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I ' 








Author of** The South- African Travellers* Handbook; for the U8€ 

of the Army and the Navy ; " " The Zulu-Kafir Language 

Simplified for Beginners" *« Step-hy-Step in Zulu,** ^e. 



Patesnosteb House, Charing Cross Boad. 



















Thb circmnstance that gave rise to the compilation of thi9 
Dictionary may be briefly stated. Several years ago an American 
minister of a kindred Society, who had purchased a copy of the 
Author's Grammar, wrote him expressing both " regret that thet 
English-Zulu Vocabulary was not larger/' and the opinion " that 
a copious and reliable English-Zulu Dictionary was a desideratum 
in Natal*' These, and similar observations made subsequently by 
others, led irresistibly to the conclusion that Perrin's small book, 
though possessing considerable merit, is not sufi&ciently comprehen- 
sive to meet the varied necessities of those persons whose require- 
ments go beyond the ordinary details of daily life. And impressed 
with the conviction that out of lus own limited stock of the 
vernacular, and by frequent converse with the natives themselves^ 
he might, at least in part, be able to supply the need felt by most 
missionaries there, the Author commenced the present work. 

It contains Zulu for about Eighteen Thousand English Words^ 
The whole of the Zulu will not be equally well known in every 
part of Natal. For example, plants indigenous in the upper 
districts may appear exotic to natives residing on the coast, or vice 
versa ; hence the thing itself being unknown, the name also wilk 
probably be unknown. 

For valuable assistance afforded in the preparation of the 
Dictionary, the Author is indebted to several ministers and laymen. 
To those gentlemen who examined parts of the work in manuscript, 
and the brethren of the Natal District who unanimously and 
cordially recommended it to the consideration of the Missionary 
Committee, he is under peculiar obligations. 


Kumerous gleanings have been made from "books published i 
and on the Zulu language. But many words which could nc 
stand the test of criticism by competent natives were at one 

Notwithstanding every effort to secure accuracy, it would be to 
much even to hope that the work is perfect. Those, however, \vh 
wish to consult it need to be guarded against the error into whic! 
some Colonists have fallen, of supposing that every Zulu, or wlia 
is worse, young !Natalian, who to a certain extent speaks th 
vernacular fluently, is thoroughly acquainted with the language 
Such a conclusion, if arrived at with respect to a European tongue 
would of course be absurd. With certain exceptions, to be notices 
in the Introduction, most of the words found herein either ar 
or ought to be in general use. In determining philological diffi 
culties, it will always be safe to adopt the Author's plan o 
submitting them to a number of the senior heathen living a 
remote distances from civilization. 


The Supplement to this Edition, which contains more than foux 
hundred additional words, includes some of foreign origin, which 
are clearly understood hy the Natives in their commercial inter- 
course with the English and Dutch Colonists; and the Zulu 
language will, in the future, be further enriched by similar words. 
Terms have yet to be invented or Zuluised to distinguish between 
a palace and a hut, a cathedral and a chapel, a crypt and a grave, 
a molecule and a ball. 

With deep sorrow I record the fact that three of the ex- 
cellent Ministers to whom this work was dedicated have passed 

To the Ebvbrends W. Morlby Punshon, LL.D., John Kilner 
Ebbnbzbr E. Jbnkins, M.A., Marmadukb C. OsBOR^ 
(Secretary of the Conference), the General Secretaries oj 
the Wesley an Missionary Society, 

Bbvbrend and Dear Sirs, 

Had there been time to consult the brethrer 
of the Natal District, there is little doubt that the announcemeni 
of my intention to dedicate this Dictionary to you would have 
been received with unmingled satisfaction. The relations existing 
l)etween yourselves and the Wesleyan Ministers labouring in thai 
Colony have, at least on your part, been so genial, and characterized 
l)j so much urbanity and tenderness, even for the feelings of those 
from whom you may have differed, that communications in youi 
own autograph, received by missionaries in that far-distant field ol 
toil, are welcomed by aU. And the pleasure is enhanced by the 
oonsideration of those noble and unflagging efforts which you have 
recently put forth to free the Society from its present embarrass- 
ments. These facts alone are a sufficient leason for the liberty 
I have taken with your names. 

To the above, however, must be added the uniform kindness 
1 have personally received, particularly during the time spent undci 
the Missionary Committee's direction. And the present connection — 
which will, by my entrance into the home work, be severed — must 
always be remembered as a gleam of sunshine that cheered manj^ 
An hour of monotonous toiL 

With Christian regards, 

I am, Eeverend and dear Sirs, 

.Most truly yours, 


February 9ih, 18S0. 


The Native population of Natal comprises a few tribes known as the ama- 

Xcsa, the ama-Swazi, the ama-Tefula, and a large number of the ama-Zuln. 

It is probable that the latter emigrated originally from the interior of Africa ; 

and travelling in a south-easterly direction, settled between the Black an4 tho 

TVhite Umvolosi river. Thence, during the days of the famous chief Chaka, 

they rapidly enlarged the territory already acquired by prowess, spreading 

over the adjacent country, till eventually their dominion extended from the 

Umpongolo river on the north to the Tukela on the south, and the Blood and 

Buffalo rivers on the west. In every part of this extensive tract of land the 

Zulu language is generally spoken. Not a few of the natives, dissatisfied with 

the arbitrary sway of heathen despotism, or eager to obtain work ; fleeing as 

outlaws, or impelled by a roving disposition ; have from time to time crossed 

the borders, and sought protection both in Natal and the TransvaaL Thus 

by a large section of the population of these countries, especially in the 

former, the Zulu is also spoken. Between the words, the signification, and 

the grammatical forms of the several dialects common in Natal, a substantial 

Kgreement will be found. With the exception of the ama-Xosa, many of the 

differences are not greater or more numerous than the provincialisms of 

England. The ama-Tefula put y for Z, as yapa for lapa ; and change ny into 

n, as innaTiui for innyama. The ama-Swazi place t for Zy as umfati for 

amfazi ; angati for angazi. The ama-Lala, whose dialect is harsh, substitute 

y for kf d for 2, and w for y. The natives concerned feel a pride in using and 

perpetuating these clannish distinctions. Since it is not desirable that a 

lexicographer should include mere barbarisms, but few specimens will appeai* 

in the followinji^ pages. 


This remark does not however apply with equal force to those "Uku- 
hlonipa" customs so generally prevalent, which have not only burdened the 
language with a number of superfluous words, but have given a false and 
rnnatural meaning to others, as in the word "isamkelo," for hand. A limited 
number of such wor«ls have, by the force of custom, been engrafted into th5 

There is another observation respecting the correspondence of words in tie 
English and the Zulu. When the reader recollects the synonyms, or rathtr 
pseudo-synonyms, of our own tongue, he will not be surprised to learn thai a 
few of the translations are only approximations. It is impossible, in every 
instance, to obtain in Zulu a word which corresponds exactly with the Englisli. 

Another remark must be made respecting the prefixes, which, when united 
to nouns, are not easily recognized. Take, for example, ** Utando," love ; does 
it belong to the fifth or the sixth class ? So with ** Ukula," weeds ; judgiig 
from its form, we may refer it to either the fifth or the eighth class of nouns. 
To obviate such difficulties the prefix indicative of the class has been placed 
at the end of each word. And the prefixes, looked at in connection with the 
subjoined table, will enable the reader to discriminate correctly in most cases. 
' ' Those who wish to study the Grammar cannot do better than obtain a 
copy of ** The Zulu-Kafir Language Simplified for Beginners," the Second 
Edition of which work will shortly be published. 

But in reference to many missionaries and others, whose knowledge of the 
Zulu tongue is considerable, the paradigm given below will be useful. 


1. The alphabet of the Zulu language is usually divided into seventeen 
coTtsonaTiiSf five voioels, three clicks, and a harsh guttural, 

2. With the exception of a limited number of letters to be noticed 
presently, the consonants are pronounced as in the English language. 

3. The vowels have the following value : 



as in the English word ark, father. 


pique, ravine, 
mole, pole, 
rule, ruin. 













When the above have neither the primary nor the secondary accent, they are 
short or even obscure, particularly in final syllables. 

4. The clicks are c, q, x. The first is made by pressing the tip of the 
tongue against the upper teeth, and withdrawing it rapidly. English people 
when surprised make the exact sound required. By placing, in a similar 
manner, the tongue against the palate, the q click is produced. The drivers 
of vehicles have long been accustomed to urge forward horses by a peculiar 
vocal sound known in Zulu as the x click. The absolute sounds will be 
easily acquired ; but to blend them with a syllable will require much practice. 

5. His B. harsh gutturaL 

6. G la always hard, as in give. 

7. The syllables hi and dM not admitting of any satisfactory explanation 
will be best learnt vivd voce from a Native. In the Welsh language sounds 
not unlike these often occur. 

8. In rapid utterance the last syllable undergoes what grammarians call 
apocope, or the elision of the final vowel. 

9. In respect to the accent, although the stress of the voice falls upon 
the penultimate of each word, there is in polysyllables a secondary accent on 
the first syllable. The particle ke is treated as if united to the word it 
follows, and draws the accent forward : ex, ham'ba, go ; hamba'-ke. The 
interrogative particle na, when standing alone, invariably takes the accent. 








2 55^ 


5» a 




-§ ^ 





^ , 2 "5 '5 -« 

§ 5 .s .2 9 § 

i 3^ i ^ S 
^ s s § ^ 

^ ^ 

•« J i 

P ;:^ .^ 

^ S3 ^ rid 



i s' 'J .^ '! 1 1 1 

g .^"^ .5 .2 g g P p 



^ I ^ 

§-^ 8 

.2 o 

:a H .^ 

5 I i ". 

S '2 -g 5 

-2 a •§ a 


[g I ^ t" 


5 ^ -rt- ^ 

08 * — -O 

»0 c8 N •fH 




^ • • • • 


1. Nouns of Class I. are nearly all personal. The exceptions include a few 
animals as well as things ; as, unohemu, a crane ; ufakolweni, a half-crown. 
Nouns of this class form their plural in o, as onohemu, cranes ; ofakolweni, 

2. The plural of Class II. is ohtained by substituting a for Hi and u 

3. Class III. takes izi, izim, izin. 

4. Collective nouns belong to Class IV., as isintu, mankind. The plural 
takes m in place of the rejected isL 

5. Nouns of Class Y. are for the most part impersonal They form thelifF^' 
plural in izi, izim, izin, 

7. Abstract nouns belong to Class YII. : e.g,t ubuhle, beauty. 

8. Verbal substances must be referred to Class VIII. 

9. A substantive is made feminine by the suffix kazi : e.g., ihashi, a horse ; 
ihashikazi, a mare. In some instances this termination is intended to 
intensify the meaning : e.g., itye, a stone ; ityekazi, a large stone. 

10. Diminutives are formed by changing the final o or u into waTUO or 
toanyaTUO : e,g., umuntn, an adult ; umuntwana, a child. Other vowels are 
changed into aTia, anyana, and in a few cases into jaTUi: eg., umntwana, 
umntwanyana, a little child ; isilonda, a sore ; isilonjana, a pimple ; isaka, a 
sack ; isakana, a pocket Compare the English words pocket and satchel 
with poke and sack. 

11. The last consonant also undergoes a change, thus, — 

b into j or ty, as intaba, mountain ; intatyana, hilL 
m ff ny „ inkomo, cow ; inkonyana, a calf. 
^ fi W tt intambo, cord ; intanyana. 
^ n ^^ »> umntwana, child ; umntwanyana. 
Pi, ty ,, kufupi, near (old colony) ; kufutyana. 

12. The ya of column 3 is the emphatic affirmative form : e.g., ngi tanda 
lendoda, I like this man ; ngiya yi tanda, I do like him. 

13. The last three columns of the table exhibit the possessive form for 
proper and common substantives. One or another of them appears in nearly 
every Zulu sentence. The examples subjoined will show how to use them : 


isando (the i is elided) sake, tis hammer ; isitya sika John, John's plate ; 
iiitambo yika Mali, Mali's cord ; umfazi wasem-Gungundhlovu, a woman of 


1. " Causative " verbs are formed by inserting is before the final a : e.r;. 
ngiya sebenza, I work ; ngiya sebenzisa, I cause to work. 

2. Some verbs ending in ka reject this termination in favour of za : ex. 
ukukatala, to be weary ; ukukataza, to make weary. 

3. ** Objective " verbs take el before the final a ; as ngiya lobela wena, I am 
writing for or to you. 

4. ** Reflective*' verbs zi immediately before the root; as uya zi tanda 
yena, he loves himself. 

6. ** Reciprocal" verbs are formed by placing an before the final letter : 
e.g., baya sizana, they help each other, or one another. 



Infinitive Mood. — ^Ukutanda, to love. Ukungatandi, not to love. 
Indicative Mood, 1. — Present Tense (Indefinite). 




Simple. Emphatic. 





ngi ngiya tanda. 



siya tanda. 


u uya tanda. 



niya tanda 

8rd Class.- 


u uya tanda. 

8rd Class. 

— 1. 


baya tanda. 


li liya tanda. 



aya tanda. 


i iya tanda. 




ziya tanda. 


si siya tanda. 



ziya tanda. 


lu luya tanda. 



ziya tanda. 


u uya tanda. 



iya tanda. 


bu buya tanda. 


ku kuya tanda. 

• •• 


Negative. - 

—I do not, &c., love. 






angi tandL 


asi tandL 


an tandL 


ani tandL 

3rd Class.— 1. 

aka tandi. 

3rd Class.- 1. 

aba tandL 

» 2. 

all tandL 

II 2. 

aka tandL 

„ 8. 

ai tandL 

„ 8. 

azi tandL 

*> 4. 

asi tandL 

11 4. 

azi tandi. 

„ 6. 

aln tandL 

It 6. 

azi tandL 

If 6. 

an tandi. 

„ 6. 

ai tandL 


aba tandL 


>, 8. 

aku tandi. 

The following varieties of the Present Tense show the extensive use made 
of particles, some of which may be inserted throughout the tenses, botli 
affirmative and negative ; they generally occupy the same position in every 

Now I love, &C. 

ftr. Sing. 

1. sengi tanda. 

2. sou tanda. 
3rd Class. — 1. see tanda, ko. 

Per. Plur. 

1. sesi tanda. 

2. seni tanda. 
3rd Class. — 1. sebe tanda, &c. 

I still love, ka. 

3rd Class.— 1. 

ngi sa tanda. 

u sa tanda. 

u sa tanda, ko. 

3rd Class.— 1. 


si sa tanda. 
ni sa tanda. 
ba sa tanda, I 

I do not yet love, &c. 


3rd Class. — 1. 

angi ka tandL 
au ka tandL 
aka ka tandL 


3rd Class,—!. 


asi ka tandi. 
ani ka tandL 
aba. ka. t^\2A\. 



Until I love, &c 






ngize ngi tande. 


size si tande. 




nize ni tande. 

8rd Olass.- 


uze a tande, &c. 

3rd Class.— 1. 


baze ba tande. 

2. — Complete or Perfect. — I have loved, 







ngi tandile. 


si tandile. 


u tandile. 


ni tandile. 

8rd Class.- 


u tandile, &c. ' 

3rd Class.— 1. 

ba tandile, &c. 

Past Tense, 1.— Indefinite. — I loved. 



Sing. 1 Per. 



ng^ tanda. 


sa tanda. 


wa tanda. 


na tanda. 

8rd Class.- 


wa tanda. 

8rd Class.— 1. 

ba tanda. 



la tanda. 

*> 2. 

a tanda. 



ya tanda. 

„ 8. 

za tanda. 



sa tanda. 

M 4- 

za tanda. 



Iwa tanda. 

„ 6. 

za tanda. 



wa tanda. 

„ 6. 

ya tanda. 



ba tanda. 



kwa tanda. 



ty of the Negative. — I did not, or have not loved, &c. 


Sing. 1 




angi tandanga. 


asi tandanga. 


au tandanga. 


ani tandanga. 

3rd Class.- 


aka tandanga. 

3rd Class.— 1. 

aba tandanga. 



ali tandanga, &c. 


awa tandanga, &c 

2. — Past Progressive or Incomplete. — I was loving, &c. 

Per. Sbg. 

1. bengi tanda. 

2. nbu tanda. 
3rd Class. — 1. ube (abe) tanda, &c. 

Per. Plur. 

1. besi tanda. 

2. beni tanda. 
3rd Class. — 1. babe tanda, &c. 


8. — Complete. — I never loved, &c. 






angibonanga ngi tanda. 


asibonanga si tanda. 


aubonanga \x tanda. 


anibonanga ni tanda. 

8rd Class. 


akabonanga e tanda. 

3rd Class.-!. 

ababonanga be tanda. 



alibonanga li tanda. 


awabonanga e tanda. 



aibonanga i tanda, &c. 

„ 8. 

azibonanga zi tanda,&e 

I had loved, &c. 








besi tandile. 


tibu tandile. 


beni tandile. 

8rd Class. 


abe (ube) tandile. 

3rd Class.—!. 

bebe tandile. 



beli tandile. 


abe tandile. 



ibi tandile, &c. 

» 8. 

bezi tandile, &c.* 

FuTUBE Tense. 

1. — Indefinite. — (a) I shall love, 







ngiyaku tanda. 


siyaku tanda. 


uyaku tanda. 


niyaku tanda. 

drd Class. 

— 1. 

uyaku tanda. 

3rd Class.—!. 

bayaku tanda. 



liyaku tanda. 


ayaku tanda. 



iyaka tanda, &c. „ 8. 
(b) I will love, &c. 

ziyaku tanda, &c 








so tanda. 


\7o tanda. 


no tanda. 

Sid aass. 

— 1. 

wo tanda. 

3rd Class.—!. 

bo tanda. 



lo tanda. 

f> 2. 




yo tanda. 

„ 8. 

zo tanda. 



so tanda. 

n 4. 

zo tanda. 



Iwo tanda. 

„ 6. 

zo tanda. 



wo tanda. 

„ 6. 

yo tanda. 


2. — Incomplete. — I shall be loving, &c. 

Per. Sing. 

1. ngiyakuba ngi tanda. 

2. uyakuda u tanda. 
drd Class. — 1. ayakuba e tanda. 

„ 2. liyakuba 11 tanda. 

yy 8. iyakuba 1 tanda, &c. 


3rd Class.— 1. 



siyakuba si tanda. 
niyakuba ni tanda. 
bayakuba be tanda. 
ayakuba e tanda. 
ziyakuba zi tanda, ko» 


3rd Class.—!. 

I shall still be loving, &c. 


ngi sa yakuba ngi 

u sa yakuba u tanda. 

a (u) sa yakuba e 
tanda, &c. 

Per. Plur. 

1. si yakuba si tanda. 

2. ni yakuba ni tanda. 

3rd Class. — 1. ba yakuba be tanda, 


3. — Complete. — I shall have loved, &c. 

Per. Sing. 

1. ngiyakubangitandilc. 

2. uyakuba u tandile. 
3rd Class. — 1* ayakuba e tandile. 

Per. Plur. 

1. siyakuba si tandile. 

2. niyakuba ni tandile. 
3rd Class. — 1. bayakubabetandile,i:c 

tanda, love thou. 

onga tandi, or musa ukutanda, love 
thou not. 

(a) Imperative Mood. 

tandani, love ye. 

ningatandi, or musani ukutanda, 
love ye not. 


Let me love, &c. 






mangi tande. 


masi tande. 


man tande. 


man! tande. 

8rd Class.—!. 

maka tande. 

3rd Class.—!. 

maba tande. 


mali tande. 


maka tande. 

„ 8. 

mai tande. 

99 8. 

mazi tande. 


masi tande, &c 


mazi tande, &c 


(e) Let me not love, &c 

Per. Sing. 

1; ma nginga tandL 
2. ma unga tandL 
8rd Class. — 1. ma anga tandi, &c. 

Per. Plur. 

1. ma singa tandL 

2. ma ninga tandi. 
8rd Class. — 1. ma banga tandi, &c. 

Subjunctive Mood. 
(a) If I love, &c. 






uma ngi tanda. 


uma si tanda. 


uma u tanda. 


uma ni tanda. 

Srd Class.—!. 

uma e tanda. 


nma be tanda. 

» 2- 

uma li tanda, &c. 


mna e tanda, &c 

(6) That I may love, &c. 

Per. Sing. 

1. ngi, or ukuba ngi tande. 

2. u, or ukuba u tande. 
8rd Class.-!, a, or ukuba a tande. 

ly 2. li, or ukuba li tandc,&c. 

- Per. Plur. 

1. si, or ukuba si tande. 

2. ni, or ukuba ni tande. 
8rd Class. -1. ba, or ukuba ba tande. 

2. a, or ukuba a tande,&c 


(c) That I may not love, kc 

Per. Sing. 

1. ukuba nginga tandi. 

2. ukuba unga tandi. 

1 v^l^v^rvA nv«/wo ^-av^Hi 

^. UKuoa unga lanoi. 
9rd Class. — 1. ukuba anga tandi, 
yy 2. ukuba Unga tandi, &c. 

8rd Class. 


Per Plur. 

1. ukuba singa tandL 

2. ukuba ninga tandi. 
— 1. ukuba banga tandi. 

" ukuba anga tandi, &c 

(«f) Do let me love, &c. 






mane ngi tande. 


mane si tande. 


mane u tande. 


mane ni tande. 

8:d Class.—!. 

mane a tande. 

3rd Class.— 1. 

mane ba tande. 


mane li tande. 


mane a tande. 

it ^» 

mane i tande, &c 

„ 8. 

mane zi tande, 


Potential Mood. 


3rd Class.—!. 

Pebsent Tense.— (a) I may love, &c. 


nginga tanda. 
unga tanda. 
anga tanda. 
linga tanda, &c. 




3rd Class.~l. 

»> 2. 

singa tanda. 
ninga tanda. 
banga tanda. 
anga tanda, &c. 

(6) I can love, &c. 

Per. Sing. 

1. nginamandhlaukatanda. 

2. unamandhla ukutanda. 
3rd Class.-!, unamandhla ukutanda. 

2. linamandhla ukutanda, 


Per. Plur. 

!. sinamandhla ukutanda. 
2. ninamandhla ukutanda 
3rd Class.-!, banamandhla ukutanda. 
2. anamandhla ukutanda, 





Srd Class. — 1. 


(c) I may not love, &c 

anginge tande. 
aunge tande. 
akange tande. 
aiinge tande, &c. 




3rd Class.—!. 


asinge tande. 
aninge tande. 
abange tande. 
awange tande, &c. 

(d) I cannot love, &c. 

Per, Sing. 

!. anginamandhlaukutanda. 
2. aunamandhla ukutanda. 
3rd. Class.!, akanamandhla ukutanda. 

2. alinamandhla ukutanda, 


Per. Plur. 

!. asinamandbla ukutanda. 
2. aninamandhla ukutanda. 
3rd Class. !. abanamandhla ukutanda. 

„ 2. aka (or awa) namandhla 

ukutanda, &c. 


Past T£NSE. — I might love, &c. 






benginga tanda. 


besinga tanda. 


nbunga tanda. 


beninga tandi^ 

Srd Class.—!. 

abenga tanda. 

3rd Class.— 1. 

bebenga tandt^ 

3rd Class.—!. 

I might not love, ko. 

benginge tande. 
ubunge tande. 
abenge tande, &c. 

3rd Class.—!. 


besinge tande. 
benin^e tande. 
bebenge tande, &c. 

Optative Mood. 
Present Tense.-— (a) May I love, &c. 

Per. Sng. 

!. nginga nginga tanda. 
2. unga nnga tanda. 
drd Class. — !. unga anga tanda. 
2. linga Unga tanda. 


Per. Plur. 

1. singa singa tanda. 

2. ninga ninga tanda. 
3rd Class. — !. banga banga tanda. 

2. anga anga tanda. 


May I not love, &c. 

Per. Sing. I Per. Plur. 

!. nginga nginge tande. !. singa singe tande. 

2. ninga ninge tande. 

3rd Class. — ^!. banga bangetande,&c 

2. nnga unge tande. 
Srd Class. — !. anga ange tande, &c. 

(b) I ought to loye, &c. 






ngangi tanda. 


ngasi tanda. 


ngau tanda. 


ngani tanda. 

8rd Class.—!. 

ngae tanda, &c. 

3rd Class.—!. 

ngabe tanda, &c 


I ought not to love, &c. 






ngangiiiga tandL 


ngasinga tandi. 


ngaonga tandi 


nganinga tandi. 

^rd Class.- 1. ' 

ngaenga tandi, &c. 

Srd Class.— 1. 

ngabenga tandi, & 

Oh that I may love, &;c. 

Per. Sing. 

1. sengati nginga tanda. 

2. sengati unga tanda. 
3ed Class: — ^1. sengati anga tanda. 

Per. Plur. 

1. sengati singa tanda 

2. sengati ninga tandf 
Srd Class. — 1. sengati banga tanda 


(TO BE.) 

Pbesent Tense.- I am, &c. 



Srd Clasj?.— !• 


n, &c. 




Srd— 1. 



ba, &c. 

I am not, &o. 

3rd Class.— 1. 

aka, &c 


Srd Class.— 1. 

aba, &ft. 


1. angibanga ngisaya. 

2. aubanga usaya. 
Srd Class. — 1. akabanga esaya, &c. | 

I have not been, &c. 
Sing. I Per. 


1. asibanga sisaya. 

2. anibanga nisaya. 
Srd Class. — 1. ababanga besaya, & 


Past Tense. — I was 



3rd Class.—!. 


ngangi, or bengL 


abe^ or ube, &c 

3rd Class.—!. 

sasi, or besL 
sani, or benL 
babe, &c. 




3rd Class.—!. 

» 2. 

FmruKE Tense. 

liyakuba, &c. 




3rd Class.—!. 



Plur. . 

ayakuba, &c. 

Imperative Mood. 

Pkesbnt Tense. 

Sing., 2nd. Per. yiba, be thou. Plur., 2nd. Per8. yibani, be ye. 


Infinitive Mood. 
ukutandwa, to be loved. ukungatandwa, not to be loved. 

Indicative Mood. 
Present Tense. (Indef.) 
ngi tandwa, I am loved. angi tandwa, I am not loved. 

Complete or Perfect. 
ngi tandiwe, I have been loved. angi tandwanga, I have not been loved. 


Present Tense. 













3rd Class.—!. 

una, &c 

3rd Class.—!. 

bana, &c 


• * 


FuTTTKE Tense. 

FW. Sing. Per. Plur. 

1. ngiyakubana. 

2. nyakubana. 
8rd Class.— 1« nyakubana. 

1. siyaknbana. 

2. niyakubana. 
3rd Class. — 1. bayakabana. 

The above Paradigm, thougb incomplete, will be sufficient for ordinary 


A. Tliis letter has a broad sound, as 

a in father. 
Aback, ad, Ngasemuva. 
Abaddon, n, u Satane, umtyabala- 

Abaisance, n. Ukukuleka (uku). 
Abandon, v, Lahla. 

— (A useless pursuit), Dela. 

— (Leave), Shiva. 
Abandoned, p. Lahliwe, deliwe. 
Abandonment, n, Ukulahla (uku). 
Abase, v. (Humble), Tobisa. 
Abash, v, Banga izinhloni. 
Abasing, n. Ulutobisa (uku). 
Abate, v. (Grow less), Ncipa. 

— (Lessen), Ncipisa. 

— (As water in a stream), Sinya. 
Abatement, n. Ukuncipisa (uku). 
Abba, n, Ubaba (u). 
Abbreviate, v, Finveza. 
Abbreviation, n, xAufinyeza (uku). 
Abdicate, v, Dela. 
Abdication, n, Ukudela (uku). 
Abdomen, n, Isisu (isi^. 
Abed, ad, Elukukweni (ulu). 
Aberration, n. Ukuduka (uku). 
Abet, v. (Aid), Siza. 

— (Incite), Duda. 
Abhor^ V, ^onda. 

Abhorrence, n. Inzondo (in). 
Abide, v. (Dwell), Hlala. , 

—(Tarry), Sala. 
Ability, n. Amandhla (ama). 
Abject, a. Delelekile. 

— n, Isilima, imbuqa (isi, im). 
Ablactation, w. Ukulumula 

Able, a. Namandhla. 
Ably, adv. Ngamandhla. 
Ablution, n. Ukugeza (uku). 
Abnegation, n. Ukupika (uku). 
Abode, n, Indhlu, ikaya. (in, i). 
Abolish, v. Pelisa. 
Abolition (Act of abolishing), Uku- 

pelisa (uku). 
Abominable, a, Zondekile, zonde- 

Abominate, v. Zonda. 
Abomination (Hatred), Inzondo, 

isinengiso (in, isi). 

— (Thorough), Ukuzondisisa(uku). 
Aborigines, n, Abantu bokuqala 

Abortion, n. (Miscarriage), Uku- 

pupuma kwesisu. 

— (Of beasts), Ukupunza (uku). 
Abortive, a. Putayo. 
Abound, v. Varna. 

— (Gain largely), Cuma. 



— (In live stock), Fiiya. 

^In food), Vunda. 
About, prep. Nga. 
About evening time, Ngokuhlwa. 
Above, ad. and prep. (High up), 

Pezulu, ngapezulu. 

— ^In place), Enhla, ngasenhla. 

— (More than), Pezii {with kii or 

Aboveboard, ad. (In open sight), 

Abbape, v. Gudhla. 
Abrasion, n. Ukugudhleka. 
Abreast, ad. Ngokulungelana, 


—(To be), Lungelelana. 
Abridge, v. Finyeza. 
Abroad, 'ad. (Outside), Pandhle. 

— (In another country), Petslicya, 

kona le. 
Abrogate, v. Pelisa. 
Abrupt, a. (Precipitous), Nesiwa. 

— a. (Sudden), Zumileyo. 
Abruptly, adv. Ngokuzuma. 
Abscess, n. (Small), Itumba. 

— (Large), Utumbakulu. 
Abscind, v. Nquma. 
Abscond, v. Bacela. 
Absconder, n. Umbaceli. 
Absent, a. Akako, abako, aziko, &c., 

according to class. 
Absinthium, Umhlonyane. 
Absolute, a. Namandhla angenara- 

kaulo. [kelwa. 

Absolution, n. Ukuyekela, ukuye- 
Absolve, v. (Forgive), Yekela. 

— (Acquit), Teta. 

— (Set free), Kulula. 
Absorb, v. Omisa, kota, puza. 
Absorption, n. Ukwomisa, uku- 

puza, ukukota. 

Abstain, v. (Keep from), Deda. 

— (From food), Zila. 

— (Refrain one's self), Zibaniba. 
Abstemious person, n. Inculu. 
Abstinence, n. Ukuzila. 
Abstract, v. (Take from), Pungula. 

— (As ideas), Zindhla. 

— (Abridge), Finyeza. 

—(Steal), Eba. 
Abstraction, n. (Of mind), Ukuzin- 

Abstruse, a. Fipele, fihlekile, fihla- 

Absurd, a. Hlekisayo. 

— Thing, n. Insumo. 
Absurdity, n. Igidigidi. 
Absurdly, adv. Ngokuhlekisayo. 
Abundance, n. Ubuningi, insudu. 

—(Of children), Ubu (ulu). 

— (Of cattle), Insada. 

— (Of food), Innala. 

— (Of Kafii beer), Umtayi. 
Abundant, (To be), Vama^ 

— a. Ningi. 
Abundantly, adv. Ngobuningi. 
Abuse, v? (Do evil), Ona. 

— (Revile), Tuka, rolodela, som- 


— n. Isituko, inhlamba. 
Abuser, n. Umtuki, umoni. 
Abusively, adv. N<^okutuka. 
Abyss, n. Ilindityoba. 
Acacia, (Species of), n» Umhland- 

Accede, v. Vuma. 
Accelerate, v. Tyetyisa, kaulezisa. 
Acceleration, n. Ukutyetyisa. 
Accept, v. (Receive), Amukela. 

— (Agree to), Vumela. 
Acceptable, a. Hie. 
Access, n. Ukusondeza, ukungona. 




Accession, n. (Enlargement), Uk- 

Accident, n. Ingozi. 
Accidentally, Ngengozi. 
Acclaim, Enanela. 
Acclamation, n. Ukwenanela. 
Acclivity, n. Ummango. 
Accommodate, v. (Supply), Siza. 

— (Adapt), Lungisela, tanisela. 
Accompany, v. Pelekezela. 
Accomplish, v. Qeda, feza. 

— (Obtain), Zuza. 
Accord, v. Vumela, vnmelana. 

— n. Ukuvumelana. 
Accordance, n. Uvumelano (iilu). 
Accordingly, adv. Ngako, ngakona. 
According to, prep. Nga. 
Accost, v. (Salute), Bingelela. 
Accoucheur, n. Umbeletisi. 
Account, v. (Reckon), Bala. 

— (Esteem), Buka. 

— 91. (Computation), Ukubala. 

— (Narrative), Ukuzeka, ukulan- 

Accountant, n. Umbali. 
Accoutre, v. Hlilomisa. 
Accoutrements, n. Izikali. 
AccRiMATiON, n. Ukusomboza, uku- 

Accumbency, n. Ukweyama. 
Accumulate, v. (Increase), Andisa. 

^Heap up), Fumba. 

—(Cattle), Fuva. 
Accuracy, n. Utulunga. 
Accurate, a. Lungile, lingene. 
Accurse, Qalekisa. 
Accusation, n. 

—(False), Isihb bo. 
Accuse, v. Nika icala. 

— ^Fakely), Cel^a. 

— (Smell out), Nu^.ia. 

— (An absent person), Dubela. 
Accustom, v. Jwayeza. 

— (To be), Jwayela, hlonza, xum- 

xeka, rumreka. • 

Aceldama, n. Ilizwe legazi. 
Acerbity, n. XJmunyu, umuncu 
Ache, v. (As a bone), nkenketa 

— (As a wound), Futa. 

— n. Ubuhlungu. 

J Headache), Ukukwelwa ik- 

— (Stomach ache), Ukulunyiswa 

Aching, a. Buhlungu. 
Acid, n. Umunyu, umuncu. 

— a. Muncu. 
Acidity, n. Ubumuncu, umunyu 

(ubu, u). 

— (Of the stomach), Isilungulela 

Acidulate, v. Babisa. 
Acknowledge, v. Vuma. 
Acknowledgment, n. Ukuvuma. 
Acme, n. Inhloko (in). 
Acoustics, n. Indaba ngemisinclo. 
Acquaint, v. (Make known), Azisa. 

—(Inform), Bika. 

—(Tell), Tyela. 
Acquaintance, n. Isihlobo, um- 


Acquiesce, v. Vuma. 
Acquiescence, n. Ukuvuma. 
Acquire, v. Zuza, cuma. 
Acquisition, n. Inzuzo (in). 

-—(Property), Imfuyo (im). 
Acquit, v. (In law), Teta. 

—(Set free), Kulula. 
Acquittal, n. Ukukululwa, uku- 

Acrid, a. Babavo. 
I Across, prep, and adv. PaxjftJa^'CA., 



—(To lie), Xabeka. 
Act, v. (Do), Enza. 

— -(Rudelv), Bekuza. 

4 — (Foolisnly), Pukuza, uleka. 

— (Hypocritically), Zenzisa. 

— (In a violent manner), Qotya- 


—(Wickedly), Shinga. 

— (Wickedly to), Shingela. 

— n, Isenzo (isi). 

— (Of service), Umkonzo (um). 

— (Of lounging), Umhlalapansi 

(Of throwing a stick), Umjigijolo 

Action, n. Isenzo (isi). 

— (Battle), Ukulwa, isiwombe, 


— (Lawsuit), Icala (i). 
Active, (To be), (Industrious), 


— (On the alert), Xwaya. 

— a. (Busy), Sebenzayo. 

— (Industrious), Kuteleyo. 

— ;0n the qui vive), Hlakanipile, 

Actor, n. Umlingisi. 
Actual, a. Luqobo, uqobonjalo. 
Actual essence of a thing, Indi- 

kimba (in). 
Actually, adv. Sengaze. 
Actuate, v. Enzisa. 
Acute, a. (Shrewd), Hlakanipileyo. 

— (As pain), Hlabayo. 
Acute person, n. Iqili. 
Acutely, adv. Ngokuhlakanipa. 
AcuTENESS, n. (Mental), XJkuhla- 

Adage, n. Umzekeliso, isiga (um, isi). 
Adam's-apple, n. Igilo (i). 
Adapt, v. Linganisela. 

Adaptation, n. Ukulinganisela 
Add, v. Engeza, eleka, enezela. 

—(To), Elekela. 

— (One word upon another), 

Adder, n, Inyoka (in). 

— (Large puff), Ibululu (i). 

—(Small), UkokotL 
Addict, v. Zijwayeza. 
Addicted (To be), Jwayela. 
Addition, w. Ukweleka, ukwele 
Address, v. (Salute), Bingelela. 

— (In prayer), Tandaza, bongs 

— (Preach), Shumayela. 

— (Speak to), Kulumela. 

— 91. (Sermon), Inshumayelo > 

— (Speech), Inkulumo (in). 

— (Petition), Isicelo (isi). 
Adept, n. Umlumbi, indwelei 

(um, in). 
Adequate, a. (Sufficient), Ane 

— (Equal to), Lingeneyo. 
Adequately, adv. Ngokulingei 
Adhere, v. Namatela. 

— (Tp, as a law), Landa. 
Adhesion, n. Ukunamatela (ul 
Adhesive, a. Namateleyo. 
Adhesively, adv. Ngokunamat 
AlDIEU, n. Ukuvalelisa. 

—(To bid), Valelisa. 

— adv. Sala. 
Adjacent, a. Eduze. 
Adject, v. Eleka. 
Adjoin, v. (As wood), Bangqa. 

— (As rope, &c.), Jobelela. 
Adjourn, v. Peza, pezela. 
Adjudge, v. Aba, abela. 
Adjuration, n. Ukufungisa. 
Adjure, v. Fungisa. 
Adjured, p.p. Fungisiwe. 
Adjust, v. Lungisa. 



— (Thoroughly), Lungisisa. 

^As a trap), Tiya. 
Adjusted, a. Lungisiwe. 
Adjuster, n, Umlungisi (um). 
Administer, v. (Government), Busa, 

pata nbukosi. 

— (Medicine), Elapa. 

— (Justice), Tetamacala. 
Administration, n. Ukwabiwa, 

ukwaba, ukwabela. 
Administrator, n. Umpati wombuso. 
Admirable, a. Bukisayo, hie. 
Admiration, ti. Ukubuka, utando 

(uku, ulu). 
Admire, v, Buka, tanda. 
Admired, j?.p. Bukekile. 
Admirer, n. Umtandi. 
Admissibility, n. Ukuvunyelwa. 
Admissible, a. Vunyelwe. 
Admission, n. Ukungenisa. 

— ^Permission), Ukungena (uku). 

— (Of argument), Ukuvuma. 
Admit, v. Ngenisa. 

— (Allow), Vumela. 
Admittance, ti. Ukungena, uku- 


Admix, v. Vanganisa, vuba. 
Admixture, n. Ukuvanganiswa. 
Admonish, v. (Warn), Yala. 

— (B^primand), Tetisa. 
Admonisher, n. Umyali, umluleki. 
Admonition, n. Isiyalo (isi). 
Adnascent, v. Milela. 
Adnubilated, a. Namafu, rwaqa- 

Ado, n, (Confusion), Isipitipiti 


— (Bustle), Amawala. 
Adolescence, n. Ubufana. 
Adopt, v. Misa ngobuntwana, 


Adoption, n. Ukumiswa ngobunt- 
Adore, v, (Worship), Kuleka, 


— (Love), Tanda. 
Adoration, n. Ukukuleka, ukudu- 

misa, utando (ulu). 
Adorn, v. Vunula, hloba. 
Adorning, n, Ukuhloba. 
Adornment, n. Ukuvunula. 
Adulation, n. Ukubabaza, Uku- 

toboza. [bo/i. 

Adulator, n. XJmbabazi, umtom- 
Adult, n. Umuntu okuUleyo. 
Adulterate, v. Enakalisa, ona. 
Adulterer, n, Umpingi (um). 
Adulteress, n. Umpingikazi (um). 
Adulterous, a, Pingayo. 
Adulterously, adv. Ngokupinga. 
Adultery, n. Ukupinga. 

—(To commit), Pinga. 
Adumbrate, v. Fanekisa. 
Advance, v. (Bring forward), Veza. 

— (Raise to preferment), Kulisa. 

— (Go forwards), Qubekela, 


— ^Approach), Sondela. 

— (As an army), Kukula. 
Advance, n. (Going forward), Uku- 


--(Approach), XJkusondela. 
Advance Guard, Imilomo, izilomo. 
Advantage, v. Siza. 

— n. (Gain), Inzuzo. 

— (Superiority), Ukwahlula. 
Advent, n. Ukuza, ukufika. 
Adventure, v. Linga. 

— n. Indaba (in). 
Adventurer, n, Umlingi (um). 
Adventurous, a. Nokalipo. 
Adversary, n. Impi, isita (im, isi). 




Adversity, n. (Poverty), Ubumpofu 


— (Poverty in cattle), Ubuliobe. 


— (Calamity), Ubulima (ubu). 
Advert, v. Qapela. 
Advertise, i?. Bika, azisa. 
Advertiser, n. Umazisi, umbiki. 
Advertisement, n. Isaziso (isi). 
Advice, n. Ukululeka, ukulaya. 
Advise, v. (Inform), Azisa. 

— (Counsel), Luleka, laya, yala. 
Adviser, w. Umluleki, umlayi, 

Advocacy, n, Ukutetelela, uku- 

Advocate, v. Tetelela, kulumela. 

— n. Umteteleli, ummeleli. 
Adze, n. Isampoto (isi). 
Afar, ad. Kude. 
Affable, a. Nene. 
Affability, n. Ubunene. 
Affair, (MatteA Indaba. 

— ^Busmess), Umsebenzi. 

— (Concern), Umnako. 
Affairs, n. Imigidi. 
Affect, v. (Act upon), Qabula. 

— ^Cause to act), Enzisa. 

— (Imitate), Lingisa. 

— (Regard for), Bubuya. 
Affectation, w. Ukulingisa,ubufeli, 

Affectedly, ad. Ngokuzenzisa. 
Affection, n. (Love), Utando. 

— (Desire), Inkanuko. 
Affectionately, ad. Ngokutanda. 
Affidavit, n. Isifungo. 
Affiliate, v. Misa ngobuntwana. 
Affinity, n. Ubuhlobo. 

— (Of birth), Ukwelamana. 

— (Chem.), Ukulungebma. 

Affirm, v. Tyo. 
Affirmant, n. Ufakazi. 
Affirmation, n. Ukutyo. 
Affirmed (To be), Tyiwo. 
Affix, v, Jobelela, lungclela. 
Affixion, n. Ukulungelela. 
Afflict, v. (Grieve), Dabukisa. 

— (Annoy), Hlupa. 

— (Persecute), Zmgela. 
Afflicted (To be), Hlupeka, da- 

Afflicted person, n. XJmhlupeki. 
Afflicter, n. Umhlupi, umda-> 

bukisi, umzingeli. 
AFFLiCTioiHy n. Inhlupeko. 

— (Heavy), Ubunzima. 
Affluence, n. Ukunota, ubunc- 
. waba. 
Affluent, a. Notile, ncwabile. 

— (To be), Nota, ncwaba. 

— (In stock), Fuya. 
Afford, v. (Give), Nika, 

—(Yield), Veza. 

— (Pay), Koka. 
Affright, v. Etusa. 
Affrighted (To be), Etuka. 
Affrighted, a. Tusiwe. 
Affront, v. Dubisa, qala. 
Affront, n, Ukudubisa, ukuqala, 

Afloat, adv. Ngokutanta. 
Afoot, adv. Ngezinyawo. 
Afore, adv. Pambifi. 

— (In time), Kuqala. 
Aforesaid, a. Tyiwo. . 
Aforetime, adi?. Kudala. 
Afraid (To be), Esaba. 
Afresh, ad. Ngokublumelela, ngo- 


— (Again), Futi. 
After, prep. Emuva. 



AiTER-ALL, adv, Kantinoko, kupela. 
After-birth, n. (Of women), Ume- 


— (Of beasts), Umhlapo. 
After-crop, n. Isihlabane. 
Afternoon, n. Intambama (in).- 
After-pains, n. Izinseko (izin). 
After-that, adv. Qediiba. 
After-a-while, adv. Ngelikade. 
Afterwards, adv. Kamuva, ngase- 
Aqain, adv. Futi. [niuva. 

Against, prep. Ngaku. 

— (To lean), Eyama. 
Age, n. Ubudala. 
Aged, a. Gugile, dala. 

— Person, n. Idala, ixeku. 

— <To be), Guga. 
Agency, n. Ukwenzela. 
Agent, n. Umenzeli. 
Agglutinate, Namatelisa. 
Aggrandize, v.- (Exalt), Kulisa. 
Aggravate, v. Ncokoloza. 
Aggravation, n. Ukuncokoloza. 
Aggregate, v. Hlanganisa. 

— :n. Inhlanganiso (in). 
Aggress, v. Qala. 
Aggressor, n. Umqali. 
Aggrieve, v. Hlupa. 
Aghast, (To look), Yangaza. 
Agile, a. Kalipile. 
Agility, n. Ukukalipa. 
Agitate, v. (Stir), Zamisa. 

— (As water), Dunga. 

— (Tease), Fundekela. 
Agitated, (To be, as water), 

Yaluza, dunga. 

— (Nervous), Papateka. 
Agitator, n. Umzamisi, umhlubu- 

kisi, umfundekeli. 
Agitation, n. Ukudunga, ukufunde- 

kela, itweletwele. 

Ago, adv, Pakade, kade. 
Agonistic, a. Bakelayo. 
Agonize, v. (Feel agony), Tyotyo- 

zelwa, yobayoba, yayateka. 
Agony, n. Ubuhlungu. 

— (Anguish), Umunye (umu). 
Agree, (Be of one mind), Ba yin- 

hliziyo nye. 

— (Concur with), Vumelana. 

— (As witnesses), Landelana. 

— (Suit with), Fana. 

— (Yield to), Vuma. 
Agreeable, a. (Pleasing), Hie. 

— (Suitable), Fanele. 
Agreeably, adv. Ngokufanela. 
Agreement, n. (Resemblance), Uku- 

fana, ukufuza. 

— (Compact), Uvumelano. 
Agriculture, n. Ukulima. 
Agriculturist, n. Umlimi. 
Agrimony, n. Umakutula. 
Ague, n. Ufehlane (ulu). 
Ah, interj. Au ! wu, wau ! 

mamo ! 
Aha, interi. Yetyila. 
Ahead, aav. Ngapambili, pambili. 
Ahoy, interj. Mina ! 
Aid, v. Siza. 

— (In war), Putumela. 

— n. Ukusiza, ukuhlenga. 
Aider, n. Umsizi. 
Ail, v. (Be sick), Gula, fa. 
Ailment, n. Isifo, ukufa. 
Aim, v. (Strive to hit), Komba. 

— (To obtain), Banga. 
Air, n. (Wind), Umoya. 

— (Mien), Imvelo. 

— (In music), Umsindo-ohlon^ 


— V. (As clothes), Eneka. 
Akimbo, a. Gotyiwe. 




Akin, (By birtli), Elamene. 
Alack-a-day, interj. Mame ! mai 

mamo ! 
Alarm, v. (Arouse), Hlaba umkosi, 


— (Call to arms), Hlomisa. 

— (Terrify), Tusa nunusa. 

— n, (Terror), Uvala (iilii). 

— (Awakening), Ivnso (i). 

— (False), Isibelu (isi). 
Alarming, p.a, Sabekayo. 
Alarmist, w. Umvusi. 
Alas, interj, Maye ! mai ! 
Albeit, ad, Noko. 
Albino, n. Inkau-yasekaya. 
Ale, n. Utywala (ubu). 
Alert, a. JCwayile, qapelayo. 

— (Smart), Kalipile. 

— (On the qui vive), Hlakanipile. 
Alien, n, (Stranger), Umuntu- 


— 7(roreigner), Umuntu-wapesh- 

Alight, v. Ehla. 

— (On, upon), Ehlela. 

— (As a Dird), Wa. 

— (From a horse), Hlika. 
Alike, (To be), Fanana. 

— (To be, in face), Fuzana 

— adv. Njenga. 
Aliment, n. Ukudhla. 
Alive, a. Pilile, zwayo. 

—(To be), Pila. 
All, adv. Kupela. 

— a. Onke, Onkana. 
All-along, adv. Kuseyikona, kwa- 

All-fours, n. (Arms and legs), 

All-hail, interj. Halala ! sakubona ! 

sanibona ! 

All-this-while, adv. Kubeyiloku. 
All-together, adv. Kanye, kanye- 

Allay, v. Dambisa. 
Allayed, (To be), Damba. 
Allegation, n. Ukutyo. 
Allege, v. Tyo. 
Alleged, p.p. Tyiwo. 
Allegory, n. Umzekeliso, umfane- 

Allegiance, n. Ukulalela, ubukosi. 
Alleviate, v. Dambisa, tambisa. 
Alliance, n. Ukuhlangana, inhlan- 

Alligator, n. Ingwenya. 
Allot, v. Abela, ahlukanisela. 
Allotment, n. Isabelo. 
Allow, v. Vumela. 

— (A girl to marry), Endisa. 
Allowed, (To be), Vunyelwa. 
Allude, v. Gwengula. 
Allure, v. Yenga. 
Allurement, n. Isiyengo. 
Almighty, n. Umninimandhla onke, 

usomandhla onke. 
Almost, adv. Cityu. 
Alms, n, Izipo (izi). 
Aloe, n. Umhlaba. 

— (Small), Icena. 
Aloe leaf, n. Ihlaba. 
Aloft, adv. Pezulu. 
Alone, a. Edwa, odwa. 
Along, adv. (At length), Yikona. 
Aloud, adv, (With noise), Ngom- 

Alphabet, n. Amagama. 
Already, adv. Manje, se. 
Also, conj. Na. 

Altar, n. Isalitari (ili), ilate (ili), 
j itafula (ili). 
I Alter, v. Pendula, guqula. 




— (Become otherwise), Penduka, 


— (invert), Hlanekezela. 

— (As words), Pendukezela. 
Alteration, n. (Act), Ukupendula. 

— (State), Ukupenduka. 
Altercation, n. Impikisano. 
Although, conj. Nokuba, nakuba, 

naloku, konaloku. 
Altitude, n, Ubude, ukupakama. 
Altogether, adv. Kanye. 
Always, adv. Ngezikati zonke. 
Amanuensis, n. Umlobeli. 
Amaryllis, n. Isihlambezo. 
Amasi, n. (Sour milk, kind of), 

Amass, v. (Heap up), Fumba, butela. 

— (Accumulate), Cuma. 

— (As live stock), Fuya. 
Amaze, v. (Astonish), Mangalisa. 

— (Perplex), Dida, didakalisa. 
Ambiguity, n. tJkufitiza, uku- 

Ambiguous, a. Fitizile, fitizayo. 
Ambassador, n. Isigijimi senkosi. 
Amble, v. Gegezela. 
Amen, Kunga-kungaba-njalo, ameni. 
Amend, v. Lungisa. 

— (Thoroughly), Lungisisa. 

— (For), Lungisela. 
Amiability, n. Ubumnandi bomoya. 
Amiable, (To be), Tandwa, tandeka, 

Amicabilitt, n, Ubuhlobo. 
Amicably, adv. Ngobuhlobo. 
Amidst, prep. Pakati. 
Amiss, adv. Ngokuposisa. 
Amity, n. Ubuhlobo (ubu), utando 

Ammunition, n. (Powder), Umsizi 


— (Bullets), Izinhlamou,izimbum- 


— (Small shot), Uhlwai (ulu). 
Among, prep. Pakati. 
Amorous, a. Tandayo. 
Amount, n. Isihlanganiso. 
Ample, a. (Sufficient), Ancb. 

— (Large), Kulu. 

—(Plentiful), Ningi. 
Amplitude, n. Ubukulu. 
Amply, adv. Ngobuningi. 
Amputate, v. Nquma, nqamula. 
Amputation, n. Ukunquma. 
Amulets, n. Izi^u. 
Amuse, v. Libalisa. 
Amusement, n. Ukulibalisa. 
Amusing, p.a. Libalisayo. 
Ancestor, n. Ukoko. Plur. Okoko. 
Ancestral spirit, n. Itongo, isituta. 

Plur. Imilwane.. 
Ancestry, n. Ubukoko. 
Anchor, n. Isankora. 
Ancient, a. Dala. 
Ancient thing, n. Isimakade. 
Ancle, n. Iqakala, isihlakala. 
And, conj. Na. 
And-so-then, adv. Ke. 
Angel, n. Ingelosi, inceku yezulu. 
Anger, n. Intukutelo. 
Angle, v. Loba ngoluti. 

— n. Igumbi (i). 
Angler, n. Umlobi. 
Angling, n. Ukuloba. 
Angry (To be), Tukutela. 

— a. Tukutele, nolaka. 
Anguish, n. Ubuhlungu benhliziyo, 

Animal, n. (Tame), Isifuyiwe, oku- 


— (Wild and not edible), Isilo, 

isilwane, isilwanyana^ uwvUIi3ceAj3A. 





— (Wild and edible), Inyamazane. 

- (Feeble), Ubuka (ulu). 

— (Gentle), Indanda. 

— rHoney-bear), Innsele (in). 

— (With docked tail), Umgqini. 

— (Striped), Umqunge, uiuqungii. 

— rLame), Uncondo (ulu). 

— (Castrated), Umteno. 

— (Sleek), Inyambuli. 

— (Barren), Inyumba (in). 

— (With cataract in the 


iRed with black tipped tail), 

— (Fat), Umqumane. 
Animate, v. Zwisa, vusa. 
Animosity, n. Inzondo. 
Ankle, n. Iqakala, isihlakala. 
Annex, v. Eleka, jobelela. 
Annexation, n. Ukweleka, uku- 

Annihilate, v. Tyabalalisa. 
Annihilation, n. (Act), Ukutyaba- 


— (State), Ukutyatyalaliswa. 
Annihilated, p.p. TyatralaliBiwe. 
Announce, v. Shumayela, azisa. 
Announcement, n. iJkushumayela, 

Annoy, v. Hlupa, cunula, xobisa, 


— (By wasting time), Qobisa. 
Annoyance, n. Inkatazo, inhlupeko. 
Annoyed, (To be), Cunuka, cunu- 

Annoying temper of mind, 

Annually, adv. Ngeminyaka. 
Annual plant, n. Umafavuke. 
Annulose worm, n. Isongololo ^i). 
Anoint, v. Kata, gcoba. 


— CFor), Katela gcobela. 

— (Thoroughly), Gcobisisa. 
Another, a. Nye : ex. omunye 

umuntu, another person. 
Answer, v. (A question), Pendula. 

— (When called), Sabela. 

— rWhile one is speaking), Enqaqa. 

— (In singing), Hlangabezana. 

— (Yizwa to a doctor), Vuma. 

— n, Impendulo (ini). 
Ant, n. (Black), Isipompolo (isi). 

— ^Large black), Ityeketye (i). 

— (Red), Intutane (in). 

— (Dart brown), Ubutuiusha, 


— ^Large brown), Igongosi ^i). 

— (White), Umuhlwa (umu). 

— (FWng), Inhlwa (in). 

— (White spots on abaomen),Ibika 

— TVery large), lye (i). 

— (Queen of white), Unomtebe, 


— (In a winged state), Ukungwane 

Ant-bear, n. Isambane (isi). 
Ant-hill, n. Isiduli (isi^. 
Antagonism, n. Ukupikisana (uku). 
Antecedence, n. Ukwandulela. 
Antecessor, n. Umanduleli. 
Antelope, n. Inyamazane (in). 
Large bush), Unkonka. 

— (Female of do.), Imbabala (im). 
Small bush), Ipiti (i). 
Rock), Igoko (i). 

— (Greyl Impunzi (im). 

— (Gnu,) Inkonkoni (in). 

— (Red), Umkumbe. 

— (Stein-bok), Iqina (i). 

— (Spring-bok), Insepe (in). 

- (Reed), Inhlango, umziki. 




— (Hed), Inxala. 

— (Oribe), Tula (i). 

— TKoodoo), Umgaxa. 

— (Hartebeest), Inkolongwane. 
Antennae, n. Izimpondwana. 
Ante-nuptial visit (To make), 

Anterior, a. Pambili. 
Anthem, w. foivumo (isi). 
Ant-hill, n. Isiduli (isi). 

— (Flat), Isidondwane. 
Antic, n, Umkuba. 
Anticipate, v. Andulela. 

— (Words), Qaziyela. 
Anticipation, n, Ukwandulela. 
Antidote, n. (For snake bites), 

Ipibiba, isihlungu. 
Ant-lion, n. Inkuuzi yomhlaba. 
Antipathy, n. Inzondo (in). 
Antiquity, n. Ubudala, indulo. 
Antre, n, Urnrume. 
Anus, n, Igolo (i). 
Anxiety, ti. Uvalo (ulu), itwetwe (i). 

— (Concern), Isineke (isi). 
Anxious, (To be), Piseka, pwapwa. 

— TFor), Pisekela. 

— (Cause to be), Pisekisa. 
Any, a. Nye. 
Anything, Uto (ulu\ 

—(Admired), Igcobo. 
Anywhere, ad. Ndawo. 
Anxious suspense (To be in), Hoba. 
Aorta, n. Umxwelo. 
Apace, ad, Nobelo. 
Apart, ad, Ngasese, odwa. 
Aperient, n. Umrudiso. 
Aperture, n. Imbobo, isikala. 
Apex, n. Isihloko, isicongo. 
Apis, n. Inyosi (in). 
Apollyon, n. Umtyabalalisi. 
Apostasy, n. Ukuhlubuka. 

Apostate, n, Umhlubuki. 
Apostatize, v. Hlubuka. 
Apostle, n. Isigijimi, isitunywa. 
Apostleship, n. UbugijimL 
Appal, v. Esabisa, etusa. 
Appalling, p.a. Esabekayo. 
Apparel, v. (As a heathen^ Ambata 

—(As a civilized person), Gqoka. 

— w. Izingubo. 
Apparent, a, (Visible), Bonakalayo. 

— (Obvious), Sobala. 
Appeal, v, Mangalela ekantolo eli- 

Appear, v. Vela, bonakala, nyoluka, 

ukuti mefu. 

— (Distinctly), Qama. 

— (Come in sight), Hlaluka, qam- 


— (As the sun), Ukuti pasha. 

— (White), Qakazeka, ukuti mfe. 

— (As foam from the mouth), 


— (First), Twasa, etwasa. 

— (First for), Twasela. 
Appearance, n. Ukubonakala (uku). 

— (Of a thing), Insimbi (in). 
Appease, v. Toba, dunduzela, yekisa 

—(Quiet), Tulisa. 

-(For), Tobela. 
Appellation, n. Igama, ibizo 
Append, v. (Join to), Jobelela 

—(Add to), Eleka. 
Appetite, w. Inkanuko (in). 
Applaud, v. Bonga, babaza. 

— (Cheer), Enanela. 
Applauder, n. Umbabazi, umbongt 
Applause, n. Ukubonga, ukuba- 


— (Acclamation), Isenanelo. 
Applicable, a. Fanele. 
Applicant, n, UmcelL 




Apply, v. (The mind), Qapela, 


--(On business), Babala. 

— (Ask for), Cela. 

— (Medicine), Elapa. 

— (One's self to work), Bambezela. 

— (Grease to the hair), Qikiza. 
Appoint, v. (Order), Juba, yalela. 

— (Constitute), Misa. 

— Constitute lor), Misela. 
Appointment, (Office), Isikundhla 


— (Agreement), XJvumelano (ulu). 

— (Engagement), Ukuhlangana. 

— (Command), Isimemezelo (isi). 
Apportion, v. Aba, abela. 

— (Distribute), Ahlukanisela. 

— (Among one another), Abelana. 
Apportioned, (To be), Abeka. 
Apportioner, n, Umabi. 
Apposite, a, Faneleyo. 
Appraise, v. Tyaya intengo. 
Appraiser, n, Umtyayeli wen- 

Apprehend, (Understand), Qonda, 


— (Perceive), Bona, qabuka. 

—V. (Think), Ti. 

— (Lay hold on), Bamba. 

— (Fear), Esaba. 
Apprehension, n, (Fear), Uvalo 


— (Perception), Ukubona. 

— (Understanding), Uku(jonda. 
Apprehensive, (To be), Etuka. 
Apprize, v, (Inform), Bika. 

— (Give notice), Azisa. 

— (Of danger), Vusa. 
Approach, v, Sondela. 

— n. Ukusondela. 
Approbation, n, Ukuvuuiu. 

Appropriate, v. (Set apart), Ahlu- 

— a. Fanele. 
Approvax, n. Ukuvumela, imvumelo 

Approve, v, Vumela. 

— (Be satisfied with), Kolwa. 
Approximate, v. (Bring near), Son- 

deza. • 

Approximation, w. Ukusondeza. 
April, n, Umbasa. 
j Apron, n. (Native), Umbodiya. 
Apt, a. Fanele. 
[ Aptness, n. Ukufanela. 
' Aqua, n, Amanzi. 
I Arable, a. Limekayo. 
Arbitrate, Aba. 

— (For), Abela. 
Arbitrator, n. Umlamuli, umabelL 
Arbitrary person, Isibudhk^alL 
Arcanum, n. Imfihlo. 
Archangel, n, Ingelosi enkulu. 
Ardency, n. Ukucopelela. 
Arduous, a, Lukuni. 
Area, n. (Of a cattle kraal), Inkun- 

dhla (in). 
Argue, v. Pikisana. 
Arguer, n. Umpikisani. 
Arid, a, Omile. fgileyo. 

Aright, adv. Ngokulunga,ngokulun- 
Arise, v. (Rise up), Vuka. 

— (Mount up), Nyuka, kupuka. 

— (As the sun). Puma. 

—(Stand up), Sukuma. 
Ark, n. (Chest), Ikisi (i). 
Arm, V, (For war), Hloma. 

— n. (Of the body), Umkono, 


—-(Forearm), Ugalo (ulu). 

— (Of the sea), Iteku (i). 

— (Bough), Ingaba (in). 




Armlet, w. (Of brass), Isongo (i), 


— ^Of grass), Upetazana. 

— (Of hide), Isipandhla 

— (Of silver), Isibangwa 
Armour, n. Izikali (izi). 
Armpft, n. Ikwapa (i). 
Arms ! (To), Hlomani ! 

— n, (Weapons), Izikali. 
Army, n. Impi. 
Around, adv. Ngokupahla. 
Arouse, v. Vusa. 

— (For), Vusela. 

— (From sleep), Papamisa. 
Arrange, v. (Put in order), Lungisa. 

— f One over another), Bekelela. 

— (As soldiers), Tyaya. 

— (About a matter), Ta. 

— (As people), Hlela. 

— (People for), Hlelela. 
Array, v. (Adorn), Vunula. 
Arrest, v. (Seize), Bamba. 

— (Obstruct), Vimbela. 
Arrival, n. Ukufika. 

— (New comer), Umfiki. 
Arrive, v. Fika, finyanisa, ukuti 

nke, ukuti qata. 

— (With difficulty), Naundeka. 
Arrogance, n. Ukuzidhla (uku). 
Arrogant, a, Zidhlayo. 
Arrow, n. Umcibityelo. 
Art, n. (Mental), Ukuhlakanipa 


— (Mechanical), Ukulumba. 

— (Cunning), IJbuqili (ubu). 
Artery, n. Umtambo (um). 
Artful, (To make), Hlakanisa. 

— a. Buqili. 

— Person, n, Ihlakani (i). 

— Dodger, n. Ikelengu (i). 
Articles, n. Izinto. 

Artifice, w. Icebo. 

Artisan, n, Umsebenzi, um- 

Arum, n. (A plant), Intebe (in). 
Arundo, n. (Keed), Umhlanga. 
As, conj. Njenga. 
As-OF-OLD, Ngokudala. 
As-it-may-be, Ngakumbe. 
As-sooN-AS, Qeduba. 
As FAR as I am concerned, Ngo- 

Ascend, v. (Go up), Enyuka. 

— (A hill), Kupuka. 

— (A tree), Kwela. 
Ascendency, n. (Power), Amandhla. 

— (Authority), Ubukosi (ubu). 

— (Influence), Isisindo (isi). 
Ascension, n. Ukunyuka. 
Ascent, n. Ukunyuka. 
Ascertain, v. Azisisa. 

— (Make certain), Qinisa. 
Ashamed, a. Nezinhloni. 

— (To be), Kopoza. 
Ashes, n, Umlota. 

—(Hot), Ututu (ulu). 

— (Of burnt grass), Usizi (ulu). 
Aside, adv, Ngasese, enhlanye. 

—(To go), Deda. 
Ask, v. Cela. 

—(For), Celela. 

— (Demand), Biza. 

— (Question), Buza. 

— (Question carefully), Buzisisa. 
For food), Tekela. 
Invite), Mema. 
A favour), Nxusa. 
A favour continually), Nxiba. 
Pertinaciously), Konga. 
AsKER, n. Umceli. 
Aslant, adv, Ngokutambeka. 
I Asleep, ad. Lele. 




Asparagus. w.(Wild), Umgobo (um), 

Tigobo (um). 
Aspect, n. Ukubonakala. 
Asperity, n. (Of manner), Ubudhlova 

(ubu), ubudhlangudhlangu. 
Asperse, v, Hleba. 
Aspersion, n. Ukuhleba. 
Ass, n. Imbongolo. 
Assagai, n. Umkonto. 

— ^Kind of), Iboqo (i), ingwadhla. 

— (Large, broad blade), Ixiwa (i). 

— WOOD, n. Isipambato, ibunda, 
irolo, umpabla. 

Assail, v. (With abuse), Tuka. 

— rWith arguments), Pika, piki- 
— fRush upon), Sukela. [sana. 
— (With weapons), Lwa. 

Assassin, n. Inswelaboya. 
Assassinate, v, Bulalal 
Assassination, n. Ukubulala. 
Assault, v. (Attack), Sukela, Iwa. 

—(With the fist), Bakela. 

— n. Ukulwa. 
Assay, v. Linga. 
Assemble, v. Hlanganisa. 

—(As cattle), Buta. 
Assembly, n. (Of men), Ibandhla. 

— (Crowd), Umbonda. 

— (Multitude), Isixuku (isi). 
Assent, v. Vuma. 

— n. Ukuvuma. 
Assert, v. Tyo. 

— (Confidently), Pikaza. 

— (Violently), Fitezela. 
Assess, v. Telisa ngomlinganiso. 
.Asseverate, v. Tyo, funga, nyanisa 
Assiduity, n. Ukukutazela. 
Assign, v. (Allot), Abela. 
Assimilate, v. Fanisa. 
Assist, v. Siza . 

— (Speed to help), Putuma. 

Assistance, n. Ukupiza. 
Assistant, n, XJmsizi. 
Associate, n. Umngane. 
Assort, v. Ahlukanisela inhloba 
Assuage, (Soothe), Toba. 

—(Allay), Dambisa. 
Assume, v. (Arrogate), Zikulisa. 
Assurance, n. (Confidence), Itemba 

—^Spirit), Isibindi (isi). 

— (Impudence), Ukuganga (uku). 
Assure, v. (Assert confidently), Pi- 


— (Make firm), Qinisa. 
Assuredly, adv, Ngokuqinisa, nge- 

Asthma, n. Ixwala. 
Astonish, v, Mangalisa. 
Astonished (To be), Tyaqeka, uknti 

kexe, etuka, mangala. 
Astonishing (To be), Esabeka. 

— a. Mangalisayo. 
Astonishment, n, Ukumangala 

Astray, adv. Lahlekile, edukile. 

— (To go), Duka, eduka. 
Astride, adv, Ngokuxabalaza. 

— (To be), Xabalaza. 
AsTRiNGE, V. Songela. 
Astringent, a. Songelayo. 
. -^(To be), Tywaqa, songela. 
Asunder, adv. Ahlukile. 

— (To cut), Nquma kabili. 
At, prep. Nga, ngase. 
At-a-loss (To be), Xakeka, yibaza. 
At-midday, Emmini. 
At-all, Ngqi. 
At-dawn-of-day, Ngovivi. 
At-one-stroke, Ngomhaha. 
At-home, Ekaya. 
At-the-entrance, Emnyanjo 



At-the-back-op-a-hut, Ensamo. 
At-the-great-house, Endhlunku- 

At-evening, Kusihhva. 
Asylum, n. Innnaba (in). 
Athirst, a. Omue. 
Athletic, a. Nezinnyama. 
Atmosphere, n. Umoya. 
Atone, v. Hlaula, hlaiilela ngegazi. 
Atonement, n. Inhlaulelo. 
Atrocious, a. Bi kakulu, bi impela. 
Atrociousness, n. Ububi. 
Atrocity, n. Ubushincja, ububi. 
Attack, v. (Seize), Btxinba. 

— ^Annex), Hlanganisa. 

— (Subjoin), Jobelela. 
Attachment, n. (Act), Ukuhlanga- 

nisa (ukn). 

— f Affection), Utan'lo (ulu). 

— (Fidelity), Itemba (i). 
Attack, v. (Fight), Lwa. 
fCalumniate), Hleba. 
By disease), Kwela. 
Severely), Pasa. 
[Begin a quarrel), Qala. 

— (Spring at), Vukela, sukela. 

— (By a love charm), Betelela. 

— n. Ukulwa. 
Attacked (To be, by war), Liwa. 

— (To be, by disease), Kwelwa. 
Attain (Gain), Zuza. 

— ^Reach), Fika. 

— (Overtake), Fumana. 
Attainment, n. Inzuzo (in). 
Attempt, v. Linga. 

— (Vigorously), Poria. 

— n. Isilingo, isigabavu. 
Attend, v. (Accompany), Pelekezela. 

— TGive need), Qapela. 

— (A place of worsnip), Sonta. 

— V. (To a person), mnza. 

Serve), Konza. 
In a childbirth), Beletisa. 
Consider), Qomia, beka. 
Consider carefully), Qondisisa. 
Care for), Caseka. 
Attendant, (Male servant), Inceku 

Female servant), Incekukazi 


General), Isikonzi (isi), um- 

konzi (um). 

— (On a journey), Umpelekezeli. 
Attendance, n. Inkonzo, ukukonza. 
Attention, n. Ukuqapela (uku). 

— (Careful), Isu (i). 
Attentive, a. Qapelaya 
Attest, v. Fakaza. 
Attestation, n. Ukufakaza. 
Attestator, n. Ufakazi. 
Attire, n. Izingubo, izivato. 

— (Gay), Izivunulo Hzi). 

— V. (Put on blanket), Ambata. 

— (Civilized clothes), Gqoka. 

— (With ornaments), Vunula. 
Attorney, Ummeleli (um). 
Attract, v. (Draw), Donsa. 

— (The eyes), Kanga. 

— (Allure), I enga. 

— (Bring together), Hlanganisa. 
Attraction, n. (Allurement), Isi- 

yengo (isi). 

— (Of gravitation), Ukudonsa. 
Auction, n. Indala (in), intengo (in). 
Auctioneer, n.Umdalisi, umtengisi. 
Audacious, a. Nesibindi. 
Audacity, n. Isibindi. 
Audible, a. Okuzwayo, zwakele. 
Audience, n. Abezwp, inhlangani?o 

Auger, n. Isipehlo, ibola elikulu. 
Augment, v, Andisa, kulisa. 




August, n. Uncwaba. 
Aunt, n. (Paternal), Ubaba. 

— (Maternal), Umamekazi. 
Austere, a. >iolunya. 
Austerity, n. Ulunva (ulu). 
Author, n. UmgambL 
Authority, n. Ubukosi, amandlila. 
Autograph, n, Okwake-ukuloba. 
Autumn, Ikwindhla. 
Avarice, n, Ukurara, ukufisa. 
Avaricious, a. Fisile, rarile. 

— (To be), Rara, fisa. 
Avaunt, ivierj. Suka ! 
Avenge, v. Pindisa. 
Avenger, n. UmpindisL 
Aver, v, Tyo. 
Aversion, n. Inzondo. 
Avert, v. Dedisa. 
Avoid, v, (Shun), Pepa, tyalaza. 

— ^Parry), Vika. 

— (From shame), Hlonipa. 
Avouch, v. Tyo. 
Avow, Tyo nokutyo, vnmela. 
Avowal, n. Ukutyo, ukuvumela. 
Await, v, Hlalela, linda. 
Awake, v. Vuka. 
Awaken, v. Vusa. 
Award, n. Isabelo. 

— V. Abela. 
Awarder, n, Umabeli (um). 
Aware, v, Azi. 

— (To be), Qabuka. 
Away, adv, Kude, le, ngeko. 
fTo get), Suka. 
fTo drive), Xotya. 

— (To go), Emuka. 

— ^(To send), Emukisa. 
fTo run), Baleka. 
[To take), Susa. 

— interi, lya I 
Awe, V, Esabisa. fakindhlwanya. 

— n. Uvalo (ulu). 
Awful, a. Sabekayo. 
Awhile, adv, Umzuzu, isikati. 

— (Short time), Umzuzwana, isi- 

Awkward (To be placed), Tyekeka. 
Awl, n. Usungulu (ulu). 
Awning, n. Itenta, iteute. 
Awry (To be), Sonteka. 

— adv. Sontekile. 
Axe, n. Izembe, iinbazo. 
Axilla, n. Ikwapiu 
Ay, aye, adv. Yebo, ehe. 
Azure, a. Luhluza. 


Babble, v. Bamuza, mpopoza. 

Babe, n. Inngane. 

Baboon, n. Imfene, unoha, inzinga. 

— (Large), Ikonde (i). 

— (Very young), Isijwane (isi). 
Baby, n. Ingane (in). 
Bachelor, n. Isoka (i). 
Bachelorship, n. XJbusoka (ubu). 
Back, n. Umhlana (um). 

— (Occiput), Isipundu (isi). 

— (Of the neck), Umqala (um). 

— (Of a hut), Umsamo (um). 

— adv. Ngasemuva. 

— (To go or come), Buya. 

— fTum, as oxen), Kalima. 

— (Give back), Bu^sa. 

— (Sent back to), feuyisela. 

— (To turn one's), Fmatela. 

— (Suppress), Godhla. 

— (Suppress on account of), God- 

Backbite, v. Hleba. 
Backbiter, n. Umhlebi (um). 




Backbiting, n. Isihiebo (isi), igcago- 

Backbone, n, Umhloza. 
Backslide, v. Hlehla. 

—{Apostatize), Hlubuka. 
Backslider, n, Umhlubuki (um). 
Backward, adv, Nyovane, ngasem- 

Bacon, n. Inyama yengulube. 
Bad, a. (Vicious), Bi. 

—{Unfortunate), Nesisila, nobu- 

lima, buiima. 
Bad man, n. Ishinga, (i), iratarata (i\ 
Bad condition, (To be in, as an ox), 

Caka, hotyobala. 
Badge, n. Upau (ulu). 
Badger, n. Icelesi (i). 
Badinage, n. Ukuoanga. 
Badly, adv, Kubi, kabi 
Badness, n. Ububi. 
Bad snupp, n. Isibumbe (isi). 
Bapplb, V, Ahiula. 

—(Elude), Catya. 
Bappler, n. Umcatyi, umahluli, 

Bag, n. (Sack), Isaka (i). 
Touch), Isakana (i). 
:For medicines), Inngcaba (in). 
[Purse), Isikwama (isi). 
[Small), lyika (i). 
Baggage, n. Izimpanla. 

— (Bad woman), Isiropo (isi). 
Bagnio (Brothel), Indhlu yeziropo. 
Bail, v. Melela. 
Bailipp n. Umsila. 
Bait, v, (A trap for birds), Telela. 

—(Set on dogs), Sasazela, tyityi- 


— (Harass with dogs), Hlwaya. 
Bake (As meat), Osa. 

—(As pottery), Kangula. 

Balance, n. Isikeli (isi). 

— V. Linganiselana. 
Bald, a. Mpandhla. 

— Place on the head, Ityanda (i). 

— Person, n. Impandhla (im). 
Balderdash, n. Ukubamuza, ukum- 

Baldness, n, Ubumpandhla. 
Bale, v, (As water), Ka. 

— n. Umfuqulu (um), umfumfuto 

Balk, v. Dumaza, ahiula. 

— n. (Large beam), Umjanjato 

Ball, n. (Round thing), Indilinga, 

indingiliza, imbulunga. 

— (Of string), Inkata (in). 

Of brass, small), Indondo (in). 
Bullet), Inhlamvu (in). 
^Form into), Dilinga, bulunga. 
Ballad, n. Ingoma (in). 
Ballad-singer, w. Imbongi, umhla- 

beleli wezingoma. 
Bamboo, n. Uqalo (ulu). 
Bamboozle, v. Tyampuza, kohlisa. 
Ban, n. Isimemezelo (isi). 
Banana, n, (Cultivated), Ukova 

(ulu), okova (plur), 

— (Wild), Isidabane (isi). 

— (Sort of), Ingceba (in). 
Banana-grove, Isikova (isi). 
Band, n. (Company), Ibandhla (i). 

— (Woman's belt), Isibamba (isi). 

— (For binding), Isibopo (isi). 

— ^For a wound), Indwangu (in). 

— (Of music), Ugubu (ulu). 

— (Alarm-party), Umkosi (um). 
Bandit, n, Umpangi. 
Bandy-legged, a. Nezigwexe. 
Bang, v. Kahlela. 
Bangle, Umnaka^ um(\wa.\i^\aM3&~ 




Baihsh, v. Xotya. 
Banished (To be^, Xotywa. 
Banishment, n. iTkuxotywa (uku). 
Bank, n, (Of earth), Udonga (ulu). 

— (Of a river), Ugu (ulu), usebe 


— (For money), Ibanke (i). 
Banker, to. Umnini webanke. 
Banner, w. Indwangu yamabuto. 
Banquet, n. IsidUo (isi). 
Banter, v. Binqa, gagula. 

— n. Ukubinqa. 
Bantling, n, Umntwanyana (um), 

ingane (in). 
Baptism, n. Ukubapatiza (uku). 
Baptist, n. UmbapatizL 
Baptize, v, Bapatiza. 
Baptizer, n, Umbapatizi. 
Bar, v. Vimbezela. 

— (Hinler), Vimbela. " 

— n. (Of wood), Umgoqo (um), 

umvalo (um). 

— (Of brass), Umdaka, ucingo 


— (Of a door), Isigxobo (isi). 
Barb, n. (Beard),- Isilevu (isi). 

— (Of a spear), Idhlebe (i). 
Barbarian, n. (Savage), Isidhlwa- 

bidhlwabi (isi). 
Barber, n. Umpuculi, umgegi (um). 
Bard, n. Imbongi (im). 
Bare, a, Ze. 

— V, (Strip), Hluba. 

— (Strip, as hair), Qotula. 
Barefaced, a, (Bold), Gangile. 
Bareness, n. Ubuze. 
Bargain, n. Intengo (in), uvume- 

lano (ulu). 

— 17. Ten^. 

— (With one another), Tengana. 
Bark, v, (As a dog), Konkota. 

— (Strip trees), Hluba, ebula, 


■ — n. (Of a tree), Ixolo, amaxolo. 
Barking, n. Ukukonkota (uku). 
Barm, n. Imbiliso (im). 
Barn, n. Ingobo (in). 
Barren, a. Nyumba. 
Barrel, n, Umpongolo (um). 
Barrenness, n. Ubunyumba. 

-(Person or animal), Innyumba 

Barren-stalk, n. Umfaba. 
Barrier, n, Ukuvinjelwa. 
Barter v. (Exchange), Enanela. 

— (Trade), Rweba. 
Base, a. Bi. 

— w. (Foundation), Umsekelo,isise- 

kelo (isi). 

— (Bottom), Isiqu (isi). 

— Person, n. Isninga (i). 

— Thing, n. Icilo (i). 
Basely (To act), Shinga. 
Baseness, w. Ububi (ubu). 
Bashful, a. Hlonipayo. 

— (To be), Hlonipa, ncoyancoya, 

Bashfulness, n, Izinhloni (izin). 
Basin, n, Isitya (isi). 
Basis, n. Umsekelo (um). 
Bask, v. Tamela, etamela. 
Basket, n. (Rush), Unyazi. 

Small), Imbenge (im), ingcelu 


— (Very small), Isikangezo (isi). 

— (For corn), Iqoma (i). 

— (Large), Isiqabeto (isi\ 

For storing com), Isilulu (isi]|. 
Large, with small mouth), Isi- 

tundu (isi). 

— (Large, round), Isiqungqu (isi). 

—(Flat), Ikuku (i). 




— (Flexible), Isinyazi (iei). 
Baste, v. (Sew), Tunga. 

—(Beat), Tyaya. 
Bat, n, Isihlutandhlebe, isihlwi- 

— (Large), Igomonqo (i). 
Bath, n. Isitya sokiigeza. 
Bathe, v. Geza. 
Bather, w. Umgezi (um), inhlambi 

Battle, n. Ukulwa. 
Battle-axe, n. Imbemba (im). 

— (Kind of), Isizeze (isi). 
Battle cries, n, Iziro. 
Bawl, v. (Shout loudly), Mpompo- 

Bawler, n, Umpompolozi. 
Bay, n. Iteku (i). 

— a. Mpofu. 
Be, v. Ba. 

Be-so-good-as, Ake. 
Beach, n. Usebe (ulu). 
Bead, w. Inhlamvu (in). 
Beads, n. Ubuhlalu (ubu). 
[Black), Isitimane (isi). 
rWhite), Itambo m. 
?Large White, &c.), Amaqanda. 
[Red), Umgazi. 
(Sky-blue), Ibuma (i). 

^ellow), Incombo (in). 
(Reddisn), Isipofu (isi). 
— (Flame coloured), Umlilwana 

[Loose), Umuru. 
[Kind of whitish), Imusa (i). 
f Large blue), Umgulugulu (um). 
[White spotted), Ubumanka- 

— (SmaU green), Amanyongayon- 
— (Mixture of), Ixubevange (i). 

— ^Row of), Ucu (ulu). 
— (Single string ot), Umshweshwe. 
— (Large bunch o^, Ihlukuzi (i). 
Beak, n. (Of a bird), Umlomo (um). 
Beam, n. (Of wood), Umjanjato, um- 

—(Of the sun), Umsebe (um). 
Bean, n. (One kind), Indumba ^in\. 
— {Another kind), Inkwindi (in). 
Beans, n. Ubontyisi (u). 
Bear, v, (Carry), Twala. 
— (Support), Sekela. 

Forbear), Bekela, bekezela. 
As young), Zala. 
Young, as dogs), Nyelezela. 
Offspring plentifully), Ruluza. 
A child on the back), Beleta. 
Remove), Tuta. 
In mind), Kumbula. 
For the nrst time), Zibula. 
Carry in the hand), Pata. 
Fruit), Hlanza, tela. 
Beard, n. Isilevu (isi). 

— (Small), Isilevana (isi). 
Bearded man, n. Irwanqa (i). 
Bearer, n. (Of a burden), Umtwali 

Bearing, n. (BehaviourV Ukuma 

(uku), ukuhamba (uku). 
Beast, n. Inkomo (in). 
— ^Of prey), Isilo (isi), isilwane. 
— (Cow for the nurture of a child), 
Isondhlo (isi). 

— (Of sacrifice), Ibongile (i). 
— (Given to bride's mother), Um- 
qoliso (um), umbeka (um). 
— (Wild edible), Inyamazane. 
Beastly, adv. Njengesilo. 
Beat, v» Tyaya. 
— (Violently), Dinda, dindita. 
— (As the heart), Gquma. 




— fin battle), Nqoba. 

— (As a blankets Tintita. 

— (Overcome), Ahlula. 

—(Corporeal punishment), Xaxa. 

—^Thresh out), Bula. 

— (Destroy), Cita. 

— (Crush with blows), Qoboza. 

— f Bruise as herbs), Gxoba. 

— (Cause welts), Xatula. 

— (As iron), Gxoba. 

— (The ground), Bula. 

— (Strike a nail), Betela. 

— (Kick), Votoza. 

— (Strike, as a clod), Tubuza. 

— (Strike, as a clock), Ukuti nqo. 

—(With the fist), Bakela. 
Beater, w. Umtyayeli (um). 
Beaten (To be), Tyayeka. 
Beatitude, w. Umbusiso (um), in- 

hlanhla (in). 
Beau, n. Itonqa (i), itonqana (i). 
Beauteous, a. Hie. 
Beautify, v, Vunula. 
Beautiful, a. Hie. 
Beauty, n. Ubuhle. 
Becalm, v, Tulisa. 
Because, conj, Ngoba, ngokuba, 


— (On this account), Ngaloku. 
Beckon, v. Qweba. 

—(For), Qwebela. 
Becloud, v. (Make dim), Fipaza. 
Become, v. (To be), Ba. 

— (Be suitable), Fanela. 
Becoming, a. Fanele. 
Becomingly, adv, (Conduct one's 

self), Zihlela. 
Bed-clothes, n. Izingubo zokulala. 
Bed, n. Icansi (i), ukuko (ulu). 

— (Of a river), Isiqu (isi). 
Bedabble, v. Fafaza, swakamisa. 

Bedaub, v, (With grease), Rata 


— rWith coloured cl^), Gcaba. 

— (With mud, &c.), &iceka. 
Bedazzle, v. Cwazimulisa. 
Bedeck, v, Vunula, hlobisa. 
Bed-fellow, n. Umlalisi (um). 
Bedim, v. Fipaza. 
Bedlam, n, Indhlu yabahlanya. 
Bedlamite, n. Uhlanya (ulu). 
Bed-room, n, Ikamela lokulala. 
Bedrench, V, Netisa. 
Bedraggle, v* Ninda, baxazela. 
Bed-time, Isikati sokulala. 
Bedwarf, v. Batyisa. 
Bee, n. Inyoni (in). 
Bee-comb, n. (With eggs), Itane (L) 
Bee-eater, n. Inhlavu (in). 
Beef, n. Inyama venkomo. 
Bee-hive, n. Indnlu yezinyosL 
Beer, w. Utywala (ubu). 

— (To strain), Hluza. 
Beer-basket, w. Isicumu (isi). 
Beer-skimmer, n. Isiketo (isi). 
Beer-strainer, w. Ivovo {i\ 
Beer- vessel, n. Ingcazi (in). 
Bees (Immature), Amacepeza. 

— (Grubs of), Imiqumuza. 

— (Young), Amaqanda. 
Bees-wax, n. Isikupa. 
Beetle, n. Ibungane (i). 

— (Long-homed), Umpondom- 


— n. (That shams death), UmzifisL 
Befall, v. Ehlela. 

— (As an accident), Kwelwa yin 


— (As sickness), Tekela, 
Befit, v. Fanisa. 
Beflatter, v. Toboza. 
Befool, v, Pukuzisa. 




Before, adv. Pambili, pambi. 

— "prep, (In time), Kuqala. 
Beforetime, adv, Mandulo. 
Befoul, v. Ncolisa. 
Befriend, v. Pata ngomusa. 
Beg, V, (AskX Cela. 
f Ask for), Celela. 
[Cause to ask), Celisa. 
(Earnestly), Ncenga, ncelisisa. 
Food), Nxiba. 
[Favour), Nxusa. 
[In time of famine), Panza. 
Beget, v, Zala. 

Beggar, w. Umnxibi, impabanga. 
Begin; v, Qala, andula. 

— (To speak), Ukuti nda, ukuti 

Ilka, ukuti fahla. 

— ^Before another), Andulela. 

— (To flower, as mealies), Dubula. 

— (To eat food abstained from), 


— ^ About anything), Sungula. 

— (To grow dark), Swelela. 
Beginner, n. Umqali. 
Beginning, w. Uku(jala, isiqalo. 

— (Of spring), Isilimela. 
Begird, v. Binca. 
Begone, interj, Suka ! 
Begrime, v. Syepisa. 
Begrimed (To be), Nyepa. 
Begrudge, v, Ncitya. 
Beguile, v, Kohlaiiisei, yenga, bun- 

Begitiled (To be), Kohlaniseka. 
Beguiler, n. Umkohlisi, umyengi. 
Behave, v. Zimisa. 

— ^Modestly]!, Hlonipa. 

— (Unbecomingly), Ganga, bem- 

Behead, v. Nquma ikanda. 
Beheld (To be), Bonwa. 

Behest, n. Umyalo. 
Behind, mep. Ngasemuva. 

— adv, kamuva. 
Behold, v. (Look), Bona. 

— ^Gaze), Buka. 

— (With expectation), Qolozela. 

— inierj. Beta ! 
Beholder, n. Umbuki. 
Being, n. Uqobo (ulu). 
Belabour, v, TjBja,, bula. 
Belch, v, Bodhla. 

— (On account of), Bodhlela. 
Beldam, n. Isalukazi (isi). 
Beleaguer, v, Vimbela. 
Belie, v. Hleba. 
Belief, n. Ukukolwa. 
Believe, v. Kolwa. 
Believer, n. Ikolwa (i). 
Bell, n. Insimbi (in). 
Belle, n. Intombi evunulileyo. 
Bellman, n. Umtyayeli wensimbi. 
Bellow, v, Konya. 
Bellows, n. Umfuto. 
Bellows-maker, n. Umenzi wemi- 

Belly, n. Isisu (isi). 
Belly-band, n. Ibande lesisu. 
Beloved, p, Tandiwe, tandeka. 
Beloved-one (As an orphan), Intan- 

dane (in). 
Below, prq). Pantsi. 

— adv, Ngapantsi, enzantsi. 
Belt, n. Isibamba (isi). 
Bemire, v, Baceka. 
Bemoan, v, Lila, enza isikomololo. 

— (One's-self), Zikalela. 
Bemock, v, Hleka. 
Bench, n, Isihlalo (isi). 
Bend, v. Goba, toba. 

— rCauseto), Gobisa, tobisa,gebisa. 

— (Stoop in sitting), Kotama. 




— ^As one writing), Ngomfa. 
rStoop in walking), jfeokoba. 
[A bow), Nsala. 
[Twist), Sonta. 

— ^As thatch), Tobeza. 

— (As a branch), Gogobeza. 

— n. Insonge, isigwegwe. 

— (Of a river), Inngoni, inqubu. 
Bendable, a. Gobekayo. 
Beneath, «r«p. Pansi. 

— adv. Ngapansi. 
Benediction, n. Umbusiso, inhlan- 

Benefactor, n. Umupi. 
Beneficent, a. Hlapazileyo. 
Beneficence, n. Ukuhlapaza. 
Benefit, n. Inhlanhla (in). 
Benevolence, n. Ubiinene. 
Benevolent, a. Bunene, nomusa. 
Benign, a. Nomusa. 
Bent^. Gotyiwe. 

— (Forward, as the ears, to be), 

Bepraise, v. Babaza. 
Bereave, v. Amuka. 
Berry, n. Inhlamvu (in). 
'Kind of), Ibu. 

Of the nux vomica), Ihlala (i). 
Of wild olive), Ingwenya (inV 
Of umnukwe tree), Inukwe (i). 
^Small edible), Umsobo. 
Beseech, v. Ncenga, tandaza. 
Beset, v. Pahla, raqa. 
Beschew, v. Qalekisa. 
Beside, prep. (At the side), Elii- 

Besides, adv. Kepa, futi, kupela. • 
Besiege, v. Vimbela. 
Besieged (To be), Vinjelwa. 
Besmear, v. Baceka. 

— (With grease), Kata, gcoba. 

— (With red clay), Gqaba. 
Besom, n. Umtyanelo. 
Besot, v. Dakisa. 
Besotted person, n. Isibuzengana 

Bespatter, v. Capazela. 
Bestow, v. Pa, nika. 
Bestower, n. Umupi. 
Bestride, v. Xabalaza. 
Bet, v. Bekelana. 
Bethink, v. Kumbula, 
Betray, v. Ceba. 
Betrayer, n. Umcebi. 
Betrothe, v. Endisa. 
Between, prep. Ngapakati. 
Beverage, n. Ukupuza- (uku). 
Bevy, n. Umhlambi. 
Bewail, v. Lila, kala. 
Beware, v. Xwaya. 

—(Of), Xwayela. 
Bewilder, v. Didakalisa. 
Bewitch, v. Takata. 

— (Attract), Donsisisa inhliziyo. 
Bewitcher, n. Umtakati. 
Bewrap, v. Songa. 
^EYO^D, prep. Pambili. 
Beyond (A river), Pesheya. 

— adv. (Yonder), Lapaya. 
Bible, n. Ilizwi lika tixo. 
Bibber, n. Isidakwa (isi). 
Bicker, v. (Quarrel), Xabana. 

— (Wrangle), Pikisana. 
Bid, v. (Order), Yala, layeza. 

— (Vehemently), Yalisisa. 
Invite), Mema. 
Call), Biza. 

— (Adieu), Valelisa. 
Bide, v. (Dwell), Hlala. 

— (Remain), Sala. 
Bier, n. Uhlaka (ulu). 
Biestings, n. Umtubi, ihlaka. 




Big, a. Kuln. 
Bigamist, n. Umtembuzi. 
Bigamy, n. Ukutembuza (uku). 
Big-fellow, n. Ibulubense (i). 
Bigness, n. Ubukulu. 
Bigotry, n. Inzondo (in). 
Bijou, Umbukwane. 
Bile, n. (Of the liver), Inyongo (in). 

— (Mental bitterness), Ukugunya 

Bilious, a. Nenyongo. 
Billet, v, Pambukisela ukulala, 

Billet-doux, v. Incwadi yotando. 
Billingsgate, n. (Foul language), 

Isituko (isi). 
Billow, n. Itama (ili), iliza (ili). 
Billows, n. Amaza, amadhlambi. 
Biltong, n. (Jerked beef, &c.), 

Bind, v. Bopa. 

— ^Cause to), Bopisa. 

— (On to), Bopelela. 

— (Carefully), Bopisisa. 

-(Tightly), Xinya. 

— (As the border of a mat), Peta. 
'Band above the eyes), Qela. 
Lock, as a wheel), Nsala. 
Down thatch with reeds), Duza. 
Make costive), Songela. 
[As a dress), Peta. 
Down thatch with pegs,) 


— (As a broken arm), Tandela. 

— (Beads on the arm), Gqiza, 


— nfllatify), Qinisa. 

— (As a cord round a stick), 

Binder, n. Umbopeli, umpeti 
Bird, n. Inyoni (in). 

JKind of), Umngupane. 
^rown), Umunswi. • 

^ith long tail), Uvuze. 
[Black ibis), Inkankani (i). 
Of passage), Inkanku (in). 
Sparrow), Umzwilili. 
^Secretary bird), Intungunono 

—(Kingfisher), Isivuba (isi). 
[Partridge), Itendele (i). 
fQuail), Inkwali (in). 
Heron), Utekwane. 
: Swallow), Inkonjane (in). 
[White crane), Unohemu. 

Crane of Basuto-land), Indwa 

(* \ 

fCrow), Igwababa. 

(Small brown), Incete (in). 
— (Kind oi), Ubantwanyana. 
— (Kind of), Isibelu (isi), ib obon 


— (Name of), Igqumutya (i). 

— (Dove), Ijuba (i). 
— (Like a dove), Isikombazane 

— (With white spots), Isicelegu 

— (Brown, with white tail), Icel- 
egwana (i). 

— (Brown wings, red breast), Isi- 
belu (isi). 

— (Mocking), Isanzwele (isi). 
— (Small, brown, chattering), 
Ipotwe (i). 

— (Long-tailed finch), Umaube. 
— (That makes a booming noise), 

— (Black and white) , Inkanku (in) . 
— (Speckled), Insansa (in). 
— (Chattering yellow), Ihloko- 




— (Like a pauw), Umngqiti. 
— (Pauw), Iseme ^i). 
— (Hawk), Unhloile. 
— (Vulture), Inqe (i). 
— (Kite), Ukozi. 
— ^Wagtail), Umvemve. 
— (Pheasant), Isikwedhle. 
— (Guinea-fowl), Impangele (im). 
— (Fowl), Inkuku (m). 
— (Whip-poor-will), Upezukwom- 

— (Stork), Inkotozima (in). 
— (Snipe), Isinguni (isi). 
— (Plover), Ititihoya. 
— (Kind of), Ubantwanyana. 
Bird-lime, n. Innevu (in), inomfi 

Bibd's-nest, n. Indhlu yenyoni. 

Bird-trap, n. Isitiyo (isi). 

Birth, n. Ukuzalwa. 

Birthday, n. Usuku Iwokuzalwa. 

Birthright, n. Ubuzibulo. 

Birthplace, n. Indawo yokuzalwa. 

Biscuit, n. Isicaba sempupu. 

Bishop, n. Umbishopo, Usolwezinre- 

Bit, n. (Chip), Ucezu (ulu). 

— (Mouthful), Umtama. 

— (Of a bridle), I tome, insimbi 

Bitch, n. Injakazi (in). 
Bite, v, Luma. 

— (Mealies from cob), Komusa. 

—(With cold), Godolisa. 

— (Cheat), Kohlisa. 
Biter, w. Umlumi. 
Biting (To be), Baba. 
Bitter, a. Baba. 

— (Mentally), Gunya. 
Bittern, w. U tekwane. 
Bitterness, (Of taste), Ukubaba. 

— (Sorrow), Ukudabuka. 

— (Bad feeling), Ukugunya. 
Bitter thing, n. Isibabane (isi). 
Bivouac, v. Vagatya. 
Blab, v. Ncenteza. 
Blabber, n. Umncentezi. 
Black, a. Mnyama. 

— (To be), tjkuti kace. 

— w. Umuntu omnyama. 
Blackberry, n. Ijingijolo. 
Blacken, v. Enza mnyama. 

— (Defame), Hleba. 
Blackguard, n. Ishinga. 

— V. Tuka. 
Blacking, n. Umuti wezicatulo. 
Blackleg, n. Umkohlisi. 
Blackness, n. Ubumnya'ma. 
Blacksmith, n. Umkandi wensimbi. 
Bladder, n. Isinye (isi). 

— (On the foot), Impehlwa. 
Blade, n. (Of grass), Isikaba (isi). 

— (Shoulder blade), Isipanga (isiV 

— (Of a knife), Insingo (in). 

ingeko (in). 

— (Barbed), Itata (i). 
Blamable, a. Necala. 
Blame, n. Icala (i). 

— V. Sola, jezisa. 

— (For), Solfila, jezisela. 
Blameworthy, a. Necala. 
Blanch, v. Enza mhlope. 
Blandish, v. Toboza. 
Blandisher, n. Umtobozi. 
Blanket, n. Ingubo (iu). 

— (Small), Ingutyana (in). 

— (Large), Uvututu. 

— (Worn out), Uhududu. 
Blaspheme, v. Tuka, jivaza, somboza. 
Blasphemy, n. Ukutuka, ukujivaza. 

Blasphemer, n.Umtuki, umsombozi* 




Blast, n. Isipepo. 

— ^^^Wither), Bunisa. 

— (With gunpowder), Qumo, dab- 

tila ngomsizi. 
Blatant, a. Konyayo. 
Blaze, v. Langazela, vuta. 

— (As burning grass), Danga- 


— n. (Flame), Ilangabi (i). 
Blazing glare (Of the 8un),l8amvu 

Bleach, v, Enza mhlope. 
Bleak, a. Makaza. 
Blear-eyed, a« Lupici, namehlo 

Bleat, v. Kala. 
Bleed, v. Opa, opela. 

— (Cause to), Opisa. 
Bleeding, n. (As by a blow), Umopa. 
Blemish, n, (Physical), Ufa (ulu), 

insolo (in). 

— (Moral), Icala (i). 
Blend, v. Yanganisa, xubanisa. 
Bless, v, Hlanhlazela. 

— (Make prosperous), Busisa. 
Blessed, a. Nenhlanhla, busiswe. 
Blessedness, n. Ukubusiswa (uku). 
Blessing, n, (Good fortune), Inhlan- 

hla (in). 

— (Happiness), Isibuso. 

— (Divine favour), Umusa. 
Blind, a. Mpumpute. 

— (To be), Pumputeka. 

— i^-JTo make), Pumputekisa. 

—(With dust), Xopa. 
Blind-person, n, Impumpute (imV 

— (One eye), Icide (i). 
Blindness, n, Ubumpumpute. 
Blink, v. Pazima. 
Blinking-eyed person, «. Ufifi 

(ulu), untuntu (ulu). 

Bliss, n, Intokozo enkulukazi. 
Blister, v. (As the hand), Tyatyaza. 

— n. (On the hand), Ityatyazi (i). 

— (On the foot), Intyabusuku, 

Blithe, a. Eneme. 
Bloat, v. Vuvuka. 
Block, n. (Of wood), Isibuku (isi). 

— (Obstruction), Isikubekiso (isi). 
Blocel^de, w. Ukuvinjelwa. 
Blockhead, n. Isipukupuku (isi), 

idhliwa (i). 
Blood, n. Igazi (i). 

— (Of childbirth), Izinkundhla. 

— (Of a dead animal), Ububende 


— (From the nostrils), Umongo- 

Bloody, a. Negazi. 

— (Murderous), Bulalayo. 
Bloodguiltiness, n. Ukubulala 

Bloodheat, n, Ukufudumala kwe- 

Blood-red, a. Bomvu njengegazi. 
Bloom, n. Imbalasi (im). 

— V. Kahlela, qakaza. 
Blot, n. (Mark), Ibala (i). 

— (Stain), Isityityi (isi). 

— (Disgrace), Ihlazo. 

— V. (As with ink), Capazela. 

— (ObUterate), Hlikihla. , 
Blotch, n. Intutumba (in)'. 
Blow, w. (Stroke), Isigalelo (isi), 

uduma (ulu). 

— (With palm of hand), Impama, 

— V. (The nose), Finya. 

— (Out), Cima. 

— (The fire), Vutela, pepezela. 

— (Make cool), Polisa. 

— (Away), Pepeta, 




— (For), Pepezela. 

— ^About), Fepula. 

— (In stormy gusts), Tyutyuza. 

— (Pant), PefiSsela. 

— ?Pant, as a toad), Biloza. 

— (As a flower), Kahlela. 

— (Swell), Qumba. 
r>LOWN-OPF (To be), Pepuka. 
l^.LOWN (By the wind, to be), Pepeteka. 
Bludgeon, n. Induku (in), iwisa (i). 
Blue, a. Luhlaza. 

—(To be), Ukuti yoko. 
Bluff, n. Inhlonhlo (in). 

— (At Port Natal), Isibubulungu 

Blunder, v. Pambeka, pazama. 

— (Cause to), Pazamisa. 

— n. Isipambeko (isi). 
Blunderer, n. Umgume (um), 

umpambeki (um). 
Blunt, a. (Not sharp), Butuntu. 

— (Rude), Eyisile, bembesele. 

— (In manner), Bebezile. 

— V. (Dull the edge), Qunda. 

— (To be), Qundeka. 
Bluntness, n. Ubutuntu. 
Bluntly, adv, Ngobutuntu. 
Blurt, v. (Out lies), Pafuza,pafuzela, 

ukuti pafu. 

— (Out a matter), Pamuka,pazuka. 
Blush, v. Ukuba nezinhloni. 
Blusteil v. Eukumeza, vubula. 

— n. Umsindo, iwawa. 
Blusterer, n. Umkukumezi, umvu- 

Blusterous, a. Nomsindo. 
Boa-constrictor, n. Imfundamu 

(im), inhlwatu (in). 
Boast, v. Zikukumeza. 

— n. Iwawa (i). 
Boaster, w. Umzikukumezi (um) 

Boat, n. Isikepe, isikepana (isi). 
Bob, v. (To and fro), uikoza. 

— (Dangle), Lenga. 

— (Dodge), Pepa, epepa, vika. 
Boding, n. Umhiola (um). 
Body, n. Umzimba (um). 

— (Dead), Isidumou (isi). 

— (Bulk), Indikimba (in). 

— (Long and large),Umbombuluka 

Boer, (Dutch), Ibunu (i). 
Bog, n. Ubuku (ulu), ubityi (ulu). 

— (Marsh), Ixapozi (i). 

— (Deep), nindityoba (i). 
Bogged (To be), Bitya. 
Bog-grass, n. Umhlahle (um). 
Boggy, a. Nobuku, nodaka. 
Boil, v. (As water), Bila. 

— (Make boil), Bilisa. 

—(With rage), Bilela. 

— (As food), Peka. 

— (Over), Pupuma, cicima. 

— n. Itumba (i), umcobeko (um). 

— (On young children), Isiva (isi). 
Boisterous, a. Nomsindo. 
Bold, a. (Impudent), Gangile. 

— (Daring), Nesibindi, nokalipo. 

—(To be), Kalipa. 
Boldness, n. (Bravery), Ubuqawe 

(ubu), isibindi (isi), ukalipo (ulu). 

— (Impudence), Uteku (ulu), uku- 

ganga (uku). 
Bolt, v. (Fasten), Gcina. 

— (Swallow), Gimbiliza, gwinya. 
Bond, n. Isibopo (isi). 
Bondage, n. IJkutumbeka (uku), 

ukutunjwa, ubu gqili. 
Bondman, n. Innqoboka (in). 
Bone, n. Itambo (i). 

— (Cartilaginous), Ihleza (i). 

— (Long, of arm), Imbilati (im). 




— ^At the thigh joint), Innqulu 

Bonnet, n. Isigqoko sesifazana. 
Bone-scraper, n. (For the face), 

Ubamba (ulu). 
Bony, a, Namatambo. 
Booby, n. Umgume, idhliwa. 
Book, n. Incwadi (in). 

— (Small), Incwajana (in). 
Boon, n. Isipo (isi). 
Boor, n, Umfunda (um). 
BooRiSHNESS, n. Ubufunda (ubu). 
Boot, n. Isicatnlo (isi). 
Booth, n. Idokodo (i), ifokozi (i). 
Boot-maker, n. Umenzi wezicatulo. 
Boots, n. Umsuli wezicatulo. 
Booty, n. TJkupanga (uku), impango 


— (To take), Panga. 
Booze, v. Gobolozela. 
Border, n, (Boundary), Umkaulo 

(um), icala (i). 

— (Of a country), Ipetelo (i). 

— ?0f a garment), Umpeto, ucilo, 


— (Of native fireplace), Umbundu 

Bore, v. (With a tool), Boboza. 

— (For), Bobozela. 

— rCause to), Bobozisa. 

— (As a wood worm), Pehla. 

— (PesteA Fundekela, kataza. 
Bored (To oe), Bobozeka. 

— (Through, to be), Boboka. 
Born, (To be), Zalwa. 

— (Of the same mother), Elamana. 

— ^. Zaliwe. 
Borne, v. (In the liand, to be), 


— (On the head, to be), Twalwa. 
Borrow, v. Tyeleka, boleka. 

—(For), Tyelekela. 
Borrower, n. Umtyeleki. 
Bosom, n. Isifuba (isi). 
Boston, n. Imolo (i), in Hlosana 

Botch, v. (Patch), Ciciyela. 

— n. (Pustule), Intutumba (in). 
Both, conj. Na. 

— ^on. Zombili. 
Bother, v. Qoba, fundekela, ququza. 

— ^By importunity), Hlusa. 

— (Confuse), Dida. 
Bottle, n. Igaba (i), ibohlela (i). 

— (Skin), Imvaba (im). 
Bottom, n. Isiqu (isi). 

(Foundation), Umsekelo. 
Bough, n. (Large), Ingaba (in). 

— (Small), Igaba (i). 

—(Broken off), Ihlahla (i). 
Bounce, v. (Leap), Eqa. 

— (Brag), Kuluma iwawa. 
Bound, n. Umkaulo (um). 

— (Jump), Ukweqa (uku). 

— V. (Rebound), Kwebuka. 

— (Restrain), Vimbela. 

— (Limit), Kaulisa. 
Bound (To be), Botywa. 
Bounteous, a. Nomusa, hlapazayo. 
Bounty, n. Ukuhlapaza (uku). 
Bountifully, adv. Ngobuningi. 
Bourne, n. (Limit), Umkaulo (um). 
Bow, n. (For arrows), Umcibityelc 


—(Knot), Ifindo (i). 
Bow, V, (Incline forwards), Toba. 

— (Down before), Kotamela. 

— (The knee), Guqa. 

— (Make obeisance), Kuleka. 

— (Cause to), Tobisa. 

— (Cause to make obeisance), 





Bowels, n. Amatumbu, umbilini. 
Bowl, n. Isitya (isi). 
Bowstring, n. Umsipa. 
Box, n. Ikisi, mnpongolo. 

— V. Bakela. 
Boxing, n. Isibakela (isi). 
Boy, n. Umfana (um). 

—-(Small), Umfanyana (um). 

— (Who carries food), Udibi. 

— (Blubbering), Isibihlibihli (isi). 
Boys, n, ^Young), Inkwebane (in). 

— (Of tne same age), Ijankomo (i). 
Boyhood, n. Ubufana (ubu). 
Braces, n. Amaklosipani (ama). 
Bracelet, n. Isigalo (isi). 

— ^Brass), Isongo (i). 

— (Hide), Isipandhla (isi). 
Brackish, a. Muncu, baba. 
Brag, v. Zibabaza, kuluma iwawa. 
Braid, v. Aluka. 
Brain, n. Ubucopo (ubu). 
Brainpan, n. Innloko (in). 
Brake, n. Isihlala(isi), umrotya(um). 

— (Of a wagon), Iketani yokunsala. 
Bramble, n, Ijingijolo (i). 
Bran, n. Umungu. 

— (Of Kafir com), Amakoba (ama). 

— (Of mealies), Izimpepa. 
Branch, n. (Large), Ingaba (in). 

— (Small), Igaba (i). 

— (Of palm), Isipa (isi). 

—(Cut off), Ihlahla (i). 

— (Lying on the ground), Isigodo 


— (Of a forked stream), Imbaxa 

Brand, w. (Burning wood), Isikuni 


— V. Tyisa. 
Brandish, v. (As a weapon), Sikiza. 
Brass, n. Itusi (i). 

— ^In the lump), Umdaka (um). 

-^(Zulu), Inngxota (in). 
Brass-button, n, (Round), Iqotya 

(i), iqulu 0. 
Bravado, n. Iwawa (i). 
Brave, a. Nesibindi, nokalipo. 

—(To be), Kalipa. 

— Man, Iqawe (i). 
Bravery, n. Ubuqawe (ubu) 
Bravo ! interj. Yiye ! yetyila ! 
Brawl, v. Xokozela, enza umsindo. 

— n. Umsindo (um), ukuxabana 

Brawler, n. Isiruzu (isi), umxoko- 

zeli, umenzi womsindo. 
Brawny, a. Nezinyama. 
Bray, v. (Pound), Gaya. 

— (As an ass), Konya. 
Brazen, n, (impudent), Gangile. 
Breach, n. Ufa (ulu). 

— (Of a law), Ukweka (uku). 
Bread, n, Isinkwa (isi). 
Breadth, w. Ububanzi (ubu). 
Break, v. (A vessel), Apula. 

— (A law), Eqa, 

— (Bread), Hlepula. 

—(Off short), Qobela. 

— (Force open), Qoboza. 

—f Slightly), Hlafaza. 

— (With a crushing sound), Ke- 


— (In pieces), Pahlaza, dengeza, 


The fast), Ukuti mpuya. 
As a bone), Fehleza. 
As a nut), Hlofosa, casa. 

— (Out, as a piece), Kepula. 
Down), Fohloza. 
Down in walking), Botoza. 

— (As a promise), Dabula, kohlisa. 

— (Up new ground), Gaqa, qata. 




^-{As a string), Qabula, qiisula, 


-—(Off a young plant), Bukula. 

— TTame), Tambisa. 

— (Off, as a string), Juqula. 

— (The heart), Dabukisa. 

— rAsundeA Ncozulula, hlezula. 

— (As clods), Tubuza. 

— (As an egg), Qekeza. 

— (Into), Damusa. 

— (As a stick), Apula. 

— (With a crushing sound), Ke- 


— f Up the ground), Lima. 

— (Off, as bad connections), Kwe- 


— (Hurt an old wound), Tunuka. 

— (Become bankrupt), Apuka. 

— (Out in sores), Qubuka. 

fThrough blindly), Fologohla. 

fWind), Suza. 

fWind without sound), Tyipa. 

— (Into holes, as ablanket), Cuceka 

— (As a fog\ Damuka. 

— (Out in ill temper), Fuqela. 

— (Out,as asore), Qamuka, camuka. 

— (As a large swelling), Bidhlika. 

— (into laughter), Ukuti nqokoto. 

— (Out, as the sun), Qamuka. 

— (As the heart), Dabuka. 

— (Out, as an eruption), Tutumba. 

— (As the dawn), Sa. 

— (Out into a cry), Dazuluka. 

— (Into a laugh or cry), Timuka. 

— n. Ufa (ilu). 

— (Interruption), Isikaukau (isi). 
Breakfast, n Iblakfesi, ukudhla 

kwokuti mpuya. 
Breast, n, (Chest), Isifuba. 

— (Of a female), Ibele (i). 
Breastbone, n, Uvalo Iwesifuba. 

— (Cartilage at the end of), Ipe (iV 
Breastplate, n. Isigcinisifuba (isi) 
Breath, w. Umoya, umpefumulo. 

— (Hard breathingV Ipika (i). 
Breathe, v, Pefumuia. 

— (Pant), Refuzela. 
Breeches, n. Ibulukwe (i). 
Breed, n, (Kind), Uhlobo (ulu). 

— (Progeny), Inzalo (in). 

— V. (Give birth to), Zala. 

— (Be with young), Mita. 

— (Many children), Buluza,ruluza. 

— (Bring up children), Ondhla. 
Breeze, n, Umoya. 

— (Gust), Isipepo (isi). 
Brethren, n. Abazalwane. 
Brevity, n, Ubufutyane (ubu) 
Brew, v, Qunga. 
Bribe, v, Bamba ngomvuzo. 
Bribery, n. Ukubamba ngemivuzo. 
Brick, n, Isitirii (isi). 
Brickbat, n. Isigamusesitini. 
Brickdust, n. Utuli Iwesitini. 
Brickearth, n. Ibumba lezitini. 
Brickmakbr, n. Umbumbi wezitini. 
Bricklayer, n. Umaki. 
Brickmould, n. Umkumbu woku- 

Bride, n. Umlobokazi (um). 

^ Young wife), Umakoti. 
Bride's (Troop of girls), Itimba (i). 
Bridegroom, n. Umyeni (um). 
Bridegroom's man, n. Umk 

Bridge, n. Iblorwe (i). 

— (Of the nose), Umbombo. 
Bridle, n. Itome (i). 
Bridle-bit, n. Insimbi yetome. 
Brief, a. Futyane. 
Briefly, adv. Kafutyane. 
Briefness, w. Ubufutyane. 





Brier, w. Ijingijolo (i), umuti ona- 

Bright, a. (Shining), Kanyayo. 

— (Sparkling), Kazimulayo. 

— (As a clear sky), Cwebile. 

— (Glorious), Nobukosi. 

— (To be), Cwazimula. 

— (To make), Cwazinmlisa, kazi- 


— (Make sparkle), Cwebezelisa. 
Brighten, v. Kanyisa. 
Brightness, n. Ukucwazimula, ubu- 

Brilliant (To be), Kazimula. 
Brilliancy, n. Ubucwazicwazi (ubu). 
Brim, n. Umpeto (um). 
Brindled, a. Nemitende. 
Brindled animal, n. Umqunge (um). 
Bring, v. Leta. 

fTo an end), Tyabisa. 
[Back), Buyisa. 
Torth), Veza. 
fUp, as children), Ondhla. 
[To light), Kupulula. 

— (In), Ngenisa. 

— (To a stop), Kaula. 
?Near), Sondeza. 

— (Up), Kiipula. 
(Down), Hlisa. 

— (Out), Pumesa, pumisa. 

— (As furniture), Tuta. 

— (Up food bv belching), Yokoza. 

— (To a higher place), Kupula, 


— (Out in numbers, as soldiers), 

Brinish, a. Muncu. 
Brink, n, Ugeduka (ulu). 

— (Of a precipice), Ungqengqe 

Brisket, n. Isifuba (isi). 

Briskly, adv, Ngokuwalazela. 
Bristle, n. Uboya (ubu). 
Bristly, a. Noboya. 
Brittle, a. Qoboqobo. 
Brittleness, n. Ubuqoboqobo (ubu). 
Broad, a. Banzi. 
Broadness, n, Ububanzi. 
Broadside, n. Uhlangoti Iwom- 

Broad thing, Isibadazi (isi). 
Broil, n. (Quarrel), Ukuxabana. 

— (Tumult), Umsindo (um). 

— V, (Roast), Osa. 
Broken (To be), Apuka, qabuka, 


— (Asunder to be), Hlezuka. 

— (In pieces, to be), Pahlazeka. 


— (As a plate), Fa. 
Brood, n. Inzaio (in). 

— V. (As a bird), Fukama. 

—(Think), Zindhla. 
Brook, n. Isifufuyana, umfulana. 
Broom, n, Umtyanelo (um). 
Broth, n. (Of meat), Umhluzi (um). 

— (Of vegetables), Inkovu (in). 
Brother, w.Umkuiuwe, umzaLwana, 


— (Our), Umne wetu. 

—(Your), Umne wenu. 

— (Their), Umne wabo. 
Brotherhood, n. Ubuzalwana. 
Brotherly, a. Tandayo. 

— adv. Ngobuzalwana. 
Brothers, (Bom of the same parents), 

Izelamane. • 
Brow, n. Ibunzi. 

— ^Ridge of a hiin, Ukalo (ulu), 

udhlandhlatu (ulu). 
Browbeat, v. Vubula. 
Browbeating, n. Isicolo (isi). 




Brown, a. Mpofu. 
Bbownness, n. Ubmnpofu. 
Browse, v. Dhla. 
Bruise, v. (TIib body), Limaza. 

^-{Crush), Kanda. 

— n. (Old and painful), Isilalo (isi). 

— (New), Isixwazi (isi), ingozi 

Bruised (As a reed, to be), Feceka. 
Brush, n, Umhlangulo (um). 

—(Of a tail), Ityobo (i). 

— V. Sula, blangula. 
Brushed (To be), Hlan^eka 
Brushwood, n. Ihlozi (i). 
Brusquely (To speak), Lalaza 
Brutal, a. Nolunya. 
Brutality, Ulunya (ulu). 
Brute, n, (Savage), Isidhlangu- 

dhlangu (isi). 
Bubble, w. Ibwamazi (i). 

— V. (As boiling water), Xapazela. 

— f As boiling broth), Xwata. 

— (As water entering a gourd), 

Bwabaza, bwibwiza. 

— (As water from a spring), Petuza. 

(As water boiling wim meal), 

— Bwadhla. 
Bubo, n. (The groin), Imbilapo (im). 
Buck, n. (Game), Inyamazane (see 


— (Bush), Unkonka. 

— (With twisted horns), Um- 

gangxa (um). 

— (Kind of), Igogo (i). 

— V, (Plunge, as a horse), Bekuza. 
Bucket, w. Ibakede (i). 
Bud, n. Ihlumela. 

— V, Hluma, mila. 
Budge, v. Qubeka, deda, gudhluka. 

— <For), Qubekela. 
Budget, (Bag), Isakana (i). 

— (Of documents, &c.), Umfunzi 


— (Pouch), Isikwama (isi). 
Bupp, a. Mpofu. 
Buffet, v. Makula, mukula, bubu- 

bubuza, kahlela. 

— (One another), Kahlelana, ma- 

Buffalo, n. Inyati, inkamba, inn- 

qumba (in). 

■—-(Black), ImbaVa (im). 

—(Large bull), Isiguqa (isi). 
Buffalo river, n. Umzinyati 
Bug, n. Umzondo, insingizi. 
Bugbear, n. Into yokununusa- 
Bugle, n. Ixilongo (i). 
Build, v. Aka. 

— rWeU), Akisisa. 

— (Help to), Akisa. 

— (For), Akela. 

— (Near each other), Akelana. 
Builder, w. Umaki. 
Building, n. Indhlu (in). 
Building-site, n. Isiza (isi). 
Built (To be), Akiwa. 
Bulb, n. Impande edilingileyo. 
Bulge, n, Iqubu (i), isiboco (isi). 

— (To make), Bocoza. 
Bulged (To be), Bocoka. 
Bulk, n. Ubukulu (ubu), indikimba 


Majority), Imvama (im). 
Pf person), Amadhliti (ama). 
Bulky, a. Kulu. 
Bull, n. Inkunzi (in). 
Bull-calf, n. Inkonyana oyinduna. 
Bullet, n. Inhlamvu. imbumbulu. 
Bullock, n. Inkabi (in). 

— (With one horn), Isihleza (isi). 

— (Old), Umalukazi, umdhleked- 





— (Horns curved inwards), Isan- 
gun<?u (isi). 

— (With spreading horns), Isig- 
qengqe (isi). 

With distorted horns), Igodhla 


—(Given to the bride by her 

lather), Umtotongo (um). 

—(Red, white spots on flank), 

Intusi (in). 
Bully, v, Vubula. 

- -n. Umvubuli (um). 
Bulrush, n. Ikwani (i). 

— (Sort of), Insikane (in). 
Bulwark, n. Innqaba (in). 
Bumble-bee, n, Inyosi (in). 
Bundle, n, (Of grass), Inyanda (in). 

— (Of assagais), Izikali (izi). 

— (Of light things), Isitungu (isi). 

— (Of mealie cobs), Isiswenya (isi). 

— (Ordinary), Isijulu (isi). 
Bung, w. Isivimbo ^isi). 
BuNGHOLE, n. ImboDo yesivimbo. 
Busy, w. Isihlenga (isi). 
Burden, n. Umtwalo (um). 

— 17. Twalisa. 

— (As with charges), Ficela. 
Burdensome, a. (Heavy), Sindayo. 

— ^Oppressive), Nokahla. 

— (Upon, to be), Eleka. 
Burial, n. Ukumbelwa (uku). 
Buried (To be), Mbelwa. 
Burly, a. (Bulky), Kulupele. 
Burly person, Ibumumu (i). 
BiMN, V. Tyisa. 

— ^Thoroughly), Ukuti hlose. 

— (As pottery), Baba. 

^tory up), Tya. 

— (As food in a pot), Tyela. 

— (Low, as a fire). Lota. 

— (Grass round a building), Babela 

Burnt state, (To be in, as 1 md)^ 

Burnish, v, Kazimulisa. 
Burrow, v. Mba. 

— w. Umgodi (um). 
Burst, v. (As a pod), Cacamb?. 

— (Out rrom), Boboka. 

— (Through, as a thicket), Fulu- 


— (Out violently, as from a hut). 


— finto laughter), Qumuka. 

— (As blood from nostrils), Pafuka. 

— (As a loud thunder-clap), Qa- 

Bury, v. (Inter), Lahla, mbela. 

— (Conceal), Fihla. 

— (Put an end to), Pelisa. 
Bush, n. (Of an ox*s tail), Ubulunga 

(ubn), ityoba (i). 

— (Copse), Ihlozi (i). 

— (Small), Isihlahla (isi). 
Large), Ihlati (i). 
^Thick, tangled), Ubobo (ulu). 
^Extent of near the sea), Udada 

Bushy, a, Namahlati. 
Bushy country, Ihlanze (i). 
Bushman, w. Umutwa, isicwe. 
Bushman's river, n, (Little), Um- 


— (Great), Umtyezi (um). 
Business, w. (Work), Umsebenzi 


— (Occupation), Imiriba (imi). 

— (Matter of importance), Udaba 


— (Affair), Indaba (in). 

— (Matter of purchase), Intengo 


— (Tedious), Insindansinda (in). 




— (Concern), Umnako (um). 
Bust, a. Sebenzayo. 
Bust, w. Isitombe (isi). 
Bustle, v. Walazela, panga, qiqizela. 

— (To be in), Nyakaza. 
Bustling, a, NamawakL 
Busy-body, Intutane (in). 
But, cof^, Kanti, kodwa. 

—-ddv. (Only), Kupela. 
Butcher, v, Ulabcu 

I, UmMabi. 
Butohbbt, n, Isilara (isi). 
Butt, v, Qubntya. 

— (As a calf sucking), Tubula. 
Butter, n. Ibotolo (i), amafata, 

BuTTBRiXT, n. Uvemvane (nlu), iju- 

bajnbane, iznbazonzo. 
Buttermilk, n. Umbobe, mntinto. 
BuTTERWORTH, Igeuwa (i). 
Buttock, n, Isitibili (isi), ityweba 

(i), isinqe. 

—-(Of a stout man), Inncele (in). 
BuTTOH, ». Inkinopo (in). 

— n. (Round brass]^ Iqotya (i), 

iqulu (i). 

— V, Rilela. 
Buy, V, Tenga, 

—-(For), Tengela. 

— (Cause to), Tengisa. 
Buyer, n, UmtengL 
Buzz, V, (Whisper), Nyenyeza. 

—(Like flies)^' Buza. 

— n, (Whisper), XJkunyenyeza. 

— (Noise of flies), Ukubuza. 
Buzzard, n, (Kind of), Insingisi 

Buzzing insect, n. (Name of), Isibu- 

lulwane (isi). 
By, prep. (At), Ku, kwa. 

--(Agent), Nga, ngu. 

— adv, (Near), Eduze. 
By-and-by, adv, Ce. 
By day, adVf Emini. 
By night, adv, Ebusuku. 
By means op, adv, Nga. 
By right, adv, N^pane. 
By stealth, adv, Ngesinyelela. 
By the side op, adv, Ennlango. 
Byword, «. Umzekelelo (um). 


Cabal, n, Umcecelegwana (um). 
Cable, n. Umgongqolozi (um). 
Cabbage-wood tree, Umsenge. 
Cackle, v, Kekela. 
Caddis-worm, n. Umahambanend- 

Cajole, v, Tyampuza. 
Cake, n. Isinkwa. 

— (Thin, flat), Isicaba ftsi). 
Calabash, n, (Fruit of), Iselwa (i). 

— ^Small), Isikuna (isi). 

— fPlant), Uselwa (ubi). 

— (Variety of), Ugalonci. 

^Wide-mouthed), Igobongo (i). 

— ^Dipper), Indebe (in). 

— (Long dipper), Umkombe (um). 

— TFor Grease), Umfuma (um). 

— (Musical), Ugubu (ulu), uqwabe 

(ulu), imvingo (im). 

— (Large musical), Inkohlisa (in). 
Calamitous event, n, Amanyala 

Calamity, n, Ubulima (ubu), ingozi 

Calculate, v, Bala. 
Calculator, n. Umbali (um). 
Caldron, n, Imbiza enkuhi. 




Calf, n. Inkonyana (in), plur. 
— (Just bom), Itebe (i). 
— (Without horns), Inkundulu 

— (Very small), Umvemve (?). 
— (Witn large body), Isibuxu (isi\ 
— (More than four months old), 

Itole {i\ 

— (Of tne leg), Isito (isi). 


— (Stupid feUow), Idhliwa 

umgume (um). 
Calf-skin, n, Isiqama (isi). 
Calico, n. (White), Ikaliko, indwan- 

gu (in). 

— ^Blue), Utyodo (ulu). 

— (Shred of), Inngqobe (in). 
Call, Biza. 

— (Loudly), Memeza, nqonqoloza. 

— (By name), Gazula. 
rVisit), Tekela. 

— (Invite), Mema. 

— (Name), Ta. 

— (To account), Buta. 

— (Without being heeded), Dulela. 

— (For), Bizela. 

— (To mind), Kumbula.* 

— n. Ibizo (i). 
Called (To be), Bizwa, bizeka. 
Calling, n. (Trade), Imiriba (imi). 

— (Employment),Umsebenzi (um). 
Calm, w. Ukutula (uku). 

— (Rest) Ukupumula (uku). 

—(To be), Tula. 

— (As the sky), Cweba. 

— V. (As a child), Dunduzela. 

—^Silence), Tulisa. 

— (Silence for), Tulisela. 
Calmer, n. Umtulisi. 
Calmly, adv. Ngokutula. 
CALMNESSjUkutula (uku),inyewe (in) 

Calumniate, v. Hleba. 
Calumniator, n. Umhlebi (um). 
Calumny, n. Ukuhleba (uku), isi- 

hlebo (isi). 
Calve, v, Zala. 
Calyx, n, Igobolondo (i). 
Camei^ n. Inkameli (in). 
Camelopard, n. Indhlulamiti (in^ 

Camelthorn, n. Ingamanzi (i). 
Camp, v. Misa amatente. 

— n, (Military), Ingunji (in). 

— (At Durban), Ukwamaiinde. 
Can, v. Nga. 

— 71. (Milk), Itunga (i). 
CANAKm, V. Ibikile (i). 
Canal, n. Umfulana ombelweyo. 
Cancel, v, (Obliterate), Hlikihla. 
Candid, a, Qoto. 
Oandidly, adv, Ngobuqoto. 
Candle, n, Isibane (isi). 
Candle-stick, n. Umpato wesibane 
Candle-wick, n. Ummongo (um). 

— (The end of), Impokwe (im). 
Candour, n. Ubuqoto (ubu). 
Cane, n, Ugonoti (ulu). 

— (Kind of), Umazwenda. 

— (Walking stick), Induku (in). 
Cannibal, n. Izimu (i). 
Cannon, n, Umbaimbai (um). 
Cannon-ball, n, Imbumbulu (im). 
Cannonade, v. Qulela ngombaimbaL 
Canon, w. Umteto (um). 
Canteen, n, Ikantini (i). 
Canter, v. Pala, qaqabula. 
Cap, n. Isigqoko (isi). 

—-(Percussion), Itopi (i). 
Capability, n. Amandhla (ama). 
Capable, a. (Fit), Fanele. 

— (Equal to), Lingeneyo. 

— (intelligent), Qondile. 




Capacious, a. Kulu. 
Cape, n. Inhlonhlo (in). 
Caper, v. (As a goat), Tyekula. 
— ^Skip about), Eqa. 

— (As a brave}, Gwiya. 
Capital, n. ImaJi, isikwama (isi). 
Capitally well (To do), Tyo. 
Capon, n. Umteno wenkuku. 
Capsize, v. Gumbuqela. 
Captain, n. Inkosi (in). 
Captious, v. Nokonono. 
Captivate v. Bukisa nobukisa. 
CAFnvE,n.Umtunj wa (um),inqoboka 


— (To be taken), Tnnjwa. 
Captivitt, n. Ukutunjwa. 
Capture, v. Tumba. 
Captured (To be), Tumbeka. 
Caput, n, ikanda (i). 
Car, 71. Ingqumbana (in). 
Carbon, n. Ubulahle (nbu). 
Carcase, n. Isidumbu (isi), 

isidikadika (isi). 

— (Of a dead animal eaten by 

bimsX XJgaga (nlu), ugogo (ulu). 
Care, n. (Concern, Umnako (um), 

isineke (isi). 

— f Attention), Isu (i). 

— (Anxiety), Itwetwe (i). 

— (Protecting), Ubulondolozo 


— (Caution), Ukuxwaya (uku). 

— V. (To have), Naka. 

— CFoT a sick person^ Hlenga. 

— (Be anxious about), Piseka. 

— ^Take care of), Londoloza, gcina. 

— (Take trouble about), Katala. 

— (Take trouble for), Katalela. 
?For), Pisekela, piza, caseka, 
Careful, a. Nakayo. 

— (To be), Cotomezela. 
Carefully, ddv, Ngokukatala, 

ngokucotomezela, ngokunaka. 

(To speak), Kutazela. 
Careless, a. Delelayo. 

—(To be), Delela. 

— Person, n, Isideleli (i8i),i8idenga 

Carelessly, adv. Ngokungakatali 

—(To do), Cakata. 
Carelessness, n. Ubudenga (ubu). 
Caress, v. Gona. 

— (Kiss), Anga. 

— n, "UKUgona (uku), ukwanga 

Cargo n. Intuto. 
Carious, o. Bolile. 
Carnage, n. Ukubulawa (uku). 
Carnal, a. (Fleshly), Bunyama. 

— (Lustful) Kanutayo. 
Carnality, n, (Lust), Umkamkam 

Carp, v. Kononda njalo. 
Carpenter, n. Imbazi, umbazi 
Carper, n, Isipikeleli (isi). 
Carriage, n. (Vehicle), Inqola (in). 

— (Carrying), Ukututa. 

— (Behaviour), Ukuhamba ',uku). 
Carrier, n. Umtuti. 
Carrion, n, Lingcuba (in). 
Carry, v. (In the hand), Pata. 

— (Carefully), Tatamisa, pata ngo- 

fCarelessly), Cakatisa. 

f A little tmng for), Cakatisela. 

fA burden), Twala. 

?0n head without holdiug), 


— ^Away captive), Tumba. 

— (As an infant), Beleta. 
— (On the shoulder), Etyata. 




— rCTpon a raftX Eyeka. 
f Down), Ehlisa. 
f Away, as water), Qugula. 
[Up), Nyusa. 

—^Off, as a disease), Tumba. 

—(Across a river), Weza, welisa. 

-^FumitureX Tl^ta.^ 

— (Take away), Susa. 

— (A.present to a chief), Tumba. 

— i\(One's self), Zimisa. 

— (With, a rash of wind), Butyuza. 
Cart, n, Ingqukumbana Yin). 
Cartilage, n. Inhlali (in). 

— (At the end of breast-bone)^ 

Ucabanga (ulu), ipe (i). 
Carve, v. (In wood! Baza. 

^In wood for), &usela. 

— (Meat), Qoba, sika. 

— (Mince), Qobisisa. 
Carver, n. (Of meat), Umqobi (um). 

— (In;wood), Umoazi, imbazi. 
Cascade, n. Impopomo (im). 
Case, n. (Of wood), Ikisi (i). 

— (Affair), Indaba (in). 
-(^ ' ■ 

[Suit in court), Icala (i). 
Cash, ih. Imali (im). 
Cashier, n. Umpaii wesikwama. 
— V. (Dismiss)^ Xotya, kipa esi- 
Cask, n. Umpongolo (iimX . 
Cast, v. (Away)^ Labia* 
f Up accounts), Bala. 
[Throw), Ponsa. 
f Throw at), Ponsela. 
[off, as asaoiakeftts^kin), Ebuza. 
f As a knob-kime)> JugUjela. 
(As a spear)) Jugubeza. 
—(Off, as leaves, fndt> &c.), Vu- 

— (Banish), Xotya. 
— (Lots), Enza inkato. 

The eye to), Ponsa iliso. 
Moult), Hluba. 
Out), Kipa. 
Down), Wisa. 

—(Down, to be), Kedamisa. 

— rShed the teeth), Kumuka 

— (Model), Bumba. 

— (Bring forth abortively). I 

(as beasts). 

— n. (In the eye), Insonge. 
Castaway, n. Imbuqa (im). 
Castigate, v. Tyaya. 

— (Make welts), Xatula. 

— (Hit a swipe with a stick), 


— (Unmercifully), Bulala. 

—(With the fist), Bakela. 
Castigation, n. Ukutyaya. 
Castle, n. Inqaba (in). 
Castor-oil, n. Amafuta omhla 

— Plant, n. Umhlakuva (un 

— Pod, «. Inhlakuva (in). 
Castrate, v, Tena. 
Castration, n, Ukutena. 
Castrated, (To be), Teneka. 

—tAnimal, Umtcoio (um). 
Casually, adv, Ngesiwici, nges 

Casualty, n. Ingozi (in). 
Cat, tt. (Domesticated), Ikati ( 

—(Wild), Imbodhla (im), 

cwabi (in). 

— (Polecat), Iqaqa (i). 

— (Tiger-cat), Indhlozi (in). 
Catalepsy, n. Isitutwane (isi). 
Catamaran, n. IsUilenga (isi). 
Cataracjt, n. (Water-fall), Im 

mo (im). 

— (Disease in the eye), I 

Catarrh, n, Umkuhlane (um] 




Catastrophe, n, Ubulima (ubu), 

ingozi (in). 
Catch, v, Bamba. 

— (By the legs), Kela. 

— (By the htmd) as a buck), Ukuti 


—-(The clothes, as a bramble), 


--<Fish), Loba. 

— (Lice), Coba. 

— TLice with the teeth), Hlanhlata. 

— (By leg, and throw down), 


— (By hearsay), Qaknna. 

—I As a dog), Tata. 

— (Overtake), Fumana. 

— ^Suddenly), Badama. 

— (As a balll Enqaka. 

— (As a buck), Tabata, tata. 

— (Hold for), Bambela. 

— (Rain), Bekezela. 

— (In a trap), Tiya, cupa. 

— (As a grasshopper), Gola. 

— (Take Dv surprise), Zuma, 

— (Entangle), Baba. 

—(As sickness), Tata. 

—(As a lot), Dhla. 

— (Snatch), Hlwita. 
Catchup, n, Inkovu yenkowanko- 

Catecheticallt, adv. Ngokubuza. 
Catechize, v, Buza. 
Catechism, n. Incwadi yemibuzo. 
Category, n, Uhlobo (ulu). 
Caterpillar, n. (Edible), Icimbi (i). 
Caterwaul, Kala. 
Catgut, n. Umsipa (um), usinga 

Catharthic, n. Umrudiso (um). 
Cat's-paw, n. UnyawolwekatL 
Cattle, n. Izinkomo. 

— (State of having none), Ubu- 

hobe (ubu), ubuhobo (ubu). 

— (Toherd),,Alusa. 

— (Collect in one place^, Qoqa. 
Cattle-dung, n. (Dry), llongwe (i). 

— (Moist), Ubulongwe (ubu). 

— Fence, n. (Part of), Ici (i). 

— Fold, n. Isibaya (isi). 

— Path, n, Umzua (um). 

— Place, n. Itanga (i\ 

— Ste ALER,n.Isigcwelegcwele (isi ). 

— Trader, n, Umrwebi (um). 
Caught, (To be), Banjwa. 
Caul, n, Umhlwehlwe (um). 
Causal, a. Bangayo. 
Causality, n. Into yokubanga. 
Cause, n. Isibango (isi), isisusa (isi). 

— (Of mourning), Ililiso (i). 

— t?. Banga. 
Cauterize, v, Tyisa ngensimbi. 
Caution, n, (Prudence), Ukuhlak- 

anipa (uku). 

^Admonition), Isiyalo (isi). 

— (Wariness), Ukuxwaya. 

— V. Yala. 
Cautious, a. Hlakanipile, xwayile. 

—(To be), Hlakanipa, xwaya. 
Cave, n. Umrolo (um), umtanda, 


— (Of hyena), XJmrolwa (um). 

— (Large), Umrume, umpandu, 


— (Large, under a rock), Umpandu 

Cavil, v. (Dispute), Pika, banga. 

— (Speak evasively), Banda. 
Cavilling, n, Isibando (isi). 
Caviller, n. Umpiki (um). 
Cavity, n. Umgodi (um). 

— (In a tooth), Imbobo (im). 

— (In a tree, &c.) Inkolo (jn-V 




Caw, v. Kala. I 

Cayenne, n. Upelepele obomvu. 
Cease, v. (Give over), Yeka. 

— -(Stop), Peza. 

— (Abstain from), Zila. 
— (Terminate), Nqamula. 

— (Be at an end), Pela. 
Cede, v, (Yield up), Dela. 

— (Surrender), Nikela. 
Celebrant, n. Imbongi (im). 
Celebrate, v, Babaza. 
Celebrity, n. Udumo (ulu). 
Celerity, n. Ubelo. 
C'ELiBACY, n. Ubusoka. 
Cells, n. (Kow of in a comb), XJlila 

Cement, v. Namatelisabangqangom- 

uti, or ngenhlaka. 
Cemetery, n. Umhlaba wamatuna. 
Censorious (To be). Sola, kononda. 

— a. Solayo, konondayo. 
— Person, n. XJmsoli (um). 

Censure, v. Jezisa. 
Centipede, n. Inkume (in). 
Centre, n. Ipakati (i). 

— (Of an army), Isifuba (isi). 

— (Of badly cooked meat), Isongo 

Centripedal worm, n. Isibulul- 

wane (isi). 
Century, n. Imii^aka eyikulu. 
Cerebellum, n. tJbucopo esipundu 
Cereous, a. Nesikupa. [(ubu). 

Certain, a. Qinisile. 

— (Some or one). Tile. 

— (To make), Qinisa. 
Certainty, n. Iqiniso (i). 
Certificate, n. Ukufakaza okulo- 

Certifier, n. Umqinisi (um). 
Certify, v. Qinisa. 

—(Attest), Fakaza. 
Cerumen, n. Isigonogono (isi). 
Cervix, n.Isijingo (isi). 
Cessation, n Ukupeza. 

— (Rest), Ukupumula. 
Chafe, v, (Fret), Tetema. 

— (Fietat), Tetemela. 

— (Provoke), Cunula. 

— (Rub off), Qotula, putula. 
Chafed (To be), Qotuka, putuka. 
Chaff, n.(Of KaflBir com),Amakoba. 

— (Of com eaten by birds), Ucaca 


— (Husks of cooked mealies), Izim- 


(Fine of mealies), Umungu (umu). 
Chaffy, a. Namakoba. 
Chagrin, n. Ukujaba. 

— V. (Vex), Cunula. 
Chain, n. Umcokelelo (um)^ iketan- 

ga (i). 

— (Of a watch), Injingo (in). 

— V. Bopa. 
Chair, n, Isihlalo (isi). 
Chairman, n, Umpatiwomhlangano 

Chalk, n. Umcako (um). 
Chalky, a. Nomcako. 
Challenge, v, (To fight), Qobola. 

— ^One another), Qomana. 

— (Claim), Biza, banga. 
Chamber, n. (Roof), Ikamela (i). 
Chameleon, w. Unwaba ^ulu). 
Champ, v. (With noise), ^yafuza. 
Champaign country, n. Itafa (i), 

ubala (ulu). 
Chance, n. Isiwici (isi), isiyiba (isi). 

— V. Hla. 
Change, v.i. (Alter), Penduka, gu- 


-—(Colour), Fipala. 





[As tlie moon — ^new), Etwasa. 
„ 1st quar.), Kula. 
„ full), Dilinga. 
„ last quar.), Hlepuka. 
[Colour), Fipaza, gqunqa. 

— TCoats, as a norse), Hluoa. 

— (As gold for silver money), Ty- 


— (Exchanf^e), Enana. 

— f As a purpose), Pungula. 
teauae to alter), Pendula. 
[Barter), Enana. 

— n. Ukupenduka (uku). 
Channel, n. Umsele (um). 

— (Groove), Inkoto (in). 
Chant, v. EQabelela. 

— n, Ivumo (i). 
Chaos, n. Umbixi (um). 
Chap, v, Hlezula. 

— (As cold), Dabula. 

— (Under-chap in cattle), Isilebe 
Chapped (To be), Hlezuka. [(isi). 

— (To be with cold), Dabuka, dab- 

Chapel, n. Indhlu vokusonta. 
Chaps, n. (Of cattle), Imbovu (im). 
Chappallen, a. Dangele. 
Chapman, n. Umkozi (um). 
Chapter, n. Isahluko (isi). 
Char, v. Tyisa mnyama. 
Character, n. Imvelo (im). 

— (Of a thing), Insimbi (in). 
Charcoal, n. Amalahle (ama). 
Charge, n. (Onset), Isiwombe (isi), 

ukutela (uxu). 

— (Injunction), Isiyalo (isi). 

— (Accusation), Icala(i). 

— (Fake), Isihlamba (isi). 

— V. (With heavy responsibility), 

— (By oath), Fungisa. [Fica. 

— (Exhort), Yala, laya. 

— (Accuse), Nika icala, rila. 

— (As an army), Sukelela, tela. 
' — (As a gun), Hlohla. 
Chariot, n. Inqola (in). 
Charitable, a. Hlapazile. 
Charm, v. (As a person), Unga. 

— 71. (Love), Umbetelelo (um). 

— (For man who has killed an- 
other), Isiqungo (isi). 

— (Ordinary), Isibango (isi). 

— (For catching wild cats), U bulau 

Chase, v, (Drive away), Xotya. 

— (Pursue), Landa. 

— (Hunt), Zingela. 

— (As a buck), Jinja. 

— n. Ukuzingela (uku). 

— (Game hunted), Inyamazane(in). 
Chasm, w. (Cleft), Ufanta (ulu), ufa 


—(Void space), Umkati (um) 

— (Gap), Isikala (isi). 
Chaste, a. Cwebile. 
Chasten, v. Jesiza, tyaya, tetisa. 

— (By affliction). Dabukisa. 
Chastise, v. (Flog), Tyaya. 
Chastisement, n. Ukutyayiwa (uku). 
Chastity, n. Ukuzibamba (uku). 

— (Purity), Ukucweba (uku). 
Chat, v. (Talk), Kuluma, ncokola. 

— (Prattle), Mpompoza. 

— (Talk ialy), Bamuza. 
Chattel, n. Impahla (im). 
Chatter, v, (With cold), Qaqazela. 

— (Talk idly), Fetiza, kuluma- 

Chatterer, n. Umfetezi (um). 
Chattering woman, n. Unomtye- 

Chatting, Ukuncokola (uku). 
Cheap, a. Ngadhliluto. 




Cheapen, v, Apula imali. 
Cheapener, Umapuli wemali. 
Cheat, v. Kohlisa. 

— ^In selling), Dhla. 

— (Play pranis), Gila imikuba. 

— n. (TnckV Umkuba (um). 

— (Fraud), Inkohliso (in). 
Cheatee, n. Umkohlisi (um). 
Check, v. (Prevent), Vimbela, kuza. 
fCurb), Bamba. 
fControlV Busa. 
(Repress), Kuza. 
fCJliide), Tetisa. 

— (Stop), Pezisa. 

— (Restrain), Tiyeza, 
Cheek, n. Isinlati (isi). 

— (Fat cheek), Isi(][ata (isi). 
Cheek-bone, n, Isidindi (isi). 

— ^Upper ridge of), Itundu(i). 

— (Under-jaw), Umblati (um). 
Cheer, v. (Applaud), Enanela. 

— (Gladden), Tokozisa. 

— (By acts of kindness), Hlanza 


— w. (Shout), Isenanelo (isi). 

— (Jollity), Ukwenama. 
Cheerful, a. Tokozile. 

— (To be), Enama, jabula. 
Cheerfulness, n. Injabulo (in), 

ukwenama (uku). 
Chemise, n, lyembe lomfazi. 
Cherish, v, (Nourish), Ondhla. 

— (Comfort), Onwabisa. 
Chest, n. (Thorax J, Isifuba (isi). 

—(Box), Ikisi (i). 
Chew, v. (Ruminate), Etyisa. 

— (Masticate]), Hlafuna. 
Chicken, n, Izinyane (ili), ubucubu 


— Hawk, n. Unhloile. 
Chide, v, Tetisa, kankanya, kankata. 

Chideb, n. Umtetisi (um). 
Chief, n. Inkosi (in). 

— (Vetty)y Inkosana (in). 

—(Man at a kraal), Umnumzana 


— (()fficer), Induna (in). 

— T Wife), Inkosikazi (in). 

— (To soothe), Tyweleza. 
Chieflt, adv. Kakulu. 
Chieftainship, w. Ubukosi, (ubu). 
Child, n, Umntwana (um), umta 


— (Spoiled), Incengancenga (in), 


— (Not born at the kraal), Izali- 

beletwe (i). 

— (About six years old), Isikund- 

hlwana (isi). 

— rVery feeble), Intengentenge 


Infieuit), Inngane (in), isibaxa 


— TTo be with), Mita, 

— (To give birth to), Zala, beleta. 
Childhood, n, Ubuntwana (ubu), 

ubungane (ubu). 
Childishly, ddv, Ngobuntwana. 
Children^ n. (Family), Inzalo ^in), 

insapo (in). 

— (Large number of), Bu (ulu). 
Chill, v. Polisa. 

— n, Amakaza, ukugodola. 
Chilled (To be, as the body with 

cold), Godola. 
Chills (To have), Fehla. 
Chimney, n, Umbobo wentutu, ikos- 

Chin, n. Isilevu (isi). 
Chine, n, Umhlonzo (um). 
Chink, w. Ufa (ulu). 

^Gap), Isikala (isi). 




Chip, v, £aza, genca, ceza, cezula. 

— (As a vessel), Kepula. 

— (OffX Hlepula. 

— n (Of wood), Ibazela (i), ucezu 

(ulu), uqezu (ulu). 

— (Of a vessel), Isikepu. 
Chirp, v, Kala. 
Chisel, n. lohlabo (in). 
Chit, n. (Of a plant), Isitombo. 
Chitchat (To BaveX Ukuti potololo. 
Chock-pull (To be), Ukuti swi. 
Chdicb, n. Ukuketa (uku), nkuqoma 

Choke, v. (Suffocate), Futanisa, gwi- 


— TAs meatX Binda. 

— (As a man eating), Gwaliza. 
Choked (To be), Xwiliza. 
Choleb, n. (Anger), Ulaka (ulu). 
Choleric, a. Nolaka. 
Choose, v, Eeta, qoma. 

— (For), Ketela, bonisela. 
Chooser, n. Umketi (um). 
C^op, V. Nouma. 
JOff), ISqamula. 
fOff, as wattling sticks), Conza. 
[Up a beastX HIablela. 

— (Cut down), Gaula. 

— (Mince), Qobisisa. 

— (ChipX Genca. 

— n. Iqata (ili), isiqata (isi). 
Chopper, n. Izembe (i). 
Chosen-body (Of people), Iketelo (i). 
Christen, v. Bapitizesba. 
Christian, n. Ikolwa (i), umkristu 

Christianity, n, Ubukristu (ubu). 
Church, n, (Believers), Ibandhia 

lamakolwa, iremente. 

— (Building), Indhlu yokusonta. 
Churl, n, Usdunda (um). 

Churlishness, n, Ubufunda (ubu) 
Churlish person, n. Isijinini (isi). 
Churn, v, Pehla. 

— n, Umqungo (um). 
Chubn-stafp, n. Isipehlo (isi). 
Cicada, n, Isihlonono (isi). 
Cicatrix, n, Ubavu (ulu), ingozi 

Cilia, n. Inkope (in). 
Cincture, n. Isibamba (isi). 
Cinder, «. liable (i). 
Cipher, v, Bala. 

— n. Isibalo (isi). 
Circle, n. Isiyinge (isi). 

— (Of relatives), U mdeni (um). 

— (Lunar halo), Umkumbi wen- 


— (To make), Yingiliza. 

— V. (To surround), Raqa. 
Circlet, n. (Of skin above the eyes), 

Umqele (um). 
Circuit, n, Isiyinge (isi). 
Circuitous path (To take), Gweg- 
CiRCUMCiSE, V. Soka. fwesa. 

Circumcised-person, n, Umkweta 

Circumcision, n, Ukusoka (uku). 
Circumlocution, n. Ukuzekelela 

Circumspect, a. Bflakanipile. 

— (To be), Hlakanipa. 
Circumspection, n. Ukuhlakanipa 

Circumstance, n. (Incident), Indaba 


--(Situation), Indawo (in). 
Circumvent, v, Kohlisa. 
Circumvolve, v. Gingqa esiyingeni. 
Cistern, n. Icibi (i). 

— (Well), Umtombo (um). 
Citadel, n. Inqaba (in). 




Citation, n. (Quotation), Ukulan- 

disa (uku). 

— (Summons), Ukubiza. 
Cite, v. (Summon), Biza. 

— (Quote), Landisa. 
Civet-cat, n. Insimbafin),irolodo (i). 

— (Kind of), Iqaqa (i). 
Civil (To be), Vuma kahle. 
Civilly (To conduct one's-seK), 

Clack (Talk much), Mpompoza. 
Clad (To be, in a blanket), Ambatwa. 

— (To be, in a civilized way), Qqo- 


— (To be, as an umswazi woman), 


— (To be, in finery), Hloba, vun- 


— (To be, as an umsutu), Shubela. 
Claim, v. (Lay claim to), Banga. 

— (As a debt), Biza. 

— n. Ukubanga, ukubiza. 
Claimant, n. Umbangi (um). 
Clamber, v. Kwela. 
Clamminess, n. Ukunafuna. 
Clamour, n. Umsindo (um). 

— (To makeV Xokozela. 
Clamorous, (To be), Xokozela. 

— a. Xokozele, nomsindo. 
Clamorously, adv. Ngokuxokozela. 
Clan, n. Isizwe (isi). 
Clandestinely, adv. Ngasese. 
Clank, v. Nkenkeza. 
Clap, v. (Hands), Tyaya izandhla. 

— (Wings), Tvayanisa amapiko. 

— n. (Of thunder), Ukuduma(uku). 
Clarification, w. Ukucwengisa 

Clarify, v. Cwengisa. 
Clarkebury, Umgwali. 
Clarion, n. Ixilongo (i). 

Clash, v. (Strike against). Beta, 

ukuti mahla. 

— n. (Collision), Ukubetana, uku- 

Clasp, v. (As a knife), Peca. 

— (Embrace), Gona. 

— (Entwine), Tandela. 
Clasp-knife, n. Umese opeciweyo. 
Class, n. Uhlobo (ulu). 
Clatter, v, Nkenkeza. 

— n. Ukunkenkeza. 
Clavicle, n. (Collar-bone), Inn- 

gqwababa (in). 
Claw, n. XJzipo (ulu). 
Clay, n. Ibumba (i). 

— (Kind of red), Ibomvu (i). 

—(Bed), Isibuda (isi). 
Clean, a. (Washed), Hlanziwe, gez- 


— f Pure), Hlambulukile, mhlope. 

— f A water). Hie. 

— (Innocent), Ngenacala. 

— v. (As clothes), Geza. 

—-(As knives), Sula, kuhla (this 

with brick-dust). 

— (Free from sediment), Cwenga. 
Cleanliness, n. (Tidiness), Ubu- 

nono (ubu). 
Cleanse, v. (Thoroughly), Kangqela. 

— (By scouring), Pucuza. 

— (Out the bowels), Cukuca. 
Cleansed (To be), Hlanzeka, 

Clear, v. (As the ground of grass)) 


— ^Of an evil), Hlambulula. 

— (As the ground of trees), Caba. 
Out, as wormsV Kaza. 
As water of seaiment), Cwenga. 


— ^As a road), Vula. 

— (Out, as dirt), Kucuza. 




— (To make, as words), Hlambu- ' 

lula, cansula, cansisa. 

— ^To be), Cansa. 

— (To b^ as the open country), 


— (To be, as water), Ukuti ya. 

— (To be, as the sky), Cweba, sa. 

— (Off, as an army), Qwata. 

— (Oflf), Kuquluza. 

— (Away), Kotulula. 

— (Meaue-meal of husk), Sefe. 

— ^Headed (To be), Ukuti ya. 
Cleared away (To be), Kotuluka. 
Clearness, n, (Of the sky), Uku- 

cweba, ukusa. 
Cleave, v, (As wood), Banda. 

— (Adhere to), Namatela. 
Cleft, n, Ufanta (ulu), inkoto. 
Clemency, n. (Mildness), Ubunene 


— (Mercy), Umrau (um). 
Clement, a. Bunene. 
Clergy, n. Abafundisi (aba). 
Clergyman, n. Umfundisi (um). 
Clerk, n. Umlobi (um). 
Clever, a. (Talented), Hlakanipile. 

— f SkiKul), Lumbile. 

— (To be), Hlakanipa. 
Cleverly (To do), Tyapa. 
Clever person, n. Isazi (isi), isi- 

pepenanga, ind welemana, ingcweti. 

— n. (In words), Intwesi (i). 
Clever-little-pellow, n. Indwele- 

Cleverness, n, Ukuhlakanipa, uku- 


— (In talk), Ubuntwesi (ubu). 
Click (as, to make), Nxapa. 

— (c, to make), Ncifila. 
Cliff, n. Iwa (i), isiwa (isi), udonga 


Climb, v. (As a tree), Kwela. 

— (As plants around trees), Tan- 


— (A hill), Kupuka. 
Climbing plant, n. Ibuta (i), ivile- 

futi (i). 
Clinch, v, (In the hand), Fumbata. 

— (As a nailj, Gobisa. 
Cling, v. Tanaela. 

— (Adhere), Namatela. 

— (Embrace), Singata, gona. 
Clink, v, Kenceza. 

— n. Ukukenceza. 
Clip, v. (As the hair), Gunda, 

Clique, w. Umcecelegwana (um), 

Cloak, Ijasi (i), ingubo (in). 
Clock, n. Ilanga lendhlu. 
Clod, w. (Of earth), Isidindi (isi) 

igade (i), igabade (i). 

—(Dolt), Umgume (um). 
Clodhopper, n. Umfunda (um). 
Clog, v. (Hinder), Vimbela. 

— (Encumber), Sinda. 
Cloke, v. Fihla. 
Close, v. (As a door), Vala, vingca. 

— (The eyes), Cima. 

—(The mouth), Cuta. 

— (A bottle), Vimba. 

— (Aa a hole), Gqiba. 

—(The hand), Fumbata. 

— (As the hand tightly), Qinisa 


— (Bring to an end), Pelisa. 

— rAs a pocket knife), Peca. 

— (Together), Hlanganisa. 
Round upon game), Konsa. 
In, as an army), Fica. 
[Up, as a pot with cow-dung), 

VuneKa (viz., the cover of it). 




— TUp nicely), Tota. 

— (Surround), Baqa. 
Close (To be, as thatch), ITkuti 


— (Together, to be), Cinana, kan- 


— a. (Shut fast), Valiwe. 

— ^Hidden), Fihliwe. 

— (Dense), Finyene, 

— ^Confined), (jinene, finyene. 

— (Niggardly), Ncityile. 
Close-grained (To be), Hlangana. 
Close weather, n* Isigudumezi 

Clot, n. (Of blood), Ihlule (i). 
Cloth, n. (White cotton), Indwangu 


— (Small piece of\ Itete ^i). 

— ^Blue cotton), Utyodo (ulu). 

— (Long strip of), Umdweshu 


— (^Fine variegated), Ikwezikwezi 


—{Broad black), Ulembu (ulu). 

Clothe, v. (In a civilized way), 


—(With a blanket), Embesa, em- 


— (In finely), Hlobisa, vunulisa. 
Clothes, n, izingubo. 

— rOld), Urududo (ulu). 

— (Cast of), Isidwedwe (isi). 

— (Heathen), Izivato (izi). 
Clothes-prop, n, Ibaxa lezingubo 
Clothing, n, Izivato (izi), izingubo. 
Clotted blood, n. Amahlule 

Clotted milk, n. Amasi (ama). 
Clodd, n. Ilifu (ili). 

— (Large mass of), Ikeke (i). 

— (Like streamers), Imilaza (imi). 

Cloudy (To be), Fukuzela, gugc^u- 


— a. Namafu. 
Cloudless, a. Cwebile. 
Clouts, w. (Cloths), AmanikinikL 
Cloven, p, Ahlukene. 
Clover, n, Isitiati (isi). 

— (Sort of), Isinungu (isi^ 
Clown, n. (Fool), Isiula (isiV 

— (Kustic), Umfunda (um). 
Clownishnbss, n. Ubufunda (ubu). 
Clot, v, (Surfeit^, Sutisa. 
Club, n. Iwisa (i). 
Cluck, v, (As a hen\ Kukuza. 
Clucking sound (To make, as a 

bushman), Qoqoza. 
Clump, n, (Of trees), Isihlahla (isi). 

— (Of fine meahe plants), Isid- 

hlunga (isi). 
Clumsy person, n. Isicwe (isi). 
Cluster, n, (Of grapes), Isihieke (isi) 

— (Of things), Isibambane (isi). 

— {Of things seen at a distance), 

Isiqumbi (isi). 

— (Of bees), Iqulo (i), umsinga 

Clusters n. (Of people), Amaxon- 

Clutch, v. (Seize), Bamba. 
Clyster (To inject), Boja, tela, ta. 
Coach, n. Ikariji (i). 
Coachman, n. Umtyayeli wekarijL 
Coadjutor n. Umsizi (um). 
Coagulate, v, Jiya. 
Coals, n. Ajnaiaiue (ama). 
Coalesce, v. (Unite), Hlanganisa. 

— (Grow together), Kulelana. 

— (Mingle together), Xubana. 
Coalition, n, tjmhlanganiso (um). 
Coarse, a. (Rough), Ratyaratya, 





— <Ilude), Qangile, 

—(To be), Raya. 

— Pebbon, Iratyanatya (i). 

— ^Thing, Inratyaratya (in). 
Coarseness, n. Amaraye (ama). 
Coast, n. Icala (i). 

— V, (Along a country), Gndhla. 
Coast-land, n. Utungulu (ulu). 
Coat, n. Ibantyi (i). 
CoAXjV. (Wbeedle), Ncenga. 

—(Flatter), Toboza. 
Cob, n. (Of Indian com), Isikwebu 

C0BRA9 n, Indblondhlo (in). 
CoBwnByfi. Ulembu (nlu),ubulemba 

Cock, n, (Of birds), Iqude (i). 

— {Of a gun\ Indhlebe (in). 

—(Of hay), Induduma yotyani. 

— V, (As a gun), L/nngiBa indhlebe. 
CocK-CROWiNQ, n. Uki&ala kwezin- 

CocK-8-€0MB, n. Umema (uln). 
CooKBOACH, n. Ipela (i). 
CccooN, n. (Large), Umfece (um). 
CcEBCE, V. Quba ngamandhla,enzisa. 
C OERCION, n. Ukuquba ngamandhla, 

Coffee, n, Ikofa (i). 
OoFFiir, fk Uhlaka (nlu), ikisi lom- 

Coo, V. (Flatter)^ Toboza. 

n. (Tooth or a wheel), Lsinyo 


—(Trick), Icebo (i). 
Cogency, n. Amandhla. 
Cogitate, 9. Camanga, zindhla, 

Cogitation, n. Isizindhlo (isi), uku- 

Cognomen, ru Isibongo (id). 

Cogwheel, n. Isondo elinamazinyo. 
Cohere, v, Namatelana. 
Cohesion, n. Isinamatelano (isi), 

Cohort, n. Isigaba (isi). 
Coil, v. Songa. 

— n. (Of grass), Inkata (in). 
Coincide, v. Vmnelana. 
Coiner, n. Umkandi wemali. 
CoJOiN, V. Bangqa. 
Cold, a. Makaza. 

— 71. Amakaza. 

— (Disease), Umkuhlane (um). 

— (To be, as a wind), Banda, 

qanda, kwityiza. 

— ^WiND, w. Intyongolo (in). 

— rProm the south), Inhlengetwa 

Collapse (Fall together), Bidhlika. 

^Shrint up), Shwabana. 
Collar, n. Umnaka ^um). 

— (Fur), Isibelu (isi). 
Collar-bone, n. Inngqwababa (in). 
Collate, v. Linganisa. 
Collect, v, (Assemble^, Hlanganisa. 

— ^As rubbish), Bibila. 

—(As cattle), Buta. 

— (Together, as people), Congele- 


— (As ashes), Wola. 

— (In one place, as cattle), Qoqa. 
(]k)LLECTED (Together, as cattle, to 

be), Fundama. 
Collection, n. (Of money), XJm- 

nikelo (Um). 

— (Of cattle, young and old), 

Idolo (i). 

—(Of young cat:le), Umqeku 


— (Oi people), Inhlanganiso (in). 

— (Of females), Isifazana (isi). 




— (Band), IbandMa (i). 

— (Crowd), Umbonda (um). 
Collide, v, Betana, tyayana. 
Collision, n, Umhlanganiso (um). 
Colon, n, Inanzi (i). 
Colony, w, Ikoloni (i). 
Colour, v. (Paint), Beca. 

— (As the top-knot), Buda. 

— (By dabbing), Ruqa. 

—(To lose). Fa. 
Coloured, a. Lunga. 
Colt, n. Itole lebasbi. 
Column, n, Insika (in). 
Comb, n, Ikamo (i), ixamo (i), 

ixamu (i). 
Combat, n. Ukulwa (nku). 
Combatant, n. Olwayo. 
Comb, v, Kama, xama. 
Combination (For a bad purpose), 

Umbimbi, umcecelegwana, um- 

Combine, v. Hlanganisa. 
Combustible, a. Tyayo, tyile. 
Combustion, n. Ukutya. 
Come, v. Za, eza. 

— (Near), Sondela. 

— (In), Kgena. 

— (Out at), Qamukela. 

—(For), Zela. 

— (To nothing), Tyaba. 

— (Down), HHka, ehla. 

— toown to), Ehlela. 
JOut plainly), Pumelela. 
[Up, as plants), Hluma, vela. 
[Back to the same day), Bu- 


— (To life), Vuka ekufeni. 

— (From a great distance), Tuluka. 

— (Up), Kupuka, nyuka. 

— (Forth), Puma. 

—(Short), Eyela. 

— (In sight). Vela, hlaluka, 
qamuka, iikuti qangqalazi. 
—(Appear), Boniakala. 
—(Out, as a bright colour), Qama. 
— (From), Vela. 

Together), Hlangana. 

JUpon suddenly), Zuma. 

As butter), Eva. 

[Short), Puta. 
— (Up with, overtake), Fumana. 
— (Out clean, as a brick), Ukuti 


— (Up, as a seed). Mil a, hluma. 

— (Off, as the hair), Hlutuka. 

— (Out, asfrom a handle), Punyuka, 


— (To maturity), Vuta. 

— (Upon the top of a hill), 


'Away from), Shiya. 
After, follow), Landela. 
Out, as teeth), Kumuka. 
In great numbers), Ukuti futu 

—(On), Woza. 

— (Together in conflict), Ukuti 

To a stop\ Kauka. 
^Frequently), Gqigqa. 
Frequently for), (jlqigqela. 
Often, as for money), Belesela. 
'To Hght), Hlalukaf 
Out beyond a river), Ukuti 
— (Arrive), Fika. 
— (On business), Babala. 
— (Out, as water from a blister), 
Ukuti pasha. 
Comely, a. Hie. 

Comer, n. (Fresh), Umfiki (um). 
Comet, n. Inkanyezi enomsila. 




Comport, v. (Cheer), Tokozisa. 

— (Hufih a child), Duduzela. 

— (After an accident), Pepiea. 

— w. Indudnzelo (in), ukuto- 

CoMFORTBB, tL UmdudiizelL 
CoMPORTABLE (To be), Onwaba, 

enama, tokoza. 
Comic, a, Hlekisayo. 
Command, v, (Govern), Busa. 

— (Order), Yaleza, layeza. 

— (As government), Memezela. 

— (Order, as a chief), Juba. 
CoMMAinx), n. Ibuto (i), impi (im). 

—(To help in), Elekela. 
Commandment, n. Isimemezelo (isi). 
Commander, n, Inkosi (in), umpati 

Commands, n. Imiyalo (imi). 
Commemorate, Kumbuzela, misa 

Commemoration, n. Isikumbuziso 

Commence, v. Qala. 

— (To rain in large drops), Tonsa, 


— (To drizzle), Kemezela. 
Commencement, n. Isiqalo (isi). 
Commend, v, Babaza, ncoma, rauza, 


— (One's-self), Zincayisela. 
Commerce, -n, (Exchange), Ukwen- 

ana (uku). 

— (Trade in general), Intengo (in). 
Commingle (Mix), Vanganisa. 
Comminution, w. Ukucolisisa (uku). 
CoMMiSERATEjV. Eaukela, zwana (na) 
Commiseration, n, Ukuraukela, 

Commissariat stores, w. Umpako 


Commit, v, (To prison), Nikela, or 

£aka etilongweni. 

— f Do), Enza. 

— (Adultery), Pinga. 

-—(Sodomy), Lala nendoJa. 

— ^Sin), Ona. 

— (An error), Posisa. 
Committee, n, Ibandhla lokupata 


— (Joint), Ibandhla elabiweyo. 
Commix, v. Vanganisa, vuba, 

Commodity, n. Izinto ezitengwayo. 
Common, a. Okwabantu bonie. 
Commonalty, n, Abafokazana. 
Common person, n, Umfokazana, 

Commonwealth, n. Isizwe (isi). 
Commotion, n. (Of people), Isipiti- 

piti (isi). 

— (Of water\ Isiyaluyalu (isi). 
Commune, v. (Converse), Kuluma. 
Communicate, v. (Make known), 

Azisa, tyela, shumayela, bika. 
Communication, n, Ukwazisa, uku- 

Communicative, a. Azisayo. 
Communion, n. Inhlanganyelo (in), 

inhlangano (in). 

— (Lom's supper), Ubudhlelanii 

ben Kosi. 

— (To have), Hlanganyela. 
Community, w. j Abantu (aba). 
Commute, v. Ncipisa, nquma. 
Compact, n. Isivumelwana (isi) 

— (To be), CJinana. 

— a. (Firm), Qinile. 

— (Close), Kandene. 

— (Solid), Jiyile, lukuni, nqumile. 
Companion, w. (Comrade), Umngane 





— (Friend), Isihlobo (isi), um- 

hlanganyeli (um). 
Companionship, n. Ubuhlobo (ubu). 
Company, n. (Promiscuoiis), In- 

hlanganiso (in). 

— (Large), Isixuku (isi), isityomo 


— (Small), Isixukutywanyana, 


— (Oi men), IbandUa (i). 

— (Small, as of soldiers), Isigaba 

CoMPARATiYiLY, odv. Ngokulin- 

Compare, v. Linganisa fanisa. 
Comparison, n, Umlinganiso (nm). 
Compartment, n. Isahluko sendhlu. 
Compass, v. (Encircle), Yingilizela. 

— (Surround), Pahla, raqa. 
Compassion, n. Umunyu, umrau. 
Compassionate, Eaukela. 
Compassionately, adv, Ngciurau- 

Compatible, a. Pande. 

— <To be), Fanela. 
Compeer, n. Umlingane (um). 
Compel, v. Quba, qubezela. 
Compendium, tl Ubufinyeze (ubu). 
Compensate, v. Vuza, kokela. 
Compensation, n. Umvuzo,inkokelo. 
Compete, v, Pikisana. 
Competence, n. Ubuncwaba (ubu). 
Competent, a. (Fit), Fanele. 

— (Adequate), Lingene. 
Competency, n, Ubuncwaba (ubu). 
Competition, w. Ukupikisana. 
Compilation, n, Umbutelo wezin- 

Compiler, w. Umbuteli wezindaba. 
Compile, v, Butela izindaba. 
Complacency, w. Ubunene (ubu). 

Complacent, a. Nene. 

Complain, v. (Find fault). Sola, tetisa. 

— (As a peevish child), Gaba. 

— (Lament), Lila, kala. 

—(Officially), Bika. 

— (Mui^mur), KonoiMi. 

— (To a magistrate), Mangala. 

—(Find fault), Tetiaa. 
Complainer, n. UmsoU (um). 
Complainant, n, (Plaintiff Um- 

mangaleli (um). 
Complaint, n. (Lamentalion)^ I»lilo 


— (Silent grief), Isikomololo (isij, 

— (Cause of sorrow), Ililiso (i), 

insolo (in). 

— (Malady), Ukufia (uku), isifo 

Complement, n. Isibalo esipeleleyo. 
Complete, v, (Fill), Cwalisa. 

— (Finish), Finyeza, qeda, ukuti 


—^Perfect), Pelelisa, pelelisela. 

— (To be), Ukuti qa. 
Completely, adv. Ngokupelelisa, 

ukupela, nyabo. 
Completeness, n. Innya, ukupele- 

Complexion, n. (Of the face), Umbala 

Compliance, n. Ukuvumela. 
Compliant, a. Vumele. 
Complicate, v, (Entangle), Tiyana. 

— (Involve), Gaxa. 
Complication, n. Ukutiyana. 
Compliment, n, (Civil expression), 


—(Praise), Ukubabaza. 
Compliments (To send), Konzela. 
Comply, v. Vuma, vumela. 
Compose, v. (Quiet), Tulisa. 




— (As an author), Qamba. 

—{As a child)^ Duduzela. 
Composed, a. Tulile. 
CoMPosEDNESS, 71. Ukutula. 
Composedly, adv, Ngokutula. 
Composition, n. '(Of debts), Ukwa- 

pula kwezikweletL 
GoMPaEHEND, V. Qonda, qika. 
Comprehension, n. Ukuqonda,iiku- 

Compress, v. (Press), Cindezela. 

— ^Condense), Nvinya. 

— (As an elastic ball), Focoza. 

— (Squeeze in the band), Minya- 

Compressed (To be, as a ball), 


— (To be, condensed), Nyinyeka. 

—(To be, in tbe hand), Minya- 

Compression, n» Ukufocoza, uku- 

Compromise, v. Linganisa ngovume- 

Compulsion, n. XJkuquba (uku). 
Compute, v, Bala. 
Computation, n. Ukubala. 
Computer, n. Umbali (um). 
Comrade, a. Umngane (um), um- 

Concave, V. Gumbo. 

— a. Gumbekile. 
Conceal, v. Fihla, tukusa. 

— f For), Fihlela, tukusela. ^ 

— (Cause to), Fihlisa, tukusisa. 

— (From one another), Fihlelana. 

— (As a person's whereabouts), 

Concealed (To be), Fihleka, tuku- 


— (To be, from view), Siteka, 

— p, Fihliwe. 

— Thing, n. Imfihlo (im). 
Conceit, n. Ukuzidhla (uku). 
Conceited, a. Zidhlayo. 

—(To be), Zidhla. 

— (To make), Kukumeza. 

— Person, w. Umuntu ozidhlayo. 
Conceive, v, (Think), Cabanga, 

camanga, ti. 

— (Comprehend), Qika, qonda, 


— (Become pregnant). Mi ta^^kulela. 



le pregn 
r, n, (Ph 

Conception, n, (Physical), Ukumita 

—(Mental), Ukuqabuka, ukuqika, 

Concern, n. (One's self), Patelela, 


— (Make anxious), Nakisa. 

—{Disturb), Tinta. 

— n, (Anxiety), Itwetwe (i), um- 

nako (um). 

— (Affair), Indaba (in). 

— (Business), Umsebenzi (um). 

—(Great interest). Isineke (isi). 
Concerning, mep. Nga. 
Concert, n. (Agreement), Uvume- 


— (For a bad purpose), Umdindi, 

umcecelegwana, umbimbi. 
Concession, n, Ukuvumela, isivu- 

melo (isi). 
Conch, n. Inkwindi (in). 
Conciliate, v. (Pacify), Ciciyela 


— (Keconcile), Lamula. 
Concise, a. (Short), Futyane. 

— (Very snort), Futyanyana. 
Conciseness, n. Ubunityane (ubu)w 
Concision, n. XJkusika (uku), ukun- 





Conclude, v, Pelisa, qeda. 
Conclusion, n, Isipelo, innqindi, 

CoNCLUDER, n. Umqedi (um). 
Concoct, v, (Seethe), Peka. 
Concord, w. U vumelano (ulu). 
Concourse, n. Isixuku (isi). 
Concupiscence, n. Ububeva (ubu). 
Concur, v. Vumela. 
Concurrence, n, Uvumelano (ulu). 
Concussion, n. (Violent shaking), 

Ukuxukuzeka, ukugqukuzeka. 
Condemn, v. (Blame), Sola. 

— ^Censure) , Jezisa. 

— (As a judge), Lahla. 
Condemnation, n, Ukulahlwa, uku- 

Condemned, p. Lahliwe, jezisiwe. 
Condensation, Ukufocoza, uku- 

cindezela, ukujiyisa. 
Condense, v. (Compress), Cindezela, 


— (Thicken), Jivisa. 
Condescend, v, Zikotamisa. 
Condescension, n. Ukuzikotamisa, 

Condition, n. (State), Ukuhlala 


— (Station), Isikundhla (isi), in- 

dawo (in). 
— (Article of agreement), Inhloko 


— (Good to be in), Nona. 
Condole, v. Lilela, kala, kuza, 

zwana (na). 

—(With), Kuza. 
Condolence, n. Ukukuza. 

— (Sympathy), Ukuzwana. 
Condonation, n. Ukuyekela. 
Condone, v. Yekela. 
Conduce, v. Kapela. 

Conducive, a. Kapelayo, sizayo. 
Conduct, n. Izenzo. 

—-(Violent), Ubudhlova (ubu), 

isiqolo (isi). 

— V. (Guide), Blapa, rola. 

— (Manace), Fata. 

— (State business), Busa. 
Conductor, n. tJmkapi, umroleli 

Conduit, n. Umbobo wamanzi. 
Condyle, w. (Of the jaw-bone), In- 

hlafuno (in). 
Confabulate, v. Fetezana na. 
Confederate, v. Hlanganyela 

ngo vumelano. 
Confederation, n. Ukuhlanganyela 

Confer, v, (Give), Nika, pa. 

— (Consult together), Buzana, 

hlanganisela icebo. 

— (Discourse), Kuluma. 
Confess, v. (Make known), Azisa. 

— (Sin), Vuma isono. 
Confession, n. Ukuvuma (uku). 
Confidant, n. Umtembeki (um). 
Confide, v. Temba, etemba. 
Confidence, w. (Fath), Ukolo (ulu). 

— rTrust), Itemba (i). 

—-(Boldness), Ukalipo (ulu), isi- 

bindi (isi). 

— (To inspire), Qalabisa. 

— (To lose), Tembabulala. 

— a. (Of faiths Tembayo, kolwayo. 

— (Impudent), Gangile. 

— (Certain), Qinisile, ^abisile. 

— (To be), Gaba, gabisela, temba, 

Confidential, a. Tembekayo. 
Configuration, n. Isimo esilin- 

1 Confine, n. Umkaulo (um) 




^ (Imprison), Bopa. 

^Limit\ Kaulisa. 

— f By a fence), Biyela. 

— (As people, in a small place), 

Cinamsa, minyanisa. 
Confined (To be, in a small place), 

Cinana, minyana. 

— p. (Imprisoned), Botyelwe, 


— a. (Limited), Nomkanlo. 

— Place, n. Incinj^o (inV 
Confinement (Childbirtn), Uku- 

beleta (uku). 

— (Imprisonment), Ukubatyelwa 

(uku), ukubaniwa. 
Confirm, v, (Make firm), Qinisa. 

—(Thoroughly), Qinisisa. 

—(Ratify), Fakaza. 
Confirmation (To give), Cizelela. 
Confirmed invalid, n, Isiguli 

Confiscate, v. Dhla umuntu. 
Confiscated (To bej, Dhliwa. 
Confiscation, n. Ukudhliwa kwo- 

Conflagration, n. Ukutya (uku), 

imbutuma (im\ 
Conflict, n. (Combat), Ukulwa 


— (Contest), Ukupikisana (uku). 

—(Agony), Ubuhiungu (ujbu). 
Confluence, n, Inhlan^no (in). 
Conform, v, (Make sinular), Fanisa. 

—(Comply with), Vumela. 

—(To), Lalela. 
Conformable, a. Fanele. 
Conformity, n. Ukufana. 
Confound, v. (Confuse), Didakalisa. 

— fPuzzle), Dipizisa. 

— f Destroy), Cita, tyabalalisa. 

— (Abash), Jabisa. 

Confounded (Confused, to be), 


— (Abashed, to be), Jaba. 

— p. (Puzzled), Dipizisiwe. 

— (To look), Yangaza. 
Confuse, v, Pitizisa, nyakazisa, dida- 
Confused sound (To make), Ukuti 

welewele, ndindizela. 
Confusion, n. (Tumult), Isipitipiti 

(isi), ubunvakanyaka. 

— (Astonisliment), Ukumangala 

Confute (Refute), Ahlula ngokupi- 

Congeal, v. Jiyisa ngamakaza. 
Congealed thing, n. Iqeqeba (i). 
CoNGELLA, n, Ikangela m. 
Congratulation, n. Ututokozisa, 

Congratulate, v, Tokozisa, hala- 

Congregate, v. Hlangana. 

— (On account of), Hlanganela. 
Congregation, n. Inhianganiso 

CoNGRUiTY, n. Ukufanela (uku). 
Congruous, a. Fanele. 
Conical hill (Near Table Moun- 
tain), Intweka. 
Conjecture, v. Qandela, ngabaza, 

Conjoin, v. Hlanganisa. 
Conjure, v. (Bind by an oath), Fun- 


— (Divine), Bula. 
Conjuror, n. Isanusi (isi). 
Connect, v. (Unite), Hlanganisa. 

— (Tie together), Tekezela, teke- 


(Join, as wood^, Baxv^^. 




Connection, w. (Act), Ukuhlangan- 

isa (uku). 

— (State), Ukuhlangana (uku). 
Connive, v. Cimela into engalungi- 

Conquer, v. (Overcome), Ahlula. 

— (Vanquisli), Nqoba. 

— (Surmount), Kwela. 
Conqueror, n. Umnqobi (um). 
Conquest, n, Isinqobo (isi). 
Consanguinity, n, Ubuzalwana 

Conscience, n^ Unembeza, isazelo 

Conscious (To be), Zinyeza. 
Consecrate, v, AMukanisela. 
Consecration, n. Ukwahlukanisela. 
Consecutive (To be), Landelana. 

— a. Landelene. 
Consent, v. Vuma. 

— n. Ukuvuma. 
Consequence, n. Okulandelayo (that 

which follows). 
Conservatory, n. Indhlu yokulon- 

doloza imbalasi. 
Consider, v. (Think), Cabanga, ca- 


— (Ponder), Zindhla. 

— (Ponder about), Zindhlekela. 

— (Understand), Qonda, nakana. 

— (Very carefully), Qondisisa. 
Consideration, n. Ukucabanga, isi- 

cabango (isi). 
Consign, v. Nika ngokutembela. 
Consolation, n. Ukukuzwa, ukwon- 

Console, v. Kuza, onwabisa. 
Consolidate, v. (Make firm), Qinisa. 

— (Harden), Enza lukuni. 
Conspicuous, a. Sobala, qamile, 

— (To be), Qama. 

Conspiracy, n. Uknceba (uku). 
Conspirator, n. Umcebi (um)u 
Conspire, v. Ceba. 

— (Together), Cebelana. 
Constable, n. Ipolisi (i). 
Constabulary, n. Ubupolisi (ubu). 
Constancy, n. Ukiisimama (uku). 
Consternation, n. Ukupapateka. 
Constipate, v. (Make costive), Son- 

Constitute, v. Misa. 
Constrain, v. (Cause to act), Enzisa. 

— (Urge), Pisa, cindezela, qubezela. 

— (Compel), Quba. 
Construct, v. (A house), Aka. 

— (Compose), Qamba. 
Construction, n, Isakiwo (isi). 
Construe, v. Kumusha. 
Consult, v, (An isanusi), Bula. 

— (Take counsel together), Buzana, 
Consume, v. (Waste), Cita. 

— (Bj fire), Tyisa. 

— (Destroy), Citakalisa. 

— (By sickness), Onda. 
Consummate,!;. (Complete), Pelelisa. 
Contact, n. Ukupatana, ukutintamu 

— rPlace in, as things), TintanisiU 

— (Place in, as persons), Patanisa. 
Contaminate, v. (Defile), Onakalisa. 
Contamination, n. Ukwonakalisa. 
Contempt, w. (Scorn), Usulu (ulu). 

—(Disdain), Ukudela (uku). 

— (To express), Ncifila. 
Contemptible, a. Delekile. 

—(To be), Deleleka. 
Contemptuous (To be), Delela. 

— Language, Ukuta (uku). 
Contend, v. (In war), Lwa. 

—^Dispute), Pika, pikisana. 

— (Claim), Banga. 

— (Quarrel), Xabana. 




Content, v. (Satisfy), Kolisa. 

—(Please), Enamisa. 

— (To beX Enama. 
Contented, a, Eneme. 
Contentedly, adv. Ngokwenama. 
Contention, n. Inkani (in). 
Contentious (To be), Pikela, banga. 

— Person, n, Isipmeleli (isi). 
Contents, n, (Of the stomacli 

vomited), Ubutlanzo (ubu). 
Contest, n. Inkani (in). 

— (Battle), Ukulwa (ukn). 

— V. Pikisana. 

— (In war), Lwa. 
Contentment, n. Ukwenama. 
Continually, adv. Njalonjalo, lohle, 

ngezikati zonke. 

— aiix, verb, Zinge, de. 
Continue, v. (Remain), Sala. 

— rAbide), Hlala. 

— (Persevere), Bambezela. 

—(Extend), Kaula. 
Continuous din, (To make), Dum- 

CoiI^tortion, n. (Wry motion from 

pain), Ukuyayateka, ukuyobayo- 

ba (uku). 
Contract, n. (Agreement), Uvu- 

melano (ulu). 

— (For a wife). Uknlobola (uku). 

— V. (Agree), Vumelana. 

— (Shorten), Finyeza. 

— f For a wife), Lobola. 

— (Get), Zuza. 
Contraction, n. (Act), Ukufinyeza 


— (State), Ukufinyezwa (uku). 
Contradict, v. Pika, pamba. 

—(One another), Pambana. 
Contrarily, adv. Nganxamunye, 


Contrast, v. Pikelela. 
Contravene, v. (Hinder), Vimbela. 

— (Oppose), Pika. 
Contribute, v. Nikela. 
Contribution, n. Isipo (isi), umni- 

kelo (um). 
Contrite, a. Dabukile. 

—(To be), Dabuka. 
Contrition, n, Ukudabuka kwen- 

Contrive, (Invent), Qamba, 

— (Devise), Ceba. 
Contriver, w. (Plotter), Umcebi 


— (Inventor), Umqambi (um). 
Control, n. (Power), Amandhla 


— ^Supreme), Ubukosi (ubu). 

^-(Government), Ukubusa (uku) 

— (Check), Ukukuza (uku). 

— V. (Check), Kuza, kalima. 

— (Govern), Busa. 
Controversy, n. Ukupikisana. 
Contumacious, a. Deleleyo, pikele- 

Contumacy, n. Ukudelela, ukupike- 

Contuse, v. Limaza. 
Contusion, n. Isixwazi, ingosi. 

— (On the head). Uduma (ulu). 
Convalesce, v, Lulama. 
Convalescence, n. Ukululama. 
Convene, v. Hlanganisa, butanisa. 
Convener, n. Umhlanganisi. 
Convenience, n. Ukufanela. 
Convenient, a. Fanele. 
Converge, v. Kandana. 
Conversable, a. Tyelayo, kulu- 

Conversant (To be, with a matter), 

l%uti gamanxa. 




CoJirvERSATiON, n. Ukukuluma. 
Converse, v. Kuluma, feteza. 

— (Chatter), Ukuti potololo. 

— (Familiarly), Ncokola. 
Conversion, n. (Act), Ukupendiila, 


— (State), Ukiipenduka (ukii). 
Convert, v. Pendula, pendukisa. 

— n. Umpenduki, ikolwa (i). 
Convey, v. (By hand), Pata. 

— (Transport), Tuta. 

— (As a bride), Endisa. 
Convict, v. Nika icala. 
Convince, v. ^Satisfy), Kolisa. 

— (Of sin), Qondisa ngokona. 

— ^Persuade), Ahlula. 

— (Subdue by evidence)^ Gcinca. 
Convincer, 71. IT mahluli. 
Convivial, a. Nezidhlo. 
Convoke, v, (Call together), Hlan- 

Convolvulus (Tall), Isema (i). 
Convulse, v. (By spasms), Fingqa 


-H(By violent motion), Zamazisa, 

Convulsion, n. Ukuzamazainisa. 
Cony, n. Imbila (im). 
Coo, V, Kala. 
Cook, v. (By boiling), Peka, pe. 


— (By roasting), Osa. 

— n. Umpeki (um). 
Cooked, p. Vutiwe. 

— (Partly, to be), Gunya, gungu- 


— Meat, n. (Large piece), Isiboma 

Cooking, n. Umpeko (um). 

— Pot, n. Ikanzi (i). 
CooK-ROo:r, n. Ikokosi (i) 

Cool, v. Poli sa, pozisa. 

— (Quiet a person), Dambisa. 

— a. Polile. 

—(To be), Pola. 
Coolness, n, Ukupola (uku). 
Coop, n. (For poultry), Umono 

(Plur, i). 
Co-operate, v. Sebenzisana, enzi- 

Copious, a. Ningi, vamile. 
Copiousness, n. Ubuningi (ubu), 

ukuvama (uku). 
Copper, n. Itusi (i). 
Copse, n, Ihlozi (i), icolo (i). 
Copulate, v. (As dogs), Pinga. 

— (As birdsV Bebana. 
Copy, v, Fanefeisa. 

— n. Umfanekiso (um). 
Cord, v. Bopa. 

— n. Intambo (in), igoda (i). 

— (Rein), UmcUo (um). 

— (Cable), UmgungQuluza (um). 
Cordial, a. (Hearty), Nenhliziyo. 
Cordially intimate with (To be), 

Core, n. (Of fruit), Ubutumbu 

Cork, v. Vimba. 

— n. Isivimbo (isi). 

— Tree, n. Irolo (i). 
Corn, n. (Indian), Umbila (um). 

— (Kafir), Amabele (ama). 

— (Sour), Isangcobe (isi). 

— (Parched), Utywele. 

— (Boiled with pumpkin), Isijingi 


— (Bread), Isinkwa (isi). 

— (White kind ot), Imome (i). 

— (Ear of), Isikwebu (isi). 

—(Cob of), Ihleza (i). 

— (Stalk with cob), Umupa. 




^(Sheath of), Ikasi (i), ikelengu (i\ 

— ^The new grain), Ingcombo (in). 

^iTie young plant), Ikaba (i). 

— ?Tlie leaf ot), Ikasi (i). 

— (The tassel of),Ubulembu (ubu), 

ingoni (in), 

— -(The flower head of), Intyakaza 


— (Rind of the stalk), Ubengn (ulu). 

— (Old dry ear), Ingqatu (in). 

— (Dry stalk of), Uhlanga (ulu). 

— (New and boiled^, Ifuto (i). 

— (Boiled grains of), Izinkobe. 

— (Boiled and mixed with new 

milk), Univubo (um). 

— (Boiled and mixed with sweet 

milk), Isitubi (isi). 

— (Ear imperfectly filled), Iqalin- 

ga (i), igqagqa (i). 

— ^(Self-sown), Ikikizela (i). 

— [Basket, n. (Large), Isilulu 


— (Small), laoma (i). 

— (Very small), Imbenge (im). 

— Crib, n. Ingobo (in) 

— Pit, n. Unuindi (um), umgodi 


— Fields, n. Amasimu (ama). 

— (Deserted), Amafusi (ama). 
Corner, n. Ingosi (in), igumbi (i). 

— (Of a cloth), Icopo (i). 

— Stone, n. Ilitye legumbi. 
Corona, n, Isigqoko sobukosi. 
Corpse, n. Ismumbu, isidikadika 

Corpulence, w.Ukukulupala (uku). 
Corpulent, a. Kulupele. 
Correct, v. (Punish), Tyaya^ 

— (Reprove), Jezisa. 

—(Scold), Tetisa. 

— (Amend), Luleka, lungiso. 

Correction, n. Ukutyaya, ukulule- 

ka, ukutetisa. 
Correctness, w. Isinwe (isi), uku- 

lunga (uku). 
Correspond, v. (Resemble), Fana. 

— (Write), Lobelana. 
Correspondent, n. Umlobeli (um). 
Corroborate, v. Cizelela. 
Corroboration, n. Ukucizelela. 
Corrugated, a. Nemisele, nemi- 

Corrupt, r. (Make putrid), Bolisa. 

— (Deprave), Onakalisa, enaka- 


— a. (Rotten), Bolile. 

— (Vicious), Onakele. 

— ^(To be), Enakala, xwala. 

— Person, n, Ibolwa (i). 
Corrupter, n. Umonakalisi (um). 
Corruption, n. (Putrescence), Uku- 

bola (uku). 

— (Depravity) ,Ukwonakala (uku) . 

— (Pus), Ubovu (ulu). 
Cortex, n. Ixolo (i), amaxolo (ama). 
Cosset, v. Totosa. 
Cost, v. Dhla (Lelibantyi lidhla ni ? 

What does this coat eat ill i t^.cost.]) 
Costive (To make), Songela. 

— a. Songiwe, or lukuni isisu. 
Cosy (To be), Enaba. 
Cottage, w. Indhlwana (in). 
Cotton, n. Ukampokwe. 

— (Thread), Izintambo. 

— Cloth, n. (White), Indwangu 


— (Blue), Utyodo (ulu). 

— Grass, n, U mtente (um). 
Cough, v. Kwehlela, kohlela. 

— n. Umkuhlane (um). 
Council, n. Ibandhla (i), umpakati 





Counsel, n. (Advice), Icebo (i), uku- 

luleka (ukii). 

— (A pleader), Ummeleli (iiin). 

— V. (Give advice), Liileka. 

— (In a bad sense), Ceba. 

— (Direct), Yaleza. 

— (Enjoin), Yala. 
Counsellor, n. Induna (in). 
Count, v. Bala. 

—(For), Balela. 

— V. (As worthless), Tyava indiva. 
Countenance, n, (Face), Ubuso 


— (Encouragement^, XJkukalipisa. 

— V, (Encourage), Kalipisa. 

— (Sad, to have), Nyukumala. 
Counterfeit, a, rambene. 

— V, (Imitate), Lin^sa. 

— (Forge), Pambanisa. 
Countless, a. Ngenakubalwa. 
Country, n. Ilizwe (ili). 

— ^Thornv), Ihlanze (i). 

—-(Bushy), Isixa. 

— (Desert), Ihlane ^i). 

— (Open), Ubala (ulu). 

— (Open and clear), Icengacenga 


-—(Rough and broken), Isiroqoba 

Couple, n. Ububili (ubu). 

— V. Bandakanya. 
Courage, n. Uk^po (ulu), isibindi 

Courageous, a. Nokalipo, nedbindi 

— Man, n, I(]^awe (i). 
Courier, n. Isigijimi (isi). 
Course, v. (Hunt), Zingela. 

— (Pursue), Landa. 

— (Run), Baleka. 

—(To run), Pikisana ngokugijima. 
CoURT,w. (Seat of justice), Ikantolo (i) 

— (Residence of sovereign), Uhla- 
lankosi (u). 

— (An enclosed place), Isironqa 

— V. (To make love), Xoxa, tyela. 
— (In a bad sense), Hlobonga. 
Courteous, a. Bunene, nene. 
Courtesy, n. Ubunene (ubu). 
Courtship, n. Ukuxoxa (uku). 
Cousin, w. Umzala (um). 
Cove, n. (Small boy), Itekwana (i). 

— (Inlet), Insonge (in). 
Covenant, n. Isivumelwano, uvum- 

— V. Vumelana. 
Cover, v. (ConceaK Fihla. 

|As a ship witn sails), Embesa. 
The body), Gqoka, embesa. 
yith thatchV Fulela. 
'As a pot), Sibekela. 
|Up, as a grave), C^qiba. 
|As a beast), Zeka. 
Defend), Vika. 
By harrowing), Ziba. 
— (Over), Mboza. 
— w. (Beaten for game), Isikungo 
Covering, n. (For the back of males), 
Ibetvu (i). 

— (For the breast), Isidiya (isi). 
— (Of fringe for girls), iJbendhle. 
— (Of beads for girls), Uyaca (ulu). 
Covert, n. (Thicket), Ihlozi, ihlati 

— (A hiding place), Indawo yoku- 


— ^A defence), Isivikelo, innqaba, 

Covet, v. Fisa, nqwenela, kanuka, 

rara, nxana. 
Covetous, a. Fisayo, kanukile. 




CovETOUSNESs, n. Ukufisa, ukukan- 

uka, ukurara. 
Covetous person, n. Isiminzi (isi), 

isifisi (isi). 
Covey, n. Umlilambi (um). 
Covin, n, Umdindi, umbimbi (um\ 
Cow, n. Inkomo (in), inkomazi (in). 

^Large), Ingoqokazi (in). 

— (Wim one teat), Imfambele (im). 

— (Ash grey), Umlotakazi (nm). 

— (With little milk), Isiqala (isi). 

— ?Buff), Impofukazi (im). 

— (Blue bellied), Isanakazi (in). 

— (Of betrothal), Umgango (um). 
jn), Inyumbakazi (in). 
[Black), Imnyamakazi, inzima- 


— (^na]lblack),Inzimakazana*(in). 

— (With large black and white 

spotsV Ilungakazi (i). 

---(Black, with white belly), Iwas- 


— (Dark brown), Insundukazi (in). 

— (Dark dappled), Umbulu. 

— (Bed), Inhlavokazi, inkomo 


—-(Red, with belly), Intusikazi 


—(With red spots), Incokazi (in). 
[Spotted^ Inrambakazi (in). 
[Bed ana black), Inakazi (in). 

— rSpeckled), Impungakazi (im). 

— (Fox-coloured), Intnc^^ukazi (in). 

— (Gentle), Isinamba (isi), isidanda 


— (White), Imhlopekazi. 

— (With white face), Impevukazi. 

— (White backed), Inkonekazi (in). 

— (With white staronface), Imbasa. 

— (With stripes on hips), Inkomo 


— (Without horns), Insizwakazi 


— (That breaks through fences), 

Isifohli (isi). 

— (With one horn), Isihleza (isi). 

— (That runs away when milked), 


— (New milch), Indhlezane (in). 

— (Fond of mealie gardens), Um- 

ruqa (um). 

— (Yellow J, Impofukazi. 

— (Shrivelled with age), Inkoh- 

lombana (in). 

— (Grey), Ingwevukazi (in). 

— (Yellow and white), Intenjani- 

kazi (in). 

— (The leader), Ityingakazi. 

— (Milked without the calf), Isi- 

gudo (isi), unondhliwa. 

— (To milk), Senga. 

— (To milk without the calf), Gurla. 
CowDUNG, n. (Fresh), Ubulongwe 


— (Dry), Ilongwe (i). 

— (Old), Umquba (um). 
Cowherd, n. Umalusi. 
Cowhide, n. Isikumba senkomo. 
CowLEECH, n. Innyanga yezinkomo. 
Cowshed, n, Umpeme wenkomo. 
Cow's-TEAT, n. Umbele (um). 
Coward, n. Igwala (i). 
Cowardice, n. Ubugwala. 
Cowardly, adv, Ngobufjwala. 
Coxcomb, n. Unobuqa, i;^'agu. 
Coy, a. Nezinhloni, coyacoya. 
Coyness, n. Ukucoyacoya. 
Cozen, v. Kohliza: 
Cozener, n. Umkohlisi (um). 
Crab, n. (Land), Inkala (in). 

— (Sea), Unodhladhla. 
Crack, v. Cauda, qekeza. 




— (As mealies heated), Quma. 

— (As a whip), Pwiqila. 

— n, Ulufa (ulu). 

— (Fissure), Ufanta (ulu). 
Cracked ^To be), Candeka, qekeka, 

cezuka, nlekezeka. 
Cracking sound (To make), Ukuti 

qu, qu, qu ; a ula. 
Craft, n. (Trade), Umsebenzi (um). 

— (Cunmng), Ubuqili (ubu), ubu- 

Craftiness, n. (Deceit), Ubuhla- 

kani (ubu), ubuqili. 
Crafty, a. Nobuqiii. 

— Person, n. Iqili, ihlakani (i). 
Craftily, adv. Ngobuqili. 
Crag, n. Iliwa (ill), isiwa (isi). 
Cram, v. (To stuff), Gxutya. , 

— (Eat greedily), Minza. 
Crammed (With food, to be), Suta. 

—(To be), Ukuti fiti, ukuti fitilili. 
Cramp, n. Inkwashu (in). 
Crane, n. (White), Unohemu. 

— (Blue), Indwa ^n). 

— (Tail-feather of), Imbangayiya. 
Cranny, n. Ufanta (ulu), ufa (ulu). 
Crash, v, (With the teeth), Mahlaza. 

— (With a blow), Boxoza. 

— (Through a thicket), Ukuti 

Craunch, v. Gedhla. 
Craven, n. (Coward), Igwala (i). 
Craw, n. Indhlelo (in). 
Crawl, v, (As a child), Kasa. 

— (As an insect^ Nabuzela. 

— (Move feebly), Cotoza. 
Crayfish, n. Isikupatye (isi). 
Craze, v. Hlanyisa. 
Craziness, n. Ubuhlanya (ubu). 
Crazy (To be), Hlanya. 

— Person, n. Uhlanya (ulu). 

Creak, v, Kala. 
Cream, n. Ulaza (ulu). 
Crease, v. Fica. 

— n. Umsendo, umudwa. 
Create, v, Enza, dabula. 
Created (To be), Enziwa, datyulwa. 
Creator, n, Umdabuli, unkulun- 

Creature, w. Isenziwa (isi). 
Credence, n. Ukukolwa (uku). 
Credit, n. (Belief), Ukolo (ula). 

— (Honour), Udumo (ulu). 

— V. (To believe^, Kolwa. 
Creek, n, Iteku (i). 
Creep, v, (As an insect), Nabuzela. 

— (As a snake), Ruquzela. 

— (As a child), Kasa, gaqa. 

— (Move feebly), Tengezela. 

— (Throueh a gap), Sungubala. 

— (As a plant), iLasa. 
Creeper, n. (Kind of), Umbelebele, 


— (Cord-like), Imfulwa. 
Creole, n. Ibastade (i). 
Crest, n. (Of feathers), Isidhlodhlo 


— (Of a crane), Isiyendhle (isi). 

— (Of a bird), Isiqova (isi). 

— (Of a fowl), Umema (ulu). 
Crestfallen (To he), Nyonyoboza. 
Cretin, n. Isilima (isi). 
Crevice, n. Ufanta (ulu). 
Crib, n. (Pilfer), Ntyontya. 

— (For maize), Ingobo (in). 

— (Manger), Umkombe (um). 
Cricket, n. (An insect), Isihlonono 

(isi), innyendhle (in). 
Crime, n. Isono, icala. 

— (Of long standing), Umlandu. 

— (To commit),- Onfu ^ . 

Criminal, n. Umoni. 




Criminallt, adv, Ngokwona. 
Criminate, n. Nika icala. 
Crimination, n. Ukunika icala. 
Crimson, v, Bomvn. 
Cringe, v, (Flatter), Toboza. 
Cripple, n. Unyonga (ulu). 

— V. (Make lame), Limaza. 
Crippled person, n. Isilima (isi). 
Crisp things, n. Iziimgangatyi. 
Croak, v. Kala. 
Croaker, n. (Complainer), Umsoli 

(um), xiinkonondi (um). 
Crone, n. (Old woman), Isalukazi 

Crook, v, Sonta. 

— n. (A bend), Ingwegwe (in). 
Crooked, a. Sontekile. 

— (To be), Sonteka. 
Crookback, n. Isifumba (isi). 
Crop, n, (Of com), XJkuvima 


—(Of a fowl), Indhlelo. 

— V. (As the hair), Gunda. 
Cross, v. (As things), Nqamulezisa, 


— nPass over), Wela. 

— (One another), Pambana. 

—(Cancel), Hlikihla. 

— (Thwart), Jabisa. 

— (To be), Xabeka, tukutela. 

— (With one another, to be), Xab- 

ana, exabana. 

— n. (Of wood), Isipambano, nm- 

nqanuezo (nm). 

— (Vexation), Inkatazo (in). 

— a. (Fretful), Teteme. 

— (Fretful, to be), Tetema. 
Cross-beam, n. (Prmcipal), Umqadi. 

— Umtyazo (um). 
Cross-bar (For cattle kraal), Um- 

valo (um). 

Cross-examine, v.Pambanisa ngoku- 

Crossness, Ukuxaba (uku). 
Crotch, n. Ibaxa (i). 
Crouch, v. Kokoba, tyotya. 

— (In walking), Kokoba. 
Crow, v. Kala. 

— (Exult over), Sasa, esasa. 

— (BuUy), Vubula. 

— n. (With white neck), Igwababa 


—{With black neck), Ingwababana 

Crowbar, n, Umqala. 
Crowd, v. Nyinya, cinanisa. 

— (Around), rahla, bungazela. 

— n. Umbonda, isinyakanyaka. 

— (Small), isixukutrwanyana. 
Crowded (To be), Nyinyeka, fin- 

Crown, n, (Of the head), Ukakayi 


— ^Of a king), Isigqoko sobukosi. 

— (Of flowers), Umqele wembal- 


— V, Qelisa. 
Crowspeet, n, (Wrinkles), Imbimbi. 
Crucify, v. Nqamleza. 
Crucifixion, n, Ukunqamlezwa 

Crucified, ©. Nqamleziwe. 
Crude, a. (Kaw), Luhlaza. 
Cruel, a. Nolunya. 
Cruelty, n, Ulunya. 
Crumb, w. (Of bread), Imvutuluka 

Crumble, v, (Fall to pieces), Butuka. 

— (As bread), Vutuluka. 

— (Decay), Dilika. 
Crumple, v. Shwabanisa, mfoTiyai)> 





Crunching sound (To make), 

Tyumuza, ukuti gwangwalazi. 
Crunklk, v. Kala. 
Crupper, w. Umsila wesihlalo 

Cruse, n. Igatyana lamanzi. 
Crush, v. Fihliza, hlifiza. 

— (Bruise), Kanda. 

— rWith a blow), Qoboza. 

— ?Down), Fohloza. 

— (Subdue utterly), Citakalisa. 

— (Anything witn hard shell), 


— ^As an egg), Hlofoza. 

— (As a stone), Casa. 

— (Squeeze together), Cinanisa. 

— (With the feet), Dofoza. 

— ?Indent), Bocoza. 

— (As an insect), Bucula, bucu- 

Crust, n. Uqweqwe (ulu). 

—(Of bread), Ukoko (ulu). 
Crusty, a. (Surly), Hluneme. 
Crutch, n. U msimelelo wonyonga. 
Cry, v. Kala, lila. 

—(With a sniffing noise), Kicileka. 

— (Loudly), Qaqainba. 

— (Call out), Memeza. 

—-(All but, as a child), Bipa, 


— (Make a noise), Banga umsindo. 

— (Break into a cloud), Dazuluka. 

— ^As a madman), Raviya. 

—-(Long as a child\ (iwenezela. 

— (As an animal), Kala. 

— (As an isanusi), Rayiya. 

— n. (Clamour), Umsindo (um). 

— (Or an army in action), Iziro, 

isimema (isi). 

^Lamentation), Isililo (isi), \iku- 

kala (uku). 

— (Scream), Isikalo (isi). « 
Crying, p. (Weeping), Kalayo, 


— (Notorious), Dumaya 

— n. (Scream), Uknkala (uku). 

— (Wail), Ukubangalasa (uku). 

— Child, n. Inkenekene {ri}. 
Cub, n. Umundhlu. 
Cud, n. Umtamo (um). 

—-(To chew), Etyisa, ^ 
Cuddle, v. Gona, singata. 
Cudgel, n. Tyaya. 

— n. Umzaca, induku. 
Cue, w. (Of billiards), Induka (in). 
Cuff, v, (With the fist^ Bakela. 

— (Many times), Bttbubulkuea. - 

— (With the open hand),Makula. 

—(On the cheek), WaWebu 
Cull, v. (Select), Keta, twetya. 
CuLMEN, n. Inmoko, (in). 
Culminate, v. (vertical, to be), 

Culpable, a. Necala. 
Cultivatb, v. Lima. 
Cultivated (To be), Linywa 

— Linywayo. 

— Lakds, n. Amasimu. 
Cui/rrvATOR, n. Umlimi (um). 
Cumber, v, (Load), Sinda. 

— ^Distract), Didakalisa. 

— (The ground, as a treeX Ona. 
Cumbersome (To be), Sinda, kataza. 

— a. Sindayo, nzima. • 
Cumbrance, n. Umtwalo. 
Cumulate, v, (Pile upX Fumba. 

— (Ama^ Cuma. 
Cunning (To make), Hlakanisa. 

—a. (Artful), Nobuhlakanl 


— rSkUful), Lumb?le. 

— (Sly), Nyenyile, nyelele. 




— n (Duplicity), Ubuhlakani 


— (Slyness), Isinvelela (isi). 

— (Skill), Ukulumba, ukuhla- 


— (Artifice), Ubucjili (vlw). 

— Person, n, Iqili, ihlakani (i). 
Cup, v. Lumeka. 

— n, Isitya (isi). 

—(Small), Isityana (isi). 
Cupper, n, Umlumeki (mnV 
Cupping-horn, n. Upondo Iwokulu- 

Cupidity, w. Inkanuko (in). 
Cur, n. (Dog), Isiqa (isi). 

—(A mean fellow), Innja (in). 
Curb, v, Donsa, bamba. 

— (Restrain), Bambela. 

— n. (Of a bridle), Insimbi yetome. 

^Check), Isilibaziso (isi). 
Curdle, v. Jiya. 
Curds, n, (Of amasi), Izankefe. 
Cure, v. (As a disease), Elapa, polisa. 

pilisa, lulamisa. 

— n. (Remedy), Ukupilisa (ukn). 
Cureless, a. Ngenakupila. 
Curiosities, n. Amaqabuqabu (ama) 
Curious, a. (Singular), Iktaiigalisayo. 
Curl, v. Pota. 

^As the hair), Tywila. 
Curled (As tiie hair, to be), 

Curlew, n, (Bird), Ititihoya (i). 
Current, n. (Strong), Isikukula 


— (Ordinary), Ukuhamba kwam- 
. anzi. 

Currier, n. Innyanga yezikumba. 
Curry, v. (As a skin), Shuka. 

— (As a horse) Kuhluza. 

— (Favour), Nxusa- 

— Comb, n. Isikuhlo (isi). 
Curse, v. Qalekisa. 

— n. Isiqalekiso (isi). 
Cursed, p. Qalekisiwe. 
Cursory, a. (Hastyi Walazele. 

— (Inattentive), Cakatayo. 
Curt, a. Futyanyana. 
CuRTAL, n. Umnqini (um). 
Curtail, v. Finyeza. 
Curtain, n. Ilengalenga (i), isi- 

sitelo (isi). 
Curve, v. (To bend), Gobisa. 

— (To crook), Sonta. 

— n. Ingwegwe, insonge (in). 
Custom, n, Umkuba (um), imvelo 


— (Original^, Indabuko (in). 

— (Tax), Isitelo (isi). 
Customer, w. Umtengi (um). 
Cut, v. Sika, Nqamula. 

— ^As a strip of reim), Ncwela. 

— rOut a dressj, Sika. 

—(As a sharp tnife), Dhla. 

-—(Castrate), Tena. 
OflF), Kquma. 
The skinX Gcaba, zaula. 
Through), Dabula. 
Down, as a tree), Gaula. 

— (Down, as an army), Gela. 

— ^The hair), Gunda. 

— f As com), Vuna. 

— (As meat), Benga, q oba. 

— (Off a little bit), Cwiya, ukuti 


— ^Mince), Qobisisa. 

— (Grass quickly), Rapurapuna. 

— ^Off,.as suRar caue), Hlanla. 

— (The ears for rings), Cambusa. 

— (Out, as a homef s nest),Xepula. 
As firewood), Teza, ceka. 
Off all, as the hair), Qwata. 



— ^A skin for a shield), Ncwela. 

[The forehead and nose), Qaqa. 

toircumcise), Soka. 
— Off, destroy), Bubisa. 
j^p a slaughtered beast), Hla- 

— ^Into long strips), Benga. 

— rWood), Baza. 

— (Meat nom an ox, skin and all), 


iDff the ear of an ox), Runa. 
f As a hole in meat), Kopolota. 
r A wound in the head), Hlahla. 
[As decayed parts), Cwecwa. 

— n. (A gash), iJmuga. 

— (Picture), Umfandkiso (um). 
Cutaneous eruption, Utwai (ulu), 

ukwekwe Coin). 

— (Kind oh, Umfala (um). 
Cuticle, n. Ulwebu (ulu). 
Cut-throat, n. Inswelaboya (in\ 
Cuttle, n, (Fish), Inngwane (in). 
Cycle, w, Isiyinge (isi). 

— (Revolution), Ukuyingiliza 

Cynical, a. Konkotayo. 


Dab, ,v Bambata. 

— yOa, as plaster), Ruqa. 
Dabble, v, (Plav in water), Bukuda. 
Da capo, aav, Futi. 
Dad, w. Ubaba. 
Daft, a. Pukuzile. 
Dagger, n, Isinkemba (isi). 
Daggle, v. Daxazela. 
Daggletail, a. Bacekile. 
Daily, adv. Ngamalanga onke, em- 


Daintily, adv. Ngobuhle. 
Dainty (To be), Tesa. 
— n. (Delicacy), Isifino (isi), 

— a. (Nice), Mnandi. 
Dale, n, Isitumbu (isi). 
Dally, v. Libala, kwityiza. 
Dam, n. (Mother), Unina. 

— V. Sekezela. 
Damage, v. Onakalisa, enakalisa. 
— (Lessen the value of), Ona. 
— n. Ukwonakala (ukuV 
Damaged (To be), Onakala, enakala. 
Damn, v. Qalekisa. 
Damnation, n. Ukujeziswa (uku), 

ukulahlwa (uku). 
Damp, a. Manzi. 
— n. Inkungu (in). 
— V. (Moisten), Swakamisa. 
— (Discourage), Dangalisa. 
— (To be), Swakama, mata. 
Dampness, n. Ukuswakama (uku). 
Damsel, n. Intombi (in). 
Dance, v. Sina, g^da. 
Cause to), Sinisa. 
Elegantljr), Ntenteleza. 
in bad time), Badaza. 
^or), Sinela, gidela. 
In sport), Gogoya. 
With gestures^, Biyoza. 
As women), (iqumtyela. 
— {As girls), (icagca. 
— n. Uxusina (uku). 

Hunting), Umgubo (um). 
In sport), Umsogoyo (um). 
ar), Irubo (i). 

ind of), Ama^odololo (ama). 
First fruits), Umkozi (um). 

edding), Ukucanguza (uku). 
^Kind of), Amakwityi (ama). 
Dancing, n. Ukusina (uku). 




— ^Number met for), Umjadu (um). 

— (One unskilled in), Ibimbi (i). 

— Place, n. Isigcau (isi). 
Dandle, v. (As a child), Sinisa. 
Dandruff, n. Intuva (in). 
Danger, n. Ingozi (in). 
Dangerous, a, Nengozi. 
Dangle, v, Lenga, lengalena, jika. 
Dank, a. Swakeme. 
Dare, v, (Challenge to fight), Qo- 


— (Venture), Linga. 
Daring, a. Nokalipo, nesibindi. 

— (To be), Kalipa. 
Dark, a, Mnyama. 

— TTo become), Hlwa. 

— (Obscure, to be), Fipala. 
Darken, v. Enza mnyama. 

— CTo obscure^, Fipaza. 

— (Perplex), Didakalisa. 
Darkness, n. Ubumnyama. 
Dark saying, n. Imfumbe (im). 
Dart, v. (As an- arrow), Cibityela. 

— 71. Umcibityelo (um). 

— (Spear), Umkonto nim). 
Dash, v, (In pieces), Panlaza. 

—(Down), Fohloza. 

— (As a man to the ground), Buqa- 

buqa, casa. 
Dashed down (To be), Fohloka. 
Dashed in pieces (To be), Pahla- 

Dastard, w. Igwala (i)» 
Daub, v. Beca. 
Daughter, n, Indodakazi, intombi 


— (Of a chief), Inkosazana (in). 
Daughter-in-law, n. Umalokazana. 
Daunt, v. Dangalisa. 
Dauntless, a, Nesibindi, nokalipo. 
Dawdle, v. Kwityiza, libala. 

Dawn, v. Sa. 

— n. Ukusa (uku), uvivi (ulu). 
Day, n, (Working), Ilanga (i), umu- 


— ^Natural), Usuku (ulu). 

— rro-day),Namuhla, namuhlanje. 

— (Day by day), Ngamalangii 

ngamalanga, ngemihla ngemihla. 

— (By day), Emmini, ngemmini. 

— rYesterday), Izolo (i). 

— (Before yesterday), Kutangi, 


— (Fourth day back), Itangi-kwait- 


—(After to-morrow), Ngomhlo- 

Daybeam, 71. Umsebe (um). 
Daybreak, w. Ukusa (uku), uku- 

beja (uku). 
Day-labourer, n. Isisebenzi ngel- 

Daylight, n. Ukukanya-kwelanga. 
Daytime, n. Immini (im). 
Daywork, n. Umsebenzi welanga. 
Daze, v. Fipaza. 

Dazzle, v, Xopa n^obucwazicwazi. 
Dazzling, p. Cwazimulayo. 
Dead, a. File. 

— (Tasteless), Dumele. 

— (Spiritless), Dangele. 

— Body, n. Isidikadika (isi). 
Deaden, v. (Make vapid), Dumaza. 
Deadly, a. Bulalayo, buoisayo. 
Deaf, a. Yisitulu. 

— Person, n. Isitulu (isi). 
Deafness, n. Ubutulu (ubu). 
Deal, v. (Divide), Abela. 

— (Trade), Tenga. 

— (Roughly with), Fonyofonyoza. 

— (Resolutely), Nyakanya. 
Dealer, n. Umtengi (um). 




Dealing, n. (Beasonable), Intengo 
Dear, a, (Beloved), Tandiwe. [(in)- 

— (Costlyi Dhlayo kakulu. 

— (Scarce), Swelekile. 
Dear me ! interj. Mamo ! 
Dearth, n. Indnlala (in). 
Death, n. Ukufa (uku). 
Debar, v. Vimbela. 
Debarred ^To be), Vinjelwa 
Debase, v, (Disgrace), Hlazisa. 

—(Humble), Tobisa. 

— (Vitiate), Onakalisa. 
Debate, v. rikisana. 

— n. Impikisano (im). 
Debater^ n, Umpiki, umpikisani 

Debauch, n. Ukudakwa (uku). 

— V. Onakalisa. 
Debauchee, n. Isidakwa(isi). 
Debilitate, v. Dangalisa. 
Debilitating, p. Dangalisayo. 
Debility, ru Ubutakataka (ubu). 
Debt, n. Icala (i), isikweleti (isi). 
Debtor, n. Unesikweleti (u). 
Decade, n. Ishumi (i). 
Decalogue, n. Imiteto eyishumL 
Decamp, v. Baleka. 
Decant, v, Cwenga, tunga. 

— (Carefully), Cwengisa. 
Decapitate, v. Nquma ikanda. 
Decay, v. (As a person), Guga. 

— (As a flower). Buna. 

— (As wood),, Bola. 
Decayed wood, n. Ibunga (i). 
Decease, n, Ukububa (uku), ukufa 

Deceit, n, Inkohliso (in). 
Deceitful, a. Koblisayo. 
Deceitfully, adv. Ngenkohliso, ngo 

Deceive, v, Kohlisa 

Deceiver, n, Umkoblisi (um). 
Deceivable (To be), Kohliseka, 
December, n. Uzibandhlela. 
Decency, n. Ukufanela. 
Decent, a. Fanele. 
Decently, adv, Ngokufaneleyo. 
Decide, v. (As a cause), Nquma. 

— (Against), Labia, tyo, aba. 

— (Hastily), Pakazela. 
Decided (To be), Ukuti nzo. 
Decider, n. Umabi (um). 
Decidedly, adv, Nakanye. 
Decision, n. Izwi (i), ukutyo (uku). 
Deck, v, Vunula. 
Declaim, v, Shumayela. 

— (As an orator), Qapuza. 
Declamation, n. Ukushumayela, 

Declaration, n. Ukutyo (uku). 
Declare, v. (Testify), Tyo, qinisa. 

—(Tern, Tyela. 

— (Publish), Shumayela. 
Declension, w. (Of morals), Ukwena- 

kala (uku). 
Declination, n. Ukutambeka(uku). 
Decline, v, (Refuse), Ala, landula, 


-Hf A request for), Landulela. 

— (Decay), Guga. 

— (As the sun), Tyona. 

— (Lean), Tambeka. 
Declivity, w. Ummango (um). 
Decorate, v, Vunulisa. 
Decoration, n. Ukuvunulisa. 
Decorator, n. Umvunulisi (um)r 
Decorous, a. Fanele. 
Decorum, n. Ukufanela. 
Decoy, v. Yenga. 

—(As birds), Baba, tiya. 

— n. Isitiyo (isi). 
Decrease, v. Ncipa. 




-^(Canse to), Ncipisa. 

— n. UbuncHK) (ubu). 
DscREASED (To be), Ncipeka. 
Decree, n. Isimemezelo (isi). 

— V. Memezela, misela. 
Decreed, Misiwe. 
Decrepit, a. Gugile. 
Decrepitctde, w. n. Ukugu^ (uku). 
Decry, v. Jivaza, fenyiso, filisa, kesa, 

Dedicate, v, Ahlukanisela. 
Dedication, n, Ukwahlukanisela 

Deduce, Susa. 
Deduct, v, Pungula, susa. 
Deed, n. Isenzo (isi). 

— (Document), Incwadi (in). 
Deem, v, Ti, camanga. 
Deep, n, (The sea), Ulwandhle (ulu) 

-^-a. (Far to the bottom), De. 

— ^Profound), Zikisiwe. 

— (Artful), Nobuqili. 

--(Hidden), FihUwe. 
Deepen, v, Zikisa, tyonisa. 
Deface, v. Ona, onakalisa. 
Defamation, n. Ukuhleba. 
Defamatory, a. Hlebayo. 
Defame, v. Hleba, baceka, ceba. 
Defamei^ n. Umhlebi (um). 
Default, n, Ukuputa. 
Defaulter, n. Umputi (um). 
Defeat, v, Nqoba, cita. 

— n. Ukunqobeka, ukuciteka (uku). 
Defect, n. Insiyana (in). 
Defection, w. (Kevolt), Ukuhlubuka 

Defective (To be), Puta, swela. 

— a. Putayo. 
Defence, n.(Guard), Ukulinda(uku), 

ukuvikela (uku). 

— (Barricade) Isironqa (isi). 

— (Excuse), Ukulandula (uku). 
Defend, v. (Guard), Linda, vikela. 

— (By arguments), Pikela. 

—(By arms), Lwela. 

— (As a lawyer), Melela. 
Defender, w. Umvikeli (um). 
Defer, v. Puta. 
Deficient, a. (Defective), Putayo, 


— (Not sufficient), Ncinyane. 

— (To be), Ngwamba. 
Deficiency, n. Inkope (in). . 
Defile, v. (Make foul), Ncolisa. 

— (Pollute), Onakalisa. 

— n. (Narrow pass), Umgoxi (um), 

umgoxigoxi (um). 
Defiled, p. (Polluted), Onakele. 

— (Made foul), Ncousiwe. 
Defilement, n. Itelezi (i), ukunco- 

Defiler, n. Umonakalisi (um). 
Define, v. (As boundaries), Nquma. 

— (Explain), Cansisa. 
Deflect, v, Pambuka. 
Deflower, v. (As a virgin), Mekezi- 

sa, boboza, dumaza, ona. 
Deform, v. (Injure), Ona. 

— (Disfigiie), Limaza. 
Deformed person, n. Isilima (isi). 
Deformity, n. Ubulima ^ubu). 
Defraud, v. Dhla, kohlisa ngama- 

cebo, ukuti gamanxa. 
Defrauder, 71. Umkohlisi (isi). 
Defray, v, (Pay), Koka, kokela. 
Defunct, a. File. 
Degenerate, Enakala, onakala. 
Degeneracy, n, Ukwonakala (uku) 
Deglutition, n, Ukuginya, uku- 

gwinya (uku). 
Degradation, n. Ukuhlazisa, uku- 






Degree, n. (Step), Ibanga (i). 
Degrade, v, (Lower), Tobisa. 

— (Disgrace), Hlazisa. 
Deign, v. (Condescend), Zikotamisa, 

Deity, n, Unkulunkiilu, u Tixo. 
Deject, v. (Make sad), Konkobalisa, 


(Dishearten), Dangalisa. 
Dejected, jp. Dabukile, dangele, 


— (To be), Kedamisa, dangala, 

yeta, konkobala. 
Dejection, n, Ukudabuka, ukudan- 

gala, nkukonkobala. 
Delay, v. (Detain), Bambezela. 

— (Retard), Libalisa, liba^sisa. 

— (Put off), Kwityiza. 

— (Procrastinate), Epuza, libala. 
Delayer, w. Umlibalisi, umliba- 

zisi (um). 
Delectable, a, Mnandi, etabisayo. 
Deliberate, v. Zindhla. 
Deliberation, w.Ukuzindlila(uku). 
Deliberately, adv. Ngokuzindhla. 
Delicacy, n. Ubumnandi (ubu). 

— Isifino (isi^, ubikibiki. 
Delicious, a, Mnandi, mtoti. 
Delight, n, (Pleasure), Intokozo 


—(Joy), Injabulo (in), ukwetaba 


—(Satisfaction), Ukwanela, uku- 

suta (uku). 

— V. Jabulisa. 

— (Please greatly), Etabisa. 
Delightful, a. Jabulisayo, etabisayo. 
Delineate, v. (Draw lines), Dweba. 

^Portray), Fanekisa. 
Delinquency, n. Icala, isono. 
Delinquent, n. Umoni. 

Delirious, a, Gcwanekile. 
Delirium, n. Ubugcwane (ubu). 
Deliver, v, (Rescue), Hlangulisa, 


— (Release), Kulula. 

— (A woman in labour), Beletisa. 

— (Give up), Nika, nikela. 

—{Money), Koka, nikela. 

— (A message), Yaleza. 
Deliverance, n, Usindiso (ulu), 

inkululeko (in). 
Deliverer, n, Umsindisi, umkululi 

Dell, n. Isigoxa, isigodi, isikumbu 


—(Very small), Isigoxana (isi). 
Delude, v, Pambukisa, ngamacebo, 

Delusion, n. Ukupambukiswa nga- 

Deluge, n. Uzamcolo. 
Delve, v. Emba ngefotyolo. 
Demand, v. (Call for), Bizela. 

^A claim), Banga. 

— (Cattle, for a wife), Lobolisa. 

— (As money), Biza. 

— n. Ukubiza (uku), isibizo (isi). 
Demise, n, Ukufa (uku). 
Demolish, v, (Throw down), Diliza. 

— (Destroy), Tyabalalisa, cita. 
Demolished (To be), Citwa, tyatya 

laliswa, citaKala. 
Demolisher, n, Umtyabalalisi, um- 

citi (um). 
Demolition, n. Ukucitwa (uku). 
Demon, n. Idemoni (i). 
Demonstrate, v. Bonisa, bonakalisa. 
Demonstration, n. Ukubonisa, uku- 

Demonstrator, n. Umbonisi (um). 
Demoralize, v. Ona, onisa. 


DsicuLCENTy a, Tambieajo. 
DsMUBy V. Eonona, pusa. 
Dbn, n. Umrume (umX umrolo (um). 
Denial, n. Ukwala (iiku). 
Denominate, v, (Name), Ta. 
Denote, v. {Signify), Kombisa. 
Dense (To be), Finyana. 
f Density, n. Ukufinyana (uku). 
\ Dent, n. Isiboco, isufaca (id). 

^To have), Boboka, bocoka. 
Dentition, n. Ukumila kwamazinyo. 
Denude, v. Hluba. 
Deny, v, Landula, pika* 

— (Refuse), Ala. 

— O^tly), Qetuka. 
Depabt, V, (Go away), Emuka. 

— TFrom, forsake^ Labia, shiya. 

— f Turn aside), Cezuka. 

^Separate from), Ahlukana. 

-^?From, deviate), Pambuka. 

— (Die), Buba, fa. 
Departure, n. Ukwemuka, uku- 

Depend, v, (Hang from), Lenga. 

— (Rely on), Temba, tembela. 
Dependence, n, Itemba (i). 
Dependent, a, (Hanging down), 


— n. (Needy), Umfokazana (um). 
Depict, v. Fanekisa. 
Deplorable, a, (Miserable), Nosizi. 
Deplore, v, Lilela. 

—(Feel deeply grieved), Dabuka. 
Depone, v. Fakaza. 
Deponent, n, UfakazL 
Depopulate, v. Cita. 
Deport, v, (Behave), Zimisa. 
Deportment, n, Ukuhamba, uku- 

zimisa (uku^. 
Depose, v. (Bear witness), Fakaza, 



— (Degrade), Tobisa. 
Deposit, v. (As money), Congolozela, 

kweza, bekela. 

— (As part of the price), Hlaba 


— (As saliva from a tube),Tyuma 

— n. (MoneyX Isikozi (isi). 

— (Sediment), Isibidi (isi). 
Deprave, v. Enakalisa. 
Depraved (To be), Enakala. 
Depravity, n, Ukwenakala (uku). 
Depreciate, i;. Kesa, zumsa, jivaza, 

tunisa, filisa. 
Depredate, v, Pangsu 

—(Waste), Cita. 
Depredation, n, Ukupanga (uku). 
Depress, v, (Deject), Konkobalisa, 


— (Press down), Cindezela. 
Depressed (To be), Dabuka, konko 


— p. Dabukile, konkobele. 
Depression, w. (Mental), Ukuda- 

buka (uku\ 
Deprive, v, (By forced Amuka. 
Depth, n. Ubude (udu), ukutyona 

Depute, v, Tumela. 
Deputy, n. Umtunywa (um). 
Derange, v, (Confuse), Hlipiza, hla- 

kaza, hlikiza. 

— (Disorder the mind), Hlanyisa. 
Deranged, p, (Disordered), Hlaka- 


— ^Delirious), Hlanyayo. 

— T Act as one), Cwensa. 

—(As things, to be), Hlakazeka. 

— Person, n, Uhlanya (ulu). 
Derangement, n. (Disorder), Uku- 

hlakazeka (uku). 
Deride, v. (Laugh at), Hleka. 

F 2 




—(Scoff at), Hleka usula 

— (Jeer), Swabula. 
Derider, n. Umhleki, umswabuli 

Derision, n, Insini (in). 
Derivation, w. (Of a word), Isisusa 

Descend, v, Ehla, ehlika. 
Descent, w. (Declivity), Ummango, 


— ^Coming down), Inhliko (in). 

—(Lineage), Isizukulwana (isi). 

— (Birth), Inzalo (in). 
Describe, v, (By words), Fanekisa. 

— (Draw a plan), Dweba. 
Description, n. Ukufanekisa (uku). 
Descry, v. Hlola. 
Desert, n. (A waste), Iblane (i). 

— V. (Leave), Shiva. 

— f Abandon), Lanla. 

— (As a post of duty), Baleka. 

— (As one's offspring Bukula. 
Deserted kraal, n. (Site of), Inxi- 

wa (i). 
Desertion, n, Ukushiya, ukulahla, 

ububaleka (uku). 
Deserve, v. (Be worthy of), Fanela. 
Deservedly, adv. Ngokufanela. 
Desideratum, n. Imfiseko (im). 
Design, v. (Intend), Lokota, ti, 

— ^Plan\ Qamba. 

— (Skiltully), Lumba. 

— n. Ukuti. 
Designate, v. Ta, biza. 
Designation, n. Ibizo (i). 

— (Tribal), Isibongo (isi). 
Designer, w. Umlumbi (um). 
Desirable, a. Hie. 
Desire, v. (Ask), Cela. 

— (Long lor), Fisa, kanuka, nxan- 

ela, opela. 

— (Hanker after), Langazelela. 

— TEvil for another), Qalekisa. 

— (Greedily), Rara. 

— n, (Affection), Utando (ulu), in- 


— ^Gradging), Umrobolo (um). 

— TSensual), Inkanuko (in). 

— (Request), Isicelo (isi). 
Desist, v, (Cease), Peza, pezisa. 
Desolate, v, (Lay waste), Citu, cita- 


— a. Citakele, citekile. 

— Country, n. Ihlane (i). 
Desolation, n. Isicitakalo (isi). 

— (Of a la^id), Izwekufa (i). 
Desolator, n. Umciti (um). 
Despatch, v. (Send), Tuma 

— (Hasten), Kaulezisa. 

—(Kill), Bulala. 
Despicable, a. Delelekile. 
Despise, v. Dela, delela. 

— (Treat with contempt), Dum- 

Despised (To be), Deleleka. 
Despoil, v, Amuka, panga. 
Despoiler, n, Umpangi (um). 
Despoliation, n. Ukupanga (uku). 
Despond, v, Dangala. 
Despondency, n. Ukudangala (uku). 
Despondingly, adv. Ngokudangala. 
Despotically, adv. Ngobulukuni. 
Destination, n. (End), Ukupela 

Destine, v, Misa. 
Destitute, a. (Poor), Mpofu, din- 


— fForsaken), Lahliwe. 

— (To be), Dinga, ntula, swela. 

— Person, n. Umdingi (um). 
Destroy, v. (Life), Bubisa, bulala. 

— (Property), Cita, pelisa. 




— (Utterly),Tyabalalisa, qota,uku- 

ti beqe. 

— ^Ona another), Pelisana. 

— (Ruin), Onakalisa. 
Destroyer, n. (One who ruins), 

Umonakalisi (um). 

—(Of Hfe), UmbulaH (um) 

—(Of property), Umciti ^um). 
Destruction, n. Impelelo (ini). 

— (Of life), Ukubuiala (uku), uku- 

Detach, v. Qembula, ahlukanisa. 
Detachment, n. Iqembu (i). 

— (Small), Isicetyana (isi). 
Detail, v. Ningiliza. 

— w. Umminingwane, umning- 

Detain, v. (Keep back), Godhla. 

: — (Delay), Bambezela, libazisa. 

— (Hold in custody), Bamba. 
Detect, v. (Discover), Hlalukisa. 
Detention, n, (Act), Ukubamba 


— (State), Ukubanjwa (uku). 

— (Cause of), Isibambezelo (isi). 
Deter, v. (Hinder), Vimbela, tiyeza. 

— (By terror), Esabisa. 
Deteriorate, v. Onakalisa. 
Deteriorated (To be), Enakala. 
Determination, n. Ukucopelela 

(uku), isibindi (isi). 
:-o be), 
Detest, v. Zonda. 

Determined (To be), Copelela. 

Detestable, a. Zondekile. 
Detestation, n. Inzondo (in). 
Detort, v. (As words), Pendukezela, 

tywila, guqukezela. 
Detract, v. (Slander), Hleba. 
Detraction, n. Ukumeba (uku). 
Detractor, n. Umhlebi (um). 
Devastate, v. Cita, 

Devastation, n. Ukucita, ukucita- 

kala (uku). 
Develope, V, (Unfold), Sombulula. 

— (Expose to view), Veza. 
Deviate (Wander), Lahleka. 

—(Err), Eduka. 

— (Diverge), Pambuka. 
Deviation, n. Ukupambuka (uku), 

umpambuko (um). 
Device, v Icebo (i), ici (i). 
Devil, n. Usatana. 
Devious, a. Pambukile, edukile. 
Devise, v. (As evil\ Ceba. 

— (Invent), Qamoa, xama. 
Devised, p, Lunjiwe. 
Devour, v, (Eat ravenously) Minza, 

rara, tywabadela. 

— (Swallow up), Gwinya, dhla. 
Devourer (Of food), Isiminzi (isi). 
Devouring, p. Dhlayo. 
Devotion, n. (Love), Utando (ulu). 

— (Prayer), Umtaiidazo (uia). 

— (Religious), Ubukonzu ben- 

Dew, n. Amazolo (ama). 
Dewlap, n. Ubilo (ulu). 
Dewy, a. Namazolo. 
Dexterity, n, Ikono (i). 
Dexterous, a. Kalipile. 
Diamond, n, Idayimone (i). 
Diaphragm, w. Izinvalo, uvalo. 
Diarrhcea, n. Ukuruda (uku). 

— (From teething), Ukuculula 

Dictate, v, (Tell), Tvela, tyengisa. 

—(Admonish), Yala. 
Die, V, Fa, buba, tyona. 

—(Come to end), Pela. 

— (Suddenly), Ukuti junguluzi, 

ukuti po. 

—(For), Fela. 




— ^As an old person), Nabalala. 

— (Oflf, as sickly sheep), Butuka. 
Diet, n. Ukudhia (nku). 
Differ, v. (In opinion), Pambana, 


— ^Contendi Pikisana. 

—{Disagree), Ahluka, ahlukana. 
Difference, 71. UkwaMukana (uku). 
Difficult, a. (Hard), Lnkuni, nqala. 

—(To be), Nqala. 

— (To be, of translation), Gwang- 


— Thing, n, Innqaba, inngwa- 

DiFFicuLTY, w. (Small), Umzikilili 


— (Large), Inkinga. 

— (Financial), Ismweleti (isi). 

— (To have), Bonakwenza. 
Diffidence, n. (Doubt), Ukuronona 

(uku), ukungabaza (uku). 
Diffident, a. Rononayo, ngabazavo. 
Diffuse, v, (Spread abroad), Hla- 


— a. (Not concise), Hlanjululwe. 
Dig, v. Mba, emba, gebuz?, fotya. 

— ^For), Mbela, embela. 

—(Fast), Qepuza. 

— (On the surface), Gwengula. 

— (Turn up, as easy soil), Vukuza. 

—(Deeply), Qopa. 

— (Up, as a corpse), Mbulula. 

— (Cultivate), Lima. 
Digging, n. Umlimela (um). 
Dignified, a. Kulisiwe. 
Dignify, v. Kulisa. 
Digress, v. Pambuka. 
Digression, n, Ukupambuka (uku). 
Dilapidate, v. Dilika. 
Dilapidation, n. Ukudilika (uku). 
Dilate, v. (Expand), Eukumalisa. 

— (Tell diffusely), Zenga. 
Dilatory, a. Libele, libazile, puzi 

— ^o be), LibaLa, puza. 

— Person, n, Isilibazi (isi). 
DiLATORiNESS, u, Ubulibazi (ulu). 
Diligence, n. Ukukutala (uku). 
Diligent, a. Kutele. 

—(To be), Kutala. 

— Person, n, Isikutali (isi). 
Dilute, v. Hlambulula. 
Dilution, n. Ukuhlambuli 

Dim, a. (Not clear), Fipele. 

— V. (Darken), Kpaza. 

—(To be), Fipala. 
Dimension, n. Ubukulu (ubu). 
Diminish, v. (Grow less), Ncipa. 

— (Make less), Ncipisa. 

— (Wane, as the moon), Sinya. 

— (As the weight), Pungula. 
Diminution, n. Ukuncipisa. 

— (State), Ukuncipa. 
Diminutive, a. (Small), Ncinyaii 

— (Of persons;, Batyile. 
Dimness, n. Ukufipala (uku). 
Din, n. Umsindo (um). 

— (Indistinct, to make), Dumz 
Dine, v. Dhla. 
Dinner, n. Idinane, ukudhia kwi 

Dip, v. (As water), Ka. 

— rWith the handX Suba. 

— (Immerse), Cwilisa. 

— (As a bird), Tyula, jula, gwi] 

Dipper, n. Umkombe (um), ind( 

— (Small), Indetyana. 
Dire, a. Esabekayo. 
Direct, a. ^Plain), Obala. 

— (Straight), Qondile. 

— (Right), Lungile. 




-M?. (Govern), Bnsa. 

— ^Order), Vala, layeza. 

— (Point outj, Kombisa, tyengiaa. 

—(Guide), ^apa. 
Direction, n. (EuleXUkubusa, uku- 

pata (uku). 

— (Pointing out), Ukukombisa 


— (Order), Isibalo (isi). 
Directly, cidv, (Immediately), Kon- 

Direful, a. Esabekayo. 
Dirge, n, Ililiso (i). 
Dirt, n. Insila (in), ibuqusi. 

—(Inside the nails), Iziqumbu 

Dirty, a. Nensila. 

— (To be, as water), Dungeka. 

— (To make), Ncolisa. 

— Person, n. Inuka (i). 

— Habit, n, Ubunuka (ubu). 
Disable, v, Jiela. 
Disabled (To be), Jielw£^ enzakala. 

— Person, w. Isilima (isi). 
Disagree, v. (Quarrel), Xabana. 

— (Differ in opinion), Pambana, 

Disagreeable, a. Tunekile, dini- 


— (To be), Tuneka, dinika, nyu- 


— (To make), Tunisa. 
Disagreement, n. Umpambano 


— (Strife), Inkani (in). 
Disallow, v. Ala, nqaba. 
Disallowed, p. Aleka, aliwa. 
Disappear, v. Nyamalala, tyona. 

— (Cause to), Nyamalalisa. 

— (As the sun), Tyona. 

—(As the moon). Fa. 

Disappoint, v. Dumaza. 
Disappointed (To be), Dumala, 

jaba, omelela. 
Disappointment, n, Ukudumaza. 
Disapprobation, n. Ukwala (uku). 

—(Displeasure), Ukukonona,uku- 

qumba (uku). 
Disapprove, v, Konona, ala. 
Disarm^ v, Hlwita izikali, amuka 

Disarrange, v, Hlakaza, hlikiza. 
Disarray, n. Umbixi, iimgxakang- 


— V. (Put out of order), Hlikiza, 

Disaster, n. Ingozi (in) 
Disavow, v. Landula. 

— (Disown), Bandhla. 
Disband, v, Kumula. 
Disbelief, n. Ukungakolwa (uku). 
Disburden, v. Pun^a, etula. 
Discard, v. (Dismiss), Emukisa 

—(Cast off)» Lahla. 
Discern, v. Bona, qika, qabuka. 
Discharge, n. (Purulent), Ubovu 


— ( Not purulent), Ubutuku 


— (Seminal), Amalota (ama). 

— V. (Unload), Etula. 

— (Dismiss), Emukisa. 

— (Pay), Koka, kokela. 

— (As a gun), Dubula. 

— (As a wound), Cica, boboka. 

—(Involuntarily), Ganunga. 

— (Liberate), Kulula. 
Disciple, n. TJinfundi (um). 

— V. Fundisa. 
Discipline, n. Ukufundisa (uku). 
Disclaim, v. (Deny), Ala, pika. - 

—(Disown), Bancihla. 




Disclose, v. (Make known), Azisa, 


— ^Tell), Tyela, bika. 

— (Uncover), Ambula, sibukula. 

—(Cause to appeaii Veza. 

— (A secret offence), Dalnla. 
Discoloured thing, v. Ututuva(ulu). 
Discomfit, v. (Vanquish), Nqoba. 

— (Rout), Pekula. 
Discomfort, n. (Sorrow), Ubuhlun- 

gu (ubu), umunyu. 

— r. (Sadden), Dabukisa. 
Discompose, v, (As the temper), Tu- 


— (Unsettle), Dunga. 
Disconcert, v, (As a plan), Cita. 

—(Baffle), Ahlula. 

—(Confuse), Pitizisa, dida, dida- 

Disconnect, v. Ahlukanisa. 
Discontent, n. Ukukonona, uku- 

Discontented, a. Teteme. 

— (To be), Tetema, konona. 
Discontentment, n. Ukutetema, 

ukukonona (uku). 
Discontinue, v. Yeka. 
Discord, n. Inkani, umpambano 

Discordant, a. Pambene. 
Discourage, v. Esabisa. 
Discouragement, n, Ukwesabisa 

Discourse, v, Shumayela. 

— (w). Inshumayelo (in). 
Discourteous, a. Eyisile. 
Discover, v. (Show), Veza, bonisa. 

— (As worms under a stone), Petula. 

— (Make known), Azisa. 

— ?As a mine, &c.), Kupulula. 

—^Disclose, as a fault), Dalula. 

Discredit, v. Dumaza. 
Discreditable (To be), Jaba. 

— Thing, n. Icilo (i). 
Discreet (To be), Sa, esa. 
Discretion, n. Ukwesa, ukuqika, 

Discriminate, v. (Separate), Ahlu« 


— (Distinguish), Qabuka. 
Discrimination, n. Ukuqabuka, uk- 

wahlukanisa (uku). 
Discuss, v. Pikisana. 
Discussion, n, Ukupikisana (uku). 
Disdain, v, Dela, eyisa. 

— w. Ukweyisa. 
Disdainful, a. Delayo, eyisile. 
Disease, n, Isifo (isi), ukufa (uku). 

— (Which pits like pox), Inngcp- 

bongo (in). 

— (Supposed to arise from incest), 

Iqangane (i). 

—(Hair ball in calves), Isikata 


— (Lung sickness in cattle), Um- 

papu (um). 

— (Shoulder swelling in cattle), 

Unqatya, umbicotyo (um). 

— (With stabbing pain), Isidhlalo 


— (Stomach worms), Izilo (izi). 

— (In ca tie, like lung sickness), 

Uhengele (ulu). 

— (Arising from adultery), Ujovela 


— (In the chest), Ufuba (ulu). 

— (Cutaneous), Utwai (ulu), uk- 

wekwe (ulu). 

— (Venereal), Isimpantyolo (isi). 

— (In sheep), Umbutu (um^. 

— (Supposed to arise from incest), 

Isimanga (isi). 




— (In goats), Ulume (ulu), um- 
^celuzo (um). 

*^ISENCUMBER, V. Etula. 

"Disengage, v. (Separate), Ahlukan- 


-—(Loosen), Kumula. 
Disentangle, v. Qaqa. 
Disfavour (Fall into), Jeza. 
BispiGURED (As the face, to be), 

Disgorge, v, Hlanza. 
Disgorgement, n. ITouhlanzo (ubu). 
Disgrace, v. Hlaza, hlazisa, dumjiza. 

— n. Ihlazo (i). 
Disgraced (To be), Hlazeka. 
Disgraceful, a. Hlazisayo. 

— Thing, n. Icilo (i). 
Disguise, v. (Conceal), Fihla. 

— (Change the form of ),Enzisa. 
Disgust, v. Nenga, canuzela, qum- 


— (Strongly), Nengisisa. 
Disgusted (Tobe),Nengwa, cannka. 
Disgusting, p, Canuzelayo, nengi- 

Dish, n. Isitya (isi). 
Dishcloth, n. Immduko (im). 
Dishearten, v, Esabisa, dangalisa. 
Dishonest (To be), Kohlisa. 

— a. Kohlisayo. 

— Person, n. Umkohlisi (um). 
Dishonesty, n, Inkohliso (in). 
Dishonour, n. (Disgrace), Ihlazo (i). 

— ?*. Hlazisa. 
Dishonoured (To be), Hlazeka. 
Dishonourable, a. Hlazisayo. 
biSHUMOUR, n, Jkntetema (uku). 
\>isimprove, v. (Make worse), Ena- 

Disinclination, n. Ukunenga, uk- 

wenqena, ukuvilapa. 

Disliele, 71. Inzondo (in). 

— (To express), Ukiiti nxa. 

— V. Nenga, zonda, ala. 

— (As a cow her call), Bukula. 

^Cause to), Nengisisa, nengisa. 

— ( To express by clicking), 

Disliked (To be), Nengeka, zondwa 
Disinclined (To be), Enqena. 
Disintegrate, v. (As rock), Butu- 

Disintegrated (As rock, to be), 

Disinter, v, Mbulula iliba. 
Disjoin, v. Ahlukanisa. * 
Disjoint, v. (Put out of joint), En- 

Disk, n. Ubuso (ubu). 
Dislocate, v. Enyelisa. 
Dislocated (To be), Enyela. 
Dislocation, n. (Act), Ukwenyelisa 


— (State), Ukwenyela (uku). 
Dislodge, v, Susa. 

— (Drive away), Xotya. 
Disloyal, a. Hlubukayo. 

—(To be), Hlubuka. 

— Person, n. Umhlubuki (uiii). 
Disloyalty, n. Ukuhlubuka (uku). 
Dismal, a. (Gloomy), Mnyama. 

— (To be, as the weather), 

Dismay, v, Esabisa. 

— n. Uvalo (ulu). 
Dismayed (To be), Yanyaza. 
Dismember, v. Juqula, ahlukanisa. 
Dismiss, v, (Send away), Mukisa, 


— (Put out of office), Kipa. 
Dismissal, n. Ukwemukiswa (uku). 
Dismount, v, Elilika. 




Disobedience, Ukungalaleli, nku- 

tenesa (uku). 
Disobedient, NgaMeli, tenesayo. 
)>isoBEY, Tenesa. 
Disorder, n. (Confusion), Ukuhla- 

kazeka (uku). 

— TTumult), Inxokozela (in). 

— (Disease^ Isifo (isiX nkufa 


— V, (Put out of order), fflakaza, 

Mikiza, ukuti hlikihliki. 

— CTo be in). Nyakaza. 

— Make sick), Gulisa. 
Disown, v, (As a personX Bandhla. 

'^ae's offspring), Bv^ula. 
Dispasag , V, Jivaza, fenyisa, filisa, 


—(Vilify), Hleba. 
Disparagement, n. Ukuncipaza, 

ukujivaza (uku). 
Dispart, v. Ahlukanisa. 
Dispatch, v. Eaulezisa. 

— (KiU), Bulala. 
Dispel, v, Xotya. 

— (As sleep), Etusa. 
Dispensation, n, Ukuhlelwa. 
Disperse, v, (Scatter), Cita, damusa, 

hlakaza, sabalaUsa. 

— (Drive away), Xotya. 
Dispersed (To oe), Citakala, lila- 

kazeka, damuka. 
Dispersion, n, Ukuhlakazeka, uku- 

Dispirit, v. Dangalisa. 
Displace, v. Gudhlula. 
Display, v. Bonisa. 

— (Open), Ambula. 
Displease, v. Konondisa, qum- 

Displeased (To be), Konona, qumba, 


Displeasure, n. Ukuqumba, uku- 

konona (uku). 
Disposition, n. (Arranging), Uku- 

hlela (uku). 

— (Inclination), Inhliziyo (in). 
Dispossess, v, Eapa, giba. 
Dispossession, n. Ukukipa,ukugiba 

Disputant, n. Umpiki. 
Disputation, n. Ukupikisana 

Dispute, v. Banga, pikisana. 

— n. Inkani (in). 
Disquiet, v, Fundekela, kataza. 
Disquietude, n. Ukukatazeka, uku- 

Disregard, v, (A parent), Tenesa. 

— (A person), Bembesela, delela. 
Disregarded (To be), Deleleka. 
Disreputable, a, Hla^isayo. 
Disrespect (To show by addressing 

a person by name), Gazula. 
Disrobe, v, Kumula izingubo. 
Dissatisfaction, n. Ukonono (ulu). 
Dissatisfied (To make), Eyisa, 


— (To be), Konona, kononda, 

kalala, eya. 

—(To be, as with an article offered 

for sale), Tentesa. 
Dissatisfy, v. Kalalisa, konondisa. 
Dissect, v, Juqula. 
Dissection, n. Ukujuqula (uku). 
Dissemble, v, Zenzisa. 
Dissembler, n. Umzenzisi (um). 
Disseminate (As seed), Hlwanyela. 

—(As truth), Fundisa. 
Dissent, v. Ahlukana, kwebuka. 
Dissension, n. Ukukwebuka, in- 

Dissever, v. Nquma kabili 




Dissimilar, a. Ahlukene. 
Dissipate, v. (Scatter), Damusa. 

—(Spend lavishly), Hlapaza. 
Dissipated (Scattered, to be), Dam- 

—(As a fog, to be), Citeka. 
Dissolute person, n. Isabukazana. 
Dissolution, n. Ukuncibilika. 

—(Death), Ukufa (uku). 
Dissolve, v, (Melt), Ncibilika. 
— (Cause to), Ncibilikisa. 
(Separate), Ahlukanisa. 
^aste awajr), Citeka. 
f As a bargiin), Pungulula. 
[Perish), Buba. 
Dissolved (To be), Ncibilikiswa, 

— ^To be, as the body after death), 
Distance, w. Ibanga (i). 

— (Short), Ibangana (i). 
Distant, a. Kude, kusekudeni, le. 
Distaste, n. Ukunenga (uku). 
Distemper, n, Isifo (isi), ukufa 

Distend, v, (As the stomach), Qum- 

^Stretch out), Elula, qibula. 
— (Expand), Kukumala. 
— (Cause to expand), Kukuma- 
Distil, v, (Fall in drops), Consa 

Distinct, a, (Obvious), Sobala. 
^Separate), Ahlukene. 
[To be), Cansa, ntasa. 
JTo be, as sound), Ukuti nqo. 
[To make), Cansisa. 
Distinction, w.Ukwahlukana (uku). 
— (Eminence), Ubukulu (ubu), 
ibizo (i). 

Distinguish, v. (Discover), Qabuka, 


—-{Make eminent), Kulisa. 
Distort, v. (Writhe), Binya. 

— (Misrepresent;, Hlanezela. 
Distorted eye, n. Indhlulundhlulu 

Distract, v. (Perplex), Didakalisa, 

Distracted, p. Didakalayo, did- 

Distractedly (To wander about), 

DiSTRiACTiON, n. Ukudidakala(uku). 
Distress, w. Ukuhlupeka, uku- 


— Hlupa, xina. 
Distressed (To be), Tyipeka, jiye- 


— p. Tyipekile, hlupekile. 
Distressing, Hlupayo. 
Distribute, v. Aba, abela. 

— (Among one another), Cazelana. 

— (Into plates), Paka. 
Distribution, n. Ukwaba (uku). 
District, n. Ilizwe (ili). , 

— (Uninhabited) Ihlane (i). 
Distrust, v. Ngabaza, ronona. 
Distrustful, a, Ngabazayo. 
Disturb, v. (As water), Dunga. 

— (Interrupt), Pazamisa. 

— (Put out of place), Hlanekezela. 

— (Vex), Hlukumeza, hlupa, fun- 


— (Trouble), Kataza. 

— (Confuse), Pitizisa. 

— (Agitate), Papatekisa. 
Disturbance, n. Utuli (ulu). 

— (Strife), Inkane. 
I Disturbed (To be, as water), Dun- 
1 geka. 




Disturber, n, Umkatazi, um- 

papatekisi, umhlupi. 
Disunion, n, Ukwahlukana (uku). 
Disunite, v. Ahlukanisa. 
Ditch, n. Umsele (um). 
Dive, v, Cwila, tyula. 
Diver, n. Umcwili (um). 
Diverge, v. (Asa stream), Pambuka, 


— (From a point), Pambuka. 
Diverse, a. (Many), Ningi. 

— (Different), Ahlukene. 
Diversify, v. Pambanisa. 
Diversion, n. Indhlalo (in). , * 
Diversity, n, Ukupambana, uku- 

Divert, v. (Turn aside), Pambukisa. 

— (Amuse), Dhlalisa. 
Divest, v. Ambula. 
Divide, v. (Amonf?), Abela. 

— (Separate), Ncozulula, ahlula, 


— (Separate for), Ahlulela. 

— (Allot), Aba, abela. 

— (Equally, one with another), 

Dividend, n. leabelwo, isabiwo 

Divider, n. Umabi, umahlukamsi. 
Divination, n. Ukubula (uku). 
Divine, v, Bula, qandela. 

— a. Nobu Tixo. 
Diviner, n. Umlozi, ingoma, isa- 

Divinity, n. Ubu Tixo. 

— (Theology), Ubufundiso ngobu 

Division, n. (Partition), Isahlukano 


— (Between gardens), Umtente 


— (A share), Isabelo (isi). 

— (Oi a book), Isijuqujuqu (isi). 

— (A chapter), Isahluko (isi). 

— (Discord), Ukuxabana (uku), 

Divulge, v. Veza, azisa. 
Divorce, n. Ukwahlukaniswa 

Dizziness, n. Izizunguzane, isi- 

zululwane (isi). 
DizziNG sound, n. Isigidi (isi). 
Dizzy, a. Nenzululwane. 
Do, V. Enza. 

-—(As a little thing quickly), 


— (Extensively), Katula. 

— (Cause to, extensively), Katulisa. 

— (Maliciously), Xina. 

— (Loosely), Wokumalisa. 

— (Violently), Kahluka, ukuti 


— (Skilfully), Lumba, ngcitya. 

— (Gently), Cotoza.^ 

— (Hurriedly), PaiJ]^, tatazela, 

walazela. ^ 

— ^Wickedly), Takata, Sunga. 

— (For, serve out), Enzakhl^ 

— (Over again), Buyekeza. ^^ 

— (Nothing but), Anela. > 

- - (Habitually), Hlonza. 
Easily), Bumbuluza. 
Evil), Ona, shinga. 
An unprofitable thing). Gun* 


— (Thoroughly), Enzisisa. 

— (Earnestly), Copelela, kame- 


— f Hard work), Gqonqa. 

— f Continually), Zinge, libala. 

— (Quickly), ukuti gcaka, ukuti 

dubu dubu, tyetya. 





— (A bad tiling habitually), 


— (As one ignorant), Titiza. 

— (An unseemly thing), Ngan- 


— (Obstinately), Pasalaza. 

— rWell), Nwala. 

— (Completely), Ukuti lohle. 

— (Something great), Zimula. 

— Not, Musa. Plur. Musani. 
Dock, v. (Cut), Nquma. 
DocKED-TAiL ANIMAL, fi. Umnqini 

Doctor, n. Umelapi (um),udokotela. 

inyanga (in). 

— (Cure), Elapa. 

— <A field), Sukula. 
Document, n. Incwadi (in). 
Dodge, v, (Evade), Vika, pepa, 


— n. (Crafty trick), Ici (i), icebo 

Dodger, n. Ikelengu (i). 
Doer, n. Umenzi (um). 
Dog, w. (Tame), Inja (inj. 

— (Powerful), Igovu (i). 

— (Wild), Inkentyana (i). 

- -(Fabulous), Umgodoyi (um). 

- -(Pup), Umdhlwana, iundhlu. 
— (Male), Icalara (i). 

— (Striped like a cat), IrungQu(i). 

—(With white ring on neck), 

Izongwe (i). 
Dogged, a. (Morose), Hluneme. 
Dog-kennel, n. Indhlwana yenja. 
Dogmatize, v. Pikaza. 
Doleful, a. Nosizi, dabukile. 
Doll, n, Isitombe (isi). 
Dolorous, a. Buhlungu. 
Dolour, n, Ubuhlungu. 
Dolphin, n, Ihlengetwe (i). 

Dolt, n. Isibumbe isibunge, isi- 


— n. Isipukupuku (isi). 
Domestic servant, n. Isigqila, in- 

cekukazi (in). 
Domain, n. Ilizwe (ili). 
Dominant, a. Busayo. 
Dominate, v. Busa. 
Dominion, n. (Region), Ilizwe (ili), 

umbuso (um). 

— (Rule), Ukubusa (uku), ubu- 

kosi (ubu). 
Donation, n. Isipo (isi). 
Done (To be), Enzeka. 
Donor, n, Umupi (umu). 
Donkey, n. Imbongolo (im). ♦ 
Doing, n. Isenzo (isi). 
Doom, v. (Judge), Jezisa. 
Door, n. Isicaba (isi), isivalo (isi). 

— (Ajar), Isikenke (isi). 

— Keeper, n. Imvali (im), um- 

lindi womnyango. 
Doorpost, n. Isitumbanja (isi). 
Doormat, n. Isihlandhlazinyawo 

Doorway, n. Umnyango (um). 
Dormant, a. Lele. 

— (Concealed), Fihliwe. 
Dot, n. Icatvana (i). 
Double, v. (Fold), Songa. 

— (Twice as much), Engeza ngo- 


— Up, v. Fingqa. 

— Minded, a. Nezinhliziyo ezim- 

Doubly, ad. Kabili. 
Doubt, v. Ronona, konona, nga- 


— 71. Ukuronona, ukukonona 

Dough, n. Inhlama (in). 




Dove, n, Ihobe (i), iiuba (i), ivu- 

kudu (i). 

-—(Large rock), Ijubatendele (i), 

ivukuto (i). 

— (Green), Ijubantoto (i). 

— (With red wings), Isibelu (isi). 
Down, ad. (On the ground), Pansi. 

— (Lower), Enzantsi. 

— n. (Feathers), Uboya (ubu). 

— (To put). Beta pansi. 

— ^To go), Ehla, tyona. 

— (To sit), Hlala pansi. 
;To fall), Wa. 
To go to), Ehlela. 
To sink), Tj^ona. 
[Throw), Wisa. 
fTo lie;, Cambalala. 
JTo get), Ehla, ehlika. 

-^To let), Ehlisa. 

— (To turn upside), Gumbuqela. 

— (Dash, as a man), Casa. 
Downcast, a. Dangele. 

— (To be), Nyukumala. 
Downfall, n, (Of rain), Umvimvi 

Downhill, w. (Declivity), Ummango 

Downwards, ad, Ngasenzansi, en- 

Downy, a. (Soft), Tambile. 
Doxy, n, lisropo (isi). 
Doze, v, Ezela, ozela. 

— (For a short time), Lala kanye. 

— n. Ukwozela (uku). 
Dozen, n. Ishumi-nambili. 
Doziness, n. Ukwozela (uku). 
Draff, w. (Dregs), Izibidi (izi). 

— (Of metals), Inyele. 
Drafi', n. (Of cold air), Unnyelele 

Drag, v. Kola. 

— (Along), Rotya. 
— (By force), Donsa ngamandhla. 
— (As a wheel), Nsala. 
— ^On the ground), Rudula. 
— (As a wagon), Donsa. 
— (One's-self along), Eutya. 
— n. Isirudulo (isi). 
Dragon-fly, w. Ubekamanzi. 
Drain, v, Kama, fica. 
— ^xhaust), Roqoloza. 
— Off, v. (At a draught), Ukut 
— n. Umsele (um). 
Drake, w. Iqude ledada. 
Drakensberg mountains, n. Uka 

hlamba (ulu). 
Drastic, a. Cumile, cumayo isisu. 
Draw, v. ^Through a pipe), Rola. 

Suck), Ncela. 

In, discontinue), Finyela. 

As a sword), Kipa, giba. 

Attract the eyes), Kanga. 

Pull forcibly), Donsisisa. 
— (Draw out, as anything elastic) 

Attract), Donsa. 

Out from between), Rotya. 

Delineate), Dweba. 

Drain), Kama. 
— (Out, as fibres), Caza. 

Extract), Kipa. 

Back from a thftig), Quzeka. 

Up the limbs), Finyela. 

The breasts), Mimca. 

Nigh), Sondela. 

From a cask), Tulula. 
—(Water), Ka. 
— Blood), Opisa. 
— (Much milk from a 
— (Entice), Yenga. 





—(On, as a wild beast), Yoka. 
Drawl, v, (Speak affectedly), Ne- 

kenda, tesa. 
Drawn (Together in one spot, to be), 


— (Strongly to, to be), Lulnkelwa. 
Draw-net, n. Utambo (ulu). 
Dread, n, Ukwesaba (uku), uvalo- 


— (Great fear), Itwetwe (i). • 

— V. Esaba. 

— (Greatly), Twetwezela. 
Dreadful, a. Esabekayo. 
Dream, v. Pupa. 

— n. Ipupo(i). 
Dreamer, n, Umpupi, isipupi. 
Dregs, n, Izibidi (izi). 

— (Beer), Izinsipo. 
Drench (To wet), Netlsa. 

— (As a cow), Cuma isisu. 
Dress, v. (As a heathen), Embata. 

— (Cause to, as a heathen), Em- 


— ^In civilized attire), Gqoka. 

— (Adorn), Vunula. 

— As the Amaswazi women), 


JThe hair), Cwala. 
rA wound), Elapa. 

— (A skin), Shuka. 
[Food), Peka. 

— fThe top-knot), Qiliza. 

— (Alike), Fanisana. 

—(As the Abesutu), Kwintya. 

— n. (Native woman's), Isidwaba 


—(Young man's), Umutya, ibetye, 

Dressy person, n. Umvunuli (um). 
Dribble, v. Tonsa, consa. 
Drift, n. (Ford), Izibuko (i). 

— V, (As with the stream^, Ntanta. 
Drill, v, (Sow in rows), Tyala nge- 


— (Perforate), Boboza, pehla. 
Drink, v, Puza. 

— ^Come to), Puzisa. 

— (Much), Gobolozela. 

—(All up), Roqoloza, minya. 

— n. Ukupuza. 

— ^Beer), Utywala (ubu). 

—(Grog), Ugologo. 
Drip, v. Tonsa, consa, juza. 
Dripping, a. Ndaxandaxa. 
Drive, v, (Impel), Quba. 

—(Hard), Qiibisisa. 

— (Force in), Ngenisa ngaman- 

— (Back), Kuza, kalima. 

— (As a wagon), Tyayela. 

— (With speed), Qubula. 

— (Away), Xotya. 

— (Off, as a body of people), 


— (Away flies), Bungabunga, 


— (Stakes into the ground), Bu- 

xela, cimeka. 

— (Away, as the wind), Pepeta, 


— (Out cattle early), Alukisa. 

— (Off, as a bull does), Dudula, 
'As the wind), Bengula. 

— r Asunder), Dumaza. 

—(As nails), Betela. 
Away fowls), Kwibiza. 

— (Away locusts), Rebeza. 
Driven, p, Xotyiwe. 
Driver, n. Umtyayeli (um). 
Drivel, v, Bibiza. 
Drizzle, v. Kiza, kemezela. 

— n. Umkizo (um). 




Droll person, n. Isinteli (isi). 
Drone, n. (The bee), Uvongwe, un- 


— (Sluggard), Ivila (i). 
Droop, v. (As flowers). Buna. 

— (Languish), Dangala. 
Drop, v. (Fall down), Wa. 

— ^As a buck), Hlwatiza. 

- -(Fall in), Capaza, tonsa, ukuti 


— (As porridge), Bf^caza. 

— (Money into a hoard), Congolo- 


— (Come to nought), Pela. 

— (On, as blots), Capazela. 

— (As ripe fruit), Vutuluka. 

— (As rain), Tonsa, cona, ukuti 


— (As snow), Kitika. 

— (Down, as a spider), Jula. 
Dropsical, a. Kuzukile isisu. 
Dropsy (To have), Kuzuka isisu. 
Dross, n. (Of iron), Innyeli (in). 
Drought, n. Isigagadu (isi). 
Drove, n, Umhlarabi (um), iqambi 

Drown, v, Minzisa. 

Drowned (To be), Minza. 

Drowsiness, n. Ukwozela 

Drowsy (To be), Ozela. 

— a. Ozele. 
Drub, v. (To beat), Tyaya, xaxa. 
Drug, w. Umuti (umu). 
Druggist, n. Umelapi (um). 
Drum, n. Isigubu (isi). 

— (Of the ear), Iliso lendhlebe. 
Drunk (To be), Dakwa. 

— (To make), Dakisa. 
Drunkard, n. Isidakwa (isi). 
DRUNKENNESS, rt. Ukudakwa (uku). 
D.XY, V, Omisa. 

— (Upon), Omelela. 

— (As pottery), Kangula. 

— (Up, as a cow), Pusa. 

— (Up the mouth), Tywaqa. 

— (Wiiih drought), Exwana, exan- 


— (Up with heat), Hamula. 

— (To be, with thirst), Gangadeka. 

—(To be), Oma. 
Dry matter, n. (As clay on the face), 

Izipukutu (izi). 
Dry and crisp thing, n, Ukoti 

Dryness, n. Ukwoma (uku). 
Dubious, a. Ngabazayo. ' 
Duck, n. Idada (i). 

— V. (Dive), Cwila. 

— (Dip), Cwilisa. 
Ductile, a. Qibukile. 
Dug, n. Ibele (i). 
Due, a. (Proper), Fanele. 
Dull, a. (Stupid), Pukuzile. 

— (Not brignt), Fipele, mnyama. 

— (Blunt), Butuntu. 

—(Faded), File. 

— (Sad), I)abukile. 

— V, (To blunt), Qunda. 

— (Make stupid), Pukuzisa. 

—(To be). Fa. 
Dullard, n, Isibumbe (isi), isicwe 

DuLNESS, n. Ubutuntu (ubu). 
Dull person, n. Isibumbe (isi). 
Dumb (To be), Tula. 

— a. Tulile. 
Dumbfounded (To look), Yangaza. 
Dumbness, n. Ubutulu (ubu). 
Dumb person, n. Isimungulu (isi). 
Dumpy, a. Bukubuku. 

— Person, n. Isibukubuku (isi). 
Dun, a. Mpofu. 




— V. (For money), Belesela. 
Dunce, w. Isibumbe (isi). 
Dung, n, Utuvi (ulu) 

— (Of cattle), Ubulongwe (ubu). 

— (Of dogs), Amasimba (ama). 

— (Dry, of catvle), Amalongwe 


— (Dry and hard), Umqnba (um). 
Dung-fly, n. (Small), Imbnmb- 

wane (im). 
Dupe, v. Kohlisa. 
Duplicity, n. Ubuqili (ubu), inko- 

hliso (in). 
Durable, a. Qinile, nokuhlala. 
Dusk (To be), Hlwa. 

— (Tending to darkness), Hlwile. 

—(Twilight), Swelele. 
Dust, w. Utuli (ulu). 

— ^Of mealies), Umungu. 

— (Fine), Ungwengwezana (ulu). 

— V. Sula. 
Duster, n. Indwangu yokusula. 
Dutch Boer, n. Ibunu (i). 
Dutiful, a. Lalele, zwayo. 
Dwarf, n. Imbatyelana (im). 
Dwarfish (To be),.Batya. 
Dwell, v. Hlala, aka. 

— (Dilate uponV Zenga. 
Dweller, n. Umhlali (um). 
Dwelling, n. Indhlu (in). 
Dwindle, v. Ncipa. 

—{Cause to), Ncipisa. 
Dysentery, n. Imbo (im). 

— (To have), Ruda igazL 


E, sounded like a in rate. 
Each, pron. Yilowo, vilelo, &c. ; 
nye with suitable prefix. 

—(One by one), Ngabanye nga- 


— (Every one), Bonke. 
Eager, a. (Impetuous), Namatata. 

— Desire, n. Ukamkam. 
Eagerness, n. Amatata (ama). 
Eagle, n. (Osprey), Ukozl (ulu). 

— (With reddisn feathers), Indhla- 

zanyoni (in). 
Ear, n. Indhlebe (in). 

— {Lobe of), Isicubu sendhlebe. 

—(Pinna oQ, Igwagwa (i). 

— (Ornament oQ, l8ali(i), isiviliba, 

ijembula (i). 

— ^Spike of com), Isikwebu (isi). 

— (Spike of com badly filled), Ig- 

qagqa (i). 
Earache, n. Ubuhlungu bendhlebe. 
Ear-pendant, n, Isali (i), ijembula 

Early, adv. (In the day), Kusasa. 

— (In the morning), Ekuseni. 
Earn, v, (By labour), Sebenzela, 


— (Acquire), Zuza. 
Earnest, a. Copelele. 

— n. (Part of price), Isikozi (isi), 

isibambiso (isi). 

— (To be), (Jopelela, gamela, kuta- 

Earnestness, w.Ukucopelela (uku). 
Ear-ring, n. Isali (i), ijembula (i). 
Ears, w. ( Of cattle, which hangdown), 

Amacucu (ama). 
Earth, n. (The world), Umhlaba 


— (Black), Ukadenzima. 

— fKed), Isibomvu (isi). 

— (Soil), Umhlabati (um). 

— (Soft, loose), Imvundumvundu 





— TWliite), Umgcako (um). 

— (Clay), Ibumba (i). 
Earthly, a. Ngokwomhlaba, nom- 


— (Carnal), Kanukile. 
Earth-nut, n. Indhlubu (in). 
Earthquake, n. Ukuzamazama 

Earth-worm, n. Umsundu (um). 
Earth-hog, n. Indhlovudawana (in). 
Earthen pot, n. Ukamba (uln), 

udiwo (ulu). 
Ear-wax, n. Isigonogono (iai), isi- 

konokono ^isi). 
Ease, n. Intokozo (in), ukwonwaba 


-—f After pain), Ubumnandi (ubu). 

— (To be at), Onwaba. 

— V. (Mitigate), Tambisa ubuhlun- 

— (Slacken a rope), Yekezisa. 

— (From labour), Pumuza. 
Easier, a. (To feel, after pain), Kun- 

Easily, adv. (With ease), Kalula. 
Easiness, n. Ukwonwaba (uku). 
East, n, Impumalanga (im). 
Eastward, adv. Empumalanga. 
East-wind, n. Umzansi (um). 
Easy, a. (Not difficult), Lula. 

—(Quiet), TuHle. 

— Circumstances (To be in)^ 

Eat, v. Dhla. 

—-(Before starting on a journey), 

Ncama, ncuna. 

— (Fastidiously), Ukuti cunucunu. 

— fFast), Mumuta. 

— ^Gluttonously), Eara. 

— (Witb the mouth closed), Mun- 


ith rude haste), Ngatangata. 
The outside), Kukuza. 
Away, as an ulcer), Dhla. 
With the hands), Ncinda. 
|A dry crust), Kumzela. 

—(As a powder), Kuma. 

— (Without masticating), Nya- 


—(First of the new crops), Ety- 


— (Slowly), Ncunza. 
Eaten (To be), Dhleka, dhliwa. 
Eater, n. (Eavenous), Isiminzi (isi), 

isirula ^isi). 

— (Small), Inculu (in). 
Eatable, a, Dhliwayo. 
Eating-mat, n. Isitebe (isi). 
Eating-pot, n. Ukamba (luu). 
Eaves, n. Ulundi Iwendhlu. (?) 
Eavesdropper, n. Umlaleli emny- 

Ebb, v. (0£ the sea), Emuka. 

— n, (Tide), Ibuya elemukayo. 
Ebriety, n. Ukudakwa (uku). 
Ebullition, n. Ukupupuma (uku). 
Echo, v. Esabela, enanela. 

— n, Ukwenanela (uku). 
Eclat, n. (Applause), Isenanelo (isi). 
Eclipse, v, Sita, sitela. 
Eclipsed (To be), Siteka, hle- 

Economical, a. Ongile. 

—(To be), Onga. 
Economy, n. Ukwonga ^uku). 
Ecstasy, w. Iniabulo enkulu. 
Eddy, n. Isiyaluyalu (isi). 
Edge, n. (Of a blade), Ubudhla 


— ^Of a cup), Udini (ulu). 

—(Of a precipice), Ungqengqo 





— (Brink), Udonga (ulu). 

— (A border), Umpeto,U8iko (ulu), 

ncilo (ulu). 

— V, (To sharpen), Lola. 

— <To dull the), Qunda. 
Edging, n. Ijembula (i). 
Edifice, n. Isakiwo (isi), indhlu (in). 
Edify, v. Fundisa. 
Edifying, 2). Fundisayo. 
Educate, v. Fundisa. 
Education, n. Isifundiso (isi). 
Educator, n, Umfondisi (um). 
Eel, 71. Umbokane (um). 
Efface, v. Hlikihla. 
Effect, v. Enza. 

— n. Izimpahla (izim). 
Effective, a. Enzayo. 
Effeminacy, w. Ukutengeza (uku), 

ubufazi (ubu). 
Effeminate, a. Tengeza. 
Effervescence, n. Ukubila, uku- 

lukuzela (uku). 
Effigy, n. Isitombe (isi). 
Effort, n. Isigabavu, umzamo, uku- 


— (violent), Ubugunyagunyana 


— (To make), Linga, gabavuleka. 
Effrontery, w. Ukweyisa (uku). 
Effulgent, a. Cwazimulayo. 

— (To be), Cwazimula. 
Effulgence, w. Ubucwazicwazi 

Egg, n. Iqanda (i). 
Egg-shell, n. Igobolondo, igobongo 

Egress, n. Ukwemuka (uku). 
EiGH ! interj. E ! eh ! 
Eight, n. Isishiyangalombili (isi). 
Eighteen, n, Ishumi lineshiyanga- 


Eighth, a. Isishiyangalombili. 
Eighty, n. Amashumi ayisishiyanga- 

Ejaculate, v. Dubula ngokuku- 

Eject, v. Pumesa, pumisa. 

— (As spittle through the teeth), 

Ejected (To be), Kitywa. 
Ejection, n. (Act), Ukukipa (uku). 

— estate), Ukukitywa (uku). 
Eland, n. Impofu (im). 
Elastic, a. Nwebekavo. 

— (As a ball), Focokile, focozekile 
Elate, v, Kukumalisa, kukumeza. 
Elbow, w. Indololwane (in). 
Elder, ti. Umdala (um). 
Elect, v, Keta, qoma. 
Tor), Ketela. 
|Cau8e to), Ketisa. 
|Carefully), Ketisisa. 
'To an office), Misela. 
Election, n, (State), Ukuketwa 


— (Act), Ukuketa (uku). 
Elegance, n. Ubuhle (ubu). 
Elegant, a. Hie. 
Elegantly, adv. Ngobuhle 
Elegy, n. Ililiso (i). 
Elephant, n. Indhlovu (in). 

— (Female), Indhlovukazi (in). 

— TYoung), Umhlekwane (um). 

— (Make a noise like), Kalima. 

— (To walk like), Sisiteka. 

— (Trunk of), Umboko. 

— TTusk of), Upondo Iwendhlovu. 

— (Skin of), Isikumba sendhlovu. 

— Tree, n. Umsenge (um). 
Elevate, v. Pakamisa. 

— (Morally), Lungisisa. 

— (Made louder), Duma. 




— ^Elate), Kukumeza,kukuinali8a 

— (To rank), Kulisa. 
Elevated rio be), Pakama. 

— (Dignined, to be), Kuliswa. 
Elevation, n, (Act), Ukupakamisa 


— (State), Ukupakanyiswa (uku). 

— (Dignity), Ubukulu (ubu). 
Eleven, n, Ishumi nanye, ishumi 

Eleventh, a. Ishumi elinanye. 
Elf, n, Itongo (i), isituta (isi). 
Elk, n. Impofu (im). 
Elocution, n. Ukuqapuza (uku). 
Elongate, v. Enza nde. 

— (By joining), Jobelela. 
Eix)PE, V. Baleka. 
Elopement, n. Ukubaleka (uku). 
Eloquence, n. Ukuqapuza (uku). 
Eloquent, a. Qapuzue. 
Elucidate, v. Cansisa. 
Elude, v, Catya. 
Emaciate, v. Zacisa, ondisa. 
Emaciated, p. Ondile, zacile. 

— Person, n. Isitywapa. 
Emaciation, n. Ukuzaca, ukwonda 

Emancipate, v. Kulula. 
Emancipated (To be), Kululwa. 
Emancipation, n. Ukukululwa 

Emancipator, n. Umkululi (um). 
Emasculate, v, Tena. 
Embarrass, v. Finyanisa. 

—(With debts), Silelela. 
Embarrassed (To be), Finyana. 
Embarrassment, n. Ukufinyana 

Embellish, v. Vunulisa. 
Embellishment, n, Ukuvunulisa 


Embers, n. Amalahle atyisayo. 
Embezzle, v, Eba. 
Emblem, n. Umfanekiso (um). 
Embosom, v. Gona, singata. 
Embowel, v, Kipa, amatumbo. 
Embrace, v, Gona, singata. 

—(One another), Gonana. 

— n, Ukugona (uku). 
Embrocate, v. Toba, tobela. 
Embroider, v. Feketisa. 
Embroil, v. Hlupa. 
Emend, v. Lungisa. 
Emendation, n. (Act), Ukulungisa 


— (Change), Ukulungiswa (uku). 
Emerqe, v. Vela, puma, bonakala, 

Emetic, w. Umhlanziso (um). 
Eminence, w. (Kising ground), 

Iduli (i). 

— (Distmction), Ubukulu (ubu), 

ibizo (i). 
Eminent, a. Kulu, qamile. 
Emmet, n. Intutwane (in). 
Emollient, w. Umtambiso (um). 
Emolument, n. Inzuzo (in). 
Emotion, n. Umrau, umunyu. 

— (To excite), Raula. 

— (Feel for), Raukela. . 
Empale, n. (Put to death), Joja. 
Employ, v. Sebenzisa. 
Emptiness, n. Ubuze (ubu). 
Empty, a. Ze. 

— V. Tulula. 

— (Out a vessel full of water), 


— Space, n. Umkati (um). 
Emulation, n. Inkani (in). 
Enable, v. Nika amandhla. 
Encamp, v. (As soldiers), Ngenisa, 
Enchant, v. Takata. 




Encircle, v. YingiKzela, 

— (Surround as an army) Eaqa. 
Enclose, v. (Fence in), Biyela. 

— (Surround), Pahla, raqa. 
Enclosure, n. (Fence), Utango 


— (Entrance of hut), Isironqa 


— (For amabele), Isibuya (isi). 

— (For taking game), Umgogo 

Encounter, v. (Meet), Hlangana. 

—(Fight), Lwa. 

— n. Amanqwa (ama). 
Encourage, v. (Embolden), Duda. 

—(Inspire with courage), Kalipisa. 
Encouraged (To be), Dudeka. 
Encumber, v. Sindezela, twesa. 
Encumbrance, n, Ukusindezela 

End, n. Ukupela (uku). 

— (Of a candle-wick), Impokwe 


— (Death), Impelelo, ukufa, uku- 


— (Boundary), Umkaulo (um). 

— (Of a sticK), Ukupela. 

— (Conclusion), Isipelo (isi), in- 

nqindi (in), ama^cino. 

— (Puipose), Ukulokota, uku- 

minya (uku). 

— (Of a cow's tongue), Inkota 


— V. (Comets), Pela. 

— (Bring to), Pelisa, qaula, ukuti 

du, ukutici. 

— (Finish), Qeda. 
Endanger, v. Eyelisela. 
Endear, v. Tandisa. 
Endearment, n, Ukutandisa 


Endeavour, ru Ukulinga (uku), Isi- 

gabavu (isi). 

— V. Linga, gabavuleka. 
Ending, w. Ukupela. 
Endless, a. Ngapeliyo, ngenasipelo. 
Endure, v. Bekezela. 

— (Last), Hlala. 
Energetic, a, Namandhla, copelele, 


— Man, n. Isiqwaiqwai (isi). 
Energy, w. Ukucopelela, ukukam- 

elela, amandhla. 
Enfeeble, v. Tengeza, tambisa 

Enforce, v. ^Compel), Quba. 
Engage, v, (Agree with),Vumelana. 

— (In fight), Hlangana, lwa. 

— ^In close fight), tlkuti mokomo. 

— (Fight for manfully), Hla- 


— ^Bind), Bona. 

— (Attract), Bukisa, donsela. 
Engagement, n. (Agreement)^ Uvu- 

melano (ulu). 

— (Battle), Ukulwa (uku), um- 

Engaging, jj. (Winning). Bukisayo. 
Englishman, n. Ingisi (i). 
English, n, Amangisi (ama). 
Engrave, v, Dweba. 
Engrapplb, v. (Close with), Bam- 

Enjoin, v. Yala. 
Enjoy, v. Dhla, tokoza, ezwa. 

— ^One's-self), Tokoza. 

— (One's-self exceedingly), Enaba, 

damasa, dabaya, tamasa. 

— (As an inheritance), Dhla. 
Enjoyment, n, Intokozo, ukuda- 

Enkindle, v, Pemba, basa, vutisa. 




Enlarge, v, (In dimensions), 


— (Multiply), Andisa. 

— (Give more), Eleka. 

— (A house, &c.\ Anula. 

— ^As a kraal), Gudhluza. 

— (As cow's vagina), Cebeza. 
Enlarged (To be), Kula, kuliswa. 

— (By dropsy, to be), Kuzuka. 

— (As a house, to be), Anukile. 
Enlighten, v. Kanyisela. 
Enmity, n. Ubuta (ubu). 
Ennoble, v, Kulisa. 
Enormity, n.Ububi obukulu,ububi- 

bukulu (ubu). 
Enormous, v. ICulukazi. 
Enough (To be), Anela. 

— a. Anele. 
Enquire, v. Buza. 

—(For), Buzela. 
Enrage, v. Tukutelisa, vusa. 
Enrich, v. Notisa, fuyisa, cebisa. 
Enriched (To he\ Cetyiswa. 

— p. Cetyisiwe. 
Enripen, v. Vutisa. 
Ensample, n. Umlingaaiso (um). 
Ensnare, v. Tiya, baba, bajisa, 

Ensue, v, Landela. 
Entangle, v. Baba, bajisa, tiyana. 

— (One's-sell"), Zisonga. 
Enter, v. (Qo in), Ngena. 

— (Write), Loba. 
Enterprise, n. Isilingo (isi). 
Entertain, v. Pata kahle. 
Entice, v, Yenga, unga. 

— (By promises), Gwegwa. 
Enticer, w. Umyengi (um). 
Entirely, adv, Kupela, impela, isi- 

bili, nakanye ngempela. 
Entirety, n. Innya (in). 

Entrance^ n. (Of a house), Um- 

nyango (um). 

•—/Of a cave), Umlomo (um). 

— (Of a cattle kraal), Isango (i). 

— (Of a hut), Incingo (in). 

— (Act of), tlkungena (uku). 
Entrap, v. Tiya, bajisa. 
Entreat, v. Ncenga. 

— (Earnestly), Ncengisisa, 
Entreaty, n. Ukuncenga (uku). 
Entwine, v. Tandela. 
Enumerate, v, Bala. 
Enumeration, n. Ukubala (uku). 
Envelope, v, Songa. 
Envenom, v, Bulsda ngobuti. 
Envious, a. Nomona. 
Enviously, a(iv. Ngomona. 
Envy, n, IJmona, isifamona, um- 

Environ, v. Pahla. 

— (Besiege), Vimbela, raqa. 
Epidermis, /i. Ulwebu (iilu), in- 

kwetu \vel). 
Epiglottis, Ilaka (i). 
Epilepsy, n. Isitutwane (isi)» 
Epistle, n, Incwadi (in). 
Equal (To be), Lingana. 

— a. Lingene. 

— n. Umlingane (um). 
Equalize, v. Linganisa. 
Equip (With armsV Hlomisa. 
Equipment, n. Izikali (izi). 
Equitable, a. Lingene. 
Equity, n. Isinwe (isi), ukulingana 

Equivocate, v, Ebanda, fitiza, mba- 

Equivocation, ti. Ukwebanda(uku), 

Era, n Isikati (isi). 
Eradicate, v. Sipula, d omnia. 




Erase, v. Hlikihla, puciila. 
Erect, v. (Build), Aka. 

— (Set up), Misa. 

— a. Mi. 
Erection, n. Isakiwo (isi). 
Err, v. (Mistake^, Posisa. pambeka. 

— H(Wander), Eduka, lanleka. 
Error, n. Isiposiso (isi). 
Eruption, w. (Sort of), Imfunza 


— (On infant's head), Umna (um). 

— (Cutaneous), Ukwekwe (ulu). 

— (Of the whole body), Ukuboboka 

ukuqubuka (uku). 
Escape, v. Eqa, sinda. 

— (The memory), Kohla, dukela. 

— (As the consequences of sin), 

Escort, v. Pelekezela. 
Eschew, V. Cezuka. 
Esculent plants, Imifino (imij. 
Especially, dd, Ngokukodwa, kak- 

Espy, v. Lunguza, bona. 
Essay, v, Linga. 

— n. Isilingo (isi). 
Establish, v. (Institute), Misa. 

— (Make firm), Qinisa. 
EsTABLiSHER, w. Ummisi (um). 
Estate, n. Isifunda (isi). 
Esteem, v, Tanda, buka. 

— n. Ukubuka (uku). 
Estimable, a. Bukekile. 
Estimate, v. (Esteem), Buka. 

— (As a contractor), Linganisa. 

— n, Ukulinganisa,isilinganiso(isi) 
Eternal, a. I^pakade. 
Eternally, adv. Ubunapakade. 
Eunuch, n. Innyumba (in). 
Euphorbia-tree, n. (Large), Um- 

hlonhlo (um), umpapa (um). 

— (Kind of), Umkakasi (um). 
Eulogize, v. Babaza, dumisa. 
EuLOOiUM, n. Ukubabaza, ukudum- 

isa (uku). 
Evade, v. Banda, pepa, epepa. 
Evangelist, n. tJmvangeii (um). 
Evasion, n, Izaba Q), icebo (i). 
Evasively, adv, iNgamazaba, nga- 

Even (To be), Lingana. 

— (To make), Linganisa. 

— a. Lingene. 

— Now, adv, Eminaloku. 
Evening (To be), Hlwa. 

— n, Ukuhlwa (uku). 

— (It is), Kuhlwile. 

— Star, Isicelancobe, ucwazibe. 

— Song, Umcwayo (um). 
Evenly adv, Ngesinwe. 

—(To go\ Ukuti tobo. 
Event, n. Isiwici (isi), isiyiba (isi). 
Ever, adv, Napakade, kuzekube- 


— Since, adv, Eloku, selo. 
Every, a, Onke, ngabanye, &c. (see 


— Day, Insavuleka, emsukwini, 

ngamalanga onke. 
Everywhere, adv. Izindawo zonke. 
Evidence, n. Ukufakaza, isiqiniselo, 

— (To give), Fakaza, qinisela, cize- 

Ma ngezindaba. 
Evident, a, Sobala, qamile, bona- 

Evil (To do), Ona. 

' — (To speak), Hleba. 

— n. Ububi (ubu). 

— a. Bi. 

— adv, Kubi, kabi. 

— Doer, n. Umoni (um). 

— Speaker, n, Umhlebi (um). 




— Speaking, n. Ulciihleba (ukii). 
— Minded, a. Kohlakele. 
Evoke, v. Pumisa iigelizwi. 
Ewe, n. Insikazi yemvu, insikazi 

Exactly (To speak), Kutazela. 

— So, adv. Konakambe, nakanye. 
Exaggerate, t?. Enezela, kulisa. 
Exalt, v. (Lift up), Pakamisa. 

— (In rank), KuJisa. 
Exalted (To be), Pakanyiswa, 

Examine, t?. Buza. 

— ^A thing), Qaza, qazela, qazisa. 

— (Inspect), Bekisisa. 
Examination, n. Ukubuza (uku). 
Examiner, n. Umbuzi (um). 
Example, n. Umlinganiso, isiboniso. 
Exasperate, t;.Tukutelisa,qiimbisa, 

Exasperation, n. Ukuqataziswa, 

Excavate, v. Mba, emba. 
Excavation, w. Ukumba (uku). 
Exceed, v. Sika, dhlula. 
Excel, v. Ahlula, dhlula, eqa. 
Excellent, a, Dhlulayo, hie. 
Excellence, n, Ukudhlula, ubu- 

Excellently, adv. Kahle, ngobu- 

Except, covj. Kungeso, kunge, 


— V. (Exclude), Kipa. 
Exchahoe, v. Enana, nana. 

— n. Isenano (isi). 
Excision, n. Ukunquma (uku). 
Excite, v. Duda, vubula, vusa, 


—(To fight), Pehlelela. 

— (A kind of evil lust), Ganungisa. 

Excitable, a. Vusiwe, vuswayo. 
Excited (To be), Dudeka. 

— (With pleasure, to be), Sasa, 

Exciter, n. Umdudi, umpitieisi, 

Excitement, n. Ukuvusa, ukuvuswa 

Exclaim, v. Memeza. 
Exclude, v. (Shut out), Yalela nga- 


— ^Hinder), Vimbela. 

— (Expel), Kipa. 

— (From sharing in property), 

Excommunicate, v. Kipa. 
Excommunication, n. Ukukipa 

Excoriate, v. Pucula. 
Excoriated (To be), Pucuka. 
Excoriation, n. Ukupucula, uku- 

Excrement, w. (Of horses, &c.),Ama- 

simba (ama). 

Of cows), Ubulongwe (ubu). 
Dry, of cows), Ilongwe (i). 
Of men), Utuvi (ulu). 
Small, as of sheep), Imisimbane 

Excrescence, n. (Wen), Isiboko 

(isi), iqubu (i). 
Excruciate, v. Bulala. 
Exculpate, v. Hlanza, teta, kipa 

Excuse, v. Landula. 

—(One another), Landulana. 

— (One'3 self), Zilandulela. 

— n. Izaba (i), ukulandula 


— (Frivolous), Isibando (isi). 
Excuses, n. Amamenemene (ama). 




Execrable, a. Qalekisiwe, qalekise- 
kile, zondekile. 
Execrate, v. Qalekisa. 
Execration, n. Isiqalekiso (isi). 
, Execute, v. (Perlonn), Enza. 

— (Complete), Peleiisa. 

— (By nangmg), Panyeka, ngen- 

Executive-Council, n, Ibandhla- 

makosi lokumisa. 
Exemplar, n^ Umlinganiso. 
Exemplify, v, Fanekisa ngomlin- 

Exercise, n. (Walking), Ukuvagatya 


— V, Vagatya. 
Exert, v. Zama. 
Exhalation, n. (Vapour), Inkungu 

Exhaust, V. "Roc^oIozsl, 
Exhibit, v. Bonisa. 
Exhibition, n. Ukubonisa (uku). 
Exhibitor, n. Umbonisi (um). 
Exhilarate, v. Enamisa. 
Exhort, v. Yala. 
Exhortation, n. Isiyalo (isi). 
Exhorter, n. Umyali (um). 
Exile, v, Xotya. 

— w. Umxotehwa (um). 
Exist, v. (To be), Ba. 

—(To live), Pila. 

— (Remain)^ Hlala. 
Existence, n. (Life), Ukupila (uku). 
Exonerate, v. Hlambulula ecaleni. 
Exorcise, v. Kipa amademoni. 
Exorcism, n. tJkukipa kwamade- 

Exorcist, n. Umkipi wamademoni. 
Exordium, n. Isisusa(isi). 
Expand, v. (Extend), Elula. 

—(Spread out), Eneka. 

— (Dilate), Kukumalisa. 
Expanse, n. Umkati (um). 
Expect, v. Bekela. 
Expectation, n. Ukubekela (uku). 
Expectorate, v. Fela. 

— (Roughly), Hahaza. 
Expectoration, n, Udenda (ulu). 

— (Of a cough), Isikohlela (isi). 
Expectorant, a. Felisayo, hlanzi 

Expedite, v. Tyetyisa. 
Expel, v. Kipa. 
Experience, v. Ezwa. 

— Ukuvivinywa (uku). 
Experienced (To be), Ezwakala. 
Experiment, n. Isilingo (isi), um- 

lingo (um). 
Expert (To be), Kutala, hlakauipa. 

— Person, n. Igagu (i). 
ExPERTNESS, n. Ubugagu (ubu). 
Expiate, v. Hlaula. 
Expiation, n. Ukuhlaula (uku), iu« 

Expire, v. (Die), Fa, gqabuka. 

— (Come to an end), Pela. 

— (Breathe out), Pefumula. 
Explain, v. Cansisa, cansula, qon- 


— (Instruct), Yalukisa. 

— (Difficult text, passage), Hla- 


— ^By illustrating), Kanyisela. 

— [A difficultv), Qaqa. 

— (As a story), Qamisa. 
Explanation, n. Ukucansisa (uku). 
Explicit, a. Cansile. 
Explode, v, Qaqamba. 
Explore, v. Hlola. 
Expose, v, (Lay open\ Ambula. 

— (Indecently), Dalazela. 

— (The whole person), Nquna. 




—(As a fault), Dalula. 

— (Disclose), Veza. 
Exposure, n. (Of the whole person), 

Ubimquna (ubu). 
Exposition, n, Ukucansisa, uku- 

Expostulate, v. Luleka ngokuyala. 
Expound, v. Cansisa, kanyisela. 
Express, v. (Declare), Shuxnayela. 

— ^Surprise), Kuza. 

— (An idea fully), Fezisela. 

— (Press out), Kama. 
Expression, n. Ilizwi (i\ 
Expulsion, Ukukipa (uku). 
Expulsive, a. Kipayo. 
Expunge, v, Cinra, hlangula. 
Exquisite, a. Hie. 
Exquisitely, adv, Ngobuhle. 
Extend, v. Elula, qibuk. 
Extended (To be), Qibuka. 
Extensive, a. Kulu. 
Extensively (To do), Katula. 
Extent, n. Ubukulu (ubu). 

— (Long, of bush), Udada (ulu). 
Extenuate, v. Ncipisa. 
Exterminate, v. (firing to an end), 


— (Root out), Sipula, domula. 

— (Destroy), Cita, tyabalalisa. 
Extermination, n. ifkuciteka, uku- 

Extinct, a. (Extinguished), Cinyiwe, 


—(Dead), FHe. 
Extinguish, v. (As fire), Cima, 

Extirpate, v, Cita, tyabalalisa, hli- 


— (Eradicate), Domula, sipula. 
Extol, v. Babaza, bonga, dumisa, 


Extoller, n. Umbabazi (um). 
Extortion, n. Ukupanga (uku). 
Extortioner, n. Umpangi (um). 
Extract, v. (As a tooth), Kipa. 

— (As a thorn), Bangula. 

— (As ear-wax), Gtomboloqa. 
Extracted (To be), Kitywa. 
Extraordinary thing, n. Um- 

mangaliso, umhlola. 
Extravagance, n. Ukulilapaza 

Extremity, n. Isigcino (isi\ 
Extricate, Qaqa, cansula, kipa, 

Extrication, n. Ukuqaqa, uku- 

Exuberant, a. Vamile. 
Exuberance, Ukuvama (uku). 
Exuberate, v. Vama. 
Exult, v. Etaba, jaja. 

— (Over), Sasa, esasa. 
Exultation, n. Ukwe8asa,ukwetaba 

Exultant, a. Esasayo. 
Eye, n. Iliso (ili). 

— (White substance found in), In- 

gcete (in). 

— ^Iiyured), Indhlundhlulu (in). 

— (Of a needle), Intunja (in) 

— V. (See), Bona, buka. 

— (Watch), Linda. 
Eyeball, n. Inhlamvu yeliso. 
Eyebrow, n. Ishiyi (i). 
Eyebrows, n (Projecting), Zim- 

Eyeglass, n. Isicingo (isi). 

— (Telescope), Umbobo wokubona 

Eyelash, n. Ukope (ulu). 
Eyeless, a, Mpumpute. 
Eye-service, w. InKonzo yobuso. 




Eyelid, n. (Inverting of), Imbe- 

Eyetooth, n. Imbamba (im). 
Eyes, n. Amehlo (ama). 

fDeep-set), Izigobe (izi). 

Have something in), Xotywa. 

[To wink), Pazima. 

[To wink at), Qweba. 


Fable, n. Insumo, inganekwane, in- 

Fabric, n. (Building), Isakiwo (isi). 
Fabricate, v. Enza, lumba. 

— (As a falsity), Qambamanga. 
Fabrication, n. Ukwenza (ukn). 

— (Falsehood), Uknqambamanga 

Fabulous, a. Namanga. 
Face, n. (Visage), XJbuso (ubu). 

— ^Oi a skin), Umswenao (um). 

— (Surfaced iJbuso (ubu). 

— V. (Meet), Hlangana. 

— (Oppose), Qinela, mela, emela 

— rStand opposite to), Bekelana. 

— Oieet full butt), Ukuti nqwa. 

— Sc:uPER, n. IJbambo (ulu), isi- 

kwece, ishipatL 
Facetious, a. Qangayo. 

— Person, n. Umqangi (um). 
Facile, a. Lula. 

Facsimile, w. Umfanekiso (um). 
Fact. n. (Deed), Isenzo (isi). 

—(Real truth), Uqobonjalo. 
Faction, n. Umcecelegwana. 
Factious, a. Xokozele. 
Factotum, w. Isigqila (isi). 
Faculty, n, (Ability), Amandhla 


Facund, a. Qapuzayo. 
Fade, v, (As plants). Buna. 

— (Lose colour), Fipala, fecela. 

— (With age), Guga, fa. 
Faded (Person or thing), Imbune 

Faggots (Heap of), Ifingo (i). 
Fail, v. (OmitJ, Puta. 
Decay), Buna. 
Cease), Pela. 

Disappoint), Dumaza, jabisa. 
Become bankrupt), Apuka. 
With ace), Guga. 
As bodily strength), Ukuti 


— (Neglect), Bukula. 
Faint, a. (Laiiguid), Dangele. 

— (Dejected^ Konkobele. 

— V. (Swoon), Qaleka, quleka, fa. 
Fainthearted, a. Nobugwala 

Faintness, 71. Ukudangala uku- 

Fair, a. (BeautifulV ffle. 

— (Favourable), N'enhlanhla. 

— ?As the sky), Cwebile, sile. 

— f Just), Lungile. 

— (Not raining), Kaukile. 

— n.(The female sex),Isifazana(isi) 
Fairness, n, Isinwe (isi). 
Fairy tale, ti. Insumo (in). 
Faith, n. ^Belief), Ukolo (ulu), 

ukukolwa (uku). 

—(Trust), Itemba (i). 
Faithful, a. Qoto, tembekayo. 
Faithfulness, w. Ubuqoto, ubu- 

qiniso, inyaniso. 
Faithfully, adv, Ngamaqiniso, 

Faithless, a. (Without faith), Nge- 





— (Perfidious), Kohlanisayo. 
Faithlessness, n. Ukukohlanisa 

Pall, v. (Down), Wa. 

— (Heavily), Gcityi. 

— (Backwards), Genuka, qetuka. 

— (Back, return), Quzeka. 

— (Retire), Hlehla. 

— (Down a precipice), Woloko- 


— ^As rain), Na. 

— (As snow), Kitika. 

— (Into a hole), Keleketela. 

— (As fruit or leaves), Vutuluka. 

— (Down in homage), Kuleka. 

—(Short), Puta. 

— (Into sin), Ona. 

— (Sprawling), Ukuti budululu. 

— (Become leanV Onda, zaca. 

— (Out, quarrel), Xabana. 

— (Back, as soldiers), Ukuti yeme. 

— (Be degraded), Hlazeka. 

— (As the tide), Tya. 

— (Die), Buba, fa. 

— (In, a.Gfree with), Vumela. 

—^Backslide), Hlehla. 

— (To pieces, as bread), Bihla. 

— (Down, as a wall), Dilika. 

— ^Dashing, as water), Haza. 

— (Down, as one stunned), Hlwa- 


— (Cause to, by water), Bihliza. 

— (Sick), Hlelwa ngomkuhlane. 

— (Over a thing), Kubeka. 
Fallen, p. Wile. 

— (Ruined), Onakele. 
Fallacious, a. Kohlisayo. 
Falling, n. Ukuwa (uku). 

— Sickness, n. Isitutwane (isi). 
Fallow-ground, n. Ifusi (i). 
False (Deceitful), Kohlisayo 

i^ALSEHOOD, 71. jAJuanga, uduxok: 

Falsely (To speak), Qambamanga. 
Falter, v. Ngmgiza, tiziyeka*. 
Fame, n. Udumo (ulu). 
Familiar, n. (Of abatakati), Um- 

kovu (um). 
Family, n. (Of the same house), In- 

dhlu (in). 

— (Ail the children of), Insapo, 

usapo (ulu), inzalo (in). 

—(Class), Uhlobo (ulu). 

— (Tribe), Isiz^^e (isi). 

— (Quarrel), Umbango. 
Famine, n. Indhlala (in). 
Famish, v. Bulala ngendhlala. 
Famished, p. Bulawa ngendhlala. 
Famous (To be), Duma. 

— a. Dumile, dumisekile. 
Famousness, w. Udumo (ulu). 
Fan, v. (Cool), PoHsa. 

—{Winnow), Ela. 
Fancied, 2). Zindhlekile. 
Fancy, n. (Thought), Umcamango, 

umzindhio (um). 

— V. (As a girl), Joka. 

—(Think), Camanga, fanekisa. 
Fang, n. (Of a tooth), Umsuka 


— ^Of a snake), Izinyo (i). 

— (Claw), Uzipo (ulu). 
Far, adv, Kude. 

— Off, adv. Le, kude. 
Farewell (To bid), Valelisa. 
Farm, v. Lima. 

— n. Iplaze, ilizwe. 
Farmer, n, Umlimi 
Farrow, v, Zala. 

— n. Ajnazinyane (aina}> 




Farther, adv, Ngapambili, pam- 

Fascinate, v. Bukisa nokubukisa. 
Fashion, v. (Form), Enza, lumba. 

— (Mould), Bumba. 

— (Fit), Linganisa. 

— n. Umkuba (um). 
Fast, a. (Firm), Qinile. 

^Quick), Nobelo, nejubane. 

— (As a nail), Nqala. 

— ^To make), Qinisa. 

— (To bind), Bopisisa. 

— (To hold), Bambisisa. 

— (To be), Qina, gcina, gcineka. 
Fasten, v. (Bind), Sopa. 

— (Fix firmly), Gcina, ukuti 


— (String to snuff-box), Bonqa. 

— (With screws), Qondelela. 

— (A door), Hlutulela. 

— (As an ox to a tree), Rintyela. 

— (A door with a string), Nqala. 

— (Cement), Namatelisa. 

— (As a calf), Kuleka. 

~(To), Bopelela. 
Fastened (To be), Qiniswa, bot- 

Fastidious (To be), Tesa. 
Fastidiousness, n. Unemfu (ulu), 

Fastness, n. Innqaba (in). 
Fat, a. Kulupele, nonile. 

— n. Amafuta (ama). 

— (Suitable for candles), Unwali 


— (Under the chin), Ibilo (i). 

— (To be), Nona, kulupala, ca- 

Fatal, a. Bubisayo. 
Fatten, v. Nonisa, kulupalisa, ca- 


Father, n. (My), Ubaba. 

—(Your), Uyihlo. 

— (His or her), Uyise. 

— ^In-law), Umkwe. 

— (Ancestor), Ukoko. 
Fatherhood, n. Ubuyise (ubu)L 
Fathomless, a. Ngenasiqu. 
Fatigue, v. Katalisa. 

— n. Ukukatala (uku). 
Fatigued, a. Katele. 

—(To be), Katala. 
Fatness, n. Ukukulupala (uku). 
Fatten, v. Kulupalisa, nonisa. 
Fatty, a. Namafuta. 
Fauces, n. Amalaka (ama). 
Fault, n. Isiposiso (isi), icala (i). 

— (Of long standing), Umlandu 


— (Lasting), Isinamatela (isi). 
Favour, i?. Hlanhlazela. 

— n. Umusa. 

— (To seek), Nxiba. 
Favourable, a. Nenhlanhla. 
Favoured, a. Hlanhlazelwe. 
Favourite, n. Ikolwane (i). 
Fawn, t?. Bungazela. 
Fawning, n. Ukubungazela (uku). 
Fear, interj. (Expressive of), Baba- 

tyane ! 

— n. Uvalo (ulu), ukwesaba 


— (Great), Itwetwe (i). 

— V. Esaba. 
Feared (To be), Esabeka. 
Fearful, a. Esabekayo. 

— (To look), Bakaza. 
Fearfully, Ngokwesabekayo. 
Fearless, a. Nesibindi, nokalipa. 
Feast, w. Isidhlo (isi). 

— (Of first - fruits), Umkosi 





— ^Disorderly), Inngxovangxova 


— V, Damasa, dhla. 
Feat, n. Umkuba (um). 
Feather, w. Upape (ulu), uhlupe 

(ulu), ifiihlupe. 

— (Small), Usiba Ailu). 

--^Of Basuto-lana crane), Indwa 


— (Tail feather of a fowl), Um- 

gomba (um). 
February, n. Ungcela. 
Fecund, a. Telayo. 
Fed, p. Dhlile. 
Fee, w. (Doctor's), Uxa (ulu). 
Feeble, a. Butakataka. 

— ^To be), Takataka. 

— (To be, as the knees of a sick 

man), Tebezela. 

— (To be, as a calf just bom), 

Ukuti tebe. 

— (To be, as with age),Xeka,totoba. 

— Person, n. Isitotongolo (isi). 
Feebleness, n. Ubutakataka. 
Feed, v. (Eat), Dhla. 

—(Cause to eat), DhHsa. 

— (As a child), Funza. 

— (As cattle), Xaba. 

— ^Lap milk), Xapa. 

— (Nourish), Ondhla. 
Feel, v. (Touch), Pata. 

— (Stabbing pain), Hlabeka. 

— ^Experience), Ezwa, zwa. 

— (As the way in the dark), Fum- 


— (As fruit). Twanvaza. 

— (Innocent), Qalaba. 

— (Uncomfortable at hearing bad 

language), Nyanta. 

— (Qualmish), Nakana. 

— (As words), Ezwa. 

— (As a parcel), Titinya. 

— (The lips drawn together), 

Feeling, n. Ukuzwa, umuzwa. Na- 

— (Of sorrow), Umunyu, ubu- 

hlungu (ubu). 

— (Of laoour pains), Inncalabane 


— (Of loneliness), Isizungu (isi). 
Feet, w. Izinyawo (izi). 
Feign, v. Zenzisa. 
Feint, n. (Pretence), Izaba (i). 

— (Mock attack), Ukugema (uku). 

— (Of striking, to make), Sikiza, 

tikaza, ukuti pazi. 
Felicitate, v, Onwabisa, tokozisa. 
Felicity, n. Intokozo (in). 
Fell, v, (As a tree), Qauhu 

— (Cause to fall), Wisa. 
Fellow, w. (Equal), Umlingane. 

— ^Bedfellow), Umlalisi (um). 

— (Playfellow), Umdhlalisi (um). 

— (Fine), Isigwebedhla (isi). 

— (Familiar appellation), Umfo. 

— ^Cunning), Inlakani (i). 

— (Lying), Iwetye (i). 
Fellowship, w. Ubuhlobo (ubu). 
Felon, n, Isela (i). 
Felt (To be), Ezwakala. 
Female (A woman), Owesifazana. 

— (Of beasts), Insikazi (in). 
Fen, w. Ubuku (ulu), ixapozi (i). 
FENCE,w.(Of a garden),Utango (ulu) 

— (Stone), Umtangala (um). 

— (Outer, of a kraal), Ugan^e (ulu) 
In hut for calves), Ubunda(ulu). 
Of reeds in front of a doorway), 

Iguma (i). 

—(Wattled), Ipingo(i),ipingelo (i). 

— V. (Enclose), Biya. 

—(Fight), Vika. 




—(Ward off), Goqa. 
Fencer, n. Imviki (im). 
Fencing, w. (Enclosing), Ukubiya 


— (Defence), Ukuvika (uku). 
Ferment, v. BiUsa. 

— n, (Tumult), Umsindo (um), 

ukuxoKOzela (uku). 
Fermentation, w. Ukubila (uku). 
Fern, n. (Common), Isikotokoto (isi). 

^Small), Umhlazantona. 
Ferocious, a. Nolaka. 

— Person, w. Isidhlangudhlangu 

Ferocitt, n. XJbudhlangudhlangu 

Ferry, v. Weza, welisa. 
Ferryman, n. Umwezi, umwelisi, 

Fertile, a. (Fruitful), Telayo, vun- 


— (Abundant), Vamile. 

—(To be). Tela, vunda. 
Fervid, a. Copelele, Kamelele. 
Fervour, n. Ukucopelela, ukukam- 

Fester, n, Isilonda esiqaqambayo. 
Festival, n. Umkosi (um). 
Fetch, v. Leta. 

— (As a price), Zuza. 

— (Go after), Landa. 

^Water frequently), Kelela. 
Fetid, a. Nofuta, nepunga, neququ 
Fetter, v, Bopa. 

— n. Isibopo (isi). 
Fetor, n. Uluta (ulu), iququ (i). 
Fetus, n. (Child), Ingane (in). 

— (Calf), Umbungu (um). 
Fever (Ague), Ufehlane (ulu). 
Feverish cold, n. Umkuhlane (um). 
Feverish, a. Tyisayo. 

Few, a. Ncane, ncinyane, ngcozana. 
Fewness, n. Ubuncinyane, ubu- 


Fib, n. Amanga (ama). 

Fibre, w. (For sewing baskets), 


— ^Of any kind), XJmnxeba (um). 

— (Of palmetto leaf), Inngqondo 


— (Very coarse), Innxoza (in). 

— (Strong), Uzi (ulu). 
Fickle (To be), Shuduleka. 
Fiction, w. Inganekwane, insuman- 

sumane (in). 
Fidgets, n, Amatezane (ama). 
Fidgety, a. Namatezane. 
Fidelity, n, Ubuqoto (ubu). 
Fie ! inten. Atyi ! musa ! 
Field, n. Insimu, ilizwe (ili). 
Field-mouse, to. (Small), Ingoso (in). 

— (Kind of), Unomitywe. 
Fierce, a. Nolaka. 
Fiercely (To look). Jama. 
Fierceness, w. Ubudblangudhlangu 

Fierce person, n. Isityeke (isi). 
Fiery, a. Tyisayo. 
Fife, to. Imbande (im\ 
Fifteen, Ishumi nesinlanu. 
Fifth, a. Ubuhlanu, isihlanu 
Fifty, Amashumi ayisihlanu. 
Fig, n. Ikiwane (i), ikuu (i). 

—(Unripe), Umpobo (um),umqobo 

FiGTREB, TO. Umkiwane, umkuu. 

— (Kind of), Isikuuboya (isi). 
Fight, n. Ukulwa (uku), isibakela 

— V. (Battle), Lwa. 

— (Pugilistic), Bakelana. 
Figment, w. Izaba (i). 
Figure, Umfanekiso, isitombe (isi). 




— n. (Number), Isibalo (isi). 
Filament, n. (Of maize), Ingoni (in). 
Filch, v. Ntyontya. 

—(Out of a garden), Qogela. 
File, n. (Of people), Ud wend we (ulu). 

— (Of soldiers), Irele (i). 

— ^Small, of soldiers), ireyana (i). 

—(An instrument), Isigudhlo (isi), 

isinlabo (isi). 

— V. (To rasp), Gudhluza, gudhla. 

— (March in), Hamba ngerele. 
Fill, v. Gcwalisa. 

— (In, as earth), Gqiba. 
Filled (To be), Gcwaliswa, gcwali- 

Fillip, Qwabaza. 
Film, n. Ulwebu (ulu). 
Filter, v, Vova. 

— 71. Ivovo (i). 
Filth, n. Insila (in). 

— (Oozing from a garment), Imbi- 

cimbici (im). 
FiLTHiNESS, n. Ajnanyala, ukuncola 
Filthy person, n. Inuka {i)» 
Final, a, Okupela. 
Finally, adv. Kupela. 
Finance, n. Inzuzo yezwe. 
Finch, n. (Long-tailed), Umaube. 

— ^Yellow), Umbalane (um). 

— (With long black tail), Ujojo. 
Find, v. (As a person). Tola. 

— (A lost thing), Fumana. 

— ^Light upon), Kanda. 

— (Detect), Kupulula. 

— (Fault with). Sola. 

— (Supply with), Pa, nika. 
Fixe, a. (Not coarse), Colekile. 

— (Small), Ncinyane. 

— ^Beautiful), Hie. 

— (To be, as the weather), Sa. 

— (Not coarse, to be), Coleka. 

Fine-looking person, n, Ijara (i). 
Fine, v. Hlaulisa. 

— n, Inhlaulo (InV 
Finely (To go, as a boat, &c.), Ukuti 

Finery, n. Izivunulo (izi). 

— (To put on), Hloba. 
Finger, n. Umunwe (um). 

—(Fore), Inkomba, inkombaban- 

tu, inkota, umkoti. 

— ^Middle), Umunwe omude. 

— (Little), Ucikityane, ucikicane 

—(Little, minus the last joint), 

Indiki, indikinyane. 

— (NaU), Uzipo (ulu) 

— V. (To touch), Tinta. 

^Pilfer), Ntyontya. 
Finical, a. Tesayo. 
Finis, n. UkupeLa. 
Finish, v. (To end), Pelisa, qeda, 

finveza, feza. 

— (As a dance), Pakula 
Perfect), Pelelisa. 
As a leopard), Gojela. 

— (Thoroughly), Qedelisa. 
Off smartly), Bema, kota. 
^Off at a draught), Minya. 
Finished (To be), Qedelekela, ukuti 


— (To be, as a party), Pangalala. 
Finite, a. Nomkaulo, nesipelo. 
Fire, n. Umlilo (um). 

— (Flame), Ilangabi (i). 

— (Ardour), Ukucopelela (uku)b 

— V, (Make to blaze), Vutisa. 

— (As a ^un), Dubida. 

—(By friction), Pehla. 

^(To kindle), Pemba. 
Firebrand, Is^uni (isi). 
Firefly, n. Inkanyezi, inkub^bu- 

longwe (in). 




Fireplace, n. Iziko (i). 
FiRESTiCK, n. Uzwati (ulu), uvati 

Firewood, n. Ukuni (ulu). 

— f Left to dry), Umceko (um). 

— ^Bundle of;, Innyanda (in). 

— (Log of), Ugodo (ulu). 

—(To cut), Teza. 
Firm, a, Qinile. 

— (To be), Ukuti nzo, qina, ukuti 


— (To make), Qinisa. 
Firmness, n, Ukuqiua (uku). 
Firmament, w. Umkati (um). 
First, a. ^Oidinal of one), Kuqala. 

-—(Earliest), Mandulelayo. 

— adv, (In the beginning), Eku- 


— n. (Chief person), Isilomo, isi- 

kulu (isi), intosi. 

- -(To be), Andulela, qala. 
First-begotten, n. Umzalwakuqala. 
Firstborn, w. Izibulo (i), 
FiRSTFRUiTS, n. Ulibo (ulu). 

— (Dance of), Umkosi. 

— (Prepare for), Etywama, 
First-rate, a. Nqabile. 
Firstly, adv, N^okuqala. 
Fish, w. Inhlanzi (in). 

— V. Loba. 

—(Elicit), Titinya. 
Fisher, n. Umlobi (umV 
Fishhook, n. Udobo (ulu). 
Fishing, n. Ukuloba (uku). 
FiSHMOTH, n. Umvunya (um). 
Fisherman, n. Umlobi wezinhlanzi. 
FiSHSCALE, w. Ugcwegcwana (ulu). 
Fish-river, w. (Great), Inxuba. 
Fissure, n. Ufanta (ulu). 
Fist, n. Isifumbata (isi). 
Fisticuffs, w. Isilmkela (isi). 

Fit, n. (Epileptic), Isitutwane (isi). 

— a. (Proper), Fanele. 

— (Right), Lungile. 

— V. Linganisel£u 

— ^Prepare! Lungisa. 

— (To be), Fanela, faneleka. 

—(Tight, to), Ukuti ne. 
Fitly, adv. Ngokufanela 
Five, n. Isihhmu (isi). 

— a. Hlanu. 

— Times, Kahlanu. 
Fix, v. (Make fast), Qinisa. 

—(As stakes in the ground), Gxi- 

meka, buzela. 

— (Adjust), Linganisa. 

— (As meat on a spit), Hloma. 

— (As a day of business), Nquma. 
Fixed (Firmly, to be), Gxila. 
Fixtxtre, n. (Of long standing), Isi« 

makade (isi). 
Fizz, v. (As meat), lUraza. 
Flabbiness, n. Ukutamba (uku). 
Flabby, a. (Lank), Ondile. 
Flaccid, a. Tambile. 
Flaccidity, n. Ukutamba (uku). 
Flag, n. Indwangu (in). 

— (Water), Ibuma (i), irwane (i). 

— V, (Droop), Buna. 

— (Grow spiritless), Dangala. 
Flagitious, a. Bi, kohlakeie. 
Flagrancy, n. Ububi (ubu). 
Flagrant, a. Bi 
Flail, n. Isibulo (isi). 
Flame, v. Langazela, lavnzela, vuta. 

— (Greatly), Dangadangazela. 

— (Rage), Dhloba, bangalala. 

— n, ILangabi (i), ikoza (i). 
Flammable, a. Tyisekayo. 
Flank, n, (Of an animal), Inkwapa, 


— (Of a man, &c.), tTtumbu (ulu). 





— (Of an army), Upondo(ulu). 
Plap, V, (As the wings), Wabazela, 


— ^Flies), Punga, bungabiinga. 

— (The ear, as an oxy, Tyaya in- 


— ^The ear feebly, as a sick cow), 


— n, Isilenge (isi). 
Flare, v, (As a fire), Langazela. 

— (As a torch), Bebeza. 
Flash, n. (Lighting), Ubani (ulu), 

nnyazi (ulu). 

~^it), Ukuqanga (uku). 

— (Light), Ukukanya Tuku). 

— V. Bengezela, ukuti oenge. 

— (With anger), Paiza. 
Flat, a. (Vapid), Dumele. 

— (Spiritless), Dangele. 

— (Level), Hlelembekile. 

— n. (Level land), Itafa (i). 

— (Table land), Inkangala (in). 

— TBottom of anything), Intende 


— ^And stiff thing, n. Isibebe 


^To be), Ukuti ta, ukuti caba. 
Flatter, v. Toboza. 
Flatterer, n. Umtobozi (urn). 
Flattery, w. Ukutoboza (uku). 
Flatulence, w. Ukuqumba (uku). 
Flatulent, a. Qumbue. 

— (To be), Qumba, xuxuzela. 
Flavour, n. Ukuzwakala (uku). 
Flaw, n. Icala (i), ufa (ulu). 
Flay, v, Hlinza. 

Flea, n. Izenze, intwakumba (in). 
Fleabite, n, Iququmba (i). 
Fled, p, Balekue. 
Flee, v. Baleka. 
Fleece, v. Gunda. 

— n. Uboya (ubu). 
Fleeced, a. Gundekile. 
Fleer, v. Swabula, hleka 
Fleet, a. Nejubane, nobelo- 
Fleetly, adv, Ngejubane, nga- 

Fleetness, n. Ijubane (i), ubelo 

Flesh, to. Inyama (in). 

—(Putrid^, Isibucu (isi). 

— (Of a sick beast), Ingcuba, um 

cane. * 

— (Cut but to relieve painl In- 

Fleshy, adv, Ngokwenyama. 
Flew, p, Ndize, ndiza. 
Flexibility, n. Ukugobeka (uku). 
Flexible, a. Gobekile. 
Flicker, v, (As a flame), Dikiza, 

Flies (Gather around as), Bungaza. 
Flioht, n. Isibaleko (isi). 

Flock), Umhlambi (um). 

— (Fancy), Ukuzindhleka (uku). 

— (Steps), Imikwelo (imi). 

,Act of flying), Ukundiza, uku 

papa (uku). 
Flimsiness, n. Ukutamba (uku). 
Flimsy, a. Tambile. 
Flinch, v. Tuka. 
Fling, v, Ponsa^ ukuti jL 

— (As a stone), Juginela. 

— (Up, as the heelsi 


— (Away, as a dirty 


— (Away), Lahla. 

— (As a spear), Ciba, jujubeza. 

— (Down), Gqengqa. 
Flint, n. Ityelomlilo. 
Float, v. Ntanta. 





— (Cause to), Ntantisa. 

— n. Isihlenga (isi). 
Flock, n. Umfilambi (um). 

-^Of birds), laulo (i). 

—(Crowd), IJmDonda (um\ 

— V, (Assemble in crowds), Bu- 


— (In small numbers, as birds), 

Flog, v, Tyaya. 

—(Violently, as oxen), Qaugada, 


— (Pretend to), Gema, sikiza. 
Flogged (To bel Tyayiswa. 
Fi,ooD, V. Kukula. 

— n. Uzamcolo. 

— (Of a river), Isikukula (isi). 

—(Of the tide), Ibuya (i). 
Flooding, n. (Flux of blood ),Izingazi 

Floor, n. (Of a bouse), Umhlaba 

wendblu, ipansi lendhlu. 

— TTo make), Ganda. 

— f Earth fori Isiduli (isi). 

— (To smear), Sinda. 
Flounce (As a dress), Feketisa. 
Flounder, v. (As in the mud), 

Flour, n. Impupu (im). 

— (To sprinkle with;. Tela. 
Flourish, v. (Grow rich), Nota. 

^Brandish), Sikiza. 

— (BoastV Kuluma iwawa. 
Flow, v. (As water), Hamba, ham- 

bela, gijima. 

— (As the tide), Buya. 

— n. (Of the tide), Ibuya (i). 
Flower, v, Kahlela. 

— w. Imbalasi (im). 

— ^Red, of the aloe), Uvovo. 

— (Of pumpkin), Isigwe (isi). 

Fluctuate, v. (As waves), Qubuka, 


— (Vacillate), Zulazula, tenga- 

Flue, n. (Of a chimney), Umbobo 

Fluency, n. Ukuqapuza (uku). 
Fluent, a. QapuzUe. 
Flurry, v. (To agitate), Papata. 

^In a bustle, to be), Walazela. 
Flushed (To be, as the face), Beja. 
Fluster, r. (To hurry), Walazela. 

— n. (Hurry), Amawala (ama). 
Flute, n. Imbande (im). 
Flutter, v, (Agitate), rapata. 

— r Agitated, to be), Papateka. 

— (As a bird), Bahama. 

— (As a bird in a trap), Bibiia, 


— (Palpitate), Gquma. 
Flux, n. (Dysentery), Imbo (im). 
Fly, v. (Move with wings). Papa, 


— (Run away), Baleka. 

— (About, as dust), Tuquka. 

— ^Shun), Pepa, epepa. 

— (As a stone\ E^a. 

— (Float in the air), Zula. 

— (OfP, as sparks), Qantya, hlaka- 


— TOff, as splinters), Jwiba. 

— (Move rapidly), Gijima. 

— (Off, as a man running away), 

Qantya, baleka. 

— (About, as a dog), Quza. 

— 71. Impukane (im). 

— (Which bores), Ibungane (i). 

— ^StingingJ, Insuzelane (in). 

— (Fire), Infeanvezi (in). 

— ^Dragon), Ibekamanzi (i). 

— (Gadfly), Isibau (isi). 

— t:-^< 




Flyblown, a, Nezimpetu. 
Foal, n. Inkonyana, itole lehashi. 
Foam, v, (Frotn), Ki'hiika, kepuza, 


—(Rage), Bila. 

— n, Igwebu (i). 

— (After Tunning]), XJdenda (ulu). 
Foe, n. Inipi (im), isita (isi). 
F(EC£S, Incmle (in). 

— (Hard), Umpulu (um), umgama 

F(ETOE, n. Iqnqu {i\ 
FcBTUB, n Ingane ^). 
Fog, n, Inkungu (in). 

— -n)ry), Ufe^imba. 

--^Before a fine day), Inkwezane 

Foqot, a. Nzinkungu, nenkungtu 
Foil, v. Ahlula. 
Fold. v. Songa. 

—(As paper), Peca. 
— <T ■ 

[Tlie hem), Peta. 

n. (Catdel Isibaya (isi). 

—(Crease), Umadwa. 
Folk, n. Abantu (aba). 
Follow, v. (Qo behind), Landela. 

— /UpJ, LandeUsela. 

— (Imitate), Lingisa. 

— (With the eye, as bees), Bija, 


— -o^nrsue), Landa, landelisela. 

• — (Up the points of a matter), 


— (Obey), Lalela. 

— (A person about), Ncatya. 

— ^Serve). Eonza. 

— (In age), Elama. 

— (In possession), Landelana 

— (As an attendant), Pelekezela. 

— ^The spoor), Landa. 

— (Along a riage), Danda. 

Follower, n. Umlandeli (um 

— (Attendant), Isikonzi (isi 

pelekezeli (um). 

^Disciple), Umfundi (um) 
Following-up (Act of),Umlar 

Folly, n. Ubuula (ubu). 
Foment, v. (Bathe), Toba. 

— (Abet), Duda. 
Fomentation, n. Ukutoba (ul 
Fond, a. (Loving), Tandayo. 

—(To be), Tanda. 
Fontanel, n, Ufokoti (ulu). 
Food, to. Ukudhla (uku). 

— (Made of grain), Isikafu ( 

— CFoT a party), Izidhlo (izi 

— (Eaten wnen starting 

journey), Umncamu (umj. 

— (Rich), Isicanucanu (isi). 

— (Delicate), Ubikibiki. 

— (Sent to bridegroom), Um 


— (Bad), Idindikazi (i). 

— (A little), Ukudhlana (ui 

— (Larse supply on plate. 

Imbindolo (im). 

— ^Animal), Inyama (in). 

— (Made oi beer dregs and m( 

Umcuko (um). 

— (Provided for a visitor), Ii 

zeko (isi). 
Fool, n. Isiula (isi), isituta (is 
Foolery, n. Ubuula (ubu). 
Foolish, a. Pukuzile. 
Foolishly (To act), Pukuza. 
Foot, n. Unyawo (ulu). 

— (Splayed), Ibata (i). 

— (Of a bird), Inqondo (in). 

— (To go on), Hamba n 


— (Tread with), Nyatela. 




Footmark, n, Umkondo (um), iin- 

yawo (ulu). 
Footpath, n, Indhlela (in). 
Footstep, n. Unyawo (ulu). 
Footstool, n, Isihlalo sezinyawo, 

isenabelo, umgqiki wezinyawo. 
Fop, n. Umzibabazi (umV 
Foppery, n. Umbabazo (um). 
Foppish, a. Zibabazayo. 
For, conj. dbc. Ngoba, ngokuba, 

Forage, n. Ifoliji (i). 
Forasmuch, conj. Lokupela, ngo- 
Forbear, v, Bekezela, bekela. 
Forbearance, n. Ukubekezela, 

ukubekela (uku). 
Forbearing (To be), Bekezela, be- 
Forbid, v. Ala, alela. 

— (Strictly), Naumisela. 
Force, n. Amandnla (ama). 

— V. (CJompel^, Quba, quoela. 

— ^Violate), Poqa. 

— (Open, as a door, &c), Qoboza. 
Forceps, n. Udhlau Iwamazinyo. 
Forcible, a. Namandhla. 
Forcibly (To take away), Apnea, 

Ford, v, Wela. 

— (Cause to), Weza, welisa. 

— n. Izibuko (i). 
Forearm, n. Umkono (um). 
Forebode, v. (Something ill), Lo- 

FoREBODER, u, Umlokoti (um). 
Foreclose, v, (As a mortgage), 

Nquma amandhla. 
Forefather, n. Ukoko. 
Forefinger, n. Inkomba, inkota 


Forehead, n. Ibuzi (i). 
Foreigner, n. Umuntu wapetsbya. 

FOR-EVER-AND-BVBR, odv, Kuzeku- 

Foreknow, v. Azi pambilL 
Foreland, n, Inhlouhlo (in). 
Foreleg, n. (Breast), Umkono 

Forenoon, n. Eusasa. 
Foresee, v. Bonaqangi. 
Foreskin, n. Kwaou (i). 
Foremost, o. Fambili. 

— Man, n. Isilomo (isi). 
Forest, w. Iblati (i). 

pf yellow-wood), Isikoba (isi). 
In Zululand), Ingome. 
pxtensive), Ihlatinkulu (i). 
[Thorn bu£Ui), Ihlanze (i), isi- 

Foretell, v, BikaqangL 
Forge, n. Isitando (isQ, iningo (i). 

— V. (Beat into shape), Bandiua, 

Forged (To be), Elandwa, bandu- 

Forget, v, Eohlwa. 
Forgetful, a. Kohlwayo. 

— Person, n. Isikohlwa (isi). 
Forgbtfulness, n. Ukukohlwa 

Forgive, v, Tetelela, yekela. 
Forgiveness, n, Ukutetelela, uku- 

yekela (uku). 
Forgiving,©. Tetelelayo, yekelayo. 
Fork, n. Isuoloko, ifoloko. 

—(Of a tree), Imbaxa. 
Forlorn, a. Lahliwe. 
Form, n. (Seat), Isihlalo (isi). 

— TFigure), Umfanekiso (um). 

— (Shape), Isimo (isi). 

—(Class), Uhlobo (ulu). 





— V. (Make), Enza. 

— (Aa a potter), Bumba. 

— (As a society, Hlanganisa, 
Formerly, adv. Mandulo. 
FoRMiDABLB, a. Esabekajo. 

—(To be), Esabeka. 
Formless, a. Ngenasimo. 
Fornication (To commit), Soma. 

— n. Ubufebe (ubu). 

— (Kind of), Ukulilobonga (uku). 
Fornicator, n. Isifebe (isi), isibeva 

Forsake, v. (Leave), Yeka. 

— (Abandon), Labia. 

— (As a wife), Bukula. 
Forsooth, adv, Pela. 
Forswear, v. Twapa. 
Fort, n. Innqaba (in). 
Fortify, v. (Encourage), Kalipisa. 

— (Strengthen), Qinisa. 

—{Erect works), Aka umronqo. 
Fortitude, w. Isibindi (isi), ukalipo 

Fortress, n. Innqaba (in). 
Forthwith, adv. Masinvane. 
Fortuity, n. Isiwici (isi), isiyiba, in- 

Fortunate, a. Nenhlanhla. 

— (To be), Ncemla, hlahlamela. 
Fortune, n. (Good), Ici (i), isibuso 

(isi), inblanMa. 

—/Bad), Isisila (isi). 

— (Wealth), Imfuyo (im). 
Forty, a. Amashumi amane. 
Forward, adv. Pambili. 

I. (Bold), Nesibindi, nobugagu. 

— Person, n, Igagu (i). 
. (Hasten), Tyetyisa. 

— ^Promote^, Qubela. 
— (To go), (Jubekela. 
— (To send), Tnmela. 

Forwardness, n. tJbugagn (ubu). 
Foster, v, Ondhla. 

— Child, n. XJmondhli (um). 
Fostered, Ondhliwe. 
Foul, a. (Dirty), Ngcolile^ nensila. 

—(Wicked), Kohiakele. 

— Odour, n. Iququ (i). 

—(To be), Ngcola. 

— (To make), Ngcolisa. 
Foulness, n. Cfkungcola (uku). 
Found, v. (Lay the base), Sekela. 

—(Build), Aka. 

—(Establish), Misa. 

— y. Funyenwe. ' 
Foundation, n. Isisekelo (isi). 
Founder, n. Ummisi, umaki. 

— v. (In the mud), Boxn, 


— (As a horse), Xuka. 

— (As a ship), Tyona. 
Fountain, to. IJmtombo (um), isi- 

petu (isi). 
Four, o. Ne. 

— Cornered, a. Namacopomane. 
FoxTRFOLD, a. Kane. 
Fourthly, adv. Ngokwesine. 
Fourteen, a. Ishumi nane, ishumi 

Fourth, a. Isine (isi). 
Fowl, n. Inkuku (in). 

— House, n. IfuKu (i). 
Fox, n. Isidawane (isi). 
Fracas, n. Ukuxokozela (uku). 
Fraction, n. (A part), Intwana 

,. ^'^)- 

Fractious, a. Teteme. 

Fracture, n. Ufa (ulu). 

— V. Apula. 

Fractured (To be), Apuka. 

Fragile, a. (Brittle), Qoboqobo. 

Fragility, n, Ubuqoboqobo (ubu). 




Fragment, n. Isiqindi, isihlepu, 

Fragrance, w. Ipunga elimnandi. 
Frail, v, (Weak), Butakataka. 
Frailty, n. Ubutakataka (ubu). 
Frame, v. (Invent), Qamba. 
Framework, n. (Of a hut, &c.), 

UpaMa (ulu). 
Frank, a. Sobala. 
Frantic, a. Hlanyayo. 
Fraud, n. Inkohliso (in). 
Fraudulent, a. Kohlisayo. 

— Person, n. Umkohlisi (um). 
Freak, n. Indhlalo (in). 
Freckles (On the face), Ubutem- 

buzane (ubu). 
Freckled, a. Nobutembuzane. 
Free, a. (Forward), Nesibindi, no- 

— ^Candid), Qoto. [bugagu. 

— (Liberal), Hlapazayo. 

— ^Guiltless), Ngenacala. . 

— (Ready), Lungile. 

—(Eager), Namatata. 

— V. (Set at liberty), Kulula. 
Freebooter, n, Inswelaboya (in). 
Freedom, n. Ukululeko (mu). 
Freehanded person, w. Inlapah- 

lapa (i). 
Freehearted, a. Hlapazayo, bunene, 

Freely, adv, (In a manner), Ngeze, 


—-(Spontaneously), Ngentando. 
Freeze, v, JiyisA ngamakaza. 
Freight, v. Twesa, etwesa. 

— n. Intuto (in). 
Frenzy, n. Ubunlanya, ubugcwan- 

Frequent, v, Naka, nanza. 
Frequently, adv, Kaningi, fnti- 


— (To do), Vamelela. 
Fresh, a. Tya. 
Freshen, v. Hlumelela. 
Freshman, n. Umfiki (um). 
Freshness, Ubutya (udu). 
Fret, v, (Be fretful), Tetema. 

— (Yex\, Kataza. 

— (By rriction), Gudhla. 
Frbtfulness, Ukutetema (uku). 
Friction, n. Ukugudhla, ukugud- 

hlana (uku). 
Friday (On), Ngolwesihlanu. 
Friend, n. Isihlobo umngane. 
Friendship, to. Ubuhlobo,ubungane 

Friendly, adv, Nobuhlobo, ngobu- 

Fright, n. Uvalo (ulu), ukwetuka 

Frighten, v, Nunusa, esabisa, 

Frigid, a. Namakaza. 

-(StiflF), Lukuni. 

— (Without affection), Zenzi- 

Frill, n. Ijembula (i). 
Frisk, v. (As oxen), Tyekula. 

— (As a cat with a mouse), Gxan* 

Fritter, v, (As time), Qoba. 

— n. Isicaba (isi). 
Frivolity, n. Isibando (isi). 
Frivolous, a. Nesibando. 
Frog, n, Iselesele (1), indhlandhla, 


— Dance (Child's game), Unoka- 

Frog's spawn, n. Ujunguju. 
Frolic, v, Dhlala. 

— ^As calves), Tyekula. 

— (In water), Bukuda. 




— n, UkudhlaJa, ukutyekula 

From, prep. Ku. 

— TCome), Vela. 

— f Depart), Emuka. 

— (Take, by force), Amuka. 
Front, n. (The forehead), Ibunzi 


--(Forepart), Ubupambili (ubu). 

— Tails (Of men), Isinene (isi). 

— (Of girls), Imikwindi (imi). 

— V, (Over against), Malunga. 
Frontier, n. Umkaulo (iim). 
Frost, n. Isitwatwa (isi). 
Frosty, a. Nesitwatwa, nongqong- 

Froth, v, Kihlika. 

— n. Igwebu (i), amagwebu 


— (Of milk), Ingwebu (in). 
Frothy fellow, n. Isipiiupiiku 

Frouzy, a, Nepungu, nofuta, ne- 

Froward, a. Pambene. 
Frown, v, Fica, nyakama, rwa- 

Frozen, p. Jiyile ngamakaza. 
Fructify, v, Vundisa. 
Frugal, a. Ongile. 

—(To be), Onga. 
Frugality, n. Ukwonga ^oku). 
Fruit, n. (Of trees), Izitelo (izi). 

— ^Of umbelebele), Ibelebele (i). 

—(Berries), Izinhlamvu, 

— (Unripe), Ibimbi (i). 

— (Unripe figs), Umpobo (um;. 
Fruitful, a. Vundile, telayo. 
Fruitfulnbss, n. Ukuvunda, uku- 

tela (uku). 
Fuddle, v, Dakisa. 

FuGiTiVB, n, Umpongqolo, um- 

Fulfil, v. Gcwalisa, enza. 
FuLGENCY, n, Ubucwazicwazi (ubn). 
Fulgent, a. Cwazimulayo. 
Full (To be), Gcwala, ukuti gcwa 

ukuti xwi. 

—{To make), Gkwalisa. 

— (Hal^ to make), Gamatisa. 

— ?A8 a river), Gcwele. 

— f As a person), Suti. 

— (To be, as the moon), Hlan- 

Fulness, n. (Of a river), Ukug- 

cwala (uku). 

— (Of a person), Ukusuta (uku). 
Fulminate, v. Duma. 
Fumble, v. Putaputa, fumfuto. 
Fume, n. Usu (ulu). 

^Anger), Intukutelo (in). 
Fun, n. Amahlaya (ama). 
Fundament, n. Ingola, igolo (i). 
Funeral, n. Ukumbela (uku^. 
Fungus, n. (Edible), Isip&u (isi^ 
Funny person, n, Isinteli (isi). 
Fur, n. Ubo^ (ubu). 
Furbish, v, Kanyisa. 
Furious, a. Hlanyayo. 
Furnish, v, Hlobisa, vunula. 
Furniture, n. Impahla (im). 
Furor, n, Ubuhlanya (ubu). 
Furrow, n. Umsele (um). 
Further, adv, Pambili. 
Furtive, a. Ebiweyo. 
Fuse, v, Ncibilikisa. 
Fuss, V. Qiqizela, walazela. 

— n, Ukuqiqizela^ Ukuwalazela 

Fussy, a. Walazele, qiqizele. 
Fusty, a. Entile. 
Future time, Isikati esizayo. 





G has a hard sound, as g in give 
Gabble, v. Mpompoza. 
Gabbler, n. Umpompozi (um). 
Gad, V, Zululeka. 
Gadding, n. Ukuzululeka (uku). 

— (Mischievous), Ubuntutane 

Gadfly, Isibau, isicabu (isi). 
Gadflies (Zulu regiment), Izibau. 
Gain, r. Zuza. 

— n. Inzuzo (in). 
Gainer, n, Umzuzi (um). 
Gainsay, v, Pika, pikelela, pikisa. 
Gainsayer, w. Isipikeleli (isi). 
Gait, n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Galaxy, n, Umtala (um). 
Gale, n. Isipepo (isi), isivungu- 
Gall, n. Inyongo (in). [vungu. 

— V, (Fret), Ricula. 

— Bladder, n. Inyongo (in). 

— Sickness, w. Inyongo (in). 
Galled (To be), Pucuka. 
Gallop, v. Jara, pala. 

— (Cause to), Jarisa. 

— (As an ox), Gadula. 
Gallows, n. Umuti wokukunga um- 

Gamble, v, Dhlala ngemali. 
Gambol, v. Tyekula. 

— n, Ukutyekula (uku\ 
Game, n. (SportV Indhlalo (in). 

— (AnimalB oi chase), Inyamazane 

Gander, n. Iransi (i). 
Gaol, n, Itilongo (i). 
Gaoler, n. Um^cini wetilongo. 
Gap, n. Isikala, isicamu (isi). 

— (In a mountain), Insungubezi 


Gape, v» Zamula. 

Gaper, n. Umzamuli (um). 

Garden, n. Insumu (in). 

— (For pumpkins), Isigcaka (isi). 

— (On new land), Umqato (um). 

— (Of Zulu potatoes), Isidumbi 

— Boundary, n. Umtango (um). 
— Hut, w. Ixiba (i), umpeme 
Gardener, n. Umlimi (um). 
Gardening, n. Umlimela. 
Gargle, v, Xupa. 
Garland, n. Umqele wembalasi. 
Garlic, n, Iswele yasendhle. 
Garment, n. Ingubo (in). 
— (Small), Ingutjrana (in). 
— (Old), Inikiniki (i), urududu 

— (Short, of women), Igqila (i). 
Garrulity, n. Ukumpompoza(uku). 
Garrulous, a, Mpomozile. 

— Person, w. Umpompozi (um). 
Gash, n. Umuga. 
Gasp, v, Pefuzela. 
Gate, n. Isango (i). 
Gate-bar, n. Umvalo (um). 
Gather, v, (Collect), Buta. 
jUp, as ashes), Wola, 
Glean), Kotoza. 
— (A deficient crop), Ewica, ukuti 

— (Pucker), Shwabanisa, 
— (Into folds), Fingqa. 
ester), Mila. 
In crops), Vuna, 
^Assemole), Buta, hlanganisa. 
^Around, as mist), Ukuti ngci. 
In one place), Butela ndawonye. 
^Around, as persons), Bungan- 




— (Fruit), Ka. 

^ogether), Butana. 
f As clouds for a storm), Hloma. 
f Up the sleeves), Fingqa, finyeza. 
[Around, as flies), Bungaza, bun- 


— 2^*0 ^ heap), Fumba, qoqa. 

— (Vegetables for present use), 

Gathering, n. (People for a dance), 

Iketo (i). 

— (In tne lungsV Ixwala (i). 

— (A tumour), Itumba (i), utum- 

Gathers, n. (Folds of a garment), 

Imifingqo (imi). 
Gawky, n. Idnliwa (i). 
Gat person, w. Itonqana (i). 
Gaze, v. Buka. 

— (Earnestly^ Qolozela. 
Gazed at (To oe), Bukeka. 
Gazing stock, n. Isidhlalo (isi). 
Geese, n. Amaransi (ama). 
Geld, v. Tena. 

Gelding, n. Umtondolo (um). 
Gem, n. Igugu (i). 
Genealogy, n. Isizukulwana (isi). 
General talk, n. Ixoxo (i). 
Generate, v. Zala. 
Generation, n, (Family), Uhlobo 


— (Race), Inzalo (in). 

— (Age), Isidulu (isi), isizukul- 
wana (isi). 
Generosity, n. Ukublapaza (uku). 
Generous, a. Hlapazayo. 

— Person, n. Imapanlapa (i). 
Generously (To give), Pana. 
Genet, n, Insimba (in). 
Genitals, n. (Of the male), Umpam- 

bili (um), «c. 

— (Female), Umpakato (um), &c. 
Gentiles, w. (Nations), Izizwe (izi). 
Gentle, a. Nene, tamoile. 

— (To be), Bekezela, tamba. 
Gentleman, n, Ijetimane (i). 
Gentleness, w. Ubunene (ubu). 
Gently I interj, Kahle ! 
Genuflection, n, Ukuguqa (uku). 
Genus, n. Uhlobo (ulu). 
Geography, w-Izifundiso ngamazwe. 
Germ, n. Ihlumelo (i). 
German, n, Ijalimane (i). 
Germinate, v, Mila. 
Germination, n. Ukumila (uku). 
Gestation, n, Ukumita (uku). 
Gesticulate, v, Elula izito. 

— (Much), Bahama. 
Gesture, n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Get, V, (Obtain), Zuza, tola. 
— (To a place), Fika. 
Arrive at), Fikek. 
Better), Ma. 
Out or the way), Deda. 
Up, as from sleep), Vuka. 
— (Down), Ehlika. 

Out of the light), Suduka. 
In), Ngena. 
— ^Up, ascend), Eupuka, enyuka. 
— (Out), Puma. 
— (Easily), Cuma. 
y), Lungisa. 
Tor another), Zuzela. 
Well), Pila, pola, sinda. 
— /Away or up), Suka. 
— (Up a little), Lulama. 
— (With little trouble), Bumbu- 

—(Over, trespass), Fohla. 
—(Overtake), Fumana. 
— (Away, depart), Emuka. 
Get away ! interj, Suka ! 




Ghost, n. Isitunzi (isi). 

— (Holy), Umoya Oyinncwele. 
Giant, n. tlmdodashiya (um). 
Giddiness, n. Isizunguzane, isizulu- 

Iwane, isiyezi. 
Giddy (Dizzy, to be), Ndiyazela. 

— a. Nesizunguzane. 

— (Heedless), Pukuzile. 
Gift, n. Isipo (isi), umnikelo (iim). 
Gifted, a. riweyo. 
Giggle, v. Gigiteka. 
GiMBLET, n. Ibola (i). 
Gin, n. (Trap), Isitiyo (isi), unom- 

Giraffe, n. Indhlulamiti (in). 
Gird, v. Binca. 
Girdle, n. Ibande (i), isibamba (isi). 

— (Woman's), Ixama ^i). 

^Of goat's hair), Imoonya. 

— (Grass), Isifociya (isi). 
Girl, n. Intombi (in). 

— (Who loves a man), Isixebi (isi). 

— (Little), Intombazana (in). 

— (Of the chief kraal), Umdhlnn- 


— (Betrothed), Indoguso (in). 

— (Choice), Iduma (i), 

— (With pendulous breasts), Inko- 

mane (in). 

— (Bold), Italatalakazana. 
Girlhood,' w. Ubuntombi (ubu). 
Girls, w. (Of the same age), Ij^- 

tamo (i), intanganye. 

— (Marriageable, of the same age), 

Amaqikiza (ama). 

— (Young), Amatyityi (ama). 

— (Very young), Inhlekabayeni 

Girth, w. (Of a saddle), Ibande 

Give, v. Pa, nika. 

— f As snuff)> Shiyela. 

— (Back), Buyisa. 

— (Over and above), Elekela, ele- 


Tay, as the top of a hut), Fola. 

: Milt, as a cow), Ehlisa. 

fXJp), Dela. 

(Into the hand), Nyabela. 
— Cattle in marriage), Lobola. 
— (Directions), Yalela. 
— (Drii^), Puzisa. 
— ^A push to), Ciliza. 
— (Ear), Qapela. 

— (Something displeasing), Sise- 

^More), Engeza, enezela. 

In from the outside), Nikeza. 

fA present), Basela. 

[As additional information), Ta- 

— (A charge), Yaleza. 
— (More snuff), Fezisela. 
— (Judgment), Abela, gweba. 
— (Liberally), Pana. 
—(Over), Yeka. 
— f A person a benefit), Kolisa. 
— (Out, publish). Ansa, shuma- 

— (In), Dela. 
—(Up for), Delela. 
— (Excessively), Pisisa. 
— (At random), Sapaza. 
— (A glance at), Ukuti xabe. 
— ^Back, in exchange), Enanela. 
— (In charge to), Patisa. 
— (Profusely, &c.), Hlapaza, ukuti 

— (Thanks for), Bongela, enanela. 
— ?One's-self), Zinikela. 
—(Like for like), Pindisa. 
—(In, yield to reason), Vuma. 




— ^Restore), Buyisela. 

— (Ear to), Nikela, indhlebe. 
Giver, n. Umupi (umu). 
Giving, n. Ukupa (uku), ukunika 

Gizzard, w. Ingila (in). 
Glad (To be), Jabula. 

— a. Jabulayo. 
Gladden, v. Jabulisa. 
Gladiole, n. Isidwa (isi). 
Gladly, adv, Ngoknjabula. 
Gladness, n. Injabiuo (in). 
Glance, v. (To look), Bekanje. 

— ^Slm), Tyelela. 

— (0% as a bullet), Gwengula. 

— (The eye over), Bekabeka. 
Gland, n. Idhlala (i), indhlala (in). 
Glare, v. Goloza, golozela. 

— n. Ukugoloza (uku). 

— (To sbine), Bengezela. 
Glass, n. (Mirror), leibuko (isi). 

— Iglasi (i). 
Gleam, v, Bazimula. 

— n. Ukubazimula (uku). 
Glean, v, Kotoza. 
Gleaner, n. Isikotozi (isi). 
Gleaning, n. Ukukotoza (uku). 
Glee, n, (Jov), Injabulo (in). 
Gleet, n. Ubovu olumanzL 
Glen, n. Isigoxa (isi), isigodi (isi), 

Glene, to. (Of the eye), Inkoto ye- 

Glib, t;. (Make smooth), Tyeleza. 

— (Castrate), Tena. 
Glibness, n. Ubutyelezi (ubu). 
Glide, v. (Slip\ Tyelela. 
Glimmer, t;. Bazimula, kazimula, 

Glimpse, (To get), Qabuka, ukuti 

qa, ukuti nhla. 

Glisten, i?. Cwebezela, kazimula. 
Glitter, v. Beza, ukuti be, cwebe- 
zela, ukuti cwebecwebe. 

— n. Ubucwazicwazi (ubu). 
Glittering, o. Cwazimulayo, kazi- 

Globe, n. (A round body), Indilinga 


— (The earth), Umhlaba (um). 
Glomerate, v. Dilinga. 
Gloom, n. Ubumnyama (ubu\ 
Gloomy, a. (As the sky, to be), Nya- 


— (SuUen, to look), Hlunama, 


— ^Duwncast, to be), Nyukumala. 

— fCloudy), Nyakeme, mnyama. 

— (Sad), Dabukile, buhlungu. 
Gloominess, n. Ubumnyama (ubu). 
Glory, n. Ubukosi (ubu), inkazi- 

mulo (in). 

— w. Bonga, qalaba. 
Glow, v, (As a firebrand), Eihlika, 

ukuti kihli. 
Glowworm, n. Inkanyezi (in). 
Glue, n. Inhlaka (in). 

— «. Namatelisa. 
Glum, a. Kunile, hluneme. 
Glut, v. Minza. 

— n. Ukuvunda (uku). 
Glutinous (To be), Ntrfuna. 

— Thing, n. Iketekete (i). 
Glutton, tu Isiminzi (isi), umrari 

Gluttonous, a. Minzile, minzayo, 

Gluttony, n. Ubugege (ubu), uku- 

rara (uku). 
Gnarled, a. (Knotty), Namapuzu. 
Gnash, v. Qaqazela. 
Gnashing, n. Ukuqaqazela (uku). 




Gnat, n, Insensane (in), 

— (Mosquito), Umiyane (u). 
Gnaw, v, Gedma, ququda. 
Gnome, n. (Water-sprite), Intatabu- 

lembu (in). 
Gnu, n. (Brindled), Inkonkoni, im- 

—{With white mane), Ipiva (i). 
Go, V. Ya, hamba, buluka. 
-—(One behind another), Lande- 

— (About at one's pleasure), Xan- 

— (Short distance for pleasure), 

— (Stooping), Totoba. 
— (Depart Sfom), Muka, emuka. 
— (Like a chameleon), Nwabuluka. 
— (In), Ngena. 

^Softly, as a cat), Nyonyoba. 
— (Out), Puma. 

fDown towards the S.E.), Euka. 
— (Quickly), Tyetya, tata izinyawo. 

[Out for a few moments), Aaxa. 

fTo worship), Sonta. 

fPrivatelyi Nyelela. 

fHome), Gfoduka. 

[One arter another), Hlaba un- 

Tear), Sondela. 

f Alonga ridge), Danda. 

[Up), Kupuka, enyuka. 

[Off, tossing the nead), Nqeke- 

— (Down, as a swelling), Damba. 
— TAside), Deda. 

— (Round, make the circuit of), 

— (To meet another), Hlangabeza. 
—(Through), Dabula. . 
— (Far round), Tatela, zekelela. 

— fBack), Buya. 

— (Steadily forward, as oxen), 


— TWildly, as a lunatic), Mpampa. ^ 

— (To bed fasting), Ukuti mahla. 

— (Minutely into a matter), Nin- 


— (Astray), Lahleka. 

—(With), Pelekezela. 

— (Through a tune), Pata. 

— (Out to war), Hlasela. 

—(With an impetas)^ Duma. 

— (Out, as a candle), Cimeka, cin- 


— (Off, as with the bait of a trap), 


— (In pursuit of), Landa, 

— (Out in the afternoon, as cattle), 


— TFurther), Dhlula. 

— (Round the side of a hill), 


— (Feebly), Dwanguzela, tenge- 


— (Behind), Landela. 

— (Through a review, as soldiers), 


— (Before), Hamba pambili. 

— (A little out of the path), Gwe- 


— (Out of the path), Cezuka. 

— (Deep into a thing), Zika. 

— (On the hands and knees), 

Kasa, gaqa. 

— (Over ground a second time, i.«. 

sow again), Buqa. 

— (Off, as a gun^, Vuta. 

— (Through a river), Wela. 

— (With importance), Fufuzela. 

— (Astray), Duka, eduka. 

— (Out of sight), Jiba. 




— ^Backwards), Hlehla. 

— (Aside), Gudhlnka, ukuti gud- 


— (Down a hill), Ehlika, gojela. 

—(To for food), Tekela. 

— (To worsllip), Sonta. 

— (Straight forward), Ukuti ngqe, 

qonda pambili. 

— (A long weary distance), Danda- 


— (On business), Babala. 

— (Out, as cattle), Aluka. 

— (Round about), Gutya, gwema, 


— (Forward, asa grass fire), Bebeta. 

— (Rotating, as a wheel), Ngeleza, 

ukuti n^ele ngele. 

— (In a long body), Bombuluka. 

— (Aside), Tantalaza. 

— ^ About without work), Bunuka. 

— (Over again), Buyekeza. 

— (To help), Putuma. 

— (With short quick steps), Ukuti 


— rOn), Ukuti tye tye tye. 

— (Fully into, as a story), Dhla. 

—(Side by side), Linganisaua, 

— (Crouching), Nyonyoba. 

— (Before, precede), Andulela. 

— (Through, execute), Enza. 
Goal, n. Umgomo (um). 
Goat, n. Imbuzi (im). 

— (Meagre), Ubudane. 

— (With long hair), Isiyepu (isi), 

isinutunutu (isi). 

— (Salacious), Isibeva (isi). 

— (Sent with a bride), Isumungulu 


— (Given by bridegroom), Umeke. 

— (Black, white stripe on back), 

Igambu (i). 

— (She), Isibuzikazi (isi). 
Gk)ATHERD, n. Umalusi um. 
God, n, Utixo (u). 
Godhead, n. Ubu Tixo (ubu). 
Godliness, n. Ubukonzotixo (ubu). 
Gk)DLESS, a, Eohlakele. 
Goggle, v, Qumuza. 
Going, n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Gold, n. Igolide (i). 

— (Mon^), Imali ebomvu. 
Gone, p, Hambile. 
Good, a. (Proper), Fanele. 

— (Morally), Lungile. 
Kind), Nomusa. 

— (Pleasant), Mnandi. 
|Sound), Qiuile. 

— (To be), Lunga. 

— (For nothing, to be), Enakala. 

—Bye (To bid), Valelisa. 

— interj, Sala kahle, yaka kahle 


— Day, interj, Sakubona (sing.) 

sanibona (plur.) 

— Fellow 1 interj. Wetu ! 

— Fortune, n. Inhlanhla (in). 

— Looking person, n, Igeza 



Ubunene (ubu), 

Umuntu olungi- 

— IManners, 


— Nature, n, 

ukuva (uku). 

— Person, n, 

Goodly, a. Hie. 
Goodness, n, Ukulunga (uku). 
Goods, n. Izimpahla (izim). 
Gooseberry, n. Iguzbele (i). 

— (Cape), Uqumqumu, uqu- 

GrOOSE, w. Iransi (i). 
Gore, n, (Blood), Ihlule. 




—V. Boja, hlaba, gwaza, juqa, 

qubutya, budhla. 
Gorge, v, Minza. 
Gormandize, v. Minza. 
Gormandizer, n. Isiminzi (isi). 
Gosling, n. Iransana (i). 
Gospel, n. Ivangile. 
Gossamer, n. Ubulembu (ubu). 
Gossip, v, Qamunda. 

— ji. Ukuqamunda (uku). 
Gouge, v. (Scoop out), Gweda. 
Gourd, n, Umbuba (um). 

— (Musical), Imvingo (im). 
Govern, v. Busa, patal 
Governor, n. Umbusi, umpati 


— (Of a colony), XJ Rulumeni. 
Government, n. Amakosi (ama), 

ukubusa (uku). 

— Gazette, n, Ikasi elicindeze- 

Iweyo lamakosL 
Gown, n. Ingubo (in). 
Grab, v. Hlwita, rwapuluza. 
Grace, n. Umusa. 

-^. (Embellish), Hloba. 

— (Dignify), Kulisa. 
Graceful, a. Tubuzelayo. 
Gracefulness, n, Ukutubuzela 

Gracious, a. Nomusa. 
Graciously, adv, Ngomusa. 
Gradually, adv. Ngamabanga, 

Graft, v, Xumelela. 
Grahamstown, n. I Rini (i). 
Grain, n. (A single), Uhlamvu 


— ^Choice), Unongo (ulu). 

— (Small, liked by Zulus), Upoko 

(Food), Isikafu. 

— (Boiled mealies), Inkobe, izin- 


—(Of wood), Izinyama (izi). 
Grains, n, (Whole, found in meal), 


— (Loose, of beads, com, &c.), 

Grampus, n. Umkomo (um). 
Grand, a. Hie. 

— Child, n. Umzukulwana (um). 

— ^Father, n. Ukulu, 

— (My), Ubabakulu. 
Vour), Ujrihlokulu. 

— (His), Uyisekulu. 

— Mother, n, (My), Umamekulu, 


— TThy), Unyokokulu. 

— (His), Uninakulu. 

— Sire, n. (Ancester), Ukoko. 
Grandeur, n. Ubuhle. 
Grant, v. (Give), Nika. 

— (Allow), Vumela. 
Grapple, v, (Hold fast), Ukuti dhla 


— (Wrestle), Bambana. 

— rLANT, n. Usondelangange, 

Grasp, v, Bamba, qakuna. 

^Violently), Tyuqula. 
Grass, n. Utyani (ubu). 

— fOld and dry), Isikota (isi). 

— (Tall, growing with the old), 

Iqubula (i). 

'Coarse and tall), Incca (in) 
Large, river), Umtfua (um). 
|Kind of), Imbubu (im). 
Kind of), Umuhlwa. 
|Short, green), Uhlaza (ulu). 
Recently burnt), Ihlungu (i). 
'Thatching), Isiqunga (isi), um- 

tala (um). 




(In stomach of an ox), Um- 

8wani (um). 

— rThick), Ukwena (uku). 

— (Found in old mealie gardens), 

Uvemvane ^ulu). 

— ^For mats), Incapa (in). 

— (For brooms), IngongonL 

— (Guinea), Ubabe (ulu). 

— (For beer ba^et), Upoko 


— (Burnt in autumn), Ityakwind- 


— (Kind of long), Ibobo (i). 

—{Kind of), Umtente (um). 

—{Young tambootie]^ Isibande 


— (For cords), Incopo. 

— (Species of), Isikonko (isi). 

— (^ind of scented), Imbutane 


— (Kind o£) Isinandi (isi). 

— (Fine for thatching), Umcele 


— (Tall), Umsingizane (um). 

— (For sewing baskets), Ukasi 


— (Kind of red), Insinde (in). 

— (Gk)od for sheep), Ugwenya. 

—(For com receptacles), Umsin- 
gizane (um). 

— Hopper, n, Ibone (i). 

— (Large green), Intotoviane 


[Brown), Intete (in), ugudu. 
Grate, v^ (With the teeth), Gedhk, 

Grateful, a. Enanayo, bongayo. 

— (To be), Bonga enana. 
Gratitude, w. Ukwenanela, uku- 

bonga (uku). 
Gratuitously, adv. Ngomusa. 

Grave, n, Ituna, iliba, ifipa (i). 

— a. (Thoughtful), Zindhlayo. 

— V. (Carve), Loba. 
Gravel, n, Isihlabati (isi). 
Gravelly place, n, Ugedhlana 

Graveyard, n. Amatuna, ama- 

Gravitate, v, Sindelwa, donselwa. 
Gravitation, n. Ukusindelwa, uku- 

Gravity, n. Isisindo (isi). 
Gravy, n. Umhluzi (um). 
Gray, a. Mpunga, ngwevu. 
Graze, v. (Eat), Dhla. 

—(Touch slightly), Gudhla. 

— (As the skin), Futula, mzula. 
Grazing, n. Ukudhla (uku). 
Grease, n, Amafuta (ama). 

— V, Kata, gcoba. 
Greasy, a. Namafuta. 
Great, a. Kulu. 

— (To makeX Kulisa. 

— Coat, n. Ijasi (i). 

— Fish river, n. I Nxuba (i). 

— Doings, n. Idili (i). 

— Distance, Iban^ (i). 

— Grandchild, Umitya, um- 


— Man, n, Isikulu (isi). 
Greatly, adv, Kakulu. 
Greatness, n, Ubukulu (ubu). 
Greediness, n, Umgolo, ubugege, 

Greedy (To be), Nxanela, fisa, 


— Person, n. Umrari (um). 
Green, a, Luhlaza. 

—(To be), Ukuti yoko. 

— (To be, as the earth), Ukuti 





— Eyed, a. Nesikweli, nobu- 

Greenness, n. Ubuluhlaza. 
Greet, v. Bingelela. 

— (As a friend), Takazela. 
Greeting, n. Ukubingelela (uku). 
Grenadilla, n, Ugilindela. 
Grey, a, Nyaluti, ngwevu. 

— Cow, n. Ingwevukazi (in). 

— Hairs, n. Izimvi (izim). 

— (In young man's heaa), Uhizo 


— Head, n. Ingwevu (in). 

— Horse, n, Ihashi elunpunga. 
Greyishness, n. Ubungwevu 

Greytown, n, Um Gungundhlov- 

Grief, n. Ukudabuka, isikomololo, 

Grieve, v. (Sorrow^, Lila kala, 

— (Cause to), Duoukisa. 
Grieved (To be), Dabuka, lila, 

Grievous, a, Nzima, dabukisayo. 
Grill, v. Osa. 
Grimace, n. Ukubebezela (uku). 

— (To make), Bebezela. 
Grim face (To make), Nyakama. 
Grime, w. Insila (in). 
Grimy, a. Nensila. 
Grin, v, Sineka, ukuti sina. 
Grind, v. Gaya. 

— (Coarsely), Qazula, cazula, qa- 

Grind, v. (Thoroughly), Qayisisa. 

— (The second time), Bukeza. 

— (Fine), Colisa, coUsisa. 

— (As snuff), Sila. 

— (The teeth), Guguda, gedhla. 

— (Badly), Kafuza, 

— (Oppress), Kahla, hlupa. 

— T Anything hard), Qota. 

— (A tool), Lola. 

— (Boiled com), Potula. 
Grindstone, n. Umlolwazi (um). 

— (For mealies, &c.), Imbokondo 

Grip, v. Ukuti dhlakata, ukuti 

Gripe, v, Luma isisu. 

— (Painfully), Gunyaza, ukuti 

Griped (To be), Lunyiwa. 
Gripes, n. (Of an infant! Intungwa 

Griskin, w. XJmhlonzo (um). 
Grist, n, (Indian com), Umbila 


— (Kafir com), Amabele (ama). 

— (English com), Ukolwane. 
Gristle, n. Inhlali (in). 
Groan, v, Bubula. 

— ». Ukububula (uku). 
Groin, n. Imbilapo (im). 
Groom, w. (Stable), Umuntu wama- 

Groove, n. Inkoto, isisele (isi). 

— t;. Gumba. 
Grope, v. (In the dark), Fumfuta, 


— (Aa the blind), Pumputa. 
Gross man, n. Ibumumu (i). 
Grotto (Larce), Umpandu (um). 
Ground, n. U mhlabati 6im). 

— (Moist after rain), IJmdaka 


— (Lately cleared), Umcabo (um). 

— 0'aUow), Ifusi (i). 

— (Large extent of cultivated); 

Ibuya (i). 

— jp. Gayekile, silekile. 




^To be), Gayeka, sileka. 
— Plot, w. Isiza (isi). 
— Work, Umsekelo (um). 
Grounds, n. (Dregs), Izibiai (izi). 
Group, n, Isiqumbi (isi). 
Groups, w. (Of people), Amaxongo- 

Grout, n. (Course meal), Amarayi 

Grovel, v. (Creep), Nabuzela. 
Grow, v, (As plants), Mila, hluma. 
— (As cnildren), Depa. 
—(Rapidly), Bunguzela. 
—(Light), Sa. 
— (Smaller), Sinya. 
— ?01d), Guga. 
— (Pale), Fipala. 
— (Lean), Zaca. 
— (Increase), Kula, anda. 
— CFme looking), Jarela 
— (Fat), Kulupala. 
— (As a graft), Milela. 
— (Luxuriantly), Cuma. 
Grow, v, Bodhla. 
— ^As a dog), Gwavuma. 
— ^As a leopard), Bebeza. 
— (Grumble), Nqwena. 
— (Low), Bubula. 
Growler, n. Umgwavumi, um- 

Growling, n. Amabongo (ama). 
Growth, n. (Of persons), Ukukula 

— (Of plants), Ukuhluma, uku- 
mila (uku). 
Grub, n, (Large, in trees), Umhla- 
kairya (um). 

— (In com), Isangcokolo. 
— (In green mealies), Inhlava (in), 
isinlava (isi). 
—(Maggot), Impetu (im). 

Grudge, v, Ncitja. 

— n. Igqubu, isidikozi, amaquba. 
Grudgingly, adv. Ngomona, ngo- 

Gruel, n. lyambazi ^i). 
Gruff man, n, Ibebebe (i). 

— Sqund, n. Isibovu (isi). 
Gruffness, n. Ububodnlo (ubu). 
Grumble, v. Kononda, sola, yun- 

gama, kalala. 

— (In an undertone), Vungunyeka. 
Grumbler, n. Umsoli (um). 
Grumbling, Ukonono (ulu), insolo 

Grume, w. (Of blood), Iblule (i). 
Grumpy, a. Qumbile. 

—(To be), Qumba. 
Grunt, v. (As a piffi Bodhla. 

— n. (Gruff sound), Isibovu (isi). 
Guard, v, Linda. 

— ». Ukulinda (uku). 
Guardian, n, Umlindi, umondhli, 

Guerdon, n. Umvuzo (um). 
Guess, v, Qandela. 

— (As a person's meaning), Oata« 

Guidance, Ukukapa (uku). 
Guide, n. XJmkapi (um). 

— V. Eapa. 
Guile, n. Inkohliso, ubuhlakani. 
Guilt, n. Icala (i). 
Guilty, a. Necala. 

—(To be), Ona, jeza. 
Guinea-fowl, n. Impangele (im). 
Gulf, v. O^y), Iteku (i). 
Gull, v, {To cheat), Tyampuza. 
Gullibility, n. Ukutyampuzwa 

Gullet, n, Umminzo (um). 
Gully, v. (Ditch), Umsele (um). 




GuLOSiTY, n. Ukurara (uku). | 

GuLPH, n. Minza, ginya. 

Gum, n. (Of the teeth), Insini (in). 

—(Of trees), Inhlaka (in). 
Gumboil, n. Isilondana ensinini. 
Gun, n. Isibamu (isi^. 
Gun-barrel, n, Umbobo wesi- 

GuNCAP, n. Itopi (i). 
GuNLOCK, n. Indhlebe (in). 
Gunpowder, n. Umsizi (um). 
Gunshot, n. (Small), Uhlwai 


— (Bullet), Inhlamvu ^in). 
GuNSTicK, n. Uluti Iwesioamu. 
Gurgle, v. Koza, cwaza. 
Gush, v. (As blood, &c.), Petuza, 

popoza, ukuti popo. 
Gust, n. Isipepo (isi). 
Gut, n. Itumbu (i). 
Gutter, w. Umsele (um). 
Guzzle, v, Gobolozela, nyanyalaza. 


H. This letter is always aspirated. 
Habit, n. Umkuba ukuma Aiku). 

—(Dirty, of eating), Ubunuku 


— (Of body), Isigubo (isi). 
Habitation, n. Indhlu (in). 
Habitual, a. Jwavele. 
Habitually (To do), Jwayela. 

— (To do a bad thing), Rumqeka. 

— adv. Ngokujwayela. 
Habituate, v. Hlonzisa. 
Habituated (To be), Amukela, 

Habitude, n. Imvelo (im). 

Hack, v. Hlahla, 

— n. (Notch), Inkoto (in). 
Haft, w. Umpini (um). 

— (To put m), Pisela. 
Hag, n, (Witch), Umtakati. 
Haggard, a. (Wild), Hlanyile, 


—(Pale), Fipele. 
Hail ! interj. Yeti ! yetini 1 (plur.)^ 

bayete ! (of royalty). 

— V. (Salute), Bingelela. 

—(Cam, Biza. 

— n. (Frozen rain), Isicoto (isi/, 

isiqoto (isi). 
Hailstorm, n. Isiun^za (isi). 
HaiR) n. (Of the head), Unwele 


hick and long), Isihliito (isi), 
isihlito (isi). 

— (Under the arms, &c.), Uza 

— (Of the private parts), Izipumpu 
izi), izinza (izi). 

— (Grey), Izimvu, izimvi (izim). 
— (In "twisted strings), Umyeko 

— (The parting of), Umgedhla 

— (European), Amatyabalala 

— ^Trussed up), Umbabazo (um). 
— (As a bishop's wig), Umcungulu 
(um), imbunsa (im). 
— (Worn high beneath the ring), 
Umpatya (um). 

— (Flattened termination on poll), 

— ^Animal), Uboya (ubu). 
— (To shave oflF), Puca. 
— (To cut), Gunda. 
— (To dressV G^'a.W 




— (To perfume), Qola. 
Hairball, n. (In stomach of calves), 

Isikata (isi). 
Hairs, n. (Of the dog, cat, &c.), 

Izindonsi (izin). 
Hairdresser, n. Umcwali (um). 
Hairy, a. Noboya. 
Half, n, Isigamu (isi), umgamanxo 


— (Of a skin), Umbando (um). 
Half-blood, a, Elamene. 
Half-brother, n, Iselamane (isi). 
Half-crown, n. Ufakolweni. 
Half-close, v. (The eyes), Eica 

Half-cooked (To be), Gunya. 
Half-dead (To be). Fa. 
Half-fill, v. Gamanxisa, qingatisa, 

JIalf-full, a. Gamatile. 
Half-penny, w. Indibilityane (in). 
Half-wit, w. Isipukupuku (isi), 

isiula (isi). 
Hallelujah I inter}. Anidumise a 

Halloo, v. (Shout), Memeza. 
Hallow, v. Ahlukanisela, hlonipa. 
Hallowed (To be), Hlonitywa. 
Halo, n, Umkumbi wennyanga 
Halt, v. (Stop), Ma, ema. 

— ^Limp), Aiika, nyongoza. 

— iHesitate), Pataneka. 

— (As an army), Ngenisa. 
Halve, v, Ahlukanisa kabili, ahlula 

Ham, n, Itsweba (i). 
Hamlet, n, Umuzi, umuzana (um). 
Hammel, w. Umpeme (um). 
Hammer, v, (As nails), Betela. 

— (As a smith), Kanda. 

— (Out), Bandula, bandulela. 

— n. Isando (isi). 
Hamper, v. (Impede), Libalisa, liba- 

Hampered (To be), Jielwa. 
Hamstring, v, Nquma umsipa wet- 

Hand, n. Isandhla (isi). 

— TRight), Esokunene isandhla. 

— (Left), Esokohlo isandhla. 
Handcuff, n, Uzankosi. 
Handful, n. Uwetye. 

— (Of uncaba), Isifucu (isi). 
Handkerchief, n. Iduku ^^i). 
Handle, v. Pata. 

— (Indecently), Putaza, ukuti puta 


— (A disagreeable thing), Bilicika. 

— (Roughly), Fonyofonjroza. 

— n, (Of a tool), Umpini (um). 
Handmaid, n. Incekukazi (in), isi- 

gqila (isi). 
Handsaw, n, Isara (i). 
Handsome, a. Hie. 

— Person, n. Igeza, isoka. 
Hand-stone, n. (For grinding), Im- 

bokondo (im). 
Hand-vice, n. Isibambo ^isi). 
Handy-dandy, n. Imfumoe (im). 
Hang, v, Panyeka. 

— ^The head on one side), Geba. 

— (Over), Engama. 

— (Down, dangle), Lenga, lenga- 


— my a rope), Jika, 

— (Carefully, as dothes)^ Caya, 


— TBack), Libala. 

— (Out, display), Veza. 

—(Suspend by the neck), Panyeka. 
Hanging, n. (Curtain, &c.\ Isilen- 

galpnga (isi). 




Hanker, v. Langazelela. 
Hankering, n. Ukulangazelela 

Hap, n. Ingozi (in). 
Happen, v. Hla, hlela, vela. 
Happiness, n. Intokozo (in). 
Happy, a. Tokozile. 

— (To be), Tokoza, busa, onwaba. 
Hard, a. (Firm), Qinile. 

— (Difficult), Lukuni, nqala. 

— (Oppressive), Hlupayo. 

— (Niggardly), Ncityayo. 

— rDifficult, to be), Nqala. 

— (Firm, to be), Qina. 

—Breathing, n. Ipika (i). 
Harden, v. (Make hard), Enza 


— (Make obdurate), Gunyisa. 
Hard-fisted, a. (Covetous), Fisayo, 


—(Niggardly), Ncityayo. 
Hardihood, n. (Stoutness), Uku- 

Hardness, n. Ubulukuni, ubunqala. 
Hardship, n. Ukabla (ulu). 
Hard thing, n. (To be done), Isin- 

qalanqala (isi). 
Hard- worked (To be), Kahleka. 
Hardy, a. Lukuni, qinile. 
Hare, n. Umvundhlu, unogwaja. 

— (SpringhaasV Unzipondo. 
Harefoot, n. (All herb), Isinungu 

Hark ! interj. Yizwa ! yizwani ! 

Harlot, n. Isiropo, isifebe (isi). 
Harm, n. Ingozi (in). 

— V. (Bodilv), Limaza, 

—(Morally), Ona. 

—(To do), Elelesa. 
Harmful, a. Limazayo. 

Harmonize, v. Vumelanisa. 
Harmony, n. Ukuvumelana (uku). 
Harmonium, n. Ugubu (ulu). 
Harrow, n. Isibuqo (isi). 

— V. Buqa. 
Harshness, n, Ulunya (ulu), ubu 

dhlangudhlangu isidhlova. 
Harsh person, n, Isidhlangu- 

dhlangu (isi). 
Hartebeest, 71. Inkolongwane, in- 

hluzele (in). 

— (Blue, with white tail), Ityon- 

gololo (i). 

— (Brown, with black tail), Imbu- 

tuma (im). 
Harvest, v, Vuna. 

— n. Ukuvuna (uku). 

— One season only of), Inhlaba* 

kanye (in). 

— Time, n. Ukwindhla. 
Hash, v. Qobisisa. 
Haste, n, Imputumputu, itata, 

Hasten, v. Tyetya, nonopa, qiqizela. 

— TTo help), Hlangulisa. 

— (A person), Tyetyisa, pangisa, 

Hastily (To do), Walazela. 

— (To speak), Pamuka. 
Hastiness, n. Amawala (ama). 
Hat, n. Isigqoko (isi). 
Hatch, v. (Cnickens), Camusela. 
Hatchet, n. Imbazo (im), izembe 

Hate, v, Zonda. 

— ^Cause to), Zoiidisa. 

— (Thoroughly), Zondisisa. 
Hated (To be), Zondwa. 
Hateful (To be), Zondeka. 
Hatred, n. Inzondo (in). 
I Haughtily^ cwi'\3.'^^<^«:<^i^S^^ 




Haughty (To be), Zidhla. 

— a. Zidhlayo. 
Haul, v, Rola. 
Have, v, Ukuba na. (Ex, Nginaye, 

I have him.) 

— (In hand, as business), Pata, 

—(A fan^ for), Joka, 
Hawk, n, U nhloile (u). 

— (Small kind), Uxebe. 

— (Kind of), Indhlandhlokazi, in- 

kwazi, usomnheshi. 
Hay, n. Utyani (ubu). 
Hazard, v. Enza inkato. 

— n. Inkato (in). 
Haze, n. Inkungn, ufasimba. 
Hazy, a. Fumile. 

—(To be), Fuma* 
He, pron. Yena. 
Head, n. Ikanda (i), inhloko (in). 

— ^Top of). Ukakayi (ulu). 

— (Top 01 a thing), Isihloko 


— TTemple of), Ihlonhlo (i). 

—(Of cattle, as one, two, &c.), In- 

komo (in). 

—(Ill-shaped), Isiquknnquku (isi). 

— tof maize), luwa (i). 

— (Chief), Inkosi (in). 

— ('Of a stick), Isikanda (isi). 
Headache, n. Ubuhlungu bekanda. 

— (To have), Kwelwa ikanda. 
Headband, n. Umcacamezelo (um). 
Head-dress, n, (Of women), Um- 

nqwazi (um). 
Headland, n. Inhlonhlo (in). 
Headlong (To go), Pumputeka. 
Head-man, n, XJmnumzana (um). 
Head-ornament, n, (Of women), 

Umqwazi (um). 
Head-ring, n. Isigcogco (isi). 

— (Sewing of), Umqondo (um). 

— (High), Umpatya (um^. 

— (Gum used for), Ungiyane, ini 


— (Seam of), Uqondo (ulu). 

— (Dresser of), Umcwali (um). 
Heads, n, (Of a discourse), Izin- 

hloko (izin). 
Headstall, n. XJmkala wamahashi. 
Headstrong person, n. Isipisekeli, 

isipoxo (isi). 
Heal, v, (As a wound), Polisa. 

— (Of sickness), Pilisa^ pulukisa. 
Healed ^o be), Puluka. 
Health, n. lAupila, ubumnandi 

Healthy, a, Pilile. 

—(To be), PHa. 
Heap, v, Fumba, nawaba, qonga. 

— (Upon), Fumbela. 

— n. Innqwaba (in), umqongo, 

inqolobela inngqumbi. 

— (Of rubbish), Ibibi (i), ipuqu 

(i), imfutuza (im). 

— (Of Kafir com), Isita (isi). 

— (Of slaughtered animals), Um- 

wolonyama (lun). 

— (AJi in a heap), Amafukufuku. 

—{Of stones, to which every tra- 
veller adds one), Isivivane (isi). 

— (Of mealies), Umqongo um). 
Heaps, w. (Many), Innqwabanqwaba 

Hear, v, Zwa, ezwa. 

— (With attention), Lalela. 

— (For one's-seK), Zizwela. 
Hearing, n, XJkuzwa (uku). 
Heard (To be), Ezwakala. 
Heart, n, Inhjiziyo (in). 

— (Bad), Ugovana, u^evana. 

— Broken, Dabukile-inhliziyo. 

—(To be), Dabuka. 




Heartburn, w. Isilungulela (isi), 

isityisa (isi). 
Heartburning, n. (Discontent), 

Ukugunya (iiku). 
Heart-sickness, n. UsikisikL 
Heartily, adv. Ngokwenhliziyo. 
Hearth, w. Iziko (ili). 

— (Border of), Umbundu (um). 

— ?Stone of), Iseko (i). 

— (Chief stone of), Umlindaziko 

Heartless, a. Nolunya. 

— (Spiritless), Dangele. 
Heartrending, a, Dabukisayo. 
Heartstrings, n. Izinqwanga. 
Heat, n, Ukufudumala (uku). 

— ^Of the fire), Ukutyisa (iiku). 

— (Great), Isigudu (isi). 

— (Great, of the sun), Isamvu. 

— V, Tyisa, fudumalisa. 
Heath, n. Ihlane (i). 
Heathen, n, Abantu abangapan- 

Heave, v, (Lift), Fukula, pakamisa. 

— (As the sea), Qubuka. 

— (Vomit), Hlanza, gonyuluka. 
Heaven, n. Izulu (i). 
Heaviness, n. Ubunzima (ubu). 
Heaving, n, CTkufukula (utu). 

— (Of the sea), Ukuqubuka (uku). 
Heavt, a. Gqinsi, nzima, sinda. 

— (It is), Kuya sinda. 

—(To be), Sinda. 
Hebrew, n. [Jmheberu. 
Hedge, n, [Jtango (ulu). 

— V. Biya. 
Hedgehog, n. Inhloni (in). 
Hedgbr, n. Umbiyeli (um). 
Heed, v, Qapela, nanza, naka. 
Heedful, a. Qapelayo. 
Heedless, a. Deleleyo. 

— Person, n, Ilulwane (i). 
Heel, n. Isitende (isi). 
He-goat, n. (young), Impongo, 

idhlaba, isitokazana. 
Heiper, 71. Isitole (isi), itokazi (i). 

— (Not friendly with the bml), 

Ifusakazi (i), umlazela (um). 

— (Barren), Inyumbakazi (in). 

— (With white spots on flank), 

Innakazana (in). 

— (Small red), Inhlamvazana (in). 

-(Snudl white), Umhlotyazana 

Height, n. Ubude (ubu). 

— (Precipitous), U eede (ulu) 
Heinous, a. Zondekile. 
Heir, n. Indhlalifa ([in). 
Heiress, n. IndMamakazi (in). 
Held (To be), Banj wa. 
Hell, n. Isirogo (isi). 

— (Essence of), Uburogo (ubu). 
Helm, n. Umuti wokukapa, ipini 

Helmet, n. Isigqoko. 

—(Military), Iqolo (i). 
Help, w. Ukusiza (uku). 

— r. Siza, enzelela. 

— (To milk), Sengisa. 

— (To work), Sebenzisa. 

— (As a midwife), Beletisa. 

—(In a commando), Putuma. 

— ^upport), Sekela. 

— flo winnow), Elisa. 
Helper, n, XJmsizi (um). 
Helpless (To be), Totongana. 

— ^Apprehension(To feel),Dadeka. 

— Person, Umtotongo (um). 
Helplessness, n, Ubutotongo(ubu). 
Helpmate, n. Umsizi (um). 
Helter-skelter, adv, Bunyakan- 






Hem, v. Peta. 

— n. Umpeto (um). 
Hemorrhage, n, Ukwopa (uku). 
Hemp, n. Insangu (in), iqiune (i). 

— (Best kind\ Unota. 

— (To smoke), Bema, rabula. 
Hen, n. Inki&ukazi (in), isiku- 


— (Small), Inknkazana (in). 
Henhouse, n. Ifuku (i), ifokosi 

Her, jwon. Yena. 
Herb, n. Umuti. 

— (Kind of), Imbexe. 

— (Boiled for tea), Inkondhlwane, 

ityanelo (i). 

— -^Used as a vegetable), Imbadi, 

imoati, imbaya. 

— (Strong smelling) Imbikicane 


—(For poultices), Umtobo (um). 

—(Edible) Inhlwati (in). 

— (For flatulence), XJmondi. 

— (For cows), XJmaqunsula. 
Herd, v. Alusa, alusela. 

— n. Umhlambi (um). 

— (Small), Iqambi (i). 
Herder, n. Umalusi, isikuza. 

— (Cbief), Inngqwele (in). 
Here, adv, Lapa, konalapa. 
Here-ooes, adv. Kanyekanye. 
Herb-they-arb, adv, Nampa. 
Herb-it-is, adv, Nanku. 
Heretofore, adv. Endulo. 
Hermaphrodite, n. Impisintyange 

Hero, n. Iqawekulu (i). 
Hernia, n. (umbilical), Isibono (isi). 
Herself, pron. Uqobo Iwake. 
Hesitate, v. (In speaking), Pataneka, 


'As one not satisfied), Konona. 

Falter), Tiziyeka. 

As a liar), Riqiza. 

^As a person quibbling), Ngi- 


Hesitation, w. Amanqundanqunda. 
Hesitancy, n, Ukupataneka, uku- 

Hew, V, Gaula. 

— (A felled tree), Xoza, kisa. 
Hiatus, n, (Aperture), Isikala (isi). 
Hiccough, n. Itwabi, inkwingcL 

— (To have), Tyaya itwabL 
Hid, p, Fihliwe. 
Hidden (Screened, to be), Siteka. 

— (Concealed, to be), Fiblwa. 
Hide, v, Fihla, tukusa. 

— fOne's-self), Baca, catya, cata. 

— (As a fault), G(][iba. 

— n. Isikumba (isi) 

— (To scrape), Pala. 

—(To rub), Shuka. 

— (To supple with oil), Capa. 
HiDE-AND-SEBE, 71. Ucatyelana. 
Hide-scrapings, n. Ajnapalo, izim- 

Hideous, a. Esabekayo. 
Hiding-place, n. Inaawo yokufihla. 
Hie, v, Tyetya. 
Higgle, v. (Chaffer), Dhla. 
Higgledy-piggledy, adv, Ingxa- 

kangxaka, umbixi. 

—(To be), Bidhlika. 
High, a. De. 

—(As game, to be), Vimda. 
High-up, a. Pezulu. 
Highland (Table), w. Inkangala (in). 
Highway, n. Umgwaqo (um). 
Highness, n. Undabezita. 
Highwayman, n. Inswelaboya (in). 
Hilarious, a, Etabayo, jabulayo. 




Hilarity, w. Injabulo, ukwetaba, 

Hill, n. Iduli (i). 

- -(Ant), Isiduli (isi). 

— (Hign), Intaba (in). 

— (Near the Zulu border), Inny- 

atikazi (in). 

— (On the road Durban), Ingo- 

mankulu (in). 

—(Steep), Ummango (um). 

—(Near the Umkomazi), Inhlang- 

wi, inhlazuka. 

— (At Boston), Inhlosana (in). 
Hillock, n. Iduyana (i), igqiuna 


Hilly, a. Nezintatyana. 
Hilt, n. Umpini (um). 
Him, pron. m, mu, yena. 
Himself, pron. Uqobo Iwake. 
Hinder, v, Vimbela, tintela. 

— ^Divert attention), Libalisa. 

— (Detain), Bambezela. 
Hindrance, n, Umzikilili, umbam- 

bezelo (um). 
Hint, v. (Suggest), Sikisela. 

—^Allude to), Tinta, pata. 

— (Touch slightly), Gwengula. 

— 71. Ukusikisela (uku). 
Hip, n. Ukalo (ulu), isinqe (isi). 
Hippopotamus, n. Imvubu (im). 
Hire, v. Biza. 

Hireling, n. Isisebenzi (isi). 
His, pron. Ake. 

Hiss, v. (Like a snake), Kwisiza. 
Hissing, n. (Of a snake), Uku- 

kwisiza (uku). 
Hist ! interj. Mi ! 
Hit, v. Tyaya. 

—(With the foot), Kahlela. 

—(A swipe with a sticky Dansula, 


— (On the cheek), Wahlela. 

— (A thing off), Tyo. 
Hitch, v. (13.o6k), Gwegwa. 

— n. (Difficulty), Umzikilili (um). 
Hither, adv. Lapa. 
Hive, n. Indhlu yezinyosi. 
Ho ! interj. Yebuya ! 
Hoard, v. Congolozela. 
Hoarfrost, w. Ugqongqwane, isi- 

tatwa (isi). 
Hoarse, a, Maraye, tyile. 

-^To be), Tya. 
Hoarseness, n. Amaraye elizwi. 
Hoax, v. Gubuda. 

— n. Ukugubuda (uku). 
Hobble, v. (Along), Congolozela. 

— (As a horse), Mpana. 
Hobgoblin, n. Isituta (isi). 
Hoe, v. Lima. 

— (Carelessly), Nyanyalaza. 

— n. Igeja (i), ikuba (i). 
Hoeing, n. llkulima (uku). 
Hog, n. Ingulube (in). 

— (Wild), Indhlovudawana (in). 
HoGSTY, w. Isibaya sengulube. 
Hoist, v. Pakamisa. 
Hold, v. Bamba. 

— (On to an ox by the tail), 


— (Within the closed hand), 


— ^On to), Bambelela. 

— (The hand to receive), Kon- 


— (Canr a child), Pata. 
Hold, v, (Tightly), Bambisisa, ukuti 


—^Be firm), Qina. 

— (Stop), Peza. 

— (As a rod, near the middle), 

Gamata, gamanxa. 





Hole, n, (In the ground), Umgodi 

— (Dug for a grave), Igodi (i). 
— (Small, in a path), Isisele (isi), 
isicamu (isi), isiji. 
— (Deep and boggy), Ilindityoba 

—(Eye of a needle), Imbobo 

— (Of a garment), Isibobo (isi). 


— (At the bottom of igula), Um- 

bobozelwa (um). 

— (Large, in a tree), Impalo (im), 

umpalo (lun). 

— (in wood, to make), Cambusa, 


— (In a fence, to make), Camusa. 
HoLiLY, adv, Ngokucweba. 
Holiness, n. Ubucweba ^ubu). 
Hollow, v. Gumba, gweaa. 

— (Groove), Inkoto (in). 

— (Between hills), Isikumbu (isi), 

isigodi (isi). 

— Vessel, n, Isigubu (isi). 

— Backed animal, n. Isibene (isi). 
Holy, adj. Cwebile, ngcwele. 

—(To be), Cweba. 
Holy Spirit, n. U Moya ocwebile, 

u Moya oyingcwele. 
Homage, n, Ukukuleka (uku). 

— (To render), Kuleka. 
Home. n. Ikaya (i). 

— (One's own country), Ilizwe 

lakubo, &c. 
^ur), KitL 

— /Your), Kini. 
[To go), Goduka. 

— (To take), Godusa. 

—(Their), Kubo. 
Homicide, n, (Murder), Ukubulala 


— ^One who is a), Umbulali. 

— (To commit), Sulala. 
Honest, a. Qoto, lungile. 

— (To be), Lunga). 

— rERSON, Umqoto (um). 
Honesty, n. Ubuqoto (ubu), uku- 

lunga (uku). 
Honey, n, Izinyosi (izin). 

— (Strained), Uluju (luu). 

— Bee, n. Inyosi (in). 

— Bear, w. Insele (in). 

— Bird, n, Unomtyeketye, in- 


— Comb, n. Ikeke (i). 

— (Pieces of), Amakeke (ama). 

—(The whole o£), Ikekeba (i). 
Honour, v, (Revere), Dumisa. 

— (Dignify), Kulisa. 

— ». (Kenown), Udumo (ulu). 
Honourable, a. Dumisekue. 
Hood, n, Isigqoko (isi). 
Hoop, n, Innselo, impupu (im). 

— Sickness, n. Umcekezo (um), 

amatele (ama). 
Hook, v. Gwegwa. 

— n. Isigwegwe (isi). 

— (For fishing), Udobo (ulu). 
Hooked, a. Gwegwekile. 

— (To be), Gwegweka. 
Hop, v. (As a frog), Gcogcoma. 

— H[Leap on one leg), ^eleza, ukuti 

Hopping (On one leg), Ukelekobo. 
Hop-SKiP-AND-JUMP, V, Ngcetyezs. 
Hope, v, Temba, etemba. 

— w. Itemba (i). 
Hopeful, a. Tembekile. 
Hopeless, a. Ngenatemba. 

—(Wicked), Bi. 
Horn, n, Upondo (ulu). 

— (Smoking), Igudu (i). 




— (Chipping), Upondo Iwokulu- 

Horns (Spreading, to have), Nqanda. 
HoRNBiLL, n. Umkolwane (um). 
Hornet, n. Umnyovu (um). 
Horrible, a. Esabekayo. 
Horribly, adv. Ngokwesabeka. 
Horrify, v, Esabisa. 
Horse, n. Ihashi (i). 

^Pony), Ingadabane yehasM. 

— r ATH, n. Indhlela yehasM. 

— Race, n. Ukujara twamahasi. 

— Hair, n. Uboya behashi. 
Horseman, n. XJmkweli wehasi. 
Hospitality, n, Ubnnene (ubu), 

Host, n. (Master), Umnini, umnum- 

Hostile, a. Nobuta. 
Hostility, n. Ubuta (ubu). 
Hot, a. Tyisayo, fudumele. 

— (To be), Cocobala. 

— (To be, as the sun), Ukuti ho. 

^To make), Tyisa, cocobalisa. 

—Spring, n. Utyutyu. 
Hottentot, n. Ilau (i). 
Hour, w. Iroa, ihora (i). 
House, n. Indhlu (in). 

— ^Small), Indhlwana (in). 

— (Of a chief), Indhlunkulu (in). 

— (For young men), Ilau (i), in- 

tanga (in). 

— (Right-hand), Indhlu yaseku- 


'Left-hand), Indhlu yasekohlo. 
fThe great), Indhlundkulu 


— ^A family), Inzalo (inV 

— TA race), Uhlobo (ulu). 

— (Legislative), Ibandma loku- 

qamba imiteto. 

Household, ti. Abendhlu. 

— Holder, n, Umninindhlu. 

— Warming, n. Umngenandhlini 

— ^WiPE, Umnikazindhlu. 
How, ddv, Kanjani njani 1 
How are you, Unjanina ? 
How, BY what means, adv, Nga- 

How great, adv, Kangakanani? 

kangakananina ? 
How large, adv. Ngakananina ? 
How. MANY, adv. Ngakina ? 
How OFTEN, adv. Kangakina ? 
However, adv. Kanti, kodwa, noko. 
Howl, v. (With gri^, Bangalasa. 

— (As a dog), Hlaba umkulu- 


— n. (Of a dog), XJmkulungwane 

Hubbub (To raise), Xokozela. 
Huddle, v. Finyanisa, cinanisa. 
Huddled (To be), Cinana, finyana. 
Hug, v. Singata, gona. 
Huge, a. Kulukazi. 
Hull, n, (Of a ship), Indikimba 

Hum, V, (As bees), Buza, diuna. 
Human, a. Nobuntu. 
Humankind, n. Isintu (isi). 
Human-nature, n. Ubuntii (ubu), 
Humane, a. Nomusa. 
Humble, v. Tobisa. 

— a. Tobekile. 

(To be), Tobeka. 
Humbug, v. Gubuda. 
Humid, a. (Damp), Manzi, swakeme. 
Humidity, n. Ukuswakama (uku). 
Humiliate, v. Tobisa, 
Humiliation, n. (Act), Ukutobipa 


—(State), Ukutoiiew^ (^c^JkcJ^^. 




Humour, n. (Exceeding from the 

eye), Inncete (in), ubici. 

— (Dry, as of a sore), Amakotokoto 

Hump, n. (Of an ox), Ilunda (i\ 
Hump-backed person, n. Isiiumba 

Hunch, v. Gqugquza. 
Hundred, a. Ikulu (i). (Abantu aba- 

yikulu, a hundred persons.) 

— n, Ikulu (i). 

— Fold, n. Kayikulu. 
Hung, p, Panyekiwe. 

—(To be), Panyekwa. 
Hunger, v. Lamba. 

— n. Indhlala (in). 

— (Ravenous), Ipango (i). 

— BrrTEN, a, Nendhlala. 
Hungry, a. Lambile. 

— ^To be), Lamba. 

— (Very, to be), Kabeleka, kaba- 

Hunt, v. (Chase), Zingela, 

— (Search), Bekisisa. 
Hunter, n. Umzingeli (um). 

—(Great), Ipisi (i). 
Hunting-dance, n. Umgubo (um). 

— Party, n. Innqina, ubuzimba. 

— Exclamation, Tyi ! tyi! tyi ! 
Hurl, v, Ponsa. 

— (As a spear), Simula. 
Hurly-burly, n. (Commotion), 
Ukulukuzela (uku). 
Hurrah ! interj, Alihala ! ayihoya ! 
Hurried, p. Tyetyisiwe. 
Hurry, v, Tyetya, panga, nonopa, 


— n. Itata (i), iputu (i), imputu- 

mputu (im). 
Hurrying (Of people), Ubumeme 


Hurt, v. Limaza, bulala. 

— ^Very much), Bulalisa. 

— (An old wound), Tunuka. 

— (Plague, bite), Luma, lumela, 

— n. (A wound), Inxeba (i). 

— (An injury), Ingozi (in), intun- 

uka (in). 

— (A. bruise), Isixwazi (isi). 

— (To be), Limala. 

— (Twisted, as an ancle, to be), 

Husband, n, Indoda. 

— (Barren), Umfaba (um). 

— (First), Ingqabulamikwindi 

Husband's father, Umezala. 

—(Thy), Unyokozala. 

— Home circle, Ubulanda (ubu). 

— Family (Person of), Undanda 

Husbandman, «. Umlini (um). 
Hush, v. (Silence), Tulisa. 

— (As a child), Dunduzela. 

— interj, Tula 1 tu ! 
Hushed (To be), Tuliswa, ukuti 

lotololo, ukuti gcwaka. 
Husk, n. Ikasi (i). 

— V, Hluba. 
Husks, Ukwabalate (vIvl). 

— (Of cooked mealies), Izimpepa 


— (Of amabele), Amakoba (ama). 
Hussy, n. Ivilakazi (i). 
Hustle, v. ^Push), ounduza. 

— (Crowd), Finyanisa, cinanisa. 
Hut, n. Indhlu (in). 

— rWatch), Ixiba (i). 

^Small and old), Ixobongo (i). 

— (For domestic purposes), Idhla- 

dhla (i). 

— (For young men), Ilau (i). 




— (Temporary), Idokodo (i). 
Hyena, n. Impisi (im), idelabutongo 


— (Den), Umrolo (um). 

Hymen virginis, n. Isimo seii- 


Hymn, n. Igama (i). 

Hypocrite, n. Umzenzisi (um). 

Hypocrisy, n. Ukuzenzisa (uku). 

Hypocritical, a. Zenzisile. 

Hypocritically, adv, Ngokuzenzisa. 


I, Mina. 

I-beg-your-pardon, Pepa. 

Ice, n. Iqeqeba lamanzi, ungqoq- 

Ichor, n, Ubovu (ulu). 
Icon, n, Umfanekiso (um), isi- 

Idea, n, Umcamango, umcabango. 
Identical, a. (Person, horse, &c), 

Umuntu oyenayena, ihasbi elon- 

alo na. 
Identify, v, Tyaya uqobo. 
Idiot, n. Isiula (isi). 
Idiotcy, n, Ubulima (ubu). 
Idiotic person, n. Isilima (isi). 
Idle, a. Vilapayo. 
Idleness, n. Ubuvila (ubu). 
Idol, n. Utixo, isitombe (isi). 
Idolatry, n. Inkonzo yezitixo, in- 

konze yezi tombe. 
If, cow/, tjma, ukuba. 
Ignite, v, Pemba, tyisa, lumata. 
Ignorance, n. Ukungazi (uku). 
Ignorant person, n, Umfunda 


— a. Ngenakwazi 
Iguana, n. Uxamu. 

— ^Witb red belly), Ibambazi (i). 

— (Kind of), Ibekenzansi. 

— (Small), Isiquzi (isi). 
Ill, a. (Sick), Gulayo. 

--(Bad), Bi. 

—(To be), Gula. 

— Feeling, n. Inkani (In\ 

— Looking, a. Bi. 

— News, n. Izindabi ezimbi. 
Illegitimate, n. Umntwana wen- 

Illiberal, a. Ncityayo. 
Illness, n, Ukufa, ukugula, isifo. 
Illtreat, v. Bulala, ruba. 
Illtempered, a. Namabongo. 
Illuminate, v, Kanyisa. 
Illumination, n, Ukucwazimula, 

Illuse, V, Kahlela, ncola, hluku^ 


— (Exceedingly), Ncolisisa. 
Illustrate, v, Kanyisela, zekelela. 
Illustrious, a. (Famous), Dumise- 

Illwill, n. Igqubu (i). 
Image, n, (Statue), Umfanekiso, isi- 
tombe (isi). 

— ^Picture), Umfanekiso (um). 

— (Idea), Umzindhlo, umcamango 

Imagery, n, Ukufanekisa (uku). 
Imagine, v, Zindhla, fanekisa. 
Imbank, Aka udonga. 
Imbecile, n, Isiula (isi). 
Imbibe, v. Puza, epuza. 

— ^By mouthfuls), Rabula. 

— (As tbe mind), Funda. 

— (Absorb), Kota, omisa. 
Imbitter, V, Babisa. 




— (Make unhappy), Hlupa. 
Imitate, v. Linrisa. 
Immature, a. (Not ripe), Luhlaza. 

— Figs, n. Umpobo (um), umqobo 

Immaculate, a. Cwebile. 
Immeasurable, a. Ngenamlinga 
• niso. 
Immediately, adv, Manje, kona- 

manje, masinyane. 
Immense, a, Emukazi. 

— (Boundless), Ngenamkaulo. 
Immerse, v. Cwilisa. 
Immersion, n. (Act), Ukucwilisa 


— (State), Ukucwiliswa (uku). 
Immigrate, v, Aka kwdinye 

Immodest, a. N^enazinbloni. 
Immoral, a. Onile. 
Immortal, a. Ngabubi. 
Immortality, n. Ukungabubi (uku). 
Immovable, a. Qinile. 

— (To be), Nqaba. 
Immutable, a. Ngenakunguqulwa. 
Immutability, n, Ukungaguquki 

Imp, n, Umlozi, umlozikdzana (uku). 
Impair, v, Ona, onakaHsa. 
Impale, v, Joja. 
Impart, v. (Givei Nika. 

— (Instruction), Fundisa. 
Impartiality, n. Ingenakubo (from 

Impartial, a. Ngenakubo. 
Impatient, a. (Fretful), Teteme. 

— Desire, n. Itata (i). 
Impeach, v. Namekezela. 
Impede, v. Libalisa, libazisa. 

— (As one another's growth), 


Impediment, n, Umbambezelo 

Impel, v, Qubela pambili. 
Impend, v. Engama, lenga; 
Impenetrable, a, (Hard), Lukuni. 

— (Unfeeling), Nolunya. 
Impenitence, n, Ubuiukuni ben- 

Impenitent, a. Lukuni enhlizi- 

Imperfect, a. Putile. 

—(To be), Puta. 
Imperfection, n. (Failure), Uku- 

puta (uku). 

— (Weakness), Ubutakataka 

Imperious, a. Zidhlayo. 
Impertinence, w. Ukuganga, uteku, 

ukweyisa, ubunja. 
Impertinent, a. Eyisile, noteku, 


— (To be), Ganga, eyisa. 
■ — Person, n. Innja, umuntu 

Impetuous person, n. Isipangabuli 

Implacable, a. Nolunya. 
Implant, v. Tyala. 
Implead, v. (Prosecute), Manga- 

Implore, v, Ncengisisa, celisisa, 

Import, v. Ngenisa ezweni. 
Importunate, a. Hhlusayo, bele- 


— Person, n. XJmhlusi, umbeleseli 

Importune, v, Belesela, ququza, 

Importunity, n. Ukuququza, uku- 

belesela, ukuhlusa. 




Impose, v. (As a burden), Eleka, 

—(Deceive), Kohlisa. 
Imposition, n. (Deception), Inko- 

hliso (in). 

— (Oppression), Ukahla (ulu) 

— (Tax), Isitelo (isi). 
Impostor, w. Umkonlisi (um). 
Impotence, n. Ubutakataka (ubu). 
Impotent, a. Ngenamandhla, nobii- 

Impound, v, Faka (or) tumela 

Impracticable person, n, Isiduli 


— Thing, Isinqalanqala. 

— (To be), Gwangqeka, nqalan- 

Imprecate, v. Qalekisa. 
Impregnate, v. Mitisa. 
Impress, v. Cindezela. 
Impressible (To be, as a person), 

Impression, n. (Act), Ukucindezela 


—(State), Ukucindezelwa (uku). 
Imprint, v. Cindezela. 
Imprison, v. Faka etilongweni. 
Improper, a. Ngafanele. 
Improve, v. Lungisa. 

— (In health), Lulama. 
Impudence, n. Ukuganga, ubunja, 

Impudent, a. Gangile,^ noteku, 


—(To be), Eyisa. 
Impulse, n. (Violent), Isikahlu 

Impure, a. Ngcolile, onakele. 
Impurity, n. Ukungcola, ukwona- 

kala (uku). 
Inability (To plead), Landula. 

Inactive, a. (Not active), Tulile. 

— (Indolent), Vilapayo. 
In advance op, Ngapambili. 
In-a-mess (To be), KoUseka. 
In ancient times, Endulo. 
In-spite-of-one, Entini. 
Inaccurate, a. Posisile. 
Inarticulate, v, (Indistinct), Kwi- 

Inasmuch, adv. Lokupela. 
Inattention, n. Ukungaqapeli 

Inattentively, adv, Ngokunga- 

Incapacitated (To be), Jielwa. 
Incarcerate, v. Faka etilong- 
. weni. 
Incense, v. Tukutelisa, vubula, 


— n. Impepo (im). 
Incensed (To be), Okiswa, tuku- 

Incessant, a. Ngenakupeza. 
Incipient, a. Qalayo. 
Incision, n. (Made in the skin), In- 

hlanga (in). 

— (To make in the skin), Zaula, 

Incivility, n. Ubunja (ubu). 
Incite, v, Duda, vubula, vusa. 
Inclemency, n. Ulunya (ulu). 
Inclination, n. (Love), Utando 


— (To a point), Ukutambekela 

Incline, v. Goba. 

— (As a bough), Geba. 
Include, v. Ngenisa. 
Income, n. Inzuzo (in). 
Incoming, n. Ukuzuza (uku). 
Incommode, v. Hlupa. 




Incomprehenible, n. Ngenaku- 

Incomputable, Ngenakubalwa. 
Inconsiderately (To speak), Pam- 

uka, pazuka. 
Inconvenience (To be), Hlupeka, 

Inconsiderate (To be), Delela. 
Incorruptible, o. (Not decay), Nge- 


— (Not corrupted), Ngenakwona- 

Increase, v, Kula. 

— (Together), Kulelana. 

— (In bulk), Anda. 

— (By giving more), Cizelela. 
Incredulity, n, Ukonono 'ulu). 
Incredulous, a. Ngabazayo, no- 

Incrustation, n. Ugqwegqwe (ulu). 
Incubate, v. Camuselk, iukama. 
Incubation, n. Ukucamusela (uku). 
Inculcate, v, Yala nokuyala. 
Inculpate, v, (Censure), Jezisa. 
Incumbrance, n. Umtwalo (um). 
Incur, v. Kwelwa icala. 
Indecent (To be), Dalazela. 
Indecency, Ukudalazela (uku). 
Indecision, n. Ukuzenga (uku). 
Indelicate, a. N^enaziahloni. 
Indeed, adv. Isibili, nembala, kan- 

ene, konje. 
Indent, v. Bocoza. 

— 71. Isiboco (isi). 
Indented, p, Bocokile. 
Indian corn, Umbila (um). 
Indicate, v, Komba,tyo, bonakalisa, 


— (As a lot), Dhla. 
Indication, n. Isibonakaliso (isi). 
Indicative, a. Kombisayo. 

Indict, v. Nika icala. 
Indifference, n. Ubulelesi (ubu). 
Indigence, n.Ubumpofu, ububunce, 

Indigent, n. Mpofu, dingayo. 
Indignation, n. Intukutelo (in). 
liJDiGO-PLANT. n, Umpekambedu 

insipane (in). 
Indiscreet, Engasileyo, ngenaku- 

Indisposed (To be), Enqena, vilapa. 
Indisposition n, (Sickness), Ukul'a, 

isif o, ukugula. 
Indistinct, a, Mnyama, fipele. 

—(To be), Fipala. 

— Din (To make), Dumzela. 

— (Thing), Imfitimfiti (im). 

— (Knowledge), Imfumfu (im). 
Indistinctly (To speak), Kwitiza, 

ukuti kwiti. 
Indolence, n. Ubuvila (ubu). 
Indolent (To be), Vilapa, nqena. 

— a. Vilapayo. 

— Person, n, Isinqeni, ivila (i) 
Induce, v. Vumisa. 
Indulge, v, Totosa. 
Indulgence, n. Ukutotosa (uku). 
Indulgent, a. Totosayo. 
Industrious, o. Kfutele. 

—(To be), Kutala. 

— Person, n. Isikutali (isi). 
Industriously, adv. Ngokukutala. 
Industry, n, UbukutaB, ukukutala 

(uku). • 
Inebriate, v. Dakisa. 
Inebriated, p. Dakiwe. 
Ineffective, o. Putile. 
Inertness, n. Ubuvila. 
Inexorable, a. Lukuni. 
Inexperienced person, n. Ibimbi 





Inexplicable thing, n. Umlutu 

In pact, Kanti. 
Infallible, a. Ngenakuposisa. 
Infamy, n. Ihlazo (i). 
Infancy, n. Ubungane. 
Infant, n. Ingane. 
Infanticide, n. Ukubulala ingane. 
Inferior person, n. Umuntunje. 
Infinite, a. (Without end), Nge- 


—(Without limits), Ngenam- 

Infirm (To be^, Xeka, totoba. 

— ^Person (Old), Ixeku (i). 

— (Invalid), Isikuhlakuhla (isi). 
Infirmity, n, (Of age), Ubuxeku 

Inflame, v. Oka. 
Inflate, v. (With wind), Futa, 


— V, (With vanity), Kukumalisa. 
Inflect, v. Gobisa. 
Infuct, v. (Pain), Zwisa ubuh- 

Influence, n. Isisindo (isi). 
Influenza, n. (Sort of), Imfa, um- 

Inform, v, (Tell), Tyela, tyengisa, 


—(Fully), Delisa. 

— (Officially), Bika, shumayesa. 

— (Against maliciously), Ncenteza. 

— (Against), Ceba. 
Informant, n, Umbiki (um\ 
Information, n. Indaba fin). 
Infraction, n. (Act of breaking), 

Ukwapula (uku). 

— (Of a law), Ukweqa, ukwapula. 
Infuriate, v, Qatazisa, tukutelisa 


Infuse, v. Tela pakati. 

— (Knowledge), Fundisa. 
Ingeniously (To do), Ngcikitya] 
Ingraft, v. Milisa. 
Ingress, n. Ukungena (uku). 
Inhabit, v. Hlala, aka. 
Inhabitants, n. Abend, abahlali 
Inherit, v, Dhlalifa. 
Inheritance, n. Ilifa (ili). 
Inheritor, n. Indhlalifa (in). 
Iniquity, n. Ububi (ubu), ukwona. 

—-(To commit), Ona. 
Initiate, v. Andulela. 

— (Perform the first rite), Twasa. 
Inject, v. (As an enema), Cata, boja. 
Injection, n. Ukuboja (uku), uku- 

cata (uku). 
Injunction, n. Umyalo (um), isi- 

yalo (isi). 
Injure^ v. (Harm), Limaza, bulala. 

— TWrong), Ona. 

— (Aggrieve), Dabukisa. 

— (Slander), Hleba. 

— (Harm very much), Bulalisisa. 
Injured (To be), Limala. 
Injurious person, n. Umoni, isoni. 
Injury, n. (Physical), Ingozi (in). 
Ink, n. XJmuti wokuloba. 
Inkling, n. Ukusikisela, ukunyen- 

Inlet, n. (Of the sea), Insonge yol- 

In like manner, Kanjako. 
Inmost, a. Pakati. 
Inn, n. Inkantini. 
Inner, a. Pakati. 

— Skin, n. Amajwabu (ama). 
Innocence, n, CJkucweba kwenhli- 

Innocent, a. Ngenacala. 
I Innuendo, n. Ukusikisela. (5xk»\. 




Innumerable, a. Namashumitihumi. 
Inoculate, v. Gcaba. 
Inoculation, n. Ukugcaba (uku). 
Inoppensivb person, n. Isinamba 

In one place, Ndawonye. 
In-order-that, Ukuze. 
Inquietude, n. Isipitipiti (isi). 

— (Disturbed state), Ukudungeka 

Inquire, v. Buza. 

— (Investigate), Zika ngokubuza. 
Inquirer, n. Umbuzi ^um). 
Inquiry, n. Ukubuza (uku). 
Insane (To be), Hlanya. 

— (To make), Hlanyisa. 
Insanity, n. Ubuhlanya (ubu). 
Insect, n. Isilwanyakazane, i^ngxi. 

— fBlack flying), Ihlwasisi (i). 

— f Stinging like an ant), Umafeoti. 

— (In sleeping mats), Imbungulu 

Insert, v. Hlokoza. 
Inside, a. Fakati. 

— n. (As of fruit), Ubutumbu 

(ubu), indeni (in^. 
Insincere, a. Zenzisayo. 
Insinuate, -p. (Evil against a person), 

Gudhla umuntu. 

— (Itself, as a leech), Tyikityela. 
Insipid, a. Dumele, dindikazi. 

— Thing, n. Umdindi (um). 
Insipidity, n. Ukudumala (uku). 
Insist, v, (Positively) Piku. 

— Upon, Kutazela. 
Insobriety, n. Ukudakwa (uku). 
Insolence, n. Isiqolo (isi). 

—(To treat with), Eyisa. 
Insolent (To be), Qolotya. 
Inspan, v. (More oxen), Xumelela. 

— Kungela, bopela. 

Inspect, v, Bekeuhlola. 
Inspection, n, Ukuhlola ukubeka 

Inspector, n, Umbeki, ummelL 
Inspire, v. Pefumula. 
Inspiration, n. Ukupefamula (uku). 
Install, v. Ngenisa esikundhenL 
Instantly, adv, Eonamanje. 
Instruct, v, Yalukisa, qondisa, fun- 

Instruction, n, Ukuyalukisa, uku- 

qondisa, ukufundisa. 
Instructor, n. Umfundisi (um^- 
Instrument, n. (For digging), Isiza 

— CPot scooping), Isigwedo (isi). 

— (For dressing hair), Isicwalo 

Insult, v. Dumaza, swabula. 
Intellect, n, Inggondo (in). 
Intemperance, n, Ukudakwa (uku). 
Intend, v, Lokota. 
Intentionally, adv, Ngamabomu. 
Inter, v. Gqiba, mbela. 
Intercede, u (Mediate), Lamula, 


— (Pray for), Tandazela, kulekela. 
Intercept, v. (As the view of), Sita, 

Intercession, n. Ukumela, ukula- 

mula, ukutandazela. 
Intercessor, n. Umlamuli, nmme- 

leli, umtandazeli. 
Interchange, v, Enaua. 
Intercourse (Indecent, to have), 

Interest, n, (Of money), Ubiei 

Interjection (Diepleasure), Hau ! 

— nVonderi Mamo ! mame ! ha I 

— (Grief), Maye ! 




— (Dissatisfaction^ Musa ! atyi ! 

— ?Admiration), Ai ! nga, wo ! 

— (Assent^ Ehe ! 

— (Soothing), Pepa ! 

— (Contempt), A ! 

— (Threatening), Cnpe ! 
Interpbrb, V, (One with another), 

I <fT£RMARRT, V, Zekelana. 
Interment, n. Ukumbela (uku). 
Intermingle, v. (Mix), Vanganisa, 
Interpolate, v, Karula. 
Interpose, v, (As a mediator). La- 

Interpret, v. Kumutya. 

— (For), Kumutyela. 

— (Explain), Cansisa, hlambulula. 
Interpretation, n, Ukukumutya 

Interpreted (To be), Kunyutywa. 
Interpreter, n. Umkumutyi (um). 
Interrogate, v, Buza. 
Interrogation, n. Ukubuza (uku). 
Interrogator, n, Umbuzi. 
Interrupt, v, Pazamisa, nquma. 
Interrupted, p, Pazamisiwe. 

— (To be), Pazamiseka, puta. 
Interruption, n. Isikau (isi), iai- 

kaukau, ukuziba. 
Intersect, v. Pambana. 
Interval, n. (Of space or time), 

Umkati (um). 
Intervene, v, Eza ngapakatL 
Interview, ». Ukubonana, uku- 

Intestine, n. (Large, of cattle), Isin- 

yaka, usinyaka. 
Intestines, n, Amatumbu (ama). 
Intimact, n. Ukwazana (uku). 
In-front-of, Ngapambih. 
In-that-dibegtion, Ngakona. 


n-this-manner, Njalo. 
N-THis-WAY, Njenje. 
N-THis-DiRECTioN, Ngalapa. 
NTiMATE, V. (Hint), Sikisela. 

— (To be), Azana. 
NTiMATiON, n, Ukusikisela (uku). 
NTiMiDATE, V. Esabisa. 
NToxiCATE, V. Dakisa. 
NTOXiCATED, p, Dakiwe. 

— Person, n. Isidakwa (isi). 
NTOXicATiON, 71. Ukudakwa (uku) 
NTRACTABLB, a. Doudayo. 
NTREPiD, a. Nesibindi, nokaHpo. 
NTREPipiTY, n. Ukalipo (ulu). 
NTRiCACY, n. Inkinga (in), innqaba 

NTRiGUB, n, Isi^ngu, umcecele- 

gwana, umbimbi. 
N-THE- VELDT, Ehlaue, enhle. 

N-THE-SUMMER, Ehlobo. 

N-THE-LEAST, Nakaucinyaue. 
NTRODUCE, V. (Bring in), Ngenisa, 


— ^Make known), Azisa. 

— (Sister of deceased wife), Fake- 

Introduction, n. (Preface), Isisusa 

Intrude, v. Zisisa. 

— (Upon), Zisisela, zisisezela, zi- 

In-truth, Isibili. 
Intrusion, n. Ukuzisisa, ukuzigaxa 

Inuendo, w. Ukusikisela (uku). 

— (To make), Sikisela. 
Inundate, v. bibekela, (or) cwalisa 

ngamanzi, (or) cicimisa. 
Inundation, n. Uzamcolo. 
Invade, v, Hlasela. 




Invasion, n, Ukuhlasela (uku). 
Invalid, n. (Sick person), Isiguli 

Invective, n. Isituko (isi). 

— a. Tukayo. 
Inveigle, v. Yenga. 
Invent, v. Qamba. 
Invention, n, Ukuqamba (uku). 
Invert, v. Gumbuqela, blanekezela. 
Investigate, v. Buzisisa ngokuzika. 
Investigator, n. Umbuzi (um). 
Invigorate, r. Hlumelela. 
Invitation, n, Ukumema (uku). 
Invite, v. Mema, biza. 
Invoice, Incwadi yezimpakla. 
Involuntary discharge, n. Ama- 

ganunga ^ama). 
Involve, r. (As a person in a matter), 

Ik WARD, a. Pakati. 
In what manner 1 Njani 1 
In winter, Ebusika. 
Irascible person, n. Isijaka (isi). 
Irascibility, n. Ubujaka (ubu). 
Ire, n, Ulaka (ulu), intukutelo 

Irksome, a. Kataza^o. 
Irrscmeness, n, Isidina (isi). 
Iron, n. Insimbi (in). 
Ironwood, n. Umsimbiti (um). 
Ironical, a. Qangayo. 

— (To be), Qanga. 
Irrevelant, a. Mbacazayo, mbanda- 

Irrevelantlt, adv, Ngokumbacaza, 

Irrigate, v. (Sprinkle), Fafaza. 

—CWet\ Netisa. 

— {As land), Ngenisa amanzi nge- 

Irritable, a. Nolaka. 

Irritate, v. Ncokoloza, fundekela. 

— (As nettles^, Bablsa. 
Island, n. Isiqmgi (isi). 
Is-it-true-then ? Konje 1 
Issue, v, (As a paper), Pumisa ikasi. 
Issue, n, (Offspring), Inzalo (in). 

— (Fontanel), Ulokoti (ulu). 
It, pron. Ku, kona, lona, yona, &c. 
Itch, v, Baba. 

— n. Ukwekwe (ulu), utwai (ulu). 
It-does-not-seem-as-if, Kungangi. 
It-seems-as-ip, Kungatiti, kwanga- 

loku, kwangatiti. 
Itching, n, Ukubaba (uku). 
Iterate, v. Buyekeza, pinda. 
Itinerant, n, Isihambi, umhamba- 

Itinerate, v. Hambahamba. 
Ivory, n. Upondo Iwendhlovu. 


Jabber, v, Buda. 

Jackal, n, Impungutye, ikanka. 

Jackanapes, n. Ugalagala. 

Jackass, n, Imbongolo (im). 

Jackdaw, n, Ingwababana (in). 

Jacket, n. Ibantyi (i). 

Jaded, n. Katele. 

Jag, v. Qopa. 

Jail, n. Itilongo (i). 

Jambok, n. Isompokwe (isi). 

Jangle, v, Xabana. 

Janitor, n. Umlindi womnyango, 

January, n, Umasingana. 

Jar, v. (Vibrate), Qaqazela 

— (Dispute), Pikisana. 

— (Quarrel), Xabana. 

— n, Isitya (isi). 




Jaw, n. (Upper), Isitundu, itundu. 

— (Lower), Umhlati (um). 
Jealous, a. Nesikwele, nesifamona. 
Jealousy, n. Ubuqwele, isifamona 


— (To show), Kwelezela. 
Jealously, aav. Ngobukwele. 
Jeer, v. Swabula, gabisela. 
Jeering, n. Qkuswabula (uku). 
Jehovah, n. U Yehova. 
Jelly, n, (Jjunguju (ulu). 
Jerk, v. Hlwita, ulasimula. 
Jereled - BEEF, n, Umqwaiba 

J EST, V. Laula. 

— (Cause to), Laulisa. 

— (Ironically), Qanga. 

—(Rudely), Ntelembela. 

— n. Amanlaya (ama). 
Jesting, w. Ukulaula ^uku). 

— Person, n. Isinteli (isi). 
Jew, n. Ijuda (i). 
Jewess, n, Ijudakazi (i). 
Jingle, v, ifcenceza. 
Jingling, n. Ukuncenceza (uku). 
Jocose, a. Ntelayo. 
Jocularity, n, Ukuntela, ukwetaba 

Jocund, a. Enemeyo. 
Jog, V, Glqugquza, ukuti gquku. 

— n. Ukugqugquza ((uku). 
Join, v. (Together), Hlanganisa. 

- (^Couple), Bandakanyisa. 

— (As planks), Bangqa. 

—^Planks well), Nwala. 

— (As in a chorus), Vuma. 

— (On to\ Jobelela, lungelela. 
Joint, n. Ilungu (i). 
Joke, v, Laula, xamata, ncokola. 
Joker, n, Isilauli, isinteli (isi). 
vToKiNG, n. Ukulaula (uku). 

Jollity, n, Qkwenama, ukwetaba 

Jolt, v. Qogoza. 

— n. Ukusogozela (uku). 
Jostle, v. Gqugquza, beta. 
Jot, v. (Write), Loba, lobaloba. 
Journey, v. Hamba. 

— (A long distance), Dandabuza. 

^As a man weary), Divaza. 

— n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Jovial, a. Enemeyo. 

— (To be), Enama. 

— Person, n. Isenami (isi). 
Joviality, n. Ukwenama (uku). 
Joy, n. Injabulo, ukujaja (uku). 
Joyful, a. Jabulayo. 

— (To be), Jabula, ncinca 
Joyfully, adv. Ngokujabula. 
Judge, n. Umtetimacala. 

— V. Tetamacala, aba. 

— (As one person another), Zin- 

Judgment, n.Ukwabela (uku), uku- 

nquma kwamakosi. 

—Bay, n. Ilangalokwabela, ilanga 

Jumble, v, Pitizisa. 

— n. U mbixi (um). 
Jumbled (To be), Pitiza. 
Jump, v, Eqa, ukuti ngceleketye. 

— rDown), Ngqibitya. 

— (As an ox tied), Auma, xuxuma. 

— r. (High, kicking the buttocks), 

Junction, n. Inhlangano (in). 
June, n. Umhlungulu. 
Jungle, n. Ihlati (i). 
Junket, n, Imnandi (im). 
July, n. Umaquba. 
Just, a. Lungile, fanele, qoto. 

— adv, N]e^ niena.. 




— (To be), Lunga. 
J usT-HERE, adv. Koualapa. 
Just-now, adv, Konamanje, gade, 

JusT-iN-THis-WAY, odv, Kunje. 
JusT-iN-THE-SAME-WAY, adv. Njalon- 

Justice, n. Ukulunga. 
Justify, v. Yekela, tetelela. 
Justification, n, (Act), Ukuyekela, 

ukutetelela (uku). 

— (State), Ukuyekelwa, ukutetc- 

Justified (To be), Yekelwa, tetc- 

Justly, adv. Ngokulunga. 


Kafir, n. Ikafula (i), umuntu. 

— Boom, n. Umsini (um). 

— Beer, n. Utywala (ubu). 

—{Strong), Isiraradolo (isi). 

— (Very little), Imboxwana (im). 

— Corn, n. Amabele (ama). 

— (Young), Inncombo (in). 

— (Kind of), Ujiba (ulu). 

— ^Tba plant, n. Ityanelo (i). 
Kearsney, n. Inonoti (i). 
Keel, n. Isiqu somkumbL 
Keen, a. Bukali. 
Keenness, w. Ubukali (ubu). 
Keep, v. (Hold), Bamba. 

— (The mouth closed), Muniata. 

— (Back), Glodhla. 
(Back for), Godhlela. 
[Silence in a matter), Binda. 

— ^Preserve), Kweza. 

— (Close to a person), Ncatya. 

— (Support with food), Ondhla. 
As a feast), Damasa. 
As tame animals), Fuya, 
Down, as desire), Tiba. 
Away), Gulya. 
^Carefully), Gcina. 
Keeper, n. Umlondolozi (um), 

— (Of the entrance), Imvali (im) 
Keepsake, n. Isikumbuziso (isi), 

Ken, v. Bona, hlola. 
Kennel, n, Indhlwana yenja. 
Kept, v. Londeka, gcinekeu 
Kettle, n. Iketili (i). 
Key, n. Isihlutulelo (isi). 
Kick. v. Kahlela, kaba. 

—(As a dying cow), Juba, juba- 


— (Violently), Votoza. 
Kid, n. Icwane lembuzL 
Kidney, n. Inso (in). 

— Beans, n. Ubonjisi Qilu), 
Kill, v. (A person), Bulala. 

— (An animal), Hlaba. 

— (Bullock given by bride's father), 


— (Bullock in honour of a girl), 

Gcola, cola. 

^A very sick ox\ Pepuluza. 
Killed (To be), Bulawa, hlatywa. 
Kind, a. Nene, nomusa. 

— n. Uhlobo (ulu). 
Kindle, v. Femba, basa. 
Kindled (To be), Penjwa, baseka. 
Kindly, mv. Ngomusa. 
Kindness, n. Umusa, ubunene (ubu). 
KiNDREDj n» Abazalwana (aba). 
King, n. Inkosi (in). 
Kingdom, n. Umouso (um). 
King's daughter, n. Inkosazana 





— Seraglio, n! Isigodblo (isi). 
Kingfisher, n. Isivuba (isi). 
Kingly, a. Nobukosi. 
Kingship, n. Ubukosi (ubu). 
King William's Town, n. Iqonci (i). 
Kiss, v. Anga. 

— n. Ukwanga (uku). 
Kitchen, n. Idbladbla (i). 

— Garden, n, Insimu yeini- 


—(Things grown in), Izilimo (izi). 
Kite, n. (Bird), Umhloile. 
Kitten, n. Izinyane lekati. 

— V. ZsIa. 
Klip-river, n. Umnambiti. 
Knock, n. (Dexterity), Ukulumba 

Knag, n. (Knot in wood), Ipuzu 

Knapsack, n. Isikwama sebuto. 

Knave, n. Iqili (i). 

Knavery, n. Ubuqili (ubu). 

Knead, v. Xova, boxa. 

— (As bread, &c.), Bumba. 
Knee, n, Idolo (i). 
Knee-halter, n. Guqisa. 
Kneel, v. Guqa. 
Kneepan, n. Ivi (i). 
Knife, n. Umese. 
Knit, v. Aluka, qonJa. 

— ^The brows), Nyakama. 

— (Unite closely), Hlanganisa, no- 

Knitting, w. Ukwaluka (uku). 

— Needle, n, Ingwevana yokwa- 

Knob, n. (Of a stick), Isihloko, isi- 

kanda (isiV 
Knock, v. (At the door), Qongqota. 

—/With a hammer), Tyaya. 

— (OflF, with a hammer), Quzula. 

— (Off, as limpets, mealies, &c.), 


— (Down), Wisa. 

Stiike against). Beta. 

|Off a thing), Ukuti halagahla. 

— (Off the skin), Pucula. 

—(Up, as the heat of the sun) 

Qoba, daka. 

— (Off, as a job), Bema. 
Knocking, n. Ukuqongqota, uku- 

tyaya (uku). 
Knoll, n. Igquma (i). 

— (Small), Isigqumagqumana. 
Knop, n, Isikanda (isi), iqubu (i). 
Knot, n. (In wood), Ipuzu (i). 

— (Of people), Umqukutu (um). 

— (In thread), Ifindu (i). 

— (A difficulty), Innqaba (in), 

umzikilili, inkmga. 
Knotted, a. Namafindo, namapuzu. 
Know, v. Azi. 

— (One another), Azana. 

— (Thoroughly well), Azisisa, aze- 

Knowledge", n. Ukwazi (uku). 
Known (To be), Azeka, aziwa. 

— (To make), A^isa. 
Knuckle, n, Ilungu lomunwe. 

— V, Fumbata. 
Koodoo, n. (Antelope), Umgaxa 

Kraal, n. Umuzi. 

— ^Royal), Ihlalankosi (i). 

— (Large), Umzikazi, inxuluma, 


— (Outer fence of;, Ugange (ulu). 

— (Cattle), Isibaya (isi). 
Men of), Ibandhla (i). 
■^Temporary cattle), Itanga (i). 

— (Owner of), Umnini, umnum* 





— (Small), Umuzana (u). 
Kraals, n. (Thick together), Isi- 
dakadaka, isihlavela (isi). 


Label, n. Ikasana (i). 
Lablal, n. Igama lodebe. 
Laborious, a. (Arduous), Nzima. 
Labour, n. Umsebenzi (um). 

— TUkuzala (uku). 

— (Pains of), lunimba (in). 

— (False pains of), Umsesesi (um). 

— V. Sebenza. 

— (Be in travail), Zala. 

— (Earnestly), Zsunsk, copelela. 

—{Alone at a difficult thing), Tyi- 

katyika, ukuti tyikatyika. 

— ^Struggle), Ngqatya. 

— (Go out to), Aluka. 
Labourer, n. Isisebenzi (isi). 
Labouring, p, Sebenzayo. 
Labyrinth, n. Ingunji (in). 
Lacerate, v, Dabula. 
Laceration, n, Ukudabula (uku). 
Lack, v. Swela, dinga. 

— n. Ukudinda, n^uswela (uku). 
Lackey, n. Isikonzi (isi). 
Lad, n. Umfana (um). 
Ladder, n. Isikwelo, imikwelo. 
Laddie, n, Umfana (um). 
Lade, v. (Load), Twesa. 

—(Water), Ka. 
Laden (To be), Sindwa. 
Ladismith, n. Umnambiti 
Ladle, v, Ka. 

— n. Isixwembe (isi). 
Lady, n. Inkosikazi (in). 

— (Young), Inkosazana (in). 

Ladyship, n. Ubukosikazi (ubu). 
Ladylove, n. Isixebi (isi). 
Lag, v. (Stay behind), v. Saleleu 

—-(Loiter), Libala. 
Laggard, n. Umsaleli, isiputa, isi« 

roll (isi). 
Lagoon, n. Icweba (i). 
Lake, n. Idangu (i). 

— (Sea-cow), Ububwane (ulu). 
Lamb, n. Icwane (i), imvana (im). 
Lamblike, a. Tambile. 
Lame, a. Xukayo, xukile. 

— (To go), Xuka. 
Lameness, n. Ubuqwala (ubu), uku- 

xuka (uku). 

— Person, n. Isiqwala (isi). 

— ^Anima]^ n. Uncondo (ulu). 
Lament, v. Kala, lila. 

— (Loudly), Mbomboza, mbon- 


— n. Ukukala, ukulila (uku). 
Lamentation, n. Isililo (isi). 

— (Cause of), Ililiso (i). 
Lamp, n. Isibane (isiV 
Lampass, n. Insini. (Ex. Ihashilinen- 

sini, the horse has lampass.) 
Lance, v. (As a boil), Camusa. 
Land, n, Umhlabati, izwe (i). 

— ^Table), Inkangala (in). 

— (Lately burnt), Ihlun^ (i). 

— (Cultivated for the chief), Ilima 


—(For settling on), Isiqiti (isi). 

Lands, n. (Cmtivated), Amasimu 

Landcrab, n, Inkala (in). 
Landmark, n. (Strip of grass), Um- 

ncele (um). 
Landflood, n, Uzamcolo. 
Landsup, n, Ukudilika (uku). 
! Language, n. Ulimi (ulu). 




Languid, a. Dangele. 

— ^To be), Dangala. 

— (To make), Dangalisa. 
Languish, v. Bangala. 

— (Grow feeble), Xeka. 
Languor, n, Ukukatala (uku), uku- 

Lank, a. (Not fat), Zacile. 

^To be), Onda, zaca. 
Lankness, n. Ukuzaca (uku). 
Lanky person, n. Ivongololo (i). 
Lantern, n. Isihlanti (id). 
Lap, v. (Fold), Songa. 

—(As a dog, cat, &c.), Xapa. 
Lapse, v, (Fail), Puta. 
Lapsed, p. Futile. 
Larceny, n. Ukuntyontya (uku). 
Lard, n. Amafuta engulube. 
Large, a. (Big), Kulu. 

— ^Wide), Banzi. 

— (Abundant), Ningi. 

— (Liberal), Hlapazayo. 
Largeness, n. Ubukulu (ubu). 

— Hearted person, n, Ihlapa- 

hlapa (i). 
Larynx, n. Igilo (i). 
Lascivious, a. Hlobongayo, kanu- 

Lasciviousness, n. Ukuhlobonga 

Lash, v, Tyaya. 
Lass, n, Intombi (in). 
Lassitude, n. Ukudangala, uku- 
katala (uku). 
Last, v. Hlala. 

— n. Unyawo IwomutL 

— Night, Pezolo. 

— Week, Isonto elidhlulileyo. 

— Month, Innyanga efileyo. 

— Year, Innyakenye. 
Lasting, p, HlezL 

Late, a. Puzile, epuzile. 

Later, a. Emuva. 

Lather, n, Igwebu (i), ama- 

Latitude, n. Ububanzi (ubu). 
Laud, v. Dumisa, bonga. 
Laudable, a. Dumisekile. 
Laugh, v. Hleka, ukuti sini, ukuti 

nsi nsi nsi. 

— (At one another), Hlekana. 

— (Make one another), Hie- 


— (Grin), Sineka. 

— (Giggle), Gigiteka. 

^Cause to), Hlekisa. 
Laughable (To be), Hlekeka. 
Laughter, n. Ukuhleka (uku). 
Laughing-stock, n. Isidnlalo, is! 

hlekiso, isigcono (isi). 
Launch, v. Tyelelisela emanzini, 

tyelezela emanzini. 
Lave, v, Geza. 
Lavish, a. Hlapazayo. 

— (Wasteful), Citayo. 

— V. Hlapaza. 

—(Waste), Cita. 
Law, n. Umteto (um). 
Lawful, a, (Allowed), Vunyelwe. 

— (To be), Vunyelwa. 
Lawless, a. Hlubukayo. 
Lawsuit, n, Icala (i). 
Lawyer, n, Ummeleli, ummeli 

Lax, a. (Not strict), Ngaqinile. 

—-(As the inside), Rudayo. 
Laxative, a. Eudisayo. 
Laxity (Slackness), Ukuyekeza 

Lay, V, (Place), Beka. 

—-^In addition), Eleka. 




— ^As a hen), Zalela. 
— (Out looseM, Hlazulula, 
— (A wager), Bekekna. 
— ^A plot I, Ceba. 

[Snares), Tiya, cupa. 

fHand upon), Patelela. 

[claim to), banga. 

[Aidde, as self-respect), Zibluba 

(A foundation), Sekela. 

Waste), ata. 
— ^Before), Bonisa. 

[As a mat, bed for horses, &c.), 

— (Hold of), Bamba. 
— (Hold of for support), Bam- 

— (In order), Lungisa. 
— (By, as money), Bekelela, con- 

fProstrate), Wisa, badalalisa. 

[Aside, keep), Kweza. 

fSiege), Eaqa. 
— (One over another)^ Elakan- 

— (A charge against), Mangalela, 

fOpen), Ambula. 

fOpen, as a book), Penya. 

fTo heart), Dabuka. 

[On, strike), Tyaya. 
Later, n, (Of reeds for grain), Ubu- 
nda (ulu). 

—(Of fat), Ukwetu (ulu). 
Laziness, Ubuvila (ubu). 
Lazt, a. Vilapayo. 

— ^Person, n. Ivila (i). 

Lazily, adv, Ngobvoila. 

Lead, v. (Guide), Kapeu 

—(In music), Hlonza. 

-r\Oo before), Andulela. 

— f Out, as soldiers), Kipa. 

— (As oxen), Rola. 

— ?Captive), Tumba. 

— (AstrayX Dukisa, lahlehisa. 

—(Entice), Yenga. 
Leader, n. (CJonductor), XJmpati 

I —/Guide), Umkapi (um). 

— (Chief), Inkosi (in). 

— (Commander), Umpati (um). 
Leaf, n. Iqabunga(i),iqubu,icubu(i). 

— (Of a Dook), ikasi. 
Leaflet, n, Ikasana (i). 

— (Of wild hemp), Iquzu (i). 
League, n. Inhlangano (in). 

— V. Hlangansu 
Leak, v. Vuza. 

— n. Ukuvuza (uku). 
Leaky, a, Vuzayo. 
Lean, V, (Recline), Tambeka. 

— (Rest against), Eyama, enci!:a, 


— rThe head on the hand), Camela. 

— (Over), Engama. 

— (With hands on the ground), 


— a. (Thin), Zacile. 

— (To be), Zaca, onda. 
Leanness, n, Ukuzaca, ukwonda 

Leap, v, Eqa. 

— (About, as a brave), Giya, gwiva. 

—(Up), Kwela. 

— (Over a ditch), Eqelela. 

— (About with gladness), Ngqaba- 

Leaper, w. Umeqi (um). 
Learn, v. Funda. 
Learner, n, Umfundi (um). 
Learning, ». Ukufimda, imfundiso 





— (Erudition), Ukwazi (uku). 
Least, a, (As a child), Ncinyane 

kunabo bonke. 
Leather, n. Isikumba (isi). 

— a. Nesikumba. 
Leave, v, (Quit), Puma. 

— (AbandonY, Labia. 

— (Depart), Emuka. 

—(Off), Yeka, dela. 

— ^Out), Shiya. 

— (Marks of footsteps, as birds), 


— (Off, desist), Peza. 
Leaves, n. (Of icena), Imboma (im). 

— (Placed on the top of water), 

Imiciko (im). 
Leaven, n. Imvubelo (im), imbiliso 


— V. (As bread), Vubela. 
Lecture, v. Shumayela. 

— n. Inshumayelo (in). 
Lecturer, n, Umshumayeli, um- 

Leech, n. Umnyundu (um). 
Leer, v. Sonta amehlo. 
Left, a, Kohlo. 

— (Out, to be), Silala. 
Left-hand, n, Isixele (isi). 

— House, n. Indhlu yasekohlo. 
Left-handed, a. Nesixele. 

— Person, n. Inzele (ili). 
Left- HANDEDNESS, n, ubunxele 

Leg, n. Umlenzi (um). 

— -^Of a locust), Inqondo (ili). 

— (Foreleg), Umkono (um). 
Legend, n, Inganekwane (in). 
Lemon, n. Ulamani. 
Lend, v, Tyeleka, boleka. 
Lender, n. Umtyeleki, umboleki 


Length, n. tJbude (ubu). 
Lengthen, v. Jobelela. 
Leniency, n. Ubunene, umusa. 
Lenient, a, Nomusa, nobunene, 

Leopard, n. Ingwe (in). 
Leper, n. Ilepero (i). 
Leprosy, n. Ubulepero (ubu). 
Less grievous, Ncono. 
Lessen^ v. Ncipisa. 

— ^ Wane, as the moon), Sinya. 

— (Become less), Ncipa. 
Lesson, n. Isifundo (isi). 
Lest, coni. Funa. 
Let, v. (Allow), Vumela. 

— -^Out), Pumisa. 

— (Go, as a stick), Eluka. 

— (In), Ngenisa. 

^Loose a little, as a rope), Yeke- 


Blood), Opisa. 

^Off, as a gun), Dubula. 

— (AloneV Yeka. 

Down), Ehlisa, tyonisa. 
^Loose), Eumula. 
Let-us-sei^ Kesibone. 
Letter, n. Incwadi (in). 

— (Oi the alphabet), Igama (i). 

— (Of exemption), Incwadi yoku- 

Level, v, (As a road, &c.), Hlelemba. 

—(To be), Ukuti ta. 
Levelled, p. Hlelenjiwe. 
Lever, n. Umqala (um). 
Levity, n. Ubmulwane (ubu). 
Lewd, a. Ganungayo, ganungile. 
Lewdness, n. Ukuganunga (uku). 
Liar, n, Ixoki (i), iwetyewetye (i), 


— (Habitual), Ibojane (i). 
Liberal, o. Hla^^azayo^'^^^ssa^^^^. 




— Person, n. Ililapahlapa (i). 
Liberality, n. Ukupana, ukunlapaza 
• (uku). 

Liberate, v, Kulula. 
, Liberation, n. Ukukulula (uku). 
Liberator, n. Umkululi (um). 
Liberty, n. (Permission), Imvumelo 


— (Freedom), Ukukululwa (uku). 
Lice, n, Izintwala (izin). 

— (To catch), Coba. 

—(To nibble), Hlanhlata. 
Lick, v. Kota. 
Lickerish, a. Kanukayo. 
Lid, n. Isisibekelo (isi). 
Lie, v. Lala. 

— (Tell lies), Qambamanga. 

— (As one exhausted), Enabalala. 

— (As a plant with long runners), 


— (One on another), Elakanya. 

— (Down), CambaMa, lala. 

— (Flat), Ukuti caba. 

— (In wait for), Lalela, hlomela. 

— (As fine dust), iJkuti ncalala. 

— (On the CTass), Bu^a. 

— (Down), Lala pansi. 

— (As one sick), ukuti bacala. 

— (As many locusts), Ukuti kwa- 


— (Sprawling), Badalala. 

—(Stark naked), Dindiliza. 

— (Horizontally), Ukuti ja. 

— (In wait, as a hunter), Qantya. 

— n. Amanga. 
Lieutenant-Governor, n. Urulu- 

meni obuselayo. 
Life, n, Ubomi (ubu), umxwelo 

Lifeless, a. File. 
Lift, v, Pakamisa, fukula. 

Lipt-up, V, (As a bone of the skull), 

Lifter, n, Umfukuli, umpakamisi. 
Lifting, n, Ukufukula, ukupaka- 

misa (uku). 
Ligament, n. Ibande (i). 
Light, n. Ukukanya (uku). 

— (Torch), Ubaqa, isihlanti (isi). 

— (Candle), Isibane (isi). 

^To give), Kanyisa. 

•—(To kindle), Basa, pemba. 

— V. (As a candle), Oka, baqa, 


— (Up thoroughly), Kanyisisa. 

— (Suddenly, to be), Ukuti 


— (AJight), Ehlika. 
.(N< ■ " "" 

(Not dark), Sile. 

— ^Not heavy), Lula. 

— (Wanton), Dalazele. 

— (Tending to whiteness), Mhlope. 
Lighten, v, Baneka, nyazima. 

— (As a load), Pungula. 
Lightning, w. Ubani (ulu), unyazi 

Lightheadedness, n, Ubugcwane 


— Minded, a. Namabungane, lula 


— (Unsettled), Zulayo. 
Lightness, n. (Of weight), Ubulula 


— (Inconstancy), Ubululwane 

Lighter a, (As pain), Ncono. 
Like, a. (Resembling), Fanayo. 

— (Equal), Lingene. 

— V. Tanda. 

— adv. Njenga. 

— As, adv, >ijengokuba. 
Liken, v, Fanisa. 




Likeness, n. Insobi (in), insotyana, 


— (To make), Fanekisa. 
LiLY,w.(Kind of),Umduze,iimcoto(iii) 

— (Yellow), Isidwa (isi). 
Limb, n. Isito (isi). 
Lime, n Umcako (um). 
Limit, v. Kaula. 

— 71. Umkaulo (um). 
Limitation, n, Ukukaula, ukukau- 

Iwa (uku). 
Limited, a. Kauliwe. 
Limp, v. Nyongaza. 

— 71. Ukunyongaza (uku). 

— a. Tambile. 

— Thing, n. (As a tree), Imbung- 

ubungwana (im). 

— Things, n. Imifecane (imi). 
Limpet, n, Imbada (im). 
Limpid, a. (Pure), Cwebile. 

— (Clear), Cwengekile. 
Line, n. (String), Intambo (in). 

— (Of people, &c.), Ulila (ulu), 

irele (i). 

— (Of men, shoulder to shoulder), 

Isiceme (isi). 

- ^Occupation), Imiriba (imi). 

— (Drawn), Umudwa (umu). 
Linen cloth, n. Indwangu (in). 
Linger, v. Libala, salela, tikibala. 
Liniment, n, Amafatu esilonda. 
Link, v. (tnite), Hlangamsa. 
Lintel, n. Ikotamo (i). 
Lion, n. Ibubesi (i), imbube (im). 
Lioness, n. Ibubesikazi (i). 
Lip, n. Udebe (ulu). 

—(Red under part of), Insonyama 

Liquidate, v. Koka izikweleti. 
Liquidation, w. Ukukoka kwezi- 


Lisp, r. Tefula. 
Listen, v, Lalela. 
Listener, n. Umlaleli (um). 
Litter, v, (Bring forth), Zalela. 

— (Scatter), Hlakaza. 
Little, a. Ncinyane. 

— Of (To have), Hlonga. 

— Thing, n. Intwana (in). 

— While, Umzuzwana, isikat- 

Littleness, w. LTjuncinyane (ubu). 
Live, v, (Exist), Pila, dhla nbomi. 

— (Independent), Busa. 

— (Dwell), Aka, hlala. 
Comfortably), Cemezeka. 
An easy life), Enaba. 

— (By marauding), Gcweleza. 
Lively, a. Nokupila. 
Liver, n, (Of the body), Isibindi 

Living, n. Ukuhlala (uku). 
Lizard, n. Isibankwa (isi). 

— (Spotted), Ikototyeni (i). 

— (Large land), Imbulu (im). 

— (Small), Isiquzi (isi). 

— (With red throat), Ibamba^i (i). 

— (Found between flat stones), 

Uroqotyeni (u). 

— (Iguana), IT xamu. 
Lo ! inten. Beka ! kangela ! 
Load, v. (As a gun), Hlohla. 

— TAs a wagon), Laisha. 

— (As a man), Twesa, twalisa. 

— n. (Of wagon, ship, &c.), Intuto 


— (Heavy), Umfumfuto (um). 

— (Burden), Umtwalo (um). 
Loaf, n. (Of bread), Isinkwa (isi). 
Loam, n. (Rich), Imbudhlumbudhlu 

Loathe, v, Zonda. 




— ^Feel nausea), Canuka. 

— (Disgust), Nenga. 
Loaves, n. (Of bread), Izinkwa 

Lobe, n, (Oi the ear), Isicubu (isi), 

isitinzi (isi). 

— (Of tie lung), Ipapu (i). 
Locate, v, Akisa. 
Locality, n. Indawo (in). 
Lock, n. (Of a door), Isihlutulelo 

(isi), isitumengo (isi). 

— (Of a gun), Indhlebe (in). 

— V. Hlutulela, tumenga. 

— (As a wheel), Nsala. 
Locust, n, Intete (in). 

— (Red), Isikonyane, inkumbi 

— (Very young), Inkasa (in). 

— (Large green), Umkonya (um), 

iutotoviane, ucimbitwa. 

— (Black), Idijra. 

— (Young), Isiboto (isi). 

— Bird, Intengu ^). 
Lodge, v, Lala, pambukela. 

— (Afford place to), Lalisa. 

— 71. (Small bouse), Indhlwana 


— (Temporary shelter), Umpeme 

Log, n. (Of firewood), Ukuni (ulu). 

— -^Large), Isiqukaqa (isi). 

— (Of wood), Ugongolo (ulu), 

ugodo (isi), isibuku (isi^ 

--(Moist), Umciza (um). 
Loggerhead, n, Isipukmpaku 

Logs, n, (Heap of), Igo^o (i). 
Loft, n. (Store for gram), Innqolo- 


—(Store shields, &c.), Innyango 

Loi2f, n, Ukalo (ulu), isinqe (isi). 

Loiter, t;. Libala, epuza, dembesa, 

Loiterer, n. Isilibazi (isi). 
Lone, a. Nesizun^u. 
Loneliness, n. Isizungu (isi). 
Long, a. De. 

—(To grow, as the hair, &c\ 


— (To grow, as a procumbent 

plant), Enaba, naba. 

— For, v. Kanuk, alangazelela,fisa. 

— (In vain), Labalabek. 

— ^Ago, Ekadeni, budala, pakade, 


— ^Way-opf, Kude. 

— ^TiME, Kade. 

— Suffering, n. Ukubekezela 

Longing, n, Ukukanuka, usikisikL 
Look, v. Bona, beka. 

— f At), Buka, kangela. 

— (Qaze at), Buka. 

— (With expectation), Qolozela. 

— (Sorrowful), Bipa. 

—(Well, as flowers), Ukuti mu. 

— (About contemptuously), Lulu- 


— (Disappointed), Nciyanciya. 

— (In all directions), Qalaza. 

— (Fixedly at), Ukuti njo, ukuti 

nqa, hlaba ngamehlo. 

— H[Conscious of guilt), Nyalaza, 

ukuti nyala. 

— (Sternly), Jamela. 

— (Dejected), Bihla. 
For), Bekela, bonela. 

— v*For, seek), Funa, ncinga 

— (WellX Kanya. 

— (Back), Ukuti jeqe. 

— (With astonishment), Ukuti 





fOut), Lunguza. 
^Cautiously), Bekabeka. 
fTlioroughl^), Bekisisa. 
(Carefully in every direction), 

Cingisisa, ukuti talatala. 
Looker-on, n, Isibekeli (isi). 
Looking-glass, n. Isibuko ^isi). 
Loop, n, Inkibanselo (in), isirintyo 


— (At the back of a shield), Um- 

gabelo (fum). 

— 71. (Shield loop, to put), 

Loophole, n, Isikala (ia). 

— (Evasion), Izaba (i). 
Loose, v. (Untie), Tukulula, nyibili- 


- -^As oxen), Kumula. 

— (Set free), Kulula. 

— ^8 a rope), Yekezisa. 

— TTo be, as a stake), Xeka. 

— (To be, as a rein), Cakata. 

— a. (Not fast), Xekile, xek£u 

— (Unbound), Kumukile. 

— (Slack), Yekezile. 

— ^(Not costive), Rudayo. 

— Fellow, n, Inyalanyala (i). 
Loosen, v. Kiuula, &c. (See 


— V. (Unravel), Sombulula. 
Loosely (To do), Wokumalisa. 
Loosened (To be, as a knot), Nyom- 

Lop, V, Nquma. 
Loquacious, o. Bobozayo, mpom- 


— (To be), Boboza, mpompoza. 
Loquacity, n. Ukumpopoza, uku- 

boboza (uku). 
Lord, n. Inkosi (in). 
Lory, n, Igwalagwaua (i). 

Lose, v, (Let slip), Punyuka, pun- 


— (Thread of a discourse), Paz 


— (Vanish from view), Lahla. 

— ^Richness), Dumala. 

— (Squander), Sakaza, cita. 
Loss, n. Isilahleko (isi). 
Lost (To be), Lahleka, eduka. 

— ^. Lahlekile. 
Lot, n. Inkato (in). 
Lotus, n, (Water-lily), Izibu (i). 
Loud, a, Nomsindo. 
Louse, w. Intwala (in). 

— (Of fowls), Umkupe (um). 
Lousy, a. Nezintwala. 
Lout, n, Ungume (um). 
Love, v, Tanda. 

— n, Utando (ulu), ukutanda 


— Charm, n, Umbetelelo, umqoto 

Lover, n. Umtandi (um\ 

— (Rejected), IsityoKolo, isit- 

shimane (isi). 
Loving, a, Tandayo. 
Lovingly, adv, Ngotando. 
Low, a, (Not high), Pansi. 
Dejected), Konkobele. 

— (As the voice), Ncinyane. 
.umble), Tobekile. ' 
(As the sun, to be), Ukuti te t» 


— V, Eala, bonga. 

— (With a moaning sound), Bu- 


— (As a cow for her calf), Lili- 


— Spirited, a. Dangele. 

— Spirits (To be in), Konkobala, 





Lower, v, (Bring low), Ehlisa, . 

— fSink), Tyonisa. 

— (Make less), Ncipisa. 

— (Humble), Tobisa. 

— (In price), Apula imali. 

— (As inflammation), Toba. 

—(Fall), Wa. 

— (As the sky), Ewaqabala, siti- 


— (Look morose), Hlunama. 

—Drift (Of the Tukela), Idhlo- 

kwe (i). 

— Side (Of the road), Enzansi. 
Lowering, a. Rwaqabele, siti- 

Lowliness, n. Ukutobeka (nku). 
Lowly, a. (Humble), Tobekile. 
Lubricate, v. Tyeleza. 
Lucent, a. Cwazimulayo. 
Lucid, a. Kanyayo. 
Luck, n. (Good), Inhlanhla, ice (i). 

— (Bad), Isisila (isi). 
Lucky, a. Nenhlanhla. 

— (To be), Hlanhlazelwa. 
Luggage, n. Impahla (im). 
Lugubrious, a. Nosizi nobu- 

Lukewarm water, n, Ajnanzi 

LuKEWARMNESS, n, Isivivi (isi). 
Lull, v, (To sleep), Lalisa. 

— (As a cmld), Ndindizela 

Luminous, a. Kazimulayo, cwazi- 

— (To he). Kazimula, cwazimula. 
Lump, n. (Of earth), Isigaxa (isi), 

igabade, igade (i). 

—^Protuberance), Iqubu (i). 

—(Boil), Itumba (i). 
Lung, n, Ipapu (i). 

— Sickness (In cattle), Umpapu 

(um), amaragane (ama). 
Lurch, v. (Roll), Bwacazela. 

— n. Ukubwacazela (uku). 
Lure, v, Yenga. 
Lurk, v, Lalela. 
Luscious, a. Mnandi, canuzele^ 
Lust, n» Inkanuko (in). 
Lustful, a. Kanuko, ganungayo. 
LusTRATE, V, Hlambulula. 
Lusty, a. Kulupele. 
Luxate, a. Enyelisa. 
Luxation, n, tJkwenyelisa (uku). 
Luxuriant, a. (Abundant), Va- 

Luxury, n. Ubumnandi. 
Lying -about -IN -CONFUSION, Nsa- 



Macerate, v. Zacisa. 

Macula, n. Ibala (i), isilyityi (i«i). 

Mad, a. Hlanyayo, namabunganc. 

— (To be), Hlanya, gcwancKa. 

— House, n. Indhlu yaba- 


— Man, n. Igcwane (i), uhlanya 

Madden, v, Hlanyisa, gcwane- 

Madness, n. Ubuhlanya, ubu- 

Maggot, n, Impetu (im\ 

— (Of a large fly), Isibungu 


--(White), Ituku (i). 
Maggotty, a. Nezimpetu. 

— Meat, n, Ubomi (ubu). 




Magic, n. Intakato (in). 

— (To practise), Takata. 
Magistrate, n. Umtetimacala (um). 
Magnanimity, n. Ubukulu ben- 

Magnanimous, a. Hlapazayo. 

— Person, n. Ihlapahlapa (i). 
Magnificence, n. XJouhle (ubu). 
Magnift, v. (Extol), Babaza. 

— (Make great), Kulisa. 
Magnitude, n. Ukukulu (ubu). 
Maiden, n. Intombi (in). 

— Hood, n. Ubuntomoi (ubu). 
Maidservant, w. Incekukazi, isi- 

ncinza, isigqila. 
Maim, v. Limaza. 
Maimed, p, Limele. 
Main, n. (Ocean), Ulwandble (ulu). 

— (Ditcn), Umsele (um). 

— a. Kulu. 

— Bulk, n. Indikimba (in). 
Maintain, v. Pika, pikaza. 

— (Sustain), Ondma. 
Maintenance, n, (Sustenance), 

Ukudhla (uku). 
Maize, n. Umbila (um). 

—(Young), Umnconco (um), 

ikaba (i). 

— (Species of), Imome (i). 

— (Red), Ugadigadi, umgwadi- 


— (Green), Ingcombo (in). 

— (Tassel of), Ingoni, ubulembu 


— (Flower lieadV Intyakaza. 

— (The ear), Isikwebu (isi). 
toob), Ihleza (i), umupa. 
Rind of the stalk), Ubengu. 
[Self-sown), Ikikizela (i). 

—(Old dry ear), Ingqatu (in), [(i). 

— (Ear imperfectly filled), Igqaqa 

— ^New, boiled), Ifuto (i). 

— (Mature, boiled), Izinkob« 


— Water, n. Igwele (i). 
Majestic, a. Nobukosi. 
Majesty, n. Ubukosi (ubu). 
Majority, n. Imvama (im). 
Make, v. (Create), Enza, dabula. 

— (Off quickly with a thing), 


'An ante-nuptial visit), Enda. 
A mistake, as in reading), Eqa 

— rThe cry "Halala'O, Halaliaa. 

— f The X click), Nxapa. 

— (Merry), Dhlala. 

— (Bricks), Bumba. 

— (Warm), Fudumeza. 

— TBlots upon), Capazelu," 

— (Compel), Quba. 

— (Ridiculous), Tuna, 

^A fence), Biya. 

—(A girl marry), Endi«»: 

— (Known), Azisa. 

— (Haste), Tyetya. 

— (A floor), Ganda. 

— (Grimaces), Bebezela. 

— rWar), Hlasela. 

— (A hole in wood), Bolioza 

— (A fire), Pemba. 

— (Into a ball^, Dilinga. 

— (Sure), Qinisa. 

— (The top-knot), Kehla. 

— (A dribbling noise), Bibiza. 
^Create), Dabula, dala, enza. 

— (Peace), Lomula. 

^As a hollow with the hand), 


— (Xfteasy), Robisa. 

—{Splinters of bone fly off), 





— (War), Hlomela, hlasc^a. 

— (Cause trouble), Kataza. 

—(Water), Tunda. 

— (Out, to explain), Cansisa, hlam- 

bulula amagama. 

— (Water, leak), Vuza. 

^Bold), Zisisa. 

— (A charge on an enemy). Tela. 
Maker, n. Umenzi (um), umdabuli 

Male, n. (Of human kind), Umuntu 


—(Of birds), Iqude (i). 

— (Of beasts), Induna, inkunzi 

Males, n. (Of a place), Isilisa (isi). 
Malediction, n. Isiqalekiso (isi). 
Malevolence, n. Inzondo (in). 
Malice, n. Inzondo. 

— (Grudge), Isidikozi (isi). 
Malicious (To be), Xina. 
Malign, v. Mleba, baceka. 
Maligneb, n, Umhlebi, isixinii 

Mallet, n. Isando somuti. 
Malt, n, Imitombo (imi). 
Maltreat, v. Eahlela, hlukuluza. 
Man, n. Indodo (in), umuntu (umu). 

— rSmall), Indojeyana (in). 

— (Young), Insizwa (in), umlisa 


—(Feeble), Ubuka (ulu). 

—(Old), Ixeku (i). 

(Tall and stout), Ubapadhlolo 

(Married), Indoda (in). 
(Muscular), Isijaqaba (isi). 

— r^chelor), Isoka (iV 

— (Without cattle), Ihobo, ihobe 


—(With a head -ring), Ikehla (i). 

— (With thin legs), Imizonzo 


— (Very strong), Inyati (in). 

— (Foremost), Isilomo (isi). 

— (Unmarried), Umlisa (um). 

— (Of consequence), Isikulu (isi). 
Manage, v. Ahlula. 

— (As a business), Fata. 
Management, n. Ukupata (uku). 
Manager, n. Umpati (um). 
Mandate, w. Ummemezelo (um). 
Mane, n, Umhlwenga (um). 
Manfully, adv, Ngobudoda. 
Mange, n. Ukwekwe (ulu). 
Manger, n. Umkombe (um). 
Mangle, v. (Smooth clothes), Sizila. 

— (By stamping), Gquma. 
Mangrove tree, n. Umhluma (um). 
Manhood, n. Ubuntu, ubudoda 

Manifest, v. Bonakalisa. 

— a. Sobala, obala. 
Manifestation, w. Isibonakaliso 

Manifold, a, Pindapindiweyo. 
Manikin, n. Imbatyelana (im). 
Manipulate, v. Fata. 
Mankind, n. Isintu (isi). 
Manliness, n. Ubudoda (ubu). 
Manly, a. Nobudoda. 
Manner, n. (Custom), Umkuba 


— (Behaviour), Ukuma,ukuhamba 

Manners, n. (Unobliging), Inhlulo 

Mansion, n. Indhlukulu (in). 
Manslayer, n, Umbulali (umV 
Manslaughter, w. Ukubulala (uku). 
Mantis, n. Isitwalambiza. 
Mantle, n. Itipiti (i). 




Manumission, n. Ukukulula (uku). 
Manumit, v. Kulula. 
Manure, v, Vundisa. 

— n, Umquba (um). 
Many, a. Ningi. 
Many-times, adv. Kaningi. 
Mar, v. Onakalisa. 
Marauder, n. Isigcwelegcwele (isi). 
March, n. Undasa. 

— V. Hamba, vagatya. 

— ^In ranks). Viva. 

— (Rapidly), Eqa. 
Mare, n. Ihashi lensikazi. 
Mariner, Itelosi (i). 
Maritzburg, n. Umgungundhlovu. 
Margin, n. Icala (i), ucilo (iilu).' 
Mark, v. Paula. 

— (Anything soft), Xatula. 

— (Heed), Qapela, qonda. 

— (The ears of cattle), Peqa, 


— (The face, as the ama Hlwenga), 


— (The face with clay), Gqaba. 

— (Observe), Qapela. 

— (Deface), Ona. 

— ^Point out), Komba. 

— (As beacons), Dabula. 

— n. (Made in anything soft), Isi- 

xatu (isi) ; also a welt. 

— (Of a blow), Isizwati (isi). 

— (Ordinary), Inncwadi (in). 
fA sign), Upau (ulu). 
[A spot), Ibala (i). 
[An impression), Ukucindezelwa 

Market-place, n. Indawo yokuten- 

gisa (or) yokudalisa. 
Market-price, n. Intengo (in). 
Marriage, n. Ukuzeka (uku), um- 

tshato (um). 

Marrow, n. Umkantya, ummongo 


— (Spinal), Umnqonqo (um). 
Married (To be), Zekwa. 
Marry, v. (Take a husband), Gana. 

— (Off a girl), Ganisa. 

— (Deceased wife's sister), Fake- 


— (By Christian rites), Tatana. 

— (As the heathen), Zeka. 
Marsh, n. Ixapozi (i), ub'.;ku (ulu). 

— Plant, n. Icacane (i). 
Marshy, a. Nobuku, nexapozi. 

— Place, n. Umxopo (um). 
Marshal, v. (As soldiers), Tyaya. 
Martin, n. (Bird), Inkonjane (in). 
Marvel, v. Mangala. 

— n, Ummangaliso (um). 
Marvellous, a. Mangalisayo. 
Mash, v. Xova. 

— n. lyambazi (i). 
Mason, n. Umaki. 
Mass, n. (A lump), Isigaxa (isi), in- 

dilinga (in). 

— (Of beads on breast), Isidanga 


— (Of rock), Inguzunga (in), izi- 


— (Of beads, worn on the loins), 

Isiyondo (isi). 
Massacre, v. Bulala. 
JMast, n. Insika (in). 
Master, v. Ahlula, tantata. 

— (Of a herd, to be, as a bull), 


— n. Inkosi (in). 
Masticate, v Hlafuna. 
Mat, n. Icansi (i). 

— (Laid out), Inketa (in). 

—(Table), Isitebe (isi). 

— (Sleeping), Uk\ikc> (^nJ^, 





— ^Door), Isihlandhla (isi). 

— (Made of water-flags), Ibuma(i). 

— (To make), Aluka. 
Match-box, n. (Metal), Idotya (i). 
Mate, n. Umne, umkozi (um). 
Matmaker, n. Inyanga yamacansi. 
Matriculate, v, Twasa. 
Matrimony, n. Ukuzeka (uku). 
Matter, n. (Business), Indaba (in), 

udaba (ulu). 

— (Aifair), Isici (isi). 

— (Affair of importance), Isidumo 


— (Pus), Ubovu (ulu). 

— ^Small affair), Indatyana ^in). 

— (Thick, from a sore), Isipiqika 

Matting, n, Amacansi (ama). 

— (Woven coarsely), Isinlanhla 

Mattock, n. Ikuba (i), igeja (i). 
Mature, a. (Ripe), Vutiwe. 

—(To be), Vutiwa. 
Maturity, n, Ukuvutiwa (uku). 
Maundering, n. (From intoxication), 

Ubuyejane (ubu). 
Maw, n. (Stomach), Isisu (isi). 
Mawkish, a. Canulayo, casulayo. 
Mawkishness, n, Ukucanula (uku). 
Maxim, n, (Proverb), Umzekelelo 

^f AY, avx, V, Nga. (Ex, Ningapuma, 

you may go out.) 
Maze, w. (labyrinth), Ingunji (in). 
Mazy, a, Didakele. 
Me, pron, Ngi, mina. 
Meadow, n. Isihlambo (isi). 
Meagre (To be, as cattle), Tyoda. 

— (As sheep or goats), Bunda. 

— (As men), Onda, zaca. 
Meal, n, (Flour), Impupu (im). 

— (Very fine), Inncumbe (in). 
—(Food), Ukudhla (uku). 
— (To grind), Gaya. 
— Pudding, n. Isitywala (isi). 
— Time, n, Isikati sokudma. 
Mealies, n. Umbila (um). 
— (Last year's), Innyasa (in). 
— (Boilea very soft), Amanyeu 

— (hoose), Umuru. 
— (Old, from the pit), Umdovu 

— TBoiled), Umcaba (um). 
— (Roasted in a pot), Utywele 


-^(Self-sown), Ikikizela (i). 

— (BoHed soft), Amadafu (ama). 
Mealie-plants, n, (Fine grown), 

Isidhlunga (isi). 

— Garden, n, Isimbila. 

— Ground, n, (Of a chief), Um- 

butiso ^um). 
Mean, a. (Contemptible), Delelekile. 

—v. Ti. 
Meaning, n, Ukuti, imngqondo 

Meanness, n. Ukuncitya (uku). 
Means, n, (For doing a thing), Isa 

Meanwhile, adv. Kanti. 
Measles, n, Isimungumungwane 

Measure, v, Linganisa. 

— (Accurately), Lin^anisela. 

— n. Isilinganiso (isi). 
Measured (To be), Linganiswa. 
Measurer, n. Unuinganisi (um). 
Meat, n, Inyama (in). 

— (Dried in the sun) Umqwaiba 


Cold), Ikutu (i> 




— (Imperfectly dressed), XJmnu- 

kuba (um). 

— (Large piece of uncooked), Isi- 

cubi (isi). 

-^Broth, n. Umliluzi (um). 
Meaty, a. Nenyama. 
Mediate, v, Lamula. 
Mediation, n. Ukulamula (uku). 
Mediator, n. Umlamuli (um). 
Medicine, n. Umuti (umu). 

— (A charm), Ikubalo (i). 

— ^For flatulence), Umxukuxo. 

— (To administer), Elapa. 

— (Name of a strong), Impondo 

Medicinal broth, n, Izembe (i). 
Meditate, v, Camanga, zindhla. 
Meditation, n. Ukucamanga (uku). 
Medium, n, (Space), Umkati (um). 
Medlar, /i. (Fruit), Itulwa, iviyo {i\ 

— (Tree), Umtulwa, umviyo (um). 
Medlet, n. Inblanganisela. 
Meed, n, Umvuza (um). 
Meek, a. Nene. 

— (To be), Bekezela, tamba. 
Meekness, n. Ububekezela (uku). 
Meer, n, (Lake), Idangu (i). 
Meet, a. (Fit), Fanele. 

— (To be), Faneleka. 

— V. (Come together), Hlangana. 

— (Go to meet), Hlangabeza. 

— (With), Fumana. 
Meeting, n. Umhlangano, inhlan- 


— House, n. Indhlu yokusonta. 
Melancholy, a. Konkobele. 

— (To be), Konkobala. 
Meliorate, v, Lungisa. 
Mellow (To be), Twanyazeka. 
I. Twanyazekile. 
-V, Twanyazisa. 

Melon, n. (Water), Ibece (i). 

— (Of white people), Ikabe (i). 
Melt, v. Ncibilika. 

— (Make liquid), Ncibilikisa. 

— (Soften to pity"), Raula. 
Member, n. (Of the body), Isi to 

ilungu (i). 

— (Of a sentence), Isahlukwan- 

yana (isi). 

— (Of a society), Umuntu. 
Membership, n. (Union), Ubunye. 
Membrane, n, Uiwebu (ulu). 
Memorial, n. Isikumbuziso (isi). 
Memory, n, Inkumbulo. 
Men, n. Amadoda (ama). 

— (All of a kraal), Ibandhla (i). 
Menace, n, Usongo (ulu). 

— V. Songela. 
Mend, v. Lungisa. 
Mendacious, a. Namanga. 
Menstruate,, v, Potela, zongela, 


— (For the first time), Tomba. 
Menstruation, n, Ukupotela, uku- 

tomba (uku). 

— (Painful), Isilumo (isi). 

—(First), Udwa. 
Mental difficulty, n. Ipuzu (i). 
Mention, v. Tyela. 
Merchant, n. Umtengi, umvinkili, 

Merciful, a. Nomusa. 
Merciless, a, Nolunya. 
Mercy, w. Umusa. 
Mere, w. (Lake), Idangu (i). 
Merge, v. (ImmerseV Cwilisa. 
Meridian, n. (Noon), Immini (im). 
Merit, n, Ukufanela (uku). 

— V, Fanela. 
Merriment, n, Ukwenama, uku- 

jabula (uku). 




Merry (To be), Enama. 

— Person, Isenami (isi). 
Mesenbryanthemum, n. Ukungozi. 
Messiah, n, Umesiyasi. 
Message^ n. Imbiko, udaba, izwi. 
Messenger, n, Isigijimi, isitunywa 


— (Of a chief), Inxusa (in). 
Metal, n. Insimbi (in). 

— (Melted), Utyekezi (ulu). 
Mete, v. Linganisa. 
Method, n. Umkuba (um). 
Mettle, n. Isibindi (isi). 
Mew, v. Kala. 

— (Change feathers), Hluba. 
Mica, n. Insengetye (in). 
Mice, w. Izimpuku (izim). 
Midday, n, Immini (im). 
Middle, a, Pakati. 
Midnight, n, Ubusuku obukulu. 
Midriff, n, Izinvalo. . 
Midst, a. Pakati. 
Midsummer, n. Ihlobo elikulu. 
Midway, adv, Pakati kwendhlela. 
Midwife, w. Umbeletisi (um). 
Midwifery, n. Ukubeletisa. 

— (To practise), Beletisa. 
Midwinter, n. Ubusika obukulu. 
Might, n, Amandhla (ama). 
Mighty, a Namandhla. 
Mightily, adv. Ngamandhla. 
Mild, a. ^Gentle), Tambile. 

— ^Mellow), Twanyazekile. 

— (Kind), Nene, bunene. 

— (To be), Bekezela. 

— Person, n. Isinamba (isi). • 
Milder, a. (As severe weather), 

Mildew, n. Isikuta (isi), ukukunta 

Mildewed (To be), Kuta, kunta. 

Mildness, n. Ukutamba (uku). 
Militant, a. Lwayo. 
Military, a. OkwempL 

—n, Impi (im). 
Militate, v. Qinela, mela, emela. 
Militiaman, n. Ikamgedhlela. 
Milk, n. (Sweet), Ubisi (ulu). 

— (Sour), Amasi. 

— (First milk taken by milker), 


— (Second supply), Umijehlu (um). 

—(Third supply), Umcinzo. 

— (Biestings), Umtubi (um), ihl- 

aka g). 

— V, Senga. 

— (Help to), Sengisa. 

— (Thoroughly), Sengisisa. 

— (Into the mouth), Xeza. 

— (Without success), Gulula. 

—(Without the calf), Guda. 

— (A cow a little), Rauza. 

— (Take all the milk), Gqoba. 

— (When there is little in the 

udder), Tyipiza. 

— Pail, n. Umgqengqe (um). 

— Porridge, n. Isitubi (isi). 

— Vessel, n. (Skin), Imvaba (im)L 
Milker, n. Umsengi (um). 
Milksop, n. (Person), Idhliwa (i). 
Milking- vessel, n. Itunga (i). 
MiLKWOOD, n, (Tree), Umnweba 

Milky-way, n. Umtala (um). 
Mill, v. (As the edge of a coin), 


—(With the fists), Bakela. 

— w. Ilitye lokugaya. 
MiLLEPED, n. Ityongololo (i). 
Milt, n. Ubende (ulu). 
Million, n. Igidi (i). 
Mimic, v. Lingisa. 




— n. Umlingisi (um). 
Mimosa, n. (Kind of), Umtolo (um). 

— (With long thorns), Umhluhlu- 

we (um). 

— (Kind ofX Umunga (umu). 

— (A smm kind), Umnqandane 


— (A large kind), Umnqawe (nmS, 

— (Largest kind), Umkamba (um). 

— (Sort of, with fibres), Umsasane 


— (Kind of, growing by water), 

Ingamanzi (i) 
Mince, v. Qobisisa. 

—(Walk), Ukuti gcoka. 
Mind, n. Inkumbulo, inqondo (in). 

— (Moody state oi\ Ukutu (ulu). 

— V. (Attend to), Qapela. 

— (Notice), Beka. 
Mine, pron. Ami. 
Mingle, v. Xubanisa, vanganisa. 
Mingled (Together, to be), Xubana, 


MiNiBLiN, n, (Pin), Isipeledi esin- 

Minister, v. Konza. 

— n. Isikonzi (isi). 
Ministering, n. Ukwabela (uku). 
Ministration, n, Ukukonza (uku). 
Minority,, n. Ingcozana (in). 
Minute, n. Isikatyanyana (isi). 
Minx, n, Ugalagala. 
Miracle, n. Ummangaliso (um). 
Miraculous, a. Mangalisayo. 
Mire, n. Isidaka, udaka (ulu). 
Misadventure, n. Ingozi (im). 
Mirror, n, Isibuko (isi). 
Mirth, n. Ukwenama (uku). 
Misapprehend, v, Posisa. 
Misapprehension, n. Ukungaqondi 


Misbehave, v. Pubuka. 
Miscalculate, v, Didakala. 
Miscalculation, n. Ukudidakala 

Miscarriage, n, (Abortion), Uku- 

pupuma kwesisu. 
Miscarry, v. (Have an abortion), 

Pupuma isisu. 

— (FaU), Puta. 
Miscellaneous collection, n. In- 

hlanganisela (in). 
Mischief, n. Ubuuma (ubu). 

—(To do), Elelesa. 
Mischievous, a, Nobulima. 

— Person, n. Isilima (isi). 

— Spirit, n. Ubudhlanyazi (ubuV 
Misconduct, n. Isono, isiposiso (isi). 
Miscreant, n. Isihambakubi (isi), 

Misdeed, n. Isiposo, isiposiso (isi). 
Misdirect, v, Dukisa, edukisa. 
Misery, n, Ubuhlungu, usizi (ulu). 
Misfortune, n. Ubuliina, isenza- 

kalo (isi). 
Mislay, v, Lahlekisa. 
Mislead, v, Pambukisa. 
Mismanage, v. Titiza, pata kabi. 
Mismanagement, n. Ukutitiza 

Misplace, v. Pambanisa. 
Misrepresent, v. Hlanekezela, 

Misrepresentation, n. Ukuhlane- 

kezela, ukuhlanezela. 
Miss, v. (Not to hit), Mpenga, papa- 


—(Omit), Puta. 

— (As a path), Duka, eduka. 

— ^Mistake), Posisa. 

— (The time in singing), Papa 





— (Feel the want of), Swela. 

^(Fail in), Pute. 

— n. (Failure), Ukuputa (uku). 

— (A young lady), Iniosazana 

Missionary, w. Umfundisi ^um). 
Mission-station, w. Isikolo (isi), isi- 

kola (isi). 
Misspend, v, Cita. 
Misstate, v, Hlanezela, hlanekezcla. 
Mist, n. Inkungu (in). 
Mistake, v, Posisa. 

— n. Isiposo (isi), isiposiso (isi). 
Mistaken (To be), Posisa. 
Mistress, n. Inkosikazi (in). 
Misty, a. Nenkungu. 
Mitigate, v. Tambisa. 
Mitigation, n, Ukutambisa (uku). 
Mix, V, (As flour), Xova. 

—-(As different ingredients), 


— (A little with the hand), Buca. 

— ^As porridge), Bonda. 

— (Mealies and sour milk), Vuba, 


—(Together), Xubanisa, vanga- 


— ^Up), Pitikeza. 

— TAs claj), Nyofa. 

— (As muk and umcaba), Gxan- 

MiXBD-UP, V. (Confused, to be), 

Ukuti hlo. 
Mixture, n. (Taken after death in 

family), Umlau (um). 

— Ukuxubaniswa, ukuvanganiswa. 

— (Of beads), Ivange (i). 
Mizzle, v. (As fine rain), Namaza, 

Moan, n. Ukububula (uku). 

— V, Bubula. 

Moanpul, o. Bubulayo. 

Moaning, n, (As in delirium), Im- 

bubuzi (im). 
Mob, n. Umbonda (um). 
Mock, v. Swabula, hleka usulu. 
Mocker, n. Umswabuli (um). 
Mockery, n. Ukuswabula (uku). 
Mocking-bird, n. Isanzwele. 
Model, n, (Pattern), Isilinganiso 


— V. Bumba, enza. 
Modeller, n. Umezi wesilinganiso. 
Moderate, v, (Regulate), Lingani- 


Quiet), Tulisa. 

— /Preside over), Pata. 

— (Restrain), Kuza. 
Repress), Bamba. 
Restrain grief), Tambisa. 
Moderator, n, Umpati wenhlan- 

Moderation, n. Innyewe (in). 
Modest, a. Nezinhloni. 

— (To be), Hlonipa. 
Modesty, n. Izinhloni, ubunwe. 
Moiety, n. Isigamu (isi). 
Moist, a. Manzi, 

— (To be), Swakama. 
Moisten, v, Swakamisa. 

— (Com for grinding), Nyanyaza. 
MoiSTNESS, n. Ukuswakama (uku). 
Mole, n. (Of the body), Umkangu, 

insumpa (in). 

— (A httle animal), Imvukuzane, 

Molest, v. Hlupa, kataza, hluku- 

Moment, n, Ipazimo (i), isikatyan- 

Monarch, n, Inkosi enkulu. 
Monday, n, Umsombuluko (um). 




Money, n. Imali (im). 
Mongrel, n. Isiqa (isi). 
Monkey, n. Inkau (in). 

— (Speckled), Insimango (in). 

— (Large male), Ixolodo (i). 

— Rope, n. Umtwazi (um). 
Month, n, Inyanga (in). 
Mooi-RiVER, 71. Impafana (im). 
Moon, n. Inyanga (in). 

— (New), Ucezu (ulu). 

— (First quarter), Inyanga iyadi- 


— (Full), Inyanga ihlangene. 

— (Just passed tne full), Inyanga 


— (Last quarter), Inyanga ifile. 
Moonbeam, n, Umsebe wenyanga. 
Moonshine, n. Unyezi. 
Mope, v, Dangala, ozela. 
Morass, n. Ubuku (ulu), ubityi 

Morbid, a, Qulayo. 
Moreover, adv. feepa. 
Morning, n, Kusasa. 

— (Very early), Ekukaleni kwezin- 


— (Early), Ekuseni. 

— Star, n, Ikwezi (i). 

—(To be), Sa. 

— Fog, n. Inkwezane (in). 
Morrow, n. Umuso (umu). 

—(To-morrow), Ngomuso. 
Morsel, n. Umtama (um). 
Mortal, a Nokufa. 

— n. Umuntu (umu). 
Mortar, n. Udaka (ulu). 
Mortify, v. Jabisa. 
Mortified (To be), Jaba. 
Mosquito, n. Umiyane, 
Moss,n. (Of trees), Ubulembu (ubu). 

— (Of stones), tJbulele (ubu). 

Mote, n, Isibi. 
Moth, n, Innyundu (in). 
Motheat, n. Dhla. 
Mother, n. (My), Umame. 

— (Your), Unyoko. 

— (His), Unina. 

—(In-law), Umkwekazi (um). 
Mother's sister, n. Umamekazi. 

— Brother, n, (My), Umalume, 


— (Thy), Unyokolume. 

— (His), Uninalume. 
Motherless child, n, Inkedama 

Motion, n. Ukunyakaza (uku). 

— (Change of place), Ukuhamba 

Mould, n. (Earth), Umhlabati 


— (From damp), Ukukunta (uku), 


— (Of damp Kafir com), Isiumba 


— V. Bumba. 
Mouldiness, n. Isikuta (isi). 
Mouldy, a, Kutile. 

— (To be), Kunta, kuta. 
Moult, v, Hluba. 
Mound, n, Igquma, umganga, isi- 


— (Containing honey), Isibamba 


-— (ilaised by ants), Ingange 

Mount, v. (Climb), Kwela. 

— (As a bull), Zeka, zcti, 

— TAscend a hill), Kupuka. 

— (Rise), Enyuka. 
Mountain, n. Intaba (in). 

— (Steep side of), Ummango 





— TEidge of), Ukalo (ulu). 

— (In Mapumulo^s district), Isi- 

bulazi (isi). 

— (In Zululand), Umaqwakazi. 

— „ „ Umpehlela. 

— „ „ Ungoye (ulu). 
— (Near the White Umvolosi), 
Inhlazatye (in). 

— (Near Ulundi), Isihlalo (isi). 

— (Near the Umdhoti), Usan- 

Mourn, v, Kala, lila. 

— (For), Kalela. 
Mourning, n. Isikomololo, isi- 

Mournful (To be), Kedamisa. 
Mouse, n. Impuku, igundane, 


— (Field), Injova, unonjiji. 

— (Striped), Imbiba (im). 

— Trap, n. Isitiyo sempuku. 
Mouth, w. Umlomo (um). 

— (Of a river), Isizialo (isi). 
Mouthful, n. (Of solid food), Um- 

tama (um). 

^Of fluid), Itama (i), ibokodo 

Move, v, (Put in motion), Hambisa, 


— (Excite to action), Enzisa. 

— (Tumultuo'jsly), Lukuzela. 

— rExcite pity), Kaula. 

— (As the lips), Nyakaza. 

— ^Go forward), Qubekela. 

— (As an elephant), Sisiteka. 

—(March), Hamba. 

— (With undulatory motion), 

Goboza, luluzela. 

— (Go out of the way), Deda. 

^As goods), Tuta. 

— (As a bad swimmer), Mpamza. 

— (Agitate), Zamaziea. 

— (A little way), Qudhluka, ukuti 


— (Go awav), Emuka. 
Over to), Petelisela. 
|Shake), Tyukuza, zamazama. 
[As trees), I^yakaza, tenga. 

— (From one place to another), 

Movement, n, Ukuhamba, uku- 

Mow, V. Sika. 
Much, a. Ningi. 

— adv, (In quantity), KaningL 

— (Very much), Kakulu. 

— (So much), Kangaka. 
Mucus, n. (Of foeces), Amahlenge- 

hlenge (ama). 

— (EYom the nostrils), Amafinyila 

Mud, n. Udaka (ulu). 

— (Dry, in cattle kraal), Idaka (i). 
MuDDLEp, V. (As the mind, to be), 

Muddy, a. Nodaka. 
Muffle, v. (Wind round), Tan- 


-^Hide). Fihla. 

— (Wrap), Songa. 
Mulatto, n. Ikoboka, ibastade (i). 
Mulct, v. Hlaulisa. 

— n. Inhlaulo (in). 
Mule, n. Imbongolo (im). 
Multiply, v. Andisa. 
Multitude, n. Isixuku (isi). 
Multitudes, n. Izinngqimbang* 

Mumble, v. (SpeaklNhinhiza. 

— (Chew softly), Wanyaza. 
Mumps, n. (Disease), Uzagiga, ugci* 

laza, ugqilaza. 




Munch, v, Mungunya. 

— (As a goat), Bebeta. 
Munificence, n. Ukuhlapaza (uku). 
Munificent, a. EQapazayo. 
Murder, v. Bulala. 

— (Cause to), Bulalisa. 

— 71. Ukubulala faku). 
Murderer, n. UmDulali (um). 
Murmur, v. (As bees), Buza. 

— (As a person), Konona, vun- 


— (As water), Cwaza, 
Muscle, n, (Shell-fisli), Inkwetu 

(in), imbata (im). 

— (Fleshy fibre), Inhlali, izin- 

Muscular man, n. Isijaqaba (isi). 

— Young man, n. Ijara ^i). 
Mushroom, n, (Large), Ikowc (i), 

isipapa (isi). 

— ^( V ery large), Ikowendhlovu (i). 

— (Small), Inkowankowane (in). 

— (Kind of), Isipau (isi). 
Musket, n. Isibamu (isi). 
Muse, v, Zindhla. 
Musical reed, n. Umtyingo (um). 

— Calabash, Ugubu (ulu). 

— Bone, Imbande, ingcola. 

— Instrument (Stringed), Um- 

qangala (um). 

— Bow, Ixabe (i). 
ilusK-RAT, w. Umvuzi (um). 
!MusQUiTO, n. Umiyane. 
Mussel, n. (Shell-fish), Inkwetu 

(in), imbaza (im). 
MusT-NOT, V. (sing.), Musa. 

— (plur.), Musani 
Mustache, n. Izindevu. 
Mustard seed, n. Isinapi (isi). 
Muster, v, Butana. 
Musty, a. Kuntile. 

Mutable, a. Pendukayo, shudule- 

Mutability, n. Ukupenduka, uku- 

Mute, n. Isituli (isi). 

— a. Tulile. 

— <To be), Tula. 

— V, (As birds), Nya, ruda. 
Mutilate, v. Nquma izito. 
Mutineer, n. Umhlubuki (um). 
Mutiny, v. Hlubuka. 

— n. tJkuhlubuka (uku). 
Mutter, v, Gtedeza. 

— (Dissent), Bubula. 

— (In sleep), Budazela. 
Mutterer, 71. Umsoli, umbubuli, 

Mutton, n. Inyama yemvu. 
Muzzle, v. Faka isifonyo. 

— (For calves), Isifonyo (isi). 
My, pron. Ami. 
Myself, pron, Uqobolwarai. 
Mysterious, a. Fihlakele. 
Mystery, n. Imfihlakalo (im). 

— (Secret), Imfihlo (im). 
Mystify, v, (Bender obscure), Fi- 

Myth, n. Insumo (in). 
My-good-fellow, Wetu. 
My place, or people, Kiti. 

Nab, V, Hlwita. , 
Nail, n. Isipikili (iai). 

— V, (Finger), Uzipo. 

— Betela. 
Naked, a. Ze. 

— (To be), Nquna^ ^lt^k^^^^R?^s^- 




— (To lie), Dunduluza. 

— Fact, n. Umgomo (umV 
Nakedness, n. Ubuze (ubu). 
Namby-pamby, n, Isidhlalo (isi). 
Name, v. Biza, ta. 

— n. Ibizo (i). 

— (Fame), Udumo (ulu). 

— (Of a certain tree), Umdubu. 

— (Of a certain plant), Isan- 


— (Of a star seen in autumn), 


— (Of a plant), XJmuti. 
Nap, n. (Sleep), Ukwozela (uku). 

—(Of a blanket), Umswendo, um- 

sendo (um). 
Nape, n. (Of the neck), Isijingo, 

ijungujungu, izunguzungu. 
Nappy, a. Nonsendo. 
Napkin, n. Indwangu (in). 
Narcotic, n. Umuti olalisayo. 
Narrate, v, Danda, landa, lan- 

Narration, n, Ukulandisa, uku- 

Narrator, n, XJmlandisi. 
Narrow, a. Banzana, ncinyane. 

— Place, n. Inngcingo (in). 
Nastinesb, n, (Filtn), Lnsila (in). 
Nasty, a, Nensila. 
Natai^ n. Ibotwe, u Moyiplazi. 
Nation, n. Isizwe (isi). 
Natural, n, Isiula, isilima (isi). 
Naturally, adv, Kambe. 
Nature, n. Ubuntu (ubu). 

— (Birth), Imvelo (im). 
Naughtiness, n. Ububi (ubu). 
Naughty, a. Bi. 
Nausea, n. Ukucanuka (uku). 

— (To cause), Canula, canuzela. 
Nauseate, v, Nenga. 

Nave, n. (Of a wheel), Inamfa 

Navel, n. Inkaba (in). 

— String, n, Inkaba (in). 

— (Of a young calf), UfokotL 
Nay, adv. Ai, ca. 
Near, a, (Direct), Futyane. 

— adv, (Not far off), Eduze. 

— By, rambi. 
Nearly, adv. Cityu. 
Nearness, n. Ubeduze (ubu). 
Neat, a. Bunono. 

— Person, n. Inono (i). 
Neatness, n. Ubunono, isinwe 

Necessary, a. Swelekile, dinge- 

Neck, n. Intamo (in). 

^Back of), Umqala (um). 

— BiNG, n. (Brass), Umnaka 

Neat, a. Hie. 
Neatly, adv, Ngobuhle. 
Neat's foot, n, Inselo (in). 

— ^Tongue, n. Inkota, ulimi 

Need, v. Swela, dinga, ntula. 

— n. Ubufokazana. 
Needle, n, Inalidi (i). 

— (Native), Usungulo (ulu), nga- 

ndo (ulu). 

— (For matmaking), Igcema (i). 
Needy, a. Dingayo, swelayo. 

— (To be), Dinga. 

— Person, n. U mfokazana. 
Neglect, n, Inkohlo (in). 

— v, (As a parent, &c.), Ten- 


— Kokla. 
Neglected person, n. Imbuaa (im). 
Negligence, n. Ukukohla (uku). 




—(Wilful), Ubudenga (ubu). 
Negligent, a, Kohliwe. 

— Person, n. Isidenga, isikohlwa, 

Neigh, v. Kala, konya. 
Neighbour, n. Umaiielane. 
Neither, pron. Nanye. 
Nephew, n. Umzukulwana, um- 

tyana, mnntwana. 
Nervous apprehension (To feel), 


— TwiTCHiNQS (To have), Hla- 

Nest, n. (Bird's), Indhlu. 

— (Hornets'), Isihleke (isi). 

— (Hen's), Indawo yokuzala. 
Net, n. Utambo (ulu), ineta (i). 

— (Remainder), Insali (in). 

— V. Qonda, aluka. 
Nettle, n. Imbabazane (im). 

— V. Cunula. 
Never, adv, Kapakade. 

— Mind, interj. Pepa. 
Nevertheless, adv, Noko, kanti- 

New, a. Tya. 

— Bread, n, Isinkwa esitya. 

— Moon, n. Ucezii (ulu). 
Newly, cdv, Ngokutya. 
Newness, n. Ubutya (ubu). 
News, n. Izindaba (izin). 
Next, adv, Eduze. 

— a, Landelayo, amukezelene. 

— In order (To be), Amukezelene. 
Nibble, v, Hlanhlata. 
Nice, a, Mnandi, mtoti. 

— (To be), Rwabula, rwabusa. 

— Looking person, w. Igeza. 
Nicely, adv. KamnandL 

—(Evenly), Ngesinwe, 
Nicety, n, Isinwe (isi). 

Niece, n. Umtyanakazi (?) 
Niggard, n, Isincityani (isi). 
Niggardly, adv, Ngokuncitya. 
Niggle, v, Riqiza. 
Nigh, ddv. Eduze. 
Night, n. Ubusuku (ubu). 
Nightmare, n, Ipupo-eletusayo. 
Night-watch, n. Uqainnyanga. 
Nimble, a. Wanyazile, kutele, hlaka- 

Nimbleness, n, Ukukutala (uku). 
Nincompoop, n, Isipukupuku (isi). 
Nine, n, Isishiyangalolunye. 

— Times, Kwasmyangalolunye. 
Nineteen, a. db n, Ishumi nesishi- 

Ninety, a, dk n, Amasbumi ayisisM- 

Nip, V, Ncinza. 

Nippers, n. Udhlawana (ulu). 
Nipple, n, In^ono (in). 
Nrr, n, Umnoi. 
No, adv, Ca, qa, atyi, ai, cabo, qabo, 

Nod, v, Lekusa. 

— (Assent), Gtema. 
Noise, n. Umsindo (um). 

— (To make), Xokozela, xwaba 


— (Like bellows, to make),Bubuza. 
NcisY, a, Nomsindo. 

— (To be), Dhloba, xokozela. 

— Person, n, Uhaba (ulu). 
None, a. db pron. Nanye. 
NoNOTi, n, (A village), Inonoti. 
Nonsense, n. Ize (i), ubuze (ubu). 
Noodle, n. Idbliwa (i), isinonseyana 

NooDSBERG, n, Uvati (ulu), uzwati 

Nook, n. Ingosi (in), igumbi QV 




Noon, n. Immini (im). 
Noose, v, Rila. 

— n. Umkala (um). 
North, n, Inyakato ^in), inode. 
Nose, w. Impumulo (im). 

— f Of cattle), Idevu (i). 

— (Bridge of). Umbombo (um). 

— (Thong for), Umkala (um). 
Nostril, w. Ikala (i). 
Notable, a. ^ndustrious), Kutele. 
N5TABLE, a. Qamile. 
Notability, n, Ibizo (i). 
NoT-A-BiT-OF-rr, Eya. 
Notch, v. Qopa. 

— (The edge of a spear), Zakaza. 

— (Ears of cattle), reqa, peqeza. 

— n. Inkoto (in). 
Notched ears op cattle, Ama- 

cunu, amacepe, 

— (As an axe, to be), Sinazeka. 
Nothing, n. Ize (i), ubuze (ubu). 

— (Of importance), Asiluto. 

— (There is nothing), Akukonto. 
Notice, v. (See), Beka. 

— n. (OflBicial), Imbiko (im). 
Notify, v. Azisela. 

—{Officially), Bika. 
Notorious, a. Nodumo. 

— (To be), Duma. 
Not so, adv. Amanga. 
Notwithstanding, adv, Noko, na- 

loku, konaloku. 
Nourish, v. Ondhla. 
NouRiSHER, 71. Umondhli (xLia). 
Nourishment, n. Ukwondnla, uku- 

dhla (uku). 
November, n. Ulwesi. 
Novice, v. Idhliwa (i). 
Now, adv. Koloku, manje, manjena. 
Noxious, a. Bulalayo. 
Nudity, n. Ubuze (ubu). 

Nudge, v. GJqugquza, ukuti ngcL 
Null, v. Pelisa. 
Numb, a. File, ndikindiki. 
Numbness, n. Inkwashu (in). 

— (Of the kneeX Intolo (in). 
Number^ v. Bala. 

— n. Isibalo (isi). 

—(Of people), Isikata (isi). 

^(Of people sitting together), 

Umkanahlu (um). 

— fLarge, of children), ubu (ulu). 

— (Crowd), Umbonda (um). 
Numerate, v. Balela. 
Numerous, a, Ningi. 
Numerously, adv. Ngobuningi. 
Numskull, n. Isinonseyana, idhliwa 

Nurse, v. (Foster), Ondhla. 

— ^As a child). Fata. 

— (Tend the sick, Lulamisa. 

— n. Umondhli (um). 

— (Of children), Um'zanyana (um). 
Nursling, n. Insane (in). 
Nurture, v. Ondhla. 
Nut, n. (Underground), Indhlubu, 

Nutriment, n. Ukudhla (uku). 
Nutshell, n. Igobolondo (i). 
Nux vomica, n. Umhlala (um). 

—{Berry of), Ihlala (i). 


0. Long sound, as in hOns. 
Oar, n. Ipini lokugwedhla. 
Oath, w. Isifungo (isi). 

— (To utter), Funga. 
OfiDURAcr, n. Ubulukuni (ubu). 
Obedience, n. Ukuzwa, ukulalela 





Obedient (To be), Ezwa, lalela, 

Obeisance, n. Ukukuleka (uku). 

— (To make), Kuleka. 
Obesity, n. Ukukulupala (uku). 
Obey, v. Lalela. 
Object, v. Ala. 

— (To work), Enqena. 

— n. (Spectacle), Umbukwane 

Objection, n, Izaba (i), inkani (in). 
Objector, n. Umali (um). 
Oblation, n. Umnikelo (um). 
Oblige, v. Siza. 
Obliging, a. Sizayo. 
Oblique, a. Tambekile. 
Obliquely, adv. Ngokutambeka. 
Obliterate, v. Ziba. 
Oblivious person, n. Isikohlwa 

Obscene, a. Binayo. 
Obscenely (To talk), Bina. 
Obscenity, n. Ukubiua (uku). 
Obscure, a. Fipele. 

—(To be), Fipala. 
Obscurity, n. Ukufipala (uku), 

Obscurely, adv. Ngokufipala. 
Observatory, n. Isiboniso-sezulu. 
Observe, v, Beka, bona, qaza, hlola. 

— gutter a remark V Tyo. 

— (As a law), Londa. 

— (Regard strictly), Gcina. 
Observer, n. Umbeki (um). 
Obstacle, n. Umzikilili, umbambe- 

zelo (um). 
Obstinacy, n. Ukudonda (uku), 

inkani (in). 
Obstinate, a, Dondayo. 

— (To make by bad advice), 


— Person, n. Isipikeleli ^isi). 
Obstruct, v. Vimbela, bamoezela. 
Obtain, v. Zuza, tola. 

— (By barter), Tenga. 
Obtrude, v. Zisisa. 
Obtrusion, n. Ukuzisisa (uku). 
Obtuse, a. Butuntu. 

— (Stupid), Pukuzile. 
Obviate, v. (Remove), Susa. 
Obvious, a. Sobala, obala. 
Occasion, n. Ituba, isikala. 

—V, (Cause), Banga. 
Occiput, n. Isipundu (isi). 
Occupation, n. Imiriba (imi), imi- 

ribariba (imi). 
Occur, v. Vela. 
Occurrence, n. Isiwici (isi), isiyiba 

Ocean, ru Ulwandhle (ulu). 
Ochre, n. (Red), Isibuda (isi). 
October, n. Umfumfu. 
Odious, a. Zondekayo, nengayo. 
Odium, n, Inzondo (in). 
Odour, n. (Pleasant), Usi (ulu), 

ukunuka (uku). 

— TBad), Ipunga (i). 

— (Bad, to be in), Dumela. 
Odorous (To be), Nuka. 
Offence, n. Isono (isi). 

— (Of long standing), Umlandu 

Offensive, a. Nengayo. 
Off (To come). Puma. 

— (To get, escape), Sinda. 

— (To take), Susa. 

— (To cut), Nquma. 
Offal, n. Umbilini, izibindi (izi). 
Offend, v. (Transgrtss), Ona. 

— (Affront), Cunula. 
Offended (To be), Duba,kubekiswa. 
Offensive (To be), Nyukubala. 




^As words, tobe),Duinala, dinika. 
Offer, v. Nika. 

— (As a sacrifice), Hlabela, lilaba 


— (Gifts to a child), Kunga. 
Offerer, n. Umniki (um). 
Offering, n. Umnikelo (um). 
Office, n, Ikantolo (i). 
Officer, n, Induna (in). 

— (Commanding a regiment), In- 
duna yesibaya esikulu. 

— (Second in command), Induna 


^Second of the right wins), In- 
duna yesicamelo yesibaya sikulu. 

— (Second of the left wing), Induna 

yesicamelo sohlangoti. 
Official position, w.l8ikundhla(isi). 
Of-old-timb, adv, Kudala. 
Offspring, n. Inzalo fin). 
Often, adv. Futi, futifuti. 
Oftentimes, adv, KaningL 
Of-the-same-size, Nganga. 
Oh 1 inten. Mame. 
Oil, n. loU (in), amafuta (ama), 


—(Large quantity), Ucwebe (ulu). 

— V, Gcoba. 
Oily, a. Namafuta. 
Ointment, n. Amafuta (ama). 
Old, a. (Aged^ Gugile. 

—-(Not new). Dam. 

— (To become), Guga. 

— Age, 71. Ubuxeku (ubu). 

— Grass, n, Isikota (isi). 

— Man, n, Ixeku (i). 

— Fellow, n. Ubaba. 

— „ (Nonsense, old fellow), 

Ai tina baba. 

— Time, Indulo (in). 

— Woman, n. Isalukazi (isi). 

Oldness, n. Ubudala,ubuguga Cubu>. 
Olive, 7i.Umgwenya,umhlwati(um). 

— (Fruit of), Ingwenya (in). 
Omen, n. Umhlola (um), isici (isi). 
Omentum, n. Umhlwehlwe (um). 
Ominous, a. Nemihlola. 
Omission, n. Ukuputa (uku). 
Omit, v, Puta. 
Omnipotent, a. Namandhlonke. 

— 71. (The), Umninimandhla, u 

Omnipresent, a. Sezindaweni zonke. 
Omniscient, o. Azizintozonke. 
On, prep. Pezu. 

— {Forward), Pambili. 

— Foot, Ngezinyawo. 

— High, Pezulu. 

— The-left-side, Ngasekohlo. 

— The-right-side, Ngasekunene. 

— One-side, Nganhlanye, nganxa- 


— The-dat-when, Mhla. 

— Purpose, Ngamabomu, ecini. 

— That-aocount, Ngako, nga- 


— The-road, Endhleleni 

— The-table, EtafulenL 

— The-ground, Pansi. 

— Sunday, Ngesonto. 

— Monday, l^omsombuluko. 

— Tuesday, Ngolwesibili. 

— Wednesday, Ncolwesitatu. 

— Thursday, NgcSwesine. 

— Friday, Ngolwesihhmu. 

— Saturday, Ngomgqibelo. 

— The-other-side, Ngapetsheyay 


— This-account, Ngaloku. 

— That-acoount, Ngaloko. 
Once, adv, Kanye. 

— For- ALL, aav. Nakanye. 




O^E, a. Nye. 

— n. (Who speaks inconsiderately), 

Ipazukana (i). 

-—(Recovering from sickness), In- 

kubele (in). 

— By-one, Ngabanye. 

— Sided person, n. Ukeke (ulu). 
Oneness, n. Ubunye (ubu). 
Onion, n. Iswele (i). 
Onerous, a. Sindayo. 
Only, a. Edwa, wedwa, yedwa, &c. 

— adv. Kodwa, kupela. 
Onset, n, Isiwombe (isi^, amamangqo. 
Onward, adv. Pambili. 
Ooze, v. Vuza, tonsa. 

— (As oil), Nyanyateka. 

— (Out, as filtb), Bicika. 

— (Out, as perspiration), Juluka. 
Open, a. (Not shut), Vuliwe. 

— (Exposed to view), Boniwe. 

— TPlain), Sobala. 

— (Artless), Lungile. 

— V. (A door), Vula. 

— (A box), Ambula. 

— (As a corn-hole), Mbulula. 

— TBegin), Qala. 

^M^ie known), Azisa. 

— (As a swelling, Camusa. 

— (As a book), Penya. 

— (As a pot), Zibukula. 

— (Out, as a piece of paper), Anula. 

— (As a fog), Damuka. 
fThe mouth), Kamisa. 

— (As a roll), Sombulula. 

— (As an oyster), Qekeza. 
[As a seal), Namulula. 
-Handed, a. Hlapazayo. 
Opening, n. Isikala, ituba (i). 
Openly, adv. Obala, egcekeni 
Operate, v. Enza, sebenza. 
Operation, n. Amandhla (ama). 

— (Action), Ukwenza (uku). 

— (Full, to be in), Ukuti kwityi. 
Opponent, n. Umxabi (um), umpiki 

Opportunity, n. Isikala (isi). 
Oppose, v. (Refase consent), Ala. 

^Resist), Mela, qinela, melana- 

Opposer, n. Impi (im). 
Opposite, a, (Facing each other), 


^Adverse'i, Ahlukene. 
Opposition, n. Ukumelana (uku). 
Oppress, v. Hlupa, kwela. 
Oppression, ». Ukahla (ulu), uku- 

Oppressor, n. Umhlupi (um). 
Opprobrious, a. Tukayo. 
Oppugn, v. (Resist), Melana-na. 
Option, n, Inketo(in),umqomo (um 
Opulence, n. Ukunota (uku), ub 

ncwaba (ubu). 
Opulent, a. Notile. 
Or, conj. Mhlaumbe, katisimbe. 
Orange river, n. Igwa (i). 
Oration, n. Inshumayelo ^in). 
Orator, n. Umqapuzi (um). 
Ordain, v, (Establish), Misa. 

— (Set apart), Misela, ahlukanisela. 
Orper, v. Yala, yaleza. 

— (Aa a chief), Juba. 

— (Manage affairs). Fata. 

— n. Izwi (i), isibalo (isi). 
Ordinance, n. Isimiso (isi). 
Ordinary work, n. Umgidi (um). 
Ordination, n. Ukwahlukaniselwa 

Ordure, n. (Human), Indhle (in), 

amasimba (ama). 

— (On the person), Isihlama (isi). 
Organ, n. Uqubu (ulu-V 




Oribe, n. (An animal), lula (i). 
Orifice, n. Intunja (in). 
Original source op people, Uhla- 

nga (ulu). 
Originate, v. Dabula. 
Origin, n. (Beginning), Isiqalo (isi), 

indulo (in). 

— ^Derivation), Isisusa (isi). 

— (Fountain), Umtombo (um). 

— (First existence), Isandulelo 


— ( lriginal\ Inana (i). 

—(Rise), Ukuvela (uku). 

— (Cause), Isibango (isi). 
Original, a. Andulelayo. 
Ornament, w. Isivunulo (isi). 

— (For the ear, like a stud), Isi- 

vibba (isi). . 

— (Ear pendant), Ijembula (i). 

--(Iyotj ear ornament), Ingwagwa 


— (Rosette for the brow), Isiqova 


— (Coloured beads for breast), 

Isivinga (isi\ 

— (Of brass lor the wrists), Isongo 


— (Brass neck - ring), Umnaka 


^Wom on the brow), loele (i). 

— (Just above the eyes), Umcaca- 

mezelo (um). 

— (Large piece of bead-work), 


— (Plume of Sakabuli feathers), 


— ( Of ostrich feathers), Isidhlodhlo 


— (Hide armlet), Isipandhla ^isi). 

—(Small bladder), Inyongo (in), 

—(Finger-ring), Indandato (in). 

— (Worn by every heathen girl), 
Isigeke (isi). 

— (String of coloured beads), Ixu- 
bevange (i). 

— (Skm tails of girls), Imikwindi 

— (Men's after dress), Umutya. 
— (Of small beads), tllucu, ugqizo. 
— (Front tails of men), Isinene 

— (Female breast), Isidiya (isi). 
— (Petticoat, undressed), Ibaru (i). 
,Dressod petticoat), Isidwaoa 

— (For girl's waist), Ubendhle. 
— (Of small beads), Isidanga (isi). 
— (Woman's head - dress), Um- 
nqwazi (um). 

— (Warrior's helmet), Iqolo (i). 
— (Covering for girls), Isiyaca (isi). 
— (Gall-blaSder for the arm), Um- 
hlwehlwe (um). 

— (Collar of reed-buck), Isibelu 

— (String of large beads), Umgulu- 
gulu (um). 

— ^Of platted grass), Umbijo (um). 
— (A copper ball^ Indondo (m). 
— ^Of ornamental brass), Inxota. 
— (Of silver), Isibangwa (isii 
— (Of long nair), Isityoba (isi). 

K Vunul^ vunulisa. 
Orphan, n. Inkedama (in), intan- 

dane (in). 
Ospret, n. Ukozi (ulu). 
Ostrich, n. Intye (in). 

— (TaU-feather of), Imbangayiya 

Other, pron. <fc a. Nye. 
Otherwise, adv, Okanye. 
Otter, n. Umtini (um), nrnftngiTii, 




OuB, pron. Etu. 

— Place, &c., Kwetu. 
Out, adv. Egce, ngapandhle. 

— Of-order (As the body, to be), 


Of-tempbr (To be), Fuqa, ukuti 

Outbid, v. (One another), Eqelana. 
Outcast, n, Umnxotywa (um). 
Outcry, n, Ukukala (uku), umsindo 

Outdo, v. Ahlula, ncinta. 
Outer, adv, Ngapandhle. 

— Covering of the bowels, n. 

Untu (ulu). 

— Skin or husk, n. Ulwebu (ulu). 
Out-in-the- VELDT, Ngasendhle. 
Outlet, n. Indawo yokupuma. 
Outplace, n. (For cattle), Itanga (i). 
Outpour, v. TuMa. 
Outrage, n, Ubudhlangudhlangu 

Outrageous person, n. Isidhlangu- 

dhlangu (isi). 
Outrun, v. Dhlnla. 
Outside, n. Ipandhle (i). 
OuTSPAN, V. Kiimula. 

— (For a short time), Ukuti futu. 
Outward, adv, Ngapandhle. 

— a. Pandhle. 
Over, adv. Pezu. 

— ^Upper), Pezulu. 

— (Beyond), Ngapetsheya. 

— And-above (To put), Eleka. 
Overbearing person, n. Isibu- 

dhlakali, ipompo (i). 
Overcast, a. JFipele, sitibele. 
Overcome, v. Ahlula, nqoba, qoqoza, 

ukuti qo, c[o. 

— (As by influence), Qonela. 
Overflow, v. Cicima. 

— (Boil over), Pupuma. 

Overhang, v, Engama 

Overhead, adv. Pezulu. 

Overlook, v. (Manage), Pata, mela, 
— (Neglect), Kohlwa. 

Overlooker, n. Ummeli. 

Overplus, n. Insali (in). 

Overpower, v. Ahlula, nqoba, qo- 

— (With astonishment), Tyaqa. 

J, 71. Ir 

Overpowering thing, n. Innqobo 

Overpowered (To be), Ahluleka. 
Overreach, v. Kohlisa, ukuti ga- 

Oversee, v. Pata, mela, emela. 
Overseer, n. Umme6, umboneli 

Overset, v. Gumbuqela. 
Oversharp person, n. Iqalaqala (i). 
Overshadow, v. (By influence), 

Overtake, v. Fumana. 

—(Help to), Fumanisa. 
Over there, adv. Lapaya. 
Overthrow, v, (Defeat), Ahlula, 

cita, nqoba. 

— ^Throw down). Wisa. 

— (As a wall, &c.), Diliza. 
Overturn, v, Gumbuqela, ukuti 

O^'^erturnbd (To be), Qumbuqeka. 
Overwhelmed (With grie^ to be), 

Ncibilika, ukuti ncibiSki. 
Owe, v, Ukuba nesikweledi. 
Own, v. (Acknowledge), Vuma. 
Owner, n. Umnini (um). 
Ox, n. Inkabi ^in). * 

-—(Young), Imbaxo (im), imboxo 





— (With lit horns), Insizwa (in). 
— (Smill), Inkatyana (in). 
— fWith stubbed horns), Inqindi. 
— (With crooked horns), Igodhla 


— (Without tail), Umnqini (urn). 

— (With semicircular horns), Iko- 

hongo (i). 

— (Black), Inzima, inzimem- 


—(Red, with white spots), Innco 


— (Dun-coloured), Ufipa (ulu). 

— (Black, with wmte band), 

Ihemu (i). 

—(White), Umhlope. 

— (Young, with horns erect), Ihla- 

bamvula (i). 

— ^Lean), Umjwaqu. 

— (Red, white spots on flank), 


— (Black speckled^, Inala. 

— (Pack), Imbelesi (im). 

—(White stripe underneath), Im- 

pevu (im). 

—(With upright horns), Umpi- 

xongo (um). 

— (Witn hEmdsome horns), Upit- 


— ('Striped on the back), Innkone 


— (With horizontal horns), Ucen- 


— (Very fine kind), Ubelu. 

— (With white flanks), Iwaba (i). 

— (Black, with white spots), Iwasa 


— (With a broken horn), Uvava 


— (Wedding-day), XJmbeka (um). 

— Goad, n, Ingqanda (in). 

OxALis, n. Umqamamaweni, imu- 

Oyster, n. Imbata (im). 


Pace, n, Ibanga (i). 

Pacify, v. (Appease), Lamula. 

— (StiU), Ihilisa. 

— (A person injured), Ciciyela. 

— (A child), Dunduzela. 
Pack, v. Bona. 

—(Stuff tightly), Gxutya. 

—(Up), Pandhla. 

— (Load), Twesa, etwesa. 
Package, n, Utoto (ulu), impahla 

(im), isitungu. 

— (Large), Umfumfuto, umfuqulu 

Packer, n, Umgxutyi (um). 
Packet, n. Umshuqulu, isitungu. 
Pad, n. Gxutya. 

—-(For the head), Inkata (in). 
Padded, 2?. Gxutyiwe. 
Paddle, v, Gwedhla. 

— n. Ipini (i). 
Padlock, n. Isihlutulo (isi). 
Pail, n, U mqengqe (um). 
Pain, n. Ubuhlungu (ulu). 

— (In the wrist), Isigalelwana, isi- 

hlakala (isi). 

— (In the side), XJmqulo, umqubu- 

kulyo, umvubokulu. 

— (Stabbing), Isidhlalo (isi). 

— (Of a wound), Ubukubele (ubu). 

—(Of the stomach), Ukulunywa 


(Of the chest), Uhlabo (ulu), isi- 

tanguba (isi). 




— (Pangs of), Imijunju (imi). 
Pains op labour (Before), Innimba 


— (After), Izinseko (izin). 
Pain (Throbbing, to have), Qaqamba. 
Painful, a. Buhlungu, nzima. 

— (As a wound, to be), Kubelana. 
Painfully, adv. Kabuhlungu. 
Paint, v. Beca, ruqa. 

— (The face), Gqaba. 
Painter, n. Umbeci (um). 
Painting, n, (Picture), Umfanekiso 

Pair, n. Isibili. 

— (Of scales), Isikeli (isi). 
Palate, n. Ulwanga (ulu). 
Pale, a. Mpofu, mhlope. 
Paleness, n.Ubumhlope (ubu), uku- 

Palm, w. (Of the hand), Intende fin). 
Palmetto, n, (Kind oQ, Ilaka (i). 

— Fibre, n. Ugqondo. 
Palpable, a. SobaJa, zwakele. 

— (To be), Pateka, zwakala. 
Palpitate, v, Gquma. 
Palpitation, n, Ukugquma (uku). 
Palsy, n, Idumbe (i), idumbi (i). 
Pamper, v. Minzisa. 
Pan, n. (Frying), Ipani. 

— -^Cooking), Imbiza (im). 
Pancreas, n. Amanyaka (ama). 
Panniole, n, (Kafir com pecked by 

birds), Isikova (isi). 
Pant, v. Pefuzela. 

— ^From over-eatinA Biloza. 

— f From exertion), Pikazela. 

— (From passion), Biloza. 
Panther, w. Ingwe (in), ihlosi (i). 

—(Male), Ijele (i). 
Pap, w. (Nipple), Ingono (in). 

—(Infant s food), lyambazi (i) 

Paper, n, Incwadi (in). 
Parable, n. Umzekeliso (um). 
Parallel (To be), Bekelana 
Parcel^ n. Isitungu (isi). 

— TClothes), Umshuqulu (um). 

— (Large), Umfumfuto, umfuqulu 


— V. Abeld, nqumela. 
Parch, v, (With heat), flamula. 

— (As com), Gazinga. 
Parched corn, n. Utywele (ulu). 
Pardon, v, Yekela. 

— n. Ukiwekela (uku). 
Parched (to be), Oma. 
Pare, v. Cwecwa. 

— TPeel), Hluba. 

—(Off), Qotula. . 

— (The outside only), Gwengula. 

— (Bark from a tree), Xonza. 
Parings, w. (Of hide), Amapalo 

Parish, n. Isifunda (isi). 
Parrot, w. Isikwenene (isi). 
Parry, v. Vika. 
Parsimonious, a. Ncityayo. 
Parsimony, n. Ukuncintya (uku) 
Part, v. Ahlukanisa. 

— T As men fighting), Lamula. 

— f Divide), Qembula. 

— (From another person), Ahlu- 


— ri, Inxenye (in). 

— TOf a herd of cattle), Ihlepu (i). 

— (In front of a man's ear), Isi- 

qoma (isi). 
Partake, v. Hlanganyela. 
Partial (To be), Bongoza. 
Partiality, n. Ikubo (i), ukuketa 

1 Particle, n, Uhlamvu (ulu). 
1 PARTlQie^a^ •o.'SXasiS^jssc^'^^aw. 




Partition, n. (For calve8),Itombe (i). 

— On a hut for goats), Ucentane. 

— (W«J1), Isahliianiso (isi). 
Partner, n, Umlingane, umlilan- 

Partridge, n. Itendele (i). 
Pass, v, (Onward), Dhliua. 
'Ruae jokes), Ntelemba. 
Over), Wela. 

■The time for breeding), Laza. 
[Continually), Zineneka. 
JOmit), Puta. 

^Through a country), Dabula. 
[Through long grass), Dofuza. 
[Off, as a storm), Laza. 

— n. (Between hills), Isikala (isi). 
Passable (To be), Dhluleka. 
Passage, w. (Into an ant-heap), Isi- 

ningo (isi). 

— (Way), Indhlela (in). 
Passion, n, Intukutelo (in), ulaka 


— (Violent), Ukuqataza (uku). 

— (Eagerness), Umbejezane (um). 
Passionate, a. Nolaka. 

— Person, n, Isijaka, isityisekeli, 

isilwane, isityeke. 

— Woman, n. Innqanqa (in). 
Passover, n. Ipasika. 
Paste, n, Inhlama (in). 
Pastime, n. Indhlalo (in). 
Pastor, n. Umalusi. 

— (Minister), UmfundisL 
Pasture, n. Idhlelo (i). 

— (Green), Ihlungu (i). 
Pat, v. (With the hand), Pabaza, 


— Tin a playlul way), Pataza. 

— (As a dog), Mbambata. 
Patch, v. (As a garment), Ciciyela. 

— n, (Of cloth), Isiziba (isi). 

— (Ground dug), Indima (in). 
Pate^ w. Inhloko (in). 
Patella, n. Ivi (i). 
Path, w. Indhlela (in). 

— (Wide), Umqabaru (um). 

— ^Well-trodden), Umendo. 
Of a mouse), Umuqa (umu). 
Circuitous), Izambe (i). 
^Hardly visible), Ukondo (ulu). 
Patience, n, Ukubekezela, ukube- 

kela (uku). 
Patient (To be), Bekela, bekezela. 

— a. Bekezele. 
Patiently, ach, Ngokubekezela. 
Patron, n. Umtoli. 
Patronize, v. Tola. 
Patter, V. (As children's feet),Ukuti 


— (As the feet), Gigizela, gqigqi- 

zela, ukuti gi gi gi. 
Paunch, n. Usu (ulu). 
Pause, v. Peza. 

— n. Umkati (um). 
Pauw, n. (Bird), Iseme (i). 
Paw, n. Panda. 
Pay, v. (As a debt), Koka. 

— H Aj3 a fine), Hlaula. 

— (Attention), Qapela. 

— (Attention habitually), Hlonzsc 

— n. Inkokelo (in), umvuzo (um). 
Pea, n, (Kind ofl Imbumba (jm). 
Peace, n. Ukutula, uxolo (ulu). 

— (To makeV Lamula, ukuti lamu. 

— (To break), Xabana^ exabana, 


— (To keep), Bamba (or) geina 


—(To be at), Tula. 
Peaceful (To be), Tula. 
Peacemaker, n, Umlamuli (um). 
Peacock, n, IpikokL 




Peak, n. (Of a mountain), Isiqongo 

Pearl, n, Iparele. 

— Muscle, n. Innwenwe (in). 
Pebble, n.Imbokondo (imVilitye (i). 
Peck, v. (As a fowl), Ngowza. 

—(A grindstone), Qandula. 
Pecker, n. (Woodpecker), Isiqo- 

pamuti (isi). 
Peel, v. Hluba, hlubula. 

—(Off), Butuza. 

— (Cause to peel off), Butuzisa. 

— ^Off, as the skin), Ebula, 

— (As cobs off the stalk), Hlubula. 
Peeled off (To get), Butuka, butu- 

Peep, v. Lunguza. 

— n. Ukulunguza (uku). 
Peeper, n. Umlunguzi (um). 
Peevish, a. Teteme. 

—(To be), Tetema. 
Peevishness, n. Ukutetema (uku). 
Peewit, n. Ititihoya (i), ihoya (i). 
Peg, 71. Isikonkwane (isi). 

—(For binding thatch), Ikwengco. 
Pelican, n. Unozayizingwenya. 
Pelt, v. Ponsela. 

— (As oxen, to turn them), Nqanda. 
Pelvis, n, Iroro (i). 
Pen, 71. Uluti Iwokuloba. 

— (For sheep), Isibaya (isi). 

— TFor fowls), Ifuku (i). 

— (Quill), Usiba Iwokuloba. 

— V. (Write), Loba. 
Penal, a. Tyayayo. 
Penalty, n. Inhlaulo (in). 
Penetrate, v. (Pierce), Hlaba. 

— (As with a tool), Boboza. 

— (Enter), Ngena. 

— (As a leech), Tyikityela. 
Peninsula, n. Inhlonhlo (in). 

Penitence, n, Ukudabuka ngo- 

Penitent, a. Dabukile. 
Penknife, n, Umese. 
Penniless, a, Mpofu. 
Pennon, n, Indwangu (in). 
Penny, n, Indibilitye (in). 
Pensive, a. (Thoughtful), Caban- 

gayo, camangayo. 
Pensiveness, 71. Usizi (ulu). 
Pentecost, n, Ipentekoste. 
People, w. Abantu (aba). 

— (White), Isilungu (isi). 

— (Who love one another), Izi- 

tandane (izi). 

— (Young), Intangana (in^. 

— (Violent), Umradu (um). 
Pepper, n, Upelepele. 
Perceive, v. Bona, zwa, ezwa. 
Perceived (To be), Ezwakala. 
Perch, v. Hlala. 
Percolate, v. Vova ngevovo {or) 

Percolation, n. Ukuvova (uku). 
Percussion cap, n. Itopi (i). 
Perdition, n, (Ruin), uliwonakala 


— (Eternal death), Ukufa okun- 

Perfect, a. Pelele, pelelisiwe. 
Perfection, n, Ukupeleliswa, uku- 

Perfidious, a. Kohlisayo, mbubulu. 

— Person, n. Umkonlisi (um). 
Perfidy, n. Inkohliso (in), insizam- 

bulala (in). 
Perform, v. (Do), Enza, pata. 

— (A certain ceremony before 

battle), Ncinda. 

— (As a final ceremony), Potula. 

— (The hunting da.wQ-^V^'^'^ 




— (As an actor), Tyaya. 
Performance, n. Isenzo (isi). 

— (Before battle), Ukuncinda 

Perfume, v. Qola. 
Perfumery^ n. Amaka. 
Perhaps, adv, Katisimbe, ingabe, 

kumbe, mlilaumbe kungaba. 
Pericardium, n, Ulwambezi (ulu). 

— (Fat attached to), Ubedu (ulu). 
Peril, n. Ingozi. 
Perilous, a. Nengozi. 
Period, n. (Full stop), Icatyana (i). 

— (Oi time), LTmzuzu (um). 
Perish, v. Bubu, fa, tyona. 

— (As a flower). Buna. 

— (Wither), Shwabana. 
Perjure, v, Twapa. 
Perjurer, n, Umtwapi (um). 
Perjured person, n. Ixoki (i). 
Perjury, n. Ukutwapa (uku). 
Permanent, a. Hlezi. 
Permission, n. Ukuvumela (uku). 
Permit, v, Vumela. 
Permitted (To be), Vunyelwa. 
Perpendicular, a, Lengele pansi. 

— (To be), Lenga, lengalenga. 
Perpetua4 a. Sgapeliyo, ngena- 

Perpetually, adv. Ngokungenaku- 

pela, ngokungenakuyeka. 
Perplex, v, Didakalisa, nyakazisa. 
Perplexed (To be), Didakala. 
Perplexity, n, Inkinga (in). 
Persecute, v. Zingela, hiupa. 
Persecuted (To be), Zingelwa, hlu- 

Persecution, n. Ukuzingelwa, uku- 

hlutywa (uku). 
Persecutor, n. Umzingeli, umhlupi 


Perseverance, n. Ukukutazela, 

ukucopelela (uku). 
Persevere, v, Kutazela, copelela. 
Persist, v. Kutazela. 

— (In asking), Konga. 
Persistency, n. (Obstinacy), Inkani 

Person, n. XJmuntu (umu). 

— (Real substance of), Uqobo (ulu). 

— (With a cataract in the eye), 

Isuazi (isi). 

— (Who has lost a tooth), Isisini 


— (With indistinct utterance), Iwi- 

liwili (i). 

— (With long high head), Um- 

buba, upityilili. 

— rWith one eye), Icide (i). 

— (Whose face is marked with 

cuts^, Idebe (i). 

— (Of consequence), Ukulu (ulu). 

—(With protuberant breast), Isi- 

gaga, ingqoloro (in). 

— (With a cast in the eye), Im- 

pendu (im). 

— ^Requesting food), Impanza 


— (With a loud voice), Iholoholo 


--TPert), Itata (i). 

—(Without cattle), Isigcweleg- 

cwele (isi). 

— (Of foreign extraction), Inkule- 

lane (in). 

— (Shrivelled with age), Inko- 

hlombana (in). 

— (Of Faku's tribe), Impondo 


— (Stranger), Umfo (um). 

—(Needy), Umfokazana (um). 

—(Perjured), Ixoki (i). 




— (With a gruff voice), Ibebebe (i). 

— (Passionate), Isijaka (isi). 
Personal, a. Izimpahla. 
Personally, adv, Ngoqobo. 
Perspicuous, a. Sobala. 
Perspiration, n, Ukujuluka (ukii), 

isitukutuku (isi). 
Perspire, v, Juluka. 
Persuade, v, Vumisisa. 
Persuasion, n, Ukuvumisisa (uku). 
Pert, a. Gangile. 
Pertinacious, a. Pikelele. 
Pertness, n, Ukuganga, ukngala- 

galazela (uku). 
Perturb, v. Dunga, papata, yalu- 

Perturbation, n, Ukudunga, uku- 

papata, ukuyaluzisa. 
'Perturbed, p, Dungekile, papate- 

kile, yaluzile. 
Peruse, v. Funda. 
Perverse, a. (Cross), Teteme. 
[Obstinate), Dondayo. 

— P] 

— rERSON, n. 



Pervert, v, Pambukisa, ona. 
Perverted, p, Pambukisiwe. 
Pestilence, n, Ukufa-okububisa- 

Pet, V, Bongoza^ptotosa. 
Petition, v, Cela. 

— n. Isicelo (isi). 
Petticoat, n, Umbodiya, isikaka 


— fSkin undressed), Ibaru (i). 

— (Skin dressed), Isidwaba (isi). 
Petty, a. Ncinyane. 
Petulance, n. Ukutetema (uku). 
Petulant, a. Teteme. 
Pheasant, n. Isikwedhle (isi). 
Phial, n, Igaba (i). 

Philanthropist, n. Umtandiwa- 

Philter, n, Umbetelelo (um), um- 

Phiz, w. Ubuso (ubu). 
Phlegm, w. Amate (ama). 
Phrenzy, n. Ubuhlanya (ubu). 
Physic, n. Umuti (umu). 
Physician, n. Inyanga, umelapi. 
Piano, n. Ugubu (ulu). 
Pick, w. (English), Igeja (i). 

— (Native), Ilembe (i). 

— V. (Take up), Catya. 

—^Select), Keta, qoma. 

^For), Bonisela. 

— ?As fowls), Cotya. 

— (As birds), Ngofoza. 

— (And scatter, as birds), Cikaca- 


— TLTp, find). Tola, fumana. 

— (Off, as a pannicle of com), 


— ^As fruit), Ka. 

— (As the teeth), Vungula. 

— (With a pickaxe), Mba. 

— (With a noe), Lima. 
Picture, n, Umfanekiso (um). 
Piece, n, (Large, of meat), Isiboma 


— (Of a broken stick), Isivungu 


— (Of meadow land), Imfunda 


— (Patch), Isiziba (isi). 

— (A money coin), Imali, uhlamvu 


— (Potsherd), XJdengezi. 

— ?Chip of wood), Ucezu ^ulu). 
Broken off), isihlepu (isi). 
^Of paper), Ikazi (i). 

—(Of fat), Inoni (1). 




— (Cut), Isinqamu (lei). 

— (Of meat^, Iqata (i;. 
Pierce, v, Hlaba. 

— (Stab), Gwaza. 
^ter), Ngena. 

— (Witli thatching needle), Hloma. 
'ith a needle), Hlaba. 

— ^As the heart), Dabukisa. 
[The ear), Cambusa. 
Pierced, p. Hlatyiwe. 
PiETERMARiTZBXTRG, n. Ingungun- 

dhlovu (in). 
Pig, n, Ingulube (in). 

--(Wild), Inkototo (in). 
Pigeon, n. Ijuba (iV 

— (Dark-colonrea rock), Ivukudo 


— (Green), Ijubantondo (i). 
—{Kind of wood), Icelegwana 

Pigheaded, a. ^Stupid), Pukuzile. 

— (Unwilling), Dondavo. 
Pigsty, n. Isibaya sengulube. 
Pile, n. (A heap), Innqwaba (in). 

— (Of faggots), Ifingo (i). 

— (Of com with stalks), Ubuli 


— V. (Up around), Sekezela. 

— (Up), Fnmba, qongisa. 

— (As wood around a fire), Bun-^ 

Pilfer, v, Ntyontya. 

— (Hide things among our own), 


— (When people are absent), Rex- 


— (As mealies), Googela. 
Pilgrim, n, Umhambuma (um). 
Pill, w. Uhlamvu Iwomuti. 
Pillage, v, Gcugca, panga. 
Pillar, n. Insika (in). 

Pillow, n. Isicamelo (isi), isigoco 

Pimple, n. Isilonjana (isi). 
Pin, n, Isipeledi (isi). 

— -(Wooden), Isikonkwane (isi). 
Pincers, n. Udhlau (ulu). 
Pinch, v. Ncinza, ncweba. 

— (Hard),Ncinzisisa, ncwebisisa. 

— (As a tight shoe), DUa. 

— (As the finger), Cindezela. 

— n. Ukuncinza (uku). 
Pine, v. (Lose flesh), Onda. 

— (Flag), Dangala. 

— (As a flower). Buna. 
Pinhole, n. Intunjana (in). 
Pinna, n. (Of the ear), Igwagwa (i). 
Pinnacle, n. Isiqongo (isi). 
Pipe, n. (For water), Umbobo (um). 

— (Tobacco), Ipipi (i). 

— (Musical), Umtyingo (um). 

— (Native), Igudu (i). 

— (Stem ot), JLsitukuiu (isi). 

— Bowls, n. (Stone for), Umgu- 

dhla (um). 
Pit, n. Umgodi (um). 

--(Indentation), Isiboco (isiV. 

— ?0f the face), Inxobongo (in). 

— (For catching game), Iveku (i). 

— (For entrapping buffialoes), Igebe 

(0- • 1 

— (Of the stomach), Innembe (in). 

Pitch, v, Gcoba ngetiye. 

— (Cast forward), Posela pambilL 

— (Tar a shipV Gcoba. 

— (A tent), Misa. 

— (The voice), Linganisa ilizwi. 

— n. Itiye (i). 
Pitcher, n. Isitya samanzi. 
Pitfall, n. Iveku (i). 
Pith, n. Ummongo (um). 
Pitiful, a. Nomrau. 




PmruLLY, adiK Ngonirau. 
Pitiless, a. Nolimya. 
Pitted (To be), Bocoka. 
Pity, r. Kaukela. 

— n. Umrau (um). 
Place, n. Indawo (in). 

— (Near the Ummanga), Itenge- 

tenge (i). 

— (Deep, in a river), tltwa, (ulu). 

— (Rough), Isigodigodaua (isi). 

— (Where sun's heat strikes), Isi- 

tangamu (isi), isigcaki. 

— (With rough stones), Isiroqo- 

roqo (isi). 

— (Of refuge), Innqaba (in). 

— (Steep), Inkelekete (in). 

— (For bananas), Isikova (isi). 

— (Soft, for cultivation), Ifaba (i). 

— (Under the arm), Imhlaban- 

komo (in). 

— (In the hut, for calves), Itombe 

(i)- . 

—{Where cattle stand), Isikun- 

dhla (isi). 

— (For goats), XJbunda (ulu). 

—(Narrow), Umcingo (um). 

—(Of pasture), Idhlelo (i). 

— (For ashes), Ilota (i). 

— (For cattle near the kraal), Isi- 

gcau (isi). 

— (Near the road), Inhlanhlato 

JSeat), Isihlalo. 

Office), Isikundhla (isi). 

jPebbly), Ugedhle (ulu). 
— (Put down), Beka pansi. 
— (As a plank across a brook), 

— (Close together), Kandanisa. 
— (Wood under a pot), Kwezela. 

— TPut in), Faka. 

— (As the hand to receive), Kon- 


— (Across), Pambanisa, nqambeza 

— (In order uponV Bekelela. 

— (To give), Nikela-indawo. 
Placid, a. Tulile. 
Placidity, n. Ukutula (uku). 
Placenta, n. (Of women), Umezan 


— (Of beasts), XJmhlapo (um). 
Plague, n. Ukufa okububisayo no- 


— V, Fundekela. 

— (Exceedingly), Hlupa, luma, 

Plain, n. Itafa (i). 

— (Table-laniy, Inkangala (in). 

— a. (Level), Hlelenjiwe. 

— (Distinct), Qamile. 

— (Clear), Cacile. 

— (Sincere), Qoto. 

— adv. Obala. 

— CTo be), Caca, ntasa. 

— TBUTH, n, Umgomo (um). 
Plainly, adv, Obala. 
Plaintiff, n. Ungimangele (u). 
Plaintive, a. Nosizi, buhlungu. 
Plait, v. Aluka. 
Plan, v. Xama. 

— n. Isu (i). 
Planet, n. Inkanyezi (in). 

— (Jupiter), Indosa (in). 
Plank, n. Iplanke (i). 
Plant, v. Tyala. 

— n. Umuti (umu). 

— (With ediole roots), Isikonde 


— (Eaten for worms), Isidende (isi). 

—(A climbing), Ibuta (i). 

— (S weet-smelLin%'\^T3Vs»aSvft V^^v»>^, 




— (Eaten in time of famine), Um- 
"bezi (um). 

—(Small), Ubendhle. 

—-(Used tor scent), Amaka (ama). 

— ?Young mealie), Ikaba (i). 

— (Edible), Ubukobezane (uku). 

— (Parasitical), Inhlantana (in). 

— (Name of), Inkofe (in). 

— (With edible berries), Utanga- 


— (Medicinal), Impila ^im). 

— (Parasitical), Umanqina. 

— (For lieadache), Idhlonzo (i). 

— (Like a turnip), Igonsi (i). 

— (Like a banana), Isigude (isi). 

— rWith black bulbs), Uboqo. 

— (With, edible root), Ibonsi (i), 

isitwali (isi). 

— (Medicinal), Umlilabelo (um). 

— (With yellow flowers), Iboza (i). 

— (Name of), Umnanja (um). 

— (Strong-smelling), Umnukam- 


— (Thorny), Isibubu (isi). 

— (For an enema), Isicato (isi). 

— (For pain in the ear), Isikoto- 

koto (isi). 

— (Sensitive), Intelezi (in). 

— (Used for polishing head-rings), 

Ilotzana (i). 

— ^Edible), Igabi (i). 

— (Leaves used for snuff), Isifa- 

lani (isi). 

--(Like a cow's tongue), Ulimi- 

Plaster, v, Baceka, nameka. 

— (As a house), Banda, gudula. 
Plastered (To be), Namekeka, gu- 

Plasterer, n. Umguduli (um). 
Plat, v. Aluka. 

Plate, n. Isitya (Isi^. 

— (Of glass, slate, &c.), Ugcwegcwe 

Plateau, n, Itafa ^i), inkangala (inV 
Platter, w. (Broaa), Ucengezi (iilu). 
Plaudit, n. Isenanelo (isi). 
Plausible person, n, Ipecepecana 

Play, v, Dhlala. 

— (The man), Doda. 

— (Tricks), Ganga, gila imikuba, 


— (Treat playfully), Feketisa. 

— (At fighting), Qakuzana. 

— (Play badly on an instrument), 

Plaything, n, Isidhlalo (isi). 
Plead, v. (Defend), Pikela. 

—(Inability), Landula. 
Pleader, n. Umpikeli (um). 
Pleasant, a. Hie, mnandi. 

— (To be), Rwabusa. 

— (To the taste, to be), Xasa. 
Pleasantly, adv, Kamnandi. 
Please, v. (Satisfy), Kolisa. 

— (Gratify), Jabulisa, enamisa. 
Pleasure, n, Injabulo (in). 
Pleiades, n. Isilimela (isi). 
Pledge, w. (Deposit), Isikozi (isi). 

— (Pawn), Umbambiso (um). 
Plenary, a. Pelele. 
Plenteous, a. Ningi. 
Plentiful, a. Ningi. 
Plenty, n. Ubuningi (ubu), innala 

Plenum, n. Ubugcwala (ubu). 
Pliable, a. Tambile. 
Pliers, n, Udhlau f ulu). 
Plight, v, Nika umoambiso. 
Plod, v. Bambezela. 
Plot, v, Ceba, enza umcecelegwana. 




— n. Icebo (i). 

— (Secret), Isigungu (isi). 

— (Of ground), Umhlaba (um). 

— (Building site), Isiza (isi). 

— (Garden), Insimu (in). 
Plotter, n. Umcebi (um). 
Plough, v. Plura, geja. 

— ^Deeply), Qopa. 

— (On the surface only), Gwen- 


— (Up, as a chained wheel), Tyi- 

Ploughman, n, Umlimi (um). 
Plover, n. Ititihoya (i). 
Pluck, v. (Snatch), Hlwita. 

— (Out, as hair), Hlutula. 

—(Out), Kipa. 

—(Fruit), Ka. 

— (Secretly), Gqokela. 

— (Up by the roots), Domula, si- 


— (Out, as the petals of a flower), 


— (Out, as feathers), Hluta. 

—(Off), Kwebula. 
Plug, v. Vimba. 

— n. Isivimbo (isi). 
Plum, n, Iplomi (i). 

— (The Natal), Umtungulu (um). 

— (Fruit of the Natal), Itungulu 


— (Sour kind), Itunduluka (i). 

Plume, n, (Of Sakabuli feathers), 

Plump, a, (Fat), Kulupele. 
Plunder,!?. (Pillage), Tumba, panga. 

— (Steal), Eba, kita, hanga, gcu- 


— w. Impango (im). 
Plundered (To he\ Pan^a. 
(Pillaged, to be), Tunjwa. 

— (Oi everything when travelling, 

to oe), Ncona. 
Plunderer, n. Umpangi (um). 
Plunge, v. (Dive), Cwila, tyula. 
Pocket, n, Isaka (i), isikwama (isi), 

ikuku (i). 
Pockmarked, p. Bocokile. 
Pod, w. (Of umbelebele), Iponza (i). 

—(Of a plant bearing pods like 

cotton), Isimuma (isi). 

— (Of usinga), Ibamuza (i). 
Poet, n. Imbongi (im). 
Point, n. (Dot), Icatyana (i). 

— (Of a document), Inhlokwana 


— ^Headland), Inhlonhlo (in). 

— (In a matter), Indawo (in). 

— V. (With the finger), Kombela, 


— (As a stake), Gcija, cijisa. 

— (Aim), Bekisa. 

— (Show the way), Kombisa. 

— ^Out, show), Tyengisa, tyo. 

— (Out, as a lot), Dhla. 
Pointed (As a stake, to be), Gcije- 


— a. (Sharp), Gcijiwe. 
Poise, v. (Weigh;, Linganisa. 
Poison, n. Ubuti, isidhliso (isi). 

— V. Bulala ngobuti, dhlisa ubuti. 
Poke, n. (Bag), Isaka (i). 

— (As a dog with a stick), Coko- 


— (With the horns), Hlaba. 
Pole, n. Isibonda (isi), insika (in). 
Polecat, n. Isibanda (isi). 

— (Kind of), Umhlangala (um), 

iqaqa (i). 
Policeman, n. Ipolisi (i). 
Polish, v. Kazimulisa. 
Poll, u. (H.^^^\\>^«Ci.^^^. 




Pollard, n. Isipunzi (isi). 
Pollute, v. Onakalisa. 
Pollution, n. Ukwonakalisa (uku). 
Poltroon, n. Igwala (i). • 
Polygamy, n. Isitembu (isi). 
Pomatum, n. Amafuta (ama). 
Pommel, v, Tyaya. 
Pond, n. Icibi, isiziba-samanzi. 
Ponder, v. Dhlinza, zindhla. 

— (About), Zindhlekela. 
Ponderous, a. Nzima. 
Pony, n. Ingadabane yebasbi. 
Pool, n. Icibi (i), isiziba (isi). 

— (Deep), Umsinga, inzolongo 


— (Large), Idangu (i), ucwebe 

Poor, a. Mpofu. 

— Person, n. Isipofu, impofana, 

iinpabanga uinbunce. 

— (To become), Ba-mpofu. 

— Stranger, n. iJmfokazana 

Poorness, n. Ubumpofu (ubu). 
Pop, V, (As heated mealies), Qulela. 

— (To make), Ukuti qo, ukuti 

Populace, n. Abantu (aba). 
Porcupine, n, Ingugumbane, in- 

nungu (in). 

— (Quill of), Innungu (in). 
Pore, n, (Of the skin), Intunjana 

Pork, n. Inyama yengulube. 
Porous, a. Mfanffamfanga. 
Porpoise, n. Inhlengetwa (in). 
Porridge, n. (Thin), lyamoazi ^i). 

— TWith pumpkins), Isijingi (isi). 

— rThickJ, Isibaaanga (isi). 

— (Mixed with Kafir beer), Um- 

ncindo (um). 

- {Made with new milk), Isitubi 

(isi), indofane (in). 

— TBumt), Intyela (in). 

— (Dry, on the mouth), Ajnahla- 

kahlaka, amakotokoto. 

— (Made with fine meal), Inncu- 

buncubu (in). 
Port, n (Or Durban), I Botwe (i> 
Portend, v. Bikezela. 
Porter, n, Umlindi wesango. 
Portion, n. Isabelo (isi). 

— (Of buck taken by right), Um- 

hlomulo (um). 
Portrait, n. Umfanekiso (um). 
Portray, v. Fanekisa. 
Positive, a. (Confident), Pikayo. 
Possess, v. Na. {Ex. Nginalo (ihashi), 

I possess a horse.) 
Possession, n, (Property), Impahla 


— (Live stock), Imfuyo (im). 

— (Inheritance), Ilifa (ili). 
Post, n. Insika (in). 

— (At the entrance of cattle kraal), 

Isipundu (isi). 

— (Doorpost), Isitumbanja (isi). 

— V. (As the divisions of an army), 

Posteriors, n. Izitibili (izi). 
Postman, n. Umuntu weposi. 
PosTBAG, n. Isikwama seposi. "" ., 
Post-office, n. Ikantolo lezincwadi. 
PosTURK n. Ukuma (uku). 
Pot,' n, (For cooking), Ikanzi (i) 

— (For drinking beer), Ukamba 

(ulu). /' 

— (Worn out), XJmpanda (um). / 

— ^Large brewing), Imbiza (im)/ 

— (BroKen), Udengezi (ulu). 

— (Handsome, for beer), Uinca- 

kulo (um). 




— (Large, for beer), XJpiso (ulu). 

— (New earthen), Umkangu (um). 
Potable, a, Puzekayo. 
Potato, n. (Common), Izambane 


—{Sweet), Umhlaza (um), inyeza 


— (Kind of sweet), Ujikwe (ulu). 

— (Kafir), Idumbi (i). 

— (Large sweet), Isitonga (isi). 

— (Kind of sweet), Imbomlwe. 
Potbelly, n. Iqaka (i). 
Pothouse, n. iKantini (i). 
PoTLiD, n. Isisibekelo (isi^. 
Potbellied, a. Qumbile isisu. 
PoTCLAY, n. Ibumba (i). 
Potter, n. Umbumbi (um). 
Pottage, n. Ukudbla okupekiweyo. 
Pouch, n. Isikwama (isi). 
Poult, n. Izinyane lenkuku. 
Poultice, n. Isinkwa sokutoba. 

— V, Toba ngesinkwa. 
Poultry, n. Izinkuku (izin). 
Pounce, v. (Upon), Jula, badama, 


— (As a hawk), Wela. 
Pound, n. Umpcmdwe. 

^For cattle), Iskiti (i). 

— V. Ganda, bula. 

— ^As medicine), Kanda. 

— f Com), Gaya. 

— (Iron), Gxoba, kanda. 

— ^Iron thoroughly), Gxobisisa. 

— (Shut up), Faka eskiti. 
PouNDMASTER, n. Umluugu weskiti. 
Pour, v. (In), Tela. 

— rOff), Cwenga. 

— ?In much), Bujela. 

— (Out some), Cataza. 

- (2iUt). Tulula. 

• (v.^t by shaking), Bukuza. 

— (Carefully with the thumbs), 

Eta, ta. 

— (Away), Cita. 

— fWflter on snuflF), Cela. 

— (Out, as a thick fluid), Potyoza, 

ukuti potyo. 

— TOut, as sour milk), Conisa. 

— (From on high), Qunga. 
Poverty, n. Ububunce, ubumpofu, 

Power, n. Amandhla (ama). 

— (Of an isanusi), Ubungoma 

Powerful, a. Namandhla. 
Powerfully, adv. Ngamandhla. 
Powerless, a. Butakataka, nge 

Practice, n. (Habit), Ukuhlonza 


— ^Rale), Isilinganiso (isi). 

— (Objectionable), Umkuba (um) 
Practise, V. (Do habitually), Hlonza. 

—(Do), Enza. 

— ^Use stratagem), Gila imikuba. 

— (As a doctor), Elapa. 

— (As a song), Tyaya. 
Praise, n. TTdumo (luu), ukubonga, 


— V. Babaza, bonga, tusa. 
Praised (To be), Batyazwa. 
Praises, n. (Of a person), Izibongi 

Praiser, n. Imbongi (im). 
Prance, v. Gxuma. 
Prank, n, Umkuba (um). 
Prate, v, Mpompoza, boboza, feteza. 
Prater, w. Umpompozi, umbombozi 

Prating, w. Ukumpompoza, nku- 

boboza (uku). 
PraYjV. Taiida'za,V\^.€sai» 




— (For, as to a governor), Kule- 

Prayer, n. Uratandazo (um). 

— Book, n. Incwadi yeinitandazo. 

— Meeting, w. Inhlanganiso yom- 

Prayerful, a. Tandazayo, kule- 

Preach, v, Slmmayela. 
Preacher, w. Umshumayeli, um- 

fimdisi (um). 
Preaching, n, Ukushumayela, uku- 

Preamble, n. Isisusa (isi). 
Precaution, n. Ukuxwaya (uku). 
Precede, v, Andulela. 
Precedence, 71. Ukwandulela (uku). 
Precedent, n. Isandulelo (isi). 

— w. (Example), Umlinganiso 

Precentor, n. Umhlonzi wokuhla- 

Precept, n, Umteto (um), isiyalo 

Preceptor, n. Umyaleli (um). 
Precious, a. NqabQe. 

— Thing, n. Igugu (i). 
Precipice, w. Iwa (i), isiwa (isi), 

ilenge, udonga. 
Precipitate, v. (As a sediment), 

Precipitous height, n. Ugede (ulu). 

— Place, n. Amangetye. 
Predestinate, v. Misa endulo. 
Predetermine, v. Qinisa pambili. 
Predecessor, n. Umanduleli (um). 
Predicate, v. Tyo. 
Predict, v. Qandela, lokota, yola, 


— (Evil), Ngcinga. 
Preen, v, Enwaya. 

Pre-exist, v. Ba pambili. 
Preface, n. Isisusa (isi). 
Prefer, v. Keta, qoma. 
Preference, n. Ukuketa, ukuqoma 

Prefix, v. Beka pambili. 

— n. Ublamvu olubekwayo pam- 
Pregnancy, n. Ukumita (uku). 
Pregnant, a. Miti. 

—(To be), Mita. 

— (To make), Mitisa. 
Prejudge, v, Jezisa pambili. 
Prejudice, n. Iqeqeba lenhliziyo, 

ikubo (i). 
Prelude, n, Isisusa (isi). 
Preparation, n. (Act), Ukuhlela 


— (State), Ukuhlelwa (uku). 
Prepare, v. (Make ready), Lungisa, 


— ^For walking), Ngxangaza. 
Make fit), Fanisela. 
A pipe for smoking), Cobela, 
I Adjust), Linganisa. 

— (For), Lungisela. 

— (Provide), Bekela. 

— (A skin), Shuka. 

—(The bed), Endhlak. 

As stone for grinding), Qan- 


— CFoody boil), Peka. 

— (Food, roast), Osa. 

— (For war), Hloma. 
Prepuce, n, Ijwabu (i). 

— Cover, n. Umcwedo (um), 

— (To put on), Ncweda. 
Prescribe, v. (Direct), Yala. 

— (MedicaUy), Elapa. 
Present, a. Kona. 

— n. (A gift), Isipo (isi). 'j 






— (Satisfaction for an injury), Isi- 

ncencezelo (isi). 

—(To a chief), Isikozi (isi). 

— (Fronj a sweetheart), Isibam- 

bampimbo (isi). 

— V, (Give), Nika, pa, basela. 

— (As a gun), Komba. 

— (As satisfaction for an injury), 


— (Lav before), Bekela. 

— (Exhibit), Bonisa, veza. 
Presentiment (To have), Ndwe- 

Presently, adv. Ce, manje, masin- 

yane, kudebuduze. 
Preserve, v. Londoloza, kweza, 

gcina. • 

Preserver, n. Umlondolozi (um). 
Press, v, (Squeeze), Pica, kama. 

^Urge), risa. 

— (Anything soft), Cibiza. 

— (With the fingers, as a parcel), 


— ^Crowd), Bandezela. 

— (Crowd together), Cinana. 

— (On with a load), Ficelela. 

— (Push against), Sunduza. 

— (Severely), Xina. 

— (Out, as humour), Biciza. 

— rUp, as a hut), Ciya. 

— (Urge a petition), Ncengisisa. 

— (As a peach), Tanyaza. 

— (Down), Ficezela, cindezela. 

— (As to a mark), Banga ngo- 


— H(Forward, as a traveller), Qa- 


— (Urge a petition), Nxusa, nce- 


— (Softly), Pataza. 
Pressed (Together, to be), Cinana. 

— (To be), Sindeleka, ficeka, bn- 

duleka, nyinyiteka. 

— (Softly, to he\ Patazeka. 
Pretence, n. Izaoa (i), amanangan- 

anga, isizenziso. 
Pretences, n. Izimenemene, Jima' 

Pretend, v. Zenzisa. 

— (Not to hear), Ziba. 

—(To flog), Gema. 
Pretender, n, Umzenzisi (um). 
Pretext, n. Izaba (i. 
Prettily, adv. Ngoouhle. 
Prettiness, n. Ubuhle (ubu). 
Pretty, a. Hie. 
Prevail, v. Ahlula. 
Prevaricate, v, Fitiza, feceza, 

Prevarication, n. Amanangananga 

Prevent, v. Vimbela. 
Prey, n. (Booty), Imipango (imi). 
Price, n. Intengo (in), inani. 
Prick, v. Hlaba. 

— (With an assagai), Ukuti cumbe. 
Prickle, n. Iliva (ili). 
Pride, n. Ukuzidhla (uku). 
Priest, n. Umpriste (um). 
Primarily, adv. Kuqala. 
Prime, v. (As a gun), Hlohla. 
Prince, n. Inkosana (in). 
Princess, n. Inkosazana (in). 
Principal, n. Inhloko (in), ungqon- 

Print, v. Cindezela. 

— n. (Of a wheel), Isondo (i). 
Printer, n. Umcindezeli (um). 
Printing, n. Ukucindezela (uku). 
Prior, a, Andulele. 
Priority, n. Ukwandulela (uku). 
Prison, w. ItiloTi^Q (^V 




Prisonbr, n. Isibotywa (isi). 

— <To take), Tumba. 
Privates, n. (Male), Umcamo 


— (Female), Umpakato (um). 

—(Of a bull), Uqubu (ulu). 
Privately, aav. Esita, ngesita, nga- 

Privily, adv. Ngasese, ngesita. 
Prize, -w. Umvuzo (um). 
Probably, adv. Kun^'atiti, umhla- 

Probation, n. Isikati sokulingwa. 
Probationer, n. Usekulingweni. 
Probe, v. (As a wound), Camusa. 
Probity, n. Ubuqoto (ubu). 
Proboscis, n. (Elephant's), Umboko 

Procedure, n. Ukwenza (uku). 
Proceed, v. Nyenyata, hamba. 

— (To), Nyenyatela, hambela. 

T— (Appear), Vela. 

—(Issue from). Puma. 
Proceeding, n. Isenzo (isi). 
Proceeds, n. Inzuzo (in). 
Procession, n. Udwendwe (ulu), 


— (To go in), Enza udwendwe. 
Proclaim, v. (As a law), Memezela. 
Proclamation, n. Isimemezelo, um- 

memezelo (um). 
Procrastinate, v. Libala. 
Procrastination, n. Ukulibala 

I'KocRASTiNATOR, w. Isilibazl (isi). 
Procrea'-e, j^^. ZftK 
Procure, v. Zuza. , 
Procurer, n. Umzu^i (um). 
Prodigal (To be), iHlapaza, ukuti 

hlapa hlapa. 
Prodigious (To be), iS^sabeka. 

— Troop, n. Indwendwendwe- 

ndwe (in). 
Prodigy, n. Ummangaliso, umluta 

Produce, v. (Bring forth), Veza, 

kipa, tyaya. 

— ^Foam at the mouth), Kihliza. 

—(Make), Enza, baza, lumba. 

— ^Exhibit), Bonisa. 

— (As a tree). Tela. 

— (As an eflfect), Banga. 
Product, n. Isitelo (isi). 
Productive, a. Vundileyo, telisayo. 
Profane, a. (Polluted), Onakele, 


— V. Ona, onakalisa, tuka. 
Profess, t% Tyo, vumela. 

— (In strong terms), Kamelela. 
Profession, w. Ukuvumela (uku), 

imvumelo (im). 
Profit, n. Inzuzo (in). 
Profitable, a. Nenzuzo. 
Profligacy, n. Ubutyinga (ubu), 

ukwonakala, ubushinga. 
Profuse, a. Hlapazayo. 

— Person, n. Ihlapahlapa (i). 
Progenitor, n. Ukoko, uyise. 
Progeny, n. Inzalo (in). 
Progress, v. Nyenyata^ qubekela. 

— n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Progression, n. Ukuqubekela(uku). 
Prohibit, v. Nqabela, alela. 
Prohibition, n, Ukunqabela, ukwa- 

lela (uku). 
Project, v, Xama, zindhla. 

— (Just out, as a promontory), 

Projecting, a. Zimpunyu, mpunyu. 
Prolix, a. (Not concise), Zengayo. 
Prolocutor, n. Isilomo (isi). 
Prologue, n, Isisusa (isi). 




Promenade, v. Vagatya. 

— n. Indawo yokuvagatya. 
Promise, v. Tembisa. 

— n. Isitembiso (isi). 
Promiser, n. Umtembisi (um). 
Prominent part, n. (In a bullock's 

throat), Innqula (in). 
Promontory, n. Inhlonhlo (in). 
Promote, v. Qubela. 

— (Raise in rank), Kulisa. 
Promotion, n. Ukuqubela (uku). 
Prompt, a. Tyetyayo. 

— ^Remind), Kumbnza. 

— (Supply words), Funzela. 
Prompter, Umfunzeli. 
Promptly, adv. (Quickly), Ngoku- 

Promptness, n. Ukutyetya (uku). 
Pronounce, v. Kuluma, pimisela 


Pronunciation, n, Ukupimisela 

Proof, n. Amaqiniso, ubufakazi 

Prop, v. Pasa, sekela. 

— ^. Insika (in). 
Propagate, v. (Generate), Zala. 

— (As knowledge), Fundisa. 
Propagation, n. (Generation), Uku 

zala (uku). 
Propel, v. Qubela pambili. 
Proper, a. Fanele. 

— (To be), Fanela. 
Properly, adv, Ngapane, ngesinwe. 
Property, n. (Goods), Izimpalila, 

izinto (izi). 

— (In children), Isizi (isi). 

— (Liv^ stock), Imfavo (im). 

— TLeft by one now dead), Ifa (i). 

—(Live stock, to have), Fuya. 
Prophecy, n. Isiprofeto (isi). 

Prophesy, v, Profeta. 

Prophet, n. Umprofeti (um), 

umazisi (um). 
Propitiate, v. Hlaulela. 
Propitiation, n. Isihlaulelo Hsi). 
Propitiator, n. Umhlauleli (um). 
Proportion, v Linganisela. 

— n. Isilinganiselo (isi). 
Proportionably, ddv. Ngokulinga- 

Proprietor, n. Umnini (um). 
Propriety, n. Ubuhle (ubu), uku- 

fanela (uku). 
Propulsion, n. Ukuqubela pambili. 
Prosecute, v. Zingela ngomteto, 

bandezela ngomteto. 
Prospect, n. Isibonakalo (isi). 
Prosper, v. Busisa. 
Prosperous (To be), Busa, hlan- 

hlamela, ncemla. 
Prosperity, n. Isibuso (isi), inhlan- 

hla (in). 
Prostitute, n. Isiropo (isi), isifebe 

Prostitution, n, Uburopo (ubu), 

ubufebe (ubu). 
Prostrate, v. (Lay flat), Lalisa. 

— (One's self in reverence), Kuleka. 
Protect, v. (Guard), Londoloza. 

— (Defend), Vikela. 

— (Nourish), Ondhla. 
Protection, n, Ukulondolozwa, uku- 

vikelwa (uku). 
Protector, n. Umlondolozi (um). 

— (Guardian), Umondhli (um). 

— (Defender), Umvikeli (um). 
Protest, v. Tyo nokutyo. 
Protrude, v. (The chest), Bena. 

— (As the eye), Donsa. 
Protuberant, a, Mpunyu^ rioi.-' 





Proud, a. Zidhlayo. 

—{To be), Zidhla. 
Prove, v. (By experiment), Linga. 

— ^By argument), Qinisa, misa. 

—-(The strength of a spear), 

Provender, n. Ukndhlwa (uku). 
Prover, n. Umlingi (um), umqinisi 

Proverb, n. Umzekeliso (um). 

— (Jocular), Isiga Tisi). 
Provide, v. feekela, lunela. 

— (Food for a person), Hlinzeka. 
Province, n. Izwe (i). 
Provision, n. Ukudhla (uku). 

— (For travelling), Umpako (um). 
Provocation, n. Ukudnda,ukuyoka, 

ukucunula (uku). 
Provoke, v. Yoka, cunula, duda, 


—(Bully), Vubula. 
Provoked (To be), Cunuka, cunu- 

Prowl, v. Zingela. 
Proximate, a. Eduze. 
Proximity, n. Ubeduze (ubu). 
Prudence, n. Ukuhlakanipa (uku). 
Prudent, a. Hlakanipile. 

— (To be), Hlakanipa. 
Prudently, adv. Ngokuhlakanipa. 
Prune, v. (Lop), Nquma. 
Pry, v. Bekisisa, hlola. 
Psalm, n. Isihlabelelo (isi), irubo (i). 
Pshaw ! interj. lya ! 
Public, a. Okwabantu. 

— n. Abantu (aba). 
Publican, n. (Tax collector), Um- 

telisi (um). 
Publication, n. ^Act of publishing), 

Isishumayelo (isi). 

— (Books, &c.), Incwadi (in). 

Publicly, adv. Obala, ebusweni- 

Public-house, n. Ikantini (i). 
Publish, v. Memezela, azisa. 

— (As a secret), Hlakaza. 
Published (As a secret, to be), 

Puce, a. Nsundu. 
Pucker, v. Fingqa, shwabana. 
Puddle, w. Icibi (i). 
Puff, v. Pefuzela. 

— (As a calft, Dkuti pu, jama. 

— (As a toaa), Biloza. 

— (As a steam-engine), Putya. 

— (Praise), Bonga. 

— (From anger), Pikazela, 

— ^The fire), Vutela. 

— (Up), Kukumeza. 
Puff- ADDER,w. (Small),Inlilangwaiia 


— (Large), Ibululu (i). 
Puke, v. Hlanza, ngonyuluka. 
Pull, v. (Draw), Donsa. 

— QDraw for, or to), Donsela. 
Strongly), Donsisisa, ngqotula. 
Pluck), Hluta. 
As fruit), Ka. 
Out, as hair), Ncotula, quta. 

— (Up by the roots), Domula, 


— (As a bowstring), Nsala. 

— (Violently), Dhluzula, rwap- 


— ^Down), Diliza, cita. 

— tout, as a sword), Kipa, giba. 

— (Up, as grass without the roots]^ 


— (As in rowing), Viya. 

—(Tear), DabiQa. 

— n. Ukudonsa (uku). 
Pullet^ n. Isikukazana (isi). 




Pulp, n, Ubutumbu (ubu). 
Pulsate, v. Dikiza, dikizela. 

— (As the heart), Gquma. 
Pulsation, n. ITkudikiza (uku). 

— (Of the heart), Ukugquma 

Pulverization, n. (Act), Ukucolisa 


— (State), Ukucoliswa (uku). 
Pulverize, v. Colisa. 
Pummel, v. Ukuti ndu. 

— (Violently), Gqilaza. 
Pumpkin, n. Itanga (i), umpampini. 

— (Rotten), Isibozi (isi). 

— (YoungX Isigabe (isi). 

— (Mashed in its fluid), Inncebezela 


— (Best kind), Ipuzi (i). 

— (Choice kind), Usikutwane. 

— (Green), Ixau (i). 

— (Striped), Usolozi (ulu). 

— Blossom, w. Isigwa (isi). 

— Seed, n. Izintanga. 

— Vine, n, Umnyombo. 
Punch, v. Gqula. 

— (With the fists), Dutyuza. 
Puncture, v. Xoxa, hlaba. 
Pungent (To be), Kaka, baba. 

— Thing, n. Isibabane (isi). 
Punt, n. Isikepe (isi). 
Punish, v. Tyaya. 
Punishment, n, (Act), Ukutyaya. 
Puny, a. (In size), Batyile. 
Pup, n. Umundhlu (um). 
Pupil, n. (Scholar), Umfundi (um). 

— (Of the eye), Inhlamvu yeliso. 
Pupilage, w. Ubufundi (ubu). 
Puppet, n. Isitombe (isi). 
Puppy, w. (Dog), Umundhlu (um), 

Purblind, a. Lufimfi. 

Purchase, v. Tenga. 
Purchaser, n, Umtengi (um) . 
Pure, a. Mhlope. 

— ^As water, to be), Cweba. 

— (Free from sediment, to be), 

Purge, v. (With medicine), Rudisa. 

— (Make pure), Hlambiuula. 

— n. Umrudiso (um). 
Purify, v. Hlambulula. 
Purified (To be), Hlambuluka. 
Purity, n. Ukucweba (uku), ubu- 

Purl, v. Ntontoza. 
Purling, n. Ukuntontoza (uku). 
Purloin, v. Eba, ntyontya. 
Purple, a. Nsundu. 
Purpose, v, Lokota, minya. 
Purpose, n. Ukulokota, ukuminya 

Purr, v. (As a cat), Ndonda. 
Purse, v. (The mouth), Cuta. 

— n. Isikwama (isi). 
Pursue, v. Landa. 

— (As a hunter), Zingela. 

— (Go on), Qubeqela pambili. 
Pursuer, n. Umlandi, umzingeli 

Pursuit, n. Ukulanda (uku). 
Purulent, a. Nobovu. 
Pus, n. tJbovu (ulu). 
Push, v. Sunduza, quba. 

— ^Lightly), Ciliza. 

— (Down), Wisa. 

— (Here and there), Ukuti nqu 


-H(With the horns), Gweba, 


— (Violently), Kapeza. 

— ^Forward urgently), Qubu^I'v. 

— (Uxgt), P\aa« 




— (Urge forward), Pisela. 
Pushing, n. Qubayo, sunduzayo, 

Puss, n. Ikati (i). 
Pustule, n, Intutumba, ityatyazi (i), 

unjonjo (ulu). 
Put, V, (Place), Beka. 

— ^Under one's charge), Patisa. 

— (Out, as in counting), Tikimeza, 


— (In order for starting), Pandhla. 

— Qn opposition), Pikelela. 

— (Througli a fence), Fohlisa. 

— (Firebrands under a pot), Kwe- 


''rong), Pambanisa. 

— ^Out of joint), Pici?a. 

^Out of joint, to be), Picizeka. 
fFortb grey hairs), Kahlela. 

— (Out of temper), Cunula. 
^Down), Beta pansi. 

— (Across), Pambanisa, gaxa. 

— Qn, or on), Faka. 

— (One thing over another), Eleka. 

— rtn, as a handle), Pisela, piselela. 

— (Into a heap), Fumba. 

— (A cover upside down on a pot). 


— (On, as ornaments), Hloba, 


— (Out, to be), Hluseka. 

— ^Out, as a candle), Cima, citya. 

— (In, as a knife into a wound), 


— (Drive out), Xotya. 

— toown, as a load), Etula. 

^Out, interrupt), Amula. 

— (Across the side of a hill), 


— (Out of order), E^akaza, hlikiza. 

— (Out of joint, to be), Enyela. 

— (Out of joint), Enyelisa. 

—(To death), Bulala. 

— (Out, as the tongue), Kipa, koka. 

— ^Confidence in), Temba, etemba. 

— (Leaves on water), Cika. 

— (On, as an isidiya), Gcwaya. 

— (On, as a blanket), Embata, 


— (A veil over the face, as a bride), 


— (In fear), Esabisa. 

— (A blanket on another), Embesa, 


— (Things out of their places), 


— (Down quickly), Bekabeka. 

— (Together to fight, as boys), 


— (In salt, as meat), Gqumisa. 

— (So as to fall with a touch), 


^On fine clothes), Hloba. 

— (The tail between the legs), 


— (By, save), Kweza. 

— ?Into the mouth), Funza, funda. 

— (On prepuce-cover), Ncweda. 

— (Away, as a wife), Lahla. 

— (As strings of beads on the 

forehead), Qelisisa. 

— ^Loops in a shield), Gabela. 

— (Brands into hot ashes), Vum- 


— ^Off, delay), Libazisa. 

— (As a string of beads over the 

eyes), Cacamezela. 

— ^Forth, as leaves), Kahlela. 

— (In mind), Kumbuza. 

— ?0n, as clothes), Gqoka. 

— (In order), Hlela, lungisa. 

— (To silence), Tulisa. 




— ^On, as more oxeu), Xumelela. 

— -(Togetlier), Hlanganisa, buta- | 


— ^In for, claim), Banga. 

— (Up, to stop), Hlala. 

— (Forth, germinate), Mila, 
•Putrefy, v. Bolisa. 
Putrid, a. Bolile. 

— Flesh, n, Isibucu (isi). 

— State (To be in), Bucuka. 
Putrefaction, n. UkuboLa (nku), 

iikuvunda (iiku). 
Puzzle, v. Dipizisa. 

— n. Imfumbe (im). 
Pygmy, n. Imbatyelana (im). 

— a. Batyile. 
Pyx, n. Ikisana (i). 


Q is a palatal click in Zulu. 
Quack, v. (As a duck), Kala. 

— (Brag), Kuluma iwawa. 
Quadruplicate, v. Peca kane. 
Quaff, v. Puza ngomhaba. 
QuAGGA, 71. Idube (i), iqwara (i). 
Quagmire, n. Ubuku (ubu). 
Quail, n. (Bird), Inswempe (in), 

inkwali (in). 

— V. Dumala, dangala. 
Quake, v. Tutumela. 

— (As the earth), Zamazama. 
Quaking, n. Ukututumela (uku). 

— (Of the earth), Ukuzamazama 

Qualify, v, Fanelisa. 
Quality, n. Uhlobo (ulu). 
Qualm, n, Ukucanuzela ?uku). 
Quantity, n, (Very little), Isinga. 

— (Superabundant), Umqongo 

Quarrel, v. Xabana. 

— (Witn abusive words), Tukana. 

—(Find fault). Sola. 

— n. Ukuxabana (uku). 

— (Family), Umbango (um). 

— (Contention), Inkani (in). 
Quarrelsome (To be), Dhloba. 

— Person, w. Umbpxi (um). 
Quarter, n. Isiganyana (isi), (from 

Isigamu, haK). 
Quartz, n. Igcaki, icage (i). 
Quash, v. Cubuza, cofoza. 

— (Annul), Pelisa. 
Quaver, v, Bikizela ngelizwi, dikiza 

Quavering, w. Ukubikizela nge- 
Quean, n, (Worthless woman), Isi- 

ropo (isi), isifebe (isi). 
Queen, n. Inkosikazi (in). 

— (Of white ants), Unomtebe 

Quell, v. (Subdue), Nqoba, ahlula. 
Quench, v. Cima. 
Quenchless, a. Ngacimekiyo. 
Querulous, a. Solayo, konondayo, 

Quest, v. Funa. 
Question, n, Umbuzo (um). 

— V. Buza. 
Questioner, n. Umbuzi (um). 
Quibble, v. Feceza, ebanda, ukuti 


— n. Isibando (isi). 
Quick, a. Tyetyayo, 

—(To be), Tyet5ra. 
—(Of apprehension, to be), Sa. 
Quicken, v. (Make alive), Pilisa 




— (Invigorate), Hlumelela. 

— (As the apprehension), Qabula, 
Quickly, adv. Ngokutyetya. 
Quickness, n, Ukutyetya (nku). 
Quicksand, n. Ubityi (ulu). 
Quiet, a. Tulile. 

— V. (Silence), Tulisa. 

— (Calm), Dunduzela. 

— (By soothing words), Tiba. 

— (Satisfy), KoHsa. 

— (As a person injured), Ciciyela. 

—(To be), Tula. 
Quieted (To be), Ukuti lotololo. 
Quietness, n, Ukutula (uku). 

— (Peace), Uxolo (ulu). 
Quill, n. Usiba (ulu). 

— (Of a porcupine), Innungu (in). 
Quit, v. (Leave), Shiya. 

— (Depart), Muka, emuka. 

— (Give up^, Dela. 

— (Requite), Vuza. 
Quite, adv. Impela. 
Quiver, v, Dikiza, ukuti diki diki. 

— TCause to), Dikizisa. 

— (Quake), Zamazama. 

— (As a reed in a marsh), Veva. 

— (Shudder), Tutumela. 

— (As sheet lightniag), Bikizela. 
Quivering, w. U kudikizela (uku). 
Quote, v, (Words), Landa amagama. 


R is a guttural in Zulu. 
Rabbet, n. (Groove), Inkoto (in). 
Rabbi, n. Umfundisi (um). 
Rabbit, n. Unogwaja. 

— (RockX ImbUa (im). 
Rabid, a. ^ad), Hlanyayo. 
Race, v. (To run), Gijima. 

— n. (Goal of), Umgomo (um). 
Racer, n. Isigijini (isi). 
Racket, n. Umsindo (um). 
Raft, n. Isihlenga (isi). 
Rafter, n, Umjibe (um), umjanjato, 

Rag, n. Idhlepu (i), inikiniki (i), * 

isidwedwe, intenguntengu. 
Rage, v, Dhloba, futeka. 

— (Furiously), Dhlunga, bangalala. 

— n. Ukutukutela (uku). 
Ragged, a. (Rough), Katyaratya. 

—(As clothes), Namanikiniki. 
Rail, v, (Scoff at), Swabula. 

— (At), Konkota, tuka. 
Railing, n, (Of language), Isituko 


— (For enclosing), Umvalo (um). 
Raillery, n. Umtuki (um). 
Railway, n, Umgwaqo wenqola 

Raiment, n. Ingubo (in), isivato 

Rain, v. Na. 

— (Much, as a heavy storm), Ci- 


— TDrizzle), Kemezela, kiza. 

— (In large drops), Tonsa. 

— (Hard), Beta. 

— (Commence to), Kemezela. 

— n, Imvula (im). 

— (Heavv), Isipihli (isi). 

— ^Small), UmKizo (um). 

— (Very small), Amatempukane 


— (Heavy and continuous), Isanci, 

umvimbi, umvumbi (um). 

— Doctor, n. Innyanga yezulu. 

— Drops, n. (Large), Izinsunsu. 
Rainbow, n. Umnyama, utingolwen- 





Haise, V, Pakamisa, fukuza, fukula. 

— (Dust), Tuquza, kupeza, , tun- 


— (Shuffle up dust), Buquza. 

— (Set up), Misa. 

— (A quarrel), Pika inkam. 

— <Build), Aka. 

— (As with a lever), Fukula. 

— (From death), Vusa ekufeni. 

— (An alarm), Hlaba umkosi. 

— toisgust), Nenga. 

— f A tumult), Xokozela. 

— (As troops), Buta. 

— (Cause to grow), Milisa. 

— ?Make light), Kukumalisa. 

— (Aggravate), Vubula. 
Baised (To be), Pakanyiswa. 
Bake, v. Kukula, hlakula. 

— 71. Inkukulo, isihlakulo (isi). 
Baking, w. Ukukukula (uku). 
Bally, v. (BanterJ, Binqa. 

— (As troops), Buta, butanisa. 
Bam, v. Hlohla, gqula. 

— n. (Male sheep), Inqama (in). 
Bamble, v. Ndinda. 
Bambler, n, Umndindi. 
Bamp, v. (As an animal), Bahama. 
Bamrod, n, Uluti Iwesibamu. 
Bancid, a. Nukayo. 
Bancour, n. Inzondo (in). 
Bancorous, a. Zondile. 
Bancorously, adv. Ngokuzonda. 
Bange, v. (Bove), Ndinda. 
Bank, a. (Strong), Vundile. 

— n. Ukuma (\iku). 

— (Line of Inen), Ud wend we (ulu). 

—(Class), Uhlobo (ulu). 

— (Small company), Iviyo (i). 

— (Dignity), Ubukulu (ubu). 
Bankle, v. (Fester), Mila. 
Bansack, V, Panga, tumba. 

— (Search narrowly), Funisisa. 
Bansom, v. Hlaula, hlenga, kulula. 

— n. Inhlaulelo (in). 
Bansomer, n. Umhlauleli (um), um- 

kukuli (um). 
Bap, v. {Aa at a door), Qongqota. 

—(With a stick), Qoqoza, gqo- 


— (As a shield), Ngqungquza. 
Bape, w. (Carnal knowledge), Uku- 

boboza (uku). 
Bapid, a. Tyetyayo, nobelo. 
Bapidity, n, Ubelo (u). 
Bapture, n. Ukwenama (uku). 
Bare, a. (Thin), Hlambulukile. 

— (Baw), Luhlaza. 
Barepy, V, Hlambulula. 
Bareness, w. (Thinness), Ukuhlam- 

buluka (uku). 
Bascal, n. Ishinga (i). 
Bascality, n. Ubushinga (ubu). 
Base, v, (Erase), Hlikihla, pucula. 

— (Demolish), Cita, citakalisa. 
Bash, a. Delele. 

— n. (An eruption), Ukuqubuka 


—(To be), Delela. 

— Person, n, Isipoxo (isi), um- 

deleli (um). 
Bashness, w. Ubupoxo, ukudelela 

Basp, v. Gudhla, raya. 

— n. Isigudhlo (isi), isihlabo (isi). 
Baspberry, n. Usomolotyaiia. 
Bat, n. Ibuzi (i). 

— ^Field), Igwence (i). 

—(Large water), Ivondwe (i), 

ihlezi (i). 

— ^Musk), Umvuzi (um). 

— (Burrowing), Ivutivuti (i). 
Batan, w. Ugonotv (jii»^^. 




— (Sort of), Uqoqoqo (ulu). 
Rate, v. (Scold), Kankanya, kan- 

Rather, adv. (Far), Katyana, kun- 


— (Near), Kufutyane. 

— Many, adv. Ningana. 
Ratify, v. Qinisa. 
Rating, n. (Chiding), Ukukankanya, 

ukukankata (uku). 
Ration, n. (Food), UkudUa (uku). 
Rattle, v. (As calabashes), Gen- 


— (As a wagon), Gungquza, go- 


— (As gall bladders), Wehleza, 

ukuti wehle wehle. 

— (As a child's rattle), Kuxuzeka, 

ukuti kuxu. 

— (As a wagon on stones), Go- 

dhlozela, gudhluzela. 

— (As beads), Wahlaza, wahla- 


— (As wood), Keqeza. 

— n. (Child's), Isigubu senngane. 
Ravage, v. Panga, vikiza, cita. 
Ravaged (To be), Citakala. 
Rave, v. Bava, bovula. 

— (As a wild beast), DWondhlo- 


— (Incoherently), Mpompa. 
Ravel, v. Fingqa, fica, ficelela. 
Ravelled (To be), Fingqeka. 
Raven, n. Ihlungulu (i). 
Ravenous, a. Rarayo. 

— (As a goat, to be), Ruluba. 

— Ferson, n. Umrari (um), isi- 

rula (isi), ukotikoti (ulu). 

— Goat, n. Irulugu (i). 
Ravenously (To eat), Rara. 
Ravish, v. (Deflower), Boboza. 

Raw, a. Luhlaza. 

— (As meat, the heart, &cw, to be), 

Ray, n, Urasebe (um). 
Raze, v. (Destroy), Cita, citakalisa, 

Razor, n. Impuco (im), insingo, in- 

geko (in). 
Reach, v. (Arrive at), Fika. 

—(To), Finyelela. 

— (To, as water, &c.), Kaulela. 

— (Vomit), Gonyuluka. 
Read, v. Funda. 

— (Guess), Qandela. 
Readable, a. Fundekayo. 

—(To be), Fundeka. 
Reader, w. Umfundi(um). 
Reading, n. Ukufunda (liu). 

— Room, n. Ikamela lokufunda. 
Readily, adv. Ngokutyetya. 

— (Willingly), Ngentando, ngen- 

Ready, a. (Prepared), Lungile. 

—(Fit), Fanele. 

— (To make), Lungisa. 

— (To sink, to be), Ukuti Use. 
Real, n. Qoto uqobo. 
Reality, n. Uqobo (ulu). 
Really, adv. Imbala, sengaze. 

— And-truly, adv. NgasibilL 
Re- ANIMATE, V. Pilisa. 
Reap, v, Vuna. 
Reaper, n, Umvuni (um). 
Rear, v. (Raise up), Pakamisa. 

— (Educate), Fundisa. 

— (Bring up), Ondhla. 
Reason, v. (Think), Zindhla. 

— ^Debate), Pikisana. 

— (Discourse), Shumayela. 
Reasoning, n. (Argument), Ukupi- 

kisana, impikisano. 




Rebel, v. Hlubuka. 

— ^Cause to), Hlubukisa. 

— (Against), Hlubukela. 

— 71. Umhlubuki (umX 
Rebellion, n. Ukuhlubuka 

Rebellious, a. Hlubukayo. 
Rebound, v, Kwebuka. 
Rebuff, v. Gqula. 
Rebuffed (To be), Gquleka. 
Rebuke, v. Tetisa. 
Rebuker, n. Umtetisi (um). 
Rebut, v. (By argument), Pika. 
Recapitulate, v. Pinda izinhlokp. 
Recede, v. Hlehla. 
Receive, v. Amukela. 
Receiver, n. Umamukeli (um). 
Recess, n. (Niche), Igumbi (i). 
Reckless, a. Delele. 

—(To be), Delela. 

— JE^ERSON, n. Itane (i), iyiyane, 

Recklessly, adv, (To speak or act), 

Reckon, v. Bala, qekelela. 
Reckoner, n, Umbali (um). 
Recline, v. Cambalala. 

— (Against), Ncika, encika. 
Recognition, n. Ukuqabuka (uku), 

isiqabuko (isi). 
Recognize, v. Qabuka. 
Recoil, v. Kwebuka. 
Recollect, v. Kumbula. 
Recollection, w. Ukukumbula 

Recommend, v. Babaza. 
Recompense, v. (Pay), Kokela. 

— ^Reward), Vuza. 

— (By restitution), Bupsela. 
Reconcile, v. (Satisfy for a fault), 


— (Restore to favour), Buyisana, 

Reconciliation, n. (Satisfaction), 

Inhlaulelo (in). 

— (Restoration to favour), Uku- 

buyisana (uku). 
Reconciler, n. Umlamuli, umblau- 

Recondite, a. Fihliwe, dipizisayo. 
Record, v. Bala. 
Recount, v, Balisa, landa, zeka, 

Recover, v. (What was lost), Fu- 

mana, tola. 

— (Health), Puluka, lulama, sinda. 
Recreation, n, Ukuqabula inhli- 

Rectify, v. Lungisa. 
Rectitude, n, Ukulunga (uku). 
Rectum, n, (In man), Ididi (i), igolo, 

ingolo (in). 

— (In beasts), Umdidi (um). 
Red, a. Bomvu. 

— CTo be, as the skyV Beja. 

— Clay, n. Isibuda (isi). 

— Topknot, n. Impiti, isicongo 


— Locks, n. Unyaba. 

— Ochre, w. Isibuda (isi). 
Reddish, a. Bomvana, Domvu nje. 
Redeem, v. Hlaulela, kulula. 
Redeemer, n, Umhlauleli, umku- 

luli (um). 
Redemption, n. Inhlaulelo (in), in- 

kululo (in). 
Redness, w. Ububomvu (ubu). 
Redress, v. Lungisa. 
Reduce, v. (Bring back), Buyisa. 

— (Subdue), Nqoba, ahlula. 

— (Degrade), Tobisa, 

— (As a 8wellm^^'Y0wi« 




— rDiminish), Ncipisa. 

— (Shorten), Finyeza. 
Redwater, n. (DisejEise of cattle), 

Umbendeni, uposiki. 
Eeed, n, Umhlanga (um). 

— (Musical), 'Umtyingo (um), ige- 

nxe (i). 

— (For making an umtyingo), Ico- 

boka (i). 

— (Sweet), Imfe (im). 

— Buck, w. (Animal), Inhlango 


— (Red), Innxala, umziki (um). 
Beedy, a. Nomhlanga. 

— Place, n. Umhlanga. 
Reek, v. (Smoke), Tunqa, tunya. 
Reel, n. (Of cotton), Isiqonga 

Reel, v. (Stagger), Badazela. 
Refer (To, in conversation), Pata. 
Refine, v. Cwebisa. 
Refiner, n. Umcwebisi (um). 
Refit, v. Lungisa. 
Reflect, v. (Ponder), Zindhla, 

camanga, cabanga. ' 

— (Light), Buyisa ukukanya. 
Reflection, n. (Thought), Uku- 

zindhla (uku), isicabango (isi). 
Reform, v. Lungisa. 
Reformation, n. Isilungiso (isi). 
Reformer, n. Umlungisi (um). 
Refract, v, Gobisa imisebe. 
Refrain, v. (Keep from action), 


—(Withhold), Godhla. 
Refresh, v. Qabula. 

— (By acts of kindness), Hlanza. 
Refreshed (To be), Qabuleka. 
Refreshment, n. Ukuqabula (uku). 
Refuge, n, Inqaba (in), umpalo 


Refugee, n, Umbaleki (um), isibalo 

Refulgence, n.Ukukazimula (uku), 

ubucwazicwazi (ubu). 
Refulgent, a. Kazimulayo. 
Refuse, v, Nqaba, zaba, aid. 

— ^Food, in anger), Dikila. 

— (As a cow her calf^, Bukula. 

— (Violently), Gwilika. 
Refuse, n. COt hemp), Isikoce (isi). 
Refusal, n. Ukwala (uku). 
Regard, v. (Observe), Beka. 

— rvalue), Buka, tanda. 

— (Consider), Qonda. 

— (Attend to), Qapela. 

— 71. (Care), Ukunaka Tuku). 

— (Esteem), Utando (ulu). 
Regenerate, v. Zala ngokutya. 
Regeneration, w. Ukuzalwa ngo- 
Regiment, n. Ibuto (i). 

—("Frost"), Iqwa(i). 

— ("Gadflies"), Izibau (izi). 

— ("Thunder-of-Heaven"), Urn- 
bongo wezulu. 

—("Pigs"), Ingulube (in). 
;"Lion"), Imbube. 
"Hooks"), Ingwegwe (in). 
'"Leopards'-den"), Indhluye- 

ngwe (in). 

— ("Stone-catchers"), Unqakama- 


— ("Quieters-of-the-land"), Um- 


— (" Sharp - pointed "), Umcityu 


— ("Vaal-river"\ Isangqu. 

— ("Wanderers"), Udukuza. 

— ^" Scabs"), Izikwembu (izi). 

— (" Much-grass"), Umkulutyani 





-"("Catch-by-the-leg"), Ihetyeza 


— (" Hard - strikers"), Impohlo 


— (" Stab - at - the - huts "), Inhlo- 

mendhlini (in). 
Kegion, n, Izwe (i). 
Register, n. Loba, bala. 

— Incwadi yokubala (or) yoku- 

Registrar, n. (Of deeds), Umbali 

Regret, v. Dabukela. 

— n. Indabukelo (in). 
Regular, a. Lingeneyo, qondileyo. 
Regulate, v. Linganisela. 
Regulation, n. Isilinganiselo (isi). 
Reign, v. Busa. 

— n. Ukubusa (uku). 
Rehearse, v, Balisa, landisa. 
Reim, n. Intambo, umcilo (um). 

—(Stiff), Uqoto (ulu). 
Rein, v. Bamba. 
Reinforce, v, Elekela. 
Reins, n. (Lower part of the back), 

Reiterate, v. Pinda. 
Reiteration, w. Ukupinda. 
Reject, v, Ala, nqaba. 

— (As a cat her Kitten), Bukula. 
Rejected (To be), Aleka, nqabeka. 
Rejoice, v. Tokoza, jabula, enama, 


— 40ver), Dhlelesela. 

— (Cause to), Enamisa, etabisa. 
Rejoicing, n, Ukujabula, uku- 

tokoza (uku). 
Relapse, v. Hlehla. 

— 71. Utuhlehla (uku). 
Relate, v. Landisa, balisa. 

— (As a dream, &c.), Lauzela# 

Relation, n. (Act), Ukulandisa, 

ukubalisa (uku. 

— (Kindred), Umhlobo, isihlobo, 

umzalwane (um) 
Relationship, n. Ubuhlobo (ubu), 

ubuzalwane (ubu). 

— (Rather distant), UbundenL 
Relax, v. (Mitigate), Tambisa. 

— (A rope), Vekezisa. 
Release, v. Kulula, yeka. 

— n. (Act), Ukukulula (uku). 

— (State), Ukukululwa (uku). 
Relent, v, Tamba enhliziweni. 
Reliance, w. Itemba (i). 
Relief, n.(Succour),Ukusiza (uku). 

— ^Alleviation), Ukutamba (ukul 

— (From pain, to feel), LaleJ 
Relieve, v, (Help), Siza. 

— (By rest), Pumuza. 

— (From the operation of a law), 

Religion, w. Ubukonzo buka Tixo. 
Relinquish, v. Yeka, dela. 
Relish, v. Tanda 

—(Have a pleasant taste), Ezwa- 

kala, ezwa. 
Rely on, v. Temba, etemba. 
Reluctance, n, Ukudonda (uku). 
Reluctant (To be), Donda. 

— ^Person, n. Isidondi (isi). 
Remain, v, Sala, hlala. 
Remainder, n, Insali, isikoko (isi). 
Remains, n. (Dead body), Isioika- 

dika (isi). 
Remake, v, (Renew), Hlumelela. 
Remand, v. Buyisa. 
Remedy, n. Impiliso (im). 
Remember, v. Kumbula. 

— (For), Kumbulela. 

— (Cause to, remind), Kumbuza. 

— (One anQth<^Y\^^^:«ixs!^»si!s5!s^ 




Remembrance, n. Isikumbuziso, 

ukukunjulwa (uku). 
Remembered (To be), Kunjulwa. 
Remind, v. Kumbuza. 
Reminded (To be), Kunjuzwa. 
Reminiscence, w. Inkumbulo (in). 
Remit, v. (Send), Tumela. 

— TForgive), Yekela. 

— (As pain), Ukuti cukalala. 
Remnant, w. Isikoko (isi), insalelo 

Remorse, n. Uvalo (ulu). 
Remonstrance, n. Ukuyala (uku). 
Remonstrate, v. Yala. 
Remote, a. Kude. 
Removal, w. (Of goods), Ukututa 


— (Of things generally), Ukususa 

Remove, v. (Take away), Susa. 
. — (Corn from a mill), Pakula. 

— too to another place), Tuta. 

— (Get away), Suka. 

— (Ab dirt), Kucuza. 

— rAshes), Wola. 

— (Go away), Emuka, muka. 

— ?Weeds), Kukula. 

— (Out of the light), Suduka. 

— (What intercepts the light), 

Sudusa, sudukisa. 
Remunerate, v. Vuza, kokela. 
Remuneration, n. Inkokelo (in), 

umvuzo (um). 
Rend, v, Dabula, qatyula, xebula. 

— (As an old garment), Nweb- 


— (Forcibly)^ Guzula. 
Render, v. (Give), Nika. 

— (Exhibit), Bonisa. 
Renew, t). Hlumelela. 
Renewal, w. Ukuhlumelela (uku). 

Renounce, v, (Disown a person)^ 


— (Reject), Dela. 

— ^Abandon), Lahla. 

— (Abdicate), Shiya. 

—(As one's offspring), Bukula. 
Renovate, v. Hlumelela. 
Renown, w. Udumo (ulu). 
Renowned (To be), Duma, dumeka. 
Rent, n. (A tear), Ukudabuka (uku), 


— (Tax), Isitelo (isi). 
Repair, v. Lungisa. 
Repeal, v. (As a law), Pelisa. 
Repeat, v. rinda, buyekeza. 

— (As words, &c.), Landela. 
Repel, v. (Drive back), Kalima. 
Repent, v. Penduka. 
Repentance, n. Ukupenduka (uku). 
Repetition, n. Ukupinda (uku). 
Replenish, v. Cwalisa. 
Replete, a. Cwele. 
Reply, v. Pendula. 

— (In the negative), Landula. 

— w. Impendulo (im). 
Report, v. Bika, ncoka. 

— (Secretly), Hleba, nyinya. 

— (TeU), Tyela. 

— n. Imbiko (im), indaba (in). 

— rOf a musket), Umbongo (um). 

— (Alarming), Isidumo (isi). 
Reporter, n. U mbiki (um). 
Repose, v. Pumula. 

— n. Ukupumula (uku). 
Reprehend, v. Tetisa, sola. 
Represent, v. (Stand for), Mela 

— (Exhibit), Bonisa. 
Representative, n, Ummeli (um). 
Representation, n. Isiboniso (isi), 
Repress, v, Godhla. 
Reprimand, v. Jezisa. 




Eeprisal, n. Ukupindiaa (ukii). 
Reproach, n. Isinlamba (isi), in- 

hlamba (in). 

— V. Tuka. 
Reproof, n. Ukujezisa (uku). 
Reprove, v. Jezisa. 
Reptile, n. Isilwane (isi). 
Repulse, v. Xotya, kalima. 

-r(A8 an enemy), Nqoba. 

— n. Ukuxotya (uku), ukunqoba. 
Repulsive, a. Xotvayo. 
Reputation, n. Udumo (ulu). 
Request, v. Cela. 

— (As food in time of scarcity), 


— (Demand), Biza. 

— (Entreat), Ncenga, celisisa. 

— n. Isicelo (isi). 
Require, v. Biza. 
Rescind, v. Pelisa. 
Rescue, v. Hlangulisa, sindisa. 
Rescuer, n. Umsindisi, umhlangnl- 

isi (um). 
Resemblance, n. Insobi, insotyana, 

Resemble, v. (As things and persons), 


— (As persons), Fuza. 
Resent, v. Duba. 
Resentment, n. Ukuduba (uku). 
Reserve, v. Godhla. 

— (Speak with), Nyinya. 
Reserved person, n. Isigqungqu 

Residence, n. Indhlu (in), ikaya (i). 
Resident, n. Umhlali (um). 
Residue, n. Insalelo (in). 
Resign, v. Dela, bekela. 
Resignation, w. Ukudela, ukubekela 
Resist, v. Qinela. 

— (Strive against), Lwa. 

— (By wordsV Pika. 

— (Refuse), Ala. 
Resolute (To be), Qina, copelela. 
Resolutely (To speak), Kutazela. 
Resolution, n. Innloko yokutyo. 

— (To support), Sekezela. 
Resolve, v. Xutazela. 

— (Melt), Ncibilikisa. 

— (Free from difficulty), Qaqa. 
Resorb, v. Gwinya. 
Resound, v. Enanela, duma, cwaza. 
Resource, n. Isu (i). 
Respect, v. (Esteem), Tanda. 

— (Honour), Hlonipa. 
Respectful, a. Hlonipayo. 

— (Obedient), Lalelayo, lalele. 
Respectfully (To behave), Hlonipa. 
Respiration, w. Ukupefumula 

Respire, v, Pefumula. 
Respite, v, (Rest), Ukupumula. 

^Pause), Umkati (um). 
Resplendent, a. CwazimiUayo. 
Resplbndently, adv. Ngokucwazim- 

ida, ngobucwazicwazi. 
Respond, v, Pendula. . 
Respondent, n. Umpenduli (um). 
Response, n. Impenclulo (im). 
Rest, v, Pumula. 
Sleep), Lala. 
Upon tiptoes), Cokama. 
~>oze), Ozela. 
[Lean), Eyama. 

— n. Ukupumula. 

— (Sleep), Ubiitongo (ubu). 

— (Stillness), Ukutula (uku). 
Death), Ukufa (uku). 
Pause), Umkati (um). 
^To give), Pumuza. 

— (Lay to rest), Lalisa. 
—(Place on a support^^ E^ojcss^ssa.. 




. Resting-place, n. Indawa yokupu- 

Restitution (To make), Buyisela. 

— ?i. Isibuyiselo (isi). 
Restive, a. Dondayo. 
Restless (To be, as one in pain), 


—^Unsettled, to be), Yaluza,tyoba. 
Restore, v. Buyisela. 

— (To order), Buyisa. 

— (Cure), Pilisa. 
Restrain, v. (Hold back), Godhla. 

— (One's self), Zibamba. 

— (Keep in awe), Esabisa. 

— (Hinder), Vimbela. 
Restrict, v. Kaulisa. 
Resurrection, w. Uvuko Iwaba- 

Resuscitate, v, (Restore to life), 


— (Stir up anew), Hlumelela. 
Retail, v, Tengisa. 
Retain, v. Bamba. 

— (Keep), Gcina. 
Retard, V. (Delay), Libazisa,liba3[isa. 
Retch, v. Hlanza, gonyuluka. 
Retention, n. Ukuhamba (uku). 

— (Custody), Ukubanjwa (uku). 
Reticule, w. Isikwama (isi). 
Retire, v. Hlehla, fulatela, ukuti 


--^Go back), Buya. 

— (Withdraw), Monvula. 
Retired (To Uve, tnrough fear), 

Retreat, v. Hlebla, buya. 
Return, v. Buya. 

— ^The same day), Buyelela. 

— (Send back), Buyisa. 

— (To, or for), Buyisela. 
Reveal, v, Bonakalisa, hlalukisa 

— (Bring forth to view), Veza. 
Revelation, n, Isambulo (isi), isi* 

bonakaliso (isi). 
Revel, v. Dafewa. 
Revenge, v. Pindisa, pindinya, pin- 


— n. Impindiselo (im), ukupindisa 

Reverberate, Cw£iza, ukuti co, 


— (As the ground), Ukuti di di di 
Revere, v, Dumisa. 
Reverence ». (Awful regard), 

Ukwesaba (uku). 

—(Dread), U valo (ulu). 

— (Act of obeisance), Ukukuleka 

Reverse, v, Hlanekezela, hlanezela. 
Review, v, (As a law case), Buye- 


— n. (MUitary), Umkosi (um). 
Revile, v, Tuka. 

— (Mock), Swabula. 
Reviler, n, Umtuki (um). 
Reviling, n. Ukutuka (uku). 
Revive, v. (Reanimate), Pilisa. 

— (Renew), Hlumeleliu 

— (Refresh), Qabula. 

— (Recover), Pila. 
Revolt, v. Hlubuka. 

— n. Ukuhlubuka (uku). 
Revolter, n, UmhluDuki (um). 
Revolve, v. Zungeza, zungelezela. 
Revolution, w. Isizululwane (isi). 
Reward, v. Vuza, xomela. 

— 71. Umvuzo (um). 

-—^For rearing a child), Isondhlo 

Rheumatism, n. Amabulalo (ama). 
Rhinoceros, n. Upejane. 
Rib, n, Ubambo (ulu). 




—(Last), Umpetwane (unA 
Ribs, n, (Of beef), Umhlubulo (um). 
Rich, a. (Wealthy), Notile. 

— (In live stock), Fuyile. 

—(Fertile), Vundile. 

— (To be), Nota, vunda. 
Riches, n. Umcebo (um), nbunoto 

Richmond (A town), Ulovu. 
Richness, n. (Fertility), Ukuvimda 


— (Abundance), Ubuningi (ubu). 
Rid, V, (Deliver), Kulula. 

— (Drive away), Xotya. 
RiD-OF, V. (To get), Hlambuluka. 
Riddle, n, Imfumbe (im). 
Ride, v, (Mount), Kwela. 

— (On horseback), Hamba nge- 

Ridge, n. Ukalo (ulu). 

— (Dangerous), Ugebe (ulu\ 

— (Between two precipices), Ud- 

hlandhlatu (ulu). 
Ridicule, v. Dumaza. 

— (Laugh at), Hleka. 

— (Mock), Swabula. 
RiDicuLOU^ V. (To be), Hlekeka. 

— Person, n. Isigcono (isi). 

— Thing, Igidigidi (i). 
Rifle, v. Panga, eba. 

— n. Isibamu (isi). 
Rift, n. (Cleft), Ufanta (ulu). 
Right, a, (Just), Lungile. 

— (Straight), Ukuti twi. 

—(Fit), Fanele. 
Right-hand, n. Isandhla sokunene. 
Righteous, a. Lungile. 

^To be), Lunga. 
RiGHTEOUSNESSi w. Ukuluuga (uku). 
Rigid, a. Lukuni. 
Rill, n. Isifufuyana (isi). 

Rind, n. Ihlubo (i), ikasi (i). 

— (Of imfe), Ubengu (ulu). 
Ring, n. Indandato (in). 

— (On a bullock's horn), Izinga 


— V, Tyaya insimbi. 

— (A small bell), Kencezisa. 
Rings, n. (Of a tree), Imikaka (imi). 
Ringing, n, (Act), Ukutyaya kwen- 

Ringworm, n. Umbadamu (um). 
Rinse, v. (Out the mouth), Xupa, 

hlukuhla, xukuza, londonya. 

— (As a vessel), Vatyaza. 
Riot, w. Umxokozelo (Um). 
Riotous, a. Xokozele. 
Rip, V, (Open), Qaqa. 

— (Teaj^, Dabula. 
Ripe, a, Vutiwe. 

— rTo be), Vutiwa. 

— (To be, as a peach), Tanyazela. 
Ripen, v. Vutisa. 

— (As malt), Vunda. 
Ripple, v, Dikiza, ukuti diki diki. 

— Mark, n. Uqimbana (ulu). 
Rippling bound (To make),Kopoza. 
Rise, v. (Ascend), Kupuka, enyuka. 

— (Up), Pakama. 

— (As the stomach), Qubuka. 

— (As the sun). Puma. 

— ^As a fog), Fukuka. 

— (In rebellion), Hlubuka. 

— (As dust), Tunqa. 

— (Grow), Kola. 
In rank), Pakama. 
'As the sun over a hill). Dun. 


— (From a recumbent posture) 


^As dough), Kukumala, bila. 

— (As teaia^^ H\s?a%^x^va., 




fAs a river), Gcwala, fukuka. 

^Asbeerfromabottle)j Lukuzela. 

fincrease). Anda. 

[stand up), Sukuma. 

[Tip, appear), Vela, bonakala. 
— (Get away), Suka. 
— n. (Beginning), Isiqalo (isi). 
— (Origin), Isisusa (isi). 
Rival, v, (One another^ Dhlelana. 
Rivalry, n. Inkani (in). 
RrvER, n, Umfula. 
— ^Near Durban), Umbilo. 
— (South-west of Durban), Um- 
blatuzane (urn). 

—(East of Ulovu), Amanzimtote 

— (South of Pietermaritzburg), 
Umsunduze (um). 
— (Name of a large), Umkomazi 

— (Name of a large), Umzimkulu 

— (A tributary of the Umkomazi), 
— (A tributary of the Umzimkulu), 
Ipolela (i). 

— (West of the Fish), Inxaxa. 
— (Between the Buffialo and 
Gqumbe), Inxarune. 
— (West of the Umkomazi), Ama- 

— (Between Natal and Zululand), 

—(South of the Tukela), Izin- 

— (South of Durban), Umlazi 
, (um). 
— (South-west of Umlazi), Isi- 
pingo (isi). 

— (South of Durban), Umpam- 

— (Name of a large), UmvotL 

— (Tributary of umvoti), Ihlim- 


— (North of the Umvoti), Unonoti 

— (North of Verulam), Utongati. 

— ?In Zululand), Umvolosi. 

— (A tributary of the Umvolosi), 


— (Name of, in Zululand), Um- 


—(Name of, in Zululand), Indhlo- 


— (Name of, in Zululand), Insuze. 

— teoast, in Zululand), Inyezane 

— f South of Verulam), Umhlanga. 

— (Tributary of the Umvolosi), 


— (North of Zululand), Umpon- 


— (A tributary of the black Um- 
volosi), Umona. 

— (Name of a large), Umgeni(um) 

—(South of Durban), Ifafa (i). 

— (In Zululand), Imbozamo (im). 

—(Bank of), Udonga (ulu). 

— (Margin of), Usebe (ulu). 
Rivet, v. (Make fast), Qinisa. 
RrvuLBT, n. Isifufuyana, umfulana. 
Road, n. (A way), Indhlela (in), 

— (Wagon), Umgwaqo (um). 

— (Cattle), Umzila (um). 
Roam, v. Ndinda. 
Roar, v. (Als a lion), Bodhla. 

— (Als a child), Kala. 

— (As a waterfall), Rwaqwaza. 

— (Howl), Hlaba umkulungwane 

Roast, v. Osa. 

—{As com), Gazinga. 
Rob, v. Eba, panga. 
Robber, n, Umpangi (um)t 




— (Highway), Inswelaboya. 
Kobe, v. Ambata, gqoka. 

— n. Ingubo (in). 
Bock, v, Zamazama 

— n. Ilitye (ili). 

—(Flat), Idwala (i). 

— Rabbit, w. Imbila (im). 

— (Kind of), Isibudu (isi), inten- 

etya (in). 

— Snake, n. (Large), Umdhlam- 

bila (um). 
Rocky, a. Namatjre. 

— Place, n. Isixobo (isi). 

— Cutting, n. (Near the half-way 

hotel), Intyanffwe (in). 
Rod, n, Uswazi (ulu). 

—-(Stout), Induku ^in). 
Rogue, n. Ishingana (i). 
Roll, v. Gingqa, gingqika. 

— (Tn walking), Bwacazela. 

— (Up), Songa. 

— (Up, as dough, &c.), Goqonga. 

— n. (Bundled Umfunzi (um). 
Rolled (To be), Gingqeka. 
Roof, n. Upahla (ulu). 
Room, n, Ikamelo (i). 

— (For one another, to make), 

Root, n. Impande (im). 

—(Of a matter), Isiqu (isi). 

—(To take), Gxila. 

— (Turn up earth). Panda. 

— Up, v. Domula, sipula. 
RooTED-UP (To be), Domuleka^ sipu- 

Rope, n. Igoda (i), intambo (in\ 

— (Large), Umgongqolozi (um). 
Rot, v. Bola. 

-—(Cause to), Bolisa. 
Rotate, v, Suluza. 
Rotten, a. Bolile. 

— (To be), Boliwa, bucuka. 

— Fellow, n. Ibolwa (i). 
Rough, a. Marolo, ratyaratya. 

—(To be), Raya 

— Thing, n. Inratyanratya (in) 
Roughness, n, Amaraye (ama). 
Round, a, Dilingile. 

— (To be), Dilinga. 

— (To make), DDin^sa. 

— (To become), Dilingana 

— thing, n, Indilinga (in). 

— V. (Off, as the hair), lingiliza. 
Rouse, v. (Awaken), Papamisa, vusa. 

— (Out of the bowels), Budhluza. 

— (As an animalj, Gwangqamisa. 

-^(Provoke), VuDula. 
Rout, v, Pekula, pengulula, cita. 
Routed (To be), Benguka. 
Rove, v, Zulu, ndinda. 

— (About), Nyakaza. 
Rover, n. Umzuli, umndindi (um). 
Row, V, Gwedhla. 

— n. (Of things, &c.), Uhla (ulu), 

irele (i). 

— (Of pebbles in a stream), Isibo- 

godo (isi). 
Row, n, (Riotous), Umxokozelo (um), 

umsindo (um). 
Royal, a. Isobukosi. 
Rub, v. (Wipe), Sula. 

— HfBrush^, Hlangula. 

— (Off), Qotula, yocula. 

— (Hardly, as a wagon wheel), 


—(Off, as dirt from the body), 


—(As a wheel against a stone), 


— (As a nettle on the skin), Ruqa 

—/Softly), Pulula. 

— (The eye), Cikica. 




— (As a skin), Kuhla, shuka. 

— fScour), Pucuza, kuhluza. 

— (Wear by friction), Gudhla. 

— (OutJ, Hlikihla, hlangula. 

— (Gall), Pucuza. 

— (With the feet, to crush), Cubu- 


— (The back of another), Bucunga. 

—(Chafe), Putula. 

— (Scour the feet), Copa, kuhla. 

— (Down, as a horse), Sula. 

— (As tobacco leaves for snuflT), 

Rubbish, n. (Of a room), Isibi (isi). 

— (Weeds), Ukula (ulu), amabibi 


— (Small stones), Uhlalu (ulu). 

—(Heap of), Ibibi (i) 
Ruddy, a. Bomvana. 
Rude, a. Eyisile. 

— Person, n. (Inexperienced), 

Ibimbi (i). 

—(To be), Eyisa. 
Rudeness, n. Ubunja (ubu). 
Ruffle, v. Fingqa. 
Rug, n. Ingubo (in), 

—{With little knots on it), Ama- 

findo (ama). 
Ruin, v. Tvabalalisa, cita. 

— (Morally), Onakalisa. 

— (FaU to ruin), Dilika. 

A-w. (Fall), Ukuwa (uku). 

— (Moral), Ukwonakala (uku). 
Ruined (To be), Citakala. 
Rule, v. Busa. 

— n. Umteto (um). 
Ruler, n. Umbusi (um), umpati 

Rumble, v. Gungquza. 

--(As the stomach), Xuxuzela, 


Ruminate, v, (Muse), Zindhla, ca- 


— {Cnew the cud), Etyisa. 
Rumour, n. Imbiko, umoya. 
Rump, n, Isitibili, iqolo (i), impapa 


— ^Of beef), Isinqe ^isi). 

— (Of a chicken), Isidunu (isi). 
Run, v. Gijima. 

— rFlee), Baleka. 

— TAway from), Balekela. 

—(Flow over), Cicima, pupuma. 

— ^As a cow), Radula. 

— (About, looking for something), 

Ukuti palapala. 

—(Steadily on), Quncjuta. 

— (In different directions), Dhla- 


—I Flow), Hamba. 

— (Away, as an ox), Hlamuka. 

—(Melt), Ncibilika. 

— (Helter-skelter), Ukuti dhliki- 


^A race), Pikisana. 

— (Into, as the sea), Hlohla. 

— ^As a hungry dog), Eocoza. 

— f Down, depreciate), Zumsa. 

— (As a hot needle into a tooth)^ 


— ^iJeak), Vuza. 

— (After), Landa. 

—(Out, end), Pela. 

— n. Ukugijima (uku). 

—(For cattle), Idhlelo (i). 
Runaway, w. Umbaleki (um). 
Runner, n. Isigijimi (isi). 

— (Of a pumpkin), Intanga ^in). 
Rupture, n, (Umbilical), Isibono 

(isi), umbumu (um). 

— (Breach), Isapulo (isi). 
Rush, n. (For matting), Igceba {i)> 




— ^Kind of), Indawo (in). 

— (For thatching), Inncema, in- 

ngqulwane (in). 

— Basket, n. (For carrying fowls), 

Umono (plur. i). 
f As a herd of cattle), Buluka. 
Off), Duma. 
Run violently), Fica. 
[At full speed), Kahlameza. 
Rushing waters, n, Isikukula (isi). 

— Noise, n. (As water, to make), 

Rust, v. Gwala. 

— n, Ukugwala (uku). 

— (In wheat), Isiwumba (isi), in- 

gutyukazi (in). 
Rustic, n. Umfunda(um). 
Rusticity, n. Ubufunda (ubu). 
Rustle, v. (As trees), Rwatvaza. 
Rustling noise, n, (To make), Ty- 

Rusty, a. Qwalile. 

—(To be), Gwala. 
Rut, n. Umselana (um). 
RuTHFUL, a. Nomrau. 
Ruthless, a, Nolunya. 


Sabbath, n. Isonto (i). 

Sac, n. (Of the testicles), Isisende 


Sack, n. (Bag), Isaka (i). 
Sacrament, n. Isakramente. 

—(Of the Lord's supper), Isitebe 

sen Kosi. 
Sacrifice, n, Umhlatyelo (um). 

— V, Hlabela. 

— (Give up), Dela. 
Sacrificed (To be), Hlatyelwa. 
Sad, a. Dabukile. 

—(Gloomy), Hluneme. 

—(To be), Dabuka. 
Sadden, v, Dabukisa. 
Saddle, n, Isihlalo sehashi. 

— V, Kungela isihlalo. 
Sadness, w. Ukudabuka (uku), usizi 

Safe, a. Gkimle, londekile. 

— (To be), Gcina. 
Safety, n, Ukugcineka, ukulondeka 

Sagacious, a. Hlakanipilea 

— (To be), Hlakanipa. 
Sagacity, n. Ukuhlakanipa (uku). 
Sage, a. (Wise), Hlakanipile. 
Sail, v. Ntanta. 

— n. Indwangu yomkumbi. 
Sailor, n. Itelosi (i). 
Saint, n. (Pure), Isicweba (isi), um- 

cwebi (um). 

— (Righteous), Ungcwele. 
Salamander, n. Intulwa (in). 
Sale, n, Intengo (in). 
Salesman, n, Umtengisi (um). 
Saliva, n. Amate (ama). 
Salt, a. Muncu, babayo. 

— ». Usoutij umunyuza. 
Saltness, n, u munyu. 
Salubrious, a. Pilisayo. 
Salutation, n. Isibingelelo (isi). 

— (To a CTeat chief), Bavete. 
Salute, v, Bingelela, kuleka, konza. 

— (As a friend), Takazela. 
Salvation, n. (Act), Usindiso (ulu). 

— (State), Ukusindiswa (uku). 
Salve, n. Amafuta esilonda. 
Sanctification, n, (Act), Ukucwe- 





— (State), Ukiicwejiswa (uku). 
Sanctipibr, n, Umcwebisi (um). 
Sanctift, v. (Consecrate), Ahlukan- 


— (Make pure), Cwebisa, 
Sanction, v. Vumela. 

— n. Imvumelo (im). 
Sanctuary, w. (Holy place), Indawo 

Sand, n. Isihlabati (isi). 

— Blind, a. Kupezele. 

— (To be), Kupezela. 

~ Flat, (Near Congella), Idege- 

dege (i). 
Sandstone, n. Icoba (i). 
Sandy, a, Nesihlabati. 
Sap, n. Inkovu yomuti. 
Sapient, a. Hlakanipile. 
Sapless, a. Ngenankovu. 

—{Dry), Omile. 

—(Old), Dala. 
Sapling, n. Ihlumelo (i). 
Sappy, a, Nenkovu. 
Sarcasm, n. Ukuqanga, ukubinqa 

Sarcastic, a, Binqile, qangile. 
Satan, n. Usatane. 
Satiate, v. Sutisa. 
Satiated (To be, as desire), Damba. 
Satiety, n, Ukusiita (uku). 
Satin-wood, n. Umtati (um). 
Satisfy, v. Anela, sutisa, kolisa, 

Satisfied (To be), Kolwa. 

— (To be, with food), Suta. 

— ^. Suti. 
Saturate, v. Netisa nokunetisa. 
Saturation, n. Ukunetiswa (uku). 
Saturday, n. Umgqibelo (um). 
Saucy (To be), Ganga, bensa, gala- 


— Person, n. Ugalagala. 
Saunter, v. (Loiter), Libala. 

— (Wander about), Ndinda, zulu- 

Savage, n. Isidhlangudhlangu (isi). 

— (Wild ignorant person), Isibu- 

tywane (isi). 

— a, (Cruel)j Nolunya. 

— Person, n. Isidluwabidhlwabi, 

isiralijani (isi). 
Savk v. Sindisa. 

— (As money), Qongelela, Menga. 
Saviour, n. Umsindisi (um). 
Savour, n. (Of cooked meat), Ulwasi 

(ulu), usi (ulu), ipunga (i). 
Savoury, a. Mnandi. 
Saw, v. Sara. 

— (Into planks), Dabula ngesara. 

— n. Isara (i). 
Sawpit, n, Umgodi wokusara. 
Say, V, Ti, tyo. 

— -(Anythmg unpleasant^ Bina. 

— (Tnings in a joke), Rema, 


— (What comes uppermost), Ngce- 


— (Last words, as a man dying), 


— (For), Tyolo. 

—(Tell), T^ela. 
Inlbrm), Bika. 
Relate), Landisa. 

— (Farewell), Valelisa. 

— (Openly), Pumesela. 
Saying, n. Ukutyo (uku). 
Scab, n. Ukoko (ulu), ugcwegcwana 


— {In dogs), Isikwembe (isi), n- 

kwembe (ulu). 
Scald, v. Tyisa ngamanzi. 
Scale, n. (Of a fish), Inkwetu (in). 




Scales, w. (Pair of), Isikeli (isi). 
Scamp, ». Icwensa (i). 
Scan, v, Bekisisa. 
ScAin>AL, n. Isihlamba (isi). 
Scandalize, v. (Defame), Hleba. 

— (Disgrace), Hlazisa. 
Scandalous, a. Hlazisayo. 
Scapula, n. Isipang^ (isi). 
Scar, n, (Small), Isibanda (isi). 

— (Large), Ubavu (ulu). 
Scarce (Tc be), Dingeka, sweleka. 
Scarcity, n. IndhMa, ukusweleka, 


— (Long-continued), Umdweshu 

Scare, v. (Away, as locusts), Hebeza, 

ukuti hebe. 

— (Terrify), Esabisa, nunusa. 
Scarecrow, n, Umzamazisa. 
Scarp-skin, n. (Epidermis), Ulwebu 

Scarification, n. Ukuzaula (uku), 

ukugcaba (uku). 
Scarify, v. Zaula, gcaba. 
Scarlet, a. Bomvu. 
Scathe, v. (Injure), Limaza, bulala. 
Scatter, v., (Throw about), Sakaza, 


— ^Disperse), Hlakaza. 

— (Kafir com, a* birds), Caka- 


— (By war), Cita. 

— (As com), Hlakaza. 
Scent, v. (Smell>, Nuka. 

— rPerfumeX Qola. 

— (As dogs nuntins), Sezela. 

— n. (Smelling), Ukunuka (uku). 

— (Odour), Ipunga (i). 

—(Of food), Usi (ulu). 

— (Of something burning), Usana 


Sceptic, n. Ungakolwayo, ungena- 

Sceptre, n, Intongo yobukosi, um- 

sila Cum). 
Scholar, n. Umfundi (um). 
School, n. Isikole (isi). 

— Boy, n. Umfana wesikole. 

— House, n, Indhlu yesikole. 

— Master, n. Umfundisi (um). 
Science, n, Ukwazi okuzikileyo, 

imifundiso (imi). 
Scissors, n. Isizenze (isi). 
Scoff, v. Hleka usulu, swabula. 
Scoffer, n, Umswabuli (um). 
Scoffing, n. Ukuswabula (uku). 
Scold, v, Tetisa, kankanya, sauza. 

— (Vehemently), Jokomeza, kaca, 


— (Loudly), Bangalasa. 
Scolopendra, n. Inkume (in). 
Sconce, n. Inhloko (in). 
Scoop, v, (As wood), Gumba, gweda, 

ukuti xavu, ukuti kipiliti. 

- (As a calabash), Geqa. 

— (Out, as soil with the hand), 


— n, Isixwembe (isi). 
Scorch, v. Ramula, hamula. 
Scorched (To be, with the sun), 

Scorn, v, Eyisa, hleka usulu. 

— n. Usulu (ulu). 
ScoRNER, n, Umhleki (um), umswa- 
buli (um). 
Scorpion, n. Ufezela, unomadu- 

Scoundrel, n. Iratanga (i),ishinga (i) 
Scour, v. Kuhluza, pucuza. 
Scourge, v. Tyaya. 
Sjout, n. Inhloli, inhlomeli, imbon* 

isi (im). 




Scowl, v, Nyakama. 
Scrag, n. Isiqanti (isi). 
Scraggy, a, Ondile, zacile. 
Scramble, v, (Catch at), Pangela, 


— (Climb on the hands and knees), 

Kasa, kwela. 
Scrape, v. (As a dish), Kotulula. 

— (Off, as pig's bristles), Pucuza. 
[The feet with sandstone), Copa. 

— (Up, as fluids Gogoda. 
f A hide), Pala, twitya. 
[Out), Greqa. 

- -{Food from a pot), Roroda, rwe- 


— (Off), Plica, pncula. 

—(With the feet), Shudula. 

— (By dragging), Hluzula, ukuti 


— (As horseradish, &c.), Centa. 

—-(Up), Kuhla, kuhluza. 
Scratch, v. Enwaya. 

— (Thoroughly), Enwayisisa. 

— (As a dog). Panda. 

— (Up with the heels), Pequza. 

— (As a fowl), Pekuza. 
Scream, v, Kala. 

— n. Isikalo (isi). 
Screech, v, (As an owl), Kalisa 

Screen, v. Sita, vika, sitela. 

— n, Isironqo (isi). 
Scribe, n, Umlobi (um), umbali 

Scrip, n. Isikwama (isi). 
Scriptures, n, Izibalo (izi), imibalo 

Scrofula, n, Umcoboko (um) 
Scrub, v, Kuhluza, pucuza. 
Scruple, n. (Mental), Ipuzu (i) 
Scrutinize, v. fiekisisa. 

Scrutiny, n, Isibekisiso (isi). 

Scull, n, Ipini (i). 

Scum, n. Igwebu (i). 

Scurf, n. (Dry), Amakoko (ama). 

— (In the hair), Intuva (in). 
Scurvy, w. Ukwekwe (ulu), utwai 

Sea, n. Ulwandhle (ulu). 

— Coast, w. Icala lolwandhle. 

— Cow, n, Imvubu (im). 

— ^Eel, n, Umbokane wolwandhle. 

— Hog, n, Ihlengetwa (i). 

— Shell, n. Inkwindi (in). 

— Shore, n. Usebe lolwandhle 
Seal, v. (Stamp), Beka upau. 

— (As a letter), Namatelisa. 

— n. Upau (ulu). 
Seam, n. U mtungo (um). 

— (Of the head-ring), Uqondo 

Seaman, n, Itelosi (i). 
Sear, v. Tyisa. 
Search, v. (Seek\ Funa. 

—-(Thoroughly), Funisisa, ndn- 


Into), Cubungula. 
For), Ncinga, funela. 
Inquire), Buza. 

— (Explore), Hlola. 
Season, n, Isikatyana (isi), nmzuzn 


— (Spring), Isilimela (isi), ukwe- 

twasa kwehlobo. 

— (Summer), Ihlobo (i). 

— (Autumn), Ukwindhla. 

— (Winter), Ubusika (ubu). 
Seat, n. IsihJalo (isi). 
Secede, v, Ahlukana. 
Seceder, n. Umahlukani (um). 
Second, n, Isikatyanyana (isi). 




Secondly, adv. Ngokwesibili. 
Secrecy, n, Ukufihleka (uku). 
Secret, n. Imfihlo (im), isifuoa (isi). 

— <To keep), Fihla. 
Secretary, n, Umlobeli (um). 

— Bird, n. Intungunono (in). 
Secrete, v, Fihla, catrisa. 
Secreted (To be),Fihleka, catyiswa. 
Secretly, adv, Ngasese, ngesinye- 

lela, esita. 
Section, n, (Of a book), Isabluko 


— (Separate part),Isijuqujuqu (isi). 
Secure, a. Gcinile, londekile, 

— (Make), Gkina, qinisa. 
Sedate, a. Tulile. 
Sedative, a. Tulisayo. 
Sedge, n. Insikane (in). 
Sediment, n, Izibidi (izi). 

— (Of Zulu beer), Inhlese (in). 
Sedition, n. Ukucebela amakosi. 
Seduce, v, Yenga. 
Seducer, n. Umyengi (um). 
Seduction, n, Ukuyenga (ukvi). 
See ! interj. Beka ! kangela 1 

— V, Bona. 

— (Attend to), Qapela. 

— (Look earnestly), Qolozela, kan- 

— (Stare), Goloza. 

— ^Observe), Qaza, beka, hlola. 

— (For the first time), Qabuka. 
Seed, w. Imbeu (im). 

— f Of grass), Inzala (in). 

—{Pod of), Ibwanyazi (i). 
Seek, v. Funa. 

— (Carefully), Funisisa. 

— (In all directions), Bekisisa. 

— (A short time), Funafuna. 

— (Hastily), Wanyazela. 
Seeker, n, Umfuni(um). 

Seem, v, (Appear), Bonakala. 

Seemingly, adv. Kungatiti. 

Seemly, a. Fanele. 

Seen, p. Bonwa. 

Seer, n. Umazisi, umprofeti. 

Seethe, v. Peka. 

Seize, v. Bamba, totonga, qwaga. 

— (Suddenly! fllwita. 

— (With antnority), Bamba ngo- 


— (Violently), Gunyaza. 

— (As a dog a buck), Ukuti 


— (And throw down), Ukuti 

Seizure, n. Ukubamba (uku). 
Select, v. Keta, qoma. 

— (For), Bonisela. 

— (As goods), Balekela. 
Selection, n. Ukuketa (uku), uku- 

qoma (uku). 
Selector, n. Umketi, umqomi, um- 

Self, pron. Uqobo. 

^Myself), Uqobo Iwami. 
^Yourself), Uqobo Iwako. 

— fHimself), Uqobo Iwake. 

— (Themselves), Uqobo Iwabo. 

— Conceit, n. Ukuzidhla (uku). 

— Confidence, n, Ukuzitemba 


— Denial, n. Ukuzincitya Tuku). 

— Esteem, n. Ukuzidhla (uku). 

— Love, n. Ukuzitanda (riu). 

— WiLii n. Inkani (in). 

— (Violent), Ububudhlakali (ubu) 
Selfish, a, Zipikelele, zitandayo. 

— Person, n, Isigege (isi), um- 

zipikisi (um^. 

— (To be), Zipikisa. 



Self-willed person, n, Isipisekeli 

Sell, v, Tengisa. 

— rTo), Tengela, tengisela. 

— f By auction), Dalisa. 

— (wish to), Funisa n^. (Ex. 

Ngifunisa ngehashi lami, I wisii to 

sell my horse.) 
Seller, n, Umtengisi (um). 
Selvage, n. Ucilo (ulu). 
Semen, n. (Virile), Amalota (ama). 
Semi-circle, n, (Of men dancing), 

Umkumbi, ugumela. 
Semfster, 71. Umtungi (um). 
Send, v. Tuma. 

—(To), Tumela. 

— (Back), Buyisa. 

— (After), Landisa, landelisela. 
fStealthily), Nyenyisa. 
f Away), Mukisa, emukisa. 
fForward), Dhlulisa. 
fHome), Godusa. 

— (Home to), Godusela. 

— (A message), Yaleza nga. 
Sensation, n. Ukuzwa (uku). 
Sense, n, Inngqondo (in), ukuzwa 

Sensible, a. Ezwile, zwayo. 

— (Of the mind), Qondayo. 
Sensitive, a. Zwayo, nokuzwa. 

— Plant, n. Intelezi (in). 
Sensitiveness, n. Uzwela (ulu). 
Sensual, a. Ncokwenyama. 
Sent, v, (To be), Tunywa. 

— (Stealthily, to be), Nyenyeka. 
Sentence, n. Ukwabelwa (uku). 
Sentinel, n. Umvagatyi, uqain- 

Separate, v. Ahlukanisa, qayingisa, 


— h(As a string), Juqula. 

— ^From), Ahlukana na. 

— (As cattle), Qembula. 

— BODT, n. (Of men), Isyuqujuqu 
Separated (To be), Ahlukana. 
September, n, Umpandu. 
SepulchrbI n. Ituna (i), iliba (ili). 
Sequel, n, Ukwelama (uku). 
Seraglio, n. Isitembu (isi). 

— (Of a chiefs Isigodhlo (isi). 
Serene, a. (Calm), Tulile. 

— (Clear, as the sky), sile. 
Sermon, n, Inshumayelo (in). 
Sermonize, v, Shumayela. 
Serpent, n. Inyoka (in). 
Serum, n. (Whey), Umlaza (um). 
Servant, n, Inceku (in), isikonzi 


— (Enrolled), Isibalo (isi). 

— (Menial), Isigqili (ill). 

— (Maid\ Incekukazi (in). 
Serve, v, Konza. 

— (Cause to), Konzisa. 

— (Out, as food), Paka. 

— (Worship), BLuleka, dumisa. 

— (Obey), Lalela. 

— (Work forX Sebenzela. 

— (As a bull! Xinela. 
Service, n. Inkonzo (in). 

— (Work), Umsebenzi (um). 
Serviceable, a. Noms^benzL 
Sesamum indicum, n. Udonqa 

Set, V, Beka. 

— (Astride), Gaxa. 

— (Fix), Misa, qinisa. 

— (Free), Kulula. 

— (Straight by advice), Luleka. 

— (A trap), Tiya, cupa. 

— (At nought), Delela. 

— (At nought one another), Dele- 



4 203 


— (Dogs at game), Tyityizela, sasa- 


— f At cross purposes), Sanganisa. 

— (On fire), Tyisa. 
[At work), Sebenzisa. 
To work with zeal), Pakazela. 
rA tune), Hlonza, luabelela. 
rApart), Ahlukanisa. 
TTp to fight), Qatela. 
;in order), Lungisa. 

— ^In order, as people), Hlela. 

— f As the sun), Tyona. 

— (Down, register), Bala. 

— (Free from blame), Teta, tetelela, 

— (Forth, publish), Shumayela. 

— (Up), Misa. 

— (Bricks), Aka. 

— ^Plant), Tyala. 

— (In order for), Lungisela. 

— (Adjust), Linganisela. 

— (Exhibit), Bonisa. 

—(Off, start), Suka. 
Setting, n, (As of the sun), Uku- 

tyona (uku). 
Settle, v. (Establish), Misa. 

— ^Compose), Tulisa. 

— (As a quarrel), Lamula, nquma. 

— (Subside), Damba, bohla. 

— TBuild), Aka. 
(About cattle for a wife),Lobola. 

— (About a child's name), Ta. 
Seven, a, Inkota (in), umkoti, isi- 

kombisa (isi). 
Sevenfold, adv, Kasikombisa. 
Seventeen, a. Ishumi nesikombisa. 
Seventh, a. Isikombisa (isi). 
Seventy, a. Amashumi ayisikombisa. 
Sever, v. Ahlukanisa. 

— (Disjoin), Nquma. 
Severe, a. Nohmya, lukuni. 
Severely, adv, Ngolunya. 

Severity, n. Ulunya (ulu). 
Sew, V, Tunga. 

— {On a patch), Tungela isiziba. 

— (A dress well), Nwala. 

— (Backward and forward), Denga. 

— (Unevenly), G^5[agqangisa. 
Sewer, n. Umtungi (um). 
Shackle, v, Bopa. 
Shade, v, Fipaza. 

— (Shelter), Fulela, sitisa. 

— (The eyes with the hand), 


— n. (Large), Itunzi (i). 

— (Small\ Isitunzi (isi). 

— (Spirit), Idhlozi, itongo (i), isi- 

tuta (isi). 

— (For the eyes), Umkanya (um). 
Shades, n, (Of evening), Amatunzi 


— (Departed spirits), Amadhlozi 

(ama), izitunzi (izi). 
Shadow, n. (Small), Isitunzi (isi). 

— (Large), Itunzi (i). 

—(Of a tree), Umtunzi. 

— Forth, v. Fanekisa. 
Shady, a. Netunzi. 
Shaft, n, (Arrow), Umcibityelo 


— (Pit), Umgodi (um). 

— (Handle), TJmpini (um). 
Shake, v. Zamazama, gqukuza. 

— (Tremble), Tutumela. 

— (Totter), Tengezela. 

— (As a bog), Bikizela. 

— (Be agitated), Pa^ateka. 

— (As a spear), Vivinya. 

— (A blanket), Tintita, tuntuta. 

— (As the head), Nikina. 

— (To and fro roughly), Nyikinya. 

— (To and fro, as a posfj^ K^vvk»w- 



204 % 


— (As a bottle of medicine), Tyu- 


— (Violently), Xukuza. 

— (Off, as people, fruit, &c.), Vutu- 

lula, ukuti vutu vuta. 

— (A person), Dhlikiza. 

--{Long hair, as a goat walking), 

Nutuzela, ukuti nutu nutu. 

— (Quiver) Bikizela. 

— ^Hands), Bambana ngezandhla. 

— (Fear), Esaba. 
Shaken (To be), Zanyazanyiswa. 
Shaking thing, w. (As a jelly), 

Shaky (To be), Xeka. 
Shallot, n. Isweli (i). 
Shallow, a. Ngenabude pansi. 

— (Brained), a. Pukuziie. 
Sham, v, Zenzisa. 

— n. Izenziso, amacebo (ama). 
Shambles, n. Isilara (isi). 
Shame, n. Ihlazo (i), izinhloni 

— V. Jabisa. 

— (Disgrace), Hlazisa. 
Shamefaced, a, (Modest), Nezin- 

hloni, hlonipile. 

— (As a female), Coyacoyayo. 

—(To go), Nyoboza. 

-(To go off), Nyiba. 
Shameful, a. Hlazisile. 
Shameless, a, Ngenazinbloni, no- 

Sham-fight, n. Ukuqakuzana (uku). 
Shank, n. (Of a spear), Umsuka 

(um), ugando (ulu). 
Shanty, n. Idokodo (i), umpeme 

Shape, n. Isimo (isi). 

— V. Enza, baza, lumba. 

— (As earthen vessels), Bumba. 
Shapeless, a. Ngenasimo. 

Shard, n, (Of a pot), Udengezi (ulu). 

— (Eggshell), Igobolondo (i), igo 

bongo (i). 
Share, v. Abela. 

— n. Isabelwo (isi), isabiwo (isi). 
Shareholder, n. CJmabelwa. 
Sharp, a. (As a knife), Bukali. 

— (Acid), Muncu. 

— (Harsh), Nolunya. 

—(Attentive), Qapelayo. 

— (To be, as a boy), Qina. 

— Person, w. Insense (in), ingqa- 

punana (in), iqwengu (i), ^gu (i). 

— Stick, n. (For diggingj Isigxa 

Sharpen, v, (As a knife), Lola. 

— (As a pencil). Baza, gcija. 

— (As a grindstone), Qandula. 
Sharpness, n. Ubukali (ubu). 
Shatter, v. Vitya. 
Shattered (To be, as a ship), Vit- 

Shave, v. Puca, pucula, gega. 

— (As the coast), Gudhla. 

—(Off), Geqa. 

—(Off, pare), Cwecwa. 

^Fleece), Kohlisa. 
Shaver, n, (A barber), Umpuculi 

(um), umpuci (um) 
Shaving, n, Ukupucula (uku), uku- 

puca (uku). 
Shawburg, n. (A placed Uluncuta. 
She, pron, Yena. 
Sheaf, w. Isitungu (isi). 
Shear, v. (As sheep), Qunda. 
Shearer, w. Umgundi (um). 
Shearing, n. Ukugunda (liku). 
Shears, n. Isizenze (isi). 
Sheath, n. Igobosi (i). 
Shed, n. (A shelter). U mpeme (nm), 

— V, (As tears), Hlengezela. 




—/Spill), Palaza. 

— {Aa blood), Opisa. 
Sheen, n, Ubucwazicwazi (ubu). 
Sheep, n. (Zulu\ Imvu (im). 

— (Merino), Isikapu (isi), isixabu 


fMeM^re), Ubundane. 
fWetner), Umtondolo (um). 
[Flock 01 Bickly), Umbutu ('un). 

— (Fold of), Isibaya sezikapu. 
alk for), Idmelo lezikapu. 
Sheepish, a. Kopozile. 
Sheep's-wool, n. Uboya besikapu. 
Sheep-shears, n, Isizenze sezikapu. 
Sheet, n. (Of a bed), lodwangu 


— (Of paper), Ikasi (i). 
Shelf, n. Itala (i). 
Shell, v. (As mealies), Rulula, 


— n. (Sea), Inkwindi (in). 

— (Worn as a bracelet), Umnembo 


— (Of an egg), Igobolondo (i), igo- 

bongo (i). 
Shells, n. (On the sea-shore), Izin- 

Shelter, v, Sitisa, fulela. 

— f Protect), Londoloza. 

—{One's head from the sun), Co- 

Shelve, v, Beka etaleni. 
Shepherd, n. Umalusi (um). 
Shepherdess, n, Umalusikazi (um). 
Sherd, n. Udengezi (ulu). 
Shew, v, Bonisa, tyengisa. 
Shield, v. (Defend), Vikela. 

— (Protect), Londoloza. 

— n. (For war), Isihlangu (isi). 

— (Small), Iran (i). 

— (Loop of), Umgabelo (um).^ 

— (Dancin|;), Igqokwe. 

— (For walking), Umbumbuluza. 

— (Large, for waiting), Irubelo (i). 
Shift, n. (Chemise), lyembe (i). 

— (Evasion), Izaba (i). 

— (Trick), Icebo (i), umkuba (um) 

— V. (Ground, as in a bargainX 

Shifter, n. Umezi wamazaba. 
Shilling, w. Ushelene. 
Shimmer, t*. (As some metals), Ben- 

Shin, n. Imbilati (im). 

— Bone, n. Ummondhlo (um), im- 
bilati (im). 
Shine, v. (As the sun), Kanya. 

—(With reflected light), Kazi- 

mula, cwazimula. 

— (Cause to), Kanyisa. 
Shining, a. Kanyile, kanyayo. 
Ship, w. Umkumbi (um). 

— (Boat), Isikepe (isi). 

— Builder, n. iJmaki womkumbi. 

— Owner, n. XJmnini womkumbi. 
Shipwright, n. Umbazi womkumbi. 
Shirk-off, v. Nyelala, ukuti nye- 

Shirt, n, lyembe (i). 
Shiver, v, (Tremble), Tutumela. 

— (With cold), Qaqazela, quqa. 

— (Shatter), Vitya. 

— (To feel), Hlasimula. 
Shivering, w. Ukuqaqazela (uku). 
Shoe, n. Isicatulo (isi). 
Shoemaker, n. Umenzi wezicatulo. 
Shoot, n, Ihlumelo (i), isitombo 


— (Of a pumpkinV Intanga. 

— V. (From a gun), Dubula. 

— (From a bow), Cibityela. 

— (KiU), Bulala. 




— (Jut out), Engama. 

— (Sprout), Hluina, mila. 

— nrthrust out), Kipa. 

— (Wide of a mark), Mpenga. 
Shoots, n. (Of the water-melon), 

Ubece (ulu). 
Shop, n. Ivingili (i). 
Shopkeeper, n. Umnini wevingib*. 
Shopman, n. Umlungu wevingili. 
Shore, n. Icala (i). 
Shores, n. Amacala (ama). 
Short, a. Futyane, fupi. 
Tery), Futyanyana, 
Of, to be), Hlong<». 
?To be), Batya. 

— Distance, n. Ibangana (i). 

— Person, w. Isiqaniana (iei\ 

— (Dwarf), Imbatyelana (im). 
Shorten, v, Finyeza. 

— (Lop), Nquma. 

— (As a story), Nqamula. 
Shortly, adv. Masinyane. 
Shortness, n, Ubufutyane (ubu). 
Shot, n, Urwai (ulu), uhlwai (ulu). 

— (Good, to be), Nemba, nenga. 
Shoulder, n, Imombe ^i). 

— (Upper jpart of), Iceoa (1). 

— (Ba(*k ot), Ixalaba (i). 

— Blade, n, Isipanga (isi). 
Shout, v. Memeza. 

— ^or joy^, Enanela. 

— (Loudly), Kamluka, mpompo- 


— (k& applause), Teta. 

— (To), Memezela. 

— n, Isenanelo (isi), isimema (isi). 
Shove, v, Sunduza. 
Shovel, n. Ifotyolo (i). 
Show, v, (Exhibit), Bonisa. 

— ^Make knowii\ Azisa. 

—(As a path), Kombisa. 

Teach), Fundisa. 
Beautifully), Kanya. 

— ^Off, before a dance), Keta. 

— (OflF, as young people), Dhlali- 


— (Fruit after blossom), Hlanza, 


— (Appear), Bonakala. 

— ^.(Spectacle), Umbukwane(um). 
Shower, n, Imvula. 

— (Of soakingrain),Isihlambi (isi). 
Showery (To be), Fuma. 
Showy, a. Bonwayo. 
Shred, n. Umsweswe (um). 

— (As of calico), Inngqobe (in). 
Shrewd, a, Hlakanipile. 

— ^To be), Hlakanipa. 

— (Person), n. Iqui (i), umhla- 

kanipi (um). 
Shrewdness, n, Ukuhlakanipa 

Shriek, v. Kala. 

— n. Ukukala (uku), umkalo 

Shrink, v. Shwabana. 

— (In the stomach, like a Zulu), 


— (Up, as a grenadilla), Bungcana. 

— fCause to), Shwabanisa. 

— (Back, as one frightened), Ti- 

Shrivel, v, Shwabana. 

—(Wither), Buna. 
Shrub, n, Umuti (umu). 

— (Name of), Ubeje (ulu). 

— (Sort of), Utiye (mu). 

— (Medicinap, Indungulu (in). • 
Sort of), Intolwane (in^ 
To keep dogs from egg8;,Ishon- 

gwe (i). 
Shrug, v. (In the body), Minyana. 




Shudder, v, Tutumela ngovalo. 
Shuffle, v, (About), Qciza. 

— (Up dust), Buquza. 
Shun, v. Pepa, epepa. 
Shut, v. (As a knife), Peca. 
[The mouth), V ala. 
[The lips firmly), Cuta. 
fUp, as to woms), Tywaqa. 
[As a spy-glass), Fingqa. 

—{As a door), Vala. 

— (In), Vimbezela. 

— (As the eyes), Cima. 

—(Out), Valela. 

—{The ejres firmly), Cimeza. 

— ^. Valiwe. 

—(To \)e\ Valwa. 
Shy, a. Nezinhloni. 

— (To be), Coyacoya. 
Shyness, n. Izinhloni (izin). 
Sick, a, Gulayo. 

—(To be), Gula, fia. 
Sickness, w. Ukufe (uku), isifo (isi), 

ukugala (uku). 
Sickle, n. Isikeli. 
Side, n, Uhlangoti (ulu) 

—(Left), IkoUo (i). 

— (Right), Ukunene (uku). 

— (Margin), Icala (i). 

— ^Boundary), Umkaulo (um)<, 

— (Of a ravine), Udonga (ulu). 

— (On this), Nganeno. 

— (On that), l^apetsheya. 
Sideboard, n. Itaftuana. 
Sideling (To be), Tambeka. 
Sideways, adv, Ngohlangoti. 
Sieve, n. Isihlungula (isi). 
Sift, v, Hlunga, hlungula. 
Sifter, n. Umhlunguli (um), 
SiQH, V, lingoza, hlasimula. 

^--n. Isilingozi (isi). 
Sight, v. Bona. 

— n. Ukubona (uku). 

— (View), Isibonakalo (isi). 

— (Spectacle), Umbukwane (um). 
Sightly, a. Hie. 
Sign, n. Upau (ulu). 

— (Miracle), U mmangaliso (um). 
^Signal), Umqamiso (um) 
Evil), Umhlola (um). 
^To make), Enza, upau, &c. 

— (Nod), Ukulekusa (uku). 

— (Memorial), Isikumbuziso (isi). 

— V. (One's name), Loba igama. 
Signal, n. Umqamiso, isibonakalisa 
Signaller^ n. Imbonisi (im). 
Signature^ n, Igama elilotyiweyo. 
Significant, a. Bonakalisayo, qa- 

Signify, v. Qamisa, bonakalisa. 
Signs, n. (Of labour), Innimba (in). 
Silence, v. Tulisa. 

— n. Ukutula (uku). 
Silent (To be), Tula. 

— (To be, with astonishment), 

Ukuti kemelele. 

— a. Tulile. 

— Person, n. Isituli (isi). 
Sill, n. Itala (i). 
Silliness, n. iTbululwane (ubu). 
Silly, a, Pukuzile. 
Silvan, a. Namahlati. 
Silver, n, Isiliva (isi). 
Similar, a. Fanayo. 

—(To be), Fana. 
Similarity, n. Ukufana (uku). 
Similitude, n. (Comparison), Um- 

linganiso (um). 

— (Resemblance), Ukufana (uku). 
Simper, v. Mwamwazela, mwamwa- 

Simpering, n. Ukumwamwazela 





Simple, a. (Foolish), Pukuzile. 
Simpleton, n. Isipukupuku (isi), 

idhliwa (i). 

^A child), Umngupane. 

— (Fool), Isiulu (isi). 
Simplify, v. Cansisa. 
Simulate, v. Zenzisa. 
Simulation, n. Ukuzenzisa (uku). 
Simultaneously, adv. Kanyekanye. 
Sin, v. Ona. 

-—(Violate a law), Eqa umteto. 

— n. Isono (isi). 

— Offering, w. Umnikelo ngo- 

Since, adv. Loku, lokunaku, &c. 

— conj. (Inasmuch as), Lokupela. 

— (Because), Ngoba, ngokuba. 
Sincere, a. Qoto. 
Sincerity, n. Ubuqoto (ubu). 
Sinew, n. Umsipa (um), inhlali (in). 

— (At the back of the neck), Um- 

sundulo (um). 
Sinful, a. Onile, nesono. 
Sinfully, adv. Ngokwona, ngobu- 

Sinfulness, n. Ukwona (uku), ububi 

Sing, v. Hlabelela. 

— (Recklessly), Buda. 

— (The hut song), Cwaya. 

— (Loudly), Mpompoloza. 

— (Roughly), Kaya. 

— (A noisy song), Rongoza. 

— (The hunting song), Ruba. 

— (As a kettle), Hlokoma. 

— (As a bird), Kala. 
Singe, v. Ramula. 
Singer, n. Umhlabeleli (um). 

— (Of the hut song), Incwayi (in). 
Singing, n. Ukuhlabelela (uku). 

— (To lead), Hlonza. 

Single, a. Edwa, odwa. 

— V. (Out), Keta. 

— (Out, as a criminal^ Dhla. 

— Man, n. Insizwa (in), isoka (i), 

— Woman, n. Intombi (in). 
Single-hearted, a. (Upright), Qota. 

^Pure), Cwebile. 
Sinister, a. Bi. 
Sink, v. Tyona. 

— (Into a matter), Zika. 

— (As the foot in mud), Shiqe. 

— (As in water), Cwila. 

— (Down, as the top of a hut), Fola. 

— (Down, as a rod in a hole), 

Ukuti tyi. 

— (Deep, in crossing a drift), Ukuti 


— (Decrease), Ncipa. 

— (A pit), Mbela pansi. 

— (Drop down, as a spider), Jula. 

— TFaU), Wa. 

— (Droop), Dangala, fa. 
Sinless, a. (Pure), Cwebile. 

— (Without sin), Ngenasono. 
Sinner, n. Umoni, isoni (isi). 
Sinus, n. Iteku (i). 
Sip, v. Rabula. 

—(As hot drink), Ukuti rwi, 

Sir, n. Umngane (um), inkosana (in). 
Sirloin, n. Isinqe (isi). 
Sister, n. Udade. 
Sit, v. Hlala. 

- (Retired, as a bride), Goya, 


— (Astride), Gaxa. 

— (As a hen hatching), Fukamehi 

— (As a tailor), Ala izitanga. 

— (Comfortably), Qeta, zinza. ^ 

— ^Up, as a dog), Qojema. 

— (Down), Hlala pansL 




•— rWith tlie legs spread apart), 


— THuddled up), Ququbala. 

— (As a bold rider), Qiama. 

— (Stooping), Gomfa. 

— ^As a dog), Kotyama. 

— (Be convened), Hlanganiswa. 
Site, n. (For a house), Isiza (isi). 

— (Of a deserted kraal), Inxiwa (i). 
Sitting, n. Ukuhlala (uku). 

— (As in a pew), Isikundhla (isi). 
Situation, w. (Place), Indawo (in). 
Six, n, Isitupa (isi). 

— a, Tatisitupa. 
Sixth, a, Isitupa. 
Sixthly, adv, Kayisitupa. 
Sixteen, a. Ishumi elinesitupa. 
SiXTT, a. Amashumi ayisitupa. 
Size, n, Inhlaka (in). 

—(Bulk), Ubukulu (ubu). 
Skeleton, n. Ugaga (ulu), ugogo 

Skelluh, n. Isbinga (i). 
Sketch, v, (As a stoiy), Fanekisa. 
Skewer, n. (Metal), Ugando (ulu). 

— (Wooden), Iliva lennyama. 
Skilful, cl Lumbile, nekono. 

— (To be), Lumba. 
Skill, n. (In medicine), Ubunyanga 


- -(Dexterity), Ikono (i). 
Skim, v. Engiila. 

^Touch the surface only), Gwen- 

Skimmeb, n. (For beer), Isiketo (isi). 
Skin, v. Hlinza. 

— (Goafs, cleared of the hair), Usu 


— n. Isikumba (isi). 

— ^Of an old woman), Isipuku (isi). 

— (Of a snake), Ulwebu (ulu). 

— Covering, n. (In front of a man), 

Ibeleba (i). 

— (In front of a man), Isinene (isi). 

— (In front of girls), Imikwindi 


— ^At the back of males), Ibetyu (i). 

— (Of tails for the back), Umutya 

innjobo (in). 

— Pail, n, Umhlanti (um). 

— Petticoat, n. Isidiya. 

— (Dressed with fat), Isidwaba(i8i^, 

— Sack, n. (For carrying infants), 

Imbeleko (im). 

— Thong, n, Idumbu (i). 
Skinny, a. Zacile, ondile. 
Skip, v, (As girlsl Tyaya inqatu. 

— (As calves), Tyekula, tyadula. 
Skirt, n, (Of buckskin), Umbodiya 


— v.(As the side of a hill),Vundhla. 
Skopf, n, (Food), Isikafu (isi). 
Skulk, v. Donda. 
Skull, n. Inhloko (in). 
Sky, n, Izulu (i). 
Slab, n. IsikaU (isi). 
Slack, a, Xekile. 

— (As a rope), Yekezile. 

—(To be), Xeka. 
Slacken, n, Xekisa. 

— (As a rope), Yekezisa. 
Slackness, n. Ukuxeka (uku), uku- 

Slander, v, Hleba, baceka, ceba. 

— 71. Ukuhleba (uku), isihlebo (isi). 
Slanders, n, Igcagogwana. 
Slanderer, n. Umhlebi (um). 
Slanderously, adv, Ngokuhleba. 
Slap, v, Bansa, pubuza, mpasa. 

— (On the face), Amula, mukula, 

Slash, v, Vitya» 




Slate, n. Ilitye lokiiloba. 

— (Of the roof), Ilitye lopahla. 
Slaughter, v, Hlaba. 

— (As people), Bulala. 

— (Massacre), Hlikihla. 
Slaughterer, n. Umhlabi (um), 

isilara (isi). 
Slave, n. Innqoboka (in), isiqila (isi). 
Slay, v. (A human being), Bulala. 

— (An ox), Hlaba. 
Sledge, n. Isislipi (isi). 

— Hammer, ti. Isando elikulu. 
Sleek, a, Nonile, sulekile. 

— (To be), Nona, suleka, cacamba. 

— (To make), Cacambisa, nonisa. 
Sleekness, n. Innubunubu (in). 

— Person, n. (Or animal), Innya- 

bule (in). 
Sleep, n. Ubutongo (ubu). 

— V. Lala. 

— (Dpze), Ozela. 

— (Take a wink),. Lala kanye. 
Sleeper, n. Umlali (um). 
Sleepy, a. Ozele. 

—(To be), Ozela. 
Sleet, n, Ingele (in). 
Sleety, a. Nengele. 
Sleeve, n. Umkono wengubo. 
Slice, v. Benga, qoba, dabnla. 

— (As a pumpkin lengthways), 


— n. (Of meat), Iqata (i), imfemfe 

Slide, v. Tyelela. 

— (Off, as beads from a string), 

Slight, v. Dela. 

Slily (To act), Nyenyeza, nyenyela. 
Sling, n. Isisaulo (isi). 
Slink, v. Gutya. 

— (Along), Nyenya, nyiba. 

Slip, v. Tyelela. 

— ^ Along, as a snake), Ruluzela. 

— (Along on the buttocks), Tye- 


—(Off, or away), Nyelela. 

— (The memory), Kohlau 

^Out of one's grasp), Anyula. 

— (About, as a chased snake), 


— Knot, n. (To make), Rila. 
Slipperinbss, n. Ubutyelezi (ubu). 
Slippery, a. Butyelezi. 
Slit, v. Dabula. 

— (As a reim), Xaya. 

— (A skin into strips), Qopa. 
Slobber, v, Bibiza, 
Slop, v. Cita amanzi. 
Slope, v, Tambeka, tambekela. 

— n. Utambeka (u), imbanda (im) 
Sloping-side, n. (Of a hill), Um- 

vundhlo (um). 

— ^Thing, n. Ipaba (i). 
Sloth, n. Ubuvila (ubu). 
Slothful (To be), Vilapa, enqena. , 

— Person, n, Ivala (i), isinqeni 

Slough, n. (Of a boil), Ubovu (ulu), 


— (Mire), Ilindityoba (i). 
Sloven, w. Ivamba (i), ivila (i). 
Slovenliness, ». Ubuvila (ubu). 
Slovenly person, n, Ivaka(i), itane 

(i), iyiyane (i\ 
Slow, a. Totobile, totobayo. • 
Slowly (To go), Totoba. 
Slowness, n. Ukutotoba (uku). 
Slug, w. Umnenkhe (um). 

— (Long), UgabalaSuma. 
Sluggard, n. Ivila (i), isinqeni (isi). 
Slumber, v. Ozela, ezela. 

— n. Ukwozela (uku). 




— (Of death), Umlalela (um). 
Slush, n. Icibizi (i). 
Slut, n, Ivambakazi (i). 
Sly (To be), Nyelela, nyenya. 

— Person, n. Umuntu onesi- 

Slyness, n. Isinyelela (isi). 
Smack, v. (As tne lips), Ncamuza, 


— (As a whip), Ukuti qwa. 

— (Kiss), Anga. 
Small, a. Ncinyane, ncane. 

— (Veiy), Ncinci. 

—(And broad), Banzana. 

— (To be, as a person), Batya. 

— Person, n, linbatyelana (im). 
Smallness, n, Ubuncinyane (ubu). 
Smallpox, n, Ipokisi (i), ingqakagqa 

Smart, v, Qaqamba. 

• — (Sharp, to be), Qina, Wakanipa. 
Smash, v, Fahlaza,fohloza, bodhloza. 

— (As the nose), Cifiza. 

— (With heavy blows), Walagahla. 

— n. Ukupahlaza (uku). 
Smear, v. Beca, kata, gcoba. 

— (The body with clay), Gqaba. 

—(The floor), Sinda. 

— (The udder with cow-dung), 


— (A skin), Capa. 

— (A skin careiuUy), Capisisa. 

— (Axle-tree of a wagon), Kata. 

— (The face with clay), Gcomba. 
Smell, v. Nuka, ezwa. 

— (As a dog), Tungata. 

— (Pleasantly), Ukuti tanqa. 

— n. (Putrid), Ipun^a (i). 

— rOf burnt food), Isirogo (isi). 

— (Of something mouldy), Isi- 

kunta (isi). 

— (Act), Ukunuka. 
Smelt, p. Ncibilikisa. 
Smile, v. Mwamwazela, bozozela. 
Smite, v. Tvaya. 

— (Afflict), Hlupa. 

-(Kill), Bulala. 
Smith, n. Umkandi (ma). 
Smithy, n, Isitando (isi). 
Smoke, n. Intuti (in), umusi (umu). 

— (Great, seen at a distance), Isisi 


— V. (As a fire), Tunqa. 

— (Cause to, as a fire), Tunqisa. 
Over a fire), Fusa. 
Tobacco), Bema. 
Hemp), Bema insangu. 
All up), Roqoloza. 
The refuse of hemp), Koca. 
Smoker, n. Umbemi (um). 

— (Great), Idaka (i) 
Smokinq-horn, n. Igudu (i). 

— Tube, n. Umtyumo (um). 
Smoky (To be, to the taste), Baba. 
Smooth, v, Tyeleza. 

—(With the hand), Pulula. 

— (As crumpled paper), Sizila. 

— (Down, as a person), Tyweleza. 

—(To be), Tyelezeka. 

— a. (Level), Hlelenjiwe. 

— Butyelezi. 
Smoothly, adv. Ngokutyeleza. 
Smoothness, n. Ubutyelezi (ubu). 
Smother, v, Futanisa. 
Smut, n. Ibala lomule, umule. 

— (Mildew), Isiumba (isi). 
Smutch, v, Enzamnyama ngentutu. 
Snack, n. Umtama (um). 
Snail, n. Umahambanendhlwana, 


— (SheU of), Ikumba (i). 
Snake, ti. Iwyoka. (^. 



— ^Poisonous), Ihamba. 

— (Spotted), Inhlatu (in). 

— (Green, poisonous), Ifulwa (i). 

—(Small, poisonous), Inkwakwa 


— (Small, blackisli),Ukokoti(ulu). 

— (Brown, poisonous), Umanty- 


— (Large green), Innyandezulu 


— (Deadly), Immamba (im). 

— (Brown, poisonous), Imfezi 


— (Young), Umsakabo (um). 

— (Kind of), Ipimpi. 

— (Brown, harmless), Umzingan- 

dmu (um). 

— (Natal rock), Inblwatu, imfun- 

damo (im). 

— (Harmless), Umhlwazi (um). 

— (Black water), Ivuzamanzi. 

— (Flame-coloured, crested), In- 

dhlondhlo (in). 

— (Reddish spotted), Umatyin- 


— (Short, dark-coloured), Uma- 


--(Poisonous), Inhlangwana (in). 

— (Very small kind), Uzwabu- 


— (Boa-constrictor), Inhlwatu (in). 
Snake-like creature, n. Isicuzi 

Snake's-skin, n, (Cast-off), Ulwebu 

Snap, v. (In two\ Poqoza, fehla. 

— ^The fingers), Tyaya iminwe. 

— (As a gun missing fire), Nxapa. 

— (Break at once), Gqabula. 

— ^Oif, as a piece), Kepula. 

— (Broken off), Kepuka. 

— (The finger joints by pulling 

them), Ukuti nqexe. 
Snare, v. Tiya, cupa, babisa. 

— n. Isityo (isi). 

— (Made of twigs and strings), Isi- 

bata (isi). 

— (Without bait), Umdhlula (um). 

— (For catching bucks), Ifolo (i). 

— (For birds), Utambo (ulu). 

— (Deep pit for animals), Iveku (i), 

— (Stone for leopards), Umowane. 

— (Nooses for small birds), Inco- 

kozane (in). 
Snarl, v, (As a dog), Gwavuniii, 

vungama, nqakaza. 

— (As a man), Bebeza, nqwena. 
Snatch, v. Hlwita, xula, apuca. 

— (Up things together), Tywala. 
Sneak, v. Nyelela. 
Sneer, v, Sineka. 
Sneeze, v. Timula. 
Sneezewood, n. Umtati (um). 
Sneezing, n. Ukutimula (uku). 
Snicker, v. Gigiteka. 
Sniff, v, (As a person, &c.), Sezela. 

— TAs a dog), Tungata. 

— (As snuff from a leaf), Rela. 
Snip, v. Sika. 
Snipe, n, Isinguni (isi). 
Snore, v. Ronqa. 
Snort, v. Timula. 
Snorting, n, Ukutimula (uku). 
Snout, n. Impumulo (im). 
Snow, v. Kitika. 

— n. Iliqwa (ili), isitwatwa (isiX 

— (Sleet), Inngele (in). 
Snuff, v. (At, as cattle), Sezela. 

— n. Ugwai (ulu). 

— ^New), Uhlaza Calu), 

—(Dry), Uganga (ulu). 

— (First-rate), tsincinzakanye. 




— (To take), Bema. 

— (Take a pinch of), Ncinza. 

— (To make), Sila ugwai. 

—(Take all in the hand), Qotula. 

^To give), Shiyela, bemisa. 

— (Make very fine), Leleza. 

— Box, n. Ityungu (i). 

— (Of umtongwanewood), Idhlelo 


— (LargeX Iguza (i). 

— (Metel), Idotya (i). 

^-^Made of paunch), Innjadu (in). 

— (Old woman's), Iviti (i). 

— Maker, n, Umsili wogwai. 

— Taker, n. Umbemi (um). 

— Spoon, n. Intyengula (in). 

— ^Bone), Intyasa (in). 

— (Double), U mbaxa (um). 
Snuffers, n. Udhlau Iwesibane. 
So, adv, Njalo, kanjalo. 

—(To say), Tyo. 

— Much, adv, Kangaka. 

— Then, adv, Njena. 

— It-is, adv. Kunjalo. 
Soak, v. Netisa, cwilisa, titibalisa. 
Soaked (To be), Titibala. 

— p. Netile, titibele. 
Soaking, a, Ndaxandaxa. 
Soap, n, Insipo (in). 
Soar, v, Zula, ndiza pezula. 
Sob, v. Lingoza, hlasimula. 

—(As a child), Pefuzela. 
Sobbing, n, Ukupefuzela (uku), uku- 

lingoza (uku). 
Sober (In mind, to be), Qonda. 

— a. (Not drunk), Ngadakiwe. 

— (Grave), Qoto. 
Sobriety, n. (Gravity), Ubuqoto 

Society, n. (Company), Inhlangano 


I Sock, n, Ikausi (i), irausi (i). 
Socket, n. Inkoto (in). 
Sod, n, Isisindi (isi), isidindi (isi). 
Sodden (To be), Titibala, nukubala. 

— Man, n. Ibumumu (i). 
Soft, a. Tambile. 

—(To be), Tamba, 

— And-flexible, Mbubumbu- 


— Place, n. (On the top of an 

infant's head), Ufokoti. 
Soften, v, Tambisa. 

— (As a hide), Shuka. 
Softly, adv, Kahle. 
Softness, n, Ubutakataka (ubu). 

— (Of something hairy), Innubu- 

nubu (in). 
Soil, n. Umhlabati (um). 

— rWhitish), Ihlabati (i). 

— (Very hard), Isigagadu. 

— (Red), Isibomvu (isi^. 

— (Black), Isidaka (isi), ukaden- 


— THard), Udwala (ulu). 

— (Soft, loose), Imvundumvundu 

(im), ibucju (i). 

— V, Ncohsa, ninda. 

— (With dirty hands), Nemba. 
Soiled (To be), Nindeka, ncola. 
Soiling, n, Ukuncolisa, ukuninda 

Sojourn, v, Ngenisa, hlala, umzu 

Sojourner, n, Isihambi esingeni- 

Solace, v. Tokozisa, dunduzela. 

— (Sympathize with), Kuza. 

— (One who has met with an acci- 
dent), Pepisa. 
SoLANUM, n, Umtuma (um). 
Soldier, u. lW\.<i ^* 





— TDaring), Ipikankani. 

— (A brave), JQawe (i). 
Soldiers, n, (Tne van), Imilomo 

Solicit, v. Nxusa, cela. 
Solicitous, a. Pisekile, nakayp. 
Solicitude, n, Ukupiseka (uku), 

isineke Qsi). 
Solid, a, Jiyile, lukuni. 
Solidify, v. Jiyisa, enza lukuni. 
Soluble, a. Ncibilikayo. 
Solitariness, n. Isizungu (isi). 
Solitary, a. (Lonely), Nesiyungu. 
Solitude, n. Izizungu (isi). 
Solve, v. Qaqa, casisa. 
Solvent, a. Ncibilikisayo. 
Sombre, a. Mnyama, hluneme. 
Some, a. Inxenye. 

— Time-ago, adv. Kade. 
Somebody, n. Ubani. 
Somersault, w. Ukugologoqa, uqi- 

bilupondo, uqukulubodo, 

— (To turn), Gologoqa. 
Something, n. Uluto (ulu). 

— (Unusual), Idili (i). 

— (Difficult), Ubuxayi (ubu). 

— (Mean or disgusting), Amanyala 

Son, n. Indodana (in), unyana. 

—-(In-law), UniKwenyana. 
Song, n. Isihlabelelo (isi), igama (i). 

—(War), Irubo (i). 

— (Spirited kind of), Isikondhlo 


— (At the close of a hunt), Isaqu 


— ^Noisy), Isirongozo (isi). 

— (Hut), Umcwayo. 

— (National), Irubo (i). 
SoNSHiP, n. Ubudodana (ubu). 
Soon, adv. Masinyane. 

Soot, n. Umule. 

Sooth, v. Duduza, tyweleza, toba. 

— (A person injured), Ciciyela, 

Sooty, a. Nomule. 
Sop, v. Cwilisa, netisa. 
Sorcerer, n. Umtakati (um). 
Sorcery, n. Ukutakata (uku). 
Sordid, a. (Foul), Ncolile. 

— (Mean or base), Namanyala. 

— (Niggardly), Nezinguba. 
Sore, n. Isilonda (isi). 

— (Large), Isixemexeme (isi). 

— ^Large spreading), Isimekemeke 


— (Blister), Ityatyazi (i). 

— (Cutaneous), Utwai (ulu), ukwe- 

kwe (ulu). 
Sores, n. (In the mouth), Amalo- 

vula (ama). 
Sorrel, n. Umqamamaweni, imu- 

nyane (i). 

— (Used for cleaning the teeth), 

Imfenkala (im). 
Sorrow, n, Usizi (ulu), ukudabuka 

Sorrowful, a. Dabukile, lusizi. 

— (To be), Kedamisa, dabuka. 

— (To make), Dabukisa. 
Sorry, a. Lusizi. 
Sort, n. Uhlobo (ulu). 
Sot, n. Isidakwa (isi). 
Soul, n. Umpefumulo (um). 
Sound, v. Duma, hlokoma. 

— (As water trickling into water), 

Ukuti xwa. 

—(Like a flying bullet), Shulu- 


— (As water at the foot of a water- 
fall), Rwarwaza. 

— (As a river, the depth), Titinya. 




— ^As rushing water), Hlokoma. 

— (Roughly), Ukuti ratyaratya. 

— (As wind in the stomach), Xu- 


— (lake a mouse), Ukuti nswi. 

— (As a wet garment), Daxazela. 

— (As a musical instrument), Kala, 


—(As distant thunder), Dikiza, 


— ^As a gun), Ukuti du. 

— (As damp wood burning), Ca- 


fFrom a distance), Nkenkeza. 

rAs men singing), Euba. 

[As footsteps), Ukuti gqi. 

rAs a bell), Kala. 

[As a person's intention), Titi- 

--(As fluid in a bottle), Ukuti 
tyeke tyeke. 

— n. Umsindo (um), inhlokomo 
(in), udumo (uba). 
— ^TearingX Ubuxwixwixwi(ubu). 
— rOf tboteteps), Isigqi (isi). 
— (Made by clmdren in the rain), 

— (Of a swarm of bees), Umdume- 
Zulu (um). 

— (Of a gun), Umdumo (um), uni- 
bongo (um). 
— a. Qinile. 
—(Whole), Pelele. 
— (Right), Qinisile. 
— (To be, as a jug), Ukuti mwe. 
Sounding-line, w. Intambo yokuti- 

Soup, n. Umhluzi (um). 
Sour, a. Muncu. 
—(To turn), Bola, duma. 
— Milk, ?i. Amasi (ama). 

— (Best kind), Isingqondo (isi). 
Sourness, n. Umunyu. 
Source, n. Umtombo (um). 

— (First producer), Umanduleli 

Souse, v, Cwilisa. 
South, n. Inningizimu (in). 

— West, n. Innlengetwa (in). 
Souvenir, n. Umkumbuzo (um). 
Sovereign, w. ^Ruler), Inkosi (in). 
Sow, w. Insikazi yengulube. 
Sow, t>. Hlwanyela. 

— ifCause to), Hlwanyelisa. 

— (Ground over again), Kubula. 
Sower, w. Umhlwanyeli (um). 
Sowthistle, n. Isikaba (isi). 
Space, n, Umkati (um), ibanga (i). 

—^Cleared), Igceke (i). 

— (Small, left vacant), Isikenke 

Spacious, a. Kulu, banzi. 
Spade, n. Ifotyolo (i). 

— (Small wooden), Umpondwe 

Span, v. (In), Bopela, kungela. 

— (Out), Kumula, tukulula. 
Spar, n. Isibonda somkumbi. 
Spare, a. (Wanting flesh), Ondile, 


— V, (Show mercy), Raukela. 
Spark, n, Inhlansi (in). 
Sparkle, v, Cwebezela, kazimula, 

ukuti cwebecwebe. 
Sparrow, n. Umzwilili (um). 

— (With a red beak), Imfiane (im). 

— Hawk^ n. Uxebe (u). 
Spasm, n. Inkwashu (in). 
Spasmodic, a, Nenkwashu. 
Spawn, n, (Of frogs), Ujunguju 
i (ulu). 
i Speab:, V, Kaluma« 




— (Cause to), Kulumisa. 

— (For), Kulumela. 

— (Converse), Kulumisana. 

— ^Indistinctly), Nhinhiza. 

— (Many times without being 

heard), Dulela. 

— (Plausibly), Pecepeceza. 

— (In an excited manner), Pa- 


— (Abruptly), Pamuka. 

—(Evil), Somboza, hieba. 

— Many words), Ninga. 

— (Discourse), Shumayela. 

— (Boldly), Lalaza. 

— (Ajigrily), Kwipila, jakama. 

— (Deuberately), Kutazela. 

— (Stammer), Ngingiza. 

— (Distinctly), Cansisela. 

—(With a loud voice), Holoza. 

— (Violently), Jigida. 

— (AJoud), Hlabeka. 

— (Hesitate), Pataneka. 

^With the nose stopped), Nkan- 


— (A few words only), Hlafaza, 

ukuti hlafa. 

— ^Ironically), Binqa. 

— (As a foreigner), K-witiza. 

— (Low), Vungazela. 

^In a solemn tone), Vokomalisa 


— (Sharply), Qepuza. 

— TGrumy), Bebeza. 

— f Lightly of), Ncipaza. 

— (Inarticulately), bwidiza. 

— (As a powerful chief), Kalima. 

— (The truth), Nyanyisa. 

— (Roughly), Tekeza. 

— (Kitchen-Kafir), Ciciyela. 

— ^In a joke), Sakala. 

—(Misplacing letters), Tefula. 

— (Without reserve), Ukuti pahla 


—(Disparagingly), Nyaza. 

— (Without reserve), Qamunda. 

— (In a drawling manner), Tesa. 

— (As the Amaswazi), Twisiza. 

— (Fluently), Qaquza. 

—(Thickly), Tywauza. 
Speaking, n. Ukukuluma (uku). 

— Trumpet, w. Upondo Iwokuku- 

Spear, n. Umkonto (um). 

— (Large), Igaqa (i), isirelerele 


—(Barb of), Idhlebe (i). 

^Kind of barbed), Indhlend- 


— (Light), Ikebezane (i). 

— (Kind of), Isijula (isi). 

— (With a long shaft), Umgcula 


— (Long), Inngxola (in), insutya 


— (Long and narrow), Unhlc- 


— (Very large), Isinkemba (isi). 

— (Which has killed a man), Inn- 

yembe (in). 

— 1>. Gwaza. 
Species, n, Uhlobo (ulu). 
Specimen, n. Umlinganiso (um). 
Speck, n. Ibalana (i), ibala (i). 
Speckled, a. Mpunga, nsana. 
Spectacle, n, Umbukwane (um). 
Spectacles, n. Isibuko samehio^ 

amehlo (ama). 
Spectator, n. Isibukeli (isi). 
Speech, n. Ukukuluma (uku). 

— ^Language). Ulimi (ulu). 

— rAt a meeting), Inshumayelo 





Speed, n, Ubelo (ulu), ijubane, isi- 

qubu (isi). 

— V. Tyefya, tata izinyawo. 

— (To help), Putuma, ukuti putu. 
Speedily, adv. Ngokutvetya. 
Spell, v, Pelisha, aUukanisa igama 

Spew, v. Hlanza. 

Spider, n, Ulembu (ulu). 

— (Venomous), Isicabu (isi), isi- 

catya (isi). 
Spider*8-web, n, Ulembu (ulu). 
Spill, t>. (As water), Palaza. 

— (Drop), Capaza, ukuti capa, 

ukuti baca. 
Spilled (To be), Palala, kapazela. 
Spin, v, Pota. 

— (Like a top), Ukuti ndingili. 
Spinal - marrow, n. Umnqonqo 

Spine, n. Umblonzo (um), um- 

hlandhla (um). 

— (Bottom of), Ufindo (ulu). 

— f Of an animal), Isixanti (isi). 

— (A thorn), Iliva (ili). 
Spiny, a. Nameva. 
Spirit, n. Umoya (u), umpefumulo 


— (Familiar), Umlozi (um). 

— ?0f disdain), Ubuqa (ubu). 

— (Mischievous^, Idhlanyazi (i). 

— (Ancestral), itongo (i), isituta 

(isi), idhlozi (i). 

^-(Ghost), Isitunzi. 

^The Holy), Umoya ocwebileyo, 

Umoya oyinncwele. 
Spirited person, n. Isifufufu (isi). 
Spiritless, a. Daagele. 
Spirits, n. (Shades), Amadhlozi 

Spirt, v. (From the mouth), Cinsa. 

Spit, v, Fela. 

— ^Into), Felela. 

— TOut food), Kafula. 

— (Out, between the teeth), Kwifa, 

Spite, v. Guza. 

— n, Ig^ubu (i), amaquba (ama), 

isidikozi (isi). 
Spiteful, a. !N egqubu, namaquba. 
Spittle, n. Amate (ama). 

— (Exuding from the mouth of a 

sleeper), Ihlakahla (i). 

— (Flies'), Amatempukane (ama). 

— (Ejected through a reed), I tutu 

Splash, V. (Through water), Xubuza. 

— (As the waves), Guba, gubuza. 

— (One another), Gubelana. 

— (In water), Ukuti ngqumbu. 
Spleen, n. (Milt), Ubende (ulu). 

—(Anger), Ulaka (ulu). 
Splendid, a. Qamile, cwazimulayo. 

— (To be), Qama, cwazimula. 
Splendour, w. Ubucwazicwazi (ubu). 
Splice, v. (As a rope), Jobelela. 

— (As a bat), Qondelela. 
Splinter, n. Uqezu (ulu). 

— f Of wood), Imbando (im), ucezu. 

— (Very small), Ucezwana (ulu). 
Splinters, w, Izincezwana (izin). 
Split, v. Dabula. 

— (As wood), Banda, ceza, canda. 

— (As a log), Hlekeza, ukuti hleke. 

— (Open, as an oyster), Qekeza. 

— (As the earth), Hlezula. 

— (To be), Dabuka. 

— (To be, as the earth), Hlezuka. 
Splutter, v. Pakazela ngezwL 
Spoil, v. Ona, enakalisa. 

— (Plunder), Panga. 
1 — (^A.^ «t Oc&^^'^^svs.^Ta.. 




— n. Impango (im). 
Spoiled (To be), Onakala, enakala. 
Spoke, n. Ispoki (i). 
Spoken (To be), Kulunywa. 
Sponge, w. Ilula (i), umcwana (um). 

— V. (Upon people), Nxiba. 
Sponger, n. Umnxibi (um). 
Spontaneously, adv. Ngentando. 

— (To grow), Zimilela. 
Spoon, n. Ukezo (ulu). 

— (Carved), Inngxwembe (in). 
Sport, v. DMala. 

— (As oxen), Tyeknla. 

— rt. Isidhlalo (isi). 
Sporter, n. Umdhlali (um). 
Sportsman, n. Umzingeli (um). 
Spot, n. (A mark), Ibala (i). 

— ^A stain), Isi^tyi (isi). 

— f A dot), Icatyana (i). 

— (White, on an ox's forehead), 

Inngqoza (in). 
Spots, w. (As of a leopard's skin), 


— (Of colour on a dress), Ama- 

Spotless, a. (Pure), Cwebile. 
Spotty, a. Namabala. 
Spout, v, (As an elephant), Cinsa, 

Sprain, v, (As a joint), Pinyaza. 
Sprawl, v. (As a child), Bambalala. 
Spray, n. Igwebu lolwandhle. 
Spread, v. Andisa. 

— ^As an eruption), Ukuti roye. 

— (Publish), Hlakaza, shumayela. 

— (As a sore), Biba, hlenhleteka. 

— (A sleeping mat), Endhlala. 

— (Out, as a garment), Enekfu 

— TOut in rank), Hlela. 

— (As a blot), Nyenyateka. 

— (Propagate), Azisa. 

— (The wings), Bahama. 
Spreading, n, (Of a tree), Isi- 

hlekelele (isi). 
Spree, w. Isidhlalo (isi). 
Sprig, n, (Shoot), Ihlumelo (i). 
Spring, v. (Jump), Eqa. 

— (As a fountain^ Mpompoza. 

— (As an ox tied k Xuma. 

— (As a calf tied), Xuxuma. 

— (Up, as from a snake), Gxan- 


— TBack, as a spring), Kwebuka. 

—-(A leak\ Vuza. 

—(Sprout), Hluma. 

— (Pounce upon), Badama. 

— (Ati Sukela. 

— n. (Season), Isilimela (isi),ukwe- 

twasa kwehlobo. 

— (Fountain), Umtombo (um), id- 

petu (isi), 

-fHot), Utyutyu (u) 

— (Of a snare), Igwijo (i). 
Springbok, n. Insepe (in). 
Sprinkle, n. Fafaza, nyenyeza. 

— (As salt), Vumvuzela. 
Sprite, n. Isitunzi (isi). 
Sprout, v, Hluma. 

— (Cause to), Hlumisa. 

— (As maize), Bokoza. 

— n. Ihlumelo (i), isitombo (isi). 
Sprouted (To be). Papa. 
Sproutings, n. (In malt), Ikaba (i). 
Spur, n. (Of a cock), Umhluhluwe 


— (Of a hill), Iganga ^i). 

— V. (As a horse), Hlaoa. 
Spurn, v. Delela. 
Spurt, v, (Out by pressure), Pihliza, 

ukuti pihli. 

— (Over), Pihlizela. 
Spurted (Out, to be), Pihlika. 




Sputter, v. (As boiling water), 

Spy, v. Hlola. 

— n. Inhloli (in^ insaba (in). 
Squalid, a. Nensila. 
Squall, v, Kala. 

— n. (Scream), Ukukala (ukn). 

— (Gust of wind), Isipepo (isi). 
Squalor, n. Ukungcola (uku). 
Squander, v, Sapaza. 
Squash, v. (Anything soft), Cibiza, 

Squashed (To be), Bucnka. 
Squat, v, Qotyama. 
Squeak, v. Kala. 
Squeeze, v. Bandezela, cindezela. 

— (Crowd). Nyinya. 

— (As the nand, toe, &c.), Sicila. 

—(As a sponge), Kama. 

— (Anything soft), Cibiza. 
Squeezed rTo be), Bandezeka. 

— (HuddW together, to be), 

Squelched (To be), Bwabazeka. 
Squint, v. Songa amehlo, pambanisa 

Squinting-person, n. Insonge (in), 

insanga (in), uyalu (ulu^. 
Stab, v. Gwaza, hlaba, buja, juqa. 

— (The stomach), Rubuza. 

— (As a goat, sheep, &c.), Qumbusa. 

— (Without letting go the spear), 

Gwaza amahlanze. 

— (After another, as a buck), 

Stabbing, n, Umgwazo (um). 
Stability, n. Ukusimama (uku)» 
Stable, n. Isistebili sehashi. 

— Rubbish, n, Inkunkuma (in). 
Staff, n. Umzaca, isisimelelo (isi), 

uboko (ulu). 

. — (Of life, bread), Udondolo (ulu). 
Stag, v. (In the mud, as cattle), 

Boxa, boxoza. 
Stage, n. (Of sticks), Udhlame (ulu). 
Stagger, v, (As one drunk), Bada- 

zela, badaza. 
Stain, n. (As in wood), Umenyele. 
Stair, n, Umkwelo (um). 
Stake, v. (As a wager), Bekelana. 

— n, Isibonda (isi). 

— (Sharpened for digging), Isigxa 


—(Sharpened and smoked at the 

end), Isincityi (isi). 
Stale, a. Dala. 

— (Vapid), Dumele. 

— V. (As an animal), Tunda. 
Stalk, n. (Dry), Uhlanga (ulu). 

— (Of mealie cob), Ihleza (i). 

— (Of tambootie grass), iJqunga 


— ^Of grass), Udwani (ulu). 
-tof any kind), Umnyani ^um). 
Of a pumpkin), Ingono (m). 
Of maize with cob), Umupa. 

— (Green), Izele (i). 

— (Short, of umbila), Isigada (isi). 

— (Of grass stubble), Uhlwuti 

Stallion, n. Inkunzi yehashi. 
Stammer, v. Ngingiza. 
Stammering person, n. Isingingizi 

Stamp, v. (Impress), Cindezela. 

— (As clothes), Gquma. 

— n. Insimbi yokucindezela. 
Stanch, v. (As blood), Kaula. 

— a. (Trusty), Tembekayo. 
Stand, v. Ma, ema, mana. 

— (Against), Melana na. 




— fUp vertically), Puhla, nkuti 


—(To last), Hlala. 

— ^As a sick ox), Cula. 

— f As a trap adjusted), Cupela. 

— (In one place), Ema ndawon- 

— ^Firmly), Simama. 

— (Endure), Bekezela, bekela. 

— (In a line, as girls), Xela. 

— (Firmly in battle), Zabalaza, 


— (Firm, as a tree), Gxila. 

— (In the attitude of striking), 


— (Up), Sukuma. 

— (Out of the light), Suduka. 

^For, defend! V^ela, melela. 

— n. (Of sticks), Udhlame (ulu). 
Standard, n. Isilinganiselo (isi). 

— Bearer, 71. tJmpati wendwangu 

Standing-custom, n, Ukuma (uku). 
Standstill, n, (Cause of), Isimiso 

Star, n. Inkanyezi (in). 

—^Morning), Ikwezi (i). 

— (Evening), Ucwazibe, isicelan- 

kobe (isi). 

— (Planet Jupiter), Indosa (in). 

— ( White, on the forehead of an ox), 

Umcombo (um). 
Stare, v. Qoloza. 

— (Angrily), Joloza. 

— (With expectation), Qolozela. 
Stark-naked person, n. Isidindili 

Starry, a. Nezinkanyezi. 
Start, v, (Be startled), Etuka. 

— (Up, as game), Vuka. 

— (Up, as a wild animal), Gubuka. 

— (Cause to, as a runner), Ukuti 


-^Oflf), Suka, bedula. 

— (OflF, as oxen to the water), 


-—(Back), Tikazela, ukuti dhlen- 


-—(Depart^, Emuka. 
Startle, v. Etusa. 
Startled (To be), Etuka. 
Starvation, n. Ukubulawa ngen- 

Starve, v, Bulala ngendhlala. 

— (Be starved, as an ox), Caka. . 
Starveling, a, Zacile, ondile. 
State, v, Tyo, tyengisa. 

— n. (District), Isizwe ^isi). 

— (Of things), Ukuma (uku). 

— (Of excitement, to be in), Jila. 
Statement, n, Ukutyo (uku). 

— (Written), Isilobo (isi), isibalo 

Station w. (Mission), Isikole (isi). 

— (Office), Isikundhla (isi). 

— (Classi Uhlobo (ulu). 

— (Emplovment), U msebenzi (um). 
Statue, n. Isitombe (isi). 
Statute, n. Umyalo (um), umteto 

Stay, v. Hlala. 

^Stop, not come), Yoba. 

— (Behind), Sala. 

— (Prop), Sekela. 

— (Obstruct), Vimbela. 

— (For a night), Lala. 

— (Tarry), Libala. 

— n, (Prop), Insika (in). 

— At-home person, n. Umhlala- 

Stayed (To be, as blood), Eauka. 
Steadfast, a. Qinile. 




be), Qina. 

r, a. (Constant), Kutazele. 

V, Eba. 

8 cattle), Rweba. 

wealthily), Tyola. 

long, as a cat), Nyonyoba« 

lifer), Ntyontya. 

lunder), ranga. 

R, n. Isela (i). 

f cattle), Umrwebi (um), 

NG, n. Ukweba. 

ilfering), Ukuntyontya (uku). 

HiLY (To act), Isyenyeza, 

yela, nyonyoba. 

HINESS, n, Isinyelela (isi). 

n, Umusi (umu). 

]R, n. Ustimela (u). 

n, Ihasbi (i). 

a. Nommango, nelenge. 


boroughly), Cwilisisa. 

ACE, n Ilenge (i), ummango 

n. (A young ox), Inkatyana 

MAN, n. Umkapi (um). 
OK, n. Iqina (i). 
.. (Of a mealie cob), Isibogodo 

1 a pipe), Isituknlu (isi). 

:, n, Ufuta (nlu)", iququ (i). 
. Nyatela. 
p), Kwela. 
ickward), Hlehla. 
(Of a dance), Isigqi (isi). 
n. (Stone), Ukete (ulu). 
s, a, Lula. 

[TY, n, Ubulula (ubu). 
a. Nolunya. 
TESS n, Ulunya (ulu). 

Sternum, n. Uvalo (ulu), ipe (i). 
Stew, v. Peka. 
Steward, ». Inceku (in). 
Stick, n. Uluti (ulu). 

—^Walking), Induku, intonga (in). 

— (Knobkeme), Iwlsa (i). 

— (Shield stick), Umsila (um). 

— TVery long), Udhlwedhle (ulu). 

— f Porridge), Ipini (i). 

—-(For digging with), Isikwelo 


— (Sharpened, for throwing with), 

Ukandi (ulu). 

— (Upper, of stone-trap), Inngcipo 


— (Lower, of a stone trap), Um- 

beka (um). 

—(For securing thatch), Igotyelwa 


— (Passed through a cow's nose), 

Umnxiwo (um). 

—(Induku ; without a knob), Um- 

zaca ^um). 

—V. (Pierce), Hlaba. 

— ^Stiab), Gwaza. 

— (Fast, as food in the throat), 

Ukuti nqi, muma. 

— (As a bone in the throat), Exaba, 


— f Adhere), Namatela. 

— (In the mud), Boxa. 

— ^In, as a needle), Hloma. 

— (Stakes in the ground), Buxela 

— (Empale), Joja. 
Sticky (To be), Nafuna. 
Stiff, a, Lukuni. 

— TTo be), Balukuni. 

— (As porridge, to be), Jiya. 
Stiffen, v. Enza lukuni. 

— (As the muscles of the back), 





Stifle, v, Futanisa, futelisa. 
Stifled (To be), Futelana. 
Stifling, n. Isimuku (isi). 
Stiletto, n. Inhlabela (in). 
Still, v. (Silence), Tulisa. 

-T^Calm), Dunduzela. 

— (To be), Tula, ukuti cwaka. 

— (To be, as one seized), Bekela. 

— a. Tulile. 
Stillness, n. Ukutula (uku). 
Stimulate, V. (To impudence), Duda. 

— ^Irritate), Baba. 

— (Urge), Pisa. 

— (Encourage), Kalipisa. 
Sting, n. (Of a bee), IJdonsi (iilu). 

— V. (As nettles), Babisa. 

— (As pepper in the mouth), Baba, 


— (As a wasp), Suzela. 
Stinginess, n. Ukuncitya, ukwe- 

mana (uku). 
Stinging (To be), Baba. 

— (In the throat, to feel), Ukuti 


— Thing, n. Isibabane (isi). 
Stingy, a. Ncityayo. 

— (To be), Emana, muma, ncitya. 

— Person, n. Isincityani (isi). 
Stink, v, Nuka. 

— (Cause to), Nukisa. 

— n, Ipunga (i), inuko (i),iququ (i). 
Stinking, a. Nukayo, neququ, ne- 

Stint, v, Ncitya, muma. 

— (Exceedingly), Ncityisisa. 
Stipulate, v. V umelana. 
Stir, v. (Move), Hamba. 

—(One's self about a matter), 


— (Put in motion), Sebenzisa, 


— (Disturb, as water), Dunga. 

— (Incite), Duda. 

— (As porridge), Zamisa, bonda. 

— ^The fire), mokoza. 

— (As Zulu beer), Govuza. 

— (Agitate), Zamazisa. 

— (Thoroughly, as porridge), Bon- 


— (Up, excite), Vubula, xokozelisa. 

— (Alarm), Vusa. 

— n. (Noise), Umsindo (um). 

—(Tumult), Ukuxokozela (uku). 

— (Bustle), Ukuwalazela (uku), 

ukunyakaza (uku), ukuqiqizeLi 

St. John's river, n.Umzivubu (um). 
Stirring matter, n. Isidumo (isi). 
Stitch, v. Tunga. 

— n. Iqondo (i). 

— (In the side), Umqulu (um), 

umqubutya (um), ipika (i). 
Stock, n. (Handle), iJmpini (um). 

^Of cattle), Umhlambi (um). 

— (Of cattle, small), Umqolokazi 

Stocking, n. Ikausi (i), irausi (i). 
Stolid, a. (Foolish), Pukuzile. 
Stomach, w. Isisu (isiV 

— (Second, of cattle), Inanzi (i). 

— (Grass in), Umswane (um). 
Stone, n. Ilitye (ili). 

— (Sunk in the ground), Umbelc 


—(Flat rock), Idwala (i). 

— rMica), Insengetye (in). 

— (For building), Ukete (ulu). 

— (Of foundation), Isisekelo ^i). 

— (For the feet), Icoba (i). 

— (Of native fire-place), Iseko (i). 

— (For grinding), Imbokondo (im), 

ilitye lokugaya. 




— (White, which gives fire when 
struck), Igcaki (i). 

d Small), Ilityana (ill). 
^ASON, n. Iimyanga yamatye. 

— Hammer, n. Isando lamatye. 

— Trap, n. (For birds), Isifu (isi). 
Stony, a. Namatye. 

— Hearted, a. Nolunya. 

— Place, n. Ugedhle (ulu). 
Stool, v, Nya, ruda, ya ngapandhle. 

— n. Isihlalo (isi). 
Stoop, v. Toba, goba. 

—(Sink down), Fola. 

— (In sitting), Gomfa. 

— (As in the hut dance), Tyotya. 

— (Enter a hole), Sungubala. 

— (In entering a hut), Kotama. 
Stooping (To go), Tyotya. 
Stop, v. (Hinder), Tinta, vimbola. 

— (Cease to go), Ema, ma. 

— (Leave off), Peza, yeka, yoba. 

— (Plug), Vimba. 

— (At a place), Hlala. 

— (For a night), Lala, pambnkela. 

— (Put to an end), Pehsa, qedisa. 

— n. (Point in writing), Icatyana(i). 
Stoppage, ». Ukuvimbela (uku). 
Stopper, n. Isivimbo (isi). 
Stork n. Ivingili (i). 

— House, n. Innqolobana (in). 

— (For shields), Innyango (in). 

— Keeper, n. Umnini wevingili. 
Stork, n. Inkotozima (in). 
Storm, n. Isipepo (isi). 
Story, n, Inaaba (in), insuman- 

sumane (in). 

—(Rigmarole), Umbelebele (um). 
Stout,- a. Qata. 

— (Fat), Kulupele. 

— (To be), Nqala, dumba, qina. 

— THING, n. Isikwalakwala (isi). 

Stoutness, n. Amadhlipi (ama), 

ubuqata (ubu). 
Stow, v, (Gk)ods into a wagon), Pahla, 

Straddle, v. Xabalaza. 

— (Cause to), Xabalazisa. 
Straggle, v, Hlakazeka. 
Straggler, n. Isilanduli (isi), um- 

saleli (um). 
Straight, a..Qondile 

— (To be), TJkuti nse, ukuti nto, 

ukuti ntwi, qonda, ukuti twi. 

— (Morally, to be), Lunga. 
Straighten, v. Eluk, luleka. 
Straightforwardness, n. Ubuqoto 

Straightness, n. ukuqonda (uku). 
Strain, v. Hluza, vova. 

— (As in vomiting), Gonyuluka. 

— (Hard), Kauula. 

— (With desire), Luba. 

— (Exceedingly), Lubisisa. 

— (As the eye), Donsa. 

— (Draw with force), Donsisisa. 
Strainer, n. Ivovo (i), ikamo (i), 

isihlungula (isi). 
Strait, n. Inngcingo (in), umcingo 

Straitened (To be), Nyinyeka. 
Stramonium, n. Umtuma (um). 
Strange, a. Mangalisayo. 
Stranger, n. Umfokazi, umfo, um- 

hambi (um). 
Strangle, v. Futanisa, binda. 
Strangulation, w. (Act), ukufuta- 

nisa (uku). 

— (State), Ukufutaniswa (uku). 
Strap, n. Ibande (i). 

— V. Bopa ngebande. 
Strata, n. Izibekelelo (izi). 
Stratagem, n. Icebo (i). 




Stratify, v. Bekelela. 
Stratum, w. Isibekelelo (isi). ^ 
Straw, n. Inhlanga zokolweni 
Stray, v. Eduka, laMeka. 

— (Ramble), Ndinda. 
Strayed (To be), Lahleka. 
Streab:, n. Umtende (um), umutywe 

Stream, w.Umfiilaiia (um), inkasa (in) 

— (At Uys Dooms), Imputyini 


— V. (As a current), Hamba. 

— (Pour out). Tela. 
Streamer, n, Indwangu, indwangu 

Streamlet, n, Isifufuyana (isi). 
Street, v, Umgwaqo (um). 

— ^Walker, n. Upuzela (ulu\ 
Strength, n. Amandhla (ama), izi- 

kwepa (izi), ubuqata (ubu). 

— ^f a kraal), Ibandhla (i). 

— (Without, to be), Totongana, 

Strengthen, v, Qinisa. 
Strenuous, a. Fukuzele. 

— (To be), Fukuzela, 
Stretch, v, Qibula. 

-^Out), Elula. 

— (Out, as the runners of a plant), 


— (Out, to look), Lunguza. 
Strew, v, Sakaza. 
Strewing, n. Ukusakaza (uku). 
Stricken, a. Hlimekile. 

— p, (Struck), Tyayiwe. 
Stricture, n, Isijeziso (isi), isisolo 

Stride, v. Twaizela. 
Strife, n. Inkani (in). 

— (Family quarrel), Umbango 


— (To kindle), Basela. 
Strike, v, Tyaya, beta. 
— CWith. hard words), Dubula. 
— (As a smiths Kanda, bandula. 
— ?As the sun s heat), Coba, dakj 
— (With the open hand), Mpaa 

— (As a ship on a rock), Uku 
ngqi, ngqika. 

[As a shield), Quia. 

Jn the eye), Pandhla, xopa. 

fPretend to), Gema. 

fLowerX Tyonisa. 

fAs a clock), Ukuti nqo. 

fOut, as a swimmer), Damuza. 

fAs clods), Tubuza, dubuza. 

^Lower a flag), Ehlisa. 
— ^Gently), Qukuza, qepuza. 
—(As in fencing), Gadma. 
— ^Violently on the head), Yel 

— (The ground with a pick), JJku 

—(With a staff), Galela. 
— fUp, as a song), Hlaba. 
— (Up the hut song), Cwaya. 
— (On the head with a stick 
Nqanda, ncofoza, gqubuza. 
— (As on a shield), Gwabaza. 
— (With a rod), Vitiza, ukuti vii 
— (With a small clod), Swica. 
—(Far off), Nina. 
— (Violently), Pohloza. 
— (Gently on the head), Qobola. 
— (As a stonemason), Qwala. 
^A sharp stroke), Qelegeqa. 
— (With the foot, as a horse), Ka 

— (OS, print), Cindezela. 

— (Out, efface), Hlikihla. 

Striker, n, Umtyayeli (um). 




Striking, n, Ukutyava (uku). 
— (In water with the feet), Idamu 


String, n. Intambo (in). 

— TOf a snuff-box), Imbonqa (im). 

— (For tying a calf), Isisinga 


— (Of beads worn over the eyes), 

Umcacamezelo Qim). 

— (Of bead-woiK on the neck), 

Umgexo (um). 

— (To hang clothes on), Umgibe 

(mnj, isipanyiso (isi). 

— (Of a snare), Ugibe (nlu). 
Stringent, a. Son^e. 
Strip, v, (Off, as the skin), Hlinza. 

— ^Bark), Xebula, hluba. 

■ — (Grass off a iut), Fuza. 

— (Peel, as a rod), Ebula. 

— (As mealie cobs), Hlubula. 

— TUncover), Ambula. 

— (Plunder), Panga. 

— V. (Rubbish off grass), Pun- 


— n. (Of grass left after a fire), 

Umyele (um). 

— ^Of meat), Umbengo (um). 

— (Of cloth), Umsweswe (um), 

nmdweshu (um). 

—(Of grass), Umncele (um). 

— ?Shred), Inngqobe (in). 

—(Of skin danglmg from the ear), 

Ibeqe (i). 

— ((5f ground under a hiU), Idobo 


Stripe, n. (A blow), Cmvimbo 


— (Streak), Umtende (um), umu- 
tywe (umu). 
Striped, a, Nkone, nemitende, ne- 

Stripes, n, jTBright), Imikwazi (imi), 

amakwezikwezi (ama), amakwazi 

Stripling, n. Umfana (um). 
Strippings, n, Umncinzo (um). 
Strips (To cut into), Benga. 
Strive, v, Linga, zama. 

— (Contend), Pika, banga. 

— (Ineffectually), Gwangqa. 

— ^Earnestly), Konsa, kutazela. 

—(As in a race), Pikisana, nciti- 


— (With all one's might), Nqaiza. 
Striving, n. Umzamo ^m). 
Stroke, v, Pulula. 

— (The face with a scraper), Gu- 

Strokes, n. (In writing), Izinhlanga 

Strong, a. Namandhla. 

^To be, as a stick), Qata, qina. 

— rTo be), Nqala. 

— And-stout person, n, Um 

hanga (um). 

— Man, w.lsiqwaga(isi), iqawe 
Stronghold, n. Innqaba (in). 
Strongly, adv. Ngamandhla. 
Structure, w. Indhlu (in). 
Struggle, v, (Strive), Zama. 

— (As a child), Ngqatya, qantya. 

— (As a dying animal), Juba, juba- 


— (With desire, as the heart), Xu- 


— (To keep the head above water)» 


— n. Umzamo (um). 

— (With the le<?8), Injube (in). 
Struggling, n, Ukuzamisisa (uku). 
Strut, v. Qenya. 

— n, Ukuqenya (^^s^V 




Stub, n. (Of a tree), Isipunzi (isi). 

— (Log), Ugongolo (urn). 
Stubble, n. Inmanga (in), imfutuza 

Student, n. Umfundi (um). 
Study, v, Funda. 
Stuff, v. (As a bolster), Xutya. 

— (Feed), Kara, minza. 
Stuffed (To be, as with eating), 

Bensa, ena. 

— rTo be, with wealth), Ena. 

— {To be, as the nose^ Finyana, 


— (Crammed, to be), Ukuti fiti, 

ukuti fitilili. 
Stultify, v. Pukuzisa. 
Stumble, v. Kubeka. 
Stumbling-block, w. Isikubekiso 

Stump, n. Isipunzi (isi), isigodo (isi), 

isiqu (isi). 

— (Of a tooth), Umsuka (um). 
Stunt, v. Batyisa. 

Stupefaction, w. Ukudakeka (uku). 
Stupefy, v. Dakisa. 
Stupendous, a. Mangalisayo. 
Stupid, a. (Foolish), Puknzile. 

— Person, n. Idhliwa (i), isibumbe 

(isi), isiyejane (isi). 
Stupidity, n. Ubupukupuku (ubu), 

ubuyejane (ubu). 
Sturdy (To be), Qina. 
Stutter, v. Ngin^za. 
Stuttering, n. Ukunginj];iza (uku). 

— Person, n. Isingingingi (isi). 
Sty, n. Isibaya sengulube. 

— (Boil), Inhlokosela ^in). 
Styptic, n. Umnti wokulcaula igazi. 
Suavity, n. Ubnnene (ubu). 
Subdue, v. Nqoba, ahlula. 
Subdued (To be), Bekela. 

Subject, v, Ahlula, nqoba. 

— n. (Person), Umuntu (umu), 

— n^atter), Indaba (in). 

— (Of review), Indaba yokubuye- 

Subjoin, v. Jobelela. 
Subjugate, v. Nc^oba, ahlula. 
Submerge, v. Cwilisa. 
Submit, v. (One's-self), Zihlela, zito- 

bisa, bekela, tula. 
Submission, n, Ukubekela (uku). 
Submissive (To be), Bekela. 
Submitted (To be, as a document); 

; Subside, v, Bohla. 
I — (Sink), Tvona. 
; Subsist, v. Pila, hamba. 
Substance, n, Uqobo (ulu), isibili 


— (Bulk), Indikimba (in). 
Substitute, v. Bekela okunye. 
Subtilize, v, (Make thin), Hlambu- 

Subtle, a. Nobuqili, nobuhlakani 
Subtlety, n, Ubuqili (ubu), ubu- 

hlakani (ubu). 
Subtract, v. Pungula susa. 
Success, n. Inhlanhla (in). 
Succession, n. Ukwelama (uku). 
Successor, n. Umlandeli (um). 
Succour, v, Siza. 

— (In war), Putuma. 

— n. Ukusiza, ukuputuncia (uku). 
Succumb, v. Bekela. 
Suck, v. (As an infant), Anya, ancela. 

— (Heartily), Ncelisisa. 

— (Draw the breast), Munca, mun- 


— (Out all the milkV Ncembuza. 

— (As a peach), Kukuza, twanya, 





— fUp), Rubuluza. 

^Cause to), Anyisa, ncelisa. 
SucKiNG-CALP (To have, as a cow), 

SucH-AS-THAT, Njeya. 
Sudden, a. Zumayo. 
Suddenly, adv, Ngokuzuma, 
Suddenness, n. Ukuzuma. 
SuBT, n, UnwaU (ulu). 
Suett, a, Nonwali. 
Suffer, v. (Feel pain), Zwa ubu- 


— (Endure), Bekezela, bekela. 

^Allow), Vumela. 

— (Admit), Ngenisa. 
Suffering, n, Ukuzwa kwobuhlun- 

gn, iibnhlungu (ubu). 

— ^Distress), Ukubandezeka (uku). 
Suffice, v, Anela. 
Sufficient, a. Anele. 
Suffocate, v. Futanisa. 
Suffocated (To be), Futelana, xwi- 

SuFFTJSED (To be, as the eyes with 

tears), Hlengezela. 
Sugar, n. Ushukela. 

— Cane, n. Umoba. 

— Heed, n, Imfe (im). 
Suggest, v, Funzela, nikeza. 

* — (To or for), Funzelela. 
Suggestion, n, Ukunikeza (uku), 

ukufunzeia (uku). 
Suit, n. (Clothes), Izingubo. 

— (Petition), Isicelo (isi). 
Suitable, a. Fanele. 

— (To be), Fanela. 
Sulk, i?. Donda, qumba. 
Sulky (To be), Qumba. 
SuLKiNESS, n. Ukudonda (uku). 
Sullen, a. Hluneme. 
SuLLENNESS, n, Ukudonda (uku). 

Sully, v. Ninda, ncolisa. 
Sultry-weather, n. Isigudumezi 

Sum, w. (The whole), Indikimba (in). 
Summer, n. Ihlobo (i). 
Summerset, n. Ungqimlupotwe (u). 
Summit, n. (Head), Inhloko (in). 

— (Of a mountain), Isiqongo (isi). 
Summon, v. Biza. 

— (Invite), Mema. 
Sun, n. Ilanga (i). 
Sunbeam, n. Umsebe (um). 
Sunday, n. Isonto (i). 

— School, n. Isikole sesonto. 
Sundown, n, Intyonalanga (in). 
Sunder, v, Nqamula. 
Sunk, v, (To be, as a stone in the 

ground), Mbeleka. 
Sunlight, n. Ukukanya kwelanga. 
Sunny-spot, n, Isitangamu (isi). 
Sunrise, n, Ukupuma kwelanga. 

— (The east), Impumalanga (im). 
Sunset, n, Ukutyona kwelanga. 

—(West), Intyonalanga (in). 
Sup, V, Dhla kusihlwa. 
Supercilious, a. Zidhlayo. 
Superintend, v, Pata, mela, emela. 
Superintendent, w. Umpati (um), 

ummeli (um), inkosi (in). 
Superior person, n. Isikulu (isi). 
Supine, a. Vilapayo, enqenayo. 
Supper, n, Isidhlo sokunlwa. 
Supplant, v. Kwela ngobuhlakani, 

ahlula ngamacebo. 
SuppLANTER, n, Umahluli ngama- 
Supplanting, n. Ukwahlula ngama- 
Supple, a. (Soft), Tambile. 

— ^Flexible), Gobekile. 

— (Yielding), Vumayo. 




— V. Tambisa. 

— (As a skin), Capa. 
Suppliant, n. Umcelisisi (um), um- 

ncengisiai (um). 
Supplicate, v. Celisisa, nxusa, ncen- 

gisisa, ncenga. 
Supplier, n. Umniki, umupi (umu). 
Supply, v. Pa, nika. 

— (Serve instead of), Konzela, 


— (Yield), Veza, tela. 

— n, (A good), Itazana (i). 
Support, v. Sekela, pasa. 

^As a resolution), Sekezela. 

— (As a person's testimony), Ci- 


— (As a child learning to walk), 


JAs a pillar), Pasa. 
.Bear), Twala. 
fFavour), Pata ngomusa. 
[Nurture), Ondhla. 

— n, (Prop), Insika. 

— (Act), Ukusekela (uku), uku- 

pasa (uku). 

—(Forked), Ibaxa (i). 
Supporter, n, (Person), Umsekeli 


— (Of a resolution), Umsekezeli 

Suppose, v, Ti, camanga. 

— (Imagine), Zindhla. 
Supposition, n, Ukucamanga (uku). 
Suppress, v, (Subdue), Ahlula. 

— f As speech), Binda. 

— (Conceal), Godhla, fihla. 

— (As desire), Tiba. 
Supreme authority, n. Ubukosi 


— Court, n, Ikantolo elikulu. 
Sure, a. (Firm), Qinile. 

^Confident), Qinisele. 

— (To make), Qinisa. 
Surely, adv. Ngeqiniso, impela nge- 

Surfeit, v. Canula, canuzela. 

— n. Isicanucanu (isi). 
Surge, n. Idhlambi (i), iliza (ili). 

— V. Guba. 
Surgeon, n. Innyanga (in). 
Surliness, n. Isibongo (isi). 
Surly, a. Hluneme. 
Surmise, v, Qandela, zindhla. 
Surmount, v. Ahlula. 
Surname, n. Isibongo (isi). 
Surpass, v. Dhla, eqa, tantata, 

dhlula, ukuti nqo nqo nqo. 

—(One's power to comprehend), 

Surplus, n. Insali (in). 
Surprise, v, Zuma, badama. 

— (To express), Mamo ! 
Surprised (To be), Zumeka, etuka. 
Surrender, v, (Uive up), Nikela, 

bekela, dela. 
Surround, v. Pahla. 

As an enemy), Biuqa. 
As with a rope), Zungelezel* 
As a fire witn mats), Jbtenqa. 
^As foes), Kaka, raqa. 
Survey, v. Hlola, buka. 
Survive, v. (Remain), Sala. 
Suscitate, v. Vhsa, evusa. 
Suspect, v. Esaba. 
Suspend, v. Panyeka, lengisa. 

^Delay), Libalisa, libazisa. 
Suspense, n, Ukungabaza. 
Sustain, v. Sekela, bambezela. 
Sustenance, n. Ukudhla (uku). 
Swaddle, v, Tandela (or) songela 

Swagger, v, Vubula. 




Swaggerer, n. Umvubuli (uin). 
Swain, n, (Rustic). Umfunda (um). 
Swallow, n, (Bird),Inkonjane (in). 

— V. Ginya, gwinyaj gimbiliza. 

— (Gluttonously), Minza, 
Swamp, n. Ixapozi (i), ubuku (ulu). 
SwAMpy, a. Namaxapozi. 
Swap, v, Enanela. 
Swarm, v, Buza, ukuti bu. 

— (Crowd), Cina, cinana. 

— (Out), Eva, va. 
Swart, a. Mnyama. 
SwARTHiNESS, u. Ubumnvama (ubu). 
Swat, v. (To and fro), Tenga. 

— TO. Isisindo (isi), ubukosi (ubu). 
Swear, v. Funga. 

— (Cause to), Fungisa. 

— (On account of, or against), Fun- 


— (Falsely), Twapa. 
Swearing, n. Ukufunga (uku). 
Sweat, y, Juluka, fononoka. 

— n, Ukujuluka (uku), isitukutuku 


— (Labour), Umsebenzi (um). 
Sweep, v. Tyanela. 

— (Off), Kuquluza. 

— (Off, as snuff), Tyipiliza. 

— (Off, as an army), Swezisela. 

—-^Round with the finger), Yin- 


— (Drive away), Xotya. 

—-(Away, as a river), Kukula. 
Sweeping, n, Ukutyanela (uku). 

— a. Xotyayo. 

— Bush, n, (Of water), Isikukula 

Sweepings, n, (As of a room), Isibi 

Sweet, a, Mnandi, mtoti. 

— Potato, n. Umhlaza (um). 

— Reed, n, Imfe (im)« 
Sweeten, v. Enza mtoti. 
Sweetheart, n. Isixebi (isi). 
Sweetness, n, Ubumnandi (ubu), 

ubumtoti (ubu). 
Swell, v, Vuvuka. 

— (Be inflated), Kukumala. 

— (With anger), Qumba. 

Become large), Kula, dumba. 

— (As with pride), Vokomala. 
Cause to), Kukumalisa, kuku- 

Swelled (To be), Ukuti mikiti. 
Swelling, n. Ukuvuvuka (uku). 

—(Tumour), Iqubu (i). 
Swellings, n. (In spots), Amake- 

keba (ama). 
Swelter, v, Juluka. 
Swerve, v, Pambuka, deda. 
Swift, a. Nejubane, nobelo. 
Swiftness, n. Ubelo (ulu), ijubane 

(i), isiqubu (isi). 
Swim, v. Hlamba. 

— (Teach to), Hlambisa. 

—(To), Hlambela. 
Swimmer, n. Inhlambi (in). 
Swimming, n. Ukuhlamba (uku). 

—(Dizziness), Isizululwane (isi). 
Swindle, v. Kohlisa, dhla. 
Swindler, n, Umkohlisi (um). 
Swine, n. Izingulube (izin). 
Swineherd, n, Umalusi wezingu* 

Swing, v. Jika. 

— (Cause to), Jikisa. 

— n. Ijikane (i). 
Switch, n. Uswazi (ulu). 
Swoon, v, Quleka, qaleka. 
Swoop, n, Ukuwela (uku). 

— V, Wela. 
Sword, n, Isinkemba (^<d.Y 




Syllable, n Uhlamvu (ulu). 
Sylvan, a. Namahlati. 
Symbol, n. IsilinganiBo (isi). 
Sympathize, v. (with), ^uza, zwana. 
Sympathy, n. Ukuzwana ^uku). 
Symptom, n. (Sign), IsioonaKaliso 

Syncope, n. Ukuqeleka (uku), uku- 

qaleka (uku). 
Synod, n. Ibandhla labafimdisi. 
Synopsis, n. Ukufinyezwa (uku). 
Syringe, v. Boja. 

— n. Ibojaboja (i). 
System, n. ^As a body of laws), In- 

dikimba (in). 


Tabernacle, n. Idokodo (i), itente 


— V. Hlala etenteni {or) edoko- 


Table, n. Itafula (i). 

— {Flat and stiff thing like a), 

Isibebe (isi). 

— Cloth, n. Indwangu yetafula. 

— Land, n. Inkangala (in). 

— Mountain, n. (Near Maritz- 

burg), Umkambiti (um). 

— (In Mapumulo district), Isi- 

tundo (isi). 

^In the Inanda location), Inanda 

Tack, n. Isipikilana (isi). 

Tadpole, n. Ingcungulu (in). 

Tail, n. (Of an animal), UmsiJa 


— ^Of a bird or fish), Isisila (isi). 

— (Bush of), Ityoba (i). 

— (Cover of males), TbetjuO^. 
Tails, n, Imixezo (imi); (Tne x 

has a peculiar sound.) 
Taint, v. Ona, onakalisa. 
Take, v. Tata, tabata. 

— (Receive), Ajnukela. 

— (Up, as a dead snake), Cupuluza. 

— TOtf, as a blanket), Ambula. 

— (As the first steps in a matter), 


— (Out, as bees from a holeX Tapa. 

— (In turns), Tata ngamatywili- 


—-(As pay), Rola. 

— (Up, raise), Pakamisa. 
f As words to be answered), Tata. 
fCare of, herd «attle), Alusa. 
[Home), Godusa. 

— ^Leave), Valisela. 

— (From, lighten), Pungula. 

— ?Com from a mill), Pakula. 

— ^Away), Susa. 

— (The whole of), Nqukula. 

— (A false oath). Twapa. 

— (Heed), Qapela, xwaya. 

— ('Up, as a vein, &c.), Vubuknla. 

— (Down, write), Loba, bala. 

— (In, cheat), Kohlisa, dhla. 

— (From, subtract), Pungulu, susa. 

— (Bj surprise), Zuma. 

— (Catch), Bamba. 

— (In, admit), Ngenisa. 

— (Obtain), Zuza. 

—^Trouble), Katala. 

^Suppose), Ti. 

—(Oft, as a hat), Etula. 

— (Medicine), ruza. 

— (As a pill), Gwinya. 

— TAs food), Dhla. 

— (A matter easily), Delela. 

— (Snuff), Bema. 




— ^Care of the sick), Hlenga. 

—(Root), Mila. 

—(Up, as a mat), Endhlula. 

— (Aim), Komba. 

— (As a book out of a number), 

Jungulula, koka. 

;Steal), Eba. 

Pilfer), Tyontya. 

fOff, as clothesj, Kumula. 

[Out, as a tootn), Kipa. 
— (Revenue), Pindisa. 
— (Breath), Hlaba ipika. 
—(Care o^, Loudoloza, gcina. 
— (In hj mouthfuls), Rabula. 
— (A little, as from a sack), 
Capuna, cosula. 

— (A moment's rest), Ukuti kefu. 
^-(Shelter), Pepela. 
—toff the fire\ Opula, epula. 
— (A husband), Gana. 
— (A wink of sleep), Lala kanye. 

JLeave of the world), Yalela. 

The lead of), Tonya. 

^Captive), Tumba. 
— (Part with), Hlanganyela. 

[Up, lift), Fukula, pakamisa. 
— (Up higher), Nyusa, kupula. 
— (As a pinch of snuff;, Ncweba. 
— (Off, mimic), Lingisa. 
— (More than one wife), Tenibiiza. 
— (From by force), Amuka, apnea. 
— (Up, as ashes), Wola, ola. 
— (With violence), Dhlukula. 
— (Select)^ Keta, qoma. 
— (Oath), Funga. 
—(Collect), Buta. 
— (Warning), Yaleka. 
— (After, resemble), Fuza, fana. 
--(With, please), Jabulisa, toko- 
^Carry), Pata, twala. 

— (Seize), Bamba. 
Taken, p. (Received), Amukelwe. 

—Up (To be), Kutyulwa. 
Tale, n. Indaba (in). 

— (Fable), Insumo (in), insuma- 

nsumane (in), inganekwane (in). 

— Bearer, n. Umncetezi (um). 
Talent, n. Italenta (i). 
Talk, v. Euluma. 

—(Away from the point), Mba- 


— (Prate), Boboza, mpompoza, 


— (In sleep), Budazela. 

— (Windy stuff), Pupuza, bamusa. 

— (Incessantly), Gedeza. 

— (Fluently), Qapuza. 

— (Much on a subject), Temeleza. 

— (RecklesslyX Buda. 

— (Loudly), Mpompoloza. 

— (Nonsense), Bamuza. 

— (At random), Ngcebeleka, po- 


—(Twist words), Tywila. 

— (Kitchen-Kafir), Ciciyela. 

— (Disagreeably), Bina. 

— (Lies), Qambamanga, kafuza. 

— (Chatter), Ukuti potololo. 

— (Incoherently), Bwadaza. 

— (Hesitate), Pataneka, bambeka. 

— (Thickly), Tywatywaza. 

—(As the ama Tefula), Tefula. 

— (Roughly), Tekeza. 

— (Stammer), Ngingiza. 

— (Narrate), Landisa, balisa. 

— n. Ukukuluma (uku). 

— (Bragging), Iwawa (i). 
Talkative-person, n. Isikulumi 

(isi), umbobozi (um). 
Tall, a. De. (Ex. Umuntu omude, 

a tall person.) 




— Person, 71. Uqwai Mu), upa- 

hlayiya (ulu), ufahlasi (ulu). 

— (Giant), Umdodashiya (um). 

— Thing, n, Umdwamba (um), 


— Thin-person, n. Utswabut- 

swabu (ulu). 
Tallish, a, Danyanyana. 
Tallness, n. Ubude ^ubu). 
Tallow, n, iBinqumela (isi). 
. — Candle, n. Isibane (isi). 
Tally, v. Linganisana. 
Talon, w. Uzipo (ulu). 
Tambootie-grass, n. Isiqunga (isi). 

— (Young), Isibande (isi). 
Tame, a. Tambile. 

—(To be), Tamba. 

— Animal, n, Ifuyiwa. 
Tameable (To be), Tambiseka. 
Tan, v. Shuka. 
Tanner, n, Umshuki, umkuhli 

Tantalize, v, Yenga. 

— ^Immorally), Ganungisa. 

— (Tease), Fundekela. 
Tap, v. Qukuza. 

— -(With a stick), Gqogqoza, ukuti 

gqogqo, qwabaza. 

—-(At a door), Qongqota. 
Tar, n. Itiye (i). 
Tardy, a. Libeleyo, dondayo. 
Tarnish, v. Ncolisa. 
Tarry, v. Libala. 

—(Stay), Sala. 

—(Wait for), Hlalela. 
Tart, a. Muncu. 
Tassel, n. Ityoba (i). 
Task, n. Umsebenzi (um). 
Taste, v. Nambita, zwa, ezwa, 

—(Pleasantly), Yola. 

— (Hot, as pepper), Kanzela. 

— (Pleasantly, as meat), Xwa- 

Taste, n. Ukunambita, ukuzwa 

Tasted (To be), Ezwakala. 
Tasteless, a. (Insipid), Dumile, 

dindi, dindikazi. 
Tatter, n. Inikiniki (i), intengun- 

tengu (in). 
Tatters, n, Amanikiniki (ama). 
Tattle, v. Nceteza. 
Tattler, n. Umncetezi (um). 
Taught, p. Fundisiwe. 
Taunt, v, Swabula. 
Tavern, n. Ikantini (i). 
Tawny, a. Mpofu. 
Tax, n, Isitelo semali. 

-^o pay), Tela. . 

— Gatherer, n. Umbuteli wezi- 

telo, umteloni (um). 
Teach, v. Fundisa. 
Teachable (To be), Fundiseka. 
Teacher, n. Umfimdisi (um). 
Tea, n. Iti (i). 
Tear, n. (Of the eye), Unyembezi 

(ulu). {Plur, inyembezi.) 
Tear, v. Dabula, xebula 

— (Ofln, Nqamula, qatyula, quzula, 


— fFor), Dabulela. 

— (As cloth), Dwiya. 

— ^Roughly), Dwengula. 

— (By shaking^ Nikiza. 
Tease, v, Fundetela, hlusa. 
Teat, n, Umbele (um). 
Tedious, a. Libele. 
Teem, v, Zala. 

— (Be full), Cwala, Gcwala. 
Teeth, n. Amazinyo (ama). 

— V. Mila amazinyo. 
Teetotum, w. (Zulu), Indingi (i). 




Telescope, n. Isibuko sokubona 

Tell, v, Tyela, tyengisa, zeka. 

— ^Inform), Bika. 

—(Count), Bala. 

— (The outside of a matter), Gwe- 


[Lies), Xoka. 
Tales), Nceteza. 
[Many times), Dulela. 
[At full length), Landa. 

— (Make known), Azisa. 

—{A person his secret sin), Daluza. 
Teller, w. Umtyeli (um), umtye- 

ngisi (um). 
Tell-tale, n, Umncetezi (um). 
Temper, v. (Soften), Tambisa. 

— n. Umoya. 

—(Bad), Ulaka (ulu). 
Temperate (To be), Zitiba, zibamba. 
Tempest, w. Isipepo (isi). 
Temple, w. (House), Indhlu (in). 

— (Of the head), Ihlonhlo (i), um- 

tovoti (um). 
Tempt, v, Yenga. 

— TTry), Linga. 

— (Attract), Donsa. 
Temptation, n. Isiyengo (isi). 

— (Trial), Umlingo (um). 
Tempter, n, Umyengi (um). 

• —(The Devil), Usatane. 
Ten, a. db n, Ishumi (i). 

— ^Thousand, a. cfc n. Isigidi (isi). 
Tenable, a. Bambisekile. 
Tenacious, a. (Viscous), Nenhlaka, 

Tend, v, Linda. 

—(Cattle), Alusa. 

—(Accompany), Felekezela. 
Tender, a. Tarabile. 

—(Young), Tya. 

—(Kind), Nomusa, bunene. 
Tenderness, n, (Kindness), Umusa, 

ubunene (ubu), isisa (isi). 

—(Softness), Ubutakataka (ubu). 
Tendon, n. IJmsipa (um). 

— (Of the cervicle vertebrae), Um- 

lala (um). 
Tent, n. Itente (i). 
Tenth, a. Isishumi (isi). 
Tenuity, n. (Smallness), Ubuncin- 

yane (ubu). 
Term, n. Inningilizela (in). 
Terminate, v. Kaula, gqibela. 
Termination, n. (In space), Um- 

kaulo (um). 

— (Of time), Umgqibelo (um). 

— (Conclusion), Ukupela (uku), 

isipelo (isi). 
Terminus, n, Umkaulo (um). 
Terrible, a, Esabekayo. 
Terrify, v. Esabisa, etusa, nunusa. 
Terrified (To look, as one guilty), 

Territory, n. Umhlaba, ilizwe. 
Terror, n. Uvalo (ulu). 
Test, v. Linga. 

— n, Isilingo (isi). 
Testament, n. (Covenant), Uvume* 

lano (ulu). 
Testicle, n. Isende (i). 
Testifier, n. Ufakazi (u). 
Testify, v. Fakaza. 
Testimony, n. Ukufakaza (uku). 
Testiness, n. Ukutetema, ukuhla- 

nama (uku). 
Testy, a. Teteme, hluneme. 
Thank, v. Bonga. 
Thankful, a. Bongile. 
Thankfully, adv, Ngokubonga. 
Thankfulness, n. Ukubonga (uku). 
That, conj, Ukuba, ukutL 




—pron. (As that thing), Leyo. 

— Actually, Ukuhle. 
That's- ALL, adv, Kubekupela, kube- 

sokubakupela kupela. 
That's-true, IngantL 
Thatch, v. Fulek. 

— (Carefully), Fulelisa. 

— n. Utyani (ubu). 

— (Old), Inkuna (in). 
Thatched (To be), Fuleleka. 
Thatcher, n. Unifuleli (um). 
Thatching-grass, n. (Tambootie), 

Isiqunga (isi). 

— ^Kiver grass), XJmtala (um). 

— (Fine grass), Umcele (um). 

— Board, n. Isitinto (in). 

— Stick, n. Isihlabo (isi). 
The, No separate form. 
Thee, pron. Ku, wena. 
Theft, n. Ukweba (uku). 
The -DAY -AFTER -TO -MORROW, adv. 

Their, pron, Abo, &c. (See the 

Them, pron. Bona, &c. 
Themselves, proii. Uqobo Iwabo. 
Then, adv. Kona. 
There, adv. Lapo, kona, la. 
Thereabout, adv. Ngakona. 
Therefore, conj. Ngako, ngakona. 
These, pron. Laba, lezi, la, lawa, &c. 
The-truth-is, Inganti. 
They, pron. Bona. 
Thick, a. (Not thin), Jiyile. 

- (Muddy), Dungekile. 

— (Not slender), Bukubuku. 
fStupid), Pukuzile. 
[To oe, as grass), Ena. 
To be, with trees), Ngqaingana. 
To be, as rain), IJkuti lanqa. 

— Cord, n. Igoda (i). 

— Skull, n. Idhliwa (i). 
Thicken, v. Jiyisa. 

— (SUghtly), fllaziya. 
Thicket, n. Isihlahla (isi). 
Thickness, n. Uhlonze (ulu). 
Thickset-person, n, Isitnpana (isi), 

isibukubuku (isi). 
Thief, n. Isela (i). 
Thieve, v. Eba. 
Thieving, n. Ubusela (ubu). 
Thigh, n. Itanga (i). 
Thimble, n. Isigqoko somunwe. 
Thin, a. (Not tnick), Hlambulu- 


— (Lean), Ondile, zacile. 

— V. {Make less close), Pungula, 

pa, epa. 

--(Miserably, to be), Koxeka, 

ukuti koxe. 

— (To become, as amasi), Hlambu- 


— (Very, to be), Gcansa. 

— (Very, to be, as sheep), Bunda. 

— (To make, as amasi), Hlambulula. 

—Person, n. Inntyentyelezi (in), 

isitywapa (isi). 
Thine, pron. (As a thing), Eyako, 

&c. (See the Grammar.) 
Thing, n. Into (in), uluto (ulu). 

— T^ecious), Igugu (i). 

— (Worthless), Indinda (in). 

— (Unfinished), Isigece (isi). 

— (Light and empty), Igobosi (i). 

— (Extraordinary), Ummangaliso 


— (Difficult), Isinqalanqala (isi). 

— (Tall), Umbotyo (um). 

— (Soft as down), Imbubu (im). 

— (Arranged neatly), Utoto (idu). 

— (Rough), Umaraye. 

—{Shrivelled up), Ukohlo (ulu). 




—(Given in addition), Iselekelo 

(i), iseleko (i). 

—-(Ancient), Isimakade (isi). 
Things, n. Izinto (izin). 

— (Several attempted at once), 

Amabande (ama). 
Think, v, Ti, camanga, cabanga. 

—(Ponder), Zindhla, nakana, 


— (Believe), Kolwa. 

— (Remember), Kumbula. 
Thinker, n. Umcamangi (mn), um- 

cabangi (um). 
Thinness, n. (Leanness), Ukwonda 

(uku), ukuzaca ^uku). 
Third, a. Isitatu asi). 
Thirdly, adv. Inmokweni-yobntatu. 
Thirst, v, Oma. 

— (Cause to), Omisa. 

— (For), Omela. 

— n. Ukwoma (uku). 
Thirteen, a. dh n. Isbumi nantatu. 
Thirty, a. db n, Amashumi amatatu. 
Tms, iwon. Lo, le, leli, lesi, lolu, 

— Side, Nganeno. 

— Year, Nonyaka. 
Thistle, n. Ugagane (ulu). 
Thong, n. Umcilo (um). 
Thorax, n. Isifuba (isi). ^ 
Thorn, n. Iliva (i). 
Thorns, n. Ameva (ama). 
Thorny, Nameva. 
Thornapple, 7l Umtuma (um). 
Thornville, n. (A village), Impu- 

tyini (im). 
Thoroughly, adv. Impela. 
Those, 'pron. Labo. 

— ^Yonder, n. Labaya. 
Thou, 'pron. Wena. 
Though, conj. Nakuba, noko. 

Thought, n. Umcamango (um), isi- 

zindhlo (isi). 
Thoughtful, a. Cabangayo. 
Thousand, a. dh n. Iiiulungwane 


— Times, Kwayinkulungwane. 
Thrash, v. Tyaya. 

— (Corn), Bula. 
Thrashing-floor, n. Igceke (i). 
Thread, v. (As a needle), Rubela. 

— n. Urala, intambo (in). 
Threadbare, a. Gugile. 
Threat, n. Usongo (ulu), isifakin- 

Threaten, V. Cupisa, fakindblwanya. 
Three, n. Isitatu (isi). 

— a. Tatu. 

— By-three (Of persons), Nga- 

Threefold, a. Katatu. 

— NooKED, a. Nezingosi ezintatu. 

— Sided, a. Nezinlilangoti ezin- 

— Valved, a. Nezivalo-ezitatu, 

Threepenny-piece, ?i. Upeni. 
Threescore, a. db n. Amashumi ayi- 

Thresh, v. Bula. 
Threshing-floor, n. Igceke (i). 

— Stick, w. Isibulo (isi). 
Threshold, n. Umnyango (um). 
Thrice, adv. Katatu. 
Thrift, n. (Gain), Inzuzo (in). 
Thriftiness, n. Ukwonga (uku). 
Thrifty, a. Ongile, ongayo, ongi- 

Thrive, v. (Be wealthy), Nota. 

— ^Increase), Kula. 

— (In cattle), Fuya. 




[Of an animal), Umminzo (um). 
fGullet), Umminzo (um). 
Neck), Intamo (in). 

— (Back of the neck), Umqala 


— ^Windpipe), Uqoqoqo. 

— ( Adam s-apple), Igilo (i). 
Throb, v. Dikiza, luta. 

— (As a painful tumour), Qaqamba, 


— (As a wound), Gquma, futa. 

— (As an injured bone), Nkenketa. 
Throne, n. Isihlalo sobukosi. 
Throng, v. Ukuti futu futu. 

— n. Isixuku (isi). 
Thronged together (To be), Ukuti 

Throttle, v. Kama. 
Throttled (To be), Qumbelana. 
Through, adv. Nga. 
Throw, v. Ponsa. 

— ^To, or at), Ponsela. 

^Away), Cita. 

^Away, as chewed imfe), Caca- 


— (Away, as a dead snake), Cupu- 


— (Down, as a wall), Bidhliza. 

— (Down with a clattering sound), 

Ukuti kahla. 

— (A stick), Jugujela. 

— (Out, as a feeler), Titinya. 

— (Off easily, as a horse ite rider), 


— (Down, as a load), Tinsila, tun- 


— ^Up, as soil), Jula. 

— (Away), Labia. 

— (Down), Wisa. 

— (Scatter), Sakaza, hlakaza. 

— (As a spear), Jujubeza, ciba. 

— (Far away, as a stick), Tywiba. 
Thrown (To be), Ponswa, ponseka. 

— Away (T6 be^, Lahleka. 

— Down (To be), Wiswa. 
Thrust, t?. (Poke), Gqula. 

— (Push), Sunduza. 

— (Into a hole), Hlohia, 

— IStab), Gwaza, juqa. 

— (Forward), Hlonloloza. 
In, as a nom), Boja. 
A stick up the anus), Jqja. 
Up, as a mole), Ukuti tuku 


— (Impel), Quba. 
Thumb, n. Isitupa (isi). 
Thump, v. Tubma. 
Thunder, v. Duma. 

— n. Ukuduma (uku). 
Thursday, n, (As on that day), 

Thus, adv, Njalo. 
Thwart, v. Jabisa. 
Thy, pron. Ako, &c. (See the Gram- 
Thyroid, n. Igilo (i). 
Thyself, pron* Uqobo Iwako. 
Tibia, n. Ummondhlo (um), imbi 

lati (im). 
Tick, n, (Insect, large), Umkaza 


— (Insect, small), Ikazane (i), iki- 

zane (i), ikalane (i). 
Ticket, n, Ikasi (i), itikiti (i). 
Tickle, v. Cumbacumba, kitakita, 

Tide, n. Idobela (i), ibuya (i). 
Tidings, n. Izindaba (izin). 
Tidiness, n, Ubunono (ubu). 
Tie, V, Tekelezela, bopa. 

-~(By a noose), Bilela. 

—(To), Bopeleia. 




— (Up, as an animal), Kiinga. 

— (Up, as a calf), Kuleka. 
Tiffin, n, Ukudhla (uku). 

— (To take), Sula umlomo. 
Tiger, n, Ingwe (in). 

—Cat, n. Indluozi (in). 
Tight, a. Qinile. 
Tighten, V. Qinisa. 
Teke, n. (Dog), Inia (in). 
Till, ». (Money-oox), Ikisana le- 


— adv, Ze. 

— V. Lima, plura. 
Tillage, n. UmUmela, ukulima 

Tiller, n. Umlimi (um). 
Tii/p, n. Upahla (ulu). 
Timber, n. Umuti (umu). 

— (Plank), Iplanke (i). 
Time, n. Isikati (isi). 

— ^Short), Isikatyana (isi). 

— (A period), Umzuzu (um). 

— ?0f old), Indulo (in). 

— (Endless), Isikati-esingapeliyo, 

kwozakube nini. 
Times, n, Izikati (izi). 
Timid, a. Esabayo. 

— (To look), Kopoza. 

— (Bashful, to be), Coyacoya. 

— Person, n. Inpapateka (in). 
Timidity, n. Uvalo (ulu). 
Timorous (To louk), Bakaza. 
Tingle, v. (As a glass), Kenceza, 

ukuti kence. 

— (As the ear), Hlokoma. 
Tinkle, v. Ncenceza. 

—(Cause to), Ncenceta. 
Tint, a. Ncinyane. 
Tip, v. (On one side, as a dish), 


— n. Isihloko (isi). 

Tipsy, a. Dakiwe. 

Tiptoe (To stand on), Cokama. 

Tire, v, Kataza. 

— n. (Of a wheel), Ibande lesondo. 
Tired, ^. Katele. 

—(To be), Katala. 
Tiresomeness, n. Isidina (isi). 
Tiro, n. Umfundi (um). 
Tithe, n. Isishumi (isi). 
Titillate, v. Tikatika, gidaza. 
Titter, v. (Grin), Sineka. 

— (Giggle), Gigiteka. 
Tittle, n. Icatyana (i). 
To, pr&p, Ku, uku. 
Toad, n. Igxogxo (i), ixoxo (i). 
Toast, v. Osa. 

— (As bread), Cocobalisa. 
Tobacco, n. Ugwai (ulu). 

— Leaves, n. (Green), Umhlamba 


— Pipe, n. Ipipi (i). 
To-day, adv. Namuhla. 
Toddle, v. Tupaza. 
Toe, n. Uzwane (ulu). 
Together, adv, Kanye. 
Toil, v. Sebenza. 
Token, n. Isiga (isi). 
Toll, v. Tyaya. 
Tomb, n. Ituna (i), iliba (ili). 
To-morrow, adv. Ngomuso. 
ToNGAAT, n. (A place), Utongati. 
Tongue, n. Ulimi (ulu). 

— (Of cattle, the tip of), Inkota 

Tonsil, n. Ilaka (i). 
Tooth, n. Izinyo (i). 

— Drawer, n, Umkipi wama- 

Toothache, n. Ubuhlungu bezinyo. 
Top, n. Isihloko (isi). 





Topic, ru Inhloko (in). 

Topple, v. Wa, dilika. 

Torch, n. Isihlanti (isi), ubaqa (ulu). 

Torment, v, Tyotyozeusa, hlupa. 

—(Tease), Fundekela. 

— n, Ukutyotyozelwa (uku), ubu- 

hlungu (ubu). 
Tormented (To be), Hlupeka, hlu- 

Torn, jo. Dabukile. 
—(To be), Dabuleka. 
Torrent, n. Isikukula (isi). 
Tortoise, n, Jfudu (ulu). 
Torture, v. Bulala. 
Toss, V. Jila, posa, ponsa. 

— ^Nod the nead), Lekusa. 

— TAs the waves), Guba. 

— (Up a child), Jujubeza, tyukuza. 

— (As a summerset), Gologoqa. 

— (The head from side to side), 


— (Agitate), Tyukuza. 
Total, n. Isinlangamso (isi). 
Totter, v. Totoba. 
Toucan, n. Umkolwane (um). 
Touch, v. Tinta, namata. 

— (Mentally^ Pata. 

— (Indecently), Putaza. 
Touchwood, n. Ibunga (i). 
Tour, n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Toward, adv. Ngaku. 
Towel, n. Iduku (i), indwarigu (in). 
Town, n. Itauini (i). 
Toy, n. Isidhlalo (isi). 

— V. Dhlala. 
Trace, v. (Follow), Lands. 

— (Mark out), Dweba. 

— 71. (Footstep), Isondo (i), um- 

kondo (um). 
Trachea, n. Uqoqoqo (ulu). 
Track, n, Umkondo(iuii). 

Tract, n. (Of country), Ilizwe (ili). 

— (Pamphlet), Incwadi (in). 
Trade, n. Intengo (in). 

— (Calling), Iminba (imi). 

— V. Rweba, tenga. 
Trader, n, Umtengi (um), umrwebi 

Trading, n, Umrwebo (um), intengo 

Tradition, n. Insumansumane (in), 

imvelo (im). 
Traducer, n. Umkobongi, umhlebi 

Traduce, v, Kobonga, hleba. 
Traffic, v. (Barter), Rwebana. 

— (Buy and sell), Tenga. 
Trail, n, (Track), Umkondo (um), 

isondo (i). 
Train, n. (Of people), Ujenga(ulu). 

— (Railway), Innqola yonmlo. 

— V. (Bring up), Ondma. 

— (The horns of cattle), Sonda. 
Traitor, n. Undimibili. 
Tramp, v. Hambahamba, dandabuza. 

— (Through mud and rain), Baxa- 


— (In slush), Bixizela. 

^Down, as turf^, Buduzela. 
Trample, v. Nyatela. 
Tranquil, a. Tulile. 
Tranquillize, v, Tulisa, dunduzela. 
Transaction, n. Umgidi (um). 
Transfer, v. Guqulela. 
Transfigure, v. Pendula ngesinye 

Transfigured (To be), Penduka 

esinye isimo. 
Transform, v, Pendula isimo. 
Transgress, v. Eqa. 
Transgressor, n. Umoni (um). 
Transgression, n. Ukweqa (uku). 





Translate, v, Kumusha. 

^Not easy to), Gwangqeka. 

—(Remove), Susa. 
Translator, n. Umkumuslii (um). 
Translation, n. Ukukumusha 

Transplant, v, Milisela. 
Transmit, v. Tumela. 
Transport, n. (Of goods), Ukututa 


— V, (Goods), Tuta. 
Transpose, v. Hlikiza. 
TRAP,n. (For birds), Inngcokovwana 


—(Large and deep), Iveku (i). 

— (For field-mice), Umwowane 


— V, (Ensnare), Tiya, cupa, baba. 
Travail, v. Kwelwa innimba, zala. 
Travel, v, Hamba. 

— (A long distance), .Gubuya. 

— n. Ukunamba (uku). 
Traveller, n. Isihambi (isi). 
Treacherous, a. Mbumbulu. 
Treachery, n. Insizambulala (in). 
Tread, v, Nyatela. 

— (Down, as a clod), Budukeza. 

— TThe female, as a bird), Beba. 

— (As mortar), Xova. 
Treasure, n, (A thing), Igugu (i). 

—(Wealth), Ukunota (uku). 
Treat, v, Pata. 

— (Kindly), Pata kahle, bonelela. 

— (Badly), Pata kabi. 

—^Harshly), Bandezela. 

—(As a doctor), Elapa. 

— (Playfully), Feketisa. 

— ?Lightly), Dumaza. 

— (Unbecomingly), Bembesela. 
Treatment, n. Ukupatwa (uku). 
Treaty, n. Uvumelano (ulu). 

Tree, n. Umuti (umuy. 
— (With red edible berries), Isi- 
gonswane (isi). 
— ^A forest), Isizaka (isi). 
— (Dried up), Isigodo (isi). 
— (Large and spreading), Isi- 
yeMelele (isi). 
— rfhomy), Umiovoti (um). 

^Used for flatulence), Umkuhlu 

— (The brances of which are laid 
upon graves), TTmlahlankosi (um). 
--(Name of), Isikalala (isi), isi- 
qalala (isi). 

—(Valuable forest), Umhlwati 

— (Tall forest tree), Umlulama 
— (Used as an emetic), Ihluze 


— TWith fine berries), Ijambe (i). 

— (Fibre-yielding), Ubazi (ulu). 

— (Name of a large), Umhlam- 

bamasi (um). 

— (With scented wood), Umtom- 

boti (um). 

— (^ame of a large), Isibondwe 


^Of rapid growth), Imbun- 

gubungwana (im). 

^Roots of which are used for 

fever), Isibara (isi). 

— (Euphorbia), Umhlonhlo (um). 

— (Used for aperient medicine), 

Umabilwana (u). 

^Name of), Umhlajilamakwaba 


— (The juice of which is used by 

baopeople), Inngaunda (in). 

— (The wood of which is used for 

striking fire), Umnovunovu (pjaa^. 




— (Large, bearing delicious fruit), 

Umganu (urn). 

— (Name of a forest), Umnqai 


— (Bearing nice berries), Umnu- 

kwe (um). 

— (Full of protuberances), Umnu- 

ngumabele (um). 

— -VName of), Umyamati (um). 

— (Tall like the aloe), Umpondo- 

nwe (um). 

— ^Fibrous), Impongozembe (im). 

— (Elephant), Umsenge (um). 

— (Cork-tree) Irolo (i). 
. — (Yellow-wood, best), Umsonti 

(um). (Abounds in the upper 


—(Yellow-wood, inferior), Um- 

koba (um). 

— (Best for firewood), Umtati 


— (With very hard wood), Um- 

nweba (um). (Grows in the Inanda 


— (Waterboem), Umdoni (um). 

(Found on the coast.) 

— (Name of a valuable), Isipam- 

bato (isi). (Grows in the Inanda 


— (With dark wood, most valuable 

for furniture, &c.), Istinkehoti (i). 

— (Tree-fern), Isikomaiie (isi). 

— Frog, n. U vete. 
Tremble, v, Tutumela, dikizela, 


— ^With anger), Qaqazela. 

— (As a boy, &c.), Bikizela. 
Trembling, n. Ukututuniela (uku), 

ukupapateka (uku). 

— Apprehension (To be in), 


Tremor (To feel), BQasimula. 

— n. (Nervous), Amatezane (ania), 

uqaqo (ulu). 
Trench, w. Umsele (um). 
Trencher, n. Isitya-somutL 
Trepan, v, Kupulula. 
Trepidation, n. Amatezane (ama). 
Trespass, v. Eqa, ona. 

— n. Isono (isi). 
Tribe, n. Isizwe (isi). 
Tribulation, n. Ukubandezelwa 

(uku), ukuhlupeka (uku). 

— (Persecution), Ukuzingelwa 

Tributary (To be), Konza. 
Tribute (To pay). Tela. 
Trick, n. Umkuba (um), ici (i) 
Trickle, v, Consa. 
Trifle, v. Dhlala. 
Trill, v. Bikizela. 
Trim, v, (Make neat), Lungisa. 

— (Clip the hair), Gunda. 

— (As a reim), Ncwela. 

— (Lop), Nquma. 

—(As meat), Cwecwa. 
Trinity, n. Utatuemunye. 
Trip, v. (Upon the feet), Ukuti 


—(Up), Kuba. 
Tripe, n, Umhlwehlwe (um), itwane 


— (Honeycomb), Ingobo (in). 
Triple, v. Gegezela. 
Triturate, v. Colisisa. 
Triumph, v. (Over, as a foe), Sasa, 

esasa nga. 
Trochanter (Major), Inyonga (in^ 

(Plur. ama.) 
Trod, p. Nyatelwe. 
Trollop, n. Ivilakazi (i). 
TuoNK, n. (Prison), Itilongo (i). 




Troop, n, (Of soldiers), Isi.caba (isi). 

— ^Of girls, bride's), Itimba (i). 

— (Of animals), Umhlambi (urn). 
Troops, n. (Mixed body of), Inblan- 

ganisela (in). 
Trot, v. Quqa. 

— fCause to), Quqisa. 

— (As a bullock), Dhledblezela. 

— n. Umquqo (um), ukuquqa 

Trouble, v, (Distress), Dabukisa. 

— (Tease), Fimdekela. 

—(Afflict), Hlupa. 

— ^Harass), Kataza. 

—(Perplex), Didakalisa. 
Troubled (To be), Katazeka, tyaba- 

tyeka, hlupeka. 

— (To be, as water), Dungeka, 

Troublesome, a, Katazayo. 

^Burdensome), Sindayo. 
Trough, n, (For pigs), Umkombe 

Trounce, v. Tjaya. kakulu. 
Trousers, n. Ibulukwe (i). 
Trudge, v. Dandabuza. 
True, a. Qinisile. 
Truly, adv. Imbala, nembala, 

ngeqiniso, kunene, kanene, tina. 
Trumpet, n, Ixilongo (i). 
Trunk, n. (Of a tree), Isigodo (isi). 

— (Of the body), Umzimba (um). 

— (Of an elephant), Umboko (um). 

— (A box^, Ikisi (i). 
Trust, v. Temba, etemba. 

— n, Itemba (i). 
Trustworthy (To be), Tembeka. 
Truth, n. Iqiniso (i), isiminya (isi). 

—(Only the truth), IsibiH (i). 
Truthful, a. Namaqiniso 
Try^ v. Linga. 


— (As a judge), Teta. 

— (As a spear), Vivinya. 
Tub, n. Umpongolo (um). 
Tube, n, Umbobo (um). 
Tuber, n, (Of the amadumbi), Isi- 

deku (isi). 
Tuck, v. Songa. 
Tuesday (As on that day)^ Ngolwe- 

Tuft, n. Umtywana (um). 
Tug, V, Donsisa. 
Tuition, n, I3kufundisa (uku). 
TuKELA, n. (River), Utukela (u). 

— (Lower drift of), Idhlokwe (i). 
Tumble, v. Wa. 

^Into or over\ Yela, eyela. 

— (As into a hole), Keleketela. 
Tumour, n. Itumba (f), iqubu (i). 
Tumult, n. Ukulukuzela (uku), um- 

sindo (um). 

— Ukuxokozela (uku). 
Tun, n, Umpongolo-omkulukazi. 
Tune (To set), HGlonza, hlabela. 
Turbulent (To be), Xokozela. 

— Person, n. Umxokozeli (um). 
Turbulence, n. Ukuxokozela (uku)t 
Turf, n. (A sod), Isisinde (isi), isi- 

dindi (isi). 
Turkey, n. UkalakunL 
Turn, v, Penduka. 

—(To), Pendukela. 

— ?Cause to), Pendula. 

— (Up, as easy soil), Vukuza. 

— (Back, as an animal), Kalima. 

— (Up, as a person), HMuka, qa- 


Back), Buya. 

The head), Ukuti ieqe. 

Up, as a wristband), Peca. 

put of the path), Cezuka. 

As the edge of a s^eaxV^^^*^^*- 





— (As people), Nqanda. 

— (The back to), Fulatela. 

— (Out, as a disorderly person), 


— (Upside down), Gumbuqela. 

^The brain), Hlanyisa. 

— (Head-over-heela), Gologoqa. 
fOut), Kipa. 

— (Out of the path), Pambuka. 

— (Away), Xotya. 

— I As the edge^, Qunda. 

— (Into a place), Pambukela, cezu- 


— (Over something disgusting), 


— (Up the sleeves), Songa. 

— (Away in anger), Tyikila. 

— (Up the posteriors rudely), Du- 


— (Down, as the leaf of a book), 


— (Round), Guqukezela. 

—(Wind), Tandela. 

— (Change colour), Fipala. 

— (As a watch-key), Suluza. 

— n. Ukupenduka (uku). 
Turned (To be), Pendulwa 

(To be, as the edge of a spear), 

Turnip, n. Igonsi labelungu. 
Turpitude, n. Ubushinga (ubu). 
Turtle, n. Ufudu lolwandhle. 
Tusk, n. Upondo (ulu). 
Tussle (To have), Kwelana, ukuti 

Tutor, n. Umfundisi (um). 
TuTTi, Kanyekanye. 
Twaddle, n. Ize (i). 

— (To talk), Bamuza. 
Tweezers n. Udhlawana (ulu). 
Twelve, a. d; n. Ishumi elinambili. 

Twenty, a. db n. Amashumi amabili. 

Twice, adv. Kabili. 

Twig, n, Igaba (i). 

Twilight, n. (Evening), Ukuswelela 


— (Dawn), Uvivi (ulu). 
Twine, v. Tandela, qokota. 

— n. Intambo (in). 
Twinkle, v. Pazima. 
Twinkling, n. Ukupazima (uku). 
Twirl, v. Ukuti tywili tywili. 
Twist, v. Pota, aluka, sonta, bija. 

— (As words), Guqukezela, tywilL 

— (As fibre), Suluza. 

— (The body in dancing), Tyibi- 

liza, piqilika. 

— (As a thing), Quzula. 

— fRoughljr), Nyaba. 

— TOut of joint), Qunsula. 

— (As an ancle), Sonta. 
Twisted (To be, as an ancleX Bijeka. 
Twitch, v, Hlwita, hlasimula. 
TwixT, prep. Pakati. 
Two, n. Isibili (isi). 

— a. Bili. 
Twofold, adv. Kabili. 
Type, n. Isibonakaliso (isi). 
Typify, v. Bonakalisa, fanekisa. 
Tyro, n. Umfundi (um). 


Udder, n. Ibele (isij. 
Ugliness, n. Ububi (ubu). 
Ugly, a. Bi. 
Ulcer, n. Isilonda (isi). 

— (Spreading), Uzokozela, 
Ulcerate, v. Mila isilonda. 




Ultimate, a. Ukupela. (See the 

Umbilical cord, n, Inkaba (in). 
Umbra, n, Itunzi (i). 
Umbrage, n, Ukuduba (uku). 
Umbrella, n. Irau lemvula. 
UMHLALi,n.(A river), Umhlab' (um). 
Umhlanqa, n. (A river), Uhlange 

Umkomanzi, w. (A river), Umko- 

mazi (lun). 
Umpire, w. Umabi (um). 
Umtwalume, n. (A river), Umtwa- 

lume (um). 
Umutta, n. (Small), Isitinti (isi). 

— TOld), Umhambakaya. 

— (Young men's), Uhayi (ulu). 
Unable, a. Ngenamandhla. 

— (Weak), Sutakataka. 
Unaccommodating practices, n. 

Izinguba (izin). 
Unaccountable, a. (Strange), Man- 

Unadvisedly, adv. Ngokupukuza. 
Unagitated, a. Tulile. 
Unanimity, n. Ubunye (ubu). 
Unanimously, adv. Ngobunye. 
Unapparent, a. Fipele. 
Unappeasable, a. Nolunya. 
Unapt, a. Ngafanele. 
Unaptness, n. Ukungafanele (uku). 
Unavailable, a. Ngenamsebenzi. 
Unawaked, a. Lele. 
Unawares, adv. Ngokuzuma. 
Unballast, v. Etula. 
Unbar, v. Susa imivalo. 
Unbecoming thing (To do), Nga- 

Unbecomingly (To treat), Bem- 

Unbend, v. (As a spring), Kwebula. 

— (Slacken), Yekezisa. 
Unbind, v. Sombulula, tukulula. 

^As oxen), Kumula. 
Unbolt, t?. Vula. 
Unbound (To be), Sombuluka. 
Unbridle, v. Kumula itome. 
Unburden, v. Etula, pungula. 
Unceasing, a. Ngapeliyo. 
Uncircumcision, n. Ukungasoki 

(uku), ijwabu (i). 
Uncivil, a. GangUe. 
Unclad, a. Ze. 
Uncle, n. (My paternal), Ubaba- 


— (Your paternal), Uyihlokazi. 

— (His paternal), Uyisekazi. 

— (My maternal), Umalume, uma- 


— (Thy maternal), Unyokolume. 

— (His maternal), Uninalume. 
Unclean, a. Ncolile. 

— fTo be), Ncola. 

^To make), Ncolisa. 
Uncleanness, n. Ukimcola (uku). 

—{Moral), Ububeva (ubu). 
Unclose, v. Vula. 
Unclouded, a. Cwebile. 
Unclutch, v. Vula, penya, ambula. 
Uncoil, v. Sombulula. 
Uncomfortable (To be), Roba. 
Uncommon, a. Qamile, hie. 
Unconfined, a. Ngenamkaulo. 
Unconquerable, a. Ngahlulekile. 
Unconsciously (To act), Hlonza, 

Uncork, v. Vumbulula. 
Uncover, v. Sibukula. 
Uncreated a. Ngenziwe. 
Unction, n. Amafuta (ama). 
Undaunted, a. Nokalipo, neaibindL 
Unbegib^y> (^Q \i<^^ Y^i^ V^'^. 




Under, prep. Pansi, ngapansL 
Underbear, V, Sekela. 
Underbearer, n. (As of a coflSn), 

Umsekeli, umtwali (um). 
Underdone, a. Luhlaza, gungubele. 

— (To be), Gunya, gimgubala. 
Underfoot, adv, Pansi, ngapansi 

Undergo, v. Bekezela, ezwa. 
Underhand, adv. Ngasese. 
Underling, n. Isigqila (isi). 
Undermine, v. (Excavate), Emba 

Underneath, adv. Ngapansi. 
Undersized (To be), Batya. 
Understand, v. Qika, azi, ezwa, 

Understandable, a. Qondekile. 
Understanding, n, (Intellect), In- 

qondo (in). 

— (Knowledge), Ukwazi (uku). 

— Person, n. Isazi (isi). 
Undertake, v. Enza. 
Undertaker, n. Umenzi (um). 

— (Of funerals), Umpati woku- 

mbela abafileyo. 
Undisturbed, a. Tulile, cwebile. 
Undivulged, a. Fihliwe. 
Undo, v. Kumula, qaqulula. 
Undone (To be, as a knot), Nyi- 

Undress, v. Kumula izingubo. 
Undulate, v. Yapaceka, yaca- 

Undulation, w. Ukuyapaceka, uku- 

yacazeka (uku). 
Uneasiness, n. Isitukutuku (isi). 
Uneasy (To be), Roba. 
Uneatable, a, Ngenakudhliwa. 
Unexcited, a. TuEle. 
Unfair, a. Ngalungile, 

Unfasten, v, Vula, sombulula, ku- 

— (As a string), Tukulula. 
Unfeeling, a. Nolunya, lukuni. 
Unfinished thing, n, Isigece (isi). 
Unfit, a. Ngafanele. 
Unforeseen, a. Ngaboniwe. 
Unfortunate, a. iNobulima, bulima. 

— Person, n. Isilima (isi). 
Unfold, v. (Open), Ambula, penya. 

— ^Unroll), Sombulula. 

—(As a story), Penyela. 

— ^Display), Bonisa. 

—(Reveal), Veza. 
Ungodly, a. Kohlakele, bi,shingavo. 
Ungratefully (To treat), Bembe 

Unguent, n. Amafuta (ama). 
Unhappiness, n. Usizi (ulu). 
Unhappy, a. Nosizi. 
Unhealthily, adv, Ngokungena- 

Unhealthy, a. Ngenakupila. 
Uninhabited country, 7i.Ililane(i). 
Unintbi ligibly (To speak), Kwi- 

tiza, ukuti kwiti. 
Union, n. Inhlangano (in). 
Unite, v. Hlanganisa. 

— (In marriage), Bandakanyisa. 
Unity, n, Ubunye (ubu), inhlaii* 

gano (in). 
Unkind, a. Nolunya. 
Unkindness, n. Ulimya (ulu). 
Unknit, v. Qaqa. 
Unless, adv. Kungeso. 
Unload, v. Etula, pungula. 
Unloose, v. Kulula, kumula, tuku- 
lula, qaqulula. 
Unlucky, a. Nesisila. 
Unmanageable (To be), Gwang- 





Unmeet, a, Ngafanele. 
Unmannerly person, n. Isipanga- 

buli (isi). 
Unmerciful, a, Nolunya. 
Unpleasant (To be, as the mouth), 


— (To make), Tuna. 
Unpliant, a. Lukuni. 
Unprincipled person, ». Inyala- 

nyala (i), ityakoti (i). 
Unquiet, n. (Unsettled), Yaluzile. 

— (As one in pain), NyakazUe. 
Unravel, v. Sombulula. 
Unravelled (To be), Sombuluka, 

• Unrip, v, Qaqa, qaqulula. 
Unripe, a. Luhlaza. 

— Fruit, n. Igwanya (i). 

— ^FiQS, n. Umpobo (um). 
Unripped (To be), Qaquluka. 
Unroot, v. Sipula, domula. 
Unroll, v. Sombulula. 
Unrolled (To be), Sombuluka, son- 

Unseam, v. Qaqa. 
Unseat, v. Kipa esihlalweni. 
Unsettled (To be), Tyoba. 
Unshackle, v. Kulula. 
Unsociable woman, n, Innjinga 

Unsociability, n. Imidhlo (imi). 
Unsound, a. (Defective), Putayo. 

^Rotten), Bolile. 

— (Cracked), Nolufa. 
Unstable (To be), Zengazenga. 
Unstop, v. Vumbulula. 
Unsuitable, a. Ngafanele. 
Untie, v. Tukulula, kumula, 
Until, adv. Ze. 
Untoward, a. Dondayo. 
Untractable, a. Dondayo. 

Untrue, a, Namanga. 
Untruth, n. Amanga (ama). 
Untwine, v. Sombulula, qaqa. 
Unwilling (To be), Ala, enqena, 

Unwillingness, n. Ukwala (uku). 

— (As of a calf to suck), Unemfu 

Unwind, v. Tandulula. 
Unwise, a. Pukuzile. 
Unwound (To be), Tanduluka. 
Unworthy, a. Ngafanele. 
Unwrap, v. Sombulula, ambula. 
Unyoke, v. Kumu?a. 
Up, adv. (High), Pezulu. 

—(To get), Vuka. 

— (Oo), Kupuka. 

— (To climb), Kwela. 

—(Set), Misa. 

To lift), Fukula, pakamisa. 
Up, as weeds), Siptila, domula. 

— (To take), Nyusa. 

—(Up to this time), Eminaloku. 

— (Grow up), Mila, kula. 

— tnterj, Sukuma ! 
Upbraid, v. Jezisa, jakada. 
Upbr AIDER, n. Umjezisi (um), um* 

jakadi (um). 
Uphold, v, Sekela, pasa. 
Upholder, n. Umsekeli (um). 
Upland, n. Inkangala (in). 
Uplift, v. Fukula, pakamisa. 
Upon, prep. Pezu. 
Upright, a. Qoto, lungile. 

— (To be, as a post), Ukuti nqo. 

— Person, n. Umqoto (um). 
Uprightness, n. Isiqondo (isi). 
Uproar, n. Umsindo (um;. 
Upset, v. Wisa, gumbuqela. 
Upshot, n. (Of a matter), Innqindi 





Upstand, v. Sukuma. 
Upstart, v. Vuka. 
Upswell, v. Kukumala, qumba. 
Upwards, adv. Enhla. 
Urge, v. (Incite), Duda. 

- -(Impel). Qiiba. 

— fDrive forwards), Qubela. 

— (Push), Sunduza. 
Urine, n. Umtyobingo (um), um- 

tondo (um). 

— (To void), Tyobinga. 
Us, pron. Tina, si. 
Usage, n. Imvelo (im), umkuba 

Use, v. Pata. 

— (Many words), Zenga. 
Use, n. Umsebenzi (um). 
Used to (To be), Jwayela. 
Useful, a. Nomsebenzi. 
Useless, a. Ngenamsebenzi. 
Uselessly, adv. Ngeze. 
Uys Doorns, n. (A village), Impu- 

tyini (im). 
Uterus, w. Isisu (isi). 

— (Pelvis), Iroro (i). 
Utility, n. (Advantage), Inzuzo (in). 
Utilize, v. Sebenzisa. 
Utterly, adv. Impela. 
Uttermost, a. Sekupeleni. 
Utywala, n. (Not strained), Isihu- 

luhulu (isi). 


Vacancy, n. (Space), Umkati (um). 

— (Office), Indawo (in). 
Vacant, a. Ze. 
Vacate, v. Shiya. 
Vaccinate, v, Gcaba, zaula. 

Vaccination, n, Ukugcaba (uku), 

ukuzaula (uku). 
Vaccinator, w. Innyanga yoku- 

gcaba, &c. 
Vacillate, v. Zulazula, tengatenga. 
Vacillation, n. Ukuzulazula, uku- 

Vacuum, n. Umkati (um). 
Vade-mecum, n. Hamba-sihambe. 
Vagabond, w. Umziilu (um), um- 

ndindi (um). 
Vagary, n, Ukweduka, ukulahleka 

Vail, n. Umlenga, umlengalenga 

Vain, a. Neze, okuyize. 

— (To be), Zidhla, qenya. 
Vainglory, n. Ukuqenya, ukuzidhla 

Valet, n. Insila (in), inceku (in). 
Valiant, a. Nokalipo, nesibindi. 
Valiantly, adv. Ngokalipo. 
Valise, w. Isikwama (isi^. 
Valley, n. Isikumbu (isi), isigodi 

Valour, n. Ubuqawe (ubu). 
Value, v. Buka. 
Valuable, a. Nqabile. 

— Thing, n. Igugu (i). 
Valve, n. Isisibekelo (isi). 
Van, n. (Of an army), Imilomo (imi). 
Vanish, v. Nyamalala. 
Vanity, n. Ubuze (ubu). 
Vanquish, v. Nqoba, ablula. 
Vanquisher, n. Umnqobi (um). 
Vapid, a. Dumele. 

— (To be), Dumala, duma. 
Vapour, n. (Mist), Inkungu (in). 

— (Steam), Umusi (unm). 

— (Morning fog), Inkwezane (in). 
Verandah, n. (Long), Urume (ulu). 




Variable, a. Pendukayo. 
Variation, n, (Change), ITkupen- 

duka (uku). 

— (Deviation), n. Ukupambuka 

Vary, v, Pendula. 
Vassal, n. Umkonzi (um). 
Vast, a. Kulu. 
Vat, n, Umpongolo (um). 
Vaunt, v. Kuluma iwawa, zibabaza, 

Vaunter,w. Umzibabazi, umzidumisi 

Veal, n. Inyama yenkonyana. 
Vegetable, w. (Kind o^, Isipolu- 

Iwane (isi). 

— Garden, n. (Small),' Isife (isi). 
Vegetables, w. Imifino (imi), imi- 

libo (imi). 

— (Cold), Isipolela (isi). 
Vegetate, v, Hluma, mila. 
Vehicle, n. Inqola (in). 
Veil, v, (As the face), Gubuzela. 

— (Cause toi Gubuzelisa. 

— n, (Lady s), Ulembu Iwobuso 

Vein, n, (Of the body), Umtambo 

Velocity, n. Ubelo (ulu), ijubane (i). 
Vend, v, Tengisa. 
Venerate, v. Dumisa. 
Venereal disease, n. Isimpantyolo 

(isi), uzabumbe. 
Vengeance, n. Umpindiso (um). 
Venison, n. Inyama yenyamazana. 
Venom, n, Ubuhlungu (ubu), ubuti 

Vent, w. Imbobo (im). 
Ventricle, n. Inkoto yenhliziyo. 
Venture, v. Linga. 
Verbose, a, Zekelele. 

Verdure, n. Okuluhlaza. 
Veracity, n. Ubuqiniso (ubu). 
Verge, n. (Brink), Ungqengqe 

Verify, v. Qinisa. 

Verily, adv, Ngeqiniso, ngenyaniso. 
Verity, w. Iqiniso (i), amaqiniso 

Vermifuge, n. Umuti wezilo. 
Vermin, n. Izilwanyana (izi). 
VERTEBRiE, n. Umhlonzo (um), um- 


— (Of an animal), Isixanti (isi). 
Vertical (To be), Ukuti nqo. 
Vertigo, w. Isizunguzane (isi), isi- 

zululwane (isi). 
Very often, adv, Futifuti. 

— Great, a. Kulu kakulu. 

— Little, n, (Of anything), Ihe- 

tyezana (i). 
Verulam, w. (Town), Umdhloti (um). 
Vessel, n, Isitya (isi). 
Vest, n. Ibantyana (i). 
Vestibule, n. Iguma (i). 
Vestige, n, (Track), Umkondo (um). 
Veto, w. Ukwala (uku). 
Vex, v. (Make angiy), Tukutelisa. 

— (Annoy), Cunula, kataza. 

— (Torment), Hlupa. 

— (One another), Hlupana. 
Vexation, n. Inkatazo (in). 
Vexatious, a. Katazayo. 
Vexed (To be), Hlupeka, katazeka 
Vial, n. Igaba (i). 
Vibrate, v.Dikiza, zamazama, ukuti 

diki diki. 

— (As the lips), Nyeuzela, ukuti 

Vibration, n. Ukudikizela (uku). 
Vicarious, a. Esikundhleni. 
Vice, n. Isono (id). 




— (An instrument), Isibambo (isi), 

udhlau (ulu). 
Vicious, a. Bi, koblakele. 

—Person, n. Ityakoti (i). 
Vicinity, n. Ubeduze (ubu). 
Vicissitude, n, Ukupenduka, uku- 

guquka (uku). 
Victim, n (Sacrifice), Ibongile (i), 

umhlatyelo (nm), umhlatyelwa 

Victor, n. Umnqobi, umahluli 

Victory, n, Isinqobo (isi). 
Victuals, n. Ukudhla (uku). 
Vie, V, (With one another), Nciti- 

View, v. Buka, kangela. 

— n. Isibonakalo (isi). 
Vigilance, n. Ukuxwaya (nku), 

ukuqapela (uku). 
Vigilant, o. Xwayayo, qapelayo, 

Vigour, n. Amandhla (ama). 
Vile, a. Bi. 

—Person, n. Ishinga (i). 
Vilely (To act), Shinga. 
Vileness, n. Ububi (ubu). 
Vilify, v, Hleba, baceka. 
Village, n. Umuzi,umuzana(umu). 
Villain, n. Umtakati (um). 
Villainy, n. Ubutakati (ubu). 
ViLLOSE, a. Noboya. 
Vindicate, v. Pikela. 
Vindication, n. Ukupikela (uku). 
Vindictive, a. Pindisayo. 
Vine, n. (Wild), Isinwazi (isi). 
Vinegar, w. Umunyu (umu). 
Vineyard, n. Isivini (isi). 
Violate, v. Ona. 

— (As a law), Eqa umteto 

—(Deflower), Boboza. 

Violence, n, tJbupoxo (ubu), in- 

dhluzula (in), ubugunyagunyana 


— (Of temper), Ubujaka (ubu). 
Violent person, n. Isiruzu (isi), 

isidhlova (isi). 
Viper, Inyoka (in). 
Virgin, n, Intombi (in). 
Virility, n. Ubudoda (ubu). 
Virtue, n. Ukulunga (uku). 
Virtuous, a. Lungile. 

— Man, n. Isibemba (isi). 

— (To be), Lunga. 
Virus, n. Ubuti (ubu). 
Visage, n, Ubuso (ubu). 
Viscera, n, Amatumbu (ama). 
Viscid, a. Nenhlaka, nafunayo. 

— Thing, n. Iteketeke (i). 
Viscous (To be), Nafuna. 

— Material, n, (For headrings), 

Imbumbezela (im). 
Visible, a, Bonakele. 

— (To be), Bonakala. 
Vision, n, Isibonakaliso (isi), um- 

boniso (um). 
Visit, v. Tekela. 

— (One another), Hambelana. 

— n. Isitekelo (isi). 
Visitor, n. Umtekeli (um). 
Vitiate, v. Onakalisa. 
Vituperate, v. Sola, jezisa. 
Vivacious, a. Kalipile. 
Vivaciously, adv. Ngokukalipa. 
Vivacity, n. Ukukalipa (uku). 
Vivify, v. Zwisa, pilisa. 
Vixen, n. Indhlondhlokazi (in). 
Viva-voce, Ngokukuluma. 
Viz., adv. Ukuti. 
Vocation, n. Imiriba (imi). 
Vociferate, v. Memeza. 
Vociferation,?!. Ukumemeza (uku). 




Voice, n. Izwi (i). 

Void, v. (An excrement), Nya, ruda. 

— (Water), Tunda, cama. 
Volition, n. Ukuvuma (uku). 
Volley,' n. (Of spears), Itala (i). 
Voluble, a. (Of speech), Qapuzayo. 
Volume, n. (Book), Incwadi (in). 
Voluntarily, adv. Ngokuvuma. 
Volunteer, n. Ovuma ngokwake. 

— (Soldier), Ikamgedhlela (i). 
Vomit, v. Hlanza. 

— (Violently), Giligiqa. 
Vomitive, a. Hlanzisayo. 
Voracious, a. Rulazayo. 

—(To be), Rulaza, rara. 

— Person, w. Umrari (um), isi- 

rula (isi). 
Voracity, n. Ukurara, ukurulaza 

Vortex, n. Isizulu (isi). 
Vouch, v. (Declare), Tyo. 

— (Attest), Fakaza. 
Voucher, n. (Document), Incwadi 

Vow, V. Tembisa. 

— n. Isitembiso (isi). 
Vulture, n. Inqe (i). Flur. amanqe 



Waddle, v. Badazela. 

Wade, v. (Ford a river), Wela, ukuti 


— (In deep water), Gubuza. 
Wafer, n. Ugcwegcwana. 
Waft, v. fFloat), Ntanta. 
Wag, v. (As a dog its tail), Bunga- 


Wages, n. Inkokelo (in), umvuzo 

Wager, n. Isibekelano (isi). 
Wagon, n. Inqola (in). 

— Road, n. Umgwaqo (um). 

— Driver, n. Umtyayeli (um). 
Wagtail, w. Umvemve (um), um- 

vembe (um). 

— (Sort of), Umngcelu (um). 
Wail, v, Kal8^ lila. 

— (Loudly), Bangalasa. 
Wailing, n, Isililo (isi). 
Waist, n. Tguma (i). ? 
Waistcoat, n. Ibantyana (i). 
Wait, v. Sala. 

—(For), Hlalela. 

— (Upon), Konza 

— (Attend a chief), Ota. 

— (To lie in), Qapa, qapela. 

— (For, as game), Qamela. 

— (Watch), Linda. 
Waiter, n. Isikonzi (isi). 
Waiting-maid, n. Incekukazi (in). 
Waive, v. (Relinquish), Dela. 
Waived, p, Deliwe. 
Wake, v, (From sleep), Vuka, pa- 


— (Rouse from sleep), Vusa, pa- 


— n. ITkulinda isidumbu somuntu. 
Wale, v. Xatula. 

— 71. (On the body), Umvimbo 

Walk, v. Hamba. 

— (To meet another), Hlangabeza. 

— (As a fat person), Tvupuzela. 

— (Slowly), Totoba, ukuti catu. 

— (On the edge of a precipice), 


— (Quickly), Kabuzela, ukuti kabu 





— (Througli long grass), Dofuza, 
hlwatiza, ukuti nlwati. 

- -(For exercise), Vagatya. 

— (With a stick), Simelela, dondo- 


— (Gracefully), Tubuzela. 

— ^Behind), Landela. 

—(Walk with), Hambana na. 

— (With the legs wide apart), 

Xamalaza. * 

— (As one conscious of guilt), 


— (Out of the path), Duka, eduka. 

— (As a tall person), Qwaizela. 

— (Limp), Nyongoza. 

— feebly, as an invalid), Penuka. 

— (Through mud and rain), 


— (In the dark), Dukuza. 

— (A long distance^, Dandabuza, 


— ^Elegantly), Ntenteleza. 

—(As a drunkard), Badazela. 

— (As a man weary), Ndivaza. 

—(With the hands swinging 

loosely), Wabazela. 

— (Like a duck), Badazela. 

— (Wamble), Bwacazela. 

— n. Ukuhamba (uku). 
Walkable (To be), Hambeka. 
Walker, w. Isihambi (isi), umhambi 


— (Fast), Ikabukabu (i). 
Walking-stick, n. Udondolo (ulu), 

induku (in), umgqogqozo, uzime 

Wall, n. Udonga (ulu), ugange 


— Eyed- PERSON, n. Intyozi (in). 
Wallet, n. Isikwama (isi). 
Wallow, v. Bukuzeka, qanjaqanja. 

— (As a pig), Hlikihlika, hlaku- 

Wamble, v, Bwacazela. 
Wan, a. Fipele, gqunqile. 
Wand, n. Uluti (ulu). 
Wander, v, (Go astray), Eduka, 


— (Cause to), Edukisa. 

— (Roam), Zula. ndinda. 

— (About like one mad), 


— (About in speech), Ndiyaza. 

— (About from place to place), 

Tyaluza, tyanga. 
Wanderer, w. tJmhambuma (um), 

umndindi (um). 

— (A fugitive), Umbaleki (um), 

umpongqolo (um). 
Wane, v. Sinya, ncipa. 
Wanness, n, Ukugqunqa, ukuiipala 

Want, v. Funa. 

— (Need), Dinga, swela, ntula. 

— (Long for very much), Langa- 


—(Fail), Puta. 

— (Desire), Kanuka, fisa. 

— n. (Need), Ukudinga (uku), 

ukuswela (uku). 

— (Poverty), Ubumpofu (ubu), 

ububunce (ubu). 
Wanton, n. Isibeva (isi). 

— (To be), Dalazela. 
War, n. Ukulwa (uku). 

— (To prepare for), Hlomela. 

— (To go out to), Hlasela. 

— Shield, n. Isihlangu (isi). 
Warble, v. Bikizela ngelizwi. 
Ward, v, (Fend off), Vika, goqa, 


— (Guard), Linda. 




— (Act of guarding), Ukulinda 

Warden, n. Umlindi (um). 

— (Guardian), Umondhli (um). 
Warder, n, Umlindi (um). 
WardrcJbe, n. Izingubo zomuntu. 
Wares, w. Izimpahla zokuteugwa. 
Warfare, n. Ukulwa (uku). 
Warily, adv. Ngokuxwaya. 
Wariness, n. Ukuxwaya (uku). 
Warm, a. Fudumele. 

— fTo be), Fudumala. 

— (To make), Fudumalisa. 

— V. (As water), Fudumeza. 

— (One's-selfJ, Ota. 
Warmth, n. Ukufudumala (uku). 
Warn, v. Yala, xwayisa. 

— (Vehemently), Isiyalo (isi), 

umxwayiso (um). 
Warped, p, (Twisted), Sontekile. 

— (To be), Sonteka. 
Warrior, n. Ibuto (i), iqawe (i), 

iqawekulu (i). 
Wart, n, Insumpa (in). 
Wash, v. Hlanza, geza. 

-^(Witb the hand), Ukuti buxu- 


— ^Help to), Gezisa. 

— (Thoroughly), Gezisisa. 

—(The mouth), Hlukuhla. 
Washboard, n. Iplanke lokugeza. 
Washed (Well, to be), Geziseka. 
Washtub, n. Umpongolo wokiigeza. 
Wasp, n. Umnyovu (um), umuvi 

Waste, v. Cita. 

Wasted (To be), Citeka, citakala. 
Waster, n. Umciti (um). 
Wasteful, a. Citayo. | 

Wastefully, adv. Ngokucita. i 

Watch, n. Umlindo (um). » 

— (Timepiece), Ilanga lesikwama. 

— V. Linda. 

— ^As one another's word8),Cupana. 

— (As a spy), Hlola. 

— (As a cat), Qapa. 
Watcher, n. Umlindi (um). 
Watchfulness, n. Ukulinda (uku). 

— (Vigilance), Ukuxwaya (uku). 
Watchhut, n. Ixiba (i). 
WATCHMAKER,n.Umenzi wamalanga. 
Watchman, n, Umvagatyi (um), 

umlindi (um). 
Water, n. Amanzi (ama). 

— (Of childbirth), I&impaza (isi), 

isincapa (isi). 

— ^Deep place in), Igumbe (i). 

—(Brackish), Umtata (um), um- 

jimbilili (um). 

— Fly, n. Inhlabamakwelo (in), 

imfundamakwelo (im). 

— Flood, n. Uzamcolo. 

— Lily, n, Izibu (i). 

— Melon, n, Ibece (i). 

— „ (Ofwhitepeople),Ikabe(i). 

— Pool, n. Icibi (i). 

— Snake, n. Ivuzamanzi (i). 
Waterboem, n. (A tree), Umdoiii 

Waterfall, n. Impopomo (im). 
Waterflag, w. Ibuma (i), Ikwane 

Watershed, n, Ukalo (ulu). 

Watery, a. Manzi. 

Wattle, v. Pinga, pica. 

— n. Utingo (ulu), upico (uhi). 
Wave, v. (As a flag), Pepezela, ukuti 


— (Beckon), Qweba. 

—(Be unsettled), Nyakaza, zen- 

gazenga, tenga. 

— (The hand), Punga. 




— n. TAs of the sea), Idhlambi (i), 

iliza (ili). 
— (To move as), Yacazek% yapa- 

Waver, v. Nyakaza, zengazenga. 
Wavering (To be), Ngabaza. 
Wax, n, (Of the ear), Isigonogono 


— (Of bees), Isikupa (isi). 
Way, n. (Path), Indnlela (in). 

— (Method), Umkuba (um). 

— (A long distance), Ibanga (i). 

— (A short distance), Umkatyana 

Wayfarer, n, Isihambi (isi). 
Waylay, v. Lalela. 
We, pron. Tina, si. 
Weak, a. Butakataka. 

— Minded person, n. Isituniinu 


— Spirited person, n. Itotolo (i). 
Weaken, v. Tambisa. 
Weakness, n. Ubutakataka (ubu). 

— (Of mind), Ubutotolo (nbu). 

— (Of the knee), Intolo (in). 
Weal, v. Xatula. 

— n. Umvimbo (um). 
Wealth, n. Ubuncwaba (ubu), uku- 

nota (uku). 
Wealthy, a. Notile. 

—(To be), Nota. 

— (To be, in live stock), Fuya. 

— Person, n. Uncwaba (u). 
Wean, v. Lumula. 
Weapons, n. Izikali (isi). 
Wear, v. (As civilized clothes), 


— f As a blanket), Ambata. 

— (As ornaments), Vunula. 

— (Impair), Ona. 

— (Consume), Dhla. 

— (By friction), Gudhla. 
Weariness, n. Ukukatala (uku). 
Wearisome (To be), Dinika. 
Weary, a. Katele. 

— V, Kataza. 

— ^One another), Katazana. 

— (To be), Katala, dinwa. 
Weasand, n. Uqoqoqo. 
Weasel, w.Ucakide, ubotyobana (u), 


— ^Kind of), Inyengelezi (i). 

—iSmall kind of), Ingangakazana 


— (Sort of), Umvuzi (um). 
Weather, n, Izulu (i). 

— (Cold), Amakaza (ama). 

— (Sultry), Isigudumezi (isi). 
Weave, ». Aluka. 

— (Together carefully), Alukanisa. 
Weaver, w. Umaluki (um). 
Web, n, ^Spider's), Ulembu (ulu). 
Wed, v. (As a girl does), Gana. 

— (As a man does), Ganwa. 
Wedding, n, Ukucanguza (uku), 

ukugcagcaka (uku). 

— Dance, n. Umsindo (um). 

— (People met for), Ijadu (i). 

— Party, n. Umtimba (um). 
Wedge, n. Ucezu (ulu). 
Wednesday, n, (As on), Ngolwesi- 

Wee, a. Ncinyane. 
Weed, v. Hlakula. 

— (Cause to), Hlakulisa. 

— (Carelessly), Nyanyalaza. 
—71. Ukula (ulu). 

— (Name of), Isinama (isi). 
Weeding, n. Ukuhlakula (uku). 

— Stick, n. Uhlakulo (ulu). 
Weeds, n. (On the bank of a river) 

Icibizi (i). 




Week, n. Isonto (i). 

Weekly, adv. Ngamasonto onke. 

Ween, v. Ti, camanga. 

Weenen, n. (A town), Umtyezi (um). 

Weep, v, Lila, kala. 

— (With a sniffing noise), Kicileka. 
Weeping, n. UkulSa (uku). 
Weevil, w. Imbovanc (im), isindu- 

ndundu (isi). 
Weigh, v, Linganisa. 

-^Ponder), Zindhla, cabanga, 

Weight, n. Isisindo (isi), ubunzima 


—-(Influence), Ingazi (in), isitunzi 

Weighty, a. Nzima. 

—(To be), Sinda. 
Welcome, v. Takazela. 

— interj. Halala ! 

— n. Ukutakazela (uku). 
Welfare, n. Intokozo (in). 
Well, adv, Kahle. 

— 71. (A fountain), Umtombo (um)» 

— a. Piliie. 

— ^Not amiss), Lungile. 

— (Not defective), Pelele. 

^To be), Pila. 

— (To be, after sickness), Lulama. 

— Beloved, a. Tandiwe kakulu. 

— Dressed person, n, Itonqa, 

itonqana (i). 

— Known (To be), Duma. 
Wen, n. Isiboko (isi). 
Wept, p, Lile. 
West, n, Intyonalanga (in). 

—Wind, n. Ityisandhlu (i). 
Wet, a. Manzi, netile. 

^With mud or rain), Mbaxa- 


— V. Netisa. 

—(To be), Neta. 
Wether, n. Umtondolo (um). 
Whale, n. Umkomo (um). 
What, pron. Pi ? ni ? 

^By what), Nganina ? 

— News? Ontoni? 

— Is IT ? Kuyini ? 

— Sort op, Njani ? 
Wheat, tu Ukolweni. 
Wheedle, v. Ncenga. 
Wheel, n, Isondo (i). 
Wheezing sound (To make), Ndo- 

Whelp, n. lundhlu (i). 
When, adv, Mzolo, mzukwana, 

manxa, zolwana, nxa, inxa, nxa- 

tyana, ninina ? 
Whence, adv, Ngapina ? 
Where, adv. Pi, nxyipi ? 

— Is he ? Upina ] 
Whereas, adv. Kanti, ingati, loku- 

pela ingantinjalo. 
Wherefore, adv, Ngako, ngakona. 
Whet, v, Lola, gudhla. 
Whether, adv. Kuko, nakuba, noma. 

— Op-the-two, Kupina ] 
Whetstone, n. Umlolwazi (um). 
Whey, n, Umlaza (um). 

— (To show on the surface), Hloba. 
Which, pron. Pi? (Ex. Umupi 

umuntu? which is the person J 

Yikupi okwami ? which is mine ?) 
Whiff, v. Pefuza. 

~w. (Of something burning), 

Usana (ulu). 
While, n. (A little),Umkatyana (um). 

— adv, Ingati. 
Whimper, v. Lila. 
Whine, v. Bubula. 
Whinny, v, Kala. 
Whip, v, Tyaya. 




— (As a child with a switch), Twi- 


— n. Isiswepo (isi). 

— (Short, for horses), Isampokwe 


— Stick, n. Uqalo (ulu), uluti (ulu). 
Whip-poor-will, ri. Upezukwom- 

Whipper, n. Umtyayeli (um\ 
Whipping, n. Ukutyayela (uku). 
Whirl, n. Isizululwane (isi). 

— (Of water), Isizulu (isi). 
Whirlpool, n. Isiyaluyalu (isi). 
Whirlwind, n, Isivunguvungu (isi), 

isikwityikwityi (isi). 
Whisk, n. Umtyanelwana (um). 
Whiskers, n. Uburwanqa (ubu). 

— ^Person with), Irwanqa (i). 

— (Of a cat), Izindevu (izin). 
Whimper, v. Nyenyeza. 

— n. Ukunyenyeza (uku). 
Whisperer, n. Umnyenyezi (um). 
Whistle, v. Hlaba ikwelo. 

— (To dogs), Bibizela. 

— 71. (Sort of reed), Ivenge (i). 
Whistling, n. Ikwelo (i), umlozi 

Whit, n. (A point), Icatyana (i). 
White, a. Mhlope. 

—(Rather), Mhlotyana. 

— (To be),Ukuti ndwe, ukuti qwa, 

ukuti twa, ukuti qwaka. 

— (To be, as flowers), Ukuti qaka. 

— Man, n. Umlungu (um). 

— „ (With a gruff voice), Ibebe- 

be ^i). 

— >j ation, n. Isilungu (isi). 

— Star, n. (On an ox's forehead), 

Indonya (in). 

— Stone, n. (That gives fire), 

Igcaki (i^ 

—War-shield, n, Isihlangu som- 


— Woman, n. Umlungukazi (um). 
Whiten, v, Enza mhlope. 
Whitewash, n. Umgcako (um). 

— V. Gcaka. 

— (Help to, &c.), Gcakisa. 
Whither, adv. Ngapina. 
Whitlow, n. Isilonda (isi). 
Whittle, v. Ncwela, baza ngomese. 
Whizzing-sound, n. Ubugwigwig>\i 


— (To make), Mbimbiza. 
Who, pron. Bani. 
Whole, a, Onke. 

— 71. (Of a day), Umdumbu (um) 

— (The whole), Ukupela. 
Wholly, adv. Isibili (isi). 
Whoop, v. Memeza. 
Whore, n. Isiropo (isi), isifebe (isi). 
Whoredom, n. tJburopo (ubu), ubu- 

febe (ubu). 
Why, adv. Nganina ? yinina ? 

— Then, adv. Po ke 1 ini po ? po 


— Actually, adv. Inganti, ingani. 
Wick, n. (Of a candle), Ummongo 

Wicked, a. Shingayo, kohlakele. 

— (To be), Shinga, ona. 
Wickedly (To do), Shinga. 
Wickedness, n. Ubushinga (ubu), 

ububi (ubu^. 
Wicket, n. (A gate), Isango (i). 
Wide, a. Banzi. 
Widen, v. Enza banzi. 
Wideness, n. Ububanzi (ubu). 
Widow, n. Umfelokazi (um), ica- 

kazi (i). 

— (Going to be married), Idikazi(i). 

— (Young), Injuba (in). 




"Widower, n. Umfelwa umfuzi. 
Widowhood, n. Ubufelokazi (ubu). 
Width, n, Ububanzi (ubu). 
Wife, n, Umfezi (um), umka 


— (A young), Umakoti. 

— (My), Umkami (um). 

~(Thy), Umkako (um). 

— (His), Umkake (um). 

— (The chief), Inkosikazi (in). 

— (Of an official messenger), In- 

xusakazi (in). 

— (A scolding), Inndhlondhlo (in). 
Wife's (Father), Umkwe (um). 

— (Mother), Umkwekazi (um). 

— (Brother), Umkwenya (um), 

Umlamu (um). 

—(Father's people), Ubukwe 

(ubuV ikwe (i). 
Wild (To become), Hlubuka. 

— Cat, n. Imbodhla (im). 

— „ (Kind of), Impaka (im). 

— Fellow, n. Icwensa (i). 
Wilderness, n. Ihlane (i). 
Wile, n. Icebo (i). 
Wilfully, adv. Ngamabomu. 
Wilfulness, n. Amabomu (ama) 
WiLiLY, adv. Ngamacebo. 
Will, v. Tanda. 

— n. Intando (in). 

— (Testament), Uvumelano (ulu) 
Willing, a. Vumayo. 

— (To be), Vuma. 
Willingly, adv. Ngokuvuma. 
Willow, n. Umyezane (um). 
Wily-person, n. Iqili (i). 
Win, v. (Gain), Zuza. 

— (As a victory), Nqoba, ahlula. 
Wince, v. Yayatefca, yobayoba. 
Wind, n. Umoya. 

— (Hot), Inyakato (in). 

— (A gale), laivunguvungu (isi), 

isipepo (isi). 

— (Cold), Intyongolo (in). 

— (North), Inyakato (in). 

— (North-west), Ityisandhlu (i), 

iseula (isi). 

— (South-west), Inhlengetwa (in). 

— (East), Umzansi (um). 

— (South), Inningizimu (in). 

— (To rumble as), Xuxuzela. 
Wind, v. Tandela. 

^(Up a watch), Suluza. 
Winding, n. Insongensonge (in). 

— (Of a river), Insonge (in). 
Window, n. Ifenstile, isibuko (isi). 
Windpipe, n, Uqoqoqo lulu), ubo- 

Wine, n. Iwaini (i). 
Wing, n. (Of a bird or army), Ipiko 

(i), udhlau (ulu). 

—(To flap), Wabazela. 

— (Of an army), Umkono (um). 

— Feather, n. Igubela (i). 
Wink, v. Pazima, cwazima. 

— (At), Qweba. 

— n. Ukupazima (uku). 

— (Of sleep, to take), Lala kanye, 

ukuti dhlo. 
Winning, a. Ahlulayo. 
Winnow, v. Ela. 

— (Cause to), Elisa. 

—(For), Elela. 
Winnowing, n. Ukwela (uku). 
Winter, n. Ubusika (ubu). 
Wipe, v. Sula. 

— (Tears with the hand), Tyipi- 


— (Out with the tongue), Bovula. 

— (The nose), Finya. 
Wisdom, n. Ukuhlakanipa (uku). 
Wise, a. Hlakanipile. 




— (To be), Hlakanipa. 

— Man, n. Umhlakanipi (um). 
Wish, v. Tanda, fisa. 

— (To sell), Funisa. 
Witch, n. Umtakati (um). 

— Doctor, w. Umgoina (um), isa- 

nusi (isi). 
Witchcraft, n. Ubutakati (ubu). 
With, prep. Na. 
Withal, adv, Naloku. 
Withdraw, v. Monyula, ukuti mon- 

Withdrawn (To be), Monyuka. 
Wither, v. Buna. 

-—(Completely), Cimelela. 

— (As a grenadilla), Bungcana. 
Withhold, v. Godhla. 
Within, prep. Pakati. 

— adv. Ngapakati. 
Without, ©rep. Pandble. 

— adv. Ngapandhle. 

— Strength (To be), Jambalala. 
Withstand, v. Emelana na. 
Witness, n. Ufakazi. 

— V. Fakaza. 
Wizard, n. Umtakati (um). 
Wizen, v. Shwabana, buna. 
Woe, w, Usizi (ulu). 
Wolf, n. Impisi (im). 
Woman, n, Umfazi (um), inina 


—(With a violent temper), In- 

dblondhlo (in). 

— (With a top-knot), Inkehli (in). 

— (Of rank), Indhlovukazi (in). 

—^Barren), Innyumba (in). 

— (Old), Isalukazi (isi). 

— (Lazy), Ivila (i), ivamba (i). 

— (Single), Intombi (in). 

— (Tidy), Inono (i). 

— (Chattering), Inngede (ill). 

—{Who has much food), Isivund^. 


— (Lying-in), Umdhlezane (um). 

— (Small), Umtekelikazana (um). 

— (Tall), Umtekelikazi (um). 

— (Little and old), Isalukazana 


— (Distinguished), Umiazikazi 

Womankind, n. Isifazana (isi). 
Womb, n. Isisu (isi). 
Women, n. Abafazi (aba). 
Wonder, v. Mangala, ukuti kece. 

— (To niake), Mangalisa. 
Wonderful (To be), Esabeka. 
Wonderfully, adv. Ngokuiuanga- 

WoNDROUSLY,a(Zi;. Ngokumangalisa. 
Wont, v. (To be), Jwayela. 

— n. Umkuba (um), imvelo 

Woo, V. Xoxa. 

— (In a bad seuse), Hlobonga. 
Wood, n. Umuti (umu). 
Bush), Ihlati (i). 
Firewood), Inkuni (in). 
Log of), Ugongolo (ulu). 
Block of), Isigodo (isi), isibuku 


— (Sawn timber), Amaplanke 

— (Cinders of), liable (i). 

— (Ashes of), Umlota (um). 

— Pigeon, Icelegwana (i). 
Woodpecker, n. Isiqopamuti (isi). 
Wool, n. Uboya (ubu). 
Woolly, a. Noboya. 
Word, n. Ilizwi (ili), igama (i). 
Words, n. Amazwi (ama), amagama 


^Abusive), Isituko (isi). 




— (Intended to appease), Izitobo 


— ^A few), Amazwana (ama). 

— (Indecent, sung on certain oc- 
casions), Isitombiso (isi). 
Work, v, Sebenza. 

— (For), Sebenzela. 

— (Help to), Sebenzisa. 

— Qn iron), Kanda. 

— (In pottery), Bumba. 

— (Wearily at), Kutakuta. 

— (In wood). Baza. 

— (For *he first time). Omnia. 

— (In bricks), Bumba. 

— n, Umsebenzi (um). 

— (Done early in the morning), 

Imvuka (im). 

— (Ordinary), Umgidi (um). 

— (Occupation), Imiriba (imi). 
Worker, n. Isisebenzi (isi). 
Working, a. Sebenzayo. 
Workman, n, Isisebenzi (isi). 
World, n. Umhlaba (um), ilizwe 


Worm, n. (Reddish), Umsundu (um). 

— (White, in dung), Ituku (i). 

— (Tape), Incili (in). 

— (Of an auger), Insonge (in). 
Worms, n. (Intestinal), Izilo. 

— (Thread), Ezimhlotyana (izilo), 

amakwakwa (ama). 

— (White, in dung, &c.), Amabuka 

Wormwood, n. Umhlonyane (um). 
Worn away (To be), Dhleka, xobisa. 
Worry, v. (Tease), Fundekela, ka- 

taza, hlusa, qoba, xobisa. 

— (Dun for money), Belesela. 

— (As a dog), Nikiza. 
Worried (To be), Dinwa, xobiseka, 


Worship, v, Dumisa, kuleka. 

— (Bow down), Ukuti fofololo. 

— n. Udumiso (ulu). 
Worthy, a. Fanele. 

—(To be), Fanela. 
Worthless thing, n. Umdindi (um), 

indinda (in), indiva (in). 
Wound, v. Limaza. 

— (Severely), Heula. 

— (Slightly), Putula, pucula, ru- 


— n. Inxeba (in), ingozi (in). 

— (Large), Isibakabu (isi). 

—(Old), Isilalo (isi). 
Wound-up (To be, as a watch), Su- 

Wrangle, v. Pikelela, 
Wrangler, n, Isipekeleli (isi). 
Wrangling, w. Ukupikelela (uku). 
Wrap, v. (Up), Songa. 
Wrapper, n, Ikasi (or) indwangu 

Wrath, n. Intukutelo (in), ulaka 


— (Severe), Ukuqataza (uku). 
Wrathful, a. Nolaka.* 

— Man, n. Isififane (isi). 

— ^WoMAN, n. Inndhlondhlo (in). 
Wreak, v. Pindisa ngolaka. 
Wreath, w. Umqele wembalasi. 
Wrench, v. Quzula. 

— (As the neck), Ponyoza, ukuti 


—(Off), Hlusula. 
Wrest, v, (As words), Hlanezela. 

— (By violence), Hlwita. 
Wrestle, v, Bambana. 
Wretched, a. Lusizi. 
Wretchedness, n. Usizi (ulu). 
Wriggle, v, (With pain), Yayateka, 

yobayoba^ lalxcj^.. 




— (As wonns), Nyakazat. 
Wring, v, Kama. 

— (For), Kamela. 

—(Off the head), Hlusnla. 
Wrinkle, n. Inhlonze (in). 

— (Of age), Umbimbi (um). 
Wrist, w. Isihlakala (isi). 
Writhe, v. Binya. 
Write, n. Loba. 

— (As line after line), Qamba. 
Writer, w. Umlobi (um), umbali 

Writing, ». Ukuloba. 
Writings, n, Izincwadi, izibalo (izi). 
Wrong, a. Bi. 

— n, Ububi (ubu), isono (isi). 
Wrong, (To do), Ona. 

— (To be), Pambeka. 
Wrote, i. Lobe. 
Wroth, a. Tukutele. 
Wrung, p. Kanywe. 
Wrought, i. Setyenziwe. 
Wry pace (To make), Nyakama. 


Yard, w. (Measure), Izinyawo ezin- 

Yawn, v, Zamula. 
Yawning, n, Ukuzamula (uku). 
Ye, pron. Nina. 
Yea, adv, Yebo, ehe. 
Yean, v, Zalisa. 
Yeanling, ru Icwane lemvu, icwane 

Year, n. Umnyaka (um). 

— (Next), Umnyaka ozayo. 

— rLast), Inyakenye. 

— (Before last), Inyakomunye (in). 

— (After next), Inyakomunye (in). 
Yearly, adv. Ngeminyaka. 
Yearn, v. Kaukela. 
Years, n. Iminyaka (imi). 

— (Many), Iminyakanyaka (imi). 
Yeast, n, Imbiliso (im), imvubelo 

Yelk, n. Isikupa (isi). 
Yell, v. Kala. 

— n. Ukula (uku), isikalo (isi). 
Yellow, a. Mdubu, mpofu. 

— Bird, w. Umdweza (um). 

— Wood, n, (Best), Umsonti (um). 

— ^Inferior), Umkoba Tum). 

—(Forest of), Isikobo (isi). 
Yells, n. Izikalo (izi). 
Yelp, v, Konkota. 
Yerk, V, Jujubeza. 
Yes, adv, Yebo. 
Yes or no ? Yini ? 
Yes, to be sure, adv. Ityike, 
Yesterday, n, Izolo. 

— (The day before), Kutangi. 
Yet, conj. Kanti. 
Yet-still, adv. Noko. 
Yield, v, (As a product), Veza, 


— ^As an enemy), Bekela. 

— (Give up), Dela. 

— (To pressure), Budhluka, ukuti 


— (Allow), Vuma. 
Yoke, v. Bopela. 

— n. Ijokwe (i). 
Yolk, n, (Of an egg), Isikupa (isi). 
Yonder, adv. Lapaya. 
You, pron. Nina. 
Young, a. Tya, ncane. 

— n. (Of animals, &c.), Izinyane 

(i), iundhlu (i). 

— Man, w. Insizwa (in). 




— ^Rejected by the girls), Isizeke 

(isi), iyobo (i). 

— ^WoMAN, n, Intombi (in). 

— Ox, n. Inkatyana (in). 

— Dog, n, lundMu (i). 

— Lady, n. Inkosazana (in). 
YoTJRjpron. Ako. 

— (People or place), Kini. 
Yourself, pron, Uqobo Iwako. 
Yourselves, pron. Uqobo Iwenu. 
Youth, n. (A lad), Umfana (um). 

— fCboice), Iduma (i). 

— (Small), Umfanyana (um). 

— ^Ubutya (ubu). 

Youthfully, adv. Ngobutya. 

Zealous, a, Kntazele, copeTele. 
Zealously, ad/u, Ngoknkutazela, 

Zebra, n. Idube (i). 
Zero, n. Ize (i). 
Zest, w. Ukuzwakala (uku). 
Zone, n, Isibopo (isi). 
ZwARTKOP, w. Imbubu (im). 



Abasement, n. Ukutobeka (ukn). 
Abiuty, n. Amandhla (am). 
Aboaed, ad, Sesikepeni, semkan- 

• • • 

Accomplice, n. Umebiseli. 
Account-book, n, Incwadi yezi- 

AccKUE, V, Elekeka. 
Adipose, a. Namafata. 
Alcohol, n. Umoya wogologo. 
Aechbishop, n, Inkosi yabafundisi 

AsTRONOMEE, w. Innyanga yezin- 

Apoceypha, n, Izincwajana ezali- 

weyo encwadini yika Tixo. 
Asylum, n. Indhlu yokupepela. 
Authentic, a. Qoto. 
Aviary, n, Indhlu yezinyoni. 
Avocation, n. Umsebenzi, umgidi. 

— (Business), Imiriba. 
Axiom, n, Iqiniso elisobala. 


Par (of soap), n, TJmgoqo wensipo. 

Bed, n. Umbede. 

Beestings, n. Umtubi. 

Bilge (Fracture), n, Ufa (ulo). 

— (Dent), n. Isiboco. 
Bisect, v, Kquma kabili. 
Bisexual, a. Yimpisintyanjre. 
Bishop, n, Umfundisi onobukosi. 
Blaze (As news),t7.Hlakaza 'ndaba. 

Box (As tHe ears), v, Makula 

Ballot, v, Yota ngasese. 
Buttress, n, Ukusekezela (uku). 


Cage (Bird), n. Ikisana lezinyonL 
Calcareous, a, Nomcako. 
Caligeaphy, n, Ukuloba 'kuhle. 
Canny, a. Xwayile. 
Cap (Lady's), n. Umnqwazi. 
Capillaey, a, Nemitanjana. 
Capeice, n, Ukutyekula kwenhli- 

Caeicatuee, n, Umfanekiso ohle- 

kisayo ngokuhlanezelwa. 
Cheap, a. Lula, shipile. 
Childeen's games, 91. Umdhlalo 

waban twana. 
CiECUiT, n, Isizungezo, isiyingi- 

CiECuiT Stewaed, n, Umpati wesi- 


— Teeasueeb, n. Umpati' sik- 

Clothes-line, n, Isipanyiso. 
Coin (Money), «. Uhlamyu (nlu). 

— (Small do.), n. Uhlamvana 

CoLOUE, n. Umbala. 
Come out well (as a child's mental 

powers, &c.), v. Fumelela. 
CoNCEEN (Interest), n. Ukunakeka 

Coolie, n. Ikula (i). 




Copper (Coin), n, Indibilitye (in). 
Crexated, a. Qotyiweyo. 
Casino, «. Indhln yokusina. 
Cbiticise, v. Teta ngokubekisisa. 
Critic, n, Umteti ngokubekisisa. 


Debut, n. Ukwetwasa (ukw). 
Desiccate, v. Boqoloza amanzi. 
Desire (Strong), n. Umzondelelo 

Desultory, a, Potyozayo. 
Disband, v, Makisa empini. 
Disburse, v, Koka esikwameni 

sa bantu. 
Discount (To allow),v.Apula imali. 
Disfranchise, v. Apala amandhla 

Dolce, a. Tambile nobnmnandi. 
Droll (To be), v. Ntela. 
Dye (Red colour), v. Buda. 

— (Colour), n, Umbala (um). 


Effervesce, v, Lukuzela. 
Effervescent, a. Lnknzele. 
Efficacious, a. Namandhla. 
Effloresce, v, Kahlela. 
Efflorescence, n, Ukukahlela 

Elide, v, Nquma amagcino elizwi. 
Eligible, a. Fanele, fanele uku- 

Embark (Begin an undertaking), t;. 

Qala umsebenzi omutya. 
Encroach (Invade), v, Hlasela. 

Etymology, n. Isisusa samagama. 
£xTRAVAGANT(Wa8tef ul), a, Hlapa- 




f speech), Ngcebelekayo. 


Farthing, n, Indibilityanyana 

Fillt, n, Ihashi lensikazi* 
Flannel, n, Iflaneli (i). 
Flour, w. Uf ulawa. 
Foist, v. Barula. 
Fry, V, Osa epanini. 
Fun (Sport), ». Umdhlalo (um/. 
Fund, n. Ibanke (i). 
FuNiCLE, n. Intanjanyana (in). 
Funnel^ n, Umbotyana wamanzi. 


Gaffer, n. IJmmeli (um). 

Gag, V, Yimba umlomo. 

Gang (Of labourers), n, Idhlazana. 

Ganger, n. Umboneli (um). 
Gammon (Joke), v, Laula. 

— (Humbug), Gubuda. 
Gammon, n. Ukugubuda (uku). 

— (Ham), Umlenzi (um). 
Gas, n. Umoya otyisayo, igasi (i). 
Gipsy, n. Ijipisi (i). 

— ( Wanderer), n.Umndindi(um). 
Give (One's-selt* airs), v, Ziqeuya. 
Glove, n. Iglavu (i). 
Glaze, v, Cwazimulisa. 
Gloat, v, Qolozela. 
Glycerine, n. Amafuta anafnnayo 





Gouge (Throat), n. TJmpimbo (um). 

—(Whirlpool), Isiyaluyalu (isi). 

—(Narrow passage between hills), 

Umgoxi (nm). 

— (Outwork of fort), Ugange 

Gorgeous, a. Qamile, cwazimalayo. 
Gradation (Steps), n, Amabanga 


— (Serie8),Ukwelakanyana(Tiku). 
Gradual, a. Namabanga. 
Gradually, ad. Ngamabanga. 
Grade, rf. Ibanga. 
Giulmmar, n, Inncwadi n^ezisusa, 

solimi Iwabanta oluUngileyo. 
Grand (Large), a. Knln. 
Granite, n, Iglanite. 
Gratis, ad, Ngeze. 
Gregarious, a, Nemihlambi. 
Grim, a. Nyakeme. 
Gross (Fat), a. Namafata. 
Grotesque (Laughable) a. Hleki- 

Ground (Primary reason), «. 

Isisusa (isi). 
Guard (Vanguard), n. Imilomo 

Guardedly, ad. Ngokulinda. 
Grub (Dig up by roots), v. Domula. 

—(Dig up with hands). Panda. 

— (Scratch up), Pekuza. 

— (Dig up with stick), Emba 

GuLPH (Whirlpool), n. Isiyaluyalu 

Gumption (Common sense), n. 

Inngqondo (in). 

— (Shrewdness), n. TJbuhlakani 

Guttural, n. Igama lompimbo. 

— a. EmpinjenL 


H ALBERT (Handle), w-.Umpini (um). 

Hale, a. Pilileyo. 

Hand (To lend), v, Sizangesandha. 

^(To take in), v, Linga. 

— (By hand), ad, Ngesandhla. 

— (To give in marriage), Tata. 
Hands (Full, to have), Pata ama* 


—(To clap), Tyaya izaudbla. 

—(Off), Yeka. 
Harrow (The feelings), v, Hlupa. 
Hassock, n. Isihlalo sezinnyawo. 
Hydrocele, n, XJkukuzuka kwe- 

Hyper, Pezu. 

Hypochondria, n. TJkukonkobala. 
Hypochondriacal, a. Konkobele. 


Idle person, n. Ivila (i). 

Ignominious, a, Hlazisayo. 

Ignominy, n. Ihlazo. 

Illegal, a, Eqayo umteto. 

Illiberality, n, Ukuncitya (uku). 

Illicit, a. Eqa umteto. 

Imbrue, v. Gwilisa. 

Imbue, v. Netisa. 

Impact, n. Ukuqubana (uku). 

Impudent person, n. Ugalagala. 

Imprecation, n, Isiqalekiso (isi). 

Improbity, n. Ubushinga (ubu). 

Indite, v. Nika icala. 

Interest (Concern), n. IJkunakeka 

Indoctrinate, v. Fundisa. 
Inefficacious, a. Okungeuaman- 





Inflict (A fine), v, Hlaulisa. 
iNFrsE, V. Tela. 
Ingulf, v, Minza. 
Injustice, n. Ukwona (ukw). 

— (Violation), Ukweqa (ukw). 

— (Unfairness), Ukungalnngi. 
Isinglass, n. Inhlaka yezinhlanzi. 


Jade (Young woman), n. TJgala- 


— (Young woman, unchaste), Isi- 

f ebe (isi). 
Jaded (Harassed), a. Katazekile. 
Jamb (Doorpost), n. Isitumbanja 

Jangle (Wrangle), v, Fikelela. 
Jangleb (Chatterer), n. Umfetezi 

Jar (Vessel), ». Ijali (i). 

^(Ajar), ad. v uliwe. 
Jargon (Gabble), n.Ukumpompoza 


— (Country talk), TTlimi Iwam- 


— (Foreign language), Ukukwi- 

tiza (uku). 

— (Kitchen Kafir), Ukudcijela 

Jaunt (Take short walks), v, Va- 


— (Journey), Hamba. 

— (Ramble), Ndinda. 
Jaunting (Rambling), n. Ukun- 

dinda (uku). 

— a. Ndindayo. 
Javelin, n. Umkonto (um). 
Jet (Of water), n. Isipetu (isi). 

Jetty, n, Inhlonhlo eyakiweyo 

Job, n, Umsebenzi (um). 

—(As horses), v.Koka amahashi. 
Jog (The head), v. Lekusa. 

— (Nudge), Grqugquza. 

—(Throw out a feeler), Titinya. 

—(Dawdle), Kwityiza. 
Jot (Point), n, Icatyana (i). 
Journal, n, Inncwadi yemiriba 

neyomsebenzi ngamalanga nga* 

Joint (Put out of), v, Piciza. 

— (Get put out of), Picika. 
Jug (Vessel), n, Iiugi (i). 

— (Stew), r. Peka. 
Jugged hare, Unogwaja opeki- 

Jugular vein, n, Umtovula (um). 
Juncture (Seam),n. nmtango(um). 

—(Joint), Ilungu (i). 

—(Of pieces of wood), Uku- 

bangqa (uku). 

-(Garden-boundary), Umtango 


— (Binding), Umtango (um). 


Kangaroo, n. Ikangalu (i). 
Ejbel (To turn upwards), "if. Gum- 

Kidnap, v. Eba abantu. 
Kilt, n. Umbodiya wamadoda. 
Kirtle, n. Ibantyi (i). 
Kit (Large bottle), Igaba elikulo. 
Knuckle (Joint), n, Ilungu (i). 

— (Knot), Ipuzu (i). 

—(Under, submit), v, Bekela. 





Lacerate (Wotrad), v* Limaza. 

— (Orusli), FihUza- 
Lacteal, a. Nobisi. 
Lactation (Time of snckling), Isi- 

kati sokwanyisa. 
Lamina (Leaf), n. Iqabanga (i). 

— (Thin plate), Inkwetu (in). 
Laminated, a. Nezikwetn. 
Lancinate, v. Dabula. 

— (Piercing), a. Hlabayo. 
Language (unintelligible), n, Uku- 


—(Kitchen Kafir), Ukucicijela. 

— (Disagreeable), Ukubina 

— (Fluent), Uknqapnza (ukn). 
—(Reckless), Uknbuda (ukn). 
— (Abusive), Ukntuka (uku). 
— (Flattering), Ukntoboza (uku). 
— (Railing), Ukusauza (uku). 
—(Ironical), Ukubinqa (uku). 
— (Bullying), Ukuvubnla (ukn). 

— (Clear), Ukucansa (uku). 
— (Jesting), TJkulaula (ukn). 
— (Shout), Ukulengeza (uku). 
— (Good advice), Uknlnleka 

— ( Prevaricating), Uknmbancaza 

— (Confused), Ukundiyaza (ukn). 
— (Confident), Ukupikaza (uku). 
—(Impudent), Ukutekula (nkn). 
^(Indecent), Isitombiso (isi). 
— (Affirmation), Ukutyo (uku). 
— (Admonitoiy), Ukuyala (ukn). 
—(Explanatory), Ukuyalnkisa 
Labk (Frolic), n. ITmdhlalo (um). 
— V, Dhlala. 

Larva (Gmb), n, Impetn (im). 
Last (Of foot),?:. Isitombesonyawo. 
Latent, a. Fihlekayo. 
Lateral, a. Selnhl^ngotinL 
Laundress, n. Umgezikazi (nm). 
Legion, n. Izinkulnngwane eziyi- 

Legislate, v, Enza imiteto. 
Lawgiver, n, IJmez wemiteto. 
Leisure, n. Uknknlnleka (ukn). 
LiGULATE, a, Namabanjana. 
Limn, v, Dweba nmfanekiso. 

— (Paint), V, Beca. 
Line (For clothes, &c.), n. Isi- 

panyiso (isi). 

— (File of people, &c.), n. Un- 

dwendwe (uln). 

— (Arrangement of soldiers), 

IJkntyayiwa kwamabuto. 
Link, n, linngn (i). 
Lint, n, Indwangn yezilonda. 
Liquefy, v, Ncibilikisa. 
Liquefier, n, Ukncibilikisa (uku). 
Liqueur, «. Ugologo (n). 
Liquid, n, Amanzi, nmhlnzi. 
Liquor, w. Utywala, ngologo. 
List (Selvage), n, Umtango (nm) 

— (Row), Uhla (nln). 

—(Of names, &c.), Uhla Iwama* 


—(Enrol), V, Enza amagama 


— (Place in rows or circles), 

Tyaya, or enza izinhla. 

— (Desire), Kanuka, fisa. 
Litany, n. Isimo sokucelisisa. 
Literature, n. Izinncwadi zokwazi. 

— (Light), Izinncwadi zokwazi 


—{Deep), Izinncwadi zokwazi 





LiTEEATi, n, Abantn abanokwazi 

Litigate, v, Mangala ema Kosini. 
Litigant, n, Ummangali ema 

Loan (To lend), v, Tyeleka. 

— n. Okntyelekwayo. 
LoAN-orpiCE, n. Ikantolo lokutye- 

Lobby, n. Ikamelwana (i). 
Logic, n. Ukahlakanipa kwoknpi- 

kisana, Ukwazi kwoknpikisana. 
Loot, v. Panga. 

— n. Ukupang^a (nku). 
Lot (To cast), v, Enza inkato, 


— (Decide among one another 

by), Dhlana ngenkato. 
Lubber, n, Isicwe (isi). 
Ludicrous, a, Hlekisayo. 
Lumbago, n, Ubublungu elukal- 

Lumber (Impediment), n, Izim- 

pahia ezilibalisayo. 

— (Kubbish), Ibibi (i). 
Lump (Hump of ox), n, Ilnnda (i). 
Lunacy, n. Ubnhlanya (nbu). 
Lunatic, n, Uhlanya (ulu). 
Lunge (In fencing), Sikiza. 
Lying, v. Uknqamba* manga. 
Lynch-law, n, Umteto wombonda. 


Machine, n. TJmshini (nm). 
Macintosh, n. Imakintoshi (i). 
Madam, Nkoaikazi. 
Madonna, n. Unina ka Tesn Kristn. 
Maelstrom, n. Isiyalnyaln (isi). 
Magnate, n. Inkosana, indnna. 
Magnet, n, Ity e elidonsayo insimbi. 

Magniloquence, n. Ukubabaza. 
Malleable, a. Qubnliswa nge- 

Mamma (The breast) ». Ibele (i). 

— ^Nipple), Ingono (in). 

—(Teat of cow), Umbele (um). 
Mandamus, n. Imiyalo yamakosi. 
Mandible (Upper), n. Itnndn (i). 

— (Lower), Umhlati (nm). 
Mania, n, Ubnhlanya (nbu). 
Matches, n, Umatyisi (u plnr. o). 
Matrix, n. Isisu (isi). 

— (Mould), Umkumbn (um). 
Maxilla, n. Itnndn (i). 
Meddle (To touch), v, Tinta. 

— (Make peace), Lamula. 
Mawl (Illtreat), v. Titinya. 
Member (of a society), n, Ilungu (i). 
Mendicant, n, Impabanga (im). 
Menses, n, Uknpotela kwabesi- 

Mentor, n, Umyali, nmlnleki. 
Metropolis, n. Isiti eliknlnkiazL 
Microscope, n, Isibnko soknkalisa 

izilwanyana ezinncinyane. 
Miscellaneous, a. Xubene. 
Miscompute, v. Didakala. 
Misguide, v. Dukisa. 
Mishap, n. Ingozi (in). 
Mistreat, v, Titinya. 
Misirust, v. Konona. 
Misunderstanding, n. tJknnga- 


-T-(Disagreement), Umpabano 

Mittens, n, Amaglavn angena* 

Mode (Fashion), ». Umkuba. 
Modern, a. Semkubeni. 
Modify (Limit), v. Kanlisa. 
Muslin, n, Umazilini (jl ^Uut. <SkV 





Natant (Swimming), Hhlambayo. 

— (Floating) Ntantayo. 
Navigate, v, Kapa' eikepe. 
Nerve^ n. Umtanjana wobncopo. 
Nib (Of pen), n, Icatyana lepeni. 
Nick (Notch), v. Qopa. 
Nihil, n, Ubnze. 
Nominate, v, Misa ngegama. 
Notice (Business, &c.), Isaziso (is 

for isi). 


Ocular, a. Ngeliso. 
Ornate, v. Vunula. 
Oscillate, v, Jika. 
OscuLA, n. Ukwanga (ukn). 
Osseous, a. Namatambo. 
OssiPY, V, Pendula etanjeni. 
Oust (Expel), v, Kipa. 
Outgoing, w. Ukupuma. 

—(Expenditure), Ukucita kwe- 


— (Opposite to), Ekubekaneni. 

— (Opportunity), Ituba (i). 

— (Opening), Ituba (i). 


Pagan, n, Umhedeni (um). 
Palliate, v, Fulela'cala. 

— (Ease, as pain), Toba, tambisa 

Pander (To the passions), v, Ka- 

Paper, n, Ipepa (i). 
Paratin, n, Ipalatini (i). 
Paramour, n, Isifebe senhliziyo. 
Pawn (Pledge), v, Libazisa. 
Pen, n, Ipeni (i). 

Pencil, n. Ipenseli (i). 
Plan, n, Ipulani (i), isu (i). 
Pledge, n, Isilibaziso (isi). 
Plough, n, Igeja lenkabi. 
Pound (Weight), Isisindo (isi)'. 
Print (For garments), n, Iplinti (i). 
Preacher (on trial), «. Umshuma- 

yeli ekulingweni. 
Progress, n. U kuquba (uku). 
Ptr, w. Umlilo (um). 


Quarter (Of time), n, Iqwata. 
Quid, n, Ugwai emlonyeni. 
Quiz, v, Bekisisa. 
— ti. Isinteli (isi). 


Baffle, v» Enza izinkato (or in- 

Beason (for acting), Isisusa (isi). 
Eeaping machine, n, Umshini wo- 



School children, Insapo yesikole. 
School Inspector, Umhloli wesi- 

Sconce (Conceal), v. Fihla baca. 
Score, Amashumi amabili. 
Shape, n, Isimo (isi). 
Shawl, ». Ishali (i). 
Sewing machine, Umshini woku- 

tunga (um). 
Silk, n. Usiliki (u plur. o). 
Slope (Of mountain), Ipaba (i). 




Soap (Bar of), n. tJm^oqo wensipo. 
Stays (Lady's), w. Izitezi. 
Stow (Away goods), v, Pahla. 
Sound (Depth of river or person), 

n, Titinya. 
Sunday (Last in year), n. Isonto 

Sunk (In water), v, Owilekile. 
Super, Pezu with Kw, &c. 
Suspicion, n. Ukukonona. (uku), 

ukonono (ulu). 


Tangible, v. Tintekayo. 
Termagant, n. Umfazi oyisiruzu, 

indhlondhlo (in). 
Title (Of book), n, Igama lennc- 

Tongs, n. Izibambo (izi), Zama- 


— (Pincers), Udhlan (aln). 
Torture, n. Ubuhlangu obukulu. 
Transmissible, a. Tamekayo. 
Transverse, a. Pambeneyo. 
Trick, v. Kohlisa. 
Tricky, a. Nemiknba. 
Trickery (Artifice), n, Icebo. 

— (deceit), Inkohliso (in). 


Umbel, n, Itunzana (i). 
Unbelief, n. Uknngakolwa (uku). 
Uncaused, Kungenasibango, nga- 

pandhle kwesisnsa. 
Unpack (Untie), v, Sombnlnla. 

— (Open), Penya, ambula. 
Unpin, v. Kipa izipeledi. 
Unshut, a. Vuliwe. 
Unquenchable, a. Ngacimekiyo. 
Unquiet, a, TyobUe. 


Yalediction, w. Uknvalelisa (uku). 
Valid, a, Namandhla. 
Vanished, p.p, Nyamalele. 
Vanity (Pride), Ukuaidhla, 
Venter, n, Isisu (isi). 
Ventilate, v. Ngenisa umoya 

Ventilation, n. Ukungenisa kwo- 

moya omutya. 
Ventral, a. Sesiswini. 
Ventriloquism, n. Ukukuluma 

Verge (A wand), n. umzaca wobu- 

Verger, n. Isikonzi sokupatg, 

umzaca wobukosi. 
Viaticum, n, Umpako (um). 
Vicar, n. Ivikali, umfundisisi 

osesikundhleni somunye. 
Vulnerable, a. Kungalimala. 


Wabble, v, Totoba. 

— (Like jelly, &c.), Bikizela. 
Wag (Person), n, Isilauli (isi). 
Wesleyan, n, Iwesile (i). 
Winnowing machine, Isisevo soku- 

Wrap (Lady's), Ishali (i). 


Yard (Measure), n, lyadi (i). 
— (Small enclosure), Isironqa 
Yap, v. Konkota. 

/ - 




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