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t • 




tiferinaiL-Eiig^lish and Eni^lish^leniian 

Publi^d by George W. MetUz if* Son, 53 North Third Street, 

Philadelphia, \ 


from the Ren. P. H. MUledoUr^ D, /)., PresideiU of RiUgera CoUege^ 

New Brunsmcky N. J. 

College^ New Brunswick^ Sept. 16^ 1834. 

I have examined with some care your New English-German 

and German-English Dictionary, compiled from Lloyd, Ndhden, 

Fliigel^ and Sporschil, and have the pleasure to say that I consider 

it a well executed and exceedingly useful work. 

As the German Language is on many accounts becoming more 

and more popular in these United States, every day, it is hoped 

that you will be amply remunerated for the expense and trouble 

of presenting such a work to this American community. 

Very respectfully, 

Your obedt. serv't, 


Messrs. GeoHoe W* Memtz 8c Son. 

/>om His Excellency George Wolf Crovemor of the State mf Ptnnr 


I have examined, with much satisfaction, a work in two voI(imeS| 
recently published by George W. Mentz & Son, of Philadetphiai 
entitled, '' A New English-German and German-English Diction- 
ary,'* and take great pleasure in recommending it to the public, as 
a literary effort admirably adapted to facilitate the acquisition of 
an accurate knowledge of either language, by suCh as are desirous 
of understanding and speaking both in their purity. 

In Pennsylvania, especially, where the German may be sai4 to 
be the vernacular tong-ue pf a large pToportioti ot \\% l^o^>a\^v:ii^^ 

• • 


and where much of Ihe intercourse and business is conducted in 
the German language, such a work must be peculiarly desirable, 
and would make a valuable addition to every family librarjr" ih the 


Harrishurgh Sept 19, 1834. 

Drom the Hev. S. S. Schmucker, JD, D.^ S, T, P. of the Theobgical 

Seminary of Gettysburg, 

Messrs. Mkntz & Sox, 

Having examined with some attention, the German-English 
and English-German Dictionary, which you have recently publish- 
ed and put into my hands, I hesitate not to pronounce it very well 
calculated for the general purposes of such a work. The plan on 
which it was digested, appears to me judicious; and cannot fail 
to render the work highly useful to the class of students for 
whom it is intended. The abbreviations employed, whilst they 
are entirely intelligible, enabled the compiler to compress an un- 
usual quantity of matter into the volume, and to render it decidedly 
more comprehensive and satisfactory than any other similar work 
published in this country. Your Dictionary certainly deserves, 
as I trust it will not fail to receive, a general circulation. 

Yours respectfully, 


From Josiah TV, Gibbs^ Esq, of Yale College. 

After examining ''the English-German and German-English 
Dictionary, compiled from the Dictionaries of Lloyd, Nohden^ 
Fliig^, and Sporschil," in 2 volumes, 8vo., published lately by 
Messrs. G. W. Mentz and Son, of Philadelphia, I feel no hesita- 
tion in saying that the work is extremely well adapted to the 
wants of this community. A good German Dictionary was a de- 
sideratum. The work of Flugel and Sporschil, published at Leipsic 
in IB30, is but little known in this country. The work of KUttner 

aBOOMifsii»imoiV8. in 

and Nicholson, puMisEhed at Lcipfic in »d05-13 is too large 
and too expensive for comnion purposes. Tlie dictionaries of 
N5hden and Weher, which have heretofore been in the hands of 
our students, are very small, and universally complained of for 
their deficiencies. The publication of Messrs. Mentz embraces 
in a convenient and cheap form all that the student can expect to 
find in a dictionary; particularly it has a very copious list of 
words, a full account of compound verbs, the form of the plural 
in German nouns, a table of irregular verbs, See. &c. which are 
all well adapted to remove the difficulties which usually impede 
the student's progress. . This publication, I have no doubt^ wil( 
excite still higher the attention which is now paid to this lai^guage, 
a language which contains in it . the richest stores of information 
in all the various branches of science and literature. 

Messrs. Mkktz 8c Sov. 

From Herman Bokum^ Teacher of the German Languagt in the Urn- 

versify of Pennsylvania. 

Philadelphia^ Dec, 4, 1834. 

Agreeably to your request, I have examined the English-German 
and German-English Dictionary, which you have prepared on the 
basis of Lloyd, Nohden, Flugel, and Sporschil, names, which could 
not fail to predispose me in favour of your work. I do not hesi- 
tate to express the conviction that this work will shortly and de- 
servedly supplant all the other dictionaries now in general use 
in this country, since it surpasses them in relation to the judicious 
selection of the materials, the accurate and careful manner with 
which they have been applied, and the moderate price at which it 
is offered. The introduction of the plurals of the German nouns, 
is particularlyjuseful, since, assisted by this arrangement, the Ger- 
man student may be guided through all the difficulties in which 
the inflection of the German nouns has generally been involved. 

I am, gentlemen. 

Respectfully your humble servant^ 


From a ^. Matlock^ M.D. 

I have carefully examined the New English-German and Ger- 
man-English Dictionary, recently published by G. W. Mentz and 
Son, of this city and have no hesitation in recommending it as su- 
perior to any work of the kind with which I am acquainted. 

fhUaddphia^ 5th Mo. 1834. 

From K A, Ranch, Professor of Biblical Literature in the Theo- 
logical College at Tork, and Principal of the Classical School 
of the German Reformed Church in the United States. 

Messrs* Mentz & Son, 

After a careful examination of the English-German and Ger- 
man-English Dictionary, published by you, I have come to the 
conclusion that it is the best which ever met my eye, and there- 
fore am determined to introduce it in the establishment of which 
I am the principal. 

ForkyPa. Sept. 19, 1834. 


Qlitt ntttit 

i> t t t t f> u d^, 

aUt in Ociben ©prad^cn QtMn^ii^t ^ttttv, 


&le t)etfc|)iebcnen 3\e&ett)ei(c in jcbct (Sprac|)e, 

mit Slngabe bed ©efd^Iec^td unb M ^InxaU ber beutfd^en 9lennw6rter. 

f&iaxUittt mi) ben Wiittniiifittt Don 

atopb, "Slo^bcn, glilget unb ©porfc^iL 

3n jwei '^^iUn. 


^|)erau60egebm vim ©eocg SS. 9Ren| itnb @o|>n/ 

9Iro. 53, in Itt lRot>«Siritt(nfhraf(. 






■ *, »■ 









• • • 

4 .. 

« ■ 





•«-■•<- ^ •■ 

THE N^:#-^YOBK';.. 



Entered according to ncX of congress, in the year 1834, by 
George W. Mentz & Son, in the clerk's office of the district court 
for the eastern district of Pennsylvania. 

- * - * , 

» • • < I 


IN oEfering to the English and German student of thd United States 
' this Dictionary, we neA not enlarge upon its usefulness or the general 
approbation to which it may be entitled. In proportion to the extension 
of science and the increase of commercial intercourse throughout the 
country, the utility of a Dictionary, such as this, will be generally ac- 

The German language has for a long time been taught in the higher 
seminaries of learning in the United States, and never was its acquisition 
more encouraged thcui in the present age. There is, moreover, an in- 
creasing number of persons of aQ classes, who acquire it as a medium of 
useful knowledge, or for the advancement of their mdividual interests by 
the extension of their trade or business ; and such has been the case in 
/ those states more particularly, in which the knowledge and practical use 
of the German language are considered essential in promoting the social 
and commercial intercourse of the inhabitants. 

To the man of letters who is desirous of extending his knowledge of 
the numerous classical works, which German genius has produced, no 
less than to the professional man or mechanic, who in tl^ course of 
business is oflen brought into contact witii the German population of this 
country, we hope it will be gratifying to possess a work, Uke this, calcu- 
lated to fulfil every needful requisition in acquiring a knowledge of the 
German language. 

To those Germans, who have made this country their permanent place 
of abode, with a view of participating in all its valuable rights and privi- 
leges, -it would be unnecessary to eriarge upon the advantages of thdbr 
possessing a work so well adapted to facilitate the study of the prevedling 
^ language of their adopted country. 

"^ A careful and impartial examination of this lexicon will convince the 

reader, that it has been our sincere endeavor to give to it the character of 

I general usefulness, which, we are aware, ought to be its principal feature. 

Should it appear, however, that we have not satisfactorily discharged our 

^^ "duty as editors of this work, such omission cannot be ascribed to any 

hesitation on our part of undergoing the labor or of incurring the great 

i expense necessarily connected with so extensive an undertaking. In its 

>^compilation we have carefully consulted and freely employed the most 

^ japproved lexicons of this country and of Europe. 

' 1 After such efforts in the conscientious discharge of our duty, in offering 

*3J to the American public a Dictionary so well calculated for general useful- 

V. ' ness, and taking into consideration our previous remarks on the peculiar 

%^ advantages resulting from the study of the English and German lan- 

\ guages, we may be permitted to indulge a hope, that the amateurs of 

V both will kindly patronize this work, and liberally promote its difiusion 

•*^' throughout the Union. 

^ j' In conclusion we subjoin some remarks in relation to its coftipilation, 

'i^: which are indispensable to the student in acquiring a correct view of its 

contents and a complete knowledge of its use. 


It may be observed, that there are a number of words which have not 
been introduced into the German-English part of this Dictionary, in order 
that it might not become too voluminous, and because a few illustrations 
will enable the reader to supply those words and frame them for himself. 
We cdlude, • 

First J to a certain class of nouns or substantives derived from verbs* 
They divide themselves, 

I. Into those terminating in en« Thus, from the verbs cffeUf to eat ; 
lefCHf to read ; retenr to talk, are formed the substantives tad Sf]enf the 
eating ; tad itfittr the reading ; tad 9ietenf the talking, &ic All German 
verbs, both simple and compound, may in the same manner be formed 
into substantives, which, in this case, without exception, assume the neuter 

II. Into those terminating in unj. Thus from the verbs DertaueUf to 
digest ; auflofenf to dissolve ; anrei^enr to excite, are formed the substan- 
tives tie iSertauungf the digestion ; tie Stujl&fungf the dissolving ; tie ^ns 
reiluitflf the excitement, &c. The signification of any one of these sub- 
stantives may easily be ascertained on searching the word from which 
it is derived, and which is distinctly designated by the first syllables of 
the substantive. 

Secondly^ to many substantives of the feminine gender, which are 
formed in the German by the addition of the syllable in, while in English 
they are not distinguished by their termination from substantives of the 
masculine gender. Thus, from the masculine substantives Srrettetf iu^ 
ntVf ©teger^ preserver, liar, conqueror, are formed the feminine substan- 
tives ^rretterinr ii^mxinf ©iegerin. Should the student not bfe able to find 
such a term in the Dictionary, he may, in most cases without hesitation, 
take it in the masculine gender of the English. Agreeably to this rule the 
above examples would have to be translated in the following manner : 
®te tfi meine ^rretterin; she is my preserver ; fte ifl etne Siignertn; she is 
a liar ; fie i)l eine Siegeriiif she is a conqueror. 

Thirdly, to most, if not all diminutives, which are formed by the termi- 
nation d)Cn or lein. For instance, the diminutive SKdnntften or SKdnn* 
letHf a little man, from 9){ann^ man; @&^nti)en or @ol^n(etnf little son, 
fix)m ©olj^n^ son ; SBdumd^en or SBdumleittf a small tree, from iBauntf 
tree, &c. Substantives, which thus deviate from thdr primitives, assume 
throughout the neuter gender. 

The reader will observe that the letters I and J, U and V, contrary 
to the method generally adopted in other Dictionaries, follow each other 
in alphabetical order. 

To the German-English part of this Dictionary a table explanatory of 
the declension of German nouns has been added, an improvement, which, 
so &r as we know, will not be found in any other similar work. By the 
md of this table the American student will be enabled to discover, with 
few exceptions, the declension to which each Grerman noun belongs. The 
appropriateness and usefulness of the table will not be questioned by 
those who are aware of the difficulties in which the declension of German 
nouns is involved. 

Peiladslphia, January 1, 1834. 


Urn ta^ fO^erf nW mniti)XQtt ^eifc iVL ftarC ansuf^wettett/ fo f)ai man t)tele. 
iSirtcr au^getalfcn/ bte au6 tern ^tamnuDorte burc^ tie (Sntf^lOen ment, ing, && 
gema^t toorten finb. ^Die Gnbfptbe 

AKJENBB8, Ift cltt Sd^cii b^6 ^ttOftantttH/ tat au^ cinem 2(t)ie(tt90 auf able acmad^t n)Ct:? 

ten ijl. 3um JBcifpiel abominable, obfd^Cttttd) ; abominableness, %i>\(i^tulii^hxt 

ABLT, 3etd)cn etne$ ?(tocr6ti/ tai ou$ etnem KtiectlDo auf able aemati^t n>otten tft. 
3, S3, palpable, ftantgrelflid^ ; palpably, ^onbgreipicftcc SBeife. 

ALLY, besqteidbcn, l^ot cln TCbiectitmm auf al ^um ©tamnuocrte ; accidental, guffiUig; 
accidentally, jufdUiset SBeifc, 

ALLNEss, AUTT, flnb Sclcftcn eltic^ 6ui&|tantbt, ta^ axii etnem 2(bie(ttt)o ouf al gemac^t 

Wttttn ift. 3. f8* unnatural, unnatftrlt^/ UeHo^ ; unnaturalness, unnaturality, 

Itnnatarti^fclt ZUhtoUldu 

ANCE, ANOY, ANTNEss, 3ei(^n clnc^ €5u6(tanti»i/ ta« cntwcbet cin 7(blectitmm onf 
ant ebec ctn SS^rbum mm ^tammwctte oat 3. S3* redundant, {ii^crfldifftg ; 
redundancy, redundance, bet tlel^ecflu^ ; pliant, t)tegfam ; pliancy, jdiantness, 

tie S3ic9fam!eit; deliwr, befteicn; deliverance, bie ©efieiunQ. 

juTFLY, (adv.) ^t ein 2(bicctbum auf ant jum (Stammworte ; redundantly, Im Ueber^ 

AT0R,3eicftcn clne^ @ubftantiDi/ ba« t)cn etnem 9Ser6o l^etpeteitetmltb^unbetneqjers 
fen bebeutet, bie etwo^ tbut obec leibct 3. S5. navigate, fdf^iffen ; narrate, ws 

5&l^len : navigator, cln (Sc^iffcr ; narrator, ein ^VihljUv. 

ED, 3et(^en elne^ 2Cbiecttt)i, bas au5 etnem SSer6o c^ema^t R)ocben ifi 3> fB. defeat, 
fcfttagen ; the defeated army, bie gefd^tagene 2Ctmee. 

tDLY, i|l bas 3et(l)cn elne^ 2Cb»crbii, t>ai ou« einem ^Cbiectitw auf cd gcmadit wcrben 
ifU 3* S3, disaffected, mipoccgnfigt ; disaffectedly, miptjcrgniigt/ nut llnwittcn. 

EDNEss, 3etd)en eine^ @ubftantttn/;ba^ ein ^Cbjectioum auf ed gum ^tamnwcrte l)al 
3. )^« di8affectednegs,.ba^^$t)etdn%n. 

ENOE, ENCY, Selcfteu eine« ®ubftantt»i, fommen au« ben lateinifcften Snbfi>t6cn tia. 
Hum, i^tt, unb l^aben im (Sng(tf(ften gemo^nttd) ein 2(biectt9 auf ent gum @tamms 
WCtrte. 3. 93. prudent, !(ug ; ooncupiBcent, wcfjKfifKq ; competent, gul&ngtttft ; pru- 
dence, bie Jttug^eit; concupisoenoe, bie ^O^tCttft; competence, competency, 
tat 3u(&ndUd^e. 

BNTLY, n>irb au6 etnem XbjeettDum onf ent gemad^t; penitent, teuig ; penitently, auf 
eine teuige, bupfettige 2(tt. 

KE, Selcftcn eine^ ©ubftantlw, unb jelgt cine $Oerfon an, bie etmog tl^nt/tcibelt, mit 
etmas umge^et, ^anbett. 3. 93. paint, mollcn ; murder, mcrbcn ; suffer, (cibcn ; * 
armour, SBaffen/ ©cwe^t; painter, ein 9Ma(cr; murderer, cin SKctbet; sufferer, 
«n Ccibenber, eine ^eibenbe ; armourer, cin aBaffcnfcfcmieb/ ®ewe^t^^&nb(er. 

FULLY, fommt Don einem TCbiectlDO auf fid l)cv ; painful, mfi^feUg; painfully, auf elnc 
rafif)fc(ige UxU 

FOLNBBs, l^at ein TCbie^ttt) auf fbl ^m ©tammwcrtc. 3. 93. painfulness, bie SKfl^fcligfelt. * 

IDLENESS, raajTY, 3etd)en eine^ Su6ftantit)i, ba5 »cn clncm 2(biccti»o auf ible ficrs 
femmt 3. 93. incombustible, unwrbrennlid) ; incomprehensible, unbegt?eiflic^ t- 
inoombustibleness, tlnt)Cr6renn(id^felt; incomprehensibleness, Unbcgtcipicftfett 

iBLY, 3ci(l)cn cinc5 TCboerbii, bag au^ einem TCbjcctlM auf ible gemad^t wirb. 3. 93. 

possible, mogtidft; possibly, mcgtid), cicttcidfet. 
icALLY, bc^gteidien ; bat aber ein 2(biectit)um ayf ic cbec ical gum ©tammwcrte. 

3. 93. domestic, domestical, ^Su^Udb » domestically, (i&U^ticb* 

icALNEss, 3eid)en eines @ubftanti»i, bog t»cn cincm 2(bical^>ft au^ VsaJi $i\vt \^V^ 
fommt 3» 93# cQmio4 tomifd); comicalness, bai ilom\\d^t« 

UGD, ift fea^ 3cld)en ctnc^ 2(t>iectbl (^Jarticipu unb S»U>ctfi;cti)/bo5 cin SScrbtun auf 
y ^um (Stammtvcrtc f^at ; marry, oct^eirat^cn ; a married woman, cin ut\)C\tas 
tf)tU^ graucnsimmcr. 

iNG, 3cid&cn bcS @ut)iiQnti»i (®crunMi, ^orticipii actit)i unb nbjcctbi), bofi au« cU 
ncm 9Scr6o pcmacbt wirb. 3. % laugh, locftcn; laughing, boS fiQc^cn, (ad^cnb: 
drench, trdn!en ; drenching, trdnfcnb/ ba^ Sr&n!cn. 

WGLY, tt>irb 0U6 cincm ?(bicctit)0 auf ing gemacftt ; laughingly, tm Sacfeen/ mlt &ad)cn. 

iNONEss, 3eiAcn eines Subflantici, ftmmX tjon etncm TCbjcctiM ouf ing f)cr. 3. 23. 
doting, ^cftlg lic&cnb ; dotingness, bic f)cftigc Cicfee, 

isHLY, Bd^tn cinc« ?(b»crt)it, f ommt t?cn eincm 2Cbiecti»c auf ish ^cr. 3. 93. doltish, 
tolplfd^ ; doltishly, ouf cinc tctpifcftc TlvU 

muxEss^ (auhatant.) l)at cin ?Cbiectit)um auf ish jum ©tamm»orte ; doltiahness, bic 

isT^ ift bo^ 3eid&en cinc5 @utjft<mtitji/ bo5 ou^ cincm onbcrn @u6ftanti»o gcmodvt 
wcrbcn iff/ unb cinc ^crfon an^ciat, bic ttxoai ift, tl&ut, ,Rcnntni9 pen ctn>a6, 
t)cn cincc SBiffenfc^oft cbcr ^unft !)ot. 3* 95. panegyric, cinc 2o6rcbc ; metal- 
lurgy, 5tunft in ben SKetattcn ^u arOciten ; botany, bic ^r&utcrfunft ; panegyr- 
ist, bcr Sofercben fd^rcibt obcr ^dtt ; metallurgist, 2Cri&eitct in SWctoU ; botanist, 

iTY, ift boS 3eid)ett cineS ®ubftantit)i, ba6 qu^ cincm 7(bicctit)0 gcmacfet wcrbcn ift, 
unb cinc ^il)iQftit, gjladjt, ctmai ^u tftun obcr 3U Itibcn, ^u bcprci^cn,su fajfcn, 
mijcigt. 3. 95. familiar, Dcrtwulid^ » femiliarity, bic 95crttouUci)f cit — (inbigt 
fidi bag 2Cbicctit)um auf cin e, fo wirb c5 6ci bcr ^ermirung bc^ ©ubftantiui auf 
ity gona wcggctaffcn. 3. 95. festive, fcftlid) ; festivity, bic gcftlicft!cit 

ivELY, roirb au^ cincm 2(biccti»o ouf ive gcmad^t 3» 95. expressive, bcutlic^ ; ex- 
pressively, auf cinc bcutlid)c SBcifc. 

IVENE3S, f)at cOcnfatt^ cin 2(biccti»um auf ive jum ©tammwcrtc. 3. 95. expressiveness, 
bic 2)cut(ic%!eit 

LESS, Scid^cn cinc^ 2(biccti»i, ba$ au^ cincm @u6f!ontiw gcmad&t, unb im ©cutfd)cn: 
mit Xo0, of)nt, obcr un, ii()crfc|t wicb. 3» 95. regard, 2((l^tfamfcit; regardless, 
unad^tfam, of)nc 2(d)tfamCcit. 

jLEssLY unb LEssNEse, {odv. Sf subst.) l^obcu cin ^bicctitJum auf less ^um ©tamni? 
wcrtc. 3* 95. regardlessly, unac^tfamcr fBcifc ; regardlessness, btc tinod^tfomf cit^ 

LY, ift ba^ 3cid&en cinc6 ?Cbt)cr6ii, t>a^ au^ cincm ®ut)ftantiDC obcr 2Cbicctit»o c\c5 
mad)t worbcn ift. 3. 25. lavish, \>crja)tt)cnbcrifcft ; lavishly, t)crfd)n)cnbctifrf)cr 
5Kcifc ; pander, cin Suppler ; panderly, fupptcrifd). — ©nbigt fid) abcr ta^ 
@tamm»ort auf y, fo wirb ba^ y wcggeworfcn, unb an bctfcn @tatt i §cfc^t. 
3. 95. lazy, fau( ; lazily, faulcr SKcifc : mighty, m&d^tig ; mightily, mQd)tt9Ud). 

MENT, 3cid)cn einc^ ©ubftantioi, bag aug cincm 85cr6o gcmad^t wirb, unb QroStcnt^cits 

auf folacnbc 2(rt tUbcrfc^t n^crbcn !ann, n>cnn man ndmtid) bcm bcutfc^cn $8crbo^ 

bic ©noung imtt qk% urn cin (Subftantit) barau6 au mat^cn. 3. 95. lavish, t>cr5 

fdftwcnbcn ; laviihment, SScrfd^TOCttbung ; refiresh, crfrifdf^cn ; refreshment, ©r^ 

- frifdftung. 

NESS, 3ci4cn cincg @ut>ftantit)i, bag cin 2Cbicctit)um sum @tammwortc l^at, unb cinc 
(giflcnfcfeaft angcigt. 3. 95. pale, Olcid^; paleness, bic btcic^c ^atU: profound,, 
ticf ; profoundness, bic Sicfc— ©nbiflt fid^ t>Qi 2Cbicctit)um ouf y, fo wirb bosy- 
in i Dcnuonbclt. 3. 95. lazy, faut ; laziness, bic Jfout^cit 

OR, OUR, 3cidftcn cincg @u6ftanti»i, bog cin SScrbum aum ©tommmortc f)at,unb cine 
^crfon bcbcutct, bic ctn>ag tl&ut obcr (cibct. 3. 95. effect, bcwcrfftcttcn ; effector,, 
bcr ctwog i&cwcrfftclligt ; detract, Dcrt&umbcn ; detractor, bcr SScrl&umbcr. 

■HIP, 3cicftcn cincg ©ui&ftanti»t, wctdjcg cin TCmt, cinc SBfirbc on^cigt, oug cincm 
onbcrn ©ubftantioo fermirt wirb, unb gr6ptcnt^ci(« mit (c^aft, obcr Mc tt)iUbe,- 
^«6 Timt tints, tintt, :c. fibcrfcfct wcrocn fann. 3. 95. friend, Jrcunb ; friend- 
ship, Jrcunbfd)aft ; mediator, bcr SBcrmitttcr; mediatorship, bog iCmt cincg SKitts 
Uti ; prentice, cin ScWw^BC ; prenticeship, bic Sc^r^cit ; professor, cin ^rofcf? 
for ; professorship, bag Timt cincg 9)rofc|forg. 

80MELY unb 80MENE8S (adv. ^ substont,), fommcu wu ciucm TCbjcctitJO auf some l^cr* 
B* iB. handsome, fd^on ; handsomely, fdj^n i handsomeness, ©d^on^cit 










It is a geaeral complaint of large irrammars, that they are too difiiise ; and of the 
■small, that thej are too abrupt and incomplete. The former are for the most part 
incumbered with arguments and far-fetched illustrations, displaying the learning of 
their authors, but perplexing rather than instructing the learner ; while those which 
are called practical, appear short more in consequence of omissicm than cf cos- 

To obviate these inconveniences, I have often felt myself under the necesNty to 
write most of the rules of German grammar, in order to simplify or complete them 
ioT the use of my pupils. As long as my instruction was confined to single indi- 
viduals, I found no difficulty in pursuing this plan; but having for some time past 
been engaged in the instruction of a numerous class, at the City of London Literary 
and Scientific Institution, I have been induced to arrange and methodise these various 
sketches and commit them to the press. 

I now (dace this little work before the Public, with the wish that most of those who 
study the German language may derive benefit from what originally was designed to 
•assist only ^few persons in private. The book, notwithstanding the smaDness ef its 
«ize, contains all which belongs to the province of grammar, and whieh a student may 
require, till he is able to peruse native grammarians. It is particularly hoped that the 
rules and tables concerning the genders and declensions will be quite suffieSent to clear 
dp this most difficult part of the language. 

The rules have been numbered, partly with a view to render them more easy ef 
reference, and partly to fiicilitate the use of a series of Exercises which I am pre* 
paring for publication. These Exercises will be essentially practical, as they are 
intended, not to make the students poets or orators, but to enable them to converse and 
write with fluency cm the common occurrences of life. For this purpose, the idiomatic 
phrases and the use of the prepositions and conjunctions, so perplexing in all kuu 
guages, will be copiously illustrated. 

The Dictionary of Prefixes and Affixes appended to the present publication will be 
found of much assistance, since an acquaintance with those particles, by means of 
which the German language is rendered so eminently copious, must greatly facilitate 
its study. 



Absol. absolute 

mcc. accusative 

adj. adjective 

adjs. adjectives 

adv. adverb 

«dv8. adverbs 

aff. affix 

art article 

Condit ccmditional "^ 

comp. comparative 

eomp. tenses, compound 

comp. pref. compound prefix 

compor; comparison 

conjugr. conjugation 

conj. poss. pron. conjunctive possessive 

Dat dative [pronoun 

declens. declension 

«lef. art definite article 

demonstr. demonstrative 

£ngL English 

£xc except 

'Fern, f, feminine 

Fr. French 

fir. firom 

fUt fiiture 

Oen. genitive " . 

fiend, gender '" 

Germ. German i 

Or. Greek 

Imperf* Imperfect 

imp. imperat imperative 

ind. indicative 

indef. art indefinite article 

in£ infinitive 

imper* impersonal 

interrog. interrogative 

irrepr. irregular 


Masc. lit. masculine 

Neut.n. neuter 

Nom. nominative 

Part participle 

part pres. participle present 

pass, passive 

perf. indef. perfect indefinite 

pers. person 

pers. pron. personal pronoun 

plur. plural 

posit positive 

poss. prons. possessive pronouns 

pron. pronoun 

prons. pronouns 

pref. prefix 

pre£ insep. prefix inseparable 

pref. sep. prefix separable 

prep, preposition 

prepos. prepositions 

pret preterite « 

r. rule 

relat relative 

Sing, singular 

subj. 8ub)unctive 

subst substantive 

substs. substantives 

superl. superlative 

transit transitive 

termin. terminati(ni 

termins. terminations 

• •• 

SBUiAir oftAmum xin 



Shape Equiva. 

oj lent in Names, Pronunciation and Examples. 

Letters English 

H a a ah....... As in ilrm; SBa^n^ 9!$ant« 

%t & ae ab«h .... hare; SBac, S&ffcr» 

(i ,C e .eh beU, or fair ; either close as 6, or open, as d (a 

difibrence to be learnt by practice). 
Half mute, as in Ahel ; at the end of words, 

and before the final consoAants ^ m, n, r, «, t, in 

words of more than one syllable, and in the pre* 

fixes, fre, ge^ cr^ ter, 

3 t i ee Skidd, BiU;m,X,m{U. 

3c te • • • • ie ee-eh ^^ ■ . Field, when the accent falls on it ; ^armonte^ 

— Cktkier, when the accent falls on a previous 

syllable; ^aim(tc« 

£) o oh Port, pot; ^ehn, 9)ctt. 

Se 6 OB oh-eh .... French feu ; ^l, iSottcrcU 

II u u oo ■ hoot, bull; &\xt, $unb« 

tie d ue oo-eh. . . . — — French dut, du ; f&t/ ^(iXi^* 

SQ ^ y ipsilon. . . — syUahU ; @p(&e. 


2Ci al .«. .ai ..... . ah-ee . . . . "j as y in 6^ ; the r.ftatfct. * 

ilxs ai?* • • •ay ah-ipsilon I two first some. J now seldom used. 

@t ct • • • 'Ci . . . . | what broader 1 Silorr^elt* 

(^ CQ • • • 'Cy eh-ipsilon j than the last L @q. 

Tin au • • • au nh-oo as ou in Jumse ; .^aU6* 

?(eu &u * . . 8eu ah-^h.00 . 1 asoi in voice; the f^aufct* 

(Sit CU • • • cu eh.oo. • • • r first &. last some- < ScutC* 

;0i ci • • • • oi .... J what broader, t S3ct|cn6ut9/ name of a towxL 

Ha, af) ; ce, C^; U, t^ ; CO/ e^ ; U^/ like the simple long a, e, i, 0, u, respectively. 


S3 b> • • • •b beh As in English when an initial ; as a |i when a final : 

iDicb (read deep). 
Q, ( c tseh .... Cocoa, before a, o,u, au, or a Consonant, and af < 

a final ; — as ts, in hets, before any of the other 

vowels or diphthongs ; (St(Cro (pron. tsitsero), 
>D tl d. deh*... .—»— English when an initial; like t when a final; 

^eer^ (read hairt), 

^ f f efF Engli sh . 

(^ g g gay. . . . — Ekiglish when an initial ; softened like ^ when a 

fin^ (See below). 

4o ^ h bah .... — Hat when an initial ; mute after f, and as a Gnxl. 

3 i i yot likeyinyes; 3a. 

St l k kah .... as in English, but never mute ; SCnU, fSoXif. 

fi I I ..ell 

SK tn***«m • cni ■ 

9t n n., en 

5P p.....p peh.... 

SL Q q koo.... 

91 r*.««'^ err —— but more distinct as a final. 

^ f g. . . . 8 ess. .. . . ©cactt/ 9tofe (pronounced Ro^e), 

N. B. The ^ is used at the end of syllables. 

X t t teh but before ion as ts ; ^latictx (sc^sosmsssiKA 



Shape, Equin» Names, Pronunciation and ExampUr, 

^ ^ V £)u like / in all Genn&n words ; ^aUt (pnm. fa4er) t ^ut 

in foreign words and proper names, as in English. 

SB tt) w veh ... as in Valve, fJBotf (pron. volf), 

S X X. iks like the English x in Alexander, 

3 3 z tsett. . . . like U, Bcf)n (pron. tsayn). 



d^ ch tsch-hah ..I^— Like k in appellations of foreign origin : S^nfhif/ 

tcr (Hhcx ; except in CfeinO/ €f)t(i, ^i)Xitt, which 
are pronounced according to mle III ; and when 
followed by an s, originally of the same syllable, 
as bcc Sucb^, bte 5 W<?. 
II. — As in the Scotch pronunciation of loch, after a, o, 
«, au, when originally of the same syllables ; ta$ 
Surf), btc SBud)0. 
III. — As in the Scotch pronunciatioa of light, befi>re or 
after e, i, t>, ^, c, {i, hu, and (u, and mer ( and r ; 

Note. — ^The final g is generally pronouneed like ch, accord- 
ing lo rule II. and IIL 

!l?;:::::::X.::::::ent^:: \ «« ^ Engush. nnir. i»ni; 2>in9,©anf. 

pj ph peh.hah ■ phiUnopher ; ^ertp^etic* 

fc^ sch ess-tsch-hah as sh in English. 

N. B. The i>, before rf) belongs to, and is pronounced with the iwevious syllable ; as 

cin 9^t6(fien, read ©i^?(f)cn. 

fC/ ff / \U fnt/ ft)/ ft, when initials, are pronounced, in the greater part of Germany, 
and with the approval of the best Grammarians, like ahk, $M,$hm, shp, sht; tct <Sc(at?e, 
pronounced sMave, 

^ like e in Mace ;'-9Dd is used as a substitute for ff at the end of syllables, or when 
the preceding vowel is to be long.^ — In the Latin character the bz is represented by ts, 

O'When the 8 and z belong to two syllables, they are written, printed, and pro- 
nounced separately ; au^jte^cn, read au^^jte^en* 


(f (for kk), t)t (for tt), ff, % mm, nn, pu, rr, ff, ft, 1^, | (for zz). 
2th lengthens the vowel, preceding or following it, In the same syllable. 
in all these double consonants are uttered as one letter when they close a syllable ; 
but are pronounced separately when the last belongs to the next syllable ; aufftnbcn^ 

tead aufsfinben ; 2Bo^flc]&en, read SKo^Wcben ; mttsumac^en, read mtt?aumQ^cn ; 
mitfiin, read mit»^in. 


1. The pronunciation of vowels and diphthongs is long [a] when they close a syl* 
lable ; except at the end of polysyllables, especially the e [6] when followed by one con- 
■onant in the same syllable^ except in a few undeclinable monosyllables. 

2. It is short when the vowels or diphthongs are followed by a double consonant, 
(unless h be one of them) ; except sz, which always should make the vowel long ; ch 
and sch, before which vowels are sometimes long and sometimes short. 

3. The accent almost always falls on the root syllable. 

4. Syllables, whenever it is possible, begin with a consonant, which in derivatives is 
often, &r this purpose, taken fi'om the root, and thereby sometimes changes its pro- 
nunciation : thus, S3rcb, loaf, pronounced ^i:ct/ becomes in the plural S3rotc, the d^ 
resuming ite soft sound. 


The Substantives are Primitive, Derivative, or Coihpound. 
!• The primitive nouns are almost all of one syllable. 
' 9 The derivative nouns are formed, either from primitives,, or fit}m other parts of 


epeecb, and grenerally terminate in syllables now never used by theroselve*; ssch as t, 

et f)ixt, Uit, fd)aft, «♦ , 

3. The compound substantives are formed by the union of one or more simple nouns, 
or by the prefixing of other parts of speech to simple or compomid nouns ; the g^ender 
being, with few exceptions, determined by the last substantive in the word : thus, ^qs 
Ux, is Masc. and ^au5 Neut, and tai ^aUxl)(XVi^ the paternal house, neut, and tcr 
^au^Datcr father of a &mily, masc. 

4. The syllable inn added to the names of many male animals, and male appella. 
tions, makes them feminine; as bcr ititOC, the lion, tie Semtn/ the lioness. Those 
ending with mann generally make sD2&nntn ; as |)auptmonn/ captain, ^axvpU 
TOOnnm, captain's lady. . 

5. To make a noun diminutive, the syUaUes dicn. Win, or e( are added ; of whidi, 
^n is the most usual : bet J^unb, the dog, ta^ 43{inid)en^ the Little dog. 

O* In most instances the nouns thus made feminine or diminutive, change the a, C, 
tt^ 00/ into ti, 6/ {(/ 6tt/ if they have these vowels in their roots. 


6. The substantives have three genders, viz. masculine, feminine, and neuter. 

7. The gender may be known by the nature of the word, by its termination, or by 

8. Masculine. 

I. — ^The proper names of men. 

II. — ^The names of male animals, if the sexes have distinguishing appellations I 
otherwise the male is called t>ai S02&nnd)cn^ or m&nn(id)C IS^ict. 

III. — Appellative nouns relating to men, gods, angels, &c., except the following 

compound words : bte ^d^^xl^toa^i, btc 9){ann^pcrfon/ ha^ a)2ann60i(b ; and alsp 

bos ©cfpcnfl* 

IV. — ^The names of winds. ♦ 

V. — The names of seasons, months, and days ; except ^te 3a^r|ett/ba$ 3a^1^/ ^t^ 

g)Httn)orf)c (also bet SKittwodi)^ 

VI. — Many roots of verbs, as bet ^00, from l^affen, to hate. 
VII. — The generic names of many birds, fish, and quadrupeds, not ending in (» 
flCTlDec 2Cffc, ^afe, ZSmc, JDc^fe, and ^aU, are masculine. 
VIII« — ^The names of most rivers, not in Germany. 

9. Feminine. 

I. — ^e proper names of women. 

II. — ^Tbe names of female animals, when there is a distinguishhig appellation fi>r 
the sex; otherwise the female is called ba6 SBctOdNn/ or n^etOttd^ if ftieY, 

III. — Appellative nouns relating to women, goddesses, &c., except fEBf(i6/ ^aits 

enitmmcr, SBctt>66i(t)/ SBei6flM/ aKenfdft/ (wench), sD{ab^<^ti/ and ^viiuUm, vHieh 
are neuter. 

IV< — ^The names of many geographical and natural objects, particularly those 
ending in c, ci, CV* 

V. — Many names of rivers. 

VI. — Abstract nouns, with the terminations et/ f)t{t, Uxt, fd^aft/ ttng ; and namei 
of qualities derived fit>m adjectives, as Q^tcit, greatness, fh>m grfl|f« 

VII. — Derivatives irom verbs, mostly in t/ and te^ as tie ^rtl^^ tiie ftrd, tie 
^al)Xt, the ride, tie Jf^^Cte^ the track. 

10. Neuter. 

I.-;;-The young of animals, aHi bod Sunge, bdd Jlinb. 

IL^All words not originally substantives, as bod S9(ott^the bkw, bo5 3cft/ the I, 
i e. the self, bod fRtttn, the speakingi bod SBenH/ the if, bod Tltjn, the bot, bod 
^ci)Ctocf)i, the farewelL— Also qoalities considered in their whole extension, as bod 
^CO^e/ the great, t. e. whatever is great 

III. — Most of the cdlective or reiterative terms, especiaHy when they begin with 
ge, or end in fc(, bod gjott, bad ©ebttge. bod @d)obfe^ 

IV^ — All diminutives.— See above, tme^ 5. ** On the Substantive.** 
v.— The names of metals, except bte ^(otino, bet ^U^U ^^t 3Snf , bCIP SOtnM^ 
«nd others of modern discovery. 
VI.— The names of the letters of tibe alphabet 


VII.— The names of countries and provinceB; except bte ^ax$, tie &(ittfi$/ Lo- 
satia, tie f^ali, the Palatinate, tie aXoltau, and others in ou, tie jttimm, Crimea, 
tie Sficf ei/ and others in ei ; and those formed of words of a different gender, as 
ter ^unt^rUct 

VIII. — ^The names of almost all cities, towns and villages, even in compositions 
of which the last word is of a different gender ; as ba5 l^eittj^ jDatmfldtt^ though 
@tatt he feminine ; except bet' ^oag, the Hague, and a few in iButg/ which are 
feminine, and in ^teit!, whidi are masculine. 


Zd^t, fern. Exc. ber ^ad)t« te( ; the coZZecfive» beginning 

Tth, neut» — htt 9fat. u>ith ge ; and the diminuti»e9 

2Cft,/em. — ttt &6)Cift, ^a^, Zaft t» cU 

Tii^ti, mase, — ^ie Sal&n. ©(nt/ moBc. 

Zl, aai, aW/ «fl«c. Exc. tic ^a% SXmi, (&n, — Exc. ^as Klmofen, Sedfcn, ®cs 

3aM, ta6 ^ttes toxf{tn, ®ebredKn/ ^fiffen, 

vai,sgial)i,^l)Ci[,Hntal, fSappen, Sei^cn. 

ficcot. (&ni, fern, Exc. ^er Scnj. 

2Cfl/ olm, maw. Exc. bae 9)2ctatL ©r, mase, Exc. Me TCtciT/ 2(uftcr, ©utter, 

^nt/«nt/— Exc. ble ^mt>, SSant^ 3etcr/ 2)oucr, Jeter, Jci*^/ 

Ccintoont, bas Sont, getter, ^atfter, hammer, .Klofs 

dJewont, Sant. ter, Saucr, fiebcr, Scier, Setter, 

Xng, anf/ — Exc. Me S3anf* S)2orter, 3Kauer, flatter, Sf^ums 

7(pt, orm, — . mer, ®(l)utter, (Bteuer, (tax,) 

2Ct, n«rf. (derived from the Latin in atus). SSraucr, Sriimmer, 95c^pcr, 

7Cet,/cm. (from the Latin in as-atis). 2Bimpcr, Sitter, 

Xtf), — Exc. ^cr SRot^ t<:0 TCltcr, Jfenftcr, Jcuer, Jies 

XU/ —• Excber ©au,5)fQU,:Xl&ou,t<:6 ber, gutter, (Sotttr, ©ittcr, 

l£ou» Jttofter, fiogcr, Softer, Ccbcr, 

TCttcft, flttm, ma»c. SKeffcr, OTufter, SDpfcr, ^flo^ 

€bcn, Tieut. (diminutives). jlcr, 5)u(»er, SRuter, ©ccpter, 

Q, fern. Exc. bcr 3)ane, the Dane and (Steuer, (helm,) Sweater, llfer^ 

^ other names of nations ; SBoffer, SBcttcr, SSuntcr, 3tttU 

ter .^nabe, the boy, and other sner ; the collectives in gc, and 

male appellations ; ber Scn)C, lu some metals. 

See rules on the masculine gen- (gt, etb/ «««<• Exc ber Semct, SKognct^ 

der, ba^ UrxQC, (Snbe, @'rbe. planet. 

Q^, neuL ^cit, fem, 

Qi (ep) /«». Exc. ber SBrci, Sadfei, bas 3d), icbt, tnasc. Exc. b!e ®id)t, 9)ftlc6t^ 

iBlei, 6i« ®id)t, and its com- 

Gig, eiin, mase, pounds (except b«0 ®c^ 

(£i«, eifc wiasc. Exc. bfe (SclJ, bas 9ici^, fid)t), baa ®cbid)t, (3c^ 

buB ©cbcie, and other col- ti^t, (gen)id)t, Sid)t. 

lectives with (ge, Sflf^ fidf, n««e. 

m, mase. Exc bie 2(d)re(, 2(mfc(, 2(nge(, 3e, if, /em. (from the Greek, Latin, and 

95i6el, £)Qttct, £)eid)fc[, French). 

3)iftet, 5)rcffe(, eic&et, gabcr, Sc6/ mase. Exc tfa& Sicb, @ic6. 

garfet, geffef, GJobct, ®cige(, Seg, — 

®urgc(, 3nfc(,.Koni;c(,.^Qrtofs Ser, neut. bfe JBegier, 3icr, ber 

fe(, .Rloufct, .Rugct, .KuppeC, SSe^icr, (Sticr, Dtftgtcr. 

SWantet, gRufcftcf, SRatel, 5Drs Sft//««. bae (»ift, ber @tift. 

get, ^appet, ^axaUi, ^artifef, 3ng, mase. bae SKcffmp. 

Slegct, ©d)aufe(, ^(^ocptcl, ©is 3nn, /em. (formed from the masculine), 

cfeet, ®d)tiffct, SSafct, SSremmet, Son, tion, fem, (from the Latm). 

aBa<f)te(, SBur^ct, 3»le6c(. 3r, mase, 

bas ©fintct, )Dunfe(, CSycmpcl, 3W/ ^d)/ ww<^' (collectives). 

6apite(, sJKittcI, £)rQfc.l, @egel, St», nea^ (from the Latin ivus). 

(Sieget, ©pcctafcl, Ucbcl, -SSics 3|/ ma«c. Exc bae 2(mUg. 

fc( ; th£ fractional numbers in inn, neut, (diminutives). 

osRXAv oayoKut xye. 

{Kf/ /em. Exo. ^ft0 jSBefenntni^, !9^at&6» 6d^ft/ /«m. 

nip/ SSctriltOntp, S^dnontp/ S()um, neut. Exc. $er Sctt^um/ 9{etc6$ 
©rcignifc ecaeugni^, C^bficbts t^m, S3e«)eistf)um. 

(S^cfl&nbntp, ^inbernip, SScc^ fud^/^ud^. 

jetd)nt^, 2c* Vtd, uf, uo, wmwc. 

£)cfe, neut, Ewj. ^er ^cdft. Uft, fern, Exc. ^or 2)ttft^ ®4ttfl. 

^d, eg, ww»c. Exc. ^ae @(^cf, lilt), — 

IDf^ Cl/ ctt/ old)/ ma«c. timt n«ttf. (from the Latin). 

JDn, O^n, masc, Exc Mc ^tfcn. Unt/ mase. Exc ^a0 SBuitb, (bundle,) 

£)Vfr — 9)funb^ JHunt. ^ 

;^^ neut. ^er ^^cr, Jlor, Unft, /cm. 

^DW/ mfl«c. ^«c 4&om/ ]l«rn« Unc^/ — — monosyllables. 

Drtr ctb> ma«c. ^as SEBcrt. Unf , m«»c. 

^, CC«/ Cp, neut ^er it(c9/ ®^Cp/ lit, u()C, /em. 

@tofe j;Src^ Up, ma«c. Exc Me 9iup, ^<:8 SKu|. 

£)ft, m«#c. Exc Me g)cit, JltfL lit, utf),/em. Exc ^er je)Ut, SKutO^ (but 
S>U ot&, cb, ncttt. Exc ^<r itct^/ S^tb, ^fe 2Cn5®ropr2Be^s®emutft, 

0Jotl^ are Feminine) ^as S5(ttt/ 

^tf^ ««**• Exc 3)rott9faU • U|, mnw. 
Get masc. (coUectives). 


General Rules. 

12. Nouns femm^ vlways remain unaltered in the singular. 

13. Nouns mascuL always form their genitive sing, in 6/ C^, n, or etl* ^ 

14. Nouns neut. form theirs in ^, or C6. 

15. When the gen. sing, ends in (>, the dat and ace remain unaltered ; if in C^, the 
dalive generally takes e ; if in n, or en, the other cases, sing, as well as plur., except 
the nom., take the same ending. 

16. In the plural, the femin. nouns SjO^uttCt and !Scd)tt'r receive no addition, others 
tajke C/ n, or en ; Masc and Neut nouns, either take no addition, or t, n, tn, or et. 

17. If the nom. plur. end in n, all the other cases plur. are tiie same ; if in any o^er 
letter, the gen. and ace are like it, and the dat receives an additional n« 

18. Many nouns which do not form their plur. in Xi, change in this number the 
vowels a,t,u, ailf of the sing, into a, t, fi, &u. 

19. Names of countries, provinces, &.c. take the gen. in $, or e$/ and remain un- 
changed in the other cases. 

20. Names of persons remain unaltered when preceded by the article^ and take 
(according to th^r termination) i, n^, or cn6, in the genitive, and n, or en, in the dative 
and accusative; the plural, if the name ends in c, is made in tl, if it ends in any other 
letter, it is made in e ; and if in d, cn, tx, it remains unaltered. (See rule 30.) 

Decleneiona I. II. III. IV. 

Gender. M. F. N. M. «fc N. 

i&*««.7/,» J ^' ^ — \e)5 (c)g (c)5 

Singular ^j^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ 


V. VI. 

, * , 

M. & F. 

-cn tt 

•en tt 

-en n 

in n 

G. A. e ec cn, n* 

tt cn em cn/n« ' en n 

Nate. — ^The e or other letters, in this and all the following tables, placed between () 
i&ay be omitted, when allowed by euphony or other circumstances. 






Singular* •{ G. 


Mascuune, Neuter, and two Feminuoe Nouns. 

bet ^tmmel, ^atcx, ta^ ^htf^tn, 

father, girl, 


the heaven, 
M 6 




^ N. G. A. tic^ bcr 







bit SKutter, 





This declension includes most Masc. and all Neut noons ending in el/ en, env er; 
all diminiitives in d)en and (ein ; Neut beginning with c^e^ and ending with e ; and 
the Fcm. gRuttec and ScAtcr, m the plural gjZfittcr, Sed)tcr;. 

The following change their vowels in the plural.— Mascuune : 

In el: 2(pfet, |)ammc(/ ^anbct, SKangel, 9}iantcl, 3?obet; ^flaQQi, ©attel^ ©d^naJel/ 

In en: SBcbcn/ Bogcn, Garten, and perhaps a few more. 
In er: Xdfer, 93rubcr, Jdammcc, .staffer, ©d)n)aaer/ SSotct,— neuter, .^leftet, 
ar >5er S5ttcf>|labcn, (also *;BiicI)fta()C-^, IV. and SBu(f)ftQbe-n, v:,-) S5alfen, Sncben, 
Jfunfen, ®eban!cn, (SJcfallen, (5j(auben, Jbctufen, SfJamcn, ^omen, ^ciftabcn, ©gotten/ 
fedftdtten/ ©cftrecfcn, (also (Sd)i;cc!-e^ It.) belong to thi% declension, although oco^ 
sionallj used in tiie nom. sing, without n. 


GENDER : — M ascuune^ Feminine^ and Neuter. 



rN. bcr 58aum/troo 

G. bc5 (e)^ 

D. Urn (e) 

,A^ t>m 

G. A. bte, ber JBciumc 


^ai Jtrett^, cross 
bes — -(e)$ 

bem (e) 



bie SBanb. 





ben en 

This declension includes all the monosjllables and words compounded with them, 
not belonging to tlie other declensions, particularly those ending in b, f, Oi, 6), rf)^, fdr, 
f> d, at, af)i,m, n, ^, i, a : and the dierivatives, in inct, ittlQ, m^, and fat ; and the col- 
lectives and iteratives beginning with (\c but not ending in e. 

The change of vowels in the formation of the plural takes place :•— 

[a] In all the feminine substs. having a, 0/ \X, or aU/ in their root 

[b] In the following — 

* This mark refers to words which vary, either in their gender or plural. 


























sDJuff or bie 
sjKttffe V 
^ad)t or fern. 


5i)(an ^t>vm^ 

JDflccf ©tott 

5Re(l (Gridiron) ©to0 






©cblc« (hail) 














J^euter : ?fr|^nat/ €l^r/ Slop/ wi. and n. Slo^r** 

GBMIiir GftAiaUR 


GENDER :^Ma8culine and Nkdtir. 





SOtontt/ man 




G. A. tie, tcr SKtoct 

ta^ ^QU^^lionse 

te« U 

tern —(e) 



i D. ten era 

List of the principal words of this declension :— 






Strt^UW/ and others 
in t^um 

'Kai, (2(efer) Somtfcl 

7iiUx\f)\xm, and i)adn 

all others in ADtng 

2f mt 61, (®^) 

TCugentteb ^d) 

Sat -5^09 

»ant, (ribbon) §clt 

S3ett ®clt 

JBttt (^cmncfi 

»(Qtt ®emi!t6 

93rctt ®erid)t» 

93ud) ®cfrf)(ecf)t 

Cabinet (SJrab 










' SXanB 







SKa^l or SKal* 







IBctmunt , 











All substantives of this declension which have the vowels a, t, Vi, MX, change them 
in the plural ; those in t^um make tl)umer. 



Mascuune and Neuter. 

'N. tec ®taot/ state 
«. J G. tc6 — (e)d 
^'^^'■•JD.rcm ^(c) 

LA. ten 

Plural, No change of vowels. 
In all cases — ^taatscn 

to5 Dhh ear 

. (c)i 

tec ^Better, cousm 







Catettsen (also V.) 
JDaumsen or (Dou 

men I.) 
® cm sen* 

List of words belonging to this declension with their plural :~- 



^ccfeffipc^en, and 










©ttefeUn (or I.) 

most other» in* ec Zivetlsin 







9iec^er«n (also I.) 
Sapitat and fRcQcX make (Sapttalten/ 9{egalien 

2(RagYamm?en Scncectot'en Q^ttctmaffsett: 

Ttno^t^n extent ' ^emt«»n 

SBatatHen^en (^ptgcamm^en dnfett^en 

^ai ^t^ nom. and itcc. makes gen. ^etjen^^t. §ctJCtl\ I^ux. %w^tx^v 




n emMan oiukiptAii:. 


GENDER : — Masculink and Feminine. 
fN. Ut affttft t)ie JftrHln 

(.A. ben en tic 

Phiral* No change of vowels. 

In all cases— Jftrjlcn gftt|!intt«u 

List of nouns and terminations belonging to this declension :— 

Zbfitbt and others in ficfet,/. ^mx,f. 9iotur fcothers in ut & tttt,/. 

2Ctamtt and others in It, m. ^vH^t or Ju^re^/. ^etfcn and others in o«//. 

2CbOO(Ot and others imat/ m, 5?(ur, /. §flirf)t/ /. 

Vntodftt^/. Stut^//. yfttem, m. 

2Cnjlalt//. ^cmt,/. ^eet,m. 

Vntwert^/* gtad)!,/. 9)cft, /. 

2Ci:bett// . Vftau,/ ^retiQt,/. 

2Crt//. ^fi^/ "»• 9>nni, m. 

Ktltometi! & others in If,/. ®e6urt,/. 9)rcfcfc m. 

2C«net, or e^ ci,/. ®e6fi()C//. 5)rcwn3//. 

Vt^etfl i|l,in. (Berf^m. ^fotm^m. 

2Ctt//. (Sefobt//. fiittat,/. 

JBal)tt,/. (SJcfcH, m. ©aat,/. 

SBir, m. ® eftatt, /. ®ou/ /. 

IBafiUs! & others in tfif/ m. ©ewalt,/. ©d)ar,/. 

asiueritt in,/, ^ift*/. ®d)t*t,/ 

SBop or f8ox,f- C^inth,f- ®d)(od)t,/. 

SBetdftt//. ®rofv»i. ®d)cp^, m. 

a5efonntfd>aft and others in ^aAcflolg, »». ^(fttoni/ m. 

f4a^, /. |)eiburf and other names rf ®d)rif t, /. 

SSeteiMouttg and others in nations in ucf, Jn. ©cfeutb,/. 

ung,/. ^alunf, m. ®d)uUbcifcw«. 

SBitttgfeit and others in fycit), m. Sd)ur,/. 

fcit//. J&etr, wi. ©pae, wi. 

Slttt or aSime^/. ^bcirotb and others in otft,/. ©pur,/. 

JBo^^Cit & others in f)dt,f' |)ufar and other names of ©tcinme|,w». 

S^O^niaC and other names nations in at, m. ©tint or iStimC,/* 

of nations in a!, m. Joutf),/. ©trctt,/. 

S5runn (or j93tunncn,) m. jioab, /. @ud)t, /. 

SBudbftob (or <8ud)flabe,) m. gnfog, m. Shot,/. 

J8u*t//. Jtoft,/. S6fitor:S^ftrc,/ 

CWr,/ Sac!ct», m. SSVt,* »w. 

Client and others in ent, m, SKaniec & others in ux,f» Stiff,/. 

Concorbani and other Fo- g}iot!,/. Stepf,jn. 

reign words in ott}//. SKoutb,/ Snrontt,»i. 

6ttc or 5tur,/. SKenfd),* m. lH)r,/. 

JDi&t and others in &t,/. SRitd),/ SScrfoftr, m. 

;Dtrn or J)ime,/. 5!)2cbt# »»• aBaHoA, m. 

iDrangfal & others in fol,/. SRenard)& others in at4,m. SScbr,/. 

^JCep^ant &others m ont, w. sflf^cnb,* m* SBett,/. 

, ^nfatt,/. S^Qrr,m. 3oM,/. 

CntOttfiafl and others in gilacbridbt,/. 3ef)ent or Se^ntc^ w. 

iijl,m. 9iQd)tic^oa,/. Seit,/. 

af&itt,/ Slia^)t,/. Sict or 3ietbc,/ 


GENDER>— Mascuune AND Feminine. 
'N. bet 2(ffc bie 93tume 
«:»m«L>«. J G. b<« n bet 

,A. ben — — n bic — 

Plural* No change of Towek. 
In all caaes— Vffen 

To this declension belong — 
[a] — ^All substantives Masc. and Fem. in e* 
[h] — ^All Feminine in e( and cr* 



27. NOUNS 



SBogcn, m. 


)SBunb, m. 


jDont/ in. 
GrbC/ m. 
— — n. 

©ei^et/ m. 


©efcftop/ nu 

®efid)t, n. 


^aft/ TO. 

Jb^th TO. 


^eibe, TO. 

^apcr^ TO. 


liefer, to. 




fianb, n. 
Setter, TO. 

0Xa]^/ n. 


SXanti/ TO. 


JSanbC/ ties 

936nbcr, ribbons 

^dn!e/ benches 

Sauertl/ peasants 

S3aucr, cages 

ScttC, beds 

JBcc^CH/ arches 

93rfid)C/ fractions 

SRruc&c, swamps 

iBfinbe, alliances 

(S>{)eu, choruses 

S^ore, or (5()crc, choirs 

^CtnC/ kinds of thorns 

©rbcn, heirs 

No plural, inheritance 

^(ore^ blossoms 

^t^i, feet of animals 

(Sei^et/ hostages * 

©ciSctn/ scourges 

G(ema^(e/ spouses, husbands or 

: husbands [Vvives 

©tff^Olfe, taxes 


®Cf[d)tC/ vision 

®iftC/ poisons 

©iften/ gifts 

Jboftcn, clasps 

No plural, captivity 

^atmc, single stalks 

No plural, mountains in Germany 

^or^e, gums 

^etteit/ heathens 


^c(^e, kinds of wood 

^orne/- horn 

.Raper, privateers 
^opem, capers 
i^tefer, pines 
Stitfctn, jaw-bcmes 
Jtunten, customers 

■ intelligences 
Hnlt, provinces 
^ettei;, gwdes 
8citerri/ ladders 
9S(Cid)te^ powers 
^af)U, marks, times 
9K&nge(, wanU 
SWangetti, mangles 

SSfinbe^ volumes 
f&antm, banks 

S3etten/ bedding 

JBcgen/ bows, uieets (of paper) 

S3ttnte/ bundles 

jDimet/ prickles 

gl5re/ crapes 

.^ufle/ in measorement 

C^efid^ter^ Aces 

.^almen^ stalks in general 

^hi^x, bits of wood 
^Ctncv, individual horns 

SOlaili/. ^dxUi boondaries 

thnUt, states 

9){ad)ten in compounds 
S9)&^r^ meals 

SOtannen/ vassals (mqst compounds 
in SCBonn/ change in the pfar. to 
Cettte/ people) 


iDcrtCT^ particular places 

dtc^te^ canes, pipes 
^ancn, wild boars 

©cftnurctt/ daughters-in-law 


'- /• 


SKcffer, m. 

£)rt, m. 

-^— n. 

9{ei^/ m. 


dU\)X, n, 

■ n, 

®prcffc^ wi. 

®ta6/ m. 
@taM, TO. 
^ — n. 

®trQU(ft, «». 
©troufc »». 


fGerbienft/ m. No plural, earning 

n. ajerbtenftc^ merits 

SBort/ n. IBottc, speech, Fr. paroles 

3eu9, »i. Setige, stuffs 

— n. No plural, material 

StU, m. 3oa</ inches SJttc^ tolls 


I. Words which are ov the same kind in English. 

[a] Material substances, such as metals and minerals, ^tli, ^Ulfd), H*, a few of 
which' may however be used in the plural to denote varieties, as (Svtett/ ^ti^t* 
[&] Abstract terms, as S3eute, booty ; ^unget/ hunger. 

H. Words which take no plural in German, but take it in Enoliih. 

Or plural formed from other words. . ■■ ■ 

No plural, marrow 
SX&tfd^/ marches 
9){arfc6e/ bogs 
SKenfc^en, human beings 
^cn]6)ix, wenches 
99{effet/ measurers 


^02o6tci1> negroes 
^t\)tt, bogs 
S^XtC, places in general 
^hdc, parcels 
No plural, rabble 
— ' rice 

fRtX^CV, twigs 
3tc\)tc, kinds of cane 
©due, pigs 
@d)t(i)cr, shields 
@(^i(bC/ sign-boards 
©c^ndrc, tapes 
^mfii^C, swellings 
No plural, bombast 
(Scen^ lakes 


©prcffen, sprouts 
^proffen/ ste^ of a ladder 
&ibht, staffs 
^ta^tc^ kinds of steel 
@tiftC/ styles, points 
@tifter/ foundations 
&ixa\x6)e, shrubs in general 
^traupcn, ostriches 
^tMz, pieces 

Sftorcn, fiwls 

Zi)CU, gates 
Sud^e^ kinds of cloth 

^ta6en in S5a<6ftai6en 
^thf}U, fire steels 

@tr&udb^/ individual shrubs 
©ttdufle/ nosegays 
(Stfidett/ pieces of artillery 

Z^^n, cloths 

SB^rtCt/ words 

Sttfunft//. arrival, 

t^ant, m. thanks, jDonffagungcn 
(S^rc,/. honour, ©^tenfec^cugungen 

?lU*t,/. flight 
tttd)!,/. fear, Seffitituiigen 

®emunne(/ n. murmur and other collec- 
tives with ge* 

(Bun%f fiivour, jSegdnftigungeii 

3ammer/ m. affliction 

eei6en^ n. life, 8e6en6(&ufe, Sci^en^hf^tci? 

eic6c,/. love, Sii^f4aftctt 
Sob/ n. praise, ft^^^tfifbungetl 

Zcf)n, m. reward, iSetfi^nungcn 
^txi, m, murder, 0Xorbt]!)oten t 

S0tonb^ m. mouth, ^hxXiX ; of rivers and 
guns, SStiinbungcn 

JRot^, m. council, SRatfefi^l&ge 
©ant/ m. sand 

©treit/ m. contest, ©treitigfetten 

^atel/ m. blame 

^b/ m. death, ^be^f&Ue 



Ungtdd^/ n. misfortune, Un0d&ftVit ^e«flant/ m. tmdentaiidiii(f 

Itntetcid^/ m* instmotioii, SBc(e^rungeti> 3Afi!, m. ^uairdL^ 3&iifnftiii 

or Unterwetfungen Stoang/ m. restraint 
trrIau6/m.leaveof absence, JBeuttautangeti 

Also some names of vegetables, as ^e()t/ Jtrcffe/ ^ofet/ ^Opfen/ ®d^Uf» 
III. Words of Quantity, Weight, and MEAdtras. 

2(dfer^ m. acre (3xat, m. mathemat. degree sgiaxf, f, inark, wmght 

)SBuc^, n, quire ^oupt/ n. head ^^at/ fi. pair, few 

i93unt/ n, bundle Sabt/ n. year ^fnnb/ «. pound 

2)u|enb/ n. dozen .^(after^/> or n. fathom ^d)0cl, threescore 
{^a$^ Yi« cask, as a certain SD^at/ n. time, Fr. fois @tetn/ stone, weight 

measure Sl'^ann^ fn, man, in bodies of @tficf^ piece 
gfauft,/. fiat, (for hand) men 3ctt^ inch 

JVertc. — ®tc @llc, ell ; SiKeKc^ mile ; MniC, ounce, are used in the plural with tl. 

3Cettem, or gttccn, parents ©licbmopcn, limbs OltetH/ Easter 

TCl&ncn, ancestors ^Ofctt^ breeches ^pngften, Whitsuntide 

UttnaUn, annuities Snftgntcn^ insignia OlepcejfaUeti/ reprisals 

58tieffd)aftcn/ documents .^cften^ or ilnf often, ex- ©c^ranfen, bounds, lists 

penses ^pcfot, merchants* oudaj 

^ rtegsI&uftCy events of war ^porteln, iees 
^cutc, people ^cii^na^Hn, Christmas 

SMiu^, course of time. 

SBeinUdbct, small-clothes 

©inffinftc, revenue 

®e6tfiteC/ brothers 

®eT(fett)i|!cr, brothers and SKcIfcn/ whey 



N. Corner ©appbo ^ant 

G. ^ 'g 6 

D. and A n 'n en 

N. G. A. 'n or ^ e 

D. n 'n, '« en 

j^, cn$ en5 

m en 





(S^ttftu^/ 3efu$/ Sol^onne^, and a few others retain the Latin declension; and vari. 
ous Latin and Greek names lose the terminations e6/ iu6, or \x$, and are declined after 
one of the above examples, but most fi-equently take their plural in if, as do most 
foreign names. (See rule 20.) 


31. L 

N. 3<i/I" 8QBit,we. JDU/thou. 3^ftr,you. (Sr^he. ©ie, she. @8,it. ©te, they. 

G. 9Keinet: Unfet 3)ciner @uter ©einet Sbret ©einet Sbret 

smid) (""^ 3)id) ^^"^ 36n ©ie (g« ®ie 
©id)/ to himself, to herself to itself, to themselves ; himself^ herself, &c. 


32. Singular. 
N. bet bie bag 
G. beg (beffen, be?) bet (betet) beg (beffen, bep) 

D. &A 

D. bem bet 


A. ben bie 



33. SiNGULAIl. 




bet (beten) 
ben (benen) 

Sing, and Plur. 

^et wa$ 



wen tvag 





•e • 
-e • 




34. Singular. 

e(t) e 




\ Plur. 

e(^) — 





35. (I.) Perscmal Pronouns. 

30. (If.) >Det/tfae, that, whidi.-— The genitives and the dat plur. between () are used 

only as pronouns. 

xav* oianiAir oraioiaiu 

^tt, who—reftra to persons ; toai>, what — ^to thtnffs. 
ID* TluB dedemion is derived from the third pers. ot the precedingf pnmomi. 

37. (IIIO Adjectives and pronouns (the personal excepted) not preceded by the artidBk 

2(ll-cr-c-e5, all ©in (cr)-€-(e^L a, one 

2Cnter-er-e-e?, other ^cin (cr)-c-(e^^ no, none 

jJHe^-Ct-e-C^/ this sojcin {it)-t-{cf), my, mine 

einig-ci^e-e^/ some 2)cin (cr)-c-(c8)/ thy, thine 

(Stfl*Ct-e-C^/ first and other numbers @cin (cr)-e-(C5)/ his, its 

®Ut-Ct-e-C^/ good and all other adjectives Sb^M'^'ii^)^ ^^^ ^^^ thmr, tiiein^ 

3ebwct)-et-c-e6 > jj Unfet (er)-c-(c^), our, ours 

ScgUcfe-er-e-eg 3 ^ ©ucr (er)-c-(c8); your, yours 

3^n-Ct-C-e^/ that The words of this column drop the et* 

^an6)'tt't't^, many of the nom. masc and the e5 <^ the nom. 

&iti>{l^)tt-t'Ci, same and ace. neut when they are placed before- 

@Otdb-CC-C-C^/ such substantives, and retain them when they 

{S(tci^-Ct-e-e^/ who, which are used absolutely ; as etn @tC(f / a stick ;. 

f)Xit ij! einct/ here is one. 

3emanb ? declined afler the masc sing*, only, and occasionally undeclined in 

Stietnanb S ^^ ^^ ^^^ cases. 

38. Adjs. of this ded. change 5 of the gen. into n, when the subst. makes this ca8& 
in g ; and if there are several adjs. in the gen. or dat mas. or neut, or in the gen. or 
dat. &m., or tii& gen. plur., the first only takes ^^ m, or x, and the others n^ Qntta, altm^ 
tOt^en 2Bcine5, of good, dd, red wine. 

39. (IV.) Adjectives and Pronouns preceded by the Article or a word with the^ 
artide terminations of HI. 

2)ct QViU, the good, & all other adjectives JDcr i^x(\q)c, hers, theirs, yours 

— icntge, that, he, she, &c — unfct(i9)e, ours 
' — metn(i9)e, mine — cur(t9)c, yours 

i — betn(t9)e^ thine — fe(6(t9)c^ the same 

— fetn(i9)e, his, its — erjte^ the first 

40. When Adjectives are preceded by a word of the second edumn of deden8ioii< 
Illn a Personal Pronoun, t)tet/ much, toentC}^ IHtle, mel^t/ more, they take in addition^ 
in the nominative masculine and the nominative and accusative^ the v and i placed" 
between ( ) ; as ein gutCt ^antl, a good man. 

3cbcrmann/ every one (the same in the dat and ace.) makes the gen. 3ebermonne& 
The following are undeclinable : — 

41. ^atl, one, some one, people, (the French on) 

@e{6ft, sd^ or same, after prons. id) fc(6ft/ I ipyself> mtt fe(6fi/ to myself, like the- 

French mdme for emphasis. 
<So(d), such, before ein ; fold) cin, such a. 

^eld> ' K ^^* ^^ *^* ^^^^ * ^^^ followed by citt(er) K. 

^Q, compounded with prepositions, for n^etd) or voai ; as tPOVatt/ whereon, &e. 

^a, compounded with prepositions, for bic^, 2C*/ as tatait/ thereon. 


43. The Comparative, if the adj. end in c, is expressed by the addition of t y and 
of ex, if it end in any other letter. 

44. The Superlative, if the adj. end in c, is expressed by ff^ and if it end other* 
wise, mostly by c|l/ as — 

SQ&cifc, wise ; njctfcr/ wiser : wctfcft^ wisest. ♦ 

Sfifc sweet; ffiper, sweeter ; ffi^eft, sweetest 

45. To these two rules there are but very few exeeptions, generally depending on 
euphony, when the comparative is made by tM\)X, more, and the superlativo by mctft^ 
or am meiftctj, most. 

46. Adjectives in the comparative and superlative moreover change a, t, U, into hp 
h, ii, as xti^, xhXhtt, xhX\iZ% except tiiose with au ; those ending in l^aft and fam^thoM 
derived from verbs, as participles, or having the form of such ; besides—^ 


fiupp maR mi) W<^ fhmwf 

labm tni>Tf4 tnnb f^IaiK tell 

lafl ncdt r<ut)t ^arr iwO. 

U* plot) fanft ftclj 

kit plump fan fttaff 

lain undeoliDed in every degree, when Oaj ore aaai u the omu- 
imtive, feet SB(in i|t alt, or liKx, tbe vine ia old, ts older; bat 
decIinEd in the conip. sod snperL, u in the pant, whes thej an oo M n mm - 
^ • ■"-iMitsquilitji— 

Sin aiu, or (in olter gjjfin 

;Dn fitten, or tin Mttcct SBtln 

titt Altcflc, <v mcin iltcfhi; IScin. t 

frafe taT9 

47. Adjsctivea ri 

mt, good ; klfet, better ; bcft, belt 
fflict, much; aclir, more; mcifi, inort 
^d), high; 6ef)Cl, higher j |^Kl>|i, htgheit 
Staf], near; naf^r, nearflr) vi4l% "biL 

le gnperlntiTs degree ia lued in an Bdverbial Ann, in tl 
Otn, (an btm) prefixed to it; is am Uftm, am mnftn, !(• 


1, <in, (ins 

2, pri 

3, tni 

52. OimiNU. 
lEt, erpt 
ad, mdu 
3d, btittt 


30, 6 

*0> ficrjig 
50, fflnfjig 
oO. foAjig 
70, fi£6(8n)ji3 
80, Bditjiq 
90. ntunjig 

100. fiunbm 

101, fiunktt nnb 

«, fflnf stii, iiaftt 
6,f(d|« 6th,rcAfitt 

7, fi(6en Tih, fiebtnte 

e, aiit Sth, adttt 

9. nnin Qth, ntunte 

10, ge&n lOth, jchnt( 

11, rtf,etlf IKh, elft(,(ilft 
l«.}nii(f lSth,jioolfH 
lS,&trii((in 13th, Bi^jctjnte 200, jrod (mntwt 300ih,iroti (mnj 
14, tinwifn 14th, mxmnu ' Btt»t 
I5,fanfttf)n 15th, finfjcfinte 1000. tauf«il> lOOOth, tauMfte 

16, leiiiithn 16th. fcdiji^^Rti 1001, taufinb unb lOOIst, tauFtnt unb 

17, fi(*Ccn)jc6n 17th, ftebCcn)jC&rte (in6 «fte 

18, orfjtjttin 18th. attjtjcftnte aooo, jmi taiif(nb iOOOUi, mn; 

19, n(unje6n l!lth. nninjcDntt fcnbtc 

30, ssoajnii aoth, jnwnjigpc 10,000, ttf)tt. taufmb 10,000th, jt^n to 

31, (in unD jrcanjig 31st,(inuncjnian! fenbfle 

53. Qin Turiea before EubBlanliies like the indef. ut; tin$ ia itaed in counting' 
without reference to an object. 

S3' 3n)Cl and itti make in the gen. jncier and bTtiCT, and in tbe dat. jKttta and 
btittn, if not preceded bj an article or pron. 

54. Other numbers take <n in the dative nhen thej ue not fblloned b^ a anb- 

55. The VniU are alira;! placed bebie the Ten*. 

Se. The OnJinala [eicspt trfle, trittt, o*te, which are irregular) are fonned by the 
addition oft, to n(unjel)nt( incluBirej andl^fttrom jnKmjigflc upwards; thej tn 
conndered aa adjectiTea, and are here presents with the termination (, aa in the nom. 
■mg. of decleniion III. aince they are moetly used nith the def art.: bet, bit, bol 
aft ; beS, bei erften, ben (tflm, it. ; ttjh, (tft(«, jc, tin jwtiter. 

57, Frictionil NruBEEB are fbnuBd by the addition «f I to the Ordinala ; bat IDtit> 

t(t,|;biij3nianii9ft(t, j^; but $unb<il|te(, y^. 
So. DrniKormB ira mads w fbilovs : — ci^ic^, tlfttH^, oi JlXm n^tAt^i^'J i V*^ 

SSnd, jwci nnb 


40th, BifWigllt 

SOth, f2nfiig|)c 
60th, f,tl„(a(j( 
70th, fitb{(n)ji8»» 
80th, o4tiigfie 
90th, ncunjigfie 
100th, hianbcrlflt 
101st, bunbert unb 


^fillllAir GRAMlIAll. 

ttni or gum jweltcn/ or gum an^ecn^ fleccmdly ; britten^ or gum tdtten/ thirdly? i^ets 
tens or jjum cietfteft/ fourthly, Ac. . 

59. Partitites arc, gwei tmb ^wei/ bret unb brei/ two and two, three and three ; [t 
cinS/ [c jtvet/ ie btet, one, two, three at a time, or every one, two, or three, &c. 

60. In speaking of halves, the word ^ alb is joined to the ordinal form of the nsxt 
number to that mentioned in En^^sh ; as, onbcrt^o(6/ lit for gwettebalb ; brittc^alb, 
2^; 9'tCCtci)M, ^, &^ a month and a half, anbert^d fD^onate; four yean and a 
half ago, uct fftnftcbatb ^aijtitu 

61. In speaking of the hour, f)ali> is placed before the next number, which in this 
case is cardinal, as half past one, ^a(6 itOCX ; half past two, 1)0(6 btet* 

62. To denote repetition, SKobt or 8Ka( is used; cin SWol or einmot, once; ^njei 
8(^a( or ^todmai, twice ; tiic(mo(y many times, &c 

63. To denote variety, the cardinal number takes the termination er(ei (the een. 
before the old subst fem. let ot let?) as, etnerlet/ of one sort ; ^WtXCtU'l, of two sorts, &&; 
brctcrtci 936nbcr, three sorts of ribbon, &c. 

64. ^ach or f&ittg are joined to express the Engfish fold, as clnfad^/ etnfdlttg/ 8im];de; 
^tocifam, Jroeifottip, double or twofold, &c 

65. Numeral Substantives ate, blc ©in^ btc 3»rt/ btet Se^nen^ K. ; in card-playing; 
bte ^6(ftc^ the half; tiai ^aat, the pair ; bo^ i)u|enb/ the dozen ; btc SKanbcl^ the 
^fieen ; tci ^6)Cd, the score (also threescore) ; ba5 ^unbetrt^ the hundred ; ba$ Zm* 
fenb/ the thousand ; bic ■^tUton/ the million. 


66. Auxiliaries. 

To have. 

— enb 

— t 


haft iahcft 
t)at — c 


— (<)t 


^atte ^atte 

— eft —(OH 

— e — e 

— tn —en 

— et — ct 

— en — en 

To be 
> —enb 

6itt fe 

ift - 
Itnb— tt 
ftnb ferin 

n)at toi^re 
-(e)|l - eft 

— — e 

— en — en 

— ct — ct 

— en — en 

To become. 

— enb 


wirfl wcrb(c)|l 
tt)irb — e 

— ct 

-T Ctt 


mutbc n)ih^e 

67. Regular! 68. SepaaablK 
conjugation. oomfounx>. 

— (e)fl - c|! 

— c — c 

— en ^ en 

— ct — ct 

— en — en 


To praise. 

— enb 

9c — (c)t 

lob(et) (oOc 


— teft 

— tc 

— ten 

— tet 

— ten 

To dress. 
— enb 
ange — ct 


— (e)ft. . on 

nctbct, ((cibc on 

ftctben*.. an 

— ct....a8 

— en** •an 


— etcft. .an 

— etc.. on 


— ctet . . an 

— cten. .an 


— tt 
— b 

— n 




— e 

— c 

— can 

— en 


— en. an 

— ct 

— ct 

— ct..att 

— en 


— en. on 


— c cc 

— en mxv 

— ct (ihx) 

— en fie 

69. The Future Tenses are formed by means of the Present of n)Crbcn/ prefixed 
to an infinitive, as — 

3^ wccbc l^abctt/ fc^il, mxhcn, UUn, I shall (or will) have, be^ become, praise, 

anKctbem dress. 

SSb tt>crbc gc^abt l^abcn/ dcn}Cfcn fc^n^ I shall have had, been, become, praiaed, 

gcioorbcn fcpn^ dclobt ^abcn^ angcflcis dressed. 

pet feaOcn. . C 

70l The CoNDrrioKAL Tenses are formed in the same manner*, by means of the per ' 
Jkjt Sabjanetive of wn^Cti, as— 

cmiMAir QtuaauoL. xxtx 

3A loiMe ^Unp \iX^n, WCxUn, Uhcnf I should (or would) have, be^ become, 

anHetteiU praise, dresB. 

34 toM^ fIthM f^aUti, g^mefen ^tm, I should have had, been, become, praised, 

aetDorbeit ^n, gclo^t I^a6en/ anQcUdUt dressed. 

71. The Preterite Tenses of all transitive verbs, and of many of the intransitive, 
are formed with f)af>in, as — 

(Si^Cibt, gelobt, anseftcitet ^a6en« To have, had, praised, dressed. 

34 hait Q'S^ait, Qiicht ongcfteibet. I have (or may have) had, prused, dressed. 

34 f flttc (or ^&ttC) gd^obt/ getobt/ angc* I had (or might have) had, praised, 
flctbct. dressed. 

72. Several of the intransitive, or neuter, form them with fo^it/ 

(BiVOC^cn, gcworbcn fe^n* To have been, become. 

34 bin (or fcp) gen)efen/ gcWCtbcn. I have (or may have) been, become. 

34 ^foat (or xotxi) gen)efen/ gctoorben. I had (or might have) been, become. 

73. There are not much above two hundred simple irregular verbs. Those not enu- 
merated in the list, are Conjugated like (o6en or antietben* 

. 74. The seccmd pers. sing, of the imperative, without the sofltming t, which is often 
mnitted in the familiar style, is the naked root of the verb. This e may be left out 
wherever it is placed between ( ), if the meeting o£ the consonants produce no harsh- 
oess or indistinctness ; even in the infinitive when the root ends in tl, t, if), or tt, the 
C is mostly omitted ; fntcit pron. fnUcti, (64e(n/ tl6)Ztn, fcbn^ or fe^en* Sometimes 
the e before the ( or r is dropped, when these consonants are followed by i, as t4 i^djjU^ 
fbr I&4e(e. 

75. The imperative which is taken from the subj. pres. takes always the pronoun 
APTER the verb, except btt and xl)V, which may be omitted (see ^aben)* 


76. The Compound Verbs are of two kinds, separable and inseparable. 

77. The SEPARABLE, unless they be irregfular, are conjugated like onftclben ; but 
whether regular or not, the particle is placed as in the example ; and if moved behind 
tiie verb, ti^es all the words governed by the verb between : 34 fUibt i^bcn ^OrgCll 
melnen ffltubet an, I dress my brotiier every morning. 

78. When the infinitive of any of these verbs requires ^u (a prep, corresponding 
with the English to and the French & and de,) it is placed between the particle ana 
the verb; thus, au^ufleibcn. 

79. The INSEPARABLE are conjugated like simple verbs, except that they do not take 
ge in the participle past ; which is also omitted in verbs ending in icetU 

80. The following are the inseparable particles : — 

f>c as bcorbetten. to labour.. Part pott b^rbettet 

emp — empfe^ten — recommend .... empfoW^n 

ent — entbeF)ren. — dispense with. . . ■— entbcftrt 

eti — ergrmibcti — fathom ergrfinbet 

ge — gef&^rbcn — endanger gef fiftttct 

otfen — ejfcnbarm — reveal offenbort 

»er — ©ermlffctt — miss ■ wrmift 

»erab — i^tobreben — concert tterobrebct 

»ema4 — »enia4t&ffi9cn neglect t)crnQ4t&fli9t 

oenin • — wtune^rcn — dishonour ©eruneftrt 

Mjiber •— wibecftreben — resist wibcrftrebt 

let — 3erfl5ren — destroy 3cr(!6rt. 

8L SRi$, in transitive verbs, although inseparable, mostly takes ge in the participle, 
which in intransitive verbs, it frequently does not A few, such as mtpattcn/ take q/i 
of the participle and |tt of the infinitive between the particle and the verb. 

^ ibttr4/ ^^t, ntn, Utttet/ OCQ/ are inseparable when the verb governs a case, and 
sepsn^ when it does not ; and as a general rule, the verb is separable when the 
accent falls on the particle, and the reverse, when it does not. 

93. Most of those compounded with substs. adjs. or advs. are separable. Seine 
(MBong which. are ajso those compounded with nr) are inseparable^ V^WaSka %tm^^ 


fre^Men to exult gefre^cft 

0anl>^a6cn — handle ger)anbf)aM 

Wjwcfett — breakfiuit Qtfttimdt 

liebiugeln — ogle geliebaudctt 

84. All particles used in compound verbs, not mentioned, ore separaUe. 


85. The Passive Voice, in German is formed by the verb toerbctl ; as — 

C^e(o6t tOCltcn, to be praised. 3ci) to^xU gc(o6t/ 1 might be praised. 

CS>eIc6t*n)Crbenfcj?n, to have been praised. 3d) bin gelobt WOtteil/ I have 
3db KOCrbe gclobt, t am or may be praised. praised, o&c 
3* WUrbe Cjclcbt/ 1 was praised. 

Note^ A. If any part of tuetbch is followed by an adjective, or stands by itself, it means 
to become, grow (to come gradually into being); if followed by the dat it means to be 
bestowed on (^em ^enf^en toatb bee SSc^onb/ understanding was given to man); 
if followed by a participle past, it means to be ; if by an infinitive, shaU or will, shoiiM 
er would. 

Note^ B. As the English student often finds it difficult to decide whether the verb t» 
SE before a participle should be translated by fci>n or n)Crtett/i* e. whether the verb be 
passive or neuter, the following should be observed : — 

The passive voice may be made active by the nom. of the former being turned into 
the ace. of the latter, and the person or thing hy tohom or which the action is stated to 
ite performed being made the nom. o£ the active verb : thus^-I am loved; by mmie m» 
hmg understood, we may say, some one loves me, 

*In the passive voice toctten is preferred to 0/ttOtt^tVu 


86. There are many verbs in German which require a second pronoun relating to 
the nom. or which are, what is commonly called reflective, but are not so in English. 
'Phey are pointed out in all dictionaries, {td^ being joined to the infinitive as their 

They are conjugated as follows :-^ 

^td^ anfteibctt/ to dress oneself. @i(^ anae!Uibct I^l6en^ to have dreasod 

fCeibe mid) on, I dress myself SBir fUiben un^ aO/ we dress oursehei. 

)u f (eibcft bidft an, thou &c 3bt f Uibct eud^ an, you, &c 

i&t, fie, e^ (leibet fiic^ an, he, she, it, &.& ^ie f (etben fid) att/ they, &g. 
34 HcibetC midft otl/ 1 dressed, mi^ht have dressed myself. 
3^ f)aOe (f)atte, f)^tte) micf) angeHeibet, I have (had, might have) dressed mysel£ 
3ci wcrbe (tpfitbe) mid) onfteiben, I shall (should) dress myself! 
3ci) Koerbe (mjirbe) mtc^ andeHeibet ^aben, I shall (should) have dressed myself, 
^(eibe (bu) bidb an, dress thyself. ^(etben XC\X Utt$ an, let usnlress ourselves^ 

jtteibe ec ftd) an, let him dress himselE J^tetbet (i^t) eud^ an, dress yourselves. 
«$t(etbe fie ftc^ on/ let her dress hersel£ .^ (etben fte fid^ on, let them dress them* 

Sd) fceuc mi4, 1 rejoice. 3d) ^obe mid^ Qefreut, I have rejoiced. 

^U ^Ciiflefl bt(6/ thou boastest (Sr {)0t f(d^ de^nijlet/ he has boasted. 


87. When a verb does not admit of an ace., it is called neut or intvansit The eoa» 
jugation of these verbs is the same as that of the active, except that some form thdlr 
compound tenses with fepn, which in English make them with to have. 

88. Those which denote an action or continuous state, or a motion without a refer^ 
ence to its direction, take f)o6en : 34 ^oOe Qcorbeitet, oeMutet, gelegen, gereifc I have 

worked, bled, lain, travelled. More particularly verbs denoting sound, beSen, to bark; 
those denoting the completion of on action, particularly those with the prefix ou^ : att^ 
Uft^en, to have finished blossoming ; the reciprocal and imperscmal fSd^ W&\)9^ lOttfm, 
to run oneself tired ; e^ ^ot ^efd^neit, it has snowed. 

89. Those which indicate more of a passive state, a transition, or a motioa la a 

iwitioular directio{i: 3dft bin eingefdWoffen, gewo^cn/ genefen, noid^eellt^ I 
1^ grown, recovered, 1 have hastened aflor. 


M Hm fi)Dowfaif are invariably conjagfated with fepn 
Cntortcn, & |)infabrcn, & JKclfcn 

others with cithers with rtnncn 
ICitt 6 4!n 9 

others with f ommen 

TShatten, & 
others with 
the pref. 


others with 

others with 

SBelfotlcn, & 
others with 







and others 
with jein 5 








itx 7 SKlSattcn 

Sattcti filiictcn 

fauUn ^linacn 

flicf)cn ratocn 

fotgen mitfaf)rcn, & fcbwaren 
(!3cbcif)Ctt others witli f(bn)eUcn 

gebcn Ulit 10 fd)n>inl>ctt 

gctongcn Siiod)blcibcn, finfon 
QCUngcn and others fpaltcn 

gencfen with Xta^ 1 1 fpojircn 

gerot^en nahin fpricpcn 

gcrinncn ntctctfn^jrcn/ fpreffcn 
9cfd)cf)cn and others ftammcn 
ptcitcn witli Hie^er jtarren 

5f)crfa&rctt/ & 9)africcn ftcd)cn 

others with plofCtt fti'lpcn 

'get 8 .Ciucflcn ftrcbcn 








SSctottcii/ and 

others with 


and others 
with Dor 13 


and others 
with VOtQ 

BerfoUeii/ and 

others with 

— fabren 
— fallen 
— flicaen 
— picu'en 
— fricrcn 
— gcben 
— fommcn 
— tfidcn 
— tt)ad)fctt 
— trcffcn 

90^. EXCEPTIONS WITH t^abin. 

1 7(bbanfen,--fSr6cn,— F)ancicn^— Icgcn,— reipcn,— fcbiepcn,— ^Iclem 

2 2Cnfancn,— fangctt/— fitdngcn,— fealtcn,— (jangen/— l^abcn,— ticgcn/— fd^licpctt,— 
fprcd)cn,—ftcl)cn/—fud)cn/—trctbcn,— trctcn. 

3 2(uf ftorcfccn/— b^ccn,— (jfipfcn^—mcrfcn/ — polfcn/ — fd)noppcn/ — fiftwcllcn/ —ftf 
^Ctt/— fclcn,— wartcm 

4 fficiftcbcn^— fllmmcn/— wcl&ncn, 5 (Stnprctfcn/— l)altcn,— leu^tcn,— rcbcii, 
— fprcd)cn,— ftimmcn. 6 ©ntfajcn,— fprccbcn. 7 (grftcUcn^—mangcln. 8 $crr&6' 
ten/— f«baucn/— fc^cn. 9 ^inrctd)en,— f(!)aucn,— fcf)cn« 

10 9}Jttbctcn,-- btctcn,— cffcn,— lad)cn/—fin9cn,— fpeifcn,— wclncn/— wirfcm 

11 S'?ad)arbcitcn/ — drntcn, — tcntcn, — cifcrn, — forfd)cn, — .qc()cn,— grabcn/— grfc 
betn,— ]()ongcn/— l&clf en,— ia9c«/— t<J^cn,—fd)mccf en,— fct)cn, -rpnncn, — fpcttcn, — ipiU 
ten,— ftrcbcn,— fud)cn,—ttodbtcn,—wanbc(n. 

12 ascrblutcn/— fangcn, — loutcn, — fcfecn, — ftcftcn, — flepcn, — traucn, — wcilen/— - 
wcifcn,— njcrfcn,— jtcbcn. 13 35or9lan^cn,— grctfcn,— bangcn,- f4)mc(fcn,— fcbreitctt/ 
<— fcl)cn,— fi|cn,— fprcd)cn,— ftcf)cn. 14 3crOrcd)cn,— rcifcn. 

WITH ffvn OR l^abem- 

91. The following are formed with ^obcn when the sense is of an active kind, and 
with fe^n, when more passive ; and sometimes with the one or the other indifferently :— 

' 2tbblfibcn 2Crtcn ©t(cn ©pringcn 

— fd^taacn JBebotrcn ©tucfcn fprt^cn 

— jwcacn — Ijftimmeltt Santcn Popen 
TCnfcblagcn ©ringen S^ac^ftcftcn SSetiagcn. 

— pcpen 

92. Those having the prefixes buvd), fiber, um, take fcim* when the verbs are se- 
paraUe, and ^abcn when inseparable. ^Btr finb gmct ^^tunbcn umgcfabrcn, we have 
driven two homrs roond; fBtr l^abcn bic ^tabt umfabrcn, we have driven round the 

* Exc fibcrlegen, iibemaAten, and umfcagen, which always take ^ben. 

93. When au6 signifies out, the verbs to which it is joined take fe^n ; hut when it 
means terminated, done, they take ^abctu 

')[>a^ ^S^^ct ift au^gebampft, (S^ (at an^gcbantpj^. 

The water is evaporated. It has ceased smoking. 

Bxc 2(u5baucm, — ^ortcn, — ^ofelcn, — l^orcn, — rufcn, — ruben,— fcften,— flejni,— 
ttagcn, (in which the sense of termination is not absolutely e:v\d!ci3\^ i^'nvsm XibSna 


94. When fort signifies foaward, the verb with which it is oonneded taksa fcQQ ; 
bat in the sense of continuation, it requires (|a6en : 

dt if fbrtgeeitt, fSic Men fortdear6ettet^ 

He has hastened away. / We have worked on. 

95. 9{aA connected with verbs of nwtioD, in the sense of following, requires fc^n ; 
and fykhtn in the sense of imitation. 

€^te ffnb t^ncn nac^devetft, @te l^aiben t^ncn na^detctft/ 

Tbey have travelled after them. They have travelled in imitation of them. 

96. The following take fcpn when they are accompanied by words expressing the 
direction or ultimate aim of the motion, and answer to the questions .wherefrom ? 
whereto ? how far ? and t)a6cn/ if the verb with its accompaniments answers to the 
questions when ? how ? how long ? 































They have driven fast 
ADcr 5Sc<jc( f)at c^eflattcrt. 
The bird has fluttered. 

©le finb aufs Sonb jcfa^wn^ 
They have taken a ride into the country. • 
(gr ifl sun^ Senfter ^inaug ^cflatHvt, 
It has fluttered out of the wmdow. 

97. The following take a Afferent auxiliary according to their different signification. 
N. B. f) stands for ^aUn, f for fc^n. 



to concern, ^, 

— begin, f. 

— draw, pull, 1^, 

— move, f. 

— sit up, i), 

— get on horseback, f, 
2(U6fd)(a9Ctt/ — kick (like a horse) ^. 
■ — put forth leaves, f, 
IBcgcgncn^ — treat, behave to, t). 

■' — meet, f, 

teflcftcil/ — subsist, f). 
■■ — consist, f. 

(Sinfc^to^en^ to pledge one's hand; (strike 
as lightning.) f). 

— turn out, succeed, f, 

cntftc^cn, — fail, 5, 

— arise, f, 

^mun, — freeze, f}^ 

■ — be frozen, f,. 

Strcn^ — err, ^, 

— go astray, f. 

©4)ta9cn, — strike (against any thing), 
grow up 

— (with gSuMCO to take root; 

to warble, n. 

98. All those not enumerated in the above list, take ^abcn ; which is also taken by 
those included in these lists \uiien they used actively. 


99. These verbs are employed in the 3rd pers. sing, preceded by the pronoun ^^, it; as, 

(S^ regnet/ it rains. 65 batte gercgnet/ it had rained. 

(S6 tCQue, it majr rain. 6$ ^6tte gcregUCt/ it rained, or might haver 

G^ rcgnetC/ it rained, or might rain. rained. 

(55 ^Ot gcrcgnct, it has rained. G6 VOXXt tcgncfl/ it will rain. 

@5 hckhi gCCCgnet/ it may have rained. Qi n>^rbe rcgttcn/ it would rain, &c. 

100. Several verbs are impersonal in German which are not so in English ; and 
xaany have for the English nom. a second pron. in the dat «r accasy 

G5 ^ungert midj, I am hungry. @5 fef)(t mir^ I want. 

^5 ^ungcrt I'tdi, thou art hungry. @5 fc^t tit/ thou wantest 

<t5> ^iiffctt ibn, (not fid)) he is hungpiy. 65 f<Wt ihm, he wants. 

65 !)un9crt fie, she is hungry. 
Hi ^ungcrt un5, we are hungry. 
65 ^ungert cvl^, you are hungry. 
6* NnfiCrt fie, they are hungry. 

101% Sometujaiea c^ is omitted^ and the seccmd proiw>un placed first , 

flV/fj^ f^unggvt S)?iv fc^iu gjlid) ^t fle^ttnaetrt, u. 

65 f e^t 'if)X, she wants. 
65 febtt ttn5, we want 
65 fcMt eud), you want 
6iD feftlt i^neit/ they want 



The third peism of ^htn, to give^ preceded by c^^ is used like the Freneh 

oth for singular and plaral, and govemt the ace. 

9U&t elntn (3ttt, there b a God. (i$ gt^t SBii^et/ there- ure books. 


)f the following list of Irregular Verbs, it 19 to be observed that: — 

he participle present, the first pors. sing» (except of bdtfctV f onncn/ tnOd^n^ 

fiffen^ fci>n^ fcttfll/ n)tffcn« n>cUcn^ and the plural of the Pres. Ind., the fieB. 

ibi. (except of fc^o) and the third pers. sing, and the plur. of the Imperat are 

EVER irregular. 

he second and third person singular of the present indicative, and the second 

irson singular of the imperative, are rarely so. 

he participle past and the imperfect are always irregular. 

he Imp. Subj« is formed, with very few exceptions, from the. Imp. Ind., thus 

the latter contain the vowels a,e,Vi, they are changed in the former into h, 0> 

\ and if the Imp. Ind. does not terminate in the singular in t, this letter must 

) added in the Imp. Subj. (see the auxiliaries f)aOcn/ fe^tl, and toevtftt)* 

»d near the infinitive, denotes that the verb, may also be conjugated regularly ; 

I particular tense, it indicates that variation for that tense only. 

ws that the form near which it is placed, is used only in the elevated style. 

lotes that the verb is irregular only when neuter. 





to bake 

— command 

— apply one 


— begin 

— bite 

— conceal - 

— burst 

— induce 

— bend 

— bid 

— bind 

— beg 

— blow 

— remain 

— grow pale 

— roast 

— break 

— bum 

— bring 

— think 

— contract 

— thrash 

— press 

— be allowed 



i)hd^, t^dcft buct gebactcK 

bcfic!)lft, bcpc^tt befall 1 Uficf)l, bcf»t)ten 

birgfl^ tirgt 

ibcutft/ I6cut § 

um, mm 

br&tit, fctat * 
i>tid^% brtc^t 











branntc 5 



















glabra ten 











— recommend 

— choose 

— extinguish 

tnfd)e|l, brifd^t brafcb 6 bttf^ 

barf, barfj!; barf burftc 

crfcr crfcren 

erUfd)«|l/ crUfd)t crlofd) erUfft crlcfd)cn , 

— be frightened \ '''^^^^'^ ^^'' \ crf*racf crf^ritf crfd)rccf en 

— eat t1T«ft/* i{Ke)t ag tp* gcgcffcn 

— drive, &.C f6()ifl/ fa^ct fu^t gcfaf)rcn 

id UfihU* 5 Cond. brcnnctc. 

nd. bcg&nnc or begcnne. 6 Or brofcfe. 

tivegcn/ to move in the physiisa! 7 Cond. empfcl^tc* 

regular. 8 C6fd)en and auilcfcftcn are regular, 

la verb is oflen used vegukrly in 9 All verbs compounded with foqcct^aze^ 

■I af TO BuucB ; but dtbUi^w, to. ifre^i. ezee^ n)\Utcd}X(XV*. 
iLB, is olwa/s inegalar^ 







tSJclingciv 1 
















^ncifcn, ori 
^neipcn, s 



1 Impenonal. 2 Imp. Sabj. g6(t€* 

3. Im^ Subj. ^c6e or l^iSbe. 4 — . — ^fi(fe or l^fitfc, 

5 Having a knowledge of the outward form of things, like the French ooimattre. 

6 8abj. lennetc. 7 To allow, to cause: madden loffett/ to have made. 
8 SRa^ten/ to paimt, is regular. 




f&afi, f&at 



— catch 

' fangft, f &nat 



— fight 




— find 



— plait 

fli*1t, ffldit 





ffeugft, fTeu9t§ 


fleug^ gcffcacn 
tleu4t§ B'fteoctt 


f[eu*ft,ffeu*t§ ftob 

— flow 

ileu5cfl/ffeuft§ flo0 


gefrcffen - 

— devour 

f tiffefl, frijf 



— fi-eeze 



— ferment 



— bring foi^ 

fic6tcrft, geStcrt Qeboc 


— give 

fiiebfl, 9icM 




— prosiper 



— go, walk 



— succeed 


— be worth 

fiittH, 8Ut» 




J — recover 
\ (from illness) 



— enjoy 



— happen 

e8 fief4ic^tpnipcw)9efd)Qft 


— gain 



— pour 



— resemble 




— glide 



— glimmer 




— di^ 

Qxlkhf, Qr&bt 



— seize 



— have 

(see page 26) 

— hold 

WtSt, Wtt 



— be suspended 



— hew 



— heave 



J — bid or be 
I called 



— help 

f)m, vm 

half A 



— chide 



— know 5 

f annte 6 


— climb 




— sound 


gcHungcn • 

— pinch 



— come 

f 6mmft/ Ummi 

: !om 


— be able 

!anit/f annft/fonn f onnte 


— creep 


ttcu(^§ ficfrcd)cn 

— load 

labft, t&bt* 



— let? 




— run 

tdttfn, lauft 



— suffer 



— lend 




— read 





— lie down 



— tell a lie 

(cttgft, tettgt§ 




— grind 


— avoid 



— milk 




















to measure 

— be able ( 
^ — be obliged 
( (must) 

— take 

— name 

— whistle 

— cherish 

— praise 

i — spring, as 

— advise 

— mb 

— ride 

— run 

— smell 

— wrestle 

— flow 

— caU 

— swallow u- 
quids, to tipple 

— suck 

— create 

— part 

— appear 

— sound 

— chide 

— push 

— shoot 

— flay 

— sk»p 

— beat 

— sneak 

— grinds 

— split 

— shut 

— sling 

— throw 

— melt 

— snort* 

— cut 
-r- screw 

— write 

— cry 

— stride 

— fester 

— be silent 

— swell 

— swimm 

— vanish 

— swing 

— swear 

— see 

— send 

— be 

— boU 

mifTefl, miSt maf mip 
ly) mag, magft, mog mo^te 

m\x% mvi% mu$ muf te 

nimmfl, nlmmt na^m tiimm 


qutllft, quiat 

f&ufd, fauft 

fdiUtfl, fd)ilt 

fdiiaff!, fd)(aft 
fcfttagft, fd)(a9t 
























fd)tug ' 













qmit gequcHen 












gefcfcaffen , 
fd^Ut gcfcftctten 







^ gcfcfetunpen 

fd)mip gefcfemiffen 

f(iml(aefl,f*mi(5t*fcbmct3 fi^mita* gcfd)moli€tt 

fd)ncb gcfd>nobcn 

fcbnitt gefd)nitt<tt 

fd)rcb gefd)rcben 

fd)ricb ' gcfd)rieb<n 

fd)ric gcfcfericn 

fd)rttt gcfd)rittcn 

fcbwcr 9crd)n)cren 

fcbwic^} 9cfrf)n)icactt 

f^tuiaft/ f^wiat fcbmcU f4)n)itl derd)»)ouen 

(see page 26) 

1 d)njor 3 
fab fic^ 
fantte 4 

1 3)1tegen, TO BE WONT, is regular. 
3 Imp. Sub. f^wfttC. 


3 Subj. regular. 

4 Imp. Sub). ie|;c!\ax 














©teben^ i 





SSrtegen/ or 


fSfigen^or > 








— sink 

— meditate 

— sit 

^ -^ be obliged 
/ (shaU)! 

— split 

— spit 

— spin 

— split 

— speak 
•«— sprout 

— spring 

— sting 

— stick 

— stand 
•^ steal 
"-* stride 

— die 

-<- be scattered 
•^ stink 

— push 

— stroke 

— strive 

— do 

— carry 

— hit, meet 

— drive 

— tread «. 

— drop 

— deceive 

— drink 

— spoil 

— offend 4 

— forget 

— lose 

— confuse 

— grow 

— weigh 


— yield 

— show 

— turn 
• •«— sue 

. -^become 
•p- throw 
— ! wind 

— know . 





l^ti, fouft, foa 

m% fficft 
flicMft, fHcMt 
ftirOft, pirbt 

ixhofi, tragt 
trifffl, trifft 

trittff, ttltt* 
trcufjl, treuft§ 

ttcugjl, trcu9t§ trog 






































ftteftf* gejlo()ten 

(Urb gcftctben 

triff getroffen 

tritt gctretm 

tteuf§ gctrojfett 

trcu9§ gctwgCR 

»crbtrbft»erbltbt*pcrbarb terbtrb* pcrbcrber* 
c^ »crbreugt §• »crbwS pcrbrcnR wrbroffcit 

jjctga^ wrgif*^ pergejfen 

tMj^^whd:)^ n)U(bs 


n^cftcff/ »^(6t» wufcb- 

n>arb , 

(see page 26) 

wirfjl, wirft 











warf wtrf gcwctfcn 
roanb gcwunbca 

n)et$/n)et9tn)ct0 n)upte gen)upt 

Witt, wittft or I 
toiUt, wi\L S 


& Imp. Subj. fturbe. 
3 Sf)un is never used as aa auxiliary. 4 ImpersomJ with the ace. 
S To move forward, march. 

P* As this list containa ooljr such compomid verbs as ekhez are no long^ ia use im 



— be willing 

— accuse 

— draw 
—- compel 




1 Ougkt to be said. 


fheir simple fonn, or which of the simple ^m are regular, all irreg. corap. verbs must 
be ooDJiigated like the simple here enumerated: tejtnncn/ CXfimm, IC* like finneiU 


104. There is no general distinguishing termination for the adverb ; and most words, 
therefore, denoting the circumstances and qualities of things, are both adverbs and 
adjectives ; with this difference, that as adjs., and when placed before substs. they are 
declined (see p. p. 24, 35), and as adjs. connected with the subst by means of a verb, 

they are hivariable: ticfc fd)6nc grau if! nid)t nur fcftcit/ fonkm panbelt an^ \6^in, 

this handsome woman not only is nandsome, but also acts handsomely. 

' 105. There are some adverbs, such as Qctn, willingly, fe^c, very, Dtcttetd^t/ perhaps, 
which can never be adjectives. Others can only become adjectives by an additional 
s]^llable : as from oft, frequently, oftcc ; l^cut^ to-day, ()eutig ; OOrtl/ in front, tWI^et ; 
^Xtt, here, j^lcfig ; tta, there, ttd^Q, K. 

106. Some suostantives, and even adjectives, are made into adverbs by the addition 
of an $/ by which they assume the form of a gen. absolute : t|ius from 

iDer ^Otgett/ morning SDJorgen^, in the morning 

#(Dcr 2C6eitt^ evening UUtlt^, in the evening 

S)et ^OitntaQ, Monday Sl^ontag^^ on mondays, dte. ' 

jDie fflad^t, night ^a6)ti, at night 

^ie SKittema^t^ the midnight ^itternac^t^, at midnight 

2)ie ®citC/ side JDlcffcit^/ on this side 

* Scnfcit^^ on that side « -- > 

SWcincrfcit5, on my part, &c 

Set goH, the fall ^UxifaU^, likewise 

2)dg SKat^ the time ?8telmal«, frequently 

SDcr ^(ug, the flight ^(uog, swiflly 

iDer jtcf^nbe ^ufc ^® standing foot @teocnben S«P*^/ instantly 

JDct ©pcmjttcicl), the stroke of the spur ^pctn^txiim* in l^aste 

IDct eltcnbe 8auf/ the swifl course ^ilenbcn SaufeS, rapidly 

SBeteit, ready ©Cteit5, already 

QiUnh, hastening @i(cnb£^ hastily 

Qx^, etjlen, first ecftcn^, firstly. 

Note. — We also say, be^ ^tt^itii, be$ 2(6ent)^/ (and although the substs* be fem.) 
tc« 9?ocfct€, tc6 sj}Httcmod)t£i, ic. and witli some must always join the art, as, 2)t«t 
SWaM M 3«ftt^# thrice a year. 

107. The adverbs formed of the substs. of time, ^tt^zn, UhttCt, K. are used when 
we speak of repetition, and on the question how oflten ? or what time ? as, 3c^ ftf)t x\)n 
0en)O()n(td) bc$ 9)2cr9Cn^, 1 see him usually in the morning ; for on the question WKBir 
the subst must be in the ace. (see p. 49). 

108. Sometimes adverbs are formed by the subst fem. SS^CtfC/ manner, j^aced after, 
or even joined to the adj. or adv. in the gen. case : as from Qlddiidf, happy, happily, 
gliicfliAct SBctfc (9li!icf(id)Crn)Cifc) ; but it is only used in a peculiar sense ; e, gr. 

(f r lit gtficftid) angcfommcn, he is happily arrived (without mishap). 

(Sr tft ptficfttdbewocife ongcfommcn/ he is fortunately arrived (by good fortune). 

109. Adverbs which express a quality, (and therefore are also used as adjectivas) 
take the degrees of comparison, thus, fd^oit/ fd)6net, am fc^onflen, or oufS f4)Ctlfle; 

110. The following are irregular: — 
SBalt, soon, cl^er^ am e()eften* 

^ctn, willingly, ltc6cr, am Uebfhn^ the comp. and sup. of Uc6, dear. 

fiSicOmuch, vmh^, am me^tfteii/ mciflcn. 

fiSenig, little, mtnbcr^ am mtnbcjten, also regukr. * 

SBoftO gut/ well, U^zv, am 6cjlcn/ probably fi-om the antiquated haf, well. 

111. A few, as du^Ctfl/ extremely, f)tii\t, highly, may be used absolutely without m 
or auf. 


112. These parts of speech are invariable, and properly do not be\otk^\Aii!tv« ^t^^ 
▼ince of grammar. For those which influence the poaiUon of tbe ^«t\^ «i^ "^ ^^* 

xxxn oERv^ir Gtuamun. 


113. PrepoBitions govern the gfenitive, dative, or accusative, and some the gemttve 
or dative, or dative or accusative. 


Xnffatt or ©tott, instead Um-tolQcn^ for the sake«— Always aeptr 
Tin and ®tatt may be separated thus, rated like on-flott 

^n M ^atecs ®tatt/ instead of the Um meinetiDtllcn or toegen, for my sake 

Father. — betnettveoett/ for thy sake, &c 

Sefoge, pursuant, according to — beffentn^ttteii/ testvegeti/ on aocooitf 
^cXf>tn, f)aii>tt, on account of that 

4^ol6ett is preferred when the sub- — toeffetittolSen, tpc^egen, on accoont 
stantive has an art or pron. — ^They of which 

are both placed after the noun : M Ungcod^tet (o5ngcad)tct) / notwithstanding. 
58tObe5 latbitt/ for the sake of May be placed before or after its case 

Bread. &> is sometimes found with the dative. 

2Ctt$erba(6, on the outside* Untoeit^ not far from—Untoett tec &taht, 
Sttner^ot^/ in the inner part* not far from the town 

Di>tti(dh, on the upper side* S^ermcge, by dint, power, or means * 

ttnterdatb/ on the lower side* SBfi^tCttb, during 

S)ieffett^, on this side SBegcn^ on account of, concerning. May 
Senfett^/ on the fturther side be placed before or after tiie noun, 

^Ut, according, con&rmably to but is most frequently before it. 

SRittelfl, Mtmittctft, by means • Hxi^i, Sufctge, Tfupcr (see below). 

* These four prepos. are rather put in the dat when another gen. fbllows. 


2(u$# out of ^ ^ f)le(>ft, together with 

2Cuf Ct^ out of, on the outside, besides. — Qi^, over (rather obsolete) 

In l^tttfer Sanbe^, out of ihe country, @ammt^ together with 

it governs the gen. @cit/ since 

SSti (see next page). Since, as an adverb, is rendered by 

©ntgegcn, towards, contrary.— Is united fcitbcm: @Cttt)cm er f)UV xft, smoe 

with the verbs of motion, gchctt/ (aus he has been here. 

fett/ IP. to meet by ^ing, running, &c ^tn, of, from, by 

ihtl^, along.— Also with the gen. Svi, to, at, on 

sOlit, with 3ufc(gt% in consequence of, in acoordaiMe 

^od^/ after, behind, to, towards, following with 

(in a direction) according to. Is always put after the dat case ; it 

9^0^, according, is placed after its case, also governs the gen. and then is 

bet S3efd)rct6ung na6), according to placed before its case. 

the description; but if the subst. is 3utt)tbcr^ contrary to 

^owed by another, it goes before : Always after its case. 

na4 ber SBef^tetbung M ^anm^. 


SDtttdb/ through, by, (by means) (§)cn is an abbreviation of gegeil/and used 
Placed niter the subst, denotes dura- in a few particular phrases 

tion: ble 9la4t burdt)/ the night SD^nc, without 

through ^onbcr, without (not much in use) 

^fir, for Itnt/ around, about, for, &c. 

©egctl/ towards, against fBibeC/ against, in opposition. 


These prepositions govern the dative, if the verb with which they are connected 
expresses a ^ate or continued exifftencCf or a motion Vfitkin a place ; and on the queq* 
tions, where^ whereat, tohereiny whereon ? 

They govern the ace. if the verb denote a mottovi, or tendency from one place or 
thing to another; on the questions whereto^ to what direction or place? 


Datitk. Accusatiyc 

TJiXi, at, an, near, upon, in— to, in, near ; (6U an, as far as) 

Tin cincm S3aume ftc^cn, to stand ^id^ an etnen Sanm fteOm^to place 

near a tree. oneself near a tree. 

TCuf/ on, upon, in— On, upon^ into 

;Da« a$ud) (tcgt auf tern IXifc^e, the ecgen ®ie ed ouf ten Z\\d^, place it 

book lies on the tabic. on the table. 
S^tX, close, near, beside — 

<Sc 1t|t bei mtr/ he sits beside me. ^tc fc|te ftd) Ux mtd^/ afae seated her- 

self b^ide me. 

4^inter, behind— 

©t Qing l)inter iftm f)cr^ he was walk- (gr gina l&inter i^n/ ho walked (step- 

ing (along) behind him. ped) benind him. 

3n^ in — into 

fBtt xoann tm Garten, we were in unb gtengcn tn$ $au^/ and went into 

the garden. the house. 

St^hin, teside, next to— 

i)xc ^a^d)c ftcf)t ncUn 36nen, the ®tctlcn @tc fie neben {f)n, pat it next 

bottle stands neitt to jou. to him. 

tieber, over, above — over, concerning, across ; f 6U ihzt, np to) 

(&t fcbUef fiber tern Sefen cxn, he fell > 3db titt fiber tie f8xidt, I rode over, 
asleep over the reading. the bridge. 

-^ placed af&r, it expresses continuance : 
tie 9{i»^t fiber/ during the night 

tUtter/ under, beneath, among— 

Qtt fa6 unter bem Zf)CxtocQC, he sat ^r U^ah fid) unter baft (8oIf/ he went 

beneath the gateway. among the people. 

O* In Unter SBege^/ on the way, and unterbeffett/ in the mean time, it governs tl^ 

SSOT/ before — 

. (5r flcl& DCr iftm/ he fled before him, (Sr tt)arf fid) »or ibn J^itt/ he threw 

(he following). himself down before him. 

Swifien, between— 

3^r |>ut (&ngt sn)ird)en gn^el anUvn, ^&ngen @te il^n sn>tfd)en betbe^hang 

Your hat hangs between two others. it between yours and mine. 

118. Many of the Preps, may be joined to the adverbs ta, tot, (with an t placed 
between when they begin with a vowel), and correspond with the English wieretfi, 
iheremt whereon, ihireon, &.c. (See rule 151). 



119. Articles, Adjectives, and Pronouns agree with the subst to which they are 
joined or refer, in gender, number and case. 


120. The Defin. Art. in Germ, serves to point out individuals as well as species : 

3>er sfllonn ift bier, the man is here 

^ie SK&nncr finb bier, the men are here 

3)ie s0icnfd)en finb ntcbt atte gut, men are not all good 

>Die Sugenb if! Ueben^mfirbid, virtue is amiable 

SDer 9Bein ijl tbeurcr o(« t<»6 *Bicr, wine is dearer than beer 

iDie betllQe @d)rtft (ebret, holy writ teaches 

^r beitide Sobonnes fd)rieb/St John wrote. 

121. It is also used — 

[a] Befere names of countries of the fern, gender : bte @d)n)ei|« 

[6] Befere names of countries of the neut. gender, when they are preceded by 

BH adjective; (a6 grcpe Ztnltn. 

XXXVifi GBRVAir ORAMXklt* « 

[e] Before names of persons, if they be not declined ; yet only in the nonv 
sing, when speakin|^ iamiliarly: bet ^eter i^ cin gutet ^nv^t, reter is a good Miowl 
^e$/ Urn, ten, tie |)eter, :c. 

[d] When emphasis and distinction are required, although the substs. be of the 
same gender, &.c. : bet 43Unb unb ber ^tier, the dog and the bull. 

[e] For the inde£ art. when per might be substituted: etn €ki^tfttttd tie 
gtafcie, a shilling a bottle ; gwei Wlai 6c^ Soge^, twice a day. 

[f] In the following and similar phrases : — 

3n ter ©tott/ in town 5>a6 fcrfemc 5>flwtle5, Paradise lost 

3n ter ^ird)C, at church .;Dtc bcilDcn Winter, both the children 

3n tie ^irdbc, to clmrch 2)ic ftolbc @taM, half the town 

Suf ter 936rfc, on change SDcr gan^c SBeg, all the way. 

Iff] Before the absol. poss. prons., mctnC/ mcinige/ K. (see p. 24). 
[a] With the pers. pron. instead of the poss. pron. (see p. 41, rule 145) ; and by 
itself^ instead of the same pron. (sec p. 41, rule 155). 
123. The article is omitted. 

[a] When a subst is taken in a partitive sense : f)tcr i|i S3rct/ here is Bread. ^ 
[h] When a subst. is used in an indefinite sense : jtintcr unt Slarren fagett tie 
IBal^r^ett/ children and fools tell the truth. 

fD* When some or ant are placed before substs. to express limited numbers, or 
quantities, the former are indicated by cintgc: Ctntge 3E)Zdnner/ and the latter by etn>0$: 

etn)a€ 93rot« 

[e] When the substs. stands after the gen. which it governs ; ^c^tHer*^ SBerfe/ 
Schiller's works, for tic ^uvU @d)incr^, or tc^ @d)iUer. 

[d] After it has been once expressed before a series of substs. of the same gead, 
num. and case ; ter ^Qter« S^rutcr unt better ; (for an exc. see preceding rule, d.) 

[el Before names of towns and countries of the neut gend. (see exc. preceding 
rule, b.) "* 

[/] Before names of persons, when declined, (comp. preceding rule, c.) 

[g] Before titles of rank : (§^cor9/ itcntg OOn @ng(ant, George, King of England; 

Jt5ntd ®ecrg. 

[h] Before the titles of books, and other superscriptions : iDcutfc^ &ptadjlU^xt, 
German Grammar ; @rfler ^hni, vol. first ; 3nba(t/ contents ; S^otrete/ pr^ice. 

[t] Before the name of God, as the Supreme Being. 

[^'] In a few words and phrases as the following: iDfltntten/ the East Indies; 
-SejHnttcn/ the West Indies ; etftercr/ the former ; U^Xcux, the latter ; S3efaoter, fSts 
totinttt, ©etac^tct/ (S^enannter, the aforesaid; ^otgenter/ the following; Sseftagtet. 
defendand; t)Or ?(ugen, before one*s eyes; in ^dnten/ in one^s hands; aUe SS^eU; all 
the world. 

[k] Before adjs. compared wiUi one another, where je • • ie or j[e • • teftc are soih 

stituted: j[e e^er, ie beffct/ the sooner the better; je mtf)v man i^m guretet/ teflo wtnU 

get I)Crt ex, the more one urges him, the less he attends. 
123. The Indef. Art is generally used as in Engl., exc. — 

[a] In the phrases: eine ^atbe ®tunte/ half an hour; etn \)aibU 3^f)V, half « 

[b] Before fow, hundred, thousand, etn is not employed, if not taken in the 
sense of one. 

[c] In phrases as the following: etn ^0<(MVeifer Statf), the most learned 
senate, &c. 


om for an tern tm for intern anf6 for aufta^ 

beim — bei tern gum — gu tern tur(ft^ — turcft to$ 

ftinterm — Winter tern gur — ^uter fftrg — fftrtas 

t>em — contem on^ — an tag tn6 — tnta^. 
In the familiar style, 'ne and 'nett for eine or einen, 


125. If two substs. having a dependence on each other come together, one is placed 
in the gen. : tie ©ctte^dcbe, the love which man bears to God ; tie Sicbe ®0tte6/ the 
love which God bears to man. 

126, To avoid ambiguity, ^n, in, an, aVL^, 9Cr or in are used instead of the gen. 


{«] To &prefls the matkrial <^ wiiich a thinff is made : etll S3f^er Mtt 6U^r, 
m «qp of Silver ; ein ^ifd) M$ aOtarmct, a taUe of marUe. For wkich may be laid t 
cm fiUvntt SBcd^cr, ein ntotmomer Sif^. (See list of pre£ and aff. en and enu) 

[b] To determine the b»tii, oovnt&t, rank, ueuoion, or PoenssiON of property, 
lands, or titles of lands : — 

(Sin 9euffe OOn (^ebutt, a Russian hy birth 
^in 9Kann oon o(tem 2(be(^ a man of <ekl nobility 
^n ®xaf ani ^ari6/ a Count from Paris 
S>ti (3xafwn ^avi^, the Coant of Paris 
^on 9le(igtcn ein SCRol^omebanet, a Mahometaa by reli^on 
*Der ^ontg wn Jrcinfrcicfe^ the King ef France 
>Der ^er^eg wn Sicrfclf/ the Duke of Norfolk 
[e] To determine age, size, weight, measure, WMttH, or contents: 

(5in Jtinb t)cn brei ^onaten, an in&nt three months old 
Qin Zi)Vitm oon 50 ^ufl ^c^e, a tower 50 feet high 
-(Sin ®*iff «cn 1000 Stcnncti, a ship of 1000 tons 
C^ne ^regatte wn 60 ^ancnen^ a frigate of 60 guns 
(Sin£)d)fe wn40®tcin, anoxof40stone ♦ 

^tn ^ann Don (^(e()rfamfeit, a man of learning 
— — wn iBetbicnfi, oen (Shxe, a man of merit, of bonoor 
fillers Sieb oon ber (BM€, Schiller's song of the Bell 

[d] When the parts are separated from the whole : 

>Die SStfit^en Don bem S3aume^ the blossoms of the tree 
^in (Sti&df Mn bem fSvaicn, a piece of the roast mdat 

[e] To distinguish the author of a tiling, or the object tif a representatiian from 
stti possessor : — 

.Klopflocf^ 93itgt(^ the Virgil belonging to Klopstock 
^r SRif^a^ OOR ^(Opftocf, the Messia by Klopstock 
(Sin SBilbni^ SUphaite, a picture in possession of R. 
(Sin ffiilbnip Wn 31., a picture by R. 
[/] In phrases as the following :— 

>Die ®o(baten in biefer &tatt, the soldiers (qtiaitered) in this town ; distiA 
guished from bie 0o(baten bicfet ©tabt^ of (belonginpf to) this town. 

@in Setter an biefer 0c^u(e/ a master (belonging) to this sdbool 
For bicfet ^dfnte^ which would imply that he is the only master^ 

jiDer ^CXX VOm ^a\x\Cf the tenant of the house 
Distinguished from ^err be$ .{^aofeS/ owner of the house. 

>Die Cicbe ^u ®Ott, the love towards God 

35ie Jurdfet in ftcrben, the fear x>f death 

Kni JBegierbe onsnWoffen, from a desire of accumulatinf 

®en>6^nun9 Swr TCtbcit, haWt of labour 

2(bfd)eu »or bem sOTfiJiggange, horror of idleness 

Sladfteifetunfi in Sugenben/ emulation of nrtueik 
127. To, befiire nouns of relationship &c. is rendered by the gen. 

(Sm ^tmb be« ^^nxQ^, a friend to (of) the King. 
138. Of, hetween substs. of measure and auANTrrT and those of substance and in- 
dividmUs, often also after mQ/ full, is omitted : 

®itt ®(a6 SBoffcc, a glass of water 
. (gin Sleaiment ©olboten/ a regiment of soldiers 
6in ©tftiff DOtt SKotrofen, a ship full of sailors. 

129. When the last word is preceded by an adj. or pron. it is in the gen^— 

6in ®(a« guten or gute^ SBaffer*, a glass of good water 
Gin Regiment biefer ©Otbaten, a regiment of these soldiers. 

130. Often t^eH takes the addition et far of, without reference to the gend. or namk 
of the subst : twUer 8&rm/ full of noise. ^ 

131. When seyeral substs. are placed before one by which they are governed, the 
first only is put in the gen. — 

)De« ^eraogg Mn 2)orf 2Cnbcnf«!/ the duke of YorV« Tftftrnw^. 


■ 133. The piroper names are usually placed before their gnveming^ sobet, when thej* 
are not preceded by an adj\ and in this case the c^irtian names or titles ara 
undeclined : — 

Jtalfer 3^fri»1^6 ftcbcn, the Emperor Joseph's life 

CbrtlUon gricttid) wn ^UxUjA ®cMd)tc, the poems of C. F. von Kleist 

^Doctor sDlartin Sutf)crd ^d^riftctt/ the writiogs of Dr. M. Luther. 

133. If the name preceded by an aidj. or title is placed after the |;oTeming nomi, it 
remains undeclined :— 

2)ie iSftatcn be« ^onig^ Jrlebric^^ the deeds of King Frederic 
^ie ^CCfe M bcrdf)mtcn SLwaX, the works of the famous Kant 


134. When adjs. relate to persons, the substs. ^antl/ ^XOXi, U« maj be omitted, and 
when relating to persons or things, ons by which they are followed m English, must 
be omitted : 

>Det (^Ute, the good (man) (Sin ^vAiX, a good (man, one) 

>Dt( ®UtC/ the good (woman) (Sine ®Ute, a good (woman, one) 

2)ie (^yxXtXi, the oood (people, ones) Qb\XXt, good (people, ones) 

SDer S3ebiente, tlS servant man (gin JBcbicnter 

SDer ©efanbte^ the ambassador (sent man) @tn ©efanbtcr 

SDet 95ern>anbtC/ the relation (Sin SSenoonbtet, a relation (male) 

>Die SSciwanbtc, (Sine SSemantte, a relation (female 

jDie ^enoanbtcn/the relations (both genders) 

TCQC/ all (persons) HXiiig all, every thing. 

135. When they are used to express the abstract quality, they are declined in the 
neut sing, without any subst. 

>Da5 (Sr^al6ene unt ©c^cnc, the subHme and beautiful 

3ete ©ad^e ^at if)t (5utC6/ there is some good in every thing. 

136. Some, especially those of colours, are declined like subste. of die second deeL 
when they signify a substance : Jron^cfifAc^ ©c^warj, French black ; tie ®6tC be* 
S3et(tner 93(aue^/ the goodness of Prussian blue. 

137. ®onj, ^alO, X\d, rocntg^ are usually undeclined, if they are not preceded by an 
art or pron. : ®anj @panicn* all Spain ; ^otb (^ricd)Cnlonb, half Greece ; t)ie( %z% 
much money ; n>ent<) ^O^KX, little paper ; but "^^ gan^e Sailt)/ all the country ; tie 
l[)a(be ^roDin^^ half me province, &.c. 

138. 2CllerUt and aner()ant are always undeclined : 2Clle«let Sliliinjen/ all sorts of 

139. In familiar conversation, adjs. are often lefl undedined : f4)dn SS^ettet/ fine 
weather; for fd)6ne«. 

140. When two adjs. precede a subst., it is not uncommon to suppress the declension 
of the first : etn ^i^VOdXi ? unt loei^er $utel/ a black and white poodle 


141. The PERSONAL PRON. in the nom. case governs the verb as in I^lidk; and i» 
not repeated if it governs several verbs in succession: '^^ fof) tint ^5tte ntd)t6/ I saw 
and heard nothing. 

142. The gen. is never used except after certain verbs (see p. 47) : (St^anne ttd^ 
meinet/ have pity on me ; and in connection with numbers : ^{^XiX fed)*^ six of them. 
In other instances, of, before the pers. pron. is rendered by ocn : they speak of me, fte 
teten wn mir, 

143. In addressing people, the second pers. sing, is used between near relations, 
intimate friends, and to confidential servants ; the second pers. plur. to mankind in 
general, towards those who are addressed in the sing, by tu^ and to inferiors in the 
sing, as well as in the plural ; the third pers. sing, towards servants and inferiors : 
9)etcr, bring @r ntir fSBoffer, Peter, bring me water ; SKoria, l^at ®te mein geuer an» 
gejuntet ? Mary, have you lighted my fire ? and the third pers. plur., in addressing 
superiors, or equals in a re^iectaUe rank of life : aW> 6abc 3f)tcn SSrief etf)aUen^ 
I nave received your letter. Tbwards ver^ high personages, the thkd pers. {^ur. is 
also used when we speak op them : ©etne ^aiefl&t (^aben e6 detPOQt/ H. M. has 
wished it 

ID* For the sake of distinction, @t, 3^m, ©cin, ^xi, %)X, S^ncn* when used ift 
addresaang persons, are written and printed with a capital inltiaL 


144. In formal language towards persons of very high rank, the expressions 
^iefc(b<n, J&cd)flbUf«(ben/ Kaetl)Cd)ftttefe(ben/ are used for &u, you. 

145. The pers. pron. in the dat. with the def. art is naed instead of the possess, when 
speaking of any thing about the body of an individual : (Sr ^at fU^ in den ^tnget gc$ 
fdbntttcn/ he has cut his finger; 3d) \)afsc mir da« Sctn icrbrodKn, I have broken one 
of my legs ; Der ^unb ^at il^m den Sttd jerriffctt/ the dog has torn his coat 

146. £)ccfc(bc^ iDicf^tbC/ :c. is used instead of et, ffe, e$/ to avoid ambiguity: ^cr 

^ffijicr begcgnctc tern Unbefanntcn, itnt ta btxitiht 'xi)xa ntd^t au^i9etd)en looQte^ 
U« (• n).^ the officer met the stranger, and as the same (i. e. the stranger) would not 
make way for him, &c. 

147. This pron. is also used to avoid the repetition of similar words : f cnnen ®U 
bicfetOc^ for fie^ do you know her. 

148. Qi, frequently begins the sentence for the sake of emphasis, and then corres- 
ponds with THERE. @^ befanten lid) Otcte i^eute ^a, there were many people there. 

149. This pron. is also placed at the head of phrases expressing a wish : (£6 UH t(t 
Jtonia ! May the king vive ! 6$ tbucictcr fcine WW/ *6t each do his duty. 

150. *6 stands frequently for e6 : ^agen @ie*$ 'xi)m, tell it him. 

151. It is contrary to the genius of the language, to use e^, and even the dat neut 
when relating to a thing, afler a preposition ; and we say baratt/ batauf/ tatau^/ tas 
Ui, :c. for an, auf c^, or x\)m, au5/ bet i^m ; 3^ fcblug tarauf, I struck on it; di be? 
finbet fid^ n)o6( bobci/ he is well off with it 

N. R The same prepositions are also joined to n>e ; as iMratt/ tOCCOUf, ic*, and used 
instead of auf n>a5 or roelc^c^/ :c« : ^orauf t)er(a{Ten ®te f d^ ? on what do you rely ? 

152. The Possess. Prons. are twofold : conjunctive and absolute, llie eonjunctive 
are mctQ/ tncinc^ mcin (second column, rule 37, p. 24), and are always prefixed to 
substs, If placed before or after fet)n/ they are undedlned (see Rule 176). 

153. The absolute are (1) SWeiner, meinC/ mctnc5, meine ; (2)bcr,bte/ba<inctne,bic 
sneinen ; (3) bcr, bie, ba^ mctntge, bie mctntgeii/ mine, &c (See p. 24, rules 37 &. 38). 

154. Of these the first is generally used after the verb fe^n; in the sense of belonging 
to: ba6 tft meinct, K«; the second in the fiuniliar style and (singularly enough) ixk 
higher poetry ; and the third in polished conversation, &e, 

155. iDte £ORCtnigen, )Detntgcn/ lU also signifies those belonging to me, to thee &^ 
as relations, servants, soldiers or adherents of any kind: ba^ 9){etnige/ jDeinigC/ {(.^ 
my, thy property. 

156. The conj. poss. pron. is supplied by the def. art. when there ci^n be no doubt of 
tiie person : 3dft wcrbc C« bcm SSatet fogett, I shaU tell it my fiither ; @tcrfen ©ie e6 
in bie Softie, put it in your pocket 

157. The Relative Pronouns are (1) wctd^Cr, WCiAt, »eW&e6, WCtcfee ; (2) tDCr^ xoai ; 
(3) bcr, btc, tfa^. (See p. 23.) 

158. This pron. governs the verb only in the third pers. ; therefore, if the verb is to 
agree with the antecedent, whether of the first or second pers. the antecedent must be 
repeated after the relat: bU/ bet 5it aUii loetpt/ thou who (thou) knowest every thing. 

159. ^ct, bie, bo^, K. is substituted for XOC\&fCt, for the sake of euphony; and in 
phrases as the fi)regoing, this form is particularly preferred. 

160. The gen. of bct, being more distinct, is preferable to that of toetd^et : bie Seutey 
beten @tO(g tf)n empcrte, the people whose pride revolted him. 

161. SS^et and xoai are used without an antecedent, the demonstr. to which they 
relate being often placed after theni : n>er e^ gefe^en f)at, (ber) gtaubt e^, he who has 

seen it, believes it, inst of betientge glaubt ci, ml6if^t. If* or berientge, weld^er e^ ges 
fe^en i)at, gtaubt e^:* 

162. The Interrogat. Pron., besides tOti6)tx, uoet and toa^, are also toelc^/ n>e(d^ 
etn, voa^ fftr, and wai fftr etn. (See pp. 23 & 24.) 

163. fffietc^et/ tc* is placed before substs. and in relation to them. 

164. SBer and toai are used when the gend. and number of the objects of inquiry 
are unknown : — 

fffier l)(it e^ gefagt ? who has said it ! 

SBeffen ^fe^e ttnb bo(( ? whose horses are these ? 

SBem gaben ®ie e^ ? to whom did you give it ? 
®en totUtn @ie fel^en ? whom do you want to see ? 
SBai Ijat er gefi^tieben ? what has he written ? 


165. 9!^i fftt/ means what aort o^ what, and is used £<a substances in the sing; tnd 
lor individaals in the plur. For individuals in the sing, we say, ma5 f&t tin, or cinn* 

SBa^ ffir SBteh tft ba$ ? what bread is that ? 
5Sa$ f^x ^fcrtc fint ba6 ? what horses are these ? 
2So6 ffir ein S5ud) (cffn @ic ? what book do you readt 
(Sin jronsc|ifdie«, a French one. 
fBa^ fur eiltc5 ? what sort of a one ? 

166. SBa^ or toc(d) etn and toai f2ir are used in exdamation :— tt)d^ f^x, or tOttA ein 
HXann ! mai f^x Scute ! 

167. SBctcbc is commonly used for some, instead of cintge or betCtt. 3^ ^(C 
ml^t, I have some. 

167i. The Demonstrative Pronouns are (1) blcfer/ btcfC/ btefe^; (^ ienct/ jhlf i 

<3) bcticnige; (4) fc(6c, or fctbific, bctfclbC/ or berfctbige; (5) fclt^cr. (See pp. S3 
and 24.) 

168. They are conjunctive and absolute. 

169. The coniuncUves are btefcr, jcncr, bet, fttdber* 

170. The absolute, bcrjcntge or bet and betfetbC. The use of the hist has already 
been explained (see rule 146) ; benenigc or bet is used either before a relative pron. or 
g«n. case, or before substs. which are so followed, and is often translated by he, she, it 
t>r they, the French celui : ^etjentge (or ^cx, pronounced with more emphasis thui 
the article) tt)c(cf)Ct Sfjncn bicfc6 QCfagt ()at, hk who has told you this ; bieientgen itutt, 
toelc^e noi boron SWCifcltcn, those people who yet doubted it 

171. The pronominal gen. of bet/ viz. beffen, betcn, :C« is used instead of the pcMi. 

l»on. to avoid ambi^ty : bo ct bcm .Rnoben nicftt Atoubtc, fo froj^tc et beffen (jBx fet« 

Heit) Sl^tet/ as he did not believe the boy, he asked his (t. e. the boy*8) &ther. 

172. This form is also used in preference to the possess, in speaking of thingi: bU 
§)opictC unb bctcn (for iftr) Sn^olt, the papers and their contents. 

173. jDe$ for beffen is allowed only in higher poetry. 

174 ©old) PRECEDED by ein is declinable : fot^ ein, or ctn fclAct SKonn* 

175. When a person, poss. or demonstr. pron. precedes or follows the verb fc^n, 
while a subst. or pron. stands on the other side of the verb, that pron. is undeclined:— 

C^ jtnb {te, or fte finb e^, they are the people Die^ jtnb bie sDZdnnet, they are the mn 
G6 ift ex, or et tft i^, it is he ^ie$ ifi bet SHonn, this is the man 

2)te ©o^en finb unfct, or unfet finb bte @od)en, the things are ouh 
®ie fittb mcin, or mein finb fie, they are mme. 

But for emphasis, we may say — IDtefe ftnb bic 0Kdnnet/ these are the men. 

176. Pronouns relating to persons of a different gender than that which natmndly 
Mongs to such persons, are often Taried in accordance to that gender of which im 
•abst ought to be : — • 

aSie 6efinbetft(ift36t©6l&nd)ett? How is your little boy ? 
ftt <not e6) bejtnbet fid^ fceffet, he is better. 


177. The Verb agrees with its nom. in the same manner as in English ; it is, harn^ 
ever, more frequently found in the sing, after several nouns of a similar nature : 8ic6€ 
unb @)fite mad)t bte ©tbe ^um ^immet^ love and goodness turns earth into HeaTen. 


178. The Present indicates (1) actual time : 3c6 effe, 1 am eating; (2) a continiioat 
time: Sdb bin fcbcn oiet^cftn So^te in blefem Sonbe, I have been m this country fbor- 
teen years, (when 3ci) bin geroefen, would imply that I am there no longer) ; (3) eternal 
troths : ;Dte @ee(e ift unfletbttd)^ the sou! is immortal ; (4) a future, if the time be hoi 
for distant ; and (5) as an occasional substitute for the historical tense. 

179. The IMPERFECT is used : — (1) to denote a circumstance uncompleted during tha 
occurrence of another : ^^ a^, aU et f om^ I was eating, when he came ; (2) circum- 
stances completely past, on which account it may be call^ the historical tense : G&far 
etObette d^onten^ Ceesar conquered GalL 

180. The Perf. Indef., or compound of the pros., is used to express past circom* 
fltances without reference to time : 3^ ^obe t^n oefe^en^ I saw him. 

181. This tense is used instead of the imperf. if we speak of events recently past, of 
which we have not been eye-witnesses: (^efletn xft etn ^inb etttunfen, yesterday a 
tfshiJd was drowned; ©inb @ie neuUc^ ^^^^ gen^efen ? were you there recently ? 

GsakAir GRAiofAR. xliii 

183. The other tenses are nsed nearly the same as in English ; however, care must 
be taken oqt to oon&und shall and will, should, would, could, and might, as presents 
or imperfects for themselves, with the same words used as signs fbr the fiit condit or 
imp. subj. : I shall do it, may be idb lOCrte or foU, (am or ought) e^ t()ttn ; I will go, 
Sft »cr8e or mU, (wish) gcl^en ; I would say, 3d) wfir^c or vooUU, (wished) fagctt ; 
he could write, cr fdbrlcbc, or fcnnte or f cnntc fd)tct6cn, was, or might be able to write ; 
she might find, fie fttitt, or moc^te or mcdbtC ftnben, she would be able to find. 

183. The verb to be before a part pres. is never used in German ; and such expres- 
sions n» lam writings Iwaa writings must be rendered respectively by the pres. and 
imperil of the verb to which the partidlple belongs : id) fd)rcibc, icfc fd)ric6 ; or id) 
fd)cet6e (fc^rteb) cben ; or tc^ ^'^^ ^voax) cben am ^6)mhcn ; I shall be writing, 3(^ 
wcx^c (aUtann) fc^rei^en. 

184. The verb to do, is never used as an auxiliary, and such phrases as I do (did) 
write, are rendered by 3cb fd)rcibe (fArtct) Wtrf (id), or {a ; the advs. witfltcft, [a, 
serving to give that emphasis which in English is obtained b^ do, did. 

185. To be about is expressed by im S^egrifc \ixsn : I am, was, about to write, 3^ 

fnu, mat im SBcfitiffc au fd^reiOcn ; I shall be about, 3c)() werbc im JBcgriffe fe^n. 


186. The Indicative is used to aifirm, deny, or ask that which is, was. or will be. 

187. The Subjunctive' (called in Grerman Conjunctive,) is used when the circum- 
titance affirmed or denied is merely ordered, wished, or implied, as being within the 
range of possibility ; whence it is most frequently fi)und after the verbs bebingett/ to 
make conditions; bittCH/ to beg; f{itd)ten, bcforgcn, to apprehend; etma^neit, to 
exhort; rotten/ to advise ;fd)Ctncn/ to seem; wcttcn, to desire ; n)finfd)en, to wish; ^tOtU 
fiin, to doubt; and afler the conditional; as 3c^ tO^tU gel^n, WCnn U^ HnnU, I 
would go, if I could. — It is moreover used — 

[a] When we quote the saying or opinion of others, although it may not be 
intended to convey a doubt of the fact : @r fagt, er tvcrte fcmmett/ he says, he will 
oome ; flie glottbt, eg fep ntd^t t^unttcft, she thinks it is not feasible. 

[6] As an optative, a verb in the indicative being understood : bet ^immet jSes: 
TOaf)Xt ^it, may heaven preserve ^ou; Qv tf)ue toaS er tootle, let him do what he wiU. 

[e] Instead of the condit (m the imperf.) : c^ tohxc ©c^ate, it would be a pity. 

188. When that which is mentioned in the name of others would, if quoted in their 
own words, appear in a tense different fhmi that of the fi>regoing ind., the tense of the 
subj. need not agree with that of the ind. thus : for et fagte, tc^ VO'iVi f ommeil/ he said, 

I will come, er fagte, er woUt (toctlte,) fommen, he will come. 

189. >Da9/ ^&t, and xotnn, i^ which fVequenUy precede the subj., may be omitted : 

tv fftfite, er werbe f cmmen ; fcnnte ic^, fo wftrbe i6 gc&en, could I, &c. 

' 190. The Infuotive afier another verb is used either without or with ju being placed 
before it 

191. It is without [a] afler f cnnen, mogen^ (offen, bfirfen, fcHen, tt>ollen, muffeii^ 
mtttcn, in the fut and condit; (eiflen/ to bid; f)e(fen, help; tc()ren/ teach ; (cmen^ 
learn; (6ren/hear; feben/See; ffi^(en, feel. 

[6] In UegeH/ to lie; fi|en, sit; ftc^cn, stand; jlccfen/ stick; l^on^ett/ hang; 
tnicn, kneel; Heoen, adhere, when preceded by b(ei6en, to remam: (^ Uuh fte^etl/ 
he remained to stand (standing). 

[e] In fpojieren, preceded by faJ^ren, rciten ; 3* fu&«/ titt fpo^ieren, I took a 
ride or drive. 

[d] In 6ette(n, beg ; l^ouftren, hawk ; fpogieren/ preceded by ge^en. 

[e] Befinre ft^tafcn, to sleep, preceded by je^en, or fid) tcgen, 

[f] Afler l)aUn in such phrases as, ®ie l)abtn gut (acften, you may kugh 
indeed, (vous avxz beau rire) ; er f)at einen S3ebienten im SSor^tmmer n>arten, he has 
a servant waiting in the ante-room. 

[g] ^adttn, when it means, to cause : 3d) mad)te jie xocxncn, I made her cry. 
[A] After tJ^Utt/ to do, when followc ' 
fpteten/ the children do nothmg but play.. 

After tl^un, to do, when followed by nic^t^ aU : tie .^inber t^un nic^t^ ali 

m After the adjs. gut, 6cfe, uUl, f*(e(ftt : ^ter ift nW gut fepn, this pkce ii 
not comrortable. 

193. With gU/ [a] when the inf. might be supplied by a phrase with the conj. baf $ 
fi^r Nfo^len il^m ^U hmxMn, we ordered him to come, i. e. that he would oome. 
[b] After saeh verbs as these 


ttnfiangen, to begin (Bennett, to acknowledge &ttsn,tohe 

2Cuf^£ren, to cease Gttaubcn, to allow &dit\nm, to appear 

SBcftl^tcn, to command igrmangetn, to foil » ^eriongeti/ to desire 

ajeftaupten, to assert ^iwartert/ to expect fiS&iffen, to know 

9)ef enncn, to confess ^fird)ten/ to fear SGBfinf<ten/ to wish. 

SDrcl^cn^ to threaten @c(tattcn, to permit 

(Jr^altcn, to receive ^aUn, to have 

[c] After substs. which in English are followed by of or to : tct fRttf ftSI CJ^Cr 
ttd)Cr sQ^ann jU [cm* the reputation of being^m honest man; Sufi |U retfctl/ a dedreto 
travel (of travelling). 

[d] After adjs.: ®(iicf(id) e$ ^U f)6ccn, happy to hear it 

[e] After the preps, anflatt or flatty of)nc and uni/ which last is introdooed wbcB* 
ever a purpose is expressed by the inf. : 3cft t^flt txU, um i^n 3U ptSifm, I did it ftr 
the purpose of trj^ing him. 

193. The English fi^equently use the inf. on the questions when, where, how, vrhat, 
which, &c. when another mood is employed in Grerman : Do you believe that to be tame? 
^(aubcn ^K, ba9 t'u^ n)Qf)r fei) ? I did not suspect him to be that Mow, 36^ Uef d 
sntr ntd)t ctnfatlen, t)ap er bcr ^et( mate ; they do not know how to employ them- 
selves, ftc totlTen nxA^t, mie fte fid) &cfd)&ftiden foQetu 

194. The English inf. past aft»r the verb to be, is rendered by the in£ pres. : ffis 
conduct is to be praised, fdn SBcnc^mcn iff iVi toOcn. 

. 195. Frequently the inf. past is rendered by the part pres. as an adj., with |tt: t 
liotion highly to be censured, etnc fe^t 3U tabclnbe 9)2ctnuna. 

196. How, beft>re the inf. is omitted : He does not know how to conduct himselC Ct 

mtJLf fid!) ntc^t ^u bene^mcn. 


197. The Part. Present is used in German as an adv. or adj., and never assumes ths 
verbal power: 3)a6 ^int) fam toeinenb/ the child came weeping; bo^ tvelnentcittntr 

fp* The English part pres. after the verb to be in a verbal capacity must be trans- 
lated into a pres. imperf or fut (See p. 43, r. 183.) 

^ 198. When used in a subordinate clause of a sentence, assigning the cause of tbe 
circumstance expressed in the principal verb, it must be rendered by a pres. or prete- 
rite, preceded by a conjunction : — standing at the window, I can see him, ^a ^ <UI 
tcm ^cnftcr ^tt)t, fc fann id) t^n febcn ; standing at the window, I could, &c., ba i^ 
an bcm ^cnftcr Han^ ; Having stood there, I saw it, ^a id) t)Q rtef^anden l^aht, fo ^aU 
t(6 e^ gcrcf}(n ; having seen it, I was called as a witness, ^a xS) C$ 0cfe^en l^attt, fb 
t»urt)c id) a(6 3cu(je Qcrufcn. 

199. When used as on adj. it governs the case of the verb from which it is derived : 
ba^ mtr brobcnbe tlngctDtttcr^ the thimderstorm which threatens (or threatened) me^ 
hai fid) t>ergi«^enbc Unc^crvittcr, the (itselO dispersing storm. 

\SIT It is also used instead of the inf. (See r. 195.) 

200. It is used as a subst, the words, SD^cnfc^^ SOi^antt/ ^xan, K./ being understood: 
bet >Dcn(cnbe, be who thinks, the thinker — but never as an abstract noun ; the ]n£ 
hfsing employed instead : The reading, ba$ ^cfcn* (See substs. heut p. 15.) 

SOI. The Participle Past, unless used in the formation of the preterite tenses, is 
either an adv. or adj. ; but there are several which either from their nature do not 
admit of the degrees of comparison, or make them with mcl)t and am metflen/ an obser* 
vation which alro applies to the part. pres. 

203. It is oflen used instead of the second pers. of the imperative : Jtutfci^et I ^gC* 
fahvcn, coachman ! drive on. 

203. After the verb .^cmmcn/ the part past of verbs of motion, and perhaps a few 
others, is used mstead of the part pres. : 2)cr JBot^C Commt QCtaufcn^ for (auffttb, Uie 
messenger comes running. 

204. Also with i)ahen, wiffcn and wcUen, instead of the inf. 3d) i»etttc @ie evfttftt 
^abcn, I would have you requested, for 3d) tooUte &i Ctftt^en. — Both these fonot of 
the part are however not recommended for imitation. 


205. The auxiliary verb relating to several participles, is menticmed only onee: ^ 
6at ^a^ S3uc^ gefd^ne^cn/ gcbrudft unb (^erau^gcgeten/he has written, printed and pidb^ 
iiMhed the book. 


5206. If the auxiliary is to be moved to the end of a member <^ a seatenee, espe- 
cially if the next member be^in with the same word, it is often omitted : 6obo(b tv 
ntt^ gefel^en {f)at), ^at er mid^ an^CXittt, as soon as he has seen me, he has ad. 
dressed me. 

207. It roast be borne in mind that tfirftfn, f onnen, mcc^cti, mfifj'cn, fottcn, n^cHen, 
(see irre^. verbs,) have a part past in German, and are conjugated in Uieir compound 
tenses like other verbs i 6r ftot gefollt/ aUx bot titcfct QtVOCUU It is however to be 
observed that when an inf. is expressed with any of these verbs, they change the part, 
into an inf. : er l)at tH t^uti fcHett^ (OCttcn, f cnnctt/ it*, he has ought, would, could do it, 
t. e. he ought, would, could have done it 

(CrThe verbs J^cipCtt/ to bid; betfcn, to help; Uhun, to teach; (crncn, to learn; 
l^icen, to hear ; fc^cn^ to see ; have the same peculiarity. 

208. To like is ex^xressed by tiebcn, but more generally by 9cm \)aUn, gcm effen, to 
like (to eat) ; gcrn tritlfen/ to like (to drink): 2;d) cfie gcm Kcpfet, I like apples ; meltl 
iBrubet i^ UcOcr^itfd)cn/my brother prefers cherries; fcinc Winter cffen om Ucbjleti 
S3itnen/ his children are fondest of pears. 

St09, Satfen is emiployed like faike in French, for to cause, or occasion, with the 
ffecond verb in the inf. pres. : — 

Scft t<iff« Ulir cinen 9ttd ntotfecn, I have a coat making for myself; 
(&t lin^X fid) ein ^au^ 6aucn/ He has a house building for himself; 
JpaUn @ic ben Uv^t rufen ia^cxt, (for gctaffen) have you sent (caused to send) for 
the physician. 



210. The nora. is required : — 

[a] As the subject of every verb. 

[b] As the object of the following : — fenn, werbcil/ ftelpett/ (to be called), UdUn, 
hhnfin, fd)etnen/ to seem : (gr fd^eint mir cin e^rtid^er SWann/ he seems to me an 
^onest man. 

211. This case is also used after at6 or tOXC following a neut. verb : — 
6t jlarb a(^ ein ^tih, he died as a hero, t. e. being one 

(St fiatb tote ein ^etb/ he died like a hero, t. e. as heroes die. 


212. This case is governed [a] by substs. (see rule 125, p. 38) ; [6] by adjs.; [c] by 
verbs ; [d] by prepos. (See p. 36.) 

213. It is required by aidjectives which admit of the question whose or of what, 
(wcffcn) as bc^ ®e(beg bcWrftlfi^ in want of money :— 

©ebftrftiS fw>& ®fltt unflcwif wrbadjtig 

beflteffcn ^obliaft fAulbic^ unc^cwchnt uettufttg 

befiipt ^unbig Sbeilboft unfunbtg »cm>iefen 

benctfttgt So« Ueberbrfifft'A unn)crtb t»ofl 

bewii^ ^ddfttid unetnc^cbcn! unmjirbtct fBertb 

^tnaebenf ntiibe unf&^ig 93erbU(()en n>firbig» 

ga^tg SXuitt 

214. 2(ngef(agt/ and all participles formed from verbs governing the gen. 

215. The following are the verbs which govern it : Sob acftte be6 iDingeS xd^, I do 
not mind the thing. 

7((bten, (or with the ace.) crwc^ren (|!d^) ^flcgen, (or with the ace.) 

<Bebiirfcn, ditto ©ebraus i for with the ace ^ ®**^"^"' ^^**°. , . 

braucben, ditto d)en, \ ^^"^ wiui ine ace.) ^^^^^^^ (^j. ^^^ ^^^^^ 

©enfen, ?/nr«^♦>,A«^ Qcnlegen, ditto gsctfcMcn, (or with the ace) 

Oebcnfcn, \ ^^""^ ''*"' *"^ 9cfd)«>elAen gsccaeffen, ditto 

^tbefiren/ (or with the ace) .gotten/ (or with anf) aSaptncl&mcn/ ditto 

inftalten 8flcben, (or with fiber) SSatten/ ditto, 

ctnuingetn SKipbrauc^en/ (or with the 

CXWhfyOitXi ace) 

Ceben^ltetbcn and fei^n, (with SEBittcn^, ber SKcinung, u.) also occasiotkatti ^w«fc. 
this case. 



316. Some verbs govern the person in the ace. and the thing in the gen.; tiie hUxr 
on the question of what ? Qx ^at i(;n eine6 SSecbtcc^d aitgcftogt/ he au ftocoaed bin 
of a crime. Such are :— 

2Cnf(agen be|iid)tt9cn ent(ebtgcn il6ct|enaen 

93e(c^ren Gnttoten cntfclcn, to dismiss $Bem>ei)ett 

berauben cnttaflen 'Itebetfii^ren t>erf[d)eni 

beft^ulbigen enttaffcn dber^eben SBirbigetu 

217. Most reflective verbs having, the reflective pron. in the ace require the peftoo 

or thhi^ in the gen. : @r bebtetitc ftd) feiner unb ^dmi Ginftuffc((, he made use of 
him and of his influence. 



htQiUn, (renounce) 












crbarmen/ (also with fiber) ^BerTc^en 
crinnern/ (also with an) fScigcnu 



^mien, (also with fibct) 



218. This case is governed [a] by adjs.; [b] by verbs ; [c] by preps. (See ^p. 36 &, 37,) 

219. The following are the adjs. which require the subst they govern in this case; 
they all admit of the questions, to whom or to what ? (Sr ifl mtt gcncigt/ he is kmd 
to me. 
















































gtei* . 






















































unrvibetflc^U^ gugetbon 
ungcitig guft&nbig 

S$eranttPorttt4 autragtid). 


220. Also any of these used with nn. 

221. Also many adjs. with the affixes bat and wertl^ : Gc ift mlc banfbar^ bcwct? 
f cnf mertb/ he is grateful, remarkable to me. 

222. Also those preceded by ^u : ;Da$ .^aU5 tfl 3^nen JU f (ein/ the house is too 
small fat you. 

223. Also participles formed from verbs governing this case. 

(D* In many instances ffir with the ace. may l^ used instead of the dat : ba6 if 
mlr (or fflr micb) bequem, that is convenient to me. 

224. After active verbs the person (and occasionally the thing) to whose advantage 
or disadvantage the action tends, is put in the dat : dr Qab baS HBudft mefftcm J6nu- • 
^er, abet diefem iji e$ gcftcl^Un wctbeti/ he gave the book to my brother, but the latter 
has been robbed of it. 



• 0*ln fooh rethB the dat must be used, aUbou^ tiie aee. ahoiild be wantiii^: Sf 
^at mtt 0<fd)rtc6en, he has written to me. 
225. Many intransitive verbs require the person ih the dat — Such are : — 


















nad)rcf)cn - 















And others having the prefixes, a6, on, auf, bct« nxt, cntgegen, nad^ untet^ Oct/ wU 

beC/ and ^u. 

236. All these verbs may be turned into the passive impera. with or without a nom. 
case: )Dcr @ad)e if! abgcholfen lucrben, the thing has been remedied; @$ wucbe miv 
batmen ab(\CX(ithitl, I was dissuaded from it 

227. The following intransitives require the dat, but cannot take the passive form— > 






















itoften^ (to ere. fnjn 
ate expense) gScrttngtficfcit 









juftc^cn, ice. 

228. The following reflective verbs also govern the dat of the person : anntaSen, 
ctnbttben^ pcmc^mcn, au^bcbtngcn, gctraucti/ octflcHen : 3^ ftetlc mix ^ex, I imagine. 

229. Impersonal verbs, purely intransitive, likewise require this case ; which when 
placed before the verb> renders e$ superfluous : Q^ bcUebt mix, or mit bcltcbt/ 1 please^ 
«6 ijl mix worm/ or niir ij! toaxm, I am hot 

(is Q^nct e$ follt an, (oc Qi grauett (S$ miffant 6^ flc^ 

— S3c<4cgnet curs) — ^angt — ©dxibct — ftchtfrci 

— bcticbt — fcfttt — iftwarm, K. --fd)aul>crt — flcfttcm 
-- bcftogt — ®cbri6t — ^ommt gcles — fcbctntCseems) — ftcpt auf 

— bc!6mmt — gcbfi()rt gcn,^u ©fatten — fd)lagt «in — !Sbut ao^l 

— 2)oucrt (lasts)— gc()t, gut^ K* — fommt on ' fcW — trdumt 

— bciucbt (also — gcfeect 
with the aca) — gcltngt 

— eigttct — genftgt 

— cfcit — gcr6tb 

— cntfattt — gcrctcbt 

— gaat, Icl^t/ -* geyemt 
(cbn>«r, :c. — gtacft 

— fatlt ouf — grouft 

— fcjiet, (also — fcbwtnbcCt — rerfblagt 
with the ace.) — fc^immcrtMr — SBaftrt 

— 8a9t, (suits) ben 2rugan — wibcrlicbt 

— t<ud>t«t in — rd>mccft — wirb Wtcbt, lu 
tie 2(ugcn — rd)n)c()t »cr — wurmt tm 

— Icucbtct ctn HvLQcn ^cpfe 

— ticgt(depends)— ji^t im Jtcpfc — jtcmt. 

— gjlangelt 

230. Often fjlr with the ace. is used instead of the dat i fcinc S3(umcn b(l?^cn fttc 
t^n/ (instead of i^m,) no flowers bloom fi)r him.. 

231. The dat is used instead of the poss. pvon. : Q^ fdHOCbt nttr 9Cr ben 2(ugcn/ 
instead of wx meinen 2(ugen* it hovers before my si^ht (See p. 41, rule .145). 

232. It is also employed as a pleonasm in the iamiliar style : boS max bit clnc 8ufl ! 
that was a pleasure indeed I 


233. This case is governed [a] by adjs. ; [h] by verbs ; [e] by prepos. (See p. 36 & 37.) 

234. AniBonvEs require this case^ if they refer to UEAsuftx, weight, age, time, or 
WOATH ; and on the questbos how, how lono^ broad, D£ep, Riiik7ii^ou>^W3CSL'\ ^^^ %$^ 

xlviii o£iiMAir grammab. 

ifl ctnen Zfy^Uv mti^, it is worth a dollar. They are :— 2C(t, hxdt, lid, ^ttf, f^, 
lam, xddt, fcf)toer, wcit, mxtl). 

235. The Verb raqaires the ace on the question whom? or what? and indicates tbe 
immediate object of the action, whether it be a person or a thing;; conseqoentlj aD 
active verbs, and neuter, when used actively : (St Itcbt if)!!/ be loves him ; ct ge^t (U 
nen (3anc^, he gfoes (takes) a walk. 

.236. To this class also belong all reflective and impersonal verbs not previously 
enumerated : 3d) fceuc mid) bcine6 ©lfi(f C6/ 1 rejoice (myself) at your happineas ; (H 
fcicrt mid), or mid) fricrt/ 1 am cold. 

237. Substantives ezpressingf time are in the ace on the questions when ? how uottal 
HowoLD? HOW LARCE? HOW HIGH? HOW MUCH? ^ic (icfl bcii gan^cn ^(kQ, she reads 
the whole day. 

iTJ* The questions at what time of day ? how often ? require the gen. (see p. 35) 
except SS^od^C/ which is always in the ace. gtoei 9)tot t>it SBod)C, twice a week. 

23a The verbs ncnitcn, fecipctt/ (to be called,) fci)cttcn, fcfcimpfcn, (to call names,) 
taufen, (to g^ve a name in baptism,) require two accusatives: S^ nanntC t^n CtttCtl 
rfSftcretl/ I called him a simpleton. 

(nr In the passive voice, both these accusatives are turned into the nom. : (St nmtt)C 
ten mir ein Sfecr pcnannt. 

239. Some of the interjections such as od) ! iD ! ore occasionally followed hf tho 
gen. or ace., no doubt in consequence of some word formerly used with the inter], bat 
now omitted. SBc^ &nd n)c()(/ when used as interjs. take the dat case, which they also 
do as adjs., and we say tOci)l, tocf) mtt ! as we say, mit ifl V)C\}i or n)C^. 



240. The regular place of the nom. is in affirmative and negative sentences, 
the verb, and in interrogative and inter, negat sentences, after it : ic^ f)a6c C$ ACfe(cil# 

I have seen it ; id) ^6e e^ tiid^t gcfc^cn ; f)<^6e ic^ es gcfc^en ? ^obe id) C5 md^t gcs 
febcn ? 

241. In the regular construction, the complement or adj. joined to a subject by 
means of the verb to be — all the cases governed by the verb-— me adverbs-— participles 
and infinitives — ^the subordinate members serving to express time or other circmii- 
stances — in short, every thing directly or indirecUy dependent on the verb, is plaoed 
afler it 

242. It is however permitted to place any of these at the head of a sentence, Ibr 
the sake of emphasis or euphony ; but then it becomes compulsory to place the nom. 
afler the verb. 

Examples of — • 

Regular Construction: Transposition: 

5!)cr Shurm ifl feed), the tower is high, l|)o(^ tft bcr SNniu 

5)a^ (Sell) ijl mein, the money is mine, meln ijl t>a^ Oclb. 

^r tCbt il)n, he praises him, lJ)tt loOt cr, 

Wit QQbcn C6 i^m, we gave it to him, i^m QaUn mir c^. 

3f)r fprcd)Ct Mn un6, you speak of us, \yon iine fprccbct il&r. 

^ic gingcn citic\, they went hastily, tiUfs Qinc^cn fie. 

^t mar cincn Sag ^icr, he was here a day, elnen T«9 mar cr Mcr, 

^te finb angcfommcn, they are arrived, angef ommen finb fie, 

^ic fcnncn cs nid)t miffen, you cannot know it, mijifen f cnncn jie c^ nic^t 

®ie fagte e^ f<ftlud)genb, she said it sobbmg, fc^lu<^$e)i^ fagtc jic ei* 

3d) gtaubc c^, txx id) mup, I believe it, since I must, ^a i^ mu§, citoubc lift eg. » 

36t SSatcr fagte, tftun lie c«, her father said, do it, tl)iitt tie ea, fagte i&r 95<itet. 

^ie l^abcn e6 alfo nicftt getf)an, you have then not aifo ^abcn @ie c« nidfet geti^am 

done it, 

243. All the adverbs used as conjunctions have the power of throwing the nonit 
behind the verb, like oi\t, exc: ou(9/ bod), cnttotttt, itoax, with which the nom. is 
only transposed when emphasis is intended. 

2Citcb id} ^be i^n gefannt^ I too have known him 
Zvtd^ ^abe ic^ i^n efannt/ 1 have known him too. 

eSMlAlf GRAMMAR. ^ xWx 

5244. If fDenn is omitted, that deficiency is indicated (as in EngL with the omission 
of 'iS,) hv the nom. being placed after the verb. (See rule 189.) 

245. If the nom.' moved afler the verb, consists of one substantive or more, the dat 
or ace goes some times before it, if either should be a pron : — 

SKitfagtC e5 3()t SSatcr ntd)t, to me your father did not tell it 


246. The general position of the verb with respect to the nom. has just been stated ; 
yet frequently it is moved entirely to the end of a sentence, or, at least, afler all the 
words which are immediately dependent on it. 

247. This removal takes place, whenever the sentence begins with a word of a re- 
lative power. — Such are — 

[a] The relative prons.: jDct SJ^onn, weld)er bicfcn SDlorg^n ^icr gcwcfcn x% 

the man who was here this morning. 

[b] The relative advs. such as baf)Cr/ bnrum, K. 

[c] The interrogative prons. or advs. on their assuming a relative power : Cofs 
frii ®ie mid) miffen, rocr Der soiann wax, mo cr ftcfi aufbifilt, momtt cr fid) bcfd)&frt9t, 
»e#aje5ten cr bicr^cr gcfcmmen ift, voaB cr 3!)ncn gcfagt ^at, unb voann cr wiebcc 
^U fonintcn QCbcntt, let me know, who the man is, where he resides, with what he 
employs himself, what he has told you, and when he intends to return. 

[d] The following conjunctions — 

JC(^ bap ic before adjs. fo, (if) & its comp. 

S3et)cc cbc nad)bcm toibtcnb 

bis g<»n(J nun, (since) tt)ci( 

ba im ^aUt ti\ & its compounds R)cnn/ &> its comp. 

tafcm jlctdbwie fcit wic^ ditto. 

bamtt/ On order that) mbcm fcitbcm 

2Cte id^ ben ^oufmann, n)e(dbet 3^ncn ba5 (De(b fd)utbig tft^ jum (c|tcn 9}?a( fa\), 

the last time, when I saw the merchant who owes you the money. ^ 

248. These rules apply to the simple tenses of botli the ind. and subj. 

249. In the comp. tenses the auxiliary verb is subject to the same rules, but the inf. 
and part (unless placed at the head of a sentenoe,) must go last (see Verbs). 

250. If there be an inf. and a part, the inf. as the governing word, goes last, (see the 
same). / 

251. If there be two infinitives, the governing one is placed last : @ic WCCbcn ffc 
nufet Uviit wn bcr ®utc 3()wr 2(bfid)tcn ubcr^cugcn fonncn,you will not easily be able 
to convince them of the goodness of your intentions. 

252. The imperative slways precedes the nom. : %l}\xtl @ic C^ (alb/ do it soon. 


253. The regular place of these cases is after the verb (comp. with rule 241 & 242). 

254. If two of these occur together, the ace. generally precedes the gen. and the dat. 
the ace. : — 

(5r hat xf)n fetnc6 2CmtC^ cntfc|t, he has deposed him of his office 
(5r^af)lcn @tc metnem 95atcr ben SScrfatl/ tell the occurrence to my fiither. 

255. If the ace. however be a pron., and the dat a subst or even a pron. of more 
weight in the pronunciation, or if it be desired to give emphasis to the ace, this case is 
pla^d first : — 

6r crg&l^tt eS metnem !Dl)cim, he tells it to my uncle 
€5ctt id) e« 35ncn erg&^Icn ? shall I tell it you ? 

J3* For the position of the gen. with respect to subst see rule 28, and the following. 

256. Cases governed by prepositions are usually placed after the other cases : Qx 
t^Cltte un6 ienc 9Jac]^ri(^t Wn ^Jart^ au6 nut, he communic|ted this intelligence to us 
from (out of) Paris. 

257. The vocative may be placed either before or after the verb. 


258. The position of the adjective is the same as in English, except that it is placed 
after the case it may happen to govern : SBir jtnbcn ihn ^U jcbcm ^cfd)afte untaugtid)/ 
we find him unfit for every business; fie fc^tcncn fid) fcincS SJcrgc^cnS bCtDix^t %<i«^^<Wi 
gu fcpn^ they seemed not to be conscious of any crime. 

4 % 


259. The position of the persoo*. pron. has been explained; that (^the others if' the 
same as in Ehgliish, except that the demonstrat is occasionally piaeed befi>re (hs 
possess. : htcfiX 3^t' SBtrnf^/ thiis. wish of jrours. 


260. Adverbs cannot, as inJE!hgHsb, be placed between the nom. and the verb, unkss 
the latter happen to be moved to the end of the sentence : — 

85&it fcbcn i^n oft, we often see him 

3)0 wit t^tt eft fchcir, as we often see him. 

261. Its usual place, when the verb governs but one case, is after that case ; and if 
^vo, it iis between them. 

Sd^ merbc if)m mcrjcn fdircitcn, I shall write to him to morrow 
Qx ging tf)m, 9Cfd)mnb cittgcgcn, he went to meet him quickly 
3d^ fd)i:tcb tftm pcjtcrn ctucn SBriiif, I wrote him a latter yesterday 
3tfr j)Qbc ifem Qeftern ctucn J?^ricf 9cfd)ricbcn, I have written, &c. 

262. If the i^rb governs a preposition with a noun,, the adverb is placed between tfae- 
verb and the preposition. 

^•r-ging gcfcftwinb ^U ifjnt/ he went quickly to him. 
203. Frequently the place of the adVerb is of no importance, and we may say fot 
instance,, cr ^ontix^tc f(i)nc(l tf)m l)Qg S^ucfy cin, or rfem fc^nett bo^ 95ttd) etii/ or i^m 

^aft IBud^ fdbncff Ctn, he quickly handed him the book. 

264. C>ftcnv. however, the position of the adv. requires great circumspection, althoofh 
it cannot otherwise be determined by rules, except that the adverb should generaly 
stand before the word it determines, as may be seen in the fi>lIowing phrases : — 

^ic l^o^cn bcftdnbig ^C5 ©onntagg ®cfcttfd)Qft, they have constantly company oil 

^te f)aJ^ hti (Sonntogg 6cft<finbig (3efcD[fc^aft/ they hav« constant oompaiijp on- 

@r fanb m{i^fam ben ^Q, he found the way with difficulty 
€r fanb ben SBeg mft^fam, he found the way difficult 
Sci) trof t{)n gtfidKid) ju ^aiif(, I found him happily^ at home 
Sd) traf tbn gu 45aufc gtfidHid^, I found him happy at home 
3d) niu9 t^m btcfcn ?(bcnb not^wcnbt^ fcfereibcn/ I must necessarily write to fains 

this evening^. 
3d) tm^ tl)m netfimcnbig bicfcn 7(0cnb k., I must necessarily this evening Ac. 
Sd) ntu9 tt^tbwcnbtg if)m jc, I must necessarily write to hih &c 

265. ^Itd^t, if the negative regards the whole sentence, is mostly placed after dl tile- 
eases governed by a verb, and in oomp. tenses immediately before the part, or infi. 

SBtr gaben tl^m bo^ SBuc^ nid)t, vee did not give him the book 
aBir babCtt Cfr i^m nid)t' gegcbcn, we have not given it to him. 

266. If the negation relates to any part of the sentence, ntd)t is piaeed httia» 
lihat part : — 

aBtr gabctt- nidjt tftm bo^ S8ttd)/ we did not give the book to him 

a»ir.gaben if)m niffet tai JBucft/ fcnbcrn bo^ 5>apicr, we did not give him thi booe^ 

but the paper 
^t« fcfttcibCtt oft ntd)t gut, you do not frequently write well 
die fdbretben ntdftt oft gut, it is not often you write well. 
S67. ©enug^ enough, is, as in English, phiced after the word to whioh it relatee. 

268. Adverbs are always placed after the substantives to which they relate : 

5>etr SQSeg xc^i^; the way- to the right 

iO«# Seben ienfeit*, the life beyond (the grave). 

269. As many adverbs are aIso> used as adjs., care must be taken.not to dedino » ' 
word of quality when placed before adjs. adverudly : 

®« ift eitt.augerotbetKttcfte^ (Better/ it is an. extraordinary weather 

Q^ tft au6feW«;be.nt(i<fcWlec^efi^2Bctter^it iaan extraordinarily bad; weather^ 

omamkw geaiwar. M 


5270. Collective substs. in the sing, can never govern the verb or proQ. in the phir. as 
is often the case in Engl. : 

The people (nation) is happy. The people (nations) are happy. 

®« tft immct Qtficflici^ QCtoc^cn, It has (they have) always been happy. 

271. Some or any in the sense of one kind or another, irrendered by irgdlb etn^ K* 
itennen fie trgcnb cinen gutcn 2(rjt? Do you know some good Physician? 

272. iDcr @(etd)C/ the equal, is always in the gen. when joined to a poss. pron. 

^altc bid) on bcinc6 ©leidKW/ keep to your equals. 

273. SQtl)U bed) and [a often appear as pleonasm. — 39, Int 

274. All substs., and words used as substs., are written and printed with a capital 

275. Song/ when placed after a subst. means during. 

6in So^t tang, during a year, a whole year. 

276. In the middle of is expressed by ntitten anf, tintten in, or nutten UtlUf; 

sffiittcn auf bcm ^c(be unb mitten untcr ben ^etnben/ 
In the middle of toe field and in the midst of the enemies. 
iDit S3aum f!c()t mitten in bem Morten/ 
The tree stands in the middle of the garden. 

277. When the first member of a sentenee begins with such a word as al$, tti, tocnn^ 
)(«^ the subsequent member generally begins veith fo v — 

^d x6) fc^r mfibe mar, fo ging \6) fcgtei^ ^u S^ette^ 

As I vnis very tired, I went immediately to bed. 

278. The gen. as well as the ace. are sometimes used as absolute cases, particularly 
in the elevated style, instead of placing a prep^ before the subst : — * 

@t(icicn ^cftrrttws, for mit eiligem ®d)ritte/ with a hasty stride. 
^&nbc Udb ^tg iVl ®Ott et^ebcn' with heart and hands raised to God. 

279. 2Cber^ but, may be placed either at the beginning of a sentence, or after several 
other words, without either influencing the position or sense of any part of it — ^After a 
negation, but is generally rendered by fcnbem* 

280. SS^cnn or eh, with an^, QUi6), fd)cn/. vo^% signify although, and are generaUy 
separated by the noin. :— 

S&cnn id) and) fcrne ^v(au6ni0 cr^otten htttt, 
Although I shsuld have received no permission. 

281. (Bat, before a negative, implies a total exclusion : gat ntcbt/ not at all ; gat? 
Ittdht^/ nothing at all ; in general it strengthens the meaning of the word to which tt is 
added, 81, Int. 

282. A member of a sentence cannot in Grerman be properly made the object of a. 
verb; wherefore a fictitious case is mostly introduced either in the shape of a pron. or 
compound preposition : — 

3(J) wciS e£5, ba0 Ct SRccftt f^at, I know he is rijgrht* 
SBir itkoeifcttcn ntd)t t>avan, bai^ cr ttnrec^t i)ottc^ 
We did not doubt of his being in the wrong. 

N. B. (S6, in the first sentence, might be dispensed with ; but baran^in the seoond, 
is absolutely required ; as we say,, an ctwa^ ^cUvfcfxif to* doubt of something. 

283. The verbs, emenitcn^ to nominate ; mad)£nv to make;, merbcivto become; and 
others implying change in the subject, are followed by ^ :«^ 

jDec .^omg cmannte i^n sum GJofantten/ 
The King appointed him as an Ambassador. 

284. flBetben, in the imperf, besides n^utbe, n)urbcf!> wutbe, makes also tvatb^ 
VMktbfi/ watt/ which is most usual in the passive voice. 

9^. The relative pron.. ie sometimes omitted in Engl.,, but must always be expressed, 
in Germ. :— 

2)a6 (Sd)aufpie(, wtid^te @te fo^en, wax eine^ oen Qll^ofb^eoce^ 
The play you saw was- one of Shakspeafs..^ 

986. ®et or m^, feUowed by an6^, meant whoeter or wkiteyer, aqd are nsiially 


S&cc cr audb fc^/ unb wad er audb ftue/ 

Whoever he may be, and whatever he may do. 

287. Aooordiiijjr to rule 189, the Engl, part pres. most be turned into the pres. or 
imperC, preceded by a conjunction. — ^The most usual of these are ai$, ta, totmi, which 
are also often translated by||rhen or as ; but ai^ implies something contemporaneous, 
whsB the circumstance occurred but once ; loenit, a similar thing, when tiie clrcam- 
ttanoe is faaUtnal ; and ta, when the circumstance stated under it, u the OAmne of the 
one with which that circumstance is connected :— 

Tiii xoix in tie (Stabt tamcn, regncte c$. 
When we came (or coming) lo town, it rained ; ^ 

SBcnn to'it in tie @tabt fcmmcn^ rcgnet €5 %mmx. 

When we come to town, it always rains ; 
;Do e5 regnctc, b(tc6cn n)tt ^u .^aufe. 
As it rained, we stayed at home. 

288. Or after cttt/ or any other number, may be rendered by the een. or by DOtt or 
ttttter wiih tko dat; as, one t>f them, eincr tcrfctben, einer ven xl}ntn, einet nntcc 

289. Of mini, or rmiii, Slc^ is rendered by the gen. or 9tn, thus : 

He is no friend of mine, @r ift f ctnet oon mctnen ^eunben/ or metncr frennbe. 

290. The double gen. sometimes used in Engl, to express the idea of one or aeEVoral 
■iiatig many, is rendered by the following form : — 

Some fiurmers of the earl's, (Stntge OOn'bed ^vaftn ^^tetn* 

291. ^ • • o(^/ (and sometimes xoU,) are used for the comparative of equalilj&— > 

(Slner ifl fo rct(6 o(6 (or mc) Ut onberc, one is as rich as the other. 

2^. No, not any, and non, are rendered b^ Win, Uintt, K* 

293. 9{td)t is oflen fi)und in Germ, where m Engl, it would appear as a pleonasm : 

06 tfl me^r aU etn ^onot fettbem et ntd)t gefd^nebcn l^at. 

It is more than a month since he has (not) written ; 

tBle oft f)aU td)5 S^ncn nid)t er;)&f)tt ! 

How often have I (not) been relating it to you ! 


There are very few words in the Grerman language which can be considered as 
primitive ; the majority of monosyllables even being evidently of a derivative kind. 
Tliose of more than one syllable are all either compound or derivatives. The number 
of mono^llabic words cannot be increased, except by the admission of terms from the 
provincial and sister-dialects. But that of the polysyllables, although there be some 
limit in the formation of derivatives, may be endlessly augmented by compositiona of 
various kinds. 

The general rule respecting the making of compound words is to place the deftning 
term before the defined. Yet as this process requires an intimate knowledge of toe 
language and its analogies, which cannot be acquired except by very extensive reading, 
it has not been thou&fht advisable to add any special rules on this subject ; since it is 
ptesutned that a student will not attempt to make new words, before he has ascertained 
that there are none in use capable of expressing his ideas ; and then he vnU be able to 
stndy native grammarians. Nor is the following dictionary of prefixes and affixes in- 
tended as a guide for creating words, but ra&er as a help to understand those in 
existence, many of which are not met vnth even in the most copious dictionaries. The 
learner will however observe that many of these particles are of so obscure an origint 
and are applied in such a variety of*^ senses, that there cannot always be fixed raes 
retpectinff their meaning. In such cases he must content himself with taking tho 
winds as ne finds them, and without regard to their composition, learn to employ them 
in the sense dictated by custom. 






%ff, (pre£ sep.) off, away, (Lat de, ex, ah, re,) impliea' removal, liberation, weakness or 
unpleaMntiieBs : a6reifen/ to depart; ahntf)m<n, to take ofl^ to decline; lif>fi^, 

{fhtt, (pref.) found only in 2(berd(aube, prejudice, and its derivatives ; 2(6emt|, mad- 
ness ; and obenotltg/ mad ; seema to stand for after in the sense of iklse. 

after, (pref. insep.) 1'— after, {post, retro,) ^Cftetgcbutt^ afterbirth ; afttvu^itif to bwsk- 
bite, to speak behind a person ; 3 — false : UftixtenXQ, pretended, pseudo kmg. 

al/ (aff.) in words derived from the Lat in aU, alia, Ue, 
(D* The plur. of such words is often made in alien ; fRCQfiil, S^egaUetl* 

40, (pref. insep. and adj.) all, (Lat omni) TCdmad^t/ omnipotence. 

an, (prep., pref. separ. in verbs,) near, at, close to, (Lat ad,) is the opposite of ol^^ and 
implies approach, attachment, success, agreeableness : axin&i)ixn, to approach; ans 
\)anQin, to be attached ; anfangcn/ to begin ; angene()m/ agreeable. 

an, termin. of words from the Lat in anus : (Sapefioil/ chaplain. 

antt, — : 9)timancr/ one of the first dass. 

<tnt, (pref) related to ent and txixp ; only found in Xntti^/ countenance ; and TititlO^ 
antODCtUn, answer. 

ant, termin. of words from the Lat in ans-antis : (S(ep()ant* 

ait}, termin of words from the Lat in ancia : ;Dbfert)an^ 

ar^ ' «»•» are, aria, arius, and arium : HUat, ®tlts 

duUir, Snoentar, 0{otar. 

av, (pref.) related to UC/ signifying tendency, accomplishment, result : 2(tl&eit/ labour. 

attiQ, (a^> adv.) from 2(rt/ kind, synonimous with td)t : tf)0narti9/ clayey. 

a^/ termin. of Lat or Gr. words in astes : <Dt)najt. 

at, Lat words, ates, atum, atus : gRagnat, (Sonwtbat, 2(tWcat 

it, — — — -; aa-atis, Unlwrflfet 

at, atl^^ a termin. of several substs. without a clear meaning. 

Oiif/ (prc£ sep. cmd prep.) on, upon, up, 1 — a tendency downwards upon a given point : 
auflegcn/ to lay upon ; 2 — a similar tendency upwards : aufflctgen/ to rise ; 3— for 
tffW, open ; aDfmaci)Cn/ to open ; auffte^n, to stand open. 

aUB, (pfep* Sep.) out, out of {ex, de^ 1 — to remove to the outside : au^KOCCfcn, to cast 
out ; 2 — to bring to a termination : au6nio{)(en/ to complete a picture. 

aUftnUjCP''^^*) <^ ^^ besides, {extra) au^crctbctltUd)/ extraordinary. 

hct, (auT) probably from the obsolete verb boreit/ to bear, or produce ; is joined to roots 
of verbs and to nouns, and forms adverbs, verbs and adjs. With the addition of €]|# 
it forms verbs : etfenbaren, to reveal ; and with that of (ctt, substs. : (i^()r&arf elt/ 
fffopriety. Sometimes it is translated by able, or ably : d^tOar, honourable ; some- 
times by full : banf Oar, grateful; but in general it has the meaning of capability, 
wevthineas, abounding with. 

^# (proil insep.) the root of bet, near ; expresses 1 — proximity : (cnifen, to call toge- 
ther ; 2 — an extension of an action over an object, (upon,) by which means neuter 
verbs are often made active, and a sense wherein it is also used in a fow English 
vwbs : bevau&etl/ to deprive (bereave), from rouben, to steal ; 6cfd)mtcren/ to besmeaXt 

. fiom fdl^mteren, to smear ; 3— to be or bring uppn : ben)Of)ncn, to inhabit ; hiftrxAiUTi, 

. to ^uetify » 4 — to effect by means of a thing or quality : belct^en, to animate ; fiis 
freten, to liberate. 5 — In common conversation, to express vexation at some oSEexk- 
sive term : 3d) will bid^ Ocjunfcm/ 1 will squire you, i. e. I will teach you to call 
MM (or yourself) squire. — In a few verbs the c of be has been dropped : bteid^etl/ to 
bleach ; Ibleiben, to remain ; bangen, to be apprehensive. 

liv 10ERMA17 GRAMKAR. 

M, ht^, (pref. sep. and prep.) probably derived from be, and agnifying bj, neif 
(pr(mmti«) ; 6ct(C9en/ to attribute ; SBetfUinb^ assistance. 

htt, term, of words from the Lat in brOy bris : HxtlHx, October*. 

i^tn, (aff.) exprcssbg smaliness, nealness, and sometimes contempt. — N. 6. If the 
word to which d)Cn is to be attached ends in c, this letter is cut off: Ttffe^ ape ; 2(effs 
-tfl^ett/ little ape ; and if the subst ends in ^, Q, or fc^, e( is placed between : JBu4/ 
book; SBdc^etc^Ctt/ little book. 

^, is joined to infins. to form the part present 

t, or ht, (aff.) of many abstract substs. formed from verbs : as 3<^^^, chace, from iagen ; 
greube^ joy, from frcucn* 

^at, (pref. sep. and adv.) there : battctd)en/ to present. 

t, (aff.) which stands, 1 — as the dat sing, of many substs. masc. and neat ; 2 — as the 
plur. «f the 2d decl. ; 3 — as the mark of several cases in the decl. of adjs. and prons.; 
4 — as that of several persons of the verb ; 5— as a euphonous addition to many moiMK 
syllabic substs. chiefly of the fern, gender ; 6— -as a termin. joined to collectifes 
teginning with ^e, and closing with h, t>j Q, ^ ; 7 — as a final of abstract and eon. 
Crete nouns formed from adjs.: ba$ ®ro^C/the grand; tie (3xeii, the gfrandeur; 
taH ^aVitC, the acidity ; bic ^hvixe, the acid ; 8 — as a corrupticm of the Lat ter- 
min. is : bie €(affC/ the class ; 9^itto, from us : ^tatciffC/ narcissus ; 10-^tto, 
from a : iatOC, mask, from larva, 

tl, Vf, (aff.) joined to substs. (frequently to such as end in et,) and evidently of fereigs 
origin, (probably from the Lat ia^) particularly as the accent falls upon it, whidi is 
never the case with real German terminations. It corresponds with the English 
term, y : JiWl, abfcey; ©erbccet, tannery ; ©d)meid)e(et/ flattery ; particnlariy in 
words derived fl;t)m the Lat in ta, or the French in t«, (which however now more 
Ifenerally end in te)^ St)rannei/ tyranny. Frequently it is translated by the term, 
ing : gKol^terei, painting ; ®Qrtneret, gardening. 

t\n, (pref. sep.) used for va, generally in the sense of into. (See in.) 

eP/ termination of words from the Lat in eca : f8ihilC\l)Ct, library. 

e(> (aff.) expressing 1 — a diminutive, as used in the south of Germany, and by authors 
in the sportive style : sfl^dbcl, f(f)flU mtr tn^ (SJejid)t— ®firc^er ; 2— in many words in 
general use, imparting an idea of smdlness: ^^Qii, hill, from ^cd), high, (or the 
old Grerman ^ei, mountain) ; 3 — agency instead of er (which see). In adjs. aad 
adverbs, its meaning is not distinguishable, and in many words it is not of Gferman 
origin, being a substitute for the Lat terminations «&i, vZa, elus, elum, ifc. ; also ftr 
that o£ pkrni: Sempel, temple, from templum. 

el^em (See ^tn.) 

tU, term, of words from the Lat. in ellum : -^aftetl^ a castle. 

tin, (aff.) of verbs, to which it flrequenUy imparts a diminutive sense : l&^eltt/ to 
smile, from (ad^etl/ to laugh. It also si^fles pretension or imitation : anb&dbte(n/t6 
play the -devotee; and lairtly repetition, m the same sense as etn : bettelll/ to beg, ti> 
ask repeatedly, from Oitten/ to request 

ettt/ nt/ termin. of the dat masc. and neut of the first three declensions of adjs. and 

ent/ termin. of words from the Lat in ema : @i)flcm. 

emp, (pref. insep.) related to ont and ent, and only found in empfongen, empfel^, 
esnp^nbet)/ and their derivatives. 

ett^ It/ (aff.) denoting 1 — ^the declinable cases of decls. v. and vi., and the dat plur. of 
all iStie declensions of subs. 2 — several cases in the declensions of adjs. and prons. 
3 — ^infinitives of all verbs, as well as substs. formed from them,* the past participke 
of many irregular verbs, and the first and third pers. plur. of all the tenses ; 4-— 
qualities of things in adjs. formed from substs., as ^dnfeit/ hempen, finnn j^atlf; 
eidften, oaken, from •@td)e ; fupfern, copper, from Jtupfer ;t 5—* terminaticm wr 
substs. and adjs. without a distinguishable meaning. 

tn, in plurals from the Lat. <b, cxtC(\lXiXi, fi^m exequue. 

ent/ (pref. insep.) probably derived with ont/ from an, in and tin, (Lat contra, eerstit, 
•antifitide); it indicates 1 — commencement: entbcennen/ to kindle; 2 — origia, pm^ 
duction ; entftel^en/ to arise from ; 3— departure : enttanfen/ to escape ; 4 — ^privatioii, 

for vNt entftegetn/ to unseal. 

* Tlie active power of -en is very strikingly visible in the formation of verbs from substs. aad a^s., 
and as such not quite lost in English ; e. gr. fd^rl^n, to blacken, from fc^ivari, black ; tSDtcttt to 
deaden, kill, from to^t, dead. 
tSabMtm. anding in mom take ern, as jlcinetn, stone, from ^uVxu 

GSRMAir ORAMM A3a« 1^ 

Citt||f 9ett^ (pnf. sep.) ezpresaet meeting, and is joined to verbs of motion. 

tnt, finm the Lat terrain, ens-entia, and entum: @tutent/ Sefloment 

enS/ fi'<»i the Lat terrain, encia : (Scnftften^* 

et/ (pr<ef. insep.) signifying 1 — elevation, up : ctf)ihcn, for ouf^ebetty to elevate : 3 — dis- 
playing or opening : erbrcd)Cn, to break open ; itihi^icn, to relate; 3 — effecting : (r? 
bitttflt/ to obtain by asking; 4 — becoming or raaking: ecmuntetn/ to become, or 
make cheerful ; 5— ^tension and continuation: ergie^cn, to pour out; ctttagen^to 
bear; 6 — exhaustion or termination : ccfcbcpfeH/ to exhaust; CvMciOin, to sliiy. — ^In 
Dumy verbs and their derivatives, of which the root has eitner been lost, or bai| 
changed its original signification, the meaning of er is not clear ; an observation 
whidi^s applicable to i)C, ent/ ge, Hx, &,c. N. B. Both cnt and er belong exclusively 
tQ verbs firom which other words found with these prefixes are derived. 

tt, (off.) 1 — ill the plur. of the 3d decl. ; 2 — in the decl. of prons. and adjs. ; 3 — in the 
comparison of adjs. and advs. where it is probably the term, of mc^t/ more ; 4-*4o 
express the agency of a man : C^actnct/ gardener ; a sense in which it is frequently 
Conned by the change of n of the inf. : ^a\)Ux, painter, firom nia^Ull/ to paint ; 5--- 
to point out a man belonging to a country or town : ein Sontcner, a Londoner ; S-r* 
to point out a man of a certain age or condition : (in S'^nf^get;, a man of fifty ; 
SBfitgcr, citizen ; 7 — sometimes to signalize a male, as the counterpart of the femi- 
nine terrain, e : ein ^tttmet/ a widower, in opposition to SBtttn)^/ a widow ; 8— ^in 
the names of some' birds it seems to be the abbreviation o£ 2Lat, a large bird : 2Cble^ 
ea^le; 9 — ^to express instrumentality: ^el)Xtt, gimblet, from htl)Xtn, to pierce; 10 
-— m some adjs. and substs. its meaning is not evident, and It 4s sometimes doubljfiil 
whether it is an affix, or belongs to the root ; 11 — ^finally it is often a corruption of 
fiveign terminations : ^aifet/ emperor, from Ccssar; ^crpeC/ body, fir. corpus; ^^as 
Ctfaer. pharisee, from pharitaus ; £()eatcr/ from theatnim, 

ttXi, (an.) composed of er and txi, and uniting both meanings. 1 — It is often joined to 
substs. instead of txi, to express a quality : ^inneni/ made of tin, from Smtt/ (see 
en) ; 2 — ^to verbs to express efiecting : roud)£nt/ to smoke, make smoke ; einfc^l&s 
feni/tq lull to sleep; 3^to express imitation: fdlbcrtty -to behave like a calf; 4— 
repetition: ^xXXttd, to tremble,; 5 — a desire: fd^tdfectt; to be sleepy; (which are 
mostly impers.) 6~-obscure in many adjs. and verbs. 

e6^ Bt (aff?) to mark the gen. sing., masc and neut 

cfk/ ^, 1 — the sign of the second pers. sing, of verbs ; 2— of the superL of adjs. and 
advB.,; 3— of the ordin. numbers from 20 upwards. 

ttftf 1 — a verbal sign, especially of the past tenses ; 2 — the sign of the ordin. numbs, 
to 19.incl..; 3 — a final of abstr. substs. formed from verbs : S2od)t/ mifirht, from m5s 
gen# may ; 4 — an intensitive in some verbs : [(^(ad^teH/ to slaughter, £om fd^lagctt^ 
to strike. 
N. B. Li the last three significaticms it is always t alone. 

et/ firom the terminations eto, etum, etes ; S0{agnet. 

\ott, (prefi sep.) forth, forward, continuation : fbrtgel^en/ to go away ; ^Ottgong^ pro* 

filr, (pref. sep.) fi>r {fro) : ^xfpxtd^ct, intercessor ; ^drfocgC/ providence, having care 
fbr another. 

Qt, (pre£ insep.) anciently ^a, gt, fe, fi, U, has generally the power of the Lat eon. 
It mdicates 1 — ^union and partnership : (^efcS, companion ; 2— collectives, (with a 
change of -the radical vowels): ©eftugel, fowl, f^om fticgen; ^e&ttg/ mountainous 
distr^ firom SScrg ; ©eflint/ constellation, from ^tetn, (of these many take the 
final e) ; 3 — iteratives : ®tiiixm, noise, from 8^rm ; ®efd)ret/ screaming, firom 
^C^cei ; 4— an intensitive in verbs : QttcnUti, Vo think of, from benten ; 5 — ^the 
general sign of the past participle. &--In many words (in some it appears only as 
a : &ixtt, limb; in others as f : f(ug, prudent,) it seems either a superfluous appen- 
dage, or at least very difficult of explanation. It is found in all the Teutonic Ian- 

Sages, and was formerly frequent in English ; where it has left a slight trace in 
i words yeoman and enough, Germ, genug. 
0ca«n, (pwf. adv.) against: ©egenflan^/ object 

^fr, an aiQ. termin. derived from f^aUti OT^f)a^tn, to have or fix. Joined to substs^ 
VOTbs, or adjs., it indicates that the thing, state, action or quality is attached to some- 
thing ; as tugenb^aft/ vurtuous, possessing virtue ; fd)mei:j^oft/ pamfiil ; toe^tli^a^ 
idwdling. Soametimes it implies only oafabiutt: n^^cQaft» defian&\U<&\ v&& ^^ 


. more frequentlj likeness: fa^etl^aft, fabuloas ; M^^1)aft, md Jk nlXkn ; in i4M 
eenie it is synoojinoas with artta and nt&fTtg* 

t)t\t, a subst term, mostly attached to adjs. and expressing an abstraetioD or' anion. 
It corresponds with the Enghah terrains, head and hood, (ness. tj,) and is deriftd 
from an <^d German subst signifying person : ®ottf)Ctt/ godhead ; fOtoitlll^t^ mn> 

^IfR/ (pref. sep. adv.) home: ^etm^c^en^ to go home ; ^etmtoe^/ home-deknetii. 

^tt, (pref* insep.) Lat hue ; here, hither : j^crfommeti/ to come here. 

^|j^_^ ^— _- iUue; there, thither: ^tn6emmen« to get there.— N. & THiMe 
particles are often used in Grerman, when in English tiie simple verb would be em* 
ployed. They are frequently ioined to the preps, etlt (for in), ou^^ auf/ UXiHt, 9^, 
v(eC/ to express the direction of the motion, besides those of, to and from the 

Sitter, (pref. insep.) behind, adj., (Lat retro) : j^tlttetge^cn/ to deoeire. 
t tU^, or ttl^, (aff.) means a male person, from the old German jDtatt, e 
9^^tttrtc6/ standard-bearer ; but it often appears without an assignable meaninf. 

tll^^ as a subst termin. implies collection, similar to the Lat ehim : ^tf)i^^t, iweep> 
ings. Joined to substs. to form adjs. it indicates likeness, ^ol|td)t^ woody ; ll^itld^f^ 

ft. (See et) 

i|t/ (aff.) in subs, probably instead of tng and of no assignable meaning. In adjti it 
implies a haying, being, or causing that which is expressed in the word to wfaiell it 
SB attached : fceublQ/ joyfiil ; fd)(afri9, sleepy ; t)crb&d)tt9, susjncious, I e. creating 
suspicion ; WXXQ, former ; ^euttQ/ belongring to this day. It is sometinMs added is 
an intermediate link for the syUable f ett/ for although we do not say fcimwiQ, we 
■ay ^r^mmtgfeit The same is done for the ^rmation pf some yerbii: Ib&nMdttt^ to 
tame, from Sanb* 

ft/ iU, termin. from the Lat. t/tis, iUua : 'KpnU 

ttt/ pref to substs. corresponding with the Lat in : S^f^alt, contents,— Verbs preftr the 
syllable eln or cnt: einbatten or tnne^alten/ to stop ; tn^aUtn, to contain. 

in, intt, from Lat words in ttw, inus : JSemiin ; Sopuitner. 

ittS/ from the Lat incia : ^rODtllj. 

Intt/ is a subst termin. related to ting and ung/ (Eng. ing,) and of an obscure mean- 

mg: firing/ herring. 
inn, in, anciently a word signifying shk, marks many nouns to be fbm. as et marks 
them to be masc: ^^hfiV, shepherd; ^d^^fetttt/ shepherdess. Custom reqdint 
er to be prefixed to intt/ even with substs. exclusivelt relating to females^ a» 
Iffi6d)nerttt/ a woman in child-bed, from ^C&}t, week; although we cannot say 
Ittn, or itttn, is joined to substs. and adjs. and turns them into verbs : l^UC^floMttn^ 

to spell ; particularly to words of foreign origin : t^gtetttt^ to rule. 
itt, termin. from trtum, inent, tut, and the French ier and Ure. 

ifcj^. (aff.) related to iq and xd)X, and the English isb, ic, ical, signifies possession, cni. 
gm, similarity, conformity or agreement : ttetblfd), envious, (having envy) ; f)inxm* 
ftjcfe/ heavenly, (belonging to or originating from heaven) ; tt&trtfd)/ foolish, (fooU 
H&e). It is added to names of countries, towns and persons to turn them into adk.: 
©dnifd)/ ftom 2)&tte ; SQBienCtnfd^/ from aBtettCt, an inhabitant of Vienna ; Stttpes 
rifd^^ Lutheran. It is particularly added to words of Latin or Greek origin with tiie 
' terminations is, tcus, and tkos : .ftatf)Ctifcl^/ Catholic. Sometimes the wc^ reoeiring 
this addition varies its final for the sake of euphony, and particularly drops e or ni ; 
some also change their vowels : ^van^e^Z, Frenchman ; Sronj6ft{(ift/ French. 
N. B. The syllable tfc^ is in meaning closely related to it, and thence when eujf^iony 
requires it, et is added to the names of towns instead of ifd)/ e. gr. bet SRogbtbutgCC 
.^cm, the Cathedral of Magdeburg, instead of S)!}{ogbe6urgtfd^e. 
ID* The terminations tfd), tg, t($t. and Udft, although more or less related to each ■ 
other, require great discrimination in their use, not only in the formation of new ' 
words, {tckich^ I repeat^ to learner is by no means to attempt before he hat mai$ 
himself qbeobudy at home in the language^) but in the application of words whieb 
are found with these terminations; thus — (ottntg means humorous; latttttd^l; 
whimsical; ftnb(i4/ filial; !titbtfd)/ childish ; argttTJbntfcfe/ having suspicion; t»a?s 
bfid^tig/ exciting suspicion ; (in fteitiiget SS^g^ a stony road ; (inc fNlni^ I8intc# 


a Btonypear; eine l^tenc ^itdt, a hair blanket; etne l^oan^e jDedEe/ akunr 

blanket; (ine ^aartd^te iDccfe, a blanket with hairs about it; ^^fit(6/ polite ; ^fflfcQ, 
cringing; f)ett(id), lordly; I^Ctrifcfe^ rudely; i&ftriQ/ one year old ; i&^rtid^, annual; 
^ftig, mental, spirituous ; f^etfltt^, clerical, Slc 
\t, from Lat words in ita^ yta : ^c\MiU 

1)9, itjum, ictt*; 9}?ctit>. 

!$, — ; itia, Uum : Sufti^ 

f cit/ (aff.) used in the formation of abstract substs. from adjs. and advt. ending in hctx, 
d, ex, i^ (id) and fam* It is synonymous with f)Cit, which is joined to adjt. of 
diiSerent terminations, and with e as a termination of substs. made from adjt. ; that 
li€ ®fite, goodness, is used for GJutigfcit, (see ig) ; jDonEbatf Ctt/ gratitude ; ^tiUtf 
feit, obeeri^Uness. 
lei/ UV/ {^') is derived from an old subst. implying sort or kind, and is joined to adjs* 
of number in the genit fern, (see p. 26). N. B. instead of aUcxiits, of all sorts, we 
also say oUethanC* 
Itln, (aff.) of a diminutive kind (see ^itn, tt and ti^tn), and is probably related to the 
Engl. LEAN, thin (small), and to t(ctn, little. It is generally in use in the sooth of. 
Germany, and more commonly received in higher poetry and oratory than d)en or cU 

tU^, (aff.) related to the Engl, ly (like), and generally of the same signification, i. e. the 
manner or Ukeness of a thing, though oflcn translated by other terminations, as otu, 
able, &C. It is joined to adjs. and verbs, but most frequently to substs. : f&fftcft, 
Sweetish; fa(frf)(tcl)/ falsely; uncrbittdd), inexorable (ably); ffinftl'td)/ artificial; votttf 
lid^/ verbal; ffirfl(td)/ princely. Verbs in taking licb/ sometimes throw away fn: 
W^^td)/ comfortable from bchdQitl, to suit; sometimes they retrain it, but take at 
between the two syllables : wijytmtlid)/ knowingly, from iDlffcn* 

tinQ, (aff.) forming substs. masc. only, is related to iidi, and in some words used instaad 
of inci/ signifiuB 1 — a fitness to the thing expressed in the root : ^&umUng/ than, 
stall; 3 — a similarity to the thin^ with some idea of littleness: ^tcj^tcrttn^/ poetaster; 
3— in composition with verbs, a person or thing related to a certain state or action : 
JfUlbtinci/ foundling; 4 — with adjs. in the sense of nature or quality: 3iblg(hlg/ 
yoih; 9{eu(inQ/ novice; SiDldind/ one of a pair of twins. 

tings, (aff.) of a few advs., bdnbttngsS/ blindly. 

105/ (adj. aff) corresponding with the Engl, less : Ui>lc^, lifeless. 

-«— (pref. sep.) off: ^ie ^(intc Qclji it^, the gun goes off; towards, in oonneotioii with 
OUf : auf cinen (Cfigc^cn, to go towards a person. 

mdfllQ, (pref. sep.) from ^a^, measure : f unftm&|Tt9/ according to art 

mlt/ (pref. sep. & prep.) with, (con) : mitgc^CH/ to go with ; gRitlebcntC^ contempov». 
lies ; sffiitbiix^tx, fellow-citizen. 

na^, (pref. sep.) after, in imitation of: nadj^C^Ctt/ to follow; nad)fd)rei6cn/ to imitale a 
writing, (see preps.) 

ntn, term of many words in which the n often appears as a factitive or intensitive 
sign : maxntn, to warn, fr. xoa\:)Xtn, to be carefiil ; fv^tieil/ to long fer, look intensely, 
fr. fc^eH/ to see. 

nef/ term, of substs. of agency, fermed firom verbs in ncn, but also added to other 
noons to express that an individual is connected with the thing : ^oifncx, fiilconer. 

ni#/ (aff.) signifying thing ; it is most frequently joined to verbs, either in the infl 
(without en) : JiBegtdbni^, burial, from bcgrobcn ; or in the past part, (SJcfl&tttnif / 
a confession, from geftant)Cn* These substs., as the examples show, change their 
▼owels, and present the abstract idea of an action, state or locality. 

ch, (pref. insep.) for (lUx, above : £)(^bod)/ shelter. 

om, from Lat words in oma : ^rimptom. 

cn, one, from Lat. words in o-onis : 2(cttcn. 

Ct, from the same termination in Lat. : ^octct* 

Ot/ from Lat words in oS'Ctis, 

»l(^, (see |<^) : ©dnfcricfe/ gander. 

tti, (aff) oomp.Qf r and et. 

9, is discernible both as pref. and aff. without any distinct meaning. It is also used in 
ih» declensions, especially the gen. masc and neut ; ai\(i forms advs. from sobsts. 
and adjs. (see deds. and advs.). 

ftff, (aff.) ferming substs. generally from verbs, and indicates a thing of which the pre- 
fixed word i^rms an action or state : )Dcangfot, oppression ; ^d)i(tfA(| &te. 

hnii amnMAx grammar* 

font/ (a£) used in the formation of adjs. from verbal infatti. and from verba. Ih bearr 
an affinity to 6ar, yet generally differs fr^m it, in as much as tycx impliea a paaiive 
poMibilit^, and fam the intraneitive idea of possibility and propensity : thus, ifnt^U 
fam/ timid ; furd)t(>ar, terrible ; j^ilfom, wholesome ; [)cHbax, curable. Itoorratpoodi 
with several of the £ng. adjs. in some. 

idfia^t, {off') probably from fd)affcn/ to produce; and indicates: 1 — ^the condition of a 
thing: ^reuntfchaft/ friendship. 2 — a union of persons: ©tmetnfd^ft/ communis ; 
9)nefleiffd)aft/ priesthood. 

f^fft/ (aff.) to verbs, of an intensitive quality: ^etfd)en/ to. require; ^ettfd^n, to mle. 

Ici; (aff.) related to fa( ; except that it implies a thing, while the latter generally aigni- 
fies a person ; 9? at^fct, riddle. 

fcii0/ (aff) joined to adjs. and implying abundance, from the old sub8t..®e(/ abondnce, 
multitude : gtiktfetig, happy; retfcUg, loquacious. 

% (See eft) 

t. (See et.) 

tt, ttn, ttt, the terminations of the regular imperfect 

If^ttftt/ (aff) corresponding with the English termin. donv and derived' from the dd 
northern tcmt/ a thing of great importance. It impUes the possession or dominion 
over a thing or dignity :: (Sigcnti)!! ni/ property ; ^et^gtbum^ dukedom. It particularly 
differs from fcf)aft/ inasmuch as the latter relates to the collection of persons in a 
rank or dignity: thus, 9tttterfd)aft, chivalry,. means all persons who are knights; 
SHttert^um, knighthood, tlie rank of knight. ^ 

Ahtt, (pref. sep. and insep. and preposition) upon, over: fibctbettfett/ to think over. 

um, (pref. sep. and insep. and prep.), around : um^dndClt/ to hang round ; tttngf ^ttng^ 
environs. • 

um, iiint/ Ut0/ terrains, of words derived from the Lat 

un, (pref. insep.) a negation corresponding with tlie same syllable in Engl. 

unQ, (aff.) with very few exceptions formed from infins. to express the result of an 
action,, and by which these kind of words differ from infins. used as substs. which 
express the action itself^ and in English are generally rendered by the participle 
present. E. gr. ^ag @r^tcf)en bcr.^ inter iff nicbtl^ Sct^te^/ the education of children 
IS no trifle; @cinc Winter f)a&cn cine gute ©r^iebung Qcl^aht, his children have had 
a good education ; ta^ ^offen, the hopingr; tie ^ojfnuna/ the hope. Often, howevei, 
Vtn^ is joined to other words and merely implies collection: bie <SHaUttng/ the 
stabling ; btC jttcibung, the clothing. 

unttt, (pref. sep. and insep. and a prep.) signifies under, beneath. 

Mt, (pref. sep.) of the same origin as cr and of rare occurrence, as in Url^eiDC^neV/ 
aboriginee ; Ikquell, fountain-head ; UrfprunQ/ origin; Utt^CtJ, judgment,. and thence 
urtbeiten, to judge ; Urwelt^ antiquity. 

lit, termin. from Lat. words in ura, 

mt, utuniy ^0. 

»tir^ (aff>) of substs.. designating, like at^, a eondition : lixtttOti), poverty. 

^er, (pref. insep.) related to ffir and roc, generally designates the opposite of cr, viz. : 
the turning away, or the destruction of things-: ocrfteeren, to desolate ; 0eTfd>njtntNCn> 
to disappear ; oerfptcd)Cn/ to promise, i. e. giving away by speaking ; in this sense it 
also marks the doing amiss : fid) ocrfpccdyen? or ©crfc^ciOcn, to say or write amiss 
(one thing for another):; in some instances t>er like cr designates the falling into a 
different state, and is in this sense generally prefixed to active verbs, whilst cr stands 
before such as are neut. i Utbknt^n, to blind, in seme verbs it is merely intensitive, 
as in cbten and t)Crebven, to honour; in a few instanees the meaning of this particle 
is obscure, and in otiiers even contrary to its generali acceptations, as in oerfc^rcibcn/ 
in the sense of ordering something by letter. 

9ttah^, y^ttan, \^txun, (comp. pref.) m whioh t)et is merely intensitive. 

y^itl, (pref. and adj.) is used in the sense of the Lat. muUi: oiclfotmig/ multiferous ; 
*Blclfcofc glutton. 

•or, (prefi sep. and prep.) before, in presence of, (Lat. anUt pra, pro) : l^orftctlf n^ to 
introduce, alse to represent, (place befbre^r it also implies an< action done befbre 
persons, for their gon^nyice or imitatiem:: JJOtf^rcibcn, to prescribe; SSovTdbnft, rule 
of conduct, also a copy to write from ; cinem »Orfpicten> »crtcfen, to play on an 
instmment or read before another, either- for- his amusement or imitalioD.; sometimM 
It means the front: SS^cnuum, the front man in a military line^ 


t>orait/ (comp. pref. sep.) before : oorangcl^en/ to go before. 
i^oiSber s ^^°*P' ^^^^' ®®P*) ^y • »orbci or Mtfibcrge^f n, to pass by. 

set/ (pre£ insep.) probably from jcrrcil/ to pull asunder, an intensitive of Oer in- its first 
sense, viz. that of removing or destroying ; e. gr. retjfen^ to tear ; ocrrctf cn intensitive 
of reipcn ; jcrtcipcn, to teax into pieces ; or hndftn, »crbrcd)cn, jerbrec^eii/ to break, 
break into pieces, sever. 

Sitt/ (aff.) joined to numbers, in whkh, with the exception of etnstg/ only, it marks ten, 
hke the Engl, ty : ficr^t^^ forty. 

$u, (pref insep.) Lat. a(2, signifying to, adding to, directing to, and is related to an and 
hiX ; with ti^is difference that the direction indicated by an refers more to the out- 
side or surface of things,, while bt or bet imply only a juxtaposition. Sometimes 
however the four particles seem to be absolutely synonymous, as in anbttngcn/ bCt' 
bringen, ^ubrtngcn ; although the usage of language lias introduce some difference 
in the application of these words. 


♦ PAKT I. 


N. B. Abbreviations : art. article ; 8, substantiye, or see ; a. adjective ; ad, adverb; pr. 
pronoun ; part, participle ; pre, preposition ; v. a, verb active ; v. n. verb neater ; 
V, r, verb reflective; e, conjunction; i. interjection; T. technical term; t term; 
(. t, law term. 

N. B. Stars (*) prefixed denote irre^fular verbs. 




A, an, indef, art, ettt/ Cim, citu pre. tit/ iVU 

Aal, 8. etnc Sur^cl ^um 2ftctl)fMtn auf 

^XotaccO/ (V. morinda arborea). 
Aanii 8. bet 2(^01/ (ein ^aa^ dob 256 ^ini: 

Ab&cca, 8. cm 2Crt inbtfdben ^onfe^ obcr 

^ia6)\ci, (^oflfoffiben, S3anona^fdben). 
AWist, 8. bcr Stedftnctv 
Ab&ck,a<i. T. jUrftcf. 

Ablicot, 8. W ^taat^mfigC/ ter f ontgtici^e 

Ab&ct,c.a. (Z. «.) $8te^ wegtreibcn, cb€t 

fleWcn- — io»i »• ^te aScgtreibung, b«6 

2f6l9iten. — or,». ber9Sicf)tic6/85ieMu« 

Almcus, «. bcr JRed^entifd^; T. @&ulens 

bedet, (in ber 5Baufunfl). 
Ab'addon, s.?C6abbon/bet:(Sr^fi;inb/ ^eufet. 
Abdft, ad. T. tm ^Intert^eUe beg ©c^ijfe^, 

Abiisance, s. bte SSerbeugung. 

Abal'ienate, v. a. Derau^cm* — ition, s. bte 

Aban'don, v, a, aufeeben, fol&wn (offen ; 

dberlaffen ; bal^tngeOen^ ocrlaffen/ prei^s 

gcbem — ed, part, attfgcgebcn, wrtaffem 

a. Derborben, ^6c{){t unfitttidb, (afleclpaft, 

wtwccfen. — er, 8, bet fSetloffet, — ment, 

». bie^aSerlaffung. 
AbannMon, «. bie Sanbe^Detweifuna, (auf 

cine befltmmtc Beit/ wegen eine^ began^ 

aencn QKerbcs). 
Abap'tiston, 8. T. bet SStepan, @(lbibc(6o6' 


Abar'cy, 8. bic Unctffitt(tcJ)Eeit 
Abare, ». a. cntbCoficn/ entbecfen. , 
Abarticul&tiori, «. bie ®eWmeibijfett anb 

SBtegfamfeit bet ©elenfe* 
Ab6s,«.T. t)a^ perftfdfte ^ettengemic^t 9on 

Abto, 9. a. fenfen/ l^tabloffen, etniebd; 

Qiui,icxaf)\citn, niebetfc^lageh/ bemfitQis 

taffen/ Me (Stniebtigung, Semfit([igung, 
d^iebetgefd^tagenbeit/ ^BtntWxaUit 

Abdsh, V. a. befdftdmen, fd^amtoto madden, 
in aSetwittung fcfien. To be abash- 
ed, fid) fd^&men^ wtwittt fepn. — ing, 
—ment, 8. bie 93cfc^&mung,95etn)ittuna. 

Ab&te,«.c. oetminbetn; fjctobfe^en ; nic;^ 
betfc^tagen/mut^Iog moc^en ; (im ^tcifc) 
abjie^cn, noc^laffen; niebetteiffen, uns 
giittig mac^em » n. abne^men/ nadftloffen^ 
nd) (egen ; T. wibettecfettidft ©eP6 ncf)? 
mem — ing, —ment, ». bieSSetminbetung/ 
?(bnal^me/bet7(b^ug ; T.bie $8etnid)tung 
eines geti(ftt(i(^n S3ef(!btu$eg ; eigenm^c^? 
tige unb untedfttm&pige S3efi|ne^mung; 
(inbetlffiappenfunbe) ein SSeigeic^en/Wcs 
butd^ bie $ffi&tbe bee; S&oppene; Htmim 
bett witb. — er, 8. t>ai SSetminbetungi* 
mittet. —or, 8. T. bet »ibetted^t(id>e SBcs 
filnebmet, — tude, «. bas ©ettingette. — 
ture, bie ©put beg SBilbeg/ $6o^c. 

Abatis, 8. T. berflSetl^au* 

Abb, «. bet Bettel, bet TCbjug, bie ^ctte, 
bei ben SBebetn. 

AVba, 8. libi>a, aSatct, 

Ab'bacy, 8. bie SBiitbe eine6 2Cbteg ; bef? 
fen 9ied^te unb SBeplungen. AbTwitess, 

Ab'bess, 8. bic ICebtifTtn. Abbaf ial, a. 
Mxd^, abteili*. AbTbey, or AVby, ». bie 
2Cbtei, bag ^toilet, — lubber, «J[>etfaute 
Sagebieb. AVbot, ». bet Kbt —ship, s. 
t^a^ Hmt, obet bie SBdtbe eineg 2(bte6. 

Abbreviate, v. a. abffit^en/ Oetffit^n. 

— ation, 8. bie7Cb!fitaung. —tor, ». bet 2(bs 

{{^i:^)-. —ture, «., bie 2(b!ilt^ng; bet 

Tinim* — tory, fl. Ktfiitgm^ 
Abbr^uvoir, «. bte ©d^weoime ; T. Steins 

Abbroch'ment, 8. bag TCuf^dngin; 3tf0^' 

fommen/ bet S^otgtiff. 
AVd^st, 8. T, bag SBaffften bet ^a^tme^ 

tanet, el^ {te ben €otan U^it^ 
AVdicant, jport. a» tu1^<(xOs^» "otxtoh^ 


Abdic&ria, 8. T. Ut ternctttenbe @a| (in 

bcr Scgif ). 
Ab'dicate, ©. a, aufgcfceii/ obban!en, nic? 

bcrlccicn, abtrctcn. —ing, — tion, «. bic 

2(bbQn!unc\, SfJicberlcQung ; TCOtretung. 

— tive, a. bo$ 2(6ban!en Mrurfad)cnb. 

Ab'ditive, a. DCrbCtQCnb, tJCtftcdcnb. Ab'cfi. 

tory, s. cin SScrOerguncj^crt 
Ab'domen, «. bcr Untec(ci(), (Sd^mccrOaudb. 
Abdominal, — ous, a. bcn Untcrlcib bc* 

trcffcnb, ^um Untcrlcibc 9cf)6ri9. 
Abduce, Abduct, v. a. obfcnbcnt, obfu()> 

ten; njcgnjcnben/ wecifiibrcn. Abducent, 
fl. ^uriicf^iebenb. Abduction, «. bic 2(bs 
fuferung^ SBcgwcnbung ; T. bcr ^no? 
cftcnbriid). — or, «. T. bie cin @(icb ^u? 
ricf3ic()cnbc SKu^fcL 

Abear, v. r. fid) 6cncf)mcn, fid) bctragcn. 
— ance, — ing, ». ba^ JBcncl^nicn. 

Abec6, 8. ba^ 2Ca3®, bic Jibct. Abece- 
darian, 8. bcr ?CS56(cf)rer, 2C936fdf)ftlctv 
Abecedary, a. tJOm 7(936/ olpftabctifc^/ «. 
bic 2(93etafct. 

Ab6d, ad im 93cttc, 3U 93cttc. 

A'bel-musk, *. bct ^bctmefd^u^/ bic Sis 

Ab^le-tree, ».btc 8Bcift)appc(/ ©itbcrpappcL 

Aber'rance, —rancy, «. btC SScrimmQ, XXs 

rigc gjZcinung. —rant, o. abttmd)cnbji(ft 
vcVirrcnb. — r&tion, «: bic ?(bn)«icl&un9/ 
SScrirrung. — ^ring, a. abitrcnb. 
Aberhin'cate, v. a. aVL^TCttCn, DCrtilgcn. 

Abet, t>.a. anrci^cn, ontrcibcn, l^c(fcn,8Sot« 
fd)ub tl^un, attfnmntcm. —ment, ». tai 
TCnrcijcn ; bcr gSorfdfeub. — ter, —tor, «. 
bcr 2(n^c|cr, TCnftiftcr, ^c^cr. 

Abe/ance, «. btc TCnwartfcfcaft. 

Abgregation, *. bic TCbfenbcrung^ Srcns 
nung »cn bcr ^ccrbc. 

Abh6r,t>.a. DCrabfd&CUCm — ^rencc, — rency, 

«. bcr2(bfdbcu/ bic SScrobfciftcuung^ —rent, 
a. »crQbfd)CUcnb, ^uwibcr. — rer, «. bcr 

AT)ib, 8. bcr crftc SOlonot im iftbifc^n (Sas 

♦Abide, r.n. Mcibcn, Dcrwcttcn; wol&ncn; 
ibct) ctWQS blctbcn, bcl&arrcn/ »crl&arrcn, 
fcfrtlcftcn ; fid^ an ctwa^ fatten ; fid) ics 
nianbcS annc^mcn/ i^m bciftef)cn. v. a. 
^ erwartcn ; aufroartcn ; crtrogen, au^f)ais 
\ ten ; Icibcn, erbulbcn. — er, ». bcr ©ins 
wol&ncr. Abiding, 8. txii SBtcibcn ; SG&cl&s 
nctt ; 2(ugfte^cn, fieibcn. —place, bcr 

Abien'tine, a. t&nncnj Don Sanncn^ot^ 
Abies, 9. bic ® CCtannC/(8«rtu2aria ahietina), 
Ab'ject, «. »cm)orfc»5rt)crforcn/ fftlcdbt, nic? 
bng^ »cr&<fetti<ib ; ». bcr ©Icnbc, SScrwors 
fene. — ^ly, ad. Abj6ct, v. a. ©crwcrfcn, 
wcgwcrfcn* — edness, ». bic SScrwcrtcns 
Wt/ Si^w^rigfctt. —ion, — ness, ». bic 
OlicbertiA^ttgecit, grtg^jcit, bcr jtteim 


Abil'ity, «. bic. gfi^jififcit, boei $Bermidciu 
Abington-law, t. bt« Untcrfud^unQ naif 
bcr ^inric^tung. 

Abin'testate,lflr. c^nc Scftomcnt 

Abfted, pan. a. t»on ^c\)lxl)avi ocrbcrbctt/ 

Abjudicate, u. a. abfprcd)cn» —tion, «. T. 

ba^ ?(bfprcd)cn/ bic ?(bcrfcnnung. 
Ab'jugate, v. a. abicd)cn, boS Scd^ abs 


Abjuration, — ment, «. bi« TCbfc^lOCrung/ 

2(bfagung. Abjure, V, a. abfcftworcn/ ocr* 

fd)n>ercn, wibcrnifcn, cntfagcn. 
Ablac'tate, ». a. (cm jtinb) cntttjcbncn; 

T. (in bcr (SJ&rtncrcp) abfaugcn. — &tion, ». 

bic ©ntwcfinung ; T. ?(b|augung. 
Ablaque, 8, bic ^crtcnfcibc, (fcinc perji? 

fd)C (Scibc). 

Ablaque&tion, «. T. ba^ 2(uf^odCcn bCt 6r? 

be &m bic Si^ur^ctn bcr S3&umc, 
Abldtion, «. bag SEcgncl^mctt. 
Ablative, a. rDcgnc^mcnb ; «. bcr TCb? 

A'ble, fl. fal&ig, tfid)tiQ, im (Stanbc ; mW^ 

tig; ftarf; gcfcibicft, crfal^rcn; permj? 

genb, rcicfe. To be abfe, !6nnen/ im 

©tonbc fc^n. Able-b6died, ftarf, Iftottb? 

fcft. A'ble, V, fl. in ©tanb fc|en« 
Ablegate, ». a. Dcrfdbicfcn, aborbncn. «. 

bcr 2(bgcorbnctc beg 5)apftcg. — jrfitibn,*. 

bic ©cnbung. 

A'blcness, «. bic J6tigfcit,bog95crmcgcn. 
Ab'lepsy, «. bic S3Unbf)cit/ Unibcfonncn? 

f)ctt, SBcrbtcnbung. 
Ab'let, Ab'len, «. bcr SBcipfifd). 
Ab'ligate, r. a. abtofcn, <06binbcn.' 

Abligurftion, s. tic SScrlcdfcrung/ licber? 

(td)c gScrfdnDcnbung* 
Ablocate, v. a. abmict^cn ; t)cmrictf)cn, 

ocrpac^tcn. — c4tion, ». bic Tfbmtct^inig ; 


Ablude, V, n. nid()t paffctt/ unfil^nlidfe fc^n. 
Abluent, a. wcafpfilcnb, abf<i()rcnb^ 
AWuenltk, *. 'T. btutrcinigcnbc 2(bf55- 

Ablution, F. bic lihma\(b\xm, TCbfpfilung; 

t>ai (StpStoalfcr, bcr (gpfitfcW^ 
Ab'negate, v. a. abtciugncn, ocrtfingncn. 

— gation, 8. tie ?Cbt&ugnung/ aScti&irg? 

nung. — g&tor, «. bcr ascrt&ugncr. 
Abnoddtion, ». T. bog TCbfoppcn^SScr^aucn 

bcr ?(cftc unb Jtnorrcm 
Abnorm'ity, «. bic itnrcgctm&^igfctt, ^a$ 

(Sr!ran!cn cin|c(ncr^crpcrtl&ei(c. 
Abnorm'ous, a. unrcgclmfiptg, ungcftoltct. 

Ab6ard, ad. T. an SBorb^ JU ©dfttffc; 
Ab6de, v. n. see Abide. 

Ab6de, «. bcr 2Cufcnt^aU/ SSJt^ncrt; 

Ab6de, v. a. Dorbcbcittcn, pvepf)t^ns»\ 
—ment, «. bic asorbcbcutuna, TCftnnng. 

Abol'ish, V. a. abrd)ajfcn/ anfocbctt/ tJcrtifs 
gen, Dcmid^ten ; —able, a. abjuf^ibaf^n^ 
KTOtditbar '^ — er^ ». berTCbWoffcr^tfeet* 

ABR ^ 

tltaet. — ment, ». tie 2C6fi4offtttt9/ Kttf^ 

Abotftioii, 8. bic Titf^a^vmO, TCufftctung, 
SUgung; T. fficcnbiaung/ 93ci(cgung. 
— ist, 8. t)ct ®c(a»cnfTCunb, ter @c(as 

Abom'inable, a,a^^^\xli6), fcftettpttcft/ DCr? 
abfd&euung5«)firbioj, — biy, atf. — ness, 
«. bic 2(t>f$culici&!cit, ©c^cuSlic^fclt. 

Abom'inate, o. a. t>Cta6fd)Caicn. — &tion, «. 
bic ascta()fd)cu«n9/bcr 2(0f(!)cU/ ©rducL 

Ab6rea, ». cinc 2Crt »on @ntcn. 

Aboriginal, a. urfptfingtid^. Aborfgines, «. 
l>i. bic Urcinwefener cinc6 Sanbc^ 

Ab6rt, V. n. mt^Qctdrcn. — ^ion, s. bo$ sDHps 
gcbcircn^bic ^cilgcburt — ive,a.uniciti9, 
miStungcn. «. bic un^iticjc Ocbuct; —ly, 
fld. — iveness, s. ba^ ^JJi^Qcbarcti/ S^^t' 
fc^tagcn, 5Kiplingcn, — ment, or Abor'se- 
meirt, «. bic wn^citigc ©cOurt 

Ab6und, >».«. Ucbcrftup ftaOctt, tcidft fcDti ; 
im llcOcrflup wroanbcn fcnn, (mit, in, 

with). — ing, part. «. bcr UcOcrflu^. 

Ab6ut, pre, ^ ad, nn\, \)cxvim, um^cr, iin^ 
gcfdbr, ctmo, gcgcnfibcr, wcgcit/ kt, oti/ 

auf; round about, rtng6um; round ab. 
out way, bcr tlnttocg ; about and about, 

l&itt unb ftcc; all about, iibcratt; to be 
about, im SScgrijf fcnn ; what are you 
about? n)fl6 ftobt if)r DOr? to go about, 
uml^crgc^CH/ t)erncf)mcn ; to bring about, 
tn6 SGBcrf ticf)tcn ; to come about, um 
fepn, anbcr^ tocrbcn. 
Abdve, pre. ad, eUn, uUx, taxdhct, md^t/ 
tncf)iiBt€. Above all, wt alien 2)in9cn; 
above board, aufcr ®cfof)r, Qcborgcn/frc?, 
fidfettidb^ C^nc Sotfd) ; above ground, nod) 
tc6cnb. — cited, — ^mentioned, a. obcn Olts 

geffifjrt/ obcn ctro&tjnt 
Abracadab'ra, «. bct S^omc cinc^ ftjrif^cn 

2C6gottcg; cine Soubcrformct. 
Abride, ». o. abfd)abcn, at)rci6cn. Ab- 

dision, «, bag 2Cbfci&ot>cn, ?(btctbctu 
A'brahams-balm, s. bcr ^cufcfcbaunu 
AVraum, «. bic TOtl^c 3)ommctbc. 
Abr6ast,arf. ncbcn einanbcr,@citcan^citc. 

Abrenunci&tion, «. bic ©ntfagunQ/ So^fo- 

Abrep'tion, «. bic TCbfcnbctnng bct ^c{c 

wm ^6tpctv 

Abrfck, s. cinc ?(rt @d)njcfc(. 
Abrid^re, c. a. obf fincn^ i\x\ammtniUf)tn, 

ocrmtnbcrn. cinfdbwnfcn/bcrauOcn. — er, 

8, bct ^brttgct* —ment, ». bic 2(b!fit? 

sung, einfd^tanf ung, bct ICu^^ug, Snbcs 

Abrdach, a</. ongc^opft ; to set abr6ach, 

atigapfcn ; fig, ausbtcitcn. 
Abroad, ad, btaugcn, aupct bcm ^aufc; 

im2Cu6(anbC/ in$ XuSlanb^ in bct 0tcm; 

be, um()ct, ttbctatt; to set abroad; au6s 

Abrdai^ #. fetnev bertQatif^et ^Xuffilxtu 


Abrocamen'tum, ». (Z. t,) ttai itaufcn tTCn 

SBaatcn im ©anacn unb 2Bicbcrt>ct!au* 

fen betfc(6cn. 
Ab'rogate,».a.ouf()c6cn,abf<ftaffcn. — &tion, 

bic TCufftcbung, ?((jfcl)affung. 
Abr6od, ad, tm Srfiten. 
Ab'rotanum, 8. bic (Stobwut^, ©btttoute. 
Abrupt, a. abgcbrod)en, ptc^Ud) ; c!)ne aScrs 

binbung, gctrcnnt. — -ly, ad, -—ion, s. bic 

TCbbtcd^ung, Srcnnung. — ness,«. bic ?Cbs 

gcbtoc^cn^cit, ^i(c, Ucbcrcitunp,. 
Ab'rus, a, cinc tct^icbe ©d^minfbe^nc. 
Ab'scess, 8, bag ®cfc!)«)fir. 
Ab'scind, ». a. abfdbncibcn, abbtcd^cn, Ab 

scis'sion, s. ba5 ?(bfd)ncibcn. 
Absc6nd, v. n, firf) tjctftccfcn^ tjerbcrgcn, 

baDcn gcben. — er, «. ber fief) vctbirgt. 

Abscdnsion, «. bic SScrbctgung. 
Ab'sence, «. 2(bn>cfcn^cit ; /g". llnad^tfams 

fcit, Sctftrcuung. 
Ab'sent,c. abnjcfcnb ; ^ctjhcut. Absent, ».«. 

ficft cntfcrncn, cntfcmt fatten. — incous, 

a, abnjcfenb. — 6e, s. bcr?Cbn?cfcnbc. 
Absin'thian,flr. n)Ctmutf)artig. Absin'tliiatcd, 

a. mit SBermutb bitter gcmad^t, tjerbittcrt. 
Absist, ».n. abjtcben/.abtafl'en. 
Abs61ve, V. a. to^fptcc^cn, crlaffcn, ecttcns 

Ab'8olute,a. fret), unumfd)r&nf t, cigenm&d)- 

tici/ rein, unbebin9t,ticUfcmmen. — ly, ad, 

DoUig; unbebingt, butcbaue; unums 

fri^ranft, au^brudflicf) ; an fid) feW. 

— ness, 8. bic unumfd)ranftc (Sewatt, 

Absolution, s. bic Sc^fpred)ung/ Grtaffung* 

— tory, a. to6fpreci)ent>, frei?fpred)enK 
Ab'solutism, 8, T. bic 9^ctJ)n)enbig!cit5s 

Ab'sonant, Ab'sonous, a. nii^f (ingcnb, wibs 

rig ; ungcrcimt, abgefd)macft, la^erlid). 
Ab86rb, v. a, t)erfd)(ucfcn, einfaugcn/ in 

fid) ^icftcm — ed in thought, in ®cban!cn 

t)crtieft. — ent, a, cinfaugenb ; bic TCr^c? 

nei gcgcn bic ©Sure unb @d)6rfc 
Absorp'tion, 8. bog SScrfc^lucfcn, bic (Jin^ 


AbstgLin,V n. abftcl^cn, ^\6) cnt^attcn. 
Abstemious, a, cntl&attfam; — ^ly, ad. — ness, 

8. bic ®nti)a{tfam!eit. 
Absten'ijon» »• bcr @inl&att, bag SScrbct. 
Absterge, Abst^rse, v. a. abtt?ifci&en,abtroc!5 

nen, f&ubern. —gent, a. abffi^rcnb, 8. 

bag 2(bfuf)runggmittel. — sion, 8. bic ©6us 

berung/ ?(bfiihtung, JKcinigung. — «ive, a, 

rcinigcnb, obffibrenb. 
Ab'stinence, Ab'stinency,8. bic (Sntljattung/ 

(gnt^attfamfcit. — nent, a, cnt^altfam, 


Abstorred, a. abgcbrungcn. 
Ab'stract, a, abftraf)irt, abge^cgcn, abgcfcn? 

bcrt; 8. bcr abgciiOftCttC S6c<5jc\^,U>x^^V'» 

— ly, od. Abstrid, i>. a. c&^xo?ci\x^"^i^* 


Abdiciiiii, (. T. bcc Dtrnctnenbc ®(tg (in 
in Scgif). 

Ab'dicate, v. a. att^tttv, abbanNn, niC'' 
bctlciicn, atttcKn, — ing, — licm, ». iic 
Mbbanhinq, dliubcriegung ; abmrnnfl. 
_tive, a. ba< TlbbantMi rcniTfotticnb. 

Ab'diljve,D.tlcr6n:g(n^,DctftcJc^l>. Ab'i- 
lory, s. (in SBtrbtrgHngSMl. 

Ab'iiinen, »,bei:UnKritib,©*nicttbaMdj. 

AbdDm'inil, — oua, a. ben Unter(cib bt' 
ttcffcnb, juiii UnWrfcibe B'b'tis- 

Ahduce, Abdbct, n. a. abr^nticm, obffill' 

. r(n; iDcgresnben, n)(!(ffihtcn. Abdiiceot, 
a. jutSifjielicnb. Ab<li3ction, t. bit li\l' 
ffiljnirs, astgiwnbung ; T. btv Sno; 
Aiinbrud). —or, i. T. tie cin SlicB jn= 
tidjiehtnbe miittl 

Absii, c. r. fid) bcne^mcn, fiA betcase 
— ance, — ing, ■. IcS Sflmifimen. 

Abeofl, I. Ba6 MSe, W gibcL Abet 
dSriui, «. ter aSGlehrfv, WSSSfAfil. 
AbacSdaij, a. Pom 7tS86, alpf)Qbttif*, 
bit USSSla^t. 

Ab4d, ad. im ffl(ttc, ju SSi'tle. 

A'bel-raoBk, ». bM K6rtmefd)uS, bic S'n 

Abele-tree, iMt^tiffaf^tl,®ilb trpavpiL 

Abcr'rinee, — rancy, ». bi( Beriming, ir: 
ri.iif 93Ieinung. — rant, a. abmettfeent, fid) 
pfrirronS. — rtiion, i: bic JtfeiwiAung, 
ajcriming. —ring, a. atirtrenb. 

Aberran'ciite,p.o. ntt^wtKn, Btrtilgen. 

Abdt, B,o. «nr(ijen,aiitrcib8n, (jdfen, SS((= 
fAub I&un, aufniiinlirn. — ment, «. bag 
Unrctjen; brrfficrfdjiili. — ler, — tor, s. 
bur Knfie6«, Mnftift.T, ficbltt. 

Abe/ance, *. bt( ?[flniattfd)(ift, 

Abgregaiion, ■. bit Mtjfenbftung, Zna: 
nung oan 6tr fyurtr. 

Abhfir,ti.B.i!embfdinitn. — rence, — rency, 
'■ bttabrdieu, btc iUerairdjeuung. — rent, 
a- DerobfdittienB/ jurolbcr, — rer, a. bci 

ATrih, .. 6tr erfte Wltnat im i(ibif^(n Ea= 

•Abide, B. «. Meifttn, nenoeilcn ; roc^ncn ; 
bee ttroai blribcn, bcfjarrfn, Pfrfiorttn, 
ftft|iff)(n ! fi* an cWaS VEKn ; fid) ic 
nianbcfl arnie^mcn, i^m beiltc^cn. d. a. 
, cnDOTten ; aufiiMctcn ; ertrogen, avSfjtiU 
i Im; Icibcn, ettnlbsn. — er, i. ber Sini 
nx^ntt Abiding, t. boS !8tei6cn ; SEefi^ 
nen ; TluSftetitn, Ccib(n. — fbce, bcr 

Abian'tine, a. linni.'ni D»n Sanntnljctj. 


Ab'ject.a. ijctnjotfdtjocrlprcn.fctilidht.nic: 
bng, BctWjtIi* -, ». bcrglsnbcSGctivPr: 
fcne. — ly, ad. AbjiSct, u. o. utrrottjcn, 
njcgioerfen. — adness, g. bit ffierrourffn' 
6tit, ffllrtti^trit. —ion, -now, », bit 
SZicbcmi^ttsIelt, giigtirit, ber SU\w- 


.Uiil'itj, ». bit S^^'S^'it' Ixis Sttmffin, 
AUngtDn-lmT, «. tit llnterfu^una tmS) 

bet ^inrii^tuno. 
AUo'teatate^. e^nc Stftanwnt 
AUied, part. a. wn OTcbttbou ocrtierten, 

Abjudicate, o. a. abfprtdjen. -Hon, t. T. 

bad 3t6(p(Mbcn, tie Mbcrtennung- 
Ab'jugate, V. a. abicd)<n, bat 3<4 obs 


fdtaOKn, n)tt>«mifen, (ntTagtn. 
Ablac'ute, c a. (ctn Jtinb) tntnJIjncn; 

T. [in bet ®attn(t(5) abfiuMn. — itwn, t. 

bit Sntmcbnung-, T. }(b|augun9. 
AblSqne, s. bit 9Jtt:I(nfcib(, (ftine pttfls 

ftbt ©tibe). 
Ablaqurfitim, «. T. Hi Kuftailen fctt Qv 

Uttta bie SButjcIn beiB&umt. 
AU&tion, «. taS ^(pne^mtn. 
AMatiTe, a. nwgnttmenb -, i. btr Kb: 

A'bic, a. fSfiifl, lfi*tifl, im Stonbt ; mStSs 

1t9"i ilorf; StWii*' etfatiKn; wrmfc 

fltnt. Hid). To be alfe, ftnntn, im 

©lanbt \nm. Able-bodied, ftaxt, ^anb: 

f([j. A'ble, B. a. in ©tonb frten. 
AbTegale, b. o. Nrfd)iden, afottnen. «- 

bcr TCVflffrPnttc btS ^opflrt. — ^tiim,!- 

bit eehounci. 

A'bleneis, >. bit SibtgE^it.taESBtnnJgtR. 
AbTepsy, ». bic 58Iitib!)ciI, Unbcfunntii' 

bcit, SBeibltnbung. 
Ablet, Ablen, ». Bet SHJfiffif*. 
Ab'ligaic, K. a. nWeftn, IcsMnBtn. 
Abligurition, I. Btc SGtdtilttung, Ii(t(ts 

fidie SBerfdnoEnbung. 
AbTocate, v. a. obmidfttn ; Ktmietftcn, 

dtrpfltfettn. — «4don, t. bit Kbmitt&ini j ; 


Abtlide, V. n. nW pafftn, unifinlid] feen. 
Ablnent, a. roccifpfiltnb, obfiiftrenb. 
AMuen^m, ». 'T. btutwlnigcnbc XbfW; 

Abldiion, ». Mc Mbroafdjunfl, Mbfpitung; 

Bo6 Spaireaiter, btt ©cilltclA. 
Ab'neg^, V. a. oMSugnen, wiWagntn, 

— gition, ». bie Xbliugnung, ifiertfiitfl' 

nunp. — gStoc, I. bet SBerlSugiicT. 
AbnodStion, *. T. ta6 Sbtof ptn,Str6alKn 

ber Mefte unb JCnorren. 
Abnormity, », bie UntegtlmiSigfett, bas 

ffirJtontcn einjflnet JtercfttVile. 
Abnorm'oiiB, a. unwgctmSSio, unatffaUtt. 
.Wjiard, ad. T. an Bort, ^u ®4%t. 
AbMe, V. n. see Abide. 

Abfide, ». bet TCaf tntfeatt, iSotinctt. 

Abtfde, B. a. rorbebettten, pteplnieicin 
—ment, i. Bie ffictSebeutuiw, afennng. 

Abefiab, b. a. abfdmficn, ooffieben, BetttT^ 
gen, wtntAten ; —able, a. abjiii(l>afftn, 
»nU|Aar-, — er, : ter^6fd|ii1ftr,eft> 

ABR • 

tltaen — ment, ». bit TCBf^affttttQ/ Kuf^ 

AbotftiQii, ». btc 2(&fc^affuxig^ TCufftcbung, 
JXitQung; T. fficenbtaung, 93ci(cgung. 
— ist, 8. tJct ©claocnfccunb^ ter ^ctos 

Abom'inable, a. abfc^CUUcJ)/ fcftettS(id&, t>cr? 

abfc^euung^wfirbig, — bly, atf. — -ness, 
«. bie 2Cbfd)cuti*f cit, ©*cu5(i*fcit 

Abom'inate, t>. a. t>Ctabfd)CaiCn« — &tion, «. 
tic gsctabfd)cuun9, t>cr 2(0fd^cu, ®r6ucU 

Ab6rea, ». elite 2(rt »on @nten. 

Aboriginal, «. urfprfingltd). Aborigines, «. 
jpi. btc UrcitttDO^ner elttcfi Sanbc^ 

Ab6rt, ». «. mt^gcidren, — ^ion, «. bag SKips 
gcbarcn/ bie gcilgcburt. — ive^a.uit^citig, 
miStuitflctt. 8. blc unieitlgc Ocbttct; — ly, 
ad, — iveness, «. \iQii SKipge&arcit, Je^s 
fc^tagcn, 5Ki^lingcn. — ment, or Abor'se- 
meirt, «, btc Ult^cittpe ®cOurt 

Ab6und,'p.n. ucberftup f)at)cn, tctdft fcun; 
im llcOcrflup Doroanbcn fepn, (mit, in, 
with). — ^ing, fart, «. bcr UeOerflu^. 

Abdut, ^rt. ^ ad. um, Ijcxvim, uml&cr, tin? 
gefdf)r, ctmo, gcgcniiber, rucgcit/ bet, on, 

auf; round about, rtng6um; round ab. 
OHt way, bet: UtniDeg ; about and about, 
l^ttt unb fter; all about, fiberatt; to be 
about, int SSegrtff fepn ; what are you 
about? roag ^Qbt t^r DOr? to go about, 
umlierge^cn, t)crne^men ; to bring about, 
tti6 SSBer! ticfttcn ; to come about, urn 
fctjn, anber^ tt)erben. 
Abdve, pre, ad, obcn, ubcr, bartiber, mel^r, 
mc^t$fiU. Above all, »or dlctt 2)in9en; 
above board, aufcr ®cfa^r, QcbotQett^frct), 
fi(l)tUcib, Cl^nc Sfllfd) ; a^ve ground, no^ 
tebeitb* — cited, — ^mentioned, a, obcn ons 

cjeffif)rt, ebeit etw&tjnt 

Abracadab'ra, «. bcr ^aXM cittC^ ftjrtf^en 

ZCbgottcg; eine Souberfotmel. 
Abr&de, v, a, abf(l)Qben/ flbreibeit. Ab- 

rision, s, bag 2Cbfd)aben, ?Cbtciben. 
A'brahams-balm, «. bec ^eufc^bauitu 
Ab'raum, «. bie Totl^e S)ommerbe. 
Abr6ast,flrf. neben einanber,@eite att @ctte. 
Abrenunci^tion, *. bie ^ntfaguttQ, Sogfas 

Abrep'tion, «. bie 2(bfonbetnng bcr ^c{c 

t)om ^ctper. 

Abrick, s. elite 2(rt ©dftwcfcU 
Abrid|;e, v, a. obf ftrjcit, jufommcnslcictt/ 

t)crmtnbetm elnfdftriSnfen/bctaubeit. —er, 

8, bcr ^Cbrarger. —ment, *. bie 2(bfiir? 

jung, @lnfc()ranf ung, ber liuHviQ, Snbes 


Abrdach, a</. attgc^ft ; to tsel abr6ach, 

anaapfen ; ^. au6brcltcn. 
Abroad, ad, braugen, attper bent ^oufc; 

tm2Cu6(anbe/in« Xuglaitb, in bcr grem^ 

be, uml)er, ftberatt; to set abroad; attgs 

Abrdah, 8. fe'wct bettgadf^et aWuffeliiu 


Abrocamen'tum, ». (Z. t,) bag itaufen ITCn 
aBaorcn Im ®ait5Cit ttnb 2Blcbenjcr!au* 
fen berfe(ben. 

Ab'rogate,».a.auf()eben,abf4offcn.— &tion, 

blc 2(uff)cbung, ?(bfcl)offung. 
Abr6od, ad, im JBrfitcn. 
Ab'rotanum, 8. blc (Stobnmr^, ©btrrautc. 
Abrupt, a. abgcbrod)cn, plc^(td) ; c!)nc aScr? 

blnbung, gctrcnnt. — ly, ad. -—ion, 8. blc 

2Cbbrecftung, Srcnnung. —ness, 8. blc TCb? 

gebrccl^cn^clt, ^llc, Ucbercltunp.. 
Ab'rus, 8. cine rct^Ild)c ©d^mlnfbo^nc. 
Ab'scess, 8. bag ®efd)n)fir. 
Ab'scind, ». a. abfdbnelbcn, abbrcd^cn. Ab 

scis'sion, 8. bag ?(bfrf)nclben. 
Absc6nd, v. n. firf) tjctftccfcn/ serbcrgcn, 

baDon gcf)cn. — er, e. bcr fid) fcrbirgt. 

Absc6nsion, 8. blc SScrbcrgung. 
Ab'sence, 8. 2(btt>c[cn^clt ; ^g". llnac^tfants 

felt, Scrftrcuung. 

Ab'sent,c. abwcfcnb; SCtftrcut. Absent, c.n. 

f\6) entfcrncn, cntfcmt ^altcn. — inecus, 

a. abtocfenb. — te, s. bcr ?Cbn?cfenbc. 
Ab8in'thian,a. ttjcrmutf)artlg» Absin'tliiated, 

a. mlt Sl^crmutb bitter gcmad)t, tjcrblttcrt. 
Absist, v.n. abitcbcn/.abtaffcm 
Abs61ve, V. a. togfprcc^cn/ crlaffcn, f cUcn? 

Ab'solute,fl. fret), unumfd)r&nf t, clgctim&d)? 

tlci/ rcln,unbcbln9t/t>ctttcmmcn. — ly» ad, 

t)oIllg; unbeblnqt, burdbaug; unums 

f^ranft, augbriirfll* ; an fid) fctbjt. 

— ness, 8. blc unumfd)ranftc ®ctt?ait, 

Absolution, s. blc Scgfprcd)ung, Grtaffung. 

— tory, a. togfprcd)cnb, frct)fprcd)cnb* 
AVsolutism, 8. T. blc $yiot{)n)cnblg!cltg? 


Ab'sonant, Ab'sonous, a. ml^f Hngcnb, wlbs 

rig ; ungcretmt/ abgcfd)madt, idd)cr(ld). 
Absorb, v, a, »crfd)(ucfcn, clnfaugcn, in 

fid) ^le^en. — ed in thought. In ®cbanf en 

pcrtlcft. — cnt, a. einfaugenb ; blc TCr^c? 

ttel gegcn blc ©Sure unb @d)arfc 
Absorp'tion, 8. bag SScrf(fttucfcn, blc (Jln^ 


Abs^n,V n, abftcF)cn, fic^ cnt^attcit. 
Abstemious, a. entl&altfam; — ^ly, ad, — ^ness, 

8. blc ®nti)a{tfamfelt. 
Absten'ljon, 8. bcr ©Inl^alt, bag SScrbct. 
Absterge, Abet^rse, v. a. abwlfc^cn, abtrecfs 

ncn, f&ubcrn. —gent, a, abfu^rcnb, 8. 

t>a^ 2(bfiif)runggntlttc(. — sion, s. blc ©6us 

bcrung, ?(bffibruttg, JKclnlgttng. — sive, a. 

relnlgenb, obfubrcnb. 
Ab'stinence, AVstinency,8. blc (Sntljattung, 

@ntlf)attfamfclt. — nent, a, ent^oltfant, 


Abstorred, a, abgcbrungcn. 
AbWact, a, abjlraf)lrt, abgc^cgctt/ abgefcns 

bert ; «. ber abge^ogene ^cgn^, ^Cug^uft; 

— ly, ad. A\wtokc!t, la, a. oJc?iia^\ivx^xs., cJ«st 


getu — ed, a, ah%cjtntttt ; ahacm<^n, f&c 
itd^, c^nc S$esug; Dctfeincrt, (unlet, ttef, 
un»erfl6ntttd) ; sctfhccut — edly,a<i. — ^- 
nesfl, ». tie TCDac^egcn^cit. — ^ion, ». tie 
2C6^ic^unp, Tibfcnbcrunc; ; ^COQegCQCits 
fecit ; 3erf!rcuunp. — ive, a, aO^ichcnt/ 
abfcnbcm^. — ness, a. to$ 2Cb|lrapitte, 
tic ?Cbfonterun9. 

Abstrict'ed, a. tC6^c(>untcn, QCtcfct. 

Abstringc, «. o. (efcH/ auf6intcn. 

Abstrude, ». a. tUCgjIcJcU/ aufiflcpcn. 

Abstruse, a. t»crtccf t, umfeillUt, tunf e(. — ly, 
ad. —ness, — sity, «. tie ©unf ctfeeit, Un? 

Absume, ». a, ottrndfeUd) tJCC^cfeteiU 

Absurd, a.— ly, fl(?. ungcrcimt, Qb9cfd)mocf t/ 
t()6rid)t, o(6ern. — ity, ». tic Ungcrcimt? 
fecit, ter tlnfmn, —ness, s. tic 2C(6crn5 
fecit, tos Sfecricfetc. • 

Absjni'thium, 8. tcr SScrmutfe, 
Abun'dance, «. tcc Ilc6crftu9/ tie Jfittc, 

SKcngc. — dant, a. ftOcrflfifriQ, rci^tidft. 

— 1 J, flr(/. 

Abuse,*, tcr 9}JiS0rQudf),uMc ®c6raud); tic 
aSccfiferung ; tie (Scfemafeuna, (g^impfs 
tctc, — v.a. mi^feraucbcn/ f^ontcn ; t6us 
fd)cn, feintergefecn ; fcfeimpfen, f^m&feen. 
— er, «. tcricnigc, toctdfecr cttt)a6 mips 
6raud)t, feintcrQcfet, fd)impft, fcfemdfect; 
tcr 2a|tcrcr, SSerfuferer, (gfercnfdfefintcr. 

Abusive, a. mipl)raud)cnt, fd)inipfcnt. — ly, 
ad, turcfe SKipbraudfe, fd)iinpfli(i&, Abii- 
siveness, ». tie ©dfemfifefudfet. 

Abut, V. n. aiigrcnicn, anftepcn. — ment, «. 
tic TCngrcngung. — tals, ». tic Orenacn 
ciuc6 Sonteicjentfeum^, 

Abys'mal, a. grunttc^!. 

Abyss', Abysm', s. tcr 2C^9runt, ©^lunt, 
tic !Iicfe. 

Acacia, 8. tcr ©d)Otcntern, 

Academial, Acad6mical,a.a(atemifcife. — ^mi- 
an, ». tcr ©tutcnt — ^mfcian, ». tct 
2C!atcmif er, — m'ic, a. af otcmifcfe ; «. tct 
©tutcnt. —mist, fi. ter 2(!atemij!. —my, 
8. tic 2(fatcmic, Uniocrfit&t 
Ac^id, 8. T. tcr ©ffig, 
AcSjou, «. tcr SJicrcnfeouttu 
Acan4ceou8,a. tornig, ftadfectip, 
Acan'thus, s. tic 95&rcn!lQue, (citt ^routX 
Acatalec'tic, 8, T. ter t)oIl|lantiQC 58er^ 
Acatalep'sy, (— -sia,) ». T. tic UnuCQtciflii^^ 

@Qdfee, llnfeegrcipidfefcit. 
Accede, «. «. beitreten, feinsufommcn. 

Accedence, «. tie SScttjiUij^unQ. 
Accel'erate, v. n, bcfdfetcunigcn. — dtion, «. 

tic SBcfdfelcuniguttQ. 
Acc^nd, c. a. an^Utttcii/ onfodfecn. Ac- 

cen'sion «. tie TCn^untung. 
Ac'cent, ». tie 2(u^rctc, 2(u6fpra(ifee ; tcr 

2(aent/ SSon, tos Scn^cidftcn ; ter 2(u5? 

trucf, Caut, tic ^pra^c, —or, ». tcr cr^ 

Z?^ ^ifi/^nnt SJcrfSngcr. 


fprcd^eiu Acoentuition, «. tU Stfllfti 


Accept, v,a. annefemen, occcpttrctu — «bir 
ity, 8. tic 7(micfem(id)f eit. —able, a. an: 
nefemlid), angcncfem ; — bly, ad, — able- 
ness, 8. tic Knncfemlicfefcit. — ance, ». tic 
2(nnafemc, ©encfemigung, tcr ©cifatt; 
tic SBctcutung. — ation, ». tic ?CufnQbmc, 
tcr (Snipfang, tic angcncmmcne S^etcu- 
tung. — er, «. tcr2fnncfemcr. — ilatioD,«.' 
T. tic Sluittung, tcr (Snipf Qngfdfecin/ulxt 
cine @cfeu(t, ttc gruar nidftt fee^fett tfl, 
aOer fo angcfcfecn njirt,al« o6 fie bc^ofelt 
n?&rc,) tie ^ultcrlaffung, ter ©riaf? 
fung6fd)cin. —ion, «. tcr (Binn, tic ongc* 
ticmmcnc ^ctcutung. 
Access, 8. ter 3ugang, Sutritt ; tie 3us 
nofeme, tcr 2Cn»ud)^/ ^Titfall ciner ^ranf s 
fecit, — ariness, 8. tic Sfeeitnefemung. — 
ary, a. tfecitncfenicnt, mitfcfeuttig ; «. tcr 
50?itf(dfeu(tigc. — ible, a. gug&ngti^, (cuts 
fctig. —ion, «. tcr SBcitritt/ Sutood)^; tic 
®clangunf\, tcr 2Cntritt; tic SfercnbcHcis 
gung. — orily,flrf. bcit&ufig, tancbcn,— ory, 
a, fein^ufcmmcnt, bcigcfugt/ unter^e? 
ortnct/ bcitrctent, beigecrtnct, tfeeit? 
ncfemcnt, mitfcfeultig ; ». tcr Sfecitncfes 
nicr, heifer, 932itfv^ultigc ; tic S^cben? 
fod)c, Sugabc. 

Ac'qidence, ». tie (Qteinifd)c Sibcl, ter 3)cs 

Ac'cident, «. tcr SufatI, taS Suf&ttigc, T. 
tic (Sigcnfdfeaft cincg aSort^. — al, a, ^u^ 
ffillio, untvcfentUd) ; feingufcmment, bci* 
gccronct. —ally, d, ^ufciUigcr IBe^/ tvn 
ungcffifer. — alness, 8. tie Suf&Uigtcit, ta^ 

Accip'ient, 8. ter ©ntpfdngcr/ 2Ccccptant 
Accfte, V. a. fecrij^irufcn, auffortcm. 
Acd&im, Acclamation, 8, ter 3unif, ta$ 
grcutcngcfd)reio, tcr (aute Scifatt. Ac- 
dara&tory, a. f^rcicnt, ou^rufcnt. 
Accliv'ity, «. tic (Srfecfeung, tag ©tcitc, tic 
?(nfe6fec. — vous, a, (teif. 
Accl6y, v.a. fibcrlatcn, fibcrmfipig anf jKcn. 
Acc6ii, V. n. fid) fecr^utrfingcn. 
Ac'cdent, «. bcr ®rcnanod)bar. 
Accom'modable, a. bcqucm, piiffcnt, atif 
tDcntbar, beitegbar. 

Accom'modate, v. a. poffcnt mad)en, gcmdp 
einridfeten, 3urid)tett/ wrgtcicfecn/'bciCe? 
gen, cerfcfeen, ou^feetfcn. v. n, pafien, gc- 
m&p [e<^n. a. gemdg, bcqucm/ gcWidft; — 
ly, ad. —ness, «. tic ©d^icftidfefcit. Ac- 
commodation, ». tic ©cmajfeeit, SBeciuem? 
tidfefeit, ©citcgung, SKitlfaferiofiiJit 
AcccHn'panable, a. gefcHig, umgangtt^ — 

nier, «. tcr ©cfcnfdboftcr. — rnrnent, «. tie . 

SBcgtcitung/ tog 2((ccmpognemcnt. — ny, 
». a. bcglcitcn, in ©cfcHfcfeaft fepn ; (^^ 
fctrfd)aft (eiftcn. 
Accom'plice, 8. tcr SKitfdfeulttgc ; t«t (5e« 


^mnmn, etiongen, -*-ed, «. 9e6i(t)et tos 
lintDott. — er, ». ber aScUenbct, — ment, 
"«. Mc SScUffiJ^rung, SSotlentung/ (Srftil? 
(unci ; 7(u^&Ut)und3cIlf0mmcn$etU^ers 
tig! cit, bos latent. 
Acc^mpt, — ant, see Account 

Acc<5rd, 8, bet Son, Me Ue6eteinilimmwnp, 
©intracftt, bet ©etttag, gSctgteid) ; with 
one accord, einflimmig/ einmfitbig; ^ 
one'B own accord, ou* elgenem Tintxxchc, 
wn fetOft/ fcetjwiUig. «. «. einftimmig mas 
Aeti/ ftimmen/Oetgrctcften, »etfc{)nen. ».*». 
{Ibcteinjlimmen/uicteinfcmmen. — ance, 
«. bie u«6eteinfftmmung, — ant, a. fiOet? 
cinjtimmig/ bctcitwidig. — er, a. bet^et^ 

fer. — ing, pre, gemdfc ^ufbtge, nod), ac- 
cording as, fc wic, ie nad^benu — ingly, 
ad. bem gen#/ bem nadj, t}im ^u -SoTge. 

Accor'porate, v. a, einWtteiben, 
Accdfit, 0. fl. anteben. —able, a. gcfptdd^tQ/ 
fteunb(id), umgfingtic^. 

Accoucheur', s. bct ®e6utt«H&clfet. 

Account, 8. bte 9{e4nung, Sleci^enfdftaft; 
bet SBetid^t/ bic (gt!(&tung, (Stadf)tung, 
C0{cinung/ 2(d)tttng^ hai 2(nfcbcn ; bie tlt^ 
facfce, bct ®tunb. d. «. 4r «• tcdftncn/ fees 
ted^nen^ abtec^nen ; fatten/ ineincn/ a<^s 
tctt/ (dftalett/ dted^enfdftaft geben, @tunb 
angcOen, —able, —ant, fl. tjetanttwctUdft. 

— ableness,».blc SSetontW^tKiiSf eit— ant, 

». bet SRed^nung^mcift^t, Sleci^iiung^fufts 

tct» —book, ». bag JRccfecnOud^/ 9led^s 

nung^bu^/ ^djslbbuc^ 
Accou'ple, V. a. poateit/ wtbinben. 
Accour'age, «. a. oufmuntettu 
Acc6urt, v.a. j^oftid^ untetl&alten. 
Accotitre, ». a. augfc^mfiden/ au^tfifteiu 

—ment, 8. bct 2Cnaug, bie Sliiftung, bofi 

9Bcl&t^cug ; bet Bicttotb/ bte SSet^ietunj. 
Acc^y, ». n. betuljiigen, bcfanftigen, fcftmcis 

cbeln. see Coy. 
Accredit, v. a. beglaubigen* — Ation, «. bie 

Accres'cent, a. ^unel^menb. 
Accretion, «. bte ^tll^dufung. — ^tive, a, on? 

toodifenb; sunefimcnb. 

Accrimin&tion, «. bic 2(nflage, f8t\^u\bU 

gung; 85otn>arf, Sobet. 
Accr6ach, v. a, on^anoen^ on ft<6 ^iel^en. 
—ment, «. bte SScmoc^tigung, bet ^in? 

Aooriie, ©. n. l^ttt|ufommen/ entftcl^cn, et^ 

wodifen/ etfotgen. 

Accubation, «. 006 Siegen bet ^ifc^e, 
AooCimb, ». «. bei JKifcfie liegen. — ent, a. 

liegenb/ le^nenb, »• bet on betSofel Sic? 


Acciimulate, v, a. I^fiufcn, oufb&ufen, ^U* 

fommcn^6ufcn, »ea)ietf6ttigen. »• r. jiA 
Mitfem a. gc^&ttft, — lation, «* bie in? 

$hfmtg, ^JatiV9, A oitQe^duft — 4y,| net. 


Ac'eivacyvf. bte ©enout^leit, ^ctgf&(t^ 
fcit. Accurate, a. gcnou^ ttd)tig/ p&ltt? 

tid), fotgffittig ; — ly, ad, — ness, «. bi^ 

Accurse,t>.c.t)etpud)cn, t»ctn)iinfc!^en. — «d, 
part. a. jum tlngtM befttmmt/ x\x6)iH, 

Accu8aWe,«. tobetftflft/jtrafbar. Accusant, 
». ?Cnftagct. Accusation, ». bic 3^cfd)ulb:5 
gung^ 2(n!(oge, Accusative, «. T. bct 2(f 5 

mfati». Accusatory, a. onflogenb/ cinr 

?(n((oge entl^ttcnb. 
Acc(ise, V. a. an!(agcn/ bcfd)u(btgen. 
Accuser, ». bet 2(nf(ogct/ ^(dger. 
Accus'tom, V. a. gewopncn. »• «• gctvc^jnt 

feijm — able, a. gen)Cf)nUc&; — ably,ad. 

— ance, 8. bic 2(n9cn)of)nbcit, bct @C5 

btoucft. — ary, a. — arily, ad. gcwc^nlid), 

bt&ud)ti£tj/ gebt6ud)Ud)« — ed,a.gcwef)nt/ 

gebt6uc()(td)/ geroe^ntid). 
A'ce, «. ba« m, bie ©tn^, bic ^tciniafctt; 

within an ace, um Ctn ^aar^ bcina^e, 
Acel'dama, ». bo6 S5lutfe(b. 
Acerbity, «. bct l^etbc ®efd)macf , bte ^ct? 

be ; bie <Sttenge, tou^e ©emutfteoct 

Ac6rvate, v, c. ouf^ittfcn. — ^vdtion, «. bic 

2(uff)&ufang. — vous, a. gc(>duft, 
Aces'cent, a. f&uetlidfe, fouet wetbenb. 
Aces'ta, «. jrf. bie Ifieilboten ®cm{it^6ftonf* 

Acetabulum, «. T. bte fpl^&tif^e TtuSl^o^* 

(ung bct ^nccfeen. 

Acetbse, a. »etl ©dutc, f&UCtttdft. — ity, «. 

bie @&utc. Ao6tou8, a. fouct^ faucrtid^, 
Ac^tum, 8. bet SBctnefltg* 
Ach, Ache, «. bie 5)ein/ bet ©d^met^. Ache, 

t». «. fdftmetsen. 
Ache, ». bie ^etetfilte. 
A'chebone, ».ba6 |)fiftbetn. 
Achieve, ». a. oufiffi^ten^ ocltcnbcn ; ct« 

tongen, ctwetbcm — ment,«. bic 2(u?fii&? 

tung, SSettidfttung/ bte Zidt, v^anbtimg, 

bos SBoppen. — er, «. betjenigc, n>c"(d)v't 

etn>a^ ouSf(i()tt, Mllenbet; betjenigc, we(? 

d)ct etwos ctwitbt, 
Achlys', «. T. bic SScrbftjletung bcs 7Cus 

A'chor, ». bet 7Cnfptung^ itcpfgtinb. 

Achrom&tic, a. fotbenloS* — glasses, far? 

bcntofe ®t6fet* 
A'cid, a. fouct, Wotf ; «.bte ©ante. — ity» 

—ness, 8. bic ©iutC/ ®cft6tfe. — uloB, «. 

bet€5auetbtunn«n, — ulate, r. a. f&ucrUd) 

Acindceous, a. f etntg* 

Acknowledge, v. a. onctfcnncn, ctf cnncn^ 
befcnncn, ct!enntlidb fcnn* —ment, «. bie 
2(nctfcnnung, bo^ JBdenntntf/ bic ©t^ 

AcW, 8. bct Q^ipfct, bic gt6pte ^^Fje* 
AcoVothist, Aool'Tle^s. t)t^SSSl^^^x,Sjc^ 



Ae'oiiite, •. Me Sl^elf^nmu; fig' ^^ ®ift* 
A'com, t. bie ^^cU — «a, a. ttiit (^d^etn 


Aodnu, «. bet Jtatmu^* 
Acous'tics, «. bte 2C!ufttf, @e^£c!unbe ; 

Acquaint, «» a. befattttt ntadjett/ benac^? 

riifettgcn/ metbem — ance,«.bic ©eftfnnts 

fdbaft, bag aOBiffen, bet ©cfonnte, bte 

^unbfd)aft. — ed, a. ©etttout, bcfannt. 
Acqu6st, «. bQ§ ©twetbntf/ bte ©tcbctung. 
Acquiesce, t). n. mtt cttt)Q6 ^uftieben fei^n^ 

fidb ctwas gcfatten taffen, etwag genetjmis 

gen, bcftimmeii* —nee, — ^ncy, ». bie jlitts 

fdfetDeigcnbe ©intDilligwng; bie ©eippid^s 

tung; bo6 SSctttoucn, Suttouen, 
Aoqiiirable, «. ju etwetbett/ ju ertongeti/ 

Acquire, ©. a. ctwet6en, ettongen ; (etnctt/ 

etletnen, — ment, ». bie (gttoetbung, ©t? 

tangung; bte etwotbene ©igenfdfraftobct 

gfifiS^eit — er,«. bet@ttt>et()et. Acqui- 
sition, «., bte ©twetbung^ @t(angung; 
ba^ 6a»ct&ene, bie ®tooetung. — itive, 
a. etttjcttjcit/ etwetblid^. 

Acquist, see Acquest. 

Acquit, «. fl. tc6fptecften, befceien, —one's 
self, fid^ enttebigen. —ment, »: bie ©e? 
ftciung, gteifpted^ung. — tal, «. bie So^s 
fpted)ung.'— tance, ». bie gteifpted^ung, 

A'cre, 8. bet 9J^otgen ganbe^. — ed, «. Sfiiir 

bet (>cfi|cnb. 
Acr6me, ». gc^ti SJ^otgen Sanbc^. 

A'crid, Acrimbnious, a. f(f)atf , beiffenb ; fig- 
(nttct. — ^mdniousness, «. bie©dbdtfe,ba^ 
SSeiffcnbe. — mdniously, ad, — ^mony, «. 
bie ©d^atfe; ^. SBtttetfeit, ^eftigfeit, 
— tude, — ty, «. bie ©db&tfe. 

Acroamdiical, a. gdinbtid) ge(el&tt» 

Acrostics, «. |rf. bie gef)eimen pl^ilofopl^is 

fd^en 85ot(efungcn be^ 2(tijih5te(eg, 
Acrdmion, «. bie @(ibu(tetl^6^C, 
Acr6nical, a. — ly, ad, QCtonifdft/ JUt 2(6eilbs 

^eit, nut Mm 2Cuf s «nb Untetgang bet 


A'crospire, ». to. fetmen* «. bet ^eim, 
Acr68s, ad. fteujweife, quet iifect, 
Acr6stic, ». ^Cctcftidfton, eine 2(tt (Sebidftt. 
Acr6ters, Acrot^ria, ». ^. fteitte niebtige 

Act, t>. n. tf)6tig fetttt/ l&anbetn/ tl^uii/ fidft 

bcnel^men, ». «. witfen, agiteii/ fpielen, 

tteiben,be|tintmen, ». bie^anbtung,S^&at, 

ba« ®et^one, bet ©d^titt, 2(ct, 2(uftug ; 

bie gsetl^anblung, %iXt, bet ^^\\x^, \i<x^ 


Act6a, «. bie ©dfttDOt^tDUtl, 

Action, %. bet |)Q^ntcii, 
Actilia, ». (L «.) \iQ,i ^eetgct&t^e. 
Actinia, 9. bie ©eeneffeU 

Ac'tioD, s. bie panttunQ, Zf)atf SBitfung, ^ , 

SSetti^tttng ; bet fveccf, bte jttage ; bo6\ (St^^ti^xv^ i\tiv^ m-dC 


©efe^t, ^teffen; bie ©ebetbung/ Jtrtie; 
—able, fl. einem 9led^t6tonbel nnttrmttf 
feU/ einet 2(nftage ou^gefelt flrafbdt; 
.^-€Lry, — ist, ». bet 2C(tien i)at — tating, 
a. j6nf ifdf)/ ptocepffidbtig. 
Activate, t>. a. in JBcwcgung fe^en, 
Act'ive, a. tl^dtig, witffam, gefd^&ftiS/ te6? 
l^aft, tt)it!enb/ ptaf tifcfe ; ». T. ba^ Tfctis- 
»um, — ly, flrf. t^&tig, gefdb&ftig ; T. actt». 
— ness, — Vity, «. bte S35itffam!eit, S^fis 
tigfeit, Sebl^aftigfeit, SBebenbigfelt 
Acfor, «. bet jponbetnbe, Sl^fitct, KnfHfif 
tet. ©dbowipietet. 

Actress, «. bie ^onbetnbe, @df)aufpteletttt, 
Act'ual, a. t^tig; tt)it!(id& ; gcgentc&ttig, 
— ity, ». bie SBit!lid)fcit. — Vi *^^' tom^ 
Uc^, in bet S^ot; anic|t —ness; ». bte 
2Bit!tidft!cit/^en)iJl^cit. Actu<5se, a. ftafts 
tjctt, ^cd^ft n)it!fam, 
Acf uary, ». bet Zttnav, ^^rCtOCOllifl, fRCQXs 


Act'uate, ©. a, tteibcn, in ®ang btingcn^ 

Ac'uate, v. a. fdf)atfcn. 

Acui'tion, «. ba6 ©d)&rfcn, bog ®pi|en. 
— ty, bie ©pi|e, ©pi|ig!cit. 
ActSleate, Actileated, a. flad)e(ig, fpi|ig« 

Actimen, 8. bie fc^atfe ©pifee ; Jfg. bet 

Actimlnate, ©. fl. fdf)&tfen, 5ufpi|cn, mit 

einct @pi|e »ctfc[)cn.— tion, «. bie fc^tfe 

@pi|c, bet ©tQ(^et, 
AcTite, a. fpi|ig, fdbatf ; Jig. fein, fc^atfs 

ftnnig ; beftig, ftaftig. — ly, ad, —ness, 

8. bie ©c^&tfe ; /s^. ®pi|pnbigfcit, bet 

©d&atffinn, bie ^cftigfeit. 
Adacf, V. a, tteiben. — ed, part, gettiebett/ 


Ad'age, Ad'agy, 8. ba^ @ptid^tt)Ctt. 

Ad'agial, a. fpri(f)WettUd&. 

Adigio, 8. tai» 2(bogie, 

Ad'am's ale, «. tai SBo jfct, tcv ©finfewcin. 

— apple, 8. bet 2Cbamgapfcl, ^otobie^ 

apfet ; bet ^e^(fnotpe(. 
Ad'amant, 8. bet 2)emQnt, 2)tomant, SKags 

net, — ^an, a. bemontattig. — ^ine, a. be? 

mantcn, unaetfictbor. 
Addpt, V. a. anpoffcn, gerdf)idft tnatften. 

— Ation, —ion, —ness, 8. boS 2Cnpaffen/ 

bie 2Cntt)enbung. 
Addrme, 8. cin @en)id)t in ^utilimmfa, 

bet fed&g^e^nte Sbeil einet Unje Ste^gc* 

Ad'atis, 8. eine ?(tt inbifd^cn SKuffeliii^. - 

Adau'nt, v. a. be^d^mcn, 

Addys, ad. now-adays, ^eut gU/Sage, 

Add, V. a. binsutl^un, beifugen, Detme^ren. 

— able, a. see Addible. 

Add^cimate, v. a. jel&ntcn, ben SeJ^ntctr 

Add^em, v. a. baffit batten. 

Addendum, ». bet 3ufo|, TCttbang^ Ne 


Ad'der, •. bic Slattet* — *8graBs, btt^itno* 
UnftanU —'s tongue, tic Slottergunge, 
— '8 wort, tic SlottenpurS/ bo^ Latins 

Ad'diUe, a. jwffigtkir^ eerme^|rbor.— ibil'ity, 
«. tie ascnwct)rbarfcit. 

Ad'dice, $, bic ilrumm^auC/ ba6 ^o^teifen. 

* Addict, V. a, wibmcn, pA etgebctt/ an Wn* 

aen. — edness, «. bie (gr9ei&cnf)eit, TCns 

bin9Ud)!cit, bet Gifcr. — i<m, «. bie 

aBlbmunS/ (grgcbung, (gtgcbcn^eit. 

Addit'ament, a. bet 3ufa|, 

Additioii, ». bic Sciffipung^ SSerme^tunQ/ 
bee 3ufQ| ; T. bie 2Cbbition. —ol, a, j^tn* 
^ugefelt, oermel^tt, neu ; «. ber 3ufa$. 
— ally, ad, burd) 3ufo|, a(^ 3u9a6e, 

Ad'ditory, c. 5ufe|enb, iwtgtcSemb. 

Ad'dle, a, Ua, unfrud)t6at, b^^U ». ber 
SDBcinftein. — egpr, bog aBinbet. —headed, 
— ^pated, —brained, (ccrfcpftg, bumnu 

— ^plot, bet ©pie(t)ctber6et. v. a. Utx mos 
<fecn,ijnfcac^tbat mod^en; wrbet*en, wts 

AddTingrs,».|>Z. ber 80^11/ litf>ciUiel)n* 

Address, a, bic Sfiidt^tanQ, ffi&enbunQ/ 2(ns 
rebe, SKonier, Seben^ort/ bog 95enel^men, 
tdc 3uf(J)rift, 93ittf*rift, J)on!f*rift,2(ufs 
fdbrtft, 93eo6rbe ; ©etoonbt^eit/ ®efd)ic!s 
ttdbf eit. ». o. pd^ an iemonb menben, ricfcs 
ten^ ^ueigneii/ onrebcn, erfud^en, onfcfti* 
cfen^ bereit gotten. — er, «. berjenige^ 
wetter etnc TCnrebe j^&ft^ein ©efudft ons 
brtngt, einc TCbbrcffe iitjerreid^t 

Addtice, V. c. an^l)un, on^e^cn, beitjrtns 
aen. —cent, a. onjie^enb, ^ufommen^ies 
6enb. — cible, a. bo6 ongeffi^rt merbcn 

Adduc'tion, s. T. btc ^Cnjicl^ung Mn ben 
gjhig6e(n. — tive, a. ^erunterftoUnb, ^er? 
unterbringenb, — 4or, t. T. bie eiiiw&rtgs 
aiebenbc 5Ku6!e(. 

Adddlce, v. a, oerffigcn. 

Adelantido, ». ber 95efe^l6l^ober,®tott^at5 
tet eincr fponifdftcn 9)re»inj. 

Ad^ 8, ein cgijptif^e^ ©ewtcftt wn cftns 
gefdl^r 2 jj>rac^mett weniger ali ein eng* 
lifdjeg 5)funb. 

A'<j|p!ingr, «. (be^ ben 2(nge(fod^fen) gjrina 

Ademp'tion,*. btc 95crou6ung, Sntaicbunj* 

A'dea, «. etne >Drfifc. — og'raphy, s. T. bie 
93cf(ribreibunQ ber iOdlfen. — oi'ogy, «.T. 
bie SDdllfenteore, — of omy, ». T. bic J)riis 

Ad'enofl, ». eine Uxt SBoumwetle au6 7(tep? 

PO (oud) marine^atton genonnt). 

wtfl&nbige ; ber (Singcwcibetc in bie ^e* 
^imniffe einer ®efeufd)oft ober®ectc. 

Ad'equate, a, t)et^&(tnitm&pig, ongemeffcn/ 
riitig (to) t — ly, ad, — neas, s, bic (5e^ 
maf ^ctt, 9H4ti^ett. 


Ad'eas, $, cittc Titt (Itbfen in £)fKttbiem 

Adfecfed, part. a. oug oetfcibiebenen Jttdf* 
ten befte^enb/ a«fon»wcngefe$t. 

Adhere, ». n. onftcbcn, gufommen^ongcn/ 
onbongen, fid^ bef ennen. — ence, — ency, 
a. bog &n!lebcn,2(nf)angen, bic 2Cnb&ng5 
ii6)U\t — ent, fl. !(ebenb ; onftebenb ; 
on^&ngenb/ binsw^^wmenb. s. bet Tfns 
banger, Umjlonb, — er, «. ber 7(nb6nger, 
Adh^aion, a. bie 2(nb&ngti(b^eit AdMs- 
ive, a, onbongenb/ onftebenb. 

Adhib'it,».a.onwenben/ge6rou(ben. — ion, 
«. bic 2Cnmcnbung/ ber (SJebroud), 

Adjacency, ». bie %n^tm$nn^, bog 2(ns 
grengenbe. Adjacent^ a. onhegenb/ ons 

Adian'thum, a. bog groucnl^oar^ (etnc 

Adiaph'anoii8,a. unburcbWtig, 
Adiaph'OToua, a, gleid)gftltia ; T. nctttroL 
— oracy, a. bic Sfjcutrotitot, bog SWittct^ 

bing. —salt, ein SWittelfolg. 
Adj6ct, V. a, bingutbun/ ^fe|en. —ion, a. 
bog ^xninmn, bie 3u(oge, ber 3uro|. 
— itious, fl. bin^ugetbon. 

Ad'iective, a. T- tog 2(bie(ti», SSciwort. 
— 4y, flJ. otg SBeiwort 
Adieti, ad. UU Wt% »• ^og ScbCttJebt. 

Adj6in, ©. fl. onfiigcn/ bciffigct|^ ». «. ons 

luQtn, ongrensen. 
Adjourn, ©. a. ougfegcn, ttcrfd^icbcn/ Mr* 

togen. — ment, a. bog 2(ugfe|en^ ber gscrs 

fd)ub, bie SSertogung, 
Ad'ipocire, a. bic fett6bnUd)c SWoffc^, wcrin 

tcbte^6rperf[d& oerwonbeln, —pons, a. 

fd)mieric\^ fett. 

A'dit, a. l*. ber @tctten in SBergwerfen. 
Adition, a; bog ^ingcbcn, ber 3utritt, 
AdjowAen-seed, a. ber bengoUfd)c 2Cnig. 
Adjtidge, Adjtidicate, v. a. juerfennen/ er> 

f ennctt/ urtbeiten/ »erurtbei(en. — cAtion, 

Adjudgement, a. bic 3uer!ennnng, 
Ad'jugate, «. a. jufommcnictben/ on bog? 

fetbe Scdj befcjHgcn. 
Ad'jument, a. bic ^iitfc. 
Adjunct, a. rjcrbunbcn ; a. ber ®ef&brte, 

SKitbetfer ; ber Umftonb/ bie (Sigenfcboft. 

—ion, a. bog ajcrbinben/ ber 3ufa6, —ive, 

a. bcigeffigt; a; bog JBeigcfiigtc Twetcbcr 

Adjurdtion, a. bic S3ef(bn)crung/ 3ufd)tt>cs 

rung/ bog Kuflegcn beg ©ibcg. Adjure^ 

V. a. befcbwcren, ben @ib oupcgen obcr 

Adjtist, V. a. in £)rbttung bringcn ; orbnen ; 

berid)tigen, beftinimen; fdftticfetcn. —ment; 

a. bic Ttnorbnung^ ©inritbtung/ IBeites 


Ad'jirtant, a. ber ?(bitttont. 
Adjutc, V, a. bciftcbcn^ })f!ifcn* Adjtttor, a. 

ber ^etfer/ ®cbfitfc, — torj^ -^^wvv a- 

I 1ht» — tate»»*tt,1^^l^^^t^t^we^ 



A4iiil6rhim, t. T. ba« ^nlUtMvu 

Adfegition, t. tie (Sefanttfc^ft. 
Admeisurement, Admensurdtion, «. tie 

Sumcjfung, SutbcKung. 

Admin'icle, 9. tie SSetoiitfe* ' — ^icukr, a, 
beftfitflicft. — iculdtor,«. terSSertf^eitiget 
(bet: SSitttoen unt SBaifen). 

Admin'ister, v. a, ^extoaiicxi, l)aTfbf)ai>tti, 
barrcicfecn, ert^ciUn. — trato, ». a. o(^ 
^Cr^cnci geben, eingefcen. — trition, «. tie 
^^ertoattung, ^antbaOung^ dtegierung/ 
to^ 9)Zinijlerium, tie ^rtfteitung, Hn^s 
rtcKung* — trative,a. »cnoa(tent/ ettftei? 
lent, — trdtor, «. tec 8Spr|le()ec, 95et5 
tooUer^ 2(u$fpentet^ SeftomentstwI^ies 
ftet. — trdtorship, ». tag 2Cmt eitieef SSor? 
ftefeeiig, K, — trdtrix, 8, tie a^orfte^s 
tin, 2c. 

Ad'mirable, a. 6ett>untetn^tt)iirti9» — l)ly, 
«<{. — ness,». tie Sewunterung^wfictigs 

Ad'miral, 8, ter 2(tmtcatj ta« 2(tmitols 
fcfeiff, — «hip, «. tie 2(tmira(f(iaft. — ty, 
«. tie 2(tmira(it&t 

Admiration, s. tie S3ewuntetun9# —point, 
to^ 2(ugrufund5^ei(^en. 

Admire, v. a. betOUtltem* v. n, ftd^ mun? 

tenu — er, ». ter a3ett>untetec. — ingly, 

ad, mix iBetountentng, 
Admissibility, 8. {l t) tie Sutdffigf eit^ 2Cuf ^ 

Admis'sible, a. — ^bly, ad. jalh^lQ* 

Admis'sion, ». tie 3uloffun9/ ©ejlattung, 

Ginraumung ; ter Sutritt 
Admit, V. a. eintofferi/ Sutritt geftatten ; 

|u einem ?(mtc loffen; autajfen; juges 

ben, einrdumen, oerftatten. — tawe, a. 

gutofiig/ ^ula^bar, — tance, «. tie ©ins 

t<ifTung, Suloffung, ^inr&umung/ tet 

Sutritt, tie @in1;iinrung. 
Admix, 0. a. beimifc^en« — tioo, — ture, t. 

tic S3eimtfd^ung. 
Admon'ish, v. a. ermal^nen/ erinnem, wats 

nen. —er, «. ter (Srma^ner, SEBamcr. 

— raent. Admonition, t. tie (Simtal^nung, 

(Jrinnerung, SKamung. — tioner, «. ter 
SBarner, ©ittenpretiger. —itive, a. ers 
maftnent, — itor, «. ter fBamer, zc, 
— itory, a. ermal^nent, tt)ament. 

Admortization, 8. tie 6m)erbung abga6e$ 
freier £&ntereien« 

Admdve, v. a, n&^cm, na^e bttngen* 

Admnrmurdtion, «. tag Sumurmetm 

Ad'nascent,a. auf etwag anterg toad^fent, 
Adndte, a. taran n^ac^fent. 
Ad'noun, ». T. tag Tftjectit), IBetwert 
Add, t. tie axdl^e ; ter S&rm ; tag gro^e 
(unnctl^ige) 2(ufteben, tag mU SBefem 

Adoles'cence, — ency, «. tag SfiugtinggoU 

ter, tie Sugent, —cent, «. ter Sfin^Hno. 
a. iugentlic^ ; itc^ ^^^ SXannbarf ett n& 



ting, ter ®eUebte eincg ax^ibd^tig; M 

Ad<)pt, V. a. an Jlinteg @tatt anne^men ; 
anne^mcn, fid) cigen madden. — edly,«i. 
auf angenommene 2Crt, — er, «. tet, met 
d)er an ^integ @tatt anntmmt, ter 
2Cteptircntc, — tion, «. tie 2(nnal^ine an 
Jlinteg @tatt; tie TCnna^me, — tire^ir: 
sum ^inte anne^ment, |um ^inte an? 

Ad<)rable, a. anbetunggwi^rttg. — biy, ad: 
— ness, 9. tie 2(n6etunggwArtigfeit» 

Adordtion, Addrement, 8, tie ^nbctung,. 


Ad6re, o. a. anbeten, t)ere!)ren* 
Addrer, «. ter 2(nbeter, ^ere^rer. 
Ad6m, V. a. neren, angf^mfidfem — €r, #; 

ter aug^iert, xu — ment, «. ter ^miuC,. 

ter Sierratft* 
Adds, 8, T. Staffer, n>ertQ man gt%nteg 

@ifen abge(6fd)et ^ot. 
AdoscoUtion, «. T. tie €k^n>^gecitng, 

Adraganth, 9. see Gmn Dragon.. 

Ad6wn,ad. I^inab, {)inunter ; i>re^,a6u>&rtg,. 
unten, \ 

Adrdad, a<2. in ^uri^t, bange, \ 

Adrift, oA, tet Stuti^ unt ten flj^ntcn 
auggefelt. \ 

Adrdit, a. 9e((4idt; gen>antt. — ne«\«; bte 
©ewanttoeit, ' 

Adr/, a. turfHg* 

Adficititious, a. Mn etnent antem t&inge 
^ergenomnten, ^erbeige^ett, erborat, 

Adstric'tion, 8. T. tie Sufantmeniieouno. 

Advance, «. tag 9Sorrfi(f en, ter Sortf(6tttt, 
^crtgang, tag 2tnr&c!en, (Sn^egenfcm^ 
men ; ter 2Cntrag, 8Scrfd)uS, — ^[naid, 
ter S3crtrab* Advance, «. a. Mtw&ttg 
bringen, MrrfidCen, befortem, befd^uni? 
gen, t)otbrtngen, aufnellen, tarfteUen; 
wrbeffem, t>ert)oIIfemmnen ; oer^crtti? 
(^en,erl^6^en,tl)euer madden; t>orougbe^ 
^a^ten, )}orfiil)ie$en« v. n. t)cra}&ttg ge^n, 
Dorrfidfen, fbrtfc^reiten, Sortfd^rittc ma? 
cben, — ^ment, ». tie S^eforterung, ter 
Jortfdiritt. — cr, «. ter Sefcrtetet, 

Advant'age, 8. ter SSortl^eil, 9{u|en, ®€5 
n)inn, ^or^iig, tag ltebergen)tdftt,.tte 
tleber(egenl^eit. «• ti. SSort^il bttngen^ 
nti^tic^ fepn* »* «• nd^en, ttenU(^ febn, 
befortem, —able, a. t)ortf)eiU^aft vhrkt 
a. t)ortl)ei(l^aft, nii|(idb, g{inflig;^-Iy,«i2. 
— ousness, «. tie iBortbeitlEiaftigfeit, 9hi|» 

Advecti'tious, a. etngefj^^rt, angl&nttfd^ 

Advdne, v. n. bin^utcmmen. 

Advdnient, a. j^in^ufomment, 

Ad'vent, «. ter 2(tt)ent. — al, & tet Ueberr 
tMf, ^mif(l^ibern)urf, 

Adventlne, — itioos, a. bil^ufonttnent,^ 
fSaig, fcemt ; — ly, ad. gufWig^ 

Advenfive, «. wag lftinjtttimmt;a.betVB^ 

AdmstlBil, a. pit 1llViattit\t scficno. 

AdvBDfnie, i. ba6 ZbenXiiiir, OQagcltfid, 
Ottigjiii, bra @lfictf f<til. 

Adrent'iiR), n. a. * n. ttoacn. — orer, >. 
bcr SBagfiaU, 2tbentcur<i;, Olfidftitui^ 
— ureaome, a. fiSfitl, Ccctlt, Mimfgen. 
— ureaomenere, ». tie EKiftigfeil, SfE= 
ncfidiiieit. — Drous,a.aknt(ucTltcf),tu|)n', 
— iy, ad. — ncsB, (. Me7(benKuciIic[){(it 

Advei'tiuino, ». lit HtB(nWcm|tcilU 
.Wverb.i.T. ba6J(B«rtiuni, 9l£b(n»crt 
Advarb'tal, a. a'6K<Aiali\ii), ncbennortlid) ; 

AdTsra'ahle, a. juwibiiir, enlgeflin. 
AdvetHiria, ». pi. T. tie Scftr(ibwf;( ; tafi 

Qcntcptbucb ; cin iSucfa. in ivclAcni Sic: 

bitoc iinC S^bitec gcgcn einanbei: aufgc^ 

fSfivt roctB(rt. 
Ad'versjuy, «. b<c t»i^nct, aBlBcrfaAHi 
Adver'sative,a.dncn @Menra| bt^i^nenb. 
Ad'Terse, a. enlgcgcnacfJBt, juniiBcr, wtbi 

ria, unglficWid); — iy, oi 
Advars'ify, ■. 6ic SSSibcnofirligtcit, buB Un: 

at&d, Slcnb. 
Advert, B. B. fttnc aafmerframftit auf st: 

rcaS tidtltn, auf midoS mcitun. — ence, 

— ency. ». Cic Mufllicrffoilltcit, — cnt, a. 

AdfcrUac, c. n^ benatnniqttgcn, atijctgcn, 

offentli^ tcEannt niadicn. —meat, g. Bit 

(jnnnCTUn.o, iSiatnung; bU Slndindit; 

Vic JfenUtrttf Se!annIinad|unf|,Xn}cigc. 

— er, ». tct !8tna*tid)tig!i; atmiger, 

tttS Hnjcigi'bCalt. 
Advai'poriite, o, n, M6<nb rcttbcn. 
Advice, (. btc 3i(ii^; bit Uelicrlcgunci, Sc^ 

ratfifilnqunai tic WaATit^t —boat, 

bo6 ^i)Bf4in> bit ^ci^o^L 
Advigilaie, D. B. ivadifam fcpn. 
Adtrinbl^ a. rat^failii nuiltd). — nesB, 

bic SlattifiiiBEcit. 
Adrin, v. a. Statt) gc6cn, ratl)cn '. 9Za(f)s 

ridit gcbtn.bcTtiiKn, inclBcn, bcnadjiid): 

tiQ(n.n-n.tatM(bl«Senifibcr[cficn. — ed, 

n. Elug, Bibaditrain ; bcbiufit, mrf&lUA ; 

— ly, ad. niit ffltbo^t. — ednEBB, t. Mc 
SeboitTonifcit. — ment, ». b(c 3IotIi, Sic 
Utbcriegung, SBcbaitfomfcit. — er, <. 
Cci Slat^gebcr, bcr Sladbctifit gicbt 

AdviB[^ >. la Stath, lai Vntfc. 

Adiilition,», 6i(Sititcic&(l(i. — lor, e. bet 
SAmciAltc —tress, I. I'ii ©djineit^! 
Icrin, — tory, 0. frfjuKuijIctird). 

Adult, a. enuadjfcn. «• bcc Snontfifin.'. 

Adul'lcc, B. n, sijtimit tegsljcn. Adolt'sr, 
*- bcciminc, wctdier buctft ^(imifdiung 
(liBii* Nrfalf*l>ta ajetfilfcfect, has mai 
^>:I3u^a|. ~-«ie,E.n.S^eatiut)bcgcben. 
r- fl-^- Ntfafftcn, a. (fjeiitrttictirm;/?- 
rcrfolf^L — AteDBBs. g. Bic 93ccfalfd)tina, 
bcr Wtfaifdjlf 3u(ianb. — diion, ». Bic 
1Bcrffirf*iing. — er, >. ttr S^cfirccSiT. 


— «ss,>.BieeOtbnd>tciii^ne,a.imSfitf 
bnid) cr^.-ugK une^elic^, nnUit, — km, 
a. chcbtcdKtif*. — j, ». b(i fifjcbaKii. 
Adiilt'oees. *. ba« tnsadircnt Xllcr. 

Adum'brant, a. a6fd)0ttCnb. — brate, e, a. 

bcfiftallcii, abCibanen, nfj tnbnctftn, obi 
bitbcn.ffijgiMn-— •"*'«*i.*-bi(31bfdjalf 
tung, bet teiji ffitit»utf,_ bit ©tijjc. 

Aduiiiiion, ». Bic Bcieinigung. 

Adun'city, i. bit Ac^nunt, bat ^aEenfcti 

Adunc'ous, Adonque, a. gtfcfiwmt, boEifk 

Ad'vocacy, (. bic jQctl^tbignng, Scfeut: 
U)tift. Ad'nwate, >. B«t abwtal, ®aiS: 
roolttt; {8<«hHBta«,a)trfed)tcn jfltt 
fptctficr, Scitrctct. — ship. — cilkm, «. 
bic @ad)Wii(tung, Oierttttunf^ . 

Advolition, I. B116 jtinjuftiegcn. 

Advoliition, «. Bic ^in junil^ng. 

Adrao'son, ». bct^fiinftenfaj, BoS ^attw 

Advouf rer, — res«, — rons, — [y. Bet g(i(i 

brcdicr, bic Qdcbtcitcriii, tIjtbTCdjctirA, 

bet QEjebrud). 

Advowee, t. bet Aircfienpatccn. 
AdvDw'wm, I- ba6 attract. 
Adfire, i>. n. is:tbTenncn. 
Adtist, — ed, a. vabtmnl, vct^caffl, enf 

jQnBct, ctl)i$r. — ibte, a. vetbrcnnlid^ 

—ion, g. Bcr Staab, bie ajctbttnnunfi. 
Ady'tum, 1. btc ©Qctiftci in Ben altcn 


Adie. Bea Addiee. 

M; bicfct £iipbif)eiig ftfieint nidit eieicnf 
lift) bcc cnglifchcn ©pw^f onjugclioien ; 
Bie banii[ oefditiebencn Iffiotiet njetbeii 
bcffct mil E gcftfetieben, anttt nxldiein 
sBucbrtaben fie ju fudicn |tnB. 

Aequdlor, Ilc. see Eq. 

A6gilopB, 9. bnS Sicgenangc, SbT&nengis 
fchmfit, (SerflcnEem (om auge) ; ^aftm 

A^gis, a. bic Sgibc ; @(l)u$tp<^t. 
AegyptiDcum, *. einc aii6 .banis, (HtSm 

fpon anb Cffig btftttjenbe ©olfte, 
Ael, in compouadt HQefi ; j. S, Aelwin, bet 

:inctebct(t i Alfred, bet xafrieBIidic. 
A^olcan harp, », bie Stertfeotfc, €8inb- 


A60IUB, g. Xcttu^, bet S«n Bet Sinbf. 
Aeon', s. taS 3eitatKi;Bi( SivigEeil. 
Mtb, I. bie 3(ilT«f)nung. 
Afiria], a. liifiig, ju Bct Suft wMtifl, Si^e* 

rifch ; lii>i> gdcgen, tiei) ttnaben. 
A«rle, f. baa Slefl tincd SioubPogclf, Bic 

A^ritbrm, o. lufMttlfl. 
Aerodynmn'ici, (. T. BlC gtfite Mn Bcm 

Zmi unb bet Scnxgung bet Guft, bie 


Aerojr'rBphr, 1. T. bie Eaftbtftbtettuafl- 
Aetol'ogj-, 1. \M St^W ^ft %« ^aS^IWW 

icgtc. ^^ 

AAnmancy, «. bU Jtunft, niie tCT Suft JU 
ivci{Tii(i(n, Hi Hcnmantic. 

46roineter, s. tct eufWKtTi''^. — melry, s. 
bie aufimtfTung. -^ant, n. in BufifAif; 
ftt, Suflfotjtci, — natiticB, ». Bit SrmR, 
bucA tic Suft JU fofjtcn, »K euftfitiiffm 
funft, TlctMiautifc —phobia, ». tie enffc 
W)eu. — "opy, »• bi* Sun[i, 6ic Sufi ju 

Aarestiif ics, » pI.Me EaftmiiflcEimfi; ec^rc 
Vtn kr SuflfAiDm^ 

ABroetiiioE, .. tie euflfAififclirt. 

AerOgo, », bcr ,ff upfcrwft, («rBnfpaii. 

Asthiopa-mSneriil, », T. Jcr ailiiKralnielir. 

Aetit'oB, a. bit Stltrftcin, tie 6tftrnifr(. 

A'tiir, ad. fern, «cit, p*n fern. 

A'feard, o. crfthrerfon, in Sui^*t, in ICngfl. 

A'frr, ». bvr ©iltnwftwinb. 

Ara, B. ein OciescmiAt auf Bet Jtfiftc 
Wn HuinM, (unflcfSfir cin; unjc). 

Afiabil'ity, — bleneBS,*. lit (ScfprSAigfeit, 
eculfdiqEtiL — blB,.ii. iculfcltg, fcninti! 
(i* V -My, ad. 

Affibroua, a. fftnfHi*„mi-ift(rfinft. 

Atfabulition, «. {t< ^ctal (iiKr ^n6(t. 
■ Affiiir, ». bie TtnariciKnhtit, ©otftc, fcos 
©cftftdfi; bcc EicDWfiatibd. 

Affil.niiBh,.o. a. flufifjungtm. — ed, 
rig, Btrftungcrt. 

Afflai, o-o. trf*r«((n. 

AfiKct, I. iie eribenfd)aft, @(mfit^e(lHDC:^ 
flung; bft Umftanb. e. a. ^ n. ouf «t> 
WM njirfun, SinfiuB Vt" ; ongrciftn, 
bctfifircn, trtffeti ; rfifetcn, 6f njcgtn, ;iad) 
«mai ftrtbtn ;. (itbcn, licb lialjcn ; fict) 
ntigtn ; fi* ftetlni, ft* jifvcn ; na*Sf: 
f(n,unnoriSri(*nod)af]nu-n-. T.iS6(tp5lf: 

wn, — ate,a.9(ji(n,goffinfl.'lt.— ntion, 

s. baSSitcbtn; bas angcnummcne SBc; 
fen, boS ®(jictc, bi« 3iet(cvi, — ed, a. 
tttSnlitltj gtjiett, serftcQl; — ly, ad. — ed- 
DESB, B. So6 gtjroungenc aScfcn, 3itKii. 
— "^ "■' — ^' "'' ™^^"''* Aflec'tior, », 
bic @i;m]»]tq<tc,iB(tV£((itnii,eeibcnrd!tift; 
Sisbt, auntiBung; SItigu'ng, ber Stftt; 
btE arflnnung; 6igtnfd)oft; tct @c= 
nifit^£ju|{anb, SuftanG Iti Siirttvi ; btc 
Ic66flfl( iOatftfllung ; bw Biertrti ; — ale, 
o. cifrig;' genciai, jugct^nn; mB uor 
eiebe, jSnli4,gflti(i; — ly.nd- — ateness, 
s. bit Buncigung, Sitit, 3irtlid)teit, @(= 
tucgcnljttt. — ed, a. (infltbilbcl, offjftirl ; 
gcfinnt, gcncigt AKc^tioual;-, ad. auf ci: 
ti( jirtti^eKtt; ouf cine iiifircnbt Itri. 
— ive, a. rilfitenb, fftmirjtiafl. — or, ». 
Gniptinb((r,!IIacl)iff(t^— uos'ity.g.biclie^ 
ligc ®(mfittSart,^(fti(ifcil.. — uonB,o.' ' 
b(nW)af(ti*,iuin*nb, palfectifd); — ly, 
Aifiser. r. a. T, ttttiftigcn, I'cftitigen. 

Affeer'etB, — ore, i. pi. ([. (J ®(f(fin!Ctn(, 

tic fur aj(rg(!)ung(r, auf rodific feint 
tur^tSdli^ Strafe gtfegrtiti cincmill' 
Kll/rlieSc. Sittijirafi liefiininwn. 


Afiettufiw, ■■ tin Scictien in ht ^Uttfl, 

iDcIdits (in( jfltle unb tfi^ttnbe ©tliB! 
nuing nnbcuttt, 

MRancc, r. o. Ktlcbtn, titrtrauw.. f- fcos 
ipedcimifi, ajtrtcouen. — ct,». DniBtc- 
AffidStion, Affiditnre, », in acsraftittflt. 

ASid&vii. (. bit eiblicbc Kuefagt. 
■"■';- Kriebi. 

. a. priirtn. 
AflUiiitiMi, «. bit 7(nn(()nnmg an Ainfccf,. 
Qit £c))nt£ Stem. 
Afiina£f,». T. bit Siutcrnng, Sttintgong 
(bet 9)i«otlc). 

Afflnod, a..ijgif(t)niae|(Tl, uttTOimbt. 
ASin'iiy,».bit ajerf*n)4gtrung,a!cnijanb(i 
ftbafl, Scfentidittit 

Affirm, B. a. bqatitn, btftnupttn, fieftiti: 
flin, — aMe, a. ju btfioupttn, |u twmf: 
liaen; — Jj, ml- — ance, — ition, *. tie fflts 
iahung,5S((ifittgun(i,9J rftSftigong. —ant, 
»■ btr Sttriftiflcr, fflefianptenbt. — ative, 
a. btiabtnt, k^ouptinb, gusnfidittiili ; 

-ly, ad. — er, ». btc Sciafltnbt, St: 
feoupttnbe., AffinnatiYe, ■. in btia^ntu 
©0^, tit ffltiofmng.. 

Affl», B, a. t)tfltn, on^fingm, tttffigtn; 
gtttn, M^oitrn. i. baj angtf)&ngtt ffint,. 
tie cnge^&nglt @Qlbt. — es, *. ff. tJltt 
mai in ttncm^ufc cingcbfiut.nKbvnti 
nagelfcft i^ — ion^ ». tie Tdifteftnng, 

AiSiitiin], 1. bat KnEifafcn, Ke- 1In(|Aii^ 

Affl!!tu»,»..tfeffiinbftrt;lite Sinnrttms- 

Afflict, o. o._ ingftigtn, ftttrfiben, ttfinto, 
(lufileny truden^ — ednees, >. bit Jna: 
rigteit, tcr ®ratn, Jtiimmer. — er, i. bte 
Cufiler, SBetriRer. — ingly, a, brtrfitrat. 
— tion, ». ba« Htiten, bie SrSbfal, Slttb, 
HEibtrmirtigleit. — i«,a..qBilnib, (rfei! 
!tiit, betifittnb. 

APfluoncc, —vDcv, ». let Stifluf, 3n(auf, 
llc6crfluS, ffltiWbom., — ent,.#.,jiijlif5 
Sent, mil, lODhlfiobenb v — "«^ » t" 
Utl'trpuf, fHti*t6nin.. 

Affini-. Affloi'ion, ». b« SufTuf, ^llltuf. 

AfFbni™, t. 0. (I. (.) obf^fiMn. 


Albrd, p. n. tjencrbtingen ; geai^mi, sti 

ben ; ini ©lonbe fenn' pi vnfauftn v tit 

.BcRen ju (tn»6 trtwgett (inntn, n= 

fibroin gen. 
Affor'rat, e. a, tinferftm., — dtion, i. T. Kc 

AffranchTse, e. o. Wreten, fwi gcbea. 

— mant, *. bit SSefreinns. 
Affray, 0. a. erf[i)rc(leni. 
Afn-dy, AfiriynKiit, i. tie Scbl&Smi, bof 

£ianbgeincnae, bet SJunn(I» K>fwc», 


Affi«t, «. ber toQt^enbe TCngrijf*. 

Affric'tion, «. bo^ JRclbcn. 

Afi&ight, o. a. erf^tcden/ in ^udcn 
fefeen. — m^t, 6. bet ^^vtdtn, ha^ 
<gntfe|ett. — ful, «. fd)]wc!lid). 

Affr6n^ ». bcr TCngnff *, bic Setctblguna, 
$Bcfdf)impfun9/ ®df)ma^un9/ @c^mQ(i)/ 
<Sd)anbc, V. a. bcgcgnen/ auf icmanben 
ftc9ch; ongrcifcn; bcfc^impfcn,t»rf6|U(l^ 
beleibigen, — «r, ». bet SBclcibiget^ — ive, 
a. bctelbiQcnb, befc^impfcnb. 

Afful'sion, «. bet Ttnfdftein. 

Affti8e,«.a.gufd)iitten/batan9lcSen. — fiwm, 
8, bie TCufciiepung. 

Affy', ». a, fic^ t)et(otJen ; ». «. octtrauen. 

Afield, «<i. auf^ gclb, auf bem getbe. 

Afioume', or Fitime, ». bet egnptifc^e Jtod^^. 

Afire, a<2. tm S3tanbe/ btennenb. 

Afiit, ad. flacJ). 

Afl6at, ad, fictx, fcftwimmenb. 
Afodtj ad, 3u ^u^, tm (S^ange. > 
Afiire, pre. S^ ad. ^uDCt, ^CX, OOttO&tt^/ 
tjcton, »ctl}ct, —going, oct^etge^enb, 
— ^hand, Mtau^/ »CtbCteitCt — mention- 
ed, ootet»&f)nt —named, Mtgcnonnt 
— said, J)Ct&ct QCfogt, —time, MtmotS, 


Afirdid, a. futdfttfam, etfd^todfen, befotgt, 
bongc. • 

Afresh, ad. oon neuem, abetmaU 

Af'ric, Africa, a, S^ a. 2Cftifa, aftifos 

African, a. Sfs.afxitani^dltf, bct^Cftifonet; 
bie @fammtt)(ume. 

Af ricus, 8. bet ©fibcftwlnb. 

Afrt^nt, 4id. getabe ent^egett/ gegenil^et* 

Afsldgers, s. T. ojfentdc^e ^etjteigctct ^u 

Afl, ad. T. ^inten am @d)ijfe ; fore and — ^ 
t>ctn unb l&inten; right — > immittelbot 
wn l^intcn, 

Afl'er, pre. na6), gem&p. «<^. nod), jointer? 
J)ct ; l^ctnod), nacftmol^/ nad^bem. — ac 
ceptation, etne na^ftet angenonmiene f&a 
beutung. —ages, bie 9^Qd)n>e(t. —all, 
cnblici^, am 6nbe. —birth, bie Sfiocfege* 
butt* — cap'stern, T. ba^ ^itttete cbet 
f (eine QJangfpifl. —costs, bie 9Zaci^!cften, 
— crop, — «it^age, bie Qiad^cmte, — en^ 
deavor, bie nad^fctgenbe SBemi^^ung* 
—enquiry, bie itatbfclgenbe Utttetfui* 
ung. — game,. ba6 9lad)fpic(, QZotbmit? 
te(. — githering, bie 9^acb(efe, —grass, 
— math, t>ai (Stummct; baS SlodB^cu* 
— ^hatch'way,.T..bie ^intcttu!e, —hold, 
T. bet ^intcte @cbiff^taum. —most, a. 
J)intet|t- 8. T. tm l^intete SRawm einc6 
jeben ^ijj'ee!, -noon, bet 9iad)t«ittag. 
— ^painst bie 9ia^eften. — pairt, bet 
tiaiftfcKgctibe %\}ci{L —piece, ba5 9?a(6« 


genbe IBciDei^; bie ttod^et tttomttiS^ 
genfd^aft. —reckoning, bie na<|fii(geiibe 
9iedf)ttung/ ^a6)hc6)t. —taste, beif fStai^ 
gcfdftmarf. —thought, bic ju fr&te VUhm 
(egung. —times, bie 9Zad^»ett —wit, 
bie gu fp&tfcmmenbe^tugbeit -HKnrath, 
bet nadbfctgenbe 3ctn, @totl. 

Afterward^ Afterwards, ad..m(i^f)et, bat^ 

A'ga, «.bet 2(ga, tiltfifdMJ JBefe^t^^abet. 

A^iiiy«d. tDiebet/ nod^mol^^ n^iebetum; 
bogegen; t)iiigegen, gut&f; dbetbief, 
fonjl ; as much again, ncd) einmat fo »iel ; 
to and again, l^in unb toiebet ; again and 
again, cinmat fiber ^ai anbere. 

Agdinst, pre. wibet, gegen, gegcniibcr/ bei, 
an, bi6 ; over against;, gc^enabet. 

AgAlaxy, «. bet gjlanget an swit*. 

AgalmAta. «. bie 3lercatf)en bet ©nitptut 
im Kttcrtbume, 

A'gami, s. ein ©umpfwoet in ^ftbometifa, 

A'gamist, 8, bet Unwtoeitati^ete, Oegnct 
be6 ^eitatben6« 

AgapsB, 8. T. 8iebe«may bet etften 6^tis 
(ten naidf) bet ^ommuniem 

Agape,, ai gaffenb, mit ojfnem QXunbe, 

Ag'apet; 8. eih Siebl^abet bc$ fci^^nen ®ee 

Ag'aric, ». bet 85(attetfcb»amnu 

AgAsse, 8. bie Kctftet^ 3tgtejlet,. 

Agist, a. etfd)t»dfen, beftw^t. 

Ag'ate, «; bet li%at, -Aq^aty, a^-agatattig. 

AgAve, 8. bet ometifanifc^e ®aumo(oe. 

AgAze, v.a. fcl)tetf en, beftfit^t modien. — «d, 

Age, 8. ba^ TClter, SORnfdienoUct, 3eitattet, 
bie 3eit, ha€ Softtbunbett Full ag«, bie 
SKfinbigfeit. Nonage, bie Unmunbiar 
Wt A'^tt; — ly, ad. n>ie 
a(te Ceute, nadft 2(tt altct 5)etfcncn, 

A'gency, «. ^a^ Zl)Vin, bic aOBirfting, bie 
TCgentfc^aft. Agen'da, ». bic ^itd)ens 
ogcnbe, ^a^ iDenfbuc^. A'gent;. a. wits 
fcnb. ». ba$ mitfenbc S5$efen, cbet ^lU 
Ut, bet 2(9cnt/ ®efd)6j^tt&9Ctt Agent- 
ship, «. bie ?(aentfd)aft,. 

Ageus'tia, 8. T. ein S^Wct im, ©inne bc5 

AggelAtion, ». ba^ ®cftieten. 

Aggenerdtion, 8. ba^ dufammcttmo^fen, 
bii: ©ctcinigung. 

Ag'ger, 8, bet fSaff,. —ate, v, a;. auf^&Us 

^n. — ose, «..t)ot[er^aufin, 
Aggl6merate, v.. a, aufmictchi, jufwnmens 

batten, v. n. ^ufamnientaufen. — tion, «. 

bie Sufammenmirfelung; 
Agglminant, 8i ba^ geiwmtttci; — ate,«.a. 

iufammenteimen.. — Atioo^.*. bie-3ufam« 

mentcimung. — ative,.«. teimenb*. 
A^guded-bundV 8. bic bcftc bcngaUfii^e 

AggriLoe,,*. a. t)e^lrt\.^%txi, ^^cSSa"^ 

rarittnt, tx^f|m, — ment, ». tli 

srfScnina, iUttms^runB. ~er, 

Agp&U, D. a. UcbFcfcn, fchnwiAcln. 

nn, Btrftblimmttii. —lion, •. tie ftjct: 

Ag'fTGffBte.o.iKtfamnicIt, g(b£iifi ■' 

3n6{griff nwferttei: BinflctoeKfigti... . 

u a. DtrTatntneln, jufommHibriiiaen, fjfiu! 

f(n. — iiioQi *■ bie ^iiufuna. 
AgertM,ii.B.an9r(ii>:ii. — i™, ». btt Sn' 

BKff. — or, f.kt ona«tivnB«ahtil. 
AgpiiviDce, ». tic Sflcfditutttt, tit SBor: 

btuEI. AggTitite,ti.a.tcinE[ii,V(Eiitiinicrn, 

Af^roop, ». a. T. anippinn. 
Agbiat, 0. ecfAroaCR, bcftuvjl, ccjtaunt. 
AsiideB, (.pL tfirftfAc SdjanjfclCiitcn. 
Agilo, a. ftutttg, titfifrib. — neaa, — I'itj,*. 

Hi aunigFeit, S3c6<nt)i<;F»l. 
Aeilliichuni, ». BafiaiOcW!.9Jotii6ic6r)((j. 
A'gto, (. tdS ICufgelti, bn lia^<ii\cl, tat 

Agut', B. a. (J, 1.) rinfc^mcn, sber frt nibcE 
!Bi(& in Bit SBcilie nconwtt. — »ps 
— ment, a. tie einfe^mung ; Ws XufDimi 
mutifl. — oc, », b(c 5<&mm(iil(r, !IKo[I= 

A'gilable, a. iltotiHA. —late, n. o. bcmc: 

Sin, fAfitteln, crfi))iitlfm, kfhdtm, ab: 
Mibdn, tti p^ (rmSatn. — tdlion, t. 
bif Scivcgnng, Qifd)fittvning, Sf|hrti: 
lung; UnKcfu^ung, ^tflfung, Ucbeilo 
gung; ijiftigt ecinfiilisbfnicgung, Utt: 
ruljc. — tiior, I. in roctdici: ctroai 6{i 
tttibt, bet Jtacnt, anaatl, Jtuftfitttr. 

A'gito, >. <in [(cincS QicwiAt in $<su. 

Ag^B^ t (itif fltinc Sigur. T. boS JtSlO: 
Aen on ben euuiifftben tn Sdiinen. 

A^nonfll, a. ju diKm .^dufcn, Stupp ge: 

Agnail, ». baS SUngclger^'pfi''. 

Ag'nste, #. ^ o. bcr SBcrroanbtC ritstlirfifc 

£<it£ I Ntmanbt. Ag'natic, a. aaf tk 

SBdwonbtfdiaft Bitctltdid: ©citi SBcjug 

Ajndiion, s. btc 58tul6rem)oiibif4flfl. 
Agn[tiqii,«.ttC?Cncrtcnnung. Agnlie, 

ccfenntn, jugebtn. 
Agnchnen, (. bcr 3unanie, B^nnQnii.'. 
AgDOmitiaie, n. a. nemtO. — itioii, c 

Mnfpiclunq eince SBoiKe BCCDiitlclfi 
acbnri^teil befi JtlongcS, 
• Ag'nus-ciigfiM, I. tec ^(ufAtniiiii. 

Ag'imsJdi, I. tae 8a mm aetlvs. 

AfiJ, Agdn, ad. pctiei, Mr ; some time ugo, 
ooreinigcr 3tit", n year ago, wr (intm 
Salir ; not long ago, niit (anni; i)ix, 
mitanqfi ; a little wfailo ago, Mr iurgcni, 

-4?^^, a.^. iSllanj to Bct apig, Ififtcm 


Agcdng, ad. tm Sange, in SJeuMgHng, tn 


IgMnpbiau^ ■. T. bit (fnnC^afK) Etdm 
b«il tec 31i6ne. 
Ag'oQ, 1. lat Aanwffptct tec olten Setts 
^eiu — othWeB, ».pl. lie ©Aictiriditer 
bts ben AomiJffjjiclen. —ism, ». tet 
aBMtftceit — i»t,».t«Jlompf«, etreii 
Mr, MgenifteS. — ut'ical, a. pnt aSstls 
fampfe geljerig. — ™> «. ». mil t<m 
3«b< cingen -, ^ein (aben. v. a, ^tla 
Deruc|iul)en, petntaen, maiticn. — iung, 

a. — Ij, ad. peinll*. — otlrttiCjB. ffBtOf 

tinipfe ciifitent. t. bev Jtaiiipfii4ter> 

Ar'oaj, «. tec 3cbc»f ampf, bie Stbteaagft, 
Seclenanof); SKacter, ^cin. 

Agnitj, 1. ta« SecfeLEnntnii^n. 

AgoDd, oil. im Smfl. 

AgTun'iuatiet, >. btC Ungcbfidt. 

Agrdrian, a. bie acdec *bec gfitbenint 

Agi6e, t. n. fidertinftimmtn, filinxinfcnii 
men ; gtm£g fCQii, angemeffen fcipa ; bc> 
lemmen, nitbl junitcc fe^n ; lugebcnt 
einig feqn, fintc&cftttg leben, P4 Mrtta* 
atn -, 9^ wtdtii^tn ; MtUtepcn ; «. a. 
^blicbtf n ; tttfUtntn ; au«f ((mtit;. —able, 
a.9nni&,angcnieffen,a ' 

, bit liek-rtinftimmang, 
Qltm£$l)eit, KngtmeftntKit*, Knnt^m' 
Ki^tcit, Knmn^ Ke|nU(bteit. 
hgried, i. tepp ! tiAtig ; ee bleibl tobei ! 
Aiiee'ingiiew, «. tit Uebereinfliaininnjt, 
nebniilfetcit Agree'ment, t. tie Utbtr= 
etnfKntniunti, Uclitrtinf unfi, ba< gjemcb' 
men; tei3}edrag,Sontm<t; SinRanft, 
bie barmen ic. 

Agrestic, Agrea'tical, a. lonbmoSig, tint! 
Uib, b£urif(^, gceb. 

Ag'ria, i. T, tie Slciwalmc ; tine art 
^«l)te, ebec Sincrmaal. 
Ajp-icolilion, ». ber Snnbbou. — cuhor, 
— cnlturiat, ». ttr Conbboutc — cultural, 
a. auf ben £anbbau Scjug babenb. —cul- 
ture, B. bee gunbbau, gelbbau. — wJ- 
laiism, a. tci Eanbbau ate SBiffenrAafL 
A'gtiraony, ». btc Ottiincnnig, bit £ebec: 

ni^phagns, a. bcr aBilbtlTer, bcc wm 
filtifd) miltctahicK leliL 
Agriot, (. tie aBcidjfel, !SeiAfc«ic<ftc, 

Afriw, v.a.^n. ^tiiliO) auSftfeen j fijaui 
teen*. cntHellen, fihrecEltcft ma<t>eii. 
AgroBtogripUa. •■ bit fficafewStfi^rcij 
AgniuDd, ad. anf ben ®eunb, auf b«n 
@nintc, geftranbct; to ma aground, 
Sranten j to be agrooud, geftrantct (hin, 

Ipyp'nia, ». T. tie ©*tflflt|iafctL 
A^gue, », tas fatle Jtebcr. —fit, bcK Kin 


^tSattm, ^affafro^. —proof; mai htm 
^tUt wlbctpcftt — ed, a. mtt Urn 
fatten gicbcr bcftaftct Ubctib. — ish, a. 
fiebet^aft; — ness, «. Mc giebctboftisfcit. 

Ah!t. 4!f)a!ad)! Ahi, i. l^a, ij^o ! 

Alian'iger, a, Ut ^omftfd)* 

Ahedd, ad, t»om)art6/ Dcv etncm anbetn ; 
ilber ^aU unt) ^cpf» 

Aheifirht, ad, «ufn)6tt^/ o6en* 

Ah6ld, ad, T. t)id)t bepm ^Sinte. 

Ahou&i, 8. ^atac etnct giftiden ^ftan^e. 

Aho/, i. T. botto ! ein ©eeaueotucf ; all 
hands — ^ aUc^ auf^ Verted ! 

Ai, 8, bet Kt ; Da$ amerifanifd^e ^auU^ietv 

Ajdr, fl. ^atbcffeiu 

Aid,«.bie^fttfc,l>et SBciftonb; bet 93cU 
ttaa an ®clb^ bte @teuet ; bet &cWU' 
Aid de camp, bet 2(biutant v* <>• ISielfen, 
bciftel&eA, — «int, a. bct)fitflict, f)&iftd6)* 
— er, «. bet ^clfet,®c^fitfe. — lessjo. I^fitf? 
(c^. —major, ». bet 2Cbiutant eine5 Sits 

Arigre, 8, ba« ftfitmifd^e 95taufen bc6 
97{ecte& a, fanet^ fc(>otf/ l^etbe. 

Algret, ». bet wciffe SReioet In 5)ctj!en unb 

A%rH 8. ein gtfin(i(]^ btouet ©teln^ bet 
in \2(fti!a ate ©elb unb 9ti| gebtau^t 

Algue-marine, «. bct 2Cquamann ; SBet^U. 

A'i^et, A'iglet, «. bie. ©pl^e »on QSetatt 
am <Snbe einet ^nut obet Stan^e^ bet 
©Hft, 9leftel|tift 

Ail, «. ba« SEBel^, bie VinpW^Uii,^tanb 
f)txU V. n, tve^e t^un, fd^met^en/ unpap 
fcpn^ ftfinfetn. — ment, «. bie Unpfiptw^s 
feit a3cf4tt)etbe» 

Aim, 8, bag 3iet/ Jtotnan ^WnXtn, k. bet 
Swcd, bie «Ri(l)tun9; 2(bjic^t, ba^ SSots 
l^aben; bie ^etmut^ung* o. n« 4r a. 
(mit at) ixiUn, ttadftten, ffteben ; 2(bfid)5 
ten ^aben ; mutf)mapen. —less, a. c^ne 
3teL —sight, ». bas ^otn an ®c»e^tcn^ 

Air, 8. bie Swft ; SWiene, bas Seneftmen ; 
bie Tfeujetung^ bet ©dfeein^ 2(nfctcin; 
bie 2Ctie, bag Sieb. ». a. (fiften/ ttodfnen. 
—balloon, bet SuftballOtt. —bladder, 
tie ©cftroinimblafe/ CuftMafe. —bom, 
ten f)imm(ifd)ct2Cbfunft* -braving, ben 
@tfttmen ttc^enb, —built, eingeUilbet/ 

jettfiumt —gun, bie 8GBinbb{ld)fe, —hole, 

mi fiufttod), -rpump, bie Cuftpumpe, 

— er, 8. bee Cttt)a6 ififtct/ ttocfnet — iness, 
«. bie Sfiftigfcit ; fi^> bie SeidbtigEeit, bet 
Ceid^tfintt/ bie Jbeitetfeit, 2ebf)aftigfeit. 
— ^ing, 8. hoA fififten, Stocfnen ; 6tl)0s 
lung in ftifd^et Suft bie @pagtetfa()tt/ 
tet ©pa^iettitt —less, a, (ufttcg, bum* 
pfw. — leVel, ». T. bie S'JioeaitsJSaaQe. 
— 4mg, «. bet asitbfang^ luftige SKen|3^ 
—poise, ». T. bie Suftmaage, —shaft, ». 
T. bet aBettetfd)a(^t,Suftfdba*t. —threads, 
s. jpL ® onnenfdben* —trunk, ». eine SJct* 


riAtung int Suftteinigung mit 9Xenjli(feii 

etfftUtet Dtte. -vessel,*. bie fiufttf^te; 

ba6 Suftgef&p bet ^flan^m Airy, «. 

(uftig, 9^/ t^tc^t/ ^^nn^ nid»tig, w^^ 

benb, flattetnb, luflig, ftct)/ lei^tfinnig, 


Aise, 8, hoA S(ad)gftattt, ^xX^vA* 
Aisle, Aile, «. bet '^X^Q^ti an bet ^itc^* 
Ait, 8, bie fteine Snf^t im Stuffe^ bet 

A'jutage, 8, bet 2(ufra| an einem €lptings 

btunnen, eine f)inaugefe|te 9l5^te, 
Ake, V. n, fd^met^en; me^e t^un, 8, bet 

©d^meti; see Ache. 
Akin, a. t^etmanbt 
A'la, «. T. bie gittigen a^nli*e SJ^eile M 

Alaban'dine, 8, eine SBenennung be6 Jtat? 


Alabaster, «. bet ?(ta6aflet, a. a(a6af!etn« 
Aldck, i. od^ ! C toi^ \ alack a day ! ad^ ! 

Alac'rious, c, tt)&tia; ft^^idfe/ muntet, 

f»i& ? — ty» «<^- — rity» »• feie S^dtigs 

feit; ^eitetfeit^ SWuntetfeit; bct gtoo^ 

Al'ae, 8, fL. bic jmci? &u|fetften Jlfigel eineg 

<&eeteef tn ©d^tadbtotbnung. 
AJamire', ». T. bic untetftc 9lotc auffet ei* 

net in Ouibo 2(teting Scnleitet. 

Alam6de, ad, nadb bet ^obe. 

Alan, 8, eine 2(tt SQSinbfpiet, SBinbl^unb* 
Alind,ad.3u Sanbe^an ba^ Sanb* 
Aldrm, 8, bag S&tmgefi^tei^ bet 8&tm, 
Sumutt Tfuftuftt ; bie Untune, SBefotgs 
nip ; bic SKedfu^t. — ing, a. ©d^tcdfen 
ettcgcnb; — ingly, ad, — ist, «. bet 
©d&tedfen ettegt. —bell, bie ©tutms 
glcrfc. —post, bct S&tntp(a|, —watch, 
bet aKcdfet^ bie SBedful^t. (Alarum 
fdbcint Weg cine wrbctbcne (S^teibatt 
^u fcr)n), Alirm, «. a. ^u ben SGBaffen 
tufcn, S6tm btofcn; in Jutd&t fegen, 
Scfctgnip erwcdfcn^ bcuntu^igcn ; in 
fflcwcgung fc|cm 
Aids, i,a^\ we^ ! 
A14te, ad. ncuUd), iftngfl. 
Alater'nus, «. T. haio 3mmctgt{in« 
Alb, Al'ba, 8, bic %iU, bag ©ootbcmb* , 
Al'ba-ter'ra, 8. T. bet ©tcin bct SBcifcn, 
Allmtross, ». cinc 2Ctt ©cccogcL 
Alb6it, fld. obfd&on^ tt>ien>ol)t/ ungcad^tct/ 

Al'beraarl, g. bic 9)Jatmctpjit|i(^e. 
Alb^rge, ». bic ^ctgpfitfidbC/ Jtubpfitficfte, 
Alberntio, 8. cinc itt (ct?antifd^et (Sames 

Albificdtion, s. T. bag SKcipmacbcn. 
Albinos, 8. wciffc 9?cgct mit totften 2Cu« 
gen, bie bct) ^Kad^t bcffct fe^en f 6nnen alg 
am !Iage. 

Al'bion, 8, (Sngtanb. —metal, Slei} mit 
3inn fi6etf(eibet. 
Albugin'eooB, a. Um %\XOU^ \Mcv.^% 



AMgo, «. to» fi^ffe im (H ; ^H impU'^bra, «. bie Hi^thta, Xtgein; 

Vttgc, bvt mcifffe ®taar. 
AllMim, 8. bail C^ommbuc^ 
ATeahect, Al'kahest, «. bag 2((!a^cft (cin 

aU^itmmi TCuftefung^ttThtel). 
AlcAic, «. bet 2((c6tf(!)e »I5et6. 
Alc^id, t. bet ^(6(e9(^uf>tmann ; .@tabt? 

AFcali, 9. 2C(f a(u see Alkali. 

Alcan'na, «. btc ^unb^bccrftoube^ —oil, 

Al'chymical, «. aldwmtfltftft ; — ly, ««?. 

— im^ «. bet ?((df)pnu|t (5Jc(bmod&«t. 

— ^mize, V. a. oetwanbetn. — ^my, 8. bic 
. 7ii6)mi^f ©clbmad^crel; eine Hvt WlctaH. 
Alcine, ». bet ^fil^iietbatm/ bQ0 SK6ufe6^? 

(eiti/ 9Soge(ftattt 
Al'cobol, «. bog 2(lfcl^c(/ bet tccttjitttte 

aKcingeilt. — izAtion, s. tae JRcctipcitung, 

— ize, t). «. tectifitttetu 
Al'coran, «. bet Jtotaiu 
Al'cove, 9. bet 2Ctfo»etu 
Al'cycm, ». bet ©igtjeget. 

Al'der, «. bte @t(C. 

Al'derman, 8. bet SRot^gl^ett. — ly, ad. 
etnem 9{Qt^$()ettn &()ntid)/ ^u etnem 
3tcktl)iif)extn Qtl)hnQ, n?ic ein 9lotf)5l&ett, 

Al'dern, a. ettetii/ t)on (Stten^ot^ 

A'le, «. bag unac^bpfte a3ter, ffiffc SBiet^ 
2Cei, —berry, %a^ SBatmbtcr. —brewer, 
bet 7(e(6touet. — conner, bct SBietauffe? 
I^et, —house, bag SBiet^aug. — Chouse- 
keeper, bet 9Bletn)ttt^, —knight, bct Secies 

Alecost, —coast, ». bet «Hainfani^ bie 

Alectry6inachy,».bag ^a]&nfed)tcn. — ^ncy, 
Alecter'onian<y,«.bog SSft^tfagen cetmits 
telft cineg ^a^ng. 

A.l6e, ad, bem 83Httbc gegenflbet/ rnttet 
bem Sittbc. 

Al'egar, ». bet JBletefitg, Kelefltg. 

A'lehoof, 8, bet ©tbep^eu. 

Alembic, ». bet iDeftittttfotbctt, SBtenns 

Aldngth, aJ. bet ft&ngc nad^ 

Ale-post, «. bet SOlaten&aunu 

Al^rt, c. roadftfam, muntet, (eb^aft^ flint 
— ness, 8. bie 35luntetfeit*bag ftinf e ffifees 

Alexan'ders, ». bog ®mt)tnenftaut. —foot, 
8. bet Setttom, bag ©pcicftctfroul 

Alexan'drine, «. bet 2((cxanbtihifd)e SSetg, 

Alexiphar'mic, a. cin ©egengift cnt^attenb. 

8. bog (Segengift. 
Alex'ippos, ». eine SKafd^inc ^um ^(ufttdbs 

ten jeftfitatet ^fetbe. 
Alexiter'ic, — ical, a.entge9entt)itf cnb^ (^ift 

Mttteibenb, 'Sktn t)cttrcibenb, 
Al'ga, ». bog ©eegtog, 
Algarith'mus, »..bie »ict JRcd)nun9gottcn, 

namltd^ ?(bbiten, ©uOtto^itcn, Sftulti? 
pdcirett, ^MHtcn. 

— ical,«a. otgebtaifd). — ist, 8, ber %i^ 

Al'ffid, «. MX, geftctcn. — ity, —new, #.bie 

^a(te, bet gtcft. 

Alg^ic5,«. cftaltenb, folt tnod^nb* 
Aagon'qwn, 8, ^ptod^ etneg tnbtontfi^n 

©tommeg in ^onobo. 
Al'gor, 8, cin ]&of)et ®tab wn it^te, bic 

crtcpe M\\x* Algtise, fl. fcbt f a(t. 
Al'gorism, — ithm, «. T. bie S^ed^enfunft 

nrtt Sol^tcn. 
AMlontide,». bet Sog ?Cttet{^i(igcn,ctjle 


Al'heal, «. bic ^toftwurjcL 
Alias, ad, fonft. 
Aliln, ». T. bag 7(nbctgn)C ; btc ©ntfet? 

nung »on bem £)tte, wc etn 8Setbtecfeen 

begongen n^ctben. 

Al'ible, a, ndl)tcnb, nafttf^oft, n&l^tbot; 
Alice, 8, (ein 9flamc) Slfc, Stfe, 
Alic6nde, «. bct g(ad)gbaum in @t^oplen» 
Alices, ». i>2. bic Jtetf en r>ot ben Slottctn. 
Alien, a, ftemb, ougl&nbifd) ; entfetnt wn 

etwog/ ijuTOibcr. «.bet Jtcmbe^ 2(ugtdttbct. 

A'lienable, a. t)ct&uffct(id)» — ate, v, a, tjfts 

6ufl[ctn, entftcmben, cnt^ic^, obfpin? 
ftig madbcn/ obwenbig marf^. a, wts 
6uffctt, entftcmbct, obwenbig, obgenelgt 
— Ation, 8. bie 95et&ufl[etung^ @ntftems 
bung, TCbfpfinftigfcit, Stennung,bet itoftj 
linn. — of mind, bic 2(bn>efen^ett beg 
9Sctftanbeg, SScrtiicfung. — ator, ». bet 
ctwog ttct&uffctt. 
Alif erous, Aligerous, a. bcflfigett. 

Alig'ge, Alegge, v. a. ttctminbctn/tttibetn. 
Alight, V. n. fid) niebcttaffcn, l^etuntettem^ 

men, obftcigen, obfi^en, ougfteigen, fa(? 

len, ^crabfotten. 

Alike, ad, gtcid^, dlftnlid), eben fo, wtc 
Al'iment, 8, bic Sfjofttung, ©pctfc. — al, a, 

nfi^tenb, noftt^oft; — ly, ad, — ariness, 

8, bie Sfioj^t^oftigf eit — ary, a, ^ut 02o^? 

tung gc^otenb, nal)r]5aft, na^tenb, epbot. 

— Ation,«. bct Unterl^aU, bie ©tni^tung, 

Alim6riious, a, ndl^tenb, ctl^ottenb. AT- 

imony, 8, bet Untctf)alt, bie SSctpflegung, 

bog Sol^tgetb. 
Al'iquant, 8. eine 3aft(, bie in einct gtopetn 

nicbt getobe oufgcftt, tt?ie 3 in 10, 
Ariquot, 8. cine 3af)I, bie in einet gtigetn 

einigemol entftoltcn ift, wie 3 i« 9, 
Alish, a, bictottig, mie 2Ce(. 
Aliture, «. bic Sfla^tun^. 
Alive, tt. Icbcnb, Icbenbig, tcbl&oft. 
Alk, 8. ein fXBoffcnJogct oug bem ®ef(^le(ftt 

bet $opQget)tfiud)et. 
Alcales'cent, a, cincm HiHXx af)nU(^ 
Al'kali, 8. bag liXlaiK, Cougcnfot^. — ^line, 

a. otfatifd^. — liiate, t>. a, atfalijltcil. 

— zAtion, 8. bie 7((ta(iptung. 
Al'kaiieT,«.bu ^att(«nbta(c<bct 3){unb(eiiit» 


AlluBMtvi^ He vot^e oter fpanifc^ )Dd^s 
Alkeken'gi, «. bie Su^cnftrfdbc* 

ten, bet j|etme6bectfaft. 
AH, a. 4r ofi. aU, gang, at all, gan^ unb 
flot, "iftetftoupt not at all, gat nlc^t, 
nothing at all, aat ntd)t6« all over, (ihcts 
(kUf butPd^ unb owt^. all one, gtcidjoict, 
€inet(ei?. all along, bie ganjc Seit^fiOet, 
all-of a Bwlden, gan^ unenoattet/ pteMt^. 

for good and all, ouf tmmet. all hail ! 
^cif cu* ! mM m ! aU-hallow, 2(ttct? 
f)Ct(iO[entag* all-haUown, all hallow-tide, 

bic Scit urn OTettjeitigem All wirb fe^ 
^au^d in 3ufammenfe|ungen gebrauc^t, 
bic mcijleng wiafft^tltd^ fmb, 5* 95. aU- 
comnionding — ; ba fie (eid^t DCtft&nbttd^ 
linb^ fo f)at man fie nid)t angefu^tt, urn 
^enSRaumguetfpaten. einigebamitgus 
fammengefe^te SBittet ftnb f (affifc^, a($ 
Al-mighty — 

Alla^hreve, ad, T. auf^ ^Utje^ in Eut^m 
3eitmaape ocn Qxoi\6)iti\0^^cn, cbet im 
1 Sacte. 

•Allantoides, Ailantois', $, T. tet jDatm, 

ba^ tttingef&$. 

Alldy, V, a. gufe|ctt/ legxtcn; m&pigen/^ 
f4n)^en, linbetn. s, bet 3ufa|, bie Scs 
ditung, 9)2i|(i^und4 Sinbetung/ @d)n)^ 
d)un9, SK&ptgung. — er, ». bet, tt)e(d)et 
3ufe|C (itibett, ma^gt; ba^ Sinbetun^^s 
tnittcL — 4nent, s. bie i&inbetung, ba6 Cms 

All6ct, V, a. an(c<fen^ ongiel^en. — ^tion, a, 
bie TCntocfung. — ive, a, (odCenb, teigenb, 

All^dge, t). a. onfS^en, 6eii6tingen, be^ 
ftauptfn^ etfl&ten. --able, a. anffi^tbat. 
— er, 8.bet2Cnfill^tet, ©e^auptet. — ment. 
Allegation, 8. bte TCnffiotung, SBel^aup^ 
tung^ angefii^tte @telle. 

Allegiance, e. bie Steue, 5)flid^t bet un? 
tett^ancn* —ant, a, iteu unb gei&otfanu 

AHegor'ical,— 4c,«gotif(!^,()ttbtid)/t)er? 
blfimt; — ^ly,a<?. — ness, ». bie aUegcti? 
fdfte 95efdftaffen6eit — ist, «. betjenige, 
t»e(c^t W ^^'^ 2(ttcgotien bebient bet 
TCUegotift — rize, ». a. bitbftd) teben, 
bilb(id) etftfiten. — ry, ». bie 2Cttegotie/ 
6itblid)e SRebe. 

All^gramen'te, ad. T. ^Uttig, niuntet. 

— gret'to, ctn>a5 muntet ooet (eOt)aft. 

— gris'simo, fe^t l^uttig. — gro, ». t^a^ 

2CUegro; ad, (uftig, muntet. 
Allem4nde,». bieOTemanbe (ein beutfd^et 

%ani unb SO^uftf bagu). 
All^rion, ». T. eine Mtt TihUt, bet el&ne 

©djnabct obet JW^ batgcjteUt wirb. 
Afiemte,t7. a. etlcicfttetn, Unbctn. — tion, 

«. bie (Sttcid^tctung/ Cinbctung. 
AHfiy, <. bet @po|ietgang/ bie'2fttee, ba^ 


AE-feob'^ay, t. ZfOeniactcniAg, bet nfic 

Alliance, «. bie ^etbiuibang/ tai SftnW 

ni$,bie iBctfd)n>&getun9/iBetn>anb4i^ft, 

bie 93etn)anbten. 

AUiciency, a. bie an^ie^cnbe ^taft 
Alli^rate, v, a. t>et()inbcn, anfntlpfett/ ux* 

einigcn. — dtion, ». bie SSetbinbunj, 

SSetCnfipfung ; (in bet aie^enfunjt) bte 

Alligator, 8. bct Salman (eine 2(tt Jtto^ 

Alligature, «. ba^ S3ailb/ (S^eteni see Lig- 


Allision, a. ba$ 2Cnflo^ Sufammenflof en, 

bet 2(nnjutf. 
Alliteration, s. bic TCtlitetotion, (wemt me Ji? 

tetc einanbet fctgenbe SBottet nrit bcm? 

felben SSudftftaben anfangen). 
Allocation, «. T. bie Sutajung einet Jets 

bctung, unb bie ^inaufujung betfetben 

gubct «Rcd)nung; bie Silligung; bic 2Cn» 

n>eifung gut SBesal)(ung. 
■Alloctition, a. bie 2(ntebe. 
All6dial, Allbdian, a. ftb^cigen. AQbdium, 

a. ba6 fteie @tbgut. 
Allodificdtion, ». bie SSctattobung/ fflet^ 

wanblung t)on 8e^ng&tetn in Sigcngutet. 
Al'lolida, a. bet ^afcnflcc, ^afenampfet. 
Allonge, a. t)et 2(n|top im ^e(^tcn; cine 

tangc ^eine (n)otan man in bet Sititf 

fd)utc cin q)fetb (a\ifen l&St). 
Aldo ! i. ^atico ! V. n, ^aUtl) fd^teven. «. a. 

Alloquy, a. bie ^Ctttebc, bic Uirtcrrcs 

Allot, ©. a. butdft^ fioc^ gutfteilcn, aufft&ctc 

(en, suctfcnnen, ctt^citen, beftimmcn, 

DCtwittigcn. —ment, — tery, a. bo^ 0oo^ 

Dct 2(ntoeil, bie 3u1^ei(ung. 
AUdtria, a. |)(. Slebcnbinge, frcmbortige 

93efci^&ftigungcn ; SBeiroctfe. 
Alldw, V. a. cttaubcn, gugeben, eint&umen, 

bewittigcn, au^fc|en, gebcn, gcftattcn, bcs 

tcc^tigen, bittigcn, gut^cijTen. —able, a. 

ctlaubt, i\xWidi, ticfetig., tccbtrnfigia. 

— ableness, a. bic SulapUd^fcit, 9?ec^tmas 

pigf eit. — ance, 8. bie (S'int&umung^ 3u? 

(affung, (SttauOnip, gteif)cit,8SoUma(i^t; 

bag 2(uggefc|tc, bie JRogion ; bic ^ad)- 

ficftt; bct gutc 9«uf, gutc Sflame. 
All6y, see AllAy. 
•AU'spice, a. bet SfJetfcnpfejfet. 

Allubes'cency, ». bie fBittigfeit 
Alltide, V, a, anfpictcn. 
Allum, &c. see Alum. , 

Alliiminate, Alltimine, v. a, ^^ma(cn. Al- 

liiminor, ». cinet, bct mit ^flffctfatben 

Alltire, a. bic Ccrffpcifc. v. a, antodfcn, an* 
tcigcn. —ment, a. bic 9lcitung, 2Cn(05 
dfunp, SSctffifetunc!. — ^, a. bct Uniedcx, 



fen. Me aserfuci^una. 

ADtteion, 8, tie TCnfptetuttg* Alltisive, a, 

anfpietent; — ly» ^d, — ness, «. tic ©i? 

aenfd)aft bet ICnfpictung* 
Alltivion, ». btc 2Cnfd)n)emmun<^/ 2(nfpfi? 

tung ; ber 2Cnfa|/ ber 2(nttjurf. Alliivi- 

0119, a. angefpfitt, anaefdbtoemmt. 
Ally', 8, bet Tffliirte, ©unbsgencffc; SScr* 

wanbte. ». a. oecbfiitbcn, oerbinben, oer? 
■ cintgen. 
Almacan'tar, ». T. etn 3trf et, wctd^et niit 

bem 4^origont patattet gel)t. — 's staff, ein 

Snftrument wit eincm SBcgcn t)cn l5|Al6w, arf. untcn. 


liett (etcicrrtftdr nut ^e9^(ettamDeRM«t9^ 
Al6ngr, ad, pre. bet S&nge nadft^ ^tii, f0cr, 

(&na5 ; all along, tmmeo ^ejldnbtg; alon|^ 

with, gag^indf mu 

Al(3of, ad, cntfcmt, tn ber (Siitf^mting. 
Alopecia, Atopesy, 8. bet Jfttdj^rhib; ba^ 

?(u6fatlen ber Ijoare. 
Alop6en, «. etnc frf^mote TLvt Sem^n. 
Al6se, 8, bie 7(lofe, 2((fe, (g!fe, (etne TLtt 

tanget ^Sringe). 
Aloachi, 8, bet ®ummi be* roetffen Simmt? 

AJ6ud, a(2. (aut* 

®tab/ urn bep bem 2(ufs unb Untctgang 

bet ©cnne bte TCbtoeid^ung bet SOtagnet- 

nabet ^u jtnbem 

Almddie, 8, ein ital&n wn SSaumtinbe, 
Al'magest, ». bic Qte^H, »ott|l&nbigfte 

^ammtung dbet bie ©tetnfunbe, ocn 

€. $to(em&u^ 

Alm&gra, 8, bo* fpanifci^e S3rauntetl^. 
Al'ma miter, ». ^m. bie UniDCtfit&t. 
Al'manac, 8, bet ^atenbet^ 2((mQnad^« 
AI'mandine, 8, bet ^ttmanbin^SKubin. 
Almdria, 8, pL bog 2(td&i» (cinet^itc^c)* 
Alm6na, Alm6ne, 8, ein oftinbifd^cS ©af* 

ftangeroic^t wn pei $funb. 

Aimightiness, «. bte 2Ctlmad)t. 

Almighty, a, attm6(i)tig, ». bet Mttifidbtige. 

Almizddir, 8, bet ®tiinfpan. 

Alm'ond, 8. bie QKonbet; ein pcttugiefis 
fd^eg jOclmaop »on »iet unb einet f)aiUn 
©attcne, — tree, «. bet gj^onbetboum, 

Alm'ond-tumbler or Ermine-tumbler, «. bte 

Ahnonds, ». j)Z. bie gefdftnittcnen ^ti^ftall? 

fb5(f c ^u ^tcnteud^tetn ; Jig. —of the ear, 

bie £)ttenmQnbe(n/ jOl^tgcfd)n>utfl ; — of 

the throat, bic 9Konbe(« am .g)a(fc, 
Alm'oner, s. bet Tftmcfenpflcgcr, —ship, s. 

bic ?{(niofcnppege. Alm'onry, ». txi^ 7tU 

Almost, ad, fa(l, 6einol^e» 

Al'moxarifdrgo,*. bct2Cu6fu6tiicK ffit^au? 

tc auf fremben @d)ijfen in ©ub^Umctifa. 
Alms, a. bag 2C(mcfen. —-house, ». bag 2(1^ 

mofen^au^/ ^(tmen^aug. 
Al'mug-tree, «. bet ©itjen? cbet ©benbaum 

(in bet engtifd&en fSibci). 
Aln'age, «. T. t>ai ©ttcnmaaf, ^Dleffen; 

bie Sbgabe t)em %n6). Ahi'agar, Aln'- 

egar, Ahi'eger, ». T. bet gcfd^TOOtnc Sudb- 

mcffcr, SKenftemptet, 
Aloa, 8, Jell bet2(dct(eute tm alten ^ties 

Al'oe, 8, bic 2((ce. — ^f ic, — t'ical, a. an^ 

2C(ce beteitet 
Al6ft, ad, f)cd:}, in bet ^cf)c, in bet 8uft; 

oben/ fibct. 

Aldne, c. Sf ad, attein. — ly, «<?. aUcin, ein? 

Jig, —nesB, 8. bfl^ JCtteinfe^, bie Mcvcfi I ftig» 

Alp, «. ein &obct Setg. 

Al'pha, 8, ba6 2((pl&a, A (bet et(le a5u(W«^ 

tm gtiedftifcften TCtpl^o^rt)* 
Al'phabet, ». bag 2(ipf)abet — ic, — ical, a^ 

atpbobetifd) ; — ically, ad, 
Alphifidon, «.T. ein IBeinbttid^ (iwbct bte. 

^ned^en gan^ ^etfptittett finb). 
Al'phenix, 8. bet toeiffe ©etften^rfet; 
Al'pine, a, gu ben ?(tpen geo^ttg, !&«!&. »^ 

bet 2C(pcnben)c^)net ; etnc 2(tt ©rbbcetcn^ 
Alps, 8, pi, bie TCtpen, bag 2((pengeHrge. 
Al'qiiifou, 8, T. bct S3tetgton3. 

Ahread'y, ad. beteitg, fd^Om 

Al'so, ad. audb. 

Alt,*, in bct 9Kuji!,bet TO, bie ^tttftimme^ 

Alt'ar, 8. bet 2((tat. —age, «. bag ICCtat? 

gc(b, jOpfetgctb. 

Al'tavidla, ». bie 5)oppetgeige/ aStotf^e. 

Al'ter, ». a. finbetn, Dctdnbetn. ». «. anbetg 
njctben, fidfe anbetn, — aWe, a. Det&nbet? 
tid), manbctbat ; — ably,arf. — ableness, «.- 
bic SSer&nbetlidjfeit —ant, «. 6nbetnb. 
— dtion, 8. bic 2(cnbctung,aSctfinbetung» 
— ative, a. 95ct&nbctung b^tpotbtingeno, 

Alt'ercate, ». n. ^anfcn, fttcitcm — cdtion, 

8. bct 3anf, ©ttcit, SBottwecfefet. 

Alt6rn, a. wed[)fctnb, n>cd)fc(n)cife. — acy, 
8. bag Um ? obct 2Cbn?ecfefe(n. —ate, ». a. 
abn)cd)fc(n ; ff. abwed&fctnb ; ». bie 2f b^^ 
wcdbfciung; — ly, ad. — ateness, «. bag Hht 
mcd)fc(n,bic n)cdi)fe(g»eife gctge. — Ation^ 
8. bie ilnm)cd)fctung, 2Cbtt>cdbfe(ung. — 
ative, a. abmcdbfdnb ; «. bie not^wen? 
bigc SSaM an^iW^n i">«^ >Dingen, bie 
gjct^wa^t, bct S55cd)fclfaa, ^temmfatt. 
atWeness, — ity, ». bic icbwed^fclung, med^s 
fctgroeifc Solgc, 

Alth^a, 8. bct 6ibifd&, bie witbc SWotre,. 

?((t(ec, {marsh mdUow). 

Alth6ugh, Alth6, c. i^bgtcidft/ tt)cnn gtcid^, 
Al'tiffrade, a. in bie ^c^c (tcigenb, 
Altifoquence, «. bie bcdjttabcnbe SRcbe, 
Altim'etry, «. bic ^ol^cnmcffung. 
Al'tin, 8. einc tfltfifcfee ©ctbmfin^e oen ol&n^- 

gcfoftt awci fpanifdjen S^atetn.' 
Altin'car, 8. etnc ?(tt ffinftlid^cg ^tilj gnm 

Sicinigen bct SUetatte, 
Altis'onant, — onous, a. ^Od^tonenb/fd^toftts- 


ba{:2(ffafctttat)a$ ©umrnt tft 
Altitude, 8. bte ^cf)e^ (&tf)at)tnf)txU 

Altivolant, a, t)tdifi\CQCnt* 

Al'to, 8. see Alt 

Altogether, ad, ^ufammcii/ Q^tl^A, DcStg. 

Alv6aiy, ». t>a6 Sicncnl^au^. T. tie @es 

Ai'udel, 8. T. tog SuSlimirgefSp, 

Al'um, «. bcr 2(tQUn. — Jnoua, a, otflUn? 

Altita, 8. cine ?(rt gcterftein* — 4tion, «. 

bag ©crbeii/ tie ©etOetcu 
Alv^U, «. |)2. btc ^cnig^eQeiu 
Alv^ufl, 8. bee ^anat, bie Sftimt ; ba6 

Al'way, Always, ad, immer, ftet^. 
Am, bin, wcrbe (ucn to Be, fepn). 
Amabil'ity, «. bie 8ie6en(;n>jirbig!eit. 
Amadet'to, A'madot, 8, bie 2Cn)aboten6ir; 


A'madou, 8, bet Sunbetfc^toamnu 
Amdin, ad. mit mogti^ftet S^&ttdfcit/ 

fcftnett, F)urti9/ ffin^^ 

Amargam, Amalgama, 8, T. btt5 TCmalga^ 
ma, bie SKetaUmifcftunQ* —game, — ga- 
mate, v. a, T, amaiQammn, oerqutcfen. 
— gamdtion, ». T. bie SSetquicfung. 

A'man, 8, ein Uanct tanmmtUintx 3etiQ« 

Am&nd, v, a, toegfd^tden* — ition, 8, T, 

bie aSerfiidCung. 

Amanuen'sis, «. bet 7iVii\^XCxUt, ©d^teis 

Am'arantb,«. bie TixMxati^i, ba^ Saufenbs 

fd)cn.— me,a.omotantl^en,ttnt)etwert(id^ 

Amai/itude, Amar'ulence, «. bie 93ittetf eit» 

— ^lent, a, bittCt* 
Amas'ment, Amis, «» bec ^oufetl, bte^&tts 


Am&ss, V. a, l^&ufen, anfl^&ufen. 
Amite, V, a, erfd)teclen^ befrorat madt^m, 

Am^tOTy, a, ^ur Siebe ge^otlg, gut giebe 

tei^nb. — teur, 8, bet fiiebftabet. 
Amaurosis, ». bet fd)tt)ot3e ®taat» ^ 
Amize, v, a, in ©djtecfen fefeen, etfdfttes 
^ den ; beftdtgt mac^en ; in @tfiannen oet:: 

fe|en/ ftaunen mad:^tn* «.bie ^SefKitgung, 

ba^ ©tftaunen. — edly, ad, mit (StflQU? 

nen/ mit SBeftfitsung. — ment, «. bag (gt* 

flaunen/bie IBeflutgung^SSetiiDunbetun^ 

-ziiig,a. etflaunenb,etftaunftd&; — ly, aa. 
Aih'azoa, ».bie ^(magone, --ian,a.!tteges 

Ambiges, ». bet Umfd^weif. — gious, a, 

A'mbar, 8, (tufftfc^) fauim&nnifd^g 2Bao« 

Ambarv41ia,«.|rf. bie (Sete^fe|le,getbopfet5 

AmlMflsade, ». tie ® efanbtfiftaft/ SBotfc^ft, 
' —dor, 8, bet ®tcff>olfd)aft^r, ©efanbte. 


—dress, «. M( ©efbttbtin, fSttfS^afkAs^ 
—age, — sy, «. bie ®efonbtfd)afi 

AmTjer, a bet SBemflcin, ?(gtftein; «. ^m* 
fteinattia. — gris, bet ?(mbro. —seed, 
bet 2(bc!tncW. —ties, ber 2Cmbtabaum/ 
bie 2(mbraftaubc« 

Am'bes-ace, «. bet 5)af(f) (im 89Dfitfctfpttl). 

Am'bia, «. cin bidfet inbifd)ct 8iqueut. 

Ambidex'ter, — trous, a, etnet/ bet beibe 
^inbe mit gleiAer Jettigfeit gebtauAt, 
bet n6)t6 unb linH i|l ; einer, bet auf 
beiben 2Cd)retn tt&gt, ein gn>eibeuttaet 
SKcnf*, bet 2C(^(e(tt&9et. — terfty, 
— trotisness, 8, bie gettigfeit beibe ^&ns 
be 3u gebtaud^en ; bas gweibeutige S3e$ 

Am'bient, a. nmgebenb. , 

Am'bigu, 8, cine gRofttaeit bie an* einem 
©emifi^e t)cn ©peifen befte^t; tai O^es 
mifci^, — ^ity, — ousness, 8, bie 3weis 
beotigfeit, llHge»if^)eit bet ©ebeutuno. 
—Otis, a.5n)eibeutig/ aweifel^ft, bnnfef; 

— ly,. ad, 
Ambil'ogy, ». bie SttJeibentigf eit, — oquous, 

a, jn)eibeutig im 2(u*btu&* — oquy, «. 

bet ®ebtau$ atoeibeutiget 2(u6btiute, 
Am'bit, 9. bet Umfang*^ 
Ambition, ». bie 6^tbegtetbe, bet (&^ts 

geia/ bie ^IJitrud^t^ ^ettfdS^fud^t, Gtobe^ 

Ambitioiis, a, el^tbegietig, el^rgeiatg, e^fs 

fSd^tig/tul^mbegiettg/ empet^beno^nad^ 

etaog fttcbcnb ; — ly, ad, — ness, t. bie 

e()tfwc^)t, sRu^mfttd^t. 
Am'bitude, 8, bet ttmfang* 
Am'ble, s. bet ^of aang* v, n, ben ^Jof ge* 

ben ; fanft fottgepen^ einl^etge^en, jiet^ 

li6) nnb ffinftti^ einl^etgel^en. — er, »► 

bet 9)apg&n9et/ Settet, — ingly, ad. m 

Am'blygon, 8, T. etu iDteiedC mit einem 
fhimpfen SQ&infel. 
Am'bo, 8, bog Sefepnlt/ bie itanjeL 

Ambrbse, Ambr6sia, 8, bie 2CmbtOfta, &iit^ 

tetfpcife, 2Cmbtofienftaut,^ Stonbenf taut 

Ambr6sial, a, ambtOpfft, t6ft(i(^. 

Ami'bry, 8, bie ®efd^ittf ammet/ t>a^ 2C(moe 


A'mbs-ace, «. bet 9)afd&, 
Am'bulants, «. j)J. unbeeibigte aGBed^fetagen^ 

ten au TCmfietbanu 
Ambulation, «. tai ^etumgel^en, ^paaies 

ten* — latoiy, a, fpaaietettb, t»attbelnb,im 

Am'bury, 8, bie fd^wammige S5Jut»otae 

an ^fetben* 
Ambuscdde, Am'bush, Amlnishmeiitt »k 

bet ^ntetf)olt 

AmHbuslied, a, im ^intetl^atte, t)et|!ed(t 
Ambtist, c. ©etbtannt/ vtxhxw)t — tiwi, * 

bag fSetbtennen. 
Ame, 8, bie 2Cbm, D^mi QE^tccc^ "^m^ 

^ei Sunet). ^ 


Jk'vBtit t. tie ^me(|far(e» -—led, a. emAit« 

(ttt see Enaniei 
A'metconi, «. tct Dinfcly @)yelt ( TrUicum 

Ameliorate, t>. o. ccrbeffeciu — ^tion, t. tic 

A'men, a(2. 2Cmcn. 

Amenable, a. pctantwottttdf) <; gcte^rto* 
An^nd, 8. t)te ©ttofe/ JBuJc. "». a. bcffem, 

crgdn^cn, ». «. Ocffer wcrten ; fid) bcfs 

fern. — able, a, t^crbeffettid^. — er, ». bcr 

SScrbcfferer, — raent, t. bie JBclfetung, 


Amends, 9. |)2. bet @r[a^^bte ©enugt^uung. 
-Amen'ity, «. bic 2(nmut^/ SBwine. 
Amentdceous,a. on cinem Jaben ftangenb, 
Am6nty, ». bet 2Bflbniinn. 
Ameos.6eed, «. bte TCmme^^aat. 
Amerce, v,a, mtt Oetbe fhafeit^ jtrafcn. 

■—able, a. flrafOac — cement, — ciament, 

«. bie (SicibOttpc, ©trafc. —cer, ». bcr 

-America, ». 2Cmerif a» — can, a. .^r «• bcr 

2(merifoner; amerifantfdK —canism,*. 

ameri!antfd)C ©praci^eiQen^cit; iBottiebe 

filr Kmerifa. 

.Amethbdical, a. ol^ttC ^et^be, Utt^rbcnt^ 

(id^^ — dist, 8. bet CiuorffQtbcr. 
.Am'ethist, ». bet 2£met()9ft, — ine, a. ames 


teicft ; — ^y, a*'* — ness, «. bic ftieben^wfirs 


A'mianth, Amidnthus, ». bet (Stbf[aci^6, 

cAm'icable, a. ftcunbfci^aftltd). ■— Uy, c<i. 

— bleness, — bil'ity, ». bic S^^WnbUd)!cit. 

Am'ice, s. bag gewei^te Sucift be^ ^ticftct^. 

Amid, Amidst, jpre. mittcn itt/inittcn unter. 

—ships, ad. T. in bcr gjhtte bc^ @(ibiff6. 
.Am'ilot,».ein weiffet JiW in ^cn mcnEas 

nifcften @een. 
Amiss, ad. untcc^t^ ^M,, mibtig, unfdg^ 

U(^; nic^t n)ol^(/ unpo^Ud^ «. bet^cl^tct* 
Amis'sion, 8. bet ^ettuft* 
Amit, t>. fl. DcrUeteru 
Amity, 8. bic Steunbfd^aft/ ba^ gute ^et? 


Ammochry'sos, 8. bag ^a|engc(b* 
f Aumdniac,«. bag ^^umnit 2(mmoniacunt; 

bet @a(mia!« -— al, a. ammentacaUfcft* 
Amrnrniition,*. bet ^tieggtJOrrat^. — bread, 

bo^ (Semmi^bteb* 

Am'nesty, ». bie TCmnefKe, SSergcbting. 
Aranicolist, ». bet g(up6c4»of)net« 
.Amnigenous, a. im ^tuffe er^euat, gcbotetu 
Am'nios or Am'nion, 8. bag ^autd^cn um 

bte Jtucftt im gKuttcttcibe. 
'Amoeb6an,a. aniob&ifd|, abtDecftfefeb. 
AmoKtion, <. bte SBefeitigung. 
Am'omum, ». bog ©arbamonu 
Am6ng, Aradngst, /M-e. ttntct, ^ifd&cn. 
-.^fli^ore^ —risi, — rciso^ *. bet SSctlU&tC, 


8trt>T5abet, tButUct, — «s», •. tie we^lMk 

(tige, teid)tfettlfliC Jtaueii^etfrn. —^iraaB, 

a. tjctliebt/ j&ttftd); — roaily,a</. —4000. 

ness, 8. bie 3&rt(i<ift(eity bag Mtliebtc 

Am6rpha, 8. bet S3aflatb?2^btdo aug Sa? 

Am6rphous, a. ungcftalt, ungcKDO^ntid) ge:7 

ftattet, — phy, ». we TCbroeicftung ))cn ber 

9cn)6bnli(i)en ®cfta(t; bie Slegettofigfctt in 

bet Jctiru 

Am6r^ a. ttautic|/ tcbt, 6be. 
Amortization, — ^tizement, 8. T. bte Ucbcts 

tafl^ung cincg Otunbftficfg an einc ®c? 

meinljeit/s. SB. im ein ^(oftet; wnb bag 

9lecJ)t feld)ct ®emeinlbeit,®nmbftilic!e on 

fid) ^tt f aufen ; bie 2Cmertifatt«n. —tize, 

«. a. T. an bie tebte »^anb bctJoufen.. 
Am6tion, 8. bic @nt|ie()ung* 
Am6val, «. bag g&n^tic^e ^eg|<l^af en« 
Amdve, v. a. we9fd)atfen, abfe|en. 
Am6unt, «. bet 93ctawf, 93ettaoi* «. n. be? 

ttagcH/ ftd) betaufen^ augmadKU/ (^inaugf 

(aufen; fteigen* 

Am6ur, «. bet Sicbcgl&anbet, bie gtebfc^xji 
Amotises, «. j»L fatfdK (Sbelfteine. 
Am'per, «. bet SBtutfd^wdtcn, bag SUltfiC* 

Amphibious, «. auf tcm &anbe unb im 

fZBafTet (ebenb; bon betmifd^ter 2(tt. 

— ^um, 8. Xxx^ 2Cmp&ibiunu 
Amphiboldgical, a. iwcibeutig/ ^cifet^; 

— ly, ad. — bol'ogy, ». bie Swcibeutigf eit 

— bolous, a. fcftn)anf enb/ mel^tbeutig. 
Amphflogy, «. bie Sweibeutigneit, 
Am phibradi, — ^brachys, 8. T. bet TCtnpJ^t* 

btad)ig, 9l€i(l^fd^l&get, ein 2 gefdtgtet 
(SSetg) Su^ 

Amphictions, «. jiZ. (bet ben Otieci&cn) bie 
$Kcptdfentanten einct @tabt. 

Amphis'bffina, 8. bic 7(ntp^igb&ne. 

Amphis'cii, 8. bie (Sinwt^net bet l^ei^ 
3one, Sroeifc^attige. 

Amphitheatre, «. bag TCmp^itbeatCt* — tric^ 
al, a. — ly, ad. l^atbfteifig etbcl&t. 

Am'ple, a. wcit, gtefc tt)eitlfiu|i9/ fteigebij, 
ttnbefrf)tdnf t, ptW)tig, —ness, 8. bie SBeis 
te, ®t69e/ g)tad)t, Un6eWtanEt^eit,2B<tt5 
t6nftig!eit, gteigebigfeit, 

Am'pUate, v. a. etweitetn, betgtofetn. 
— dtion, 8. bie ©troeitetung, SSetgtf^s 
tung; 2Bcit(duftigfeit; bet2(uffd)ub, — fi- 
cdtion,*. bie ©tt»citerung/2(ugbel^nttng, 
7(ugfuf)mng. — fier, *. bet 6ttt>ettetct/ 
SSetgtcpctet, Scbtebnet, — ^fy, — ^ficate, 
v,a. ctttjeitettt/ bctgtcpetn, augbebncm 
t>. n. roeittauftig fepn. — tude, «. bic SS^te, 
bet Umfang, bte '^h^x^UW, %\ffit, bet 
JKeid)t()um, ®(ana, bie^SSiitbe, (Bvm* 

Am'ply, ad. teid)li^, boUig^ boUf emmen, 

Am'puUa, «.T.eine baucftigte Jlafdie; SStofe* 

i Amfi^vitate^ t). a. T. ein %\xit> ab^net^cn. 


tibfMffmtn* — Atkm, f . T. >te K^ft^net? 

. Am'ra, t. elit fc^onet tttbtf:^ HBoum mtt 
nw^ttiedftenten SStumetu 

Am'ulet, «. tai 3au6crmttte(, UtmUU 

Amiirce, «. W JDet^efen^ <&efcn. 

Amiise, o. a. utitct^atten/ bin^atten, l^tn^ 
terge^cn. — ment, <. ble Unter^ottimg, 
tet Skitwtttcib. — €r, *. tec, weWftec fees 
{uftigt,t&«f*t. — ing, «. erge^enb ; — -ly, 
ad, —sive, n. untetl)altenb ; — ly, ad, 

Amyi'dalate, a. t)on 9){aniDeln gema^t. 
-Hilme, a. monbetatttd* 

Am'ylum, «. b(U( @o|me^L 

An, see A. 

Anabap'tisni, •^-ti'tryi «• ^tc Sel^te bet 

SBiebert&ufet. — ^ist, «. bet 5©iet)ert&us 
fee. — tize, 9. 0. wiebettauftiu 

Anabdses, «. T. ba^ SdAd^CH bet JttOtt!$ 

Anacamp'tic, a. jutodfmetfenb,^ta(!f(^ts 
lenb. — tic», Airf. T. bie itato^rttil. 

Anacath&rais, «. bie @t(t&tttn0 etnet buns 
f e(n ©telle butdft bie 2(na(cate* 

Anacathirtic, «. T. bie auftoStt^ tOtt^nbe 


Anacephal'flBosie, «. bie S&i^etl^Otlttt^ 
Anach'arete, ^rite, «. bet (Sinfi^let; 

— etical, a.etttfteb(etlf(ft. 
An'acbronism, «. bet ^e^tet in bet 3eits 

te^nuiiQ. — istic, a. einen ^Cnadfttoni^s 

mu^ entbaltenb. 

Anaclisticglasaes, «. j^. fBeHtgl&fet. 
AnacWics, 8,pL T. bie SDioptti!* 
Anaooendsis, <. eine tebnetifc^ S^dttt, bie 

Sn^etet urn i^te aj^e^nuno ftagenh 
Anacdste, Anascdte, 8, gebtSmtet S&d1len« 

geug an^ ben 9ltebet(anben* 
jknacreon'tic, «. ba5 TCnoftemtttf^e @e« 

.An&crisis, «, (2. t.) ba« genooe 2Cu(»f«tf(i^en 

bet $Sa(|t^eit but^ fttenoe aOilitteL 
An'ademe, «. bie S^Cumenmne. 
AnadipldMB, «. T. bie SSetboppetang (x^f 

totifc^ $tdttt«) 
AnsBsth^aa, «. T. bet fSetlnjl be6 fiajfetn 

An'aglypb, t. etn butc^ bie S3i(bl^anet!ttn1l 

^et^gtgefetacfttet Sierrat^ ; Anagln/tic, a. 
.AnagiMM, «. bet 9$ot(efet; 
-Anagoge^^ical, ^gical, a. ge^eimnt^tt/ 

et^afeen; — ly, «<i. -^^giea, «. |>i. 


.An'agram, — naitiBni, «. T.tie S^ttd^ftafeen^ 

t)etfe|un9« •— matist, «. bet ICnagtam? 

mennwd^t* — -matize, «. n. TCttadtammen 


An'akcta, 8, pi. an^tmlX)itC &\Mt, 
Anafern'ma, «. T. bet Beid^entt&get 6ei) 

ben ®emienul^ten ; eine 2(tt einei^ 2Cfitos 

-Amlfona, «. bie IQHtebetl^etfiieltttna eined 
hii# itntQfHl ai>g09iwm •SUkptt$\ 


ba« Stolen eines |etfet0(^en Xtm« is 
bet Sinbe* 

Analep'tic, a. netwnflatfenb. 
Anal'f^fal, a. anatcg, dl^nUcft. —g'ical, 
fl. 9tcid)f ctmiO/ 6^)n(id) ; — ly, «rf. -j^ical- 

ness, «. ba$ analegifcfte/ ^leidbf^tmi^e* 
— Q^m, 8. bet @(ibtu9 0U6 2(e^nttd)feit 

— gizc, t). fl. Kel^ticifeiten Qefetand^n, 

bucd) 2(el&ntt(ibfeit ct!(dren. — gous, a, 

d^nfidji, analcgiltt) ; — ly. f^d, Anal'ogy, 

«. bie 2(mate0ie, 2(el^nUd)feit 
Anal'ysi^ «. bte ^uflpfung, 2(u^einanbecs 

felung.— yf ic,— yt'iQal,«. auflofenb, onas 

Iptifd) ; — ly, «<i. — lyze, «. a. anadoftten, 

aupofcn. — IvBt,— lyier, «. bet 2(ttpcfen« 

be, bog TCuftofung^mitteU 
Anamnestic, a. geb&^tntflt&tfenb. 
Anamdrphosis, «. T. bie ©etwanbtuncj bet 

©eflatt/ ein ©emMbe, bat( in t)etfd>iebe? 

net (Sntfetnung t>etf4iebene d^egen^&nbe 


Andnas, «. bie 2(nana$, bet it6nig^Qpfe(* 
A'napest, «. T. bet }(nap&(l, 3>t«)jtl6et, 

(i3et5fu$ ott^ sme9 ftttgen unb einet lans 

gen ®9(be«) 
Andphora, «.T. bie 2Cnapl^et; SS^iebet^cs 

(ung be^ 9{&mti4en ju ^(nfonge einet [e? 

ben $^tafe. 
Anapl^as, <.T. bie Mttfommene ^etfiets 

hing eine^ ^ettod^enen ^nedft^n^* 
Anaplerdtic, «. T. eine ffeifi^wiebet^etfteU 

(enbe SKebijin ; «. T. bafi gleif* in aBnns 

ben iDo^fen ma^enb. 
An&rch, t. bet TCnotc^, jDtbnung5ft£tet. 

— ical, a. anottfeifdb/ t)ettt)ittt. —ism, 

— ^y, 8. bie Knotcftie, SSetroittnng, ®es 

AnaB^Fca, 8, Me S&affetfud^t ilbet ben ^on? 

^nSeib. AnasarcouB, o. tt)affetffici^tig* 
Anastom&tic, «. T. offnenb, etoffncnb. 
Andstrophe, — phy, c. bie ^Cnafttcpfte, 85et5 

fe|ung bet SB6tter* 
An^athem, —a, «. bet ^it^enSonn, gtttdft ; 

bet SSetfeannte^ — afical, a. ben ©ann 

6etteffenb; -4y, ad, — atize, «. a. in 

ben ^it(i^en6ann tl^un* 
Anatocism, 8, \)oA SBnd^tn mit Sinfen 

auf Sinfen* 
Anatomical, a. onotcmifdft; — ly, ad, 

—mist, «. bet 2(natomifet, Setgliebetet. 

— 4nize, ». a. anatcmiten/ getgtiebetn* 

—my, 8, bie 2Cnatomie, SetgUebetung^s 

funft; ba^ @fe(ett, (Sietipp* 
A'natron, «. ba^ 9)2auetfa(a/ bet ©atpetet. 
An'cestor, «. bet SJwfa^t, 2(^« — tral, a. 

o&nl&ettn6Wi4» — trel, a, t»n ben SBw? 

6ttetn l^etftammenb* --try, «. bie Td^nen^ 


Anch'or, 8, bet Knfet; sheetancfaor, bet 
^auptanfet; bow^andiar, bet ©obetans 
f et ; V. n, anf etn, wt 2(n!et Uegen ; ». «. 
t)ot2Cn!etUften.— <ii|^«.Ux')ltk\W8cw^ 


Anoh'oret, Aneh'orite, «. bee (Slnfiebten 
Anchdve, Anchbvy, «. tie 2(nf(^C0C, ©ats 

Anchyhteis, «. T. Mc Unbcmcgltdftfctt tcr 

An'cient, a. alt ; — -ly, ad, »or ?C(tin:d. «. 

irf. tie 2(tten; Slaggc, Sf»^n«V ^« 

%hf)ntn6). — -ness, — ry, «. ta6 2((tcr/ 

2((tcrt&unu • 

An'cille, «. ta^ ^etCtge ^dftitb bet 9{6mev. 
An'cillary, a. untcrworfcn, ticnenb^ 
Ancdme, «. Me SSeute^ ta6 ©efd^toAt; 
An'con, «. T. ter ©ttenbogen. 
An'cony, ». T. Me ouf @to6elfen gcatOei? 

tetc ©(ume; tag ^atboerfertigtc ©tobs 

And, c. unb ; wenn^ menn auc^^ cbgteic^ ; 

und if, n>enm 
And&nte, ad. T. 2(nbottte/ weter gu ges 

f(^n>inb noc^ ju (angfam (in bet ^uftc!). 
Andrbides, «. j>f. f (einc menfc^lid^e Jiguren, 

And'iroA, «. ber ^euetbodE/ SBratbocf* 
Andrdgfyiial, a. groittet^oft ; — ly, ad. 

—nous, a. ^wittewrtig. —nus, «. ber 

An'ecdote, «. bie 2(ne(bote, bo^ (^ftj^id^t^ 

Anemdgraphy, «. bie 93cfc6rei6ung bet 

SGBinbe. —meter, 9. T. bet SBinbmeflet. 
Anemdne, & bie Knemone* 
Anemoscope, «. T. bet SBinbgeiget. 
An6miu8, «. ein SBinbofen a" fc^netten 

A'nes, «. ;?z. bie %Qtn, Otonnen an ben 

An'eurism, 8. bic 5)«t^obctgef(^tt>u(ft. 
An6w, ad. »en neuem, ouf^ neue, 
Anfrac'tuous, — ose, a. »ott ^tfimmungen, 

— ousness, — -osity, «. bag .^tumme, SBins 

f elige, — tore, a. bie ^tfimmc. 
Angaria, ». (/. t.) petfontifl^c 5)ienfl? 

letftungcn bet QSufaUcn ; ^w^nbienfte. 

— tion, 8. ^taft&uffcrung, 2(njltengung. 
A'ngel, «. bet (gngel; cine ©olbrnftn^e, 

10 ©djitlinge an SSctt^); a. ben ©ngetn 

iiWi^ ; cngelifc^. — ica, a. bie 2(ngctidf, 

(Sngelwut^— ic,— ical,a. cngcUfd^ ; — ly, 

sd. — icalness,«. bie cngetifdbe SBcfcftafs 

fenfjett — ify, ». «. (Sngctn glcidft ntad)en. 

— oratry, 8. bie gjetcotutig bet ®nge(. 

— ol'ogj, 8. bie ©ngeHc^te. 
An'gelot, 8. (ein ntufif olifd)C« Snfttument) 

bic 2(ngc(ife ; ein ©otbfroc! (ein haibtv 

(gngctijbec 5 @d)illittge). 
Aji'geius, 8. \>ai 3eid)cn ^um 3C6enbge6et 

btn bctt 9icmifc^^atbcUfcl>en. 
An'ger, «. bet 3otn, Unwillen ; @c6meQ, 

bic ©tttsfinbung, ». a. gotnig mad)cn, ct^ 

ffttnen, oufbtingem — ly, ad. im 3ctn. 
Angiogr'raphy, «. T- bie Sefd)tei6ung bet 

©^fi/fcimmcnfc^Udften^otpct. — iol'ogy, 
^ tL^^ ^^^^ ^^0 ^^ (^ef%n -be$ 


menf(ftU(ften Aitpet*. — ofomyr lu T- 
ba^ ?(ufrdS)neiben bet ®ef&ffe im vmi^ 
lid)cn itotpet. 

Angiomonospenn'oiis, «. T. nUt tin citl|^ 

gcg ^oamcnfetn ttagenb. 
An'gle, «. bet SBinfet/ bie Xnget. — lodr 

». bic 2Cnge(tutf)C ». a. angeta. — er, i. 

bet 2(ngtet» 
An'gles, 8, pi. bie 2tnge(n (ein betttf<^ 

^BotNftamni/ loo^et bet ^amt GitgCds^ 

AnVHcan, 8. Sf a, bet (Sngtif<j^en ititite 

gefctenb. — cism, <. bie (htgUf^ 

©ptad^cigcnl^cit — cise, «. o. (Sngbfd^ 

AngTjngJine, 8. bie ^(ngeH^'&ttttt. — *od,f. 

bie 2Cnge(tutl^e* 
An'glo-diniah, a. ange(sb^if(^ — nonmii, 

a. angc(ntcnnannif4; <• bet TUAd^tiff 

mann. -nsaxon, a. angetfmtfdQi ; «; bet 

An'gober, «. einc 2Ctt SbtmtVL, bie ^^«^ 


An'gor, 8. bet @c^met|, bie 5)«itu 
^n'grily, a<i. auf cine AOtntge Tix{, anfoc? 

btacftt ; ent^finbct. AnVy* a, lotnig^ bife; 

cntgdnbet, fc^metal^aft 
AngTielle, — gnille, 8, bet ^abemmiCBU 

— ^fbrm, a, aalattig* 
An'guish, «. bic 2Cngfl/ SluaL — ed, a. ge? 

^ngfHgt, gcqu6(t, 
An'giilar, a, xovaUXx^, edfia; — ly, «L 

— ity, — ness, 8. bic winf edge obet ediy 

(Sigenfd^oft; — lated, a. winfelig, mit 

Sffitttfein obet @cfen »ctfebem — kiiiy, 

8. bic n?infc(tge cbct echge ^efd^affen^it 

— lous, a. winf etig, ccfig, 

An'gust, a. cngc. — dtion, 8. bic ^ttto? 

gung. — iclave,«. bet fAmalf&umige 5>tttf 
putted bet tomifd^cn 9iittet. 
AnTielate, ». «. f eid^en/ fc^nauben. — Ation, 
«. bafi ^eid&cn, —lose, a. fcic^enb* 

Anight, Anights, ad. bei Qiod^t 

A'nil, «. bie Snbigopflange, 

An'ileness, Anil'ity, 8. ^cA \)t\)t tDeibUAe- 

An'imable, a. ^u bclcbCtt, IcbcnSfdl^tg. 

Animadver'sion, «. bic 2Bal5nie(>mmig, 
?(^nbttng, bet 95etw)ci6/ ^bcL s-^r'- 
sive, c. wal^tncl^menb, bcuttfteuung^s- 

fSl&ig, — ver'siveness, «. bie ©Cttttoels 

lunggftaft ^vert, ». o. 4r »!• wol^tnejs 
men, al^nben, fttafcn, Jjctwcifcm — W- 
ter, ff. bet SBcfttafct, 9ii4tet. « 

An'imal^ «. bag Sl&ict, a. tl&ictifcfe/ «nunoff 
Uf4. — cle, cule, 8. ba6 Sbictdjen* — Hy, 
». bet Sufianb beg t^ictifd^cn 2)afe9itf/ 
bie S^ietfif it 

An'imate^ v. a. bclcbcn, bcfcclcn/ etoittii; 
tctn, anfcucm* a. Icbcnbig, befcett — ed, 
a. bctcbt, tcb^aft, feutig. — ness, «. bet 
bcfccttc 3uftanb« Animation, s. bie f6tf 

Ut>\x^^, ^^\t^\)«^^V ^^i $cttet« bie^c6» 


l^ofdgfett — ative, a. UUUtit* — ator, 
9. tic b« Uknbe Urfo(i)e, — oee, a. (eSJo^t, 

^eftigfeit, ber ftarfe ^ap, bet ®rett. 
Anin'ga, «. elnc Sl^tjct Qttf belt 2tnti(len, 

ijnm 3urferrofftntren. 
Ao'ise, «. bet 2(ni^« 
Ank'er, «. bet 2(n(et/ (Seinmap). 
Anide, 8. bet itn6cl^c( am 3u$e, 2Cen(c(. 
An'nalist, «. bet S^^tbuc^^teibet/ Urn 

nattft. An'nals, 8. p2. bte UnmUn, 

Sfii^tb&fiet. An'nalize, «. a. nicbcr^ 


An'nats, «. pL bie TCnnatctt* 
Annual, v. a. fatbett/in ®(ag einbtennen ; 

(S{a6 in ben it(tf)(ofen btingem 
Ann^x, V. a. bcifiipcn, ono&ngcn, wt« 

ftifipfen ; «. bag Seigefficite. — ary, «. 

— dtion, ». bie 2Cnffi9ung, aSctfnilpftmc}. 

— ^ion, ff. bie SBeifilgung, 8Sct6inbung, 

— ment, «. bic SSctfi&gund/ bet 2(tt^ang* 

Annlhilable, a. oetnid)t6at, — hJbe, v. a. 

»ctnid)ten, ju nid^tc madden. — lAtion, «. 
bie SScmic^tuno. 

Annivers'ary, «. tet 3<»5rt<»9/ bag So^tOe? 

g&ngnip ; a. ia^tUd^* 

Anno Dom'ini, im Sa'&t; bcg ^etttl. 
An'nolis, «. bie ametiSanifc^e (Sibed^fe* 
Annotate, v, a, anmctfciu — tion, «. bie 

TCnmetfung. —tor, e. bet aSetfajfet Don 

Anndunce, v, 0. an!&nbtgen/ 9etf finbigen* 

— er, 8, bet TCnfftnbigct. —ment, «. bie 

Anndy, v, a, sQetbtup ntadien/ p(agen, 6es 

antul^igen. — ance, «. bie JBcfdbwetbe, 

5>(age, bet SSctbtuf. — €r, », betienige, 

iDetdb^c S$etbni9 oetutfac^t 
An'niial, a. jd^rig/ iafetUd^ ; ly.'flrf. —ary, 

a. i&btUc^* 
Anntkitant, «. bctienige, loeldiet Seibten^ 

ten ^u genie^en IjoX, bet Seibtentnet* 

— ty, «. bie 2ci6tettte, bo« So^tgetb* 
AnniU, V, a. auf^eben/ oetnidbten* 
An'nnlar, — 4ary, a, tingf Otmig. —let, «. 

bag Stinget^cn* 

Anntimerate, v, a, ^m^U^dl^ten^ ^injUtcd^ 

nen. —ration, 8. bie ^in^ntecfenung. 
Annun'ciate, 9.0. oetEt^nbigen^ an! Anbigen. 
— Ation, 8. bic SSctfilnbigung. An'odyne, 

o, f4mct|ftillcnb« «. bic fc^met^fHllcnbe 


An6int, ». a, fa(6en» — er, «. bet ©atbenbe. 
Anom'aljsm, — aly, «. bic 2(bweid)ung »cn 

bet Slegct. — lisf ical, — alous, a, abweis 

dftenb, untege(m&fig* 

An'omy, «. bie Ucbetttctung beg ®cfe|cg. 
Andn, ad, fogtcid^, i\xxotxUxi, bann unb 

Anon'ymoas, a. ancnvmifc^^ ungcnannt; 


An'orexy, <. bet i&Ui Mt ^pcifcn* 


e,g. — gaiiu, — gates, — giieii,a. 0etfc|tC» 

ben, anbetg. 

Ans'ated, a. gel^cnf e(t/ mil ^anbQaben oets 

AnspesAde, «. T. bet ©cfccitc t»m ^$]9e(f e» 
AnWer, «. bic ?(ntn)ott/ ©etantwottung, 
5Kc(^enfd>aft. v.a,Sfn, antwctten, htat^U 
twxUn, SRedjcnfcfeaft gc6en/ »etantwots 
ten ; gut fagen. cinfte^cn ; tedf)tfetttgen/ 
entfptedften ; ubetcinfommen ; im ^cxs 
f)titni^ fle^en, (Seniigc Uiftin, befticbi^ 
gen, Solge (etften, gc()ot4en. —able, a. Us 
antn)Ott(id), vetantwcttlid), cntfpted^enb, 
gemaS. — 4iblenefe,«. bie SJetantmottiicb? 
fcit, ®em6p^eit,2(nQemeffenfeeit —ably, 
«i. angemcjfen, DecWtni^&Jig, — er,». 
bet ^ntwettcnbe, ®cgnet. 

An't, c. (and if it) wenn eg. 

Ant, 8, bie 2Cmcifc, —bear, bet 2(meifens 

bfit. —hill, -hillock, bct Kmctfen^aus 

Antag'onisra, «. bet ©ttcit. — nirt, «. bet 

®cgnet. T. bic ©cgenmujict. — niae, r. 

n. n)ibet|ttciten. 
Antal'gic, a. fd)met^(littenb. 

Antanacldsis, «. T. (tftctotif^e JigUt,) btc 

SBlcbeti)c(ung eineg SBettg in t>etfd)icbes 
nem @inm 

Antajphroditic, a. antivenctifc^ Antapop. 
lectlc, a. n?ibet ben ©dfttagflup ^ettfanu 
Antarc'tic, o. bcm 92ctben entgegengcfe^n 
An'tarthritic, a. ^eitfam wibet bie @id>f. 
An'tasthmatic, a. gut n^ibct btC (&nahx§is 


An'te, cine unttennOatc 5)atti!c(, wetc^e 
t) 1 6cbeutet ; nut in Sufammenfe^ungen 
gc6taud)t 3umei(en witb Anti, gegen, 
untid)lig bofiit gefd)tie6en ; 3. J8. Anti- 
chamber, ftatt Antechamber. 
An'teact,«. tic »otf)etigc ^anbtung. —am- 
bulation, «. bag ifBctaugfpa^ictcn. — c^de, 
t). a. ocr^etge&en. — cddence,». bag SScts 
ftetgc^cn. — cedent, a. oothcrgcl^esb. ». 
T. bet 85otbctfa6. — ly, ad, wtgdngig, 
Dortauftp, — cess^ff, s, betSSotfabt, iScts 
g&ngct/TCnfii^ tcr. — cham'ber, «. bag 3Sct« 
jimmcr, — cursor, ». bet 8Sct(6ufcr, — date, 
V. a. ftiil&ct batiten,bie3citangobe frfi^ct 
fc|en; ctnen ©otfdimad geben; «. bic 
ftubcte Scitangabe, bag fruhcrc IDatunu 
— diliivian, c. t)Ot bct ©iinbflutf) wt^ans 
ben. — lucan, a. »ct Sagcg JCnbtudft. 

—meridian, a. octmittfigig. — ^met'ic, bag 
(Sxi>tc6)in ftittenb. ^mund'ane, a. tot 
©tfcfeaffung bet aSctt wt^anbcn. —num- 
ber, 8, bic DOCbetC Solflt. ^paschal, 8. 

»ot Dftctn. —past, 8. bet asetgenu^, 
gjotfcftmadf. —penult, ». bic wt(c|tc (SdU 
be. ^pone, V. a. t>ctbctfc|en, »otjicbcm 
-position, 8, bie aSctfelung cineg SBct* 
teg, (cine gtammat $tauc). 
Anten'nae, «. pi, ^u ^^V^mct'^^x'S** 


AoMriar, tt. iier^g, MrRcfiwb.^t; 

tie ueratfitnte Srenc, tier iStnanfi. 
An'lCT, •. pi. T. 6rt Stogcpfftlcr, [m tst 

An'lMtainach, «. Srt ffierntitgen, .Rnpf. 
An'tevert, v. a. MrtMigcn. 
An'thedoDv 8. tint Jin 9)!ifpst6Bum, 
AnthBimin'lic, «. (iit gStitcl g{g(tt tic 

Anth'em, a. titr (Efcerfici'ano. 
An'themia, «. bif rim\f*c Ganullf. 
ADthol'ogy, «. Xiii ffltumcnlcfc, ffllinuen: 

fantnilung. — icul, a. aniliclvgifd}. 
An'Onaj, j. Snten. AnUwny'B-fire, ■• bo8 

6(ilig( gcu«, Ui Soft, ter ffloftloitf. 
An'flioe, ». T. tit Gumltffenj, «erl(|l(nj. 
An'thnuwm'eter, ». fl(btciim(ff«, [fcU 

D-UaniitSt Bcr Jlotiitnffiurc ju crftit: 

An'thrai, e. fctc 5rii|t, ^(jllicuie, Sau 

An'thropog'noay, i. tu SDItnfcfiEnfcnntnie, 
fflfttifffittttunBc. — pof'onj', «. Pit gKcn: 
fienttjtttaungslcfjte,— pog'rttphy, — pol'. 
«yi »■ T bic e«6n Mm asenfctiin, bu 
anaWmrc. — ntra'pliits.*. ^'s- eincr, met: 
d)(t bctn giMidtcR 3&cf^n ctnc nttnfA= 
fitfce ®eftaH pfdjctibi- — pop'Qihy, ». ti( 
nunfcftltdjcii Cti6(nR6aficn. — poph'ngi, 
t.pL He gBenf*tnfreftfr, flannibokn. 
— i"!*'"*?, »- birt gJKnfd) c nfvt flvn. — pos'- 
ophy, «. bi( nH)Tfnr*nfHid)(; JlcnntniS 
t<t aiatUT bee 9)lcnf*i:ii. 

Arfthypnot'ic, a. btt ©djlnffo^t mlftcr: 

Ami, ettic ®ri(4tr*f 9>orIiW, bit fo Bid 
a(imibct6cbent!t,unl in Mamrmnfe^ 

SingtB gtfcraurttl wtrt, roonf n tinige Met 
Igcn; anbtre netbcn Cdct)t nerRanben 
wctten. —-acid, a. bU @iun b&mpfcnb. 
— "jQchecfio, a, niibcr lltltclfetltn. — 
ebrist,*- b« I[ntt*rift; — tiar, a. ale 
lltrAtifHwfi ; — linnimo, — tionlty, ». blc 

gtinOftfigfrit iDlbct bl( *rijW[l)e ectjrs, 
— dironiBm, a. b(r 3(ttrcrt)mraEief(tlct. 

Antldpate, o. a, ocrgrjifcn, jii fritfi nefe: 
mtn, Mranfi pcnic&cn, Bccirtncfinbcn, vet-- 
tonen, iiwottcnitnttt, — piSon, ». Has 
tBccoufroegncfitiun, aufcrfenitncn, bit 
fficrgwifung, SBMrcmpRnbuna, in SCew 
f(fimM(,aj«(icarlff.— p4tnr,». bcv, met; 
Act wtmi iiHgntmnit, untgrelfl, ju»erj 

Anl'ic, a. ott, flllmoHW, flEtOitctlfA T 
UAcrit*, MlfDm. «. tie Qnufclw, pi 
bie^Jefftn; Nt (?aufl«, !pcfftn«tS«; 
—ijM^-BM.'ft^MXliii BctftEnen, ia^( 
liA mo A en. 

Antidfnux, s. T. bif uniflcfcfirte Stci? 
(iminn. — conTurrive, a. gnt loiter 
Stttfungtn. — court'ier, ». C(r ^{inb tti 
#»fte. — dotal, n. olf ©cgsnaift biwtnb. 

— *taA eii;SffS(norjcnei,PflS 


gift; D. 0. Smnmrittri gtbtn. - 
a. mibcr tae gitttr. 
\n'tioor, a. bi( peftBtulenflrlig! ^cf^inil^ 
nil bet Srufl bcr 5)fctP(. 

Antil'ogy, a. bst SBibctfptuA, 
Ant'ilojie, a. bit OaifUe, Knlilepf- 
AntU'oquiBt, a. bcr aBibttfpKttltc, ®csi«r, 
Antimonsroh'ical, a. bcr 3)i(nilt*i« entge* 
gcngefc^t, gtgtn bis aSenatdjic (ingcs 

Antitndnial, n. ju bcm Spic^cilag gcfifng, 
au6 SpKfiglos bttctKL — mony, *. bos 


Antinephrinc, a, gm ipibct 9?i(KnItIinfs 


intl'nomy, a. btr SSJitcrfptuiS in ttn ®(s 

Antdpatiiet'icB], a. vtn !natuC a6g<ncigt. 

-^atJiy, ». Si( anitpat&i.-, iMS ©tgenge; 


4n'tipBriB'ta«ia, a. btr ffiibcrftonb, ©tteit 

jmeoet CTtgcc|(ng(rfeKt Sinflc. 

AntipeBtilan'tittll, a. bcv ^Cft lOtbtrilcfitnb. 
An'tiphon, a. bnS aBcdjfclcljor, btt ©egun: 

in'aphraae, AndphrasiB, a. bi(Mntipf)taf<, 

btr Sfgtnrmn, 
Antip'odtt!, a. btc Scgcnffifiht beltcffcnb, 
"":tlf(&.— p6de,».t«(31 

Anlip'toaie, a. T. bit !!..,„ 

i8(trc6iing bfr ffiafuS (in bf r ©tammo: 

Antiquirian, o.bicIIIKtififlnitrbetcefTcnb, 
aItert|)fim(iA, antiquacirdi ; *' bet Jtltct: 
itiumeEennet, IClKrftumSfetfditr. — gua- 
ry, a. alt ■, a. bcc 3(ltert|)iini^ferfd}Cr, Iff: 
Kttl)um6E(nmt. Ant'iquate, ■». a. obs 
Hinffen, nufteben; — ed, a. — edneas, a. 
Die octalKK SBsf^affcnTjfit;— Ation, ». 
bie abftboffunB. 

Antiqna, a. rft, alterttifimit* ! pefptrliifi, 

DbtntntCritl^ AntiqnBnBse, a. bapKlKT, 
Kllertfjum. Antlquily, ». b«6 3tll«, 21: 
tcTthum, btc !8Dtj(it, alt; WtU; ctn a[: 
Krtl)iimli*es 5unft»(ri, yj- 6ic KlKrs 

AntiBCorbfltical, a. gitt TOibfr bcn ®4ot= 
be±. — B^ptic, o. f|ut njibet bic gfiutung. 
a; bie Jfqcnet totbtt JSulunti. — ^pmis, 
t. T, bit MHriWng (incr^niAtigfrit nacb 
(inem anbcnt 3()ct[ din. — apamnAdic, a. 
gaf wibtr bit JttSmpfi;. a. bie atjemi 
mibcr Stimjff. — splenefic, a. bie ©afle 
a6fflf)ttnb.- ' 

Antia'ies, ». btt Obttpric[ttr, C6«ptebii 
gcr; 3tbt 

Ajitia'tioplion, «. T. wcnn ^d) mtSwre ®liej 
btt tines giunttefi mtt cinetltp Sffiett en: 
bitien -y bit SRttttlien ttftet gigur). 

Anii'thBiiB, I. lit ©egenfag. 

Anti'type, a. bll5 OcgtnSltb. 
Antiveniieal,,!. . vtxtiSUUliiA- 


Antler, «. ba^ (Stitt am Gfeweii^t ctwrt- 
J^itfdK^ — ed. a. gcf^ctcnt 
Antoe'ci, jp/. bie entgegcngcfejtcti ©tb^c* 

An'tofles of CldveB, «. tie 9Kuttef9Cwiir3» 

Ant're, «. bic ^O^tc, 

An'us, 8. bet 2(fter, ^tcre, 

An'vil, 8. bcr 2Cm()Cp* 

Anxiety, «. bie 2(noift, Sanfilafifit,. ©c? 
angftigung, S^icbergefdbtaacnoctt v bo^ 
&n9fKid)C ®cffi^l, bcr l^efhge SSunfd)^ 
Anx'ious, fl. dngftticfr, Oongc^ bcfcrgt, 
fcrgfattig ; fjefti^ wunfc^cnb, ctn grcpcg 
QSertangcn ^egenb ; — ly, flrf. — ness, «. 
bie 2(cn9|t(ixlbfcit, SaitQtgBeit, (Sorgfdlr 

A'ny, a. jcbet, {ebe^cbe^, »er ober mas e^ 
aud) fep ; irgcnb^cin, eitic, etn ; jcmanb^ 
ctwas, — where, {Jberotl ;: — *hing, ttgenb 
ctruag ; —body, jebermaitn ; — Ibn^r, 
(«ncicr; not—, !ein; not any oncj jiii^t 
cincr, nicmanb^ 

Aiinian, o. — fiongs, oonifdfte (gried^f^) 

A'OTist, ff.T. bet 2Corifhi« (bie unbejlimmt 
Dcrgangcne Scitber grictf^ifd^en Seitwcts 

Aor'ta, «. bic grofe 5)ul6abet:. 

Apice,ad. ciliQ, l)urtt9jcl&nctt,5ufc^ettb^ 

Apag6ffical, a. T, tnbiWPt 

Apan'thropy, «; bic JOicnfcftcnfdTCU, TCbitei? 
9ung gegcn sDUfnfd&engefcUfciaft. 

Aparine, «. ba^ ^(ettcn!raut/ @teinl«teT» 

Aparith'mesis, 9. bic TCuft&^tung. 
Apdrt, ad. hci\titi, bcfcnbcwi, ffir fic^^ 
Apart'ment, «. bag Simmer, bie Sletl^e 

Ap'athy, «. bir Uncmpfuibftc^f cit/ gfifjUo^ 

Ape, «. bet 2C1fc, 9Iac^6ffer. «. a. nod^? 


Apisak, ad, fcttfred^t iiOcr. 
Ap'epsy,*. bic*Hnt)crbautid&felt» 
A'per, «. ber 9tarf)Qffcr» 
Aperient, Aper'itive, a^ etcffnenb/ abffi^s 

Ap^rt, a. offett ; — ly^r fl^^- — ^tion, «. bic 

£)cffnunQ» —ness, «.' bic £)ffcn]^criigf eit, 

SceimiltotgJeit.— tupe, «. bic Dcffnung. 
Apefafous, a, ol&nc SBfumcnbtdtter, -— 

ness, 8. bic JiBldttcrlotigfeit 
Ap'cx, ». bie^pi^e, bcr OipfeL 
Aphsr'esis, 8. T. bic^SBcgwcrfuitg clites 

fflud)ftaOcn^ cbcr eitter &c)iU m Snfan« 

ge cines SBcrtcs ; bi< fiScgnoomc etnc« 

ttberflfintgen !Xf)Ct(^<tm mcnfc^Uc^eB^£rs 

per* . 

Aph6UoD,<..T. bic ©enncnfeme. 
Aph^ta, ». T. bcr ©cburt^ftem. 
AphiWthiop^, «. bic 8i«6(cftgfcit. 


ApB'ornm, «;, bet ^e^f^tud^* — tical, «e 

opjcriftifift ; — ly, ad, 
Aph'tbae, «. oR. bie ©d^wfimmc tm SKrni* 

be bet Jtinoer ; SKunbfSulc. 
A'piary, «. bct ®ienenftonb, bo* 95icncn* 

Apiece, flrf. fftr iebeg ©tficf, bo* ^tihf ;. 

fftr jcbe 5j)erfcn,.bit5>erfcn/icbct. — ^ 

ad., in @t&f en. 
A'pish, a. nod)6ffenb, offenm&ptg, ge|tert, 

norrifd), mutftrmttig, luftig ; — V» «<*• 

—ness, 8i bo* flffenmipige SBefen/ bic. 


Apit'pat, ad, mtt fc^netlcm J&eraftcpfcn. 
Apoc'alypse, 8, bie 2(po!ofopfe, £)ffcn6a5- 

rung S^onnt*. — lyp'ticai, a, apcfoli^ps: 

tifct);— ly.orf. 
Ap6copei r. T. bit SBcc^werfung cine* 

93ud)ftai)en* cbcr etncr ®ptt)e om ©iibc: 

einc* SBorte** 

Apocrust'ic, a, T.-jufammenttt^cnb. 
Ap(J<5rypha,^. ^, bw opcfrnpotf^cn ©(ftrlfs 

ten, — ^phal, fl. opefrnpbtfd^'; — ly, ad. 
Apodict'ical, a, opcbiftifd)^ f(or, unl&ugr 

tor ; — ly, ad, 

Apodix'iis, 8, bcr tttitcbingtc @a|* 
Apddosis, 8, bcr SfJodifol, ^intctfo|. 

Apdgeon,.— gee,.— geum, ft^. bic ©rofcmc^ 

Ap'ograph,.«. bie (Scpic, ?(6fa)rift. 

Ap'ologue, «.. bic ^o.hiX, (e^rrcid^e Joi6eU 

Apol'lyon, 8. cin ^crbcrbcr^ 

Apol'ogcr, —gist, 8, bcr ©c^ufrcbner, 83err 
tbcibigcr. — ^get'ic, — ^get'ical, a, opetcs 
getifd), pcrt^cibigcnb ; —1^, ad, — gize, 
c. fl. t)crtf)cibigcn,,cntfiu(bigcn. — oguc, 
8, bic Ja^cC* — ogy, 8, bie @d&u|rcbc, 
@cf)u|ja)rift, SScrt()cibigung, ©nq^ut? 
bigung. . , 

A'pomecom'ctry, «. T^ btC Scmmcpfunbc. 

Aponeurasrs, 8. T. bi« l^&ntigc TCuSOtcitung 

ciner 9)2u6!c(fcf)nc.- 
Apoph'asisfS. T. bie85cmcinwttg,plc|tic!^c 

?(bi)re(^ung cinc6 SRcbcfofec*, 
Apophlegmat'ic, a, bcn fedbtctm obfii^? 

rcnb-— atigm,.«; bo* ©dblwm obffifjrcn?- 

be smittct* 

Ap'ophtiiegm, »; bic Ic^rwtdftc ?Cntn?trt, 

bcr 2)cnffpruci)v 
Apdphyge, 8, T.. bcr TCbs «n6 2(ntauf cine* ^ 

Apoph'ysis, 8, T.. bcr ^norrcn cbcr gcrt* 

fo^ on .Knccften„bo* uebcrftcin. 

Apopleo'tic, — cal, o. opcptcftifcfc gum 

©cfelogfluffe gc()crig, 
Ap'oplex, — y, «. bcr ©cfttoQ, ©c^togflu?. 

— ed, fl* t>em ©dftlogc gerfilprt, wm ^(^tos 

ge gct&fjmt, 

Ap6ria, ». T. bic Unfd)tiiStg(cit. 
Aposiop^sis, 8, T. btc SScrfd^wcigung, 2t&» 

bred)ung bcr 9?ebe. 

Apos'tasy, Apos'tacy, «. bcr %^\(iSL W3&. 


— Utiaa, e. a^ Mm ®Uaii»i otfoa, 
TcSnnig iMibcn. 

Apoa'tenule, c m. ju t\ntm Scfrfinjilrj 
iD«t(n,f4wiKn, — 4iioii,«.fcii6£din)S: 
nn. — teme, ■■ ba£ ^cfdiwdc; 

hjme'tk, ». 6(t Spf B«l. — *'P. — tolale, ( 
tm* X|W|tcIiimC. — tol'ic, — 4'icil, 0. apt: 
ftclifd); — ly.«it— *s»lne»i,<.6o6Kpei 

Apoa'tropbs, «. bit Jtnccbe ; T. bae! Uae-- 

laffungeitidKiu e. a. T. apo^Mp^irtn, 

— phiie, n. o. anrebok 

Apoatdme, see AjmiteiDe. 
ApoUi'ecaty, «. b« XpCttKfn; 

Ap'utbegni, (. (cigentlicl) Apopbiliegin) bct 

JDtntfpnid). — ai'ic«l,B. bwffprudili*. 

— «i»e,ii.o. BentfpiHidK fanmicln. — ai- 
' irt, *. btt iDtnlTpcftdic fumntelt. 
Apathtods, (. bt( !BtrQJtlerunQ. 
Ap'ozem, (. tci; ICtruC. JtcAutCttcanF. 
Appil, V. a. biai maitza, tvfijxtdia ; c. n. 

ilai OMcben, btmegl loerbcn. — ement, t. 

bic StMalTunp, btt Sdiudfn. 
Aj)'p«iia«e, I. bic KppanoM, bae Ecibgc: 

Appuitus, I. ber JfppQTal, iOeirat^, biC 

Scrdlfitfammtiins, Suniflung, 
Appar'el, i. tit Jtleibunfi, bat StroonP, 

6(r Mnjup; bet ajcc&flnb; tit ©rfiiff; 

foticunDgtfltlsctBt&filiofKn. b. a. flci:= 

bin, f*niSdtn,jubewiIcn. 
Appifent, a. Tiittat, OUSHtftftcinlid), flc: 

iBiS, unftceiiig, fi&ctitfiai:; — !y, arf, 

— ness, 1. let MugcnfdKin, bis ©(wif: 

Apparition, ». bU GTrt^cmuns, Si^lliair: 

till, bee ®eiii, bus @(fpni|L 
AppaTiior, i. btr OcridKSbicnfr, ^cbtlL 
Appiy.e. a. btfritbifleiu 
Appfech, r. o. flngttifjit, onHiigtn, !B*r; 

iDfltfe mad)cn. — er, «. ber Kngcbcr, Za- 

tlagcc — ment, «. bie TdiEIogt, SBcftfjuls 

Appid, 0. n. «pprili«n,p(fib(rufi:n,imn 

Siiugen niftn, anECagtn. i. bit SppcIIos 

Hon, Serufung, TTuffotbctung, ItnFEagt. 

—able, a. 6ct anflflpc unicmietFcu. 

—oA, — er, ». b(t SppeQanL 
App«u, B. n. fdjeinen, trfil)«intn, fi* icU 

Sm, ttl)Cl!cn, btullid) few. —mux, t. 
ie CcTcbeinung, bet iSAein, bas iCn^ 
Mtn,bctanf*em, bie aSa^ifdjiinli* 
((it — er, t. tetjeniac nKKbre erfdjsint. 
App*Me, B. o. ferubiaen, ftiilea, bcfonfli: 
sen. auire^inen. —Me, «. jn frcfanftipen, 
petftbniid). — ablenen, >. bU flji^rfihn: 
lidtfelt. — ment, ». bit SewHgung, Be; 
friebtgung, Su^e. — er, •. bet SiifiejUf: 
Itr, iBctfiftnet. —ire, a. ftntiecnB, 6i 

X:' .._ 

— J«Aa% * tie SfnuaaanS, fficrufuniJ. 


— lativc.a. BpvfflatiPtfdit ■• baS @attungj« 
ivcri, Ttppellotiiiuni ; — ly. ad- —iabxy, 
a. (inc JtppcUaiUn (nltjoHenb. —lee, «. 
beraiuriielotienciSrfliigw.Upptnat— lor, 
I. B« $i(tufcr, Mppenant, AtSget, 

Append, B. n. an^ifingctt, (itiffigen. — age, 
»■ but TCn&nng. — ance, — ency, g. ba6 
Sugdict. — ajit,a, onfeangenb, juflcherio, 
tecbuubtn ; «■ bet ICnVs^ ^"6 3uge[)M. 
— icnie, r. a. on&itiaen, 6(ifilgtn. — iofi- 
tioH, *. bic Mtiddngung, b« 3ufp|. — U, 

A pperti in, II. n. jugefe (ten, oB gettcn-^-ment, 
». bag 3uqeli«t« t« iBctjufr 

Appcrt'enance, ». tai ^igeljet. — incat, a. 

iuftanbig, jugeftitig. 

A{i'petence, — lepcy, 8. bie Stgiecbe, baS 
iStclaTigtn. —lent a. fe&t ttgiecig, liis 
ftcrn. — Ubii'i^, ». bie SBtgehrIi*[eit. 
— tibie, a. rofiofiftenewertfi. —lite, ». bie 
WegiccBe, bol i8«Ion8tn, bet £iungft, 
tic efiuft. — Htion, ». bflS iBetlangcn, 
fflencfiten. — tit'ive, a. btgetjrenB. 

AppIdiid,D.B. ^n-toben; Self all geb en. 
—tt, I. bit ertptiifft, S8ci»fliiSkt. 

Applduao, >. bai Zfi, bet SBeifall, — bItb, o. 
beifaUgcbenb, Icbprclfcnb. 

Ap'p'e, », ber Ttpfel, aufwpf j1. —core, bee 
Jiopf.— paring, bie Kopfulftholv, — trco, 

bet 3[pfe[()(iuni. —thorn, bet et.'Aapfei. 
Ap'pliable, — cable, a. onroitiblior ; — Wy, 
ad. —mux, ». bic MmuciiBung,BE5 pUp: 
niittcl. — ciibility, — oableness, «. bie 3(nj 
luenblmtfeit, — cant, », betjmge, ^et fid> 
iim elreafi bcwitbt — c*tioE, e. bic ins 
iVLinbung, Mnleoungi ba6 angelefite SERiu 
t>'l ; baA (SeTuC }tnrud)en, Sladil'udien ; 
Bie 71ii|ttengun9 lei ®ei|l<£, bet J'^^i^' 

— cntive, a. "anrombitOX, pratlifd). —ea- 
tery, a. QDiDenbcnb, auJfibenb, t^ottg ; 
I- tie QniDcnBmbc Ataft, 

App]/, B, a. anlegen, ouflegen, anifntben, 
gel)tau())en, an6tingen,aufeinia£ tidjtcn, 
fid) Duf ctipos leocn, |iA on jemanbtn 
roenben. »- «■ Bbcteinlllnunen, gcrafiS 
fir^n; anfu^en, nadifu^cn. 

Appomt, D. a. Jejtimmen, ftttTeeen, bcftelt 
(en, anwcifeit, befitBetn, etnenntn, net* 
fe^n, oueriSftin. — «. •• bet etnwe feft* 
jeft, anetbiKtJt. —ment, *. Bic Mbtebe; 
aSetabtcbung, ffleftimtming.iBetctbniina, 
bet EQefcbl; bie Kuetafmng; bet @e> 

bie SSctlficifung. 
Appdic, V. a.DiS^ ajcriegeiit)ett feecn, 

onlegcit,no6e6tinatn.— er,».bct«ita'fer. 
Ap'pofiite, a. gfltliV, Ji^itRid) ; —17. ad. 

— ncHs, I. bie ©(bicfliditeil. — dtiou, •- 

bieainiiifaiiung,betffltifaS. — BitiTe,o. 

unrocnBOat, fiA beilcftcnb. 

Appriisc, >. a. ^^txt, bttt ^tt'li Nfiiin? 

tatiten. -huchc, 1. fete S^itung, 


Switima. — CT,i.brteftfi|«,S(iMteT. 

Apprecdlion, i. ro6 cmjlfwfK Sdwl. —lo- 
ry, a. btli'n^ glSdiuunfchent. 

ApprgciiiU), n. a. mArblcidi, nod) 
ftljifciu — ition, I. " 

Appnhtifid, tLo. fafftn, gicifni, cigtciftn 
in ajttftoft ncfimen, wt^fKni 6«am; 
ftn, octfttMn; fiinhMn, wtS'tu — cr. 
<■ bcijenlge wctil&n fapt, kc JDentcT. 
— a'ihie.-a, ficilTiifEi*, — «on, j. Wc (St: 
<)(tlfang, ascrfjaftung, SSnfleQuna; toe 
is cTJtEUungSotrmigen, tU gaffn n^ofi ; 
Tic fflcvftettung, bet SBtgriff. Bit ascU 
nuntu bU Jutdjliffl'forgnie; SttTItg: 
loohn, Bctbo*t. — s'lvH, "■ ((ic6I kgti:!: 
ftnb, ffibig; fnH&lfam^ bofctgi; dtflioibx 
nif*^ cnipfintfam, fuMtnb; — fy, oi 
— BweneBfl, *. Die gifiigMt; gutditfaltl! 
Ccit^ Qtiipfbibunti; litt Xtgicobn. 

ApprcHilce, •. btt Seljriina, eefirjuiigt. 
c. a. in bit Sef)t( ifjun. — eoip, —hood, >. 
bit Schqafete, eefecwit 

Appretiale, c u. fd)ii|cil, tcatbigdl. see 

Apprise, c. a. tienodiTi(i)ttfKn, tdcljrtn. 

Approach, v. n, noben, fid) nSh'tn. «. o. 
nal)( erinfltn, nSljctn! *. bic MnnShc= 
Tunp, t« 3utritt, Hnfalt, ffictfudi; T. 
tct flflufgtobnt. — ablc,«,;u3Snslid),(n 
tiitbbat. — leafc^-unjugSnglic^ — ment, 
3. bic Unnilitnmg. 

Apprabition, *. bit SifliguTio, ®{nc(imi: 
nung,bcc SBeifaH; bitfflrftfifricmng, ffid 
bfluiJtiinp, — W.tor7,o. binigcnb. 

AppnJof, ., bcr Seifntl, t«6 Ceb. 

Apprtpemlc, o. a. befdiiciinigtn. 

ApprojHij'quale, v. a. tidfict tonmiilt, ni.^tx 
Vnn, — dfion, >. bag 9(6l){rtfinmeii. 

Appropor'tioned, a. nngdiicffcn. 

Appropriable, a. aai pgcclgnct mecttn 
tarn. — Bic, a. eigen, onocniirffcn ; »■ bic 
Giamfecit, CigentfifiinlidBtiti — Jj, od. 
oaf cine an^tme^cnt ICn. v. a. cigncn, 
mtbmm, )ai:i|mcn,fid) jucigncn; Dct&tn? 
ten ; T. tine 5)ftfinbc wtinffem. — nees, 
■■ bi< MiTMnwIfiinficit. — etarj, I. boi 
mtinidit Stfi^rt cinct Jpftlintc, rcddicr 
bic Glnffinftc bapen jicnt. — lition, f. bic 
Sueignang, Mnnjtnbung, ffliftrmtmma, 
BcB (utun B", T. SBtt4«fft"i"^ ( i tt tt spf tfin: 
Is. — ator, ». btr fflcfiWt tlrcr gjfrfintt. 

ApprOrable, B. btifotlStpfirBip. — »«!, 
— Tonce, 1. ^(t ffleifflB, bi{ JBilligung. 

Apprtvc, B. a. (iirit unb effflc'of) tiaigtn, 
gtnctimbalttn ; SBcifaK gcbcti, Icbcn; on 
tin 'S.og, [(gen, temeifcn, jeigcn ; ptfifen, 
beroifttL-n; (nipfintm; T, fetStfTctn. 
— ment, «. in JBtifflJt, lai fteimilltgf' 
atNnittnig cinte (BttirKhtnB ; T. bi( 
ajtHitjfctunfl tint* Stunbft&teS. — ver, 
>. b<t, mddict fcinen ^\iaU fiit:6t;b(T 
gjtii^r; ICniKlKrfciwfcaWtriftuHiiflcn. 


Apjmii'iinate, a. na^t ; v. n. fUg nibcm t 

CO. nciliitn, nattc bringtn. — Ation, «. 
tic !)!Sl'CTung, TCnnfiftTOing. 
Apputai', «. bet Knfiep.bie isetii^ning. 

AppurtcaUice, — mn^ Bee A|^)erL 

A'pricnie, B.n. fid) on tm 6cnne winnen, 
fid) fcnncn. — attioii, ». ba£ Scnnen. — ei- 
iji (■ tec €«incnrd}cin, tie Sonnni 

Ap'ricock, Ap'rieot, ». bl( Spricefc 

A'pril, I. BCt Kprir. 

A'pion, s. tic @(f)fi^> tO« Ct^tlfttl. 

-man, tet ^antwertct.— ed,a. geiftfitiL 
ApropftB, id. jut TCtbten 3(tl, tben tfd)t. 
Ap'eis, ». T. t(t Wibetungif cter Gnifet: 

nungfpuntt nnt$ ffilnncloi Wn Nt ent« 

n* cBet ect etbc. 
Apt, o. gofAidi, Nqutm, fofilg, tfidilig, gts 

Wigl, fi'Ctig; — 4y,aA Apl,Aplatfi,». a. 

tiSdjtig nioAen, empfinglid) moAen, ju* 

tCtciKn, BOrfcetCittn. — itnde, — nesa, ». 

bic Siftigfeit, ©cfdjidlidilcil, Sfidittgr 

ttil, ajciguna, tre &ang, 
Aquafortii, •. baS ©dieitciPOfftr.— mBrina, 

t. lit Senitl. 
Aqudrius, *. ttr ffijoffcmionn im SMm 

Aquai'ic, 0. im SSJo(f(t »«l)ffnt, (cbenb •, 

jiini aBolT" gcfittig, «. bci SBofictgcs 

roidiS. —file, a. im aBoffet Kbcnb, 
A'qiieduci, 8. tit SBoHcrfciluns, 

A'qncooSi '^'4<"»^'' nifTerig. A'quB<K>>- 

ncss, AquofTity, i. tie aBiffttigftit. 
A'quUine, o. gebcflcn {Ben tet 91afc). — Ion, 
». t(t 5(crtn!tnt, 

A'rab, >. bet Tttobet. A'rab™qoe, i. tiC 

atal'ifdic ®pcad)e ; a. atobifd)(t 3iertotft 
(in tet fflflulunft). Artbisn, ». bet ata: 
bet-, a. m\e oud) Arabkal, Anbicucos 

Ar'cble, o, pflugbflt, 

Aradi'noidei, ». tflS fpinnenwcbtnfctmiet 
£ifiutd)cn Ui Itugef unb Sctjimes. 
Ariipnee, », bet ®(ing in cin(tQltn<. 
AMneouB, a. fcinnenattig. 
Ar'ng,, »■ cin pcSrfitiget iw|Knbifd|tt tfat 

At'boliEtcr, >. t(t If nn6tuftf*fi| ; tic atnii 

Ar'biler, g. bet ©rf)iell^rid)tet. — trable,a. 
IfilUiilirti* ; ^;, erf. — trage,». tei J(u8s 
F;nid) cinet S'diicbfliAlctS. — ^rineia, «, 
He !Sin(i5(ir, unbcfditfinflbrit; afprons 
nei. — rious, a. t»iHHtirit* ! — 'y. «t 
— ry, a. miUtafittid), eigcnwillig, «i(Kin 
in6d)tig ; — ly> aJ- — trite, r. o. enlffteii 
ben, utitjcilen. — tunt, >. tie QtilfAeis 
tuna, tet KuSfptud), SBttgletdv — tor,*. 
bet Ed)ieteriditet ; aj*t|tel)er, ©lonf)«(; 
(et^ imumftbtanfie ijerr, — irii, ». tie 
gdiietfriditerin. —Fremont, «. tie Gnt 
fdjcihina, SStwAwtovi^, ^x ^sxi^\*5>> 
— tresa, 8. tU €4i\(.'WMiW«o* 


Ar'blast, «. cine 2ttm6tu|l ffir Winter. 

Ar'bor, 8. bic Soube. — ary, — eous, — -ous, 

a. bamni^, boumortig. — ee'cent, a. jum 
93aume toctbenb, boumartig. — et, «. 
ba^ SBdumdbcn, ber ©troud). — ist — d- 
tor, 8, hex JSBoumg&rtner, S3aumfcnner. 

Ar'buscle, 8. tit @toube. 

Arbtistine, a. ftoubenortig, jlratid)orti9. 

Ar'bute, «. ber ©rbbccrbaum, — ean, a. 

Arc, 8. bet TCbfcfrttttt cinc^ ^xxUU, SBogen 
(ffic Arch). 

ArcAde, 8. bcr SBogcngang. 

Arcddian, «. 4r «• bet Utiaticx, atfabtfri^, 
— dy, «. 2Crfabtcn. 

Arcdnum,«. t^ai ®e^ctmni0. • 

Arch,*, bet aSogcn/ ©toibbcgcn, ba« ®C5 
wctbe. — ^wise, begcntoctfc, v. a. ivctben. 

Arch, a. (ofe^ tetd)tfertig, mutb mlUig, fd)(au, 
fdbotfl&aft, — ness,«. bie Scid)tfcrtig!cit, 
®cJ)cImerc^, ber 9}2ut^nnUc. «. (in 3u? 
fammcnfe|ungen) (5r^. — bfehop, bcr ©r^s 
bifd)Cf. — bishopric, t>a€ ©r^bisthum, — 
deacon, bcr 2Crd)ibtaconu5. — deaconry, 
— deaconship, t>Qi ?(rd)ibiatcnnt, — duch- 
ess, bic (Sr^^er^cgin. —duke, ber (Sr^&crs 
3og, —dukedom, bag (Sr^bcr^ogtbum. 

ArchaiolWical, — gic, a, ^ur ?tltcrt{)Um6? 

funbc geboriS;. ar^doto^ifd). — gy, «. bie 


Aychaian, «. bic ucrattctc Stcbcnstart. 
Archdngel, 8. bcr ^qengct. 

Arch'er, «. bet SBogcnfcbiS^e. — ery, «. bdS 

Ar'chetype, «. t^ai Urbitb, SSorbtlb. — typal^ 

a. urfprfing(id). 
Arch6us, «. T. ber Urgcijl, Urftcff/ Sebcn6- 

geift. ^ 

ArchiAter, ». ber Dbcrar^t. 
Archiepis'copal, a. cr^bifd)©flid)» 
Ar'chil, 8. bie £)rfeittc ; garbcrflcci^e, unb 

bie baroug bcreitctc rotbc Jarbe, 
Archiman'drite, «. ber 2(rrf)imanbritobcr5 

Ar'chiteet, «. ber ©aumciflcr. — tive, a. ^nv 
93au6unjl gcl^crig. — tonicj a. ^u cinem 
Saumeifter geborig. — <Hiicsi s, ,pl, bic 
geftre »on bcr !s8auEunft. — ture, «. bic 

Ar'chitrave, «. T. bcr ^auptbalfcn. 

Ar'chives, «. pfc ba6 2(rd)tr>. 

Archly, ad. mut^wiaij, fd>{au, 

ArctAtion, «. bo^ 3u|Ammcnbrficfcn, bic 

Arc'tic, a. norbltd). 

Arc'mate, t>. a. frummcTt/ wotbcn ; «• ge? 
bogeru Arc'uatile, a. gctrummt, gcbogen. 
— tion, ». bie ^riimmuna/ ^riimme, 2(bs 
fenfung. —are, s. bie SBogcnfrfimme. 

Arctibalist, «. bie 2(rmbruft. — er, «. bcr 

Ar'das silk or Arddsses, 8. perftfc^e Tin^f 
iDurffetbe* ardassine 8ilk,.^ertfeibC/ feltie 

&ii>e ma pevflttu 


Ar'dency, Ar'dentness, «. bie ^i|e/ 3tt$ 

brunft* Ardent, fl. ^ci^,feurig, eifrig^l)«fs 

tia, inbrfinflig; -^ly, ad. 
Arders, (— ors,) 8.pL tai SBra^tonb ^ber 

Ar'dor, 8. bic ^i|e/ ScgierbC/ ber (Stfcr, 

eifrige aBunfcb. 
ArdUity, Ar'duousness, s. bie ^0^e/@d)t»ie? 

rigfcit, Ar'duous, a. ftcil, bccb/ fd)raer. 
Are, {pi bc^ aSerbumS to be, fepn)^ finb, 

fepb, merben, werbet. 
A'rea, 8. btc gtQd)c, ber effene SRoum^akr? 

Ar6ad, Ar6ed, ». a. 9lat& ertbeilen ; re? 

belt/ fprcd^cn ; beftimmen, bcmcrfcn ; cr- 

Arefae'tion, «. ba^ Srcrfn^/ 5)crrcn. A'rc- 

fy, V. a. trcrfnen, au^trccfnen. 
Ar^na, «. bcr ^(mipfp(a|. 
Arenaceous, Aren6se, a. fanbig* Arend- 

tion, 8. tai (^(Olthat' Arenulou8,a. fanbig, 

Areola, «. T. bcr rot<)c^rei^, ber bic SBrufts 

ttjarae, ober bcQ ben @d)u|b(attcrn bic 

^uflcl umgicbt. 
Areom'eter, ». ein Snftrumcnt/ uni bic 

©icfetigfeitflfiffiger ^crpcr 311 nicffcn.. 
Arefipagus, 8. tia$ ftccbjtc (5Jcrid)t ^u ?(tben. 

— gite, 8. ein 3ii&ttcx in biefcw (Scridbtes 

Are6tic, a. »erbttnncnb,. ©djwcip trcibcnb* 
Aretorogy, «. T. bie Sugenb(e()re, 
Ar'gal, Ar'gol, 8. bet SBeinflcin, 
Ar'gent, a. fitbem, fitbcrmei^ — dtion, s. 
bic aSctfilberung* -— ine, «. [ilbcrl^aft, fU? 

Ar'gil, «. ber JS^cn, bic Slepfercrbc. — lace- 
ous, — ^lous, a. tl^enartig* 
Ar'gosy, «. ein grofe^ ^ouffal&rtclfdbtff* 
Ar'gue, tj. n. rcbcn, (SJrunbe anfni)xcn, 
fdbtie^cn, ftrciten, bi^putircn. v. a. gci? 
gen, beweifen^ nod) ®riinben untcrfud)cn, 
Sbcrrebcn, ftflreiten ; befdbulbigcn* — er, 
8. ber S3ctt)ei^ffif)rer, 95c|lrcitcr, 2Bibers 
Icgcn — ment,. «. bet ItBcivciS/ (Sd>(u9, 
®runb, ©treit^ ©egenftonb, bie 9)2atcrii% 
bcr Snboit ; — al, a. bemeifcnb, frf)(ic^enb, 
fd)lupmQ9ig ; — ation„ «. bte jctgcrung, 
Bcnjciefiiorung, eine 9?ctf)e cen fed)txiT= 
fen, ber @trcit, 9SBert|heit v — ative, «. 
bcweifcnb, bfinbig ; ftreitfud)tig. 
Argttte, a. fcin/fcbarf,l)ettfUngenb, nji^ig, 
fcboAflinnig, — nes8,.&bcrS[&i§^@^arf? 

A'ria, 8. bie ?(ria. 

A'rid, a. biirrc, trerfcn^ — ity^». bi« ® urrc, 

A'ridas, ». bcr ©ra^toffet 
A'ries, 8. bcr SSibber tm Sftierfreife* 
Arietate,.«.n. n)ie ein asibbcr ftopen. — i^ 
tion, «.. bos @to{ren,^ Sefiurmen* —tine 
a. ^um iBibber ^e{)6ri§» 
.Ad^t'ta, «. bie. iUmi Hxiu. 


Ari^ tfrf. gcrabc, aufcec^t> rcd)t, ric^tig, 

Ariolition, «. ba^ SBabtfagcn* 

ArkJso, «. T, Ui^t, tuftig. 

♦Arise, r. n. ouffici^cn, Qufgcftcn, aufjlcs 

ftcn, aufccflcf)cn, ouftrctcn, entftc^cn. 
Aristoc'racy, «. t)ic ?(riftcf ratic, 2(fee(g^crr? 

fcbaft^ bcr 2(l)cU —crate, 8, t)cr 2(riflcf rat, 

2Cbct6frcunh — crat'ic, — crat'ical, a. oris 

(tefrattfc^. — calness, s. tie ciriffcofratifcftc 

i8cfd)affcn^ctt ; TCn^fingtic^fcit an ten 


Arist6lochy, ». t>ic ^cl^twurj, Dftcrtu^w, 
Arith'mancy, «. ba$ SBal^rfogcn au6 Safts 

Arithmet'ical, a. ^u tcr 9{cd)Cn!unft QC- 

fjcrig, aritbmctlfd) ; —ly, ad. —tician, 

«. bcr 9'Jcrf)cnmeiftcr. — tic,«.t>ic Sleeken? 


Ark, s. tie ?Crcf)c, 9?unl)C6(at>c,t>cr^aj!en. 
Arlet, 8. bcr cfltnbifdbc ^fimmct. 
Arm, «. tcr 2(rm/ 2£fl ; Jig* bic (Sienjalt* 

^9/. btcSBaffcn ; coat of arms, basSBop^ 

pen. — chair, bcr2Crmfcffc(. — ^hole, -—pit, 

tie 2(d)fc(9ru(ic. -r-end, —length, bic gc? 

^orlgc Gntfcrnung. 
Ann, V. a. bcruaffnen, au6rii|tcn, t)€rfel)cn ; 

V. «. fx6) rfiftcn, fic^ fecwaffncn, iu ben 

aSaffcn grcifcn. 
Armdda, ». bic ^tieg^ftcttC 
Armadillo, «. bcr ^Cmiabitt, ^a6 9)an^cr? 


macht, ^ricg^flette. — ary, s. t)ai Seugs 

l)QU6, bic JRiiftf ammcr. 
Ar'man, «. T. bcr Xrjcncntranf ffir $ferbc. 
Arra'ature, «. bic Stuftung, bic SBaffcn. 
Arment'al, — ine, a. ^ur .^ccrbe gcfterig. 

— ose, a. rcicf) an ^ccrbcn. 
Arme-puissant, a, t^acfttig in bcn SKaffcn. 
Arm'ffaunt, o. bunn/ mager. 
Armiferous, — g'erous, a. SKaffcn trogcnb. 
AnTiilTar, — ^lary, a. cincm JRinge cbcr 

Krmbanbc aijnttd)/ mit Kingcn r>erfc6cn, 

mitJHingcn umgcbcn. —sphere, bic SRing? 

f ugc(. — lated, o. mit TCrmbanbcrn s?crs 

Armings, s. pi auf ctncm <S(f)iffc, Z^6)et^ 

wctdje au^gcfpannt wcrbcn, urn ba^ 2So{f 

bcm 2(ugc hi Jcinbc^ ^u cnt^icfictt. 
Armip'ctence, «. bic SDIacbt im ^ricge* 

—tent, a, mici)tig im ^ricge. 
Armis'onant, — onoos, c. niit ben SKaffcn 

tcncnb/ obcr raufcbcnb. 
Arm'istice, ». bcr SBaffcnltitlflanb. 
Armless, ad. obnc Ktmc, wnbcaoffnct. 
Armlet, 9, bcr fUinc ?(rm/ ba^ 2Crmbanb^ 

bic ^Crmfd^icnc. —pit, bic ^Ccftfctgnibc. 
Arm'or, «. bie Slafhing/ bcr ^arnifd). 

— bearer, bcr fSolfcntrSgcr, @d^t(b!napp. 

— «r, bet SBaffenfc^mtbt/ ^c^wcrbtfcgcr, 

dtdflhtapp. -4a]» «. ^um SBappen gcftes 


ralbifcr. — y, «. bic SlftfKammet; tie 

Arms, «. jE)2. bic SBaffcn^ bad happen* 

Array, s. bic ?(rmcc, ba^ jtricg^ftccr^ ^ect. 

Arnato, 8, bcr Drtcan (cine gel6e garbe). 

Ar6ma, s. T. bcr (fcinc) ©erud^ftoff, tie 
flfiffic\c ^ubjtan^ bcr ^flan^n. —fie, 
— ical, a. gcrofir^baft/ wiiriig, ■gewftrgs 
rcirf); ». bag (Scwfir^, bic ©peacret. 
— tizdtion, «. bic SS^rmifdbung mit ®C5 
Wurmen. — tise,©. a. njur^cn, tt)oWn«i&<nb 

A'ron, «. bcr ?(rcn, bic 3cf)W>ur3, gic6et« 

Wur^ (Arum). 
Ar6und, ad, rittg^um^er, l)CgtXXtU prelum, 


Ar6use, ». a. voidtn, oufwctfcn, enoccfen.. 
Ar6w, ad, in cincr 9flcil)c. 

Arbynt, i. wcg ba ! 

Ar'pent, *. cinc ^ufc Sanbc^. 
Arquebusdde, 8, tai ©c^ufwaffcr, 2Bunb? 

Arjqnebuse, «. bad ^CUiVtcljV, bie ^afcn? 

b{id)fc. —busier, «. bcr ?(rquc6ufict. 
Ar'rach, Or'rach er (Vrage, «. bic ^elbc 


Arrick, «. bcr 2(rrorf, 9?ocf. 
Arrdign, v. n. in Drbnung bringen, »or 

©cricfet Oringcn, anftdgen, 6cfi)ulbigcn. 

— ment, a. bie 2Cncrbnung, ©tcttung wt 

©cricftt, 2Bcfdf)u(bigung, 2(nHage. 
Arrange, u. a. erbncn, cinric^tcn. —ment, 

». bie 2(ncrbnung/ Drbnung, 6inrid)tung. 
Ar'rant, a. im ^od^ftcn @rabe, org, er^ ; 

— ly, ad. 

Ar'ras, «. bic Sopctc. 

Arrdy, «. bic Drbnung, ©dWoAterbnung, 
bcr ?Cngug, tic ^(cibung, t)a^ SScr^cidos 
nip bcr ©cfd^cmcn. ». «. in Drbnung 
bringen, anorbncn ; an!(ciben, fdrni&fen, 
bic @cfd)n)crncn bcftimmcn. — er, ». tec 
@cftaffncr bci bcr Xrmec. 

Arr6aF, «. btc rfirfftdntigc @ummc, bcr 
JRucfftanb; ad. I^intcn no(fe. — age^ «. 
bcr 9iM)lanb. — onee, bcr Sifidf^anb/ 

Arr^ct, a. aufmcrffam. 

Arrentdtion, «. (/. t.) ba5 @itt l^gUllggr Cdfrt. 

Arreptitious, a. cntriffen, cntjegcn, einges 

Arr6st> V. a. £>cr^afte«/ ttt 93efd&(ag ne()- 

mcn, 2(rrcft tcgcn, F^tnbern, t>orcnt^)aftcn, 

f)cnmicn,». bcr2Scr&aft^®in^att/bte ^ems 

mung;. ©tccfnng. 
Arr6t, s. bcr 2(u^fpruci^w t?. a. »cr«rbncn, 


Apfide, t>. n. cmtotfecn/ au(ad)ctn* 
Arriere, «. btc ?(rricrg«rbe, bcr Slo^trob. 

—ban, ba5 ?(ofgc6ct» —fee, —fief; ta^2(^ 

tcrtcbcn* -guard, bte3Crricrgarbc» — vw- 

sal, bcr ?(ftcrlcbcn$mann. 
Arrighted» a. ^ttxttl^t^tjW^^jjiU 
Arrision* •. ^o^ THuVo^Wl, ?k>t\wV«i» 


AfriTtl,t. W TCnfttttft; fig* (Srtel^ung 

fetne^ Sweden 
Arrivaaoe, $, Ut S^efttd^^ tie onfommcnte 

AiTiTe, !>. «. an&mmeti/ errci^ett/ Qzlatu 

gen, fi^ jtttragetu 
AjT(kle, 9. «. Imogen. 
Ar'ragfance, — flWM^, 8, bte SSctmcffenl^ch/ 

bet J&ocftmuto. — gant, a. ubcrmfitfeig, 

anmafcnt, ffcolg ; ly, ad, —gate, ». a. fx^ 

armafm* •— g&tion, «. tie JCnma^ng* 
Arr<5«ion, ». tie SBenagutig. 
Ar'iow, 8, Ut Qpfeil, — iead, W ^xU 

fpl|e; ta^ ^^tiiitanu —root, a. bie 

5>fel(tbutj» #-rowy, a. au$ 5)fcUen be? 
ef)ent) ; fpi|t9* 
Arse, t. bet ^intete, &Ui% — «mart, tag 

Ars'enal, 8. ta^ Seug^ou^. 

Arsen'ical, a. SBetggtft oter 2trfenl! ents 
(^attent, — ic, «. tag ©tftme^t/ ©erggift/ 
9lQ|enpuloer/ ter Krfenif. 

Aysis, «. T. tie |)ehtng te^ ZctiH (in 
tet 9XttfW« 

Ar^aoQ, 8. ta$ Mrf&llid^e Seuecantegen, tie 

Ar'sure, 8. {I. t) ta5 ^tobtten neuec SJtdns 
sen im ^euet. 

Art, «. tie ^unfl. 

Artarial, a. ^u ten ^utsatem ge^crto. 
— 4ous, a. wtler ^(sotem, — ry, «. tte 
Tivtem, ^uUkitet/ ®d)lagatet. 

Art^fhl, a. ffinftti*, Bunflreid), finnreid), 
(tftig; — tyt ad. — ness, «. tie ©efd^icfti^s 
f eit, Sifl. 

Arthrit'ic, — tlcal, a. glAtifd), ju ten ©es 
len!ett ge^orig, — tis, «. tic ®t(^t/ to6 

Art'ichoke, «. tie 2Cttif(&ocf C. 

Arficle, «. ter ?(ttifet, ta« @tfic!, ter 
Sfteil, ^nft, ^Cttgenljlid, Seitpunft, tie 
SBetingung, v. n, etn^ werten, ©ctins 
gungen modern ». a. obfajfen, einfd^reis 
ben^ anftagen; fefife|en. 

Articular, a. tie ©Iteoer betreffcnt ; — ly, 
ad. —late, a. gegtietert, gepcrig obgc* 
tbeitt/teutlicb/tJcme^mUd).— late sounds, 
ortimtirte %tM, gegUeterte Scne ; — ly, 
ad. —late, «. a. fear unt teutUd) au^fprc? 
(ben; in q)ttnfte gerglietem; obfaffen. 
—lateness, «. tie ?^erncbm(id)!eit/ JDeuts 
U(bf eit, — Idtion, «. tie Bufammenffigung 
ter ^nocben/ tag (^etcnf , ter %i)\a^\ tic 
teutlicbe 2Cu5fpro(be^ Scngtieterung, 

Art'ifice, 8. ter .Runftgriff, tie Cijt, ^unfL 
— cer,«. ter ^finftCer/ 8Ker!mci)!cr,^onts 

, werfer, Urbeber, ©rflnter; Saufcntr 
fftnfller, — clal, o. ei!intt(i(b/ cr^flnftctt, 

nocbgemacbt: — ly,arf. — cialness, — cial'. 

ity, 8. tie itftnfttidjfcit. — cious, «. ffinfts 
Artmery, #. tie 2f rtittcrie, to6 ©efcbfis* 

Artlaan, A tfv Jt&ttftin, ^antwcrtcr, 


Art'ist, 8. ter Jtfaftter, ilunfberflfinttgf. 
Artless, a. funfttc^^cbne ^Crgtift. — ly.orf 

unge^unftelt, einfacb* 
Art'uate, v. a. gitetweife obreiffcn, ger? 

Arun'del oil, ». tag £)el ter motu!fifcben 

Anindindceous, a. tem 9?cbr 6bniicb» — ^n'e- 

ous, a. t)cU t)on ERobr. 
Arus'pex,- pice, «. ter 2Bobrfagcr. 
Arus'picy, «. tof SBobrfagen au6 ten (^in^ 

geweitcn ter !Sbi«t:e. 
As, 8. tag remtfcb« ?)funt. 
As, c. a(g, wie, ta, n>enn, fe, ebcn fc^ fe^ 

fern, as for, as to, wag bctriff t ; as it were, 

glei^fam^fo $u fagen; as soon as, fe bait alg, 
Asaftet'ida, «. ter !Seufc($trcc!. 

AsaraMoca, 8. tie ^afctmur^ (Asarum). 

Ascdrides, 8. pi. tie @putn?urincr^ 9latc(? 

Asbest, —OB, 8. ter ©teinflad)^/ 2C6beft 
— ^ine, a. aug (Steinflad)5 tjcrfcrtigt, tem 
@teinflad)fe 6bnUcb/ unwrbrennticb. 

Ascend, V. ru binauffleigen, bincuffobtcn, 

S>rtf(breiten/ aufftcigen. ©.a. crftctgen,bcs 
eigen. —able, a. erfleigbar. —ant, a. aufs 

fteiaent, ftbertegen, iibemjiegcnt. ». tic 

|)6bC/ ©rbebung, Ueberlcgcnhcit^ ter 

feinffup. — ency, ». tie Ucbcdcgenbeit, 

ter ©influp, tie ®en>a(t. 
Ascen'sion, «. tie Tfuffteigung/ ^'xmmcU 

fabrt --«1, — sive, a. oufftcigcnt. 
Ascdnt, 8. tag ^uffleigen, tie 2(n()cbe, j^c^ 

b«/ ©teigC/ Srcppe. 
Ascertlin, v. a. gcnjip mocbcn/ bcjlinimcn, 

fejtfefecn/ t»ergen>iffcrn/ ubcr^cugen. — er, 

8. terjcnige, »e{d>er feftfcfet, bcjttmmt. 

— ment, 8. tie SBcjltmmimg, iJSergcwijfc? 

rung/ 9lid)tfcbnur, SRegct. 
Ascef ic, a. ^u ter 7(nt^d>t gcbcrta, crbaus 

Ud). ». ter (Sinfiettcr, 
As'cii, 8. pi. T. (g^eo.) Hnfd)attt9C/ CE'inmobs 

ncr teg bci§en @rt?reife6, wctl fie, ^u gc^ 

wiffen Bcitcn, urn SKittag !cincn ^(Hiau 

ten rocrfcn* • 
Ascites, 8, tie SBaucbwaffcrfud)!, — ^tic, 

— tical, a. tt>aH'crffid)tig. 
Ascititious, a, bin^Wg<^tbfln/ sugcfc^t, ^us 


Ascribable, a. giigufdbreibcn. 

Ascribe, v. a. ;5ufd)rciben, bcitegem -^g, 
8. tag Sufcbwiben, 

Ascrip'tion, «. tie 3ufcbreibnna, — titious, 
a. ^ugefdiricbcn* 

Ash, 8. tie ?Ccfcbe. — tree, ter Kefcbcns 
Oaum. mountain — ^ tie ©cgclbecre. — co- 
lor, 8. ta5 TCfcbgrau, —colored, a. nfd)r 
grau. —drawer, «. ter2(fd)erigiebcr; Sur? 
malin (cin e(c!trifd)cr ^tcin aug JDiYin? 
ticn). — en, a. aug 2Cefd)cnbo(i bcrcitet^ 
— cs, 8. pi. tie 2(fd)e. — keys, 8. pi. tie 
7Cefdben!d|(bcn/ ter ^aam^ teg 2(efd)eo? 


Aflhinw, V. a. bef4&meiu — ed, a. ^efc^&mt 
— edly,ad t)crfdb&mt 
ABhdlf; acL T. auf eittcr ©antOan!, ^lips 

Ash'lar, ». bet Srud)(tcin« 

Ashdre, ad» an km Ufct, an ba$ ttfec; auf 

bem Sanbc, an ta^ 6ant». 
Ash-Wednesday, ». bct TCfd^CtmittWOdftcn. 

—weed, 8, t>ic n>ilt)c 2Cn9c(lfa {Aegopo- 

Ashy, a. afdftig, afrifefartio. 

Asia, B, 2(jicn, — n, —tic, a. 4r *• afiatifA, 

tec 3tpati!ct, — ticism, «. feet KfiaticiS? 

Aside, «<{. fettn>6ct^, ai^iD&rt^^ («t ®ette« 

As'inary, — ^nine, a. cfelfecift. 

Ask, ». «. urn tXxooA bitten, crbitten; foes 
betn, fragen; crforbecn/ oufbieten* «. «. 
bitten, fwgem 

Askance, — dunce, — dunt, ad, feittudct^/ 

Ask'er, «. bet S^tttenbe, Svagenbe; etne 

Ask^w, ad, \zx\xohxX^, fd^ief* 

AsUke, V, a, mitbetn, b&n^>fen« 

Asidnt, ad, f(f)ief, fc^t&ge. 
Asl^p, ad, fd)lafenb, im ^dfttaf, 
AsMpe, «(i. abfc^fiffij. 
As'madai, c. 2C5mobt, S^obe^nget; <Sl^es 
AfldmatoiiB, a, unf OCpetlic^ 

Asp, 9, bte 6t(pe obet 2(6pe, Bttterpoppel ; 

Asp^thus, 8, bte S^ofe Don 3ecic^o,ber 

Aspar'agus, c. bet ^patgeL 
As pect, «. bcr ^nbtidf, bag TCnfe^en, bie 

2(nfi(^t, 7Cu«fi(^t; |»i. bie Itfpeftcn. ». «. 

anfeben* — able, a, fid^ti>aiC —ion, «. ber 

Asp'en, «. bie 2(dpe; a* au6 2Cgpcn, h&pta. 

— trise, bie 2C«pc 
Asp'er, — ous, a, tau^,<oom ©pititug a^s 

per,) bcr Ksper. 

As'perate, e. a. cauf) ma(j^m — ition, a. 

bas 9lauf)mQ4en. — ity, «. bie Slaul^l^eit, 

Aspergeoire, 8, ber SBeil^iucbet, ©prengs 


AsperifiSlious, a, T. mit rau^it ^(^ttem* 
AsperndtioD,*. bteSSeradbtung* 
Asperse, v,a, bcfptengcn, bcf<d^mt|en, t>er; 

laumbem— er,«. bet^Berl&umber, —sion, 

«' bie Sefpri^nng/ S^erlaumbung. 
Asphalfic, a, erbped)ig, ftorgig. — fos, 

—turn, 8, ber 2Cfpbalt, bag (Srbpedb* 
As'pbodsl, 8, bie ®o(bwur^/ 2tffobiUe. 
Asphiz'ia, 9, T. bte @(lft(agaber{pto(f ung, ber 


Asplck, «. bie 9ilatterfd)(onAC 
Aspirant, 8, ber (Sanbibat, SSewerbcr, 
As pinta, «. «. T. a(piriren, b<iud)enb au^ 


t. ber 6piritttg olpec, ^litioo, t. bi6 

^treben, bie 2(fpiratien, ^udftung* 
Aspire, t). n. fireben, ficft er^eben. — ret * 

ber nacft etn>a5 fh;ebt, \u ^ 

Asportation, 8, bie SSegtradung* 
Asquint, a<^ fd)et, fd^ielenb* 
Ass, «. ber C^fcL she-ass, bie (Sfetin. 
Assiil, «. a. anfatten, angreifen* — abie,«. 

was angugreifen x% — *nt,o. angreifetib; 

8, bcr 2(ngreifer. — er, «. ber TCngreifen 
As8iq)dnic£, 8, tcA fiiegenbe (Si^^emcbetu 
Assdrt, 8, (2. t) bie Dcrbotene TCu^rcttung 

ber J86ume im SBatbc ; ber Jcrftfrcpet. 
Assass'in, 8, ber ^cu(be(nt6rber, 9){drber» 

—ate, V, a, oerr&tl5erif*er2Bcife ermcrs 

ben; »err&tl)erif(ft na(t|fettett. —ate, 

— dtion, 8, ber 9Xeud>etawrb. — ator, «. 

ber Berber. 
Assdtion, 8, bag SBraten« 
AssAult, 8, ber 2Cngriff, ©turm, bie t^t^ 

tidbe 93e(eibigttng, S{i^ttid)£eit» d.o. ans 

greifen, anfatten, befwrmen* — er, «. bet 

Assdy, 9. bie ^r&fung, ber S^erftt<l6 ; bie 

9)^l^fe(iafeit, ber SBert^. «. a, unterftt^ 

d>en, prufen, Derfucben ; ongreifen, ons 

fatten. — «r, —master, 8, ber 5)wbirer, 

Assectation, 8, bie 2Ctifi9ottung/ SBebies 

nung, ^ried^erei* 
Assectkre, v, a, ^uftc^m* — ance, — ition, 

«' bie ^erftd^erung. 

AssecTition, 8, bie (Srlanguno. 

Assem'blage, 8, bie ©ammfung/ Sttfatm 
menftcttung/ 3ufammen(unft ; ber SSer? 
cin. ->ble, V. a, oerfam^ietn, ^ufammens 
^ie^cn. V, n, gnfammenfommen. — Wy, «. 
bie SScrfammtung* 

Assent, V. n, beipflid)ten, ^ugeben, einmil? 
(igen» ^ --ment,«.bie(5in«)ittigung/ ber 
93eifatt« — dticxi, 8, tcA S3eipflicbtcn au^ 
(Sd)in«iWci,2C. — 4tor, «. ber@(6mei(6» 
ler, 9Jacbfprcd)cr, — 4itory, a. fcbmeicftUs. 
rifi. — Atrix, 8, bie ©cfemeid^terin. — er, 
8, bcr S3eiflimmenbe« 

Assort, V, a, beOaupten, bertl^eibigen, in 
2Cnfpru(b ne^men. —ion, «. bie a3el)aups 
tung, SWeinuijig, — ive, a. ^uoerjubttidi, 
au6Drft(f licb ; — ly.fld. —or, ». bcr SBc^ 
bouptcr, aserfecbter. — ory, a. bef)auptenb, 

Ass^rve, v, a, beijtcl&cny ^clfcn. 

Assess, V. a, mit einer ^teuer ober Kbgas 
be belegen, fdftolen, bef(dba|en. — ment, «. 

• bie (S<bfl|ung,@tcuer. — ion,«.bie ISBeis 
fi|«ng, ber ©eiftanb, — ary, a, ben SBeis 
gfeer betreffenb, —or, c. ber SBeifiger, 

Assets, 8, pi, bcr 9Zacb(a^ 

Assev'er, Assev'erate, v, a, f cicrti^ bel^aup^ 

ten, betbcuecn. — Ation, «. bie SBetbeues 
Assidtiity, a. Ut (&m^\^\i\\, \»»t'6JUiV 

(cne ^^^t\Q|te\t. -^vmk «u w^^-^v 


mbtoffen? — b, ad, — nesa, «. bet ^Idf, 
Assi^ge, v,a. klogetn. 
Amiga, v. a* (eflimmett/ ontveifcn, anfdljf 
itn, bart^utt, crncnncn, (jcftdlcn. —able, 
«. ansuwcifen, anffi^rbar. — dtion, ». tic 
JBcftimmung, SBcftcttuncj, ^fniuelfuncj, 
Uc^cttrogung. — ^e, «. bcr JBciTjUmad)- 
tigtc. — er, 8. bcr 2(nweifcr, 93cftimmcr. 
— raent, «. btc 95c(ttmmung, UcOcrtras 
gung, ?Cnn)cifung» 

As8irn'ilable,a. UXO^Uidibat, df)n(tc^,— late, 
». fl. &()nUd^ ma&ftn, &bn(icJ)cn, ucra^n- 
Udben ; v, n. pd) tJcrQintid)cn, fif)nUd) 
rocrbcn. —lateness, ». bic i(e^n(id)!ctt. 
— lAtion, «. bifc 2(cf)n(td)mQ(f)una, 

Assim'ulate, ». n. fid) jlcttcn, WrfteUcn, —lo- 
tion, 8. bie ^erftefiung* 

Assist, c. a. Ocitooftncn, Ociftcl^cn, — ance, 
«. bcr 93ciftanb^ bic |>filfc. —ant, a. bcs 
l^filfttd), ^utfrcidft. «. bcr |)Clfcr, ®cF)fi(fc, 
a^cgtcitcr. — er, «. bcr ^ctfcn —less, a. 

Assize, «. bic ®i|ung, ®crit!&t^ft|ung ; bie 
15crfomm(ung bcr ©cfd^womcn; bas 
®crid)t; bic SScrorbnung, ®a|ung; bos 
g)?aof. ». «. anfc|cn, ben ^rci^ 6c|tim? 
men. — er, «. bcr, wctcftcr bic 2Cuftid)t 
fiber g}JaaSc unb ©ctpic^t l^at, bcr 9)iarft' 
TOcifter, SKarf t»c0t. 
Ass<5ciable, a. DCrcmbor, gcfctlig. — ate, a. 

jjcrbunbcn ; ». bcr ©cncfc S()ci(nc]^mcr, 
g}?itgcnofl'c, 9Scr6finbctc, ©c^fitft, ®cj 

g^rtc; V. a, ^ugcfcttcn,»cr6inbcn; frcunb? 
aflli<ft aufnc^m«n, fccgtcitcn ; «. «. in 

S5cr6inbung tcbcn, ©cfcttfcfeaft (laltcn. 

— 6tion, ». btc 95cr6inbung,^crcinigung, 

©cfcUfc^aft, —or, «. bcr ?8cr(>finbctc. 
Ass6il, V. a. cntr&tf)fc(n, (cfen ; frcifprccf)cn. 
As'sonance, «. bcr Olcid^taut. — ^nant, a. 

gfcidfttoutenb, — nate, v. n. g(ctd)(autcn. 
Assdrt, «. a. affcrtirctt/ sufonimcnorbncn, 

mit SBaorcn »crfc^cn* — ed, a. paffcnb. 

— ment, s. bag ©ortimcnt, bic Sufom? 

mcnftcttung, ber asorrat^. 
Assbt, V. a. beg SScrftanbcg bcraubcn. 
Assuage, V. a. mitbcm, tinbcm, bcfSnfti« 

gen ; ». n. nad^taffen. — ment, «. bic 

mbcrung. — ger,«. bcr ctwag Unbcrt,K. 

— sive, 8, mitbcrnb, bcfSnftigcnb. 
AssuVjufifate, v, a. untcrjod^cn. 
Assuefac'tion, «. bic 2(ngcttJ0^nung. — tude, 

8. bie C^cwo^nl^cit. 
Assume, ». a. anncftmcn/ fid) suctgncn, fid) 

anmafcn, ».n. anmapenb fcwn, grcp t^un. 

— mer, «. bcr @inge6i(bctc, ©tol^c, 
Assiimp'sit, ». T. bcr miinbUd)C QScrtrag, 

bog 2(n5cifd)igmad)cm — tion, s, bie Uns 

nc^mung, 95orau(!fc^unn, bcr ongencm? 

wenc @o|, bic ^immctfaf)rt/ bcr ^eifd)CJ 

fa|, S^rbcrunggfol, bas 5)c|tu(at» -^tive, 

a. angcnommcn, ucrau^gcfcfet. 
AsBiirance, a. bic3utjcrfid)t,bd5»)?crtraucn, 


Jrcimiitbigfcit, SDffcn^cit, ^rctfligfcH> 

^ii^nl)cit, <Sid&crl)eit, 2C|tccuran^. As^ 

sure, V, a. ^i&fitn, pcrfid>crn, »cr(oben^ 

— ed, a. ocrftdlcrt, gcn?i9/ brcifr, unOc? 

fd)cibcn ; — ly, ad. -^duess, s. btc @cr 

n>iVl)cit/ ?Scrfid)crun9, — er, «. bcr, tocU 

d)cr [ic^crt, t)crnd)crtr k. 
As'ter, 8, bic llitcx, (BUxnUnmc, bcr 3ct? 

As'terisk, s, baS <Stcrnd>cn. As'terlsm, 8, 

bcr ^tcrn, ba^ Ocftirn. 
Astern, a(i. T. im Jbintcrtfjcil bcs ©d)if5 

fc5, hintcr bcm @cbtffe. 
As'teroid, 8. 9Tamcn, ben ^crfd)c( ten 

neuUdft cntbccftcn ^tanetcn ^wifci^cit 

SOiarg unb 3«pitcr ()cilcgtc, 
Asihen'ic, a. fd)n>ad), fraftte?. — oJ'o?y» »• 

btc Sc()re »cn ber 2c(>cn6fd)njad)c. 
Asth'ma, ». btc ©ngbruftigfcit. — ^tic, 

— tical, a. cngbrfiftic. 
Astip'ulate, t?. ». ^ligcbcn, ctniuiUigcn. 

— dtion, 8. bie (Sinwitltgung, Ucbcrcin? 

Aston'ish, Ast6und, v, a. flaitncn titcichcn, 

crfc^rccfen/ ftcfturgt mad)en. Aston'ishin^, 

a. erftauncnb, crftauntic^, cntfcfelid) ; 

— ly, ad. — ^ness, — ^ment, 8. ta^ Grjlau? 

ncn, bic Scftfirgung, 
Astrad'dle, ad. bic 23cinc fiber ctmag n?cg? 

As'tragal, 8. bcr SRcif, JRing, (in ber 93au? 


As'tral, a. ftcmartlg, jcftimt. 
Astrdy, ad. abn)&rtg, trrc. 
Astrict, V. a. 3u[ammcn^icl)cn. — tion, s. 

bie 3ufammcngtc()ung. — tive, — tory, «. 
Astride, ad. bic SBcinc fiber ctwaS fpcr? 

Astriferous, Astrigerous, a. ^tcrnc f)as 

bcnb, mit @tcmcn gcfd)mficft. 
Astringe, v. a. gufammcn^ic^cn, — gency, 
8. bic ^ufommcn^ic^cnbc @igcnfc^aft. 
— gent, a. ^ufammcn^icbcnb. 
Astrogn6sia, 8^ bic (StcmMtbcrfunbc, 


Astrbgraphy, 8. bic SScfc^rcUmng bcr 

As'troite, 8. clnc ?(rt. Sj^obrcporc, bii? 
@ter»!crattc ; bcr @tcmftcin, 

As'trolabe, 8. T. bag TCftrolabiunt. 

Astrol'oger, — ^Idgian, «. bcr ©tcrnbcutcr* 
— log'ical, a. aftrc(ogifc^ ; — ^ly, ad. — ro- 
gize, V. a. bic ©tcrnc bcutcn. — I'ogy, ff. 
bic ©tcrnbcutcrci, 

Astron'omer, ». bcr 2(ftrcnoni, Stents 
fcrfd)cr. — nomical, a. aftrcncmifd) ; — ^ly> 
ad. — ^nomize, v. a. bic 2(ftronemtC ftubis 
rcn. — ^n'omy, s. bie Kftrcnomic, ©tern? 
!unbc. — scope, 8. T. bcr ©tcrnfcgcf (cin 
^nftnimcnt gur (cic^tcn Srfenntni9 bet 
©ternc, — theol'ogy, 8. bic ?(ftrot()cc(ogte 
C?ct)rc \3ttt ®ctt au6 ben ©eftirnen). 


— sooiyy, «. bU !iBeo6ac^tung bcr @tevnc, 

Astute, a. (iftig, fd)(ou* 
Asun'der, o^^. gctccnnt/ auS ctnanbct/ cnt^ 

Asyle, As/luin, ». tic grctftdttc, bfrr 3u? 

Asym'metry, «. bet 9}Jonoet be^ ©6cns 

ma^e^ttit^ ^i$9crl^d(tnt£ 
A'symptate, «. -bw 2£f^mptott\ 
Asyn'deton, «. bag 2(f9nbcton (grammas 

tif«e StQur). 
At, ;?r«. ^tt, an, hn, ill/ auf, uOct/ ^x, 

ffir, t»en, urn, gufotgc, au^, mit« 
A'taUl, «. bic ^cffcttcpmmct. 
At'araxy, «. bic @emiitt^ruf)c. 
Atdxy, «. T. bic Unctbnung in bcr 2Cb= 

wcdbfctung bc5 ^khcvi* 
Ateriaii,«.bcr TCtcttan, luftigc ©df)aufpic(ct. 
Ath'anor, 8. T. bcr iDiQcritofcn, d)cnufd)c 

Atchi^ve, «. a. see Achieve. 
A'theism, g. bic ©ettcst&ugnunci, bcr 

2(tf)ci6mu^ — ist, 8, bcr ©ottcstdugncr ; 

-c atfeciftifd)* — ical, fl. ot^cijlifdb,; — ly, 

ad, — icalness, «. bic ©OttC^ldugncrcu 

Atberdma, 8. T. bic SSrcigcfd^njutjt/ gin? 

nc, — atous, a. finnig* 
A'theoufl, tf. at^ciftifcp, gottfc^, 
Athirst, €id. burftig* 
Athl6te, 8, bcr ^dmpfcr, Ut^kU Athlet'ic, 

a. 3um ^dmpfcn gchorig ; ftarf. 
Athwirt, pre. ^ucr fiber, burd), ad, tin? 

5c(cgcn, Dcrfc^rt, unrcd)t, 
Atflt, ad, Dorwte gcOcugt, mit gcfatttcr 

8amc/ gcte^nt 
A-tip-toa, ad. ouf bcn Sd^cn.^g". auf^ 

i&cd)fte gcfpannt/'fcl&rncugieriq. 
Atlan^tes, «. jpZ. eitt wilbc^ ^0(1 in ^tftic? 

Atlantic, a. attantifc^; s. ba^ attantifd&c 

Atlan'tides, 8,pLT. bic 5)(ciabcn (©4cs 

ibcngcflim). . 
Atlas, «. bic Sanb^artcnfammtung ; ba$ 

groSfotio Jformat; bcr 2(t(a6 (©cibcn- 

^ug); i»2. Srdgcr, 7(t(Qntcn. 
Af mosphere, «. bcr Suftf rci£!, 2)unfl!rci^ 

spherical, a, atmofpf)drifc^. 
A'tom, 8, bcr 2(tom, bo^ (Scnncn(tfiu6d)cn. 

— ^ical, a. 3u bcn ?(tomcn gcl^orig, 
At6ne, v, a, »crf6l&ncn, -gcnugt{)un/ (for), 

crfe^cn v, n, gufammcn paffcn, ubcrcin? 

ftimmcn. — ^ment, «. bic ?(u^fc()nung, 

©cnugtl&uung/ 6intrad)t. 
At6p, ad. cOcn, ^u okrji, 
Atrabilarian, —-irious, — ary, a, gattffid)? 

tig, mctanAcIifd^. — driousness, s, bic 

Atrament'a], — ^t'ous, a. fd)njar^ wic 

Atr^', ad. (<^ccau^bru(!) aufgc^ipt, gc? 


Atrdcioufl, a, abfd^cuti^, l^od^jl lojlets 
^aft ; — ^Iy» ad, — city, ^ciousness, 8, bit 

At'rophy, 8, bic 2(u^^cl&rung. 

Attdch, V. a, tJcr^aftcn/ in 93cfc5)(ag nc^s 
men, an fid) ^ichcn, cinnc^mcn, — ment, 
8, bic 2(nf)anglid)6cit, Srcuc, 2(d)tung/ 
StcOc, C5crt)aftnc()mung, bcr SScfcfelag* 

Attdck, V. a. angrcifcn ; ». bcr 2Cngriff. 
—er, «. bcr angrcifCnbc SbciL 

Attain, «. a. crrcid)cn/ crtangcn ; cin^o? 
Icn, ». n. baf)in fcmmen, gcratftcm 
— able, a. crrcid)Oar. •^— abteness, «. bie 
Srreic^batfcit. —ment, «. bic ©rtans 
gung; bic crwcrbcnc SSotlfommcnl&cil; 

Attainder, «. bic gctid)t(id^c Uc6crfii()5 
rung, bcr <Sd)Qnbflcc!cn. 

Attaint, 8. bic SScrtcfcung, bcr (Scfeanb? 
flccf. ». «. fd)utbig ctfcnncn, libcrfub? 
rcn; 6cfa)impfcn^ bcflccfcn, anjtccfcm 
— ture, 8. bic 2(nftccfang, Xxk^ tjcrberbcnc 
S5(ut; bcr ©cfeimpf, bic @d)anbc. 

Attam'inate, v, a, t)Crbcrbcn» 

Attemp'er, ». a. mdpigcn, milbcrn, tiers 
bunncn; cinrid)tcn, anpaffcn. —ate, 
». a. in cin -SScr^dtmip bringcn, mdpis 

Attempt, c. a, tjcrfud^cti, magcn ; angrei^ 
fen, 8. bcr SScrfU(ft, X>ai> Untcmcf)mcn; 
bcr 2(ngriff. — able, a, au8gcfe|t, 6(op 
geftetlt. — er, «. bcr Untcrncl&nwr. 

Attend, v, a, ad^tcn, aufmcrfcn ; atwarp 
ten, befcrgen ; aiifwarteny bcbicncn ; bcs 
gtciten ; ^ugcgcn fervn, t>. n. 2Cd)t cebcn, 
roartcn, »cr^icbcm — ance, «. bie 2Cuf? 
mer!fom!cit, 7(d)tung, 2(ufr)artung, SBcs 
bienung; 2Bartung, ^flcgc; ©egen? 
mart 4 \>(x^ ®efc(gc; bic ©rwartung. 
— ant, a, untcrgeorbnct, bcgleitcnb. ». 
bet iCufrodrtcr^ S5cbientc; 93eg(eitcr; 
2(nTOefcnbc« — er, s, bcr (Sefdf)rtc» 

Att^nt, a, aufmcrffanu 

Attentate, 8, H^ wibcrrcc^tUc^c SSerfaf)5 

Atten'tion, — ^tiveness, 8, bic 2fttfmer!fam? 
feit. — ^tive, a, aufijicrffam ; — ly, ad, 

Atten'uant, a. t)Crbiinnenb« — ate, v, a, 

»erbilnnen, »erringcm. — ition, s, bic 


At'ter, 8. ber feitcr, bie 93^ateric« 
Attcr'rate, v. n, ya feftem Canbc rocrbcn* 

— rdtion, 8. bcr 2Cnn>ad)^ ^i^ Ufer6. 
Attest, V, a, be^eugcn, ^um Seuc^cn anrus 

fen. — ation, 8, \iOLi Scugnif, bte Seacus 

gung. — er, —or, 8. ber Scugc. 
Attic, 8. bie «DQdMtube, 
A'ttical, a. nod) bcm /(ttifd)en <Str»Ie, 

ctaffifd), sicrlid^. —cism, «. bie ?(ttifdb// 

Siectij^e Sleben^art. — else, ©. a. fd)cn 

rcben, fid) sicr(id^ ausbrfidten. Attic salt, 

s, bcr 2Bi^. 
Atlig'uous, a. fttv^t^txCt). 


AUfnge, V. a. tetd^t hcxhl)xcn* 

Attire, «. bcr Ktt^ug, @d)mucf ; T. ba6 ©es 
n>cit7. V, a. anticmn, fd^miiden* 

At'titude, 8. tic ^tciirng. 

AttoVlent, a. I^ebcnb, auff)c6ent)* 

Attor'ney, «. bet SBcMllm&cfttigte, TCnttwtt, 
@a(!^»o(tct» — general, bet ©cncroU 
2?t6(a(. ». w. 2(nn)ott fc^n. —-ship, «. bog 
?Cnit eincs TCnwotte^. 

Attrdct, V. a. on^tel)cn, tci^en. — tioD, «. 
ba$ TCnsic^en, trt JRei^* — ical, — ive, a. 
an^ic^ent), trtjcnb ; — ly, ad. — iveness, 
8. t)te anaiel)enl)e ©igenWaft. —or, 
At'trahcnt, ». ba$ Titiiit^nU, SHeijCTP 

Attrdp, o. a. fc^mudett, ou^^ietenv 

AttractAtion, «. ba6 95efftO(en, aSetafteit* 

Attrib'utable, a. ^uaufc^tet^ei), bctjulcgen* 
—b'ute, ». a. jufc^teiben, bctmeffen, beU 
Icgen ; »- Me ©igenfftaft, tag SJietfmal, 
SBeljet^n ; bic e^te, bet gute 9?ame* 
**btitioii, <. bte Sueignund/ ©igenfci^aft^ 
bag eo6. 

Attrite, a. a^tmUti, abgenult -^less, 
«. bic 2Cbnu$ung. Attrition, ». bic %U 
tcibmig, 3cthiitf(ftttn9/ Scrfcfttagcn^it 
bc6 $ctaen& 

Atttine, v. a. (Hmmetu 

Atw6en, Atwurt, pre. Sf ad. ^tvifd^Ctt. 

Aub'urB, a. bunfcl6raun, faftanicnbtaun/ 

Auc'tion, 8. bic 2Cuctton, SSctftcigcrunQ. 
c tf. wtftcigetn. — ary, a. ^ut Suction 
9c()crig. — 6er, «. bet ^uctionatot, 

Auc'tive, a. tjetmcftccnb, 

Aucapdtion, 8. bog S^OgCtftcUcn. 

Audacious, a. ifx\)n, wtwegcn ; ^y, ad. 
—^ess, Audicity, «. bic S^ctmcgcnl^cit 

Aud'ible, a. l^^tSat^ t)Ctncf)nitt^ ; — bly, 
ad. — ness, 8. bic 95ctnef)mttd)tcit, 

Audience, «. bic Hubicng, \><x^^ ®c^6t ; 
bie 3ul&6tet, Aud'it, v, a. ab^ctcn, ons 
ftorctt/ untctjuc^iu «. bic Xbbotuttg, 
TCnbwung; IDutdHic^t einct 9"ee<^nun9. 
— tion, 8. bag ^ercm — tor, «. bet 3us 
()Ctct, SRed)nunQgauffcf)et; — tory, a. bag 
®cb6t bctteffenb, mit bcm ®c^^nc wts 
bunbcn* «. bie Subotct, bet ^otfaaL 
— tress, 8. bic 3uf)6tetin. 

Auf, ». bet Utopf, Sflatt, see Oaf. 
Aug6a, 8. eine ^affctcifietne. 

Aug'er, a. bet QtC^C JBofttcr. 

Aught, pm. ctwa6, itgcnb etwog* 

Augment, tj. a. DetniC^tCtU v. n. fic^ »ets 

mefcten/ awncl)mcn. — Ation, «. bie SScta 
mentung ; bet 3ufa|. 

Aug'ur, «. bet SKafttfaget. 

Aug'ur, — ^rate, v. n. wciffagcn, mut^a 
mapen. —ration, «. bie SBeiffagung; 
SJotbebeutung. —rial, a. jum aSW^tfas 
gen gel)ctig, — rize, «. n. roa^tfqgen^ 
ttfeiflfagen. — ^rou8,fl.»et6cbcutenb. — ry, 

^. ^/<? SBciffagutiQ ; ^a^ 2fnjctd)en. 


An^gnst, 8. ber Siranfts^enat «• crl^abeffw 
—ness, «. bic ^oocit, SBfitbc. 
Auk, etc. see Awk, Alk. 

AuMrian, 8. SQiltglicb etncg 6eUcgium$ 
auf cinet bet engUfdbe» llnit>etfit6tcn. 

Aulet'ic, a. gu ^Ffnfen^ dbet ^h^tixi, gc^ 

Aul'ic, a. jum ^tfe gc^etig. 

Auln, 8. bic (ftoti^) @Ue ; ©d&neUwagc* 

Auradil, V. a. bunt ntad>cn« See Enamel. 

Aunt, «. bic SKu^^rae, SBafc, Sonte* 

Aur6lia, 8. bic ^M'^p^i, 9J^mp^C» 

Aure6la, «. T. bct gcmaltc @^ein urn 'iio.^ 
^aupt bet ^cittgen. 
Aur'icle, 8. ba6 Supcte Ol^t ? ^et|0^t, 
Auric'ula, «. bic XutifcL —lar, a. jutn 

£)^tc, obct aum |)6tctt gel^ftig ; f)eim:? 

li(ft ; — ly, ad. 
Auriferous, a. golbtcic^ 

Aur'ist, 8. bet £)^tcnat^ 
Aurdra, «. 2Cutiw:a/ bic 9Kctgcnt6t!)e» 
— borealis, bct Q^JOtbfd^in, \>(i& 9'Jctbli(%t. 
Au'rum fulminans, «. t)Q& .^naUgolb, 
Auscultation, 8. bo6 3u^6tcn,. 8oufd)cn* 
Aus'picate, v, a, onfangctt/ bcginnen, rcts^ 

Aus'pice, 8. bie asegetfdbouc/ bie 2Bciffa? 
gung ou6 bcm g(ugc bet SScgef. Jig^ 
bet @c^u|, (Sinfhip, — cial, a. wtOebcu? 
tenb, —Clous, a. gtfidf(id), gSnftig ; — ly, 
ad. — ciousness, 8, bct gfinjHgc 2(nfc^in> 

Aus'ter, «. T. bet ©flbwinb^ 

Aust6re, c. j^etbe, fttengc, l&att, taul^; 
— ly, ad. — ^ness, a. bic ^ctbc^ ©ternge, 
|)atte* — rity, «. bie @ttc»gc/ ^6tte, 
patte 3uc^t» 

Aus'tin, 8. bet 2(uguftinet, 2(ug«flin. 

Aus'tral, a. fubU(§, — ^ize, ». n. fi(^ nad^ 

©fiben wenben* 
Austr6manoy, 8. bog SBo^tfagcn oug ben 

Authent'ic, —ical, a. utfunbtid^ bctD&l^tt^ 

Cd^t^ out^cntifd) ; — ly, ad. — fcate, v. a. 

beutfunben, Ocwiljtcn, bic ©(fet^cit U- 

»eifem — icness, — icabiess, — icity, «. 

bie Utfunbti^feit, S3en>a^tt()ett, ed)tf 
^cit. « 

Au'thor, 8. bet Ut^ebct/S8ctfoffct,@(&tifl? 
jleUct. —CSS, 8. bic Utf)ebewn, »8ctfaf? 
fetin. — kative,fl.2(nfeben l)a^enb, roicJ)^ 
tig, gebietetifc^; '^ ly, ad. — itativeness, 
8. bag2(nfel)cn/ gcOictcrifc^c 8©efen. — ity, 
8. bog 2(nfc(ifcn, bic gcfe|mfiftac ®cnKUt; 
bag 3cugni9; bie Untetftu^ung, bic 
®(au6en6m5tbigfctt; bic ©tloubni?; 
a3en>cigquettc ; obtigfeitUc^ 5)etfDn. 
— izdtion, 8. bic 93c»ottm6(fttigung, JBcs 
jlatigung. — ize, ». a. betecftti^cn, beocUs 
mdcl)tigen; tecbtfettigen; bcftatigen v2(nfcs 
f)en geben^—ship,*. bie ©cbtiftfleUctfd^ft* 

Autocracy, 8. bic @elbft^Cttfcib<»ft. — crat„ 

8. bet ^elbfl^ett(d)et» --Qtatrifi^ 


tical, — cratorial, a. f«16fll)errf4«rif4. 
— cratrice, «. t>U @ctbflocttf(4<tin. 

Aatcda-^, 8. bad ^(^ergendot, bie^eler? 

Aiitograph, — g'raphy, «. bic Urfd^tift. 

— ical,fl.ei9cnb&nl)ift, urfunWid). 
Autom'aton, «. bic fidft f^l^it bcwcgetite 

SKafd>tnc. — at'ical, — atoiu, a. mafd^is 

Auton'omj, «. blc Swil^ctt nodft ctgcnen 

Aut'opsy, ». tic cigene Xnfid^t — tical, a. 

mit cigcnen 2(ugen aefc^cn ; — ly, ad. 
Auttimn, 8, t>cr |)et6jt — al, 0. l^erbjtttci. 
Auxet'ic, a. ctwcitetno^wtmel^enb.— ^sis, 

8, T. btc (Snoettening, fBetmel^rung* 
Auxom'eter, «. T. eitt SSwgrif etttttg^mefr 


Auxil'iar, — iary, a. j^ctfetlb, be^fitftlC^, 

^ftlfcetd^, «. t>cr^elfer,a5eiftanb* —for- 
ces, tie ^Atf^truppetu — iation, «. ^ie 
^{itfe^ bet S3eiflant. 

Avdil, 8, bet SSottfteil, 9lu|en. «. a. ^ n. 
feelfctt/ nilgen, --ahle, a. tiftlltcfi/ bien? 
Udft ; — bly, fl<J. — abkness, 8, tie 9lu|« 
batfett — ment, $, bie 95ettu6«ng/ bet 

Avaldnche, «. btc @4)tteekDa(ae^ bet @d^nees 

Avdle, v. a. fenf eiu V. n. finfen* 

AT&nt-guard, «. bet S^otttab^ bte 2D}ant? 

AVarice, «. bet ®ei j, btC iKibfuc^t — cious, 
«• g«MtJ/ ^Qbffic^ttg ; — -ly. a<^. — ness, « 

bet (^eta* 

Avdunt, i. fctt ! tueg ba ! o. n. pta^ten. 
Avel, V, a, abtclpen* 

Av'enage, «. bet Aofetaind. 

Avenge, «. a. todftctt/ a^nbem — ance, 

— ^ment, ». bie SRod^e, 2(&nbung» — er, 
«. bet aiSdbcr. — res8, «. bie SJcui^etim 

Aven'ture, see Adventure. 

Av'enue, «. bet Bugang ; bte 2(IIee* 

Av6r, «. a, 6cf)auptcn/ Detjidbetn. 

Av'erage, «. bie cet^filtnipmopige (Sins 
tbei(un0, bad mitttcte 25et&&ttni5; tet 
Jto^nbienjl, bag gtol&ngetb; T. bie 
^atjerci, bad 2(uffidf)ttgelb» upon an 
average, im iDutdfefd^ttitt^ «. o, m JDutd^s 
fdftnitt einttageiu 

Aver'ment, «. bet SBetoetd, bte S3e(t&ftis 

Aver^at, «. bte btttgunbifc^e SBeinttaube. 

Arerrunc'ate, o. a. au^tottetl* — cdtion, «. 

bie 2(u6tottun9* 
Avers&tion, «. bte TCbneigung^ bet Sibe];? 

Averse, a, abgetieigt/ tingfinfttg ; —ly,ad. 

— ness,— sion,*. bet8Sibettt)iue,2C6fc^eu, 

bte 2Cbneigttng« 

Av^rt, «. a, abivettbem ab^iel^etu 
A'viary, 8. ba^ ^ogetpauS/ bie ^ede* 
Avid'%, 4. bie fd^gUx^i/ &icr» 


Avid'ulouB, a. ctwog giettg* 

Av'ocate, v. a. abtufen, abl^ottett. 
tion, 8. bie 2(6tufung, 2(0^alt«ng/ ba^ 
©cfd^fift. —catory, o. abtufcnb, ai)l)aU 

Av6id, ». fl. tictmeibcti/ meiben, t&umea^ 
oettaffen ; f)tnbctn ; auftcben. i>. n. f(d^ 
entfcmen^ wcid)cn; erUbiget wetbetu 
—able, a. tjcrmcibli^; wibettufiiA* 
—ance, «. bte aSctmeibutig ; 2Beafd)af- 
fung^ 2(bteitung; 2Cuf^ebung/ Gtlebt; 
gung. —less, a. unt)etmeibtt(ft. 

Avoir-du-pois, ». td^ gemeine ©ewic^t/ 

AvoUtion, 8. bag fSBegfliegen, bie gtu^t 

Av6uch, V. a. beftauptcn, onfii^tett/ teil^ts 
fettigetu <. bie ^etfic^etung/ ^ai Seug^ 
ni^ —able, a. ^u beftoupten, onffil^tbot.. 
— er,«.betienige, tt)eld)etet»a* be^ouptet^ 

Av6w, ». a. geflcl^en, et!l&ten, te<fttfetti« 
gen. —able, a. anetfetinbot^ au ted^fettis 
gen ; — ly, ad, — al, s. ba5 ©eft&nbntf , 

bie etflatUttg. — edly, ad. tf(in, O^ttC 

JRfidC^alt. — ee, «. bet Jtitdocnpatton* , 

— er, «. bet ojfentUd^ be! ennt,teAtfettiget 

— ry, 8. bie gefe|m6pige Sled^tfettignng. 

— s'al, «. ^ai» SBefenntttip. —try, 8. bet 


Avul'sion, «. bie 2(bteifung, a&egtetfttttg* 
AwAit, «. fl. etwatten. ». bet ^intetl^ott 
Awike, —en, v. a. vocdtxi, aufioerfetl, et^ 

toedCen* v. n. etmarf^en/ oufnoac^en* «. 

toad^, wadftenb/ .muntet. — er, — ener, 

8. bet 2(uftt>edet. 
Awird, «. bct2(u6fptudft, tiai Utt^eU. ».«» 

ben 2Cu^fptttd) t^un^ auetfennen* 
Awdre, flrf. auf bet ^ut, a((|tfam ; wn 

etwog wtffenb, untertid)tet ». 2(*tung ! 

votgefef^en ! v. n. fic^ ()iiten/ auf bet ^ut 


Aw4y, ad. noeg, fott ; entfetnt/ »eit 
Awe, 8. bie e^tfutd)t; gutc^t ». a. in 

©l)tfutdbt obet ^nt6)t oolten. —band, «. 

bet (Sinbalt/ (gtnftalt^befeftt. 
Awedry, a. mfibc, fibetbtfiffig. 
AVfuI, a. (Sl^tfutd^t etwedCenb; Jfutdftt 

etwcdenb ; el^nofitbig ; feiet(id)/ l^e^t ; 

efttfutAtSDClt/futdbtfom;- ly,arf. — ness^ 

8. bie (S^tn)drbig!eit, Seiettic^feit 
Awhape, v. a. etfajtedCen. 
Awhile, fld. eine Bcitlang. 
Awk, fl. ungefd)irft. —ward, fl. ungebtt^ 

bet; ungefdoidCt/ unbe^dtfli^ ; oettegen; 

in ^ettegen^eit fe^enb; n?ibetfp&nmg.; 

j^attnfirfig; — ly, ad. — wardness, «. btc 

Awl,«. bie lii:)U, 5)ftieme. 
Aw'less, fl. unebtetbictig; feine G^tfuttftt 

cnvedEenb^ ungeftitdbtet« 

Awme, or Amne, «. bie Kl^m, (eitt SXof). 

Awn, «. bic (3tatlUi,')5i^iV 

Awn'ing, «. um \i^xawKO^^ i^Vt \%^^ 


utttgc, iiu^gcfponnte Sebccftttig ; tie 
. *Ded:c. 
Awiy, ad. fc!)lcf, !rumm, fd^lctcnb, »crs 

fc()rt, ungleid)* 

Ax, Axe, «. tic Krt, bo? 2^ci(, btc ©arte. 
Axillar, — ry,a. ^ur Tfcbfctgrubc Qchocip. 
Ax'iom,*. t)a«! Tfricm, bcr llrfdl, ®ruril)s 

fa|. — itical, a. Quf cin ?(ncm ficift be? 


Ax'is, «, tic 2(d)rc, (,^ $B. bic (Srbad)fc). 
Ax'le, — tree, «. btc 7(d)fc am SSa^cn, 


Ay, ad. \a* od^ ! 

Ave, ad. migi, U^hM^ 

A'^zimuth, s. bct SSefttcal^irfct ; ba5 Tf^t* 

mut^* — coiDBass, bcr 2C3tmutl^a(5ttfct. 

—dial, btc ?(gimut()a(u^r. 
Az6t, ». T. bcc ©ticfftoff, blc ©tlrf(uft, 
Aaith, a. T. bcr ©ruitbftoff cber SOJcrfu? 

tiu« bcr SKctoUc. 
A'zure, a. ^immc(0(au, ^cttOIau. ». «. b(au 

Az'ured, a. ^lmmc(6(au Qcfdrbt. 


B&a, ». fi. ]&(e!ctt/ »lc cin @d)af. «. bag 

Baal, «. cin 2(6gctt untct ben ^ananitcrn. 
Baat, 8. cin c^incfifc^'c5 @cn)id)t »on cincr 

l^atbcn Un^c» 
Bab'ble, v. n. ftammcln , fd)n?a^cn*/ plan? 

tern. — ment, s. bag ©eplaiibcr, (SJc? 

Wn)&^. — bier, «. bcr @d)n? after. 
BAbel, «. bie Uncrbnunci, ^icrjiirrunc»» 
Babe, Bdby, a. bag Heine ^inb, bcr @iu.q? 

ling. BAbery, 8. bcr finbifc^c ^n§. Bdb- 

ish, a. f inbifc^ ; — ly, ad. 
Babbon, a. bet !J)aDian. 
Bac, 8. cin 9)ra^m (flad&cg S^fer^cug). 

Bac'cated, a. mit 23ecren »crfcl^cn/ m'it 

Bac'chanal, Bac'chant, 8. bcr S^acd^ant. 

— ante, a, bic Sacc^antin. pi. ha^ 93ac? 

<!)U8fcft, bie @cl&n>e(gcrci. — nalian, a. 

fd^wctgerifc^. «. bcr ^d&w&rmer, Stun? 

fcni&clb. — ish, — icaJ, a. fcacd^ontifcft. 
Bac'charis, 8. bic ©firrwnr^. 
Bac'chus, 8. bet ®ctt bc6 SBcing. 
Bacciferous, a. SBccrcn tragcnb. — vorous, 

a. Sccren frcffcnb. 
Bach'elor, «. t)Ct 3on99cfe(lc, !SBaccatan? 

rcug. — ship, «. bcr 3un93efcttcn|t<»nb ; 

bag Sactataurcat. 
Back, 8. bee JRucfen, bic JRfirffcitc ; bcr 

«ct&; btc ©tfilc bcr Seiftonb; bic SBier- 

fufc. ad. ^urftcf, wicber. v. a. (cin 5)fcrb) 

beftcigen ; abricbten, gureitcn ; auffe^en; 

unterfra^cn, bcijlcl^cn, rccfetfertigcn; rfidf? 

tohvti bcroegen. v. n. fid) ^uriicf Oeroegen. 

— ^basket, 8. bcr Sragcforb. — ^bite, v. a. 

nadftrcbcn, t^ertdumbcn. —biter, s. bcr 
SScrtdumbcr. — bone, s. bcr $Rficfgrat. 
—door, 8. bic v5intcrtf)iir. — gam'mon, 8. 

tofi cngtifc^c Srif traf. —side, ». bic ^in? 
icu ©cite, t>a^ v^intcrt&cit, ber ^intere. 
— slide, V. n. gurfirfwcic^cn^abf alien. — slid- 
er, 8. ber ?(6triinnige. — sliding, «. bcr 
TChfaU, t>a^ ?X6tt)eidbcn. — stairs, 8. pi. bic 
l^intcrc :Jrcppe. —stays, ». pi. T. ber 
©tag. —sword, 8. cin ®c!)n?crbt obcr 3)cs 
gen mit cincm 9?uc!cn, alfo nur mit cincr 
&d)neibe. — wwrd, — woids^ad. rficfwdrtg/ 
iuriJc!, rfidftingg; a. (angfam, trdgc, ab? 
S0ft^(, Miiwiffig; sutM in ^enntntf? 

fen ; fp&t bct Sal&teg^cit nad) ; — ly, ad. 

— ne88,«. bie 8ongfam!cit/ Srdg^ett, 2Cb? 

gencigt^eit/ SScrbrcffen^cit. 

Blcon, 8. ber ©pecf, bic (Spccffcitc. 

Bacul6metry, «. T. ia^ SKcffcn cincr @nt- 

fcmung mit ©tdben. 

Bad, a. f^tccftt/ libel, fcbtimm, bofc ; fcbab? 

(id) ; — ly, ad, — ness, s. bic @d)ted)tbcit 

Bddian, s. bet ©tcmanig. 

Badge, 8. bag 3cid)en,2(mtgaeicibcn, (5F)tcn? 

^cid)Cn. V* a. bc^eicbnen. 
Bad'ger, 8. bct t>aii)^ ; bet ilornf)dnb(et 

im^tcineiu— legged, ftummbcinig. Bad- 
ger, V, a, qu&lcn. 
Baffle, V. a. »crcitc(n ; »ernid&tcn. s. bic 

SScrcitc(ung cincr ?(b|tdbt. — er, s. fcers 

jenige, wclcber cincm anbern feinc Ut^ 

tid)tcn ccreitclt. 
Bag, 8. bcr ©acf, SBcutet. cloak-bag, bet 

5[)?ante(farf, Slcifefacf. — pipe, bie (Sacf? 

pfeife, —piper, ber ©acfpfcifcr. —gage, 

8. ta^ ^cr&tb/ ®cp&cf ; ta^ Ucber(id)e 

SO^enfd), bct 9Zicfe(, (nicbt immcr im ijcr? 

dd)t(idbcn, fonbctn im gcUnben SScrftans 

be, n?ie ctwa ber bcutfd)c ©d)c(m). v. a. 

cinfadEcn, in ben ©arf ftccfcn, bclabcn. 

V. n. anfd)n?etlcn. 
Bagatelle, «. bic ^(cinigfcit. 
Bag'nio, 8. bag S3abebaug ; Un3ud)tbaug. 
Baguette, ».@picgrut^e ; T. t(x^ (gtabd)cn 

am ©ejimfe. 

Bajdcca, 8. cinc romifcbc g}?fin^c, 
BAil, 8. bie Scgbfiraung, S5iir9fd)aft ; bct 

SBiirge. v. a. (ogbilrgen, J8iirgfd)aft ftcfs 

ten ; fid) ccrbiirgcn ; 93i!irgfd)aft annc^s 

men unb (oglaffcn. — able, «.b fir gfd)aftg5 

fdl^ig. —iff, 8. bcr Sanb»cgt ; 8Scgt, Uns 

ter»emja(tcr ; ®erid)t6bicncr. — iwick, s. 

bcr (Scrid)t6bciirf. 
Bait, 8. bcr^ober, bie Scdfpcifc ; Slei^un^; 

CSrfrifd)ung auf bcr 9?eifc. ». a. mit^c? 

ber t)erfc^cn, !6bcrn ; Sodfpeife augftcl? 

Icn, (cdcn; auf bcr JRcifc irgcnbwo.cins 

!ebrcn, an^attcn ; anfatlcn ; ^c^cn. ». n. 


Baize, «. bcr )i8ot?. 
B4ke, V. a. Sf n. badfcn. — Chouse, bag 95acff 

bang. — er, 8. bet Sdcfct. 
Bal'anGe,8.bie SBa^e; bag ^Ux6:iQcm^t% 


bet Vtttx^iuii bic 2Cues(cii)ima in 

Ult\ Unrufie in ter Ubr. c a. loaacii, 
in tin @tetd)9cwid)i fcgra, t^i^ ll^Ccid)^ 
gewidlt^altfn', (i^iv^iicit; » inc 9ii;d)iiLin)i 
gfeiAtn. e. n. unfftiuiTig ftpn. —or, i. 

Bilbadnate, —Mite, i, n. ftamnKln, pot; 


JtoWhcit ■ 

la Sflbeii, Sjtii't, SCottriti, 


0(61, bur SBonn. n. a. wnoanftftoi, Mtt 

BsD&na, *. bie iBananajffige, ^ambitf^ 

Band, i. Ca(i !Sanb, Cic iSinbc ; bie Son: 
be.JcfTcl; bo* SBifftbtn; bit Bertintaung, 
ajcrftinbunfl? bk ©(fsUfifrnft, !8oRb(,ber 
^OBfe. —ha, bit e*n*tcl, »5)u|f)l)i«6j 
tcL — d(^, Btt Jtfttenbunb. —will, bit:, 
SESufttttcUe. e- 0. blnben, wrtintufl -, »«»' 
tinisen. —age, », tie ijinbe, ber SBen 
6anb. —dean, «. tic ©timfilnbe, ba» 
€ttniliane, bit jtaupt^inbe. —dekt, «. 
bi)« !Binbd)en, bie iii\tt. 

BondBji'DoeB, «. pi, fcibcne ®cf)nuj)ft^et 
au6 Eflinbitn. 

Biinda soap, a. giht^fatcnwai^t:, ttdiidte^ 

Bal'drick,*. bcnSfltld. T. bccIfiiccEttie, !ISuStaleneL 
Bile, ». Itt S8«H(n ; bos eicnb. n. - - - ■ 

bafliren, ou*f(t)5pftn, — fid, o. t , . ... 

fictriibf, f(6iW«6, WrtrtHi* ; —ly,B((.| Bandoleers, s-ytBoe SBontcIier. 
Balk, >. btt fflotten ; ijlain, bis Bc(n..)5g-.jBan'dore, », btcJJanbrJtc. 

bieiSewitedingbn^&cffnung; bctStbo: ^■-"-' - ---"'"-^ - 

ten, ffia*tfjriL v- a. iUtuctitn, wrbd: 

gel)cn, ouslaften, wrnjEigern, (iur*fn, 

fcinlcrgflxn, QUfnxtftn. e.n. niibetfttei: 

ten; fid) otocnben; Iheitcn. 
BiUtera, a. pi. iU fieri ngSwidiKr. 
Ball, I. bet Sail, tie ^ugd, bo6 Sonjfcft. 
BaHad, ». ba6 ajsltSliili, Soffcnlitt, Bit 

fBaUabt. e- a. SaHobcn mocftcn tbet 

BallBBt, I. bre Soffflft. 1. a. mit SaBofl 

BalTette, ». boS fflottitt. 
Bdlis'ta, ». ber a)iauet6rcd)Cr,bic SBalliitc. 
BalliBter, see Baluster. 
Baliiion, e. Ber grsge SSolt, bii groSc .Su: 
jl(L air-balloon, btt Sitfd'aUcii. 
allot,*. bo6 i!Bflt)lf5a-:I4cn', BoS Sal; 

lottiten. 5. fl. bflUDtttrm. —box, bos .Ru' 

aeUifttgtn, ©timnitoRcbett. 
£lk>(dtk>n, X. boS ISoaDtliien. 
Balm, ». Ber SBoIfotn ; Bit OTdifTe. «■ ". 

boffamtten. fig- linbfrn. Balmy, 0. bol; 

famifi; fonft. 

_ ai'neaij, *. bie SobcftuSe. — cition, a. 

tai ffloBot. — tory, a. jam Sabcn gt: 

Bsl'siuii, I. in SBolfam. —in, — ical, a. 

Bal'tie, a. Bie Dflfec a. juc Oftfcc geljorig, 

Bal'iuter, ». tie S)tAi. ^ Bic JDcctiin, 

ba« eielinbtr. Bd'uatmde, ». Ba6 (Sc= 


Bajiib6o, (. ber tBombut!. 
Bamb6«le, t. a. tiini(cgi:^cn , IJclnVl'^''' 

— ler, I. Ber ffletrfgen 
Ban, «. Bit 6ffentliS)< Stfanntmocljun;, 

6aS Mufgebet, bie MbEilnlitiiuiivi ; Pi 

Ban'drol, 8.606 ^tiniben; Bie BonberoHe. 

Bnn'dy, ». Bet JBotttnfillel. a. gtbBqcn. 
—leg, Boi frumitie SStin, —legged, a. 
(tummbeinig. i. a. bin itnB 6tr ftfilogen, 
bin unB ))ec trtikn; gtgettfeittg gc6cn 
unB nebmen, niedifeln-, oon ttioofi re: 

BSne, $. boS iStft, Bttberbett. —wort, Bet 

9Iact)tftt)anen. ». a. bcrgiftcn. -^-fnt, a. 

giftig, Bttberbli*. — fiilness, 1. Bic (gi|= 

tigtcit, SGctberblicbtett. 
Baiw, ». Ber ®4l09, ®Itei(b, ©tfrfi. v. a. 

ptitgcln, fAIogtn -, jufi^lagcn, ungcftdm 


lan'iah, B. o. nerbonnen. — er,».BctSSets 

bonncr. — ment, ». Bic SBcrbonnung. 

Domm; bie Muberbon! ; !Hant,mit>' 
baat; ajonfaeTcUfdjoft.— bill, Ber SBonfc 
jellcL -note,*, bie fflonftiott. e. a. BSnc 
men -, SBontgtfASftc tceiben. — er, ». Btt 
®clBnKd)6l(r, ©clbbanbtcr, SBonquier. 
— rupt, a. bonfbrfidiig, banfewit. «- bet 
:Ban!&rfiil)ige, iBanteri>Ctitet. v.a.iattft 
6tfi*iq nwct)cn,ju©tunBc M4ten.-^iipt- 
cy, «. Bet ESontbrud), JBotiferott. 

Bann, n. a. see Ban. 

Ban'ner, J. Bie gobnc,ba6 Jibtwbcn.— et, 
». bnS jibn^tn ; ber SBonnerficrt. 

Ban'nian, ». tcr Sdilofrci, .SofTOn; Sm 
biancr, inbionifAe ^eigenbounu 

Ban'iUBter, aeo Bal'Qster. 

Ban'noch, i. Btr .^afccEuc^cn. 

Banns, ». pL iai Kufgebct, Bie abtfinbia 
gung, see Ban. 

ftji'q'uet, g. Bet ©chnifluS, boS ©ofbnabt. 
(5lii|ise6ct V. a. ftftlict) unterballen. e. ». 
' ©aftgcbol boCtcn, fdjmoufen. 

feitr(i[f)e i8erflud)U!ig , iGeriounfdiunsi.iBBn'quette, 1. 1« UWutt 


\ tot^r. 



Bui'stickle, •. bct ^ttc^dng (cttt {(clnet 

Banfer, «. a. (ficftcrttcf) machcn, auf^te^en, 

fpcttcn. 8, bet ©<^er;5, (Spctt — er, «. 

bee ^pcttec, ®pa9mod)ec 
Bant'ling, 8. tin f(einc$ ^inK 

Bap'tism, 8. bic iXaufc. — tis'mal, a. jut 

JSaufc gc^cticj. — tist, «. ber :Soufcr. 
— tistery, 8, bet JSoufjlein* — tize, r. a. 
taufeiv —tizer, ». bet lioufcnbe. 

Bar, ». bie ©tange ; bet SRicgc(,bie SXuets 
ftange, bet ©pcttbaunt/ ^(ogi>aum; 
fcie ajctfpcttung, @d)tanf en ; ba^ ^in? 
bctntp (in cinem 4p«f«n); bie SSctwel)? 
tuna ; bie 3al)(6ube (in einem SBitt^^s 
ftaufe); bie ©etidbt^Wtonfen, bet ©es 
tid)t6^of; bie Slec^t^gele^tten/ TCbwcas 
ten; bie te(i^t(id)e ^etwa^tung; bie 
@d)tan!en im ^attament^oate; t>ex 
J8a(!cn in bet aSappenfunfl; bie ZatU 
(inicn in bet SKufif ; ^tongen im TCfti? 
fanifcfecn ^anbet. —iron, bo^ ©tans 
geneifen* —shot, bie ©tanaenf ugeL v, a, 
betticgetn, t)etfpetten, wtoinbetn ; iwts 
(ieten ; ()emmen,ungft(tig madden ; t^et? 

Barb, ». bet SBatt; SBibetl^afen ; bie Slfis 
flung fftt ^fetbe; ein ^fetb ani bet 
S5at6atei. v. a. ben ©art fc^eeten ; mit 
fiBibet()ofen Mtfeften ; bd^^fetbtfijlem 

Barb'acan, a, bie ^(^onge, ^d^tte ; ^a^ 

Barbdrian, a. 6at6atifc^. «• bet 95ats 
twt. —boric, a. botbatifcft, ou^lfinbifd^. 
— ariam, ». bic ©ptadftunteinigEeit/ bet 
S5atbatigmug ; bie Unwiffenl&eit, Slohs 
l&eit ; Sfi^ttojtgfeit — arity, ». bic 9lol^s 
(^eit, Unmcnfd^(id)(eit; bos ©ptadftge? 
mifd). —arize, ». a. in ben Suftanb Don 
SRol^^eit »etfe|en, oetwilbetn. — arous, a. 
to^, wilb, gtQufam ; — ^ly, ad, — arous- 
ness,«. bie aioObeit, aSitb^eit, Unmenfd)? 
lid)!cit; bie @ptad^mifd^ung, — ary, «. 
bie notblid^e ^ftjte »on 2(ftifa; bie 

Blrbecue, ». ein ganj gebtatcne^ ©d^wein 
(nac^ aBeflinbifd)et @itte). ©. a. ein 
@(^n>ein gang btatcn. 

Bdrbel, ». bie JBatbe (ein gif*)* pL bie 
^totcn (®efcl)n)filjte an 5)fetben unb 

Barb'er, a. bet ffiatbiet, gtifeut, v, a, 
frifiten, pubctn, pufeem 

Bdrberry, s. biC Setbctije. 

BArbet, 8, bct Satt()unb, ^ttige SBaffets 

Bdrbiton, s. ein flebenfaitige^ ^nwetfs 


BWirbotine, a. bet 9Butmfame« 
Bard, 8, bet 93atbc, 5)idf)tct, 
Bare, a. Uc^; nodft, unbcbedft/ ungc? 

f^mMt, bMgcfteUt; bfttftig, bcbftt? 
fitti>; a6getragcn; -—ly, ad,—v,a, ent^ 


Jtn«<f^en« — feoed, a. ftei, unvettdtot*, 
un»etja)4mt; — ly, «?. — fetednew, •. 
bie Unt»etfd)ftmt^ett, 2>teiftigfeit —foot, 
o. batfup. — footed, botfii^ig. — headed, 
«. mit entbloptem ^auptc. — ness, «. bie 
mhii, 2)fitftig!eit, ?Ctmutb. 

Bar'gain, 8, bet ^anbet, ^auf ; bie ^ns 
be(5bebingung ; ein fd^mu|iget @d^ctj; 
t>. fl. {)anbe(n. — ^e, «. bet ^aufet, — er, 
8, bct SSctf&ufet, SSetl&anMet. 

Barge, «. bie S3atfe, ba5 *8cot ; —man, 
bet ®oot^f ned)t — er, —master, «. bet 

Barilla, 8. bie fpantfd^ ®oba ; sweet—, 
bie feinfte 2(li!ont5©cba. 

Baritdno, <. bet l^o^c fSaf, obet ticfc Zts 

Baroriche, ». bie SSotutf^e, eine ^lb« 

Bark, ». bie Saumtinbe ; iSBotfe. —ba- 
red, abgetinbet. «. a, bie 5Hinbe abf<^ 
ten; beOen*— «r,«. bet2(bfd()6(et; SBet? 
let, ©dftjceiet, — y, «. tinbig, au6 dlinbe 

Bar'ley, •. bic C^tfle. 

Barm, 8, bie ^en* — y, a. I^efig. 

Bam, 8, bie €id^uet/ @d^eune* ~^oor» 

bie ^Dtefdfttenne, 
Bam'acle, 8, bie @d^otttfd)e SSaumgan^; 

(StttcnmufE^t. j^ bie S3tdmfe (bie 9lafc 

bet 5)fetbe 3U ootten). 
Barom'eter, «. ba^ ^otometct ; bet Sufb 

m^get* —metrical, a. batomcttifd). 
Bar'on, 8. bet Saton/ g'^ei&ett ; bct9^i(6- 

tet bei bet @d^f ammet. baron of beef; 

bie ^mei ^intett)tette( be^ 9hnbe^, but^ 

ben SHktgtob Detbunben. —age, «. bte 

95otonfd>aft; ©atonic; gtei^jettnfteuet.. 

—ess, a. bie SBatoneffe^ ^ei^cttitu 

— et, 8. bet JSBatonet, ©tbtittet. — ial, a. 

einem SSaton obet einet S3atonin ^ns 

ge^otig. — ny, a. bie gtei^ettfd)aft, ©os 

Bar'rack, «. bie ^fitte. pi. btc Jtofctncn. 

Bar'rator, ». bct SBcttftgct. — «try> a. bet 

Bar'rei, «. ba« gofc bie ^onnc ; bet 8auf 

(an einem ©c^ic^gemcl^te); bie $Bat^e 

(an einet 3Xofd)ine); bic Sitommet (im 

£)btc). ». o. in ein gap t^un, fiitten. 
Ba/ren, a, unftuc^tbat/ bwtftij, cinf&lttg^ 

bumm ; — ly, ad, — ness,«. btc UnftUC^ts 

batfeit^ Dumml^eit, k. 
Barric&de, — cAdo, «. bic S5ettommeIunQ, 

SSotmcftt, aSetfpettung ; ba^ ^inbetniv* 

V. a, Dcttammcln, r>etfpetten, ^emmen. 
Bar'rier, 8, bet ®^lagbaum; bie 95et» 

fd^an^ung; gefhina; Segt&naung, ©t&tis 

;;c ; bo^ ^inbetnip. 

Bar'rister, a, bCt SlCdW^gelel^tte, ©0(6? 

Bax'iow, e. blc Sltage, I99al^te ; bet &tt. 


SBctg; ber ©ro^^ftget. hand— ^ bie 
Zxagfwtpct ; tirheel— , ttx ^tcbf otrcn* 
erease, ^a^ ^n>ein6fett 
'very V, a. ^ n, ^ufa)l^anbe( tretben, 
toufa^^ —away, wegwerfeti/ »ctfd)tcus 
bcrn. Bar'tcr, — ry, •. bet ISoufcft, 
Saufcf)banbet. — €r, ». betjenlQe, weld^cr 
^ufd)6<^nbe( tretbt taufd)t 

Barytone, «. ctn SBcrt mit bcm fd^ioeren 
2Ccccnt auf bcr (e^tcn ©pibc, 

Bdsaltes, 8, bet S3afatt 

Basdnus, Basdnites, bet ^toHtfieln* 

Base, a, titebtig, tief; oetdc^tltdbAmebet? 
ttdc^ttg, geting, uncbcl, fd)led)t, uts 
f&tfit, folfc^; — ly, «</. ~bom,uncl)e? 
lic^ —court, bet SBief)tof. «. bie 93afi6, 
bet ®tunb. T. bo6 Jul gcjlea ctnct JBilbs 
fdule ; bet 93o5, —viol, bet gstetcn. ». a. 
fd^(ecl)tet mad)en, gettng^attiget mad)en/ 
(cgtten, »etf6(fcften. — nesa, ». bie S^ic? 
btigfcit, Sicfe; 9Jiebettt&<ifttig!cit; ®cs 
tingftaltigfeit ; unc()eli(^e ©cbutt. 

Bash, V. n, fid) fd)&mctu 

Bashdw, a. bet S^offQ, 

Bash'ful, a. fftam^oft, bcfcfteibcn, M6be, 
fcl&iid)tetn ; —ly, ad, — ness, a. bie 
@d)ambaftigfctt^ i8(6btg!eit,©cl^fid)tetnj 
()ett. -less, a. fct)am(o^, |f o(^ 

Bdail, 8, ba6 JBajiUcum, Sojiticnf taut ; 
ba6 gcgetfete ©cfeatfett. T. bie ^tagc, 
^ef)te* V. a. fd)t&ge lufc^teifetu 

Basilica, a. T. bic ^auptabet bcei ?(tm«i^ 

Baaillcoii, a. bie ^onigefat^C/ bie JlBunb? 

Baail'ic, a. bct O[)ollaft, iSentpeL 

Bas'iliak, a. bet <Ba1t(i$f. 

Bdain, a. bo^ ^cdcn, bie ^d^ote, bct 
SBaffetbeb^ltct, Scicft, ^cffct ; bie 
@d)ipb«<f e ; bie f (eine S3oi* 

Bdais, flee Base. 

Bask, V, a. fcnnett/ fommctn. «. n. {i^ 

B^ket, a. bet itetft, —hilt, bet Sicxh 
cbet ^figejt an bem ©tijfe eine^ ADegen5« 

Bdson, see Basin. 

Bass^ a. tief (in bet gXup!). «• bet ®a0 ; 

bic SKattc. —mat, bie ©ttol^mattc, 

— viol, see base-viol. 
Bas-relief, a. ^ai l^a(6 etl^o6ene f&xitis 

Bdssettin^, parL a. ta^ ^tCtgcn bet Siefj^ 


Bassoon, a. bet Saffott, ba^ ^a^ctU 
Bas'tard, a. bct S3aflatb» a. unc^elid), 

uned)t ; — ly, (^d. — , v.a. bct uncbelid)cn 

©cbutt fibetffi()tem — ize, v, a. fj5t un? 

et)c(id) etf(&tcn^ eincn 93aftatb gcugen, 

vetfdtfcfeen* —y, a. bic unc^cUcbc (Sebutt. 
Baste, r. a. ptugctn ; mit SButtct Regies 

9cn ; (cid)t nabcm 

Bastindde, — ddo, v. a, ptugctn* a. ba6 

^tfigcln, bic ^figcl ; 3,tad)t 8d)tag€ ; 
bie ^df^iiabe* 


Bas'ticn, a. tai S3Mtioctf» 

Bat, a. bieSCebetmau5/bet Jtnfittel; ba$ 
9ia((et/ bie dSadetc. v. a. ben SSott ^^la^ 
gen, (beim (StidetfpieO. —fowling, ber 
n&d)tUd)e 9$cge(fang bci Satetnen cber 
^adfc(n» brick-bat, ein @tik! wn einem 

Bdtable, a. fttCttig* 

Batch, a. ba5 @)eb6(fe« 

Bate, ». a. tjctminbctn/ obbtec!^en, f)et* 

abfe|en/ aMaffen/ wcglaflfcn. ». n. fid^ 

t)enninbetn, abnel)mcn/ nad)(af[en. a, 

bet ©ttcit, 3anf» -^, o. ^anfifd). 

— nient,a. bet ?(bl»tud)/ bic ffictminbcs 

tung* bating, au6gencmmcn. 
Bateau', a. ein ftcincfi Sect, 
Balfnl, a. febt ftuc^tbau 
Bath, a. ba$ S3ab ; bie SB&l^ung* Bathe, 

V. a, baben, bene^en^ b^ben. 
Bath'os, a. bie IXiefe in bct i})ocf[c. 
BAtis, a. bct 8Keetfcnd)cU 
Bat'man, a. ein @ewid)t (»cn el&ngcfcbt 
16i cngUfd)cn ^funbcn) in bct eciante, 
Bat'let, a. bCt 8Bofd)bl&ucL 
Bat(Son, a. bct ^nfittcl ; bet (Semmanbcs 


Battailed, a, in ©d)(a(btctbnung geflcflt^ 
mit €d)iepfd)attcn Dctfcbcn, —Ions, a. 
ftiegctifd), ^a^ 2Cnfcbcn cinet @d)lad)t 
babcnb* Batt&lia, a. bie @d)tad)tetbs 
nung; bas ^auptttcffen, g)iittcln:effen. 
Battal'ion, a. t>a^ SataiOcn ; ba^ ^ticg«5 

Bat'ten, a. fett mad)cn/ m&flcn ; ftud^ts 
bat ma^cn, bftngen. v, n, fctt wetbcn/ 
ftcb gutUcb t^un. o. ftud)tbat« a. bod 

Bat'ter, c. a, fdftlagcn, bl&ucn ; 3Ctfd)lo5 
gen/ sctfd)mcttcnt, t)ctnid)tcn, rctbet? 
ben, su ^tunbe ticbtcn, abnufecn, a. bct 
@d)(agtcig» — ing-ram, bct ©turmbccf, 
gKauctbtcd)et. — er, a. bet ^d)(agcr, 
Sctttfimmetet, — y, a. bic 3cttt{immc« 
timg/ bct 2(n(5tiff, bie S3attctic, T. bic . 
vcrfiOtc :XWt(td)fcit. 

Baftie, a. bic ed)(ad)t, baf^ Srcffcn, ®cs 
fcd)t; bic ©(btagctci ; bet .&aupttt)Ctt ei? 
nc6 ^cct5, bal ^auptttcffcn. —array, 
bic ^cblad)tctbnung. —ax, bie ©ttcit* 
ott..— door, bad SRacfct. t>. n.cin Stcffen 
Ucfcni/ fcd)ten/ fid) fd)(a9cn ; mit einct 
^ticgdmad)t befc|cn. — ment, a. bic 3ins 
nc einct 9}2auct« 

Bat'ty, a. «?ie SUbetmfiufc, 

Baubee, a. bct |f)a(6c 5)enrw (in S^ett^ 

Baiifrey, a. bet JBotf cn ; Sf)iitnu 

BaVaroy, a. bCt 9Kantc(, Ucbcttcd. 

Bav'in, a. bad JXci^bct?, 

Baw'ble, a. bad @picln>cr!, bct Sanb ; bic 
^(cinigteit, S^pereu Bawb'ling, a. utt* 
bcbcutinb/ Kxci4yt\\^» 

Baw'cock, a. t«t VtVl ^t^t\A^va.^'^x^S^^* 


Bawd, 8. t)cr jlup|>(ct/t)tcJtupptenn. v. a, 
£uppc(n. — 'iness, ». bic Unjudbt/ uns 
iftd^tigc JRcbc. — ry, «. bic Un^ucbt, Sc^ 
tciu — dy, a. un.^Mtig, gotig ; — ily, ad. 
— ^y-house, ba6 ^urcnbciu5» 
Bawd'rick, ». t)cr @urtc(. 
Bawl, 0. ». (aut fcbrcicn. t>. a, au6tufen» 
— er, 8. t)cr @c{)rcicr, 
Baw'rel, s. t)cr jjafan^abid^t 
Baw'sin, ». tcr 2)acl)0« 
Bay, a. rctWraun, ». bet CcrOccrboum, 
Scrbccr ; bic SBai), 93udbt ; bcr 2)amm ; 
bcr 9Zct^5n)anc),bic QZctftmc^r ; bieDlot^. 
— salt, bas iBai)fat^^ @ccfa(^. — window, 
basi rcrragcnbe Scn|!cr, SBogcnfcnftcr, 
V. n. UlUn, bicUn, fid) gut SQBc^rc fc^cn. 
«. a. jagcn, cinfd)lic^cn ; babcn, f fil)lcn. 
Bay'ard, a. bag braunc ^Jferb. 
Bdyonet, 8. t>a^ SBajonnet 
Bdellium, «. ba6 Sbctttum, toc^tttcd^cnbc 

*Be, «. 71. fcon. be, in 3ufammcnfc|unacn 
fiat bicfc untrcnnbatc 5)arti!c( cmc fibn^ 
(id).i SSirEung, wic oft in^bcn 2)cutfd)cn 
Scitwortcrn, b. fi. fie crbc^ct ben 9^ad)s 
Hue! bc6 3eitn)0tt6; jj. ©• to daub, 
fd)iuiercn, to bedaub, bcfc^miercn, 5Dft 
tt)irb fie (Subftantiocn »crgefefet/ urn 
3citit)6rtct gu hiiUn, al5 night, bie 
9lad)t, to benight, mit Sinftemip (b, fi. 
9{adbt) umfi^Uen. 

Beach, ». bcr ©tranb/ ba^ GJcftabc, Ufcr. 
— ed, a. ben SSeUen au^gefc^t — y, a. gu 
bem ©cflabe pcbcrig. 
Beacon, ». bie Safe, Saftonnc, ta^ Safs 
^eic^cn ; bie Jeuerbafe, bcr Jeucrt^urm; 
bag 2armgcict)cn, 2&rmfeuer. — age, s. 
bag JBafcn.qetb.^ 

Bead, s. bag ^uActcfccn, ^n6p^d)cn, bic 
. ^cric ; pi bcr £Rofenfrans» — ingi s, T. 
6ag SctftcnwecE. — sman, «. bcr JBcter, 

Beadle, «. bcr g)ebctt, ©cri^tgbicncr ; 

Beagle, «^ bcr .^afcnl&unh 
Beak, 8, bet ©d)na()ci, bic @pi|c; — ed, 
«. cincm ©dinabcC 6()n(ic^/ nut cinem 
@d)na()c( tfcrfAibcn. 
Beaker, 8. bcr JBcdbcr, 
J3eal, 8. bie 23cu(c, Jinnc. ». n. citern, 

Beam, s, bcr $Ba(f cn, SBaum, bie ©tangc ; 
S)cid)fc(; bcr ©trabl. »• »• ftra()lcn. 
—my, a. ftra^icnb; bauwfdf)«)cr, bounu 
artig; mit ©cwci^cn, cbcr ^cmem, 
Bean, «. bic Sol&nc, grepc ®ebnc ; frenoh- 

beans, kidney.beans, S^ictgbc^ncn ; horse- 
beans, g^cibbofincm 
Bear, s. bcr SBdr. 

Bear, v, a. Sftu trapcn, fvif)xcn, bringcn ; 

i5l>crbringen> wcgfubrcn, bapontragcn, , ■. ,»., 

intr^i^en; befiicn, ^aUn\ jcigen, mslBech4fni,«»a.ctniictnun4feffcttt* 



gcbcn; teiften/ getod^ten; unterfi6gcn/ 
batten/ erftaltcn, ertragen, butbcn ; auf 
fid) nc^mcn ; unterfiattcn ; geftotten, gu- 
iaffen ; brfidfen ; ben>crbringcn/ Qcfedrcn; 
pctingcn/ SBirfunp t^un ; fid) bcne^mcn, 
fid^ t)crf)a(tcn ; nacft etroag 9erid)tct fei?n', 
nad) ctwas ficb feinbcnjcgcn ; licgcn, pes 
(cgcn fcpn ; auf ctwag rul^cn* to — in 
hand, bintcrgc()cn» to — up, tragcn, nid)t 
finfcn, auf etwag gufaftren. to — away, 
fid) tjcn ctwag ^wcgbewcgcn. to —- out, 
rcd^tfertigcn, to — down, nicberbrucf en ; 
to — on, antr^ibcn. — back, gururftrci? 
ben, — forwards, Doncdrtg trcibcn. 

— ofl^ wcgficpcn* — up against, njibcrs 
ftcbcn. — er,«.berSrd9er, llcberbringcr, 
— ing, «. bag Sragcn/ Sctragen, dupcrc 
8©cfcn ; bic Sage, ^. bie aSappcnfigurcr.. 

Beard, «. bcr Sort, v. a. ben Sart rau^ 
fen ; mit cincm Sort »crfcf)cn ; fid) ,n?it 
berfclcu/ JSrc| bietcn. —less, a, unbdrtivV 

Beast, 8. bog SSit^/ JS{)ier. — ly, a. t?ic= 
fiifcft, t^icrifd^, — liness, «. bag »ic()ifd)e 

*Beat, V. a. Sf TL f^toQcn, !(opfcn/ from- 
pfcn^ brefd^cu/ ftofen, treibcn; bcfturs 
men; liberwinben, gcwinnen; trcffcn; 
baF)ncn, treten; onfftengcn; beftig on? 
preifen ; cin Jctb burd)ftrcid)en, burd)- 
logcn ; tobcn, unruF)t9/crin. to — down, 
niebcrn)crfen, unterbrficfcn, bcrabfc^cn. 

— up, p(c|(icb ongrcifcn, ubcrfaUcn. 

— about, bin unb fier btn!en, — upon, 
oft n>iebcr()o(cn* — up for recruits, njcrs 
ben, anwcrbcn, ». bcr @d)lap. — er, «. tcr 
(Sd)(a9cnbc, ©rf)(d9er ; Scbldgct, SIduct, 
(Stc9c(, ^(op^r. 

Beatific, — cal, a, fc(i9mad)Cnb, fctip; 
— ly, arf. — cAtion, «. bic (Scti9fprcd)un9. 
Beat'ify, ». a. feUg mad>cn, fcttg fprcc^cni 

Beat'itude, «. bic ©ctigfcit* 

Beau, «. bcr @tu|cr, — ish, a. ftulcrmdfig. 

Beauteous, a. fdpon ; — ^ly, ad, — ^ness, 8. 

bie (Sd)6nl^eit^ 
Beailtifbl, a. fd)6n ; — ly» ad. — fulness, ». 

bie @d)cnbeit. — fyi t?. a. t»crfd)6ncrn, 

Beamj, ». bic ©ci)6nf)cit ; —spot, bag 

Braver, ». bcr Sibcr; Sibcrbut ; la^ 93 1= 

ficr. — ed, at. mit cincm Siberl^ut bc= 

bcc!t ; mit cinem |)e(mc bcbedft. 
Beblub'bered, part. a. (Ttugcn) »om SDRctncn 

Becafico, 8. bie Saumnocfttigott, bie gctbe 

Becdhn, ». a. bcfdnfttgcn/ ftittcn ; mit cis 

ner SlBinbftillc fibcrfoUcn. 
Because, c. xotW, begn>c9en bof^ borum 

^ci^\ — of, wegcm 
Bech&nce, v. a, n>iberfo^rcn« 


B6chicks, 8. pi, Xqcnctcn n>ibcr ben ^u* 

Beck, a. bcr SBiitf, ba5 Sctdfecn ; t)cr Kcinc 
. S8ad), —on, V. n, rrinfcn, guntcfcm 

Beclip, c. fl. umfoffcn, umnrmcn* 

Bedoud', v. a, ummctf en, umncOcIn. 

♦Became, t>. a. rverben ; gcma^ f)anbctn ; 
Qcmcip fei)n, c\c^tcmen, an|icl)cn. ~ing, 
jwrrt. 4r «• nnftanMa, fcbidfdcj), gcjtcmcnt) ; 
fefibfd)/ orti^ ; — ly, arf. — ^ingness, «. t)cr 
Tfnftanb, Me (ScJ)icfad[)fcin 

Bed, «. bai? SBett; bic 2QC\crflattc ; bag 
Sect ; bic (Sftc ; bic Sa(\e,^cfeid>tc» hot—, 
ba6 9}2iitbcct, !Jrctbc6cct. —chamber, 
— ^room, ba5 (Sd)(afttmnier, — clothes, 
bic IBettbccfc. — presser, bcr SanAfcl)lafer. 
— rid, bctttaqcrlcj. —stead, bie 93cttftcnc, 
S5ettflatt, SBcttfpijnbc. —time, bie (Sd)lof5 
3cit. —work, bic SBcttarbeit, 2fr()cit cbnc 
9)iu[)e. to be broiigbt to bed, ctttbunbcn 
tverbcn, nicbcrEcmmen* v. a, Sf «. mit 
ciner ^crfcn jju Sctte gc^en; ya JBette 
trtnnen/ tn^ Bctt tcgcn ; ^u bcm SBette 
^ulaflicn ; in bie Grbe (egcn/ facn, ppcms 
ijen ; njo()in (cc^en ; dbercinanbcr tegen. 

Bedabble, r. a. bcnefecn, befpri^cn* 

Beddggle, v. a, l)cfvi>mu6cn, 

Beddsh, v. a. bcrwrfen, &efpri|cn, 6c? 

Bediub, ». <r. tefcfemieren, bcfubetn, 

Bed&zzle, v. a. btcnbcn. 

B^der, Bed6tter, *. bet untcre (Stcin, 93c^ 

Bdddinff, 8. ba5 S^ett, SBctt^eug, bie Set? 

ten ; bie ©trcue ffir ^ferbe. 
Bedeck, V. a, fd)nu'»ien/ ^ieten* 
Bedc-housc, s. ba5 ?Crmenl^ou^/ SSerpfte? 


Beddw, t). fl. betbanp, 6cfeud)tctt. 
Bcifligbt, V. a. fdjmficfcn. 
Bedim, v. a. r»erbunfc(n. 
Bedizen, v. a. berau6pufcen. 
Bedlam, ». tcii» ScUbauiv Srrenhaus ; 

bcr ^<lBabn|innigc. a, jju cinem Sollbaufe 

cehcrict. — ^ite, «. bcr 53crocftner eine^ 

icflf)auK«5 ; cin wabnunnigcr 9}Jenfd), 
Bed'moulding, s. T. t^a^ .^arnicj}, 
Bedrag'gle, v. a. bic ^(eiber im ^ctf) 

fd)Ieppen U^ixt* 

Bcdrench, r. a. trcinfen/ Ocfeu^tcn* 
Bedr6p, ». a. bctr5ufe(n. 
Bedong, v. «. bfingcn, befubcln. 
Bediist, ». ff. bejiauben, • 

Bedwirf, c. a. btc S36umc J>erfd&nciben, 

ftcin madden. 
Bee, ft. bie S^icnc. -^ive, bcriBiencns 

ftcrf. — master, «. bcr ffliencnmann* 
Beech, — <tree, 8^ bte 95uc^e, —en, a. 6u» 

cihcn, bftrf)en. 

Bee^ «. bag SHinbftcifc^^ JRinb. beeves, 
f^' bic Seinber/ ba« JXinbmfj. Beef- 
eater, clncr pen ber aften t0nip(id>en 


yeoman of the guaid). —-steaks,, bic 


Beerzebub, s, bcr gliegcnfurft, £)beifteufet. 
Beer, 8. '^ai 93ier. small — , table — ^ igA 

^Qlbbicr, Sifd)bicr, ^peifebier. 
Beet, —root, s, bie 93ecte, rctbe ^^U* 
Beetle, 8. bcr ^fifer ; ber p&^iho^ii, txz 

5Kamme» v. n, »er()ancien, ubcr^angen. 
♦BeftU, V. «. bcgegnen/ wiberfa^rcn, fid^ 


Befit', tj. n. fid) fd)ic!cn, gc^iemen. 
Befdol, V. a. betf)6ren, ^um Sf^arrcn mas 

Before, |)rf. »crne, bct»cr, el^c. ad. »i>m/ 

t)crf)cr, 5uwr, »cran, f<^n, bercitg, ef)er, 

fruber. , 

Beforehand, ad. »crau6, gum wraug, glis 

Per, pcrtaufig. a. bercit, tt>of)lt>abenb, in 

guten Hmftdnben ; before-time, c^ebeuu 
Befor'tune, v. n. wibcrfa^wm 

Befoul, V. a. bcfubetn. 

Befriend,, v, a. bcgunjHgen, SScl^twetlen 


Befringe, v. o. mit S^^on^cn befe|ett. 
Beg, V. a. Sf n. bitten, fid) erbittcn ; b*t* 

tctn ; obne @runb t>crau6fe|en. 
Begdt, V. a. gcugcn, ergeugen. — ter, ».. bcr 

Beg'gar, «. bcr JBettier; SBittcnbc. v. a. 

3um 93ett(er mad)cn/ arm mad)en ; Us 

rawbcn; crfd)opfcn» — ^liness„«. bie 23ets 

tctbaftigfeit. — ly, a. S^ad. bettcthoft, bc« 

burftig, arnu —y, 8. bic ©urftigfcit, 

Beg'gingly, ad. bettelbflft/ bittTOCifc* 
Begilt, part. a. mit QJclb bcfcfet 
*Bcgin, ». a. ^ h. anfangcii, beginnen. 

— er» 8. bcr ?Cnfanger» — nkig, ». Ut 2Cns 


*Begird, v. a. umgurtcn, nmgcbcn* 
Beglerbeg, 8. £)ber|tattl)ahcr ciner turfi^ 

fd)cn ^rcptn^. 
Begnaw, v. a. benagcn^ 
Beg6ne, t. fcrt ! rocg ! 
Begrease, v. a. mit -Jctt bcfd)mierCH. 
Begrime, v. a. cinfd)njaf;jen, befubcln. 
Begradge, ©. a. bencibcn, mi^gcnncn. 
Beguile, v. a. bctriigcn, tintergebcn, tnu? 

fd)cn ; angencfjm fjinbtingen* — er, s.ber 

Behdlf,*. bic@unft, ber s^ufecn, a3ef)uf, 

23crt^cit; bic QSertbat^igunp, JBebaups 

tung, g^ertretung, ©tellDcrtretung. 
Bchdve, ». n. fid) auffiM)rcn, fid) betragen,. 

ftrf) perboltenw 

Bchdvior, s. ba6 ©ctra^cn, bie ?(ufffits^ 
rung; bag S3cnebmen* bcr 2(nftanb, 
Behedd, v. a. cnthauptcn. 
B^hen, 8. bcr JBebenbfium, bcr ©atbrian^ 
Behest, 8. bag %bet0, bcr 93efebU 
♦Behight, «. «e. r»erfpred)cn, ant?ertKattW» 
Behind^ pre. % od, VltiU\, VvNRXl.IsWmSu. 


-^ind, pxxhd, In ttngfinfligcn SSccmc? 

ocn^umft&nben* «. tr&gc, (angfam. 
♦Beh^ ». a, exUxdtn, fe^en, betrad)ten, 

anfe^eiu t. ficN ! •— «»» «• t)erpfli(j[)tct 

— «r, •. bee 3ufdS[auet, TCnfc^et. — in^, «. 

ba6 TCnfifcauen, Mc S5crbtnt)(ic^(cit.— ing- 

ness, B, bie 93er6tnb(id)fett« 
Behdney, o. a, mtt ^Cittg 6efhreid)en« 
Beh<)o^ 9, bet SBe^ttf, 936tt()et(, 9{u|cn. 
Behaove, Behdve, t>. n. ficft ge^temen/ ges 

Behdvable, Behoveflil, a* etfpne^id)/ I90rs 


Behdwl, V. c. anl^eutcm 
B^in^, a. geaento&tttg. s. ba^ ^ei^it, IDas 

fci?n, bet 3u(lanb, ba6 fBefen. c, tia, 


Belabor, v, u, o6ptftgc(H. 

Belice, c «, mit ®pi|ett befe|en ; fcjl? 

mac^en; butdftprfigedu 
BeWm, ». a. ttu6ptftge(n, obfcbmtetem 
B^lamy, «. bet oecttaute ^uitb« 
B^lamour, ». bet 8te6^o6en 
BeMte, V. a. bi^ in bie ^ad^t ouf fatten, 

Beldy, ». a..6e(egen, oeifpettcn, Mao^tvn, 

auflauetn, T. ein ©eil jufammcnfagen, 

Belch,^«.tft(pfen, ^et))ct6te(ben/ au^s 

wctfen, !)ett>ctflegen* ». bet 9lfi(p^. 
Berdam, 9. bie gute ^aU/ o(te ^ian ; 

Bele&guer, «. a. 6e(agettt» — er, c. bet 


Belemnite, «. bet 8«(f)^ftetn, ^feUftcin, 
Berflower, «. bic ®(ec!enbtumc. 
Bel'lbunder, «. bet ©(ocfbgiefet, 

Bel'frey, «. bet ®(c(fent^utm, (Stcdcnftufit. 

Bergard, «. bct fteunbUd)e S3(icf. 

Belie, v, a. na^ma^tn ; fiftgen jhofen ; be? 
(fijen ; falfcfe botjletten, bintetge^cn. 

Belief, 8. bet ®(aube ; bie SleUgicn, ba5 
®(auben€6e!enntni0, bic SKetnung. 

Believable, a. g(aubUd&» 

Believe, o. a. ^r n* g(au6en* — er, •. bet 
®(aubenbe, ®(&uHge. 

Belike, ad, wa^tfcfeetnlld^, »tettei(ftt. 

Belive,a«L ftifcb, gef^winb. 

Bell, 8, bie ©Icdfe, bafJ ®lccf(ften, bic 
^d)eC[e. —man, bet 2Custufet, SBtiefs 
fammlct, tu —wether, bet ®tocfenf)ams 
XRCl, geit^ammet ; to bear the bell, ben 
^ettang bet^auptem o. n, wit etn .^itfdb 
1<l)teten; ®lw!enbtftt^n bcfcmmcn. 

Belladdnna, 8. bie JBettabcnnasfiilie. 

Belle, 8. bie ©d)6ne. 

BeUes'Jettres, «. |rf. bie f(^cnen Jffiiffens 

Belletrist, 8. bet ben ^f(^enen asiffcnfc^afs 
ten 93efliffcnc» • 

Brilfgerent, — fferoos, a, .^ricg ffi^tenb, 
—potent, a. m5d)tig im ^ricac* 
JShi%m, tf. n. bv&Ucn, bitten, fc^tcien. 



Bellows, «. p2. bet ffitofebotg* 

Bel'luine, fl. t»iebifcb/ Wtlb. 

Belly, «. bet JBauift. —ache, bet 8elbs 

fd)men. —bound, Detftopft, battleibig. 

— pinched, au^ebungett. — ftdl, bic ®es 

nfigc, ttt Uebetflu^. —god, bct @^(cms 

met. —timber, @peife unb Stanf. «. «. 

fdbwetlen, fid) tunbcn/ ^etrctrogcn* 
Bel6ck, t>. a. T)ctfd)(icpem 
Beldmancy, ». bQ6 SKa^tfagcn aug 5)feilen. 
Belanp, ». n. ge^ctctt, sugel&oten. 
Belov^, a. gcUcbt, tt>ettb. 
Beldw, frt, unlet, arf. nntcn. 
Beldwt, tj. «. au^fd)e(ten. 
Bel'swagger, «. bet @cbteiet; j^utcnroittl^* 
Belt, «. bag ®e^enf; betOfittcL -maker, 

bet dJfttttet. 
Belvid^re, ». bag @ie]55bid)mm ; bet bcfens 

attige ®&nfefu9, SBefenflad^g. 
Bem&d, e. a. loll niad)en. 
Bem&t, ». a. ))etn>itren. 
Bemire, «. a. fot^lg mad)cn, bcfd)mu|en. 
Bem6an, c. a. bcflagen, bcttaucrn. — er, «. 

bct $Bef)flagenbe. 
Bembck, n, a, Ktfpotten. 

Bemdil, v,a, nut Aot^ befpri|cn/ bcfubcCm 

Bemons'ter, c. a. »etunfta(tcn, 

Bemdum, v, a. htttamvn, bcroeincn* 

Bemtised, a. oettteft* 

Bench, 8, btc J8an!; 9ltd)tetban6, bet 
mt*tetflf ; bie $Rtd)tcn the king's — , 
be« Jtcmgg ®etid)t6^cf. ©. a. 4r «• mit 
S5&nf en cetfeben ; auf cine 93an6 fc|cn ; 
^n bem SRicJ^tctftufete cr^ebcn ; auf bet 
9lid)tctban! |t|en. — er, ». bct @i|ct^ein 
SKitgtieb bet SRedfttganftaltcn, mit bcfcn» 
betn SSetsfigen). 

Bend, v. o. ftiimmcn, blcgen, fpanncn ; 
nad) et»ag tid)tcn, f)infid)tcn ; ^^ubcs 
teitcn ; gcneigt macben ; T. fcftmad)cn. 
t>. n. fidf bicgcn ; ubet^angcn ; fidb neis 
acn. 8. bie "^nimmung/ ©tcgung ; pL 
bie ftummen ^et^ct eincg @d)ttfe6/ bie 
9lippen, 95au(lfej!fi(fc; bct @d)raQba(!cn 
(in bet aBappenfunft); bct |>aufcn, bag 
©efctge, — able, a, bicgfanu — er, ». bct 
Sicget, @pannet; bag 2Betfgcug ^um 
ffliegen, @pannen. 

B6ndiet, «. T. bie f tcinc SBinbe, bct ftcinc 

B^ndwith, ». bie SBatbtcbc. 

B6ndy, ». T. btc 2tbt^ei(ung cincg gelbcg 
butcb bie )Dtagcna(e« 

Beneath, pre, untct. ad. untcn, l^icnics 

Benedic'tion, «. bet @cgcn, 2)anf ; bie 

Benelac'tion, s. bag SSobltbuU/ btc 83BoF)ts 
tbat. —tor, 8, bct aSobtt^&tCt. —tress, ». 
bie 2Bol)(tbatcrin. 

Ben'efice, ». bic ^>frunbc. — ed, a, mit 
ctnct 5)ftfinbe fctfebcn. — ence, ». bic 
SBcW^AxojtdU — cnt, a, wofitt^atig. 


— ^al, A. ^eitfanv »ert&ci(f)oft ; — ly, ad. 

— cialness, «. tie ^d(fom!cit, Slfi^ticft? 

fciu — ciary, ». bcr 3)fdinbnct, 
Ben'efit, s. t>ic 2Bo^(tl)at, bet Slu6cn, 

® ectf^clL ». a. 4r «. ntecn, §8ort5eU bitn' 

Qcn ; Qcwlnnen, 9Sortoeil erlangcn, fKu? 

^en ^abeiu 
©en^t, ©. a. beftrlcfcn. 

jBenev'olence, «. bag SSoMwctten, ble ®Ut? 

tbatigf cit, ®uttl)at ; eine gcnjiffe @tcuct, 
— lent, — lous, a. woWwottenb, mtl}U 
fienigfht, ». a. mit ^a^t umgebcn, Ders 
bunfetru — ed, »cn ber SZac^t fibers 

BenlgTi, a. (^fitlg, tttilbe; —ly, ad. Benig'- 

ness, Benig'nity, 8. bic (SfitC, 9Kitbe, 
Ben'ison, s. ber @egen» 
Bennet, s. t)a^ JBenebictenfrauU 
Bent, a. cingcncmmcn. «. bic JBeugung/ 

tie ^rumnfc, ber TCObang; bie Sfltcbtung ; 

€?eiaun9; Tfttftrengung-; ber (5ntfcl)(uS; 

tie 2Senbun9/ ®cjia(t; ber ©ra^anget, 

Bentira, v. a, erftarren ntacftcn/ betduben. 

— ^medness, ». bie 6rj!arrunp. 
Benzoin, «. bag SBensoc (o|!inK Q^ummi). 
Bep^t, V. a. bematett/ fcbminfen. 
Bepinch, v. a. mit ^ncipen be^cicbnen. 
Bepow'der, ». a. mit g)uber bejhcuen. 
Bequeath, v. a. oermac^en* — ment, Be- 
quest, 8. tai isBcrmadbtnt^. 
Beraftle, v. a. burd) Sdrm uOerwdtttgen. 
Bertiy, v. a. befubettt. 
B^rbengine, 8. ber SiebegopfeL 
♦Bertave, v. a. berauben, raubcn. — ment, 

». bic JBeraubunp. 
Bergambt, ». bie JBergamotte, JBergamott? 


Berh/me, v. a. bcrcimcn. 

6er6b, v. a. beraubcn, ptfinbem. 

Ber'ry, ». bie Scere* 

Ber'yl, 8. ber $Ben)lI. 

Bescr^en, v. a. bebecfeU/ ucrbcrgen. 

^Bes^ech, t>. a. anflef)ett, fe^r bitten ; fid) 


Bes^m, V, n, (tdft fd)t(fen/ c^e^jiemcn. 
*Be«6t, tj. a. befefeef , umgeben, in »;8er(cs 

genbcit bringen, in bic ©ngc treibcn; 

anAreifen, beunrufeigen, 

Beshr^w, v. a. t)erwfinfd)Cn. — me^m^QC 

eg mir fibel ergel)en« 
Beside, or Besides, pre. nebcn, aujfcr, aufs 

ferbalb, nid)t cicmd^, ^umiber. beside 

one's self, feincs 93enni^tfer)n6 bcraubt, 

fetncg ©erftanbcg beraubt ad. auffer? 

t>cm, fibcrbie^ ; ftberbie^ nod), fonft nod). 
Besiege, t>. a, betagcnu — er, «. bcr 93etas 

Beslub'ber, v. a. bcfubetn. 
Besmear, v, a. bcfd)miercn, t)efd)mu|cn. 

— er, $. bet jSBcfd)micrcr. 
Be£fmdke, o. a. tau^^evti^ i^rau^evtu 



Besmiit, c. o. mit Slup bejiibetn, Oefcjnm 


Besniiffed, a. mit (Sd)nupftobaC befc^mictt 
B^som, s. bcr iBefen.1 
Bes6rt, V. a. paffcn ; ». n. anftcl^cn ; « 

bie (Ucfetlfd)aft, bag ©cfiotge. 
Besbt, V. a. bct^oren, bet @inne berau- 

Besought, {pret. Sf parL jjOtt To beseech) 

bat, gebetcn. 
Bespan'gle, v., a. mit gftttctn ^icrcn, Qldns 

i^enb mac^en. 
Bespat'ter, v. a. bcfpri^cn, bcff ccfcn ; Jig. 

llebelg n<tc6rcben. 
Bespawl, v. a, bcfpcicn. 

»Besp6ak, v. a. befpre(l)en ; bcHetten ; urn 
etwas ^um ocraug anfud)en; in 2Cn» 
fprucft ncl)mcn ; norfterDcrffinbiQcn, an': 
^eicjen; anreben. 

Bespec'kle, v. a. mit S(c(fen ^cidfencn. ■ 

Bespew, v. a. befpeien. 

Bespice, v. a. mur^en. f 

*Bespit, p. a. befpeien. 

Besp6t, V. a. mit JUcfcn jcic^nen; bcs 

*Be8pr6ad, v. a. bcftrCUCn* 

Besprin'kle, v. a. bcfprcnQcn, bcfprcnf e(n, 
Bcsptie, V. a. befpeien. 

Besput'ter, v. a. bcfprubctn. 

Best, a. bcr, bie, t>a^ bejle. one's best, fein 
9)j69lid)fteg, fcin 2(cupetjleg* to the best 
of, nad) oiler 3K69(id)fcit, nficft mocjlid)? 
fter ©enaui^Ecit, a3tijlfcmmenl)eit. at 
best, ()cd)rrcn^. 

Bestdin, v. a. befledfcn. 

♦Bestead, v. a. nufecn, bewtttl^em 
Bes'tial, a. »ie^if(fe, tf)i«^^f(i ; — ly^ ad, 
—ity, s. bag oie()if(4e SBBcfcn. 

*Bestick, v. a. bcftccfcn* 

*Bestink, v. a. mit ®c|tanf onfiittcn. 
Bestir, v. a. rcgcn, onrcQcn* 
Best6rm, v. n. rafcn, tobcn, ftftrmcn. 
Best6w, V. a. (cgcn, fcficn ; crtfteilen, »er? 

tci()en, c^croabren, pcben, «?o^ anroens 

ben. — er, 8. t)cr @eber. 

Bestrdct, Bestriught, a, t)CtrddCt.. 

*Bestrew, v, a. bcftrcucn. 

♦Bestride, ©. a. bcfd)reiten, iiberfd)reit<n, 

rcitcn; ubcr etwag fteften; »ert^eibis 


Bestiid, o. a. mit ffiudfcln befe|cn. 
Bet, 8. bic SiJctte. v. a. mettcn. ^ 
♦Betdke, v. eu cinbdnbigcn, libergeben. 

V. n. fid) njcdin becjcben ; worauf Icgcn ; 

3uflud)t nebmcn. 
Betduffht, /)arf. of betake, in bcm @inn 

t»en ubcrgcbcn. 

Bet6em, r. a. hcroorbringcn, gcben. 
♦Bethink, v. a. bcnEcn, nacfebcntcn, flc^ 

Beth'leliem, 8. (see Bedlam) ^ai ^U(\au€« 

—mite, 8. bet ^o^V)Xi\\xvxa^t\ o>\^ iv^ 

33itnd>otx\Rtu . 


Bethrdl, Ik a. miUxxoivftn, i!i6ettt)tnbetu 
Bethilmp, o. a. ahpthQtiXi, fd^tageit* 
Betide,. V. it* $aft9i^n, begegnctt ; fid^ eceig^ 
nen; n^erben, erge^en. 

Bbtime, Betimesi ad. UxitiUn, ha% fr&t)* 

Bet()ken, v. a, be^tc^nen, anbeutcn* 
B6tony, ». bi« 93etonie, Pnurs— , ter @^s 

renprei^, water—, ble Stjounwutj* 
Betbm, part a. ettlriffcn, gcnwltfam gc* 

Betbas, t). fl. Ij^ttt unb l)tv trct6ctt> bcuns 

Betrdy, v, a, WnJat^Cll/ t)er(clteH^ — er, «. 

Betrlm, v. a, pu^eit, jicrcn. 

Betrdth, in a. t)et(c6cn/ oerfpttd^cn. 

BetrtiBt, th fli ont>ertroucm' 

Better, a,.Sfad, 6effer, ». bet aSortj^cU, t)ie 
lle()cr(c9en^cit our betters, bicienlQen, 
VKittfC m 9tan^ tmb ^vt)C ben ^^Bct^g 
baOen, unfete jObcrn/ 95or0efe|ten. «. a, 
t)crbcjTetn/ fibcrtreffeit/ befwbern, 

Bet'ter, Bet'tor, ». eittet/ bet ba wettet, 

Bet'ty^** Siep; bo6 Sred^ifen* 

Bettimbled,^rt. a, unorbentftci^, OettDOts 
ten, setfnottert^ 

Betw6en, Betwixt,, pre. 5»ifd)en, untet, 
between whiles, ^votiUn, »en 3ctt ^U 

B67el, B6vil, a. fd)tef, fc^tfig, «. bafi 

^dftt&gma^; bie 9lidfttung. e. a. etne 

[(ftt&ge SRic^tung geten. 
Pev'erage, s. ba6 ®ettdn!e, Stinfgelog, 

Bev'y, 8. bet gluQ/ bie ^d^aat, ©efells 

Bewiil, ». a. fceKagen, beweincm — able, 

a. teKagen^wetth, 
Bewdre, ». n. ficj^ l^fiten. 

Bew6ep, v.a.jfn, kn)einen> mix JSI^t&nen 

bene|en, metnen* 
Bew^t, v.. a. bene^cn, befeu^ten, bemfif* 

Bewilder, v. a. mc fd^ten/ tjetwitten/ 

ttte madden* 
Bewitch, v. a. be|Qu6etn«. — ery, — ^ment, 

8. bte SBe^oubetung. 
Bewrdp, v» a., utmcxt,, tjetftfttten, urn* 

Bewrdy, v. a. tjettot^cn ; oetuntcintgen, 

— er, «. bet 95ett6t&ct, 
Beydnd, />/«* flbet^ottjet, ienfeit^, fibet^n, 

l)inau6, to. go beyond,, iibetPott^eUen/ 

hintctgel^env bcttftgen^ 
Bezans, 8. Uvt- S^^mnntttcttenftoff <m^ 

Bezdnt, 8. bet S8r)Aontin.eti — ler, «. bt;t 

(iwctte 2(ft am ^ttfcbgewei^e, 

Bezoar, 8. bet JBe^Ot, 

Bez'zle, v. n. ^cc^cn, f£f)(emmem 

Bian'gulous, -elated, a. jweiwinfetig,. 

JPiaa, 8. bie Sleigung/ bet ^ang ; ad. 
t^ief, aufcm &itc. v.a. attf e.ine ©eite 


mx^tn, |u ttcoai neigeu/ (enfen ; mit 

aSotutt^eil etf&tten. 
Bib, 8. ba6 S&ldften, ©eifcttud^. ». n. eft- 

ttinf en, aeci^en. — deious, a. bcm ^tunfc 

etgeben. —deity, «. bie SSetfoffen&eit. 

— ber, «. bet Stinf et* 
Bib'io, 8. bie aSeinfliege ; S^ege bie ftc^ 

in leeten SKeinf&ffetn oufbalt. 
Bible, ft bie S3{bc(, (Sd)tift, ^eiUge 

BiUiog'rai^r, JBfid^etfcnnet. — phy, 

8. bie S3uc6et!cnntni§, 
Bibliomanoy, 8. ba5 2Cnbcutcn ^uffinftigct 

Segebenl^eiten ous- ^ufallig Qufgefd)lQge? 

nen ©tetten bet 25ibc(. — mdnia, «. mc 

SBflidbetfuc^t —mdniac, 8.tiV Sfidb<ts 

f&d)tigc, — polist, ».,bct 93iid)ctf)&nb(cr, 
Bib'lical, a. bibtifd), 
Bib'ulousi a. fdbn>ammidbt 
Bicdne, ». bie wilbc 2Beintraubc« 
Bicdpsuhr^ a. T. 3n)cifad)erig, 
Bioe, ft T.. blue — » bie blaue Jatbe, t>a$ 

ISBfaSblau, green— ,,bie grune Jatbe, ia$' 


Bicipital,. — ous, a. ^weifopfig. 

Bick'er, n. n. fid) ^in unb ^ct bcwegen,, 

flacfettt/ (obetn; fci^Qtmu|cln, ftteiten.. 

— er, a. bet 3anfet*.— ing,.». tie Sanfcs 


Bic6me,.— nous, a. gweil^etttig*. 

Biow/poral, a. ^weiteibig^ 

♦Bid, V. a. ()eiSen, befeo(en,fagen, bieten,. 

entbittcn, onbieten, oufbietc«,. oetfinbis^ 

gen, anftinbigen, eintaben, bitten, beten*. 

to— fair, ficft gut antaffen, »etfptcdben» 

— der, 8. bet SBietenbe, ©iniobenbe, f&t^. 

feW«nbe» —ding, «. bet SBefe^l; bo^ 

S^ieten, ©ebot ; bie (SinCabung^ 
Bide, V. a. etttogen, v. n. «)cf)ncn^bletben» 
Biden'tal, a. gmetsa^nig. 
Bidet, 8. ba^ f leine $fetb ; bo^ SSafft? 


Biding, ». bie SDBoftnung. 
Biien'nial, a. jweii&fttig. 
Bier, *. bie* SBol^tc, bie Scbtcnbal^te. 
Blastings, 8. bie 93icftmi(d), 
BifdriouB^.fli ^.eifod^, ^roeibeutig, 
Biferous,. a*. 3n)eimql bee SaftteS gtud&t 


Bifid, — ated, a> gcfpaltcn* 
Bifold, a» ^meifwi^, 

Biform, — ed, a. ^weifficmig ; gweitcibici. 
Bifiirc'ated, a. gweijadfig. ' — ^ion, «. tie 

@pa(tung, 3ettbci(ung.. 
Big, a. bicf, gto^, »ca, frf)wanget, flel^, 

ttc^ig, ffibn; — ^ly, od. — ness, «. bie 

3)tde, ®tcpe, bet tlmfang. 
Big'amist, 8. bet ^wci SBftibet ^ot 
Big'amy, 8. bie Sigamie, ©oppclel^e, 

Big'gel, 8. ein tennt^ictattigc^ S^et in 

£)ftinbien mit fcbn^at^ ^toan unb 
. f^w<Lt&^o|e(paUenen >gnfi. 


Big^gen, Big'gin, s, ta^ iltnbec^au&ci)en« 
Bight, 8. bet 95u9, bie ©ugt ; tic JBu^t; 
bet Sug cm ^cnfct ber 9)fcrbc. 
Bi^ot, ». bcr 25Unb9(Qu6iac, SBttnbcifs 
rige; ©t^cinl^eUigc, 2Cnba^ttct, — ed, 
a. Wcinftctdg^ aJyergt^ulng, 6(inb jus 
action^ — ^sm, — ry, s. bct b(inbe ©is 
fcr,?(bct9taube,bic 2(nb&(l^tckt, @d)cins 

Bilat'eral, o. ^mcifetttg. 

Bil'berry, 8. btc ^cibelbecrc, 
Bil'bo, 8. bic .^(inge, bcr iDcgen. 
BU'boes, 8. pi btc Supt)anbc, bcr ©tocf. 
Bile, a. bic ©attc ; bcr ©(ftw&rcn. 
Bilfire, «. T. bic SQBcitc bc^ ©*ipobcn6. 

— water, t>a$ SDBaffcr, wcldftc^ fidft ouf 

bent SBobcn bc^ ©cftiffcg fammctt ». «. 

auf ben Orunb faf)rcn, (ccf wcrbcn. 
Bil'iary, a. ^u bcr ®allc Qc^orig* — duct, 

bcr ©ottcnganq. 
Bilingsgate, BiJlingsgate, «. bcf ^tfc^^ 

morft in Conbcn; ungefittctc 9itt>tn, 

Bilin'guous, a. ^wei^fingig. 

Birious, a. gattcnboft; mit Oalte ^Uu 
bauft, on bcr ©atle tcibenb. 

Bilk, V. a. bctriigen. 

Bill, 8. bcr ©^nabcl ; . tia^ ^aumcjfcr, 
©cftnittincffcr ; bic SBarte ; bie ^trcit* 
art; bcr 3cttc(; bie SRc^nung,. bcr 
@d)ein, bic Scfcftcini^ung ; offcntltd&e 
Tfnijcigc; ba^ SSer^cidftnip, bie Sifte ; ber 
®cfe|cnttt)UTf, bic SiO. —of fare, bcr 
^udyen^cttcU —of divorce, bcr ©dyeibe* 
brief* —of lading, bcr Sabung6fd)ein» 

—of exchange, bcr 2Bed)fc(. —of sale, 

bic (Sc^utbocrf^reibung. —of mdict- 
raent, bie 2(nf(aQung^f(^rift» — in chan- 
cery, bie 9lcd)trfloge bei bcr ^angclci. 
^ —of rights, bie Srcil^cit^urfunbc, «► n. 
fic^ fcftndbetn, licbctn* v. a, ojfent(i(ft an: 

BillArd, 8, ber SojIarbsilQpaun. 

BUlet, 8. bog »iact, bcr Scttet SLuortiers 
^cttel; bog ^titljcii, ©d)cit, (gtficf; 
biUet doux, bog Mc6c56ricfcbcn» v* a, mit 
SXttottierictteln cerfc^cn, ernquorticren. 

Billiards, 8. pi, bog SBittrorbfpict. 

Billion, $, bic ®ittion v jc^n F)unbcrt tons 
fenb SKitlioncn* 

Billow, 8, bic SBoge^ 2BcWc, tK n. on? 
fcbtoellen. — y, a. wcttcnfermig, \6)toiU 

Bimdnous, a. ^mei ^&nbe lt)obenb. 

Birairian, — ical, a. gwci SKccrc* obcr 
@ecri betreffenb. 

Bin, 8. ber 95cb6ltcr, aiobmcn- 

Bin'acle, »• T.. bflg 6ompap&&Ug(^, 

Binary, -<H*bu8, av jwct^ol^Ug, bcppctJL 

Bind, 8. bte ^pfenmnlc, ber ^opfcm 
♦Bind, ». IT. binben, Dcrbinbcn/ Dcrpffi^? 
tes ; 8m0e^en^ ^sa^m -, fejt ma^cn, 


gen>i^ mod)en ; ficrjlopfen v etnfdftr&nfen. 

t>. 71. bi(ftt tpcrben^ ffeif wccbcn* —over, 

t»erpflid&ten X)cr ©ericftt a« erfd^einem 

— er, 8. ber asinber; S5u(t|bittber ; bic 

S3inbe ;*bafi S5er|lopfung^mitteU — ing, 

«. ber aserbonb. 

Bindweed, «. bic aSinbe^ (eitt Jtrout). 
Bin'ocle, & boii ^mct&ugige (SeF)rof)r. 

— c'ular, fl. ^wcidugig. 
Bindmial, a. T. (in bcr 2C(gebro) bincmifd^/ 

oug ^n^ci m^citcn beflcl)enb^ 
Biog'rapher, «. bcr $8iogropl^, gcbcngbc? 

fcftreibcr* — phy, «. bie Sebengbefd^rcis 

Bivouac, V. n, T. bic fRo^t untcr freiem 

|)immct gubringcn. 
Biparous, a, jnjci 3u«9e gcb&tcnb* 

Bipartite, a. m gwci S^pcitc gct^ClIt — ti- 

tion, 8. bie Sbeilun? in iwei^ 
Biped, 8. bog ^weifupige !JF)ier» 
Bipedal, a. ^wciffipig. 
Bipenndted; a. mit ^ei ^^fis^to ocrfc^cn. 

Bipet'alous, a. ^wcibfi&ttcnj. 

Biquadrate, — ic, «. T. (m bCt 2((gebra) 

bic S3iquobrot^o^t v t)icrte ^otcn^ eincr 


Birch, «. bte S3irfc,9lutF)e» —en, a. bitfen. 
Bird, «. bcr ascgcl* «. n. SS^gcl fongen. 

—call, bie Corfpfeifc. — er, — catcher, 

—man, ber gsogctf&ngcr, gsogctjtettcr. 

— Ume, bcr aSegetteinu — ing-piece,«.bie 

Birth, 8. bie ®cburt/ bcr Urfprung, bie 

2Cb|tammung/ ^crfunft, bog ©cfcfttecbt ; 

Urrod)c, aserontoffung ; bie goge, ber 

9lu^cp(o^, @cbIofp(o|, 2Cnf erpla|» 
Bis'cotin, 8. boft 3ucficrp(a&|4cn«. 
Bis'cuk, «. ber Swicbodf. 
Bisect, V. a, T. in ^wci Sl^eiU tl&ei(ctt^ 

bur(bf(jftnetbcn. — tion» «. bie Sftcitung 

in ixoa. 
Blsh^op, 8-. bcr Sifc^of. «. a. 3um S3ifc^f 

modftcn. — ric, 8, bog Sigt^uttu 

Bisk, Biis'qu^, «. bic Jtwftfuppc. 

Bis'mutii, «. bcr asignmtb* 

Bison, 8. bcr Sifott (tuilber ©tier »en 

Bissex'tile, «. bcr ©dfeotttog/ bog ^dfniU 

iobr- c. cingcfc^ottct 
Bis'son, a. btinb.. 

Bister, 8. bcr SBiftcr,. bog SRupfcJwor^ 
Bis'tort, 8. bit @d)tongcnwur3;.bie D^ottcrs 

Bis'toury, 8. T. bog S3i)!ottrt, Sinfdfenitts , 


Bisulc'ous, a. mit qcfrottcncn ittouen. 
Bit, 8. bcr 95ip ; SBifien, bog ©tucf ; bog 

©ipcben, (Stficfd^cn; ®cbiS; bcr JBort 

eincg @d)(ajfctg* t««. bog ©ebip geben^ 

Bitch, 8i bi« |)iinbin^ S5c|e; ein Uebetlis 

d)cg Jrouctrjimitvcx^ ^ 
*Bite,w. a.t)U^tu* J^g. XiVCCO>xx5fevci»^&iCM8ca 



ctt/ ffttieibcn/ «♦ aucft Mntcrgefcn. «. 
>ct 58lf. — er, ». t)er Seigcr. /^. fcer 

Bifter, a. bitter, bttterltd), erbtttcrt; hart, 

oraufam ; — lyi ad» — ness, s, tic SBittcr? 

tcit. /£. t»cr ©rom. 
Bif tem, Bif tour, ». tic Slol^rbomnict ; tits 

tcre ©obte. 
Bittimen, a. ba« (Srtlftora, ©crgpcc^, (Srbs 

pcrf). — inous, a. (jcrgfiarstp. 
Bivalve, — ovular, a. ^»cifcJ)aUc^, 
Bfxa, 8. tcr ?Cmotto « otcr £)r(eant)aum. 
Blab, t>. 71. f(i)n)a|cn, plaubem;.rct)cm ». 

a, au^plautcrm, ». ter @d)«>66cr, 5)lau5 

tcrcr. — -ber, «. tcr @d)W&|cr. — ber-lip- 

ped, ticftippig. —ber, t. n. pfcifcn, (tern 

Black, a. fc^war^, t>un!et,fftifter;murnfd&/ 
nbfd)cuti(!fe» «. tic fc^war^c Jarbc, to5 
<B6)VDaxi, tic fcftwarae^kitunQ/Sraucr ; 
tcr ©(fewar^e, OJcgcr. in — and white, 
fcl)n)ari auf wcip, fcftrifttid), — and blue, 
braun unt Maiu — amoor, tcr Sijcgcr, 

—art, tic 3aubcrfunf!. —berry, tic 
S3rombccrc, —bird, tic 2Cmfc(. —cattle, 
tQ6 ^errn^ic^. —earth, tic iDammcrtc, 
— friar, tcr 2)ominifoncr. — ^guard, cin 
nictrigcr, gcmcincr, ungcfittctcr ^TRcnfrf). 
shoe — y tcr @d)uhpu|cr, — ^lead, ta$ 
9lcip6(ci» —pudding, tic SBlutwurft. 
—smith, tcr ©rcbfcfemict. -thorn, tcr 
©(ftfc^tom. Black, — en, ». a. fc^mac^cn, 
anfdbwfir^cn. v. n, fd^toar^ rrcrtcn. — ish, 
a. \&iVoh.ti\x^* -^ies8, 8. tic ^d)n?ar^c, 
yinftcmip, ?(6frf)cii(id)fcit. 

Blad'der, ». tie Srafc, S5tattcn —nut, tic 

Blade, ». ta5 ®rQgl^d(mcbcn, 9?(attrf)cn, 
JBIaft ; tic ^(ingc ; cin nmntcrcr, hx^U 
c,cr SO^cnfcft, —bone, ta6 (Sd)uttcrt>(att. 
— of a saw, tag ©dgcbtatt. ». a. mit 
$Bl&ttd)cn ctcr 93t&ttcm rcrfcl^cn ; mit 
eincm 93(att, ctncr ^tingc »crfc^cn, 

Blain, a. tcr ^d)»arcn, tic 93cu(c, 93(afc* 
chil-blains, tic ^roftbculcn, 

Blilmable,a. tatclftaft, firafbar; — '^y^ad. 
-ness, 8. tic Satcln^wfictigfcit, ^traf? 

Blame, tj. a.»tatc(n, miSbitligcn^ ». tic 
S3cfdb«tt)igung, tcr Satct, tag aScrbrc? 
d)cn, tic (^d)utt ; S5er(c^uno. —Ail, a. 
ftrafbar. — ^less, a. untatctbaft, unjhaf? 
ltd) ; — ^ly, ad. — lessness, «. tie Satcts 
lofigfcit, Unfd)u(t. — er, s. tcr SatUr. 
— worthy, a, tatc(ngn?firtit% 

Blanch, r. a. roeif macbcn, btcicb mad)cn, 
b(cid)cn; fcfeatcn; bcfcbonigen, ubcrfo? 
f)cn. V. n. rociU wcrtcn, ficb bcfcbenic;cn, 
iugpudbtc fucbcn ; auf ft)cid)cn, (cifc re? 
ten. — er, ». tcr 93(cicbcr, tic 23tcis 

/26mi4 <?• mi(i>c, fanft. 



'Bland'ish, t. a. fdnft mo(6en, fattft on^? 
fprcdb^n. — ment, ». tic ©dbmcid)clct, 

Blandil't)quence, «. tic ©d)TOCid)Clct, 

Blank, ». a. ouglofdbcn, t)crnid)tcn ; t)crs 
wirrt mad)en, mutbtce ntad)cn» «. n?ci9, 
unbcfd)ricbcn , (ccr; nictcrgcfcbtagcn , 
mutbtcg ; rctmtes (—verse, gjcrfc cbn*; 
JKciiii); bictd), Hap; — ly, orf. «. ta5 
SOBcipc ; ctn ©tiicf rvcipcs ^^apicr ; tcr 
Iccrc SKaum; tic 5)2 i etc ; tas SKctfmal 
(bcim ©d)tcpcn), tag 3ie(. 

Blank'et, «. tie ircllcnc ffictttccfc, tie 
JDcdfc, «. a. bctccfcn ; auf tec 2)ccfc prcU 

Icn (n?ic to toss in a — ). 

Blaspheme, ». a. (5jctt Icftcm ; xjen Sctnan^ 
tern llcbc(5 retcn, Ic.jlctn* — er, ». tcr 
©cttcst&pcrcr, Saflcrcr. ' 

BWphemous, a. gcttcflaftcrltd) ; — ^ly, ad, 
— my, «. tic ®ctte6taflcrunc». 

Blast, 8. tcr asintftcp ; ^nalT, @d)at[ ; 
^&\U%f tic 3crfd)mctterunQ ; tcr (Sins 
ftu^ cincg fd)6t(irf)cn ©cjlirncg ; tcr 
(Scbtag tjcn ©ctt, tic gjtapc t>cn,@ett; 
?(nflccfung t»cn piftigcn i)finftcn ; tcr 
S3rant (an ten SBaumcn ctcr tern (^cs 
traitc) ; tic fcbatUdbe 2(u6tiinjlung in 
cincr 93crggrubc» r. o. fd)(ao,cn, ^crfd)tncts 
tern ; i?crbccrcn, rcrtrcnncn ; t»crtcfecn^ 
cntct)ren, fd&Sntcn ; scrflercn ; in (E^ebrcs 
cfcn fcfeen; t>crfl«d)cn. —ment, s. tic 
p(e|(icbc 7fnjic(!unc» 

Blatant, o. b(c!cnt. 

Blat'ter, c. tu btcfcn, brullcn, cin jinntcfc^ 
(5Jcrau[d) niad)cn. 

Blay, s. tcr 93?ci^'iifd), (Strcmtinc. 

Blaze, 8. tic ytamnic, ta$ auflctcrntc 
Sicbt; tcr Sid)tfd)cin, g(annncnfd)cin -, 
tic S3c!anntma(iung, SScrbrcitung ; tic 
SIMaffc (an ctncm ^fcrtc). ». «. flam? 
men, (etcrn ; Icucfctcn ; gtan^cn. «. «. 
befannt madbcn, augbrcitcn, blafcnircn. 
— er, «. tcr SScrbrcttcr, 2(usbrcitcr. 

Bldzon, 8. tic .^unfl, 2?appcn ^u acte^ncn 
unt jiu bcfcbrcibcn, SSlafcnirfunft ; tic 
*Dar|ictIunc,g3crfiintip.ung ; ©rbebuno, 
ta5 (autc Ccb. c a, JBappcn gcidmeu 
unt bcfd)rcibcn, blafcnircn; fd^mfirfcn, 
aue^icrcn ; tarftcUcn, fd)iltcrn ; crbc? 
ben, rubmen ; r»erbreiten, befannt mas 
d/cn. — ry, «. tie S3(afcnirfunp» 

Blea, 8. ter (B'ptint im ^ci;;e ; tic ttjciffc 
.!cafe(flaute. — berry, tic JtBidbcere. 

Bleach, u. a. ^ n, b(cid)en, wcif wcrtcn. 
— er, «, ter S5(eid)cr. 

Bleak, a. bteid) ; frcftig ; traurig. — ly, ad. 
8. terSfi.^ei^iiifd),^trcmUng,lUtet, —ness, 
8. tie 23tafrc ; ^a(te. — y, a. b(eid),falt. 

Bldar, a. tricfcnt, triibe, tunEcl ; Dcrtun? 
tetnt, t>. fl. tricfdugtg mcd)en, pcrtun* 
feln, — edness, 5.^ tic Sricf&ugigfcit. 
—eyed, a. tri^efaugig, t»ertun!elt. 

Bl6at, «. n. blcfcn. ». ta6 asiofeiu 


Bleb, ». bic SBkfc, 

*Bleed, v. n. Olutcn. ». «. ;iur ?{bcr laffen* 

— cr, ». tcr 2(t)cr(affcr, ®()irur9u^, 'SdaU 

t>icr, — ing, «. bag Ttbcrtaffcm 
j^Iem'ish, «. bct ©c^anbflccf, 9Kafc(^ ba^ 

>)}Jcr!mal, bcc Jlccfcn, Jc^lct, SKonc^ct ; 

bor Sabct ; bic ©dbanbe. ». a. ticrun? 

ftaltcn, cntjlctlcn ; bcfd)im)?fcn/ cntcf)rcn. 

— ment, «. bct Jester, 9)?an9c(, bic Un^ 

lilench, t). 71, ftu^cn, ^urficffo^rcn/ «>cid)cn. 
V. a, t>cr^inbcrn. ^ 

Blend, ». a. ocrmifc^cn ; ccnolrrcn/ iDcfu? 
bctn; DcrOtcnbcn. 

Bless, V. a. fcc^itcti/ QJcbci^cn n?ftnfd)cn, 
(cOpccifcn ; giucflid) prcifcn. — ed, a. gcs 
fcc^ttCt ; Uil^0 C\(ucf(td) ; — edly, ad. the 
blessed, bic ©cU^cn. — <jdness, s. btc ©Cs 
lipifeit, ©(lirffctigfeit; .^ciUgfctt — ing,s. 
bic Scgnunp, bcr (Segcn ; bic SBoJ^ttftat ; 

' (55abe; bctSSor^uci. 

Bleyme, «. bic ©tcitigatte am ^ufe bcr 

Blight, 8. bcr g}lc^(t6au; SBranb; gatl 
bc6 Jroftcs. ». a. Dcrbcrben, aU aupcrc 
llrfad^c an bcm (Scbci^cn ^inbern. — y, 
fl. »el( »on 9}icf)ltbou. 

Blind, at. btinb, bunfel ; fatfd^. ». bic 
©(enbe, ®ec!c ; ber Scnflcrfd)irm, Jens 
jterjug ; bcr 23orn)anb. — side, bic fc^wa? 
<i)c ©cite cincs 5Kcnfc^cn» — waJl, bic 
SKanb c^ne Jcnftcr. —worm, bic ©(inb^ 
fd)(ci^c, V, a. btinb madien ; btcnbcn, 
t)crbun!c(n/ »crb(cnbcn. —fold, a, Uxnts 
ling^, mit tjcrbunbcncn 2(ugcn, v. a. bic 
?(ugen t)cr()inben. — ly, ad. btinb, btinbs 
tina^, -man's buff, ». btc btinbc ^u^. 
— ^ness, bic 93linb^cit» 

Blink, «. bcr ftiid)ti9c 93tid; (Sdbinmicr^f. 
n.blinfcn,blin^cn;bic2(u9cn Dcrfd)(icpcn ; 
cin fchwaci)cg 2idbt gc&cm — ard, — er, s. 
bcr S5(inslcr, ©(^n)aci)fctcnbc. 

Bliss, 8. bic aScnnc, (Selic^fcit, Otudffcticis 
!cit —fill, a. wcnncccU, fctig ; — ly, ad. 
— ^ftdness, a. bic ©(ficffctigfcit 

Blis'som, V. a. bocfcn ; Ocfpringcn, 

Blis'ter, ». bic ©lafc, ©latter ; ba^ S3tas 
fenpftaflcr, «. a. S3(afcn ^icl&cn; nut 
93(attcrn bcbccfcn ; tcflcdfcn. v. n. ©(as 
fen 6cfommcn. 

Blithe, — some, a. fro^(id&,(uflic\. — ly,flrf. 

luftig^freb/WoMpcmutf). — ness,— some- 

ness, 8. bic 5r6btid)fcit. 
Bloach, 8. bic Jinnc, JBtattcr. 
Bloat, V. a.Sfft. auffc^wcltcn, 2(ufb(afcn. 

— edness, ». ba« 7Cuffrif)n)cttcn, aufbunfcn, 
BlobTwr, 8. bic 9Baffer6(afc, blob-lip, blob- 

ber-lip, bic bicfc CippC, 
BlObcbeeked, a. pau^b^dfig. 
Block, «. ber 93tcc(, .R(c| ; bie ^utfurm; 

^er SitXhta, bie SRotlc. to come to the — ^ 

cntftouptet loerbem -r-head, ber 2)umnu| 

iepf« %M, mfd^iiep^n, perfpenen, t>cvs\ 


ftcpfcm — dde,». bie ©erennung, ffitedCo*^ 
be ; ». «. fpcncn, Ocrcnncn, einfc^liefen. 
— ish, a. bumm, fd)n)crfdni9 ; ^y, oi. 
— ishness, «. bic Dummocit 

Bl6mary, «. T. ta^ Jrifcftfcucr obcr bie ers 
flc <Sci)micbe in ben @ifcnf)&tttmem. 

Blood, 8. bas SB(ut, ©cblfit; nal^e 95err 
wanbtfdbaft, bic l)c^e (SJeburt; bag Scs 
ben ; cin fciligcr obcr tebbafter SKenfd)/ 
bcr Sarmcr. — hound, bcr ^^totip 
^unb, 58(utf)unb. — boltered, mit Slut 
bcfpri|t. to — let, ^ur 2(bcr (ajTcn. 
—pudding, bic 93tutn)urjt* —shed, ha$ 
)S(utt)cr9icf'cn» —shot, mit 23lut unters 
laufcn. V. a. btutig madden ; crbittem ; 
bc^cn ; ^ur 2(ber (affen. — ily,-arf. blu* 
tig, blutgicrig, —mess, ». ber btutige 
3u|lanb ; bic SBlutgicr. — ^less, a, blut^ 
to6, (cbto^ ; unfd)ulbig. — y, a. bfutig, 
btutbfirftig, —flux, bie rot^e ^Kuftr. 
— minded, bfutgicrig. 

Bloom, 8. bic ©(utbc, SBtume* v. n. btfis 
()cm v.a. (>ert)orbrinacn. — y,a. blumiQ/ 
in S3tut^c, t)ca »on Stiit^c, 

Blore, ». t>a^ 23tafcn beg aOBinbeg, 

Blos'som, 8. bic JBlutl^C. V. n. btfi{)Cm 

Blot, 8. bie 2(u6tcfd)un9,auf bcm ^apierc, 
bcr Jtccfen, ^(ecfg; ^Uditi, fedianb? 
flecfcn ; bic 93tc|}c (bcim S£ri!tra!). v. <i. 
augftrcid)en, auslcfdbcn ; »cmid)ten ; mit 
^intcnftecfcn bcfubctn; beflccfen, be? 
fd)mu|en; entftattcn; fcft&nben/ enters 
ren; rcrbunfclm 

Blotch, s. bie Jinne, SBtatter. 

Blote, V. n. auffd)n?ctlen/ oufblafcm (see 
Bloat),. V. a. thvid)CtXU —-edness, «. ta$ 
2(uffd)n?cttcn, 2Cufbunfcn. 

Blot'ting-paper, «. bag Scfc^papicr. 

*Blow, v.n. btafcn, njc^cn; ot^men; ftarf 
atftmen, fd^nauben, fd)naufcn ; {d)aUen ; 
bt{il)cn. V. a. btafen ; anbtafen, aufbtas 
fen ; at^men, aueat^men, f)aud)«n ; augs 
brcitcn, rucbtbar mad)cn; mit Sli<^^cns 
cicrn bctcgen, befd)meipcn. it blows, bcr 
2Binb gc^t. to — over, \)oriiber gcben, 
ocrmcl^cn, to — up, aufbtafen, aufb(&« 
l^cn ; anfadbcn, anl^aud)en ; fprcngen, 
in bic Cuft fprcngen; in bic 2uft ge* 
fprengt merben, in bie Suft fliegen ; ^u 
^runbc rid)tcn ; augfprcngen. to — 
upon, abnufeen ; Hxa6)Xiid) bcl)anbe(n. to 
— one's nose, fief) fcbnaufecn. ». bcr ©d)laci/ 
<Streid)/^tcp; bic SBtiitlje; bag@d)mei5 
9cn cincr Slicgc, — er, «. bcr 33(&fcr, 3us 
kdfcr ; 3innfd)mc(3er» -pipe,*, ta^ fSias 
ferct)r, Suftro^r. 

Blowze, s. cin ptumpeg rctl^barfigcg iun? 
geg 9)2dbc^cn. — zy, a. rotf)bacfig ; mit 
ben .daoren urn ben ^opf lS)angenb ; t)on 
bcr ©cnnc gcbr&unt. 

Blub, see Blob. 

Blub'ber, «. t)it <S^td 'tit^ ^qSS^V&^^*«» \ 

tfHi ; baS SSanl. v. n. mrintn bog bit 
orfcn fdinjettoi, bcuttn. i>- o- fiwd; 
ten meKfetn, oi(ff(l)ni(U(n. —lip, »■ Blul>- 
ber-lip, —cheeks, pt. 6u ©cfltoltcrtadjn. 
Blud'geaD, »■ in JtnSttel, $mel (btr efl 
om ttntw mit SBlei bcfdjwert ift). 
Blue, 0. blau. *■ ba« £SIau. c «. tilau 
farben, 616nni -, tetttffcn niadjen, tict: 
wirrt maS>ni", — ly, orf. dark — , tun: 
Umaa. light—, kablflu. sky— , fiini; 
nidtlau. trae— , tn6 c*K Wlau (nwd 
(lj«6 buntct iff), gnrter— , cm oielciics 
Uaa (bU ^dTbe bcB ficfonbanbsSitenF^ 
FroBsiBii— , taS Serlini'rblau. a — day, 
cin rtouriacr Sog. lo look — , tclibc 
au6f(l)«ii- PCtwflcn fcpn. — boWe, bic 
jtotnHume ; ©^mdSflitae. — devile, 
bit 9Iitbemefd)laa(n[)(it,®*Bienn5tl)tg: 
!(tt, Svi&finnigfcit. —aem, bit tlauc 
Jfotfie, S8iau(. 
BUiiBh, a. bUuU^. — nEBB, >. lit b(&ulidie 

Mua; a. gtc6, unfanft, ungeftflm, jiunipf, 

Blun'der, I. 6fl« SBetftb'K/ btt SSmiSci, 
fflrf, ?pub(I, SefiUr. ti-o. (iu6 iDuntm: 
fieit men, €ntii|ct modicn, eincn gtc: 
iicn ^tf)Ut begeijen ; ftolpent, japipelii : 
In 95sil(fl(n6etl fnjn. to — out, unbt; 
fenaHi aiief^ivoini, un^cbatfttfatn mit 
ttnae Seraufifabren, — bufl9,f. Bit Bip: 
prtfiiidtft, gjuffbodrfe ; btr nmotrtK ^opf, 
— er, «, tin a«Bon!enlof<t SEenftf). —head, 
». bcr iDummfcpf. 

Blunltci, BlimkB, g. 5tQmcn f(l)»ttirt6*t ge: 
tvuifKr Hciniuonb. 

Blunt, a. ftumpf, niftf f*o(f, einfSlilii ; 
uitf mpftnCfam ; rau^.ptump; becb, {liij 
im fRtlttt, ftiq gefoB!. o. a- ftumpf ma-- 
d)Cn, abfhimpfen ; fEt)n)id)<R, unttcbrti' 
(fin ; — lj,aa. — wilted, ftunipf an jBct; 
flanbf , cinfSltig. — !Bii,a. ctmnfiftumpf; 
(in roctiig plump. — ness, «. tic SStunipf; 
ficili ^lumpfieii; »f)e MufriAtiqteii. 

Blur, .. 6tr ^l(d6, midtn. t>. a. ttfutEln, 

kfledra ; nueroif^en, auStSfi^r" 


Blurt, Blurt-out, t>. a. unbefennen 
fa^ta, ilitaaifla^tn. blurt, i. tin jfusnif 
fact SS'coctitung. 

Blush, ii,n.flct)fd)SnKn,i:ct6sn,wH m 
ben, trrStben. o- o- ntb mad)<n. t. 
aitfit, gMKiinroI&e ; b(r etftt ffllirf, 
lie Mnfftein. —et, g. cin iefdiribtncS 
iunpeS mibifitn. — k™, a. unffi^ig ju 
eiT«rt)!n, fdjamto. — y, "■ fonfi gc; 

fihis'ter, 0. n- tcben, (5rm(n, gtefi tfiun. 
bet Ungcfifim ; tee Cnrmen, lai Oc; 
riuftfe, bic ®roft)rafi(ewi, — er, f. cinci 

ter eielee SHrSufi^ nmcftf, bet ®t«(r[pi;c= 

4fr, pra^Ut. 


Wua'iroua, a. iStmenS, gerSurAPelT. 

%! Boh! t. bull! be cant lay bo to a 
exiose, ct fnnn (eincn fiunb auE tern 
Dfen lectin ; (.iron einem ftftr tinfiltigen 

Bdn, s. tic 9Iie[cnf*Iaiwe. 

Boar, g. tet Jtampe, Gbcr. wild — , bas 
roilbc ©cftmein. -pig, bet Berg, !Pet; 
gel, — Bpesr, tetS^djnji'infpicS.taSjuiig: 

Board, «. taf ffltctt, tie Bieic, ^^le ; 
bii Infcl, ter Sif* -, bet Unletfiaft, bie 
flcjl -, tet aifcfi in einet fflolhS i eber 
(51eti(iilf=3!evfomnilunp, tic 3iot66=ffleT= 
fommluna, toe ©eridit ; las ®tf(t)Sfi6= 
iimnicr. Suit, Bfiniiu: tafi iBcrted, 
SBcrl. chess — , toS Srfjodjttctt. IsDing- 
— , tie Sflflt&fir. side—, bet iSAtaU 
lifrfi. bed and — , 3if* nnb Sett, to 
deal above — , offen unb cbne iSetnig 
Ijnnbcln. above — , in ®ict)er6eit,gebers 
gen. on — , w eiiffe, ouf bem ©Aiffc, 
rn bofi S*in. —wages, bos jteftgelft. 
E.a. mit I'Srettera belcgen, bielen ; in tie 
jtefl geben ; in bie JCeft ncbnien, bilb' 
ftigtn, fpeifen -, ein ed)iff eiftcigen, ens 
teen ; ongretftn ; anreben. >. «. in bcr 
S(|if(pn, — er,8.tetJtof{gingcr.— iny. 

house, I. bos ^oflbflUS. — ingschod, ttt 

B6ari9h, 0. ftfetoeinif*, tic^iftf). 

ftifisi, B. n. ^ o. gteg tfiun, fi^ rfifimen, 
prahlcn. >■ tie ^JrafilcKi, bet ©totj. 
3!uhm. — er, ». tcr ^taijUi. — ful, o, 
gteBfprtAetifdl- — ingiy, "<'■ prafiteiifil). 

Boat, >. lai £Soei, bet 91act)(n, bie S^btt. 
■iniin, boat^ man, bet SeeKmilnn. 
'Bwain, tet $e^beel«maRn. 

Bob, 8. jBobert (cin Sloinc); bie ®tn|B 
PCTiitfe ', bne (Sebaumel, Qte^ange ; bet 
Stblub'reim; iai ®e!Sule, ©eftingri; 
bet Schlag, StDS. b. n. baumeln. e. s. 
fut; fd)neit(n, flu|cn ; pdigcln ; buti^ 
tSctfihcunfl Semonten ein aeit^en gc^ 
Ut\, flnfloSen; onfiS&ten, fiintetgefeen ; 
iutd) iPittug etftaftben. 

Bob'bin, g. tie ©pule,berAIcppel,bie 8i^. 
— work, bie JCleppclarbeit 

Bobby, g. ffltbert, 

Bob'cberry, ». tie ffiQumcHitfthc (ein 
.S i nb c ifpiel)- Boh'etay, tet Bu gfpiie t ftag. 
—tail, tet ®tu|f*n)anj, bie We^c, tet 
37ii(c(. tag-tag and bobtail, bet nictcigc 
^obcl.^anelieigel. bob-wig, tie ® tug; 

Bbcasaine, —sin, ». tie feine ®teifleint 

BrSokflel, — erel, — eret, ». tct langgcflfc 

nelte $a6i*t 
Bode, B. a. 4- n. BCtbcBcuten, oK aierbti 

tiutung bienen. — mcnl, a. tie 9Set&(i 

beulung. ' ■ 

Bodgp , T . n.fttfttTvWvtMi . Wt^ .^TOwtn, 


B6dice, «. tai 8et6d)cn, bic ^d^nAt? 

Bod'Uess, a. unf ctperUd&, 
Bod'ily, fl. ^ od. (cibltd), f otpetlicft, 
B6clmg, |wrt. 0. tiai a5pcbet>cuten,2C^nen. 
Bod'kin, ». tWT iDctdft/ tie 2(()(e, ^Jfticme ; 

<Scftnilrnabc( ; ^oarnabct, t>a6 ^r&ufcts 

Body,^. trcr UcUv ^crper, 9lumpf; t>ai 

6crp^.; l>ic 5)ctfon; ®efammtfd)aft ; t)a« 

(^on^e, 2Befcnt(id)c, t)ie ©uOftona; ^tars 

fc, every — ^, 3el>crmatttt, some— r, ^cs 

man^. no—, S^icmonl). ».«.fcrmcn, gcs 
Bog, 8. tcr ©urnpf, bag 9}2oor» —house, 
bcc 2(btntt« — lander, — trotter, bet 

Swmpf(>en)ot)ncr. — ged, pan. in ben 

soicraft Dcrfcnft, — gy, a, fumpjtg* 
Bogfgle, V, n. anjlcpcn/ f!u|cn, ftedfcn 6teis 

ben ; jiiimpcrn, — gler, s, bericnigC/ votU 

d)cr tcld^t ins @terfcn ger^t^. 
Boh6a, 8. bcr Z^cthnf)* 
Boil, «. bie a3cu(e, ber ©(ftw^tcn, ». a. 

4r «• fod^en, jtcben/'watten. — er, «. bcr 

@ieber ; ^od)feffeL 
Bois'tei'QUB, a. ungcfram, ftftrmifdf) ; — ly, 

ad. — ^ness, ». bcr Ungejtfinu 
Bol'ary, a. tl^onAttig* 
Bdlbonac, ». t}ai SOlonbfraut, bie SJicnbs 

Bold, a. fft^n, bretft, fred)/ frci; —lyv arf. 

— fece, bie Jrcc^^cit/ Un»erfd)&mt^eit 

— feced, un»erfd)dmt, — ness,». bie^fi^n* 

Ibeit/ iDreiftigfeit; bo^ aSertrauen, bic 

Bde, 8, ber ©ctuS ; ©tomm eine^ ffiaus 

meg ; ein SKaf oon 6 ©cfeeffeln, (Boll). 
Bdlis, ». ber fliegenbe 2)rac^e, bie fcurige 

StuQCi in ber Suft 
Boll, •. ber @tfinge(; ein ©ctraibemap. 

». n. ©tfingct Oefommcn. 
Bbllard, «. cm aufredfet jle^cnber q)faW ; 
• ber gefipfte JBaunu 
Bol'ster, ». ber ^ffi^t, bag gyotftcr, Aifs 

fen. t). a. poljlcm/ burcb ^iffcn untcr? 

ftf|en, erl^o^en, oufrid^ten, aufrecftt ers 

Bolt, «. ber 95o(^ ; 5)feit ; S>cnnerfei(, 

S(i|; aiiegel; bie Sclf^'^ bag ©icb^bet 

SBcutet, —sprit, bag JBugfprtct. ». a. 

tjerriegetn, feffctn ; bcutetn, fiebcn, prfi? 

fen ; mit ctwag ^craugfa^en, b^wugs 

p(a|en. «. n. cifig ewrfpringcn. — er, s. bet 

SO^e^tbeutet, bag @ieO; bag sjieft. -head, 

8. bet Jt^tOen, SBrennfrtben. 
Borting-hutch, ff.bcr a^eutctlaftcn, —house, 

bcr £>rt, wo 9)leW gefiebet wirb. 
B6lus, «. bie TCr^enrifugcU 
Bomb, ». bag ®et6fe, bcr ^natt ; bie Soms 

be. ^ —ketch, —vessel, bie ©cmbarbicrs 

Bombird,«.a. bombarbiren. s. cine grope 


8. ber SBombarbirer. — ment, «. bag 93omf 


Bomlmsiii, ». bcr Sombafin. 
Bom^bast, «. cinc 2Crt bicfeg 3eugg ; ber 

(c^wfitftigc 2(ugbruc(, JBombaft. — ic, 

— ical, a. fd^wfitftij. 
Bombaz^tt, ». ein tctcftter, wollener Seug. 

Bombildtion, 8. tai ©Ctofc. 

Bomb^cinous, a. ifc^bcn. — cinum, s. bie 
offonfdbe ©eibe. 

B6na-fide, aug rcbtidfecr SOletnung ; ofine 

Bondna, 8. bic SBonana (einc 'TCrt ^otos 

Bonchrdtien, «. cinc ©ottc S5imen. 

Bond, «. bag 93anb, bie SBanbc; bie SSers 
binbung; 83crfd)rcibung , £)bUgation, 
.&anbfd)rift/ aScrpflidytung. —man, — s- 
man, —servant, — slave, 8cr Scibeigcnc* 

— maid, — s-woman^ tic fteiOcigcne. 
—service, bic Ccibcigcnfc^aft. — s-man, 

' bcr Sftrge. — age, «. bie @cfangcnfd)aft, 
.^nccfttf(baft ; ber Sroang. 

Bone, 8. bcr ^ncc^cn, bag SScin ; (beim 
Sif*) bic ©rate ; pi. bic SBurf^t; fno^ 
dpcme ©pinbcltiy ©pi|cn gu webcn ; 
—lace, ©pi|cn. V. a. tic ^nodfecn cbcr 
@r&tcn augncl^men. — less, a. bcintcg^, 
o^nc ^nod&en. — set, v. a. cincn »crrenf:j 
ten ^nod)cn cinrfidEcn, einen JBcinbruc^ 
f)ci(cn. — setter, «.*ber SBunbar^t 

Bonetta, ». ein <Sccraubfifcb. 

Bon'fire, ». bag Jrcubcnfeuer. 

Bon'grace, 8. ^n^ ^ttm$iitd)cn, Oonnctts 

B6nify, V. a. gut mad)cn. 

Bdnito, 8. ber 93cnnitftfd&. 

Bon'net, a. ber ^ut, bie ^anU* T. ein 
ficincg SRawtin. 

B6nnilass, 8. ein ^ubfd)eg 5K6bd)en. 

Bon'niness, 8. bie SKuntcrfeit/ ()fibfc^e ®es 

Bon'ny, a, l^fibfri^/ artig, nmnter ; belcibt, 
fctt; — ily,arf. 

Bdnum-mag'num, 8. einc 2Crt g)1lauwen. 

B6ny, a, fncid^ig, fncc^em. 

Boob'y, ». ber Sctpcl. 

Book, 8. ta^ 93ud). — ^binder, bcr JBudbbttt^ 
bcr. — keeper, bcr SBuc^battcr. —learn- 
ing, bie a3ud)erge(ef)rrfamlcit. — man, ber 
SiBud)cr!cnncr. —mate, bcr §02itfd)fi(er. 
—seller, ber i23ud)f)anbict. —worm, bcr 
$Biid^crtt)urnu v. a. cinfd)rcibcn, cintros 
Qcn. —fill, a. mit fi35d)crge(chrfamfcit 
ubcrf)duft. — ish, a. bch S3fid)cm crs 

Eioom, 8, T. bic @tange, SXuerftangc (auf 
ben ©d)iffcn, bci gewiffcn (Scgcln ge^ 
braud)t) ; bic gKcrEftange ; bcr ©perr» 
baum. ». «. fid) ()cftig fort bewegcn, t>as 
^in ftfir^cn. 

Boon, «. bic (Sa^C, (§>Xlo!fe^* a. lOWWCvsx.Vor- 


Bethr^ Ik a. mttvxotv^n, tiUminUn* 
Bethilmp, o. a. ahpthQCtn, fd^tagen* 
Botide^ V. m gttflopen, ^egegncn ; fid^ ereig? 
nen; werbeit/ erge^em 

Bet()keD, v. a. be^tc^nett/ antetttcn* 
B6tony,«. bt« JBctonie, Pnurs— , ter @l^5 

unpuii* water—, tie Stjautiwur^ 
Betbm, part a. enlriffctt, gcnwftfam gcs 

BetosB, ». a. Ij^ttt unb ^eu tt:etbctt> bcun* 

Betrdy, v. a, t)cniat^cn/ t)ertciteH^— er, «. 

hit ascrtot^ec. 

Betrim, v. a. pu^Ctt^ ^ieten, 

Betrdth, n, a. Detlo^eti/ ©erfpttd^cn. 

BetrtiBt, tn ai on»ertrouen.' 

Better, a. Sfod, 6effec» ». t>cr aSortjJcU, Me 
Uebctlcgenftcit our betters, biqcnigett/ 
vf^Utfi m dlang tmb $&$drbc ben ^^Bor^ug 
baOen, unfete £)6ern/ 95or0cfe|tcn» ». «. 
tjct()cffern/ ibertreffen/ befwbern^ 

Bet'ter, Bet'tor, ». einct/ bet ba wcttet. 

Befty,.«* Siep; bo6 Srecfeeifen, 

Bettimbled,^rt. a, unotbenttid^, oettDcrs 
teii/ ^erfnottert* 

Betw6en, Betwixt,, pre, 5»ifd)en, untet* 
between whiles, ^weUcn, »en 3ctt 3U 

B67el, B6vil, a. fd)ief^ fdfet&g^ «. bag 

©d&t&gmap; bte SRid^tung, v, a, eine 

fd^rdge 9ltd^tung ge6en« 
Bev'erage, ». bafi ®ett&n!e/ Stittfgelag, 

Bev'y, 8. bet glug, bic @d^bat/ ©efells 

Bewdil, c. o. UHaQcn, betoelnen. — able, 

a. beHagen^wettl). 

Bewdre, c. n. f[d^ O^ten. 

Bew^ep, v.a,S^n. ben)cinen> mit JSl^t&nen 

beneieit/ n>etnen* 
Bew6t, »..«. beneleti/ befeu^teit/ bem&fs 

Bewilder, v, a, mc ^f)vcn, tjetwitteit, 

ttte madden* 
Bewitch, v, a. be|Qu6etn.. — ery, — ^ment, 

». bte SBc^aubetung. 
BewrAp, v» a.. U\mcn„ tjetl^fiffeit, urn? 

Bewrdy, ». a, tjettat^cti ; tjetuntelntgen, 

— er, «* bet-95ett6t()Ct. 
Bey6nd, p^* ftbet/OttJet^etifeit^/ fibet^n, 

J)inaug, to. go beyond,, fibctMtt^etten/ 

hintctge()en> betrftgetu 
Bezans, s. etne 2Ctt S^^outntttcttenftoff ou^ 

Bezdnt, «. bet SBpjotitinen — ler, •.. bt;t 

^toette 2(fl am ^ttfc^getoet^e, 
B^zoar, ». bet JBe^at, 
Bez'zle, v. n. ^cdftcn^ fdf)(emmem 

Bian'gulous, -elated, a. ^wtiwinUllQ*. 

JPias, 8, bie gietgung/ bet ^ang ; «rf. 
icj/^^ ouyf cm @(iU* v. a. auf eine ®e\U 


neigen, au etma^ neigen, (enfen ; mit: 

asotutt^eil etf&tten. 
Bib, 8. ba6 5&|c^en, ©cifcttudft. ». w. oft' 

trinfen, jed^en. — dcious, a. bcm Stunfc 

etgeben. — acity, «. bie 95etfcffen&cit. 

•'--ber, ». bet Sttnfet* 
Bib'io, 8. bie aSeinfltege ; Sti«9c bte ftc^ 

in (eeten SKeinf&ffetn aufbalt. 
Bible, r. bie S3ibc(, (S*tift, l&eiage 

Bibliog'raj^er, ».bct JBfidfeetfennet. — phy, 

«. bie S5ud^etfcnntni§. 
Bibliomanoy, ». bag 2Cnbcutcn guf finftigct 

Segebenl^eiten au6- iufdllig oufgcfd)lage5 

nen ©tetten bet 25ibe(. — mdnia, 8, bic 

a5fldbetfud)t — mdniac, «.^bec Sfidfeers 

fSdbtige* — polist, ».,bet 93fid)ct66nb(er, 
Biblical, a. bibtifd). 
Bib'ulousi fl. fdbwamnud^t, 
Bicdne, ». bie «i>i(bc 3Bcinttaubc, 
Bicdpsukr^ a. T. a»cif&c!)erig. 
Bice, ft T.. blue—, bie btauc Jatbe, ba6 

)S8faJMau, green— ,,bi« grfinc gatbe^ ba$ 

BioipitaJ,. — ous, a, ^wcif Opjiig, 
Bick'er, u. n. fid) ^in unb ftct bcwegcn,, 

fladCetn, (obetn; fc%atmu|cln, ftreiten.. 

— er, ». bet 3&nf et.. —ing,. 8, bie Sanfe?^ 


Bic6me,.^oa8, tf. a»eiF)Ctni0». 
Biow/poral, a. gweileibtg^ 
♦Bid, ». a. ()eipen, befe()(en/fagen, bieten,, 

entbiften, onbieten/ aufbieteit/. t)et!iinbi? 

gen/ anf&nbigen/ eintaben^ bitten, beten*. 

to— feir, fid) gut antaffen, »etfpte^en» 

— der, 8. bet SBietenbe, ©iniabenbe, SBe?. 

feW^nbe, —ding, ». bet SBefeW; bo$ 

SBieten, ©ebct ; bie (Sintabung^ 
Bide, ». a. etttagen* v. n, wo^nen^bletbcn, 
Biden'tal, a. gmetsa()nig* 
Bidet, «. ba^ fCeine $fetb; ba^^afi^? 


Biding;, «. bie SDBobnung. 
Bien'nial, a. att>eii&l)tig« 
Bier, * bie'J8a()te/ bic ^cbtenbo^te. 
Bi^stmgs, 8. bie 35icjlmi(d), 
BifdrioiiB*.fl» gmeifod)/ ^rpeibcutig, 
Biferous,. a*, jnoeimql be6 SaftteS ^tudftt 


Bifid, — atJBd, a> gcfpaltcn^ 
Bifold, 0. 3metfad^, 

Biform, — ed, a, gt»eif dcmig ; gweileibig* 
Bifiirc'ated, a. gwcijadfig. — ^ion, «. bie 

@pa(tung, Settfecitung., 
Big, a. bidf, gtoj, ccU, fd)tt)anget, flc^, 

ttc|ig/ ffibn; — ^ly, od, — ness,*. bic 

3)tcfe, ©tope, bet Umfang. 
Big'amist, «. bet iwci SSftibet ^at 
Big'amy, 8, bie Sigamic, iDoppclel^c^ 

Big'gel, 8, cin tennt^ictattigc^ S^iet in 

£)fttnbien mit fcbn^ar^ ^toem ttn^< 
.. \Awai^^i;0$(lpattenen >gnfi. 


Kght, 1. b« Bug, bK fflugt ; btc Bu*! ; 
Ut Sus am Sftcntct bcr $^cb(. 

Kf't*, «. b(r ajlinbflloublne, Blinbcif! 
ngt; S^tin^ciligc, anbSArtcr. — ed, 
o. fdbrinttilig, oterglSutig, blinB ju: 
geroon, — \am, — ry, a. Ctr bltnbt Cls 
fa,XbcrgIauIic,bte3(nbddiIdi-i, 64cins 

Bilut'eral, a. jiijiifrttia. 

nil'beirr, «. Cic ^cibclbcccc, 

Bil'ho, I. bie Slingt, ttt Bcgtn. 

Bil'boet^ I. pi bU Supbanbc/bcr Stei. 

Bile, *■ bit SoIK ; ber S^wfircn. 

Bilge, ». T. Bit aS(iie t{* S*iff6iib(n6. 
—water, bci6 aBoffct, RitH)C6 fi* niif 
bjin Soben bf^ ©djifftfl fammrtt. 
fluf ben ®ninb fasten, Itrf rocrtcn, 

Bil'iary, a. ju bir Salli gc^ioirig. —duct, 
btt ©aUtngaita. 

Bilinpgate, Billingagate, g. btr gif*: 

marti in Sonbon ; ungtrHKK ScBtn, 

Bitia'^ooiu, o, jiijdjiSngtg. 

Bifioiu, a. gaUenfiftff, mit ©attc u6«:= 
biaft, an bst Batte Icibtnt, 

BUk, «. a. btttuBfn. 

Bill, I. b(t S^naSd ; , las ftoumcffcr, 
©ifinittnwfftr ; Sic fflnrtc, bie ©ticit; 
art; btt Settett bie SRedbnung,. bet 
SAeiRf bie JBefificinigung ; effcntti*c 
Xntttgc; boeSScrjttfbni^.bicSifte; bi 
(9eieetntU), bit ffliO. —of fare, bi . 
A^tnjettct. — ofdirorce, bet ©Afibe; 
brief, —of lading, tec Sobungsriftetn. 
—of exchange, btr aBcdjfel. — of «Ie, 
bic ®(f)ulbti;tfd)Ki[iun(u —of indict- 
ment, bte anflagungefdjtifl. — in chan- 
cery, bit ffltdjlSf Inge 6ci bcc ^onjclci. 
\ —of right), tie gtcifeeiWutfunbe. v. n. 
Hi) fdmibeEn, liclieln. n. a. effenHi* nn; 


BilUnl,*. ber Saflarb^^apaun. 

BUIet, ». bo« SBinst, ber 3elttl, Guorlier: 
lettcl; M S*eit&pl}, Siijcrt, ©tiid; 
bBetdoax, bo* 8ie6«6t!Cf(fii:n. v. a. mil 
£Liiattin}etteIn ccrrefien, einguortieccn. 

Bil'Gud^ «. pi. bo« SintarbfpicU 

BlIioD, ». bie SiHien ■, jc^n ftunbcrt taui 
fnib SXiOinncn. 

Klloir, «. bie ffljege, aSeHc. o- n. on: 
fdmwHtn. — y, a, raetlenfSniiig, fcfimel: 

KmiDOus, a. jnKi ,&fin6e liabent. 

Bimtriwi, — ica!, a. jnjci OTiCK ebci 

@ecn 6(trefi(nb, 
Rn, «, bet Sechatt.;!:, fflflhnien. 
Bin'scle, *. Tl baS Seinpflg^SufAot^ 

Binary, — rioiifi, a. jatiiofelig, bct'pelf. 
Bind, $. He .^cpfcnttinlc. Per ficpfcit. 
•Knd, ft a. tinben, Oi-rljinbcn, ocrpflid); 
Bb ; marten, cinfaffM ; feff mai^. 

geiDiS matbenv uiftcBfenvtinf^tEiittdi. 

B. n.ti!l)|BKrbcn, [feij w«b«n. — orer, 

pcippi*icn Bct ®en*t gu erMeinen. 

— er, I. Mr Sinbtr; Siubbinbet; bie 

ffiLntc,P»*!8erftapfung«niittet. — ing, 

I. bet iSecban*. 

Jlndwcod, ». bie aBinbe, (ein Jtraut). 
Bin'ocle, «■ bM jtveiiugige €ei)re(ir. 

— c'ular, d- iuoeiiugig. 
BindniiaI,a.T.(inbet]tlgebrii] bitlDmifd), 

eiti itoti S^ieilcn befiel)cnb. 
Biog'raphcr, «. ber Biegraplj, SelienSbes 

fffereifier. — phy. •■ bie Bebenfibefdireis 

Bivouac "■ «■ T. bit ffiadit unlet fceiem 

^immcl jubringen. 
Biparous, it. aod SuNoe gcb&nnb. 
Bipartite, a. tn Ji»ei Sl)(iCe getljeill, — ti- 

tion, ». tie Sbeilung injiwi. 
Biped, a. hii jipeifSfigc 3l)ier. 
Bipedal, a. jweiffiGig. 
Bipenndteif, a. mit jivei ^figeln uetfc^en. 
Bipet'douB, a. jOKifiUttcng. 
Biquadrate, — ic, (. T. (m bet Klgefira) 

bie Siqiiabratja^Ii. Picrle ^Knj eincr 

Birch, ». bre SBitte,!Hut5e. —en,a, bitten. 
Tird, g. ber SBegeU «. «- SBcgrt fanacn. 

—call, bie SMfpfeifC. — er, — caldiBr, 

— rnan, bet QJcgelfSnget, ajogelfteOcr. 

— lime, ter asegeOeim. — ing.|Me«e,»,Bie 

Birth, t. Cie Ocbiitt, bet Utfpning, bie 

Xbrtnninmng, jierfunfl, bag @(fd)Ied|l ; 

Utfadte, SBemnfatfung ; bie Gage, ber 

Kubiiplne, ®(61flfi)la|,3tnferpla8, 
Bis'cntin, i.-boe SmbrpQ^en. 
Bia'cuit, I. bee 3iPiebad. 
Bisict, V. a. T. in uoei S^ieile t^eilen, 

tucdn'ijjneibcn. — tfim, ». bie atni'unS 

in met. 
Btsh'op, ». ber Sif*of. n. a. ium JBif^ef 

mndjcn. — lic, ». ba£ SSietftura. 

Blek, Bis'que, «. bie JtwftfllplK. 

BiB'math, ». bet Si Jmutb. 

Bison, (. bet miftn (tvttttr €tttc vm 

Bisaex'tile, i. bet Sdiatttag, baS Scfialts 

fabr. B. eingefi^altet. 

Bia'Bon, a. btinb. 

Bister, I- bet Siller^boe 3Iu{{A<01ii:). 

Bis'tort, (. tie @[bCangennurj,bi( 91attct: 

Bis'ioiuy, «. T. boS Sitloutii ffiinf4mtt= , 


Bisulc'bus, a. mit ocfoattcnen Jtlaucn. 
Bit, t. bcr iBii ; Silj^n, baS €l{id ; ba£ 

Btfittjen, ©tiStldjen; ®c6iS; bet SSart 

eine^ ^i)\i^tli. e.o. ba6 @ebt| geteit. 

Bitdi, ». Pit fifinbin, Sc|e; ein liebeih* 

*(6 jMuoBimmct. • 
•Bite, «, a. bev^t'tl. jig. ■0«»'a."cS«.'0.,WM» 


m, f^tteltett/ «♦ ou* l&intergeFicn. «. 

ccr 38tS. — er, a. ^r SBeipcr. /^. tcr 


Bif tacle, «. ba^ (^cl^&u(e te^ ^ontpoffc^. 
Bit'ter, a. bitter, Mttctlicft, etbittcrt; hart, 

atoufam ; — ^ly, ad, — ntess, «. t)ic Sitter? 

tcit. /£. bcr ®ram. 
Bit'tem, Bit'tour, ». bic JRol^rtcmmcl ; Uu 

tcre ©oMe. 

Bittimen, «. ba6 Grtl&ati, Scrgpcc^, @rbs 
pcd). — inous, a. fectg^iar^tp. 

Bivalve, — vular, a. gn)cifd)aUp. 
Bixa, «. bcr TTmotto s obcr OrleanOoum. 
Bkb, V. n, fd)n)Q|cn, ptaubem ; i rcbcn. i>. 
c. au^ptaubcrn., ». ber ^d)n>aecr, ^Jtau? 

bcrcr. —ber, 8, bcr ^cfewd^er. — ber-lip- 

ped, bicftippig. —ber, c. n. pfcifcn, (bcm 

Black, a. fc^war^, bunfel,finfter;mtirtifci, 
nbfd)cu(idb» «. bic fc^war^c garbe, bog 
'SdbTOara^bic fcfetuorge Jttcibung,Sraucr ; 
bcr ®d)n)ar3C/ S^cgcr, in — and white, 
fcl)n)ori auf wcip, f^rifttid). — and blue, 
braun unb Moiu — ainoor, bcr SfJcgcr. 
—art, bic 3auber!unjt» —berry, bic 
SSrcmbccrc* -bird, bic 2Cmfc(. —cattle, 
bo£! ^cmtJicl^. —earth, bic jDammcrbc. 
—friar, bcr 5)ominifancr. —guard, cin 
nicbrigcr, gcmcincr, ungcfittctcr 9}2cnfd). 
shoe—, bcr ©c!)u6pu|cr. —lead, bQ$ 
JRciJbtci* —pudding, bic S3(utraurjt. 
— smith, bcr @rcbfd)micb. — ^thom, bcr 
©d)tc^bom. Black, — en, v,a, fcbtpdr.^cn, 
anfd)nj6r3cn. v, n. fd^mar^ wcrbcn^ — ish, 
fl. fd)tt)Sr^(i(^, — ness, ». bic (Sd)tt)arsc, 
Tfinftcmif, ?C6frf)Cii(id)fcit. 

Elad'der, «. bic ©(afc, SStottcn —nut, bic 

Blade, 8. bo^ ®ragia(md)cn/ 23Iattd)cn, 
S^toft ; bic ^lingc ; cin muntcrcr, lujli? 
ccr gjjcnfcfe. —bone, ba$ ©cfeuttcrOlott. 
— of a saw, ba^ ©Sgcbtatt. ». «• mit 
S(dttd)cn cbcr 95tdttcrn rcrfcbcn ; mit 
cincm S3(att, eincr ^(injc tjcrfc^cn* 

Blain, 8. bcr <Sd)tt)arcn/ bic 93cuK^ Stofc. 
chil-blains, bic ^roftbculcn* 

BUmable, a. tabctftaft, firaf bar ; — ly, ad, 
— ness, 8. bic Sabctn^wfirbigfcit, ^trafs 

Blame, ». fl.'tabc(n/ miSbitligcn* «. bic 
S3cfc3^ulbtgung, bcr Sobct, ba^ aScrbrc? 
cf)cn, bic ^d)utb ; SScric^unc. — ful, a. 
jtrafbar, — ^less, a. untabc(f)aft, unfhraf? 
ltd) ; — ^ly, arf. — ^lessness, ». bic !Sabc(? 
lofigfcit, Unfd)u(b. — er, «. fccr Sabtcr, 
— worthy, a. tabc(ne!tt)firbic. 

Blanch, v, a, rod^ mod)cn/ bicid) n]ad)cn, 
b(cid)cn; f(fta(cn; bcfd)cnigen, ubcrfc? 
f)cn. ». n. roci^ wcrbcn^ ftd) bcfd)cnigcn, 
iu^flucbtc fud)cn ; au6ft?cic!)cn/ tcifc re? 
ben. — er, 8. bcr ^Btcicfecr/ bic SStci? 

Bbmd, a. mittC, fattft* 


'Bland'ish, t. fl. fdnft macjcn/ fanft on** 
fprc^cn. — ment, 8, bic ^d&mcid)elct, 

Blandil'oquencc, «. bic ©d)mcid»c(ct. 

Blank, u. a. Qu^(cfd)cn, »cmid)tcn ; »crs 
wirrt mad)cn/ mutates mad)cn. a. xoi\%, 
unbcfd)ricbcn , leer; nicbergefd)tcgen , 
mutMcg ; reimlc6 (—verse, gjcrfc cbnc 
JKcini) ; bictcft, blap ; — ly, ad, s, ^a^ 
SScipe ; cin ©tuc! njciScs 5:'apicr ; bcr 
Iccrc JKcium ; bic SfJictc ; tci SKcrfmal 
(beim ^d)iepcn), to^ 3ic(. 

Blank'et, s, bic njctlcnc SSettbccfe, bie 
jDcdc. V. a. bcbcifen ; auf bcr ©cd c preU 
Icn (rote to toss in a — ). 

Blaspheme, v. a. (55ott Icftcrn ; tjon Scmcn* 
bcm tlcbcl? rcbcn, laftcrn. — er, 8, ber 
©cttcsl&ftcrcr, Scijlcrcr. 

Blas'phemous, a, 0CttC6laftcrttd) ; — ^ly, ad. 

— my, 8, bic ©etteelcftcruno. 
Blast, 8. bcr SSinbrtc^ ; ^nall, ^d)atl ; 
^dfUo,, bic 3crfd>mctterunQ ; bcr (Sin? 
flu^ cinc£i fd)ab(id)cn ®c|tirnc«! ; bcr 
(^ii\ac\ t)cn ©ctt, bic $lapc rcn.®ctt; 
?Cnftcrfung t»cn pipigcn S)fmjlcn ; ber 
SBronb (an ben S^aumcn cbcr bcm @c? 
traibc) ; bic fd)ablid)C 2(u6btinflung in 
cincr 93erggrubc. v, a, fd)lapcn/ ^crfd)fncts 
tern ; rerbcrrcn, Dcrtrcnncn ; rcrlcfecn, 
entctrcn, fdb^nben ; ^crflcrcn ; in <E^c6rc5 
den fc^cn ; t>erflud)en. — mcnt, s. bic 
p(c^(id)C 7fnj!edunc. 

Blatant, a. bUfcnb, 

Blat'ter, v. n. blcfcn, brfillcn/ cin finnlcfc<i 
dicraufd) mad)cn. 

Blay, s, bcr SciSffd), (Strcmlinc. 

Blaze, 8. bic ?f(nmmc, ba«? aiipcbcrnbc 
Std)t; bcr eid)tfd)cin, g(annncnfd)cin •, 
bic S3cfannttna^ung, aserbrcitung ; bic 
SBl^lfc (an cincm spfcrbc), v, n, flam? 
men, (cbcrn ; lcurf)tcn ; glan^cn. ». a. 
tcfannt mad)cn, au^brcitcn, blafcnircn. 
— er, 8, ber 2?crOreitcr, Tluebreitcr. 

Bldzon, 8. bic .tlunjl, SBappcn ^u ^etd^nen 
unb ya befd)rcibcn, SSlafcnirfunft ; bic 
iDar[tctIunc,a?er!unbip.ung ; (Srbebuno, 
ba5 tautc Scb. v. a. SKappcn geid)ncu 
unb bcfd)reiben/ blafcnircn; fdjmfidcn, 
aue^icrcn ; barjltcUcn, fd)itbcrn ; crf)c= 
ben, ruhmen ; t» erbreitcn, bcfannt mas 
d)cn. — ry, 8. bic S3(afcnirfun^ 

Blea, 8. bcr Splint im ^cl;;e ; bie weiffc 
.tafeljlaube, — berry, t)ic ^idbeere. 

Bleach, c. a. Sf n, b(ei(^cn, wcip «?crbcn, 
— er, «, bcr S5leid)cr. 

Bleak, a. Uc'nit ; frcjitig ; traurig. — ly, ad. 
8. ber SS>ci^iird),Strcmtina, unci, —ness, 
8. bic S3laffc ; ^atte. — y, a, blcid), taiu 

Blear, a. tricfcnb, triibc, bunfel ; uerbun? 
fclnb. V, a, trief&ugtg mcd)en, t»erbuns 
fcln. — edness, 8, bic Sriefdugigfcit 
—eyed, a, ttri^cfaugig, r»crbun!clt. 

Bl6at, t. n, bloCcu. ». ba$ aSlcfcru 


Cleb, 9. tic JSBkfc. 

*Bleed, v. n. btutcn. e. a. j^ur 2Cbcr (affen. 
— cr, 8. t)cr 2(t>cr(affcr, ©birurgu^/ S&aU 
t>tcr. — ing, «. t)Qg 2(l)cr(afj'cn. 
lileni'ish, «. t)cr ©d)ant)flccf, sgiaM, tai 
^yicttmal, t)cc Stccfcn, ^cf)kt, SKanflct ; 
tcr ISat)c( ; t)ic @cf)anbc. i>. a. »crun? 
jtattcn, cntftcttcn ; bcfd^inipfcn/ cntt'^rcn, 
— ment, 8, tcr g^ftt^i^/ SO^angcl, bic Un? 
cfire. ' 

IJlench, V. n. ftu^cn/ sutfidfo^rcn/ n)ctd)cn. 
V. a. ocr^intcrn. 

Blend, c. a. tjcrmifcftcn ; Dcnoirrcn/ fccfu^ 
bcln; »crb(cnt)en. 

Bless, ©. a. fcc^ncn, (Scbci^cn wftnfd^cn, 
(cOprcifcn ; gtucflicf) prcifcn. — ed, a. oic? 
fcCittCt ; fdic\, Qtficflid) ; — edly, ad. the 
blessed, bic (ScUgen. — <^es8, «. t)ic ©c^ 
li^Bclt, ©(urffcUgfeit; .^eidgfeit. — ing,s. 
tic (Scgnunp, ter ©cgcn ; tic JBo^lt^ot ; 

' (3abc ; tcr SSor^ug, 

Bleyme, «. tie Stcingattc am |)ufe tcr 

BUght, 8. tec SKc^tt^QU ; Srant ; ^aU 
tc6 5wftc^» ^'^ «• tjcrterben, a(g aujerc 
Urfad^c an tern ©etci^en l^intern. — y, 
a. »eIl»on so^eWtftau, 

Blind, a. Wint, tunf ct ; fatfci^. ». tie 
©tente, >Decfe ; ter Jenfterfd)irm, Jens 
ftetpg ; ter SSortoant. — • side, tic fd)«)a? 
d)c @eite cine^ SKenfd&en. —wail, tie 
SBant e^ne Jenfter. —worm, tic SBUnts 
fd)(cid)c, c. a. bUnt niad)en ; 6(cntcn, 
m'rtunfcln, ©erblcntcn. — fold, a. blints 
ting^, mit »crbuntcncn 2Cugcn. ». a. tie 
ItuQm »erbinten. — ^ly, ad. Uint, bUnt* 
(ina^, — man's buff, 8. tie btinte .^u^* 
— ^ness, tie SJlint^cit. 

Blink, 8. tec ftucbtigc 93(id ; (Sdftimmcr. v. 
n.blinfen,blin^cn; tic2(u9cn »erfd)(icven ; 
cin fcbwad)cg 2id)t gebcm — ard, — er, «. 
tcr Slinkier, (S(f)rDad)fc^cntc^ 

Bliss, 8. tie SBonnc, ©c(i(^!cit, Otftcffeligs 
f eit* —fill, a. njonnetJcU, fclig ; — ly, ad, 
— ^ftdness, «. tic ©{ficffcligf ciU 

Blis'som, «. a. bodcn ; bcfpringcn^ 

Blis'ter, ». tie 93rafe, 93(Qttcr ; tag Sla? 
fenpffafler. ». «. JBtafen ai^^^^n; mit 
93(attcm betcdfen ; beflcdcn, v, n. JBtos 
fen bcfommen. 

Blithe, — some, o. frcf)Ud), (uftig, — ^ly,ad. 

(uftig, freb, wobtpemutf). — ness, — some- 

ness, 8, tic 5wf)(ici)fcit 
Bloadi, 8. tic Jinne, SBlattcr, 
Bloat, V, a.^n. auffcbwcHcn, 2(ufbtafcm 

— edness, «. tag ?(uf)d)n)cUen, aufDunfcn. 
BlobT)er, ». tic 8QBafferb(afc blob-lip, blob- 

ber-lip, tic ticfc SippC. 
Bldbcheeked, a. pau9bMig« 
Block,*, ter Stccf,^(c|; tie ^utform; 

ter^^lben/ tie Slottc. to come to the — , 

cntftanptet wertem -r-head, ter 5)umm? 

Upf* tv «- tinj^ieph, petfpenen, oec? 


flopfcn. — dde,a. tie SBerennung, S5(«fa* 
tc ; 9. a. fpctrcn, bcrcnnen, einfdbliejeiu 
— ish, a, tumni/ fcbwcrfattig; — ly, ad, 
— ishness, 8, tie 2)ummbcit. 

Bbmary, 8. T. ta6 Jcifcbfcucr otcr tie ecs 
ftc Scbmicte in ten ©ifcnft&mmcm. 

Blood, 8. tag S3tut, ©cblfit; nabc SScr? 
wanttfcbaft, tic ()cl)e ©eburt; tag 2c? 
ben ; cin fciltQcr otcr (cbftaftcr SKenfcf)/ 
tec Carmcr, — hound, tcr ^dbraeif- 
bunt, ©lutbunK — boltered, mit S3lut 
bcfprt|t. to — let, gur 2(tcr laffcn. 
—pudding, tic S31utn)ucjt. —shed, tag 

JBtuttJCcgicpcn. —shot, mit 33(ut untcr? 
(aufcn. V. a. blutig mad)cn ; crbittern ; 
bc^cn ; ^ur ?(tcr (affen. — ily,-od. btu* 
tici, blutgicrig, — iness, ». ter btutige 
Sujlant ; tic JBlutgier. — ^less, a. btuts 
(06, (cblo^ ; unfcbultig. — y, a, Mutig/ 
bluttiirftig. —flux, tic retire 3fivil)X* 
— minded, btutc^icctg. 

Bloom, 8. tic SBtutt)C, 23(umc. v. n, bifis 
ben. V. a. fyett)orbcinqen. — y, a, blumifi/ 
in SBtut^c, r>ca »on JBtfitbe. 

Blore, «. tag S3(afcn teg SBintcg. 

Blos'som, 8. tic ^Plut^C. V, n. b(fi()Cn. 

Blot, 8. tic 2(ugt6fd)un9.auf tem ^apierc^ 
tcr '^Xidzn, ^tcc!g; Slcdcn, fecfeant? 
Pccfcn ; tic 93tc9c (bcim SriCtraf), v, n, 
ausftreicbcn, aus(cfd)cn ; t)crnid)tcn ; mit 
5)intcnftccfcn bcfutctn; bcflccfen/ be? 
fdf)mu|en; entftattcn; fdfednten, cntef)? 
rcn; r»ertun!e(n. 

Blotch, 8. tie Jinnc, SB(atter» 

Blote, V. n. auffcbwcttcn/ aufbtafem (see 
Bloat)*, V. a. raucf)Cm« — edness, «. tag 
2(uffci)n)cttcn, 2(uftunfen» 

Blot'ting.paper, «. tag Sofcbpapicc 

*Blow, v.n. btafcn, wc^cn; at^mcn; ftarf 
atbmcn, fd)naubcn, fd)naufcn ; {d)aUcn ; 
btiil^cn. V, a, btafcn ; anblafcn, aufblas 
fen ; atftmen, augat^mcn/ ftaud)«n ;, aug? 
bccitcn, rucbtbar macbcn; mit Slic^cn? 
ciccn bclcgen, bcfd)mciScn» it blows, tec 
SSint cjc^^t, to — over, wrfibcr gel&en/ 
ocrmc^cn. to — up, aufbtafcn, aufbtfi* 
^cn; anfad)cn, an^audben; fprcngen/ 
in tie Suft fprengen; in tic Suft ges 
fprengt njcrten, in tic Suft flicgen •, su 
^runte cid)tcn ; augfprcngcn* to — 
upon, abnu|cn ; pcrddbtticft bcl)ante(n. to 
— one's nose, fid) [cbnau^cn, «. tcr ©c^tac^, 
(Strcich/^tcf ; tic SBtfit^c; tag@d)meu 
9cn cincr Jtiegc. — er, ». tcr 93tafer, 3us 
bldfcr ; 3innfd)me(^cr. —pipe,*, tag a5ta» 
fcccljr, Cuftro^r. 

Blowze, 8. cin ptumpeg rctl^bacfiacg {un? 
aeg 9}idtcbcn. — zy, a, rctfibarftg ; mit 
ben Jdaarcn um ten .^opf tangent ; Don 
tcr ©onne gcbrdunt. 

Blub, see Blob. 


3lf<^); Hi gSaot. ti. n. mrincn Bog bie 
SaiJen ^diwtUtn, ^culert. n. a. fducd: 
Un Diadjen, autf*W(tttn, —lip, ». Blub- 
ber-lip, — ijieets, ^ tie SttilctttrbaJtn. 

Hud'geon, ». ber JlnBtKI, ^JrSad [Per cfl 
am Snte mil SUt bcfAtsm ill]. 

Blue, a. Mao. '■ Ui Stau. c. a. 
fSttcn, bt4acn ; bttrpffen madjcn, 
roicrt modjCK', — jy. ao- dark—, tuiu 
tctWau. liglit- , ^cUblau. eky- , fjtni= 
mslblou. true—, baS (cfitc Slrni (n)<l= 

Pruaaisn— ,6fl« JScrlinttbloil. 

«in trouriji<r Sag. to look — , trfllK 
flu«f(&cri, tcttpffm few. -bottle, bit 
Jtenibfame; ©tftrntiSPiHt. -devils, 
bit SiIiebfrgcfAloMn&dt, S(t)»etmfitl)tgj 
hit, Stflbfinnigfeit. — neaa, tic btouc 
Satb(, SSliut. 

Hui«h,a.b[fiu(i*. — ne«i,s. tic 6iautid)c 

IUuff,a. gte6, anianft, ungcjlflm, |tum)if, 

Blim'der, g. Ba$ SStrT'^tn, tcr ©d)ni|ct, 
Bstt, gjutel, Staler. ». a. ouS Eamm: 
■fieit itten, efttiigK ma*OTi, tincn gio 
^n g(f)l(i; teg«t)<n; jfelprai, jappdn 
tn SGttltgenhdt ftgii. to — out, unbe= 
fennen auSfaiiDagenj utibcbocbtfam inir 

elmoS fKMUSfaflKn. —buna, I. Bic Dtjp: 

p(l66*f(, ^uffbfi*f( ; bee pcnuirrte Stpi. 

— er,». (in g(biinfcnl*fee OTenfd).— iicai 

». ber Bummfcpf, 
Blunltet, Bhrnke, «. Slaincn ftftottifcfier ge: 

Ccuttlet Geiniviinb. 
Blunt, a, ftumpf, ni*l frfiotf, einfSftig , 

unempfinbfam ; toub,pliimp-, bccb.turj 

im 9Ieben, Eut^ gefait. v. a. jhitnpf tna= 

Sen, flbllumjjfen ; frfjmodjeit, unierbritJ 
rn ; —ly,ad. — wilted, jhimpf on SBctr 
(Iflnbe, einfdltig. —iBh,ti. ctmae ftumpf; 
einroenig plunip. — ness.s.ticgstiinipf 
heil; gjlumpfieit ■, tefie Iluftidiligteii. 

ma,g.Ut^lids,^ltden. «. o. befubdn, 
befeden ; ouEniifdben, Qu^tifd)! 

Blurt, Blnrt^ut, r. a. unbcfcnntn Krouf: 
fagcn, 6cwuspIo|Jn. blott, i. ein Zaimf 
BIX ajetoAtung. 

Bluah, V. n. fid) fdiimen, rotten, wtl) m 
ben, trtot^in. »■ «. ret^ modien. »- 
Sloi&c,@ftoniwtf)e; bcr crftc Blitf, 
(l« Hnftbein. — et, ». ein beftheibeneS 
iungeg SCR&bdicn. —less, a. uiifo^ig 
mctfjen, ftbQmli>6. — j, a. fonft' ' 

Blus'ter, o. n. tcbcn, Ifimien, grcB Ifiu... 
•.bae fflroufen DefiStumieB, tcrSnirm, 
bet Ungeflflm; bet Coniien, Co^ ®e; 
tiufi, 61e ©roSpta^letti. — er, ». eincr 
*«r eielee ®criu/it» nta^t, bet SttSfprt= 

<0n:, jPra^Ier. 


_ , I- iotmenb, geriufchBclI. 

Bo! Bohl i. bul)! he can't sa j bo to a 
goose. It (ann (eincn £unb aue bnn 
Dfcn Irtfjn ; (ron eincm feljt einfolttgen 

Ella, B. bie ffltcfcnfcblonac. 

Boar, s. Ut Simfe, Gber. wild—, baS 
witbe ©chwcin. — pig, ber S«g, !8rt: 
gel. — B|*aj, ber £ic6ipeinfpieS, tat Jangi 
'ei((n,bte SAweinffeDer. 

Board, «. ta6 Srett, bie Btete, SBcWe ; 
bie Safel, bet 2if* -, bee Unterfealt, bie 
^cft; lit SifA in cin« Bathit eber 
CScti(f)ts=3ieiiammluna, bie Stotti*>9Jnrs 
fomniluna, ba6 Ben*t; bos ®crrt)4fifs 
iinmier, 3tmt, Sureau ; bnS Bertetf, 
SBerU clieB»— , bae ®(l)o*brelt fiiDing 
— , tic Jotttfiilt. side—, bi-r CAents 
tifdi. bed and — , Sif(t) nnt Sett, to 
dBsi obove — , offen unb efine Setrug 
ftiinbeln, above — , in ®i*er&eit, tftbtn 
gen. on — , ju ©Aiffe, fluf tern ©Aiffe, 
in boS ®Atff. — WBgee, bus ^edgelb. 
B. a. niit fiSKttern betcgen, biclcn -, in bi« 
St^ geben ; in bie fiffi ncbmen, bef 6= 
ftigi;n, fpeifm ; tin ®Aiff etfleigen, ens 
teni ; Dngtcifftt -, nnteben. v. n, in bee 
Soflftpn. — er,».berA«ftgingcr. — inp- 
bouite, a. bas Aefttwue. — ingscliool, btc 

BsoriBh, o, fdjreeinif*, ni^tjifrf). 

T6tt8t, V. *■ Sf a. grpfi thun, fid) rSbmeit, 
prahlcn. «■ bie ^prfllilDK!, bet ®to(i, 
JRuhm. — er, «. bst ^rnhlec. — flil, a. 
grcBfprsAerifA. — iniflr, ad. pcafilecifA- 

Boat, s, boS SBoct, bet gjadjrn, tie gi^re, 
boat^ man, Xax ffioetsmonn. 
. 1, bet ^(d}(>|^etEmann. 

Bob, ». !K<bert (ein CUame); bie ©tu|i 
pctfiie ; bas Oebaumel, ©cfiinge ; bet 
SdiluGteim; tag iSelaute, ©cningel; 
bet edilag, ©ttS. «. n. boumeln, v. a. 
turj fAneiten, ftufen ; prilgein ; bareft 
Saetfilinmg Senwnben ein Seitfetn gts 
ben, ondesen ; anfiifttsn, bintergc^cn ; 
turd) SPi^tnig etfcafdjen. 

-work, bie Jdcppelarbeit. 

Bobbj. I. SHpbett. 

Bob'cherry, », btc SaumeltitfAe (ein 
S tnberf p i et). Bob'staj, betfflugSwiet^ag. 
-tail, bet ©tu|r*njonj, bie 9RcJc, ber 
91iije[. tag-rag- and bobtail, bet niebtigc 
^iM, .gians ^a^U bob-wig, bie ©tu|i 

Bdcaaaine, —an, ». bic fcinC ©teifletns 

Bsckdet, — erel, — eret, (. t(t langgeflfis 
geltc {ia»ict)l. 

lode, n. IS. ^n. Gcrbeteuten, ot^ aSstit' 
teulimg btenen. — ment, ». tie SSerbtc 
bcutung. ' • 

Bodge, u.n.^rittciy.wS;'^ ,^A^t«. ,^«j^«iu 


B6dice, «. tai Znhd^tn, bte @d^nAr? 

Bod'iless, a. un!crpcr(id^, 

Bod'ily, a, ^ ad, tclMirf)/ !6tper(tdft» 

B6ding, |wr«. «. t>a€ QSprbcteuten/ 2C()ncm 
Bod'kin, «. bet 5)e(d&/ t)ie 2(W^/ 9)fttcme ; 

@(?&niirnabc( ; ^oarnabct, ba$ ^tdufcts 

JBody,'8. trcr 2ci(v ^ctpet, SRumpf; ta5 

Sctp^^; t)ic 5)crfcn; ©cfommtfi^aft ; t>a« 

(5Jan^e, 9Befcntlid)c, t)tc @u6ftons; ©tar? 

it, every — ^ 32t)Crmann» some— r, 3iC' 

mant. no—, 9itcmanb. ».a.fctmcn/ gc- 

Bog, ». bcr @umpf, t>o« sg^ocr. —house, 

tci: 2(bttitt. — lander, — trotter, t)cr 

©unxpf6ctt)ef)net. — ged, part, in ten 

sDlcraft t)crfcn!t. — gy, «. fumpjig. 
Bog^gle, c. «. anftc^en, ftulen, jtedfen Olei$ 

6cn ; itfimpcrn. — gler, ». teqenige/ wel* 

d)cr Ui<^t ins ©tccfen gerfitif). 
Boh6a, 8. bet Sf)ceOub. 
Boil, ». t)ic SBeule, bet: ©c^wdrcn. «. a. 

4r «• fwi^en, tteben^-watten. — er, «. t>cr 

©icbeu ; ^oAfeffeL 
BMs'teitojM, a. ungcfmm, ftiirmifcft ; — ly, 

ad, — ^ness, «. ber Uttgeflfinu 
Borary, a, tl^on^rttg. 
Bdlbonac, ». ba6 SKonbfrout, bte gjJonbs 

Bold, a, W)Xi, breijl, jre^, fret; — ly^ ad, 

— fkce, bie Jrcdb^ctt/ UntJerfcft&mt^eit 

— ^fiiced, un»erf^&mt — ness,*. bie ^fi^n* 

fteit, 3)reifligfeit; \>(kif SSettrauen, bie 

Bole, «. ber SBotn^ ; ©tamm eine^ fflaus 

me5 ; ein SKof »on 6 ©d^effeln/ (Boll). 
Bolis, ». bet fliegenbe JDrad^e, bie feurige 

itugct in ber Suft 
Bdl, ». bet ©tdnget; ein ©etraibemop, 

V, n, ©t&ngcl 6e!ommen. 
Bdllard, s, etn aufted^t jte^cnber 9)fa^( ; 
• ber gefipfte SBaunu 
Bol'ster, «. ber ^^% bag ??)(|lei;, ^if* 

fen, tj. a, pctftent, burc^ ^iffen unter? 

fift|en/ er^cl&en, oufcid^ten, aufred)t ers 

Bolt, ». bet SBct^en ; g)fcit ; 2>cnnetfei(, 

ffl(i|; aiieget; bie Sctj<^; bag ©ieb.ber 

S5eutet. —sprit, ba6 93ugfprict. ». a. 

t)erriege(n, feffetn ; beutetn, fieOcn, prfis 

fen ; mit ettoos ^crau^fa^en^ 5^auS? 

p(o|cn. ». n. eilig t)crfpringen. — er, ». bet 

a)?e^(beutet, bag @ie6 ; bag 9le6. —head, 

«. ber ^otben, Srennf(?t6en. 
Bol'ting-huteh, s, ber 95eutet!a ften. -house, 

bet £)rt, wo 8Ke^( gefiebet wirb. 
B6lus, s, bie 2Crgeneif ugeU 
Bomb, 8, ba6 ® etofe, ber ^natt ; bie S5oms 

be. ^ —ketch, —vessel, bie 93cm(jarbier? 

Bombird,«.a. bcmbarbiren. ». cine groje 
, biXitSMmty bo$ ^clnfaf, — ^r,— ier, 


8. ber SBcmSarbiter. — ment, s, bag S30m» 


Bomljasin, «. ber Sombafin. 
BomTmst, «. eine 2(rt biieg 3eugg ; bet 

jcftwfilftige ?Cugbrud, SBomboft. — ic, 

—leal, a, f(i^tt)ii(ftij» 

Bombaz^tt, ». ein (ctd)tcr, wcttener 3eug. 

Bombildtion, 8. bag ©etofc. 
Borab/cinous, fl. ifcibcn. — cinum, 8, bie 

ofli)rifd)e @eibc 
B(5na-fide, aug tcbttc^cr SKetnung; o^nc 

Bondna, s. bic S3enana (eine -^Crt ^ot»s 


Bonchr^tien, «. cine ©cttc S5imen. 
Bond, 8, bag S3anb, bie ©anbe; bie 95ecs 

binbung; 8Scrfd)rcibung , £)bUgaticn, 

.f>anbfc^irift, aserpflidytung. —man, — ». 

man, —servant, — slave, ber Seibeigenc* 

— maid, — s-woman^ Me fteibeigene, 

—service, bte fieibeigcnfd)aft, — s-man, 

• ber ©firge, — age, «. bie ®efangcnf(i&aft, 
.^nc(^tfd)aft ; bet Swang. 

Bone, 8, ber ^noc^cn, tai SBein ; (beim 
Sifd)) bie ©rate ; pi. bie SSiirfct; fno^ 
ftcme ©pinbcltt./ <Spi|en ^u webcn; 
—lace, ®pi|en. t). a, bic ^ncd)cn cber 
©ratcn augne^mem -less, a, bcintcs, 
c^ne ^nocfeen. —jet, v, a, einen j)errenh 
ten ^nc^cn einriic!cn^ einen SBcinbnid^ 
^eitem — setter, «/ber SButtbar^t 

Bon^tta, 8. ein Sccraubjifd). 

Bon'fire, 8, tOii Jrcubcnfeuet. 

Bon'grace, 8, bog ^ttm$iitd)en, Bennetts 

B<5nify, V, a, gut madf)cn. 

B6mto, 8. ber SBonnitfifd). 

Bon'net, 8, bet ^ut, bie S^mU, T. ein 
Heincg 9lat)eUn. 

Biinnilass, 8, ein ^ubfd)eg SKdbdben. 

Bon'niness, 8. bie 9Kuntetteit/ ^fibf^c ®es 

Bon'ny, a, ^{ibfft, attig, muntet ; betcibt, 
fett; — ^ily,arf. 

B6num-mag'num, 8. einc 2Ctt ^ftaumcn. 

B6ny, a, !ncii)ig, fncd)cnt. 

Boob'y, 8. ber Sotpcl. 

Book, 8. bag 93ud). —binder, ber ©nd)btn5 
bee — keeper, J)cr 2^ud)f)a(tcr. — ^leam- 
in^, bie S3ud)erge(e^fomtcat. —man, ber 
95iid)crfenncr. — ^mate, ber ^WitWut^t. 
— seller, ber ffiu^^^nbiet, — ^worm, bcr 
JBuc^crwurni. ». a. einfd)reiben, cintra? 
gen. — ful, a. mit fi5fid)crge(cbrfamfeit 
ubcrWuft. —ish, a. bch J8fid)crn ets 

Bk)om, 8. T. bic @tange, Sluetjtangc (auf 
ben ©d)iffen^ bci aewiffen <Scgcln ges 
braud)t) ; bic SOlerfjtange ; bcr @peirs 
baum. V. n. fid) l^cftig fert bewegcn, bo? 
Mn ftut^cn. 

Boon, 8, bic <3at)c,(|f>xvo!^^» tt,xcvNwX^x.VQr- 



Boafi 8. bet; SBauer^ fifimmcL — ish, a. I Bother;, see Pother. 

b&ttCTtfd) ; — ly, ad. — ishness, ». fca6 

b6nviifci)c aBcfcn, t)ic ©rcb^ctt. 
Boose, «. t)cr ^u^jtaU* 
Boot, a, t)ct @tiefe(; t>et ^utfc^faften, ©c? 

^acff aftcn, ^adtoum. — 6e8, ». ;?/. ^a(b? 

fttcfct. to — , mix SScrt^cil ; obenbretn/ 

{ibcrt>ic5. —jack, ber ®tiefc(Cnerf)t.— tree, 

tcr (gticfeUCciftcn/ bag ^ticfc(^o(a. »/ n. 

bicncn, niifeen. f. «. OcgaOcn. — ed, a. 


Booth, s. btc 93ubc, ^{ittc^ 
Bootless, a. unnfi^* 
Bdoty, 8. bic Scute, "bcr JKauO. to play 

--, mit glcip Derticrcn* 
Bop^ep, 8, t>a^ TCu^gucfcn, ©ucffpicU 
B6rable, a. t>a^ fid^ bo^ten ta^t. 
Bordchio, «. bet ©cfttaudb ; @6ufcr, 
Bor'agc, «. bet Scrrctfcf) (em ^raut). 
B(Srax^». bcr JBotoy (cin gjjtttclfal^). 
Bor'del, ». bo^ 93crbc(, ^urcnl^mi^. 
Bor'der, s. bet SRanb, ©aum ; bic ®renge. 

«. n. Qrcngcn/ onjlopen. ». a. 6efc|en, eins 

faffem — er, ». bet 2(nn)o()ncr, ®rcnsbes 

Bor'dure, ». bet 9lonb, @aum, brc JBcrbU 

Bore, V. a. bc()t3cn ; butdfebringen. «. bcr 

93o^rcr; ba6 ficcfe. T. ba€ ©auber. — er, 

8. bcr JBo^rcr. 
Bdreal, a. norbUcift. B6reas, «. bct Siorb? 

Bom,;>. gcboren. 

Borne, jmrt, (oon to bear) Qctrocjcn. 
Bor'ough, s. bcr SKarCtflccftn.. 
Bor'rel, «. bct Sctpct. 

Bor'row, ». a. borgcn. ». bag ©eborgtc. 

— -er, 8. bcr SBorgcr, ©d^utbncr. 
Bos'cage, 8. tai ©cOiifd). 
Borsel'la, ». etn aSJcrf^eug in QJIasl^iitten. 
Bosk'y, a. bufcftig, watbig. 
Bos'om, s. bcr S3ufcn, bic S3nijt^ba5 ^cr^ 

». a. tn bcr a3ruP einfci^ticjcn/ gc^cim 

Boss, 8. bic SBurfcl ; bcr gcrfinbctc nnb er* 

babcnc :Sf)ci(,bcr S3ucfc(, bic bide s02affc. 

— age, 8. bcr 5crt)crfpringenbe ©tcin (in 

bcr SBaufunft). — ed, S3ucfe(n t»crs 

fc^en; bucfelig. 
Botdle, 8. T. bie £)effnung im .^cr^cn cincs 

unacbcrnen ^inbcg, wcburd) bag Slut 

cirEu(irt,cbne in bic Sungen ^u gc^en. 

Botan'ic, — ^ical,. o. botanifcfe. 

Bot'anist, «. bcr ©ctonifcr. 

Bot'any, «. bic .^r&utcr!unbc, Setanif. 

Botch, V. a. flicfcn, ftucfen ; t)crpfufd)cn/ 
pcrpuffcn ; mit Scutcn eber ©cfcw&ren 
be5cid)ncn. ». ber Stic^cn/ tai gtirfwer! ; 
bic SBcutc, bcr ©cbwiren. — er, «. bcr 
^tic!fd)nciber, ber 9)fuf(^er. — y, a, tjots 
(cr fficulcn, geflicft. 

Both, a, bcibc. ad. both, and, beibCS/ unb ; 


B6trykes, «. einc 2(rt tsaubenafjnltc^ 

B6tryoid, a. wcintraubcnfermig. 

Bots, 8. pi, bcr @ngcr(inq. 

Bot'Ue, 8, bic Slafd>c, Seutcittc, U^ ^m^ 
bcU V. a. auf SBcutciUcn fiillen. 

Bot'tom, 8. bcr Scben, ©runb; bag Sba(; 
bic S3cgriinbung, (gicbcrl)cit ; bcr ^icl ; 
^ai ©oiiff ; bcr ^naucL v- a. grunbcn ; 
aujroicfcln. ». n, fid) grunbcn, auf et^ 
wag ru()en. — ^less, a. bobentog/ grunb^ 
log ; uncrgninbUd). — ry, a. T. bie ^tl- 

BoTichet, «. bic Bucfcrbtm. 

Boud, fl. bcr ^cmwurm, 8Kibc(. 

Bouge, v.n, auffd)n)cllcn. ». bie (SJcfc!ft»u(fL 

Bough, «. bcr 2(ff. 

Bought, «. ber S3ug, ta^ ®eUnf, ©tteb. 

Bougie, 8, T. bic ©cube. 

Bouillon, 8. bie a3ru{)e, gteifd^briil&e. 

Boulett'e, «. cin ^fcrb mit fe^(crf)oftettt- 

Botdimy,*. bcr ^ciS^unger, ^(k^ Srcppebcr.. 

Bounce, v. n, pratlcn, fjcftig anfd)(agcn ; 
fpringen ; pral)ten ; mut^ig fej?n. «. bet 
p(c|Ud)c (Sdylag, ^nall, bag ®ct6fe ; bic 
^xatjUu'u — er, 8. bcr 5>ra^lcr, 2&rmet» 
—iug^part. prad, !rafn?cll, ^onbfcft. 

Bound, 8. ber Sprung, 2Cuffprung, 9)ratl v 
bic©(branfc,(5iren^e. v.n. fpringen, prals 
(en. V. a. bcgrcn^cn. — ary, s. bic (Sircn^e* 
— er, 8. ber ®rcn^auffcl^cr, sjjjarf fd)eibcr» 
— less, a. grcn^cnlcg. — lessness, 8. bic 


Bount'eous, — tiful, a. frcigcbig/ gfltig,. 
wo^ttWa. —t'ifuhaess, 8. bie GJfitigfeit. 
8©ot)(tf)&tigfeit,sDiitbc,®rc9mut!). — fy» 
8. bie Sreigcbig!cit, ©uttb^tigfcit, ©reps 
mut^ ; bic g)rdnuc, bcr 55erfid)erung$» 
prcig ; bag SBcrbegclb, .^anbgelb.. 

Bou'quet, 8. ber JBtumcnftrau^. 

Bourg'eon, v. n. fprcjfen, augfd)(ogcm 

Bourn, 8. bie ©rcn^c ; ber SBacb* 

Bouse, V. n. 3ed)cn. Bous'y, a, bctrunf ctt^ 

Bout, 8. ber (Sd)lag, ©trcid), ©riff, Tfns 
fnfe ; bag ©clag. — dde, s. einc ©rille, 
(Snpricc. —ant, a. T. gur ©tfi|c bicnenb^ 

EoTitefeu, s. bcr SKcrbbrcnncr ; 2Cufn)ieg? 

Boiits-rimes, s. pL bic ©nbrcinic. 

Bow, (baub/) «• fl'- bicgcn, beuqcn, bficfen, 
ncigen.. v. n. ficb bcugcn, bSc!cn, emies 
brigen cbcr bcmutbigcn. «. bic SScrbeu* 
gung ; (bcW ber Scgcn ; bic ©c^teife ; 
bag 3ccb ; bcr g'attclbcgcn ; ber Sug 
(am @d)iffc). —legged, 'frummbeinig ; 
—man, bcr 23cgcnfd)fi6c. —sprit, ^a^ 

Bow'el, V. a. augmcibcn. Bow'els, «. pl.,tx^ 

(Singeweibc. Jig. tia^ 9)?it(ciben. 
BoVer,*. bie gaubc; ber SKaftEorb; SBugans: 
let, «.«. umQcben*.— ry,aatioUei;2atti&iiu 


Bow'eaa, — ti, s. bit McfKinfl, lunge ^0= 
Bow^, E. o, tartSl'chren, tiurrfififiitiScn. 

Bowl'dcr-slonc, t. tec 9t([[flcin, Aiffcb 


Bowl, ». tii ©dial;, taS Stdsn; He 
fipfllc; .Sug^L u. a. toecln, tugcln, fc: 
aclii. — er, s. mr AugkcBfflId;, !PcS' 
in, — iog-gTBon, ». ber JSofeliJlal, tine 
ffbfBf ct'viK ®rosfiSd)(. 

Uowae, V. a. (EicauSbtud) jieficn, lolitit, 

Boivsi'en, B. a. unttdoudKn. 

" !. 6(r SSjgtnmfldjcc ; fflcgcn- 

Brails. «. pi. T. tie Scfftloglcintn. 

Brain, ». to5 ®(l)inii Pec aieiftaRt>> 
—pan, tie ^imfAalc ; —sick, n)a6ni 
linnrg, unbcfenntn, »■ o. ben Acpf kit 

Iftnitncnt. cock-bruiaed, hair-brained, a. 

oIlKtn, uniitreimt, natrif*. — idi, o- 
tjiftS, ungcfiiini. -Iota, o. tjitnlcS. 

Brut,s. bcr teV JDianiant. 

Broke, >. baS Somtrnut, Jarngebflfd), 
2)«nia(l)flf4, bit fflrrfx ; ber fflattiwg; 
bit Xrmbiuili m fdwrfcs ®e&i6; 6k 
fflwmfe. "■ 0. {bomp, ^anf) bie^. 
Brikj, o. tetntg, ftaAclig. 

Bram'ble, i. bCT SBtombectftTouc^ ; tm 

BcH,«. bit SficSfe, .Rittc, e*D*trt; bet 

Jtofttn; Jluif*rie; i8(^fdltQ9<''^i;Sl^3c; 

ein ttcince Ocnind), RcinW ^fiu&t)(n : 

bas iSib^uff; bit SSucfiebaum ; bet 

©ltd*, ©ilag. box oi " 

OtjtfcicK, B. 0. in (int : 

fAltcGcn. B. n. Cf)rf«'3™ gcben; (I* 

aiif bit Jfluft ftfilogen, 6«m. —en, a. 

biidj66aunien. — ar, «. ttr DStfctgen 

ouSlfeiiitl; Jauftfimpfet. — huul, e. a. 

(@eecin6CTud) unilcgen, unuDcnben. 
Boy, #. b(t Ambt, !8u6e, Sunge. "■ "■ 

tnobtTiinoeig fianOetn. —hood, «. Bog 

JtnafctnfltKt, bit Ainbttia^cc — iaii, 

a- ftinbcTimiSig; tintiftb; — !y, bi?. 

— iabness, -ism, ». tas finbif^c iBO' 

ttagen. I 

BrabT>Ii;. u. n. janttii, fcifon. «■ tcr 3flnt,i 

©IKil, —bier, t. bet 3infet. „ . 

Brace, B. a. binbcn, jufonimcnficflcn,! »■ bet 3intct, 

fftnfiren, fpnnncn. «. bas SBonb, biclBrank, ».bct SBurtjUWijen.'- ur'un, 

®telie,Atommtf,epnnnun(i,)Jlil|hing-,i SScsnflauc (Acanthus). 

bnSg>aat.p£T.tU®(acCftri(ft,S8totti '"— ' --•—■-="- 

b(c ^cfenltSgct > - - ■ - - ■ 

Mt Mtmfcfiicnc. —a 

bet ®utt, bie Binbf. 
Brach, t. til Scfc tii Sogb^untes, 
Brichinl, a. luni Mtme gthitig. 
Brachr'paphy, ». bic .Runft Cutj ju (i 

Branch, ». b<i Smeig, 7(|t, ©d^U^, ©pt jfis 
ling, Mbtimmling, Mtm (eineS Jluffee) i 
be c Jtbf^nitt, bie Kbit e Hung. o-n.3nxii 
ge treiben; fic^ in SrafigE au^tireiten. 
v. a. in 3it)eig( t^eiten; mit Sroeigcn 
uetfeben- — *f. *■ bet ©lommoatet ; ^fls 
ling, iungc ^o6i*t. —less, o. jrodglo*, 
toW. — y, <j. jmctgig, iiHg. 

Brand, i. bet Stanb, S'uetbianb t Son< 
nct!eil-, baS!BtanbDin()t;bas©4nKtbt. 
B. a. bninbmatfen. -^new, gaiu neu, na: 
gdneu, ftintelneu. — iah, ». a. fdjioinfldi, 

Bniodliog, ». bie gjfUlmnbe, bet Spill* 

n. jonten. - 


,.^ „., ,,..., ny- "^ tldtnfiafiifl. 

■let, I. bafi JCtiiitcinb, Bront'goose. «- btc wilbc ®on6, JBotfigoitS. 
60S Krmftfid; BrSsier, (. Cie .Soljlpfonne ; bet flupfitff 

Bnis'il, Bras'ilwood', t. lai SBtafilitnliatj. 

Bras«, 8. ba6 etj, .fiupfet, aSeHing ; bic 
tifctne ©ttm, llnBetfifSoitlKit o. OMt 
etj (bet SOIewn. 

Braas'els, «. ;>I. bie 7(tntt&|1ung, 

Briuica,*. cine Mrt.R«[)l. 

Brassy, a. tiipfetn, e^etn, unDCtf4&n<'- 

BriiBt,port. pebetften. 
bie aeiftc, unicrtage ; Alnnia Brat, t. boS Jtinb, (ein pftStfitlidicr MaSe 

■bnirf), bet fflata : Bet Mbfimmttnft. 

Braula, a. pi. inbifif)e ©lojfc mit blatitn 
unb i»ei1Tcn ©twrfen. 

Bravido, ». bic (gvofiptofiletei. 

Brave, a. lapfet, niuthucH, iitao; tMi 
ftottlid), onfefinfi*. »■ bet aBagefeoUi 
OteSfpceAct ; bic eetoutfertening ;■ 
^tflhlctei. p. 0. hecausfoActa, SmJ 
bieien ; gtc6 ibun- — 'ef?, »■ bic Sw» 
r.^.,. V ,1. ... — i. «,_^j. 

Brachy'lopy, ». bic .(tfajc in bet JHeii 
ebct gdjteibim; SUnbigteit. 

Brack, ». bet JBnid), tie afiJe ; btr Jel) 
ter, gjiongel. 


Braok'iah, a. foljig. 

Brad, *. bee 9Ingcl (otinc Mtpf), in tleine 
Brag, B. R. praljlcn, gtcg t^un. «■ tic 

93ca6lini, «■ ptaf)(f)cifl. — gadAcio, .. 

(in BewiffCE .Rottenipicf ; ter ^Jrohlcr. 
— gaft, ». bet 5Jtn61ft, a. ptflljletif*. 
-ear,». bet 5«afit(t.— leas, a.c|)ne9)tol)i 

tetci, ljcr*cit[n.— ly.arf.tifibfdijiMd). 
Braid, T. a. flerfiKn, mtScn. «. Die ^UMt, 
©Bif< ; 6(1^ ©cwcbe. ». bcttftecrifi, lai 

fetteit, bet ! 
ietci. ^TT 

bee gebnngcnc SDItut^tt: , 
Btawi, r. n, ^iittXtR, Iteosfl.', ipl^^ «-. 



Brawn, a. bog (tatfc, terfec S^^^W i b«^ 
f cifdjigc Shcit t»c^ ^6rpcw ; bcr |!ar!c 
TCrm ; Die (St&r!c ; t>06 Jleifd) t)C6 ^6ct5 
cbcr SJJaftfcbwcinc^'; bet JJJrcpfepf, bie 
@fi(a<j; ba6 5Kaftfcf)tt)cin.— er,». ^ai> gjlaftr 
fd)rpein, ©fi(^cnfd)n)etn (tai befcnber^ 
bet ©fit^ wegcn gcmdilet witb). — iness, 
•». bie ©tat!c, v^atte, jefttc^fcit be^ Jteis 
Trf)e5. — y, — ed, a. fejtcs jteifd^ fjabenb, 
ftarf, nct^tg. 

Bray, «. ba^ ©etSufd), bet 8aut, ^cfeall ; 
bie ©timme beS 6fe(<{. «. n. wic cin 6fel 
fci)tcien; ein unangcne^mcs ©etauf^ 
madbcn ; fdboHen. ». «. ^etftojen. — er, «, 
bet ©d)teiet ; bet Jatftenteibet. 

Braze, c. a. Ict^en, nut gjletatt fiOet^ieJ^en ; 
ob^&tten, unt)etfd)&mt nmcften. — zen, 
a. el&etn, metatten* — ^zen-faced, un)?ets 
f<^&mt. — zen, t). n. untjetfcftdmt fet)n. to 
brazenout,unt)etf(ftamtbeoQuptcn. —zen- 
hess, 8. bie etiattigfeit ; Unoetf^&mt? 

Brdzier, «. bet Jtupfetfc^mieb. 

Breach, s, baS Setitecfteii/ bet ffltud) ; bie 
gficfe; bet ao&aabtucft, bie S5tefd)e; 
£)effnung in bet ^fifle, a5ud)t; aSets 
lejung, llebetttetung ; bctSwifi/ ©tteit, 
bie Uneinigf eit ; Seleibigung* 

Bread, ». bo5 95tob. — chipper, «. bet 
SBtcbtafpet, SficfetOutfi^* 

Breadth, 8. bie 93teite, 

♦Break, «. a, Sf n. bte^en, setbtedjen ; 
f(6nj&d)en, g&^mcn/ bdnbigen; abgewc^s 
nen-; untetbtecfeen, auftaiten; gu'^tun? 
be ticfeten, uetnid&ten ; be« 2)ienfleg t)ets 
weifen, caffiten ; oufbtec^en, au6bred)en, 
anbted^en; jetftfiden, ^ettegen, getiftos 
Ten; cffnen, etoffnen, anfangen; urn? 
wetfen, ban!btficl)ig wetben, SBanfetott 
tno^en ; on ©efunbl&eit unb @t&tfe ob^ 
•ne^men ; t)etfallem to — up, aufbtedften. 

— loose, (oe»bted)en. — off, abbted)en. 

— down, niebetbted^en. —out, au^btes 
(ften, augfd)(agen. — forth, ^erootbtes 
(^en, ^ett)ctquetlen. — open, oufbtcc^en. 

— through, butd)btedben. —from, fic^ 
le^teiSen/Wegeilem —in, cinbted)en; ah^ 
rid)ten, jutciten. — in upon, untetbtesi 
d)en/ ©ingtiff t^un» to — a horse, ein 
^fctb ^uteiten. to — ground, bie^ 6tbe 
oufbtcdben; bie 8aufgt&ben cffncn. 
— &st, ftfififtfirfen. — a jest, ©pap mas 
d^en. — one's mind, fein ®emfitl& etcffs 
nen, feine ©ejinnungen an ben Sag Us 
gen. .the weather breaks, bo^ SBettet witb 

getinbet, 5nbett jicft. 
Break;, «. bet Stud); bie Cficfe, Untet* 

Bted^ng, £)effnung, bet 3n)ifd&entaum ; 

bie 9)oufe, bet $Ru^epun!t ; 2Cnbtud) ; 

i^^^<7«fcn(hic&. — er, 8. betjcnige, mzU 
^et ettt>a€ fm^t, ^erbncftt ; bet SBetels 


tet ; bie JBtanbung, — fa«t, «. bo^ Stfi^» 

Breakwater, ». bct ^mW/ (^. S5* bet bc^ 
tfi^nite >Damm gu 5?tpn»cutf)). 

Bream, «. ^ct JBtaffen (ein Jifd)). 

Bredst, «. bic Stuff, —bone, boJJ iStufl? 
bcin. —high, bi^ an bic Stujt tcid)enb. 
— knot, bie 93tuftfd)(eife. —plate; bct 
SBtuftbatnifd), la^ Stujtftucf. —work, 
bic 23ruftn)cl)tc. ». a. fid) entgcgen ftct? 
(en ; bie ©time bietcn. 

Breath, ». bet Tft^cm^ ^aud); t>Oii> Sfift^ 
d)cn; bag Seben; bie 9tu^e^eit, (5tl)C5 
tung, bet TCugenblicf. —able, a. ^u atf)s 
nien. — ^less, a. at^emlof. 

Breathe, ». a. ^ n. at^mcn ; ein!)aud)en ; 
flus^audjen, buften; luften, ttocfnen; 
blafen ; in 2(tbem fatten. 

Bred, o. gc^cugt ; cr^cgen. 

Breech, 8. bct^^intcre, ©tcip ; bet ^intctc 
S^eil, bie ©d)n?an^fd)raubc, — es, pL, 
bie .^cfen, Scinflcibet. v. a. cincmv^nas 
ben bie |)ofen gcben; ctwo^ mit bem 
l^intcten Sl^eite Ktfe^en, bie (Sd)n)angs 
fd)taube anfe|en. 

♦Breed, v.a^S^n. ^eugen, F)crt)ctbtingen/ 
et^eugen^ gebSten; i^iel^en, et^ieben, 
bilben ; ^ut 3ud)t ^atten^ ^ut ^ottpftan? 
iung iiel^cn ; fcbwanget fcpn ; ^unel^men, 
fid) tjetme^ten ; ()etttctgebtad^t njctbcn^ 
entfte^)en. ». bie 2Ctt, ©attung ; 2Cbftam5 
mung ; Stut^ ^ec!e. — er, ». bie etgcu? 
genbe obet ftett)ctbtingenbe ©ad^e ; bic 
ftud^tbate S^au; bet 6tgicf)ct; SSicl&s 
iie^et. — ^bate, bet ^tiebenftcrcr. — ing, 
a.toi^ 3eugen ; bie ©t^ie^ung, Scbeneatt 

Breeze,*. bie SBcfpc, Stcmfc. 8. bct fanfte 
SBinb, \>c^i Suftd)en. — z'y, «. wn bet 
fanften Suft befttid)en. 

Bf6me, a. fd)atf, fltcn^e. 

Bret, 8. bic @d)Ollc, (em JifftX 

Brethren, 8. pi. bic Stubct. 

Breve, «. bic 95tct)e, (in bct SKufi!) ; \>Cii 
p&bft(id)e 93tct)c. 

Brevet, 8. bet Scftattung^btief, SBefcts 

Breviary, 8. ba6 93te»iet ; bet TCu^jug. 

Breviate, ». bet ^Cu^^ug. — ^ture, 8. bic 

Brev'ity, «/bic ^tiyi* 

Brew, V. o. btaucn ; mifd)cn ; fd)nnebcn, 
an^etteln. ». baS ©ebtaube. — age, «. 
bic 9CRifd)ung; ba^ GJettSn!. — er, «. 
bet ffivauct. —house, ». ba^ 93taul^au^. 
—is, 8, ba^ ©uppcnbtcK 

Briar, «. bet ©ttaud). 

Bribe, «. ba« ®cfd)en^ bic Seftccftung. 
V. fi, beftec^en. — er, ». bct Scfte^ct. 
— ery, «. bag ©cfted^en. 

Brick, ». bet SBarfficin, 93?auctftcin ; ein. 
t)ietecfigeg 95tob. »• a. niauctn. — clay,* 
■— «arth, bie 3iege(ctbe. —dust, bog 3ic» 

. ^eVmt'^V^ — k\lu^Ue3%t^fitte. -4ayer, 


\>ti SRatttm —maker, bct Slcgctbreimer. 
Brida], a. ^od)|ett(icf). 9. tie |)cci)gcit 
Bride,*. Me ©taut, —bed, bttfJ JBtQUtbett 

— cake, ter ^od^acitsfudfteiu —groom, 

t)cr JBr&utiganu —maid, t)ie Sroutjungs 

fet» —man, ber S8rautfftf)ter» 

Bridewell^ «. ba€ 3ud)t^0U^, 

Bridg^ s, bie aSriicfc ; bet ©teg ; cfeerc 
:;^bcil bet 0lafe. v, a. eine Srficfe fd^las 

Bridle, ». bcr Bflum, Sftget. ». a. auftdu? 
nicn^ ben Bi^det antegen, im Saume ^aU 
tern r. «. to — up, ben ^cpf ^oc^ fjalten/ 
ftc(^ tftun* 

Brief, a, hxx^, eingefcfer&nft ; — ly, ad. «• 
bet 6«qe 2CttffQ|^ bet 2(u6gu3 ; bet (SJnos 
benbtief; bet (Sntwutf ctnet JRec^tfi? 
fadbe^ bie lutge ^otfteQund bet 9lec^t$« 
gtfinbe, bet 9^tocefentwutf» — ness, «. 
bic ^fit^c. 

Brier, 8. bct ®ttoud^» — ery, «• bctntg, 


Brig, 8. t>a^ ^eimdlHge ^iff* — Ade, «. 
bie Stigobe, — adier, ». bet StiQobiet, 

Brigdnd, ». bet ©ttapentdubct. —age, «. 

bie ®onnete9^ !5)J(flnbete9, ^pi^h^Uxa^ 

Brig'andine, — tme, 8, bie SStl^antine ; 
^et ^tt|et» 

Bright, a. ^ett, flat, gtdnjenb/ lx6)i, \x6)U 
mi, wtftdnbig^ etteu^tet; — ly, ad. 
—en, V, n. ^ett wetben/ ficlfe aufft&ten/ 
jtdft et^ettetn/dt&ngenb toetben, gl^n^en. 
V. a, iJ^eS mac^en/ gt&n^enb madden ; auf» 
l^eitetn/ et^eitetn; oet^ettUd^en* — ish, 
a. etn>o^ atdnjenb. —ness, ». bet (^iaxii, 
bie ^tatoeit 

Brilliant, a, gldn^enb, funfelnb* ». bct 
S5tittiant» — ancy, — antness, s. bet 
@d^immet, ®(an^, @taat 

Brim, e, bet Slanb ; bie £)6etf(&d6e. ». a. 
6i^ an ben Slonb fftllem «. n. bi« an ben 
9lanb iJott \tt)tu — fiJ, oott bi« c6en an 
ben 9tanb/ gana MtL — mer, a. ba^ DcQe 

Brim'sttme, a. bet @c^wefe(. — ny, a. 

Brind'ed, —led, a. frf)&(f ig, geflecft* 
Brin'dle, «. bie @d)dcfe ; 0065 SSielfotbige, 
Brine, «. bo^ ©at^rDaffet, bie Safe ; @ee ; 
bie S^t&nen» — niish, — ny, fl. ettt)a« 
fat^g; — ^nishness, ». bie ©at^igfeit. 
*JBnng, v,a, btingen, fc^affen/ oetutfa^ 
c^cn, »etm6gen» To — about, juStanbe 
btingett/ bewetfjlettigen. '—down, et» 
niebtigen/ entftiften. — fi>rth, ^ettjot* 
btingen, geb&ten. —forward, wtbtins 
gen, an ben Sagltin^en, octlegen, be; 
fotbctn* -nm, einbnngcn/ anbtingen, 
jeittleiten. —off, fbttfdbaffen/ to^mamn, 
befteiem — on» anbtingen/ octw&tte; 
bnngen^ befetbetm — orer, auf bie ans 
bete (Seite Itingen/ lum Uebetgange be« 


Mtftettem —under, untctwetfwu 
anfuf)ten/ oufbtingen/ etjieben. —low, 
^etobfc^en/ fd>n)6<l&en/ bemfttDtgen. — er, 
8. bet Uebetbringen — er up, bet (Jt* 
^te^ct, TCnf&fttet, 

Brink, «. bet SRanb* 

Brisk, a, frifdb, muntet/ (cb^aft, tf)6tig, . 
ftatf, fptubelnb. — ly\ ad, to— up, 
muntct berbci!cmmcn. -ness, «. bie 

Brisk'et, 8. ba5 StuflfKlrf. 

Bris'tle, ». bie Sotfte. ». a. mit JBctflen 
Derfebcn ; ct^cbcn, auftidbten. v. «. in 
bie ^cbe fte^en, fid) fttouben ; (mit ^p) 
fid) bteift obct ttc^ig bcne^mem — ly, «. 

Brit'tle, fl. getbtcdfettd) ; fftwac^, — ly, «<^ 
—ness, 8. bie 3etbred)li^feit/ @(^n)&^e^ 

Brize, ». bie JBtcmfc. 

Broach, v. a, anfpiejen, (ein S^J) tt«ft«* 
cfecn; anb«^ten,anbte^cn; aufbtingen, 
t)otbtingen, fiu^etn. »♦ bet SStatfpiep. 
— er, «. bet aStatfpief ; ©tflnbet. 

Broad, «. btcit, weit, gto^; offenbat, 
l^ctt ; bteift^ Itei ; tau^/ platt ; — ly, ad. 
—awake, oottig muntet. —cloth, feine^ 
%n6)* —ax, bie 3immeta)ct. —side, bie 
@ette einc« @*iffefi, Mile 8age au^ 
bem ®efd^d|e, —sword, bet |)aubegen. 
—stone, bet Siuabetftetm —wise, na<^ 
bet S3teitc. —en, v. n. bteit wctben, ft(^ 
bteiten. —ness, 8, bie aSteitc, 2Beite; 
2)teiflig!eit, g)latt]&eit. 

Brocdde, Brocddo, 8. bet S3tOCat 

Brocaded, a. btocaten, in JBtocat gefleis 

Brocage, see Brokerage. 

Brock, 8. bet ^adf^* 

Brock'et, «. bet ©pieS^itfdft, ©piepct. 

Broe'oli, ». bet JBtOCOli. 

Brogue, 8. bet ^clMvL^ ; bet 3rl6nbif(ftc 

2Cccent ; ba^ ^aubetn>elfc^» 
Brwd'er, v, a, ftiden* — ery, «. bte @ticfe? 

Broil, ». o. btatcn, t5jten, ». bet 8dtm, 

bag ®eg&nl 
Broke, |we*. Sf]parL (t)On to break) btadft, 

gebted)en/ banfctot v,n. C^efdftifte ffic 

anbete t)etti(f)tcn ; ma!eln. 
Broker, «. bet ©efd^Sftgrnann, SK&flet; 

Stobtet ; ^upplet. —age, «. bad 9K&!5 


Brdnchocele, ». T. bet SufttO^tenbtUC^), 

bie ^eWgcfci)tt)uljt. 
Branchial, — ic, a. jut Suftto^te geljetig. 

— otomy, 8. T. bie 8uftt6^tenojfnung# 


Brontdlogy, ». bie Sel)te twm Donnet* 
Bronze, «. bie (Slocfenfpeife, bag Qti, bie 

Brooch,*, bie Suwele, bag ®e(cf)metbe^ 

bet@d)mu4\ t>a^ tVa^cx^x^^ ^wcK^u 

Brood, B. n. trflvn. n. a. ^jrfun, Du66rfi: 

tdi, Itcbrei* pfi((i(n, ». tic iWrut. — dj, 

a. triiBn^, jum ffirutcn gwicigi. 
Brook, ».h'i: «acb. 
Brook, e. a. ^ n, crttiigcn. 
Broom, I. ^n5 ?pfticnicnttiiut; tec !BC" 

f;n. — stiuk, ». tm ffltrttifiteC —my, n. 

mU tMMi '^DfritlnentrauI. 
Broth, I. tif gteifefihrflie. 
IWihel, ». to9 feurfnbfluf, llniuditSVuS. 
Errtther, i. fiiit SBiuter. — in-law, bet 

e*n)a(ii;r. — Jwod, ». tic SStfitctf*iift, 

— 1y, o. ^ ai. frriitcrli*. 
Brooght, pcef. 4- jwrt. [uiMi to bring) 6wd): 

M, ge6ttid)t 
Brow, «. tie Mufltnliraunc ; eitme ; 'BoS 

KnMJMit; Jltifcticn, tic SSiftic; Srci: 

Plglcit; 6ie ©pigc, fiobt. to— beat,l)(f. 

tig fltifflfiHti, nictctfdilogcn, bts gjluths 

Ivmubetu —bound, uiit imi(rBnili.T 

®tim(. «. 0. unigranjcn, rinttrn. 
Brown, n. 6wuil. — nsHs, 8. tii Sflriunc, 

brounc ^at6e. ' — iah,a. bt&unli^. 
Browse, s. 6« ®pro61ing, Sa6 Sout, c o. 

aftiBiibcn. t\ n. mdScn. 
Brtin, ».j^. bcr (Sfir, ffltaun. 
Braise, o. a. fdrto.icn, ftc6i^n, jctf*lagcii, 

jnflcetn. »■ ber (S*liifl,®icf, j6rf[t)lagc= 

ne 3&cil, bie Sculc 
Bniit,i.tct8iriii,taG<Scrfi4t E.a.auf: 


Bramai, a. jum 9Bin!£t gcderig. 

Bruoetie, ». tic ffiriSticttc. 

Btunt, (. bK ©chlag, StcS. Mngriff. 

Broah, ». bie SBfltftc ; bcc ©(firoonj ? g)in: 
fel ; Xnariff, toe ®cfcd)t. —maker, bcr 
!8fit[li!nlilnbrt. —wood, bo* iHcifig, 
!RH6t)elj. co.bunlcn; fcgcn; im Ket: 
bcigcbcn &ctfilrrcn; mil ctnciii ^infd 
fcclfwiifttn, onRteittjcn. v. n, fi* cilig 
fodbCTOcgen.etUn. — er,i.b«abl)at|iet. 
— y, o- 68rit«iarttg, raufi. 

enu'Ue, V. n. (nlltttn, wuf^ciu 

Bnllal,a,i)!e^ifrt)-, _ly, arf. ^ty, ». baS 
Ptcftifi*; aacfm; bie Qtebijciii llni 
in;nf(l)[i(i)fcit — ia:, e. a. Bicfiifi ma: 
4«t. a n. wircittcrn, tiicftif* fnm. 

Bnite, a. ftietifd), rotlt, gwb, «. bof 
ajicft. — ify, B. a. jimi iBicbc motftfrt. 
— ish, a. mi^ifd), milt, gtcli; —ly,ad. 
—Uhocn, a. bai oicfiilft; gBcf(n, tic 

Bub, *. tai flotlc £Bi:r. 

Bub'hie, t. tic S!Jaf[M6(af{ ; Siuf*unj, 
B(rl(etc©4etn, fflctrug; bic gctiurrflK 
perron. t>. 0. tfiur*cn, hintccgcficn, jum 
gjonrcn no6en. «. n. fptutdn, mutmeln, 
fiiiourani, ouftijaffen, tiefdn. — lar, 
bcr fflttriS^ct. 

BubTiy, ». bic (wiftlidic 9(ru[f. 

Babo, (. bit fflcule urn llnicrififtc. 

SoboDocde, 1. bfr .rebfnbruA- 
Baccaaiec, 1, in S'ciTiiubtr. 


BittccDsrioo, t. T. We ' 3cil6«(im9 inr 

Buck, ». bet SBrf ;, Bit McuAe, Sangc, 
gsifdjc. — bo»fcBt, bet HBdt'^torb. 
— bcnn, tec SBittetHcc. —mart, bic 
ffludimoit. — thom, tct ^tcujbcrn. 
-wheat, bet fflnAiDcijCti, bafi |icibe> 
Fccn. D. «. 4-n. t'cden; p* poatcn, be: 
futinsen ; bcuctjcn, nwfdifn. 

Buok'tt, I. Bcr Gtmct, BoS SBalfctgc: 

Buo'klc, t- tic ©cbnolle, ^oacleilc. v. a. 
fdinaHcn; in Ccdcn Icgcn; anrd)liefen. 
e. n. jifb anfiflidcti, fid) rjificn; f^ 
fdjmiegen ; fii (egen ; ficfe taufcn. 

Buckler, a. to* ©AilB, o. fl. BCttlKibigtn, 

Buok'nun, «, bie Stctf secinroaab, bet 

Bucdiic, D. ^ittcnmS^ig. *. ;J. baj ^iti^ 

Bud, ». tie Snofpe, bo6 Muge. d. n. fei; 

men, oufftfjlMcii, bia^cn. o. a. eculittn, 

&uge(n, pfrcmn, intpfen. 

Bud'dle, B.o. T. gri TOflfdieil. 

Budge, a.mfiitif*. «. tae fiammsfclt. n.n. 

fi* regcn, fid) beroegen. 
Budget, s. bet aSeutd, fflanwti ; SSot: 

rath; bic iDaiftenuns bet Stuatteins 

ffinfte unb @to(i6iiu6gftb,en, bet Stnanj: 

Du^ B. boS SBfiffeaeber; bit fflcitiadt; 

tic teihli^e gelbe Jaibc, 0. titfili^ gelb. 

V. a. jtsSm, ftftlogcn, — er, », teqenifle, 

iu(I*ct fdilSgt oBct jliCl. 
Baff'alo, 3. bet SBuffcL 
BniT'ef, h. b(t ©ditflg lutt bet Sonb ebet 

Saufi; bet ®*tanf, ©*enftif(ij. o.b. 

fdjlnnen, fteSeii. 
Bnffle, g. Bet SSiiffcL ". «. oetmirtt fcpn, 

Detle^en |<^ 
BofiiMn, !. bet ®(f|a[Niuin, ^ofTcnTei: 

feet, — ery, a; Bit ^ffen, to6 $cffcntci: 

Bug, e. tie Sffianje ; bet yejwiij, boe 

SdjteJbilb. —bear, tct ^epfliu. — gy. 

a. vtUix aCanjen. >■ bie eitifpinntge 

Bugger, 1^ I), ^nnbetif^fitibett^ treibcn. 

— y, g. bie Bnobcnfdjinbetcti. 
BQgh, s. bie ©loiEotaUc ; bet nriibe OAi; 

(Sfinjel, (eine ^ftunje). —born, baS gSi 

getlicm, Sogbfiutn. 

Bdgless, *. bie Bi^cnpnge (eint ^flonje). 
•Build, E.o.^rn-baucti. — er, ». bet Sau= 

ctite, SSaumcidet. —iog, ». bo6 Sauen,. 


Buiii, 5. bic Sotmtt, bus ©rtfiube. 
Bulb, I. bit ninbe asoffe, bie 3>vU6eL 

Bui, i. bie'sBatte, bet flattftf*. 
Biikbin, >. tat Xdb. 
BuU, I. ba ^cntbttEi 


Bulge, e^n. taS SBaffcc einbringett (affen ; 

fd)citmi/ unterfinfen; ubetftanacn, 
Btilimy, s, ber ^eip^ungct, 2Bol)«^unget. 
Bulkj «. bet ^(umpen/ ^crpet/ bte aKoffe ; 

(5Jrcpe, gXcnge ; bo« ©an^e, bcr ^upts 

tf)di ; 9S«rfprunoi/ bic ^(oppe ; Sobung. 

—head, bct 85crf(f)lQ9 tm ^d)i|fc» «. n. 

(out), Dortocicn, cincn 93auc^ mac^en. 

— iness, «. bic ®t6pe, SKajyc. — y, a, 

grcfc fd)n)cr. 
Bull, «. ber »u«e, ©tier ; bic pabfWtcftc 

33utlc ; bct 85crftcp. —baiting, bic ^ticr? 

[)C|e. —beggar, bct 9>opon5. —dog, bcr 

jj^uttcntjciffcr. —finch, bct 3)cmpfaff; 

(SimpeJ* —fly, bct ^itfcfeffifcr. —head, 

bct jDc^fcnfcpf, 3)ummf cpf. 
Bullace, «. bic wilbc fautc 5)flaumc. 
Biillen, s. bct .^anfft&ngcU 
Bullet, 8. bic ^uc^ct. 
Bul'letin, s. ba5 JBuUctin. 

Bul'lion, 8. bag ungcot&citctc ®ctb unb 
BuIJition, ». bo5 ©icbctt* 
Bull'ock, 8, bct junQC D^^. 

Bul'ly, 8, bct eitmct, Sanfct, ©ifcnfccfs 

fcr. ». n. A-c. S&tm tnadfeen ; ubcnoolti- 

pen, libcttaubcn/rerfpcttcn. 
I^ul'rush, «. bic citattc Sinfc. 
Bul'wark,«. bic ©aftci, ba5 Jcftunpf^wct!, 
Bum, 8. bct @tcig. -bailiff, bet ©c^ctgc. 

Bombast, «. baS mit Cuntcn Jtccfcn 6cfc|tc 

Biinible-bee, s. bic ^ummct. 

Bump, «. bct @(^(op, ©top/ bic S5cu(e. 

r. n. auf unb nicbct Itopcn; bnmpf 

fd)tcicn/ wic bic JRo^tbcmmcI. — er, «. 

ba^ aan^ tootle (3ia$» 
Bumpkin, ». bet ISotpct, Siimmcl. --ly,a. 

tc(pif(ft, plump. 
Bun, 8, bct SBtebfudben. 
Bunch, 8. bic 93cu(C/ ^efcf)n)u(ft; bcr 

SBucfcO ^ocfct; bmi 93unb, Sfinbet; 

bic Staube. — of grapes, Mc SBcin? 

ttaubc. — backed, bucfclio. ». ru (out,) 

fdbwcttcn, 6et»etjleben. — iness, s, bic 

bccfctictc, Ofinbct^aftc, traubcnfcrmipc 

$Befd)affcnl)cit. — y, «. i)cdm^, bfinbe(= 

Ibaft, ttoubcnfctmip. 
Bun'dle, «. ba6 ©unb, S3finbcU ». a, cins 

padfcn, jufammcnbinbcn. 
Bunsr, 8, bct @punb. ». a. aufpfinbcn. 

— tfole, H^ ©punbtcc^. 
Bun'gle, V. n, jtftmpctn. v. a. rcr^im^cn, 

!3etpuffen,^». bic ©tfimpcvci; ^cr iPccf, 

Sd)m^cr. ^r, ». bcr ©tuwpcr, ^>fufd)cr. 
Biinkin,*. bic ^itqinifcbc^cbtangennJut^cU 
Bunt, 8, ein ct^c^ctct IJbeit, bie 4)cf)5 

(unc». c n. fd>n)cllcn, anlaufcn. 
Bun'ter, «. eine SSet&6pcrfon/ n)c((f)C Sums 

pen fammelt/ ba5 niebtige ascibsbilb. 
BiiQting, 8, ba5 ^(appcntud). 
Buoy, a. T. bie Sci/ ©afe, », n. 4r «. I Burse, s. tu ^autw\axix^^\i«ixV» 


fdfttDimmcn/ fd)n}tmmcnb etl^attcn, oi^cn 
ct()Qltcn/ ttopcn, ct()cben, to — up, ct? 
^cOcn, untctjifi|cn, octt^cibigen. — an- 
cy, ».bic ©d)n>immftaft.— ant,a. \^mnvf 
mcnb, f)e6cnb. 

Bur, Bur'dock, «. bic ^(cttC. — stone, «. 

bet unbe^QUcne sj}2ii^(|iein. 
Btirbot, 8. ber ©tilling (^ifd)). 
BUrdelais, «. cinc 2(rt ffl^emtraubcn* 
Bur'den, «. bic eoj!,^ SBurbc ; ber iDrucf, 

V. a, beCaben/ oufbiirben. — ous, — some, 

a. laftio. 

Bureau, 8. ber ©cbrcibtifd), ba6 g?utt. 
BuTff, ». ber JBurgflerfcn. 
Bur'gage, 8. bQ$ feurpedcl^cn. 
Bur'gamot, 8. bic S^crpomcttC, 
Bur'ganet, «. bte (gtufmf)aube. 
Bur'geois, s. ter ffiurgcr. T. bic a3cr9i55 

fcbrift (ffir »ud)bruJfer). 
Bur'gess, s. bcr JBfirpcr; •Sa{)(bfirgcr, 

—ship, Bur'gership, «. t)c« JBfirpcrrcc^t. 
Burgh, ». ber ^(ecfen. — er, «. t>cr JBiir? 

per. — master, Burgomaster, s. bcr Surs 

Bur'glar, ». cin iDicb, bct cinbric!)t. — ry, 

8. bcr ©inbrucb. 
Btirg^rave, s. ber JBurporaf, 

Burial, 8. l)a5©cgrabmf,Set(i)cnbcpanpnip. 
Bur'icr, 8. bcr ^Sobtcnc^rdbcr, , 

Burine, s. bcr (^rabftid)e(. 
Burl, u. a. T. ncppcn, abmidctn. 
Biirler, s. cin Sud)bcrciter. 
Burlesque, fl. pcfficrUd)/ furgweitip. «. tic 

poffiertidic Sarftellung. ». a. pcfficrlid) 

borftellen, umfleiben/ trQt»e|tiren. 
Burlettn, 8. T. cinc mu[ifalifd)e Sorce 

Bur'ly, a. aufjcbunfcn, bicf. — ^ness, 8. 

bic ©rojjc, ADidfe ; ba«i (^Jeraufd). 
♦Burn, t). a. ^ n. brcnncn, fcrlTcnncn. *. 

ber 9^ranb, bie 3[^erfe|un9 burd)5 J?eucr. 

Burnt, pret, S^ part, (rcn to bum) bronn- 

te, pobrannt. 

Burn'et, «. btc ^impincKtc, 
Burn'irtg, ». b"a6 ffirenncn, bcr 53ranb. 

—glass, Ici^ JBrennpto^, bcr JBrcnns 

Burn'ish, ». a, fi'cf) au^brcitcn, n?Qd)fen ; 

plan.jenb n)erbem v. a. pctiren, p!nns 

^cnb mad)en. — er,«. bct ^olirer; ®tdtts 


Burr, s. ba«5 ^brlcippcben. 
Biirr<ts.pii)e, s. T. ^ic 5)u(t«crbu(bfe. 
Bur'rel, 8. Mc rctf)C S^uttcrbim ; ^ar? 

tntfcbo. — f?y, bie S?remfc, —shot, ter 

©dbrct, t>(\^ pcbarftc (Sifen. 
Btirrock, s. \)Ci^ ffcinc Scbr, bcr ©amm, 
Bur'row, i?. bcr 9}2arftfledEen ; bie jlanin? 

d)enbob(e. v, w. in bic (Srbc friccbcn; 


Bur'sar, s. bcr JKcntmciftcr, ©cbafemciftcr 
eincs (£cUepinmf ; ©tiv<xvb\cvx» " 



•Borsi, t. n. bccftcn, Tptatcn, auffptlnaen ; 

aufbrc^cn ; cntfpringen ; plcfelid) torn? 

men. «. a. fprcngcn/ ouffprcngcn. «. t>ai 

^(Q6cn, ^racftcn ; t)ct JHip, t)te @^ftC/ 

t>cr ©rud) ; 2(u5bnid). 
Burst'ennesB, 8. tcx 93tud). 
Burt, 8. bic ^d)cae, ^(attctfc. 
Bur'then, v. a, see Burden. 

Brtrton, s. T. t)o5 tUim ©ci)iff6fci( ; bic 

(Sd)iff^tt)inbe. —tackles, bic ©citcntalicn 

an bon ©tcnftcn. 
Bur'y, 8. bic hoWf t>cr 2Bcf)nort v. a, 

cingrobcn, Pcrc^twOen, t>cc\rabcm — ing- 

place, ». bcr (^itxciadtx, SBc9rabnippto|, 
Bush, «. bcr S3ufd)/ S3flfc^c(. ». n. bufcl)i9 

njcrbcn. — ment, «. ba6 ©cbfifd^, ®C5 

flr^udf). — y, «. bufd)ig. 
Bush'el, 8, bcr ©^cffcl; btc 9Kcnac. 
Eus'ied, p, S^ a, bcfd^flftipct. ^us'iless, 

a. unt)Cfd)afti9t, mfipia. Bus'ily, ad. gcs 

fcftaftig, t^&tig. Business, 8. bo$ @C5 

fcbaft, bic SScrridbtuncu 
Busk, fi. ba^ S3Ian!fc6cit 
Bus'kin, 8, bcr ^aCbflicfcl, (Sct^nm. — ed, 

o. in ijatOflicfcl, in ben ©otl^um gcs 

Buss, 9. bcr ^n$ ; t>a$ ^fc^crbeot v. a, 


Bust, ». bic »ujlc, bo« 95rujl6itb. 
Bust'ard, «. bie Srappe. 
Bus'tle, ». ba^ (SJcriufdfe, bcr 2Cuf(ouf. 

». w. I&rmcn, grcjc^ SBcfcn mad)cn. 

— ler, 8. bcr C&rmcr/ unruftigc ^opf. 
Bus'y, a. pcfd)6fti9, flciSiQ; unrubig* »• 

a. bcfcf)&fti9en^ —body, bcr «nvul)i9C 

But, c. atjcr, fi)nbcfn^ aUm, atiffcr, nur, 

qH ; fo e6cm 
But, 8. bic ©rcnsC/ bo^ ©nbc ; bte ^tiJbc* 

—end, ba6 jhimpfc (5nbc, bcr S^tbcn. 
Butch'er, 8. bcr ©(t)l&d)tcr, Stcifdftcr. ©.a. 

fd)lad)tcn, nicbcrmc|ctn. — ^linessi «. bic 

581ut(\icr, ©roufamfcit — ly» «rf- U\xU 

c.icri^^ c^roufanu — y, «• bic S(ctfd)6on!, 

ba6 S(cifd)crbQnbtt)crf ; bic 9}lc|cJci. 
Butler, «. ber ^cUncr, sWunbfcf)en!. —age, 

8. bic gScinftcucr, -Hship,«. ba^ ^cttncrs 

But'ment, 8, T. bcr %f)dl bcf ©CWOttJC^ 

obcr ffiCQcn?/ wctc^cr auf ben 5)fet(cm 

Butt, «. bic SButte, ba^ 3f«J ; bcr (Step ; 


bu$ s0{er!mat aum ^it^, Biel ;- 3k^ 
monb^ ben mon sum bcften l^at. v. a. ftc? 
9en ; bcBven^cn. 

But'ter, «. bit JBwtter, ». fl. bwttem/ mit 
Sutter befhrcidjcn obcr juri(^ten ; (bcim 
@pict)bcn @infa6 wrmebrcn. — ^fly, ». 
bcr SButtcrvcQcO S^cbmcttcrling. —milk, 
». bie SButtcrmit*. — y, «. butterig, buts 
tcrartig* ». bic ©pcifcfommcr. 
ButWis, «. T. ba6 SBirfcifcn. 
But'tertooth, «. cincr bct grcfen SSorber^ 

But'tock, 8. ba^ ^rnteutl^eit bcr ^inters 
bacfcn, tia^ ^rcu^. 

But'ton> s; bcr ^ncpf ; bi« ^nofpc, ba€ 
2(U9C. —maker, bcr Jlnopfmadftcr. —hole, 
ba^ ^ncpflcd). u. a*, ^fncpfen. — cr, «. 
bcr ^ncpfjiaficr, 

But'tress, «.T. bcr@trcbcpfci(cr,bic@tili^c. 
V. a. fliiicn. 
ButVmk, 8, bcr jtibi|. 
But'vrous, — ^raceous, a. buttcrartio. 
Buxom, fl. miaf&l)ri9; flinf, va\&i, muns 
tcr, tcb^oft; — ly, ad. — ness, 8, bic 
SKuntcrfcit, Cebl)aftiQfcit. 
*Buy, V, a. f aufcn, crtaufen. — er, «. bcr 

Bum, «. T. cine jfict^crnc cber b(et<mc 
Sttixt, um gutc 2uft in Scrgwerfe ^u 

Buzz, V, n. fummcn,fumfen ; ftuftem, mur? 
,me(n, pJoubcrn. v. a. ^ufliiflcm. «. bo5 
®cfumfc, ®t\6)tohh* — er, 8. bcr jDhrcm 

Buzz'ard, ». bcr aBufanr, SKaufcfolf. ^^r- 
bcr 5)ummfcpf. 

By, pre, burd), vcti, hex, ncbcn, ^u, nad), 
ffir, mit/ auf. arf. nabc t»crbei. by the 
by, k propos, bobci fattt mir cin. by 
the way, bcilaufig ^u crm&^ncn, im 
aScrbcigcftcn. by and by, fo9tci<ife/ balb. 
by-Wow, bcr ®(ucf^faa, ©oftarb. by. 
design, by^nd, bic Slcbcnabfldftt. by- 
law, bo$ 9?cbcngcfc|. by-name, bcr 
93crnamC/ ©pcttnamc. by-road, bcr ^Wc^ 
bcnwcQ. by-stander, bcr 3ufd)aucr. by 

water and by land, ^u SQ&affcr unb ^U 

8anbc. by-word, ta^ @prid)mctt 
Bysse, — sm, —bus, ». cinc ?(rt fcincr 8cin^ 

Byzan'tine, «. cin gropcs ®ctb|tfidt ffinfs 

3Clf)n ^nb Sterling an SKcrti^*. 


Cdbal, 8. bic (SabafC/, Gabbata. v^ n. So^ 
balctt ma<l)en. — ist, ». ber ©abbattjl/ 
bcr in ber Sabbata ber 3w^«n cffa^ten 
t(t, — mistical, — ^istiev^. cabbaliftifj^. — ^ler, 
8. bcr Sabaienmod^r/ 9idnfcfd)«tucbct.. 

Cdbaret, ». btC ©(ft<Ti!c. 

CAbarick, «. bic ^afctmur^ f Asanma). 

l^afl) xoai bte ©d^cttcr wn ben Scugcn 
unb Hftc^cm entmenbcn. ». n. fidir sum 
itol&ffepfe bitbcn.. w* a. (fd)cral&aft oon 
ben ©ineibcm) fhrMcn, ent«>enl)en.. 
Cab'm, ». bo5 ftcinc Simmer, Simmers 
dyen, ®t(ibd)en, Cabinet; bie @^^5 
Cammer, ^ajfite ; ^fitte; ba€ Sett. t«.n. 
i&^tii^ttenttfi^nen. t2i.a».€in{f?ci9:ciu--ed. 


«. ju etner ^iltte. cter etnem (Ea&ktct 

^^5ng ; cinet: ^txm a^nticb. 
Cab'inet, 8. H^ Cabinet; &ie Jtommer, 

j&{hte. —council, fcie gcl&ctme 9?otl^6s 

licrfammluna, bcr (£abinet^wrtl& ^ t)o^ 

©abinctt s ©ellcgium. —maker,, ta 

Cable, «. t)a§ Sau, ?Cnfertou.. cable's 

lengrth, cin SOJap »on 120 ^tofteim- 
Cdbkt, 8» T. I)a5 ftcinc 2(n&:rtau. 
CabboBe, s. T. #t ^fiftcnocrfdjlag mif tU 

ncm ^auffaf)tcr. 

Cabosh'ed, a. gefcpft, «(}ne ^Cpf. 

Cab'riolet, 8. t>ai 6obnckt 

Caburerlra^ 8. bcr pcruamfc^c S3atram; 

Cdcao, «. tie Sacac. 
Cachect'ic, — al, a. ungcfufU),. mlt 66fen 

Cachex'yi «• ^«^ Buftanb/ ba jcmanb ccrs 

t>crbene ©Sfte l^at. 

Cachinnaion, «. Da^ taute ®«(&(6tCt«. 

Cac'kle, v, ru Qahtn,. Qofen; fdbnottem.; 

. fd^nattcr. 

Cae'ochyray^ 8. tie S^ettecbcnl^cit tcr 

Cacoph'ony,». bcr UcbelffonQ/ SKipftong. 
Coctlminate, v. a. fpi|ig ctct p^t^anittatifc^ 

Cad&Tcr, «. eiit tottec ^erpet/ Seid^anu. 

— ous, a. aafig, (ctd)cnatti9/ lcid)cn^aft. 
Cad'dis,.«. tad" Sroirtibattt/ <S)c6inte ;. ter 

C&ddow, 8. tie ^cf)U. 
Giddy, «. cine fleme SfeecJbikftfe* 
Cade, «. bos S^Men, tie :£onne.a. ^^m^. 

firre, ». «. saf)m aufttebcn. 
Cddenoe^ — cy, «. bic Sabenj, ber Sen*^ 


C&dent, fl. foTIcnb/ (oom Scnc). 
Caddt, «. bcr (Sabett ; iiingcre cbcr jilnglte 

Oddew, «. bcr @tref)n>urm. 
Cad'ger, ». bcr 2(uf!aufcr, ^6!m;., 
CAdi, «. cin rtrfifcber JHtd)tcr. 
Cadillac, «. cine 2Crt S^irncrt* 
Cddmia, Caramine, 8. bcr ^(mei; 
Cadtioeus, 8, bct ^crfuriti^fhab- 
Cee'cias, 8. bcr 9?crbcftn)tnb.. 
CfiB'sura, 8, bcr (Sinf^ttitt, bcr 8S)»f(ftnitti 

bic (Sofur, 
CAffein, «. bcr bittcrc eytrQctinftoff bcfiuna 

(^ercjleten^ Coffee- 
daf'tan, au bcr Saftam 
Cag, «. ba^ ^&9cben. 
Cage, 8, ber ^&^g/ ba6 iSogctSouw ; boS 

©eJjfigc, bcr S^iergortcn ; boS ^cf&ng? 

mf. ».«. tn cincnit&figrt)un/.cinfperren/ 

. etnftcdetu. 

Caic, Calqiie«.Caiaca, 8. ein ©oCeercnbcct. 
Cais'soo, ff. bte SBombenf ifte ; bcr 2Cm* 
sminitUtt^fiai* Jtafien um ble ^r&fen? 


pfettcr untet bent fSaffer barin ouf^u' 

man crn. 
Cditiff, 8. bcr niebertrfi^tige SKenfcft, uers 

6d)rtt*e ^erJ, ©d)urfc, 
Caj6le, D. a. fd)mcid)e(n, ticbfcfcn, bcrc* 

ben- — er,. ». ber @d)mci(i^(er , ^d)^« 

fd)n)6nscr. — ery, «. bie @(^meid)Clei/ bo6 

Cake, ». bcr ^u^en.. v, «. ^ufommens 

badfen* / 

Cdlabasb, «. cine 2Crt ^iirbi5* 
Calade, «. bcr obJ^dngcnbe Drt auf bes 

Calaman'oo, a. bcr^olamonf. 

Cdlamar, «. bic SKccrfpinnc. 
Cdlambac, ». bo6 yarabieSs2Clcel^c(^ 

Calamif 'erous, a. jt&ngctf crmig* 

Cdlamint, ». bie ^alamintl^/ ^ofecnmfinjc^ 
Cdlamite, «. ber wilbc ^nobtoui, 
Calam'itous, a, tUnt , traurig, — ^itous- 

ness, —ity, a. ba6 (Stent/ lingtficf, bie 

Caramus, »..bQS JRol^r/ ber @djilf ; ^aU 

Cdlangay, ai 9^(nnc cincd mdiffctt ^apat 

Caldsh, 8. bic jtaftjf(^». 

Calcdreous, a. f aJfortig» 

Cal'ciuate,. Calcine, v, a, (otfinitcn, ,t)Ct» 

fatfen- ». n. m kail wcrbcm — dtion, 

8. bic SSerfalCung* — dtory, «. ber 6a(^ 

Cal'culate, v. a. au^retftncn/ bcrcd)ncn, on? 

*fc|:cn., —dtion, «. bic $Bered)nung/ 2(u6s 

rcd)nung. — -dtor,«. ber Slcd^ncr. — dtory, 

a, iiim 9tccf)nen gef)6rig.. 
Carcule, ». bic 9le(^ung/ Xngabc. 
Calcul6se, — ^lous, a. flcitiig, fanbig- — ^lus, 

«. bcr @tein in ber SBt^e. 
CaFdron, «. bcr ^C(!)topf, ^effcL. 
Calefac'tion, 8, bic ^cijung, (Srwdrmung. 

— tive, — toiy, a, erwarmcnb^. 
CaJ'efy, c. fl* l^ciien/ cm?&nncn, v, n. warm 

ober beij wcrben. 
Gal'endar, «. bcr ^alcnbcr; 
Cal'ender, «. bic warmc^rcffc ; bcr Sudhs 

bcrcitcr.. «. fl. Sudft' bcrcitcn* — drer, bcr 

Cal'ends, «. |?i. bct erflc SKenotstag bci ben 

atten SRomcrn, 

Cal'enture, «. cine 2Crt»on ()i|igcm Jicbcr 
Calf, 8, ta^ ^a(b v bic ^ati. 
Cal'iber, ». ber Satiber, ©urdbmcjfer: 
Ol'ico, Cal'icoe, «. baumwottcncs 3eug ; 

ber ^ottun- 
Gal'id,. a. f)d^, brcnncnb* —ity, «. bit 


Cdlif, Caliph, 8. ber .ftalifc* 
Caligition„ ». bic 5)unfe(beit, SSerbfifte 

rung^ Caliginous, fl. bun!c(, bfijlcr. 
CaligT«q)hy, 8. ^ai @<^onf(i^reiben». 
Cdlihy ». ein avA 3wxi utL>^ ^\u?.>»^^^^ 

dTmr, 1. tie ^tiMantne ^ bet ZtppcU 

Cilii, t. ter Jltl* tiiKt SBIume. 

Cilk, B. a. (olfaicnu — er, ». ttt Jtatfas 

CilkinB, (. pL bit ©KQfli en txn |)ufei: 

tall, t. o. ^ n. rufen, btrufcn, fctbem ; 
mnncn; l)tfu*cti. to — si, oorfenmKn, 
■fliirptedjfn. — for, fottttn, nodifragen. 

— forth, \jnaaStafin. — in, ficrrinwis 
fen-, rcibctnifem einfctoctn ; oinfpce; 
tficn.fid) mtlBmlafftn. — off, a6tufeti, 
at'Mlficn. — on, (upon), auftufen, aa= 
fpruditn, *infi!t(A(n. — ovar, utflefcn. 

— out, S'raus^rtcni. ~ to, (uprai) 
oufnifon, fi* bfnifen. — up, auftufen, 
(lufrorfcn-, cilictn. ». ttr ffluf, ©dxiK; 
IBeruf ; Hnfptru* ; 3*cfu4 ■, ffltfcfil ; tic 
Jirrbctung ; erfpfcifc. — ing. ». tafi Mm 
fen ; bcr a3(nif, emnt, taS Qcwrtte. 

Callat, Cal'kt, ». bic *UtC. 
Cariipcra, (. pi. T. ter atflft««irtt(. 
CaUoa'ity, a. Cic €d)n)tc[(, rcrfititle 6aut 

—iaas, a. ocitiSttel, botl, untmppnbltft. 

— looBness, ». bit iBcc^irtung ber ^oul; 

tit fiSris, UnemffinbliAEtit. 
Callow, a. unpefittttl, lafil. 
CailuB, >. bit Ectiroiclt, SScrfiinuno. 
Calm, a. (till, CTiMS, fnnfl. ~1j,"<hI. b. 

tie ©fiat, DIuhi.SBinblhirt. e.o.(lintn, 

bciSnfligcn. — ncaa, », bU miHt, autjB. 

— r, a. nitiig, frittftrtig. 
CiToaiel, t. ias l&akma, fcA^nial fttbCis 

ntineB aueJfiI6ei. 
CaWric, ». tti: ftBSrmcftoff. 
Calorific, a. ctljijenb, 6l?ia. 
CBMte, I. tie Aappe, &aubt. 

CslSyer, ». t(t 9ri(d)iflf|( SlSfnth, 

dl'trop, Carihrop, «. ttc Jufion(jeI,©tacf)cl: 

Cilumet, ». bit 5'i*^"'Spffif' C'' ten 

nfctonietifanlWjcn Sffiilttn). 
Calum'niale, v. a. revlcumtcn. — oiition, 

i.bicfflerleumtung. — niitOT.j.terSBtc; 

(cumber. — niooB,a. Berlcumterifcft; — Ij, 

ad. —oj, >. bit SSerleutnbung. 
Calve, i. «. tolben. 
CilviBe, .. ter SSditettctapfeU 
Cal'iiniBin, i. tie Sa[pinifd)e Zttflt. —ixl, 

«. ber ffialDinift. 
Coil, «. Ber fiaff (eireii mtmi). 
Cdl/cle, .. T. t(E tltine SlnmtnftlA. 
Cimbay-etODe, ». tei cftintifit SamwI. 
Cimber, i. tin getriininitcS cBet bPfienfcc: 

mill auiicie^(iutne6@t^ SSau^cIj. — ing, 

1. Dt»(lM. 

Cimblst, ». (in aBcAelCT, 
CamTjric, i. baS .Sammetlucfl. 
Caois, prit. (D«n to come) foitt. 
Cam'elifttosaamcel. , 
Cameropard, ». tie ©iwiffe. 
Gtmeht, Cdmlet, *. bcr Jiomclot. 


Caiii'eriulo, sGeCamrade. 

CumiTate, r. n. luilbctu — ntion, a. 6fe 

gpeltunq, bas ©cmildf. 
CaiuJsido, a. tet iiSd)lli*c Uebtrfflll. 
Cam'omiie, a. tie AamtUe. 
CSmouK, CamojB, a. (himpfnfifig, ptoM. 
Camp, K. taS taget, »■ «. tampircn, fidt 

Campiign, «. tic Gbme; bet Selbjug. 
r- n. im Jlricge bienen- —or, •■ bet 
fltientr. • 

Compaji'lfbrm, Campan'ulale, a. QitAw 

Campilnulo, ■- tie QllKttnblllint. 
Campes'trol, — triuii, a. m Jeltt wattifcnb. 
limphire, Cnm'plior, ». tet flomipftt. 
— plioraie, a. mil 5nmp_fct gemifdit. 
Campion, a. taS^immeltMAen (L^nkma). 
CAm-wood, a. boS Jlumiiibelj, ofcifonif** 

Can, *. tit 5annc. 
•Can, r. n. Eennen. 
Candille, a. baP Ocfintel, tet ^cbcl. 
Canil, s. bet Eonol, tie Minne. 
Caoalicullted, a. an«gtf)oI)lt. 
Caniry, u, n. freh fenn, fanjen. a. ftcr 
flonotienfcEt. —bird, tet Aanoctoi' 

Cao'cel, <!. a. au^RteK^cn, butd)ntei[()en, 
nnfhe&tn, pemiihKn. — litcd, a. tut*: 
ftti(fi<n, aufgtfioben. — iition, a. tnsltasi 

Can'coc, ». b(t Sixitix (tine flrnnlfittf, 
Olid) ter 9IamccineSei<tn6iIte6). —ale, 
e. n. urn |i(b ftef[cn, ten ^rebf beEcms 
men. — nilioii, t. tie Sntttehunit bcE 
JltebfCd. — om, a. Irebftlttig. — oranesa, 
a- bcr Suftflnt t« Jttrtfe*. 

Cnn'crilbnn, Can'crine, a. (te6f OTlt^, 

Can'dant, a. fllfificilt. 

Can'dicanl, a. meifeftrf). 

Cao'dify, B, a. mdfi mntfien. 

7an'did, a. meifi, fdiin ! retit*, tieber, 
Pifen -, — ly, ad, — ato, a. tet Sonbibdt 
— iiEBs, », tie JHetlidjfeit, SSiebetteit, 

Can'dlc, a. taS ei*t, tie 5er;c. ~in«s, 
bit Sidimirnc. —stick, tet SendMcr. 
— stufE to« Unr*liH, bet Solg. — wMter, 
tet SJjrfchiuenbtr. 

Cindock, I. tae gmftltoS- 

Can'dor, Con'donr, s. tie Efftn^fit, Sic^ 

Con'dy, r. a. (nntiten, fitetjuinn, mil 
3ucltr cinmachi.'n ; Stitrjictitn. 

Cane, a. bii6 Sebr. o-a- StcifrtfiPtl pe= 
ben, prflgcln. Canj, a. wn }}Icbr i »K 

Canic'ijlir, a. ju bcHi SunbcftenK geftS' 
rig : tic fiuntf tagt ictrej^cnt. Canlm, 
1- bfintircli. — hiinper, — appetite, ber 
,e*iinbf6nnciet, unnatfirliihc Mppetit. 
I^an'iiier, ..(inHcimtJletb; bcrJtafba, 


tic S8i6l^ mtte. 3mf.)r, aofta*, unB 
bcidci^c* io EialtcnJ. 
Culler, *. tin nogtntct unb BctiC&ren: 
bniSuRii; boi Dcrje^rcnbc 2)ing; bet 
Xxeii, Stanfeti bit uni fi(^ ftt^mit 
fftucbliflftil; tin ®*a6(n an Ccn SSim 
men. r. ■. ucrtccfrcn, jcrfrefffn, anfrefr 
(en. r. n. anstfKffcn w.-rtcn, b(n fl«bs 
cbct JtanCec ticfcnmicn, vcrCttbem 

Caa'miliine, a. ^nf CD. 

Cin'niljal, «. bee ^annital, astnfti&tnfrcf! 

Ctoi'!Kin,«.bttaanent,b(iS®tiiit — ide, 
D.o.4-n. fanoniKn, bcW)i<P(n- »■ bit 
JtanenaCe. — *er,». ttt.yianenitr, 

Cinba, CaniJe, ». ttr JCa^n, bai SirMJt. 

Cim'oQ. t, tie jHtge!, tnS (ScfcB ; bfr 
©tiftsfittt, Homticrt. — bitt, bo's (Sf 
6ip. —law, tai (flnenifdjc Mtdjt — ese, 
«. bit ©tiftefrou, Domfrnu. ^cai, 
tantniftf), ftwWiifti — ly, ad. — 'ist, 
bcr Sctitcr bM MnenirtfiMi iR(*te. 
— bition. *. bit Jociligfpv(*uiiB, S8CT= 
^citigung, Sanonifatitn. — uG,e.a. ;a: 
nonipten, b<Ui? fpK*(n, ticri)ri[ia(n. 
— ry, — alup, t. bie ©omroilibc, ©liftSs 

Cim'(q)j, a. btr iBattatfein, Swightwmcl, 
WwAtftiraaKt. «. a. mil eintni $timnt[ 

Cantooufl,*- Bc^IHinfltnti, tcnciiB, fc&ol! 

Cmt, ». baS JtoiibctTO*lf(5 ; bit scnwine, 
nicbrigc Sprad)t; bos ScwinFtI, bit 
^41ectf*c aebc.bei: fi:&cinl)cilia«3«^' 
*niJ ; bit Xuctian, iBctfttiflcwuiii. 

— terra, — EipresiioD, — word, tiC gtmel: 

ne atebtnean, bcT eigcntb&mlidie 3tu6: 
bnuf. ti. n. wimmcm, iDinfeln; ^ud)i 
iKtf* wbtn, ((fitinficilig fprcAen-, eint 
ametfiSnblimt ©eta*): ttben, fi4 ae= 
tnctntr, niebriflct Muttrude tctitntn. 

CuiUta, s. bit Santatt, boE SingtRi^. 

CuiteeiiiCuittne, i; bit jtnnerne cbct l)i 

jtmc gtlbflafif>t, bae Stfe'i'fboue, bit 

■ C!(i)tn(c. 

CiDtelenp, a. cine Mtt <D!clonc. 

Canfer, i. ttx ,&tU(l)Itt, (Srficinbcifigc ; 
fuTjt Salgpp. V. n. ini Eutjcn SaCop)) 
oe^cn, leiten. 

tSnthiridiw, a. pi. bic ©panifAcn JlitJ 

iai gjaatudi, ©tgcHiK^, bie ©tsct ( bi« 
'^•■■■— -TifitiBcrltimg; ^tfifu" 
na. priSfen, unKtjt 

Canionii, t. boE Bi(6tfton. 

Cap, (. bit Aappc, ![Rfi6c, jMubc -, Nt 
i)m ; ber etctfit ZUH. bit ©pi(« ; bo« 
^uliibjichcn. — 4-p*,Dcn.Rwfiu S"9i 
—paper, tai grout ^Japicr, $acf|>flpi(t. 
D. a. mil cinec &atibt Mtfe^cn, aaffegcn. 
n. bcn>^ui(tit SOJiBc) obncfeiKcn. 


in'tiiua, >. itx Tta^mmlntiL 

<^n'ticle,a. baSSicb, hef)c 2icb. 

Cui'Ue, a. bae Stfld. e. a. jtrfiictctl). 
— 'det, ». boS ®taif. 

Cui'to, a. bet Stfang, bm *SU(6. 

Can'ion, a. Her ffianlcn, fficjirt ; ©lamm, 
bitfietbc, v.a. &tii)ti untScrfctBt: 
jt<^, (oBtenitcn. v. a. aMficilcn. — ii 
B. * in SBcjtifc «StI)CiI(n. — ment, 
boe SaRMnirauarlitc, 

<^'nn> •■ bcr Canntvap, tit 9;invanb ; 

CapiciouB, a. gtrSnnitg, gxti, IMit. 

— Desa,a. bit (Sciaunrigttit, SSititc. 
CapScilate, d. b, fdljig niadicn. — ity, ft 

bit SetSumigtcii, bet Uwfoiw; bic 

S&ljigttit; btt3ujlane,eiaiA,e^Rit: 

Kt, Bit eagc. 
CapailKin.t. BtC ©cbatrade, Kt ©dimud, 

bit ?Cii£tfiftung. «. a. bit SAateufc an? 

legen; (imtSd)e()eunB>?.) oujpu^n, 

fcbnidffen, auetfiftcH. 
Cape, a. baS <Sop, tBctgebligc ; bet Jtrac 

Ciper, B. bie Anpci: Btr Euflfptuna, To 

cut capors, Suflfptiingc mad)tn, fptini 

pen, hflpfcn. — cr, ». ttt ©ptingcr, 

C&pias, a. Bet SGcttiafCEBcfetl, SKtutienEe 

CapiUtuce, a. (in ^fict ©aft ebet Si>tu*, 

Bn aue cinet ^ftanjt (bcm Scatien^aat) 

benitft nttb. 
CaiHllarj', a. fiaatfjttnlg; (laacfein. 

— tube, bit tiaatftine Stt^, $aat: 

C^i'itui, a. ben JScpf bcttcffenb, ftaupti 
(&d)ttd),Mtnc|!iiifi; Ctibunb eebtn bti 
tKfftnb, peinlid). a. bit^atUDtftobf, bat 
Sapitflt cinet ©dulc -4et»ec, 6tt 3(iw 
fflngefiudinabt, gtefie S8u4fi«*e. — ^. 
ad. ^auptfa4[id)-, peinlii^, cmf ben Sub. 

Capitdtion, a. Bic .ftapf^tuet,S(^ung. 

Cap'itol, I. Bas Sapitolium. 

Capil'ular, a. pni ©tlft it^M^. a. bCt 

Saoitutnc; bas Sa):itu[ate,bte©ainmi 

lunq stn ajctetBnungtn. 
Capitulate, o. n. in Mtlrttl atfoffen i WCi 

gen Bet lledctgabe untccbanttin, tapti 

tnlitcn. — ftuon, a. Bie Gupltutatiwi, bet 


Capivi, 3. bet twilTe ESalfaniBaunu 
Capdck, t. bic ©eibcnl'ttunwaOt. 
CJipon, a. tfi: .Sapoun. 
CBp(l^ ». bet Gapel, SQIatf*. ■■ a. tapct 

mod) ill, niaifdien. 
Captiuch,!. bie 9]londl#app(i Aapujt. 
Cappdniu, a. cin ^urni, bet (id) an Ben 

^Aiffsfiebcn fc?t unb Benfcltcn jetfttft, 


<■ Bcr 

1. X\e tJ 


foSi, (Stamfittii. -^<w«M, «. tountfft, eU 
iettfittmg, tmtntectt A ; — ly» «<^' — n«M. ». 
Kt ei$enfinn, tie fEBunbetd^feit. 

Cap'rioorn, f. Ux Gtehlbcct (tm Sl^tCt; 

Caprific&tiim, t. ba^ ^attpffan^n ttnb 

aieifen ber 8f«i9«n» 
Ciprifolq, t. ba6 QkW^Udt, 3ei&ngerieUes 

Capri6le, f. Me CSopttetc^ be¥ SScd^i 


C&priped, 0. liegenS^fu^g* 

C&psicum, f . bet fpantfd^e ^feffet. 

Capsize, v. a. (etti @eeau6bru(i) umtoctj 
fen^ umfel^ren* 

Cap'stan, 8. T. bet Jtabeftati/ btc @pille. 

Cap'snle, t. bie ^CBaxMtikopftl, ^a^ ^cm^ 
geb&ufe. —Jar, — laiy, a, fapfetformig. 
—-late, — 4ated, a. in (inc itapfcC ctngc; 

Cap'tain, t. ber ^auptmaittt ; 2(nfd^tet; 
®((ipCOpit&n* — lieutenant, bet ^ta^^s 
iaripmatm, SSitutethauptmann. —ship, 
«. bie ^au)>tmannf(9<}ft/ 4^uptmann6s^ 
flelte; TCttfa^rung; Jtttegsfurtbe. 

Captition, t . bie a^etoerDung ; ©c^met^^e 

Cap'tion, fc bie SSer^ftuttQ ; ber ^aftbca- 


Cap'tioiu, a. tyerf&ngU^/^nffud^ti^ ; l^in^ 
terfiftio. — ly. «rf- — ©ess, a bie SSers 
f&nglicWeit ; 3anffu*t. 

Cap'tivate, — tive, n. a gcfangett ne^men ; 
Jig. etimel^men/ tei^m — tivdtian, «. bag 
(Sefottgenne^inen. —tive, a. gefattgctt* s. 
ber ©efottgcne. — ^v'ity, ». bie ©efan* 
genfdiaft. Captor, ». ber (Sr&euter, ©ies^ 
ger. —hire, ». ber Sang/ Koub/ bie 
aBegnal^me, ^rife, 95eutev 

CaptLch, aee Capouch. — ed, a^ mil ettiet 

^in^ta^c UUdU —in, «. bie itaps 

pe ; ber Sopuciner* 
CdputJifdrtaum, t. T. ber ^{fidffianb in 

ber SRetorte noc^ eineriDefHUaticn ; bod 

<£aput 1D{ortuunu 
Carabine, CArbiufi,. 9, bic 9leiter6ild)fe/ 

@tu|biui6fe; ber SaroHner* — ^er, s. 

ber &orabiitier. 
Car, f . ber jtarren ; Sageti/ ^taaHwas 

gen, 2trittmpl^n>ogen ; bo« ®ie&engejltm/ 

ber JB&r. -Hoaan, ber Jt&mer. 
Car'aok, t . bie SCatadi (ein grc^e^ ^a 

Car'acde, 9. bie ^enbeftteppe ; fntmme 

<Rid)tttng/ l^tbt aOBenbnng. in ru ctnc 

^a(6e S&enbung mml^en* 
Car'at, «. bet itarot; 
Carav&n, f. bie ^orot)ane/ ber dtetfegog^ 

3ug. — flcry, t. bie JtaratJonferei. 
Cdravel, f. bie €ora9e(e/ (2Crt Uidjttt 

Car'away, ». ber Jtummel. 

CMtm, A ^JTl^^feaff^*— dde«». bit 


@ar6onabe. «. a. auf ^el^ten Braftn* 
—ate, 8. bie Jtc^lenfaure. — ic,a. fc^lens 

Car'lnmcle, t, ber ©ttttunf et ; ber rct^c 
(SAw&ren, bie Jinne. — ed, a, mix 
(Sotbunfeln befell; mit tot^jen/ ?;i|igen 
©c^firen bc^aftet. 

Chr'canet, s. bos 4c»tt(«gefc&meibc. 

Car'oaBB, 8. bee tobte 3t6rper; (fifter^lftaft 
ober Mc&c^tlid)) ber Jtirper, 8ci6; bic 
Srfimmcr ; bie JBranbfugct, ©arcaffe. 

Car'celage, 8. tai 95crf)oftge(b, ©i^gclb*. 

Carcinbma, 8. ber ^reb6/ bag ^rcbsgc^ 
fd^flr ; ^om am 2(uge. 

Card, ». bic ^Qi:te; bie ©ompaffartf, 
SKinbrtfe/ bie ^rdmpct. v. a. franipetij, 
SBtlle f&mmcn. To play at cards, ^ats 
ten fpieten. — er, s. ber \Kortcnfpie(er ; 
aBcUlfimmer/ SBetlft&nipler. 

Car'damine, ». bie aBiefcn!rcffc ; ^nfufg? 

Car'damom, 8. bcr (Sorbcmunu 

Car'diac, — a, 8. ^a^ ^crigcfpann. — al; «. 

Car'dialgy, 8. bag ^er|n>e^; ©cbbren^ 


Car'dinal, a. DOmeftrnft. «• bct (SarbtnoL 
—ate, —ship, ». bie (S^arbinafewiirbc. 

Cardioid, 8. (in bet 2tlge6ta) einc 2Crt 
!rumme Sinie. 

Gard<5on, 8i bie ^atbenbiflet ifiynara Car- 
duncuhu, Linn), 

Care, a bie ©crge, ©crgfolt/ S3cmfi6ung; 
©e^utfamfeit, SSorftdft; bct ©egen^ 
ftonb bet @ctgc, v. n. fetgen, um etraag 
befiiumiett fciin/fid) ffimmetnT gencigt 
fei^n; ©otge tragcn, TCcfttung boi&en. 
— fdi a. befergt, fcrrgcnDcH, fetgf&ttio^ 
fotafam; t»cr|id)tig/ ad)tfam. — ly, ad. 
-^mlness, 8. btc (Sotgfiltigfeit, SScts 
fidfttigfeit. —less, a. forgteg, nad)(&frtg ; 
— ly, ad. — ness, ». bic ©otgtefiafcit, 

Careen, v. a. T. ein ©(fetff auf bic ®ei(c 
tegenv um eg ^u faffotetn. 

Career, ». bie &auf6af)n, 9?enn6al^n/ bcr 
gauf. V. «. fcftnctl (aufcn, tcnncn. 

Caress, Vi a. tict)!cfen. 8. bie Cicl)f efung. 

CAret, ». bog 2(ug(affungg|eic^cn* im ©ngs 
ttfftcn fo A gebitbct, 

Ciir'gason, Car'go, 9. btC @(i)iffg(abnnq. 
Caricattire, «. bic SSctgcttung/ ©aricos 

tut, bag Settbilb. — tdrist, ». ber (Sari? 

Caricous, a. (r>cn (Stefcfewfttcn) feigenarttg. 

—tumor, ». bie Seigwane. 
Qlries, Carios'ity, «. bie ^arximf, ber gttt^ 
Cirious, a, angcfrcffcn, fau(. 
Carle,*, bet gtc6e g)?cnf(b, Jlett 
Carolina, CarUnctbistle, 8. bie @6ettt>tt1^ 
CarOing, «. T. bt« .^ic(fcJ)wtnne», 
Carlock, ». bet 9lftbfoowci> ; bi^^^attfen?. 



Car'melile, f. bet €acmctitcr. 
Carmin'ative, a. toinbtretknb/ lefant* 
Carmine, «. bet (Sarmtn. 
Car'aage, «. ta5 SBtutbab/ bie SReleCct; 

bet ^aufen Qcf^(a(I)tcter ^^tpec* 
Car'naJ, «. fUifd)tiib/ wobUiijftig. — ly, «m?. 

— ity, — ness, ». bic fteifc&Ii^c, b. u ftnns 

lidbc Segictbc, 2uft, ®innU(3^!eit. 
CarnitioD, «. ba5 3ncarnat^bia ^Uifii^fat? 

(>c; ®artcnnc(!e. 
Cor'naval, Car'nival, «. ba^ (£amol>at/ $a$ 

Carn^lioD, Car'neol, «. bet €arniet» 
Car'neous, Car'nous, a. fleifd^ig* — ^nify, 

— ^niv'orous, a. flcifcftftcflinb* — ^noalty, 
9, ber $(eif({)au6n?u(6€/ ba^ @cn)&(^. 

Car'ol, ». bo^ Sicb, bet (SJefang^ Sobgefang. 
o.n. 4ra. ftngen/ (cOftngen. 

Cardtid, — al, cr. ^u ben ^oteput^abern ges 

^orlg. —arteries, »; jrf. btc |)oteputes 

GarousH «. btc SefKidftfelt^ ba$ (Selag. 
Carduse, t>. n. etn Srittfgelaa feietn, ya 
(^n. ». bag eJctag. •— er, «. bet 3c^et. 

Ciurp, «. ber itarpfen. 

Carp, e. a. 4r'i* ftid^etn/ tabe(n ; (at) burd^? 
^le^cn. — ^r, «. ber Sabler, @p^er. 

Cir'penter, t . ber Simmermonn* -4ry, t . 
bo^ Btmmerf)anbn)erf. 

Car'pet, «. ber Sepplc^ ; ba^ Sapet ; bie 
5)eaC/ gujbccfe. ». o. mil 2)erfen 6ct^ 
pen^mttSupbecfenbelegen. Tobringupon 
the — , ouf bo^ Sapet bringcn. 

Car'riage, 9. toA Sil()ren/ -^o^ren; bie 

fulftre^ba^ Su6tn)<^t!; berSBogen; bie 
utfd^e ; \i(k^ ^utfci^engefted/ ^agenae^ 
flail; ^tiicfdeflea/bie gazette; ber^ttid? 
Earren^ SKorfcrMocf ; bie ^radbt/ bo^ 
Su^rlo^n; bas ©epdcf ; ba$ &ufferc S3e» 
tragcn, IBene^mcn ; bic ^erl^aoblungii^ 
art, SSei^anblung, Car'rier, ». ber %xifi 
get, Ueberbringcr ; gu^rmann, Jtimer ; 
S3ete; bic S3rieftou6e, ^ofltaube^ au4 

— pigeon. 

CarVion, f . bag 2(al^ ^c^inbaag. a. aafig. 

Carrondde,*. einc 2Crt fur^er ^elbftikfe* 

Car'rot, t. bic gelbe 8S&uraeL — y^o. fOt^« 
^aarig/ fud^fig* 

Car'ry, 9.0, H^n, fft^rcii/ tragctt^ fa^wii/ 
brinacn/ tretOen ; ertangcn/ ae»mncn ; 
mitfa^cen^ (et jtd) tragen ; M betrogetu 
To carry away, l^tnwegfiliren. — off, 
bawn tragcri/ fbrtfc^leppen. — oa, trei$ 
bctt, bctrcibCH/ fcrtfc|en. — threugh, 
burd>f(l6«en/ bttrd>(e^n/ untcrftu6cn. 
—tale, ber QJl&^rcbentr&ger/ ^tfitfcber. 

Cart, »w bie Jtarre, ber barren, ^oad, 
bie Sabnng fjlr vmxk barren, ber ^ar< 
Tcn^etU —horse, ber Jtarrengaut, -^^e, 
We ©d^nbtnaftre* -^rut, bag aSagen* 
aeleife. —way, ber gu^^racg. — wright, 
vet Jtac«c»mia4er* C»r^ v. ». fiimn $ 


auf benv Jtatren fdl^retiy v. a. ouf ehien 

Jtarren fe^en. — er, ». ber Jtdmer, Sjfu^r*^ 

Cart-bldnche, «. bag S3(anqQet, bie ^BeOs 

Car'tel, ». ber geftbebrief, bk ^augfbrs 

berung ; bag Sartet. 
Car'tilage, «. ber itnerpef. — Aginous, 0. 

Cartdn, CarUSon, f. bieSeid&ttUtw 0ber 9Xas 

tetei auf grcpeg ^q^ier, ber CTatton. 
Car'touch, Cart'age, Cart'ridge, «. bfe ^$ 

Car'tukry, t . bag Ur!u«benbtt(l> \ ber Urs 

funbenert/ bag 2CrAio. 

Carun'ale, «. bie JDrufe. 

Carve, «. a. graben, ftec^ett/ augfftneis 
ben^attg^ouen; fd^i^en; Mrfc^eiben; 
ficbaugio&^len/felbftiv&^tetu — er,«.ber 
S3i(bf(i)ni|er ; S3ilbl^er ; ® erfd^neiber ; 
einer, ber ^ etmag felbft n)&^(t — ing, 
f . bag @(^m$en ; fBorfc^neiben ; ed^nif $ 
x6vd, SBiCb^auenoerf* 

Caryites, Caryatides, «. jpl. bie Carinas 
tiben. , 

Cdscable, f. ber jtnopf l^inten an ber jtas 

Casc&de, f . ber SBafferfaU* 

Cascarilla, %, bie GagcariHe. 

Case, f . bag ^utteral, ^e^^fe,, b^ ^Aofi 
\z, @(i^be ; ^hSJx^ iDede ; ber ^oSi, Urns 
ftanb ; Suftanb ; bie 9le4tgra((^e. To 
—harden, »en auffen l^arten/ »erf)arten» 
—shot, bie itart&tjlje* ». a. einftedfcn/ in 
etn ^uttetat t(mn ; ^ber^^^en ; abftrets 
fen. t). n. ben $atl fe|en.. —mate, 9. bie 
Gafematte; ^^ieffd^arte* — ment, «. bet 
^nflerfldget/ bog ^(^^f^nfter.. 

Cdseous, a. f&feartig« 

Cas'em, ». bie (Safeme. 

Cash, sw bie itaffe; S3avfd^ft; bog baare 
®etb,. —keeper, — ier, *. ber Jtaffiter* 
o. a. auf^ebeu/ abbanfen^beg 2(mleg/ beg 
jDtenfleg fiemoei^n*. 

Cashdw, «. ber 9tteien$ tber (Skpi^anten' 

Cdshub^shes, «. |)?. bie SBotbafdKw 

Cashdo, Cachu» Cashu, «. etne ^rt n>e^(» 
ricd^enber (apanifcfKC drbe. 

Cask* «k bag 3faf ; ber ^jelm, — ct^ »• bag 
Jtaftdicn* «.«. in ein ^ftfld^en (egem 

Cass^ Cass'ates 9^0. auf^eben, 9enttd)ten^ 

Cassdtion, ». bie2(uftebung, 9Semi4tung» 

Cdssimer„ s. b&nnet/ gef epcrter^ wettenet 

CassamuBdir,. r. ber mel^irie^en)^ ^aU 

Cdssavi^ Cassdda, 9, bag Surjefbrob/ SKas 
niefbreb ; ber ^affamu 

Cdssia, 9. bie Saffta ; ber ^dbfee^Sl^ee* 

Cdssidoay, «. ber fran^ftfc^ ^9enbe(, 


Ovifoc^ t. M (Caffino (ein Jtottenfptet)* 

(ein arofet Slauboogel). 
GasBock, f . bit ^i%ud, ^rUftccredf* 
«Cast, V, a, iDecfen / jtojcn / remwrfcn, 
tiubecwetfeii/ M^n ULf{tn, oufmcrfen/ 
ou^wecfeti/ obtegcn^ 9on fid) gcben^ 
ftfitpi; iUMmoiegen; t^crurtl^ciUn; mi^ 
geboren; entwerfen; QU^cn, nicMn; 
beredMien ; betroc^ten, beflci^tigen* «. n, 
tiac^benfett/ Abertegen, fidb wtne^mcn ; 
fu^ wetfea ; f(^tef mxUn ; fitl^ bitten, 
ficb fctmen. To — about, nad)t)enf en, 
nodMinncvy M it<^ ^^^ umfe^en, 
um&etiagen^ — away, wegwerfen, t>ets 
fc^teubetn, f^eitem. — off, con fid) 
toecfen/ obUgen, abbonfen, ^dtd (of? 
fen, ^tntn; fi% toffni/ t)et(o|fen, oenoet? 
fen/ tie ^nbe UAaf^, px jogen anf an? 
den^ ownufen* •— out, (itnau^werfen, 
QttSflef en/ »ctfio^* -^ up> aufonnnens 
mbneo/ Uxedtnett, ^ned)nen, at;^ 
n)erfm/ fi<ift bred^/ fki^ ^bergeben. «. 
ter SS^tf, 9att; 9u9/ ba« gegtffene 
95i(b ; tie gorm; bie Sicigung ber Jars 
ben, '^Atbenfhifung ; bie ©atmng, Hvi ; 
^robe ; ber ©tteici^ ; bie SKiene, bet 
feticf. — €r, 9, ber «&erfer, Slc^ner, SiJos 
ttt)it&t$f!etler; ba^ 9Uibcl^n, bie S^ode. 
— away, a. Mrmorfen., ba« 

Sifc^emel, we((^^ geworfen nnrb,ISBi>rf$ 

(Wtanet, ». bic ^nbftojjpcT, ^onbf^efs 
(e; 6aftagnette> 

Caa'teOan, a. ber SBurOfMgt -^lesayj 8, hk 

S8urgt»gtei. --bted, a. urnbout, cinges 
Cas'ti^te, ». a. |6Atigen, ---Ation, «. bie 

3ficitigttng,SSerbeflterttng. — tory,fl. ^fid)? 
CWtle, 9. bo^ ^^(0^* Castles in the air, 

8uftf(W5ffer, ^iwgefpinfle. v. a. mil ei? 

nem ^d^tofi i)erfe^en, 

CWtor, «. ber Siber ; SSiberl^ut* — eum, a. 

ba6 S3iber0eit* 

Castra2nBtitnn« a. ba6 8agerfd)(Qgen* 
Cast'pate, c.a. wfiriren, wrfcfeneiben, vers 

ftibnmetn* --^tioij, a. ba$ g5crfdf)neibcn, 

bie S^erftihmnetttng* 
Ciatrel, a. bie Jtofc^e ; ber SBonncnjc^er 

(eine 2Crt Jfalf e)« 

Caatren'sian, a. m eincm Soger gcl^orig. 
Caa'nal, a. juffittig; — ly, ad. —ness, 

». bie Suf&ttigfeit^ — ty, a. ber Sufad, 

bo5 Unpef&^r. Casualties, pi, SebC6t»crs 

f&Se, bte burd) Jtrieg ober anbcre Urn? 

ftinbe tjeronta jt wcrbcn. 
Cas'uary, a. ber ©ofuan 
Caa'uist, a. ber itofuijt. 
Cat, a. bie ^a|c. —call, —pipe, bic 
€f(I^V€ipfeifc, Mbpf^ift. cato'-ninctaila, 


eine 9)eitf(^e mtt nenn Gtr&ngfR/ l\t 

Catachrtsis, a. ber 99{ifbrand» einer Webe* 

fignr, Catachretf/tkal, a. geiwungW/ »«tt 

f^ergel^ctt, iibertrieben. 
Cat'aclysm, a. bie ileberf<^nnntitt^ 
Cat'acombs, a. jpl. bie SSegrfibntf^^^len/ 

Catacoua ties, a. |rf, T. bie Se^re wm SQBte? 

Catadwp'tric, — «1, a. bo6 gi^t surfidfflro^s 

Catag^mitic, a. T. fefhnad^b, ftfirfcnb, 

95rttd>e l^eilenK 
Catalcp'ais, — y, a. T. ccntJUtfiHf^ @torr? 

fud)t, Bcrruttnng be^ ©eJ^imfs. 
Cat'alogne, a. ber (Sotafog, bo6 SSer^ic^; 

Catamite, a. ber ^nr Unitt^t gel^altcnc 

CAtapasm, a. T. bo^ @tre«pnl»er. — pkaa, 

a. T.ber ^rfiuterumfdjlog. 
Cataphonios, a. |rf. bie ge^rc »em SnriWr 

praHen be6 @^at[6« 
Cat'anust, a. ber SBSofferfoU; ©taor im 


Cattrrh, a. bcr JtuJ tm ^flttpte, ftfltft 
@dbnnpf«n^ — al, — ous, a.'cotl)arrftoltPi* 

Cktafi^trophc, a. ber traurige 2Cn^gong, bte 

•Catch, t). a, fangen, faffen, ouffongen, 
etijreifen ; erwifd)en, ertoppen, iiberfal? 
ten ; einnel^men, gcwinnen ; nod^ en»Q5 
grcifen, noc^ ctwo^ ^ofd)en. — a dis- 
ease, eine JRranEbeit burd) 2(nfledhin9 
befommcm — cold, fid) cr!5tten« *. n. 
anjlerfenb fern, onftcrfen. a. bo6 gon? 
gen, ber ^oixi%\ Slunbgcfang; bic crs 
griffcne unb bcnu|te ©clegcnocit, ber be? 
nu|te Umftanb ; HBcrtftcit ; bie Caucr ; 
bcr3tt)ifd)cnraum, bie 9)oufc; SBerfif)» 
rung,2(nftedung; ein tcid)tcr, wr^win? 
bcnber ©inbrurf ; ber ^ofen (^iir ^rom? 
pe cber illinfc an bcr %mx) ; ber 
®riff ; eine ?(rt ftcincr @d)iffc. —pen- 
ny, cine fdjtcd)tc $8rc(d>fire cber gfiigs 
fd)rift. —poll, bcr ©crid^tsbiener, |)&s 
fd^cr. —word, T. bcr €ujlc#. — er, g, 
bcr (Srgrcifcr, ^dfd)cr ; bcr 5ifd)^amcn. 

Citchup, 9* cine ou5 t»crfdfticbencri 95c? 
getabitien bereitcte @aucc« 

Cat'echiae, •. a. fated)ijircn, bnrd> ^as 
gen untcrrid)ten , fragen. — chism, a. 
bcr .^fltcd)tfmu^, bag Jragcbwd), bcr 
Swgeuntcrrid)t. — chist, a. bcr ^atc* 
^ct, Swpctcfirer, — chiimen, a. bcr ^a? 

Cat'egorical, a, T. bcftimmt, au^br&fttd^; 
— ly, ad, —gory, a. T. bic ^(affc, bo^ 

Caten&rian, a. fcttcnottic. — ^nAte, ». a. 

an cine ^cttc Icgen/ t?erfctten^ — iidtkiii» 
a. bic SSctfcttung. 


Otter, I. bie SSter im @pic( ; bet, toctdKt 
gebcn^mittet anfcftafft/ ber ^rcviantfchofs 
fct. — oowdn, bet weitl&uftlge SJcttct, 
Sif<ibfcttet:; «^ a. Sebcn^nnttcl anfd)ajfcn^ 
sjKunbDcrratb faufcn. — <r, ». bet ^to»i? 
antmeiftet, —^es, •• bie TCufigeberfn. 

Caterpillar, ». bic 9laupc 

Cat'erwavd, e. si. fd^reicn lote bie .fta^en^ 

miauen; ein unandcne^me^ ®et6fe ma? 

d)eiu «. t>ai ita|en(;ef(iftteu 
Ciues, «. p2. bie ^peifcn, £e(f et6tffeiu 
Cathar'tical,— tic,fl. putgitenb^ abffi^tenb. 
Oath^al, a. ju bet IDcirlitd^e obet 

.^aupt!ttxi6e ge{)6tt9. t. bie ADemfitd^e/ 

C&theter, t. T. bet itotbetet» 
OiithoH<»8m, f. bet fat^oCifc^e ®(anbe. 

—lie, a, taX^tii^6), atlgemein. s. bet 

Jtat^it —Hcon, ». bie Unit>etfatot|e«et ; 

ba« attgemeine SBottetbuc^ 
Cat'kiii, «. T. bo^ ^&t<^* 
Catlike, a. {a|en^aft 

Catling, 8. ba(( BetgUebetung^meffet ; bie 

Catop'trical, a, T. fotopttifdft. -4ricg, ». 

jrf. T. bte Jtatopttif , @piegetle^te. 
(Mfwa^ (Ketchup), eiti ^amt, au6 eittges 

faf^nen (El^ampianon^ beteitet 
Cit'tie, «. ba6 gt^fete SStel^, ^fetbe iinb 

D4fen/ befonbet^ t>a^ 9tinbt)teb* 
Cin'euB, 8. bie pcUtif^e, bie ^al^l ju 

effettHid^tt Xemtetn Mtbeteitenbe 9Sets 

Oan'date, a. gefd^lQ&nst 
Caddie, t. bie SBeitifuppe. «. a. SS^einfuppe 


Cau^ ». bet gifd^fafteiu 
Cacurht, preL 4r i»^* (90n to catch) fing, 


Cwik, f . ba^ ftedige -$taueng(a& 
Caul, 8. bas 0{e^/ ^auptnel, |)oatne$, 

f>erti(!enne^; bte ^t^i^ani, ba5 Bmetgs 

Cral'dron, «. bet ite|feL 
Caidif 'eroua, a. @t&ngeC tteibenb* 
Caul'iflower, «. bet JBtumcnfobU 
CaHponate, 0. n. ®a^itt^d)aft ttetben. 
Cautf'al, a. ux[h6)lx6}, tint Utfad>e cntbaC* 

tenb. — lallty, —sdtioii, t . bie Utfocbc* 

— A'aiife, a. etne Utfad^e anjeioenb* 
Caiise, ». bie Utfocbc, SSetanldffung/ bet 

Oniiib; bte 9le(4t^fa(i)e. v. a. t)etutfa:: 

<Sen, XntoS gebeiu — leas, ». oWc lit? 

fac^, gtnnMoew — al, a. utfptdngticb ; 

— ly, oil. — er, ». bet tltf)ebct. 
OMu'eway, Caus'ey, «. ein et^c^etct unb 

aepffaftcttct aSeg, bet iDamnu 
Cwwldictl, fl. eincn Xbt>e!aten betteffenb. 
Cans'tie, 0. ^enb, bei^enb. «. ba^ 2Ce|s 

Cadtel, ». bic SSetfi*t, »ebenf(i*!eit 

— f ekms, a. be^utfam ; lifttQ/ loctjcblagen ; 


Caut'ery, t. ba6 JBtefiMeit ebtt X«|(ii; 

ba6 JBtcnneifcn. — rizdtioo,».ba$a9tetts 

ncH/ 2(e|cn. — t'eriw, t>. a. btettnett, 6^^ 

Caption, ». bie S$etfi<!)t/ ©ebutfumfeit ; 

@i(betl)eit, ©fttgf(ftaft; bic Stitwietung, 

aSatnung. v. a. wotnem — ary, «. fi(betnb. 

^ut €>i(bet6eit bienenb, 
Qiutioua, a. Ui)nifam, wtMtig. — ly, 

ad. — ness, ». bie JBe^utfotttf eft ; fOots 

CavalcAde, ». bet TCuftug ju 5)fetb^ 
Cavalier, ». bet (5ot)attet, Sleitet, JRittet. 
a. btat), ebel ; ftol^, wt&d^tUcft ; — 4y, orf. 
Cdvalry, «. bie SReitctci* 

CavAte, v. a. aVL^l)hl)Uxu 

CavAtiaii, ». bie 2(nlegttti9 bet ^ettet. 
CAve, 8, bte ^iW, (StHbC/ ^tttft; ^^9 

tung. V. m, au6^d^(en. t>. n. in einet $6^e 

C&veat, 8. bie (Stitinctung) SBatitung, 

bet ©infptud^, Scfd)lag« 
CaVem, ». bie |)6fite* — -ed, a. mit ^^b^^n 

t>etfel^n/ au^gel[^ob(t; in ^6b(en wo^s 

tienb. —008, a. Mtt twn S^h^t1^* 

CaVesson, 8, bet itapp^tttlU 

Caviare, Cav6er, 8^ bet (SattOt, ^ttt? 


Cairil, «.<!. ^tk jpiffinblg t«betn/.fhreiten, 
cbiconitcn. «. bic ©epbiftetei, ©piftflns 
bia^eit, 6^icane* — ittbn, «. bie fpi^« 
ffribige SBibettebe, Jtttttbt»ittige ®tteits 
fu*t — !»♦ »» bet ©epMft/ Sbi^anent, 
fpifcfinbigc SAnfet; — toros, s. fop^ifltf(b, 

Cav'in, ». T. bct ^oWwcg* 

Cav'ity, 8. bie ^ebtuttg, ^6^^/ Jltuft. 

Caw, t). n, f t6cb*en. 
Cax'ou, f. T. bie 

(Sramoffc t)ett 5,000 

Cay'mau, t. bet (Soipiofi/ (cine Ktt 6tes 

Cease, v. n. atif^ctcn, nadfttaffeit^ p @nbe 

ferjn, »ctgebett/ tubcn. ». «. ein Vinbe 

ma&itn, auftotcn mad^em — leia, a. »tts 


Cecity, ». bie JBUnbbeit. 
Cectitienoy, 8, bie 93(6bft4ftg(eit 
C^ar, 8, bte €ebet. *--deni, — drine, a. 


C6de, ». a. abttctcn, fibcrtoffen* 
Ced'uous, a. f&Ubat/ fd)lagbat. 
Ceil, t). a, tftfctn. — ing, «. btc get&fette 

3)ec!e ; bo« ISfifelwetf, bie JDeae eme^ 

Cerandine, t. bic 6d^n)a(bennmt| / bo^ 

Cel'ature, t. bie SBilbgt&bctci, ©ilb|<!>nel« 

Cerebrate, v, a. pteifctt ; fcictn, bcgel^ 

— brdtion, 8. bie @tl^cb«ng/ iNbtebe; 

GeteruMB, «. bct nitib»tttje(ide ^ctknc, 

Celer'ity, f. Die ©ef^minblgfcit 
Cerery, t . bcr ©ettmc, 
Getes'tiid, «. Ji^tmmlifc^* «. bet f>immcUUs 
meaner ; — ^ti<2. — tify, «. a. gum ^immct 


CdWiiie, f. ter Sotefhnermondft* 

Cel'iac, o. aunt Untetileibc gcljicttd* 

Cefibainr, —bale, «. bet e^ctdfe ^tattb. 

Cell, t. bte SeOe, JtlefteraeUe, 

CelOar, ». bet JteUet. — oge, ». ba5 itet^ 
Cctgefcftcfc bte Jtettetei ; bet ^cttctain^. 
— irt, ». bcc Jtetlnet, Jtetlctmeiftet. 

Cellular, a. ou^ f (etncti ^e^tcn obct ScUcn 

Cels'itade, a. bte (Stj^abetil^eit/ |>o^eit 

Ctoient, ». bte Mt^inbenbe sataHm, bet 
ititt, ba6 Sot^ ; bag S5anb, bie SSetbin^ 
bung. ». «. tttteii/ t)et6lnben. ». «. fcfl 
fnjn, gttfftmmetil&attgem — Ation, ». ba^ 
itltten, SJetbinbeiu — er, ». ba^ SSetfein? 

Cem'etery, ». bet Jttt*^of/ ®otte^oc!ct. 

Ctoatorj, a. gttt 2(6enbma^(a^tt ge^ottg* 

Cenobitical, a. f (6ftetUdft. 

Ceadris, a T. bte Dletniguna be$ ^2tpet& 
CenWph, «. bad (S^tenataoma^L 
C^nse, «. bte ^teuet, Sd^olung. v. a. t&u? 

*etti/ f*o|em ^ ^ .. . 

Cen'eer, «. bte maud^pfanne, Jto^lpfattne. 
Cen'sor, «. bet (Senfot; S3dc^ettt(i^tet ; 

Sabtet. — ian, 0. ben 6enfot ange^enb. 

— ious, a. tabelfiidfttig ; — ly, ad, — ious- 

ne8s,'f. bie SSabetfU(it — ship, ». ba« 

Cen'raraUe, «. tobell^afi; lltofbat, —new, 

». bte S^abetn^w&tbtgfeit 
Cen'sural, a. — rdl, ba«^teuet6U(6/ Binds 

tegiflet. —sure, t. bte ^ttafe, bet ffiers 
' m\^, Sabel; ba« Uttfteit. ».«• tabcln; 

wtuttl^eiten. — Burer, ». bet Sablct. 
Cen'suB, 8, bte B&^(und,bte ^ctB^^tung. 

Cent, ». bad ^unbett. at six per cent, ^u 

fedbd ^tocent 
Cen^taur, 8. bet (Sentaut; @d6u|e (tm 


Cen'taury, <. bod ll^aufenbgfitbenf taut 
Cen'tenary, a. ^uflbett bettcjfenb* ». bad 

3a&t^unbett, bie fiunbettia^tige gciet. 

Cen'tennial, a. ^unbetti&^tig* 
Cen'ter, see Cen'tre. 
Centesimal, «. etn 49unbettftet. 
CentifiduNis, a. I^unbett6t6ttetig. 

Cen'tinel, 8. bie @cfei(btt)ad)C. 

Centipede, ». bet ^unbettfu? (ein fiiftiQed 

Cen'to, 8, ^a^ g(ic!n)etf , ©toppetwet!, ein 

Cen'tral, a. tm SWittetpunft l&cfinbtid), ben 

SRtttetpunft betteffenb ; — ly, ad. 
Cen'tre, ». b«t SKittctpuntt »• a, ouf ben 
i SXitteiputtft fieOen, wwinigen. v. tu im 



^tttctpunEte ru()en^ t>etetntget fem^ 
—trie, a. in ben 9Kittc(puntt ^cfMu 
— trifugal, «. Mm gxtttclpunfte m^xcs 
cicnb. — tripetal,«.nad) bem SEKtttelpunfte 

Cen'try, 8. bie ©d^ilbnwd^e* —Ua^ bad 
@cf)i(ber^aud. . 

Centiiple, a. ^unbcttfad^ — ^p'licate, i>. a, 
f)unbettfa(ti9 mac^en. — riate, v, a. in 
^unbcrtc tl)ci(cn. — rion, «. bet J&aupt? 
mann fibct ^unbctt, — ry, ». tad ^un? 
bctt; SaWunbett. 
C^i^alalgy, 8, T. bad l^cftigc ^cpfroe^ 
Cephal'ic, «. ^m ^auptc bicnti(^ 
Cera8'tes,«. cinc Qc^crntc ©d)(an9e. 
Cerate, «. bic 2BacJ)8fatbc, bet 2i5ad^dum? 
fd)(a9; bic fiBad^dletnwanb* — ed, ad, 

Ceraiinia, «, jrf. bie ©cnnctftcinc. 

Cere, «. ff. n)id>fen* —cloth, — anient, bie 
gewidbftc Scinwanb. — ous, a. tt)&d)fitnl 

O^rebel, ». bad ^itntein. 

Cerebros'ity, «. bie ^itntt)Ut^. 

Cer'emony, ». bic ©ctcmcnie, JciettiA? 
feit/ bad ©ept&nae, — nial, a. badSe^ 
temoniel^bctteffeno/ jut (Setemcnic ges 
I^Otig, fotmlid); — Jy, arf. — nialness, 
8. bie S3ecba(i^tund au^ctct ^ebtauc^. 
— nioufi, 0. in au^etn ©cbt^udftcn beftes 
l&cnb, ^u &uSctn (Sebtaud&cn geneioit, 
f ciettic^/ umftanbUd^« — nioasness, 8, t!ad 
umftdnbtidbi/ feier(i<fec SBenc^men. 

Cer'rus, «. bic 3ett?6id)e, 

Cer'tain, a. gewi^ ; — ly, a<^. — ness, — ty, 

8, bie (^en}i$f)ctt 
Cer'tes, ad. gcwij^ gcwi^tiA. 
Certificate, «. bie Sefc^cintgung, -bet 

Cer'tify, «. 0. t)ct9c»ifl"ctn, bcnad^tic^ttgen^ 

Certitude, «. bic ®cn)i^^cit 
Certiordri, «. (i. e.) bct SefeW^bttef eined 

fecl&etn Octidbtd an ein untctcd, bie 2(c? 

ten obct a3cti^teinet<Sad)c ciniufenben. 
Certdean, — leous, a, l^immclbtau. — lif 'ic» 

a, Ua\x mac^enb* 
Cenimen, «. bad D^tcnfc^mat^ 
Ceruse, ». ^c^ 93(eitt)ci9* 
Cerv'ical, «. ^um Slarfcn Qel^cttg. 
Cesdrean, a. faifctlid). — section, bct ,RoT? 


Cespititious, a, aud 3lafcn gcmodyt, taffg. 
Cess, 8. bic @tcuet, ^(uflagc, @ciba|*rtig ; 

bad ^aa^, bic ^t^n^e. o. a. ©tcuem 

anftc^cn, l)cfd)a|cm ». «. »ctffiumen. 

— ment, «. bic ^tcuet^ ^d^a^ung. — «■, 

». bct 5)flid)tt>ct9cffcnc. 
Cessation, «. tog iufhctcn^bcr @tiffflonb» 
Cessdvit, «. (/. ^) t>ic ©tmongetutigd* 

Cessibil'ity, ». ttc 9?ad)9ic6igfcit — bte,«. 

Ces'sion, *. bic 2(6trctung, ^Zadftgelbiiii^ 


y-^mvrfim. abttetent, «. Ux fettle ®fiter ben 

^^dftttibttem obtrttt. 
Cest, CWtnt, a. tet ®firte( bef i3enu& 
GeUeeouB, «. woaft^ortlg* 
C^terach, «. ba^ 9}2t(g{raut (iltplenium). 
Chad, «. bie mefe, (S(fc, ®«obe (gfifd)). 
Chafe, T. 0. nMtrn xdhm, ttmhtmcn-^ m 

^t|en, etj^mcn. v- n. to6en, tv&t^en ; 

•^d) tctbciu ». bie 4^i|e, bet 3orn. — r, 

«. bie ^el&tpfttttne:; ber Jti&fer. — ry, 

«. bie @ffe m ben @tfenf)itteiu 
Chafi; «. bie 6^ett 4 etwo^ Stid^t^KD&tbis 

^e«, — less, «. o^ne ^preiu •— y, «.i[)ott 

9cn @prett, (eic^t n>ie @preu. 
Chaffer, n. «. f^mbebt/ fd6dd)em. e. ft. !ou? 

fen, taufc^en. «. bet |>anbe(, bie SBoore* 

— er, f. bet ji^fec — y, ». bet Sc^as 


Oiaf fern, «. bee Jteffet, bie SQ^Snnfifafd^e. 
/Chaffinch, ». bcr ©uc^finfe. 
Chifii^-dish, «. ba^ Jto^lbecten* 
Chdgrin, ». bet 85etd)tuf/ TCetfict, t». a, 

Chain, a. bie itette. —shot, bie jtettenfu? 

fleL ». fl. anfetten/ feffetn. 
Chair, ». bet Si|, ^ejfeC, ©tuM; bie 

^ttfte. --mail, bet 8Sot|i|et^ ^tofibent ; 


Chuse, «. ^te €^aife, ^at^fittfd^ey bet 
jweijt^tge Bogen. 

dialodgrapher, ». bet itttpf etfted&et* — i>hy, 
A bad itupfetflec^en. 
ChaFdron, «. ein jtol^tenma^ loon fe^d unb 
bteiftg @^etfe(n (hushels). 
Chal'ice, «. bet Jteld^ 
Oialk, «. bie ^teibe ; bet ^ol!. «. «. mit 
itteibe beaeid^nen ; bomit btingen ; ent^ 
tbetfen* — 'y» «• ^eibig. 

Challenge, «. a. ^etau^fbtbettt , auffots 
bent/mal^nen ; (ejd)u(bt0en ; einwenben, 
vetkoetfen ; ontufen (tote bie ©c^itbnxis 
<^en); fotbetn; (td^ anma^em «. bie ^ot? 
J^etung^ bet 2Cnfptu<l^; TCuffotbetung ; 
^etauigjvtbetttng; ^inmenbung. — ^r, 
A bet AUdfotbetec 

Chal/beate, a. jlal^tottiQ/ mit ©tol^l ges 

Chamide, a. bie ©d)amabe. 

Cham'ber, «. bie ^amtiet, ba^ ®ematft/ 
Bimmet ; bie 6tube* v. n. sDhtt^wiUen 
ttei^en/ mof^ttfiftig fej?n. —fellow, bet 
€kfctoffometflb« —maid, bie ^ommct« 
iongfet, ^ammetfrau ; bie ^au^magb^ 
bad l^audm&bd^en* — ing,«. ba$ @d)n}e(? 
geti* —fain, ». bet Jtommetfeett ; ^&ms 
ntetet; Simmetouffel^et. — lainship, «. 
bie SBfitbe eined Jtommctetfi cbct ^Qm« 

CharnHbtet, v. a. Bunt madden. 

Cham'brel, ». bad © ^intetfdften* 
f e( bed ^fetbed. 

ChamtieoD, a. bad (Sl^am&tcem 

Ckm'f^, --"tdt, a. bie 2Cu^fi;^(t!nd/ 2flinf 

CHA • 

ne, bet ^l^tfttetf. v. a.*9tinnen mod^n^ 
Chamlet, see Camlet 

Cham'ois, a. bie ®emfe« 
Champ, 0.0. 4rn. {auen, beiffett/ t>etfi^in? 

Cbampdgne, a. bec C^mpagnet^SS^ein. 
Champtogn,— pian, A bie (Sbene; «. eBen^ 

Chdmpeitor, a. (i. «.) bet 9)t0aejfe ctfauft, 
cbet ^cv\6)\xf auf gtcpe 3infen baju 

Cham'party, — perty, a. {I t.) bet WUC^Cts 

tid)c S3otfdf^up gu cinem 9>t03eg; bie 
3e6ntabgaben. , 

Chara'pignon, a. bet g)il5, ©ttfcfewamm/ 

Cham'pion, a. bet ^dmpfet, ©tteitct, 95ct? 
fed)tet. r. a. l&ctaudfotbctn» 

Chance, a. bct Sufatt, gatt, bad ®(fidf, 
llngefi^ «. jufdaig, ungefaftt. —med- 
ley, bec 3ttfatt/ a«f6ttige Sobt|(fe(ag. «.«. 
Miuttagen. — aUe, a. guffittig. 

Chan^ a. bad (S,l)Ct, bet 2lUat^a|. 

Caian'<jelk)r, a. bet jtangtet. — ship, a. bie 
^angtetn^drbe, bad ^anstetamt 

Chan'cery, a. bie ^angeEei. 

Chan'cre, a. bet ©d^anfet* — crous, a. 


Chandfiiier, a. bet ittOttCeud^tet, 
Ohand'leE, a. betftidftt3ic^et,^t&met. corn 

— » bet ^otnl&&nb(et. 

Change, n. -a. xooii^ein, &nbetn , Hvhns 
betn^ taufd)cm r. n. fid^ 6nbcm. a. bie 
SSetanbcnmg, bct as^cd^fct, Scufd) ; ^c^^ 
fieine ®e(b ; bie JBotfc. —able, a. tjct* 
6nbet(i(^ ; — ly, ad. — ableness, a. bie 
SSet&nbetUc^feit. — ful, a. unbcfl&nbig, 
njanfelmih&ig. —ling, a. bet aBed)feIs 
batg ; bet 2Ct6etne/ 0latt ; bet unOes 
fl&nbige 9}{enf(^* 

Chdngdl, a. bie totl&e Dd^fcngunge (cin 


Chdnger, a. bet SSed^dlet. 
Chdnna, a. bet SWeetbatfdf), Sinnftfd^. 
Cban'nel, a. bet (iana(, bad ^tupbett/ bie 

9linne, ^o^tung* «• «. SRinnen madden, 

Chant, V. a. fingen. a. bet Oefang/ bie 

SKelobie. — ress, a. bic @6ngctin. — ry, 

— ery, a. bet @ingcpla| , bic ©antotci. 

— er, a. bct @&nget. — icleer, a. bcr 

Chdos, a. bad (S^aod, bad (^emenge, bie 


Chaot'ic, a, (fi^aotifd)/ wftjtig, tjctwittt, 
(3iap, t>. a. 9?iffe octutfadben/ fpaltcn, v. ru 

auffpttngcn, 9liffe bcfcmmcm a. Xxxi 

2(uffptingen, bie ^p^Hz, bet 3li9 ; bet 

^innbacten; bet Sutfcfte* chaps, bad 

SXaut^ bet 9tad)en. 
Chape, a. bct ^atcu,ba^ ^xXfe^'«fe. — \«»^ 


Ci^nn, *. tfai ^ut T. nvt firine Jtte= 

ne, tin Jttanj. 
C]u4>'el, f. trie €ll|iell(. — lany, t. bt( l&ti: 

p((loli(i. ^ry, »■ blv 6apeni)Csiit. 
ChifwiB. «■ Kc Aoppc (tti Slittci tc? 

Ch^i/iler, «. T. biT efluUnf Klf> 
Cbapliin, r, ttj CapeDon, £iauSDiic{i(t. 

— ship, 1. tit Stellc euK5 Snv'^anS. 
ClMpTet, * tn ^Kinj, Wcfcntranj. 
Oup'muk, *. ttx Aftuftr. 
Chipaegar, ». tjt griinc g^nj^iijriife. 
Cbtp'ler, *. tool gapitcl. 
Clup'tRl, ». T. tat Sopitrt (ints $f 

Chu, V. a. itttoijltB. "■ 1. uiu Sagtloljli 

tienen. «- Ue Saci(atb<it ; bic eanCfce: 

forcltt. — woman, tie Sagelobnctin, 

CtinMa, », baj 3ei[%(tt, tet ®d)rif!: 

MM, SBuAflabe ; Int &im&ifjiar{, bus 

bUaBOTM, tk a. «in|cbniben, (iRpl:£9nl■ 
— im",*. W !Di£tEjeid|in i Bit eftatafj 
fctifht. — WUcal, a. (tfltnifivimli*, t^= 
tflterijitftb.— in'ticalnraB, ». ioi 6tiar(* 
l<ri|ltfa)<> -'is'tic, 0. t^aratttriftifd). i. 
tie QhaMEKiiftifj fflejeiifenunti. — iie, 
v.a. [Bawtttrtlirtn, tiJicidjnen ; tinttfi: 
den, cinpiiem- — 1«». a- obnc Qbntat: 
ttr, tm* ntftli Qusgejeidbiwl. — y, «■ 
bas fflictfinol, bit Unifrfditibuns. 

Cbuide, (. bte S^ambt, bog Silbcm 

ChiniviiiBiit.jJ, bit Wtttfisftn. 

duT'cmO, «. titf ficljIoMt. 

Oard, «. la Jtepf son Slitttm. 

Chuge, 0. a. lobtn, belabcn, auftcgen, 
aufbihiten; aufttoiitR, anncttrar-" 
(infA&cftn ; btfAutliietn, anftni^en , 
(|Ttifrii,einbnn9tn,tint>aucn. (.bieSaf), 
Mibt, edbung ; ter Xuftwg, Seftl;!; 
bit Gnnabnung, TLxireit ; @etgt, Kuf: 
S*f,bflsamt; bit fflef*iwrbe; Jttjfltn, 
Xuftage; bit anDntroutt ^CTTon/ bti 
^t^Unfi, boe pfltflefinb, bcr aKfinber, 
3«3[tns; bte anElage, £Btfdiulbiining, 
btt AtoBdiunft; t« Itnqiiff, Ttnfna; 
bit JBan>tii%uT ; tin ®d)uil(i:p1Tafier 
fiSt ^jfttbe. — nMe, •. tSftin, btfitttc= 
It*, jut Soft foUtnb -, mi8atft|t, unltti 
iBcrftn; wtortnutfli*, toftfo''l'9' fi^fi' 
bat; — ly, ad. — ^blenuse, ». bit Bcft= 
taiftit, SoflfpitCiflttit. 

Char'jtCT, ». tie ©iale, qw6( ®*ani'[, 

Charily, W. befiBtfom, feigfMlig. —dim, 
*. bit SBefimfftiiitttt, ©orgfalL 

Caiiriot, ». btr SBogtn. o. «. fi 
— «er, ». ber fiutirfKt, gafiroiann. 

Chsr'i^, ». tie 3firiIiif)Ettt, iitbe, ai3tc, 
©utmfil^iaftit ; Swigctiufctt , OTilbt, 

ta^Xlawfia. — sdiooJ, Bic Mtnitnfdjule. 

—able. a. miftt, MO^ft^Mg, Rt6fri^ 
— ly, ad. —Meaett, : bit ®tlt*ittj» 

tdi, >Biilte, {S4lt bf« 4btrjtTri. 

Chark, v. a. VitM)\tll, jQ AtblOl bMns 

Chnr'latan, «, bet tWortlftbwwt. — iesi, ■. 

ni(itElfd)rticriW« ~^' »■ *'* 9»m(I» 

Charles, ». Jtalt OMrles'twaJn, Bo j Ot: 

dim beS flwfiw aSttn. 
Chirlock, i. bet StlbFenf, :S(*ttftnf. 
aiann,o.B, btjoiittn.ttijfn. ».bet3tdj, 

Sauttr. — er,*. btr St|an(trtT, bic Str' 

Char'nclhoiisc, (. ba£ Sttn^HWi- 
Chui, t. bit @ttf arte. 

Char'ter, s. tit Urtunbt, btt ®nobtBf 

brief, bcc a}cm*t66ti(f, loi Betreit. 
— house, bic Sattftaufe. — •d.a. jwirtJt* 
flirt, bftiotrecbtigt. , 

CWvel... ttvJtttbtl. 

Chliy, a. fcrgfnin, tt^tfam. 

ChoBB, B. a. iagtn, btgtn, nairf'tftn, mts- 
fplgtn. «. bit Saab, SBtrfelgung ; btr 
Sagbbcjirf ; lot ©eftigt, bit 3oqb ; Mr 
Siunt, 3Iti«filfi(«H9- — e^. »■ bet 3iBn, 
fflptftft^tr, tutrjWgtt. 

Cbaain, a. bit itat, JCfuft, bit CAIanb, 

ChiBBeloB, (. btt ^tcbtl, ^trfilttB< 

ChaMe,a. fcB0, jSAtig, itin, lauttt ;— ^* 
ffif. Chait'ity, CUrtsDeH, t. bit Jttnflir 

ficil, SKcinfieit 

chdstGD, cbistiBe, CO. jddrtigtn, jfi^mn. 

Chas'tiaoment, ». bi( Sflt^tigniig. 

CbBt,«. baF9cfEtin>Ei|,i9eniafd)t;Bi<Jt&$> 
Aim an £giumtn. t>. a.^' «■ fdimoetn,. 

CMioG, >' bus 6(bU«, Safitn. 
ChEt'ellany, i. Bit eaflcOanti. 
Chaftcl, >. bas Bcweglic^c Hctmistn. 
Chst'ter, s. n. ptaubem, pttippem ; mil' 
ten 3£^<n ftotipcni. «■ bus Stplnitbet;. 

— boi. —pie, bit ylopptttofdlC. — <ir, »^ 

bcr ^lanbcrtr, ^Kpptcti; betStibtn? 
fdnoanj, qjf efierwgtl. 

Chnfwood, ». Ba6 SBtiSftrij, tfira ^di 

ChaVender, «. btl JtaulbitTfiib (tin ^(i^). 

"' ffluen. Bee Chew. 

.s. pI.btcJtalbi)Utttn. 

Cheap, a. wcfilfcil, gering ; — ly, «*■ —en, 
c. a. Editfcn motlfn, Mctcn, ^anbtln, fci(s 
fdicn : roehlftijet mocben. — ness, i. tie 

Chear, &c. see Cbeer. 

Cheat, ». tut Sttnig; ffletrflgciv »■ «■ be* 
trilgim. — er, ». btt aSttrSgct. 

Check, a. tcr £tD|, @in^1l, Satini, Hn? 
ftrp ; bic einflftr&ntung, bos ^inbcnitf, 
berSGerwtiS;. ^MirifQug, SBcjichungte 
roccMcl, ffiUt^feir*"" ; ba« <Sd>oiK. 

—mate, frfwAmolt. to — male, fbaifM 

nio« mad)cn. ■■ «■ lUiid 6«U(ii* Vcn* 

men, a^men ; ^xvoci^it^ fc^tetu «. n* 

Chec'ker, (Chequer,) v. a. wixflx^ obet 

fc^dHg mof^en, 6unt mac^cn* «. tie ein^ 
ietegtc otet wurfiidbc 2Cr6eit —board, 
ia$ ^a#rctU — ^te, o^ nnirflid)* 
—work, t>ic tt)firflic^ 2(rbetl, 

Cheek, t . bet aSacfcn, bie iBange* — by 
jowl, nal^e beifammcn, neben etnanber* 
—bone, ba^ 93o(fen6ein» 

Cheer, «. bie ^peife^ fBtmixtfyxttQ ; (5tn$ 
(abung mr ^unbc ; bie greube/ S^^^' 
tid)fett, bet ^to^finn ; ba^ @k{td>t^ bie 
SO^iene; ®emfitl^^j!eaund. what—! wa& 
giebt e6 1 loie ge^t e$ I «. a. nf^xtem, 
SJtatl) maditn, ermuntewt. —up, v. n. 
fid^ erl^eitetn/ fid^ fceuen^ — er, «. bet 
TCufmunteret, (Scpeiteter. —&!,«. fr^^s 
li^/ aufgewedt/ t)etanddt/ mnnUt, f)tU 

tet ; — ly^ od. — ^fulness, — ^iness, s, bie 

^eitetfeit/ bet gtc^fimu — le«, a, fteu* 
bcn(o«/ mutl&tog. — y, «. — ly, a,Sfad, 
hciUx, itcf), luftio. 

Cheese, ». bet ^ofe^ —bowl, —vat, bet 
it&fes9lopf. —cake, bet 3lal&mlii(^ 
—monger, bet jt&fef t&met. 

Chees'y, a, f &ftg« 

ca»6ly, ». bie ^tei&^r(f)eetc* 

Chemise, 9. ba^ SBet&et^emb* T. bie ^? 
tetmattet eine^ IBadet^ 

Chemis'try, see Chymistry. 

Qierlsh, «. a, etwdtmen^ pflc^m, untet* 
fiil$en^ etn&l^ten ; wettt) patten^ fel)t Ue^ 
ten. — er, f. bet Untctjlu^et, 95ef4ii|«* 
— ment, ». bie 9)flcge, Untetflfilung. 

Cher'ry, ». bie ^ttf(^ a. Citfc^tOt^. —tree, 
bet ^itfd)baunu 

Cher'sonese, «. bie ^otOitlfet, 

Chert, «. bet CLuon, 

Cher'ub, «. (|)2. Uherubim,) bet @l^etu(^ 

bie (Sl^etubinu 
Chembic, Ch^ubine, a. im l^l^en ©tobe 

Cher'ap, v, n. ^witfdKttt/ jitpeiu 
Cher'vel, ». ber SKufton obet ^itfd&6od^ 
Cher'vil, s. bet itctbeL 
Cheslip, ». bie @d)tt)ein^tau$/ bie TCffeL 
CSies'nat, Chest'nut, 8. bie ^oftttttie. fl. f os 

ftanicnbtautu —tree, bet^altanicnftoum. 
Caiess, ». baS 0dba(^pi«f» — Aboard, ba6 

^ad^6tett —man, bet ^a^ftein, 
Ches'som, a. bie (odeve (Stbe* 
Chest, ». bie ^iftc, i^a!bc, bet Soften ; bie 

SBtufl. — of draweKs ». bie (Semmobe. 

v.a. einfd)(ic^en. -foundered, ^et^fd^lSd^ 

tig/ enafetfiftig, 
Cfaest'ed, a. gefetfiftet broad— » eine bteite 

SBtuft ^flbenb. narrow—, fcfcmotbtfiflig. 
Ches'ton, t. eine 7(rt ^flaumcn. 
Chevalier, «. bet Slittet, 6o»atiet. 
Chevauz de frise, ». pi, bie ©panifcften 

CSievH «• bi^ Siege ; U$ 3UQenUUx. 


Chev'n,*. httSLdU^fiOi. 

Ch^visance, ». bic Untctite^niung* 

Chev'ion, «. bct ©patten (in bet SBiip*" 

Chew, e. a. 4r «• ttucn ; Jig* noc^flnnen^ 
6eben!en/ iibcrlegcn. to — the c«d, m^s 

ChicAne, s. bie JReittftetbtel^nng ; (&f)xs 
tarn, ^intetlifl, 2Ctg!ift v. n, bad 9lcd)t 
tH^tbte^en, 2(t^(ifl avc^^m, el^ifoniten* 
— er,».bet@d)tfanet^l)icanetit,Ked)t{!5 
Detbtc^et, — ly, ». bad Gl^ifaniten, bic 

Qiick, —en, «. bad Jt Wetn/ ^ill^nd^en^ 

—en-hearted, oetjagt, feio. — en^)ox,ba^ 

StiefeL —weed, bet 4^ul^ttetbatm (eine 

•Wanje). -^mg, #. bad JtficWein* 

Chicoe, Chigoes, Ghiegoes, s. pi, {(eine to? 

t^e SS^fttmet, bie tn ben mudtutofen ^l^ei? 

(en bed menfd>(id)en jiotpetd bmen. 
•Chide, v.a,^fu 85enoetfe geben/ fd^mfi? 

Un, f4e(ten ; mit 93etn>eifen fottiogen ; 

(dtmen. — er, s, bet @d^&(enbe,€Si^(? 

tenbe/ Sab(et, 
Chief, a. bet (gtfle, ® otaiig(i^)te^S5 wnehms 

fie. f. bet 2CnfS&tet/ »ef<(i(dl^a6et, M 

^(et^aupt Commander in ohieC bet 

£)bet6efjWdi&abet. —less, a, ol^e bhtts 
hanpi, o^ne Xnfft^et, — 4y, ad, wt? 
nel^mlui^/ l&auptf&ci^(i(^. —tain, «. bet 
2(nffif)tet^ iad ^anpt 
Chil'blain, ». bie gtoftbett(e« 

Child, «. bad ^inb. with — , f(^attget» 
—bearing, bie g^iebetfunft ; bad ®e^&5 
ten. —bed, bad Jtinbbett — bbth, bie 
dJe&utt/ Sf^iebetfunft v, a, gebfiten, l&et* 
ocrbtingem — ed, a. mil ^tnbetn »ets 
fcl^cn. —hood, s; bic ^tnb^eit — ^ish,^ 
a. finbifci ; — fy, ad, — irimess, $, bad 

!inbifd)e aOBefen. —less, a. finbetfed. 
—like, a, einem ittnbe hf)nixd^, fmbets 
baft, finbifd). 
Child'ermass-day, a. bet jtinbettog^ bad 

^eft bet unfd&u(btoett Jtinben 

Chifiad, ». bie (S^itiabe^ t>a^ SSoufenb, 

Chill, a. iait, ftoflig ; ftietmb, fd)aubetnb ; 
mutWod, niebetgef(^(agen.. «. bet gteft^ 
bie ^ftttC/ bet @d^aiiet« «. a- fa(t ma^ 
Actt/ etfttcten,mutij)(od ma^n. — iness, 
— ness, 8, bic ^&(te^ bet ®<^uet; — lyr 
a, etwad !a(t. 

Chimb, ». bic ithnmc. 

Chime, 8. bie Swfammcnfftnttming , ber 
©inflang ; bod ®(ecfcnac!&trte,. &Mens 
fpic(. V, a. bic ®locf en (outcn.. ». n. Kin*^ 
Qcn, tencn, cinjlimmij fpn, in fflejie? 
oung fct)n. —in, fibetetnftimmen. 

Chimera, ». bad ^itnjefpinft* Chimer'- 

ical, a. eittgebi(bet, gtitlcnboft ; — ly, «A 
Chim'inage, «. bad ^cgge(b mtdf eincQ 

Chim'ney, a. tit ^QXcCva, ^Ms^^fw^'oc^^ 


--^weeper, bet Ck^mftcinfegei;/ Jtamtn^ 

Chin, 8, ba< ^intu —cough, ber itcici)r 

China, «. bfl* 5)etceUan« —man, bcr ^Jors 
f cttan^&rtbCct. -Mwrange, bic fli^c 9)cmc5 
tonae^Welpnc. —root, bic ^ebcrrtnbc. 

Chinch, f . bte SBanjc. 

Chine, ^ bi^t StMgxat, ba^ 9{tic!cnft(i(I, 
Jh»iQ. t). s. ben IRMcn fpattcn. 

Chingle, 9, bet (^ric6, grobc @cinb. 

Chink, «. bte 9{t^e, bcr @palt ; ba5 ©e; 
fiimpet ; ba5 ®etb/ bic SKilin^e. v. a. 
4r n, Kingen/ fUnnjcrn. — y, o. rilig, 

Chin'ned, a. etn^iltn l^aScttb, 

Chinse, «. s. ^ bic Ki|e« niit SBerg wr? 


Chints, f . bet dif 

Chioi/pines, *». ^. ^ol^c 2Bci6crf(6ul&c, 
Chip, v. a. fc^netben/ l^uen ; 5ctif(i)ncibcn/ 

jctfificfeltt ; fd^nilciu— ping, s. bcr @pon, 

ba(( @tfi(I(^n. 
Chirdgra, «. bad (Sl^iragra/ bte (^td^t on 

ben ^nben* 

Chirk, 'i}.in. gitpen* 

Chirof'«ipher, — phist, ». bct ©(ftrcibct. 

— |fljy, f. bo5 6Atcibcn,2(6fcim(>cn. 
Chirorogy,«. bic ^ittactfprad^c* 
Chiromancy, «. bte (S^ttomanttC/ ^a^r^ 

fagerei ou5 ben ^6nbcn/ ^anbwttfttfos 

fleret* — cer, s, bcr ©l^iromont 
Chirp, «. n. jtrpen^ gwitfd^cm. t>. o. cr^ 

freuen, frol^tic^ madden* «• t>ai (Btiwiu 

fi^er, Strpen. 

Chirur'geon, «. bcr fffiunbargt. — gery, «. 

bie 89&tnbor^nei!unfl» — gical, a. ci)i: 


Chitfel, f. bcr SKciJct. v. a, meif'ctn. 
Chit, ». bad ^inb(l)cn ; bcr ^cim (an bcm 

® etreibe unb bcm 9Ka(^c) ; bcr @ommcr? 

fled/ bie ©ommerfproffc. ». n. !cimcn/ 

Chit'chat, ». bad ®cfprdd&/ ©cptaubcr, ®c> 


Chit'terlings, «. pi. bie ^albauncn. * 
Chif^, a. ftnbifA. 
Chiv'alrons, a. rittcrtid^ ; frieacrifcft. — ry, 

•9. bie Slitterfc^aft, Slittcrwarbc ; bic rits 

terlic^n (gi9enfd)aftcn, SapfcrEcit, bie 

ritterttdbe Unterne^munp. 
Chives, ». pi. bic ©taubfabcn in ben 95tus 

men ; einc 2Crt f tciner 3n)icbe(n. 
Chivet, 9. bie SKurjetfofcr. 
Chlor«5eM,». bie SBUic^fud^t/ Sungfcrfranfs 


CWdate, «. bic ©(i^ofetabe. 
Chbice, s. btc SBaW/ 2(u^tt)aM/ t)cr ^cm. 

fl. audertcfcn, oortreffUd) ; fcrgfdltici, gc? 

nau ; — ly, ad. —less, a. bcr §rcif)cit 

5U w&Wen 6crout>t, nidbt fret. — ness, «. 

bie au^r(efcne Scfd^affen^cit, bcr Ocfcns 



Choir, 8. bet Gl^er ; bad ^^cr. 

Choke, V. a. wurgcn, crflidtcn, crroir^ 
gen; flcpfcn, vcribpfcn; l)inbcrn, fjcnu 
men; untcrbrfidfcn / fibcrroalttgcm to 
— up, t»crftcpfcn, 8. bcr 33art auf bcm 
SBobcn bcr 2(rttfd)e!c, bic ©ticffafcn. 
—pear, bic ®tictbtm (cinc ?(rt roitbcr 
|)c(^()imen) ; bcr ^ncbct (im gr^unbc); 
bcr 2Cu€brucf ebcr bic 9tcbc^ wcnut man 
jcmanben ben SKunb ftopff. — er, «. bcr 
SBiirgcr, ©rjltrfcr ; bad SSfirgmittcI^ (St? 

Chdky, a. n>firgc«b, crftidcnb. 

Choler, 8. bic ®allc ; ber 3cm. — ic, a. 
aaUffid^tig, F)i|i9, i&ftscrnig, scmig. 

Choose, v.a.Sfn. toa\)kn, cnc&^tcn, ^as 
ben WCUen. cannot choose but, !<jnn 
nic^t nm^in, mu^ notl^wcntig. 

Chop, v.a.Sfn. I^aucn, ()Qcfen, ^crFjacfen, 
^rfd^ncibcn; fpattcn^ auffpringcn ma? 
d)cn ; pte|(icfe auf cttvad ftopcn ; fid) pl^s 
tidy crcigncn ; n)cd)fc(n, t)crn)cd)fc(n ; tails 
fd)cn, t)crtauf(^cn ; 8Sortc n)cd}fcfn, flrei? 
ten, chopt hands, aufgcfprungcnc ^dn* 
be. to — off, ab^aucn. — about, pd) 
p(c|(id) finbcm, fid) unife|cn, fd) bres 
l&en. — at, noc^ etwad fd)nappcm — up, 
n)C9fd)nappcn / t)crfd)(ucfcn. chopping- 
block, ber ^odbtcd. — ^knife, bad ^arf« 
mcjfcr. 8. ber @Anitt^ tfa^ ®t&d, gam 
SRoftcn obcr SBratcn; bic ©arbonobe; 
ber SRi?/ ©palt; ^innbadcn. chops, 
bad 5Kaul ; bie gj^finbung ; chop-house, 
bad (SpcifeF)aud^ bie ®ar!fic^c. 

Chop'in, «; ber ©dbcppcn, t>a^ 02cf*ct. 

Chop'ping, a. we\)lc^cnh\)tt, fctt, ptump. 

Chop'py, a. ucUcr Stiffc cbcr ©patten* 

Ch6ral, a. jn bcm (S^or cbcr ©cttgcs 
fang Qcl)mQ, tcnenb/ gufammen (aus 

Chord, 8. bic ©aitc ; (Sel&nc, ©ennc (in 
ber ©ccmetrie). v. a. mit ©aiten be? 

Chordae, 8. btc ^pannung (cin fran!^after 
Sufatl bci ber Suftfeudfee); bie ^ams 

Chdrion, 8. bad ^Cbcrl^outc^cn/ SfJcl bee 

Chor'ister, Chor'ist, 8, bcr ©I^Orffingcr, 


Chorog'rapher, ». bcr 8anbbcfd)rcibcr. — phy» 
8. bic 2anbbcfd)rcibung. 

Chbrus, 8. bad ©^cr. 

Chough, 8. cine 2(rtt)cn ^r&l^c obcr )Dc^(c, 

bic 93crgbo^(c. 
Choule, 8. bcr ^rcpf. 
Chouse, Chowse, v. a. bctriigen/ fibcrtjcts 

tbcilcn* 8. ber 93ctrug ; 5)cffen ; atbemc 


Chow'ter, v. n, murrcn, brummcn. 
Chrism, 8. bcr (S^rpfam, bad ©a(b6l. 
Chrisom, 8. cin itinb, n)cld)ed inncr^otft 

clued SKcnated nad) bcr @cburt flitbt 

tni SRnuiUKiib. —doth, tin sr\ditti 
unb tinecfcfliutts ^mb, bas bin jtin: 
btiB onstUal nnit^f bis fie gticuft 

<Cbriit, t. e^^c 

tSuia'ten, e. «. taafen, ncnncil. — 4om, 

a. bit 6&riflctif)tit. -Jng, t. Hit Soufe, 

Jtinbtouft. I 

C3]ru'tUii,s.^riftrtc&; (in t<c nkbnaen 

Belf sfpwK^e niH* — oft ftatt " mm]ii^ 

li^" atbtaaifl, Urn " ifiicrif^" tntgr; 

Snise(($l). >■ bci Qfirifl; — ly, euj. 

— DunB, b(t Sdufname. — iim, — it;, a. 

iot S^ftcn^um. — iie, d. a. jum Qtjni 
uiilMmu, 1. bet Cfetifhag, gBciftnnAKn. 

—hoi, bflS ffi(ibna4ttti(f*(n(. —rose, 

Ut nillMqt £ltiel«>UI| C^cUehirus). 

ChiMa-tbara, «. tint JIrt Sotn^in, In 

Omai'atie a. tie gotie ktvcfftnb ; ^u 
(iMT aoriffcn Xit Mn lOiuffC S<btcis, 

Omu^ctt ^c, a. lonaroims, tfiwmf* ; 
m (tn«m ^(rt^i^tbuibe gcfiorig. — ide, 
•■bai Okfii&Ufiau^, btc Sbi^^niE- "' "- 
in nn (^Avi/tbaa) cintcngen, nUbcis 
(ijrfl6«n,iiufj«i(6nen. — cicr,». btrefetc: 
mhiifAiittbci, @tfiiiit\fi)mbtt, 

duAuf^ruD, •. tat Cf)r(npgrani <etnt 
SnfAnft, OMiin bU Snbt^ja^I bucc^ 
StttiWAbnt aiUgtbrbfl i^). 

CSuaKtei^bor,!. becfi^TonifL — phy, «, 
bit StitbtTtbiti&uns. 

Chnmol'oger, — opiA, ». bet Scttfunbigt, 
StiticAntr, ber Sbrniotog. —gical, a. 
bit Btitfetge twBocbtenb, juttbttec^tMnb; 
lar Seltfeigt aebWo, ^ronelogif*, — ly, 
od- bcr 3(itf(il9i aiuQ, d}t0nel«gifc^. t-^, 
■■ bU dtittti)tmvSi 3(tt[unbe, Stitlefre, 

ChnxuuD'eter.A btt SttttllcfTti; 

CStrp'&lu, (. bit ^pfe tinci Slaupc. 

Oi^QctJla, 1. bos SB<EB3run ; bit (Setbi 
Itim; bet JBnrair. 

Ctays'rfitB, ». bet CftcofClilt). 

Chryi'opnifus, i. bet ttfitufoprae. 

Chob, «. (tin gito) bet JaulboiS, ^aut; 

Cboblied, —by, a. Bltffipfiii, tid, plump. 

OiDck, E. n. gluifeR, eiod\cn, Uden imt 
bit bdltenbt ^ennt) ; ienianOcn fanft um 
tet bo« Jtinn fibliigtn. »- boS Ceifen bet 
0ennt, bat @luiftn-, bic Set&btung 
nnttt bem Jtinn : (ein SiebfcfunoewDtt) 

ChDok-&raiiif, ». ba£ ®riilid)tnfpie(. 

Ctui/kle, 0. n. tjtzfiiii ladjen, innetlt* Eb: 
d)fn, ttAem. e- a. butA @Iuden lodcn : 

C3iui^ t. bet Sihninel, @tebian. o. grcb. 
—iiam, 1. bie ©tebwit^ bet StcB. — y. 


Chum, t. til Stubcnbutfd), £nibniiKn«(> 

Chump, Chunk, >. ein fuijee, bidef &Ai, 
bcr Mlt^. 

Choroh, ». bic Jtirdji:. —alB, ba6 St«6' 
lueibbist, bet Jtird)en[d)niauf, bis Jlitw 
fe. — mui, bet Oeiftlidje, bo6 50!itgtieb 
bet englif^cn Sitdje. — ward™, bet 
Jtitftentilwlle, ,«ird)iKiKr, .fiirAennw* 
Hchet. — ysrd, bet Jlittbfjtf. "■ «■ eine 
SIBeifcnctin in tie £itd)e juin @e6et 
aufnef)nun, tin C^ebet fut tic afitd)' 
netin balien. — ing, a. bae ^anEfitbet 
ffit cine OBci^nctin. bet^itd)gan9 tinec 

Churl, ». bet Sauet, ®te6tnn, tanfce 
MenfA? ©Eijl^ilj, Snidet, jptj. -^ 

bcfttllBetlid) ; — ly, ad. — idineu, ■■ bit 

(Stobbcit, Kou^ighit, ^(itte. 

Chunnc, (. ba^ dtctcfe, bet e£tmen. 

Chum, D. ■- fi^iJtteln-, Stuttct niacbtn> 
6unctn, (in 3iieb(ifa*(en : totnen, 6«» 
(jet bic Aaxjie (tec fflutietfatne). a- bfl6 
Butletfop. — aWF, bet ffiuitttftcEcl- 

^urr'worm, », bit JdbgtillC. 

3iiiBe, see Choose. 
ChyUceoQB, n. ten JUa^tungfifoft S(« 

Chyle, ». bet Slnljiunderaft, 3Jii(*faft. 
Chylofko'tion, a. bic Screitung Be6 Kafla 

tunq«fafte6 obct SlSiic^faftcS. — tivs, n. 

Chylopostie, a. giofjrungfifaft ^ctDct&rin* 

Chyra'ical, a. diflmiftft ; — ly, sd. 
Chym'iBt, i. bet @cbeibeffin(ttet, Stlbinis 

tet. — ry, «. bic ©AtibeEunft, ffitjijmit. 
Cibirious, a. cjtwt. 
Cib'ol, Cib'oul, i. Bit fleine 3n)i(6el. 
Cio'atiice, i. bie 3Iatk, bas >Dicrfma(l(. 

— Bant, a, boS Bcenatbungfimittcl. — "tc, 

H, Dccnotbcnb. — litioo, o. tie SBctnati 

Sung. — triM, — trico, B. a. mil eintt 


ficilcn, tctnorten. 
Cicely, a. Btt SteinEammtl, ba5 ^ccbed 

Cichory,a.bieSiiJ)cric. — rSceouB,a. tt<(0* 

ttcnnttig. See Succory. 
Cio'urale, n. a. ji^men , jafim ma^. 

— tioD, a. bic Sf^baiutig. 
cicrtia, ». Bet ©Aierling. 
Cider, a. tet apfe(n>ein. — i"t, a. Btt SBtW 

fcttiget beS apfctexinS. — kin. a. Stt 

f*roa4e, Bcibinnle apfelrocin. 
Cid, Bee ChLL 
Cierge, a. bit iSo^^Cciie, welc^e 6ci bttt 

S'ciettitfilctlcn bet JtDt&(Iifd)en,Rit*t ge 
caudal mA. 
Cil'ory, B. lai Cautmctt nn ©Sulen. 
Ciliarj, a, ju bcn Ttugcnlicbcin gt&itiB- 

CillolouB, a. l)itMl, ttlXi S^WWU ■«» 



cm, 8, (In ctmpm») window—, tie Jenftcts 

Ciindiarch, «. bctientgC/ n)c(d)et tie Jlefis 

6ar!etten Ut jiitrc^ (ewa^rt/ bcr Qat 

Cim'eter, t. tet tfirfifdftc @6bc(* 
Cinc'ture, t. bet ®uct/ ©fictct^ tlmfong. 
CSn'der, «. bit auSgebwnntc itefjU, bifi 

llebcrMeibfet \)on ben Jto^lcn. — ous, 

--drous, 0. fo{)lenatti9« 
C^rdtion, ». bie SSctbrcnnutig su ^fri^C/ 

OneritiooB, a, af<^tg* | 

Cin'gle, ». bet gjfetbeguct 

Cin'nabor, ». ber Binnobet. 

Oin'nanion, s, Ut Stmmt/ Qam\)U 

Cinque, a. fftnf. ». bic S^nf. — ^foil» ba^ 
gfftttffinget!t<rat. —Ports, bte ffinf ^6s 
fen (an cer Jtfifle wn (Sncitonb/ granfs 
tctd) gegenftbet/ Rafting*/ 3)o»ec, |)ttf)e, 
SHumne^/ ®onbn>td)/ n>e(d)en ncd) SBtn« 
d^tfea uttb 9^1^ beigefftst n^rben). Lord 
Warden of the , bet ©cfeW^l^O- 

bet ftbet bie ffinf |)&fen. —spotted, ffinf? 


Cion, 8. ba5 ©dboftet^/ 9)ft«pftei«. . 
Cipher, 8, ble 3tffet; bie 9iuU ; bet S5tt(i&s 

ftabe, (ScfetifQuQ. c ». tec^nen. ». <». in 

3iffetn fd^teiben. 
Cir'cmate, v, a, S^ n, jitf etn^ jttfetf Jtmig 

mo^en ; fi(ft im 3ttte( beivegen* 
Cir'cingle, «. bie ®Utt See Baromgle. 
Cir'cle, t . bet Sitfel/ Stxix$, Umfong ; bte 

©efettfc^aft, SSetfammtung. v, a, umges 

bem ». n. urn etroa^ l^etum geften. to — in, 

cinfd)liefen. — det, ». bet (teinc 3itfet/ 

Slin<^« — dmg, jpart. fteifif wmiQ. 
Cir'cuit, 8. bet UmfanQ/ 9ltn9/ Jttei«; 

Umfc^weif. «. n. im itteife j^etnm aeften. 

—ion, 8. bet ^tei^gang, nmloufi tlm? 

fi^weif. — ous, a. meitfdjioeifig. —road, 

«. betumweg; —, 

Cir'cular, a. gitfeltunb, ftei^f^tmxQ, Uttts 

(onfenb; — Ij, ad, —letter, bag Urns 
lauWcftwiben, SitmtotfAteibcn* — ity, 
«. bie Bitfetfotm, ftei^fotmige ®efta(t. 

Cir'culate, v. a, in Umtauf btingen, ^ets 
nmfenben* ». n. in Umtanf fcmmen/ f tci* 
fen, citmliten. — fition, ». bet Umtauf/ 
Jttei^tauf* — Atory, a. umlaufenb, fid) 
im ^tcife bcwegenb. ». bet ®itculit!o(s 
ben (etn d[)t)mifciefi ©effip), 

CSrcumaih'biency, a. ba(( tintgeben/ bet 
Vmfang. — bient, a. umQebenb, eins 
fd)tie9cnb, — bulatc, v, n. Return ge^cn. 
— buldtion, a tiai ^ctumge^en. 

C^cumcise, v. a. bcfd^neiben* — cision, «. 

^ie Scftfeneibung. 

Circumdtict, «. a. auf^ebcn, t)etni(bten. 
CircumYerenoe, ». bet llmftei^^ Umfang. 

V, a. nmgeben, einfriblicScn. — ^fcrentor, 

«. T. bet'SBinfelmcffct (ein gcomettifd^es 

SBethcug), tai 2f/Jrc(abtunu 


Cir'curaflex, «. T. b66 ©c^nnng^aetil^^ 

bet (XitcumffcT. 
Circum'fluenee, «. bie ttmfTeffenl^ett —flu. 

ent, — ^fluous, a. umflicpcnb, 

Circumftise, t>. a. betumgie^n, Petbteitm. 
— ^fiisile, a. umgiefbat. — ftision, «. bie 
Hmgicpunci, SSetbtettang. 

Circum'gyrate, t). a. toUcn, ^ufammetttirts 

(en. — rdtion, 8. bie $etttmbtef)ttng/ ba$ 


Circumition, «. bafi ^etumgel^em 
Circumjacent, a, umucgenb. 
Circumligdtion, ». bie tlmbittbUttg/ bi^ 

Circumloctition, «. bic UmfftteibUttfi, bet 


Circummtired, ff/ummauett 
Circumnay'iffnble, a. umfd)i{fbot. -^-^^ate^ 

V, a. nntftfiffen/ umfegetn. — gAtion,#. 

bic Umfegctung. — gitor, ». ber SBett? 

CircumplicAtion, 8, bie Unm)t(f etonQ/ SJet? 

Circumpdiar, a. ttm ben ^i beflnbs 


Circumposl^on, ». bte ftetfifitmige ®teU 

lung, |)etttmjiellun9. 
CSrcumHision, t . bie Umfcfeobung/ Unif<i^ 

Circumrot&tion, «. bte Umbtel^ung/ bet 

Circumscribe, 17. a, timfiiftteiben/ begtStis 

jen, einfd^tfinfen. — scrip'tion, «. bte 

Umfd^teiburfg, SBegt&naung, einf^t&n? 

Cir'cumspect, «. betftc^ttg/ bef)utfam; 

— ^ly, ad, — flpe</tiOT, ». bie SSctpdfetig? 

feit, Se^utfamfeit, Umfwftt. — tive, s. 

au^utffam, be()ntfom/ umfid^tig ; — ly^ 

Cir'cumstance, «. bet Umftanb, 3uf!anb^ 

BufalL — stanced, a. bef(^ffen. — stant^ 

a. uml^ bepnMtd)/ nmgebenb. — stan'- 

tial, a. umjt&nblid^, iuffitlig ; —1^, ad. 

— stan'tiate, ©. a. umft&bttd^ befd^tetben; 

in befcnbcte Umfl&nbe »etfe|en. 
Circumvallate, o. a. ttmfdban^en. — ^l&tion« 

«. bie tlmfdftanjung, timmaaung/ Sits 

Circumvec'tion, 8. bag ^Ctttmfal&tcn. 

CircumT^t, «. «. fibetliflen, qintetgcften* 
— ven'tion, ». bie tlebetlifhing/ bet S5e? 


Circumv^st, ». a. tttttb l^etum beftetben* 
CircumvoMtion, 8. bag ^etmitfliegcn. 
Circumv<ilve, «. a. umm&l^en/ umbteljen* 

— vdtition, ». bie Umwdftung^ SG&ins 


Cir'cus, Cirque, 8, bet (SttCUg. 
Cis'ars, see Scis'sars. 

Cis'soid, 8. T. bic (Siffoibe (2Ctt ftutnmer 
Cist, -«. bet jto^en \ bie ^Se* jxnt. a. 


in einen itaftm eber eUie ^Mi ettides 

Cis'tern, «. bet ^8^^ixUf)hittt, tie SBaf? 
fetgru^, t)a6 S&ajfetgef&f ^ bie Gtftetnc 

CSs^ f . ba6 <Stftu5re^(em (eine ^fton^e). 

at, «. bee Sdhf^ct, ©t&btec 

CSt'adel, a. tie (SttaNUe. 

Cftal, 8. bee ^be(^ bie 2(n!(age, ^orta; 
bung 9ot (^ecid^t ; 2Cnf&^rund/ @tn>&f^ 
nun^t Cit&tion, 8, bie ^cclabung wr 
®end)t; bie 2Cnffil^rung einer @telle; 
9{a<^n>etfung/ angefft^rte ©telle; ®r? 
»&^nund* Citatorj, a. ocrtabenb* 

Cite, o. 0. 90c(abett/ focbetn ; aufotbent/ 
cttiten, onfii^ten. — r, #. becSSorlabenbe, 

Cifess, 8, bie Sfttgerittn/ @tabterinn. 

dth'ern, 8, bie 3ittet; 

Cit'izen, t. bet SBfitfiet; — ^like, bfitger? 

Cit'rine, a. citronenfatMg. 

Cit'ron, 8. bie Sittone* 

Cit'nil, 8, bie a&ttffcrmctone. 

Cify, 8. bie (Stabt (eigentUd^ eine fotd)c 
©tabt/ »et(ifte eine (Satl^ebtalfin^e unb 
ein )^cm!apite( ent^&tt)* a. §u eincr 
©tabt ge^oti^, ft&btifd). 

Citficism, 9. bic Uti&attitdt/ bfl^ |l&btifci&e 

Gives, 8. pi. bet @(ftnittlaud). See Chives. 

Civ'et, ». ber 3i6ett —cat, bie Sih^ti)' 

Civic, a. bStgcrlic^ —crown, bie SSfirs 

Gv'il, a. bfirgeriidi, pcUtifcft ; l^opicfe, gcs 
flttet/ ortig; ^u bem tomifc^en 9ted)te 
gcftSrig ; — ly, ad, —law, bag tomifcbc 
9{ed)t —list, bie SclHmraung be6 fes 
nigti(^ett ^au^ftanbcs. — lian, t. bet, 
t»etd)er in ben &onbe6ted)tctt erfob' 
ten ift, bet (Sioilift. — ity, ». bcr ^ihiU 
bete unb gcpttcte Suftanb ; bie ^cflirf)- 
feit, @ittfam!eit — lize, v, a, gcfittct 
mad^eU/ t)erfeinern. 

Civ'iam, $. bie JBfirgertugenb/ bee SBfir? 

Clack, 8. ba$ ©eftopper, bie SKu^tftops 
pec V. n. (Uppenu 

Clad, a. gedleibet/ anget^an. , 

Claim, V. a. TCnfptu^ ma^tn, fctbem^ 
ouf etnoaS bringen. 8, bet TCnfptucb, bic 
gotberung. —able, a, was in 2Cnfpturf) 
^enommen wetben !ann. — ant, s. bet? 
lenige/ toetc^t 2(nfptucl^ ntac^t/ bet $ot; 

Claiiil)er, dam'mer, v, n. ftettetn* 
Clam, c. a. anfUOeU/ (cimcn* — miness, 
». bic itle6tig!cit. —my, a. ^d^e, tUhf 

Clam'orous, a. fcfttcienb, tol)enb ; — ^ly, ad. 
Qam'or, a. ba6 ®efd()tei» v, n, fc^rcien, 


tnet ; ber @a|, ^ufen (wn Sa(fftet« 

nen). v. a. ^ufammenbefeftigen. 
Qui, 9. bet ©tamni/ ba^ ®efd)(e(!^t, bic 

®efettfd)ttft/ ®anbe, (Betbinbung. v, «. 

(together), fid) ^ufammengefeUen. 
Chn'culor, a, ()etmtid)/ cetftecft ; — lyi ad. 
Clandes'tine, a. ^eimlic^/ ©etfto^tett ; — tyf 

ad. in^gebeim. 
Clang, 8. bet ©c^att/ bo< ©etofe: c. w. 

fdbaUcn. «. «• fdfeaUen (offcm — w, ». 

bet @rf)att, iJtcmpetenWott. — ous, a. 

ftatf fc^atlenb. 
Clank, 8. bag JRaffeln, ^(ittcu/ ©cftitt. 

». o. tajfeltt/ (Utten^ 
Clap, V. a. fc^netl gufammett fd)(agen/ 

ftappen; n)oi)in bttngeu/ wt^in fckn, 

^inguf&gen, I)in^fe6ett ; fci^nett oettid)^ 

ten; Oef (atfcbcn ; wit bem J£tippct bcs 

flerfen* ». «. ftappcn, EtadKn, !(otfd)en, 

fid) fc^neU bcrocgcn. to — in, fjincinwers 

fen. —on, anfefeen, ftinjufelen. — to, 

|ufd)lagen. —up, p(6|(id) |tt @tanbc 

btingcn, bcfcftigcn. «. bet j^natl,©d){ag ; 

bag .Ktatfd^n, bet Stippet. —per, s. 

betienige, me(d)et ftappt obet f(atf<^t; 

bie jttappet, bet ^(oppet. 
Oipperclaw, v. a. fd)etten, ougfc^ctten; 

nacft etwag gtcifcn. 
CMrenceux, CIdrencieux, a. T. betgweitc 


ClAre^bsCTire, 8. bag ^ttbun!e(. 

Cldret, 8. bet S(atetn>cin (eine 2(tt beg 

Cldricord, «. bet S^Wfi^^'^ (^i^^ '^^ ^^^^ 

Clarificdtion, ». bic 2C0E(dtung. — ^fyi «.' a. 

abfldtcn ; auff (dtcn. v. n. fid) au^ldtcn, 

flat ttJCtben. — tude, — ty, «. bic ^Xax^ 

l)eit, bet @lam. 
Clar'ion, — et, Cldrinet, 8. bie (StotionettC/ 

bag ©tattn, bic hctlfd)allenbc Stcmpctc. 
ClAry, 8. bie ©d)attei (ein ^taut). 
Clash, V. a. A- «• mit ®etdufd) ^ufammens 

ftcpcn, anfto^en, onfd)(agcn; taffctn, 

ptajfcin ; im SBibctfptud) ftel)cn, wibct? 

fttcitcn, ijuwibct fewn. ». bag gct&ufd)? 

Mffc Sufammenfcftlagcn, StaffctU/ ©es 

tdufd^ ; bet ©ttcit/ SKibetfptudft. 
Clasp, 8. bet ^afen, bic J^afpe, ^dfpe, 

(Sd)naUe; (Slaufut^ bet S3fid)ethfl(en ; 

bic Umatmung. — knife, bag 6tnfef)(agc^ 

meffct/ 31afd)enmcffct. v. a. gufjofen; 

feftootten^ umfaffcn/ umfangen. — er, «. 

bog |)dfd)cn/ bet JRanfen, bie JKonEc. 
Cla*a, «. bic (£taffc. v. a. in Claffen ein? 

tfjcitcu/ otbncn. 
Classic, — al, a. clafftfd^. Classic, a. bet 

c(amfd)e ©d)tiftftc«ct, eiafftfct. 
Clatter, «. n. taffctn, flappctn ; Ratfd^n ; 

iianfeji. ». bag (SJctatfcl, @ctcfc. 
Clatident, o. fc^Ue^enb, etnfc^tieOenb. 
Clatidicate, «. n. l)\utiXU — c&.VJ!CKL,%*\i«9 



<3iAn, *. ber Sat, StftcfaS ; tit Stbtn< 

aung, bet l5inJd)TBn(ung«fa^. 
CUitfuiJ. M, (leftolid). 
Claiitiire, i. bU Ginlpemin)i. 
CUTmtod, a. mit Jtnipfcn CCTfcljcn. 
dsTdUed, a. T. ntit gebiannKni SBein^ 

fUin Mtftttigt 
CUver, ».BetAl«. 
CUrichard, i. T. let Slfigd. 
Cliwcle,-*. ka« ©*iai[tII)Cin. 
Qkk, t. bie Alauc. v. a. mit btr Jttaut 

et8teifen,£ci:fib«n; IraScn, jtrfmStn; 

ftieln. to — ofl; ftfitltcn, ftftntiljen. 

— iiuik, tet ©diniciikr, guiifAmSn! 

Kt, — eil,<i.^l(iu(n babtnt- 
Ci»y. * 6«t Slien, 6(^111, tic Brtie. r. o, 

ntitSfieiKtbc b((c(i<n tta bAngcn. — i<h. 

— ey, a. ifecnifi, lebmifl. 
CUymore, j, cin langce jn)(if*nclbtacs 

CSeu, a. tctn, fauhr, HCtt, gUtt. ad. 
9&nj[i(f|. »- <r. mtiigtn, fiubent, s^^' 

.jen6 ma*cn. — lineas, —new, ». bis 
Mtinlieit, SlcinftAfcit. Sou&trtetr. —iy, 
a.lfa^ Kin, faubir, itelt; fd)iifli(t). 

Cleanse, B. «. winigtn, fiub(tn,fdKU(tii. 
— «r, I. bet isriniget, SustnijKt ; Bof 
RinicKtibc 9)line(. 

aenr,«.4^(Ki. fidl, fiflr.lieitti:, ,_.. 

(augbat, bcutlicb \ f^<^i' un6tfan<icn, iiiis 
paclfeelif* ; fdbutblffS, f*u(Btnfc(i ; — ly, 
md. — Mhted, [AorfliAtiq. — starcih, 
B. o. (SardiO flartiti. to get—, Down 
InnmcD, toe lucrbcn. n. a- win modicn, 
Ttinigui, fSubcm, (tl£n)enb ma^cn; 
Hot wflAen, etfjcitcm, oufElSrcnj iw 
a&Rcgcn-, t&utnen, auSr^umcn, obT^u: 
men; (ben 3c([) bejahlcji.PMijeacn; M 
tniufien, ob^cllni ; cfine Kbjiig ^eicin: 
ant, tctn bcttotnicn; ikK cinbnncten. 
B. ». IjcU nwrben ; fecitcr ivctbtn 1 fret 
Wtrben. to — up, (id> oufEldnn. — ance, 
■■ bi« 6ntTi!f)tung bee Soiled ; bet 3eU: 
f*«in, — er, s. ber Metninet, MuftlSter, 
aBcfltSumcr. — neiB. «. bic wcncflEan 
Scit; SRetnhcit; DeutlicftEdt ; link; 
fcbeltealieit, etbuIblerigEeil, Sleblii^Ieit 

a<«l, ». T, tit Alampe [®tfi* |)*Ij an 

•Clemre, r. b. onfleten, arfinngen; |wfi, 
fdjiden, fidfi uaffen; (i* fpnlten ; rt# j«-- 
Ibeilen, auffprinfldt. n, a. fpaltm, («: 
thiiten. ~,t, *. baS ffitil, fiotfrneffcr; 
• aic6(!MUl ; wood— r, ter atljtWK*rt. 

Clef. #. btr ©*(filT(t in Bet OTiipf. 

ClBft,».bie@pn[te,ber9ii8,3liS. -erail, 
in beii Swlt pfcejffen. 

Cl«f,«^bie JBtemfi), gjfcrbcfltegt. 

Oem'MicT, «. bit Srtabe, aJSIbe, Bonfl: 
mnlb. Ctan'ent, 0. gnSbla, fanftinllifjig, 
mifltibifi, mi [be. 
C3meh. see Ciindj. 


Oepo, n. s. nelincn. 

Orr'er. »- Bie ©DiflliAEcit. —man, hr 

Clerical, fl. geiftii*. 

Qerk, ». b« OcifHiAe, (Seltfjtte i ©direi: 
ber, Seirelir; gemote itBiener. — ahip, 
>.bi]£}[micine£Q)ei|Hi<l)(n; ®iftnibets 

Clev'er, 0. gefAidt, gcwanbt, ftfifrfi* -, — Jy, 
aA ^es», «. bie ®cf*ii[t(fifcil, ®e: 

CIhw, i. bet\ ; SettfablB. T. We 
Gtfe an Ben ©egein, luotan fie bt^Rgi 

RKtbeit. B. a. W — theaoils, bit ©Cgfl 

(tnbinben, lufanmunroHen. 
Click, B. n. (men tj^Hen unb n)icb«6<iH"t 

Eoul Mil fid) gcbcn, fdiflllvn. 
Click'er, «. bet Bienet Bed OSerfSufet* 

(tin i)i!t£{^itid)cn 3!et!tanbc), bet ^an^ 

Click'et, e. bie Jttappet, Bet ^Huntnet, 

^fepfet (on einet S^ilr). 
CliBQt, ». bie gjait&ct ; Bet eii(nt,fiS(6u|f 

qntftr; ee^nEmann. 
Cliff, (. tie Jilippe ; bet (Sitf.i,^tl in tn 

:;iinnc'tar, — ic, 1. baS ©tuftniofet. 

— Jc, — icol, a. ju cinsni ©tufenjoS' Bf 

iUjDiIe, — ture. Clime, a. Bn^ Sltma, bei 
iStBihi*, 6inime(»fWd). »■ n- reufenen. 
Clfmu, >. T. tif @rabatien, ©letgening, 

Cancl], o. ( 

_ jnch, o. «. mit bet .^onb umfaffen nnt 
tialtnt ; tie finger jufammenbt^en, 
ba&en : bie ©pi|e tineG ^laqete umbic 
gen, nieten ; be|l£tigen, befefligcn, feft: 
jiencn. f. bas aBetttpiel, tie 3n>eibeutigs 
feit. — er, *. bie Stanipe, tei: ^aUn. 

■Cling, B. n. rut) itnt elreaS minben, ons 
bongen -, p* nbjebteit, uenteilnen. — j, 
a. (lefienb, tleWtifl, 

Clin'jc, Clin'icd, a. (ranf, tettJigetig. 

Clink, tt.-n.4a, flingen, tentn. >. bag 
cstef linge ; bie Jllinte (on evnec 3^ftr). 

Clitqoint, : ba6 StttteigrtB, ber 8abn« 
Bie Jliitet. 0. in g^littetgolB flefleiBet 

■CSp, o, a. umfaHen, nmormen, tinfAlie: 
gm, umgeben ; mit tet St^eere fdinets 
bco, 6ef(feiciBen, abj(t)neiBeni (in einU 
gen OcgenBen) bte ©thafe fAeeren. 
— ping, 1. bflfl sbgcfibnittent ©tffi, 

ChMh, A let aSanfcl ; Becfmantel, fflcn 
wanB. B. a. unibfingen, bebeilen ; \>t' 
minfttn. — b«(r,bet ajlontclfatf. 
:Sock, s. tie lltir, ©djlciwbr i SiJanb' 
iibt; (ein flifet) bie SoBtenudt, ben 
.fe«iib«t V Bet Sroirfet im ©tKOWfe, 


Clod, t. ter JtCcg, l\t grbfiicn< ; bet 
Jtlumixn. ^pite, — iwU, Bit Solpel, 
Dummtcpf. »- n. firtj ju tincm Alum: 
jKn MwiniMti, eti^innsn. «. o, inifjtle: 
f<n eber <3rB( lonfcn ; tie AIcBir nuf 
tern Bonti jertiKtb'H- — dj. "'"" 
tliimptg, crbQafh 

CW, ti. a. bclflbcn, fielofen, 6cfcf)ni(ren, 
f(ff<'ii. fiinbtm, ftemnttn. o. n. jufam: 
nwnfi(lwn;fto*tti. »■ tie Soft, Btfdimtr! 
tt, SBCTljinMning ; bet S.{t% ; Aleppd 
(bw mon Sbietoi ontinbtl um fit air 
Boiifta JU fiinbem); 6cr fioljfdiiifi , 
tI(&(Tfcftufi. — sinesB, t. tn 3uflan6 ttx 
—', ". befdjwttcnb, ftfiniccfanig, Ijtnr 


clMs'ter, J. bag Slclfet ; bet Jll«ft««i(liia, 
bebrfte ©flng. o. o. in cm JlWftcv tin^ 
. fAHeSen- (tnfixrren, eintWftvtn; mi: 
Jtloftetgfingcn aniegen. — al, a. [I«ft;r: 
litfi, cinfom. — ed, a. ({oftstniiSig, tin; 
9,<imm, (infom ; mit Alefitrgingcn flc; 
Saut — CTB, ». Bit Jtlefttrfrou, Keiine. 

Cbke, see ClodL 

Cloam, e. a. Dtrfltibeit. 

OoM, B, a. jumoAcn, jufAHcfen, fAlis: 
Sen, 6cr<l)litS<n, (nbtflcn ; tmAAHit, 
rinKgen; jii(i||nnKnffig<n, tiCTfinigtn. 
». B. fiA fAtteftn, flft wwlmBen ; ju-- 
frnunmCamnKit ; abcteintemmtn. ta- 
in, (infdilkpen. —up, wifdjliefen, fcfi 
MtmaAen. ocrfiMdn, — upon, iieewin! 
»mincn, bef^limit. — with, fify cn-- 

fA(i«6en, ins fianbgcmenge (wrnntn, 
lanbgemein xaeAas. —io with, frd) ikc 
einiittn, i5l'«tintemmen. »- ttr ringc: 
Mletfnit fRaum, bit tSiitjoununa; Der 
S*tnfc StfAlofi, bo* SnBe ; bae 3itne» 
dalUn, bcE 9lubcpunEl, tic ^oufc ; ba^ 
iflnbgciiicngt, bit Kngriff. a. ^rai'- »er-- 
fAbfTm^ (((htint. vcrborgcn ; clng<riti[^r= 
Wftngc, bcbcfiAi ^iAt,^1l; ^^ii.nid}! 
fl&ffifl, bict, jli'if; gebrSntit, (ucj, tuvj 
gcfafil, bfinbig ; na^c, gan; in bci: Slifie ; 
na^e juiammcn; vedinnt; gcnaUffarn, 
fliijia; PcrfAroitgtn/Wrfrttnjtcgfiini; ftff, 
ftanblHifr, flu^trtfam; bun(c(, tribe, 
finfli:i:; ttcffcnb, angwifdA; ami gts 
It.qtn, nbscfcnbcn, nnfdm. -^ght, bug 
AanbBtDienge. — ftted, — hondeiL filjig, 
(atg. — «aJ, berSRa*lftiif)!. — Iy,aii. 
bicM, feft, genau, ftetinliA. —■««!, s; 
bic iBtrftWoffenficit, fieimlidifctt, ^eftw 
t(it, SHtit^ctt; g<flatie ffitcbinbung 
CEnge; @i;nauig(cit, ^atgteit. — er, j 
bee iSefAfitficK. 

CWet,(. bag Sdbtnct; bci ^TTditog, 
Bifcant. n ■■ in bag Cabinet cinfd)(i(' 
fcn^ )u tinet getKimcn UnlcTcebung 


CWik *. T. bit ©Hiffifil, ffi!b(. Crtw 


Cl<teitrc, I. bi« einfAIicpnng, bcr Sttir 

JMue, iBtjirt T SSef^Uif. 

Clot, ». bic jufommcn gtrcnncnc SOIoffc, 
bCT Aliinipcn. V. n.. Sunvcn, jufammem 
hongcR! gcrinn«i,fi(lni(i*iit^n. —ter, 
D. n. Eluinpcnin&lk pjammenliangcn, 
gtrinncn. — tt-.^llimiBig/floftio. - 

Clbth, ». boS Seng, bne Xuc^ ; btc ficins 
rtwnb; Seife; Aletbtlltq. pL CJothee, 
bic Alcibcf, Jtlvitangfflaift, Aleibung ; 

*ciathe, c.a.EteibaifbeBeiben.eindcibcn. 
ClMbier, >. bcr SnAmo^, Zui^D^nb' 
Icr. Clsiliing, » bic Jtlcibunq. 

Ooud, ». bic QBcltc. B. a, Rfiben, berofl: 
ten, vcrCunlcln. c. n, mcKig wctbtn. 
—less, 0. anbcmiUt, (lotj bciitr. — j, o. 
looltij!, trilbe, bunfel; — ily.oif. 

Clougb, g..bie 3%, Jtlipsc; bog 3uge: 
»id)t, @uigen)id)t. 

Clout, ». cin ©tiScf eeinioonb ju Mtftftic 
bencni(Bcbniud)c; bag :£u(t), bcc Sap: 
vcn (). 9. ba£ aSit^ludr, bit ^nbcl, 
bcT isd)cuetlappcii)-, bcr gliifcn-, cbc: 
mnU ba J 9Ker!tna( bem iBsgen^ie^n ; 
btc^[attt,®d)tcttc («n ba£ Slab ebct 
bic ?(ct)fc einet a&agens angcleot), «. a. 
fliifcn, jufannnenflitftn*. pfuf*chi; mir 
cincnv Siidjc bctrcien. — ed, a. gtmii 
flcn> acflidt. 

CioiiiCTiy, B. ulump, nngcfdjidu 

Clove »- bcr AMcn, baS Al«b*cB (j. <p. 
oiu AncblauA); btc Sftuatjnclfc ; (^ar: 
tennclEc. — gilly-flower, bic aciufirjljaft 
ticd)cnbc @<iticnn((fc. 

CloTOD.p. nifpaltcn, (weCleQTe.) 

ClOrer, 8. jet flEcc to lire m — , int lies 
bcrfUifi [eten. — ed, <• mit Jil« bcbcifi. 

Ctowu, s. tcT Sonbnann, Bauer, %iu 
U((. —cry, ». bic Srebbcit, ffloHcit. 
— ish, a. Siuerifi), ptump, g»6 ; — ly, 
oiJ. — iahness, i. bag baucriftbc JBcfcn, 
btc ©rcb^cit. ' 

aoy, n. a. t>CTndgc<n ; fattigen ; tbttUi' 
ben; ben ©dtnobcl [treicfren (wn SBC' 
gcln). — le»s, a. niAtfdttigcnb. — roent, 
«. bic Sfittignng, llebctfabiina. 

Clnb, .. bic fltulc, ter Snfitifl ; Srcflc 
{ftix tvcn Spicl(anen); bcc Jtfubb, bic 
gcfileffene ©cfeaftfiafi ; bcs 3uf*u6, 
SBcilrag, tic 3cd)C. — fcoied, flumei 
fiSSic. — liwded, biiKesfig- —law, ba3 
!;aaf)tf<i)N V. n. nil bcjabtcH, beinagcn ; 
mitivirftn. e. a. bcjafilcn (cine 3e(6c), 

Cluck, e. n. gluden, Icdeir,. 

ane, Bca Clew. 

Ciiiinp, s. In jtlumecn, Jlte^, fllrf; 
bcr .0aufcn jiifatnmcnflc^uiBei; iSiuinc. 
Clumps, s. let Jtl«|Eo)if„Zniinnilepf. 

aum'syi "• p(unip, fcbvcifiUig, ungc'- 

ftbladjt, tinget*ic(t^— «ii, n4- - "' 

«■ bic $lumpV''ti SanvfMXJb. 


nc'tar, i. bn ^ufcQ, @An«nn ; ^i-- 
f^ct, Bt( Sroube. »■ ■■ fiiuftn, Dctfom: 
MtCn. r. K. in SSiUfchcln tin Scaukn 
wairtn. — y. «■ in SBflf^cln tin arom 
ben sciOBc^fnii tuubcnattis, veU nen 

Clutch, D. a. gwifTOffalfCR, feft^alttn, u 
faffm i (6U ^antl jumoc&en, Sattm. 
D« ®ntf, bos erguifeit, gaftn; He 
banl, Alauc 

Out^r, (. Get einmn, taE (Sn&nl'd). v. 
SinutR macf)«n> I&rmen. 

awtec, (. ita JCtefticT, SdcmbaC, Seib: 

CoM^rrate, ti,a.jufQnnn(n6Sufen. — »*■ 
tian, (^ tie Safnmtnen^fiufuns. 

CoKcb, ». tit JSutfdjc. V.M. ^ «. in bfc JtBt: 
ftfec fnfutn. H«efcney — , tie 9)Iietl)fnt: 
fdie, — boi, ter Jtutfc&betl, JtuifftcrfiS. 
— iiooBa, bet S<6fluer, tie aBagtnremtfe. 

— man, b« Jttttf*(I. 

Coict, o. n. stnKiafdiafMt* feonteln, iu: 
fammenwirftn. —ion, t. Itr Bniang. 
— ive, a. jmingenb, iufammtnroittent. 

Ccadjliment, ».'bi( iStibJilfV. — jOtont,.. 

miliuirEiTit, bcfiulfli^, b<if!c&enb. — ji- 
tor, s. tet OTiigcbulfv, fflciftonb. — j"- 
irsDcj,*. ti( asii^filft, ber Sfiftanb. 
CoadTCn'tuiet, ». bcc ll(i(i[ncf)mti an (i: 
n«n a6(nteu(t. 

CoaSbr'eM, v. a. btlValtcn. 

CiiagiD«Dt,v. o, iufammenfeSufcn, titrfani: 

I. gmniMn. i>. o. g(«nnen 
mothen. — 4lioii, ». bai ©etinncn ; ©(s 
nnnenc — itiTe, a.,gennntnnM(benb, 

Coal, 1. tie Ae^tf, Stcinteftle. — heavor, 
Nt Jtedlfntriser. — jnioe, —pit, bic 
JSeMtngvufie. —work, &o6 jtef)tinw(if, 
^oblbctgnetC, ti. a. Stc^n 
jto^Ien jetiiinen. v. u. ja St\)it ncrben. 
— .ery, «. bU ^ofjltngrabt, tas Jtefilen: 
OKcL —7, >■ seU Don JteblcR. 

CooUsce, Cdalize, n. n. lafeinunenflic^, 
fid) Mteinianij ju^minenitNicbfni. 

CoiUeoence,*. Ut 3ufaiiiiiun1tap,bie SJct: 

dnliuoo, t. bit akTunisung, bK SBunt. 

Cooptdtkio, «. bit Xnfilgnng, nc^te Steb 

Coirct, o. 0. cngc motftcn, einri})T&nf(n. 

Co«rBe,o. gro6, w&, rouf), plunip, gemcin ; 
— — ntBs, ». bie ©rob|)(tl, 3taui 

Coart, 1. bit Aiific, bag Ufcr ; tie €i:ttc. 
ti.iu4r^anb«:Afift(l)iiif(i6"n, "" 

— ^* fee Jti/hnfrtnt. 


Coat,*, txi mti; bte £B(b([tunp, .^iOt. 
j}aut, ba3 ^cU; lat SIBapiKnfttb. —of 
aroH, btr QBa;ppntfd)i[b, bas EQiappfn, 

— of mail, t« ffinnjtt. — card, (nod) 

ontrni courtcard) bit buoK Slant, gis 
gui. 0. a. t(ii Died anjicljcn, bi^iben. 

Gmh, e, a. fd)met4([n, Ii(b£of(n. — e^ » 
bet: ®(i)m(idiler. 

Cob,»b(eSDpf,bic©pi6(. 5)i(r"SB»i1 
lotrt befenbei^ bci 3utiininimfc$uns(it 
acbnntbt. —iron, b(C iSiantbcd, ^dii 
bed. — webi'taA @pina<ngen)tbt, Qkt 

Cttbolt,*. t«Jte6nIt 

Cable, «. (in tiniscn Stgtnttn) bai 7i> 

Coblile, v. 0. piden, pfufcbcii- — ler.*. ht 
@d)u&fliifei:, ^(cb<c 

Cdraa, aee Cocoa. 

Cociferoua, n. B((rcn ttiigfnb. 

Cochineal, (. bit <S.wtfiniUC, ilt C^P 

lodiaunn', bte SAarladifacbe. 

Oxihleary, Oichleated, a. [djroubtnfftmij. 

Cook, I. bfr .^a^n ; bai .^d^ntbcn, 3S&iui: 
cb(n (beirfrfdjietcncn Kogdn) ; tccSci:: 
ncftmflc, tec anffifevet; aBcitcr&obo; 
bat ^aJinengcfil)rci ; tec ^nujvn Sita ; 
bit Q(te ebct .Riimpc iti fyuui ; ttr 
Seigti: on ter €cnncnji|;c ; bit 3une(, 
bai 3itnaletn (an bet SBagc) ; tie .Rtcs 
be (an emeni ^fcile). — i»^ bag EEcine 
SBwt. —fight, -fighting', boS .foelinsn' 
3tf«t)t. — crowing, baS .ficSijcn btfi 
fiutinee, tae .fwlinnigtfdjKi, ^oiw, 
ju 5)fcibe, ficMtangcnt, triunw^it'nt ; 
duf tintm EIrfenpfecBc. — Joft, bet 
cberRe Sinuni unicc btm 2)ad)(, Ut 
^abntnbaltcn. —master, b(t asann, 
nKli^ec tie .^ibnc bait unb nIitidiKL 
— match, tai .gabncngeffcbt urn (inc 
SBettt. — irit, bet gjloj' ne bie fii&nt 
fed)Mn ; bci Drt ouf einem E*iftc, we 
bit aBuntcitjt bie a!ent)unb<ten tnic 
pfingL — 's^oomb, btr Sa&nentonnn. 
—shut, bit Xbtnttoninictung. — ajnir, 
bet .^bnenfpetn. — mjre, iUnecjidiKid). 

— tnlbohoi^ — thoop, (telj, ttiumpbii 
Knb, fubledcnb,. v. a. ten .&abn am 
tStwebt fpanntn, auffponncn, aufiichen s 
(cinm $01) auftrateen, Buffhilen ; (ten 
*uD ouf tint befcnttte an ouffeficn, 
fibers Ttupe riUtn, oufs Dljt feSen.; tu 
mii in bie^i^i ttd)ten; (boe'^^cu) is 
iioufm ftgtn. V. n-ben Jlcpf he* trogtn, 
fblj tbun, Ibfjinn ; Annipfbobnc jtebtn 
«bct italten. 

Cockdde, 1. tie Sctntte, Snlfd)(eife. 
Cock'atrice, 1. tet SBar'tiSt. 
Cock'er, D. B. Detjirtetn, licbtefen. 

Cock'erel, Cockrel, ». ttt jUnflC |Klbn, bflS 

Cock'et, I. lot SellReget, bet BcHfAcln. 
Coo'kle, >. bie JtomnmufiE^I ; JUraccft. 


tie ^SitnUitceppc, ^ncdcta 

treppe* «• a* run^etn^ faltcn* v, n. (id) 

Cocrney, «..etnet/ bet in Sonbcn geboten 

tinb nie aitK bec^tabt geCommen ift^ tct 


Cockswain, «. tet fteine S36Ot0maniu 
Oicoft, «. bet (Sacacbaunu —nut, bie (So? 

Coc'tile, a. gebadf eti^ de6tannt. 
Coc'tion, 8.x>a^ ^cdften. 
Cod, ». bie ©cftote^ 4c)&fe ; bie jg>obe» —fish, 

or cod, bet (Storfpfcb/ ^afeeliau. —piece, 

bet ^efenfd)(i|. «• «• in eine 4)u(fe obet 

©dftote etnfc^tie^em 
C6dder, «. bet (Stbfen? unb SStl^nen? 

Code, «. ba^ SBu^/ ®efe|6tt<i^ 

Cod'ger, 8. bct ®eij&«l6. 

Cod'ica, «. bet TCn^ang^u einem Seftamen? 

te^ ba^ @obtcitL 
C6dle, Cod'dle, ». a, getinbc fieben, fanft 


Cod'lin, Cod'ling, #. bct ^C(6<ipfc{ ; bct 

iunoe 6tetnfif($/ iunge ^aOeQau* 
Coerficacy, Coefii'ciency, ». bie ^itto'v^ 

lunjv Coeffi'cient, «. mittpitfenb. ». bet 

SKttwitfct, SKitmel^tet, ©cefficient (in 

^et ZUgebtaX 
Cceliac, a. ben llntettciO betteffcnb. — pas- 

aiDii, bC't iDut^fott, bet Dutd)(auf« 
Coemption, «. bic SufommenfaufunQ/ bet 

Co^uai, a. gleic^. — 'ity, ». bie ®leid&? 

Co6rce, «. a. einfcfct&nfctt/ jwingen/ BwQttQ 

gebtaud^em — 'cible, «. wag eingcf^t&nf t 
i wetben f onn obet m\x% — cion, ». bie 

(Sinfc^tanfung/ bet 3n)ang/ bie ©ttafe, 

— cive, a, einfd^tdnfcnb, gwangm&pig, 


Coessen'tial, a. gtcicfeefi SQBefett ftaOenb. 
Coetineous, a. gCetc^^itig, 
Coeter'nal, a. glcicl^ ewig. 

Coeval, Co^ous, «. gteid^e^ titcvi, gteic^s 

^eitig ; gteic^ a(t ». bet Seitgcnoffe^ 
CaejiBt, V. n. mit cjctfliten/ gugtcicj) ferjm 

— «nce, ». bag 3uglei<l^feijn, bie (Seen? 

jlen^ — ent, a. ^ugteic^ fcpenb, mit wts 

Coffee, 8. bet Jtajfee. — berry, bie ^ajfees 

Cof %r, ». bet Jtaftcn, bic ^ijle ; bet ©elbs 

fafien ; bet @(i^a$ ; bie @c()a|{ammet. 

T. (in bem gefhing^baue) ein gewiffet 

oettieftejE unb bebed tet ®ang. v. a. in ben 

itaflen t^n, famnietn, uetwa^ten. — er, 

«• bet ^a|meif!et. 
Coffin, «. bet ©atg ; bie JDfite ; bet in? 

nete nnb l^o^te 2Lf)tii beg $fetbe()ufe^« v, 

a. in ben @atg legen. 
Cogr, s. bet 3oftn an einem Slabe. ». «. 4r «. „^.,^, ^^^ , , 


d6e(ei gemtnnen ; l^intetgel^en, (ettfigen/ 
Ifigen ; auf eine 6etdlg(id)e 2(tt beibtin? 
gen, an6tingen, aufbtingen* To cogr a 
die, einen SBiitfel Mtf^lfd^n, fatfd) bo? 
mit fpielen. — ger, ». bet @<^ineii(et, 
Suc^gr<4n)&nget, efignet* 
Cheney, «. bie jwingenbc ^taft, ®en>att, 
@t&tfe* O^nt, 0. btingenb, Mftig, 
m&(^tig/. unn}ibctfle^(i<^, dibetieugenb ; 

— ^Iv, ad, 

Cog^le>8tone, s. bet fCetiie jliefetfteim 
CdgitaUe, a. benfbat. — tate, t).ii. benfen, 

bebcnfcn. — tdtion, «. bag JDenfen, bet 

(^ebanfe, bag diacftbenfen, bie ilebetle? 

gung. — tative, a, benfenb, tieffinnig. 
UDg'nate, a. 9etn>anbt — mltion, «. bte 

Cog'nisance, — zance, ». bie (St!enntni9, 

aetidbttid)c aBol^tne^mung, 6t!ennung ; 

bag Untetf(beibunggseid)em — zable, a, 

bet getid^tU^en Untetfuc^ung obet i&t^ 

f ennung untcnvetf^m 
Cognition, ». bog SSiffen; Scwuptfenn/ 

bic (gtEenntnif. — tive, a, wiffen«ft()ig, 


Cognom'inai, a, gtcid&nomig. ^ndtion, «. 
bet Sunome, SSeinomc. 
Cognos'cence, «. bog (Stfcnncn^bie Qvc 


Cognoe'cible a. etf Cnnfiot. 

Cohabit, V, n. t>cifammen mcl^ncn ; el^eUc^ 
^ufammcnwcl^ncn, betwo^nen. —ant, «. 
bct SKitbewo^net, — Ation, ». bog 3u5 
fommentQO^nen ; SBeiwcbnen* 

Coh6ir, 8, bet SKitetbe, — «», «. bie SKit? 

Cohere, o. n. |ufammenl^ngen ; poffen ; 

Coherence, Coherency, Coh^on, 8, bet 
Sufammenl&ong, . bie gclge ; 85etbins 

bung* Coherent, Cohteive, a. 2ufam« 

men^ongcnb, fibeteinftimmig. Cdwaive- 

ness, 8, bet Sufommenbong* 
Cohib'it, 0. a. ai)l)aUcn, binbettti 
C6hobate, o. a. T. bcppett obaiel^n ; efts 

molg beftitrircn. — bdtion, ». T. bie wics 

bct^cltc 5)e|littitung^ 
Cbhort, «. bic eebette ; 6c&oot, bct ^ou? 

fe. — Ation, ». bie Tfufmuntetung. 
Coif, «. bie aoubc. Coiffure, ». bet Jlcpfs 

pu|, bog ^epftcug. 

Coigne, «. bie 6dt, bct SBinf el ; ^eiL 
Coi^ V. a. ^ufommentegcn, wirfcto, winbem 

8, bog tunb gc(cgtc Sou ; bog ®et&uf4/ 

bet TCuftubt, 86rnu 
Coin, ». bet .<Kei(, bie ©dfe ; SKunge, bog 

Oelb. t>. a. pt&gcn, mfin^en ; fdbmicbcn, 

etfinbcn. Coin'age, 8, bog ^(initn,^nnff 

wcfen, bic sOZunje ; bog ©eptoge ; bte 

Jt«f!en; bic* (gtbicfrning/ GtPnbung. 

Coin'er, «. bet ^ttn;{et; SKunaf&tfd^et, 

?yo(fd)munsef, ^x?uUx» 



Ciung, V. fi. €intx$d»in, ^nfammenf^mms 

f(6«(^ tic ZtAUf)t» «' a* b&ufettr Dctfam? 
mtin. 9, n. in 93fif^c(n tUx Zxanbin 
iva^fen* -*7f 0* in iBfifc^n cbet l^tau? 
ben ftewacftfcn; ttaubcnarttd^ mU mh 
Seduxen* I 

Olutohf V. a. gccifcn/faflfen/ fefl^aCten/ unu 

Iaffen ; (bie ^anb) jumad^en^ batten* «' 
>(« (Stiff; bae Gcgccifen/ 3<^ffen; bie 
J^<mb/ JtUuc. 
clutVr, «. bet S&nrnnv bo(f (S^et&ufd). «. n* 

e&cmen mo^cn^ (&tmen* 
Gljn'tec «. ba6 JK^ftier, jDotmbob, Sctb:^ 

Cotc^rvito, ». a. jufommenWufcn. — vi- 

tion, t. bic Sufommen^&ufung. 
Coach, •. blc Jlutfd)C. ».«. 4r n. in bet itttt* 

fcbc f«()tcm HtokiMjy — , bie ©^iet^^te 

fcbc. — boK, bet itutfc^boci, Jtutfc^etfi^ 

-^luMiMi bet ®<|)ouet^ bie OBogentemtfe, 

— man, bet Jtutfcfeet. 
CoAot, «. II. Qemeinf(^aft(i(6 banbeln, int 

fammcnwitfen. —ion. «• bet Swang. 

— 4vo, «. jminaenb; ^ufammenwitfenb. 
Cotcyoment, t. blc JBciftftlfc, — j'^^'*^ «• 

mitwltfcnb, be^filflicb# bclflcftcnb, H^- 

tor, t. bet SKltaeb'ilfC/ JBciftonb. — j**- 

vancy, n. bie fiXtt6&(fC; bct ^ifl«nb. 
Ooadvcn'torer, «. bet SL^ilnc^met an cU 

nem Xbentcueu 
OMflSir'eat, e. «. beoMlben. 
Co«irnH^t, t>. a, jufammcn^&ufen^ Mtfanu 

<.>Mfr'uI«ie, o. «. gctinnen* »> «* <^etinncn 

maclKn* — 4tion, «. bag Q^cttnncn ; Qit* 

vtttncnc — ^tiTQ, «..gcnnttcn mod^b^ 


Coal, «» bic ^ebCe^ ^tclnSobCc* —heaver, 
bct ^eMcnn^t. — «iine, —pit, bic 
x^tMcttx^tubc, — w«rk,ba«ite^»ctf, 
>Vt«Mbcc^W>ctt 1^ «. itc^ten brcnnoi^mit 
Jteblcii jcidmou «^ n* ik itel^ loctbciu 
— ^vy^ «^ bic Six^ttL^hCf^ia^ SLthlUut 
vxtf* — y>«.T«awiiJtel^Uiu 

M t«rcwi^iciit ^nmMmwMBiu 
OoateM«KM)»«. tct BiifHnttcii(Ui|ir^ iBor 

CtaHK, ^ he JtlElfer Itt^ lifer ; tic Sci)c 

«ke-^«a clear, ^k (SM«t)^ 4 wdoo; 


C(Mt,«. to 9{«d; bie IBcbedung^ ^l&c^ 
^ut, bo^ ^cft; ba5 SBoppcnfelb. —of 
anna, bet fSappenf(^t(b/ ba6 SBoppou 
— of niaii, to Q)angct. — :card, (nod* 
anbetn courtyard) bie bnnte itatte^ gis 
aut* V, a. ben dltd on^tebcn/ bcfUibcm 

Caax, ». a. fd&meit^ln, ticbfofen. — er, s, 
bet ®(bmeic6tet. 

Cob, 8, bet ^cpf/ bie ^ifee. iDicfe« SBett 
»ttb 6efoi^ct^ bci 3ufammenfe|ungen 
ae(>taad)t, —iron, bet SStanbbca/ |>e(|« 
bed — webt'ba^ ^pinnengenyebC/ (Si^ 


Ck^bolt, «. bet itobatt 
C6ble, «. (in cinigen (Segenben) tai Jfis 

Coblile, c. a. flitfcn, »fufd&en. — ler, «. bet 

^u^fli^et, 9)fufdQet« 

Cdcao, see Cocoa. 

Cooiferous, a. S3eeten ttagenb. 

Cochineal, «. bie (SodKniUc^ bet @^n 
la<^n>utm ; bie ®cbat(ad)fat6e. 

Cdchleary, Cach]eated,a. f^taubcnfetmig. 

Cock, «. bet ^a^n ; ba^ ^d^nd)cn^ ^inns 
cbcn (t>ei»ctf(ftiebcncn SSoQcln) ; tofBct^ 
nebmflc, bet 2(nf&f)tet; f&cttct^bn; 
ba« ^abncngcfAtei ; bct ^aufcn ^n ; 
bie Qdt cbet ^t&mpc be^ ^utcs ; to 
Bcigct an bet ^onncnu^t; bic Sunge, 
ba^ 3&n9(cin (an bct &agc) ; bic S,it^ 
be (on cincm ^fciU), — toat, ^i tUiat 
®tct, — fight, — ^fighting, bos ^bncm 
gcfcd)t —crowing, bo^ 5tt&bcn bc^ 
^hnc5, boi5 ^^ncngcfd)tci. — horac, 
SU $fctbc« fic^mingenb, ttiunipbitcnb ; 
ottf cincm ^tctfcnpfctbc — Joift, to 
cbctfic 3toum untct bcm S>adK# bct 
4!)a6ncnbalfcm — master, ttv a}tonn, 
to^S^x bic ^bnc bolt unb abndMcL 
— match, ba^ 4^6ncngcfcd)t urn cine 
$GB«ttc* —pit, to 9(o|, iDO bic ^bnc 
fcd)tcn ; to £)tt onf cincm ^d)t|^r, ne 
to ISunbarjt bic ^cmnxnbctea cm? 
pftogL — ^Voomfai, bct ipobncsfonBL 
— elHit, bic ^bcnbbommctitiid» — «pv, 
to ^^cafipeou —sore, ga9cifd)iliib» 
— on the hoop, — aJnop, fMj, tcisapbi^ 
xaltp fDcHMtcnh «. «. toi ,^a^ am 
^^cmc^ ^pamK>« mifl^pomuaf As^jbcfyca • 
(ciam ^0 aifmpcn, fi]ifjfai|cR ; (toi 
j&«t) «sf cine bcfimbcK ^ct oaffcsca, 

INS im tu^HfCxiAiism^ (jbos^ai)'iM 
i5«fm ^c$c«, e. a.toi it^fe<d»ttyjCT» 

Kict KolteiL 

CcMJcia^ a. ^ic SecAdkC, ;p«tiidklcifc> 
Codc'atzm, a. tec tBai&^ 

CbckVrci Oockre^ c. bcx ia^dc .$>4n, )tt$ 

C<K^H i* b4ff dcQktcict to SeilEp^^ 
Coclk, a. ^(C 



tie ^tnMtxtppc, ^A^ncdms] d6c(ei gctoinnen; l)inicv^itn, Utx&^m, 

treppe* «• a* run^etn^ falten* v, n, (id) 

Cock^ney, «..einet, bet in i^cnbcn gebeten 

unb nie aitK bec^tabt gdommen ift/ bcr 


Cockswain, «. tcr !teine SSeotemoniu 
Cdcoa, «. bet (Sacacbaunu ^nut, tie (So? 

Coc'tile, a. gebadfett/ ge6tannt. 
Coc'tion, «. Da6 ^cdften. 
Cod, s. bie ©cftote^ fyUfc ; bic ^obc» — fiah, 

or cod, bcr (Storfpfcl^, ^abeliau. —piece, 

bet ^efenfd)(i|. «• «• in eine 4)u(fe obet 

@c6ote etnfc^tie^en. 
C6dder, «. bet (itbfen? unb S3tl^nen; 

Code, «. t>ai fSu^, ®efe|6tt<i^ 

Cod'ger, «. bct ®eij6«(«. 

Codicil, «. bet TCn^ang^u einem ^eftamen? 

te^ ba^ @obiciU. 
Cddle, Cod'dle, v, a, getinbc fieben, fanft 

CodOin, Cod'ling, #. bet ^C(6<ipfe{ ; bet 

iunoe 6tetnfif(S/ iunge ^aOetjau* 

Coerficacy, Coeffi'ciency, ». bie SKitwitg 

' . «. bet 

tfigen ; auf eine 6etdlg(id)e 2(tt beibtin? 
gen^ on6ttngen, aufbtingen* To cogr a 
die, einen SBiitfet t)etf&lf(^/ fotfd) bo; 
mit fpielen. — ger, ». bet ©i^mciilet/ 
Suc^^r<4n)&nget, efignet* 
Cogency, «. bie ^ingenbe ^toft, ®en>ott/ 
©totfe. Q^nt, a. btingenb, Mfrtg, 
m&(^tig/. unn)ibetfle^ti<^/ dbetjeugenb ; 

— ly, otL 

Cog^le>8tone, s. bet ((eine ^iefe(ftein« 
CdgitaUe, a. benfbot. — tate, t).ii. benfcn, 
bebcnfen. — tAtion, «. bo5 iDenfen, bet 
(^cbottSe, bo^ 9{ac6ben!en^ bie Uebetle^ 
gung. — tative, a. benfenb, tiefflnnig. 

UDg'nate, a. oetwonbt — ^nuLtion, «. bit 

Cog'nisance, — zance, ». bie (StEenntntp, 

getidbttid)c aBol^tne^mung/ ©tf ennung ; 

iai Untetf(6eibung^Scid)en« — zable, a. 

bet getid^tUd^en Untetfuc^ung obet (^ 

f ennung untctwctftm 
Cognition, ». boei SSiffen; SenjuStfcrin, 

bic (gtEenntnif. — tive, a. wiffen«fa()ig, 


Cognom'inal, a. gtcid&nomig* —nation, «. 

bet Sunome, SSeinomc. 
Cognos'cence, «. tai (Stfcnnett/ bie Qvc 


Cognoe'cible a, Ctf ennbflt. 

Cohab'it, v.n. bcifommcn mcl^nenvel^eUc^ 
^ufammcnwol&ncn/ betiw^nen. —ant, «. 
bet SKitbewo^net, — Ation, $. boS 3u5 
fammenn>of)nen ; IBeiwcbncm 

Coheir, ff. bet SWitetbe, — «», a, bie SKit? 

Cohere, v. it. ^fommenl^ngen ; poffen ; 

G^rence, Coherency, Cohesion, «. bet 

Sufommenl^ong, . bie gclge ; ffietbin? 

bung* Coherent, Cohteive, a, mfoni? 

men^angcnb, fibeteinfKmmig. Cdwrive- 
ness, «. bet Sufommenbong* 
Cohib'it, V. a, ob^olten/ binbettt. 

C6hobate, v, a. T. boppelt objiel^tt ? Ops 

motg beftitritcn. — bdticm, ». T. bie wies 

bct^oltc 5)e|littitung^ 
Cbhort, «. bie ©cftettc ; ©^oot, bct ^ou? 

fe. — Ation, 8, bie 2(ufmuntetung* 
Coif; ». bic ^QUbc. Coiffure, ». bet Jlopfs 

pu|, bo6 ^epftcug* 

Coigne, «. bic (Sdc, bet SBinf cl ; ^eiL 
Coi^ V. fl. gufammentegcn, toxdcin, winbem 

s. bog tunb gctegte Sou ; bo^ ®ct&uf<^/ 

bct 2Cuftu]&t, 86nn. 
Coin, «. bet .<Kei(, bic ©dfe; SKunge, bo« 

@elb, t>. fl. ptflc^cn, mfinjen ; fdbmicbcn^ 

etfinbcn. Coin'age, «.ba^ ^finsen^9)2&njs 

wcfen, bic so^fin^e ; bog ©eptoge ; bte 

Jtoflen; bicT ©tbicfmtng/ (Stfinbung. 

Coin'er, ». bct 9»itnijet; SRunaf&tfdjct, 

lung. Coeffi'cient, a. mitwitf cnb 

SKitwitfet, SKitmel^tet, Coefficient (in 

^t 2Ugcbta). 

Cceliac, a, bcn Itntcttcib bctteffenb. — pas- 
aim, bct iDutd^fott/ bet Dutd)(auf, 
Coemption, «. bic Sufommenfoufung, bet 

Co^ual, fl. gleic^. — 'ity, ». bie ©tcid^s 

Co6rce, ». fl. einfd&t&nfctt/ jwingcn, Swang 

gebtoud^em — 'cible, «. wag cingcf^tdnf t 
i n^etben f onn obet mufc — cion, $, bie 

©infcftt&nfung, bet Swong, bie @ttafe* 

— cive, a. einfd&tdnfcnb, gwangm&pig, 


Coessen'tial, a. gtcidjcg SEcfctt ftobcnb. 

Coetineous, a. gCeic^acitig. 

Coeter'nal, a. gtcid^ cwig. 

Coeval, C06VOU8, a, gleit^c^ 7i[(tct«^ gtcic^s 

«eitig ; gtei* a(t ». bet Seitgcnoffe. 
CoeziBt, «. n. mit cjcifliten/ sugtcicj) ferjm 

— «nce, 8, bog 3ugtci<l^fe9n, bie Goeri^ 

ften^ — ent, a. ^ug(ei(^ fepcnb, mit »ot; 

Coffee, 8. bct Jtojfee. — berry, bic Coffees 

Cof 'fer, 8. bet Jtoftcn, bic ^ifle ; bet ©clb? 

fofien ; bet @(i^a$ ; bie @c()ag{ommet. 

T. (in bcm gefhing^bouc) ein gewiffet 

t^ettieftet unb bebedtet ^ong. t>. a. in ben 

Jtoflen t^un, fammefn, t^ettoo^ten* — er, 

«• bet ^a|meif!et. 
Coffin, 8. bet ©otg ; bie JDfite ; bet in? 

nete unb boW< S&eil beg 9)fctbc()ufcg. ». 

«. in ben @otg legen. 
Cog, «. bet 3oftn on einem Slobe. v,a,Sfn, „^.,_, ^^^ , , , 


€hmch, f . Detl^rteter S^n» 

Clung, t>. n. eintcednen^ aufamm^nftiftrum' 

dus'teF, «. bet ^aufen/ @(6n>Arm ; 93iis 

fc^ct, tie ZxauU. «• a. I^&ufen, t>ctfams 

fitetn. «. fi. in SS^ifd^ctn obet S^rauben 

wacifen. — y, a. in SBfif^ctn oter lirau? 

ben gcroad^fen; trauknarttg/ oett Mn 

Clutch, V, a. gwfttt/faffen, feflbaClen/ urns 

faffen ; (tie ^anb) sumad^en^ baOen* «• 

bev ©tiff/ tas Grdreifen^ S^^ff^n; tie 

^<mb, Jttaue* 
CIitt\er, s. bee ^rmen* bo^ C^et&ufc^* v. ti* 

S&tmen madden/ t&rmen* 
Clys'ter, s, ba^ ^(^ftiet^ jDarmbob, l^eib^ 

Coac6rvate, «. a. ^fflmmen()6ufcn. — v4- 

tioo, «. bie 3ufammen^&ufun9« 
Coach, «. bic ^utfc^c. t>.«. 4r n. in bet jtirts 

fc^c fal)Tem Hackney -— , bie ^ktffhxU 

fcfee. —box, bet Autfcfebocf, ^utfc^etfil. 

— chouse, bet @{|)auet, bie aSagentemife, 

—man, bet ^utfcbet, 
CoAct, J. n. gemeinfcftaftlicfe l^anbetn, a«' 

fammenwitfen. —ion, $, bet Swang. 

— ive, a. gwittoenb/ jufommenwittenb. 

Coadjtiment, ». bie f8d\)^ifc. — j^^ant, a. 

mitwitfcnb, befefitflic^/ bcijle^enb. — jti- 
tor, ». bet SKitgc{)ulfe, SBciftonb. — jti- 
vancy, «. bie SKit{)fi(fe, bet SBeiftonb. 

Coadven'turer, «. bet S^eilne^met an cu 
nem 2Cbentettet» 

Coaflfor'est, t>. a, bewatben. 

Coagm^nt, v. a. ^ufammenl^&ufcn, Detfanu 

Coag'ulate, v, n, getinnem ». a. getinncn 
mad^em *-4tion, ». bo6 ®etinncn ; ©es 
vcnnene. — Ative, a..gctinnettmad^enb, 

Coal, 8, bie Stc^U, Cteinfo^le. —heaver, 
bet ^el)tentt&get, —mine, — jMt, bie 
^c^tengtube. —work, ta^ ^o^lenwetf, 
^oMbetgwetf. v. a, ^of)(en btennen/mit 
Jto^ten 3eid)nem n, n* na ito^te wetben* 
-rery, «. bic Ao^)Ungtube, bo« ^cl^len* 
»etL — y, «!. Doll »on itol^len. 

Coalesce, Cdalize, v. n. ^nfammenftiefen, 
ficb oeteinigen/ jufammennMcftfen. 

Coal^soence,<. bet 3ttfammenfluf ,bie ^et? 

Coalition, 8, bie 8Seteinigttttg, bet 95unb. 

CoaptdtioD, «. ^ie ^Cnf&gung, tec^te @teU 

CoArct, V. a. engc mad)en, einfc^t&nfem 

Coarse, a. grob, tc^, taul()/ plump, gemein ; 
— ly, ad. — ness, ». bie ®tcbi)eit, 9?aus 

Coast, «. bie ^iijle, ba^ Ufet ; bie €eite, 
t>. n. 4r a. an bet ^fifte l^infa^ten, an bem 
Sotibe lUnfegeln, auf ba^ ^nb gufa()ten. 
the — 18 clear, bic ®efaf)t ift Wtttbet, 

— cr, A ^^r^fi/lqifajtet. 


Coat,«. bet 3itd\ bie iBebedung, ^l&c^ 
^ut, ba^ ^ea; ba6 SBoppcnfelb* —of 
arms, bet ^S^Tpcn^xtb, tas ^apptru 
— of maii, bet 9)an|et. — card, (nod* 
anbetn court-card) bie bunte Jtatte, $is 
gut. V, a. ben Tfitd on^iebcn, befleiben. 

Coax, ». a. f(d&mei(^ln/ liebfofen. — «r, $. 
bet ©cftmeicftlet. 

Cob, «. bet ^cpf, bie ^pi|e. iS)iefes SBett 
toitb befonbet^ bei 3ufammenfe|utt9en 
gebtaad)t, —iron, bet SStanbbctt/ ^ti^t 
bed — webf'ba^ ^pinnengewebC/ &cs 

C6balt, «. bet itobalt 

C6ble, s. (in einigen (Segenben) bo^ ^ts 

Cob^ble, c. a. flitfen/ pfuf^cn. — leTi «. bct 

@<i^u6fficfet, ^f^et. 

Cdcao, see Cocoa. 

CociferouB, a, ©eeten ttcgenb. 

Cochineal, s. bie (£od)eniUe/ bet &t^xs 
la(^mutm ; bie ®4atlad)fatbe« 

Oichleary, C6chleated,a. fidfetaubenfctmig. 

Cock, 8, bet ^a^n ; ba^ ^CL\)ni^n, SS^s 
d)en (beioctfci^iebenen S36g4n) ; bctfBet^ 
ne{)mflc, bet 2(nf^^tet; ^ettet^^; 
ba<$ ^a()nengefd)tci ; bet ^onfen ^n ; 
bie ^cfe cbet .^t&mpe be$ <&utes ; bet 
3eiget an bet ^onnenu^t; bie 3unge, 
ba^ 3iinglein (an bet ^age) ; bie .Rets 
be (an einem ^feile). —boat, bo6 Bteine 
S«ct. — ^fight, —fighting, bas ^al)nem 
gefcd)t — crowing, ^ai Sith^cn bc6 
^abneg, tai ^af)nengefcbtei* — horse, 
su 5>f«tt>c, (tewtangenb, ttiunipl^itenb ; 
auf einem ©tecfenpfctbc* —loft, bct 
cbetfte Siaum untet tern ^ad)e, bet 
^of)nenbal!en. — ^master, bet aWann, 
n>el(^et bie ^&^ne l^&lt unb abticbtet* 

. — ^match, ba^ J^aftnengefec^t um cine 
SSette. —pit, bet 5)ta|, toe bie 45&tne 
fed)ten ; bet £)tt auf einem @d)iffef we 
bet SBunbat^t bie ^enounbeten em? 
pf6ngt. — ^*s-comb, bet ^a^nenfamnu 
—shut, bic 2Cbenbb^mmetung. — spur, 
bet ^a^nenfpotn* —sure, ^u»et|idbtli(^ 
— on the hoop, — -a^oop, \ttii, ttiumpl^i* 
tenb, fto^locfenb, «. a. ben ^a^n am 
®en>el)tfpannen, aufTpannen/ ouf^ic^en ; 
(einen ^ut) aufftfitpen/ auff!u$en ; (ben 
^ut) auf einc befonbete 2ttt auffelen, 
ibcxB 2Cu^e t&!en, auf5 S)f)v fe|cn.; tu 
toa^ in bte ^i\)t tid^ten ; (ba6 ^en) in 
Jbaufen fe|en« «. n. ben .Repf 6c4 ttagen^ 
flolj t^un, ftclsiten ; ^Kampf ^d^ne ^ie^en 
ebct Mtem 

Cockdde, 8. bic Socatbe, ^tttf^lcife. 

Cock'atricc, ». bet ®atiliSF. 

Cock'er, v, a. Jjctgittcln, licbfcfcn. 

Cock'erel, Cockrel» ». bet iungc ^al^n, ba$ 

Cock'et, 8. bag 3olIfiegel, bet SoUfAeiiu 

Coc'kle, «. bic Jtainmmuf<{^el; JUtmtefc* 



d6c(et gctotnnen ; l^tnter^l^en, l^tcft^^ 
Ifigen ; auf einc 6etcfig(id)C 2(rt bcibrins 
gen/ onGtingen, aufbtingeiu To cogr a 
die, cinen SBiirfel Mtf&lfd^ti/ folfdf) t>o; 
mit fptcUn. — ger, ». tct ©imcid^tct/ 
^u6)i\6)whnict, efigncr. 
Cheney, «. bie jwingenbc ^toft, ®cmatt/ 
@t&rfe* Gdgent, a. bringenb, h:^g/ 
m&(^tig/. untoibcrfle^Iu^/ dbevicugenb ; 

Gog^le^tone, s. bcr f (eme jliefelftetiu 

CdgitaUe, a, benf bar. — tate, ». n. bcnf cn, 
bcbcnfcm — tAtion, «. taS )t>cnhn, bet 
(^cbanfe, bad dlac^benfen, bie Uebeclcs 
gung. — tative, a. benfcnb, tiffitnnig. 

Cbg'nate, a. oertoanbt — ^ndtion, «. bte 

Cog'nisance, — -zance, t. btC (Stfenntntg, 

geridbt(id)c 2Baf)rnc^mung, ©rf cnnung ; 

bad Unterf<i^ibung^sctd)em — zable, a, 

bee gcYtd^ttid^en tlnterfuc^ung obec i&v^ 

f ennung untcrworftn* 
Cognition, ». ba« SSiffcn ; Scwuptfcrni/ 

bic (grfcnntnij. — tive, «. wiffcn«ft()ig, 


Cognom'inal, a. glcld&ttamig. — ^ndtion, 8, 

bet Suname, 95einomc. 
Cognos'cence, «. bad (Srfennen/bie (&vc 


Copos'cible «. ctf cttnbar. 
Cohab'it, v.n. bctfammcn mcl^ncn ; el^cUc^ 

^ufatnmcnwel&ncn, betiw^nen. —ant, «. 

bet QKitbewo^net, —Ation, ». ba6 3u5 

fammenn)of)nen ; SBeitoobncn* 
Coh6ir, ». bet SWitetbt, —ess, a, bie SKit^ 

Cohere, o. n. |ufammenl^ngen ; poffen ; 

O^rence, Coherency, Coh^ion, «. bet 

Sufammenl^ang/ . bie gctge ; gSetbin^ 

bung* Coherent, Coh^ive, a. pfani* 

ttien^angcnb, fibetcinfKmmig. CcA^ve- 

nesB, 8, bet 3ufammenbang« 
Cohib'it, V, a. (ii)\)CiiUn, otnbetm 
C6hobate, v, a. T. boppeCt abjiel^n ; efts 

mold befHtriren. — bdtion, ». T. bie wies 

bct^cltc 5)e|liaitung^ 
Cbhort, «. bie Qcf)cxtt ; 6(^aot, bet ^au? 

fe. — Ation, ». bie 2(ufmuntctung. 
Coif, ff. bie ^arxbc Coiffure, ». bet Jlopfs 

pu|, bo6 ^epftcug. 

Coigne, 8, bte (&dt, bet SBinf cl ; ^eiL 
Coil, V. a. ^ufammentegcn, toidcin, winbcn. 

8, bad tunb ge(egte Sau ; bad ®et&Qf4/ 

bet 2(ufrubt, 86rnu 
Coin, ». bet ^dl, bie ©rfe; SKfinge, bod 

(Setb* v. a. ptagen^ mun^en ; fdbmieben/ 

etfinben« Coin'age, 8, bad ^{insen/9)2unjj: 

wcfen, bie so^fin^c ; bad ®ept&ge ; bte 

bie ai^enbeltteppc, ^A^ncdcm 

treppe* «• a* tun^etn^ fallen* o. n. fid) 

Ckwrney, «..einet, bet in i^onbcn geboten 

unb nie and bet^tabt geCommen i% bet 


Cock-swain, «. bet fteine S3ootdmanm 
Okxw, «. bet (Sacacbaunu —nut, bie (Sa? 

Coc'tile, a. gebadfen^ gebtonnt. 
Coc'tion, 8,x>a^ ^cdften. 
Cod, ». bie ©cftote^ 4c)&fe ; bie ^obe. —fish, 

or cod, bet (Stcdpfd^, ^abeliau. — apiece, 

bet ^efenfd)(i|. «• «• in eine 4)fi(fe obet 

@dbote einfc^Ue^en. 
Oadder, s. bet (Stbfen^ unb SStl^nen:? 

Code, 8, t>ai fSvi^, ®efe|6tt<i^ 

Cod'ger, 8. bet Oeij^fttd. 

Cod'ica, «, bet 2(n^ang ^u einem Seftamen^ 

tc, bad @obicitl* 
Cddle, Cod'dle, v, a, getinbc fteben/ fanft 

Codlin, Codling, #. bet ^cAapfet ; bcr 

iunoe 6tetnfif($/ iunge ^aOeljau* 

Coerfkacy, Coefii'ciency, 8. bie SRitwitg 

^ung, Coeffi'cient, a. mitwitf enb. ». ttr 

gwttwitfcr, SKitmel^tet, Scefficient (in 

^et Ui^cHaX 

Cceliac, a. ben Itntetteib betteffenb. — pas- 
sim, bC't iDut^fott, bet Dutd)(auf. 
Coemption, «. bie Sufommenfaufung/ bet 

Co^quai, a. g(ei(^. — 'ity, 8, bic ©(eid^s 

Co6rce, v, a, einfdfet&nfett/ jwingen/ Bwong 

gebtaud^m — 'cible, a. aod cingcfd)t&nfi 
• toetben f ann obet mvL% — cion, «. bie 

(Sinfc^r&nfung/ bet 3n)ang/ bie ©ttafe. 

^-cive, 0. cinfd&tdnfcttb/ gwangm&pig, 


Coessen'tial, a, gteidjed SQBefett ftabenb, 
Coetdneous, a, ^etc^^itig, 
Coeter'nal, a. gicid^ ewig. 
Coeval, C06VOU8, «. gleid^ed 7i[(tctd^ glcic^s 

ijeitig ; gtei* a(t ». bet Seitgenoffe* 
CoeziBt, V. n. mit ejfifliten/ gugtcicj) ferjm 

— «nce, ». bod 3ugtei<ifeijn, bie (Soeris 

jlen^ — ent, a. jugtcic^ fcpenb^ mit »ct^ 

Coffee, 8. bet Jtojfee. — berry, bic ^ojfees 

Oof 'fer, 8. bet Jtaftcn, bic ^ijle ; bet ©elbs 

fafien ; bet @(i^a$ ; bie @c()ag{ommer. 

T. (in bem gepungdboue) ein gewiffet 

t^ettieftet unb bebed tet ® ong. «. a, in ben 

Jlaften tftun, fammetn, uctwa^tcn. — er, 

«r bet ^4a|meif!ct. 
Coffin, 8. bet ©atg; bie 3)fite; betin? 

nete unb ici^U S&eil U^ 9)fetbe()ufcd. ». 

«. in ben @atg legcn. 

Cog, »,bet3aftnaneincm9lobc.».a.4r«. „^.„., ^'-i -^ 

Wmdi^e(^fr#dJ4»&n|en/ba«fe^met?ICoincide, «. n. m\c«ttmwitc«^w^,^^>»^ 


Jt«f!en; bi<r ©tbicfrtung, Stflnbung. 
Coin'er, 8, bct 9»iin;icr; SRunif&lf*et, 
Salfd)mun5et •, (&t?uUx, 


(Ummciu Coin'cidenoe, t. ba« Bufam« 
mentteffcti/ bU SufommenCunft^ tiebet? 
eitiftimmuiid. Coin^oideat, a. ^ufammens 

Goindioitioii, «• tod Sufammentteffes me^$ 
veter aXetfmaU* 
CWtril, «. eln fcbUAtec ^alfe ; ber ntd^td 

Coit, «. tie ffiStttfTc^el^. 

Coition, «. bte ^aaruna, SBegattung* 

Cojudicdtion^ «. bte 8uid)e 2(ndct9e, Bus 

Colom, «.- tL. ff(^ 9er6inben. 
Coke, $. tie a(»aef(lftwefe(te ^tcinfol^U. v. 

a. Sit-in oi&f3on>eft(n* 
Qol'ander, «. bcr jDur4fd)tag, 6et6<t. 
GdHtion, «. bad jDutd^fetQcn/ ^(triren* 
C6]ataie, 9. bad ^ur(^ei^cn ; iDurc^e^ 


Colbertfne, «. etne %rt @pt|en« 
Col'cothar, «. T. bad €aput ^crtuum. 
Cold, a. falt^frofhg. «• bte ^6(tc ; (StrEdl? 

tung; bet: €>(inupf<n; — ly, ad. To 

cfttdi — , fi({) ecf&(ten^ ben ®d)nupfen 

(efommen* — ish, a, etroad !o(t — ness, 

«. bte JtMte* 

Cole, C61ewort, «. bet S^t%X* 

Col'ic, «. ber ADacmftampf^ SSaud^frampf, 
bte ^oltf* a. bte (^eb&mie angtetfenb* 

Coll&pBe, V. n. jufammenfatlen. CoUdp. 
81011, «. t^aiS SufammenfaEen* 

CoTIar, «. bad ^als&anb, ber ^ragen ; bte 
4&a(fter (eined g)ferbed), bad jtummet; 
bad getottte ^(eif*, JRcUfileifd)* — of 
brawn, bad aufanimengercUte ^toetnes 
fteifA ; bie ©iitie* —bone, \icA @d)wffe(s 
betrt^^-day, ber Sag, an wc(d)em bte SRits 
ter bed ^ofenbanbed t^te Drbensfette 
anteaett/ ber Orbendtog* v. a. beim jlras 
gen faffen ; gufammenrotten* 

Cofldte, ». a. ))ergtcid)en ; in cine SBfirbe 
Derfelen/jtt^jiner SSihfbe emennen. Col- 
lition, 8, bte S^erteil^ung ; $8ergtet({)ung ; 
SJebenmaWieit/ (grfrifd^ung. CoUktor, 
«. ber (Srt^etter etner ^fninbe ; SSer? 

CoUat'eral, a. nebenfelttg; an ber ©ettc 
befinbtuib^ ncben elnanber ^efleUt ; gtetc^^ 
taufenb; gegenfeitig; mittetbar; — ly, 
ad. Collaterals, t. pL bie @eitent}ers 

Colleague, i. ber ®e^fi(fe,2(mtdgeneg. vm, 

Col'lect, ». bie Sottecte, lai fur^e ®ebet. 

Collect, V, a, fommeln/ ©erfammetn/ gus 
fammenbringen ; ((bUe^en; bemerfen* 
To — one's self, flcb faffen, fid) erftcs 
I Un, ^tt ftd^ fetbfi f ommem — dneons, c. 
• gefammelt, s«ffl«»tncngetragen* — ible, a. 
wad (l(b fd^Ue^en la^t — 4od, a. bte 
Sfammtung; fjfetgerung, ber @d)(u$, 
®d)luSfa6. — ive, a, gefammelt, jufam* 

mfiftcietfTad^ti frJsemb/ f^tie^nb* — ive. 


ly, ad. Noun ooUeetiTe, bad €{amim(^ 

xotxx, (Sctteetiiranu —or, a. ber ^€amfi 

let; (Sinne^mer* 
CoUegf'atary, a. berjenige, meldKm nebft 

anbem etioad oemiod^t ift, ber axit^ 


CoHe^ 9, bad SoQegiunu 
Coll^an, a. ber ^t^St^Utt, Stubettt/ bad 

9)2itg(ieb bed (Sone^tumd. 
Collegiate, a, ccttegtal^ »ttegtat *i> bad 

sD^ttgUeb etned Gotleginmd. 
Cdlet, a. ber ^atdEragen ; ber ^aftea bed 

Collide, V. a, gttfannnenf^Iagett/ lufamsnens 

Col'lier, a. ber Jtcl^ten^r&ber^^oM^Hl^&nbs 

ler ; tfd^ Jlol^lenfd)tff. Cdlieiy, *. tic 

iteblengrube; ber ^oblcn^anbeU 

Colllflower, see Cauliflower. 
CoUigdtion, a. bad Sufammenbtnben.. 
CoUimdtion, Collinedtion, a. bad Stefen * 


Colllquable, a, f(bme(^bar« Cdliqndment* 

a. bie @(lftme(jung, ^d^matte. — qoant* 

a, fchmeljenb. -^Kjuate, ». a, fc^efjen^ 
.auflijem — qudtion, a. bie $kl$melj»iig^ 

2(ufl«fung, — quefaction, a. bte 3ufam» 

Collision, a. bie Sufammenfd^togtmg^ 3tt^ 

Collocate, v. a, ftetten, fe|en* — citioii, a^ 

bie ©tettung/ @e|nng* 
Colloctition, a. bte llnterrebung* 
Collbgue, o. a, f(bmeid)e(n/ liebfefeiu 
Collop, a. ber JJleifi^fibnitt ; ber €^t$, 

bad @t&I; (im @^erae) txk^ ^inb. 
CoUbquial, a. ^ ber itmgangfpra^ ge^ 

(orig, in ber itmgangfprod^e ge»6l^nltc^ 

Colloquy, a. bad ®efpr&d). 
ColMctancy, a. bie Sleigung |ttm €5lrett, 

SBiberfe^ung* Colluctdtion,a.ber@trett, 

Colltide, V, n. etn l^eimlidye^ ^erftftnbnt^ 

baben* Collision, a. bad l^eimli^e ^er? 

flSnbnif. — sive, «. !)etmti(i^ 9erabres 

bet, betriiaerif(b ; — ly. ad, 
Cd'ly, Cdlow, a. ber 9lup, bie ©d&tp&rje. 

V. a. fc^wfirsen, beru^* 
Collyrium, a. bie ^Cttgenfatbe^ bad 2(ttgens 


Cd'mar, a. bie SRannabim. 
Cdlon, a. T. ber Sweipunft, bad Sttltn ; 

bcr ©rimmbamu 
Cd'onel, a. ber £)bcrfle. — cy, — ship, a. 

bie ^tetle ober OBiirbe eined £)berflenw 
Cdlbnial,!!. bie Golonie betreffetiK — wae, 

o. a, mit ^ffans^rtem nnb 9lteber(afftmt 

gen oerfeben, anbauen* — ny, a. bte ^^ficm^ 

aung, ^flan^flabt, bod ^fCanaMlf, betr 

^ftanifraat, bie €o(onie, 
Colonndde, a. bie ^autenrei^C/ ber ®&tta 

(engang; bie Gelonnabe, 
Colophom a. bic (e|te Ceite eiaed Su^lL 


— f<*>to Jtal^mluiR} bat OnscD': 

Cdofius'lUa, K bit CalMUtntt. 
Cafont^ •. fltfirbt — *tioo, *. ttt Jits 

buns ; SatM. — nTic, •. f&tbtnb. 
Oaldan.GoIoB'Biu,!. Cei: Sa(«p, bU <RU: 

ftlWfftalt — fl«l, — rtin, a. toleffatiW, 

CoTor, *. btc ^atbt\ bie Ub^ofie (9t= 

iDorfteUung; %erii))inl3uns; DtcSibctn, 
(BotiDonb-, bU S8«f(6affsn6(it. — «. pt 
tie gaftne. — msn, ber jarttn&SnbUt. 
I. fiirbcii ; (tnfhcic^n ; mil ^axbtn 

autmaliB, tSumininni bef^onigcn, ci: 
i»tct>tn, fid) cntfitUti, —able, 0. 

D ffitbcn, wife 

bar. — «blj, ad. — ed, ^«rt. o. oefitbt, 
tunt. — mg,«-baegSrt(n; biegatbdi; 
mifdiui^, gaibengebuns. -— ist, >. tin 
flutit Sart"inii[(ft(t:. — le»s, a. u^ne 
^oTbe, bucdifii^tcg. 

CaI'Bt4fi; «. bic aubecflangc, bet ^tif- 

Colt, «. bai ficngftfilacn. Jig. ttt \mg,t 
8offe, t&ppifdie <CiIcnfd). u- «. muntti 
ftpn (nie (in gAUeri), tierumfpiinwn. 
r. a. juni Slarten mocben, jum SScflen 
beben. ctJt'^-lbot, b« ^ufloidcl). aAta. 
tooth, bet SOiifdjjobn ; bit SBcinuna ju 
Sinannaimgen. — ish, o, mutJituiHia, 
ouigelaiten ; -^j, ad. 

Colt^er, 1. bae Sed), ba6 ^ftuatneffer. 

Od'ahnne, a. ffftlongtnailig, j3)Ian9*nfit: 

Cal(inih«r]r, 1. iai Zaainhoue. 

Cihunium,t.i\tZaabtnf)<).lifarbt\ HU' 

(fi (eine ^flanic). 
Col'nmn, I, Bie eiuU, Eolcnne ; fStluiniw. 

— *r, o. fSulenfecmiB. 
Colore, I, T. in ^enncnmcnbtttdi. 
O^na, (. bte @i^Iaffud)L 
C^msTt, ». t(t ajetttag. 
Cdpoate, •■ bet &enti, QKitsenrp. a. ^aai 


Cimaton, a. fdjlaff&c^ttg. 
Comb, *. bcT JEamtn. r. o. tfinimen, jhie; 

.Vliu fr&mpeb. — makei, bee Jtattuit' 

Comljit, *. ber Sani(f; ba« ©(fe*!. 

V. a. flreiKn, t&mfif^n. e- a- Ufimefin, 

teftuiun. —ant, «. bei Snettec, Jtan: 


CoadTer, >. bet aStllf&tnmer, 
Comlnnala, a. sttltit, oetflltcdicn. Cam. 

hittition,*- bU SSerbinbung, ECeTeinii 


,>.«. Utbinben/Dcreiniaet., „_ 

fMnntnbtnbn. «■ «■ fii^ veibinben, fii^ 

CombwIiblB, a. bcennhiT, Hitunnlid). 
— MM^ ■• bit ESnunbaneit, iSertnnn' 

Comlmi'iigo , «. bi( aStiiunmiiu. btt 

IBranb-, bet Xufnidr, bit Ccnetcniiia. 
■Come, v. It. fcnimcn, enlDinnent betf 
(smtnetu to — to pun, fi(6 frtaebei, 
fiA (teignen. to — ■bout, fii »enten, 
|id| jUKagctti fid) inbem, detumbnu 
men, umgt^en. — isander, in GStfide 
jetfnOcn, ~ »t, rtmai (tlangen. — by, 
jU enufl* sttansw- — fcrwwd, #ini 
SQeTf(f)<in fnnmcn, betwtKtten. ~ b, 
einleintnen, anCemmEn, aujTonunen, fet: 
ntn Knfang ne^men, in tin Kmt Urns 
men, CTwift'' reetben. — in ibt, tinen 
]IntbflI b<bmmen> — of; IieiCtiinnKn, 
obftammtn. — c^ roegfemmen, bnotn 
Eemmcn, abfcmmen, abgeiien, obfaUen ; 

— on, betantcmmen, entfiden, fortgei 
fien, fentemmen, gebn^en. — om, 

— out, b<niucf emmcB , auibnmun; 

— shori, nlc^t etreu^en, nidit aUiif 
hmmen. — tos tinwiniatn, ^ Mous 
fen, f)tnaudb)nmen. — i^*, aufT«ninen, 
fluffprinaen. — up to, fHi telanfm, 
gldthEommcn. — up_ wifli, trtci^en, 
(iitWcn. — upon, ilOetfallcn, f\d) on 
jtmantcn fiolten. Come-off, ». tie Tiufi 
flucfit, GntfdmUigon?, bft ffieneont, 

Come! i. ftlftf) ! ouf! roebUn ! 

Comedian, a. bet £a)auf)Kcl(t, EiiftTpiet 
CitSier. Corn'ody, «. tai euftfpid. 

Cmoelinefia, (. Bet fflcij, anfJarB, bie Mn= 
timIi6E(it, Mttigftit. camdy, o. 4; oi 
iftinbtg, ^bfA, ortig, ongcnelim. 
ner, i. tcc Aommtnbt. 

Cdmet, (. bet Semet, ^oatftcm. — uj, 
— ic, o. JU bem Comcten ge^ jtig. 

bom'fit, — tura, *. bae dudcnoKf, BaitX' 

Com'Sirt, V. ■■ ti^ltn, Ritfcn, itiebca, ei: 
quidtn. *. bet Sre^, bit UnterftiiBwig, 
©litfung, erqutttuna i »e6«rii4ftii, 
fflequemli^tEit. — «bJe, a. ttiffli*, en 
fteuli*, iefiagli*, bequem. — •Nj, oi 
— kbleoeaB, t. tie Zti^^iitUit, !8tf)e.^ 
VtiiUit, !8(quemli*(eit — «■> «• bet Ste; 
fIcT. — 4cH, a. tnfHWi unbebostt^, un: 

Com'frey, — fiy, i. bie »air»Ut|. 

Com'lc— «!, o. poftetlt*, tuBiSi fcnii(4; 
— ly, ad. —tlaam, I. bie temiftSc Ste* 

Coni'iD?, s. (emmmb, nnflis; gtnei^t, 
winig, begterig. *■ bot Atnmtii; bie 
IfnEunfL — in, bo* fiinftmrnen, bie 

Com'ity, t. bie Xrtiafeiti Eebtnlatt 

Corn'mn, i. iai Cemma. 

Commind, v,a.i*. befetiUn, sttieten ; 
ieb'ttf^en, anp(iten-, Uti^ehtn, bo . 
fhre itfeen. •- bet SBefttjl ; bie ^(rti<i)fu(bl ; 
Xnfiidtung, bet D6«bt^V\-, ^ftt.ft«» 
^t -«r,i.laiaA\«U^\«>iS,'WttiW 


(et; Xnfft^ter; IDtten^pfedntncr.^om; 
ment^ttt; (ki ben 5)floftctern) Ut^th 
fief/ bie Aontramme ; (bet ten SBunb? 
^Qlen) bie Seintabe. — eir, ». Me Gems 
ment^tttel, btc Drben^pfranbe. — mcnt, 
t. Me l^6d^fle®en>a(t; bet fStfcf)l\ ba6 
@e6ot — ress, «. tie ®c6tetertn/ S3es 
fc^tel)o6enn,2(nffif)wrin, ©cf)errf*erin. 

Joinatdria],a. oon gtctc^r s0{atene« — ity, 
9, bte ©(ei^^ett cet STZatcne/ ter gtcic^e 

Com'matttm, «. tie ©ebt&ngtl^elt/ jtuqc 
(be5 @t9t5% 

Commeisurable, a. twn gtei^em S$er^&(ts 

Commeni'orable, a, meifwiirbtg. —orate, 

». a. et»&&tten ; fctem. — orAtion, s. w 
Qttohi)mn^ %tUu — orative, a. erin* 

Comm^noe, e. a, Sftu onfan^en* — ment, «. 

tec 2(nfang* 
Command, v, a, empfefeten ; (o6cn. — aWe, 

a. empfe^lundgnmrbtg / (c^enswfitttg. 

— aUy, 0(2. — 4tion, «. Me (Smpfe^Iung, 

to^ Sob* — atory, a. entpfel^Ient/ icUnt>. 

— er, ». ter Gtnpfel^tcr. —am, tie Som? 

Commensaf Hjr, «. tie IStf(^efe(lf(i)afr« 
Commensurabillty, «. ta$ ^etf)a(tntfl tc6 

SKoape^/Ceineifgegen ta^ antete). —able, 
a. olcit^&fig. — ableness, $. tic C^teicfts 
mopigfeit, to« ©et^Mtnifc —ate, r. a. 
an^meffen/ tag ^er^&ttntp 6cftimmcn* 
a. ongemcffen,t)ec^6(tnipm&pig; — ly,flrf. 
— dtion, ». ta« ?8ctf)&ltnip. 

Comment, v, a. ^(ufitegungcn madjcn^ Sc? 
tnerfungen mac^en* «. Me 2(nmct:!ung^ 
2ttt«teguna* — «ry, «. tie ©rtt&runa, 
ferttaufente TCu^tegung ; ta^ :Sapebucp. 
— Ator, — cr, $, tct HuiUQCv, (giflawr. 
— itwas, a. gett(?)tet. ' 

Com'meroe, s, tcc Mantel ; llmgang. v, n. 
Umgang l^oben^ ^antct trcibcn, — cial, 
tf. jum ^antel gel^6rig ; — ly, ad, 

Com'inigrate,o.n.ou^n)antem* — grdtion, 
9, tie Susmanterung. 

CommindtioD, ». tie jDro^ung, — nitory, 

a, tco^ent. 

Commin'gle, v, a, t^cmtfcl)Cn. 
Commin'uiUe, a. |errei6(tc()* — ntite, e. a. 

3errei6ett/ pmoem/ ^ix^c^n. — ntstion, 
». tie Scrrcibung/ ^ccringetung, ^SScrs 

Commk'erable, a, tc« sjJiitfcitcnS wfitMg, 
—ate, V, a, SOlitfcitcn batmen, -Ation, 
9. to6 SRittcitcn, tic ©rOacmung. 

Com'mimaiy, s, tec ?(6gcertncte/ ®c? 
Jc^&ftSffiftccc^ ^riegticemmiffariuf, 

Cbmmis'gion, «. tcr 2(uftrog, tic SSctl? 
mac^t ; GommifTtcn/ SScrfamnf (ung t)cn 
TCbgeectnctcn ; tic Kbgcectnctcn, SPcs 
fv/wi^d^ti^ten ; tie SoftaUuna, ^tcUe, 

^?^ ^mf ,• NV X)/fi«ccflcnc -, tic dnfts 


weUtge a^ecmoltung, ttt'Stvtfc^ent^ctwdl^ 
tung; tie S3efecgung t^en ©efd^ftcn 
f{ic cincn antem ; tie S3ege^ng elner 

JJbontCung* a ship in oqminission, em 

^d)lff, tocldici gam ®ceMen|le ffiWS/ 
nnt bcttimmt iflgegcn ten Jeint jn ^an? 
teln. -^te, ». a. einen 2(uftrog qebcn, 
bctK)nmac6tlqen ^ abcctncn ; beflaUen. 
— cr,«. tec Sfeewttm&cftttgtc, 2C6gecctnctc, 
®ef^&ft6fil6ccc, ®te!tt>ertcetcr, ©tott^al? 
tcc, Xuffel&ec. 
Cotnmis'sure, «. tie $nge. 
Commit, ». a. ilbccgckn/ ontxrctroucn ; 
wc^apen ; ftcge^en ; ^fommenffeHen, gir? 
gen elnontcc fletten. to — a biU, cincn 
®efe|ent»ucf an einen Tfu^dmP fibcrgc* 
ben. to — one's self, fid) t(ej ftctlcn, 
ftd^ »ecantn)cct(icft mad)en. —ment, ». 
tie gsccftaftwnj, tcc a^ecl^aftsbcfcbL 
—tee, 9, tic ©i^ung gcwiffec gjecfcncii 
^u einem bcfUmmtcn 3»cidfc, ju cincr 
®ccat6fc&(agung ; tcc 2Cu«fd)u^ — ter, 
«. teqcnige, me(d)cc etxoa^ begeftt, tcr 
SSccbcccfecc. — tible, a. (clcl)t ju bcgd^cn* 
Commix, v, a, Dccmlfd^cn. — nn, — ^ture, 

9. Me fBecmifdftung. 

Commdde, 9, to^ Jtopfteng, ter ^tpfpvtt* 

Commddious, a. beqncm, nfi|(icft ; — h* 

ad. — ^ness, 9, tie 93ciiucni(icl)!ett, ter 

ajectl^elL Commodity,*. tie Sequemlicftfs 

!cit ; tccS5oct^ci(, ©cwinn ; tie SBaoce. 

Com'modore, «. tcc Scmmotcrc^ 

Com'mon, a. gemcin, atlgemcin, o^ctochns 

tid); — Jy, <rrf. 8, tic ©cnictnrociKv 

dJcmcintcift, tcc (Scmcinangcr^ 2(nger» 

— ^placc, a. abgetcpfcftcn, — phce-book, 

tag (Srcecptcntmd) , Sctlcrtaneentucb. 
~ sense, tcc gcmcinc 9)2cnfc^n»crftant, 
tcr gcfuntc natflcdcfcc 93cc(tant. — law, 
tag aUgcmcinc Santc^cec^t, tern Wrifts 
lid)cn 9'tcd)tc ctcc ten gcfcfilidycn 2>crs 
cctnungcn (statute-law) cntgcgengcfcit, 
— prayer, tag olTgcnuin angcncmmcnc 
Jticd)cngc6ct. Commons, tie ©cmcincn^ 
tas asctf, tcc tcittc (Stant im ^taatc, 
aupcc tern UM unt tcc (5Jcifttid)fct^ 
commons, (auf ten llni»ccfit&tcn) tic 
^cft, tcr gcbcn^untcr^att house of com- 
mons, tag ^a\xi tcc ®cmcincn, tc5 iins 
tcrhou6« V, n. in ®cmcinfd)aft f)abcn» 
—able, a. gcmclnfcftafrtld^. -T^g^f 9, tag 
®emctntcrcd)t. — alty, «. tk ©cmcins 
fd)aft, (SJcfammtfc^aft, ©cmcinhcit ; tcr 
^taat^ tag aSctf^ — er, ». cincc au« tcc 
allgcmcincn ajctfgftaffe, tcc S^iirpcrd? 
d)c; tag sBfrttglict teg Untcc^anfcg^; c:s 
ncc tec @cmcintcccd)t ftat ; tie ^urc ; 
(anf ten Untpccfitfitcn) tcc ^tutcnt tcr 
tcittcn @(o|fc. — ^ness, 9. tie ©cmcins 
fcbaft^ (5^cn?chn(id)fcit. — ^w^al, — weahb, 
«. tic ()urgcr(icl)C ®cfcnfd)aft, tcc ©taat, 
tag gcmcmc ©cfcn/(^cmcinrocfen/25clf ; 
t^ct "gx^v^aat, tic JKcpuOdf* 

Coounooltuo, t. bit Qrlnncmng, Scuiab: 

Comnumiice, — <ij, i. ttt Jfufcntljalt, Mi 

aSeftnunfi. —ant, o. roe^nbaft, onfipici. 
CommortUion, s-in Kufitltfialt. 
CommDlian, ». tit StnJtgunMlncufit.tfr 

aufllant, aufaifir. — er, ». btr aufrfb: 

CominiJve, ji. a. in BcmcgHnafeitn, kup: 

Commilae, e. n. ful) uutljldtni, fi^ 
icmanUn ustCTCctxn, mit icmanbfn 

ComuiunkalMl'il}', i. bU SXitt^cilbactcit. 
— caUe, a. mitlSdlSfli:. —cant, s. bei 
fienununicnnt. — oaie, v. a. mllthciltn. 
c. H. Ocntdnfdioft fio&en, in SJcH'inCimg 
fltbcn; ftd) mit jemanbHi unlctrctcn , 
SBticfs mcirdii, in UntetftanWung — 
Kncbct(lt6(n;«nimuni(i«n. — cii 
«■ bic axitt^tuna, Unteitebung, bet 
Uragong; 6k ®(m«ln|aoft,ajtrtintunf|. 
— cative, a. mtttfjetlenb, gefijtWltg 5 frti: 
HebiS. CDmmtuiott, *. tn ®(ni«nfc(iaft, 
fS>:rliintuiig -, bcr Umsung ; bae ICUat' 
MiaW, Commnnily, ». tie (Semcin^iil, 
lllcmeinf^aft i bne genuine iSc fen, bcr 
iStaat ; bie SuvD^RlidfEcit. 

Cammutaluritf, (. bte <S\Ka^(i% 
toiifAt as toerbin. — uUe, o. nai fid) 
flujtaurnen 1^ — tdtim, t. bie sjetan: 
benmo, 3!en<)ufi^un9 ; Xuelirung, boc 

Commaie, n, a. uettaufiien, ouflcftn. b. n. 
bie etelle vcttreten. 

ConunfltuHl, 0. wed)felfeitig. 

Cora'pact, t. bie aSerabeebung, bic SBet: 
gln^, aSertrn^ 

Compict, a. bi^l, fefl, mefil wttunben, 
balibat, bAnbig; — tj, aiJ. «. s. genaii 
secbinben, ftft jufammcnfiSaen, jiironi; 
menfegcn. «. n. fiife wceinigen, ji* wr 
tinbcn. — iie»H, (. bie Jcttigteit, Bitjjl; 


r. bie aufommenfugung, 


umflinglidS ; — «bly, ad. — ion, ■ 

Seftlirte, ©efenfcbnftet. — ionship, ... 

e!renf4oftli*c Berbinbuna, OefcHftftafl, 
ii (Sefclge. 

Com'panj, «. bie OffetirAnft, GcniDagnie, 
3iinung, 3unfi. 0. 0. 4 n. tesEeitcii, p* 

Com'parabie, a. VctgUuqbai, pctglci; 
Aunginjettb. — "hlj, orf.MtgfeidiungSj 
metfe. — aiira, a- rcTgteiAlidf), tviglcii 
Aenb. »■ T. bcr Senipatatin ; — ly.od, 
in SBerghicf). 

Compire, e. a. Wtglei4*n 1 W»|i:t)Qffen, 
ectolKn- '-bie aitTElci(t)ting,ba« (^kid)' 
litil — jwTmi, ». bit iUHBleicbUKS; 


bus SJctb^lmiti ; Ollcidinife T. bie etei^ 
^erung (bei Seiwfm-c in bcT @pn]d)< 
Compitt, B. 0. obtNilen. — ment, — imenti 
». bie anbeilung, to* Jti*. — iUon, »• 
bie KDlbeitung. 

Zoia'peaa, o. o. unifaffcn, clnfdifie^en ; 
HOigslKn; bcatifiditigcn ; etcci*cn, ct' 
langen. »■ bet ^rei6 ; Seiitt, Umfimg t 
Scnipap. Compiwes, pair of compuiei, 
bet 3irtcl. 

Campsi'uon, 1. ioi DTtitlcibetl. v. a. 3Xil« 

[cib ffiblin. —He, »■ 0. SKitlelben W 
iiiti, bcbnueni. a- mitleibig ; — Ij, ad. 

CompaIer'nitj',i.bie ©(OntMtfifiofL 

Binge, SGcteinboitcit —We, a. DerttSg* ' 
lid), Piteinfiflc, paffenb. — bly, bi^. — bio- 
neae, 8. bic Q3erein(iatEeit 

CompStient, o.jugleid) leibcnb. 

Cornpdirioi, ». bet Sanbimonn. 

Compter, i, tn Senoffe, SRltgeneffe, ®C* 
fen. B. n. pajfen, g[ei* ftpn. 

Compel, P.O. nft^igen, itttngen; antttis 
b(n; ntit @eica1t ne^nien, abjioingcn; 
fibetn)61tigen. — lable, a. jwingbar, Ct< 
jnjingbat. — Idiion, ■. bie Kntew. — ler, 
I- bet Sivingtnbe, 3n)ingtt. 

Crnn'ixad, t. bet JfuSjug, fctje EBegttff. 
— idfious, u. flbgetutjt. — ioe'itj, ». biS 
Jtfltjc. — ioiiB, 0, futj, tutjgefaft; — ly, 

ad. — iousncBs, (. bie J^fitje. — ium, (. 

bet 'Kixim. ftitjc Scatiff. 

CompcnBabie, a. Clfc|[i^. CompdnBiile, 
D. a. etfegcn, DCtaQten. — ntion, «. bcc 
<ST\a^, bie SQetgStung. 

Compile, I. n. ^ a. fid) mit btnittben ; sat 

' jleben.juEcmmtn.Henien.— enc«,~cncy, 
8.bic3ut%[td)!eit,<£tattbQftig((it-, ba» 
Qtff tbetniE,. Tlusfcnmien ; bic Sefugs 
niB, SuflSnbigEcit, — ont, a. anaemef' 
fen, r(()ic(ti_cb ; binlSnglii^ , jut&ngliit; 
beftigt — ible, a. ongcmcffcn. — ili™. 
■' bic 3]litbcn)ct6ung, bet ^nfptu^ mttj' 
tetct, glei^ T(nfptu(%. — itor, s, bet 
ajiitbereetbct, Slcbcnbutiht; fflcgnet. 

Compilitjon, e. bit Sonmilung, Sufoni" 
mcnttagung, (oetfiifttli*) aufommenRops 
cclung; bie SufamnKnltcppclei. 

Compile, B. a. faiiimeln, jufammcntcagcn, 
(BttfidjUiii)) jufanimenfteppeln. — piler, 3. 
bet Sammlct, SufammcnttSget, (uer- 
U)tlid)) 3ufanimcnf!cpp[cr. 

CompUcence, — ctncj, ». bo« ScfaHen, 

aSeblqefaflcn, SBctgnSgcn, bie Jteiibe; 

ScfilfigEcll. —cent, o. gcfSHtg, ottig, 

Compliin, r. n. fi* bcllagen, flaaen. 0. a. 

beEIageit, — ant, »,bct 5Iiget,.Rlogenbe. 

— er, «. bet Jtlagenbe, [xA SBcftogenbe, 
Compliint, i. Bit Slane, fflefcbroetbc J bie 

UiipSfilitbEeit, Arantfiut. 
Ctiiopluaince, t. I'u 'at^cffi\^i\\. %«?• 



t,a.g(ffiaig,5ifliA;— ]y, 

Com'plemeDt, *. iU Qtit&njung, !S«II: 
mtuna, BctHommcnticil ; mc ^atil, 

nfthist aSoigc-, C^t EHebcnumftanC. 
— iC a. ttgin^cnC. 

CoAipUte, a. reUjlSnMg, dnnj, Mtlfum: 
mm, Mllmll«t; — ly, ad. b. a, Bcnun: 
bnt, Mll(l&nbi9 nmcbcn. — ncss, *. bii: 
fB»Hftfinttgfrtt, SclHcmnwnVii. 

CoDi|d«tJoD, 1. fcic stJtHjnBiing, iBctlfom: 

Cbm'plsx, : jufammi-ngtr^^t. >. tk 
Satnmhing, bet Snlicgrifi; — ly, arf. 
— odnoBs, — (ifBa, *. btr jufammcna^fo^IC 
Snflflnb.WtaStnuWtlung. —ore, ». bie 
(BKoitfeluna. —inn, g. bic 3ufflmmtn: 
fMUne; bal £ufi(rc Xnre^cn, btc &u{e» 
Sortc, ®(ficI)Kfacljc ; bic Jtirpcr; 
(nmrnHns, eeibcnfttjaft, Mnlagt. — ional, 
a. aaf Kt tillage unb Siiittmung tei 
Ximtt 6««iFi(nb ; — ty, od. 

Com|diuice, t. bic SBiQfaf)i^uri(l, 9Si 
fi^tiigbit —ant, o. loiiifi&rig^ — er, 
wt imKffitiriac 9)i(iif±, 

Com'tdkate, ». o. uctitfufcln ; wrbinbtn, 
Sa\ammf«\t^v. a. ocvtoiiiili,vtTbaiiUn, 
jufamnwnflefe|L — eitencss, >. bic ju= 
ramnunetffeie ffli-fdjo^fi'nljtit, eUtmicfc; 
Inng. — cStion, «. bi( ajcrti)' ■ ■ 
ajrtHnbung, Sufammenfrtung. 

Com'^Jjcc, 1. tcr 5Ritf(tiiilbiHt. 

Cwa'plimenl, i. biic ^iflt*E(ilBauibnid, 
bU $ipi*((itP6ejcu3ungi btt ®niS, 
bit acgruSutii;, ber OlMounf*-, bi( 
fifitenbejtugung ; ajetStugUng ; baS 
««ira(ini(nt. v. a. ^Sftidrf"! tnorifen, 
btgdVen, gtfi^cn ; tnit sber ou» ^iftidi: 
((ttIo6en,|((|ttici*eIn.— al.o-ftpfli*, Dt' 
tig, f4m(i(lKli)aft. — er, 8. bet ficfli*: 
ttiUtaann, S3ildlinginfld)ct, Sdimeid); 

CDm'iduie, *. bic lo|tc ©(betfmitbi: air. 
Ubenb, wemit Bcr ©oncebtcnfl btf^lof: 
(ira niib (bee ben Jtatttditcn). 

Com'plot, ». baS ^einilii^c SfrftinbniE, 
6l« Berfdiwirunfl, "■ a. cinen mht'im-- 
tunb fa)li<^. fid) ;u tooai infi gcftein' 
Mttintstn, (cinitid) ani^tteln. —tar, a 
btr fScTf^nwtni). 

Com^^, n. «. niiDfaficig fifln, wittfofi' 
Rn, tn ttmii ictHigen, cinniaigcn, gc 
nt^nrifltn, 61"' 

CompiteBDt, a. ctncn SAetl au«mci(()Cnb. 
— parts, bie WtflanBttfeik. 

Ounpdrt, v.n.ifa. ubcKiitflimmen, paf; 
fm, Ottgcmctrcn fren -, fid) tKrhallcn, fid) 
btKagtn; Cttragtn, erbulbtn. — anto, 
— flwnt, ». ba« McnclinKn, ajcrljfllten. 
— slJe. a. Widli*, cttrSglicfi. 

" '- - KitlcWn, 

, Coopdw, B. a. jtiraiimi(nTcei:n, BttfaJTcn ; 
fff^ MUgenMftiltctt, b(ruf)i9cn, ert-- 

ncn 5 Quinmchcn, — ed, a. ni&ig, fl«lflf« 

fen, flefCBt ; — 1y, ad. — ednesa, a. he 

@elaffcnf)(tr, @cniStI)£n:l)(, boE gtftttc 

Compilaer,i.bCtSB(tf(ifT(t;®Cfe(t! SUo: 

ftclKr; Gfiupcniff. — 'iie,«. jufanromis 
geftet. — ition, t. bit 3ufammfBf<(Bnfi, 
aiifaiumcnftellung, bk ©tftrciSartt bie 
€E()nft, bnTfuffal; bU geljM^c viteU > 
lung, ^aflung; SSciU'gting, Qiniffitng, 
ber ^ecgteicb' SBfrimg; Siifammcitqang' 
Bte llebertinftimmung. — 'Hive, n. jps 
fommfligffefir ; iufamnienfefenb. — 'itot, 
». (6ei ben SuiflbrudKrn) bcr ecftr. 

Conrpoai, t. cine 3ufammfnfc?ung kt! 
fdjiebcnet Singe jumiDfingen, bee Hftn= 
ger. ». a. bfinacn. 

Ikinipdiiure, f, bie SGerfa|Tung,2(6faffuna, 
3u(animenfe6ung, ajcrbinbung, siwHis 
nung, @innd)tung, 3>riii, &<ftaUi Uv 
auffae i tie S*rift ; ffleilegung, XiW; 
gkicfeung, bee SOenrag; bie SntiSl^) 
ni^e, Sflffung. 

Ccmipotilion, «. bo6 SufnnimnitriiwtB, 
baS @ctag. 

Compiiund, u. o, infanimcnfe|cn, Wtmi: 
fdjen ; jufammcn (telle n, ocrbmbni ; oat' 
iTiaf^tn ; [>[c^lett^cn, betlegen ; gitt moi 
d)en, befriebtgen. "■ n- fid) oergfeiften, 
fibettinConimen, tauf^cn, tvrgfitfn, got 
madien; I)c(d)lie^n. o. pfciinmeiigtre(L 
■' blc jufammengeftfte @fid)e, bi( WU 
fd)ung ; bnG jufaiiinicngefeite ffiwt 
— ablo, a. jufanimenfrtbor. — er, ■. bn 
ajermifdjer, iBcrs[ei*ffiftec,Sriebni*|Kf« 

ComprahiSnd, o. a. jufommenfafeil, in ftd> 
begrcifctii Btriiefien, faijm, begteiftn. 
— sibk, 0. foplid), begtfifii* ; — rfily, 
ad. — aion, i. ber 3nbt!irtff, !Btgriff,bic 
SatTunosfrafl ; bet Unifang. — aive, a. 
in fid) falTenb; unifatTenb, sielumfaf^ 
(cnb ; — ly- "<'■ 

Compreaa, v. a. jufomnwrtbrfiAin ; umfafs 
fen, fc()n»n^cTn. s- bic Saufi^e (bet bent 
iSecbanbe e'iner 3Bunbc), bie Gempteffe, 
buS Srud!pe[fterc^en, — ibil'ity, ». bit 
^dhigfeit, juranimenctcbnlift ju iDerbtn. 
— ihle, a. fSftig, jufomuiengcbriMt ga 
merben. —ion, ». lu 3«fammcn6tfi: 
[fting, — oie, f. bic ^ireffung, bee IDmS, 

Comprint, d. a. jufanimcnbntcten, nai!^ 

CompriaiJ, ■. ber 3nnbegtiff. Cocniwue, e. 
a. begreifcn, (nlbalten. 

Comprobation, t. ber Sctccif. 

Com promise, «. bie gegenfcitige Weis 

~ " Jt^is 

-„ . . S!«* 

pflid)tung, aterbinliie^Feit. n a. ttncn 
eiicfsri^let reSIilen, bur* iBecfllctift 
beilegen; |i* einDetftcljen. to— ene't- 
kK, ^vS>i vmv«tfi<!(|tia(r OQeifc bcxMntlUb 


—■Ma), «. (I^b«n(4t(t:tt«. 


t,M. gat 9tM^(nfci)iifl vnfmnbni. 

Campdl'miTel;, mt mil Scnxilt, jwang: 

tiiiviR- — 4BU>r7, a. piingtnb, mit 3n>ang 

VKMllbni. —won, •. tut Swang, — Mve, 

— wrj, o. jaingcnb i ^y, oi. 
CoDl|lllIM'tiot^ «. baeffitedKn; bet (ic; 

telfftaeMfi. bit SenilTenMRgfL — tioiu, 

a. turn ®t«>i^ia beutini^ietf teucmQ, 

Compnrgiiion, s. bit Stdiiffttigung 

unb tScflitipns (incr }(u£fiigc buttfi 

ba6 3(uaniS (ine* anbmi. — gstor, «. 

fcet fccftSKgcnbt onb rtfttfertigenlie 

OHopiUaUe, 0. jitilSat, WOS 6«K(f)net 

nierbtn fonn. ■— titMrn, Compilte, a. t\ 

%i'nd)nung, 9(ec()nung. 
CompMa, e. n, te*nfn, bcccjintii. — tei 

— tm, ». btc !B(te(bn(r, StM^ntr. 
Cmn'ride, i. bcr iDienftamcS, ®efi6rt« 

Con, B. a. toiffdi ; Hubiren, ouenKiitig 

Imtcn. ad. (ffit contra) loiber. to — 

th«nkB, Sanf ttifftn, ban(6ai: («pii, 
Om, fine untttnnfiaK ^rBpopttcn, roct 

4( Bitbinbuna, SBcKinigung, Sufatii! 

nunfnn auebrfictt 
Coneam'eralei v. b. niltdu — erition, >. 

tas Odvitlic, bn: IBegcn. 
Conctf'auie, s. a. }ufaDmi(tiF(tten, Dcri 

fctttn, gciwn rettinten. — dtion, ». bit 

Coa'enc, a. ^f)I, runtfie^I, Tunb auEgt: 

(}{(;{(; — )y,«A — neai, — rarttj,*. tit 

CoDcoTo-con'eivB, a. bejjptlt fwfilrunb, fluf 
I)eib<n €fitcn ^eMninb. — <"' 
duf On: eintn ®<it( t!tt)l unb 
onbnn er^ben. 

Co»K«iI,o.o.Det6t5I(n,tiert(rgen. — able, 

a. woe |iA ge^tim (mltdl ISSt. — ednem. 

* bl« ©eitrtidfiteit. — er, e. t«r gjevfico 
(let, ^^ICT, — nuDt, J. bt« iO((beTC|ung, 
iB«fie^Iuns,1Bei:r4n>ie9'ti^(i[; bcc3us 

ConcMe, e. a. jugcten, ciiiTSnmtR, 9e< 

Coocait, ». b« ffligriff; Oebantf, iU 
OTciniiug; ffltiHe, bet ffiinfoH. o- a. fi* 
cinbifbm, gtanSen, wifinen. to be out 
of eoDcrat, ffltbemiillHi 60601, 71611(15 
qung ^ben, einet Cacfit fibcrttflffig 
fnrn. — «d,o. ftinfitlbtingetriift bcfiecnb, 
tv<fi& Sriftreici); tingtbtlbcf, titin' 
fidt, atjmingcn ; amnbetlicf), gvitKit' 
(wft — •*»* #. tiu 3«r«f i, fer ©tufi. 

. —if^ o. gebm* 

iDfintel; GistnfiRti. - 

tcTtlti, unbtFonntn. 

::inc«inble, a. ttgteiflltfe, Mcftinbtiftt 

— b!j,o(f. Conceive, v.a, i(n, cmpfaiigeil, 

[(ftmangcv nterbnt ; ttmei fitaiWt&M. 
m Sfbanfcn (titnwtftn; begidfcn! W 
benftn ; bafjir IjaEietu ConctiTer, *. tin 

Concent, f. b« Stnflong, tie Sinfliau 
mung, llebcreinftimniung. 

Coneentrite, ». a. ouf Utl Dlitklpimft 

fammdn, juratntiienjte^etu — iritian, 1, 
bic (KittrI|mnft£HteLnigung,3ufainnais 
jiibung, auffltimiejibtinBUBB. — tre,», «. 
nod) bem OTithlpunfte ftttben, fidi ouf 
ben !DlitteIpiit(ft iitrcinigen, t. ■. anf 
ben OKittclpuntt Dcreimgen. — trici], 
— bic,o.einetUi smittcljunEl ^abenb. 

Coiic«ptBd«, •. tnfi SclinltniS. 

Concep'tiUe, a. iegrfifli*, faBltd). 

Coneep'tion, 1. bic gntpftngiiiS ; bcr JBes 

griff, aJctjtant; bie ffieiflcBUtia, b« 

ra.h„-t,. gjjrfa^; tit gnelnung. 

-"--Iic6, ftud)t* 

@eCanEe ; 


.- . . betveffen, ongtfim; beuB: 
tu))igen, 6ctr£6eit, beffinniteTn. to be 
coDcemed, belrfibt fcfln, 6ebflutcn ; vAt 
ctroo* i\x tfiun fioben. to — one'Md^ 
fut) urn ctmaS bcEAmmciin, Z^tH titlfs 
men. '■ bo8 ©eftfiift, bie Xngtleaenfitit, 
tei Unteme^Ricn -, bie X^eitne^manttj 
aL^eilnctime ; bie Unrobe, ISetrfibnif; 
SBttiiligteit, SSettutang. — ing. prt. bes 
treffenb ; wegen, fiber, ben, — menl, ». 
bie Xngc(egenfieit, tai @efd)&ft; tie 
fflejiehung, ber ISinflnfi; bie ©emrfnt 
fd)aft, lai <StrIe%x ; (Stmib% tit SBii^ 
tigfcit; Stieilnebmung ; @em&l^«bt> 
negung, Setfimmetnif, 

Con'cert,s. bae ScnicTl; tat ffierft&nbf 
niG, Sintxrft&nbniG, bie SSctciniguRg, 
Cetbinbung; Xbrebe. in- , na^ElCs 
ntmmenci: Xbrebe, inSBetbinbang.jn' 
fantmen. v- a. berabireben, tinti^tm, 

Coneet'iioa, : bie StntGutnung, St1ant« 
nifi; SSenfittiflung,— "J, a. setwittiflt, 
jugeftnnbcr. Concessirely, ad. niit Xtt 
roilligutiq, (fine S^Wunfl- 

Conch, «. bie muf*el. — oid, ». T. Mt 
Senchcibe, S^ncdenlinie. 

Coociilatei, 0. a. ocif*offen, ouf etne fottff 
K ?[ct juniege bringen, gcwinnen; jni 
friebenfteHen. — ition, ». tit SBetfmif' 
fung, SufriebenfhQuna, Sefrittigane. 
— ji'inr, I. bet Stiebenftiftet, iBennvlHet, 
— itory, 0. Betmitlelnb, befriebtgtnb, be* 
ni&igenb, berinftigenb.fritbferttg, ftidh 

Cmicin'nily, ». bie SnflinWftNlt , ttrnff 
ecit, 3icri\fti(('w, 9l«(\%*'" " 


Gondw, a. tnti, gettutigcn ; — fy, ad, 
— ness, «. Me Mm* 
Ccmddoii,«.tu 2(6r4netbund/?(a6fc^neU 

Caocxditifm, «. tU (Srregung. 
Condamitioii, a. tet 2(u6nif/ ba^ $reus 

Con'dave, ». ba$ Qcftcimc 3tmmcr, ©cs 
mad)/ (£onc(at>e ; pie ge{)ctme i8crfamnv: 

Goncltkde, v. a. fijftUe^ ; einfcftUefcn ; Us 
fc^ie^n; enttgen; entfc^cibeti/ i^efHm^ 
men; wtbinben, »etppicfttcn. — dency, 
t. tcr @4tufc tie Jotgc, —dent, a. ents 
fieibenb. — sion, ». bet @d)(uS, tic ^ol? 
gecung ; bee SBefi^lup. — sive,^. entfd^is 
benb ; bftnbig; — ly, ad, 
Ckmooag'ulate, v, a, madden, ba^ etwo^ 
tnit einet anbem @a(^e ^ufammen Qtf 
rinnt ; genau unb fef! oetbinben* 
CoQcdct, V, a, oerbauen ; burc^ SB&rme ^ttr 
Sleife (ringen. —ion, «. bie gscrbaas 
una; SReifung Mrmittcljt bet as&rme* 
Con'oclor, a, gteic^facbig. 
Concom'itance, «. ba5 Sufammenbejlei^/ 
bie Safarnmenbefte^nnd/ bie S3eg(eitung. 
-^tant, a. begleitenb, wit etwas ©ctbun? 
betu 9, ber Segteitet ; — ly, ad, — itate, 
«. a, U^Uitm, mix ctxoai t)er6unben 

Con'oord^ 9. bie d^ntracfet/ (Sinl^cKigf eit ; 

bet gScrtrog ; (in ber ©ptacfetcftrc) bie 

tlebereinflimmung ber fffiotter (^ S3. 

in 2Cnfe^ung ber ^Jerfon, 3af)(/ t>cg &cs 

fftled^t^, u. f. w.) — ance, «. bie Uebers 

einftimmung; T. Soncorban^ —ant, a. 

ein^ellig/ cinflimmig, —ate, 9, ber SSers 

twg/ ascrg(eid). 
Conodrporalya. ©on bemfclben Scibe. —ate, 

». a. ein»cr(ei6em — dtion, «. bie ©in* 

Goa'course, «. ber 3ufammenlawf, bie Ser? 

fommtung, STZenge ; ber SSereinigungS:: 


Goocremdtion, «► bte SSerbrennung. 
Con'crement, a, ber 3ufammenn)uc%«* 
Concres'cenoe, ». bo^ 3ufammenn)ad)fen. 
Con'crete, a. aufammenge»a(ftfen , eincers 

Cei6t/ wrwebt. 9, bie SOloffe. ». ». ^u^ 

fammengerinnen, |u ciner §OJaffe wer^ 

pern ».a. |u einer SKafle mac^em — ness, 

«- bie ©erinnung^ ©erbinbung sa einer 

fflloffe. — tion, 9, bie 3ufammengerin5 

nung, bie 9}{ajTe« 
Conciibinage, «. bie ^eb^el^e, bet a3ei? 

f*(af, CSoncttbinat —bine, 9, bie SBci^ 

Conciilcate, c. a. tinter bte Jfije ttctcn, 

jettteten. Conoulodtion, «. bie 3ertte; 

CffEUHipiBcence, t. bie Segictbc, bcfe H\i. 

"^-cent, a. wollfiftig, gciL — ^ahle, a, ©es 

^Urte emBcn^ ; wge&tenb* 



Concdr, «. «. jufammentttffett ^ fi^etetw? 
flimmen ; mttwitfen , vetbunben ^cm* 
— rence, #. bie ©eteinigung, Uebereins- 
flimmung; sojitwirfung ; bet g{eid)c2(n2 
fptuc^, bie 5Wit»ctbung. —rent, a. mit 
etwog retbunben^mittpirfenb* 9, ber SiJc? 
bcnumftonb, SKitwetber. 

Con'cussion, a. bie (5ffd)ftttetung. 

Cond, v.a, (©eeou^btiKf>baig ©tenet f cms- 
monbiten, flcuctn, 

CkMid^mn, v, a. tJCtbommen/ »etnttW(en ; 
petwerfen, tabctn; fitoftn. —able, a, 
t>erbammli(ift , ftrafbar. — ition, «. bie- 
^erbammung/ ^erurt^ei(nng, ^enoet? 
fung* — atoiy, a, oerbommenb, wrurs^ 
tftcitenb. ' 

Condezi'sate,. Condense, v. a, oerbicfen^ 
bid^t raoil^en* v, n. bid)t werben, bicf 
wcrbwT. a, oerbirft, btcf, bid^t* — s&tion, 
9. bte SSerbidfung.. — eer,.». T. bie 6om? 
preffien^sSKaf^ine, ber 85etbid&tiger. 
— fiity, 9, bie it>idftf)txU . 

Con'ders,«. j)i. bie ^eting^fpfi^et^nng^ 

Condescend, v, n, ji(j^ (letabtaffen ; t9tll^ 
fal^tcn^ getuj^en^^gene^migen. — ence, 
-non, 8. bie ^ablatfung^ fS^faf^^ 
tung, asittf&l^tigf eit. — sive,. ». ^ob? 

Condign, a, gel^ftig, »etbient ; — fyr ad. 
m6) ^cvbienft*. 

Oon'dimcHt, 9, ba5 ®tto(ixi, bie SBfitge/^ 

Condiscfple, ». bet SOHtfftfiter. 

Condite, v, a, vD^mn, cinmacften. — nment,, 
8. ba^ @ingenta($te^ bie Satwetge.. 

Condition, 8, bic SScbingung; bet 85<tttagv 
3uf!anb/ ©tanb; bie SBefdNTen^eit, Qis 
genfd)aft* v,a, S3ebingungenmod)en,be? 
bingen, felHc^n. -hbI, •. bebrngcnb, ber 
bingt 9, bie S3ebingttt^/>@infcftt4nhin0 ; 
— ly, ad, — Ality, ». bie JBebingt^ett 
— ary, a, bebingt, feSgefe|t. —ate, a„ 
bebingt. v,a, mit Bebingungen vet^e^ 
l&en; bcjiimmen. — ed, a, befc^jfen^ 

Conddlatory, a, SBeiUib au^bt&f enb. 

Condyle, v, a, bettouten, beKogen. v, fu 
95ci(eib be^cngem — ment, 9, bie JBcs^ 
ttubnifc !Stauet/ S^eitnol&me* ConddU 
ence, «. ba5 S3ei(eib/ bie S3eiteib5bc^u^ 

Condondtion, «. bie SSet^eil^ung* 

Conduce, v. n, ga etwaei fft^ten/ beittas 
gen, bienti(^ fepm c a.ffi^ten» — cible,. 
a, nii|(icb/ bicntid&z ctfptiegticfe. — ciWy, 
ad, — oibleness, ». bie £ilii|lid)fcit/ 2)ien* 
lid)f eit. — cive, a, nu|li^/ bef ctbetlic^. 

Con'duct, 8, bie Sfifewng ; ^Cnfft^ninj ; 
SSctn^atmng ; 2(uffdl^tung ; ba5 ©elett. 
V. a, f{lf)ten/ (eiten; anf&^ten, ^xwaU 
tern To — one's^f, fiih bettagen/ fW^ 
CLutl&<^tcn« -*<4lioo9, a. gemiet^ct 


■a- btT ^tittr, TtnfAEinc, SQcrtmltcr, 

a!er(le[)tr. — 'rras, ». tit gibrcrln. 
CoD'duit, t. bU 3tc&[(> bit Sfflaffeclct: 

Omdnplicltiim, *. i\t iSettcppelung. 
CaD(i,8.T. bct^cgcl; 2ann)<ipf>!n, Jfi^: 

Con'ej, «Be Cony. 

Coaikb'ulatc, v. n. |)Iaubcm> fi^ioagen, 
I. boS Otfptfiii. tit UnKccc 


Con'lect, ». bfli 3U(f(Mt6(l(f!nC, 3uiict: 

mcrf. c a, 3uicnwtf berrilcn. 

CoDtec'tioti, s. Cqe Sucbcnietf ; btc Sufc 
nifnfclunjl, SOIifiunj. — ary,— er.s. bcr 
3ii3i;iwfrttr, 6»nbit(t. 

Conffcd'eracy, ». boS JBfinimiS, bie Eft; 
liUnbitn^ — ate, e. a. bunt) cin iBCinbi 
nif Dcceinigen, tterbSnben. >- 1' lid) 'on-- 
Tiflnbtn, tin SBSntntfi fAlw^tn. a. vtn 
tiinbct. »■ bcc sBttliilnbtK, fflunbc^c 
ncE. — fition, », bit SGtrtflnbung, 

ConiSr, r. if. ptrgltictjen ; ttlfitittn, gc: 
itn, ibtrtrasttt, ticiltl^cn ; bcitragcn. 
V. n. untetljanblunfl pfttgtn, tine iin!«= 
wbunB ^olltn, —eDce, ». tit unlttrej 
bunp, Unttt^antlung, QonfcttRj, iScis 
^(icbung. — rer, i. ttv Untcct)ont[tc, 

CooftsB, G. a. 4 n. fetttnntn, gtRtfiti 
btLd)l(n ; tingt|it(|tn, on ben Sng Icgtn 
Seichtt Ijettn. — *dly, ad. offtnbor, ut 
liuabat. ^an, >. Ba£ @e[tinbniS, ISi 
lennlnifi ; bai ®iav.UotbtttmtaiS ; bit 
aiti^tt — ion»I, — iooary, (. bttiBtiits 
pHf)t —or, I. btt StEtnntt-, ffleicfet! 

Cimffigt, a. cffeniar, Kar; — ly, ad. 

Confteicnl, a. njitf tllB, f*nff(nb. 

Con'fidanl, e. tct, tit SStntflutt. 

Connde, e. n. Dcttvaiitn, f* Berloffen. 

Coufldencc, g. iaS SulcdUMi, 3itctraum, 
tie SuBtrjid)!-, Suttnulitfetttt, Ertiftigj 
t(it —dent, o. gtroip, pttauli* -, ^U: 
ttcTitbUii^, itii% *■ bcr, bit aSeitmute; 

— ly, ad. — dentnega, i. bit SuWtfld)!: 

lidjtttt, tag ©tlbltetttrautn. 

Configurdtion, >. bit BurommtniltHung, 
£uf[trc @(f}a[L T. bie Knfii^tcii ter 
etttnteuluna- ti* Mfptcttn. 

Configi'ure, b. a. filtbtn, gtltnlttn. 

Coij'liiie,o. ongctnitnb. «. bit ©ttnjt. 

Cnnfino, e. n. onaKnjtn- «■ "■ bcarcnjtn, 
btfi^canfcn, tin^ranftn ; tinrd)litGtn, 
cinfptrrtn; juni Sefonatncn miid)tn. 
to be confined, (rant fton, unuSBlid) 
ftpn ; inj Jtinb&CR ftmnKn. —lew, a. 
Sttnjcnlof. — meat, i. tit Ginfd)rin: 
liina, Sinfptming, StfongtitfAoft, bcr 
SStT^aft; bit Jtianl^tit, Unpfi^Ud)tttt, 
t'flflflmb6ett,!Boc6tnitlt. — er, i. ttv 


CrnGn'ilj, i. bt« 9Iil4tar[<^ft, HO^ Sc 

Confirm, e. o- btR&lCtn, bfftitigOl, bti 
tiaftigtn. titfciltgtn, imatnben, nnfio 
niittn, tinfegntn. — ^e, a. tmitiflid), 
— ition, I. btt !Bt|t&tiaunfl, iBtfriiftif 
nitibung, Confiramticn. — er, ». tec SBt* 
ttiftiqer, Skfjaiigw, 3(ugt. 

Confis'cnUe.ii. IMfi tingtitgtn «btt meg: 
gtnemmtn tsertien fann vbtt feUr »«^ 
fflUfn. — («tB,o.(i. ffir im:folIen «tlis 
Tin, tinjitfKti. B- KcfaQnt, tinatjtfltn. 
— cfidon, 8. bit ttinjtettuna. 

Con'fitent, a. bti Sttenntntt, bCT, »tl^ 
btfiinnt obci bitanni ^at 
Wfiturc, ». boS 3u((em)(c(. 

Con'fij, V. a. btfeftigtn, ftfhniMibtK. 

Conllagranl, n. bctnntnt, ftung. — g^A. 
tion, (. tic fficrbnanung, ttt iSninb, btt 

Conflation, », Wt ©tftmttjung, btt 3iifoms 
mtnflu^, bit ^imanit tnc^ttRc !Blaf|x 

ConflAiuto, I. tic Siegunfl. 

Confliot, n. 0. tfnipftn, ^itto. •■ btr 
^ompf, ©ittit 

Con'fluence, ^ui, (■ tXT 3ltr«minaiflllf, 
toB ffltttfisgt, b«i: 3uUuf. — flnent, a. 


Coolbiin, a. glttcbfcnnig, getniti. r.. a. 
gltidifttmig moditn. »- "- (id) feqaei 
intn, ri* riAttn, gtiitip ftonbcln. — «ble, 
«. gitiifef srmlg, gtmie, angtmtfftn ; felgi 
ffltn, gefceifom; —ably, ad. — iiion,». 
bit utSewin^raung, Jcvni, ©tftflU, 
JBittung. —^ *• btqeni^t, wtt^tt fl($ 
ju ttr httTf^wnbcH 9IelieioR btttnnL 
— ity. «. bic KltidbfirwiBt'it, Kednli** 
feit, iicbcreinRImraung. 

Conloctdtioa, *. btt ®IJirtun{{. 

Conffinnd, e. b. OttmifAf n, MOOirHtl, Wt* 

tDtchfeIn; btftSi}! mtiA<n'> wcbtrbtn, 
wmichltn, lu ©runbe rid)ten. — ed, a 
KCTnHtTt.bem'iu'V ftbfdxultd), Hcbatt; 
(in ttr gcmtinen ®prad)e) wtjnitifeli, 
Bttltufed. --er,».t«Um:u^jlifttt:,SBtt:s 
bcrbtr, astnniiflet. 

CoofraCer'iiitj, 1. tit :SciSbtc(AafL 

Confriint, c. «. gtgen tinanbtt (Itfltn, Mw 
alti(()eii,iufBmnienbaIltn; gtgenAbtTJltf 
hen. — dtioD, t. tie @tatn<inanb«rutli 
lung, ©cgtuttnanbet^Uung, SBttgltis 

ConJiiEc, E. 0. vtnoitTtn, t>crnitfi)cn, Kf 
iiicngen, Btiwotrtn mm^tn, — milj^ad. 
[itnvttttn. --eedneBi, *. bit JBtmittTenf 

ConTdBiun, t. bit aSetwiminS, Stf^Ji* 
munp, Sefificjuns, bag Sjerbtrben. 

Confute, 11. a. wtberitgtn. —table, a. Vti 
t^rlcgli*. — «tion.«.bU®«itat^'ft%. 
Con^, a. tit at8tii^'aSi%«*w^»%\ 


tU JBjrai!<m(ttttQ2 bet llttaub, Tit^&iUl ; 

tic etloufcnif ; T. (in bet S5au!unft} ber 

TCntonf/ 2CMauf. conge d'^lire, ber fonifls 

ti^ ^au(mif6t:tcf an cin tS^tmfapM, 

elncn »iW)ef ju wiftlcn. 
Congeal, 9. n. fctcten/ ^efticrcn, bid rocr? 

bnu — able, a. gcfricrtar. — ment, s. 

bic ©efricrung, Ocrinnung, bie gctons 

nene Wla^e. 

Consel&tion, «. bte ©eftictung* 
Con^ner, ». ba« glcic^attige J)in9, 
Conff^nerous, a. Mn bctfctben (Sattuna^ 

gletdbflrtig, 4^nli<ft. — ncse, bie dJUicp^ 

Goi^r^niaJ, a. gCct^artid/ &l^ntid)/ l^cts 

wanbt. — ity, — o'ess, «. bic ®leicftats 

tigfcit, 2Ccbnli*6cit, SScrn>attbtfd)aft 
Cong^nite, a. mitgc.bercn/ ongebttcn. « 

bet ^itbcubct/ StoiHing. 
Con'ger, 9. bcc SKcctaaU 
Con^ries, «. bet ^aufcn, btc Sufammcns 

Omg^ V. a. jufammcnl^iufcn/ ^ufom? 

mcntrogcn. —ion, ». bic 3ufammcno&ji? 

Cbngiary, «. ((ci bcn dlomcm) bai$ (S)c 

WcnC an ba« SSett cber bic @o(batcn. 

Conglaci&te, o. n. gcfricrcm — Ation, 9. 

btc ©cfcierung. 
Conglbbote, v. a. gufammcnbaden/ gnfam? 

mcnroQcn/ n>i(fc(n« a, gufammcngcbaUt, 

Wcftt fcft ; — ly» ««'• — Ation, ». bic 3u^ 
Jbmmcnbaltnng/ 9l&nbung. 
€imgl6be, v. a, gufammcnbatlcn* v. n. ftcb 

Omjsrlom'erate, «. a. ^ufammcnwidctm a. 

Mlammcngcwirfclt/ aufecrcUt —dtion, «. 

Die 3ufammcnn)id(c(und> Sufammcnmis 

fcftung, SKif^ung^ 
Congldtinate, v. a, ^ttfammcntcimcn^ Oct? 

binbcn. v, n, fi^ tjctcinijcn, fidb wrbins 

bcn. — Atikm, f . bic SScrtmbjing, Bufam^ 


Congrat'ulant, a. glftdfwftnfftcnb. — ^late, 
v,a,ietL ®(fid n)iinfd)cn/ 9(ficfti<36 prcis 
fen ; fcinc Sl^ci(naf)mc unb ^rcubc Us 
aengen, ficft fceucn. — Ution, #. bic J'^cur 
bcn^bcgcugung / @(jlc!n}jinfd)ung , bet 
®(i!l(fwunf(^. — latory,a. gtfidCwftnfcftcnb. 

Con'gregate, ». a. t>Ctfamnictn. i>. «. fid) 
i9Ct^mmc(n« a. fctfammctt; bi^t, ftft* 
— gition, «. bic SSetfammtung ; gottc^s 
bicnfttid^c ®ctfamm(ung, ©cmcinbe. 

mcnfunft, gSctfommtung •, ©taat«»cts 
fammtung. — 'ive, a, fidb wtfammctnb. 

CkmgnSe, ». w. ii6etctftfcmmen ^ gcmdf 
fct)n. — ence, 9, bic llebctcinjlimmung, 
®cm&9^cit. -— ent, a. fibctcinftimmig^ gcs 
m&9,fci)irfticb. —ity,*. btc ticOeteinftim? 
tttung, (Scbic!tic!)!cit ; Sfinbigfcit. —ods, 
a, an^emcflcn, fd)ic!(id) ; — ly, ad, 
Con^cal,a. T, fr^<?%fcac(fcmug-,— ly,od. 



OSnic, tf . T. conif*. 9, fL bic 8cl^ im 

(Scnu6 cbcc ^egc(fd)nttt. 
Coniferous, a. Sanngapfcn ttagcnb* 
Conj6ct, t. n. ntut^maScn. —or, — uror, 9. 

bet ascrmutl^^r/ 9Kutf)ma5ct. — ural, a. 

mutl^maflicft ;— ly, «i.— are,». bicSOhitl)* 

ntapung/ ^ctmutl)ung» v. a. mut^ma^n/ 

Conjdin, o. a. gufammcnffigcn^ Dctclmgen, 

jugcfcUcm i>. «. p* »ct6inbcn. 
Conjoint, a. tctbunbcn, t)ctcinigt» — ly, 

Con'jugal, o. c^cUA; — ly, orf. 

Conjugate, «. a. wtcinigcn/ e]^cti<!^ »cr? 
binbcn ; T. ceniugiten, — gation, ». bie 
gSctbinbung, ba^ ^aot; T. bie ^eniu? 

dctojtinct, a. Mtcinigt/ uctbunbcn. — ^ion, 
». pic gs^etMnbung; T. bag IKinbewott^ 
bie Coniunction. -— ive, a, fcfl ©erfenns 
bcn^ gufammcttffigcnb. «. bet 6cni«nC' 
tit), — ly, ad. in ^etcinigung, — ^nre, 9, 
biC' SScrtinbung/ llcbcteinfhmnrang ; 
®ctcgcnf)cit, Um|l6nbc, bet 3cilpunft 

Conjuration, 9. btc gsctfcftwotung, SBc^ 
fcftwctung; JBcjaubctung. 

Con'jure, v, a. 6efd^w6tcn ; innig bitten* 
t>. n. fid^ uetfftwotcn ; bc^anbctn^ be&c^ 
yen* — ment, ». bic ®cfd)n)6tun9^ «ni(l? 
(ic!)C ©itte. — cr, ». bet 95cf(^»6tcr, SBc? 
joubctet, 3awbctct, ^ercnmciftcr. 

Connas'cence, s. bic g(cid)gcitige ®ebntt ; 
bag 3urammcnn)ad)fcn* 

Connite, a. jtt bctfctbcn 3eit gcboten, gus 
fammcngebotcn; T. ^ufammengcwadjjen. 

Connat'ural, a. bet 9?atut ongcmcffctt; \ 
natuttic^ cetOunbcn, angcbetcn/ natiits 
Ud^ ; tJCtwanbt — ly, ad, utfpnlnglicft^ 
con 9latut, —ity, ». bie notfttli^c SScts 
binbung^ 2Cc()nlid)fcit. 

Connect, c. a. T)ctfnfipfcn, wtbinbcn. v. n. 
jufanimcnl^angen. — ively, ad: in S5ets 
binbung^ gemcinfftafrtid). 

Connection, see Connexion. 

Conn^x, V. a. t)Ctcinigcn, ^fontmcnfSgem 

—ion, s. bet 3ufammeniang^ bie SSctbtn? 

bunq, — ^ive, a. Dctbinbenb. 
Conmctition, 9, bet SBinf, 
Connivance, «. ba^ SS^infcn ; ba^ abfi^t? 

Ucbc 9li*tfc^cn, bic Slad)f(cit, ba$ Uebet? 

Connive, tj. n. tt)inf en ; ctwo^ fibctfcben^ 

butA bie ^ingct fcl^cn, 9{a4{td)t 6<tbcn. 
ConnoisB6ur, «. bct ^cnnct, ^unflfcnnct, 

Con'notate, Conndte, e. a. gugtciA onjci? 

gen, mtt bc3cid)ncn, mit an^eigcn. — t4- 
tion, 9, bic sD^itonscigC/ 9)Htbc^i(bnnng» 

Connubial, a. cf)C(id)« 

Coiyiumerition, 9, bic 3ufammcn^&l^tang* 
Connutritious, a. jufammen aufct^gcn. 

Con'oid, 9, bct 7(ftCtf CQC(. 

Conquas'sate, o. a. Ctf(^ilttCtn» — B&tioii, t 

Ut (ih(d|ikttctun^ 


Ckm'qiijBr, n. 0. ^T "• tvtUm, fiegni/ hi^tf 
gen. —able, 8. fibtnointtid^ — w« «. bet 

Con'qaest, 9, tie (Sroberung^ bet ^ieg* 

Consaqgub'eona, a. btttPAito^ S3tttt 9ers 

ti>anl)Cn<t()e ))em>anbt Consanguinity,*. 

bic 18lut^cm)ant>tf(i)oft 
Consarcin&cion, «. bie Bttfammenfl&f elung* 
Om'soience, t. bas ®ett)iffcn, SSemu^tfet^n ; 

tnc ®n»tf en^fttd!(it ; ^Bebenm^fcit ; 

tie Koicftid^e <3e|innttiig, toal^re SKci? 

ttung; S^itligfett Conacientious, a. gc? 

ivilfen^aft ; — ly* m^* ConscimtiouinesB, 

8. t)te @en)i1fenl&aftig!eit 
Conscion'able, a. getotffen^aft/ btttig; 

— ably, ad, 
Oon'sciouB, a, bewttft ; — ly, ad. — nesB, 

9. tai S3et9ttptfe9iu 

Oon'scrii^ a. eittge|d)rteben, Unmf^mi 
&en. a. (in ber fian^hfij^n ^pta^e) 
Dcr sum ^nea^btenfle beftitmnte ^en\6)* 

Conscript Fathers, (bte 2Crt httHnutC 

an bie aitcn r6mif(^^nateten)» — tion, 

tf. bte @inf4reihtng(aumJttied^bienfie), 

Con'secrate, «. «. etnfegnett/ »el^en^ J^elli* 

gen ; l^eitt^fprec^en* a* etngefegnet/ ges 

loei^t^ geljietUot 
Con'secrator, ».^er Gtnfegnenbe* 
Cooflecr&tkm, a. bie (^infegttung, Gimoei^ 

f)ttng; ^tligfpre^Uttg. 
Con'sectary, a, fotoenb/ i^etgeCettet* a. bte 

Jrige, ber Sotaejal* 
Consecution, a. bie $e(ge^ ^(((uffbtge. 
Ccnaec'ative, a. auf einanbec fo^enb; 

— ly, ad. 

Coosdminate, v. a. |ufammenf<2ien» 
Consen'sion, a. bie Uebereinftimmung* 
Con86nt,f.bie 6tnnnatgttng/S3en:)illiguttg; 

bte UebeTeinftimmmt^, ^tn>ir!ung» v. 

iL beiftimmen, bewiUtgen/ einwtUigen ; 

gutoffen ; miimitf en* 
CoQsentdneoua, a. gem&fl ; — ly, ad, — nesa, 

a. bie ^em&^ett. 

Consen'tient, c. etn^mmtg. 
Om'seqaenoe, a. bie gelgc, ^^gemnj; 

ber ®d)(u|fa$ ; ba^ @tfotgnt$/ Chttg? 

ni0; bet (Itnflnf, bie Mtfung; 9^^ 

Con'seqoent, a. fotgenb. a. bie ^Clge, bet 

Gtfelg. — ly, <Mi. folglid^ 
Coiiseqiieii'tiai,^etfo(genb ; fchttt^ 

m&9ig/ fC^tie^nb; feit einigen 3aQten, 

abet ntit llnte^t, nit eingebi(bet> ftcta, 

anmafenb. — ly, ad, nod^ einet gemtfTen 

J^ctgc. •^-oess, Gonsequentness, a. bet 

Conaerv'aUe, a, et^oftbat. — ancy, a. bte 

(^f)0(tung. Court of conservancy, ®ts 

rtdbt su Scnbon ge^alten/ urn bie Sijc^e? 
veien auf bet ^l^emfe ^ fcb^^lcn* 
Coniervdtioa, a. bie ©rbattung, SBewafi^ 
run£. — ativc, a, et{>oIfcnb/ befertctnb. 

CON. ^ 

— ator, a. bet (Stf^alUt, 2CttfbenM(tav 
333e»a^ter. — atory, «. et^oltenb. a. ber 
JDtt, toe etn>Q6 oufbewal^tt witb ; ba^ 
S3e^tni$/ bet ^itet; bo^ (Bmbii$f 
hdVii, (f(it gtepete ^ftan^cn)* 
Con'serve, a. bie mit Sucfetin i&tcm ®afte 
aufbewo^rte ^tucbt/ eingemac^te Stiupt/ 

JUWCilen oW Conservatoiy. 

Conserve, t>. o. etf^iltcn ; in 3u(fet ein*" 

Cons^ssion, «. tie ©i|ttng» — aor, a. bet 

Consid'er, ». a. 4r «• betca(ftten ; enoligenr 
(i6er(egen; betenfen; ac^ten; etfennen^; 
crfenntli(b fenn, fectoonen. —able, a. on:? 
fef)nUd)/ bctr&d)tlicb, widjtift; — ably.arf^ 
— ableness, «. bie SBu^tigfeit, S3ett&<i(t? 
tic^f eit, bet $Bett^. •— anoe, s. bie itebet? 
tegung. —ate, a, beb^tlidi), t»r(idWfi % 
oufmetffam,o(6tfam; ntd)t fibetttiebctt/K 
nt&{ttg ; — ly, ««. — ateness, a. bie SSes 
bod^tfamfcit^nt^ige tlebetlegnng*— Atkm,, 
a. bie S3etrad)tung, (Stn>&gttng ; VUUts^ 
tegung ; 9liicft!d)t ; bet ®tunb, bie Hts^ 
facbe; $ffiid)tig!eit ; 2((^ng; (Stlemit; 
U<b&it, S$etgeltimg* — er, a. bet jDenlet» 
— 4ng, j»ft. <u/. angefe^en, in S3en»d^ ; 

Consign, o. a. {i6ettragen, Sbetmad^n, 
ont^ttranen, suffeden ; juei^nen, mtb^ 
men* «. n. fid) untetwetfen^ etnwittigen. 
To — to writing, nieberfd^tcibcn, ouf? 
sei(ftnem — Ation, ». bie ttebetttagnng, 
Ue6etma(ibung ; Untetseic^nnng* — ment, 
a. bie lte6etmod)ung. 

Consim'ilar, a, &l^n(id)* 

Consist, V. n. bejte^en; tibeteinfommen. 
— ence, — ency, 9, bet Suflant/ bo^ 
SQDefen; bet SBeftanb, bie iDic^tl^eit, 
SefhgEeit/ iDcuet; tlebeteiufhrnmung. 
— ent, a, bicbt, fcft; iibereittjHmmciiP/ 
fotgete^t ; — ly, ad, 

Consistdrial, a, fief) auf ben jlit^entot^ 
obet bag Scnfifitotium Oegiel^enb, — tory, 
a. bag (Ecnftftotium, bet itird)entat() ; 
bie SSetfammtung* 

Consdciate, v. a, sugefeQeU/ i^eteinigen^ 
wrbinbcn. ». n. pcb wtbinben; jufoms 
menfiiefeiu a. bet IXf)ei(l()aibet, ^Rttfd^ttl? 
bige. — Ation, ». bie SSetbinbung. 

Constable, a. ttoflbar. — &tion, a. bet 
Stcft. — atory, a. tt6ftti(I). ». bag SSttft? 

fd^teiben, bie IStofttebe. Cons6le, 9,0. 
tteften/ aufti(iten. a. T. bet ^tagftein. 

Consoler, — ator, a. bet S^teftet. 

Consblidant, a, verbinbenb, ^attenb* —date, 
o. a, fefl ma^en/ bicftt madden ; ^fams 
menvetbinbeu/ oeteinigen. «. n. fic^ iset:; 
binbcn, sufammcn^eilen. — dAtion, a. bie 
JBefeftigung/ ajetcxnigung, ©etbinbung* 

Consols, 8. pi, bie cngdfd^en funbittcn 

Con'sonance, CWsoiAnfi.^^ a. \a%^^<KI^ 


iRcnRimmuns, bot (Stntlans -, Mc ii>:6eT: 
tinflimmunti, einiradit. 

Can'aaoant, t. Mt gxitliiiiler. a. (itfidilau^ 
ttnB, tinftimnKnb, graiM 5 — 'j, "t- 

Coa'aonouB, a. ghiOTinHnifl/ fiavniDniffr 

Gnw^Uon, t. tit Sinfdiwf^runa. 

Con'sart, *. bcr @(ffibne, gjlltgcneB; 
bti @cm<ibl, Mc ®tmAf)lin; tic !Scr: 
htnmtunf); bus Stnfpicl, Stn»Tt; tic 
9(t6in&ung, IKfieninFlitnmunfl. s.a. 4- 
tt. tKKlnigcn.Vcibintcn, jitgcfcllcn ; <St! 
ffOrdiaft Iciften, b^Ictun, m m'^tUm. 

Otauimd, ■. bie aSaKisuri ; b(t .^cibcn 

€oo»p6cteWe, a. lei^tju fifecn, ri*t6at. 

Crai^iecWity, #. ba6 Stfifn, ®(fid)t 

Omiper'sion, », 6i« Stfijnnciunii. 

Oompiei^tr, », bit ®idnl)arE«ir/3cuttich= 
bit; *cB(, Jtlatdeit 

Congpic'uoQB, o. fiditbar; fiefl, tlar, glin; 
jtnb; bcutlid)', angefe^(n, aufgcjcifti: 
iKt, POrjfigliA. — ness, 1. tic ©tdittor: 
fail; SBeqfigti^it, boe 7titrcl)cn, itt 

Omepir'acr, *. M( Btrfiftnicrunci ; gcfjg: 
tstCrigeaitrbinbung ; bie 3ufiiiiitiicrin>it: 
fting, ajewinigung. —rant, a. ii^ccfditcc: 
wn, in cine iBcrfiwening wrreirfult. 
— Kior, — re(, (. btt ffictfdjiternt, sBiits 
i)etf*w«tnc. Conijrfre, e. r. pi wt; 

JftwcKn, litft Mtfinigen, ft* wtbintcn. 

Om^nircdtioii, (. Cte !8efubt1unp, 

Cbn'Btable, «. 6tt 9l(id)snwtfd)all, JitCIii 
fdb^nt; bet !Bui:gti«gt-, ^oliicibientr 
— diip, '■ bic ©tcae unb gjflidn cinei 
^elijeibiencre, k, 

CWrtanc^, «. bie !8cftinbigftit, StonB^ 
Saftigtttt, UntKrinbcrlitftftity ffltfiarr: 
iKftfeit, entteWr«i6cit; bet fflcftanb, 
bie uel«icinfnniniung; aBabi[)eit,aBirt-- 
Ii4f(it.Con'«tBit,*t,fc|t! kftanbig, 
floitblioft, unoerintcriit^ ; entftftlcHen, 
«»iS, pwriaHig. 

Gbartel'Ute, o. n. jiifammtnr*ein(n, niltB 
rinanbet giaojtn. «. o. in tiiiiiii gianjc 

Constellibon, », bo* ®(ftitn, e^Kenbilt, 
iMi glin^CRbt iScrtin, 

CowUrnitian, ». bif SBlflfltJunn. 

Con'BtipiitB,B.ii.iitrf(epfen ; OKltitlfn , „.. 
fimnicnbrSngm. — piiion, ». ti( ^tu 
ftep^ng ; Btcbidung. 

CgBstifoent, a. fluSmnrtcnb ; 6Mltmmttib', 
emcnncnb ; nicf«it(i*. *■ bctjtnigc, ni(l= 
6tt btftimmt, emcnnt, alttibntt. Bet 
IBo&lbGrgcT (in bcr ^airlamtntsrscadic}. 
~ p«rt, bLt SeftanbtSeit. —body, tie 
nSMttibe ©(frUft^aft , tie ibSMcnbc 

Ctnrtitilte, B. a. einriftttn, ttbnen, 6c: 
SEAntKtt, ff|lf<Jcn; DcnrbrKti, bcftim= 
men; cmcnncn. 

'■ bit !Bt{d)a1ftn^^t; Seitc6< 


bc|<ti(iffcnVit. Statfit^fatt : StndAtattfr, 
TlncrbnuRQ, atcmtnung, ba» @efc^ : tie 
SantrttwrftiffunB.— J."-in6cirurfpTfinsF 
Itdicit !8erAaffcnfKi( finer ©oAc gcgtrdn: 
bet •, PtrfoHnngsmSSia ; aefeemieig ; — ly, 
aJ. — tive, d. ecrnbntnt ; auema^^t ; 

Conrtriin, b. 0, ;n)iRSni, but* Bnwng 
iHtudfeoltiii ; fcffrin. beennen, cinfAlie* 
len, (inrpcrcen ; einfftrinfen ; tnte tjnn, 
f^Snben. —able, o. bcm Swangt unMrs 
ivoTf^n. Constrdint, a. bctSwang-, bit 
qcnwltfome aurfid^ltunp, einfptrrung. 

Cbnitrict, V. n. ju|'iiminenjir(Kn. —ka, >. 
bit Sufammtn jit bung. 

Constringt, T. 0. lufflmmcniit^ni. —gent, 
a. jufflmnitnjie6cnb. 

ConBirnct, K. a. jufammenfe^en, erri*ten, 
nuflfibren. — ion,*.bit3iifflninitnfeeung! 
Qmd)tung,@rtiiuung; Grfttning,Knf: 
legung, ;Deutnng, !01«tnung, bet Sinn. 
— ive,'<i. roa^ Bur* Sufammenfflnns nnb 
Deutung 6tn!erae6tn*t nrftft. — ore,*. 
bet fBau, bas ®ebiub(, seert. 

>iii'»iiue, B. a. aailtstn, (rBittn ; (in btr 
©ptfl*lctire) grommatil* ati6legni,<beis 
fc|(n, (t!(ircn. 

Con'Btnprate, b. 0. f*Sntni,(ntt6ttII.— fic- 
tion, I. Bit e*Snbung. 

Con'substsntia], a. Be|Ttlfre SStftn fM^cnb ; 
aIti*attio. — tial'iiy, 1. Boj nmhttgte 
iDafetm liicEinKt SBefen. — ti«le,».«. m 
cin SStfen Bcrcinigen. — tUtSjn, », bie 
ajeti'inigung tii ffltT'nS- 

Coa'BtJ, ». bit 6«nfBl, —ai, o. tenTtr: 
larif*. Con'gaJote, Coa'aulBhip, t. bic 
SBfitbc nnb etcUt. ba* Mnit cine* Hen' 

Conattit, V. n. tal{rf*(iigen, |I* btratMA'ac 
gtn. B, o. urn matt) fwatn, ju SHotfit 
jietjcn, btftogen ; 31*1 fiaben, in ^t 
netinitn, £Rii(iri*t ne()mcn ; ennvcrftn, 
iterabrcben; rtwnftalten , iK:nirf(iAen. 
Coii'su!l,Con'flulliition, «. bie »etot6f*los 
gung; ttr emftfehif-, Bie JRatfeiNiB 
fammluttg. Cootabfer, •- Ur attH^fne 
gen be, 

C(HiHi]m>b)e, D. bet iScQcdning rbei 3ers 
llcnina untctiwcfen ; jetflitfriic Con. 

Bdrne, s. a. UCrje^ttn -, VecblUtlAtn, Vtf 

bringen, But*bvinfltn. n. »■ ft* enjef): 
ten, (i* objebtcn. Conmlmer, * Bet SBen 
}ti)ttr, 3(vftmt, iBttfiwcnbet. 

CodBurn'mate, v. a. MUtnBcn. <■ wQtttbct, 
fi«*fl jJtHEtmnKn ", — ly. **' — ^wltion. 

■. Bit SSellcnbung ; ba£ Snbt. 
Conmmp'tian, >. Bit iSMttbning, 3«3 
[terung; Ku^jc&Tung, ®*i»tnbfu*fc 
— tivfta. ocqclitcHb.jetjHwnB ; f*n>iiib> 


CoDtab^alate, e. a. tSfeln, bttltn. —iiiiaa^ 
». ras SAftlr, Ditlcn j ber sct&fcitt 



Contwt, ContMlhn, ». iit fflcrffinins. 
ConUgion, >. bit VnfMttttS, Bto&t. 

— giaot, a. anfhdtnb ; — ly, ad. — gioos- 

nat, *. tie anft«bnbe »cf4(iffenfieii. 
ConUtn, X. a. tntiiallni ; fiolhrn. e. n fid) 

<ntf)a[tcn. —Mb, a. tntfwlttiar, 
Contam'iiule, e, a. btfuDtlll, bcflrftn. 

tffubdt. — nidon, *. bit iBcfli'dung. 

ConMmii, V. a. Vmi4''»- — ^''i '■ ' 

Contemp'er,— ato.o.o.mlSiS'l'' — ome: 

'. die !OlA0!^un9, taf 3(niperain<nt. 

— ition, ». ixt gsifigunaj wrftSJtnif' 

mifigc mif^ung. 
CoDteniplate, v. a. bcmoutn, bctni(t)tcil. 

tMi. na^ftnncn, nac&btnhn. — {dAtion,!. 

bU ffltttoitung. — rialiTe,o.;um ffindi; 


ConWmportnemu, — p'orary, o.gteirf|J«itlci. 

s. btcSeitgcne^ — poiiK.B.0. gltiAjfi: 

tig macttcn. 
CooMmpt, ». Sic SBcta^hin^ — ible, a. 

WtStftllid) ? Jtwcbtet. — iUy, ai. — ible- 

nesa, i. tie EGcrMitlitHeit. — wma, o. 

oeritfetli*, fiflfinifd), wnidjtungscoU, 

pel} ; — ly, oi — QoiwMSB, ». tcr ^cd)- 

muth. Stc(4, bic a]etad)runa. 
CbnUnd, D. «. flrtitMi ; nwndffnt. c. a. 

teftrciim, Rrciiiil modjen. — cnt,— «, 

»ber SSKeitn, 9tgtttt. 
Content, a. jufritbcn. o. a. Bcgnfigcn, be 

fricCigtn, jufriebcn flcUen, Dftgniigcii. 

s-bieSuftiebtn^cit, Scfritbigung; ber 

Umfang; 3nboIt. ConteaiM, pi tit ^n: 

f)a(t ((intS ffludiee tltx (inei: ©cferift). 

— &tkn, », bit 3ufritl)«lbtit. — ed, ;wrt. 

a. jufntbcn i — Ijj oi —tew, o. unju; 

ftitbtn, miSwiBnogt, — ment, s. cic 3u: 

frietcnbtit, iai EOetgnitgcn. 
Canlen'tioii, «. ber Streit; !Bctt|ii:cit. 

— ticRu, o. |tTiritfii*tip, jintifth^ — ly, 

ad. —tidusDen, (. bit StCtilfudMigioit. 
ConWroiiniie, — rainoos, o. angrSnjint. 
Con'teit, (. tit emit. CoDttet, c. a. fhtl: 

ttn, bcfttcitcti. t^»- weflcifi;™. —at" 
a. fhcitin. — itioii,*. bit !B()}Tiitung. 
Coii*text,a. Vtxmbti^ntnipft.feit. *.ttt 
Sufammtnliang. — nre, s. Bit Sufirni! 
mtnffigunfl, StTbinbung ; ba^ Hcratbc, 
— unt, 0. bit Ditnfc^Ci^ gk^nlt bticef: 

Contign^tJon, *. tbi Stfd)DE, ^ttiJiDcrf, 
tai SBoIfenncif, ba6 ^ttgiPCcE; bii; 

OiDtigiiity, t. bit ICnfte^ns, iScrfi^: 

Conti^umw, o. anftofimb, fitrffittnb, 
untie; — ly, a J. — nesa, ». bit Dlifet.fflc 

Con'tineaoe, Coa'tiiieiicy, (• tic @nt: 
daltung, asi^gunsi Snt()iilifiin:fcit, 


Jtcufi^^it; ununttt6n4cti(<RttK^E) 

Con'tinent, D, (nlMtram, m&fia, ftnfA; 
jufanimtnbiiniltnb. *- bas ftftc 8anb; 
bafi umfofftnbc ®efS6,S(I)iltnif ; — ly, 
oi — ol, a. jum ftftcn 8anbc ptSorig. 

Coniinge, d. s. 6friii)nn, (tttiditn ; fiifr 
eccicntti. — gency, t. bet 3ufall, Oic 
jufiUigi: 9Rca(id»teit — gent, o. jufiUip. 
'. bet 3ufoa-, aititrag, 3ufd)uf, ba« 
Gtnlingenl-, — ly.orf. — gontnen,*, bit 

Contin'iii, a. ununtttbtMbnt, fprtrofi^i 
tcnD, 6c(idnCi3, unoufdittitfe ; — ly, ad, 

Coniin'uoncp,*. bit nminMrtuwlicne jetgt, 
bit Sttibautr ; JBtf?inbic^<it, fScbarc 
lid)F(it ', iai Btnvtilcn, btt Uttffatttalt. 
— ate, s. untiutttltxii Ptctanbm, iinunf 
IcrtitMfitn ; — ly, cd. — itiaa, ». bte 
Jottfc^ung. — ative, a. Jerffiouci: In 
jcidjncnb. — dtor, «. btt gtrtftjtr, ffatts 
pflanjer. Contin'ne,e.o, fertfc{en, forts 
bitunnb ettiolltn ; in S^ttbinbung tv 
fialtcn, NrtnBpfen. e-n.f(rtfat)ren,"fclei* 
btn, btbntrtn, bontm. — edjy, ad. fett: 
boucrnt, ununtcrbtedltn. — er. •■ (intt, 
bcc ousfnucrn fanii. — i^, ». bet nnun' 
t<c6rtdi(ne SttfomitKittjang. — oat, a. 
genau irtrbunttnrjufaminenfianpenb. 

tjonwrt, B. B, fiedjten, 6ttl)oi, tritmmtn, 
minttn. Cbntortioa, *. bit Arihninuiig, 

Crailralr, ». ber UmttS. 

Con'tn, flcgen. DitftS ©ert wii* toti 
jfifllidi bti aufommenrtSungm gebtou*t. 

Contraband, a. nntttaiibt, ae(t|niibrifl, 
Pttbflitn. B- a- Nttctcne aSaattn tin; 
fftbrcn, €d)(ciAf)anbcl titiben. 

Conirict, I. tet aSttlKig, bit llctttsiin 
!unft, bet SBtrgIti*. »■ «■ jofairantn* 
iteficn; tetminbttn, t^rffitjcn, obffits 
jtn ; tinen tScttrag fdifiefieti, iberein: 
tcnimcn; fetltbtn; cuf fi^ iringen, 
fldi jujiefien, etnietttn, onnthmtn ; fid) 
onatiufbncn. r- n- jufammtnft^ramiiffn, 
(id) jufammenjie^tn ; tinen $anbt( 
fdjlieptn. part. a. pfatnnKngtjtgcn, iui 
famniengefdinimpfti DctleM. — edncM, 
». bie Mtv, KHfirjung, Snge. — ibil'i- 
tS', »■ bit gohiateit, fid| mi''mmtiifi<im 
jW loffen. — ibre,«.fi&(g,(i4ijiifamnien« 
jiehcn ju lafftn. —Be. a. ttt 3ufaniimn> 

jiefeens fSfeig. —ion, ». bit Snfamtnnir 
jKbung- — Of, betjenigt, nKld)et eincn 

Contradlot, B. n. n>ibetfpred)cn, mibets 

jhreittn. — er, ». bet auibtifpttdKt, 
Beaner. —ion, (. bit fiBibtrrebe, btr 

aBiterfpni*. —orj,ii. ntibtrfpttdienb. 

— orily, ad. 
CinitiiiriirlJnc'liDn, i. bet SegenfaJ. — di>- 

tin'guish, R a. L'ntncfttTl^«^'Cl,X)lX^«W,Wl 


.CoDtrafii'tars, •. T. bet SBouft bcc Jfyixm 
fd)a(e auf ter Urn Gtcf e entgegendefels 
ten C^eite. 

GoQtniin'dlcate, V.11.T. etn>a6 angetdett/ 

wai ben 6e!onntett Gcfd^einunsen (^ei 
clnet Jltottffteit) guwiber tfL —indicA- 
tbo,«. etne itUH^ wibecfpredftente ^Cn^ 

Qmtramtlre, «. bte ^otmauer* 

CoDtranltency, «. bie ©egenwitfuttg/ boS 

Contraposition, «. bie (Sntc^e^cnfteUung* 

Contrajregular'ity, «. bet 2BibetfptU(^ QCs 
aen bie SlcgeL 

Contrdriant, c ^utuibettaufenb, loibet? 
fptcd^enb. —riety, s, bet SBiberfptud)/ 
flBibetflanb, bie SBibtififeit — rily, ad. 
«uf eine entgegengefe^te 2(tt/ ^umibet ; 
ftittsegeru — riness, «. bie entgeaengcs 
fe|te S3ef4affen6eit, bet Stbetjptud), 
SBiberftottb. —nous, a. entge^engefelt, 
tt)ibcrftteitenb ; — ly, ad, — ^riwiae, ad, 
im ©egcntfteit, umgefebtL -— ry, a, cnt* 
fiegengefeft, wibtig, gutoibet* v. a, cnt? 
gegen n>it!en, ftcb mibetfc^en* «. bog (S^e^ 
ftenthcil, gSibetfpief. Contraries, pL (in 

oct SBetnunfttebte) tt>ibet|lteitenbe, obet 
cinatibet entgegenwirfenbe ®&$e. on 
the — , im ®egentbci(, l^ingcgen/ to 
the —7, bagegen^ batoiber* 

Con'trast, a, bet ?(t>flid), SBiberfptucf)/ 
(ScnttafL v. a. in etne ©egenflellung 
bringcn, entgeoenfcl^i, conttoftiren. 

C!ontra46nor, #. T. bcr 2C(t. 

ContravalUtion, s. bie SenttatxiUationg? 
(inie^ mibet bie 2(u5fane bet S3e(agcrten. 

Contravene, v, a. guwibct f)anbe(n, ftOet? 
tteten, cntgegenwitfcn, n>ibetfheiten« 
— v6ncr, 8, bet Uebetttetet* — ^ven'tion, «. 
bie llei>ettx;ctung^ SBiberfelung. 

Contrav^rslon, t. bie ^et{el)tung« 

Contray^rva, «. bie ©iflWUt^ 

Contrectation, $, bie SBetoftung. 

Contrib'utary, a, jins&at, fteuetjjflid)tig. 

— bute, o. a. 4r n. i^ittagcn/ mitwitfen. 

— biition, ». bet Seittog, bie ©tenet, 

W)gaU, ^tieg«|feuet, S3tanbfd)»a|unQ. 

— butive, a. Oeittagenb/ mitwirtenc. 

— b'utor, 8, betjenige, bet ^u etwa^ mils 

witft, e« bcfetbett ; bet ^teuetpflicfetis 

ge; Sefotbetet. — b'utory, a, teitta* 

genb, bcfotbctlid), bchfiflid^. 
dontrlstate, ».«, bcttubcn, ttautig nws 

Aen. — tition, 8, bie S3ettubnifc ^taus 

Con'trite,a. jcttietcn, ijetfd)(agen, tcues 

»otU — ness, t. bie 3etfnitfd)ung, 9?eue. 
Contrition, t. bie Bcttcibung, Setfttits 

fd)ttng/ 9leue* 

ContrivaUe, a, wai ficft etflnbcn (&5t 
— vance, «. bic Ctpnbung, ©etonftots 
tttttg, Cinti*tung, iBetticfttunq ; (gt? 
ffttlfamhit; ber JlunfJgtiff/ 2(nfd)laQ. 


Contrive, «.«. ct^nncn, etfUtben^ et^oT' 
fen, entn)etfen, oufmitteln ; I)inbnngen, 
aubtingem v. «. Mtanftalten, MtanUtfs 
fen, bewetfftettigen (mlt fotgenbem 3n^ 
finitio). — r, t. Set (Stfinbet, Utl^bet. 

Control, «. iai ©egenregi^et, (Bt^ern 
bud^; bie Ginfiftt&nEung, bet Snning; 
bie ^Cuffidftt, SXadftt, ®en>a(t. v. a. tn6 
(^egentegiftet einfc^teiben ; untet Huf^ 
{t(i)t fatten, 2Cufftdftt i&bet etrna^ ffi^ten, 
tm3n>ange ^Uen. — labte, a, bet 2(uffid)t 
unb bem Bn>onge untetnratfen. — ler, s. 
bet ©egenfc^teibet, <£ontVD(eut,Gonttct$ 
tot, (®egenf<ftteibet bt&ft ben @inn 
nicfet genau au«) ; bet 2Cuffef)et. — -ter- 
ship, «. bie 3(uffej^etftette, bo^ TCuffebet? 
amt — ment, «. bie S3efd)t&n!ttng, (Sins 
fcbt&nfung, bet Smang; SBibetfptud), 
SBibetftanb; bie ^einbfeUgfeit 

Controver'sial, a, (hreitenb, gu einem ©tteis 
te cbet einet (Stteitftage gel^6tig, ptU: 
mifdf). — versy, «. bie @tteitftoge, bet 
@tteit; 5»e(it6jlteit ; SBibctflanb,- bic 
geinbfetigfeit —vert, v, a, befheiten. 
— verf iWe, a. fttcitig, fltettftt^)ig. — v6rt. 
ist, 8, bet ©tteitffil^tet. 

Contumacious, a. I^ottn&fi^, l&ot^flottia, 

unge^otfam, wibetfp&nfhg ; — ly, ad. 
— ^ess, Con'turoacy, 8, bie ^ottn&dfigs 

feit, SSibetfp&nfligfeit, bet llnge()cts 

Contumelious, a. fd^m&ftenb, fftimpfenb, 

Wm&Wfi*tig; f*impfli*, beleibtgcnb ; 

tau^, ungepttet ; — ly, ad, -ness, «. bic 

S5efd>impfung, ^dbmad), @<^Qnbc ; bet 

beleibigenbe ZaUU 
Con'tumely, ». bet @d)impf, bie ®(6mo<ft, 

®(J)anbe, Sefcbimpfung, ©cleibiguno, 
Contaise, V. a, quetfc^n, ^tflcgcn, actquct? 

fcben. Contiision, «. bie £Xuetfd)Uttg, Bet? 

Conun'drum, 8, cinc befenbete 2Ctt wn 

aBcttfpiel, eine Hxt wn 9«&tWet. 

Cdnuaahle, a. (Z. t) t>Ct ein ®eti(!)t gC? 

^otenb. Cbnusance, 8, {I, t,) bie ^ennt? 

ni6, bo5 SBiffen, Sted^t bet ^ti<^t6bArs 

Convaks'cence, — cency, «. bie ©enefung. 

—cent, a, genefenb. 
Convenable, a, abeteinfHmmenb. 
Convene, ». a. attfomjnenbetuf5n ; twrf oben. 

V, n, aufammenfonunen* 

Convenience, — ency, 8, bie ©(ftidfltdftfeit, 

2(nfi&nbtgf eit ; S3equ«lhlid)Ceit ; ® clcgens 
l^eit. — ent, a, ^^vdlid), ftnoemeffcn, pdfs 
fcnb ; beqnem, gelegcn ;* — ly, aiL 

CWvent, f. ^ai Atoftet, 

Convent, V, a. tjct ®etid)t fctbetn. 

Conventidc, ». bie ©etfammtung, ^leimlic^e 

Conven'tion, «. bie Sufammenfunft, SSets 
fammtung; tlebeteinhinft, Kbtebe, bet 
©etglei*, fOetttog. — al, a. wtobtebet, 


Convenrual, «. {(^etltd^ «• Ut SKind^, 
bie StMine. 
sConvAne, «. «. fU^ gegen einontir neigeti/ 

Convera'able, a, gef|)t&^tg^ ttmg&ttdti<(; 
—ably, ail. —ant, a. oertrottt (l^fannt) 
sntt etn)d6; i^tpanbert^ funtig; mtt et? 
nxid 6efd>&fHgt/ mit etwa^ nmgel^enb/ 
loen etioo^ l^onbetnb; umgel^eno/ Urn? 

gang 6a6enb* — dtion, «. bit Untertebung, 
a^ ®efpr&(ft; ber ttmgong/ SBanbel, 
Cci&enstoonbet. -^itive, a. ^u bem tlms 
gangc unb oefedigen Sebcn gei^ottg. 

Con'verae, s. btc itntetrebung, betUmgong, 
bie S3e!anntfAaft ; bet umgeCel^cte @a$. 
ff. umgefcbtt, cntgegengefc|t. v,n,Vinu 
gang f)a6cn/ oertrautfcpn; fpredftcn ; mtt 
cinct $erfon oerfcfttebenen ^cf(i)(cd)t5 
Umgana ^ben, beiiwl^iien. — l^, ad, 
umgefe^rt/ n)cd)fe(«toeifc^ gcgenfeitto* 

Conversion, «. bie Umfe^cung/ S3eteb^ 

Conversive, a, untg^ngtid^, gefpr&c^tg* 

Con'yert, 8. bcr S3efcotte* v* a* um&t^eni, 
omfeftren ; tpenben, febren, n^Un, am 
loenben; t)etn>enben; kfcl^ren. — er, 
8, bcr aSefel^rer. — ibil'ity, «. bie g&^ig« 
fett/ umgc&nbert m n>erben^ ongewenbct 
gu werbcn. — ible, a, xoai 1^6) umfcb* 
rcR/ ttni&nbem/ t)ertoenbcn/ ann>enbcn 
l&ft — iUy, ad, umgefebrt; tped^fete^ 

ConVex, a. ninb crl^aben. «. bie runb 
er^abene C^eftatt, JBetbung, ta^ (3iwcU 
be. — ed, part, a, geiootbt — ity, — od- 

ness, $, bie runb er^abene ©cftatt^ SBoU 

Coav4zcM»3ncave, a. tunb erbaben unb 
f)ei)(runb, ouf bcr eincn @cite erbabcn, 
unb auf ber Anbcrn au^ebo^tt. 

CoiiTdy, V. a. ffibren, trogcn, binfcbaffcn, 

. ubcrfenbcn , ubemtad)cn ; fibcrtragcn ; 
beibrinocn^ mittbcilcn. — ance, «. ta6 
©eafftoten, gcrtffib«n; gortj<baffen ; 
bie-S^b^ ; ba^ Subrwerf/ bie ®c(egcns 
belt; Ueberbringung ; tleberUcfcrun^ ; 
bie tlebcrgabc^ 2Cbtratung ; bie @d)rtft 
eber tlrfunbC/ n)«rin etn>a^ eingetragen 
B)trb/lCbtretung«fcbrift; bcr ^tinftgriff, 
bie bci>n(i(be SSerbanbtung. — «ncer, «. 
ber Urfunbfdftreiber, S'lctoriue?. — er, 8, 
ber Uebcrbringcr, Ucbcrfenber. 

Convict, V. a, (iUxfti)ttn\ wibertcgen. 
part a, cinc^ 93crbrcdften^ u(>em>iefcn/ 
ftberf&b^ «• bcr )3erbrcd)cr/llcbcttb&tcr. 

Conviction, 8. bie Uebcrfiibrung/ fSibertet 
gang. Convictive, a, iJbergcuQenb. 

Convinoo, v. a. {lber|eugen ; ubenoeifcn ; 
&berf&b^n; bemeifcn, bortbun; dbtxs 
tctfftn, itbeno&(tigen« — mcnt, «. Me 
Ueber^eugung. OiniTinoible^a.fabtg^fiber» 


leugt, ftberf&btt, miberlegt ga toerben^ m^ 

bertegbar, enoeislidft. 
ConTive, v, n, ((bmaufcn; bewirtben* 
Convivial, a. gafttub/ f«ftticb/ gcfeUWaft^ 

Con'vocate, v. a. ^fammenberufou Con- 

vocatiGn,«.bie 3ufammeQberufung; SSer^ 

fommlung, bie S^erfommlung ber Q^eifl^ 


Convdke, v. a. ^ufommenberufnu 
Convolve, Convoldte, ». a. jufommenwhf eitt, 

aufroOen* — Mtion, •. bie Sufommens 

widelung, ba5 Sufammenrollen* 
Conv6y, v, a, ^r ®i4erbeit begleiteiu 8, 

bos ©ctcit, bie SSebecfung* 
ConvuVse, tj. a. 3tt(f»ngen cerurfacben/ 

tjcraerren, Der^uden, gerriitten, erfibihtim. 

Convul'fiion, ». ber ,%xavttpf, bie SudCung, 

SSeraucfnng/ (Srfcbiittemng. ConvuTsive, 

a, judenb/ franvpfbaft. 
C6ny, 8, ba^ Jtonin(ben/ ber iDnmmfepf. 

—borough, bie Jtanin4enb6b(c, ber Sia* 

nincbenbau. to— catch, betrogen.-— eatch- 

er, ber liBctriiger, iDieb. 
Coo, V, «. girren. 
Cook, 8, ber Jtecb/ bie jt^in. n, a, Mnn„ 

— ery, «. bie ^ecbfunfl/ bo$ ^ecben. 

—shop, 8, bie ©arfficbe. 
Cool, a, f fibt/ crfrifcbcnb ; f ottflnnig, fait 

8, bcr fiibte Buftanb ber Suft, bte MW, 

Jtiiblung. V, a. ffibten, erfrifdben ; miU 

beru/ bcf&nfttgcn. v, n, ffibt iverben/ 

erfatten. — er, 8, bad itftbtung^mittet, 

^fiblmittcl ; ^fibtgcf^fc — Hit}l, 

ntit fattcm SBtute, rubiA/ fa(t/ faltfinnig. 

— nea8,«. bie^ftMc^ubtottfl; ber Jtatts 

finn ; bie ©cmittb^rube. 
Coom, f . ber £)fcnrup ; bad SBaaenfd^mier ; 

bcr ^ebtcnftaub/ bad ^obtgefHlbe. 
Coomb, 8, ein ^aa^ twn tier @(beffe(n. 
Coop, 8, bie ^ufc, t>ai ^a$ ; ber ^obners 

f&pa, ^fibncrEorb. t>. c. —up, einfperren^ 

Coop'er, 8. ber S3cttd)er^ Jtdfcr/ ^o^inber. 

—age, 8, bcr ©ettcbertobn. 

Co-op'erate, v. n. mttn>irfen« — dtion, «. 
bie gxitwirfunju — ativc, a. tmtwirfenb/ 
bcbfi(fjid)/ befcrbcrtidN — «or, «. bet 
^ittDirCct/ ISocilncbmer. 

Co^ptdtion, f . bte Gno&blung, 2(nnabme* 

Co-or'dlnate, a. bcigcorbnct. — ly, ad, wn 
gteitbcm 9?anQe. — ness, Co-ordin&tion, 
8, bad SSerboittnt^/ bcr Suflonb, ta ein 
>Ding ncben bem anbem georbnet ift. 

Coot, 8, bad fcbn>arae SBla^bubn* 

Cop, 8, ber ©ipfct, bie ©ptle^ (Sr^^bnng/ 
ber ^aufen, SSi^fd^I. 

Copdl, f. bcr (Hepai, bad itepalgummi. 

Copar'cenary, — ceny, a. bie SCfiiterbfcbaft/ 

bad ungctbeitte Grbe* 
Copart'ner, 8, bcr SKitgcnc^, Sbeitnebmeri 

^bcitbabcr. — shi^, t. ^u 'S^t^otew^* 


Cope, «. bic SSebecfung t>c$ 4>au)7tc^ ; bet 

^rieftcnrocf, (S^^ttod; bic Sebedung, . gabfoU — ity,«.bU fflejie^ung aufto* 

£)ccfe, JtuppeU «• «• mit ctncr ^oppe 
cbec ^uppcl bebccfcn ; k(of)nen/ crwie? 
bctfi, t^evgctten ; mtt icntanben ftrettcti/ 
fampfctu V* «• ftteitcn, fdnipfctt/ wctts 
dfcxn ; gu t^un f>o6cn. Cdping, «. bic 
©ebccfungCi^ 95. eincr SKaucc), ICuflogc 

Cdpesraate, s, bct ®encfc ®«feafd)aftcr. 

Gdi»otu, a. oeQ/ vet4^ im llcberffup ven 
bottben, W«P9f wi*ti<ft ; — ly, <«^. 

Cdpist, ». bet 2Cbfdfttciber, 5Had)a ^mct. 

Cbplancl, «. ein ^t&f Sonb mit cincm 
fpiltgcn SBtn!e(* 

Cop'ped,— ]ded, a. fei|ta, jUQCfptlt. 

Cop'pel, J.T. bet ©d^melittcgel^ 5)ttbctie5 
ael ; bic Sopede^ ber Sefl. 

Oop'per,». b<i« ^upfcr; bet Qtopc SBafd)? 
cbct 58rau!effeL a. fupfctn; ftipferig. 
—plate, bic ^upfctptotte, bet^upferfH^ 
— Bmitfa, bet ^upfctfc^mieb. — ^work, 
bic itupfet^fitte, bet ^upfer^ammct. 
—worm, bet ©(iiff^wutm, bie SKcttc ; 

bct aoSutm im Siwflc^ — «"•» «• ^<*^ •Ku- 

pfet»a|fct, bet 95ittioL — y, a. fupfctig. 
Cc^'pioe, Copse, 8, ba$ (Sc^au, UntCt\)eii, 

Cdpala, «. t)a^ SSetbinbung^n^ctt. —late, 

t^ a, oetbinbeit/ oercinigett, paaten. v. n. 

fUb poaten^ ltd) t^etbinben^ beitDo^neiu 

— lAtion, ». bie ^aatVLtiQ, fleifcfeUcftc SBcr? 

binbung/ SSetmifd^ung. — lative, a. »ct? 

Cop'y, f. bic 2(bf4tift ; SSotffttift ; ^anbs 

f:i)nf t, bo5 sotanuf^tipt ; bet 2Cbbtud, bie 

UmaaU, t)ai Sremptat; ba^ TCbbilb, 

^a(9bilb. V. 0. abfcbteiben ; nadftbitbcn, 

tiad)a&mctt^ nad^modbcn. — er, t .-bet 2(b? 

fcbteibet.- -book, ^ai @dbtcibbud). -Jiold, 

tai Scfieti,. Cel^nsgut —-holder, bet 

Coqu6t, — tish, a, bufi(ctif(^, gefattffid)tig, 

coquet. V. n, gcfottljUd^tig Utm, bu^cn, 

tiebcdt. —try, 8, bie ©efaUfuc^t, <8u()r 


Cdquette, «. btc (Soquettc^ ISBul^Ietin. 
Coracle, «. Sa^ Icbcrne S3cet. 
Cor'al, f. bie ^OtaUe. Coralline, a, htaU 

(cn. Cordlloid, a, bcti ^oraUeti &6n(id^^ 


Oirant, «. ein Icbl^aftet (fcan^) JSanj. 
CotTmui, «. bet 2((mofcn!ctb, bie 2((mcfcns 

bfid)fe ; ba^ 2C(mofcn, bie ®abc 
C6rbe, a. ftumm, geCrummt. 
Corb^il, 8, bct ©(fean^fcrb. 
Corbel, — bil, «. bo« ^otbc^cn, bct fSaU 

!cnfcpf> bie g^ifdbe. 
Cdrd, 8. tai ©ei(, bct ©tticf ; bic ^(aftct 

(»cn ^C(^). —maker, bct ©citcr. v. a, 

mit ©tttcfctt bcfcftigcn. —age, «. Hi 
®trirfn)ctf/ ^citrvcrf. 
Cordelier, s, tct ffrflniifEoncr. 


Cor'dia], a. J^et^tfcnb ; Bct^UcJ^. «. tie. 
^crsftdtf ung ; ba5 f)et^f!at!cnbc saiiM, 

|)cr^ ; bic ^etj(i(i!cit, Dffcn()ct^ig!eit 
Cor'don^ t. T, (in bet Jttieg^bau!unft) bct 
^auctftonj ; bie ©tenjbefc^Cilung ; bct 
Setbon/ bie ©tenpe^t. 

Cor'doyan, Cord'wam, 8, ^^ fpanifi^ Sc* 

bet, bet Sotbuan. 
Cord'wainer, «. bet (Sctbttanmad^ct/^d^uV 

Core, «. Hi^ ^zx^, ba^ Snnctfte ; tai Stems 

gef)&ufe, bet @tieb^; bet (Sitct in einet 


Coridceous, a. tebctottig, (ebctn* 
Cori&mbe, «. T. bCt (SotiombC (fBct^fttfl 

t)cn iwci fut^en ^plben awifd^cn anrei 

Corian'der, «. bet ^Otionbct. 

Cor'inth, 8. btc ^otint^C/ Se^anni^bcctc 
Cork, 8. bet ^etfboum, bas $ontoffc(l^c(a ; 

bet Jtotf; ^ctfftcpfef. —screw, bet 


Cork, V. a. »ctfctf cn. 

Cork', 8, einc gtcpc ©tcdnobcL 

Cork'y, a. fctfattig. 

Cor'noorant, ». bct ©CCtobC/ S^ladct,^. 


Cormud'gcon, «. bct C^ci^fial^, Jif^ 
Com, «. ba5 ^ctn, ©ettcibc ; |)u5netous 

ge. —chandler, bct ^Ctn()&nblct. — ^floar, 

—loft, bet ^etnbtbcn. —mill, bic ^ctn^ 
mfi^tc. —pipe, bie ^atmpfcift. — saJlad, 
bct ^cfcttattid)/ S&mmcttattid^. v. a. Uvs 
nen; falacn, pcEctn. 

Cora'age, s, bct ^Ctnain^ 

Cor'nef ». bic C^CtncKitfd^C. —tree, bct 

Cornelian, ». bet ©atncct. 
Corne-muse, ». cine 2Ctt tanbUdftct Slcte, 
Cor'neons, a. l()Ctnig. 
Cor'ner, «. bct SSinfct, bic Gdc. — Btcoe, 

bct ©dflcin. —wise, a. cdig^ ecfweifc 

— ed, part, a. gccdt^ cdfig. 

Cor'net, ». bic 3infc, ^di> 3in!|^cttt ; bic 
d^citctfd^aat ; bet ^&^ntt<^ bei bet Sttvf 
tctci, bct Slcitctfaqntid)/ (Sctnet; bct 
^uf bcfi spfctbefi ; einc Hxt ^aube,itops 
pe; bie iDfitc. 

Cor'netter, «. bct 3infenbl&fct. 

Cor'nice, f. T. H^' ^otnicp/bct ^tang^ 

Com'icle, s, tai ^6tndbcn. 

Comlgerous, c. gC^Ctnt. 

Cornucopia, ». ba6 ^otn be5 UebctPuffcC/ 

Corntite, v, a. mit ^ctnetn Wtfc^cn/ |um 

^abnrei mfld)cn. 
Cormito, Corniite, «. bct 46ahntci. Cor- 

niitor, ». bct aum 4c)«f)nrci SKad)cnbc 
Cor'ny, a. fornig, fctntcid) ; f)otnig. 
j Corollary, ». bct Jj^l^C^wng^fa^, bct guge* 
1 ffigtc 8o6, bct 3ufa§, bic 3ugaOc. 


Cwdna, t. ber ittftnatcift^n (In bet JBau? 

CdTDnid, •. bet ^roti3, bte Jtrcnc. a, gu 

bcr Jtwne j^cl^ong, aa bcm 2Bic0el beg 

i^opfeS sel^otia. 
Cer'onary, «. ftonattig/ ftanjottlg, auf 

bem ^cpfe bcfinbUdb* 
Coronation, t. bte ^t^nung, 
Cor'oner, ». bet ^ton&camte (bejfcn i&efons 

tece g)fli(fet c« tfl/ p(6|(i*c unb fiewatt* 

fame ^Sobe^fdtte ju untetfud}en unb su 

Oor'onet, ». bet ^tanj, bte ^totte ; bte 

f (eine ^tonc (bet fonifitid^cn ^tone ent* 

9«9cn9efc|t), bie 2(beUftcne, 
Corporal, s, bet ^OtpctoC 
Cor'poral, Corpdreal, c. fctpCtUcft^ (clMlc^ ; 

— ly, ad. — al'ity, 8. bic f otpetlicfee S5es 

fc^affen^cit —ate, a. ©eteinigt/ wttmns 

ten. — dteness, ». bie SSetOinbung, ®cs 

wcinfcftaft •— dtkm, ». bie cetbunbene 

@efeafdf)aft ; (Semeinc, Snnunci, Sunft ; 

bet ©tobttat^. — Ature, ». bic Seibesgc? 

ftatt — ify, ». «. Detfctpctn, 
Cdrposant, «. T. tta^ ctcf ttifc^e gicftt on ben 

^aflen unb 9laaen« 
Corps, «. bet |)aufc oon Stuppcn, |)ect5 

Corpse, 8. bet 8ci6, 5cic!)nam, tcbte itcts 


Cor'pulence,«. bic ©c^ttjettciOiofeit, l^id: 
' (ciaigfeit; S»cf)lbe(eiMbcit. —lent, a. bids 

leibig, fd^wetleibtg, ttJ0^(9en&f)tt, wof)lOes 


Corpus'cle, a. ba5 ^ttpet^en. 
Oorrdde, ©. a. ol)Tciben ; sufammcnfdftflt^ 

CorradiAtion, a. bic SSctcinigung bet ^ttaf)s. 


Correct, 9, ff. beffcni/ tJCtOcffctn ; gfidfetis 
gen, lltafen. a. genau ©ctbeffctt/ fcfjtcts 
ftci ; — ly, nd, — ive, a. ©ctbcJTctnb. *. 
vai S5ctbe|Tetun96nuttc(. — ness, a. bie 
©enauigf ett, 3?id)ti.qfcit. —or, bet ascts 
bcffctet/ S3eticl)ti.act ; 3)tuc!bctic%ti9ct, 
)Dtu(ft)ct6ejyetet, CSottcctct. 

Correc'tion, a. bie ^fBetbcffctunci, 3ild)ti? 
gunS/ ® cfttafunq. house of—, iai 3ud)t? 
Ooufi. — er, a. bct Sftcfctling. 

Cor'relate, v. n. eiit gegcnfeitigcg gset^&lt? 
nig l^aben, lid) auf einanbet k^iefjen. 
». bet cntfptecfeenbe obct in 25c3ief)un9 
ftef)enbe ©egenftanb. 

Correlative, a. fidft Qegenfeitig be^ie^cnb, 

Correp'tion, a. bet QSetwei^, ZaM* 

Correapbnd, v. n. einen S&tkfcoci^^cl nns 
tet^atten, cntfpted)tfn,9em&g fci?n.— ence, 
~ency, a. bct Stiefroedftfel ; tia^ Qcgen* 
fcitige SSetfldnbnip ; ba^ gute asctnef)? 
men, bie ©etMnbung, bct Umgong ; bie 
ItebeteinfUmmund/ TCngemeffcnbeit, ®es 
mlifi)Ciu — «it, a. bet ^viefffcUev, (&eu 



tefpenbent. «. ongemeffen/ gem&^z ent? 

fptcd)enb ; — ently, ad, 

Cdrridor, ». bie ©attette, bet Jtutgang; 

T. (im Scjtung^bau) bct bcbeote 2Beg% 
Cor'rigibie, c. oetbcffetticft ; Ittaf&at, icts 

Corrival, a. bct SZebcnbu^tet, 9Kitbe»ct? 

bet. — ity, a. bie SKitbcwetbung, bet 

Corrob'oront, a, jt&tfcnb. — ate, t>. a, 

(Idtf en, bcft&tigcn, beftdftigen. — Ation, 

a. bie @tdttung, aseftdtigung, SBcftdfs 

tigung. — ative, a. (l&tf cnb. a. bos ©tdt? 

Corrbde, v. a, jctuogen/ jctftejfcn, wt^e^s 

ten. — d6nt, a, getnogenb, ^tfteffenb, 

»et|cF)tcnb. — dible, Corrosible, a. jetftcf s 

lid). Corrody,a.bct7(b3ugon bem (Sebotte. 

Corrdsion, a. bic Sctnogung, Sctftejfung. 
— sive, a, ^ctftcffcnb, Det^c^tenb ; beun» 
tubigenb, qudtcnb. a. bo5 2(c|mittet ; 
bie Untufjc, SXuol ; — sively, ad, —sive- 
ness, a. bie ftcffcnbc unb ^etnogcnbc 6ii 
oenfcftoft/ wtief)tcnbe unb d^cnbe SBc? 
fct)ojfen^eit, @d)dtfc. 

Cor'rugant, a. tungclnb. — gate, v, a. ^u? 
fommentunjcln. « 

Corrtipt, ». a. t>ctbctben, t)ctfd(fd)cn, tKJts 
ffifttcn ; bcftcd)cn. ». n. twtbetbcn, fous 
(en, foul roctbcn. «. wtbotbcn, t>ct« 
foult ; Dctbctbt, toftct^iaft ; »etffi^tt, be* 
ftcd)cn, cf)tcnto^, gcwiffentos ; — ly, nd, 
— er, a. bct SSctbctbct, 95etfftl^tet. — ible, 
a, bct SSctbctbung ou6gcfe|t, bct S^ul- 
nig untettpotfcn, octwcslid), Ktgongtid)/ 
^um Sojlct gcncigt,aut SSetffthtung will* 
fdl^tig, 3ut ®c|led)un0 wittfo^ti^ ; — i- 
bly, ad. — ibleness, — ^ibil'ity, a. bte S3ct5 
bctbtid)fcit, a3e(!ed)Ud)feit. —ion, a. bie 
SSctbcrbung, ® etbetbt^eit, QSctbctbnif ; 
•Jdutnip ; S^Jcigung ^um Ucbc( ; Scjlc* 
douno. — ive, a, oetbetbenb, onflcdenb. 
—less, a, un»ctbctb(id^, unoetwcslicfe, un* 
tJCtgdngUd). —ness, a. bic Sfiutnig, SSct* 
bctbnip, 8Sctbctbtl)eit ; SoRct^oftigfcit* 

Cor'sair, s. bct Sotfot, ©cetOUbct. 

Corse, a. bet gcib, ^6tpet ; tcbtc ^orpci;^^ 

Cor'selet, Corslet, a. bo:g JBtuftflfic!, bct 
S5tuftf)atnifc!b ; Mta^. 

Cortege, a. ba§ ®cfc(gc, bet 3ug. 

Cor'tical, a. rinbig, duffcttid). Corticated, 
a, einct JKinbc dF)nlid)/ tinbig. Corti- 
c6se, a, t)oIl t»cn JRinbC/ tinbig. 

Corus'cant, a. funfclnb, bli|enb. — cdtion, 

a. bos gunf cln, a3(i|cn» 
Cor'vet, see Curvet. 
Corvette, 6, bo6 2(»i6fd)tff, JJodfctbcet; 
Corymbidted, a. ttoubig, bufd)elig. 
Corjrmbiferous, a, IStoubcn Obct a3fifc^ct 

Corym'bus, a. bic S.tW3Llat, Vx %Vamv^» 

b4fd)cU ^^ 


t. bU SBalirragfrci au£ eu 
ntm Sic 6c. 
.C6wcuit, 1. in Qtfccant 
CoKDOi «. bcr Qcr<nue. 
Camefic, a. ftftmiUeiiti, Perf*inttnb. . 

Cn'mictl, a. jur 9B(It gcdcrifl ; mil let 

©enneouf^0^l:tuntel:9«l)cnt; — ly.mi. 
' Cosmdgony, ». 6ie ©^epfung, t(t Ur: 
Jpruna 6k iBdu 
CuHDo^rsiJiar, ». bcr HBdftef^Kifisr. 

— phioal, o. jut a3c(ttcr*t"i'iin!i gcfee: 

tig ; phioiHy, ad. — phy, s. tic aBclIlif' 



Comoop'olite, — peliton, (. ffr SJi'llfiflrgcr. 

Cossack, t. bee Jtofaf. 

Coa'set, «. fine Samm itUx iigcnb tin mi: 

bew* iungte 3bi"), wcliljcS tfino fciiw 

SKuRet nufgcjcgen iciib. 
Cort, ». bet ^teie, bit BDfi.-n ; fleftbar: 

(tit, 6(r ®diflB(. ". n. frfcn. —'lineM, 

«. tie JlDfl&arteit, ^oflfBicIiafeit. — Ij, 

•- toB6at, foIWi*, t^tucc, (()tipie[ig. 
Cos'taJ, B. rippennrtig. 
CoB'tard, t. Set Jteof ; tiai StI TtpfiL 

-4icKiger, bet D 6(1^*116 [■jr. 
Cotfire, a, uttfttpfenb ; Siirlicpft. 

». tic SGetftcpfung (I)« Wiitf). 
Coet'iDuy, (. bie Sraucnmfliiji, bcrSetcrj 

Costiinie, *. btr GielJMiicl), bie atudjt, boE 


Cot, », bie SBiege, cin ttcincfi Srtt. 
Cot, Qnot, Cat-ioeBii, ». bi i; Jcpfguilet. 
Ostangwit, ». (in bcr fflseninirie) bcr Go; 

Cotem'pDnuTt see Conlem'porary. 
Crterii, ». bie gefiWclFcRe ©cRfifrfjofi. 
CotUlon, B, einc 2trt fionjclif*ci Gcnitc: 

Gotland, *. iai ju etiKr ^iilti gefictige 

Cot'tage, «. tic Sfitli', ba$ £fius<gjn. 
CoCHger, (Wtier, «. bCt^fllKnbciOT^nct, 


Cot'ton, «. bie !Baitinw0{lc, baS SSaimtntt 
lenjcug. ». n. iwHig twttcn, rnnh nut: 
ben, fift nereinignu —tree, tie JBaum; 

Couch, ». bai Mu&e6ctt, Snqct ; tic iaae, 
04i*t. — «ra>B, — wetd. taS Suntg: 
fleoe, D-uetfengtoe. — feiltw.bttSdjlof; 
eefilU t. a.Ugen,lagern; nerbetgcn.iiiil 
einf^Iiefien. v. n. fiife nictertcgcn, lie: 
gen, taatm, niebeTfoQcn. to — on 
■yo, ten Swat fteflwn, to — in writ- 
ing, f*rifili* Ktfaffen, ofifafTcn. — ani, 
«. (iegttib, tauemb. — *8, «. bi* ©Alaf; ,.,...„. 

/.'//; *cr3cfitt5iac®*tnfivit,birfpS«l ttiiitciu 

fflefu*. — «r, «■ bet Kugenatit, bet 

Cough, ». bet ^nftcn. '■ b- ^ujlen. — «, 

'■ tetjcntgc, welt^et ^uftcl, tet ben ^: 

Ren bat. 
Could, pTff. (Dtn to cin) nnntc, Iinnte. 

Coul'ter, sec CcJler. 

Coun'cil,8. bic SatWNcfammlunfl, Jtin 
iticnocrjanmilung, bet Motfe. pri»j— , 
bet geSdnie StaatMaft. — boird, Bti- 

Coun'«e1, >. bet fRatf) ; tic SStut^fcbbis 
gung ; ile&etUguna ; Alu^^eit ; tat (Sf 
hciumifi, bn^ jjotbabnt, Cte Stefinnnne; 
bet £fld)iDalKt, ©odjfiibtet; ■■■>■ 9Iatft 
geben, tathcn, ontotben. Conn'Mbbla, a. 
rointg Saili onjurKSmcn, fclgfam. 

Coun'aeUor, a. GCT Siulbgebet, ISettlinm ; 
bet Sntfi, ffiatfesljert; bet 9t<d)ieFnn: 
bige,MecbtfBcIcfitM,©o(6Bwlta;. — «Jiip. 
«, tail 7(nti einei 91at6ge6et£, M Una 
cincS Statues ebet 9liilti6()etni. * 

Count, V. a. jE^lcii, tcdtntn*, patdtam, 
nntec^nen ; tafflt Molten. •■ bie 3at)l, 
9le*nungi b« ®taf. — able, a. jiljftor. 

Couui'eDuice, » bie @efid)Ubi(tung; QXic 
nc, bet Slid ; bie ratjigc aStcnc, Se» 
inulfietu^i: , SaffunS. fficnmnjnrt be* 
QtciiicS; auneigung, 6*unft; tInttifliS: 
6ung, bet Sd)u^ ; bnS Knfctjen, btt fiuf: 
feteSdjein. b.o. bcfthiifecn, untetfHSjtn, 
bffetbctii, aiifiimnKtn, gene^ttttgen, bils 
[igen, Kcifall gefien ; Mnfctien gebtn, 
aeniSS (jonBeln. to keep in — , vat SSc 
ftfeSmung (irtKtn- to piit out of — ^ in 
iBctlegcn^eit fc|cn, oeriBirtt tnotben. 
to iccp one'fl — , einc tufitgc ajltene 6t: 
tl alien, fid) bes Cadieng cn^aden. 

Coujit'enanccr, ». tctjcniac, njcldjct ctwaS 
tctilfi^I. tcr S8«f*ttettt, 9im 

Cmint'er.i. tcc Ba^Cpfennig, Slccbenpfen^ 
nig ; pfennig ; SedjemiW, SnfilhfA, 
SBnatcniiftf) ; bo« ©cfingnifi fiSt ©ifealbr 
nee ; T. (on qjfeibcn) bet jjettug. ad. 
jtiiuitcr, gcflcn, tntg^en ; nadf bet etit: 
gegengcfc^ten €eitr, nad)' bet un«(|)ten 
6citc, untedtt. 

Counteract, o. a. juptbcir ^onbcCn, cnlge: 
gen witfcn ; wtdinbmt. 

Counlerbnl'ance, ». toB ©cgcngcwi^t. e. 

a. baS ©cgcngewi^t mien, gegen ein' 

anbct flbroancn. 
CoonlerbufF, c. » ptfldftegni, ptdctTdrfas 

gen. i' bet @cgcnfte^, jutSifptaOenbe 

Coun'tercoster, «; bet 9l«4nuna£fii[)ttc. 
Coun'larchnDge.fc bet @egent<)U|3),SBC(6i 

fe[. ». a. tauffifen/ au«touf*en, niecbfela. 
Coua'iercbargcf-bie ©egenfrtftlinlGigaiig.. 
Qmn'tercbarm, «l bet Qlcgtniaubcc t>. a. 

(Scgcnjautict oamenlient ouf^cben, ma 


Cbnn'terebMk, *. ber IScgcnitoil; iGi:t= 

CounUidiiw, n. a. naiijciifinen , 
tnalcn (wtratrtcCft ci " " " 

Couii'terieit,».a, no*ot)m(n,nflcbiiiaicn; 
(id) wrgekn, pdi flcatn. «. (wt, mel: 
d)(e (UK fatfcbe ©crtat! anniiiimt, 6cr 

»(tci8«i Bie wcf6:f*ic Eo*(, 

(KfAebct^ SSo^h a, noi^gcmadi-, --- 
foirt^lt nntergef'libclicn , etCidiKt, folfi^, 
Oirftrilt ; — ly, "^- —at, *. Bcr gia^nw 
*et, S5(f*«/ i8(rfai[*tc 

Couateireriaeat, >. tit Mi,tit-Rgt\t%ii 

moAutiq, Siecflcllung. 

Coun'ter&rt, », bcc ©cgcnpfiilcr , bii) 

Coua'tergTiord, «. T. Bofl tleinc Muffen^ 
nierf, jur iSebcduns i^itici: iBattct. 

Coiin'tejlight, i. fioS cittgiBcngefclic fo(: 
SAt eidjt. 

Countermand, v. a. tvnm (ScstnfiefobI 9^: 
b«n i mittraifMi, octbktcn, witerf""' 
d)cn. *■ bcr @<jcnl)c|vi)t, bi( -SBibec: 

C<Hinterinircl],«. b^r 3tnfIm(ii:f(L (Scgcn: 
macfd); EFt&fgan^, bk iBecinbeninf) 

mil niiidcfc^tWc aScnbung morftfticcn. 
Coontenoirk, f. bae @>'gf njei(l)(n, CUcbcn^ 

Countermine, (. bu ©iignniiunc ; @eg(n: 

anRalt, bee !!Bib«iflonb. »■ o. tine ©e; 

fdnuine moAtn, enlgcgin aTbdten; stt: 

eitcln, Dccnicbtciu 
CoanlemKniciiij t. bic Seacnbcinegung. 
Cooatennilre, t. Hi QfatnmaiiCT. 
Connlenut'uia!, b. wibematuclitt). 

gemuciuKft (ivobutd) (in anbCTcS @e: 

viufd) SbniiMftigci taxit). 
Coonteniiiema^, f.btctntgegcngcfcltcDtff: 

tuns, ^tsentffannft. 
Coonterpira, ». bM ©cgsrifdirill, SOJibcc; 

Coon'terpane, i. bit S^toirftc «6cr g(mc6= 

K Stttbedc 
Coonterpirt, I. b(t (titfprfdiCRbe Ziini, 

bae Segtnft&l 
Coont^itei, I. btc (Suscnanticctl, 

lt(fic sctsieb(cuni3. 
CountB^ilM, ». bei @cgenanfif)Ing, bie ®i= 

a<ali|t n a. etncn (Si.'genanj'dilag gc^ 

DUUfttn, fi(6 <in<t (Segenlifl bebitncn ; 

nitgtstiiattntcii, tKnlteln. 
CoDB'teqwnl, (se Coun'terpute. 


ComiWrpoison, (. baS Glcgfngift. 

CounlErptessure, t. bcc ffiegcnbiud. 

Connlcrprtijcct, s. ber Qegtnpton. 

'roun'tflrecarp, *. (b(im gepiingsbail) bit 

CounierBign, b. a. gtgirnjft^ntn, mil um 
KrftfiHtttn, cin; Unletfifetifl butd) Slf* 
ficnjcitbnung bcmabt^titcn cbcc mtfitii 
gen. >■ T. ((in mllitSvifi&ci Tfusbtuif) 
tai Qr!en nun gf icon, nid)t[ic6t SBect: 

rountertenW, ». bct Mil, bi( ^i^rtt Snif 

CounierUde, i, bi( wibrtge Stutfe. 
CoonferHma, t. ber SBiD(EJtfliib. T. bit 
inrli^tigi ffldotguiig b(8 ^«b(6 oaf 
ur Weiifefl^n. 
Countetiiini, a. bie (ntgcgcne(f^t( cbcf 

unetiDniielc {Benbung(in bet fjanbluns 

eint£ SAiuFpicI^)- 
Couatervii], t. n. entgegennirten, etn @lt> 

gcng^mitt)! Iiemtiitingcn, (in iMnite/n 

n)i(bt ^abeti, g[ti[t)e^ £^(irtI;(S feijn. 
Coun'terriew, «. tie entgegenoefeSte Kna 

fid)!, tie (Seginfeite, ber JCbfKi^. 
CooDierwitt-k, i. b. niigtBenarbcttoi, nrt* 

qtgeniBirftn, 5'nbem. 
Coimt'cBB, (. bie ©rifin, 
Count'lng-JiouM, ».■ bie £(hi:ci6jlu6e, bus 


CountTesB, a. unji&Iig, unjifilbor. 
Coon'trj, 8. Bie (Segenb, Sanbfdiaft ; bat 

Ganb ; Sjatetlanb. ". ju bem ^anbe ges 

ftovig, (inllit^. — nma, bee eanSSmann; 


Coun'ty, «. bie Otoffdjoft. 
Conptc, t. eine gerotjjc Benjegung ttn 

SdRjen, bie Qeupee. 
CaBple, (. bad ^nox; bie JCuppcI. c. ■■ 

jufaminen!uppi:(n, paaccn, mil einanbee 

Ber&inbcn. n-n. f[ d) poflMn, fitft KiSina 

ben ; ltd) Dcmiifd}i;n. 
CmipTet, «. bns ^aat, jwci Serfe jufmn! 

Cour'age, a. bet SSut^, bie .&«j6afttg(ett, 

CoDrfgcDua, o, mnltiig, feeijbitft, tfi&n, 

tcipfer ; — ly, oi — neas, ». bie iKti^afi 

ligteit, !Diutl)igEcit. 

Cgiirint, Coumn'to, ». rin gefttiwinbrt 

3anr, n»e fdjncQ in unilauf tpnmit, 
nl? em Settung^blalt. 

Courti, v. N. fid) beugcn, fict) biicten. 

Cour'iBT, *. bet @i[boK,_ ©tbncUbclc. 

Course, 8. bet Cauf, bie Stiufbabn ; bet 
Sang, Settaang, Jsttfdjtitt ; CutfnS; 
bie ffleiV. gftg« i Itrt unb ffijeife ; In 
iSSanbel, eebcnsnonbcl/Cebenetnuf: bte 
Xrt ju Detfaljmi ; (Slewofinfieir, Sitv ( 
bei natitlidie Ganf bet Singe ; bie Zo.' 
pf,®*itftt, Seilit -, (.ta ^oW-V^l^*!"^^ 
Sans »» SttiSiirH, ■Mt '».*S«''^«« 


Sagb 9«fmittetft Ut fiBtnblftunbe. v, n. 
lanfctt, tennen ; mit aBinbfpleten iogen. 
».fl. ifl9<«#w^tfBmbfpteUnia9en. — cr, 
8. ba« 9tennpf ecb ; htx, w^l6)tv mit SBtnb; 
tpielen iogt; tcr 3&9ct (fiber^aupt); tcr 
2)i«!ptttant CSwirws, ;rf. (in ber ^cfetffs 
fd(rt) Me niebem @ege( (Ocfcnt)ct$ baf 

mainsail unb foresail). Courses, pi. (bet 

bem toeibUA^ ©efd^ted^t) bte mcnotttd)c 
SleinlQtmg. of course, xoU es ltd) wrs 
ftel^t, notiirU^er SBeife, eftnc SwcxfcU 

CJonrsey, s, T. ber 8auf etnc^ ^d^iffe^. 

Court, 8, bee ^of; ®end)t6^ct bte (sjcs 
ti^t^^arfeit; bic TfufmartunQ/ ^cpld)? 
feitsbe^euQuna, S^meidbetci. —card, 
(6eim ilortenfpieO bie S3t(b!artC/ buntc 

Jtorte (see coat-card). — day, ber ^efs 
tOQ/ bet ®eri4t£ta§« —dresser, ber 

®4mei(6ter« —favor, bte |>cfgun|l. 
—house, ba$ ®encSt^!)ou5, bet ®crid)t^s 

faoL — Jady, bie ^Cfbame* — martial, 

tai itrieaggetid&t — plaister, hai cngli? 

fdfteJJflajfet. —yard, bet ju einem^oufc 

gebotiae cffene dianm, ber|>of. ».«. fcts 

ne 2(ufn)ttttut!a mod^en, oufwartcn, ^6? 

feln ; einem gtauenjimmet aufwarten, 

urn i^re ^anb tt>et&ett, an^alten, fid) be? 

wetben; fud^en, au et^ten Men; 

Cour'teous, a. ^ifficft, ottig; Qefoaic^, 

freunbttcft ; — ly,flrf. — ness, «. bic ^6f? 

tidftfeit, 2Ctti9!eit; ©efanigfeit, gteunb:: 

Courter, «. bet SSeibetfned^t ; Sewetbet ; 

Cour'tesan, «. bie S5u^(fd6n>(fftet, ^\xl)U 

Cour'tesy, «. bie ^Cttigfcit, ^6flid)f eit ; 

SeutfeUgfeit, Oeffiftigfeit; bie ^txhtva 

Qung bet ^auenjimmet/ SSemeigung; 

bie ®itte, ©etpo^nbeit a title by — , 

eine Senennung/ bie nid)t aU «Redf)t, 
^ fenbetn au$ betgebtoc^ter ®en>ol^nbett 

unb ^6flid6!eitiemanbem beigctegt wirb. 

o. n. eine ^etbeugung madden/ toie ein 

^tauen^immet fid^ t)etneigen. 
Cour'tier, «. bie am |>cfe lebcnbe qjcrfon ; 

bet ^oitnann^ ^6ping ; bet fcingefittete 

^ann; bet !SBewet6et; @d6meid6(er« 
Court^ce, a. I^ofm&pig/ avtxQ, l^oflid)/ fein, 

Courtlmess, t. bie ^oftidftfcit, 2Crtiafeit, 

®ef&ttig!eit Courfly,c.4^fl(i.&6fIidi),ar5 

tig, ^efm&Pig; nid^t aufrid^tig ; fdftmeic^; 

Courtship, «. bie ^oflicbfcit^bejcugung, 

@unft(en>et6ung ; bie S3en^er6ung urn 

ein ^taneniimmet, Siebesbcwerbun^Q/ 

^eirat^56ewerOung ; bie TCrtigf eit/ ^cf* 

Cous'in, «. bet ©ettct ; bie SKul^me, Safe. 

a. 2>en9onbf* 
Coat, * tev £&affetra6e. 


Cove, f . ein bebedftet ^Dtt, ba$ JObbocft ; Mr 

95u*t, Sai. 
Cov'enant, ». bet SSetttag, 93unb, b<WJ 

Sfinbnij. V. n. fidb oerabteben^ ftbetein* 

fcmmcn/ ctnig wcrben. Covenantee, «. 

cinct ber ccnttabitenbcn %f)ciU. 
Cov'enous, o. ^intetliflig/ betrdatid). 
Cov'er, V. a. bcdfcn, bebeden, jubedfcn ; be* 

fpringcn, bcfrud)tcn; brutcn, «. bie 

i)cdi, ber ©ccfet ; Umfd^lag ; &6ju1^ ; 

sgcrwanb* —let, —lit, bte fSetthtdi, bet 

JScppid). —shame, bct J>edtmQnte(. — ing, 

8. bic iBcberfung/ ittcibung, 
Cov'ert, 8. ber bcbedttc Dtt; bet ®d)lupfs 

tt?in!ct ; bos 3)ic!igt, a, hctedt, Detbct* 

c\in, untct bct (S$cn)a(t unb ttcm ®dbn|e 

bc^ (5()cmannc^ (tc^enb. — ly, ad, bcim? 

ttd)^ Dctbcrft. —ness, 8. bie ^eimlid)^eit 

— ure, «. bic SebedCung ; bet Sufianb eis 

ner Dcr^eiratbcten Jwu. 
Cov'et, V. a. \ci}v wttangcn, bege^n, jcs 

(uftcn. —able, fl. n>finfc^en5wett^. -we, 

8. bif .pobfucJ)t 
Cov'etous, a, bcgicrig, bflbfficfetig^ Qcijig; 

— ly, ad, —ness, 8, bie SBcgietbe^ ^ahs 

Mt, bct (^ci^. 
Cov'ey, «. (t)cn SScgcfn) bie ©tut/ ber 

Jtug ; T. (ocn SKcb^fi^netn) bie itette. 
Covin, Cov'ine, 8, ein gej^cimcfi SSetftfinb? 

nip 3um®c^aben einetbritten ^etfcn. 
C6ving, 8, bet betocttogcnbc Sbeit etnc^ 

^Qufcg libet ba5 untcte ^todxoett, bet 

Cow, ». bte ^nf). — 4ierd, bet itttl&Sirte. 

—house, bct J^ubftott. —leech, bet ^U^s 

atjt. to cow-leech, Mljc mnxttu 
Cow, V. a. in gutd)t fc|en, be6 SKutl&S ber 

taubcn,futd)tfam mad()en/fdbfidbtetn ma^ 

(i)cn/ niebcrfcf)(ogen« 
Cow'ard, 8. bie gKcmmc^ ffige 9){emme. 

c. fcig, ^ers(o«, Sag^oft ; — ly, ad. —ice, 

— liness, ». bic Jcigbeit. 
Cower, ©. n. fouem, pd^ niebetfenfen, ges 

fenft fiSen. 

Cowl, ». bic 5026ndb^!oppe, bet Subet. 
Cdworker, 8, bct 9}litatbcitct, 
CoVry, 8. bct ^auti ; eine 9Wuf<l^e!fd&aale^ 

bic aii (5Jctb gebtaud)t witb. 
Cowslip, 8, bie ©cbtfiffelblume (primula 

Cox'comb, (see Cock's-comb in Cock,) bet 

^a^nenfamm ; bet ^cpf, ^eitel; bie 

Slarrcnf appc ; ber S^Jarr, ^ofenfuf ; bet 

eingetntbcte unb gesiette SKenfcft^ bet 

Coxcora'ical, a, ndttifcft, pcffietUd) ; gcaiett, 

Coy, a, fd)eu, fdificbtetn ; btcbe^ befdbeiben^ 

fittfam, fcrcbe, auriidfbaltenb. — ly, ad. 

V. ru ^urfidfbaltcnb fcnn, fprobe fe^n, fkfe 

3urucf{)a(tcm v,a, (cdfen^tiebfcfen*— ness. 

8. bic 3utficr^a(tung, ^ddud^tetn^eit; 

btn. - 

tru9,J _ „ _.. „... 

Crsh, ». bi( Scappc; in Slnbf (im 
ahitrfrcife); Btr iwljapfel; tftSJIurr! 
fcpf i citti; XtI 6cbcjfU9 (jSto&n), fins 
txini Sdiiffc^bau gctimudit mitt, a. nilt, 
fouet. CrabB-ejeB, pi. Mc Ary;b6augsn. 
— bed a. ffluet, tniirar^, rouft, unontie: 
nedm; octwiddt, faiiBimg, unocrflarit: 
ltd), Ottiwtten ; — ly, ni'— bedneBs, t. tit 
iHtbc, S&urc ; tat nifitrLfftt SBc^'n ; 
%U UnMt^&nGttdiEetl. 
Cnb'ei, ». bi« aBaffcrralc 
Crack, >. bcc !Ri(l, @pa[t, tie Sttfe @pal; 
tc -, Dei; €S<f)au, jEnaU, Atacb > bu iQtn:: 
lc|ung, iBreAung, wibRoe ^ccfinbc: 
rang; ^Iilent, fKubmccbiatat ; bet 
gjtafclfr, ®i*6tl)uer ; tcr aBflfiniuii, bic 
aStrrSdl^il', bie!l!ctM,9Sc$<. v. a. 4; 
n. plofen, fpoltcn, j«fp»ilKn, jcmiffen, 
Slip 6eF«mtttcn ; ftioaen, biccf)en, jcr: 
tK*(n, jcrftoren; jn ©rniibt rirfjKn, 
jcrfantn, p Stunte geb«n ; nmudcn, 
tKirudt inad)en ; EnaUcn, fdjollcn, Era: 
4en ; piablcn. —brained, nta^nnjilig, 
wroidt. —hemp, —rape, bei ®a(aen: 
wgtl. — eri »■ 6« aJtoMet, Cormct; 
bit Morf(t{, ber ®d)niSrm(i: -, Die .fiaar: 
oidrt ; bai SBtednuertjnig. nui-cmcker, 
'bet Sluflnoder, 

Cnc'kle, o. n, ttoitn, (natten, Enttlera, 
fniftetn. Crackling,*, bosjtnaden.jnat! 
KB. Cracknel, i. cine Ua Sicgel, barKT 

6c^i(ne ; (beini @<ftiRe6au) ber Siapel, 
a. >■ is bte SBiege legcn, leicaen. 
OaA, >. bte .Sunft, baS SeoKcbc, {mtib: 
wet! ; btt Settug, tie eift ; bit tli" 

mantt, ^anbtperEct. crafl'B-mnster, bet 
Witftit. D. n. fHfintc fpielfit, lietttigen. 
— ineM, ■- tie 6ift, iBrtf*Iagenl)cit — y, 
fc fijhg, oeifilagen •, — ily, orf . 
Cwg, ». tie aiippe, bet gelfen ; bet Ola: 
*n. -^-eed, — gj.o.fdiifi, tinebtn, tauh,*ri 

QfOe, >. tag 

mett, gte^t)! 
Crun, v. o.^n. ftcpfen, MDftiMjfcn, mtt 

®<iKi(t bineintttngen -, |i it) aitf Allen, un^ 

m&fitg ttfen. 

Cram'bi^ *■ tdS ffleiniftiiet, ter JH^ini. 
Cramp, 1. ber Atompf; tie .filammcr, 

AtaiiqK,tit ISinfdjtintiittg, bet 3ioann. 

«• ttwime, gejwungen. e. a. (tar~= 

bafKCSt^njen Mtutfa^en, tetlfen, 

Qtn, fncifcn, ttfdrn; jwAjiaeny 


groSngcn, clnfi^tinten ; ntUS 
UU^toftt, einflammem. cram^fiih, btt 
.firampffifd). cramp-iron, tte (iftnc 

Cnunpoon', i. tie Atampe, Jttaininei:, pi- 
tie Stcigcifen beim Slficmcn. 

Cnin'ogi^'i. bos Srafiiitc(6t, ba« Jtta^i 

Cran'berrj, i. tie SRf Cf bttrc. 

Cmne, *. bet .Btonich ; JItofin. crane**. 
bill, ter ©ierri)f*naW, (GermitiiD, tine 
^f[an^); eini gewiffe gange (bei ben 

OaDial'c^, Cr>iuoa'copy, t. bt( Sc^tl* 

Crintum, «. tie ^imfcbaab. 

Crank, ». tie Mtbtl an bet H)ft (ints 
SJntce; bieJ(tfimni(,fSintung;SBoctT 
Fcrbtcbung, iai SBtttfptet a, gejtiKft 
unt inuntet, wefilgemntd, tuftlg; (bti 
etncin Edjiffe) iiBpdiet ietoten, ntn 
Unifippen getielgi. Crantle, c «. ^ a. 
fid) ntnben, f^latigeln ; tdiixauv, nm 
eben ffliid)en. Cran'kleB, i. fL Me Uns 
gU-idiheiten, belpetige S^eile, Jldhmnnn: 
gen. Craiik'ae«^».bie®efnntl)eit,a)hiiii 
Ktlcit; tic Keigung (eine* €J*iffe«) 
jum Umtippeit. 

Cron'nied, a. gcfpattCIl, titig, WH Wn 9Iifi 

fen cti:t @pa[Kn. 
Criin'ay< •■ tie 91ite, bet !Ri^ 

Crape, s. tet ^l*r, Jtttpp. 

Crap'uience, g. Cet Stoa\i), tie SEmntntf 
ftcti. Ccapuloui, a. bttanfiftt; bclninlen, 

Ciaab, E. n. ftadKn, Jtnamn. v. a. ms 

6tc*cn, jctfc^iinettenu ». toe Jtro^ni, 

Crfiais, s. tie fltflftf, Sufatmnen^ieljung 

jtpctet €Dllien ebet OQictet ; bic 3Xi: 

fthungCbeteifie bee eeik»,bie BtibM: 

Kerdjoffcnfieit ! bo8 SemBeramenL 
CraBK, 0. bid, ((tob. — itndd, ». tie iDide, 

grcl'e SBefdjfllfenbett, iDii^K. 

Crutin^tiaD, a. tct TLnf\i^tlb. 

Cniicli, a. bie ERaufe (metin bent EBtetic 

.&eu unt ©Ito^ gegefieo witb), 
CrnlG, B. ctn geflc^lcnet Actb jut iSetpa: 

dung VDn ^etceffon unt (BlaJnaaten. 
Cmier.a. tct .Rtfltet (edjlunt) eineSiBiit 

CravAt, «. baE SaUlutft, bit .^atSliinbe. 
Crave, ». a. ctnillid) bitten ; mit Ungeftto 

pctlflugen ; Kgebwn ; fin*etn, etbitten. 
Criver, i. ter unniSJiae gotictet. 
Crdving, t. lai un(tfitttid)e Bettangen, 

tic SBcgietbc, b. petlangenb, tegefiwnb, 

gietig, — neaa, #. tie teflige fflegiedie, 

Cr&ven, s, tct ^A^n, nelci)et im Jtanu 

pfe tiSctrounltn iff; tie aSennne, tet 

■Setgljetjigc. «. a. wcju^l w«*itw,\pJa. 

ma*cn. ^^.^ 


Cnimoh, «. a. mtt Hn S&i^ttcn i^tmalmcn, 

Qraw, s, bet ^topf* 

Craw'fiflh, Crajfish, «. bcc ^re6^/ ^lu^- 

Crawl, V. n. friedjen, fcftleid&en ; ^erums 
frled^eti/ l^erumfciftletci^en. — er, ». bcr 
5tricd)cr, bd5 friedjenbe ZWx. 

CrAyon, ». bet SReipftift, 9)aj!cttjiift, gar? 

Oray'fish, see CraVfish. 

Craze, ». a. jeiilo^ett, jctfcfjlogcrt ; pfitretH/ 
malS^len ; f4n)&ci)cn ; t)C5 ?8crflant)Cf! be? 

Vauhtn, ^VCUdctU Crazcdness, Crazi- 
ness, 8. bie ®cbted)(tcl)fcit, (Sd)n?ad)C ; 
ber SDSal^nfinn. Crazy, a. 9ebrccl)(id), Kt? 
bred^lid)/ ^inf&tttg; fc^n>od); pcrtucft. 

Creaght, 8, (ittdnbtfcift) bie ^ecrbc. 

Crei^ «. n. fnarren, f nirrcn. 

Cream, ». ber JRo^m, bie @o^ne. /^. ba^ 
S^efte* v. n. ^^ne befommen. o. a. bie 
^^ne ai)ntf)XMn, abraf)men ; ba^ S3efle 
wn etwos wcgnefjmcn. -—cheese, ber 
SHo^mWfe, —faced, blcid), Ua^, fcigl^ets 
iiS« — y» «• ^^ ^^^ Sa^ne cbec Slalom ; 
bem dtaf)m &^n(id). 

Cr^ance, 8. bie ^^^I^^nteine. 

Crease, ». bie fe^tcrftafte Jottc^ Slun^cl ; 
ba^ £)ftr (in einem S3udbe)* v. a. mit 
einer Slun^cl/ einer galte, obct einem 
O^re begeid[)nen. 

CreAte, v. a. erfcftaffcn ; l&crtjcrtjringcn ; 
cr^ugen; t^erurfadften/ oerantafj'en ; n)&^:; 
len^ erwci^Jen/ crncnncn* 

CredtioQ, 8. bie @d)cpfung ; bo^ ©cfd^cpf ; 
bie 9Ba^(/ 6rn)&^tung, ^rncnnung. 

Creative, fl. [(ftcpfcrifd). 

Credtor, $, ber @d)cpfer. 

Creature, «. bae^ ®efd)6pf; ^&ier; ber 
Kbl^&ngUng , ©dfemeidbler; (ein Ciebto? 
fungeou^brucf). dear — , IteSe^ ^inb, 
u. K gL — ly,aJ.5u einem ®cfd)cpfe c^a 
Ijorig, mit ben eigcnfci^aftcn einc^ ®e? 
fd)6pfc^ »erfeben. 

Cr^britude, 8. bie ^duftgfeit Cr^brous, a. 

Credence, «. bet ®(oube ; bie (SJ(au6n)fir? 
bigleit; SBedlaubi^ung. Cred^nda, «. 
jp2. bie ©lauben^arttf e(. Credent, a. ge? 
neigt ju gtauben/ (eid)tc)(dut>t9 ; gtaub? 
^aft, gloubwdrbid* Creden'tials, «. |»2. 
ba« 95e9(aubiciun9#fd)reiben. CredibU'- 
ity, Cred'ibleness, «. bie ©loubwfirbigs 
(eit. Credible, a. gtoub^aft^ gloubwfirbig ; 
•— bly, ad, 

Cred'it, s. ber ©Caubc; ©rebit; gute 
9tome, ante 9{uf; ta^ 2(nfef)en; bie 
©taubwurbigfeit ; ba$ SSerfprec^en ; 93ers 
trouen, 3utrauen; Seugni^; ber ©in^ 
fiu9, iai ®mi6)t V. a. gtauben ; 6bre 
unb 2(nfel^n ccrfd^affen ; ^um ^ulbs 

netannepmen, bcvgcn, c rebitircn, —able, 


fl. anft&nbtg, od&tbor ; eJ^rcntJeTI, tfi^m^ 
ticft ; — ably, ad, — ableness, «. bie ®(at!b^ 
wfirbigfeit, 2Cd)tun9, 2(d)tbarfeit, ba$ 
TCnfe^en. —or, «. ber ©lanbcnbe, ©Ifiu? 

Credtility, ». bic 8ci(!)tgtdubigfcit Cred'- 
ulous, a. IcicbtQtdubtg. 

Creed, 8. ber ®(aube, bo^ ©(aubenfbes 

Creek, «. ctnc Heine .^crttcrragnng bc^ 
eanbc6 ; bic !lcinc fflucbt Heine Sai ; 
ein Kleiner J?luf^, cngcrgBco. v. n. fnar? 
rcn ; see Creak. — y, a. fctl ^ercorrcis 
gungen U^ lifers unb flcincr S^udjtcn. 

Creep, v. n. f ricd)on, fd>{ctd>en, — er, 8, 
ber ^ricd)cr ; baf* friccbenbe S^ict, bie 
frifcbcnbe ^Jftonje. —-hole, ». ber 
^d)lupfn?tnfct ; bic ?{u6f(u(i)t. — ingly, 
ad. auf cine fd)(cic^cnt>c^ f ric^enbe ^rt, 
fcftr (angfam. 

Cremdtion, 8. bic 9?crbrcnnuna* 

Crdmor, ». cine mitd)arttgc Slujfigfeit 

Crdnated, a. gef erbt, gc^acft. 

Cr6pane, 8, btc SOiaufc (9)fcrbefran6l&eit). 

Crepitate, v. n. !niftcm, fnirren. — 44tioii, 
8. ba$ .Rniftcrn. 

Crept, pret. ^ part. (t>cn to creep) Erwft ; 

Crepus'cule, «. bic ©ammcmng. — Ioob^ 

a. bdmmcrig, 
Cres'cent, a. n?ad[)fcnb , gunebmcnb, 8, 

ber ^atbc sOTcnb*. — cive, a. wacbfenb, gu^ 


Cress, Cres'ses, «. bie ^rcJTc 

Cres'set, «. bo8 Scucbtfcucr. 

Crest, «. ber ^amm bed v^af)n5, bet ^es 
berbufd); ber ^clmbufcb ; bie i^etmiier^ 
be; ber 93ufcJ) cbcr ©trouf auf bem 
^opfe; bag |)aupt; ber ^ol^c ^Ohttl^, 
©te(3, |)edbmntb. — ed, a. mit einem 
^ammc, Jbe(mbufd)C, ^opfjlraupe wt- 
fef)en» —fallen, niebcrgefd)(agcn. — ^tess, 
a. bes Jeberbufd)cg bcfaubt, o^ne $e(m« 

Creticcous, a. f rctbenartig, f reibig. 

Critic, 8. ber (Sretifug (cm 8Scr«fu5 wn 
brei ©nlben^ einer fur^cn groifd^cn jwei 

CreVice, «. bcr 9?i^, 5Ri0, bie ©palte. 

Crew, «. ber ^aufc ; bag fecbiff^vctf, 95elf. 

Crew'el, «. bag gc^njirnte unb gcmunbenc 
(Sarn, bie 5)ec!e. 

Crib, 8, bie grippe ; ber ©taK ; bie ^fltte. 
V. a. cinfperrcn. 

Crib'ba^, 8. bcr 9Zamc eine6 ^artcnfpteW. 

Crib'ble, 8, bo$ @icb, ^omfieb, 

Cribration, 8. bag ©icbcn* 

Crick, 8. bag ^narren einer S^fit; bet 

fteife ^balg, 
Crick'et, «. bie ©riffc, ^eimc, bog ^etm« 

Aen; ber ^u^d)cmc(; bag cngttfdbe 

JBattfpiet/ Snrfetfpiel. — er, a. bet 6tt« 



Crier, •■ tm Vusruftt:. 

Crim. «on. «. (I t.) (XtflSrjUttg Sen Crim- 
inal oonnrMtiak,) (it}(briicl). DioDey , 

bit 9A6uft te< IS^cli[(;d)((S an ben te^ 
Uibistm etcmann. 

Crime, «. bas Btrttirtisn, tic S^utB. 
— ful, «. mil aj(t6»((l){n tielattti, Vfc= 
fewAcrif*, lajtttfwfr — le8i,B.f(ljultilce, 

Crim'mBl,o,Mrtw^frirA,r4u(M9, (Ivofs 

, bai; pcinlid), »■ fcec SBcrtrtditt; —1^, 
ail. — ne«8, — i^, •. t\e ©Iraftarfctl, 

Orimin&tioD, «. ixt !Bi:f(t)Ult)lsun3, TlnSo: 
gt. — notory, a. SsfAultiigcnt, anfto' 

f^nti. — iKHw, a. fajulCig, mil ffltrbn: 
en Uf)afKt, iettiaft, gottKC -, —ij, ad. 
—nouanew, «. fcte SBoStlflftigEcit, Eflfltr: 
tafligttit. _ 

Crim oein, ne Cnmson. 

Crimp, a. j(rtw*fl4, g(6KAn(lj,.f*tWi(6, 
f(ftlc(6t flfflrinbet. «. btc ©ctltnutctiw: 
fcr, finer bet mit .piniitlifl OKnfdiin 
juni OTilttirtiienftt aniDirtt, tin nitlri: 
fl(v austraa, wefftr im Bcutftftcn eft 
.Rnitptr g(6tau(l)t njirP, "- o- to crii 
&ib, einfdjnitK in b.'o Sif<*l mii*' . 
mSfirenb (r nerfi ftiftt) i^, rootucdj Sle 
wSfferigen ©Sfie cbgelaffen, unt ' " 

flttfii Ct*tct UMb fc\iti mcb; (imr 
ir<tl einfchnctbtn, (infAnigen. 
crim'ple, v. a. jufammtniidjtn, jufa 
nintcin, trtnn?(n. 
Crim'son, ». bi( 6«4tcli)c garlic, bas Sar; 
^raefin ; bit wi^e gflrijf. a. (leArttt), "- 
nwjin, wib- »■ a- wifi for6«n. 
JTnnV ' ~ ' ■ 


*8^... „ , 

fl(f) (rfimmen, fh^ I>cus<n, fid) fctimtegen, 

Crin'Oe, I. n, (irfi mtnbcit, fi* fritmnKn. 
v.a. naif ttammn Cinicn unb 9(i<^tun: 

f:n bin)tn,au«fAn)tifcii. «■ tie Siegung, 
alK, Stnnjd. 
cri'iuHtt, a. hoorig. — s'ity, ». tie ^arigt 
CHp'ple, (. Ut Jltii>pft. e. a. lifinicn, 
ium JtriipKl modien ; untrautfi^gr ma: 
(ben, DeTpmnidn. 

Cri^^enet^. «. bit SSfemung, fflEtom 
b&M btC gt()6cigcn ©tbraudje bet miicb^ 

CMm, «.bn(SntfA(itun!t«piintt, bee Gnt: 
fA<ibungC)nflanb, tai Snt|~d)Eibung<jCi> 

Criip, Qn^^, a. ftaue, ottrEufeft; gci 
ErAntml, gtMaen, gefAfangelt; 6taun 
fiebeatcn, acrf^t e. o. trnuS nuKhen, 
friaftdi; jlediten, uinbcn; fdilonaetn; 


to»Jlraureleifen,bit$oorjaitae. — *ti«o, 
<■ tic .ReaufilunS/ gtEraarelle S(cH«fr 
fenbeit. — nras, — itode, •. tie eeMV* 
fe(t( !Bcf(f)affenbeit; bie buungeiiflett 

Criterion, *. bat^ ^(vtmaffl, ltnterf4etf 
bungSjeiien, .flennjeitfien. 

>it'io, a. bie SBeurlijeitunq, s 
fltitif ; bcr .Eritiler, Jtunfhit^ . 
urtfeeilK, Sobler. o. o. beunbetlen, to* 
beln. — al, a. beurlSeilent, (triifenb; 
ftin(lwrft(mtig, tunfitiditerti^ -, genoo ; 
tabelf fld)ttit ■, i:nifd)cibmb ; bebenEIi<(. 
niiSliS), seffifirii* ; — ly, ad. — ala«a, 
». bie Cienouigteit, ©crgfolt; fcte tnls 
fdjfibenbe Sagt. 

^ni'iciip, F. o. 4' n. teurt6(it(n, nrnftug, 
prfiftn ; labcltt. — ci»m, ». tie Steure 
tt)eilung«Eunft, ^iriifungeEunft; fflenw 
tbeilnnq; SSmierfung, !8e»ba*tuii9; 
bcr Sabel, 

Croali, V. n. quaEcn (mie tin S<^4)i 
ttiebjcn (tvic (in Slabe) ; unanfientqih 
fdgrcicn ; ticr^agl fetc^en. >- boG gteqtMi 
fe, boe Sefridijc. — er, ». (iner he 
mutbteS fpridit. 

CrflceoiiB, a, fciffconflrfig, foffranforSig. 

Crocitfttion, », ba6 D-ualen (bet Stifeiie), 
tflS atidjjhi (bet Mabfn). 

Crock, ji. bcr Jtcug, Sopf ; bus iibent 
©effifi. — ery, ». ba6 irbcBt SefAiiT, 
bie S^pfenDoarc. 

Croc'odile, s. bcr SrecebilC — diline, a. 

Crficua, 8. bi( ©offronblnme. 

Cran, I. ein fleinee einaejiunteS 6tfii( 
Eanb bci ein cm .^aufe. 

Croiside, — Sdo, ». ber flTCUHUg. 

Crotse, e. ber Jtreuj^en, JttnijritUT, 


Crone,*. basoW©diaf; bie olt* Sw- 

Crfinicd, eae Acrooirad. 

Crtnj, t. ber alie ^ccanb, bet oHe Bd 

Crooli, I. lai gcfriimmte Ding.gefrimn* 
SBciljeug-, ber Safen-, Sdi^fetftab, 
^irtcnltab-. bifJtiflnmiung. e.a.tnimiR 
biegen, friinimen; ablennn/ ucTtrt^tn. 
—back, btr budelige BRenf*. by book 
ond by crook, ttltmm cbet fcbitf, mit 
!Hi:*l fiber HnrcAt. — ed, «- gerabmnl; 
frunmi, ffhicf ■, iiet[etitl,Nebtcbt; — ly, 
bie J^riimme, Jtdhn< 

Crop, ». ber .firepf ; ber Oipfet, bie Spii 
ii ; ber Qrtr(i,a, bie Qmte ; ber abgei 
fcbnittcne ZhnU e- «. abfibnetben, ab: 
fhigen, abbrc^en ; obmii^en, einetnten, 
cinfamnietn. — fbl, angeffillT, ge|2tHgl. 
—Hick, bur(!i Srtmelgeeei Obcdnben. 
— eared. PiirfAnitienc Ohrcn fiaSenb. 
—per. I. tu Sttt^\ftt -, ^« tMsro.*,^ 

CroBette, <, T. tie ^u^gefc^weifte Gins 
faffung an S^^fitcn unt S^<^f^^^* 

Cnteier, «. tec S^irdftef^flab* 

Croslet, 9, t>a$ Arcu|d)Ctt ; ©tirnbonl/ 
bee ^rummftaO. 

Cross, s. tai ^reu^ ; tie SBtbetto&rtid? 
feit, ba$ 6eiten ; tie itreuamdnae/ bet 
Jtreu^er. a. 4f «<^' ^luer^ f^icf, rDibng, eht? 
fieacn^efelt ^uioibct; oerfci)rt/ n)tbcr? 
fpanft^; Mcx SounC/ befe; oerbriep? 
lidft/ mfimfd^ ; iviberfpredbenb ; ^utoibcr^ 
taufenb ; ungiMUd) ; gegcnfetttg, iDcd)^ 
fefeweifc. ff<^. quer t>\xvS^, »on etnet ©ei^ 
te 3ur anbern. — bar^ot, bie ©tangcn- 

f UQCU —beak, bcr ^reu^fcbnofcct. —beam, 

bet Sjiucrbatfen. —bite, bcr SBctrug. to 
1— bite, fiOerlijlctt, bctrfigen. —bow, bie 
JCcmbruft. — examine, butcft oiclfdftige 
graQcn prfifen,9enau oerboccn. —grain- 
ed, loibet oie 9licbtund bet $tbetn iaus 
fenb, wibet benSttidf) gel^enb ; »etfebtt^ 
cigenjtnnig, mfitti[d). —legged, mit 
fibetgefcWogcnen JBemcm — purpose, ba^ 
5Ri0»etfl&nbnip. —staff, (6ei bet ©^if^ 
fa^tt/ ein ^etE^eug gum 9]^e{fen bet 
©cnnenbofte) bet SocobsfiaO. —path, 
—way, bet ^reugweg, ^teu^fcib, ©cbei^ 
beweg. —wind, bet (Seitenwinb, bet »cn 
bet tecbtcn jut (infen n>ebt. —wise, 

Cross, ^r. a. fteugcn; ftcugrtjcife (cgcn, 
quct fibet tcgen ; mit bem ^tcuge begcidb- 
ncn, bog 3cid)en be5 ^teugcs mod)cn ; 
butd&|lteid)cn ; fibet etroag ge^cn/ bin? 
fibctgcbeit; ^inuOetEommcn ; ftcb fcit? 
tt)&tt5 bcnjegen; entgcgcnwitfcn, biw- 
betn, njibctftteitcii/ mibetfptccbctt ; oug? 
fcbliegcn* v. n. quet libcrticgcn ; tm SSt- 
betfptucb f<^9n. — ly, arf. fibct bos ^teug^ 
in bie SXuet; gumibet; t)etfe()rt; un? 
a{iicfttd)ct SDSeife, — ness, «. bie SXueve ; 
oie SSetfebtt^cit ; ft6ic Saune. 

Crotch, & bcf |>ftfen> bie (SJobeL 

Crotch'et, «. bie ^lammct, bas; @infdbtics 
^ng^icidbcn; bie @tfl|e; SSicttelnctc ; 
(Stitte^ ber wunbcrticbe ©infatl. 

Crouch, t. «. fic^ bficfen, fid) f^miegcn, 
fi^meidbetn, !ned)en« 

Croup, ». bcr ^intettbeil be^ ©cfl&get^ ; 
bo^ Jtteug eine^ ^fetbc^ ; bet @ficJbu' 
lien, bie ^eWfu*t 

Croupdde, «. bet Suftfptung ciae.^ 9)f(;t? 

Crow, 8, bie ^tobe ; ba« ^t^bcn ; bie 
S5ted)flan0e. to pluck a -^ einen @treits 
punEtmit iemanben ou^macbcn. —keep- 
er, bet $cpan^, Xtat @cbtecfbi(b* 

*Crow, V, ». ftaben, ptablcn/ ficb tubmen. 

Crowd, «. ber ^aufe^ bie SKenge^ bas ©e? 
br&nge; ba^ gemeine aSolf,oet ^^et; 
bie ®eige* ». «. eoUitcpfen, bt&ngen. ». 
«. fid> bt&ngen, to-- sail, mit aUen ©e? 


Crowd'er, «. bet ®eiget/ ©eigenfpietct; 

Crown, ». bie ^t«ne/ bet Jltang; ber 
@d>eitet ; bet cbete S^Kit/ ®ipfeU ». «- 
ftcnen, mie mit einet ^tone bebetfen ; 
mit (5§tc tjcttenben ; (beim 2)amenfpics 
Ic) gut Dame mod)en, —glass, boe ktt^ 
nc«g(a^. —wheel, ba^ ^tontob* — et, «. 
bet ^tang; bie obelige ^tone; ber 

Croyrstone, ». bet ^pot^ftl^flatL 

Cnicial, a. <|uet, ftcugweife. 

Cniciate, v, a. quaten, mattetn. 

Crticible, 8. bet ®d)mcIgtiegeL 

Cruciferous, a. bag ^teug ttagenb. — fier,. 
«. bet ^teugtget. — fii, «. bag ©tucis 
pjc. — fix'ion, ». bie ^teugignng. — fi»m, 
a. fteugf ^tmig, — ^, V, a. fteugigen. 

Crude, o. to&, unteif, bctbe ; unoetbaut ; 

— ^ly, ad. — ^ness, Crtidity, «. bie fRti\)s 

beit/ Unteife; Un»etbau(i(bfcit; Un»et? 

bautbeit ; bie unoetbaute ©ad^, un^^et^^ 

baute ©peife. 
CrtLdle, see Curd. 
Crtiel, a. gtaufom ; — ^ly, ad, — ^ty, — ^nest, 

«. bie ®taufamfeit» 
Cnientate, a. mit S3(ut befterft, bftttig.. 
Cniet, ». bag St&f(bd)en* 
Cruise, v, n. fieugen^ bin «nb bet fol^tetw 

8. tiai ^tcugcn;. bie ^tcugfobtt; bet 

,Ktu9, Heine ^tug* Cruis'er,». ber jtteus 

Crum, Crumb, s. bie ^tnme, SBtofame. 

Crumb, Crum'ble, v. a. ^ ju getftumetnA 

Cr^imenal, s. bct JBcutcL 

Crum'my, a. ftumig. * 

Crump^a. ftumm, budfelig* 
Crum pie, v. a. tungclig madjem 

Crunch, it.a^Sfn, see craunch. 

C^unk^ Crun'kle, v. n, xck cin ^tani((^ 


Criior, 8. T. boS getonncne iBtut. 

Crup'per, 8. bag ^tcug eineg 5)fetbeg ; ber 

Criiral, ». gu bem S^eine gef)crig. 

Crusdde, «. tct ^tcuggug, bic ^teugfabtt 

Crdset, 8, bet ©cbmelatieget eineg ®elba 

Crush, 8. bct ©tc§/ bie £Xuetfd)ung. v, a. 
quctfd)en, getbtfidfen/ gctc^uetfcben ; un? 
tetbtiicfen; oettitgeu/ t)etnid>ten. r. w. 
gufammcngebtfidft wetben. 

Crust, «. bie 6upc»c l^ottc ©dftalc, bie 
SRinbe, ^tufte* v. a. mit einet Slinbe, 
cbct l)axtcn @d[)a(e obet jltuftc (ibct* 
gieben* ». «. einc ^rufte befemmcn*. 
— dceous, a. cinc battc, abet mit Qks 
(cnfcn oetfebcne ©cbale ^abcnb (mie bie 
^tcOfe), fdbalcnattig. — iness, «. bie- 
tinbige obet f^alcnattige (gigenfd)aft; 
bag m&ttifdftc, wrbtiepticbe "SBcfen* 
Crus'tyi a, tinbig/ fcbatig; t)etbticS(i(!bi> 


. Cnitch» ». ik Jtiitle. d. o. auf Arilden 


I. S; a. ft^HiHi, tuftn ! airttu|(n ; 
DKinen. lo — duwn, oevft^ceUn, (men 

Mr&icten-, untctbrMdi, fiEcmiiltiftcn. 
to— out, (incn Zuita^ tbun, laul fin: 
fitn ; laMn, taut nfl£ien ; inb»Jtin: 
MSMtd ftferekn, tcciSen. to— up, tout 
tfihmcn, crl)cb(n, ten $r;U bud) ^u£: 
ruf crf)cEien. 

t^. I- tct ©fitii, tflutc Kuf, boS ®(' 
fcbrci', Pae SBcincn, Alagen; bctlUu^: 
tuf,bic clfeitltiibe iSefanntmiiaiung ; Ccr 
Suvuf, toutc !Bf ifflU ; bU ©ttmnK, boS 
®tr*i:ci (»(n Detfdjitbftitn Sbifnn* 
*unbi:n, bii5 SSfUen); fine Tivicijl 

CSyal, a. bctaioifeer. 

Crypt, s. Bic unKcicbtft^f ^efitt ', III lln= 
ttrfapi'tl^; He Sruft. — ical, a. Dstbcr; 
flen.gclicim; ~lj,<id.~-og'iapbj, 
®clitiiiifchrifl. — -ilog-j, ». Ci(tci:6«9i: 
nt, tiil]fy;lbafic SproAc. 

Crja'tol, «. bur BrifloU. —in , 
polfen. — izdtion, I. bis Jtc[)|lQOi|ining, 
006 anf*ic6cn. — ize, o. a. 4: "■ fcjflofe 

. U{trtn,anf(t)k(lcii(nff(n. 

Cab, ■. t)a6 2iuiige (ctn« cieif&Etacn 
Stlincs, bcrontttfi Ui fB^na unb Qc: 
HKti; (iu(^ctne^ aSnllfifi^c^); (vccSd)!- 
[i4 Vem mcnfi^Iic&En @cfi^k^[) baS 


.biUon.s.baeBiegcn. — lorj, b. tk gcnb. 
06b«ture, (t. T, bet (utii[*e 3nl)Ql!, qu* 

etc (SrfiMi'diuna tUki Sn^olts. 
Cube, a, T. Bet ^Sfitfcl, eu6u6,bieSubif; 

la^U —root, lie eubiEwutjil, !ffifirf(l= 

Cubic, — al. a. iu6if4, rofirfclig. — alness, 

». bif mSTfdlgi; SBefdjoifcntitit. Cubi- 

fcriD, a. ipfirfelfitnug. 
(iibiciilarj, a. ^um nitterlicatn fliftfjiift. 
I Olhit, B. baS Qltc tSatniiwafi. — iil,o-(lI(n= 


Cnb<wmbp, «. T. bic SubciSutifjotC. 
Oick'inff.stool, «. eiiK JCrt ©tufil obct 

Bttrnwiit BSfiB/ iDerin mon jSntifAt 

imb Iknwnbe aUeibct ctnfdjtoS, unb ftc 

banit in lai ^a^a fentte unb tin: 

Cvck'old, s. bci fia^nrei, ^JcnciKfigcT. 

»■ a. ^ititci: auffc|en, jum iio6nt(i ma= 

4(n. — om, I. bit 6a&nreircf)afL 
Ciick'oo, a. bcc Jtu!u!; la KCT^lIic^c 

CUcnOaie, — laled, a. tni£ (inei: Jtapps U-- 

tidt, tapftaatiiS. 
Clteomber. t. bic Sutfc. 
Cuourtiiie, t. (int Ttxt ©(RiHitf rittn. 
Cnd,*. bieno^ni^tnicbctgitdueteSpci' 
i Jt, tie ©pfifc im ctiten Wasen, «t« 


ajeinuaen. 1^ ^ww tbo cod, nrttbtcr 
Ifiuen; fll)»Ui|enr <^ti(tbcnf(R. 

Cud'dy, t. t\t a»e( Aaifittc oaf fStiffen ; 

Cud'dio, B. n. fid) btAt an ttmnt Icsffl; 
(in bet acmeintn Sprodic) umannm, 

Cnd'gel, I. bet spniael. e- (i> pdiaein, abf 
prficidn. to cross tfio—, lid) fit ibtxs 
icunbi'ti etf [Bten. to take up the — , fig^ 
in (incn SIttii sinlfllTen. 

Cue, ». bcr ©(^ninnj; boS Cnbt; boS 
Icgu SBoTt ntitt SRcBenbcQ, atUbeS ban 
Kiltn)Di:tcnb<n jnnt 3(ti^cn bicnt, bofi tr 
cnfangen (cQ; bn IBinE, bos AtiiinL, 
bic {tinioeibtng ; bie SloQe, baj Oci 
fct)ift ; bit <3<mfilteilinimung, eoanc 

Cuer'po, .. bet etit. in — , im fitnibf. 

Cufl; g. bet 6*tfl9, ^oulifdilos; b« 
auffdjlog (on ttnem SRude). t. 0,4-11. 
fdilogen, mil b(t Souft fdjlogcn, fid) 
ftyoBcn; (wnaJ63«ln) mil ben .filoutn 

Coir'iuB, a. bet .^nitf^, SnififiaTnifA. 

Cniiaaa'ier, s. Ux Jlirofftet, gt^ws 

ntf*t( ffleitcr. 
Caisb, Cuisa, 8. btt SStin^omifc^ 

COlerage, s. bfl^ JtcfttrflUl. 

CoiiuBiy, a. ju bet Jttidje abtt Aocbtunff 

Cull, B. a. auefudKn, jufflmnienfi»(ie», 

fooimcln. — er, ». bet ©ammlcr. 
Cul'landet.s. bet jDutd)fd|litS. we COlub 

Cullis, «. b» IDut^f^tos; bie JttofCi 

Cully, e. ctnct, bet p* trttugm, ^intet> 

Berlin Ib.^ V. a. gam Storten moc^, 

bcttfiiien, bititetge))en. 
Cul'libility, f. bit EctditgUubigfctC 
Culmiferoos, a. .^olmen ttaatnb. 
CulTion, 8. bet ©djutfc, ftfitedjM fflJenM- 
"ul'minale, n. n. ben SSlttaqSpunft tW 

teicficn, im OTittasepunft ptften; bra 

6cd)ilen ®ipfe( itttitben. — nitian, «i 

bet 2)utd)gans einee^tootlcnbutt^ ten 


Culpibil'ily, ji, bic Sttflfbotfeit. —able, 
a. ftfeulbta, !haf6«t ; —ably, ad. — side- 
nesB, a. bie Sdiulb, Sttafbdlfctt 

Cul'prii, «.bct SBertn^t, Si^ulbtgc. 

Cul'tar, BOB Coaller. 

'Durtivate.n-o-uttot mad)en, boutn, ons 
baucni bilbcn, oulbilbcn. — vdiiim, », 
iai Utbarnwien, bet Sou, Mnbau ; bie 
5Bi[bun(i,Muf&i[bun9. ^™ior,s. Bet Ifn« 
bauet. Cul'ture, 1. betlKn&au, Eanbbou, 
bic ]tiKbt(bun{|. •>■ a. bouen, anboucn; 
bitben, ousbtlbcn. 
^ul'ver, ». bit ttilbe Soube. 
>il'yeriD, ». sine Hxt ®((fti5e- bie Sett* 
CumTieQt, a. [iefttttb. 


^^wcxiid) faUeii ; »et»irren, »cr()tntetn, 

iefd)&ftt9Cm — some, — somenees, «. tie 
SBefd)R)Ct(i*fcit, gfiftigfcit, bag ^inters 
nip, Cura'brance, «. tic 8a|t, fflefd)n)crbc, 
bof ^inbcmip. Cum'brous, a. I&jitig, bc? 
fd)n)«tid) ; — ly, fl<^- 

Cfimin, Curn'min, ». bcr ^fimmct. 

Ctimulate, u. a, ^iufcn^ auff)&ufcn. — Ela- 
tion, s, bie 2(uff)&ufun9* 

Conctdtion, 8. t)a« Sau&ern, tie ^crgoges 

Oineated, Ctineal, c. (cUfonnig* 
Cimiculou3, a, tcViCt ^O^Un* 

Cun'ner, «. t)ic aK€crfd)necfe, bet SKufi^et? 

Cun'ninar, a. etfa^reit, 9efd)i(!t ; (finfHtd) ; 

fctn, liftig, fcfttau, «. tie ©ef^icfttc^Ceit ; 

gcitt^cit, aSerfcfttogenbcit ; — ly, <w?. 

— -ness, 8. bic 2(r9ti|t, 9Serf(^(agen&cit 

€up, «. bcr 25ccJ)cr, ^cldf)^ bie ^a(e. 
|i bcr 9cfeafd)aft(id[)e Srunf /ba« Srinf? 
qetag; bcr fed)r6pfEcpf. Cup and can, 
SrinfOrubcr, »ertraute Jreunbe. Cap- 
bearer, bcr sOhinbfdftenf. Cup-board, bcr 
©cf)cnftifd)/ ^*ran!. 

Cup, v.a. mit ©ctrfinfc toctfcl&en ; ©djrcpfs 
fepfc fc^en, fdftrcpfciu —per, «. ber 
®d)rcpfcr, S8aber« — ping-giass, bcr 

Oypelldtion, «. bag ^robircit unb 9?etnis 
gen beg (Siotbcg, 

Ciipid, 8. SupibC/ bcr ^iebcggott. 

Cupidity, 8. bic SScQicrbe^ CufL 

Cdpola, 8, bie .Ruppcl, bcr 3)cm. 

Cup'pel, see CoppeL 

Cup'reous, a. fupfcrig. 

Cur, 8. bcr fd)(cd)te jg)unb, bcr ©dfturfc. 

Curable, a. i)ciii>ax* — ness, «. bic ^ei(s 

Ctbracy, ». bag Ttmt unb bie ^teUe eincg 

Ctirate, 8. bcr Untcrpfarrcn 

CflratiTe, a. i^eilcnb. 

CurAtor, «. bcr ^JflcQcr, ^(uffc^er, SSor? 

Curb, 8. bie .^innfette^ bcr itappgaum/ 
bie (Sinfd>r&nhing/ bag ^inbcmip ; cine 
®cf*wtt(fl an bem ^ufe eincg 9)ferbeg. 
— Btone, bcr Stanbftein, bie ©infaffung 
tt^ gepftafterten ^\x^t^^.»v, a. im 
Sanm fatten; gunicf patten, einftaltt^un. 

Curd, 8, bic gercnnene 9}ji(d), ». a. A n. 
f^crinncn mad)cn/ gerinncn ; audfe Cur'dle. 
Curd'y, a. gercnncn. 

Core, ». bie'iSur, ^citung; bag Itrjcncis 
mittc(, bie Tfr^cnci ; bie ©cclfcrgc, bcr 
^arrbicnft. », a. axitn, curircn^ ^citen ; 
cinmad)in, cinfat^cn, cinpcfcln* —less, 
a. un^cil6ar. Ctirer, ». bcr .focilcr, TCviU 

CurTeu, CurTew, «. bcr ^eucrfd^irm, bag 

g^euevbfedf ; tie 2(6(mbg(ccfe. 


Curiarity, t. bte QScrrct^tc beg ^cfeg/ tfll 
xca^ ^um ^cfc gc()crt. 

Curiosity, «. bteyieagterbe^SBi^^cgietbe ; 
ber g>u§, bie ®enauig!cit ; bic ©dten? 
beit, gRcrfwftrbigfcit/ mcrfwiirbige ©o^ 
^c ; 3icrIid)!eiL* Ctirious, «. wijbcgierig/ 
ncuaicrig ; fcrgffittig, gcnau ; f(f)n)er gu 
befrtebigen/ fingftlirf); ffinfttid); fein, 
gicrtidft, nicblid) ; jtrcnge ; —ly, ad. 

Curl, 8. bie SocfC/ ^aarfraufc; wctlcn* 
fcrmigc Bewegung. »• a. in Pccfen Ics 
gen, tr&ufctn; wcllenfcrmig bewegcn; 
Srebcn, wmben. «• n, \\&i in Soden tc? 
gen, fid) tocfen ; jid) wettenf crmig be»e» 
gen ; 1i<ft bre^cn, fid) winbem 

durlew, «. ber Sra(f)tjcgcl. 

Cur'nock, ^. ein ©ctrcibcmap wn incr 

Curmud'geon, 8. bcr ^nicfcr, git^. 

Cur'rant, «. bie ^crint^c; Scftannig^ 

Curr'rency, «. bcr Cauf, Hmtauf t ©ctbcgs 

umtauf ; icai umlaufcnbe ©clb^bie @ang? 

Cur'rent, a, laufcnb, nmtaufcnb ; geldtifig/ 

gangbar, gfittig; aUgcmcin, bcfonnt 

gen)cf)nli^ ; gcgcnw&rtig. «. bcr 8auf, 

@trcm ; — ly, ad, 
Cur'rentness, «. bcr Um(ouf, ^retgtottf ; 

bie flilgemcine 2Cufnat)me; 8eid^tig(eit 

ber 2(ugfpraAe, 
Cur'ricle, «. bic gwcir&bcrigc Sl^aife, bog 


Cur'rier, ». bcr gcbcrbcrcitct/ ©firber* 
Cur'rish, c. fiunbcmapig, fnurrig, betpg, 

tfidifcft ; — ly, ffrf. 
Cur'ry, t>. ff. Scber bcrcitctt/ g&rben ; priis 

gc(n, abprfigctn; ftriegctn; ftrcid^eln/ 

fdimeidteln. to — favor, fic^ einfcftmeij 

Cur'ry-comb, ». btC 9)fcrbcfh:iegcL 
Curse, 8. ber Jtw^/ bic ascrwfinf^nng ; 

bag Ungtiicf, geiben. v^ru^a, fluAen; 

t)crflud)en, wrtt>flnfd)cn/ plagcn, fhofcn. | 

Cur'sedness, «. bic aScrftud^ung , aScr? ' 

Cur'ship, 8, bic bunbifi^e ®emiit^gart; 

Cur'sitor, «. bet Jtanscneifd)rei6er, Car- 

sitor Baron, eincr bcr Siicfiter bet ber 

Cur'sorary, Cur'sory, a. im Caufc Qcfdjes 

benb, oOerfl^d)ftd), eitfcrtig, fltfidbtig, 
fcbnctt. Cursoriness, 8, bic Jtfic^tigfeit, ' 
bcr SWangct an 2(ufrncrffamfcit 
Curst, a, bogbaft/ tWifd), fatfd) ; aud^ fftr 
cursed, parL 

Curst'ness, «. We fibtc Saunc, bie tMifi^ 
©cfinnung, SBogbcit. 

Curt, a, fur$, 

CurtAU, t>. fl. abffirgen, (tu|cn, t»erf!fim» 
metn. «. abgefftrgt/ geftult ». tcr ^unb 
milTab^etftritem €$4n>ansc. 

[ iSemcU, tin bU 

^rau i^m aHanne im SSctte debt. «. a. 

mit (Set^Sngni BtrftTien, uin^Snacn. 
CiirtAtion, «. Wt iBmfitiung. 
Curvition, Curr'ita™, «. bit SB'ijgunfl, 

.Urilmmung, Adimmc, 
Curve, o, flebejitn, tnimm. «. titSriSmnK, 

firuinaic SInit. "■ a. Ft^inmcn, biegen. 
Carv'et, «. 6ct Bptung. B. o. ©priingc 

Curvilin'esr, s. EnitnwUnig. 
Car'vity, •. Bi( JtrfinuiK. 
Ciuh'ion, f. He Aiffen, qwffter. — ed, a. 
jwrt. mit cintm Aiffcn tvrftlidi. 

Oiaft •. h( ©pife. — sted, — iuted, a. 


Cus'iodj, (. tit ajtmadning ; Qfcfangen: 
f*flp, b«iB(ti)ofH bu Muffid)!, Scbc 
dung, StefASEfttg, SU^ctt^tit 

Cos'toTD, ». B« @(biMUcb,bi( ffitwe^nbtit i 
Aunbr4(ift<tn3olI. —abis, a.gmfhn; 
(lAr fiblicD ) — >I>17, ad. — nbleneeg, >. Cic 
ChbtSudMwtit, ©twefinftcit. — arj, a. 
g(6tiu*tid), 9(»it)nli*, flbli*; —Jy, 
odL — ed, a. part. BdOcWt. gtnjiftlltirfl. 
— «r, «. btr Aunbe. — hooBe, boE 3611= 

Cns'lrel, «. btc Jloftfee ^ let ©AitbtrSgcr. 

■Cal,o.a. ^(Lf^nctbcn, &flu<n; bur^f^iKi= 
b«t ; fAni^cn ; (brim SorKnfptet) 06= 
ne^tnen, ab^cbtn. to — asunder, son 
eituinbcr f^neibcn ; en]in>d Ijaaai, 
■— away, iwgbflucn , luigftfencibcn, 

' — down, nifbetniiugii, fiDcn. - " 
obfiauHi, abWnftbdi; aufiwtKti, -,- 
tUgtn, tDcgnepwettj bcne^mtn ; fainbcin, 
Tvcentbiiltdi ; ou<r<ftItcM; nEglofFcn 
nxgnKTfen. — otit, nusfdineiben, fitn'v- 
I |(n; bilben, etitwerfen, trttnten, ct 
rmnKi -, vaflici) tntubcn, gcfAictt maiihtn, 
(tnrit^Kn; au^ii)UtKn; au#iie4cn,flb(t: 
trtfftn. to — out a ahip ftom b, place, 
fin feinbtiiej @<ibiff Den bem Drtc, roo 
rt t>et Ttnht liegi, wsgncfinitn. to — 
■hart, ^liMicb untcrbred)en ; auf cinmet 
ju Snbe eringtn, fuij nbfcrtiQcn ; Eutj 
wgtgntn ; aHflrjnt, DtrfflMcn. to — 
nubten, ju anintt cidjten. to — teeth, 
3i.ttne UUmtim, 

Cm, 1. bet CAnitt, $ieb ; btc Si^mai: 
rt ; bet SinFAnitt ; Sanal ; baE abge: 
fdintttnif etm, bn ®dini$ -, ba SScg, 
^nftgang; b(t ^ijfdinilt, ^upfm 

. . ajtcfcmtnlung tbtt Sc 
f(Hfct)aft.t)M aUetUx iOKnfdicn. — pnm, 
btr !S(utdfi^neibtr, SIfiubtT, — UuMt, 
b(c !Di>:udielm£(btr. a. mfibcrifd), graus 

in b(T «iaiit bcfinblid). 
Cuticle, I. taS bannt ^iuttfKi). 
Cutlasa, ». bn !utje 2)(gen, bcr ^itiW' 

Cutler, g. t(t SScfftifAmieb. 
Cut'Iery, s. btc 9)J(|Tcrf4mtebsii)flart, 
Cutlet, «. ttt Sltifrtjfdjnilt, ba« MeStipps 

Cui'ier, », beqmigt, nittdKr fftncibct ; tat 

ftftndbcnCe 5B(rt3tug; tine Ktt ©ftiff, 

bet Eulicc- 
Cut'ting', ». tai €<6ncibtn, fxiutn ; tat 

©(ffinitlone, bet ®d)nt|, igjon; t(t 

Cut't1e,Cutll»'&ih, (.bet Stntenftf^, Slod; 


Curt, bcr ScntiKt, 

C/cle, .. bet 3i*t. JtniS, Stilttcif. 
Cycloid, t. bic 6?t(oibt. 
C^dopffl'diB, ». bet aBiff<nfd)flf»tKt#, bfe 

EofirirEis, tic ennidcpfibtc 
Cye'nEt, I. berjungcStfiniatu 
Cyl'inder, 1. tit HBaljC SRunbriulc, tct 

Enllnttr. — dric, — drical, a. iwaijcnffts 

tnifl, cpiinbvifA. 

:yiait, s. tin I(i*te6 DbcrddB, cine 

leicfitc ffictcrfung. 

Cymitium, ». tit fieftKeye, iiolillciftc. 
CymlKil, *. lie EomlJcl. boB ©*otl6rftn. 
C^Bji'lhropy, •. einc Zn oen ScBbcit, 

ronbel fid) tie SSenftflcn n>ic 0unte bf 


jjTi'ic, a. contft&. ». ttt Q^iftr. 
Cyn'ical, a. feunbemSgig. bunteortig, 6(tf= 

fig, bciUcnb, fcittet, fieAent. 
Cyn6Texy, 1. ttt ,&BnbSBnnget. 
Cjn'offuro,s. bet 31ett[tetn, bet ^clntftctn, 

C^on, sec Scion. 

Cy'prcsB, g. bit Sflpteffc. 

Cj'pruii, a. bet Stoucrfltr. 

Cyst, Cjp'iiB, ». bte $aut,njorin Giter enti 

fialien iftjtct ©itcrfaif. 
Cye'tic a. in ctncr ^oiit eb« eincm ©ode 

bcfinfili* (wte bet etttt). 
Cystotomy, ». bit Oeffnung tine* (StttK ■ 

{ytiiUB, g. ber ®eiB s «bet 3itgenfjt(tt. 
C^, I. tct 3aar> 

Czarina, a. bit Saotin. 




Dab, «. a. fanft mit ctncr gtuffig^cit 6c5 
PtcuftcH/ bupfcn, tupfcn, bcfpri^cn. «. 
tcA S3«tupfen ; to^ SupfI6p|?d)cn ; blc 

. feucfctc sKaffc ; tic Scru^runc^, ber fanfs 
te ScbUg ; tcr ^unfbcritanbigc ; (cine 
2Ctt Sifcb) t>tc ©(ahtfc, ^ticfd)C* Dab- 
chick, t)a^ SBaffet;(ti^n(!)en. 

Dab'ble, ». n. mit ben ^&nl>cn im SBaf? 
fcr fpielen, plantfd^en/ pt6t[d)eni ; cOcr* 
ft&A(icf) mit ctn)a^ umget)en/ pfufdben. 
«. a. befprtlett/ befd)mu|en/ bcfuteln^ 

Dub'bler, «. bet, n)e(d)er pl&tfdbert im SBafs 
fer ; ber cberfldc^tic^e Ocleorte/ bcr ^alb* 

Dace, «. bet SSeiSpfcfe* 

Dac'tyle, ». (cin SSer6maaS) bet 2)a(tDtu^. 

Dactyliomancy, «. ba6 aOBa^tfagcn burc^ 

cinen JRing* 
Dac'tylifit, «. bet 25id)tcr in ffiepenben 


Dactylaiogy, ». bic gingcrfpraAc^ 
Dactylbnomy, ». ba^ 9le^nen an ben Sin* 

Dad, Dad'dy, «. SSotet:, (Sato, SSfiter? 


Dae'dal, a. funflteid) ; bunt. 
Daffodil, DaiFodiUy, «. bie DJacciffe. 

Daft, ». a. wegftopen/ wcgwecfen / per? 

Dag, 8. ber 2)c(d), bie g)i|tc(e ; bet: Sl&au. 

tj. a. im Scoffer fdbleppen/ befubeCn, 

Dag'ger, «. bet >Dc(cl)« Daggers-drawing, 

bet 3u|tanb ber Scinbfetigfeit 
Dag'^e, V. a, im ^otl& fc^Ieppen, befftmu? 
$cn, bcfubetn. ». n. burcft ben ^otl^ ge? 
l)cn. —tail, a. im ^ot^c gcfd&leppt. 

Ddily, a, Sf ad, t&glidf). 

Dain'tiness, 8, bie Secf ctl^oftigJeit ; bet: 
fcf)n)cr 5u befcicbigenbe ®efd)mocf ; bie 
(£fc(l)aftig!cit, Siererci ; 3ier(id)f cit. . 

Oain'ty, a. fd)macf()aft, (edCct:; gartlid), 
ftu^fd), nieblid) ; cmpjtnb(id), fd)n)er su 
bcfricbigcn, e!e(^aft ; ge^iert, geffinflcU, 
cingebilbet. 8, bet Scdfcrbiffen ; (ein gicbs 
!cfung^n)ct1) @rf)a|d)en, ^inbcftem 

Ddiry, s. ba5 9}Ji(cf)poug ; bie gKi(d)erci, 
bie ^u^roeibe. Dairy-maid, bie aKildb* 

Ddisy, ». bie ®dnfeb(ume. 

Ddker-hen, ». bet aBiefenldufrt, fB^ad^tels 

Dale, 8. bog Sftot. 

.Dal'liance, «. bie S&nbctet, Siebfcfung, 
3art(irf)!cit ; SSencgetung. Dal'lier, s. 
bee S&nbler. Dally, ©. «. t&nbe(n, fcJ)er5 
jen, (ieb!ofcn ; sogem, aottbern. tJ.a.ouf? 

Dam, ». bie 9)Juttet: (gewiffer Sl^iere); bet 
JDomm* tj. a. bommcn/ cinbommen, ein? 

tuft ; @d)ab(cdMtung/ (Intfcf^dbtgun^; 
bic ^eftcn. ». a. ®d)abcn |uffigen/ htf 
fdbobigem v, n. (Sd)aben (etbcn/ befd^ 
bigt roetbctt. — AWe, «. f&big/ ©ii^abett 
gu ncl}men ; fd^&bU^/ noc^t^eitig, 
Dam'aBk, «. bct iDomoft, v. a, S3(umen 
cinwitfcn ; bunt moiij^em — rose, bic 
bnnfcltot^e 9lofe. 

DamaskdeD, v. a. bomo^clten* 

Dame, «. bie >DomC/ ^OU. Dame's-violet, 
bie 9Zod)tt)ioIe. 

Damn, u. a. pctbammcn/ Pctutt^iten; 
petraetfen ; (beim @d)aufpte() ou^sifd^eiu 
—able, a, oetbammUc^, pcttuc^t ; — aWy, 
ad. — ableness, ». bie 8Setbamm(i(b!ett 
— dtion, 8. bie a3etbommung,SSetbomms 
nip. — atory, a. pctbommcnb* — if ic, a. 
fd^dbtic^ — ify, ». a, bett&bigett/ Pet^ 
betben. — ingness, «. bie SSetbaimnUdjs 

Damp, a. feud^t, bumpjtg, bunftig; nies 
bctgefc^Iogen , mut^log* «. bet SltUl, 
JDunft; bie geud)tiaf elt ; bie Sliebet^ 
gef^togen^eit/ gKut&lojtgfeit. ». a. feucjt 
mod)en/ befcu(^ten ; bes 9]?ut()e5 betous 
Un, ntebetfdftlogen ; entft&ften, fd)m&$ 
d)en/ petminbctn. 

Damp'ish, a. ettt)06 feud^t/ bumpffg. — nesB, 

». bie feud)te $8efd>offen&eit 
Dam'py, a. fcuc^t, ttoutig, mebctgef(!^(a» 

Dam'sel, 8. bog SK&bd)e«, bie Suwgfeatt", 

Dam'son, ». bie ©omogcenct 5)ffotime» 

Dan, 8, e^emotS fur Master. 

Dance^ 8, bet Sottg. ». fl. tongen tnodjen.^ 

tJ. «. tonjcn. to — attendance, bcmfi? 

t^ig aufwotten. Dancer, «. bet S&n^t^ 

bie Sfin^etin. Dancing, 8. ta^ Son^en..' 
Dandelion, «.betS6menia^n (cine^flon/ie). 
Dan'diprat, ».utfptfinglid) etne f leinc SKftn? 

it ; bet fteine ^cn\^, bet ^nitpg. 
Dan'dle, t>. o. ein J^inb ouf bcm^Rnic fc^au? 

f etn, in ben |)6nben ton^en laffen ; liebs 

fefen, tonbetn ; Pet^ogctn. 

Dand'rofl^ — ^riff, — ^ruff, 8. bet ©d^muf/ 

©cfeotf ouf bem ^opfe. 
Ddnegeld, ». (ein oltcg SQ&cttJ, bag 2)dnen? 

ge!b,me((^e6a(g2(bgabe on btt>D&nen be? 

^ol^tt mutbe. 
Ddnewort, ». bet Swetgl^olunbet. 

Dan'ger, 8, bie (Scfol^t. v,a, in ©cfol^ 

btingen. —less, a. gefo^tlog, fiti^et. 
Dap'gerous, a, gef dl^ttid^ ; — ly» »di -— neas, 

«. bie ®ef&t)tltd()feit. 
DanVle, ©. n. I^ongcn, bottmeln; tniijtg 

einoetgel^en. Dangler, «. einet, bc» fe? 

monbem nod^gc^t/ bet ^touenfned^t; bet 


Dank, a. bumpfig/ fcucftt — ish, a, etWO^ 

ftu^t — iBlme88^«*biegeuditigfcik 


Dap, •.»■ fonfl inl aBaffct: fafCen tafTiin 

(mm (ptten gebcauAl). 
Dapafuii, M. nerfi^nxnbtrifi^ tm effcn 

unb Snntcn, ImI«t. 
Dipiftr, ». Itt BJorfAnetbCT, aru(f>riA 
Dip'per, a. tcSfeaft. fliwanbt, nctt — linj, 

a. bag [Ctine Icbbaftt 3]linnd){n. 
Dsp'ple, a. Qc|lccft, fticnfll^A bunl. c. a. 

mil Sweden b(jetd)n(n,^iffn, bum ma:' 

Acn. — frey, apf«[groii. 
•Dare, e. n. bfirfcn; nwgenjfidl etffi^ncn. 

e. a. Sre| tiiclen, ^nouSfocbctn, »■ Si( 

IMring, a. ocrmejTtn, Ifi&n, bc&crjt ; — !y, 

ad. — neaa, ». tU Siljllbtit. 

DbiIi, a. bunfcl, finflCT, bCinb. i. bU iDun^: 
Wfetit. — ly, ad. blinbltngs. —en, v. a. 
wrbunfcln. — ness, »,.Mc Bimfftfieil, 
Stnftcmifi. —some, 0. finfttr, tuftft, 

Darling, a. thfUM, ftcbfl, Sdwtt. «. btt 

eUMtng, @anfltinf|. 

Darn.e.a. (itpfin, fluiSfffem. 

Dar'rain, d. b. in ®(i)lii*tortlnimg (IcQcn ; 
baS ®cffdil anfangsn. 

Dut,<-Bcr SEurffpiefi, aSutfpfctl, liafi S(= 
fd)c6. e. 0, wcrftn, fAicBcn. v. n. ivic cln 
©urfpfcit flicgtn, ftftnell b<il]m fuljrtn, 

Dadi, s. s. r^Iagcn, f^mci^n, jhElcn, tci t: 
fen ; itTfaimttUvn,ffxfi)\afitJt; (non SQSaf- 
fee unb SlAfftg^ibn} ^(fltg gk^n, \iii&i-- 

■ Kn; beni"ng<ii,tMfpi%n;Dcnnif(t)cii; 
AuS^ct^tn, auelof^m ; bcCtftfimen; dcr- 
<ittfn, Ktni^ttn. v. n. aeoMrfcn, libcb 
fltgc^tn wcibcn, pleglid) obetfltcpni ; mit 
^cfngfdt foOen, mit ^cfiigtcit be 
iKgt. gctcitbcn rocrbcn; bc^in flfirjcn,; 
fid) rnit ^cfrigftir fttl bcnjtgtn. to — 
againit, gcgea bItoqB bcflig an[!clfrn, 
anrACagen. to — out, jetfdmiciSi-n ; 
au«I£f<«cn. »■ bet @d)Ia!i, Stofi ; b<t 
CittcitS; boi aufammentetagcn , 3u' 
fomtntnM«n bcc ©tri*, 3u9, jftcr: 
m > ®(bantcnfitid} ; bet TCufguG, bit 
SStWiung. i. CSIfldifl&muna bei &i)aU 
itt) p<itf<q ! ' 

TkaHati, ». ba fctge TOen[4, tic tOlcmme. 
—ize, V, a. feigc modini, m gurdjt fe?en. 
— 1j, o. fcige, oetjogL — y, ». tie Jcigj 
fteit, JurAtfomfeil. 

DiUa, «. pi. Xngaben, S^atcmciff, 3ns 

fitle, (. btc Sattef ; tai iDatum, bafi Sn: 
be; bit Bau«; bUnniCM adt. ontot 
— , Bcroltet, aui bet aBebc, "■ a. bii 
3(it unb bnt Dct bcjcidincn, bic 3ctt 
nnb b(n Ott (tnfle6tn (balitcit). —nee, 
*. let Battelbflum. —ieat, a. t^tte 3eil= 
nnbCtt:](nAabc; tmbtfiimnii. 
DMivB, I. (in bet ®piod)(cl)ri) Bet ®{bc= 
fun, brine Sail, Z>Mi^ 
Dtab, Dawb, n. a. btf^micrcn, bcfubdn ; 


fctimitten, fittit mabn; bcmiirtrit; 

oHf fint gtebt an fdimeiAeln, »■ "• 

fieudjrin. —er, t. itx SAmuKt, @aU 

let; grebt S*ffl(id)tir, — y, o. gee 

ftbmUti, fUjmictig; fKbmg. 
Dau'ciia, «. tic nilbt SOJbfiK, gdbe ENSbe. 
Dau'dle, DiVdle, >. tec 2&nClet, Sanbe: 

tcr, 3ei!MtW)n)enBet. ». n. iSnBeln, jaw 

Biini, 3cit Mcf*n)cnben. 
Daugh'tec, ». BU Sod)lBt. — -in-Iiw, bie 

Daunt, e. a. in @d)teilcn fe$cn, mut^lel 

mnthin. — leas, a. unetfditconi. — iem- 

nesi,t. bie Unerf(i)tK(enl)tit — lesdy, ad. 
Daupli'in, «. bci Daupfiin. 
Divit. 1. T. b« 5)(ntttboI(en. 
Daw, ». bi( Befile. 
Da^k, ». T. bet ffiinf*nttt «. a. riiw 

fiihniiiBiin, mit einem i£infi^nitt bcjcidfs 

Dawn. V. n. an^ngtn ^ell ju nxAen, 
fd;iiumcm( b&mmetn, tagen ; anfongen. 
*. 6i( DSmmtning, btr Stftinmiet, Mns 

Day, I. bet^Sag; ba6 ZagtKtiAt ; Bie ges 
flcnnjittige 3«t; bU eebensjrit; bet 
Sng (inci Stefftne, B« Sieg. To-^ 
Ijeutt, —before yraierday, tljcgcftnm. 
— bed, Ba6 JHufeebetl. — break, — a^g, 
bet Sagefanbrud). —labor, bic toncniet! 
fj ItrbeiL — laborer, ber SagclBl)nCT, 
Daysman, bct ©d)teb6tid)ttt. — Btar, B(t 

Mcrjcnftttn. —work, baeSogfreetf.Bie 
Sagwarfceit. —time, Btt Sag (bet fflodil 

■[nigcgsngcftlD. —book, bai Sogcbufft, 
SeumaL Daily, ad. tSftfitb. 

Dazc.Dtu'zle, v.a. bltnctn. v. n- geblot: 
Bet wcrBen. 

D«ae-3i, ». bet Siannul; Bct ICnneni 
aufffb"; bet SBttBeftet ciner 3nnft. 
— ess, ». bie ©iatcmffti"'' — ^> — *'i'Pi »- 
bic SteUe unb bas Mmt cineS Deawm. 

Dead, a. teBt, tcblog, unbclebf, f^nt 
gmppnbung! btwegungsles, atgcftret 
ben, crftattt; untbSlig; oBt,t(cc; uns 
nfie ; finftec, nraurig, fflll -, btt natirli: 
then eigenfftaft beraubt, f*of. ». bic 
aoBttnlhU*. tiw dead. Me OoBten. —en, 
11. a. Bt6 BebenS (Bet fltafl) bttoubcn. 
V. 71. Jtroft vetlienn. —doing, part. «. 
tebtenb, fifibli*. —lift, »■ bic ffl«&, bcr 
fifilflofc auftonb. — ly, a. * '"'■ '*bt: 
lict; gtaufom, ftbtedti*, untntfifinli*. 
— nea, e. bie SttbeSffiltC ; etRatninp, 
grniotlung, Cnltraftuns, ©rtmidje ; bie 
Settmacficfigteit, bct fdjolc Suftanb. 

Deaf, a. taub, bumpf; uncmpftnBltCfi. 
—en, r. a. tnub mfl4en,bttiuben. — ish, 
a. ein twnig loub. — ubsb, i. tic 3aBb» 

Deal, f. Btt 26"! 5 bic ECRenge, MnjoM, 
(a great — , a good — , 'OU^, V^tv. '^>W 
®jl){n, loft 'SBwti-, ^wTS-WdCTlwV, 


*Deal, V. a. ou^t^eUen, lul^Ken ; |Cts 
ftreucii/ au«|lccucn ; acbcn^ Garten gc? 
^ ben* V, n, ^anUi tcetben, b^nbetn ; oets 
mittctn ; fid) bencbmen, »erfa&ren^ fjans 
tc(m to— by, b<f)anl)c(n. —in, mtt 
ct(9o$ f)anUin, mit tixoai umgel^en. 
— with, bcgeanett/ bc^anbetn/ ftdb betra? 
Qcn, itt Ibun oa^cn, — ing, ». bie l^ant^ 
lung^fltt, ^anbtung, tiai aserfobrcn; 
bcr ^anbct ; ^a^ 9Jer!ef)t:, ®cf^dft, bcr 
UmganS/ bic ©cmcinfdbaft. 

Dealer, «. berientgc^ ber mit ctn)a$ um^ 
()cbt; bet $anb(er^^anbe(6mann; ^or^ 
tcngeber. plain — , bcr eftrltcbc ^ann, 
(ncbcrc 9)icnfd). double—, bcr bctrfig^ 
li6c, ^wcibeutige SKenfd). 

Dedlbate, o. a. mif ma(^cn^ btctd^tu 
Dealbdtion, «. btc SBctfung, S8(ci(^un<j. 

Deam'bolate, v. n. (Spa^icrcn gcl^em — ^lA- 
tion, 8. ta^ ^crumgc^en/ ©policrengc? 
bcn» — latory, c. f^crumgcfeenb^ 

Dean, ». bcr 2)ccQnufi, >Ded)ant — ery, «. 
ba^ 2Cmt unb bte SBiirbe^ bie ©tcttc unb 
Ginfiinftc, bic SBc^nung cincfi Dcdbans 
ten. —ship, 8, ba5 2Cmt unb bie SBfirbc 
cincS )Ded)antem 

Dear, a. (icb/ Qclicbt^ t^cucr, n>ettl& ; twn 
bcftcm 5)rcifc, tfjcuer; nid[)t crgicbig; 
traurig, vcrba^t, «. bcr ®c(ic6tc. O— ! 
acfe! ^immcU — bought, t^cucr cr? 
!Quft» —ling, «. bcr Siebling, ®c(tebtc* 

— ly, ad. ^cirtiid), t^CWCt, — ness, 8, btC 

3art(id)!cit ; !£$cuning. 

Dearn, v, a. aU6bcffcm/Pcpfcn. — ly, ad, 

Dc{irth,^«. bic Sfecurung ; bcr sDJangct^bic 

joungcrgnotb ; Unfru^t&arJcit. 
Deatli, «. bcr %tX) ; bic ?(rt beg ZtUi ; 

tlrfacbc beg Sobeg. —bed, bos ©terbcs 

bctt, aiif bcm ^tcrbcbcttc gcfcbebcnb. 

—watch, cine 2Crt ^ofer, bic Sobtcnufjr, 

— ful, a. tobttid)/ nicrbcrifcfe. —less, a. 

unftcrHid). —like, a. tobtend^nticft* 
Deadrate, t, a, ]?crgc(bcn* — ^rdtion, 8, bic 


Debar, v. a, augfdfeticScn. 
vDebirk, tj.a. ^T w. au^ bcm ©cftiffc J&rin^ 

()cn, ausfdbiffen/ (onben/ au^ bem^c^iffc 

Debdse, c. fl. crnicbtigcn ; geringer ma? 

d)cn; cntcbrcn, ccrfciifc^cn. — ment, ». 

bic ©miebrigung; 25crfcb(immerung ; 

(Sntcbrung ; §SerfMfd)ung. — ser, «. bcr 

(Smicbriger, 85erfd)limmcrcr, SBcrfdl? 

^ Debdtable, a. (Ircitig. Debdte, 8, bcr 

©trcit, aScrtwcc^fct ; (im ^artcmente) 

bie iDcbattc* v. a. etn)QS bcflrcitcn* e. n. 

bcrat^fcbtflgcn, ii6cr(egcn, ftreiten* De- 

bdter, ». bcr ©treitcr. — ftil, a. gdnfifA, 

fhcitig* —ment, «.ber (^trcit^bic^trcis 

Debducb,v,a» tJi»rf6Brcn/ mleitctt, t>cr? 



berbcm «• bte ttnm6|ltg!(tt/ 2(a«^t9ei^ 
fung, <^d)n)c(gerei. — ^, ». bcf on*? 
fd^n^cifenbe, Uebertid^e smenfd), -SBiifts 
ling, @d)»c(gcr. — cr, », bcr SSetffiftter. 
— ery, ». bie Unrnd^igfcit, 2(u6fc6tt>els 
fung, @*»clgerei, bag jftgetltfe Seben. 
—ment, ». bic 9Serfiit)ning. 

Deb^l, Deberiaie, v. a. bc^cgcn^ (c^tDtns , 
gem — idtion, ». bie SBeficgung, 

Deben'ture, «. bcr ©(ftein, koomtt man 
cine @d)ulb einferbert^ ber SRiicfictls 
fdbein/ ^u(bactte(. 

Deb'ile, «. fd)»ad)/ matt, unt>crm6genb« 

Debil'itate, «. a, cntfrdftcn/ fd)»fidben. 
— tdtion, «. bic ^d)WMbun()/ ©rfc^tafs 
fung, ©ntfrdftung. Debil'ity, ». bie 
@d)n)ad)f)eit/ bas Unoermogen/ bie (Snt- 

Deb'it, «. ba5 JDcbct, bic ©d&utb. ». a. bcs 
bittircn, in bag ^ebet eintraaen* 

Debondir, a. autficr^ig ; ^ofli^, arttg, ge* 
fdttig, frcunolid). 

Debt, ». bie Siiftulb. — ed, a. fcfeutbtg/ Wts 

bunbcn. —or, ». ber @d)u(bner; 
Debtit, 8. ber TCnfang, erjle ^uftrttt (eineg 

JKcbncrg, @(ftauf»ie(crg, lu). 
Dec'ade, ». ber Sepenbe. 
DecAdency, ». bic 2(bno^mC/ ber 95«TfalL 
Dec'agon, », bag Scbnccf. 
Dec'alogue, ». bic je^n ©efictc, 
Decdmp, V, n, aufOrct^cn/ bawit gcl^cn, 

au^^c^cn. —ment, «. ber 2(ufbru4, bag 

7(ufbrcd)en ; bic Slud^t. 
Decdnt, ». o. abfcijcn/ abgicpcn. — dticm, 

8, bag 2(bfci^cn/ TCbgicpen. — er, «. bic 

Decap'itate, e. a. entl^auptcn* 

Decay,©, n. i>crfatlen, DerwctfcH/ obnej? 

men; »erarmcn. ». o. fcbw&d)cn, ent? 

fr&ftcm «. bcr 25erfaff, bie ?Cbna^me; 

SScrarmung. — er, «. bcr ^erberber, 

Decease, ». bag 2Cb(cbcn, ^Cbiterben, ber 

Scb. V* n. mit ISobe abge^en^ aWUv^, 

Deceit, «. bcr SBctrug, bic 8i^ —ful, a. 

bctriigcrifd)/ tduf(i^cnb ; — ly, ad. —ness, 

«. bic bctrftgcrifdje/ t&ufd^enbe )®ef(ftof» 

fcnbcit, bic ^ufd)ung. 
Deceive, ». a. bctrfigcn, fttntcrgefien^ tdus 

fd)cn; fpotten* — er, ». ber Setrftaer^ 

aScrfu^rcr, —able, a. bctrfigli^. — able- 

nese, ». bie 93ctnig(id)!cit. 
Decem'ber, ». bcr ©cccmbcr/ 6)bnfhne« 

Decem'pedal, a. |c]&nfiipig» 
Deoem'vir, «. bcr IDeccmcir^ Sel^n^err* 

—ate, ». bic 3e]&nf)crrfd^ft, bag Se^ns 

amt, iDecem»irot 
Decency, <. ber fSoWflanb, ?Cn{!onb/ tie 

©ittfamfcit^ aBo^)lan|ldnbig!ctt, ©Aid* 

Decen'nial, a. ^l^nld^ttg* 


Decenn6v&l, Decenndvary, a. ouf tie 3^1^^ 

Decent, a. MtiQ, geftttct, anflfintig/ 

f(d^icf(t(fi ; — ly, aa, 
Deceptibil'i^, ». tie ^hf)XQUit, Uttmn 

cUt gctdupt ju wctben^ — tiWe,a.f^$t9, 

bctrodcn ebet getdufd)! au toetteti/ (etc^t 

|u t&ufd&en. — tion, ». tcr Sctcug, bic 

S&uffftung. — tious, — tive, — tory, a, bc* 
tvi^dUdt^/ tourd^cnb* 
Decerpt, a, ab9cbrccfecn/t)enninbcirt. — iMe, 

Decertation, ». tie ©trcttigfelt. 

Deces'sion, ». ba6 aBc(yicf)cn/ ^CSgel^cn. 

Dechirm, v. a. ent^u(>ent* 
Decide, v, a. entfdftetbcn, bcfcftUepen. De- 
cider, ». bcr (gntf^eiber/ Slic^tct/ 

Decid'uous,a. abfotlcnb/ l^inf&Htg^ — ness, 
ff. bte ^infdUigfeit. 

Decimal, a. ^u bec 3o^( S^l^tt d^l^onS/ nadb 
^c^n gered^nct (bectmaO* 
Decimate, ©. a. ^c^ntcn; bcn ^^ittcn 
XOlann au^l^eben ; icn Sconten nefimcn. 
Decimdtion,*. bic Se^ntung^ SSct^e^ntunQ/ 
?(u$f)e6una be6 Sebnten, 
Dtfcimosex'to, «. T. bag ©cbcaformat 
Decipher, c. 0. cnt^iffcrn ; anflc\cn, ct* 
Karen ; fcfttlbcni/ bcfd^rcibeiu — er, «. 
bcr (Sntstffcrcr, 

Decision, 8, bu (Sntf(^)eibun3« Decisive, a, 
entfcftcibcnb ; — ly, ad. 
Deck, s, ba^ S^crbccf* Deck of cards, bag 
@ptc( Morten. 

Deck, «. a. bccfctt/ bcbecfcn; gieren, 
fd>miicfen; — er, a. bet; ®<iftmficfer, Sa? 

Deddiai, v, n, offentftcft ober fcler(id) 
reben, einc Slebe l^alten ; pdft im SReben 
fi6en ; noibcr etwog rcbcn. — er, Decla- 
m&tor, 8, bcr fctcr(id)c Slcbner, i&efttsc 
9{ebnet* Declaradtion, 8. bie JRebe, 
feierltdK JRebc. Decldmatory, a. rebs 

DeeUrable, a, cnvct^Ud)* Declardtion, 9. 
bie (grfi&runo, 6fl[cnt(id)e Scfanntmas 
d^ung* Declarative, a, erf(6t;enb* De. 
dar^atory, a. angeigcnb, erl&utcmb, be* 
fHmmt etH&wnb ; — ly, «<?. Decldre,i>.a. 
oufK&ren/ erftdren; be!annt mac^en; 
on^eigen ; bart^ttn^ an ben !Sag tegem 
V. n. jtc^ etCt&ren. 

Declen'sioD, «. bie ?(66euQung/ UhmU 
(iung; bie (gtommatifcpe) ©cugung^ 
SBiegpnA (iDeclinaticn) ; bie 7£bna^mc, 
bet aJetjfatt^ Declinable, a, biegbor, ber 
(Unirbat; Declination, ». bte Hhmcu 
fiftttng ; Xbnabme ; 9^eigung ; SSetdnbe^ 
tuna; bie ADecUnation* Declinator, 
Decnnatoty, 9. ein mat^ematifdfteg ^cxU 
»\XQ, bie 9li(6tung bet ^(dd^en ga be? 

fltmmem Decline, r. ». fid) neigen, ab? 

iDeid^; abac^mcn/ wtfoUcn. r. a, beus Dedec'orate> »• a. ^taTi(\}«n^ — t^^«^ 


gen^ ntebet^engen ; oetmeiben; abfc^ta? 
gen, abtebnen ; becUnitem 9, bie 2(bk9ei:r 
^ung, 2Cbna^me, bet SSetfatI ; bie Unts 
sel^tung, @4n>inbfudK. 

Declivity, 8. bet ibj^ano, Decliv'ous, a. 

gefenft/ abl^angenb, abbdngig. 
Decdct, ». a. fieoen, fwben ; abfieben, aU 
fcAen; wttauen. — ible, c. wa^ fi* 
fo(ben obet abjieben IdSt. —ion, «. bte 
2(bfcd)ung, bet 2Cbfub^ ibftb. — ure, «. 

Decollate, o. a. enti^aupten* Decolldtion, 

«. bie (Snt]i)auptung. 
Decoloration, 8. bie Jatbteftgfeit ; T. ba& 

93etbetben einet ^atbe. 
Decompdse, v, a, auflhUn, jerle^cn. 

— pbsite, a, bcppelt ^ufammcngcfc6t. 

—position, 8. bie in>eimalige Sufmnmeha 

fe^ung, ?Cuf!6fung. Decompound, v. a. 

iWiimai ^ufamnienfelen ; auf(6fen«.a. tcp^ 

Dec'orate, »► a. jietett/ fftmficf en« — rition, 

«*bte2Cugr4^mikfung,93etjietung* — r^. 

tor, 8. bet SSetiietet. 
Decbrous, a, anjtdnbtg^ f<bi(f (i(6» 
Decor'ticate, v, a. bie SRinbe ebet ©d^alc 

abjie^en^ fcbdlen, abfi^dUm 
Dec<3nim,«. bet 2Btl5(|lonb^ bie 2(nfldnbig* 

!ett @cbirf(i*!eit. 
Decdy, v, a. (oden. ». bie Corfung/ bet Sn» 

tenfang* — duck, ». bte Scdcnti^ 
Decrease, v. a, uetminbetn. r. n. abne^* 

mem ^. bte SSetminbetung, 2(0nabme» 
Decree, v. a. (fr n. befd^iepen/ Dcrctbncn ; 

feflfelen, bejtimmen. «. bet SBefeW/ bic 

SSetctbnung ; bet S5efdf)(ufc 2(ugfptu(b. 
Decrement, «. bie 2Cbnabme, bet asetluft* 
Decrep'it, a, abgetebt, fcbt alt, t>cta(tet, 

—ness, — ude, ». bie 2Cbgelebt^eit^ bas 

l^be 2((tet. 
Decrepitate, n. a, T. »etpuffen laffcn. 

— tation, ». T. bie ffietpujfung. 

Decres'cent, a. abnebniem 

Decretal, a. Dctcrbnung^mdfig, vctctb^ 
nung$attig. «. bie S3etcrbnunggfamnu 
tunO/ bag )8etctbnung5bu(b* D^cretist, 
». bet :Setotbnung$funbige. Decretory, 
a. entfd)etbenb» 

Decrial, a. bct (autc unb eitige iSabet. 

Decry', ». a, »ctfd)teten, wttufen/ tabeln. 

Decubdtion, s. ba$ 9{tebettegen« 

Decum^bence, — bencj^ «. bag 8iegen. 
— biture, 8, bte S3ett(dgctigfeit ; (in bct 
@tetnbeutetei) bic JItanf ^eitganjeige. 

Decuple, a, ^cbnfdlttg. 

Dectbion, «. bet 9lettmeiflet^ S3efel^(gl^ar 

i^x ilbet ^bn* 
Decur^skm, a. bet 2{b{auf« 
Deciirtition» ». bie. SBetfutJUttg* 
Decufl^sate, v. a. fvcuawctfe butdift^nei^ 

bem — sition, 9. bie !teu^ttige >Dut(b^ 




•. Mc (Jnte^nxttg^ Scf<f)impfan9» — roue, tac^c ; SScrcltelung ; aScmtdfetung. — ^ni«, 
tt. WlmpfiiA^ tnti^wnb. _ _«. l)tc (SntflcUun^/ SScrunftaltung. 

Dedentition, «. taS 2(u^fatlen bcv 3&^ne, 

t»te stoeite 3a(nun9* 
Dedicate, v. a. n>et^en^ n)it)mcn/ guctg: 

ncn^ jufd)Kit)cm «. (^cwibmct -^tion, 

9. tic 2Bcif)un9/ Suctgnung, 3ufd)rift. 

—tor, «. bcr Sucignct. — tory, a. ^ucig? 

Dedition, 8. bte Uebctgobe* 
Dedtice, v. a. nac^ etnanbct tarflcdcn, 
fjcrlciten/ fclgcrn. — ment, «. bic ®^(up? 

Dedticive, a. ^ctlcitcnb^ fcfeUcpcnb. 
Dedtict, tj. a. a&jicbcn* — ^ion, «. bcr ?(6? 

fig; bic @4(uS^lae. — ive, «. was [x^ 
erlciten unb fAliepeti l&Jt ; —ly, fl<^. 
Deed, ». bte Zhat, ^onbtunS/ Hrfunbc. 

—less, a, unt|atiQ. 
Deem, v, n. baffit ^altcti, urt^etlcju «. bic 

^crmutbung^ SO^cinung* 
Deep, a. ticf; ntt(^bcnfcttb, ticfbcn!cnb; 

tifiiQ^wrfc^logcm ». bic Sicfc, bag SKccr ; 

—1^, fld. —mouthed, cinc ticfc utib ftarf c 

@timmc l^abcnb. — musing, na^bcn? 

Unt, ocrticft. —en, tj. a. ticf mocfccn, 

au8()«]^lcn/fcn!cn ; ticfcr mad)cn,bunKcr 

mad^cn^ — ly, ad, ticf; fc^r. — ness, 

«. bic Sicfc, 
Deer, ». bag Stctl&ailb ; bet |)irf(6 unb 

bic ^irfdfefu^. fiJlow— ,bct:iDomm^irf(!&* 

red — , bcr ^irfcb^ 
Deftce, V, a, ctitjlcttcn^ Mrunftattcn ; gu 

®runbc ticfttcti ; tjctbcrbcn , au^tcttcn, 

— ^ment, «. bic SScfcftdbigunQ/ SScrlc^ung, 

3Scrni(btung, Sctflorung. 
Deftilance, ». bcr gc^cr^bic 8Sct:fcr)(ung« 
Defkl'cate, v, a, abfd&ncibcn^ aOtrcdben, 

txi)iui)cn, tcr!firicn/»crminbcriu — tion, 

8. bic 2(bfd)ncibung, ^crminbcrung/ bcr 

Defamation, «. bic 93ct(c«mbung/ bic 
M)impfIid)C 0Ja<i^rcbc, @bwnfci)&nbung, 
Defam'atoiy, a. ©Ctlcumbcrifd)^ C^rcn? 


Defilme, v, a, t>crtcttmbcn^ ))crt&flcrn, bic 
^ftrc angrcifcn, Deftmer, s, bcr S&jtcrcr, 

De&tlpite, n, a. atmottctt^ cmitocn^ 
— gdtion, s, bie (Srmfibung. 

Default, ». bcr gcWer, ba« >;8crfcl&cn; bic 
)8crnad)(&ffigung/ ^crfdumung, ^ad)^ 
tfiffigfcit; bcr ^angct, bic (Srmangcs 
lung; ta^ S^licfttcrfcficincn Mr (SJcriftt 
t>. a. tt)ort6rfid)ig wcrbcn, fcW^n, — er, 
». bericnigc, wcWftcr nic^t t^ut wag cr 
t^un fed. 

Defeasance, «. bic 2Cuf6c6ung cincs SScrs 
tragcg; bic Uckrwinbung, S^cftcgung, 
Def^aaible, a. n>a6 ungflttig gcmac^t njcr^ 
ben f anm 

Defeat, V, a. fibcooinbcn, fcftfagcn ; kh 

eitc(n ; ungHltig madden* ». bic SRlcbcrs 

Defecate, v. a. UiXLtcvn, rcintgcn. tt, ge^ 
lautert, — cAtion, t. bic Sautcrunj^ 

Defect, «. bcr ScJ^lcr, SKangcl, bte Un^ 
t)ottfommcn&cit /' bag @ebrcd)cn« v. w. 
mangcl^aft fo^n, — ibil'ity, ». bic SKans 
gc(t)aftigf cit — ible, a. mangellfeaft, —ion, 
8. bcr ©Jangc(«; 2(bfaCL —ive, a. mans 
gcl^oft^ un»oU!ommen/ fcW«t&aft« 

Defence, #. bic SScrtbcibiguno^ aScrant* 
worhing ; bcr2Bibcrftanb/^(i&u|. —less, 
a. wc^rtog/ fd)u$tcg. 

Defend, ». a. »crt6cibigcn^ fAfifecm — able, 

-a. mai ficfe »crtftcib'igen (&${• —ant, a. 
»crtbcibigenb. ». bcr »Bcrtbeibigcr, SBcs 
tlagtc. — er,». bcrgScrt^cibigcr/jBcfc^fi? 
|er, 2(bt)0(at 

Defensative, s, bcr @(ftu|, bic SScrtftcibis 
gung. — s'lble, a, xt>a^ fid) t>crtbcibi« 
gen ihft, halti)av, was jiA rcAtfcrtioen 
li&ft. — s'lve, a. ccrtbeibigcnb. ». cic 
SScrtl&cibigung ; — ly, ad, »CTftt)cibigunggs 

Defer, tj. a, ^ogcrn, auffd^icbcn/rcr^cgcm ; 
fiocrtajicn/ antcimflctlcn ; id)tung Us 
weifcm — ence, «. bic 2(Atung, (Shrcr* 
bictung; ^croblaffung; Untcrwerfunc. 
— ent, fl. (citcnb, fft^rcnb* s. bag (citcnbc 
obcr fiif)rcnbc Sllittcl; ber Scitcr. pi. bic 
(3cfm bc6 mcnfdf)lid)cn ^crpcrg, wcrin 
bic ©&ftc gctcitct unb bewcgt wcrben. 

Defiance, ». bic 2Cugfcrbcrun0/ ^crauss, 
forberung; bcr Src|. to bid defiance, 
:Src| bictcn. 

Deficience, Deficiency, «. bic ^cWcrftofs 

tigfcit/ bcr g}Jangel; bic UnwUfcm* 
menbcit. Deficient, a, mangcll^aft^ uns 

Defier, 8. bcr^craugforbcrcr; bcr trc|igc 
SRcnfd); a5crarf)tcr. 

Defile, Defil6e, «. bcr cngc SB^cg, ^cMwco, 

Defile, V. n, burd) cincn |)c6(wcg sic^cn^ 
bcfilircn. ». c bcflccfcn, cntcl^rcn/ fd»&ns 
ben. —ment, «. bic 93eflccfung» Defikr, 
«. bcr fficflecfcr, ®d)anbcn 

Defi'nable, a. xoaii> fid^ bcflimmcn unb cr? 
ftarcn (aft* Define, ». a. 4r «• bcflims 
nicn^ erfldrcn; fcftfc^cn; cntfchcibcm 
Definer, «, bcrjcnigc, wetcftcr ertiSrl unb 
bcftimmt Definite, a. bcftimmt; fcfts 
gcfc|t ; gcnau^ ». bcr bcftimmtc ®cgcn* 
fianb. Def'initeness, 8, bic 93c(limnu? 
bcit Definition, «. bic Scftimmung, (Srs 
ndrung. Definitive, «. bcj^immt; gc« 
nou bcfd)ricbcn, ausbrficflicf), entfdftci? 
bcnb ; — ^ly, ad, Definitiveness, «• bic 

Deflagrability,». bic 9?crbrcnnlicbfcit. Do- 
fldgrable, a, tjcrbrcnntic^. Deflagrdtion,!. 

bic aScrbrcnnunp. 

Deflect, V. n. abwcic{)cn, dblcnf en. Defiee^ 
tlon, Deflcx'ure, ». bic ^(bwcicftung. 


Deflor&tion, «. bte ®d)&nbund ; %Viiwa% 
Defl6ur, Deflow'er,!?. a. fd)&nten, cntcl^rcn* 

Defldurer, 8. tct (Sbtcnfc^&nter. 

Pefliu'ion, s, bet UhfiVi^. 

DefiEddtion, «. bU SBcflccfung^ SScninaics 

Defiircemeiit, «. bie S3orent^a(tung* 
Dcf6rm, «. «. t)crunjlalten/ entftcUen. — ed, 

«. ungeftalt l^&f ltd)/ entfteUt. — dtioiif «. 

bie SSerunftaltung. — edness, — ity, «. bic 

|)a;(t(i)!eit, Ungeftatt^eit 
Itefriiid, c, «. bcmlgen/ beraubeti/ 6«wr5 

t^ciUtu — Ation, «. bet: SBctrucL bic SBcs 

WTtficitung. •— er, ». bcr aSctrSgcr^ 
DefrAy, ». «. bie ^ojlen cbet llnfoftcn 6e? 
' galjilen/ jtei l^attcn. -— er, «. bcticniae, 

n)e((^cr bie ^ often jdt einen anbem bc^ 

iaUu —raent, s. bie grci^oItunQ/ S3er 

^abtung ber ^cfletu 
Defi, 0. nicb(i<^/ arttg, l^iibf^/ anft&nbig ; 

gcfAicft/ fertig ; — ly, ad. 
Defilnct, a. DcrftocOeru «. ber 25et;florbcnc. 
Defunc'tion, «. bfl6 2(6ftetbcn« 
Defy, ».«. ^erau^forbern, Src| bictcti* ». 

bie ^rau&forbetuitg. 
Degen'eracy, *. bie SuSartuttg; TCbtoeis 

cftunj, S5ctfd)Ummecun9 ; SZicbertrfid^s 

tig! ctt. — ate, tj. ru misarten* «• aufi^e? 

ortet. — ous,«. ausgeartet; fd&tct^t, mcs 

bcrtr&d^tig;— ly, fl'^i. 
Degititinate, ». a, bag ©etcimte abreiffcn ; 

(cfet!/ cntroicfclm 
Beglutitioii, «. baS ^Indcn, bag ^er? 

Degrad&ti<m , 8. bie ^cta(fe|ung, ^ets 

fd)timmcrung/ emicbrigung ; 93et;min? 

Degree, v. a. I^erabfc|en, be« SKcrtl&cg 6c? 

taubcn; t)crfd)Ummcm/t)erminbcrn; abf 


Degr^ 8. bie ©tufe, ber ®rab ; ber SlatiQ, 
,€Stanb/ bic SDBftrbe; bie Maf{c, £>rb? 

nung, by degrees, ftufcnweife^ onm&^' 

tiA/ nodb unb nadft. 
iWostdtion, 8, Xia6 ^mcdcn, ^cflen* 
Deh6rt, ». a. abrat^cn, otmal^ncn. — Ation, 

«. bie 2(bmal^nung. 
Ddicide, «. ber ©ettegmorb. 
Deific^an, «. bic SScrgottcrung. D^iferm, 

a. Mn g6tt(id)er C^eftalt. 
IMify, t>. 0. ©crgottern. 
Deign, v, n. toorbigcn/ genilften. ». a, ter? 

flatten/ gen^&l^ren. 
D^isra, 8, ber ©eigmug. D6ist, «. ber 

jDeift. Defstical, a. beiftifd). D6ity, «. 

bie ©ott^t. 

Deject, V. a. nicbcrrd)(agcn/ traurig madden. 
a. traurig, betriibt. —ion, «. bic Slicber? 

c;cfd)(agcnbcit; @4n>ac6]^cit; bcr^tuJ^t? 

9ang» — <wy, a, T. abfftl^renb. — ure, «. 

bie (Srcren^entC/ ber ©tubtgang* 
DelaeerdtioD, «. bie 3crreif|fung» 


DelacrymAtion, «. bag Jticf Ctt bcr Z-htki 

ncn, bag 2Bcincn. 
Delactdtion, ». bic ©ntwo^nung, 
Delape'ed, a. gefcnft, &era()gcfaU<n. 
Dddte, v.a. trac^cn, bringcn; an!(agem 

Dekltion, ». bic S«>^:t6ctt)egung/Uebcrl)rin« 

gung ; bie 2Cn!(agc. Deldtor, «. ber 2(ns 

Deldy, ©. c. Sf n, \)ctiCQctn, auffcfeicbctt/ 

gogern/ soubcrn; (jinbcm, uuiuln, tfiu» 

fcfecn* 8, bie ascr^ogcrung, bcr ?(ttffd)ub. 

— er, «. bcr Segcrcr. 
Dele, V. a. augl6fd)Cn« Deleble, a, tJCrtcffts 

bar. Del6tion, «. bog 2Cug(ofcien/ 2Cugs 

ftreid^en ; bie SScrtUgung. 
Delec'table, a, angcnconi/ rcj^cnb; —ably, 

ad, — ableness, «. bic 2(nnc()nUtd)feit 

— Ation, 8, bic (5rgc|ung/ bag aScrgnft* 

Deregate, v, a. aUxtiticn, bc»cllm6d&tigen ; 

fibertragcn. a. abgccrbnct. ». bcr2Cbgccrb« 

nctc. — gdtion, 8. bic 2(6fcnbung, SctJetts 

m6d)tigung/ 2C6crbnung; 2(nn)cifung, 
Delenifical, «..Cd)mcr5cn (litlcnb. 
Deleterious, Deletery, a. t0ttli6), giftig/ 

Del^ Delfe, 8. t>a^ Scrgwcrf, bic«(Urubc ; 

bagirbctte®cfcbtrr, bic 2)clftcrr3Kaarc. 
Delibdtion, «. bag ^Mcdcn, ^cftcn ; bcr 

©crfd)mac! ; aScrfud). 
Dclib erate, v. n. iiDcrtcgcn, bcratbfd)(agcn. 

a. bcbad^tfam, t»crfid)tip. — ly, arf.'mit 

2^ebad)t. — dtion, «. bic UcOcrtcgung/ 

JBcrat&fd^tagung. — ative, a. fi6er(cgcnb. 
Dericacy, «. bic ^<;in^cit ; bag fcinc ^arte 

®effi^t; bie feinc ©peifc, ber Sccfcrs 

Dericate, a. fm, iavt ; fofllid) ; frf)macf s 

baft ; fdfon/ lautcr. «. bcr Scrfcrbiffcn. 

— ly, ad. —ness, 8. bie Jcinbcit, 3arts 

D^lices, 8. bic SScrgnfigungcn. 
Delicious, a. |^cd)ft angcncbnt/ Hftixdf, 

(icb(i(fe ; — ly, ad. — ^ness, «. bie ^cfts 

tid)fcit, 2(nncbmUrf)!cit/ bcr bol^e 9?ci^ - 
Deligdtion, s. bag 3ubinben/ bag SScrMn? 

Delight, 8. bag SScrgnfigcn, bie flB.cnnC/ 

ber bc()C (SJcnut*. »• «. crgc|cn/ ccrgnfi* 

gen. ». n. ascrgnugcn cmpflnbcn. — ftJ, 

— some, fl. angcncbm, rci^cnb ; — ly, ad. 

—fulness, 8. bic 9BcnnC/ ta^ SSergnfi? 

Delin'eate, v. a. cnfircrfcn/ befcbreibcn/ 

fd)i(bcm. — ation, 8. let SntTOurf/ 2Cb? 

ri0/- bie JBcfcftrci^ung/ (S^ilbcrung. 
Delin'quency, «. bag j^crpc^cn/ SScrbrcs 

d)cn. — quent, 8. bcr »Bcv6rc(I)cr. 
Del'iquate, ». n. aufgelcfct mcrbcn, fcbmcU 
^en. — dtion, 8. bic TCuflcfung, ©cbmels 

Delirament, 8. btC abcnt)l^l^<t ^cyxy.U>4."^^% 
Delirate, t>. n. cvt>tt»\1i\^ \«tiX^» xoQJe<tc«>\> 


(ia fn^n, tflffit. Delimtion, i. bee 1t6er> 
TOi^, SBabniinn. 

Delirious, a. TOo^nrinnig. — ncM, ». fcic 
iSiii;nfinnigf(il, fc(t 3Bii^nfimi. Delir'- 
ium, ■. ter aBubnlrnn. 

DetiWcenoe, i. CU Suriff^cirgfti^ctl. 

Deljr'er. ti. a. itftcitn, crtofen, (tnrctten ; 
enibinticn ; ibetaeben, flbcrliefcm ; ai' 
lU^im, ab^tien (a. roeawge, fine E8fl= 
Baft tin ctiKn Muftroa ouflriditen) : 
Ci(rfo3tn; fiuilarn, austtfiilen, to — 
over, fi6(ritcfctn, fibttgrtdi. —op, 
iitetgcbcn, oafgclicn. — inee, t. Iw 
QTrcttuns, Srftciung; Qntiiinbtmg: 
Uilxclicferung ; tier ffiettrog in 6et fflc 
t{. —er, », in Sffrcicr, ©rrctltf ; <St' 
iStjIcr. — y, •.ticUebtriiefeninB; !Ri'' 
fretting; @nttitntun9,?!tclci:funft: bte 
gqfifliung ; iBiearomfcit, Stmanlnfifit 

Dell, I. tai 8e*, bt( Ktube : iai %hat. 

Del'toide, ». T. btt bdtaffirmtaf [a] gSuSi 

DelOdable, a. [cict)t JU tSuFAcn. 

Delude, ■. a. bintCTg<:()(n, t6ufd)(ti> 

Del'uge, I. tU UebdrT^iotfmtiiung, Sfitlb' 
flutb, 0- 0. fibcii'cljttemnttn. 

Dcliiuon, f. in Seinig, in S£ufd|ung. 

— Bory, — HTB, a. tiufi^Bnt, bflrfglicl) i 

Delve, V. a. gnibCTt, ctgcuttbnt. *• bit 

&taU, .&«()((. 
Delv'cr, ». bet ffltStitr. 
Dem'ngogue, », bCt SColEeffi^ICC, bct Ol 

DciDdim, 1. bas fnif QrbgaL 

Demdrd, r. a. feiScTn, ftagtfl, ». bii Scr: 

bcning ; "S^aii , Slacbfnige : Sfitt^. 
— sble, 0. tvaf gcfOTbtit tmbcn Eantt. 
— mt, «. bcr i?(!tb«et, 51ifl«. — ot, «, 
bi;t3erfcettr,®Ifiii6ta(r;Stng«.— eicBs, 
*. bit .RIdgcttn, fflittllellmn. 
Demarkdtion, «. (line tf— ) bic Srtnjllnic, 

Dcm^BD, B. a. fl* bcttogtn, tniiebrigm. 

—or, s. iai Bdtogeit. 
Deinan'tate, v. a. tetl nia*cr. "■ n- tcH 

ntcEcn. — atian, s. Etc SQcrrfldung, SoQ' 

Demer'it, e. o. fitfi bent Eabcl tbtt bet 

©troft ouitfc$en. »- bos ajsMetiCTi, btt 

gcfil(v, ti( aj<cf:feulbung ; (flatt merit, 

baa (Betbicnfi). 
Deme ri'ed, o.Betf en Et,un ttrg* taucftL— ^ion, 

«. bic Unt(«QU(bung, erftufung. 

DamiBDe, see Demiiin. 

DSmi, a. fiotb, (in Sufommenftlurgcn fl{; 

fctiutfclid)). demi-god, bet ^albgott. 
Dcinigpilion, i. Bie MufnNinBtmng. 
DemlM, ». btt Stnttttt, baS Sbleben. ■. a. 

btntnColfen, flbccniailteti. 
Demii'aion, ». tic ^etalfceattg, Grattbtt: 

ihm/c K a. iiicSfrtoffcii, nicbetbtfideii. 

IffiN t 

Jcmoc'racy, i, bit SBdfSfKtrfdjoft, In 
^leijiacii, tie 2)cnic(talif. 

DEiiiocnil'icB], a. benKftOlifJ. 

Deiiiol'iah, r. o. nietetteiSoi, jitftiten, jn 
(5SvimBi: ritftttn. — w, a. bet Serftcrer. 

Demolition, ». btc 3tlflftung. 

[Mmon, ». tet ®ctfl ; Sctiftl, —bic, ». Dec 
»(fejfcne,iSQ6nfinnig(,aafente.— iac 

al, — ian, a. tmfiHW). —OCTWiy, ». tie 

SetSergcitJQlt, 5(u felsnioA t.-^'n.ftm, 
t. tet SBefd)T(iti{t tet JDimanen. — ol'o- 
try, ». bet SeufeKtimft. — ofefy, ■. bit 
Ctijie v«n Ittt Simenen, ^tm SnifcL 
— omist, I. ter tern ileufel cfgebnic. 
— omy, ». tie .§errf*aft tee Stuftte. 
Demon'atraUe, a. ernjeif lidf, lUaS (it!) gei 
nau beujcifcn IfiSt •, — abJy, orf. — ste, 
». B. (tiwifen, unnjiterteglt* bewcifcn. 
— iiion, ». btr unroiberfte^Iiie £8(^ 
nieis ; tet ^Rbfte Senei^., a. 
int fiMiften ©tabs bcreeifenb, unmibctr 
frtcrfilL*. — it™, *. berSBei»eiflffli)t«i 
erflStct, Befeiet. — «lory, a. jum tiSv 
gen Seivctje bionlid). 
DemoniliiiUon, ». bii ffin((tttli*iing. Sit' 
tcniittfcblediterung. — i», »■ a, entriltltJ 
die It, cntfteitigen. 

DemBHeant, a. etivcitfienb, tinbctnt. 
DemOr, o. n. ten ?auf cinet JRcthKifoAe 
oMftjalten ; Knftanb nebmcn ; iweifrhi, 
SBcbenEliifitcitett fioteit. ». a. 6tjn)eif((n. 
«. tcr3njei|^l,bieffiebeKfliditeti,bet3ufs 
Damilre, a. entftfioft, gefejt ; ftttfam. 6e' 
ftheiben ; — Ij, ad. — ncss, ». tie ©ittj 
famEeit, Befdjeibtn^riti ertfinfitllt Se? 

Demur'rsgo, «. iai BBaitcflflb, 

Domy, 8. ecne Xrt rceiffeS gjopttr, cinen 
<$t(it Eleiner al£ amebian. 
Den, s. tie j>etite etet @tute tintfi mil: 
ten S^ietce ; bet afiierEipg. 
Deo'iry, ». tic 3o6t Se^n, bet 3c^Rtt. 
DenStioDslhe, ». o, bds 9lerfit bet flatten 
nebmcn (j. ffi. eineni ©djtffe). 
DendMlogy, ». tie Eebtc Mn bett Ban: 

DBDiabk, o. was gelSngnet ebet eetnrint 
wcrtenfann. Deoiiil.s. bitiGetnrinunii, 
S3etroetgerung ; Seridugnung; flSfAti: 
gige Tfntroett. Denier. ». tet JBttncinet, 
Sijetnxigcrer ; aBiterfptctbtt, Segnet, 

D^nkr, ». bet ftonjpfifdie pfennig, 

DenigratB, c. o. ftbroficjen. — itiso, >. baS 

Donirttion, ». baS fflucgetteit. Den'ison, 
Denizen, i. elnet bet tit bfitgetlif^ 
aj«rte(t)te et^allen hot, ter Jteibihger. 

Den'iien, e. a. tie 6itg«ltifc(n ajtmttis 


]>enomlzuite, V. a. 6cnennen» -— nitum, s. 
bic Senennung* —native, a, benennenb/ 
ncnnlHtr/ nam()aft — nator, ». bet SHa* 
mcnge6et; (in ber 9{c<^enfunfl) bet 

Denotation, ». Me Seicic^nunS/ TCngeige. 
Den6te, c. a. bc^cidbnen, an^eigen. 

Dendunce, «. a. anffinbigen; otiRaQcn/ 
angeOcn^ Denoun'cer, a. bct inflciget. 

Dense, a. bld&t^ Density, «. bie jDld^t? 
^ctt, iOid&tigfeit* 

Dent, ». bic^ctbc, bct ©infd^nitt; blc 
]93eu(c 0. a. f ct6ctt/ ousgoden ; S3<i^len 
wrutfocften, — al, a. gu ben 361&nen gcs 
l)6tiQ, jahnig, Dentic'ulated, a. gal^nip, 
acgaont Dentifrice,*. ba6 3aftnputt)et, 
Dentition, b. tdi 3a^nen. Dent'tst, «. bet 

Deniidate, Deniide, v. a. entOlo^en* — ^' 

tion, «. bte @nti>(6pung» 
Denunciation, 8. blc 2Cn9e6un9^ TCnftdge ; 

cffcnttic^c 2)tof)un9, — itor, «. bet TLxa 

Den/, c. a. teugncn/ »etneinen ; obfcfek? 

gen, oetwctgctn/^tjctfagen. 

Deohstrtlict, o. a. cjfncn. Deob'struent, a. 

cffncnb, ». bas jDcjfnungsmittct. 

De6dand, «. einc @ad)e, bic nad) ben ®es 
fe^cn t>ct»it!t ijl/ fut DctfoUen etfldrt 
loitb, weit fie ben :£cb eines 972enfi^en 
»ctutfod)t l()ot» 

Deop'pilate, v. a. offnen* — ^lition, «. bie 
Deffnung. — lative, a. cffnenb^ 

Depdint, v. a. obmal)(en, fc^itbctn. 

Depdrt, v. tz. weggc^en, abge^cn, abteis 
fen ; a^faUen/ a^meid^cn ; fletben^ Det:; 
fc^nben. v, a. t)ec(affen, ttcnnen* — lu^, 
«. ba5 fScgge^en, bie ?(6teife ; bie QnU 
femung/ aSettaffung ; bet $tcb, ^inttttt 
— €r, «. bet SKetaUfefteibet. — ment, «. 
bct ®ef(i)&ft^!tei0/ ba^ ^ad)/ S3cm>a($ 
tungefad^/ bie Se^otbe ; bet ^tci^, S3e? 

Depascent, a. abwcibcnb^ obfteffcnb, De- 
pas'ture, v, a. abweiben, obfteffen. 

Depau'perate, v. a. atnt mac^en. 

Depec'tible, a, ^l^^z, ftcberig. 

D^iec'ulate, n. a. bie ilaffc bejleW^n. 

Depend, 0. n, I^eta6()angen ; a&{)angen^ 
abl^&ngig fe^n; ^ugel^cten, t>et(>unben 
fepn ; unentfc^ieben fe?n ; ficlb oettaffen* 

—•nee, — ancy, — ence, — ency, «. ba6 

4^era6(angen ; bie 2(66angig!eit ; bie 
^etbinbung, asetfnupfung ; lai ^et? 
ttauen ; bie Untetgebencm —ant, — cnt, 
a. ()eta6l^ongenb; o6f)&ngig/ untetge* 
crbnet.. «. bet Untetgebene^ 2(nf)&nget. 
— er, B, \ix, ttjefd^et fic^ auf onbetc »et(5pt. 

Deperdition, $, bie SSetbetbung ; bet ^ixs 

Dephltom, —ate, ». a. T. (in bet ©d&ei* 
tefunft) abi^e^/ tectificitem — ^ti(w, «. 


Dephlogistioatad, a. T. fte9 ]90n JBtemu 

jloff. , 

Depict, ». a. bejcptetben, fd^itbetn. 
D^ilatory,8. ein ^xtXiX, {>oate toeg^us 

fdoajfen. — lous, a. ^aatlo^» 
Deplantition, «. bog fBetpflan^tt. 

Depletion, «. bie 2(u6leetuna. 
Depl6rable, a. beflagung^wotbig/ n&g(i(6 ; 

»et&d)t(i^; — aWy* ^w'* — ness, ». bet 

f laalidK Suftonb. 
Depi6rate, a. bel(ogung«»ettl&, ttautig* 

— rdtion, ». bag fficwcinen, 93eClagen. 

Deplore, c. a. beflogen, beweitten. — rer, 

». bct Stautenbe. 
Deplumition, ». ba6 2(ugtupfcn bet Je^ 

bent/ eine 2Cugen!tan!l^eit/ iDObei bie ^u? 

genbtaunen ausfaUen* Dc^time, v. a. bet 

^t^'bfni betauben* 
Depbne, v. a. ^um 9)fanbe niebetlegcn ; 

ctkoag mogen* Deponent, «. betBeug^; 

(in bet ©pta^te^te) Xidi ^Deponens. 
Depop'ulate, «. a. entttotfeni/ ©et^eeren. 

— Ution, B, bie (Sntt)cl!etung ; 95etl&ec$ 

tung,25ettt)fiflung. — Utor, ». bet SScts 

l^eetet/ SSetmSftet. 
Dep6rt, ». a. ficft aufffilftten^ »etl^attcm 

—ment, ». baS aSetf)otten. 
Deportation, b, bie 95etbannung. 
Dep6se, c. a. «5r «• niebetfc|en ; abfefecn^ 

entfe|cn ; augfagen/ beaeugen. Deposita- 
ry, 8. bet SSetwaJtct^ — « it, ». a. (egen, 

niebettegen ; ablegen* <' bag ant>etttaute 

(SJut, bag 5)fanb, Untetpfanb'; bie ®ets 

pf&nbung, — eition, «. bie 2Cbfe6ung; 

2(ugfage, bag Seugnip. — sltory, ». bet 

Deprive, o. a. oetfd^timmetn/ t)etf&(f(6en, 

»ctbetben, — ver, ». bet SJejietben — va- 

tion, — ^vity, — ment, «• bie SSetf(6(ims 

metung, ^etbotben^eit^^bag IBetbetben* 

Dep'recate, «. a. obbtttett/ fe(>t bitten, 
fle^en* —cation, b. bie 2(bbitte; bag 
jtc^cm — cative, — cttory, «. Wtbittenb, 
abbittenb. — citor, «. berientfic, wet^et 
ein Ucbet burt^ S3ttten ob^n)enben 

Depreciate, v. a. I()etuntttfe$en/ gettng 
fd)66en/ »etod&tc«. — Ation» a. bte ®e» 

Dep'redale, o.a. pljhtbctn^ tauben; Det? 
wiijlen, oet^e^ten. — dAtion, «. bic JBes 
taubung, 9)liinbetung ; S3eno«fhing, 

Depreh^nd, v. a. etgtcifcn, ettappen ; ent^ 
bedfen* — ^hen'sible, a. n>ag ettopptebet 
etgtiffen wetben fonn; fa^t(6/ begrcifs 

(id^« — ben'sibleness, «. bte ^ jglidpfeit, 

ettappt ebet entbedEt m toetben; bic 
Sa^(i*!eit, Scgteifticfcfeit, — h^nsion,*. 
bie (Stgteifung,(^ttappttng^ CSntbedhing* 
Depress, v. a. mebetbtud(en, fenCen ; nn^ 
tetbriiden; b«m(L#ft^xi, tii\i^^A*N«5?^* 
—ion, i. Vi« ©Oituu^t ^^^^^^\ 


(StniebttfiunQ; llitctbdldtana; iDemilj 

tbtgund* -^r* 9. bet Itntcrbtucfer^ 2C« 
D^priment, a. fenfenb, ^eta6atef)ent). 
Bepriye, «. a. ^taubeti/ en^tc^en ; anis 

fdftliepcn ; bcfccien ; abfc|en. — v4ti<m. 

«. bir Setaubund) ter SSetluft; tie 

Depth, 8. fcic Slefc ; bet TCSc^runb ; bet 

tiefjte fnnti, bte SOHtte; ©unfcl^ett, 


Depdcelate, «. a. enttUtlgfcttU 
DepTilsion, ». bie aBcgttClbung. --«ory, a 

DepWte, Depiire, v, a. IhnUtn, rctnic\en» 

—rate, a, gel&Utett/ ftc(&ubcrt» — rAtion, 

«. bie S&uterung, Sleinifiung. —ratory, 
fl. rcinigenb, Ifiutemb^ 

Depiite, V. a. abotbnen/ Oeootlmad^gen. 
— tdtion, 8, bte 2(6orbttun9/ ^cfanbt* 
fcftaft; bte Kbgeotbnctcn. Dqputy,«. bet 
TCbgeocbnete, TCbgcfanbte ; ©tett»etttef 
tcr ; ©tatt{)olter ; ®ef*&ft«tr&9et* 

Dequantitdte, t). a. oermtnbern* 

Deracinate, e. a. att^COtten* 

Derdira, Derdin, v. a, bott^un ; Umit: 

ten, DerAignment, ». bet SBetuet^ ; bie 

asetroirrung; bet 2(bfatt bon bet JRcli* 

Deringe, v. a. Detkottten^ ftctett^ in tin? 

otbnung btingen. — ment, ». bie SSet? 

Derdy, ». bet S&tm^ tia^ ®et&ufd&, Oes 


Dcrelic'tion, *. bie SSettaffuitg^ 
Deride, v. a, uetto^en, Detfpottetl. Derid- 

er, 8, bet ©pottet. 
Deriskm, ». bie ?Betft»ttung, bet^ol&n. 

— sive, — sory, a. fpcttifd). 

Derfve, v. a. (eiteti } aUtxUti, ^etteiten ; 
ntitt^ei{en ; betbteiten* v, n, ah^ammcn, 
^ctftammen. — vable, a. was jt^ l^et? 
Icitcn tt?t« — Tdtion, 8. bie mtung; 
2(bleitttng/ ^etleitung^ —Native, a, l)tts 
geteitet; abgeteitet 8, bie 2C0(eitung, ba^ 
oftgeleitete 2Bott obct SDinft ; — ly, ad, 

Dem, a, gtaufam, wilb ; einfoiH/ ttautig* 

Der'nier, «. bet 2e|te« 

Der'ogate, v, a. Sf n. (cin ®efe|) fibcttte* 

ten; fd^m&tettt/ 2C6^d^ t^un; au^ats 
ten* «. l^etabgewfttbigt, l&etuntetgefe|t ; 
— ly, ad. Derogdtion, «. btc Uebetttetuno, 
2(uf^e6ung (einee; @)efe|e6); bie @d)ma 

Ictung/ bet TfUbtUd^* — atiyc, — atory, 

a. nadbtl^eitig ; fc^m&tetnb^ entel^tenb/ 

f(i^imppi4 ; — atorily, ad, 
Der'vis, Der'Tise, ». bet 2)etwif4. 
DAscant, 8, bct ®cfang,bie ©timme ; bie 

StebC/ ba5 ©efpt&d). v,n, ftngen^ weits 

tduftig teben^ fptecben. 
Descend, v. n, A a, niebetw&tt^ ge^cn, 

ficft fenfen, fidf) ^etabloffen; ^etuntet? 

temmttif j^rtobfemmen/ binab obet l^etab 
ffeic^ett ; ftmmcn, getongcn ; lanben, cl? 



nc feinbUd)e Sanbung botnel&men, cinrit 
(SinfoU t()un ; buwl) (Stbfd^ft an iemon* 
ben fcmmen; getangen; abftammen; 
f[c^ l&ctabtaffen* —ant, ». bet 2(bf ^mtn^s 
ting. — ent, a, tctat)!ommcnb, fi^ [en^s 
feno; abftammenb/ cntfptoffen. — ible, 
— able, a, vot nion l)etuntct fcmmcn 
f ann ; n)a6 ftd) butc^ ^tbfd^aft tibettta? 
gen t&^t. 

Descen'sion, 8, bag ^etobfleigen, bie W>s 
fteigung, ;&erabjtcigung ; (Stnicbtigung* 
— aX «• bie 2(b(tcigung/ bie TCbftammung 
betteffcnb. Descent, 8. t)(xi ^etabfteigcn, 
bie ^(bfteigung ; bct ?(bf)ang ; bet nic? 
btigfte £)tt; bie fcinbUrf)e ganbung; 
bie @tbfdf)aftgfibctttagung, ^ctfunp^Kb? 
f«nft/2(bftammung ; Sia^ommenfi^aft; 
bet ©tab/ bie ©Uifc. 

Describe, v, a. bcfd>tciben; cintl^eilen, 

Describer, «. bet SBcfd^tcibet. Deicrip'- 
tion, *. bie Scfd^teibung* — tive, a, be? 

Descr/, ». a. fpfil^cn, entbedfen* 8, ber 
au^gefp&l^te ©egenftanb, bie (gntberfung* 

Descrier, 8, bct @ntbecfet« 

Dea'ecrate, v, a. entn)eif)en, cntl^ctligen. 
— crdtion,*. bie ©nttDei^uttg/ @nt^et? 

Des'ert, a, n)i(b, cbc, wfifte, »ettafl<n. 8. 
bie fSftftc, SBilbniJ. Desert, ». ba6 ©et? 
bienft ; bct 5Kad)tif(ft. Desert, o. a. ^ n. 
»et(affcn; au^teipen, ubet(oufen. — er, 
8, bct^Cbttfinnigc, 5)flt^tt)etgeffene; bets 
ienigc, tt)etd)et einen anbetn »ett5ft; 
bet Ucbettaufet, 2(u^teijet, 3)efftteut» 
—ion, 8, ba^ aSettaffcn/ bie SSetlajfung; 
bct Suflanb, ba man t*er(affett ift; bo^ 
2(u6teipen, Uebettawfcn* —less, a., Dct? 
bienftto^/ unwfitbig. 

Deserve, ». n, Sf a, oetbicncn. — ^weW o^ &c 
fx(il »etbient ma^cn. — edly, a. Detbiens 
tet aScifc. — er, 8, bct »ctbtenfbettc 
gjJann. , 

Desic'cant, «. ba^ ttccfncnbe SKitteL 

— cate, u. a, 0U6ttC(fncn. ^Ksdtion, ». 

bie TCuSttocfnung. — cative, o. ou6tt0(f? 

Desiderate, v a, nctl&ig l^abCtt, tJCtmif? 

fen ; n)finfd)cn. — itum, ». bn^ gefttenbc, 

0i6tf)igc ; @tft)tbetniS; bag ®ctt>finfd)te. 

Desidiose, a. ttage, untb&tig. 

Design, v, a, Sf n, bcftinimcn ; ent»ctfen, 
absci<iftncn/ abteipen, abbitben ; beicitfis 
ncn ; tjctfeabcn^ ntit etn>a« umgeben, int 
©innc ^abcn. ». bag SSct^aben, bie Hhs 
fid^t; bct 9)tan, enttt>wtf,2fbtip. —able, 
a, mctfUd), tcnnbat. —ation, ». bie JBe^ 
flimnmng, 93cseid)nung. —edly, ad, ah^ 
fid)t(id), mit 8Sctfa|, — er, «. bctienige, 
wctdbct ctwflg »ot bat ; berjcnige/ wel? 
(J)et 5)(&nc macbt, bet Scicftnet. —ing, a, 
bintetCijtig, falfcft. —Jess, a. ol^ne Hhf 
tldjt, UXl^Ctt^tidj. — lessly, ad. Dnfgn- 

ment, «. tu Tih^t, bcr SScrfa|, ^lati/ 

©ntn)UT:f, TCbrl^. 
Ddsinence, ». bcc <Sd)(up, t)a$ ©nbtf, bcr 

TCuetgang (einc§ 9?eimc6)» Ddsinent,a. 

fid) cnbent)/ aupcrjl/ untcn. 
Desirable, a. toutif^cn^tpctt^ ; ange? 

nc^m, ■ 
Desire, *. bo^ aSeriangen, bcr SBunfcft. ». 

fl. wiinf^cn, tjerlangcn ; btttch. — cdly, 

<jw^. nad) SBunfi. — er, ». tcr Segefjrcr, 

Desirous, a. wftnfd&cnb/ tjcrtangcnb ; -— ly, 

ad to be desirous, tpunfd)cn/ ©crtongcn* 

— ness, ». Me SBcgtcrbc, ©c^nfut^t. 
Desist, «. «. afeftcl^en, abtaffcm — once, s, 

tie Uh^cf^nnp, ©ntfagung. 
Desltive, fl. cnbigcnb* 
Desk, 8, tQ6 ^utt/ ®4rci6cputt, Scfes 

Des'olate, a. uitbcnjcl&nt/ mtottictt, cU, 

»fij!c» ». a. cntociUtn, ocrwiilten ; — ly, 

arf. — lation, 8, Me entt)6lEcruni fBers 

twuftung ; 2Bfi(tc ; ©infamfeit. — lator, 

». bee aSerwfiifcr. — latory, a. oerafiftcnb, 

trcfl(c$ madbenb. 
Desox'y<iate,».a.T. cnt|auern/»om ©auers 

jteffc befrcten* 
Despair,/*, bic SSer^wcifetung., «. a. 4r »• 

Der^weifctn. •— er, ». t)cr 25ergweifelnbe« 

— ingly, ad. auf einc ccr^weifelnbe 

D^patch, see Dispatch. 

Desperddo, 8. bcr f}c6)^ »ermc|lcne ^cnf6), 

toUfft^ne smenfdb* 
Des'perate, a. »crst\3eife(t, Dcr^njciflung^s 

mU ; toUE^ihn ; oerloren/ 6offnund^(o^ ; 

ilbermSpicj/ fd)rc(flidb ; —ly, ad. — ^ness, 

8, bie ^crj^mctfclung, SoIlffl^nl()eit/ 

SButft. — ition, «. bte SSer^wcifetong, 
Des'picable, a. S)erad)t(id) ; — ably, ad. 

—41688, ». bie aScrad^tUd^fcit, Sf^icber* 


Despise, v, a. uta^Uxi , t)cra6f^eucn. 
Despisable, a. »erQC^tIi(ft. 
Despiaer, 8. bcr SScrfidbter. 
Despite, 8. bic So^^eit ; ber aBiberwide, 

Zxe^ V. a. betcibi.qen, 95erbrup cerur* 

jocfeem in — , mmSro^^ — fiil, a. bog? 

^ oft ; — ly, ad, — ^fulness, 8. bie f&eit 


Despdi], ». a. plfinbem, kraubem — ^r,8. 
bee <R&uOer, 

Despdnd, v, n. alle J^cffnung certteren, 
Dcrjagen/ oerjweifcln. — ency, 8. bie 
Jftoffnunp^tojigfcit^ bie itteinmfitl&isfeit, 
85er^rocife(un.q. — ent, a. ueraagt/ oer* 

Despon'sate, v. a. ])ertoben* — sdtion,8. bie 

Dee'pot, 8. ber .^errfcfeer^ ©etbfU^errfdfter^ 
ttiiumf^r&nfte ^errjc^er, iDcspct — ic, 
— ical,a. eigettm&c^tig/ be^otifd^, — ical- 
na», —ism, «. bie »ittf ftrtic^^e ©ewalt. 


etdcnmddbtige ^crrfd^aft^ (Sigenmad^t^bec 

Desptimate, Despiime, v. a. Abfd^&Utneit* 

— dtion, 8. bic 2Cl>fd)fiunmn9. 

Desqudmatc, v. a. (Jifcfec) fd)U))pen. T. a6s 

Wittcrn. —ition, 8. bag ©^uppen ; T. 

bie 2Cbfp(ittcrung» 

Dessert, s. bcr ^iad^tifd^. iee Des6rt, 
Des'tine, Des'tinate, v. a. ^u ettoad augs 

cm)6^(cn, tvibmcn; beflimmen; oerur^ 

tf)ci(cn ; feftfc^cn, weijcn* Destination, 

8. bie fflcftimmung. Des'tiny, 8. bag 8Sers 

^fincjniS/ ®d)icffQl/ Scog, 
Des'titute, a. Dcrtaffcn, cntMcpt/ arm/ bftrf* 

tig. Destitution, 8. bic SJerlaffunS/ ber 

Destr6y, v. a. ^crftorcit/ tjcrwftften/ ter^ 

berbert/ Dcmiditcn, tobten* — er, 8. ber 

Serftorcr, SSobtfdfttdgcr, 
Destructible, a. ^crftorbar. 
Destruc'tion, 8. bic SSerwfijlunO/ Scrftc? 

rung/ 95crnid)tung ; ^Xcbtung ; 5er ewigc 

Jlob (in bcr Sfiectogie). 
Destructive, a. ^crjlorcnb; — ^ly, ad» 

—ness, 8. bic eigcnfd)aft au a^rftiren 

ober ^u vcrbcrbcn/ ©^dblid^Ecit — or, 8. 

bcr Scrftcrcr. 
Desuddticto, 8. bag jlatfc ®(i&n)i|em 

Desiietude, 8. bic ©ntmo^nung, SSerifi^s 

DesulWy, Desult6rious, a. flfid^tig/ ^ber? 

fl&d^ticb/ unbcjlfinbig. 
Desiime, ». a. f)iivntl)mtn, entlcl&nen, 
DetAch, V. a. abfcnbcrn ; abWtcfen, aU 

fcnbcn. Detach'ment, 8. bie abgcfonberte 

Detail, 8. bic ©rortcrung, SScrcin^ctttng/ 

umftdnb(icJ)e 2)ar|tcUung. »• «. er6rtem, 

oercin^ctU/ umftanblid) cxihl)Uti, befc^reis 

ben. in detail, umft&nbtid^/ pficfweife. 
Detain, ». a. t>crcntbattcn ; ^urftcffialteu/ 

aufbattcn; begotten; gcfangcn Ipatten. 

■— der, 8. ber 9?cr^aftgbefcr)(. — «r, 8. bers 

jenige, wc(d>cr aufo^tt/ gurftcfb&tt 
Detect, ». a. entbccfcn/ aufberfen, — er, 

8, ber (gntbcdCer. —ion, 8. bie 6nbes 

Detent, 8. T. (an fccn ©c^tagul&ren) bet 

Deten'tion, 8. bie SSorcnt^attung ; bet 

Det^r, t). a, abfc^rccfcn* — ment, 8. bie 

Det^r^, t).a. abn>ifc]ben/^:eimgem — ent, 

a. retnigenb. 

Deteriorate, v, a. t)erf(ft(immem* —dtion, 

bie 9Scrfd)(immerung. 
Deter^mine, v. a. beftimmcn ; befd^ttc^cn ; 
entf(fteiben. — nable, a. entfd&cibbar. 
— nate, v, a. begren3en/fe|lfe|en/bcfd)(ie« 
$en* a. befHmmt/ entfdotcffcn ; entfclKi' 
benb; — ly, ad, —nation, s, bie S5e» 


In Gntf((tttf* —native, a. befttmmcnb/ 

cntfd)<ibettb; — ly, fl<^. — nAtor, ». ber 

Deterrition, «. ba$ TCu^rabeti ous bet 

Crbe : bie Cntbedhino, 
Deter^BioD, 9. bie 2Cbn)'tfd)ung, bo$ 9teint; 

gen. — flive, a. tctntacnb, abwifcficnb* 
Detest, n. a. wrabfcpcuen. 7-able, abs 

fd)CU(i4* — aWy, flrf. — Ation, ». blC 

SSctabtteuuns. — er,«. bcr, tpc(c^«t; t)cr? 

Dethr6ne,o.a. enttl^rcncn, t)^n bcmS^ronc 

Detinae, tf. T. ctnc Ala^c wcgcn rctent- 

l^altetiett frcmbcn ©utc*. 
Detonation, «. T. btc SSctpuffunQ. D^ton- 

ize, «. n, T. »erpuffcn» 
Det6rt, r. a. tjctbreocm 
Detotbr, 8. ber Umtveg, tlmfc^welf. 
Detract, V. a. a(>gief)en ; f^m&tetn ; Dcr^ 

(cumbeti. — er,«. bcr95etleumber. —ion, 

«. bie IS8eeintc6d)ti9un9, SScrtcumbung. 

— ive, — ory, a, t)er(eumbcrifrf>, cftrcn? 

Tfjf|ti9* — rests, «. bie SSerteumbcrin* 
ttefriment, «. bet ^d)abe, ^adtjti^dU — al, 

tf. nad)tteiIio, fcWbtid) ; — ly, «<?. 
Detrition, «. bie 2(;jrci6un9, 2C6nu|unj. 
Detriide, v. a, l^inabftcpen, ^inuntcrtrcis 

6cn. DctrtSsion, «. btc ^inabftoSung. 

Detrun'cate, «. a. fhl|en, CCtttttacn/ »ets 

ftfimmetn. — cdtion, «. bie SJerjtfim? 

Deturbd.tion, «. btc ^tttabjtofund/ $cro6s 

fe^unS/ (grniebriQun^. 
Deturpite, ». a. cntWCll^em 
Deuce, «. bie gwei tm SSfirfets unb ^ots 

tenfpiel/bag j5)au6. 
Dense, «. bctSeufet. — take it! ber J^en^ 

f cr j)c(e e^ ! 

Deuterog'amy, «. bie jwette @^e» — ^mist, 

». ber/ wctcftet in bie jrocite @fee tritt. 
Deuteron'omy, «. t)ai funfte 95u(6 SOlcfeg. 
Deuteros'copy, 8. bie ^weitc SBcbcutung/ 

ber weitere ©inn einc6 aOBortcg. 
Devastate, v. a. wrwfiften, t)cr^eeren» 

— Ation, 8. bie SSerwfiftung, S5er!)cerun9. 
Devel'op, v. a. tntmiddn, cntf)fitten. — ment, 

8, bie (Sntroirfelunp. 

Deverg'ence, «. bie SJciQunQ/ betXb^ong. 
Devest, V. a. entflciben ; wcgne^men* 
Dev6x, a. niebergeOcficn, at^angenb.— ity, 

8. ber Ti'bf)anQ* 
Deviate, v, n. aJ6tt>eid)cn ; fid) oerirrem 

— dtion, «. bie 2(btt)cic^un9, SSerirrunQ/ 

ba$ 9Ser9ef)en. 
Device, ». tic ^rftnbung ; Sift ; ber TCns 

fcbtag; ©ntwurf; bas ©innOilb/ ber 

©innfprud^ ; bie ^rfinbunggfroft. 
Dev'a, 8, ber ScufeC — ish, a. teufeUfc^/ 

t)^ou8,fl. abwei^cnb/ wanbcmb/ l&erum? 

Irrcnb/ wrirrt. 
Zhwfae, v. a, tx^mtn, erbenfctt ; (burrf) 


ben tc|ten SBtttcn) wmtod^cn. r. n. ftfcc? 
Icgcn, noc^bcnJcn. «. \ioA 8Serm&<^tntf ; 
ber ^ntwurf/ bie ©rftnbnng. Dens^ 
». bericnige, bem etroas termacftt tfi:.. 

Deviser, «. ber (Srffnber, llrf)eber. De- 
visor, 8. bcrjcnigev ber ein SSermfij^tntf 
()intcrtQjt, ber ©rblaffcr, 
Devitable, a. rcrmcibticf). 

Devitation, «. bic ^crmcibung, 

Devdid, a. \ttt, frct, 

Dev6ir, «. tcr 35icnf!, bic g)flid^t ; ^^ 

Devolution, ». iai |)inat)rctlen ; SufaQni/ 

Dev6lve, v. a. 6g n. ^tnabn)&tjen, ^tnobfcl^ 
(en ; uOcrtragen ; anheimfaUen^ ^tSkxu 

Devoration, 8. bie 9Serfd)tingttng, 

Dev6te, ». a. n>ibmen, tt?eif)en ; aufepfem; 
t)crurtf)ci(cn/ verbammcn ; oerfliid^eiw 
— tedness, «. tie g&nglidfte @rgebitng, 
2(ufepfcrung. — t^e, ». bet 7(nb6d^tlet, 

Dev6tion, «. tie 2Beil&ung/ 2CufM)ferung ; 
gfinaftcfte ©rgebung ; bie 2(nba(lJt S^wn- 
migfcit. -nal, a. anb&d)tig. — -alwt, «. 
ber Srcmmlcr, Sctbruber, bie ©elfdiwe? 

Devotir, tj,a. oerfd^tingcn ; tjetae^tem — er, 
». bet SSetfd^linger, SJcric^rer. 

DevtJut, fl. onb&itig/ frcmm; — Fy, orf. 
— ness, «. bie TCnbodfet^ 3n6runft» 

Dew, 8. tcr ^au. tJ. a. bet^auen, befetiA' 
ten. dew-bespr6nt, mit %%(kVL befptengt* 
—lap, tie ^etob^angenbe ^nnt (am ^olfe 
eine6 £)c!^fcn) bie SSJamme ; jebe fietabs 
l)angenbe fd^taffe .&aut —worm, bet SRes 
gchwurnu — y, «. betl^aut, feuc^t. 

Dex'ter, a. red)t^/ sur red)ten |)anb, — ^ity, 
«.bic ®cfd)icf(id)!cit, ^cwanbtl^eit. —00% 
a. flinf, l&urtig, geft^icft, gewonbt ; — ly» 

ad, ^ 

Dex'tral, a, rcd)t, red^t^. — ity, ». bie 8age 
aur rcd)ten ^anb. 
Diabetes, «. T. ber ^amfluf . 
Diabol'ical, a. teufelifcfc ; — ly, od, 

Diacal'citeos, «. T. bfl^ ^rebspftoftet* 
Diacaus'tic, a. biofauftifd). — curve, Me 

frumme JRefraction^tinie. 
Diachylon, ». T. tid^ ^flafter ow^ 9)fl<m^ 

Diacddium, ». bcr SKd^nfprup. 

Diac'onal, a. juui jDiaconat^sTCmfe ger 

Diacous'tics, », /)Z. T. bie Cef)tC wii beut 


Diadem, «. bag iDiabem^bie Jtrene* 
DisB'resis, ». T. bie Srcnnung jweier ® e(bt« 

Diagnos'tic, ». ta^ ^enn^eid^en clner 

Diag'onal, a. fc^rdg^ fd)r&Q(aufenb. «. bie 

£).uer{tnie. — ly, arf. nberedffdbnelbenlbj, 



IHasram, «. T. tie motl^(matif(!^ ebet geo^ 
mctnf*e Sjaut. 

Dial, •. Mc eonmtm^t. —plate, ta^ 3if? 
fctMatt ctncc Uftt. — ing, ». tie Jtunjt, 
^onnenu^tett gu moc^en* — ist, «. tet 
^erfettiger oon ©onnenu^ten* 

Dialect, «. tic 0){untact, ^pv^^avt, tie 
^d^teibact — ioal, a, fegiw > — ty* ^^ 
^icioD, 8, ter 8ogifer, Setnunftle()¥cr. 
— ic,«. tie Segif/ SSetnunftfe^rc^ 

Di&logist, 9. tie tinterretente 9)(i1^cn, t^tv 

Dialogue, «. ta$ ®efpr&<i^ o* a. eiti (^e? 
fpr&4^ ^(Ateity Itd^ untectetetu 

IHal'tbea^cT, tic ^atbc au6 ter (Sibifc^; 

Diaroargiriton, «. T. tie ^Cttcitntitd^ 
Diam'eter, «. tcr jDuaftmelfct; — etral, 

— et'rical, «. ^m >Dur(i)meffer aeJ^ong/ 

nacft tec SKiAtung te$ 2)U¥dimei)er6 ge? 

Inttct, gnwi cntgegengefeftc ^unfte fas 

(Hint ; aewbc entgegengefelt ; — ly, fl<i. 

Diainoii(i, s. ta >Dtamant 

Diapal'ma, «. T. ta^ enDeid)cnte ^f(af!er, 

Diapasm, s. ta5 i9of)lrie(l^ente ^uloev* 

Diapase, Diapison, <.T. tie DctOt^e* 

Diapen'te, «. T. tie SLuinte; tet %hihcU 

Diaper, «. tic ^ebliimte etet tamaScirtc 

$einii?ant ; tie ^emette. v, a. bunt 

machen. mit S3(umen ^teten« 
XKaphan^eity, «. tic jDutd^fit^tififcit — ic, 

-HHM, a, tutdjitd^tig. 
Diaphoret'ic, a. fc^met^eibcnt* 
Diaphragm, a. ta$ Swccc^feU ; cine iete 

^d^tund^want in einem l^l^ten Jter? 

DiarrWa, ». tet 2)ut*fatt, ADut*(auf/ 

S3aud)flu& Diarrhoetic, a. tttt:(^fliepcnt/ 


Diarr, t. ta^ ISagebud). 
Diaa'it^ctie 2)ef)nun9; ta^ IDe^nunggf 

Diastyle, ». T. tie ®&u(enwcite Mn trci 

IKaWnron, a. T. tie £Xuorte. 
Diatdnie, a. T. turdbt^nig/ ftufent^nig, 
Diblile, «. ter 5)flanier, 5)fiansfto(t 
Bicicitj, $, tic 6d)n)a|Jaftig!cit 
Dice, «. pL tie aBfirfet. «. n. wftcfcln, 

— box, ter SJ^rfetbedften Dicer, ». ter 

DichotVimy, ». tie (Sint^eilung tcr S5e? 

Qtiffe nacb ^oAren. 
Dicrer, ». ter ©c^er, (eine 3a^l »ctt gc^n, 

befcnter^ Mn ael^n ^&uten)* 
Dks'tate, «. a. |um ^reiben Dcrfogen/ in 

tie Seter fagen; befcl^ten* 9, ta^, wae 

/Tum C^reiben twrgefagt n>irt;tie SScr^ 

fd)rift/ Se^re ; ter $8cfeW/ SWad()t|i^rud(). 
Dietitioiiy 9. to^ SSerfagen/ SBcfef)(cti* 
Dict&tor, 8, ter 3)*tctatw, ®efe|gcbcr,— ial, 
^ A ^bi^teriji^ -^^hip, «. tte iDictatur, 


tag ongemaptc 2(nfel^n^ tie l^ec^fle Qk^ 

Dic'tion, «. ter 2(ugtrudC^ tie @prac^rt« 
©c^rcibart , 

Dic'tionary, «. toS fB^rtcrbud^* 
Didac'tic, — a1, Didascol'ic, a. (el^rent* 

a — poem, cin Sc^rgctid^t 
Didapper, ». ter Soucfecr (cin aSogcl). 
Did'der, ©. n. t)cr ^&(te ^ittenu 
Did'dle, c. n. wanfcn, wadeUu 
Diduc'tion, #. tie TCu^inantcrtcl^nuna. 
Die, V, n, ftcrbcn ; tag 8eben einbfiSciji^ 

umfcmmen ; t»crfcl)»intcn^ »cr»efcn, wrs 

rDctfcn; t)crgchcn,t)crfd)ma*ten4dbnio*« 

ten. --{pi. Dice) 8. ter aBftrfd ; tad 

®tudf, e*idfal; ter SKiinaJl&mpel; 

Die, 8. tic Jarbe^ v. «• f&rben* Dier, «. 

tcr y&rbcr (bcffcr Dye, Dyer). 
Diet, «. tic jloji, 9Ja()rung, ©peife ; ti« 

t»cr0cf:ftricbenc 9lcge( im Cffen iint 

Snnf en, Didt ; tcr Santtao, Sleicft^a, 

». «. fpeifcn, unter^ltcn, n%en; befS 

fligcn. ©. «. effen, (cben ; nad^ wrges 

fcfericbenen JRcgctn (cben eter effea. 

—drink, cin Srant — ary, «. ju ter a)iit 

Dietet'ic, — al, a. m ten Dcrgefd^riebcuen 

Jtoih:egc(n geb^ng. 
Differ, v. n. fi(^ ttiitcrfd^citcn, ccrft^ictctt 

fewn, abweidbcn; tjcn entgegcngefejter 

gKciniing fct)n, ni^t iibereinfommen ; 

fhcitcn, ficft ^anf en. — ence, ». ter Unter? 

fd)ic^ tic g5crfd)ictcn()cit ; ter^treit; 

ta« 9Ki9»crft6ntni9 ; tcr ©treiJpunft. 

v.a. nntcrfd)citcn, cincn Untcrfdbiet ma* 

d)cn. — ent, a. untcrfd)ieten^ t^crfd^ietcn ; 

— ^ly, ad, — ential method, a. tie *Diffe« 

Difficile, fl. fd)»cr, bctcnRid). 
Difficult, a, fd)wcr, fdbwierig ; fftwcr gu 

bcfcictigcn. — ly. a<L fcf)n>et(idtk — y, a. 

tie ©d)n)ierig6ctt. 
Dif fide, ». n. gjji^traucn l^abcn. —deuce, 

a. ta$ 932t9traucn ; tie ©dfeficfttemfteit 

— dent,fl.mi^trauif*; f*i!M)tem ; furdfet^ 

fam ; — ^ly, ad, 
Dif fluence, — cy, a. tie Scrfiicpung. —ent, 

o. ^crflicpcnt. 
Difform, a, nid)t einfcrmig, utt&&n(idb/ 

uncitcid). — ity, a, tie un&f)nti#eit, wn? 


Diffranch'isement, a. tie Gntgic^ung ter 
biirc^cr(trf)cn fficrrecfttc. 
DiffTase, n, a. aw^giepen^ rerbreiten. 
Difl^ascd, a. pcrbrcitct; n?eittttt?eifig; — ly, 

Difftision, a. tie SScrbrcitung / 3erfh:eus 

una; aScitfcbwcifigfcit. DiffiiBive, a, 

^erftreuent/ au^breitcnt; au^gebrcitet ; 

wcitfcftweifig, tpeitlduftig 5 — ly, ad. 
Dig, o. a. 4r n. grabcn. 
Di^rent, a. |at ^ettauu^^Vv(x9\^ 


IMgest, s. Ut Snbesrtff U^ offcntli^cn 

Digest, ». a. wrbaucn; awflofen ; ctbncn; 
Qtine^mcn, jtcfe gcfattcn (affeti. ». n. cu 
tent, — er, ». tai ©erbouungf^mittct ; 
ba^2Cufl6fung«9ef6p (5. $8. tcr yaptnk? 
nlfdbe Scpf/ wcrtn burd) grc^c ^i|e tartc 
@toffe ^crtcc^t unb aufgctcfct rocrbcn) ; 
bet incrbncr, — ^ible, a, »crbau(td>. —ion, 
8. bie aScrbauung; entwcrfung, 2(ncrbs 
nung ; ©itcrung. — ive, a. btc 95crbau? 
ung befSrbemb; anocbncnb. «• ba^^ec? 

Mg'ger, ». bcr @ra6cr» 

Dight, V, a, pu^cn, fvtmikfen. 

Digit, «. ein Sdngcnmoa^/ btcl 93tcrtcl 

• Sell ; T. bcr Jiwcifu $SF)ci( bc« ©cnncn? 
cbcr SKonb*3>urcimcffer8; bie einfac!)e 

Digitated, a, fingcrfcrmig, ge^acft. 

DigladiAtion, «. oa« ®efed>t 

Di^'nified, a. mtt SS^tbe bcRcibct; fid) 
tntt asfirbe 6ene^menb» — ficdtion, «. 
bie 6c^e6unq ju einct: 2Bfirbc» — fy, ». a. 
^tt einer SBiltbe ecfteben ; e^ren, beefi* 
ten. Dig'nitary, ». bet JoF)e ®ci|t(id)e 
(^58. Sifc^of, 3)ed)ant, ©tifteftett). 
Diff'nibr, ». bie SSfitbe, bet diatiQ, hai 
f)e^c rfmt, 

Digndtion, ». bic llntctfcftcibung. 

Digrtss, ». n. a6tt)cid)cn, aOf^wcifcn. 

Digres'sion, a. btc 2Cbwcid)ung, 2(bfc^wct? 

Dijudicdtion, «. bie ©ntfcfccibung. 

Dike,ft bet ® tot>en,^Qfl'et9tobcn,3)Qmm. 

DilAcerate, ©. a. ^crteitfcii/ ictfleifc^en. 
— rdtion, s. bie 3ettciffung» 

Dilapidate, ». o. ^etftcten, ^u ©tunbc tid)s 
ten. ». «. cctfallen, ^u (SJtunbe gl^en, 
in asetfatt gctatben. -— ddtion, ». bet 
^Setfatt, bie SBaufaai^feit (bcfonbets Ut 
©ebSube, wetche ^u emet g)ftunbe ge^c* 
ten, beg g)fartl^aufe5, u. b. gl.) bie aset? 

Daatabil'ity, «.])te 3)ebnbat!eif. DilataUe, 

a, bef)nOor. Dilatdtion, 8, bie 2(ugbe^? 

iMlAte, ». a. au^bel^nen/ au^bteiten ; wdU 
tta et^&^lcn. ». w. fid^ au6bteiten ; 


»eitlaufig teben. Dilator, ». ba^ienige, 
»ag weiter mod^t, au6beftnt Dil'atori- 
ness, 8. ba6 Saubetn, Sogetn ; bie St&gs 
^eit. Dilatory, a. ^aubctfjaft/ taxiQ^am, 

Dilec'tion, s. bic Ste6c, 3&rttt*fctt/ Sunei* 

Dilem'ma, a, ^a^ iOUemmo; bic aSettes 

Dil'iffeDce, ». bet Jtctp, bic emjtgfeit^ 
SWttgfcit ; bie gjofteiitfi^e. —gent, a. 
fleipg, cmffj, t^fitig. 

Dill, 8, bie )Oittc (ein ^rout). 

Dilndd, 0. fi^IL ftar. --ate, «. a. ctlfal 

tern, erftSten. — Atlon, ». bic Gtffititip^' 

Dil'uent, «. Detbfinttcnb. 9* bo$ aSftbfe* 

Diliite, V. a, »ctbiinncn. — ter, 8, b<i«a?er«^ 

bunnung^mitteU — tion, ». bie ascrbfin^? 


Diltivian, «. bic ©fmbflutf) bctrejfenb. 
Dim, fl. btcbe, nid>t (jcUfcl^cnb ; bunfef, 

nid)t beutttdf) ; blcbfinntg, einffittig ;— ly,. 

ad, — sighted, b(0bfid)trg. tJ. a, wrbun:? 

f c(n. — ishj «• etwflg bunief. — ^nese, 9. bie 

>Dun!el&eit. S5l6big!eit. 
Dime, «. einc ametifantfcfte ^Ibermun^e 

oon ^e^n Sent (bet ^e^nte Sl^tt eine^ 

Dimen'sion, 8. ba5 SKaa$, bic sOJeffung.. 

—less, a. fein beftimmteg SO?oop ^obenb.. 
Dimicdtion, 8. bflg ©cfed&t/ .^anbgemcngc. 
Dimididtion, «. bie Smcit^citung, ^albuno* 
Diminish, r. a. cctminbetn/ wrringerfu 

tj. n. fi(^ uetminbetn, abneftmcn.. — singly, 

ad, ouf cine tctflbfe|enbc Att 
Dimintition, ». bie aSctminbctung ; ^etob? 

fe|ung, @ntn)i!ltbigung^ aSerftewetung* 
Dimin'utive, ». bo^ ftcinc iDing. T. bo$ 

aSetfteinetung^wott. «. cetmtnbetnb, 

Kein ; — ly, ad, — ness, «. bie ^lein* 

beit, ©etingffigtgfeit. 

Dim'iesory, a. enttaffcnb. 

Dim'ity, 8. cine 2Ctt baumwottcnc^ Seng. 
Dim'ple, a, bo6 ®tfibd)en. ». «. @Jrftbd)ett 

macben, ®rubdb<^n befcmmcn. Dimpled, 

a. nut ®rfibd)cn beaeid^net. Dimply, a, 

Dctl »en ®rfibd)en. 
Din,'«. ba6 ©etofe, ^eftirre, bet ©cftaDL 

». a. fcbatten, betauben. 
Dinarchy, a, bic iDtnotd^ie ; SJegtctunj 

Dine, e. n. bag IWlittag^maW cinnefimcn, 

^u 9}JittQge fpeifen, effen. ». a. benjitt^en^ 

gu Sifcbe ^aben, fpeifen. Dining-room, 

bog Speife^immet. Dining-CiaWe, bcr 

©peifetifd), ©ptifd), bie SafcU ^ 
Dinet'ical, a. bte^nb/ witfenb. 
Ding, t>. a. ^eftig anfdbtogen , an^t^ttu 

V. n, btQufen/ pottetn. Ding dong, fting 


Din'ginesB, a. bag 35unfetbtaunc. 
Din'gy, a. bunfelbtaun/ fd^watabraun. 
Din'gle, a, bag Zl)aU 
Din'ner, a. bag SWittaggmol^l , SKittagg? 

effen. . 
Dint, «. bet @cfttag, ©treid) ; bet bur6 

ctnen ©d^tag gemad)te @inbtud; ber 

9Zad)bturf ; bie ©eroalt, ^taft «. «. 

bntdb einen ^tud obet @inbtucl beaeid^? 

nen; einbtftdfen. 

Dinumerdtion, a, btC cinjCUlC Bh\)im%, 

Dibcesan, a. t)a^ £)betbaupt beg ^trd^n» 

fptengelg, ber Sifdbof. 
Dfooess, a, Ut ^ird^fptcngeU 

IHr^'triE,— a],a.K«)!ttif[f). Dia^tnc»,i,pL 
fcit SuKftfi*Ml(()K, ©i«|)Itif. 

Dip, V. a. (intuntrn, tintauditit ; tnttlcii; 
btfeiiAKn; in etica« tcnvicteln; on-- 
pfnnttn. e- <>• fi<t) untenaudKn, fid) fen: 
fcn,finten; «6etfIS4ti(6 in (two* ein: 
gtften. —chick, ». lai aBaff«ljiiI)ni)fn. 
—per, (. Ger Sau^cT. 

Dip^UlouB, 0. jwf iblitteTig. 

DifJi'ihong, ». Bet Deppellautci:. 

Diploe, >. T. ba6 tnnnc {)iTn|'d)U(I^iut> 

DipWma, ». bit Uthittbc ; ter Stftoltanafc 
tricf, erncnnun966rief. — m4tic,a.6is 
plematif*. — matist, *. Ut iDipCoaiatiji, 
In iBtaatimann. 

Dip'sM. 1. Bic iDuiflfi^lBnat. 

Dipt, pret. ^ part, (ijcn to dip) taUt^tt, %(■- 

Dire, a. grfipUcI), gT&uti^ ; f)iA9 trau^ 
rig, —fill, o- fifeMtRi*, gtfiulidf. — Al- 
neBB,». tie f(ftr«tti(&( otec S'^ulit^ JBc 

Dirtct, o. gerabe, tniit tnimm); in gc 
Tabcc £tnte BefinBticb -, unmtCttUor, 
effen; Beuttidj.duSbinicnttfi. — Ij.-rf-i 
miticlbar, geTabeja, auebntdlid); glei 
fggleid). c. a. tutiten; cinti^ten, i 
tnnfn ; MtfAretlxn ; titten, ffiftn 
.fxifftn, 6efct)l(n ; bie ICufftftrifl ju (tncm 
Stiefe madjen, fl6crfd)t:et6tn, — er, <. 
tttBimtet, Sdter; ba* SeininASioert' 
jtug. won, ». bi( fliidjiung ; einrid): 
tana, ^ncrbnung-, eeitung, aSerTdjnft ; 
auffdjtifl, Ucltetiftrift. — ''ve, a. an: 
nttifiinb, anfilfjwnb. — neBs, a. bie g<! 
tabe Sitfitung. —or, ». b<t S8et|lBfier, 
Muffc^ei:; bfi £Ht4lfAnur; bei ®e; 
loiffcneral^ ; T. bai ecitungswetfjfog. 
— ory, a. onnxtfenb, bittnb. a. bai Kuf: 
fc^tramt, BDrfte^eTomt ; Ba6 Slai)iotx: 

Diiomp'tion, «. Bit Sttnnung. 

Direp'tion, ». bi« QJlilnbetung. 

IHrge, ». baS StagdieB, in Irautcgt: 

Kik, >. B(i {Ictne Scgen, iDtt^. ii.a.Btt:! 
bunffin, tcboCdieii. 

f^mulcn. — inesB,*. bit Sdjmugigfftl; 
ffiiebertri^tigfeit. — 'y, o- fimu^tg, !«= 
t^ig; garftig, nitbtrtcdtftlig? — ily, -•' 
e. s. l^ri^muetn. 

DirAp'li(H^ «. bag Stfifen, btr SSnid). 

Diabil'ity, t. ba6 UnDdmbgcn, bie Uti 

DimctWtom, e. ff. aBgnuiSntl, Oitof^f 


DiescknowI'edgB, «. a. ntAt nnerftnntn. 
DiMcqusint^ance, », bit Unttf onntfajaft. 
DiKdrant'iee, ». ter 9Ia*tfiei( ; fflcttuff, 

£$abt ; bet n>el)Tlaft Su^onb ; (at dw- 

advontage, n3i:I|t(6^, fefilpe^ -, ungdegcn). 

G. o. <nacbtl;ci1 bTingtn, na^t^rilig fn^n. 
DimdvantigcouB, a. naifctbcilig ; -^t ■<''■ 

—ncaa, s. bic nadit^ciltgt JBtfdinfrcnfjcit. 
Diraffeot, r. a. a&9tn(igt nMd)ni, unju^ic^ 

btn nmChen, snifiitrgnGgen etctgcn. — ed, 

o. TniSwrgnfigl i — iy> "^^ — odneM, s. 

bit Kbneigung, UnjufncbrafitiL -ion, 

»■ bic KC'ndgung, ba6 SRi^sfrgnfigcn. 
Dinllirm', 0. a. Kmeincn. — once, ». bic 

Di»«ffi>r'ert, t. a. tag Seiflwdjt auffitien, 

btn aBatbgcmctn maditn. 
DiBaeree, i.u.niditflbtrcinfKmmtn .^nWe, 

"■ nidjt fibtwinpimmtnB ; unangtnttiin ; 

— ablj^ ad. — ablenaee, 1. bit UngtmaS^ 

feeil; Unonnt6mli4tet(. — ment,*. bit 

!Bttf*i(ben6(tt ; bit ©tttitigfdt, S)tif= 

fitaigttit, ba6 gjiiSw'flinbnil. 
Disallow', e. a. ^ n. nid)t gtffntlin, miSbils 

ligen. —able, a. unjuliflis. —ana,, t. 

bafi Sitrbet. 

Dieally', v. a. tctnntn, aupDftn. 
Disanch'or, n. a, »n Btni TtnUx tcemaditil. 
DiBin'innte, B. a. tntfttltn ; mutfilW mfls 

dien. -motion, *. bie finifdlung, 
DisiumQ!, s. a. fftt nidtiig crtldKn, oufi 

fiefetn, abf^ajfen. 
Disanoinf, v. a. bit iBSeiftc entnt^mtn •, bn 

$a!eil)( btTaubtn. 
Disappioj, ». n. Btrfiinjinbtn- —once, ». 

bae 93erfd)«inbcn. 
Diwppoinf, B. a. iKKitcIn, nidft gtmi^r 

«n, tiufdjtn, in ket ©opung bcttflgta. 

— ment, ». tit ftfilgtfAlagtnt fioffnnnB, 

SJtreitciunj ; bie SHJibttrofirtigteiL 
DifHpprobdtiofi, >. tic 3Ki^bilItgung, itt 

Z-aicL Dimpprdve, n. a. mi^iuigen, ta* 

Vieirm, v. a. tntnuffntn. 

biingth. >■ bit fintfleibung ; iSmmu 


DifasBiJciatB, v. a. trtnntn. 
DisBs'ter, >. Btr Unftetn, lat UnSlM. 

— ,,.„; «r6inbent. 
Unhdw, B. a. Sen SW^unJ btnefimtn, 


Piwcc onim wIt ii lM, t. bet unbeirbfKitetc 
.Sn^nb. I 

IKraa'troiiB, 0. ungtfittlid) ; — IjiOi. — new, 

>. tie iffitbtnuirtigCtit 
Diaaoth'orize.ti. 0, Bt« Knft^tn* Serouben. 
Disawhioh, ». 0. fcin SBect jHrficfnttnitn. 
DinvOn', o. a. nt*l ontrftnntn, Uugntn, 

Dtnnetftn, mieOiHifltn. — of, — mont, •- 

tie aietleugnung, JBtmerfung. 
Didbiad, e. a. abbanCtn, entlojftn. «■ ■• 

fid) trtnntn, fiA i»i:ftx«i.m\^iim.'%<^ 


Diyibelitve, ti, a. nicbt g(auUn, bcjiuiiff [n. 

— VCT, ». bit unglSutigc, Seugner. 
ENsb«nch,v. a. vcn tcm €i|< t<(rn:tiben. 
Diebow'el, v. a. auf nidtcti, iiueni:))inen. 
DuibriDch, n, a. abbftm, cbbiciiien. 
Ksbdd, 0, a. 6([ Jincfpfn otcc Eptifitingf 

Dubnr'deD, n. o. tntlatcn, cnttafllit. 
DisbOrw, v. a. (Svlb augjahlen, au«ac&cn. 

— iMot, J. tit Huslogc, JCusjoblunfl, 

JCusgatc — «'6r,«.tec3(uejaf!lct,Ho6' 

DiAcal'cestB, p. a. bit @Aube au£jU(i(n. 
— cciljon, t. trnf ®chiibau6jlc()(n. 

Disoan'dy, *. n, fiili aufl6f(n, fthinclint. 

DiBcard, u. a. ntlcgcn (im Jlottcnfptelt) : 
cbtantcn, abfr^cn. 

Diecu'iute^ a. Dciii Jltifd) (ntelipt, «nt> 

Discdse, V. D. cntHi^n, cntEIettcn. 

Di»ceptition, », tic gtKiti^in 

Discern, b. s. ^ n. ftfttn, unterfActbtn ; 
6cunf«i[«i ; (rienntti. — er, ». bti^cnU 
9C, ivc(cb(t {itljt ; bit fBtanhcttn, ^cns 
ncr, — iUe, a. jiAiiiar, (rfcnnbor, [\ii)U 
lid), effrator; — iUy, od. — ibIeQEBs, g. 
bi« Kicblbortctt. — ine, pari. a. fdjntf: 
fvAtip, MtftinBig-, — ij.uil. - 

. tic SBtunJtfilBngffraft. 

Disc^p, V. a. lerreititn. — iWo, a. jft= 
«t66flr. — ibiuty, (. bit aerwiglmrttll, 
3«vlwnntiiMeit— ikm,t.tiiE3m:cipunB. 

DiBcli&rge, c, a. cntlabcn, fliffililbCR ; BCn 
fiA gcben, auKIaffcn, au^fitgcn, iuitxa -, 
flbfcuem, IcsfctjifS'" ; auspirffn tflffcn, 
fluslfluffn Inffcti, liefrcicn; (uefprndKii ; 

■ tntlaffen ; Dftobfrfjiclcn, abbanten ; (icfi 
fnttcbiacn ; I'fmcbton, Vcjalildi, cntviti): 
tin ; rtngftijaffen, ivegftbiJcn, cmfftiKn: 
dbfcrtigciL, d. n. aufbtedien, fid) aufti^ 
fen. »- bic ffinilotunti, 6c<mo*una i 6ci 
auebruA, JtufifluS ; bn6 3Hjfcu«n, bei 
€(tiu6 ; bic auelaufcnte cbcr nfifltc^enCc 
aXotBtic, Sntfttnung, enlloffunp; ter 
atjiftteb; bie SBtfcciuna ; Swtaffung, 
SeefpnAung; Sntlebigung, tSrlcbiaung-, 
lai BofegrlB; bic (Snttichtunjj, ffl(jQfi= 
lung; bet SBcjaWunS^r*"" ; SBmiib^ 
tung;ba&Swif)i;it6rc*l,ffi«Kcbt. Dia- 
cbarg'er.t. Berimtgt, rocMiCi befwit, 1(6= 
I&9t, Icifcbicfit -, DcniAtet, bciiiMt. 

Diicinct, a. ungfflfltttt, nnojIfifTig 

Disdod, «. a. 3(tfttincib(n, jcrt^filen. 

Diaci[Je, s. b(c ©cbfilEr, ijingev. —ship, 
»■ b(e ©AfilerfSanb. 

Dii'ciplinable, a. gclettig,f«(0fam. — nc 
*. bU ©clchri^tcit. 

DUeipJinSriBn, — sry, o. ju b(t 3ud)t unb 

Sttiming gc^orrji. ». bcrjcnigo, b« auf 

^i^t nob Gtbnang iiUt. Dis'uiJmB, «. 

bic itnUTweifuag, btv UntcrnAl; ^f( 
Jtunft, (ffii|Jen(d)aft ; tieSud)! unb Otti 
nuttg; JttiegfwAt ; UnUndtr^fftt ; 
SScfirafung, Suhtignng-, Jtotieiann. >■ 
<■- unteni>tif(n, uniertKhten ; jur 3u(bt 
unb Orbnung gcwSbrEn; jUt .Sriegf: 
iudi! gcnjthncn; Btfhafcn, jfiAttgen; 
tafteieti ; ocrbeffctn. 

Discliim, e, o, nid)t ontrtcnncn, Inionen. 
DtKlOM, e. a. auffchlicficn, cntl^finMi, 
effnen, cntbedcn ; ouSStfiltn. — ^«. bcr 
entbedir. —sure, i. t>\t Sntljall-ung, 
embtdung. > 

Dbedtrdtion, 1. bie SBCTfinbtinng btr 
Sartf, iCctfSrbung, ffinifirbung, DU- 
cOlor, e. 0. bic ^oOt Pttintttil, firbtn, 

Dilcom'lit, e. a. jibtnDtnbcn, fcblngRi, bf 
jioingtn. —ore, $■ bic SRitberlogc 
KBtom'ftit, r. 0. fidn(en,lwtnito. »- bic 

EKacomiD^iid, n. ■• tabcln. —Able, s. tailU 
tiafL — ablenais, (. bit 3(ib(It)afti^it. 
— 4tioii,B.betSob(L — er, «. bn Zflblrr. 
DiBCtHnmOde, v. a. beUjK(i<n, btfifciDeTlid) 
fallen. — dioui, a. u|hg, btfimnMA, 
unbcflutm. — d'ity, ». bit unbcqnemfttfei 
hit, bei gtdAtfKtU 

IKMKHnpaee, e. a. in Unortnung Mn: 
gtn, j(ttfitIen,»(noitretit branrnftiatn; 
EUtcbrufi PtrorfoAcB, btltibigtn. — Md, 
a. beunni^igt, PcvbritiliA. —rare, i. 

Discoictirt, r. a. ptrltgcn mo^cn ; oth 

DiscoDibmiitj, t. bet 3Itange[ bn Ucbtts 
einRimmung, bit ilngleidjbttt. 
DiBcongmiiy, (. bit llntinigttil, UngtF 
m&fibtit.ber SBiberfprud). 
Disconnect, n. s. trennen. 
Meeoni'dlate, a. tnflleS, 6ttrabt,ttamtiB5 
— ly, ad. —nen, i. bit SttlHcfit^rit 
IMsoHiUiit, a. niifeetgnfigt, unjufriebm. 
<- tcs 3Ki8vetgni!lgen, bie tlnjnfittbnis 
teir. v. a. mipwrgnugt moAtn. — «d, 
part a. mijitietgnllgt, unpftieben ; — ed- 

ly, ad. — ednew, — ment, ». bal IRitrKt; 

pnigcn, bit llnjufncbentictl. 
Ducontin'oBiice, — tintULtian, >■ bit 11ns 

ietbrc*ung, bae MufftSten. — tin'oe, v. 

n. aufteten. e. a. untttbr«*en. — tinOi^, 

*. bit unteibtcAung/ bet untecbtMiKnc 

DaeonyAsAenae, ». tit 1tnftattf)aflig(cil; 

btr QBibtTfpm^ 

Me'oord, — ttnce, — sncy, I. bet Mijs 

flang; bit Uneinigfril, ^pbtlligfttt. 
D. n. nii(i{[ingen ; mifibcQift fmn, BiAt 
fi6titinftiinni(ii. —ant, a. mi^ttUig, nul* 

il, e. «. reitcttattjtn, otral&en. 
.i).>.abntbneti,aliji<i)cn-, ncd): 

lHaeaiuil^aune«, «. a. taltftnnis bc^n: 
Mii,aBfici8afrinieti;inqfn; abfcbntten, 
tnifbintatn ; ftefn^icn. >. tie faHlinni^ 

Duwoor'sgo, B. «. mulblcS modbcn, ab= 
fi^tedM). —meat, c Me Kbfdicidunci ; 
Jiirflt DwocOngar, >. Wc Mbf^wla, 

DiaoDons, *■ ba« ffiefprW), bU Uittcnc 
buns; Stcbc, ^tcbifli ; TtblianMung. c. 
u. fi* nnlcrteben, fundjcn, Kben. e. o. 
flHantdn; Mn ettoae fpccdjtn, tnitjc: 
monbtn fpw^cn. — *er, *. tcr ©predifr, 
iHrtiMt. —mn, <. unKcKbenC, (pre: 
d)cnb> gcRitidiaitia; (d>(ufiniiGia. 

DuctHufeouB, a. un&Sftid), ungcpilij!. 

Slsoooa, B. bwit, flad), ft^eibenfcTmi^. 

|>i«<!iiv'or, B.a. onftKcfen, enil)nnen, cnts 
btden. — *Ub, b. pdittpr. — obly, ad. 
— «r, I. in ffinttierfer; Aunbfiftflflei:. 

OiscMd'it, t. ow Cianbe, bee ©djimpf, 
ftbk Kaf. «>■ ■■ in |tt)tcd)ten 9Iuf btin^ 
8*0 ; bn Qlaabmrficbigteil birauben; 
tiidit glanbtn, bcjoHifeln. —able, a. bev 
S^ iii)4t^tg,lil)impfiic& ; ~Mj,ad. 

DbiaM, •. Bt^fifl, bffonncn, HuBi 
Wtft^toicsm ; btf$«ibcn ; —4;, ad. 
— MBi, ». bU SBcipili^tit, SBefonnenj 

BWcrapaooe, *. bie ffltrftbirtia&cit, bet 
fiBibtlfpni^ —^ttau a. nW ubetetm 
titttiiKnb, vcTTtbicbcn. 
.Dbcrite, «. attnnnt, obflcfcnbcrt ; twn: 
veab t aai) fUM diacreet 

KKrMkm, », bit Sefonnenfieit, J8er*(t= 
bnt^it*, SS(tfdin)Usenl)eit;@»^ut^; 
tn Sbttmntot 9nabc unb Unanabc. 
—My. «. untinMrcbxilinft, roiinarlid). 

H^ottiM «. atlMbcinb. 

DiKrfiiiiiuUe,a.uilUTfd)eibli(6. — inato, 
«.*.avt(T|cMtbtnt obfenbecn. —inate- 
iMH, — initini, ». bie UnbtfdittBuna, 
*»e BntttfiMtbi — uuUvo, «. unHif** i= 

DiKdtient, a. ba« tf^^UnU 3)IttKt. 
Disdiin, «. Me Sterail)lun3, iOetfcfmift' . 

tuns-". a.Mtfif|n)i6m,Mta4tni.--Ai, , 

o.i!«a*tung«wn, Ki:S*tti*,R»Ij ; —ij, 

ad. — fulmw, ». bic jGemAtutig, jtoQe 

Diabase, t. tie JtRint(Ktt. '■ '■ Uadf uws 

Acn, ttn|tec(ra ; fStUttattbt ti<niifad)en. 

~~Ddnes9, e. bit JtTAn&ii^teit, bet [Tinf : 

XW Sufiiinb. 
Disddget), II. bei S^r^ tber S^neite 

Seroubt, ftumpf. 
Disembark, u. a. ^ n. mi«f(^ijf(n, lanbffl. ' 


DiBcmlHf ler, r. a. CCTfiUen. 
Disembofl'ied, ■■ tnttJqieTt; ber jDltn^f 

tnnoffen (ddii Stuppen). 
DieembOgue, v. a. (m£9i(fcn, auEfi))Stten. 

B. n. fi* ttgiegen. 

DiBEmbiiwellad, pat a. due bttt (Sill9(RXts 

bfn I)ccii^r3eiro(t)t 
Disumbroii, «. a. Mn S^ierigfeiloi 

tcsnmdicn, nuS t» iSctlcaentietl jitijcn, 


Diaendble, v. a. cnthGfKn. 
Diunchint, c a. entjaubenl. 
^isc^c^^l'bcr, o. a. tntlottetl, BOH SBes 

f*njerlid)fcit befwien. — brance, «. bi; 
©efrciiin^ wn SBeft^nKriii^hit, ttnllai 

Discngdgc, B. a. &«fc(icn, freiflenen. Its: 
modxn, — ed, port. «. befreit, ungebuiu 
ben, fcei, unbtfi^ifligt. — edne«», ». 
ber unbefangenc, ungcbunbene Suftanb. 
— meni, ■. bit !B(ft(iuns »n 93«rpfltd)s 

. , , . I*, iniSli*. 
r, «. jum Hntcfinen gcfdjlJt. 
■ ■>■•. (ntfrfjuffiigen. 

_ 7, i-bae Eieflen bet SiCdie. 

Dueamlier, o. a. (nflojlcn, enllebigen. 
Diacnrt'iTe, s. ^ ((in unb I)et beiwsenb, 
tinfUl •, fertfibmleii)!, fd}(uEm£|Ha ; —tj, 
«i — •wj. ». bfinbii^ flrfinbtidi. 
Dircm,*. bit aBurffdjeibc. 
WreOM, ». s. gtnau unter[u(ften ; jert5ti> 
len. — ion, *. bit genmie llnMtfudjung ; 
S^tttinbini, — iTe,«.jm&ciIeiit. 

DiaennOble, n. 
DiaenrOll, e, a 
DiionalAvB, i 

entioideln -, 

Disenthral, e 

Di^nllirOiie, i 


a. enbibeln. 

■ uen finer Eifte aneftreif^ 
. a. in Sctideit [c$<n, be: 

. o. vni btT CSdaDttti bcf 

0. a. entt^rgntn. 

1. eine5lCnfpni(t)e6 beraubtn. 
n. s. ant tinec GMjiUuns 

DiFies[>)u9e, o. a. bal C^eeTTpncben jn; 

vor, B. bit Ungunft, ungnubt ; bra 

nflet an Scfiinfeit 

DiB%urdtIon, (. bie tEntfhIIuna, f&miTu 

jlallung, eaSliAteit. DisfigW, t. a. 

cntficQcn, oeninftalten, Disfig'ureu jni, 

I. bie emfteHunfl, aSerunfto Itung. 
Disfor'eal, b. a. bct 5«t9x«4ta Uto.'a'at'fc. 
Digfran'chiae, v. a. 'ftw '^m^iuun ■»}& 


SSorrecfetc Ijerouben. — ment, $, bic (Snt* 

Di8giir*nish, v. a. Ut ^iBcrjierungen h^vawf 
hen, entbtopcn. 

DUgl6rify, V. a, etttel^cen. 

Disgdrgc, ». c. au^fpeicH/ du^wcrfen. 

Disgrdce, 8. bie Ungunft/ Ungnabc; 
©d)ant>c, imebw. «. a. ouper @unft 
fefecn ; ocrunebren/ cnteftrem — fol, «• 
fc^^dnMid), fd)inipflid) ; — ly, ad, —ful- 
ness, 8, tec ©d)impf/ tic ©d)Qnl>c, Dis- 
grdcer, a. t>CC ©ntc^rev. — <;iouB, a, un? 

Disguise, t). a. »erf(citcn/ t)erjtcttcn, t^cr? 
bcrcjcn, «. bic ajcrflctbung, SScrftcftung/ 
bcr »)Scrn?anb. — sed, |wrt. a, tjer!(eibct ; 
betcunfeiu — ment, a. bic QSerRetbung* 

Disgtist, a. bcc (&Ui, SEibctwitte ; Uttf 
9cc» V, a. (5fc(, SBibcrroiKcn ucrurfas 
«)cn/ ()cleibi(;cn. — iul,a. cfctftaft/ wibtig. 

Dish, «. bic (S*i!iffel/ (Sid^aU ; bag ^Sfs 
cften ; ba6 ®crid)t. ». a. —up, antid)tcn. 

Dishabille, «. ba^ ^ladfttftctb/ bic -^arx^i 
fleibung. a. unQcpufeU 

Dishab'it, v. a. ou$ bcm S&ol^np(o|e t)cr$ 

Disharmony, «. bCt 9]?i^and; btC sffHp 

Disheart'en, d. a. ^cr^log mad^in, tjerjagt 

mad)cn, a6fd)tedfen. 
Disherison, «. btC ^ntcrbung. Disherit, o. 

a. cntcrbcn. see Disinherit 

Dishev'el, ». a. ^crjtrcuctt/ in Unctbnung 

Cringcn. —led hair, bic fticgcnben ^aarc. 
Dishon'est, a. utttcb(id), tinc^r(id)^ be? 

tnlgccifd), e^rlo^. — ty, «. bte Untcblicfts 

fcit; Unfimi*fcit 
Dishon'or, a. bie Vinel)xc, ©d&anbc ; SScrs 

ungUmpfung. v. a. Dccuncbrcrt/ in @d)Qn5 

be bringcn,enteF)ten,fdb&nbcn. — able,a. 

c^ctog; fd)QnbUd)/ [cfeimpflidft. 
Dishdm, v. a. bet ^orncr bcrottbcn*^ 
Disimprdvement, a, bicSSetfcftUmmcrung. 
Disincarcerate, v. a. in Jtci^cit fc|cn. 
Disinclination, «. bie 2C6neigttng. Disin. 

cline, V, a. abgcncigt mad)en. 
Dismcorpordtion, «. bie 2(ttjl6fung eitie^ 


Dismgentlity, •. bic UntcbUdfrfeit Disin- 
genuous, a. m6)i aufricfttig, ni^t bicbet ; 
Bintcrtijiig, faljtft ; — ly, ad, 

Disinhab'ited, a. unbCWOOnt. 

Pisinher'ison, 9. bic @ntetbttng« Disui. 
her'it, v, a, entctbctt. 

Dismter, r. a, wicbet QU^gtoben. 

Disin'terest, — >ednes8, a. bie Unetgen? 

nfi^iafcit — ed, a. ttttpart^eiifi^, unci? 

gennalig* — ly, ad, 
Dismvite, v, a. bic ©intobung abfagen. 
IMsinvdJve, v, a. bcfccicn, (c^mo^cn* 

Disjoin, t). a. trenncn^ Disjoint, v, a, t)cr« 

wnfiJn; jcrfd^neiben; aecftfideJn. v. n, 


DiBJudicition, «. bte ^tfd^tbung* 
Disjunct, a. abgcfonbctt, getrcnnt* —-ion, 
8, bic IStJcnnung. — ive, a. trcnnenb; 
au^fd)tic9enb. — ly, ad. 
Disk, ». bie ©dicibe; 8Burff<<)cibc, 
Diskindness, a, bec ^anget an ©utc ; bcr 

Dislike, a, bie 2Cbnetgung/ Xiai^ ^ipfaUcn. 
V. a. niipbiQigcm Disliken,o.a.un&bnliv'i) 
mad)cn, ©crftctten. DislikeneBs, a, bic 

Dislimb* v, a. ^crgUebeW/ ^ttct^cn. 
DisKmn, d. a. bic ^o^be wegfttcic^en/ au6? 
(6fd)en/ tenoifcibcn. 

Dis'locate, v. a. tt^egti^cfen/ n7egfd)teben ; 
t)errcn!cn. — tion, «. bo^ aEcgnidfcn wn 
bcm ge^6rigett £)rtc; bie SSerrenfung. 
Disl6dge, v. a. t>on cincm DrtC/au^bct 
SBoftnung, Don bem ^cften certrcibcn; 
na^ einem onbcrn Drte bringcn, ocrlc? 
gen, t). «. einen £)rt wtlof en, etne aSBe^s 
nung tJctlaffen. 

Dislo/al, a. bem J^utbtgung^etbe tinges 

trcu; trcu(c6, tjctrfit^erifc^ ; ungetrcn, 

tinttctt ; — ly, ad, — (y, a, bie Untteue 

. gegcn ben Sanbe^^etm ; bie ISreulcflgj 


Dis'mal, a, etfdfttccf (t(ft ; bcttfibt/troutrij, 
— ness, a, bef fd^rcdHidftc Suftonb, he 
traurige <8ef($affcn6eit; bte ©etrfibmfc 
bet ^umtnet. 

Disman'tle, v, a, entb(6pen/ ent!(etben; 
we^rlc^ madden* -to — a to¥m, bie ge? 
ftung^werfe fcftteifcn. — a fleet, abta* 

Dismdsk, o. 0. bic ^qAU abjtcl^n/ enl? 

Dismdst, v, a, (cin @d)iff) cntmaflen. 
Dismdy, v. a. attc^ 0){ut^cg beraubcn^ 
fdircrfcn. «. bet ©cf)te(fen, bie gjhitble* 
figfcit — edness, a, bie SKutl^lojiigfeil^ 
Disme, a, bet Scfeentc. 
Dismem'ber, v. a, jetftiidfen/ aetgttebcm. 
Dismiss, v, a, enttaffcn ; beuttaubcn. 
— ion, «. bie ^Cbfenbnng, SKegfenbung; 

Dismort^gage, t>, a, t)onbet^eq»f2inbtmg 

Dismdunt, v, a, i»en bem ^fctbe obftetgen 
mad)cn/ be^ ^fetbes betouben ; ou^ bcm 
©attel ^eben, abwetfen; l^abtwerfen, 
betabne^imen* «. n. toon bem ^rbe ah^ 
lleigen/ abfi^en; l^enmterfleigcn. 

Disndturalize, v, a, bcl S3fitgetted|t6 be» 

tauben, fftt cinen SrembUng etflfiten. 

Disndtured, a, unnatftttid^ 
Disobedience, a. bet tlngeootfani/ bte SS^t« 
betfp&nftigfeit. — di^t, a, nngeftotfam; 

— ly, ad. 

Disobey, v, a. nid^t gel^otd^en \ fibctttc* 


DiaoblitEdtioii, a. bte SSefeibtgnng. Buk 


oblige, i>.«.BetelM9Cn. Bwobligingf, jwtt. 

o. unfWttnMtdj; kteiMgenb ; — ly, ad. 
IHsdrb, V, a. aui bet !S8af)n bttngen. 
Disor'der, «. tie Hnotbnung/ ©etwits 
tana ; ber 2(ttfruftt ; bie ^tonf ^elt, Itn? 
>)&pU<^<5it; Untune. ©. a. in Hnotbnung 
bttngcn; Httoxncn, gcrtutten; nitt 
^ronf^ctt bcfeaften, unpdpttd^ ma^cn ; 

bcunruM^cn* ■— *y» *• 4r «<^- unotbentlid), 
angcftttct, unWrftld) ; gcfelwibrig. — ed, 
part. fl. in Unotbnuna getta^t, unor? 
bcntlid) ; (aflerl&aft/ (ieberlid). DiWdi- 
nate, a, uncrbcntti^/ unm^^g; (a|!er; 

Disor'ganize, v. a, bc^orgonifltcn. — zA- 

tion, ». bic Serflcrung bcr 5Drganifation. 
I^Bdwn, V. a, teugncn ; mipOiUtgen, t^er? 


DispAir, v. a. cxitpaaun, tcenncn. 

Disp^nd, V. a. au^fpanncn^ au^6tettcn. 
Dispan'sion, «. btc 2Cu^6reitun9. 

Dispar'age, v, a, in ctnc UttQleitftc unb 
unfd)icf(i*c gserbinbung bringcn ; l^cr- 
abfc0cn, icrobwiirbigcn ; mit SSetad)? 
tung be^anbctn ; Perungtinipfcn, ocrftcis 
ncrn. — ment, 8. bic ungteid)e unb uns. 
fcfcidftidbc SScrbinbttng,5KiSieirot^ : |)crs 
abfc|ung, entcl^ning^gScrungUmf fung. 

Dispar'ity, ». bic Unglcicft^eit, UnS^jnlic^j 

Dispdrk, t>. a. c;jncn 5)flrf/ Jctft cbcr ge? 
^cgten SBalb offnen; bic Um^fiunung 
wcgr&umcn ; in ^rcil^cit fe|cn. 

Dispdrt, V. a, o6t^ci(cn/ trcnnen. 

IMspas'sion, «. bic ©emfitftSrul^C. — ate, a. 
(cibenfc^oft^lo^, gctotfcn/ tu^ii ; —ly, ad. 
—ness. s, bic 8elbcnfd^oft6lc|tgfeit» 

Dispdtcli, ©. a. abfcnbcn, Qtjfdjidfcn ; ob^ 
fcrtigcn; abt^nn, pcmd&tcn; t^btcn, 
um6 8c6en Mn^ctu ». bic 2Cbfcnbunq, 
^bfcttignng; ettigc SSertid&tung, Sfta- 
ttgfcit ; bcr a5crici)t, 2Cmt^6eri4t. — fol, 
«• ciliA/ gcfcftwinb. 

Dispau'per, ©. fl. (/. t) bc6 2(rmcnrc(^tc^ be? 

Dispel, «. a. ^ccfttcucn/ wcgtrcibcn* ^ 

Diaptfnd, «. a. t?cr^cf)rcn/ Krbtau^cn. 

Dispens'ary, ». ba5 2(t^enci^ou6. — s4- 
tion, ». bic 95crt]&ci(ung ; ©rlaffwng, bic 
SSerjffiaung ®ctte6/ bos gptt(id)c SScr? 
b&ngnifr — flAtor.*. bcr2Cu8tftcitcr,2CuS5 
pcbct, — B'atory, 8. hai 2Ct^cncibuci&, 
Dispense, v. a, au6tl&cilcn/ t)cttl)ci(cn; 
2(r^nci gubercifcn. —with, cntfd&ulbi? 
acn, crloffcn, freifprcdftcn ; fid) tjcrglci^ 
men; entbc^tcn. «. bic ©nttcbigung, 
©rlaffung. — fl'er, «. bet 2(u^fpcnbct/ 

Pisp^e, «. ff. cnftjcffcttt/ »ctl^ccten. 
• ---pier, «. bet ?8etf)CCtcr. 

IHspdrge, ». a. ouSbtcitcn, fprcngcn. 

Pisp^ree, r. 0. ^crfttcttcn; Pctbtcitcn. 

— sednesfl, -ndon, ft b j^ 3(^r/?rmang» 

Dispirit, «. a. mntfito^ ttiad)cn, nicbcTs 

fd)tagcn. — ed, a. mutW^S. — ednesB, s. 

bic sWut^lcpgfein 
DispUce, ». fl. bcwcgcn, »ctfc|en/ wcg? 

fc^cn, wcgtegen; obfc|cn; in llnetb? 

nung bringcn, — cency, «. tag SKigfoIs 

(en ; bic Un]&6flid)fcit. 
Displdnt, V. a. tjctpffangcn; tjctttcibcn. 

— Ation, 8, bie SScrppan^ung/ 95etttci? 

Display, D. a. Sf «. oustcgcn, on ben Sag 

(cgcn ; batftcftcn ; pto^'lcn, fd)n>o|cn. ». 

bic ©QtjlcUung. 

Displedsance, «. bo^ SD^iffaUcn. — sant, a. 
mi9f6nig. — ly, ad. Displease, ». 71. ^r «• 
mi^fallcn; SJHpfallcn txtocdcn, betcibt* 
gen. Displeasinmess, «. tie bctcibigcnbc 
35cfd>affcn()cit. Displedsare, ». bag SKiS- 
wtgnfigcn, QKi^ottcn; bcr IBetbruf; 
bic 93c(cibig«n j. v. a. mi^olten. 

Displdde, c. a. mit cincni ^naU ouScinans 
bcr wcrfcn, fprcngcn. Disploeion, »; ta^ 
Scrpto^cn, bet ^naK. 

Disp6rt, «. bfl^ @pic(/^ bet 3citt)ctttcib. 
V. a, bctufligen, ergcgen. v.n.^6)Us 
lufligcn, fpictcn. 

Disp<5sal, 8. bic 2Cncrbnung/ (5inri(^tnng ; 
bic ^vci\)cit, mit ctn)06 ju fd)dtcn, bic 
OcwQlt, 2Bittffi^r ; *8cf!tmnning, llcbcr? 
trogung on anberc. Dispose, v. a. on? 
crbncn, cmnd)tcn, gcbrQud)cn/ onwcn:? 
ben, bcjlimmcn ; leitcn, (enf en, gencigt 
mad)cn, gcfd)icft mod)cn ; fd)a(tcn. to 
dispose ofTmit ctwaS fci)o(tcn/ annjcnbcn, 
anlcgcn ; roeggcben, an onberc fibertra? 
gen; obfcrtigcn; abftd^cn, obtrctcn, 
t)cr(aufen. v. n, cincn 95crtrag fd)rtc{'cn, 
S3cbingungen modftcn. »• bic (SJcroatt, 
SBittffiV^ ber n)inffif)rtid)c (SJcbroiicb, 
^ille; bic ©cmfitli^ftimmunj. Dis- 
posed, part. a. eingcrid&tet, gencigt, anfs 
gctcgt Disposer, 8. bcr 2(u6t()ci(er, SScrs 
waiter ; ©cbcr. Disposi'tion, «. bic ®in? 
ric^tung, 2(ncrbn«ng, (gint^citung ; JBc? 
fi*offcnocit,2Cnlagc; fficftimmung ; S^eis 
gang, (SJemfitfteftimmung, ®epnnung, 
3)cn!art. Dispos'itive, a. beftimmenb; 
— ly, ad, Dispbsure, 8. bic ?(norbnnng, 
Seitung ; (Stetlung, SSetfoffung. 

Dispossess, V. a. bcS S3e{tic^ bctaubcn, 
au^ bem S8efi|c treiben, cntfc|cn. 

Disprdise, v. a. tabctn. «• bcr ZaticU 

Disprdiser, 8, ber Sablcr. — able, a, ta? 
betn^wiirbig. — ingly, ad, tabctnb. 

♦Dispread, v. a. Dcrbrcitcn, oufPtcucn. 

Disprivilege, v. a. ta^ SScrrcd^t nc()men. 

Disprize, v. a. 5^crab»tirbtgcn, entrocrtben. 

Disprofess, V. a, fcincn @tanb i?cr(offcn. 

Disprofit, ». bcr £fJod)t^ci(. —able, a. nad&s 

Dispraof, 8. bic 8[&tbcr(egung. 

Dispropdrticm, «. t)Cvt> ^\.Wx\S^>SV\^i'^^^ 

—able, — «1, —ate, a, ni^t t)crl&&(tnlpc 
indpig, unQteid) ; —ly, ad. — ateness, ». 
tie Un9lctd)t)cit 

J)ii^r6v«, o. a. toibcclegen ; mfijcUn, aU 
fcftaffen. Disprdver, ». bet asiterteget ; 

Dispun'ishable, a. uttgefttaft 

WputaWe, a. fheitig. — tant, t. bet ©ttcis 
tet/ fBortfimpfer. — tdtion, «. bet ges 
(c^rte ©trett, bte ©trcitfroge* -44tiou8, 
— tative, fl. ftreitffid^tig. 

Dispute, o. a. 4r n* fltetteit; befitetteiu ». 
bcr @trcit/ 2&crtwed)fel. — ter, •. bet 

Disqualification, «. bte tlnf6^tg!ett, tln^ 
tucbtigfcit; bet ^tunb bet Unf&^igfeit 
— 'ify, o. a. unt&c^tig mo^eti/ eine5 9led^t^ 
cbet SSctted^ts 6etau6en« 

Disquiet, «. bie Untu^c. «. «. bcuntul^ts 
gen. --€r, •. bet Untu&efttftct/ ©toter, 
— ly, ad. auf eine untu^tQe 2(tt. —ude, 
fi. bie Untuf)e. 

Disquisition, «. bte Untetfu^ung. 

Disrdnk, t>. a. feine^ 9tanae^ betouben* 

Disregdrd, i. bie SBetno(6t&ffi9«ng/ ©es 
nn5fd)&|unfl. o. a. fibetfe^eti, oetnoc^^ 
(djfigen/ gcnnafcft&lcn. — ful, a. nicfct 
flc^tcnb/ unadbtjom ; t>eti(ftt(iclft ; — Iy,ad. 

Disrerisb, ». bte ^Cbneigung/ bet SSibcts 
n>iUc, (&UU V. a. gsibetwitten obet (5!e( 
t)cturfad)cn, efet^oft macften ; SBibetroiU 
ten obct (Sfel geaen etn?a6 ^abett. 

pisrep'utable, a. e^tlc^, unanft&nbig* Dis- 
reputdtion, Disrepiite, «. bet dhU 3i\xf, bte 

Disrespect, «. bie Unefitetbtetlgfeit/ Un? 
beflidbfeit, —ful, a. unef)rer6tctig^ un? 

Disrobe, c. a. entfteiben. 

Disrup'tion, a. bie 3etbted>ung, bet Stud). 

Dissatisfac'tion, s. bie Utt^ufciebenbeit. 
— toriness, «. bie Unfi^g^cit ^u 6efticr 
bigen. — tory, a. nid^t beftiebigenb, uns 

Dissat'isfy, r. a. un^uftteben mad^eit/ SKi?* 
t»crgnfigctt ett»ecfcn. 

Dissect, ©. fl. ^ctfd)netbcn , ^etgtiebetn. 
—ion, 8. bie SetgUebetutig/ Settegung. 
—or, 8. bet Setgliebetet. 

Disseize, c c. ben S3efi6 ne^mcn/ tjets 
treibcn. Disseizee, «. bet au6 eincm 
SBcfi|c S5etttie6ene. Disseizin, ». bie 
9Scrttci&ung ou5 bcm SRefifee. Disseizor, 
«. bcc untcd^tmSpige ©cfi|nel&met. 

Dissem'bJe, v. n. fid) cetfleUen. v. a. t>ets 
bcrgcn^ t»ctge&en. —bier, «. bet, tocU 
d)et cin fatfd)e$ ?(eufTetc annimmt, bet 
^cud)(cc — hlingly, ad. auf cine tJCtftcflte 

Disseminate, v. a. ou^fttCUCn, aufifptcn? 

gen. — ndtion, ». bie 2(u5fttcuung. 
Dissent, ». n. nicfet fi^ctcinftimmen. ». bie 

iBi*rfchi€tctihcit bet 9}icinuna, — Aneous, 

0. t)etf<iftiebeti/Wtbetfitettetib/ entaegettgr? 
fe|t. — er, $. Ut, wci^ oetf^tebenet 
sO^etnung if!/ bet ?(nbet$gefinnte ; bet, 
tt)e(d)ct t)en bet l^ettfd)enben Jtttidbe abs 
n>ei(lftt, bet 2(nbet^ben!enbe, iOifftbent 
—ion, $. bet ©tteit, Sioifl/ bie llHetnigs 
feit/ SKiS&cHigfeit. — ious, a. a&nfifi/ 

Diflsertdtion, «. bte 2(bl^anb(ang. 
Disserve, v. a. etnen iiMen >Dtenfl (ei? 
jlen, 9lo#t6eit btingen, Waben* Dis- 

serv'ice, ». bet 0JacJ)t^eil* Diweiyiceable, 

a. nad)t]^tUg. 
Disset'tle, «. a. in Unctbnung bringcii/ ©et? 


Dissev'er, t>. a. ^ettbeiten/.ttennen. 
Dis'sident, «. bet jDlffttcnt in ^eten, bets 

ienige, bet nid)t fotoottfd^ ift. — dence, «. 

bie ilneintgteit. 
Dissil'ient, a. wn einanbet fptingenb, jet* 

bctjtcnb. — ^ience, Dissilition, $. blC Bcn 

fptingung/ plc^Uc^e iiStennung. 
Dissimilar, a. ung(ei(fe/ wtjiftiebcm Ks- 

simildrity, Dissimilitikle, «. bte tinglcid)' 

Dissimulation, 8. btc ^etftetlung. 

Dis'sipable, a. jctflteubat. — ^pate, «. a. 

^etftteuen, btttd)5tingen. — pated, part, 
a. n)i(b, flu^fcib»ctfeno, Uebetli^. —po- 
tion, 8. bie Sctftteuung, 2(u6fd)»ctfunr. 

Dissociabil'ity, ». bte Ung^efeUtgf eit» 

Diss6ciate, v. a. ttcnnen, abfonbctn. 

Dissolubility, ». bie 7(«fic6batfeit. — bie, 

'a. avifiiihat, fd)me(ibot. 

Dis'solute, a. ou6fd)»eifcnb , Ucbettid) ; 
— ly, ad. — luteness, 8. bie TCuSfd^cis 
fung, Stebet(id)fcit — Itition, «. bie TCixU 
(cfung; Setftotung; Stennung, €nts 
(offung/ ?(uftcbung ; bet Scb ; bt< ©it? 
lenlcfigfeit, Sicbetlid)! eit, 

Dissdivable, a. auflO^Ud^. Dissbhre, 9. a. 
ouflcfcn/ ttenncn, fd)me(jen ; enttoff^n. 
». «. ftd) auflcfcn, getfcbmet^cn. — vent, 
a. ouflofenb. 8. t>a^ ouflcfenbe SWittct. 
— v'er,».bag 2tuflcfung^mitte(, Ut 2Cuf5 
Icfct. — v'ible, a. anfie^Hv* 

Dis'sonance, 8. bet SKiJHang, llebctlaut ; 
btc sJKi^^cKi^f cit — nant,a.miptttngenb, 
mipbcttig/ wtbtig, 

Dissuide, v. a. obtotl^n, wiberrat^cn. 
— der, 8. bet 9SBibettotl)cnbe. — dsion, ». 
bie SSibettatfeimg. — dsive, a. abtat^enb. 
8. bie fSibettat^ung/bet SBibettat^ung^s 

DissyllaUe, ». ba^ 3«)eifotHge SBott. 

Dis'tail^ 8. bet ©ptnntocf en :,fig. bie SBeib^s 
rctfcn, bofi «)et6(id)e @efd)(cd)t. 

Distdin, v. a. beflcrfen. 

Dis'tance, 8. bie (Sntfetnung, SBeite ; bet 
SBibctfptud) ; bie 3ut&f feoltung ; ©fttets 
bictung. v. a. cntfctnen, au^etnanbet v^: 
cf en ; fttttet fid) (affen, ijutficfiaffcn^ fibet« 
ttcffem Dia'tant, «. entjf^tnt. 

Ksti^ (. bcr Qtd; aBibcnviUc ; taS 
OTiefaOi;!!, aRiBKtgnfigtn. d. n. if a. m: 
fctiatn ®i(anno(t babfn, Sfd, SESibcr: 
tciUtn KTuifaAen, niiEbcTonSgi nmc^cn, 
lidsitinfn ; aBtfrctwiUen ftaliMi. — fiJ, 
c efelRaft, ivibtig, utanBeiK^ni, UUi-- 

Krtem'per, ». bie unattiAi unb utirid): 
ligcOTifcbunq; bieAwnffecit; toibtiflt 
euflbcfi^af <n()ett V ntibii^e l^taiitbB: 
It'tnmiung, e<ibenf<t)aft; Strftintmung, 
hie fnifivct^Utnig-, bu Jiblc Qlerinnung) 
Uimbnunq; ttnnif)(, €tcrun^ «- a 
ftanf mot^cn ; in unrrbnuna brinqcn , 
vcnoitreit, kuntufjigtn; dUi gejiiint 
moAcn. — •te, 0. unmiBig. — atnrc, «. 
bk llnniMigtcit, ffltrajivraitg ; Unnihc 
— ed, part. a. hant? i;(tb«6l ; jir: 

Dut6ad,v.0. auebchncn. Disleoiioii, «. bit 
7(u«b(Finun.q, Xuefpannung. 

IMa'tich, «. jwtt iBerfe, bai SBcrepodr. 

Distil,».n. ^-o. ttepfiltn obHfljni, — 
tion, ». bas aripftln ; ^Cbjubtn. — ler, 
•. bcc JTI'Jtcfiirc, SBtfnntr. — lery, t. bit 
Sto n n Qvc inbienn CTci. 

Distinct, tt. iinMt(t(|Ubcn ; obgefcnbert 
btullid), flat 6t^td)net ; — ly. "d- ^on. 
•■ lie unkTf*(tbung, Swnnung, 6in= 
theilung ; iScjciilinuRg -, iScnicrtung ; 
Scuti^eilung -, tet Unterfdiieb, ^><!f- 
jug. — ive, a. untctTtficiOfnb, fdjarffin! 
nio. — iTclj, od. mit llnKtfdiicb, bcul= 
li<fi.— ne«8,».biegcnauellnlerf[6ciban3, 

I)uUii'g:ui8)i, o. a. untctfificlbcn ; ouf^f ii 
ntn. —able, 0. teitJji jn wnlerfAtiBi:.., 
fStjig unttrf^icbtn ju merbra ; Uma-- 

Distitle,B.o. (inrt SttlUff IvrautiM. 

J^gUitaim, Diatttttion, a. Hi tSctbn: 

DirtUft, 0. 0. wtbntcn. 

Dialr&ct, e. a. ^in : unb fi(rjtcl)(n, fl6: 
jicficn, jcrtbcilcn ; jcrlhcuen ; vtcmir-- 
xea; jcrrfilten; ocrrfctcn. —ed, pari 
a. unnil)ig, tjiAft itlt&iX; vndiih, 

wafinfinnig. — ediy, ad. — ednaes, «, 

tit ZttftKaanftj 3>:miitung-, ascnfldt' 
btit —ion, «. bit 3cr|tKuiiiia, ajtnuir: 
ningt Sctrittuiw; ictrrfrftbett-, uin 
ru6(, Sttcfifcnifi.tcr Jlummct. 

Diair^ B. a. nitgiicf)mcn, in SJefilog 
nctinicn, gcKffi^ (rgrcifcn. —er, i. bcr, 
rot\AtT ctaii in 9)vrd)lng nimntt. 

DuUiint, >. bic ffiegna^mc, QTgreifun^. 

Distrtom, 0. n. fiiemen. 

DUtr«w,. ». bit 5Cu*j)ffinbung, bcc fflj; 
rcf)(ag; bit JQcTfimmening; bad ISttnt. 
UngIlM,eet(cn,bi:tJtunnm-r; bie<);ctt). 
SScricgnifitit. «. «. in ScfAlag n.-fimen, 
piitffimiiKni ; in 9iei{[,iti iscrlegcntiiiii 
brlngta; ing^in, tciritl'i-n. — ed, 


pmua. in gtctdi ^U/H am, Htfttfr 

fif)i MTKatn. 
Diilrib'ule, ». a. airtl^ciltn, l)tnt)(il<D. 

Diitribatkio, >. btc 71 uflEKilung , JB(r> 

tf)(i(ung. Dimib'utive, o. D»n)«il(nb, 

Ntgeltinb ■, — Ij, ad. 
Dia'tiict, ». bcr SBfiitf. 
DiMidct, n. 0. niAt tuuen, IKi^auen iei 

gtn. »■ bag asifitraufn. — M «• miS» 
if*, furdiffao 

Dirturb, v. a. ftorcn ; ixnnittni ; abwcm 

ben, n<ane^ntcn. — uice, i. {it @te: 

rung ; iBerminung ; bcr Xnfru6r. — *c, 

t. Ut S(i<b(a»ftkei, Unm^pifttr, et«> 


Diaturn, o. a. nxgttliccn, nxgncnbtn. 
Dudnion, t- ti( SKnnung, UntinigfeiL 
DieuDite, B. 0. Rmncn, Nninctnigcn. 
Dinjnit;, «.bte Snnnung. 
Disdnge, DiMlae, «. bic Kbgtwg^nungt 

Ung(br£ud)ll4frit Dinin, n. a. abgd 

niineti ; aiiitt ®ibnai) fttcn. 
IHcraluititm, ». bU ^(tudMlcbigans. IMc- 

ral'DB, », o. &erQ6ft|tn, g(rinflw&e*ii' 
Dnvel'ap,!). a. (ntgfiUtn, 
Dimducb, b. a. ipiberfpwrfltB. 
DinFitted, o. bii asciflanbee bnaubt. 
Dit, (. ba« eitb, eiebi^n. 
Ditch, *. b(r ®w6(n. r- a. ©wbcn ma* 

d)cn, an Qfrabtn arbciKn. -^i, *■ bn 

Diihjrinifaic,«.bai ©«6u*Iii:&,bitDill)B» 

ranibf, ba^ bMicifterle SrinHieb, 
Dibine, t. T. bir jmcitinist ^ufe. 
Diltan'der, «. bas ^Jfefferf rant. 
Dit'lony, ». b(r iDieiom (tin Jltanl). 
Dii'tied, a. rvngbar, mufifQlifd), Wtty. •• 

bus Sicb, bcr @efang. 
Dit'lo, ad. bc^glci^cn. 
Diurat'ic, Dinretica!, a. Urintrribenb. 
Diur'nal, a. tiglid), tagsimoS'g- •■ Sa* 20' 

gtbudb ; — ly, ad. 
Didtar'nity, (. bie longt 3)aucr. 
DiTon, «. b(i: Dinan. 
Dinj'icBtc, B, a. ouecinanberfoetrfR.B-"- 

flA aueninanber fpcmn, ^d) jcit^tilen. 
Dive, ». B. taudjen, unltttaufkn ; ti«f in 

ctnKieeing(l)cn,<inbTinE|en;|id) in etnas 

tinlaffcn. ». a. (rforffbcn, ctgrfinbtB. 

Dini^JieU, bie Saudlttglcctc. 
Divenicate, b. s. jCITCifitn. 

Dha, e. bn Sau^tt; erfnfdjK; <Si' 

DiT«rge, v. ■. fiife nnA Nrf4tebtn(n Si*s 
tnngen auibT(ttcn,abn>ti(4en. Diverg'eiit, 
a. au^tinanter laufcnb. 

Dfven, a. pL pttfthitbtne, m^nrt. 

DiTene, a. wrfftiebtn, unKifd)tcten i 
— ly, ad. — sifiMiticm, (. bii OJei&nbo 
ruBg,9J«*6ifI'e"6»tbcr®(flolt.— «'i^, 
v. s. Mr4(f)iebm madien; Ki&nbem; 
unterf*«ib(n. — «on.i.b\tTPj\iwfto»%\ 
(ill feci: Ari<aituilitl^« SJ'OTrffs^'W* 


— Blty, 8, tie a5ctfd)iel>cn]&eit^ Unatctcps 
f)cit; SKannisfottlgfeit ; ter Untcrffticb, 

Divert, V, a. ab§ic^cn; aMenfen; ^er; 
fhcuen ; ftctuftigen, crgc^cn ; ^crrfittcn, 
ijcrftcren. — er, ». ba5 t»a€ tinter^citt, 
gcrjtrcuct. — <sc, c. a. bctufligen. — ise- 
mcnt, 9. Me SBetufligung. — ^ive, a. be? 
tuttlgcnt), crgc^Ud). 

Divest, tj. fl. cntfteibeii/ entbtopen; be^ 
frdcn/to6mod)en. Diveat'ure, ». tie @nts 

Divfdabl^ a, tl^ettboc Dividant, a. C(es 

trcnHt t)ctfd)ieten» Divide, v. a, t^eilcn, 
trcnnett/ abfentern ; ent^weicn; eintfteis 
Icn, tocrtfteilen. Div'idend, «. tet ^\}c\i, 
HnXi^tii ; tie Zl)CtimQ6ial)l Divider, ». 
tcr Sftcitcc; 2(ui5t^ci(cr/ SSettfjeiter. 
Divid'ual, c. Qet^eitt/ t^eilbiir. 

Divin&tion, «. oie SBaf)tfogung. 

Divine, v. a. 4r n* n>ei6fagen/ n>a^rfacjen ; 
cnatl)m. a, gottfic^. ». bet (SJeifllidbe, 
^cttc^cU^ttc ; — ly, o</. — ness, ». tie 

Diviner, 8. tct aBaferfaget. —ess, «. bte 
*5>Qljrfa9erin. Divin'ity, «. bie ©ctt^eit; 

Divisibit^ity, — Weness, #. bic Sl^eilbarf ett. 
— ble, fl. tftcilbar. 

Division, ». tic Sl^cituing, 2(bt^ci(un9; 
Srennunfl ; tie gscrfd^ietcn^cit ; Uneis 
iiiaf cit ; So^tcntl^eilunQ. Divisor, «. tet 

Div6rce, ». tie G^efdieitung ; Srcnnung, 
V. a. tic @^c aufl6fcn ; Dcrftopcti/ trcn^ 
ncn^ abfentcm ; cntfernen/ weanfe^men. 

— ment, «. tic (SJ^cfcfeeitutig. Divorcer, 

«. tcr fd)citcntc ;jf)cil ; bic trenncntc 

Divulge, tj. a. bcf annt madden, t)erbrcitctt ; 
fffcnrtid) crttfiren. 

Divul'sion, 8. ta§ 2(6reijcn. 

Dizen, t>. «. ptt|en, ^ictcn. Diz'zard, ». 
tcr J)ummfopf, ©dftwintelfepf. Dizzi- 
ness, 8. tcr ®ci)ri>intc(. Diz'zy,a.fc^n>in« 
tclig, V. a. f^rmnbctig mod^cn. 

♦Do, v.a,Sfn, tfiuti, madden, oerri(fttcn ; 

bcmirfen^ su @tanbe bringcn ; sa @nte 

brinqcn, beentigen ; fid) bepnten. (2Ct^ 

.feutf^wcrt tient e« ju locrf^tetenem ®e? 

Do'cible, Doodle, a. ge(e()rtj* Dc/cibleness, 

Docil'ity, «. tie ®cT[eF)riA6it. 

Dock, 8, tie ®ccfc ; (Sd)iff#tocfe ; ter 
(Stumpf tefi ©cftwansefi ; ba5 TCmpfets 
fraut. V. a. fhi^en ; (wn ber Slec^ung) 
cib^ie^cn ; ein ^d)iff in bie JDcrfc brins 
c^en. — yard, bog @d)iff^«>crft. 

Dock'ct, 8, tag 8Baarcnt>cr3cid)ni? ; tcr 
Sn^alt V, a. mit cinem Scttcl pcrfcbcn. 

DocW, •. tcr 2)octcr ; ter ®c(cf>rtc ; ?Crgt. 
». a, hie 2f r^cncifunfl auei'ibcn. — ul, «. 

sueincm jDcctct gc()crin,lcttotm5iV^^*, 


— oDy, ad, — «Up, #. btc ;Dcetcr»fitbf# 

—ess, ». tic iDortctin. 
Doc'trinal, a, gu ter ®(aubcn65(cbre ge^ 

^crig ; bele^rcnb ; — ly, ad, Doc'trine, 

8. tic Seftre ; ter Unterridbt. 
Doc'ument, «. tie •fficteftrung^ 95crfebrift, 
' 3(nn>cifun9 ; tic aBcweigfd)rift, tcr Sf^cs 

leg, tic Urfunte, — al, a. urfunttid) ; 


Dod'der, ». tie JtodfegfcitC/ tag Jitsfraut. 
Dodec'agon, ». lai Swolfcdf. 
Dodecahedron, ». T. bo« 2)cbcf acbren, cttt 

i?cn gwctf gleit^en gfinfcrfcn cingcfd^tcffes 


Dodecatemdrion, 8. T. bcr gn>c(ftc Sbcil 

cineg 3ir!cl0 ; Sftaum clneg ter iwlif 

Seicfeen im 5£l^icr!reifc. 
Dodge, V. n. ^)iti5 unb (icr (oufen ; toan- 

(elmfit()ig ^antetn ; Sift gcbraud)en. 
Doe, «. tie dic\:}bxl), 2)ammf)irfd)(u^, 

^inbin, bag ©ef^fift. 
D6er, «. tcr Setter, Sister. 
Does, (tritte 5)erfcn @ing. »on to do). 

he — , er t^ut, 2c. 

Doff, «. a. ougfleitcn/ aug«e^)cn, nWegcn. 
Dog, 8. tcr ^unt ; tog SKanncf)cn wrfdbics 

tencr S^iere. —days, tic .&untgtaoc. 

—star, ter ^untgftcm. —kennel, tcr 
|>untcftotl. —cheap, t»cridbt(idf), mchU 
feiU —fish, tcr ©ccf)unt. —tired, 
—weary, dupcrft ermfitct* —trot, tcr 
^untctrab. ©. a. nad)fc(gcn, nodbfpiircm 
— pd, c. bcijia, murrcnt, miirrifch; 
— ly, ad, — gedness,.*. tog miirrtfd)C 
•9Befcn. — gish, a, ^fintifd) ; — ly, ad. 

Doge, 8. ter jDogc, ^crgcg. 

Dog'ger, 8. ein fleincg cinmaftifd^cg ^(!)iff. 

Dog'gerel, a, »cr&d)tli(^, nidfetgrofirtig. t. 
fdbtedbtc SScrfc. 

Dog'ma, 8. tcr 8c^irfa|, bte Scftrc. — t'ic, 
— t'ical, fl. (e^rcnb; gcbictcrifd); — ly, 

ad. — ^t'icalness, — ^tism, ». tog gcbictC^ 

rifdfec aScfcn. — tist, ». ter ©(aiibcnglcft? 
rcr; eigcnwiUige Scorer; gebieterif^ 
sWcnfrf), — tize, f>. n, augtrfidE(id) Us 
l^ouptcn, ouf cine gebietcrifdbc Titt (cl)rcn. 

Doil'y, 8. cine Uvt Bcug ; tog ftcinc ScU 

Ddings, 8, pL tog wog gcfAicl&t; bic 
^onttungcn, SScrridbtungen ; a<crffinc ; 
bog 95etrogen/ tic2Cutffiorung; ticBuft? 
barfcitcn, ^^iidfUxt^xu 

Doit, 8, ter ibtnt, ^tXiev. 

Dole, 8, tie 2(ugtl^ei(ung ; ter 2Cntl^ci( ; 
tic milbe ©obe, tog ®cfdbenf; tic 
Sracftt ^riigcl ; tcr .Summer, v. a, oug# 
tftcitcH/ fpcnten* — ftil, — some, a. hxms 
ntert»cll, bctrfibt, trourig; — fiiUy, W. 

-fulness, — somenesa, 8. fcic Srout igf cit^ 

Doll, 8. tic gjuppc, • 
Dol'lar, 8, ter ;if)o(en 
Dol'onvite,t, tcT cloftifc^c SMotmcr. 

DOR , 

Cdorif'ie.a.SAiMrjIxnitfafteab. Uol'- 
«rous, a. fdinteijtid), fdjmCTjIiaft EWlor. 
«. Set Siimtxi, ®Tani. 

Dol'phin, t. Bei; 3)c[pi)iR. 

Dolt, I. Irt aetpcU —ub, a. titpifd) -, — ly, 

SDmable, ■. bfnbig. 

Domiiii,*. ba£ @ebid; Jtommctgut. 

Dome, ». tit Jtuppcl ; ^ee Dem. 

Domteticil, a. ju ttm filiuft !i(^£ng, 
feiuili*. —cute, 0. o. ^SuSlH) niad)i.-n, 
<in Ime -SauS 5(ni61)n(n, eiotjeimitch 
marfKiU Domostic, a. ju 6«n ^aiife ge; 
tlftig, b^u^ifb ; »^m ; (int)tiiiti(d). s, 
tcr ^anfgencltc. Bttnftbate. 

D6inicil, 1. bit IStbouruna, ia 9Bc^ott. 

— iary, a. ()iu«li(t). 

Ddmify, e. a. i61)mtn. 

Eijm'iQanl,a. t)(rtfd|(nb. — nBte,T.n.^n. 
herrftbcn, — Qitiml,».tU6<"f*llft.QC: 
n)alt. — nafiya, a. gtbUtfrifa). — riillor, 
»- t(c SefiifKt. 

Domineer, e.d. ^rn. Btbittttif* fiiinbdn, 
fid) (tgenmiilHig kncfenien. 

Domin'lciil, a. frnntigltft. — fetters, tit 

Senniag^sSudillQS (ti. 
Domin'ican, t. in ScminifoRIc. 
Dominloa, t. tie fierrfdiafl ; toe ®eliict, 
Dom'ino, 1. tat; sma^tentldt, eine an 

Spict, bae ^!)omi^^ 
Doa, e, a. onjw&en, |i(& mil (tnn6 bcfkU 

ittt, anlegm. 

Dchuirj, t. b06 SBetfigefdnnl. Donilion, 
DOnative.'a. btc ©djentung, tat racfihcnf. 

Done, port. ■. jubeHilet; gf&taten, aefcrtji, 
qat. i.tcppl c^i^iltl 

Dunes, «. bet ffltftftenEtc. DiiDcr, s. ta 
{Atnttait @tb<r. 

Doa'zel, r. btx $agr. 

Doo'dle, ». ber aSnblet, ^auldijer. 

Doom, ». b« fflidilcrfpnitli, boS iirificU ;i 
hieiJngftcSeriAl! baS ®*iJ(al, um 
gl&t, bn: Untccgnng. »■ O' tic^icn. trt^! 
im^etltn; titfiiili«£cn, bcftimmetu Doums. : 
At, b(C Utt^iUtofl, SeriifiiStna ; tael 
jinefh ®tricftt, bcT iangfte £ag. iloonis- 
diy-book, baS Ecfien:, CanbcSi cSct Sn; 
geiiud) (mOTtn con SBilbelin tem @tft<i;: 
ret oHe gSnbettien unb eanbgflict in 
(SnglanD pct^ieidinet nattn). 

Door, >. bie S^Stt : bet Sinaang. Snttitt. 
out of doors, avii Bern ^aufe- — keeper, 
bet S^Brdfitet, qjfettnee. 

Diquei, * bet WtifHtdie )8ef<l)l. w* 

Dot, I. bie pummel, BBefiw ; bet ©cfjroKr. 


Doriuk, Doric, •. borifcft, — tudi 
b«tif&e ■ ' 


Oor'mar, «. tcr StagfieXttn, DutAiagfaiti 
fen. —window, bo* Bo*f(nR(E. 

Dor'mouse, «. bie ^ofelmooS. 

Dora, (. bet JKk6(, ((in Sifdj). 

Dor'sal, o. ben SRfidtn 6(ttfffenb. 

Dof'a^ DotW, (. bet Stagetot6, ^tit- 

Dfinlfinnis, Donipannu, a. anf betn Stus 
lien ttagenb. 

DoBB, (. (in gemtffeS 5Jtflo6 Mn Ilt«nei, 
bi<@abe; b<tS6eiI,2(nlliei(;ba99X[iii^. 
V. a. Htjenei qc6tn, nrjeneten. 

Dn'Bil, >. iai !B&ufif)d)cn (beibcn iSunbs 

Dot, »,baS fleine ^atitt, afis 
pfeL V- "■ punEten, tilpfetn. 

Dotage, ■. bit ffierflanbesfcfiio&die , bet 
XbeitDil', bae petftanbeeltf^ Zltet, bie 
jweite Jtinbtjetl-, bie iibmtieStiK nit: 
tifAc 3itHi*E(it. 

Doui, 0. jum ^(italfisgule qcbWa. 

Dotard, DMcr, t. itx finbif*e Steif, 

DotAUon. ». bie KuSfiatlung. 

Dote, B, n. Einbifd) fcpn, unwrftfinbis 
feiin ; fiiiennS^ig titben. 

Drttingly, oil. flbertriebtn jitttt^. 

Dot'tmd, a. bet Sroetgioum. 

DouTjle, a. boppctt, jweifod) ; ffllfi*, Hn« 
tetlijKg. ». baS Scpodte ■, tai 3>c»pels 
biet ; tic fiift. Dou'bly, ad — bitinp, 
jmeifdineibig. — deiler, bet falfche, be; 
nSglidic SSenfA. —minded, jmeibfutig 
oefinnr. — tongued, falf*, bctriSgcnf*. 
Dou'bU, t>.a. netbcpieln ; bcppeil entbolt 
Kit ; fatten, iimfd)1iig(n ; ijtatmattiia, 
fKrumfotjten, umfegtln. "■ "■ fi* bei= 
buppeln ; fiii) umbtelien , umhfiten , 
Aceu^fptdnge niqd)en ; ^ bin: unb 

DoubleDBB*, *. bit bcppelb aStf^ffens 

DdublBt, ». las jpiiflt, a)opp(I(J4a ; m 
^afd) ; bit aecftt, ba« JtomifcL 

DouUtioii, >. bie 2)u6Icne, Seppelfiflcle. 

Doubt, e. a. if n. jweifein, b(jiwij>:tn, JBes 
tenfen ttogen, KtgnMbn mm. <- bet 
3ntiftl, lai Sebentcn, bie Ilngenrif bctl. 
— er, I. bet Smdflct. —M, a. meifel* 
fiafi, bebentlid), ungeiPiS; —V' '^■ 
— fiiliieaa, «. bie Unflcn>i6ti(it, 3n)eife[s 
hoftif^eit, — ingly, ad, auf cine i»ei« 
felnbe Mtt —lei, a. if ad. cftne 3»cifel. 

Doneine, (. T. bie JRtnnleifte. 

Dongh, 1. bet Setg. —baked, hiptg, nidlt 
OfiX. — y, a. teigifl. my cake ii dougfa, 
mein llntenielimcn ift miglungen. 

Dought'j, a. bebetjt ; ebil. 

Doose, V. (L ^ n. ptcjlid) inS aBafTer toets 
fro, fflUf n, 

lWt«i, I. bet eiebtbimpfer, 

Dore, «. bie Sau6e. — cot, bet Satibcn: 
Hltag, —tail, T. (b« iHtt %Ai^t!«:\'Wwi\ 


Dow'ager,,*. bU »«t»ittt)etc gjrau/ cer? 

wittoete jDomC/ SBittoe. 
Dow'df, «. einc nxiQtWa^U, plnntpc 

©ow'er^ Dowrcry,. «* bet SBt!autfd)0|/ Mc 

2(u«ftattun9/ SWitgift; bag Srautgcs 

fa)cn!, bieSKotgcngo^c; ba^SBittMi/ 
Cei&gebinae ; tic @abc. --cd, a, ouegc^ 
ftattct —legs, o. el&ne TCufiftottung. 

iWlas^ «i t)ie jrcbe Scinwanb. 

Down, ». ber -Jlaum, tie glaumfcbctn ; 
bo« iartc^&oot, SKilcft^aot^ bte Ctnbc? 
rung; cine ^tc^c au^gcbrcitetc @bcnc; 
bcr ^Agel, btc ;Dunc« • 

Down, prep, ad, untcn, nicbcr, \)ma^, ()ins 
nntcr> l)cvah, l^cruntcr. —cast, nicbcrge 
iTJcrfcn, nicbcrgcfd)(agcn. — iall, bcr Un? 
tccqang^ Umjhir^ — hill, ber 2(btang; 
ab^dngig; t)crgo(>. — looked, mcbcrgcs 
fcJ)(agcn> traurig. — l3ring, in ^inbis* 
ncttjcn. — sitting,i)ic fl'lirf)c. ». a-untcr 
jcc^cn/ bcmilt^gcn* —right, ad. gcrabc 
hi ; ouQCttfdbcinUd). a. feci, cffcn, unucr 
Peat, Otcbcr ; bcutlidft, imlcugbar ; t>c(s 
tig, DcUEcnuncn. —ward, a. ftd) fcn!cnb, 
abbangcnb/ otl^fingig; mcbcraef(ft(agcm 
— ^wardi.— wards, ad. nicbcrn>art5.. 

Down'yi,a. ftoumig/ n)cid)„fanft* 

DoVre, Dow'ry, see Dower; 

Doxorogy, »..bcr Sobfptud)^ 

Dox'y* »• bic sffU^C, .^Utc. 

Doze, f>. n. fc^tummcm, v. a. 6ct&u6en/ 
t>cnc6e(m b. bcr ©d^tummcr. Ddziness, 
t. bie ©(ftt&frigfctt. Dozy, ai. fcfttofcig, 

D5zel, •. bQ5 £uft^&pf«6cn» 

B6zeliBg, •. cine ?Crt @d)attiruttg. 

Doz'en, «. \>(x^ >Dufecnb, 

Brab, ». cinc 2(Trt Sudr; bie^^ure. 
lor, cine gc(6gtauc Jorbc. 

Drab'bler, ». T. bag »cifcgct Scifegd. 

Drachm, ». bog iDrad)ma. 

Dracun'culus, «, bct S<*^cnnni«it, ^otlt? 
n)urm ; bic ;D6tnnabc.. 

Draff; ». ber 2Cugn>urf, bic Sicrficfcn, bcr 
©obenfa^.. — y, a. fd^nw^ig v W^^\»^ 

Draft, see Draught. 

Drag, «. c* 4rn* ^i^fecn/ fifttcppcn. «. bag 
3ugnef ; bctSie^l^afin ; bcr^dbleiftoas 
gen, bte ©dftteifc. 

Drag'gle, ©,. a. ^ n. fcl)(cppcn; burcftg 

@$tcppcn tm ^ctl^ 6ef(^mu|cn>v fc^mu^ 
Mg wcrbcn. 

Dragoman, Drogman,,*. bcr SDctmctf^Cti, 
Drag'on, s. bcr JDradjc^ —blood, bag 

iOxai^cnUui — etv «. bcr Keine )Drad)e. 

— fly,.«.. (ein 3«f«tt) bi^ SBaffci^ungfcr. 

— bh, — like, c. brad^cnartig ;. »fit^c«b» 
JPragbon, «. bcr JDrogcncr;. »: a. burdj 

2)ragMier jwiiwen, ^etbatcngcwatt 

hratt^eri/ burd) ^etbaten qu6(cn. 
jftrain, ». ar. yij/fififcitcn aMcitctt^.SS^^s 


fer ab^ie^cn, trodfnen; nadft unb nac^ 

cntgic^cn, attgtecrcn* •• bcr ^b^ug, @ra? 

ben, bic JHinnc, ^affcrteitting.. — able, 

a. wag fid) augtrccfncn la^. — er, 9. ben 

Drake, s. bcr (Sntcrid); bie. ©tcdftfticge v 

cine 2(rt Kciner ^ancncn. 
Dram, «; bag £Xucnt, Dittc«t<i)en ; ber 

©d)(ucf, ©d)napg. ». «. fdftnapfcn. 
Drima, «. bag ©(ibttufpiet. — t'ic, — t'ical, 

«. jum @d)aufpie(c gcborig, bratnatif*, 

fdbaufpiclm&^ig ; — ly, fl<i. — tisti^.-bcr 

Drank, pret. (wn to drink) tranf. •• bw 

Sctd), @4»inbclbafcr. 
Drape, «. n. Zix^- ma(^cn. /o^. burd^^es 


Draper, «. bcr SU(fel&&nb(er. Dnipery, 8. 
bit Sud)mad)crci ; bcr Sud^anbet ; t>a^ 
ISndb, 3cug ; bie ©cwinber; 

Dras'tic, a..«>irffam, fraftig. 

Draught, 9. bag Sic^cn; bcr 3ug; 
@d>lucf, Srunf; ©ntwurf; bie 3eidb* 
nung ; bcr2((>iug, bic JRinnc ; bcr SBcAs 
fclv bie ?Cugt»bttng/ TtugmaM wn ©ct* 
batcn, ;ji. bag S3rcttfpicl/ 5)amcnfpieL 
—board, bag ©amcnbrett; — horse, bog 
Sugpffrb. —house, bcr 2(btcitt; 

*D>aw, v.a.Sfn. gic^cn V ongbcficn, obj' 
aicl^cn, cingic^cn, auggiebcn, oufticbcn, 
^ugie^cn ; ()crwr3ic^cn ; fcl)cpfcn v fan? 
gen, cinfougen, ougfaugcn; cintoucficn ; 
ongtoffen, flicgen (affcn; geidjnen, ot? 
3cid)ncn, cntn>erfen ; ouffc^n, fdbrctbcn, 
nicbcrfdjrcibcn ; o6tcitcn, &cr(eiten ; cr? 
merbcn, gcwinncn; ncftmcn', annc()s 
men; erprcffcn;: abfonbcm> augf«d)cn; 
aug»&^tcn; bre^cn, t>crbrc^cn; ou^? 
wcibcn, bic dJcwcibc ougncbmc^n. fa 
draw along, fortgicjcn/ nocft fidS gicften. 
— m, »erbrc^en, surfidfjtcl^cn ; rci^en; 
»ertciten» —off", ob^teften, cntjic^cn, cnt? 
ftmcn. —on, wrurfdc^cn, ecronloffen; 
i)tviVL fommcn, n&^cr f cmmen, tjerrficfen. 
--over, bcrcbctt; wrfcttcn, gennnneR. 
—out, b^rowg^icl&cn, j^crmigbringen ; 
ougbcbncn/ wriSngcm ; ougfuc^en, ^cn 
ougncbmen; anorbnen, PelTen* —up, 
onftic^cn; cntwcrfcn, niebetfifbrciben, 
auffc^cn ; in ©dbtadbtcrbnung ftcUcn. 

Drawf 8. bog Sicken; gcgegcne 8Mg; 
—back, bog 2(b^uaggcrb, 9?od)!aSdfctb ; 
bcr2(bgug,9'?ad)Iaf..— bridge, btc^3ttQ? 
brfidfc;.— well, ber Sicbbrunncm a drawn 
battle, bie uncntfd)icbcnc ©d)(adTt. 

Draw'ep, & bcrSicfjicr ; SQBofferfAopfcr; 
bcr Sopfer, Jtctlncr; berScirf^ncr; ber 
on^ie&cnbc ^erper; bie ©^iebtobc. 
Drawers^)!, btc^ Xlntcrbcinftctbcr, Untcr? 
bcfen, GtAd-^ bcr ©elbbrothgic^cr. 
Tooth — , bcr So^nor^t chest of drawers,. 

bic Gcmmbbc* 
Drawingvt. bag Bitten,, &n6mo^*^lk: 


3ei(f>nttn9» —room, ttt^^efeCf^afttfjinu 

xner ; ta^ |)offeft; tie ^tf^e^cU^a^afu 
Ikawn, part, (ocn to draw) gqcgetl^ K» 
Drawl, V, n. auf ciwc langfamc unb ges 

Dray,— <jarty».t)k@<6(ctfwVber ®d){cifjr 

wagcn, @ci)teif!arten, bet SBietwagcn, 

JBiertarrett^ —man,, bergul^rmann M 

Dra'zel, «.. «iir ntctrlQe^/ fcfttec^ftc^ SBefeW* 

Dread, 8. bcr @(ftrc(fcn ; t)« Sw^t' *• 

fdbrccf(td)> futdfetbar; ftw)fl tereftrung^s 

wtlrMj* o. a. fcftr fard)tcn«. — fiiV «. 

fchcccKid) ; — Ijr <»rf. — ftilness^ «. tw 

©d)rccf(ic^!eit — less, a. imcrfd)cc(!cn. 

— lessnese, 8. tie Unerfd^rorfcn^eit. 
*Dream, ». a. ^T «• trdumcn. ». bct Sraum. 

— er, 8, tcr SrSumcc, — ingly, ad. ouf 

cine tr&umcnbc SSctfc* —less, a. cftne 

Dr6ar, a. itanxiQ, fcftrecfUc^^ fd^oiwwoJL 
— inesfl, «. bcr jftaucrocttc Suflanb* —yr 
a. Wauewctt/ obc. 

Dredge, ». cinc Utt 0ie| gum JlfAen, baS 
2Cu(tccnc|. t>. fl. mtt bcm 2(uftemc| 
jifd)cn ; mit 9)2cf)( t>cjlrcuen. — er, 8* bcr 
?Cuftecnfifd)er ; bte ®treubfi*fc» 
Dreg'giness, ». bie l()efcnarti9C 95efd)Qf^ 
fcnbcit ; bee SBcbcnfa^/ ber ©(^(amnu. 
— ffish, — gy, a. ^cftg, btrf, fdblommtg/ 
trfibc. Dregs, ».;iZ.btc ^cfcn, bcr Sc? 
bcnfal, Unratl) ; bcr 3(u«n)urf^ 
Drein, V. a. <iu5tccrcn.. see Drain. 
Drench, v, a. etntaticl^cn, untcrtaudbeii/ 
burd)n&ffen/ tranfen; ntU ?{T|cneran? 
ffittcn. ». bcr Srun!, :$ranf/ 2(i!3enti? 
tcani ; bcr SQRaffcrgrabcn. 
Dress, «. bte ^tctbunxh bcr ?(njud,, btc 
.ftCctber, ^lcibutt96|hicfev bic befferc 
.Rteibung/ bie (Staat^ttctbung ; bic Hvt 
fi4 5U fUibcn, ^unjt fic^ ^u fCcibcn. 
—coat, ber ©taatSrccf, ba€ @taot5f(cib. 
Dress, v. a. Hcitcn, onftciben ; \^m^s 
den, iutcn, pu|en ; (cinc SBnnbc) wrs 
binbcn; (ein ^fcrb) priepctn^ ebcr 
ftberl^aupf rciniJ^cn; in 9e()iri9en' 3u- 
llonb t)crfc|cn/ in £)rbnun9 tjrinjcn; 
gurc^t mod)en; au^i^tcn, gubcrcitcn, 
bereitcn ; (cin 9)ferb) abridfetcn, gurcir- 
ten. i>,n,fidi anttextcn, ftc^ on^ic^n ; 
(bet ben Ucbungcn ber feolbotcn) fid) 
rc^tcn. Halt,^ dress ! l)aU ! ridftt end) ! 

— er, •. bie ^anuncrfwu; bcrienige, l i. 

welAet; ctrna^ gubcrcitct ctnwe^ in aes^ Drizzlyv a* tiefelnb, niffenb* 
Wrigc £)rbnun9 bringt; bcr Kuricms- Dnril, «. bic 2)rc()nc ;.bcr Soulcnacr, ».«. 
tifdi>.bit2(nric^tcf — mgs «-. ba^ Suridj^ tr&gc orbeitcm. 
ten, 2(n!(cibcn, a)u|en ; ber aSci^nb*, Drmt,. »i'. bog Sled)!/. We* ©crcAtfamc- 
— 4ngroom) bo5 anfleibe^iwmcr; Droits- of the admiralty, bic 2(bmiro(i? 

Drib,. V, 0. bejd^ncibcn/ obffir^cn.. t&t«rc(fitc. 

Drib'ble, v, a, ^ n. tropfcltt ; Wwad& IS)crs- Droll, ». bcr ^cffenrciffcr, gufH9mad)cr ;: 
abfotlen ; fieifem* bit 5>cffe, bo* ^cffcu^plcU a. ^t^xreCx^*^ 

Drib'bH.i. dttctliine ©umnK iMOU*. I t. n. ^o^Jcn. taaijii«i». €A|^x^ twfew^ 


Drfedi part, (»on to dry) getrcdfact, tredfem 

Drier, ». bo* trwfticnbe SKittcU 

Dria, ». ber Srieb/ ^tef,. Tfntrieb;^ btt 
^fttcje JoH/ ®tuQ,bie^eftkfcit; bo6 
(i^ctriebene ; bie getritbene SOienge/ bie 
2(uff)&ufun9 (J. S8^ t)cn €klftnee) ; bie 
3licf)tun9, t>a^ 3iet; bcr 3wcc!, ©nb? 
gtt>cd8, bie 2(bf!<Jbt a-drift, tm Suftonbc 
betJ ireiben*. to set a-drift, wcgtreiben 
toflrn, mcgflrcpcn foffcn/ in bie wette 
®c(t fd)i(!cnv 

Drift, V. a. trctbcn, fcrtffi^rcn ;; oufl^fiufcn^ 
v,m gctricben wcrbcm gufommen getrie? 
ben* tocrbciTy ftd) ouf^oufen. 

Drill, «. bcr jj)ritt*c^rcr, bte SRcnnfpins- 
bet ; bo5 Scd)/ n)crin ber @aame gctcgt 
wirb ; cin Kcincr JBod) (ftett rill) ; ber 
^ot)iam «. a. briUcn, bc&ren/ buwi^bo^^ 
rcn ; cin gcdft mad)cn, ^in^itten ; fein^ 
jicl^cn ; in ben flBaffen untcrrid^tcn ; on? 
crbncn, gcl^orig ftctten ; obric^ten, un^ 

Drink, ». bcr Uronf ; bo* ®ctr&n!» *©. n. 
4f fl- trinfcn, betrinfcn^ tb drink to, gn* 
trinfcn^ (SJcfunb^cif trinfcm. — moneyr 
bo* JJrinfgclb. —able, a; t;rinfbor». — er,, 
8. bcr Srinfen 

Drip,. ©.. m 4f fl. triefen, txcpfiin, Utx^s- 
pfctn.. ». bir Sraufe- 

Dripping, « bag SBratcnfctt, — pan, <^ 
bic Srotpfannc, Jettpfonne, wcrin: bog 
Scttbcim Srotcn trcpft^ 

*Drive, «. a. treibcn, ^intreibcn; wcgtrcts- 
ben, )?ertreibc»; faf)wn ; bundb weptrci*- 
ben ou^ecrcn/ bog SStei^ n>C9tretbcn ; 
gwingen/ n6tM9cn; t»crfiot9cn, bctrcibcn.. 
V. w. fid) trcibcn (affcn/ gctricben werr 
ben>. tai)in fffirgcn, citctt/ rcnncn ; (int 
SBogen) fol^wn; ob^dtn,, objwcdfen.. 
to — at, no<ft ctwog stc(en>. Un @inne 
l&aben. — in, «infd)(o9cn, cintrciben, 
cinrammcn. — ofl^ ahtxxitvc, wegtrci* 
ben, — on, wrairtg Ireibcn- to — a 
bargain, cincn ^onbcl mo^n. 

Driver, ». bcr Sreibcr; Jirl&rmann ; hai 
trcibcnbc SBcrf^eug. Screw-, bcr: 
@(i^raubcngicf)er, €(j^raubenbre^r. 

Driv'el, v. n, actfcm; fofcta^ oberwilig 
cber t^oric^bcmbetn. t. bcr ®cifer. 

Driv'eller, ft. bcr ©CifwrctJ;. obcrwiligc- 
9)lenfc&, 9Jarr> Sl&cr^ 

"DnVeiii part. (Dcn to drive) gctricbctt. 

DriE'zle^ v,niSfa, riefctnv tropfcltt ; in 
fleincn Sropfcn faUen loffcn.. 


— ery, ». Me ^t^tttLiijIidt, &d^it)afs 
tigfctt; Me ^offen, Gd^io&nfe, 

Drom'edary, s, bod Stampettl^ter. 

BroQe, «. tie >E>tone^ bet 3<tutettjec» v, n. 
fdttlettieiu Drdniidi, a. fau(/ maf i9« 

Droop, «. n. f(^mod)tcn, oerge^eu/ cl^nmfid^? 
tt0 mecben, ftnfetu 

Drop, •. bet Swpfen. «. n. ttJpfctn; 
tte4>fm ; foHen, jinfen ; fttvUn, p(c|s 

I ltd) flet6en ; tcx^^toxnUn, aMmn ; 
unemattet fommen. «. a. tto^^feti/ tr6' 
pfcia; faUen (affen; );cr(tcren; fen- 
fen; duffem; aufgeben, ctn ^be ma? 
(^en ; Dcrtoffen ; Ui ©eite fc^en, du^* 
laffett; betrepfen/ fprenfctn* to — in, 
eintr5pfeto^ etnptepcn (affcn, bcU&ufig 
betfit)ten; ^eretnfemmcn ; bineinfcm? 
metu — out, tinbemerft we^gebcn; 
— off, ^cobfaHen , fid^ loctnnnbem ; 
wegge^en^ fterben. —serene, ber fcfewars 
^ ©taar (ber Xugen). — «tone, ber 
Srcpfftein. —ping:, »• t)o€ Srepfen, ®c? 
tr6pfeU — Jet, ». bo5 JSrepflem. 

Dropsica], Drop'sied, a, waffcrfi^tig^ 

Drop'sj, «. bic SBafferfudftt 

l>ra88, «. bte ^d^tacfe eber jil. @d)(o(fen ; 
bie llnretnigfctt/ ber Slcjt, ©(t^Jum^TCbs 
fc^unt/ Xu^wttrf. —iness, 8. bte fd)(o? 
rfcnftafte, rojltge ober unreine 95cfd)of5 
fenljeit —V, a. fcfttadfen^aft; rcfttg, urn 
rein; fd^te^t^ nid)t6n>firbtg. 

Drought, 8, bofi trctfcne IS^etter, bte 5>firs 
re ; ber JDnrft — ineas, ». bic 2)ftrre» 
— y, fl. biirre, trotfen ; burflio. 

Drove, «. bte ^eerbe ; ber ^oufen, 3«fam5 
wenlouf/ 2(uflanf. DnSver, ». ber ffiie^s 
^trt/ S^te^J^inbter. 

Drown, «. a. ertr&nf en, erf&nfen ; untcr 
tai SBaffer fenfen ; SberTdftwemmen ; 9er; 
fenfen; AbenoMgen^ erfUtfen. «. n. er? 

Drowse, v. a. f(f>t&ftig ntatften. ». n. f(Jl&f? 
tig feott, fdfclummem* Drows'ineas, ». bic 
©^(dftigfett, JKrdgbeit. Drowa'y, a. mit 
^tojf betoben, 1%l6frig/ faul, tr&ge; 
fd)n)erf&ttig/ bumnu 

Drub, V. 0. prfigetn. s, ber ®4fag» Drub. 
\mg, 8. bie Sradf^t ^(^(figc* 

Drudpie, v, n. fcjbwcre unb niebrtge Htbc'tt 
ocmc^ten^ flc^ ptacfen/ biijfetn/ cfe(m 
Drudg'er, #. bcr/ wetcftcr fd)werc 2(rbcit 
cerrwet/ ber ©c(a»e, Drudg'ery, «. 
bie fcbmere Htbtxt, ^ladmt, Sfiffctei. 
Drudg', eber Ivedgring-box, «. bic 
®trcubft§fe. Drudgr'ingly, oa. mit fourer 

Drug,*, bie ©peccrei/Ttr^enei; t>a^ ©ift; 
bie fd)(e4)te/ unnfi|e, t)er(cgene $Boarc ; 
ber fcbwcrc 5(rbctter. «. a. mit Xrjeneis 
waoren ))erfc$en ; mit TCr^enci onfimen ; 
mit @ift mtfdyen; mit etwad aSHbrigcm 
onffttten. --gist, c ber ^ecerei^anblcr. 
— -"fer, «. tev 2f rjeneifrdmeu 


Dni|/get, ». etne 2(rt »ettene« Seng* 
Drtsid, 8, ber JDmibe. 
Drum, 8, bie Sromiitel; ba^ Sremmet? 
feUim£)^T; «.«. trommetn. — ^ajor, 
ber SRegimctttttambeur. —stick, ber 
Sremmclftccf^ — mcr, ». ber Sronunel^ 

DrunTble, v. n. fl<^ trAge bcnxgcn, fjijUds 

Drunk, a. bctmnten; bttrd)n&9t, na^* 
— ard, ». bcr Jlrunfcnbclb. —en, «. 
trunfcn/ bctrnnfen; bntd^ndft; — cnly, 
ad. — enness, ». bic ISrunfeiibeit 
Dry, a. tttditi, biirrc ; burfHg ; — ^, «<?. 
V. a. 4r n. trocfencn, borrcn ; erfcbepfen* 
to — up, ou^trcdcnen, obtrocfenen/ au^s 
borrcn. — er, 8, bog trctfncnbe SKtttcL 
— ness, 8. bic Srerfenl^eit, iS)firre* — nurse, 
8, bic ^rcdfenamme. v. a. ein jtinb ouf- 
giebcn^ c^nc e6 ju f&ugen. -ns^od, omL 
trccfcncn gnpc^s. 

Dual, ». 4r «• jn)ei. —^number, ber )J)tto? 
iH (bie 3abl «wei in bcr griec^tWcn 
©rammatiC) ; cine ^riea^waffe ber tUtUf 
bcttdnbcr* — ity, ». bic Swcipeit; Sren^ 
nung/ Spathing, 

Dub, V. a. ^um miner f*(agen ; nenncn, 
bcncnncn, betitcln. «. bcr ^lag* 
Dtibioos, o. gwetfetboft ; — ly, oJ. —ness, 
8. bie llngcwiS^^cit, Swcifetboftigfeit 
Dnbitable, a. ^weif cl^oft nnoebtf, — dtion, 
8. t>a$ 3»cifcln, ber 3»eifeL 
Dtical, a. bcr^gU*. 

Dncat, ». bcr iDucatcn. — oon, 8. ber S)ns 
caton (cine ©itbermftn^e twn einem l^o(.' 
ben ADncatcn/ ctn 8aubtbatcr)» 
Duck, #. bie (Snte ; bie Sleignng be« Jte? 
pfc6, bog Sf^icberbfiden ; (ein Siebfcfungs? 
wort) ^&ubd)en/ ^d|d)en. Ducks and 
drakes, ein itinberfpict. —legged, fnr^s 
beinig. «. a. untcrtandftem v. n. f[d> 
untcrtaud^n; fidb bidden. — ing-stool, 
see cucki]3g.8todI. — ^ling, «. bie {unoe 
(gntc. —meat, «. bo6 §ntengra^, bte 
SKoffcritnfc. Duckc6y, ». bag fBerffib' 
rungfimittct/ bie 0c<ffpeifc* v. a, anrcis 
|en, rerfubrem DuckVfoot, «. bet (^n? 
tcttfu? (cine 5)ftanic). 
Duct, ». bie Seitang ; ber (Sang* — ile, 
a. ^tcbbar; bcbnbor^ bieafonu — Seness, 
-^lity, 8, bie iDcbnbarfctt, ©teafomfcit* 
Dud'geon, t. bcr 2)cl(b ; bic getnbfd)aft, 
bcr Unwitfc. to take in — , fibel au^ 
ncftmen/ unwiKig fcpn. 
Due, a. gcbftbtenb/ gcbftMid)/ geftorig ; 
genan, pfinftticb. t. bag 5He<^t, bie ®c? 
rcd)tfamc; ^ffi^t; Ibgabe, ®eb%* 
V. a. bie ©cbabr entrtcbten. 
Dtiel, 8. ber 3n)eif ampf. ». ti. etnen 3n>ei? 
fampf fjaUn, ftd) fcbtagcn. — er, — 4st, 
«. bcr 3wcif&mpfcr, @(b(figcr. 
Duen'na, ». bic ?(uf[cbcrin, ^fiterin. 
lDu6t,.#. bog 3n?cifptc!^ ber 3»eifang» 


lie fflrufU jprce. 4r /w^t. (wn to dig) grub/ 

Ihike, «. tct ^ecjCQ. — dom, •. ta$ ^ers 

rhiTcet, a. ffig ; angcnc^nu 

Dul'cify, Dul'corate, c. a, 9CCfi!ipCtU 

purcimer, «. ta^ ^acf cbrett* 

Dull, a. tnmm, a(6et;n, cinf&ttig/ fluntpf, 
f(J)»ccf&tti9; untt)&ttg, tangfam/ trdge ; 
tangwcitig^mitc^bunfet ; bumpf.— pated, 
— twitted, bumm, einfdttig, — of hear- 
ing, l&ort^cng. o. a, abftuinpfcn; bumm 
tnad)cn ; Unbem/ fdbKo&d^n ; bet %l)h? 
ttgfeit/ bcr 93tunter!eit, be^ ©tanse^ be? 
taubcn. —ard, ». bet 2)umm!opf, — ness, 
«. bic @tumpf6cit; i3)ummf)eit; ^wet? 
fdnigfcit. Untl^&ttg!eit ; bet a)2ange( bet 
^untetceit, bc^ ®tonje«. Dully, ad, 

Dtily, arf. gcl^6tig, gcnau/ ttcfttig* 

Dumb, 0. jtumnu — ^ly, ad, to — found, 

to strike — , fhimm madden, jum ©tills 
fd^wciaen btingen, itte ma^en. —ness, 
«. bie Stumm^eit/ ©ptacfttofidfett 

Dump, «.^ ba^ Stouettieb/ eine tfi^tenbe 
^ctcbie ; bie Sctjtteuunq, bie 2Cbn)efen? 
feeit bee; JBewuptf^pn^ Dumps, |rf. bet 
95etbtufc ^ummet. — ish, a, ttautig/ 
tiiebct0efd)lagen ; -^y, ad, 

Dump'lmg, 8, eine 2ttt ^topc* 

Dtimpy, a. hlXi unb birf. 

Dun, a, Qclbhtarxn, btaungetO; bunfel/ 

Dun, Dmmer, •. bet unQCftftme ®l&u6is 

get/ bet 9}{al^net. v. a. mit Ungeltibii 


Dunce, «. bet Dun6, ADtttnmfopf. 
Dung, 8. bet g^ifc jDfinget. «. a. bfingen. 

— cart, bet 5Ki|l!otten, 5Kiflwageit 

—fork, bic sfliiftgabet. —hill, bet 8Kift- 

ftaufen. «. oemcin/ niebtig, —yard, 

bet smiftf)cf/bic SKtftgtube. 
Dung'y, a, doQ t)«n SOHfl^ mifUg/ Det&Ats 


Don'geon, 8, bet itetf ct. 
Dun'nage, ». T. bie ©atnitut unb ©tou* 

hh^it in @c6tffen/ urn bie ^abung gegen 

$end^tig!eit au fci^fi|en« 
Duo, 8, t>a$ iDuett. 
Duodecimo, «. bad >Ducbe3/ bie 3n)6(ftet 


Duodenum, ». T. bet Swolfpngetbotm. 
Dupe, V, a. tdufd^eU/ l^intetgebcm ». einet 

bet ftc^ t&ufc^en ib$t, bet Seid^tgt&ubige^ 


Ddple, a. boppett^ |Wetfad^ 
Duplicate, v. a. loetbeppetn; aufammenfat^ 

ten, ^ufammenf^ta^n. a. beppelt «. bad 

^oppetfUld — c&tion, 8. bie fBetboppes 

(ung, dufammenfattung. -ncature, «. bie 



Duplicity, 8, bie bcppc(te JBefftoffcn^eit ; 
2)cppc(ottig!eit, Sweibeutigfcit, galft^s 
bcit, '^etfleUuno. 

Durabirity, «. bte ADouet. DtlraUe, a, 
bauet^aft; fcttbauetnb* DfiraUy, ad, 
Dtirance, ». bie ®efangenfd)aft ; bo5 
©efangnif ; bie iDauet. Duration, «. bie 
iDouet. Dure, v. n, bouetn, wAl^ten* 

Dtireful, a. bauct^af t. Dtbreless, a, oets 

g&ngtidft. Dtbress, «. bie @^efangcnfc^oft, 
bod ®ef&ngnig» Diiring, pre. wfi^tenb. 

Dusk, a, bommetig/ bunf eu •• bie jD&m^ 
metung, iDun!et^eit v, a, oetbunfeln. 
». n. buttfet wetbcn. — ish,— y, a, bdms 
mctig, bunfet/ fd&ro&tjticb. —ily. <mJ. 

Dust, «. bet @taub* V, a, befl&ttben ; Mm 
©taube teinigen, —man, bet ©affen^ 
(c^tet, ®a,ffettfe§ct. — er, «. bet aBtfd)5 
loppen, bad SGBifd^tud). -^ness,*. bie 
@toubig!eit —7, a, ftoubig, beftoubt 

Dutch, a, bcK&nbtfdft. 

Dutch'ess, 8, bie ^ct^egin. Datch'y,«. bad 

Ddteous, Diitiful, a. ge^etfam, ej^tctbtetig ; 

pflicfttmoptg. -^y, ad, Dtitiiulness, ». 

bet ©ef)Otfam, bie Untett^&nigf ett, G^t^ 
etbietung. Daty, ». bie JDPi^t, ®(^ts 
bigfeit ; @()tetbietung ; ICbgabe^ Zati, 

Dwale, 8, bet t6btU((e S^ad^tfd^atten 
(Atropa), T. bie bunfte obet ft^tjc 

Dwarf, 8. bet 3tt>cta. v, a, ^um 3»etgc 
madden ^ flein maaitn. -ish, a. ^wets 
919/ winstg, — ly, ad, n>ie ein 3«>eta. 
— ishness, «. bie ^(einl^eit, Sttxtgrna? 

♦Dwell, V, n, wc^nen ; ^d) beflnben ; bci 
etn>ad KtmeiUn; ftdb aufbatten; et^ 
ottcttt/ umjl&ttblid) bel&anbeto. v, a. Us 
mobnen. — er, ». bet (Sinnjol^net, 

Dwelling, 8, bie SBo^nung. — house, 
ta^ aBofenbaud. — jJace, bet aBc^nctt. 

Dwelt, pret, Sf pari, (jotn to dwell), IM^nU, 


Dwin'dle, v, a. ittfammenf^tampfen/ fitU 
net mtxUn, abneftmen ; audatten ; oets 
aeben, in ^etfatl getatl^en^ t)erfd9n)in' 

Dye, V. a. 4r n. see Die. 
Dy'ing, 8, bad ^dtben, ©tetben, 
I^mimies, 8. bte jDpnaniif (Se^te Don ben 

mec^antfd^en ^t&ften)* 
Dyn'asty, 8, bie ^ettfcbaft, bad tegietenbe 

Dys'crasy.a.bie QSetbetben^it bet®&fte. 

I^'entery,«. bie tOt^)e JRttljt. 

IWpepey, 8, bie f4(e((te Betbauung* 
I^s^ny, 8, biejcbwete 2(udfptad^e* 
I^s'pncBa, 8, bie (ingbtftjHgfett 
Dys'ury, «. bie ^atnfltenge. 




Each, pr, jeber* Each o&er, einanbet. 
E'aeer, a. ^efttfi wrtangenb, bcgierig; 

ltd) ; fc^arf, ^etbe ; ra«^ ; fprobe, uns 
l^icfifanu — ness, a, bo6 l^ifttge SScrlon? 
^en ; tic ^eftigfeit/ tex UttgefKlm ; tic 
®d)irfc/ ^ctbe. 

£'agJe, «. tct 2(Mer ; cine (^et^mfinae bet 
omcrifanifdbcn ^crctnigtcn @taatcn t^n 
ge()tt i^eilcau —eyed, fd)acffc6cnb, 
— speed, bet 2(bte«ffU9. E'agless, «. bcr 
wciblic^c ^blcr. fc'aglet, a, bet {uiige 

Eig^e, s, cine QuSerotbent(id)C Jtwt^ be^ 
^ccu^, Koetd^e tie gen)6()n(id^e -^(ut^ 

Earn, ». ter £)^cim. 

Ear, «. ba« S^r, &tf)cx ; Dc^r, bee ^en» 
fe(, tie ^anb^afcc; bic 2Ce6rc, v. a, 
^jflAgen/ i^rcn, acfern* t?. n, 2Cc^rcn be^ 
fommcn, in licljxtn fcftiejen. — ed,;wrt. 
^- mit ^fyccn »etfc{)en; mit2(e^ten Jjcrs 
•fc()cn. —less, a. e^e £)^cn, ofetento^. 
— ^ring, bee ^fyctin^. -— iMcker, betD^rs 
ie^cU —wax, Hi S&renfcftnKtl^ —wig, 
berDbtwurm; Dftrenblafer. —witness, 
bcr Downacugc. to set by the — s, einen 
@trcit anjettetn^ ©trcit onftiftcn. to fell 

together tyHhe —s, fttcitcn/ fkfe ^anfcn, 

fi$ fcbtogen. 
Earl, «. bet ©rof. — dom, «. bic ©tttfs 

Earliness, «. bic fcuoc Scfcftaffcnl^eit/ 

grii^a^itigfeit. Early, a. 4f ad. frfi^, 


Earn, «. a. erwcrtcn/ Dctbienen/ gewinnen. 
Earn'est, a, eijTtg, OcQictig/ emftti^* ». 

bet ©tnft ; bte aSerficSetuno, ba$ Unters 

pfonb^ bet !Sctfd)mac!; cag 2(ngelb. 

. — ^ly, ad. — money, — penny, ba^ TCtls 

Qdb, ^anbgetb, —ness, «. bie (gtnft^fs 
tigfeit; bet @ifcr^ bte @mfigfeit» 

Earsh, «. ein gcpfluQtc^ ^tii. i 

Earth, s. bie igtbC/ Gtblugct; (gtbatt*, 
bet ©tairt. —bom, etbgeboten; nies 
brig, —quake, bag @tbbe6en. — shak- 
ing, etbetfd^ftttetnb. —worm, bet Sles 
gcnwutm ; ein fcibted)tet SKenfdft* ». «. 
mit (Scbc bebetfen/ oetgtaben, »etfd)ats 
ten. ». n, fi^ Dctotoben* to — up, ©tbe 
urn ctWQg l^&nfen. — «n, a. ttbem 
— iness, ». bie etbi^e 6igenfd&aft, gto6e 
J8efd)a^cn^eit. — lmg,«.bet etoenfofjn/ 
^tetblid^e. — ly, a. itbifd^/finnttd^. — y, 
a, etbig, itben ; itbifd). 

Ease, ». bie SRu^, ©emicftUd^f eit ; bie 
ginbetung, (gtteic^tetung ; Seidjtigfeit. 
V. a, betuWg^n; erieicfetem, linbctn, 
—fill, a. tufeig, fciebtwi^. -nment, «. bie 

(Sttei^tevunci, Cinbcrung. E'asiness,*. 

t>ie mu^c, lin^cjipungeri^cit-, Scld)txft« 


Uxi, ®ef&nig!eit E'asy, a. (cid)ttu5ta; 

fcei ; ^uftieben ; (eutfcUg/ gefaUig ; — ly, 


Edsel, ». bic ©taffeCct eineg SKater^. 
East, ». tet £)ftcn, gj^ctqcn. — cr, a, 

SDftctn. — erly, a. * ad. eft^td), cftwart^* 

— €m, «. motgenlanbifd^. — india-man» 

bet £)fiinbicnfa{}tcr. —ward, ad. oft? 

♦Eat, v.a.Sfm effc« *, JTcffcn, acrfccffcn ; 

t>crfd>ftngcn. —able, a. e^>ar. — ables, 

». |>i' bic SeOctt6mittc(. — er, a. bet ©ffer, 

ba« 2Ce$mittc(. — inghouse, «. to5 ^pei? 

E'aTcs, «. pi bic JD<Jd)ttaufc, —drop, 

«. n. an bet Sl)iit ebcr am S«»ftet ()or? 

d)en. —dropper, a. bet ^crd)et. 
Ebb, ». tie (gbbe ; bet ©crfatt, bie Tii)^ 

na^mc. c. «. obpiejjcn; obne|men, in 

aSetfaU getotfeen. 

Eb'on, El/ony, «. toS ©Oenl^el^. — ist, a. 
bet ^un|!tifd)tct. 

Ebriety, Ebnos'ity, a. bic Stunfenl^eit. 

EbriFlade,*. ttx 3ug otct ©d^log tnit bem 


EbuJlition, a. bic ^(ufrvatlung, 
Eccent'ric, a. cyccntrtfd) ; abttJet^enb* 

Eccentricity, a. bic ©ntfcmung t>om 3Kits 

telpunft/ 2(bn)cid)ung. 

Ecchymdsis, a. T. bct mit S5(ut iSbcttaUs 

fcnc ^t^cfcn ; bas ^aai auf bet^aut 
Ecclesias'tes, «. bct ^tcbiget ©alomc* 

— *'ical, a. tiv^ix^, gcijKtd). —fie, a. 

firdfetid). a. bet QJeijiti^c. — t'icus, ». baS 

SBu* Sefug ©ira*. 
Ec'oope, a. T. bet @d)nitt. 
Eoeopr6tics, a. pi. T. bic ^Cbffi^tttngS^ 


Echlnate, Echined, «. tgctattig, (tod^tig. 

Echinus, a. bet Sget, ©ccigcU 

Eeh'o, a. bet SGBiebctbaff. v. n. ^ a. me? 

betballcn. — m'eter, a. T. bet @iatt? 

mcffct. — m'etry, «. bie itunfl etn G^o 

tn fallen onpbttnQcn. 

Edairdteement, & bic 2(uf!(dtUttfl* bet 


Eddt, «. bet (3iam, baS ^Cuffel&en. 
Eclectic, a. Qug«>ftf){enb. 
Edeg'ma, «. T. bct bide Stujffop, bte 

Eclipse, «. bte 93etbunf etung ; ^cnnen? 

cbet 5Wenbtin|lemif. ». «. »ei;bun« 

fc(n; au^Iofd^en; bew6(!en; bcf(Wm? 

pfen. Ecliptic, a. bie ®cnncnfttapc,@ons 


Eclogue, a. bog ^ittengcbicftt. 
Economic, — ^ical, a. witt^fcftaftUd^/ tonb- 

wittbfc^ofttid) ; han^Wtctlfif, fpotfara. 

—ist, a. bet ^£)aue!njitt(), Sonbwitt^/ 

^augf)oltct. — y, a. bic ^ou^^altung. 


Ecphrac'tics, «. jH, T. btc SSerbfinnun^^? 

inittcU ' ^ 

Ec'stacy, ». tie ©ntgficfung, Scgciftenina ; 

fi6crfcl)tt)&ns(id)C §rcut»e ; ter iibcnnS^s 

ae Summer; Me JRofereu 
iJcstat'ic, a. cnt^ftrft. 
Ec'type, 8. tcr Abbrucf/ baf ?(66t(t), 
Ecum^nicalf'ir. attgcmetm , 

Ec'urie, s. bet 5)ftJrbcftoU. 
Eddcious, a. gefcaf ig. —city, «. bte ®if? 

Ed'der, «. ta5 JCcc^t^cI^. «.'<i. clnett 3aun 


Ed'dy, «. bQ5 ficft iutficffdgl&ngetnbc ®c 

waffer; ber SSirOcO blc ftcUformigc 

SBcnjcgung. «• fic^ im ,Kwifc Oewcgenb. 
E'den, «. bas (Sbcn, Cujls ob\;r SBonncgc 

fttbC/ 5)arabice!. 
EdentiteH, «. gal^nfc^. 

Edge, «. blc 8cftdrfc,@c6neibe-; bcr ©aunt, 
S'lanb ; ber ^c^nitt einc« SBudfees ; bie 
l^cftige Segicrbc ; ble Stttcrfeit, ^fi^n^ 

i)dt to set teetii on edge, bie S&^nc 
fnlrfdicn madben. v.a. fdftarfcn ; faumen/ 
€infotfcn, bccbett/ t)er6r6mcn ; auf^clen, 
tci^cn. (—forwards, t)ocwirt5 rtjcfctt/icrs 
fd)ieOcm — in, einfd)ickn). ».n.fid)fdts 
xobM berocgcn. Edg'ed, ^rt. a. \ipxt\i 
bcnb, fd&arf. — ing, «. bet 9tanb/ bie 
®orte, (Sinfaffunp/ eine fd)mn(c ©pi|e. 

— 4e8s, o. o^nc ©ftneibe/flumpf. —tool, 
#. ba5 fd^nclbenbe SQ&erC^ug. —wise, a. 
mit bet ©c^arfe tbet ©xfe wo^in ge^ 


Ed'ible, a. efbar. 

E'<fict,«. bie ajercrbnang/ ba^ 2(u^fd&rcis 

Bdlfy, u a. 6aucn ; cr6aucn, bctel^wn. 
— ^fier, «. bet @r6auer. — ficdtion, s, bie 

•tgtbauung, Sctel&rung, 

Ed'iiice, «. bag ©ebdube. 

Edit, «. c. l^erauggcOcn. Edition, «. tie 
2(u59a6e, ?(ufla9e, Ed'itor, «. bet |)Ct5 
ousgebet. • 

Ed'ucate, «. a. er^lel^en. — a:tion, «. bic 

(gratef)ttng. . 

Eddce, v. a. ^ett^Otgiel^^n* Educ^on, «. 

bie ^ctrotaie^ung. 

Edulc'orate, c. a. 1^^ n, au6ffipcn. — dtion, 

8. T. bie 2Cu6ffipung. 
Eck, Eke, u o. j^in^utl^un^ cetnie^ten/ 

tjergwpern/ etgfingem 
Eel, «. bet ?Ca(. 
E'en, f5t Even. 
EffUde, tf. auefpredidci^* 
EflKjce,-!?. a. ou6(6fd)cn/ ou^|heid>cn. 
Efi^8cinate,v.a.beiaubetn* —nation, «. bie 

JBeaauOetutiQ/ Saufftung, ©(ettbung. 
Efifect, «. bie SKitfung, Set ®rfc(g ; bie 

Tfrt UttbiBeife, 2(6jici)t; bet ^u|en ; 

bie 95ott6ringung, 8Kitf(id)feit. pi" bie 



fant/ wit!(i^ ; btoud^Bar, bienflfi^ig ; 
— ly, ad, —less, a. un»etm6genb/ uns 
,nfi§. —or, ». bet Ut&e6et, ^en)Ct6titt« 
get* — ress, «. bie llt^ebetiit. — ual, a. 
witfUcfe/ ttiftig ; — ly,'arf. •--uate, c. a. 

Effem'inacy, «. "bie aBftfltid)!fit ; SJets 
weic^Hcftung. — inate, o. wei&ij^, rocib? 

tidft ; — ly, arf. —hate, «. a. wdbifcfe 
mod)Tjn/ wtweid&tidben. r. «. ficfe octs 
wcidKi^cn. — ndtion, ^. bie 85etwei(^ 

Efferves'ce, c. n. ouf&taufen, oufhjanci% 
aufpeben. -*ence, «. ba5 2(uf6to«fett/2f* 
Effete, a. unfnrd)tOot ; a6genu|t 
Efficdeious, a. tDitffoni'; — ^ly, ad. 
Efficacy, ». bie 2Bitffamfeil 

Efficience, — ency, «. bie ittttft, SBitft 

fomEcit, — ent, a. roitffam, witfenb ; 
t^dtig, ftaftwtt; — ly, ad, ». bic wits 
fcnbe IJtfacfee, bet Ittpetct. 

Effigiate, r. a. abbillbert, — dtion, 8. bic 
2(6(>i(bung. — gies, Efiigy,«. btt6 JBilb, 


Efflores'cence, — cy, 8, bG§ ffiffifteit/ bie 
S3(fitl&e, 95(nme ; tiet Humenattige 2(n? 
n)U(ft6, bie 95tume; cin Xu^fd^to^ auf 
bet ^aut. —cent, a. auf6(B^erib, nafl^ 
astumengeflatt 6ett)ctfcmmenb. 

Effluence, ^. bet ?(u5flu5, 2C6gup, 
Effltivia, — vium, «. bet 2fu€ftwg. 

Efflux, 5. ba§ 2(u€fi[iejen^ bie ©tgic^ung, 

be.t ?Cu^fluf. V. n. au«fliepen. 
Effbrce, V. a. mit ®ctt)alt etOted)cn ebet 

Quf6ted)cn ; ©cmaU ant^un, t)et(c|en, 
Eff6rm, v. a. bitbcn. — dtion, «. bic S5i(s 

Effort, 8. bie sM^, JBemu^irng/^fltettc 

EffbsVion, 8, bic 2Cu^gta6ung« 

Effrdyable, a. etfcibtetffidb, 

Bffronfery, «. bie Jted)()eit, Un»et|35dmt5 

Effiilge, «. 71. l^ctDCtftta^fen. — ence, 8. 

bet @(ana, ?C6glans» —gent, a. fttaf)(enb^ 

Effumabil'ity, «. bie SSetbatupfung, ajets 

Effiise, «. tie ©tgiepang/ SSetgieJung. t>. «. 

au^gicpcti/DctjieJen, — sion,». ba5 2(u65 

gie^en, SSetgtepen; bie 2Cu^giep«ng; 

feetgiejung ; 25etfd&n>enbung» — sive, a. 

Eft, 8. bie ^becbfc. 
Eft, Eft-soons, erf. gteic^, bcrtb/wietctntit. 

K G. {exempU gratia), jum SBeifinct 
Eger, see Eagre. 

Eg^st, V. a. au^wetfctt/ ff^) au^eetett. 
—ion, 8. bie ?(u6(ieetung. 
Egg, 8. \:)ai ®t. Egg, V. a, anteijen, an* 

, .^^ ^ ^ l^ejcit. Egger, «. bet Xn^f et. 

$Ki^e, 4&o6f^aft"t).a. Oewitfcn. — ible,|Egil6pical, a. ciu <S^t!Jv^ltl^^ wci*^"^^^ 


£g'lantme,». euie 2Crt 9lefe,bic and) Sweet- 
briar l)cift 

E'gotism, ». tie 3cl>fttd)t/@c(bftfu4t. — tbt, 
». tei:@c(6ftUr/ 3^ter,®clbfttm0, — tize, 
V. n. oiet 9cn fidb f^tt'ft ccben, felbflfiid^ttg 

E^^gious, a. au$ges<id)nct/ oufTcrorbent? 
lid); ungcmcin; fe^t fa)(cd)t ; — ly, ad. 

E'grees, — ion, 8. tcr 2(u6ganct, 

Egret, E'grette, ». tet weifc JRct^icrv bcr 
$Kct6erbufi^ ; ber Dtamant^aup. 

Eigh ! t. ei ! a\) !^ 

Eight, a. od)t — een, a. od)tjC^)n. — eenth, 
fl. bet 7(d^tae6ntc. — fdd, a. ad)tfa(tig. 
— h, ». ber 2((^tc. —hly, ad, adfUni, 3um 
cd)ten. — ieth, c bet oiifetaigjle, —score, 
a. Qcfttmat jponitg* — 7* «• ^(fttgtg. 

Eigne, a. etftgebcten ; untet&ujfetU^, 

Eilet-hole, ». la^ ©d)nftt(C(ft. 

Eis'el, ». bet (Sflitg, bie @6ute. 

Either, |)r. eth lebet »ctt belben, cinet »cn 

bclben^ enttveber bet eine obet bet ons 

bete ; beibe. c, entwebct. 
Ejaculate, v. a. au^wetfett^ ou^ftcpen,— lo- 
tion, 8. ^ai H\x0cicn, bte icuffetung ; 

cm futge^ @ebet/ bet 2(u6tuf/ ^cuftet. 

— latorv, a, auf einnwl au^geftcpert/ pl6|s 

Ud) geauffett 
Ej6ct, D. a. Qusflopen^ ©ctttctben ; »etj!c5 

^cn, tjctnoetfen. —ion, ». bie TCu^ftcpung ; 

Ut 2(u^n)utf» — ment, ff.bie (9Ctid)t(i(!)e) 

^ctau^»etfun9/ ein getttifetUdiet S3cfcM/ 

la^ iemanb ben 93efi| etne6 ©igentf^ume 

rerlaffcn foil. 
EjuUtion, 8. bo5 (SJcl^cuL 
Eke, flki. oucft, ebenfoU^. «. a. ttctme^ten, 

cctgtcpetn, etg&naen, ou6ftiC[en ; in bie 

Cdnoe ^iel^cn/ bcl^nen. 
Elab'orate, r. a. butcft SOlfifte |&et»Ctbtins 

gcH/ ou^atbeiten; nut ^^eip beatbei? 
ten. a. mit Stetp beatbeitet, fefet »ets 
»oUf cmmnet/ fc()t tetfeinett. — dtion,*. 
bie 2(ugQt6eitun9/ fleipiae SBeatbettung ; 
S5ett)cafcmmn«n9/ SSet^inetung. 

Eldnce, «. c. au^wetfen, fcftieSen. 

ElApse, D. n. Detfliepen, entwifd>en. 

Elast'ic, — al, a, eCafHfc^, febet^tt/ ptall, 
^^tattig, fpannftiftiQ. — icity, s. bie (glo* 
fticitat, 9)totlftaft, ©c^nctlftaft, Jebcts 
ftaft/ fepannftojt, Jebetl^dtte. 

EUte, a. butd^ (^tddC et^oben, fttti, l^fd)ft 
auftiebem v.a. et^eben^ fttli mai^in, auf^ 

Elat^rium, «. bet obffil^tenbc @aft on^ 
(Sptings ebet efel^gutfen. 

EUtion, «. bos etl^obene ©efftW/ tet ©tel^. 

El'bow, 8, bet ©IboQen; Sug* —chair, 
bet gef)nfhi^t, 2(tm^&(. —room, bet 
©piettonm. to be at one's — , m^t nm 
femanben fe^n. v. a, mit bent @(bcgen 
ftc^n^ wegftopen, xoegfd^ieben. o. n. l^et? 
Dottogem ^etwt^e^en. 


2fe(te(le; |>elunber^ JUebcr. — ly, at 
&(ttid). —ship, «. bie Grftgebutt *, ba^ 
7(mt einee ?(e(teffen* 

ETdest, «. bet :(e(tcjie. 

fecampdne, ». bie 2(tant«)ur^c(. 
El6ct, t>. fl. tt>&^lenj eTn>al)ten. «^. erwoMt* 

—ion, «. bie tSrwaWung ; SBa^t. — ive, 

«. n?&f)(enb. — ively, aJ. mit ebet burd). 

SBa^. —or, «. bet SBaMbutgct, S5^a()l? 

f)ett; (S^utffirft. —oral, a. tr&^lenb; 

ct)utffirfttid). —orate, ». ba«» 7(mt eines 

(Stw&I^Ienben ; bo^ Sbutfjirftcnt^nnw 

— oress, ». bie €()utfiitjtin. — orship, ». 

bie 6^utn>i!itbe. 
Elec'trc, «. bet 93etnflein ; ein gemiWte^ 

Elec'tric, — al, c. ctecttifd^. — ity, «. bit 


Electrom'eter, «. bct Slectticitot^meffet* 
Elect'uary, ». bie gatn>etge. 
Eleemos'ynary, c. wn TClmcfett (ebenb ; flt^ 

TClmefen geaeben. 

El'egance, El'egancy, ». bie Sicttt^^feit,. 

S'lettigfeit, @^6nl)cit. 
EKejfant, o. gefcbmodDctt, nett, aietti^^ 

fd)cn ; — ly, a<i. 
Elegiac, c. e(egifd) j ttaurig^ 
El'egy, «. bie Stcgte, bag Stauetgebiftt, 

bct ^(agegefang. 
El'ement, ». tofo Element, bet llrftcjf ; SB e^ 

flanbt^eil. i^i. bie TCnfang^gtfinbe. ». «► 

au6 ^tunbt^eilen bilben^ jufammenfe? 

I en. — al, a. elemcntatifift.. — arity, «. 

bie 6infod)tctt^ einfad)c S5efd)Qffcnoeit 

— ary, a. einf ad), eiemcntatif^. 
El6mi, «. T. ba« ^nmmi (gtemi/Delbonm? 

El6nch, 9. bet S3e»eiggtunb ; bet Stug? 


El'ephant, ». bet (Slcp^attt — ine, a. ele? 
Elephantiasis, «. bct 2(u6fa| (cinC 2(tt 

El'evate, d. a. etl^el^cn, Ctl^^bCtt. — *— ed, 

^rt, a. etftcben; et^aben^ l^cff&ttig. 
— tion, ». bie (StH^nng/ ©tl^ebung.. 
-tor, ». ta^ etl&cbnng$»etls«ig. — tory> 
a, ctfto^enb. 

Elev'en, a, eilf* Eleventh, a. bct @ttfte* 

— ly, ad. eitften^. 
Elf, 8. bet 2((p, Jtobelt ; Swcirg. — lock» 

bet SBei^fetaopf. v. a. bie ^aate ))et2 


cit, V. a. j^cvou^fo^n/ l^ctott^bti'ngen.. 

a. I^ctt)ctgebtad)t/ in Sft&tigfeit gefclt. 

— dtion, ». bte ^ctan^tedung/ ^etwt* 


Elk]6, V. a. jctbtecben/ fAR>^cn.. 
Eligibility, «. bic SG&aWf&^ig^ctt ; bet 

SSotgug, bte t>otju^tc^enbe 95ef<^affen* 

bctt, 2(nnc^mUdbtett^ 
Eligible, a. n>&f)(bat ; wrgiig(i(^Abe« ^tivt 

iu^ 0€tbteiienb« onitei^mlidft,. 

EUminatioii, «. bte ^itbanmuiQ, ^^^ 


Eliqudtion, t. T. bte 2f6f((me(jtttia» 
Elision, t. bte 2f ttStaffuttg/ 7(tt6fic|und* 
Elizition, «. ta^ 2(6fieben. Jtctpetu —sir, 

». tec iBott, Xbfott, TCbfut). 
Elk, ff. ta^ C^Cenbt^ier. 
Elke, «. bee koltbe ^iivoan, oudft Hooper 

Qenonnt ; bte ^tetneldfte* 
Eu, «. bte grcfe @lle (etne 3)atb unb ein 

Ellips'is,*. bte Segtaffnttg/ TCu^offung; 

bie eilpfe. 

Ellipf ic, — al, a, ellpttf** 

Elm, «. bte Utme, bet utmboum* 
ElocTition, «. ber S^ctcttag, bte Ttu^fpradfte, 

Xtt^rebe, 2(rt au fpce^n, SBerebfamfeit 
El'ogy, EMgium, *. bie gokebe. 
Ebin, V, a. entf^metu 
Elon'gate, o. a. 9er(&tiaettt* V. n. {tc( eitt? 

fecttetu — tion, 8. bie SBertfinaetung ; 

TCuebel^nund/SSetrenCund; (Sntfetnutid/ 

Ewpe, c. n. cntlaufen. —ment, «. bie (Snts 

ElopB, «. etne ?(rt ^tfc^, n>eU^t untetbie 

^^tongen gece^net mcb. 
Ea'oquence, ». bie ISBccebfcmifeit — quent, 

a, berebt ; — ly, ad. 
Else, pr.Sfod, onbet^, fonft ; ouffetbenu 

—where, ad. attberSWC. 
EMcidate, o. a. ert&tttem» — tion, s, bie 

©tlduterung. —tor, ». bet Srfl&cer. 
laiide, o. a. entoird^en, au^toeic^en ; t&u? 

f4^en* EMdiUe, a. bem man ou^meid^en 


Efaim'bated, a, (enbcntal^m. 
laiiBion, 8, bie 7(u6flud)t, ber jtunftgtijf, 

bie SS&ufi^ung. — ave, — sory, ft. tons 

f4enb, liflig/ fd^tau. 
Elate, V. a. altoa\^cn. 
Eliitriate, v. a. abfei^en* — ition, t. bie 


El'ver, 8. bet Heine SKeetaaL 
Elves, pi, 9en Elf. —lock, see Elf-lock. 
Elvish, a. gciilet^aft. 
Elyslan, a, el^fif*, e(#if(^, 
Elys'inm, ». bie eft^f&ifd^en Jelbet. 

*Em, ^t them. 

Em&ciate, v. a, ou^metgetn. v, n, maget 

Emicolate, v, a, tetnigen* — tion, «. bte 

Em'anant, a. au^jlte^enb/ (ettd^tenb* 

— nate, v, n, ou^ptegett. —nation, ». bet 

TCttSfiup. —native, a. I^etfliepenb. 
Eman'cipate, v. a. ))on 3manae unb Untet^ 

brftdfung Ufttitn, ftei ma^en. — Atioo, 

8. bte ^tetmad^ung, ^et|leQung« 
Em&rgmaia, o. a. ben 9tanb befc^netben 

obet n}egne(men/ ou^a<ufen« a. otUge^ 

tanbet, au^geiocft. 
Enuuc'ulate, 9. c b<t SDtaan^eit UxavAith 


)Kt|(ftnetben/ entmannen* — fioo, «^ bte 

^erf4netbttn0, (Sntmannnng. 
Embdk, v, a, etnpiuten, etnbtnben* 
Embdlm, o. a. balfomiten/ einbalfamiten, 

f^fWid) ottf&«n)af)ten. — er, •. bet SBaU 


Embdnk, v. a, cinttld^ti, b&ttttnen. 

Emb&r, v. a. fpetren, etnfpetren* 

Embar'go, ». bet JBefdWog (attf @dbtffe). 

Embdrk,o. a. einf(^iffen ; anlegen, anioen:^ 
ben. t». n. ju ©*iffe geben, |i* einjfttff 
fen ; ftd) in ttxoa^ etnlajifen/ etn)a(( unter^ 
nebmen. — Ation, t. bte (Sinf^iffung. 

EmbajKniss, t». «. Detwttten/ »en»idfe!n ; 
befdftweten; t^ttegen nutd^en* — ment^ 
«. bie ^etnmletung, ^ettegenl^eit. 

Embdse, ». o. uettingettt/ »etf6l)(:ftett/ et^ 
niebtigen, l^erabn){itbtgeh. 

Eknbas'sador, &c. see Ambassadoc, 8, bet 

®efanbte. Emba8'8adrc8s,».bie®efQnbte» 

Embas'sage, Emba«^sy, ». bie ©efonbt^ 
Jcboft, S5otf*Qft. 

Embat'tle, o.a. in @dft(a(!bt»tbnung ftetten* 
Embdy, v, a, xoa^^n, baben ; in eine SSat 

Embed'ded, part. a. etngebrungen (^ S3» 

tt)te ein ®4tff in SStieofanb). 
Embellish, v. a, ))etfd)^etn* —ment, t» 

bie S$etf(b6netung* 
EmWs, •. pL bie l^etfe 2Cfcbe. Eknlier- 

week, 8, bte Siuatembetmocbe* 
Embei^zle, v. a. untetfAtagen, tlntetfc^Uif 

mac^en ; )[)etfd)n)enben , oetfdbwelgen.. 

•^ment, s. bie aSetuntteuung / bet Uns 

Embldze, v. a. g(an|enb ma(jben ; ou^mo^ 

ten. — ajn, V, a. mit bc^<»ltifd>ett Stgu- 

ten fd^miicten, etbeben, b^>^AU5ftrei$en« 
Em'blem, 8. bie Snlage ; bag ©innbilb^ 

©. a. finnbilblid) wtfteKen. — aAlc, — at^- 

ical, a. finnbilblid^ ; — ly, ad. — atlst, «. 

bet ^innbilbnet* 
Em'Uem^ts, 8.pil. bet (Stttag an eingeem? 

tcten S«l^f^ficbten. 
Embddy, v. a. etnt)etteiben/ t)etCetpen)« 

Emb6lden, v. a. auf|;tuntem. 

Em'bolism, 8. bie ^infcbaltung. 

Em'boIuB, 8. T. bie ^utbe, bet ^tbxtipcl 
(in 6pti|en unb ^mmpeii). 

EmbcuKder, v. a. faumen/ t&nbetn« 

EmbbssL v. a. et^abene 2Ctbett mo^ ; 
einfdftltipen; T. etmatten, abmatlou 
—ment, 8. bet b^^^tctagenbe ©egen* 

Jlanb/ bie etbabene 2Ctbeit 

Emboftle, v. a. in obet auf Slafdben ffiUen* 

Eknbdw, V. a. toelben* 

EmbowH V. a. ausweiben. 

Embow'er, v. n. mc^nen ; bauen; etnfd^te? 
$en, umgeben* 

Embrico, v. a. umattMti, umfaffen ; ein* 
fftliegen; entbalten; etgteifen; jutof* 
m, fi* gefaUen laf(ttL, ^Ai woXtccwt^ 


flrfetu t». n. ficft ttntdrmcrt. #. Me Urn? 
anwung; Sebtflcfung* — ment, «. t)ie 
Umannung^Umfatfung; ©iufc^Ucpung. 
— oer, f. tet, ttxlc^et umarntt. 
/Embrisure, ». tie @cftiepfd>arte ; tie £)effs 

iErobrAve, v, a. ^itvtn, fd)mficfcn. 

^mT)rooate, ». a. mtt 7Ci:5cnel relbeHir^fi- 

f)cn. —ition, «. t)ic 936ftung. 
£inbrokl''e]F, v, a, (ttcfcn# — er, f. ^o; ©tls 

c!cr, — y, *. blc fettdfcwL 
'Embr6il,'». a. oerwtrren^ ^ertfittCTW 
Em'bryo, ». ter gruci)t!cim, M« 8tibeds 

fcurf)t/ @m6rr)C. — <itomy, s. T.^tc Set* 

gliebcrung cine^'^mOnje ; boSTfttafd^neis 

ben ter Cei6c6frud)t. 
'Em^nd, ». «. oerbeffcrn. — able, a. t)er6ef? 

fcr(id).— &tion, «. bie ajetbefTetung,— Ator, 

«. t)cr ajerOeffewr. 
fim'eraW, ». ter ©morogb. 
Emerge, v, n. ^ttjcrfommen, empctfcnis 

men. — gence, — agency, «. ba6 ^crs' 

j?crfommcn, ^mporfommcn ; ba« uncr? 
wartete ^eignifc ter unoerfcfecne Urns 
flant), unvermutfeete 3ufaC[; Me brins 
aenbe iRotl^wenWgfeit, 9Zctb. —gent, a. 
5crtjcr!cmmenb/ «mpet!ommenb^ unver* 
imrtb^t unetwortet. 

Em'erods, see Hemdrrhoids. 

£raer'8ion, «. bag ^'x^tbdtWCtUn , bet 

?(u6tritt (au6 ber SSerbunfelung). 
Em'ery, «. ber Cd)mcrge(. 
Emet'ic, «. ta^ 95recibn^itte(, a. ouf bo6 

JBrcd)en M 6e^tef)enfc; — aHy, acl. 
EmicAtion, «. bo6 Junf e(n^ Junfenwerfen. 
Emic'tion, «. bet ^arn» 
Emigrant, ». ter Su^gcwflmberte, 
Em'igrate,v.n. ou^raanbern. Emigration, 

t. bie 2(u^«)anbetunp. 
Eminence, «. bie ^o^e; (St^obenl^ett ; 

SSficbe, bet SSer^ug ; bet fRnhm, bie 

^^re; (ein %itd bet 6atbin6le), bie 

igminen^. — nent, a, ec^aben, ^cd^; 

tjor^figliij, ouggc3eid[)nef. 
E'jpir, ». bet (gmit (SSitet bet Slod^fem? 

men gj?Qf)cmeb«)» 

Em'issary, 8. bet ^unbfd)aftet ; T. bo^ 
•QU^flopenbe/ ou^roerfenbe ^efd^ 
Emifl'sion,*. bie 2(u#|enbung, ?(u6(«flung. 
Emit, V. a, ouslaffen, ou^fenl>en^ etge^en 

taffen ; fcftiepen. 
Emmen'agogues, ». jrf. T. ben S^tlrtumtauf 

befi6tbetnbe SKittet. 
Em'met, ». bie ^meife* 
Emm^w, 0. a, etnffjertem 

Emm6Te, o. a, ette^en* 

Emollient, a. etn>etd)enb« «. bad etn>ei 
^nbe unb tinbetnbe ^ttte(. 
Emollition, «. bie 6tn)eid)ung. 
Emorument, ». bet SScttfteit^ 9?U|en. 
Emdtion, f. bie S3en)egung. 
Empile, v, a. einpfif^tctt/ befjftigcn, nm 


Empian'nel, 8, ba5 SSet^icftnip bet (Be 

fd)n)ernen. ». a. bie ©cfc^roomen oiif^ 

jeidrnen, etnennen* 
Empdrlance, 8. (I t) ba5 Sntertcmt/ bet 

Dipttauttgc SBefc^eib. 
EmpAsm, 8. bag woWriet&cnbe 5)utt)er »i? 

bet ben uMcn Oerutt) bes ^erperg, 
Empas'sion, u. ff. rfi^rcn, bcroegcn. 
Emp^ople, V, a, ju einem SSclfe bttben. 
•Emp'eror, «. bet ^arfCT. 
Em phasifl, 8. bet Sfladbttucf, — at'ic, — at'- 

icat'o. nac^btfic!(icft-; auffaUenb, fifteins 

(jar ; — ly, a<^. 
Emphysematous, a. gef^wcHen, aufgc? 


Emw^pce, v. a. tutrfifteAen, cinbringen. 
Em'pire, 8. bog SReid) ; bic ^errfd[)aft. 
Empiric, «. bet Ucfc ^tfa^rung^arat, 

£LuocffalOer. —tic, — rical, a. erfa|? 

xen, erfajnmggmfipg ; »cn bet blcpcn 

©rfa^rung afrtangig. — ricism, ». bie 

Mcje/ ntigebitbcte grfaftrung. 
Erapldster, 8. bag ^flaftcr. tj. a. ein $f[«? 

Jter auffegen. 

EmpUstic, a. pftajlcrartigy fteOettg. 

Empl^ad, ». a. anf (aaen. 

Empldy, v. a. befd^afttgeti ; gebtaucftea, 
anwenben; ^u einem i®efd)&fte gebtott? 
d^en ; ^ubringen, F)inbringen. —ment, 
8. bag ©efcbfift; bie S5cfd)aftigun9 ; bag 
UmU — able, a. braud)6ar. — er, 8, bet, 
wctdin: ®ef*ofte ouftragt, ?(tbett gtebt, 
au t^un giebt. 

Empoison, v, a, Jjetgiftcn. 

Emporium, «. bie ^anbctgjtabt, bet ^on? 

Empov'erisb, c. a. orm madden, in TCtp 

mutl^ btingen ; ougmergctn. —ment, «. 

btegseratmung; 85crmtnbetung/ S3cein? 

Empow'er, v. a. becottmSc^ttgcn ; ^taft gc? 

6en, in ^tonb fe|en. 
Emp'ress, «. t)i^ ^aifettn. 
Emprfse, 8. bie Unteme^muna^^iifen^icit. 
Emptier, 8, bet ?(ug(ccrcr. iSmpfiness, «. 

bie 8cete, 9?id^tigfeit. Empt^, a. (eet, 

citct, (ebig ; Empft'ily, ad. Empt'y, v. a. 

(ecrcn/ augteeten. 

Emp'tion, «. bcr ^auf. bill of—, (/. t) bec 


Empur'pie, v. a. purputtot^ ^drben. 

Empuz'de, v, a, tjetroitren/ in SSetCegcns 
^cit bringen, 

Empjrr'eal, a. feuerrein, (bie l^^dftfte dtcU 
nigmt xtnt 93crfeinerung bcji|enb) ems 
p^reifcj, — rean, «. bet Jeuerftimmet 
bet b^fte ^immet, @t6 bet ^oc^flen 
SReittigfeit unb gsetfetncfung. —ream, 
— retiraa, ». bag QSerOtennen, TCnbten* 
nen. — reumat'ical, a, md} 93tanb tics 
dftent, — ^rdsis, 8. bet 93tanb, bic 83ets 


■nadbeifcrab. —tor, ». la Moiftiifii 

lEauUge.^. s. (iueilKlf(n. — fent, a. auii 

£m'iilsaa, a. nocfeiffcnbi ctfcrfiii^tig 
JtKitfA^ltS 1 — ly, ad. 
fmoruoa, a. ber Jtfl^tront. 
Emancf or;, «. T. bie 6(beibunMt(fif(. 
EoOHb, v. a. ii^s ma^o, m ©tanl 

Enict, ». a. t^un, wm^ttn ; WTfflgfn, 
-itWXcfm i Dnrjttflcn, fpi«I». i. bic 
®*t1ilflun9, bcr ffintfdjlufi. — or, j. l)(r, 

ht, WtflcdL 

BmJInge. ». T. Bie asemmftfrfunn bn 
Zi)t\U lintt 9{eb<. 

Xium'btuli, V. a. in eincn ^tnltt!)all Ic 
atn, Deifltdtn. 

Oiam'Gl, V. n. ^ n. tnit &bmtimtvt jU: 
■mt, in Sc^mclj otbtiim, fiteTfAmeljen, 
mtt S^tiKlj BuSlcatn; bunl tna^en, 
'^njltftn. *• bU &t)jntiiatbt\i, ba€ 

anMintTet, SAnutjaibeitcT. 
&imd'<v, a. a. ecilUbt mad)(n> 
EBtmorido, «. tct SQnlietrte, ISu^e. 
BNinitkKi, I. bicStj6tilung,Suecin[tn: 

AuTtfinSais, «. T. tie Jlnoc^enffigutifl. 
fiiite, B. ^emu£3(nad)fen. 
Eneige, r. a. in tintn aSPaiititn, (in: 
. a, ^n. tagBrs, fit* logern. 

btSEcigcm', Soger. 

B. u. KrfHffen, ttetbtrten. 


, •• Bit ffltennumlerep, Cgnwil; 

Enciva, ». a. in tint fio^Et 'oniec^to. 
Eoceinle,*. T. Bet Umfonfl, JBtiirt, mitjT-- 
-frtxi. (t 1-) fdirooniier. 
Enoipiiali, ». T, bi( SBfimKr iui Jl«pf(. 
Enohitc, ». a. etlii|(n, (rtittftn, Mijtn. 

'■ a. mU tintt Sttttt binbcn. 


jLAiot, I 

. btjcoibexn. — er, », Ui 
Saabmx. — ing^, ad. auf tine 6ejau: 
btcnbt art. -Huent, ». bit SBfjaubei 
^nng, 3au6t»t. — roas, ■■ tie Santc 

^tchiae, n, o. tinfofftn, jitwo, (tfimfiilfn. 

Eocia'deied, a. get TTfiSt wrtronnt. 

Sadr'cde,B.«.umnnstn,unigeben. — ciet, 
•• bee Xttie, King. 

EncUfic, ».T. tin aiB»rt, Bai fflBffl ■;(£: 
(tnt auf tat «M6em&fnbe!Beit eber Bie 
wnbtTQc^tRbt eptM ^lAdwiifL a. en: 

.^eldN^E. a. tinfifgen, einjiunm ; um: 


jbinn, &inf)&actr; Bie tinfc^fit^entr 
@iid)i^ — anre, *. Bit llmj&unung. Gin' 
jSununo, l&iai)imasi 3ueignnng, Bie 
(£tnri:l)li(Piing, eingeplfleiTentKit ; bra 
ein[ie((ft(c4T'n' Slaumf bae eingtjiuntt 
SrHntjlfitt B« Cinf*tue. 

Enoiuijairt, ». Btt SebrtBntr. —tic, —tic 
al, -a. {DbveBnecif^, Iffbenb. EnoAniam, 
«. bie Efbtcbf. 

Encora'pasg, c a. einfi^liefien ; umstBen ; 
unigc1)(n, uiiicingtn, umfegtln, umfa^s 
u-n. — mmt,*. Btt Umfcjintif. 

Enwre, od. roieBn:, nod) tinnmi. 

Enoninfer, (. bai 3ufa«initntrtfftn, ble 
Suratnmentunft ; Bn (QNcfita ; CgS Qtti 
fcAr, bet Smixtartaf. e. o. pifowmenj 
Kfff^n, entg<(|tngtbtn; frinblid) jufom: 
mentcctfen, angctiftn; (freunbfAafllich) 
begtgnen, tntSiegenEanunen, aBiBtTftunB 
Icilicn, wiBtrftefwn. "■ «■ P* Wilosen, 
flrtlltn, tfimpfen ; PA tteffen, antttfftn. 
— er, a. Bir (Stgntt, StinB ; bcc gefptSt 
d)ige 9n(nfcl),ber@AniiSec 

Encour'ng^, v, a. aufmuntcrit, bthbcn, 
gjlutf) citifp«*tn, trmuntem. — mBot, 
>- Bit Kufmunttning; @unfi, tinltts 
ftfi^ung. — ger, a. ber ecmunttiCT ; !8c; 
ailiiftigir, Befertitter. 

^crdoch, B. a. Qingnff tfian, to mtit 
Befien, mifitraatben. ii. b. p* Btimli* 
nSfesrn, Mne tSranje iSttrftfittittn. — er, 
*■ bet, mcWc PA ^ Viet nitmat't. Sins 
nriff lljut, ttmaS mi66raud)t. — ment,». 
fctcXnmofiuna, Btreinsriff. 

Bncum'bBr, v. a. btlatm, bffAtVtctn ; 
bcfirocrlid) fcen ; ijenBtifi;[n ; in ffiets 
((gtnfjctt feScn? mit Stftultcn befAww 

Bacnin'btDnce, a- bit iBt^iraerBt, SaR, 
ajerfeinBsninj; ber btrArcerlic&e Kns 
fionii; BU SAulB. 

Encv'clicttl, o, PA im Jlwife Bjwegtnb, 
ftf tfiiiB, umtfluftnb. 

Encyclapddia, — dy, a. btT etfiTtreiS, 
SBif^enrAoftsti^i^' bi« Sncqifepabie. 

Enoyat'cd, a. in tinm Sail ober (ine 
fflloft eiitgtfdiIclTrtt. 

Ead, «. bae (Snbe; Bit gotflt; Btr CnBi 
iXDti, Bie abpAt u>— , oufreAttm! 
povgetiAttt. "■ a- fflbtn, enBigtn, 6ti 
cnBigen, tin iSnbt moAtn. »■ n- PA en* 
Ben, aufdettn. — leaa, a. tnBt», untnbc 
ti[|)-, — 1y,ad.— kssiKsa,a. Bit Gnblefigs 
Icil, UnenbliAfeit; Ht tnblefe (ninbe) 
Sejialt. —long, ad. in geroBn: Sinie. 
-^osi, a. Ba« entfetntefh, ntittftt. 
— wisc.od. flufreAt. 

Scdam'age, b. ». fAoBtn. 

Endanger, u. a. in @tpil)r Bringtn. 

End«iir, e. a, gtliebt, ttngencBm, tbentt 
nwAi'n. — iHent,a.BerSdj; bU 3itt' 
lidifeit, ei(I)eo(un9, %i.rtt, Vi.A'>**.'^»«- 
3uiianB Bst 3i«&4)fe\M).'c«i ^«^- 


Endeav'or, «. ba5 S^cftrc^ctt/ bte SBcs 
tnftf)uncw V. n. fid) 6em{if)en/ fid) 6cfltes 
ben, fuietu v. a. »erfttd)ctu 
Eadec^agon, 8, T. ta^ (SttfccC 
findecasyllable, «. ba$ etlff^tbt^e SBfitt 
End^mial, — ic, — ^ical, a. ttttld^, cln^cis 
Endenize, v. a. ba^ SSiirgcrrec^t ett^eUen. 

Endict, Endite, v, a. UlatlQin, DCtflagCn ; 

tcrfocien ; fc^reibcti/ a(>faffen« — ment, ». 

bte ^(nftage, Selangunp. 
Endive, ». t)ic (2cnbtt)ie, SBegcwartc. 
Endoc'trine, «. n. untemd)tcn, 6e(«]^rciu 
Enddrse, c. o. auf bcn SRfidcti fd)reiben, 

fiberfd)rci()cn, ben Slftcfcn beberfcn ; (tns 

bcffircn); beft&tiflen* —ment, ». bic S3e? 

jlatiQung, (SnbcffiruttS). 
Endoss, V, a. cingraben. 
Enddw, t). a. begotten, on^flcucm ; jtifs 

ten ; fd)mii(fen, jtercn. —ment, ». bie 

SBcgabung ; ^ttftung ; (BaU ; 0{atutf 


Endiie, v. a. au^tdftcn/ bcgaben* 
Endiirable, a. butbbar, ertr&gltdft* 
Endtirance, 8, bie jDaueV/ @ebu(b ; $er? 

icgctunfi. Endtire, v. o. 4r «• ausofllten, 

ettragen, erbutben ; bauetn. 

E'necate, «. a. tobten* 
En'emy, 8, bet $etnb. 
Energet'ic, — al, a. ftdftig, nadibrftdflidft, 

tft&tig, »irffam; -^ly, ad. Energy, «. 

bie sBirefamEeit, ^^tigfeit ; ^raft, ber 

Enerv'ate, En^rve, c. o. entnemn, f(fta& 

d)en. — vtition, ». bie (SntneminQ, (gnt^ 


Enfam'ish, ». a, burdft ^ungeu tebten. 
Enfeeble, ©. a. fd^roddften, entfr^ften. 
Enfeoff, tj. a. bele^nem —ment, «. btc Se 


Enfet'ter, c. a. feffetn. 

Enf6ver, v. a. ^icbet ^ettjetbtittgcn. 
Enfildde, «. bte getabe Cinte ; Sleil^e. v. 

a, in getaber Sinie befd^iepen. 
Enfiirce, v. a. jlatfen; onttttben; cin? 

fdb&rfen;er^ingcn; bupd)fe|en« — ment, 

8, bie aBcftdtigung, bet Swfing, JBewei^s 

grunb, bie Sttetl^, — cer, «. bet, wcl^et 

(S^ewalt birauc^t. 
Enfran'chise, ». a. ba6 JBiltgette^t geben ; 

einbftrgem, befccien/ lo^laffem —ment, 

«. bie 8o^(a{fttng, liBefreiuttg; @inbfir; 

Engige, p. a, tjetpfltti^tett, i^etpfonben, 

aniEoerben; anstel^en; ilbetteben, bete? 

ben, ben^egen; gefallen; befd^&fttgen ; 

feinb(id) angreiten, mit icmanbem fhrei? 

ten obet fed^ten. t>.n. (heiten^fed^ten; 

ftcb in etwa^ etnloffen, —ment, ». bie 

^etpflid^tung ; S$erbinb(i(^!eit; $8ets 

pfSnbung ; ber SBeweggtunlv bie 95cr? 

Unt>nm mit jemanbem, 2(nl^&ng(td^f eit ; 


Engaxsl, e. «. tnl ^ef^gntf fc|cn/eut$ 

Enflrar'naon, v. a. mit einet S3efa|ung Nr? 

fepen, Dettbeibigcn, 
Engen'der, v. «. jcugen, ct^cugen, {{^onm;; 

bringen. «. n. er^eugt werben. 
En'giue, «. bie SXofi^ine, ba« SS^etlgaug; 

bie €5pri|e» En^ribder, «, ber ^ricgibmi? 

meijfer (Sngenieur). En'ginery, ». bie 

(^efd)fi$(unft *9 txii %t\&i^i^. 
Engird, «. a. nmgiirten, umgeben. 
English, a. (Snglifd^. o. a. in bte eng? 

(ifibe ^prod^e ilberfe|en« 
Engirt, v, m, oerf^ttngen ; iiberm&ftg on? 

Eng<5re, v. a. t)ernmnben, anrcisen* 
Engbr^, v, a, t)erfd)(ingen. 
Engrtil, V, a. einferben. 
Engrdin, ». a. in bcr SSfetfii f&tbcn^ tief 

Engrap'ple, v. n. I^onbgemetn »ccben* 
Engrdgp, t>. o. ergmfen, fefl [fatten* 
EngrAve, «. a. eingtflben, einfdmeiben, 

ftec^en, tn ^upfer fledften ; tiff etnpf&? 

gen, begtobem — ver, «.ber ©teiiifd^ei? 

ber,i^upferfte(^er, — ving, «. be»iliqjfcr« 


Engri^ve, v, a. ipel^ t^un, fr&nf etu 
En^rbss, v. a. t^ettidfen, t^eitttd^; 

tnajten ; etn^a^ gana an fid) ai^^en; <mf; 

f aufen ; mit gro^en fSn&iftahtn ^cru 

bem — «r, «. ber 2Cttff /infer ;, Xbf^reibet, 

—ment, «. bie Stteignung, 

Engudrd, v. a. bef(^U|en. 

Engulf, V, a. in einen 2(bgrunb fHirgen. 
EnhAnce, r. a. ert[eben, et^cl^en, wrmeB? 

ren. —ment, ». tic Cr&il^uttg, SBennelj^ 


Enhar'bor, c. a. bewt^nen* " 
Enhar'den, c. a. ermttt^igen. 
Enhanndnic, a, enf)armcnif(i* 
Enig^ma, ». bQ(( !R&tl^feU ^majrioal, «» 

r&tf)fel()«ft. — ly;, flA 
Enj6in, ». a. etnf*6rfett^ oerfdM^etben^ 

—ment, ».bet ^mf)U 
Enjby, c. 0, fid> freucn, erfmteii, geiilis 

gen* —ment, «. ber ®enuj?. 
Enkin'dle, v, a, an^finben ; ent^finbcii. 
Enlarge, v. a, er»eltem, Mfgripwn,. 

au^bel^nen, au^breiten; fveteii ^lutf (af? 

fen ; to^tajfen* v. n. fi(^ t)erbretten» toeit? 

l&ttftig fe^tt. —ment, ». tie Qxnttttf 

rung, 9Sergr6ferung; Scstoffung ; i^ts 

Enlight, —en, v. m. etlend)tcn ; attff(2ifen, 

bete^ren, erl!)ettenu — ener,.c. Uvlli»fs 

K&rer, Sel^rer. 
Enlink, «. «. feffe(n,btnben« 
EnKven, ». «. befeeUn, beteben ; tebl^ 

tnod)en/ nmnter mm^n* -*-er, i. ^^ 

n)a^ betebt, aufmunteri 
Enfahnine, v. «. erteud^tem 


Eoniteh, «. a, fangeti/ t>erftcidfen« 
EnWty, c. bie geinbfc^aft, S9c6^ett 
En'nea^^ #. ba6 Sleunea. 
Ennedtica], a. bet, tie, tad Sleunte* 
Eiui6hle, v. 0. abeln ; Mcebein* — ment, «. 
tie 7iMvinQ,^tuUinvi^ 

Enodi,tion, a, tie 2(ufl6funa* 

Eaor'iiiity, f. tie Ttbioei^una iMti tec 
SRcget; tet ^i$6tou4)/ j^eotct; ta5 
^tt^tUn, SSerbtec^en ; tie fd)Tedltd)C 
Scfioffen&eit -r«M>u8, «. «twttctttiicb, 
unregetma^id *, MrtDtrct; 6tt$erfl be^s 
tiaft/fc^cecfCi^ ; dufecflgtof^unge^euer ; 

— ly, a<2. 

Enough, a. Sf ad. genug, l^tntdnglid^ ».ta^, 
toa^ genug ifl. 

Enquire, see Inqnire. 

Enrage, v, a, in SBttt^ fe|cn, fc^c teis 

fjnr&nge, Enrdnk, v. a. cttnett/ jleUen. 
Enrap^ Enraptare, EnraVish, o. a, tnU 
jficfcn. Enrav'iflhment, ». tie (gntjiU 

Enregister, v. a. etnttagen^ t)ec|etd^nen. 

EnrhetUn, v. a. ten ^^ttttpfen Oecttts 

Enrich, v. a, bcteicftctn; fru(6t6at ma? 

(^etu —ment, s. tic Setcicfterttno. 
Enridge, v. a, mtt (St:()c()ttn3cn uno ^fur? 

d^tt t>erfe()en« 
Eniipen, v. a. reifctt* 
Enr^, V. a. onflettcn* 
Enr<d, o. a. einfAtei6en ; metetfd)cei6en ; 

toidiin, ^xtoidcUu —ment, c. ta^ ^n? 
Jftteiben ; SSetjeiAnig. 
Enrdot, o. a. eittkoutjehu 
Enr6and, f>. a. umgcben. 
Enaam'ple, «. ta« 9)htfter, 93etfpieL v. a. 

IBeifpiele gebett/ tur^ S3eif)>ie(e tat; 


Ikisan'guine, «. a, btttttg tliad^cn. 
Ensch^dule, v. a. cinf^vcibcn. 
EnMsdnce, v. a« betccfett/ oecjtecfen* 
Enii^al, o. a. ta6 @tege( auftcitcfen. 
Ens^am, v. a. gufamnten^dngen/ einn&l^en/ 

befett<l)ten/ etn&l!)reiu 
EiiB^ar, o. a. bcennen, subtennen* 
Ensem'ble, «. ein ®anje^, 85erelntgtc«. 
Enshield, v, a, betcrfctt, befdftitmen. 
Enohrine, v, a. eiafd^tie^eti/ Hxxoaf^xcn, 

En'nfinrm, a, fcbwectf cnntg, 
En'si^ «. tie Saftne; ta^ Setc^en ; (&f)s 

remeidfecn ; ter g&^nridj. —bearer, tcr 

gfabnentt&gcc —cy, «. tie g&f)nw4§' 

Enaldve, v,a, ^nm^dMtn madden* —ment, 

«. tie <Sc(a9ereu 
Enstke, o. a. fotgett, na^otgett/ oerfotgnt. 

«. «. folgett/ etfotjciu 
Ensflre, ». «. gewifc Met macf)en ; cers 

fi&ftxn, sujtcbecn* — «nce, «. tie @id)er; 


i8etft(6enmg^elt* — er, «. tet tQev* 
Entdblatnxe, Ent&blement, «. ta< ®ebli(f 

einec ®duk 

Entackle, v. a, mlt ©egctgcug wtfe^en. 
Entdil, «. tie gebtsntene @tbfbige ; tie 

ein^etegte Ttrbeit, v. «< tie @rbfe(ge fejl 

befltmmen/ tuixi> Gvboettrog binten; 

Entdme, v. a, j&j^metu 

Entan'gle, v. c. Dermdetii/ tjerwicten, vers 
fhicfen. —ment, 9, tie Skrwirfelung/ 

En'ter, c. a. eititceten, ^ineinge^en, ein? 
gcl&cn, ^ineinfommen ; ficb einlaffcn; 

— into, eintringen^ ^erfle^en^ begteifcn, 

— upon, anttcten, onfongen^ untemcb? 
mem c n, eintteten, t)inetngel&en ; cin? 
fft^ren/ julaflcn ; einfd)reiben , nictcr? 

Jc^rciben. '— mg, ». ter (Singang* 

Enteiidce, see Interlace. 

£nteroc6le, ». tcr iDarmbtud^/ $cten? 

Enterol'ogy, «.T. tie 8ebre ©on ten @tnge? 


Enterom'phalos, s, T. tet Sfjabelbrud^ 

Enterparlance, «. tie Unterretung. 

En'terprise, «. ta^ Unterncbnt«n, tic lln« 
ternci)mung* ». «. untcrnc&men/ oufnc^^ 
men. — ser, 9. tet Untemc^mct. 

Entertain, v, a, untetbaltcn ; bcwitt^cn ? 
geneljmigett. — ment,«. tic Untet^oltung ; 
J8en)ittf)ung ; to« ®o(lmal)l ; Swifc^iens 
fpiel, ©cboufpicU 

Entertissued, paH. a. mit mandftetlei Jars 
ben ))enocbt; turd)n)itEt. 

Enthrill, v, a, tutd)ttingcn / tuni^bo^s 

Enthrdne, v, a. auf ten Sl^tcn fe|en, 

Enthun'der, o. n. tennct&^nUd^cs ^ctife 

Enthtteiasnj, 9, tie JBcaetjtetung, ttt5 
^ccbgcffiW; tic Sd^watmetet. Enthn-* 
Blast, ». tet SJegeifterte ; (Sd)w&tmct, 
(gnthutiafL — ic, r-ical, a, begeijlctt, 
^od^fliegent ; f(^»6tmetifc^^ fef)t einge? 

En'thymeme, «. T. to^ ©ntl^pmcma ; tct 
S8rud)fd)(«p, abgefftt^tc SSetnunftfcbtup. 

Entice, V. a. tciicn, ontccfcn, an^iel^cn. 
—ment, ». tic 2Cntocfung/ 2Cntci|ung^ 
tet SJcii. Enticer, s. tct Unitdcx, Sets 
fftbtet. Enticingly, ad, ouf cittC tctjentc 

Entfiety, t. tag @)angc. 

Entire, a, (\ani, ungetl^eilt ; »6ntg, t)ctt$ 
ilintig ; Metct, auftid)tig ; «n»ctlc|t, 
ficftet; unpcfd)n)&(bt ; — ly, ad. — ness, 
». tie cottflintige SJefcftaffcn^it, 2(ufp 
Entitle, t». o. betitcfn ; betcc^tigcn. 

En'tity, 8. tag ^efcn. 
^eit BidtttftiStm^ ^etftd^etung ; ta^lEnt6ii,v.a. 

\)CX\ttxdCT^, ^K«^\tL^t\XU 


Entrimb, «. a. in ta^ (Bvc(ff U%tn, U^tas 

Entortildtion, «. bie gtrfeljfotmige jtrfim^ 


EntrdiJ, V. a. elnwebett/ t^^rmeben. 
En'trails, «. jil. tie Gitigcioette; 
En'trance, t. tet (^ngoitd/ (Stntritt/, 2(n? 


Entrdnce,v.a.ent3fi(!en, l^tnmflen* 
Entrdp, e. a. fangen/ t>etftn(Ien« 
^trtet, V. a. bitten, Jel^t bitten ; bewegeit; 

6ef)anb€(n; unteroatten. v. n. bitten; 

^onbehi, ftb^anbctn. — yi ». tie ISBitte, 

Entrem6t8, ». |rf. tie SwiW^ngetdti^te, 9?cs 

En'trepot, «. ba^ SJIdigojin^ tie ^lieber-' 

Enlry, «, bet: (Singon^, 6inti?ttt^ ©in^ug; 

tic Gtnful^r, bag (gtnf^reiben ; bie JBe? 


Entwine, v. a. umwebcn/ t>erfle(i)tcn; 
EntwistV o* o» mmoinben/ but(i)f[ec^ten. 

Entibilate, «. a. entXoUUn. 

Eniicleafee, «. a. entmldfetn/ ert&utetn. 
Eni^merate, v. a. auf^fil^Un, f)erted^nen. 

— dtimi, «. bie ?(ttf|&$(ung. 
Enun'ciate, «. a. ^erau^fogen/ etftaren. 

— dtion, f. bie ©tflarung. — ative, a. 

<xtlhvcnt, au6brfic!ltcb. 
Envas'sal, n, a, ^um ©ctaoen madren. 
Enverop,».«. ein^ton, cinwitfctn/ cin? 

fc^lagen ; um^iittcn, bcbccfcn. « bie ^Uf 

U, bet UmftWag* 
Enven'ora, t>. a. »et»giftcn; ucvl^ajt mas 

<fecn; crbittern^ 

Enver'meil, r. a, tttl) f&rben. 

En'yy, «. ber S^cib. tf, a.^ n. netben, be? 

nciben, netbifift fe^n. En'viabte, a. bes 

ncibcn?n){lrbig. En'vier, ». bee SJeiber. 

En'vioas, a. neibifd^ ; — I7, fl^. 
Environ, Vi a, umgeben ; betagenu 9, pi. 

bie umltegenbe (SJegenb. 
EnVoy,«-6e« QJefonbte, JBetfcfeofteiv 
Enwh^el, v, a., umgeben. 
Enwdmb, v, a. fd^wanget ma<3^n; wt? 

E'olipile^ «. T. bie aBinbfngcl, ^axanpf: 


E'pact, «;. T. bie Spacten. 
Ep'aulet» 8. bie 2f(fefel(|uaftc. 
EpauFDicnt^«..T. bie ©cbultenoel^t. 
Epen'thesis, 9, T. bie (Sinfcbiebung eine* 

95ucbftaben« in ber SRittc* «ine« Setter, 

Ephem'eral, — eric^ tt.. etnt&gig/. tfiglidf). 

— eris, 8. ba^ Sagebttd>v — eristi s, bet 

©temfunbige, ©tetnbcutcr. 
EphiaJ'tes, «. bag 2((pbrii(fcn. 
E'phod, «. ber ^eibredf bet jftbift^en 5)tte5 



Epic^de, r. l^o$ Seid^engebic^t/ bie ®r«b» 


Ep'icene, a. T. beibetfei ®ef(f>(e(^t^. 
Ep'icure, «. )&er (Spifur&et ; SBeflfifKintt. 

— r6an, «. cpifurifrf), iwUfifHg, flnnti4 

— risni, 9. ba< woUfi^ige geben, ber finns 

(i(]be ©enu9« 

Ep'icyde, #. T. tec Slebenhtif, Sleben* 

Epicy'cloid, ». T. bie Spio^fteit^e. 
Epidem'ic, — al, a. umgel^enb, ^rtfi^enb. 
Ejnder'rois, «. bie 6u$ere ^aut. 
Epid^B, «. T. bag Subinben einer SBunbe. 
Epid6smu8, ». T. ber SSerbanb. 
Epigas'tric, a, bcn Obetfc^meerbaud^ be* 

Epiglof tis, ». T. ber ^e^rbetfel, bag 3&pf« 

Ep'igram, 8» tai ©inngebid)t. — mat'ic, 

— mat'icalr «. wit'v^, epigranimati|<||. 
— matist, «. ber €>tnnbi(i6ter. 
Ep'igraph, ». bie Ueberfriftrift. 
Ep'ilepsy, ». bic faUenbe ©uc^t, gattfu<ftt 

—tic, a. fattfnd^tig., 
Ep^iloffue, ». bie ©cbtuprebe. 
Epiphany, «. bog Jcft bcr (Stf^cinnna 

Epipbon^ma,.*. T. bcr rcbnerifd)e TCugrnf/ 

ber @(ifthi^ebon&.. 

Epiph6ra, «. T. bag JRinnen bcr Xngen. 
Epiph'ysis, 8. T. ber 3Ufammcn»n(^g ; 

?(nn)ud)g ber ^nocbem 
Epiploc6te,f. T. ber 9Je|brwd). 
Epiploon', f. T. bag $Kefe im Ceibc. 
Epis'copacy, s. bie bifd)cfliidf>e SScrfafs 

fung. —pal, a. bif(l)6flic^. —pate, c. bog 

Ep'isode, ft bie 9?ebenl^anb(«ng^ Btou 

ttenf)anb(ung, (Spifobc — d'ic, —died, 

a, eingcfd)cbcn, eingefd)oU«t. 
Epispas'tici 8, 'T.. ta$ fSia^nMtn'bi 

Epis'tle, 8, ber SSrtef, bag ®d)reibftt, 

©enbfd^reibcn.. — tolary, a, brieflid). 
Ep^kaph,.». bie ®rabfd)rift. 
Epithaldmium, «. bag ^od)aeitgaebidbt. 

Ep'ithem,. ». T. bcr naffc Bmfcf^(ag, bie 


Ep'ithet, 8i T. bag JBetWMrt. 
Epit'om*,*. berTfugjug^Snbegrifl'. — mise^ 

V. a. abf firjcn. — ^miser, — ^nust, ». ber 


E'pecb, ft bic epcd&e, ber Scitabfd^mtti- 
Epcide, ft bie (Spobe. 
Epop6e,.ft.bag ^etbcngebidit. 
Epsom salt, ft bag Sitterfot^. 
Epuldtioii,.«.ber ®d)maug. 
Epulot'ics, ft pi T. Sfiarbcnsie^renbeSKittci; 
Equability, ft bie ©(cidbfctmigfcit. —bie, 

a. g(cid), gleid)f6rmig. — bly, ad. • 
Equal, a. aU'x^ ; angemcfirn, Der^Sftnif* 

mdpig ; fafjig, im ©tanb'c, einer Qa^t 

aewa^fen;. gkU^fcJomav tat^ig; un» 


ferfgn gleidicn @iantc«, gl(id)tn KCim. 
— ly, ad. V. a. gltiff) morfun ; glf--' 
l>aim(R, gttid) fin>n ; neTSttKn, cm 
tctn. -^ioi »■ a. glctd) nuididt, slti* 
fdjn. ^r, •■ tit ®l£id)l)(ii, aici^fei 

Eqiiiiiiini'kr,«,bi(®Iet(l)nifiltigI(it— in 
oat, a. glcidiiniifcig, 

R]ii4tioii, ».T. bit ©ttttfiung, 

Equitor, i. T. ttv Xequottr. 

EqiuiArinl, a. T. jum Kcqnanr gc^fng. 

Eqnflrrr, «. Cti Bttillnittilcr, 

Eqiiea'lcian, o. ouf fctm ^f«be fiftliS, 
iciknt ; rittnlict). >■ bci Sieitcr. 

KquUngulai', a. ^Ui(i)toixitd\a. 

Equicnlral, Equienlre, o, gleic&ttini^, 
glciAfdji'nEi'ltfl. Equidis'lant, a. plcitt) 
intfcrnl; — lyi ad, Equii&nnilyp »• tic 
lBK-id)finiiia(cit Eqiuisferal, o. glcid): 

f.'ilig. EquUlhralB,. n. a. Rilfirfigoiuiit 

Scben. EqulibiitiDiir Eqiulib'riuin, 
ae SlcWigtniitlit- Equimul'tjplo, >. i . 
tincrld StiWf tnii[iip[i(iti. Equioal, 
Equine, o. jftrbeartlg. EquinSce 
«. pUithnil&ig. 

EqDuwc'tiai, a. T. jur Sag? utlt Slait^ 
cd«idic geb»rig. «. Cii @l«i<l>ung»inic, 
Kr XtflnoMf, —If, ad. —nor, *, T.,tM 
2!(i^ s unB S!«(()tglti4c. 

EquinilinerBnt, a. gleidlji&Iig. 

r:miip,ii,rLDU«fiutn. — age, ». bi( 3lu8i 

vSihingtbodSlcircgct&t^e; ^ipDcIE; 

(9(f«Ig( ; Jtulfd)' W* ?fei*C. — ment 

'■ tic Xuerfiflung. 
Eqiupen'doDcy, (, fcafl S*ttc6cn in; 

(gti'itftjiuwrtit', lii( llnftWaffiflf*!!- 
E'tjoipoiie, I. ba« (3I(i4gciDitl)t. «- a- in 

'. gkiEtig((lcnt. 

tqilipoad'erancep a. iai (SlM^tmubt 

— lint, — ouB, B. ren giddjtc Sebwcre. 

— ate, ». n. gici* loiegca. 
KquipdnduKw,ii.a[ci(f), unvaTtFieiird). 
I^'qiiitablF, o. titlig, uncawbttifcfl' — tJy, 

ad. ETqaity, ■. bi( JBiaiaftiMlapoitSd: 

FiqiuT'dencei b. b« fliciftc EBcrtfi. ■- o. 

gU'i*(B SBtOft 6oScn. — knt, a. gUi; 

cticn Wtnf) fi^itMr gltic^gdicnb. «i.bic 

Seriidmng, iBt^tlung. 
Equir'ocEl, o. jweibtutiai un{|ti»ifi;. — ly, 

ad. — nass, tie Sntritoiittghit. 

E^Biv'oeale, e. n. jnjtibCUtig Kbftt. — c4- 

tioDyf-bK jmeibeutigc Kcbc; bn bev 
pclfinntgt fiaSbruct. — cdior,».t'ii:,n}([: 
di(r jntcibtutig tebct. 
K'rn, s. bii 3(itTc4nung. 

Eradidlion, <.,b(« ^IvatiUn, biC ^(rtor; 

ftroMung, bcrJCtglnnj. 

Ki:iul'iCBie, c a. (iu£iUII<n> — c&tiim, t. 

, tic 7fu£aitang_ 

EriMr e. a. HrtiCgtll v Mtlifiitll, tfn^ 
fhrtidicn, -^nent, (. bit iScrtttguiie, 

Ertct, ». o. ouf ddjtm ; fluffiifiwn ; (p- 
ricfekn; (rfteStm »..«. ^cd aufriAtctu- 
o. aufgtcictiltl, auft«*ti iuiwtlHtlt* , 
[uhn ; Iljing, WftiS. — »n, ». bit 
Sufnd}tung,' Siti(f)nine; (Etbcbung^ 
— ncBB, I. bit an^eiiAtcte SttOung. 

Er'amite, ». b« WWlfltWft.. — IficiJ, O.. 

tinficblerif*. •eeHermia 
Erepmtion, i- lat ^nnfcMdlKt. 
Erep'tion, «. H( GntKtSutig. 
Er'iro, all boI)(t, fflgl'*' 
Er'gots g. 6cr ©pf m am.?f(b(wU6; bo*. 

wcitfh- ,&fni ibtv bcm ^ufe 6(t ^rbt.. 
Er-gMism, ». btr f*ulB(Kct)M ffittnunffr 

fdilufi; biiS3anE(n.fl&«r,«ldiiifl((ttMi. 
Erin'go, «. bit SBm^bifltL 
Er'mrline, Ei'naae, I. iat ^Rntlin. 
Fj-'minod, o. in ^mttin geflttfctt. 
Er6de, B. a. i«gen, ifffnffcn., 

ErogAtum, a.-bU Su^tQtilung. 

EnSiion, «. bi< Sttfrtffung, bet grog,. 
Erot'ic, — ol, a. MCliebt, Rwljaaffifl.. 
Err,.s. n. |tA wrirten, abnttt^f nt tmn.. 

Errable, 0. Dtin Snt^uni eber btt Ecu 

irrurtg untcnnetfcn. 
Er^rnn^, a. bit iBct|'d)llft. — man, — boy, 

btv SS«K . — tooman, biei8*tin,lB»Knfcoii„ 
Er'rant, o. TicwmiTOnb 1 fe«d)ft filedit. 

(sea ATfani) Knigbt — , 6tt imnbt 

Miner. — ry, »- bas ^tturaiiKii. Knighr 

Emuitry, bit intnbi: !SitItrf(t)iifL 
Eimt'ic, — a], o. irctnb, nianbcrnb, titte 

finburlit^j ungwviS, unttbtnilid) -, ^y^ 

Errata, «. fk. tic ®6ireit|i:ti(« et« 

Er'riiinB, e. baS SUteftmitttl, SBitftptlllitr. 
Emineoiu,. a. ^nrutitimnb V unttgcditSs 

pig; wrirct; inijl; — ly,.orf. — neai,. 

(.bicinigt ScfAafnifiritibctSrtt^in.. 

Er'ror, i. Btr SmbPin,. g(()t« ; SAni< 

eer i bit ©niiMrang. 

Sn, 9. Ik mMilt. 
Erst, ad. jutTJt ; einfl, tgtbnti v juttct. 
Erubcs'cence, —cji »■ bit Qrril6uitg> 
Erilct, — ate, D. n. tGipftn : auftvctfcn. 

— itioQ, «. Ut Itufnctitnv Olfitpftn ; bti - 

fflulpSi ■ilusnravf;. 
Eradlte, a. gcunfegtlc^Tl.. BnidilidB, i. Ur 

Erfiginous, a. fujifrtortta. 
llrunedtion, *, tat KuigSltn. 

3rnp'lion, a. btC auWw*; bae.6etWti- 

tvtdjcn ; bcT ftinbli(f)t JdiSfan ; btt fiefs- 
tigc Kuf^ruf ; btr 7Cu(ftt)tiig ; bit $aui» 
fnmFljtil. — tive,.a,.«attw4i«:<iS>- 


Eryn'go, t. Me fOtann^trcttC ; tU 9tofcn? 

ttet ©tad)bifte(. » 

E'rysipelas, «. T. ter 9lotWflUf, Mc 9lfife» 
Esoalade, «. Me Gtftetgung occmittetfl bet 

Es'calop, f. t)tc gcjacfte cbetdca&^nte SSSln^ 

fdfecl, itammmufd)c(, SQC0b«mufd)c(, ter 

au^gesadte 9tanb. 
Escapdde, f. tet fatfc^e ^pcung cine^ 

Escipe, o. ft. 4r <>• tMtn (anfeii/ turdbge; 
^eii/ aueret^n^ ou^weicften ; entfoms 
wen, entgel&en, etttttnncn ; entwifrifKn, 
ctttfd^liipfen ; »cn ctwas feci bteiben, 
tjcrmeiben. s. Me Stu*t^ (Sntrlnnting ; 
antfcmmtttig; S^ettung; ter TCusfatt; 
tie ?(u^flu*t; 2Cu6fcf)weifung; tet Jef)? 
lee, 3nlf)unu 

Esc^rgatoire, «. bet @(f)ne(Ient)C^&(ter. 

Eec&rp, V. a. T. abf(^&ptg mad)en, a6fte? 

d^en, b^fd^en. 

Eschal'ot, 9. Me ©d^atotte. 
Esch'ar, «. ber 9larbengrinb. — ofic,a. 

&|enb, bvennenb. 
Escheat, t. ba^ on ben Se^n^l^ettn l^etm? 

gefoUene ®ut. r. n. I^eimjiiaen. —or, 

«. ber 2(ufrel^ei; fi6er bie ^etmfaKenben 


Eschew, V. a, ffiel^en/ meiben* 
Esebrt, f. Me S3ebecfung,ba6 ®e(elte, o. a. 

bebeden, geteiten. 
£8c6t, «. bee @d)0$/ bie ®teuer* «. a. un? 


E8c6ut, «. ber |)crd)er, ®ptoiu 
Escritdir, «. ba€ ^dbrcib^eug* 
Es'cuage, «, bet fte()nfibienjl, Slitterbienft. 
Esculdpian, a. ()ei(funbig. 
Es'culent, a. e^bat* «. ba^, n?a^ jur ^peife 


Escatch'eon, «. ber SS^oppen^bas 9S$appem 
Esoter'ic, o. gefteim, gc&etmniptJcU. 
Espalier, «. ba^ S3attmge(&nber. 
Espar'ceit, », bie ©fparfctte, ber ©fi^tee, 

S[Bid(enf tee XHedysarum Onobrychis), 
EBpiciaJ,o. befonber^, twrjiigtid^ ; — ly,ad. 
Esperdnce, c. bie ^cffnung. 
Espial, «. ber ^ttnbfi^after. 
Efplanide, «. ber 9$erp(a^« 
Eapouf'al, a, gum 9Serl6bni? gcl^erig. — «, 

«. |>i. ba^ ffierlobnif* Espduse, v, a. t)er? 

(cben; ^eirat{)en; onnehmen,.auf fi^ 

nebmen ; bel^anpten, oertbetbigen. 
Eapy', f). a. au«fp6fjen, erbticfen. 
Esquire, s, bet SBaffentr&get, @(^ilbtr&5 

ger, ^nappe; eine 6^renbenennung, 

weldie ®tanbe6pcrft>nen (m&nn(i(ften ®es 

W(ed)t^) bie nicftt flbelig flnb, beigelcgt 

Essiy, r. a. t»erf«(i)en; priifcn, preben. 

«. bet aSerfucb ; fc!)riftlid)e 2(uffa|. — ist, 

«. bet, wctcfter 95erfu(fte mocftt ; ber fficr? 

faffcr wn fur^en 2Cuffa|en, 
Es'sence, «. b<j5 ^Sefen, SDafcnn; ber 


®elff, bie iltttft ; bo* Jtrftftigfte, iwt? 
d)e6 in einer @acf^ entl^alten ift; ber 
SBcWgerud)/ JDuft, Me n>cMried)enbe 
^a^i* 9. a, butcftbftften, n)oblned)enb 
tnad)en* --^ «. toefenttid)* «. ba^ ^Be? 
fen, S)afei9n ; bet ^uptpttnft,n>efentlid)e 
Umjtanfc. — ly, ad, 

Essdin, E8s6iner«. betienige, n)et(i)et feine 
7(bn)efenl&eit ouf eine gflltige 2(rt cnt? 
f(i6utbigt i)at ; bie (Sntfi^utbigung *, Qr? 
tebigung, @nt(affung« 

EfiitaVluh, V, a, fejlfegen ; erri^ten, eins 
riAten, einfft^ren ; anteoen , Qnfe|en, 
anfiebetn*, feftmod)en; beftotigen. —ment, 
8, bie (Sinrirf)tung; geflfeeung. Site? 
ber(ofl[ung; SBeft6tigung ; TCnjIoU, ^(ns 
kge ; l^&u$Ud^e ^inrid^tung; ber ^ans? 

Estate, 8, ber @tanb, 3tt|tanb ; ba$ $Ber? 
m6gett ; ©runbflftdf, ®ut, bie d^fitet. ». 
a, gnm SBefi^e (iberm(ui)en« 
Est^m, V, a. ad)ten, fd)^$ett; meincn, 
bofiir^otten. 8. bie 2(d)tung, 4M)f<6&' 
lung. — er, t. ber,n>elc^et f#|t, bet 

Es'timable, a. fdb&lbar, a^tbat, oAs 
tung^n?(irbig, od)tung^n)ertf)» — ness, 
8, bie ^Q|6arfeit Es'timate, «. «. 
W&|en, bered)nen. ». bie ^d)i$nng; 
ber UeberfcJ)lag, ^nfd)(og ; ber ©ertfj. 
—Ation, ff. Me 93erecfenung, Sd)&6ung ; 
bie SKeinung, ba€ Urt^eit; bie Kcfetung. 
— otive, «. fd[)fiecnb, bered)nenb. — 4tor, 
». ber @(ft&|er," Sered&net. 
Es'tival, a. gum ©ommet gel^5rig, ben 
@ommet ^inburd) bauemb. Estivition, 
». bie ©ommerung, ber TCufcnt^olt im 

Estop'pel, f. (/. t) bie ©tnwcnbung, 
Estdvers, 8. pL {I t) ber gefe^licfte Untcus 

E6trdde,<. ber TCuftritt, bie ©r^c^ung hci 

Estrange, v, a, entfremben ; ctttgic^ ; 

entfemem —-ment, ». bie ©ntfrcmbung, 

entfemung, Sntgiel^ung. 
Estrapide, «. bie ©ftrapobe, bflg SBfius 

men unb Ttu^fc^lagen einc^ ^ferbe^ nas 


Estray, see Stray. 
E«tr6ate, ». bie 2(bfd)rift 
Estr^pement, «. T. bie SScrfftlimmerung* 

Es'trich, see Ostrich. 

Es'tury, «. ber Xrm ber Sec eber bie 

SKftnbung einei^ Stuffed, worin bie (Sbbe 

unb glttt^ tt>ecftfe(n. —ate, «. «. ouf? 

motfen, btoufen* — ^tion, «. bo6 SBoOten, 


Es'ture, «. bie ^cftigfett 
EsTirient, a, j^ungrig, gierig. E'smine, 

a. frcffenb, beijchb. 
Etch, V, a, 6$cn, rabircn. — ing\ cin to* 

birte^ JBtott. 


— -nizc, V, a. uetcwigeil* — nity, «. tl< 

Eteaian, a. ftd) ouf bte 3abt^n>tnbc Us 
^e^cnb, — winds, f . pL We f fi^cn 3«^« 

in ben ^unb^tacicn mt^^Q ^ge long 

toel^en ; tie SOlonfvon^. 
E'thct, ». bet 8uf tgcijt ; ^imme(/ fiuf t? 

(rimmrf/ TCetftet. Ethdreal, Eth^reocw, « . 

6t^etif(^, (^tmmttfd^. 
E'thic, ^*l, n. fittig, fitttt*^ tugenblt*, 

tuaenb^ft ; — lyi ad. Fthics, ». |il. bie 


Eth'nic, a, l^etbntf^* s, bet ^etbe. 
£thDl«3|riea], a. ^uc @ttten(el()te gel^irig. 

— ogy, «. bie ®itlctt(el&re, 
Eti6logy, «. T. bie 8el&re wn ben Wrfa^en 

etne6 ibingeS/ (efonber^ bet Sttanh 

Etiquette, «. bie ^effttte, bet ^cfge? 

6taucl^ ; (^e^tauc^, bte ®itte ; bet ^cfs 

Etymo^gtcal, a. toottfotft^enb, l^etteiib* 
Etymorogy, s, bic TCblettting, ^erteitimg ; 

«ottfb^uttg; bet erjte $Sf)ei( cinct 


Etfymon, t. baS ^tommwett 
Edcharifit, «. ba6 l^eitige 3C6enbma^(. 

-*ica], a. banffagenb ; ouf ba$ 2(6enbs 

maU ltd) be^te^cnb. 
Eudni'ogy, «. bte Jtitd)enagenbe. 
Eiichymy, f . T. bet gefunbe 3«flonb be5 

JBlutcg unb anbetet (g&fte. 
Etitarasy, «. bte gefunbe &ie<)e$ibef$affens 
' i^eit 

iBudiom'eter, ». T. bet fiuftgfitcmeffet* 
iMIogxze, V. u, pteifen, (oben^ et^eben* 
Edogy, 8, jDanf, ein Sobfptudb, T. in 

^et gtie(!6ifcften XixM ba$ eingefegnete 

fSxct>, »e(d^c5 ben 2C&n)efenben sugefid^icft 

Eiinadi, «. bet SSetfd^nittene , €afhrat^ 

49am(ing, Sntmannte* v, a. entmanneu/ 

Euikiyiniia, t. bet ^pinbelbaunt/ bos ^fafs 

Etipathy, «. bie ©ebulb im 8eiben« 
Ed^atory, «. bet SS^affetboft. 
Eopei/tic, a. (eid)t ^u KtbAuen* 
Enpheniism, s, bet gute O^ame* T. bie 

S5ettattf(6ung eine^ fdbled^ten, niebngen, 

obet totte« SBotte^, ntit einem Uffcxn, 

ttUxn, gcUnbetU/ mitbetn ; bie SGBetts 

Euphdnical, a. n>ol^(!(ingenb/ wo{)Ilau7 

tenb* EiipiKmy,*. bet SBo^tftang, SBol^ts 

EuphdrlHum, «. bie $So(feSmi(d^ ; ba^ ^? 

Euph6ria, «. T. bie gute SS^itfung einet 

Eckphiasy, s. bet TCttoentt^fl (ein Jttaut)* 


EarddydoD, t. bet l^eftige Sletbwtftoltlb 

im mttteU&nbifcben SKeete. 
Europe, «. (Suvopa. 
European, «. 4r ». eutop6if(ft ; bet 6ut^ 

Eurvthm^, «. bft^ ticfttige SSetl^^ttnif. 

Euthandsia, «. bet teid)te JStb. 

Evac'uant, a. «u«{(eetcnb, obfSIJtenb. ». 

ba$ dbffifttenbe 9Kitte(. —ate, Eticate, 

V. a. aniUcxtn, au^r&umen ; megfc^afs 

fen ; t&umen, uettaffcn ; »cn fid) geben ; 

ungfiltig mad^en^ aufbeben. — Ation, ». 

bie 3Ctt«teetung, 'Kh^&f)tVLm ; bet &inf)U 

adng; bie 9ldun\ung, SSetwffung ; Tfuf* 

Evdde, V. a. Sf n. eutge^eu/ entfcntmen ; 

£vagition,«. ba$ Xu^fd^weifcn, Returns 

Evaneroent, a. »etf(^winbenb ; unntetff 

Evangel, oud) Evangely, ». ba€ ©tjongcs 

tiuttt. — ical, a. cDungelifd). — ^i«n, ». 

bie fte^te bet Gbtiften. — ist, #. bet 

(St^angettft. —ize, t>. o. ba5 ©jangeftum 


Evan'id, a. t)ctfc^tt>inbenb/ fftwod). 
EvAporable, a. nai (eid)t DCtbuuftct, — ate, 

V, n, au^bfinften, Dctbfinften, au^bam* 
pfen, ©etffiegen. ». «. in 2>unfl auflefcn^ 
oetbunften/ auebampfen, &ujem. —4. 
ticm, «. bie 2(u6bSnflung/ SSetbiinfhing, 

Ev&sion, 8, bie (Sntn)ifd)ung ; 2(u^ffud)t; 
bet itunftgtiff. — aive, a. »etmeibenb, 
au^mcid)cnb, TCu^flilid^te fu(^enb, t&us 
ttenb, ^intctliftig. 

Eve, «. bet TiUnt ; l^eiliae Xbenb* 

EVen, — ing, «. bet Xbenb. —tide, bte 

2f benb^eit. —eong, bet2Cbenbgotte^bienjl, 

Fven, a. cbcn; glatt; gleicfe, g(ei<i^fot* 
mig; g(eid)taufenb ; getabe; gteidimills 
tf)ig, glcidbgfiUig; tuoig; c^ne ©*ut? 

. ben ; unpattfteiifdb. —ly, «?.».«. cben^ 
gteic^ nKid)cn ; au^gtei^en ; ebenem v. 
n. qUi6) jci>n, flbeteinfommen* — handed, 
unpattl^eiifd), — , ad, then, ebenfc ; ges 
tobe; fogat; felbfl; aud); woftl, es 
m^g fei^n* — ness, «. bie (Sbene, ®tcid)s 
I)eit; Qleid)e ©timmung/ gteid^ SSes 

Ev6nt,». bie SJcgebenWt/ betSSetfaff; 
(grfotg. — ftd, «. »otl t)on SBegeben^eiteU/ 
mctfrofitbig, ctfbtgoott, crfolgteid). 

Ev6nterate, v. a. ben 8eib 6iTnen/ ou^tvei? 

Even'tilate, v. a. fdbwingen/ fidfttcn; |te* 
i&en; ptftfcn, untetfuc^em 

Eveat'oal, a. etfotgenb, auffitlig, — ly, ad, 
anf alien ^a\i, am @nbe ; in bet S^ot, 

mtti auf imnKt; (ft*— , fcr— and— , 
•nf tmmer, ciciE^i auf irgMib cine aBcis 
fe. — a, e'er a, itqtnB (in. — to, n«di 
ft, u Mon aa — , fghtlb aU nut, [Erai 
»ti* ^iSupa 6(t aufommenrneunaen at' 

tMUcfet]. — poan, a. 6116 SlMKtflVun, 
— laWing, a. iramttwilirenB ; — ly, ad. 
ErBrUrfBianeM, a. bit GrcigEtit. — Ut- 
iag, a. xa^tzb&i). — autre, ad. imnitt; 
''"t, (oiigtnfe. 

me, ErSrt, p.b. fittc ten ^oufi'n iCBtJ 

n, umwttfMt, jerflittn. 

'(i^, a. i(Mr, jebt, I'ebiie, — wliere, aU 

Uptfiotbdi, a6<MlI, —ODE, jcbdmrnnii- 

E'Tea-dio[^ier, a. C(t $an!)cr. (see Eaves. 




MfigUe, n. a. avipitcn. 

Erict, 0. a. gtrid)tltA nuS bcut . . . 
tiem«i6cn; etri!bt(ii$ tntjt;f)cn cbci 
W(E)BC^nKnv tniKifeiu Evie'tioD, a. tic 
gm^tfic^ fficraubuna bee iBcjiicE v bet 

EVidanie, at Ht "XuSfnlibtinliAUil Qrr 
fiAHi<>)h[t, Unl&iabairEf it ; bas Seugs 
niS, b«t aSnwie-, ore Sfugf. 0- 0. 6c- 
weircn, cnvtiI'Mi, letgni, —dent, o. au 
Btnr*(inli(t, ^onogKifli*, ctfidifi* 

irvil,'s. irbel, befc. a. bag Debet, <B«fc , 

— ly, ad. — minded,. tflJifd)! flbelgC! 

Snnt. — apaakiiif, bic ajctlcumbung. 

king'*— * (cine StanEheit) Bic SfttMe. 

bl(©tf)iwnte,bcr^i*);f.— ne»»,.ai b'll 

!St«atttgteit -, @»itlefistcit. 
.B*liice,v.a. teweifcn, (nneifeii. — ciblH, 

o. tnMiSW. — Wy, orf. 
Eri^cerate, 0. a. fluft»(tbcn. 
By'itable, a. penntitfift. EVitale^ b. o. 


Erlternsl, n. unbe^mt longc bauctnb. 
] EriWmity, t. bte unbeftimmM, fc^r longc 

EvQcitioai, «. bit ^nMrigfting. Evi^ 

». a\ ^raetrufen, 
Evol&tioo, t. bos ifflcgpUgen. 
Evolve, fcff. sniiiricfcfa, cmfnltcn. EvoM- 

tion,a. bis (Sntfattung, gntmitfclung. 

T. bit ^MrfAroentunq, ficcrtfipcgung. 
Evul'siui, a. baS ^(uftet^cti. 
Ewe, a. bos njciblfabc Sctwf, bie ©^f: 

mutter, —tree, ae* Yew-tree. 

Ew'er, »..ber Jtrug, SBafTctEiug. 

EiaeSrbate, ». o. DMfAltnimcni. — itioni. 
■■ bie iSerf^inimeniiis ; ber rc^liminfli 

'JJuntt in einer Srontficit. 

Eliot, o. aenflu, pfintKl*; furgfaiio, 
ticfttig ; — ly, ad.. — ,f. a. ttfci^iv, frr: 
btn ! evfecbem i btjvfilcn. — er,. «. bet 
CtpttfTctt, Jerbteer. —ion, a. bic ^ex= 
fceninq, CqstetTang. — neaa, «. bie ®(; 
tiflutgteit, %iiiitm6fvit ; UliAligEeit, 



bie aScrgta^Tung, Uebertcti: 
ti. s. in Scnxgung fegcn 

Ei&lt, e. a. ct^eften, CTbebtn -, crfceucn . 
ISutcm, pcrfcinem. — iiion, a. bie ftrr 
be&ung, Sv^ibuag. 

Eiimen, EiuninlLlian,. a. tie ^tfifnns, 
llnierfudiung'i Kb^oning. — minaie, a. 
berjenigc, m\im Mtfjirt ebet aftgefiitt 
roirb, — mindior, (. b« llnterfucfttr, 
©rflfit. -mine, ti._a. unttrfudKil, plfc 
fen; tffragttl, Obflircil.. — iDinei;a,B(t 

Exam'plary, ata EMmplMy, 

E\ain'ple, a. bal iBeifpict, SRuftcc. •-«. 
S9i;ifpicl( gcWn, htt* iBeifpitUrtSus 

Exan'iriiinoiis, a. btutttf. 

Enui'imate, ». entfcelt, IrtM; ttnnrifl, 

nnttf|le^. — mitioo, $. btc lEntfediing. 

— moiu, a. entTeelt, Icblee. 
Eiandiiaiala, a. pi. ginntn, SBtatttni, 

Kufifntilog. — atDua, m. finnig, Hflttctift. 
Ekantlate, ». a. ftljipfen, etfftipfen. 
Eti'articuliLtioti, a. tit .AnBtbtnKrren: 

Ejsaa'pernle, ti. a, erbtttftrt, tTjamcn ; 

Derftblimmerii. — *tor, a.ber, iveUbti^ ew 

biltcrt, — itioD, a. bie ffirefiiimmeiuafl, 

faffdjeSSoritcBung; ffirtilKning.. 
ExBuc'torate, B. a. entfcficn, dbbanftn. 
bit Mtbonfung; .^etabfe* 

Excandoa'cence, — cenoy,, a. bie 9[llt{), 
§i?e; ecrfrnung. ^ 

EicaotHtion, t. bit ISnbautctun^ 

Eicar'nale, v. a. to* 2p(if* aWcfcn, nts- 


Ex'cavite, v. a. avtitiijUti^ —ttiea, i. ixe 
Su£f)ct)[ung, £^lung, 

Eicccdtion, j.bie SBltnbung. 

Exceed, c. a. JSbtt^iitAUn ( Sfetihsfftn. 
v-n. proeitgefieni weitn ge^mi ; mi: 
pet fcnn ; loS UebergmtAtftaben. — atg, 
a. feljc gnft. a<i-in etnem.Q«t)tt> Scabt. 
— ly, ad. in cinem fjeljen iSntbt, AupetfL 

Excel, r. o. flbertKfftn. o.ifc^erMtSttfcen, 
glSnjcn. — lenoe, — Jeney, ». bte SBsts 
ieetflidifcit ; SncOtnj (etn 3ittO. — le«tt> 
a. Bcrlrefflid) ; — ly, «*(.. 

Except, D. a. ou^nt^men.. >. «. SinioJitft 
madjcn, einnjtnben. Eiofipt, — ing, pre. 
au6gcncnimcn,.ouf«. -^.a. bie Huls 
nnlime; Sinnttnbung; Qmptfnbli^Eeit, 
JScltibiguna.. — ionablo, a. jmttig, feljs 
Itrhaft, tobclntofirbig. — icna, a. miSrs 
ttftj), jfinfifriv — ire, a, oo6nebmcnb. 
— less, a. ollgemein. — or, a, Per Soblet. 

Extern, t. a. au^prcffcn, abfcnbetn. 

Excerp'tion, a. bU Ku^ic&Ung, btt JCuSi 
xcsaa, a. lai IKtottM^V bic lk:bej» 



— ^ive, a, nbixmh^iQ ; — ly, ad, 
Exchinge, i>. a, toc&^^tin, austattfifteiu 9, 

tct$ gegcben nnrb,bet (BtQtntoath ; tie 
»6r(;c BUlof-^t)eraBed>fc(brief,2Bc*j 
fet. in— ^ ^ut 93etc)iitund, C^ntfd^&M? 
jung, Exchin|[er, f . t)er 8Be<ft6t«c, 
Exchequer, «. bu @(^a$!ammer« 
Excise, 8. lit Xcctfc^ SBaarcnfleuec v. a, 
mit @teuec bctegcn. ■— inim, bet TCcwfe* 
()ebiente« Excisable, a. occt^bac. 
Excision, «. tie 2(uSrottung* 
Excit&tion, s, tie ^ttegun^u 
Excite, V. a. etreoen/ erroeaeO/ ermuiitenu 
— ment, ». tie Snresang ; ter SJeweg* 

ExcUim, V. n. au^rufen, {{ficeien.^ «^. ter 
2Cu6ruf/ ta6 ©efd^tci, — er, aw tec 

Exdamition, «. tec Tin^xnf, toS ^(i^t«. 

Exclam'atoiy, a. au^rufent* 

£xc2dde,o. 0. ougfd^tiefetU Excldsibn, #. 

tic 2(u6f(6(ie$unQ ; 2(u60cihung» ExcM> 

sive, a. au6fd)(ievent ; — ly, ad, mtt2(u^* 

Exc<ict, V. a. ou^!cd)cn. 
Exodgitate, v. a. au6ftnnen» 
Excommtinicate, v. a. in ten Sth^ns 
t>atm tl^utt, au$f(^liepen. — cdtion, ». ter 

Exo6rifite, v, a. tie ^out al^flreifen, ab? 

reiSen otet oMcfen ; fd^inten, — Ation, 

».^< XbHreifung ter ^aut ; ti« @rpre{s 

ExcortieltioD, «. tie 7ii>\^U\xnQ ter 

Ex'create, o. a. au^toecfen^ au6c6u^)>em*. 
Ex'crement, «. tec i^uimxvf, 2C69an0^ 

^ct6» — H «• <m5A«»crfen,amn2(ti^s 

loucjfe ge^ocig. — itious, a, gam Utt^f 

toutfe gefeocig/ ow^wfirfig. 
Ex'crescence, — cency, «. ter 2Cu^i9ttd)^.. 

— cent,, a, att6tt)o^cnt, l^cwntwd^ 

Excr6tioD, t. tie ?(6fetttecuttg^ Knimts 

fling. — tive, -4ory, a. abfontccnt. 
£!xcniciate,o. a. mactem/pctntgcnw— Ation, 

«. tie ^Dtoctec, 9)ein« 
ExcuUtioii, «. lai SZocbttood^en 

a* e^ne (Stit|<t«fo 


-tigung, unwraeiMid). 

Excfiser, «. tec (SntT^ulttgeCp 

Exctbss, V. «. gecu^tUd^ ecgnlfett^ in SRt^ 
fd)(ag nel^men. Excus'sion,*. ttc gfcidftt^ 
tid^c C^cgceifung. , 

Ex'ecrable, a, t^ecflud)!/ oecl^a^, abftJ^eu^ 
lidft ; — blj, od. —crate, t>. a. bfctoib? 
fd)cn, Detfludbcn. — crdtion, «. tie SJec* 
n){tnfdbung* , 

Ex^t, V. a. au#fcf)neiten» 

Ex'ecute, v. a. au6f&l)cen/ ooK^el^en^ t)ec9 
cid^cn, l&mct<iten. 

Exec'utor, a. tec SSclUte^er Q. !©♦ eine^ 
SeftomeirtS); tec @cl)otfci^teC/ SKacI^ 
ticket; —ship, «. tie Seitament^wn^ie? 
I^ung, otec tie ^fic^t te6 SeflamentoolU 

Exectition, «. tte 2Cu0ffi6cung^ SSoS^ies 
f)ung^25oUfh:ecfung; 5)f6«tmig; ©mu* 
tion; tie ^incid)tun() ; ^icfung; ®e^ 
toaitt^/itigfcit^ 93ertvuf!ung, ^ietectage. 
— er, ». tec 8SotI^e()ec; ©cfeacfcii^ec, 
0iad$nd^tec, ^nfec» Exeeiitive, a. twJU 
^iel^cnt. Executrix, ». tie ©ottaieljecin. 

Exegesis, 8.j>te (Ec!(&cung^2ft»^tegu«g« 

Exeget'rcal, a, ec!lamit» 

Exem'plar,«. tfl* 9Kh jlcr, 93ei6)tet — ihesB, 

* tie muftccf)cfte aSefd^offenfteit. — y, a. 

sum l^eifpte(e tienent ; mnjlecl^aft; a6« 

fiftcedf ent v — ly, ad. 
Exemplification, 8. tie 2C6fd^cift ; iDocfleU 

(ung tur^ S3eifpte(e» 
Exemplify, v. a. tuH^ SBeifptefe belcgoi^ 

etl^ttem; abfi^vetben* 
Exempt, V. a, ausnei^men, htfttim, oec? 

fc^en. a, au6genommen/ befceit^ nicftt 
; unterwocfen ; ou^gefd^loffen*. —ion, «. 

tie 93cfceiung ; gcei^eit 
ExenWate, v, a. ou^eitetu — ition,. «• 

tie 2(u^kveitnRg« 
Ex^mol^a. ga eittcm Srtd^enbeg&Rgniffe: 

Ex'eouies, «. pi. ta^ Seif^enbeg^gtiip. 

Exer'cent, a. aUdtSbent* 

Ex'ercise, v. a, ilOen, m^^htxu A tie UeT 
tung;eet6c€fibung,.a3c»egu«g; ©cfeuU 
fiOang, ©pco^bung,. Jtw^g^wung* to» 
take exerciise, fti^ S3enregang madften.. v» 
n, ftdb fiOcit/ Setbe^fiftuna gebcaudboi.. 

Exerciser, 8, tct, me(c^ ubt/ lle&ungeir ' 

Excul'pat^ v,a, entfdbultigen, cecM^ttt* onfleKt ExercitAtion, #► tie tlebung* 

gen.— Ation,*. tic ©ntfc&uttigung.— ato. 

ry,a. entfdinittigent 
Excur'sion, «. Die Tfbfd&owifung ; tet 

©tteifeug/ tie ©tceifecei ; ter ^bjtedfifer.. 

— give, a. atweic^nt, l^ecumfhcifent. 
Excdsable, a, WC^ftli^ — ness, fc tie 

Excosition, 8, tte (Sntrdl)tt{tigung» Ex- 

disatoiy, a. entTdnttttgent^ 
Exciise, V. a, entfdf)ttttigen ; nadiHa^cn, ec? 

toffen^ ))eca)^^ea; cetl^t^rtigen. •» tie 

Ex^rt, «. a. anfhscngen, nitt TCnftcenaung 

»eccicfttcn* to — ene's self, ji(ft bemtt^n^. 

ftd^ anftrengen* 
Exer'tifln,<.1bte2C»fhe«guttg/tU fdtmiif 


Ex^sion, 8. ta^ iDQf AfcelTen.. 
Exesto&tion, «. ta^ SBanen^ ^Cu^CQufem 
Ex'eunt,.!*?. (oen 5?ecfoneti in ©d^ufpi«^ 

ten) geften at>* 

Exfbliate, v. n. ftcft a^bt&ttCtSL,^ Q&\.t^^ 
£xhilab&&,a.f[&d^tl^ '£a^»iSd^9acf[^%-\^ 

Vtttt&nfkn, VuAanqgfht, bit Xuftfin'] 

f^tuUe, «.a.aiiStAnftni>aiilbam(iftn,ane: 

jKtfftiu — msiii, *- W XutMlnfhing, Ut 

lOampf, SunfL 
Exhitut, v. a, (tfc^tpftn. — im, (-bU Cc 

f**pilinB. —lew, a. niKlWipfli*. 
Eibetedltica, >. bit (SnterttinQ. —dole, 

v. a. cnlnbcn. 
BihiVit, B. o. an ben Sag ttsm i au^fttti 

bn, botffellen ; Mtbiinaeti, baifiilnacn, 

batfeictra, gtbtn, ju^&nbignt, cinnidiMi. 
EzhibitiaD, >. bU SaifteUnng ; KiMftdi 

Inng; Stja^Iung, !BfI«^nung; baieti' 
ExbiFarate, o. «. auffitiKCn, et^Bitem. 

— ritkm, «. bit Xuf^ittninfU 
Exbilrl, D. a. trma^ntn. — ition, «. bit 

ffitma^nunfl. — rii™, — «tory, a, (r 

EihunuUian, I. bit jBitBcraU8Sra6un3 it' 

firatenet Jtjrptr. 
Giic'cBle, He EisiceBte. 
Ei'igence,— ^cyiJ.bflB !B(bfltfniS, 6t; 

fcrbtmiS ; bit britcfentf Sogt, bit Sttth. 

— gant, I. Ux Slttfefatt ; bag JUcifemtltct ; 

iai enb(. 
Exignlitj, I. bit iStTtngf&gigtctt. Giign- 

ouB, a. fitin, unfetbcuitnt, gertngfiglg. 
Exile, 0. fltin, bftnn. 
Exile, >. bit !Gfnnctfnng, SSeifiannunEt '. 

ber ajttwitfeiK. r- o. BtruwifHi, Ocr6o'n: 

ntn. — ment, ». bit SBftweifung. 
Etdlftko, t. boe ^ernuefpringtn. 
Eximioui, a. aaintftmtnl, Mrlrtfflid), 
Exiouiitiini, i.ber ffitduft, bit ^ttabmfiT: 

bisttng, Smttbriouns. 
Extot,».ii.ftgn,biimn. — otKe,».bafiDas 
jRni. — ent, a, Soft^ ^6tilll,MT^nbtn. 
EiiatiiiULtkn, •■ bit SReinung, XAtnng. 
Ei'it,*. b«Xu*a<m9,X6ooii3. fflti ben 

SttHHiTpttlcn bcbtntet Exit, gc^t ai ; 

pi. Exeunt, qtfien n6. 
Exltisl, EiitiouB, o. wrbttBliift, tobtlidj. 
Ei'ode, ». bai BrcifdjtnfpitI, tie Jnt« am 

enbe einte Swuttfpitls. 
Ei'odo*, Ej'ody, ». t(c au«giing,auSjn9; 

baS pKitt SuA anofeg. 
Ex(d«e, a. MWtW, umiebtiuAIi*. 
Exoin[**lq«, f . T. bcr fflofctllirad). 
Bzon'ei«te,e.a. fn(lflb(n,tnll(bigtn.— rf- 

tKHi, «. bU Snflabung. 
Empf able, a. ufinfcb(neiWTtb> 
Ex'waUe, a. tcSittlttft. 
ExarHtance, — tancy, «. fcic UtSttfirel! 

tmifl, bM rt*ictt ^aaSii; Knffameu 

funs; bit Utbtrmi^gEcit, Unbtlligfcit. 

—taut, a. ebiwiifttab, ou»f(f|iwifenb ; 

o*etmfi6ig,iinmiSio,uiibiIltg; —If, ad. 

—tote, B. n. flSfiimciftn, a&tntitfKn. 
Ex'ocdsc.D.o.tcCt^rcinn, bonntn. - 

ft be r SBcftlircfrer, ®ciftcr6onn(r. — i 
* die fflef(*rorrutig, JBonniing. 

Eior'dul, B. rinltiltnb. — dinm, ». Ul' 

Gtngang cintc jRtbt. 
Exomition, », bit auSiittuns. 
Exot'ttled, ExM'aeoiu, a. b*t AnMbtn 

btrauM, btinto*. Eimtiims, •. T. bcr 

Jtncd|maatiQu<^e, baS Ut^tibtin. 
Sxot'ic, a. frtmb, antl&nbifi^. >. bii mtt 

Eip^nd, V. a. auEbmttn, auEfiKninnl. 
EiMinse, «. berauSMbfljnKfflflum. — »- 

Irintj, (. bit Btfnbartttt. — e'ible, a. 

Bcfinbar, — moa, ». bit Ku^be^iiiiiis, 

HusbTeitung, btT Boum. — nve, a. anfe 

Expitiate, E. n. itdft umljer ttnwgtn, toam 

btin, tDonbtm -, veiitSuftta ftvn, fid) in 

aStmn au«bnitcn, t)cl[|)finbig vtn tl; 

nai ^anbeln. 
Bipitruie, v. a. ptrianntn, anftvanbttn. 

— 4tion, *. bit iBtrtannung, KuJOMnbc 

Expfiot, ti. a. ^rn. tnoarfcn, twirtm. — •!*, 

d){i ttwafi etmarttl. — 4iiMi, tbit ffiw 
TOottunn. — ert>-beritni9e,n)tl(6ttnioi!< 
Kt, (troartct, fecjft. 

Eipncforate, t. a. don fcct SBrofl cneoifT' 
ftn. — itkm, ». baf ausnitiffn; ber 
augtouif, — «tiTe,o. auinxrftnb. 

Eipedienee, — ency, «. tie ®rtiiKt4(tit, 
PgtiAFeil, StatMamEett; ba6 Uiittmt^s 
men; bit (Site. — ent,«. fdjitnidi, fiSjs 
[idi, tat^aiR, bienlid). «. bas asitut, 
.^fllfBlnitKl ; —\j,ad. 

Ei'pedile, e.a. tritifttcrn; ttf^fcairiatB; 
abftdigen. a. rcbned, gefdininb; IttAt; 
tijalig. — dltion, i. bte .&utrtgreit ; V.U 
ftrtigung; bet Jtritgcejag; bit iwtew 
nttjmun^. — ditiom, a. gefdinitnb, (iBt* 
tig, tfeShg '.—'?■ aJ. 

"Eipd, 0. a. austreifttn, n»gttei6tn, iwg* 
jagen; aulftofltn, tKiflc(ien. 

Eipdnd, c. a. anegebtn, auSlegen ; anfr 
rocnbtn, annenben. 

ExpenM,t.bic]tucgabt,ADften. -^o. 
f cjWpitlig, tbeutr. -^e™,"-8tintJtoBtn, 

Expens'ire, a. t^cncir ; Btrrdmrnibtrif*; 
freigtbig-,— ly.aA -^mm, >. btt ^g 
luni aufnMnBe.bie JBecfc^wenbnng; bit 

Eipirience, i. tilt etfofening. t>. a. CTfa^s 

ten, Btrfudien. 
Exper'iment, t. Btt SBttfu*. ». a. Bttfils 

dien. — al, a. aue ajecfuitn beftcfitnb ; 

— ly, ad. — er, ». btr, wetifiet Sitifacbt 

Eipft-t,o.trfa6rtn,hinbig,gcfcf)i((t', ^y, 

ad. —nets,*. Bit Stfafitenlieil, (3cf(l)i((s 

tidltcil. . 
Ez'fiable, a. bti Kuffi^nittig fHfiig. 


neiu — Ation, ». tie JBfipung, 2Cu6f«b* 
nung, gsccfo^nung, — atory, «. au^fol^* 

Ezpil&tion,«.bie SBeraubund^^tfinberuna. 

JSxpirition, «. t)a$ 2(u^^auA^n, ?(u5atO' 
me^ ; ba^ ^ecbcn, bcr !Xct> ; Me 2Cu6$ 
bftttflunar ?(u8bampfutta ; ffictlofcfcung, 
t>ai 2(uf o6«n ; tec ^d^luf^ ta« @nbc, 
l)ec TCbtauf* 

Expire, t). c ^lu^t^men, au^bouc^en ; au5s 
bunflen ; gu (Snbe bringeiu o. n. au5$ 
at^men, au^baud^en; ^ecben, umfcms 
men ; setfptin<^n ; p @nbe fcmmen/ 
aufborcn, ocrfliepcn. 

Explain, o. <!, ed tacen, ert&utetn* — able, 
a. ecft&rbar. — er, ». bet ertl&ret/ 2(u^' 
legec Expian&tion, s. bie ©cflitung* 
ExplaH'atory, «- ecKdrenb. 

Expl6tioii, f . bU 2(u^fiiautt9, 

JEx'pletive, a, ou^ffillcnb. «. ^ ©• particle, 
etne au^f&Uenbe Q)arti!eL 

Ez'plicabliB, a. erf (arbat* — cate, o. a. ent? 
loidefn ; erftdcen* — cdtion, «. bie (&nu 
mdcbxfXQ, (Srftdrung* —cative, a. etftd? 
tenb. — cdtor, ». bcr GcEl&rer* 

Explicit, a. augbtM(i(ft,beutlid^. — ly.oii. 
— ness, «. bie jDeutU^f eit. 

Explade, v,a, mit einem ^nolte au^wets 
fen ; ou^treiben ; hu^))0(^en ; oecweiifen/ 
mitaSerad^tundbei^eite fe|en. v,n, ytx'- 


Exptoit, «. bie %%qX, ©crcid&tung. ». a. »er^ 
tic^tcn, wcUbringem 

£aq>l6Tate, Expl6re, c. a. ecfctfdben, untets 
fud)en« Explordtion, £xpl6rement, s, bie 

ExpldBion, «. bcr ^noll/ 2(u^brud), Xu^s 

nmtf. —fiive, a. mit ^natt ou^bcedbenb, 

Expbnent, ». (in bet JRecbcnfunjl) bet (S]cs 

ponent/ bie S$etbd(tni$aal^(, bet aBut^eU 

^iget. Exponential quantities, Girponen' 


Ex'port, ». bie 2Cu^fu]&t, TCu^fu^twoote, 
c. a. ou^ffi^ten^ »etfabtcn» — Ation, ». 
bie 2(u€fu^t. — er, ». bet ^(u^ffi^tet, 

Expbfle, t».^fc|en; btopftetlen; bem 
iSabet untenoetfen, (ddbetttd) mad)en; ta$ 
be(n/ oetungtimpfen ; bet ^tfifung un$ 
tenoetfen, batHetten ; bet ©efal^t blo^^ 

' (hden, in ©efabt fe6en« Exposition, «. 
bie Sage (gegen bie ^onne unb bie i^uft), 
TCnftcbt ; Citfldtung/ 2Cu6(egunou 

Expositor, ». bet TCu^leger, (grftdtct. 

Exposure, «. bie 2(u^fc|un9, 2Cu^ftcaung, 
SBtopjlellung ; bet gefar)tt)ottc Sujlanb; 
bie 2(nru6t, Sage. 

Expos'tulate, an. Sga, janfen, tedbten/jltei? 
ten, fidb beftagen, jut dlebe fegen. — lo- 
tion, B, bet ©tteit, 3anf/ SBcttwecibfrt^ tie 

Expound, ff. 0. aultegett/ etf (dteti ; un^ 


tetfiu^en; burc^fudb^n* — er, «. bet ?(tt^ 

Express, o. a. ousbtficf en ; batfleHen/ Mt$ 
ftcUen ; na(i)abnien/ d^nU(^ fepn ; na(^s 
bitbcn; dutfetn; be^etd)nen; etpteffen. 

'a. ooUfcmmen d^ntidb; beuttic^/ au6? 
btddflich* «• bet eigene cbet befcnbete 
SBcte; bie S3ctfd)aft; bie au^bd^cflicfte 
Slcbc. — ly, ad, — 'ible, a. toa^ fid) 
ou^bt(ic!en Idjt. — ^on, «. bo^ Tiyxitx^ 
(fen; bet 2(u8btu(f/ bie S)atflellunQ. 
— 'ive,a. au6btfi(fenb ; batftedenb; nodb^ 
btiicflicJ); — ly, ad, — iveness, s, bie 
bcutUd)e 5)otfteUung, — ure, «. betJCufis 
brud ; bie J)arfietlung, ®efla(t 

Ex'probrate, v. a. SSOtW&tfe madbCH/ t9Cts 

wetfen ; Ifteftig tabcln/ fd)elten« —brition, 

t. bet %(x\>t\, SSotwutf, 9$etn)ei6. 
Expropriate, v.a, bem S3eft|e obet (Sigens 

tftume entfagen, fidb entduffetn. — Ation, 

s, bie (Sntfagung. 
ExpOgn, V. a, mit @tutm etobetn. 
Expugndtion, 8. bie @tcbetung. 
Expd&e, V. a, au^tteiben/ t>ettteiben. 
Exptdsiixi, «. bie SBettteibung. ^ 
EiqHilsive, a. ouStteibenb* 
Expunc'tion, f. ba^ TCu^ftteidben. 
Exp^hige, v. a. au^tcfAen, au8f!teid)en* 
Expur^tion, «. bie 9leintgung/ 2Cbffi^s 

rung. Expnr'gatory, a, teinigenb. 
Ex'quisite, «. ou^etlefen, au5gefucbt ; — ly, • 

ad, — ness, 8. bie au^etCefene SBef^ffen? 

beit, SScllfommcnbeit. 
Exscribe, ». a, oblcf)teiben. — ^script, «. bie 


Exsibildtion, 9. bo$ 2(tt^jif(lften« 
Exsic'cant, a. au^ttocfnenb. — <»te, v, a. 

ou^ttocfnen. — cdtion, «. bie 2Cu8ttO(fs 
nung. ■— cative, a. ottfittocfnenb. 
Exspuition, «. ba^ Ttu^fpeien* 
Exsuc'tion, f . ba^ Ttu^faugen. 
Exsuddtion, 8, baS 2(u6fdbn>i|^n» 
Exsuffldtion, 9. ba^ 2Cu«n)el)en/ 2Ctt6btof^n. 
Exsuf folate, a. Detdd)t(id)* 
Exsus'citate, v. a, etmecfen/ auftegen* 
Ex'tancy, ». bie ^etccttttgunfi ; bet l^ets 
oottagenbe S^eiL 

Ex'tant, a, betoottagenb ; twtbonben* 
Extatic, — d, a, entgiicft/ ))etj{icft. 

Extem'poral, — ^raneous, — ^rary, a. ttnt)Ot^ 

beteitet, e()ne 8Sotbeteitung; — ly, ad, 
ExtOmpoie,a(f. ou^ bem @tegteife* — rize, 

t>. n. au8 bem ©tegteife teben. 
Extond, V. a, ausbebnen, au^fhedf en ; ou^$ 

breiten, »erbtciten ; etweitetn, fbttfegen ; 

tjetmcbren; ettbeilen, gewdl^ten; gefel* 

Udb etgteifen, in 95ef*lag nebmcn. v, n. 

lid) etfttetfem — er, i. tai JDebnung^s 

metfgeufj. — ible,a.bebnbat. BxtensiWl'. 

ity, 8, bie >Debnbatfeit 
Exten'aible, a, bebnbat; bet ^tmeitetnng 

'dbi9* — ness, «. bie Debnbatfeit; ^hs 



„ , - jU T(fl*6e^aBg. 

EilBD'iivB, a. autgElxgnt, XotH, STCfi, ti(( 

ntnfofftnb -, — ly, ad. —netst i. ttt lliw 
Jong, tie BBriK.Srieti iEKfenbartiiU 
Estaa'ma, : T. let etrcdmutEd, iO(f)n> 

natfit,auft(6n(Rbe 3^shl. 

nana; Ut SUmm, Unfang; tU KnE: 

tlKiutae; bet gcriiibttiAt Scfititi?- 
Exlen'wle, e. ■- flrinct tna(l)(n, oennli. 

brat; ^tobnfiTbiscn ; Ee^diincrn ; atx' 

b&tnen. — itioD, i. bit SJemtinCecung, 

BfmnflHiina ! TtbK^ninB. 
Ensriw, a. inffetli*. * lofi fiufTn^irti 

Mnfetjen, t«t JCeufftw ; — ij, ad- 
Extennlaate, v. •. auErttten, neTtitgcn. 

— ftion, «. tit Mufinttung, iBmilaims- 
Biler'n, Extem'tl, a. Auffdilii^ ', — ty, ad. 
EtfJ, D. n. afttritftn. 
ExtiMtko, 1. b<i« Kbtriefetu 
Eztim'ulate, n. a. ntjetU 
Extinct, a. ouJgttJfcQl, crtofi^en, auGgc 

EKJDc'tiaD, t. bit iSctCffubuna, "S-uili^ 
Jdiung; i8«ttlB«na; Unterturotfunp. 
EizIm'^TDih, D. a. aaflifc^n; »(ttt[f|en', 

»erliun(dn, — •bk, o. nwS cuEgilof^t, 

onffit&ebtnfWrtonteHiWTbcnfonii.— CT, 

». Otr ei4tbim(f(I. — ment, <. bit aufc 

UfAung; bU SBtttitaung, Sttniifitung 


Ezttip&te, V. a. Dugittttn, verKIgtn. 
Eitiipilion, >. bU 2(nETeRllRg. 
Eiwl, r. a. erftctni, preifMu — ler, «, bet 

Sobttbnet, SoSpceifer. 
EibtniTe, a. (tpteffcnb ; — 17, ad. 
EiWrt, «. a. al^mingen, (ntttiffen, tv 
^eingmt txptc^in. n. n- iStwafttb&tigi 

ttit gebtaniben. ffirptcffungni uttSbttk 
EiUrtioii, ».6it ffiqittffnng i gcwflltt^Wfl' 
SBcgiw&im, Untitbt&hinB. — er, - '■- 

Extrdct, v. a. aufiit^ni ; abiie^CR ; brc: 

miimta. Ei'tnct, 1. ttt Snejaq. ei. 
tnc'tian, t. ba« KuCjU^KI ; bit ftbftom: 
mung, ^(ttunfL Extncf or, i. btr Xb«: 

Ei'tra, ttofftt, (in in SufammtBrrtun^oi 
ft^T ^ttf^ ^btcn^M iSttt —diction- 
^, 0. WltHilft. — jndidal, a. iiufftigt: 
™Wi^ ; — Jyi *'■ — oiM'Bioo. »■ bi( Znii 
ftnbung. — nmrni'ine, a. ouffttwdHii^. 
—atouM, a. ni(6t |ut ©fl^t B'Wtia, 
fmnb. — drdinarineM, *. bit ungtwilinc 
li** fflffifioffnitrit, KuffitetbtBHtiWtit. 
— drdinuy, a. ouffetwwnHiA , ungt' 
»{Mi<6 ; oMstiiUhntl, tnitfrniiibis ; 
-^y, ad. — ^Richial, a. nitfit ju bet 
Semtint «btt btm Jtin^rpifl gcliettg. 
— prOTm'cUl, a. ntdit JU bet gjteinnj ges 
6ittg. -^wg'aliir, a. nuffet fctt Ktatt. 
Eitmr'sguot^ — oy, ». Bit aSweiAuna, 
X^wti^MBi 3fujt(^ifuns; UnttgtU 

. EXU 
mifitgfeit; IBetr<^n>enbung ; UAnlrfes 
ttndeii; Utbetmi^aFeit, ^(fti(|E<h} 

EitraVtevit, a. abneidKnb ', uncfodMi* 
fig ; milb ; fAto^TnuTifd] ; au j{MMis 
fenb ; MtTc^wenbetifd). >. tn @<l|ii>ii: 
met. — Ij.oJ. — naa, >. bit oifttmMif 

g»b< (au«)<l}weifenbe, :iet|<liiMnbmfi^> 
efthafltnljtit. Ertmx'aiale, ■- «. at: 


ElitraTauLled, fart. a. aoj ben Slatgt* 
fSJcn getiinben. — ™»iiion, «. bit XuSs 
tretung ou6 ben SBlutgeffiSett. 

Eitra'Tenate, a. oii(rerblll& btn 2(bRn te= 

EitTB.Ter'Bion, *. bit Jfuiwttfung/ btr Xnfe 

Eitrtme.a. fii^r g«6; iuffetfl, am enf* 
fctntifii-n; t.T,"bU, 6n6 U%\i-, jlWifl 
btingenb, auf Ben ^cdtflen @tae gtttie? 
ben. I. lai iiiffetf e @nbe, ber iDfTerfte 
gait. — ly, od. Eitrcin'i^, ». fet inf* 
feTfte^unIt,!}6(tffie @Tab; tat iuffetlfe 
ftnbe. Bet Aufferfie S^il, cntgcgcnse* 
feete, cntfetnicjle Sheil; bit UebertRis 
bung, utbctmi^gfeit, .^eftigteit; ^£ie 
te, Bttengc ; 6u|fer|te SEeriegen&etl ; ktr 
iDiU(t,B(i6 Scibcn, Unstfirf. 

Ei'tricate, v. a. fitrau^middn, ran )8n= 
nitntng unb 9i>i:t1egcnl)eit tcftcien, ml: 
^Elftit ; ouflffen. — Siion, *. Bie ^enufs 
midetung, SSefteiung pen ffierlegenMk 

Eitrin'me, — al, a. fiufferiid), onJIMIlbtS, 

nid)t inneclid) ; — ly. ai. 

Eitraet, V. a. Bufbauen, rttiibint. —or, t. 
Bet aufbaoei. 
irtrfde, «. a. flueflefien, megftoSoi. 

Ertrtwon, ». bie aufiflepung. 

Eztnbennce, a. bee "AvMevoii, bHUx. 

EjrtnmeB'cenoe, ». Bie Oefimulp. 

^IribersDce, ». let Ueterflup, bit ^Se, 
ia6 UebemuiaS. Exnberaiit, a. itbnt 
mafii.qen !EBad)Et6uin entMt'nb ; tti4> 
teiAIit^; fitetftfiflifl, fibtrmfifig; — ly, 
ad. Binbinie, c a. im Utbetfliif fe^n, 
im Uebemuia^ Mt^nBen frgn. 

Exac'coiu, a. fcift(»j, 

Exdckte, ExOde, n. n. dUffAlcittH. 

Eiudition, (. ba« KuE^niigcn, btc Zn6i 

EniToerslei t. a. ©diwitfn Dtnirfwfctn, 

mit BtfimSren befjoften ; ceijen,— ition, 

«. bie entfteftung eineS ®ef*tofat«; 

bet &imixtn, Ibi SefufiivfiT ; bie Stci: 

luns, eibittetung. 

5rtH, D. n. frebWItn. — uieo, — Atim, 

(. bas ^tt^Mtn. 
Exua'dute, >. n. ubetfltefien. Eximditki^ 

». Bit Uetetfliefting ; betUebcirfliifc 
EiapamMe, a. fibttwinbti*. — anra, » 

bus liebei^tiDicbt. 

Eioa'oittte, e. a. tege moi^en, (Ttcgn. . 
E^oM, B, a. pttbnnnea. 


ExdyiflB, «. jL tie ^fiOe, Die obgetegte 
^aut, ab^etootfene @cfta(e« 

Eyas, a. etn lunger, au^ tern SZefte ge? 

fijre, «. bo« iluge, ba« 2fnfe^cn,ber SBltrf/ 
bie 9}2einuttg; bog fletnc 8ccf),;Dc^r, 
£)e(r({)ett; bte Jtnc^pe cbec ba«,2(uge 
(tnet 9)flanxe ; ein fd^madftec (^rab ocn 

^arbe. to have an eye to a thing or 

open a thing, nacft ttcocA fc()en, auf ct? 
•toa6 metfen, auf ettoa^ ad^teiu —ball, 
bee 2(ugapfe(. —bright, bet 2Cugentroft 
(cine ^Jffan^e). —brow, bie 7(ugcn6taus 
fie; -^^-drop, bie 5S()r&ne, —flap, ba« 
Cc^eutebct; —glance, ber S^tt — ^aes, 
tog 7(ugcng(Q6/ bie JBrttle. — ^lash, bie 
^ugcntoimpet, —let, ein Reined Scdft, 
ta^ @<I)nfirto^ —lid, ^ca Tfugenlieb, 
— servant, bet 2Cugenbienec. -nrervice, 


bet TCttgenbtenfL — diot, bet <8ft(f/ltSi« 
ljUdf, bet ^e^fmnft — ^ight, ba^ €^; 
Ij)en«wtm6gen/ ®efi(fet —sore, et»a«, 
wa^ bo^ 2(Uj9e beteibigt —spotted, mit 
2(ugen be^etcftnet —string, bet Xngens 
nenje. —tooth, betXttgenjal^n* —water, 
bflS Tfugenwflflet. — wmk, ein SBinf mit 
ben Xugem —witness, brt Ttngenjettgc. 
Eye, V. a. anfc^ouen, Settm^ten/ beobad^s 
ten je^en. v. n. au^e^en, etfd)einen/ f{(!b 
geigen. Ey'ed, a. 6ugig (iti Sufams 
menfe|ungen). Eyeless, cu ei^e 2(ug€n/ 

EyOiad, «. bet Siebc^Ucf, bet SBint 
Eyres, a. bet be»egtid)e «bet b<nimrei» 
fenbe (^ttl^ljtf, (Jmftioes fai eyres, 
5twfttet/n)e(d)e ftetnmreifett unb an »ets 
Piebenen Dtten (Seti4^ batten); bol 
E/ry, 8, bie ^crft. 


IFdbte, «. bie ^abeL «. n. ^abcln cbet 

^Al^rc^tt ei^aoten/ fdbetn, bte tlnwA^t^ 

IJeit teben. «. «. etbtcfttem FAUed, et^ 

liidfttet, in bet Jabet betUbmt FdbleK,.«. 

tet ^etfaffet, 6tftnbet cbet (Sxil^tx 

«en Sabettt. 
Fab'ricate, w. a. etbouen, bouen ; Wtfets 

tigen ; f<^mieben, macften, f&(fcb(td) nta? 

^n ; etbt^en. — cAtion, s. bas SBauen ; 

fcie etpRbung, ©tbidfttun^ Fabric, «. 

tet S3au/ba^ Qfeb&ube. o. a. bauen, bit:: 

t>en/ wtfpttigem 
Fkb'ulist, «. bet S^^^tWd^ter. — los'ity, s . 

tie gabeCbaftigmt* — lous, a, fabelbaft ; 

— ^ly, ad, 
Facide, «. bte ^affikbe/ SSctbetfette* 
Face, «. ta5 ©efiidbt/ 2(nge|td)t; bie 2Cu? 
^feite, Z>^ttfixk&fi, SSctbcrfeite ; bet 
ICnfdein, ba^ TCnf^ben, bie 2(njtc^t, ®e? 

Sitt; 2>tei)ligfeit,^!ibnbeit, 3u»etft*t; 
etgettuttg w ®efi(bte£i. to put or set 
a good — upon a<tliing, einet ^ad^e ein 
^ute^ Xnfeben geben, nicbt mutbto6, 
iitebetaef^tagen cbet s^ettegen fc^einem 
iMforeliifi— > tw? feitien 2(ttgcn. to his 
— > ibw itiS ® ej^t — to — , in ©legens 
toatt, gegenwmrtig* Face, v. n. eine 
fatfc^e @ejta(t fjio^en ; ficb btebcn, Ulr- 
ixn,n)enben,f(i^n>enfen« v. a, in bag (Ser 
Mt feb^ ; {t<^ n)ibetfe|cn/ unt^etfdi&mt 
bebaupten ; gegenfibet fepn, (umn^enbeny 
umfcbiagen/ a feced card); mit cinet 
iDbetftMe bebedfen, be!(cibcn, betegen^ 
iibettegen; befefien, einfaffen, auffcblot 
gen, mit Kuffcbtagen »erfebcn. 
Rcet, «. bit gef(b(iffcne ©eitenfl&cbc, 

^ante, dlaute, 

Fac^tioas, c Jujlig, fcbet^baft ; — ly, ad, 

— ^ness, «. tic Sebbaftigfcit, (Stbcr^^of? 

Fdcib, a, tei(bt; lei<ftf ^ fibetftetgen, 
leidbt gu i^bctminben ; tcutfctig/ fceunbs 
Ud^; (eid^tau beteben/ bie^am* 

Facfl'itate, c. a. <r(eid)tetn. Facility, «.bie 

eacbtigfcit, febtetbafte ©cfauigf eit, f eb» 
letbaftc ®utmiitbigfcit; 8eutfeligfeit; 

Facing, ad, gegcnfibct* 9, btc TCujpenfeite, 
^orberfeitc; bet Ttuffcb^'^g (an etnem 

Facin'oroos, o. ■^tet)c(boft, bc^bflft 

Facsim'ile, «. bie gcnaue Sla^bilbttug ci? 
net ^anbf(btift 

Fact, 8, bie :Sb<it; JSbAtfacbe. in-^in 
bet ISbot 

Fac^tion, t. bie ^Jattci; Itnetnigfeit; bet 
3tt>i|t, ^trcit. — ary, ». bet, f»etd)et ^ 
einet 5>attci gebott Fac'tions, a, ^net 
^attci ctgeben; b^ftig/ untubig; anfs 
tftbwtifd) ; — ly, ad, Factftious, o. ge? 
madbt, etfftnftctt 

Fact'or, ». bet ®cfdf)&ftgfftbtnv 4&anb5 
tunggtjct(teb«t. Factory, ^ b«^ ^nbs 
(ungglhaug/ bet ^anb(ung5p(a$ ; bte 

Factotum, «. bet 1SR<i^% %\iKi<iiSif ZSi^ 

tbuct. ^^ bet 5P«dfe^c(. 

Picture, a. bie S$etfettigtmg/ ba$ SSlad^? 

FAcuhy, t. ba^ 8Sctm6gen, bie S&'^tgfett; 
®cijte6f&blg^«t; ©intte«f6btgfcit, bet 
@inn; bie getttgleit, ®WdC(t(b!cit; 
(gigenfd)Bft; bie SWa^t, ®en)a(t, ba^ 
f8cttc(bt; bie S^«bcit^ (auf ben Itnis 
t)etfttatctt) bie ^acuftit, bag ^a&f* 

Facon'dity, 8, bte ©etebfamfett. 

Fad'dle, c n. fpictcn, t&nbctn. 

Fade, «. n. fcfewad) metbcn ; bie Jatbe 
»ct(teren, fd>w6<J^tt to^^tx^, '^iki\^!^\ 
wclfcn,i>ctxo<lktt', ^tx^V^ 'w^^^x^ 

Fidge,D.a. fi^Mlifcn, pafTm; iibcmit: 
' t«nuiun, (inia fWn i At(in9<n> 
TtMM, «. pi. tic ^ftn, in aSfbcnfa^ ; 
bcT XutmiiTt Unnitl). 
i^, V. a. mittic ma^n, trmfiGn. v. ><■ 
matt wnlKnj angefhengi orttitcn. 
—end, >. Cm Snbe an einitn @I&1 
SnAt ; b(T ItfiK X^eil, bod Qnbe -, tia« 
eUlltAttRc tlncr 6aAt,ba« Ucbetblcibs 

iWot, (. bat »fbtxl 9t«i«^eli «ti» 

Fail, o. n. p61(n, mangttn, nuftl bo fcfln 
fluftiwn, ftfrttn ; oSntbrntn, BcrgffiM. 
tnnatten; mtfitingcn; ennangetn, banf ; 
fcrUjia BKrttn. «■ a. wrlafltn, im 
eti*c lofftn ; mflos laffdi ; utiKriaf: 
f(R. <■ bit ^(^IFchlagang, taS !0{t^Un= 
e<n; bieUntctlalj'ung, betlDloTigil; lit 
Sob, toS TiiUieo, nithout— , unfcbts 
Bar, gatij B'wifc — ing. •■ itx OTangd, 

f'(bl(i, bie lIiiMatemmnibeil,®d)n)ad>j 
tit. — ure, ». bit Setjlfdriognng. Bus 
OHtrtingcn ; bit Grmangelung, bit ^or: 
atl;Ut Untertaffung ; bat iSEtfcliin/ 
b*t gtblef. b« SBan!&nid). 

Fun, a. fieff, munKc; scjwundRi, s" 
nittiigt od. mit SBccgnfigcn, gtm. v- »- 
febnU4 bntangtn, ^d) fcdtun, iarmad): 

Faint, e.n. wrge^en, Wtftfiminbcn ; el)r= 
mHrig itKi^ni, in D^nmadit faQcn ; 
fdtnMA nxiicn, (nnjiticn, ctmatten; 
niull)[i!S lufrbtn; libotnjfiltigt iwrten. 
p. a. mutyeS mflcfefit. a. rdiwa*, niflfl 
(nimtttt; furfttfani; ntrtetgtfftlogtn , 
trist, na^UfTig; — Ij, a^ -rie«rted, 
Ilcinmfildiq, fiigf. — heartedneM, ». tic 
geigtitil, Jucdjlfamteii. — inft. »■ bic 
Sl)nniad)t. — ish, — y. a, fct)ioadii matt; 
iut S6nma*t gcnrigi. — ne««, ». bit 
Sdiwit^f, SKattigCfit; Stcignng tat 

P^, a, f^jn,babfcf); btllfatbtg; ttiii' 
^(itcr, beU; gSnitig, g(Tcd)t, biaig, 
rttfctmafiig, (luftitbtig, gjRnte; Uwtm. 
ad. mfi9ig,nibig-, aTtia.^vfliA; gl^ds 
licb, envanft^t; auf fctunbfdiaflfiiftcn 
. »ii. *■ Di( e^int; btc SHctic, bet 
atabrmiirtt. ^ng, •■ tai Sabrmarttsge:; 
fdhmr. -4y, od. jjopti^, aufriding, 
CQic S£uf^«ng,t>illig, gfinjiid). — nau, 
i- bie a*infi"I; CMi*Kii; SSiUig= 
bit; Dffenficti, Sufntbtigfeit. ~tpo- 
ken, ^rt. a. Sttttg im Sibeni ongt: 
ntftm im SRtben, btfli^, arttg. 

Fiiry, ». bit 5»t ; Souberinn. a- 
bic 3e«t 6etrtffnib, 

Fu^ I. btc Slaube; bie Zuai: bat 
■(SeBf<"«i) !13>tt — brmch, *. btc Snid) 

*cr ^rww. We arcutoftateit 


c6r(tc6, onfritfiftg. — fcli «. jitftntifl, 
ccdjtgl&utig.flctmi; tbritd), awfri^ila, 

tCtlid) ; — ly, *d. — fblneia, ., bif 

Skuc. — Ibm, «. ujigiiubiB ; ungstrta, 
trtultf. — lessoesK, ». b(t UngloBbt, 
bit Unglautigteit; Srrale|lgtetl, Uu; 

FBl'uted, a. {idKlformtg. Fslcitisn,*. bie 
Jid>«>f«tmige ^cftoll, bit Aritmtnc. 
Fal'duOT, ». tin furjfp, getcfomtc? 


FbTooii, ». tfr Salfe; (inc Ktt Hon ®ei 
fdjQl. — er, ». brt SaHtnitr, Salftnmris 
fi«t. -et, .. «nt an win ©efdjif, — ry, 
>. Gi( ^alt(ntieij(, ^alFnecei. 

Faydige, ». taS ^flrCcnKdlt, ia« gJWr 

r;d)1 Strafe I) i^Tbin aufpt^gen. 
FildBiool, ». Ctt JuSftiifil, nerauf bie 
^enigc ran Snglanb bet bei Jiintung 

FaU,r.»i. fallen; f nlen ; fi* eteignhr; 
begegnen ; ouf itroafi ofrfaKen, entfals 
len; jufall!n;gf6i!tenn'Crbcn(oon35tcr 
ren). e. a. fallen laffcn ; funfen, nitbers 
briWen, nerniinbenii Sunge ^erocrtrins 
gen, Sungc roerfen. «■ itr Jail-, tafi 
Sallcn; bit Xnnabnic, SSeemtnbening ; 
ber abfjong ; bic Stgicgung (eintfi ^fs 
fts in bic ©ce), ber fiettift ; bcS, nan in 
gre^ei: ECRmat l)en>bf£llt. (alii]l ofrain. 
of Bnow, teftigct Megen, nielee &bntt)-, 
lai ^aOtn, Um^auen. to — aakim, 
finfd)l«fen. —away, obfaDeni abncfis 
tntn; umtcmmen. — back, jurfldfudtn, 
roeidjcn, ntdit erfiiatn. — ftom, obfafc 
l(n. — in, flbttcinfomnien, bcifiimmcn-. 
—off, jerfaDcn, abfoBtn, ttcgcbtn, nns 
tcrgcljtn, abnefemen. —on, mit firftigi 
ttit nnfangcn, ungrcifcn. — over, ju ttta 

tinbt fiberttcten. — oot, jtrfallen, tn 
trcit geratbtn, fi* treigncn. — irot, 
nicbl gem60 f^n, nidtt jueeidien, man^ 
gcln. — to, mil 3cgicrBeonfangcn,66tc 
ttna^ berfaHeti, vovticbmtn, onfangen. 
-under, roefjin temmm, twtiin aeftes 
ren. —upon, fificcfnllen, unfaKen, an=^ 
grtifen, untcmebnun. Falling aiokneiM, 
bit ga1Ifu*t. 

Fallicioa»,a, tSujftenb, Sftcfigli*; — ly, 
ad. — nesB, i. bie tiufibenbe SefAofftns 
fieit Fillaey, ». bieSSufdjung.becStts 

Fallibil'ily, *. bie S^ljigfeit Ju intn, WeM' 
barttil FalTibiB, a. ^u icren fSbig, 

Fallow, a. btogwtb , seI6Ii* (— deer-. 
tn Samm^iefd)} ; biad), ungebaui, an= 
btfot; gebvad>et; Ptniad)td^igl. «. bie 
Sni^. V. €. bta^cn. 

False, a. fal(!^; itidjl loa^t, itltfli tliw 


tl^ttd ; nl(6t rec6tm&$td; tccnM ; na4' 
gema^t/ unrec^t ; ni^t iotr!(i4 ; oer? 
gebtt^i. «. a. ungji(ttg tnacften, oer(e|en ; 
tfiu|(df)cn ; wtgeben ; — ly, ai. —hearted, 

treutc^. — hood, — ^new, F&lsity, #. 
tie gatf*^eit; UntDol)t6eit ; Stcutofigs 
Uit, untteue, — er, «. tcr ajetrilgcr^ 

Fahtifiable, a. toai t>erf&(f(6t toertcti !ann. 

— ficition, «. tie ^etfMf(6ung^ SBiberte? 

gung, — fier, «. tet 8Se#tfd)et ; efignct. 

— fy, V. a. betfMfcften ; joibettegen ; un? 

gjltttg mo^en/ oer(e(en/ tie Untoa^r^eit 

Fal'ter, v. n. ftammeUi/ ftocfeii/ ouslto^eti/ 

ftraud^etn. «. a* fieben/ ceinigetu 
Fam'ble, o. n. flammetn/ ftccfeiu 
Fame, «. tec !Ru^m^ 9luf/ ta5 ®eri!i(^t 

Fdmed, a. beril^mt F^melesB, a. unbe? 

FamU'iar, a. |u ter ^omtUe gel^^rig, 
I^&tt5(i4; defpc&d)i9/(eutre(ig; t^erttaut/ 
verttauttc^ ; n>o^( bef onnt ; gemein ; 
frei, UW, unae^Koungen ; au Derttaut/ 
gtt gemein ; — fyi a<i. — «. tet wrtraute 

Jteunb^ a(te S3e!annte ; ter ^u^getft, 
ebctt. —ity, «. tie gtei^eit, Unges 
^tDungen^cit; tie S^ertcauUcftfeit, ter 
Mrtraute tlmgang/ tie ISBefanntfi^aft 
— ^ize, V. a, burcft ©ewol^n^eit unb tlm^ 
gang 6e!annt ma6)cn, Dertraut maj^en. 
Ci^miUe), en&mille, auf einetl l^&U6ltd)en 


%, «. bie ^amiUe/ ^au^l^attung^ba^ 
®ef(A(ed)t/ ^ou^/ ber ^tamm ; bie Hhf 
ftommung/ ^ertunft ; bie Piaffe, ©at? 

AmW, 8, bie ^unger^ttctl^* Fam'ish, v. 
tf. tur(^ hunger qnhUn, burdft ^unger 
t6ttetu v. n. t^er^ungem* Fam'ishment, 

- «. tie ^ungci^not^^ 

Fimous, a, bcrfl^mt ; krfid&tigt ; — tyi ad. 

Fm, 9. ber Jd^er ; bie ©d^wingc^ fean? 
tte* o. a. f&4cln ; fdftmingen. 

Fknafical, a. atauben^tofit^ta , fc^to&r? 
inerif(f)^ fanatifd^ ; — \j,ad, Fanat'icUm, 
«. tie @tfttt>&rmcrei^ Fanaf ic,fl.g(auben65 
todt^ig/ fd)n)drmerifdft. «. ber ©(auben^? 
W)n)drmcr^ Sanatif er, 

FBii'ciful, a, einbilbung«t)ott ; eingetits 
tet; fonberbar^ tounberticft; — ly, ad. 
— ^ness, «. ber Suftattt einer tebftaften 

Fan'cy, #. bie (Sinbilbutig/ (5inbi(buna«* 
fraft/ bie ^iD^citiung/ !8orfleIlung ; ter 
®ef(^ma(f; ©ebanfe; bie Suneigung, 
^ebe, SSorliebe ; ber (Sinjfall, 9&al^n/bte 
grille ; 3ierbe» v.n. fid) einbilben, lod^? 
tteti/ glauben* «. a. turc^ tie (&xnh\U 
tung^fraft Mrjtetteti^ficft einbitben ; Su* 
tieigttn^ ober @)efallen baben. —monger, 
ter ©nttenffeiger* --sick, franf in ter 


Fandan'go, f. ein fpanif((er 93o(f^tan3# 

Fane, •. ber llcmpct. 

Fan'fare, «. ber ISrcmpetentufc^ ; bie ®rtf^ 

Fan'faron, $. ber ^Jra^er, ®rcpfpre4<r, 
SBinbbeutcl, €5aufen>inb. — 4de, #. bie 

J^val)Uxti, aSinbbeutetci^ 

flng, «. ber gre^ Sabn eine^ Hl^ieres ; 
bie grc^e ^ur^el eine$ Sa^ne^; bie 
^laue, ber Silagct. ». c fangen ; grcifcn, 
feft fatten • fajfcn. — ed, part, a, wit 
gro^en 3&9nen, ober mit ftlauen ver:: 


Fan'gle, 8. ber (Stnfoll; bie 9leuerung« 

Fan'ded, a. erfunben, neugebacf en* 

Fan^ess, a. ti)nt ^attj&^ne^ ^a^nto^. 

Fan^ 8. ber JBaUen (rcl)cr ©eibe^ u.) 

Fan'ion, «. bie JSropfa^nc. * 

Fan'nel, «. bie breite Sinbe am tinfen 
2(rme M 3)2e$pric|ler6 ; ba^ ^anier. 

Fan'tasied, part. a. t)on ber @inbi(bung5$ 
fraft angefuUt. Fan'tasm,Fan'tom, ». bic 

@inbi(bung/ ba$ ^imgefpinfl* 
Fantast'ic, — al, a. eingebilbet^ fonberbar ; 
— Ij^ad. — alness, — ^ne88,«. bieSaune^ ber 
eigenfinn* Fan'tasy, #. bie Ginbittung, 
OSorfleaun^/ 9leigung/ Saune. 
Far, ad. mett^ fern ; Qrc$ent()ei(^» a. tnU 
fcmt/ entlcgen. —fetch, #. ber ^unft- 
griff, —fetched, n)cit ^erge?)clt. fiom 
— , aufi ber ©ntfemung/ ». bag ^xitU 
Farce, ». bag ^cffenfpiet, bie 9)offe. «. «. 
wllftcpfcn/ anfiiUen. —deal, a. poffcns 
l&aft. — cy, 8. bie 9l&ube (an 5)fcrben)* 

Farded, part. a. acfcbmin!t 

Far'del, #. t>ai sSnbet, 9)&(Id)cn. 

Fare, v. a. gebett/ fa^ren, reifcn ; f!4 bcs 

finben ; Si^aorung ^u jid) ne^men/ leben. 

8. bie dleife ; ber ^ul)rtcl^n ; bie ©peifc^ 

Ste% bill of — , ber ©peifeacttet, M^ 

dftenjettet/ bag S$eraeid)ni$. 
FarewdU, ad. (ebe xocl)U 8. bet 2tbfc^iet, 

bag Sebewo^l. to bid — , TCbfd^ieb nel)? 

men^ fid) trennen* 

Farindceous, a. mel^Ug. 

Farm, 8. bag ^a^tjut^ ber SKet^r^of/ 
SBauerl^of/ bie SO^eterei* o. a. pac^ten, 
terpacftten ; fianb bauen. — er, ». ber 

^ad^ter; Sanbbauer. 

Pir'moBt, a. am weiteftem — nesB,>».bte 
geme, ©ntfepiung. 

Fdro, 8. tai Jarao s (^aro «) ^iel« 

Farr&ginous, a. gemif$t Farr&go, 8, to^ 


Far'rier, «. ber ^ttffcftmieb ; JJferbeaqt. . 
Far'row, 8. bag Jerf eL V. ru ferfetn* 
Fart, «. ber Jur*. «. n. furjem 
Far'ther, v. a. f orbem, bef orbem. — ancc, 

•. bie SBef orberung / 2rufmunterung. 

—est, a. 4r ad. am weiteften. Far'ther, 

a. 4r ad. ttjeiter, femer* — moTC^^vc^K&k 


aPtt"QJing, «.^cr Dlcrte Z^^di einc« Penny, 
Uv asictteipfennis* 

For'thingale, «. tcr 9ietfc0(t 
Fas'ces, «. ^^ t)te StCtOtft&be. 
Fw'cetB, «. pi. T. tic @ifcn, urn tie Jtas 
JAftt in ben ^ftWcfcn su fc|en. 
Fas'cia, ». We 95inbc, tct (Strcif. —ted, 
part. a. mtt JBinl>ctt cbcr ©treifcn vets 
fc^cn. — tkm, •. ber S5cr&«nb, ik Vims 

Fts'cicle, 9. b«S Sfinbct ;'bic ©wnmtunfi 
wn ©djdftcn tber ^cftcn ; bti mit ein? 
onbcr Derbunbencn ^ajcm^«>cr<m6 ^n^s 
fc(n, 9?en)en^ k. bc|teo«n» 
Tas'dnate, o. a. be|aubcm. — n^on,«. bie 
Se^ubetund. —nous, a. t)cn dauberei 
^etraf^cnb, bcbcTt. 

Fas'cinctf.T.ttfS 9leigbfinbrt,bie ^afc^inct 
FAshion, «. bic gcrm, ©cftott ; 2(rt/ ber 
®ebraud^, bie 6itte ; ^ete, jtteibung/ 
Srad)t; bet ®(f(6ma(f; SHaxiQ, ®tanb. 
(people of — T, geute »cn ©tanbe, twrs 
nc^me geute, man of — , <tn SKanri 
*wn ©tanbe). «. ». jcflattcn, bitben ; ce? 
'ind^ einti^ten; an &u$cre^ TCnfeben 
•geben. —able, a. gcbrduAtitl)/ gewoon* 
4t(b ; bet a)^be gem&p/ mcbifcf) ; ^of(i(^ ; 
uemel^m, wwi ©tanbe ; —ably, ail.— aUe- 
nesB, 8. bie llebereinfHmmmtd mtt bet 
SKobe, SKobigfeit — ist, —monger, #. 
bet 9Kcben«tt. 

Fast, V. n. fojteiu 9. hai^d^tn, bet Jafh 
toQ. to break one's — , ®>eife jU pcb neb' 

snen^ etrna^ effen, ft611)ftiidten« fksting. 
^ji bet Sflftta^ 

Fast, a. Sc ad. fef!, unbewegti^, befeftigt; 
fiotC ; ffanbboft; gefc^winb, fdftnea ; oft/ 
fe&wfig. — and loose, Det&nbetUd)/ un? 
bejianbtg* —handed, gci^g. —en, V. 
•«• befeftigett/ feft mo^en ; ^ufammen^aU 
ten ; t>etbinben ; etnpt&gen ; ouf etiea$ 
^eften; anbtingeit. v. n. ^^ fef! an et»a^ 
l^atten, fidb onfelen, M «n^«ften. — ener, 
9. bet JBefeftiget. 

Fastidio8%, s. Hi »et&cbfftd&e, ftotje SBes 
ttogen* Fastidious, a. (Sttl empfinbenb, 
e!er; f!»fe; — ly,arf. 
IWiglale, — ated, a. atrsefpilt, gipfetftts 

FomWh, «. bie SefHgfeit; fefte 2Citl^&ngs 
ti^feit ; ®t&t!e, 6t$et^eit ; ein ftatfet, 
befeftigtet £)tt. *» 

Fat, a. fett ; tei<!&, teidftU* ; mi), bumnu 
». ba« Sfett ; (jib vat, bQ6 §«?)» —wit- 
ted, biofopfig, b«mm* «.<!. fett mo^en/ 
m&ftem ». «. fett wetbem — ner, «. bag 
^ f ettmacbenbe SDHttet, betei^etnbe SRittet. 
— ^linjT, 9. ein iungefi/ jemfifletcg JS^iet, 
— ^less, 9. bie Jettigfeit, bag Jfett ; bie 
JrudStbotfeit —ten, v. a. fett mocben/ 
m&ften ; j^d)tbat mad)en. «• n. ft(^ m&$ 
#f/» feft wetben* —ty, a. fcmo, feift^ 



' Fltal, 0. ^tttdi bag ^d^idffat bcfllmmt; 
«et^&ngt, t)etMngnifloclt ; unalikirtd?/ 
■oetbetblicb, mti\iS). -ism, «. bie Sets 
Wngnip(e^)te. —ist, #. bet asctb6ngni9« 
(e^tet/ SJet^&ngnifejtaubige, gototift. 
-It/, «. bag JBctbfingntg; Ungliuf, 
SKipg«fd)icf/ bie ®d)irfunQ. — ness, «. 
bag IBet^dngniS/ bie ttet^Anate sfi^^s 
tvenbigf eit. Fate, «. bag ©d)trffa(, 85ers 
l^6namfc bie ^d)i(fong; bet Sob, bie 
Setjtotung ; bie Utfa^e beg Sobeg. 

Fates, pi. bie ©<bi*fatgg6ttinncn, bie 
^atjen. Fited,a. wrb&ngt, bcftiramt; 
t»om®d)iiifa(angectbnet; t^etbangniflbfll. 

F&ther, «. bet QSatct* v. a, ficb gum SBatet 
befoRTien, aU ^inb anctfennen; mtt 
einem ffiatet Detfe^en; ftd) gueignen; 
(mitapon) iufcbteiben, beitegem —in- 
law, bet ^^wiegettHitet. —hood, ». bet 
3ttflanb eineg f8atetg. Fdtfaerland, «. bag 
fSatetUinb* —less, a. t^atertcg* — llaess, 
9. bie SSotetUcbe. — ly,fl. 4" '^^ »&tetticb. 

Fath'om, 9. bie ^(aftet ; gaffungefwft, 
^nftcbt V. a. umftaftent, vmfaffen \ ben 
®tunb etfotfcben ; faffcn/ begteifen, etr 
gtunbcn. -less, «. ntd)t gu umflofttm; 

FatidTcal, a. weiffagenb^ 
Fatiferous, a. unglfidfttc^, t6btfi(ft, »et? 

Fat'igable, a. (eid^t etmilbenb. Fat'^pate, 

V. a. etmi^ben. Fatigue, 9. bie d&vm&s 

bung, a5ef(imetbe, smfi^cUgfeit. «.«.ct? 


Fatiiity, 9. bie Ktbetn^it. Fafnoufl^ a. 

atbetU/ bumm. 
Faa'fel, 9. bie S^felnup (t)on einet Xrt 

Fa<lohioB, see Falchion. 

Fault, 9. bet Sci^f et, SKanget ; bie 95et5 
(egenl^it* «. n. mangetn, 9}2dnge( l^aben. 
t». «. tabeln. —finder, bet SSaftet. — er, 
9. bet Hebetttetet, Seteibiget* — iness, 
9. bie geWet^flfti^feit ; gsetgcftnng. 
—less, a. febtetftei. — y, «. jfl^utbig, 
fhsafbat ; mange(()aft ; febUt^aft j-^y, 


Faun, «.betgaun,5©a(bgott. — ic,o.«ntb, 
to^, plump, —ist, 9. tet Sieb^abet bet 
9la(ttt, 9latutfDtf(bet. 

Fatisen, 9. etne Xtt gtopet 2(aL 

Fatsset, •. bet 3apfen obet iw^n an etnem 

Fatitor, t. bet ©innet* —tress, «. ^tc 

FAviDous, a. ofc^ig, aug Xfd&e befte^b* 

Fdvor, t. bie ®unft; @)unflbej)eugtnia, 
(Sdte, ^abe ; d^e^dnftigung, ^ctt^t? 
bigung ; CStlaubnif ; bet 8ieb(mg 3 brag 
Knbenf en ; bag Seidieu/ ^teuben^eictKn, 
^afil^xd^ ; bie ©eftcMgbttbung. v. a. 
begfinftigen, untetftfilen ; &^n(i^ fcwu 
—•We, «. ftftttftig, geneigt; gutmitWg; 


11688, $. tie ©ewodenl^eit ; Der j^finfUde 

Bttftanb. — ed, part, a. bcgfinfhgt; g«5 

ttattet (mit ill Uttb weU »ctbunben) ; 

— edly, ad, — «r, 8. tet SSefifinjligct. 

— ite, 8. b<r ®iln|ftitw, ftubling. — fess, 

a. unbedfinftigtr imgiuiflig. 
Fawn, 8. t)a5 irnige dte^, 3lcitiXf>* ^ n. 

9ile^!&(6er l^eroocbtinoen ; ftdft fc^mie? 

gett/ fdftmeidbetfi/ fried^etu -*-er, $, Ux 

mec^enbe ©^mctdfttei; — inglj, a<2. asf 

eine Eriedicnbe UxU 
FdKd, a. ^aottc). 
Fftj, 8. bie 9^( 9 bte S^tcue. 
F«8berry, 8. tie Sta<6e(6eece^ 
Fdaffue, V, a, peitTdbeti* 
Feaiiy, 8. t^e ^tene, ^utttgung. 
Fear, 8. tie gurd^t «. n. fScd^teit^ 1!(^ 

""tdbteiu t). <i. ffii^teti, beffird&ten; in 
ir(!^t fe|en, — fiil, «. fut^tfam/ ecs 
rodCen ; furd^6or, ffitcfttcriid); —felly, 

od — fblness, 8. tie ^tml^tfomf eit / 

^urdftt —less, a. futxi)t(o<, unerfc^re? 

aen ; -^essly, ad, — lessness, 8. tie 

Sttt^ftoflQf eit tlnetfcfttorfenbeit 

f^asibillly, 8. tie 9){ectti<i^it Feasible, 
tf. t^untidfe/ nt6gtt(ft ; 'FeasiMy, a(2. 

Feast, 8. t a^ $eft, ^toftma^t^ tet ed^marxi, 
tit ©aftereu «• n. fc^moufetu v. a. tes 
wirtl^en/ fpeifen^unter^atten/ t)ecgn&getu 
—rite, tie SHtte bei ©ajhn&^tetn* — «, 
•• ter ^4nMQfer; IBetoict^^er* — Ibl, 
«. ^fKuft/ freuttg ; fcfttoetdecifc^ 

Feat, 8. tie ^^at, Sl^emc^tnng ; tie ^et^ 
tigfeit/ ta6 ^unflfldtf/ tie ^unfl* a. 
fmig^ getottttt, !ttnfirei(( ; ^il6fd^,nett; 
— ly, ad, — 60US, a. nett, gewantt; 
— 4y,ad 

Feitiier, 8. tie ^etec ; tie Hxt, ©athtng ; 
tie Siette* v. a, mit ^etem ))erfel^eti, 
wit getetn fdftm&cfen; (Mti ^&^nen) 
treten ; berei^enu to --^ oDe*s nest, 
Stei^t^um enoetbetu birds of a — -^ 
^hjiti einet Hvt i^uroe of — «, ter ge« 
temif(!ft* —bed, ta« getetbett, ^um 
Bett —less, a. feterto5/ nacft. — y, a, ges 

Jletert/ fetetig. 

Feitness, 8. tie 9lettigfeit 

Fedtme, 8. tec 3ttg/ (Skft^t^Attg. Featored, 
iwrt 0. f<ft6ne d^efic^tsiage babetit; 
(tnitwett eter in S)ei:(ttnDen) eine gute 
0tecM(ed(te®ef!att^ gute otet fc^lei^te 
^efld^t^a^ge iahtvJb* 

Feue, V, a. auftt:e^, in ^hUti ottflffen ; 

Febn'citate, i^ o. hai gieSet f^aUtu F^ 
brifbge, 8. ta6 ^ebevmitteL Febrile, a, 
fieberifid^, ^ebetl^ixft 

Feb'muT, 8. ter ^thvnat, jf^omung* 

Ftees, Feo'olence, 8. tie ^efen, ter So* 
Denfal; Itnrat^/ TCu^iDurj; Fec'ulent, 
0- l^fig, tid!, unrein, unfUittg* 

FteiDuC 0. fciid|t6Ar» — dtioD, «. tie 


»efru4tung. — ify, ». «. 6efra*trtt, 
fcuAtbar mad^m — ity, 8. tie gru(ftt» 

Fed, iwiet. ^ jMrt. (Don to feed), f fitterte/ 
gef fittert. M — , fatn 

Fed'ary, 8. ter S6et(&aber/ 2(nWnger^ 

Fed'eral, a. ju einem SBiintniffe $e^6rig; 

Fed'erary, 8. ter ©cr6fintete ; 9Kttgettc§, 

aKitf(^u(tige. Federate, a. octOfintet, F6d. 
eralist, 8. ter gotcradjt, ^n^6nger ter 
(SonfUtution ter ^ereinigten @taaten 
Ywn 9{ort«2(meri!a« 

Fee, 8. ta5 Qel^en* (fee-simple, to^ fteie 
Sel^en, taS freie, unbetingte @i^ent^um* 
fee-farm, t«« <5rbain6Jef)en) ; tie Gigen? 
^eit; ter Sol^n; tie ^porteto/ C^ebn^' 
rem v. a. Uialjlitn, telo^nen; befledften ; 
im @otte baben* 

Ftoble, a, ^d)ma6), fc^^tic^ v,a. f^w&s 
d)en; F^bly, aa. Feebleness, 8. tie 
^Aw&d^e/^c^maf^l^eit, ^m&dbticft^it. 

♦Feed, «. a. futtem oter ffittem, fpeifen ; 
abmeiten (affen ; t)erforgen ; n&oren* v. 
n, @peife ju fU^ ne^meu/ effen ; toeiten; 
(eben ; fett n>ertem 8. tad ^tter ; tie 
aSeite. — er, $, ter gfttterer, ©ffer ; Xn^ 
reiser/ XnfHfter, 

♦Feel, o. a. 4r «• fft^ten ; teffiWen ; Uh^afi 
empflhten; M ffil^ten, ficj^ onfiibten* 
8. ta^ ®cfft^u — er,8. ter,»e((^crffi^(t; 

' to^gfiWm. — ing, pari, a. ffi^tent^ 

geffi^tooU, ri^l^rent. 8. ta$ ^^l)Uti* ®es 
f5^)t ; — ly, ad. 

Feet, 8. ill. (wn foot) tie gftfe* —less, 

obne Safe* 

Feign, v. a. ^ n. ertid^ten ; fid^ ftetten, 
oerflcttem —edly, ad, ouf eine crti^tete 
2Crt. — er, 8. ter erfnter, (Srtid»tcr» 
Feint, 8. tie ginte ; eine DerfleUte ^it 

Felicitate, v. a, 6egtfid(en; (BiM mAn« 
fc^en* — Ution, 8. tie ^tddbodnfcbung. 
— ty, 8. tie ®liklfe(ig!eit/ tai (i(ikf. 
— 40US, a, g(fic!(id). 

Feline, a. fo^enortig* 

Fell, a. graufam, unmenfd^Udft ; — y, ad. 
•— nesB, 8. tie ©raufamfeit. 

Fell, 8. tas gett, tie ^aut; ter ^<lge(, 
SBerg, ta^ ^<(t, —monger, ter, weUper 
mit ^^cUtn oontett. 

Fell, e. a, nietenoerfen ; f dtten* Fdler, «. 
ter ^otsf&IIer. 

Felloe, 8. tie getge* 

Fellow, 8. ter ®ef&J^rte, ©efpiele; 9XMs 
genoffe; tad 9}{itgUet; eined Mn an>et 
^ingen, tie etn 9)aar audmadben ; (in 
ter gemeincn ®prcd^ort) ter ^ert ; ein 
^erod^Kic^ 5»lenf*. «. a, jufammens 
paffen. —commoner, ter Sfeeitoaber on 
einer ©cmeinweite ; (auf ter ilniwer? 
litit ^u (Sambritge) tic aweite ^(affc ter 
©tntcnten. —creature^ ^oft ^Sl^^itt^.^* 

f*«pf, gjt\tfte?*tipV -fe«aM^t,\)cA mv* 


JcfftftL —heir, bar SRitcrtc. — laborer, 
let SWitarbcttet, — roWier, tcr SKltfcls 
lat,^amerob, —student, bcr 5Wltfd)fls 
ter. -Hiuflferer, l)<r 8«iten69cnc^ —like, 
— ly,a. ftcunbfcl&aft(id),brfit>cr(id).— ship* 
». tic ®cftaf*«ft/ ©emeinfdbaft ; 83cts 
tinbung; bee 2(ntf)cU, bie S^cilncb? 
muitd; ®tei<6Mt; ©efetltgfett/ ©efca? 
f4aft(Weit ; Det llmjong ; bic @tcUc 
ctnel 3)Ht9(tebe$ oon ctnem (Sctlegium. 

Fel'tMte-se, #. T. bet ©etbjlmorbct, 

Feron, a. graufonu «. bet SDtiffetb&ter^SSers 
btedbct; ba« !95etnQcfcI)tt)fir. 

Feldoioas, «. »ctbtc<bertfd^, bo^l&aft; — ly, 
ad. Fel'ony, «. ba6 peinUd)e 93erbrcclften« 

Felt, jwct. 4r jwit. (Dcn to feel) ffiftttC/ flcs 
ffi^It. ». bet ^tU/ ^utmac^r ; bas gfeU. 
o. a. ^u %\ih moc^en, ftl^cn* 

Fd'ter, ©. a, wtptien ; Dcnoitrcn. 

Fcluc'ca, •. ble SJetucf c. 

Female, a. tDetbud). «. bte metbUdfte ^ixs 
fen ; ba^ meiblidfte %\j\ix, SBeibctlen. 

Feme, #. bo5 SBeib. —covert, bie ©ers 
^eitatl^te grauenspetfbm — ede, bic 
unwr^eirotocte gtauen^pcrfcn. 

Feminal'ity, «. bic n>cib(id)e 9{otur. 

Fem'inine, a. locibU^/ mcibifd)^ tocic^Ud^. 
a. ba^ toeibtidftc S^iet, SBctbc^m 

Fem'oral, €u ^u bcm ©(^Cttfct ebct bct 

^fiftc ge^orig. 

Fen, a. bet SWotaft/ @umpf» 

Fence, «. bie tlm^&unung; bo^ ®el5%; 
bet SauH/ bic @d)u|mauet; S3ett6eibis 
<)unQ, S3efd)fi|ung/Sidftet^eit; bic ^c(^t$ 
tunft. Fence, ©. a. mit cinctti 3aunc 
«bct mit ^f&^teti/ tt.b* ci(. umgcben/ ein? 
f(lft(ic$en; ein^aunen, etn^egeit ; befdbu? 
icn , t)ettl^eibtgen. «. n. fed)ten ; \\&i 
t)crt^eibtgen ; abnoej^teti/ ftd) fd)fi$en. 
— ^less, a. c^ne tlmgaunung/ unbefd){i|t^ 
offen. Fen'cer, #. bet S^^btct, 5ed)tmei« 

. flet. Fen'cible, a. bet ^ett^cibigung fSs 
i^ig. Fen'ciblea, ». jrf. einc Xtt fionbfot? 

Fen'cing-master, #. bct Sfcl)tmei|tet» 

Fen'cing-school, ». bte ged)tfd)U(c. 

Fend, o. a. ab^attCtt/ obioe^^teiu v. n. 

Fend'er, a. ba^ (Sd^ufebtctt (ouf einem 
®*iffe); ba6^etbgittet,Jtomingittet. 

Fenea'tral, a. ba^ getlflet bcttcffcnb, 
Fen'nel, #. bct ??en(ftcL 
Fenn'ifih, Fen'ny, a. motofttg^ fumpftg* 
Fen'ugreek, «. ba^ 93wf6l^otn (cin ^tttut). 
Fdod, 8. (L u) tfdi 8c{)cn. — al, a. (c^nbat. 

— ary, «. bct Sc^n^motin. 
Feoff, V, a. belebneiu — ^ ». bet JBctel^nte. 

— er, a. bet Se(^n6^ctt, — ment, a. bic 
' SSetc^nung* 
Ferddous, tf . fcud^tbat. 
F6ral, a, ttautig ; fd)tedf(itft. 
Fere, #. bet ®cfcttf*ttftet ; bct &)tmwMi, 
He &htfxa\u 


ferial, tf. bte 8&0(^entage, bie ^efhogr Ic? 

ttcffenb. FeriAtion, a. bie S«i«^ 
Ferine, a. roilb^ gtimmig* Ferineneai^ 4; 

bie SBitbbeit. SBitt^. 
F^'itjr, #. bic ®timmigfeit 
Fenrttot, v. n. g&btetu a. a. in ©i^tuiig 

btingcn. — AtioB,a.bie ©S^tung. — atwe, 

a. ga^tenb* 

Fern, «. ba^ ^atnftaut 
Fern'y, a, DCU »cn Jotnftaut 
Fer<3ciou8, a. n)i(b/ gtimmig* 
Fer<idty, ». bic SKitbicit. 
Fer'reous, a. eifetn. ' 

Fer'ret, ». bag S^ctt, gtcttel; cine 2(tt 

JBanb. a. a. butd)fu(^en, Detfetgen, lo 

— out, au6fittbig mod)en. 
Fer'rule, «. bct SRing^ S^f(^l(^g (on eittcm 

©tCCfC/ JC). 

Fer'ry, ». bie %hkitz. a. a. ubetfal^ten* 
—boat, bie Sd^te. —man, bet J&^s 
monn* Fer&^ #. baS ^fi^tgelb. • • 

FerrUginoufl, a, etfcnattig/ ctfenfatbig/ «< 

Fertile, a, ftud^tbat; — ly, aa. — nen, 

Fertil'ity, #. bie gtud^tbatfeit, — ilate, 

Fer'tilize, a. a. fnici^tbat mo(!^en/ be? 

Ferula, Ferule, «. bet @tob^ @tC(f (loemtt 

bie @(!^utfnaben ©dotage in bte ^anb 

Ferule, a. a. @c^(&ge in bie ^onb aeben* ' 

Fer'vency, a. bie 3&^tunfc bet (Stfct* 
Fer'vent,a. \t\^, ^i|tg, inbtfinfti^;— l;r,a<^ 
Fer'vid, a. ^)eig, glfiocnb ; l&eftig^ eifrij^ 

— ity, — ness, a. bic ^i|e ; ^epigf eit/ ftets 

benfc^aft; Snbtunfi. 
Fer'vor, a. bie ^i|e, Snbtunjt* 
Fes'cennine, «. ba5 crcti[d)e (moEdfttgc) 

Fei^cue, a. bct ^tiffcl, 8ScifegtiffeI^bcf|cn 

man pd^ bcim Sefenletncn bebient 
F^eels, #. «Z. bet ©pctg, JDinfel. 
Fes'ee, #. T. bie SBappenbinbe, bet ©ttcif. 
Fes'ter, a. n. fc^witen/ citcrn. 
Fee'tinate, a. eiUg ; — ^ly* ^ — Ation, a. 

bie @i(e. 
Fes'tal, Fes'tival, «. fcflltd)* a. bet gefftflg. 
Fes'tive, a. feftli^, ftobtid^* 
Festiv'ity, •. bie geftticbfcit/ bo« ^i% 
Festbon, #. T. bag S5(umengewinoe \ bte 

S3tumens, 9^4^' ^^^^ Saubfc^ut; bag 
@)en)inbe/ @e^&nge. 

Festticine, a. jltohfatbig. 

Festtlcous, a. jhooattig* 

Fetch, a. a. l)o(en, ^ctftctcn ; l^etfeiten ; 
in bet ^etne ettcidben, ttcffen ; in ei* 
nen gewtlfen Suftanb ))etfe|en ; onbtin^ 
gen; einfc^t&nfen ; l^etoatbringen^ ong 
Sid^t btingcn ; (einen ©ang, ®pa|tet:; 
gang, u* b* g(.) mac^cn ; t>etti(6ten, mas 
(i)en; ettetd^en; (bcim ^etfaufe) 't^ 
SBcttb t^ctfd^affen/ einbtingen* «. a. fid> 
fdf)neU bewegem a. bet Jtuajldtiff^ bte 


tljt to — and carry, (wn 4^tttll)ni) 
' l^Cen^ bringcn. 
FBtfid,a. jhnfcnb. -^nesi, «. tU fHnfetibe 

S3ef^affenf)ett/ t>it ©efianf. 
Fetlock, «. ta^ 4buf]^aat* 
Fdtor, a. ber (teflon!. 
Fel'ter, ©. c. feffcln* Feftera, a. |rf. tU 

f tie, t). n. cicfd&dftig feijn* 
F^tus, a. tie gni*t (tm SRuttetlcibe), 8ci? 

Feud, a. bie S^6^«/ ^« ®trcit ; tai Ses 

l^ciu — al, a, ju eincm Sc^cn 9eF)cri9 ; 

te^enfcar. — aliem, a. to($ 8e()enf#em. 

— atory, a. bet Sel^ensmaim. 
F^uillage, a. ta^ Saubwerf* 
Feuinemort, a. btaungclb^ 
Feilterer, «. bcr ^unbewfirtct, 
F^ver, a. ba£ gtcber. F6veret, a. ba« Ketnc 

^ebec —few, a. ba^ QRuttcrfrout. — iah, 

— 0U8, — ^y, a. flekr^afl. — ^ishness, a. bie 

Bew, a. wenig, wemc^c. a few, wcntAC. 

—11688, a. bic SBcttigfcit, gctinfle ?(ngo]^(. 
FeVel, a. bic geucnwiQ/ bag ISBrcnnftotj* 

o. 0. bag ^cuec untct^altetu 
Fey, V, a, eincn ®ra6cn reinlgeit/ fcfel&ms 


Fiance, v. a. t)enn&l^(en« 
Fiat, a. bet S3efef)t : @g wetbe/ eg gefc^el^e ; 

MQfftanben, bcwtttigt. 
Fib, a. bic 8ugc^ bag s0{&^rd)en* «. n. (fi$ 

oeiu — ^ber, a. bct fifignct. 
Flbfe, a. bie gibet. Fibril, a. bag g&fct? 

(Jett^ Flbwras, a. fofctig. 
Flbuk, a. T. bag SBabenSein* 
FksUe, a. t>et&nbctU4/ unbcfi&nbtg/toans 

f elmfttbig ; — ly» fl«^- Flc'kleness, a. bic 

^et&nbet(i(^!cit/ Unbcft&nbigfcit. 
FIco, a. bag ^^nippd^en* to dve the 

— ^ iemanbcn ein ©dbnipp^^n {a)tagen/ 

oetfpottcn/ ^ol()n fptedften* 
Fie'tUe, a, oug StI)on betcitct/ ttbcn. 
FVUoD, a. bie ©tbid^tung. ^ 

Fie'tiotia, Fictitious, a. etbic^tct/ nac^C? 

Fid, a. T. ein gefpi|teg (Sifcn. 

Flkfdle, a. bie QieigC/ giebct. «. «. geigen, 

., fiebebi; t&nbcUu — atick, bet giebetbos 

gem — faddle, a. bie ftappetei* a- unbes 

^utenb, gcf^&fti^. 
Fid'dler, a. bet ®ciget, ®ctgcnfpic(et. 
Fldcrily, a. bic Steue, JRebU^feit. 
FidejWsar, a. bet SBfitgc. 

Ffdgff Fidg'et, v, a. untuF)ig fcttn, in gwedfs 

••bic ' 

(ofet S3en>cgung fc^n* 


Fidgety, «. ttntubig/ ungcbulbig, 
Fldticial, a. 3ut)Ctftd)tUd) ; — ly, ad, 
Fidtkdaiy, a. bet, wctrfyem ctwag anwt? 
ttaut iff ; bet, metd)et ^(auben ol^nc gute 
SS^txft be^auptct* a. 3ut)etrtd^tUc^, auoec^ 



Fief, a. bag Scl^en* 

Field, a. bag gelb; bic ©d^tad&t; ber 

Slaum, llmfang. —officer, bet ®tabg? 

»ffiai«t. —fare, bet ^tammetg»cge(, ber 

Jttammgwgct. — morshal, bet Jjcibmat? 
Jd)aU. —piece, a. bag JfetbfNirf; 
Fiend, a. bct gcinb, b^fc geinb, Seufer. 
Fierce, a, wilb, ungefKim •, l^cftig ; grim? 

mig, wftt^ig ; — iy» *^' — ness, a. bic 

Sffiilbftcit, S»ut^, ^cftigfeit 
Fierifilciaa, a. (I. t.) bet aSoflaic^unggbcfcl^L 
Fieriness, a. bic ^ifcc, bag gCttCt. 

Fiery,a.fcutig; f)i1&ig, iotntg. 

Fife, a. bie SXuectpfeife. * 

Fifteen, a. fftnfecbn. Fifteenth, a. ber 

Sflnf}«&tttc. Firth,a.betSfinfte. Fifth- 
ly, ad. fftnfteng. Fiftieth, a. bet 5?ftnfff 
jtgde. Fifty, «. ffinfaig. 
Fig, a. bie gcige, etwag Unbebeutcnbcg 

unb a5et&(ftt(idt)eg, —tree, bct geigen? 

Fig, V. a. ©d&nippd)ett W(agen ; jcman? 

ben etwag Unniieg in ben Jtcpf fe|en. 
♦Fight, V, «.^n. fcd)ten, fltciten; fldp 

fd)(agcn. a. bag ®cfe<ftt, bct ©ttcit; 

bic @(J)(&gctci. — er, a. bet gcd)tct^ 


Fig'ment, a. bic (Stbid)tung. 
Fig'ulate, a. tftonctn, itben. 
Fig'urable, ff. bitbfam. — *1^ 

-r-ate, a, geflaltct/ Qcbitbct, 

bic JBilbuna, ©cftaltung, 

bitbUd^; — ly, flrf. 
Fig'ure, a. bie Sigut, gctm, ®efla(t; 

Siffct. ». a. bilcen, wtftcUcn. 
Fiklceous, a. aitg giben beftcftenb. 

Fil'ament, a. bic gtifct, 

Fil'anders, a. jrf. bie gabcnwfitmct im 
gatfcn, begglcicben in ^fetben>unbcn. 

Fil'bert, a. bic Sompettgnufl. 

Filch, tj. a. jlel^lcn/ cntwenben, toubcn* 
— er, a. bct JDieb. 

File, a. bct gaben ; bie^dinnt; JRei^c; 
bag ?8etaeid)nip/ bic SHette ; Jfeitc. ». flr 
auf cine @d)nut ^icben, oufreil^cn/ an? 
tcil^cn ; fciten ; befubetn. ». n. in ciner 
Slci^c l^ctiicf)en, »otbeiJie^>en. to — off, 
abgic^cn ; abfeiten. to — a bill, T. cine 
©od^ flogbat mod)cm —cutter, ber 
geitcnmadbct. Filer, a. bet, roetc^ct fcitt. 
Filings, a. pi, bic gcitfp&nc. 

Firemot, a. bie btaungelbc tUt gclbbtannc 

Fil'ial, a, bcn ©o^n betteffenb ; !inb(i(ft ; 

— ly, 0(2. 

RliAtion, a. bag SSct^ttni? ^«^ @c()ncg 
ju bem 85atet. 
Fill, ». a. fudcn/ anfiittcn ; bcfricbigcn ; 

f&ttigcn. V. n. augaie^cn; cinft^cnfen; 

wU wctbcn. a. bie Jfitle, ©enfigc; ®a? 

belbetd)fct, to — o\it, c^>3i^^\^txv\ w^» 

j(l)en!en» — up,atL\WLw,^x^^vp..«^V 


a, bttbttcft, 
— ition, 9, 
— ative, a. 



ffi(U« ; t>ott »nt«n. — 'er, $. bcr giiaer,fF1nW, «. be? gtngcr. t>. «. ftngern, W*f 

Fillet, t. t)te SdxnU, tan ^tttnbont ; ter 
©dpUnerom ; to^ SRctlpeif* ; (of veal) 
ba5 8ent)Cttftu(!. «. a. umbinbcn ; mit 
einem ^raiue ^ecetu 

Filligrane, ^Fwhgrree, •. bte fetlte (®elts 
cUx &xV>iv) jDra^torbett —work, iDie 
t)ut46¥od^enc TitbtiU 

Fillip, ».bcr®tfi6et,@<i^ttoact. «.a.@tfl* 
bcc gc&cn, [(Snellen. 

FU'ly, 8. Hi ^tutenffitten^ gfittcn* 

Film, «. ctn t6nne6 ^dutcl^em V' a, mtt 
einem ^dutd^n ii^eraie^etu 

Film'y, a. mtt einem ^&ut(^n iikr^o? 
gen; au^ einem J^au^en kfte^ent; 
einem ^&ut(6en d^ntidft. 

Fil'ter, «. a. tut4)fri?)«n» •• bet ©eil^ev/ 

Filth, 8. tec ^d^mni, bet ^ct^, ttnftatl^* 
— 'iness, «. bie llnffat()igfeit. ' — 'y, a. 
fchmulig ; unfldt&ij ; — ily, ad. 

Fil'trate, co. bufdbfeiften. 

Filtritioii, 8, baS iDurdfrfeil^eh* 

Fim'ble-herop, t. bec n)et()Ud)e $anf* 

Fim]Nridted,a. mit einem @aume, gefaumt. 

Fin, «. bie ^iej^i^tcv^ —'footed, a. mit 
©d^wimmfft^ Derfel&en. —'less, a. el^ne 
^(opfcbem. —like, a. gtopfebem afens 
lid). — 'ned, part. a. nad) 2(rt ber SW«* 
bern au^ge^witet, i&wit* — 'ny» «• wit 
gloSfebcm ^tJcrfe^n* —'toed, c. mtt 
@4n>tmmffi$en t)erfel^em 

Finable, o. fttaff&llia* 

Final, a. (e|t ; enblicft/ entfc^eibenb ; — ly, 


Finances, 9.|»L bie QM^nftc, ©taatSetns 
fftnftc^ ginangen. 

Financier, «. ber ^taaHtoivtf). 

Finary, «. T. ber Jrifc^dmmer* 

Finch, 8. bet Jinfe. 

•Find, tj. a, flnben^ tteffcn; ontteffen; 
bemet!en ; etfmben ; 6efinbett ; vetfeben^ 
t>etfot(\cn. to — a bill, cine Unfia^c 
gut finbcn/ ^ufoffen. to — fealt, tabetn^ 
ctmas au^aufe|cn I&a6en. to — out, ani^ 
finbig macfeen, cntberfcn/ etjxnbem — er, 
8. bec Sinbet ; ©piit^unb. 

Fine, a. fcin, fd)6n; t)ctfcinett; ae6i(s 
bet; gt&n^nb; h^U, f(ac; fd^lan/ Itftig, 
l)intet(iflig* «. bie ^etb^upe, (^ttafe; 
bog ©nbe/ bet @6(ufc «»• «• feinet mas 
c^en, t)etfeinetn/ tdntetn ; urn (Bdt flta? 
fern ©. n. eine Oetbfttafe ctlegcn. — Iy» 
ad. in —, cnbli*/ f(btiegli(i^ to — draw, 
fctn ^ufonimennA^en. —fingered, fftnft* 
ticfe, 9cfd)t<!t* —spoken, woMtebcnb, Uf 
rcbt ; W'xd^ ; ottig. —less, cr. enbtc^^ 
unctmcjlic^. — ness* #. bie ^cin^cit^ 
(Sd>cn^eit. Fhier, «. bet, we(d)et ctwo6 
(dutert ebet t^etfeinett ; tai &dutetung^$ 
mitteL Finery, 8. bet ©toot/ 9)u|» 
-Rjarfase^ #, ^JU g^^ml^ett, ^ift» 

benibten/ aut tlnseit anfaffin, fpi«len. 
—board, «. bad> grnd^v^c^ — uig, •.bie 
^inaetfelung/ Appit(otut, 

Fin^te-fangle, #. b.lC ftoppetci. 

Fin'ical, a. fettfam/ gejiett; -4y, ad. 

Fin'icahiess^ «. bie 3tetetet« 

Fin'is, 8. bag (Snbe» 

Rn'ish, V. a. enbigen, Mttenben, Dctwfls 

fcmmnen/ auebilben* — er, a. bet g^cU? 

Finite, a. enbU(6 ; — Iji 'i'^* -^less, a. uns 

enb(id), — ness, — tude, 8, bie @nb(i(^Eeit 

Finbchio, 8. eine 2(tt Jeni^t. 

Fip'ple, 8. bet .Jtetn in einet Jlete. 

Fir, «. bie Sonne; gf*te> Jtiefct, bet 
.Rienftanm. Spruce—, {pimu abU8) bie 
eigcnttid^ Sanne, 9trti^tanne» 

Fire, 8. ^a$ Jcuet/ bet 93tonb^bie S^et^e 
i)tun% bet ^iarii, bas ix^t, bie (nnbiU 
bungsfta/t/ Ciebe, F)cftige 8eibenf(^ft 
w. a. an^unbcn , in SBtanb ^ecfen ; on? 
feuetn ; bun^ Jcuct ©ettteiben. «. «. 
tn S3tanb getat()en, ffcft ent^dnben; 
Seuet geben, feuetn, abfcuetn. — arms, 
bag genctgcnje^t. —ball, bie geuetfus 
get. —brand, bct Scuctbtonb, ®tattb ; 

bet Untubcffiftet. —brush, bet petbs 
bcfen. —engine, bie geuetfpti6c. — iock, 
bie €)Ctbatenflinte, ba5 @^eme$r. —men, 
bie ^pti|en(eute. —pan, bos ^ehtenbc* 
den. —ship, bet Stonbet. —side, bet 
^etb,^omin. —stone, bet gcuetftein. 
—wood, tan <8tennl)0ts» — ^work, ta$ 
Jeuctmetf. Firing, bie geuetung^ 

Firk, V. a. fd^tagen, jfidbtigen. 

Fir'kin, 8. ba5 SSicttelfop, Heine Jafc 

Finn, a. fcft, bctb; ftanb^aft, entfcftfcfs 
fen. 8. bet 4banb(unggname, bie ^i^? 
ma. «. a. befeftigen, feftfc|en ; bcjl&tifl 
gen; l^eftcn. 

Firm'araent,#. bie^immetgfejle, bag ^ims 
me(5gc«>j(6e.— Ha.«i bet^immetefefte 
0bet bem ^immel ge^ctig; f)immli(i3b. 

Fir'man, 8. (6ei bcn Sfitfen) ei» ©cfebl 
im Xiamen beg .Raifctg, »em dJtoft^egict 
auggefettigt; (in Dflinbien) eine fdjttfts 
lic^ 6t(au6nip f&t fvembe ^aurfleate, 
JpanM treiben ^u biitfen* 

Firm'ness, 8. bie ^c^^nt, ©tonbbaftifi? 

Irrst, a. bet (Stfte. ad. Sf — ly» ad. juctft, 
etfltidfr. — begott^, —bom, —got, etfl? 
gcbetcn, s«ciS etjcugt. — cousin, 'bag 
letbfidfte ©efcbmifietsl^inb. —fruits, bie 
etilen Sftfidbte, ©tfttinge, bet ctfte Cts 
trag. —ling, 8. bet etflling^ €tPscbtt« 
ne, Ian (Stfte. 

Fls^cal, «. bie cffentlidN itafife, ^dbagPams 
met ; bet ^a|mct^. a. bie ^affe be^ 

»FUb«<. bet St(4k «• «i> 4? ^ W^^^ \ n^ 


ftva^ l^afAcn* —bone, tie Stfd^gt&te/ 
®citc. —hook, ft tic gtfcftottQcL — injr- 
line, tie Xngetfcftnur. —monger, tcr 
gfifcbft&nttcr. —pond, tcr SJrotcicb. 

— woman, bo£! Siftiw><i^« — ^^t "-^- 

man, «. tet glfcber. —boat, ter giWers 

fifi^artig ; no* JiW fc^ecfent. 
Fis'sile, a. toa^ fiof fpatten l&pL 
IVsure, «. tic ©pattc. v, a. fpaftctl* 
Fist, «. tic gauft. Fistj-cufls, tt-c gottfls 

W&gc, ©c^t&gcrci mit tcr gaujt^ 

Fist'icknut, «. ttc 9)ifta3iC; 

Fist'ula, s. tic Jiftcl, to^ 9l6^tf9cfd)»fit. 

Fist'ular, a, rcftrcnartig. 

Fiat'ulous, a. ftftclartig. 

Fit, #. tcr ^ronfftcit^onfott/ 2Cnjlo9; tic 
fdbncQc ^cr&ntcrung. a. tcqucm, f^icfs 
Itd&, pap(id)^ f%id)/ jcfd^icft^ taugtt*, 
tuc^tig* V. a. gcm&f ctnrid^tcn; anpaf^ 
fcn^ papUd^ mad>en ; mit ctmas Dcrfc^cn ; 
sufammcn paffcn ; patfcn/ gcm&P fc^n* 
». w. fid) fcfeidfcn^ fici& gcatcmcn* to fit 
out, au^riiftcm — up, ttnnd^Un, gus 
tcd)t macftcn* — ly,arf. -— ftd, a. 2(nffils 
ten untcrmcrfcn, »ct&ntcrlicb. — ness, 
». tic Sc(nicmUd)fctt, ©(fei(fttd)!cit, giigs 
licJ^Cctt. — 'ter, ». ta^ SBcrcituna^mtt* 
tct ; tcr (S*ni^, ta5 ©til^cn. Fit'ting, 
a. fcfttcftid), poffcnt^ 

Fitdi, A tic 2Bic!c» 

Fitch'at, Fitch'ew, ». tcr 3(ti^* 

Rtz, «. tcr ©o^n, (eg mirt 5J2amcn cotgc? 

fc|t, wic Fitz Gerald, Fitz Osbom). 

Five, «. ffinf* Fives, ». pi' tic Jiinfc^ (etn 
JBaEfpict) ; T. tieScifcl (cinr^rane^cit 
tcr ^fcrtc)» 

Fix, 9, a. bcfefHgctt, feftfcfenA fcft mwiftcn^ 
fcjijtcttcn; ^effcn> an()cftcn;;anftcllenv 
tui^bo^rcn; fcft anfeftcn- ». n^ Us 
fcfelicpcn, jicfr cntfd)(tepcn ; fi^ fc|lfc|cn, 
fid^ nietcrtajfen; ti(!^t wcrtcn/ fcft wcr^ 
tciu — Ation, ». tic Jcftfcfeung ; JcftiA- 
f cit ; aScrtid^tung. — ed, part, au fejt? 
9efc|t/ bcjtimmt, augftcmocl^t — edly,.flrf. 

— HBd air, tie flJfC Cuft* — edness^, ». 

tic fc(lc S5cr(>intutw,. Uncmflo^Uc^Ectl ; 

2fcfU9^«t ; ©tattgf ck -4d'ity, — %, 

«. tcr fcltc 3wf<mimcttl&an9. — 'ture, ». 

cttoo^^ welciyed an cincm £)rtc l)cfcftidt 

ifc to« fcfte^ nidfet t)CWC9Uc6c ^ausge? 

t&tj/ to^ Utt^WCfiUd^C ®cr&t^c. —'are, 

«. tie ©tcfiung; 9lidt)tungA tcr fcftc 

2)rutf ; ttc fcffe ©tcUc* 
Fi/m, «. tcr giWK^Picfc bic ^rpune^ 
FlaMjy, a. fcftwff, [(Jltottcrifl, ^cra&^otls 

cjcnt, iDdt — n«M, «. tic ®c!Haff()Ctt;. 
liac'cid, a. »clt^ Woff^ — %» »• tie 



mtttblc^/ trottrig^ fdfttoad^ locctctt;. «. «w 
crfd)(offcn laflcn ; mit ^li^f^n ^ctcocn,. 
—officer, tcr jtaggcncffijicr. — Bbip,>ai 
Jtogpcnfcfeiff. — etaff, tcr Slaggcnftwf/. 
ttc ^(aggcnflangc, 
FlAgelet, #. tic Rcinc '^IXi^ 

Flagelldtion, ft tie ®eipc(ung»^ 
nargy, a. ptaff/. mott/ wcitJT/ tinf(l)macf:» 
Soft — gHiess,ft.tic®cftliiffScit^ 
Flagitious, If. 6o^aft, a6fcfe«a(icl^, fc^&nts^ 

UdJ. —ness, ft tic SBOS^Ctt/ 2f- 
Flag'on, ft tic S^afd)e* 
Fligrancy, 8. tcr ©rant, tic ^ije, SJffcns' 

ffintigfett, Unocrfd^&mtbck.. 
Rigrant, a. ^rcnncnt^ gwbcnt ; rot^ ; bcs^ 

f annt/ effcnibar^ auffallent.. 
Ragrdtion, 8. tcr JBrant. 
Flail, ft tcr >Drefrf)fl[cgcU 
Flake, ft tic Jlccfe; ter junfc; tte5)tattc^ 

®c6id)t. ». m ji^ f(l^&(cn, fidb auffcfcn*. 
F14ky,a. tocfcr/ flodcig ; gcr#d)tct. 
Flam, ft tog SKohrtften, ttc CrtiAtung^ 

Sftgc* «. a. wrwgcn. ^ 

FlamTbeauv ». tic JodcL 

Flame, ft tk Stommc v l&cftigc Sciten^ 
fri&oft/ Cit^; tcr gcftebtc ®cgcn^ont.. 
«. n. fKammcn; g(&n^cit; mtt ^eftigf cit 
ougbrecftcn^ — cdlored, fcucrforbig^ 

Fldmen, 8. tcr ^ricflcr. 

Flamin'i^o, 8. tcr Stomhtoe, fctn fd»rncr 
SSogel tn 2Cfrif unt ©fioamcriCa (PA<b- 

Flammabif ity, 8. tie (Snt^finttorf cit.— md- 

tioB, 8. tieSntafintung. — meous, a. flams' 
mtg« — ^mivomous, aJ^Xoxcmt fpci«nt. 

Fldmy^fl. flammig,. ffommcnt. 

Flange^ 8. tos ©CitCTlfWcf, tic @citcns 

Flaak, 8. tie Jtonfc, tic ©cite* ». c. tic 
•Stbtifc tccfcn, in tiie Jtunfc fatten*— er, 
ft tog St^n^c""'^^- tna. turdf) Jlanfcnjt 
wcrfc wrt^cttrgcn* 

Flanfnel, ft tct ^\om^ 

Flap, ft etn t)rettc§ unt tcgi&ingcnte^ 
©tttg^tic ^toppo tcr Serpen, tog 06pp? 
d^n. (— of the hat, tie ^rompc); tic 
S^ewcgung cineg fclcftcn (cg()Sngcntett 
^crpcr5 ; tcr 0d)(ag mit ciner ^(oppc 
atcr mit tcr cffcncn ^ont* pl^ flaps, 
ctne gemiffc ^JfertefronHcit. ». Ci mit 
ciner ^(oppc ctcr mit ter cffcncn 4c)ont 
Sl)(agen ; ouf cine Happcnartigc SS^uifc 

i bcwcgcn, ». «. ftuppen ; tic S^^9<?t 
fcbtogcn; ter SBucitc noc^ nictcmtten; 
fcfttoff ^erab^ongcn* —eared, fd^tcttcrs 

Flap-dragon, 8. etn fcbcr^Iiafteg ©piet>n)Cs 

; bci man oug angc^{!ntctcm S^ranntmctn 
Stcfmcn mit tern SOTunte ^u !)ctcn fudbt; 
tic fo oufgefc^opptc ^a^c. «. «• l)ci j 

Flar«i. tj. n. fdftimmcTO ? flodfem, (ctem v 

Flag, ft tie gftogoc ; tic Jf(iefc®d^wcrts ^ — ,-, ^, , , ^ 

mic^ i2.tu(ni$li(iffi»; ermatttJiAmatt^i ml(tbUntcnilaa(StoA|/^\fi33^X^v^^^ 


' IGmnSSigtm SiAte ttflnbCB. <■ bci glattc 
Stodit (ein JifA). 

ftlammt; bUp[^lid)enntlcb()tifu3(cuf= 
(ccung ; bci Xuebrad) ; bet rdincllc @e' 
bonff, SinfoU ; tin fthncH MrCbft^cfiiti: 
bw Suflaiie, bie fucit iDoutt, tfr Mu= 
o^nblid ; <tnc gsdlc, KBtgc ii. n. eincr 
fd)ii(lkn @Ianj son fi<6 atl^^n, rAini' 
tnccii, I(ud)t<n ; au6brf<6(n, litn^orbre; 
Acn. r. 0. f*n(ll ftfilasen, (ftiKll anftftla: 
MlU — or lightninj;, b(t S[i|, — of 
Ore eye, let fflticf. — er, », (tn f^inu 
DHinbcr iUHGUno. —j, a. {S)tnimi:Tnb, 
ql&njcnb ; etccftSidili^, uabcronnen. 

Eiufc, «. die ^U\iie t ba< Qtef&g ; $ulc(i> 
Sum. — «i, »- (ine an Jtert. 

H^ a. plati, flail fitn, nitbrig, auf 
ten Sebtn gefltcdt; geTt^nuiiflt;, ab^ 
!)(T(t)ni<]cI[ ; malt, fdfivad), fdHil; ntc: 
b(rgcfd)Iag(n ; oufbriifEIub, gtrabc ju, 
plump. I. tic ^titbc, et<ne ; cin nirtrU 
bic UiKtefc; bie ftadie eln brdic ®cttc 
tian JtUnqt ; btc OliebriEftit tcs ;(u6: 
ttuJtfi unb (er ©ebanfen, qjtattfjttl. 
— ly, arf. FW,— ten, 11.11. pifltt nindKn, 
fled) macbcn, tbcnen; nicbttCri'iilcn ; 
fftnt moiiien. ». n- fto*, ptati, fdjal nicr= 
btiu — ne«B, a. tie JJlottfieit, Gknc, 

Ijdt; Sdial^til', MutttU^sttii. —long, 
—wine, od, mil btr flarfien ebtr SKiten 
©dtc, tec SlSdjt tlfl*, Pitftlinof!. — ter, 
>■ ein !ZBcctjcU9 jum Qbenen cber $Iats 
ten, bcr flatter, ^lantenr. Fl^ttisb, a. 
emme flQtfi, platt 

Fliter, », bcc^ctHrnniravJl(II(rcf(r,3(ff(I. 

Flat'ter, o. a. f^mtitfttln. — «r, «. tec 
Kdimei^tct. — j> ». bie ScfinicittitltL 

FlafoIeiiCT, FtafuoHty, «. bie Sia&ung 
5Bintigt(it, Kiditigfeit. 

FUt'iileiit, FUfubus,* MS^cnb ; rointif], 

FbwD, ». tet tfinne SiertudKH. 

'Flaunt, u. n. pcangen, ftpljiwn, jitfi 6IS= 

btt, *. ba£ eitk Sepninge, bee QininE. 

FliTor, i. tie ©Amadijafti^ii, bee ®i- 
%mad; ©ecu^ 

FliwirouB, o. fAmaifioft ; twMrictficnb. 

Haw, I. bet iJiifi; Reblcri fflJinbfteS; 
bas Sufbioufen, SufipaOen, bie t)cfii(ic 
Senegung; bee StuniL n. a. cincn 
9IiE otee £Bruc() madien ; feiitcchen, cec: 
leBen. — lesi, a. o^ne SeMer.eljnc Wan: 
Sli. fefeleeftei. — y, a- fcl)let&Dfi, mn-- 
oel hflbenti. 

Flawter, a a. atf^oben. 

FJ«, *■ bet SlodiS. —comb, bis 6((fiel, 
— drewer, bet JIatfjSbeKtIer, —en, a. 

Jla^, n a. tie ^ut fibjie^en, Qlibttfen, 
. M'nbeii. — w, t. in ed)inlet. 


Flea, «, bet J{(L B. c flifien. —Imie, 
—wort, toe SlsWtDUt —We, tet gtefii 
Infi ; bie Hnbefceutente JlleintgfciL ~bit- 
ifin.Mn5lol)ena*bilTen? f*l(4t, ni4»! 

Fieak, 1. tic gteJe, bet ^iiben. 

FlDnm, (. tie fanjclte <n)cId]C beini ^beti 
tai f afieifcn. 

Fleck, Fleci'er, «. o. fpttnf tin, fledtg (tet 
foterEelig jnac&en. Fleckt, a. gefltill, 

Flec'tion, «. tit iBiegramfetC. 

Flee' tor, I. tet OTUSkI. 

Fled, prrt. * port, (ten to flee) flc^, B" 

fledge, B. a. ticjiebetti, mit ^istln Betfe* 
den. V- n- flurf obee fl^age merbcn. 

Fledge, Ftedg'ed, a. geficbcn, flilesc. 

■FIee,«. n. fliefjen. 

Fleece, i. tic (wn eincm €(f)afe aistVbi' 
rene) aficQc -, toS Jliep. p. o, fd)eetcn ; 
abnipfen; pffiiibecn. 

Fleecy, a. njellig. 

Fleer, E. ij. fiplintn, fp«tten -, fiefentachen. 
«■ tet Spelt, til! Betfpeitung, baS ^efins 
!i(f).-ln. — «r, '■ tet ©pottet -, EiSmeidjIer. 

Fleet, a. fdinclt, gef*TCinb, flint; teiit, 
obetflfidjiid). «• tie Slelie ; to* Rletfi, 
bie jlelfie (einSannf). t. a. eberpidK 
lidi ffbct elipae binfobtcn ; oettcteti ; {tie 
bofjin fliegen ; oetfliegen, fdineK Mrfibet 
gchen. — ly, at. — ing, o. flfld)ttg, rev 
gSntilid). — ncas,*. tie ecbncnigtcitjOICf 

Flesh, «. bet Ecib, aetptt; ba« S^f*/ 
bie yieififpeife ; bet OTenftfi ; bie ©inn* 
littiftit, ffiegietbe ; bet nafte SQensonbte. 
e- a. mlflm ; an ^eifcf) gewo^nen ; Ob' 
tiAten ; in etwag fiben, ab^&tten ; et: 
fflllen, fSttigen; onftififen, anreiicn. 
—fly, bie e*mctpf[ieoe. —hoot, tee 
J[ei[*fiaf{n, bU gteifdigiibel. —meat, 
tie jleifdjfpeife. —monger, tec ^eif*: 
tjdnWet, Jtupplcr. —pot, tet gleif*: 
tepf. —quake, tflS Sttteni Ics SeibeS. 
— iEesi!,8. tie g[cir*tqtcit. — lemio. efine 
gleifA, nwgtr. — line»^ ». bie SleifAs 
liiSEcit, ©innli*ttit — Ij. '■ peift^Ii*. 
— y, a. f[cifd)ig. 

Fleich'er, «. tec SBogenet, 

Flow, prei. (ten to fly) flefl. ». tie gtefe 
bccab^Sngenbe Sippe eines n>eitniiinU< 
aertiiunte*=- — ed.«- iniigtetien,t«wb= 
hnngenben Eippen tjerfefien. 

Flexibil'itj, i. tie Sieafamfcit. HeiHr, 
Flex'ible, a. biegfaw. tWiUy, ad. Hei'- 
ibJenesa, «. bie SBiegfomfcit. 

berSSiegmuftet.Siefiniustel. Flai'oom, 
. fi* telSngelnb ; flodecnt. Flex'ui* 
. bie iBieauBS, Seua'"'3/ b" ^^i- 


Ilidi'er, 9. n. ffdttetn* 

flier, s. bet 2:(ttd9ttind ; (in eina ^afdfti? 

tie) Me twinge, tlnru^e. 
niffht, «. We ^{n&fX ; ter gtug. — y, a. 

llSAtig, flicgcnb ; witb^ abenteuettu^ 
Ffim'flam, c cie Soppetei. 
Flim'sy, B, locfet/ fcftwa*, aeiflto^ 
Flinch, o. n. (ftu^ Jutd)t|am!eit) ^ttriWs 

weii^en, ff(^ suriliajiei^en ; feine ^flt^t 

tjerfiumeiu — er, #. bct^ wett^ci; feine 

@d()u(bi^eit ntd^t tbut 
Flin'der-mouse, see FlitteNmouse. 
♦ning, f>. a, ttjcrfen ^ fftleutctn* «. n. 

f[(6 mit ^ftig^eit 6en)eden/ (t)on ^fer; 

ben) fprtngen, fd^kgen* <• bev JSOSucf ; 

Sabet, S^cnourf ^ bie @ttd)e(tebe. to 

— down, ntebetwerfen, jerfliwn* — <^ 

au^ bcr @puc ^ngen. — out, (wn 

J)fcrben) au^fd)(a9en. — ^, ». bcr 2Bcr? 
ft/ Sabtet, @ti(ft(et, 
int, 8, ber Jeucxflein, ^lefeL 
FUnf y, «. fiefeUg, f iefet^ott ; nnetbittlic^. 

Kip, «. ein ©etr^n! and SSier, SStannt? 

n>ein unb 3u(!et; 
nij/pont, fl. aelfittfig/ flint, fetttg ; f(ftn)a|r 

?)aft; mutpwiUig, fcf^alfftaft^ leii^tfcrs 

Jlirt, V, m, mtt einer fdftnetlen SBewegung 

mtfcn, fc^neUen ; ^n unb f)er bewegen, 

(^ S5. a fan, mit cinem J&d^ct fpie(en). 

uu «. I^in unb ^et (aufen; fcberjen; 

f^toa^en^ tefen, Uebfofcn; ftid^ctn. «. 

eine f^neHe^nitge S3emegung, bet6d)nets 

(er ; ber €>*erj, fcftcrjftoftc ^tretd); bie 

(Jequctte, SieMcrirt/ ber ^an, CicMer. 

— ition, 8. bie teid)te JBcmcgung, Seicft* 

tlgfeit ; Stcbterei/ Scquettcric, 
Hii; a. fc^neU^ ftin!/ ^eft^winb. v. n. flic? 

1^0, entftie^en; btc ^cf)nung oer&n? 

bem, au^gicfcen ; flottem ; flficfitig ferin. 

t>. a. wegfiaffen. — tmg, ba$ 85crge()en ; 

Flitch (of bacon), «. bie @eite Sped/ 6pcd5 

Flifier, 8. ber ^(ecf , Sfippcn ; ber ^abcr, 

— .moase, ». bte glcbcrmau^ 
FUx, 9. ber ^ianm, bie ^(aumfebem. 
FU»t, ». bie glutb ; gtcpe ; bafi gtof ; 

bet Mtxf an oer ingetfc^nur. ©. «. flic? 

fen, fdbtoimmen, f^n^eben. v. a. fiber; 

f^bKoemmen* afloat, fd^mimmenb, flctt; 

ttt ISeweguttg; xm ilmtaufe. a float- 

ing mmor, ein (SJeriic^t, bog im Urn; 

(aufe ifL 

Fl6aty, a. fti^wimmcnb, flott 
Flock, ». bie ^eerbe ; bie Srift @d&oofe ; 

ber ^anfen, (wn 8S6ge(n) ber J(ug; bie 

ficdt, ^BMc, S^ocfe* v. n. fi(^ fammetn ; 

ft<^ ^aufenwetfe wo^in begeben* 
Flog, V. 0. peitfftcn, mit Slutl^n l^auen, 

Flood, «. U$ Okw&ffer, bie ^ni^ ; bie 


Ueberftftmcmmung; ber Kbftiif, e. sv 
fiberfd)n)cmmen» JPkSodgate, bie @(^(eufe« 

Flook, #. bie ©d^oufel (om 2Cn!er). 

Floor, 8. ber ^$bcbcn; ba$ ©tcdtoer!. 
V. a. mit etnem $ufbeben betegen* 
threshing — , bie JKenne^ iDref(^tcnne, 
^(!^euertcnne. — inff, ber ^gboben. 

Flop, c. a. mit ben Slugetn fd)lagen. 

Flbral, a. bic 95Cumen betrcffenb. 

Fkiramour, 8. bo^ ISaufenbfd^on. 

Fl6rence, ». ber gtorcnjcr ZafftU 

Fldren, «. einc ©olbmfinge (in ben 3ei» 
ten @buarbg be6 Written) fe(l)6 e^dt^iQing 

Flbret, «. lai ©IfinK^cn. 

Flor'id, a. btumig^ btfi^cnb; lec^ gero? 
tftct; gcfrf)mfi(ft;-- ly,fl<?. — ^ity, -^ess, 
9. bie tebl&afte ^arbc ; bie SierbC/ 85ers 

*r'in, «. ber Oulben, 

Fterif eroiis, a. b(umenrei(ft. 

Fldrist, ». ber SBtumcnlieb^abcr/ SStumcns 
f enncr. Fl6ralent, a. btumig* 

Flos'culous, a. a\xi SBlJtmc^cn sufammen< 

Fl6ta, FldiiUa, ». bic fpanif^e ®ilbcrfIotte. 

Fbte, V. a, abraftmen» 

Flotfion, 8. bag @trohbgut* 

Flounce, «. bcr Joltcnronb/^ bic ^oihcU 
V, a. mit einer S^lbct t)crfef)en. ». n. 
fldft mit ^cftigfeit bemegen, au|fa^rcn. 

FTound'er, s. bcr Jlftnbcr (eitt Stfci)). »• «• 
f[(f) ftr&uben/ f{$ ()eftig unb regclles bc^ 

Flour, 8. bag feine (SSeigens) SXcl^L 

Flourish, ». n. blfi^cn ; blttmcnrcid) ober 
wcrtreic^ reben ; wrfpieten ; fid) auf 
mannidbfattige 2Crt J^in unb ^er ben^c* 
gcu/fici^ lucrum Um^m, fpieten; mit 
Sfigen unb Sicrrot^cn fd)rciben ; ftd) 
rfibmen/ pral^(en« v, a. mit S3(umrn 
ober )i8(fit(en t)erfel^en/ Uhncn, Mid^ 
men; ftidfen; fd)n>ingen/ fAwcnfcn; 
»er^icren, tjcrfdftonem; bie Srempctc 
btafcn* 8. ber ®tana, @d^ud, Stixi, bie 
Sicrbc; ajcrf^onerung/ Sicrerei, bag 
®epr&nge, ber citlc ©(ftimirf ; bie Sicrs 
rati) mit bcr Jcber, ber Sug ; bag asors 
fpiel ber Srcmpeten, bcr Srempetens 
fd)atl ; bie fiftwingenbe ober fcliwcnfcnbe 
SBcwcgung. — er, #. cinct in bcr S3tfitf)C 
feincg 2((tcrg ober SBol^tftanbeg* 

Flout, 8. bcr ^t\)n, (Spott, bie aScrfpot? 
tung, (Spottcrci* c n. 4r «• ^6^nen/ fpots 
ten, vctijof)nen, wrfpotten. -^«r, ». bcr 

Flow, V, n. flicgcn, ftr6men. ». o- fdiwcm^ 
men, iiberfd)n)emmen« s. bie ^lutft; 
bcr ©trom, jlup (ber SRcbc); he (8r^ 

Wer, ». bie ffltume ; bie JBtfit^e. ». «• 
btii^en; fib^umen, g&!)rett^ «. a- ml 


mengatten. —-pot, bee iBlum(nt«i>f. 
— ige, ». Itt SBlunwnBcrciilb. — et, e. 
tiS ffllumdjen. — iness, i. lit bluni(n= 
rtiiit SBtfiiotfMibtil. — y, •>. blumig, 
ftlunwnrcid), flyicn. 
Fluo'tuKnt, a, ftbasanEi'tiB , MnftbluiflS. 
— ato, o. n. fd)tDont(n. — otiqn, ' " 

Flue, .. e\«t Heine Kothct, urn Eufl, 
SB&im( «B(I Stand) abjufubrcn, bcr 
9taud)fan(|, tic Su^e^c ; iai jaTit 

jlflBDi, ter Sloum. 

FMeEicf, I. bie ftlcfienbe S^cfAaffcngcit, 
in Slufi, Strem tber BiU) ; Ut Ui- 
tirtue, FlOeat, a. flilffig , flwfienB ; 
atliiufig, fntig ; — 17, ad. 1. b«t StTotii -, 

JTiiid, ■- pilTifl. ». ber fiiiTtgc Jt irptt. 
Wiiidltf, a. bit JlfifTiattii. 
Ram'motT, t. (in antSlbrci. Jig. lai n 

fiung, jnvt. 4 part, (-len to fling) tBBlf, 


Rur'iy, ». bet aBinbilc6; tw ustmittlt 
■nb cinsfHiAc Qilc, 

Fluali, ». bail ptfeti^e SinjupitSen, ttr 
Jtnlauf, 3ufIuS ; (6ttm ^ortEnfpid, aUc 
<uf tinanbtt felgcnbc ffllSttet in tintr 
Korbrt; bet gluS, a. fcif*, ttafre«il; 
fitcrfEdjJig mitcina^ octTthcn. n.a.m 
Stolije ub<eji(^nT, ctrethcn nmd)cn ; er 
fetien, ftolj modicn ; aufireiben. >. n 
mit 9lfil)c fiberjfpcn m^itbcn, (iiottcn 
QLSnjcn ; mil ^cfiigt^it piemen ^ cilii 

Floah'er, ». bct fflcunlcblct. 

Fliw'ter, B. B. bur* i&mM (rfii|en 
bcraufc^tn, DcmitTcn. »■ «■ proljlen. 

Flute, (. bit ^iHt ; Siinnc, bti auggc 
((6IM ©trtif Un lin« ©Suit). ■■"■ wA= 

Hut'ler, B. n. ftflttcm, untufiig bin unb 
^tc flicgcn. v. s. in Unni^c eCtc iScts 
uimiiK (i^cn. [(^cuAcn; Mncimn, 
bcunnt^tgcR. «> ti< fc^nelle unb unicgcU 
tnifiiae Sewtgung; tic iEeilegm^etl, 
UnniDC; iBcRotiruNp, unritnung. 

Flovlaf lo, a. ju ben ^lEi^n gi^E^tclo. 

Pliu, ». bei Stufl, Stcom ; asfftug, lib; 
flug, 3uf[af> SufammcnftaS ; 2tusi»tcf, 
8quf,_ bic SSctSnbttung ; Mubt. (bloodj 
— , bie tetfie ffiutir). o. unflat, puditifi, 
versSnglitf), terSnbettid). v. a. fdimcl: 
|cn ; ben eptitfttlflug MtuvfatlKn. an. 
foddwln. — il'iiy, ». tie gicigang jai 

•Fly, ». B. ^ a. flitgen ; flicfien ; jerflie: 
sen, jcrbrecben I meiben, anfdUiin. to fly 
at. on, Ijcftig ouf eliucs lesfnijttn, ftcr; 

faUen. — inthe ftce, bclsiSiain, Sics 


bidin. — into d puutm, (iiifi »t((G<l 
criurnen, auffebrwi. — ofli bflO»B ftiee 
fjcn, ni[l)t ®ttA ^ulten, abttlinntg tsos 
ben. —out, auebretbcn-, lo^bncbcn; 
plceii* nbii«i*en. to. ki — , icsfAiti 
S(ti, to — with B birU, nilt ein«m ffiK 

%, ft Bie Sti<3f ; b" Sitgenbe ebet ficft 
fd)neU ttntgtnbc Sfieil tiiut axaf4in;, 
bcv 3"'?'' ' ^"^ €*nungnib, bte Un: 
rufte ; ciiw ^e(ltuif4c —bout, sin (ciiftj 
jeS Snljrjeug. — caicher, Btr ^litgem 
fSngtv. w — Wow, mit gli«getieic»n b(! 
Iigen, befAmeipen. to — fi»h, mtt Jtio 
ncn angeln. 

%'er, *. ber Jliegenbc, ^k^nbt ; tic 
linruts It. riner gBofdjipt. 

F6al, I. DoS SfiU'n. e. n. ctn SdUni ntt: 
fen, fanca. foljlen. 

Foam, 3- b«c £ct)autn, n. a ((Jiarnta. 
Foam J, B- Mtaumio. 

Fob, (. Bie fleine ZaW, U^doli^e. ».a. 
hinljrgelien, onfilbwn. to fijb oC tia: 

Jdjun, jum Scficn feobtn. 

Focal, a. jum Scennnunttc geftotm 

Foci!. ». bie ei»»Batr*6«l tos e^m 

Focus, a. b« ©itnnpuntt. 
Fod'der, ». ba* iBieftfultet^ o.«. ffiffita 
— er, ». Bet SfiHewr. 
Fee, >. ta ^tinB. 

Fog, s. bcT bide 91ebd ; bae Qninimtt 
— gincBs, ». b« netcltge 3u|hnb bre Snfi. 
— gy,a. ufbelig; — ly,iiA 
^oh ! I. (in Knftuf bev iQcm^liins inib 
bcs anilfidltnf. 

Foibk, t. bit edwiAc fifmxiAe Qtlte, 
Foil, D. n. fittTminben ; txrciteln. i. lie 
Utb»nHnbang,fnieBet<i]Q(, iGeTcitebing; 
bteS<!'iC'^®I'>nj^'°t<; baS Sicppin, 

Fun, J), bet @lt(i, Sci^. V. R. €tef{ no: 
dicn, |l(6''i>- 
FoJB'on, s. Bit Si^t, 
Foial. c. a. filftli* <inr4te6tn. 
Foist'ineBs,i.b«f*tninitfig( ®ttu4 
Foirty, a. f4tiiinitfi9„maffig. 
Fold, «. B» Unif*(aa, Bie ^ttc ; Bit 
fturtt, 9)fct*« ; bcr 6*afftall ; Wt iro 
Be Sd»f( f bit ©rcnje. a. {in Snrnim 
nifRfebun^ta} foih. f£(Hg, (i. iB. three 
— . ten — , bttifodfc jcbnfte^). r. : 
S(bafc in bit ^fiirbcn tniben, na^AUf 
GcQ viufopmcnlegen.iikTetnanbtrltgen, 
folKn, faljto. V. n. iibectinanBtt litgtn, 
fid) fcblie^HijfiA jufammenfdjfagtn. — er, 
». kr goljet 
Folding, ;»nt. fnltntb^fub juftanmenr^Ia: 
genb, mas jafommcngtlegi ob« ftberrtm 
unbcr gcltgt nerbcn fann. — cbur, 
bct Jclbfiutt. — doOT, Bie jlfigctltifir. 
— skrceii, fipt fponiftSe SffianB. 
FoIMccous, a. bl&ttetis., Foliige,, ^ toA 

fiflubwtif. FfllioiB, t. a. ju Slitttm 

Sblaoeiu FoUitioo, s. tit fflldtKning, 
M @(^sen lu iBliltetn ; Bet ttmfang 

bee SIumcnbUtKc FaluituTe,*. bttbldt' 

terigc 3uflanb. 
Ftilio. ». tie SBogenferai, iai 5c[ie ; but 


Fat, Folhs ». bus ajoff, 6U eeutc. 
Fol'licle, (. tic Sraft, fiSUf, bufl ISit)&\ 

it ; bU SaomcntapiEi. 
Fol'tow, D. 0. 4r n- felgtn. befetgen, f(r= 

fclgcn ■, fotifocwn. — er, i. ta Kodifd: 


Fom^t, «, a. bifitn, wStnKn, . . 
men ', <inRij(R, aufmunltni, unt>:i;t)<iU 
Kn. — AtioD, »- bit JSi&uns. 
neiiitt iu ttmai 
nag untcr^L 

Fon, ». bet abet. 

Fond, a. ifiiriifet, einfoIti3, unoetftonbia ; 
uabebtutenb,mbird); auf eine tftetiAle 
Krt joiHid), fibcrtriebcn nac^fidiTtti ; ju 
ffftr flit ctrooS cingtnomtnen ; fstlitbi ; 
jugcifian, iScrgnug<:n an ttivaf fintenb. 
— , Fon'dle, v. a. i; n. mil gvoSci: 3irtf 
lij^ftit te^ontvin, licbtefin, felir jugei 
ntlBt f(WU — ter, <. Ux 3inUt. — iinf . 
*■ bet ettbltng \ ba6 SAct^nb. — neu, 
*• bit j&midic SuneiQuna. 3a(tltd)lnt ; 

aai einet Sc^rtfC. 

Font'Hiiel, 1. baS SBnlancH, Jtunffcic 

Food, I. i\i Speife, gia^tiiiici, b<i6 Su^ 
ui; — fiil,s.fcu£6tt(ir,nfil]ttnb. 

Fool, 1. bet Slice, Slate, €d)a[EEnarr. 
t. n. t&nbdn, fiict;tn, fpnficn. "■ a. 
jum iBcflin baben, pm Oluntn nioAen, 
btti)cteR, beltftflen, Curd> 9)ettug bttaiv 
btn. lo jjay the — , fid) jum CDanxe 
modjen. to make b —, jum SDanm 
feftben, tiufiiin, ftintetgcljcn. — born, 
liitrifA Bon Stbutl an. —happy, filw* 
lid) <We IBetbicnft, — bn/dineBs,— hat- 
di«, bit aolUai)n6(it. —hardy, wn. 
(fifjn. — teip, bie gaQt ffir cincn Slan 
wn. — ary, •■ tie 9Iatcl)eit. — isb, «. 
Dctflanbitf; unbtfrnnen ; l^rid)t, n&t: 

fifA; ISppif*; — jy, ail- —ishnesa, i. 

tic giatt^tit, S^mctt. 
Fool, *. btc Suf ; ■SHi'm ; t)aE 3up»i(- 
». B. taiijtn, biSpftn; ju ^6 fleben. 
«. a. titttn t mil einem So^lingf r«: 
ft6niiftftf(6en. on -, p gufi; iiti 
Qtanat. to tetoa — , in ®(ing bnngtn. 
— ttui, bee JSaDen.. — boy, bet iait'i, 
SMoB*. -HWD, bet Bitnei, JBebienlei 
tec ^fp^ant ^pfelbdt. —bridge, 
ctnt iSmtt flit Jfunitiact. — £|[ht, ba» 


(Btf(*l ju Jnfe — taU, bn Sttfum. 
— hcker, bit Spti^cSeiltt , iticbnae 
SAmcidilet. —pice, btr Vbf<)( on A* 
net Steppe, Stufieplai-, bet (anflfone 
Stbtitt. ^jmd, bee ettofentinbei jn 
JuS- — p"ii. b« Suftftetg. —poM, 
6(t SuRbMc. —race, Bofi Sufttnnea. 
— ^rom, bet gufitaum. — wldier, btc 
guSfdbot. — «ialli. bet eiitl. — rt»ll, 
Set JeauentSSKigbiSAeL —Hep, bet Jufs 
ftapfi i gufttiii. — rtool, b(t gntrfc^cnitl. 

Booted, a. ml Sueen wifcfien ; (in 3a* 
fammenfefintisen, fn^g, tvtc laog&ued, 
lanqfipig). —mg, e. bafi Jufien J bte 
Juv; Stilt; eingang; Bit ©put. 

— pah, fl. gejiert, ifjciidii, ttte( ; — ly, 
ad. — piehneia, ». bic Sbethtil, Sienctt. 

For, pre. fSt; mt {tk utfadje bujei*- 
nenb) ; in anfchung ; (in*; uni oKBtii, 
um njiasn ; e* Brfidt i'mcn afianf* unb 
tin ajctlangen aui^. (0 for a hom: 
O, 6it« id) bed) tin ?)firti !) »£^tRib, 
anf; jufolge; ungtadiitt (for iII,iiRge> 
dAttt); bHtcffcnb, itoj aniangt, nos 
beitifft (M for, luae bttttfft) ; stm ^f 
btoutbe, jum g?u|tn, jn ; nod) ffitttiiltr 
ni{l ; Mtmitielll, butd) ; aU ; uni, baah 
(ctnt Ubiiit au^jubtiidtn). c benn; 
meil. for u much, in JSettaditiinB bafc 
»til, bo, in (o ftcn. for why, benn was 
rum ; btnn Ba, »ei[, bo. 

For'uge, «. ba£ juttet, ^fcibtfnttn;. e. a. 
gutiet ein^o(»; pLibbcn; fid) vxif 

FordminoDB, a. Icdttttp. 

•Forbsir, e, n. untitloffen, anffiimr; 
waticn, Sebulb babtn; fi4 eniqoltcn. 
V- a. nitibcn, Deenttibtn, untttlaffen, 
(lufrditt&en -, fdienen, g£itig btbanbetn ; 
jurfidbQllcn, enltiPlttn. —aaee, *. bi* 
@etu>B ; ®d)»nuns ; 9ta4fi(bt. 

•Forbid, >. d. ^ n. ptrbtefen, untetfogtn, 
jutOdbalten ; btnbtm, Mc^attn ; tttflv 
dwn. God—: @«tt btbint bat moKc 
@»tt nid)l ! lot fe? f<m ! 

Forbid'dance, >■ bee 3Strbtt —ieiOj, lUl. 
nuf fine unetlauUc art — *r, *. btt 
SBettieici:. —ding, jurt. a. obfdirKitaib, 

Frarce, I. bte AtafT, 3Kiid)t, Onoall, 
©title ; bet 3n)flng. bit SIM^mcnbtgt 
((it. v. '• ]wiRgcn,n0il)tgcn; nit @e: 
n)a[t einnc^en, ilfeenvUtigen ; gtnudti 
jam aft imas legeit, bnidta ; mit 9tt 
nxill benegcn, treiben ebet flttttii an: 
fftKigtn; tqmingen; gemalifam Ktlc' 
itn, fdjinben ; teiftotfen. ». »• fidi b(» 
tibiRtttn, adittn. Foroet, pC bw "Sxnn 
VIIU to — wt, gJi^WB^CTi. ->~ 'a^^jW.\> 


.Mngetu F^roedlf, Mf. attf etne etiimms 

raro^bl, 0. ftatf ; detooltfam ; — Ijt ««?. 

-4e8t, a. Hofttof. 
Fdroer, a. feer, wetcftet 3n>on9 oDet (S(e$ 

woU btau^^ ; tA^ >DnKln>ei:f/ tie 2)tucf; 
Jlatwe (^l einec ^umpc). 
iWcible, 8. ftotC^ ttaftvett/ fi;6fttd; mh^s 

tls; l^cftlg; witffam; afittia; genwtts 

fanw —0688, ». ttc ^rafr, @t&r!e; ©e^ 

toattfamf eit^ ^eftidfett* 

Fdrcipated, a, janflcnf OtttUQ. FOrceps, «. 

tie Sonje* 

Ford, «. t)t( ^rt ; bet ^inf, @trcnu «. a. 
nuttot/ bttiftmotetu —able, a. too man 
burc^nwteit ^niu 

Fore, «. trotter, wrJ^ettg* o^' t)cr, twnt/ 
Mt^et* — ftdvise, «. a. wt^et ratten. 
— 'ftfm, V. (u gum Mrau^ 6en>offnen. 
—bode, v,iLSfn, dnbeuteti/ t^ctbebeuteii/ 
anseigen; Mt^et fogcn; loor^er totfTcn/ 
a^netu — b6der, a. bcr SOBa^rfagcr; bcr, 
welcbet ctwod o^nct. ■— by, ;)rc. mi)tU\, 

m bet 9{&b^* 
*Fora.o&st, V. a. oot^er {iberfcgcn ; t)or^er 

eititui^ten ; wrau^fcbem —caat, «. tier 

wt^e-t iibettegte ^lon; bte 9Sorftd)t. 

— oaster, «. bet, koelcbct ettvas Dot^t 

ilibetfcdt --castle, «. bag liBotbetMftca, 

SoA — chdien,^pare. a. Mrf)et Ctwi^tt 

— cited, iwit-wtbctanQefiif^tt — cldee, 

V. a. mfi^etten, ^inbetn* 
Fdie-deck, $. ba5 ^otbetbecf. — design, 

V. a, t)ct(et entkoetfen, t)Ct^ct beftim? 

men. *— do, ». a. gu (SJtunbe tid)ten ; ob? 

mattett/ etmfiben* — do6m, v. a. ootbct? 

bcjlimmem — father,#.bctg5ctfoftt,7(bn. 

—fend, «. a. Mtfjftten ; t)ettf)eibigett/ be? 

f(4%iu — fin'ger, «. bet Seifiefinget. 

—foot, «r bet IBotbetfuf ♦ 
*Fore-g6, «. 0. ottfgebeit/ fal^tcn taffen, 

SSetgi<bt t^n ; vetCaffen ; octUetcn. 

— -goinff, wt^etge^enb^ — g<ine, t)er? 

betgegangen, wtgongen^ —goer, ». bet 

^otfobt. —ground, «. betfBotbetgtunb. 

—hand, «. bet 9Sctbettl^eU/bet Mtnjfbms 

fte ay^elL —hand, —handed, a. »ot bet 

3eit flefd>e6«J* —head, «. bte ©titn ; 
2)tel(hg!eitun»etf(fe&mt5elt — hiJlding, 
«» bad ^eiffageiu 

Fof'eign, a. ottSl&nbifcb/ ftcmb ; »ctf(btC5 
ben, nt(6t in etRKid ge^ jttg* — er, «. bet 
2Cu6l&nbet» — ness, «. bic Stembfiett. 

Fctfe-imAgine, v, a, fidb Wtbet einbilben. 
— jtidee, ». a. tjotfiet uttbeilen ; ootettig 
beuttbetlem *— know, v. a. t>0tbet toip 
(em — know'able, a. n)o6 fi(b' cot()et 
IVtffen l&ft — 4m6wledge, «. bag ^ot? 
betmiffen* —land, ». ba$ 93ottanb, ascrs 
gebitge* *— lay, «. a. auflauetn; ben 
SBeg oettennen* —lock, #. Mc twtbete 
^baatMe. —man, «. bet»Botmann,$Sot^ 

ffifm — fluwt, «. bet goctmatl* — meiu 


tioned, a. tetetm&^t -nnost, i; hit 
iSotbetfte/ (Stfte ; ^ome^fle. md. ^f 
S)6tbetfr. —noon, •. bet ^tmtttog, 
— n6tioe, »* bie wtbetgcl^ettbe 2(naeige* 

Foren'sic, a. getid)tfid). 

Fore-orddin, v, a. ]^tbet t>etetbnen» —part, 
«. bet etfte Sl^eit, Mtbete ^f)dU -nrank, 
8. bte t)ctbete 0{etbe, bag Mtbete eber 
ctfle ®(ieb. *— nm, c. «. t>etonfanfen, 
»ctf)et geben. — nm'ner, «. bet ^0t(6u; 
fet/ aSotbote*, bag 2(nact(b«t/ biegjct? 

*Fore.s4y, ». a. Mtl^et fogen* *— «6e,r. 

a. Dotl^etfeben* — irfiAme, ». a. befcNmten. 
—ship, 8, Hi asctbettbett beg ®(btffeg. 

— shdrten, ». a. f fttgcn/ Wt!ftt|en.*— «h6w, 

«.«. wt^etgctgen, tjotbet anaeigem-Hright, 
». bag asorbetfe^en/ ffiotbetwiffen ; bte 
asotflcbt, asotfotge. — sightfiU, m, wtbct? 
fel^enb ; ©otgettagcnb.wtfiibtig. — «kin, 
#. bte asctfcaut. — slick, — sfciw, v, a, 
oetnad)(&f[tgen/ tKsrsogetn; )9et^tnbenu 
— speak, v,n,Sfa» Mtl^etfagen ; tjetbie? 
ten. — sp6nt, part, a. etmiibet/ ers 
f<b6pft ; t)etgangen ; t9etbtou<bt ; wt^et 
etwicfen. — spur'rer, «. bet asenettet, 

F6rest, 8. bet S^^/ SBatb* — er, 9. bet 
Sotftet; -SBat^emel^net. 

Fore-stdll, v. a. Mt^et megtteftmen ; wtsr 
faufen, auffaufen ; t)otgteifen ; Mr on? 
betn ftcb aueignen, wtktt etnnebmen ; 
3U»ct!ommcn, ^inbetn. — staller, «-. 
bet gsotf&ufet. — 4aBte, 9. bet SBets 
fcbmacf. v. a, ))ot einem anbetn ftj^mecfen 
obet foflen ; einen SSetfcbmacC ^ben» 
*— t6ll, V, a.t)otftetfaQen ; wtbebentm, 
♦—think, V, n. Mtbet benfen, wtbec 
(ibettegen; Mtbet befhmmen. — thoogfat, 
«. bet asctbeba(bt. — I6ken, ». a, oor^ 
anaetgen, t^otbebeutem «• bte fSotbebeus 
tung, bag TCngel^en^ —tooth, #. ber9Set« 
betjal^n. —top, «. bet Mtbete S^eU beg 

F6re.Youched, j»re. a, t>ot^et beft&ftigt, 
— wArd, #. Ur 9$otbettt)ei(, l8©ttto6. 
— wim, V, a, wt^t ettnnetn ; imtmen ; 
tjot^ct aiueigen ; belebten. — wAste, v, 
a. t>etn>dften. -wish, v, a. Mtber mdn* 
fcben. — w6m, pari, a, abgenubt 

For'ieit,*. bieasetwithing^^ttafe ; S^nfe, 
(S)e(bbn$e; bet t^tmtrfte ®egenflanb; 
bet iiebetttcter. «. a. oetmitfen, butcb 
Ueberttemng t>et(ieten ; etnbi$en ; auf^ 
opfetn. <F. Dctmitft. FdrfeitB, t. pi. bag 
^fdnbetfpiet. to play at — , ^&nbet 
fptetcn. —able, a, bet aSetiOTtfung un? 
tctmotfem — iu«, «. bie asenoitfnng; 
bte oetmttfte @a(be, ^ttafe, ^(bbufe. 

Forge, 8. bie @dmti^be. «. a. fi^mieben, 
nod^mad^en/ f&lfcbem Forger, «. bet, meU 
(betetmagna^madbt/fdjmiebet; betS&(* 
W^t Mcbe SBetfetttget* Forgery, «. bit 


natbsniiMfett 9tgm|unl). 

•For'mt, B. a. BWftefi'tll, — M, a. Kts 

gtHiA ; fBttuffm Mmifiiditnti ; un: 
odjtfam. — ftiu>«M,». bwi8e<a*H:*t(iI. 
— ter, 4. btt wrgrfilidK SOIenf*. 
•Forgive, ». a. ptrgtbtn, strjtilini ; nod)' 
laffeti ; cntj'diulbigcn. — oen, *, Die iBcR 
jcihung, aitrgcbuna; {Hcigutig pm (Scr^ 

Focgiv'er, ». ter, nelcbti wrgUbt cb«r 

Fork, g. lie spM? bUaintd 
6el; bU ©ptfe. o. n. fid) goWfetmig 
tfitilMit in SBf6tt« fi)i(6tn, fdiiff'n. 
— ed, «. gaiettci, gabrifBrmig ; in ©pi; 
Jen getftcilt, gtfpatKn ; — 4y, od. —ednesa, 
•. bicflnbtlf otmiiie fflffdi'fl"' l)ciL— iirad, 
t tie epi|e eiiwe 9>ftilc6. Fiitkj, o. 
nab ([ill, gc&iaiKn. 

Foxltinv a. pcrtsrm ; Bctlojfcn; Rctn, 
Mtfafttlid). «. tin wrinffract, wxglM: 
liAtt SBnifife. the — hope, (fo wsrten 
t>ie @«(baien, bie juerft (intn ))ecf)Fl 
gcfifiiifitbnt 3tegiiff n>iigcn,unb f^ bci: 
ti(tt)< (ttton gewilTta Scbt eutfeitn, ge: 
Ilannf, ftonjOfifA: ies en&nB petdns, 
vitDeidit bic MTlonne @d)tn>mad)C). 
— nesB, «. bee ocrlaflnK &illfl»f( 3nftflnB. 

•Fori/e, ». B. qu(t Dot tlioa* litam. 

Form, ». btc ^*nn,®c|tall; ejcn^tif, 
3I{fielm4fHafeit -, Bieiaeew germ; 4ui 
few ©{tOTbnbfit, Nt fiu6(K Sebtfluift; 
■ lie Krt unb SBeiff ; tie SBont ; tie 
9d)uinafle ; bei €is (ines ^ofen. n. a. 
MTfrrti-gcn, bilben ; ccbncn, ftclIcR ; tin: 
ridittn-, WTOErfcn. aet fiirm, tie Mr: 
Mfil)ri(6<ite germ. — al, o- fermlt*; 
mttA«v. iiifeclub; rcgelma(iici ; ci^ 
StnlTtAi — 'fi "**■ — idi«'. a- berienige, 
wtlAetfi^ on bit S'*^'" ■''^'^ ^"^ ^'Us 
few dSlL — al'ity, «. bit ^oxm, Sinn: 
ll*fcit ; bat atnSert ; bit jet!rli*teit; 
bas tigenttidn Sffitfcn. — ai™, e. d. ^ n. 
gcftatKn, btrttn ; fid) ^itren, —ition, 
». bte SSiltunp. — «tiYe, b. tilBsnt. 
—ST, t. bnientgc, n»I4tr biCbet, b(r 
IBittnet, urtiebeiv 

For'nieT, a- ocrbergt^fnt ; jutrfl tnoi&nt, 
wr^er cnoil)Rt, nrrig; Bcrgangen, 
ttwtt^ ; — ly, a^ <t)emats, eliebcm. 

For'nuc, o, ju KDMifm gefiorio. — ilion, 
bas (KcffiH, nie ncnn Knwtfen fiber tie 
^Qt Uuftn. 

For'iiudable.s.liirdbtbcic; ~b\j, ad. 

Ftimlen, a. geftaltlof, unf emili^' 

Form'ukry, «. tai Annular, gunnels 

Fomi'iiie, i; bte Jetmtt, iBerf*rift. 

Fgr'nicoU, v. n. fyXMtl. — citicKi, 
^t«f i. — oator, ». bet filter. — catrew, 
«. bit fiute. 

■Foradic, o. a. MitatTtn J (ntTasn, ouf: 

pfUn. Fcn&ker, >. bn CetToffi, M* 


ForxxHti, od. ffinoabT, nabtltA*, ht bet 
Shot ; (l)emal« bicnte tl ali filinniant 
ber Unrebe, ftatt Midim, ebtt ou^ ^olt 

TiHBireiir, D. 0. Jf n. mil tin«n Sibt tain' 
aia, abfdiiDCrcn ; cerfdinteTcn ; fa(i{iQ 
fii)i»fwn. — er, ». ber aB(ilwi^i^^^ 

jort, ». bi( S«thiag, Sejb. — «d, o. bitn^ 
St(hingcn ocrtljttbifB. 

?cirtB,o. (inter anup()|tarf,tMit 

Forth, ad. if pre. BanvirU, ter ; fret, 
inciter, femer (and sa fcrti, unb ft nds 
ter) ; mi, bnaui, liinaoe, bnui^, i)«t 
Mt, aagerljalb ■, ans Bitbt, an ben Sag 
(to Kt — , atti !id)t fleQcn, on ben 2«3 
legm) ; fianj, pcllig, bis atie Snbc. hnr 
&j — . n)ie well, in niefem. nmiiiif. 
Bteftanbcn, nidji wrleren. -^rigtu.ati 
robe wooactt — wUh,ft9le«^,»ftaeanB 

For'tieth, a. bsr ffiierjiaftt 

Por'tiEiiblo, 0. ill bffcfliaen. FortifleMM,