV, a. sscfcf o»iSsJ.— n.«&I^ 

Fifth, a. ft5oo&!5sj. — n. e^cxoC^Tsf^SfX 
Fit'tieth, a. SicocJsy.— w. o)cw»sy^K 
Fifty, a. & n. S)cwa. [sSx. 

Fie, »-^ 9^AX) Wo?f^85oo,-^C^^&X); 

^ — e CD ^ CD " 

Fight, y. ^. & i, ^K2Cs5o^<J&>, s^dj^^, 

Fig'ment, n. S'€^^J^,^^f)^^^^S'4:oS'^. 
Pij^rrrative, a, ^55»ir»|^sSM7r*^ac\C2D 

Pig'ttratively, adv. ^sri^c^sfcoTn^e:? 
Fig^are, n. c5S\9,t9"r»tf«5w;&r»Sj«5w5 

25^8^^, jtfe^sSDj e>o"?^ -C^^g's5oj;(y'^-i:^ 
85:»,8&oi^o85M5(f. of speech) tPoo 
-r»»iS».To cut a f.=i_6^o«66o, 

aps^oi^. [Ko. 

Pi-la'ceous, a. ^c>(be)o l5S' xntf 8Sx>e» 
Fil'ament, w. ?b-oe»sro«sa, •?)(^^'^ 

Pil'a-men'toas, Or. d^cHbsJoiSj ^|i^^ 
Filch, V. t, er<>Kt>o^^ e>ctf^5o-^. 
File, n. sjKjt:), kj ^^5 ^fc^Pj^ttooa 

Tr«»pp)'cr»^oosSc33Si iJS' s;-^^§^^. 

— V, i. aLg'p"3o&D e.s'c<Sb s5eb-iC)-A-^ 

^; with o/f'. 
Fll'einot, 7?. <0o(S{^ ti5So»oNb. 
Pil'ial, a. -^i&oos^o^j -^i^^cr-oXo 

Fil'i-a'tion, n.-i^^^^Qt^ y'i^\^^ooo 

Pil'igree, n. -^-jCicx) fecXew'SoD. oT^p 

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PIL-m 270 

Filling, n. t^^^s*>^S^^^^ssoijS s? 

Pill, V. ^.po-^,poSo^5^^7r«si^^^5 

as, to £• an office or a vacancy* 

— V, i. poufo. — n. •j^o*^^ ^D«5cM^ 

Fil'lip, V. ^ S:)o&»5 ■^4SS'-Scfi5>.— n.fco 

Fil'ly,w.?foM -^tj) 5n^^^tyc(!Sb;(bg «Jx. 
Film; n. s^i^.— 17. ^. s^^g's;^. 
Film'y, a. ^{jsjUj^o'S^. 
Pil'cer,^55o-^?fo«S ^?<e> -a». sr-p 

sJ(Soes3cX^, sy^j7r»©^s5»^cxs>. 

»<Sc3^, S{o&» "dg'6?^. 
Filth, n. KSweiSi, .^•jcJs^.osiw, 6^c^. 
Filth'ily, adt;.ei>-j:)8^c«i>;-7V',«i)oft5S7r-. 
Filth^ness, a.sSaseli, 6^c^,«>-iC)tfrc^. 
Filth'y, a.sSDoeJ§7v-;6^^, S^c^tt' ;6 

Fil'crate, i?. ^.55(ScxCcX&x). —v. l^a. 

Fil-tra'tion, n.ssao&cK'dx^oj sJ<Scx^ 
Fin, w. ^cs5"li»S'(;-. [i^^*o. 

Pin'able, n.^^-fSr^-toSiC^J^i^. 
Fi'nal, a.S'^^sj^s, &2. ^c^^ ^o^c-$), 

Pi-naMe, n.^tj, «o^jS». 
Fi'nally, adv. ^tfSS, «o&'j6&o^SS. 
Fi-nance^ w. -u^e-iCj^jSM^ xpS j^sso 

Fi-nan'cial, a.Tr»2?(^55^e '(:)o©o^^^^|:r5 

Fi-nan^cialist^l n, r«7'5^v^c&,TT» 
Fin'an-cier', j a|»5r»c^"^d5 ©sr* 

Finch, n.2§f6ir»ooolAD. 

Find, r. ^. S'jSbcr*|6, 8'p"aAx>5 ^o&, 

sjS)P^^OK)c^ To f. oat— g'p-^ 
ioio.To f. fault with=^5j^ t»kf> 

Find'ing, n. S'f^cr'j^toj&Ob^. 
Fine, a.-^^-^^^ (^^'^^ P^g'^l^j 

I^.F. arts«= (^o^er*a) ^Kotti^x) 

e^coo. — W.^e5Sj^(ar»l5g'5*u7(ff^^ ^sj 
T3r»$8Sw. In f.= ^Sbaso, rfi^ssio. 

Fine'draw', !?• U {Jsj^&cfiw, ^cXb & 

Pine-fingered, a. cpoasofiSb ^^ 75^ 
Fine'ly, odi;. •x^g'^7r», itt^-tk^^ x^^^ 

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Fin'ery, n.ii^X't6o, ^\o7^»«5m^ e:5«So 

Fin'ger, n. ^19^^005 |jgD"35^tJo^r'o 

^. The middle f.—«6o9c«SD;^<asx> 

^oo/lTie little f .-^g-pl^r, €)*S"^ 

^ CD 

Fin'gering, n.8Sx>A>:^o^ ^o^fooioj sr- 
t^nger-post, n.T3^df) ^w^6oSo-£5b 

Fin'ical, a. tZ)^^K^Xv. 
Fi'nis, n. -fit^J^^t&iiKoi^. 
Fin'ish, V. ^.xSwHc^, I^^^Ji ^<:33S>, 

Pin'ished, a. ed-iptf k5»-7^^o«>c23(S 
Fiu'isher, n,i6oa;^c^5r»c&, r»«sj^_fc 
Fin'ishing, w.&ob^io^|j»;\o-^j D"^f) 

Fi'nite, a.0a^j5»Xo, s^^^Ko.^lJKe), 

Xo, aO^t^^S^c^ infinite. 
Fin'ny/*. laS'j^wXo (^c«)5«5d^\c 

Fir, f^. ■^3y'CP»$5vJS^«$»; SiQ^iSSStr« 

Fire, n. Qi^k^, f)5S>j5 ©joi^kSm, ssaodoj 
-r*ol^, ll2S*^^,5 ^|K85M,^^^g'8Sw5 

^^y^yiiocziSk^-^^^.'to set on f.*- 

Fire'anii', w. tSooCi^ssv'^ -^H^iki ^ 

Fire'bali', n. i5f|6b"^|5'er<f)§ "^Px"^ 

Fire'brand^ n. r'eaas"^} ^Ks^t^k» 

Fire-brigade, ^* f)5:^«u;-ob^<&oSooab 

Fire'-en'ginc,^-. sSocioj^ ^"^^i*^ 2^«^ 
Fire-escape, n. ^Tiioc^eSo^i^V S)o« 

Fire'lock^ n. ^p§|jr»eSbdo:^»8. 
Fire'nian, n, pc^f^HS5r-ob^^Soo^& 

Fire'-new', a. jj-^^. e)55^-^:^^|;f. 
Fire-office, n. Sio^Sg-^wio^TooSpObl^ 

Fire-pan, n.p}^^-^^^ ^io. ^^q. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

PIfi TLk 272 

Fire'placfc', n. ^owc, jas^tycdSb. I First'-haud', a. (r'^,0'a*^^,^4io 
Fire-plii>f> «• -r'"35Sb siog^ tStSa^l:> ', «S>JB»'3««^S'^eS ^H»o^i«•0^^. 

Pire'proof , o ps^-^^-yop, ps^«o Pirat'Hng, ,n. ^Coxr»c»'J&«ti, ■JtoS 
Pire-shovel, «. pe^sO&AoSa s)^s ^ ' io-^iS^i'a. 

Fire'aidt',<y»K^^ [^s*5^- Fini'iy.ado. -a»54o : improperly 
Pire-8tick, n. g-wo^ |?. , ^^^^ {or Jtrat. [jf, ^^^jpji-. 

Fire'stoue', n. ^&*te§erc»>. Pir^t'-rate', a. -^riiS^tf ^^^J^J^ 

Fire-water, n. jJr.Tj«c«.. pjgc^ „ asr.«-^ff'fr«r * '" 

Pire'wood', M.soto^«S.,^^«>, ^gpi^^^^^ ^ eu^^ooo?^^, ^aTjj-TJo 

Fire'work', n.^r^^c^, ^o^;feo^ ^.^^^^ nr^c«,«S.eKci6..^(;. i. ^c«o 

Fire'-wor'shiper, »^^5\^-%;-2? Jcte j p^^^.J"^ ^ :6c^z>^^c^. foa. 
*^ ^ I Fidi'erman, ii. ^ase»tt|»«nc»3, &^ 

Fi.'ing-i'ron, ». ^^S-o. | ^^^^ ^•^"f^^c^. 

Pi.'kin, » ^^a-n^^or-etf. | ^.^^^^ ^,^ „.^c«e,jS!>*.&^^Jf«>e?^ 
Firm, «. j^\^-S3^,2:o^?<, §^^r^- '^^ n- i_#i i / -^ ^i -^ 

^. f . ^ ^!Lsf«j" s-<^,^ Fish'ing, n. ^c5S«rt3&»to. 

Fir'man, ti. a^tf^^pS tfJ£.xyJ«5« ^^ | Fish'mon'ger, ». ^CKJe«&o,iRC)5fc. 

cxficcw^ ^,-^Voc6|5b in^g. ,Fi8h'wom'an,n.:Scs«>ifo5^l^a,#edO. 
Firm'ly, adt?. e^^<;i«to7P,K'g7r»,f>f^o| Pish'y, a. ^ccex^oj lictftfo63. 

Pirm'ness, ». tf^^^riw, "R tfcd»5 5 ' o>^co«ic«H|f. 

First, a. ^',^,^t,^'f^, 5-oi!^»«'«'*'°' »• '*'^"^» *~,i*^- 

(idv, ■ac»5J&>, ii»o«Sb7r». At f. =At 
the f.— -gooSSto, «{Jot?'85aofii). 
First-born'* a. «5^K^^'c2i^, "Iw^to-^ 

Fis'sure, n. S)63^,sjXbe», tfoj^sSoa^^o 

Fist, tu fctSS?), i6»^.— w. t. K>^. 
Pisfiooflf, n. ?foab^ f-s, pi. Xae^cr^, 

CD "* O 

Fis'tnlAi'^ ^Ko^i$»9 tf^snc^. 

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«Jk3fifao2fo(i.),t«5DK> (i.)-To f. out 
«S»^*rtfbi3. Tof. ap— ^^<Tg^ao 

BK. By f-8 and starts— x^oc3 

Fifful, a. ^0^02?^, ^sjex^pe^jfyoDS' 
Fitly, a(Iu.cssS>^«5»'7r*^5<T^*p'7r',os:^ 

Fit'ness, n. cs^^^, ^5<c3^o«>&), e 
Pit'ter, n. ay*oaS'l5cJgj^j^&, ^^ 

Fit'ting, o. ^?(1^,as^^^1^,^}^^^ 
Pit'tingly, adv. r&Jtiyj-K-, ^J^i^^. 
Five, n. & a. «oco&. 
Pive'fold', a. & ai<7. e^o»«o^€», e 

Fives, n. pi. Z^ti^^^o^^*, K)g 
Fix, r. t. •^tc'^, jr^^ 5 ^»5Je:9nS> , 

Pix-a'tioik, n. 75pto<io,^&oS«05|c^« 

Fix'ative^ a. (sSAS-B^l^sSboss'O) C^<t,;^j6 
Fixed, a, Kg, |tf ^'c^- [*^ ^ 

Pix'edneaij> ^ ^ 

Fix'ity, j * 

Fix'ture, n. f^zs^-^^ts^^^ |^»^f 

Fizz, "I V. i. ^ooKsSDp 2?£f>^c»» $ 
Fiz'tle,) <ro?C2?ire*.— n.ip-o;C«fej,e^ 

FlaVby,^ a. tssS^-^H^y-^^^P, Kgnr' 
Flac'cid, J p, cr^^sS^T^f), ftJ^lf^. 

Flac-cid'ity, n. SJfe^"*^. 

Flag, V. i.i^cr*fib,tfi6e»Tr^e)Co&j 

Flag^ellate, r. f . tva^S^ "^^ S^»^ 

CD •' 

Flag'el-la'tion, n.'S^-^'Sw^jr'tfxsr" 

Flag'eo-W, n. 2>Ji?^l5'«^r ^I^T"^- 
Flag'gy, a. ssoi^n^^^ v^o^-l^'^l^y * 

Fla-gi'tious, a, -^>T'tf^T^>^g5«8«6 

i^. [a. 

Flag-officer, n. a^^i^i*sU> cDSS^Tf 
Flag'on, n. ^^ssoiS-t^i^tS^j. 
Fla'gTancy, w. ■^xr'in^, ^^ ^%^% 

FWgfant, a, ^33^, ^30^2?^, ^^^ 

Fix^edly, adr. |tJ^-7^, Kg-A-, ^^^\ 




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Flag'staff', n. 5S£^j^o^«5». [^8S». 
Flail, n. ©S'S^ T?^^c85j»jSb|^QoA-^¥ 

Flash'ing, a. ■gaDea'P&>, (^-^^o^ 

Flake, n. d^^, -^^^^ ^g-^.-.v. i. j piash'y, a.|5«s»^5STr-«o^iSbj 
Flak'y, a.8^ere»i^tfe»7^j5SS^. |-^. piask, n. Zji-8:^^^vx>& 

Flam'beaa, n. aasS, "T'cX'tjs^. 
Flame, n. sfoo&D^gr'coj^iar'^fijsix) 

Flame'less, a, s5Doiol5p. 
Flam'ing, a. sSooi^f^^j ^L^^I^. 

Fla-min'go, w. z^^^^Bc^^p^oX,^ 

Plam-mif'erous, a.8r|^ooog'?);\o^<J&). 
Flam'y, a. ^o^sSaoaS^p^, 85^o^^ 
Flange, n. e^o^. [^f^a* 

Flat, a. tf^Sb^^^, f:)8&^t^, sJw-O^^ 
■e5p^^ft^fi,tf7:jfn.|^2p^5 ^(S^^i^, 

Flat'ly, adv, ^2Sbj5Savr», f^s&tfooTr'} -^ 
Flat'ness, n. ^fiSbfSb.-jtTs&^jSw. [cssS>. 

Flank, n. "^^QcoS'j^ "^^^S*^ 5 55 Flat'ten, v. L -^jSdsSdo^cs^, ^fiSbj^Sb^ 

Flan'nel, n. z^en}^^ fS-^^^foziV ^ 

Flat'ter, v. ^. 8^;C(&, «5»ip*&8^cSSo, 

S^S^g'sSw «r»&, taa^ ^o-^ a, 

compar. of flat. 
Flat'terer, n. a^X&oT'c<&, sS»^^S 

Flap, n. 1«s'i^525^«i»5*l»S'^syl3 |j^ s^S^^c^^. 

Flat'tering, a. ^X"3(&>, ^i^ rojo^. 
Flat'teringly, adv. Si^^r8$a>7r-,«5K>^ 

Flap'-eared', a. -S8i^>^i^ ^^j-iS^^ Flat'tery, n. sSm^^^Q, s{^^^tS:^^in 


[)ex>Xe. i 

Flare, v. i. s^Oox^, sSDoi^iOHbjiajSoj 
Flash, n. -aDw^); "aae«-^"aD69c»«>|^o 

Flat'tish, a. g-o^sSw SiSbfSbT^jSb]^^. 
Flat^alence,-^ n. sr-cs^e^Xiio, g-fib 
Flat'uleiicy,J -^Wvto, ^i^-^e;^ 



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Pla'tus, n. sT'cx^^, ^cft^^-Tr*?), ^& 
Flat'wise', a. or adt?. ssoS^r'y^ t^^ 

Flaunt, r. t. SSe»^, OgfccHb v. t. 

Plaunt'ing, o. sS?)'^^, «^o©^|^. 
Fla'vor, n. ob^^ ^o, -j^fib, S^sSd^c 

Fla'vored, a. ob^Ko. [■^^^. 

FWvorous, a. ob^TCo) Ob^ S'e»7Cc 

Fla'vour,8ee Flavor. 

Flaw, n. er«sx8$M, ^fiSj^sJ, er^ssjiwj 

Flaw'less, a.p6r*s>w-a3|^,er«5)35M€»l5p. 
Flax, n. cOoK'^^toj o^oH'^Tj^tfj e55< 

Flax'en, a. o3oH"^i5^i^ T^owo^^?!^ l5 
Flax'y, a. o)e>5<"^i5^»sso^. [a;€»^. 
Flay, t?. i. ^oDfSb&jB-^dBfcj-s^^^sSMfSb 
Flea, ». &«GN-^Ob?fe, S)ag?>. 
Fleam, n. -^^Ob&cJSw -ji^^i^sSM. 
Fleck, n. «6o^^,-^g'l,-, ^r*^ v. *. 

Fleck'er, v. t. 8SD^\e»"2)A>3. 

xJ CD 

Fleckered, a. sfo^^eojCo, ay*«^cttXo. 
Fled, p. fc & p. p. of flee. 

Fledged, a. Idg'^oo sj^^^. 
Fledge'ling, n. 1dS'j,-e» s5-©^(^ sji^ 

Flee, V. i. in'ftS^jg), ssfibl^^Ss^^js^o 

Fleece, n. a.g'^?ri^aa»S'i^ ctfr^ss^ 

Fleeced, a. tf^^^Koj ?s^-^^ &i& "S 
oB3c©<S^5 •^_2'7^ er*c^r*i^c s^ 

Flee'cy, a. ^s^^^sJodSj tf^^^Ko. 
Fleer, n. cJK^^, s^t^cj^j -^eJs^jS 
sr»co^ V. i. & L M'^^'=dc5^, 

Fleet, n. S^^oXbo-^j, cS^^-f^f^ssv ^ 

•^758' Tycto. 
Fleet'-foot', a. -tKt^K^. 
Fleet'ing, a, i^^^tf ^^, .S^w^oXbtfJa 

Fleet'ly, adv. -tXtSo.^, ss&X, [Tj'p. 

Fleet'ness, n. -gKaiw, sjS. 

Flesh, n. Hr^o^it^^ s'oiSj s6^^5y^6cr 

sSo2&);(>S^fib. r^ieo^'Ba&IGo^. 
Flesh-brush, n.-gcSsX) S'S^o^ioSSa. 
Flesh-fly, n. jjcr»o'i:)86»©'p(& "afiJ-^cX". 
Flesh'ing,n.^S^5Stf«5»7r» J^oifo SOS' 
Fledge, t?- t -l«g'j^e»g'e»Xc"^cs^,1« ' Otf^??^;^)^. [-^f). 

r^^O^^, ! Flesh'less, a. ^^s'^^jj^^f), g'oSj -^^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Flag'ship', n. c«&g-^Ji.a^oer«'(5rr»$ 

Flag'staff', n. if^iQ^o^^. j-^sj^,. 
Flail, n. z^&'B^ T?^i^c85j»jSb|^Qo\-^¥ 
Flake, n. in^, '^^y ■=^^(j^.—v. i, 

Flak'y, a.invoointsodi^}^'^^. rs^. 
Flam'beaa, n, aa&S, ir>QXzs^. 
Flame, n. sfoo^D^gr'^o- ^lo-o s^sfco 

Plame'less, a. xSDo<5ol5p. 
Flam'mg, a. sSdoJ^jjT^j ^L^^c^, 

Fla-min'go, n. 2.g'»^Oa)Mp§^o7C,-^ 

Plam-mif'erous, a.8rtoe»g'?);\o^<Sb. 
Flam'y, a. cr§er-s5Doa5^^, 853o<!Sb 
Flange, w. tPo^. [^c^a* 

Plank, w. ■^^a»S'^ -triSs ^«S» 5 sj 

Flash'mg, a. -gaDea'P<5^, |^-5^«o^ 
Plash'y, a. ,Si€9sSr»|^«s»(CTr'«o^&j 

Flask, n. Zj^is^ <r «>«»&. 

Flat, a. ^i&'^^, fCTsSa^^, sjed-Oii'ib^ 

I^sSm, iC)86Di;x3r*SX>,S&jSb 1?- ^.^<& 

Plat'ly, adv, ^fiSbjSbTr-, •jCJsSatfw-TT'j ^ 

Plat'ness, n. ^fiSbySa.-jCis&^gj&a. [cs^. 
Flat'ten, v. t, tcTsSdsSdo^cSS*, ^fiSbjiSb^ 
Flafter, v. t. inT<Ck>, jSw^-^e^cxsM, 

Si3\g'a5» «r»&, tjaSS ;\o^ a. 

compar. of flat. 

Plan'nel, n. a.^'afSb^eo -jCTf^^roaDtt) 6^ ' Plat'terer, n. ir-Xik>or>cd^, sS»^;^S 

Flap, w. 1«g'i^5e5^85M5*l»g'^syl3 ^^ I sR^^sSc^^. 

er»&^XsSM V. t. & i. l^r^exD Flat'tering, a. ^X^cSd, li^ S'o-aa^. 

^&o^, -ta^l^^^r^ §-to ■^S'|Flat'teringly,adu. si«xr8$^7^i^ 

Flap'-eared', a. ^2;^!^ L^^t-^^ , Flat'tery, n. jsa.^^^, siS^S'sSw^i^ 
Flare, v. i, 2?^0o^, i&oi^jOHbjiapSoj 

Flash, n. -aDw-^jj ■aae«-$)-aDwc»«>|^o 

Plat'tish, a. g-o^sSw ts^}^7^p>'^^. 
Flat'ulence,| n. zr^c3^d^Xtk», rfib 
Flat'ulency,J •^tWv&D, ^iSo^v^ 
cfiS>3g> e>9tf55;>:g)io. 



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Pla'tus, n. 5r»cx^^;, ^cftf^-Tv?), ^& 
Flat'wise', a. or adv. sso^^r'y^ ^^ 

Flatint, I?, u SSeJoSS, OwfccHb v. t, 

Flaunt'ing, o. sS?)'^^, a^o©^^. 
Fla'vor, n. ob-©^ ^o^ -j^fib, S^sSd^c 

FWvored, a. ob^Ko. [^"^^fo. 

Fla'vorous, a. ob-€)Ko} Ob€) S'e»7Cc 

Fla'vour,8ee Flavor. 

Flaw, n. er«sx8$M, ^fiSf^sJ, er^sSJiwj 

Flaw'less, a.p6r*s;l^l^,er«8S35M€»l5p. 
Flax, n. cOoK'^^toj «»)o H'^tj^^j wJ\ 

Flax'en, a. o)©?^"^]^^?^ 'iSozio^-^^ "S 
Flax'y, a. o^oJ^^tj^^sto^. [a;€»^. 
Flay, r. i. ^e»jSb&i&-^dB»,-2^5;^«5»fS» 
Flea, n. &|CK-^eb?fe, S)agO. 
Fleam, n. -^^Ob&cJSSj ir^^i^tS». 
Fleck, n. «6o^^,^g'i^, ^y^ v. t. 

Fleck'er, v. t. sS3^^e»"a(to. 
Fleckered, a. sSD^xewjCo, ay*iSe»7Co. 
Fled, p. t & p. p. of /ee. 
Fledge, v. ^. 'l*g'j;-e»g'oDXc'ics^,"t« 

Fledged, a. IdS'^oo sj^^i^. 
Fledge'ling, n. I^g'^oo s5-©^(^ si^ 

Flee, v. i. in'ftS^jg), s8b"7?_9s^;g)5S^€) 

Fleece, n. a.S'^?ri^aa»S'i^ ct^sJ^ 

cjo-Sj pec's j> er^c-c^r'y^. 
Fleeced, a. «r»^^7Co5 ?y^^ &i& "S 
oB3ca<Sj^5 •^_a7r» er*c^§^i^c s3 

Flee'cy, a. ^r^^^sjodSj ^y^^Ko. 
Fleer, n. •)7C^^, s^^c56s»5 -^e-Ss^jg) 

Fleet, n. i>sioS:>o^, cs^^jy^sso ^^ 

•^tSS" Tycto. 
Fleet'-foot', a. -^XsSwXe;. 
Fleet'ing, a. ^^^tf ^^, .S^w^oXbtfJa 

Fleet'ly, adv. "^Xb^x^S^, sjStC. [tt^P- 

Fleet^ness, w. •3;C86», ssS. 

Flesh, n. ;Sff^o'j:)«S3o, s'os^j s6^^s5^6cr 

s5o2:^Hbi5^fib. r«ieo^'B3&l6o^. 
Flesh-brush, n. -ScSsX) g'O^lo^ioSSaii 
Flesh-fly, n* xSno^t^h'^Sk-i.^-^cK^ 
Fle8h'ing,n.^S^5Stf«5»7r» fSbo& 2Ji 



I Flesh'less, a. w^'j^^w^p, g'osj -^^ 

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PlesVly,a. MknoiiiSiiZiQ^'^^^ « o*bi 1 Fling, V. ^. -i^^-^esS^, «a>;gg, k^T^d"^ 

FHnt'lock', »- ^8Sriw8©S'o»&^r-g. 
Plint'y, a.:aso^80'^N8Saoc62?c^5^^ 

Flip, ii. a.g'©?^]^ |^TPCX!>^l>S>f^-^ 

Flaw^p. U oifiy' 

Flex, V. ^ 350^. [^, 5J^§^- 

Flex'i-bif ity, «• gioJii^^^edi6x»^'i^^ 
Flex'ible,a.sjoi?^'>,?fc\fiaiB ^^■^a^pj 

Flex'ile, a. ssol?^. [-^(T^ss^cJSH^. 
Flex'ion, see Flexure. 
Fl^'or, n. (muscle) ^^^or^^lTiSM. 
Flex'are, n. 5jo;<i)&^ sJotftf . 
Flick, c. t. fibctt-^, jwjDo^, 086»j . 
Fliok'er, i?..t.«5fo,r*A»r*i;sb,n:^Do5J. 

Pliok^eringly, adt;.«(5fc^,r'tor'jSa 
Fli'er, n* ^OXbefooycd^j <0;t)Ob j^a. [^. 

Plight^y, a.&e3^o?fejJ^^j-;^S)Ot»gX 

Flim'sy, a. 2D«fc^^2?(^;"^^^(^;S^(^5 

Flinch, V. i.^or'-Qc^,SoSS,ij'oa3fi.^ 

Flinch'er, n. ^ol^&o3-»c<Sb. 
Flinching, n. •jJor'-u^Kfoj, gosS. 
yiiu'ders, n. pi. ^^a^g'oj. 

Plip'pancy, n. sT»^ur'o^^«s»,«r»"B^^85 
Plip'pant, a. o3r»xyo^g«Sa>X'o, "^Kibot 

Flirt, V. U-fi^^iSr^i^^Tiidii^iizSiid ^cs^. 
— v. <. ©!5?)o^, a^fio^5 -OooS'do 

Plir-ta'fcion, n. f)^^"ji^cr»ari»5^'t^sS. 
Flit, V. i. g'25c»,T^M)ip'«6k»iT-lStfXMHi^ 

Flitch, tlu<Oo«^ciagir^^i5|^3Saattr»o 

PHt'ter-mouse', n.x€K«>«s». [fJWo. 
FUt'ting, w. <0;feK>k)^"feS'(;-«»r*to§^ 
Float, V. i."^oo. — V. Wivt^^iy&y'Sto 

^$©0 J&03Sl&a TTC^CX^ .-^»,'3«?y 

Float'ing, a* "loa^c^- 
Flock, n. r'^«sS>«t2$57<b«*^,t5*ft«f* 
1. 15902^^^^ \>o»^9j*tf), 


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Flog'ging, n. S^|j:^ r*e^5sr»Sa>vejQ. 

Flood, n.(C5r»sJn6»,'3^^edtf5eo(X; 
^OQ5t5x>) "i^Ji^D^ia-^^to: (opp. to 
eft 6)- — V. ^."S^JOSJipftSsSwo-SaC'tdC^ 

Flood-gate, w. <$t»8$m, sSaSSbsSod, |^5r» 
Flood'ing, n. •sJT^TOo-Oi^^eJbsT'^ TCC^ 

Flook, see Fluke. 

Floor, n. "^o^i^ftS^-Asi^oaSo^^ — 

Flooring, n. ?^ga), T^^^- [<So^. 
Flop, t?. ^. A i- lfe>r(^«>r*|»§^r^5 « 
Fk/ra, n. •^^^^•Ss^5^as|2r'©56i 

Flo'ral, a. •$)S)L^'0o»o92o|^. 

Flo'ret, n. -o^^-^sx^^bSoo. 

Flor'id, a. i5J-¥^^sSar.^^^o?feKe>} a) 

e^T^oS^, as, a f. style. 
Flo-rid'ity, n. («j -gr»^ssaf|^^iS», ^o 

Flo-rif erous, a. •^^^^B^^^JS'jo^,-^ 
Flo'riform, a. •^^^-r^^ii^Xo. 
Flo^riken,! n. l3e>TB853t,^-^"ga&to, 
Flo^rikiu^l -w^oo'SaL^. 
Flor'in, fu 2;«"3oa or»^f6t». 
Flo'rist, w.-^tsL^a&c&j^^Klsygi^ 

Flofc'sam, n. i,^i6?<t>^oso ^tiin^i6» 

Flounce, v. ».a)xac&,^^biCK,§^tog^ 
j^^ jx>a^«afc, sxjgci^.— ".^€)«>, 

Floun'der, n.^oii>5rK>»^cCtf o&Satao 

Flour, w. to&, — r. /. &o<2^cSS» "6^ 
Flour'ish, r- i.e>Sis$^acw>Hc>,ssa»5"4 

Flour'ishiBg, a. e5>$s^aTT'f6c^^, sj^ 
Flour'ishingly, adr.e^sr^a-7r»^^«^o 
Flour'y, a. §,o<S5yoiS. [o^i^-tt^. 
Flout, w* ^ Sj^-i:)i^ao^, -aiij-do^. 

Flow, v« i. ^s;ss8r»o^,-^esoj-5^eai;^j5 
«6x) d^"go§b(^( ebb). — n.^ 

Flow^age,n. d^^^ooac^fJCfo. 
Flow'er, n. •^sx^«s»,*^^5(jig^9'?C 

Flower-bud, n. •^'Sg''^^* [Qo-cSj. 
Flow'erdeJuce', n, S'sSootfto. 
Plow'eret, n. -Oi^-^^. 
Flower-garden, n. -^o^^cfc), ^ 

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Plow'ering, a. -^Sx^o^^&S -vojSm. 

Flow'erless, a, •^sl^«s»«>"«5p. 
Plow'ery, a.-^;i^i6i»e»X'€)5 e^oo-r^tf 
«6Me)^po<3|^ ,a8, af. style. 

Flam'mery, n. ^^ti^-^^Xot^ 5^*Sfc 

Flung, p. ^. & p. p. of fling. 
Plun'ky, n. »o^l?5^^ cf)or«c&, ifTv 
5feccdfo, ^8*00, ;()er»j5». 

Plow'ing,a. ^csJ8r-o^^^^, ^eso Ipjur'ry, n. ^|d>^-^^, ^5Sc^j*4>d, 

Flown, p. p. jffy, [^c^a- 

Fluc'tuant, a. s&x>o2^'3^S'dS ^5*3^; 

Pluc'tuate, V. i- ef)jr'2Sb, i6ooo£^'B^^ 

Pluc'tu-a'bing, a. -^tr^^y^ ^X>S 

f5oo"S2&), pooS'g^'dp, *tf«5»-r»p. 
Pluc'tu-a'tion, n. -'ar-^\^X';ibto e> 

Flue, n. 7r»05J^^<^§6c7r»p d^Kd^^ 

25^^ \ 

[^«5»5 |j5SJ8r»oCS5(feo. 

Plu'ency, n. Tr^-^^XzSx^j^X a, ipr^-cn 
Plu'ent, a.5r.-7f£X«S»Ke>, ^^^^^n^, 

Plu'ently, adv. Sk^^t^, e^^ff ^86a> 
Flu'id,a. ?)eJbf5b7nf5a7^^,i^8J^|i'.— n. 

Fla-id'ity, n. ^5Jtf^£j5», }be67r-i6oe& 

Fluke, n, i«^«)oKejboa»tfj^r'^) SLtf 
Flume, w.?)dSTir»<r '^8' ^5i^^l6w. 

-t^iyypi S'e»X'c'^c3aS>. 
Flush, a. -^^-A^jSbcir^.— w. t. tST^ 

Plua'ter, r. «. "^CiSOolScSSMjS'oss^t^iSw 
S'ooKc'^cS^. — t;. i. tfotf^^c^ 

Flute, ». "gta^^, fr o|^^K^o,lSxer^ 

Flutter,) ^ . 

Flut'ter, V. t. 1«S'{^e»r'&or'jiSd} « 

to, ^vSit^', ^^Ij-o^ r'to §^ 

Fluttering, a. ei>er»'a&>, X'^SK^toc^c 
Flux, n. -r•efla(So,^j50o^to5 S'^cTfeAoj 

Flux'ible, a. ^tscKcsSf^^. 
Flux'ion, n. ^5T»tf*«5M, i^ea>to} sSd 


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Fly, V. i. •3;b«>) i^rfs^ig).— r. t. «^^ 

Ply'blow', n. ^cK (Hb&. - 
Fly'boat',w. -o^^ca^sj, ar*15. 
Fly' catch 'er, n. Tr»'iC)dS)&). 
Fly'er, n. •);<bOb^a5 ■5!r-e58b^;g)5J'C&. 
Fly'-fish', V. i. 7pe)j6»|^BS ^cKo^ 

Fly-flap, w. ^o^sfctftfM, -^cKe»^"e5 

Fly'ing, a. oO^TS^^, iOKa^aaseSbj -tK 
Fly-leaf, n. •^_<tfj5»a»g'i^ -a»tf«S 

Fly '-wheel', n. o5So|^8i>ier<^g' 
Foal, w.;()g-^&e>. — y. i. (?<bg«SM7r» 

Foam, V, jSbe3bcX5,'^|^«SDo. — v. i. jjbebc 
Foaming, a. j5aObc^S'^&. 
Foam'y, a. j6bObc;fe<S^S'5J^cwa^. 
Fob, n. 5j*fe t5s' X5ctta-»er8ixjjSb-?(bD 

Fo'cal, a. 'loj^'iCJowo?;;^^^. 

Fo'cus, n. ^0|^«S»5 KSd02^O853?cl6a>5§ 

Fod'der, n. -^c^j ;r*ur"f)«6o-.— .^ 
sJ^^aboSS ■&>c^'SdB5»5 -^c^^a^ 
Foe,n. ^i^jg). V^^' 

Foe'man, n.cX5r»cd^, a)aa. 
Foe'tor, w.s'o-^, fib^^o^sSw. 

879 VLO-rOZi 

Foe'tu8, n.Ke^j5»€r«pS)o5iiS».[g''j:r;g). 
Fog, n.i^XsSDC-ejbj'aoa^ss-ji^a'awo-o;^ 
Fog'gy, a. i^X'«5Do^Ke>,sSD0^^^8^ 

Poh, inter]. ^, ^s^. 

Foi'ble, n.ef^sxi6a-, e553ir«¥«$w, 0|^ 

Foil, V. t, ij^clCt^y ^oXsjw^. — n. 
Foist, I'. ^.a.tfiKo^sSM^oi.oT'pe/'^apo 

f>P) oT'^SS2p;^"C3-»pC7V* St^^. 

Fold, n. «6o5^c^5?r^oan»a. — v. t. <&> 


Fold'ing, w. 8&<5^*$;^ s&fi^c?^. 
Fo'li-a'ceous, a. tJSSsJo&Sj ^SSewXo. 
Fo'liage, n.tJSooD, etftfoooo^sjj^-iCjjSw 

Fo'Hate, a. tJSSooKo. — v. ^ sjodStt- 
Fol'io, n. -Co^^TPsSod^c-Oi^ Tr»H^86»>j 

Folk, n. ©jSbo), (^2je», er<5oe». 

Pol'low, V, L & I. 'SoZd&O^, "SO&DC 

8Sou§^pab^jg). [5r»cc^55;Psr»C(:^. 
Fol'lower, n, e)fSb^«)c5fc,-3o©<Sc^ 

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PoVlowing, a. "Sooa©^^, ^76^60 

PoI'ly, n. «J)-^^853o,i5ar»^^iS»^fc^v 
Fo-ment', y. ^. 2^^2^«5M'3dBS»TfC5J«S 

Po'men-ta'tioii, n. z ^s^tS», ir^cci^ 

Po-ment'er, n.i8b^^^^jWSc&>, Ifotf* 
Fond, a. e^^jjSjSaXo, -^itfatf Aa-TT'Sd 

S^?li6»X'o, |S)OCS»i6odX'€>^ jyo^Xe). 
Pon'dle, V. L «SM8i>tr«iSb, td^aiHoV^, 

Pon'dling, n.«SDa&tr»Aj. jtoab,t»?^no 

Pond'ness, r?.jj£s&, j^sSd, ■5n»8fc»86». 
Pont, n. ^c&D^^osSojjb^N^g} a.S'^ 

Pood, ». t9tf<j^tfM,^|^^«5»,9oa, -^< 

Pool, n.«>Ol5§,t»a-«?p3T<^.l6(r'^€ 

Fool'ery, n. i»0^S&^sj"5g' -Sfil^ai^. 
Pool'har'diness, n.tty^-j^tf^-^sSw. 
Foorhar'dy, a.fc©^ "3;fe5sXo, xScxr-i^ 

PooFisb, aj5l§ris»t$p, fc^^, '3|§«^ 

Pool'ishly, ode. €5J>"^g'ifo>->n, ^©a 
PooKishness, n.^o'sSlTiSai ,'S<>C>tf sSj^ 

Poolg^cap', »4Lg'afS»1a> "Bv "s^a^^iiw. 

•awtfoo. To set on f.= jj^c^o ^ 

Poot'ball', n. e^is^r* -¥^05^^-^& 

Poot'board', a.i^§S^2^«:e^, "^^tf\ 

Poof boy', n. ^'•g'flb, »0|jE*^, ^ 
Poot'bridge', n. ^|(^sro'g^,-iC)^-^ 

Footled, a. ^osSxoaXo ; used in 

comp. words, as, four-f . 
Foot'fall',n. exScTfej ^^Ji^-ta^^^^ 

Poot'fighi', n. sxt^ScJSj^^jsSm^ nr*© 
Poot'guards', n. ply v&.'e^^'^'c^ "5^ 

Poot'hold', n.-5-«»oa^o«^&)8S <c.s5m, 


Poot'ing, It. pe»S'8^, 

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3, W7p^tJ«5D05 1^ 

Foot'mark',n,-5^l)S^2^, -^tf -Otf*^ 
Poot'note', n."^j^S'8SMj^o«$> s>j^35» 

Foot'pacK, n.7an»oco3o«i>r*45er*C'^r' 
Poot'path', n.-^t^f^ss. 
Footprint', n. -y»J>#8^, ^iS^Tii cS 

Footr-soldier, n.|BirMDa), sj-bt*©,-^!); 
Poot'stalk', n.efiSCBo^j^TY'f) -^iggl 

Foot'stool', n.-i^tffc^i65xi, "'^'^t? 
Pop, t^. jJ^?C'tfe-^c&, ^3^013 tfifo»-7r 

Tnc<5^. i 

Fop'pery, n.t^^K^, «ioiw^, t? 

Pop'jush, o.fctD^X'^X'e), ft5tfo«)» 
Fop, pr82>.r»t«8S, T 5 ?fc^4)} fi^sSj 

Por^age,n. -doc^^^-jjjfejj <r*©|^ ^o 

Por-bade', p. ^. oi forbid. 
For-bear', v. ^ A i, ^^^y ^«r»o5f , 

Fop-bear'ance, w.iob^, ^rpoo, J£;.86a} 
For-bear'ing, a.iob^x'o,^o^«i»;Ce>, 

him to speak— j&'^a^s^gp ir»Pp 

For-tid'den, a. p^^ow ©Si^, 83^ 
Por-bid'ding, o.ft5Tj;jj5»c«'tf2o|^, "SJC 

Fop-tore', p. *. of /ortear. 
Fop-borne', f. p. of forbear. 
Popce, n, ^>t}tfM, ^^, xycr^jyt&jSw, 

Ki5atf,as^ to come op bring into 
f.— v.i. ©otfo^ttoD^cX^^ pCTvO^o 

PoPC5ed, a- »«^'Br»j^tti5M-7r^oa5ce5fl 

Poro©'fal,©iS9»K^, *J^^* 

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Force'less, a. zioir^'^'^^f ^^.v^ 

Porce'meat', n. ^^5fc|^g'oD7v^r*oa 
For'ceps, n. sj&D-s^fib^ -C^io. 
Force'pump', w. f)6Sp Oo§^Oc3bS»|^ 

For'cibly, adt;.©o85K.<5^, ^ao^eT'jj-.if 


Forcing-pumpjSame as force-pump. 
Ford, n. -gig^aeao "Sdo. oT»per«a;^jb^c 

Ford'able, a.aj\8b^c2JR|^, -cyctoCTicr^fi 
Fore, a.«6ooo2:JeJ. — (^v* i5»otJw. — w. 

Fore'-arm', n. js^o^ooo. — ( — arm') 

Fore-bode', v. ^ & i. «5Mo«67r» t6a^ 

Fore-bode'ment, n»86»o«6-7v» ac^jSj 

Fore-bod^ingly, adv. a»i" •^■c^g^ 

Fore'cast^ w. fetf 2jx8x,sSMoii>?r'(?C ^. 

— ( — cast')!;, t. 35wo^6-7r' t5er«-eDo 

Fore'cas'tle, n. idS^ibD-^Poi^Tv^r*? 

Fore'cit'ed,a.2^tf;^c»a^,tf»oei> ^ 

Fore-close', t?i ^.(5;S»o^«5»^c»5>* 
Fore-clo'sure, n. ^c^oo^iSm. 
Pore-date', v. t.s5Mo2^'S&'^daa>. 
Fore'de-sign', v. t,tSsx>oS$iTr*^r^^o 

Fore'de-ter'mine, v. t, «&»o2^ p^^ 
Fore'dis-pose', v. t, tSMoiSm^ ^f^^\* 

Fore-doom', V. t,}6»oeSii^Zi^oS 

(fore'doom') n. s^. 

Fore-end, a. «5»oCJe>5sP7CtfM. 
Fore'fa'ther, n. -^f^ecSSc^. 
Fore-fend', r. /.p5r»8o^,wAoog'aS»lS* 

Fore'fin'ger, n. ^e^p, S5*o^(^oo« 
Fore'foot', n.-5^^-&?j^j^©o5fe;J>aa»tfj^ 

Fore'front', w. }6;»o^eS^^'^ixx>tSk3<o 
Fore-go', v. i. jsr-jSor'j^, aa^-ato, 


Fore-gone', p- p. of forego^ A f. 
conclusion — » T«»^»j5x>oot?er*-Do 

Fore'ground', n. -Oi^iSswu^iJMoi^Tr- 

Fore'hand', n.^butSnaodS'i^iSMoS^ed 

Fore'head, n.-^^e»,j6ai>d»,t)er*43«», 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Por'eigner, n. ^^o'B^^ci^,xits'6f^. 
Fore-judge', v. t- db^;j)»(^S'i6xoe66 

Fore-know', i;.^T7'c^ig)TT'pp«5a>o& 

ForeTand, n. 'i:^85j»^i6»er« jr^oo^^ss'^ 
Fore-lay', t;.^«5!»ozi>TY'C(6^l5^JSp^^ 
Fore-leg, w. «5wocJeJ-T»e». [tScfiS* 
Fore1ock',n.86»oc?ftli^ ^,86»o?(b«)e» 
Fore'man, n."»»j^6Ss)pflr"C&, «5w^^c 

Fore'mast', n. £fiSa»S'ij-. aSMoJJftS^o 
Fore'men'tioned, a. «5»o&c "S«^c«) 

Fore'most,' a. -a»&D"»»?5ftS, wOsSd. 
Fore'moth'er, n. •^e^sSTPoo. 
Fore'noon', n. •$r>Tr^tf»85Do, sSdi^^c 

Fo-ren'sic, "^ a. •;T»cbo3f:)^'i^o©o9 
Fo-ren'sical, | ^^jsr^csJrHd^"^!^. 
Fore'or-dain', ?;. t. j5»o267r»pos30oo 

Fore-or'di-na'tion, n. «>$. [«Sm. 
Fore'part', n. jfcooJ^el^^X'aiM, e^tfo^ 
Fore'rank', n. 86woe5e55yOb"j:),l!>»ts^ss 

Fore-run', c. ^ i6»o2&-7r»cObl?^ "3^ 
Fore-run'ner, n. gi»o2^3*7r»c^OM s^^ 

Fores&w, j). *. oi foresee. 
Pore-see', v. ^ S{^Xc«y*oaj2^ ^cr»Pf> 

Fore-8een',p. p- oi foresee. [^^?^* 
Fore-shad'ow, J „.^^,,fe^^^, 
Fore-shew', h^ -g^ ^jjig^^. 
Fore-show', J 
Fore'sight', n. a6n»^tt\|k, ji>-o«$)^|K 

Fore'sight'ed, a. fij'tfJ^SkKe). [e». 
Fore'skin, n. ^v^ t5'^§^ 8^ > «^ ofi^ 
Fore'skirt', n. if'-g^i,-OB3aa»g'i,-*)ai 

For'est, 7J.«5^s>,^jjc9ottM. — a.^ffcac 
Fore-stall', v. ^ s^^0oe>S'o"So8SMo26« 

Fore'stay', n. i,5SoB»tfj^"S»tf63j^o<r 

For'ester,n. ^si;^v^^er^cX'^c&)^ 

Fore'taste', n.S^DObCj t^r»^r«6M,«> 
J£^C9i6». — (— taste'^v. ^«5Mofib flb 

Fore-teir, v. <.ip'J)slc^?5a^5j^"e5S"SD 

cxssc'^cx^, t^-C)o^. [(5^. 

Fore-tell'er, n. ifrosxc^fSd ^sJjot»c 

Fore-think', v. ^.86oooe6TY»«er<-Oo.^5 

Fore'thought', ». «5»oab (3Sj-»^|^, 

Fore-to'ken, r. ^. ir»c«y*;g)"cr»pp "§?) 
cxjSc'^cjsm. — (fore'to'ken) n. t^o 

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FoffHw ar a^ e. ^ *»ofi;,-i" -v^ ft© 

For^gave', p. t. oi forgive* 
Forge, n.r'©i53,3;?otf»"a»-ef^tf*Afr© 

Porge'man, », *'^«r5l>^ . 
Por'ger, n* lJc^T^'3'^-^go^xrK 

Fof'gory, w. ^iJ^^^-^'Sej'-^iSo'^-Soj 

Por-goi'ful, a. i6»toC)|^,2S^s;jS'«6M75p} 
For-get'fuUy, adv. iSaw-feeJ'*, «i)e«^ 

For-fire', r. /- (€»Tr«^tfw^ iS^tn; 
j For-gire'Bess, s. »srTj*¥J&tfa, i5o 

For-giv'er, m. cns-o^^tiao^ £s^o^ 

Por-gof, p. /• & p. p.% 
Poiwgot'teD, p. p. ) ^^ forget. 

Pork, ».|^|b^^oab«b&]9&iteoteo«3r*|f 


For-lorn', o. 08S^i&^?>|^,pTr»T?^»-»a 
Por-lorn'ness, n. asSi^&-©^|Q, xs 
Form, n, &cr»sji6o^ ^^^^y «'r*0'i6»5^ 

'?'0005o& t3^o3r»0|dSb ^^'OoxO^ 

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For-inal'ity,».w^^y»lJi6»,i6D-a'ctf ,tr' o 
Form'ally, adv. «6oir*ctf ^«^l^,e:5^vr» 

For-ma'tion, n.p-Dn^CTl5w,S)8^^ee^&), 

1f^^^> ^-^t^J ^^*^- 
Form'ative, a. ecr^ci6»jSb Oe^^w^^. 

Portnerfy, adv, •^ttc«5aofib, *$P^& 
Foi/midable, a.^osSog'er2o|^,TT'«)w 

For'midably, adv. ^ocsSo^CsSjoTr*. 
Form'less, a. r^tstSo^Hp, e^r^tflr*!^ 

For'mtila, n. pi. fctmulas, or for* 

(with the refl. pron-)^«^«j:j^^86s» 

Por-swore', p. ^. "^ 
For-8woiti% p. pj of /or^ear. 

Port, «. r*AD, a^jj kS». 

Port'aKce, n. ^i^fibtf ifoj l5tf'r*Ao. 

Porte, n.ooTR)^9*Xi6«>5SLS'c^&|Cfce3^ 

Forth, ad».«s»oac>sS5«)oo34SS,^ss^oSS. 

Prom that day f. = ^ (ar»(6ojjdoa. 

And so f. «- "a»tf 2 ?^^^ sj^rc©. 
Porth'com'ing, a. ■Dr»j5a^,T7'ctS^oa3 

Porth'with', acfe. ^tf e98S», "30(50"^. 
Por'tieth, a. ^€»ssacis5sy. — n.^oosj© 

Por'ti-fi'able, a. tte)sJeflacctJHj^,tf&£5 

Por'mtilary, n. •j^^^^i«S4l•cPooS«Sc». i Foi 'tifi-ca'tion, n, r^t^^ fii,tf sSa? ,^_^ 
For'nnilate,v.<.t6r»(j^a6»-7r»o)«r^ed'^. -5^t^«S»> "Saj. &^T5^g2?(^S'^5£8S». 
Por'nicate, v. i, ssc^^do^. 
Pot'iri-ca'tioii, n. moSS, afc?>^^?J«5ix*, 

Por'ni-ca'tor, n.tfc?>a^0<J'^«3^c(JSb,2r' 

P<m-sa'keii, p. p. 'J 
For.go<>k<,p<. j of /or^fce. 

Fortified, p. a. r*to g'oog'i^ 'Soa. •r* 

Por'tify,v.^. r*4o'^tej. g'ftS»o«5M^c3Hi», 
Foi/titude, n. 2^JJc8i», «^?^°^^^«^> 

Port^Iat, n. ^i^T^r^Ao. [^«>«SL8S». 
Port'night', »•«$«£> iBr»e»dK>a^j6»€>-r»o 

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Fort'night'ly, a. « a,ti»^§6a;tfi^»dao 

For'tre88,n.«&tf 8S»,r«&).[n.cJg,sf^©g'. 
For-ta'itous, a.«S'S^tf^|i',e)tf7^ "8 

Por-tu'itously, ody. «S'S^8'tfM-7r»>2. 

For-tu'ity, n. e^^S^g'sSw, g^sr*^^^. 
For'tunate, a. «)e:^sljSx>7Ce>, ^XctfM 

For'tunately, odu. v^X'c5J^85»^,«crv 

For'tune, n. e;525\Xx«5M, ^KciSoa} o^, 


Fortune-teller, n. fi^BaSsJ^^r^coJb^.) 
For'ty, a. & n. ^oDS^a. F^s-^to. 
Fo'rum, w. ir'oOB5<otf». 
For'ward, ady. 85xofib9S,o3«^4S§; opp. 
to hacJcward. — a.ats^jSMKo.aaslBSDo 

For'wardly, ady.«^tfs5x7r»,^oj^j^ 
For'wardness, n. ^^85^j5m, «?Jbtf 

For'wordfl, adv, same as forward, 

Fosse, n. eK_^, tfotf^Ao. 

Fos'sil, w. ^er'SiSw, ■qr»^;g),^«>Dtr< 

Fos'sili-za'tion, n. &» -g-»o3SM-^c& 

Fos'8ilize,v.^.^en 8a*sJ«S»S'e»X'c ec5^ . 
Fos'ter, r. ^ "i>o^, T^Tb^^fcj ^©^ 

Fos'terage, n. j^slesiSw, tf«ic9i5». 
Foster-brother, n, ^ji)^"aot:)|^ -cr^a 

Foster-child, n. -ao-^&afi^. 
Foster-father, n. T)0-0|^tfo|^. 
Fostering, a. i^Sxo^^, ^JLolS^Jb^ 

Fos'terling, n. -ao-^&0«^. 
Foster-mother, n. "ao-O^^O, tya. 
Foster-son, w. ibo^c©&|i'£)2^c2Sb. 
Fought, p. ^. & p* p. oi fight. 
Foul, a.s&^|5|^,«feD^2b<,^'^8j*c^l2>', 

To fall f . — ^Ksitsnti^, 
Foul'ly, adv. «5»e3§7r*5 efncoccifcj 

Foul'nefls, w, iSMtǤ,e^(y^} t^ifo 


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i'oul'-mouthed', "> 
Poul'-spo'ken, J 

Found, p. L & p. p. of find. — v. t 

Poun-da'tion, w. -^^sna^ tixr*vts»^^ 

Pound'er, n. ^&o-€)|^5r»c&>, oitf^w 

j6s&<c^^c»»sT»c2^. — (foan'-)«. 

Pound'ery, w. er«tf»i6»e»i^c^s^cs^ 
Pound'ling, n.asSi^j5T»?)c^C)g,^5,2^o 

Pound'ress, w.atf^w-0|^ctfSr»-2>,^fco 

Found'ry, see Ponndery. 

Pount, "> w. ^d43,:ao8fo5 I5ar»€}i5w, 

Foun'tain,J waTr»tf«i5w. 

Pour, a. & n.^T'ooTfe. 

Pour'fold', a. 73r-e»7Co«$2.«^- ~^- *^»€»Hbl5to. 


Pour'foot'ed, a. ^r^oDTfe-^flCK ;Co,^^ 
Pour'-in«liand', a.ij^ooHb?(bwi5we»tf48 

Foup'score', a. & n.(»)fSbe}&. [S'^*!^* 
Foup'square', a.^^ooSctfjol^^^^jS 
Four'teen', a. & n.t5ti)jr&oy^» 
Four'teentV, a. tfab^oaKsJ. — esb 

Fourth, a, jrv^Kts. — w« ij^ooKa^TC 

Pourth'ly, ado.-fno^XzsS^y ^sr'ooX'aJ^o 

Pour'-wheeled', a, j5r»oDH&^|S'j5»e). 
Fowl, w. §^S; «»£<.— y. i. 55«S^e>"Sc 

Fowl'er, 7L^o^5r»c^,2S^o8Ssr»c^, 

Fowl'ing, n. «*S3^o'Sc<§o, s:J«^e>j5aCto 
Fowling-piece, n. Sc^^i^^, "^08' 

Fox, n.Hbo&)c^g'^5 €iSo^e);^d. 
Fox'glove', n. •^iftooKo '4&o^o& 

Fox'hound', n.-^tf -^cioSStfi^. 
Fox-trap, w. |^tfi^oj6atf^tf^j6a. 
Fra'cas, n, «o o,SK2i«5», Ko«). 
Frac'tion, n.^)|irj^i5M,9'7C«5M,t9o^5S»^ 

Prac'tional, a,^XzSMo*(jozio^'^ii^ y'fy 
Prac'tious, a. ^i^i5i»7r»8^««5M s^^ \ 

Frac'ture, n. »;<boD,l)c&), iit^^iiotSi^ 

Prag'ile, a.-S)i()^t^, T6oe)ip':65»-7r» ftel 

Fra-gil'ity, n. i)lC>'j^, *^oip'tfM7r»© 

Prag'ment, 71. ipoe^i5a»,5^}!Sb8',i5ix>g'j,-. 
Frag'mentary, a, j6»S'j^2.c^^^f^^^ 

Pra'grance, Y w. tfO«s><'i5w, •^ir-'i^ 
Pra'grancy, J ;f , 

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PraU, a. ^v^tS»-K*t5^'B!i>, -=8*^ 

Prail'ty, n. S^eTvOciSxij ^|^^} ^^^^ 
Frame, v. t. atf^ea^^-j^NSxo^, rs^o 

ft 9. [ar»c2Sb, ^c»»»i»C&. 

Fratn'er, n, rD^o^sr»c&, i)&;^«e^ 
Frame VorV, n.e^tf^p^^a^lfje^Tp^ 
Franc, n, slB' Soflfr^tfoa. [tf^?!^^' 
Fran'ohise, n. -j^^oi^ciSw, tf»8S^. 

Fran'olua^nent, n. i^^^\^t^^\ 
Fran'colin, n. «'r*tfr*a,2.tf8r'©lft5«)c 

Fran'gible, a,'^«^aS»7r»cX152fo, "a 
Frank, a. aSa^i'-^^ tt'c^, pss.(^»(b 

Frank^incense, n. Indian f. ^tSoS< 
7^0(Tre3, eofibK &Tfej6, ^ofibjfe 

Frank'ly, odt?; psij^sj^itoTP. 
Frank'ness, n. ptf^j^ijA^fbi. 

Fran'ticly, adr.-3e|in,^i^^ii»"7r-. 
Fra-ter'aal, a. v^^1?PPJ«3??f^* i^ 

Fra-ter'nally, adv.ii'%jy>^iSbp*2S^So9 
Fra-ter'nity, ».9'^5rv^iSw,tJ*rvtf 

Fra'tenu-za'tion, n. •jj-^ftr^j^tf^^r'sy 

Fra^temize, «. i. ^^^tStS»^o 6©-7r» 

^&, S:^i63^cii$a3'7r*!5oo2fe. 
Frat'rMi'dal, a. ^^sTjtf^c 'jJotto^ 

Fiafricide, ti, 9*S^tf»^Cit?iJv.tfO^ 
Fraud, n. "ar^T^iSM, syo-^SjT, l^lfcr»&>^ 

Fraud'f al, a, 'sar^^'^^ so^i^^^. 
Fraud'Hlence,'i n. s^-^tS^, aso^;^^ 
Fraud'dienoy, j ^o^^iSo*, e^ir. 
Fraud'alent, a. j^j^^^^, ^ir^fy 

Frand^ulently, adi;.iftr^rfv7f,ro^ 
Fraught, a, po&i^^osjcodi^. 
Fray, ». ^gdj ^octf , *Kai*tt-— i-. t 

Freak, n* TyHf^at^^-s^sJo-eiJfifc*** 
Freadc^isli, <t. ^src»^j§sfo»Ko,':^iso^ 


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idooXo^ Scr»D •t&^ol^«5M leoa. a "dp. P. 
school <= jif^ip^^o.P.scholar 

l^Vee-agent, w.^^i^^o^^c^^. ["r'c<&>. 
Free'boot'er,n. r'o-adxsnc*?^, 8^0 



Free'cost', ». ^DS'fio^ex) "eSS' ^ig)<b. 
Free'-den'izen, w. -^tfoT»^. 
Freed'man, n, T3r»i;j^£«5wj6oa ©dfosj 

Free'dom, n.'f^^s.^^^o^tSsx.'^tiiyr' 
-x5|^«6w, p8T»tf r3«6w5 ^^^, e^easfcw 

Free'-hand'ed, a. ^zs^^^osSaDKe). • 
Free'-heart'ed, a, -qr^-xr^^-^^jptki^ 

Pree'hold', w. sj5o^ l5pv^0a, «t*|5'c 
Free'hold'er, n. S)f6^l5soo5S ^xr-oop 

PreeMiv'er, n. '^'g-t5N"7r»90b;<b5r»cd^5 

Pree'lj, €tdv, "nS"^"^^ ■qr»Tr»tf j6»7r», 
pTr»iDoS'iS»i7n5 pe^^D^tfwinr*; sSpD 


Free'ma'son, w,2L-r»i6cg'ejtf%'j5c^o;^ 

«6Mer<^d|5'5T*c&. [^Mto. 

Free'ma'soniy, m. 2L-r*>>8'tf8^«j5cifJo 

Freequarters, n. ttSx ^^C7P«S";j 

Free'-spo'ken, a. SoSo'dS' isr^iser-'a 
Free'stone', n. 2L6'aj^T6o SS'cxo. 
Free'think'er, n, S) J)!?^?!^ iKo^i«i$r» 

Free'think'ingO n. Sa^jai^ ^Ko^ 
Freethought, J ^xso-e^sSMfSb WoRs' 
do&p s59^t6M. rso. 

Free'-tongued', a. SoSSlSg'*&-&D«r*"a 
Free'-will', n.^-^^.^^igo^^^ts». 
Freeze, v. i. «o^^ "4«)r*|6, xa^if 

Freight, v. t. ^is^^po^, po'^, 

Freightage, n. "I^sa-O, ^j^cSScpO^ 
Freighter, n. "Issa, i2^s:)oca§ ^^SS 

French, a. ^^Ji)^o^•^. P. leave— 

FrencVman, n. ^}^ J^^^c^, 





Ppe-nefc'ic,| a. ^||6ab_9^, e^^Stf-aa 
Pren'zicalj ^^. 

Pren'zied, a. -SglsJAS^, tf^f^i^^^, 

^l<§^5i^- Pret'fol, a. g^sjc-sab, ■t:)e*C«o--3 

Pren'zy, n. -3||,«^^*b,,^^_g^. 'pret'fulness, ti. r««.i», ife>oX^fc^7^ 
Pre'quency, n. ^ta^ir^ iSo^t^o^ tS». 

Pre'quent, a. ^w^tt- T^io^rooTseSb, 

(— quent')v. ^. c7Sc-S«^;&, t&^4S 

Fre'quently, adu. ^e«^-7r», aj*43iscr» 

Pres'co, n. ^a^'^'&^ii^K-^^^^ ^i^ 
Presh, a. ^^i/i.^bi^-^^, sntfp,^ 

generally used in thep/. 
Presh'en, v. <. ^r»a*^:?5c33»; -^^oceaa 

Fresli'ly, ado. ^S^^Tr-.^^T^'aSMTr*^ 

Pre8h'raan,7i. [^_^tiTr>cQ . [sSaD. 
Fresh'ness, n.|r*_^c:s^sSa?5 ^vc:S'^ 
Preah'-wa'fcer, w,k&o^^€Gn,^c^c«|5' 

Prei, n. r«j:«Sa», -Og^ f^tS^pXc^K)© 

Pret'ted, p. o. r^s^ifcusyo^^, ^oc^c 

Pret'work', n. -o^^•^cp, -^w^p. 
Fri'able, a. H^vticyb^a^ ,^e;>ii.^ot>'^ 

Pri'ar,t?. tJ;anj^ cjB, 2.'o^^> «^So3. 
Primary, n. ^jr^ c^eoodfesSd^sj^^^ 

Prib'ble, v.t. q!g^c-7r^g'^5^c«&, "§0 

Pric'as-see', n.a,g'^i^tf«ssj,o«i:)'^8j'tf, 

Pric'tion, n.7r»ta,8i.>^oooS', ^o^^tSa 

Fri'day, n.^^^^t&ij. 

Pried, p. t. & p. p. of fry. —a. "ic 

'Friend, n. sx>it^c^, "^fr^^bcdSb, ^ 

Priend'less, a. ©SS[^ tf),pTnw-aa 
Priend'liness, n. "^^iJ^^'aB&a^j^oos, 
Priend'ly, a. e:£>j6Scr»f;^tr, |&?^Ko o 

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I^riend'ship, n.'^^tf^^Sai, ^|©,|^i&. 
Frieze, n. g^ooS^, fToKV 5 _^o^86»^ 

Fright, tJ. ^.^fifco^, "3500^; <ro83 

Fright'en, v. ^. ^fiSjo^, ^osj^^to. 
Fright'ful, a. ^ooSog'tf^l^, -^^xj^ir. 

Fright'fully, ady.^osSoS'tfjSMTr'. 
Fright'fulness, n. <roa3og'ej^£«5oo. 

Pri-gid'ity, w. «>©^^o85mj e^^^gsSw, 
Frill, n.^o'fe,r*o7fo,Sa^^. [ObS'to 
Fringe, ».^oOb, «o^. — v. ^. ^e 
Fringed, a. ^oOoXo. 
Frin'gy, a. e)o^|^ ^TvOTv^aosjC^S]^. 
Frip'pery, n. ^c^;fea£TO5p;;l^^^o-* 

Frisk, v. i. SS8>'vXo^e»"Sc55», fioj6»So 

Friftk'iness, n.^^en-jJiSw, ^^^6^. 
Frisk'ful,! a- ^jr*f5ij»-7r' ;6|^, Ko 
Priak'y, ) 'Bi^'^^'&Sk, i^"?n«6. 

Frith, w.-o^'s5i6»(dPr*^. 
Frit'ter, t^ ^; (^^S'oo^cJJm, e^JJoo ^ 
c3^. To f. away—r'o'Sjfcor'o^ 

Pri-vol'ity, n.«>€)^^£«SM,^-x:?^^,er^^ 

Friv'olous, a. e)o^^^, &^^^, p 

Friv'olously, adt\ e>o^«S»7r»,«o^t» 

Friv'olousness, n. ^o^^^36»,^xb\^. 
Friz, 'J y. ^ CSoHS^g^oD "^oa.) -^ 
Friz'zle^j &)o»^ia«x) «<5^c^'^^cfiS9. 
Fro, ado. "Sj^^So. To and f *— s;to 

Frock, n. 5jfi$bex>7r»ji)o5^i:jg ^2&>-^, 
Prog, w. g'sJ^, 85oo2^^«6!»- 
Frol'ic, w.-i^,(j5S,«4o,&e),^en'jC»jSa>. 
— a. 'fj^^'^^j 'i:ki'^^. — V. i. & 

Prol'icsome, a. tCo&to"^^^, (^^2) 
From, prep. ^o-O, }5ao&, sygfJbo-O; 

Front, n. •)^^43v'?^»^j«^<>^5>V^«>5 
«6m^iSm. — a. a^^Sb^, «JM025d. — <;• ^« 

Fron'tal, a.>,«i563'i5ooo¥2?J^5*^^*^* 
Pron'tier, n. •)o,ii^0'&l^,'iC)6tf^. — 
Fron'tispiece, n. y^si^^^XtSfx^ -^j^ 

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Front'less, a. jB?^ac7>0^, i&r»Obc'S]^. 

Front'let, ». •So^«ScCj--^cfec)85»,sS>i4 

Frontlocks, n. ji»oXbiJoc». r»*S§. 

L V 

Frost, n. K^^&'^tSoo^^ f:^7<di^ix> 

Frost'-bit'ten, p, a. 8p»sSDj;j>^"aa^^S5) 

Prost'y, a. s&o^Xo, e)94^o2p|5'. 
Froth, n. j6«)C?<i>, t>(^»^j &-C)^a^oo 

Froth'y, a-j^eJoc^feXo; 55|3, sScrs-^^-, 

Frounce^ ??• ^. S5^e>syl3^c3a». 
Frou'zy, a. aSMftdlS'o-^r'^cSb. 
Fro'ward, (u ^^y$^'^sszS»Xv, ^8,^ 

Frown, r. t. r*tfs5»^jS» •^•^, rj6a 

Frown'ingly, adv.r^^t^^^^^ 
Frow'y, a. g-o-^ji-Ax)^^^. 
Fro'zen, p, p. of /reeze^a. ^O^dS 

Pruo-tiferous,a. 3j5©-cn»o»S';^^. 
Fmc'tiii-ca'tion, n, •^jfjog^^io, ^Oo 

Fruc/kify, v. ^ 3^Do2?c'^c»So, -iCiifSOKSn 

Fru'gal, a. Oor^tfcooSi6»^'^&, d^oS 

Fru-j?arity, n. sx»^scooSriM,^cfi£)ci, 
Fru'gally, odr.oo^sJcooSiioa^^^ 5^<c 

Fru-gif'erous, a. sJo&sjo'SiSa. 
Fru-giv'orous, a. ^tr»«^e)o©"?&. 
Fruit, n. 5jod^, ^osSdd^ "s^okj} sJoAjj 

Pruit'age> w. 5i5€)'j:)s5»TT'oBS85M. fX. 


Fruit-bud, w. -r»oa3"r«c«^63a& "aao 
Fruit'erer, n. S)0 5^85m,,t»c&. 
Fruit'eress, n. ^o^r^iki _| ^. 
Fruit'ery, n. ^o^tS»xr»cxt^S»i j:o^ 

Fruitful, o. ^osyo^2i»f^^ sJo^eSb, t5 

Fruit'fulness, w. ifXo5j^£is», e^g- 

Fru-i'tion, n. i6o^pa^tfiS»,ipr*x»5»,. 
Fruit'less, a. psi^o^^t^^ P^?^2>(^J 

Fruit'lessly, adv. pskxoiSou-TV', pe^tfjT 
Fruit-sugar^ n. s;og^o<^ &cssq» ^ 
Fruit-tree, n. T^oss^£,tS»i. [-Sj^y. 
FruitVi «• »o&syo«3. [g'j^. 

Fru'men-ta'ceous, a, r^fiaifo ^Jotto? 
Fru'meuty, n. 2.rf>2iJT^^i>-ott^iii.. 

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Froa-tra'tion, 7t. ^toKjSw^sSao^^ 
Fra8'tum,n. ^o2^8^, &j5a^. ^ 
Pry, r. ^. "Sc^^o^, "Sc-^.— v. i. "Sc 

Pry'ing, a, -^ooooi^^SS ^s;;^cr-»;io 

Fry'ing-pan', w.iw^-OojJor'ceS^SbjsSao 
Fad'dfe, v. i. %rija> roaHb^to tJcSw. 

Pad'dler, ». |^?C5C«r««^. 
Fudge, ». tfdS e»2J-^tSr-4o. 
Fa'el, n. sjo^^mSo, ^"fcoofci^g^co^r' 

Fa-ga'cious, a. -^eJd^oaa&j o3Xd^ 

Fo-gac'ity, W.e3fi{f^,e^a6gbd<$;<bc9 
Fagli, inter j. ^^, ^s^, 
Ftt'gitive, a. •^65ir«aa(5fo, sJer-oBSj^ 

Fa'gleman, »• cAcnoUw^flS tt^O^ 
Fugue, n. t:*©^^^ <^«5»er«jD ejjb 

Ful'crum, n. ^-qr^rsr^n^ »5b:j)i62.'^ 

Pnl-fil'ment, n. '^w'Sob^, j8a,picr\ 

Pul-fiU', ^ same as fulfil Jul- 

Pul-fill'ment, J filment. 
Ful'gency, n. "^ej^^N, -r»o9^ ^sJi?'. 
Ful'gent, a. ^s? ir'^jsj*|^^|i', "^aSdjg 

Pull, O, poi^, T^Jo-^jyjpc^, po5^, 

iSp. At f.=pod^|^s:^<:fc. — n. 7^0 
•$p e, "^p^fe^.— adv. ^o-^jf 

g*-p "^oi^. — V. U (viiL-i) '8G^yl5» 

Pull'-bJown', a. -^^^^ jyS'iao^^. 
Full-dressed, a. -^ e'7r»e^2&-^'Si5 

FulFer, n. ^tJ^rOs^c^^, ir©5Sc&. 
Puller Vearth, n.«^e&,«;g)iS«fc?6^. 
PuU'ery, n. «tJ^^T5^. 
Pullfed, a. r^^-^poS^j ^0^^. 
Pull'-formed', a, •fjo-^^r* tpj^iSm 

PuU'-grown', a. l^o-^g5^a§ sj^^ 

Full'-heart'ed, a. •^p*^ Oc«fcoKe;. 
Pull'ness, n. -^g^,-^ j^poiSbjce 

Ful'ly, adv, -^^tf^TP, jDodfoTr. 

Digitized by^OOQlC 

FUL-WIT 994 

Fuymitiate^ v. t. & L f>oOo^,r*t)o 

Pal'mi-na'tion, ». 7Cdo€)^X)^Ao^Oo 
Pul'mmatory, a.Keo^&,xao^&. 

23 O 

FuFness^ see Fullness. 
Ful'some, a. ^-pt^o^^y fectf^^. 

Fum'ble, v. i. ^tSix^Sky ^2^co^,^5l 

Pam'bler, n.^ii3g)cr-d^5T»c^. 
Fum'bling, n. ^5^5r»Ax)^«j:»o|yiS5«6M. 
Fume, n.d^X, «0©5 "So.^^iSm, ^j^g' 

Fu'migate, v. t. inXc irdo^^^ti 
sSx«'Saas>. [XcTr6a^&). 

Fa'mi-ga'tion, n. ^ciJ»"Sc5^to,8^ 
Fam'ous, ) 

Fun, n. sie«H-fr«5», •)K®^^,«^&>,'a 

Fu-nam'bulist, ».(^4Sbac«l^ifc^a 
Func'tion, n. rtf^i5»,^5^ii»,xjp,-8r* 

16m. [5jC©a^53r»C&. 

Func'tionary, ». e^-5^6, pa»-»j^o 
Fund, n. i^ot^o^^ijm, ^0(7*tfi6M} 7^ 

Fun'dament, n. «^|^i5m, >bfiJiS». 
Fnn'da-men'tal, a. i^v^er* T;r»tf *85d^, 

Fu'neral, n. iiiSdC?ia;6'6r»&,^"i3lftftf» 

Fun'gus, n., pi fungi. Sog'^j-^TOoTfe, 

—a. 8SS'i^?rJSb?bsJo^. [<roo35J&. 
Funk, n. a;(i>€x>^ip-ocfiiS»} S'o-^. — r.t. 
Fun'nel, n. ?r&^«5», X^X, tao^ ^Soo. 

Funnily, adv. i^figo^^to, t^^^rs 
Fun'ny, a. ^aco^fib, sH-p'o S'tf^^li', 

Fur, n. '^'^^y 6^«Sa85M5 tf^^^Ko^ 

5,i6i»j c'T'ooS'^.^-^' 


Fur'below, n. a.S'D^f 2»(^«^*^ oBS<>Sf . 
Fur'bisli, v. ^. ^5^l6»,"a>eai>c<>T»^,^ 

Fur'bisher, n. <S^i5Msr-c&, -&aea>c;^ 
Fnp-ca'tion, n. -^ooSoJfe&D. 
Fu'rious, a. r'xJiSMtf ty^i^', «(Xif*i5» 
Xe>, t5cK^, ^(X^)!^, ^J) 6 t!dB99 

(CT^'l^^^gB&a, ^»iS». jFu'riously,ade?.^^X«S»-7r»,r*x7«S»-7n. 

Pun'da-men'tally, odr, i6Mip<^i&>»7r« • Pu'riousness, n. r*tf i6»,t?^Xif*ii»,^ 

'I Purl, v. t. ^gtf^, •^J^^- [t5«^« 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

i6r» er» "qntf i&i> TT*. 

Partong, n. a^i^u'« Sf^otJ^v*^ 

Pnr'lough, n. 2Ltfc3a»fir*cH ^)-^\r* 
Far'inenty, w. ^oss^^^iSw, vLtt*!^ 

Pur'nish, r. f. eaSaiJo.^, ^»S'ejwi5w€) 

Pur'nisher, n,^}C^^tdtS»o&^^}6ito^ 

Par'niture, n. •ji^jfir.jja^^sg'ircntoeK). 
Paltrier, n. ^r»^^Ko tt-c^^i^S^iCk 

Par'row, 72. |yc"7?fiS«*oo5 «S»^i5w;^ 

Fur'ry, o. KS^^^Xo. [c3aS», &y6^. 
Por'ther/i.cowipar.i&'ej^ir^l^, Ttn 

0, «;sD, &8^^.— adv. i6dedcjQS» 

»5 fOl-fOT 

Farze^ n. 2.^d;iSol6oBSMn^^^. 
Fuse, w. t. & i.S'ircKo^5 8'tfcHb. — n. 

Fu-see', n, SLtfa^^J^^psj^-^o . 
Fu'si-bil'ity, n.§'irc"7^ifc;ibCT«6M. 
Fa'sible, a. S'tfcl?^^, 8'ircKocc !5J^|<. 
Fa'sil, n. ^^^^^8. 
Fu'sil-eer', ^ a. f^^§ c"|Di^ jBin» 
Fu^sil-ier', j o». [0c5?&>. 

Fu'siHade', n. «^^fiSoD Z^^ij-ind't 
Fu'sion, w.S'ircHo^^5 tftf c?fo&>5 a.g'iS 

Fuss, n. ^ly'tf^cS'^l^'iii^, S^otftf, 

Fuss'y, a. ^'tr>ss'^czSMir'^& ^"^Cfo. 
Fust, n, j^o^«6m5 g'o-^j i>j*c©». 
Fus'tian, n. 2LS'aj5b*t6e85w^g'?6^;ptfi^ 

Fus'ti-ga'tion, n. fiJbi^ g'«^ r^'g^ 
Fnst'y, a. tw^c^sJlSr^, "^^1^^ S'o-^ 


I^SS. —v. ^ "jCjj^oCSSsSw^cXSSj, ^ 

Par'therance, w. t^s^ooSjSm ,iir*^^N 

Par'therer, n. "i^jsJ^oKiaSx* ^c»M5r»c 
Far'ther-cnore', odr. & conj. s^ol? 

Fur'thest, a. swperl. ^sitaS^i^rs^tS^i 

'^^. — adv, ^^ij-ts^ptSo^iv', 
Fnr'tive, a. tftf^-j^c^^^, ar»oX^/85» 

Par'tively, ad«;.afoX ^i^UM-Tr-, ejtf» j Fu'turist, n. •)ei5b'»^^5r»c2^. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Ftt'tile, a. p^g^^^^psx vo^pt^^ ^^f'^ 
Fu-til'ity, w. sjcg^^ ptf JS'^jaSM. 
Fu'ture, a. 7r»ciy*Soi^. — n. <r© 

l^a. F. tense «• ijrcsxc. ^^i^-ojSm. 


Pu-tu'rity, m, ^t)A.c^\j~otbai vc ^ -tJ^lfc^cPijs.— n. srHf^, 1to*«S 

Fuze, n. same as /««e, pKiB**)^- Gage, n. eS*S)»i r*e¥, itsstfr>e»riw 

Fazz, «'. 1. 8ir-?f7^-55-Od^$, l&r&^-7^\ «• *• S-«>^j o|.f)C7r<-icJfc. 
Fuzz'bair, n. jLg'si?2?^S&S'irfrifoJfe. I Gag'ger, n. ^^tfcS'tosT.cifo. 
Fuzz'y, a. •s.^p. ' Gag'gle, v. i, trfesTJ «*«^. 

Fy, tn<«»> ^r' Gai'ety, «. Agr^^ff^. 

Fyke, n. "aSifo. Gai'lj' *<^''' ^JS"?^*''^- 

_ Gain, w. wxr»oSW»», «r»^«S»j ifioite. 

Gab, n. ^&} sf|5-t)»&'&'», -a^^ ^^^^ ^^^j,. ^^^ 2,c»o^5 

Gab'ar-dme', «. ^tfc?^<f 3-^1^ i^o«fcr*^».x6«fi*, --Cbc^fe, ^ 

GaVber. «. ««t6c«-*. [c*fi. ^^ ,„^t ri?0<.^«nc&. 

Gab'ble, .. i. Ci« ^««.-«- «'<>i «ai„4, „. en^r^jSi A^oe;^ ^c«,, 

** Gain'fal, o. ej-^^ej"»a|^; «xr»o3Sij» 

Gab'bler, n. sjoobc^t^. ^ "" 

Ga'bion, w, a.g'^r'^Ob^iJewio. /^ • / f * ^^ M^..JLfx ^ 
-• ^ Gam'say', v« c- -r'S^fw, w»g«&p sr» 

Ga'ble, n. sbew^^fo (^i^CTT-sioiS ir- ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ «aJii»^cJ. 

Gad, n. (y.S.feoj «5«^, »fo:.«r«o Q^^^ ^ xifcl^i5»>, i^ei^, ^8i^6a. 

Gad'fly'i w. <3**eJcX. Gai'ter, n. 4)ei«S>o«^«x>"aoDtfc» r^piacnc 

Gaff, w. i.a^QcoS'i^sSbT'Ci^sJ ^o^a5;x, -^^xsJeASS-^iSr^FSa *a*<&. 

er««^s:^to&)3ct^o^2^ ^^85 ^^.Qa'la, n. ^gcoe^ sso&X, ^*^tfi6«. 

D¥;^)^ -ag^ccoj^ «t?^«*^^Ga'la-day^n. 55o&Ka|^«5DD, ''^^^^tf 
Gaffer w. ^r^, ^m^Cjoooo^. [a. a^i'sSM. 

Gaf'fle, w. r*a-¥-D§8"|3i^^Jgsyo63|(ja.lan'gal,n. (greater— )T»JJ &oti 
Gag, r. ^ ^?KT»sSw-*S)jtoi^fSi 8S§ij-.jin6o -o'giSMj (lesser—) "i^J^^ «ootfij^ 

"35cJ6»5t5^-iBr*tfi5MlS^ i6r»Aotr»&"^l Gal'axy, n. i^Jfi^i^fc^ $ •J&^otftf tf^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Gal'iot, n. 4D|^^i«i. 

©92>(^ TPoecajoiSQ. Oak g. «« 

oj»7^i5mXo5 "^^ctixKo, inzh^ti» 
^i^,ib^c^5 ^(^^(^.— (— lantOn. 

2 0'cS&^XOoT»C&>. 

Gallantry, w. 2^&c«i»,sjTnjS'85o«5M, 

Gall'-blad'der, n. fcg^^osSsSw, ^ca^ 
Gall-duct, w. 2.^iJ*^^^' 
Gal'leon, ». SLg's^^j^ isS. 
Gal'lery, n.ssi!niS,irsr^rst$s>9,i,^^^, 
Galley, n. a.S'a^^c^^*^, «>^^^J6^e 

Galley-slave, n. ijSiv^ i^o^c ©S^^ 
Gal'liard, n. fd^Xi6o-r»c&$ a^g'©?^ 

€Wli-ga8'kin8, n. pU s^a^o^, 

3»f rVT-OiX 

Gal'li^na'cean, n, r*ajyo*Sfi«t. 
Gall'mg, a. «S>^-t&»S» ^t>^o^ab, w 

Gal'linule, n, Jbebr**. 

Gal'lipot, n. ^sLZf sSo^jfiiilo&t^o*^ 

Gall-nut, n. »sj%^-r'oos. 

Gal'lon, n. ^£Jsy^tfsSc^5»€>i6 r"c»^-7n 

Gal-loon', n. a.g'a^J^i^^ox', 2§fi, iS 
Gal'lop, V. i. (Xbg8S»)-cr>A»'Si&5:«>i? 

Gal'loway, n. 7r»er'"^o8Sj6 tS^"-^ Xa 
Gal'lows, n. fitwj. ^8Sc»S>i«j>i6,^(y 
Gall'stone', n. X^6^s^j5>i. [tscr-ija^ 
Ga^l'ly, same as galley. 
Ga-loche', n, z^ti^-^-^^zs^, 
Gal-van'ic, a. afib^^>^ J -frooo^jgp^. 
Gal'vanism, n, fitfbc-j5\ 8. 
Galvanize, v, t. i>e^^^^Jp ^^rr» 
^s^5lfo^iar»X85M •^daS>l5g'^69o 
Gam'ble, v. i. ^^2^air»&, [^ 1 

Gam'bler, n. a^c^a. 
Ga,m'bling,n. ^^^tSx)\ 
Gam-boge', n. ■gssO^p^ir'oo ^^co 

Gam'bol, v. i. Ko^TO'gdBSi>,a5)8i»8Scr* 



Game'cock', n. sjo'S-^r^a. 
Game'keep'er, w. ■Sc&D85a\7r»iSbe)f6 s; 

Gume'some, a. '(Sts^'^^, catf^^jJ * 

Gaine'ster, w. ^^e^d. 
Gam'ing, n. ^^a^wj «&d. 
G«»m'mer, w. ^ss^^ 85M'iC)o«&^. 
Gam'mon, n. 8^Xer« S'iS|^ tf oaS^a^ 
afir»o^tfM5 t?4o5 "ar-fJiiM. — v» t» ^ 

Gam'ut, ru ^^^^t^tSxtj ^rsv. 

Gan'der, n. t^K^^ir^. 

Gang, w. Xbo-^, ^t$sj^zi^tSo9. 
Gttn'grene, ». ;6^o'jl«6Mf5aSS^vC"^cSS> 

Gang'way', n. o3"?j^&>a"7?& ^e^*5J. 
Gan'ja, n. KoS^odo. 
G^nt'let, see Grauntlet. 
Gaol C^^), n. ^e6-(i^o. 
Gaol'er, n. ^wj^oS'^ciSfec^^. 
Gap, 7». tfoi^aSoa^-j^o^Sbj s:)Os5M;*&»e>S, 
cr<5)«5M.To stop a g.=»€)ln»;^85M 

g. in a book— mKo^-^^aSbo. 
Gape, r. i. ?icn»Ow"§M^, W;g)0o^5Si 

Gap'er, w. «^«<5 l^T^iOb "Sw^ f^f 

Gar'bage, n. 5'4S8'«nc(5fo-8^M'3c»» "4 

Gar'ble, v. ^ a.^|^of «5m^o«6 ^^ ^ 

^C3&;s69ex>^j 8^c&, '^a5oo^ ^Oo^b. 
Guroe, n, x'd"^. [v. i. ^c4o"3d6). 

Gar'den, n. ^y*c&;,<S^c-^, tf^^aJw 

Gur'dener' n. «y*cto3r»c&,<3^cto«&'0^ 

Gar'dening, n. «S^cto tfjD, iS^cto "^ 
Garden-mold, '^ n. ^ctoSS 85p§ s 
GJarden-mould, j ^a^c^* 
Gar'gariBm, n. •^Jj^-So^afooeSb. 
Gar'gle, v. t. -^li^Dot^, Tacr»«,g'(Sb 

Gar'iBh, a, doz>-^i^, [^tS», 

Gar'land, w. ssor^Dtf, tf oaS, sHCf aSw, 7J 
Gar'lic, n. "aoDO.'^oXa^, lo^O.A 

' COCO'' «*> ^' CO CO 

clove of g.«»"3ooO-i^oa3. 

O €*OCO ^^ 

Gar'menfc, n. zsiS ^«5», ©to, ^&-^. 
Gar'ner, n. g'eac^jSw, -^c^wj TT^Si 

Gar'net, ti, '^o^sSokS 2j^ o)^ls*cxo. 
Gar'nish, v. ^ e^oo^Tdo^, 5Ko7r»do 



(Jar'ret, n. Sto'a"aKa. i 


Gtar'rison, ».r*6oer«(6c(^25o&,tf&ea 

Grar-ru'lity, n. ^^^^-(So?^^^}&»ySS^ 
Gar'rulous, a.23tSxx>^?x^il^ ,ss^^c^ 

Grar'ter, n.-SDS^&^CfSSoi^s5T-c-g^5) 

Gras'con-ade', n.2DTy»ooa,a^os)i5M^sj^ 
(xas'eons^ a.or'c3^«j'«J^c^. [r*j6(b. 

— n. CO j5M-7r» Ac'^r*p^o»(^-7r» 
Gras'kins, w. pL s^Ob, [oc3«S». 

Gasp'ing^ w. •);( ^tb. 
Gas'sy, a. •r^cJSSj'^d^^t^. 

^I^.G. juice— a^-o^X^^gy^^tftflf) 

GaB^iaronome^ "^ n. SodLotp-d^ ^e^(^s5 
Qas-tron'omfir^J Tr»o8S€»c&,^|^9o 

Gttfr-tron'omy, ?». ^fii^lSsy, SoaooSo 

28» aA^-QAY 

Gate'houBe', n.^gTj^^tftfwtfX'eJx'a. 
Grate' way', n.iaotf*Trȣtfj5M,^ooT>SO, 

Gath'er, t?. t. §cr»2^c'3^, Sj^s^c&cssm, 

Gath'erer, »• Scn»e^c'S&Ooj'C^, •i^o^X 
Gath'ering, n. §cp»2^cfecX^6o, Sor«»(bSX), 

Gaud, w. ^K, e:5t?'^c3«5M. 
Gaud'ily, adv, a^oasSwTr*. 
Graud'iness, n. d^oosiDo. [a^oei"a3|^. 
Gaud'y, n, -Oj^c^i^^^c^, i^X^^^, 

GaUge("7?^),V. ^. r'e30n:6,S:;d85j»CT85M 

Grau'ger, »• §^€)>^dt»c&. 

Gaunt, a.^§(^^,©g'(^«a)^p;irv^o-0 

Gaunt'let, n.t^^^ss^}6x>. To throw 
down the g* «=» is^^^^loo^^. 
To take up the g. -= c33»«a5Da^ 

Gauze, n. ■7r»5*;^«^, S^a&'^tfXb^^. 
Gave, p. t. of gftw. ^^^^^Sp^s^-OvSa, 

Gawk, n. r*8€)i5»} t»a8r«j5ac&. 
Gawk'y, a. w)|'^p, "^od^^, — w. 1509? 

Gay, a.^57'-i:)«5M-7r*^?^,'?)o<3^sSL85» 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Gay'ly, adv. ^en-j^sSM-Tr*, •f)o5^Sx86M 

Gterzette', w. fir»tf^|^8S»5r»ob(«n5bao"-a 
Gfiz'etrteer', n. ^7r»'^^«5a5e)9a»S'j;- 
Gaz'ing-stocV, ». •j^«S>^^(i'oT»dxS^ 

Gear'iiig, n. ^ibg-^-^aj^j^. 
Geck'o, n. SToSi, ^-jjtf "SD. 
Geese, n., pZ. of goose* 
Gel'atine, w.sf o^;jj6». 
Ge-lat'inous, a. -^ojSJ^^^, ■OS'^j-.-tt^ 

Geld, V. L ©*c»(tf|j«>)r*to. 
Geld'ing, n. ©^oor^totojC^oofeiij^ 

(Jel'id, o. ^3*^e2>(f3 a^S^^C^op. 
Gem, n.^^^tf3^,«6D:3,tfr»€3tfciSM5T&cDK . 

G^tn'ini, n* ph OoJ|i)|^Tr^. 
Gem'inous, a. g^gj^. [f^;^c^. 

Gem'my, a. tf^^xSaoss^^c^ji^'^^ssj^ 
Gen'der, n, DoK«6m. — w. ^. g'jSajg'TOXc 

G^n^ea-log'ical, a. zso^ss^pXitSo^ 
OenVal'ogist, ?i. s^o^sstpaTS^do^ 

Gen'e-al'ogy, n.tfo^«6M,tf o^sj^^s o^ 
Gen'era, n., p/. of yeniw. 
Gen'eral, a.-^Tp^tfra^^^^-^^jr-^cja 

OQ59Sc^^25^srK>».IlI g.«=(6^T?»lJ 

2»p, -j^xSa^haciJ. [SSC&. 

Gen^eral-is'simo, n. ^O'e'^Fr^^ccS 
Gen'er-al'ity, n.^Tptf ca^^ifaa^-^jfr. 

Gen'erali-za'tion, n. '^i;r»cf» 95^ 
G^n^eralize, v. t, & %• -p^-qr^rse^ rfrs, 

Gen'eralship, n. "^lap^sr^ciSaijdBfctf 

Gen'erate, u. ^.•$;&So^^tf*c»Xc'^cs^, 
GenW-a'tion, n.^^_§ :)as;gdo,8gi^o 



s5»^ 8Se>s6d»^ ^o^©, -^8b^^|S's5a 

iSM.Prom g. to g.— ^tf^5f«S»€x>-7r». 

Gen'erative, a. •$)«So^d^, ^^'vtfg' 

Gen'er-a'tor, ri.-^«So^]^a'^g'-^&3o 

Ge-ner'ic, "^ a. 7i^-qr»jf eaj?!^^ "i^ssar* 
Ge-ner'ical, j |^oi^^,»"9cx6o^sS^o 

Ge-ner'ically, ad«. •^jfr»|^o«5Da7r». 
Gen'er-os'ity, n. ^Tr»8'o«5», ^tt^jj 

Gen'erous, a. ^T3r»ifciS»X'o,Tp^Tr»tf 

Gen'esis, n. ^^^, ^^^_§jS'«5o«6». 
Gen'et, n. -^;6c;tbl© sjoiS a.g'»o^;g)5 
■©^^^(bwaSM. Tow. 

Ge-ne'va, n.'&o^'^i^z.^^i^^in-u^ 
Gen'ial, a- ^^^sjtfg?!^^ ^(jotS^slg'tJ 

Ge'ni-al'ity, n.^o«S^?li6»,^^^8S», 
Gen'ially, adr. ^oS^tLti*^!^^^^^ 

G^'nii, r»., ph of genius, ft^-s^aSwoa^ 
Gen'ital, a. •^tog'^o^jo^Jjtoi^. 
G^n'itals, w. p?.^S)<,25|^'^0(aoaS8S» 

Gen'itive, n. siSKatfT J.— a,^^^_©p 

Cten'itor, n. •^go^sr^cab, S'OKo^ 

Gen'iture, n. ^*^_§. [sr^cfib. 

' Gen'ia8,n.|«9^,-&?J^iya8SnfoS,j5D|^§ 

Gen-teeF, a. -jCTif 'i:);^|^,7n7C©S'2D^^«53 
Gen'tian, w. (-root)^-u^oQS^e>'^& 

Gen'tile, w. c53Kr»aa&^ "S^^c&fSS 

Gen-til'ity, n. e5$2r*^cs5M^ s5oTr*c2J, 

Gren'tle, a.^o^t^Ko,-^^'^ ^)^^ 

2, c^, TT'^^^.c^^ Tar-X'dg'sSMXoj sSdo 



&g 8Sd^4^^ 

Gen'bleman, ?i.-s,g*SDjSb55pcc&,^cr-» 

Gen'tleman-like', "J a.-a2^s5o(So5^c?)§ 

Gen'tlemanly, j ^j-oXc;^^!^^^^^ 

Kd^^ (^^85d "u^ cO ^ c^^ IC) tJTc^f^^"^ 

Gen'tleness, ». ^o^j&k^ in^^^r&»j 
Gen'tle-wom'an, n.85oij»c2^Xo^ %8S 

Gen'fcly, adv. •(5^?Sb^7v*,"B30 tp^'J^o^ 

Gen*too', n. fc^o26''S^^c<Sb. [3^. 
Gen' try, n.. X^xj^snftb^ -2)g«Saj;^Sv>c«). 
Gen'u-flec'tion, n. •5ij*c-8r*OoO«o2i 

Gen'uine, a. «>gsSaooa|f, ^^^^(^^ 

an -our 302 

Ge'nu8,n. ^9, sS5,«Sa/, ?Ce3«i». i r- r-^^ j 

, i_ \Lc^^^ ^ <^-=s ar I Ges-tic'a-la'fcion, n. e?y|fo83ito,^^, 

Ge-og'rapher, n. j^i^rtfr*^ p J. ^ .^^ ^ ^ 7 '^ 

Ge^g'raphy, n. ^T^^^^Ji^ 
GeVlog'ical, a. fr. geology. 
Ge-oVogist, n, «5d\ sn^^f^'&Osfctf^l^ 

Ge-ol'ogy, w. sSDj^^eS'cxo "^to.snppsJ 

Ge-om'eter, n. 'i.^XS^^ciS^. [c^. 
Ge'o-met'rical, a.'at.i^^CeS^ifJowo^Jg) 
Ge-om'e-tri'oian, n. ^^^X£§^^cdfc. 

Germ, n. |)SaS», «o8Si^i6», "tootf} 

a6»Xo.Oousili8 g-'^-aiS'j^f) «Saj6«5D 

G^r-mane', a. ^p^in^^i^^^oK^-^ 
Ger'minant, a. ^o8S0o^&. 
Ger'minateitJ. t.«ofiS6o^,'a»«)1>^. 
G^mi-na'tion, ». "^Dootfoao^^D} -OJfo 

Ger'und, n.|feiSM(7^tfogtfriK.. 
Ge*nin*<iial, a. ^i6M(7^eSo^S'v^o«>o 

G-es-Wtion>n. Ktfojw^do^ctttoeSb 

Gres'ture, n. t^^j^ossriaa, "c^oS , ^g. 

s5^^, ^ob; -ai^N. To g. away= 
afiO d^^to, -SiKd^^to. To g. 
down«=a 0?b&). To g. m»— €r<S)0 
Stf^^to 15r -ssCk&d.To g. out— o 
OBStoc?y*^&).To g. up (from a bed 
&c.) — -S^^ofc). Tog. up (a lull 
&c.)— o)8Si^4a.To g. rid of— "^ 

Q^t'ter, n. ^oin^oS7r»c&>. [ti». 
Get'tiug, n. ^o-^tf^i&j, ^gl^^ €r»^ 
Gew'gaw, n. fc^er»&>^-^ t9^{fcMS». 
Ghast'liness, n. -=^>T»tf eb^tftf»,<rc38So 

GllaBt^y, a. •'^xro{J2jj^,«)Tr^^2?<^jt 

Ghaut, n- tf Co^^^*^, r*o2^e)jy8bT;?5 tf 

Ghee, n. "poooc, $ijvSa5». ^OBS- 

Ghost, tt. $dr*^l66d,SOB^lS9»,&«^^ltiD0) 

etf^, l^easSxi. To give up the 



Giant) w. Tr«J6^-3bc&,|Otf«^oeijb|^ ^ 

Gi'antess, n. e^i^jB^ TP&iS. 

Sib'berish, n. t^-^^-^^ s3r»c^oD, ^ 

€». — a. e:^g!5w"e5p. 
Gil/bet, n.^0i6n»fSi.— V. <. ^o6<3s». 
Qilvbos'ity, n. ^"3^ §ir»fS»o&^,iS^ 

Gil/bous, a. Xb2)vTr»^l^, ^"a.^ir^ 

Gibe, v. t. & ^. Mwv^a^, ttdiH-j^ 
6»^asS>;poOo^, "SSj^do^.— n. 

GiVer, ». c85^i|^s5Do^cxg»or»c&. 
Gid'diness, n. eafoj, ^e>^©55«j, ^^«5x5 

— r. i. MMk^i^Ti^.—v. L «5dO»S' 

Gid'dy-head^ n, s"gg'8S»j"^por»cdfo. 
Gift, n. s^^&J, Tr»^jSM, ^O^sSm-tt* 

Gift'ed^ a.tx)Ooo«S»Xe. [^yoXcfi^. 
Gig, n. a*oA5Xbe«-$> ©ofi} -O^Tj^Cd^sTj 

Gi^ganftio, a. ^a^aJf^o^^^Di^', e^-r- 

Gig'gle, V. i\i5»iB85K.ib|^ig)goo^;gg.— w. 
Gig'gler, n. 853»j&i$NJS i^i6£o;> if^^ 

Gild, r. ^ ooTT^Cb i6Dtr*iSir»^dBM, ©o 

Gild'er, »• «5oer»a5»^c38M3r'C&, »o"7r» 

Gild'ing, n. 85oer»i6^X)p, woTr-Ob-^c 
Gill, n. 2^o(§sOer« rr-osj^X'^i^r'ols'^ 

U*^(Sao&CT»oa»s&jSb S)13\fib ^q"^o 

Gil'ly-flow'er, n. z.g'a?^^^ ©o9-^ 

Gilt, n, ©o7r»Ob85ocr»85D; ^o-tt^^JjSm. 

— p. U & p. p. of gild. — a. 15*0^ 

Gilt'head', n. gLS'a^^^t^^^^S'ja.s's??-^? 
Gim'bal,n. i5^o33ofibg'o-^*|6o"aM. 5r» 

Gim'cracV, n. t?&:ss*&:g)- 
Gim'let,w. 'S25«Sxi^'^dSb ^stfssn oessySa 

Gin, n. ^aj ossoi^sSm; a.g'a^jo^T^ 

Gin'ger, n. green sSbojdried g. 

^o9, jd^oiSjmango g. j5j^aD(S e^ 

Gin'ger-bread', n. e5>o«j^»"^|5?^acDS'S) 

•— Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Gin'gerly, adv^ 8^|5J^'^5 {Jb-OTT*. 
Ging'ham, n. 2,g'0;6^;feg. 
Gin'gily, n. (-seeds) fSdJggoa^ ©oodj 
(-oil) «SaoO^-3,©e)^otfM. [Otf. 
Gin'seng, n.2i.S'aj6*^-&pr''S'?-^i6T» 
Gip'sy, n. ^o-,5o3^c^,OesoS'osr»cdfc, 

Gi-rafFe', n. 8^o'&sj"3^&l?l^"a)2^7C?) 

• ;i sSatS^ODTCe) -^^^.c^ SLS'«o&;g>. 

Gird, r. t. ^to ,J^6SS'to, ^&«5m S'<bDs 

Gird'er, n. Tr5o26n»e)8SM. 

Gir'dle,n. |jras'to;T»'^r«S'.— -i?. ^-^ 

Girl, n. 83&^,-0^^0,e5c^!)«^,TT'O; 
Girl'hood,n. 5j2fo^^^8S»,Tr'er«os?<), 

Girl'isli, n. t5c&)a2^sS^J\|^, "^T^^c 
Girt, p. ^. & p. p. of gfiVd. — u. t,^ 

Girth, n. same as Girt- [b^^^m. 

Gist, n. 7^Tr»o^iS», 8&a^co'^i6»,sfSO 

Give, V. ^. si^^,st-o^"S<:3Sj,e8^o^. 

To g. ear=»af5b&).To g. out ■» © 

8r»?^oKiix)l3c»S»&>. To g. over or 

up= oao"ato4o, "^oooO^Sb-iSjAo. 

iSOb'fe.To^oKjb^;6*»3> 1^^ 
9o^&D.To g. ever— fl^Do-^to. 

Giv'en, p. p. of jftwe. 
Giv'er, n. tt**, 6ig?^«rK&. 
Giv'ing, n. -^O, S^^^Ao. 
Giz'zard, n. & l^^^-^er^^odSb *e9*8 

Gla'cial, a. j^^o^KfiS •jjooo^joi^. 

Gla'cier, n. X^Cvs&o^Ki^. 

Gla'cis, n. r*&)?r*a£f$9 wj^rp aAosj* 

Glad, a. 7:ro«r^5S.«i»?Co, «|f o^J^Smtp 

Glad'den, v. U ^jJo^S^il-ato, e^i^otf 
Glade, n. s^|^ascr-8^i6», e2ioo85o«6 ^ 

Glad'i-a'tor, n. "SfeS, 85o€»c&, S' fe^ 

Glad'ly, odu. •j^oS^sS.sSw-tt*, e5|^o2^ 
Glad'ness, n. 'j;JoiS^sL«5», «j^o2^ii». 
Glad'some, a. 'jjoS^sS.aSwKoj ^^^ 

Glair', a. ^o2i'8b|^a5»,|?^<5^tr*p'§o5> 
Glair'y,a.?SK4o-7r^j6|^. [jfinocfisSjtaDv. 
Gla'mour, w. ^o^^otka^ ^l^^^j 
Glance, n. ^"^,2^^. — »• *. -^^f 
tf^^-ScflSij (fS'i^i^oa ^2)^d<^. 

Gland, n. 16*0751^0^5 tpobs. 
Glan'd6r8,n. XbgiSwofiS tf^^& "J^o 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Glan'dular, a. tir*o'(in<o^^o2do^}ss». 
Glare, v. i. S'o^ ^tfob^^to ^o^cy^y 

ro CO 

a50d^ ^iK^^NoX. 

Glar'ing, a. •^^sjcaar.^^^p^^^o^^^ 
Glar'ingly, adv. ^ss^o^«5»-7r»,*j6ki^^ 

Glass-blower, n. 7r»5^sp5T»c^. 
Glass-cutter, n. «>2^j6m r*c5^oj'Cc&. 


Glass-grinder, r*. TvS^fSi -^^sjto 

Glass'house', n. -TT'SSngpc^S aoo. 
Glass'iness, n. ^iiGsS^ "aow^,-?^©©. 
Glass'ware', n. Tr'S^'^j&^jjb. 
Glass'work', n. -Tv^S^sp, 7v*I?^c^. 
Glass'y, a. 7r'5^s?oft3, ^^^rcr'"3&. 
Glaze, V. t. ^esacXbibto, jSbj^-^^ 

Gla'zier, n. 7v*^s?poT'cd^. [?SdfSS-^. 
Glaz'ing, w. ^aaetocXb'SxkoAoj 7r»I?ssp. 
Gleam, n. ^iC)SS,s:)oewSo,-3o&»-^^iSj-r' 

Gleaming, a. ^i6s6i^sSDp-aoea"^(&. 
Gleam'y, a. ^sGsSj^sSD-pa^, ■^Dl^'^d^. 
Glean, v. L ^^chcs^. ^sio^ix). 



Glean'er, n.§j»a^c6cs^oT»c^ 5 'z^'l^ij 
Glean'ing, n. 8cp«Sc6cs^&5 5 »o&>r*c 

Glebe, w. sJ^dS'woaSoa; ab§(^d^e)iS»5 

Glede, n. Kts, 

Glee, n. ^jr»-j^i&o, eiJ^ot^sSaj, -j^iootf 

sSm, -^o^S^sIxSmj «S»?<bObf^o3!;C>fio^d 
Gleet, W. ■^s^»6^X'8Sa:S50(^ 1^33^1^ "O-'g 

Glen, w. r'oe^o'iCjoi^, tr^sj, r*t^. 
Glib, a. ^I^T^f), ^2-^5 ^£5^sSa^-7V 

Glide, i;. L ^Ob, ^?^;C>. — n. S^obto, 
Glim'mer, t;. t. Oae^DSS ao^soSSsSDjSb, 

Glim'mering, n. xx>^8S, r^aTPo®. 
Glimpse, n. &e32J?^s^«s», psx)S).sjT» 

Glis'ten, v. i. -aDwcx^, pKpKv^&i. 
Glistening, a.-aoGe^<&;f)?Cp?Ctr»'3<&. 
Glis'ter, t;.i. -aDwcfiM, i5>"S"»^o^. 

Glis'tering, a.|S)-s^«o^d^,-a5M^(&. 
Glit'ter, u. i. ^wc5S», ^r^tfer»&. 

Gloat, V. i. t?^^n^^, ■aj-s^sSM'T* 

Globe, n. K*^^^ Ti^o^^Ao^^^K*^ 

61o-bose','V a. Kio^-^'^y sy&e^l^, 
-GHob'ular,J K^v^s^^^^. 

Glob'ale, ». t;)^^K^tf«5» "i^^oc^^tir^ 

Glob'alous, a. ^o^"^^, ss^v^^^, 
Glom'erate, v. t. ^o^i^^iy^^ ©oS 

Gloom, n. 4cS'63,«5otx)x5 «5o?>crooT»oSSe) 

Gloom'iness, n. ^cS'iSj srci:;(^«6». 
Gloom'y, a. l)cg'63-7v-i;Si|ir^5-£)o^7^jSi 

Glo'rifi-ca'tion, n.^^^;6oa,^5Ji6w. 
Glo'rify, V. t. ;;^^o^^^^^85M^cssS>, 

Glo'rious, a. 8So8r*85aXo, asSo^j^,$3(^ 
Glo'ry, W.85a£r»85o;|^^P5^86»,^S* er*Sj|j», 


Gloss, n. s7'ci}r'C(^6»,diS',v'5Swci^3^ 

Glos'sary, ?*. «'^i^£scsj5»e)ps^o(bD 
Gloas'y, a. pxpXtr»"a(&, fSbj^-^i^-aD 
Glot'tis, ». ^a^i5^. [w-^fSoKw. 
Glove, n. :ao»^i^, ^QlbiSl^dfc. 

Glov'er, n. ^S-ftja^ScN^ift «tf»j sr»c 

Glow, V. i.Tpl)^tfnr*^o^,'2€ocife,sSao 
Glow'ing, a.'Se»cK>^c^^;(S>-ir»^aJn.f^ 

Glow' worm', ti. OoewcJ^eto-^ejoK). 
Gloze, V. i. dn»X&^^9D^. — n.iSoa^ 


Glu'ey, a.2SX&)-7r»f6|^^.[&c^r»p|^. 
Glum, a. -0|^tM-^^r'p^,«SM^iS»i6d> 
Glut, w. ^. po*^, WOoBSHb^&jDpO-^^ 

Glu'ten, ». ©oS'. [js. 

Glu'tdnate, v. t. «>og'<5^ «oASo«^. 
Glu'fcinons, a. ^Xto-7vj5b|^. 
Glut'fcon, n.9o&s^gb^§olio^052,S'($j' 

Glut'tonous, a. t&oSs^^|i', fiSlko^d 
Glut'touy, n. ^oSsb^^ctf (^i5», fiSJLo 

Goarr, v. i.;Cjg)«5ap?^^p^c»». [6. 
Gnash, v. i. & ^.S^S)i&M^^s;od&r^eai} 
Gnat, n, ts^ffia^t, •e;)f^oar'cK. 
Gnaw, V4 1 r'ea>8S,r'ogi6»r'o^A» 
Gneiss, n. z^^t^^-^^^^ooi. [tt^S^ 
Gnome, w. if |^fc^^is»; d^gsr^cSb. 
Gno'mon, n. ^iiKSc^^tf ^tf»jjc>. 
Gnu, n. jS8j5bcfly«&5jo63 20«'ifc\?Ci6», 

Digitized by ^OOgie^ 



6o,v.i. ^ify, •S«Cv.,|f«^5?5^&5'!^»K>5l Ood'fa'ther, n.^^^^oer^^saG^^sS 

$. To g. over— «fi^^&,.^^&). 
To g. about— i^osSS^o^to. To 
g. out— «e.5a^?g)&>.To g. for no- 
thing— ssog «&:§&). I am going to 
do 80— "^^&o ^OSSC^^^oT^^jSa. 

— n- (coUo.) |jr^s^;8^g«5M^X9,-j^ 
Goad, n. e^oSS^85c»,a)^?&5^€»sSM^§' 

GoVhead', a. (coUo.) sx>Si,-Da60b^ 
Goal, n.sJo"3-$);^e3o5^5«o^85M,^2J;X 

Goar, n. same as Gore. 
Goat, n. -&CS', tsssSw. 
Goat'herd', n."A>cS'ett7r»^5r»c2fo.[j^. 
Goat'ish, a.-^c^5Jo43;-&>cg''iC)oooe?2> 
Goat'suck'er, n, e5^g'-S)^{^7r-c&) l5s' 

Gob'bet, n. s^by^^j S'2>)^s5a». 

Gob'ble, v. ^. ■SX8SM7r'|aooXb,^r»sSj^, 

6o'-be*tween',». «5o9c^C(Sb . [cxsw . 
GoVlet, n. h"^. 

GoVlin, ».cJoK)c8S»,8)'?'-c^i5m. [©oS. 
Go'cart', n.Oi^eSSi^i^S'-^Ob^AofiS^I^^ 
6od, n, "^^c^^, -^^^Cbcifo, e)8&0oc 

God'dess, w. "^^^ -gsj^, «?&^sr«Ob. 

f^o'S 5r»5^c©&> god-mother,— 
child, — son, — daughter, «)j6^o 

God'head, n, "^ss^or&xi, 
God'less,a. "^^p^j&^p, ■^S)SSL,«&sl. 
God'like', a. '^^^ozio^'^^^ "S^p 

God'liness, n. ^£rtp'_|, ^tj^-jC) j. 
God'Hng, n. ^^^S^s^, 

God'ly, a."B^s^tp-JX'e),??5^»Tr»033cwc 

Go-down', n. 'i^cf8oe)r'to,H2SoH,r'<b 

God'send', n.sstf85M,^ig'cjjr5j-j^cJi5aa, 
God'ship, n. "Sss^otSx), 
God'speed', w. 2?o83«5m, 'ao^8SaD,-^e)o. 
God'ward, adv. '&^p)^d^y -^^eOop 

God'wit, n.'^v'^t&it'j^os^^ooK^p 
Go'er, ». d^igor»cifo, ^5^^5T»c&5|f 

Gog'gle, «. i. rf$b|Hb&(9x)^ n.g'o 

pScosj^er<-i5^85Me». [(Xb^;Co. 
Gog'gle-eyed', aj^.^J^^JM^g^ J^ 

Qoo-aow s< 

Qog'let, n.gj'S^. [air.gi5M,«nT»tfi6». 

Croi'tre, n. fToi&^^hiciS ^63bo& "^^ 

Gold, n. ©o7Pir8S»,S'^S'i5M5$|f«Sa5, |tf 

Gold'beaf er, n.5SofiJ|^-$)T5sSr*tosr*c 
Gold-dust, n. ©o-7r»0cir»a. [&. 
Gold'en, a. 23o7r»0o<S^^^^5 aoTr-Ob 

Gold'fincV, n. ^j^3T»0£»sJo6S2.rer'© 
^sSoS^Ad, oo"7r»fib8)S^S'^ sJcxoc&S'o 
*S8)to. fob. 

Gold-lace, n. t>o'7r't^i)dX "ds' ^o^^ 

Gold-leaf, n.«s5?^o^T58S.ooTr»Ob"g8S. 

Gold-proof, a. 2?|^j5»t^§S "6^ oo^sSao 

Gold'smitV, n. g'«5o-^OoT»C'&, ©o-7r» 
Gold-thread, n.2307r»eb tt^^i^m, So 

Golf, n. g'M^oo^^p^TD&a.S'a^^f^ 
Gon'dola, n. a^S'a^jf^^^^- 
Gon'do-lier', n. sj^Sss (^css» ot»c&, 

Gone, p. p. of gro. 

Gong, w. "^Xoio, "S;gXo4o. ["^K. 

Gon'or-rhe'a, w. '^K'f}o^k>tkyiy'^&>^ 

GrOOd, a. sSao-0,<^«J-oKc^l^>"a>'^^C 25 
Ko,?5l^?Co5tfOS3Ke5"^Ob^X'€)5 ^jcoSm 
gs^, p^-^^. G. morning,^G. 

night &c. aS'dfi^l'Ob e^;^otf|^i&» 
^c3a»{^'^&^ss^«T.&)oo.To make 

J^cSSito. — n.8Sao-C;),Ty*?C) 5 "^cso, 
<r»<rsS», ;fjoiSx>5 g-s, pZ. "jCia^sSejo^ 
c^^oo. . For g.»« ^oa3sS»7r», 

Good-breeding, n. j53-ir»cJ5®o|^ ^tf c 

Good'-by', "J n. or interj.'po;^ &jB 
Good'-bye', j r'p ^;g)|^•^^^ ^sj^ 

Good-Friday, n. il*^«5oQ'e38S» T^oQ 

Good'-hu'mored, a. ^cr»-j52>(^* *S^ 
Good'-hu'moredly, adv. ^er»'j5jfei-7r» 

Good'ish, a. ^vtSaixi^irl^ t^. 
GoodMook'ing, o. «)o2585»?Co,vJj^53d 

Good'ly, a. «>oa;33^,tJj&og)|f,T6oo2J 

Good'man, w.sto6S-^2^,oQ32;?sir»|i>c&. 
Good'-na'tured, a. sSdo^ «3C986mXo, 

Good'ness, n. sSoo-^^^jSm, £5o55. 
Good-speed, n. 2?oS3«Sm, •jcT^osSm. 
Good'-tem'pered, a. ^oi^t^-rr'^zs 

GoodVife', n. s^ofeScttJ^'Sa, s^jj'oo- 
Qood'will', n.^j)8,s^g«Sa?,&0355T53&j 
©5 «)oX6Sa»§'(,-or»g't»5 sj'&>g'7r» 
SIS' «>oX43er<r'j^oe^&>, 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Groose'beT'ry, n. fS}&>v^'fi>o&) a^g'tf o 


imples j 

. 2.a^e)X;Ci0eip»(bD. 


Goose-quill, n, ir^^otka, "ifp*. 

Goose-skin, n. Zdi^KT^^-kriyy. 

Goi/dian, a. ^SS^7r»r5b{2^. 

Gore, n. -£d|^^^eb — v, L SSjSm.^; 

Gorge, n. S'o^sSm, 5ro^jf5|jQ^*$)^^ 
;j;ipaoKcK)(S^a v. t, &i.S'ol>o 

Gor'geous, a. Qco'^'f^, ^& qo'2??^^ 

Gk)r'get, ». g'o^g'sj-i58ix>5 S'o-ep <rtfw 
Gor'gon,?!. f58'£"1«05S^-a*Si.i5. [«Sw. 
Gor'mand, w. ssixo^©, DoSj^^^. 
Gor'mandize, r. t, & f. e5SX)^«5M tt* 

Gor'mand-i'zer, w. «>s:io^85w7r» 9jSb 
Gorse, n. a,g'ai?2^(^:&oo^^^. [Sj^. 
Gor'y, a. -fiobr'JO^ ■^^dSfS'^ ^ss^^^ 
Gos'hawk, w. -ji^itsjsSw^ ly^S^^, "l)g 
Gos'ling, n. tt^^&o . ["^PC. 

Gos'pel, n. ^ifrsr*^, ^ijr sj_tf jsofj^ 

Gos'samer, «. r'p^-r^ojSaaooiSa tt*© 

Gos'flip, n. |tfer*tfiSM, sJpl5p s&»6ood, 

Got, p. ^. & p. p. of gref, 
Goth'ic, a, •ar-"^|^5 §^CTiS»Xe> er»fibe> 

Got'ten, p. p. of jef. [^^g^' 

Gouge, n. ^&^0 ossj^ s^^oj^psp 
Gourd, r», Tibsfo^a "aa>. -r^oKsa^*^. 
Snake g. as* jb^ioiff^oss. Bottle 
g. -««|^sjn5^08S. Bitter g.«- ^c 
Gout, n. 5n^6r*K«5M. [«6-^^^nr»oo3. 
Gout'y>«- oT'^6r*Ksi»7Co. 
Gk)v'ern, v. t acK),«d-i^Oo*c65 (sr*^ 

Gov'ernance, «. ScooS, «>$-5^{^3Sx) 

Gov'em-ante', *) w. ^^t?pcc3SS>tt» 

Gov'erness, J e». 

Gov'eming, a. sjo-i^'?)©^^, «)§-r» 

Gov'emment, n. |«^^^85o^, Sewe^S^ 

Gov'ern-men'fcal, a. iss^^^ •^0230$ 
Gov'emor, n, aex)oT»c2^, e^^sl). 
Gown, n. «>o^^ pew^too^. 
Gown'man, "^ ^. r^p^ ^i^sSkoSS 
Gowns'man, J -CDtf^^^^e^o^ ■S^§^ 

Gowned, a. «oR"g^§^p^. 

Digitized by Vl^OOQ IC 



Grab, n.a.s'o^^^itf .— V. ^ & t "S 

Grab'ble, v. i. ^s^i^r*}^^ ■^j§cr»e&>, 
Grace, n. e^^jSaj^tf^sSM, ^x>, tfoos, g' 

■^o£^iJc"Stf^. The days of g.= 

or»ocD'cr'SS^C7r»Oc&)5yc2)&) ^Pc^ 

Grad'a-a'ted, a. jg'is&sSaa-Tr" 0^;\oO 

Grace'-cupSn. ^aSr^.^^ i^^^^l^^^'^^'^on, n. ^^^^^^ ^tfifcD 
Grace'ful, a. ^ts^S-^^'.^^oi^^-^^, I L?^i^ d^ofi^&D. 

Grace'fuUy, adv. ^^ocJijiSmtp, fir^x' 

Grace'less, a. "^Q^y B_5SS'4j^£c8Saa'e5 

p, cx^_tftfM-r»p, [fSb^Ktf*i5»Xo. 

Gra'cious, a. ^\^Ko, ^aSiHfo'^'^ ,^ 

Gra'ciously, adv. ifszsST^ ,tSctisSr^ ^ ^ 

Grac'kle, n. SLg'a^^f^ r*oei)r*do8'fc 
Gra-da'tion, n. j^sSosSm, s50bijC),"ao|D:>^ 

Grade, n. «o^tf«5», e^o^*^, 0jfK©. 

Grad'aal, a. |^85d|^8&^I^, ^S'«5oiS»7r» 

Grad'ually, adv. ^^jgDj^BSosSM-Tr*, r*o 
Grad'uate, t?. t. ^t^i6iii^^^?.o^S:> 

Graff, ^ n. ( ^A»oa»B'jj-) «o4x) 

Graft, J V. t wo&>dI'A», c^o^'sScsSb. 
Grain, n. RoS, t^^j^csSmj ^^pwjg^^e^ 

Against the g^S>8bgBSM-7n,C5Jdtl 

Gram, n. ^os^odj tpocjs -qy^ciSau. 

Black g. s^j^sbiSMoo. Green g. «» 

"a^oa.Red g. B-8'o2^e». Bengal 

g.= "^^PCoo. 
Gra-mer'cy, interj, t^rn^ \ 
Gram'i-na'ceous,'^ a. sjCkS' -fjooo 
Gra-min'eous, j ¥^1^5 cS^KSsso 

Gram'i-niv'orous, a. s;-0\tf ©"pifo. 
Gram'mar, ti. oT»cS'tfe3i6M. 
Gram-ma'rian, n. "3 oKr» g'eycwc^, 

.Gram'mar-school', n. ^tkvjSi "^"0^ 

Digitized by L^OOQlC 

311 0K4-QB^ 

Gram-mftt'ical, a. ss^ctft^w-jiioaDo^^ [Grrant'or, n. Tr^^zxi^^^zr^cS^, -cp^. 

Gran'ary, n. Tp^i^o-^r^d^. 

Grau'ate, see Garnet. 

Grand, a, fCt^y l^J^, ajcc^*!^^ «^8^ 

Gran'dam, n. ti^^ot^^ ^^S' 

Grand'daugh'ter, n,«5ojSb«5oTT»oo, "^ 
Gran-dee', n. JTsj^sj^cd^, lj-^:g),7C) 

Gran'deur, n. 2_tfrs5«5», ^^, K"s5^ 
Grand'fa'ther, n. a^'sSaj^cdfo, ir 

Gran-dil'oqence, n. t9ejr"sj^og' 5)^ 

Gran-dil'oquent, a. «7r» s5^cij»7P 

Grand'moth'er, n. S)^5^85o8r»^ wsstj 

Giand'sW, n. b^^j '^ecSSc*). 
Grand'son', n. «SD}6«&C(Sb. 

^n'ite, ». ^oeS'ocx). [ifc. 

Gra-niv'orous, a. -qpiT'c fibojSb©"^ 

Gran'ale, n. -o^^osSe^oj^, ^^^^ S'e3 
Grape, n. ^Tr*,&s5o&>, K^^ps|So«5ai. 
Graph'ic, ^^^ a. 'f^^g^l^, |5^5'^ 
Graph'ical, j ^^(^5 e^j^sj^^. 
Graph'ifce, same as black lead. 
Grap'nel,/i. -Oj^ooXOo. 
Grap'ple, v. L sstor^jSi^K^Tr* sJtor* 

5?to, Trj5w>dSo2585M, So S. 
Grap'pling, w. -2>^c?iber-i^&>,Tr?^ 

Grap'y, a. (j:y'^55o(!&is5o63. 
Grasp^ V. t. & i. sto§^fSbjcr»;feer»&; 
To g. afc==s>ijDr'|^c2y* ;&&).— n. s> 

Grasp'ing, a. ts>ir^f$Ko, ^r^^^^-^ 

X|37r» 5*to§^'p&. 
Grass, n. sj-o^g', aoS^X^, g'-j:^^. 
Grass'hop'per, 71. xxxJSb^. 
Grass'less, a. sj^vg'-«5p. 
Grass'plot', n. s:)-0\S'©os3c». 
Grase'y, a. js-o^g'xo. 
Grate, n. ^di^^^di-y^S^^t^w "S^ 

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Grate'ful, a. ^^^©^Ke>, A^o©^ ^si 

Grate'fally, adt?. ^^^©^S^, inoQ^-^ 
Grate'f alneas, n. ^^^e ^.^oo^oc^ 

Grat'er, n. ^efti«S»S)C6o,§^tf(-or-)«SM. 
Grat'ifi-ca'tion, n. «j:^oer^s^ "atoto, 

?1«5m.G. of desires— ^^ET'tf^^ s5o 

Gratified, a. c&^ ^o:6C2}ai^, iio 

Gratify, v, t. -(io^xL "sto, STj^ 
Grat'i-f/ing, a. •i:^oer*sirtf;^(^,|J)9 

Grat'ing, a. e^^jj^o^^'^c^ ^« ^^ 

Gra'tis, adv. "&e>-^'^\§^j^Soo«^^^il 

Grat'itude, w. fiTv^s ^,8^oO|^"&oO(6 
Grarta'itous, a. ■so'dsSoa^si-?;)^;^',^^ 

Gm-tu'itously, adv. ^^JT^tSs^i^y^ 

Gra-ta'ity, n. wtfwjsa*|^«5a5, •iy'd^S*^ 
Grat'alate, «. t: ^ii^oS^ tkf6»}SiQ 

Graf u-la'fcion, n. ^o5^slsS»fJj Se» 

Grat'ulatory, a, ^s^^oST^tktSo^t^'^ 

Grave, n. T^Js&^^^r'a^ ^sjsSx;Sd-s>^;C>o 

to — V. ^. ^sS(, a. Ko^tf'^^5 

Grav'el, n.g'og'«f,?ib€>S'e5'SCK5«iKr-|^^ 

Gravel-stone, n. Xbe)§'e5'o». 
Grav'elly, a. ^o^^Ko, 
Grave'ly, adv. Ko^rStSni-T^. 
Grave'ness, n. Xo^^^. 
Grav'er, n. it^KiS^ ^KiSiip-^cs^u^c 

Grave'stone', ». *()i^^^v. 
Grave'yard', n. ^t"(^iS». 
Grav'ing, n. j^Xtfsp. 
Grav'itate, t?. t. z^rs^^^^ ^8otfc»&J 

Grav'ity, n. ^g'lf E9^j5(pptftf», ;fe& 

Gra'vy, n. j^r^p^:* (^2^i$». 

Gray, a. "pel^ j5'5 ucr-a"3sJtf 3&» 7r»fSb 

Gray'beard', n. «Saa^D5r»c&. 
Gray'fly', n. a.S'o^^;^!^ -§*cX. 
GrayTiound', n a,r»^®*Scdo8Sg'|^. 
Gra/iah, a. 1-0^^-3^^^. 

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Gra'zier, n. es^;^e>fSo'3>o-0 WiSw^snc 
Grease, ». Sa5»Cb,^r»^,^&. — v. t. 

Greas'y, a. «'3^, Si6a>Oo7r'j5b^^5j5b 
Great, a. ?rs»\, "Stfs o ji tf "Sdi^i «fo 

^1^. The g.— ?rs)^5r»0o; j5atf«^ 

w. A g. inanyI«©«5T», e"^g''^l^. 

Great'-bel'lied, a. S'«5-t)^(^c^^ 5 

Great'coat, n. i:j252if*"5^j^oQ3. 
Great'-grand'child', n, i6a>p«5oi6«Soc 

2^; iSNps53(5bs59ir*eK>. 
Great'-grand'daugVfcer, n. r6x>pti> 

Great'-grand'fa'fcher, n. ^2iir sSd 
Great'-grand'motVer, »• ^si8)^n»8S3 

Great'-grand'son', n. iSwp iSd^s&c 
Great'-heart'ed, a, $>^t»a7C€). 
Great'ly, adv. JtoSi^OTP^tf'oe&foaSS, 


Great'ness, n. K^if^tf<i$», w^tfjiStoj 

Greave, n. T»02>S'j;-aa»g'ii- 6'tf'tf«5M* 

usually in the pL 
Grebe, n. J)Obr«a, «&-j6?fefir*a. 

Greed, n, ^^, er«<ri6M, ^|L. 
Greed'ily,adi;. «tf3^,«^cS^cr»sJL^. 
Greed'iness,'tP'aSw, «^cV. 
Greed'y, a. ^ij^ififcofib ^w^ir^oS^ 

^^, ^tf^fo^d^i^, «tf<ef ©awe 
Greek, a. ^^-^So'^tf "^ — n. ^^^i 
Green, a. wsSs^^p^ « O^^ -s^ocssir* 

«^opj "^c^, TP#a)|^ n. was 

x>^^5 sJ^ag'^e>«SM} g-8. «SS ^{f 
oo, Sj*Tr*SSe». Fom C5f5dSJs&. 

Green'fineV, n. z.g'sy^© s;S\ 2§^5r» 

Green'gage', n. 2Ltfo^Tto|^s:jo&. 

Green'gro'cer, n. fio^^-TPOBSosSM^e^o 

Green'house'jW. •O^^'SddS'Jj-oojSdo.^ 
5re>(^^ CK ^8So2$ 2y^(K_^"S)TDas^TO. 

Green'ish, a. §^o^«Saa e^sSss^xp. 

Green'let, n. 2>g'a¥^i^^^5nooo2)|3. 

Green'room', n. *^c¥§^€>^(3^4^^^» 

Green'sward', w.s»-0^§'2DOB5e». [jSm. 
Green'wood', n, sj^x 


J^y^oogie o 



Greets v. t. |^ij»i|5{,-8o^^ ^otSijS^Soi'i 

Greeting, w.^^sfe-^j^^jitfoft, ^tsoi^n^ 

Gre-ga'rious, a. ;feo*^a>-7r»A^:S^^, 

Gre-nade', n. ^©S^a-j^Tsaba^o?^'^ 

Gren'a-dier', n. jB-^oao. 
€hre-na'do, see Grenade. 
Grew, p. ^ of gfroto. -sdH©p, Tsai? 
Grey, same as gray, ^j^^ -^^ao. ©. 

Grey'hound' n. "3c4osSS'j^,a^5lo85M. 
Grid'dle, n. iSaoX'osSw, Ti^^sSw. 
Grid'i'ron, n. iST-of5tf» -t»ck)^&)SS ei> 

Grief, n. «6o«p«5»,ss'c'i^j^!5M,8)'CP^iS». 
Griev'ance, n. ^slsSaa, •i^oS'4o«s», fibS 

Grieve, v» t» 2i>S^"2)to, "^fc^o-S — 

Griev'ous, a. «6S^tftf^|^, sscT^Tj^S'tf 

Grif'fin, n. a.tfo^itoj^TT'wofib. 
Grig, n. SLS'aef 2?c^ -oi^^^ce. 
Grill, t?. ^ "^Ho^, "^c-t). 
Grim, a. tfroBSog'tf«5M-7V tf|^cej'S&, 

Gri-mace', n. jSw^asTv©, i5wip"T»ir 

Gri-maoed^a. i^^9tSoQ3cofi|^. 

Grim'ly, a. tp'osSpg'tf Ttoi^. —adv. if 
Grim'y, a.a6»ftl8^|^. [ooSotftfriMTr^. 
Grin, V. i. xjoS^Do^, — n. sjKOo^^ 

Grind, V. t. ^CbKiSeHD'f^ea, tofl^ 

To g.theteeth»=nso&>§^e3o5S4o. 
Grind'er, n. ^^dts^, |^i5Deo25otfi6a>5 

Grind'ing, w. a-fiOo&jj ^eaofc), d>a 

Grind'stone', n.-^^5-j:Jp^S'go,Oe&X«). 
Grip, v. ^ 2>S§to aXcoto. — ». X^ 

Gripe, t;. *.fca§6oa;^coto5>9fc^^e»Xc 

Grip'er, n. gno'j^i'stosr'C^. 
Gris'ly, a. tjrooSoS'j^^^. [<2j^a. 
Grist, n. z.S'^-^© ©«>?C4Ser* a-f) tfco 
Gris'tle, same as cartilage. 
Gris'tly, a. "So^^p, 85o\«Sb2_l^. 
Grist'mill', n ©ebKO. 
Grit, w. s^^S'j 6'og'w€r^5 "a»e5itf»5 

g-s, ^^, i^T'S'oo. 
Grit'ty, a. sn6oS'7r-?Sa|^^. 
Gri2'zle,n. r*^ifi» "^eS^^^sT^. 
Gria'zly, a. r'o^BSw-^i&i^. 
Groan, v. t. iSa9**e»Xb, '^o K 15a&ed~3:> 

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Groat, n. z,^jr^gSf». [a. 

Groats, n, pZ.d^&s5&j6^K^e6«&€» "aoo. 
Gix/cer, w- "gctto^ -s^ia^w) "»«. 

Gro'cery, n. ■^oSj-'So Tr»S>©^c» "aoo. 
Grog, n- ?)«(kB'Dfc|^-j5^xpOco. 
Grog'ram, n. z^z^^-^^TiiSi, 
Groin, n. XSe)^c7r» d^^r&-^(^8S 

Groom, n. Xbft9-^oT*c&5 sjpoj^c^, 

^rob, Sos'ebc&j -sboS r'iSbs^ 

Groove, n. sjosSmsjSi^Sc^, ©oS^^S' 

Grope, v. 1. & ^« ^^o«S^^3^3g)^ ^eg 

Gros'beak', n. fcHOfcto aeg-Tv^cdfo. 
Gross, a. •ajr»2?c^^"^^c^^«^^S'c^^*^ 

jr, adv. «(yto7n$ *r»_§7^,"^tf 

Gross'ness, n. -^nto^^rtx*, jBXmst.?) 

6T0t,»i.;fetf^. [356*^^, 

Gro-teaque', a. ft-r^ffitei^, ^o^i^,© 

Ground, n. "jSo, ^2x35 eip^ifaj, « 

^^} g-«^ pi- «&lfc),i5M«iS,x'jB. To 
gain g. -= -T^oo^io. — v. t. "^oc 

p. p. of grind. 
Ground'age, «. S^oo iSi^er* s^^ 

Ground-bait, w. ^Sojod a,S'^6D8cp& 
Ground-floor, ». lioG^ASeo, "as»2543 
ocsSo^^. . r"a»tfi|-. 

Ground-ivy, n. "^o ^olffiStfoiS a,g' 
Groundless, a. pTT*7jr«ej^|^, P8n aa 

Ground'lQssly, adv. pTr»V'^«^'7^> 

Gronnd'ling, n. ib4So8Sab;fe^7J^o& 
Ground'nut', n. •tbij'^'^K. [tSctf. 
Ground-rent, n. "^osjfSoN . 
Ground'sel, n. X«^5>s»og'. ri65r»e)i5». 
Ground'work', n. •^7r»a,t?T?'&&5, 
Group, w. ?(bo-^,'j:)o$o«s»,'jC)tfMTr'oBS 
iSw, Xcti6m. —v. ^. ;feo-^7P^0&\j 

Grouse, n. *<€)S'sjo«Sa,§'8rsr«S. 
Grove, n. ^S'^c-^, ^c4o, ^»sj|^ii». 
Grov'el, v. L 'focvi&in-u^Ski, r^c 

Grov'elling, a. f^c^^, ^^:^. 
Grow, V. *. TSObcXb, <»)«&;fe5 -i^^vXa, 

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Grow'er, n. ^ Co^c»S95t»c&3 "^o^ 

Grow'ing; a.-5.oc"7?&^<J6l?ifc5-'8j^SN 
Growl, V. i. XbeaosSD^. 
Grown, p. p. of grow. 
Grown-up, a. •^gajo8S^\Xe>,<J05\ 

Growth, n. -?i&cSado^ «>)«67fc&3,-ao-$), 

Grub, I?, f. i^Jfig. — W" •Oc^^'^OoHbj 

(slang) ©oS, -Ajc^. 
Grudge, «. ^. & i. Cf>"^»rooBSS)&, 7:) 

c»Hb. — w. ae^^sSw, ssX, r*»a6w, 
Grudg'ingly, adv. w^ossiS^j ep 

Gru'el, n.Ko'&y^sSy^oz^t. [ilgpj^. 
GinifE, a. ^ftft-?:)e3cr»'a&,S'© j^.^(^,s50b 
Grum'ble, v. i. i5bcr»c»K)r*jSb, "j^^swHa, 

Grum'bler, n. ^ewHb5r»c^, z$sr»taK> 

Gmm'bling, n. 'j:fcw?C>6o,i5bcr'oo;fer'jSb 
Grume, n. i^^tf. 
Gru'mous, a. tf»gjf 43^^. 
Grunt, n. (^coa) ;feg3Hbg>s&j6to, ^ 
&5«Sm. — y. t.(5joO);i5eM»5op «ft* 

Gnuit'er,n. sjoo. 

Grunt'ling, n. sjoftfco . 
Gryl'lus, n. 8Si&^^-^K>?btfo«S"^i6;C>. 
Gua'na, n. ^i$oti» c^ySbSo^^. 
Gua'no, n. -^sSmi^-^ ss^o •^6;i«S» 

Guar'an-tee',*^ n. ^^tfsr»j^i6jx*, -^ 
Guar'anty, J -o^ ^tp'osSsSw. — r. ^. 

Guard, v. L & i. "5^ ^2:^, ifvLo^j 

r*oo"j6o.0n the g.^=^^^^^ir^. 
Guard-chamber, n.-g-»;sOsr»o(J^^o 

Guard'ed, a. t^ti^j?!^^ ®^(5_^g?{^5 
Guard'edly, adv. 23^^^!^. 

Guard'ian, n. ir»€)8Sc^, 0'«E.&Sc&. 

—a. ^^^T^^l^^i^, »£^e3^"^&. 
Guard'ianship, n. j^;ilE985»,7^oefi.^ 

Guard'room', n. T»sye)5r»0|& ^od^ 
Guard'ship, n. nr'syD7r*}So?r^ &>^i. 
Gua'va, n. S^oo^dja 'S^ zso&>. 
Gud'geon, n. a.s'j:)9^^-0|!rj^^ctf5 e 

Guer'don, w. ©j^cojSni^tfM. 
Guer-ril'la, n. zDoOs^toaroX'. 
Guess, v. L & $• 6^b^o^,ab^eo\r*;ib, 

GueesVork'i n, ^^owo*^* 

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Guest-rite, n. t^^^wij^istku, 
Cruest'wise', adv. «8$sy*e3. T^fy^. 
Gof-faw', n. ^^s^-pt^, ^zno^-^i^f^ 

Gug'gle, see Gurgle. 

Guid'ance^ n. i^s^^Sn-^&Dj g'g^-^ 

Guide, v. t. -cr»8-.^-$)5 e^^S)0^37Cd^ 

Guide'post', n. |^s5-^-$)_^otp'rfM. 
Guild, n. ^tp-^ -j:)s$r.2J85M. 
6uirder,». a.S'ir^SaSw. 
GuildTiall', n. V^^8«*sjS. 
Guile, n. jsj^^;&x>, sjo-c^^, tfsjtotfa*. 
Gnile'ful, a. ^^^tSaaXv, "ain'fl*^]^. 
Guile'less, a. psJ.(^s?to2??^. 
Guiiao-tine', n. ■^tf;^V^€>f&j6:S"^«> 

Guilt, n* '^{^i5»>, ^5^3, e^siT»^ri»5-^ 
Guilt'iness, n,e55)Tr»$^ci^.[«S>c2 1^. 
Guilt'less, a. p6r«2),6aD^, ^tf BS»"3p,«> 
Guilt'y, a. ^55^^iBt^^«>s5Tr-§^|^,ar* 

Guin'ea, n. a.g'©o-7r'0b(ar»Q»S». 
Guin'ea-corn, n. a^^ii^ e». 
6uinea*fowl^ ") ^ 
Goinea-heB, j"-^'^«"^'^^«"^- 
Quinea-'pig, n. j^sSotfo^r'SSir-, »0^ 
Soft. [•^. 

Guinea-worm, n.|ff^a*^ottb^iJ^dfioeM 

Guise, n. 2.^o> Gj^^sSm, w-s^^jSmj 

Gui-tar', n. tvdsso^ sn25cO'§Sxi5c». 
Gu-lan'cha, n. ©sj^&cX, X>&n»^.Ex- 

trct of g.=fa9c^f5^. 
Gules, w. lOeftj'^. 
Gulf, 7i. ^sx)tr<f)§ T?*^^css»odfo-j^ 

Gull, V. t. t^-^J&ia^CS^y iJo^o^. 

Gul'let, n. 8S^g',roS)iT'«'jSM,«'|^^«T> 
Gul'ly, w. -r«€»s5, 5r»cXb5 -jcioasb. 
Gul'ly-hole', n. ^e-cr*dg'?^ i6». 
Gulp, V. ^. Xb<to8oj^|^(a3oHb.— n.SLg'iXa 

Gum, n. 2DoS',?gXbeb5e5o^*Sr>o^i5M,S)0 
^OK)?<bOb, sJo&SSSii^eb.G. arabic«=» 
5^s5d.©oS'. t^o&j&.eDoS*. G. am- 
moniac«=» Xs5oonoQ3S'«j».G. butia 

Gum'boil, w. SiSb^>or»c-$). 

Gnm'mous, ') 

Gum'my, j^-^^^^^c^^- 

Gun, n. ^^8- fc^joH. [f«6w. 

Gun'-bar'rel, n. 5$b-^Sr*6oi5M "dS'F' 
Gun'boat', n. cJfi,i^sS»er« S,efoXbl3 

Gnn-carriage, n. fc^^o^ttofl. 
Gun'-cof ton,w.^ir'88Jao2Sb^sS ©fiboo 

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Grah, n,a,s'ae?^^itf. — v. t. &i 't 

Grab'ble, v. i. ^a^i^r*^^ '&4)v^dSo, 
Grace, n. «fSb(Xtf»«SM, fip^c, tfoc6, g' 

^o2^ifo"^jJ^. The days of g,= 

Grace'-cup', w. itfaSrica"^ j&^^c^'^; 

Grace'ful, a. -(j^^'^^'y^soi^tS'^'ti, 

Grace'fuUy, adv. T6oo25tfiSM7r», ^X 

Grace'less, a. ^S^, B_ssg'&j'Jt85»l5 

p, cJS»^«S»TPp. [f^|Ktf*«SM?Ce). 

Gra'cious, a, a^ssXo, 2JcBjH62.(^^^ 

Gra'ciously, adv. \(\tiSr^ ,^oSi^ ^ e) 

Grac'kle, n. sog'o^^?!^ r^oi^K^doS't) 
Gra-da'tion, n. |S'i5386m, ;jQai?J|'a)|oo^ 

Grade, n. €i>o^»85»^ «o^*^j, ^CJX'©. 
—V. t. z^sst^ijiv^ iitf^w^} ^IJK 

Grad'aal, a. j^i5D|S'«fo^l^, ^§'«53i5»7r» 

Grad'ually, adt?. |§'j6D(S'«S38S3o-?r», r^o 

Grad'uate, v. t. |B'i5Di5w7r»j)^;^o«)Hb 

osScoS^j ^ysSjiSM-TT* O^JlosJcoS 

Grad'u-a'ted, a. (y«&8Saa-7r» ©9*^0© 

X>ea3($boa ns>^C9)d(^. 
Grad'a-a'tion, n. itfisj^s^a^ \^i&>t 

i^fjS abr»o2Sb&D. 

Graff, ^ n. (^^98i»S'(^) Cr^o&o 

Graft, J V. U ^oADotfto, ^o&o'jScfiSo. 
Grain, n. j<oS, T;r»|fo«5ba5 ^ewig^Xra 

Against the g^©Obg«5ba-7r»,^p;l 

Gram, n. ^os^ewj "r-oejs Tp^i^ciScu. 
Black g. Oa|Sbtf»e». Green g. = 
■?,'iJ)ex).Red g. «=»8'oii>cx>. Bengal 

g.= "^(^XOD. 

Gra-mer'cy, interj. t5sj< i 
Gram'i-na'ceous,'^ a. sj-OnS' f^ooo 
Gra-min'eous, j ?^5>c^5 cS^XiSsyo 

Gram'i-niv'orous, a. s;-0\tf ©"^A. 
Gram'mar, n. sncS'tfrasto. 
Gram*ma'rian, n. ^oSr* S'eJcwcifo, 

Gram'mar-school', n. v*jlo!6 "^'O^ 

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Gpam-mftt'ical, a. ^r^c^tSe^^ozioif'^ | Grant'or, n. Tr»;^s)o-O\^sr»c^, tt»^. 

Gran'ary, n. T?'i^c"$)§^to. 

Gran'atei see Garnet, 

Grand, a, K^«:^, "S»g, ^s^^^t^i ^^ 

Gran'dam, n. i6M«iC)e)8&^, e)s$|g. 
Grand'child^, n. sSo^SbsSoc^; sSs^sSd 

Grand'daugh'ter, ».8S3j5bs5D-cr»oo, ^ 
Gran-dee', n. ?r5*^oT'c2^, ^s-^jg),^:) 

Gran'deur, n. ^.^SJ*^^ ^^^ ^T'ss^ 
Grand'fa'ther, n. S)B^85a?6toc2Sb, ^^ 

Gran-dil'oqence, n. ^j^j's^^cg' jo^ 

Gran-dU'oquent, a. t^^^ aj^c»5»7j- 

Grand'moth'er, n. 8)'sr*i&lr», ^sJqj 

Grand'sire', n. b^^j '^fi^8Sc&. 
Grand'son', n. ^j5c>«5»cac. 
Grange, n. Tp^t^c-^S^^. 
Gran'ite, n. i^oSS'cxo. [&. 

Gra-niv'orous, a. "zp^is^c ^OfSb©"? 
Grant, r. ^. s^^y 2Jc«6^c«»5 ^8&j 

Gran-tee', »• jfiBjXi^^; -^^^r^P (f 

Gran'ule, n. -O|^oa3e9o:^, -G;^^ S'ca 
Grape, n. i7t»&s3o&, )r*^p^€)«5ai. 

Graph'ic, "j^ a. T^^g.;^)!^, l5^S'^ 
Graph'ical, J ^1^5 ^^zs'^^. 
Graph'ite, same' as black lead. 
Grap'nel,^. ■Ot^aoX'Ob. 
Grap'ple, y. t. 55dx»r'f^,X«S-7r» sJto§^ 

«Saa^cS^^ a.g'a'^g'Ob S5tor*f6.— n. 

Grap'pling, n. •^^c;(ber»^^&),Tr«^ 

Grap'y, a. ^jCP&sJo^^sJo63. 
Grasp, I?, i. & i. «to§^i6jcr*;6cr*(&; 
To g. at=5Jtor'|^c2y*ig)&D.— n. ^ 

Grasp'ing, a. ^^gnTXe), er^^^^j 

Grass, w. 5J-C)^S', zit^K& , r-j:^^. 
Grass'hop'per, h, txiik^. 
Grass'less, a. sj-Oxg'-^p. 
Grass'pW, n. ss-Oxg'ttocSejo. 
Grase'y, a. c-O^S'Xo. 
Grate, n. gair,^7V'05e5d^S'sS»j€» "^jB 

^7^tf»jg'tfj5o;b^£f)g'OAo^} 5^oCJ<^ 

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Grate'ful, a. ^^^2e^;Co, *^oa^ ^sj 

Grate'fally, odi?. ^^^©^S^, iro^-^ 
Grate'f ulneas, n. ^^© ^,-A)e»^€>c^ 

Grat'er, n. &ea3jS»ic&D,r^eJ("cr»)«5a5. 
Grat'iti-ca'tion, n* -(jo^tL "S»to&3, 

;;x>6a).G. of desires— g'xiar'if^, i&> 

Grat'ified, a. c^S), tSoc^ceaS^^ -jC)© 

Grat/ify, v. ^. fJo(S^s5. "sto, ^^J^ 
Grafi-f/ing, a. ic;o5^sS<S'if;^c^,^S)S 

Gracing, a. e>75tf»c^tf"^t^ w. ^^^ 

Gra'tis, odr. ■So-^^^r'i^S&oai^^tf 

Grat'itude, n. iTv^a? ^^j^oai^-^wj^ 
Grarta'itous, a. "SotJaSofiisi^^j^^^tf 

Gra-tu'itously, odw, ^-OTPgiSMTf,? 

Grartu'ity, n. «5i^ijj^|^i&», -^OiS^Sk 
Grat'alate, t;. ^.' Sr'di'j;)©^ ;liS»^^ 

Graf a-la'tion, n. ^o^sxs&wfSS ^00 

Grat'ulatory, a. Scn'a^'jcro«S^SktfMjSo"3 

Grave, n- 7:):6^^^e, «^sJ«5a:f5c)-S>4j>7C>o 

&> — V. t. ^asoj, a. Kolf^S^^^ 

Grav'el, n.g'o^e^,;feoS'65'«CK5«^»^,^^ 

Gravel-stone, n. X)e)g'55'cx». 
Grav'elly, a. g'oS'tfXo. 
Grave'Iy, adv. Ko^^zSxjtv'. 
Grave'ness, n. Xofj^g'. 
Grav'er, n. <^x?^5 s^^Cl^sJp^ca^snc 

Grave'stone', n. «j:ra2r»^«o. 
Grave'yard', n. £,^|^«Sm. 
Grav'ing, n. j^Ktfcp. 
Grav'itate, ». t. ©obi&^S^ |Jo2Jc©&^ 
0^aoQ»5'(,-e5S'^ e^85»|^Soer♦co&• 
G^av'i-ta'tion,n.««' tf caiS»};bab^ A> . 
Grav'ity, n. «§'^CT^J}^{jtfx», ?b5c> 

Gra'vy, n. jjir-p^ j^j^iSm. 

Gray, a. -pftfija^} wcnS'Btftf i5» Tr-jfi 

Gray'beard', n. i5M'i:)D5r»c&. 
Gray'fly', n. ^S'o^^^a^ -5*cX. 
Gray'hound', n 2,g'»^©'^c&>8SS'j^. 



as, 2^;a^KI)a^ig). [^. 

Gra'zier, ». kJ^^oj^"?)©-© «)j5»^sr»c 
Grease^ n, Stf»tfj,(r'^,^&. — v. t. 

Greas'y, a. ^"3^, ^«Saj0o7v»^1^^5l6 
Greats a» JTsJx, "stfa «:> |i ^j-sd^^i jfc 

53;^. The g.— ^sJ^spOoj j6otf«?^ 

00. A g. many^ojSw, e>"^g''^(^. 

Great'-bel'lied, a. S'(&-$)5^ i^^^ $ 

Great'coat, n. "a«;|aT!f*-sr»j^oe3. 
Great'-grand'child^ n. »$»pj&>i68Soc 

& ; s63opsS>(5os63Tr*oo. 
Great'-grand'daugVter, n. «5mPs5d 

Great'-grand'fa'ther, w. jjj2)«r» «5d 
Great'-grand'motVer, w. jS8)^^«s> 

Great'-grand'son', n. jSoap ifof^jfec 
Great'-heart'ed, a. $^|^t»axo. 
Great'ly, odi;. Oo§^07r»,«*€)85otoSSj 


Great'nesi, n. r*«f^tf^i^, ^ijtf^itoj 

Greave, n. -T*0t)5'j,-.a»^{j- tf^y-tfiiw' 

usually in the pi. 
Grebe, n. ^obr^S, tSj^^7b&r^&. 

Greed, n, t?^, cr«<rri», ^^^. 
Greed'ily,adi;. «tf3^,«^c?«r*sSLiS^. 
Greed'iness, w*cr«^«6!x», e^g^. 
Greed'y, a. w«Htf«&ofid t?ir»g-r*oJ6^ 

Greek, a, ^^i&i'^ — n. ^H^'^i 
Green, a. ^sSssS^pj s50^, ttobsit* 

«^e)p5 l5c^, T^S^a>^ n. «SS 

s5^^5 ss^dS'j^oiSM} g-8. wsS Scpej 

Green'finch', n. sl^^© c^^ ^jjasj^ 
Green'gage', n. SL^o^^t^sJodfo. 
Qreen'gro'cer, w. Bj'tJ7r»cx6e)8S»^«o 

Green'hou8e';n. ■©i^"aoDg'i^e»s5DO^ 

Green'ish, a. ^o^t^ e^SSc^vp. 
Green'let, n. a^tfo^^pi^^fSboj^ooofclo. 
Green'room', n. "^^^c^v^-fT^^^^v 

Green'sward', w.s>-Ci\S'©cx6oo. [i5». 
Green'wood', 7t. «5^,\P ^^^. J^^^i 

Digitized by 




Qreet'ing, n.^tkii^ij-^tk», ^tSoiSH^ 

Gre-ga'rious, a. Xao*^«)-7r-ir«^l^^, 

Qre-nade', n. ^©S^a'jj-Bdfoai^a^f^ 

Gpen'a-dwr', n. fS-b^oao. 
Ghre-na'do, see Grenade, 
Grew, p. ^ of jfrotx?. -BdKSp, tsoi? 
Grey, same as gray, [jss^ t^. ©. 

Gpey'hound' n. 'Sc^^^i^f^'^vtiM. 
Grid'dle, n. «&o7Co85», Tb|fi&». 
Grid'i'ron, n, Uno^iSw "T^odx&dSS « 

Grief, n. &S^«5»,ss'c'j^(f«5»,Oar»eiiS». 
Griev'ance, n. ^sIiSm^ •^o^toaSaj, aSbS 

Grieve, v. ^- «625p"?)|d3^ "^fc^p^ — 
GrieVous, a. ^5bS^S'el^Bo^^ sscT:)(^S'tf 

Grif'fin, n. a,^©?^*!^"^®^*^- 
Grig, n. zi^^'^^ -D^^^ctf . 
Grill, v. ^ "^Ho^, "Sc*^. 
Grim, a. f oc6oS'tf»5M7r» g'^c2i"S&, 

Gri-mace', n, i6»f>j>irv9, «5wfp-5^tf 



Gri-maced', a. j:)irj9t!oc6c©a|^. 

Grime, n tfoo%tl, -j^co, i6&|^ito.«-<-*- 

Grimly, a. ^a^o^^f^^. — adv. p' 
Qrim'y, a.ti»^^^^, fosso^tftfoa-Tr*. 
Grin, V, i. coSjM)o^, — n. sj^^Oo^, 

Grind, v*^* ©tt>K^er<©750b, tofllS 

To g. the teeth— tfo^r'efloSSto. 
Grind'er, n. c^sJi^ugp^ i^i&ooS^o^sSm; 

Grind'ing, n. a-j^^Obib} i^esoio, d^S 

Grind'stone', n.^^^ji^^p^S'go^SobX'e). 
Grip, V. t. fcS§<feo SKcoto. — n. XiS 

Gripe, V- ^fcSStoQX'cotoj'^fc^^ejoTCc 

Grip'er, n. gj-o-jCj-Sjtosr'C^^. 
Gris'ly, a. ^osSog'tf^i^. [S^G. 
Grist, n. z^ij-^inb B^Ki3tr* t^^czi 
Gris'tle, same as cartilage. 
Gris'tly, a. "aa^p, 85o\&2.^- 
Grist' mill', n SobKO. 
Grit, n. Si*t^8'5 S'oS'm€5'^5 "SxesoiSM} 

Grit'ty, a. cq-^tfTr-j^^T^. 
Griz'zle,n. r'^3i6M "pe5|5;^5r^. 
Griz'zly, a. r'o1B«6»78e5^(^. 
Groan^ v. i. i^sr"oo;(o, "^^^ l&o&ea~?> 

I l5Qar*e>»?b. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ iC 



Groat, n. z^jn^iAKy. [». 

Groats, n.»tofeiB^r*«Sb«&€» "Sco. 
Gro'cer, n. *^c»j^ "5^i>©^oo "aao. 

Gro'cery, w. "icsScriSS "f^S)© &oo "Soo. 
Grog, n- ?)«Gj.S'Dfc^-(5^iT*cx», 
Grog'ram, n. z^Ziif^^isSi. 
Groin, n. X^^^^c^ inM&i^^^ 

Groom, w. Xbes-^oT^c&j sjpoj'cd^, 
^rob, Sos'obc&j -^o^r^&so — 

Groove, n, s5j)8&»5jS(^Ac^, ©oS-c^iS' 

Grope, V. i. & L ^^oiS^^aSig), ^si 

Gros'beak' w. fcHOfcto f^'Si^c^. 
Gross, a. "ar»2?(^^'^^?'^^^&c^^*^ 

Gro88%, adv. -Br^toivj *r»^-7v*,"^» 
Gross'ness, n. iar»to^|fttju, |W>i5t»© 

Grot, n. xbtf*. [a»8*^^. 

Gro-teeque', a. j:>-r»ffite|^, ©o^l^,© 
Chrof to, n. ?fotf*5 ^o-7r»?^s&o2^»iS». 
Ground, n- ^o, ^005 «^IJ»$», ^5 
T5^2Jife»j fWto^ito*, -r*^»«6w, "4r» 

^3&) g-B, pi. 8fe^;«S»eS5,7Cj5. To 
gain g. -=» "T^oD^to. — V. <. "^oc 

(&.<5^) ^^^^^ Cd^^.— p. t. & 
p. p. of grind. 
Ground'age, n. ii^ioo T5;&er« s^^ 

Ground-bait, n. :^«a> a.S'i?*&)8&r'& 
Ground-floor, n. |§oa^ga>, "aoacJiS 

Ground-ivy, n. "^o ^ol?^tfo«S 2.8' 
Ground'less, a. p-xT^-qr^tS-^n^, pd^ta 


Ground'lQssly, adv. f)T7»^e^i6M7r», 

Ground'ling, n. ib4Socfi«);fe;^lJ^o& 
Ground'nut', n. S^'^i^x. f^oJ. 
Ground-rent, n. "^os?^. 
Ground'sel, n. Ka^ssjotf. [iSbo^oiiM. 
Ground' work', n. •^rj'a,e:5Tp^iyi&», 
Group, w. Xbo-^,'i:)o$oid»^'j:j«SMT3^oc6 

Grouse, n. ab<oS'sJo4S2.S'8r©r*a. 
Grove, n. «S^c-$), 5^cAo, ^ssj^iSm. 
Grov'el, v. i. '^vcz^&in-^^y rtnc 

Grov'elling, a. ^Sc^i^, ^o^^2?^- 
Grow, V. i. T^ebcXb, •326X05 ■^T'^x'fe^ 

Digitized by L^OOQIC 



Grow'er^n. ^Co^c»S95r»c&j "^o^ 

Grow'ingi a.-5)0c"^&^»)6^ifc5-^r»S^ 
Growl, V. i. ;(>eaos5D^. 
Grown, p. p. of grow. 
Grown-up, a. -^tfajooS^i^NKo^cOa^ 

Growth, n. "?iOocSa&>> a)e&?fcto,"2io"$), 

Grub, v. f. i^JSg. — Wr. ■©is^^'^ObSbj 

(slang) Bo&, -Ajc^. 
Grudge, v. ^. & i. t?t^o^s>&, -fj 

Grudg'ingly.adt;. «-jSr«o53^5 e>p 

Gru'el, w.?Co«,^s5,e>o2}0. [sxgp^. 
Gi:ufE, a. «ftftC)wcr-'a&,S'©i^-^c^,««) 
Grum'ble, v. i. i5bcr»c»K)r*jSb, T^ew?^, 

Grum'bler, n. •j5e»Xb5T»c^, iSar»ooX) 

Gmm'bling, w. 75Ew?C>&3,j^)j'Oo;fer'jSb 
Grume, n. tSoatf. 
Gru'mous, a. tf^gS'^Sj^. 
Grunt, n. (^co©) ;feg3Hbg>s5Dj6Ao, ^ 
&5«Sm. — u. t. (s3oO)?fceM»5op «*• 

Grunt'er,n, sjoO, 

Grunt'ling, n. coftfco . 
Gryl'lus, n. 8Si&j^-^«)?fotfo«S-^0bXa. 
Gua'na, n. ^el>iSM e^^2?o^$. 
Gaa'no,n. -rfsSDajj^-^ sj^o -^Ssiifiaj 

Guar'an-tee',*^ n.6 

Guar'anty, J -o, ^ip'o33«5m. — v, U 

Guard, v. <. & i. -^ir»2^, Jfivo^j 

r"ool6o.0n the g.^es^iX^Tr*. 
Guard-chamber, n.-g-»s50oT'0(&^o 

Guard'ed, a. xsix^-^i^y ^r*\K^^i^ 
Guard'edly, adv. tst^^-k*. 
Guard'ian, n. ir^oSSc^, 0"^SSc&. 

Guard'ianship, n. <^^E385»,7^oJfi.^ 

Guard'room^ n. "T»sye)5r»oic& ^o& 
Guard'ship, n. nr'syOTfjSbt^ 5J^i. 
Qua'va, n. ^oo^to '38' 5Jo&. 
Gud'geon, n. z.s'ozf^^'Oiirj^^ajj e 

Guer'don, n. ©i^ifr^i^tfM. 
Q^er-ril'la, n. ©oS^r^toaroX". 
Guess, V. <• & u 6&ib^o^,ab^oo\r*j6, 


Guess-work', n. ^^oooo"^* 

Digitized by VSOOgie 



Gaest-rite> n. ^^^^wij^^stSd^. 
Guesfc'wise', adv. «8$sy*e?. [;g)g. 
Gaf-faw', n, tj&j^^-fj j^, e>a;>^2>t^t^ 
G'lg'gl©* see Gurgle. 
GuidWce^ n. jjS^sj-^-^&dj S'fi^-^^ 

Guide, v. t. -cr»8-^-$)5 |^52>o^3Xd^ 

Guide'post', n. |^s5-^-$)^otp'rfM. 
Guild, n. ^^^ 7:^sir-2SjS». 
6uirder,n. a.g'ir^SaSw. 
GuildTiall', n. V^^8«*sjS. 
Guile, n. iaT"j:J:6», sjo-c^^, tfsjtotfa*. 
Gnile'f ul, a. g'tf*o»$»X'€), •ar-'fl'^li'. 
Guile'less, a. pskir-s?to^^. 
Guillo-tine', n. -^tf;^V^o6i&;S"^«> 

Guilt, n« "^^t^xi, ^^^} ^siT'^tfMj'^ 
Guilt'iness, n.e55)Tr»$^ci^.[«S>c2 c^. 
Guilt'less, a. p6^2),6aD^, ^^BS»"3a,«> 
Guilt' J, a* ^sJ5^iB^,^5)'o^§^|^,ar* 

Guin'ea, n. 2.8'oo-7r'Ob(ar»Qtf». 
Guin'ea-corn, n. a*»;jr^oo. 
Guiuea*fowl, "> . 
Gainea-hen, j"-^'^'"^-'^^'"^- 
6uinea*pig, n. jb^SDCoAr'sSir-, «03S 
tfoft. [•^. 

Guinea-worm, n.|ff^a*^ottb^lJ^dfioeM 

Guise, n. 2^^d, bj^xrsSM, t5-5^^«s»5 

Gui-tar', 7i. feeasJofcS sn25cO'§slJ6M. 
Gu-lan'cha, n. aak&cX, X>&r»^.Ex- 

trct of g.'^Sxj^'fj^. 
Gules, n. o^eaj*^. 
Gulf, 71. ^SDotr^pi ^^^css»odfo-j;» 

Gull, v. t. "aT"i:)«$>i^cs^, ijo^o^. 

Gul'let, n. 8S^g',rog7T'«'sSw,W}^^oT> 
Gul'ly, n. -r«€»s5, 5r»cXb5 -jcioi^b. 
Gul'ly-hole', w. ^e-cr^dg't^^iS». 
Gulp, V. ^. Xb<to8o{^|^^p^o?C>.— w.2Lg',X{> 

Gum, n. ©og',^Hbeb5J^o^«5j^o'iJ?i5M,s5o 
^cxo?<beb, s:>o*3§S«$^5b.G. arabic= 
?^s&,©og'. t^o&s&^aoS'. G. am- 
moniao— Xs53onoQ3S'«j».G. butia 

Gum'boil, n. SiXb^>or»c*^. 

Gnm'mous, ') 

Gum'my, j «• ^o^-^i^l^a* 

Gun, n. ^^8} fce^oj^. [f«6w. 

Gun'-bar'rel, n. $^-^S^6oi5m "d^F^ 
Gun'boat', n. c3as»i^ss»er« S,eJoXbl3 

Gnn-carriage, n. &?^o^ttofi. 
Gun'-cof ton,w,^-^88tooe6;^sS ©aboo 

Digitized by VjO^QIC 



Gun'nel, see Gunwale. [i^. 

Gun'ner, n. ?^-^§lJlff)tf oHTT'ejo^aT^c 
Gun'nery, n.cJ^tf8S30«Sb fctfo?(>e)fS;>35 

Gtin'ny} n. ^oytsa^^ ;r*?. [ifio^. 
Gun'pow'der, n. 5fe-^88&o«Sb. 
Gun'shot', n. tfc-^8l3S'fc?loJl?(io&ir« 

Gun'smith', n. &^sSoo^<:5Sj5r»c&. 
Gun'stook', w.&-Jr»8as»S'^8SoT3^lgg' 

Gun'wale, n. ia^oEtoS'ir-S.^^- 
Gur'gle, v. i.'i^"^&>J)0b^e)*€>riap2fe 
Gur'net, n.sog'a^joj^^cc. [p^c5$». 
Gushi V. i.'SXtf»^|j;r»o5f ,©oc5c»"3 

2^00^^^;^|^S^gr>0^, €18, blood g 

ed from the wound.— w.'SXiiM^r^ 
23O0Seo "3aJe»&>5 votSdiS^ cflj^Tp 

Gush'ing, a. '5K«b>«r*-^e»T^|^"<58' 
Gas'set^n. «^6SK>2^. [ffif:IiS». 

Gus'to, 71- CoO, tS'jStSai. [i^tXv. 
Guat'y, a. ^>»}67nj6|f^, ^«»t)^^ 
Gut, ii.8'&-^tr«f)|^;fe. — ©.i.^XbojSb 

Guf ta-pei/cha, n* tf © 8otf otfa/^tfxr* 

Gut'ter, n. i6boed§|b8bd^ig*r*co&> tf e> 
Gut'tural, a.S'o5^c^|^,g'o^«5Doe6^-?i^^ 

Guz'zle, r. i. tJ>^g'j5»7r»'(y»iT»oc»(^ 
Guz'zler, ». |^;fec^^. [?6. 

Gy'all, n.X5Jo53«Sa5,«5a^cf*^'55s'^Oo 

Gym-na'sium, n. ?<6(S^e>,^75tf &"3^ 
Gym'nast, n. ^-j:! tf ^^cxsmot^c&j^tS 

Gym-nas'tic, a.-^jSi^'j^ooo^jd^Xr^ 

Gym-nas'tic8, n. wngf.S'T^tf ^^-^Aa, 

Gyn'archy, "I n. ^ Vop sJO-iy-otf 
Gy-noc'raoy,J 85m. [;§. 

Gyp'sum, rua,s'€^*tf,*;jooo9;^^sr& 
Gyp'sy, n., |)Z. gfyps^»c».tt}«oS'e>5ncofc. 
G/rate, v. i. H»>t^©«)K). 
Gy-ra'tion, n. Ke»^©eaK>&3. 
Gyve, n. ^ijro-^o.— v. i.-^fo-^iCK-^cs;^. 


Ha, interj. etf<4 e:5g5ar»o. 
HaVer-dasVer, n. -oo 5f ^«ar»f6€oe 
«5Mj r* j6p3-*c&. [in^fo. 

HaVer-dash'ery, fuoo^etfo^tf-^ifj 
HaVer-dine', n.dar8;>^S^o)o«ic^g|f2j 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



Ha-bil'iment, ». ^.&*^, e6;^,©i^^ 
Hab'it, n. ^9'cT!Jj6»,tJ>o5r»&)0;j5b^tfi^ 

Hal/itable, a.snv»«^^OBSctf J^|f ,J)5h 

HaVitant^ n. p»n^^sr»*f58Sao^cs^Qjtc 
Hab'itat, n. SIS' ^^Tv^p ©odbift-7r»p 

HaVi-ta'tion, n. tf^0^5T»'iC^i6M,iT»^ 

Hab'ited, p. p. & a.^gSb-^^oo3c»<S 
Ha-bit'ual, a. sj»afojf ^|i',«>o5yi2?f*^j 

Ha-bit'aally, odv. Br»&g'-^, J5r»t&r» 
Ha-biVoate, v. U e9o«T«&>D&eso^, .r* 

Ha-bit'a-a'tioDj n. «)e>5T»toS'e»Xc'^ 
Hab'itude, w. ef)e)5r»<5oo, «5p»i6x'od. 

oo2.— a.§cpO§15(bor'p|i'^«"38o&^ 
Hack'ery, n. <»)^«)0(S. [S^Pl^ . 

Hac'kle, n. «r»^^} Ss'^^c'^ajspsJiba 

Hack'ney, n.«>BHbg«SM5e>'S«;>o<S 

a. wg5S5jBr*p^.— V. ^aDSj^Osjp 

Hack'ney-coacji', n. «^»o^. 

Had, p. t & p, p, of have. S'OKc&o 
Had'dock, w. i&^ cX)"<5lJ^. 
Ha'des, n. fc^er«S'35M. 
Haft, n. S)(3. [«5m^"^& Ji % 

Hag, n. 0-r'e^^^«5aa-i;JJ)a5«Sao|gv. -* 
Hag'gard, a.^^%o^ir^ox>:^ ^^■sr^-^^ 

Hag'gl6,t;.^.j5Mg'^s$»tf j^cK)-7v»r*cs^ . 

Ha'gi-og'rapher, n. ifewo'^0bs^e)-?5 

Ha'gi-og'raphy,^ n. -^cac •$)0o55i)0 
Ha'gi-ol'ogy, J -^^6^^«S». 
Hah, in^^r;. 1H5 esH; «S3cr^o. 

^c33S». — inter j. cJoiSsSM,^^^^^^?^ 

«6w. — a. wer^Kcs^MKe). 
Hail'stone', n. sJfi^X^, ^tfS'. [«Sm. 
Hail'stonn', n» sj^Xo^^oT-pT, %v^zs}S 
Hair, n. "Soj&tf^e^^SDriwj "Soi^S'cd, 

6^i5Df)tfwcr»oD5«5M, r'S)^. 

HairTDreadtV,n. "So^^fcg'o^ :3«^ex)^. 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Hair'cloth^ n. S'o©^, TToKV. [^io. 
Hair'dres'serin, "3g|&^0(6 *^>^tf 

Hair'less, a. *y*S, ■3o|&S'e»l3p. 
Hair-pencil, n. iJo7fcc»"3<3SSjSSo^. 
Ha^r-powder, w. r^sj^ltoctf S^r*? 


Hair'y, a. "3o|^^€»Ko. 
Hake, n. sfo^^ga^sl«S». 
Ha-kim', n. 2,^5C&. [*$) -^clo. 
HaFberd, n. a.S'oef jo^ '^^S "'^^ 
Hal'cyon, n, o5&«5x8^jSis)ilx. — a. "^ 

Hale, a. tf^^Tr»i5«S»Xo, w6^KgT^|^. 
Half,n. &a, iflXa^, t5>{r, «|«i». 

Half 'blood', n. ^eaiS^o^S iSS" ^^ 

Half-bound', a. -j^^XjSwsSjtoSo^oDW 

Half'-bred',a. ^^j^tt* 85oTr»c2^ex) "^ 
Half'-breed',n. •j^og'tf2ri^oT'C«&. 
Half'-brotli'er,n. sJr»«o^o(S oSod^i,- 

Half'-lieard',a. Tr;((>K0|^co2^p, &tf 

Half'heart'ed, a. ^S)CX6«5M■e5f), "^S 

Half'holiday, n. t:)KsSm t54otifo^$)a 

Half -houray/i. etfKo&>r*if|k*6ab|^. 
HalF-leamed', a. 'iJ)X'«s» -^^oS^ciSm 


Half-moon',n. eej-tfoifiac&j etf-sJo 

Half'pa7,n. •j:JX«s»?g^iS». [^tCiSw. 
Half-penny, n. "sp^^ €5}6 7r»Si6B9U^ 
Half-price, n. «sniSar.cD "aocr^CTr^ 

Scr>0er«C7r«p TSKiJaa. 
Half'-read'/i. §^o^i&» ^gj^igfi^pi^, 

Half'-Biglit'ed,a. ^o& TrHbTr* tf|i'c© 

2^p5 a'as'8&»«*op. 
Half '-8ifi'ter,n. Unea^S tf o^ S5x>sr{|- 

-TT-p ^0aa»8'l^7r»p SS;Ssr»J2. 
HiOfVay', culv. «5d{^^,;^2fei$o^,<^X 

»S»^^srt6 — a. ^asto, i6b9c2>|?. 
Half '-wit', n, t»a^psnc&. 
Half'-wit/ted,a. taaQlJp. [sSdooo. 
Half-year, w. we^sjtf aSaj, e^eau Sr^i^ 
Half'-year'ly,a. weao acr»'fj8S»o r*S' 

Hal'ibnt, ?i. a.S' "stf^cxj. 
Hall, w. Sj*&>«s>5,«^^S,sj2^'^o. 
Hal'le-lu'jah, n. & in^er/. scxsso s 

OOSo, t69oX^«630. 
Hal-loo', v. u ete-ofcoD^,*?*©.©^^. 

n. X)c»'$). — intej. Si.Tr«vr», i 

Hal'low, v. ^. if)8&er^€3^c3HS95 imsn^ 

Digitized byCjOOQiC 



Hal'lowed^ p. a. « ft|jS^^, ^a^l^Tto 

Hal-lu'ci-na'tion, n. |<ra6o,«&98>(y«fe 
Halm, n. x&, [«$o^. 

Ha'lo (^-ir^v^^/i, 5Ja"SS)w«SM,?Cja$,*^ 

Hala'er, n. ooKObijT'dSb. 

Halt, V. i. pejo^, sSa^fe^cJ^, X«5a;^ 

Halt'er, n. ^OiB^&^^SoTJ'tftfMjS) 

Hah'ingly, adv. sSoto-CSb . 
Hal've, i\ t. ^eS^KtSxi'^cs^) "^o^ 

Halves, n., pZ. of /laZ/. 
Ham, n. ^sS, sfo^TCsSwaoaS'ij- ^2^. 
Hara'let, n. ss^gto'Cb, -Ot^^ljr'sSDsSM. 
Ham'mer, n. ^^^^"^^j C^ir^i^ 

CD *^ 

Ham'merer, "> «. ^^^C7r»f)-f) 
Ham'merman, j ■^&)«5^C7r'pr»A» 


Ham'per, n, hSTo^^ -(jxr^o*, jCS^o^tf 

O CD *^ 

Ham'string', n. ^si'^^tka v. t, 

Han'aper, n. Xoo. [cxS?. 

Hand, w. ^oaD,85^j^«5M,g'tf85M5«>w^ 

OoD,S'tf^e;«5oo5XSa6^0'i6ou "Soo. sr^p 

J|, '^OoNi^C^jSjPoT'C^J 25^^0. 

On all h-s or at all h-Svi-e^oSi^eil 
sso, "i^fijQi^- -A-t li.«=.jsx'ea. Prom 
h. to h.— a.S'p sJCSj^od oa»g'pS. 
H. in h.t^^s^^ ^^TT-. H, to h. 
figlit-»^C$be»^I^ODS'0^^ ^ij^&D. 
To live from h. to mouth .» g'sl 

i5w'iC)o^ao^§^|;5o&>. The subject 
in h. =jj:^^ ©sxoccjSm. Right 
h. tT^^ss^^jSm. To be h. and 
glove— aoS^D '^sJ'jiwxD.H cxfijo 
dfc&j.To clap h-8««^5fbejo ^*S -j^To 
^ss.i6M^^cx)-^to. To come to h. 
«..e^o2^&>. To have a h. in —> ^o 
z>o^zSx) g'OAcsSMoi^'^to. To lend a 
h. — ^j5<o33i6m ^c335a&). To take 

in h. —-^(6 r'^k) 17. t ^B 

^iS^^, c*)^-^^, t5o©^^. To h. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Hand'bar'row, n. ■^sSr.jjSex) ^ar-^r* 

Handbell, n. ^l^7Co&>. 

Hand'book', n.-Zi^^i^^ttSs»,^^^ 


Hand'cuff', n. ^^8 -jcTo-^o v. f. ^ 

Hand'ful, ?i. SxS'^c&j^^c^^; -^S 

Hand'icraft, 71. ^^c "^"^dfossp, ^o^ 
Hand'i-crafts'man, n. ^0^, ^t^ir^o, 

•^•D, S'o^tf; S5^oH "aoo. SjpoT'C^^. 

Hand'ily, adv. •f)d$b-^ocj3i5M7r»^ •r'io 

Hand'iness, n. -jCifib-^osSsSx)^ 5r»Ao 
Hand'i-work', M.^©s;p,§'e)^^, -j^nSx. 
Hand'kerchief, w. ^^Obsjj^oo, S:&g' 

Han'dle, n. §,3,^98)3 v. t,wc^, 

Han'dling, n.^9^B^cSS&),^eScr-o 

Hand'made', a. ^l^^c"^iBc^. 

Hand'maid', "^ n.spg'_5, "^s^SStj* 
Hand'maid'en, J 00^ tt^jB. 

Hand'saw', n. ^l^eeoesSw. 

Hand'some, a. «otf 2?c^^^^lr-P' "^ 

2?(^, sSso-O, as, a h. pay. j^-7r». 
Hand'somely, adv.'l^ooS^tfsSM-Tr^j^EP^fe 
Hand'spike', n. ^^tftSwofSb o)^&> 

Hand-work, same as handiwork. 
Hand'writ'ing, n. |5T»c^,2:J-^3-oe,|5r» 

Hand'y, a. ■^oag'^^;^^ 3r«»4«8Sx-7v»jSi 

Hand'y-dan'dy, w. ^©er«x5^c-0^TT» 

Hand'y-gripe', n. ^©eS^sJto i^j^to. 

Hand'y-work', n. ^Qcp. 

Hangar, t. (^er»«i"^c»S>5^Q6c3a» 

Hang'er, w. ip^tSo^y^^oj^vtSM^ i^tr» 

Hang'er-on', n. ^^^ci^, [^oeb. 
Hang'ing,n. ^e&cs^&D} "Be^, 5JC5-cy; 
Hang'man, n. ^6&c5;^or»c^. 
Hank, n. |^ootfo"3. 
Han'ker, v. i. ^tr'c^s&, "5^0^ c 
2^ ; foil, hj for or o/Xer. 

Han'sel, same as Handsel. 

Hap, n. «tf\gKSM, ^t^XsSm. — w. t. 

Hap'haz'ard, n. t9S'ftjg'j5», g^sr-^j^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 



Hap'less^a. &e^2rvsl;^l^^ ^tt»\Xc 1 Har'borer, w. -cr'cKsAoSSO^SSij^^ar'c 

Hap'ly, adv, ^^ir^^i^, «>2^gs^^ 

Hap'pen, t?. i. -j^Jotfroo^, $a4So^,g' 
BLap'pier, compor.'^ 
Hap'piest, superl] «* '^PPy* 
Hap'pily, adv.^sf>tSx>Tr"^'^o^tktSo:i 

Hap'piness^ n. *^ipj5», ^^osSw^sS^ 

Hap'py, «t. *^ip85»7r»ySb(^5 -j^jo^S^Sk 

Harrangue', n. ^ts-fS^o'^t^, ^'(yoK 
Har'ass, ». i. 5^o25tf-S)|33, ir^o^^i 
Harassing^ a. ^sjiSJssS'j^^I^, ■^j^^g'tf 
Har'assment, n, eT^oestf iiA»&), tt^o 
Har'binger, n.j5wo2$b7r-5J^^oT»c^l5 

Har'bor, n. ^-8r»^oQ3«63^, S^s^oo^l^ 

Har'borless, a. p-o^i^ocs^i^. F^. 

Har'bour, see Harbor. 

Hard, a.^^^-^-fi jXtSj^s^-^^-^^^-^ 

0?^$ S'©l^8$M-7v^, S'sIsSmtt'.H. by-= 

csas> tiros' g'sls5(3b^|^. H. and 
fast rules=s'^x^gp|^ i3g' ^oS^ 

Hard'en, v, t. xgssesa^^s^cl^sjeflo^; 
"a(»oS"^e5o.c6,"ai»o(S^cSS3a. — V. i. 

Hard'ened, a. XdS^^, ^^-^-^i^cxo 

Hard'-fa'vored, a. iScpyjSDojptfwXo. 
Hard'-fiist'ed, a. €xw»c"S rf'. 
Hard'-hand'ed, a. ^^-^zs^j^t&^odXv^ 

Hard'-heart'ed, a. iSar^e^gj^xeJooSsSao 
Har'dihood, n. •j^^^.^iSm^ e^S"? iSo 

Har'diness, n. XftS^^sSoo, g'©|^^. 
Hard'Iy, adv.^t'ts^v^^^^i^'^^^ 

Hardiness, n. KfcS.S'©^^. 
Hard'ship, n. g'g86M,|5«5a56M,;|^6w, 

Hard'ware',n. X^^ts^^is^^igi-p^tin^, 

Di^zed by V^jOOQIC 



CSSwCg '^y'^^J ij^y^Ko. 

Hare, n. sSo'^cjo, ^igo&g^, ^^S'ii>a. 

Hare'bell', n. z^intf'^^'^^^t^, 

Hare'brained', a. -r^xjowftKo. 

Hare'-heart'ed, a. ijrosS«5»Xe). 

Hare'lip^n. ^^ (-ass). 

Hare'lipped', a. 5^e|, ^^ sbS^aXo. 

Ha'rera, n. i?o^S-^^85a>5 «)oS§-^» 

Hartcot, ».X2^cx);Sir-o-i:^85oag'DfcsJoa;^ 
Hark^ v. i. ©yss. — iinperative used 

as an vderj. ajSaaSw. 
Hark'en, see Hearken. 
Har'lequin,w. iS4^r^-77'cSkf, 
Harriot, n.oo^^ "S^c. 
Har'lotry,w. oo'SeJS'«5»; "S'T'cs^^g. 
Harm,n, sHp, ^eso-^, §cl>^^^ocs3 

Harro'ful, a. sHpS'tf 2?c^^ ^®so2^^,e3 
Harm'less, a. sj^plSp, «Hf)^o33f),pOo 

Har-mon'ic, '^ a. as'-^^^^^j «5»?a 
Har-mon'ical,J eJ^gtfsSajXe), |y;5c 

Har-mo'nious, a. H^^^i^^^^tii^^ts 




Har'monize, v.i. •t^9Xar»(&>, 7^65* <2fo. 
Har'mony,n.758$3B^<^tf», (^5Sc«^5«5a 

Har'ness, n. ©o(S;feeesSx>QoDjrij- «6m_^ 

Jir»f5b. — V.t,z>o&t Xbe:98S»fSo •^t' 

fSS \. r5r»oax>t6 . 

Harp, n, a,S'a2f ^]^ fcra. — y. t. &k 

Harp'er, | n. 2_e3sSc^^ fce^ir'AofiSc 
Harp'ist^J dk>. 

Har-poon', n. 5Jo(&Dr*e>,e3o"3Qi^-5ic 

Harp'sichord, w. fcTy-r»eyiS»Xo zX 
Har'py, n. S'oS'O^^Tte?^ X'oaS'^oboeJ 

Har'quebus, n. 2itf«)52)|;^fib^9. 
Har'ridan, n. sj\ 25*^^0. 
Har'rier, ». -gcfioSStfj^. 
Har'row, t2. &p^g>^e»t5g» ^j^cSr^Siof) 

Har'ry, v, Ur'^'i,^ tr^^. 

Digitized by^OOQiC 

Harsh, a. ^tfgpc^, r©^^,S'M3^ 

Harsh'ly, ad«7. S'©^j5w-7v*, sJObsHSw 
Harah'ness, n. sjebsl^g85», "^©l^c 

Harts'hom', n-abfcv gustos. . 
Har'vest, n. sJo*o§^c^jr*(aj^5;oto,$€) 

Harvestr-mouse, ».i^o"S3e»tf. [cJaS*. 
Has, third person singular of have. 

Hash, r. ^. »SM8'^«S(»S'{,-oo"7r» e^caoSS, 

Hasp, n^K^lv j5»^ -CooBS. — v. ^ r^\ 

Hast, second person singular of 

Haste, n. ^^rs, t??^e^iS», 5^otftf,'^X 

sfej.To make h. ^^^^rs^&^f&M^ 

Has'ten, v. U ^^ei-ato, 4($o«5wX^ 
Has'tily, adv, ^£tf-7r»,"SX«fe»-7r», wsr 

Has'tiness, n. ^g^,e)5J'jC)ij86»,^€'{r-^ 
Has'tingSj n« p&lipd^idssodl^fi^tfTr^ 

325 BAB-SAU 

IJas'ty, a. e5SbtfsS»Xe,^^CfXe>, "Sx^ 

Hat, w. ^g).— r. f. ^S)-s,(8dd, ^ 

CD ^ 

Hat'band', n. is^8:feac©c3^3$. 
Hatch, V. L ((^gj6) 8^<&;fo, S)0 ex)^ 

Hatch'et, n.-Z^ii^^TTsi^. 

Hatch' way, n.i2Ser«a.S'q33o^;^j3c>o<S 

Hate, V. ^.. ■^S)co^,Kd^o^,«>^j^o 

ssX, ^tJjj%c«^. 

Hate'ful, a. ^^t^o-^-^, ^'(iss^'oz^ 

Hate'fully, adv. -fr»os385M-7r», X» 4 

Hat'er, n, e^'j:}85'C5id^o3r»c&), 06^*^. 
Ha'tred,n. sJX, "^sSwjSm^ ^.^'^^ 
Hat'ted,a. fes^fcXo. 
Hat'ter, n. ^S)«»^c:3a»5r»c& l5g' ^ 

Haugh'tily, a. TCc^iSwk*, ^iJsJ'oT* 
Haugh'tineas^n • Xff^«SM, esJ^oT^ff 

Haugh'ty, a« <5tf^oX»&ttoXo/o<^i6M 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Haul, V. t' ©o85M<ir^-S*&^,7feo2?, er» 

Haulm, 1 n.TCS, sJ6"3»»g'};- aEtoS'j^ 
Haum^ f "T'caS. * [S- 

Haunch, n. 8)e3ocfib.g'43^sJ"^^8S», 6r^o 
Haunt, v. t, 'j:)Oa;^oo^5 -t^toS^p^^Ob 

Haunt'ed, a. jJosSosSxeo^ebJ^-Sc^^. 
Haut'boy, n.Zj^Si^'^^'pjr»^cxo,-fS^X 

'f5?^s6M5 2.S'X)^g>|^o3ogP5Jo&>. 
Hau'teur', n. x'3^ca5»,ef)8^o-r»tfB5M,J^ 

Have,v.^.S'D;\c3aa3oifo. — awa?, v. used 
with the past participle to form 
preterit tenses. I have read, 
etc. = i3as>cs^«T'^?Sb "a». I had 
read, etc.«-^asc33»o63f) "aoo. 

Hav'elock, n.^od'Qzi.^Xv^oSi'i^^ 

Ha'ven, w. i>«£TSi^5e;5j^cx6«5M,tJ^os5 
Hav'ersack, 7i«S^ococx)e:?sJ<?^5)"cr»tf 


jSooofSo ^o^r*p8!r<oao^f5o-o. 
Hav'ing, n. tj^; iBS; tfOHdaSooofoio. 

— p. a, tfOKcJ^^, S'o. 
Hav'oc, n.^Jp o^8S», f3^^8S»,ir»ofo. — 

Bb,w, 7U Hawthorn ef)^^d»oa»^{j-. 
Haw'fincV, n. «g;65r»o»5Jol6S a.^^«6D 

Hawk, n."^K,'^C(i's5».— r. i.c^Xj^X^a 

Hawk'er, n. fc^iijo-SotoSaR tfn6»^.r^ 

Hawk'-eyed', a. i^i^25\|k?C«,1or«»^ 
Hawsehole, n. ooKOb^aySS "8oo.iT»pf) 

Haws'er, w. -s,«"aj-»ss '6^^dk^^zSr' 

eb j^ ^ ,oo?COb'ar^ . 
Haw'thorn', )u ^«6d-Oo^5Jo43 ^Xo^ 

Hay, r^.§^i5^o5^-^^^KS,a)o&§''^$. 
Hay-band, n.^^ify-^d^^^i^ss'Bj^t 

Hay'cock', n. K&SSxJ^, S''i5;&5ya). 
BUiy 'makW, "j:) $pbr*i5a>oiS"Sc3a» 

Hay'maVing, n. S'-j^T^Sj^r^^ ofcoa^-^ 

Hay'mow', n. r*^ o3aoaS'SiBc^g':i5ig)5r» 
Haz'ard, n. ^^-^^'y ^^a, KoSitSi», 

iSJs5cr»2Js5M, 085^. — V. ^« & t. "^Ko 

Haz'ardous, a, -^th^'^H^^ e-^oc6 
Haze, ?i. dr»X«5Di».7r»j6o&S 9. 
Ha'zel, w. fc^iy-co Ke? e«^o^to 
Ha'zinesB n. e^'j^^sl^. [75^8^25. 
Ha'zy, a. dr»XtfOo^c»S»|irj^,i6>«X)x-7r"j5a 


He, pron. e)^c&,e5c»3^,oT*c&58S|^c 

Head, n.^o^w^\^'?!>xi^k3^}<}i&a,}&xi 
^o^KsSmj j6mi^o$ T^d, "5:^2^5 tDoB; 
^a "Sao. 5r»p ^^^_©';Cfoi6a>5 OSxOSS 

«Sm, ef)o^ji», ^0 S'. To make h. 
against =(Oado^<b. — a.siw^jooc 

Head'ache', w.^o"^S)^. 
Head'band', w. ^e>^d^. [EdiSM. 

Head'-dress', n. -^X'2w).a, ^&^^sl 

Head'ed, a. 4© S'Koj e^oKo, txgKo, 
used in comp. words ,as, dull- 

Head'ing, n.^a^g'^aslooSsSwoaoaS'i^-i 

K> "Sod. a, -r»J^^j6oo|^"aooaJ439'X'8630 

Head'land, n, ^tsx^^t^u^ ^"^^i 
Head'less, a- ^e>l5p, 'Stt)o"3«5M7r»f5a 

Head'lonor, a. c^ei'^-Oo^p, «^d&)2^^5 
^o.ioB |j'.— (head'long') adv. tJ 
er^^o^S', fib^l^^SoTT"; ^O|8o&-7r». 

Head^man^, n. oesS8Ss6^f5ac&),e5$5)©, 

Headmaster, w. t5jTp^^^cr»^T?^ccxfi>c 

Head-money, n. |^&«SD;Sb55pct^So"S"^ 
Head'most^ a. ^^7C«5pKi5» o tf D,"ai»2J&S . 

827 HAU-] 

Head'piece', n. ^oSS •g^r^'^ttog'sJ-S 

Head'quar'ters, n. pZ.«)-j5,p«3^'i:)i5w5 

Head'ship, n."jar»oa38'^£8S», (^-qr-i^ir^ 
'^. [oOf^esoSSoT'C^. 

Heads'man, n.^£,ti^o^czi&^^d^o 

Head'stalV, n.Kyta 86m 3i»S'|^ 5605^55*0 . 

Head'stone', w. •^jT'aers 86Mipe"ao|^ 
e^'ooDj ir'c9^'S'sJ«5M|5'8o^o^to|ar» 
toes' OM. 

Head'strong', a. e5>X)"$oo32p^,ssr-&>s 

Head'tire', n. ^o^X". [too^Sbsjp. 
Head' work', n.i»ass6|^8&«6w. 
Head-workman, n. r&i^p;. 
Head'y, a. tSxr^^-^-^, "aioDoS; -t^sJ^-j:) 

Heal, v. ^. 86r»j6^, ^?(>^(3^,§ofibOo^, 

Heal'ing, a.s6^"^^^j«jC)e-;Cj^«^^,5^ 

Health, n. e36^?Cc«5M, "t^Q*^^; sS'^o^. 
Health'ful, a. wS^X'cS'tf^ec^* ^^^§ 
Health'iness, n. w6^Kc85m. [j^c^- 
Health'less, a. ^d^KctSo^'Sp. 
Health'y, a.^4)c«5M-7v»fSo|^5«6^7Co 

Heap, n. bSs;^, ir^^^ ■Dr»5.-*-v, ^. sb^;^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

aSA-BlI 3iS 

Hear^ v. t oySo^ ^v%oS. — v. i, ajsbj 

Heard, p. t, & p. p. of hear. 
Hear'er, n. oj65r»c<J3b^ r^^. 

Heart'less, a. p^cs^c^nS y\^tr^iC . 
Heart'pea', n. t»«^'Br»cg'^. 
Heart'rend'ing, a. Xao'Soo sjXbocJT* 

[^ -^li^^i 


^^o^fi^tfi6:«. ^ lHeart'seed',n.,^«$^cS'». 

*^^ I Heartsick', a. 8pf^^c5^^,«&(^^^BSo 

Hear'say', n.5yaoS,«>f)§S,»p§,^fioT» 
Hearse, n.&^c;b«)oS. — v. t. h^cKi 
Heart, n. ;(5o"3,Xbo"S-s-'cX53, 85^^2^033 

j5D?^e:;J)€n6M58SM#)c9^X«Sa>, By h.— 

Heartache', w. zso-fii^isSixi, "Stf^. 
Heart'break'ing, a. ^foo^ex) 5>?ib«>t^o 

Heart'bro'ken, a. Xbo"Sex> sJH©|^, w 
Heart'burn', n. g'&-^€r« sSdo&dS'DI? 

Heart'burn'ing, n.8^^sJo85'Saei',§'& 

Heart'en, i\ <. ^.^S*^^ •^ftSo-^, 
Heart'f elt^ a. 85o^S-^_OSD^;ei)oT'c 

Hearth, n. {b^cxoo ps>^?^c& "aoo. 

•r»per« p85^"^o83cto«SD^&o. 
Heart'ily, adv. «s>c^S-^^-7r», pslj^ 

Heart'iness, w.«fe^S-^_5,«5r»^©^. 

Heart'string', n, T^o'&n^^t&n, 
Heart'-whole', a. ■s&r's^«5»l5p^e5£L^ 

Heart'wood', n. ^toeHsJO ^sj. 
Heart'y, a. pss.j^cto^^jjfo^S'^jO 

Heat, tt. "ScflOo, T'cS', ^sIjSm^'^X, 
^^S)«5w, "to^tSxi, &&s5m5 &|^6», 

a^cSS», ^^86m^(3Sw V. i. "ic 

Heath, ». a.S'Ji?? jo^ e5>i^x> i^jJoS^tf 
Heath-cock, n. ^ejIg'sjoiS g.S'gr'© ^ 
Hea'then, ». ^i^85a«^^c&-3'»poT»c 

Hea'thenism, n. ^;;^8S3^a5aa "r^cDQ^ 
Heath' er, n. a.S'ei^XM^tf . 
Heat'ing, a.-8r»cS'^^^,'Sc&^'^iSb. 
Heave, v. ^. 2^"^^ v. i. ^tx)v , 2. 

Digitized by V^jOOvIC 



Heav'en, n. ^T^^aSw^SXjj^j-jCTgJ^sSwj 

Heaven-born, a. aa®^^, -j^oS os5 
Heav'endi-rect'ed, a.-^^orsri^^-^ 

Heaven-fallen, a. •jCToj^i^-oStjc'a ^. 
Heaven-ki88ing,o. e3-^^s5»^o<§»^ 

Heav'enly,a.«i5^^ -^oe)0(?;a)i^,a55'o;^ 
(^5 e:5^r»^ 8Sdo«^o"3&. H. bodies 

Heav'er, w.ay^c3Q»oT»cd^, o3^ot^cc&. 
Heav'ily, ad/o. z)0bjg)-7r-. [kSm. 

Heav'iness, n. web^, ^^^sSm, ;<bOo^e 
HeaVing, w. i5^&>, fi^^^sS&Dj Xbo-g 

HeaVy, a. '^^'^'^ i^ts^i^fs^^^-;^ ^ 

Heb-dom'adal, a. isj8oT»&i5w^d"7?<5^^ 

HeVetate, v- ^ ^vx>. s>ed^^ s&>os^ 
Hec'atomb, n. ^^oD^^eao So^;g)o 

Hec^tic, a. ss^Scf-aDl^ w. «6?^. 

Uec'tor, n. ^oz>tSi»^ nSas^r'pi 5t»c 

C^^dSu^ 2iozdlS»3*7r* 'S2^do^. 
Hedge, n. g'o^, •3€©?ib. — v. t. g'o^ 

Hedge'hog', lu jSooo^sfoa. ['^g'^to. 
Hedge'row', n. S'o^Tv "^^j^ ^sToo 
Hedge-sparrow, n. SLrsef^pc^ ^^^ 

Hedg'ingbill', n. «5d-^^S'^. 
Heed, v. ^. oS^cs^^cs;^, o^ctdx)^ 

Heed'ful, a. &^\X^ Ko, «>g'^ea ^ 
Heed'less, o. g^jX^iSp, e^gr'xacr^sSc 

2c^; «>§'(,- «l5p, e)&c86Ml5p. 
Heed'lessly, ad?;. ^ss^jK^Tr^^ g'eoXc 

Heed'lessness, n. ei^gs^iK^, ei)i^tf,e^ 

Heel, n. ''r'©«SD5S«6a,-^25i^b3^€)86oa.To 
show, or take to, the h-s =» 

ir»e«S^$&) V. t. sSaaSsSDcT* ^^ 

(^&)<i), ^sjg'ij-SSsso;^. [2)^n. 
Heel'piece', n. S**<3^ oaȤ'^ sSo^SsSa 
He-gi'ra,n. 85om?6D^a^ -SDiB^f^fSooa 

i^;g)&)j sSotf'i^d^ ^S'sSm (16th 

July 622 A. D.) 
Heifer, n. ^igca^. 
Heigh'-ho, inter j, «©. ! 
Height, n. a)^, ^i^ia^oa, d^d^;^, 

Heighten, v. ^.d^S^o^j^^g'cw^. 
Hei'nou s,a. ^Bi&tLy ^J^c;^)^, ^2S. 
Heir,w. eijjSsnjnb, 2.^?) aSr^^S 

^ ^"a»^T^d. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Hear, v. t. ofSo, ^v%oS,—v. i\ aysSj 1 Heart'less, a. pgc«»c2t^>|83^tf2>Tf . 
Heard,p.<. &p. p. of hear. i Heart'rend'ing, o. x»o-a« »;feocjr 

Hear'mg,».^J64,5^5sHo^ec«*>5^!JJJ^J^^^^, ^^ 

Heart'seed', w.t»«^nr'c^?^. 

Heark'en, v. i. & ^. api^ wo§o^. 
Hear'say', n,5yao^,«>f)§a,ap§^|Csr» 

Hearse^ n.fepic;b«)oS v. ^. i^cKi 

Heart, n. ^(jo'S^Xbo'S-s-'cxsS, s^jvC^osS 

«SD^c^€n6M5«S»4)c9^X«Sa>, By h.— 

Heart'ache', n. 5Jo7:)(^85m, "^tfj^. 
Heart'break'ing, a. ;feo"3e)o sJ^fcoo^o 

Heart'bro'ken, a. xbo"Sex> sJ^D|^^ « 
Heart'burn', n. g'oSb-^er* s&o&dS'DI? 

CO __o 

Heart'burn'ing, n.i5^x>Jo85'S5^,§'<& 

Heart'en, i\ ^ J^osSMfSS -^ftSo^, 
Heart'felt', a. 85a(5 2-^^SD|^;e)o3^c 

Hearth, n. aJr^ooDo ps>^;^c& "aoa. 

oT^pers p8J^"^o83c^«SD-5r*dx>. 
Heart'ily, adv. «S3|^f"^^-7r», psxj^ 

HearfineRs, n. «5D?!'2*^_g,«5r»c»^. 

Heart'sick', a, ^pi^c'^^ ,t^^^^Q 

Heart'string', n. 7^o'Q'^tSf&». 
Heart'-whole', a. -scns^BJwlJp «J£.^ 

Heart'wood^ n. ^^i^^^D ^^. 
Heart'y, a. ptki^^^^-^^^j&i^t'^^ 

Heat, n. -gcajto, t»cS', ^5l«s»,"px', 

■^5j«5w, "^o^^^iSm, &&s5m5 &isy6)0, 

Heath, ». a.g'a^s^i^ ^^io fi^cJoS^tf 
Heath-cock, n. ir«e>l^5jo6S z,^&^B t» 
Hea'then, n, |J^8&>^^c^&-3-*PoT»c 

Hea'thenism, n. (J^^sSa^aSw -^p^j 
Heath'er, n. aoS'ei^XM^tf . 
Heat'ing, a.-s-•cr^^<:^^•gca^"^^Sb. 
Heave, v. ^ 2."^^ '^^ ** ^iwx, "^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Heaven-born, a. as:>s^^, ^cl^ cxs3 
Heav'endi-rect'ed, a.-^^oj^j-Sd^-ao 

Heaven-fallen, a. -^o^i^^c'^'^. 
Heaven-kis8ing,a. e5-g^^s5»^o<§»^ 

Heav'enly,a.-i5£^ ^02)0(?g>|^,a55'c2p 
(^5 e:5^ff^^ xSDo«Sao"3a^. H. bodies 

Heav'er, w.ay-c3Q»oT»cd^, o3^sr»cc&. 
Heav'ily, ocfc. oObsg)-7r-. [kSm, 

Heav'iness, n. web^, ^^i^sSm, ;C>Oo^e 
HeaVing, n. t5^&). fi^^^sS&Dj Xbo-g 

Heav'y, a. «3K»2.t^^^^S^c^5'^S^t^^ 

Heb-dom'adal, a, isj8oT»cfi5w^d"7?<5^; 

Heb'etate, v- ^ ^^x>v ^ta^^ «&o2J 
Hec'atomb, n. ^^©©;jSar»eao So^igo 

Hei/tic, a. 2?^^2;f-aD|;^ n, «6?^. 

Uec'tor, n. egoo85»c» ^sJjS^pi 5t»c 

C^^dSu^ iiiysitS»i^ 'S2^do^. 
Hedge, n. ro^, "aeo^ib. — v. ^. S'o^ 

Hedge'hog', iu j&oo^sjoa. ['^g'^^, 
Hedge'row', n. g'o^-TT* "^^|^ ^2^00 
Hedge-sparrow, w. 2L§'s2;J2?c^ -^t^^i, 

Hedg'ingbill^ n. tSo-^^^_^. 
Heed, v. t, o«&c85M^c53i), o^cHjdx), 

Heed'ful, a, ZTj^^ Xo, «>g'^ea ^ 
Heed'less, a. e^jX^iSp, e^zr'xacr^sSc 

Heed'lessly, adv. ei)2S^|X'^7r^^ g'ooX'c 

Heed'lessness, »• e^efiK^, tsti^ts^^ 

Heel, n. 'T^©8&5Si6a,-^2Ji^b3^086oa.To 

show, or take to, the h-s =« 

Heel'piece', n. S**^^ oa»S'^ sSo^SsSa 
He-gi'ra, n. sSosy^sSa^fi^ "asis-'f^fSooS 

i^;g)&)5 «5DS^8&jd^ ^S'xSm (16th 

July 622 A. D.) 
Heifer, n. «tf)53«^. 
Heigh'-ho, inter j. «©. ! 
Height, n, <0^, ^i^^sSm, d^d^;6, 

Height'en, v. i.d^SAo^j^^^sw^. 
Hei'nou s,a. e)0«i>^, iitf^c^)^, ^«£, 
Heir,n. e5_§85r*i^T6o, go^p a&-._S§ 

^ ^"a»^T^d 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Ah. escape— ff^o^rf»er*tfl)^«^ 
Hair'clotV, n. g'oe^t, K'oKI*. [*to. 
Hair'dres'serjn. So^^o}^ ^^^^ 

Hair'less, a. 9Sr*&, "3o^&>S'o^l5f>. 
Hair-pencil, n. tfo?(>oD'3cs^sSo^. 
He'r-powder, n. r'sJ^ltoctf S^r*"^ 

Hair'y, a. ■3o(^g'e»Ko. 
Hake, n. «5d^^^»"4s1«55». 
Harkim', n. 2.^S<^^- ["^ -^cXd. 
Hal'berd, n. a,S's>2?2o^ "^^S "'^^ 
Hal'cyon, n. oBS86x8«j6s5ix a. "^ 

Hale, a. iS^^^\€tS»Xv, w6^KgS»i^. 

v. ^. -^&^^ i^ol^y v^rb. 

Half,n. &a. -j^Ksj^, t5er, ^|*^. 

Half'blood', n. i&^eaiS^o^S "tStf ^^ 

xj^o "o^ "fS ooo^iSm . 
Half-bound', a. •j:JXsSwj&^SS^a)e 

Half'-bred',a. ^S'j^-tt- 85o-Dr»c2^e» "^ 
Half'-breed',n. •j:;o^{^^©oj^c&. 
Half'-brotli'er,n. jScr»eflo^O|S oa»S'i,- 

i^p ^Dca»S'(^7r*p SSiSr.Obcdfo. 
Half'-lieard',a. •«rXbKS(^c2D5^p, ^« 

Half'heart/ed, a. ^8)05SiS»75iD, ^g 

13^ S^86» Up. [(^»^- 

Halfholiday, n. ^Kifco etoJ)ifc*^a 

Half '-hour^y/ji^ e^irxotor^if T^^aa^if . 
Half-learned', a. ^X}6» i^oMci6» 


Half'-nioon',n. etf-5So(^cab} ^^^ 

Half'pay,n. -jcJKiSM^Stftfaj. [^OCiSbj. 
Half-penny, n. -^jp^ ej6 la^a^Mer* 
Half-price, n. i5in«Sar»eD "aoer^CTr^ 

ScpOer«c-7rp tSKb^m. 
Half'-read',a. r»o^iS» «&;g)8^p(^, 

'fjeov -^br* e fl^ci5MXe) . 
Half '-8iglit'ed,a. 6'o& Tr?fe7n tf|^c© 

dp^ ftl5S'85»«*€>p. 

Half '-sifl'ter,ti. «ar»ea^ ^0(3 S3»S'{;- 
7r»p ^Oaa»8'|j-*7r»p SS^ScnJB. 

Halfway^, adv. tf!>^#j6,ififc«fcj65lSX 
ji»l^ssBS — a. i^asto, •5o9§2»cf- 

Half'-wif , ?t. t»a'^po3r»c^. 

Half'-wifted/i. t»0'Sp. [tf»e». 

Half-year, n. t$rss$tst&»y e5ea> tSr»'(S 

Half'-year'ly,a. e^eso «cn^«5wo S^tf 

Hal'ibnt, n. z^ -a25^as. 
Hall, n. 5j*&)j5»,ts^ssa,5>2^-(^o. 
Hal'le-lu'jah, n. & intei'j. ©oaso s 

OOSO, 259OX^«690. 

Hal'low, V. L ^t^^^t9'^c3&>^ insil^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 



Hal'lowed^ p. a. ist\i^i^'^, insii^^ 

Hal-la'ci-na'tion, n. (<ri65,«fe9J>|y«fe 
Halm, n. kA. [t^- 

Hals'er, n. ooKOb(jr*^S3. 

Halt, t?. i poo^, sSd23|)^cS^, Kr6aj^ 
ifiM lStfiS5decr»c3«5oO(Sa pe)0"^^CS5w5 
SSoto; 'j^o^Oooo«C5i^'3fSiS'fecJSS9. 

Halt'er, n. ^arp^^,^fio"cr»^i6»5fi 

Halt'ingly, adv. sSoix)-^. 

Halves, n,, pi. of half. 
Ham, n. ^SS, 8&^?CsSx>aoaS'ij- 'S^S^. 
Ham'let, n. sJ^d^Ob, ^^^ijt'sSdsSm. 
Ham'mer, n. ^^^j-jCj"^*^? l^-^§^ 

to, •d^cKcr'ftX) r. i. ^^^ 

CD ' ^ 

Ham'merer, ) ». ^^^C7r»pf5 

lan, j 

Ham'merman, j -^to^CTr-pi^l^ 

Ham'per, w, feS^oCj •i;jD"^05 (jjS^woZftf 

Ham'string', w. ff^si^^tSxi v. t. 

Han'aper, n. Kosj. [a&>. 

Hand, w. ^cx»jS^_^i6a>,g'{^85M5e>WT5 

OK>,S'{^tfoi6305X(Sa!5>'i^«5x "Sod. oT»p 

^, "^Ob^5^c^5 CpoT»c^5 tf^^a. 
On all h-s or at all li-s«»e5oC^e^ 
sje , 'p^'^\^' At h.««>^^M. Prom 
h. to li.«— a.g'p sJg?SboA Si»S'pS. 
H. in h.«-^5S, S^Tv-. H. to h. 
fightas.^C^ejo^^^boog'O^^ {b-«^&D. 
To live from h. to mouth «» g'sl 

85MiC)o^ao^r'j6o<iD. The subject 
in h. «=u:^^ asxoccsSw. Right 
h. tT'^s^j^zSos, To be h, and 
glove— Stog^O ■^^s5^«5i»;^D.H cjsmo 
^foto.To clap h-Sa«^5^e» tfiS ^o 
*^s3.«5M($b^e»-^&). To come to h. 
i»«e^o2^&>. To have a h* in ■» -^o 
zio^t^ ^©j\c»»od&o&). To lend a 
h. .-'iCis^oQSiSM ^cxswdo. To take 

in h. —-^(6 r'fSbto V, t. :^9 

^s^j, <0_§^^, t5oa^^. To h. 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Hand'bar'row, n. ■ji^sJr'jSooD "ScnjSr* 

Handbell, n. ^©Xoto. 

Hand'bai', n. •0^^|^X)S'4oi^tf^©S',-fcftS. 

Hand'book', n.-o^^-^^S'tfw^^S-^ 

Hand'breadth',n,'3 _^c&>,^9'3fiS«)^ 

Hand'cuff', w. ^8 -^cTo-lo — v. t. ^ 
Hand'ful, 7i. SxSlc^fo^^'ic^; -^(S 

Hand'icraft, w. ^^c "^"^^^sJp, «o^ 

Hand'i-crafts'man, n. «€k, S'j&'^^c;, 

■(^•"S, ^oStf, s5^oH "^oo. s>psr»c2^. 

Hand'ily, adv. •iC)fib"^oc3«5M7r»; sr-fc) 

Hand'iness, n. •f;jaSb-^o35«5M_, .r-io 
Hand'i-work', n.^S^ssp^g'o^l^', -j^uSx. 
Hand'kerchief, n. H5e^0b*ir.oo, ^jgg' 

Han'dle, n.&S^^^&S v. i-tPcSS, 

Han'dling, n.^a^^cfiSto,^85^j-o 
Hand'made', a. ^l^<r*c'^iB|^. 
Hand'maid', *) n.sjpg' J, ^sysS-u^ 
Hand'maid'en, J ©o, xr»i6. 
fland'saV, n. ^©«»oC85m. 

Hand'sel, n. "^odtftfoc^^^sfi&jo^iS^d) 

Hand'some, a. e)otf^|^,^S'(^p,-^ 

^(^, 8&0-O, as, a h. pay. [ir-. 
Hand'somely, adv.l6aotf?J«5»7r»;^7fe 
Hand'spike', n. ^c^KSaooyJa <»)^&) 

Hand-work, same as handiwork. 
Hand' writhing, ?i. iot^c^jSJ'^j^Ojiot* 

Hand'y, a. ^oo^2.c^5 oT»&i>8Sx-7r-jjo 

Hand'y-dan'dy, n. ^8er<x3n>c-Oi^-ix» 

Hand'y-gripe', n. ^©fS^sJto e^fSc>to, 

Hand'y-work', n. ^©ssp. 

Hang,7». t, i^er»rf'Sc30S»$^66c3aSa. — 

Hang'er, n. ip^aSw, g'e^sp»o«5»5 jjSer* 

Hang'e^-on^ n. ^|^5$3C(&. [^oOb. 
Hang'ing,n. ^e&cs^<b5 "Bis, ^zsts^-^ 
Hang'man, n. ^a6c3Swo3r»c<25b. 
Hank, n. |6-»ooS'o'3. 
Han'ker, t?, i. e^^^e^ssdfo, tpoJE^s 
& ; foil, hj for or a/iter. 

BLan'sel, same as Handsel, 

Hap, 71. etfNSSLBSM, Sa-'KriM. — V. t. 




Hap'haz'ard, n. wg'§^s'«s», B 5r»§^ 

Digitized by Vji OOQ IC 

Hap^less^ a. 2$be^£^sii^l^ 

Hap'ly, adv. ^g'-j^^Tv, «>2^gs?7° 

Hap'pier, compar,^ 
Hap'piest, superl] ^^ '^PP^' 
Hap'pily, adt?.*^^sSaj-7r»5-j5o(§^sl«5M 

Harrangne', w. ^sJiycifrsSw, j^-fjoK 
Har'ass, ». ^. 5^ocJtf"S)d»^ Tr^o^,i 

Harassing^ a. ^sjiSJssS'?^^*^^ '^$8'^ 

"aa^^; ar-o'jiSS'ooX'cs"^^. 
Hai/asflineiit^ ti. eT^otftf "atoto, tt^o 

Har'binger, n.j5wo2$b7r»5J^\oT»c^l5 
Har'bor, n. ^tp^ooSsSj^, is^cjo^l^ 

323 HAH-HAB 

^TT»\Xc I Har'borer, n. -cr»cK3&)SS<0«^Sia-»^^ar'C 

Har'borless, a- ptr-i^ossgo^. F^. 

Har'bour, see Harbor. 

Hard, a.^Q-^-^-^ ,XiSyZS\^-^^^^ty.^ 
(^5 1^?^^^. — adv. giDfj^?)^ po 
osr»5 S'S^^sSmtt"^ S'sxsSmtt'.H. by-= 
25K 65.H. up—j^sScsSM "2)00. ^"^p 

csas> «^o§' g'slsstSb^i^. H. and 
fast rules=s'^^^^^ iSg- ^o<S^ 

Hard'en, v. U x^SsJego^^c^c^sseflo^j 
Hard'ened, a. TCiSgpt^^ S'd j^'^ir^oao 

Hard'-fa'vored, a. iScpCjSdojpsSmXo. 
Hard'-fiist'ed, a. ©dimc'S li'. 
Hard'-hand'ed, a. S'^^sj^j^iSmooKoj 
-^(bDsjS?§ao^dfo. [Ko. 

Hard'-heart'ed, a. i8ar»tfs^\25oQ3:S» 
Har'dihood, n. -^t^^^^t^^ «&"? cfc 

Har'dily^adu.r^^^iS^j-ji^s^ -jCTsSooer* . 
Har'diness, n. KftS^^siw, S'©|^^. 
Hard'ly,adt;.t5^Dts^e)S',-^ Oiv'lSg'j 

Hardiness, n. KfcSX®!^^. 
Hard'ship, n. S'sls^oj^i^sfosSM^^J^dw, 

Hard'ware',n. ?C4S7;f » sSxajSisJj^^tfnA. 



Hare, n. sSo"S«>, ^igo&g^, ^^S'«S>a. 
Hare'bell', n, 20§'a2f2o^-^;i^j5». 
Hare'brained^ a. -t^xjozDoGKo. 


Hare'-heart'ed, a. ijrosSaSwXe). 
Hare'lip',n. STeS ("asa). 
Hare'lipped^ a. ^^S, ^e5 ^^©Xo. 
Ha'rera, w. ijo^S-^tfsSaaj «)oSS-^tf 

Har'icot, n. X2^€»;sir'o-i^85MS'OfcsJo<S|^ 
Hark, v. t. ajSa. — imperative used 

as an inter j, SfSbaSM. 
Hark'en, see Hearken. 
Har'lequin, ?i. rss^^crrr^cSki. 
Har'lot, n.oo'g^ 'i^g. 
HarHotry^n. oo^eJg'iSM; ■35r'c5^)_§. 
Harm,n, j^p, ^eso-^, i&^^^ocss 

Harm'ful, a. sHpS'c^^j^, ^eflo^^l^,^ 
Harm'less, a. 35<pi5p^ «Hf)^o33p,pob 

Har-mon'ic, '^ a. ^^^^-^^^ «5»9a 
Har-mon'ical,J eJ7:>gtf3S»X«), ij^ssc 

Har-mo'nious, a. »S'iC)g^^^}i&?b» 

Har-mo'mously ,adr . ^y tf c*i» ■7r»,'3 ft 

Har'monize, v.i. t^SXar»&>, '!C)6sj&. 
Har'mony^n. "j^ «S3 ^T* ^ tf» , i^5Sc «^ ^ria 

Har'ness, n. zdoS^^wsSmQodJTIj- 8^_§ 

Harp, n, a,S'a2f ^i^ fcca. — v. *. Sr 
Harp'er, "^ n. g^sSsSc^^ fcra^&)86c 
Harp'ist^J dk>. 

Har-poon', n, 5Jo(6o§^«,e3o^2^-eic 
"^r— V. t. ^4Scr«^cs?oj6 xJo^&)r* 

Harp'sichord, ». fcT3P-r»eyi5MKo z^ 
Hap'py, n. g'oS'O^^^^ x'o^il$obo^$ 

Har'quebu8,ti. a^tfo^^^ii^fib-^S. 
Har'ridan, n.sjN 25*^^0. 
Har'rier, n. -gc&DSStfj^. 
Har'row, n. ^p^a^eotS^ ^'^^S)op 

&)i6m e)"p^ 75^¥|^«S». — V. t, >ao 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



Harsh'ly, adv. ^©i^jSw-tv*, cobsHSw 
Harah'ness, n. s>ebsl^g85», "^©l^c 

Hart, n. «foXfi^Su>v. 
Harts'hom', n.&t^%rtsx>^ . 
Har'vest, n. s>odo§^c^5r*(5t^s:)0&),$€> 

Harvestr-mouse, ».i^o"S30otf. ("cJaS*. 
Has, third person singnlar of have. 

Hash^ I?, t. t&xi^ij^tk»^i^fx>y^ l^caoSS, 

Hasp, n.K^"fvx5w^ -CooBS. — v. t, 7r'^\ 

Hast, second person singular of 

Haste, n. ^gi^, w^^^bSm, 5^otftf,'^?C 

sfej.To make h. ^^^TSi&y'tKiSti 

Has' ten, i;. t. ^^ei^to, #($085wK^ 
Has'tily, odt?. ^tf-7r»,'gX«fe»-7r», wsJ 

Has'tiness, n. ^^tSy^^^rstk»y^^\j^K 

«tr«€)oca3, 3^os^ey. [oasoo. 

Has'tingSj n« p&'Sw^idssodl^fi^tfTr^ 

IJas'ty, a. t5SbtfsS»X©,^£CfXo, "^X^ 

Hat, n. k^ti, — V. t. ^g>-S)<5cD, ^ 

Hat'band', n. ^&fcoc©c!^3$. 
Hatch, V. U (|^g|6)8^2$b;fo,S)Oex)^ 

Hatch'et, n.-o^^JT^^O. 
Hatch'way, n.&,«Ser«a,8'o»5o^^jSc>oa 

Hate, V. ^., iS^ixo'^ fKd^o-^ y^-fithg 
Hate'ful, a. w^sJ^c^i^, t^-fjtf^oJSaj 

Hate'f ally, adv. -SnosSsSMTT', Xg^tl 

Hat'er, n. ^-(jss^oziiki^r»ci^^ ©6^^. 
Ha'tred,n. sx, "^sSwkSm^ 2.^*^' 
Hat'ted,a. hsr^lKo. 
Hat'ter, n. ^S)«»^c:3a»5r»c& 'Si ^ 

Haugh'tily, a. X8;^i5wk», ^fJa^-oT* 

Haugh'tineas^n • Xff£«SMi ea^oT^ff 
«$M. [Xo. 

Haugh'ty, a. t5tf*o-r*tf ttoXo,XO§ii» 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Haul, V. t. oo«5M^-^&^,Hbo5S, er« 

Haulm, *! n-K^, s7d"a»g'i^ oBodS'^^ 
Haura, J -r^c^^. ' [S- 

Haunch, w. S)e3ac&.§'4S^s>"S^«S», 6r^o 
Haunt, V. L -j^on^ftD^j -^tor^pQCb 

Haunt'ed, a. cJoQ3c«5xe»?^&?fc<^j^^. 
Haut'boy, n.SLS'©?;^^^-^^ pr»^o», pr»K 

'•i^^35»5 2l.S'a¥2>i^o3aMps)0&. 
Hau'teur', n. X»Qs5»,«>s^o-F'^?5M,e:J 

Have,r.^.§'0;<c3S»o&>. — aiwj. v. used 
with the past participle to form 
preterit tenses. I have read, 
etc.=.^ag)c:j55>|y^^j5o "Soo. I had 
read, etc.«-S60cSs3ao63p "Soo. 

Hav'elock, n.o)od^'3©.^Ko5So«^"S^r* 

Ha'ven, n. ijei-6^i^^a&t$»^^^oss 
Hav'ersack , n.^ ir'o»oo«s5<eJs5 t3^ ?^ 

Hav'ing, n. « j, |©} S'DAdfioo&to. 

— p. a. tfO^cJ^^, S'e). 
Hav'oc, Ti.^o o^«i»,iar»^85»,'^ofo. — 

Haw, n. Hawthorn «^^63Ga»^t- 

8?od^.— t?»t. p©8)pOfcaT»&3cr*&. 
Haw'finch', n. ^;65t»o»sjo^ a.^^«& 

Hawk, w."^X,"^0c^«5».— r. i.'dxjjioa 

Hawk'er, n. fc^o'Soto^dH ei5w^sr^ 

Hawk'-eyed', a. e^j^tf £^2xKe>,'l6an»^ 
Hawsehole, n. €>oXab^j^SS "aaa-^r^pp 

Haws'er, n. -a«iaj-SS iSS'^ifcj^jfin- 

8b ijT* c!^ ,€)oK0b"aar*5S . 
Haw'thorn^ w* ^i^-Oo^sJo^ t^Xo$ 

«— * ^^ oJ CO CD 

Hay, Ti.g^^^odS-^^^xSyOo&S'-jci^. 
Hay-band, n-S'-jc^^g-^d^jB^^sjUi^O 

fc^Xa, -3068. 
Hay'cock', n. XfisSsj^, g'-j^^snSto. 

Hay'mak'ing, n. g'-i:r;&j6§^? abo^-i 

Hay'moV, n. s^ji 63ooa^-Si5|^S''j5;g)cT» 

Haz'ard, w. e>S'T5[« ^5 wsJCJ, Xo2^ii», 

|S)5St-J^s6», osj^. — t?. ^. & t. "^Ko 

Haz'ardous, a. -^ti*^-^^^ e-^oBS 
Haze, n» i^XsSdiWv 7r»j5ao2&8 9. 
Ha'zel, n. fcg'j^oa Ko 2Ltf eiio^dx) 
Ha'ziness n. w-f^^sl^. ["S^i^JS. 
Ha'zy, a. t^KS'^c3SSi(^,«&ttDx-7Pl6 
1^^, 1f5^^BS»-7p"80o8Sp. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



He, pron. «)^c&,e^oBS^,sr»cab5€q^c 

Head, n.^o,^tf-i6c(\5"^»«4S9'K«SM,«S» 
4)C<P'Xsix>5 j5»i}r»o^ "5^5, "S'SJj woSj 

zSsi. «o^8S». §a g'. To make h. 
against =<0a5o^&). — a.jSw^cc 

Head'ache', n.^o'^&v. 

Head'band', ».^oir»5i. [e3«5». 

Head'-dress', n. ^X'2a>.a, ^6r*v>^sS. 

Head'ed, a. ^©S'Ko; ^oXo, txgXO; 
used in comp. words ,as, dull- 

Head'ing, nM g',asSLo33«5»aa»S'|^"£ 

^^loT'^j^ftj ■OOb7r'«5o. 
Head'land, n. -^tk^^i&xiis^ ^^^ 

Head'less, a. ^olSf)^ "2>»o^86oo7r»j5o 

Head'lonsr, a. ef t;^-€)o^f)^ iSbdfc^.^? 
^cjjio^l^. — (head'long') adv. ts 
er^Oo^^, «6^SS"7r«5 ^Oi8o2i>7r». 

Head'man', n. oes30:6^j5oci^,«>§5)©, 

Headmaster, ».jS-qr»"^Kn»ir»T?'ccss»c 

Head-money, n. (js&s&f^s^pci^sS'S'^ 

Head'piece', n. ^o9S "SiSr^'^abS'sJ-sJ 
Head'quar'ters, w. pZ.g)-i5,p5T"j;ii5w5 

Head'ship, n.•J3^oas8'^^^5M,^5)^?'^^£ 

Heads'man, n.^^o^osJcwfii^oT'a^o 
Head'staiy, n.;<bMiS»aoDS't^«5»fipS(b. 
Head'stone', n. -^Tr^Ser* sSm^o'^i^ 

Head'strong', a. ^s"$oc52p(^^J^<So© 

Head'tire', n. ^o^pK. [<§xj>dSbtfp. 
Head' work', n.t»as56|^«5D85cx>. 
Head- workman, n. :&J^. 
Head'y, a. j&n»5-aa(^^ "gioooa, •jb^tf^-j^ 


Heal, v. /. sSr»f5aK, Tr?(b^(33Sa,So2^8o\, 

Heal'ing, a.:6^'3^^,^g-;:jxjed^<5^,5^ 

Health, n. t56^Ko«5M, "i^Q"^^; ^^v^. 
Health'ful, a. we^^KcS't^^^; ^^^§ 
Health'iness, n. e^S^Kosiw. [2*1^- 
Heiilth'less, a. t96^X'o«5a3'^p. 
Health'y, a.^gfy^ts^-T^^^^^^d^Xc 

Heap, 71, sSsix, ^;fe, t7»q.-*v, t. g^X^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 



Hear, v. t. oyss, ^f>%o^.—v. i. aj^jj Heart'less, a. p^cs^c^'^ .i^t^-^l^ 

Heard; p. t. & p. p. of hear. 
Hear'er, n. 8>fSbor»c^, |T*3^. 
Hear'ing,n. a|5d&>5 (^sseio|aoo3i6w;a 

Heark'en, v. i. & ^» ©fSb, «e)§o5. 
Hear'say', n.tffio8,S>f)§S,Of)§,^xjoy 

Hearse^ n.fe^cPfewoS v. t. fe^c^b 

Heart, ?i. ;(5o'3,;ibo^-^'033, x^^sSoas 

j5a^o:;:)Of6M586aoipc9^?C!6a>. By h.«- 

Heart'ache', w. sjo*?) l^s^, "^^t^- 
Heart'break'ing, a. K>o"Se» s^Sboaj^o 

Heart'bro'ken, a. ;(bo"3e» sJKOj^^ e> 
Heart'burn', n. S'<&>-^e;-< sSdo&dS'DI? 

Heart'burn'ing, n.8^^«oefi'^Sj^,g'& 

Heart'en, v, L ^tfosSaofSa -^go^, 
Heart'f elf, a. tiif>t'^ ^^^ ^^-sn^ 

Hearth, n. d^cxoc p^^^^c^ "Sw- 

Heart%, adv. s&^S"^ Jtt*, p; 

Heart'iness, n.tta^t^^J^,^zn^&^> 

Heart'pea', n. oag-T'ctfeJ. 
Hearfrend'ing, a. Kao'SoD uXbocK^ 

Heart's'- ease', n. 15«%^©5 zt tiif^ 

Heart'seed', n.i»2f-g-»ctftf . 
Heartsick', a. 8p^^c2(^;«5»c^^|^» 

Heart'string', n, 7<bo^^?^tf». 
Heart'-whole', a. •3^ntf»iS»'5Sf)^«3Sc^ 


Heart'wood' n. ^(ba^r^sJO ^ss. 

' CD 

Heart'y, a. f)ilt-«&)^(^,«&l^S'$r»^ 
Heat, ft. "ScSSto, •vcS', ^^bSm,'^^, 

(S^C3^, ^^sSw^CSSw V. i. "5c 

Heath, n. a^s'ae?^]^ e5^^o i^tfoS^tf 
Heath-cock, n. d^oS'^soiS a,§'era ^ 
Hea'then, n. jJ^sSa^^c^fo-s-'par-c 

Hea'thenism, n. jJ^«Sa^85w "s^pOj 
Heath'er, n. si.S'eiiXM^tf . 
Heat'ing, a.-r»c§'^ ^>&,"^cS^S■^&. 
Heave, t?. <• 2."^^ — '^* *' ^'^^> 2. 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Heaven-born, a. aoss^l^, -j^^qS oa3 
Heav'endi-rect'ed, a.-^^^r5\^b^-^ 

Heaven-fallen, a. ^^^^ij^c'^^. 
Heaven-kissing,a. e5-^^sSx)|^o&x>^ 

f^5 e^"r»^ 8Soo«$do'S<2fo. H. bodies 

Heav'er, w.^cnc»&oT»c&, J^ot^ccSo 
Heav'ily, odr. aaojg)-?^'. [«$» 

Heav'iness, n. z)Ob;&, 9^^sS», ;<beo^£ 
Heading, w. tJ^&D, fi^zwSS&Dj Xbo-g 

HeaVy, a. zi^^n^ .^^-^-^'^-^o;;^^ , 
Heb-dom'adal, a. i5;95r»jji6oo^d'7?&)^ 

HeVetate, v. t. ^zxi. s>6»^, tSao^ 
Hec'atomb, n. ^^zit^i^oxi ejo^^o 

Hoc'tic, a. e^^tf^pi^ n. abcTv 

Hec'ior, n. 2^02>sSmc» ^sssjr'fSi ot»c 

'32550^ sr^cdfc.. — y. ^. & i. ^oes 

tS'^CS^, tf0Z3l5M7n 'Stfdo^. 

Hedge, n. g'o^, -ao&J^). — »• ^. g'o^ 

Hedge'hog', ru sSmo^sjoG. ["gg'^to. 
Hedge'roV, n.S'o^Tv* "^^^ inzSoo 
Hedge-sparrow, n. a.s'ae;^^?!^ -^(^^ 

Hedg'ingbilF, w. «5a-^^S'_g. 
Heed, v. t, o«&c«5a3^c3S», o^o"S(bD, 

Heed'ful, a. ST^jX^g Ko, e^S'^^ea ^ 
Heed'less, a. sr'jX^'dp, «2r*xc^5Sc 

Heed'lessly, adv. t52r*jX^7r*, S'odXc 

Heed'lessness, w. ^f^ar'jX'^, e^Ji^tf^e:? 

Heel, n. "^©8S3dSj6a,-^£f«Sjxr.oxSM.To 

show, or take to, the h-s =» 

Heel'piece', n. S**<& ai»§'|j- «532lsS> 
He-gi'ra,n. «Sj»*s&^i6 "SDir'i^j^joa 

jir6;g)&D5 KSjtf^j&j^Sb ^S'sSm (16th 

July 622 A- D.) 
Heifer, n. ^^^^. 
Heigh'-ho, inter j. «^©v ! 
Height, n, «)^, ^if^^tk^^ d^&;ib, 

Height'en, v. ^.t^S^o^5«^g'55M^. 
Hei'nou 8,a. e^)©*^^, ^«^§^(^; ^^. 
Heir,7i. «j85r»jn6o, a.rp) ct5^_§8 

* Digitized by ^OOgie 



Heir'ess, tu t9_§8 3ntf*^-cr»«). 
Heir'less, a. «^85n?^-jbe»l5p. 
Heir'loom', n. sSo^j^sSm, osh^-y^o 

Heir'ship, n. os^^-^^^iSjj. 
Held, p. ^. & p.p. of hold. 
Hell, n. ^^rsSw, tJ><?r^er«S'KSM, fibt^^. 
Hel'Iebore, n. g'd»5'6^8ir»£3 oq3j6 slS' 

Hell'ish, a. ^e^g' -(ioao^^^^, ^^^ 
Helm, n. ii^^T^j^eS} same as kel- 

Hel'mefc, n. ^©^§73^, ^^^ ^wsSm, s) 
Helma'man, n. x5?-r^i^ e3ipsJ^sr»c&. 
He'lot, n. ;fe€r--$)o3r»c&, ^p-^. 
Help, V' U & t. 7:)s^oQSxSM^cfiS>5 ^sj 

~5^y85» ^cB5». I cannot h. 

laughing—-^ j6^s^rsSr.|^-5Sj6 

Help'er, n. •i:jtf<oc35«SM^c»S>sp'C(Sb,^ 
Help'ful, a. •f)s^o85S'^^^, -j^s^oec 

Help'less, a. Ka"dp, ©KSj^lJp, ^cjea 

Help'lessly, adv. as&j^-g sSofiS, pir» 
Help'lessness, n. asoj^jsnC^^^aSw, 

Help'mate', | n. -jCis^cSMCifoj'jJjHooo 
Help'meet', j P5 v^^f^. 
Hel'ter-skel'ter, adv. ^sitdmir^ "3 

Helve, «. r'a^O&a "dr ^o». 
Hem, «. 85d«^c-0 sSg]^ «^o^ u. t. 

Hem'i, pre/iaj. ^XtSx. 
Hemidesmus, n. -jGoXo^ -^0,-^0*^05 

Hem'i-ple'gia/ «. ■^cfvgsr»c355>;$). 
Hem'isphere, n. t5e^;r*«^aS». f^. 
Hem'i-spher'ical, a. wgrV* T^cr^ 
Hem'istich, n. e5Ȥ^S'sSDo. r<fco 

Hem'lock', n.j>sk«5wXe) z^t^-^^ ^ 
Hem'orrhage, n. ^_r(tf53n»tf««5M,i5* 

Hem'orrhoids, n. pZ. «Sar»e>ir»o^. 

Hemp, n. sunn h. 25|f jj^toj Sifc^r^ 
^5 Indian h. XoS^ooa^ato, tfcj^ 
«S»^^. H. seed— sfe2J;^JVol3a>. 

Hemp'en, a. iS^^siy'^^ooopTasi^j ^ 

Hen, n. ii(b,e5C(5^r*<S. 
Hen'bane', n. a^S'oifgai^osj.s^v&tfM} 
black h. seeds, sS^T-^p isSdiS», 

Hence, adv. s^S'j^i^fJaoajSia-aooSco, 

Hence'forth', '^ adt% SicS'fcoccJto, 
Hencoop' ward,j g^Awj^p. 

Hen-deo'a-syFiable> n. tf fibiBo)roA^£. 
Hen'-lieart'ed, a. t%88a>;^, ^2.1^. 

Digitized by LjOSglC *" 



Hen-pecked, a. ^tf^c8S^o55xj^^|S. 
Hen'roost', n. r*tfxH?r<ifo. 
He-pat'ic, a. ft^^^oBS 'i5o«)o2? ;^^, 

2pf^. H- artery— -r^lSoBS^ifef). 
Hep'tagon, w. 'j:)^^2r*T»^i6M. 
H^tag'onal, a. aifo|j58'|j-oo?Co. 
Her, pron. & a. wisto aa»g'(j-, tt»P 

ato8'^5 eisto^, -cppp. 

Hei/ald, n-«Sap^5«*dSo^sr»c&,o^ 

He-raVdic, a. tfo^js«>^o»o¥^^. 
Her'aldry, n.ssoY*tst^^ Ji6», 
Herb, n. 4;Sl?, "aooS'ij-. Too?;^^^. 
Her-Wceous, a. ist^ *^S'"2oDg'i^'j:yo 
HerVage, n. c-t)^§',"3i»S'i,-e>:>;Xj^:S€> 


HerValist, n.isjL^^_^^-g_^. 

Herb'ary, n. i?19be)«5^c&D. [^-^^fo. 

Her-biv'orous, a. es&o^'aȤ'^oi6 

Her-bose',) _. 

Herb'ous, j "•^==^'^«^Poacsfi,,^^. 

Her-ca'lean, a. e>^©Ss^c2l^5«)©iS) 

CK^r-j^Jol^. H. effort8«=^^»^iS5 

Herd, n.s5Do2:J,sJ9b:g>e>Xbo-$)5C^ig)oySo 

Herd'man, "^ n. ^^i^vp> is^-^ot^c 
Herds'man,J iSb, TTo^ci^. 


H. and there—^i^a^^j^fig. 
Here'a-bout', ) -, _ ^ ^^ _, 
Here'a.bouts' j «'^-^L^»^'^*^- 

Here-aft'er, ad?;.s^cg'^,s|crt>3C55to,si 

Here«at^ adv. g^^^sroc^, sto2^^o£. 
Here-by', adv. s^ofibsjo . f^^* 

Her'e-dit'ament, n. tf^osjtf-7r»tf>^\ 
He-red'itary, a, tfo^ -sir'^oxjtt'cjto^, 

He-red'ity, n. ezj^^snoco «)|^c-7r» tf of 

Here-in', adv, s^o^Sber*. 
Here'in-to', adv. s^o&er^pi. 
Here-of, adv. 6f)Sa»S'(^5 Qoflb^o-O. 
Here-on', adv. s^o^i>fcoc^, sio&sso. 
Her'esiarch, n. ^ |if^j&^j«sr^S»c&. 
Her'etic, w.$^«5o^^5Jooo8Sc^. 
He-ret'ical, a. $^«SoB^s5e>oog'^^. 
Here-to', adv. s^o&8S. 
Here'to-fore', ady, sias5ft58S, s^o^fiS 
Here'un-to', adv* s^oiSbSS. [jSaooiSb. 
Heie'up-on', adv, s^ofib^^p. 
Here-with',adt?. s^o2Sb<§^,fef)<§^c;^a^. 
Her'itable, a.-sr^^^^^tSoi'^^ir^otSc 
Her'itage, n. fcjF'a ^sSm. [j^^^. 
Her-inaph'rodite,n._&S-^0b5S, o5iT5» 
Pg^eo^tg) ^tf sjj^sSw.— a. _| ^ 

Her'me-neu'tics, w. ^njr. o^c^ct^ 

Digitized by LjOOv^IC 



Her-met'io, ^ cu^^jSi^^ ^!^)l^o 
Her-met'ical, j ©o^^^j tt-D 5i(bD^ 

Her-met'ically, adv.^^^^^^ J^ 

Her^mit, ».eix>S),,2.'^^;f^T^^5^^^S) 
Her'mitage, w.zmo^o|^sS)sSm ,55 er^^o. 
Her'mo-dac'tyl, n.^aoS^fSbe^j^fi^o 
, Hem, see Heron. [sj l5S' "Sab. 

Her'nia, w.«>0|^sl\a,«»fi^,a;e3a&S86w, 
Umbilical h.=7sr»^;(>2$tf85M, 77^9 

He'ro, w. fcOocfifo, l^Ooci^, sj-o'iS'sSd 
ssoe^coSbj g'"qr'iy*OC6S6c<5fc,§'"i|r*-$) 

He-ro'ic, a. ^obc2.t^^ feObc^e^^^r-JJ 

He-ro'ically,adi;.9on tf ^^jSwTr*,^^!^!^ 
Her'oine, w. ^OoTreJo, ^i^jr^oos^. 
Hei/oism, n. T'tf o«5w, ^tf^£8i»,s:J-rr« 

Her'on, n. jT'-u^ocScotftL ■iy^sSMOir*© 

TT^c^^ «^ r'oX^ j^Ud^ SLS'sJtl. 

Her'onry, n. (0»u *qs5ct sjt^oo S)g> €» 

Her'pes, w. ^s^zd. 00, er*86a^, ssb^cjcjo. 

Her'ring, n. 2.S'a^2?c^■^^(^^^^• 
Hers, pron. e:5"S3a,e3"aa. j^"^^, 

Her-self', pron. ^"SboL, ^^^5^(^"^,^ 
Hes'itancy, n.^o'Sti^zSo;>^^o^o!S!izS>i, 
Hes'itant, a. •j^o'Siino^^, -^o^cxx)© 

Hes'itate, v. t. e}5b«jnpo^,^o8o^, 


Hes'i-ta'tion, n. w^aT»;^i5»,'jlo'^tf% 

Hest, n. tJQ . [-Oo^to. 

Het'eroelite, w.^nxJ^^-O^c^jSoaKo^ 

Het'erodox, a.os:jS^^;^,©8btf^|^5^> 
Het'ero-dox'y, n. ^^SnS^t^^ti^iS 
^, $j^«6d^85». ror"0?J«5M7r»jSb|i^ . 
Het'ero-ge'neous, a. ^oiis^H^j "f^ 
Hew, u. ^.K^a^D§^^e»So,^oSo^,5j 
Hew'er, w. ^efloaS3r»c&. [i£c?rto. 
Hewn, p. p. of /lew?. 
Hex'agon, n. si^j^-gy-^r*^«s». 
Hex-ag'onal, a.tJeaoiiba^oooXo. 
Hex-am'eter, n. ^esoXCTtSaaoDX**) ssSo 

Hex-an'gular, a. sxfeS^i^ea^pf^. 
Hex'apod, n.«s^2Je?o«^;g). 
Hex'astich, n. e:?ea>T:S{fe3«Swos;;e5c8i», 
Hey, inter j. «5j<- 1,6. 
Hey'day', inter j. 5^8. — n. ^cr^^ss^. 
Hi-a'tus, n. SciSS', -j^ofiSbj |Xo(?j6aoi:5D 


Hi'bernate, v. i. ^z>-s^vtSxiXs^^. 


Hick'up, j "-^^ir-S-". ^.^&U-. 

Hid, p. ^. & p. p. of Wd^. 
Hid'den, p. p. of hide.— a. u^^ctczi 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

Hide, V. <.iT*c5?,i6Bafloc?fe^c»&5tf«l.o 
T3^c«b, sSoeeocX^. H. and seek«=» 

Hide'bouud', a.*^T7^^uPtf«i*)©ocs5o 

Hid'eous, a.i;rocs3oS'{f2?(^^^"^^^t^^ 

Hid'ing, w. TT'c^k^y t9^vP\25c5^«S»,«5D 
Hi'ding-place', n. tT»c"7?(Kb«;5oi&o. 
Hie, V. i. ^£tf -7r»dp«$. 
Hi'erarch, n. -S)2;J?ibOb:&. 
Hi'er-arch'y, n. «^cr»tr»o^xj^ci6». 
Hi'ero-glyph'ic, w. ;^<;^©&,i|^o^8S' 

Hi'ero-glyph'ical, a, jini^ 5)S)7r»f5c> 
Hi-er'ophaiit, n.«&-^p^tf9^«5M^o;(bOb 

Hig'gle, V. i.-^-^^-^^iSr^iktyic^v^^ 
High, a. ^^^^-^-^ yin^"^^ ,i^ "§1^5 

jSoo^fci^i^^, as, a h. wind. H. 
birth =fis|)^^^ JTsJ^s^o^sSoofi^ •$) 
&x)S'.H. time'^sSdoO'S^sSaosst^.H. 
trea8oii«a-^2^|er«^,ja>.H. water 
s^^zSen^'^ ir«to. — adv. ^ifoxb 

High'-blown', n. X^§«5m^^ ^»i^^oJ\ 


High'born', a. jrsj^syo^«i)o«Jb*^6S|^, 

High'-bred^ a.^^^ojSo^Ko^sKs^o^ 
High'-fed', a.irK>7r^o&-^k3ti0^czi 

High'fly'ing, a, «>s5dao^^;^. 
High'-hand'ed, a. ei>(8'«5ogp|5',KO^i5M 
High'-heart'ed, a. J^Oci&oXe). [Xo. 
High'land, «. ^ jT^^^^^Oo. 
High'lander, n. 5jȣ^(5J'^^^C(Sb. 
High'ly,^^'T^y ^ar.^^7r». 
Hi gh'-met'tled, a. & ^-^^y-tXtSa^Kv. 
High'-mind'ed, a. ^|^t»axo,^xr' 

High'ness, n. ^|^^^c«5»,^|^^. 
High'road', w. Tr»8?fc^. 
High'-sound'ing, a.a^o»"aD;^. 
Hight, see Height. [{^9509. 

High'way', n.©8r«?JoK2>c^^<^"«5s'36*» 
High'way'man, w.xr>ag'*Sar^c^r'ji) 

lObsntoT'C^, z)o6^^TPC^. 
Highway-robber, n.zio'Qir^icoGToX. 
Highway-robbery, n zio'&^toS^oK 

High'-wrought^a.& ^ Jo j^,^ (52^ f^5 
Hi-la'rious, a. ^^^'^'^y'^^^^d^K 

Hi-lar'ity, n. ^*9^^«jv86x>, «^oc;i5m, 
Hill, n. -SoAo, Ooio, -ojTn r'ocf , 

^ DigSledbylSOOQie 

HlL-HOl 88* 

HiU'ock, n. g>Dto, ©Ov , ©tf>^i 
Hill'y, a. r^oa^os&oso^^. [jC^ir-. 
Hilt, w, S'_5 ■goo. snpS)^. 
Hilt'ed, a. afiXe?. 
Him, fron. •r'pp, «>^pf). 
Hira-self , pron. csr"^^ •t'C'^j ^^^. 
Hind, a. "SjSbg'iS.— n. e^c^^^e^Sj S);3 

axr»55r»c&5 ScpD5T'C&. 
Hind'er (^os^S^, a. "SfSSS'iS. 
Hin'der (gr^otf^^, v. ^. «s^?<o^, « 

Hin'derance, see Hindrance. 

Hind'er-most' ) 

Hind'most', J '*•' ""'Verl. of Wnd- 

Hin'di, w. 8r»o6^sl. 

Hin'doo, n. 8^•o^^'^^^<5fo,8^•o^6:^. 

Hin'drance, n. ^s^sSm, «^oo^tftfM, 

Hin'du, n. gpio3&»'^^*^o&>,Sbr-ofic>;g). 
Hin'duisrn, w. Slr»oe:&'sS)^«5[». 
Hin'du-sta'ni, n. 8r»o2^^pv^5l. 
Hinge, n. ^oo-^ "^oo. DebHcxtoSS "S"^ 

Hint, v. ^. & t. -t^r«»^^>o^jo^^\0o^5 
Hip, w. ^o63, "^coO|Jo25«r»^-7r^fSc>o(3&> 
Hip'po-pot'amus, n. f>^>bg85M. 

Hire, v. -t. «'Q8Sfe|Br'j6"dg's^^ 

Hire'ling, n. ^tor>c&>; Sj'OO. 
Hir'er, n. ttS;^ 6j5§^f6sr>c&. 
Hir-sute', a. 6^«SDtfx€»?Ce>. 
His, protu ^o&^r^^lx-) e:5^p, sr* 

p. ^^. w^pa, 5r»pa. 

Hiss, V. i.tx-i^r*^, «»*t6o^s53i6, — n- 

Hiss'ing, n. i^^^p l?£P^c5^&>. 
Hist, interj. f5^^'T9o85tf^Jb, air»Aatr»«i 

His-to'rian, n. •;:^d(^-s-^«>c&. 
His-tor'ic, ^ 

His-to'ri-og'rapher, n. •;:^6(^(jT»c3aSa 

His'tory, n.^^^ -^d^^JtSao, ss^Ss^t^sSm, 
His'tri'On'ic, a. cr^^^cr'-jJoao^iJ^* 

Hit, v. t. r^toj ^Xboo, ^'cSo. — V. u 
Hitch, i;. i. ^;<be»§^?a, •Ofio^-.r^f^. 

Hith'er, adv. s^S'j^alsS, Si^^to^. — a. 

Hith'er-mosi', a. sx>§i;-0 f^rfeosj^??^- 
Hith'erward, ade;.s{tosS,-^2^-$)t^SS. 
Hive, n. "iiStfeb), ■ii'i3feScXo?er»ci^. 




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fio, interj. ia, Jl^om, [Sj^S^- 

Hoar, a. "^djS^, "§0 csreSt^.— w. "3a 
Hoard, n. SSc.^, |^?fe^ Sj*2ic'S|Si^©^ 

Hoar'frost', n. 8&o-«^, ^^tf«5». 

Hoar'iness, n. -^d^^|9. 

Hoarse, a. JToS^tp^I^, <0ctoXbT7»i5j^^ 

Hoarse'ness, n. ?c «2J"i3'^?y8&»,«^?(b_©g'^ 

Hoar'y, a.'Bop, -^d^^. 

Hoax, n. ssb-«OQ3, 8)^er-&)g'j5»5 s5ds5< 

HoVble, V. i. fiSod>Dr*f) H^cS^.-^n. 
Hob'by, "I n. siw^Sb-Tr^fSbo^fc -O 

HobHby-liorse^J j^;feMs5cx* 5 ;feM-$) 

Hob'goVlin, n. cJobSo*^, S!>^-t^i6M, 
Hob'nail', n. -^k ^©-daSS. 
Hock, see Hough. [e^fio. 

Hock'ey,n. fconnoBSeK) «"5a ea»6' 
Ho'cu8,t;. U-^^^fi-^^^. [«Soo«». 
Ho'cus-po'cua, n. *&»o8S, «i>o^^tfo^^ 
Hod, n. K^^^jfc^^ijM T&0&. s^cs^ 

Hodge'podge', n. ^Jo^vifea, ir^F'^ 


Hoe,^aX^ir'w^Sr*© r. 

Hog, n. 5>oa, ^t^cH'g'cfjSM. 
Hog'gish,a. ^-pts^ct^iv-^^^. 
Hog'herd, ». «)o2^«>j6 "^^zr^dk^* 
Hog'-plum', n. s$in^d^s5oi^. 
Hogs'head, n. 63 7r»e>(6e>r*o^. 
Hog'sty', w. zso&vdr&, 
Hog'weed', n. xiSobsjOS', ^sjeH^^, 

Hoi'deii,«. s3;^dxr'e"Sj-'&0S5ifo-^. 


Hoist, V't. -^-^1^. fcoca"! ?^. 
Hold, v. ^. sj^r'j^j ^Sw-ssj&o} po3i 

1?0 h. 0Ut-= «CS^Ct^&), WoaoKScC 

ts^^)4D.To h. one's owii= iSd^ 
9008^^)00x55 60. — v. i. ^BT" sGjSiaSDod^j 
•)o^, «)$iir'cxJS55^^5 To h. forth 

Hold'back', n. tPi^ss^.^tboriSoo. 
Hold'er, n. sjixr^pcs^o&snc^Sbj « 

Hold'fast', n. 55^^, r^Sj^. 

Hole, n. iso^t$9^^ ao«s»,"SsS«s», TP'g 

^^ji>J€r«f)§ a^;^,— v. ^. tf 0|jJ85a^ 
^dtsSoj («toHbo(J^Jfi5))?r'8er«sJ&^ 

Hol'iday, n* e5&)a&*$), ^^tp^coos© 
1^16992 o)'t:)63S^1S\flb«ro£feX. 




Ho'liness, n. sari^^. 
HoVla, inter j, S>'wv*. 
Hol-loS V. i. i8cxj3p"f^-Sc»M. 
Hol'low, a. Xbo-7r»j5o|^^,?S^e»5*r»oHb 

^c3a». — V. i. t9ea^. 

Horiyhock^n. a>S'j)e?^^-$)si^«5M. 
Holm, n. ^Oer<;6o&-Ot^6o, ooS'. 
Hol'ocaust, n. -jC^TPcsJoossy "^jv^kSj 

Holt, w. S)^cr< ;dcsJ€Joo'3e& er^cg^^ 
Ho'ly,a. ssx)!^^^^ -^sj^^^i^^ "^^^ 

Ho'ly-day', n. i^tB^S^^ss^^. 
Hom'age, n. }6i-u*ciS.'P'iS2^^j&a,sso^ 

Home, n. s|^,^£;^jj»85»5 sr»&8'^^ 
^osSwj'fjQ'iS^^tfM. — adv. ^^ooaoiS 

Home'bom', "^ a. s^oAoctwgi^jsioiS 
Home'-bred', J ^oziolf^i^^ T^Tga^ 

Home'less> a* 9^'tp. 

Homeliness, n. jd^K-j^lSsto^ ^ofi^^5 

Home'ly, a. s^o^S-jJo^Do^f^i^'j 0"5^tf 

Home'made', a. s^o&jc ^^(^5 ^S^^ 

Ho'meo-path'ic, a. fr. homeopathy. 
Home-op'athy, n. d^Kcx^os^ S'^co 

Home'sick', a. s{ofcS2,"4iyo©sye>^ 

Home'-speak'ing, «.K>o86»-7r»sir»&>«^ 

Home'spun, a. ^^"Sn^sSDoab "^oflSco 
Home'stall', "I ^.s|TO5an»<S,S|o4ScR^ 
Home'stead, J sjtfe9B6£o. 
Home'ward, adr-sjoASSj 'jdb'^^sSwc^SS 
— a. S|o4S2,;5c^5 'fi£"^isr«i»^2<^- 
Home' wards, adv. see Homeward. 
Hom'i-ci'dal, a. ^xj'P 'Ss' (^c^tf»^cl^o 

Hom'icide, n. |^tf j^»^c, 4x1*^5 sJ'^c 
Hom'ily, n. ^^a'^^^-j^oXaSDo. 
Ho'mo-ge'neal, '^ a.'jtTgy^&ooS^t^j 
Ho'mo-ge'neous, j ao|^e^8SM"r»p. 
Hom'onym, n, "QoSi^zSnio^ziiSoi. 
Ho-mon'ymous, a* "So^^g^MooKe). 
Hone, n. a^tfo^^ji^ (an»|^55'o». 
Hon'est, a. ?)9Xe), T^i^osyoebc 2t^> 

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Hon'estly, adv. fiBTr^y^^QtSxti^^p^ 
Hon'eaty, n. |be),^a-»Kc^, ^ncoe^w) 
Hon'ey, n. "^"js, j&¥^iS- — v. ^. fe*^ 

Hon'ey-bag', n. '^-js©^. 
Hon'ey-bee', n. ig-^ftScK. 
Hon'ey-comb', n. "i'^'g'gD^ ^"psJto. 
Honey-eat'er^same as honey-sucker^ 
Hon'ey-raonth', ^ n. ^^|^2)^"Sa)J5 
Hon'ey-moon', J dS"3e>. 
Hon'ey-mouthed', a. j5:rv«5b?g-7r-a5cr»&) 

Hon'ey-suck'er, w. ■^■p?^75&2.g'^^ 
Hon'ey-suc'kle, n. a.^'a^^^fT •$r'€^ 

Hon'ey-tongued', a. 8So^^«s»7r» j^ 

Hon'or, n. tT'^sssSw, sJar»|^a5M, ^"^i; 

ts, [^^^ — V. U tT'jj 5y85»^c3a59; 

Hon'orable, a. •^a^ccgc^', ICiSvs^ 
cssooc^c^j B^-or^cC^Ko, ^l^^l^, r* 

Hon'orably, odu. "Tr^o^^sSMTr^^jSj-u^c 
Holl^)-^a'^ium, n- |j55SeOb^S)2o j^ (S9 


Hon'opary, a. 8fcxr»c«5r*e'5^|^, ^tf 

Hon'or-if'io, a. TTtf 33^5 "aoT^ n« 

Hon'our, see Honor. 

Hood, n. 0^oi^$68S6»o^S'"?>^& 63^8) 

Hood'wink, v. ^. g'o^sSXo^o&g'to^g'o 

Hoof, n. 'cli\j^^tfQtSt^y7rbl&. 
Hoofed, a. ^g'j^ooKo, ?raSe»;Ct>. 
Hook, n. r'Si^, r''^(^85», 8yo§ 

Hook'ab, n. x^roT^jp.. 
Hook'-nosed', a. sjoX;fiS»8Sj^Xe. 
Hoop, n. S)^^g'&o V. i*^b5^, tr* 

HoopingKJOugh, w. S'sSj^ sr^ow o?6, 



, I n. 

85? ; SS'2^a)6D. 

Hoot, V. i. (;<bg%»2)) Scp'cS^j sorpp,) 

Hop, v. i.esbsx)Sfi$bsx)l^«^^ w.a,o63 

Hope, w.t?^, S)"^f)^;<b^^ 2.^^*^, 

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Hope'ful, a. w^roi\c»b|^^, «K)|f jfiS 

Hope'fuUy, adv. e^«r*,t^«&jriS»5^j 

Hope'less, a. p-o^^a^^, «^l5f). 
Ho'ral, *! a, Kodo ^ooozf ^^, $o6S 
Ho'rary, j -r» •jjowo^?^^} t'o^j^o 

Horde, n. eo^j&n»c8'. 
Hore'lionnd', n. ec^fo&xr'SS'S^. 
Ho-ri'zon, n. a^o2$e)«5w, a^iS'8S», 

Hor'i-zon'tal,a. •j^j&«5M'7V(5b|^,2L§'2^ 

Hor'izon-tal'ity, n.^^ScSSaCa ^KjSm 

Hor'i-zon'tally, adv.jbiScSgjca^'XsSM 

Horn, n. r^jdw^^^KoXaSw v. ^ r* 

Honi'bill^ n. s^*3a^ ejSbsjJL. 
Hom'book', n. i|^;Sj'e)-^^g'i6oo. 
Homed, a. r'lSDo^ooKo. 
Hor'net, n. g'oe^ftcK'. 
Horn'le88,a. tf^a, r*8^e»"t5f). 
Hom'-mad', a. -sil. 

r'rible, } 

Hor'ologe, n. xac«r*tfi6o>. 
Ho-rom'etry, n. -r^oaSwjSb XoAaoaTT* 

Hor'oscope, n. e^i^tfsto, ^?^c^pg'• 
Hor'rent, a. p8|^|^, PS'lj-c «ri^ 




Hor'rify, v. t. tjrocJSlito. [ifej. 

Hor'rip'i-la'tion,n. XTibOb, 6^;fifo^ 
Hor'ror, n.^©,^oo3«6»5-^|>j^CJ^£iix. 
Hor'ror-strick'en, a.a?(beosjfi(^,?oa3 

Horse, n. Xbg«S»,w^j«5w}Sbo'Xoo«&»' 

HorseTback', n. ?(bea «ix)aa»g'j^ tc^ 

Horse-bean, n. -oss^^fc-^^oos. 
Horse-breaker, n. Xbeas^oo ^SS n^o'O 

Horse-courser, n. tfo'3-^;<bg«5»e)(6 

Horse-dealer, n. ;<bg55»e) sf^9Sc<5^' 
Horse-doctor, n. ?(bea-$)2.^i;<^^- 
Horse'fly', n. S^elcK. 
Horsegram, n.^Aoayco. [<^^- 

Horse-keeper, n. Hbg-$) or»c&, ^ 
Horse'laugh', n. iar»AM^ig)£, tf^tf^(^ 

Horse'leech' n, -asSoXj *S2"6'3 

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Horse'mani n. Ti^^^D^^^ ^g'^l^ 

Horse'maDship, n. ;ji>g*^tSsndocsJo 
Horse'play', n. J)foTg'&>, afa6»j5j»&). 
Horee^pow'er, n. a.e^Xbgi6M^ocsScKo 

Horse-race^ n. K^^tkaotioQiSo^, 
Horse'-rad'iah, n. «s»|^X^to. 
Horse'shoe', w. e7^«ia$»,7r»^B5oa, Pfeg 

Horse'whip^, n.;fo|j-^8^c^z»',^t»5lS. 

Horse'wcm'an, n. Tfew-^-f^sna^cSM 
Hor'tatory, a. j ^q^6x» ^i^^, "lr» 

Hor'ti-cul'tural, cuST^c^xip ^ooo? 
Hor'ti-cul'ture, w. &^c^is^p,^'^^gl^ 

Hor'ti-cul'turist, ». d^TT»c^srjS)^ ^ 

Ho-san'na, n. #««h|6, i&oX«'iiK,'SsJ 
Hose, n. s^^Cb. [?$»^«r»c&. 

Ho'sier, n. s^^Oboo -AiS^iftx T5m.«> 
Ho'siery, n. -AS^^^ovito. tf'^ig)e>5r*c 

Hos'pitable, a. t^^^^B^ij-.iiti»^y> 

Hos'pital^ n. j^a^^o. [^dfo. 

Hos'pi-tal'ity, n. tf ■^ni&eS', e>©^ t:* 



Hos'tage, «. ^j^o^sic^^bojSb "^w"^8&^ 

Hos'tel, ) 

Hos'telry, j ^- "^^^^V 

Hostess, rj. aoabt5c38»_S ^jss^oaScCj^ 

7505 •^C&D5&r»^\?&j. 

Hos'tile, a. jC^Scpo^i^, aobtf-^i^, 

Ho8*til'ity, n. cK, ^.^'^^^^^^'^^^ 

Hos'fcler, n. Xbea-^sT'Cifo. 

Hot, a. •^cflai^j^sJL^at^^'s^cS'oabif^ 

Hot'bed', n. "slS^p^a ei^cin "1b«) 
Hot'-blood'ed,'^ o. «^^ta^5 e 
Hot'-braiued', j 9 -^U^T^iSMKe), sSdo 

Hotch'potch', n. 8'cJo«)i5»,^otftfji», 

Hot'ooc'kles, n. ■&€•$)«> "8i»fc8-r»o53 

Ho-tel', n. -^ctoSj^tf o»5». 
Hot'-head', n. «^$Dr«fc, «6&8S^ji'«S» 

Hot'-head'ed, a. *($3r*l)go|^, e^i^ 

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Hot'house', n. -ac»S'j^o;s» 8S»o^"B». 

Hot'-mouthed', a,er»oXp, ^oiT^ac 
Hot'press, v. t. -^J^i^t^txi fSbjSb-^ 

Hot'spur', n. ^h^t.^o^Zi^i^^c 
Hough, n. cr<^ig} 5J«a$e>Ga»g'i^;6 

Hound, n. •^ctoSSg'i^, ^XoiSw. — 

Hour, n. Xo&)5-t^oj5»;'^^,7^8&085iS». 
Hour'glass', n. sn^^KaaScr»tfi5w. 
Hour-hand, n. Xodo^;:^'s>2^ 85m^. 
Hou'ri, n. «>5J;)^^ \ ^^ ei^Nt^-j:^. 

Hour'ly, a. Koior*S'7^d o5So36oi^. 

— adt;.Xo&Dr*S'7^d. 
House, n. s)^, ;Cvs^i6i>3^sn*;5^e>i5te) 

^C8i»55y^tf-^sig9. — »• ^- S|oftScr« 

House'break'er, n. 8'j^-$)ar*oX'. 
House'break'ing, n. g'^-$)ar*oK^|^ 
House-dog, n. -2,o-^ab8Srj;-. [iSx. 
House'hold', n SS<b^oo«S», ^o^^^^ 

Hou8e'hold'er,». sjoiS ocSOsr^jSoc^fo, 
House'keep^er, n. s^oiSl^tf , sSi^oC. 

House'keep'ing, ». -^ois^rstS»^<s^ 

House'leek', n. a.S'o^^i^^O . 
House'less, a. S|gc>'<dp)5 05S(^acr»0|^. 
House'maid', w. cpS'^, "cp»il. [rf». 
House'warm'ing, n. Xvtf^jS'S^ar vsj 
House'wife', n. eig'oo, ?^\tr»El5 "t^3-«» 

House'wife'ly, a. si|r»Oaa»S'i^, st^ 
House'wifery, n. ss^ej^S) ^^^iSw, 7^0 

Hous'ing, n. Xbg-^^j6 ^§otf -^csS, 

Hove, p. ^. of heave. 

Hov'el, n, SSiSjfsSw, ^^bfi"^. 

Ho'ven, p. p. of /ieat;e. 

Hov'er, v. i, 2^<0XbOaT^o&5^^j6 

How, adv. Jto, S3er-;<b|^, Sa^iiw-Tr-} 
How-be'it, conj. eocofTc^^l. 
How'dah, n. o)j6cXb;^ ^o-?ra. 
How-ev'er, adv. & rofy-e^cxo j^akiS 

How'itzer, n. gy^^s fc^joA. 

Howl, V. %. 8cn>c3aS», e)e^^, ^S^ajvoo'i 

dtss>. — n. Sj'c^, ^tb^^f tr*e).. 
Howl'et, n. K>^Hr^zi. 
How'so-ev'er, adv. eooj^akfeSfi, o)^ 

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Hoy, n. -^Srs^sSy ^n^^ijSi. [A. 

Hub, n.^^g'iSMaa»S'i^c^<3X)a^Xai», t 
Hub'ble-buVble, n. r^zj.a t»a^s$w> 

Hab'bub, n.fJoCJS, ?r«>, •?!§>, §^en 
Hac^kle^ n. ^». . 
Huck'le-bone', n. iS«ko3o«5»§'. 
Huck'ster, n. ^v tf e5oX63oT»c&. 
Hud'dle, ». i, XoS^K^^tka^cS^'jK>o 

Hue, n* tf o;b, s^g«^,sJl8^5 «w^;"^ 
g'. To raise a h. and cry— ."Sotoc 

Huff, n. r*55«s», eiJootf . — »• t. r*8)0 

Huff'iBh, a. «)J)-7?<Sb.r*fco^ r^^djb. 

Hug, V. t. ir'j^toK'(^ti»'tcS^^ Tc^ 

Do^. — v.i. Xbo-^-TT- ^Ob. — n. 

Huge, a.|^s5f^od^^]^, e© ^^^^eJ"^ 

Hulk, n. id^aaoatfj^ '|>j-»o^K«5m 

Hull, n. ^8^to, ^i6»8'5 ^■?)0SS5 i 

Hum, t?. i. Ccpo"F«eJi6M 4SdsS>. — n. 

I Hu-mane' (i6toci5D^, a. sJcBJ-»flC>^ 
I Hu'manist, w. «5Df5aS)wc'i:)£v^ss8y^(^85M 
I Hu-man'ity, ?^.j53f65lo^£iSM,26a^slc 

Hu'manize, r. <. ^Scp»^^£jS»fSa sb^cJT 
to, j5D\fi&^giSw^e»Xc"^c3aa>. — V. i. 

Hu'man-kind',n. ^eboo, j^j^j^sssT'^. 
Hu'manly, adv. T6Dj;^sic';|C)£^5j^c-ir' 

Hum'ble, a. ^^wcsSsyKo, ^^^jsSwcg]^, 

c3cX'c^an»sSj;-, ^^cac-^. 
Hum'ble-bee', n. «fc-^tf, (yj&i^sSM. 
Hum'bly, adv. ^^^^^^ »]^okss5m 

Hum'bug', n. tSi^, ^j^-j^aSM^fc^cr^AD 

Hum'drum', a. sSooiSbc^ ]^; Q^c^ 

Hu^meral, a, ^»'|:)ooo¥^(^. 
Hu'merus, n. jSXoSS', 25o3g fiaatt»S'^ 

Hu'mid,a» ^s&^TpfSbj^, tn^i^jSi 

Hu«mid'ityi ti. tfS, ^ifo^ 9i^, ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Hu-mil'iate, v. t. e^cac^^ M^oK 

Hu-mil'ity, n. etacSSsJ, |i'^sSt>^, 0|^ 
Hum'miDg,Qcpo t^jSb^gf). 
Hum'ming-bird', w- aSM^to-Tr-^o 

Hura'mock, n.e>©v . 

«5d^^(^1^^ I^.Oat of lu-r*xS8SxiSJ 

Ha'morist^ n. ^i^^-^|So^sr*cd^^ 

Ha'morous, a. a^^c-^'f^, c^^igf^^ 
Hu'mour,8ee Humor. 
Hamp^ n. ^wSS, ;b».. 
Hump'back^ n. Xj*^, ;^2S>i$aob;>Cl5 

Hamp'backed', a. sJoK^fcc^^jKo^Hj* 
Homp'y, a. 6t»feo)Xe). 
Hunch, n. TCnj^j Titfi6Mg'j^. 
Hunch'back^n. Jinjb^ Hcr*p fr>c&. 
Hunch'backed', a. Hcr»p, i^oX^fcc-fe 

Hundred, n. & a.|fiPMt>,5yo«,tf«^i5x. 
Hun'dredth, a, |^ft#tf . — fi. |^«jy 

Hung, p* ^. & p. p. of iui;'^. 
Hun'ger, n. wctfO, *t<^.— «• ♦.«rfD 

Hun'grily, ad©. e^cS'OS^. [xo 
Hun'gry, a. wctfO-Tr-f^i^) ^"4& 
Hunks, n. er*^), 8»j5psr»c5fo. 
Hunt, V. U "tc^j^iS^ 'So^9^ttDidK)'3¥ 
S3. — i;- t.'^c&r>d^'3tf8S. — n.'^c^ 

Hunt'er, n. '^cto-r'c&j ;^cAoX!)giS»j 
Hunt'ing, n. -gcto. [a^r^i^w^. 

Hunting-horn, n.^Sc^jodjo^ss^d^odic 
Hunt'ress, m -^cto^dfo e^c^feo. 
Hunts'man, n. •Sc&)-y*c&. [^^. 
Hurcarrah| ft. s^x]P{^^, 00^^00^30 
Hur'dle, n. tfa^r.— v. ^. ^a^^eioW A 

Hurds, n. i6MifcS'ir»if, S»c-3f . 
Hurl, V. ^.C'f)a"25c»»,fib^.—^flb, 

Hur^y-bur'ly, n. eod, g'oc^. 
Hur-rah', interj* & n. ^Tr-j6^,<r?tf. 
Hur'ricane, n. -Tr-Dcr-t^, ^-s^-j^. 
Hur'ry, v. t. ^^tS'^^^^ss^ts^^,^ 

Hurt, v. t.7Pocs3i8»lScJS»jTr^o^>'* 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



& p. p. of hurt. 
Hnrt'ful, a. jHpS'tf T^i^, tt??^^, Tft* 

Har'tle, v, i. TSesb^daSi. 

Has'bandmaii^ n.Tn»c'^^'^25c"7r»c&, 
Has'bandry, ti. ^Sk .,tf csj-j^cxsSsJoo ^"^ 

Hash, a.pJ^.o-aa^,«j52Sbl3p. — r. t^&> 

Hnsh'-mon'ey, n. oo^tf». 


•Hnak'y, a. ^sSx^^j^^^jd^^^^fSb 
^^,5^l^^j6i^^3 (has'kjr) ro 

Hus-san', n.Xbea-^2J<>2^er<p^-^ooD. 
Hos'sy, n. Kcttj^o^^Sb^ e^c&O. 
Hus'tings, n. pZ.-^^'S30&»efSb75<r8S 

Hufl'tle, V. ^.sSODo^X^?)o^.[7:)<r. 
Hus'wife, n, s^gr»c»5*t^fibc» "*» ^o 

Hut, n. Xba'^,ir-g',9Sito«i».— V. ^.«o 

Hutch,^];^$ tt-B. [^S'^* 

Huz-za', inter/, ijrfr. — (huz'-) n.soes 
H/acinth, r^. a.B'a^r^i^-^sSw^ 

Hy-8B'na, n. jBtfoJ^, K>«»d-H$b, «i>«^e) 
Hy'aline, a. ^^h3^7&»z$'^'§^^'^. 
Hy Vlog'raphy, n. wtftfoa^ |«r»c3& 

Hy'dra, n.w^g'^p^^oeoXo-B^o'jSS'^ 

ife3iSM5 (astro.) 5nT6o§. [j^^*^' 
Hy-drau'lics, n. wngf. sooosoj^ v* 
Hy'drocele, n. w>^i,a.«5>&StfM.rX85M. 

Hy'dro-chlo'rate, n. h. of nxnmo- 

Hy'dro-chlo'ric, a. h. acid, o8yc9^«j5 


Hy-drog'raphy, n. ^zSo^iu^tiivO^ 

Hy'dro-man^cy, n. ib^vtfoi^aLg'a^^^ 

Hy'dromel, n, ©"iSfSb HnJ^ g'08)^S|^ 
Hy'dro-pho'bia, n. "SftSfiSg'j^ -5-*Ax>» 

Hy'dro-stat'ics, n. fiin^. ©oi5»j6Xb 
Hy-e'na, n. Xbobd^?^, {8s<oH, fib85»jO 

Hy-ge'ia, ». e36^-7r»c?"^»^. [K^od. 
Hy'giene, w.tJe^XcitfM^Tr-^ifoiojSS) 




Hy-grom'eter, n,7r»Oo8SotfD'?88&^jS» 

£98600 |^2^f5bir»5i5M, 
Hy'men, w. asr^sH^ otf^j a5r»tf*i5»} 

(anat.) ^Os^tf. [w. -aoS-^Ao. 
Hy'me-ne'al,a.05r»85^'i:)o«)o¥^l^ — 
Hymn, n.Tgs5;^©^i_5f^^-^^(^|;*8'i5M. 


y-per'bole, n. eO^i^c^j-oj. 
Hy'per-bol'ical, a. w9^^cr^ Jtt*^ 

Hy-per'bolize, /». i. «9^ Sj-»_8"7r» 
Hy'per-bo'rean, a. t^_^ifi5DoC^o'^. 
Hy'per-orit'ical, a. ^B^ioj^S^-^^ © 

Hy'per-crit'icism, n. fiaxp^aca, "Sp 
Hy'phen, n.r*p^OMoR 5;3ptttfai»e)|^ab 



Hyp-not'ic, n. p\^^^txiXc^'^d^tiiO 
Hyp'notism, n. S3-«»XP|^. 
Hyp'o-chon'dria, n- ^tr»^^ ^^^^^ 

Hyp'o-chon'driac, n. o)xj^cSbjSa^|^tJ 

Hyp'ochon-dri'aoal, a. 75Tr»8^?Cf)S 

Hyp'ochon-dri'aBis, n. ^J-cp er<K ^d 
Hy-poc'risy, n. tfc&>ii», %t?«^'»§» 

Hyp'ocrite, n. S'caS, sJo^SScfflb. 
Hyp'o-crit'ic, ^ a.g'3;J6Sab;^,g'«4o^ 
Hyp'o-crit'ical,J }5', *Sar.a»^(^. 
Hyp'o-gas'trium, n. S'&-^er«P(§oa 

Hy-pos'tasis, w.^^gtf»,«sb(r»_a,'i:f &• 
Hy'po-stat'ical, a. ?)(^^i^5«>^|3»(^ 

Hy-pot/enuse, n.^tSt^x^ZiZxtS^i^t^- 
Hy-poth'eoate, v. L «s;^j^85wk re* 

Hy-poth'enuse, see Hypotenuse. 
Hy-poth'esis, n.^tf*,«)fSc>«r*|^iSx*5(SJ 

Hy'po'thet'ical, a. e>j6jssr»^2p|^, ^ 

Hy'son, ». t^ir^T^^Xo 2.6'a^Tb "I 
Hys-ter'ic, *! a. ec-d;^?^-^, i^tnc;^ 
Hys-ter'icalj ^ozioif^i^. 
Hys-ter'ics, n. fl. _|^o8S;<^\<&)2/6' 

I, pron. "^jsb. 

I-am'bic, '^ w. 2.g'e);;^;gjSc)a,S'Xb&6!^ 

I-am'bu8,J Xe) XcasSw "dg'-^Xwi5»l^o 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

I'bex, n. r^oiiTT'^. [X. 

Ice, n.sS3o^Xa^,*?)^^(55'OK>7v--^fib 
r'{:>^J)Ob.To break the i.«=-^^3s 

Ice'berg', n. sSao^a^x. r«)j5^:^e». 
Ice'-cream', n. S^^jjg'D&Xi^^eSo 
Ice-house, w. o3o5^-iBn»€)s5Mtr« g'j^cH^ 
So o a^sSDO^K^* €> J5b"5^ "^ O;^'^ ossin ^K. 
Ich-neu'mon, n. zSy)o?.,t^o?{^,^^v 

Ich-nog'raphy, w.s^-^oo.oT'pSwg'^^ 

Tchor, n. SSOb-^erSj^oa-s^eso ^^. 
Ich'thy-ol'ogy, w. SejSoeSoT'j^ ^«Sk», 

rcicle,n. sSoo^g'^^-qr'tfTr-sJ&^l^^ 

I-con'ical, a. Q^tS^^ozao^-^^, 
I-con'oclasm, n. a^Ktf^aSMo^ r*i3"S 

I-con'oclast, n.ja^x^aiwepbtf'^sSM^ 
I'co-nog'raphy, n. -^tf^-ff^o-^ajK 

I'cosa-he'droii, n. qobsyft'j:} jfir»|^ a6M 

jo^^Sopj »«S2?c^5^ ''^-i*^^^"^?^ 
1-de'a, w* 9^tfi6M,e>^l^ooSiS»,^^^^ 


345 HTG-IDL 

I-de'alism, ». ^3-»oi5;s>o-i^i6!» S'e>o33 
I-de'alist, n. ^^j-oorsjsso-xi^s&a ^ooas 

I-den'tioal, a. «'S,e)^^c^(^^^^ 
I-den'fcifi-ca'tion, w. -^Vos5m o)eJc 

I-den'tify, 17. <. 2i>g'*j7r»c'^cSfi.5-$r'^S 

I-den'tity,w. «)|^;^c^5«Sao,tP"^iJ^,§ir 

Id'iocy, n. 8)-D\^ "SeJ. 

Id'iom, n. ^Sj^occs^oo; ^1^ ^oisjxr* 

id'io-mat'ic, | a. ^oSt^^Xk^ -^ 
Id'io-mat'ical, J ti^^-^i^y v'SjcOSS 

Id'io-syn'crasy, n. '^^StS^i^^^y.B^^^ 
Id'iot, n. -^d:o"365,'(^-q7*C^e8«S»K85Df6 

Id'i-ot'ic, a. 2)^^^f^^"3||. 
Id'iotism, n. ^|)^o355Smj w^ftSr-^^, 
l'dle,a. f^8$Da7r»i6i^,s5pl5§'cS»t^^, 

rdleness, n. fi^sfce7r'fSS)0(Sb&),cpi5sx), 
I'dler, n. 53pl5p5nc(5^^«S5a,p-u^ c 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



rdly, adv. s^pTJSoorf, s^ct^tSo:}!^. 

I'dol, n. ©j^tf^sSw^jj^e^sSs. [oT»Cc&>. 

I-dol'ater, n. ©|X85<Tr*^?(^«Sx> ^oa» 
I-doratrous, a.^iKtf^-^fSJ^csSji^lSi 

I-dol'atry, n, a^XsJ«ir»¥t^sSaa^ OjX's^ 
Pdolize, V. t,B^5S'fii6T''^ti;)iir' '^'So 

I'dyl, n. ^^oTTlS-W^sSo^^JlSai. 
li,conj, «O33^^,^^ODa(^,<02Se>,^oco 

Ig'neous, a. «>?^^«5doq3^j^5 ^^^'c*© 
Ig'nisfat'uus, n- -u^j^ossoa^b ^^sps^ 

Ig-nite', V. i p5)^ei)o<bDr"j6, ^^(joDr' 

Ig-nit'ible, a. pxj^^J\«)osc25J\^,^Xbcx> 

Ig-ni'tion, n. psj^t^o&or'J^do, ^?fe€» 

Ig-niv'omous,a. wJ^^S^cood ^Saofo 
ig-no*ble, a. «)o^^]^, ^)-l;^^^, «^-i5>j 

Ig'no-mm'ious,a. ^•r^^j^^«)5j;sir»^g'i^ 

Ig'noTniny, n. e>sJs5j^^«S», e^sj^g.^ 
Ig'no-ra'mus, n. ecSS. 
Ig'norance, w.«)2r^|^s5»,8S^|^^]^c^^ 

Ig'norant, a. 8r^tfDa15p^S«6ig75it)5*§ 

Ig-nore', v. t. ^v^^-^v^p^ &^r*|^S' 

I-gua'na, n. ^iSosSw «)f6 eo^;^. 
Il'iac, a. |JcX<&"^ fCToeDo^pg:)^. 

Ilk, a. tP'S; i5>©. 

HI, a. ^'^'^ ,^e^^'^'j^'frtfict&xi'7r'}^ 

Il-lapse', w.'Soj>7r»Sa5l^;&&>. — v. u 
lUa'tion, n.^s^ig^og ^8n»o^to, 
ll'lative, a. 'ij^^^ozio^-^'^, T»tf» 

Il'laud'able, a. ■aa5^cKr»«^p,^Xp,po 
Ill-behaved, a. fiibgjesr^^KojTrPCiX 

lU'-bred', a, ^j^^^^7:»tfT6ac&-5^p, 

Ill-breeding, n.-s>j^t^^^t5»,i6itr*ciS 
lUe'gal, a.t5|aPco332p^,«^8'^■^^^ 
Il'le-gal'ity,n. ei) or«oocsSi6Di ^ts^tk^tSos , 
Il-le'gally, odt). e|g'8Sa«5»-7P,<ijrf»|^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



IWeg'ible, a. ^jfj^Tr^'SOoBSf), -(S^t^ 
n'le-git'imacy, n. ^'r»_fe^ocsS^£«s», 
H'le-gi'timate, a. ti^til^^^^, «^ 

n^e-git'i-ma'tion, w. ^tf2?'c2^pp^^ 

HV-fa'vored, a. BSScp2)Sp^,eo258Sc»t5 
Ill-feeling, Ti. "^xtBiw^ssK^oe^?*^. 
Tll-gotten, a. ^iT'gcx^0^2?^^^l5' 

IHib'eral, a.t5o^oDax'e),^TT'tfc«5» 

n-liVer-al'ity, n. e»o^gsSM,^^tfe3^£ 

H-Uc'it, a. 7;r"^oe3SOogj5DOoD^^ WjS' 

THim'itable, a. e^sJOSX)^-^^!^, tf*26l3 

n-lit'eracy, w. e5>|^(^sSM^ ^^t^-^Ssx). 
Tl.lit'erate> a.^a^^S^p^in^sSDOoc^c^j 

Ill'-jadged', a. ^07^ aTj^dosJcoe^p. 
lllMook'ing, a.aTP^;^l^55Mip8SM?Ce. 
Ill-luck, W. a^tfCTvtkSiai, 5^Tr*_jXc«Sx>. 
IlV-na'tured, a.«Sb-j:)>,£^5j8i»Xo,i6sl 

Hl'ness, n,^^a^ciSM,sr»c^,^^(^2^^- 
D-log'ical, a.dBS> J, aobg^c^, "^1^ 

lU'-o'meried, a. esr?8S|^2>|^, e«)<f 

Hi-paid, a. •jJjo^^^sSmKo, S^GScpCpC 

lU-qualified, a. 2.^Kp, sjpixpp, f:)d5y 

Ill-spent, a. ^s^e^ coss«5m ^osScoSi^, 
lU'-starred', a,&i5^\tksso^c'3_'(^. 
Ill'-tem'pered, a. ^^j^Np^^^sSMKo^r* 

Hl-time, V. ^.W"T'€>«S>oesb^css». 
Ill'-timed', a.e>"T»o«5ao25b^osScoa|f . 
lU'treat', v. <. fi^-u^«^c9^cfl», (Sj^tf 

Ill-treatment, n. 5^tf ^c85a), &-a*o'tf 
Il-lude', t?. ^. i^o5)5cxS»,tfo-Oo^;P 

11-lume', 'I v.^^.|C"5^«o5)C'^cx^, 
IHu'minate>J "3ooc?<b S'e»Xc"^cX^, 6 

Il-lu'mi-na'tion, ». ^jst^^iSm, "Sodc 

H-lu'mi-na'tor, n.'30c?\ocSS3T'C^;j^ 

eD o ^ 

Il-lu'mine, v. t. |C-5^«o5;c"^c»S>, "3cjo 

locos' ooXcScSSmj ^\o"7r»5o^. 
U-lu'sion, w.|y«5a;iyo©5iSir»oQ3, »o-:J 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



H-lu'sive, "^ a. ^t^^vUS ithfS^^ftS^ 
Il-lu'sory, J ySa •^ftSo^&, c^*^"^?^ 

HJus'trate, v. ^."^&Dxjea>^,05^eo%$>, 

Ulustrated, jp. a.&Ty^ij^tfe9i6coe» ci^ 

IVluB-tra'tion, n,©sstfw85M,or»c^c^ ^ 
H-lns'trative, a. tf^^o^«5M7r»f^{^, 

TT»^tf €9|6m TT*^ "^.^^^ ^ <^ • 

H-lus'trious, a. ^^i'^c'Soa]^, I^sSdo 

ni'-will', n.icK,t^i^t^. 
Ill'-wish'er, n.i(abK^Obor»C(5^;^|3D;S' 
Im'age, n.eTPt^jSaijjjsSB&ja^Xjj^jSaj. 

Im'agery, n. isOjSjoo^cfiSoioj jC^sSj 

Im-ag'inable, a. ^©occXbr»a^^«er« 

Im-ag'inary, a. ^scn^^S'^i^^sSa^SS'e)^ 

Im-ag'i-na'tioii, n.y^sjiSM^^oo-^ji^ 
Im-ag'iiiative, a,S'c)^iar»JS'_|Ke),g'o^|i' 

Im-ag'ine, v. t & i, ej6r*c6, tfoc 

Im'becile, a, S^. \(^>^^\^2?«^5 ^^ 
CJ^I^, t»aoe)«6M'^p. — ».2)0^sr»c 

&, 'Stfn»§«)o«Sw"dp5r»c&. 

Im'be-cil'ity, n^ ^t»v,tx»aij<noec«^, 

Im-bed', v. t. •^?)er«2.(^«^^^^ ^ 
Im-bibe', v. ^.S)oo^,-^&^r'jSS)5|Kgr-o 
•^. [■^. 

Im'bi-bi'tion, n. iox, ioDxtoj |K«rH> 
Im-bit'ter, see Embitter. 
Im-bod'y, see Embody, 
Im-bold'en, see Embolden. 
Im-bos'om^ see Embosom. 
Im-bow', see Embow. 
Im-bow'el, see Embowel. 
Tm-bow'er, v. t. iriSv^^t^,'^^^ 

Im'bri-ca'tion, n. a.S'Tj^p ocsSo^3» 
Im-brogl'io (s^5|y*e;^c), n.-t)^^^;^' 

Im-brown', v. ^.i&t»v7r»^aBS»,|^o'7V' 
Im-brue', v. t, ^^^,'iBr»|^c'34». 
Im-bue',!). ^7r»|^c'a^,cro?fc'aM.^sr-7r' 

Im'itable, a. ^fjoS'aosJ^g'cJtoi^, e'g 
(^^^{^sSo^ s53e^a»g'63 ^csss-ji^^i; 

Im'itate^ v. t. e5j6^do^,^5jl^S'€)^^^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Im'itative, a. e^S'ao^iJSb, ^}^i}do 
Im'i-ta'fcor, ».e»^S'do^oT'c2^, a.g'p 

Im-mac'ulate, a. p6^ss,2?f^> it^^^h^ 

Im-mal'Jeable, a.-jin.c?cp. ^ 
Im-man'acle, v. U •f)o'isGN"3o3». 
Irn'manent, a. «>o^-<) >,gp^,«)o^or\s5 

Im^ma-te'rial, a. e5JS'6a^(^,'^tf'i6»"e5 

Im'ma-te'ri-al'ity, n. pir»-^^^^ca6»5 

Im'ma-ture', a. e)sJg'§2pt^,l5c^63ot^3 
Im'ma-tu'rity, n. wsjgo^, «)5Jdir'g' 

lTn-meas'urable,a. ^sJdOo^'S3|5'^ r* 
Im-me'diate,a. :^eg'^^^ «>s5^5yqr»^ 

Im-me'diately, adv. ^§"&eai5M, ^ 
Im-med'icable, a. Tp;fc^oo3(^ "c^?c 
Im-mem'orable, a.efstfjjMo^r'jfc 

849 I&&-IMM 

Im'me-mo'rial, a. eir-C^^^^ir^i^ 

Im-mense', a. «>ir-e^^^,^xjeao^2p 
Im-menae'ly, ady. (©sfj^o^^j&d-Tr-, «> 

Im-men'sity, n.^sros^^gsSco.e)'^?^ 

Im-men'sarable,a. g-e»sj ^^gcsSw-ff-- 

Im-merge', v. Lt^Mo^. 
Im-merse', v. U 85wo^. Vj^% ©. 
Iro-mer'sion, n. «5Mo^iD5Si»pcaa3S.o 
Im'me-thod'ical, a'.^rsSaafoDiSp.aTr'v 

Im'migrant, n. stf "g^, x?cfg^ti»j6o 

opp. to emigrant. 
Im'migrate,t;.i. -g^o^j^sSoD ji,o(S 

Im'mi-gra'tion, n. -sVo^cfsSMj^oS 

Im'minence, n. •icrctp'ao5>j6o^^<b, « 

Irn'mineut^a. ^^^^i^^^)^, ^*^|"2?(^, 

«S»-7r»^l^^, ae, i. peril, [-i^e^)!^. 
Im-mo'bile, a..| cf;^)^, x^o^«sd.-5,e) 
Im-mod'erate, a.g^^ss^fcoe^^. [d^^. 
Im-mod'er-a'tion, n.ixi^t^l^^^^^^ 

Digitized by L3OOQIC 

nm— tH( 


Im-mod'est, a. oiSlJp. ^?<c>«t*?)^. 
Im^mod'esfcy, n. JK>jST»Ot^^^«Sw, pjg 

Im'molate, v. f.^CoM-Sf \. 
Im'mo-la'tion, n. ©Ooodx^xAd, ©O- 
Im^mor'al, a. 5^6^©Xe); ^Sa^|5',«) 

Irn'mo-rarity, n,&6^©^«?5^«i»,^ 
Im-mor'tal, a. p^c^|^^=0^^"^P^«&^ 

Im'mor-tal'ity, n. p^o^^^sSw, ^^£^ 
Im-tnor'talize, v. <. ^^^e^«S»-7r» j6o 

Im-mo^'a-bil'ity, n. iS tf^, e>n5o^Q 
Im-mov'able, a. ^sstf ^i^^ S'tfop^S 

pOji-8,STr»^OD. r2?c«5M"5^SSo2S. 
Im-mov'ably, ady. SjJsSwTr-^S'eiJe)^"^ 
Im-mu'nity, n. jSr»-^, 75S'ir«^AD^-u^ 

Im-mure', v. t. '^to}^K*si^^^ t^xn 

Im-mu^sical, a. ^o§o-^"s^p. 
Im-mu'fca-bil'ity, n. pdcT'tr^, S Cf 

^, J5ar»Ob^c'So2JSX>, 

Im-mu^table^ a. ist»«P, ^^^t^^ *^ 

Imp, n. J)'7'-tf8SM, -Oi^SoaScs^. 
Im'pact, n. ^o^, 'i:fo^or^?Cj6M,2/8'4S 
pa.S'iS -©^cSSto. — (—pact') ». <. 

Im-pair', v. ^. ^e5>-$), tf^p^cJSSj,!^ 

Im-pale', v. ^.r'e6^'S5(5^o-$)5^toj6 
Im-pale'ment, n. r*«^'Scfi»<to5 ^ 

Im-pal'pa-bil'ity, n. ^^thc^,^^ 

Im-pal'pable, o. s^ojaocsSsSaaoSS ^D 

Im-pan'el, v. ^. ^twv^ ^OS^o-S 

Im^par'adise, u. ^.a«3n»C(^o2j85o-(6^e» 
Im-pai/ity, w. e^T^jjsSo^, "^CJsSw, 2.^ 

Im-par'lance, n. Xi$o4). 
Im-part', v. t- s^-^^? "^Oo55c'^<3^; 

Im'par-ta'tion, n.sq^xtoj "^Oossce 

Im-par'tial, a. lycjoaS^i^, psl^*^ 

Im-par'ti-al'ity, n.7r»coQ5«5oa;p5l^<^ 
Im-part'i-bil'ity, ». «8:>^0?)osS^« 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Im-part'ible, a. ^Ki&aeo^ ^asSc^X 

Im-pass'able, a. -cr^ckocy^sip, «-j^ 
Im-pas'sible, a. «'^tfo^^5 *j6oipi^§ 

Im-pas'sionate, a.B&^lbo n^^sSb^cS^^j 
Im-pas'sioned, p. p. & a. ^r^ g'jsw 

Im-pas'sive, a.^^«sb§^8i»e»d-*o25p. 
Im-pa'tience, n. «5^^85m, b^Csx) "^ 
XX), iOo^iSoo. [py ^^^P- 

Im-pa'tient, a. ««^tf5;"Si^, cPOsijIS 
Im-pawn', v. ^. er'8'&o"S)^03, SSi6s5"S) 

Im-peach', v. t, er'^6^X)e3^ot^, "^ 
Im-peacVable, a. er^SxiXj^^^*^^ ^ 

Im-pearl', v. U tfw^ci6M€»S'to;iS»^c 

Im-pec'cable, a.-^sj ficr-Obc^c^^ f^ 

Im-pec'cancy, w. pe^sx^ciSw. 
Im'pe-cu'ni-os'ity, n. ef ^lr»;^^, tt* 

Im'pe-cu'nious, a. ¥(^«^"«5p^ h^^ 

Im-pel', t?. i. i&ao«eaSS ^^T^cJato^ ^^ 

Im-pel'lenfc, o.sSaiotfe^S^'ptSbj |^ 
Im-pend', v. f. ^OoKjSbodSb, r>P^8r» 

&)& ^2^85oo7r»fSbo(2Sb, •j3IX)2)0-Oc33mo 

Im-pend'ent, "^ a. 7:)Pj^8r»^2?t^^'(^^ 
Im-pend'ing, j ^roocc^s^Soi^, -rr-c 

Im-pen'etra-bil'ity, n.e^-^esc^^&o' 
Im-pen'etrable, a. xf*J^-cr»p, ^"^^c 

Im-pen'itence, "^ n. ^jsb «r*5j«iw "<5 
Im-pen'itency, \ Vxiy s^^B^ X)«S»'S 

Im-pen'itent, a. sJT'^^s>i5a»"^p. — 

Im-pen'nous, a. "l«S'ip.€Jo'<dp. 
Im-per'ative, a. ©T;r»o33S';^]^,e^?r* 

Im'per-cep'ti-bil'ity, r^* t5?r*n^ey«^g 

«&», g{Oiao038SMe)5o'SS)cXS5S>3. 

Im'per-cep'tible, a. ^^c»e^p, er*-i 
Im'perH5ep'tibly, ad\\^K^^}S}6»ir^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Im-per'fect, a. w^» 2^^, v^zstS» 

Im'per-fec'tion, n. ^'^tS ^, v^^ 
i5»^ ^§S^sy, ar^Sxtfai^ S^eac^. 

Im-per'fectly, adt;.«'j;Jo"^tfs5M-7^. 
Im-per'fectness, n. ef)*;:)© "^tf ^e 

Im-per'forate, ") 
Im-per'fo-r'ated, j "• «^°L^'^~^f>- 

Im-pe'rial^ a. ■j:^iS'55'_8 ^ozio^^'^^ 

Im-per'il, i?. L sHp g'e»?<b&)SS e5-;C)^cJ 

Im-pe'rious, a. 26if tf^oir'aa^i^, X8c 

Im-per'isliabb, a. ^^^p^i^^osjp^p^c 

Im-per'manence, 'J ^. t^^ ^S^^S 
Im-per'manency, J 8i». 
Im-per'manent, a. ^^c5j«6M-r«f). 
Im-per'meable, a. e5)"^£Jo^^,5'*8'j^ 
^Sc^l^. [as, an i. verb. 

Im-per'sonal, a. *^0bs;x'^i^>6Me» ^p 
Im-per'sonate, «. ^. ^^|^^c;6MfSjft3 

tf» (5d??ao^$2L/S'f)8 2) «i>€»-7r» t^^Soi^ . 

Im-per'son-a'tion, *) w. a^S'pg © 
Im'peivsoii'ifi-ca'tion, J aSawTr* ^ 

Im-per'spi-cu'ity, n» ^-fT^sk^, 

Im^per'tinencd, ^ n. t9^^\xs^oK^i^ 
Im-per'tiQency, J *Sm, d^AObc^& 

Im-per'tinent, a.e)8S»Tr»cSJ^(^, ^^ 

Im-per'tmeiltly, adt;.ei>a6oTr*o25X,«>0 
Im'per-turb'a-bil'ity, n. e585aa6»,To 


Im-per'viou8, a.«"^>^c^(^,'S^^'^pj 
Im-pet'a-os'ityj n.^i?C85a>, ^^^^j 

Im-pet'uous, a.^iX'2>c^^ ^^^^ii 
Im'petus, n.-Sovj-^XjSM, ^i^sj<S, ^[^ 

Im-pi'ety, n.e)t?'^5in'S)2)^^(^«5wj5^^ 

Im-pinge', v. t.r'tor^fSo^^r^csS. 
Im'pious, a.^_|"^p5^ss^^;fiSbg. 
Im-pla'ca-bil'ity, n.^^$0Q^^^ &e^P^ 

Im-pla'cable, a.^^^zsk^^S^vp. 
Im-plant', v. i,jr*to,v^c^i^^^^^ 

Im-plau'sible, a. (^^ccJH^T^ ^1^^^ 
Im-plead^ t?. *• fcTPo&lSc»5i. [^9* 

Digitized by V^jCPOQ IC 



Im'plement, n. sjpis»to, e:5c3Q»9i5aj, 

Im-ple'tioii, n. -^j^ctjSm, S>o5css»o 
Im'plicate, r. ^.^K©o^,-CSS{,-er<c"3 
toj •i^o23o¥2ix>iJdS'c»Xcffic3HS». 

Ac38S>^^Wg86c»,e5^$£P; -OSSj^er^c 

Im-plic'it, a. ^ScneajsJeJo^Pi S0bK)l5p^ 
as, i. obedience}55a'$r*^^(^>2J\(5^ 
2aj^, as,i. faithj v^^^cf^cs^p^, 

Im-plic'itly, ody. 2^v^j6a>7r», l?ObHj>"^ 

Im-pli'edly, adv. vs^«^7r»^ ^^s>.«5x 

Im-plore', v. L & i.t ir«a o^.'Sci^r^ 

Im-plunge', !;• t.76x>o^» 

Im-ply', V. t. ;psJ«6ajp^^,^^sSD5S,^g 

Im-poi'son, v. ^.asljSaaii&oj ^eso*^, 


Im-poVicy, w. e>i7^er«-5^{^^«a'Sg'8S», 
Im'polite', a.«)i5D-cr»o25^^,Skr-^^, 

Im'po-lite'ly, ady.^«5Dir»e2^"7V',^j^doD 
Im'po-lite'ness, n.e)853t3r*oCJ, iix»to^ 

Im-pol'itic, a. W€r*-i^|^l3p, wo'fiS'^ 
Im-ponMerablei a.z30b;&'3f), ^cSc 


Im-pop'ous, a.tSo^^tSxfco'Sp, 
Im-port', V. t. QTii^^^c^sSij "6^0^^ 

S'«)Hcxgi>o2^ (im'— ) n. ^tfsSw, 

sSal^^iJ^t^ 'j^J^So : opp. to e^cport, 
Im-poi/taiice, n. t?5j^c8'^, sSao^po^j 

Im-por'taiit, a, e^X^c^c^, «5oo^c^ 

Im'por-ta'fcion, n. axass&© : opp. to 
exportation. [ ^Sw o^sr^cfi^. 

Im-port'er, n.'^^'o^j^sSMj^oS'iCj^fiSoo 
Im-poi/tunacy,n. S^o^rs'^^^SkiT^kt. 
Im-por'tunate, a.^o^rstrt:>ikyyii&q 

Im'por-tune', «;. ^. ^o25?^-^to, SxSo 

Im'por-tu'nity, w. S^ocss', sq©. oft-a 
Im-pose', r. ^•Scssw^'a&o^^o^^a^o 

•Oo^, To i. on^^T»«j^ •^•^ \&i. 
Im-pos'ing, a. Xo^^j^;^, ^^xi^^^^ 


Digitized by V^jOOQ iC 

IMP-IHA 354 

Im'po-si'tion, n. '&a^>k>^ti^o^^\'i 

Im-pos'si-bil'ity, n. wj^^o^} ^"c^ 

Im-pos'sible, a.^-(^^o^f^^^c^8&o"s^ 
Im'post, 71. 5>^^, &8btf^ *^oS'85m. 
Im-post'hume, n.i5re98i>j,SSeflo«$)jX'5^, 

Im-pos'tor, n. scr»-jC)7r»c^, s^o-^sSc 

Im-pos'ture, n. isj-T^'^M^s^o-t;^^. 
Im'potence, "^ n.t^^ _£^ .cTtSjDgi&x)'^ 
Im'potency, J sSdK^j^sSm i5sX)^ (^"^o 

Im'potent, a. i5'_|75p,&?y.e);a)^5 s&X 

Im-pound', v. ^.ar»Ser<c'3A3;6T'c3aSj. 
Im-pov'erish, r. ^. J55i^f)c7rc"^c53»j 

Im-pow'er, v. ^ «)^-r*JJSx>^^. 
Im-prac'tica-bil'ity, w. ej-j^iii^c^^ ^ 

Im-prao'ticable^a. e>f S'c^(^;e)7^¥ij 

^^, ^oc35sJo-r»p. [®t?^- 

Im'preoate, u. ^. ^soo^x, ^£o.£^^ 

Im-preg'na-bil'ity, n.&oooo^c 7^S^ 
Im-preg'nable; a. ijd»^a iS|( «ono 

Im'pr^'nate,!?. ^.KcySto^^, ^''^'^ 
syo^i&a^dcsaM. — a. posscw^i^jiiSotf 

Im'preg-na'tion, n. ?a^«&xj^c:5S*&>5^ 
Im-press', v. t, a6MiJ5'^c5^5l&cSS^5s& 

^g'derfipS&^r'j^.— (im'— ) n.*S» 
Im-pres'sion, n.'^-^sS^&DjsSoo j£Jj'S)s^^ 

SScS^J^ftj o^C^^j ^OO*^, 9^55^. 

Im-press'ive, a.s&^^'^i^SS^JMJ^'eSS' 
Im-press'ment, n. §j2^er«JDScir»f) iJ'o 

Im-print', V. t. w^^'Scsswj r^^^'^ 

Im-pris'on, v. ^. ^o»fi6er«c'3^>^** 

Im-pris'onment, n. ^w, ^o»^» 
Im-prob'a-bil'ity, n. «7:)o^s5'c^> c^ 

Im-prob'able, a. ««j:)o^0^2^t^j I^ 

Im*promp^tu, w. tf^-^^^in^sJ^ ^^ 

Im-prop'er, a. e(tf85»;|^jf , ^^W'^'^j 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

Im-prop'erly, ady.e»(S'«5oi5»7r»,«>c33S> 

Im-pro'pri-a'tion, n. tjig'^SDcasSw. 
Im'pro-pri'ety, w. ^jyjSDsSM^e^e&Tno 

Im-prov'able, a. e)?85\gTr*cKo,i6»o 
Im-prove', r. f. e^^s^O^caas^^ srsac 

Improved, p. a.e:9?55\ac2r»oa|^,Tp;() 
Im-prove'ment, w. ttX^&d, ei>?s:^0, 

Im-prov'idence, w« esJ^^X^, sSwofiJb 
Im-prov'ident, a. eS^j^^g)!^^ fi^j^if 

Im'pro-vise', v. u & t, ^^^ss^^z^"^ 

Im-pru'dent, a. «)2r'|X_^^^,e^a-^g' 

• lm-pru'dently,adT;.«a"^^«$M-A-,85Mo 
Im'pndence, «. ^?taj>0^^^85M^^q)g' 

Im'pudent, a.S:)<2oa385Ml5p;g;<bacr-?)f^, 
Im'pu-dic'ity, w. DSoaSiiw eSto. 

3ft6 IMP-IVA 

Im-pu'issance, n. «)^_§,gr»'vOci5w. 
Im-pu'issant, a.©o8i»15p,fibtf . o-aai^. 
Im'pulse, ^ n. iPcfiS, "S^vj "3?C«5m} 
Im-pul'sion,J «5»o2Sb8S jjT^cfiSitoj ^ 

Im-puVsive, a.iS»o26SS(5^'^(&5^;^15 

Im-pu'nity, n. ^&t5ao,f5'siisS»"d8:)o;jH 
Im-pure', a. €:5)«t>-0^|^, ts)5;a«>tf^|^, 

Im-pu'rity, w.«)«>€),g'o^sL!5o^,^ft3§. 
Im-put'able, a. t56^fco55ctf)\t^,T&r*5Jc 

Im'pu-ta'tion, n. e^S^sJca^ poJJ^T'-^ 
Im-put'ative, a. e56^fco85c2D(S^. 
Im-pute', V. ^. e6r*fco^, "ar*-^. 
In, 2>^ep. ers^ ei^jSb, ex'^sJoj e^otfb. — 

In'a-bil'ity, 71.. w^J, «-(i^«5Dtf c«5», 

In'ac-cess'i-bil'ity, n.e)-(5-»^o^>tf K ea 
^9c%»2«oX>, 25b 9 869^cs5m, 2Sb&r ^^^ 


In'ac-cess'ible, a. e)'i^9c2>f^^ ^tf c 

Xc^s^p, CSX" edSos^c?6^a^p, er^^fg'p^ 

In-ac'curacy, n, t5K>2^j$»,^sj>j,'^d"5^ 

sx), Sic •sr*o'j^8Sw 




In-ac'curately, adv.^di^'S'^^oSij^ 
lu-ac'tion, w. ?)"a^c"^?^«^> ^?^S' 

In-ac'tive, a.^ciS'o;^?r^^Tr^g"5^Cl 

in-ac'tively, adv. jd^«5Dd7r». 
In'ac-tiv'ity, n- P"a^^"^^^S»^^ f^ 

In-ad'equacy, n.^o^ir^^^^^^cs^o 
In-ad'equate, a. ts^op, ^56(,-sf^t^. 
In-ad'equately, ady. tS^ot^oe^^^S^}^ 

In'ad-mis'si-bil'ity, n. zt^r'^c^si 
In'ad-mis'sible, a. ^Kp;S5f)§Tr»f),«>;^ 

tf -Sa?^, ^o^g'8o5JSJO-5^p. 

In'ad-vert'ence,'^ n. SisSsOb^^x*, « 
In'ad-vert'ency^J Tr»sS,dr»tf-^Ax);« 

In'ad-vert'ent, a, sSTr»3(^;o)s5&e^,€:S> 
In'ad-vert'ently, adv.«^(^^55o ,c 

In-al'ienable, a.sjTP^ j^aSaaT'cHcptf p, 
In-ane', a, d^"^^, t^^o-^n^, 6»_^6 

In-an'imate, a. ^5^^^^;^)^, ^S^dj^, 

Wa-ni'ti<m,^ n, p-or»tf«tfi6»,«rj§p5^ 
In-an'ity, y ^©tt* jSao&&), pofi 

la-ap'pefcence, "J n, WctfOlSojjr'dl^ 
In-ap'pefcency, I 'iz^^t^^noif, t^T* 

In-ap'plica-biFity, n. t5jSbtfdB»^^, 

la-ap'plicable, a. ^S)cSj-»?\oX)P, »p 
In'ap-pre'ciable, a. e:^8*^j^&^^(^, 

In-ap'pre-hen'sible,a.tx Q^^^tsip. 
In'ap-pro'priate, a. gKp, cs^jit» 

In-apt', a. ^Kp, iSQ^&p. [t^?- 
In-apt'itude, w. ^Kaa,a>5?^0j. [ttP- 
In-ar'able, a. sjcs^ -(bn-ocsSiSwt^BS sJpS 
In'ar-tic'ulate, a. 2?o5^;g)e)¥gf6€)tf"3 

In'ar-tic'u-la'tion, n. tSr^iD er»i^ 

la-ar'ti-fi'cial, a. t^i^'^oci^ ^f^^^ 

4586oe^^tJ«Sa>l5p, ■ar'^c^j «(^«>o 

«^^^2>t^- [ooaSt^cTT^ : foil, by as. 

In'as-mucV, adv» »)oab^^|^(i'c"7r,^ 

In'atrten'tion, ti. e>|^g, ei)2rL?Cj)55 

In'at-ben'tive, a.^^ssi^}^'^^,^^ 

Digitized by LjOOvIC 



In-au'dible, a. S|^c©«^, *»»$>?• 

In-au'gnrate, v. <• tJ{^otp'i6» ^cssw; 

In-an'gu-ra'tion, w.|S©?l,^8>o^4o, 

In-au'guratory, a. «cio^ ^ozioif^ 

In-au'rate, a. woTfOb -^pc^"^^!^. 
In'au-ra'tion, n. oo-7r»0b"^ctf . 
Jn'aua-pi'cious, a. «s3c)tp'2?l^> ^^«i^ 

In'be'ing, n.«>o^ea»j^^«5M^'j:»«5Do^cxfi 
In'bom', 'I a.«j5tf'2?^c^,-^toS'j6o-0 
In'bred', j cs^t^^a^otocwgf^.T^Jj^ 

In-cage', !?• t, 55oS?^«6Mer*c'3d», 7(t»c 
In-cal'culable, a.l3^^^cx6i^¥^36M 

In'ca-les'cent, a. •3c<Soa36a3c&) [&>. 
In'can-des'cence, n. ®qS)o^4o,b6do& 
In'can-des'cent, a. 85oo"S(&, ^^^^ 

In'can-ta'tion, n. j690|^«S», »5do|^ 

In-cant'atoiy, a.iSsno^^'^yt&io^^o 
In-ca'pa-bil'ity, n. e^^^, ^^cir^p 

In-oa'pable, a. ^^ifofi^c^^, e>«'^c 

In'ca-pa'cious, a. a^oa5»«*op,^e} 

In'oa-pac'itate, v. t.&^yQ^W'^, z^ 

In'ca-pac'ity, n. «^_^«^, ^-jCjs&g^. 
In-car'cerate, v. t. nr^syDu-^CSgD^ip 
oeofiber<c'3to. rer«c'3&o&). 

In-car'cer-a'tion, w. ^cw>iSb; Tn»ssO 
In-car'nate, a. wsj^eo-Oi^, J5br»|^ss^ft 

In'car-na'tion, n, ^ssJT^tsSxt^iSj^^ss^ 
In-case', v. t. i6sr»c^er<c "SAw^ S's?^, 

In-cau'tions, a. e2r*|?C_^a>|^, 2S^(K 
In-cen'diarism, n, s^o^^Kboc'S^^. 
In-cen'diary, a.sio^^Tfcoc'SlodSoj S' 

oc'S&OoT'Cd^j g'e)tf»"8P0bc^,^X«^ 

In'cense, n. e^sjajw v. ^» 2?j's?»6m 

"Scxsm. ( — cense') r*5j8&x>*^43o^5b, 

In-cen'sive, a. r'srsSM^ -^ASo^d^, 

In-cen'sory, n. j^ssS'o^sSm. 
In-cen'tive, n. ^-t^^tSos, -^dr^D^ 

trvtf^jSwiSj -^iSo^^, |^^«j*S' 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

IHO-tSO 358 

In-cep'tion, «, «tf o^!6d^, "teSToo. 
In-cep'tive, a. ^j^otir^^oofSa '3D"a'&* 
In-cer'titnde, n. ^j^ssj^t^'jSx^'j^o^aoS 

In-ces'sant, a. cOfi^llKp, ptfo^tJ^i^. 
In-ces'santly, adr. «32S'gX'8SodS^ a(23b 

In'ceafc, n. 053^tf^j5cx>San»a^p sJK:'i5(oT' 
In-ces'tuous, a. st'O^Sk^^ }^^S 

Inch, «.eo?<b^85». By l-8=jg'85aj^«5D 

* ' CO 

Iiich'meal',ady.§^o^85» r'o^jiM'Tv^ 
In'choate, a. i-^o'otjT'^, ^sJ-o"^^ 

In'cidence, n. -g-^oS ij^eajSw "Soo. a 

In'cident, w. •j:)o;C9, g'^, ^8Hi^ s^p. 

In'ci-den'tal, a.'j:)0!p'ao^^j^Dl?<Sb5 

Inci-den'tallj, adw. -i^jocjtfvss^iSx^j^, 

In-cin'erate, v. ^. t;r^«&»^a8w, "cr^ 
In-cin'er-a'tion, n.t;r^ «Soo^cSSm6o5^ 

In-cip'ience, ^ 


In-cip'ient, a. ^^fo<r^foo^Jl>, t^5o<r 

In-cir'cumspect, a. e^s^^K^ tp^ 
In*ci3/cmn-6pec'tioii> ». ^^gy^jK^, tf 

In-cise', v. ^. r*csS>, |^w5S,^SS(^, Xo 
In-ci'sion, n. ^wfiS, r^c^, Xo4». 
In-oi'sive, a. r®'^i^Kb€a3S»?Ce). 
In-d'sor, n. sSMotfe* 'Ss' g'^^fsra^^ip 

In-cite', V. ^. -^di^ex)"^, jj£"g&o^. 
In-cite'ment, >i.|j£'^5jc9, •^a§^co'^ 

In'ci-vil'ity, n. e>«5axPo8^, "Jar'&o^^ 
In-clem'ency, n. p^oos^^a^^j^s^j^ 

In-clem'ent, a.e^o«3"dp^^©^2*«^'^^ 
sJtf sSMTr'fSaf^Nje'S^^^sSxjTr'i^f^- 
Iii-clin'able, a.sin5\Xo,85o|^-^X'e;- 
In'cli-na'tion, ?*• sJo-^^oj'ew&Dj'^^; 

In-oline', v* i.ssoKb,oj'ex>;2.ed7<b,'^^5 

€»"^e> "dS" <)©«S»5 oOXb&j a;ii>^. 
In-clined', p.p. & a^jijdooXo. 


see Bncloee. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Id-cIo'sut©, see Enclosure. 
In-cloud', v. ^.-^^DsSwoiS^c^CsJ^j -fees' 

In-clude', v. t. g'ex>'^,^Od^jS'c»-^r' 

In-clu'sion, n. 5'ex>-^&), ^tt>^&>. 

In-clu'sive, a. g'a)-$)r'f5a(^|S, ^eb^ 

r'fSa^iS.-opp, to exclusive, fr'f). 

In-clu'sively, adr, ^Ob^§^p, §'«>•$) 

In-cog', odi;, *)5J8§p "SOooSfioo^S, sSo 

esocXbTT*, aar»eso:3sx«5M'S^r'p:Con- 

fcracted h*incognUo* P-OosJf). 

In-cog'ifcative, a. wers-E^I^'Sp, wer* 

In-cog'nito, adv. iT'jSb sjcr'p ot»c& 

e>p Si^^boSS "SDoossSofiS.— w. ist* 

In'co-her'ence^'J n. «)'iC)otfcr^8S», a 
In'co-her'ency, J Co25?6m, sse^-fT^tf 'j:)© 

In'co-her'ent^a. ^^^oK^'^'^y S&g 

In'co-her'ently, adt;.e:5)f5ooo2?i6»7n, 

In'com-bus'ti-bil'ity, w. p5J^e)o<SoOo, 

s5302^p7<be3«Su. [p. 

In'com-bus'tible, a.j&og^p^sJ^t^oAo 

In'come, n. Tr»«)6, s5^ \® A, syOb«n|^ 

In'com'er, n^ (J^^^ a,«''d^^«fo9p'SS 
In'com'ing,a. sy-^^iaffi^^, (T^^tpc 

In'com-men'surable^'^ a.^'^tSr^:^-^ 
In'com-men'surate, J -^ ^^-^i^iknti 

la'com-mode', v. i-'j^asb-^osisSxlSsS^ 

CD ^ CD 

In'com-mo'dious, a. S|«).oa-7r»ySb?^, 
In'com-mu'nicable, a. oT^ofcosjPjisf^ 

eo5jp5 "^SS^^C^^SSp^ '^OoS3c'^OCS3C 

In'com-mu'nicative, a.85o5.86Da7r»fSao 
•^l^^y e)033<bc ^X)^p, ■qT'-O'^sSDa 

In'com-mut'able, a. sjar»tf\c?<j*8^p^5J0 


In'com-pact', a.s^sx>ag'7n75p^ dices' 


In'com-pat'i-bil'ity, ri, ^^oK^tSx, , 

In'com-pat'ible, a. ^xp, s^'j^cX'p, « 

In-com'petence, '^ w. ei)^g;^^^ e> 
IiMJom'petency, j ^3-»Ko^, «)^_£ 

In-com'petent, a. ^i^J,^^, ^Kp^ p 
tr^tf^S'iSM <5* e^p j^ J^op . 

Itt'comp-lete', a. t5'i:)o*^»^^, ^ 
5bj;~557r»fS^^ 3^r*^ T^P * 

Ie'oom-plete*ne8S> n* e^f^o ^^ts^^ 

Digitized by "LjOOQ IC 



In'com-pli'ance, n. •i5?&j©osssto,a,sj^S' 

In'com-pli'ant, a. ^^9ol8p, ai^p. 
In-com'pre-hen'si-bil'ity, n.e>K^-^tf 

In-com'pre-hen'sible, a. ^K^-^^-^ 

"ff^p. [oasso. 

In-com'pre-hen'sion, n. tDoai5a3,"gO 
In'com-press'i-bil'ity, n.^trsc^cJ^si 

In'com-press'ible, a, ^cacSc ?^aSp, 

In'con-ceiv'able, a. p^Ooc ^gotf^ 
In'oon-clu'sive, a, e^p^ocfi^i^^ »0 
In-con'gruent, a. ^^oX^-^^fil^^ 
In'con-gra'ity, n. ^7;>o«>o?«5»,aeo» 
In-con'gruous, a. ^^oX^-^n^^ 2)flb» 

In-con'sequence, n.^^ov>otfti»y 
In-con'aequent, a. WjJowo^^^, «5 
In-con'se*queii'tial, a. aootf "aa^, ^ 
In'con-sid'erable, a. wo^gpc^^*^*^ 

In'oon-sid'erate, a. wu^^^"«5p,»';3tf 

In'con-sid'erately, ad?;.e3er«-Oo^sSo 
la'con-sid'erateness, n.«cr<-e^|^"ekto. 
In'con-sist'ence,'^ n. stf-f^vif aOo^^ 
In'con-sist'ensyJ x5»,«^oK^iSx,^ 

In'con-sist'ent, a^ sj^^r^T^TP-jCiooo^^^ 

s2Sp^ ^g'8D-7nl5p. 
In'con-sist'ently, adv. sJjr^vS^oootf 

7r»' rtfSos3iT»p. 

In'coh-sol'able, a. §iiTj^{^^c?icr»3^p, ^ 
In-con'sonance, ». s)g's5DS'e«Soo"fe>. 
In-con'sonant, a.83^!d>^o«6a)l3p|j^o 

In'con-spic'uous, a, "iOooS-o^p. 
In-con'stancy, n. «| o^e$^, ^^T»o-c^e>c 

In-con'stant, a, «S ?^2?c^^ -J^sjot^j^. 
In'con-sum'able, a. ^i^oss^;^,^ 

In'con-tam'mate, a. ssft^^J^JS^-Tr* 116 
In'con-test'able, a. p-o^"4£cEios52> 


Itt'con-tig'aous, a. ^X>o8So2ifSa?^. 
Iii-con'fcinence,1 w. -i-»acr- i^ViSm^ 
In-con'tinency,J »^tf^gtf», tfc^Jna^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



In-con'tinent, a. nr»«Sar»ifc»^-l^,e»c 
la'con-trol'Iable, a. <r»oKcfeoaS^^c 
In-oon'tro-ver'tible, a. piT»^5)elo83 

In'con-ven'ience,'^ n. ^fysb ii^a& 
In'coU'ven'iency^J i6ai, «"^^c«Sw; 

In'con-ven'ient, ai •j:^2$)ir»oQ3jixjlJf), 

In'con-ven'iently, adv. e7:)d^ -5^005 

In'con-vert'ible, a. jir»y^c?<b^fi^pj ^^ 

In'con-vin'cible, a. <2y*^s3fe3-0 -^t^ 
InH3or'porate, v» U S'oo-^; Scr»Ob\,^ 

—a. gDia|^,^e(^;a.S'*S^I^. 
Itu-cor'po-ra'tion, n. f^io^sTfS', a.8'43 

la'cor-po'real, a. pxniT'^;^^, ©"cS 

In-cor'po-re'ity, w. "^sJ^^Sr-^^^^esSak.^ 

In'cor-rect', a. ^b^^p, ^"^^l^^ P^ 

In'cor-rect'ly, adv, ^^^i^^^bir*'^ 
In'cor-rect'ness, n. 'j^jd'S^So, ^sj^j. 
In-cor'rigi-bil'ity, n. aab*oSo T^^fc 


In-oor^rigible, a,atf^*g'c2>i^,'frXbtf 

In'cor-rupt', a, cd^tfjjl^ joo^tto*^ 
In'oof-rupt'i-bil'ity,w. eT^^fgV^jaSw, 

In'oor-rupt'ible, a, KJd^otf^itf ) ^jbr» 

In'cor-rup'tion, n. c^i^tfctfl^to, |f 
In-crease', v. ^. "S)0^, srvg^dfib, ^ 

Increasing, a s^ao85o3oc<&, "adcl? 
In-creas'ingly, adt;.-ir«^-«5n'^^?C, 


In-cred'i-birity, n. i^'sfo^ cKr^a^SX), ^ 

In-cred'ible, a. |^«6ai^-Dr»p,e>iSo\^"^^, 
In'cre-du'lity, n. tj)55?'S^^,|5'S^S"d 

la-cred'ulous, a. ^s^g'i5p, i^s&^p, 

In'crement,n. ^?s^ a / s:) o •^,"=53^"^ \ . 
lu-crira'inate, v, t. ^iSziyi^ t?6^S)o 

In-crust', r. ^.•^^•^c^-^cJ^,-^?)^' 
In'crus-ta'tion, n. •^p^j^'^c^, "a 

In'cubate, v, u & t, ir^&iiiij^-^^T^ 

Digitized by LjOOQPt 


In^cn-ba'tion^ n. x^li^^ ir*&yi>to, 

In-cul'cate, v. t. ^ra'&^o^ y^^o^ , 
In-cul'pate, v. t. ^sj^sj^-^, "jSi^iSm 

In'cnl-pa'tion, n. ■^j^«5m^t''^4o. 
In-cum'bency, n. ^^tfjSoa^^jm'^cJoj 

In-cum'bent, a. ^tf«S»-7nf6|^,2fSc) 

In-cum'ber, see Encumber. r ^^ . 
In-cum'brance, n,zilS:)^*^ S^oCStf^ -O 

• In-cur'a-birity, n.5S&tJ^)i8^,^Xb-s^ 

In-cur'able, a. sSfiSbo?)^ ab^^^f)^ irKi 
In-cur'ably, adv, 86fibc^5Soei,ab^^sSo 

In-cu'ri-os'ity, ti. ^-£^, ?)tf^c«^. 
In-cil'rious, o. «>o.SLc2>t^^ sJTr-sSDeS' 

In-cur'sion, n. ^.csod^to, 25o'S_g'S^ 

In-cur'sive, a.K^^^^^^^czidki^kS 
In-cur'vate, a. s^oH^. 

In'onr^va'tion, n. tfo«^. 
In'cus, n. xr»7Cl)63j«5wg'. [tcc'^cS^. 
In-debt', v. U e^sJoer^c'Stoj ir^c^ic 
In-debt/ed, a. fc9j;>^x>a;^}Tr^ccg(^, 

In-de'ceiice,| n. iB^acr.D|^^|^i5!», ^ 
In-de'cencyJ §a^frii»,*fr»|^lr.^iS», 

In-de'cent, a.jS^ss5r.0|^,^r*§a^(^,a^ 

In-de'cently, ado, e>«Sa-Tr»c2^7r», ^?6 

In'de-cid'uous, a. (Osjv^Sp sj^nt^ 
In'de-ci'sion, n. e^S^^^sr^o-j^ociSM; 

In'de-ci'sive, a. t:)©"^?^*^?!^^ ^P^^ 
In'de-ci'sively, adv. ^pJ^osssSwT^j 

In'de-clin'able, a. ?5cr»s;^e5s5Mc» "eSp, 
J)^^e»l5p w. Ocr»5)'^tf25x>oo'«5p 

In-de'com-pos'able, a. -gea) ^o3jc!5 

In'de-co'rous, tt.^j53-o^^*563a(^,or2fc 

In'de-co'rum^ n. ef)8S>-u*c£?. 
In-deed', adv. v5j*$7r» sr* n^sJ^SaiK, 

p2§a6M7r» iwier;. e:5cr»;<bcr' ! 

In'de-fat'iga-bil'ity, n. ^o-^"i503, 

In'de-fat'igable, a. «e)-$)l5p^ »^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



In'de-fea'sible, a. e)f)oT*tf^^c^,p2^o 

In'de-fect'ive, a. er«ss«s» Up, sje 
In'de-fen'sible, a. 'j:j8Sir»Tpr»^iSM ^5>^ 

In'de-fin'able, a. «-?);^§^c^;> l^o^^ 

In-defi'nite, a. ^pe ^2i>(^i tsp^x^ 

In-def initely, adv. «>-i5^^«Sw-7r»,e:5p 

■xr»N&x>"e5sood^5 "^j^tS^cr^^. 
In'de-lib'erate, a. •<^ar-«»-Oo5)S' ^^c^, 

In-del'i-bil'ity, n. ^e95Jc;<cp2Sao. 
In-deVible, a. s6-^i^p, o)5J^*S§p^p, 

In-dericacy, n. e>8S3Tr»cC^,^^l52;x>,a 

In-del'icate, a. ^^Sdu'co ^j^, ^osi 

In-dem'nifi-ca'tion, w. j^S), ofi^oo, 

Iii-deni'nify,v. t.^^sSwj^S'goaoxSsj, 

In-dem'nity, w. ^a>^|a©, ^^{Jsr»25 

In-dent', v. ^. -a»6|^aSi), tso^i^Ko 

iiT«»c33S». — V. UZdioZi&^'^cS^* — W. 
S^€)i5t^-(^8Sa-?^o3^oT'?8"Pt^-fc63, C? 

^^^- [^* 

In'den-ta'tion, n, -^^i^p ^^^^^ ^^ 
In-dent'ed, a. ^o-^^KotoTv-r^oaSc 

In-den'ture, n.ZjSiozi&^, aSw-O^e)^. 
In'de-pend'ence, "i n. 7^0^ o ^o 
In'de-pend'ency, i «5dj, ^^• 
In'de-pend'ent, a.-f^^i^o^-^^ ^titS^o 

85x €r<"Sp5"Sft^^'cy'P^'f>o23 o^sSw 

In'de-pend'ently, (idv.^^^iv*y'&tx> 

In'de-scrib'able, a. ^J5^t^e>a7r'p, ;5 
In'de-sir'able, a.g^tfce^Kp. 
In'de-struo'ti-bil'ity, n. ^(^^£ ^^^ 

In'de-struc'tible, a. P^e^pc^^ ^^^S 

^85Ml5p. [;(r'S^p,p^^a»os5c;«p»5ip. 

In'de-ter'minable, a. pTr»tfc3 ^oooc 

In'de-ter'miniite, a. «>p^^oQ3^|^,p 

go»oS)Co2Sp. [a. 

In'de-ter'mi-na'tion, n. t9pf^os3i» 

In'dex, H. •^-0,-^^S',«ySb ^S'«&E3 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

IVD-IVi) 364 

Index-finger, n. -^-^d^^&i. 
InMex-ter'ity, n. p-^CT^t5ao, :^6b^ 

In'diaman,»o5&'"S^8ix>*S^ ^6^ SJ 

In'dian, a* 8r«»o25cn>"^^'j^oe3o^"aD^. 

In'dia-rub'ber, n. c^»v^. 
In'dicate, r. ^. t^'^), '§OoK>c'^cfiS»; 

In'di-ca'tion, w. n33n»-^&), 8'^c»eenS 

In-dic'ative, a. S'^c »e«^(Sb^ n^"^ 

In'di-ca'tor, fiu^^sjft5^sr»c&^ fi't^s; 
In'dicatory, «. S'|^8Sw"Sd^,"§t)co3c"^ 

In'dices, n. pi. of WKfeB (|)2? Ks?^ 
In-dict' (6^2^),t?. i.lStfsSM^T^-^, 

In-dict'able, a. -^cjjSm ^r»55ciJJ\^, fc 
In-dict'ment, n. ^t>^'Stj^^k>, tjs^o 


In*dif'ferenoe, w. wo&c:6do, ^"iJ6^, 

1520, e>g'(^ea't32)05*jJi6»v^«fc»^P55<^ 

In-different, o. ^BTV^jfea "Sp, ^ 

&5 -i^sSo^tfitoTV^^, P^J5* "S^ 

In-differenfcly, adv. ptf I^cb^tt*,^ 

In'digence, 'I n. peb"£2JeJ^«6M,l)2i'^ 
In'digency, J ^tfw, §cn>6S§ "6^. 
In-dig'enons, a. "S^oos^i^, "i^S^^ 

In'digent, a. &2^^ ficn»6S§'«5?),§'& ^s^ 
In'di-gest'ed, a. 2§g8SMiff^?). [xp. 
In'di-gest'ible, a. ^j^sSM^So*6^S)^«eM 
In'di-ges'tion, n. tsJ^^sSw^^^x^ acr*o 

In-dig'nant, a. r^s^s^wKe), «|Xtf»«SM 
In-dig'nantly, adv.r'sj^SM^^tJiX** 

In'dig-na'tion, n. eii^S'r^sJsSix), «^>r 
In-'dig'nity, ». wir*?f55*5oo, e5>iT^«?f 

In'digo^ n. ^Cafcofi&j ^)©{Jo?C), ^0. 
In'di-reot', a.e|ir^^-5^^,sy^g'^|f,§6^ 

In'di-rec'tion, n. s&6S««Sm. 
In'di-rectMy, adv. ^^Ctt*, *;6j^-^^ 

In'dis-cern'ible, a, ^Tjitsei?), g'jfccT 

Digitized by LjiOOQiC 



In'dis-cov'erable, a. S^^dT^ 7^??^ 

In'dis-csreet', a. ^«>"S§g»<^, e5er«n5 
In'dia-creet'ly, odt;. ^©■gg'ifc>7r». 
In'dis-crete', a. "Se53^oc6c«)«$p. 
In'difl-cre'tion, n. ^Vi'iits»i ttoGSr. 

In'dia-crim'inate, a. ©"S-j^i^jSm l3p^ 

In'dis-crim'inately, adv. zsoWQ-(}t^ 

In'dis-crim'i-na'tion, n. 5JoB^c'?J«&^ 
la'dis-pen'sarbil'ity, n. e>S'{^w, <5X 

In'dis-^en'sabte, «. e>8'j^eegp^,e5sy 

lu'dis-pen'sably, adv. ^swfiSo^^, «sy 

cSfio;55p§Tn»8oo«^c'^CX^, ^2^C?r(bD. 

Indisposed, p. a. •j:)»^9i5p,6^slj6oa15 
In-dis'po-si'tion, n. r'ol3«5M€^'^i}jc 

In-niis'putable, a^Dtr^^tf^ocS ^^, 

In-dis'solu-bil'ity, n. S'?^c5\s^S)o,7Cg; 
In-dis'soluble, a. g'tf cKp.S S"^^^ ^\ 

In'dis-solv'able, a. g'j^cXp^ "^eso^ 
OC3C?(r»S^p, S ?^2^(^. ["S^P- 

In'di»-tinct', a. ^-(jy^tL'^'^, a^s^sSw 
In'dis-tinct'ly, adv. t9'^NSli6cM7r». 
In'dis-tinct'ness, n. ^^>.-<L^. 
In'dis-tinc'tioii, n. e5)"^£j86M, ^^^^ 

In'dis-tin'guishable, a. "Seao^osSce:^ 
Kp, "^©osjcJSXp, "SefloTv "^DoKSp. 
In'dis-turb'ance, n. ■^s&.a.'j^^e&lSgX). 
In-dite', v, t. ^jr»oas>, {^-Oo^. 
In-dite'ment, n. ioT«»c3Sa&>^ J^-Oo^Ao. 
In'di-vid'ual, n.z,tc^, xSo^^^ccSoj 

In'di-vid'a-al'ity, n. 4)g'^o«6wji6r» 6 

In'di-vid'aalize,t*- ^.i55"^c8o^>^'^. 
In'di-vid'ually, adv. ■Sea>7r»,^t^«6!>|j3 

In'di-vid'aate, v. ^.r5>^c8o'C)^?>i5§^ 
Iii'di*Tis'i*bil'ity, n. t^ap^ao^faeic 

la'di-vis'ible, a,^HwJc?^fiipje^"^c^fi 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



In-doc'ile, a. epoi^oos^pf^^ ^"^^^ c^ 

In-doc'trinate, i;J.^55"^^oV^,^«"$); 
lu'dolence, '^ n.(d-5sfe6^<^85M,2La^a>s^o 
In'dolency, J xp^i^zSx^, 55P^o83Sx>,2d 

In'dolent, a.ji^sSaa^c^^a.i^NSfoTCp^sjp 
In-dom'itable, a. ^iSr^^o"^^^ e^eacK 
p, eJ^oXp^ 25o»os5c?Cr'5Sp. 

In'doors', adu, s^o^er^sJo. 





In-da'bious, a. pj^^ocsS^i^. 

In-du'bitable, a.p•^^o'Stf'^(^,P7d^,o 


In-duce', v. i.i^'S8)o^;?S^^oiS,|^ 
B^Ntf^sSM^ScSw, •f)«&jSo5;Jc'^cJ^;g' 

In-duce'ment, w.r£T!x)e95|j4T!s)8'"4r« 
In-du'cible, a. 'iC)«&,9os>c'^oo5c£JK|i'. 

— Q 

In-duct', V, t. (S)"S^'^to,po83XiooiS». 
la-duc'tion, n. ^tfo^«5», j«©"&?c^ 

In-duot'ive, a,t5f6i^ptf2p^5^^T5tf tf 

see Endorse &c. 

In-due', see Endue- 

In-dulge', V. ^18^©^^,t6d(^^sj-0^i^ 

In-dul'gence,*^ ».^l^;g),T!?*0's^,2^oKS, 
In-duKgency,J s|^|jS-i-»{j«S»odfc^ 

In-dul'gent^ a,^tL^'W*tSr6MZi&'^S$o, 

In'durate, y. i. XfeSs-^ . X43o»?b , ©5' 

j^g'eoKc'^cJ^.— a. TCg, «59jfiSc>;gTn» 

In'du-ra'tion, n. -i-»©^ci6m, |8ar»tf^ 
In-dus'trial, a. •^A»tfa^'^&5 »6|^ 

In-da8'triou8,a. "^tos)'3&, ssp^"^ 

In'dustry, »."i^4x>,|^8&«5Da,^^5;«&6a. 
In'dwelV, r. L & i. er«5je>fSao&. 
In'dwell'er, n. ^o^-Dr»o8;X),eo^wj5, 

In'dwell'ing, a. ^o^{Jgj§^|^, er«pi 
In-e'briate, v. ^. t&>^c^ S'ooX'c'^cJaM^ 

In-e'bri-a'tion,'^ n. s&^,^S'ii»;8&« 
In'e-bri'ety, J i^, 




In'ef-fect'ive, "^ a. psJL^^o'^f^^s^cg 

In-er'fcion, > s&^^i'^^g.^, 8ij^oe5o«5oa^ 
In-ert'ness, ) jg^^j e;5f625c«5Da6M. 
In-e8'timable,a. «i6sr»oo^i^,'3e>l5S)5 

In-ev'itable, a, ^poj^^J^^? , e^sJ^sH 

In-ev'itably, ad'y.^SxSooiS^^gsSMTn, 
In'ex-act', a.^d-w^p^^p^^^i^^^i^- 

In'ex-cus'able, a.£cSXK)S5cMcp2^p. [p. 
In-ex'e-cu'tion, w.^oo3g:o^^"i)iLo^ 

In'ex-haust'ed, a.t&»?,a^^cy^^^,^ 
In'ex-haust'ible, a. ^sjaso^^?^^ ^ 

In'ex-ist'enoe, n* «^s586»;^(^c«6m, 

IS^d^^to. [i5p. 

In'ex-ist'ent, a.^ip^"^^ y^n^c-^^ , 

In-ex'orable, a, \ir^^^}^^'^p, \^f5 

In'ex-pe'dience, "> n, ^css^^^^ ^x 

In-efficaojr, n»»p§TT»g:x)^sx.\e)«6»,s5c 

XS^i K>e98533^05SSX>. 
In'ef-fi'ciency, w.s;j?)§-o^S)^l^85»,85og 

In'ef-fi'cient, a.5)S)§Tr»S>,sycg2?(^,'c^ 
In'e-las'fcic, a. tfOvObsyD-^cX?). 
In-eVegance,*^ w. ^j^d^^^sSoo^ir-KO 
In-eyegancy,J g'^lSsjo, jd^o-^lSsx)^ 

In-eVegant, a.»r-i3D^^^^sS*^S),fi^o 

In-el'igi-bil'ity, w. tJ);^tf ^, t9^o-» 

In-el'igible, a. o3o^r'|^c25X?)^r*Obr' 

^?C^, «?)§Tr«?). [23(^. j In'ex-pe'diency, J So, in-fjcKZXf. 

In-ept', a. «)cs^_r^|^, ^^5^^^^^- : ij^/^x-pe'dient, a. ^c5^^-^^, ^Xp, 
In-ept'itude, n. e^^s^^j-oJSS'^^sSoo^^l ^^p. [o33«SMi5p^sX);<be)^6<:6l5p. 

xp^c^i&x). I In'ex-pen'sive, a. ^^g'^j^, t9^S'sSo 

In'e-<jual'ity,w. e5'j;j85a^£«5x, "^s^sSx)^. In'ex-pe'rience, n^ ^^^sst^'S^^ 

«*€>sx>. [oc^^c^^l^Q'^^- In'ex-pe'rienced, a. ^^^sstSod'^p^ 

In-eq'ttitable,a.]3-^oce«5M-T'?),e57P'|> ; In'ex-pert', a. ^o»^6bKp,^^C7v-p, 
In-ert', a, Qd'^'^, ^^^|5';^l^, oi^o^^ j e5^c'r)8Sx)i5pj w^tp'dSsSoasJej^cXoD 

ISM'S?), «$3o£S-^(^. 1 • ?ia"^0b^l5p, ^^?^^t5p. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ iC 

In-ex'plica-biKity, n, 8^i1«5m,€)S&i,-., 
In-ex'plicable, a. ■r»?fc3«5M"§0cx6p, 

In'ex-plic'it, a. -j^j^^^sSwTr'p. 
In'ex-press'ible, a. ^?5^^oa"T'P, sr» 

In'ex-press'ive, a. ^ss^p, "SDooSc"^ 
In'ex-tin'guishable, d. ««\c?^5^p,^ 

In-ex'tricable, a. £i3§ir-5)C)26-c^, ^ 

p, ^i?j5j^c^. [^r<^^S«i^. 

In-faVli-bil'ity, n. j^^ir-dD05J«iS>3, ^ 
Ia-fal'lible,a. ^tf^^f), ^aj--^^?, ^rs 


In'famy, n.^^lj,^[^sfr^^,^^^^ 
In'fancy, n. "CooiSaj, jj^^^j^m,^.^^ 

In'fant, n. ^^^fi^^,tok3ti^,ir^o 

In-fan'ticide, n, ^^tf^^^j^^tf*^^^^ 
In'fantile, ^ (i»}C^,'Troc'^^ fi^'^T^ j 
In'fantine^J fi^^ozioif'^^. 

In'fantry, w, -s^e>.«>«S», «xr»lfcoD: 


In-fat'uate, v. ^. fcCi^sJto^to^csSM, 

la-fat'a-a'fcion, n. t»afc^|^^. a^X'Ooc 

In-fea'sible, a.-^^ci5»-r'p,'3WSo^ 
In-fect', v- f. e)ofc3o^, ^j\J)o^, jd^c 

In-fecs'tion, n. €^oto6r*7C«5M. 
In-fec'tious, a.^ot^&^Xijoz^o^-s,^'^^ 

In'fe-cun'dity, n. ?r2^^^«SM. [^ifc. 
In'fe-lic'ity, n. c^tf j5^^kSm, ar'Tr-^X'^ 

In'felt', a. sSDj^^t^Sb^cif^. 
In-fer', v. ^."VtfwaSxjojSaofi^gr^-C^, 

In-fer'able, a. ^fr^o^tts?.'^ , iS^c^oT 

In'ference, n, ^^^r^^^S^, &;;S^j^p> 

In-f e'rior, a. ^Sojj-sj^]^;?)-*:^^^^, i^ 

oT»c^5 ljoac335>ar*c?c^cd^. 
la-fe'ri-or'ity, n. ^fio{^s^5i|i^«or»|^^^, 

Digitized by V^jOOQIC 



In-fer'rible, a. ^gr-esjctfHi^, ^c^c 
In-fer'tile, a. «i$o85o^i5»nr'f), P'J^tO^ 

In'fer-til'ity, w, p•i:r^fe5J,p■(^^tf^,5>o 
In-fe8t',v. t, ^zji^ss^kxiyi&o^ , tt* 

In'fidel, n. ]ar»_^sSc^, -i^sSwodfoc^, 

In'fi-dePity, w. e^aT-^T^aSoj^iS^jf^jS^^, 
In'fil-tra'tion, n. s5So53cK<bDio. 


In'finite, a. t^o^jdwlSp, tj>-i^^ jpt^, 

In'finitely, adr, ^'^o^tSxnv, wsjesx) 
la'fini-tes'imal, a, ^e^ro^ *t^j^«^ 

In-fin'itive, a. j^>^75p.I. mood=jJ 

In-fin'itude, "^ n. e^in*^^, e>^o^^£ 
In-fin'ity, J «5m, «)Oo^B5M,15S'j^"d 


In-firm'ary, n. ^^iV'o^ ^T^^^lP*^ 
la-firm'ity, n. e)^£,56^K'«i»,7^0j«6fl^ 

Iii-flam'nia*bil'ity, n. -r'TJ&'fic^jy 

In-flam'mable, a.sSao'ad^^pc^e^dioc 
In'flam-ma'tion, n. g'o«64o "^ftv "8>». 

In-flam'matory, a, ?rs)2?^8'2)^,T^a 

In-flate', v.t -T^O^po-^, ^DvO^j 

In-fla'tion, w. TT'O^S^po-^to, ^wdv. 
In-fleet', V. t, tfo%^5S5C5«5wSc»S'j^«r» 

In-flec'tion, n. S)550a'S)"^£J«5M, OoXsJ 

In-flect'ional, a.sj2586ooe>ai»g'i,-sjir»0b"v 
In-flex'i-bil'ity, n.. ssoKSXd, "^^c^jj 

In-flex'ible, a. sSoKp-^ Ktki^^^q^o 

^ digitized by Lj&Ogie 



In-flex'ion, ^ same as Inflection 
In-flex'ional, J and Inflectional. 
In-flict', V. t. "^ScJsSi, S'odKc'^cJ^, as, 
to i, punishment. ["Sc^. 

In-flic'tion, n.'3cJ3Si&),5'c»Kc"ic5SS*Ao, 
In-flict'ive, a, ■S'^&, S'ooX'c '^■^<&. 
In'fluence, n. »o«5»,^^,e5)^-r*i^i5», 

In'fluent, a. cr«a?)8 iS)5J8r»o'-3&). 
In'fla-en'tial, a. ^^Ke), ®o«6oaXe>,iS) 

In'fln-en'za, n. osJ.tfa'^»5»,S'©|^^l^ 
In'flnx', n. er«cO§ |tfsJ8r-o^6D5^«-S 

In-fold', V. t. ^4jo,«5D(&Ct^, 8&3^^a> 

In-form', v. ^ & i, "gCooSc "^cJ^, •) 
e.5cJ\o^.To i. a person of a fact 
— a,tfp8a.§''i:rox'9p'SDoQSc"^cjSj4o. 

In-form'al, a. «8fo-Dr»o»^j^, jS'sfoa&o 
In'for-mal'ity, n. e>|S'«5D«6M^e8&ir»c 
In-form'ant, n. pDosSc"^cx^ sj^c&j 
In'for-ma'tion, n. cOeaoS'.S^^iJMjsj^g 

In-form^eri n. "SOoBSc '^dBS>sr»c^ 

In-frac'tion, n. ^sj^^^b^esa^^ ^£ ^ 
In-fran'gible, a. ^al^c?C^•a^), ^oXriw 

In-fre'quency, ». e>ebeSc>, ^-^cbr^tf 

In-fre'qnent, a. wttbg^^^e-^Ocps^^ 
In-fringe', v. L t$^^tX)o^, ^s3^,lto 

In-f ringe'ment, n. ^g. e^^i6», e8 
|^«fcr3«5M, 5^5;^(§o, fcae5o&>5 ^oKtfw 

In-fru'gal, a. sycefsrcosss&o^'^dfo. 
In-fumed', a, inXdr^o^-^. 
In-fu'riate, a, XX>8^Dr*s>i5»X'e>,«feoa 

In-fuse', v. t i^c5^; xSd^-j6c>^^ sfgo 

Iii-fu'sible, a. ^oQ3cij;\(^5 rcfcj^oxjc 
In-fu'sion, n. t^c»S>4o5«SD^t^jj^c6So 

In'gath'erinpr, n. 7^7:)c'i5o^X'tf'«i»}Co 

In-gen'ious, a. ^«5D^(,-tf^^,t6j^ 

In'ge-nu'ity, n. ^db»^, wa&^e)^, 
In-gen'uous, a. pskf^tf^Dg^l^^ -p^^ 

Digitized bytjOO^C 



In-ges'tion, n. g'^-^er«'Scs^6o. 
In-girt', V. t. ^^j^S'to.— a. ^^ 

In-glo'rious, a.t9|a©?ig'tf 2?(^^ €>23^^ 
In'-go'ing,«s©§^;g)'^,|S'^^j5a. . 

In-graft', V. t. eo^o^, e)o4ocKi>D. 
In'grain'; i?. t. e^o;i>"^c3aS>, e^oXbssASo 

Ingrained, j9. a. XaStv^sjaSj^, «)|K^ 

In'grate^ n. ^\^:^^ci^. 
In-grate'ful, a. ^^2?^75p. 
In-gra'tiate, i;.^. with the refl, proti. 

In-grat'itude, w. §'\^ ^4,^^ "dDOosSa 
In-gre'dient, n.^tfvcwflt^sr^^;*:^ 

In'gress, n. |s;"S^j(6m 5 |^"S^3;$r»g«5oo. 
In-gres'sion, n. |5*'Sn^«5». 
In-gulf, V. <. ^£X)oXb; tiD^o-^y er*f)i 
In-gur'gitate, v. ^. ^pooXb. [^^• 
In-hab'it, v. t, -^^c^i^jSmo^^, ot*^ 

In-hab'itable, a. oT'-j^ S'-'X'o ^1^, 
In-hab'itant, n. -t*c'^^^c&; st* 

la-haVi-ta'tion, n.Tnc*^tf«5Mo^4o. 

In-hale', v. ^. S)cx>^, ^8)dl^c3S>, ^S)d 

^^dSc^xr'jSi ; opp. to exhale. 
In'har-mo'nious, a. g'»S'gr*i^^]^,^ 

In-here', v. i. S^85as)-7r- ^o© css»o 

In-her'ence, "J n.h^p^ozior}tSi:^y^o 
In-her'ency, y ^b'c \S»^, er*(6o2fcdo, 

7^)85353^033 •j:)02302fsSM. 

In-her'ent, a. 'j:)ocssS>_g'2?c^>»^«^P^ 
In-her'it, v. t, oy^^^^H^zSKtiSv^ sb^o 

In-hei/itable^a. sr»?^^^^85MS^od^o 
In-her'itance, w.oT'I^^^c^sSms^O'j:)© 

■^tfc85DO»^a^fc^2?^»Sw "^g'«_§, 
S)i&0338Sm; S)|jr'e^85M, -cr>o33«Sw. 

In-her'itor, n. ^r^tS^TT'^tocikf , ^j*^ 
•jC)^c85ws^o ^oa^oT»c^. 

In-her'itrix, n. st'^'^-d^oo. 

In-he'sion, w.g:)^sssSo2i^ecs^o&^> 

In-hiVit, V. ^wtoog'ssea^, t?c-^, ei> 
In'hi-bi'tion, n. ^i^qo^^hSoj^ tJtooS' 
j5d3. r^p,«9ipbe)oa3o-cr>25«'e3"Sp. 
In-hos'pitable, a. t5£J8oiSf)^'f)^i;-6o 
In-hos'pi-tal'ity, n. e)9^e)OQ3o26 t9 

In-hu'man, a. j^j^^i^, pgcttcr^^ 
In'hu-man'ity, n, iS^tf^|^«6w. [^jc^* 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



la'hu-ma'tion, n. iy^c^tD, ^^sjj^ 
In-hume', v. t* ir»cs^^"^^\. fsSx). 
In-im'ical, a. i^Bscpo^^^aer^??^)^, 

In-im'ita-biKity, n. ^j^S'Sosj^^SosSm 
In-im'itable, a.^'^^Qo^^^ct^T^p , 

In-iq'uitous, a. «)73-»ooQ3^j^,«ig's5a 

In-iq'aity, n. «)^oocs3:5m, er^Sx^sSw, 

In-i'tial, a, "^ooS^&S^wi^o^r-^, jjj^^sSo. 

In-i'tiate, r. ^.^sj'S^ot^j, ^^c^osjc 
L. eo Vw CD 

In-i'fci-a'tion, n, ^S)"^^j5m^ ^^5f> 
In-i'tiative, a. ^sJ'^^S'^pc^j "^DoS^iS, 

In-i'tiatory, o. •irozs^^g'^pc^^ f^5>*^ 
In-ject', t7. t, v^^v'ics^) er<55?)"? 

In-jec'tion, n. er^fii-OsSM^iDjer^f^S-C) 

In'ju-di'cious, a. ^j>*3§'^^^ *^§"^ 
In-junc'tion, n. e:js, ^^6b^. 
In'jure, v. U *5<?)^c3Q», li^^daSj, ^ 

In-ju'riou8, a. ^^-a&, tf*?)^?^^;^. 

In'jury, w. tf<f), ^eso-^j ttokSiSm; 

In-jus'tice, n. «>2;J5^j5!», ^it'coss 
Ink, n. ^xPjSfciS v. ^. iB-a^<5^ i^w 

Ink'horn', n. j&^i»S, ^-o^twiS. 
In'kle, n. ^srOo ?:;&>, it^tit*. 
In'kling, n. S{s1j(6m5 a^2£, -^j-^-n^j^. 
Ink'stand', n. ^Tr»z»(S. rz3^Xbs5(S(^. 
Ink'y, a. sfo^sJo&S ^op; ?xp ^^ 
In-lace', r. ^. ^^^^S^ o_^fib6sjp^ 


In-laid', p. t. & p. p. of inlay. 
Inland, a. -j^sSmj^&c^^Smi^sS i6^tf«iw 

In'lay, v. ^. er^fio ^^"^ iSS' B^5. 
In'let, n. er«5)?)S -cr«£^j5», |^sJ. 
In'ly, adv. er^sso, »^tf*^c«5»7r». 
In'mate', n. poT»^, tr<S)OfSc>^oT»c&} 

In'most', a. s:io§^?)er<5S?),ef)o^?^^i^« 
Inn, n. •iC)i^«S»,'C*fc)*^ebo8^,'^ci3 

In'nate, a. ^s^e^n^, 1^$^^^ 'B'^' 
In-nav'igable, a. i.5$e»^cXcp2if>. 
In'ner, a. er^p, «o^c^^|^. 
In'ner-most', a. S5oS(y-Otr<s50,e^^« 

Inn'hold'er, n, ^^^zr^c&y •^^ 
In'ning, n, -^5^6; ^», aJoSb. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Inn'keeper, n. ^(^-$)sr"C^^'$r*c&> 
In'nocence, n. p&^tk^oi6» yp^ij-^ o^ 

In-noc'uous, a. pK>«(^s^ ^c^, sHp 
lu'novate, v. ^. & i. [^^ ^^y^ ^ 

In'no-va'tion,n. (J^_^S'o^^5(J^^s&' 

In'no-va'tor, n. ij^_^8'^^(^ ^c3aS> 
In-nox'ioas, a. p^Tss^iS-^'(^ , z^p^ 
In'nu-en'do, n.^t^j-o^^^S^i^. [oosp. 
In-nu'merable, a. ■c3S'^"S)AoTr»p,«"^ 

In'nu-tri'tious, a. •^a^8^Kx.g'ri»-r»f)^ 

In-oc'alate,v. L ^-8-«c» "ScJaSb. 
In-oc'u-la'tion, w. ftSTPoo. 
In-o'dorous, a.pi^o^^?!^^ S)d85»^«6» 

In'of-fen'sive, a. p^^u*^^^ jir'^ 

In-op'erative, ^-fisSAW^I^jSJcg^l^. 
In-op'por-tune', a. t5'i5«5aoK5;^|^,TC> 

In-or'dinate/ a* Qd^iiM be«?f , 9hi^ 

In'or-gan'ic, 'i a. e55jc»3s5«5»o oSa 
In'or-gan'ioal, j TP'^<5a)'e5p^pS ss^c^ . 
In'quest, n, aTT*tfe3^©«&tfN^sSoo5 ^:6m 

In-qui'etude, n. -Oo^, •r'cSSojiM, "^ 

In-quire',v. ^, & i. a^a^ao^,e>i^?6. 
In-quir'er, n.^d^;<boT'C^^^ ©^^r^aoi^ 

In-quir'ing, p. a. ce^^o^^^ 2»a 
In-quir'y, | n. ©^-'^w^ OsSd?^n|^ 
In'qui-si'tion, j a5w^ «^Xbio. 

In-quis'itivenes8, w. jTc^sSsjplSp -jcTo 

In-quis'itor, n. ©^cy^^^g'^^. [?^|^«5m. 
In-rail', v. t. '^^}$>^q^^, 
In'road', w. 2^C2)^&)^ ^i^^ootf^'^p 

In-roU', see Enroll. 
In'sa-lu'brious, a, 'e^K-B^eoa^^^ sy»o 

In'sa-lu'brity, n. 6^X-r»eefc«Sx». 
In-sane', a. "SgloBo^i^^ l)-€)\5)4S|f . 
In-san'itary, a. e3pr*6r^Xo8'tf^|^, 
In-san'ity, n* "SeSj S)€)\. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



In-sa'tiable,'!^ a. e5-iC>o5^^2^(^,^_^ 
In-sa'tiate, J *^o25p, «>0^o^Ke>. 
In'sa-ti'ety, n. ^^o^^y ^_&l5sx>. 
In-scribe', v. ^.rox»c3aSj; ^SSi,-5 «>o§^ 

In-scrip'tioD, n. ^-jC) j^«5»^^§i^^oo3 

In-scru'table, a.«0?Cr»c;^^^,'§?){Br' 

In'sect, n, lioS'sSw, -^OoTib, |JOo. 
In-sec'tile, a. -^eb^ib-iCjooo^gji^. 
In-sec'ti7ore,n. •^0b;fc€)fSc>9"3<&2S o5^ 

In'se-cure', a.ti)-^o33^]^^M(»«S»-r» 

In'se-cu'rity, w. «)|^jS»"<5oo^ «ir«»o3S 

sSm; c'obSsSm. Pp. 

In-sen'sate, a, ©fi^^;^^waa'e5p,s5De^l5 

In-sen'si-bil'ity, n. e5^^t^^£i5»,§^i^ 

In-sen'sible, a, s{oiaocs3«i»o5S'§Oo3S 

g'^cKp. [SX). 

In-sep'ara-bil'ity, w.o3«^cTT*oQ3gX),S)5^ 
In-sepWable, a. cOa^cij'ossp^fceSp^"^ 

esa~g^p^ "Seso"^oQS'(^9oi5»"r»p . 
In-sert', v. ^.|^&85D(5a"?)dx>,i5;"3^"sito^ 

In-ser'tion, n. i^dfosSD^-a&jDto^a&^OoA 
In-shrine', see Enshrine. 

In'side', a. er6p,er««D. — n. tr*8S()v» 
KaSa^^ ef)o^e^«6M, er«p©, KCJ\«Sm — 
prep, or adv. er«c7^^ cr^^^TT*, 

In-sid'ious, a. (^«^-Tr»p, S'sJto^'f^^^ 

ag;'c^«5», S)d^oQ3sSw. 
In-sig'nia (s|p\?^^ctfr«), n. pi. -QjJ^ 

s&»oo^ SObeSboo, cr»0"t;f 1^85x00. 
In'sig-nif'icance;') n.^&y^ctS»)tSix) 
In'sig-nif'icanoy^J ^cs^"s^S^>^'^ 

In'sig-nif'icant, a. ^e>\^(^^ T^S^^ 
^1^, 8S:>j^^i5»-r»p,P7^^tf 2»«^5^^ 


In-sin'uate, v. L & i. ^■^osSjSmt:' 

In-sin'u-a'ting, p. a. ^-t^oH^tSon^^ 
O85{5b*2;^o^&o^2fej *;6j-«^o^^' 

In-sin'u-a'tion, n. '^6j-s:^|^, S^i^. 

In-sin'uative, *) 

In-sin'uatory,j *^ 

In-sip'id, a. Ob-O"e5p, ^a^^p^p-jinjjtfS^ 
c^. [»). 

In'si-pid'ity, n.^s3f^|^^7^Njr^,«6-0"c5 

In-sist', V. i.s3fe3^sJ&»Oo&s^SSo(5fc;J^^ 
i5a»'Sc55Sj;5r»er»oc»o^, 55o^i5»s5^. 

In-sist^ence. n* t^^tSxt,^^, 

In-snare', v. i. syoer«^?^©o^;-0§Jr^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



In'so.'bri'ety, n. |^K>c^*^^i5m. 
In^so'ciable, a.a.S's^^tf f),S'e>jB-SDe>i5 

In'solate, v, t, o3o«^c'3&o. 
In'so-la'tion, n. <0o3ic^&x>&>. 

In-sol'uble, a. S'e^cKp, KiS. 
In-solv'able, a. fey^c^^crifi^f), -p^^ovsc 

In-sol'vency, n. «>s;j^e»'SO oS f Jl5 
In-8ol'vent,a.«)s?^ex)&Cf\'c5p. — n*zxx> 

L 63 

In^om'nia, n. p^i5sx3,p|^Tj*g:x)^p(K 
In-som'nious, a, p^»l5p, p^^ssAof). 
In'so-much', adv. «>o^^ eo«^«SDAx>sS; 

«Ax>, o)o«^«5DA»5'p|i', X'C«3&3; foil. 

by f/ia^ or as* Tr^^o^. 

In-spect', r. ^.-^^^sjsSo^j^m^cjsm, 
In-spec'tion, n.-^^(feo,a«&e^>l^8SM^« 

In-spect'or, n. sje^ef r^jiw ^o35oot»c 
In'spi-ra'tion, fi. ^ny^^^-jcTj&o, ^8:6 

In-spired', a. e/'^cOSio^ctoa^^j-^^g 
In-spir'it, t>. ^. 2.^^^^^* 
In-spis'sate, v. t -e;)S'j^|5'^c3aS>. 
In'spis-sa'tion, n. •05'{^|^^cs^&>. 
In'sta-bil'ity, n. e5>S^^, n;i-»o-i:^e)os5M. 
In-sta'ble, a. pettS'i^75p,«>|tf^^,-!;^o 

In-stall', V. ^. ^o^,"S)dx)5jC*3^"^A>D5 

63 63 63 L 

In'stal-la'tion, w. ^o^&dj 53&r>^"ix§' 
In-stall'ment,'! n.3T»o»"cr>j3n»B^ ^^ 
In-stal'ment, J OoS syojBi^ Tr*per« 

In'stance, n.i^obioj'^tf^-^ejfi^^o^ 
In'stant, a. ^^ ea-^Di^, Seo$"3 j^.^sJ 

In'stan-ta'neous, a. ^^ w-aai^. 
In'stantly, adv* ^^ w-^d. 
In-state', v. t. 6io^,-S)Ax>. [io. 

In'stau-ra'tion, n. jSwocj^S B§"gn^\ 
In-stead', adi;.|5) eT^ossr^N oQ3«5M7r»;i5> 

©•TV*, jja^esoTT*, e^fioooT^. 
In'step, n. fcoc-Tv^oD. 
In'stigate, v. t. £66r\2;r^85o3^csSa,'^ 

V. digitized by VjOOQLC 



Ii/sti-ga'tion, n» ejb6^x2?^i5i», ^ji'^sj 
In'sti-ga'tor, w. fiber* v!?^j6M^c3a»oT»c 

lu'sub-or'di-na'tioii, n. wf^oss^jS 

In'sub-stan'tial, a. ^^b^-^i^. [«^p. 
In-8uf 'f erable,a. ^ ^TT* p ^-j^) Sbr»o5S c?(r 

In'stiUa'tion, n. d^cs^&D^ «5d^t^^s5 , In'suM'ciency, n. ts^o^oifcio, -O^o 
*S o^(b. [«»©. j In'suf-fi'cient, a. ^e>p. [S^. 

In'stinct, n.fJl^s^^•|5'«S»,^5r^8,^5^ | I^'sular, a. 6ofJo©o^^j^,oog''i5ooo 

In'su-lar'ity, n. 25o«5w5JOj^ ^^caS 

In'sulate, v. t. "^eao^cx^,"S«^i^8'Trp 

In-stinc'tive, a. ^j) tf*»^^, 'i^SV^sJ^ 
In'stitute, v. ^ o)o\ea^^ pooSSioo'^, 

03385a«5»,a$. [2)o^^j5m,Pc35i4)JS». jln'su-la'fced,^. a. -gpp «>0(k>SSo2^C^ 

In'sti-tu'tor, n, pootfc^sSw ^cJ^sr-c In'su-la'tion, n. -^ewTp-^toAD, ^p? 

&. rs>o-cjs . 

In-struct', V. ^."^ob^,^tf'^«o^5^2r' 

In-struc'tion, n. ^5j'cS^36»,75&^6o^© 

In-struct'ive, a. ^^^^s^^S'^i^, S^^ 

In-struct'or, see Instructor. 
In'strument^w. e5cssS)?8Sx),-j5^2;|J^sSM, 

sjpjSwto^ r^wsSM&oj CJ^"^^. 
In'stru-men'tal, a. *T'»e9^|^ftS,7^2;r 

I^«5cw7r't6(^^. I. case«=^&cBa-» o 

In'strumen-tal'itj, n.-r»»cs;^c»»o 
In'sub-jec'tion, n. er<c©fi^8'd<i&i3. 
In'sub-or'dinate, a.^vdcxp ,^tt^o& 

In'sult, n. ©{fl^j^{f8&o, tPSJJir-j^l^j 

^slCTjiM.— (— suit') V. t.B^ii\r 

In-su'perable, a. ^^¥c^c^, fisj,*^ 

In'sup-port'able, a. i5cr»o3Sc?(j»«ip5^ 

In'sup-press'ible, a.e)e3C^^^ci5M"5^ 

j In-sur'ance,n.&s&',e9ip'oo3tfM,e><ros5 
In-sure', v. ^^o85«5!»'e5§Soeic'^cJJ»;& 

€»"?oa. oT»p8^"^0058Sx>5J-0\^6a35^e) 

r'^t^^ a/3^o«>Sg' ^^r*pa. 
In-sur'er, n.&j^^jBooD^^sr^c^ 
In-sur'gent, n.©obKc«Da^spc&.— ^• 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



In'sur-mount'able, a. ^inr^^^i^^^ 

In'sar-rec'tion, n. Tr»"5?'3aeo^dOj © 
In'sur-rec'tionary, a. e^QbXc23 3<5^. 
In'sus-cep'ti-bil'ity, n. -^-«©|^c8^, 

In'sas cep'tible, a. ^^^-^-^^^^^ 

In-tact', a,Wc^cz>sipjS^ps$o'^^oidc 

In-tan'gible, a, 'j:KdN0^c?(r»2^f)^'srcSS 

In'teger, w.-^g-j^o^^^^^^T^Jo^^, 
lu'tegral, a.-^^^{^, «!;it^^2?t^- — 
n. ^^^iiosp^, 

In'tegrant, a. a.S'^'K^pc^g* 
In'tegrate, v. ^ "^tf 86w^c3Sm, *"8iod 

In-teg'rity, n. ^8, 'j^^obSm, I^^^oqs 

In-teg'ument, w. ir»j^, ^od. 
In'tellect, n."g|)ajWiO,s5D9, a'^S'sSw. 
In'tel-lec'tual, a. zxiS^^ozdo^^^^B 

In'tel-lec'tu-al'ity,n.t»aeoe)j5M . [Ko. 
In-tel'ligence, n. 2»a,eS)a;2fc^«Sw5 

In-tel'ligencer, w. ^s55r-tP^85M ^s?^ 
In-tel'ligent, a."^5>oKo^wiO^DSDj^^ 

In-tel'ligi-bil'ity, n. *(^>^tk^yt^iS^^ 

In-tel'ligible, a. «^tfis>oa3g&, ifT^^ 

In-tem'perance, n. tJ>S)o^^c«5»^ Sio^ 

In-tem'perate, a. ^t^^-^-^^ sx>^j5» 

In-tend' v. u & t, ^"^^o^, e^jSaS^ 

In-tend'ant, n. ^Si^^j^tScB §' ^. 
In-tend'ed, p. a. ^"^^osjczxSc^.— w. 

^ CD ^ 

In-tense/ a. b^-^-^^ e^, «5os5^; SX> 

In-tense'ly, adv. &^8S»7r-. f^. 
In-ten'sify,t?. <.&|»s$m^cs^,-v,-d^o 
In-ten'sion, see Intention 
In-ten'sity, n. &,5S^. 
In-ten'sive, a, "'St^^.^c^, ^l52?(^5 

In-tent', a. a.g'osSLoQosSw^^ ?5d|^*^-S) 

In-ten'tion, n. ^"S^sSw, ^^^^i^^ij*^^ 

In-ten'tional, a. j&^S "^tf^tf^^t^^ 

In-ten'tionally, ady.T^sjlJ^f)^ f»0 

In-ten'tioned, a.^'^J^jSMOoKcjichief- 
ly used in comp.words, as well-i* 

Orill-i,^ Digitized by L^OOQie 



In-tent'ly, adv» j6o^g^^_§7r».[&^. 
In'fcer, v. t. -t^c^-fito^ ^Ooer«-^ 
In'ter-breed', v. 1.& i. Qo^^ov^q 

In-tej/calary^a. «^S'85ou7r»(^&s& jSc>"^ 

In-ter'calate, v. t. |^(&«5o2^0o\. 
In-ter'ca-la'tion, n. |^&8532Sj'Oo\&) 5 

In'ter-cede', v. i.'i5D¥csJ_§"7r»f)jScn"qr» 

In'ter-cep'tion, n. ^^Ko^^,^^^^ 

In'ter-ces'aion, n. j$D?osy^^c«S>a, «b 
In'tep-ces'sor, n. i6o9 otfjg. 
In'ter-change', t;.^ jjcn0c»^§^j6,s|-e:)\ 

(iu'ter-change/j».j$ir.&^, sscnSbx 

In'ter-change'able, a. cJf*j5\?r«S»:sr» 
In'terco-lum'ni-a'fcion, n. t5og'£9«6w, 

In'ter-cos'tal, a. tf8'j^6aj«6»6'o j^&) 

In'tercourse, n. ^a^^iStiii^'^oKic 

In'tercu-ta'neoas, a, -s^^a5»(So6. 
In'ter-dicl', v. Lp-f^^o-^ ,^^isp « 
ioo^ssea^. — (iii'ter-dict'>. "sa, 

In'fcer-dic'tion, n.p-ix^sSM^^fi^Ho-^. 
In'ter-dict'ive, "^ a. p-ix9tf2fc>|^,P"i. 
In'ter-dict'017, C ^0-^1^43. 
In'tere$t, n. sjSjSKaj ^-cr>cxssxi»,^ 

tk»j «5Da5\fc>. Simple i.= ^-j^W 
SSacr»i^85a3SJ<S . Compound i-=*5J^ 

In'fcerested, a. «>^(^wKo,(^gK€>. 
In'teresting, p. a. fcro^slg'tf^i^,^^ 

In'ter-fer'ence, n.^s^sj&to,^©!^ 
In-ter'fluent, 'J a. ;^2ibj$5 isssJUr^o^ 
In-ter'fluous,J 6k>, 
In'terim, n.»Sa9c"r»e)«SM. 
In-te'rior, a. v^p^ er^uD. — n. er«? 

In'tei>ja'cent, a* «^?^r«fe^Cf6{j^. 
In'fcer*ject^ v. ^ ^^i&IScSb. 

Digitized byOOOQie ' ^ 



In^ter-lard', v. t. Ifeo*^, eo|tf«l»^ 
In^ter-lay', v. t. |5'iJb«&clsA». [csSi. 
In'fcer-leave',!?. t •$)^§'i5»cr« «5d¥c 

In'terJine', v. t, t^^o^-h^^tSoiTikS ^ 

In'ter-Hn'eal, ^ a.sjo^o i^&afojjr'^ 
In'ter-Uu'ear,J ^. 
In'ter-liD'e^a'tion, n. tf^o'j^-i^tfi^M"?) 

In'terlo-cu'tion, n. •j5o^sle98i»,«f)o 
In'ter-loc'ntor, n. sr»ao^«nc&. 

In'ter-lope', v. i.a^fiSj,-t5sSofi^^&«53C 
In'ter-lo'per, n. tf*sSi^t5sSo2^ l^&8& 

In'terlude, n.^5j|5r-(bg'«5». [c^. 

In'ter-la'nar, a. ^j&'oT»f5c'p)0©o5^2* 
In'ter-mar'riage, n. X)o55c«5w^ Oa^op 

In'ter-mar'ry, v. i. ©ocSoj&oJ^j ^siv 
p-0^ -^^^r^jiS). 

In'tei>med*dle,t;.i, 85**t)§j&<jg),s^tfCbo 

In'ter-med'dler, n.ftj)"jT's5^c8'8i»'7r»e 

In-ter'ment, n. i^>»sjt^«Sm, ipc©"5 

In-ter'minable; a. ^o^^^^mp^^ 

In-ter'minate^ a. db2^«d3a(k^;:>^ eo^sS^ 

In'ter-min'gle, v. ^. tf€tt•^,0^^yli»^ 

cA. — V. i. g'OcfiS^. [ft(T*o9, 

In'ter-mis'sion, n. fi&^,ft*u»rf9iSM, 
In'ter-mit', v i. pe»^, fi&^^r'otf 

In'ter-mit'tent, a. fta-0fia-Csyn5\&. 
In'ter-mix', v. ^.tfa>-^,Cto^5«5M^c3as;». 
In'fcer-mix'fcure, n. oaitfiJM. [^asto. 
In'fcer-mun'dane, a. "Oo&K^tfjjajoSS 
In-tem', v. ^ i^&w^iSMeHtfoc'^Jto. 
In-ter'nal, a. eHp, cr«tfO. 
In-ter'nally, adv. eHcTr*, er^tfo. 
In'ter-na'tional, a. TJo&TT^2!?c«Ja5€)35 

Tn'ter-pel'late, v. ^. ic J^e>&>K>. 
In'terpel-la'tion, n. w^^i^wsj-^^^to, 

In'ter-plan'etary, a. (X't^jSwolfS i^S 
In-ter'polate, v. ^.^^Tgg'o^i^jSS^&sSaC 

In-ter'po-Wfced,a.|^&i&c'^0'^c» Srf, 
In-ter'po-la'fcioii, n. (r'_tf-7r»8'D^o-0 

In'ter-pose', v. t. ^&^c'SA»,««^i6m 



In-ter'pret, v. f .e^tf jd^-^atf^,?)??©©^, 
In-ter'pre-ta'tion, n.«>^8Sa>T5sij*o.X) 

In-ter'preter, w. wyxSw ^S)^or»c&> 

In'ter-reg'num,^ ri.z^-^'^^cxa^o 
In'ter-reign', j r^^ xn'^. 5)o\^2ig' 

In-terVogate, v.^.«>&Xb,|^«r^^d8S>. 
In-ter'ro-ga'tion, w. jC^jSaij^i^Xb 

In'ter-rog'ative, ^t.isJ^gS'ga^. — 
In'ter-rog'atively, adv.jSJ^Oj^sjjiM 

In-ter'ro-ga'tor, n. e^&K>oT»c&, i» 

lu'ter-rog'atory, a,^^^^i-^fi 

n. ^s:^^. 

In'ter-rupt', v. u ^s^Ko^, ^f^co^ts 

In'fcer-rup'tion, n. s^ij^sSM^e^Tooe^Cj 
In'ter-sect', v. ^ r*cs^, S)tp'23oT^. 

In'ter-sec'tion, n. r^cj^ioj g'DcS^ioj 

In'fcer-sperse', v. ^. wS'^^^^^^a^'^OS^ 

In'ter-sper'sion, w,e)S'i^<5SS'^2^cSoD 

In-ter'stice, n.^loe^jV o^?JtS»,]i'&oa|XJ 

lu'ter-sti'tial, a. pJ'Ssioj i^&sSo^&sS^ 
In'ter-tex'ture, n. s:jo^8Sx^^^"^c^. 
In'ter-twine','i v, <.-£;6^2l§'635^"^^ 
In'ter-twist^ J &Spf5c>w-^. 
In'terval, n. ^o^^nSo^, aJa^jSM^^ss-s^ 

rn'ter-veue',t;.i. |^d^s5asy^\, ;^(&!& 

Intervening, a.^^&s&sJ^^^&^j^fSbsSa 

In'ter-ven'tion, w, «&^cs:y^^QjS»,j$) 
In'terview, n. sj^f:)^^ j^^v^sSw, ^aij- 

In'ter-weave', v. ^.S'O&'^csSwjScpfiaj. 

In'ter-wove', p.t. ) ^ . 

T /. , > of interweave, 

In'ter-wov'en, p. p. j 

In-tes'tacy, n.8SDtfe9'^^^i6cx>j6ur»o85 

In-tes'fcate, a.sS3tfc3T*'{^^:^j6(jT»o35 
In-tes'tinal, a. "£?C)oer«p5 er*sj5). 
In-tes'tine, n. "^Xb^e^oi^xSoo. Large i. 
«sat^cn>er»oi^85;xi. Small i. «== •;6j^ 

In-thrall', v. t. lyp^i^o^'^r'nS^) ^ 
In-thralFment, n. it»7:)^c«Sxj, tt^c 

In'ter-BteHar, a. ^^i^i^o^^Sa^. | in-throne', see Enthrone. 

Digitized by V^jOOQIC 

In'timaoy, n. eT^r»c^ctf,»S'i&tfc«S»> 

V. t oks^^^cs^y '9?)OCSc"^C3Q». 
In'ti-ma'tion, n. "SDoQ3c'icfiSj&),o3e3o 

In-tim'idate, v. ^.S(Sg)o^,tP'o»S"S(bD. 
In-tim'i-da'fcion, n. SSfco^io, ^oo3 

In-tire', see Entire. 

In'to, prep. ei'<sJO§, er«p8, er^xJe). 

In-tol'erable, a. •Bntfc7e^fi^p,s:c2^-cr-p, 

In-tol'erably, adv.-jC^jr-osJcT^cr'i^poaSo 

In-tol'erance, 7^.e^|^c«&^ "^csIjI^; ^ 


In-tomb', see Entomb, [^ni^xeo^. 
In'tonate, v. i, ^^rsosj^r^ xjooSS l3S' 
In'to-na'tion, ». •j^ce^sSw. [^aSb^. 
In-tone', «. ^ & i.^TP>^ "^cj^ijw^ 
In-tort', V. e.fSb€»-$). [oc»S'-33^o^. 
In-tox'icate, v. t. j&^5'«>X'c'^cts5.,«fo 
In.tox'i-ca'ting,p.a. «&^ S'ewX'c'^"^ 

In-to5i'i-ca'tion, n.xfo^,^tfsSx»;P^. 
In-traot'a-bil'ifcy, n. er'oKJ>3. 
In-tract'able, a. €r'o?(p,i6j^g-^|i. 

881 IVT-IMT 

In'tran-quil'lity, n. "jBs&^oUao. 

In'trau'sient, a.«:5^oKbtf;^^,-OtfTn 

In-tran'sitive, a.^g'g^g'^p^.I. verb 
In-rtreat', see Entreat. 
In-trencV, v.L^kxy}^io&\ft&x>^i^, 

In-trench'ment, n.eX^X^J^S'iSwj^ 

In-trep'id, a.parNa6^;^,ef)!)5tfci6M 
X'o. [fce^^gsSM. 

In'tre-pid'ity, n. 2.tf5«^^Ptf«joa5iSM, 
In'tricacy, n.^s^i^-^jSS's&g'. [1^^. 
In'tricate, a. ■o^j^i^', |©S'«5d8'7v^ 
In-trigue', n. sSj^, ^|OkSo«S», ^o^Sf 

In-trigu'er, n.8Si&)^c3SMsr»c&. 
In-trin'sic. ^ a. tj)©^?^^'^^, ps'tf 
In-trin'sical f jp^, psgai^, ^^8^8? 

In'tro-duce', v, t.^'S^'^to^ ssa-u^ooS 
In'tro-duc'tion, n. jS"S^«5w5 srd-t^oaS 

In'tro-duc'JK)ry, a.|S-SiJ^-si'ED(5fo5S>©§' 

■7r»j5b|^;«s5er'6S'-7V'(6?r^. [sSm. 


In'tro-mit', v. ^.er«pS5)o-^,"So;^,|C 

In'tro-spect', t?. ^. & i. er^jsjo-vSa^-^, 

In'tro-spec'tion, n. er^c©^"^,-©©^ 

^ Digitized by ^OOgie 


jn'tro-vert', v.♦p8^9tf^. 

In-trud'er, n.^^co&5T*c&,tc»tfc 
In-tra'sion, n^ tiwascz^si^osi (C"^«o 

In-tru'sive, a. tootftfoSosr^^^, ^^aS» 

In-trust', V. t. 2,s5^5^o^,sJtf kSm^cssS*^ 

In'tu-i'tion, n.-j^tf^S^t^i^M, eo^^ 


In-tu'itive, a. -jj^s^.^ ^^bSmsjoc "50 

In'tu-mes'cence, n. sr"C-$), ^t»\' 
In-twine', v* t. "ipy, ^oO'a&a. 
In'u-en'do, see Innuendo. 
In-un'date, v. ^."StosjsJO^j&oo^. 
In'un-da'tion, n. ss'wJ^sot^ sS^pcJ^j^ 

In'ur-ban'ity, n. «53-cr»c2J "aOooSOa, 
In-ure', r>, t. ^vsr^ix^ns^S ^ sn&S'S' 

In-ure'ment, n,e5osr»to,«T'&g',"a»o 
In-urn', t?. ^.-^^xj-^c?^"?)^. 
In'u-til'ity, n. ej^c Sr^K^g^w, f) 

In-vade', «. ^.25o'a^jaco&,2c^^ 
In-vad'er, n,{^o'S_§«6^ooos52fe«nc^. 

In'valid, n. 8r«K, «* ttcfifo, «f>^oasc 

6r*Kgpi^, «>e>td»si<o»;^5(— val'— ) 

In-val'idate, v, too8n^tfM^dH»,cp 

In-vaVi-da'tion, n. ©o6r«^25«^&>. 
In-val'uable, a, "So^sJ^c Kj^a^Pi w 

In-va'riable, a. ptfo^i^, Stf 2?«^^*^ 
In-va'riably,adt;.Stf«&o7r», ^sr^SSo^^. 
In-va'sion, n. j^ofi^cttJ'^^, tf o"a^ir* 

In-va'sive, ©"a^sb^Qao^. 
In-vec'tive, n,ficr»5S^wi6»,potf. 
In-veigV, v. i. fij-Sxc^, p«S^tfi6a3er 
&:witli against. [^r»7;*"^^^« 
In-vei'gle, «• ^. 5b -O -^a sjo-Oo^j 
In-vei'glement, n.i5cr»^-$)^^to. 
In-vei'gler, ».tfo-?^8Sc&,-aT»^"$Kdj 
In-veil', t>. ^.tf5)^,l&r•cfiS^. [sr-c^. 
In-vent', v. U^^i^^t^^o^ . 
In-vent'er, see Inventor. 
In-ven'tion, n. ^^^^^tfo^i^, LfC^ 

In-vent'ive, a.^o^iy^^JKo. 
In-vent'or, n. i^^^tf o^i^^ddBwsr-c 

Inventory, w,S^Citf,tf«S, — w. f.a*fi^ 
In-vent'ress, n.S'Cko^^ J. 
|ln*ver8e', a. *oi§oB^ tv^^'^i- 

Digitized by' 

Inrver'sion, n,^e)(io«^Tr»j6o&Aojtft) 

In-vert',t;.^. ^e)^2o«^^cS&,tf-«tfHo^^ 
In-verfed, p. a, ^v^9oi&'^osscsi&^ ^ 

sj^^ .foil, by divest. 
In-vea'tigate, v. Ls^^^do-^, tfa*o|^ 

In-ves'ti-ga'tion, n.sja^^^c^aSoa^a^y 
^», 8:)8&j^^l^«5». [dfo. 

In-ves'ti-ga'tor, n. »^cr»tfe9^cfia>5r»c 
In-vest'iture, n.sJ^^io,^59^^^«S». 
In-vest'ment, n. Ocn5'o'i&&D©a5 i^ 

In-vet'erac7, n. fej^-^^^siw jioS 

In-vef erate, a. 6^Tn»e>iS>»i3cio(9 cbSj 
In-vid'iou8, a. ^'Skti^vj^^^Kc^'^ 
In-vi^orate, v. ^ «o«S»JSag'ettX'c"^ 


In-vig^or-a'tion, ». ooiSbo r«)X*c"^ 

In^vin'oi-bil'ity, n. e^'ioes*^ ©oooo 
In-vin'cible, a. td'^oc^^^,«ooootfc 


In--vi'olable, a. e©^S'sx)o^c;^afp^ ^ 

In-vi'(date, a. ^ws)C©2^p^ ««S.«^2> 
In'vi-ril'itjr, n. 8$aX^^«5Ml5oa. [oa. 
In-vis'i-bil'ity, n, we^^^o^, "ff^i^-o^ 
In-vis'ible, a. ^K^^^-^^yts>^>.^c-^ 

^, S'o63§"g©OCS3p. 

In'vi-ta'tion, n. g)c»^&), Ws^o^sSw, 

In-vit'ing, a. «5D^)a-s^jf^^, sSo^B;^, 
In'vocate, v. t. ^^0 o-^, -^cdfor'iss. 

InVo-ca'tion, n. [^^'^^ "^ci^g^ffe 

In'voice', n. •j:)j^sSe)S^S)^^c4S. [oa^. 
In-voke', v. L (j^ |o^,-gci^§^j65t 
In-voFuntarily, ody. 85a^-t«>S&"§©cttS 

In-vol'antary, a. ^^sjoss^^ •^p^sS' 

'§Oc«S8ao5Sc^a"7?&. 1* inttscle-* 

InVo-lu'tion, n.-BDD^9K,;<bab,C){lSi^3 

In-volve', t;. t. 'S^yJ^^ij^v^cli^, 
ln-vuKnera*bil'ity, n.^y^2?^6eJ^cKSM> 

w02jg^j5M, 7r*oexs«5c»»«s;x)i 
In-vnl'nerable, a. tsss^o^'^.^^iSd 



In' ward, a.€r<p,er*tf«>. —^pS. 

In'wardly, adv. er«s5€>, tSo^^^^^^rs 
In' wards, adv. er«p§, er^ssoSS. 
In-weave', v. t, g'C&'^cS^. 
In-wrap', v. t. S'^p^Lt^^^e? ^^ 

In-wreathe', t?, t. 8j«tf8SMo5^"e5g'&'e> 

In-wrought', p.|}. or a.'^ag'f^i^-^ap 
I-o'ta, n. "d^^SM, &sJo^, 8»-j^tfo^. 
Ip'e-cac'a-an'ha, n. country i.BSS'jy- 

I-ras'ci-bil'ity, n. «5aaoX^2}^^j5M,*jfc 

I-ras'cible, a. tfMoX^fcao|^,*^o^ii» 

I-rate', a. r^scJi&osJ-O^i^. 

Ire, w. s^sJsSm. 

Ire'ful, a. r«5)«S»sJ-©^^,^^K2aj^. 

I'ris, ».S'j!5a-^»^toc5oo&«P-U'«foo8^ 

Irk, w. t, h^Q^^i:s^i used only im- 
personally, as, it irks me etc. 

Irk'some, a. e^-j^tf^og)]^, ftT^Hbc«» 

i&5Kg^|^85»j i-s, pZ. 75o1i6\. — a. 
'^'^y iron-age— g'0c»»X'i6».— 

I'ron-bound', a. s^fiitka^ ^i^coSj^j 

Pron-clad', a. &;^:6:>i^^ S's5^coS|f. 
I-ron'io, ^ a. 5jas^i:)sS»7r»c^S)^(^, 
I-ron'ical,J sJds^-i:)^^^?!^. 
I-ron'ically, adv^ojdO^^iS^'rr. 
Iron-mold, n. «$bsJ^55fcS|^o»f6«5»s^e)c 

I'ron-mon'ger, n. s^^sji^s^cSj sJ_g 
I'ron-mon'gery, iu e^^sJ^^j^f^oD. 
I'ron-smitV, n. ^t^tSzr^c^. 
I'ron-stone', n. sSMe^^oodcSasS^^ ei?6 

I'ron-work', n. qjS^sJsjp. 

I'rony, n. 5jd8j«7^«5M,5J|r*_8. — cuQi^ 

Ir-ra'diancy, w.^sj-^^36». 
Ir-ra'diant, a- -r»oD§c^e38Sx»o;6 sr*^ 

Ir-ra'diate, i?. ^. |SJ~g^Qos5c scfi**. — 

Ir-ra'di-a'tion, w.|S5-Bn»tfiS»,(^<r. 
Ir-ra'tional,a. zi^^oss-^^,'^^^'^ 

Ir-ra'tion-al'ity, n. ^a'3S'tfM,«6tr»<^ 

Ir're-claim'able, o. j&wo^tfjj-coa^; 

Ir-rec'on-ci'lable, a. ^g^-qp^^tita^^ 
Ir-rec'on-cil'i-a'tion, n.^sinTf'^^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Ii're-oov'arable, a.S5Xar»tftfjD,«&t#e> 

Ir're-deem'able, a.fJ^g>D^^^j><Sfco^ 

Ir're-du'cible, a.^jx-tf^-a^t^^sSawo^tf 
Ir-ref'ragable, a. ^p5T»?lo2»(^j ?>''^ 

Ir're-fut'able, a, pxp^fieioc^^^. 
Ir-reg'alar, a. ss^^l$ti>^iii , |S'«&i6m0 

I^ce6) pip»^85M. [JX), 

Ir-reg'a-lar'ity, w.«)|^j63i5»,s50Q'i5'$ 
Ir-reg'ularly,adt;. sj^tCiTS^, I^j&j&o 

Ir-reVative, a. ^oao^j&o'^f)^ ^o»o 
Ir-rel'evancy, n.^^oKS^^^jjw, e>«i5o 

Ir-rerevant, a.^^oK^-^i^^^^fiozio 

Ir're-liev'able, a« efes^oB^ooa^^c 
Ir're-li'gion, n.-Sfe^j^T?- J-«Ssto,"ds5po 

Ir're-li'gious, a. -^^^tfip-J-^p, -^sj 
Ir're-me'diable, a. wsja^Htfo;^^, 8S 

Ii/re-mis'sible, a. i^ooosjcT^d^p. 
Ir're-mov'able, a. b^-tcx^cJir-sip. 
Ir-rep'arable, a. Sg'^c^AosJo c-7^p, 

Ir're-press'ible, a. tprac^p; e>€3C^c 

«85 nm-im 

Ir're-proaoh'able, a. «5potfciDo|i', e 

Ir're-proY'able, a. eipotf c ^^, a 

Ii/re-sist'ible, a. ^ai)\o5j I^^^cjtoi^, 

wcsjTj'P, o)©docc;<ff'«^p,80o?bl5p. 

Ir-res'olute, a. 7lo'^«M5»XO;p^^oBS 

Ir-res'o-lu'tion, n. e5p^\o8S«&o,f^of 
Ir're-spec'tive, (i. "% (with 0/) 
Ir're^spec'tively, adv, j e© gaoto 

Ir're-spon'sible, a. p^o^^jp^, ^o 
Ir're-triev'able, a. sSaeeo "jcfo-^aosj 

•O'p} agCTfe^i^p^sfofeS-O^Jib^OQSlf^o 

aS»"s^p. ["^S^^ ^<^_|- 

Ir-rev'erence, ti. ftSTfe^tfaSw, ^tSu 
Ir-rev'erent, a.e)'7r*tfss;a)|^^e)«5D*u»o 

s^l^^ <r_Sl5p. 
Ir're-vers'ible, a. ip5S^c?<cp»d^p^ 8obX 

P, Stf^^. [p, ^0(S^2o^. 

Ir-rev'ocable, a. 9oo?Cp, «r*«\c?(jr'«^ 
Ir'rigate, i?. ^.("^o^ r^)o50b-^e5o^, 

Ii/ri-ga'tion, w. "^o5S?)Oo§'Ax>&), J)Ob 
Ii/rita-birifcy, 71. -aKjSwTv^tfBSwsy 

Ip'ritable, a. -Ow^w er»^&, "tfcl? 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Ir'ritant, a. Tjc"ft& )fce©iSM;Ce). — ». 

Ir'ritate, v. *. 8^sJi5» -^go^, "Sc 
Ir'ri-ta'tion, n. «(X«M&^,6^sS!&a,8^ 

Ii/ritative, a. TSca&XbwiSwX'o. 

Ir-rup'tion, n-. tf o"3_©2^^^*^>^^ 

Ir-rup'fcive, a. ^^co'S^. [&. 

Is, third person singular of 6e in the 
indicative mood, present tense* 
^•j3^c&5 ^(^®5 WO0DdBS>^^^c 

Is'chury, n. aSb3^(^ ^(J^*^' ^^^ 
I'ginglaBS, w. ^cc g^^-^w^ j5bQ&) 

Is'laiUj n. s63tf«s^&«5o^«S3i»} 85otf«s^& 
Is'land (SDe)0(S"),n. 6g5)85»,6a,ootf. 
Is'lander, ^. 6e5Jor»|5. 
Isle (sd5"), Ti'.ooS', 6^sJ«5w. 
Is'let, ». -Oi^fe©. rp"ePc§'8So2ic"3to. 
I'solate, V. t. |^"^c9o^, '^<»^g' "Sp 
rso-la'tion, n. 4i-r'o^aT»^85», j55"^c 

I-sos'celes, a, -{(jsi-^aj^^?^!^. 
Is'sue, n. 2D085&3§SJ^^Ad; -^ix>&>j$o 

Tr»o^iiS» 1?. i. ooc66S§s5^\5 "^ 

^^5 ocx6*3§Co-^. At i.— asnJS 

It, pron, ^©5 s^ajT^pP} 6pp. [[^. 
I-tal'ic, a^ atooT»e»-7r»|W*oa5co& 2-^ 

I-tal'ioize, v. ^. a&)5r»2.(^ «i.l^aS»e> 

Itch, n. K«,€)&«i»5 «6iJtf ,|^tf J ei^fctf 
lix)^ «^ V. i. fibJ^e55Bt)^, ^C^oBo 

Itching, n. fibi^tf , i^tfj «&»*. 
Ifcch'y, a.K|sS|S|f5 fibtffiKo. 
I'tem, n. se5c). 

It'erant^ a. 9aJ^9ftKcD8So3DC&. 
It'erate, v. t ©dH9d^^c3a», s&woifc 

It'er-a'tion, ??. •$)c^0b_8 j sfowos&edo 
I-tin'eracy, ^ n. "dtf-j^oaX^i^tfoa, ^ 
I-tin'erancy, J Cj^Oo ©OoHbto. 
I-tin'erant, a. "S^-j^onT^aa*^, ^Ocr» 

I-tm'erary^n.-S^ -f:! o^cp»-;^d|^.— « .ai 

I-tin'erate, v. t. ^«j»?^8e^?fo. [^b-- 
fts, po5«. prrm. TT^p QcoS'^j-j ^pcSoo 
It-self ', i>row. «)'S}S^'^5*a^p"^5&p'^. 
I'vory, w.«o^85aj a.«o^«S»5^ ^^ 


Jab'ber, v. uKotsrSK^ftSxn^tSn^&y 
Jab'berer, n. sytfObancfib. FsSpc^to. 

Digitized by C^OOgie *■ 



J. at-all-trades«=- e:9fK 3:$^e»(5b 

Jack'al', n. |^g'(^. 
Jack'a-napes^j w. «$bo<SoSowcifo5§^c9. 
Jack'ass', n. sSoK-tt-S'S. [(5fo-5^§. 
Jack'daw' n. a.S'ai?^!^ "s^§, "S«i» 
Jack'et, n. ^-s-»^o55, ^8^er*. 
Jack-fruit, ». sJt^^CisSo^. [Xbc^p^. 
Jac'obin-ism', n. ef)§-ir»?j85»^sS 80a 

Jac'onet, w. 2.§'a2?2?c^ ^S^^^- [*^' 
Jac-ta'tion, n. "Scss»<b,o-i:)0b&>^ea3ig)g 

Jac'ulate, v. t. -ta^^ ©V>^^ ^^• 
Jac^u-la'tion, n. a^f^Obto, ea);gg&3. 
Jac*ulatory, a. a^i5&. 
Jade, n. s;?p§sScr»©|^Xbg-^^Ax). — v. t. 

Jad'isli, a. :32^, &sl, "^oaoiS. 
Jag, w. STOjXoto. — v. ^. Ko&x) ^to^ 

Jag'ged, a. »<>«$•$) «o^s5l3 r^cxiSc 

Jag'gheryJ ' ^ 

Jag'gy, a. wo5)-^X)0^s^"3 fi^oBScwfl 

Ja'ghir, w. Br*«a*-g^, g^jr»iiS»^?Wto. 
Ja'ghip-dar', n. Sfcooxs^fia. 
Ja-guar', n. a^tfa^jJ^^-Oe^^*^©. 
Jail, n.^69'(^€>^ 9)o'2S^fr*| ipoooi^. 

Jail'bird', n. ^cx»6, «j)a»2^€r«coa|^ 
Jail'er, n. ^wi5r»e)oa5§>5>0. [or»c&>. 
Jal'ap, n. "^axi^ t^f^s&oa^a^^i^. 
Jam, n. sSd^sj^^co^^oo-^^s^o^cK'} "Q^o 

Jam'beux, n. pL -s^^NS'sy-vi^B&p. 
Jan'gle, v. i. XoKoer'&. — v. L XoK 

Jan'itor, n. TP'tf?)or»c^, Tr>o5J"^e) 
Jan'ty, a. jd^K^^, SSewJ^^. 
Jan'uary, n, sioA.;^"^e>oer*"aoo2^i3a. 
Ja-pan', n. a.g'a^^i^ "aseaoc^ib'SS'sy' 

Jar, v« i. aob2JB&»7r»jSSo<&>,©5^^o^5 

Jar'gon, n. es^yo^^^^ss., e^jdix 

Jas'mine, w. sSajg^&jD^sSDJg-^tgc. 
Jas'per, n. a.S's^^a^sj^^^S'OM, 
Jaun'dice, n. s^^"r»«&^e>6r*Xi5M. 
Jaun'diced,a. s:)S\-r»«&'e> 6^XtkxiKo. 
Jaunty v» i. ©tf^do^, 'po^doS, — n. 

Jaun'ty, a. -%noo85e»Ko, ^^c^, diow 
Jave'lin, n. -o^ow^c"^. 
Jaw, n, 2^^^. 
Jaw'bone', n. ^^^iid^tSouli^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQIC 

JAW-jrOU 388 

Jaw-tooth, ru sJige^ssTO. 
Jay, n. ip»€>S)^, %r»sx«5». 
Jeal'ous, a. ^i^nn'^TC'&i^, -po^ci^ 

Jeal'ously, adv, e5>^85j^|^«&»«5^, «>5J 
JeaFousy, w; ^^s5r-|^85oa,^S)^S^g'5 

Jeel, n. ^efloig)^ •©^S'^o. 

Jeer, v. t. <OK^5>^c3aSj,^s5s^f:)c«6»^ 

Jeer'er, w. 0?Cer*5>^cx^or»c^. 
Je-ho'vah, ». ir^^vxn^iL^r^ TSig)P"4' 

Je-jane', a. f)^^'^t^> s^g. [«6- 
Jel'lied, a. iSM2^7r»c'^oo3c©a^. 
Jel'ly, n» ^2J«jt6oc^ -«^S' K^cs^T^p 

Jem'i-dar', ». 5J4j^e)«to8€;*^f> 8.S'c33» 
Jen'ny, ». "^tfTr»4oN i6m. 

Jeop'ardy, v. t. "g^^o^, Tb^tf^^oT^. 
Jerk, V. ^ ^^^ij-^^ikr^j -©^SS^^ 

Jer'kin n. ^-r^j^cxfi. 

Jess, w. e)_5'^^'^^f^'^^^^^ "?^lr-^ 

Jeop'ard, ") 
Jeop'ardize, J 

Jest, n. u zadzS^-^tS^ ^da». — n. o3K 

Jes'uit, n. 3 ^_^^e)er<a;r"SXsr»c2^5 

Jes'u-it'ic, I a. g'sj&>^^, ^(^sfo 
Jes'u-it'ical, J -^^^ sso^i^^^. 
Jet, n. a.S'a^^^ ;^o es^oooj t;p»{J. 

Jet'sam, n. «5ir»D03-2P085oo2Si "jSifco 
.|jJsSM€r-«p§ i3^er<j$i)oa (^q3Sc» 

Jet'ty, n. id^'j:rtfSoa?(bB^;g), sSa^^ag 
e»sJ5^5Jocr<p§s&^po-xr»j6^63(^ B^jg). 

Jew, w. cS^Qr»6cCcr»'S^^c&. [c^e) p. 
Jew'el, n. w^^e9«5»,id^85Mj,|^X5 ^^^ 

Jew'eler, '^ n. ^X€x>^c33S» snc^j 
Jew'eller, j ^ip'^^e^sSwo sJ^gsScfibj 



Jes'samme, n. i6»j|^^. 


Jew'ellery, ^ »• i^Xoo,^ 
Jew'elry, j crar^«s»«». 

Jew'ish, a. cx^r*0c«r*'g<^'^. 

Jew's'-harp', n. "ar^Tj^^oXb wjSasr^Sc 

Jib, n. i/tf SBb^{^68>&fcS'8?J«*»». 

Jig, n. -Oo^oDiS^SSfp to, i^&cbjm. 
Jilt, n. "a^*;^^'^, tjcroeser^cfi. — w. t. 

Digitized by L3OOQIC 

Jin-gal', n. Zj^Zi^-^^^^^^ir%. 
Jin'gle, V. t. K€)Ke>o^C(Sb, ejSd^^otosSd 

Jinjili, see Gingily* [t^^Sp- 

Jin-rick'shaw, n. KSaySas^cP^^ -^ 

Job, w.ST»0sP5 ^oiS^p.—v. i. ScpS) 

Job'ber, n. ^DFr»0^^r'i63r«c(5fo- 
Job'bery,n. -Oo j^apj oo^sSm -^^^ 

^^tfM;& W7r»oOCS3«5MfSb^C33Sjto. 

Jock'ey, n- so-a-^^^bgrfwof^ sjObl? 

Jo*cose^a. •)X0^«>aa?r,5ydtf«'i:)^j^, 
Joc'alw, a. tib}^*^'^:^, ^^-Pl^H^i^ 

Joc'u-lar'ity, n. zsba*^a»,^v^^^ tf 
Joc'und, a. ^v^^t6xiKv;S&Kiv> ^ 

Jo-cun'dity, it.^5r»'i:)«5«»,if)CH8^sSw«5». 
Jog, V. ^.S'«5Do^5(^c3B».-l-v« i^t 

Join, V. t.^^^, tf«>'$),^flb^, «*^ 

Join'er, n. sgsr^cifo. fcSi^^^iSb. 
Join'ery, n. tf ^cp, ri)8njy»c*. 

Join'band', n. r»1fa «'^i«r»c«, f 

389 JAW-JOO 

Joint, n.i<»^«i:Jo$;g'^'$)5«&5o — a. 

Joint'ly, adt;.tfe)]5,^^7r»,'iCj«S&?x7r*,d*» 

Join'tare> n. ^ ^z^^^aSw. 

Joist, n. sio4SS'S)jjer« '3c3& oy'fJsSx); 

Joke, f?. adtf^T^«5oa, o3X^«> V. t* 

Jok'ittgly, adr.<OX?2r*5>§, 5;6 sJ<7:)85cx) 
Jol'liness,"! n. ^^^tS^^ ^e^^s^• 
Jol'lity, j «5m. 
Jol'ly, a. ^u^^tSs^Kvs ^B^^sS^tSxi K 

Jol'ly-boat', n. ia^^j^o^Sb -©i^S) 
Jolt, v. t. 8^2^03 ,SS&oo. — t;* L ^2^Do 

Jolt'head', n, tSaoiSt^^y i6sr»^c^, 




Jon'quil, n. ^'« •$);g)^sso6S x^ -^ 
Jos'tle, v. ^ ^|fc«>e^,^^^r'pt^re$. 
Jot, n. tf5Jo^,l5^85M. — V. U dxr'§7r» 

Jour'nal, n. 6|^T:^»'c*^_^g'i$M5 sr»;n^ 
Jour'nalism, n.zn-^^\^^ \^(3^^\ 

Jour'nalist, n, 5r»]Dr» sJr^tf isr^oSo 
Jour'nalize, v. ^ a|^-i5o^c •^^§'iS» 

Jour'neyi n. riJcejHtife, dSni^.-^ 

^ Digitized by V^jOOQfC 



Jour'neyman, n. 6r*^5jf)oT«c&, Scr» 
?)3y'c&5 a.g'p^© ^§otfx;f) ^csss> 

Jour'ney-work', n. Sj'e)s3p, &^^^ 
Joust, w. ©15ri»«r*a'^eSb^ir6don»to 


Ju'cUcatory, w. 7r»ooQ3'!^oi6»,<;J^'i:j 
Ju'dicature, ». Ty^ccxssanJ'l^wj ?r»c 

Jove, see Jupiter. j Ju-cU'cial, a. tt^coco ©^uPJ^ea ^ooo 

JoVial, a, ^er»«j:?s5M?Co, ^rs-^-^-^^ <0 ' Ju-di'ciary, ?i. rr-coc^T^^r, ^tt^t:*!^ 

JoVi-al'ity,| w. ^^^ti^,iS^\i^^ido 
JoVialty, J i^6k>'(So^xktS»'r-}^o 

Jowl, n.:S05)^ 2^ig)2S. [afoHc>C9lS». 

Jowl'er, n. "^cioSSS'^ . 

Joy, n. -jCJo^SkjSM, «^o25«5m, ^g''?) 

85w r. i.iio^ixo^ j^H^oG^o^ . 

Joy'ance, n. Qij^i'oe^B&p, ^jt^jCj^m. 
Joy'ful, o. «|^o»ip'dgbc2^l^,'i;jo^sS. 

Joy'fuUy, adv. -jCjofS^sSLi&aS^, -j:)© 
Joy'less, a. ^f^oS^sliiialSp} •j:)©^^^}. 

Joy'ous, a.-i5o(S^Sxi5»Xo5 •fio^Sxg' 
Ju'bilant, a. ^jr^^f)^!^, ©ob3 l^gi^ 

Ju'bi-la'tion, n. ©oKsi^t^oo-s^^^to. 
Ju'bilee, n.^^r^tf^iSMj s;oui)K,Sc«)a 

Ju'daism, n. daar«dcK$ir*sSd^i^. 

Judge, n. iT*cCBT*$tf©, ^KsJO^ c6^ 

Ju-di'cious, a. ■g?)0Ke>,a'Sg'iS»7Co. 
Ju-di'ciously, odi?. a'^S'iSwTr*, "^5)3:) 
Jug, ». Sj'S^. [tt*, '^Ob^-TT*. 

Jug'gle, V. i. 7r»i^Sa25ce»^cCS>, ^p> 

Jug'gler, n. Tr^tfSaT'C&j 4oSS(y-.oui» 
Jug'glery, n.-j^^S^^ "ar»'j^i6M, fc^cr- 

Ju'giilar, n. ito5^er«y6o2^ "S)25 "P^^^ 

Juice, n.5J7:)s5^>,-j^jJi6K.,|^s5!&a, -^ex), 

Juice'less, a. if^t^ "dp, p-^^^fj? 
Jui'oy, a. tffJtfwX'o, -(^iJiSMXe), ^tf^f 

Ju'jube, n. -8<:Xb^to, otfSs^&iSM. 
Ju'lep, n. ip^S'sSM} S'i^o83«5». 

Jum'ble, V. fcKotfl^^?i5»^d&, ^t 
oBScKex)*^.— n. ?^otfjrK^f idw ,?C©6 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Junc'ture, n, jSM^c^cTi&osSiSDt, tfOb« 

Jun'gle, ?i, €:5tf€9cB6M^«d©. 
Jun'gly, a. «^^07^'fS^7^. 
Jun'ior, a.-O^^^'Sfbr^S^^Obsf©.— n. 

Ju'n-ior'ity, n. g'ptJw^'jsSMj ttociSm, 
Ju'niper, n. ^$sSjST«}Sb^8^T3^-0|^^ 

Junk, n.-feiy^2^5 ir>c^ ^iS^cpt\j^ 
Jun'ket, n,s5c7'sH^«iw^aoi!PcxK»5ao&. 
Jun'keting, w. aofiSb. 
Jun'to, w.85xyc«630|&)O'i:)^. 

Ja-rid'ic, 'I a. ^T'cOCSft^vPC^ea 7^0 
Ja-rid'ieal, j oo^^aj^. 
Ju'ris-con'sult, n. 2?»j'?'^^"S^. 
jQ'ris-dic'tion,n. e^Q^ng^tfsSMj ^^-ff^ 

Ju'ris-pTii'dence, n. e?^^ ^^ Jr&x^. 
Ju'ris-pru'dent, a.^^^^^^sSw^^DlS 
Ju'rist, n. ^^^^ ^sjoSe^c^. [^. 
Ju'ror, n. sJo^iy»oes3l^»r»der* "^tfc^. 

Ja'ryinan, w. 7T»cocs3'j:^<rtr«y6o2fos5o 

Jury-mast, n. es^'j^tftSw^sS'S^ r^pi^ 
JusM* "i^a^t^,^?^!^, ry^^oss^i^, ^ 

Jus'tice, n. rr»coc53«6M; ^?^«Smj t^^^ 

JuS'ti'ciary, ». tj^oOC^^^cS. 
Jus'ti-fi'able, a. |t»co8S2o^, fSs^i?' 

Jus'fcifi-ca'tion, w. •j5i$r^-qr'(^«6x^ 7^^ 
Jus'tify, v. ^ S^^t&»'6iSp &9^^^, 

Jus'tle, w. ^. ^cxsmj ?foo-^y';«3^f)w 

Just'ly, adt;.(ff'coo5«5K)7r',2f ^sSmtv^ 
Just'nes^, n. jj^oooSiSm. rc3aS>o(!&>. 
Jut, V. t. 8S>jo25eS8 a^ab^r^p sJ-O^ 
Jute, n. ^jSbaiT'tf. 
Ju'venile, a. ■wodc'SVj "^^ij •f)o^3o 

Ju've-nil'ity, n. irvcti^, Sjo^i^sSm. 
Jux'tapo-si'tion, n. 2l«'4S^S'6S ^f^t 
c&o&to, «pc§c3aS)o^&). 


Ka-lei'doscope, n. -©j^a^i^^^^^Kr* 

Kn-lei'do-scop'ic, a. -0|^S-©|^ 2?t^' 
Kal'endar, n, ssooT'oKbSm. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Kameela, J &ss^t^, 
Kan'ga-poo', n* gbS'So^ft'^skafco. 
Keck, n. znoBsS'^^kOj cS^cftto. — 

Kedge, n. -oi^^ooxob. 
Keel, n. 5j«^|Joa"3j^«&»oj&o. 
Keen, a. 5r»cag)^,&jSc "805^5 -L^eao^ 

Keen'ly, adtj. sr»C(S7r«5 ^S>e»SS-7v,2» 
Keen'ness, n. 57,0^5 ^esoSS. 
Keep, v. ^ 6^0^, -a^, pe»-^j ^0 

tSxoxSojtJ-Ji^dotS'. — 1?. i, ^o<&,pe» 
•tfi. To one's promi8e= sir» 
fcjpw^r'fSdto. To k. up— -^00 

~r»sJO, Sjs^»tr»5 r*6o5 -s^u* X\tS^ 
Keep'er, w. -5^^<&sr*c^^,5f&sSc(& 

Keep'ing, n.'iC)otJ^c3,-^s5?)5 "ji^^l^ 
Keep'sake', n.erss -an»»'s5oo t5^c7r»a 

Keg, n. •«:)^S)^ooD. 

Kelp, n. ^z&»\s>i^i^c^. 

Ken, r. ^. .,^^, "SO^r'pb, C$r»{^«S»^ 

Ken'nel, w. ©oip^cf^ "r»«otf5i^iS»58S 

K^^ p. ^ & })• p* of Aia^p. 
Ker'ohief, ». fi^«^ex>, #'8'tiai. 
Kar'nel, n. ?fe55«b,H5^^o5S5Ao^,fi 

Ker'osene, n.g'Tn*jbj$:r»-^,«$)gjfif-3, 
Ker'sey, n. sS»&g'Xa«i,85MgbS'r*jr. 
Kei/seymere, n-^y-ci^e^sSa-^Ji. 
Kes'trel, n. ^g"SK,^^8 ,0«"^?C. 
Ketoh, n, 2,^a2;J^|^ §i>ai. 

Ket'tle, n. 8^-s^tf, "^Jl^, ^«ON-r»c^ 
"i^i^, Tr»tt), "ff'Ob. 

Ket'tle-dpum', n. ^-Tr^-d^, «£ot*. 

Key, n. ■5P^i5»^a,l);<ii»5i:)'j:J5fc£aa» 
^l^Oi^zyj as5{fc385M5 -CiSS^^&csS^lf 
tf^T:rc«6M5i8^'f)JJSSo^ao^&>8S "6$ 
?^ tf6Sc»S>oa^ Xto 158' ^to. 

«^ CD « CD 

Key'hoW, ». l)KiSM^©ib(bD?jo(^iS». 
Key'stone', n. cr»«$b«(^C7r»S';&^(6tfo 

Khan, n. tpS^, (^ttwd. rooDc,»0' 
Khedda, n. SifSbcXbi^ adwiossd^^r 
Khus'khus-grass, w. s5d"S«),«$S^ 
X'fi-^Ob, cr»sSD»S'!SM-S0a,©2gs^©'^0b. 
Kick, V. ^f^pb^. — V. i.^jSS^r'fSd. — 

Kid, n.-^cS'lo. — v. u (■^cS') -^i^; 

Kid'ling, n. ■O?r^-&c«'l)0 . [dr<^. 
Kid'nap', v. t. (sSafSasS^jco^).)^!^? 
Kid'n^'er, | n.(8SDj;^5^eof6) <»)^ 
Kid'nap'per,^ r'psbrSigir-ccfc, 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 


Kid'ney-bean', n. ^8&Ofi&j^<Sb©^. 
Kil'derkin, n. €)|^S>^om. 
Kill, v, i. So-^, lf)otf>OQ^, 
Kill'er, n. So-^syc^^). [|8. 

Kiiring, w.^o-^&^^sJ'^c,— a.^o-^(^ 
Kiln, n. sjiSg'eo "5'ex>^ e:555«S». 
Kilt'ing, W. sSaii^^f) tis^Si^ -pXtSxt^ 

Kim'bo, a. sjo^^, srog'tfg>c^. 

Kin^ n. e)o$b^Q«&x>,<^^e)d^iSM;2>o$bs5 

Kind, a.5>occKo,-pl^OoXo,rpS'^«5«»Xo. 

In k.«=»(T;r» F^cG) sJ^0cnX)«S>J7^, 

Kin'der-gar'ten, n. a-^^tS^^Ta^-^S 

Kind'-heart'ed, a. «5&\fi6tf^^25oc3iSMX 
Kin'dle, r. ^ tj;fe«jc'3to,TPC^c'Sto, 

Kind'liness, w. tfoBS, sfe^fi^tf^tfoos 
Kind'ly, adv. 2^ooS-7r», |^9-7r». — a.^ 

Kind'nesB, n. tJc3C>.^t>®^ ^tf-s^l^«S>j. 

Kine, n. pZ. of cow. 
King, n. T7.SS. 

King'oraft', n. t7»So"A)c»^0o^. 

King-orow, n. 'g86aad&"5^8. 

King'cup', ».5J^^P'^;f)€»Koa/S'S'e» 

King'dom, n, ij^23cts»^ ixj^^csiooj 

8Sr9, s^55fc>^'^c^«^^ r*63, as, the 

animal k. 
King'fisVer, n. e)8S«5»8J»^. 

King'less, a. Tr»55"dp. 

King^et, ». -©i^^tpS^. 

King'like, a. -cnSS^gSctf^i^. 

King'ling, n. -©i^-u^SS. 

King'ly, a. -u^S^^^tfe-i^Ootfc o"S 

King'-post', same as cpown-post. 
King^s-evil, n ?Co^i;5ff»o6^;C«5M. 
Klng'ship, ». Tne^«5», aP?^^|^«6M, 
Ki'no, n. Indian k. i^oxsr^tSo^X'^ |B 

g'^ttoS'. Indian k. tree— "^cJl 

Kins'folk', n. 25o^;&€». 
Kingship, n. «>o^^c«i», ^^65^HSa>. 
Kins'raan, n. oo^big), g;*®, ^^iSw. 
Kins'wom'an, n. ©o^o^tt^oo. 
Kirk, n. XbS. 
Kir'tle, n. ^.c^aSoSb"^. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Kit, n. •j^j&^|6i:)"Sd, tSar»<^'«5aa^5 -O 

KitcVen, n. 85o6cc»)Oo. F^. 

Kitchen-garden, n. Scptf 7r-o»3€> tT*c 
Kitch'en-maid', n.sfo&DooDoiScps^. 
Kite, n. Xtf , KOba^sJilj -7r'€)sj4otfw,7v» 

Kith, n. ■^^tf'iSw K. and kin= ^ 
Kit' ten, n. (dimi. of eat) fcO s3n»^. 

Knack, n. -c^s&B^^j^iiM, "^Ob^, ^ir* 

Knack'er, n. -o^ cttJ^tosr^^ojiSb 

Knag, ». 8^cx6c'8to5^, («ar^Hbo'^ 
Knap, r^. K>«»Ob, ?fe23v. [60 

Knap 'sack, n. ^^-•oooo fcc-$)'^i6x' 
Knave, n. fir'oX,^r»^7r'C^, &>sS^€) 

JCnav'ery, n. afoK^^sSw, fc^o^ioT 
Knav'ish, a. i^r-^jOf^, sjo-c^i^^^. 
Knead, v, t. fc^ls'w^ 5'^&^- 
Knee, «. ^^^-tpoo, 2?^f5b^, -is^OsSw 

Knee'-deep',a. "ar»c"r*D e;*^c1^. 
Knf*e], V. i. ^j»cTr»ac^, ^jr>c~8n»0 

Knee'pan'^w. Bj-c-F'0^s?j^a»«fe^^, 
Knell, n. «^;^)?Coto^oiS», 
Knew, p. ^ of know. 

Knife, n« g'_g. 

Knight, ». ^Obci^, ^ar*9bcfifo,oo 

Knight'-er'rant, n. 7^;j^7;Jg'\^o«S»«> 
Knight'-er'rantry, n. "S^jSm f^ex^Jr' 

KnightTioOd, 77. ^^^£s5m, «>o(bi^^ 

85»5 Knight ^jSaSeb^. 
Knight'ly, a. JScpOopici^H^. 
Knit, V. i. e^gpijSwa-ScJ^; c^TCeaTr*^ 

CS5&.— n. eels' [sr-c^^. 

Knit'ter, n.^^sr^cfifo, ^©S'jsp^&jaa) 
Knitting-needle, n. eO g'^jcTcr^g' "dS' 
Knives, n. pL of A;ni/fe. r-^fij^a. 
Knob, n, T^uoiSo, Jibe^v. 
Knock, v. ^, r*^, ^(bD, 'Qzirta^. 

To k, on the head«» te;gdr4»i3, 

To k, up»»eoiJi^i&i3.— n. SD^5 

Knock'down', w.|SoScwefc?r/bD"5c,. 
Knock'er, n. ^c»-$}^8o:gcfiS>^li&5. 
Knock'-kneed', a. c;'«»?)§sJoa^»r'C 

Knoll, v.t. Xoi^jr^oaao-*^- —^owo 

Knot, n. i^S; •OSS^jS'g.^^css.oS) 

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—V. ». ITOcSSm, Sct'^. 
Knot'grass', n. «^wav, -OJ^fio^X^. 
Knot'ted, a. i5»irK?Co, ^?Co$e>lto^J«) 

Knot'ty, o. jSjoSCkKo, (Xo^o^^jCj ■€:) 

Know, V. ^. ■§«)^r'^j<x}ed5cHb.— v. i. 
Know'able, a.o3esoc?Cc£iH^,'B5)iBr'^c 
Know'mg, p. a. "I?)j3|^, s^oJi^-Boe^c^^ 

Know'ingly, adi;.»3eSc^, wa-^tf^r 
Know'iiigne8B,n. i»0'j&er«»^^,^«:h^. 
Knowledge n. •)«oS', "gCo, ft25o, er 

Known, a. "SDjSj^j ^f^ss-^-^.p. p. of 
Knuc'kle, n. ^^0S'j$c)-^l5S';feo-$j. 
Ko'ran, n. ^-o^fl), SbiyS'o'jSiJiSM. 
Kris, n- ttcsS, tfdj^d. 
K8lia'triya,n. J6.|9oc3§6«j«Sm; 3^^ 


La, interj. ^aK^-^^dJb. 

La'bel, n. ^g^SS, feiSj a.^f)"*Ob 'Too. 

e5;g)w<S^ «€»8S5^g e^c^is*, i|.j 

La'bio-den'fcal, a. i:)25ig)«>f6 j^o^bSod 

La'bor, n. |^s&«Sdo, S'^kSx, -^fcoj^sj 
"(Sss't^'^, nr'jSa-^ ^sj^cx). — v. i. 

Laboratory, n. ^;^^zSoiO^ ^c& 

La'borer, w. Sar»?) 33^0(3:^3, •5^6:>S(5fo 

Larbo'rious, a. S':l«"3JSb. ip'dx)5)"3 
La-bo'riously, adv. ifAx>a^, ^xkt^ 

La'borless, a. -^otp-gpc^; SidSj^Dir* 
La'bour, see Labor. 
La-bur'num, n.'^^oiS oa^lT ^to. 
Lab'yrintli,n. tr«fi5)§-3K»o83i3gtr"C 

Lab'y-rin'thian, a.tfi>v ls?35)?fe«GvKe>, 

Lac, n. v^^ ^^Ir-^ Ȥ^- 

Lace, n. 7;rdX, ^cj^^J ^S,^ (B^tfj. 

— y.^ «>!»} •j^JdK'ScaaSj. 
Laced, p. a. e)© 1^5 if;^eK<iB(^» 
Lace'man, n. ^dXeiS»,anc&» 
Lac'erate, r. t. Rc^, -fcoo^) -Tnccfii^ 
Lac'er^a'tion, ». 7r»oo585». [^cJ^. 
Lach'es, 9t»(in law) zr*c»yrr' sSoed-O 

Lach'rymal, a. tf'!b^f\ -^otto^^^, 

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Lach'ry-Tna'tion, n. g'?)^§GxSd^>£$ito. 
Lack^ V. t. & i. ■^^tfo^c»S»oc&)5 H^ 

Lack'a-dayVw^^i- ef>^3-oc. 
Lack'brain', n. t»aSr»^c^; "^OaiS 

Lack'er, ^ same as Lacquer 
Lt^ckered, J and Lacquered. 
Lack'ey, n.^^rS'Oa, 'SoiD'^^i^ ©o&o 

Lack'lus'tre, a. ^o25^t^; sSoS'sSdS' 
La-con'ic, ") ^. t^oiXsJ^bSmtt* ^ 
La-con'ical, J sj^caxS^, 7:)oav«^ 

La-con^icism, "^ n. §^©550^600^0 "S 
Lac'onism, J sJ;j&3; sx)^9*sS.«i6m. 
Lac'quer,n. og'^i^o?^. — !?• i* oS'^c 
•ceiSo^.L. ware= og'^'c^i^^pb. 
Lacquered, p. a. oS'^^CTPeSo-Ot^,?^© 

Lachrymal, see Lachrymal. 
Lac-ta'tioii, n. So6S'i^t)'^^&)3^o6S 

Lac'teal, a. ■8^o'i:)o»o^2o^. — w, S^ 

^. [^^^^ ^1^^' 

Lao'tic, a.JiiiiSozyotf'^^Jj^ acid-* 
Lad, n,sSg5r»c<5^, fco -s^oc5, t>^c 
Lad'der, n. p^^^. [^, <8^"uvooo. 
Lade; v« ^•v^'38{;«o^) ^o^. 

Lad'en, a. ©e^j'SS^o^^, oObij)^ 
potfc»&(^. [0)8^0^*3. 

Lad'ing, n. o)§i^-o^^ ©00^5 -(SJJSS 
La'dle, n. -s>j^K8"?o. 
La'dleful, n. Kaloc^. 
La'dy, w. _| ^ydr^ir-p; ?rs5^cx»o6S 



La'dy-bird', n. t?eb^-$)ObHa, sioj^ 
La'dy-day', n. jfr^a^'^o 25sj"iap tf 

La'dy-like', a. r'ss^J^S ^^-X'g^) 

La'dyship, n, aPor-(i^iD ^^sSw, er'tf 
Lag, a. ■3fSb«'c»&^, ^t»v7v^|i^fi^&j 

Lag'gard, a. «S!)o2J^|^,"a5op. — »*'3 

Lag'ger, n. ■3f$c>g'j6bo'^or»c&. 
La-goon', n. «5»ifcc;ib, ^eso^s. 
La'ic, a. irSS'^pi^.— n. 2r8sSc&. 
La'ical, a. srStf*^. 
Laid^ p. ^« & p. p. of 2ay, t;. U 
Lain, p. p. of Zie,(sj<2c53wo<&>). 
Lair, n. e:5)5iaj5D^XjS»aa»S'^ c»a>p§sJ 

La'ity, n. irSfiSex),ir*sScex),?P8S'^58^- 
Lake, n. ?5o<5fccXb, "i^iftGo^, (j^2JiS»> 

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Lamb, n. JC^lo, i&«8'57^¥bi&. 
Lam^ative^ n. •fr*e»^€^w'^^ «&© 

LarnHbent, a. ^iJlJifo, n^l)o^&>^ 2 
Larab'kin, n. •©f^^'^8)0. 
Lamblike', a. •j^^sb^.j^. 
Lame, a. sS iftS, i^'^^sj'dp} •$r'_a7^ 

"e5p. — t;. ^. 85o63-7r»c"^cSSS>. 
Lame'ly, adv. SSo^Stpj ©o6r»|fi5M7r». 
Lame'ness, n.sSodS^^jSwj ©e)8r»^«S». 
La-ment', t?. t. & i. S)&^,^§o^,|S3 

Lam'entable, a. s5o^^^tS^ii^,&'^t^o 

Lam'en-Wtion, n. ^8'8&o,|S)Cr»s>86M; 
Lam*ina, n. ^sS, ^ts, 
Lam'inate, "^ a, inis in^o^i^ ^ 
Lara'i-na'fced,j ^, "tsSSooTr^jibt^. 
Lam'mas, w. w?C^"3e)-aoo»A3'^af) sj 

Lamp, n. fes5«6M} jjfSto'Sj fee jgoifr 
Lamp'black', w. 6sJ-$)853iB 'dg' Tr»d» 
Lamp'light', w. fec-^ "SoocXb. fS'. 
Lam-poon', n. M^P'VcS^pot^cysnc^ 

Lamr^poon^er, ». poTya^sJci^ljn^ 
Lam'prey, n« ■^tfjfcoacXb'^csJ. 
Lamp-stand, ». 65j^o^id»,"^l&j^. 
Lanoe> n. .^c"fc, o'SiSm. — v, t^ o^ 

Lan'cet, ». ^26cc&5 ^j^ ^jjoos ^ 
c&toSSsr-caab^ SIS' «c»»?Ji6w. 

Land, n. ^s5t.Sto,"^e>5 ■S^iSDa,tr»e?c«63o. 

Land'ed, a. ^|©?Cc;} ^';^^^. 
Land'flood', n. "Sgosj, |Sot»8^>sSdo. 
Land-force, n« "^o-apcs^sJiSM^cs^ 

Land'hold'er, n. j;xj«i5?^XeoT'C&, s^ 
Land'ing, n.ia^f^oSaKj^o; ai^a^^re) 

Landing-place, w. -gsg. [dSb-aato. 
Land'la'dy, n. sjo^o8S2?s$r.j6tr»oD. 
Land'ford', n.sjoASoaooS'iy- 'eSS' "^OGBoa 

Land^mark', n. t^D-&)?^ "gg' sf.i6€5* 

Land^scape, n. ^i^ipeaj^o^-g^jSw, 

Laud-tax, n. "(^ocjSdN . 
Land'waitW,». T!sg)ood»^^. • 
Land'ward, odu. ^Sto^^-^^eS. 
Land-wind, n. 7r»to"7r*0,*^e>2^jSSo<a 
Lane, n. -jCToaS^-o^fc^. [sjt^^Tr?). 
Lan'guage,n. ^sl, ^sinAoooj 2.^^ ^ 

Lan'gnid, a. ef)oiJ|^, zidiW ifr^oOi^j 
Lan'guish, u. i. Jtooooi^, JLs?©^,^ 

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Lan'gaishment^ »- «©"^, ziSiV^, €3 

Lank, a. •i^(^2>(^j2^cjtr»^2?(^* t^^- 
Lan'tera, ». «r*o^eb- 
Lantern-jaws, w. pZ. «o<b:>r*{58br*O30 

Lap, n. ^F'jj-oosaoatflp. |j3«r»&fr» 

Lap'dog', n.ts»i^}^\r" [j&"«5r(^;<b. 
Lap'ful, n.^]^od. 
Lap'idary, »• iJ^astf^ fiSc&, "^r^o 

ifo,8togS-ff^tf3Sc<5^. ' [60. 

La-pid'ifi-ca'tion, n. SS'oootpc^csSw 
Lap'idist, n. j^s^sr^sScdfo. 
La'pis-laa'ali^ n. ^d^9oiSb». 
Lapse, ».fl^dajto}Xii«)8^;g>*j,«db;<Woj 

Lap' wing', n* fei^fcdj, ^?fear*1l^ 

La'qoear, n. a.S'jy^go^TfTtf oW^. 
Lai/board', ».idiaa»S'j^o)aiaSo|5r^. 
Lar'cenous. «. ar»oX^|^^jjr. 
Lar'oenjr, n. &^o9(^ii^^ 

Lard, «* ^©^{r'lfig. — r. t. 5io©jr* 

Lard^er,n. ssoto 75^*sa-3©€» -?5l^ifcr 
Large, a. "^g,^*^;^? ft^tf i^i^,«5^t 

-LS\?Ce.He is left at !.*« o3r»c<Sb & 
^eso^osacsD'ajSb. To speak on » 
subject at 1. = z,^ fisS^oaStfMf^ 

Large'-heart'ed, a. ^TTT-rScti^ Ko> 

Large'ly, adv. i^-^isti»Tr^, «)^S'6» 

Larga'ness, n. -atf^|^»S», r'ss^^l^ 

Lar'gess, n. «)j5t»5&»|^iSm,-c3^|^«6w. 
Lar'gish, a. r*Q:3«s»-ag©^|^. 
Lark, n. !p'cr^5j4,i)^4So^,ijriJxr^»ii» 

j62>^, pa^vt-^^^. 
Lar'um, w» p^tf *i5-a^5b Xcxb j3r»^tS». 
Lar'va, n. pU larvsa. e>s>^^Sb ^^ 

Lar'ynx, n. tQ^i6xnr*p ;&^<So«> -^"^ 

Las'car, w. ittS'ir^^^ciSb. 
Las-civ'ious, a. -s^j&^gbiJ^g«SxX'o. 
Lash, n. r*tfuF*|^d^5 r'tfon*^©^ 
atr^'&*$)s5r-to. — I?, t. r^^is^€^ V 

Lashing, n, r^V^r^Bw.eo r'toiJj i^ 
Lass, n. tf&^,€';^a,6&g©. [e)'i:><^* 
Las'situde, jk ^asr*^ti», %>^W, ^ 

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^, Ki^-D^. At 1. — «^ the L-= g- 
si}si^fik>tS^.To the !,«» S'^^s^iS^fed 

60. — adv. i§o25feS5JTncOB3j5M,j^C>» 

Last'age, ». •^oS'kSk). 

Last'ing, a. ptlZS^, P^^'^^H^y S^S* 

^. — n. ^o&*oj S^^. 
Last'ly, adv. ^^^, S'2^ss6S§, -ascb^Sb. 
Latch, w. ^e»-^7!ffiS -^cXSMXaooS 

Latch'et, n. €)^^cjo-^?Cfic»5"ig^?) 

liate, «. -i^s&ocSsSaj Doo-O j<, ^o-jiJcgp 

-Wy "S^Ooo-O.Of 1.—- ^s53^Cf6. 
Late'ly, ady.-^sSo^cj^, s^^s^e>, r'p^ 
La'tency, n. Ki_^^. [©^«SMO|^8o«io. 
Late'ness n. t5o'jC)c«&M. 
La'tent, a. ©oooAog'^czDa^f), Xb^^ao^, 

Lat'er, compar, of Za^e. Ff^I^- 

Lat'eral, a. (G^i^^^^^^ -^ts^gt^o 
crO. [j6o<S. 

Lat'erally, adv. (f S4^2.'^^> if^ir- 
Lat'erite^ n. ?lbtftf'55'o»,ts^o^€3'ox> 

Ijat'^rri'tious, a.S{iS^sstASyS{^€^o)^K 

La'test, a. ^HanSjSXf^i^tpj^^f^^, 
Lath^ n. ^^^iSwo'^f) ■&cfiSo8ot?T?^tf 

Lathe, n. ^%9-^^er&y ^^^zs^& 

Lath'er, ». ^«». -^o). sr^pjS^cKb. 
Lat'iflh^ a. r^olSiSj^o-jcrc^)!^. 
Lat'itude, w, "Si^oo^, a^rw^; w&'S 
^, «'TSCo^«Sw. L. of a planet=s:> 

Lat'i-tu'di-na'rian, n."^-cr\^|5'i&>2^ 

Lat'i-tu'di-na'riauifim, n, "^-J^^i^ 
La-trine', ». i6i>«ft3cX(>'ai5& US' ar»<S. 
Lat'ten, n. a^g^^^p;^ si_§a. 
Lat'ter, a. "S^^iS, ^^o^^tf, Uo^sr-j^o 

Lat'terly, adt;. s|^tf©, -Sijfo2?cj6. 

Lat'tice, «• e5©g'8*sS. 

Laud, n. ^S, d^i^iSw. — v. t •^©o 

Laud'able, a. •©D^^r'^coJli^, d;f,^ 

Laud'ably^adv. ^|^«Sw7r». [sj^iSm . 
Lau'dnnuiu, n.«f)pl5S' f5'o86oc£i)|TT' 
Laa-da'tion, «• ^©. 
Laud'atory, a. ^©^"^fib. 
Laugh, r. i. ^t^^ ^o&^^^6x)ivp^ 
e&,To 1. at— «a8Hi|5i6K»^cx&&D5Sr^ 

Laugh'able, a. i^ifigfJb-^gs^d^, 
Laugh'er, n. |Sig^3T»^eJb. 

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Laugh'ingly, adv. '^T^v^k>S^. 
LaugVing-stock', ». c^^^'B^'jl^c^ 

Laupfh'some, a, ^^•j^jiSwKo. 
LaugVter, n. ^^,7si^i)t&»> 
Launch; r. i.^A8€r<a7fe"dg'a&>. — »./. 

Wder, 1^^^^^ 

Laun'dry, n. tJ^S'Osjp^dQSj s^. 
Laan'dryman, n. «^8'0ot«»c&. 
Lau'reate, a.2?o85t^T^tf^f^ssar»€>^ 
l^ooS'dosscwai^. Poet l.=»^^|^ 

Lau'rel, n. dn»|^^A»sJo43 fia»8'3AiD; 

La'va, n.e5)H^s3iJg^85Mer«{5bofi5s'0£» 

Lav'atory, n. ]|^^|^^o«6m. 
Lave,v.^.S^c^'iD. — vA'-p^s'^tSoj'^cs^. 
Lave'ment, n. -^x ^s&oj g'^^b^j. 
Lav'ender, n. «foe>i5;5oi3 a,S'*a»S'j^. 
La'ver, n. -^tf^S^^S. 
Lav'ish^ a. tj)iDa^s5coc68S»*^'^^ 

Lav'ishly, a€it?.5$c$six>7r»,^?r»5y¥c8' 

Law, n. pa8S«&iS», t^,^lSiiSts»y^ 

LaVf ul, a. TT'cocs^i^, (S'j&^^, ^ 

Law'fully, adv, ^tSazSyn^^ 5i)s6D5(fi 
Law'giv'er, p, ^^w ^Jz>'qr*ci:6^c 

Law'less,a. a^aOoCJ^t^, ^toiSM"5p, 

Law'mak'er, n.^^^tSoatir^^ts oooo-^ 
Lawn, w. 5J7:?6g'«>OQ5e»5 J^5j"^|r*. [sp. 
Law'suit', n. 5r»c©c«5M, S)Tt»o«^^ "cp 

Law'yerly, J 
Lax, a. sseSd2^|^,S)Hb?g)7r'l5pj-33_^P;^ 

Lax-a'tion, n. sj«6c»^cs^&>. fs^o^i). 
Lax'ative, a.©T5^|^-^e^c^.— n."^a 
Lix'ity, n. sjfii>e», aHb$"dgX)} ^tov- 
Lay, p. i, of lie^ys&cs^^&y — «?• t* 
^o^; -sd^, "Scssm. To 1. away or 

by = ^Q^^o^>-S^^^. To 1. OUti 

— "^e)ig>^cx^to. To 1. up=^^c 
La/er, n. j^ifj jjt^TCT. 

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%• s§eK>s^o63. 



Lay'man, n. ?r8s6c<&). 

Lay'stall', n. -Sca^fiSsJ^. [<5^« 

La'zar, n. eSiie^K, 'Ztser^Ktix.Kvznc 

Laz'a-ret'to, ") 

LaWhouse'J ^'^•^:^\^>2<'^^- 

La'zily, ado, [d^«5Da^i^i5M5^,»KS'i5M 

La'iiness, n.f^ i6dO^|^i5do ,© tf S'aJM ^ijy' 
La'zy, a.ji^85oaapj^,86DocJ^I^,«)Kg'«s» 
Lea, n. c^^S^oocjSod. [Xv^ 

Lead(i3(Sr),n4'i:)«i» .White L— ^t^J*- 

^i5m. Red K—^oaip^^sSoo. 
Lead(b(g:),v. ^-^^sf^-^^&jBr'ps^ 

Lead'en, a. ^•j^'^j sSaotf*^!^. [Ko. 
Leaden-hearted, a.-goo'a^rf*\ tfooSi6M 

Leaden-heeled; a. •aao 7r»s^ig^iS. 
Lead'er, w. ■cr»ai^'^5r»c<3b,86M^cc 

Lead'ing, a. j6Miipc2p(^5i6»oac>7r*^;g) 
^43. A 1. question — «r»ii)§^"5i^^ 

Leading-strings, n. pi. O^^osSi^'tf g"^ 
Lead-pencil, ?»• fliiS'^^&iSi '6^p,t> 




Leaf, n.«8S,55|^tf»;«g«S».— r, i.-0?\ 
Leakage, n. «sSo'j5«6x-cr»occ;tf». 
leafless, a. e^SoewlSp. 

LeaPlet, n. ■«:)]^«§S, -o^feejb.jso tf«s», 
Leaf'y, a. t?sSo<r*poacsSu^^, e^SSw 

Leagae, n. g'Ax>,ctf'i:)-^5^fJ)tf<c«n'Jrt» 

0)^169$. ro«o^5'j5o^u^TJa^5T»c&. 
Lea'guer, n. i5M4oSo^dfctfodfcaK|^i5 
Leak, n, 5^air,6eao-$);f!i6\lboo. "^1* 

Leak'age, n.-8-»«i3Aoj-^«J^a5-r»ewAD 

Leak'y, a. ^tl^p^fo, -8^^&. 
Lean, t;. i. »^r*^, 2.mK>, ^(^ce^&j 

Lean'ing, n, 350-$), snoo^'SoDXbj 8^, 
Lean'ness, n. <^|;!r^t5od, •D§(^.u:fiS»odfe 
Leap, v. ^• 2$b8S>98S,X'o($b,Xo^'^cfiS>;^ 

Leap'frog', n.^^^^-^-^ fc^e^OBo^Ao, 

Leap'-year', n. jtoq'^o^ %^iir>d zi 

Learn, v. t. & i.'§Di5§^;Sd,"^0b^r*}Sd, 

«><rc(5o^. [The 1.— sJoa&oD. 

Learn'ed, a. Sa©^^ -^oS^ciSmXo. 

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Leam'ing, w. ae^cy ir»oa?$^c«^. 
Learnt, p. ^. & p. px>f Zeam, 
Lease, n. a;i^o«)SS', K>^, §^e», ir&X 
§^^&). — r. ^. ^ett§^^>?ib^§i^^, 

Lease'hold',a.r'e» "SS'^&KSS-^oooc 

Leash, n, "^K;Sdg"?b<5^^c»S)'^-,i&r»c 
Least, a, superL of little. ^P^*3 

-5^p JJot in the 1. — .<jQ^iScn^^«6M 
}SS. At 1. =wz?8Sa85«S^85»c^. —adv. 

Leath'er, ©• tj»K>^^|^^od, -c^^^^m. 
Leather-dresser, w. j6;r»aKoT«»c&. 
Leath'em, a. ^S^eaS^^^t^. 
Leath'ery, a. ^€»5^"^fSao"3^^. 
Leave, n. "^o^^e^^s. — v. ^.ft&;^^ 

Leaved, a. «8Sex>?Co. [^3. 

Leav'en, n. "^D^^Sjo^. — i;. ^. -^D 

Leaves,n., pL of leaf. [KO^a»|^G. 
Leav'ings, w, pL ^-CK^j&a^eOD^^O^S):) 
Lech'er, n. j^§d,e)o'2e)s5j^65T»c&. 
Lech'eroas, a, d^ldgo^, -r»;5T>«^0^c 
Lech'ery, n.oo"St)5Sr.a5?^«5M. [2c^- 
ijjec'tion, n, ■^^'?^tf86M,^-EPQ^yi$». 

Lec'ture, n. iSY>o^'^^^S'f^i;t^«^ 

Lec'turer, n. |5j7:)oKSSo&, ^tf^c^ 
Led, p. L& p. p. of food. Ffe^i^j^as^. 
Ledge, n.d^c^jsJOo'i^jg'to^XpsS!)}^©^, 
Ledg'er, w. e^sjTj'-^j^S'iSM. [?^^|JJ- 
Lee, n. 2)SSw«5»,sSDg,sSD^5 ir-Disfeesac 
Leech, n. SeTCj "^c^cciki, — v. ^. ^ 
Leek, n. a^tfo^^^^a |> . [^^^cj^. 
Leer, n. iiJ-^-$). — w. u i^ts-^i^ 

Lees, n*pZ. 8&(S,S'o.sJwtfM,8So"^. 
Lee' ward, a. & adv* Tr»t) r^to^i^^ 

"3 "fe; opp* to wwdtoard. 
Lee'way', n. ia^ |^r*tf ofi-o -tt^Ds^ 

Left, p. ^. &p.p. of leave. — a. & n. 
Left' -hand', a. c:isit^, <J2^8i>-3 -^c^i^ 

Left'-hand'ed, a. <02£sSd^o» 5r*(Sb^K 

Left'-off',a. z^a^i^^^. 

Left'ward, ody. <0aii5oSS. 

Leg, n. "ir^ejD. 

Leg'acy, n. s5otfc3-r»e>i5j>ofiSb85a^e3^t^ 

Le'gal, a. ^^^^"^j^, oss-qp©?^ 

Le-gal'ity, n. ^^^_r^g«s»,or-cCRSJ' 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Le'gaKze, v. ^T"^^»i6(»^d8M,7r-c 

Le'gallj, ad^ fitosw jCTPtftfW; 7r»c 

Leg'ate, ?i. xr^ocoiyd. 
Leg'artee'^n. ^Satfca^ff^-^^jSTT'CfsSw ^ 

Le-ga'tion, w, -cpossttc^i^k). 
Leg'end^n. -r^a^^«5», -^-D^eaiSoo^si^tf* 

Leg'endary, a. ■irTj^S^'^^) •$)xr»c3 

Leg'erde-main', n. ss^;^cr»^sy«5M; g' 

?6g'to©25'c,-7r'i^<S ftfio . 
Legged, a.-g-»^Ke). 

Leg'i-bil'ity, n. t:j^s1^. 
Leg'ible, a. ^tfSsjJrt'^^c^^'iCj^^'jb^. 
Leg'ibly, odt;.'j5^sSL:5»-7r»,'^Oc»S>|^^, 
Le'gion, n. 25ofibj»fa5w5;feo^,^i6cr» 

Leg'islate, V. i. itotS»^^>^t9^ . 
Leg'ifi-la'tioBin, ^^^^pz^o^^ts^ 

Leg'islative, a. Stoa5Ml5o'^ea^&). 
Leg'ifi-la'tor, w.^^^'T'^^S'^^. 
Leg'is-la'ture, n. ^toiSwofSS o)«^^wi^ 

Le'gist, n. ^5[^^^'3^. 
Le-git'imacy, n. ^t^tSoa^^^t&M^jf^c 

Le-git'imate, a. lysSa^c^, •(i^orsjtm 

Leg'ume, ') n. «)55xr»€x> (-r'oajT?^ 
Le-gu'men. J (^c«^) ^0*3^ "snosS. 
Legumes, n. pi. -F^ooSzp^f^cJSx), wsJ 

Le-gu'minous, a.-s^cx^-qr^-f^cs-fiozio^ 
Lei'sure, n, ■^sj-^^«Sau,&e^8', feesoo 

Lei'surely, a. -j^ss-ff^^iSMTr* ^"^^^ 
"aso"? ^. — adv. "aso-TT*. 

cno-.* CO 

Le'man, n. X)6o-s^c<&5aAog'^. 
Lem'on, n. -S)25f)ji&jS)od5b5f)«5o^^to. 
Lem'on-ade'^ n* f)i&^sog[^ ^j&^i^ 

Lemon-grass^ n. 8Llfe9^^ir*Y^|^ Xto 

Lem'ures, n. pZ.fcv-c^iSMoa- [^J* 
Lend, v- ^ Jtf a^^j ^^'^'^^^ ^^^ 
Lend'er, n. e58)^^^5r»ceSb, «Otf J>5?^ 
Lend'ing, n. w&^^^to. [sr»c&. 
Length, ». f)i^-^^d^(&>;^^pS05Tr'e} 

l6cK». At L— «fe258S. 
Length'en, v. t. p&^ir^cics^y in& 

Length'ways',^ adv. f)<5a§, pSa^. 
Length'w^se^ J -^^. [^|^, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 




Le'nient, cu tfo83KoXPS'do^&, «5d\ 

Len'itive, a. ^^^o^^ts'^n^, l^^J^ 
Len'ity, n. S'&e9, sscxjS, S'pg'^^sSM. 
Lens, n. e^fiJ-^a^TsjOooaSx). Concave 
1.«=»85d$xjP«&\ C)o©«6m . Convex 1.= 

Lent, p. L & p. p. of lend. — n- 

Lent'en, o. fr. lent, n. [P^**^* 

Len-tic'ular, a. Tr»o83Tp^]^oi5»^o2Do 
Len'til, n. "r»o8Sip^^c«^. 
Len'tor, n. «x&>5 «foocJ^. 
Len'tous, a. t)C^^, 
Le'o, n. (Kotf^TP^. 
Le'onine, a. fkoth^ov>o^-^ii^. 
Leop'ard, n. ^eaa^ -^0. 
Lep'er, n, «Stf.6r«j\. 
Lep'rosy, n. j6sl6r*Ktf», "^tf 8^X1600. 
Lep'rous, a. sSSksi»;Ce>,-?.«6^?Ci6»K®. 
Le'pus, 71. (astro.) ^^i6k. 
Le'sion, n, tf^p^ -50,, |^;1i6n. 
Less, o. compar. of WMe. ^fiSj,- "3 
^, ^c^g_^, :?»ge)^^i^2c)|^.— adv. 

Learsee', n, sj^TPxr»dbc&, 3Jto*Tr« 

Less'en, v, t.^^o^, eetc^ v. v 

Less'er, a, r^gg^i^, fS^\jJZ;^, €^^ 

Les'son, n. -^^iSmj ^cS^jSm, tr*^ 
Les'sor, n, e'3§^x«T*c6fo. 

Lest, conj. -F^SSodS, 4i:BrH383p. 

Let, V. t. «>f6sSD9oM-^^, T^j>-^^;e 
'S§^^, TT^X §-^^, To Lout*=« 
s<S-0"S)A»iD. To !• down =» ^5o^s 
ao^fc). To 1. alone— 3^08 d< 

Le'thal, a. jSoJ^eaS'tf^^t^. [sSo^fcto. 

Le-thar'gic, 'l^ a.sSaocJiiw7r*cSac^, 

Le-thar'gical, j f^85:>o ^^sSm tt-j^ 
1^, f)i65^sSD^7r»f6?r^. 

Leth'argy, n.%8'i6>i, a85»j, pfiC)CJi6a 

Le'the, n- ©-^ \9, sSata'fe- 
Le-the'an, a. ^saw^jSoS'ooKc "^"^2^. 
Le-thiPerous, a. j&^wS'^^^t^' 
Let'ter, n. c5j£^tfi6>i,s^g85oo;d^u>,S)^ 

S^^l^s, S)s^c^-^od^ci$M/ as, a man 

of letters. 
Let'tered, a. l5ao^, sxr^o-tbc^c^. 
Letter-founder, n* e^je5&»tfw«> 

Letter-paper, n. S^toae» (sr»'?a tt* 
Let'ter-press', n. ^^JfV^ojat^ 0C6 

Let'tuce, n. SLg'Ji?^^*!^ ScPTy»«> "»» 
Leu-K^o'ma, n. S'o^er^p-^^, 
Le-vant', n.^ir»db^|»'S^tfM. (Le^— ) 

Digitized by^OOQlC 



Lev'el, a. 75«Sj^|^,'a3tf8'tf|>«5»ettT5f), 

^cfiSioj'C&.written also leveller, 

Liev'eling, n.7:j«5D«s»^css»&), iSe^fSi^ 

c3aS56o : written also levelling. 
Lev'elism, n. sfofSSs^coer* ■'ar-^^^ 

Lev'er, ».b>&>, t)fib;g)e>jSo bosao^r* 

Lev'eret, n. a,tf •i:)osj^\C^85M^9S er« 
Lev'iable, cu sJi^ooTSocCce;\^. 
Le-vi'athan, n. "a»^«)sJo&8aD»tf?rsJ^ 

Lev'igate, »• t» "aa^JO^d^csSj^^^r* 
LevVga'tion, n. "Ba^pa^S ^cSSbAo. 
Lev'ity, n. 'Sog',^o«'|^,er»^>3«»,€> 

Lev'y, V. *. Scpab^, ^^^5 sJ*lS3n»o&^ 
caa». To 1. war— HSBobgifco^ -r»tfo 

Lewd, a. j&^Sea^, T^sjSnQ^tf itiw ?Ce)5 

Lex'i-cog'rapher, ». ^^j^o^sScafc^^ 

Lex'i-cog'raphy, n. p$3otojg) (sr» 
Lex'icon, n. -^Tc^-cr^apJiSjotosS. 
Li'a-bil'ity, n. ■^j^^jS^^^oTT'd^Tr 

¥c^5 l-ties^ e)c^oo. 
Li'able, a. ^g^^Bal^, w-j^^tt^bi^; oOfi^ 

Li'ar, n. e3©&sScdfc^ e>?>\^«Sw ^sr^ 

Li-ba'tion, w. ■^•u^ooo "^oo. "^5^^630 

Li'bel, n. iSb^slea silks'; ab^SxeasSw. 

Libeller, J 


Li'belou8, J "■ *^'^"^^- 

Lib'eral, a.-cPTrtfjp^^, "creTx^csSMK 
L. education — 7:)S£asx.o83 »^c^ 

LiVer-al'ity, n. -cr»^^£j5M, ^8), 

Lib'erally, adi?. ■qr»Tr«tf«5»-7r*,^-c$\ 

Lib'erate, w. i. fi&i^t) =dda3o, '^ 
Lib'er-a'tipn,n, ©abe^o, aijj^jJ^ifa). 
Lib'er-a'tor, lu tik^o ^c38Si ij^caa. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Lib'ertine, n. ^cSb|i'2i^Ko«r*cafo, aL 
— a. ^2^^«^^KO;a>l3^\^|^, ^§ 

Lib'erty, n. Tfc^o^^tj», ^"^j ^ 
Li-bid'inous, o. ngpjSir»«^^.Ke), -r* 

Li'bra, n. ^cr»tp«. 
Li-bra'rian, n, ^^^nrw^'T^b. 
Li'brary, n. 2L^H^;&|^}55)o& '^jrf^ltJ 

Li-bra'tion, n. ip^t^oss"^ ^&Ao.^ 

Lice^ 12.. pi. of lotise. 

License, ,71™ "^o^), ^^fiajg), tJSj «) 

Li'censer, n. ^^{^bfi-^spc^^b. 
Li-cen'tiate, n. t* JajjOSj-^Xc^^sJip 

Li-cen'tious^ a. ^tA^-^^ "^^Ko, 

Li-cen'tiousneaSj n. i^d^|^i&>;#^^2^ 

Lick| v. ^. (SPfiS. 

Lick'erisbj a.eb-C>^^$ iSio-CXb^o;i5c> 

Lick'iBg, n. TaPSSto. 
LTck'pen'ny, n« ^9ciott»ctf»>l^(SF^. 
Lic'orioe, see Liqaorice. 
Lic'tor, n. aotoV^^, 8otfdbc&. 

Lid, n. i6(t*<:^, tfas^ t^t^ts^^. 
Lid'less, a. TSsj^od"^?, T5jJ^"gcxfip50) 

Lie, w. «)a»86», ^^\^t^y g'o. To 
give the L to «- S'o ^cs5>&) 

^^r^fSbj ^o^^ cficiswo^^. Tol. 

in— jC-j^Oo^&D, asS^S'f^io. 
Lief, adv' s|sl«5Da7r». 
Liege> a. ^xj^^i^sS er^czjSi^j (S^ 

Li'en^ n. tf^sSj,-. [&; |^^$. 

Li'er, n. 5)0&r'}6ir»c&. r^SbcoTP. 
Lieu, n. ^Ado, -^-^tSx. In 1. qL—o 
Li^u-ten'anqjr, n. £Jo& er*p aB»^ 

Lieu-ten'ant, n. 5Jo& er«f) ^Qptf 
Life, n. ^tfii», ^c9«S», ^-^005 ^ 

Life'blood^ n. ^^-w i^ts-^n^ ^J 
Li&'boat', i^r i«^86 *^55i-p^ (f«j& 

Life-bnoy, n. 'Soa^tfo. 
Life'-giVing, a. joMo^ifo. 
Life*gii»rd, n. tsi^rs^rft^^d^t 

Life'less, a. ^-O^^i', ^j^wlj»'^J ^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 



Lifelike', a. |J^e3i^<S^^]^^A»T^ 

«w^ a 1. portrait. 
Lifo'long', a. c«f^?§«^8Sa)o"Bifo, ^© 

Life'-pre-serv'er, n. f)fvtr<caa|^cr» 

Life'time^w. wc3aS>t6i9\,2SX)^-r»o«5i3' 
Life'-wea'ry, a. i^ctbSm^. O^Jfe^sJ 

Lift, r. ^. •)^, l55y"3e§,2."^^5 ^^^ 

Lig'ament, y n. tf&)D_,25o^8S»5 tvooc) 
Lig'ature, j j5m§'Ax)5 slS'o^^^^i^^S 

S5JjS»5^;^i6aj50tr»tf oX«J. To oomb 
to hmsMz^cyssoQ^ssi^^to.* — a. "^^i^, 

(often with up). — v. i. a;ib,aDr»«». 
Light'brain', «. t»aoo«5M75poT^c^ 
Light'ep, v. i. "aawcJSaj v. ^•^>0o;g) 

Light'-fin'gered, a. -CJ^r^-Oi^^ fir»oX 
Light'-loot', ) a. Tn»©-^eao8fSXe>,a^ 


/, ^ a. TP 


Light'-head'ed, a.t»a®e)«i»^S^. 
Light'-hearfed/i. ^gr»-j:^is»-7r'j6|^. 
Light'-heeled', a. •jSk'sSmtt* ^2^^&. 
Light'house', 7i-5u«^o«Sa8Sj^"80c»a> 

LigWly, adv. ^•DS'7r»,er»^jy«59J*7r», 

Light'-mind'ed, a. e^er*-s^]^"«5p. 
Light^naBS) n. "^tliy^oo^t^^ ^liv^, 

Light'niHg, n. i&3e9tM6K>$ fcifoHb. 
Lights, n. pZ. eo5fc?ge^?)8^^c». 
Lig^it'some, a, |S3-8P^2o^,^e»c?ib7r» 

Lig'ueous, a. i ssofp-i^jowo?;?^?*^? *^f^ 

Lig'niform, a. iaj^P8cr»5385DoKo. 

Lig'ure,!!. a^^Tr-TCiSM. 

Like, a, ^Oi^, ^ocjbi^. — adv,^'^ 



'lihood, *) *^ (J 

-^ocj^s -b-'J^o 


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LIE-LIQ 408 

Like'ly, adv. orito^S, u^oeS^S.— a. 

Lik'en, v. L ^e»j^, ^sjooo^f . 
Like'ness, n. j^OS', i^!5aci5»5tf&>i5», 

Like'wise', conj. Scp»8^, «|«-r*?r&>. 

Li'lac, n* SLS'a^J^i^-^po'SAx) fog'* 
LiVli-pu'tian, n. e»Slc& «fo}55);^c 

Lil'y, n. 2l«'©9^|5' -^si^sSm .Water 
Limb, n. eoX«5Do, «)sjoesssJtiM. 
Lim'ber,a. •t^o^jSM-TT'syoHS^AS — w. 

LimVless, a. ^sfosssh^n^-^^. 

Lim'bus, J ^t^yir-w<r6»,M\v^\i 

Lime, n. psfe^sjodfej "^^^aSwj ©oS'. 

— V. t. e)o§'-a'c3a», «?ibOb^HOp^. 

Lime-burner, n. •^i^^-^€5'!rNf5S*^ 

Lime'kiln', n. ^^^i^ esrsiw l5S' w 
Lime'stone', n. ^^^^^o^ooa. 
Lime-twig, n, }sj^v^^toi:)^^'^(&y 

©o8'-D^i5j^-^c> , 2S7<bOoc?Co"3. 
Lime'wa'ter, w. l6o(^^-^^«Gx. 
Lim'it, n. d^O^i^, •i:)atf'«65 a&to^Oo 

Lim'i-ta'tion, n. s^.^tf^to^&Dj tJ^abj 
«j^fi^er«c "StoAo; aj^fiber* j^odjb^o. 

Lim'ited, a. tf%«6?C€>jStotf^^,r*0,^ 

Limn, r. t. -O^tfefeiJ) ur»dB», eJoJfc'S 
Lim'ner, n. 'O^Oo;g)|5j'c3SS»5nc&. 
Limp, r. t. fiSoto, aSo^r'p i^d^ 
—a. ^^p,Xg-r»p, syo*c«a^. 

Lim'pet, n. 8Lg'az?2>;^^^K)ej. 
Lim'pid, a. "Sioaoi^^ P5^o^(^i ^ 

Limp'ingly, adv. sSotoS^jSi^, 8So«S 
Lim'y, a. ^KAd-tt-j^i^^j "^|^^«5»S't)? 

Lin, n. •OjTj^lbiCNKocoiSM. 
Linch'pin', n. ^ig'j5M5J<3j^sSo3$ "3? 

Linc'ture, ^ 

Lino'tus, j''.^9STfc«.;^*«*. 

Line, n. }So^,ct6^,^^k<M,'ttp*^ 
S^t»5 «)o;<b!r«5Daer* 550|^oi^sJ fT^ 

Lin'eage, n. sso^S^a^M, sjo^sji^osJ^^- 

Lin'eal, a.^c^^^oejo^^^c^j^^^^^^ 
1^5 sso^js^ottt^-T^ sy-O^^.L. meas- 


Lin'eally, adv. tf o^ •^iJoccJcJ4»''^' 

Lin'eament, n. C<r»-^,T5y,W"r*tf*^' 

Lin'ear, o. Actfeo-Tn j^i^T^, -i^)**^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Lin'e-a'tion, n.sytf c^«5m. [^j5(^. 

Lin'en, n. -fS^^^jr^rSzit-^. — a. jsr*^^ 
Linen-draper, n. Tor-t^a^toosj^^sSc^. 
Ling, n. ^sj^^csj. 
Lin'ger, v. i, ^;i>^css5a, wo-(5c«6m^ 

cSStfj 7:)O^OQ385M7r»(5boa^. 
Lin'gering, a. ^;b ^"^<5^5 fetf "B"* 

Lin'geringly, ado. ^o-(io7&»-7^y "ao 
Lin'get, n, tr^ss^-^i^S'^. 
Lin'gua-den'tal, n. tfo^iSDoe) Qco^j^ 

Lin'gual, a. fyewS' ^ooo^2)j^. — n. 

Lin'giiiforin, a. or-ooS'«r»85i5w7r» ;6 
Lin'guist, n. «)^g'9^ss.e» ^D^|f ot»c 

Lin-guia'tic, a. ajpsIo oaSj^^^-jCjoco 
Lin-guis'fcics, n» sing, ^sle; cs^^v 

Lin'iment, w, "§ osSm, j&^|^-^ ^sS. 
Lin'ing, n. wj^ijbj er<p«)_^0b?^2£. 
Link, n. JToa'^QoaS'j,- a.S'r^^j^riM 

Link'boy', ^^ 7i. aa^8563D5r»ca^, «Sd 
Link'man, J ^C^. 

Lin'net,n. 2.g'fi^2D|^^j65r«ocofc&>. 
Lin'seed', n.(flax'>seed}«)oH^S)^oo. 
52 "^ "^ 

Lin'sey-wool'sey, n. 7ar«tfc5Sa>fSc) 6^85» 
Lint, n. 7r'OQ3i6Me)8o^-$)o^SS^ "Sji 

Lin'fcel, ». "ct'cJJ^jo^-^ ^.^^^^ ^^ 

Li'on, n.^oj^»8SM5TSr^£Jo^^s5^^, X)o 
^. L/s 8hare=ti>^g'^x'8SDo, -=?r» 
^x 9^Ki6M.L,-hearted= -j^sJ*^ 

Li'oness, n, e3c<5^^05y»:SM. 

Lip, n. -^^tHj -aon.©, ig.«5M,t5'2ftf85M. 

Lip-devotion, n, p^-^-^a^ %j6p ^J^ 

Lip-good, a. ssr»&)e)er*5Scr»i^8SM jSjo-O 
Lip-rlabor, n. «)?J«5Da"dptfF>&)€x>. 
Lip'ogram, n.a.-F^^g'^^i^aiM-D^SSo 

Li-poth'ymy, w. «6(r»Br\. 
Lip'pitude, 7i#S'o^^fc^.[&)e)j>";^g'«s», 
Lip'-wis'dom, n, |^d^^er<g'^c©asp*sj^ 
Liq'ue^fac'tion, n. S'^cHbtojg'tf c?\o^ 

Liq'ue-fi'able, a. g'^c'7?d^,|^sj85ooa>o 
Liq'aefy, v. /. r^cAo^, ^tfss«5M7^•^ 

Liq'uid, a.(^sS2pt^,^ejb77'j6i^,tf oo^ 

2^1^. — ». ^£Jsja5M5S)C»SpS)X3-»tJ«fca, 

Liq'uidate,i;. ^. ^s syii>f.7r-^ cJ^5'i:)£-?5\ 

Liq'ui-da'tion, n, feebxto, ^0 o^io. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

LIQ~LOO 4lo 

Li-qui'dit7,n.|£JsJ^«i» ,5Se»^cJ5;^36» . 
Liq'uor, n.^^i6»^\^sst6xf'yin-u^oaoy 


Liq'uorice, n, (root) ts>^t^ifo^t6x>'6^ 


dian or country 1. bu8h«=7fea"3o 

' CD 

Lis'som, a. sjo?(5^*S. 

List, n.3^a3r,53|§5«)o^3l-s,cs^g?jo 

LIs'ten, y.ree)§o^,i^g^a(6j«^ 

Lis'tener, w. t9e)§o-^oT»c^, ©j^syc 

List'less, a. ^^-^p, 2r'(K_^l5p. [<5^. 

List'lessness, n. «|^tf/ar*jK_^l3sx). 

Lit, p. t. & p. p. of light, 

Lit'any, n. 2.^Lr^$«^- 

Lit'eral, a.aar»6oSosar»&)-fjd7r*f6ci>^,a8, 
1. trai]islation5^258SK.^odS'(j-cSS»^^ 
^7:) ooo^2>c^. L. meaning = $0 

o^cK«»Hbc^O-r-pO:diat. fr. figur- 
ative or metaphorical meaning. 
Lit'erally, ado* ^TrtS^^r^^tSon, 
Lit'erary, a. axyc-jCiooo?;^^. 
Liberate, n.oxr«^o*j^c<Sb,ao32^c& 

LitVra'ti, n. pZ. cf lUeratus^ 
Lit'erature, n,ti^c^yiT^od^oti»,is^tn 

Lit'e-ra'tus, n., pZ. literati, s^zr^o 
^c^>5Jo<Sl^c<Sb;chiefly used in 
the pZ. [6j6*^. 

Lith'arge, 7i.i6DoObT3^0b(5o;<be5>(6sS3o£i) 

Lithe, "^ 

Lithe'8ome,J -a3_^p. [^S^c^- 

Lith'o-o^raph'ic, a. ctSobs^^t^owo 
Li-thog'raphy, n. z.^Zitf^^^s^B'^ p 

Li-thot'omy, n. «6(r»i^-cr'ctf i6»er* ^ 

fi^c^r'piatod'9p§^^&cJSS>|9o3>. [c^. 

Lit'inant,n, s^c^c«iw«J^'(^ooo$o^ 

Lit'inate, v. t, & i. 5r»c^css»^&,oj»Oo 
Lit'i-na'iion, n. ir»e^ci6>», X)5t^256». 
Li-ti'niou8, a. ef7fo^os5ar»dSp|^, OsnJS 

Lifter, n.S^t,}So%y^sS^'^tk>i*^^tSar* 

Lit'tle, a. r*o^^|^,'j5ge>^2?(^^'^?b.5 
— adv. r'o^i6aj7r',§^©7r». 


Littleness, n. '?)§€)^^gj5»5 J)-?5^iS». 
Lit'urny, n.(J^57r^g'tfe9«s»,aa5jKo 



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Live (tS"), V. i. ^Oo^, ip^5S,|J^e9 
••^.Horses 1. on grass=»Xbcai6M€)a 

^l^^j A 1. ox=^sSxSK^fSc>|^^6ao 
«$c) A 1. coal = -3e»cXb-^^ps)^. 
L. stOck«H»s5^jg)CX)"SaD. 
Live'lihood, n. 2§sy^?wr»-i^oc535»,(»?fc 

Live'liness, n. i^eaoSSctf]^«5Da,^«^'j:) 
Live'long', a. fetf ^j^. [a^w. 

Live'ly, a. ^eso^^t^, ^er"j:)2)c^. 

Liv'ery, w.ocs5©ssx»f6c2^^g'00|^§-^^ 

Liv'eryman, n, ^^Ob. 
Liv'erysta'ble, w. K)g-$)"^e). [o. 
Liv'id, a. S'sSDO^sJC^sSwXo.&osSl^jiMX 
Li-v'd'ity, n. ^Josrtf sSm. 
Liv'ing, a.^5r8S3^«r®fSc)(^^5P5r»'f):6»^ 

Lix-iv'ium, w. TS^sr^CirsSx). 
Liz'ard, n. ©D ; ^^^'St) . 
Lla'ma, n. soS'a^^^a.olb. 
Lo, infer/- war*, wftK^^^i^. 
Loach, n. ?y00j73r»o»^c»sJodS ^csj. 
Load^ ». zDObig), ^tfi6M5"ar--^.— V- 1- 

411 LIQ-LOO 

Load'star', n. |?bsf|^ic|^«5». 
Load'stone', w.t^e^oi^DBS'ooa^er^tf* 

Loaf,'"&)5?C«^5l8§|^.L, sugar=S 
§j^S)oS-cr>tf.— V. ^. & i' (d^sSDaTV* 

Loafer, n. jd^sSDa. [^^«^^- 

Loam, n. »oS'«&fS2j^. — v, t, zio^tiookS 
Loam'y, a. ejoS'sfofSoN TVfSb^. 
Loan, n. wsJ>j5 <08'$.— v. ^. ^^;^'^^' 
Loathe(er^fir), t% ^e^'j^fo^co^. 
Loath'ful, a. ^^ir^co'^^^^i^^^^^ 

Loath'ing, n. «>^8^»csSk>, -fcce^ea. 
Loath'flome, a.«^8J,(^^^^tlC^:)^^. 
Loaves, n-, pZ. of Zoo/. 
Lob, n. is^s^. 
Lob'by, n. ^^KxtS^tSxi. 
Lobe, w. ^KiSdo^ tDo'S^iSw; ^^«^^ 
L. of the ear«=^X)^-^. [(fc^g). 
Lob'ster, n. <0o|^-5^cxj55^oi3 a»g'2?o 
Lo'cal, a. ^pg'^pr^^'^^o&^pj^.^"^^ 

custom—^jff'^ur'j^riM. [jSm. 

Lo-cal'ity, n. <)€>85m, ^j^jSm, rss"^^ 
Lo'cally, adv. ^c»3r.<)o«Sxt?^sSc33» ^ 

Lo'cate, i;. i. -ato, ^c^, p)»^^w•^, 

Digitized by "LjiOOQIC 


Lo-ca'tion, n. ^^)d», jsy^^ifiM. 

Loc'ative, a. ^€)8S»jSc>'50i:)<&>,t9^^JJ 
TyjJg'^^.L. case*- f:f_«haa^_|. 

Loch, n. n^tfT6o>j5 ^t&a^Tsp. 
Lock, n."^r*^id»,6K8Sa35S)Ko^^05-¥^ 

©.— tj. t. W^i^'ta^, bKtSa>^ 

Locked'-jaw', see Lock-jaw. 
Lock'et, n. tf2^S'j5M,tf<tf«5MS5cDg'(^-foe) 

Lock'jaw', w. e^^a^^tfotffibrsjj^) SLg'a?;;^ 
Lock'up', n. g^6of6 •jCTco^'s^oaSMS^ 

Lo'co-mo'tion, n. X'«&c^^_85X'«55^85co, 
Lo'co-mo'tive, a. X«55^^_8?Ce>, iSo^ 

Lo'cumte'nens, n. w&ooTfSjpTi^-S 
Lo'cus, n. (geom.)P'?Pc^'^.[53^c<&. 
Lo'cust, n, ©oifc^, ^ot?'35». 

Lo-Cu'tlOn, n. fJo^^SkCTI&o, *Scr»&DCX>. 

Lodge, V. L psyi5os)c'Sc5SM, ao^,^o 

Lodore'ment, n. ps^jSo^^oj o-jC), s^^. 
Lodg'er, n. e>'3SS -8-»c-^0'85a)od^oT^c 
^5 psJ(5o^sr»c^. 

Lodg'ing, n. ^^86w, ©-jj, a(Sa. 

Loft, n. ti^'abdctS(^o& ^^^^^y ^ 
tog'. [»S*^' 

Loft'iness, n. ^i^^^^^m, in^}i>\K 
Loft'y, a, ^^^2>(^> '^fl|S^'^l^} ^^ 

Log, n. "SixC^y ^S'jj-, a&oKj '^fiSSoo 

Log'arithm, n. ^o^^i&r»^i6», [i^^iSm. 
Log'-book', n. §jdi8^o»c^fiSj'{fa6M"aa:. 

Log'ger-head', n.'^>»25b, jSao«i>c^,fi 
eSbc(Sb.To be at^ or to go to, l-s— 

Log'ic, n, «rtfi^T'_^^«iw, TT'cCXd'T 
Log'ical, a. ^{j(^^_^ ^-jJiotjop^^j^j 

Log'ically, adv.^tSij-T^-^)(^ir*iSti>i 

Lo-gi'cian, n. B^aij^sSc<?^. 
Log'man, w. e5bg'^oo"s^r-c5SMoT'c2^. 
Lo-gom'achy, n. ^sx{^(sscg-^) sx* 

Lot^'wood', n. ts^ocs^^^, ^XOb^ 
Loin, n. ^^^^sSm, er^oS, Q^-^z^^iiS. 
Loi'ter, 1?, i. wof^TcsSw^csSa, "r^wo 

Loi'terer, w. S^?ib^c3aw5T»c&>^«o'j5c 
Loll, V. i, j^sSae ^^sSmt^ a.w;<br'p 

Lon'doner, n. €)62^]633Aoe9ir»j8. [^• 
Lone, a. S)-8-»o^^^, 2Loto6oa>^. 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 

Lone'liness, n. S-5^o^rf», st^otoo^jT 

«Sm5 a-Br»o^aS»7r»|6odif)-i5\. 
Lone'ly, "J a, ^'s^o^-^'^ yZjokod-rc 
Lone'some; f f^i^j z,o^Qiv'^o& s> 

Long, a. d^^SoTT^^S, ^5,^t^5 ^^ 
-5^€>«5a.j6oacs:S^(^^.In the 1. run 

^y ^-ivic^j fi^ob: folL by an 
infinitive, or by after or for. 

lion'ga-nim'ity, n. JEc«5a, 5^0o^. 

Long'-boat', n. fe,eSer*"?)AScssS»od^ss«^ 
sJe)er<"S)2^. raScMsfe-o'cJSSjig). 

Lon-gev'ity,n. t?cx^l6ijA,«cs^^oc33 

Long'-head'ed, a.-^^j-^i^^tjagKe). 

lion'gi-lat'eral, a ^^^^ ^O^^^sSm 

Lon-gim'anous, a.fe?^ $i589*c2^,p<3^ 
Lon-gim'etry, n. pSar'oD-^&c^. 
Long'ing, w. «^,oT»ox?, (yo9,r*d^. 
Long'ish, a. r'o^85Dod^<5^J^^. 
Iion'gitude, n. p&-^5i^sS85Doo?iboei 

Lon'gi-tu'dinal, a, f r. longitude. 
Xiong'ly, adv. fetf -5^€>«5xs5eaSo. 
Long-pepper, w. 8)S5^^C\. 
Long'-Bight', n.^eST'otf i5w5 2$cp5J^?)^. 
Long'-sight'ed, a. ficr»tf -$) 55*^ig)e>j6 

Lon'g- suffering, n. ^^«>s»^5jK>^. — 

413 LOO-LOO 

Long'-tongued', a. «fiJObc^y*r§|^. 

Long'ways', same as longmseSdSd. 

Long'-wind'ed, a.=3^e)"^-^s&'&:er>'S 

Long'wise', ody. pfia^-^;;^, p<5^-^ 

Loo'by, w, "aj^Ax^sT'C^. Ti^. 

Look,v. ^.■^^5g'|^c©<&.To !• after 

or to= efiX^Tr^ -i^-^ r'^Ao. 

To 1. down upon= B^-^ij-dO'S 

i:. To ]. for— -3^50605 pbSxc^ 

&). To 1. into«««sid«^^c^&), ©nj* 

ao^fc). To 1. on«= T^^^ ^tf 

eSo^Sbto. — v- 1. •^i^sson^'^tosic 

"^c^Sw. To 1. in the face«= ^{fo 

Look'er, n. T^-^5r»c^.L.-on=«^|^ 

Look'ing, n. -^^to^ pS^S^easSM. 
Look'ing-glass', n.«>25«SM, 25S\^e3jSao, 

Look'out', n. TP^r^pdaSaod^to. 
Loom, n.'j^lJsSsX'jSx,. — v. i.§'^c2:>&, 

^X^C^x TbtfaTT* exs5(&. 
Loom'ing, n. •7r»5)a»S'i^2^'B^'^S'9© 

Loon, n. e^^ci^^ir^^d^ fiiS^^-^cs^c 
Loop, w.^^oXtfB&asjU-^toe^pcJSMoi^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 





■<dS' 75-«2;J^?6m, Oosi, sSoS', -j^sS. 
Loose (ocr»^)j v. <. asJ^, ssftDo-^^a 

a«^c©5t^5 ^a^S'^pj ^^S^_§^«>j 

To break 1. = S'(faoj6oS ^8)^otS 
r^pi^jSto. To let !• = S'^i^o 

Loose'ly, adv. 5fi&oo-7V5t5>i^2^7r'5 2^ 

Loos'en, v. ^.5Jii6cx)^cs^,J>S)^ — r. i. 

Loose ness,^x) Jj» of the bowe- 
ls=a'S-x:^(^86oae)^&). L. of morals 
or of principles^abft^O. 

Loot, n.§^gi,er*c-$) ,00^*3.— ?;• «. or i. 

Lop, V. t. r*8^€>;iif^e9o&5 "SKc^Tto, 

Lop'per, v, i. ir^oD "a». -^©jSaeJ^^s^ 
Lop'ping, n, «^j6S', e^o(Sb. [s^^^. 
Lo-qua'cious, a. sjtfObctf^'S ^,s5cr>ioe) 
Lo-quac'ity, n. £r2SK)C2y«5fe^^85x,tfT» 

Lord, n. li^sx), ja^^, ^^^Obci^,^ 

■O®0b?<b.— t;.^.U5^SJj65?|385oup^j. 
Lord'liness, n. Ko^if^j sJotp-jSw, ©^y 
Lord'ly, o. |C^;St^SSc»5\<5 ©s^c^^l^, 

^j^^^5 3£o25gp^, KQg^^, ef>tf^o 

Lord'ship, n, ^c^^^jSm, «$-r»iJtf», 

Lore,n.025o,»^|^«fcj,^«Sa;g)-["^»^«^ • 
Lorn, o. asS^acr"0]^,oaSbsscoa|^. 
Lo'ry, n, a.g'o^^i^-Oootf. 

Lo8e(exr»dr ),v. ^. & i.l»&,i(S fibre ;g)-sb^c 
TTkor"}^ j^sltf 2^.To 1. one's self 

Los'er, n. ia^oT^c^^j d^c^Ttor'pj^ 
Loss, n.|^5l8S»5i3^^85». To be at a 1. 

Lost, a. ^ooai^,8^c?rtor'{Dt^,|^il2? 
Lot, n. ec^g.tfM,®J-oX'i6a:, 9^Kc«5m5 

^j-*;\o^^Sb-£)4S"?oDto draw l-s= 

Loth, a. s^si«6x"^{D, Wi:)8^»cC'S&. 
Lo'tion, n. •^o^^>».ir»{D{Dg'2fo;C>&>SS 

Lot'tery, n. •fcto"g{Bf)^^o»o^Ao. 
Lo'tus, n. sj^jSm, S'iSdojSm ,B^si)?^-^ 

««• [?;^^- 

Loud, a. K4S, a^C-Q ^. — adv.x*3-7r»,a 
Loud'ly, ad*;. X*S7r», SX' rSi^. 
Loud'ness, w. OX ij^^p, t^tSfTo^,^ 
Lough, n. ^ea3$,«5o&c?C>. r^^c|^«s». 
Lounge, v. i. ^t^^di^^t^Ki-, o^rsSaa 

Loun'ger, n. [dresfodT^co&r^pcasSjo 
Louse, n.-4;^,-^jr§&)a5M.— i;, f.-Soo& 
Lous'y, a. -£€»cg]^. [oaM,-«i«>^. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Lout, n,"^3DiJb. 2x^c&. 

Lov'able, a. i^sx)oSc25?le^, sSo^^jcntf^s^ 

Love, n. r£sS>,"^>«^»«5w>5acntf'«S»,tfo 
-^,e?^5^ J^sJoss, ^^tfocfi, -s^Ob 

Love-apple, n. '^j»€)"8^(j-oss,g'«j«^i^ 

Love'less, a. i^sS>l3p5 S'Obe9l5f). 
Love-letter, n. 7r»o83i or-oo3SSex)ur»i& 

Love'liness, tt.-^ o tf tf c«5m ,cr» sjcac^Sw . 
Love'lock', n.^aax' earner* &r*tf^ 

'dot ^^03. 

Love'lom', a. B^]6|^Ooo^^-^Ob5^p 

Love'ly, a. jJSjSd'SS' lir^tf^sSDofSS-^lSo 

Lov'er, n. -er^jSaaSSc^Sb, (^'d5fi>c<5^,|^ 

Stoo^or»c&, «^g'e>oT»c&. 
Love'-sick', a. si^s^^r*sj85aa?Co. 
Love'Hsick'ness, n. a^ltf^B^tfiSM, s^o 

Love-suit, n- ^^^Osntf^^&^&jSDpi^ 

Lov'ing, o. |iis&K€>, |J)©Ke)5 (J^^SdJ^S 
Low, a. ^2&);fo-^p, sSeso^ j^5 ^o^^ 

TT'CiX'ej-T^f). — adv. ^?fe7r»}i^(f«&» 

416 LOO— LUB 

"Soa.) «)«^. — n.- «;g) "aoo. sr-p 
Low'er, v. ^. ^H ox^j i§oa§ao-C5j 

— a, comp. <»f low. 
Low'er-most', a. t5)f)^&3§^8oa. 
Low'ing, w. 5)^;g)ooa3e*-^. ['^2^. 
Low'land, n. 550 -^^^ao^ r^os^a^ibs 
Low'liness, n. j>|^oa5©'^o5S^3 ^■^^S 

Low'ly, a. a^^ocfiO'^cxJi^ooX'e); «>£«€ 

|8er«f), e)2?«fc^f^.— adv. across 
«6m^5 "^g,"^ «>^c-7r» OK^f-r* 

Low'ness, n.-aag(^5SSe9oSc£5j^j6w5^Ji^ 
Low'-spir'ited, a. ■^r»^^e§'l5p, ^S-*,^ 

Loy'al, a. ifr_§?Ce>5 ©^^-^iSmKoj tt* 
Loy'alist, w. ^^SKosr-c^:^. 
Loy'alty, n. tf ^3 a^^'jCftfaaj Tr*©^ 

Loz'enge, n. a^N5So4Scx5>'"F^^«SM5 S 

Lub'ber, w. ^^T•^o^•c^. 

Lu'bric, "I a. fSbj^^p ^srO 9^K«S»7C 

Lu'brical,) o, S^iJbi^g} sJ^?-i53o^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



La'bricant, a-S^ea^"^ufc. — n.^eaulLa'cubrafcory, a. Tr«ipoB3o26 »^o^ 

' I n,tiDCSS'^r6^,^^^^^$, 

Lu'bricate, v- ^. S^eso^csSa, *36»>o<r 

La'bri-ca'tion, n S^eao^cXg»*o, g'D"5 

Lu'bri-ca'fcor, n. g'o"5f^^4D85oo. 
La-bric'ifcy, n. j6j5d-^,#eaojSco^£ 

Lu'bricous, a. f^^^p, ^l^eSbj-t^so 
Lu'cid, a. i^-^i^^pt^^P^^S?!^^ ^*^ 



La-cific, j^-L^-^^^^^^. 

Luck, n. t95^gsS»,^5^,»J-ox'«soa,^J5p' 

Luck'ily, odv. ec^slsj^iiMTr*, ^an 
Lack'less, a. wc^sl55a>"ap, ^"c^nXc 
Luk'-pen'ny, n. ^S. [^^. 

Luck'y,a. e^^gifcjx'o, ^X^sS^Ko, 

Lu'crative, a.^Tj'oBSiSajKo, er^^r^f 

Lu'cubrate, ?j. i.■c^•^p65JtfMtf^5Sac)^. 

Lu'ca-bra'tion, n. fessi&ojjK'w ^e6^ 

o ^ 

&3J T^•^8^5^•i5|^Ko9^ji». 

Lu'culent, a. a^JJ^j^, -jJ^xia)^} ja 
Lu'dicrous, a.^^j6*^fc3o^&jS)d;H 

La'difi-ca'tion, n. sja^^f^jaSw. 
Luff, V. t. {L»i^"aa3^j5j -7^08 r*o^ «Sa 

Lug, I?. ^ ?feo^,cr»Xb,«4&\. 
Lug'gage, n.-^jir«fSc),i65T»<Soe»,«)8b;S- 
Lu-gu'brious, a.fibS^85Mj5d"3©"a&,o) 

Luke'warm', a.K*bo'^^^pi\^^'6p,^ 

Lull, V. t. «C9C^, ^5>^09:Sc3Sm} P 

(So.— n. ^o9,^c^8&|^«5»j "p^a 

Luiraby, n. ej^O^to, S^^oir-to. 
Lutn-ba'go, n. ^&«i»'^8)^. 

Lum'bar, a, ^^^sSm •jcJowo^J^pt^* L. 

vertebrae=|^fi •^•j:f e». 
Lum'ber, n. «p8afinO|^-^;iT»fSc>,^^. 
Lu'minary, n. "^s^xXotfTyo-rfM^ijj 

Lu'mi-nif'erous, a.itf-B^^«b>p"gv<2Sb. 
Lu'mi-nos'ity, n. itf t»^ sst»^^85m. 
Lu'minous. a. ikj-f*^o^&, "^ar^rfa 

Lump, n. "aoog); iSwJJ} TCaSj ^fSStfJn 
the lt^'%00^ sSm-tt*. — ». ^. o)^iSu 

Lump'ifih, a. •^©i^i^. 

Digitized by ^OOQ iC 



Lamp'y, a. «S»gri»g€»7P}6^. 
Lu'nacy, ». t-0^,"3ft|. [jSj^i^*^. 
Lu'nar, a. n5'oi2J'i^oz)o9^?^5 n3^o|2J 
Lu'natio, ri.'Sft|5r»c&. — a.'Se^jfc-Ov. 
La-na'tion, n,ij^o^t^^'^t$r»^tSoo, 
^Oj«>c«& '^Sto^to a/r-^d^aK » 

Lunch, 'J n,ifJo^sHtfa6M,f^c€K^;i' 
Luiich'eoii,j e5«^{fi6M, •3«$-^tf5cjfi!> 

Lune, n TPeK^ojjr'^©. 

Lunge, n. ;fe«85M}6 T'3T»(8sJ^io "dlf 

Lu'niform, a. ^oiir'SrvSKo. 

Lu'pine, a. ^scpi^^^^. 

Lu'pus, n.(a8tro.) 5^S'«i». 

Lurch, n. ijSS ^^ir^^wZ^w^^yin 
5fc»*o.To leave in the 1. — aso^^ 
jiT»?)^S9er<oa-Oi:)^6o- — v. i, ir 

Lurch'er, n.^'^^(&ar»oX,^o-Oc3aSjo 

Lure, w, o)?^, «^"S)ft3 co-Oo-^&dSSt^ 

-^l^a, WS'tfw -icr»db?&^ — r. t,^^ 

Lu'rid, a. -=^xroi^^^, ^a^o^^t^-r^ 

Lurk, v. i. |^88(,-,{^o-Oc33»o(&,-cr'cJ\ 
Lurk'er, n. TT'c^cssMO(&oyc&, d^o 


LurVing-place', n. TT'cAc&oSb^e) 

Lus'cious, a. QoSScP, wOsSa^btfjp^, 

Lush, a. rsiitksiS^p:i&^. 

Lust, n. -i^85atfM,lir»tf^i6M5S^^^,r*e8'} 

Lust'er, n. ^aj^'^o-STsncdSb^ i^"'^^ 

Lust'ful, a.-F»SSSr»&tf«5D0Xe>,0XS.O85iD^ 
Lus'tily, ady, ©e>«SM«S^. [c^bc^c^. 
Lus'trate, v. ^. is^i^o-o^oa^cs^. 
Lus-tra'tion, n. i^3S.c3a6M. 
Lus'tre, n. "Sooc^fejfecjJM ■3?)c^oT5& 

•J ro 

L^s'trous, a. |jjT'tf«in;^^|f . [^|^. 
Lust'y, a, «)Oi5(^,-^^7r»i5a^,e:56^X'c 
Lut'anist, n.2^E5sSc&>ea"^Ao8Sc&. 
Lu-ta'riou8, a. w)i^2Jer«^Oo^^Sb. 
Lu-ta*tion, n, ootfj&j^^ •^cs^to. 
Lute, n. fcedjttoS'sS&i^N . — v. ^. fewsr* 

Lut'er, n. 2^eIsoc^,&ct-5^<So8Sc(&. 
Lute'string', n. fce3&cX5f)XpXen(& Z, 

Lut'ist, n. 2.£3sSci^,&E^^4o5oc&. 
Lux'ate, v. i.l^\f6'^o«5oo^SKO.^. 
Lux-a'tion, n, S^GsysSocJT^to. 


Lux-u'riant, a. s^li^Oi^dcH^, ossko 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

Lux-u'riance, ") n. "S)0-^,ft58s;jva, S> 



Lux-u'riate, v. i. ^^^stSTr* "SjiJbcXb. 
Lux-u'rious, a. ^H^)^,^4.s5tpcx6 

Lux-u'riou sly , odv.*^ ^»5w 7r» ;^A TT" . 
Lux'ury, n.foTfsi^KsSMj^^sSMj ^\o 

Ly'in^, pr. p. of lie. & a. sjScJaSa 

Lymph, w. -^cj^^m, ^sl^f585». 
Lym-^hat'ic, n. "^sj*85oo2i)"&25*^\-^ 

Lynx, n. j5s5o;^, -stf ^aSa&Oj (astro.) 

Lynx'-eyed', a. 1^&j£^^?^€>. 
Ly'ra, n, (astro.) "jjo^sfooi^oKSM. 
Lyre, n. few. [|^-r'Sc«s». 

Lyr'ic,o.&c9«^o23o$2?c^« — w.a.g's^^^ 
Lyr'ioal, a. tt^^ovo^-^ii^, 
Lyr'ist, n. fceg irko^cS^-^ t^^Co^sS' 


Mac-ad'amize,^.^.^^? ^^3^6 jiSb^cSsb. 
Mac'a-ro'ni, n. "^"^(S^ejoo^iid ^cr*?^ 

Ma-caw', w.SLg'oif-ao^-acJoOfesp-tJejoS'. 
Mace, w. jr'oa$r^^^mr^o& sJtoor* 

Mace'^bear'er, ». e$ •r'aaSwoJij'Soa 

Mac'erate, v. ^•cr'^'Sias'tfcJ^(^j0|^*» 
Mac'erVtioii,n. pT '^"^c3a&&)[?>^o^ • 
Mach'inate, «• *• ^0|^8Swa^,s6(6^ 
MacVi-na'tion^n. ^o^tSoi, ^-^oBS 

Mach'i-na'tor, n. SS|4o^c35S> oT»c&. 
Ma-chine' (-gtolx^), n. oaSoj^aSaojeasJ 

Ma-chin'ery, n, cR6o|^8SK)e», oesso^^ 
Ma-chin'ist, n. c«5o|^-5-»il)C&.[j^* 
Mack'erel, w. •j^sSw^'^sSd^^ o 8)"^sx 
Mac'rocosm, n. X)^£«5mj ex^, ««po 
Mac'ula, n. g'^oS'sSoo. [jjcsJo-t^jSw. 
Mac'ulate, v. L S'^oS'bSm^cj^, ^SdOi^ 

Mad, a, "a^saj?^, S)•?:)^a>^, ^ti^^ 

■3^ v,t, "3eJ63b^o«C^ . 

Mad'am, ) ^ ^ 

Ma'dame^J • 

Mad'cap^ n. fib-^xtf^^, "Sfc^sr^c^- 
Mad'den, v. f. -SfeSoao^o^.— v- **-"3 

Mad'der, n. ^Ob'SebsroiS tS^osS "^K)- 

Made, p. i. & p- p. of make, 
Mad'house', n. ^||5r»0|^^o^2.'^S 
Mad'ly, adv. "3fel"7r». [^^• 

Mad'man, w. ■3ftSsr»c&). ^^t$bc^- 

Digitized by ^OOQlC "^"^ 



Mad'rigal, n. ^^^ ^otv»^ S25ci5i». 
Mag'a-zine', n. r^f)^ ©i^iSmoSS a>S' 

Mag'got, n. (§S)o,-^&Xb. [jysfoooXo. 

Ma'gi, n. pZ. «5oo^^j06c», «5oojiSbe)o. 
Mag'ic, n. UjnOQSjsSooi^T'j^ ^aSoajS^o 

^o3Do5r^l^,sj5r»c«3^(^. M.square 

Mag'ical, a.s^0|^8S^o -fJozDo^^pi^^jSao 
Ma-gi'cian, w. jsr-oj^ &c<&j 85do|^ 
Magic-Iantem, w. -Oi^a^i^^^bj^ 

Mag'is-te'rial, a. ^^-w^tStSx^Xv, la^c 

CJKr>^^-»{f -fjooo^^pl^j e^tf'O-ff^^ 

Mag^istracy, ». 7r»octfir»9 s;9 ^gi&a5 
Mag'istrate, n» (y^odSr^^ss©. 
Mag'na-nim'ity, »»?r25>jt»a,^<y*€r« 

Mag^an'imous, a.^'c^waXo^^orn 

Mag'nate, n, (^$j&;&^53:^ot*c^.[sx. 
Mag-ne'sia, w.T'o^-^ifcji>^j«535^A^ 
ag-ne'sium, n. j&sf<A^sxa6M. [«5m. 
Mag'net, n. -t&^-^^Sod^ e^'oco, -r«o^ 
Mag-net'ic, | a. ^^^^-^^^ ^t^ 
Mag-net'ical, j e^cxb^iw'© Xb^a^wKo, 

Mag'netism, w. ^^is ra^ §, *t^j^^o 

Mag'netize, v. ^. tj^a 0^5 -5^0^-^ 

Mag-nif icence, n. ^^^^sSai/asc^, 

Mag-nif'icent, a.assc2>^^?^(^^I^^"^ 
Mag'ni-fi'dr,n, ^^^ss^i^'^-^^S^r:- 

Mag'nify, v. t. ^^^ sr^^po ligsy 

^, Hr^XHo. [00. 

Mag-nil'oquence, ». Xo^^jbi^ i^to 
Mag-nil'oquent, a. Xo^tfKSwTv s$r.&D 

Mag'-nitude, n. «aj&^€3«SM, ^^;i^ 
Mag'pie, n. r*o2i'r'«S-7r»c2^^j!Sds:;(l. 
Ma-hog'any, n. ef)^e>5j^ «)"3&-3od^ 

Ma-hom'edan, "^ n. s5Dtf»«&^6ds5»c 
Ma-hom'etan, J iSb. 
Ma-liom'etaiiism, n. «S9a!^«&> &oQ3«s> 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

IkAIt-MAL 420 

Mah-rat'a, n. z&it^jr'^ ^cik. Main'pemor, n.g&cDoo^^i^^lto(6. 

iT^T. -.^xi./: X Main'prise, w.S^faojSo, '^cAo. 

Mah-rath'i ) 

Mah'watree', n. fcc^^s^sJ^, s^sJ^^<bD. 
Maid, n. ^^^^ (^tf-j^uPdslj TrOr, 

Maid'en, a. S'^c'jC)oz3o2?TBp]j'5 i^^^ 
^?^>(J'_5,^^^^p^.M. speech^ 

— n. same as maid. 
Maid'enhead, "^ n.g'^^ojj^. e^^ss^o 
Maid'enhood, i j6», |6-»^^^c«5m. 
Maid'enly, a. ^i^oSS^-o^jai^^e^cdcSS 

s^TCo, £)<Socs3«5mX'o. [xT'aS'. 

Maid'serv'ant, n. -cr»iB, sJpg'^, sje 
Mail, n. S'sy^j6»,S'o^ri5»,2§TP5 ^ir* 

Mail'able, a. ^■^ott^tt' ssosscfi^ai^. 

Maim, v. ^. sSoaS^cjsm, "Soooa^cssS), 

05«r»o?<bp ^cfiS> n.-aooo<3, OlT 

Maimed, a. og'«r»o?fec5^. [sy. 

Main, a. -aeSj «Sa>«pc^]^,(^T5P|f ^|S'^ 

3S»»^c7*Ki5o») <i5s5M^iSx. In the 

m.— 'O^ejjSD&oSS. 
Main'Iand^, n« i^^o^s» 
Main'ly,odt?. 85M^o8i»-7r*,ft'd^»i&a7r». 


Main'sail', n. i;dSab>S'^ «5co^o^o^ 

Main'spring', n. 2,S'ooSoi^85do2^ «S» 

Main'stay', n. ie^_^o^«5M^sS o)ii>&) 
Main-tain', v. i. & i. j^Xo-^, nr'-^ 

Main-tain'able, a. d^Sj^osJciJ^i^,"^' 

Main-tain'er, n.^o^&SSc<3Sb,s^sS.Sac 

Main tenance, n. •j;)o5f£.e3i5», d^;S. 
Main'top', n. ia^oaoaS'},- iSm^o^o^ 

Main'yard', w. lijjIgjftJ^cs) S'aScs^o 
Maize, n. ^i^^j -^r^5**^^. 
Ma-jes'tic, 'i a. asscjpi^^ Tr'Jf;^^ 
Marjes'tical, J ^, sS)tf^?)cxJ52);^, J^ j^ 

Maj'esty, n. ■o^^i^iT'sjsSm, tt-S"!© 

Ma'jor,a. y>^j6»S'o"&) "V^^^ \|^'aS; 
the m. part or portion ; 1,25. M. 
axis«=»©\tf»2Jj6c8SM n, jJoiSber*? 

*^\|^So tf-C)^^ s;f»C(5Sb, JSctftf^ef 

Ma-jor'ity, n. «^e)8&oa, ^KtSsaiot^ 

Main'mast', n, itfQ»r(^ «6i»^c-^c^ -%r-^^sfooB,t9"^8S€», Tr*5wfgito) 

Digitized by Vj 009 IC 



Make, w. ^c^, z3p^i^tk»i wtpi^jSm; 

75c8<r»s585ai V* fc^cSSSa^'i^KSxo^^ 

S'DnO'S? ,S«\ea^. To m. amends 
— ^S)Lj6»j5d •^_a^css»&>. Tom. 
light of «« p tf &gtS^ ^c3^ Ao . To 
m. out— ■;gt)iB§^i6&). To m. over 
=s^-Dj'3cSMto,2:.s3^Ho^&>. Tom. 

To m. water— o^Doo^oS'sS^iSio. 
—V. i. ir8^^ (^5^^. To m. away 
with _ s^Ut>o^r^p^^^' To 
m. bold —iJ^o^to, -j^tf^^o^Ao. 
To m. oSmm^^ij^^^. [S^«). 
Make'bate', n. g'osMr'C^fo, ^o&r» 
Make'-be-lieve', n.iosSjj-,3T»c«5!6M,"^ 

Make'-peace', n. 85K2^«^ ^cSSm-C^ t^ 

Mak'er, ». ^<:SS»sr»c2^, "^^^^^JS* 
Make'shift', n. fJsSD^o^^^^^c^^ 

Make'weight', n. ©obigf^id -^-^^^o 
Mak'ing, n. ^dc^, 5Jp^c^«5». [^to. 
Mak'ing-up', ». tp2S75s' ^iST^i;n^^ 
Mal'ad-min'is-tra'tion, n, ^^ ^«^ 

Mal'ady, n. ^KtSxi. 

Mal'apert, a. iSv^^'^^ &o&)^(^. 

Mal-ap'ro-pos', adv. ^^Jfooo5i5»#-7r». 

Ma'lar,n. Xois^iB. 

Ma-la'ria,n. a^xsncsS^ift, sst^-^^^^^ 

Ma-la'rial, 1 a. OsioT»r33i>;g) ^^oz^o 
Ma-la'riou8, j ¥2>l^> ^sl oT»c»Sosg) 

Mal'con-tent', w.^J)i3p5P»c2So. — a. 
Mal'con-tent'ed, a. ^_§l5p. 
Male, n. 8SD?C25o^ig)5 «5dXot»c^ a. 

Male'con-tent^ same as malcontent. 
MalVfac'tor, n. ■^i^^&c^fc^^sr^^^^ 
Ma-lef'icence, n. ^d^Xb^c33S»^. 
Ma-lef'icent, a^ ^3foXbKS"^&. 
Male-prac'tice,same as malpractice, 
Ma-lev'olence, n. s:^, "^sxi^ao, 2. ^ 

Ma-lev'olent, a. sjXKo, '^sl85a>;C«>, 

opp. to benevolent. 
Mal-fea'sance, n. sinr^fi «5do. TsiM. 

Mal'for-ma'tion, n. OT'^^sSx^sSe^ss 
Mal'ice, n. w-^oos, "^rs^sSx,, cSbSk 

Ma-li'cious, a. •^sS.i6MXo,«>8r»'^n5\ 

Ma-lign', a. &siwaaxo, e^-r^tfiwa 
Xv. opp. to benign. — v. ^. e>s3i 

Ma-lig'nanceO »*• "^5l«^, ^c'T'tf 
Ma-Hg'nancy,J t»a,cX. [wdOXo. 
Ma-lig'nant, a* "^slaiwKo, ^zs-r^iS 
Ma-lign'er, n, fiy»ss,gScifc, "^Sx. 

Digitized by V^jOr)QlC 

I(AI,~|IA» 422 

Ma-lig'nity, n. '^ss;.«^;e>$-8-^t»a, Mam-mif'erous, a. ^^a^s^-^|i' 

Mal'ison, n. T^sjifcj^^dx). [sjX. 

Mall, n. r'oaSo'^toiiw l56' c)"^A>523 

Mal'lard, ». SLg'ar'OTr^. [Xbc3»i». 
Mal'leable, a. r^iAoDtosje^i^T^cXbf^AS. 

Miun'miform, a. ^iar»-5-»o^(^. 
Mam'millary, a. ^^^ovoif^i^. 
Mam'mon, n. 9j^35», ^«^cii»59c^"S5J 
Mam'mouish, a. ^Jtt'^^Ko. f^. 

Mam'monist, n. 9^«i»"^ ii»^c6»-7r» 

MaFleate, v. ^. -ji^cXcr ^^'fe^Tv-r' j Mam'moth, n.^^^-^ot^os^o&^Z 
t?' [*^- Man, w. 8i)j6;^^C(5^, l^0oc&5 s&Xsnc 

MalMet,n. r'ocsSc^^&DjSoo ^g^ocfic*^-^ 

Mal'leus, n, ^ ©oaajSMtf. 

Mal'low, ") 

M ri I ^' "^^^^^o^S a.S'^to. 

Malm'sey, 7i.a,g'2ie?^^|T3^3S^. 
Mal-prac'tice, n. fib-q;» 58Sa>,fiSSs5.0sJ 

Malt, n. Ty^-SjB^ Tr6^0oQ3c«6» "aw. 
Mal-treat', r. ^. ar^ej^cj&o^GB*), Sr-o 

Mal-treat'ment, n.jgj'-D^j^jfCTjtnojBo 

JIalVer-sa'tion, n. ooSiSx) -^-S? \r* 

Mam, ") ^^ ^ 

Mam*ma' (j&j^), ». ««&,, ^^5 

[mam'ma («3fj&)"l, [pL mammsB 

Mam'mal, n. ^^^^^2Sfo;^i^, 

Mam-malia, «. pi. ^^jfe^o^ff*©. 

Mam^mapy, a. j^]^ ^o»q^2>(^* M» 

Man'acle, v. ^.^a7:)o"?i6v"3cs^.— ». 

Man'age, v. t. po^gr^o^^^oooo^, 
(^fiS)o^, SdS)0^, 'poirVo^ 

Man'ageable, a. ir^^o-^^, p<5r-o»o 

Sca^i^, er'oXcfeoccice^Xi^. 
Man'agement, n. pTr«ctf*8'85M,nr»e^c 

Man'ager, w.-8n»Ocp-D^8J'8Sc2^,e¥c 
Man'ciple, n. i^jfinySbopb^^^K^-ato 

Man*da'mu8, n. a.g'a?'aa|^3T»^o&D. 
Man'darrin', n. h}r''S^'^ w^-r'O. 
Man'datary, n. e» •$)'^\r'P|^spc 

Man'date, n. ^^ ,T*^|^iS»,^^fla;J- 
Man'datory,a.^ej oco^ \ufc^«ea?c^» 
Man'dible, ». jjofttf^^^, 5Jigiei,-0«» 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Man'drake, n. sotffi?? "^i^ltoo^^. 
Man'-eat'er, n.j5DfSos^cofSol^^«5otfK^ 

Ma-nege', n. «>^£^i.. 
Ma'nes, n. |)Z. ^Jt)^oco|^fc^Obe)o. 
Ma-n^'ver, see Manoeuvre. 
Man'ful, a. ^^c'^^, "^iSctSxiXv. 
Man'fuUy, adv. ~^ects»i^, 
Man'ga-nese', n. sb^se^^l^er^tf^sSw. 
Mange, n. ejo^fc^oSSs^^^K*. 
Man'ger, n.5?jaot&e)5S<5©^4S.A dog 
in the m.*t^r'^^ip'OoS«'oco^Obo 

Man'gle, v. ^.■feoc>^,§^c3a»;i6wS'(;-«6M 

si_Sa'^c3aSoas3o, ^i6». 
Man'go, n. sSr-SXxSco^, a$r»^^oa5w. 
Mango-tree, n. jsj^s^oS^Ax). 
Man'grove,tJ.7r» a^ ^55^0*3 aa38'^<b3 . 
Man'hole', w. sSofSbs^cc^iSo'eS^ccJ^ 
Man'hood, w. «55)f5bsic^^«i», sSdc^sIc 

CB»^;j(^i6w5 5JcsJsHlJe5^5 2.^5»^^sJ 
Ma'nia, n. "SeiSj i^«fo. [Tr»^y«&«5Do. 
Ma'niac, w. ■3e.Ssnc<5fo, 8)-C)\i^!6dX'o 

Ma-ni'acal, a. "SfeSSpi^. 

Man'ifest, a, (tf*§'3t5>|^,*fJ^§^i^,fi 

Man'ifes-ta'tion, w. j^^cIIsSk), f:)^g 

Man'i-fes'to, w.^«S'4o^^^»?^^«5i»,^c^g 

Man'ifold, a. lafiT'S^^j^.xJex),^)"^^' 
Man'ikin, n. ^6Sot*C(&, sSDea>;fe|^. 
Manciple, n. «6i»^, 8)<3'?c^. 
Ma-nip'ulate, v. «.^0<S^5Sp^<a^,|j^ 

Ma-nip'u-la'tion, n. ^6tS^c'^c3SS>to, 

Manlcind', n. »&»|^s0^©, «foj6o5t>^c». 
ManMike', a. ^S'c^^l^; '^is^tSo:>XOy 

Man'Hne88,w.8&?C^ f^i5M ,^0bsx«5a> j"^ 
Man'ly,a. ^tfc«6a5?CO;^ tfc«^^€);s53X' 

Man'na, n.«8H»©"^sli5M,asJg(»7^2^ 
sSwj "&>i^ e^;^c^3&'^ft«6ooBb7^• ^sj 

m-8, «s>-cr»c5^^i^^; j&-cr»oC^e)o. In a 

Man'nered, a. sSatncC^oDKojoT'^g'oo 




Man'nerism, n.fc-OjoaSo5r»65. [^. 
Man'nerist, ». hZ)^ oaSo«T»i>5 Xasr^c 
Man'nerly,>T7*c^^c5 1^. — adv. 

Man'ners-bit', n.9o(S^&tf "S^i^cwa^ 

Man'nish, a,tSi}^xic;i)^^s$t&»Xv'j^J 
Ma-noeu'vre, n. '^jr'^'tr^ci}ti>,^ c3fi> 

Man'-of-war', n. cs^^i^ S.3S. 
Man'or, w. ^Sijj s^tt*^. 
Man'serv'ant, n. ^tfOo, cpsr^c^. 
Man'sion, n. ^s^i^sSm, r'sJ^ooDO). 
Man'slaugh'ter, n. tfofSbjlctf'^c. 
Man'tel, n. p5j^?(r»c&Stf7C&5X^2^og>. 
Man'tel-piece^ n.p85^?(r»c4Stf XeJK^ai 
Man-til'la, n. ^ ^6cx6«5». Ttto. 
Man'tle, n, ^^8o3aJ5M,sjS^«^«5M 

^^r'ysb, o^ao^j ^g*^©-^. 
Man'tra, n. s&oi^bSm. 
Man'tua, n. an»tf-c5r»jSbo'7r'f6. 
Man'aal, a.^t9';C)o©o^gpf;S'5^f'J«5^c'^ 

Man'a-fac'tory, n. c^^ofSb ^"^^ 
Man'u-fac'ture, n. ^csaSjto, ^c^j^® 

Man'u-fac'turer, n. -(^tSs^j^doo^cSM 

Man'a-mis'aion, n. "C«i5^£fti5an^?f 

Man'u-mit', t?. ^.TT'f)^c©B3r»^5|^«$»^ 
Ma^nure', n."^o8S'5"^&^^s5,«)«);j), 

Man'uscript, n. ^OS^jjt-^^O.— a. 

Ma'ny, o. or proTt- e>'^8'2t>l^^ «*«,» 

«Jt»,"^^. M. a gem«=w'^S'tfgr^«S» 

Ma'ny-8id'ed,a. W^S'^^f jjjg'j^eo'tJtf 

Ma'ny-wise', J 


Ma'ple, n. XoKTSsSsJoiS^A^. 

Mar, V. t.^^is),'^Sic?r^.—n.^e^ 

Ma-ras'mu8, n. ,£o856^K«5». 
Ma-raud', w. i. r^w i^ijD, »oa^*&o'S 

Ma-raud'er, n.r*o "?)A»iT»c^,©oOd^ 

^^8Stf8SM:gd3S>. [^e»;Ce). 

Mar'ble-edged', a.^s^x^r^'&%i^ 
Marble-paper, ». a.S'o^^j^ ^\$^% 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


'. ^.tfA0lfi»'7r»l5T»C»S». 

jS^Tio^r* iJbsnca^tf fi^^tn-es, ir*D'&^, 

Mar'chioness, n. Marquis^^^KJifC^ 
Mar'cid, a. -o§ty-*^cw)(^,^^«o^. 
Mare, n. w&^?C>jnto, r^AX^ p^tfer* 

Marge, J w. wo^M^z^g^j&tft&^^j 
Mar'gin, ) i5^c^ ir»X^i6aae;-8e>il^ 

Mar'ginal, a. e>o5f c^i5^,(5^lr-(^ 
Mar-go'sa, n. '*ca^^,pootf^J6.tfM 
Mar'grave, n. a^g't^JS^ Sfcjots^Cbc 

Mar'gravinQ> »,Margrav© t^jMSb^o 
Ma-rig'enoua, a.-j^JtoitfttooA-^gt^. 
Mar'igold, ». ©o©"^^. 
Ma-rine', a. •j5«i»(^'j:)o®o5J^I^,'i5i}aj 

Mar'iner, v, |ar»j)?s&c(&. ro83«i». 

Mar'io-nette', n. &c'7:e»§'&3e!3ao^2r° 

Mar'ital, o. fi»r»tf»f5o»o^2*(^5 *^^f^ 
Mar'itime, a. -jJiSooifi^&iJsSooi&o "Sd^j 

Mark, n. Xbeaa&, e^i'sr-cx)^ o&ctiSw, 
-C>tf.^«5M, «^a^5 tbt^, ^A», ?^^5 

fib-X)'fceibp^p. — U. t. Xb«o& "S 

485 lUV-lIAi 

Mar'ket, n, tk>K(3b^, ©S^ebiT^io^;© 

Mar'ketable, a. e«fe^caK(^. 
Mar'keting, n. "^tfi^aoj 55^"fc*eJt6», 
Market-rate, n. zi^t^^^'ii'Sv. 
MaAet-town, n. ^0^8^*33^00. 
Mark'ing, n. i599|^, ?(b69o^. 
Marking-nut, n. rfa^oS. 
Marks'man, n.?ibei5-^^&30359&p-^ 

Marl, n, ^^sstSo}Si^^ Xt^^'^v. 
Marl'y, a. Kbo^^tS^oiS. 
Mar'mot, n. &odr*8Si^tfo^ 3So9^e?o 

Mar'quess,^ n. Duke wj5biS)$6$|^,86 
Mar'quis, i ^oS^asSo^^Kv^^^. 
Mar'riage,'n. "ao^,03T»8^«5K. 

Mai'ried, a. a3r»tf»i$oC)»i^. 
Mar'row, n.eS •^tfi5D^;8i)|>"&^*^;)> 

Mar'rowleas, a, e#)S "|5^tf^l5p. 
Mar'i^, V. L-^o^i^^cs^f^&cs^^* 

Mars, n. ft5oTr»tf^c& (^Ktf*l^)t 
Marsh, n. •OjJS'^o.^etf Ci"^«),lP^tf 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

Mar-mat 426 

Mar'shal, n.'^jr'^ti^.-^v. ^.aTTv^a 

Marsh'y, a. -©^-©^er-^dgb, t»^e57r» 

Mart, n. ^oX&y oS^Oo. 

Mar'ten, n. Zj^Zi^-^^-^^tSMoJ^-fj^^^ 

Mar'tial, a. cx^tf'i:ro©o^2?<^>^^cg 

Mar'tin, w. sotfa^^i^ 5r«|^S^o»e), »o 
g'S)4o,tP'^-cr^©«5M,a|^o^5 kSmoK-;:). 
Mar'ti-net', n. ^^^w'^}^ci^. 
Mar'tingal, yn. ^53-6 ;fe«-^ t^tp 
Mar'tingale J 5j^B&|6 ^Jo^ibsp'OoS^pb 

Mar'tyr, n. sSj^bSm^;? ^ij^rasSMp^x^^ 

Mar'tyrdom, n. j&^jSmi^^^ Sossceod^ 

Mar'tyr-ol'ogy, n. «Sd^jSw|^3-i5osjc© 
Mar'vel, n. «)26\^j5m^ ^-^^^^^^^ 


Mar'velloos,'^ a. e5f^{j^;^|^, ^ifexg 

Mar'velous, j ^^. 

Mas'cuHne, a. '^^tk^ozaotf^^^ xSd 

Mash'y, a. ^\^tSi-^^^i6»^&'^, 
Mask, n. ^rog§Si6l6a-*Sip«sa-^^ri»tJo 

"CT^c^, «59eflac;fe^c3B5o. 

Mask'er,n. •3l;s.i?'a. 

Ma'son, n. wit^fi^r^i^ €5'©s5p5r»c 

Ma-8on'ic, a. a,-^'^^' Kr*^ tsJo^^&o 
Ma'soniy, n. ^aop^ ^a'Scp^SLg'o^ 

Mas'quer-ade', n. sSneso -amXsSMODr 

Mas'quer-ad'er, n. ^^slip^a. 
Mass, n, sSx>g, k|. ^y^jj^ -aic»_^8S»5 

Mas'sacre, n,s^^otf«tfK$oo.— v. ^.-j^^ 
Mas'sage, n. sij^co sj^, slsGx t^ 

■r. i. SL^nS?^, e>o?C85Dg|i'sS» 


Mas-sa'gist, n.2Li6x«^5T'C<Sb,e5)oXsS5 
Mass'iuess^ n. «>^g'^tf8SM §'©RasS»o 

a-^K3ti e)J6^e3!6»c»Ko, JSaXoJ^pg I Mass'ive,^ a. ^fer^ojc)^, er»5P»6Sj ») 
^H^. M. gender — sSosy-^tfrsSM, ^ass'y, J §)_©il»5 »0b-3 ^. fiSw. 
•^o?)oK«s». Mast, n. j^o^«s»5 L^^j^^^kJooj SSpcr 

Mas'ter, n. cxb&tSn^^c&t, 15^^, li 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Mash, n. sx)j^^^7C>^?,S'cx)'^,woaO 



Maoa'terful, a.p-^e3^Xo.[ea^c«r»o&. 
Master-hand, n, Sft^^jf^cxoo, -^i^ 

Master-key, n. «^g'^|^|)X'xS»oSS » 

Mas'terly, o. sJd-^g^i^sSo^^ ckSmJ^S' 
^s5M'32^. — adv. sja'^r*^ -^^foJ^ c 

Mas'ter-piece^ n. 8se"^» ^aSotf c 

Mas'tership, n. oq32SCj-|^^£«5m, « 

Master-stroke, n. j&o-OcsSm 8, \'4^ 
Mas'tery, n. jcfcea^- jxj^gjiSM, «>$ 

Mas'tic, see Mastich. 
Mas'ticable, a. |^«53oc25?^|5'. 

Mas'tioate, v, t. ^a&oo. 

Mas'ti-ca'tion, n. ^85ocoAD,-j$'Obc3j5(». 

Maft'ti-ca'tor, w. ^8S)ooiT»C(Sb. 

Mas'ticafeory, a. ^sfoocffrg, ^85dod&) 

Mafi'tich, n. OcmfotfrsSM, &D^o2^;ibH 
Mas'tifF, n. a^rae^^o^r Tijsass'j^. 
Mast'less, a. ^o^i5aa"3p (JjgQ. 
Mat, n. ^C5J5 «4o. — v. ^. <5*cs5'3 

Match, n. t^Jj&^j^c^^^ -^^fo, i/^&>y 

Match'able, a.-pd^^, ^J\^,^2|^. 
Match'less, a. ^lin^tin^^p^^^v'^ 

Match'look', n. -^po^o-s^o-^^-^f. 
Match'-mak'er, n.ft5)K •6)€) e)7;&^css> 

Mate, n. ^©-F'C(&, •f/tf'sr'jij tp'_tfj 

Mateless, a. SiSlif), S^&ldp. 

Materia, w. '^j-»Ojtfss'c«5».M. medi- 
ca— ^xk^Kiznt5i6s»^ jsts^ts^^^ 

Ma-te'rial,a. i6(r«^a&o^;^|^, ^j^t) 

Ma-te'rialism, n. e^iT'^sr'SJjSaj, ^uT* 

Ma-te'rialist, n. e|r»^5T»a, er«"r* 

Ma-te'ri-al'ity, w. i6r» j«6a^ ci5». 
Ma-te'rially, adv. sSdc^csSmtt*, WsJ 

Ma-ter'nal, a. ssr»^\S'^t^, S^O^oag 
Mfirter'nity; n, ;5inlJ\^ciSK». 


MatVe-mafic, 1 a. xSfS ^oted?! 
MathVmat'ical, k ;^^. j 

Math'eHMfc-ti'cian, n. K^V^J^c 

MathVmat'ics, n.sing. Xe^^'S'j^^ 

Mat'in, a. r^^l Tr'e)"^> ^ecxJS"5^€> 

•^. — n. i^'^S -r"oi6M5 m-fi, jj5r» 

Mat'i-nee% ».cK6So33o«i>^c*»^fi^eb. 
Mat'ress, n. -bj^^ c«o*^» 
Ma' trice, same as TnxUrix. r6oc&. 
Mat'rioide, n. fijj»^tf»^e5JS!r»^tf*o^ 

^ia-tric'ttlatej w« ^«>^r^|^c»a|^ wm: 

Ma^tric'u-la'tion, n. ^sjtS^sSw j ^"i^ 
Mat'ri-mo'nial> a.g:)sr»tf»*iJo»o$2o|^. 
Mat'rimony, n. lio^> i:)o^sht&»« 
Ma'ferix, ». KTrj^^oai«5»} ^*i5j^ 

Ma'tronly, a. ;^8rȣl tfoiSj s^cr^OS 
Mat'ro-nym'ic, n. d|^"4«>sy«^cX0X 

Mat'ted, a. ^a^oaiTg^, "ai^crp^. 
Mat'ter, n. *^0|tftfjitfwji^^^sr^ 

Mat'teriesi, a. d»^; tfg. [SdXJ^ 
Mat^te)f-o£-fact',a. ?)S^?r,pS6)57t- 
Mat'tery, a. ^sSwXo. 
Matting, n. «*cs3ex). 
Mat'tock, n. ;<i>«D,5^0 ^, l^-^^^^*^. 
Mat'tfesB, n. "Ba^, seau"^. 

Mat'a-ta'tion, n. sJoJfck), ssk'^jfia^Cjdo. 
Mab'^arative, a. sS^sSmi^^c ^^^^. 
Ma-ture', a. zso&ij^ yZS^^'^H^ ^ ?$&«^* 

Mat'tt-rea'cent,"^ a. ««';^is>;»?ft6tf^j 
Ma-tar'ing, ) ^^5^, ir-r* 7^^ 

Ma-tu'rity, n. ii:^}iKSio,ic^^l^mi ^ 

Mat'a-ti'nal, a. ^ir^S t^ -jSo©^ 
Mat'y, ». «p5r»c&, ^tf«b. ["♦(' 
Maud'lin, a.^p^^•iJXl5»«fo§lr{6If^• 
Mau'ger,| prep. «ci»ffsSjftSl> "5^ 
Mau'gre, j sSoai. {lJ^'8%'^- 

Maul, V. fc TTciSa, ;f e>cKc^^ ""^* 
lilauiid^ n«i$»€d;^c7(d> 8 b'^ofio^p^* 
Maund'er, v. t. r*»cXb, -jJcwH^^t^f ^ 

Mau'so-le'um, n. JTxJvX^S. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Ma'vis, ». a/tf MJ^{^r«So. \t^ * 
Mawk'ish, o. eb-D-dp^ ^^a*gA»}^ 

M»w'wofm', IK fSD-^^*. 
Mi«t^itlftr> 7 

?)lsSr»iro«bD, 95^t*w,pe3o$|^,iS^o 
Max'imize, v. ^^2fc<j|^^^ft3?t^^^. 

^o.'opp. to minimum. 
May> (Miarf. «. 3y:^^jdS^, yotl M. go 
^pT^^ii^i&^pkM^ yoft be lii?)py 

May-day, n. ■ia"^€)'4»5^63a|^j^^. 
May^hb.p, adv. dJ^^i,'r*c^oo. 
May'or, Vi.|^X'cr»?o^c&, i!r'xj^\KA. 
^iy^oralty, ft. ^K-orȤc<K^085^TPC^ 
May'orees, n.^Xtr»¥c*Bi>pir^§'[«^' 
May'pOle^ n.woH5o;>^o«6ir^^|j396 

Maze; n» ^2£t>SS)^oooStf8 l^^^63lo 

— r. t. -o^j^cr^c^^. 

M©, pfon, 06/. case of J. (^f%- 

Meftd'oW, ii>. '&*fb^zia&tby ti^^^ © 

Mead'o^y, a. »-^j^^ ©osstt) -j^ottotf 
Mea'get, a. •CjSj^-i^oasi^^ a^r^^xjexi^ 

Mea'gerlyi adt>. «o^i5M7r», J)^'f5j6» 
Mea^gre, a. same as vteager. 
Mea'grely, same a6 meagerly. 

Meal'y, a. to&ssokS-y -^^p. 
Meal'y-moutlied^ a.'io"^-7r» ^kJ^^ 

Mean, i, j5-s?2pi^,tfc-sf^^i^,«^;5l^(^> 

& i. ^e)C^, o3o^, ^S:)o>^r*j6} 

Me-an'der, n. sjotftf tfog'tf7r'€«y*ig)to, 
JOSSji-, ©ObXbdfo. — w. t. tfog'jyaolf 

Me-an'drou8, a. xjo^'tfasog'^i^. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mean'ingleas, a. ^gaSw-gp. [s5m^. 
Mean'ingly, adv. e)tf 8S» X5)>\; ^S^ 
Mean'ly, adv. ?)^«i»-7v-, ^^i^ssi^. 
Mean'ness, n. fi^^^tSoa^^^i^zs&B. 
Means^ n. (sing. & pL) i^5J^iSa>, ^ 

Mean'-spir'ited, a.^^t»aao|i'. 

Meant^ p. ^. & p. p. of T/iaayi. 
Mean'time', '^ adv. 853^o-f'o«5oo26, 
Mean'while',j s|o^er«, s^i»o5^C7r». 
Mea'sled, a. 4:;)^^i&^5ne sfc^^oa^Ce). 
Mea'sles, n. pZ. -e;)^8&^5T»{35, i5g'"^c 

Meas'urable, a, r'osycfiJKi^, Wj^sS 
Meas'are, ». r'e)^, §-0, cas&^eaife, 

•«^8'||5'B^tfg85M^ttp5«) &5 t)o8Sj a.g' 
«j^oycer« 7:fa7r*^XiS» a^^«6oftlaa» 
^ *(^o^o |5)js5n€9iSw. A common 

S'iSm. Greatest common m.^a Kd 

ns&a. In some m.«»§^o^ s5odco8S. 

Meas'ured, a. sx)^2?(^^«^"|jc^> cfiw_^ 

Meas'ureless, a. «s5©oa^^j5',Sia^i$M 
Meas'urement, n, §^©0^*05 r"^, 

Meas'urer, n. r*oo^iT»c^. 
Meas'uring, a. r*o*Xo} r'oD^WS 

Meat, w. wtf«c^«5M5 jiT»o^iS». 
Me-chan'ic, n. jjJ&sncfib^^Ck a.^ 

Me-chan'ical, a. ^o8Sco<S;^5 cx6o^^ 

Me-chan'ically, adv. ^s^afo^S^TPj e 

MechVui'cian, »- oBSoi ^•F*tbc&. 
Me-chan'ics, n. sing. cxsSoi ^ X8 y' 

Mech'anism, «-• oBSoi^i5», O'j:). 
Mech'amst, n. osSoj^xa ^^ W'S 

Med'al, n. Oebabfio , 2>?^ a2r*|^*^ 
Med'alist, n. ^-fci^ «S»(tfe) ScoS'j^ 

Me-dal'lic, a. aobiSba^N ^czio^-^. 
Med'dle, v. i- ^i5r»s^cS'ifi»-7r»i5S"^«o 

^, S*<0§sb<;g): foil, by with. 
Med'dler,n. t£>^^^^t,f{^ ^^ps^^cS' 

Meddlesome, a. ^^^^-(SoK^^tS^^ 

Med'dling, n. ^-p^ 5f^^r«SM-7r- ^xJ'S 
Me'dial, a. i^asx)} fJ-o^fJeai^. 
Me'diate, t'* i. BJo^^-j^siw^cafii, ^16^ 

Digitized by CfOOgie 



Me'di-a'tion, n. i6a9c^«5M. [sr^c^. 
Me'di-a'tor, n. i&^osj^d , •j:)o^^c3aM 
Me'diatory, a. s5o?c<)i5oj^"^<2^. 
Me'di-a'tress,^ ^ 

Me'di-a'trix. j "• *^St^~- 
Med'icable, a. -OStf N^ocfic2^Xt^. 
Med'ical, a. ^.^ijl^ooo^fja^jVsx? 

Med'ically, adv. 2. ^Si"^^ J [^"s^ts 
Med'icament, n. ifoo«fe, iP^xktfr&a, 
Med'icate, v. t -OI^n^cx^ ^xl^ 

Me-dic'inal, a. ^xSL^'s^cmjo^^^. 
Med'icine, n. ifooe6^^s3w?^ria>5 J^tfc 

Me'di-o'cre, a. intSn^^^^y ife^cife 

Me'di-oc'iity, 7J.-j5r»iSap»|^c^, ife^cifc 

Med'itate, v. t. «er<-Oo^, aa3r-»-Oo 

^, -OSo^, TjrojDoi^. — v. i. e 

Med'i-ta'tion, w. e^er*-;^^, T?n»c^i5M. 
Med'itative, a* wer^-OolSifc, i^pcpo 

Med'iter-ra'nean, ^ a. ^tfoyc-rfift) 
Med'iterra'neons, J ^, ^Oa ij6?c 

Me-dul'la,w. i&»,tar»ex)Hb.M. oblon- 

a. i6j^ooX"3^ 8592S^'i:)o 

Me-dul'lar, ^^ 

Med'allary, J oo?J5>|^. [|C©$o«5m 
Mead, n, a3«ST»;fin.t^rite^ •^6^?x8'«5m, 
Meek, a. |5^9gtf2>t^^ T^^2.(^^ c^^«^ 

Meek'ly, adv. -^^o^-tt*, "a>o; tt* 
Meek'ness, n. T^^SgtfiJM^-i^^^^ctfoa, 

Meer, ti. same as mere. 

Meet, tj. ^. & i.tfo?r»i6,^ob, Scp^^j 

Meet'ing; n. ^{)css»io, ^acn "S^i^m^ 
Meet^y, adr. ^J^j^AwTr-^cssaa J^i^^tv*, 
Me'grim, n.S'©!^^^ ^o^t^. 
Mei-o'sis, n. -2)Ka*7r» j5bo&> xr^ppoo 

Mel'an-chol'ic, o. fic>§s^«5M^«, ssc*!:?!^ 
Mel'ancholy, a. sro';:)|^i5ooX'e?5,5Jc'f)^«' 

Melange', n. ^og'tfifea, Oo^^i6m. 
Melee', n, ar^s^ c»Mg«s», SK2^i5cx>. 
Mel'iorate, v* t. irK> tfeso^; ^c^sSo 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

Mel-lific, j«-^-Pf^^^«'- 
MeFlifi-ca'tion, n. t'^^c^ko, 
Mel-lifluenoe, n. l5^5^cr^»^^l^;S», 
MeMif' luent, "^ o. t^^^^ts^^^r^ tf»<»» 
Mel-lif'luousj j X'«>,jys5c2D(^, ^Jp^ 

Mel'low, a. -aa^jD^cdcSg^tf , iSr»c^ 

Mel'lowy, (I. «fo\«Sb2^|^. 
Me-lo'dious, a. ^^s"^ |(otf itS"^^, 

Mel'odize, tr. ^. ^©SosjXbi^^^cfiw. 
Mel'o-dra'ma, n, ^&>tf"^tf:6a>, 
Mel'odra-mat'ic, o. e:5>|i^9^oS''^5^, 

Mel'ody,n. (J^ssc^, tfj, -j^J^tfjSa-^'. 

Mel'on, n. ^Oar»_^2r'«o<Sb. 

Melt, V. t^iscKi^^Scf{0'^. — !?• i. ^tfc 

Melt'ing, n. r^c^Jbioj sfcji'teoi^ S'tfc 
Mem'ber, n. ^o$o«Sx»er«^§'c<5fo,'(^o 


Mem'brane, n. *»tf , •i:)fjr^'^<y*«o. 
Mem-bra^iieoas^ ^ a. d^^ef ^otao^Tto 
Mem'foranout^ J 1^5 «^^ff o«S) d^^tf 

Jteip'orablej, a. g'lstfu^o^ S^jfctf 
Me-mo'rial, n, ^jsT»tftfM-7r» j<»^^ 

Me^fno^rialize> v. t. ij^^o j5jr»j5r'^, 

Mjam'ory, >^,|7'^Ki5»$ |7«<'^J- 
Men, n.^ pL of tmin. xbf^ ^^^ ^ 

Mea'aoa, r. *. '?J«odi?,<roc6"«»g:> — • 
Mm^g^erie, n. ifc^Kyc). 

MeDd'al>le, a. TrK>lias^ctsS^^ ,tiir-c 

Menrda'cio«9, a. w»tf^lS&, «u^ 
Men-dac'ity, n. ewtf «Sm, «>z)gfS» cp 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Men-dic'ity, n. c«r^^aS)o, ^3t«5», 
Men'ial, a. ^tffecj^, n^iij^iSw^ 

Men^l, a. ■i3or^tf-i^5a>7f,isEf*{&8'2> 
Men'0trtiAnt> a. «&»^>^>^(^* 

**- ■ 

Men'struum, n. tftf aCcS?^^i&o«6. 

Meu'sural^ a. B^e^^'j^oao^^*?^- 
Men'su-ra'tion, n, r'o^j §rvif^)i> 

Men'tal, a. j&^|^iBS'2?c^;«^(^'fyo®oP 

^I^.M, aritlimetic=»^^7*4313tf^ 

Men-to'rial, a, A«j"g^«'^|^,n^aj(ea 

Mer'oantile^ a. ts^^fSozio^-wfl^ 
Mer'ceBftry^ a. 66«OI t^p'^^'f^f 4^ 

Mer'cer, n. a4wtf_^cA. 
Mer'oeTy, n, o|j«>tf^i'isS»i. 
Mer'chandiie^ n. tf^tTad^x), •r»rf»o 

Mer'cliant, n, ^^fiSc&^^^-i^tf^c 
Mer'chantable, a, wtfoj^sSwi^SSSKif. 

disk fr/mon-of^wftr. 
Mer^chantry^ n, srjgtSco. • 
Mer'oiful, a. ^saSt^^t^} tfoBSKo^tf 

Mer'ciless^a. pgOKri^tf^olf^ [^^ 

^^, tffl^l5p, fi'ptfty«5w'gf). 
Mer-cu'rial, a.-t^tSiS^^ozioif^^^ 

Mer-ou'rify, v. ^, -s^Wt^jfoaf^^Sdo^. 
Mer'ourjr, ». i^t$iS^^'yW^cth(^ 

;ScSa. White Bul^limq-to of W*«^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

mi-MIT 484 

To cry m.^^Zx><ySSt6>p '^c^&r* 

Mere, a,z$k3,'isioi6»ytSni^ti»,^_^^ 

Merely, adv. ^tf% «jsn^^8S». 
Mer'e^tri'cions, a. •S^^'j^rooo^f^^, 

Merge, !?• f. iS»o^&j er^i^wcKo^.— • 
Me-rid'iaii> n. dt5j-»'5ir»P^i^"6^5 «5o 

Me-rid'ional, a. tSjTp^ci^'f^ooo?^ 
Me-ri'no, n. a.r€sn9'9^oc»;6'S^*$)r' 
Meruit, n. XbeaiSad; Sj-^Ko^, ■d'l^tfj 

Merited, a. ^H|^, ^^^t^- 
Mer'itedly/idt?. ^A|fto-7r 

Mer'i-to'rioujsi, a. oBj-*x'c^;Co,^^o 

Mer'lin, n. ^{jo«6a>o©1^K. 
Mer'maid, ». g'cS'D>^^;a>|^ jsr^CS'^cS' 

Mer'man, n. |3-»K-^5b^ci<o. 

Mer'rily, adt?. ii^ofi^xLi&aTr^^o;'-;^ 
Mer'riment,». i^dfog', ^g;''i^i5x, t^o 
Mer'ry, a. ^jt'tJiSmK^), ifJo«^tf.iS» 

To make m. «-■ ^^'^tSyii^ j6o 

Mer'ry-an'drew, n. tf«'f)o-7r»c&. 
Mer'ry-go'-round', n. wo&o tt^ 

Mer'ry-make', «?. i. 'S(&S'^ciss>. 
Mer'ry-mak'ing, n. ?!*odfoxb, '^Sbtf, 

—a. ^er'^«SMf^Kc»?Cc'^"^afc. 
Mer'sion, n. i5Mj6cXi>&>, ti^jbi. 

Mes^dames^ n., pZ. of mad(ime and 

Me-seems', v. i'nvpera. "T'ctS'SD^TB^sS 

Mes'entery, n. "£;ibojSd zr*p^o^o6> 

Mesh, w, tfog'j^^, tfotf o|^8S»55^o. 

Mesli'y, a. ssosj'eJtSocscoat^. 
Mes-mer'ic, ^ a. »^orf» •jcTooo? 
Mes-mer'ical, \ ^|^, ss^c^c^,*^'® 

MeB'merism, n.zsh^rs^t^^zs^c^&^t^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 



Mes'merize^ v. t, 5S^c'^2)S'iS»j!Sb^0 

Mes'sage, n. 5^_5abp»|^«SM,^fc^5)oS)o-e;) 


Mes-si'ah, n. ^1^. 

Mes'sieurs, n. pU "ae^s&i^ ;^oo:ab- 

breviated to Messrs.^ which is 

used as the pL of Mr. 
Mefis'mate', n.ScpeSl5S'^«^»5; Jl,-p^ 

2?^l6» ^CSSob oT»C&« 

Mes'suage, ?i. p5r»'i:j^jfii»,"r»c'$)ir 

Met, p. U & p. p. of meet. 
Mef a-car'pal, a. -^^S'^oao^jol^ 
Met'a-car'pus, n. •^^S'i6m. 
31e-tach'ronism> n. zMT^tS^tSoo f)» 
rt»-7r»S0K^ nr»08Sao^8S ^ebo^S"r» 

Met'age, n. r^o^sS^?), r^e^-Tr^e^iSM. 
Met'al^ n. €r«sJ*s5»52^ ^§«^- — ^'^'^^ 

Me-tallic, a. ^tf»«i5ooo¥2o^}er«tf* 

Met'alling, n. Tr4o*a».^oi6»e>jSd S'o 

Met'aHur'gist, n. er*a5-'r*^|^'§Oi5|^ 

Met'aHnr'gy, n.^z^^^i^i^^ssp "d 

Met'a-mor'phic, a. »jvj:jiS»s$r.T5c&. 
MetVmor'phose, ?i.2Jcr»eflaea*-$),8b^s5 

Met'a-mor'phosis, ti* same as metor- 

Met'aphor, n. Bcr»tf"S-'oo-5^e'i5». 
Met'a-phor'ical, a. ^X)5$r»t^«5»"7Cc'S 

Met'aphraee, n. |^9s;&^ ^^o^^^iSm 

MetVphys'ic, ^ a. ^_^c aoT^O' 
MetVphys'ical, J ifJoejo^^^j^itf 

Met'aphy-si'cian,w. ^^ o JO^uPtf fiSc 

MetVphys'ics, w. singr. ^_^S«^> "* 

Me-tws'tftsis, n. 6^Xtf» "Stf* «&ofir*tf 

Mefc'a-tAp'flus, ». ^sjsjtt** . 
Me-tath'esifl, n. «»&tfssij^coBS«^. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

MBf-ItU 486 

Mete> vi t. ^9^ •^^. — n. r*^. 
Me-temp'sy-cho'aisi n^ *^Sl^i^>^/ 

Me'teor, n. ^oi^^^^iitiiOiiiTS&ir^i^ 

The fall of a m.B^er*{^-^^85». 

Me'te-or'o-k)g'ic# "> a. fr- m^ie&r^ 
Me'te-or'o-log'ical, j ohgy. 

Me'teOT-ol'ogy, n. «-5^^8Sjo«6c7r»c^ 

tf^^ sJ"cr»g0SkO5Sai»ojSi »^ur»do 

Me'ter, n. S^oa^sr'Co&j r'o^oofco 
»^i6»^ x^(P$ Xc3i6o94 -i^oeSe^M^ ^o 
2fT&\5 5J\^8S>#, S»25c«5»j SLig'r'o^. 

Me^theg'lin^ n.ll'^S^ ^^iP|^i6M. 
Me-thinks', v. impers^ ir* ^P^c^ 

Meth'od, n. |8'8&>«Sao^ S^^ite^ fi8^tij> 

Meth'odixe, v* L Z}t^f6i$h$jf ii^;jm 
Me^ Aought', p^ e* of methinke. p^ 

Me'tre^ same as Meter. 
Met'ric, '^ a. if ©ar^oajjif j r*o8' 
Metrical, J -j^owo^f^^. 
Me-trop'olis, n. 'o^Q'qrp^-qr'^ ^X 

Met'ro-pol'itan, a. •xr^Q'qrp 'j^ooo? 

Met'tlesome, a, same as mettle. 
Mew, n. 8>©86^c^- ;6r«c&5fir<S, -a?^ 

Mi'asm, | n., pZ. miasnuUa.e^'^ 
Mi-as'toa, j 6^i^ ftsJ.o3^d&^. 
Mi'as-mat'ic, a. iixktt*aSbi) ^otoo^f 


Mi-ca'oQOU8,a. e^ifrtf-froa^o^gij^} e 

Micoy fft.> pL of «»cni9e» 
Mich'aelmas, ». '^o2Dta.29l( '^Ap 

Mie'kle> a. e^^^^^^to maorocoam. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Mi'crophone, n. •Oj^^Sgpp'agOTr© 
Mi'cnfoscope, n. tfo&SS "SOossp «>© 

Mi'cro-scop'ic, a. e^S-^^^c^^tfo 
Mi-cros'copy,n.g'oiS8 "S 6o53p*t^ ^ 

Mid^dleman^ n. s^j^^ 
Mid'dling, a. •^«r-|fc2f^,'^T?*tfe9 
Midge, n. -j^i^^ef^ifc, r»8-»otf ^b&lb, 

Mid^heaVen, n. e^^dX^i$»9^^s5M. 
Mid'land, a. ^lS)»^&Mi»^SS^S9•t^lS)» 

Mid'most'^ a. |^^;^ds>9» 
Mid'nighf / n. etf lyj©, «fc?^in|9; 

43? Ii»t-iiici 

Mid'riff, see Diaphragm. 
Mid'ship'man, n. i^sitr^'Piics^&^oK 

Midst, n.tii^Qtk^i^^ &>$&», — adi;.|^&) 

Mid'sum'mer, n. o3o«^nr«otfM, |^dfo"fi 

Mid' way', n.|^fifo(5^5j5'j;;Xj6»a&» tf «S» . 
— a. ^S;>^ssp>^^. — adv. i^ifc 

Mid' wife', n. j&o^^-j^p. 
Mid'wife'ry, n. s&oj^-i^p^i^iiM. 
Mid'win'ter, n. SO-g-^o-^ «fci?oa^ 

Mid-wood, n. «tfcae«i>?cai». 
Mien, ». e:5-5^e'a5M,3^0,tf^ce)&6S, 
Might, n. ^ j,|^c9, oo«5»,;^i&g c 
iSMjS^-tr^tfa. With m. and main 

T|).^« ^ ^ £9 — « 

p« ^. of may, 0'UX» v. 
Might'ily, adv. o©i6M-7r», "j^sfeg ft6» 

Might'iness, ».-^i&gci5w,^ai^sS86». 
Might'y, a. ©eufcaXe), ^ J|i&o^£>|^, 

Mi'gnon-ette', n.2i,s't^go^"$)sl^«5». 
Mi'grant, a^&^ir^^ik),'^^^^^^ 

Mi'grate, v. i. ^Jo^Ss^, •^tftfwftfi^) 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 



Mi-gra'tion, n. •g^s&aoStis&eJoatoS' 

Mi'gratory, a. syo75^o3o&>. 
Milch, (StolT^) a. -t^cAKv^-^f^^^^ 

as, m.cow ; j5d\2$c>2. c^^ "^^Pi ^/ 
m. hearted. 
Mild, a.-^^Sb 2^1^, ^0^^^,8500-0 ,161^ 

Mil'dew, n. ixncS*; -^c-O.— t?. ^. A i. 

Mild'ly, adv. 7^2?bjg)7r»5 i&\26;&-7r». 
Mile, n. ^ooo, 1760 K^tS»ve^iStS». 
Mile'stone', n. ^ooSS'ow. 
Mil'itant, a. c5S»»i5»^cS^»^|jrj^. 
Military, a.cfiSi2j-;^ooo9T&>|^5"^jJ-«$tf 

— ri. "^^, tfo&, c&r»o«S». 
Mil'itate, r. i. «>5^^o^, •3a6o^,(tf 

&S3pe>i669 7r«(iSbo&. 
Mi-li'tia, n, cfi5;>25s5M^SSs^oc5Sa> ^V^c 

Milk, n. ir'oo, lkl^«5»5 tS^fitSon. — v. t 

Milk-hedge, n.'Si6Md^^^,-r»2i'SiS» 

Milk'iness, n.T^e>;fetttf»,8S>\«6*^a5». 
Milk'-liv'ered, a, fctlSgoj^, ^ifibg.^* 

Milk'maid', n. eig)o;6fco&^^, :b» 

Milk'man, n. •^oot»c&. 
Milk'sop', n.:d^C7r'Psr*c&,"3g|ito^ 

Milk-tooth, n. O^^oSS "a»»fc>tf -Oj^^a 

Milk-white, a. -5^*0 "Soo-^sS^J^iSmKo. 
Milk-woman, n. -^oa, r*g;©- 
Milk'y, a. ■^o^ozio^'^'^,ir^vzsoiS^ 

•^$c>2^l^58:eJ8a>|^. M. way — e 
-r^^KoK, c^iS^i^fc^, «-¥^^iS>o& 
«>816t»^^ 2fAoi6M'7s:'j6oi^ 5> 

tfj^^jS^poaatotf fc^tfUjjaoabt^ft. 

Mill^ n. 85bX0$ ooSo^i^j^oooo^ — 

Mill'damV^K osSo^i^Mi^sS^'^^tt) 

Mil^e-na'rian, a. "Jloao^osf^NC^iSvo- 
Millenikry, a. 'iosoKo. 
Mil-len'nium, n. ^t^^s^\XSiii»: |j 
^'^€r«firsS>o26 •S6&0&) -tr»«c«&» 

Mil'leped, n; 8^c8'fi3oo«^o»j6 -fe^ 

Mill'er, n. ftoflaT^ittosPC&j a^tfC^J 

Millet, w. ^tfaj6l&aa»^^^&a J «f* 

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Mil'liner, ». srisinpio ^sritxi "»». 

Mil'liiiery, n. *3^S)e»"ftaD.'j^»«j«j6. 
Mil'lion^ n. ^de^JE^eoj 8)s$«o';^o^. 

Mfllionth, a. «;0e)J6^e>tf.— n. ssaoS^ 

Mil'liped, ) 

Millipedet] «^™® ^ Mil'leped. 

Mill'stone', n. ©eoXO. 

MiU'wrigW, n.902>Ko&^c»w5J»c4fo. 


Milt'er, n. i&KnSctf . 
Miine,n. tf«'i:Jcir^^«&o. [^^|?' 
Mi-met'ic, a. "sSi^ao^^g, «>j6g'0o 
Mim'ic, a. ej^S'Oo^ifo.^— n.wjjbtfdo 

Mim'icry, n.e|5aS'Oo^&>,^lt-.eo'$)^ 

Miliar^ n. ?r*-^?^i5». 
Ifin'aret^ fKtiiiBS:>'^^o^tS»,^tf^tS» 
Min'atory, a.'3«J0o^ifo/ao^&. 
Mince, i;. ^.•o^"0^i6»tfjp.c»'7r»tfe« 

48& MIff~M» 

Min'cingly, adw. ^o9^^i6»Sr^y ^K 

Mind, n. ife|fl6»\, t»0, i&>©5«rfg5«^) 

e>o*^, ^8S^s6w. To make up one's 
m. — ptf^owo^r^jSito. To put 
one in m. of «=- ey^sj^rioo^ca^to. 
Time out of m, ■» ^jr^d^i^. — 

Never m. — -Oo^"^, ^i^Os^p 

Mind'ed, a.«i>^-^?Co,«i>t^-^(^c2|tf. 
Mind'ful, a.^Xej»tftfKe),|7»JS«'tS»KD 
5<cfi»c^, oJto«S»Xo. [15p. 

Mind'Iess, a.t9dd'^;(jfg'dp,e>£ o«Sa> 
Mine, pron. & a,7r»©5iJ». — n.KpyV^ 

Min'er, ». jir»tf oK«5»^^;g)gsp»c&5 Xf) 

Min'eral, w. ^pSiSM, ?Cper<?^|^ zs 

zi^t^o^ozio^-^l^. M, oil=»iS»||2. 
e}t$M. M. water ==■ r*p^er«tf<«$>o 

Min'er-al'ogist, n.gpp&^ ^Jz$»'§tfi 

9Sex>9S i^e^g' Min'er-al'ogy, n. jpjD0i5MOj6 «^^o^ 

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Mi-ner'va, ». ^ts^SoB. 

Min'gle, v. t. g'oD-^^^eb^jOaj^Ap^ 

Min'iatnre^ n. p»^ge5Pi»i6»tfo"S5 -O 
Mm'ikin, a-o^^. — ».-0|j^*oab'i&r«> 

Mm^imnm, n., pi* mininia. iTjb^tfM^ 
Min'ion^ n.^Sxd3s>c2&,^>^^8^tf^^ 
Min'ister, n* !6ao(9^-^P5Tpa^»2^p 

Min'is-te'rial, a.«foo|0^ooo^^^5'S 

Mm'is-tra'tion, n. ^sJny»tri5M,5JdTy* 

Mi'uor, a. ^(r-E?^»^§^t^i'i%^* 

Mi-nor'ity, n.8s^8jtf«^Sar»Xclf5ptf 

Min'otaur, n. ^isss>^xk^tb1^ tititt>y/i 

Min^ster^ n. te^^bA. 



Mint'age, n. ite|^cxs3ct»a^&, 
Mint'-mas'ter, ». Aoog'T^ooss^T'd. 

Min'uet^ n. a,^S)$]^in^oi$N. 

cnfei, S|g(^ — ^)?(be3aS5>. 
Mi-iiute'(TBb|6^otf"), a.«©-l6cn&^2? 

MSxfV^^-^^H^iB — (Miii'~) Qx> 

Digitized by V^jOOQ iC 



Minute-hand, n.KScS5ar»tfi5a3cr« &c9 

Mi-nute'ly, adt?.otftfi5w«>^^'t^&^ 

Mi-nu'tia, n., pZ. vUnutise. •^b-'TJ^o 

Minx, n. Kctf>-c«>5 a*g'o2;^^I^So?S5;&. 

Mir'acle, n. «5i$r»^;3w^§o8$,^^^8'ci5», 

Mi-rac'aloua, a. t^a5ir»;Sa;i2p^, tstf^ 

Mir'a-dor', ». ^&c|^^i5Do2feoifcg'&> 

Mire, n. %»ts^^ t92$>T6», er»ot. — r. ^ 


Mirk, ^ 

Mirk'y,)'* '^*^^^' 

Mir^ror, n*e^i6»ai>«str^G9i$09,il»SStri$a9. 

Mirth, n,^^o^i6»f^oS^a.ti»,^u^'(} 


Mirth'fnl, a. dfegr»T56»Xf},|^45t^A8. 
Mirth'less,*. t5o^Kki&cTJp. 
Mir'y, a.?»tf£r7r»fSbc^,6r*o8)7nj6(d^. 
Mis-Wcep-^»'tion, n.^^i^i5M,^2i^ 

Mis'ad-ven'ture, n. ws;25,^slrtK>,fi^ 

Mis'ad-vice', n. fi66r*.^^. 
Mi8'ad-vise',t7.^. a6ebva^x>jj,ai>'Tref^ 

Mis'anthrope, n,tSQ}^xkc^h.^i)tS^[^ 

Mis'an-throp'ic, a. •fji^gijjjcoTi^^&'tf. 

Mis-an'thropist, same as rtUsofh 

Mis-an'thropy, n. iSDjfi;lc'Sg;li5Mj7:J 

^S l?^^ i^'SxS'^cifcj ; opp. to 

Mi8-ap'pli-ca'tion,n.«^ec p S5j-»?C6» • 

Mis'ap-ply', v. ^.^sj^j-tv^iC ^cr^^o^ j 
Mis-ap'pre-hend', v. ^. e^gi6MT5|5 
MiB-ap'pre-hen'sion, n.A^ijiy»to,|y 

Mis'ap^ro^priatey v. ^.^^floccttfl^ 
Mifl'ap-pro'pri-a'tion, ru t^^i^-^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

MI8-ltn 442 

Mis'ar-range', v. t^zs^t^'fSw'^to. 
Mis'as-cribe', v. t. ^x;^-7r»ir»a^tfe»^ 

Mis'be-come', «• ^•ejSi-€)^i5DHa,5j»iiS' 

Mis'be-got', | a. syo?nT»ir«$» tf o^ 
Mia'be-got'fcen, J -^jgl^. 
Mia'be-have', r. ».^cs^^i5M7P|^fib 

(with the reflex. pron.)«(S'sS3«5w 

Mis'be-haved', a.^5J^7r'^tfsj_5oC)^, 

Mis'be-hav'ior, ^^ n. ^&) n^si^j eii 
Mis'be-ha'viour,) ;l^^sJ^if«s»,«85D 

Mis'be-lief, n. ^s>^«S3^iSo». 
Mis'be-liev'er, n. ^sJ^s&tf «$» (<i^ sr-c 

Mia-cal'ca-Wtion, n. ^sj^l58'(^. 
Mis-cair, V. U ^sj^-4ab-a^5 Sto. 
Mis-car^riagei n.tiroKi6oo^s>^^i6M^^ 

Mis-car'ry, v. i. tfXi^,^oKi&;6;Krofc^ 

Mis'oelrla'neoaBi a. ZiZ^Tf-^i^ yjn-^^ 

Mis'cellany, n. ^o^^r&n, Zx>^t6»yir 

Mis-chance^ n. 2$btf 2^txi$a»^C5Si2^. 
Mis-charge^ n. ^tf^s^iSb. 
Mis'chief, n. ^cw-^, tf«{;),i&>,^J 
sSwiSS^sS., aboa^Kifiaa, ^^JTOi^'^ 

Mis'chief-mak'er, n. cpp^ejo-^snc 

Mis'chief-mak'ing, a. tfo«5*«5»eo -^ 
Mis'chievous, cuiio'^^^tfM^'^dfo^a^ 

Mis-com'pTe-hend',^ t^. ^. ^tss^ir^ [X 
Mis'con-ceire', J ino^. 
Mis'con-cep'tion, ». ^ylb, tfsJ^v**^ 

Mis-con'duct, n. es>-Dj iJtS», ^dfo^^ 

Mi8'con-duct',t?.^. ^ss^TPe^aSfco^^e 

Mis'con-jec'ture, n.^2.;^(^^^**^^^2^ 

Mis'con-stract^ v. ^•c$iS^tfi5d»^d9S>. 
Mis'con'-Btrac^tion^ n. ^ir*tStS». 
Mis-con'strue^ v* U ^i^tstM'^cS^i* 
Mis-count', V. U ^5j^7r»"btfi^"r»&3. 
Mis'creant, n. eSc);Si)cdfo, ^tt^^^c^j 



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Mis-date^ n* ^ss^'Se. — v» t.9zs^'4d^ 
Mis-deed', n. ii)SkJr^^c3Sw,^fc^2^jtS», 

443 Mlt-MIt 

Mis-faith', n.wsi^SiSjg', 


Mis-deem', v, ^.^js^tp^wc-^. 
Mis'de-mean', t?. U (with a re/f^a?. 

prow.) ^SJ^TT'^Sjtf^'^. 

Mis'de-mean'or, "> *n. ^(Sb|^«S^, fib 
Mis'de-meau'our, j -o^ ^ *^^ "^tf «5», 


Mis'di-rec'tion, n.^c^^^tf^-^Aoj 

Mis-do', v. ^. ^tf^TT-^dSSj. — w. *.'^tf 

Mis-do'er, n. «xj-a'$,'^tf85Ml3i5c^oT'C 
Mis-do'iBg, n. ^tf«5w,SS)^2^ifej. [&. 
Mis'em-ploy', v. ^. &8cjD^j-»?C«Sm^ 

Mis-en'try, n. ^tf^«sg>. 

Mi'ser, n. tr*![),e»^»c^;^x»ewc&;fc^ 

Mis'erable, a. ^^g^ttwTV'jSb]^, a^j^- 

Mis'erably, adr. fib§«pg'tfi5M"7r»,?)-i5«5» 

Mi'serly, a, «;-<^)^^,€»«)^<j«5»Ke). 
Mis'ery, n, ssc^^tiny&ttptixi^ ^"^ai 

Mis-give', v. ^ 'iSo'Stf^tS»}$) QXbeo;;5S 
8'€»7Cc"^c35S9, "9 OcsSMS^c^rfeD. My 
heart m-s me^tTr^So ^oQ&i5oK>^ 

Mis-giv'ing, n. ^o'Sa^tia, ef6ifir»^ 

Mis-got'ten, a. ^jr'ca^ti»i^ ifJo-i^ 

Mis-gov'ern, v. t. L;ib7r-^€x>, ^a^«a 

Mis-gov'emment, n.^«^sja^o^i5». 
Mis-guid'ance, n.^s^j'CT»6er«"ai»AD. 
Mis-guide', v. t. lyjSDSJea)^,^^^^!^ 

Mis-hap', n. fibtfc^gjSx; ts^^^tS», 

Mis-hear', v, L & u tftf^Tr^fij^. 
Mis'in-form', v. L «©tf2*(^(^'^3)'p^ 

Mis-in'for-ma'tion, w. tfc^'f^sSj^^cpef 

9590, ^e^S^aSsa. 
Mis'in-ter'pret, v. t e-^tf «5o5^c3BS>5 

Mis'in-ter'pretable, a. w^iJtfM"r»c 

Mis'in-ter'pre-ta'tion, n. eT^g«s». 

Mislaid, p. ^. & p. p. of mislay. 
Mis-lay', v. <. (O^'j^.s^'^^r. "BiStJorw*^, 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

Mis-lead', v. t. ^ss^Tj»&<r*T>A», jjp* 

Mis-led', p. t. & p. p. of mislead. 
Mis-like', same as dislike. 
Mis-make', y. t. ^S5j7r»^cfi5», ^w^. 
Mis-man'age, v. U ^^r^i^t^i^^bto 

Mis-man'agement, n. Tpy'c«S»ojfi« 

Mis-name', v. i. ^5)^"5oo"aA».r'ba&). 
Mis-no'mer, n. ^sj^"£ob5 ^sJ^^Cb "S) 
Mi-sog'amist, w. asr^jj^^Jx.. 
Mi-sog'amy, n. a5r»tf''^5l«i». 
Mi-sog'ynist, n. ^ ^"^Sx* 
Mi-sog'yny, n. J.^'^^sSm- 
Mis-place', v* L ^S)^^o85K>«r«c"Sto. 
Mis-place'ment, n. ^sr^ <)e>i6!x»tr*c 

Mis-print', V. ^. ^sJ'JTt* C5^^"^cssS». 

Mis-pri'sion, n. pg^o"Sj(bD&). 
Mis-prize', w. i. ^i^OcSxcsSm^cS^. "j^c 

Mis'pro-nounce', v. ^^sj^jir^fSb^^do 
Mis'pro-nun'ci-a'tion, n. ^2. ;^l^ ^ 

Mis^quo-ta'tion, n. ^^^ ^is^if^^iti 
Mis-quote', <>• t, ^ss^-T^^tf i^>oo^. 

Mis-read^, ». <. jJ^^-tp^i^j tf»^-Tr» 

Mis-reck'on, ». L tf«^-7r'3g'^"2)to. 
Mis-rec'ol-lec'tion, n. ^sj^s^sjtfaSw. 
Mis're-port', n, 5^55^ -j^jin ny»tf«5aa. 
— V. t. & i, ^sJ^7r»C'3Doo3c'^cfi», 

Mis-rep're-sent', r. i. SsJ^ir^'^OoaSc 

Mis-rep'resen-ta'tion, n. ^sj^tt* ^0 

Mis-rule', n, «>oe,ar'g^,-s^d5>3Sir»i6} 

Miss, w. i^sIjSm^ er«83i6M} i^O'^&oj C 
JTh-r^^, (^g^*5 irSoaD^J^p"^ 
£b^o3D^p-Oo©o^.— w. i. ^s5^; Haft5 

Mis'sal, n. •t'S^CsSj^ j&^^oSsj 

Mis-shape', 1;. ^. So^Jcr^sjOo^ \. 

Mis'sile (SX)?^^) , w. Tre9jSM,a7Jtfc2^ 
Ae^ ■Sir eaw^ceSHi^ ctflr.csSo¥«^,«^ 
^^i5m. —a. •SossccJKi^, ai^^tfctf 

Mifls'ing, a, ^t^d*o33|S', tp j5'S'8^*o» 

Mis'sion, n.fy»oa3TrtfiS»,-r»TPggife» 

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Mis'sionary, n. aSc^sSadfSd tf^^o^Ao 

5jc©&(^5J'C^. — fit. sSo^ts^^eSo-jSo 

Mis'sive, n.'jJsSj^xT'l^aSM^a^tw. — O-wo 

Mis-spell', r. i. ^sj^tt* e^Jttf^E^^i^ 

Mis-spend', r. U fiby'Q coo5«5oo^cxs5>, 

Mis-state', v. L ^sj^tt^^sj^. 
Mis-state'ment, n. ^sj^tt^^sj^&o. 
Mis-step', n. ^sJ^e^fi^Pio.— r. f.^tf^ 

Mist, n. ^?Cj&o^. — V. t. s&ox^ 5^ 
g'85^5 *^^-\ ^^3- — '^* *• ^t^*^ 

Mis-tak'able, a. «-^{^8Sx> ^Sr'i^c 

Mis-take', v. t, ^^^i^^inoxSi , ^"^ 

p i6a^aao»S'a^PP7r^©C^.— y. i- 

Mia-tak'en, p. «. d^^^to«jS?^,l^ss^ 

Mis'ter, ti. ^^obSc : 'written also in 

the abfeveviaied form Mr. 
Mist'ily, adv. ^-fT^^aSajir*. 
Mis-time', v. ^. ^5T^ei5tw7r»n5c«M. 
Mis'tletoe, n. ©cjf)g's5oftSoa»§'^to3, ^ 

Mis-took', p. ^. of mistake. 
Mis'treea, n, ^ir-£3,oc6«*$ar*j6iP«»5 

Mis-trust', V. L l^i&^tf'd^, ^o^oaao 

Mis-trast'ful, a. «>}Saafc^f)o^^,'fio»? 
Mist'y, a. ifeo^i^finjjr^p^j i$»o^l6 
Mi8-un'der-stand',«;. i, ^s;^ip^«r»o 

Mis-un'der-stand'ing, n. ^ss^tt* |K 

Mis-us'age, n.d2^|^^c^r-»?CiS»,8S 
Mis-use', r. ^. i^ecpST-»Ki5M ^cSmj 

^. ai>Tna^«n!cfi».— w. see Mis 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Mia-KOB «46 

Mis'use'ment, ». fibagf>^3-*K«6»5 ^ 

Mis-yoke', v, <. ^s^'jir-S^^dBw. 
Mite, n.^sg)6S-$)ObHi>5tf5Jo^^75^a5»,r' 


Mith'ridate, ». 9Tr»c8&^^fSi 8&o{^a 

Mit'igable, a. ^xj^o© ^ooSc 25J^|^. 
Mit'igant, a. ^tf^o©^^-^;^. 
Mit'igate, v. ^. ^ss'yoS^cSSw^^fiSi^ 

Mit'i-ga'tion, n. ^jj^o©, drc ^«fc|^ 

Mit'iffative, ) ^ ^ >^ 
Mit'igatory, j v a- v 

Mi'tre, n. €i;i-^a»g'(^88fo»S». [(So. 

Mit'ten, n. -^^(^i^^^^yrSp-^BS^ 

Mix, u. ^. S'e»"$),O0j^«6iM^c58S». — v. t. 

Mixed, p. a. j^^jaij'. 
Mix'edly, adv. a5|^^86a>-7r». 
Mix'en, n. Ooj^^i^sSc^. 
Mix'ing, n. ^od-^&d, Jto(^tf»^c»5a&)5 

Mix'ture, n. S'oo-^jS'OdBSatejS'oiBi^ 
5J^?g), gx>|^tf>,5 ^tfsf6»•7^• J5a?^ 

Miz'zen, n. ifi^aa»S'i^g'2SsAS'3tf«^c 

Miz'zle, n. *0|^-^tf i5w;id90^. 

Nfne-mon'ic (jbj5cr»pr), a. »^ctfii» 

Mne-mon'ics (jbijinpr^), «. singf. 

Moan^ V. i. 2^o^«S»4tf 1^39^00)6, "Bso 

Moan'fnl, a, eSbSgpo^ -Sft^j i&r»€» 
Moat, n. tf otftf^Sw .wx s^.—v. L^isi 

Mob, ». WgtOtScSSw^f^X&o^, wod 
zSsr»tli. — V, t. fin'S^7r»^C©CJo,JC>o 

MoVbish, a. e5oei6(r»ctfsyoftS;e5od>S 

MoTbile, a. tfe^o^c^^S^. 
Mo-bil'ity, n. -;^e)|^<^ Jj-c^tfo^j e)«0 

i6j^cS' ; opp. to nobility. 
Mob-oc'racy, n. i6j^cS'a»S'ij- 1-^0 

Mock, V. U & i. ^fSa tfdo-O "SSjj-fto 

— a. •38(;-do^^dS5ptf»S»TPp,S'tf 
to-^, eog^l^. M. fight— 5r»c» 

Mock'er, n, ^§j^6o^5j>cab, 8;^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 



Mock'ery, n. ■alj^-do'^, JKH*^, j^ 

Mock'ing-bird', n. sJt^^i^nSwijw^csi^ 

Mock'ing-stock', n. tfa«H-(5^'fJNtf«56a. 
Mo'dal, a. « i^tf -fToeDo^^^. [fi. 
Mode, ». 09«5»,fi9,&fi;,^2. V^5 ^'^Si 

l^jH, i^ifij^ir-} "daoo«>o8.— t?. t» 

Mod'erate, a- Jto^go;^^ ^;fcjST»|^;a)|^, 


t> ^ o 
Mod'erately, adv. Oa^j5K>-7r», «&&o 

Mod^er-a'tion, n. sy^^ts^^ s5bto5 SX)^ 

Mod'er-a'tor, n. s>3^i59uer« -atosr^c 

;^c^,»^f;>SSc2$b: opp. to ancient. 
Mod'emer, n. same as mocJern. 
Mod'ernism, ti. s{j:^i3 c^&lf, i^fcTy* 

Mo^er'nity, n.|fbj^^)^fcir»^iy»tfi6». 

Mod'emize, v. ^. i^fciyaJMtfbaoSS ^ 
Mod'eet, a. ^^^Xv, vJ^Ko, t:^asi 

Mod'e8tly,adt;. 0^osStf»7r», |^|«So^ 
Mod'esty, «. »|j'o83i6cM,p7Ctf58i»,«>e9c 

Mod'icum, n, l^o^jiM, tfsso^, r'a. 
Mod'ifi-ca'tion, n. «cr»OcK, a&^ix>, 

Mod'ify, t?. ^, «or»0o^; ^^} ^pss^o^$:>^ 
cSo^sJM^^j S)o^S)ed^; (iJcxsS^^ 


Mod'alate, v. ^, -j^DSSpOo^, oooSSS^ 

Mod'u-la'tion, n. ^8^bb^&3. 
Mod'ale, w. ajSb*36o, i&'Oa. 
Mo'dus, n. titftSxf, 69, tftfl^. 
Mof-fas'sil,"! n. -u^Q-qrpQ&^gpcssk^ed 
Mo-fus'sil, J 85»)-an»8'2^ |7r»i6?i5»>0D. 
Mo-fussi'Ute, n. -cr»2J-qr^p par»jB "r*p 

Mo-gul', n. "a»Keno» ^tftf. 
Mo'hair', n. SLtfa^^c^ ^eoss'. 
Mo'hur, n. 15 «j^-^cx»e) "SoXe)*)© 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

MOI-MOir 448 

Moi'ety, n. ^pKOaoy edtf)5a». 

Moil, V. i. •^dx>c&. — V. U itioMdl^ 

Moist>a. ^(ST^fSai^, ^'^^'^r^c^i 

Mois'ten, v. ^. ^&*^, l^S^^S^^aSb. 


Mois'tore, j * ^ "^' 

Mo'lar> n. tf:g)8^si^,x^O'gw2^o^i6ai,{Jo 

Mo-las'ses, ». wn^. "^U^iM. 
Mold, n.wr»c5^j«5ajSa^5ir»^^i^a) "»». 

Mold'er, n,e5^^^c»S»5r»c&.— v. ^. 

Mold'iness, n. ixr»c5^«gcs^«&^» 
Mold'ing, n. *<c^dr<jl^s^-^^. 
Mold'7, a. twr»c"S8ir-j^. 
Mole, n. •^toMfoS^o^^'fe^^'^ 

Mo-*le(/alar, a. zirszsnziy «^ooo$^^. 
Mole'hill', n.^^9i^^Mim sH^tSctt 
Mo*lesf, v. ^» S^oe5tfc'fl8to,'B»ijo«^, 

Mo-lest'ful, a. ^sj^e^sytftf^^, S^o 

Mollient, a. ^o^^ts^^^t&Qi^^is^ 

MoVlift-ca'tion, w. ^sj^j&^iSm, ^o 
MoFlify^ v. ^ ^o8?5w^,^s3tf |^«Sm^ 

M(dt, same a^ moult, 

Mol'ten, p. a.S'ecKo-D|^j*r«tf»i^tfc 

Mo'ly> n. ^aiiiioawg. 

Mo'mentary, a. f^;;i.jS»o"aab, jf^et 
Mo-men'toufly a, ^dtjw^oib^, (tf® 
Mo*m^tatn, ?». ^tt>;sS, 'iKt&O}^ 

Mon'aohal, a. if^?rv oil '(Soti^^'^ti' 
Mon'aeliiflm, n, -j^rn^ ciB^§ito;itf»? 

Mon'ad, n. isiStSr^i^* 

Moa'archj n.•u^^y^S^^ss^^y^A' 

Mo-nar'chic^ 'J a. •)g'-ir»a^«j^c«^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Mon'archiat, n. atfTr»^^atfciS»dBD^ 
Mon'archy, n, atf-a»2r*^c^ctf»} tt* 
Mon'astery, n. i&>^i6m^ 'i^ <pn3L ^^^ 

Mo-nas'tic, 'i a.-fjfrj^ ji5'r>o»o92* 
Mo-nas'tical, J ^^ ifc^-j^owo??^^. 

Mon'day, n. fir«853oT»tf86»,s^ofib5r»7^tf 
Mon'etary, a, itf85c'?)oz)o2;J^I^, iSr*^ 

Money-changer, w.-Owtfsi^N&fJ-D^ 



Mon'eyed, a. 2?|j'tfo&c2(^' 
Mon'eyless, a. s^«»v75p, fi^«i;^l5p>l) 


Money-matter, n. |^55cOsloc3»i», s| 
Money-scrivener, n. si^obe)§^MSS ts> 
Money^s-worth, n- "Se^sSccSK^ fJtffiS. 

Mon'itor, n. tr*2f Boc&, «»§^«^^ 

* o 

Mon'itopy, a, t»g^'?»^&;tf^9o^&, 


Mon'itrix, ) ^- «>$^^^^^- 

Monk'ery, n. •jl?r»cf5;i6M,i6»p5^3. 
MonTcey, n- r*cO, 5n|^tf86»^tfd?^jp.*o 

Mon'keyism, n. r*c8;6wi5»> iStf ^sl 

Monkshood, n. tcTtstv^ c'iC>i&». 
Monk'ish^a. ^-^^^^ovi^^'^'^. 
Mo-noc'eros, »• (astro.) «rv67r»^g«S». 
Mon'ochord, n. a.S'&cl^Ko oT»tfc «)"4 

Mon'ochro-mat'ic, a, 2i.g'tfo;()Ke). 
Mon'o-chron'ic, a. a.S'{^-B^o-$). 
Mo-noo'racy, n. a.g'i^p^«$6^£«S». 
Mo-noc'alar, a. a.g'g'^^Ke). 
Mon'ody, n. slS'o^^^?^ ^S'-r'ssc6». 
Mo-nog'amist, w. T5o«issOir»tf>«6w5T» 

-, , , ^ , ^ I Mo-nog'amou8, a. T5o2^5y-d^a Tiog 

Mon'ger, n, e)«5M.oT'C&, 5r^6c&>. "^ * « 

Mon'grel,a. -frolftf^pi^.— n. ^o^^S'&o 

Mo-ni'tion, n. t»a^tf^4o;«6iMo«62r*^K 

Mon'itive, a. «»a^"^N&;«Sx>o260^|X 

^ 57 

Mo-nog'amy, n. T5o«i5yj)ir»tf*i5x S&r» 
Mon'ogram, ». «'^T'Sctf>&»€» tfOlB 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Mon'ologue,n ^^eHcxr* j6«&r*fSc> 

Mo-nol'ogy, n. ^|^er<^jSo;6^Aoer»^ 
Mo-nom'achy, n. 25co{5oc3^«i55*,s|tf 


Mon'o-ma'nia, n. 2i.S'asio33«S»i6 ;(r» 
Mo-nop'olist^n. jfc ^-T»c<Sb, Tfc ^-cr" 


Mo-nop'olize, v. ^. X>_^r'i6, ?<b^^ 
Mo-nop'oly, w. ?<b^, -j^tfSS |^o^c3aSi 

Mon'osyl-lab'ic, a. o)-5^,&»^^. 
Mon'o-syl'lable, w. o)-5^&cJ ^osSm, 

Mon'otheism, n. -^J^cObccT'S'c'^oss 

Mon-sieur', n. r^o-OoT»0 tS^-u^trr 

Mon-soon', n. e5e9ol5oo;jMSS zi^ 

Monaster, «. os56^f» -t^^iSmKoO^tj- 

Mon-stros'ity, n. asjft^^^s&o. 
Mon'strous, a, osTvB^T'tfBSMX'e), Os5 

Month, n. "3e),«cr»fJ«S». 

Month'ly, a. "3or'S'-(5^oa7^.— -n. ? 

Mon'ument, n, ^5j"^tJ "^7^ Xbeso^fe; 
Mon'a-men'tal, a. 8r*K:-F'g^|^, ^ 

Mood, w. O^bSdo, 8^5 tff^BSao, ^tfsS», 
«SD^^^a»ri^|^5 (gram.) -p^^ 

Mood'y, a, sSM^i^Mj^i&o^^CnSs^i^P 

Mon'otheist, n. ^^s&ccS^^c^oepiMoon, n. ^o^^Sbc^, -^e^.New m. ^ 

Mo-not'onous, a. as'6?^7r-?6?r|^, Sis' ^^ ^ 

L^'^^2:^^5 ^S'-fJ^i^^i^j a^?^-^ j Moon'beam', n. a5o^a§efE9BS». 

I Moon'blind^ '^ a. ^iSy^tL 
Mo-not'ony, n. Sig-S^, O^G^Tfe -^go ^ Moon'-eyed', j Xo, ^o^^ 

Moon'ish, a. n^oi ^Sbpayo4S;-s^o•:^e)'^^;^. 

Digitized bMOOQie -^ 

Moon^less, a. "S*^©"^. 
Moon'ligKt^ n. 'S'^^Vy^o^^.—a.'^ 

Moon'lit', a. ^6^^-^^^'^^, -c^o 

Moon' rise', n. -c^o|6^i>ocs5«Sw. 
Moon'shee, n, s&tf^sSa^&ocsS^-^xp^c 

Moon'shine', n. '3"^e>5 ssaS ssj^ocC, 

Moon'stone', w. ^oi^-r'o^-^eS'cxo. 
Moon'struck', a. S)-S)^5Jg(^,"3|85;g|^. 
Moor, n. ■O^S'^o^&^.c^lf "^^"^j^f 

Moor-cock, n. e>2^ar*S, sb^o^. 
Moor'iug, n. ooXOb "SdBSadpj ooXab 

Mooi/iBh, a. -^D^Sgp^} &2 c^- 
Moor'land, ». ij'^iatf'^e), -O^a^o. 
Moot, y- t, ir«ao-5,|S)7JoKi$»t^^ 0;1 

Moot'-case', | w. ^e(;-o«ccJA^ asSw 
Moot-point, J ocsSs$M, S'^i^jC^^. 
Mop, ».ef>e»sS^4»l5g'Xi>i^.— v. t.«r»c 

Mope, v.*. ©gS'itoftTPj^©^, ^^r^j^ 

Mop'ish, a. «5^o£^iS»'7^^jf^,'Sw>g)7^ 

Mop'lah, w. "Itf ^■^JTsSooCSOt^CTT' «S> 

Mop'pet, ». t5to«r«^. [^• 

Mor'al, a. ^)^asx.o5>2^(^,^]^sJ 2^5^ 

Mor'alist, n. ^cto€» ^sj^oJ'C^, ?)9 
Mo-ral'ity, n. ^I^,or'£035i6x, ¥5^«6w, 

Mor'ali-za'tion, w. ?)^oo ^sJ^&^j $0 

Mor'alize, v. t. (b«S)«)5Sr»tocr»&, ^)5^ 

Mor'ally, ady. ^^tt^, i^^^oBS jSwip, 

Morals, n. p/. ?>©, T^^g*^- 
Mo-rass', n. ^^a'^e),^&»^o. 
Mo-rass'y, a. -o^aobi^, 
Mor'bid, a. dr^Ki^ ozi^lf ^^, sr»^$^ 

Mor-bid'ity, n. 6^7C^iS»a,6^Ki6w. 
Mor-bif'ic, a. ^K^rs-^i^. 
Mor-bose', a. 6r*7Ci6i»sJe>|^S'DH|$'. 
Mor-da'cious, a. g'w^&j ©p'Sc&^ 

More,a. {compar. of wtujfe) «^g' "^ 

j^,^^S'd^2*e^}(cowpar. of tnany) 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



''i^^'iSosp^Ko.—adv.vffiiiM-T^, Mor'tal, o. S^^ «&,»&& cc^;S',«*$ 

Boo-^jfSa. Heisnom.— oyc^ Sf) 
{b^o3o|^. M. and m. «• sSse^sSsed^ 

More-o'ver, adv. sjo'^-s^sSoi^^qaT^ 

Mor'ibund, a. «^sjpSf^ . 
Mo'rion, ». ^j^-^ ^ttB6M. [i^iJM. 
Mom, n. |j^^§"5-»o«Sm5 sfeetoSiS a 
Mom'ing, n. ^d^|),^c5cx6tfM, ,^^^§ 

Morning-Star, n.-^jfe^g-j^^^l^Scifo. 
Mo-roc'co, n.a.§'a9^|i'«j:J^-^.S^ex>. 
Mo-rose', a.-o»^»en'a^fc, sSooSCS 

Mor'pheus, n.^^-^^^-^jytf. 
Mor'phine, n. SLS'^JfjajT e^^plSr i^ 

Mor'ris, w. a/^ft^^i^jrj^csSM) a^^a 

Mor'row, n. "S-^, i$3e9i>^i3 a^iSw, Mor'tify, »• ^, «>aj*sri^sc3i>^, oj^ 

Morse, n. ;^o&, r'Si^. 

Mor'sel, n. S'otf6»,^ajrt»8'j;-,&l6tf. 

Mor'surei n, iTea^io. 

■^■^&, j&tfwg'iyjpi^.M. foe— ^o 

Mor-tal'ity, n. tS^^^sSatfcasJwj s&^c 
Mor'tally, ady.j&^rag'tftfxT^^^o-^;:^ 


Mor'tar, n. «btf^c»5 g'ogjjiMj ^s^o^^tfefc 

Mort'gage, n.^^§'d»,Sofibtf. — v. t.^ 

Mort'gage-deed', w.&^65ysJ^^«&^, ^|i' 

Mort'ga-gee',^.^^^!^ (SSfibsy) 5;63?r 
Mort/gager,| n.w^^-^^^^ciki, 
Mortgagor J ^i^zs-^^^cSk). 
Afor-tif erous, a. sSotfe9g'ir-aD;^. 
Mor'tifi-oa'tion, n. wsyar»|^jjw^ ^-j^ 

S^otf c'^cjej. —v. t. ssiCk J Ij^xj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Mor^ti-fy'ing, a. esjjSr»|ftf^2^l^. 
Mor'tise, n. "5o& coS'ojSa ^o^|^ ^ 

Mort'main', ». s^^fibo §-C)^'^c3aa»&>& 

Mor'tnary, n. ^^jt^jSoj. 

Mo-sa'ic, a. ■acr-^-^«j6oT'c& ^s^•^ 

Moslem^ n. «53tf«i^&cSaBC&. 
Mosque, n. i6oi^>s^&c:SSs>o«S>jb2^. 
Mos-qui'to, n. ar*85o, j&)«^tf«5». 
Moss, n. ■i^cO,iar»c^, -^cKSi^. 
Moss'y, a, -^c-OiiacJV|^,i3^c-^s5g^. 
Most, a. («wperZ. of mttch) e^tf^iio 
"aa^5 {superl of many) w^g'^iSo 

81^0 ooS^S'sSwT^: S>~<SsSwe3i6a)e>0Sf5b 

Most'ly, adv. "S^otSo^ooSS, «3i$to^t^sSw 

Mote, n, «eM$,^oo"j6o,'6raoig)5i69><^. 
Motll,n. ©4oe»l^"32^-0«5a^&3*^Ob?fe5^S 

Moth-'eat', v. t. ^p'icA, 

Moth-eaten, a, •^db?<5>e»r'6S|^, -^Oo 

Moth'er, n. ^0 ^e^8&^jiir»^5i5b(r^€)»S», 
«-qr»tfiS», -^tf»«5». — a. ^^^^^ 

Moth'erhood, n.t^^^x^osSx); tfr»^\^ 
Moth'er-in-law', n.^^^ ^Sl?^^' 
Moth'er-land', n, ^^a^tSx>. 
Moth'erless, a.gO l5f). 
Moth'erly, a.^Osrotf^^O 'j:?oo?^2p|^^ 
^?)§c2^Kt^4 ^oss>Ko. — adv. &tss 

<r> * ' CO • 


Moth'er-of-pearl', n. «i»^c-^^5;\. 
Mother*tongue, ». -jcTq^jpsSw, a^^\^ 

Motli'ery,a. fiwftdlTr^iJbi^. 
Moth'y, a,«j^(b-^Ob;<be)osJ|S;^, -^ab 

Mo'tion, n. ■i^e)|^«6iM,g'tf<»&>,Ks5»|^tf», 

Mo'tionless, a. jTtfop, ^^o^^tolSp. 
Mo'tive, a.^^Dotfc'ics^^ jKo,S'«Oo 

Mot'ley, a-i^(^;jtf«S»€»Xo. 
Mo'tor, n. ^o^'^^Sbj&,^Sos;c"^di5» 

Mo'fcory, a^r^^niiO^^e^c^'^Sk. 

Mot'tle, V. t. cJ^fT'O^Js&ag^^tfoJfccD'S 

Mould, Mould'er, &c. see Mold, 

Molder, &c. 
Moult, v. t. & i, (a?o^sg)oo sJi^eo 
"2«).) ir^rs, ^^ ^, "^^h- oo'Sw. 

Mound, n. a©,,«SoodS6ov, g'^. 
Mount, »• r*o2S,5)BQ^«S»3 85K,a©y 
■aa^.— r. i. <0So^, <0;()fibj pfewaa 

Moun'tain, i^* r*o3^, »«^^*S».— flt.» 

Moun'tain-eer', n, §^o^Sot»c^. 
Moun'tainons, a»r^o«^OB&cc3^j^5 c 

Mount'ebank, ». wr»*Dlf -^J^^b^^S^. 
Mount'ebankism, n. S)<^cr»^S'i6». 
Mount'let, ». -o^r'^iS. 
Mourn, r. i. j)ar»lJcifc> ifeSipsfifo^ 9^ 

Mourn'er, n. aaar»ao.^inc&, l^S^s 
Mourn'fnl, a.^Z^o^-^^z^'^^ 

Moum'fall;> a^.&S4)!^^^«ix>-7^) a^^ 

Moorn'mg, ».2S^4a6»^ss^75c^i^^<SbS^ 

Mouse, n. -o'SdooS', •^o^wS'. — v. i. 

Mouse'hole', n. ©)ex)S'§'^i6». 
Mous'er, ». o)e»S'ojSd5;j(bD^a. 
Mouse'-trap', n. <0oDS'2y*^. 
Mons-tache', ». Ix>f}85». 

Mouth, n. •^)cn»fib, sSbir»9. — «. <. j^iSa 


Mouth'friend^ n. g'5S&)'^8r»<^cdSb. 
Mouth'ful, ».|^-?(^c&,8'S,§'^f «S». 
Mouth-honor, n. ^^ss^lCtSsstSx^. 
Mouth^ess, a. •^crt&l5p. fi^. 

Muth'-made', a. g's36o6»<5^^53kc»a 
Mouth'piece', w. 'j^jt^om "2oa. ir^p 

MoVa-bil'lty, n. g'tf "9d^^_|. 
Moy^able,a.s'e^DoB5ce5H (^, ^s^Oo^^fiS 

Move, V, t. rsJOo^, ^«)-^i;S)(fTfer 

— v. i. S'Q«>, ^&5 ^fio^b, ^«r»o^{f 

Move'less, a. tf tf op, -s^Oo^p. [6^^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

Mov'er,w. S'2^0o^ot»c^. 
Mov'ing, p. a.iSo^tbtfcrc^o^&j^a^O 

Mov'ingly, ad«.«5»^*lfcg't^cHo^<^. 

?Cfir*cfi» (sir) n. 5r»0o, sStf^. 

Mow'er, n. r'8^s5?)<5^r*cssa>*r»c&. 
Mow'ing, n, r'2^5jO<S^r*c^. 
Much, a. a^{j^|^,«B$8'^]$'.— adi- 

«5m.To make m. of<»Co§{^t^S)'<3sl 

Mu'cUage, n. s5<tt^«3otf. 
Mu'ci-lag'mous, a, S)e»t5(^'7r»^*7CiD 

Muck, n, ^a"£c2S^»)fio$j"^oto. — ♦?. ^. 

Mnck'worm', n. "4cs^*$)Ob;fo5 **^^ 

Mu'cons, a. ifjSxrofeS, ©oS'-7r»j6o'3^5 

tJi53«6Mj6^"^&.M. TBembraBe»= 

Mud, n. t»tf 2^, er'ofc, e^i^*^. 
Mud'dle, 7j.g'c;^ir«o»-OS'ir-'7V'?6«foo25 

456 MOT-MVL 

Mud'dy, a. t»lJtf7v-f6^, "S&j-Tr-"^, 

Mud'dy-head'ed, a. •Sod"&j^,'808>"^. 

Mud'wall', n. t&iokSK^ei. 
Muff, n. t»Btr»jSdCd^, ef)e»^c^. 
Muffin^ n. 2i.8'8)9^|^6^'&). [daS*. 
Muffle, V, t. S'sS^, iSar-cS:^, iSM^^Hb-g 
Muffler, n, iSaaipjSwi^&'S^r'j^xSw'^ 

Mufti, n. ffcobsS.|;-(&^^r) ?5^^J^) 
Mug, n. ip»|^-^i^«5aj, j5»o^, ^o«». 

Mu-laf to, n. i?Ao-5^0oT'C<&>. 


MulTjerry, n. Indian m« g'o©?>^dx>, 


Mulch, n. f)K85MSoSk]^X(S . 

Mulct, n. e^ciT'^sSao^ 5'cr^"fr». — v. U 

Mule, n. g'o^Scf 7r«a«, •Sf:>a^i6K)5^og'?i 

Mtt'le-teer', w. iroStf7ra"8e>|6 3^a) 

Mu'li-eVrity, n. ^Ij^^s^i*:". [^c^- 

Mul'ish, a. g'o^jj-TnS'ei^otf , iSar»ebc 
Mull, r. ^. -tf'OjSDos^c^rijD.— n.^i^ 



HUL-MUfl ^se 

MuU'er, n. ^"o&cs'ooo UST'g. 
Mul'let, n.-^s^^csj. 
MuFmul,n, see Mull. 
Mul-tan'gular, a. z38^§^e9i&oooKe>. 
Mul'ti-coVor, a.«"^S's>tf«5»eoXe>. 
Mul'ti-den'tate, a.«"^^tfo^«S»oDKe). 
MuVti-fa'rious, a. ao2;J^^,©«SwCcr«c 

Mul'tiform, a. e'^g'0ar^tf«5Me»X'e). 
Mul'fci-form'ity, n. ©s^&^tf^|^«i». 
Mul'ti-lat'eral, a.-s>sSi^(tf If Jj-odKo,^ 

Mul'ti-lin'eal, a «"^S'T!ye»Ko. [2fc. 
Mul-til'oquent,a. «>^ tfjjw -Tr-tSb^Aoer*"© 
Mul-tip'arous, a.Zj^tjZj^i3io1o'\n 

Mul'tiped, n. ©«^ir»cJ®o?fo$. — «.«> 
Mul'tiple,n, 2.§''j:jo«pcS'o"lj i:)So(^T5^ 

tfM,^ip^Cf«5Do. Least common m.e? 

Mul'tipli-cand', n.Xc)er9c«S»,20&,Xa53o 

Mul'tipli-ca'tioii,w .?(b»^i6M ^Kin^tSoa , 
Xbe3"r»tf«6t». M. tables=-J"B^j,-€». 
Mul'tipli-ca'tor, n.ii^So'&^ogpo. 
Mul'ti-plio'ity, n. os5w>^£«5»,e^!f^£ 

Mul'ti-pli'er, ». ri^^o^^oipo, HbeaS' 

Multiply, «. ^^beSo-^j-V-O^o^^Tbo 

Mol-tip'otent, a. c^'^S'^^e»?C«). 
Mul'ti-pres'ence, ». ai/lf 'j^Bfcossiao c 

Mul'ti-pa'diate, a. ©jST»§tfe3«5Mc»Ke>. 
Mul-tis'onous, a.cs^y^fSaoaX'e). 
Multitude, n. 'i^i6j^i5'iS»,Hbo*^,«i)o 

MuVtitu'dinous, a.sesdo^g^t^'^^ 
Mul-toc'nlar, a. tsoASS'oId "V^-^^S' 

Mam'ble, v. ^. & i. K^cwcXb, ^^cso^bj 


Mum'mery, n. "S;H5»oc>5cp»to,|tftf»'[5 
Mum'my, n, ^Jofl^i^c^b^sn-f)!^ S'ftS 

Mump, V. ^. A i. "^ar^Ob l6r-j58^p "8> 

Mump'er, n. !)^^7r»c&. 
Mump'ishi a. «5Do25^|i',©«^iS»"7r»jSb 

MumpSi n, pi. -Tr^OSf \€» *t5tf Ksf&{^ 
Munch, t;« ^» isr^^ij^^ "P^^ ^e^sffiSo 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mun'dane, a. SDtr»S'^^, Z{Zhv^\('(So 
oo^^j^, srSg'-^, ^c;^^ ^ozio 

Mun'goose, n. iSxo^-jJ.r'i^oejoy^^. 
Mu-nic'ipal, a. ^a-j^o^o^f^l^^^TCtf 
Mu-nic/i-paFity, n. c Aoe»«6M,sJ|aw«5M 

Mu-nif'icence, n. TT'^^Qidx*;^"cr' 
Mu-nif'icent, a.Ts^^apl^^^'cr^iJci^ 

Mu'niment, n. r*&), «SbiJ «Sm; c^ii^'S 
Mu-ni'tion, n. 6b-^§«5Doa6 Hbo<2^"?^» 

Mun-jeet','n. sSdo^xSw^SOo. 
Mu'ral, a, fC^d-fSoTaof-^^iK^t^^okS. 
Mur'der, n. tf^c, »?, ^jt^jd. — r- <• 

Mur'derer, n. ^ofc^sr»c^, tf»tfc ^ 
Mur'deress, w. ijxr»p(tf%^o)'Si6^_^ J. 
Mur'derous, a. z^^c'^ozio^'^'^^ t$^ 

Mure, V. t. ^<bD»o?r*2^S'&)0. 

' CO CD 

Ma'ri-at'ic a, vssts ^o©©?;?^];^. M, 

Murk, n. j^-f^iSw&^t^^u^©?)?)-!^.— a. 

Murk'y, a. •fecS'^-7r» f6?^, «&«» tt- 

Mur'mur, ». & v. i. ii^)i)^ ^Tr^Nb, Musk, n. g';^5,«fe^X7r^ 

Mur'murer, n, 'jC)e^?fosT*c&. 

457 KVL-MUI 

Mur'muringly, adv. tsSxr-eoXbS^;^^, 

Mur'murous, a. «$b9^exi)C>|^^. 
Mur'rain, 71. ss ^igoBS jrlSvifc iS'c^ 

Mus'ca, n, (astro.) ^tfcS. 
Mus'cle, n. (^^c3aSj;6,S'o«^iJ«Sw, t&»o 

Mu8'cular,a. •(^^csSs)(i5cr»o'i:r'^S'o«^) 

Mus'cu-lar'ity, n. g'oai-^Sx. 
Muse,n. j)Ty»c'^J^^,'?)0''i^£©}tr»c2.(^ 

Muse'ful, a. ^er<-v^^er« ?c)(^, sJtf 
Mu-se'um, ». ■^i^c^f^J5"^ig>«?5ii|^o 

Mush'room, n. sStfi^^iSb)!), -^4.^1^ 

Mu'sic, n. -fjo^^^^^sSxj -j^oA^jio, 
Mu'sical, a. •j^oR^'j^o^o^^^^^^o 
Mu-si'cian, n.-^&3SScd^,7r'OQ58Sc&, 

Musk-deer, n. S';^r'd85D\XtfM, 
Mus'ket, n. &-3^§. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Mus'ket-eer', n. &ir«Ssj<*oD|5-^»oa>. 
Mus'ketry, n. 6biy»SS€x>. [&. 

Musk'meVon, n. g'^^j^aS'OcPvCr* Co 
Musk'y, a. 8'^^r«>aor»f5^7Co. 
Mus'lin, n. ^ss"^g','?)?^?>«>|j- 
Mus-qui'to, w. er*8SD,«&^S'i6M. 
Mus'sulman, n. 85Dtf'8&jfecs^c&. 
Must, at^o?. V. tfocx^j^. — n. (Tr»4^ 

V. L •$)e)03Sc'3A». 

Mus-tache', w. b3'i:}«5», 
Mus'tard, w. e^or^^totWss&oS. 
Mns'ter, *;. i. §cn»2^,2LS'^^c^^fib.-~' 

Muster-roll, w. sjio^o-^ ^^axr^e) 
Mu8'tiness,n.zM^c"5^58S5Xb5 •$)?)|5d^$ 

Mus'ty, a. txr»ci^5J6S^, 2xn»c'S8^^5 

Mu'ta-bil'ity, ». ;5j^Ob^c'go«$ij7<bwi6Do, 

Mu'table, a. sir^ob^c"So2Sb|^g, e5S {J 

Mu-ta'tion, n. ;ineso&)5 ss^Ob^- 
Mute, a. i^oj^cXj j6^^e6w7r»fSd^^, ;Sr- 

■^T»0ba6cr»?§^P c3i5»o<5^oT'C^5 sJeo 

Mute'ness, n. i6ir»cK^^i6»5 aJT»^i6». 

Mu'tilate, v. ^ WoKsSaajSa^ao^, Ȥ' 
«r»oXbpC7r-c"^cfiS>5 ^rT^ ^l^^«^ 
^cfiS.. — a.og'cr»o?(>c2c^. [(^^«^- 

Mu'ti-la'tion, n. woK^\tfi5»5 5i?r^? 

Mu'ti-neer', n. 8ob?Cc©S^ooto, C3BS 

Mu'tinous, a.efibXc2i'3&,»)aao^^. 

Mu'tiny, v. i.w^TPfiboj^ilbKc©^. 

— n. ©fib7Cc©2^&>. o)aoo^&),Sf^, 

Mut'ism, n. sfr^^^aSw. rjPr9o?C>&>. 

Mut'ter, V. u & ^JT^wHoj-j^e^oKb.— w. 
Mui/ton, w, ?r'^5Sj'0'j:)«5». [oM. 
Mutton-fist, n, aj^toi5o», "aaoi^^ 
Mu'tual, a. «^a^et^c2ec^,s>tf'i:)^ef^ 

Mu'tu-al'ity, w. sjc^'j^j^cf^^jSaj^t?^^ 
Mu'tually, adv. ^(S^>^iSr&xi, sog'sf^ 

Muz'zle, n. a:>^K16^^z$xn^ iSs'-^Knfibj 

£;efo?\i5cn»fib ids' -a^^C^sSxj Qo^i^v 

My, a. & po88» pron. ^acog'j^, (3^. 
My'na, w. "go^ iSg* K^aorato. 
My-ol'ogy, w. i^^cSSj^jg^sSw. 
My'ope, w- '()b:)i^iS\2xKcor>cik,s^tS 

My-o'pia, w.-jcjfcosJS^xS)^. 

My-op'ic, a. -jC^b^sJC^^Xo, ^^^tf-^tf 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Myr'iad, n. sja-goo} ^^'^^sSm. 
Myr'midon, n. jSj^Obc^l^Sog'ebcifc. 
My-rob'alan, ii. (Emblic m.) ^^eS' 
's-*oa:i5(Belleric m.jcT'oid^-B-'ooSj 
(Chebulic m.) g'o'g'-5-»oo3. PeDog'. 
Myrrh, w. ^sjc^'j^sSm^ sresSo^sSwX'oa.g' 
Myr'tle, w. g'c^oaDs&j^ sjas&^jSw^Ce)^ 
My-self, pron. ^"jSj 1^^^^- [^« 

Mys-te'rious, a. ^^-^-^^ «^-e5^-a) 

Mys-te'riously, ady. ;<j'^ai»7r». 
Mys'tery, n, i^tf»7:)c«5oo^ sfotfjSSM,?^^^ 

Mys'tic, a,Hj-^-^'^^isz^^g^^,—n. 
Mys'tical, a. 7<b^^^, sSoW^-^^. 
Mys'fcicism, n.?(cr»<!;^^cjS»,;(r»^«SD^«S». 
Mya'tifi-ca'tion, n. Kn^tSxt^a^^^t 

Mys'tify,!;. ^.'(j-^iiw^cSSj^tfs^-iCJciiw 

Myth, n. -^tj^wsSm, •^■o^eag'^^g'lk^ 
Myth'ic, I a. S'O^^g)^, -fe-o-es-icro 
Myth'ioal,J ©o2?^l^. 
MythVlog'ic, I a.ra^O^^j^i^.-^) 
Myth'o-log'icalj -o^w-jc^oao??^!^. 
My-thorogist, n. •^•u^w85»c»'§O^I^ 

My-thol'ogy, n*-^Tyea«S»}*^Tj»eo8fo) 

Na'bab, n. ^TPtx>. 

Na'dir, w. ^^^oe^^y^-w^i^r&y^QtS^ 

t^SS «»)esb2^^a ; opp, to zenith. 
Nag, n. ?C)w^^d:x>, -O^T^^ibwjSx. 
Na'iad, w. ©o'^sje^, «)6>j^-i:r. 
Nail, n. ^^«5M,?r*eb5*o,-^5Sj-Co(5^o 

Nail'er, w. ■^Sood^cssSooT'C^. 
Nail'ery, w, ■^5Sc»^c3:^-<)e)85M. 

Na'ive'ly, adv.-^'^Zi^tSxii^.p-u^^r. 

Na'ive'te', n. -ji-o^^^KSM, p^j^sioo 

Na'ked, a. ©Kowtf^i^, s^^ Wl3p, 

c^^2?«^5^^^55*S.N, eye=*^er< 

Na'kedly, adv. QXo'i:>istS;x>-rr^y^_^Jir* 
^i6w7r'5 "^sSejjSw, 550-^^86005 (53e^c& 

Na'kedness, n. axow^^£i5oo, ss^^ir» 
Nam'able, a. •jt'sSdOoococt^^o^^. 
Name, n. -£50, (5n«538So^5^o©,l_6.To 
call n-s=-= 9^io*— v. t.-t^-^^^ 

Named,a. "4obXo,fcoosjce3'3(&, <t5)|^c 
Name'less, a. "SeblSiDj ^^^^^^. 
Name'ly, adv. e^^cTr-. 
Name'sake', n, -4d6S53n»(|TP)(:(5fo^ g^tf 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 


p-ttSoKv «5o65aa»8'ca^, as, he is 

your n. 
Nan-keen', w. z.g'a^^^c^ ^S'^^' 
Nap, n.«o^p|^. — V, u iJtfo^p^tf^ 

Nape, n. sSm^c-^, -a>3ia»S'jj-'3(6§'63 
Naph'tha,!!. z.^z^if'^'^ji^^'^vtiM. 

Nap'kin, n, ^•r»a>,^;g)^'^^^> ^^ 

Na-po'leon, n, 2,S'z)O7r'0b 7r»36». 
Nap'py, a. pj^sj^^^^^. 
Nar-cot'ic, a. p^^ g'ooXc^^^^, p 

Nar-cot'ical, a. piCJ^g'ooKc'^"^^. 
Nard, n. s&j'^ir-oiBcxjSjSb 'STsSw?*^^ 

Nar-rate', v. ^. ^sJ^, asJ6o%6, ^^o 
Nar-ra'tion, n. ^5jjto,assdo^&), g'ci^ 

Nar'rative, n.S'^jj, -l^^^^«Sw.— a.^-^x 

Nar-ra'tor, n. g'^SSc2^,g'¥f6^5J^5r»c 

Nar'row, a. 'j:J|^^^,'3d^o>^l5p,e5)ft3D 

iS»lSp,€»wc2(^-N- escape «-.r*o 
^tkafT* d&x^^&). N. searchfls 
^^K_$7r*"3SsS<&o.N. views«wcn^ 

V. t. -a^iTO^ ^sS(^sj^c»3;>, ©^ 

Nar'rowly, adv. r*o^i6» '3i^cj^-7V', 

^C^^86»-7^5 ^,X_^7r, 2^^^2^^^ 

Nar'row-mind'ed, a. ft9exi»gXo,?in^ 

Nar'rowness, n. §"^a"32^e>>^5t5j6-cr*o 
Na'sal, a.«j6^j5g'^|^,«5wSS{,-'i:rooo 

^&i^tf».N. bone-=* eSs^S . 
Nas'cency, n, ^Coip'tfM, "SodJ^co. 
Nas'cent, a. |^tfoip*sSo63ac<Sb, e5^o 

Nas'iform, cu 7r-jB-s^T»tf«S»;C€>. 
Nas'tily, adv.^T^tf'cibaaTP, S^c^tt*. 
Nas'tiness, n« e'iC)tf»c«5», i6m65§^ iSr» 

Nas'ty, a.iSw65§go|^,«>7:)rf»c2)ji',«SoO 
Na'tal,a. s^^-fJooo^^i^. 
Na'tant, a. ^6S2^"g"D&. 
Na'tion, n, 2j^\j-.iS^'i^ii\i'KnQo^^ 

Na'fcional,a. '^^^sj2^'j:jo«>o2?^|^,"S§ 

Na'tion*al'ity, n.^X, ^©j a.g'tr^c 
Na'tive, a. (^f6 U*' a.S'c&)*^^5 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



^aS'jpi^j^iofiSjD^j *S^ooS2»]^^ Nau'ntfwjhy, n. ijrs^cj^tfsSco 

Na'tively, odt;. 7:r£V*jJi6x^^, ^^^ 

Na-tiv'ity, n. 2?^|^j6», 2?^»fco 5 ©|^ 

t5'|^5 S^^g'i6w,2?^53|©S',To cast 

one's n.-=2Lg'p2g-gS'i6a? (O^dtSwAo. 

Natural, a.7:Jj5^2?2>(^,I^V»8'5)c^, 

N. history— ^«^iS»g|j'iS».—n. 

Nat'uralism, n. €r«Tr»oci5^tfM«>i6sS3 
Nat'aralist, ». 3Ej-cr>» v ^ ^c^ 
Naturalize, v. ^ ^^^•j5«S;>5 S'coXc^ 

Nat'urally, ody. '(Szf^Q$i»'7^,^^^is 

Naught, n* ^^-^jjm, ^^c^m, Soa 
(5s&>t3p|9. To set at n.««^e>£ 
j6»^c355o4o, ^\4^do^bo, — a. cp 

Naugh'tily, adv. astj^ JTsSmtt*. 
Naugh'tiness, n- r*o1o^|5'86!»,ac)Tr» 

Naugh'ty, a, r'olb, 8fc^, &e»«J, fib 

Nau'sea, n. cg^csS, •j'o^ sr^ x|^&»o 

Nau'seate, 1;. t. & t. fccaJwsjdfo^ e>7:j 

Nau'seous, a. W7:r«j-o^^, sj^^is» 

Nautch, n. TS^KsSj^io, pr^-t^(foX> 
Nau'tic, 'J^ a. Talcs' "j^otoo^^^t^j^ 
Nau'tical, j -s^-j^tw^o^g*!^- 
Na'val, a. 5^3go*i5o»o^2?(^- 
Nave, n. e)oSa5|J'-^|^5ooa8foj5 ig'ooo 

Na'vel, n. '2r»g3,|ir^5«5o^o^e>«5M.[^. 
Nav'igable/i. §^2io3d^$&)^f5a§cr>e>^ 
Nav'igate, v. i. ijSi'^pir*ifyfijtiaSr» 

Nav'i-ga'tion, n. i^ic«r.^5}i^^e);6^ 
Nav'i-ga'tor, n.i«^i6xaS-^5P'c&,idi 

NaVy, n. c3as>»*^ ie^o ^^ixr^ti^z^^ 
Nay, adv. "iJfib, -F»«$bj e^'4 t'SSos^. 

Naz'arite, n. oo§j^0 ijr Jx© a,S"§x 
Neap, a. ^sS^^g.!^^ ^?r^^«S» -^p. 
Near^ cu ^jjStoss^^, *?:>p^fr^2p(^, fif^ 
wpo^,C5X'ft5YJo©o^i5i»Xe>. — odw* 

SSj^x^TT*. — V. i. & ^. •j^jfcofco^, tf 
j;^e6SS8^;g).— pr^p. «Xm, -jcJbjJ 





Near'ly, adv. c^K 6»7r»$ ^t$r*rs^y e\o 

Near'ness, ». -j^jIdossSmj cs^eJ ©o^ 
Near'sight'ed, a. fij'»-$)2^^"«5f). 
Neat, a. ^^-^H^, tS»^^Sp,^\^i^p, 

Neat'herd', n. 55*jg)OD"5-*'^or»c<5^. 
Neat'ly, odi;. sjbiysSMTv^SS'j^-Tr^^ao 

Neat'ness, n. ^|y^Q«5w,^o,&CTci5». 

Neb, n. sji^B^wSS}^. 

Neb'ala, n. ^^ «5ot».tf "S wKc&w 

Neb'alar, a. 8SD2x>.s5l5f5ao13^. 
NeVa-los'ifcy, n. j6az».55"Sf5oo&*o. 
Neb'alous, a. 85o«». 2515(6 oiadfc^ ^ 

Nec'essarily, adv. ^sy^cS'sSw-Tr*, ^ 
Nec'essary, a, ^X^ogo^, e^sj'^cS'g? 

gijN; (used chiefly in the pi.); 
Ne-ces'sitate, v. ^. e5?C^os&;ib|5'to ^ 

Ne-ces'sitous,a. &j^^S(^0"i2J6|g'«Sw 

Ne-ces'sity, n. «>K^ci^, tJsy'^cJTjSw, 

Sob^Ob, €r<sJ*5M} -itfeJtfiSM. 
Neck, n. -aaii, §'o^«&i, eijeso. 

Neck'erchief, j ssr-oo 
Neck'lace,n. B'o^?,tr»S)w€98SM^ sJ^t^dw. 
Neck'tie', n, -aDd^Hofi^. 
Ne-crol'ogy, n. «%ig)o'DS'^. 
Nec'ro-man'cer,n.85aoi^7r*ci^, -Ooo 

Nec'ro-man'cy, n. sSdoj^ssto, 'fo-^o 

Neo'tar, n. esSa^^^Sw, "^t'c'S'^, xb 
Nec-ta'rean, a. es&x^jSMSolj'^sSa^bo' 

Nec'tared, a. e>«&\^«5» "c5^ t&i^rsots 

Nec-ta'reous, a. e^9 85o^»"a>|^, « 
Nec'tarine, w. a.g'a?;?^^ «od^. 
Need, w. t5tf^cg'«6i», «>^(^ea,«sj^?J 

Need'f ul, a. eK^c^i^, c^ss^cS'^?!^, 

Need'ily, adv. ^Je^^J«5M•7v•. ["eJooS. 
Need'iness, n.TT'd|ac85»,'S5565S'i&a, 
Nee'dle, ». -t^a, -^^j^-O. 
Nee'dleful, ».2.g'8^0b*t^3^aer<o)§j^o 

Nee'dler, n.-j^sii^-^cs^ ■gS' ws^ 
Need'less, a. «>x^c«SMl5f), ejg'jj-w'g 

Nee'dle-wom'an, n.5S&05>p^c55S>^5* 
Nee'dle-work/ n. SStosjp. 
Nee'dly, a, -t&j-^ajyiJ sncSTPj^j^, 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 



Needs, adv. wsj^cS'sSmtt*, «>X'^c«6m 
-T^y ^xj^fiSoii ; used generaly 
Need'y, a. f)Oa"SB ^. [with must. 
Neem'fcree'j n. "Sc^iDo. 
Ne-fa'riou8, a. w8T|xn»{f ^a^, ^8-^ 

^^c^- [<5PSJkSw. 

Ne-ga'fcion, n. l5cJfib4o, -^^sy^do, ^ 
Neg'ative, a. ■SiJ'^&^-^iS-^^^,^^ 

sTigtf^Dc^, s5'g©-g-^»S' -^^. N. 

quailtity= io^S-u^^. — n, sycD"g 

Neg'atively, adv. Soh-ttt^i^. 
Neg-lect', r. ^ ^-S^^csSa, ei^tf 

Neg-lect'fiil, a. ^-iiK0^&,2r'|K^ 

i3p,^l^tf^'^&>. [-£5;,. 

Neg'ligence, n. e'S^jX'^f , ^i^e^, ^ 

Neg'ligent, a. ^ar'^Xj^c^-l^filJp,^ 

Ne-go'tiable, a. ^;gifc, 8Ror*g'p-4{f 
Ne-go'tiate, v. t. & t. •j^o^^cJ&^-u^ 

Ne-go'ti-a'tion, n. '^^r&u, sSqsSz^is 

Ne'gro, n. ^| eiySo a,§:^i?^c&. 
Ne'gus, n. Z.^^^-^^ i:r>^^t5x>. 
Neigh, V. i.(Ki^^)^%to'^.~n.^ 

Neigh'bor, ?2.siob;()^ob?fe5yc2^,'j:)h5 
«^c&, ^9s3^^ — a. s{i?bXS)c^ Jib 

Neigh'borhood, w. ^fcojciJK), s^ObHb, 

or»0(^. [&8, 8^eo;()|^j6l^^. 

Neigh'boring, a. -fCjStosjsSDoac,^^, 25 X' 
Neighborly, a. j^oaXo, ©^g^sSa^x 

Neigh'ing, n. ;ib«-^'iC)§5)o^. 
Nei'ther, conj.gopTon. a. eac33»j6 

Nem'esis, n. fii.gpjX'sH^-^s^^. 
Ne-oc'racy, n. e-)pb<rsy8SMi5p ^r^^ 

Ne-og'amist, n. jr^^T^ osr-sj.^!^ 

Ne-ol'ogism, n. j^^^ i^g is^a-^x 

Ne-ol'ogist, n. ^^^ «&«r»sfoo©soc 
<&; (6-»«^j5'^g8SDoojSb (5^0-^Ho^ 

Ne-ol'ogy, w. n^^^tii^tSoo^ n^^^^ 

Digitized by L^OOQlC 



Ne'o-ter'ic, a. jir»^^^^, |^fcf^;^(^ 

Neph'ew, n. id^2SOaf)a»S'j;--7r»Pid^i;J 

eai»S'^7r»psSs3JrvObcc3b, (a man's 

sister's or a woman's brother's 

son) "tof^^c^, r^r&a. 

Nep'otism, n. wo^jge>o3otfo Tss&^im 
Nep'tnne, n. 75iSM|a'S;5^»5^«5w 

Nerve, n. ^tf«5w, kS^^^o^t^, jr&^ 

Nerve'less,a. 2}o6r»|^"aD(^,iSi)i^.e>'SD|^. 
Nerv'ous, a. «)oi5mXo,J^<?^^^5 i^^^ 

Nerv'y, a. 330100^. 
Nes'cience, n. €52S^^«6»,t5©e5c. 
Nest, n. xjJL^Cr-ci^, 8Scr-oK3i5»5 -OJ^ 

Nes'tle, v. i. t5obS^pcJS>o&,'3^^-7r» 

Nes'tling, /i. xji>.aa»iri;-.lScdfco. 

Nes-to'rian, a. ej^^tfsSMTCe). 

Net, n. sjo. — v. ^.^»5 5^otr*s>^ -tf 

Neth'er, a. |Joft,eifoHb|^j6^} «^ 

er^tf^: opp. to upper. 
Neth'er-most^ a. ^p^43S|9oQ. 
Net'ting, n. ^o, ejDtfcp. 
Net'tle, n. 26^t)r'oa,£&tf tfT'oAcxjsj^ 

Nettle-rash, n. bS8'j^i5»o& ef6ar*X 
Net'ty, a. sjos^oiS. Tito- 

Net'work', n. a€>697r>'^ii(^s5p. 
Nea-ral'gia, n. ^t^AoT'c^. 
N6n-ral'gic,a. -fr&^nc^-poziotf'^'f^. 
Neu'ter, a. ^-^oii^-^il^, t^t^ts^^^^ 

Nen'tral, a. acAj^fSi i^-^^^t^Pi 

Neu-tral'ity, n.iisJJgisSM jSb"5^SSodJbAD, 
Nen^trali-za'tion, n* fr. neidralize. 
Nen'tralize, v. t. (85©tf»9t!cJSM, pov 

Nev'er, adv. <»}«^i&jSd'3e6, oii^fcSSp 
Nev'ertbe-less', adv. o^tfx438p. 

Digitized by LjOO^C 


New'bora, a. Lf^^Tv^ii^. 
Ne w'-com'er,n. i^§^7P55-0^s$3*cifo. 
Ifew'-fan'gled, a.LS^^^j;^^ OtiS*' 

New'-fan'gleness,u, S)o6,MS^iSba. 

Nev/ish, a. §^o'^rS» \JS^ UrS.. 
New'ly, adv. (JS^^tt*. 
New'ness, n. ^jr_^c2^s^55aD, rSbi^^^^ 

News, n. iSjiir^cr^ifej, ^^sir^tfD', 
Ijfew^boy', n. d^^;isSL^t^e>whft: 

News'-mon'ger, n, ^isjcr^r^abowo^ 

Ne^s'pa'per, n. sS^i^j^^ijj^^ ^ 

News'-vend'er, n. -st^tt^^^Q^v^ 
Newt, n. 760^oZ^^^9 ftefidfcs^. 

' CO 

New'-year', a. §^^^70osS^;^t5^:" 
New'-year'8'-day',n. 7$o5S^^-tr»S 6^ 

Next, a. («ij>eri. of nigh & n^cw.> 

Nib, fL i»?oj5;a'oa»,^i>; ;5l^j5j»§Sj^. 

Nibbed, a« "Sm^^K*®, [se^. 

Nibble,!;./. r'o^«6jr*o':3^TT^r'e8 

Tr*a^"e';6, ^^cr^Jfcao^^: rScn^^^v 
fib "S^ar^TSifo. 
Nice^ly, adv. ^KrSoyr^^ C5igab>-7T»i 

Nice'ness, ) n. ir^^tki. ^b^6^ t^»^ 
l!f/cety,. 5^tiMy -s^^^s^. 

^«mSSv 55ao-07oS5x«5b55bD-v5j-^^c55bo. 

Nick'el, n. 2ois>^'^7SG^s^;S»^ 
Nick'name'i n* •)K<r^^Oo^ ;$rtB9 

Nic'tate, v. i. s'^^i);^"ScX^. 
Nic-ta'tion, n. g'sJb"l£)53^"^cjS»dj. 
Nid'ifi-oa'tion, n.(;3lv)^J"c2i3tf a«> 

Niece, n. j5^a5fl&» 38»^jy«-7r'^ d^e^e 
cfiMg'j^m^ §^sSj-;5, (a man's 
sister's or a woman's brother's 
daughter) "3o;5/^2^«), 

Nig'gard^T^. ^^^hhu^b.-a.ts^^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Nig'gardieh, a. s^o'3sj» hhir^6 

Nig'gerdly, a. er«ipa&:>;5, fcUir^oaaj 

Nig'ger, see Negro. 

Nigh, prep. ^7<tB^i!iiiJ*^;Sx>rS.~adv. 

Night, n.TOP^O, sSj-^, •fecg'A 
Night'-cap', n. Sio^fo9^;*;5^2fo tSS 

Night'ed, a.-6cr&r«:s5a»',«o7C^^ 
Nightf-fair, n. :i5ot?^"S?, ^^sir;^ 

Night' -far'ing, a.Tr»f ©db&o2S>(^iSc3Sr» 
Night-fire,w. Tr»(^dcCc>oe5b Tj-ftifosSbo 

Night-hag,n. «cr»;;5otf[3. 
Night'-hawk,n. ^♦S'zr'O^A^. 
Night-heron, n. -£:o<5^^ciE&ab;JSi\. 
Nigh t'ingale,n. sSbipb^ ^je^^iw-Tr^TT* 18 

Night'-jar',n- w^^1)^^-7r»cttabtsJL. 
Night'ly, a. Tr»^<'cx6ocS5^i«ftcw<S^; 

Night'-Tnan> n, ^I«r*c2fo. 
Night'mare', n. »|^:5er^ T^o'Swfl&sS 

Nightf shade', n. dl-'^o ^o^m^I' 

Nigfat'-soil; n. s5bo2do9, <9^2S{&>. 
Night-walker, ti. Tr»(J&oc«fio2&Oa6 

• ^r»e. 
Night-walking, n» ciizS.t\^SK^^ 

Night-watch, n. Tr-(j5-sr»s5©. Tifo. 
Night-watcher, n. t>"»l^-s-'sSD«t»c 
Ni'hilism, n. ^r^sjo-sr^i^iix*. 
Ni-hiFity, n. ^r»;^g^. 
Nil, w. Xoi^^, ?gr»«§5^, Sb-j6g;^. 
Nill, V. i. i355bao-v5^sJr«^. 
Nim'ble, a. -fiSHio^^rf, er*^sS"a>;5, 

Nim'bly, «dt;. -cSaeaDSo-rr-, T§?Caw-7r*, 

Nine, a. & n. 5^^^a. 
Nin0'-fold/£i.5^S)o>5o^'3 sS. r"?ga&», 
Nine'pence,!!. 5^S)od'^fe^e)"3o<S-iT* 
Nine'-pins, w. a*§^£)^"aa;$c36^^, 
Nine'teeu', a. & n. ^CSocST'Soa. 
Nine'teenth',a. ^ofiTaoiS^S, — w. ;sSp 

NiDe'rieth,a.<5^*cwe^6. — n. ^cmtf 
Nine'ty, a. & n. 5^o^>a. 
Nin'ny, n^ &-0>^zr«ci^. [Kiiw, 

Ninth, if, ^SofisS. — n.^^Soestf ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC^ 

467 triO-H04 

a;5»c-c5c>. To n. in the bucLs tf 


t5o^;5bacr^"^o;g)^ "^^ ;6«o;55ci5 

cJJbotD, "S\»e^4:)"$ wroc-O "<d5bo*o. 

— n. "F^tM: Roc. 

Nip'per, n. K)e£>5i»eaMg'jy_ ;iMo^eS*) 

Nip'pers, n.pL •0;5^^t3"r»e6;<:9tf<' 
]1?J, wj^r^^i -Osfcir*; ;d^te;l». 

Nip'ple, n. -cSS^rf, •doS'^Mrf, fiSsr* 

Nit, n. •^lesS, -^Sb, i!)ab aoo.TnMaM 
Ni'ter, n. T^*^^^, ?cb15-r^;sJ».[;&. 
Ni'trate,n. n. of BUrev^-^^Srs^ 
Ni'tre, see Niter. 
Niftric, a. <^^«»5ri^owoe^2?^, iHi 

Ni'tpogen, n. ^tfw^^'i^. 1^. 

Ni-trog'enous, a.^^D'eaJ^s «3oz3o<?^ 
Ni^trouS) a. "^tDOijryvOowo^'ajJi. N. 

■CO ** •"• 

acid="^^>3 oS^ LF^^^* 
Nit/ty, a. -^Jfe^^g^. 
No, adv. ^rfj, "ff'jSj.— a.^A).— n."^ 

No-bil'ity, n. fiofci5«$,«r's3j;So^tf3o«fe 
No'ble, a. «Sfc;;6c5;5,;r;^;^s>o^^c5 

No'ble-mind'ed, a. jfai62x>S^Kv. 

No'bleness, n. ^«J,8r'sS^sSo^5$302^ 

^i»ir^ 8ol)X)9, ^;52>3a. r&o. 

No-ble$af,n.L^^^«>5> ^;3be», Tr»2j» 

Nobble wom'an, n. ^T^^sSo^^'o^oo. 

No^bly, adv. ^SD^^Jfian-, ^^«»BS^; 

N</body, 7t. •)sS6Si&'S«S; (collo.)w 
No'cent, a. :^»^T)dfc, 6<W«^?5, 

Noc-tur'nal, a. xr\j3ito7;io^'^}6\xn 
Nod, v.i. & i. S^^STiOxS^; ^§v&ic<Si, 

— ^ CO 

Nod'dle, 71. 0e;-F^c«j. r-cpcd^. 

Nod'dy, M. ^<3;^y;sja, ^©a^Soj^^ 
Node, n. ;5a35,|jCo^,«b2X)a6; (astro.) 

ascending n. =tp?5^^. Moon's 
d€»oending n. c:=^&$. 

Nod'nle, n. ;s»&y i^qSiiix). 

No-ei'ic, a.2X)Ss -Aouotf^rS. 

Nog'gin, J * ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Noige, n. ^^Jji^ ^»sSm,«o^^ ^^ 

^ix^dSx, ^25a"^(55bc», «>«>e^^d&o . 
Noise'less, a. ^o^.jwabo-svwrtcjjis^.r^^. 
Nx)i8'ily, adv. :5C&7r», -t^^^je^^cto) 
Nois'iness, n. TGJi), «o8. 
Noi'some, a. ^9^7<^;Sxi^^' sS<^t) 

Nois'y, a. ^oc5<S7r>fifcrf^; ^€X>"^'d!i&, 
No -li'tioii,n.«;oslsjx>,s|^t32^^W^*^4£): 

CO Cw 

opp to volition. 

No-mad'ic, «• ^e^^t' ^e^sefo. 
Nome, ?i. ^tfX'ry, "S^T^K^j^. 
No^men-cla'tor, n. "4*0 "8^ ^^o&d 

No'men-cla'ture, n.^Q^t>?j^o3^C)ro 

Nom'inal, a. "406 ^:owo¥'2o;;$J "^Jfi 

Nom'inally, adv. "^e65o^[jSi5M,-sr>» 

Nom'inate, «;. t. S>f\o»Qi:»j^{^i6 
Nom'i-na'tioB,n. ^>d8b^yo•CJ^«fe^, bt^ 

Nora'inative, 7k ^_^;(ii. casej^xi^S 

JfoD, a prefix. ^oB'^tt^^'^^ ^ii 
IN'on'ac-quainl/ance, n. w^aa5c«b 

Non'age,n.^r*ejg2S^, w.5g^;^t;e5^. 
Non'ap-peai''ance,n. ;H23fl&3^^s^ 
Jton'ar-riv'al, n. ^i5S'^^^.[^. 
Nxjn'at-tend'aBce, n. ;J*«ab-8nS)a. 
^on'at-tea'tion, »• ^L?§» ^^• 
Nopce, n. ^J53^^^ wsSts^sSm, v5s6 

]5^'pba'laope', ». a^oejrssao^, /) 

None, ^. & j>ron. oisSflS«b^C6; t»56C6 

Non-en'tity, n. ^gn^i^,^^^^^,^?" 
Non'-es-sen'tial, ii.55;x)4)gss»'5^^a. 
Noiie'such', w. ^•^■qr^n'^i^,^^ 

Non-ex'e-cu'tion, n. ^csi>2)o, aSf^o 
li<m'-ex-i8jk'euce, n. i^sSod^^ e 

Noto'-ex-iat'ent, a. ^^r^^;^^-d;o. 

No-nil'Uoii, n, 2L>!r^d!&oi^c?3a^wcx) 

^^ o 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



fJt)n'ire*ce/«ity, ti. wsr^gr^. 
Non'pa-reil'^ n. 8LiS's:)?!^'aa;6^o<Jfc;v3 

Non-pay'ment, n. ^0 o^ JXj. Too. 

Non'per-form'ance,n. "ScCbSo; zitK 

'Non'plus, n. doc«^6o;|^, [jf*^i •^^ 
■s^;3bS^c-?5»8>d. — (non'plus') 

"Non-res'idenoe, n*"Ke6^«ft6,^(S^g 

Non-re8'ideirt,«. iWbi^ttOJ)-?^^^;^^. 

Non'-re8isi'anoe> n«*^Oo-v693o^i:>. 
Non-resist'ant^ a. o5adcK5^. 
Non'sense, n. »t)t'^ir5^w^i wt'So 

Non-sen'sical^ a. ^tf^^A, ^;io 

Non-8orvency,n.e?35cx) 6i5^^^0o. 
Non-sol'vent, ». «S)se>o6^ ^ J^P 

Non-Bpai^iDgj a. ti^-d'^h^, iUf^ 

CO •J 

Noo'dle, n. "S^iSbDysiM, ^OOjfirto 

Nook, 'H. sSw'o, ikjMi, froa,«J««fio. 

Noon, « s5azp'gs5'»^;l».— «.55i>4rgs3r2|^ 
^. N. of night=55c^o tr»(j(^. 

Noon'day,' ^ n. sSb^sS^-qro^^^i^M. 

oS^-qr^^^ looidof^ 

Noose, n, 2r'eaoa®&,dr6.— f. t^d'i 
Nor, con;\ *F^«b; "StSD. 

^^dio;aboT5efc-'N. 8cliooKq«^?5-^ 

North, n. ^-d'ea^., ^6-0.-^. 
^^55ix-7r»ssbs5^. N. 8fcar=(j?oa;5 

North' -east', «. -^T';6g;6r'e), ^ 
Nwth'erly, «.d^ ^c5;g,^^i55Sbj ssbo 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

North'-ea8ferly,^a. ^r^^^^^, 
North'-easffern, ) ?^e^^^e^ a 



North'ern, a. ^ ^^^. 
Northerner, n.^ de^"6^sSacefo, 
North'emmoBt'j^a. aaij^.© ^^6 
North^most', 3 s5ao25oi6j^, 
North'ward, "i <i.dt^i5^2^-7r» 
North' wardly,) ab^^. — adt?.^^t5 

North' wards, adv. ^ ^^i^ir*. 
North'-west', n. •x»cBbsSc;6j^o, oSr^ 

North'-west'erly, a. iS^^-ar*^^;^ 

North'-west'ern, a. -Ci^^^^i^^ 

Nose, «. i5»Soj^, TT^&S'i 7j^^"ir^_|; 
;5ja8Sj^ss^^odi3^a. To le^ by 
the n.=> di5oco;i;5M sS-S^N^^ ^ 

Nose'bag', n.«^s5xr^,«rigjyj5. [fcj. 
Nose^gay', «. ?^76^i fib'or^oM. 
Nose'less, a. i6»Sj^ca, sSMfiSj^^ib. 
No'sle, ^i.-orf^siwsoj^ss^ssbod^a. 
Nos-tal'gia,r^. cjoS ■i^i^JJ'S^r;^^)^^ 

Nos'tril, n. sSaD«Sj^i5o(j?ab5; -sr-^ 
Nos'trum, n. ;^*^;SwS5;5m, "^dfo^ir 

Not^ Iftiv. -ST^ ^^w[]ioa;^sr»c&. 
Not'abilf ty, n. i^;S6,\pi&Q,7^^^c 

Not'able, a. zf^f atoo^zsK ;5,e>d6^ 
flc»o-;5c2S}\^, t;^»esi^5;6, S^SifiYiTS. 

Not'ably,ad^/.^^ft^Ssi>^^^•> 2r-;5^;s«o 
No'tary,«^fi3exr^2^ib^"S2s»c» "SJm. 

No-ta'tion, n»'(6o'^fi[dbDir»abod^?6«« 

Notch, n. ?CotM, sSwSS.— v. AKOi^^ 
Note, n.-Oi5^«»-w,-fe6^4g^6^c8; &i^ 

Deep n.=S5oL^vCJS^i3i».— t/.^.-cSr* 

Note'-book', 71. cSiniapXia ;g) TCiS^dja. 

Not'ed, <i. i53a25'aoss, i ed^oa;^. 
Note'less, a. i^saga^v;©. 
NotW, n. sr«gv^o«$. 
Note'wor'thy,a. d;S,'ao;^, ^r^-C^-r* 

Noth'ing, ) n.iSbocfibo'^ao.e?^ 
Noth'ingness, J s6i^, ^^^^sJ^jW^i 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



N(/ticeable, a. vX^sSsao-zSc^M^ O 
No'tifi-ca'fion, n, "SCcc&c iScJSboi), 

No'tify,:;, f.|jS^fco;J^Scfibo,"3!)ct6ci} 
No'tion, n, ^ew^g, ^TsS:^, ^^^^ 

No'tionaU ^* s5i;^8tf ©^d"aoJ^,*^w^ ;Ci 

No-to'rious, a. «5o2S4fi'9D& ;6, (j^ft 

No-to'riously, adz;. (jS^5l»-7r». 
Not' with- stand'ing, prep. & con]. 

Nought, n. :c5oJ^j^, ;^«3cii»^ ^^s$g 

Noun, n T3^s5b»r»-55l'55w, 0"<sS.o;^. 
Proper n. =(6o«nj)"l;Sotf». Com- 
mon n.=25^©s:)^;3,o:69. Abstract 
u.= ?C)ws:)'^s5.o56j. Verbal n.= \% 

Nour'ish, t;. t. 't>Qx5:t, ^t^odz, s\a 

d^oao-v5a, T^i!r>ik>* 
Nou/ishable, a. ^S^'^SdBoctfK^i. 
Nou/isher, 71. d*«2x.o>)ao3^^j ig^ 

Nour^ishing^p. a. T^o^adfo, d<5vo'58 

Nour^ishmeut, n.w:S<e5d»);^«;6do^, 
Nov'el, a.aj^^ssj^a, ^^^^JSJ^^t ^ 

Nov'el-ette',», O\5j|^S'0^«r^. 
Nov'elist, n.S'0^^l'$e»(jr»&;6'sr*c^fo, 
Nov'elty, n. OoS.^^i^jJife), ;^fcrfd; 

No-ven/ber, n. aoA at)"ae)«5^s5«6JBr' 


No-ven'nial, a. S^'Oo'lfoe^r'r^d 

No-vei'cftl, a. «5cpe«)^ 0A>o2^o^"actf6. 

No/ice, ■> ^-L^^i"^ e^^'o^oOrf 
No-vi'tiate, J Tr>cefo,L^^«*gcdfo, 

Now, orfv. «i65dfo,qtoo2^c-7r»,^S>0 
ci6o2i>. N. and thens= wsS;ji$sS;y 

Nc/way' J ^dv.t^o6;ir\6;S»;S:if^Si 
Nc/ ways', J c5b, JSo^slw^j^^"'^^' 
No^where', adv, o)S'jy,2^*6'<iS). 
No'wise'jadv. o^o^;^^^^*^^!^^^^ 95^2^ 

Nox'ious, a. ti&-^|j5«b§'i5Ti3;5, ti*r>t6 

Noz'zle, n.tSoa, "Sw. -sr-^d^Soj^^aM 
7b: sSMo^83sS^\ctfpoO(So:^a. 

W DigitizVdbyL^OOgie 



Uo'dity, w. aKo«3t5{$j5abo, ;S^^^\ ft 
• Ko«^asa57r»ab;5^a. 
Nu'gatory, a.^»S;ip©;6, ;o?JtJ«"aji, 

Nal'lahjn. -y^oosS. 

Nullify, V. ^. t5tf5^Scx5bD,i^aT!d*D^, 

Nul'lity, n. s5g^d,a)tf^^, ^s^d. 
Numb (^^fS), ^. 0:SMC6m«o?5^, date 

Num'ber, n.^o"?,70oyg;'3g'i^,"SV»^ 
Siugnlar n.=i^i;;tSc5;;$;j«i.PlQi»l 

Num'berle8S,a. "3^^-^^, e^dfio^i^^ 

Numb'ness. n.d^csS. 
Nu'merable^ a. •^aoc2S$^. 

Na'inerally, adv. ;so^dEtoBS>^ 7G0 
Na'merary^ ci.^cCd^7do^^^tf>rt^;5. 

Na'mer-a'tion, n. B^j^ , kA^^, 

^o-C^^; »a?e>^ -c^CSa^jt). 
Nu'mer-a'tor, n • "S^jj^TitM-sr^ceia; 

Nii-mer'ieal^ a» Teoy^xjo-ao^fao^^, 
N&'mm-mab'ics, n. sing. •7r^'^ax>ty 
Num'skuU', n. ;63n»(;foc<5fo, e^elDcafcr. 

Naa-€a'patory,a. i^^ef ;&r>ei;;5^ 

Naa'nery,n. T$TT^g(6i3j5^iay^r'»;5 
Nup'tiaJ^ a. g)o3^o^ ;iowo2;J"ao;5. — 

71. "^0(5, s>up'S^r%;s»: now only 

in the pi. 
Narse, n. B5pSoa5o0d^©*c5o\^3-»a,"«)o 

dS^-^^KT^t. Wet ii.=-<y^-c5o\'zr' 
a.— tt. ^•n:Sj«t^n*©-£^"'5)o-C^^^&.a 
■da, a-(jC_5*^'8r"d^** 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Nurs'ling, w. -dotf ©2^, «^^. 

Kiir'ture, n. «;^»i6>;«&^&rt^) iW 

Na'fcant, a. ^Hy^n^; r'^ssojsji^t 
Kut'-crack'er,n. ^^j^^oS'jgeo-bj w 
Nat'-gall^ n. a^-o-s^ctfj. p^'Btf. 

Nu'triment, n. t3S^6si», ^«;:$tiM, 
Ku'trimen'tftl, a. wiHd^JJ^, ;6>^<' 

Nutri'tion, n. e^^'s^j sJr«2i.»;i», 
Nu-tntioas,^a. e^Hd^^e^^sS, ;g 
Nuliritive, 3 2x«'6'So;5, &^^-^7S, 

Nut'shell/ n. fi^^j^^-s-cs^w^'^oSto, 
Nax vom'ica,^. ;i»jS5fcg^j^. [-c^. 
Naz'zle, r.i. ;;5oaTV».J^"t3«*^sdr^2fo 
Nyrgl»aa> n.sS:>^ciS^^^^^^^- 
iJympb, w. •^^^t^^, 2tvti66, rf^lS 
Nympk'.likeS a. t^^^^^^oS. [;6tf . 
Nyto phoma'Bi»in. e©-r*o$)8^Ks^. 

O, interj. ki,fe^ooojfce,t8>;k.6«^:qa 

Oaf, n. «32^c2fc, ;5()o»s$>d. [^i;fc. 

Oak, n. ftGfi&^t)C$^^«b». 

Oide'eo', a. fcoesr»i5;& (jip;c5^'^35, 

Oftk'linf, H* •€W^fcbaj-i5^^5i>*. 

Oars'man, n. "0^5^ ^S^sSKa^^ 

Oat, n. T;r»^18a.«». [^«i 

Oat'en, a. Oat €^;5i)©<«>g;&S)oas*^t5 

Oaih'btetik'iDg^ n; «^aM^aw«* 
dat^fiaeal', n. Oate w;&Oc«^^23o<S. 
Oats^n.pL 6-e)S^wc5oi3 2:,S''qr;^;5^. 
bb'duracy, n. -o^-yS^cajj, J^^t) 

bb^daratei a. s'^tf^rf, s^^^^^, 

0-be'diehoe,n* C'^«6^, ft^wc^S), e 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



O-bei'sant^a. S)lfcttad-c55^"^a^. 
Ob'elisk, n. 7T»ex>XbL^§'j^«>2Ko AiS^ 

0-bese',a. «5)ae$i^7r^0^;$,^©«Sy'» 
0-bese'ness, ") n.«S5aeJi5(»'7r'Lr'«^j5f* 
0-bes'ity, ) Ooc?^^, eiPOod^^^^J 

0-bey', v.t. e« ssb5SD^^o-ci3,ft5« (jS-sr^ 

Ob-fus'cate v. t. •bc^6^d55bo. 

O'bit, n. sSb^^w^SM, nX'^. 

0-bit' uary,n. ^-O^^^sSrfJ^sSpg^Na^oP 

Ob'ject, 7i.5S^$, ;j37r»^;SM, L?«^f^i 

^^c«6iSboi ^x»^gs5bo5)«)§'l5 . 
Ob-ject', z'.t. «"^S)ox5c>, SKh^^Sssp^i s5 

eSa^e>'2o;6 "ir'cfcig-lij^^: usually 

foil, by to. 
Ob-jec'tion, n. e'^.iw^ w'^S?^, 

Ob-jec/tiouable, a. e"3^^(2C^^;5, 

Ob-jec'tive, a. s>x»e>jjj«5o-v5 tCowo^^ 

Db'iectless, a. dr'^^;5w^^. , 
Object-lesson, ». ;S^^g;5»>^. . 
Ob-ject'or, n. «'^S)oifia7P»ctfck,Lo5d 

Object-teachiug, w. s>;SDaS^<^s$aj». 

Ob'ia-ra^tion* n. a»fc)al!)i>3i>. f-oi/ 

Ob-]ur'ate,v.^. -6ir*fc)o"'ci>4», e^2)o 
•» ' CO e^ ' 

Ob'jur-ga'tion,w. -6?y4oo, s^ho 

Ob-la'tioD, n. mD, ^'^^^.^^'^ 

Obligate, i?. ^. «cS>A)c-7r»cictfa>- 
Ob'li-ga'tion, «. «ii>»cTnclSdbbot>J 

TT'^cl^.To place one under o-s 

Ob'ligatory, a. 8:>§7r»ssb;6^, J)ar^"a» 

0-blige^ V. t. ^^■5-t^;5b3^cttoo,6^S) 

■B^?^2Dt5bft)CTPci5ds5bo. dSd5i'^Sdt5bo; 
9 » , 

db'li-gee', n. wJSjcTS^ •sr«c^. feio. 
O-bli'ger, w. A-^Tnd^Sba '^^cCoo^r'C 
0-bli'ging, a. dTi)T-»e52Doa?Ce;, 2Sd6 

' a— 

0-bli'gingly,adv. tSd^ir^^^s^rS&i 


Ob'li-gor',?!. ei-^T^55b3^cS5boisr*c«^. 

Ob-liquef,a. so;6r-e)-7nab^,sSotf "Sj^; 

Ob-lique'ly, adv. t!>c^^ir'jOsS^7<T^ 
Ob-liq'irity, n. i5o^, «5o^t^d;5.5w, sS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Ob-lit'erate, v.t ^ik><S3^xir^y'^^k» 

Ob-lit'er-a'tion, n. ^&'C)'id^h\ 

Ob-litferative, a. aba-O-icttbo:^,^ 

Ob-li/ion, w. si>e©^, sSbwOOefoSScttf 
Ob-liVions, a. :S>e«-0;6, sSjw^Ko.sfo 

Ob'long, a. joeib^«T»4ooTr»;:^rf>^. — n. 

OVloqny, n. ^o*^, w^^r»25;^. 
Ob-nox'iou8,a. ^oor* t^ ■aa;5,«3B^ (5 

Ob-scene', a. zyoS^^76,v^j^'^;6, wtc> 

Ob'scu-ra'tion, n. si)e£oc;<)^c>5bo43; 

55be£Oc"7^dr8oM^S50, 15©c«i)Oo. 
0b-8cure^, a. -tci^i^Ot^^, ^'^:fi 

cfibfioo2^c^d55bo,s56«*Dc7(> ■5cJ5bo. 
Ob-scure'ly^^dt;. w<^^Tldw?C,'9Dcx6 

Ob-scu'rity, n. -bc^a, e<i;^A^,-9© 

CH/secrate, v. t. |M©;$re»{>^sS),wek> 
;6y ?!•>, I^a o-CSa. 

Ob'se^cra'tion, n. |ttd^ex>r'ssoi>, 


OVsequy, n. ^^^\J<s^^ ■o-0]^;6-5r<X> 
8'^d3bo^^ ijoDrchiefly used in fche 


Ob-serv'auce, n.w^tfwT6a,;dr»oJ^«6»^ 

xj^aw. •y'efos'j ;S3TT^e5. 

Ob'ser-va'tion, n.-c5r»x5at>,^«bc^sso 

Ob-serv'i^tive^ a. [f^8^-cir^^i^. 
Ob-serv'atory, n.^StS^^dKcSe^T'o, ^ 

xJfiwe^S^ •*5$3?^cwarfOo"S. 
6b-serve^ t;. ^. ^iSscFn^^ -cin-cSa; 
ea5eo-CS>, waa*>wO-CSo, W«b7ieo-C)tf 

' t/. U' "S©Sfy;ab; ^3o3;:f . 
Gb-8erv'er,n. .c5r«^'oT'cefc,§'abc;rab 

Ob-ses^sion* n. si»h&. 
OVsig^na'tion, n. ^(J5'd& ^i5;^e» 


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QVso-les^oence^ n. 7r%afeY(^ttiW 

Ob'solete, a. s|^^8e^^I^•^l>r"^;D,sfc 
Qb'stacle, n. «*^^o$o^, ftj^siMt 

Ob-stetVical, ) Ki^o-OTS-, jjC^iStSo 
Ob'sfce-tT?cian, n. 55b^(jf^©sJ;&'SC) 
Ob-stef rics, «. sing- «ibo|j^;6^iOtJ©, 
Ob'stinacy, tt. 5SSan»?5^sStM,, dr-^db, 

Ob'sfcinate, r/. d3T»K^?Sto?Ce>,5d^4il 

Aft), ;S33-»r^"aorf. 
Ob'stinately, rzdz^.^JSfcMOiibsSr, d^ 

sXi^T^i s^j^tf^SjaK*. 

Ob-struct' V. L^tio^^-^tfb^f^^t 

Ob stroct'ive, ^rt. f^efo^fi'^ifo; ^oK' 
Ob'struent, > ^w ^M*, a^^lf tfTii. 

Qb-tra'siye, a. S)oooS^ (^s"?!5o"3ej3t, 

Ob-tuse% ^. •r»c5^;0, TVa»*B;5, «2lac 


'^25'a;^, 0. anffle=(yo»g*^wil». 
, Ob-tuse'nees, n. d3r»5§tf,ifeo25d,'Soo 

I QV verse, n, ;iy>^^7<;^^ tt^I^:^ 

(colic): opp. to reverse 
Ob- vert', V. t. w^s^^^ap^Tr-jJifriSj^ 

Ob'viate, v, t. ^is^docSa,tje5$:^Q^, 
Ob'vi-a'tion, ». »5r»ao-c5jk),5^etfRo 

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iDc-ca'sionaTly, fldtr. w^^;5jifo, w 

Oc'ci-den'tal, w.t3^sSb0, ^.IKsJb^. 
Oc-cip'ital, a.'^$^<»0'<jDQ9"ao;5.— 
«. (o. bone) «^8^\ij?5. 

Qc-cu1l', fl. ?C>t>"aos$,Co;^<g"ao;^,«7^ 
Qc'cul-ta'tioji, tK ZjX\K^^t^ S5b 

Qo'oupancy, «• ^iTSoo-c&^j V$;5 

po'cu-pa'|j«i/i,«iJ^CV3ftiaHa; V^^ 
Oc'cu-pi'er, «.«»b^S)o-C5d^r«<ifo|*r»c 
Oe*cupy, ^' ^« w^yssao-tia; -y^c^i^ 

Oc-car'rence, ». 'S^o^t^otj^dn, TsibM 

0-oe^latecl, <r. r«>^;do*. 


C/chre,] "•«*^'^**'^^i- 


0c-|o'b9F,n.stQA ^K^lSve^tf^^SAc*^^^ 
Oc'toge-na'rian, n. •isSa»'rfo^irx 

Oc-tog'en»ry, a.«)«b2o'rfo2^sS<t$i*fo^?C 

0(^ tuple, a. 0;oaoC5of$2^- 

• — * CO 

(QOllo.)»Copp. to eV£«)i:©t;^;Si<S, 

"aoxJ,S);38^^:^. A liufidred & O. 
0dd*ifcy, 17. »o^', ^^§4», O^^i^j, 

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Odds, n. sing-k pi. ^'^T^'^^i^r* 

To fight against o.^'^r><S^^o 
aS^ s^*j-»2i>tD. O. and enda» 

CO — O *^ 

O'dioofl, a. wici3^^;5, lx>i;j-€^!Mi» 
^oaigjjJ^i «L^<t6|brf. 'A^eS^^fei 

O'diura, n. tij;Sa£», T;5c2S23;6r.9^5J;j». 
O-dom'ater, n. ^\^;^;6^^&7Sc^iSit> 

O'dor, n.-sT^^^s, 7Coi?s69. 

Cdor-if erous, 1 a. •r»^;5K'e>,^a;5c>f 
O'dorons, ) d»?Ce;. 

Oec'u-men'ical, see Ecnmenioal. 
Oe-soph'agas, see Eao — . 
Of, p-ep. aQM«'(y.;?6e3o-£>;«^i«'S*>; 

SSbo(S; 5^; ^v:6. 0. late=q«SsSo. 

0. old=t;gr»:5g-y^os6oCfo« 
Off, rtr.esie$£>L^^}p.ab;5j^ .—adv.txrcSS 

- Beo.r=5^^;^J^ ;0oo4^ s^. Tobe 

well o.=;Sbo-o S)0?y^iaao<^4j. To 

be ill or badly o.—^aj&dcr* 

^o^^b. To come o.-^&^o^^ 
OPfal,«. ^;&iTr»;oa, "5$ , ^^eS-SdCoc 



{^ji»;r*sS;jK». Togiyeo.=«^^5j» 
^fc;^o'd!>ij. To take o.^r^sisfc 1 

Of -f ence'le8s,fl.;^;)^gd*;5),»ej&;»S ^^$^g' 
Of-feud', t;.i. rH3s6»>gao-cSa,^?S(^es 

•7rs$2i^r';ab. Fife, «;sSit»^. 

Of-fend'er, n.'i67S:Kih,^'^^^%i6-sr*c 
Of-fense', see Offence^ f^jswo. 
Of-f ense'less, ^.Sos^ L^;6g'e5^a;6,;S<» 
Of.fei/sive, a. ^^jeS;5rtf^rf;;S<;o^ 

Tt)efo;^sS;sb9aE>^6o^ifc.O. smoll= 

c5b-D-5^;5. An o. weapon=§^T> 

dfc e3cJ5bo^f^a^:opp. to defensive 

Offer, V. t. S)dBagC2S^^,q:«6gcer^^; 

3K»^j^^5e^, ^dBbctS^^; with np) 
^ ^"^V 7CsJ>9^o^. — V. i, ^^cw25a, 

5^c-c5b,s|?SsS<5^.— w.qctfjgctf^^fc), 

Ot'feriug, n. «5$>t<^»,2'sS5gaM,23^, 
^^:J^tfjS»; ;iw«>, TT-abg'. Bnrnt 

Offhand' a. & adv. ?$n»-C L^<*^^^ 

Office, ii.;6;o,«r«gd^^>a^gK'd»; 

^;5;j»;-5^i5g7^rf^, JT^^a. Good 
o — s=^i> T*tf;69oo. 
Of ficar, «. «^T-o^ ^<y*gK'^<efo, 

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Of-fi'ciate, v. i. ;fce3SQ»tfX)8w2le»7T» 
Of-fi'ciou8, ^1. w(js |j6^oJ\So;5,d;6So 
Offing, n. 2L,2fo«bO<&r'Oe$£6r-&;5a>SSi^ 

OfFscour'ing, ) «• =^ea<&;5ft; S^ 
Offscum', ) sSj^, ;l»^§, sbfe^. 

QfiTset', If. cf o8SC^«5o3^ 'aoo«;S'; 23£S9ex>, 
^txi — (-set^) V. t. •^ewc'Sto. 

en ^ ' CO CJ 

Offshoot', n. -irxsS:!^ r*^). 
Offspring', n. ^oiarrftfja, tOo^O. 

Oil-cake, «.Tv?^c?c8)oa, "3€S^2)od, 

Oil'clotb', «. «:,«'sy?-ao;5 i5oX>Kd2^- 
Oil-color, n. «&'"»5^§'©&;6«o;C). 
Oil' man, «. "BOs'our^cd^, 7vo2^,t^c 

Oil-mill, n. Tr-sJocX. [-sycd^. 

Oil-monger, «• Hb^Tr*^^, ~3«xdSe> 
Oil-paint, «. «cr»^^©&»Co?^. ' ; 
Oil-painter, «. S^^S^€2)^C)'o?C)e;5^ 

Oil-painting, n. «&*"a5 €)&j6Bo;6e5^ 

Oil- press, n. -tt^c^'. 
Oil-tree, ii. ft5i5boes^^3tx). 

Oint'ment, «. "^ej^Jx. 

Oft, I ^^^* ^•fi^"7v», ?3<x;ipeao 

Often, j ^-g^-S, j&-esSj-43i. 

OPtenness, n.^ea^, e-^S-^Tr-Rdt^ j ^W, «• ^^^0, i6^^i uer-£);6^;J5 

OFten-times', I ^^^- ^^tST5,^e£»^ 
Oft' times', / TTj ;6e)&«Jcpe9o. 
Ogle, V. ^.L;jSrj^-clr^-c$jr»^,(jlX'oe 

-Cto.— «. l^¥^j^<5:t»^. 
.Ogre, n. -cr^JiiOacdfo. 
Obi iw^^i. ^9*n-o, sja e<^i^o«5b8 

Oil, «. «&'-»,-tSdM06,2«>^-To burn 
the midnight 0*= ^iS -Qr»|J^«S9dSo 
^cfc^i?. 0. of vitriol==Ko¥S'(jnr» 

&7S. Five years c- «ooo"So2^ ;6 
Old'-fash'ioned, a, r^iS^^o^ tSr 

01d'i8b,a.r'o^;Sj:aboT30"S§'L^ cS^) 
Old'ness, w. a*>75©d;5;sbo^5ix"aao,u^c 

0'le-ag'inous,fl. ^aMe&Xe),;;^-^^©, 
O'le-an'der, «. K"^^6o^*jj. 
O'le-if erous, a. f5j»T5;5'3\d^. 

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(yieograph, n. t,f oipd>>if n^^W 

0-lib'anum,n. hcS^'^6\jrA^^ocS:>Ki 
GVi'gAT chy jft. S^os^wr/ "^^s&i&sS^ 

OHve, «. gjr«:)^2^S)8fo^3t»i; [sfi^, 
Ol'lapo-driMa, «; M?S^6t5-6ftSd<5 
Om'elet, n. i ?^2^S^^debo a*^ £>9 

t/men, «. ^^r6^. Good o.=^$^85 

;5;Sj5. Bad o.=£5b^jS6;5si». 
C/mened, a. ^so;6^c5. 
0-men'tum, n. 't7^ozotk>t^^. 
Om'inous,^. ^So;6'i0ottoe?23rf,^c25^ 

O-mi/sible, «• J)^-«ii:>fejc255^'. 
O-mis'sion, «. fJ^;Jja»; 0<S-0Tl)t>^, 

O-mis'sive, a. OS-uTfeTje^. 
O-init', V, t. oa-£)Tbt>5, ;S£i€-ScRa>, 

Om'nibus, «. •^gwO(5. pj^. 

Om'iii-fa'rious,<i. •^^^»^?i^7^•;3b 
Om-Bii'ic?, a. «^bg;5(»^^^^o^2^- 
Om'niiottnj a. ^©^^-r»^^«x?Ke>^ 
Om'm*pai/ifcy, w, i6^\6«SHi^. 

Om-tiip^otence, \ ^- *^jS^J*S^i 
Oiii*iiip'oteiicy, J »;5o«$^^. 

Otti-nlp'oteht, fl.^c^jj^ JKw.The o= 

Om'ni-pre^ent, a. 70Cg«r»c2)g3;6. 
Om-nis'oience,^. TStJtt ^JS^T^'^' 
Om-niv'orous, a.7oCJ|5;:^sSb^<S\o^&, 

Oni-phal'io,a. ^ar^^^S'zr'ga^woejJ 

On, prep.Sir'ca^, ^iK)4o-O.Td go o. 
foot^rS&Q^^h. O. fire*=a5boaM 
sSb?5N . O. high - fej^^tf 70««&ctf>. 
0. the alOTt=sfnL?C^-7r»- 0. jJiir* 
pose = Tf*Brf©, 2»|^r$jjr«t» 
-TT'.O. oath=t>t>5"d8>§^©, I tijSr-t^ 

7P; 6|0"H^i ^oo?SSSo2o;aJ'C2S. And 

SO o.=-^L?S-5-'^^; si^ "S».Go o. 

dbbiSj); igrtfJS'SM^^;;^^^* At o.» 

One, a. &>^,-fc^;*3f5,^©2>»o^67r-ab 

•a^sJb; ^ab^, O. and all ^ ^oiS 
^satSf', «©j^clSbo. O- amJtb^sitS* 
*^?5;$>D, 2L,^8sririte* Bvfery 0.= 
L^^^r^ifo.'rtdy ^© at o.=w^fi6 

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a6. In o.^furBir, rot. 0- fty 
iC6or»djfrcdfo^ Little o-s^!)g;^ 

One-eyed, <i.6-5-»A.^3^.[^,5?§'osl». 
Dne'nesa,w. i^id^ax>, t,^&i^jSso:f^ 
On'eroua,^. 9^6^;^, 2^(6^ rf.. 
One'self,p«>w. ir^ ; S**^*^ > ' 1 
One'-sid'ed/f* ft^r^A^Jv^, iS^-sV'tf 


On'-look'er, n. ^rSi <Sr*<S^^i»ti^^t 

On'Iy, a. ir^J^, t^^'i^^i^^ iM^'t 
saoK5, as' the o. man present, 
an o. child. — Ctdv, t^\^^^ i, 
oSe;si». . '' ' 

On'o-mat'o-poe^ia, n. wb'aaa»5>**^ 
t>o;5Bd6bo=ry'\i5w?<o^Mabi, ^«b«'e5 
w;5j3; ^2o;SJ»e)^)\C55bo ««br^nBM'sS 


/I. ^;)c^)^i^t^J "^^S^i^ 

On'slaught', j o. 

On-tol'ogy, n. vS^jjOny»t55^.rex)'cna, 

C/nus, n. ^6^0)9^^, ?grc^, «r?p 

On^ward^ocZizA. ;jb»02^e8S; ^^tp;'!'^ 

-cSdntv*. — a. «5»oc5bi5os?^®o2^. 
On' wards, adv.same as p/iu'^rd, , 
O nyx, fi.a.r»^2«^*>c8»;Gof)*r.i&sr 
. 000. 


X^osiing, n. -r^sod:); .T««8s$a. 
0-pa6'lty, ff.'aoecT^ -»5^C^;OdH&g;o?^rt 

0-pake',a. e^TOJniN^o^S. 

O'pal, n. a.rS)¥;^sWo3o, usSbe^rafc. 

0-paque^a. ^cx)c;^-tS^t<X)d6$bcX),s5bo« 

O'pen, a. "^ee-OdlSbo^^, ;^Mn.cttoS), r 
e)07r»«3o;5\ ;"Se;<Sa5o;5, ^S^tScaoj-^-' 
X)l'S>o-0;6,Ano. qne8tion»^T»7Er^ 

.S)rS)05SficX>oo.— t/. i. "Bee-tjafi^^; 

O'pen-eyed', a. «n(^K^7vi';aas$^. 
O'pen-hand'ed, a. ^y0^dj5;i«)Xe», 

C/pen-heart'ed, a. ft)5Sij^s36ao;6. 
O'pening, ^. ;Ooda, h&'i^ ^[^^\ 

Cpenly, adv. :se;^TP, ssb^ ssbp^ 

O^pen -mouthed^ a. sr*05 le^-cwS^^ 


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Oj/erate, v, i. ^»x5dt5»9 ^^abafoo 

Op er-a'tion, ??. (Jci6* ^^, "T^^iip; 
Op'erative, a. iS^^T)^^, ;^w;5w*=^ 

Op'er-a tor, n. "^d&o Tr»C(2^; -^J^^*^ 
Op'er-ose', a. ^yab7er*^g^r^, L^s6 

O'phi-ol'ogy, n. .^^^^^S^J^^J^da). 
C/phifce, n. -^c^i^T^a^a^o ft^cS'. 

Oph-tbarmia, a.'ii\4e^7<si»j ^o^r 
Oph-thal'mic, a. '^|J^^o23o¥'ao;5. 
C/piate, ?i, ;^^s5boeS> 6'^^1S);^^7T»;Stf' 

0-pine', 2?. t. & i, d'eK)xSb, 
0-pin'iative, a. 6;6 cfio^u^r«»cxsba»e> 

qt) CO 

0-pin'ion, n. w^j^btfeatx), ^-)c^, 

0-pinMonate, 1 tt. s^r^aSc^rf, 
O pinWa;ted,f ^^^^^^'^^ 

O-pin'ionist, ti. d;5«5>^|j5r»<«5abe>o 

Op'o-delMoc, n. ^(^rS'^v^SxiS^^ 

Op-po'nent, ?i. o5a9, '^'i_?b^, s:)9^ 
Op'por-tune^, a. ^abe3cr*-£)a^?^,5iv* 
Op'por-tune^ly,<Kir. sj3o-0;is5a<«6aK» 

Op'por-tu'nity, w. 70xl)dt&dw9 ^06» 
Op-po^able, rt. e5a8o^c35^;6. 

Op.posed/ a. os&c^^^s, l^OSj^^^ 
Op*pos^er, n. •iaaocfcoT'cifc, t^dio'S 

Op'posite, fl. Jeiie, oi25o^Tr»aa;5j^, 

Op^positely, adi'. •^e&ooK, e^aba^ 
Op'po-si'tion, n.»iaaoi:S3ij;s:)o&!^a», 
Op-pfess/ 1;. f . Jr»ofeox5b,r^y^t»f 
Op-pres'sion, 7i.5r»o;C,'^p?'^ 6^<j(j:S 

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Op-presfifive, a. iBTrS^^^^iA^ \}^^ 

Op-press'or, «. l?j:^cC^ 8rKri6 

Op-pro'briou8, a. esj-'siw^'b^j;^ ^ 

Op-pro'briom, u. e5jr';5.»,^ot^, 1D^ 

Op-pogn\ ^» ^' •ia8o-ci3. 
Op-pug^nancy^ n. .iftdoig). 
Op'tative, a. ^5*^^^^^, q^^Sjr. 

Op' tic, a. 25\^7:>otto^;^;5, iT 0*8760 

OpTtiojJ a. 2j^^o;vctsb-^;5j c^^o 

Of/tics, n. si»gf. es^^» K)«^«<«fco 
■St>o^C6ab ;65o^c«» "3€<»c^ 

Tg§o^cu(Si;6e$sSb.r»2$sX»: opp. to 

Op^timist, n. 70eiS;6»«b ■sSoewr'eai 

d»'S«o^c»*r62^«S5>-sr^ai&: oppiM 

Op'tion, J*. H^;j, si^; a^;«»«>i-)Q 
Op'tipual, a. sf^ijS-s^^?'^* "^fe** 

to «_- »M I.— 

Op'alence, n. ^Kgd», Ofl^JJ^g^^j, 

Op^alent,a. ^>Cg?So^c5rf,^?;5^&c 
0-pan'tia, n. •RnX"0*€>, •sr*X''S5^dfc. 
Or, cow;. ir*^, SO;;S; "^S", c^^ctp; "^ 

Oi/acle, «. l5s5cEr»g'c;i;»i 93x5.0^^ 
O-rac/ular, a. T5?i57r»53jj^-7r^R$^, ^ 

O^ral, a.^»r»8,ar*i:>^38)^;^,|jT«c^5SaKr> 

O^rally, adv. ST^ftoa^, •st^kt*, ur»cS 
Or^ange, ». s-o^C^afo, -snOoK^o 

Oi/angery, n. TT'Qo^S^^cfc). 
O-rang'-ou-tang', «. ai^»^©r^ce, 

Or^ator^ «. (jb-o^oJ\«Scdfcj A-;sS-snoTG 

Or'a-tc/rial, )«• L^^<^!r;^S),t5S 
Or'a-tor'ical, ')vfioXS6^7P<3baS^i i^r* 

Or'atory, «. trSbtfc^JwTr* (jSiOoJVo 

Oi^atress,#^. ^^ g;Co 'i\ 
(Matrix, > ''-^ -'^ 

Orbed, Y'^"^^' /rV'-r-e 
Or-bic/ular, J 2''^' 

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Or-bie'ulftfeiO* 56^tr'T*tj«i>^K :=6 [ Oi^iiin^, a. lya^co^-TvW^rS^. 

O'rbit, n. [K;^s$r6sSxi, 'P{%^* ' 

O'rbital, a (jCs3^:C>$ 7C)Owo$"ao;6. 
Or'chard, n. ^v^y^^;Sx>^jS^ct:). . , 
Or'chardist, w. ;i3e;sS\vfii,i3bo«5*^c^cx) 

Or'chester, I ^- ir^i^^^^fJ^ ^4^ 
dr'cbestr% J Soe^oi^ '-;>osi». 

Or'dure, n. ss^vUxi^ ^&S.;5m. 

Ore, ii. «^^g'eJ^6^ao», J5w>^5^(jr 

Origan, n. 6|o^fcJdBba^tt; 'woKiSw, w6 
Or-gan'ic, ) ^- ^l^L®^ v6o«o;^2» 


•cij, ©©o-cs;j.ri i^;^w^i g'«f5^6i^. [ n*.'Xo«;-.« iT -^ ic- ^^ ^ v- ^ 
Or'deal^ f^ wH^ '^x>. sr-S^ =gc|%^ ^^^^^ 
Or'der, n. w|^, ^w%), ^1«6^^> Or'ganist, ft. -^oM^-^J^ 5na>io-i$> 

aab*.o, (S'5S3;s», $|^, ii"cn»^A>^ 70 .; . 


€-. In o. to do this^sia ^dSooko^, , ^^ — 

In o. that yon may remember' ! Organize, v. t.^oT^yy^^^S^ ^^o 

• o. for money =?^o<^ O, t»i^ t? 
e5d!~-t?.^» «ar§)o-(^, .^JC^^ 

Or'derleas, a. |^o>)^7r*-iS;o, sSC6^l$ 

Ordinal, a. (JJ^a^^fib '^D'^jdfe^ '^ 

Or'dinance, n. a<jS>s$5a», »tf€«bfe«i^l 
Or'dinary, a. •^;ij^g23SS, ■^TjrRl* 

Or ga«ib «• ir^aia, »«god-*caoa, 
(^^, n. usually in the jpZ. ^^^ 

O'rient, a. (^Oo^ '^o^^x^'^.^n. 
0(ric{i^^tfdU a^^JT^^'^^' 'coouo^'iK>;5. 

Or'itice, w* iJQ^5f;sbo, ics^jiiSw, tT^^j^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

K« — «, 4BCF*ei4ip^-0»e^*3d, ^ticw. 
O-rig'i-nal'ity, n. ittB5irc>>^;5^j, ^ 

^§.- . . 
0-rig'iiMii^y, odi;* ^l^;0, "l»^*Skiaa 

O-rig'i-na'tioD, n. dk^^ © ^dfibo^i 
O-rig'inative, a. ^^^-^ibH^, ^«>9 
0-rig'i-na'tor, w.dfrS;5_^-r»?5wcdfo, 
0-ri'on, n. sScg^X'^i^ (;S^lJ^a&)) 

Or'na-iofiii'telj a. ^oir»zw&sxiff» -?Pa 
Or'namen-ta^ttiooj *♦ eoo^'eoiSb^j 

Or-uate/j| a. woo«'ap6c?oA(6,^\oTr» 
Or'ni-thol^Qgiali, !(• ;$^e>;Qb;C>«}o^ 

481 OiB-OM 

Or phanage^ n. 6€sSo[i^v;> "^aSO, 
Or'pimex^, n. (yellow->/ TT^^^iTi^, 

Or'rery, n. :Sj^^o^oijcr-a \j<i^K&:i 

Or'ris n. sSiO. 

Orfc, M.&sSbS'; 0-s, j?i ^«»;3o5 "^cebc 

" ■ Or'thodox, 1 ^- L^^*r 2» 
Or'dit>-dox'ioal,j';^ ^fe^^^^, 

— e/ -~i «_ 

Or'tho-dox'y, n. (jd^sincSfe'^^ &>d 

Or'thoepist, ni AiObdo;5d!5bo«cr\^»7J 

Ofr'rtioepy, n. ^fi^^^rjOw. 

Or'tho-graph'ic, *) ^- ^^^^^^ 
Or'tho-grapVical, J 75owo^?lfe;5l 

Or-thog'raphy, n.^^Lf<2t^&;S». 
Or'tolao, n. t*S'o¥"ao^ ;i>6-AS>t;. 
Ob cillatc, v. it. e3d^« ^k^b, Mor^cifo. 


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Oa'cil-Wtion, n. toosr^^TSs^, ^^Ki 

Oscillatory, a. ^cK^-dyTS^j aaoccf 
Os'citancy, n. t5^€o^\ ir^sSa^^rS;^. 
Os'citant, a. cd^©o^d$o; ir^^S:^^^ 

Os'citate, V. i. w^Oo-c^. 

(/sier, n. fea25?Ce©'^8ci?eiD2J8's3to. 

Os'pray, n. a*^S)?J^ii "^^*. 

Oa'sicle, n. -O^j^oaosioo^. 
Os'sifi-oa^tion, n. •idM§^c«>'C)d:». 
Os'sify, t?, i. ^^Tics^^ — v. L ^Hxi 

Os-siv'orous, a. o);jMi^oo€5"ai^. 
Os-ten^sible, a. wd&Si «K's5'5(5fo, 

Os'tent, n. "^j^sj-^, 2xfi»B oir-s^^ 
Os'ten-ta'tion, n. 2iotdd«>, w-cpooo, 

Os'ten-ta^tious, a* 2£ou2a;6^ ^2»ou 
Os'te-ol^ogy, w. «^s5?5j6;Sm, •i;69^o 

Ost'ler, n. Hbes^is^ci^. 

Osftracize, v^ t "S^^SMaboS "^^f c/T 
Os'trich, n. ^SSjcao^^S' »;!S3§^<a« 

e;^2*'^» «l<^5^:<ft^ Tfa#a day 
' -"Oit^j^, ««J>^?^ irt Tr*€tfo The 
o. world*^6«r^s^. Every o. 
ilKy=^;S;6x^&^ ToSt^. Id o. 

OtVemess, n. t5;6c^e«Sd.\g)i$t5€^;ix>. 

Oth'er-wis^', Mv, iitBiySiffax>Tr, ari 

Ot%man, n. <fcS§'; airf>^'aatf ttao 

Ouch, n. ;5Ki e3^t^»a». 
Onght, V. CM«r. g;C>ssb, cS5a>^';i3^«>; 
s5e;cfibcSSb.You o. to do 8a=fc«5t» 

OnDCOi n. <p;ai>*r«^f€r^^a<xJnea5S 

Oar, po««. 2>^(m. ;6^, ;55r'»»jrj^i ^ 

Oa-ran^ ou f taogV^attUie as 
Ours, 2K>8«. pror^, ;Sms; «a;5a^. 
Our-selveaf, pron."&'A); j&5*&i ^ 

Oust, V. L 1 5^&'id5c», '■3<rc.r*«ja. 

^ ' f^ CO 

Out, odt;. ^^; ■^«B8,-a«x);i>*3§; t^KtS 
-TT; &2^«6e9So, ^^J^'. 0. of=er^ 

isbofi. The secret isi 6/^cJ^;do 
a» vxssst^ins^i O. a&d 0.=^ a 
X, '8r>c««Sol^; Tto>'^fifi»oti2 
are o.-'^5S5)(j<boo^oM(frf.o»'^.— 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Oat-fool', V. t. oiaSsSj^?S€r*a30-c6. 

Ont-bal'ance, t;.^ «^S)^c5^2v>o-c$>. Qut-give', r. ^ -^OdfiooCSbOao^ 

Ont-bid', i\ t. d^e-Tv ^^^^"SoSS' - Out'goV^^s:)oo-OsH^;•ST'76;g)•c^^.— 

'v. 1. t^o^stofg).— (ont'go') «.^c«6 
aoj,'S^;&>: opYi. to. ivconip, 

—a. d^qg-*^J^j|^> McCL-^^jd^oaDdio. 
Ont-grow', t\ /. tK>o-tnif^cKi: 
Outf growth', n. Stoo-OTb»Sc?6t'; Oao 

Out^house', n, 2L,r •^goMo^**^ tCjo 

230^0-0 »a7r^odfo-0;6^oaoejo. 
Oiit-la.mi'iA» a- roJis.oiiStfJ^;^, 

Out-la8t^ f . ^. «^«'-r'e>si»odio, "St^ 
Out'law', «. ar'e5d;6sj»^8 -sngcCbl^ 

Outflaw'ry, w. fiTCf^c^^a Tngcfibtf 
Out'layS w. sS^ccb;5;», "^w^g) ■^<tl^cM 

Out-leap% v,t. v^oCtt'c^^ 

Oniflet'y n. «c«WSl^:^'-^^)*^6^» 
ir*t^T:r^^*—i — let'; v,/. wc«b6 

Outi-boiind', same i\fi ' outward- 

Oat-brave', v. t. 225g^«f'nua!5Si; 

Ontf-hreaV, w.2X$«^^ isn04)cii&t3i 

Oat-breastS t;. ^. 7r»s6^ J^OooiJij 
Om*^build'ifig,n. «;,^lbgowo^^»g6 

O cC CO 

Oat'burst', w25«^^, ^Kboato. 
Oat'cast', w. *«J;Si5ctfo, ^ott^ooc 

;0'4w^o;jScba;5a.— a. ^©"ifitfecTDft 

Out^come', n. ^vax>y Sb25s3"S©^a. 
Out'cri'er, ri. «tr*^0'CS}-sr»cdjo. 
Out'cry', ^K wed^, §^c0, 25^2>j. 
Ont-do', r. t. SXjoiCSj., 
Out'door', a- €io0Se>c^i3. 
Oot'door8',adtr. s|o^^oDo5^,wcCbi3. 
Oat'er, a. wdtft^ 13^6^^;^. 
Out'er-moat', a, ao§^0»c«^^. 
Oat-face^, v, t. aiado-cfo^ -cl^^o*^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Gatfline', n. ^t^o^^ ^^^, <^y^ 
Oat-live', V. t clTcdi) ^-oy^g-o-^ 

6-_gx>-'"4^^ — ( — lookO V. ^. -26^ 

OutMy'i'ng, a. W^-^x^ . 
Oat-march', v. t. ;6ootf»ixxo-0d<^. 
Oat-tneas'ure, f. t. t)Wj»»;fiocr^ 

OatTmost', «. a3§^©Xex>i)^ 
Out'ness, n. "sr^^^. 
Odt-nam'ber, v. L *o^«^'^s>^o*^ 
Oat'-of -dooi',^. ^o&^yo%^&fxf^^ 
Oatf-of-doors/ adv. ScwSSo. 
Out' -of -t he-way', a. •^^?5»5^-5^ 

Oat'-pa'tient, «. ^J^cT^e^cr^"^ a)uo 
Out^port', n. ;r^^?6 b^:iCoi>x>;5!^ ^k 

Oat-pour', V. i. d^dbbo. 

Out' rage, v. L Br&'j^;5»^c«<o , «tJ 

Outsra^geous, a^ "a^i ^^'^g^'^* 
Oat-reaoU'^ l^. t '^^y^\^^rr>^^^ 

Ontfrid'er, n. 25oi;)'.6^^?6g;g)iy^&, 
Outfrig'ger, w. L2^cr^"9r$^y^;iiirfc>3 

Out'right't adv. tSeTb?j^t5«5a)^^, «s^ 

Out^room', n. wdtsb^Ka. 
Out-root^, V. t. -SMoS^ftftnJdsSbo, ;o 

— i 
Ottlnran', v. t: -^^i^^h^ sv30«s&. 

Ottt-6ell', V, t. -"^P^^^iki^, ^5^ 

Ont^aet', n. -Soottex), €5t5Q<^4»/ 
Out-shioe', v. t. \<i-^i ;Sx>fy* ^0^ 

Ottt'sidd', n. zii^&^^vtS^. l^va-^t^ 

■^yfi^Q^.— arft?. & prep, woebij, 
Out'aid'er, w. wdBbS-cJ^ciis, sjd05c 
Out'skirt', ?J. ^QwoBoB \^'Ai;ixi, 

Out-speak', v. Lt^A^^M o^'^tr 
Out-spo'ken, a. ti^'^'CiiH^ir^^^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Out-ftpread', v. t. sr^^ho^yctc^^ 

Out-stand',!;.*. ;5j3o£^So^^^j^^dSb3od^; 

6l5\,cz32*9'dtfcoo ^ 


Out-stare', v. t* <^ige)^«<SSjo-£Jo. 
Out-stretch', v. ^. oj^c^, ^c^^-cS^^ 
Out-strip', f. ^. S)oo-cSb^^f^ojio-c5b. 
Out-talk', v. ^. 5Sb*Sbor»^ ar*^^g 

Oat-tongae^,r.t.5Sj"^ji®a6€^^ tfcicd 
Out-vie', r. ^. s:>j*«w, "T^tooS&jSJoo-cSo^ 

L ej 

Out-vote', v,t. ^Sr'-c5b^55ooasa»?'<)Ai 
Out-walV,!;. t. ;6S^^e^tK>o-cS^, 
Out'wair, n. zodbbe/r^:^. 
OutTward, a. uccb^, ^2r'^o^;5.— 

Outward-bound, a. ^C)^^aj5;^gos^ 

OatWdly,| ^^^^^^^ 
Out'wards, J 

Out-wear', v.t. ^tp^^Sxir^'^^^ ^oo 
Out-weigh^ 7'. ^ ^^t^7i*^j^Q?<i, 

Ottt^wind', 1?. t. -ti^. 

Out-wrn^', V. f, ^3o-€5aBo;^ft5. 

Out*wiP V. L dSo) 8t:5^SooO 'acr»<^^ 

Out' work', w. r*t3wc«6eS'^2^;5iD.— 
'• '*(-worfc') t>. t, ?5;o«5^soo-c5b. 
O'val, a. gf o r^*> 5 ^ t5^"7r>^?5^ . 
as^ ano-mg | Vi^-^ry, n.^jodD^e^refc^er* ^ti. 



O^vate, fl. ^Q'cs^'vr'^;Sx>i^;^7S^. . 
OrtFa'tion, n. ?3cftossJ»«'05\;i?Sjd^ ^ 

Ov'en, n. sJpoocg. 

aboS. All o. the country='^o5bo 
tfftosJb. — adv. ts^[j^^i^t^o& sSoe? 

' _8K.The work is o.=33;oabo?\ir)Sb. 
O. again=08^. O. and again=: 
' ^a?\©OJ\. O. and above = "^c-Tr*. 
^tr»iC5a^7P. O. and 0.= Si)eaoo5i>ed 
c^. To give o. = X)Tr'^-7r> »(S-Qr^ 
4^. To go o. =>c5i5o^*J; -tirssb 
t3.— d'. (used chiefly in comp^ 
Words") lb, area, as an o-c-oat. 

O^ver^ct', V. t ef)S)o^«Sa)-A^^d5bo. 

O'veranx-^'ety, ?i. %f^&i^;5bo ^d 

O'ver-anx'ious, a. ^iPoiSoJi^Xv, 
0'Ter-aw«^, v, f. "Se^ao-c^j^dso^Seso 


Digitized by ^OOQIC 



O'ver-bal'ance.f. t. ■a»Xs,;6iiJt» 


O'ver-bear', v./. j^SoAi^JoCijy^dfcp; 

O'ver-bear'ing, p. a. TCfijJs^Ke;, ^ 
OVer-board', rfdi/. k^^j^ces^ltoA 

OVer-boiK, v. L -Gaoas^^,w^^;j» 
C/ver-bold', a. ?:?-^2^0;i»?Ce>j ^^^ 

O'ver-bur'den, «/. f . -aydj^-^tr^OwOS^ 

C/ver-bus'y, a. q^^^jjjStOcJ^^^s^. 

(yver-care', n. <^0-0o?^, •r»cSSe>aoo. 

O'ver-car'ry, i?. f. "^t'-^^^^tS^tiS 
S3 feftr'^s^^. 


O'v3r-can'tiou3, a, q5C«w^iJC^>C'd. 

OVer-charge^^ v. ^. M^^;^7n'3e>^ 
too; ^Oo^'ao;^2o!5o^'SSd5bo; '^'^'^ 

O'ver-cloud', r. <. 5$32»x;6t*cJ^. 
(yver-coat/ w. T;)g^^5^'S^j^dio. 
O'ver-conie', v. t, i^ooxSj, tuoaoo-dP, 
C/ver-coii'fideiice, n. ^/^JcJgs&o, 

(yver-con'fidenf, a. ^M^^^7<f^, 
OVer-date', v. t, ^-^dair*^<J5c»; < 

OVer-dose', n. wOs^^jJ^.— 'o'ver- 
O'ver-draw' v. t. tpS d6bo;6^otfro 
O'ver-dress', r. ^ w^S'sScotp ^nott- 
O'ver-drire^ v, t. e<j§'si»7r- ^^^^o 

O'vor-es'timate,^.^. i:r»"CS^'3«Wt>D; 

O'ver-feed^ v, t. «?»!r56a^»2)0-c56. 
O'ver-flow/ v. t ;5i?oO"&jt5«^ ^;d 

CO ^' r*> 

s^TPijCisSSp'oito,— (o'^ver-flow') n. 

OVor-floVing, n. ti-^^;^, wa 

O'ver-glance', r. i. -c^r-cSo; -tS^^bsg). 
O'ver-grow', v. t. 2Sr"^e36cNb, s^ii^; 

0'ver-growr/,p. a. «fe;6crTe;"aorf^ jxa 
C/vei-growth', n. ^9ir^tj»t>a;g). 
C/ver-hand/ n. w^^jj^fl^. 
OVer-bang', f/. #. ^jjJtr^afo. 

C/ver-basfce', n. t^O^Cf, &«»«>, 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 



O'ver-liead', adv. ■^cir*, t^rc^Oo. 
O'ver-heat', v. t.^^-^fh-n^fi^So^A^ 
hfnd^v^^i "B©abb8aoe^OS&, d-»o 


(yver-joy',n. «6^o5*^5^Ji»,^^^sJo 
2J;5ba.-(oVer-jo/) v.L^^o^;S. 

C/verkind, a. ^^eScCa-cSj^'^aio. 

(yver-land',a. iT»t>3;6s^oaa(^. 

OVer-lap', i;. t. & i. "ieS^^ zt'X)'^ 

(yver-late', a. v<^g«nCio^^. 
O ver-lay/t/. ^.^i^^;^^, flcjr-a-gdbqp. 
Over-lie^ v. t. "Ib^d^oeb, 
O'ver-livc/, v. t. ^Sj'xijNX'sSooxSj. 
O ver-load', v. e, wg^r^sJaejoSlj^o 

C/ver-long', a. edfeL' "Sos, £X}&j^€> 
O'ver-look', «/. t. ^76^^ ^^p^abod 

O'ver-mafcoh', t;. ^esec^c/r«oo, ea 
oooo-cio.— (over-match') w. 200 

O'ver-mor'pow, ?*. .JwoiS. 

Cfver-inuoh', adv., a. & w. ^d{) 
C/ver-fligbt', w. & ad2;.r(x^&-s:*$ 


OVer-pass', v.t.ti&tP^ty},^^^^'^ 

O^verplus, n. OoK'^^ ;ooosS, '^^. 
O'ver-poi8^,t;.^.-?5oo AorftM^d8bo,'=Sj' 

Cvei^prais'iug, n. «d^©, dr^x^ 
OVer-press', v. t. ^^o^o-csb, ^51* 

(yver-prize^ «;. ^ •"S3-ii)\^e>'^t>3. 

OVer-reach^ r /. ■aj-i^§-cSo;^;aoo-© 
C/ver-ripe', a. ;Sr»cH«, e^g^^sboTP 

0''en,i;. /. ;5j-c?Ci»tjo:&j5x. 


O'ver-rul^, v. t. dr'^Jii^^dSbs, ;d(^ 

O'ver-aee', v. L 2^«cm5»^Sd8bo, 
Cy ver-setf, t/. /. «5**e&"t5a, 0e,^ioc& 



O'ver-shad'QW, t?, t. bi^^.^^r -^ 

O'ver-shoot', v. t. Kb^S)a>€^or-^. 
(yver-sigbf, n. s^^^t>5, tj^ts^sS* 

O'ver-skip', t;. 4 ^;^9«zT'ci»tei9 
O ver-sleep', x^. ^ & i- w^j^tvt 

O ver-slip', t?, 4 tA-^'^^, -^^^ 
(yver-soonS adv. fosSyi^^^^ ^o 

O'ver-statoS v. i. -^-c^^-tt*^^;?- 
Over-stay', t'. i. S)^dQp-5^^5i»sx3 0;Q 

O'ver-step', v. /. ^0(^2X30-^^. 
(yyeT'^tock'fV.t. ^^it^Sx^i^ ^«^ 

O'ver-straift', v, t. & i:^^i^7C^' 

O'vert, a. :^8^^oKpxS,\?>ci>d2*:i- 
O'ver-take', t;. /. ^4«^i6a>5, -so2d 

0've^•ta9k^ v. ^ ^ JSfi^o^ ^"ty | 

O'ver-texT, r. ^. pto^-il^ ^^aL^* 
O'ver-tbrow', «/. /. '&^c\Gr^^'^, -^ 

(/yer-thwart', yrep. «*g^5aaX. 
C/vertly, adr. wSn>^QKfifi(^X. 
O'ver-toil', v. /. ^pijfim^^dh. 
QyerfccK^kj p. 4 of ovei'tahe. 


(/vertare, H. (^t;^; ^^^^^^ 

O'ver-turn', v. /. ^25c«^^, (S^a 
•icJ5bo, '32^f.8f'fe>3,- (o'ver-turn') 

O ver-vaVae, v. t^ t^^-^T^Sv^ty^. 
(yver-weak' a. edoe^Sr^Jo;^. 
O'ver-ween', «;. i. A't5j^^^,«iJ^o-g- 

(yver-ween^ing,e7. Kt^jii^M^'e;, e:9;5^o 
O'ver-weigh', v. t. ibx^TS^^ciSx, 

(yver-weighf, n. ^Sr>T:^^w»S^. 
OVer-whelmfj "l^. t. 55»o-0"i5cjSx. 

O'ver-work', t;. ^. ^ i. ei>9§^^ 
Tl)t>3-g^^cJ5».-((yver-work') «. 

OVer-wroughtS p. t. & p. p. of 
over 'Work. — f^ ci. «'SX)«^5»-7r» 

Digitized by V^jOOQiC 



(/viMr^aeai'iiiw, a. o^d^jf ^K^^ e<&^ 
O'viform, o. ^oTr»«'^Ogo^, 

0-vip'arou8,(«* i ;<SiibTit>2l). 
Cyvi-pos'it, V. i. \K>^1iiy>, 

Ow'ing, p. a. ^^x^^f>^^ w^;y^^, 
^•CS>^r';isSe>i;5. O- to ^ ;5eji, sfoo 

OwLn. ?^&Xj"w, ^w§s5x>. The 

CO ^ 

smf^ll o.=^c A^oS. 
OwVet.w. No«^Acnwl)e> ; IbKa-B-oO, 

' fo CO a* ' 


OwWsh, a. ?62^/\jrnttsSoS. 

' CO 

Owflight', n. ^ro^SoocNb. 
Own, a- tf^, vSc^2?^> ii^lctfa^^;^. 

R&^t^^jr'^b, "(SsSi^^o^. He OS a 
hou8os«'55r;ol^tf oMcw^^ar. Too. a 

o» i 

OxaB^ n» j>/. of 00. 

Ox'idate, v. t, ^io ajo^<55w. 
Ox'ida^tioii, n. i^% ssbo^Sdbxt:;. 
Ox^de, n- (jSb^;y; ^iC s^. 0. of red 
l6ad=:T»*K^c9o. (X of brG8fl= 

Ox'idtae, y. *. ^iss ;s«^cttbo. 
OxVge», ». usSimiS^^, esbT'O, 

* '-' CO CO ' 

Ox'ygen^aftion, n. ^^^^6;. 
Ox'ymel, n. lS"!sy* ^ftrfsaw^ ^sJ 

Oya'ter, n. th w;3^ ?6^^c^. 
Oyster-catcher, n. ?,§' s^J'SoS) oSes 

y ro f-J 


Pab'ular, a, efS^^vOozDo^n'Sopt). 
Pab'ulum, n. ^:^t^* 

Pa'cer, w. 8L,^o<?"2te;^tftfXe*7^e4S5bo. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Pa-cifi-ca'tor, n. TSo^^dSoo^ncdfo; 
Pa-cif icatory, a. ^oOifb^o^; ^3a55r' 
Pac'i-fi'er, n. ^^T^oB^KSkasr^cti^' 
Pai/ify, V, i, d^^9-o6^d&o, "a^ 

Pack, «. r^; 5JM-t5; -aT*^; *^^5Jtoi 


Pack'age, nXi^-, r^og-*^^; r|^4^ 
Pack'-ani'mal, n.we6«g)P{>'S7'cJS»«o. 

Pack-cloth, «. /^^?^^, ^o^^. 
Pack'et, w.-eDsS^^fcOi^^r^er'k^.— t;.f. 

Pack'borse', «. wttj^oa'ao^dSbo ;6e| 

Pack'ing, w. ri^S^tjafcOi er^»55^$c» 
Pack'saddle, n. wofib^^^^ wej6^ 

Pack' thread' ,w. ^i5«>»irt>afeo8bi>e3or* 

Paek'wax' n. ;s5«b^o "a^C^o^^otf* 

Pact, M. fcSSowiSr, v"D^^v «>^cfiWw. 
Pad, n. Kod; ur»d5Ja)-B-*ASla6xn§o6fc 

CO eo 

CO •— <^ 

PadMle, V. u *a<j^^a^;Ufiif^«^att 
5^ — V. t. jSgaS^L^^d&o.— «. SS 

PadMock, w. ^;i8s'fir'(5; wsS6»;S»; 
Pad'dy, 7i. sSdfe, •qrrS^;Sxi, .66. 
Pad'lock', n.S'i)^"<rifaM, &Kaw.-r. 

Pad^nag', n, -C^^og^Sx). 

Pa'gan, n, w^^^sfcdsSoceio; OjjC;^or» 

Pa'ganisiU} h. S)iK'c;j^Tr»¥*5JS»'3dBoQ 
Page, n. ^i^, ^i?, "2>2S,Tr"K05i» 

d.— t;. ^. ;g)t>70o^ltf<55b!> 
Pag^eant, m. drS^sSiSM, "SdfoS^, f^oz^^ 

Pag'eantry, w. fiSowssw, ^2»ot)&;5ddi 

Pa-go'di^, »• ;c>a.'&>?^,s^'aoi«>i.^ 
Paid, j>. ^. & p. y. of pay.— a. "3 

Pail, n. xl>»otf ; ^g; «"4e;-, r*4o 
Pairfal, u. a»o'9cefoi ^"|d<^. 
Pain, w. Tjfc;^, irffyiknt^i ^^jSAd, 

He shall not do so on p.of be- 
ing dismissed =Tr»c2^i>?^i^ «o 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



S^fc^-CSb, ^^n^o-CSb^ c5b*VTb*». 
Pam'fal, a. fTty^y^ObiS^^ ^h^^f>^ 

Pain'fally, ^a^?,. ^hJooK,:6iy^^^, 

PainMesB, a. S^&^(g;o. 
Pains'tak'er, n. ^Aaa^sefoxnctfi. 
Pftina'tak'iBg, n. Hmx^-aaoh.^ a. 

Paint, n. tfo;^, ^tf aeo.— i?. f. tf oHS"* 

Paint'ed a. tf o;C>(e»)T§ftj5, =cpc«6 

Paint'er, w. tfoK>«>o;^^icftbow*c«fo; -A 

^X)^ex>^j3P»dl5boir»cifo. -Oitfvjj^Ji 

Painting, n. tfoKbcxD^^-KXJboA^; -Dtf 
»$t)X), L?S03&oo(jp.cfibpOi$:g; O 
|j^aj3, t>djfibo, (jSOsSb. 

Pain tress, n. -l^i^^C^o -^a\ ;6 i\ 

Pair, 71. 2id, 2§^2Jo.— «;. i.«€J-7r-^fl6, 

Pal'ace, n. ;5K'a6» TnaKNa^^i^. 

Pal'adin, n. s5bsS*«;r»a&cefo 



PaVatable, a. ^G%d^^, e&-oa>;5, 

Pa1'atal,<i.iroo$K)otto^"ao?<.-i;. tP 
Pal'ate, n,^o;^D, ^o7C>dia, "^w^. 

nn%) ^ 


Pa-la'tial, a. s5X'«S70o«o«^"aa ;5, -o^ 

PaKatine, a. t#oK5«3«o«6^"aos5; tt* 

Pa-la' ver, «. ^o^rsi»«». 

Pale, a. liv-inSiS, o^esdr<ox>sJ, S)!6 

CO f »»' 

e;5t^w;S», ro'-S, •aex);^,, ^Tna. 
Paleness, n. ^sS^ g^Ss, ^©s^ox) 

Pal'ette, «. 0^^tf -r^ttSctfSsSt^a^w t> 

PaVfrey, w. Orfj|^;^wac». 
Pairing, ft. (jpa, "SodKS, ro^. 
Pal'is-ade', «. l-tt*©; ;C)q«.— v. ^ 

Pal^ab, a. r'o'TSab'^o^^sj, .^^o 

Pall, «. hs&cro TbT3aj'C«§t)y;6tf. 

•i^^j^sj)^, fti^xis5b$, e6-£)5jr«^.'diam,w.^?j^^;lf^jjj,^C^;^^ 
Pal'let, «. -Oss^ssao-a^jJx). 
Pal'liate, v. L 0f\ oxSj; if W^dSbo, 

•cJb^ s$HeoK)^cCbo. 
Pal'li-a'tioD, n. tf J\ o-ci3i3,^asr«i5;3jx), 

Pal'liative, a. *^g-cO ^dJwrfiS: 
Panid,a. 7J^d^^;5, ^€tf)r«ocx?K^. 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Pal'lor, J 

to ^ ..^ 

Parsieci^ J ;C«. 

Parmated, a. tOc^^rS^^^. \ ^^^'^'^^ ^' ^^^^^' ^-^7^^ 
Palm'er, n. -^^.^cefe; ^^gfej^^^l^ ! ^""'^p ^- ^- ^-^^O^^^fe^^ ^ 

Palmier- worm , n. S'ott{>:^a>Acs w _^ ^ /i ^ . 

Palm (**55), n. ^tt^Sow; 2**&jfo* 

Pal'ma Clins'ti, ;/. e;i»25^^*^. 
Pal'mar, a. "^r^^ijjvlaaioe^^;^; 

Pal-met' to, n, z.-tl^'^^ ir&-^ix. 

Pal'miped, n. «*?)$^.e5^^;Sa>ex)X'^a,S^ j Pfeh, n. f^^), i»j-cSo*i3, ^wSsXm, 

Pal'mister, n. s^j^-d^s^iasSciij. 
Pal'miatry, w. ^^ '^in:Sx\S!ti^sSx) , w 

Palm'y, a. -^S ^^?Ce> ; sS^|«^^ 
Pal'pa-birity, n, 't^^^1^^r6^^; 

^^©; a<i3; ^<)^; 0??;^; &i:r-5?5 


Pan'a-ce'a, n. ^a^6'^?C:i>^c,ssb sse^a 

Pa-na'do, n. 5^T)iSavc-2>:6N o^. 
Pan'cake', n. etw, (5^*%. 

' eo 

Pan'creas, n. r«fotg)€J^X) S5od5^ ^k 

Pal'pable, a. lo^tS^ST^^tS^; ^Sa-^^ Pan'cre-at'ic, a. ^S^ijtf^owotf ^, 

«i»-r»», :$cr»e>^;^; ^^^^^J^, L'^^g 

PaFpably, adv. *.6^si;5a>-iP, L^*S 
Pal'pitate, v. i. e5«fc, y'^r';^,, 

f r. pancreas. P. jaice = sS^s:>c; 

\o^. P. duct=s5i)9b«T*Sr»§'. 
PanMal, n. ^odo, ^odO. 
Paa'dect, #i. 76 ^6id^t5i$», J>iT»07dft 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

as a p. disease* 
Pi|Q'de-inc/niQm> n. fcr*^:^^. 
Pan'der, «. Sao"t>:6'r*cefc, w2»ir».— 

Pan'derism,if« ^Xi'Jons6;i;5», 
Pan-dic'u-laTtion, n. r^»j^6^^;5»o 

PanMit, «, ;Jjo5^ceib. 

Pane, /i.ez^^Otf. 

o <** 

Pan'e-gyr'io, «. d^iJJaoM ^^^>^, ^ 

Pan'e-gyi/ical, a. §;Jl?2>sS- 
Paii'e-gyr'ist,ji. ?J^J^^da» ^ctfw 

Pan'el >i. •tSiJdMer'* "^fliiwi). - 

CO €J f*^ 

PaOC^leSS, a. t925;j^ex)':$d6bO, 

Pan'ic, n. M^0»^«6o7n ^a^;C> 
oD, ^dBW69» 0^0*a», ^^-^i 

Pa-niv'orous, ^. S^t^B^ (^"^efo, 


Pat/nel, «• ■»r»Tbrf;6«|;g)*«». 
Pan'nier, «. «»t),T0«r»«fccxs ftSr*^ 

Pan'oply, w. TO^jjopcrsS-ciawi ^;5-r5 
Pan'o-ra'ma, n. 75r^aXi5^S' -OiJ^aoa^ 

63 '^ 

Pan'sophy, n. ^OacBbtf «^|6ijqo. 
Pant/t'- **fi^c«*, •^Ka^csB-, ^oeS 

Tp A«fcd6c«bot3. 
Pan'ta-lopn^ n. ^tCj^ir^f.H:)', p-s, s\ 

^n^tfaeism, n. ^is^^a», MJ5"4> 
Pan'theist, «. ^JjS®, o^"3o"8s5;j> 

Pan'tlie-is'tic, n.M^'iilStsiyl^Xh^ 
^au-the'on, «. TSC^ctfotT^waix); •)ei 

Pan'tile', n. ^oi3lio||o, (S^T^-^SS. 

Pgnt'ingly, adv. S^osst5-7v- ^hQ 6 

cCbo-CSc), ;C>o'2cx)§^t>3r*ab'CSa. 

Pan'to-niim'jc, ei.fijj»tjer»2^r%f^;Sd^ 

Pan-toph'agouB, a. ^sib-^j;^^^ ss^ej 
Pantry, n. 7^2ii6^ir-:Sr!S6S^ix>^ ^ 

Pap, «. -cSoe-a^tf, So^CPijCtfja; J)2^e) 

!l^a-pa% n. «c«sbo, w6^, Tnasbi^. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Pa-pav'erous, «^. K';SX'^i'*€ittdlS. 
Pft.paw', n. jr^^dbo *^r si>e^s$ f^TS 

Pamper, w.-5^J^d;6», ^^i^aba; ^|J^8'. 
•g^JJaa-, SS-^^^^ -^^^iSkd; sS r^ 

mone7=:tr-o8sr*«^ — v. t. 3^^ 

sSaoSoxSo. r»i 

Paper-making, w.Tr*K^s69e>D^d69«S 

Paper-mill, w. ■5^^i^;6ac>3"^<*» c«&q 

Pa'per-weiglit',»f. "T'^^Sslo "85\fi^ 
Pa'pery , a. "s^KlJa&Q?? o^. 
Pa-piVio-na'ceotis, a. I'tf*l^s5)^ 

Pa^piria, n., J}L ptXpillOe. •ai5j|^*d 

Pap'illary, ) 

a. TR^«*««^ »oa 

Pap'il-lose', f c555c»t$^; -a»*»^a. 

Pa-pis'tical, a. 8^rf>r t-^OsSj^ 
Pap'pous, a. s^c7<6Kt}; ^^^'^^ "So 

Pftp'py, a. "2o e$X), ansS-Tv^sS^, 
Par, «. 7^e, ^"2i>, ^sSstfgsfio.At p.= 
w.CuoyStt^So. On a p.= cjtf>5S^^-7r», 
Para, «. contr. of paragraph. 
Par'able^ «. tfe^', ^>^o€^*?, h^i 

Pft-raVola, n. eaDDj^sfarbao *«^ (;d 
Par'a^-boi^ical, <l. •d^^a&5s5e> *•» 

Par'adigm, w. i^piyjjAoso^sSsijowaa 

Par'adise, ft. ^?^:5j»; asr*g75^s?a&9. 

Par a-dis'ean,') ^- ^^^'^^^ ^cS^^° 
Pbr*adi-!$Pcfel, J »o¥ ^7^, 

PitPadox, w. oosga&o, ^TOo^fsSate, h 

Par'a-dox'icaltti* M6e5^^. IMIM 
Par'agon, w. (J<x^"ao;$ft, ^ ^xsmsox^ 

Pap'a*jfrttm'mtttist, «. "fe^cJfe^r^c 
Par^agraph) ;^ ^a^^ssb») 7^;C;te, 

Par'allax, «. vozSfs»», «>o^f»£b5, M^ 
tai'allel , a. biiS^iDce-^^rf 75;fo 

Digitized by L^OOQiC 



Par al-lel'ogram, 7^.7C)iir»ol^i5^i5<fc«|\ 
Par'al-Iel'o-pi'ped, -w* ' 5C«f»e*t5^ 

Pa-r^'ogism, 1 ^- ^^^ir-^; '^^^ 
Pa-ral'ogy, / ;0-5r'tf;Sj3,^tSj'sr*g<3B8 

Pav'aJyf'ic, > *• ^w<^?^«^*^«S 
Piwr'aJyt'icftigJ d^«?*3^.ctt3o^o, 

Par'amour,^. j>t>-5^c2fo,^«55^;Oli 
Par'anymph, n. S*^A'^o(S5j^c^d6; 


Par'apet, «. Sb^^^i ^^^^• 
Par'a-pet'ed,' a. h^sr^AXv. 
Par'apher-na'lia, n. pt 'lyf7^t^\ 

Blu<apbia8e» if* &x)77*;^ja^<ix), Al| 
dbi, Air-— ». t. ^;ig^-^ *f|^ 

Pa/aphrast, «. «^|t5;jb^^5«;sr»ctf5. 

Pat'asite, n. s}-25^S^iJMoiipa; ^icr^^ 

Par'a-sit'ical, ) "^eS^^/D^ Tiec 

Par^a-si'tism^ «. ?S'D-';jJ^$^«3;5ab3; ^ 

fti^a-sol', n. -t<?6^K^efo?6. 
Par^boir^ f • ^. e^^s^j^^^^^dCb, ^ 

Par^cel, n. S'^^ jiorr^; ;dfl^7T*<3S^;jo»i 
Par'cenary,w. t»^9^XJ3ws$So "^jgsSag 

Parch, t;. ^. "Sc^j ''^^^ fisS^oifia, 
Parch'ment, n. 5*^cx3*n\6jfi&). 
Pardi «. -Ow^^^D. 

Par'dcwaable, a. <S\aoo6c^Kr5\ 

Awe, €!• i. -^Iki "Sm. d^^D'n) "Mi^^ 

Par^entaifei j»« s&o^«5«>, dSp^Sos. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Pa-rei/thesis^ «* l^^^^r•e^&;^efoa&^ 

Par'en-thelfical, a. ^\Jir^ 2^» 

Pai^get,7i. K-iiy^. 

Par-henon,n. ?6cr»ej3g»-vS3«g>S's$cwtt3: 

Pa'riah, n. ;5T»er5r'C2^. j 


«o5J"aa^.— n. iP. boue)|j5)bo^S- 

Parking, «. ^^Soj^., "i^^* 

Par^ish, n. 2L,r ^n»6eLiofi«iboeio"*fto, 

Pa-ri8h'ioner,w. 2*S'>6fii ^Ooffrf-sr^c 

Pai'ity, ?i. -^skr^^, ^^^> «^2>.S'- 
Park, ?i. d^;6»;6;^, ^;)QTr»e^$;65i»>, A 

Parkier, n. 6-^3Sj5i^r^5acii3» . / 
Par^lance, «. 7^o^#S.»^. . , ■ j. 
Parsley, n. ;6o^a.»;5*d; TOe^wsSc-w* 

Par'liament^ ». eo^dB»7D7«g«l»3E^Qe& 

Par'lia-meutWy, a. (jS^^^^iio 
Pai/lor, n. ^^fiKa, sroi; ' * 

Pa-rc/chial, a. ^06^d(S6a*€775t 

Bar'ody, ^ Wfc)!ro$S;s5K>, t.¥^"r".^ 

cp tJ en 

ParWma'sia, U^^^. 
Par ODO-m^asy, j «^ 

Par'ouym, n. ^5$rar*6^^?Co ^gii». 
Par'oquet,n. a,S^C^^;6 -£s5^'i>c>5^. 

^^ tin) 

Pk'rexysiD, ». ad^^^Sm, ^l^S's^. 
Pat'fi-ci'dal, o. ^o(j»SK?fX) ^®^>^ 

Pal'ricide, «. fc^;)SjT^gi ?oi&)Tn» 
Par'rot, n. -OwiT, T>^«M)ex»ir,^^ac», 

Pftt'ry, a;. <. s2);^o^fi^i^- 

Parse, v. i. ^wo^w^;6jc«asi»cis6 J)^ 

Par'si-m(/nioas, a. cr^^^j^.S^a-sr* 

Pat^simouy, i^. c>a^oBjj;Sb», S)2)'w>ad 
Pat'siDgi n. ^^iv^^^n^^iSai^rSvi;^^ 

ParsTley, n. r* Od^diSoBcsa»ri^T>^ 
Pat'souagei if«^68dl»oe^e>9j ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Par^son-bird', «. Tbai^fci?. 
Part, n. ^Kaoa, •90^^63, 4)otf s^, ab> 

TT'sSo&d^.ia^sSftixsSiFor tbe most 
p,=:^T^»sfotM«5, tfed-c^K'. In ^ood 
' p.»Ko5^Aii3i5*'', In p. ^6^o6;6s 
&xfi». P. and parceI=iSe0o4oe9c 
Acr^;o9^X'sto>. P-s of speech^TT* 

^tOSMk^y T>e>$:g)-c$y^fi^ab. To 
P. with=s5j-C^ltol5bo4D; Otfo-CSiij, 

Par-take^ «/.i. 9^?Cii»^iCSQ^ab,iSo 
lib^-c5a\r'x&:UBaallyfoll. by of. 

It p-8 of the nature of oil = 
^a§^o8tf»i^ol6 tfr»l»i0g^sSfib97C<i 

Par-taker, H. ;^o«>«r»e5, ^^Ke, 

Par-terreT, (^"^6"), «. ^o«^ct), 
Pai/tial| a. i5Jf^**^ti»?^o; w6o?^ 

Par'ti-al'ity, «. xsjtiL^^tf^fcb, esas^ 

Pat'tially, adv. r'otfao^, ffTOo 


Part^ible, a. v^}(^^<A^csK;6. 

Par*ti(/ipable^a. doiib^d'CSr^l^^ce^ 

Par-ti(/ipant, n. to^TSs^ift^o-zi^ 

Par-tic/ipate, v. i, 9^K^s5bi»^:Do-cSb, 

?Solfo;g)^r*a): foil, by of or in. 

Par-tic'i-pa'tion, n. ^KsSbssb^Oo 

Par-ti(/i-pa'tive,a. ^A';5b;ab?S)o^c 
Par-tic^i-pa'tor, n, ^KsS^iSsiroS^ 

Par'ti-cip'ial, a. e^TJ^ajcrsjlTL^ctt^o 
Par^ticiple^ n. ftf;6sS»«i6ir[fcc«>. 
Parotide, n. ecw^, ^^aw, &i;3a5, 

Par-tk/nlar, a. sSx>^'^^, erf^-qy 
't^^T&*s5, t>'<sS2)K$; S>sS^aboe)5^ 

In p.=;ix>^ga;M-7r». [0"^a^;5w« 
Par-tto'uWity, n* o^^^^sod, "S;55i>3j 
Par*ti(/alarize^ t?. A &<60o-^, S)^2S 

Par-tic^alarly, adv. S)s5b5Swo5^, 

Part^iBg^ n. «^ciPd6Ml), ^SeaKbiDi 

Pai/tfean^ n. $^i^«^tKl^ce^tiirj&c;SM 


Pai/tite^ a. is^eSo^iSedS^ :[)$eSo;^c2d 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 


Partly, octo, rotf;^»*a>s6, roSd 
Partner, n. ^r^o^cd^a, ^K^cd^, 

Partf nership, w.sS o?fc8'DKd5bDo2jD6, 

Par-took', p. ^- of pcbrtaUi. 
Pai/tridge, w. r^cgy'^^Oje^A^, 

Par-tu'rient, a* L?S70S)o^-ii>»5jj^, ^^6 

Par-ttt'rWgfeiont, H.jfcc>^55i>^iP>|J>^ 
Par'tu-ri'tion, n. ^^tSTCisSs^, vxfe^. 
Parity, H. ^JCl:5®, iTA., "8^^; W*o^ 

Par^iy-coJ'wttd, «. ;^^p3^w»?Co* 
Party-wall, n. i5«iaog««*to/r*2^- 
Pa^obftl, a. Ea^p ^i^Ti^i^^gc; 

P^8, V. i ^^ ^«^ ^itfan*^ 

>^i;)Q<id^ f^oh^Q9i^czi^. He 
. rp<*^ for a wise raao^^T^ci^z^ 

To of)u^ to p.=3ii^^**>ii* 
To bripg to .p,=^^$s)OL«*cif 

■^eea, "»^, — ^^^ ;^gtibPi •ioCS>; 

Pas'sage, n. ^fo*0fife), t3F*e-, (^», 

P^a^ttt, a. r^tf5^iS«^^. ^ 

PaaffifiugoTj ;** ^^TfcJ^A . \rp(pr', 

Pass'ing, a. j6dis<$»c5a^^; ii^^;5. 
Pas'aion, ». ;53ar*^sS;5a^ .iMr^X)^^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQLC 



■PSa.fl'sionately, ftdt/ S^^dfo-rr'j A^ 

Pas'sTOtiless, a ^ ti'6V<d, ■^-«^L^ 

PftS'sive, a. -^^fib^e); ^^^^^ 
IBjsJ, A*^t'«iJr:r3^* P. ^roice=t 

Fas-siv'ity, «. ^dCftSi^lfo^d, jO^^. 
PassVver, n. <35bj-»c»o «$o*d?C. 
Pasafport, n. ;tyTr»t)6lf^^^$fc)8o 

Past^ <f. ^oxsJ,^-DJi^, X^Jbfe. P. 
^ zrcB. as^ at hal£ p. seven. 

PssNtilto^/ ^ -^ 

' en 

'Pas'toral, tf. ;fe3&§- <0<«3o9i^3;6 i 

Pafiftry, n. SSbSsSoiD, ^(!(igifojj Oo-w^ 

Paaftry-cook', n. S5^tfobex> ^dSbo 
Pas^tarikge, n. t35&^cx)'i©d&) d^o 

Pas^ture, rit. 'Actf, ^-O^tf, ;^«)\tfd^ 
tisSoo.— v.^ "So^.— t^. i. '&d(5go. 

;5>|^.— ». fcoisSot). 
Pat, ?l. ^t», "aoo;ol?tov.— «;. ^. "Sae) 

&J ' CO «) en 

Patch, n. tfdbifSy ^%^.—v. L ^<fe 

Pa^h'woric/ n,i6r%iC^ti,a^^ ^ 
Patoh'y, b. «Hbi(5o*^^o<ScttBo;^. 
Pa'te', n* ^o, "Sft ^. 
Pa-teHa, w. -s^^W^; '2^T--r»€)c«bo 

Patent, a. ^cjJStM^ssiwX ^; (^ssS^^ss, 
Pa-fcei'nal, «. &©\7iowo^ Jo?6, $oi5 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Pa-tei/nity, n. S)^\^J5i5j3, [aSw. 
Path, «. rnajLS^^ijT'DLS^^S^t^ 
Pa-thetric,a. ;6;^«iortfcJ\o^Qd<£r,.irW 

PatVless, a.iS^sS^lo, ^Jj'J^ssw^X). 
Pa-thog'nomy, n.s5b^o-r'?5 jSy-iif t 

Pa-thol'ogiflt, n. S^KvJfi^w ^^5 ' 

Pa-thol'ogy, n. &^K^&,t^ir ;^^^ 
Pa'thos, n,'6io^\ ^%^tii^j ro&w^ 
Pathway', n. -y^Si^sS. [^tC^oo. 
Pa'tience, «. Le35^,tS!^s53, <pC>jv>, t'q 

Pa'tient, a. Le6^Ke>, ^Sr»o^dfo, "^ 

Pa'tiently, adv. k,*6>j5^, -^C^biS*^, 

Pa'triarch,fi. s6r>t>©CJ&*cefo, ^tf 

Pa'tri-ar'ohal, o,;^5gwtg>; l^?;;^ 
Pa-tri'cian, n. /r*i)^sSof^*5c<i», «6fe 
Patfpi-ci'dal, a. &*^5^^g ti^mo? 

Pat'ricide, It. M^2r^§?.2)«^^^^§^ 
Pat'ri-m(/nial, a. S)^^ tOomo^j^o, 

PatVimoDy, n. 2)|^?C^9KJd»,fc(J8r 

Pa'triot, «. ^^-St^^sSj-X). 

Pa'trtKrt^ic, M-IS*^? «^^ 
Pa tri-ot^ical, J K'o. 

Pa^fcroF, n."D-^Od*ocS} -g^-dC ©55^ 

V. L & t. N'KbOoS?^, ^^-opd&ab^ 

Pa'tron, «♦ (d^^sk*,.*^'^?©,?*^ 

Pat/ronage, ». l*^^*^j s^^'^S 

Pa'troness, ii.d<«ifiatr»e>D,j^;SSoTr' 
Pat/ronize, t;. t. ij^^fi^Oo-cij;^, lOo^ 

Pat'ro-nym'ici ;/. ■^•$^^-5n;5aax^,do 
ftfclfteroar, n. 2L,gj^¥^J^^i$,^i^ 
Pat'ter, v. i. ;;;>i>^is&;o^efc.—r. ^. 

Paa^city, M.«^5j^^jja», rJjw^^, 9^fi>. 
Paunch y «• s5^?i, d^^, !^^^^. 
Pau'per, n.a^ciio, ^sa^^cdiD, iioo 

Pau'perisin, ii. a_§^^5s5aD, 6:5*^^ 
Pause, «. ;ooc^, oo-^tiDtfp, ti66\ ssg 

Digitized by V3OOQ IC 



Pav'ier,J sncH^, 

Pawn^bfo'ker, «. ^^t>3 "^J?»S^^ 

Pay, t;. i- ^©o-c5b,sii$J^6«i^;L^©l8 
dBa^dfibo. To p. afctentiOD«=(yg 
?8s>^t>. To p. one's respects to» 

as^ a p-ine business. He paid 
for his folly=iff^A)« ^^ t^* 

Pay-day, if. itteoe^^jas^tfeo. 
f*i^-ee', n. ^£l» ^^^r^ ?6o*ft 



Peace, «. "^s^o, r^o^:^; Ti6^T?';S 

hold one!8 p.=dcri5er»2^S' ^tfSop 
thkD.—interj. 70^ ^rfj ! 

jRoaoerf^J, a. T^^air^abs^, ^^^"^ 
P^aoeTmalc'er, w. ^C^-qy^i;^ ^dflbo 

Peace^-off^jring, n. ^od ?5«^;6;^; 

Pei3k^-officer, n. d^i)Kia ^fi^eX'^c 
Psach^ w. fir*o2$;5o2^^a saws' •)«> 

Pea'chiok', «• "»sSaD&o. 


Pea'codc', n, sfoK-»si>C),;5bd&j-*t);6». 
Peafowl', «. "^sSbD, ;S(>cs5barotf;{». 
fWhen', «. ece$o"»55b©, 

PcMEkked, a. 5G^-S)-7v*<ab;6^, r';6X'e). 
Peal, n. sijiS^^s;^^, \y^Q^,'6i)Si»\^o 

Pearl, n. 5i»fijc;fip^s5in' jr^^D.Round 
T>.s=:«9e3s5b9$c;ib9. Artificial p.= 

Digitized by L3OOQLC 



Pearl-fishing, J ^ 

Pearl-oyster, 1^- ^^8^ ^^^.' ^ 
Pearl-shell, j J. 

PeJirl'y, a. 5i>^ga» ^o6i atetfgdtoo 

Peas'ant, w. -ff^c^, 'r»c^"5r»c2fo,4'^ 

Peafi^antry,«.-5-'c^"5r»oL^, "r»og 

Pease, n. j)/. wij-'^Kotto Toi^jzy^oib 
Pea^-slieir, w. »*j-;od^t». 
Peat,?i. fio€>\t"3t>5'^<^\TV»5^j^e»"a», 
Peb'ble, n. ;<bc}^5yooo, 76;5^fr'o»» 

PeVbledO ^- *^<i^*^*^ ^^*^ 
PeVbly, J ;6^. 

Pec'ca-bil'ity, w. ft*t)X>"»?^do>» 

Pec'cable, a. ^-^-o-^^^a, in^ts4K 

Pec'ca-diKlo, 7i. wo^fiiftssb?, -5)s5j^ 
Pec'cancy, 7i. fi^a^^f e^^"*??^^ .^ 
Pec^cant, a. (S^iS^^, ^i>^l5, q?! 

Peck, n. r'wt^ J)"<5S,d5».— v.^ & L 
' ^i^; ^iio-ch. To p. atbs^sJjj^S^;^ 

Pec'tinal,<i. i3"ls^;So^db"SctfT5owo?r 

Pfei/tofal, a, ?<So75 A;oz3o^J'5te:5. — »• 

Pef^alate, tf. t. tf ^sfir-do-da, pfo. 
Pe</a-la'tor, w. eis^^o-v$b»r»ceio. 
Pe-cul'iaf, a. t»^7y;0d8c>oT5?Ce>, e|i 

Pe-cnriar^ity, w. 0^sx;i», «*^;lr» 

Pe-cul'iarly, adv. t>'^iS,^i^y^'0\i 

Pe-cun'iary, a. ffjSi^ovtoif'^ci;6,[^i^ 

Ped'agogism, ». di^b^T^'odb&tfjjdoo, 

Pecl'agogue,n. ^^T;r«ccXSa)€2^^i5ci) 

Ped'al, n. r'^^deboL^J^wwer^ -5^© 
S'^ L^^j^<*> 9^?Cdw.~(pe^-)<i. 

Pe-dan'tic, \ «.O^Ke8«fi9%$r* 
Pe-dai/tical, j ^ ^•ow^Tir^sy'o^ 

Ped'dle, v. I -Oej^^^^ig eiRiar'aidb 
Ped'dlery, n. -2De>r5tS^^e)^9^s6i). 

Digitized by^^jOOQlC 

Pe-des'triaJ, a. 7d^2^«oQ2do$'aa?5« 
Pe-des'trian,ifr«y»e$^r»8, sStr^d^i^-O 

Pe-defiTtrtaniBQi/n^ ;$2^{^^^^^ 

Ped'icle, j .M»^ 

Ped'igrea, n. ;fe)^aoo^.i6<>r3tf^^ 'tf«> 

Ped'lar, n. fa^j^»e/ss;6-£^ 'ftejStf^ 

Pe'do-bap^tistDj n. (yop^^^^fibo 

Peel, V. U *f*€)Di,eea>.r-tv t; 's^U 

Peep, -t/. i- ^o)UScr-^)''tfH(i*6A 

Pee^in^ftt^Vi 2.<*»<?^ <iJH5(H«. 
P*rfp«lrirQeiiH.7?n>'^. Si^kJuS* 
Peer, 4-:^ ^sftiWSf fibi^gcafo; J«)*< 

Peet^ess^ a. 30iir;6a»^X), wab^sft 
Pee^viah, a. x^fi}t}si»yr> r^:^s$xi^^ 
Peg, «. A3r4ja», ?Cftr, r'oBbo ^^ 

P^«0tt8» m. (astro.) ^^J^^^^ttajj. 
Pelf, If. (H-vt-^g^sSr^di^) 4;$^, 

Pe4i88e^^ n. Jdfl&odfo^/ 
Pell,iu t^Ki"?f&tf5^^. 
Pell^ge, ri. S^y^^sb^. 
Pi?Wet,>i. *^^<froa^. 
PeFlide^ «. ^;:^^a^. ^abxio. 
Penitory,» » wr b8r^d»«b;s>otfba 
P^K-melKy adv. .s^SiJTr-, ^oe5e5^;^^ 

Pei-lu^cid, a. /oi^ v'So^S, ' "th^TS, 

Penu-ciaity^n.;»teiefQij», [S>t>^ 
Pelt, ?i. ^;C>^c«b»5;f*oo, -2it;ix>.— 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 

fif ftf 

r«iid'iug, a. tt»\»-Oj?^« ft^a'iTl 
dtfwvg^^ UN, tt p. »uit.— 2>n^/e3«> 

MiAo, M, p. Ui« inquiry. 
I'oi/duloui) II. ^T§tn*0(5fc,r 
Pun^duluin, M. ^ikntfc^tSx) ud5$\ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



Pen'nated, J^- "•^^-^^^^ 
PWniless^ a. :i«^lSx>, !)!^,;d^^i 

Pen'njr, n. t^D©*fecr'^©Laoe^^9^K 

Pen'ny-ra/al, n^sr-^sSK^y «,«':::^"at 

Pen'ny-weight^ «. gj^;os^ ^"^b.;iM» 
Pen'Dy-wise', a. "^^^S^SidvsiotFsrQo 

Pen'By-wori', n. (Indian—) «5^.s» 

Pbn'ny-worth', *i. ti^lbj^j^ «c;9odK 
Pen'8ioD,n. 'cpovciio>dr(S^oX'a«^8> 

Pen'aiojdary, a. 9e»a«-7r'X)cc^c»"S 

same aa2>en«ioii6r. 
Pen^sioiler, n. ^Gr^xaxit^i> pr5 

Rei^, p. jh erf pen,^ 


Pen'tateacfr, ft. ^5^^^ ISfiober^ 
Pe-nal^timate^ a. S'2^^4*«r*^ab5oe^ 

Pe^onage, «.2^o^^C^Sb^^;s«). 
Pec/ pie, w. a;5;jw,«^cx)^^^^.Kcx), cr* 
Sow. One's own p.--=«L»g'iOwo2;joa 

Pep^per, w. sxstfjsfiiiwi Sodcfinoo. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

CO CO C>? »*» ' 

Pej/per-corn', n. Si^^abn^ots. 
Pei/periDgt a. ■v^'^ts^ hJk^isi 
P^permiBt, ». •ync»j5Kcf^tf-'»3aarj^ 
(»»hr> [jr^i^ssxf^. Indian p*=i 

Per, prep. tr^Tn, K)OTyiS6e>; i, &; 
* P. annam»ido;Stf^($aBtes6;i6, ^dot 

Per ad-ven'tare, a<to* tklT^^^JiSi 
Per-am'buiate; v. t. •ctofc>3»b^;fb, 

Per-am'baMa'tor, n. j^^efowod; 

Per-ceiv'able,a..g'A</^;6c^5J\g^ ^ 

Pet'cept, If. A^-(^^;6S. L*^*^- 
Per-cep^ti4)ifity5*.A^45tf ^;lv, \jv^ 

Plir^c6)?tibly, ikfe). lJ?)d:5bo;6*jo'>r», 

Per-cep^tion, n. »*;6^, (jCs>^3s;», 

Per-cep^tive,a. '3©%r'l5dfo,|^Sn»» 
f%rch, v. t. (^JL)' 5j^e6^o^ '^fi'ijr^ 

Per-chance',vidv. isf ^<^, -y^^oo, 
Per-ci^jTient^/a. (jCS^o^Oifc,^*:Sd» 

Per'colate, t;. <. sS^iicXtjo.— r. i 
■per'co-la'tion, n. sSiScCbcTCt^ib ; ;S 

• .CO 

Per^co-la'tbr,n/64'*^ K*ib t^ 5^;5;j» 
Per-cua'sion, w. /jwj^. ^;^^^0;J», 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Per-du/able,a. t^^^^Sj hr5o6r5 
•Pe/egrinate, v.J. Tlr*45s?a»'^cxfco, 

Per'emptorily, <idtk ^o&^asi'Tryts's 
Per^emptory^ a. yc<Se'^osr^2i<4^;l» 

* «8^ a p. order. 
Per^Q^nial, a. w^Dj^exo^^cKf** Obo 

Pei'fect, a. iGo^t5"ajj6,r'Mcd'5J5>, 

Per-feot'i-bilfity^;!^ ^a^^lMy^it^ 
Per-fect^ible, a. ;j)9;^iJ&'o*c?Co, 

Ebr-fec^tion, n. ;cio^>5«^, ej^^sSt'Sn 
t*er-foct'i7e,a. loas^^ &^i§c s^ik), 

Pe/forate, v. <. *^»o*, 'Hmtfy^ 'i 
.Pei'fo-m'tion, II. rSo{^a»^a5mt>; 
Per'forative, a. 6o[^jh>i0^Xo. ^ 

Per-form', v. t. ^SdBb, "^m'Ai^ %• 
Per-form'ahce, n. >5c*5»t>jiBe«"<05\ 

Slii^fonD'er, iv. '^A^ttosncth, ~Am1I 

Per-fum'er, ;/. ?ses$b? ^j5;:ga«)pac> 

' c>:7CclSd!5boSfB. 
*Pfer-fiim'ery, i/. ^83fe?|&s5ca»cx); 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Per-f ancftor%, ^dv^ •^^^■;)f^ V 

Pei^rlfiffiioo, 7^ -^^^J^- r^^art. 

Per-haps', etS^. ir^ctS^ew, «L,s'-Stf> 
Pfer*t-oa/^wfB, -n. i^f'^^dM, 
5^^e5d«j>;sba arrb<fr*6. rfewe^aw. 
Per^-i<»rp,#f. aj^s^dtojjfir^, tTe-*^^ 
PorT-ora'lwti.m, ii.^i6^e«6jTb *^^ 

Per'i-hel'ion, «. (astro.) fc^. 

Pw^il, 71. ey»d^ds6.;6»,e^'S^ ld^,;H;o. 

— v. /. ^ in<s$!>^fT^c'^t>9. 
Pe/ilous, fl. Q#^d85>^s$, ^fS0> ?5 

Pe^riody n. ^;5dJSbs5;>3, 'V^eN^'<«lodt5 

Per'i-od'ic, a. same as j>eriodical. 
"■Pe'ri-od'ical, a. »cBbOad-5~'ciaMe>cr^ 

Pe'ri-qd'ic|illf,^tti X)<«^ 1P»|) 
P«r-ifiiflMa«Hi<^. ^7n^^a5b»^^ 

Pei'jurer, w. d^^^id^^gK^ ^d&ia'^c 

Per-juVioiis,\ a. d^KQ^aoo^l^rf; 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Perk, V. i>fio{^.— v.^^r^ctTifo^. 

P«r4afceoiis> a. ;6o^asbo^lS« 

Fe/manenoe, ^ ^' |^^, |^*^' ^ 
Per'manency, > ew^ait ',5J;is^A»> 

Pe/mauen^, a. It^^^, ^oo^tf aao;5^ 

Pei/manently, adr, &i55S»7v*# lOex) 
Per'mea-bil'ity, «. "f 2^«J,xS^i5»l5;^ 

Per^meable, a. -^rS^'^iki, "^«g 
Pei/meate, v. t. ar^osr'^d^^. ^S^ 

Per'me-a^tiott, «. ^c'J^;55>3y tf*^tr* 

Per-mi^cible, a. S)onji^;^^2SwiK«*rf. 
Per-mis'sible, a. »aas60o»cfi&«c liK 

Pflfr-miarwaii, «. "^^tg), ^i6« v*^^ 
Per-mis^sive^a. ^^G^^ V«9 

efo-iS>, 2a^;y.— (Pel/-) n.tWStHaO, 

Per-inat'able,a- i^^'io^^;$xiSrr^e^ 
Per'mu-ta^tioD, n^ ^?a^t)«jM9»{6^. 

Per-ni'cious, a. ^:5, ;^;o«'C'ao;;$; 
Per'o-ra^tion, n. (^s5-,Co;^i<55j3, |^^ 
Per'pen-dic/ular, a* ^ew^^s, Isi^;^ 

Psr'pen-dic'u-lai-'ifcy, n. ;ocx>^tv»' 
Pjar'pe^rate^ v. t. (c^v-^^S^) ^ 

Per'pe-tra'tioB, «.("«t$5fio) ^Sdbbofeiy 
Pef'pe-tra'tor, n. (Tte^sbD TJg' ^;jij^ 

Per-pet'nal, a. r'^jstijas^, ^^oj^ 

Per-pet'aally^ adv.T*¥^^&K>'7r>f^^y^ 
Per-pet^uate, v* t. T»«JeJ;foj-7r»«eodfo 

Per-pet'u-a'tion, n w^^^^T^^SkM^ 
Pcr'pe-tu^ity^ n. trStS, ;o«^cd^aj3,r» 

Pei-plex', t'. ^. ^<ysSb^*jo, T^^ojjpssi 
Per-plex'ity, n. I'^^S^sSm, T&o(j;y«6! 
Per^qnieite, n. sSdssasi-g' ^ T)o^o 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

ei ^j'^o-db, lido-do, dr^t^isSi^ 

Per'se-cu'tion, n. l><2o-c>3t3, ^9© 

Per^se-cu'tive, a. s:)efo?6«' l>ao^ifo. 
Pe/se-cu'tor, n. ^^o-cSa^r<2fe, I) 

• (•^gs'^wsijojib) ;^ejo;s.a». First, 
second^third p-SsA-J^s^b ^^ 

Pei'sonable, a.«^o2S"S5o;5,^ofi>i5'ao;5^ 
Par^sonage, n.'^estfjs&s^gcefc, ^^ 

! ^9 

Pe/se-cu'trix, «. ^EP^o-e^ssajSnofto j Pei^sonal, a ^Icx^^rf; ^cjBS>^-ir» 
Per'se-ver'ance, 7i. ^i>325e;, w^»<^ ''"^ftj5jd^od-F^Cc;5xe;«b ;^'8^;;<;^fe 


pep'fle-vere', v. i. ti¥'^^St>3^toe,»i5 


ix»25c;?C©KcX5boodfc, piiasSg'L^g »o, 
Por'se-vej/ing, a. ?3tx>;5eSe>^, s5i>5? 
Per'se-ver'ingly, adv, [^<s&^^sSxiT> 

Per'si'flageS n. d^cS^t$^rfs6r»t>t>o. 
Per-sist', v. t. ^fl^i^txiD^fcoS^^odfc^, 

Per sist'once, \ «• ^^^> ^$« 
Per-sist'ency, J ^t>3, ^*oos:>2^Soo 

CO CO f , 

I^er-sist'ent, ) «.s^^«^^?^«, 
Per-sist'ing, > 6^:&)^"ft2i)5 -C^ 
Per-sistTive, J x>djbcS;o. 

Pei'son, w. ;S5a)(5)^) ^ (;g)05dpct^-7r»» 

P. property='e3oX'5$>eij-»s5^;5csfe-- 
S*. P. pronouns ;g)a&;*¥^v;icrc 

Per^son-aVity, w.aSr'^ab Sjjs^; ;S\ 

Peti^soDally, adv. TOJcfiMMTn, B^'S, 

Per'son-a'tion, n. "SeS^rx) ejcr^aia 

2?>eo^C$J*0,55ot|eato8»g»CSaCX>Tr (t)S$ 

Fen<son»a'tor, n«;5de3sB»s ^Dgz^^jboa-Tr^ 
Per-toki'ifi-ca'tion^ f$. ^rf^a^^S 

Pfer-son'ify, v. t. ^;^d^;$cry*2)0^. 
I^er'son'nel', n. ^6^cX';S>o ^G^zs^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Per'spi-c^^cious, a. iSji^J^ti^^^O^ft 
Perspi-cscfity, «^ )Sar»Jf\a5^fc., 'fej^ 

Per'spi-CQ^ty, n. -a^zii.'ityciSTS^^y 
Peo-spioTaons^ a. W«^;5, tG^sS;^ 

Pet-spir'able, a. ^55bi> ejj»sSi6r7V* 

Per'spi-ra'tion, n. "ft«S>4D, "^^ai:. 
Pfer-spir'ative, a. "^^Sa^JoQofioj^-j^. 

Per^aade^^ v. t. t5^l>osSa, tfi^^o-t 

Pepfsna'sible, a. «5^5^,SjwC;6;5i)«Qi3c 
Per-sua^sion, n. «5^^*5, ?5^!jo-i)i>^ 

J^er-saa'sive, a.«5^9o"S^,^5i)do^ 
Pert, a. d^;C«ki5^2^, ^^jjjS^SoR 

Per-tain', v. i. ifSotoo^ovto,/3oa>/i 
f^r'fci-na'cious, a. ifij^tf^^^iiij^^iy, 

Per'ti-nao'ity, n.^^yy^^'^^ 

Pet^fehieiioe, \«- L^^^cHTab.*^ 
P^iitiiieiMJy, J iGozjo^^dw, (j^^tfosi 

— o ' 

Per'tinent^ a. d&ojT^;^, 73o^^2'si 

Pert'ly, adz;. ^^Tr^zSTr>, "ant^tf^J 

Pert^ness, n. «;SDTr^e^®3;^s52*d, Ifoo 
Per-ttirl/, v. L xS€o«oc^dt5bo, tfe^Oo 

Per'tur-ba'tion, «. S'e>^r5'^yix>^; «'e> 

Poi'uke, see Periwig, 

Pe-rus'al, n. ^cS^;^ h , -^ o^dSow 

Pe-ruse^ v. t. oSda^, -O^Ro^, ^^ 

Per-vade', v, t -sr^glbo^, "^eecCbo^ 

Per-va^sion, n. wo{$4oi!Sb,r»c8)o-c5ot5. 
Per-va'sive, d. oi'c&o'^a^. 
Per-verse^, a. ti\Jv>^^^^ Ds5§^e)o 

Per-ver'sion, h. 'iib^7^:$T'^;6xi!SQo& 

Per-ver'sity, w. ^|/2>3|, SSSots^^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Pearl-fishingJ * 

Pearl-oyster, I ^- ^'^8^ ^^^? ^ 
Pearl-shell, j J. 

Pearl'y, a. 55bo^a» ssoflj ate#g«fc>© 

Peas'ant, w. "f^c^, 'r*t;g)"5r*c2fo,<r^ 

P^aa^antty^w.'s-'c^'snoijfo, "r»cig) 

Pease, /^ j)/. wij-'^f^otto ToaM-zs^e* 
Pea'-slieir, w. w*j-^dn». 
Peat,?i. fio€>A^"3tjO'^fe\TV»5'j^e»"a», 
Peb'ble, n. ;<be;^5yooo, 76s^^jK^w* 

PeVbledO ^' ^^ci'^*^*^ ^^*^ 
PeVbly, J ^^. 

Pec'ca-bil'ity, w. ft*^x>^^^do>» 

Pec'cable, a. hsStt^^^, *^ti36gk 

Peo'ca-dilMo, 7i. wo^fii^sSa?, -u^sjj^ 
Pec^cancy, 7i. fi^Sk^^f ei)T>^?fiSv,. 
Pec'cant, a. (5^iS^t>, -^iSjoiS, i^p 

Peck, 71. r*we^ J)"<;s,jabat.— t;.^ A iL 
' i(3;ab; sJr-afo-cSj. To p. ats-^j^^di^y 

Pec'tinal,<i. ^"15i\tSo^db"SctfT5oz^ 

fe^ulale, v. i. tf^s&^do-da, pfe. 
Pe</u-la'tor, w. es5o^ao-v$b»r»c2fo. 
Pe-cuViaf, a. t»^7yS)d8c>oT5?Ce>, ej5 

Pe-cnriar^ity, w. 0^;x;i», «*-^:fr- 
Pe-cul^iarly, adr. S>^;S,51»tv,S>-0i^ 
Pe-cun'iary, n. ffjSi^ovioif'^^,\^i^ 
Ped^agogism, n. d»^77»od8&^CJ69, 

Pecl'agogue,n. ^^i!p^c*5»C(Sb,i5ci) 
,> 5^c«fig;5r|C6. 

Ped'al, n. r'X)^dfiboL^sS»e>er^ ■y'© 
S^ L^^jy-<*> ^PA'dM.— (pe^.)<i. 

Pe-dan'tic, ^^^ a.tT:^^KtS^t&,<Sr't 
Pe-dai/tical, j 2^, ^•oto?$»7r»5y»c4 

I^'auUy) fit S|ou:Jb»7n ^o^igig^ 
Ped'dle, v. I ^^^jg ^ts^r^^kb 

— i 
Ped'dlery, >«. -O«r5^^^o;&9^s6t>. 

Digitized by^OOQlC 

Pe-des'triaJ, a. 7d^2^iopw«^"aorf. 
Pe-d88'trian,if.«y»25^r^, sSty^^i^S^-O 

Pe-defiTtrifuiiSQi/n* ;$2^{^^^^^ 

Ped'icle, j .d««. 

Ped'igrea, n. ;(o^^.i6oir^4^ «So 

Pe'do-bap'tism^ n. (^ap^^^cfi^ 
Peel, t?. t. *f*oDl,eea>.r-tv ti 'S^wo 

Pe^ep^lwle', 1[* 

n. :«^oV ^tfnn^ 

Peei/ingboieVi 2.<*b9^ ^if^^m^ 

Peei^age, w* .iGQ^-sr^^O<tf)«) ;^^ 

Peer^less, a. ;0iir;6a»^X), wab^sto 
Pee^viah, a. i^^ffa»yr^ r<s3;^c6:3^ 
Peg, ii.A3nt)a», ?Cftr, r'oBbg ^e» 

P^«0ii% 0. (astra.) *2^^)«Saa5. 
Pelfjii. (w-sf^^ofr-di^) ^tf;ji». 

Pell^ge, W. «^^;3ab^. 

Pel'lide^ ft. T^j^^^ir^. [^abxb. 
Penitory,?* • wfi* ^s'^daabs&otfb a 
P^l-melKy adv. (irajTv, Koese^ W 

Pei-lu^cid, a. »tf ^■Sa;5, ' "^i^g^ss, 

Pel'lu-cid'ity^n. ;oteie'c;j», i^^tW 
Pelt, n. ^;C>^Sc«o;o5r*oo, -vbt;ix>.— 

Peer, 4^1^;S^, ^^^^ :«**< Wj^f ^-^^^^^^^^l^^^: 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Pwi, n. ^o^Sto, «^», Ifr^f; ^^^ 

Pe'nal, (Is^^fT). a.':>^rf TOawirfJ^^* 

Peual'ity, n. «3r^^,«2^^Sfli»v9i 
Pen'alty, ("^J^© ), «. ^JC^.e^o2$;^,i^ 

Pen'ance, n. ^?S»dj; ^j^'*S)«^^;i», 

P^nce, n., j>i. of penny. 

Pei/oil, ». L^<*3ii^)grtg)5>, fejj; 

Pen-catler, n. iSvos^ isss^tt^ W* 

Pend'ant, n. l<«'^'^^^*»<5^(i5?) 

Pend'ency, n. ^^ tHIT (^^H>iab^ 

Pead^eot^ a. ijSer»"Sif>. , v 

Pend^ing, a. w«3?C)-c5;3<6j|-^ fec^"^! 

di5bo;6^^ as, a p. 8uit. — 2>rej?.«C6 

edSo, as^ p. the inqairy, 


Pto'^trft-biFity, d.iJtfc* ^«iB^fe 

PeYi'etrable, a. "fi^g^jsJ, -B^i^ 

Pen^etrate, v. t. [^'i^o-^^ ^S^-^^i 

Pen^e*tfa'tittg; a. -vS'^'Sc^©^ ^ScnJfii. 
Pen'e-ttWfchm, n. jS-^^cr^B, ^s^ 

Pta'eti«livti,4i^^ll«o^3^ ^*i 
Pen'guiD, ft. «W •^2i;$)3tx)Xo r,^ 

Pta^itexiGe,iiv<»ai»9^««sb9> <^;a»^ 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



Pen'nated, J^- "^*-«^^^ 
PWniless^ a. :i«i^lSx>, f)!^,;D^^9 

Pen'noD, n. -S^jiJ^pWiSeD., ^i?^^«in 

Pen'njr, n. S),D©*(*cr'^©ljaotf ;69^K 

Pen'ny-ro/al, H*iP»Ai;iKo «*«'S5^2^ 

Pen'ny-weight> «. gj^;os^ d'^iii;ja»» 
Pen'oy-wise', a. "%2^;^;5*ai»abi>cr^o 

Pen'Bj-wori^ n. (Indian—) 25^56: 

Pbn'ny-worth', *i. tiS^liJ^j^ «c;9odj\ 
Pen'sile, a» (j5<r»"S*^. 
Peu'sioD^n. ^crvT*v^^sr*9J<sSv>'i% 

Pen'tateacb, ft. ^^TS^gw ISfiober^ 
Pe-nal^timate, a. r2^^*6^X>8abaoe^ 

Pen'siouary, a. 9&i»aMTr'^a^cw-S P«^^*w»'«n>»»' <^K<i^i&iLij-<tt»l^. 

same ^SLpendcmer. I ^ ' 

Pen'sioiler, n. dt(S^g?C;6oi>4St) ^i5 Pe^onage, «.2aoi^g?«>^^;$». 

^dM^'CSy^l^ab^r'ieia, ^t^cSctiboc | " Sow. One^s oWn p.-^a,g';owo2;x.a 

^^ CO ' W 

Digitized by L3OOQLC 



en CO M en t • 


Pej/per-corn', n. diOdM^Kov. 
Pep^periDgt a. -F«e"aoj5, W^jbiSi 
Pepfpermint, n. rr^triSHb^^iih^^^ij^ 
cftwfeA) ijm^iTasWb. Indian p.= 

Pep^pery^tf. Djadtf>;$»70ofoo$^M 

Pep^tios^ n. $mg. ig^^sw«fe^j-^T» 
Per, prep. tr^Tn, K)OTy,de>; i, J6; 
^ P. annum»76od»^iJ4»3a, ;d0« 

Per ad-ven'tttre^ a<to* tklT^^^JiSi 
Per-am'bulate, v. t. •ctofc>3»bi^;fb-, 

Per-am^ba-la'tor, n..[^'^iiozio&\ 

Per-ceiv'able,a..g'A<J57;6j^S^ /T* 

PerT€0tttr«ge,^'^6M<«^; i?g 

Pet'cept, If. A^^25;6S. t^*- 
Per-cei7ti4)if itj^^;r^-ts^^a:v, (jr» 

Piii^celJ'tibly, iwfe). ^©d&orfi^D-K^, 

P^-cep^tioiti, «.'»^&, (Xs^fioJSto, 

Per-cep*tive,a. 'ic&r'lSiifojiJCanrgt 
Perch, tJ. t. (^ l\)' 5a-«>fl6^o^ "^tf (jT' 

Per-chance',vidl5. tisf ^ff",' -s^c^s^oo, 
Per-ci^^e'nt>Va. (jCSNo^0ifc,^*5a» 

Per'colate, v. t. sS<S*acXt>j.— r. t 
Per'co-Ia'tion, iu ^&^cKiM%o ; ;S 

Per co-la tor.n. ^cfi^cK^^^-i^tf ;6;jj} 
Per-cus'sion, ^•^vf^. Hts^i^psi^f 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

PSer-dur^al)le,a. r*^^'^:Sy hr5 o6rS 
•Pei'egrinate, v.J. "Sr*fcs?da)'^cx5bo, 

,Pd^'egri-iMMoD^ iTSf^i^i^iiq^'^^dd 
Pe/emptorily, adif^ ^o&i^a^'i^yts^ 

Pei'emptory, a. yc^6'"aas?; 2^$:s;» 

t «B^ a p. order. 
Per*en'aial, a. e;Dj^tx»&^(u<f^ abo 

Per-en'nity, w. ft^jjWjj;^^^, . .^jj^j 
Pei'fect, a. 7Go;^t5"aos$,r'e©ctf'<J;D, 

•Per-feot'i-bilfity,;!, ^8^^«*^oiSc 
Per-fect'ible, a. t)tf;^!r^ (f'irofUcKv^ 

Eer-fec^tion, n. ^o^>5!^, cr^^isStiSn 

^d;6¥j53», 76?ir i, fta. ' ; '. 
t^er-fect'ive,a. 700^^ *^i§ci5;^2^, 

Pe/fectly, a(*!^./^ol8h<J;i>J►^^, er^Si 

Pw'forate, v. L *^oo-cl>, "tSwacto "^ 

.Pei'f o»ra'tion , n. iSo\^;b>^cA>tn 

Per^forative, a. ^o|¥;tiw%JciBkK'o.. 
Peiffo-ra'tor, ». l^p^5^l6» ^dt5bo;s5jD 

Pier-foroe^j c»<|v. •ier»^rv^a»ir, p 
Per-forni', v. U "^dt^, "^e^'ifl^ e 

fib ^Oo-0d6v«^. 
Per-form'ahce, If. ^d5»i3,i»wi!!6^ 

Bif-fonn'er, ». "^Stto^nclfc, ■»e©'< 

Per-fura'er, w, ?seoi>? L^'^S^^^ 

' oc?fci5cX5bo^a. 
*Pfer-fum'ery, w. ^85j3?|j:>*cA9ex>; 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 

Per-fancftQwly, ^v^ i^^C^^K^i ff 

Per-haps', «*f. ^t5^^, Wt!^, | ^^»W^«>«# > *p« ^I^. 
;S^^2^c«b;J^ Orrt»**6. rfe«j^a». ; ^^^ 


Per'i.herion. n. fastro.^ ft^. I ^""'^^^^^ ^- «toe^t>.;6o-5«.^ 

Per'i-hel'ion, «. (astro.) ft'?5 

»d8btf-y-t>55^i v^s^Ottii^ a» 

Per'i-od'io, a. same as j>eriodical 
'Pe'ri-od'ical, a. ^dHbaa^-5~»oda)e>cr^ | 

iww^ft i^^Ai^::^!^;^. 

^ ^ « . ' ^ ri ^1 Pei^jurer, ft. 6T^;giii6^ l&hfSsr^c 


Per-ju'rions,'! a. tj^i^i^^litf; 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 



P^tr^afceoas^ a. dbotf^sibo^lS. 

Pi^i'meiienoe, ^ ^' |*^^, |^^i ^ 
Pe/manency, > eK>^2if -^^SosS^Jjabj, 

Per^manen^, a. |^^^| ^vo^S^aS^ 

Per'manently, adu. ^i^sSodt^, ;0w 
Per'mea-bil'ity, n. ■^2$^0,>S^^»'^ 
Pei'meable, a. -5^^»^ifo, "^tfg 

Per'me-a^ticm, n. ■t5c^^;&:^v tr»^ 

Per-mi^cible, a. tyf\ytii9i&M€tSK^, 
Per-mis'sible, a. 5^sJbs60o»dbc^c 6?^ 

Per-mifirsiaii, «. "t^o^^ <^i«i« »*^a> 

Fer-mis'sive^a. ^^e^o^syio ^itf 
Per-mit% v, t. T^iwJ^AJgo&M^ 

efo-c5o, ^^;j.— (Per'-) n.^^k^B, 

^*^><^i^^, "^^^ 

Per mu-ta'tion, «^ ^7Jj^t)56H(iiP«6;5. 

Per-ni'cious, a. ^:s', ^s^iotfi^-aorf; 
Per'o-ra'tion, ft. ^?3(C3os^J^;Sx>, |^ 
Per'pen-dic'alar^ a. acx)^?5, ^)<)o^ 

Per'pen-dic'u-lai-'ity, w* ;ocx>^-rr» 
Por'petrate^ v. <. (c^lr^^§^) ^ 

P©r'pe-tra'tioB, «.(lSt^^jbo) l^dtjboftjy 
Peff'pe-fcra'tor, n. (T8c<5i» TSg'^iijy 

Per-pet'aal, a. flr-^jjd^;;^, ^l^o]^ 

Pwpet'aally^ adv.^i^^six-rr,^-^^ 
Per-pet'uate, v. L T^^jJe^J&aTr^aco^^ 

Per-pet'a-a'tion, n ^«jjds53?^^tx)nS 
Pcr'pe-tu'ityy n. Stf<$, ^J^ce^jjiSjj^r* 

Pei-plex', t'. ^ g'e^cSbTJ)^, ^©(jS^s^ 

I " 

Per-plex'ity, n. ¥'e)^55:>3, ^Ool^sJS? 

Pei/quieite, w. i^^-r^g' ^ Tbo^^o 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Pei'sec'ute, v. t Sr'o&o-c^, 0^fo:SeSd 

Per'se-cu tion, n. IxSo^i), 7^?o 
•{5340. • ' ' 

Per^se-cu'tive, a. t^^^ h&o^S^dh. 

(^gS't>W55ao2i>) ^\eC);is6j. First,' 
second^third p-s=^^;5b ^^ 
[ti^^y^^ibssjfxtv^. In ^.z=nt^(sss;i» 

Per'sonable, a.wo2S"ao^,:(joofi;t^^;5^ 

Fei'se-cu'tor, n. ^^o-cJ^^^ifo, l)| pa/gonage, fi.lbg;55sfo*gce$D, «-^^ 

Pe/se-cu'trix, «. ^r'^o^^iajSnoSo i Per'sonal, a -JjIdSD^sf; lOjScdBo^^TT* 
Per'se-ver'ance, n. ^tx>tSo, w^^<*| '*^^j5jd'odiff^^g;5;»e>«> KrbyCi^BtS 

pe^'se-ve^e^ v. i. aiir-tD^to^^j-id j 

■C53. ■ . j 

Parse- verging, a. -^iMts^^v^^ ^t^ ^ \ 
Per'se-ver^ingly, adv. L^c«6€^;&>r> | 

' CD 

Per'si'flage% «. d^cS^b23'^5^^«>°- 

60 CO " , ' " 

Per sist'cnce, \ 



F^er-sist'ent, ) a.^^^^^^Kv, 
Per-sist'ing, > 6-i^;6a^'T)2fo^ 6t>3 
Per-sist'ive, J j:)ajbeS;o. 

Pei'son, ft* z&>K){Ik) % (^^^it^Tr*^ 

P. property=*ao?<'5555j-»i32^S5<s$r» 
&^. P. pronouns §e&;S«5^¥^75Cfc 

Per^soh-aVity, «.;6r«_e;5b^j5as»; sS\ 

Perfsonally^ adv. y^cs^^i^^ TT'^ 

Pe/sonate, v* ^ 2L»S^a8 ijeSbboip jj^ 

Per'son-a'tion, w. 'SeS^S'^ dj^;S» 

P^son-a'tor, n.56«3aQ»5 ^§M£fooa-7r» 
P©r-4(m'ifi*ca'tion, n. ^rf^S^sS 

Pfer-son'ify> v, t ^^;$dj5;5j*9^2)(K$j. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Per spi-ca'oious, a. 7S^^^>^^i<iVf^ 
Pear'spi-cac/ifcy, n^ 7^T^ii\^lK, b^ 

Per'spi-cu^ity, n. 7$\sstf ,^toc25^dSji 
PeB-spic/aous, a. Wtt2^;5, iG^sS'S^ 

P«r-8pi/able, a, "SsSbi^ aar»;;Si6nt* 

Per'spi-ra'tion, «. "*8Si>*D, "ij^Bb:. 
Pier-spii'ative, a. "^;Sb^SQofioj,_^. 

Per*suade^, v. *. ^^^o-c^, ^^0-6 

PeFrsaa'sible, a. tf^5^^e»C)^^«P<Jac 
Per-sua'sion, n. tf^/?^, i5^^o-«p.i>^ 

Jfer-saa'sive, a.tS^^o'?Wfo,^^*ojk 
Pert, a. d^;C«k«S^2^, «^^ir|jSTioJ\ 

Per-tain', r. *• if6o»o^oxto,.^3o*> 1 
Per 'ti-na'cioas, a. i6T»6;g^sS^fCy, 

Per'ti-na</ity, w. ^vr»d ^j*f ^ - «^ 


Pei'tftieiice, •)«• L^S^o^T^b^ 

Pe/tinent, at. dSbo^^;^, tSoK^^^s^ 

Pert^ly, adv. «s56T>^o25-7r», "^Scptjotfj^ 

Perfc^ness, n. ^;S:i-zr^t^&o;6i^di&j Ifoo 
Per-tirl/, v. t. a5«)o-.oc^c*5bo, if d5«)o 

Per'tar-ba'tion, «• «'e)i6t5'^)ix)tDj tv 

Por'uke, see Periwig. 

Pe-rus'al, n. ■v5«5bji§ij, ^cposbit 

^ X)~°d(5bso;5b3'^d(5bQ« 
Per-vade', v. ^. •t»$j*)o-£^i "^e«dt5bo> 

Per-va'sion, n. «*olj4o;65r»cS)o-ciA>* 
Per-va'sive, a. oP-gSbo^ae^. 
Per-verse', a. sSl«'«»|?<'^> 0;C)S^e>D 

Per-vei'sion, h. Tiag3^s5cr»^;s»s^o4 

t^'-ver'sity, n. 55|/2»a, ^GSo^JS^ 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 




(Per'-) — ?^. s$3o^rfj-?^4>?i!i)o* "^ 

Per-vert'er, k. 7«>-cJb;r«c6dj X)?3abo 

Per'vious, a. -iS^dci5?\<^, 2Si^J5cBJ\;5, 

Pes'simist, ?i. tG^jSoo «S>-D^if;l»;:5So5» 

Pest, n, "^$(^0, -£>5^, ;$re5 €r;^|«^ 

Pea'ter, t;. /. h&o-cs^, <5^oi5{ftfdt5bo. 
Pest'house', «. G^?^w^t>, 
Pes-tiferoas, a. ^oiDoST'ai^, ri^< 

Pes'tilence, w. wotDoS^K^SbD, ^tf j 

Pes'tilent, a. wot^^r^-adij} ^iS^^Jtf 

Pes'ti-len'tial, a. woAjor^ad^, ;^< 

, . *- to' a 

t ft— > 
Tes'cle, n. files'©, iSj3^ej:l»._*t?. <, 

Pet, w. r*^r<ii;5;», eexjg^j 4rg5^^ 
Pet'al, n. ;g-.5.^^^;jM, ^^j5"io«o. 

Pet^iole, n. «a5Cei»5'j^T^2i. 

P©-ti'tionary, a. (j^i5-a^ dcr»i>^aa;^ 
P#-ti'tioner, w, \Jr^Q o-c5^i«^ O 

Pa4^ri.fac/tion, ^l w.^owa^d^^^ 
Pet'rifi-ca'tion, J ^'oooTv»'^c*fc»i>. 

Pet^ticoat, n. -ir>^^ t)8§A. 

Prtf iWog'ger, «^. -0;^ •r«gl5gatoB«k 

Pet'ti-fog'gery, n.lay7oae»,tfoLi$a»t 
Pet'ta-fog'ging, a. jb-cT^^, *pjjS 

Petftiah, a. xSao^^JoaTV r*s3;ibo sS"^ 

Pel^Qlance,^w.«^^o;?^;i», *(jto§^ 
Petfalaucy,j ;^;sw. 

Paw, ».^^fi 8&a-6. 
Peewit, same as lofwing^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Pha-lau'ge9^ »., pi. of phalim». 
Pha'laqx, tf. ^cs^sSw, ?joJ;|J<€ 

Phal'lic, a. ©©TC^Oowo^'Sijs^. 
Wmn'tasin, «; iJST^ ^)i6»->!r^c 

phaQ-tas'mji-go^ria^ n, ^p|j$ «p<i 

Pban'taey, n. see Fancy. 
Pfaan'tom, n. ^d;5bD, 25<jigjd^^ sS 

Phar'i-8a*ic, ^ «• ^oK pj^ 
Phar'iWioal, J efe, jDti^^;;^ p 8lj 

Pliar'ma-ceu'tic, ^ ^* ^a^^eo 
Phar'ma-ceu'tical, j t!dabt^^)t6o»o 

Pbar-uia-oea^tic8^,?». sing^ ZT^^JiSl 

J^hw'maco-poe'ia, u, S^ix^Mw^ab 

,. ^^dt5Qoij«5bAd^o-vj;^ \Ko^^. 

Ma'ros, same as Hght-houn. 

PkasG^ •^»*» 8's^wA??rx';6p^-r^j^ei 
Pha'sis, J ^diot53rjy. firS^;6^,PhM- 

es of tbe moon=^o(j:jS?cio. 
Pheaa'aofc, o. i&2$»Qi6o&S0a»r^4. 
Phe'nix, n. -ti-c^-cSbiiii^xsSjlU (w^flS 

Phe-nom'enal, a. 5';5cM75efo, A^-cSt5 

Phe-nom'enon,n, pL phenomena. 

Phi'al, n. g>?5^, -OK^^cMfi. 

Phil'an-throp'ic, "^ a <^S^Ct^ 
Phiran-throp'ica), J Oo3osJ, TOlgesi 

Pbi-Ian'tbropi8t> n. er^§«ri^'g^^^ ^ 
Pbi-lan'thropy^ w. iS<3Snff^^^tf^ 

Phi-lip'pic, n, i5jn'iS.nT'5^«6a. 

Phil'o-log'ic, ^ ^ F*^^i^ot»a 
Phil'o-log'ical, j y^j s5. 

Phi-lol'ogist, n. ^w^od^jg r* isj 

Phi-lol'ogy, n. ^g6g^^^y^j^)«6», 

Pfail'omath»n. s>tr*QoXMC<!l5, i>n^o 
Phi-lom'athy, «. s^cceots* (J^^jb- 

PbiKomel^ 'l^same as nighHH^ 
PbilVm^la^ j gale. 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Pyi'opro - gen'itive, a. j^o^"^^ 
- ?Cp. 

Phi-Wopher, «.er'^,tftfj5«'C(*^P/8 
, stone s-Oo'^^sfeeS, 70^i5^'<fts&rt, 

Phircsoph'ic, l«.«^^^^o«o 

pjiiro-sopVicai, J 4-^-^} *«s«:j^ 

Phi-Wophize, r. i. ^^JS^OnT-Oo 
PiWoafophy, w. ^eS|7'^^5 ^^JS^ 

Phil'ter, w. ac);g)s$>o«5a, sSfe'tfw -cir' 

Phiz, n. ;^%r»^^^. ["^^efi&iJijft. 
Phle-bo</v>raize, i^. L ^hrS^e^i^oH 
Phle-boi/omy, n. ibSsiao^TSiiO^ "^ 

PUegm, «. %'^,'^^^\ ^t5^S>;5^j 

Phleg-mafic, ^ ^- ^^^^ ^5 «'^«' 
Phleg-mat'ical, J JJ^s^j sSaoC&cJ^^, 

Pho-net'ics, ^ . , ^^ 

Pbon'ics, V «u»«ff.iC5i5^ J)^. 

Pho-nol'ogy, J 

Phos'phor-esTcenfc, a. ^aa5^&o2i 

PHoa'phorus, n. Tr-IXJ^sfcoO^^^^L* 
PWtograph, «,:x5»oL^djjsSex5 fecx^c 

Pho-tog'rapher, #!• d6&0(^«68 t^xsS 

Pbo-tog'raphy, w. <AQ\ji^^^iib^ fl3r^ 
Phc/to»pliere,.ii. 6j^A^;6». 
Phrase, n. 70o^g^^gdba'y^»^£>d 

Phra'se - oFogy, «. tfg:iC«»7r»<«^ 

Phre-net'ic, a. 'a<29»^;i5. [;5«*c£^. 
Phre-norogist, n. ^^v&h^ "SOS 
Plire-nol'* gy, n. f ^e>?36J6^, s'^^o 

Phrei/sied, a. «4«o^;5, *4§c 

Phren'sy, n. l)-8>j, "S^^-cifj-O^d, ^ 

Phthisic, >n. JT^tftoSr^K;^. ^^ 
Phthi'sie, ^S';)^;))^- 
Phthififical, a. Jtc»ar^KAjK<y. 
Phy-lac/iery, n. 6JS,^*} -g^a^tfj. 
Phys'ic, w. 2 ^^§^1 -^^^^J ^2^25.?? 
tf»,o5boc5b} -4as$>oA.— v.t.^Stf^ 

Phys'ical, a. ^v\^tJ^i^oiy^^'^^% 
Phy-si'cian, n. lb«$)gcefe, .-0§*5 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



i^bai (French p.>5^r*fc»j(a»gn 
-lar-leaved p.) '^ir>fasii ^^^ 

Phys'ics, n. sing, ^srp ^^^S^ 
Phjs'i-og'noinist, «. aa)^ imSxi\^ 

PkyB'i-og'iiomy, n. ^^ '^;$xi\^i 
six), 25d3^J^fie ^i^^»*Sxiy s$x)^v^ 
so;5o»e»ab«>i3 7j^w6xioS^ '9t%n^ 

Phys'io-log'ical, a. 9io9<>li^ff ^^ 
Phys'i-ol'ogy, «. «o&*Sn» ff^r^ 

Phy-siqne', n. "Ss^'^JJsIm^ W^**^ 
P?al, If. 0"»^, «^03;6. 

Pi-an'o-for te, / «^ 

tt-az'za,^.;K^sfoot>i5;52to, sS-^-or*. 
Pf ca, «. 2.^0^X6 tf-cSj^«Jf^e5«5iD. 
Pic'a-roon', iw. k^C^flTcK. 
Pice, n. ^Ki, c>oj(S, -r-iSo. 
Pick, V. t. irsktcii} d^a-b»)^; ?^ 

ab . To p. a pockefcslitweHaboefo 
^ Tr';D» aroK«)o-c$>6-Top. a quar- 

reLs«Ktf;6a?Ct»Kc-«M^abfc). To 
{ p« a hole in one'a ooalaCi^^^ 

aa3;6iSi0aK»t»lhr ^¥^s^ as. i 
tooth-p.; qck-aop^a saao-e^o r^a^ 

Pick'axe', ti fc-r^xk); X i^-in^, 

Pick'er, n. •r*caoSc;is5;o;5;»*oo; a^^^ 

a^ab S'c»K'c'Stto§^abi:r«cdib. 
Pick'efc, n. TjrKSTn ^S'j^cwAs^ 8f 

Pick'ing, ti, iitti^^ ^o* r* Jfc fc% 
Pic'kle, n, ^etocTPcobj dlewcin* 


Pick'lock, »i,6?cig:oo^fi^oci'g^tf;6a 

Pick'pock'et, w. ^e»cJ^;0sSX3o $e>ab 
Pick'purse', n. ejj-'SoTOo-O^fir'oJ^!)© 

Pick' wick', n. fe^;gi5^^a>^abw 

Pic'nic, n. ^7$^^'^iS»^'0^^d^^.^ 

Picota, n.b9s^. . 

Pic-to^rial, a. -O^evSowo^^^^j -Oi^ 

Pic/tnralj a. ■O\ji'^oiyoif'^ ;$• 

* Digitized by LjOOQ iC 



i&), 2r55o, ^to^, ^©^, d^o»ssa. 

Pic'tur-esque',^. -£)|^^;56"aQS$, -O 

Pid'dle, «;. ♦. o^^o^^dflbo. 

P5^^iling, a. ^v^'^;S, 

Pie, ». 2S^t>!fl!a^^'^>^;$x> "^irfcoSsSo 

<Piece, «. ^;abr, *af¥^, wts, dbcafa, 

• '=38'jj-; ^fcJoTT'Sfe. Of a p.=ft,^ 

"tD^S^^K. A fowling p.=s'tfct3 

&trȤ. A field p.=-0?^ fctfoH- 

A p% of water ecs fi^^iiob^ 9i^r»«' 

Piece-goods, n. j>Z, ;S^v ^ "aoo.^^sb 

Piece'less, a. ftiS^a^;^, eyo2e"a>;5, 
Piece^meal', orfr. *ssb§oo Sbabs'oo 

Pied, a. OS>^2o^o?C)ooK€;. 

Piep, n. T7»dbfcwa66D;g. 

Pier, n. sr^rS^^oi};^; i6aMi2J2fe)er^ 

Pierce, vM s3r»d^sS>,X)'Ci5^,2S;r*fl^ — 

Pie/cejr^ n. viS^y 4So{jfa»^Ad5m'1i 

CO L«- 

f*ier^cing,a. •cS)e9a"S;^;Ai&"2b;5;^r»c^ 
• — ra *— 

Pi'etism, n. ^_|, "sr'^a^J j- 

Pi'etisi^ n. ^T^cK^^cdis. 

Pi'ety, n. "BsStf §, ^?i5 loir-^i^ds tf 

Pig, n. ?3oa230 5S|abS5K» "»». €r^;s^^ 
^S5S'{^.— tr. t; (3So6) Sjtoo iScttioi 
^cttsv cn6^53oefo§^RSa. 

Pf geoD, n. -d^^^^aSj, «'d<Sdto. 

Pl^geott-heart'ed, a. fc^aafe, ^05 

' S_;J. - • 

Pi'geon-tol0',ii. -ir^^'Hrc&x^. 
sSg';^^;iijj "^^^^ -^J^$&» oeo^ 

r*^ Was* 

Pig'eon-pea, «. ^oa, fjS, 

Pig'-head'ed,a ;6t^c"5;;5,'Smo^B^ 
Pig'i'ron, n. eS3g'j^cxo«5b;5M. . . 
Pig-me'an, a. ao5|^©-p;5j^, Sow)^!^ 
Pig^ment, n. ^^^^, ^^^y "^"^cK^ 

Pig'my, n. •T'sSbsJbcafo,S)o§}^©-0;$^?& 
Pig'nufc, w. "i«ST&;6?C-ff-»c«SD. 
Pig'-sty', n. ^oi&oer^. r«)^i^ 
Pike, ft. -^cT^, v'S^t Xo^ibaT»<abw 

Pi-Wt^,.7i. ;ioj^dfciSo«bc)Q^2^S^ 

<«go, ar^Qd^s^ 

Digitized by 




PiFfer, v* t. &u l^i^^y^sr'oK&TS^'^ 
Pil'ferer,n. ;Cjj€j^fir'oXtf;$;6aoo^3ctf» 

9 ^ 9 

Pirgrimage, n. b^(S6n\6. A place 

,i of p«^s$sag'Jk(^»S39^ c>in^JB^^Je> 

° en' ' CO eo 

Pil'lared, a. TGotfabae) "^ •jm^czjfl 
PiKlory, «. SiiTsX^lSo;^ «Jtwo . 

^— CO 

Pinow-oase',«.de>?C2iKOt);5^g' &.». 
Pijjfose^, a. "SoL^ij^c^y* S^sS^c 2>a 

PFlofc, !!• ia^^T^ab j^i)5^p»ce$o, i, 

—v. ^. :62^^, tf2^^, ;Gaa53;5 "er^a 
Pi'lotage, n. i^Si^&iid^rS^dfT^^ 


Pimp, n. S3o"lb;^T^C(>^, M^^zr-jOiMc 

Pim'ple, Ik 7to»d25b; "^sSbtf T»d«S. 
Pim'ply, a. ■^Bs6i^T»c«>c»Xe>. 

Eihfeuih'iDn, w*. ;6cr»es>cx)7^^^ ^o 
Pia^ »» "Sjizspco 5^J(\5Ss».— v, i. tin 

Pine'ap'ple, «. e7r«Aj^o2^,e7T»;^"S 
Pin'fold, If. ;fi«b^«dr»a. 
Pin'ion, n. ?sJk'^S*j^,^c?, S'c;s6d; 
' ccbo(J^;5Mei«^ ;abo2^ -£);5>j^-{5|^^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Pin'-moa'ey, n. tyf7$$^, ^^^^ 

Pin^naoo, >>. ^i^S'DtfJu^^tf . 
Pin'nacle, n. ^;g)tf«4i^;6t, «^|jCii». 
Pinfc, n. -^oiJSoeki B^i^t^r'a*. 
Pin'y, a. '^•6i:y^^y^^^t>9^ ■ S)o4 

Pi'o-neei', «. ^i^SS^fiaocSsrr^ tJ*^ 

Pi'ous, a. Jss^i^^i «;<^»|rt06r 
Pip, n. t5'S^fc-s^5\^s5;»«>S5*^ft«^<V-5 
Pipe, n. Ts^^^y frt^si^} fcoc^jf•h, 

Pip'er, n. Sbe^c-j?^© ^c^Aspcato, 
?ip'ing, «. M«)5r»;5'aoi^ ^»7^o. 
Pip'it^n. Xb?5^>^;S3a«5fc3cfi:->«b8)*5. 
Pip'kin, 7i. -ciiBSooi^. 
Pip' pin, w. fjS'S^^oi^^o^^. 
Pi'qaancy, «. &i^t$, -y^^siw} asc^ 

Pi'quant, a.&^^,v?53b;6;a>f>^ 
Pi'que', n. ^hr),3^n4i^v;S^txifb¥^ 

(loll, by the reciprocal ptroti.) 
K€^^^ as^ to p.0Qe'« 8^ on 
one'fi knowledge. 

X6iSiSx>^ Z,tf ^o$a5teab ^o^_$ 

Pi' rate, ». ko^^c^, lOsixi^rfsio^ 

Pi-mt'ical, ^i^iSi^^tfijwj^oX'iKrti 
Pis'ca-to^rial, ^.. ^6o TOowc^Jirf. 
Pisfces, n. j?Z. ;>r»Tr»^. 
Pis'ciform, «. ^Wr^^J g V^^)3^ 
Pis^cine, a. "^SctS'jO^ttaqrasjS. 
[^is-ciir'oraiM, «. ^etft>«b ^"»ai4. 
Pish, interj. -§), -§)d<.— r. {.-^d6S;6, 

Rtf mire, n. ■!>!&. Tdsft*. 

Piss, «.iSST»(jJ;l».— V. 1. ^^ ^o^^ 

Pis'til, n. ^^;55s:)a a^a>, k6yi-i^t 

Pis'tol, w. -O^^&^i. 

Pia'io-let', n. Ooij^^fib-oJp'fc 

Piafton, 71. -£)5$>;6 /r*Oil» *a». •»*» 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

1h^ n. ^OMg« Kiiok:ift^^tS»f ff^^i^^y 

Pitchy>09 B^a&v ^UC4}0, C^itf^lw; 

i^otf ;5t9; ;^>^^sib3, Mineral p^^^ 

r'to, OTOttS; -sntx), d?Cc«^*oo ^<; 
&; Kbdd^db;^. P-ed baitle=;od 

Sj^e^^odfo; eo(jo«i>Tp;6dfoi (with 
on ot upon) •io^r's3b» a)«[\oooo 

Ktch'-black', a. looa'S^o ;o. Tea. 
Pitch'er, mfl3o24;^Qzx>»ii3od;X$^^ 
Pitoh'foricVM*^foae>&^ks5bo «^«Ka 

Pit^eous, a. dgisrfg'tf^rf, tT^S'tf tsab 

Pith, «. e^^, "SoCfov ^ d^^i^, 

Pith'lew^ a. Jb6«;^?5, a-dr-^d^^^. 
•Pith^jy.^ ib-?;^;^^^^, M«>5Si»K'», w«> 

Pit'iable, a. r;oirao:^«e^Ktf, ferf Aatf, 

PilfMW, ^. -^^2^0^^. 

Pit^tance, it. f>i5^s5c» ; ^J5?>^w5«jb3 ; 

Pi-tn'itary, a. tons 76oMoe?"ao:^. P. 
body or gland=i;67^ss». » 

Pla'ca-biFity, «. iiC);Sj-T;rrf^ea-55cesJi 
Pla'cable, a.;is$cn-qr';!5o3efi-c5c25^rf,r'b 

Pla-card'i «. n^rS^^iS^v^'^^^s^hr^ 


Placfe, ff . <0e;*9, "^^y -5^ix>, rss-fe 

tfto, ^iOv eod«o. To take- p. «*^ 
^t}o{^r^, v^^bb. To take the 
p. ofe=»rfb^Tt» ^If a6irM0TPti«aii^ 

PlaeaTmaiv, ><. ^^s^g;(^K^^; . < 

PhM/idj«; V^o^'^okS, ^^7Ce;,^325 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Pla-cid'ifcy, n. Tft^, t'o^^, oV&ci 

Plack'et, n. r**"; fs^i£k, ;5e§cS. 
Pla'giarism, n. "S^^g^S^^JS^, * 

Pla'giarist, n. 'w^^^c^cdk^y "S^ 

PWgianze, v. /. "sSeoD (jCo^rf»cr* 

Pla'giary, n. -g-'^g^^C^caia. 
Plague, H. v;S ^jSt^^tS^ is^:tn 

' <|| to ' • 

Pla'guy, a. L^o^a^. 

Plaid, «. ^S525a>;Sj'ex). 

Plain, a. iOs$>;^^, -cSiSjj;^^ ^^^;^ 

5^cx)"(g;05 ?;5oo2$?5ss»-ff^;o. In p.=^;i 
sSa»7r».— adv. TGj^g^sSwTT*, atfVs^a 
TT*. — n. wdSboo, ^7y*f6;5». — ?/.. ^. 
^5o;5a3^c33bo, ■{5eS3ab^cJ5bo. 
Plain-dealer, n. a;s.j^^4:>^-7\^ ;^ 

Plain'-deal'ing, n. aifej^sS^^g;^, w 

Plain'ly, adv. v0^g;i»7v», t^ieSiS^-rr^ 

Plain'ness,!!, ^^^g^j ^itej^?j43gs6i| 

Plain'-spo'ken^ a.i:>sii^tit>^SxiXs$$*ti 

Plaint, «. -3^)069, Sb*:^58>T3Pg«5b,^|. 
Plain'tifE, ii.«T^ defendant 
Plain^tive, a. cS>sy;dT-tf^^s^ 'Soiei 

Hainwork, n. T^-qy^w^jtf ^^tJ^*^' 
Plait, n. ;Sa&'c*5 tttf.— v. t. ;S)2Jc-ii)5 

Plan, n. ;6;6r»7T», ^fc>5^5 *»_£> * 

Tyiw *d(5bo. 
Planch, u. /. sSoS'oa-skJibo ^^*^;g, 

Planch'et, 1 ,, ^^ 

Plan'chette', J ' ' 

Plane, n, 7Gs5bd, -sSes^iob^ ^O^ctibSM 

Plan'et, n. \j<^^. 
Plan'etary, a. iJ(s^-iiiozioff^;S. 
Plank, >f» ;SSw^, we>,— t;. <• ;sS«)ir'< 

' ' CO 

Plan'ner, w. dr^c«5>i69;»3;i)^*r»cdfo, 
iitSQ 6e5^e90'd3sr*cd^ 

Plant, M« ^&»ir{^)'^^$^^g»^)^gi 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 



Flashy r. t. JbB^D «'2S©o<) -titi^ '^ \ Plau'sible, a. <Sj^^f6t^ u^od^axn^ 

Plating, fti ey-*;5^;g)^^^c0. • 

Pla-toon', n. ;^ ij^vi^ ^o "t);o cr* ^ 

' CO ' 64 

Plau'si-bfTity, n. -c$r»;g);683 -spgdK) 

Plash'y, a, tf fi-Tr-absJj^^, ib&\Ke>. 
Plas-mat'ical, a. eb^dda-dix^^ hCo. 

PWterer, »• ;5o^^ ^de5bo«r>cd^, 

PWtery a. «-tf5\;Soa. 

Plas'tic, a.eJon.6a>s:^^JX'«,TG^tfo^ 

Plat. t;. ^ we»; «32ST5cXi».— n.wOtfi 

^ CO <*» 

Pla-teaa', w. •i^'^^zn^asw. 

-iptf> ;sSo^oo "SCO. -sr^lDS^ ^|^^^>^ 

Plau'sibly, adv. -cScr^^Sa -ir^odOb^ 
Plaa'eive, a. d^[^'^rS. ^ 

Play, n- efc>, [i^, ^, »ar*«5;6o5 ^o 

Fair p.=-!T^<a&55M. Foul p.=w 
iT^ocxio^lw. A p, upon words =»~^ 
jn.—v. i. ee^D, efcoe^e^j bet -soc. 
•sr^tf oi6a"a)«T»ooooiS5. To p. upon^ 

Play'book', w. tt^^j^ijCo^;^, 
Play'day', n. eiDj)dfo?g>assaw, [s5;5>. 
Play-debt, w. »^e5;s»cr* «^C)K;5<«> 


Play'er, ft» e'Se^*nce^^ ir^rjSir* 
Play'fel'low,!!. ei>o^;o e^TPcdfe 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



Play'f ul, a. td^3cr«-g^fc,. , ir^tk^^aaf 

Play'f ally, adv» ^;0aq9Tr», 
Pla/house', «.-Rnfc)«'^e^. 
Plftying-card» ». e^yJ^Sa^ ' 
Play'mate', ». estjtJ^^ t^?n&<^«Q^ 

Pla/thing, n. wi^sS^^. [O. 

Pla/wright', «. -sr^g^Ajoo^cfibotf 
Plea, n. SDosS., -R^^Sm, sSotT, T^^j'ir- 

Plead, v. ^ A t. -sndfO^i 55bi5fe^ 
p. gtul*yte"*tf5»» iwsjr'ato. 

Pfeacf er, n. tf#ex), ;^*^-5nfti ^^"^| 


Pleas^ant, a. ^oS^ji^b^^, cio^^* 

©0— ^ •_ CO Q— 

Pleasantly, c^r. ^o^tt, lioS^Hkt 

Pleas^antry, n. ^S^iC^siM,^^^"!^,,^^ 
Please, v. t. iOo5^2k'^ti>, e^9fio;sSc 

Pfeafi^ing, ^.?5;fig^j5, ds^^r^sWJJb 
Pleaef arable, a. ri9^i^^^^ ^a^ 

Pleasfjugi-gromMl'y ic» sm^^ -iumO^^ 
Pleat, V. ^. t0;5^5i»7v» %^^•: . . " 

Pledge, n. •g'S'tao, «S«3^,«nOj-^.— 

PledgW, n. SoiS3saasS;5'sr»c&>. 

Pledge-^/, > n. &tfDssVa^^*ce£ 
Pledg'er^ > - *^ -^^5«^ 

PieTiades, n.jpl^ i^TV64k\^^(mk1 

Ple-ni^otent, «r. ^^JJ^tr^sJbKo. 
Plen'ipo-ten'tiary, n.-Air^fyirrrSj^ 

Plen'ish, v\ t. A^^S'bws^oS^ r5s6 
pWitude, n.;g^^^.^9<Sa^o^M1;^ 

Plen^ons, \ ». »i^^s^,;^ssrj^ 
PWtifut, J tf, 70;l^^Ktx, «o^^S5r 

Plen'ty, «. ji;5^t555w, ^aaj)^, "tx^^k 
Plefonasm, n. e^TT^sS^g ^w ^^Sj^^^J 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

PbA'ory, see Pktiiom. 
Pleu'ra, n. ?g)^;0"<s5.;5jw. 

Herfrisy, n. tS^A>fS^^t's»^. 
Pli'a-WFity, n. sSoKbtJa 7C>w;s>i>, 15o 

Pli'ancy, n. t5o;<)/\3ttaaD,^ ^c>Si6i^. 
Ri'ant, a. sSo;6?5*3,'ao_^;t). tfb^2l>"S?5; 

Pli'erP, n. p/. tS-sr^wa^w. 

Plight, n. 25^, ?C0, ^0; «)tf^<: wi^ 

. r 9 1^ 

^intli, «. ^o^^tfw Wborj^ ni^tstnbo;? 
Plod, V. i, OaV© 1f5x;i»5^ S^diDiSj; 

Plod'der, «. r^sawS^^a^^SaJter-cifo ; 
Plot, «. 8S(jb, !^o^da&o^ ifctFey*^-t5;^, 

Plot'ter, «. 5o^_d:>s3ia£>j^'sr*ceJo, dt5» ft 
es>;;5b^. Shallow ploaghin^^d 

PiongKTandVn. ^Xl)wa^e>. j^^ 

Plough'man, n. ^Siab^^cej;^; -j^ij 

PlougVshafe', «r. 7r*c-7?4Jr€do. 

Plough'tair, n. ^ci. ** 

Pbv'er, «. ^^oifcib. 

Plow, same as plough. 

Pluck, v. ^ T)«D5G,|,cflS,did^c&dto. 

Pluck'y, a.Jt^a^oKo. 

Plum, n. i!c?6;s5odfc,tte^6^aaD;"gcf* 

Pluto'age, n. ^Vj^^j'^c-^tx). 
Plumb (^S). fi. K>oik^2iPj^,fr^p!:>t»'go> sume as hlack-lead; 
PlumVer (^iS»6"), «.aT3^;3x)^cttbt 

Plumb-line, «.M0ex)^<25;^ad?-(5r»^db 


Pl«U»b-lot, n.i^>o^i:iv abo!r;_;GO(5fe. 
Plume, n. ^l\ooj-»c ?;{5bT>-*ow.— rJ, 

reflex jv%) Kr^^iifo. 

Digitized by V^jOOQlC 



Pla'inoas, J Ko., 

Plan/y, a. xl'j^ocX'o. 

PJmi'der, r. L Gr^c-cs^trA, r^oTk 

Plim^derer, w. •^o't)t>>5r»c2fo. 
CO ej 

flange, v. L iSoao^l).— v. i.aK»ab«;6. 
Plu'per'fect, a.X'(«')tf-waa»^Tn$£ 

'■ g'oTb e^S^5i»ab"3©dH«>c ^"!&iix P. 
' nutnber=M;j^i5a5;;5;^. 

P^a'ralisfc, «. t^lTA^oT) "^r-iS»yjj* 

Plu-ral'ity, «.^"<«'dJ5;^,w:>^;sb5. 
Pla'ralize, v.U ttiJx)^;5;5»7r*^3dfiBBt 
gli/risy, n. eOsS^a. 
Plus, a, ^dcia^, «'wiS5So&35. p. 
^. aigiLa^i^aoD, T0o«'w5;g) (+^®; 

PI a to, n, O0»;s»c^^ 'ytxic^. 



Pla'vi-on/eter, if <St£aib;j9r"€MJb^ 
Pli/vioii8,^.ttlS^os5>^2kKes »9*^«^ 

Ply, V. t. tf<So^) (Jlair*toi6, ^Ir^ 

Ply'ers, n. pi. ii&?r»stdoa. 
Pnea-matf ic, a. ^^^SJbii^otto^^^iN^ 
Pnea-inat^ic8> if. •r*d69r'_55^^- 
Pnea-nK/oia, ». d^&d d^e;?^^ 

Pnea mon'ic, a. f r. pifaumoT^ia. 
Poacb, V. L A^ifolTc'StM; flTcKOotf^. 

Pock'et, «. iS«oj -£);5j^iJo^,— 1». * < 
Pock'et-book', n. l5«»€r*;6o%l>r'd> 
Pock'etfal, n. I^o9eoe^;5o^. 

PocVy, a. s&skr-Wtfw;^^^^^^. 

Pod, If. "F'dbo, 

Pod'der, n. -8^d«5>'ioS|^ir»ce^ 

Po-dri'da, «. S'^Souabj, a^aba* 

Po^em, n. •yn^abx 

Po'esy, If. ^^wJjaw, roF*^^. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Po^t'ic, ) <»• "^ ^o2Doe;f23ji5 
Po-etfical, ) -^.Sg^ ^^OTr^iix^Kw} 

Poiga'an^ a. T'S^tS, ^^^5 ?^ 

;S;1». To gftin * ?•= ^"^^o-OJ^ft 
i^^o-c^to. On the p. of=dr^j) 
33sS,<&iSDg_^;^;5; To the p-ijsS^;) 

•cJa«'j^«c't>4». To p. out^[^'i^ 
lo-O rrfcwea-c&t).— v. J* (with at) 

Point'-blank',«.;C)4 ■cfi-Ni>^s5o^5fc 

Point'er, n. ■tSir'^^^j K'(S<5^t5J6» 

«arj^ p-8, pi. -eSr-^efc'C^S'jy^. 
Point'ing-stock', n. ^e^Hi^iG^tfafe, 
Pdini^less, a. •»oo;5'^;d, "awTS^i. 


Poise, «. »<6$5 (Oewejs^, iiatfT-;D«'. 

Poison-not, ». abo8)c<SKo^3. [76, 

Poisonous, a. s»S.70owo^^o;6^ ^^]^ 
Poke, n. d<tx>, (j^-cSy^i^j i^oo,0^. 

Pokier, n. s^tg>g:2^©o-v5asiac);^§^e;. 
Po'lar, a. (3^iCowo^"3o;^. 

Pole, ». J§0^d»; r*e>, §*^c«cg; ft^OM 

Pole'axe', n. KQ\^fC^i>, sSisr^aw, 
Pole'oat', «. ls5j';&838'(^, wtfO&O. 
Po?lem'^c» n. ■^©j^flo<i^, •r'i$ii»Tjj 

Po-lem'ical, a. dejy-o^2k>^ or»do'^ 
Po-lem'ic8, w. «i«gf. •sr'dJ^, dtfj^ 

Pole-star, n. L5;Jjs5;6j6,|J^«5a), ^Jfi^L? 
Po-lioe', n. ;6Kt5««S,^2So2^ ^I)i^. 

Digitized by LjOOQLC 



Po-lice'man, n. d^feic»tto|j5'&. 

■2o«3c;<b; TT'KO^d, ^C;^gai3, 75 

Po-Jite', a.-JT^?catft5?Ce),5S5^e^X'o,'d 
Po-lite'ness, n. s^so"^^^, ■RnK'0«'{J,;6 

^g^, ^«^g^, tSd^w^. 
Pol'itic, a. Tr»2^^ed-«»e«$ 700230^?^ 

Po-lit'ioal, a. Tt^zi^ i)d'inv;6 Toowoflf 

Pori-ti'cian, 11. •o-^^5ib^ A);g)cao c^ 


cJ5bo 6^©. 
PoKifcics, n, tr^i&d¥'^^;&o,tr»ag;;S* 

Polity, w. •o-23§^-9^e;;6^ttO, i'or'^ 
Poll,n. t^t>; ^^^K-8)tr ^^ ^^. — 

PoKlard, n. do;^eairc23fla^*oo;§^aa) 

Pol-lute', V. t «s>0(^j:S» ^ddfibo,a^ 

Pol-lu'tion,fi. «;iSO(j$$. e^-c, tftfo 
Pol-troon', «. l3e85«T»cefo, f^g8r» 

Pol-troon'ery, n. 2)df d;^a5», **03^ 
Pol'y-an'dry, n. w"*r9^^«'6. 
Po-lyg'araist, «. w'S^^^e^goaK'oxnc 

Po-lyg'amy, «. ^"^^^S^^^'^jjabajt^ 
PoFyglot, n. MxK>^is?|jCo$5SbD; »^ 

Polygon, «. e'Sg'r*wa£»oo?Ce>e-r» 

Po-lyg'onal, a. ^^¥^r*wawe)oK«,o 
Pp-lym'athy, ji. w^^^^^ar-^d^jM. 
Pol'yp, n. 15K* iSr ^o&T;r»X;$)a&a 

Po-lyp'aroas, a. e"^B*aM;ab^iab;5a. 
Po-lyph'onoufi, a. ia;Sx>7CcdJ3b»tto?Co. 
Pol'ypus, ;i. ttti^^Seo^^. 
Porysyl-lai/ici a. ©sSr^J^^^, v^ 

Pd'y-syl'lable, «. «"S-sr»vSiL?5srMaDi. 
Pory-tech'nic, a. e-^irD25ge» -^i^^ 

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Pol'ytheist, n. «"^^ J.^^*^^^ ^^ 

Pome^gran'ate, n. TT4)s5a ('J3r'dlo23) 

Pom'f ret, n. -t5oC5a •r»a»^c^. 
Pon/rael, fi. 8* 0T5m. vnftfcSj ;<bgig) 

Pomp'ous, a» e^o^~3a;6y T««o€Hr 

Pon'der, v. *. & *, 33(r»^)o-c$3, ^v»g 

Pon'dei^able, a. ^j^c-«5c2SKrf, ^rvS;s» 
Pon'deral, a. ^cr»X>^7C3owo2?^;5. 
Pon'derous, a. was^^, w?>S'yi5;ix> 

Pon'iard, n. ^rcfiS, «'«j-0— t>. i.TT^c 

Pon-tific, "i^^-L^TTJ^^^^^^^^ 

Pon-tif ical, J i;^^. 

Pon-tif icate, n. jjST?-Rr^y^gtS«^. 

Pon-ton', l«.^2^=^^a^^g «So-9 
Pon-toon', J sJ;S'3^»;^. 

Poob, in^er/. -&I tfr- ! 
Pooh'-pooh', v.t.(co]\o.p>^A^^6'aaj 

Pool, «. ;S^c7^y J^ohy acr»^ctf2>55b9. 

Poor, a.fee^, "4j^, e^aLfiSscJs^, ^^^^ 

•Olj^j &^^;^,«^»s'ao;5Sc25j^^. The 
p*»&2i'ir*0|jSo, l)C5oo. 
Poor^house't n. ^ir^'^vd^^Sx w;6c 

Poor-laws^ If. pi' ixSir*o[Si rS^ffr^^ 

Poor'ly^ adv. bt^i^, &d[tSici^fnr^^ ^i> 
6Nt>J6>ir», «»>>^"'^| JB;^g:^7fi ^ 

Poor^nesS) «. fe!5el«^55o:, •4>^4i'«SM, 

Poor^-spir'ited, a. 6rf^;5, J^gs^ 

Pop, n. ««'& S'¥jS», t)C" ei>;ab«?5».— 

dfibo "itfabjoCSjclStx).— odv.eS'-^ 

Pope, ft. ff^tf5^-5^^©S3j^ ^^*^ 
Pope^dom, w.Pope saw^Tj^^sWoa. 
Poj/ery, n.e^s^aab-B^^^Oeoj^^SjtfdM. 
Pop'gun', n. figcr^dfof^itbtiSS -©jij^ 



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Pop'injay, n. -Ooaf^* 

Pop'lar, n. 2xroej3?C)sSo43e38torc«fiato^ 

Pop'py, ft. white p. d<^-5^«&;K\d 

zDefoiJSb. Red p. ^gKT6Kfb-e^ ^ 
*jo, ;i69d^?^T-ciss>^i». P. aeeds 
«?CT6Kd^oo.P. heads » ?CiOKi^» 

Pop'ulace, ft, T^:5^;6g23aboo, i!fsSy6 
Pop'ular, a. •^s^TS^iS'iioziOtf'^jS; 

Pop'u-lar'ity, «. fs^tir^^^4») «W 
Pop'ularize, v» <• -d^Tp^ws^bT^^itjo 


Pop'ulate, v. t. j^^zjoS^iOo^^ a;ajc> 

Pop'u-la'tion, ft. a;5;^ «;6t5c^;«;^ 
Pop'uloos, a. aS$i59>S^^qa<«p;!^, tt 

Poi'celaiD, n. fcoincS.