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Full text of "A new medical dictionary; including all the words and phrases used in medicine"

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' PAr.B 

Abhrevialioru uied in General Meilicine, . vii 
Abbreviations used in Etcctro-thcraiieu- 

tics, ii 

Abbreviations used In OphthalmuloKy, . . ix 

Abbreviations, sundry ix 

Prelixes and Suffixes uied in Medical 

Terms, x 

Arteries 53 

Bacilli. 65 

Ganglia, 169 

Lcucomaiiies 137 

Micrococci 263 

Muscles 280 

Nerves, 299 

Plexuses 3^ 

PiomaiiieB, 367 

Speclacle-Jenses, numbering; nf, 408 

Thermometers, comparison o( 437 

Tumors, 447 

Wave-lenicths of Light, 464 

WeifchiR and Measures 465 

Weijchls and Measures — comparative 

scales 467 

Mineral SprinKS or the U.S., 473 

Vital SlatiMici, 5°^ 



Medical Dictionary 


BASED ji}fi,j{h^i-''V .ic^?vt:j/, a,/rjsJijn'X£. 













lots Walkct Strest. 


• ■ ■ ■ ■ • 

* »•■■■■ 

• ••■•■ «• 

Copyrighted, 1890, bf P. Blakiston, Sot* & Co, 

WM. W. FEU. tt 00., 
CLEOTDOTYnia um rn xT it , 


Throughout the. preparation of this Dictionary my work has been shaped 
to^ieet the followin^isttnct purposes : — 

. To include those *New Words and Phrases created during the past 
tali years — a period rich in coinages — which appeared destined to continuous 
~1isage. Th^v~are certainly thousands of these; and in their compilation I 
have esp^ially eVideavored to cover the latest results in the study of Bacteri- 
ology, Ptomaines and L^ucomatnes, Electro-therapeutics, Physiology, Path- 
ology, and in the various special branches of medicine, such as Ophthalmology, 
Otology, Laryngology, Gynaecology, Antiseptic Surgery, etc. 

2. To frame all Definitions by the direct aid of New, Standard and 
Authoritative Text-Books, instead of making a patchwork of mechanical 
copyings from older vocabularies. 

. 3. To chit Obsolete Words not pertinent to medicine, except in a remote 
or factitious sense, while neglecting nothing of positive value. 

4. To make a volume that will answer the needs of the medical student 
and busy practitioner by its compactness and logicalness of arrange- 

its CONVENIENCE OF SIZE AND PRICE. It would not have been half the labor 
to make a volume double or treble the site of this one. 

I have to express my appreciation of the services rendered the work 
by Professor Jacques W. Redway, in the compilation of the departments of 
Chemistry, Materia Medica and Physical Science ; by Professor A. P. Brubaker, 
with continuous advice and help ; by Dr. Judson Daland, in unreservedly giving 
the results of long study and labor concerning the mineral springs of the 
United States ; by Professor J. W. Holland, Dr. J. M. Keating, Professor Henry 
LefTmann and others. 


jiq South Setienteentk St., PhUadtlphia, 
February, iSgo. 



tl ana Of each. 

Abdom Abdomen The belly. 

Abs. feb Absente febre Whea fever is absent. 

Abatr Absirftcluin Abstract. 

Ad Addc Add. 

Ad lib Ad libitum To the desired ancunt. 

Admov Admoveatur Let it be applied. 

Ad pond. om. . . .'. . , Ad pondus omaium To the weisbt of the whole. 

Alt. dieb Altcrius diebus Every other day. 

Alt. hor Alterius horia Every other hour. 

Alv. adatrict Alvo adsiricta The bowels being confined. 

Alv. deject Alvi dejectiones The evacuations. 

Aq Aqua Water. 

Aq. bull Aqua bulliens Boiling water. 

Aq. dest Aqua destiJlata . . Distilled water. 

Aq. ferv Aqua fervcns Hot water. 

Aq. font Aqua fontis Spting water. 

Aq. mar Aqua marina Ocean water. 

B, A.,orB. S Balneum arenae Sand bath. 

Bala Balaamum Balsam. 

Bib Bibe Drinlc, 

Bia iod Bis in dies Twice daily. 

Bol Bolus A large pill. 

Bull Bullial Let it boiL 

B. V Balneum vaporis Vapor bath. 

C Congius, Centigrade A gallon ; centigrade. 

c.c Cubic centimeter. 

Cap Capiat Let him lake. 

Cm Cras mane To-morrow morning, 

cm Centimeter. 

C. m.a Cras mane snmendus To be taken to-morrow morning. 

C. n Cras nocte To-morrow night. 

Cochl Cochleare Spoonful. 

Cochl. ampi " amplum A tablespoon ful. 

" infant " inbntis A teaspoonful. 

" mag " magnum A Iable9i>ooiifu1 

" med " medium A dessertspoonful. 

" parw " parvum A teaspoonful. 

Col Cola Strain. 

Colat Colatus Strained. 

Comp Composilus Compound. 

Cong Con^ius. A gallon. 

Conun Continuatur Let it be continued. 

Cant, rem Continuetur remedium . . . . Let the medicine be continued. 

Coq. Coque Boil. 

Cart . . Cortex Bark. 

Crast Crastinus For to-morrow. 

CuJ Cujus or which. 

Cyath Cyathus A glassful. 

D DoEJs A dose. 

Decub Decubitus Lying down. 

De d. la d De die in diem Prom day to day. 

Dcitlll Deslilla Distill. 

Det Detur Let it be given. 

Dieb. alt Diebus alterius On alternate days. 

'* tert " tertius Every third day. 

Dil Dilne I.«t it be dissolved. 

Dilut Dilutus Dilute. 

Dim Dimidius One-half. 

Dial Distilla Distill. 

Div Divide Divide. 

D. in p. «q Divide in partes aiquales . , ■ Divide into equal parts. 

Oanecalv. aol.fuerit. . . Donee alvus soluta fuerit . . . Until the bowels be open. 
D. P. Oirectione propria With a proper directioa. 



Bjnail Ejmdra Of the wunc 

XtMta EtittM Ed«bm. 

Eat ExtiaciuBi Kxtract. 

Biihlb. EsbibMiur LMhbc |l««ft. 

F. . Fahrcnhcil Fntucobcit. 

F«1>. dur Febredunuilc TbckvciuoDtlnulnK. 

F. ; Ft. Fit, Fiat lUke. 

Flit. Fflua Filler. 

Vid. Fluldua Fluid. 

n«r. Ftona ' FlowcfS. 

F. m. PIm miMnra Make ■ mixtoTc. 

ra FfiliK Lmvco. 

J. p. FlMpocio Makvapolioii. 
. pU. Fl«t pUalM Utkt pill*. 

F. ■.■. Flu iivcvBdun uMra Frcpaie iklUlully. 

Or Gmiuini Grain. 

On Guti* Drm*. 

OuttAt Gmuiim By drop*. 

Hor. dccaliL Hora dKoblnis . , At bed tlin« 

U. ...... Hora Mimnl ......... At bed time. 

!■) IcjlMtlo An hijeclion. 

U^ . . > Lmuot Llqitar. 

M Wkc* Mr«. 

Mac M*ccra Macerate. 

■Uu. pti Mun piliitenun FUI Baas. 

Mod. pKKript Modo pnncti(ilo In ibe ni«nii<t directed. 

Mot. ael Mor* Mllio in ihc otual tivy. 

Hoc Mudlago Mucilacc. 

Ho Nmacto Kiimbcv. 

Moeti Nocto By nigfat. 

O. Ocumw 

Ol. Olimm . . . 

Ol. na Oteoicstna . 

Ol. oliv OlniiRAlikK 

Cm. .......... Onni mane , 

Oma. bib. ........ Onini btboea 

Otna.hor . .Oitinlbon 

Omo. noct. 


Part ma. . . 

P. B 

F. O. . . . . 

A pint. 



. Olive oil. 

. Everr nornliv. 

. Rvery l«vo houn. 

. Every hour. 

Oiiiiil node Evci]' night. 

L'ncti ............. OUiioc 

Poncfc irqunlvs ........ Edual part*. 

fhuoiMopcia Briiaauica . . . Brliiih niarmacopelt. 

" Certiuriica . . Grrmnn Ph.irinaccinla. 
PriBl* ■ . . Pill. 

Food. Pond«r* By welxlit. 

FM. PotasM Potaata. 

Fpt Prsjurun Prepared. 

P. nt. MMt Pro rata eiails In pmixiitioci to age. 

p. r. n. ........ . Pro re naU 'Wlvrn required. 

Pulv. Pnlvit . Puwdrr- 

tl (^nlun Ubet According u rr<|u[Ted. 
p.... ..I..... " placcal At will. 
&.........., " siilftctl A ■RrTicivnl (luaiiiiiy. 
..•>........ Recipe .......>.... Take. 
d. . . . , RadAt Root. 

B . . Blaumiir ........... Reaumur. 

Koet RKtUcauw Rtctifted. 

Rtp. Repatalor Let it be repeated. 

to. Or. , . .SptdKcgravlly. 

8. SWm Label. 

«■ SlmeiUT Utttbe labeled. 

Bic> B> pr. •■.•*.-- Signa nonilna ))iaptlo .... Labd with cominoM name. 

SlBg. Slagaloram Oftacb. 

Si noa vaL Slnoavalcai If it donot amwer. 

81 op alt 51 opM all II t«qui>tt«. 

6o1v: Salv« Diwolvo. 

8p., or Spir. Splrhua . . Spirit. 

8b. Srmt, umlula One-half. 

vt. St«i Let It aund. 

Bank . 1 ........ . Sanui Lei lilm take. 

9n Smptn Syrap. 

T.S- Ter In dl» Three time* a day, 

Tr. Ttoct. Tinctnra . Tiociure. 

Uag ". Ungaenttiai Olalmeal. 

VlMa, Veairatoiam A bitotcf. 

tl| ' MUilnMiin . Miatm. 

I • . • Drachma Dracbai. 

B ScropDtum - Scrapie 

I Uada OuRM^ 



^^^" H 





An. AdoiI*. 

Kl. . . . 

. R)a«B (Soundi. ^^^^H 

A. C. C. . Atiothl CiMurc ConlractiMi. 

K. C. . . 

A O 

. . Anodal Dinrniiaa. 

K. C. C. 

. KutlHxIal ClortiiKCootracliavi. ^^^H 

A. O. 

. . Anodal Openlmt. 

K. C. T. 

■ KailKHlal (.'uolrai-tioB. T out: ^^H 

A. O. C. AiKMla] OpenlMX Cootntciioa. 

K. O. . . 

. Kattiotlal L>iiia>lon lor F««iod of ^^^M 

C. . 

. .CiIIrkIc. 

Ckaaile ofCilcuitl. _^^^^H 


. CatbodAl Closnrc. 

K. D. T. 

Katbodal Uuraiioa Tcubis. ^^^^H 

C. C.C 

. . Caihoilitl CtvMiir Conlrarllwi. 

Ma. . . 

MllUainpire. ^^^^^M 

C C. C. . Vu-louf U«RTG«a o( CaniracllQn. 

O. . . . 

. Upenlnc of CtfCvH. ^^^^H 

C. O. C. . Cathodal OpcnioE Contrx-ttoil. 


. TciaiiK CoalracUoii. ^^^^^| 


. . Cvmni SIKncUi. 

R. . . . 

. RcMiUBoe. ^^^^H 

D. - 

. . Duration. 

S. . . . 

-Zuckung (Coiilractlon). ^^^^H 
. Anode or PoaMlvB l^ile. ^^^^H 

D. . 

. . D«nalty. 

+ . . . . 

De. K 

, . RMUiion of DenMcralloa. 
. . Electromotive Force. 

. Kathoile at NegalWc Pole ^^^^^| 

S. . 


, Grcaricr tbaii. u. A' > A, ^^^^M 

K. . 

. .KMttode. 

<- . . . 

. Lcsa tliui. ^^^^^H 



. . Accommodalion. 

tarn. . . 

Mlillaivlrt. ^^^H 

Ah . 

. . Hyiwrupk AsligtnaiiWa. 

O.D.. . 

. Rjsht En, ^^^H 
. u1t Eya. ^^^1 


. . M^Qpic AsUKmatitm, 

O.S. . . 

An. . 

. . Aitlgmnlisni- 

r.p. . . 

. PuaMam pTDsInium. Near FouiU ^^^^H 

cm. . 

. . C«nt meter. 

. PuBCtun rcmotuiD, Far Point. ^^^^H 

B. . 

. , Crliixlci, Cyiindrintl Lem. 

- ■ Dioptn 

. . EiKftKtn>pia, Enneiropk. 

. RiglH Eye. ^^^H 
. SHurlcal, Spbcrtoa Lvia. ^^^H 
. VMoR, ViiBal AcnUy. ^^^H 

F. . 
H. . 

u e. 

. . Fomala. 

, . llyptro|iU, Hyperopk. 

. - L*ft Eyf. 

+.— . — 

. PtM. Ulawh Eqaat t« ^^^H 
.InAaltv, mK. dbtance. ^^^^M 
, CenuKd wltb. ^^^H 

H. . 

. . Mjiopia. Minopk. 

O . - . . 

Degree ^^^^H 



. . . Aijj«<-tiv«, 
. AJVerb. 

L«l. . . 


liUB. . 

. MMCulifle. ^^^H 



Hath. . 

. Malhmulicl. ^^^^^H 


. Arab«c. 

Med. . 

. MKUcine. Mcdkal. ^^^H 

A. a 


Hat. HIat. Natuist lliatory. ^^^^H 


. bouny, Bountol. 

Mac. . . 

NccUlve. ^^^^H 


, . Crltii-. 

ObT . . 

. Olxol rtc. ^^^^H 


. i:iiciiiliiry. Chemical. 

. ColtOi|uia1. 

o»ka. . 

. OiihihalmoloKV.QplHlialoioloKia). ^^^^H 


Mtk.. . 

raiboloffy, Palholoigii-nl- ^^^^H 
■ PMIoaophy.PbUoaopbu-al. ^^^^M 
. rfayaiolosy, PhyBiuluxiiiil. ^^^^^1 


. . Conpoiindcil, CotnpoBBd, 

ruL .. 


, . Usitniilivc. 

Ftoa. ■ 


. ■ Kor caamplc 

pi. . . . 

.PIUTal. ^^^^H 

. . El«(ticity. 
. . . Eaitifh. 


. rriraiivr. ^^^^^H 

. PronoBK'ed, PronaBciatMti, ^^^^^H 

Fr. . 

. . Ctynai>tD^. Elynialoslnl. 
. . . Itench. 

WiL :: 

. (Qaod videj whkli «n. ^^^^H 
.Sison. ^^^^H 



. . . Pemininf'. 

mag.. . 

.Stivnlar. ^^^H 

. . ('•cocrapliy. C^ocriphicaL 
, . fVonwIry. Gcomelrical. 

U1M&' '. 

. Spanlab. ^^^H 

. Sarger]-, Sarsical. ^^^^H 

I'fioAcial ^^^H 


, . . Gttntao. 

V. . . . • 


Or. . 

. . .Grnk. 

v.L . . 

. IntratiMlirc vttb, ^^^^^H 


. . . Mcb«w. 

T-t. . . 

. Tnuisittvp vrtb. ^^^^^H 


. . IcMhyology. 

S0«. . . 

. Zoolocr. Zookiickal. ^^^^H 

II. ■ 

. . > Italian. 



• atlvc;' i>cK>iJV(,iu Imffrfvr^ti. tn<a>xtrat\9n. Insane, tntattlixentt. 
in. '■Ii'-lti, ut"™, '9' 't ** iM.'nkaliim, l^fatituin, h/lammotutn, lmociiialto», elt. 


A<,M»-.aBe4a4MiiA'^*w'^(Cr. ■.»,»•»). Tbeequivaknl ib-.-deMIt*, 
•> jt— >it» or wsai «f Urn Iking or ijoaliir »»pr >ia id by ibe pnDCipal. r.jT-. o^bohm, 

a' -i«, and, rardy. uxtwkirvM.or Ar. (Tobc d>ul«ituub«l froma>a. bdov.i 

Attphi iw4il apoA hoihawbs, i> two vats, u iadiM/AMirMriiuj, asi/AiJm. ^<. 

Anil- \it •£!',. •i!>i. ^i*(iu/,«pf'«*aIla.OiipiMitcof.>ia«r4/trcirfwMC,«Mf|f:^'<K',wi/M<^i'<','fe. 

ApO' <*■••, 04, au«y, ■(hmb. t.g.,iifviirmr9tu,af<>fU*r, ttc. 

Ui<- ifii'. Tlir iuk)>' EiAiBiJci: Oiibelti. Dtagi^ui. lit^htax'". CHarrk^w, *le. 

Dya- <i> iitifal e. K-. tiyirmtfry, ftyifinm, fyyittria. 

/; 1 ■ ■ :. If'"', f •<"■''"• 

B«', Km- LI'. •jl|. li., ...ihi;i. -\ ' •KdemU . rln. 

EndO', Eota- (■■^ot.irfiHl. M':il. ii'riru. jimdouapr, l^mtiMaii . Smtoftic. 

Sntcro- Ifrfiaat). T tie i lit call irc ■ . ■ -itimiy.tU. 

KfH- (1*11. UlMiK, over. Abo^^. f £.. LfiiiaU, Iifui aKium, tfiiloxit, C^drwi%<, fie, 
EiktiB' l/d<.|. Ovlaidc. '-/'., /lif>>ti->uic/iii*. All friixniiiiH. 

OMtro- iv*rrMI> Th« (lotDAch ; tclalion to lb* MoOKb. *.£., GattrettU, Catfvememits, Cat- 
tt&rmltrait-mtr. rl< 

Hanu-. Hamaio-'oi Htntft- (wm*)- TbcBkMd; ptnainlBc lo Uk bloed. Svt ItwrnotomrtiM, 

Html' lw»-^«m|. Ilmir. AllB/fe>N'«rAnw«f«/fio, Hrmxertnta, Htm^^tTi«. 
Hvttra. (n.^at) DiAi-mit; OfipoaiW. r.^., IMrraiH/firliHit, U/tmlagou*. Ihlrto^Hn. 

Hydro-. Hydr- li^Mtf. Wtltr: fMcmbUnit or r«laiinic to kaict, dropsy, etc.. m iq Hydrirmia, 

//rJiajftyK/, tlydttttf, Hydtocffitalii, He. 
UyiMf- <-«•>. Kiii-T«i; euKZcnt«d abnomalKy la amouni, tiic, qtutliy. etc. S«« /0>^<*w<- 

tk/no. Htprrmrttafia, Htfr'f/rrtm, Myfrrirofkji , aod Olbtra. 

Hypo- (fir»). UtMliiuiloa uio'd«Kice,>a>Mini.itic,iitMl<ty,cic-. Of ihit located iindcror btncaih. 

'> r < fftfiti^rmm, Hy^tAtatl. Ifypechtmdrtac . Hyfmdtrmtc. Jiypaglonal. 
Hr***r«-. Hy«t«to (nf rtpa). Th« nienu or woow ; r«Utloa lo Un hwc- /.f ., Hyiterttlemy, 

]■■,• In- (/nl Wtiatl 

)n- (■•■I. In. " ■ r I ^ • ■ - 

Infim- I loftut Hf-imih, Bcltiwj j-.j ., Iitftem*riilary, lafraiiafittlar. 

Intn- (^"'"1 Kciwccw. So* hiftiflluiar. fnifttotiaf. /ntfttrigo, ood Other*. 

L«U<0. f^oinij, WliilirDCKi. '.jr., l-mckirmta. Letmiuivlr, Ltit^oiuatmri, Lrmtorrkita. 

Llth'. Ltlho- (Jk-**!). Cntainiiiit tu dune, cakulct, ot litliic acid. S<« Ltsh^mia, t.illuaiu, 

Ijlltaltljilt. rit. 

Moero- i^iuprn',. LAfjnnrM, Hviiriioilii. «s In Matrogleitta, Mafvmrha. 
MeUno- UiAu}. Itlvkurid. Ci>: < r r-. Met^nkatu, Mflama-»*rt«ma. 

Mtao- (»(#*(i, Tlx iiiMdt*. S ' ."•rriiHotim. rtt. 

MrlA-iiurai, Willi, iinid*!. '1.1: . ' "' ''/'.'.idir mi. 

Micro- ii>i*/«f). SmKllncH e.g., .\f^'»iv.- ■ n -. .mvioic^. 

Hon-. Mono- [naiHl fvi^lorM. I'ur eami' "', .lAiv^Hiur/d, MomoreAU, 

Mulil- tmnliHt), Niimlivr. irtBnv. *.%, Mitii< ., ..'-/ofi/m. 

Myclo- U«A<n) Ri-(riiiDcl">'"t''"nomHlu: tui^l.;>biti Mtfl<n.1. M\*liiu. 

Myo- lt""i;. (Vii'i'MitK lo u hiokIc 0» MaKBJaniy. S« MyatorJitii. MfinKa, Mftfalkin. 

NriiiO' (i'fi'*»i. Ki-liiiii>g lo a oerv* or Btanriofy. A»,f-r-,>^mro(gte,f^eHi>ul»mia,ifnri- 

Ufima, NfuroghA. 
Odonio- <alw«). Of Ihc tcrih, *■ I* OAmta/atJ>- O^mtalgta. 
Oiif o- i*i\ivuiS PtwMU or hck of. m Oi*gMjrtA^iinit. 

Opblhalmo- lo^AiJuDii IVtUliiloH to (hr cyr. u in OfMhalmin.^ Ofihih«lmoflrtim, 

0*tiO' (oTTiDi'l, (tplrrrini; lo Iwne. Sc« OilttfUait, <iilr>'0iffMii, Oiifvf/ailie. 

0«y- loii'it n^iMiniE i1«prrM»c«of airi«i, or aciditt. a* 111 Otyxf^. "tfAirmie/MiM. 

Para- (««**!. tlMira«0<.atiwriualily. Eianiplca- t^ratmt<i»,faraUkt- 

im, /tertfiwib/M«, Panlm, 
P«rt- (••*•>, AboBi, crouod. Sot, *. r- fltrieardium, PtrimtHfr. Prrincrmm, PtHmmttaitj', 


Poly-, Pol- |ii*A«(|. Many, nucti. c.r.. iVftwrtB. fffygalMtia, tWyuHa, 

Pra-, Pr*- (/irf}. ftrfotc- ».«.. /Vtfcwirfw. Prtpit(e. 

Pre- I'lwl, Hcforr. down, u In Pfvctti. Ih»ei4mtim. firplafu. Prvptnh, 

p4aijdo- (^••4^1- Fat**', (purlooa, »* In Pttudarllit-oii*, Pmdotytsu, 

Pya- («i-»i. rrnainliiRlopu, ot purulnify- *.g,,Pr«vrHic. Pv^iaWtux. 

Py(-, PyfO- (•x*). Conct-rnlnH firr or heal, ai iiiAammiitian. tg., tyrogmmi, ^irrrta. 

Relfo- IjVWrnI Barkwartl, bcrnkd. f.r., RetrrJIfJr, Ktlruvrntiyn. 

Sub- I-SmAi. Bnirdih, under; Mid aUo Panlaity or DclWrlFiicy or, lu. SiiAf/an'iiii. SuMaralwrn. 

Super- i.S>;v>) Atnrc, upon: CXCtMof. t.g.-Sitfi^ftimm.SltftrffetrM^ahan. 

Supra. ',.s;ifi.:ii. Al>iivi-, upon, auporior la, •• 5V^ra«r4ahi^ SifiraipiiKifMi. 

87m-. Syii>«,tfv<']. Wiib. tocMHT, lUM. St^f.r-i jrMMKM<'v.4l-Mt^^/>/,AM^rv,Jd'w4»«- 



•Msds (i*^*- Uood). Dmotc* a comlitiuai of Ihc likxii). o( Incmllcnt In (he Minr csptcsMnl hf 

lirmdine word, e.g., ilyJr^mia^ Ltthamta. /■v,'-u"> /•"■••ut 
•■goguc !,•>«. ■■> Iicar cir. tiKjami*). Sigtiific* an ai i liiiHtliin of ■nrreliuu DC 

MttL'tkiEi ol Ihc product. ThUf, Iii^iemOiCJ!'" '?"/>•«• '/<'■ 

-acra Htim, *o uiisck, •ciure}. Dcnulca mi aiiitc -u.. •. .>. ,:-,.. -i- ihc [>ai(, aa ^r/Art^cnr, 

••l(UiaAt*(. pabi). Pain inapail, capreMoJ b}'lhechkf word. *.f .Cr^^atalgia, tiatira^tm, 

-atrvHa 'aTfi^ia). lm[>rrfoTatc. u in PuKMrttia, 

-ceic l*'i->il. A tuoitir, licrou or protriwou. Sec CytUftit, ffy^re<ttt. Mml»ifotttt, 

-cclomy iiirruna^ Eiciiioq, ckkciiioii. lU I'l thiplMtcKtuny. Xtpkirtlotnf, !tfirmtet0Un. 

■tfph. fraphy iY»**V| to wnic), An instrunieiit : a Ueatue ai descrnKion. e.g^ JifAfgm*- 
-«!• (.r.ii- All iiiHankDUt'txm, as CaHniit. Oliiir. *tt. 

-lOKy i'>>«t, •Iiw>ui»Ff. A ltrati*c ii|.k4I. .it ll-iilmttf'igy, Drrvialitkigj', fW^oAigy, 

•maiacia IhsAum. »j>fl|. Abunmial vilttii'^s, At in ifttfa-maiacia. 

■mania ijiarta, niadnrs*). The ctikf word ilmijtMlbr |7iii*<.'l|)alsynipl<Nnoftlie aicufd atfcctMM: 

r.f.. EKtlvmoon, KlrftnuttiMi, rte, 
•vdymi* {**••*-% cxi^essivv pain). Tlw princJtnl wnitl (tniot«a ili« *t*t uf cleat pain, ai C^etyV' 

-old i><'.la«. (oimi- Similar In ihnpc, Ht.. a* iaClkinj?id, CmboiJ. SfkfmitiJ, MfJmid, 
•oma(aMai, A tumoi. Sec fiViiww. JiarritMa. 

•opla (-♦j. Port^" '•i-i-yeot vlituD, a«iii jtmihvfm Myttfiia. rlc. 

•pathy >*Jfn\ ' ■■■ '.(diiTiUic. an4 «lMt n mclAuil ol ctinr. /U.r.jr, ^4na^aA^, PtycAa- 

JldfAr, //>.' :..irofalhv 

•phobia t^Ssi. |..... L,,..»ivc fciii or ilfcad.aa At;«t*flkB(ni3. HtolvfAafna. 
■plasty via0«t>, to lorm}. bunt''^*! plutw.- opcialian upon a pari, r.g., Bf'ftkantf tatty. Kktma- 

•rbsphy ■p>4^i > fjturc). A Hllctidif or (uiiirlBgaf npan. ■• BuffntrrMafAf, Prrmn'rwAoMy. 
-rKa^ia i^>n'">'. lu burM ibrlli). A^ieiiMMrluutc ui eacnaivc dlwliariR. r.f .. Binmarrkafis, 

•riMcaipiu. tu flow). Aimi'vnlvediiirbwgc or cxKi^ioa,a%m Blennairkja, tJinirAam, i^ncpf 

-•copy (iriDana). An cinmination. an O^lhatmoittr/ir. The holivninit by wbicb Uic cuaajiia- 

tion II ma4c tako (tic itrmiiMiiMi m^. »» in laiji^tto^e. 
•tamy (tmr^, lo cutj. Incisina, / r., Lafmratomy, TntoiMKr- 
•«rta(ovp(-,i«urUut«). Atmonniilitkibi ilMariiKorof orinsUon. AaA/tummifha.nffmu. 


The aylbble imrked with a ungle acute Mxviit, Is tlia arocnixl syllable. 

• Qmaiittlf «f ytnreli. 

Accmlvil vowvIb are tmtatlj' hwg, except i (blknnd by a tanao na il and h « <n iRhlhiilaN, 
iiDhablltm. bfneAdal. /le. 

Diplitbofic* nr-r iLiiinili- loni, but In n fvw wt>rdt, neb tt lumofThakB*. wbkli w« eAca cptlled 

with a tinitic vowrl. Ilic r ik titott. 

In word* rntlinii in tU. the 1 1( t<mit. 

In wanis cihIiiic m i^ii. Ihc > of tbc pcnall ia always lotis. a^tiomiJufn, nfttrilis, rn. 

Fhial i, «, iixl « arc Iodk: flaal ^, iiut'CM silcBi, ia lonit. It Is nuiked mtb a xnve acceai If 


A vowrl wUcb Is obscur* In (iwintiiv has u*aat^' th< loee Muad. 

A itjwt! bcfunc two Of nion; cDiuonanli, caortil >*pn'>i'"u^r noted. It sImni. 

The ■ in words end I nc In ta^lsttion. 

The 1 owd 1 a( the end of an miarccnled lyllabk ianhorl. 

When la OQcsylbiblc a vow«l la followed by a coiuoiunt, the vowel hu th«w«i»l shfiirt CncHati in man, nun, Gb, mil, suH^mysiciy. r.x. OMCNU.p^loral.dfploe, Irbulua, ski qw rate, 

QMHty 1^ Vameh. 

Fhsl a biu the Italian winnil ofn, at in talker. 

In words cndinif tn dior, aurli ai piemaiat. ibc it baa Ibc llaUan sound. 

m and ir are prcHiaunocd as *, In M/Vy. 

AH (flipbtboncl has the scnindorMn in lam. 

tM ;iiiptittaonsj has ihe sound tttrw inyrw^ 


Inwordsof t^lin and nrrck dcrlvallnfi rA It hanl. like*. 

ThalMien/A, rcprrKntiaKllUiOrrckf. have tbcKaDdof/. . 

In Greek woi<lt 'A has Ilw siiA s»iinil, a* in ikio- 

Th«nMnMiiatii>n/.*M, ^>*, tiai Ihc i-jund uil Xk the btclitalns of a word, 

Brfcfc < i'. ,r, *, 4ii"t <r, < Ji.ihiljr-.t>uiiil nf >, a>>(If ofj. #.x.t cicllac, cephalic, gynet^olocTt 

' [mf>«jad£j)uUiKJumisouML 



Medical Words and Phrases. 

A fo-ov, or If, vrithoot). Tbe Creek ktlcr 
i^Ma, called alpha privative, e<)tiivalin)l to 
Ibe (ircbx hm or in. It dcncilca abacitce 
wnol ot the tliiug at (|tiality expruAcd 
bgr the root of the word, a- n tued tiefure 
coDMnuil, anil ijh- before vowel >ound»; 
am h KKDctijiies used beCare N at be. 
Also, the symbol of anode. 

A* (ata, ti[ each). An ablveviaticn, writ- 
ten %Si, used iii ;»n:>cr^oiu (o denote rcpc- 
lilton a\ (be same (|Danlity for each ilem. 

Ab [at, bom). A Latin jmifix slgni^ing 

Abact'us Venter [ahigrrt, to drive out). 
An abortion |>nxurcd by artifKia] means. 

Abaptis'ton (a, not. ;ln=T,ffroc, immersed). 
A In-pbinc lo ftlupcd that |)cnclralion of 
(he brain is ini))awiUc. 

Abanleula'emt (at, from, afHemlalic, 
jcnni). Some as oiartAiviu, a tenn more 
fretjuctitly u»e%]. 

Aba'Bia (A neg..^ff«r> a Aep). MoUrio- 
nxirdinatiDD in walking, iicr Aitiuia. 

Abbe's Apochromattc Lensct. Sec 

Abbrevia'tions. See Litt ^ MMrrvia- 
ti^ns, p. ni. 

Abdo'men (.i^^r^ir, to hide), Tbe large 
inferior cavtljr of the bunk, cxtnvding ftom 
ifae pelvic cavity to the iliaphngm, and 
hounileil in front and at (he sides by the 
Inwrr rib* oihI abdominnl muMrlm; ti^itid 
h} the rertcbral column, fxwu niul ijuiLdn- 
tiu Itonhorum miurlrs. Il ut aili^cialiy 
dividnl into nine rrgions hj tn-u cirvulai 
2 • 

Unes, die upper pondlel with the cnrtila^e* 
of tbe ninth rlts, the lower with Ihe Une 
crcKtji, and bj two linn Ihxn ih« caititages 
Qif the eigbib rib to ibe center of IVxjpart's 
ligament. The legioiut ihu.^ formeil are, 
■bciw, the ri^il bvpocbDndriac, the ejiigMH 
trk, and the left lij^xxltuixlriBc: *ectnidlr> 
Ihe right bml«T. umt^liral, ind left lum- 
b«r; Bod below, the n^t mgua^, the 
brpcgHitric Bod ibe left iflfptiflRl. P«n- 
duI(»iB A. A rehued and pendnlcus 
Cfiniliticin of the •bdutninal walu. 

Abdoin''ina]. Paiaiiiiiig to or cooneetcd 
with the abdotiaen. A. Aorta. Sec Arfrry. 
A. Ganglia. See Canx^i'i. A. Gesta- 
tion. See Pre^nan^t, fixtra-mUriiu. A~ 
Muscles, the Inlrmsl aiid l-lttrrnal 
Obliques, tbe Trans vcr*al is. Rectus, P}na- 
fflidalia, and l^adratus Ijnnborum. A. 
Reflex, an invoh>nUr7 contraction of Ihe 
abdon^nal muscles when ihr f>kin over the 
shdomeo is :itiinulated. A. Regions. .See 
Abdvmiem. A. Respiration, R. carried 
on chiefly I.7 the diaplttagm and ohlotnlnal 
muscles. A. Rinc, Bxtenut.amaRgn- 
lar opening in the nbres of the Bpoaicurosis 
of the external oliliquc muscle Inuivnittiog 
the «[irnRalic cord of the male and ihe 
round ligament of the ftmale. A. Ring, 
Internal, as oral Bpcitmc in the Ciscm 
tranirmalis which tmi»mits the mrmaiic 
cord of the male and tbe round ligament 
of the (iemale. 

Abdominos'copy \.th4omtH, g/unttu, to 
cjutintnc). Enuoinstiuc) of the abdomen 




far dkenostic puqxMcs, hy ins|>cclion, pkl- 
palioo, BicaMrrmcnt, percussion, //•-. 

Abda'cens (uA, fmm, Jufii, to Icnxl], A 
term applied to ccrmin idukIcx, ot their 
ntne*, that drawr the rcrlbtnl part from the 
■ninlian line of the Imly. A!w>, ihc sixth 
pair of ncrvci iupplying thv cxicnml rccli 
of the eye. A. Oculi. Sec MtufU. 

Abdu'cent. .S«^c AhJtunti. 

Abduct'or. Siun« u jAi^M^tivi. ^. f. A. 
Aufia. See Muscle. 

Abcr-'rant {tth, frrv, to wander). Derioling 
from the norinal or re^lxr type, tu ap- 
peiuanri-, slnictiirc, coanc,e/i: f.g.alitr- 
mil dud ot tbe lutis or liver, olicrnuit 
oitcricj, fU. 

Abcrra'tloa {ai, fm). Oeviatinn from the 
numnkl. c:(|i)x>al)y mental derangement, 
(iHj.1 mflltiwaHtion, vicarious menKlrualton, 
escape o{ the tluul* of Ihc body liy any 
untiMural channcL [ii v^io, any rmper- 
fection of focaTiration or refmctbn of 
a lemk A., Chromatic, tbe diipeision 
wisinfi (nxa uiir<|ual refraLlioii vT hi^bl of 
dUTcfeot pom of tbe specmim. The violet 
lays being more refraugiUc tlian the ri-d 
ny>, are t«vu;;)u to a (vcui nearer tlie lens, 
■nd the image is surrouiulcd bjr • hab of 
colon. A., Spherical, the exca* of re- 
fraction of five pcnplieraJ pari of a Cunvex 
Una over (he ccnunl area, iwoducing an 
imprtfi-Ct fucufi and a blurred iitinge. 

A'bks. A Ecnus of conlferuus plants, in- 
cluding the lir, hemlock and spruce. 
Abtogcn'csia ('i iwg.. jJtof, Ufc, }i)vOfiai, 
to begril, nie productkni of living by 
noB-living mMlcr. Tbe older term was 
^Miianr^tti gnuniitOH. Other syiianyms 

of the wort are xf'*'*"'*" -yihwii, 

grttfratio frimaria, ar.A(ffMfsii, arekt- 

bhiu, rtt-. The theory has Ik-ct supjxirtrd 

by Poi»chel, llaeckvl, Huxl<7. Itaslism 

andcAbcrs. Thoaocppoacd tolhedocirinc 

are called pcuiii|>mniMa or hel^rogenists. 

IIk tlispute is ouc kH (be must fundoiucntal 

in Uology. 
Abirrita'lion {a&, i>fii'i>, (o irritate). Di- 

niiriiklted tissue initabjliiy, synonymotit 

with aahfttia. 
Ablacta'tion (iid, from, hifto,ln givr cuclc). 

Tbe end of the stickling p<:nod. The 

weaning of n child. 
Abla'tion (iMatio, r;ina*al). KenKiral 

«f a ymn of the body, at ■ tumor, by am- 

putMwn, excision, <■&. 
Ableph'aron (a, piit^pav, the eyelid), 

Congenital otncnoc of the eyelids. 
Ab'laent \aMia, to trash away). IVter- 

genL Thai whicbcleanscsorwnltetflway. 

Ablu^'tion. Wasliinc or cWnsing the 
body. ScpantJOD of chanical unpurilks 
by Ma!ihin|2. 

Abnorm'aJ {«»*, a»«y from, norma, a law). 
A Icnn used to dcecribc anyiliiJig opposed 
to Ihc natural urdcforkw.M A. Pigmen- 
ta'tion, njiy excess, deli cicncy or uncora- 
mon diatribulion of the natural pigment 
cirlU ill the rctc mucusuni. Sometimes 
caused artiligially ciiber by mccbiuiical 
means, such at tattooing, or by the rrduc- 
llun and depuintiuii under the rpidrnnis of 
metallic sails odnuiiistaed as medicine, 
such as niinuc of silver, fU. 

AbonDa'sum {at, omaMim, the paunch). 
'ITie founli, ot true sioinoch of nmiimuing 
aniniala, called also the rennet, which ia 
ux.'d for coajpilstiDi; milk. 

Abort' t.i^of'^t to pus away). To mis- 
cnrry ; to expel thc ftctus before it i« 
vialile. Al»v, lo prevent ihe full dcvcti^ 
ment of a disease, as in abertht tmaii- 
/o-r or variutoid, in which the eruption is 
nmited to llie vesicular stage. 

Aborticide {abatim, a ntiBcania^, e^f, 
la kill). The kiLUng of Ihc unbom foetus. 

Abortifa''cknt (nA'rr«», fiuif, lo make). 
Adnig. orient iiiduciiiKlhc exptUsitm « 
tiie fietus. Erxot, rue, cotton-root, digitalis, 
ftf.fKK examples, iltejr act by causing 
uterine coiitrocUons. Sc« nryiacu and 


Abor'tion (d^nrfwi). The cipulston of the 
fu-tus bHbre il is viable. Ily some authors 
expulsion of the ovum dunng Ihc tint ibree 
months is absrtioH; from tlds Oiue to via. 
Iiitily, it is lemwl immaturt dftwtry, at 
tuis.arriage, and Iromtlic period of viability 
mi]ialofinalurily,^r<««/«''"/rte">'. A., 
AitiSeiftl, that produced inlemionally. A., 
Criminal, when not demandi'd for ihera- 
pcotic reasons. A., Embryonic, tip to 
the founh monih. A., External causes 
of, thicisc acring from wiihoiil to pro- 
duce A., as violence, pressure, injecilont, 
ett. A., Fceial. takini; ploci.- subaequent 
to the fourth month. A., Incomplete, 
when the membranes or placcnia is rt- 
taioed. A.. Inevitable, is wLen tbe em- 
brjro Of foetus is dead, or uhrn ihcre is an 
extensive detachment or rupture pf the 
ovuDi. A., Internal Causes of, arc 
lhc>«« due lo sbnoTTBal winditinn» tw Hi*, 
coses (jf thc mother. A., Missed, the 
death of Ihc ffrluit a;id not fciilowed with- 
in Iwo wceksby itsenpuUicm, A.. Ovu- 
lar, that occurring during ihe firsi three 
weeks after cunt epti tin. A., Paternal 
and Maternal Causea of, those due to 






diaeoM of ibc lather <r of the mother re- 

qiectivelv. A., Spontaneous, ihfti not 
inrlucnl iiy Mrliticial itiRUis. 

Abouloms'nia |>i \mr.,iit>vijf,wi\],ftavia, 
mAdncu). A diKUcof th« tnind cbiunc- 
leriMd Iff ini|«crfect « loW will powet. 

Abc«cb''M (« prir., fS^jftu*', the inn). 
An Mnnlrss montf rr 

Afan'Mon (itApnv., rddb^ht fuAi). Excuri- 
uiun of the cutaacotu or mucous itufsce 
In- iDrchiuiKsd means. In dcnlistTy op- 
plinl to Ihp dmnxiion nf ihr <Iriiiinc nnd 
rnontH. or ihr cuitmg edges of \be Icvtb, 
vrhrthrr !» niTliini<-nl nc rlMinical means. 

AOifine. llic clieniicttl fcnncnt or pnsoa- 
ons pnnciple ri jcipimly, erroneously aap- 
|ia*cd to Ik due to a ^"^^^ micrWw. 

A''bnis. Jopiirity. The tctdiiijtA. frt- 
calcrms, at wild hquraicr. Pro[VTtics are 
tfiotigbi lu be due to the pretmu of cer- 
tain femKnts. Non Menliircd infttMou 
a]jfilied lo the conjunctiva or to onynOMva 
Bumce induce riulrnt ptuulcnt inlbimna- 
tion Hitli gruvrtli of Use oKnibnuic. It is 
used in iin'alucing a/iiiicial conjuncliTitit. 
A.lnfuaum: Kintna iij, atjun dnt. ^«. 
Mocenie and aM k]. % ts. All imoKcia]. 

Ab'itceas laii^^imi, a ot-pnitun; «- scpara- 
liinD— of the mallet). A pu* ibnnalion 
within some cavity of Ibc body, tbc result 
of Lx-alirt-il iiit^imalion. AccMdii^ to 
locatinn.nlttcPHrt urennnird /fi'rja/, /tiai, 
Mnmmirr, Isthio-rf.ta!, PtrHyphtiiif, AV- 
tnt-phatyrtgrnl, L''rfliml,<f(. A., Alve- 
olar, aliiCcss in thr gum rr alvrolutL A. 
of Bndn. due to local injury, of lu siqipu- 
rative inHaiunuition nev oi diitanl, imrli, 
np«ially, U diseases of the car. The 
nuptoms arc those of pressure, imptured 
fmrtion of Ibe part aflrcted, RK-nLngiti«, 
bcadacbe, ofXic ncwitis, etc A.. BunoL 
abscevi in the Uvsje, the nwsl freijucnl 
bring in ihr hursv [alcllx, OomnKitily 
called IlftntmaWi Knee. A., CfaroniCi 
or Ci'^ Ahifu, one of sluw and appa- 
rrnllv non.mHnmnialur)' develc^iinnil, usu- 
ally oIXKil a Iwne, jcnnt, or gland. A,. 
Congestive, the pus appears at a point 
distani fr^wi where ii is i<jnaf:'\. A., Con- 
nitutional, due to some syHjatae disor- 
der. A.. Critical, ocewriog nl some 
critical period of xn acute diKosc. A,t 
Embolic, fomed in the clot of an cmbnl- 
ism. A.. Fecal, oitc doHopinf; in the 
nrctmn or brge intestine. A., Gangrff- 
noni. one attended with denih of ad>sceiit 
parts. A.. Lacunar, one in lite Isewi^of 
ibfamthni. A., Metastatic, See /^ir- 
mia. A.. Miliary. Sec I'y>imia. A., 

Milk, or A.iMaminaiy.oncmtbcfeaude 
Ueost. A. Multiple, i^rt /yiririii). A., 
Perforating, tne jxrhaating tlic cornea, 
the lung or other containing wall. A.. 
PhlegmotKtus, an arwA-.f. A., Point- 
ing of, the paiul wheic llic ab>ecM tends 
to hreali through lis ciicToai confining wall. 
A.. Psoas, one irioing from disease nf the 
lumlttr or Icnrer dorsal vvrtehnv, tlie pus 
deweniUug in the sbcoth of ih« pwBs 
nnuclc, and unialty pointing beneath IVxi- 
part's lignment. A., Pyxmic- See Py- 
emia. A., Residual, alx>ui >be products 
of Mimr old result of intlanunatiun. A., 
Siercoraccous. Sec ^Waf A. A., 
Symptomatic, one indicative of some 
«dicr afTrction, A., Thecal, in the 
sheaths of lendon*. 

Ab'scess Root, llw root of /'it^'nmii/mv 
Ttptati. Alieralit-e, astringent and n- 
pcciornnL I>osc of lid. ex. 3 X-ii- ^iwC 

Abscis'sje (Tr, 'rinJiie). 'Iftc tranrverse 
luirs cutting veitical ones at right anglrs, 
to show by a diagram thv relations of two 
scries of fscis, as, t. g., the number nf 
pul»c tients, o« the ten^xnturt: record in 
given periods uf lime. 

Abacis'sion ('M, Inxn. wutdf. to mt off). 
Removal of a pan. as ihc jn-rpoec, or a 
fradnred booe, by catling. Applied pAT- 
ticubrly lo a surgical opemlino u{>oii s Ma- 
phylonutow comen, in which the bnlging 
portion is excised, the potts brought to- 
gether so that the potfertM artd diiel' |Mit 
of the globe fotms a " stunq) " fur an arti- 
Ikal eye. 

Absinthe. See Ahiiatkium. 

Absimh'i&m. A disease similar k> nloo- 
bohsBi, the result of the excessive use cf 
atistnthc. It b cbaractrriicd by general 
mtiscuUi dctdtty and mental distnrvanccs, 
which may proceed to convulsions, acute 
m.-knia, general wiAi-iiing of the brain, or 
general paralysis. 

Abflintb'ium. Wormwood. Tbelcsvesof 
Attrmiii'i ahtiKfhium. ConL-iimi a wula> 
tile oil and on tnletiKly liilter ptiiKiple, 
^AitMMfH, C^gll^o,, which is a narcotic 
poisiun ■^. uiriru'x rardiac action, pro- 
duces tremor and cpilcptifurm ixpnvulsiuatt. 
Pose B». sa-il Aiitinih^, a French 
heuor, is an alcobntic solulion of llie oil 
e»ihited with oils of sniae, marfonm and 
other aromatic oils. 

Absorb'enia (ii, urhtrt, \o tuck). In 
phyaolofff, an organ or part which absorbs, 
wiilidraws, or ukcs up. A term applied 
to the tatlrals and fymfAitlitt. </ t: In 
maicm medica, a name applied lo a drag 




or medicine which prodnces ntisoqxJon nr 
cxiutiitxm ijf ilii^Aicd liiMie. In sutgerr, 
apl^lict] to >u)«t4nc«* wliicli RKchiuiictilly 
take up excrelrd mmtrr, as A. 6«0Mi, 
A.Sfm^gtftit. A. Glands, i^tte I.yntpk' 

Absotp'tton. Th« jvrrneation at imbihi- 
liim 111 one lityAy by aaothnT. 'ITic )in>cr»s 
wherel'}' nuoriiilimcnt. ncdjcjiMS, nwfbul 
pnvliicti of tt&Mif mMunoiphosu, fU., sre 
btlti^n up bv the l]riii)Jiatic aru] vcnwu ij*** 
t«mi. ID o|ibibuIinuloey the process by 
which the lens is disintecraud mad carried 
off after th« capsule bu been nifiturtd. 
A. Lines or Bands, the Ibes uf the 
spectrum, call«l Fmunhafer's lin«; Ihej 
are dark lines cun»nl by ll>r mrrslaiiiun or 
abMrptkm rf the ethereal wares of certain 
lengths and r^iditiei, munly tiy vapon of 
tl>e nn's aimofptieTC. 

Abste'tnioat [ait, ttom,irwf turn. wine). 
Alu4incnce Iran wine. Tcin[>erance, or 
■nuileintioD in ourtlers vi diet. 

Abatcr'eent {ais, lergw, to cleanse). 
■.JpanMRg, detef^oL See Dtttrgeni. 

Ab'attnence («/i, tinrv, to bold or keep). 
IViraiion <a Mlfdcnial in regard to food, 
hcjiiniK, tit, 

Ab'strvct {ahtrake, to draw from). A 
prquTAtion containing th« soluble princi- 
ple of the drug evaporated and mixed 
with ragor of milk. It n:i}TcMi)i» twice 
the strength of the dnigor ils fluid exlnict. 

Abstrac'tion Uibifniho). Blood -letting. 
In pharmncy, the process of dirtitlotion. 
A\m. allrDlion lo one idea to Ihr rxcUiMon 
of others, tieneiali/^on or cluoinc'tion 
of the ({ualitics commoo lo Ibe individuals 
of a gnnup. 

Abatrac'lum. Sec Ahfratt. 

Abu'lia (a priv., ^e^j;, will). Los* or 
defect of will power. 

Ac«''cia. Cum Arabic. A nearly wliiic 
trwuparent (pitn exuding bam several 
invi cs of It! Ill ill , Sohi Me in wstrr. 
Used in monuraclurc of mucilngc. Con- 
taiiu .4iaHn. C|fll„0|,. identicikl in coni- 
potition with cane sngar. A. Mucilago, 
acwj« yn, water loo pans; iiicoin|iatii>lc 
with alci^olic tinctures, A. Syrup, muci- 
lage 2$, syr^ip. simp. 7$. I «-d in rnri- 
ooi mixtBres, as a dcmnlceni, and to sus- 
peikd insoluble powders. 

AcArd'ia {a neg., iMpAtn, hetirt I, A mon 
smatjr without heut, derclojrrd simnJta- 
Orously with a normal fielus. 

Aca'nts (a neg., ntf**. to cut [because so 
small] ). The mite or tick, a parasite of 
niau and animals. A. Autumnnlia, the 

barrcsl-bug. A. 3cabi«l, the lareeples 
staf-ifi, ot itch mrajatc. 

Acccl'crana Nerve. A nerve 60m tbe 
ttcelcnuu octitcr in the medulla to the 
heart, tMCfuedioling accdcrulMm uf its 

Aecelcrs'tor Uritue. A muscle of the 
penis whose fuiieli<ui is lo ci^wl the last 
drops in urinauoD, to expel the semeo and 
to uun CTcctioa. The aphiitcler v^we 
is its analogue i» the fanaJe. 

Accvs'sion (oi/, 10, nr<^, to draw). Tlie 
insuh, bcfinnine. or onset of a disesde, ot 
of a stage of the stnx ; mp^ttA c^iecially 
to periodical diseases. 

Acecs'soiy. A term qiplied lo certain 
mnsdea, ducts, aervca, arteries, eft., (hat 
are often JHOOPStaW, but always austliotv 
in (unctioo, course, tie., to llie princijuil. 
A. of the Parotid, the jaw ^rottJit. 
A. Willisii, the spitud nacegaoiT nerve, 
named ufkn the diKCoverer. A. Oland of 
the Pancreas, Brunner'i glands. 

Acddent'al Hemoithace. Sec lltmor- 

Acclimatixa'tion (ad, elima, climite). 
The act of beoamrng accusionKd to the 
ctiraatc, soil, water, ttc., of a iraunlry to 
whicli n plant, Oiiinul, pctson or a p«P]>le 
have removed. 

Accommoda'tion of the Bye {ncrtan- 
m/\/e, to adjuM), Ihot function of the 
ciltory muscle antl !cns whcrclijr objixts al 
different diVanccE are clesriy seen. It 
depends upon the inherent cloiticiiy of the 
lens, whkh when the ciliary muscle of an 
rmtnetropic c>v is at rc«. is adajHed lo l!>e 
proper focaliiiuion oT parallel rays of U^ 
or of sod) rays as proceed from an tnhnite 
distance, c* frotn the horiioo of the ob- 
KTver. ObjccU nearer, to be dearly seen, 
require a greater refnicting power on the 
port of the eye because t)w rays Emm sucfa 
objects are more divergent. This addi- 
tional rrfnarting power is gained liv an 
increased onCcro-pveierioT dbmcicr of the 
lens broii^ nhont by the oontraciion of 
the ciliary muscle which occasions a 
loosening of the stispensory li[;itnicnt and 
a ihickcniiig of the lens by its own eln5- 
lidty. A., Abaolute, ittc accommoda- 
tion of cither eye separately. A., Anom- 
alies of, dejnrturcs frum the normal in 
the aclioo of the lucchanism of accommo- 
dolinn. A., Negative, the eye passive 
or Hi rod. A., Paralysis of, jmrslyw of 
the ciliary muscle. A. Phosphcnes, the 
peripheml light sreak accn in (he darl( 
siAcr (he act ttf sccu<uii>ixl«iio«. A.| 




Range of. tbt dittinoc l>rtvrccn the /K/rc- 
htm /rpiFmdfW. <ir tWTitfrM <4 diitincl vt*' 
ioa, and ibr fiuittfum rtmatiiitmum, at 
raoM diMsiil point. 

Accre^tion^'jy.lo.ffrA-i-nr.tobKTMx). A 
1<:nn denoting ihr nuinnrr li* which cm- 
Ullbx: and certain orguiic lon&i incruiM: 
ibrir nwtcfml sub«tanc<'. AIk), Uk od- 
hrrcncv o( |wts ihat are ncraixlly *«pa- 

Accouche {Vt. rwi-Ai-, a bed). A 
tromnn delivrrrd of a diild. 

Accouchement ((f>/,io,ri'u<-4<-,mlirdy The 
Krcnch Icmi fiir liilior, cr dclircty of a 
diild. Tlie act of chiklhinh. A. Foici. 
tapMl aDd rorcuial detivoy with the hnnd 
durii))^; irverc hemorrbagc. 

Accoucheur. A man- mM wife. 

Accrctncnti'tion [aJ, fr^cert). A trmi 
apjiUcd lu i^ruwllit in which increase takes 
piace by iottrMkiitl dewkjfflnenl from 
Idutena, and aijo by Kprodactioo at 
cella bjrfiMion. 

Accoucheuse. A mtdvife. 

A. C. E. Muttuni. An aiixMheilc mix- 
tare, nut aodejvrwuiij; aa chUicxiCmn; ftl- 
cobol, 1 pvt: cbkxulbnii. a [nns; ether. 
3 pans. 

Acepba'lia (n neg., Ktoai^, head). A 
ntoostnalty without & hnul. Tlie teim is 
ccimpixindcd wilb iilhcrs lo denote l\xe ati- 
aciicc of the aiid tome otliix uvl. 
llivs: Accpfaalobra^cbia, without lit»d 
and Aims. Actpbalocar'dia, wiibout 
bead and heart. Acephalochci'iia, 
iriiboul bead and hands. Acephalogas'- 
tria, wiUraui heoA and lt«lly Acepba- 
lopo'dia, wiiIkiui beiid iumI (wt. Aceph- 
atora'cbia, wiibont bead ami vencbtui 
col u ran. Acepbalothora'cica, wiUmmU 
hfoA ood cbesi. 

Acepb''alocy8t (a<lr'^a blsddn). Th« 
Uaddirr-wonn. A hcadlcM, Merilc hyda- 
tid, f«ind in the liver and oth«r oq^nnA. 
A. Raceinosa, Uk hydatid mule i^ the 

Acerb'ttjr {ar/rf-ilat, ih»ipn*sc, eoorneu). 
Acidity cutnlnncd with afirinfEDBCy. 

Acerv'ulus Cerebri. A lenn applied hy 
SCmmrrini; to certain concmlonnry ntancr 
new (he bflLM' of ihr nincitl gland, oonaisl- 
lug (4 alkarinr ph4«piialci and caibooalcs, 
with am villi d innlicr. 

Aces'cence (,».vf.v, lo pow smir). A 

diseiuc of wines, whrrchy Ihcy hcconii; sour 

owing lo ihe agency of mr^adrt-ma attti. 
Aeeuib^olun) (am^iuhtPt, a rinegar cup). 

The cup-thapcd cavity whicfa receive* the 

aocket gf the htp-boiK. 

ACetal {acilttm, vinesai). Elbidcnc di- 
etbylate, a colorteu liquid having the 
cnntpoaitioa^O formed by the oxida- 
licti of coDUBoa ucoool. 
Ac'etate. Any salt of acetic add. 
Acetan'ilide. See Anfi/ffnim. 
Acet'ic. Pertaining to atttum OTviiKBar; 

lour, S« AiU, Ai^flk. 
Acet'ic Ac'id and Ferrocyanidc Teat 
for Albumin. Sitoocty widuliiic ibe 
aunple of orine atMl add a few divpe of 
recently prc|>ared potassic fenucynntdc 
folution. (It uvciiiitaus hetnialbuiDOic, 
but dors not anect |iep(one.) 
Acetom'eiry {mttum, pt'pov, meauire), 
llie qtuntitflttre cMimaiion of the stncHint 
of ncelic acid Jn vint^or. Usually made 
by BD aiftomettr. 
Acetonemia [atetent, luua, hlmdV The 
preaence of ncctone in the oqtuniioi. It 
may result from a nunftwr of diseaM*, but 
is characteristic of cbranic diabetes, and it 
■Modated with dytpotva, subnennal [em- 
penriiuv, lowered pulie-iite. ftr. Tlie 
patient linally foils into coma. The Ireit- 
uienl cuiuitli in iacrdoing Uic KcrrliunS 
and >jr removiiiK the caoses of the disca»e. 
ACelone (tf^A>, la be soar), C,H,0. di- 
methyl Ketone, Melliyl Acetyl. A Color- 
leu. ifillsiDinable li()iMd prepared by dty 
dislilUtioo of ttw^ acetates. Il is developed 
in the Uxly b)- (be reniientulion of organic 
maiicn, and is found in such diteoso m 
diabetes, some febrile diMases, alcoboMsm, 
Accionu'ria(afe/t<n<r,«t}Wf, urtM). Ace- 
tone in the nriike. 

Aceiphenit'idin. See Pkfnn.'ttin*. 
Ace lopbe 'none. HypmnK. A bypnode 
and antncptii:. Without Mtisfacioiy re- 

turn. VineffW- Ad impure, dilate 
ic acid produced by acettius fermenta- 
* of wine, cider err other fruit juice. 
See Ffft^fJ'oiitm. In pbajtnacy a hohl- 
ticnittfae'V.'tive principles of ccrlaiti dnjga 
in dilute acrilc acid. Tlwre are four ofiicia] 
areta, cadi of which contains the »)ablii 
principles of 10 per cent of il^ weight. 
AC''aiylane. A iisinc given to a teiirfi of 
hydmeartMns having the stttictiue Cn H,i, 
— ■- Mao, api>lied lo ithinr, Dk H<ond 
laetnbrr of the teries, n gatteoiu rui «Uncc 
rorracd dnring the ineompk:le cucnUiadon 
of bydrocarlion fuels 

Ache (atnf.afllictiot)), Any continiKiaB cr 
ilmsbbinf; pain. 

Achei'lia \it. without. X'*^"^ ■ ''p)- The 
«o«t^nJtftl aUciKc of lip*. 






Achet''ria (a.viibotil, r^Pi ii bind). Hie 
(»ii)(cnilal alnciicc of liands. 

Achei'rus. Se« M^irtrhi 

Achil'lca iJMj/^i.itsicpuieddiscovCTrt). 
Idiiruil, \' arrow. Tlic herb.-*. nit/.Wit'twi. 
IVofXTiies due lo ■ liitm, uimnalic, nstrin- 
geni. Ionic cxlracirvc, af^UUin, and a wiU- 
tili- oil. It Ins tong licni u»rd as * rul- 
ncnuy. and h^^ Ivro hit;hly rccgmmcndrd 
forintcrmittmu. nndin low.rxnnthemacoDS 
fcvi-rv l_>oacortiii \] to Uj inru»icin,>((/ 
tf*. iofihecuractivc, .^j-SHJ; of the rolii- 
lik oil, )^t. v-xr, Unot 

Achil'lca Tendon. S<« Temdan. 

Achlorop»''ia 1 a nrg., f^i:^^, giwm, tnNf, 
vision). (Jmn blindness. Sec B.'mJNtii. 

Acho'lia (n priv., .t°''-V> l>nc). Non-secre- 
tion or noa-CKCtctioii of bile. 

Acholoua (a, Xfi^i *"■<=)■ Ptrt*ini>ig w 
Ar/iMt, If. V. 

Anchor (ojru^, chofT, scurf, or dandruFT). 
Crust* lacl<-fl. A amAll pustuif, followed 
liy ■! »cal>, ufion the hcxiji of jnlsnlf. 

Acho'rion (ifup.) A nimc ei^cn lo 
scvctb) spcci<7S of fungnu^ (or fungoid) 
Or|J»nisii» (poMiWy mndiliril fpnn* oF 
PtnUiiium ^auiMm), found in the sLin, 
csp«ciAl1y the hair follktcs. A. Keralo- 
phagus, llir form rau*iiig taiyiit'tuyi-iiiir, 
g. V. A. Leb«rtii, tin: pu-nsitc of tiif-a 
tifniM'-'ius. A. Schonlcinii. tlie »pcfic* 
otciirring in ringwomi or ttnta fin'on\ 

AchTot'a [a, without, .tf>MQ> nirficc color). 
Sunc AS Aihroma, f. v, 

Achro'ma {a, .Kpu^a, color). Ahcence of 
oolar. Pallor. PhIbmm, from whaborvet' 
ciUBC. A., ConfcnlUl. Src .l.'fiintifn. 

Achromat'lc [a, xp'-'f")- E'eiiuining lo 
ochnnnii: without c<olor. A. l<ens, on« 
whoM- divpcming poww h exactly neutral' 
Ucd \i<f aiuiChn Icni havinji the name 
cumiure bat of unt^fiiai refractive index. 
See alao Abrrratiam, 

Achro'matln. The solMutee (n the mi- 
ciru* of ft cell price to divMinn. .So railed 
lircDirae not reailily •tained by coloring 
ageDt». S«< Cell Bfdy. 
Acbro'raaiisRi \a, xouiui). Abnenee of 
chrontatic alicrTalioa. 

Color-Uindncu, Dahonian, dyichnma- 
topuK. Sec HlindHftt. 
Achroddex''trin. A reducing dextrin 
formed by the action of the diostatic fer- 
ment of kallva upon >larch or i;lyro([en, 
Acbylo'siB (fl ney., xe^t^, juke). De- 

liri<iil i^hjIiticAtion. 
Acbymo'aia (r nc^-. .t:*T"Y> ctiyiuc). Oe- 
rtckni cbymifiottioo. 

Acic'ular {amt, a needle). Needle l!k& 
Ac'id Uirirtif, lo be sour). A iianiL- louacly 
applita lo any &ubsiiui(.« ba*iu|[ a wur 
umc. A compound of an elcrttu negutve 
demeat with one or more atumk of hydro- 
|[eQ which can be replaced by elecira-pou- 
tivt AT basic AloniB. Aciib vaiy in their 
Icnninitiona according lo (he (|unnlily of 
oxygen or other dectrv-neipitive ifai-y coii- 
i&in. Tho3ic having the nuuimum of oxy- 
gen L-nd ill 'it : lb<«e of a lower de([ree in 
-.•«j, AVbere there are more (ban tiro com- 
binations ilie preposition Ai-/f/- ia pn;lixed 
to (he hlKbcst, and kyto- to the lowest. 
Acidfe which end in iV. oa bulpburiV acid, 
farm salts Icrminalinf; in -nlf: thoae end- 
ing in -ow) form >alts tertniii>ltii{[ in 'ilt. 
I*hysioto)^citlly, adds in ct>ticentnaeil form 
act ucMUlics; diluted and in mcilicinal 
doset ihey clieck ntidprodticins aiid in 
crease alkaline secrclioos. A., Acetic, 
a» acid Ktlutjoii coiupoMd of 36 ixuts of 
absolute acetic acid, C , 11 , , , and 64 |>«rtg 
water. Has strong add properties. Mis- 
ciWt ■» iili water and alcoliol. A.. Acetic. 
Glacial, tlie altsolule acid in cryslnllinc 
form. A., Acetic. Dilute, contains 6 per 
eciil. of aljKoIulc Bfid. Host 5J-ij. An 
ingpiuT forni obtained by the dcsuuclire 
diMilltdoa of wood is known as wood i inc- 
(jftT, w pyTolipieou* acid. A., Arac- 
ntoua, .iml Arsenic, 'svx Artenie. A., 
Aromatic, a name i^iplted in cctlain or- 
g.ittic acidb oa.-uniii^ in iIil baliiaiiii, ivsiiis 
and oilier odcirifcn.>u& jjrinciptcs- AUfi, in 
phamDacy. a dilute mineral and rdnIor\.-cd 
by wuaialic Mibttiuicrs in order tn modifjr 
their fluvw. A., Boric. See flormi. A., 
Butyric {kulyntm, bulter). an add, C,H, 
O,, having a vi»rid a|ipeanince and rancid 
§inL'l1. I1 i\ (lUjunrd conunercially by the 
fermenuiion of a mixture of niear and 
butter or cbersf in llie |ireiencr of an alkii' 
line caibcnale, Init occur* in variouF plants. 
Combined with plyccnnc as glyi-eryl buly- 
ralc it in <-Mcntinliy Inutct The ellicr de- 
rived from lailyric acid is the raiural lluvor 
of thf pinrap^ile. A., Carbolic. f^h.mHe 
etioko!, CM f'ktnol, an alcoholic product of 
the disUllatiun of ocnl liu bariti|i> the cum- 
pOitition C^ltfO. It ncmrs in ptnkisli 
ocicolar Cryiiali, highly mlulile in water, 
alcohol, eiber, glycefiiw. and oil. It is a 
powcrbl antiseptic and germicide, and a 
violent poiixai. Internally it \s uocful in 
nausea and ptithisit. Oom fir, ^. A^ 
Cart)., Ctyecrite. contains acid 1, gly- 
ceiuie 4 parts. A., Catb., Sohltlon8,vary 
frwQ 1 lo 5 pc cent, in water. A., Caib., 






UnpicDt, cootshtt add to. oiauncDl 
go p*rt>. A.. Chromic, C'lO^ uwd a> 
an ncfaorotic (tx the drUfucoon of Byphi- 
litk wwb and similar growths. A solu- 
lioD ol I : 40 b uxd u mn anliif p(tc wa»b 
lot putrid wm and wounds. Sec Ptiftu- 
attm. A., Citric. .See Limon. A.. Flti- 
oric, 1 1 V, f(A««HU And joltililc in trstcr. 
Tbr dilute acid, 1 : 3uo, is lucd » aii In 
tenul rcHMdy in goitre. 1>ok n\,xx--xiji. 
A., Formic {^/trmita, «i ant), on Ofganic 
add, CM/},, uk) the fint of * lencc 
farmed W the oniduion ofslcohok. It is 
accTdcil nxlunlly bj- ihe jwA, nnd is a[»o 
ihraeht to be idcnticnl with the Tctiom of 
the bee. A., Gallic. Hqtl^CJ^, an acid 
prrparrd from niilgallii. Similar In prT> 
pcitics to UDnic add, q. v. Occurs in line 
sdcular ciyflalt. Astringcnl And disin- 
EecIKnl. Ufcful in night (weats, dinlieles 
and chnmic dinnlMca. A., Gallic, Un- 
guent, hctiioaicd lanl 90, gitltic itcid 
to A., /'yn^^/ir (iinoffinal), oU.iiaed 
ttom gallic acid b]r beating the laucr. 
ReooauncndAl locolljr in phofcdciiic chan- 
en*. A., Hydcobromic, UBr, ihc dilute 
acid, which is the chief fona used, consiits 
of 10 pa cenL acid ami 90 per cent, water. 
A good solvent Tor quinine. Usebil in 
^rMeria, coogestiw hcadachet and ncural- 
fpa. In rcoocBmcnded at a suhslitulc fof 
potas^iuiQ and MxliuiD lwi>inidcs. Doee 
tiLu-sn. A.. Hydiochloric. AlHriatU 
Aciil, HCl. a lii^uid consiMJng of 32 per 
cent, of HCl f^as in 68 per cenl. of water. 
Colorlecj.puneenmndiniensclyacid. Vgl. 
uablc as an aiil lu digrtlion. A., Hydro- 
chlor.. Dilute, a 10 per ceni. solution of 
absolute acid in wiUcr. Dose n\,iij-x. A., 
Hydrocyanic. Dilote, /'nunc A. it/, 
HCM, a Hi(Uid «>n:^isliiii! of 3 per cent- of 
the acid with 98 pe> cent, of water and 
akohoL IVuMic acid is found in the hitter 
•iraood, the leaves of the peodi. and in 
the cherry laurel, from the leares tA whidi 
il is dimiiled. Il ii the nxiM violent poiton 
known, death from complete a^liyxia 
being almost iiut^inuneous ValiMitle fbr 
its icdiMiTe and antixpatmodic eArcts in 
Tomitiogi whoo(»Dg-coug)i, and spasnodic 
aflcctioos. Dox THJ-v, The following 
pNpUltions are employed : Ai/ua /..iitra- 
erraai, water distilled from the leaves of 
the clMny laurel. Itew n^v-sxx, wiih 
coutioo. fie/itti/s DUutt Jlyi/ratyanU 
AHJ, in 4 or S percent, tohilion : iiuigcr- 
ous. Amygil'il-i amara, nil of hitler al- 
mond; ii«ed in coontetio. A., Lactic, 
HCjHjO,. a tiqiid coDtaiaing 3$ per cent. 

of absolute a«kl in 75 per cent, of water. 
I'loduccd ill the fcmentaliua of milk, 
(jcncrally ioood impure from subscijucnt 
fermcntaiioa except when fruhly made. 
Useful ill aiding dige^ diabeies, and 
as a Kilvent 0? (alte mcmtimnc in diph- 
theria. Dose 3ss-i&>. A., Muriatic. 
^cA.uilfyJnKAlatu . A., Nitric, IIMV 
a liijuid consisting <A oboui 64 per cent. 
at«oiuie add in 31 per cent, of water. 
The pure acid is colorless, finning, and 
highly cau^ic. A vny powerful cMrhuouc, 
used in cauIeri/Mion of chancres and 
phigfdrtiic ulce[\. A., Nit., Dilute, coo- 
tains 10 per cent, absolute odd. Dosa 
n^iij-»v, well diluted. A.. Nitro-hydro- 
chioric, At/ua Rfgia, a gohlen yellow, 
fuming mixture of 4 pans niiric and 15 of 
hydrochloric acid. A ready Mtrenl of 

CValnalile in affections of ihc liver. 
n\,v-xj(, very dilute. A-, Oleic. 
|{C„HgU,, a cc«utitueni acid prrsenl in 
many fatiand uJb. Clbtained in the niaou- 
faaure of sleotinc candles. Sohiblc in 
alcohol, hautA and llic eMcntiol otU; in- 
sotubte In water. Saponifies when heated 
with alkAtine haseiS. A.. Osmic, the 
oxid<.'uf eMiiiutn, uuetif the rarer ctciiiriits. 
Has been recommended for bypoderitiaiic 
use in tdstic*, Mrunons gtoxtd^ and can- 
cer. A., Oxalic, « cutorkw crystalline 
solid. Cjll,0,. obtained byireatingsawdnst 
with caufiitc soda and poiadt. In >j gr, 
dcwes a depremant lo rcMiratory centers. 
la large doses a vioieM poison. Ooof. A.| 
PhOBphoric. Ort/up/t^p/toric Arid, H,- 
}f\, cuitaini 50 per cenl. U ocid ono 
water. t~M value In stranioiu aifcuiQaSt 
and thotigbi lu be serviceable in dissoliriDg 
phosphotic demsiis. Has none of ibe 
eSects derived fhxD fr^^e pboephoras oc 
the hypofihosphiles. A., Phosphor.. Dll.i 
contains 10 pet cenl, of alsohite acid. 
DtxK ri[y~xxji. Sc« Saimm, Ft>lmimm, 
Cai<ium,ete. A., Picric. Cariau>ti( Aii4, 
CaII,(NO,|,0, obtained by the action 
Of nitric on caitotic acM. A satoratcd 
solution is d sunte value as a wa«h in ery- 
sipelas. An etcelteni Wsl for alUiinen and 
sugar in urine. Uooegr.v-sv, A.. Pjrro- 
gallie. Sec A.. GalFU. A.. Sulphu- 
ric, i>J! 0/ fi/rio/, H^SO,, a he«vy, odly. 
oocTCsivc iscid, mnuaing of not less than 
96 per ccnl_ aulphnric aiihyilnde and to 
(irr cent, of woier. Of value in lead pd- 
soning. Sometimes used as a cauitic. A.. 
Sulph., Dilute, conlaim 10 per ecnL 
strong acid to 90 of water. I'ot in_i~]i», 
well diluted A., Sulph., Aromatic, coo- 




UiiH 30[wrccni. add. dilulcil with nlcofaol 
ind Aavoml with diinnrnwi ^ai ginger. 
lto«« li\,v-\v. A.. Sulphurous, II^SUj, 
ft colorlru ncitl crintftitimg alxnil ^,4 per 
ccni. of Kul|i1)urvuF uib)<<lHdc in 96^ per 
cent. o( water. 1"hc aa (?>*>,) « a vcy 
vnlitalili* diunfnrliuit. ^Iie acid ix u>r<l a« 
a xpraf or loiion in difitlheria, xlcinaliiit, 
ftnd U II wash for tndwcnt and sfj^hiliiic 
nlcen. Tbe rancau h)'posu]philu an; 
tminly ntluable la tbu tbcy dri-omposc 
■nd give oH :tii1]iliur dioxide. Iftisr n^v~ 
Sj. See, aim, .^aAmw, Polatsium, nnd 
MagnmHm. A., Tannic, Tanmn, C„- 
Hjg( )., an lutnngenl and nhliunnl frriin 
nu^puN, occumng in yeltDWti>h, scaly 
oyM*]). Sulnble in wuiei mnd Klcohot. 
Intenwlly it i^ an nntiilotr in |iii«rining hy 
ftlkikIcii(L» and tutUr cmelig, snd id bcioor- 
rtioid^ And rniarrh of Tononu mcnibnine. 
U>cful mainly ai an a«trin{[cDt lotion in 
nuuiy &iun diseake^. L)ose gr. )-xx. A.. 
Tin., Unguent, a 10 |>rr cmi. oinnitent 
of the acid incrdiiorsicd with IvnioiUd 
lard. A.. Tan., Troches, each contain 
I gr. oT tannic acid. A., Tan,. Sup- 
poBtloriea, i pnrl of tnnnin lo loof luiiifr 
flf cacao. A., Tan., Glyceritc, 1 put 
tannin in 4 of gljcrrine. A., TarlaiiCt 
M, (■,!(,( >,, thp acid principle of the gnpe 
and many oihrr fruits. ObiAined in color- 
leia, lra^^pBm1t irryslab; cbicl'y cmplog^ 
innfrigmtntdiiokhand in hnkingpowden; 
ia graitu neutnJicc 27 of potosKiuiii dicar- 
bontnte, t2nf Kxliiini dicarhonair aitd \^% 
of ximmnniufn carinmntr. Itow RT, x-xxx. 

Acid'Al'bumin. A derived albumin. A 
protrid. having been acted u^kjii ut dia- 
KilTcd in tbc Kraognr acids, and >ielding 
an acid reaction. 

Aeidim'etty {txulmt, acid, ftrrpav, a 
ineaaiire|. Determinalion of the free acM 
bt a ■oiiuion, hy an acidimcttr. or by 
cbemical react inns. 

Acid Ptaenyl Sulphate. A solution of 
3 gnuBinea of phfn>:0 in 10 c.c. of slimiK 
inlphniic acid. I'wH (or the detection of 
nitraiet in water. 

Ac'idum. See And. 

Acine'sta (a, wilhoul, co^if, Ruition). A 
nofiM uxd 10 denote !«> of modon in 
any or ail pons of thr hody. Also, the 
inlerva] brtwreo cnn*r<^livc Ihroln of the 
lieiut. See ii!»o Diastoff. 

Acin'iform \<i^iuus, a grope). Grape-likf, 

Acinous {pi. attHt ). 'IV Mnallext lohules 
of coQKlumerale glands: th« »iccu)es of 
componnd ncemoie glands; the lobulct 
of the liver, He. 

Adcitocard'ia [MUtTB^, unclosed, KofAtt^ 
the hcail). A term applied to the imper- 
fect clockure of the foramen tnalca fiJnal 
c^icning between ihcauriclct of the heart, 
which prwentt perfect aerolwin of iha 
l>loo(1. It is thoughi to be coooccicd 
witli the disease variously known as 
cyauapoiky, " Blue £)bea»," " Blue Jaan- 
dicc,"' etc. 

Ac'me (<u//v, a poinlV The critical xloge 
of a cUtewe; llie crisis. The bitchcR 
pmnt or d<;gtec of anything. 

Ac'ne. Varus. A geneni) term u»ed to 
dnignate letioiu aniing from puuular 
inHommftliott nlioui the scboceoua glands 
and hnir follicles. The feirms ccMnnHinly 
dislinguithcd are A. JfcMfta, A. P'ari- 
ttltfarmis, and A, i'ulgat-ii. A. Ade- 
noid, a diucniinated A^nn of A- f'wA 
garh, q. v. A. Adolescenium. .Sec 
AtMr I 'nlgarii. A. Albida. Si-e .Vi'/i'* 
wwi. A. Atrophica. Sec Ame tariff. 
f«rmit^ A. Disseminata. .See Aea* 
Vulgarif. A. Hrythematoaa. Sec 
Acie Jtnatea. A. Frontalis. See 
Ante I'arwli/ivmii. A. Hypertrophica. 
H'hiit*}' .Vaif, an cxtrrmc drvrtnimrnl 
of A. A'aacca, f. f. A. Keloid. Sec 
DermatHit I'afiUatis Oiptiiilii. A. 
Keiatoaa, a iaivx of A. lui^mii, di»- 
tinguiihcd by a homy phig in the hair fol- 
licle. A. Rhinophyma, an extreme 
development of .^me fic>Mtei], f. v. A. 
Rosacea. » chronic congestion of the 
tkin and sul>cutitii(-0UB ttMue of the face, 
attended w itli seLonhwn, and ttsuIIidk to 
pennoneni rnsculor diUiaiion. May hyper- 
tiojihy tlic lilt and sides ot the nosc 
[A. iYfiertri^hiia, "whiskey uosc"), or 
expand it into n pendulouA tuiugr l,^. 
tAim»Jiliyma). A. Sebacca. See .V<ii"r- 
rAan. A. VarioliforraA. See AfoJiut- 
(Mm CoMtagtMum. A. Variolifomis 
(not to be cnnfuscd with A. i'arioJi- 
/brwf). A puslolor eruption conJtncd 
mainly lo the face and scalp, which 
Ir«Tr» pillrd AcarK. The pipnlr* and 
pustules are iiidutated ami grouped. A. 
Vulgaris, slone puck; mi intlAm- 
TiMlioD of the srbncrou!! glanda, arising 
from obitnictcd or reioiivcd MCiccion. 
(->ccur« mainly in children or yi>nih. 
Hay be indurated, punctate or pnUular 
in form. 

AccE'lius (a priv., KdJua, tb« belly). 
Without a brfly ; applied 10 tltowe ex- 
tremely cBuurialod. 

Acol'ogy (ouf. Keinedy. 3o}'ot, A dis* 
course). Tlie science of remedies. 




Aco'mU {wtftat, UM). VMattt. A 
grnernl term np(>tir(l In the ddKimcjr ot 
hair, aruin^ ftutu xdt caiue. 
Ac'ooite. <x A'conite. 
Aeon'num. Tlie rooc nf AtemUun na- 
friiut. PiNUCiites a liitter, jiutifrtnl Uuiv. 
frodnces mmbiMae wul pcriiMent lineline 
in Uk loogve and lip*. Vtolenity [misnn- 
uu*. Exerts pvM depreuwn of the heait, 
icsiiirettwi, arcnUtion and nerves. TIm 
aojvfpnncipte ii.-f<-<Hf(ftia/. Ilighl]rl«n«- 
TKia] in fi^vim, M'utc throal aifix'tioti* and 
tDflammatioii of the tci|Hratary oi^iui*. 
Dcue gr. &*-ij. A. Abstractum, ho* 
dmiMe (hr strei>j[tb vf Uie powdered drag 
orhs ftuirl est. IXMCgr. >^-j. A. Ex- 
tractum. TttMc gr. H-K- *. Esl. 
Fluid., hu a slien(itb of one drvp lo (he 
grain of powderc4l ding. l)o«c n\,>j-ii. 
A. TinCI., conlainA, acooile 40, lularic 
Ktd 04, alL-ghul too port!:. Docc n\,t{-i}. 
1'be foUowtng iu« unollicUl: Aconitfa 
(aconitine), aa Btnnipbom »tXtA. Dove gr. 
ils—^. Wf.w«t/i«.r, OA-cr/ww.aapcf cenl. 
Buotioa of acwiitine in cdcic add. A<//v/- 
VWa. IVw! gr. j— {. St. Jkcol>'K Oil, a 
weak aouuite liniment. 

Acor'mua (a, toptio^, the trunk). A n»n- 
Iter witltoul a trunk or bD<l]>. 

Ae'onit. See Ci/irMUf. 

Aeou'fncter. or Acouom'eter (ntniw, to 
bear, /jrrfKni, a meuurc). An imtninu-nt 
for mensorii^; the acnteuc&> of bouin^. 
■ Acotis'lic. Kebting lo the ear or tense 
of henrii^. A. Tetanus, the rwpidityof 
prepontioa, as ineuured bf the pilch of a 
<rU^ting rod. A. Nerve, (Xirtio inollU 
of ibe lerenth jKur. Si* S'rrwi. 

Acous'tics. ihe science of WMind, 

Acquired Movemcma. Tliose brought 
uKkr the inlluenceof the will onlf after 

I ^aeacmu9 anil nllentivc cflont and practice, 

' In dbtinction from reacquired movciaents. 
tboac rdnualed In tIteJr (onner {XDlio'enry 
aftrr injury lo the niukir refffom of the 

Acn'nu (a priv.. tpawiar. Hut iiknll). A 
noinlcr irill) [lautial cr cuo^letc aincnce 
of the crtnitun. 
|Acrarara'us [oupariia, wjthotit •ctrrngth, 
anfK/at^, nuduriticni). lauliililjr to mictu- 
rate from atony of the bbulder. 
iAcrodyn'l« {oKfioz, an cxtrenJty, oAw?, 
pain). A <li»nue closely allied to pellagra 
and CTKOliMa ; attended «'tlb acMe byper- 
irsihf^iA of the nolnu and soln, trauhles 
of tnUilil;, diaonJcrcd nulriliui of Ibc >km 
■od nuoous menibnLDe^, loUowed by an 

eryibemalouft erufMioa, with cxcew of dark 
brown pigmenlaiton. Thoufbtlo beamed 
by di»ea»«il gnun. 

Acro^elae i(i.vr,sbaip,«ArM«.oU). AoyHc 
Ablt^hyile. A highly volatile Ix^id hav- 
ing the compcaitioi) C,H/!); den*«l Irann 
the dcfiomposiuon or the deunictire dia- 
■illalion of gly^tine. 

Acromegalia (a«ptir,/ir^jir, large). Ab> 
normal development ci iIm extrcsUtie:!. 

ACTo'mlon ynKfc\\ a Bummit, uwc, tbe 
ttbouUler). Tbc triangnlar-ibapcd pmceaa 
at the Mimmit of the Kupubi, «»bicli fanns 
ibc RiL-iic-hmcnt of the deltoid mosclc. 

Acrompha'lua (ai4)in>,aci^3^, the navel). 
The center of the umbilicuf, \0 «-hit-h the 
cord is altncbnl. 

Acro'nyz (anfm-, «-t>e, a oail). The in- 
growing of the nail. 

Ac'rotiBni(a,withnut,Kpar(if, ttriking). A 
term nsed lo designate any defrctire beat- 
ing of ihc puUe. 

Aclin'ic jokti^. a tay). Rcfcrrirtg to U>o»e 
wave-lengilu of llie iveciruin cotrnpond- 
ing to the %-iolel and oltra-Tiolel jwls of 
ifae Mine which produce cbcnucal duogci 
■n the haloid »lu of silver, and arc tboe- 
fijre Talual>le iti [iiolograptiy. 

Actinom'yces (oarff, pt»o^. laucoiw). 
V<^-talile paniiites, tfae origtu of the dtE- 
n-te nt-tmamyt^ns. Colled also the Say 

Aciinomyoo^stK faer'c. pu«w. a fungus). 
A ponuilical, infeclious, tooculablc dJa- 
ca«r fiiat cbacm-d in csltlc, also in 
nun. due to the preaieuce, in abscRiSes 
ami uDUftO, of the IfptMhnx-itrfNittkrij:. 
Tbc moel Crrciucnt, and iikm4 curable, form 
is when the ahaceMes Torni nlxMt the jaws 
and terth. llic trcalment i> propfaybutJc, 
guarding. t>>- the dunce of meal and by iu 
proper cooking, agatnat the traasEnvnee of 
tbc {Mmutc ; and curative, tbe evacuation 
and aiit!»q>tjc treatment of abacesacs, &ia- 
OWA, carioiu teeth. He. What the jiani- 
vtx ha> found a nidiu in the lung^ or di- 
gestive tract, all treatoxni is so fax use- 

Actinoapo'ra Cboru'rtim. A parasitic 
fungus derck^ing 00 fwper and books. 

ActinoBO'a (nxrtc, fuoi-, an aatnul). One 
of ihr two diviuuns of (be oorlntlcrata, 
indudiog the mm anenwoes, Honc corsb, 
etc. : called alio anthoMS. 

Ac'tion (i^, tu do or perform). In 
pbyriology, a (em u&ed to denotr tbr 
function of an organ. A.. Reflex, a 
nunmnrnt of an oinn or pari of tbc body 
roulting froa an SBpreuioa earned by a 



•eiuory cr BScTtnt ncrre to * snbwdiD«te 
center, ftnd ttaen lesl back by mn dfcrrat 
ncTTc tn HORie point U or imr the iourcc 
of imtalion. 

Act^iv«. In laediciae, ■ l«nn appKvd to 
trnumem the nvent of pOMive. ihu U, 
where the paUhuliifiical t^nulJIiuiu an 
acWd upon ilitvctly rmiber thiui pwily 

Active Insufficiency of Muscles. Scc 

Act'ual Caut'«ry. Sfc Ciu/i-rr. 

Acu'ily {acHt; lo tJLaqK.-ii|. A(rutcn<^ (a 
cl«uii«u ot viiual ]x>wer in the pcrcep- 
lk>n oi imtiW or disUutt fibjecis. 

Acuprvs'aura {amt, ^tmtp, prmu; lo 
preu). Ad openilDD to stop bxroorrfaace 
or taenrj^Ui by the compnst^ion of a needle 
toMrted intu Oie li»ut^> upon irither Mile, 
eflh«r above or belnW Ibc resKl. 

Acupunct'uie (ariu, fi-'t^o. lo prtcVV 
runclure of the *kin or li^s^<: by owe or 
more needles for the relief of \mn, the 
exit of fluid, tbe ovgulalion of blood in 
an anewyMU, ttr. 

Acute' \iuui\. U»d of diitease, and 
signifying rapkl md acxerc onact, pro 
gTCM oiul (nnuiialion. Wbo) applied 
10 juln, »oan<l, viiiiod, ere, meant «arp. 

Acuienac'ulum. A needle-ltolder. 

Acute'nesB, Pertaining lo the nciilc '^ttf/t 
of a (liicaite. Kcfinriiii; tu visiuii, uicd »» 
R Kynuuyin for keenncst or acuity. 

Aeyanopa'ia. See Stuuht^ts. 

Aeyc'aia (a, withotil, ntfat^, pregnancy). 
Sterility of the female. 

Ad [/iJ, to). A Uuio prelix oi wards and 
lermk, lijjnifyinK /". ti'wan/, al, tie, AJ 
dtlvftdwHt lo fitiniind. Ad lihUttm^ U 
pleasure. <x. occordinjt to discretion. 

Ad, or Add. A OuntractioD of AtLir, or 
AiidUnr, meaning, add. or let there be 
inliUii : uml ill prt'icriutioii- writing. 

Adaci'ylous \a, witnout, Aannih^^. a 
fingn). WMwul fingers. In biology, 
cenaia cruitaccans the anns of which 
are without cUu-k. 

Ad'aro'B Apple. S«c Pomum AJami, 

Addcpha'gia. See itniimia. 

Ad'dison's Disease'. .Melatma «apTa> 
Roole. Dcmuio-neliuaia-nipni-renale, or 
cutis acn» (*' broneed skin"), a disease of 
the tuprA-reoal cwwhIcs, lirst deacribed l>y 
Dr. Addison, «aa dianaeriied by tuber- 
cular inlilltation of the Cnpsales, diMolora- 
tion of the skin, pn^eteravc an«mi4 nnil 
asthenia, ending in death from eshsas- 

Adduc'tion {iiMtttp, to hrtnt toward). 
Morrmcnig whereby a part Ts brought 
toward aootbcr or toward the median line 
of the Ijody. 

Adduct'or. Applied to uttacles efiecUng 

Adclomorph'ous. See Oe/omnr^Atms. 

Adcmo'nia (a, ih;/wvia^ trouble, disu<es»), 
.Vlcntal distress. 

A'den i|aitvi',aa acorn, a glawl). Aglowl, 
ft IhiIio. 

Adeiul'gift(adv)',aA}^,pain). Glandular 

Adcnecto'pia (ni*7". /Mrnrrvf, sway from 
s place). A condition in which the gliuid 
d<>.*» ni.l1 occupy il» |»uper posllion. 

Adenemphrax'is l'>''vi'and r/*fpafic to 
ol-smict;. Glandular obstruciiaii. 

Ade'nia See Lymfhoiitneaui. 

Aden'ifonn {b&iv, /^nna, resemblance). 
Of the ^ape of a KUnd ; KLanillike. 

Ad''enine (a^'iv. a xUnd, — ftr>t diicovered 
in pancreatic K'snds). A teuu-ntnaine, dli- 
covercd in iSSS l)y Ko^rtrl ; the »iinplest 
tueniber of the uric acid gruup of Iruco- 
nuiinea. A relation cxlhu tjelween hydro- 
cyanic acid and all the mcmliera oJ t!ii« 
tcniup, itiul the iMse Adcniuc rtccms to be 
formed by polymcri union of hydrocyanic 
acid. It occurs, with other l&iici, ta a tie* 
composition product of nucletn, and may 
be obtained from alt animal and vrgclahle 
tissues rich in nuck-ainl ct^lU. Il nisL* 
Iwsety in ilie liwr anil urine of k-uco- 
Cjrtbxmic iMients. w a rr^ull of tlie 
bieakins up of the nucUmtnl wliile blood 
corpuscles. It appears to l>e ncccMsry 
to the formoiion and building up of 
organic mattor, piayiti|> an important part, 
loKcthcr with nuanine, in th« phy&io- 
logical function of the cell nucleus. Noa- 
nut'lcalcrl ct'lll. though capalilc of bring, 
or.* incnixblc of repioductioa ; the nucleus 
appe&rt to he the scot of the functional 
ttiiviiy o( the cell, indrrd, of (he entire 
organism. Nuclcln, the parent of adc- 
ninrr and guanine, hot been credited 
with a direct rrlatioii to the reproductive 
powers of the cell. Adenine is twt poi- 
sonous, lis phy«iolagk&l actioa is no( 
delinilely known. 

Adeni'tis (uttfr and Hii, tnfiaDUiMtioa). 
IntlammAiioa of a gland. See AhA«. 

Ade'na-. A (ircelc prdix to denote rela> 
tion io,,-/4«M!r. 

Aden'ocele. Sec AJfi^nna. 

Adenodyn'ia. .See AJenatgia. 

Adcnog'raphy {af^vu. ypa^. to write). A 
treatise on the glandular sfAeau 




Ad'cnoid (a^.tidof, retembiftnce). Re- 
sanbUnc a itlaod. A. Body, ihr )>toi- 
Utc Kknd. A. Tts&ue. Sm /inimal 

Advnol-'ogy {wlti' and ^(^^.a discounc). 

Tn« scifncc of the sUuuluUu s^retcin. 
Adcno'ma («iV'><¥'B> tunw). A luraOT 

thai has wune from a Klmd, or cod- 

•tftuttd after the TTpe erf a acovDog 

pAdtnomyxo'iiia (uittp, ^vfq. raucous). A 

eonqxHtte {growth having the chaiactcisof 

atlnKKiu aiul nivxcniui. 
Adenop'athy lo^, :r<iA»f,diKa«e). DU- 

obc uf L>Und>. 
Adeiwipnl«|^inon (rirl^,fXr}-;tOT9). Stip- 

pauMtw tnflamiiMtion of a lyniphalic gUul 

OMiplicBttRg a woiiud. 
Ad e noaarcQ^ma (nitvi', Mn-tmta), A 

tniDor with the charnctm of utenotna and 


ening of a ^laiul, uiih or witliout svrcUing. 

Adcno'sea t'lA^'i- Chnmic almonnaliljr 
of (lie gloixlt. 

A'depa. I.«nl. IV fat olitab>«l from the 
alxliuiim of the pi);. Cotnpoaed at 18 
per nnl. Steonu aiid loarsBHi), aod 62 
per Knt. (Jcin. tortas 70 per cent of 
crratnm, and 80 of un](acnlum, a. v. A. 
Anserlnus, Eooae kkum. A. Betuoa- 
tUB concainii 2 per cent, of henuun. A. 
Ovillus, inutiuQ tud. Adipia Oleum, 
a lixcd uit eiimsted Eton lara. 

Adei'mia {a prir., iVpna, skin). Ab- 
menae or delect of the »k.m. 
f Adbe'tion \adkar9, lo liiick to). Abaor- 
■na) union uf two HiiEu>eji as a rr»uli of 
dhnsion, intlaianuuion, f/f-. A., Prifnarjr, 
called alvi IdaltH^ tiy firti fnieniii'M, and 
b« Immeiliatr L^um, a mrthod tif healing 
« woundi I>y the |>n:«luction of lytnph. 
tallowed liy the vaM-ulohulKm oivd dca- 
Irieation of the exudate. A., Secondary, 
or Healing 6y Src-fu/ Imttnlum, or by 
Grantilainm,\i that node of healing at- 
tended by (be pruduclioa of pu» and the 
fbnniuiun «f (tranuUtionk A. Plaster. 
See f.mfliitntm. 

Adhe'aive Plaster. Sec RtiinaaA Em- 
, Adlapbore'sia {a prir., itio^niu, to per- 
»}>irei. Ddicicnl iwcaL 

AdiapneuB'tia(<i,4ia<n<n^iopenpire). A 
word uied 10 dcootc Moppaf;v of perspi' 

Adiathe''si« (a. ita&tvt^. ooadition). A 
term used to denote a oaodhion or partic- 
uUr diMiK which it tMt oongcnitaL 

Ad'inine. See AJtmitu. 

Ad'iptc Acid, An oKidatioa product of 
the faiiy odtla, having the compasiilon 
C, 11 , „U, . It i> ditMMc and diatomic. 

Ad'ipoccrc yo-irjit, lat, tera, wax). A 
wax-like uibsiaace formed 1^ the expo- 
Mire of Boby tjwwe to muiitare, with the 
excliKioa of air, i. e., in the earth or under 
water. It coiiasts of the iany aciii« in 
combinalian with the alkdine eaxth^ and 
ammoaium. Iluman bodjea iu nwiat burial 
places often iroderso thia change. 

Adtpog'crtous [aJe/a, fal, xrm-n', to pro- 
(Ince). Ilui which j>rc4iKe:« tat and adi- 
pose tinur. 

Ad'ipoae. Fatly. A. Tlsaue. fat celb. 
tmiud by connective ti-oue; di^ributed 
dteniively through the liody. It » com- 
uottcd of triolein, tripaluuttDC and triftcor- 
ine, and it liquid during life or at the len- 
pcntnrc of the living body. 

Ad'juvant (d'/wfe, lo atsl^t). A nicdi- 
cine that aS'dr<ts the action of another to 
which It i» added. 

Adolea'cence li,/o/i^r(>, logfjo). Yomh, 
«■ Ih^ period between putter!;* an«l ma- 
lutity, UMiatly rcckoncil at extending in 
male* ftvm about 14 to 25 jrcan, and ia 
rruule^ friwn 12 to 21 . 

Ado'nia Eativa'lia. A pbni mudi used 
in Italy as a ardiac tonic. Similar pro- 
perties posicMed by .-t Ifrimlit IMne 
taliletpoonfiil of 3) to 3 xl. L-'noficial. 

Adoacula'tion (iii/, to, mfuUr, to kiss). 
Imiic-^Mikxi tiy cxtcmnt contaci withotd 

Adrc'iula (<»/. prv, ibe kidney). The 
tupr>-renjil ca[>aii(-». 

Adru'e. Anii-cnKiic root. Tbetootof (i^- 
/r/wr nrtifulatui. Strongly rrcommetided 

■ to cbrck blnck nmil of yvllow fever. Dose 
of the dd. cxL git. xx-nxx. Unof. 

Adult' ut4-'Ui--i\ logrow). MAture. 

Adultera'tion ithiH.'tr'i', lo counLericil). 
The mlinixtiin: of infenor, imfnre, inen, 
or leu valaatik iogrcdtenis to an Article 
for gain, dcccfition or conocalmml. Medi- 
cine*, winct, food*, etc.. ne largely odol- 
trraled, the laitri to a ithamrlrA^ cxirnl. 

Advance 'merit. .\n oprrxtion to rrtnedr 
:tt»biMiuu. generally in conjunciion witn 
lenclnmy, whrreliy the oppoiile lendoa 
frucn the over-acting one is alto col arid 
tffwgbt forward, $0 that, growing fatt in a 
mnre adroikceil pontkn. it ihall hare more 
power to net upon the globe oF the eye. 

Adventl'tla [aJfentlfius, foreign). The 
external eorering or coat of tbe Uood- 



Adventi'tiout. AcruUrntBl, foreign, nc- 
(]uirc(J, » oppovnl lo tisiunl vr hcrediury. 

Adjrna'mla (a priv,. ivva/mt, power), 
DehcienLy or Ion of vital or ii]DiK.itUr 

£dcES{['raphy [atdwt, the goierAtiv« 
otgmu, tfia^, id writr). A description 
ot (be geaerauw org^aaa. 

JEdaoVogy {iuAv<a, '■">"(, « diwourec). 
A irralinr or tiumugniph on tJlc organs gf 
ecQ g nUioo. 

^^^agra'pill (oif ||gcn. a^^xl, <i>p">C. b 
Willi eoal, ruioi, hair). InleMinnI concrr- 
don Mrmed of hair, found in aniouls and 
oocnsiooalty in nun, A t)croar. 

fgilopH (mf, oiii, rye). Ahiccw with per- 
fonUion u ibc inner contbiu ot the eye, 
!iii|i[xee(! lo be a mull of UcbrTmiil fiMulA. 
See AntMyl^M. 

A^Oph'ony (ojf. ^i^i;, the *oi«]. In 
KUwvItjIion, n Irrm mraning ii mciiliticiiliiun 
of liicucbu^>hony in wliicli ibc >'oicc aouods 
■harp and Ircmulous like tbut ot u kid. 

^Bquabil'iier just'o nift'jor, tx mi'nor 
Pel'via. See PthHt. 

A'iiralcd ('urp, the atmiwphereV Impfcg- 
n.ilnl cif ch.irgt-xl with CTrlwn oioxide. 

Aerhcemoctonia (mv^ va, at/M, blood, 
uTovof. killing). Death by the entrance of 
air into the vein*. 

ACro'biA (nQp, air, i^ior, life), The qaality 
of living in (he pri-jn-ncc of osygrn. A., 
Facultative, nmnally or usually tinx- 
robtc. but under certain dreuiiif<Uncc& 
ac<i,uiring irrol>ic power. 

ASro'btc. fViiainini; to mkrobcs reqiuring 
oxyi^o (air) in onjcr u> Urc 

jEroco'mia SclerocMpa. A Soutb AmFri> 
can plnnl, vrry popular lu s irniniy In 
lenrorrhn-a, dtairtKsa and albuminuria. It 
i> afilrin^i-iil. Unof, 

Aiiroin''eter \ta)i\, lurpeni, a mcuure). An 
instnuncnt lor asccfiainiu|; the density of 

ASrophv'bia {tvtp, ^^of, feiirV Dread 
of ft currctrt of air A ^mplom of hydro- 
pbotiin and hysteria. 

A^eroscopc (an>, arniriu, to obscrrcV An 
inHnHDent for (he enamination of air 
ditst. A1<o, m imtruioml for raitmatiTig 
the purity of the air. 

ACrotherapcu'tics. A inodc of treating 
tliariur by T»rying the prruaire or Uk 
compokilipn of the ur brtathcd. 

Aiineriver'iioti i<t^, miprw, to hold, nrfo, 
to turn). A tnrthod of arm>ling hxinor- 
rhage by everluig the cut end of an tulL-ty, 
invaginating Ibe tcskI in iticif and fixing 
tbc puts by a needle, 

^s'culin. A gliKoaidc in the bark of the 
bonw chestnut having ibe cvnipoMlim 

£a'thesin(ai0di^f(,aensibiltly). Aname 
given by Tbudicbuni lo on mhydiout 
covpotind of qihyngctfin and neurottcaric 
rihrr ncrtirriiijj in l«a>n-li)uiue. 

.^stbesioni^eter. An butniment for 
n>ea«iinng laciilc sensibility. 

^athesod'ic {aio#g«(c, oai(, path). R^ 
laiing to the gray subeionce of the card 
thai conducls sensory imprrt^M^s lo the 
bmin. KinrscxLic parU conduct the motor 
impulses from the ocnlen (o the muMrles. 

^stua'rium {-ntHi, heat). -A vngior luith. 
AI»o H stove HT>si|pird lo npply worm, dry 
air to all parts of the Uxly U the tome 

«'iher. Sec £fJifr. 

^tioKogy. Sec Etiohgy^ 

Aifcc'tioQ [a^iw, to affect). A synonym 
of di»cssc. 

Afferent (<ii/,lo,/>n>,1ocarTyTo). Atcm 
applied lo vesM*ls, nerves, i^c, thai con- 
vey ilicir corneals or impulses from ibe 
periphery lo the Center. An eficrcnl 
ncne, imiwlsr or current is in thr reverse 

Affin'ity {.ipnu, akin lo), Relntiotiship ; 
a syT>f>nym of ■llrarlicn. A,, Chemical, 
the force eieried at inappreciable dis- 
tances, and belviecn deliiiiti-' ami invwi- 
alilc weighls of two or more aimtitiing 
substances, whereby bodies of dis^milar 
natiiTc uuitc tu form new comprnnids. 
CoutnidtiliiiKuL&hed fiwn fohfiitM, vrbicb 
is on aDmction bclwecn moleeulet. A., 
Elective, llic [wcference of one sute 
stnuce ftir another r^ihrr thait fur n thini 
or fourth. 

Af 'fluit lu^(*», to flow t-wardi. The (low 
of the blood or other liijuid lu a ptuUirutar 

Affu'aioii {nffttniia, lo pour upon). I^]ur• 
ing water upon a sul.<M>-iDce (o cleanse it, 
or upon the liody in fevers to reduce lem- 
perainre and esim nervous syinptonM. 

African Lethargy. A "sleqinng side- 
ness " affecting negroes of the West 
Afrlcaii coMt. Increasing soiTiiiuIence is 
(he chuacterittic syn^Xom. Very fatal. 
Death after cmAciotion follows in from 
three lo wx monihs. The cause is un- 
known, ud poct-nxxicm ejutminaiion hat 
revealed Aniy bypencniii of the arachnoid. 
No iTMtincTit avails. 

Af'ler-birth. The popular designatiuii of 
llie [>lncenta. cord and membranes, aooe- 
litucB called the ifemnt/aut. 




Af'ier-hnagcs. Coniioued retinal bi- 
(imtionft after the Miintilu> at Uk l^t or 
lonife hit* ccucd U act. A juii/iw a/frr- 
n«MN(Y la • aica|ile proloa^iiiiua uf the *cn- 
Mijoa; a nf^oti-.t afttr-imagc is the op 
pcanncc of the inUM in coniplcfncnlary 
colon. Aftcf^wnaalloca maj' be alio m- 
p«riciK«<l with other scfues. 
After-pains. See /•«»*«. 
A r'ler •sensation. A Kiualioa kutiD); 

longer (hail the uiinuhi* prodiidnit it. 
AgaUc'tia (n, ;a>.a. nulk). P'ailnre or 
iiiMilficienCv uf the mUbci't milk aAcr 
chiUUrth. ' 
A|;«nMgeti'csis (ajo^wf, witbuut niar< 
nam, yrvm^, uencrMion). Ke|XudiiCtioa 
wilnout (eciinilauon, a», <-.f., by geniiM- 
liwi. Sec Parlhrm^ennis. 
A'gar-a'far. A CcT-ltm inoai. A kind of 
f^ue made from certain moases., lueil in 
medicine to make aiq^^xnitarie*, and in 
baiciniiotof^cal atwUea to tauke a wlutwo 
fat which nkitMirgaidjat ore bred or kept. 
Sec Gtlast. 
Agai'iclne. The active principle of ^far- 
bMi .hVwi. It baa proved loelul in the 
nichi sweats of phthisis, where alropia ba* 
fiulcd. Dose gr. ^(~|*|> Unof. 
Agar'icus. A ({enuk of the lamil^ oT 
Agnriciiu or fnu^hroc-m. 'Ilie ediUe va- 
rictj, A. Campestris, ik eharactcri/cd 
by a brownith coloi, which doci not 
change when cut, aad an agrmble Uste. 
A. Albus. longing Aftric. tnwr., t lutt- 
gas [j(U«Mlic upon ibe European larch; 
contains an alkakM agarkin and vgarie 
atid. Uicd as a dnabc |Mirgait*c. raluablc 
in nMitflweats. Dme |^. ixi-^j. A. 
Cbnnirconim. a paraoilJe luninn for- 
mefijr ibed for moxa, (T- "■ ^ioaked in so 
lotion of p(iUL'4^iiiiB nitrate H fomu tpnttk. 
A. Muicarius. a {niaoooins miulwDoiii. 
flonlainitq; an alkaloid muitarime, y. i'., 
a [lownful cardiac depr«9»ani. l>»e d 
die alkaloid {r. }i-^. Mus/anne nitrate, 
used hypodermicAlljr. Dose rt. ^^\- 
Aga. A period of life. The »^t- of 
ifdancy, up to the third jvsax of chltd- 
bood, from 3 to I3; of adukscencc, from 
abooi 13 lo 35; of roaiurity, frran 35 to 
50; of decline or anility, from 50 to 
death. The Kortl 'u> Miroctiiitri uiied lo de- 
note the la^ period nlonc. Other divi- 
ainot may be made, as, e. p., those of rm- 
bryontc life, of tmioatuiitv, of inaturil^r, 
of jterility, tie. 

Agcae'sia (n, yntet^, gcneratiooV A 
Icnn tcmewhal lootely nxA to designate 
i hnininpl or imperfect dcvclopuKoL Alw 

impolcnce and sterility. In hotaoy, Ibe 
aiicm^ dc'velojitnenl of the Rower. 

Agena Morbi. See M'rii. 

A^'gcnt (itfo, toact.lo do). A wbetanoe 
or fetce that by iu aciion cftcU changes 
in the human body. 

A^cu'sia {a, ynms, taate), Abolition of 
the iwntc of tarie. 

Aggluiina'ticm (•ii^/tf/ind, tu glue ttpoa 
or to). A joining tiigelher ; spnlied lo the 
healing of woundi-i ii ii caUcd im«w^- 
diatt, if In Ibe liM idtrnttod ; mt^itr. If 
throQgti the intcipoi<iti>jo of sobk sab- 
.«tance in the lip^ of thi^ wound. 

A^u'tinativea. IJatMUiicea widi adhe- 
iir« prcfiCTties, fitted to lel^a the edges 
of woattd» in apposition. Sadi are caout- 
chouc, colkxlion. *U. 

Ag(obu''Ua (d negative, and gMitltu, a 
globule}. A decmM? in the ipantily of 
red blood c«(puiclca, with corretpoudiug 
increate of icnun. 

Agloa'sia ^n priv.. y>4j(nia, ttK tooguc). 
Om|;enltal ah*encc of longiM. 

Ag-'minate Qlandc. See Glmdi, Pty- 

Ag''nail. Ilnngnul. 

Agna'thia (a ptrv-i yraWoc, a )aw). Al>- 
acnoc or defective development of Ibe 

-ago'ga, -agogues (njwyafi «« **»* 
leads). A sulh>, denoting agents thai 
drive oat other cubsutocca, as cmaieBa- 
gDguffi, Uthagogiec. Mr. 

Agonai^io'bia {nyvpa, a nutkct-placp, 
fA t>r, frar). A kymptolB of mriital dis 
cose characterized \ff a nortwd few of 
open placss or apaces. 

-agra l.srp<t) « auain). A Gtvck word 
added at a wiffia lo earions raota tu denote 
traurt, ttvtrt pain .' as podagra, Me, 

Agrain'inatiBin <■>, >Y>aMi«, a word). A 
[ilienumenaa di ophasiii cuntLslIng Id the 
inability 10 Ibna wonb graiamaiicany, or 
Ibe nipprcBUO of cectolD words of a 

Agraph'ia (a neg., T/ia*u,lD write). In- 
alality la ezpresB idcaa bjr writing. lo 
Mine cases not a «ngle tetter can be 
formed; in others, wonh, and a itumlvt 
of words, without meaniDg, can be wntleu. 
See Ap^Kuia. 

A'gria (ovfMcc, wild). A ccrUin puunlar 

Ag'rimony. The root of Agrimattia nt- 
ftUvria. A mtid ostringcnL Doew of Ad. 
ext. ^ »-ij. l.*nof. 

AROT''"* ("if""!'. rwUesa, vtya^. dc<T)- 
Low uf ilcep, ikejilcMtiaa, inwaiaia, f , v. 

AGUE 80 

A'gue {trnttm, sharps acnle, Fr. a^). 
Malarial or intennituni kttr, cturacter- 
izcA by paroxysms or itagca of chill, fever, 
ami swtNdintf *l renlail]' leCuTriuK times, 
uul fullowedliv an interval or intennj^&iL1ll 
whow length dctemrines the epitlin, ijuo 
litliui, (ntian, rU. In Mmir cues ihrcc is 
a (loubk parDxy^m, and huiw callnl, 
double qurjtiiilftn. double lenian, ffc. In 
dumb ague the pamxrttiii asv lauked. 
Splenic enlaiE<niu:nl follows a^ue, and i& 
called A.-cAke. A. •drop, a solution of 
Ibe ancntiite of noush, aiid for which 
Fowler'* &olutimi U »uKiiiut«d. 

AOanthus. The hark of vf. giaHdutoia, 
cominonly knowD a» Tre« uj Itcaveu. 
IVopcTtfes dae Id an oleoresin and a vola- 
tile oil. A nftu^ont and drastic puT|{ative, 
conMitutini; uii vKcellenI andielniinilu 
ngaimt tape wortn. A., ExL Sd., doK 
IH,x-3J, A., Tinct., dtBc "L^-Sy. 

AIli''huin ^negru nvtil, meiuiiiifi lo urai), 
A disease In Gumeu and Hindo»t«i, pe- 
cnliar to negroes, in which the little toes 
OTK slowly and Bpontancoutly anpuCated 
at about the di^io-planlar fold, "nie pro- 
oeu b very slow, does not aSe<X dUxt toes 
or p»ns, is unacaumgxinied by any coosti- 
lutknto) symptomi, and iu caiuc U un- 
known. Sumctimcs attacks the ereal foe. 

Air {atfi, from a^ to blow or Treatbe). 
The chief pan of the stniDsphrre. At- 
UMtpfUrir air eonsJ!43 of a misttue oS 77 
parts by weight, or 79. I9 t-y volume, of 
nitTDcm, and 23 puts by wcighi or 3o.St 
by v^aincof oxygen, with j 7 I06.3 pariA 
Of volmne of CO, in 10,000 pom. 100 
cwac inches wetfta 30.935 ^mm. The 
preaMTC of the air at sc-a-level it alwnit I4 V 
lbs. upon the sq. in. A., Complememal, 
is that thai can still l« inhaled after on 
ofdinnry iioptnlion. A., Reserve or 
Suppleinonial, ttut that can still be ex- 
h.tlcd a/lcr an finliiiaiy CKpiratiijii. A.. 
Residual, lhii< wliiizh remains tn the lunp 
after the nuisl complete cxptration poetiUe. 
A.. Tidal, that lolkCn in and ({iven oat al 
each retpirsliim. A. Veaiclea. the 
rounded tctminaiions of ibe UMichiul 
tubo. the alveoli. See Atnutpktn. 

Air-apace. A vgaat in tiMue filled wilh 
air « other piKs aririne frun ibe scpnra- 
tioo. rupliMV, or abicrpnon of cells. 

Ajo'wan. Ubhop's Werd. 'lite frciit ti 
A. Cannn. Otrminalii^ and anIiMifKic. 
liostieen rcratnmendn] incrdicdiArrhajA, 
etc. Dow of the Hd. exi n\,x-xxx. 

Akanthnthe'aia (tuuu^, a ihom, a/et^ 
oii, KOMtion). A tana of panrMhoia or 


pCTrerled sensalion in which ihcce b a 
reeling os of u tJtaqi point. 

Akfttapha'sia (a, vrithflW. Karofanii, to 
dFclarc). Inohtlily lo utter or la (mn a 
complete leiileoce, artring ftooi a tyotactic 
di^aihaim of specdi. 

Akin'caia (o ncg, amt, loset in motion). 
Alcvnce or imperfectiou of iDovciacnt. 
Api'lied lo the heait's diastole. 

Akroposthi'tis {umio^.ymnt,roaBia,lon' 
skin). Inilsnunutunofihe Ibreslun. See 

Akyanops'ia. Sec BUndartt. 

Al , llie .\tabic definite anick, tht. Pre- 
tixed 10 many words Ui designate preemi- 
nence, •■/<-., as alkali, nlcubul. tn cbcnii- 
cal nomeoclaturc it is used as a sufTix to 
denote stmilaiity to or derivation from an 
uldefayd. as dllond, butyrol. ele. 

K*\m (1^. of ata, a wing). Applied to 
various wing-shoued ports or appendages. 
A. Auria.^e pimiuof Iheear. A. Naal. 
tlie lateral canilago of the nose. A. 
Vespeiltlionis. the btoud Imomcnls of 
[he uleru*. A. Vulvae, the lafaia ul t)ie 
pudendum. Ap[>lied also lo the arm|Hts, 
piuts of the splienuid. vomer, etc 

Alalia (a m^'.. raktu, lo talk>. Impairrd 
or lost ardculation inxa jianlysis of the 
muscles of speech. 

Alar ('//h, winn). Wingtike. A. Ltga- 
mcnts, Inteml synnviA! folds of the lign- 
merit of tlie kiK-e joint. A. Odontoid 
Ligaments, lott-ral li);iuiicnls oC the 
odonliiid |>mce).c Alaria ossa, lateral 
prccc**f» of the sphctiuid bone. Alarcs 
mutculi, the pterygoid routclrs. 

Al'bicans (rt/i^v. lo grow white), white. 
Applial lo the torpofa ai/iuaMlia al IW 
hiwo of the brain. 

Arbiniim {a/im, white). Congenital 
Irucoilctnia, congenital leucopisihia, con- 
grnilal tLchn>ma. The cxigeiiiul absence 
or alittomuil dchcicncy of jiigmcnt in ibc 
■kill and othrr tixviirs. May \ir Comi>lete 
gr partial. In complete albinism, [Hltc is 
a loul absence of pigmentation in huii', 
skill, iri« and ehcroid cCMt. 

Albugin'ea {alfms). White, or whitish. 
A. Ocull, the soliTOtic coal of the eye. 
A. Ovarii, and Icatis, the tunica albu- 
Einea of the ovnry and testicle. 

An instrvmcnl kn the quaatitalive estiau- 
lion of albumin in mine. 

Al'bumin {n/fiui, nIiiii:V A protelil mh- 
Bloiice, the chief conf<iiuent tA the body, 
lis molecule is highly complex and varii.-s 
widely within certain limits in diffiirent 




CMVins tnd oDndidoiu. It caobuns tbe 
fcutowinK poTciilaf^: Cvboo $2.J to 
S4-S • li]rdraK«n 6.9 10 7.3 1 niavs«n 154 
to 16.5; oxTpn 36.9 to 2y$; sulphur lo 3.0. lu ap(i[0»iniittc ruruiulit ii 
C»H,„N„O^S. Tlie while of eag, oflen 
cuku oltHimin, is very loi^Iy composed 
of k. (Mttt variclits «rc cullol «fter 
tbdr Boufccs or cbaracterbiic mkcUooi, as 
■cid-albumin, alkali-albuinin, musde-, m- 
turn-, ovum-, v«i;ttubl«<, albuirUD, fir. 
A.. Circulating. Sim foundiotlve fiuitUof 
■he body. A., Organic, ibai forming an 
ini«(;n] port of line tiMu«- Set, nliu. 
Fronds and Xaiht A/iumim. 
Albu'minatc. The CDmpotind o( albumin 
mad certain bnses, as alDuminate o^ iiun, 
cr of Iron uid pounhim, tfe. 
\lbu'miiMiiid {alhumia, ti^, form). Rc- 
Kiablh^f albumin. Applied to c«n>ia 
oomfxwndii iMtrhig many of the choncter- 
iattd rt allniiiun. 
fAlbu'tnlnoida. Suhuances reeeinbUim 
Inie proieids bi tbeir ohgin and composi- 
\MM- They ore amorphous noo-cryslaJIinc 
coUoids, vccurriiijE as otjranited oonMJta- 
enll of tbe tisiuei, oiwl also in lluld form. 
Mncin, Nuclein, Ker4tin, Fiinuin, Span* 
gin. Elaaiin, Celaib, Cbondrin, tic, are 
Ibe pnncipal merabcn of tlie group. 
Albuminu'ria {a/fiMmm aod oi^xn-, urine). 
The prcKnK of albauiiii In tbe urine. 
Tlie trrm '\s w* tiour used, u il formerly 
■n*, a* lyitufiyiDout with BrijjhI's diaeaftc. 
\. Albiunin in ibe unnc may rc^culi tnm a 
luunbcr of cau.KS. e.i^., mechanical intet- 
lercncc with renal circulation ; fiinn toaic 
kulrgoncei in the blood : from chanji^ei in 
the liland due to varim» di'ieaso; from 
I'lesioitt and diteosei of ll>e ki'.biey* (iKin- 
f-ttHtta, ftt. A.. Testa of. ?n:t Ai/tumi- 
iitg, £fAae*'i M^thtd, l/fUrr, Pitrit AdJ, 
JPitiertt' Htagetit, 7'aMret. 
' fbumosca. The lint products of the 
BpNttinR up of pnMeids by enzyne&, inter- 
mediate between the food albuinin.-> and ihe 
typical peptonrv After (lie pmrijiilotiua 
and filtering off of ihe pata -peiitODes, e. g.. 
In the pejilic digettion of hbnn, the clear 
aolution uf aibumLBO tbui oUnincd, treated 
■with Mdtum dilori<le, yield* in ptecipitaie 
fbnn, I'ro/o-d/tmmMt, Dys-aJ^uniMf and 
JfibTvitihimDsr ; a foutth, Dtnterv-tUitt- 
mMf, retnalfis In solution. The De«t«ro- 
albuovuc is the nearest to peptones. A., 
Vegetable. See J'Aytalttiauan. 
AKchomy (Arabic, of doubtful derivation). 
The ^u[:f)ascd art of the transmutation of 

metals (into t|okl> and of Andb^ a Teine<ty 
Ibc all di»caMa. Modem chemtklry \% ihc 
devclopoient of thift chinencal mcdianral 

Al'cohol (^Arab. al, tbe, itJkat, '■nely pow- 
dered anlimony), Etliyl alcohol. C^nJ^X 
A ti<iaicl oblftUKd by ihe di.-<t)lUlion of tcr 
mcnted |iT*u> or staidiy Mitntaiicc. Used 
in pharmacy a> a wlvent for reabu, and aa 
a nue for iJl tinctures. CiomRiercial alco- 
hol oocilains 9 1 |>cr cent, of abtalute ako- 
hoi, with 9 per cent, of water. Is in- 
ftunmable, colorless, and poaieKe^ a pun- 
([eiitodo* and bnniine taste. SouMiimcs 
used eaiemAlly as a stimulant lotion. In- 
tennlly, it ii a powerful cerebral cxrilant ; 
in UrfiedoMi^adeurvuanl.naK'otic fomm, 
producing muscular incodrdination, ddi- 
tium and coma. A food withm tbe Ihnita 
of 3J-Jj per daj; continned use ii 
apt to renih In epilepsy, amblyopia and 
insanity, tn Harm of wine, whulcy or 
braniljr, il i» invalualile io di))htheria, ady- 
namic lercrs, and polMHiIng br aiidiae 
dcprntants. A., Absolute, spintconlain- 
Ing no water. A., Ethyl. See AU^ul, 
A., Methyl, CH/), commonly known a.t 
" Wood S|]iiil." A., Amyl, t-jH,,0, 00m- 
monly lumwu as ■* (VitKo Spint" and 
- Kusel Oil." A., Pbenlc. .See Atid 
CarMie. A., Dilute, ccmipoaed of equal 
parti each of oUubol and water. 

Al'coholism. I'hc niorliid resulttof e>- 
cri4i«c or (wolonj^ use of aloobolic 
li<[uon.. Tlie term acute A. has been 
vtUd as a iynonym lor inebrirty. The 
chronic ibrin ia OMOciatcd with leverc 
lesions or diMorbances of the dige.siive, 
mjitiBlory aiiR nerrom lyslvnu. Deliiinm 
tremens ik a coramoo fCfult of alcolioliua. 

Al'dehyde \^ai, the firx syllable of alco- 
hol, dfhyd, from Jekyjnttin). Alctdiol 
deprived of two oloins of hydrof^, or 
<i<-<nr aUtky^e. It is a colorlew, llmiiid 
Ii<)uid, with a charartrrittic odor, having 
the compmitlon C^,0. lutenially k 
producers intoxication, amesthcaia and aa 
phyiio. A., BcnSMC, the oil of Uuer 
almonds, C,II/}. Chemically, ibe alde- 
hydes are bodies containu^ the £nMp CO, 
OKWcialcd with a monatoniic aI«ibol radi* 
cal, and with hydroitcn. lliey ore easily 
convened into tbe convspondini; add tq* 
oxidation, 01 into llir votretpundtng alco- 
hols by natceai bydronen, Tbey arc 
powerful reducers. 

Ale. An alcoluilti: bcrcrafp: brewed Irom 
malt and I»op». It co>tUin& fioni ,[(07 
pec ocoi. of alcohol. Sec J£ji'/ Litiuart. 



AlevKbic (Anbi af, nu8if, * cap). A 
T«u«l uted for dUtillMioo. 

Alsp'po BoQ, or EviL See Fkntneulm 

Al«'triB. SioT Gnw, UnKtim Root, Star- 
wort, Colic Kooi. Tht root of A. /arincsa. 
Toiiic, <liuirtic iumI aiitlicliaiiilic. Korm^rly 

■ [lojnilar ilonmuc rmucdj' in colic, dfoiwy 
And chronic rtieuDUtL<in. Ooic ot Ad. cit. 
THk— XIX ; of alffriHf the extractive, gr, 

Aletan'der's Operation. Aa opentkm 
aM*i*Uii|[ in »bort«ii»|[ ibc (duimI Ug&m^iit 
of lh« ueru In order lo Mng the wcrus 
into Its noruHl poution. 

Alcx'i* {u, X/^if.wunJ). Word-biiiulncu. 
A iotm of ftpbaiia *ai » ^pwul type oT 
psfctiicftl blindness, in which the jMiicnc 
Is un^l« to recDgaiie orditiwy wriiwn or 
printed chM&Oen. 

AlexipbUTn'ie (a^^, lo repel, pap/jaum; 

■ drug). A incdidiie neutndtting n poi- 

Alexipyret'lc {a^Jju, jrvptrof, m frver). 
A febrUuge. 

Alese' {a^Su. lo protect). A cloth to 
protect uie bed Irooi bccufoing lotlcd (ram 
excreta, e/r. 

AI'^K yal^ar, coldneu). A group of 
acctylolniKias planU, of Mmplc rq^^able 
construction, living locotly in ttic wat<.T. 

AI'earoth(ll. .V/<imVA,tb(! VLToriew |>hy 
lician). A noinc fucmrrly Used lo d»ig- 
aate ui oxychlDride of onliiiKny. 

Alge'do \n>.-/o^^ jauQ). A aame applied to 
■crcie \vsi\ in ibe generalirc and ciLimd- 
inc Hi uie uriiiuy Ofgaitt, wiaetiinex ariung 

•algia {nXyai^. A sniiix QenoUng pain, 
ai oiluiitalgu, Ticiualgia, etc. 

Algid {.tJ^i/Mi, citM). Olid, chilly. A. 
Fever, a (Knticiout iulriniittciit fercr, with 
great coldn<ri« of ihc surface of the body. 
A. Cholera, Ajualic cliolrra. 

Allena'tion {a/iritc, lo writlulraw). Men- 
ial derangement, iruanity. 

Alicniat. Oni^ who Ireat* mental diieaxs; 
a u)ccinti^t in the tfentntviit uf iAuuiit)'. 

At'lment {a/im^nMm, fron aie, lo nour- 
i«h). Nuumlitoent. food. A subatancc 
(hat, atied upon by the di|[««liTe and a»- 
simiUttire origans, )iclds the MUices and 
repair) the luMd of heat, forc« or ihc ii^ 
su-i uf ilie body. 

Aliment'ary. Noamhing. A. Bolus. 
thr luul aApT ronslicatkiii aiu\ just ytiat 
to ivratlowlnG. A. Tube. System, or 
Canal, the digo^ivc tube from the lips to 
the aniu, with its acccMucjr glaadi. 

Alimenta'tion. Tlie proccstof tbemc^ 
tioa and convoMon of (bod into matenal 
III for aoari&bneut 

Al'iaafine. The red ooloring priiKiple 
occurring in ihc tmddgr plant, A'u^ta hnf' 
tmum, and in anthmcenc, a cual-iai pro- 
duct, lucompc^ilion i* C,,li,0,. 

Al'lrali (And). »/, and iati, ibe plojit from 
a-hich toda was fint olAaincd). The tcno 
includes (he bfdratcd oxide* of (he alkali 
metals; these are clFclro-ponkive, are 
atrong bates, uniLing with oddt to fenn 
ttlli, turn red litirniu tilur and Mponify 
iaii. A., Caustic (wmuIIv potaxh), whm 
so concentrated at to pobscss cau»lic pn>- 
pcrtict; pdaib and vAu, arc called fited 
alkalies, because pemianenily solid ; toda 
is called a mineral, potash a vegeoJile, 
and acomonia a Tolaiita alkali. 

Al'kall- Albumin. A derived albiirain; 
a uniteiil having l«cil acted upon by dilate 
nlkalio uiid yirliiiiig an alkaline reactioa. 

Aikalim'eter (a/ia!i. and pxtptu, lo me^ 
tan: \. Alkalimetry, the mea*urenienl of 
tlie anvjunt of an alkali iu a Hdi%lance. 

Al'kaloid \aliali and (tiJof, tikcneu). 
kncmtiiii^ an alkAli. Tlic alkaloid* are 
Dil^Dc«1c•u^ ucganic compounds, ba«ic nod 
alkaline In chatacler, highly complex in 
chEniical canitilutinci and iivually of vege- 
table origin. Moat are solid and cryKlal- 
liable; but nlootin ond concin arc lii|uld. 
Mwt are todc A., Putr«bctive- See 

Ai'kanet (Arab, a/ianaJi, a need). The 
nxit of /4Mi-iuiit tittftoria, now uxed in 
medicine as a coloring moteriaL 

AUanti'aais (aJ>JLaf, a snuiagc^. Sausage 
TaiiwniitiK, doe la jnilrerictivc tWij^c* to 
unpcKeclly cured &aciinge&, oi in tboM 
nude ftotn bad materials, 

AUant'oin. C.H.X/J,. Ocuri in 
tracca In norma) urine, and prepared from 
uric acid by onidalion ptoc«»ci. 

AUant'oia {aXAa(, tiic^, like). One uf 
tlic ftial ap«endagea or m>cnhran««, de- 
rived ftum loe mooblodic and hyjxibla*- 
ik layers. Iti fuiKtiga is lo convey the 
blood rcMels to Ihc chorion. The lower 
p*r1 finally becinncA the bladder, the rest, 
the urnchut. 

Allant'o-tox'icon (aM«r, rtfamt, a pol- 
au«i), A name applied (oa poiloaonx »ub- 
Aance. prolaii^y a ptomaine, which dcrcl- 

T during the pulrrfacttre fcrmentolion 
"auxoge, e»{Kcially that made of blood 
ai)d liver. 

Allen's Test fo<r Zinc. A few drepa of 
piXojMuum fcrrvcyanidc added lo boiling 



inter ati|[lilly alka]in« jriebb a. white pre- 
'duiute ii tiaQ lie prvseni. 

lia'ceous ^^///wm, garlic). Ruaahling 
, gallic or j)Crtaiiiiiij[ lu the sauK. 
' 'UgtiXoi Pew. The seeds of Ptrtfa 

\ frMiiiima. or Aroculo pear. A Mexican 
mnedjr fur iiitcm:iMlil ucitral^fia, awl, in* 
lentally, ua antltelmintic (^), Dose, ia- 
tleniAUy, of the lid. »t. n^xxx-7j. 
' llioro (ak-ru, Lu avuwl). Garlic. Tlic 
L«]lpof.4. i&thwn. CooUliu a (>ujij;cfi( 
-vola(ilc oil (allj'I suJphide), wliich U bund 
■bo ill (be kek and Uie omoa. Tbc (uben 
cf cttch are tiMd twdi aa a flood and as a 
condtmcnl, and are ftlinulanb h> digeUion. 

[' A. Syr,, contaiu, garlic 15, «u|[ar 60, dil. 
acetic aad 40 pans. Done SJ-.S '*■ 
AUochi'rui (n^-^, olber, ^ti/i, huid). 
Kti iiiriei[ueui tabetic »yin]>(o<n, iu vliicb. 
If one ejttRnutr be pricked, the patient 
loctttes ibe ieoMtitm in the concipniding 
ncnihcT cf the oihet tide. The l>e((ct 
luunc, allttithftiiiy hu been snggeited. 
^llop'athjr (o2«inf, other, vaAit;, affrciion). 
'. According to Hahncniaan, the inventor of 
< Ok Icno, that method of the Ireatmrnt of 
diKMK i-on>isUut; >n the us« of mcdiciDcs 
vhow actidD upon Ihc body in health pro- 
dncca morUd jilienomena difbYcnt uoni 
tboae gf the <UMa«« trenied. C^po«ed to 
homcBOpaihr. It oeed hardly be uid ibal 
IDOdera KicnlifiC mcdioinc is Iwsed xupati 
HO sovli Iheory, or deTiDiiion, m that &up- 

J plied by bomrnipnthv. Sec K^^far. 
AUochylb'mia («^<>r, pf/'oc, rbytbin). 
Varialkw in imenral of tbc puUc. Soe 
Piihi and Pu/sm. 

tnoph'agy (n>)^Dr})Mr, strantir, ^}ru, 
to eoiV Dqiiaved or unnatunU appMite. 
The Italian epidetnie disease called /fVo, 

|Alh>l'ropt9in {aX>j>r, r/w-of, meihod}. 
The Drrm exprcMcs the fact of cotain 
cUmeoti coining in two or Aore coodi- 
(KXttwiih 'liAetvnceaorphy'fticalprDpeniei- 
Thii'i ciHsm illustratB ilIotroiiiaBi by ex- 
blingt iu the Uyina of charcoal, plumbago, 
'and ibc diamcnd. See homrrie. 

fAUox^an. An oiidalion pruluct <C,H|- 
N,(*4) of ufic ncid. I^iUeKt into nhnxanic 
acid, r,N,ll/ >, by tlte action of alknUc^. 
Occurs in the intottnal laaciu in caie of 
dianlt !■«. 

, All'spicc. Sec Pinirnla, 

lAJIyi. C,H^. A Don xiitiimt«d uninknl 
alcohol (lulical of (tie oib n/4.»ncd from 
alliiu:cciu> pJanli. A. Alcohol, C,lf, lit), 
UiH. A. Sulphtde,(C,l(j)^ (be ci»en- 
tial oil of garlK. 


AI'men'a Teat. A te>t (or bxtnwlobtn 
or blood in oriae. Add to arinc vc*bly 
prepaivd (inctitrr of guaiocuni and om>- 
oiied L-lltcr; a blue color indicate* tbc 
prei^ncc of blood. 

Al'mond. See Amy^^dala. 

Al'nua. Aldec Bark, The Inrk of the 
Ametkon Alder. A. Semilata, containa 
tannic acid. Decoction ol t«rk imd leaTca 
t* au>tTtii);eiit, luid uied aa a gargle and aa 
a lotion for wouotla and ulc^i. Doae of 
powdered bark gr. x. 

Al'oc (o^oQ. gcu. a>y<H). ToK inopiuated 
Jtsice of fcw-ral specie? of nloe. of which 
the A. .Sofotrjaa, A. Sarbaiirnsii, and 
A. Ctrptmit are nott commoolr tvicd. 
Propeitics doe to a ehMonde, aJ^-in. A 
tonic Rttringmt, oiwiul in ameoonlMra, 
chnmic coiutipation, and aUntic dyif>cpi>-ia. 
I)0M gr. j-T. A. PuriRcata, the com- 
tnon drug puiifiMl by lolulian in alcohol 
and crapotalioo. Dw«gr. j-v. A. Ext. 
Aquosum, prepared hy mining I with 
■c pnrlt iMsUittg water, utrauiinf; and eTa|»- 
niing. Dose gr. t^r. A., Tinci., con- 
kisli of aloes 10, glyc^nhii-a lo, dil. alco- 
hol too pBiti. uiwc 3w*-Sij. A. et 
Myn-fa, Tinct.. aloes lo, rayrni 10, oloo- 
hoi too pajt». lioKju-^ij. A.,Vin.t 
baa aloe* 6, cardamoa I, ginger I, »tr. 
while wine too parts. U«»e Jj-Ji*. 
A.. Pil-. alon and aoapU gr. ij. A. et 
Aaafoetida, Pil., aloe* and aMJielida aa 
gr. 11^. A. et Peiri. Pil., cootafau gr. j 
each of ak<r» and fmou* wlpliate inccvpo- 
raled with conlrction of rosci. A. et 
Mastich, " 1 viy Wclwtcr's " pill, coniairu 
each alor* ^. iJ. mattich sod red nnc gr. 
tt. A.ct Myrrh, Pil., contsou each aloa 
gr. ij, myrrh, gr. j, aromatic powder gr. as, 
miietl with >yiup- A. et CanellK, Pulv., 
coniaiiu powdered batk of Camella alia. 
I-icwe gr. v-xx. 

Aloin. .Sec Alitr, 

Alope'cia (n>4.r^, a fox). A ecMral 
Irmi to dcnignale nil iovnu of budnoa. 
May be congenital, xenile, kliopalhic pre- 
niatuTC, or lyniptonwtic premature. A. 
Area'ta, Puniga Dftah^atu, Tinea De- 
iitk''3ui, Arra irtii. A. Circuinspecta, 
an atiDpliic a/Tection of the hair marked 
by the a|<pestancc of drcunucnhed bald 
vpots. It KMnetimet affect* the lj«xd, eye- 
Inowi and pobes, and 'u- Oicusht to \x ago- 
parasitic. A. Pityro'des UmveraaltB. 
See SttiMthiiii. 

Al''pha-Oxynaphtho-'ic Acid. A deri- 
vative of napbthot. Soluble In glyccrioe 
and oil> only. A dLuitlectaiit. Uao6kML 




Alsto'nia Constricts. Sec Diua H.\rk. 
Altera'tion Theory. See Digrrentt 

Al'teratlve (j^/r, uiothcr). A mediritie 
llut nltcn the proccun nf nulntion Mid 
excrcClun, latonnK, ia lutiw uiiknowi] way, 
nn<I Without r«n.iihk crvacuntioii, ihe iior- 
tmiL fuactidiviurau aqjan ur uf tlic ^plbcxn. 
It ytxva to be a neceuorr ur cutimucni 
Icrm covering our ignranncc of the madui 
ofvranJi cA certain nioliciiieit, m mercury, 
iodine, eU. A. Coinpuund, n doroatic 
mneAj coruinling r>l tainlioo, bner'toot, 
•tillingia, Innlock-roiit, and poke ■ root, lut 
fl. est. jiij. prickly «sli Wk fl. exL^j. 
RecommcBiieil tiy Sinu in scnrulout anec- 

Altenu'iions of Generation. Thut form 
of nrjiCDiliictinn in which xntii; of the 
tiKnitpcn fff ihe cycle tail jitutlucc new 
Ixring^ non-Mtnally, vrhile in Ihi- ttniil vlnge 
ie|)iVHla(.lion i* nlurays xe.vual. T-cnia or 

l|ft|K^wunn, is an exanijilc Tlie u-gment*. 
>'»-^Viifl'(iii'j, BPc h(^rTna|)hro(lilc, und are 
eractutted with the faxta. From the egg, 
feitiliicil after it U thed, ii developed 
the emhryn, ih.ic \a !t«-nl)nwe<l l>y another 
animal, in whnwr ti^^ue» it form» an en> 
cpted aUtBC {Cy.'litftMi, Caritunu, or 
£eMiiwee<em). To undergo (onher de- 
Tclopraenl the cyiticcrvu-i nia»L liad an- 
other IkOM, where it ibia> new m^- 

Atthz'a. Marsh -mallow. Hic {jcckd root 
of ft. •.■^(inalls, a plant of llie nrnlluw 
fiimily. C'^nnsisu about one -third of re^e' 
talJr mucus and slarch, to)[elbcr wiuU the 
aUtaloids Atpantgin and Allheii*. £m 
ployed as a nuciUginowi drink. A. 
Syrupi. contains 4 {kt cinl. al[|u.-a. Doae 
iitde^inilc- Atf«"->s:in pM^eMes wdalive 
and diuretic properties. Useful in a>citei 
anil t;oui. Dow if' <]-<■]. 

Al''un] ot Al'umeD. See A!»mimitm. 

Alumio'ium. Al = a7. QmutliviiteDce 11, 
IV. A Mkcr while meial didiimuijihed 
by iu tow spcd^c ^rarity, i^jduI z.6. A. 
Hydrate, Al,f,IIO|,. a ta^iirkM wTijic 
powder, fethly o^uiij^iK. IJin« kt- i<i- 
XX. A. Sulphate, A1,(SO,)j. an anti- 
septic and lotriiigi^iil mml a> • Imitiri in 
S l>(.-r ct^nL soluiiun. A. Poiaasium 
Sulphate, KjAl,(SU^),, alum of com 
iBcrcc, a valuable utnogent oird in ca- 
UjHi, leoconliixgL, |p>i)uniiaea. Dose ^. 
x-%x. In teupoonful doses, an emetic. 
A. Bxsiccatum, alma deprived of it> 
wMet of crystallicaika. Dote CT. x~xx. 
Used also as an escharolic. A. Aceute, 

unof. : a dbinfectonL A. Acctotannite, 
unof. ; n ilixinlcctaiil. 

Al'tim Root, 'riie root of Htu^htra 
ttmi-n(inia. IVopertin diie to gallic and 
tnnnii: acids. Very lulringcnl. iJuw of 
(1(1. cxt. git \-XK. Unof. 

Alve'oUr {.th-^u4, a small holhivr), IVr- 
Liitiing tn tJie alveoli ot lodnrti of the 
teeth. A. Abscess, n gum-boiL A. 
Arch, the alvcolnr surface of ihe i^w. A. 
Artery, a liriuich of the intemiii maxillary. 
A. Process, the liorrler of the superior 
mantilla in which ihc alveoli are [Jaccd. 

Alveola 'rium (aA.rui, a bce-hivcV A 
namt: soax-times ajiplied to the exieroa] 
nua/tti oi ihc ear. it a 10 called liecauM 
the wax of the ear gotlicra in that place. 

Alve'olex. An extniciiw tnxa SiifAoriia 
At/rm/jXii, having diuretic propertio. It 
i» hij^hly rvcumnieiide*! as a to[HCal bjijjU- 
caiion in cancer. Unof. 

Alve'olus, ))l. Alveoli. The bony joclcet 
ol'alotiUi. A. of the Stomach, or the 
oAva/ar siru-'futfs, arc (lejircMcna, like 
haneycom)' ccIIk, funiid in tJie btomacb, 
inlet(ine« ami (e»o|)hagu». A. of the 
Lungt, are the air cells. A. of Glands, 
the ultjtnnte »aci of a racenunc gland. 

Al'veus ('lA'TMJ, alioagh). Airuugh.toltt 
or canal, sjiplied to ducu and veuela of 
the liuly. A. Communis, the utricle. 
A. Hippocampi, certain %tnK.'ture« in the 
cerebral hemiijibereti. 

Al'vitte (•lA'jiU, the lelly). Peitaining lu 
the belly. A. Discfasiges, Uie tixa. 

AI'vus. llie belly, or iu cnntcnb. 

Am^adou. Geman tinder or toui-titruud, 
a fungus found on old uee-tiunhs, u^ lo 
stanch local henmtrhaec, as a dni&sing of 
wtnundit, ftc. 

Amal'ga^ (ofja, lUBrtbcf, ^ywu,lo wedj. 
A comhination of mercwry with uny olbcr 
metal, u«ed for tilling teeth. 

Ama'ra {amaruft bitter). Bittos. 

Amaranth'us Spino'sa. Fn»h root d 
\\k shrub uv^I in India as a speciiic in 
gonnrrhtcj. Dose indeAnHc. Unof. 

Ama'rtn. A bitter atkalntd, C„Ilj,N'„ 
derived ftuoi biltei almonds. 

Amast^la (a, fiaenc, breast). Withoiit 

Amauro'sis [ttliavfx.^ to darken). A 
term thai, from its ractieness, b hourly 
becoming di&u«ed, signifying parti a] or 
lotnl \o» of vision. When junio], the 
word amMiiifiut b now mcd ; when cam- 
(JMc, Hinjufit. The word u dill mmuc- 
times used to cxpms blindness when the 
cause is unknown or douWuL 





Ama'sia. See jimattia. 

AtntMr. S«c Sn^fumm, 

Am'betgTease, cir 

Am'betErls l>(m^ruid Fr. j^^>, Kniy). 
A lulx-iniice cxcTCiM hy the ifena wluiJe, 
f'Ayifiir matrotepiialns. It u not known 
wbcilier k u a ^wt]ig>IUKicsl pnxluct or the 
thicktnnl, lifctoluble ptut of the fiuo. 
ExlioJc* a Ingrant, musky odor wbea 
wanned. U&nl lu Mlyuunk fevcn, clitvuic 
catlarrli ami acrvcHU dbuuu. Oov, gr. 

j-MJ. UlWf. 

AiabM«x''aou« (itmi^, both, drxter, the 
rigid hwid). Ane lo lue bath hatiils 
Ctiunlly well, 

Imblyo'piA (o^iJAif, dulled, w^, eye). 
Sulmurakol acatewcM of vuion, due nctlber 
■ to dioplric abBonuIisiQ nor to vhible or- 
Bank lesion. It aiiy be teagtniitil; at 
mitn disuae {csaiiefsia)-, Erura the use of 
nAtrto cra/i-(>4o/ or MlierMnV Inflnencet; 
6db trattitia/iiMi or it may be AvjUrua/, 
ffjrtlai^ia or day-dlindncu, and krmeral- 
4fia or nigbl-bbttdiiifM, are other fbnm; 
Jl may ari&e from nMfirie fhenomdHn, anch 
I mtuta veiUanln, mirtofaia, mrxa/i-'/sia, 

[metim u fAi>f>tia, ett. It lu^y take the fona 

I tt tMaratUd JitUi ■'/ vumn, alt (olfr- 
tHntlnai, or an^slhrsia ff Ikt retina. 
'Amboy'na Button. See fr^imhitia. 

Am'bulance [amfiitJe, lo walk al«ut). In 
Fun.i|iF i!)c lemi ii a|>|>lied to the lUTgical 
staff and amaiEeiiieats of in anny in 
■cfTioe. In the I). & the word id n- 

< ttrided to a vdiicle (or Ibe Inm^rence 
of tlic skk or wouaded bota vue place 
to anc<h«r. 
abus'tioQ [amiwf{'\ a bun). A bora 

Ame'lia {a org., ^?^,a limb). Aluence 
of Uie tinila fnjim anvMed dcrdoiHacnt, or 

AfMloip'sin. See AmerieoM h>y. 

Ara«1u9 (n pri*., /M^). A inonttmily 
without limt'S. 

Aoienoma'nia \iimeJntu,tt^it^Ae,fia\-ia, 
nadiicss). A niild (omiof rimiia in wrliich 
the tymptoma are mnoiruMvd under the 

^fannof ){»yvty, tbtidntM of drcas,cxaggera- 

. tfon of ftocial cuixiitioti, et<. 
' AnutKtfrha'a |a priv.,/ivv. ntouih, ^n^ 
to How). Aliicnce, irt(^[ularily or ftup- 
pceulon of meitstruMJon when U siiouid 
oomutlly be pm^nt. Tli« sccrctioa may 
not take place, or Iw retained, ti> be sup. 
pressed liurins mrnftntatioo, Primitive, 
i& a Unn aralicd to lho6c cues when l)i« 
eaia naoc not a|i).<i:arcd nl iIil- proper 
e, ukI secondary, when the dJKharge 

bas been arrested after it ba» euated, uh) 
during Ibe re)m)daniTc jwriod of lifl^. 

Amen'tia (o i>q{., mens, miiid). Defective 
fnieUeei; a va^ue term aynuuyiDDut witk 
idiocy, imbecility. 

Amer'ican ColumTw. Theroolof Fra- 
itra tartflinfmis. Toitic, aperient ; in 
large doocji, purgaii^'e. Dose of the tid. 
cxI. tl^M— 2)- Fraserin, a oonceiitnitcd 
extract. Vk^ gr. j~iij. Uoof. 

Amer'ican VTf. 'llic twigs and bark of 
Atitl«piu ifHifijHff^ia. Alterative, trniic, 
a»uiiigeni aiid cxpcaorant. lAwe of the 
lid. est. ItL«x- T). Amtiqiatn, the con- 
ceiilrati'd e*t. He*; gr. ij-i». Vnof. 

Amer'ican Spikc'nard. The rhiuimcof 
Aralia ractmmtt. .-Viunialic, diutdic and 
alterative. Ui«d in rbeumalJani, druiny 
and flCTbfulou) aflcctiona. Dow of the 
dixoctiix), indefmite. Uoof. 

Aroertume IFrrnr/i). Adiaotseof wine, 
chanictcnecd by kittcmca, and caused by 
a S|iecilic tncillus, 

AnietroTn''eter. An instrument for mess- 
uring amdrofiia by means of the difliaaion- 
dides (anncd \ty two «indll darues. 

Anaeaiypla ^a neg., Mrftur, a. measare). 
.^metrofilB GXiMswhoi an imperfect image 
is fcraicd upon the mina.duc to dcfi-dive 
Rfiaciivc power of die media, or to abnor- 
maliiies Of form of tbc eye. In myopia 
the aiitero-pOBlciior diankcter is loo great, 
or the power of tlM rcftactivc media i» too 
great ; kjferiHetr^pia (or hyftrvpia\ it ibc 
esact reverw of ibc Ust; aitij^tttitm u 
due to Imperfect curvature of the cornea, 
or of the retina, or to jivequlity of refract- 
ing power in diHerent parts of ibe lens; 
frrsiytfia is doe to the growing inelas- 
ticity of the lens, ]>mluciii){ inuilKcieiit 
ncconunodabon ; a/^utin, or absence of 
the lens, (mduces both insufiidait refrsct- 
in^ tower mid lots of accoownodalion. 

Am'ldea. O^aidc oompoundB derived 
frata ammonia by ibe subsdtiitioo of add- 
TodkoU (or faydrugoi. Most niUogeoous 
aninnl bases an amide*, i'7411-t their 
hrjxrfhetical nuUcaJ, b called amMo^en. 

Am'idin | Kr. amiJon, slarcli). Starch in 
■ siau.- of M>4i)iion, 01 altered by heat into 
a homy, tranipareni moss. 

Am'ido-my'clin. Sec Afyelim, 

Amtd'uUn. Soluble ^sa^. 

Ainlm'ta (d. h'P'V, a mimic). AnopWue 
■ymptom consisting in los^of llic power of 
imitation or of poniotninic mecch. 

Am'ines. BoJic conpoands, regarded as 
derivative* of aounoiita >•>' the iubUllalion 
of akobol radicals. Thry are called <ww»- 




»iiiU3, tiiitmiHCj, triamiHci, etf^ acconltng 
1o the number of amulDseu molecule*, 
N 1 1,, «il»itt(uii-il for H. The lower mem- 
Iwr. arc BILKS, Ihc hi)(hcr, oily lii^uidi. 

Ainnio'nia. See Ammenium. 

Amraonl'acuTTi. AmmnnUc. A gum 
rcxiii olilaincd fttim a Prrsiun iilaal, D»- 
rema amm-mia.-wf. A atiinulaXiiiiK expec 
lonuil ai)d Uiniive, rew:nil>hntf uuictida. 
EmpJojrrxi in chmtiic lirmichial aflVrditms. 
Dooe vj. X'Xxx. A. cum Hydrugyro 
Emplastruro, atnnvminc 73, mercury iS 
per ccnL, wiili wilphut, acciic atuJ tad 
oil, ^. t. A. Emptaatrum, 100 |>itfb of 
amnumiiu:, ili^ii-<cM utth 140 [ttiti of acelJc 
odd, dil., itntined and eTaponttccl. A. 
Mlttura. a 4 pi7 cent, emauion io water. 

I low ,^ !iv-j. 

Aromonue'aiia faarMnif tii and n'/Ja, 
blood). The theory exptotnit^ ihe pn- 
duction of iinnnia a.i due la n decompo*)- 
tion of urea in ihe blood, fielding amnio- 
riiiim ctubonote. 

Ammo'nium (fnmi the name of Jupilcr 
AnUDon, bccaiu« t'ml i]i»covered near bU 
lemplt in Lihyt). A h}j>oihetical alkAline 
Imm, luring Ihic compoulifMi NH,. Exi>Ii 
only in comhination. Occun dio>i c-um- 
mnnhr In the form of ummMui ^as, NH,, 
which, (timoWed in wxtcr, is the water ol 
ftnunoBEi uf comincrcc. Inhidatiun of t^ 
catuu tufToCiUion and rrdemn of glottis. 
The mils fint xtimulale aiul Ihen imnUyjc 
Ibe taObai nervet. UwTuI u ■ lumtiliinl, 
u an aal^onist in ourliac depred-ianCs, 
and locally to \nle% and stingy of vrnoRioai 
reptile* and innMris. Ammonia Aqua, 
water of ammonia, a Mlulion containing Id 
per cent, of the gtu m water. Done T\v- 
3«s, well (UlutL-d. A. Aqua Fortius, 
OCMitain.1 18 per cent, of tlic gn.^ in lotu- 
tJoa. A., Aromatic Spt., spirit ofommo- 
nia, with A. rarb., A. Aq., CJI. l.«iiion, 
Ijtrender and Ptmcntn, AtcolxJ and water. 
Done 3*^-^- Ammonii Acctos Liq., 
dilute acetic acWt ncuimliicd with oiomo- 
nia. Ikne 3J-^j. A. Benzoate. IJom; 
gr. v-xv. A. Bromide. ]A»c gr. x- 
5«. A. Carbonate, a mixture of car- 
Ivmatc and dicarbonale. Donegr.r-x. A. 
Chloride, miI nmtnoniac, I>o>4- \[i. j-xx. 
A. Chloridum Trochlnt, i^ncb hvitige 
CDnt»in% gr ij ii( Oh: salt. A. Glycyrrhi- 
sate. Uoof. Ancx|x-cioriuit. A. Iodide. 
l)A>e gr. ii-x. A. Liniment, A. A'l. 30, 
rattonsrcd oil 70 per cent. A. Spt., 
a IO per cent. tolutKW of ociua oniinania 
in alco(M>1. IVwc in x-gj, diluted. The 
foltowiDg talli and Uieir gHvparatioos are 

official : A. Nitrate, used only in ixvparing 

nitrow oxide. A. Phosphate. ItoM 
gr. T-xv. A. Sulphate, u.-«d tmly in itw 
pfnmration of other srainuiiiLiiu aatts. A. 
Valeiianate. Do*e k^. j"- Ain/^'ift 
Eau Sedaltf (iinof.), am. iu|. ^tj, §odiuin 
chlncide xt\, ijiL vitii uuiijili. 5"i> "M' 
^xxxij. for loc;il lue. 

Arone'iiia {a/tx-^ta, fotsKfulneu), Defect 
of inringiy. Low of tlw mcmoty for 

Am'nion Uuivuur, llw membrane of the 
i'tiUi*). The inni-T innntauiiou* layer 
surrounding the fLvtut oiid inclosing the 
li^ut-r .imnii, or iimniatu Jtuuf. It is a 
<luuble ucM).ra.tct[lxr niembrsnL-, ihc iiin^r 
lB)%r or sat derived from the epibla.-it, Ifae 
outer from the mfNoblasi. The cavity of 
the inner fold* i» called the true amnwi, 
that of the outer, the /.jitt. A., Dropsy 
of the, cx«--%vvc »ccretiDn of lu)Uor 

Amnl'ota, Animnh with on amnion 8i>d 
aliniitoik, cain[irising niamtEiaLi, bird* and 
rcpltlet. Thvve without an amnion ore 
called anamnixi. 

Amnioti'lia. [iifltunnialion of the am- 

Amoeba {afui^u, to change). A color- 
leu, linjifk-cellcd, jt-lly-like prtrioplaomic 
orgiuuMu found in »ca and bub waiosi 
constantly uEidet;going chui^ea of form, 
Riul nuumhing itxelf hy xurrouitdiiig at>- 
jects. The white c'oiputclct of the olood 
perform aimrhoiJ marvmntti, lu*., changes 
of form, confining of protnulon* and with- 
drawala of its sulsunce. 

Amtenoma'nia i,iiHi'*Hn$, picaunt), A 
synipiom of m'>noiiiaiiia or pailial iriKanity 
in whic^h the feelings and haLlucinuidoai 
■ re miUhfu! or pIcaMHt. 

Amorph'oua 1,0 ocg., fiop^i, » form). 
Formie^, stinpcleu, nan cr^-Ntalli/nl, 
Afii'rf^twt dfiiiniif, Quinuidiiic, it» milts 
l)emg nunATystn!liin)>lc. 

Amor'phus fi, /in/i9v,1, An acardiocus 
without or cximnitin. 

Ampere \n l-'rt.-nch phyMcisi). A.'s Laws, 
Rlatc to the forcci betwrtn ctindii<^ti«« 
carrying clecliie curwni* At-xi-f'f'y 
/tu; ifant dtuol volumes of a gu when 
under the same conditiotu. contain the 
uintr namlier of maleculm, it rIki called 
Anipinr*t Ijiw. In honor of Ampftrr, 
the uitit of mtuurcriieiit of an electric 
ciinmt i» called an .-fw/V^r. It is [Ii« 
clectm niotirc firoe of one volt producnl 
in « circiirt with one ohm of midance, 
eiiuol tu j>g C. G. S. (Ccuti metre- (Jrarnmc- 




Jf dcctioinagQrtic miL Wutaffi- 
w dqmit ,3 gnlo «( oopptr per 

■ne en the pbte of « eonper ■ralMnMttr, 

r deoMapMc sulficieoi KMnlalcd wilcr lo 

1 10.33 c.c. of Duxed Iqrdroicen and 

ipcrmtnuic. A.-Hour,lbc equira- 

" 3600 cualoRit«. 

I'phU {ofifi, both). A Greek pretin, 

■» ui]|ihi-arlliruiis. SDi(ihila». f A-. 

Ampbiarthro'sis {ttfi^, apiiinion, ntico- 
iMioti). A iana of mixed artiaiUtiaa 
in which llw aorfacn of lh« bonm arc oon- 
Deded by broad dbcs of Gfcto-caitila(c, 

fjor chc (hey are covcnd with fibret-car- 

' tilaf^ and conne<.tn] by eKteroal Itgn- 
inenls. DistinRutstaed by limited flexion 
in ewry tltncUoQ, as, f.^., Ulirwrn the 

Amphib'ia (a/ttf^ 0cot, life). A dass of 
the f'erid'iafii, living durinjj ihcir life both 
in the water am] upun the lititd, as ibe 
llog. newt, Me. 

Amphi-cre'atiDC. One ot the mi»<;Ic- 
kocootaiaes. In iu propeiticf 11 rucm- 
b(es treatinc, nnd C^aulier thinks it may be 
a oxul/uialkm uf creatinL- with the b*ie 


Araphicre«t'min«. A member of the 
cmijniae Kioap of leucumaiDcs uid U> 
bare (oxtc •lualkio. 

AinpbidiarUiro''Ki8 (wdi; Ampf^ioic, an 
articulnlicn). The arlictiUtioD of ikc lower 
jaw, n& it panitkcs of the nutvc both of 
~'^]pn(lyniiB anA arthrodia. 

lio-pep'lone. Soc Ptftonei- 
. Iior'ic ( 'lUMpnT, a tvo-hondled rcs- 
M:lf. A. Resonance, 10 au»cullaUon, a 
metillic sound ]ib« thai of t-lowinfc inlo a 
battle, caoicd by the rcreibcnaion of sound 
In a CuvilT uf the lui^. 

Amphotei'ic (ofi^rtpof, twlh cf two). 
SulfitiDcei neiilter acid nor alkaline, as 

Ara'plitud* \iimptitiiJo, the extent of a 
tiling'). !*&« ranee or ettenL as of vilna- 
tioitt aad UMlulalkrfu. the [miIk. rii. 

ll'la. A K(;m->n wine jug. The 

et-moulbed or dtUtcd extntniiiy of a 

il, a» of ttir liw^hrynul the rece(v 

^taculum diyli, the Fallopian tnbes, atatn- 

'iiUBy ducti. semicircular canals, tw dc- 

(Emtt, t/t. Chetnicalty, tlkc term denolei 

a Uree-beUied boule. 

Aniputa'tion l^amfmlo, to ctu away). The 
irinutul i<f a tioih or part of the body, by 
the knirc, ligature or odMr meant, or as a 
resnli of gansme, constriction [f.g-t of 
Hm dbcaxc. 

ainium. tt U lennwl /rrmaiy, \t done 
very won after nn injury ; tttinu/aty, if 
after the limit bac ]xu».^ throng tbe Ua^e 
of ritllammaiica. In ibc iticuiat mtiiik/ 
the division is vertical lo the plane of 
Ibc limb ; in the rutunfouM, the Aopa are 
comiKoed ekcltuivcly of Ibc inlcgumciKa: 
m the fiafi mrlJkMi, the mA parts are cut 
obliquely and are campotcd of belli akta 
and W)lt part>. ."^vnfaNrvttt amfuiatitm 
nxnn in the frrlm, and in ainhom; stA- 

ptri9tttal i> when periosteal flapa arc mode 
to cover the cul cmI of the txme. 

AED3r'elu8 \a ncg., /nc>j>{-, marrow), A 
ftrUl moDsircAily. with partial or complete 
»b«cnoc of the tpinal cora. 

Amycnceph'alus (rjiii^a?^', ibe brain). 
A r<xtal monslroMiy with absence of like 
^nal cord and t rain. 

Ainye'dsln. Almond. The seeds of <f. 
amara and A. liutHx, continuing the 
principln t-mnliim or Syjiaftau. The 
ftirmcT contains Amygi/alin. The ca- 
)Mt«cd uil cf the sweet aimond b a de- 
mulcent i»eful in siin nfliKtioasi in doMS 
of 3J-ij. a mikl laxative. That of A. 
amara u lued in counctics and is poison- 
oBs inicmally. A. Amara, Aq., a 1 : too 
solnttoo of the oil in w.iter. I>o»c in- 
deltnttc. A. Amara, Ol., a volatile oil 
bitter lo the taste Cantalns 3-14 net ccin. 
of hydrocyanic acid. Ikiie "IX'i- ^• 
Exprcsaum 01., uil uf iwrcl ajinunda. 
A, Mlstura, oil of ^weet ulmLwU 6 per 
cenl., sujiar, water, and acacia ii. s. Dme 
3i-,^sa. A. Syr., can tains oal of Utter 
olmoods 3, ftwcct ahnonds to, xyrup 87 per 

AmyE^dnl*. A tenn uml to dcitote the 

Amyg'dalin. Sec AmygJata. 

Am'ykoe. An antitejMic fluid lucd in 
Russia and Sweden, compmed of l<nnc 
acid oiwl thymol. Of rcpaleri Krvice in 
BonoiThcea oind caiarrlti. Uiiof. 

Am'yI. The hypothetical radical C,H„ of 
amyl alc«|]ol. the fillfa term uf the irnca 
of alcohol radicals, C^Hm^,. A. AIco- 
hot. See Amylk Ak.M. A. NUrite, 
nitrite of amyi, CjH„Nf)j, a dear, ycl- 
lowisfa liquid, ethereal, aionialic, volatile ; 
prodotts Tucular dilautifin and ^ta ow- 
diac aclivil>, and hcixre is u«eful in angina 
pectoris, re«|)«r«iofy neurtis«i. tie. 

Anyla'csans (emyimm, starch). Con- 
taining atarch ; otarch-Uke. 

Ain'ywno. C,lf „. A transparent, liquid 
hydrocarbon. Mving anesthetic properties, 
but dangcrotk* lo me. A. Hydrnte, * 




imUry alcutiol having hyimotic cflcct^. 
iJosc iTLxxx-gj. t'n^. 

Am'yl Hydraie, or 

AmyKic Alcohol. Fu«;l Oil. l\«mo 
SUn:b Alcohol. Ainyl Hytlniie. An al 
colml haviiin the cmnpuMlioti C, H ,,0. 
OoconiDiE in the coMinu«d dbUllBtitni of 
fcnnentcd grain. The pure &iilidtaac« has 
coniiderolilc value lU a hypuoUc. Id hujge 
dOKCs it sui>|iri»ses tactile tenslbiltiy, and 
produces motor paralysis. It i^ cmployMt 
with adtaiitaitc iii tnciiUl dUunltn. i_>u«e 
n 'S-7S- Ciiof, It wtti fwmetly mucb 
used to adulterate whiskey. 

Am'yloid ('imr^r/it, ilmili. tiAt.i^\ (onti). 
Siurihlike- A. Bodies, i.aihoK^iiil \tro 
duds resembling starch grains found in 
ibe mrtnhranes of the brain and otber 
nervous tisiucs, ihc pmtate, fU- A. De- 
generaiton, waxy, falty or lanUucniU dc- 
grnciaiiuin ; a div«se occurrinj; in inu>i of 
Ihc on;au> of the body . and indicative of lin - 
[mited mithlivc fuiKtion. ltisanitra)tcnati.4, 
OM tlnichy luDiiy, of unccfTain coni^MMitkin. 

Amylolyt'ic U/m/H't, ?.iil>, lo Iocvkii)- 
J'crlAitiinjf 10 fomcnls, like llie saliva and 
panciraiii: juire, that convert uiuch into 

Amylop'ain. Sec Fermtnti. 

Amvto'ac*. Oae of tlie diu^ions of the 
catbohydral£«, comprising starch, glycogen, 
dcKtrin. inulin, gum, cellulose and (uniiin. 

Amy'luRi. .Stnrdi, C^IljUj. 'Ilie inlemal 
celbi of TriiitKm vutgam, conunan wheal, 
all other cerrah and many lulicrs, (lilht, 
■nd rooU, »Tich a» |>outo, «'«ava, fU. ; 
GOMtJtutn nearly ihc u-holc of ritdw root, 
tapioca, and Mgo. Converted into glu- 
coie by bniting with mineral acids. The 
tii(»t v«luat>lc nutricnl. Inert mcdidnally. 
A. Glyceiitum. a jelly (or t-ilrnul ap- 
plication. Starvh lo, glycerine 90 per 
cent. A. lodaium, contains March 95, 
iodine 5 \xt crnl., tnluiatcl with TOM 
waicr aiwl dried. Dow Z'i~%tt. 

Amyosthe^nU (n ocg., ^ir, miucle. 
^tva^, (iirce). licBcicnt miiMrolAr power 
wiilwut olnioot dbcaM or loion. 

Amyostben'lc. I'ertoining to amyoKtbe- 
nia, AIk). a medicine or agent de^Kcuing 
niusvuloi actioti. 

Amyotroph'ic (a, mv, ^iv>M, nutrition). 
Mu«.-tilar alrofitiy. A. Paralyais, thai 
which It due lo nmcular alrophy. 

Am'youB ya, withoui, /ii<[). WVak ; 
dclineni in muicle or mutculat ilrengih. 

Adb iava). A Cnek prefK»itiun Mgnify- 
ing t\rvfi^^, afi, again, fic. In jui^tcrip- 
tion* contracted to U, meaning oj tuth. 

TbA |>benoineaon of a n^oratton of vi' 
taUty jxmFSsed by certain organum* aRer 
diyin^. or e<en after heatiuj; lo 140° C 

Anab'olism (ai«6a7.>jj, 10 threw cf build 
up). .Synihetliio urcoiuCructite mHatnl- 
ism. Liimiiiikbed acitrity and npair of 
funclioD. Opuoacd to Katatttlisia. The 
pfOCCM I7 which aimpler ekniFiils are 
Duilt up into mere compiex. See Mtta- 

Anacar'dium. Th« oil of ibc pericarpof 
tbc csiJiew nuL Of repuml value ta 
lopmsy. Unc^. 

Anac'rotiarn ('jivinfnyr-fu, to lift up and 
Urike tofictliL-rl, A pcculiaiily of lh« 
puUc-cunc, wbcD a scries of cloacly- 
plac«d efantic vilmuions oix-ur in ibe upper 
put of the line of asci.>nt, »o that the ajiex 
appears drnlalc and tomu on angle with 
the line of desci-ni, Ii lakes jilate id 
dilatation and hypeitro|ihy of the l«ft ven- 
tricle, when cxtcnsibLlily of the arterial 
wall is diniini»hcd, in great diminution in 
ihe velocity of the blood-Orcaxu, aAer lig- 
ttturc of an arlery. ffi, 

Anadicrot'ic (oi^, upward, il'f, lwk«, 
Kfxirtx:, a stroke). Dicrotism of the venous 
pui«c-vrnvcocctirrtng in the upward stroke. 

AnK'iniB (av neg., aifia, blood). UcA- 
ciency a( biooit, or deficiency of the rvln- 
livc iiuinlici of its led corpu>L*lc^, the laUer 
being the moal gcmrrally underMoo^l mean- 
ing and Uic of the term. /.fiaftUiu, fier- 
aiiiBUi, raeHtirtl, ffv^mtift. mtilljl'Mltl, 
tU; ore termi d<;noCing a type rcMsting all 
treatment and of fatal prognofis. 

AnK'foic [rii, iiK'd) I'cttainiagtoacHcinia. 
A. Murrctur, blood munnm, or aofi mar- 
mur heard at the base of the beait over tlie 
gieal vrtv-l». 

Aiiieinot'rophy (at* prW., awa, rpafti, 
nonrtihinent). A ddiciency of blood 

AmSro'bia (a neg., oq^, ur. 0Kt, life). 
'11k r[uality oS living without oxygen. A. 
Facultative, normally or vMially living 
in the piesencc of oxygen, but under cer. 
lain drcumstanceii act;(Uinne onocroliia. 

Anaero'bic. A terrn iiieil of inicrnArgan- 
isBv, hrucamainct, ptomainw, vtc., ibat 
are produced or thai live in the absence 
of ox)'grn (or air). 

AnKithc'sia [a\'<iio^'a, want of fcelingV 
A ciwdilion of invn>ihi]ity or \cn\ of feel- 
ing due to iMMhological condiiion* of the 
ecnim. conducting pMth» of the iKrvcs., or 
the prnphrral Irnninations of the tuune.or 
loartiticial |irt;duclionbyincan»ufani>Allie- 




ties. A^ Bulbar or Central, due to 
ccotml duoM. A. Dotorofta, Inw of 
toodi tiui pmcnUion q( ptiti in the put. 
A., Local, ct ■ limited put at ibe body. 
A., Muscular, Uxa of maacalar *en>e. 
A., Pchpbvral, depeiuUnc npoa coDdi- 
tions of ihc rad o<][uii of (he nemes. A.t 
Surgical, by ne»a» of ammbdici for Ibe 
pirpow of pwtuting iwiii, ptuOuctng le- 
laxatian ot mHcles, or for dingno^iic frat- 

Aiue»ibc«iin'et«r. An iitMnuneni to mea- 
sure the amount of an anicithctic adminiic 
trrr<) in a givim time, 

Anieethct'ic (u privative, ofnAnn^m, to 
fcclV A Hil»tantc vihich {>iodui!r> iii>cR- 
•iUmy lo fccli»K or to acute paia, diniin- 
idicd muKvlar aotton, and other ph«- 
Rooirna. May b« local, jjcneral, ptulial 
ajwi <\>mplrtr, The fotlowiuK are the joli- 
Slancn KKxt commonly u^<d: (ifniW 
Tttrttthhtitiii. not so triitntinjE to o^niof 
icKpintioo, Uil for mcwe dan|eicu» ibao 
dil«nifbn&. Oiltral ffydraU, action indi- 
rect and incomplete. Rarely, if ever, lunl. 
fklprvform, \vf iohaUlioa. Largely em- 
ployrd in general SBr^try. Fatal i ; 3000 
Ml 500 case*. Death 1^ cardiac )mmly- 
BIS. CWainr. local, and of abort dur»- 
tkm. Used nainty in eye, throat, and 
nuKOOt ItHiKS. £Vi*^f,()yiiihnl«bftn. Fre- 
qwrntty crates spasmodM; action and I'lu- 
i.peaiiaa of ref^iraiory ncuon. Twenty 
F'Ciaea (l ; t6,ooo) vt death reported rrrrni 
{jts use-. Elkyimt Chhridt, chlogrinaled 
[Bariatic ether; closely menibles ehloto- 
IbriD, Imt less of a cardiac depmsnnt. 
Safer than chkrorcnn, and recovery from 
the c(f«ts proiiKit. Elkylene IhfhlfTtiir. 
Dutch liquid \ chloric etber. Rapid and 
powerful in ili edccis. Ponlyws reniha- 
lory centers. A'ltrmii Oxittf. by inhnia- 
tioa, nDDcli a«ed by deiili^ls for extraction 
of Iretb. Syrnptoae ruenble ihow of as- 

eyaia. A.. Local, aa aModkelk which, 
ally nniliiM, produces ilnencv of ncMa- 

^tion in the or^an treated. Jiftlhyliiu l>i- 
ihJtiriJf. Not much used. Srwcial dealhi 
{cwdbc panlysis) havini; occuned from 
i miplayiiCBt. A. HiKtures, those for 
producing arM-<ilhr«irt. The followiii){ are 

leonudercd unnn); Uw I»st ; Kunhaiitn' t — 
nlier %, chloroform 1, alcohol 1 ; I'i.hh.i 
GfH. //.'ifiila/—€ti*ti o. (hlorofortn 30, 
alcobot 9; '' I'i/nma JVi.ititrf"^~riiifT 3, 
chtombrin i ; Afef/iet^Cliirurpcai Sm. of 
LofJim — rtUcr. ^, ditotofonn 2, niroliol 1 . 

Anagallta Arven'ai*. I'im|irn»rl. An 
bob lurini; vomt locil rcpuiaiioo on the 

IWific ami k r remedy ta tfaeuinaiism. 

Anaku''ai« (av, axtax^ to bear). Nerrov 

A'nai \^<rUM, the brndamenl), Fcttaininj; 
to the nnuk. 

Analep-'lic (<n<a>jn^ir, recorcry). Agents 
mtoirng Mien^h after illana, as noiuvii- 
ing foods and lolli^;^. 

Analgc'sM (<iv,witho[ii, a>>}<K',pain). la- 
K-iuitithty lo or aliMriitc of pAin. 

Anal^a'tic. A remedy whtthtrlievespiun 
citbcr by depKHWit action on the oerrc' 
ccnlre« or by Jni|niril4 thecooduclivity of 
nerre fibm. 

Anal'g^ia. IVnlyns of the kiuc of pain. 

Anal''ogoua(nM>«}4(,oonfoniable). L'oo- 
fcrming to, pio|x>rliooaie, an-^wenne to. 
See. also. AnaJe/^e. A. Tisaues. mor- 
bid liMuc* similar lo ibe clemenUtiy and 
ttomnl tuMKs of the body. 

An'alogue. A part or organ faanng the 
samr luncticn m another, t.ul with a differ- 
ctKC of stnicture. Tbe oonelalive term 
hmuftgtif, dcftMM tdenlity of strutturc 
widi diffrrence of function. Tbe wine of 
ihc buttcrtly and that of the bird are aaalo- 
^'^■UJ, I'ul (be wing of a Inrd aiMl the arm 
of a man are kt>mo/t^ni. 

Anal'ysia (aroAfu, I tmloofie). The reso- 
lution of compound bodir> mlo simpler, 
or conatituenu. A-, GasometTic, tbe de- 
icnMnatioa of tbe coiBunictiu of itaacous 
ooapowida.cipeddly the detcniunatioB of 
the arnowM of oxytren in sunplc» of nimo- 
spber^ air. A.. Gravimetric, the quan- 
trialivc dclrrminalion by wci^bt of the 
clement^ of a body. A.. Organic, tbe 
dctcnnination of the clement^ of maitei 
fiinned sndrr thr inHurncr of life, llie 
■oolysis of Rtumal and vesetaLIc liuues. 
A., Pronmate. tbe drlcmiination of the 
ximpln coin[>ound rlrmrnto into which a 
sulitiancc tnaylv moivcd. A., Qualita- 
tive, the determination of Ihc nature and 
number of elrmcM* which rnnipoM- a hody. 
A.. Quantitative, the dctcnniniUion of 
the propoilionAte part* of the tarioui ehs 
mentu of a command. A., Ulltmat«. 
Ihc rcsohnion of a ocnpxmd, iwt into 
ill timpIcT coi^Mitucnti. i>ut ii« uliimjilc 
elentcnt'. A., Volumetric, the iiuxn- 
liiaiirc dctrrnninilion of a conriitucDl 
liy oacenaiiiing the volume of a lipoid 
wliich is reiiuiicd lo complete a gnea 

Anamnea'tIc (am, again, /imwit. memory), 
ki-c.illinc 10 mmd; icntrmlcring. 

Aium'nia. See AmKi«ta. 




Anapetrat'tc (n v r t ipa p ^m, U? dti *gnJn). 
A general teno (or such al!''»tinn* « 
writcni' mid letegia(iheni' cmm|>, ur |ia- 

AnaphToii3'i»c{ai'.a^(n>6tTi}jVcn\»), An 
agi-iit which nUiijrx gtcxiuil jiiUtaiiM. 

An'aplasiy [imv^iawu, to fonn ngnin). 
Opemion for the renew^ or rMoraiiom of 
kal parts, conunonlj coUcd "grafting," or 
« **fi/aiHe cferaiim." 

Kaup'noptLp'h (avanvnf, reqifraiion, 
V/Ki^, to write). All j^ipwlui regixter* 
lOK the movemcQU of itupmitiiiu and ex- 
piraiioa, together with the ^[UAniiiy of air 

Anar'thria (wnf^pin, waui uf vieur). Par- 
tial aphasia from [artial deslrucm^n of the 
patlu of the motoc Irads vi »()crcfa. 

Anaiar'ea. fm«, thrrmgh, enfii. ihe rlmh), 
An acciunulatiini of lenitn in the axcAar 
tissues of the txxly. General dropqr. If 
the afTectioa be local it it ciJkd cedtma. 

Anaspa'ilias ^ntn, u[>vrnnl,aTacj;ladnw). 
All urethral upeaiog u(»a the upper fur- 
fue of (he peoii. 

Aiuatotno'alfl [ftvaarojiau, to bring to a 
Duulh). The junctioa or miercimmuni- 
niioci of vesiiels. AHoifoimott^ arteries 
ff the thigh, eft., braiidies of llie briichiol, 
KiDpral, ^/i-., whereby the i^laietal circn- 
tgfi\m ia aiablish«l aAiv ligaiurc Ibr 
aocufyim, /^e. The Iciin biu hccn lu- 
Bccorately osed of the junction of neive- 

Anat'Otny {avartfivu, to cut up), Tlie 
dioection of orgaiuc bodies b order to 
study their stiuctore, the situitiioiu and 
mek of thdr orgiins, f/r. A., Compara- 
tive, ihc investigation and com] >»risi.iii uf 
the aojitomy of diffcrcot onkis of aninuls 
or of piantt. one with aaothcr. A., Mor- 
bid or Pathological, is a study of dis- 
eitsed stnK-ium. A,, Regional, a study 
of iimiiM |ni1« or regions of ihc Ixxiy, the 
dirisioiu of which are collectively or pecu- 
liarly alTect«d by diseaM?, injury, upcratioiu, 

Anazotu'ria {a» ncguivt. aulum, nttro- 
gen, Kriit, the urine). A name applied. 
Id that iomi of chronic diurr«i« in which 
ar«a is delktent or aX^xxA frvtn the urine. 

Anchic^la Saluta'ris. VcgcUbIc mercury. 
The rniX of n violaceom )4anl grnwing in 
Bnjil. Highly lectminKtided aa analietii- 
ti«e in «yphiliiic afTection^ I\)U)bly idcti- with .VnM-t^a, f. t>. 

An'cbilaps. See Anikjl^pu 

Anchylogloi'kia. Sec 7>tj«(w-J)w. 

An''chyIops (oi'.tf, near, t^, rye). AbKcsa 

ai i>ie inner angV of the eye, prkr to 

Anchylo'aia. Sec Ankfl^sii. 

Ancbylosiomi'aata (uf^vKof^, owed. 
aroiio, nuiutht. A ficculiar anxmia pto- 
duc^^^ tiy llic puuite Docboutu Ouodc> 
nalis >ui:ltii4; the blood from the walls of 
ibtf dunlfnuin. BapeciallypreTateniaiilcng 
bridcinaken and other turorkiaeD in Evitqie. 
Called also Brickntakers' Aa»nia, Ttuuiel 
AiLTinia,Miaen' Cachexia, Egyptian Chlo- 
ruiii. Tropical Chkmaia, et(. Hale feni 
nitd thyiULil eipd the wona. 

Anchyloito'mum. A worm found in Ihc intcsliiic. The iit*Aitnal vmielj 
i> ct'iiuuLU in Italy and ^[ypt. ijce Amhy- 

An'con l^tij'iwi', the elbow). OriginaUy tJie 
olecTanon ivuccasj applied to the elhow 

Anco^nad. Toward the olecrjiiuii ut 

Ancona'gra. .Arthritic jioin at the elbow. 

Anco'nab Pertaining to die ellww. 

Ancone'us. A mnall muscle, an extensor 
of the fnrc-um. inserted inlo the olecranon. 

Anco^noid. Rcseniiiling the elbow. 

Ancylogloa'auro. See T'.^giutie. 

An'da Aaau. Tlit; oil i-x|ffi-wcd fnim the 
iced of a plant fuuad in Ctiili. LaxaUre. 

Andra'ciutn {nfip, a man, otma, a boiae). 
Male %\xavi taken collectively. 

Androg'/na ("v'/p, nuin, ywi, woman). 
An hemupliTDilitc ; a fi.-ni.ile in whc»n the 
geuiiol organs are alnuhu- to tlune of the 

AnJrog'ynua. A male with gtrnil^ or- 
Ipui* aimilar to thoso of thf finale. 

An'drum, A fom of elephantiasis Aralaua, 
diu^K'trrin^d tiy iLdcina of the KFOtum. 

Anelectroi'onus (ov neg.. it^jiapnv, elec- 
tricity, Tomt, tension). The condition uf 
iliminWhed excitabihity M ilic positive pole 
when a nerve is travcr^d by a ctu'renl of 
electricity. See Elemvtettus and CaMei- 

Anemia. See Amraiia, 

Anemom'etry (mrwin, wind, fcTpw, to 
mcatiipe). Tlie an of meaMirinu ibe ve- 
locity and direction of the wind, princi- 
pally by means of the itir-Biiwi/rA-r. 

Anem'onin, 'ITie ■dive primiple (Cj^- 
l(„Ogl of the r:nfmvMt. Sec PuhatiUa. 

Anenceph'alua (or, withnni. tv/w^H^i^, 
luain). A mnnsirr with it nulimmtary or 
brainlc:«« bead, and wub nn atresi of de- 
Tclopntcnt of Ibr veneliral column, the 
Spink! cord being abieM. 




Ao'eroid BBioiD''eter. Sec Buromner. 
Aneryihrop'»la (av ncg., ii-it/^^-r, reO, 
•^r, "b'i' )■ -Suboonnal ctJot pctccpiion of 
red. Jwc Biindtuii. 

An'«urysfn (mi i f>i«|iii, mn BDruiyiRi). A 
ttunor consitiing of a diUted uiery oi com- 
municating with sd trto^-. lo cbc etrl)r 
itAgcii ittcn; is «x|MiHitc pulwlton of ihc 
tnnor, and « sy^iglic nninnur. Id ihe later 
n^t the kininated aMCulnm inocues, 
10 ttljtl puI>Ation may be ahviit, and ihcrc 
niajr tie wccTuUry trouhlc» irom prrs<-ure 
UpOO adjacent otf^''. It may be caused 
I^ the niplure, wound, dimfie or weakness 
w the attexial waiU. Cardiae dilaiiim U 
someiimee mkeo of as aneurysm of ihc 
besri. A., Cirsoid, ^xt Vitrix, Arttria!. 
A., Diffused, follows nptOR of all the 
artenal fxass with inlilimion of sufrennd- 
m^ muic<>. A., Diasccting, when the 
blogd fiffces its way between the mediu 
•tid advcDtilia. A., Pal»«, or spurious, 
indicaics a rapture of one or more coatN; 
tme. wfacn ibiav is ooly a dilatation. A., 
Vuioose, opens both Imo n i^cia aud an 

AnfractuoB'ity (im/nrcfKr, a betiding 
rouod). The fuirows or raid betwwn llic 
cereliril convolutions. 

Angreicc'usia {av^ttof, a hlood rtssA, 
rxniffif, dilutatiou). AliDomal diUlalioii 
t£ a *ettd. as in ancuiyMn, ft>\ 

An^toclio'inil {ftr^ttai, J'Am, clt;e. ofin>. 
A gltomatous vaxnlar Iwiux of ibc ipiual 

An|:ei'oer4ph {igffuaai, ypatu, lo vrilc). 
A funn of sphyiiiDOKrsph tnt'cnted L^ 

Angciolcud'tis (ovyne*-, • venel. Irvuit, 
wUie, (Ttf). iDflaMunakHi of Ibe lym- 
pbadc veada. 
,ABgeiol'ocr (avj*tar, 7.ayt)(, accooni). 
A descrlptkxi of the blood-vessels and 
^Anctiolympho'ma. A tumor formed of 

lynphatic T«««eU. 
[ An^eio'ina. A tumor formed of blood 
tOM-h. Called alM EruMr or yauu/itf 
J'trnwr. Caverooaa A., with conuBu- 
nicaiing aWcoUr spat-TS. See rarix, 
Cir^'^J. I 'a|iilliUT and vcnaat angcio- 
mata arp coili^ Me:-i, oe Miitkrrs' .Varkj, 

An^eioneuro'sis. A oennMls of the 
blood leueb : a dLttiirliance of the 
motor tystrm, — a iifin|ilum of mnny din- 

Angeioparal'ysis. Vasomotor [iiknity.ii. 

An|;eiosarco'ina. A vascular MrcomaDf 
Uk ipioU cord. 

An'gciospasin. A coomUtw nniraaisof 
lltc hlocid vc&icU ; a taMOMjtor ^jia^iu. 

Angel'ica. The veeds aud root of AixM- 
a/tj^/i'uit ^iiiHiilii and other speeics. An 
aruiuftlic simulant and i:iitiiiuia);ogiic. 
Dwe of the fld. cxt. : Seeds Xr\y-Ti ; root 
5 ss-j. L'Bof. 

Angi'na (Mn^K, lo strangle). A seaie of 
ch^jng or Buflocation : a ^topKHn of in- 
flammatory affectiofts of the pbaiyni. A. 
Acuta or Simplex, Mmple'tonrthmat. 
A. Parotidca, tnuin)%, or parotitis. A. 
Pectoris, a paroxysmal nntrosis with in< 
(eiue |«iu aod 0|i|iresslon about the heart. 
The cxaa csme i* iinl(iK'V&. A. Ton- 
•Ulans. quinsy. 

An'gio-. See Anj^ft'o-. 

Anciodcr''ma PigmetitCBum. Sec At- 

rephtylcviti . 
Angtograph. See An/^rivxrjfh. 

Ao'gio-myo'mtt. See Myo*ta. 

Angle Kitaguliti). The decree of diverji. 
eitce of two lines thai okret each otltct ; 
the space between two tncli lioca. A.. 
Alpha, the angle fonncd by Ihe in(et«ec- 
tion of the visual line and optic axis. 
Cephalic angles, meaaimncmi for cen- 
porititj ll>e skullt of diHcrenl riet*. A., 
Facial, thai formed by a horizontal line 
from the estnnnl auditory meatus to Itie 
alieolar liurder of the upper jaw, with 
another from the mo«t ptuninrm part of 
ihc forehead to the edge of il>e alvcobr 
bordtr of the u]>|>ct jaw oppofite Ihr in- 
dsor tedh. A. of Incidence and of Re- 
fiection^of light or tound), that bciwren 
the incident ami llie reflected ray rr»|«r(. 
lively, and the perpendicular to llic reflect. 
ing surfdcc. A. of Refraction, that 
made l>y a ray of light in faasiing ihmugh 
a tnuuponim suhsiaiice with a line oi right 
angles lo it. A., Visual, that t>eiwern 
line* drawn from ihc rxtrrmilir* of an 
oibjeet to the nodal point, Tbc kmallcat it 
about y> seconds. 

Ang'licus Su'dor. Kngliih .Swcatirtg 
Ke^'cT. A «iniagtous malignant fever, also 
known *.•* /■IpAemfra n^igtia, character- 
tied liy lilaric or darti-rolored sweat. 

An'gor i^irn^vr, a uiangling). SynonyTDons 
with Angina. A|ii)liAl hy luxie lo epi- 
gttiiric {lain. 

Anguil'tidK (anrwry/a, an ecl^ Thesraall 
nematoid worms that live in vinegar and 
■our fMute. 

An'guluf {angyfus, an angM. Pertaining 
lo nn angle. A. Artery and Vein, the 
terminal limndtcx of the bcial artery ami 
Tcio. A. Gyrus or Convolution, tbc 




pS rturie, ■ oonvohilion of tlie liraio. A. 

Piocewes, the rxlcnuii mnA fni«m«l ex 

tnmttics tjt the otlalul arch of liic fmnLil 

AngulAria Scapulae Muscle. Ilic /.t- 

vatjr oMguti icafiuJir. 
Angu»tu''ra. llie Iwt: of GaNt^a tta- 

paiui. A siiniulani innK ami klirifugc. 

In iM]{e ()»«» i-mclk. Utwe of Hd. ext. 

lll,ji-]ix3C Unof. 
Anhxio'nium L.ewin'11. The active 

E>rinci|>le pf the coctiu of thU nunc. 

IntcnM;!)' pouonoiu. Rtacublci xtrydl- 

nine In action. Unnf. 
Anbela'lion {^uM/keU, to puil). Sfaortne» 

of bnatli ; dy&pacE*. 
Anbidro'ais (or neg. tJIfmK, sweat). Ab- 

ttatx gr deJicicQC? of *vrc«t. 
Anhidrot'ic. An agent ibat checks 

Anhydrx'mta. Tlie o|4<uMle of hydn^ 
tnia, or an nlmonnal decrcui^ in the rela- 
li*<r pn>[i>]rtian of the wralcr and idllx of 
iIk blood. 

Anhy'dride ( at\ v>^vp, water), In chcra- 
ttlry. anf o^iidc, citbirr luL-ue at aCMl, un- 
cmnUocd wiih water. 

Anhy'drous (at-, vritboui. wkip). \a 
chemiMry, a Icrm uxxl to denote tbe 
al»ence of liydroxyl gr uf conttiluliuoal 

Ani'douB (tni neg., t"W> fortn). FufCal 
muuiien, ronnleis, ftom general wreat of 

Anidro'ais. Sec AnMUrons. 

An'iline {Van. anil, in^go). A ihtn. 
oolotleu liquid al'iiakrid, hAvinc the airuc 
tore QH,N , derived from ccal-lv. Com- 
bmed with chloiine. the chlorates and 
bjf'tfhldntcs (he various aniline d)'e.<i are 
produioed. Poisonous. Unof. A., Red. 
See Futhim. 

Ao'iliatn. An *RtTe or chreoic di»eaic 
uroiliited in wuiknmi lu aniline EactoriM, 
Of the poUonous fumes. 

An'imal Saniota, ilie Hnrii, hnxib or life). 
An ontanK bein^ hiivint; life and iiower of 
motion. Pertaining to tlic aune. tile ani- 
mal kii)){dom is eompCrted of Ibe Vertehritia, 
Mculliina, Arti.uLiia and PaMiihi, A. 
Charcoal, bone black, irorT-black, etc.. 
li the [iroduiM of calcinin]> booct in close 
veMeb. A. ChemiBtry. that coocerning 
Ji.-«lt wid) the composiiioa of aaimn] bodies. 
A. Magnetism. aieinMmHn, bypDoUam, 
tU. A. Starch. See Gfyr^m. 

Animal'cute (dim. of animQiy An or- 
ganism «a unall as tu rcqutrc the micro- 
scope far 1(6 examinMioo. 

Antmalisa'ttoa (aiima/ii, aatmalc). The 
prcKt.'.«3 o( assimiuting food to Ifae lirwsM 

t>( the IhkI)-. 

An'lmal Tis'tue. A gcoenl huik for 
aiiy of the textiux-.^ which forrn the clc- 
RimlAry stnictnru of the bcdy. T., Ade- 
noid or Retiform , a vancty of tiunc fotrnd 
in the lyinjAalii: ginnds. T., Adipose, a 
Tsricly of on-olar liuiic cotitti luting a te. 
Mfvoir iut faity »xib(.[anc». T.. Areolar, 
Cellular nr Connective, at JMuc of catily- 
di>tcnd«l mr-'hrv, lucd to bind (be rarioiu 
{laRtof ihc IxmIv lo|:clbcr. T., Canilsfi- 
nous. see t^r/i/.j^-r. T., Erectile, liswe 
of a >|»'>;0' i>3iuip, trhlcb i> expanded 
when luTpd wiih blood or other fluid. T^ 
Fibroua. the memhrano^u tinRK coveni^ 
(he boiM» and tartilat^. T., Oelatinoua, 
or Mucoid, a kum of tJMuc found rhkdy 
tnlhefrrliu. T.. Muacular. Sec AfuicU. 
T.. Nervous. SecAVf^r. T.,Osseoui. 

Sec ffiJM. 

Anima'tioa lanunair, to have life or ex- 
itiente). TowposKU«d«f life. Koraicrljr 
mcA lodenou the effect of tb*" viul princijile 
by wbtdt the ftvlai jtajtUR^ thi; jxtwcr uf 
contiiiiuni; iu exiiilcnce. A., Suspended, 
a condition maricd by tntemipfcd rc^piia- 
6uii and canK'iouincu; cnuicd by iliangu- 
laiion, ilie tnbalaiioii uf cuboa dioxide or 
Other .gajes, etc. 

An'ioo (am, up, tifu, (o go), A word 
employed in ciectrotyss to desieiHle ao 
etcctro-nej^livc clement. See Am. 

Anirid'ia (oi- ncg., iris). Absence or de- 
fect of ihc im. 

Anischu'ria {itrt neg., iieJhtria). A votd 
fcoinfiimen uuvl to denote enuresig or in- 
continence of urine. 

Anisoco'ria. See /is<oria. 

Anitomctiop'ta (af neg., (Onf, equal, 
/urpof. a mcawirr, oV. the eye). A diflcr- 
ence in the rr fraction of the two eyes. 

Anisol^ropous (mcanc. unc(|iial, rfir=-u,to 
turn). Pertaining to the power of doubljr 
tcfrmciing a ray o( bghi, like Iccliod spar. 

An'isum. Aniv^. TIm- fniil of Aniiii" 
pimpinelta. rtopcnics due to a volatile 
oil. Slighlly slimalanl to heart action. 
UkTuI chiefiy to liijnrfy bronchial srcre- 
lian£, and is thcrefon: a favorite ingredient 
in CDu(tfa mixtures. IJow, gr. x-xx. A. 
Aqua, oil of miim; t, water joo putt. 
Do&c indefinite. A. Oleum, in inm- 
diciit in tincl. oj»i camph. \)n\e nu -v, 
A. Spt-i a to per cent, lolution of tht oil 
in a)^4iol. 

An'kle. The joint beMrcen the tibia and 
(iUiU «)>ovc fliid on die «dcs, aud (he 




utra^us. It is a fpncl^mus JoinI, wkb 
Ihrcc liKUDciiti, itic uiittioc, inlcmal nod 
CKlcmal. A. Clonus, " footckaus." 
" foot'phciwmcnon," ft clonic icnes nf 
spftsiuodic conOmctkuu cli;:)tcd hy jiuUing 
(be rMeason uf the sokle joint oa ft cun- 
liaiious stretch. Tbc^ ate unifMm and 
numbet fioai itx (o nioc cuuliactiuiu [irr 

Ankyloblepb'aroo {erfiar?^, a t1x>ng ot 
looji, J^/^pov, cyrUl). Tlxr ndboMX) of 
(be ciliary ntees of llie ryeliili. 

Ankyloglos'sia. Sc« Tan^e-iie. 

Anlty1o''ais {a^tv^, curved). Union (jf 
the bonu, IbntiiBg a )oiat reuniting in a 
ftUflfjoinL A., Palse, or Spuriouft, b 
due (o (tie riKi(Ii(}' of tiuroanditt); panx. 
A., True, or Bony, when tti« ccmnrcling 
nulcrial b tmnc. A.. Lrfgamcntouft.wrbcn 
i\\e Di(-<liiiin is bbroas. 

Ankykra'tomuin {ityK%:>fK, ampa, moutb). 
A nemftloid wonninhabilingtheduodciiuD) 
of ana. 

Ankylo'tli (ajw^, «f, eroc. e*r). Union 
of the walia of (lie nicatiM audilwius. 

Annat'to. See Anmeas: 

Annof (o. Annftlto, arnolla A coloring 
matter ulAmocd fnjni (he pvllicteii of ibe 
aeeda of Bixa oreltana. Utcd to color 
plfticen. Al:k> employed u an artitidai 
color for fiuHtr. 

An'nual {annm^ a year). Yearly. In 
hotftnjr, |ilftnti> tbat malotc and die in one 


An'DuUr {anunlm, a ringV Ringlike. 
A number of tigiunenUof tne kiints are 
called annuliu, u tlxnc of (be ankle, wrirt, 
ttc, A. MuKcle of MUller, the drculof 
Bbienoi' Uic ciliary niu«;W. A. Carti- 
lage, iIk ciicuiil cBrtilage. A. Proceas, 
or Protuberance, the pons varolii. 

An'nulua (dim. of attnui, n ling]. A 
riog-Kbapcd or circular opening. A dc- 
calar or rounded mArgin A. Abdomi- 
nalis, the eKicmal and inlrmal abdominal 
ring«. A. Abdominis, the iagutnal ring. 
A. FibroflUH, the external put of the 
inlrnrttc-bral ditr*. A. Membrani 
Tympani, an inctinipletc bony ring wbicfa 
fivnu the lii-lal audiloiy proceM of tbc 
tempond luriF. A. Ovalia, the rmindcd 
or <mil margin of ^lt\n fer^mcn waiit. A. 
Umbilicus, the umliilirfll ring. 

An'ode (nm, up, otuf, i way). Tbe poii- 
tive pole uf a galvanic Imttery. 

An'odyne (ui-, ndnvjj.a pain). A moliiriiie 
(hat givT^i relief itam jxun. Kmm tlicir 
tendency to ptuduce >!i:vp ibcy arc called 
4;gM«ei<rj. A., Hoffman's. See I^iAer. 

Anom'atoUB (div^^, noC equal). Ir- 
regular, devialiuM fmni (be couunun order. 
A rautiler t> an antrntaiy. 

Anonych'ia (<iv ncg., 6t^, noil). Ab- 
sence fx detFcl fA (be naiU uf the finger* 
or toes. 

Anophtharmoa («v, fl#At%^, eye). 
Cungcfiital alneoce of the eyes. 

Anopa'ia \av neg., vit^, vision). Diuise 
6f the e)«, noi frcra retinal or cerehral 
diiease, liut liecauae of defect* uf tbe 
media, nratiismu^, erran of refraction, tte, 
A. Amblyopia, ex-, arobiyupiii from 

Anor'chuB (qi' iM-g., n/i^'C, ihc leMkle). 
A |9tr>un in whum tlie totklc* an; alnenl 
c( tKX. de^-endcd. Ttie adj. is ancfxktmi, 
tbe condition, anareliism. 

Anorex'ia (av neg., o^v{i(. w^tile). Ab- 
sence or diniinuticn of apfjetite. 

Anos'mia {av neg.. ce/a), nnelh. I^ullal 
or complete lou of the Viur of amdl. 

Anotto'tia (uv n^,, ocrrror, bcow), De- 
fcctire development of bone. 

Anovea'ical. I'crtainingconjoinlly to the 
anitt and bladder. 

Ant-, And- (aiTf, against). Prefixes to 
cam)iiiund w<vtU tigrufying oppoied to, 
agairut. counicrurtinii. ff''. 

Antac'id <aiTi, a<iJi*<, acid). A sahjtance 
counteracting or neu(nUijtog actdiiy ; an 

Antag'oniftI (a*?n}«f((Trr<-.coujiti^raciint). 
A icnn applied t(idrv|!> lluil ucuirjliie tbe 
ibcmvculic eHects \4 one aoixlwr. In 
arM(omy, niuKles that act In (^ipositkm to 
each other. A)iJicd abo lo di»ea»a that 
aecm lo exclude eocb other. Hee Ifru^. 

Aniftl'gic (m-'i, xz-joc, {wn). Remedies 
relieving ijoin. 

Antftrkahnc. An agent neatralidag alka- 
lin, a* Hcidi. 

Antftphrodis'UiC (ai"^. o^podieia, le.tual 
deuK). Agenti lenening tba vcncrtal 

Antaithrit'ic (nm, a/)<^jrrif, the gout). 
Medicinei for the relief of pxui. 

Antftstbmftt'JC {m-ri, aottfia, abort bKDlb). 
Kcmrilia for tbe relief of ouhina. 

AnteHex'ion ianfr. before,yffi-/i>.tO bend). 
A bending Inrwanl. A. of Uterus. ftCMi- 
dHioo in v^bidi tlte fundin sinVs Mwecn 
tbe cervin and tlte iteck of the bladder. 

Anten'nae {■tmteiini, a yard-arm). The 
paired feeler like appcncUgcs of certain 

An'te Parl'um (Lai.). Before ddiwtr. 

Antever'aioQ {ante, vtrtn, to tnm). A 
tumii^ forwanl. A. of Uteruft, the In- 




du* ii IjcuI Irtwaid the nymphyro |nit>is, 
ilic covin toward tbc ^aum. 

Aniharo'bin. A ilctivativc of Alirarinc, 
ftiiniUr In chi^rtoluiin. A tolubic alksUud 
usclul ID pKiriosu. Vaof. 

Anthclmin'tic (nt-n, Kg«itut. f^.fjit^), a 
wronn). A vcnniciiJc. An ag«fit «ith<N' Lill' 
ing or nrndcring powerless intestinal pua- 
sil« ; a tyrmi/ux'' d[n.-I» wornu. 

Anthe'mif. Chamcnnilc, Th« tlmwr- 
tkcods of Jt. moiiJis. Propcrtius due to 
a votatil-e oil, a cunplior and a biiicr 
pdnciplc. Useful in cou^u and >pa«- 
modic inbntilc coai|>laiiiU. An txccllcnt 
■tonuchic tonic. Infuaion of X iv to nj, 
Ipvenin docMof 3 j-*j- Noomrinl pirjia- 
nUioiu. A. Ol., the rolalilc oil gf cliomo- 
mile. rk>*p "^'j-". in sugar. 

Another {m*>'}piK, in full litooD)). Tlic male 
acvual ori;aii in planit; the suminil aiid 
c-urntijl ptrt of ihr tiamcn. I( contain* 
the pollen or fi:cuiidatiiig »il»tuicc of the 

An'thony's Fixe, St. A popular name 
for Eryiif'tlai. 

Anthracrto'sift. Dlack rot, a fungus du- 
cajc of ■incs, cauMd by tbr Pk^ua mvp- 
fi>/a, or Sf^tftli/ma ampelinm. 

Anthracom'etry (nk«,ia{, carbon, /Mrpnv. 
measure). 'I'hc dciermi nation of the 
amoant of atrbon dioaiide in air. 

Antltraco'sis (ar^nf, car1x>n), Carbun- 
cular diitraic. An oSkctioa of the lungs 
in mtncn fivm the itihalaiicm of coal-dust. 

An'thrax [intffvii, a coal or carbuncle) A 
aar{iancl«; a painful, dark col orrd lumor 
of Ihc cellular lusue, endia^ in monilica^ 
lion of l\\t part and the diMrharge of a 
firlkl, lilooilr piu. Tlie trntgNant varifty 
has no fainl Goit>c<.|iiencei. The mafig 
Maul, calleil alM> aiaHgHanf puttutf, is 
cauicd \rf the infection fixna animals suffer- 
ing from iplcnic api\^fet, oad b due to a 
qiecilic bacilliti, which, [ffim a aingle cen- 
ter, may extend over the tiody and invade 
the intuiinal tract, prodndng in ihit tixj, 
or bjt direct mfeclioa uf diocoMil nw.u, iIm 
imtHmal type of the duca*c. S« Diiitltu 

Anthropog'enj («iK(J^MfTor, man, ymtaa, 
to |irf>doc«), The nudy w Kience of ibe 
descent of man. 

Anthropo|r^raphy (aitf^MMrnt, }fM4w, to 
write). .\ Ircalue upon llie human strac- 
ture or orKoruMn. 

An'thfopoid (aitfjN«n>i, nior, form). Ke- 
KcmMini; inan, 

Anthropol'ogy {it**|».f»nc, Ji)^. di*- 
cvone). The tciencc of lheaalure,|A]rti- 

cal and psychologic*], of man and of man- 

Antbropotn'«try (m^^iuirnif, ^erpvt, a 
mea»tire). I'hc delmninsrton of (Iw 
meatuiement, wci(;l)t, strength and pro- 
puitioH)- of the bntnan bodj. 

Anihfopaph'agy (ai^pupoc^toT^n'.toeiH). 

Anthropopho'bia {^vlipunai, fn^, fear). 
A >jn:i^>i(iin (A mental disease consbling in 
fear of society. 

Antt- (sumL-times contracted lo on/-) (<nm, 
Rgjiim.1). A prefixofcofapoundwonkrig- 
nilying count cracticB, opttosiiiDii. t!c. 

Anti-al'bumin. Accoidini^ lu KUhne, one 
oJ the picfonneij ^ul*tnnces cxivting in the 
proteid molecule. The other lie calls 
be mi -a] bum in. U.-iirric juic« first cnn- 
Tcns them imo anti-albuouMC and 
facmi-albumose. anil Ihcsc finally inlo 
anti-peplonc nnd hcmi-peptone. 

Anti-aibutnoflc. Sec AHUttbumin. 

Antia'rin fjuvane^, aitfitir or an^tJiar). 
The acli«e princiiJe. C„ll^(_t, -f jH.<>. 
of Anfiaris Uxititria <jt C/ai a/itiar, the 
Javniirse itoivm-tree. It is used U an 
mTuw.jiiivin. and is intensely poisonous. 

Aniianhrit'ic (m-rt, aflripiric, the goul). 
A remedy ngniiitl gout. 

Antibra'chium (<iufi oad ^nteifum, the 
nrraV llie forearm. 

Antibro'nntc Ui^Jii-i, a stench). A dmg 
th.)(ilrsl[<<i,-so0cnsivcBmclb. Adeodorinr. 

Amic'ipaiing {aniaifv. to lake bi^ore). 
Ajiplicd tij the ocLiinrjiccuf periodical phe- 
nomena in diKusc or heolth, liefure tnrir 
ctutomary time, as in intennttlcnl fever or 
Ihc caltunenin. 

Anti'cus ItfM/jVMr, that in front). Anlerior, 
in (mni of. 

An'tidote (ttvTticrft>(, from ovn, against, 
iifuMu, to Ri*e)- An o^ent i»evenliiig or 
coontcracting the netioD of a poison. A., 
Chemical, cbanec« the chrmical nnturc 
of tfae t>oi!M>> so Uint it becomes iiisolul>le 
or barmlesa. A.. Mechanical, prevents 
alaorption by boldin|[ the poisoo in 
mechimkal ttspcnsioa or by cooiine the 
UonMch. A.. Phyaiological, snu^itii-s its 
mm peculiar and ni^ulriliriiiit elTri.1 u[iijn 
(be system. The oAdal A., Aratnical. 
of the ticrnvm lltannaoapeia is prepared 
by diuolvinc loo parts vi thv nyitraled 
(ulphate of imo in 350 pans of water, to 
which odd (without heat ) 1 5 parts of l>iirnl 
mAgnewn uid 3y> pnrtx of waiter. A., 
Universal, a mivtuie of one \mn of dis- 
solved inxi »u1|^ate in two partsof nu^ne- 
na wwcr. Sei I^rtig. 




Anti-«Tnet'ic n»t. S« Ar/ntf. 

An'ti-fat. S^f fu.-tdi l\si.ulMm. 

Aniifcb-'Tile (■'►-'■i, iignjiis(./M'i/(i,« fcret). 
iVn Hg«Dt rcd«icing n fever ; ■ fcbriAige. 

Antifcb'iin. l'bcnyl-:iccuimicl uceuuiilide. 
A white, ciyst^Uinc powder iiuvlidtic 'm 
wKcr, fmlj' snJubk in Klcobol. An sDli- 
pyretic ftHc^ud to be more powerful ihan 
(|uiniDe. bllccts miuiifest in oix: hour, 
pawii^ awajr in 3-10 boun. KflicactMU 
IB CcTcts cfa«nctcm«d bjr hieb tcoqicm- 
ttat. DoK g>. ir-xv, \JndS. 

Aniigolac'tk ^m^i.^oPa, aiiUt). Agents 
leucniiig tbc Mcrclion of milk. 

Amiheiix [nvri, lii^, a coil). The *eini- 
circular (mxBUicncQ of the exteniAl car, 
opptMtc ibc bclix, or outer cutle. 

AoiihydTop'ic (am, i<^f>uf, diopty). A 
medicine uied kt (he relief of dicipoy- 

Antlbydrot'ic An igcnt lc»cning the 
Mcretioo at sweat. 

Amilep'sia [avrii^tftf, a Rcelving !n re- 
lum). The IreAlnoil of diseue by U>e 
apfdkalioo of the fcmedy to a tioildiy 

Antitilh'ic (am, ?.iSo(, k utone). AgenU 
ptcvtriitic^i ute depuatt of urinv^- calculi or 

Antilob'ium (ovn, >«/Iac, tbe IoIk at the 
cm). The Ir^iu or |«rt of the «v oppo- 
site the lobe. 

Antimo'nium. Anlinxny. Sb 3= t23 
qunutivalcDCe 1, Ui, V. A noa-iDCtal, 
having ft metallic liutcr. Only the com- 
binntMiui luv tued in medktiM, Anli- 
monial >alb ore canUuc depteiaiib. Pro- 
ncAK ra|Nd excretion of wute product* 
gftlwbody; in luKe doses produce vomit- 
ing uKt pursing, with Mrmptoms shniUr to 
(Itoac of chMcn. VuJuabfe in inflkannA- 
lory oilmenb of die nnpiratory onnuB, 
pneTpenl pcninnitis and inn.iculiu' rbeu- 
iiMli*in. A. et Potass. Tartrate, lat- 
liole vf oDtunony and poUtsiutn, " urtar 
cmclk." IJOiie gr. ^ij-J. A.Vini, wioe 
of MfilitDony, Irniling vrmlcr io, tartar 
emetic 4. smongvt while wine looo parts. 
A goo«i e>ipf«orant. I>oflc IH,v-xv. Syr. 
SciUje Comp., CoxV hive mixtuie, hive 
sj-rup. Each .; j contatiu gr. J^ of uular 
emclic. A. Oxide, Sb^O,. mlutilc in 
bnlipchlonc and tirtanc acidK, Uose 
gT.>-i). A. Pulvis, powder of antimony, 
Jwnc*' (nwdrt, ci>n«ili of anlimonimn 
ovid* 3J, and cakiutii ptictt|Ji.-itp, 67 nsitv 
A pRKDpt dia|ilioKtjc. Do>« gr. tij^viij. 
In larger dosea, emetic and ciuhartic. A. 
Sulphide, black suljihiilp ot' antimony. 
DoM gr. j(-i. A. Sulph . Piuiflcittia. 

DowBT. Jif-j> A. Sulphuratum.llie sul- 
phide with a small but iadcliDilc amount 
ofdicoiide. Oowgr. j-v. A, Comp., 
Pil., llutnnwi'fr piUs, contain calomel «>d 
aniimony sulphuratum. u gr. ss. 

Antiparaait'ies {avrt, ittipQatro^, a pan* 
tile). AgmU deSio)'iiig or preveniiog ia- 
crcAsc of ponukea. laaectitidea. 

Antip'athy (Am. Tatbr.afleclion). Avct- 
sion. Antiji»fkli- a appUed to the treatment 
of disease 1^ agenu producing symploiiu 
of an ufjfxMitc oaiwe to (boac of me aflec- 
lion. Synonymous vith AUopaiAit, 

Anti-pep' tone. Sec Pt^ontt. 

Anilpcrlod'lCB. Kemedie* breaking up 
the pcriodichy of certain dt^eaici, Qui- 
nine i-i the bol kmnin. 

Antiperi8ial''sis. See Petiilabu. 

Antiphloglat'ic (otti, ^fiVfVeK, inlbm- 
mntioa). Ad agent snhduinKoi n--ducitig 
inltanunatioo cr (erer. A. Treatment, 
con^utA in bloodleliini:, the ajiplicalion of 
cold, adinjnbitmlion of aoiipyrelki, etn. 

Aadplast'lc (nrfi, »>«<i***, tofonn|. Ud- 
faviMible lo giuudaiioi or the MaUag 
uroceia. Alao, agents imp«n«TOhii^ tbe 

Amfpniril'ie {fimntm, itching^. A drag 
whii h [<'liirT» die temation of itching. 

Antipyie'&i» (flrrt, mvuroc, fever). Tlie 
cmpioymeot of anitp)Tctics iu fever. 

AnttpTTct'ic \av7i, reyBrot). An agent 
ledodng the temiTcraiwc of fever; any 
aniiMmle mediorw. or fcbnfuRe, Most 
tidth iIm) rrducr ifac norowl bodily tempera* 
turc slifihUy. Tbey act either b>' prrrcm- 
ing OKKhUKwi pmcrj>ac:>. or encouraging the 
radial km of beat. 

Antipy'rin. Dimethyl- oxy- cbinkine, 
C„H„N,0. An alkBk>*dal prodnd of the 
dcMTUcti^c dioillatkm of coal-tar. It b a 
graybh cr^-iUlliiic powder, slightly bitter, 
wluhle in water; ndnlt dose kt. v-x, 
every buur fur iwo or diree boura. It re- 
duces the temperature 3-5 degrees in 
fc»rt, cauxs bwcating, sometimes vomit- 
ing. l<ut DO terious mult. 

Antipyro'tic (a^t, n^oumCt > bmnttig). 
AgT'it* coralivc of horos. 

Antiicorbu''iic (uWi*. u*rhtfut, scurvy). 
A rvmrdy tnr or prevcUiTc of lEurvy; 
mainly n-Kctable actds. 

Antisep'tic {am, pt", to make pulrid). 
1 laving power lo prcwnt or destroy putre- 
faction, or, wbal IS the tame thing, tbe 
bacteria upoo vUch putjefactioo depends. 
TTie principal io (mc arc corrosive suIjIi- 
mntr, caibolic acid, indoform, thymol, sali- 
ylk add, boiic acid, rff- A. Oaux, 



open cotton clotli clutn^ wilh caibolic 
acid, miu. niuj panilhii. A. LJ^^tura, 
catgut u[ other nuttrial rcndrn-d m^ic 
by xroking in antiM:|.<k solution*. Th« 
■mixeptic trcattneni of wounds looks 
to lliorough, BaeiKU mmI uiU>c|sii u k- 
gurts the tntunil, ih« nuitmEnetics, the 
upcntfur** luuitlii, thr cbruingk, ftc. Sec, 
aLo. Luff urn M ft hod. 

Aotuial'ics. Sulistiuiccs thai leMen the 
sccrclMHi uf laitra. 

Aniispasinod'ic tcuTi, v«aop*f. BS|nsm). 
An agent allaying or Rit(5%-ing ccnvuLiions 
or spumodiv pami, a» tlie [iaixotic», llie 
nitrides, tte, 

A n I ispas'tie. Tlutl wliich count«racl3 
&)«>■». Au onti»(>aMiKiiUc. 

Antisyphillt'k. A retne<1)' rtinxird 
aj^aiait, ur tucd hr Ibc icttcf uf x^rjihiln. 
U.iiinlly itn xltcrative. 

Antitbt''nu (ui-n, trfop, the hnltow of 
IIm; liJtnil or foot). OjipUMlc lo ihir tbcnAT. 
A. Bmineoce, the liunlcr of the pnim 
of the hand from the bau; of thr Itiik fin- 
ger lo the wmL A. Muscles, of iIip Irir 
atid of the thumb: tlie stiductor pollicis 
petliit, and tbr llcxoi brrvis jxillici< innnus. 

Antiita'gus (fU'^f, 'pajT^, the tnigux)- An 
eminence of the cKiemal eai (^^^xjmIc the 
tn|^. Th« aHtitragirtti muscle OJ-JMs 
(mm it. 

Antizymoflc {ami, ^vfu^vm^, cauung lo 
fermcM). An agent preventing Ihc proceas 
of frnncntatioQ. 

Aot'lia {antiia, a pump). A »yrin^ or 
punq). A. L-actea, a jiump lor drawing 
roiik from the tvciul. A. Mammaria, 
Millie lu A. Laciea. 

Amri'tla (antrum, a Hollow place, -i/it, 
icillattinution). A word dcnotuv inOnm- 
maiiuo of any of the cavities of Uie bod^, 
oiMiially ihe .4. lft_i-hm<.-ri,inii''i. 

An'trophore. AM)lu''lc,aiL'<ti<iaie<1 tiouKic. 

An'waxa Umfrittn). A phy»iokcical cavity 
or hulloM' plue, csfiecially in a wmc. A. 
Bthmoidale, the eilmHudiil iinu.««*. A. 
Highmorianum, Amnun of Highmore, 
a cavily in ihc »ujirnDr oiBiJllMy tmne. 
A. Pylorlcum Willisil, thecavny oftfae 

Anu'ria {av org., ovpof, urine). Aboencc, 
iletitiem-y, or mcntioa v( tlie urine. 

A'nua [aniu, the fijndjimrni). The ex- 
ttFmit* nf the nMTtHm ; thr lower cnjeninn 
of the aliDKRtary canal. A., AniAclal. 
an aititkial Ofirning. the natural for *ny 
reason beini* cloned. A., Piaaure of, 
npinre of the ckfai at the Ndc, due to yu!- 
ttga of baldened bxa. A., Fiatula of, 

a lintB, or fiituluut ulcer c^Kning froa Ibo 
TGctum into the connective tissue abou the 
rec(uu],uf dudmixin^rxlernally. A., Iin> 
perfomte. abseacc of the aniu, the nalsral 
<(pcning being dosed by areolar tfaoae or a 
iDcinlinuiauA st-ptum. A., Pniritua dt, 
per>iMcEit itcliiaj^ of the uial oriAce. A., 
ProlapM of, itfOtrusHM of the reaum 
or itx mucous membrane. 

Aor'ta {aoprti\. The great arterial re&Kt 
uLiJuK from the U-ft ventricle and ending 
wiih its bifuitaiion into the (wo commcai 
\VihCf. ai the tourUi lumbar vertctm. 77u 
arch, that extending from the heart tu the 
ibinl doiW vertelrn, b divided into on 
as.tHiling, a tritiuverie, and a tUsccttitittg 
[Jiirt. The tJioniric jmrtion eilcrid* to 
the dia{i]imcin ; the afftiem»na!, to the \A- 
(iimlion. The diicax:! of ihc ainia are 
atulf at'Ttitt't, due (o tntuiniili-^ii), ihrum- 
txai\ tte.i and the ehrvuii tbrm, or aiJu- 
rvma of ike Aoria ; fiuty dfj^tneratiom ; 
ittftosU : antinytm. Set jirtery. 

Ap'athy (a pnr., trallnr, feeling). In- 
icn-->itiiliiy, nanl of pouion ur feelmi;- 

ApeKient (fl/v?'.'. lo ujnm). A mild pur- 
gntive; n laiatire, or apcjitive. 

Aperiatal'aia. See I'tristaUis. 

Ap^erture (afertum, on 0{vnuig). An 

A^ex \a/vs, the extreme end of a thhig). 
Toe fimunit or top uf nnyibing ; the podni 
or extirmity of a («nc. A. Beat, the 
impuliw of the hean felt in the fifili iiiter- 
cwal spmet about j^ inches from tli« 
middle of the xtemum- A. Mtirmur, a 
mumniT hmrd over the ajiex of the heart. 
Apiccsofthe Lungs, the upper exticinity 
of the lungik behinil the border of the tirst 

Apba'kia (a neg., fiunf, a lentil, and th« 
tTyst-inioc lens). Condition of an eye 
vTiihimi (be ten*, whether the rr«ult of eon- 
genUl defect, luxatioo, traumatism or i;at«- 
tad CDenKioa. 

Aphft'sia (a, •oOf, speech). I'arrinl or 
oompleie toas of the power of expn:»ioa 
or a cofflfirelkeuion of the conventional 
■igns of language, frvm no Imun of die 
p^fjAcnl o^atu or nerru, Init from le- 
«iortt of the cortkal cmlert conccmcd. If 
ifniory, it may be dtbcr of two vnfieiie» i 
I. Wf^dfaftt^t. in which spoken words 
ore not unHmtood ('here r* uMully wme 
pn'-afhaun or imperfrction of &pc«ch eon- 
nef(e-l with ihi* lorrn); l. WenihHmlNftt, 
in which written or printed words are not 
tmdeixiood. If wtttor. It may Ix either — 
1. Motiv affiiuia, or api^mia, consutii^ 




b ■ loM uf IiuiEuagc, or inabttky lo ex- 
|Kt9S thnu^hu by aitlmkie iMieaiiee; or, 
3. AgrafrAta, or "i^ibiuia of (uc nand," 
inability tu wnt«. Lluuvot Mi{Ji>(Me» the 
ceolct for ulicubie languAgc (liride<l into 
(bar mUcealcT^ :i tuuaI center for ironlii, 
on miditory ccntei fur wonU, n motor cen- 
ter of uiiculAie I&ngnage, ukI a nHitor 
cenlcr of wriilen langungc. 1.eM0ii( of 
one or iDor« of these cenien pmlim ibc 
cbttmclcriMic loraiit of nphiuia titan gWcn, 
whkti hare KikI clinical »eiii|>1itic«(ioRs. 
A.. Ataxk, loM of spe«cfa oitin^ \<i in- 
aliilily to rK«cul« thr vsriotLs mctveincDii 
of ilie mottUi aeasmrj to spcecb. tbe ntui- 
Clcs being WA paralyn^d t>ut not coAnli- 
ii«t«d, «nwin(i to diMftw of ibe goniad ccd- 
Icr. A., Amneiic* loss iS memory of 
wonli. PAraphfl'sia. iuabilily tu connect 
ihp ideas with iti? -vi-^r wonjs to rtpre^n 
tbc idoi. Apam'tnatism, uial>ilUy to 
fisra words gnnunoiiisJIy. Alaxapba'&lc, 
inability to arraiiKV tvords tiyiiUieiiciilly 
into scDWDixs. Bradypha'sia. almormal 
sk>wnc» of s|>ccc(i, from uufaological 
cauM. TuniuliUB SertnoiUB, a Mutter- 
ing manner of rending, from pathological 
fAphv^mla (fl, *ifM, to speak). Motor 
qibaHa: tnabiliiy lo aiticubie worfli or 
KOleiiL-es (mn\ final aiul not fiom periphe- 
ral dueaK of the orijatu of Npeedi {AfaHa\ 

Apbo'Dia {a, ^uvii the vace). UiimlmeM, 
dnc to Mime pcnpheral loton. 

ApboiVaU (a, ^tfinoii, cajn,-tn|[). Sepaiu- 
ilon or ablation of a part, ctlbor hy excbkMi 
or ampulatiau. 

Apho'ria (a, ^optu , to bear). Sterility of 
the female. 
^Aphra'sla. A tyDonvm ktAfiJiatto. 

Aptirodia'iac (tifpooieia, rcncry). An 
agent stimubUn^ the XKUal pouion. 

Aph'ibK (afn. iroo) attru, to ^e( on fin). 
The noalit white ulevrs, spMi. cr veaicles 
of the mouth, cliaraclen^tit- uf ihc infnntile 
di»e«>e, T^rtai. ApAtMeiJ oud Apkifwm 
are ad)ectival (ismts. 

Apbthodr'la (a otk., tftHoj^oc sound). A 
peculiar Km of apbosaa dtie to spasm of 
the ini»cla Rallied hjr the bTpoglosoal 

A'pices (phml tXafier). Summits. 

A^plol. A noo-Tf>latile. tA\j tktidd of wid 
profjertics, itni*cd fmui cuinincw [unlcy, 
tfiraiefi'ium sa/rvum Conninative, diu 
trtic. «ni1 in IiU);rTdnv<i nn eromenaeogne. 
£inpUi)e(l in intermit lent feitr, ameoor- 
rhoea mud dyvRienorrbm. Snuicwbnt 
ooable as an BbartitBcicni, but worth- 

ksa. Dose nU<i->'- l" iIuds oT iTtxzz 
b narcotic. Uuut 

Aplanat'ic («. itTMwi*, 1 wawlerV Not 
wamlenng; rcctiliucar. A. Lens, a U'tii 
cnnvclcd fui all abcrmtiiin of light luxl 
color. A rectilincnr lcn6. 

Apla'aia (o ttc^..v} rorm). Alyne 
of incomplclc structure by n-awu uf tite 
non fannitlon of a ncceuiary cvU^roup 
dunt% Ibc drvckpoacnial stage, tailed 
alw //y/Hf'laiM. 

Aplas''tic(n,«>aoiTu). Stracturcleu, fona- 
lewi. A. Lymph, one of Uie pnxlods 
of inHommnticiii or diacase. A uun lILrin- 
otu niatetiai incapable of cooguIailoD or 

Apleu'ria [a, vXtvpo, a Hti). A word 
cniplojed to denote congenital absence of 

Aplotom'ia (a:r^<(,siiiiptc, n^^jTi^cctioa), 
Simple inciuon. 

Apncumatc/ais (a ntv., vvrvfMtuei^, in- 
llatkHi). LoDapw of lue air c«lU of !«me 
ports of the lung caused by blocking of the 
bruuehial tul uks, and icsulling in ii oindi- 
tton of non itiilaiioo whcreb)' ib« lung tis- 
sue is rtdiKcd to a condition ^miUr to that 
of atrfftlam, or ccxigcnilal auuetniudiiMt. 

ApiKv'a (o. irMfu, to bKathe). Breaih- 
leuoess. I>iflicull resptratbn ; partial or 
complete suipnium w tin.-athiii];. Sy- 
nonymous with Aifkjxia. A. Neonato- 
rum, of ibe new-bcni child, cauvd bj 
difBruli IsIkit, ptnown; Upon tl>e uurd, etc 

Apo-. A(JnekprelixdemAing^evw,daMj', 

Apoccn'oais (oirnimnj, lo dnin). An 
incnrajcd Sow or evacnaiioa of llood or 
other hntnors. 

Apocbromat'ic Lena [n'"*, ftom, away, 
otf ). A lens for microscopic aitd n[Kicid 
purpanev, trilh high corrccljon of qibcrical 
and chroinMlc afaenaiionft, and heiter "de- 
finition." nofe^itw AbU. thrmvb ^• 
Schotl, of Wittca. in Wtslpliftlia. as a re- 
sult of extended njseardi, dt^-orcred crown 
and IGnl glua in which the dispcivioos for 
(he difiereni icgiont of ibe tfKClnim should 
a|4iroxtniaiely po>&eu the tame nuio, and 
thua nroti) (he "secondary spectnim." A 
inanufiu:toty bai bern esiablisbcd in Jena 
tttr the pnduction of these Icnws. 

Apocy'num. tranadian Mcmp. Tlie root 
of A. fiiittiii^inmia l^prrtics due to 
an alkaloid, afm-tttin. In full doses an 
emetic ami caitiartic. N'alitahk in dropey. 
l>oae gr. v-m - uf the alL.ilotd. gi. X ''^• 
Should DOi l>c confouiulrd wtlb Caw/MMr 
Imtiea. UnoC 




Apo'Iar (n ncg^ intf^t, tb« rnd of an 
uui). HxTing no pole. A. Cells, ocrrc- 
ccILt without proccMcs, 

Apollina'ns Water. A (irruiin alksliur 
iikiiKml water, higli]>' chai^cfl witfa car* 
bomc actd, Ittri^-ly uvrd for gout, rhctinta- 
tiso. dc, Six M'itW'il i\'«!er. 

Aporaorph'ia or Apomor'phine (oto. 
m^T^hU) C„II|,0,N.= (»«»r*4iw — [l,0. 
An ftiti'icial allcaloMi, drriwd fimn mor- 
phine. The hyitroikter^i is tbc tall lucd. 
and iiagra/i^ cry«lallinc powder. It I* a 
sy«ifinlc emetic acting dim:ily npon the 
VDiDiling crnier, and is the quickest, most 
cctinin luiil \aSL irritating cj a31 cinctict. 

Aponeuro'sU (oiro, from, vtvpw, a ten- 
don). A fitirinoiu innnbranoitt expAntion 
of a tendoa giTing tttaduncot lo muscles 
or wrring to eodov astA bind down mtu- 
clet. Kcnku'kihlc for their sire or impon- 
UK8 an the m/ra-tfunnu, enclosing ibc 
infn-^MBOUi mtucle : ihat <^ the arm, of 
tJu Mtoiii mut<!r. of Ihf txttmal oUit/iit 
or atJ^^itia/, e/ iht fffftarm, of lAe Itg, 
of tSt trannyi-faiii, of iKt luad, Ht., tU. 

Apoph'ysii (airMwj, to put forth). A 
Donjr pn)iab«nncG or process *£ Ume; 
when Kpofatcd by catUI&gc it b called 

ApoplectlR'enoua (niror^ffii, '(twati\. 
Thai which |tm)uce4 apopletjr or cerc4)tBl 

Ap'oplexy (amwrAij.'w). The syniplam- 
complcx rcsulling finni ccn-l^ral hcmoT' 
rtuee, aHiuion.or from ihe pi (IKS' "K ^^f ' 
rerebral rt;sscl. Modem wriicrB mostly 
dMOrihc the post-morleni appearances 1^ 
otlnft tenw. lu cerclml hrmorriuigv, cflg. 
•Ion, Ihtotnlxnjs, fit. The chief syni|Koni 
b suihlen lo««of rruxinn, »enMtion and 
coDBciouDcaB, the patient falltng and lying 
■cifdMd. The bunting of a veviel in the 
InngR, tivcT, etc., in aonicltrnm called npo- 

Clexy of the liin(«, liver, -Tr A.. Capil- 
iry. from ra[Him aad effuiioo of capil- 

Aposte'ma (•i<roffTJ7;iMl. A terra formerly 
employed to denote an ahae«a». 

Apolhc'ca (afrnl}i(w, a itore, shop). A 
*tvrc or jlioi) where medkiae* are »o)d. 

Apolh'ecarles' Weight. A syMem <A 
wcixhis Dtil meauim iwcd in cnoipoiuxt- 
ini; tnefliciiwjt, Tlie Troy (loand of S/^o 
gninn U th^ MAivUrcl. It is »utKlividr(i 
into 12 ouiim. The ounce i* nultdirided 
into 8 dntchnK, the dnchm into 3 ^rru- 

Sle.t, xxiA the wmple into 30 gmin*. I'nr 
uid menxure tbc >]iun <^ 31 Ihiid ounce* 

is subdivided into plats, the pint Into 16 
fluid cunccs, the oibkc into S fluiil dractuna, 
and the fluid drsKlun into 60 uiiniuxv 'Hkc 
foUowHig at>bfevt>tkin» arc tued: — 
ni. aiiKMi. S, Miuia, Ml onacc 

<K.\\..rHita, a dr<f|>. t43oETalns|. 

lt,i<mi/«/iu,a ten)- ft, />9«'d, a pound. 

plc (M cruBS). O., 6(tar\<it, a pinL 



dndUn (fio£T.). m-, i(mis.. oae natf. 

See Wei^ and Measii'a. 

Apoth'ecaiy. A drugipn. One wbo pe- 
percs and sells dru^is, fills pn^riptions, 
eti\ In (jiesi llrilRtn the apothecary b 
also a ]diysician, tilling hU own prescrip- 
tiom. In the United Slates it frc(]ucal1y 
ha|i|x>[u thai an authoriied pnctilioner b 
aim on apothecary, but without the degree 
of M, I >. ihr practice of medicine is illr^al. 

Apothe'ma (o^ro, from, tfrMi, t deposit). 
A brown powdei formed hy the open*air 
evKporaTion of a vegetable infusion or 

ApoKc'ina (mno, ^mj, to boil). A decoc- 

Appara'tus (f/'/iira/jij). The instromcots 
used in aiiy science, art or surgical opera- 
tion. Anaiomi rally the word is usrd lo 
designate collectively the organs cflccliog 
tLX\v jLpccilied work or action. A. Liga- 
mentosuK Colli, the itdfikif-a^oiJ figm- 
mmit ft broftd band at the front surface oT 
Ihe spinal canal, which covers the odontoid 

Appcndici'tis. InHammation of the np- 
IM-Ddii vrnnifonitik. 

Appcnd'ix (pi. appendices) (o/yvmi'*, to 
t^ng upon or lo). \\1ial is accessory Iq 
or depnidrnt upon another. An a{>|ieud- 
ng(-. A. AurKularU, the auricular jij>- 
pcndagc. a (xoccst of the auricles of the 
ncait. A. Cted Vermiform Is. a wona- 
shaped pnKcss of the cecum. A. Epi- 
plolcje, pouch-like, fiitty |)rojeciiont of 
■be pcritonrtim of the large mlniinc. 

Ap'pena' Pro'cess. The (jrcwrratiqii 
("c«nmn(;")of meat, fhiits and vegdibiea 
by exclusion of air and germs; circcicd by 
hrmieiically »enliog the substances in tin 
cons after heating the contents to I IC^ t» 

Ap^etilv [tffffo, (o desircV The desire 
forfood; aboanyrwturaldeMre; 1u4. A., 
Perverted, thai tnr unnatural and undi- 
gcttible lliiug!*. frctucnl in diiieaae and 
pregnancy. Widn-TKi, k>» of appetite; 
An/iMiu, inaatiaUc appetite ; fluit-tt, the 
strung desire and need uf fowL 

Aprax'ia (a m^., trriarMw, to dn). Dc 
feclive though! and lacmory asaocialcd 




«llh qiJttsui: e^xcioUy ccmcrnis the uac 

A^pron, Hoitentot. ^Vnilicitillf eUKijiiual 

ApttMCx'ia {a wpMtx^ lo give l)c«d). 
A menial diwaiuBiioe ooosisting in inaUlity 
to fix tbc muntkn upon a subject. 

Aproso'piai (n, Tpttnjir<iv, Ihe facv). A 
fictal mooMTOMir witb partial or coa^lete 
obficncc of bee. 
I ApseUphc'sia (a, il'v7jt^it, toocb). Fa- 
ralysb oi the uaile mqw. 

Af/titude {ap/iiuJo, liiiuss). Fitness, 
Iciiilviicy. The naiural prooencn of ao 
argatusm tovrard certain ruDOioos or pulio- 
lo^kal CDodilium. 
\ A'piy'tiiasa {a, wiiboui, xno'^^u, to spit). 
A term appUed lo a condition markea t^ 
dcftcicDcy or ab«enc« ni MliTa. 

A'pus (u. •rm<r, fooc). A mMutrosiiy «]«• 
tiBiing in aliscnix <tf the lower lirolu,or fecL 

Apyrcx'ia (u ixv., n-ifxacju, to haTc a 
fcver). WithiHii fc»er ; ewpecMlly lued of 
the inlcTmis»iao periodv of ague, etf. 

A'qua. WniCT. An oKidc of bydrofren 
havioi; the c«iii|xi»ittoo 11,0. U a solid 
betow 33", a N{uid between 33° ami 313", 
TapoHid al Ji2°al ibe tea level (Uu. 760 
tnn.), fE'vlag off vapor of leiuion equal lo 
Umi of (be tat. CiM-cn lour mAIu of the 
aar&uc of ihc canh. but ii never pore in 
mtNR, cooUiiiiiitK from a trace of wloblc 
mailer, in turn water, lo 3f> per cent, of 
»olul>le numeral udU, in the Ivoil Sea. 
Water ik au eMential canxtiUieDl of all ani- 
mal and Tc^tatile tiiduedi. In the hunvtn 
\mAy it fbmLt 2 prt cent, of ll>e niamtl of 
the l«ih, ;7 per rem. of the ligiunenii, 
7S per emi. of titr Itiond, and 93 (icr oenl. 
of ibe urine. i£xiemall;r, water bat a 
stimulating elfect opoo the nkin, either hjr 
direct or rraflknury mrons. Cal>l water 
wbcQ eijRtinitcil loo Iwifi may lower the 
general tempemiure of the lio<l,v m> a« to 
pro >ln ce *cnoui dcptcuitin of circulation 
and moKTuUr power. Hot water and 
vapor increase circulation and prnduce 
diafilicccKM. Iti Itio lnng.canliniicd tue 
dctiUilalcs. Imcmnllvi wnter ii a diineiic. 
It tt (he diOnI tiK'liil of all Ibe M)trenu 
In pfaanoajcjF. 'I'he fnllowinj; ore lite tifli- 
eial prcpontioitt and forim. A. BuUiena, 
bcdiing wM(-r A. Conununia, common 
waler. A. DetitilUta, '1:^)I[(?<1 wnler. A. 
Fervena. boi water. A. Fluvialis. river- 
Ttaicr. A. Foniana, well- <ir \jiriiiK'Watrr. 
A. Marina, lea-w^ilrr. A. Pluvialis, 
nb-woter. Sec also Mttttni! li',u<r. 
In pbanaaqr, a uintioa of a rcJaiile 

soltible snbilance In woier. Theie we 
15 official a<fittf, alt of aitiittary drenglh, 
Abo, A. Pof tis. See .^. iJ. ji'Uru. A. 
Rceia, a mnture uf hjiltiKihlixic acid 3, 
ami nilik acid I )>m1. A u4vrnc of gold 
and platinum. A. Vitie, spirit, 7. t-. In 
aiuuoniy, A. Labyrinthi, ilir drarbquKl 
exisltiifc in the lobymidLi of ihc ear, 

Aqueduct'us (<*y»«, water, dmMa, a lead- 
ing). I'^cd iM ducl.4 re canals in variou 
parts of (be body. A. Cerebri, iltc a)> 
iutuliliuluca. A. Cochlea, aqocUuci or 
the codilra. A. Pallopil, Ibc canal of ibe 
|>grtiu dimi in (be pcUoiB ponJoii uf ibv 
icmpotal bDi>e. A. Sj-lvii, the a<iue>tuct 
of Sylrius (turn the third to tbe foiffth 
Tcnincle. A. Veatibuli, aqiKdoct of tbe 
vcstiHiIe of the »r, 

A'ciueous. Kcfemiie (o water. A. Cham- 
ber of tbe Eye, the f\wx lieiwcm tbe 
cornea and the Iei<s : the av 4livide« tl into 
an aiili.-ri(ir and n |ic».Irr>c« cbamlicr. A. 
Extract, >c)id ptc|«niiivn» ofdrtq^^ mode 
br evaporaiion of a^ucout wluticn*. A. 
Hiunor, the ttuid fillini; thi: anterior chnjii* 
bcr of ibe eye. 

Aquocapaull'tis (djrMt, utfiufa, a unall 
\joi-). A ilumrd none tot wlul u nuw 
claKcd a* S^-rvm JrUii,a.v. 

Ar'abic Acid. (_)ne of lite consiiliKiita 
(C^flgO,,) of ocacia. or gun arabic, a 
goounj exudnUon of Aeofia. 

Aiacbnftia (ufM^i im-, a fladcr'i w<^h, f/li). 
Inllammation of tbe arachnoid nKmLnne 
of tbe brain. 

Arach'noid (nfM^tuM', uf^. Conn). Re- 
scmUinij a web. A. Cavity, tbe v^mxx 
between ihc otmlinriid incndaane and ihe 
dura tnatcT. A. Membrane, the deli- 
cate Kivu]. inetnlraiK of the brain and 
cord between Ibe ilara and pia nuter. 
Sub- arachnoid fluid. See Ctrthrv 
ff-inal J-'uiii. 

Ar'ack {/mi.). A spiritnom 1i«|uar db- 
lillcd from rkc or cocconni juice, vacA in 

Araeom'eter (n^niMtf, light, thin, ffrtnif, 
rorauin-). An inMmmi-nl for cstimaliiig 
the KpcL-ilic gravity of lluida. 

Aran'lii. See Ce<fvra. 

Ar'bor Vi't«. A term applies) (o the 
arburesccnl ajipcarance of ■ aeclion of tbe 
crrrlx-Uun). aiid alw lo a sinular appear- 
ance of the foldi of (he imerior of (be cei^ia 

Arbu'lin. A lrill« gluccwde, C„H_f>„- 
El,0, oljtnincil fmm v:-d urti, or Twar- 
beny. Il it neutral, cryslalline, and iv- 
aolvidtle into gluctae and bydroqaiaonc. 




AibttiEn is ut cfficieal dJurdic. See (A'a 

Arca'num {anamnmt m teaci). A riKdi- 
cior wboM compositiDO is kept scent. 

Arch (L. «ri-Hi. * how). A imn applied 
to ihc cnrrcd ttupc or tcrcral Txrimi^ porti 
of the iHxIy. A. of Aona. Sec Aarta, 
A. of Colon. See CvitM. A., Crural. 
Se« Pnipari'i Lieamtnt. A., Palmar, 
Ibc arch (brmed uy the ntdinl nncT)' ia 
rmMing Ihc iwoo of tfa« mtftiMvrpiti. 

Archebi'oatit (iv;,{ti[,the )>(^innmg,jiiuA[, 
life). The ibeofT of tlte orieiii of Irring 
organbdM from non-liTlng naoUcr. Sm 
Grninslli/n, .f/^miaiievtu, and Siegemaii. 

ArcheEen'esis. Tlte Mune as v4rrA<M0m. 

Arehespo^rium (>if)j);it,afa^innlne,ffiRifM, 
■ Med). The ceils from whica spgre 
tnother-celU are Imnwliately derived. 

Arch'etype (ap,t''> chi*^f. nrrnf, a type). 
A wwrd cmplorej in cocii|iarativi: aaaloiny 
(O denote an irlcal type or form to whirh 
othrr indiridiiali or cln>»c% tiLir lie com- 
pared. A ffandanl lyyc. 

Archiblasl'le (o^^rQi ue beginnLng, ^fxia- 
ru(, tiod). .\ (cmi iMcd by Hi>, of Ihc 
three laycn of the anliryo, in contn- 
dlMinciion to I'araNoitu celk or el«- 
nienlx (hat he thinks waiidrr in l)ctwrcn 
the cpiblafl and hypoblut from the raiunins 
of the bla^todnm, from which arc devel- 
oped the bluud vcsicb, blood and coa- 
niciWe liaac. 

Ar'chil. A coloring matter sonxrwhat like 
lilnuu, diicHy obtained from the iichi.-n 
£»ceUa timetorh ; used f« suudIqh aninial 

Arcla'lion {ar^fo, tu draw ctoie lo|te(her). 
Coniiaciion or Icitsciiiag of an opcQioK or 
of the lumen of n cnna), 

Arcua'tua (iirr«i.ul)ow). ItrnI or curved 
in an arched fonn. A. Morbua. a fonncr 
name for jaundice. 

Arc'iu (tff-iwj). A tionr or an-h . A. Den* 
talis, the dental arch. A. Senilis, the 
ring of fatty defeneration of the c^ncal 
lift«ue alxml ihv peripbery. A. Zygoma- 
ticuB, the rygomaitc aicli. 

Ar'dent Spir'ita. Alcoholic liqnora. Sec 

Ar'dor {tirJcr, to burn). Vioteot heat, 
bming; applied to fevcn and the wxnal 
iMMion. A. Urine, liuming pain in the 
mtkiiud urrtliTa in miduhlioo. 

A'rea {arm. an open j^mce). Any ipare 
with boundwie*. A. Cclai. See Al^tia 
areata. A. Gerrnaniti'va, or EmbryomU 
Sfiat, ihc oval gfnnin^ling *|xit €4 the 
tmlinyi, A- Peilucida, the light cenind 

podioD of lh« last. A. Opaca, the opaiC|ae 
circle abottf ihc Mune. A. Vaaeulosa, 
(lie %-iuirulBriiation of ibc .-f. Opaca. 

Are^'ca Nut. See fititl. 

Ar'ecln. An or^nic ba« <CaH^,0) 
iuxarric with bruan.denvcdliromcincboiui 

Artfac'tion {arefaeere, lo make dry). £a- 
kiccation or dcuccniion. The rainoval of 
Mructimt or coDMiltuicful water fniai a 
mbstancc. Applirt) to ihc pioceM whereby 
cenain walcr>* tncdicinri may be redoced 
to a dry )iowdcr. 

Arena'tion {arrna, s^). A tand bath. 
Th<^ np|>licaliaci of hot nnd to a limti or 
{lari KA the body. 

Are'da (cUni. of arm, an open space). 
The Uownisb spare sumnuiding the nipple 
of ihe female brcatl. Iliis i» somctimca 
called Artola papdhtru. A utonttary 
arifh, sutTDunding lhi&, occun doling 
pr<'gnanqr. The pigmcolation about the 
utnbdiciu is cMllcd Ihc itmbiiual arttia. 
A. Tissue, connective liuuc. 

Areom'eter (o/tninf. thin, li^t, /<rrf>n% 
mnuun;). An iniklrumi-nt for nlnn^ing 
the tpccilic gmvity or strrngih of liquids, 
expeciBlly alcoholic 1i<]ui']a. 

Algen'tum. Silver. Ae =^ toS; riuanli- 
VAlenc«. I. A malleable and ductile 
metal of hrillinnt while liutcr. Tarnishes 
oidy in urcwncc of free solphin, jiul[4uir 
Ra.scji and phocphunis. An excellent sub- 
stance for vessels liied in [diannaqr, ind 
flit xuture* used in ntrgery. Th^ mllow- 
ing MilU are used: A. Cyanidum. u:)ed 
in the preparation of hydrocyanic acid. 
A. lodidum.Kmctimcs used internally in- 
Ktvfid of A. nitrate. Dote gr. %-). A. 
Oxidutn, explosive when treated with am- 
monia. LIlsc gi. - }i-'i}- A. Nitras, 
" nitrate of silver," argentic oilrate, " lunar 
cdutiic." a powerful astringent and an 
cM:liaratic oi cnoderate strength. Stains 
skin and other Usme block when aii]>lied 
in strength. In small dotes stimulates 
bran and nerve cenirre. Too long oon- 
tinucd, Invcs a ^latc-colurvd. Insoluble 
deposit of silver under (be skin {Aixyna). 
Done gr. H-M- A. Nitraa Puaus, 
"stick GauMic Coniaim 4 P^ i^n<. of 
sUver cbkride. Used locally. The mi:^'- 
ffiifri/ or Ji/itfr jtiek » faneA with an equal 
wci^'bl of iwtauiuiu nitrate. 

Argil'la {aftyi'^. [wit.-r's clay). lATule 
or poller' k clay, alumina. 

Ar'gol. See Tarlar. 

Argyll Robertson's Pupil. Sec fupit. 

Argy'ria ^L. ar^cHiMm, mIvcx). A focm 




of cfaltMSBM or ditcolomion of the sk'ia 
■Dd m}'*"* nembtaiie protlucrd tiy the 
orolMwed adniaistntiDn of Ritmtc of alrcr, 
me inalcculca of ^iircr IvinR dqiosiln] in 
■MKh tbe same posiiion ■& lh<M« of the 

J Bitnral pigmcni of tbc skin, It may be 

imtiKraf, Ooui iairmal aiiintiListnriioci, or 
Miif, from its locsl appltcaitiHi. 

Ahstolo'chia. Sec Sfrpentaria. 

Atistolo'chin. \ bitlrr priucipic fotiml 
In Vir,;iiua inakc root. S«« SfjvntDriii, 

AriBiotlc's Experiment. llie double 
feeUng cipenenccd by the lingm when ■ 
tingle pcUile is placed between ibc crossed 

tfingen of one hind. 

(Stx. /irm, G. jtrm, Lai. jirmm), 

TThM i«rt of the tipper estrcmity fnan the 
•boukler to the wrol. 

linenta'tium(I^.,anar«enal). The 
onilit ol medidnes or liLstnuncnu ot the 
pliyiicinn or snrpxnt. 

Anna^iiuRi. See Anrntntrmtarium. 

Ar'maturo (armaium, C4]iii|nnent). A 
nuLU of soft irtm at tbe extremity of a 
magnet. Abo. liie c<xe of tom around 
-whkb coili of iiuuiUted wire are wound 

''nlca. A plant eommonly known aji 
■■ l^cofmnl's bone," — A. mottaiia. Iloth 
fluwen and root art uaed in medicine. 
Fropcnle* probably due to an aUtaMd, 
trimtrAyJaminf. In bmatl dmes a car- 
diw: MtininlanI ; in tai^r doKi a dcpies- 
■HjL In loxic (loMst frequently couk* 
death. A popuLsr Kmedy, when locally 
a|i|ilierl, ffOt s|inun«, Lniiiea and ■uHoce 
woaaAa. Valuable alw la lyi>ht» and 
typhoid fieven an an anti|>yTi:tic- A. 
TiDCl., 10 pQ cent. Dow ri\,v~xxx. A. 
Infusum, zo pniu Aowen, loo potts 
irnteT. Superior to linclBfv foe locnl use, 
A. Est. Radicia, Dose gr, |-iq. A.&xt. 
Rad. Fid. Dow niv-xx. A. Tlnct. 
Rad.. -la )icr ccnL lloxr n^v-mx. A. 
Emplastrum, contains ext. of root jo, 
lead putter ItX) poit«. 7'nfuf\i/~amme 
(tinnt.). r*me p. ij-iij in nj-tup, 

Ar'nicin. C'^Hj,*)., A l>rownisb, bitter 
fluccMide rxiraciet! from tbe Howcn of 
Amii-a mtmfaHa. 
aofto. See Anatte. 
'raa (op^i. "pi'*)- The imptmder- 
^e fragrant or oiloroiu enunalion of 

' T^eiaUe rabstaiKes. 

lai'le (^Kiyia, spKe). A wlntanrc 

kcfaaraclcriixd by a fragrant, qiicy lanle and 
vdor, at dmumont KinKcr, the ettcniial 

^ oUa, tU. A stimntani u> the gutm-intci- 
I omcoua nicinbtanc. A. Aclda, Ihoae 

of the bcnrine group of hydrocaiboiu. A. 
Group, a sciiet of h>drocari)oii!> having 
the composition C„n^ A. Vioe|;«r, 
any oiuktuie uf aroiuaUc oiU in vtnegnr. 
L'sed u a uiinulalinK asenL 

Ar'nk. See Aradt. 

Anect'or Pili Muscle. A fan>)ikc ar- 
raofrmeat of a layer of unocth niucicular 
SbmsmiNudine the hair (olticle, whose 
eooinwtion erects the fulliilc and ptoilucc» 
titlii-aititrina or " jjooscskin." 

AfTCat' ^<ii/,to, rt'i/^.towlthfland). Stop- 
pa|[e, detention. Arrested development, 
13 wbea an ori;an or or^puiism faiU in it» 
tionnal erolulioo, stopjiiDg at the initial or 
intermediaie Ma|{» M ibe proceos. Ar- 
rested head. «'hen in panuntlon ilie child's 
bead b liinileied but ncrt impacted in the 
pelvic cuviiy. 

Ar'row • Foiaon. Sec Curare. 

Ar'rowroot. (Iltialilfu! detitaliocL) A 
kind of utarch derived from Mamnia 
aruHilinacea of the West Indies, South- 
ern Stalo, etc. it a a )KipnIar remedy for 
diarrlKrai widely tucd as a footL 

Ar'senic, Arsen'icum, or 

Aracn'ium. .-Vi^ 75; qnanlivalence III, 
V. A aon-meial having a metallic Iiutn 
and aptalline itractiire. In nnall do«eft 
a stomachic and ecnetal Ionic, promoting 
appetite antl caidiac aotiuti, and lUnH- 
taiing mental adivtty. Of ^reai value in 
irritative dyipepiia. Somc^uDea used in- 
teitially to blanch and dear ilie akin. In 
larger dosea ciealea skin eniptkins, and 
becuQKTS a violent conutve poiion, acting 
with ckinitilaiive eflect Euenially, U a 
ptiMcrful ewhanilic, used in cancer. Only 
the salts and oxides are uacd in mediente. 
A. Acid., arsenical acid, white ancnic, 
■•na»ha.w.*'Aa,0,. Doaegr.A-A, A, 
Acid., Liquor, a i jier cent tohrlion of 
the acM in hydrochloric ackl and distilled 
wain. Polasaii Araenit., L-iq., how- 
Icr*! svlution, contains A. acid i, poiasc. 
dicaifKinaie I, ecnp. tinct. Inrendcr 3. and 
dblOlcil wnlrr i{. s. ad loo parts. Ikisc 
niti-Ji. Sodit Arscnias. l)ase of Uie 
dried salt gr. A-iV- Sodii Aracntat., 
L-iq- IK»e nvij-^*- A. lodid. IXm 
p- iV~l- A. et Hydrarcyri tod.. Liq., 
ri<)uor of ibe iodide uf arsenic and mcr- 
cwy, Donovan's sololion. contains A 
iodide 1, meicohc iodide 1. diidlkd 
water too parla. Doac mij-n. See 
Ktituek'i Test, MftnA's Tru and t-'ltit- 
mannfj Tett. 

Arte'rial«^ij«o. the trachea). Tbc phual 
was aivUed Vi the bnnchisl tubes. The 





UKi«il« twpTiowd Ibcse filled widi viul 
spirit rfniing "/c. Sec Ariay. 
Anc'riogram. See SfAygouigraim. 
Anerio'lie Rcctv. 'rbeniiall blood vcs- 
tcis which sup(>ly the iBcdiuU«7 pynauls 
of the Iiid[)c}s. 
Arteri'iis {-irt/rjr naA itii, tDflanmaliott). 
InlLanuMtion or an sriciy. 77u acuif 
form \% gmcraily ircKixxulivc to trsumit. 
Ibrumbosis, or rmbolWin, mkI may lie jjitm- 
Icnt ID character; the fhri^HU, more pK>^- 
t:r\y mJttrteri/ii, wMcritX 'v1cro>i>, leading 
to lUi^oiia or atkfraBliilk'tu thango, \s a. 
freqitcni di«e«M of (he aged. A. De- 
fonnaoSi the molt d alhcromatoiu 
dMogvs pnMtocinK cnunplinf; ox irregv- 
Iwitie* 01 the wdTs. A. Oblilerms, ta 
inOMse of connmivc listue ending in ob- 
IKoalkia of the lumen. 
Ar'IWy {arUria, a^p, air or spirit, rTjfWu, 
lo preserve, because Hipi*»ed lo contun 
(he Spirit or sou]). Anerirs arc the cube- 
like vessels Ihraugh which the blood 13 
pcopcllcd by the heAn In The peripheni 
orpwE. Tbty end in attcriolcs and c«pil- 
larics. They an competed of Ibrce lajren i 
tYKoaXn.or tunua adti-nfitia ; tile mid die, 
or fuitii-a mci/ia, the musculiu- coat ; the 
internal, or imiina, coniposcd of nuclroied 
cpiilielial cellf, coitnrclive and elMtic tiv 
sue. A ublc of the chief arteries 12 «^ 
pended (pp. 53, 54. 55). 
Arthral'gia (nf/^pnv, a joint, lA^mf, pnin). 
rain in a joiat; jfoui; arthritic; rbcuma- 
Arthri'tis (nfBpm; -rrrf, inflnmmaiion). 
inlluninailoQ of the joinli'. A. Defor- 
mans, chronic inliammnlion of ibe ^>onc- 
linuK of a Joini wiih dcfonuiiy. A., 
Rheumatic, acute rfaeumatiHD of the 
jomu with gouty complicoitoiu, 
Arlluocla'Kia {at^io¥, kXhu, to t>rcak). 
TIm Uicaklng down of onkyloAM in Mdet 
lo imHlute free movcmrnl of a joini. 
Arinro'diti (ii|yi/iMt,lo faoieu ly n joint). 
A fonn of joint penyuing a gliding move- 
ment. Sec IHailhrmU. 
Aitbrodyn'ia (ofii^K, o^wv. p*it>)> S«e 

AithrocTnpy'caJB \fiif>i^, t/itewptif, sup- 

imralkm). Su|i)>ur*lion in n joint. 
Anhrog'taphy [apOtyv, yfio^rri; to write}. 

A deacriiibnn of Ibc joints. 
Anhfoo'cus (ofiSpm, cusoi, an UDinenceV 
file cartilaginoiB body or bodies whicli 
occitiionally farm within ibe knee-joint. 
Artbropath'ia (w^Mv, mAf.dUeitse). A 
peculiar diseaie cf ibe joinlH siftnjiar to 
tfacumaloid wtbritis but, acvonling to (Jiai- 

cot, a disllDct disease. It belong lo lite 
prodrontal nagc of tabts ; laptdl j destmys 
Ihc jcdnt; is poinleu. whhoot fe\-er or 
fnfioBBnalJoa : prefers ibe large joiot* ; ond 
U cotuicctcd with bydrorthmb and swell- 
ing cf tbe joints. 

Anbn/»i« {ofiSpou. to fasten Ivf a joint). 
AfliculaiioB or jointing, 

Arthtot'omy {of/lpin/, Ttftuu, tociK). In- 
ciMi>n of a jo4nt. 

Ar'ti«(l(apr{a{u,iobeevenV locbeoiutry, 
a tcnn used to deM(;nalc a:oRtt haviue an 
evco quanti^'olcDce, as oxygen, vrbHit b 
bi-, iron quodrt'. and sulphur bcxivaleut. 

Arttc'uIar^fjr/iVw/o'Vi. of the joints). I*«r- 
iitiiiiii); lo s.a ariiciilatipn or joinL 

Anic'ulate {arfUuii'. 10 divide bi joints). 
Divided into joints, distinct. A. Speech, 
the commiuii cation ot ideas by spoken 

Articula'tion ((ir/iVwAu, a joint). A joint 
or anhrosia: BcoDDcction between two or 
more l-oiici, whether allowing movrnienl 
betwevnthe (woor nol. Ilic articulations 
an divided into : t. Syn'anMrpsft,ii'i>iivo- 
ai/f, subdivided into tthitJ/Utts. ct 
grooved joints, ^w»F/i4()'f''i, in MX- lcct», ■» the 
teeth, and mrtt'ra, as in tbe bones of tb« 
skull : 3. Di'arikriM^s. or movolilc joinli, 
suUtivided into the arlkryjui, or gliding 
joints, the giigtymiu, or hinge-like, the 
rn'<jrMniirt, or ball-nnd'ioekct JMnts; 3- 
Am^phiarfhreitT, or Ukwi of a mixed 

Articula'tion. TheenuiurMtionof s|KJ(en 
speech. Confluent A., the clijjpii^ of 
wonls, or running wllohles together — ■ 
syuiploui of cerlniii ceti-'tnul diM.-asc». 

Anicula'iion Posiiions. Se^r Cftuvmamit. 

AniCulo MoTtia (Ijtt.l. Themomcntof 
d<-alb. In ihcact of dying. 

Artifi'cia] (arttfin'a/ii). Made or imi- 
tated by Oit, A. Antis, an opening in 
tbr alxlotnen to giic cut to the Jllcci; on 
Opening niode in Ciise of itnf^r/xnau anus, 
A. Eye, a bin of glaio, celluloid, rul^r, 
fir,, tna<le in imitnlion of tbe front ]ot1 of 
tbe kIoW of tbe eye ond worn in the 
ftockcl or over a blind eye (or cosmetic 
rt-aMin*. A. Joint, tm falujomt, Ihciiori- 
united eiitUof iil'iukeu Uxie. A. Leech, 
Sc<; l.eeeh. A, Vitreous. Sec Uniftr- 
afion. A. Pupil, n-moral of » ()ieee of 
tbe iris {irij(,-t^my, iriJ^'Jiafyiu, tt(.), to 
allow the light to |iavt througli the open- 
ing. A. Rcapiralion, the arrition of the 
blood l>y aitilicia] mcuns. A method of 
inducing Uic normal function of respjra- 
lion when from any catur it is temporarily 


i 1 

8 'S 




= i 

£ S 


I -5 


I 1 

3 £ Si 

I- H 5 




Id Mhvjaaux, u n k^fxia twonatornin, 
(ImwninK, e/e. HaitiMeth^, by lumiog 
[!i(^ \<ti\-} allcmntcly upon Ihc sidrr ot fact;. 
iimoarii't Mrtk^i, by [irruurc u|Xin the 
lower ribi crcfy few Kcocf.U. Syhfiff'i 
Method, cbietljr bj- nxuvments of the 

Arytc'noidCuflcn'iin'a, « pKcher, r^^, likc- 
nm). Rucint>bngU)C mouth ofapttclm. 
A. Cartilages, lu^ cArUla|i« of the 
larynx nguUlin^. hy *e rocAn* of tbc ai- 
tnclicil muinrlc?*, the temiua of the yool 
cunU. A. Mu8cl«. M\^i from tbe po6- 
tenor surface of one ar^'tcium] cartilage 
sad ttiuicrtcd intoUiecortctipondtng |»tts 
of tbe otber. It is com^KKi-d of tbicc 
pinnies of libra, tw<i oUigiu and one (rant- 
vent. Il drawt the iu>'teiKad caitilagn 

Arylh'mic. Tirfptlar; without Hijrllim. 

Asafist'ida. A^eiiJa. A resinoui mjin 
otbuned from the root of ferula narihex 
and F. ttordMoma. Souiewlial soluble 
in olctAol, and (6tn» an emulsion vrith 
woter. l^opcTties due to aJiyI suifiidt, 
CA\gS. A powerful nnliiiiavnixlic, 
ibmuIiLnt and ex|KctotanL Very service- 
able in hjncleria and bronchial aliicciioos. 
Dmc gr. v-xx. A. Tincl., !ilrcn);lh 30 
per cent. Ooae 3»-ii. A. Emplu- 
tniro. nMfiHidn 35, lend plauer 35, ^■ 
baoum 15, yellow w;uc 15, akwlwl 130 
pcrtt. A. Mistura, u 4 t>«r cent eraul- 
skm. A. et Ma^esue Mist., ricwcr'a 
cnnninntire, ma^naiuiu cut>. 5, tini:t. akii- 
fiitidi 7, linct. opti 1, Hi^iu- 10, oq. deM. 
ad toopnrts. thMe!;s^.^u. A. PiU 
hilae, contain each gr. iJj of awtfrxtiiU 
and gr. j of soq>. DoM )4r. A. el 
Aioea PU., have p- l]4 ^^ '"^^ ingre- 
diaot. Gahatii J'if., tomt. See 5oA 
iamttm. Annunia Ftefiaus Sfif., con- 
tain* asaftctida l ^. !•<]. ammonia: iod. 2, 
spirit ao pvt^ CtaM 3 »-j* Vtiof. 

A'aak. Sc« .SucitAii Jn4t<a. 

Asca'ria (|)lnrs] Auttridti) (offmfuCu, to 
jump). A gcaus of the funiiy AKarida. 
A cUlu of parasittcAl wormf; inhibiting the 
bodie», andrsprriiillv t!ur iote-linc.of moM 
uumnls. A. Lumbricoides. is found 
in the ov, hog and mnn. ll inhithjtsIlM: 
fniall inli-^tinr, injircinlly of rliildrril. A. 
Vermicutaris (ihetlirrnd wonnl, a tyno- 
Dym of Oxyuris I'rrmuularii. A. Hys- 
Ux, the munt) wnrni of llie cat, and A. 
Alata hare rarely teen found in mnn. 

Ascep'tol. A Milpho carl«l mrmhiing 
oaibolk aivl Milicrlic acidx. Mtghly axtVf 
Kpdc and di&infoctant. t'noT. 

Aaci'tcs (niTKinf^t f''°"> (mtxoc, a bog), Aa 
abnormal oollcdiun of serouc tluld in the 

Eiloncal cnvity. There is ujiifonn en- 
^i^ment of tbe abilomen, Jlucioatioa, 
pcrcu&Mon dullness, etc. 

Aaclc'pias. Pleurisy Root. Tbe root of 
Atd'l^at tMherota. A popular remedy 
in Ilie Southf^nt States for p(euri<iy. A 
potvcrful dL.t]ilioivt>c and a moderate 
eincUc and cuUiurlic. The infusion te- 
cotnint'Rded h&i a Strength of .^j of the 
[lowdercd toot to ^x«xij of w.itcr. IkMte 
Kacup^ul eveiy 3 or 4 lionn. Uoolli> 
cial. Also, A. Curassavica, Ifiood 
Flower, An hert) cnmmcm to ttojiical 
Ainnica. A>trin];i.*ut, MyiiCtc ooj luiiliel 
tnintic against thu tajwnrm. A]ii^|<iilar 
rrinvdy &r diecking capillary hemotrfiaee. 
I>oae of fid. ext. 3)-ij. Unof. 

Ascococ'cun (aoKuf, n Irothtrr lag, loicicaf, 
a Itcmcl). A acnu* of thcfamily of foc- 
caorts; with clcmmis nnilcd in nuMivc 
colnnic* sunnuiidcil by tojijjh, thirk, gela- 
tinous en^xloiKs. A. Billrothii. found 
in puIreJicd meat; its lutuml habitat is 
the air. iJctailii of culture, <ti:, >m 
will) I ill);. 

A l^vge family of fungi, of which the 
truffles, or Tuteraaa, llie ftgot of rye and 
mnuld of ^l^i(^l fniiis nre cxumjilc*. 

Aacoph'ora Mucc'do. A micmscopic 
fungitt, of which the mould of l4«ad is an 

Aa'cospore (oorof, oittipa, a sporeV A 
man. dtrvclopcd within a sac tike foncns- 

Ascp'sia (<i neg., «?tu, to putrefy). The 
cotvdiiion of non-paircbclioB ; aUenco of 
all septic material or fwlht^nic miL-ro- 

Atep'tlc. Free fion coniorahuuing or 
tcplic mailer. The antiKplic treatment of 
woundi, including oKyiJc and antiseptic 
drcMing^, wrndcT* the wound awptic. 

Aaep'lin. This term \\%f. Iiecn gJFcn to a 
Bccret preparation containing Iwric add, 
usnl for (imernn^ aiticlet of food. 

Aaep'tol, C^II(S(>„ a rcdilisb lii]ai<l, with 
on odor of carlxtlic add, Rcommcndcd aa 
a disinfectant and antiseptic. U^ed ex- 
lemolly I : tooo, nnd inii-ntally in alNwt 
Ihc same dose as carl otic arid. 

Asit'ia (a, withoni. air«(, food). The want 
of f<wd. Abo a kwtkiitK for food- 

Aspar'agin. .1 cryiulline organic princi- 
ple, l_',ll,N^(\. Touud in a«|>uagii« Olid 
toany «th«r plants. It b diurt-tir, and 
sedMivc to the circuUiion. !»«: Alihaa, 




Atptu^aLfat, Tbc gmn not of Ajfara- 

gtn oj^HnaHt. A mild dhirctie. Dose 

of Ad. uc ,^w*-i. Unof. 
Aspu'tlc Xcid. C«!l,NO,. Adibukcrirs- 

telliiie mhslance olininnl from asporogin. 

Il ocean ID ibe Ixidy lu a rr.iuli of tiu! 

action of the pancnaik juk« on tbc bima 


A i p erg iFlu* (ntfttrKo, (o «ciUtrt). An 
onler of (nngi. A. Auriculari*, a Amgw 
foumlinrhcwai ofthrnr. A. Glaucus, 
the blaith moukl found, ■•.f., a{ioa dried 
frujl. A. Mucoroides, a qx'drt IouimI 
in fniimiitpui. nr gangn-nou« lung tifxuc. 

Atpcnn'ativm (n ac^., ovtpfia, seed). 
Non-cn)t»io« o\ 5<-nu-n. whrllMr oniog to 
non-vm-tion (* nnn^JHCuImioo. 

AipcT^sion (aspergi>, to sprinkle). Tbe 
on of h'-5priDkHng. mrdictoes being somc- 
irnu-* Ihu* applied. 

Asphyx'ia (aDeg.,(r^<fif,tfaepulM). Tbe 
cncci upoo (h« \»Aj of th« non-oxygrna- 
tiM) of tbc hloorl ; itvsunpcnMon 1^ viial 
pbenomcnft whea Ibe htoes an: dcpriTcd 
of air. The eicoesB of carbon dioxidr in 
tlw \AaoA at first «tima)nt<^, tben panlym 
Ac rspiratofrccnierof ihc medulla. Arti- 
ficial rcspimion ct Ibtrrlorc ro^uirrd in 
Cttsec ri (nddrn aiphy'da. A. Neonato- 
rum, the inability of ne<r-boni i»£ani£ to 
begin rirspimian sponlanroUAly, or ta OOD- 

' tinnp it. 

A»pidiospcf^m!ne. An alkalond extraclcS 
fnxn (iu^hm, h/% If. V. 

Aapid'inm. The rhiwme of it«c»al tpe- 
dcs of A., cspeciallf A. mar^na/f. Vto- 
prrtia due ro a resin cnntaining filidlic 
acid. Valiublc chiefly as a vennidde 
afCaiul tApcwiiirra. Dom ^^^%f^ A. 
Oleoreaina, an ctbefenl extnict. DoM 

As'piralcs. See ComanaHli. 

Aspira'tion {^uf, lo, tfiiro, to IveAihe). 
U»d as a lynoaym of iteinnuiiiD. abo of 
uiNbiiKHi. The act of itsiitg the aitptra- 
lor. A rocihod of wiihrlntwiug ilic Huids 
and ^axs fnni i wcund lo pievcnl eon- 
laaitruuion. A. of Cataract Extrac- 
tion. Sc« ExtrnedM* »/ Ottaract, ii(o 

Aa'pirator. An instnunenl fnt wiihdraw- 
inK ibe conirni!' of an aa^cn-%, tuaiof, r/r., 
witbMtt tbe admiwion of nir. 

AMa&c'lida. Sec Autf\f\,la. 

AvsiiRila'tion (>ut/wu?>>. ro maliP lilutV 
The pn>ci»» of iraiitfonnin); fwxl inioMcn 
a nulmnt rtMnliiifm ihni il it taken up liy 
(be ciniiliitciry kT<irm, 3ih1 (nran an inle' 
gral part oC Utc ccunumy \ s)iiLbctic or am- 

araciircmetaljoli^nn: anabolistn. A.. Pri- 
mary, thai concemcil in the coaverMoo 
of WkI into cbylr and Mood. A.. Sec- 
ondary, (bat lelntjtig to the fcniMtioa of 
the organiKd tisaio of tbe body. 

Asitocta'tkHi(<ut(u'M/u>). The act of com- 
bining; union witb. Asaociatcd Move-* 
menta. coincident or cortscnsuol nKrve- 
mrnu of oibcr mtisclw ihao ibe lradin|[ 
one, and which I7 haliit 04- uoiiy of pur- 
pose ore involiiiilorily conoeclcd with its 
action, [loth eyHialU mcxre alik* in md- 
ing, though one be a Uiod eye. Move- 
ment of the nonnal arm will Kmetfanes 
pro^cc sligbl nwiioii of tbc oppuiie pwn- 
ly^ed arm. An unifbniuly of inncrvotioa 
is irajally tbe cait>e of ll^w movemeals, 
and sucb aa example 3& tbe rigidity of the 
jaw in tifiing a bcavy wei{[hl abixdd hardly 
be called aa asncinled iDovenwnl. Aaao- 
ctated Paraljrsia, acotnraoa paralysis of 
osuxialed mu4clc4. 

Aa'surtn. A name givvn by Ttiiidicham 
to a complca Eulstoacc occnninf in Ltaio* 
tissue. rropenie« not inrcstiflilcd. 

Aau^eia (<i Dcg., trraeif, itaa&ic). Motor 
ineoilrdinaiion for staodlng. See Akasia. 

Aalcato'dea (a neg., fTitap, tallow, urf^f, 
follness). Dehcicni or imnit secrMioa oif 
ictioceocs matter I7 the seboorous gtaada. 

As'tcr. Sec /CaryoJnMttu. 

Aster'ion. See Sivtt. 

Aatem'aJ (ante., tfrrpasr, Ihe brcasl bone). 
Not connected with the afrmun. A. 
Riba, the fire lower poira, bccsnae not 
joined directly lo tbe atcmuoi. 

Aatem'la. Alwince of Ibe ttemum. 

Asthe'nia(iiDeg..eAvDt,>tn»igth). Geo. 
ctal le«« or absence of strength; adynamia, 

Aatheno'pia (u ncg., oCiior, «♦, eye)- 
Weakneu, ipeedy fatigue of the ocular 
miBcles or vtaial powers, due to cnors of 
re taction, inantRcicncy, orcr-me, anxmia, 
tft. A., Aocommodative, doe 10 by- 
peropfa, asbgoutisra, or a eotnlnnotton of 
tbe two, producing drain of llie ciliary 
mwcle. A., Muscular, doc to wealuMaa 
or stTob) of the eictemal ocular muscles, 
momt DQRimnnly tbe inlemal rccii — iimuf. 
fidetK-y. A., Retinal, or Nervous, « 
rare varirty. rauvi) hy retinal hyrieraathc- 
na, anarMlK-siji, ot orhr* abnonaaliiy, or by 
general ncrvout affections. 

Asth'ma {aaOfo, panting). IHt o ayii attl 
or inlrrmitient djKpnnea, generally aocum. 
ponied l>y oougfa and leoticiiial »ecn:ii(.in. 
a feeling of cnnttiiclion and tmflnration. 
"Wte etiology )■ olitNme, being atcHlieil lo 

hotdity, awl diicate, £«<) exhalations 




of planU and atmoaubcric iinpuritiei, colds, 
tte. It has be«n tDOUfihl to t>« due to re- 
Ilex tieorases utd iipojim of ihe mtucnkr 
luBUc of the Ivoncbul tulicv When de- 
pendent ujion tlisea«e of llie heart, the kid- 
neys. ittocTUirh, thymu!^ He., it has been 
* dekignatMl t^rdiac, renni, ffplit, thymic, 
tff, A. Dyspepticuni, due to nervous 
rtflcxrit through tlir- va^«. A., NervouB, 
from tellex stimulation uf ihc |iulTOc>iiaiy 

Astif'matism [a ne^., itnypa, a point, 
becauie rayt of I'l^bt buui » iwint ore turvrr 
Imugiit ta a, poiitt by the rdnclive media 
CS the eje), ThM conditJan of the eye 
wbervin buniocvntric raya of bglit are not 
brouKhi (■> a fucus by the meOia. It is 
uwaltjr line to ineqaolity of cunr.ituro of 
the diffarirt meridians of the conx.'fl (cor- 
neal A.), Iwt may be earned by in^xrfcc- 
timu of the l(.-tu (Icnlicnlarl, unF<|tin] 
contraction of the ciliary mu«le, or nuy 
perhaps be doe to retinal imperftaion. It 
may Im; acquired tv congenital, ami may 
complk-aU- li>iKTUii.-tn>|>in or in)\>f>iii. prv 
during dthrr simple hypermetropic A., 
in whjch one principal m'tidinn i* ctRtiii.-- 
trapic. the othct liypcnnc-iropic ; or com- 
pound hypermetropic A., in which both 
mcniluni arc h)-prrtnctnipic, hut one more 
HI tliaii (he other. Comtili eating myopia, 
ire rony in the some way have Simple 
myopic or compotmd myopic A. In 
mixed A., one |vincipal meridian ii 
myopic, theoibcrhypennrtmjiic, Repilar 
A. u when the two principal mf^ricli.-iiit 
■re at right angles to cacn other. Inegulox 
A., when diflTcrcnt partt of a meridian have 
diflcrent irfrwiing powvnt. 

AstigrtUMD'cter [a, cnyfta, tttrpw, a mea»- 
m). An Instrumenl far the mcatnrrmcnl 
of natigmatism. 

Astrag^alufl {airrpaya3^,ttA\t\ thetnalo- 
gons l)onc» of the thrrp wcrr n»cd by tho 
ancients as dice), llic ankle-bone, upon 
which the litiin n^ts. Alv> a grniu of 
leeutninoos plnnU fmm lonii- vuirlin of 
which gum Irai^acaiiiti is dcrivt.'d. A- 
Uollis'simus (IjOco i'Unt). 'Ilie active 
principle of (hit plant has niydfiiitic proper- 
ties. Unof. 

Aatrapaphoniia (nirT^m;, lighining. ^ 
poi, frar>. A lymiitom of mmtiil dixratc 
oonsisiing in frar of lightning and Ihundtr. 

Altric'lion (ji/, lo. //«Wy.f,to liind). Con- 
itipidon or any condition mulling Urom 
thf «e of astringesls. 

Aatfin'gcnt. An agent produrtng con- 
mnion of organic ti»uc«, or wliicb aimts 

hxmorrhagn, diarrlucas, ttt. Tannin, 
alum, ojiium, alcohol, the tails of silver, 
leail, >■/>'., lire cxarapic^. 

Asy'lum (Mi/ZMflf.apUccoT refuge). An 
iitaituUoo (or the suppott, safckecfnng, 
curr, or edncalion of Oiosc incapable of 
caring for thetDSclves, such as iha inuuK, 
the liliiid, jVf. 

Asym'meiry [a, tnfifitrpta, symmetry). 
L'nliknwia of organit or paila tliat arr nor- 
mollyof tlie «une >i2c, i-Zr., as e.g.. Asym- 
metry of the two halve* uf Che skull or 

Asyner'gia (<r, owtpyia, cv^Opemticm). 
Kaiilly eixinlinolion nf the diHrrmt organs 
or mu^ctci nunnally acting in uiiiikon. 

Atac'tic (arunncf. irregular]. Irregular. 
IVrtiuning tn muDi'uUr uicoonlinAtion, ea- 
pccially in aphoiia. AIm uxd of atypical 

At''aviHm {aiavut, a rortrfather). Tbe 
rnipiicanince of an anomaly, {UiyiJcali 
mental or pathnlt^cal, in an individual 
wbiHc mntc or Icm rctnolc nmgraitnnt had 
bod it, but in whow immcdiaie iiuccslors it 
hnd not l>cen sbowo. 

Alaxapha'aia. See AfAaila. 

Atax'ia, or 

Atax'y [araita, want of order). The 
won) mcuuu pnmanly, irrcguUiily or want 
of otdcr. but it moM commonly u^tl to 
cKpresf incoordinalioii nf mittcitlnr itction ; 
an eicess gf delidcncy in contraction of 
live \'arioB5 muscles ooncemcd in a givm 
action. Since innervation of many n^u>clcs 
K rci^iiired in a fijicd posiiion of ihe lixly 
or of a limb, the term A., Static, de&cribcs 
(be failure of niii»c\iUr co&cilinnfion in 
Manrling i.ti1! or in lixcd poiiiiioiit of the 
limbs, whilst A.. Locomotor, expresses 
the some easenlial [ilicniimcnon a^ rrgnrds 
movvment*, and e>pc»:i"lly in walking. 
A-. Hereditary, Friedreich's Dt»eaic, is 
on inlirtilcil diiuix: of childrm and the 
young, .'^ee /•riejreith't Dii-ase. liolli 
static niul loconvolor ataxy are prominent 
syrnfilnins of tnlics or dineatc of the poc- 
tcriot column* of the cord, but it ts absurd 
to sneak of ataxv, as if it were a ducase 
itMli inHead of being only one nf many 
symptoms of many di&ea&cs. 

Atelef'taais (nrfJ«, impetfect, fsnwwf, 
cxraniion), Failurr of dilatatinn of the 
pulnwoory mr-eell* in Ihe ncw-tioni. The 
eoiiilition is due ncol to ili.v^a<« of the 
lung*, but to nrire tn)une«, wcnkivest, Ht. 
In ihit caic Ihc Ions haa never I««n 
inQated, wliiKi in li/Hen/nalciit it b&l 





Atal'la (aribia, hnpcrfectinn). A icnUtv 
logiod Icnn lot iiniicrfctlion or fiulnrc of 
dmloixiieni of wxtie pott of the (cavi. 
The woni b compounded vitli Athen lo 
doiKiisIc the menitxr vrantine, lu a/iV(>- 
earJia, atflfitAtilia, afe/Mn^efiAa/ia, ateh 
mytlia, at//jfirAsafia, fit., cxpreHnlne f>iich 
sdefecturi)i« bcait, lip, bnui,s]jiiMJvunl, 
(acv, re>pe«ivcly. 

Athelas'mua (n, St^agfto^, n attdtling). 
Inaliililjr to |pvc Mick, fmn defect or want 
of the nipf^lc:!. 

Atheto'tna {otktfia. ^el). IMnurilj, a 
K>fl cDL^-kled tmnof' ; more aHjimualy, (he 
faitf degmcration of the nrolh of the 
aitcne* in oa>n>r(|iicncc of chinnic ■rtenli*, 
and colled alhtrvmatims Jr^rmeratitm. 
AtJk/nmaiMuaiiffu,r<:\\Mxr\% friMn chronic 
■iteritu, '» A toll nutUct licnrjtb llie in- 
tlnui, while m atMervma/mu ulcer b 
bnned by the ahiceu breaking througfa 
the inlimn. 

Ath'eioid. Perloiiih)^ lo or aRecte«l with 
■thetoisb. A. Spum. an occuiotul 
jQrmptnni of bemipkgM and aflcf >omc 

Atheto^sis (a(^«n>c. nnjbted, chatttcalile). 
A diH-iL<7 chnmctcri/ird bf cnntinuarckanga 
<^ pouiioo of the lingcn and (oes, aail 
inakilitjr to keen them itill. II is due lo 
latne loion or mni.tkmaJ defangemenl of 
the brain or cof iJ. 

Athrep'sia (r, r^fWj, (o nnun»h). The 
kymptiwn-cnmplc^ toultriig 6iitn ini[)rrrect 
nutntioQ tn children, fraai wtiaievcr cuue. 

At'laa. The iippcnnmt of tlie cervical 
vcttclnrc. Artlculalct with Ibc ocdpilal 
Iwnc nf the $);ull. 

Atlod'ymas (aT?jif, d«r1V|Uaf, double), A 
moaotocnic dual tDomUwity willi two 
beads and a single body. 

Atmi'atiy (nr/ioi, »apor, larptia, mctiical 
tmlnteni). TreaUKtii of diseases of the 
Imgs or imicoiu mcmbnuic, hj inhnlatJoa, 
lon^atioii, or by ditvcting i ctmrnt of 
vapor or giw upon the pan. 

Atmom'eter, or Admidom'eier (ar/jor, 
firrpai/, « mcaMirr), An in%lrninrM to [le- 
lemuTie ihc anuxinl of %vaicr exlialrd from 
a givm oiHWc in a given time, in oidci lo 
dclmniiir the faumidiiy of the alntofplMrc, 
of a place. 

At'mosphere {arfaaf, a^pa. a ^hcrr). 
The miilnrc of gaxe*, rapor of wnirr, and 
Other Kispcndcd nuuien, mnounding the 
earth, b* an eliL-uic fluid envclofK, 10 the 
height of nlvut 300 mile*. 

Almoapber'ic. Pcnaining to )be aitno- 
afbfttt, A. Moisture, the va{Jor of 

wotrr mingled wiih the almiwphcrr. It 
varicK in niuuitity acmrdiiig to ten)|ier>lure. 
A. Tei»ion, the pra«ure of the air pc* 
Vjnare inch on the mrfoctafa tndjr. Nor* 
midly, Nl Ibe «ea-level it u about 14.7 lis. 
per aqunre iitcb, or c<|ual to thai of a col- 
umn of men.'or)' about jo in. in heighl. 
Il dccrcoiMv abom ^ m., or ^a lb. per 

SLUR inch for every 90 feel of oltiiudc. 
nre lofiOO feel, Ibe raniy of ilic alnio- 
aphcre i> tnoally nolicentilQ in iiuickoned 
breathiog and pal*e tate. 

Ato'ClA ^aroKOf, i«rKa). Stoilitj' of iho 

At'om {a neg., reuru, to c«t). The olti- 
maie nriTl nl nn cli-inrTit; that part of a 
mlsiancc incapable of funbcr divisJon. or 
the Mwilint p«t1 capable of entering a 
chemical oon^mund, at uniline nith an- 
other lo fono a Molecule, — vrhit:h tosi ii 
the onollctt <]uanuty of a snlMlance thu 
can exi*! free or uncombined. Atomic 
Valence, Equivalence, or ihe AtoiD- 
icily of an clement, b the saiumliiig 
pow<T of it* nlom lU corniNiTcd niib itiAt 
of bydiogen. Atomic Weight, dm 
weight of an atom of on clrnKnt a> coin* 
pored will) the wekrM of an atom of h|tlrc>- 
gen. Atomic Heat of an aloin is ils 
«peeific Ileal multiplied, by ils atomic 

At'omizer. An in a lr u mctH for tmufiinn- 
ing a Ii<|ui(l into a tprxy or mist. 

At'ony (a, roi«(, inne). Want of lone. 
Debility. Ijc»o or diminniion of mu»cular 
or vital energy. 

AtopomenoTTboe'a (arvxoc, out of place, 
ftn, RKinili, ftu^ to Dow). VicarioiK 

Atrabil^ioty {o/fr, Mack, /■i/h, Ulet- An 
ol«oles«nl term n'laiinglomckneboly and 
hypochomiriasii ; nlitnrrrcirii^ lotbc rmnl 
and iupni-ivfial glands. Icbrvetl to (iro- 
duce black Nk, or atralMllH, the coasc of 
Ibc glnomy ditpinilion. 

Atre'sia (a neg-, rtrpan-u, to perforate.) 
Irapcffcrolion of an opening or cnnal, as 
of the anoa, vagina, nicittujt vulitoriuf, 
pupil, eff. The word is conipoundcU with 
d>c itante of tbc organ anrctcd ^ '-gi 
afrfsmj^s/ia, afrrtiv^ifria, atrrti"Mftn,t, 
alrttmte'ia, tif., dcDOting r«>pcciJvc)y, 
ImpetfomiTon of tte Madder, MMooch, 
womb, intntinc, etc. 

A''irium {atnam, the lore-court or ballV 
That part of the auricle ur the bean into 
which the t-enotu liloiid in puured. 

At'ropa I aT/Hrrof, ooe of Ibe three Fates, 
who cut the thread cf lifc, in alhisioa to . 




tlie inisooouf ef&cti of the plant)' A 
genus a( tbt; noi. o«il. Sfi/atntf.v. A. 
Belladontu, Uk deadly nqcbbhade, 
wlience U> (ibuiDed a/raf»»e, ij«e St//a- 

AtropVU (a, without, Tpa^, nourufa- 
ment). Atioftty, t/. v. A tenn >(if]tied K> 
wioiis diMfiuei marked liy wuting ar 
iniialrilkxi, A. Cutja. Sm; Atrvph^ 
i/ffttM. A. Cutis Senilis. Sec Ai^ff^^ 

Atroph'icum Melano^ais Progrea'siva. 
Sec ,'ltrirfi/iniermit. 

Atrophoder'nia [a, rpoM. nourishtrnrnt, 
Aifijia, llic &kiii). Alnjjihix l.'tUi«. alruphy 
of tlie sbii), a wn.siii)g of [hr »kin due 
lo inoucriUDa. A. Pigmcntoauni, Xm-o- 
denoft FlgmeDlOMtm, An|[ica]«7i)kii rig- 
tDcntotam, Anopbicun) Bilcknods Procra- 
Myn,— ■ dcjp;ntraiiyt wiLslir^ <jf tiie skia 
Kccuminnicil \f a dir^'cto|jnieiil or g^xAncr- 
ing of p^piieiuarr maitcr in ]uuchcs. A. 
Albidum, dt.M-rili.Td lijr Knjio*: M Ctm- 
fined to llic iiiopr jutis of llie t)ii(;tii nod 
BnuL Tlic ^kiii is wiille, thin, cli»ii^nin^, 
and deititiilt i-f pij^niFcitary mailer, n cxm- 
dition reiiiainirm ujiiunM^ itin>u{[iiouc life 
(dif. fruin A. Scleiodcrea). A. Neuri- 
tieum, Glut^y Skin, an airopbjr of the 
skin <i) ibe area uf a diaeaxd or lojurcd 
niTve. Occurs nio<sl rcimiuonly on the CX' 
liciiiitics. A. Senile, Airu|ilii« Ctili:< 
Senilis, An arrujihy of tlii; !.Lin due lo old 
Age. A. Striatum ct Maculatum, ^riac 
rl MacuU- AlitipiiJc.1.-, n ((irni li the dik- 
eiM occornoK in streaks and »pcits. May 
be klbfxuliic nr nymptonaiic. 

Al'nphy (arfiu^a, want cf oouHnhniCTiO. 
A retroflrasltfe chanse in pans oriitianlly 
«Gll-li»Tned and nourwhcd, consisting in a 
Idm of weitfitt, lire and fiiiviiitni of an or- 
gan or ti.^sue, owing to soine disorder of 
autiiliun. A., Active, due lo the inliereal 
buihiliiy (if [1m> celk of a ii»ne in usimi- 
laic (he nutrimeni Ixdu^ lo them. A. 
of the Bulb, projreMivc ihrinkinK of the 
eyetiall. A., MuBCular, aiPireXA ihe mui- 
dea, and may ttc tieirditary or acquired, 
sitnpie or proKTCssive. A.. Paasive, 
caused by diminuhcd nnlrilion »u(i|>1>r<l 
the part. A.. Pigmentary, w called fium 
a dcpt»i! of iNgment (ycDour or yclknirish- 
brown) in tbr atm[>tiicd fal cell*. A., 
Strous, that tharacieri^ ly a iransuda- 
lion uf icmm inio ihr IL-Miir aNrr the fat 
Iiat gene, givin;; i( a gelolinons opiirsr- 
anoe. A-. Simple, ilic rrtrogrciture t>ro- 
ocwcs <iiil tUrinking tluc lo [lAihrlogical 
coiues, nllird to tbc pbyuult^tal nriiO' 

IfTMsion aS senility, ImiI ocevning, la ft 
were, pnimatundy. A., Tropbooeurotk, 
that dependent ujxui al'iiomiality of the 
nervous sup|>ly or conirol of .in orgnn or 
lissue, bcEl illustrated In uiuK:ular airai|ihy 
from uijoiy of tlic pn)|xir Derves vi the 
niuM:le, or in di^asc of the aoicrior Itorus 
of gray matter of ilic cord. A. of Hairi 
a wustifi;! til defiticnt f,-Tu«rth of (he liair. 

Atropi'iia or At'ropitM. A crysialline 
alk aloid. C,,l l«N( >,, olaaincd bwn Air,'f<a 
MAi}f<iniiii , and is the nctivi: [vtiiKJpIc of 
the plant. The »d)>hntc is a while |mwder 
of liitler iBslc, ttculral reaction, soluhle in 
wnlti-. //i-Ai-rfrij^iwc, C,jll,,NO,, is n dc- 
rivalive aiknloid, ihc hydronronuile being 
used tiy ophtlialmotogisls as a tnydriaiiCi 
principally !>ecati»e its effects pau off non 
quickly than Ibcac of airo^nc. Atrafiiiie 
is an inilani narcotic, a mydrialic, aiiti- 
spairaodic and anodyne; in small doees a 
cardiac, respinUoty and spinal niinulniit, 
in Uriie dcAcs a poralyicr of Ibe cardtae 
and reapiratory centers, the spinal cord, 
motor aerres and voluntary miuclcL It 
pTuduces conjtealion mid dryness of Ibe 
■nuoius incmtirsiie of the muulb, ncM, 
iihflTi'nx nnd lar)nx, bx tine IcsKHinK ibe 
f;aslric and iniciitJnaL secretion, lo be Cul- 
lowcvl liy 9.n incteiwc of ihe snxne. ll n 
cxtcnviTcly used in oiihUialtnic practice lo 
diUile the pupil, iwralytc accomtnodstion, 
nttd alw in vanoas corneal, iritic and 
other ocnlar diMascs. Iia therapeutic uae 
in general medicine is also manifoM; e.g., 
\a inflanmaiory afTcciJons and pain in 
cerebral aed spinal hypcratnia, atonic oon- 
atipatKHi, cardiac failure, by].«;i'^creliont, 
eU., Hnd a» a physiological xnlagcmisl in 
opium poison lag. 

At'tarof Rose. OilofRnw Thevobitile 
oil diitilled ftDiu the freali llowcn of the 
Uuinuceiie roac Comn mainly (rooi 
M. Konmrlm. (fcnernlly ndullrniled icith 
other volatile oils. Used only u a per- 
fume . 

Attcn'tioo. The direction of tlw will or 
thought ujhjo an object or to a particular 
whMivcn. A. Time. See Timt. 

Attcn'uant \itttrtnit>, lo make (hin), A 
medicine or aj^tnt incrca«ng fluidity or 
thinnest M ihe IjIoimJ or other secrclionv 

Atten'uating Medium, bee Fraclto*tal 

Aitenua'iton (m/MitM). to make thin). A 
thinning, nonowintt or reducing the slretit[tl) 
crtircrfawUlance. A. of Microbes, 
wtiikcninf; ttie pathogenic virulence of 
mkiobc* I7 »ntccsHt« cullurea and olbcr 




mellKxh, vt thai they majr Iw used as n 
<ntcciac tu contcr iinmuaity fram Aituic 
Ulaclu ai tlw ducBsc. A., Sanderson'* 
Method of, tiy paxung the virus thnw^ 
(bes^tnn of anochcr Miimul {f.g., guinea 
pig, in anthrax) w ihnt it bccomci inodi- 
Gn] tb virulcncy. Touwaint nnd (.linUTcau 
■boircd that hrai is a viiltial>lr altrniiaiion 
netbod, while oxygen, tund/y chemical 
•ra([cnls. cxpcaurc tu tunlighl, rU., hnrc 
mlK) Ivrn used. 

AttoKlens \aiiol!a, to tsim op). Applied 
lo mutclcs f>Mng or elevating Ihc p«it, as 
the A. Attris, a miuck nihing the cxui^ 
Dal ear. 

Attrac'tlon (attraha, to draw to), llw 
icndcncj of one parade of matter to ap- 
proach aiMllKr. ANinily. As cxt<ttag 
ntimn cclmlia] bodir* it is termed 
gravitali9», while moleatlar aUratli^n ot 
t»kr»oH cii|vcv«s the forcr agg'^'Uing 
BOlecnln ioto laasRM. A., Chemical, 
Uu altrtttiim rf affinity, relates to the 
atlraetion of atoms of one clement to those 
of (Xben. rcsultjas in chcoiiol coapouods, 
A., Capillary, the tcndrnqr af a cuTTcd 
nrfacc or a tul>c to cxcit traction on a 
Ikfirid. A., Electrical, ihe tendency of 
bodies ta«'anl each other when charged 
wilhoppoaitcclectricilici. A., Magnetic, 
Ibe IntetioD of a magnet npoo oettaia 
onelaUJc snbstaitees, chiclty tran. 

Attra'heiia(<t//ri;'{<'. diitwit^). Ap^ilkd to 
iSHiic)p>, OA Altrahens auna, a nniscle 
duwtng the car fbrHoid and npwon). 
Abo iu«d of Bicdictnn ntlr4tlin){ lluids to 
the pan. a& aiinulauts. cpii^a&iJcs. ru. 
' Attrl'tion {attero, to nib aj{ain«t). An 
abnakm or chaliDg of the »L>n Iii |)hyiics, 
any nil:Ui)^ cr friction which breaks or 
wcara i}ir aorfiKC. 

Atyp'ic (o tn-(;,.tT»roca typ»), Irregular; 
not ccafurmBbie to the Ijpe. A. Fever, 
an inlCTuiiUcDt fever wKu trTe)|ruLarity of 
the paninyMn. 

AitMnuga (Fr.V A cT>ntapcitu diicue 
cf the viDc. culled by (he llntiu:i3thc/'/<7i-^ 
Diiraif, ll i« dLnlitbil ttiieltier ll bducio 
a fundus <T a lKit;imusi. 

Audiom'etcr (•iw>/i'<i, to bear, /arpov, a 
mettMire). An insiiumciit fee measuring 
the amteneas of bcarinf. 

Aud'iphooc (tTM'/iv, «UHV, a xauulV An 
in»irumcut for onpcoviog the power of 

Audi'tion. Tlie act of heariii|t. 
Aud'itory. tVnainiiig to the act or the 
flrgns of bearing. A. After-Sensations. 
Mninwitig cr occurnn)j oflui the co^Uun 

of the stimulus. A. Area, the ccreUnl 
crnier iar henring. location dm del'mtldy 
dcicmfned. A. Aur«, auditory iienEa- 
lio^^ jirecediiig nil attack of cpikpsy- A. 
Center, snmc a^ /f. W'vw. A. Hairs, ibe 
proccsKS of the rriaa amitica,at jxrsent iif 
indctcrminalc ruDCIJOD. A. Mcattis(riilrr- 
naland inicmal),ihc eniemal aod internal 
canals or openin^of the ear. A. Nerve, 
the pertie tHi^lii of the icrcntb |j«U. A. 
Osciclet, the chain of small bones of the 
middle car. A. Ssc, the lalTitnih nil 
or dqveasion in the epiblast, on both udes 
of the embrjoilagical iifteT-bruii. Ulicn 
cut off 6om ihe euiblati it is called ihe 
vesicle of the tuli^riiiih, or Primary 
Auditory Vnida. 

Aur'a (nw.te breathe). A brcnlh of wind ; 
a wA rauor. A ien«at(Oft like a cvDlle 
cUTTcat of air ruin^ frt^m the linib^ or Indy 
to the bead : ■ fiei.|ueul rurcninoer of Bii 
epileptic attack, auta tfilrpfira. Also 
applied to any slight symptoni ptcecding 
au attack of any di!>eM.>e or paroxysm, as 
ibc Ultra MyUcua, aura ifriij^ineiu, lU, 

Auran'tium. Or«n|[e. The iruit of Ci- 
truM m^arti and ('. aurantium. Ilolb 
ibe (lowers and ibe rind of the (ruii are 
enployed. IV volatile oil from ihe rind 
is aronattc and a mih] Ionic. LV-d niaiiily 
u a flavor. A. Amsra, Ext. Fid., bider 
orange peel, okobol and water. Used as 
a flavor. A. Amara, Tincl., billerontigc 
peel to, dilute alcohol, <| .s. ad too. Vom 
;;j-l}. A. Corticis. Ol.. the volatile oil 
(.'.vpreucd (looi tlir iinil of ibe iiraii]{e. 
I>o>e gtt. j-v. A. Dulcis, Tinct., fvteet 
onum^e |iecl lo,(lihilc akobol.t). i. nd too. 
Vwt 53-ii' A. Elixir, oU of orange i, 
iiigar lcx>, alcohol and water, q. 1. aAjjOO. 
A. 8pl.,oil oforanf^e 6,idcoiiol 94. Doae 
acnrding to ijuuntiiy of alcohol dentrcd. 
A. Flores, Aq.. fretti orange flowent 40, 
water 300. Iriklill lo lOO |Mi1%. A. 
Florum. 01., "oil of tieroli," a volatile oil 
distilled hvm fresh orange flowers. I 'one 
gtL )-v, A. Florvni, Syr., oran^ wnirr 
35, wear 6j. A cuimnDn flswriiig agent. 
A. Syr., sweet orange peel 5, alcohol 5, 
calcium phonihale pcrcqi. I, ^ogor 60^ 
water, <|. s. at! too. 

Aur'tcle {aurintl-i, the oiiirr ear). The 
|anna and external nKattu of the car. The 
auricles of the hcan an the iwocaviiles 
heiw<'en the veins and the ventiicks. The 
Aurii-ufar atitriei, aolefior and potlcriur, 
are lisiicfaes of the temporal and external 
carotid su|>plytitg Ibe aimde of the car; 
autitm/v-Umfiarui iMrM*, a brand) of Ibc 



inferior maxiUitry siii)pliring suprrficia] 
pnwti ahmii ih« auricle : rtwifuio-^ftilriiif 
lar openiHi;, the opcniiiK brlwcca the auri- 
cIm iiticl the! vratricln of the hcarf . 
Aur'iscopc (iiH' is, (lie <^t, ovivid, to 
examine]. jVo in^inimcni for esamining 
the car, and opccially uT tbc EuMadiiaii 

Aur'ist (iJAm), A spedalist in ditcucs 
of (be nr. 

Aur*!)!!) (Gold), Au-^ioj; qi'.1nliva. 
IcTkCe, III. One ni lite melal§ character 
\tei\ as " noMc " lijr llic ancients, lircauic 
(if it<i wciRtii nnil liiMrr Has a hrillntnt 
yellow color jind will not tarnish. The 
iiwf^il it soijicrjmci v<A a* a jiIaIc on which 
nnilirial icelh am net. 'Hie thloriilp Uihe 
only 5j>tt used. l»cally it is an cscharotic. 
Inlcniallr lis action reM-m1i|«s thu of 
■KTCuric chloriilc. In small doses pro- 
UtOtfS digcsljfiii nnd slimulalc^ the runclicins 
of lh« bf&in ; in larK^ dtnci it \* a vloli^iii 
potion. Uicful in certain funns of dvi 
pcpsiA, hypochondriasis. A. Ct Sodium 
Chlor., wjliiMfin u'liier. I>o%PKr j'rti'j- 
A. Cbloiidum (aaaf.). Soluhle. Uose 

AuscultA'lion (amcuito, to lulra toV A 
mcdiod of invcvtigalion of the Ainctioni 
nnd condition of the rc*pirainiy. circula- 
tory, di^nlirir and olhn organ* t/y the 
Kun'l.t Ihcy ilKmKlm give out, or ihu 
lire clicitrii Ivy |irrcu«ion. It i* called 
immrJinir, whrti ihc rnr is iliitclly B)nilird 
to Ibu pun, luid itfdiaK. if l>y ihc aid of 
ibc *trthc«ci)i>^ OtitftrUa! •luu-aitalwn 
b [Bacticeil in prrgnniic:)- In drircl or sludy 
the ftrtul hrut-Miund^, or (he placcnt^ 
murmur. Sec .Ifuramr, A'rifimfi.i*, AWft, 
ffhonekus, HrimrhopAimr, J'e(tt>rili<ytty, 
^XffJimy. Bniii, Sim^, elf. 

Aut'ocUvc (iit^tir, »\\,tlat!it, kcyl. An 
inMamcDl for itnilidiig or killing; gcrm- 
lifc \iy MCaiD-hoM, Ibc gnu^ iitJic«tinK 
aulomnlirally the prt-witr, nnd [lierrf-rre 
lite doi^m; of heal, to which the micro- 
ot|!ani<ni u snhjecied. 

Autodisea'tion {oiTof, .rVfr, in Higrclt. 
Digntion of the walls oT tlic stomach t^ 
the gMric juice con«c>)Ucnt ujjon k«s of 
the qnthdium, or other gmuic discMe. 

Auto^n'esia (nvroc. jntoic. production). 
ij|X)ntaiM»i» Beneraiion : telf )>RMluciion. 

Autop'cnous {at.-^, j'lVfo^O IVtiaining 
lo dittFiun or conriiiion* »ctf-prcitlucrd 
•nd ii«l derived from external or oljeciivc 
■oorcM : lo poitoRS generated in the hotly 
by itM iohenml fiocemtr—*. g-, pueipenil 

fever bu been suppcited dtie lo sdf-gea* 

cration of ilie *rjnic luaierial. 
Autoinocula'tton i^m-roc, incntU, to lin- 

pUnl). KcinocuUiion by linu ubiajned 

from the aiuit; iwwoii. 
Autolaryncos'copy (oi"^, Aoriirjf, (he 

larYiix. cHoTitj, Ut examine). The eXAItU- 

naiiijri uf one'» larynx by biinseir. 
Auiomat'ic (•ii'ro^r<[u, lo act spontuie- 

Liutly]. Pertniniiig tx>»ucli fonctioo* as are 

|>vrronQed without the influence of the will. 
Auton'omy (/iirf)(, i^/inr, law). Self law; 

not sul-i<xi lo exlemal rule. 
AutopBth'iG(riifi>(-, >rnt\if, niflering). The 

same ,i» I-^ndopathic. 
Autopcp'sta (nrrof, rami, to digest). 

Autoph'a^ (oiTo;, ^yw. to eat). In 

tranai ii.i]) the sh<sf>rp(ion of ihc limnieH 

ihemaclvcs for nnintioti. Life may be 

thus continued uniil niotit half the body- 

lA'i-i^hi h.x* liecn consumed. 
Autoph'ony (ot-roi, 9^-7, vokfi). In 

nusciiliatlott the prculiar qtialily ni the 

phyfician's own itnce while listening to 

the pnticiil's chest »>unds. 
Autophthal'moscope. See OpMthaJm^ 

Aut'oplas'ty (aiT<if, rrJoeiw, lo fisraiV A 
mcthiTd of rcpainngthc ^ccs of a wound 
or li^ion intfU'iog Ions of linue Inr graft- 
ing or iraplaniiiig fresh parts taken from 
other portions of Ihc |Mtient'f lioily, as 
t^., rhimoJ>intty, irrijiofiatfji, fit., irfet- 
ring to the nose, comca, ^/c, the special 
part opcruted U|Kiu. 

Aut'opsy (ttiT'JT, (iV«r, Bwrngl. Ksami- 
nation, or Mciiig one's own Kclf, — sclf- 
iaiprclion. Tlic word is stmngcly ml*- 
applied to the posl-moiterD Muily of the 
hody of another. 

Atit'cwcopel/Ji-rof.rtunrfUitowf). An in- 
fijr ihc cxamiaaiion of an orf(jin hy oneself. 

Autos'copy. The examination of one's 
own discuH: hy means of ibe auKucope. 

AuL'ositc \viyf<^, oiTo^, fuid). L'scd lo 
dvsignalc ihfli metuber of a double fu'lal 
monsitr ihat nourlihee by its own organs 
the life of the other, called tlic jorasitc. 

Auioatclh'oscope {«iTijf, ct/Ih^, the 
bn-ivst. ffunrrij, to evAtnme). A Metho- 
sca\>c warrangcd thai une may liy it listen 
tu \i\i own that Muuib. 

Auxocar'dift Iai<f9. an incmue. icapAia, 
the liearl). The normal increase of tli« 
volume oif the hearl during diutnle, in 
duiincimn from mcwcudift, tlic dimiau- 
lion during sysUrle. 



A'va-Ka'va. See /Cm.'a-A'ava. 

Avc'na S*ti''va. Om. 'ITm cml*yo of the 
■«nt I'f Ihc ccramMi nat pluil. ConUiiu 
slsrch, gluten, a fcnnrrit called iliula^ atid 
K imall aoiuuiri of s1kaIiTi« pho«})luitcs. A 
miiritioiis fiiMyt. I'lx pcrirarp conUiiu an 
alk&U'iil with uliglit nnrvolic [xnifcre. llimf. 

AV«n» Root. Tlic louci C^ww rk^ilf. 
AlfKiiCAniliL^ringeni. ConUinsi'allicancI 

lannic Bi-iil. IXnt oj fld.ej.L 3**^)- ^ "'^- 

Avairdupol» Weifht ( Kr., mvir, lo havr, 
^«JiiNi£i,of weight). Th(! conimon English 
weight used fur oU CMnmoditiri cxc«p< 
|)t«c>ottt mctnis, gems And nxdicinu. The 
pound i» ci|ual lu 7000 gnins Trof, cv 
45J.^ gnmiDcs or ll^ ounce*. Tlw 
ounce is dividetl inio 16 dmna, uch of 
437-5 K™*)^ ^*^ H'iT]^-i/i and Ateat^res. 

AvilKllOD (otWAi. to cicsf awiiy). A 
tniunaiic cr surgical tearing or « rrtKhmg 
awav uf a |Mrt, u a [>oly|>us, a limb, tu. 

Ax'ial Current. fVr I'tiifuillf' i ^patt, 

Axil'la I (loub^ul dcrivaiJon>. llic annpjt. 

Ax'illary. IVrtaining to tne axilla. A. 
Anerj', tlte cimtfnaBtKm of tkcBnltlaiian 
nnerv, cktcnriing from the lonlcr of tbc 
fint li') to the ii»cfti«n nf llir prrloralu 
Biajur ntuscle, where « lirconie* the Ua- 
chia). A. Clianda, the lymphatic glandi 
of Ibe asilla. A. Plexus. Ihc Imchial 
pte>us fwmcl hy the Usl ihirc rrnrjrn! anil 
Ihc tint donal nerves. A. Space, the 
inegulai coukal }|iacc of the axilla. A. 

Vein, 1 cMitinuatioii ti (h« l^^iehial, cor- 
m|K.>ni|in|i with the artery an'l tcnninaling 
in the §ul<:lavian. 

Ax'is (ofwp, an axleUre). An imogiiuiiy 
line piMinii ihrottgh tlic ceoivr uT a Uxljr. 
The second renelva. A., Cerebro- 
spinal, Ibc central nervous lytrm. A. 
Cylinder (of « nerve), the condudingor 
ca<cnlial port uT a nerve tjrine tn the 
ecnirc and tuncnndcd by the ilWnlh, or 
theaih of Schwann. A.> Optic, the line 
limi the corneal apex to the nMciila luica, 
A., Visual, the line fron the oL>j<!ci through 
the nodal point to the "^"'U. — lite two 
lait are not idcnlical. 

Axcd'arach. The twk of A. whHo. 
Occurs io curted pteccior qatlla. having a 
sweetish tuMc. The tlecijction, lij toCH, 
t« a ija^vu inteMiual iiritaiil umI anlbu- 
miniic. L'nof 

Asoospenn'ia \<x, Cw?, Ufc, orfp^, aeed). 
Want or deficieDt vitality of ibc spcnnf- 

Ax'ote (•>, it4>i\ A tynonym of nitrogen. 
Ai-'tit 'lii't, nitric ncid. 

Asotu'ria (aMlMM, nitrogen, urSna, the 
Mrine). An looeate of the area in tha 

Asy'gM (a, Ci",i>r, yoiieV Apjibed Io 
parts thM Hre sii^le, mil. in pain. A. 
Uvulse, a sniall tnutcle of ifae uvula. A. 
Vein, D vein connecting the upaiac and 
inferior Tcnx cavK^ 


B. In chraiinl ierminoiogy ihe Ejmlwl 

of Bunm. 
8. A. A coniracttDQ of tttheum afwr, a 

water l»ih ; alto, of iaiwttm ari-tbe, a 

B. M. A contraction of bainetrnt tnara^ 

a aen-wader tath. 
B. V. A cuntiadion of i^littum vitfvrii, 

Ba. Tite chi^mieal aymhol nf ^JarinIll. 
bBabta Oven. See (h-m. 
Ba'by-form. An (nultniion (in- nusii^ 

orphan and (laufier inCnnb. 
Bac'chia iffankut, tite ipxl of winr). A 

monym lor tiau rvsneai, oftco foand ia 

Bac'illum (din. of iafulym. a ^kL). A 
Mick; a cylindrical troche; an iiislrumrnl 
for carrying a spouRC ; (be tud^ in llie layer 
of rods and cones of ifac retina. 

Bac'illua {hanJinm, a litile rodV The 
DMBt important cUh pailiogeRkallr of the 
schiuMuyceles, Khinofiliytcs, or hacteria. 
Thc7 are microOqianiHiis, cylindrical cr 
clnb-shaped, ftraisht, ntobile or hnnnlale, 
and bcid \o Le djreclly or indircclly the 
came of many diaeaaea. B. of Cancer, 
a fom hclieved to be the »|iecilic caute of 
cwircr, (hough culture* and inuculation 
exprnRKDts are not definitive. 8. of 
Charbon. .-vw //. .-fMMr.f/u ( Tailf\ B. 
of Sjrmptotnalic Cbarbon. Ixxif-CAat 




fvi{r<tN^). B. of Cholera. S« ^/r»V- 
AtjN CAc/enr. Comma -BacUtuB. .'><« 
a/^rif.'HHt CiifUra. B. ol Gfccn Diai- 
rbcea of Infant*; I«ms« liai bolaUd a 
species whose pur ciiUura iwoduccs b 
antmnts a disrasc Hiiuilir lo Ihil of ibe iu> 
rant. B. of Diphtheria ; <|uiic a niuEiL«r 
of B. have Lvcn iM>laic4 and proved puh- 
ogirnic ; lite D. of fowls u probably the 
chief »mrce of ilir buntan di»aM. B. 
of Epidemic D)rscntery; inoculations 
upon Animali of a H. JMitalcJ l>y (_1i«u<c- 
Towase and Widal iiccmcd ctuicliuivc tbal it 
was the ^ciHc caum; of the disease. B. 
of GUnders. See B. .•^faUri yTnbU),— 
pnwcd Kpecifirity. B. of Hay, iIm^ S. 
5«M7v, Do[ pBthogmc. B.ofHogChol- 
«ra. ,Se« TnbU. B. of Jequirity. doe* 
nol cxbt : the nc-alur irritation K-ine due lo 
analknluidin thcjcffuirityseeid. B., I<ac- 
tic, See //. /.rtrf«Vw( [ /W.V). B. of Blue 
Milk. "i^KK B.Syn(yanuii,Tal4i\. B. of 
Leprosy, irniiseii and others have iso- 
latcai a It. Ibry believe ipcciiic, iiui incicu- 
iMlOD experimcntfi aic iiol coocliuive. B. 
of Malaria. LeniMrc.KlelMandCfudcli, 
and olhcT*, hnvc isoUiixl form* hclievvd by 
ifaeni Id In; spcciiic. Larcran tir^. and 
Kichnnl and Murhiafitva and i.Vlli found 
in iKe tikwd three fpitru of pmlwoa, one 
of wliicli jJBnJL-ularly produced intcnnit- 
tent fever \>f inriculnttnn. B. of Blue 
Pu«. Sec /(. /^Y«jrrt«.-H»{/'ai*!f). B. of 
RhinoftcleToma, pn>l<ably ibe uric oi 
Afi<riKi>i>ttt /"HeuiHouM.tit (loiiUfiil %\ic- 
cific'iy. B. of McasileB of Hogti i,<ev 
7fl#//t, of proved siiectliL- natun:. B. of 
Syphilis. lAiat^nrieo Iir«t, and a numlvr 
of orlirni, have uoUtcd a rorm IwlieTed 
specific, liut no culluic^ have m> fur been 
Bucci-Mful B. of Tetanua; the Imcicnal 
oriifin ol thi^ dt(ca.-.c »eeiiu eltllbli^l)cd \rt 
nuny obdtmmi. the It. discovered by Ni- 
col^cr being the wiccific eaune. B. of 
Tubefculosia. "Univ sern» lo be iio 
Tvaaon to douti (he .•■pecii'iciiy of Kodi'x 
[i. B. of Typhoid, the tnibic B. haa 
not 1 -eei) i«iUte<l froni the air, twi haa tieea 
feoliue<l, mkI of its »>edlk ([uallty then is 
Ittlle reouuuing dowDt. B. of Whoop* 
ing-Cough. AbnaMieff tiebcvM an lau 
laled fonn sfwdfic, aad inJecUoos in ani- 
mall lends some «U|>|mrt lo ihc view. 

AT^ilcoflhechiefchiraaciisiicsof ibe 
prtncipel U. is herewith af^icndcd ^pp. 


Back-stroke of the Heart. See Dha^t. 
Bacte'ria {;iaimipti», « bttle staff). A 

]{eiiciM: Icnu fur uiaofltganiams, or na- 

cn^ie*. AcnmluiR lo Cohn (1872), dtriid' 
Lie into four fomibn. ihv Sphero^^lerla, 
MicioliaetCTiii, llrmiulKittcna am) SptrtW 
bacteria. Th-? claistlicution of Zopf mngwl 
alt fonna also in four cla&aes: Coccaceb 
(•nchidinft StrepltxoL-cas, MicroCoccoa, 
iderisnxifxdia, Sarciua and Ascqcoccib^; 
Bacteriflce^s (including Bacterinm, Spiril- 
lum, Viifio, Lcuconovloc, Bacilhii ncid 
Cloiiridiuin) : Lepfothiicets (iiKludiux 
Leplothrix, Beegialos. Crenothrix and 
rhttigiuklioihrii); Clddotltricc^s (Cladt^ 
tbrivl. Mart's clmsiiicjitioD gives ihrec 
families: the Coccace^s (iDclndinc 4 Rcn- 
cra, ihc Micrococcus, tiarctna, Aficococcvs 
and Leuconosloc) ; the Bacteriaccfe (gCD- 
em: Hacilltu, S[^liiin, Lcpuxlirix and 
C'l^'lothriK); ihe Be|SJatoace<* (with two 
Cenexa, the Begftiatoa aad CnsMthriz). 

Bacteria'cctts. The second family of the 
onlerof ItiicieriaorSchi/oirycclcs; ihecle- 
meats arc rod-ihapcd, eDmctimcs in short 
cyltnden or in filaments, J<ut the length 
nlwnys exceeding the breadth. Many have 
true endogetwuEipores. Tbefotlowioean: 
ihc inrtnl-ersorihe family: The BttnUtu, 
ii/vn/Zitm, /.ffi/tifArix iinil C/aAitArix, 

Bacie^ricide. Sec Ctrmiriife. 

Bacterid'ia. UaTaine'* designatioa of 
liic Hanilta. 

Bacterid^'ium. Accordtni; to r^avunc, a 
^enua nf ilnctenairre*, chftrniteriicd ly 
immobility of ibc clementt at all prrioiiB 
of tlieir exifrtencc. Tlic distinction doca 
not nowoUain. 

Bacteriology {^aicrnpmv, lojof, «c>cnce). 
The acicncc of tnicroarganisriB. BaHtrw- 
logicat iitV€tHgalioM coii*i*l* in the tiludy 
by tlte micrD*co}>c of forms pretcnt, the 
artificial caliivaUoa or culture of the sunct 
and Ihe aiudy of Ihe cflccts of pure cul- 
tijit* uiioii animals. 

Bacteriopur'purine. TIk coloring mAller 
of ffr^uifMt rta/o-fifrU' ina , isolaled and 
stuilJnl by Kay Lankcslcr. Iiuotublc in 
vrnter, bImIw), chloroform, oninionia, nce- 
Ik and !iul|>huric acula, rtr. 

Bacie'rium. An individual of the order 
of /iarlfria. B. Chauvxi. See JiatiJ. 
Imi CAam^ri. B. Chlorinum. Sec JiO' 
ntltti C^/frinut. B. Janthinum. Sec 
fi,}^i//us JiinihmM. B. Phosphorea- 
cena. See Bimllus I'kotphorrui. B. 
Tenno. ?*x Badlliu Term'/. B.Xanthi- 
num. See Bufiiim Synxantiut. \ Tuhlf.y 

Bag of Wateia. The foetal n>ciitbraiie« 
cndounit the liquor amnii, {irojecling 
through the «r muri, which usually ru}>- 
tnrca when tlic ccrrtx '\s dilated. 




* S 




■a . • 

■ jJOS 



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5 8 5 G " 


iS 3 

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-a '3 V 

^^ 9 tt t> 

JS 2 







Bi'a S 














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gi^E-g 1=^5 S£*.. 





^11 III 

,5 "-a 









Bain-Haric (ft.). An miUvanaa. far 
taunera t ng wJuifaxu, micniOrguuADU.tff., 
in water or chemieal idutiOiUt ttau kcep- 
iu); llirm xt a dciiiml Icmperature:. 

BskerB* Itch. An ecunaUus gffecdoo 
at the hands, ouued by ihe iniution of 

Bakers' 8ali, A synonyin 6x UDcUins 
Mll5, or iIk subearinnate of nnmoniti. 

Bal'anic. PciUuiing (u the glkud of Ibe 
t*fiii or djtoris. 

BaUni''tta {.ia>avot, gloiu penu, inr, in- 
flunmatiuii). InAuamation vf tb« kIhu 
penis, aometinws called /fahn^- /iitiJiitu, 
or Emterna! Gsmorrhaa. Some authon 
limit (he lenn lo Inflamiiuiiipn of ifae pre- 
pRic«, and call (hot of the gUnd, PaitAitii, 
Phymoiji is » freminjl coni|i!ii:atinn. 

Bala'ntia {^aijjva^, aii acorn). Tbe glans 

jKnts Of glan* clitoridtt. 

Balbu'tiea (Aa^ttfia, lo Ntninmci}. Sam- 
men tik. 

Bald. Wonting hair. A lerni applied to 
aae who liiu loit Uie hair nf tbe kC^p. 

Bald'ness. AlotJccia, wbelher ooneeaital 
or ocrjuired. \\ hen tbe hus of hair is 
circum^cTtlicfl il i^cnllcd h'lua decakrami ; 
irtieii gencnl, it is called aJefctia, Senile 
baldnn* b ca!lr<l fit-.i/ui. l'rfm,Unr( 
Mdnrsi t* ca!i«fl liy di»c.-i*e, 

Ball-and-Sockct Joint, '^vt: IHartknm, 

Ballotte'ment iKr. from Ai//.w.*.a ball). 
A method of uiagnoilicaltng pregnancy 
from the fourth to the eighth monlh. A 
puah i* given the utcrw hy the finger in- 
Mrtcd iRio the vagina, and if Ihe fcrdis 
he prcMfil. it will move up and Ul ag.iin 
like a heavy lioily in water. 

Balm {^li-imum, a Lalsam\ A popular 
synonym of ^ili-imtitH. Any sootfung 
application or oinlmml. B. of GtlcM. 
Sev B'lliam. Sec nho AMitta. 

Barmony. The hctb CiieUne gM/n. 
Cathartic and anihrlminiir. lirmr of Ad. 
eat, 3»-j. C'Afhmn. the conccntraicd 
ent. IloM gr. \Av. Unof. 

Balneorogy [llalneum.ti hath, iojnf , a 
tRMec). The Kicncc of baths and Ibeir 
eftrcts utKin the s)-^cin 

Balneotber'apy CW/jwaf, Arfimrria, heal- 
ing). SyHemMic bulbing for therapealica] 

Bal'neuni. A baih. See ftafk. 

Bat' sain {ffa^eoiinv). The rcanoos, vola- 
lik.arooulic vcgelnMe aubataoce, liijuid or 
ouncrrte, olaatncd from certain Ireef hy 
tHUural cmdation or hy artificial extraction. 
Babanu aie divided into two dames. IhoHe 
!i, and Ibow wtlhinit beiuotc and dn- 

namic acids. In general tbn are miitiaea 
of variotu esaentud oibi, resbs and acids. 
B., Canada: a turpentine goihcnsd from 
tbe luittual bli&len of tlic bvk uf A^rt 
ta/tamumt. It b much naed as a mounting 
medinmbymicKHOOfiijts. B. of Copaiba. 
See CafiaiAa. B. of Fir. Saiue at 
Canadu Balsam. B., Friai's. Sec fftn- 
inn. B. of Cilcad ; the botro of the Ohl 
TcMamcai, an oJco-rcnn oUaii>cd frum 
tba Batta/wdewlrtH CileaJfmf. B. of 
Pcni ; the balsam obtained from A/yraxy- 
/uM fertint, anUseplJc ; sifanulant to cuv 
colalkn, and ledotire lo nerrous syUem. 
GencnUly a Ionic, and expcctceatil tn 
btoncluiis. Ap|)lled locally is uieful in 
chronic Inflainmatory skin diseases. Doae 
of tbe ennilsioa n^-xxT. B. o( Tolo- 
lan, or of Tolu, oUained (rgcii Mjenunf 
l«n talii/era. l*iopertles due to a rolairie 
oil, laluftte. \\taciain an ^rceaUc taloc, 
aod b a IvLtii fur many couifh mixinns. 
A lair expeclotanl. The tintturt omlahu 
lO per cent, (if the halxain in 90 per ccnL 
of alcohol. Do« ni_x-xxa. Tbe lyrttf, 
baUam 4 parts ; sini|ile synip 96. IXae 

Bamboo' Brier. The root of SmUax 
Mrtti/ttril.'a. 1[al<iiai, Souihcm Stales. 
Pnxiertics ideoti<-al wiih those of aana- 
panlla. Dose of the fld. «xt. Saa-ij. 

Battan'a. The root o( the ccinnion banana, 
Musa Mfifnffm. Said to l>e a valtnble 
allcnuive, and uMrful in slruromn aHcc- 
lions. Doae of the Hd, rxl. li\,x-xxx. 

Band'agc. Dandagr* w. nnially strtpa «f 
muftlin or other material of rsrying widlbs 
and lengths used in surgery for the pur- 
pose of protecting, cnmpnsMng, ftf. , a part, 
or for tbe retention of dnssings and appli- 
cations. A iitM/>le Aundagr or rfiUrr coo- 
sisls of one piece i a fatn^mmi. of two or 
Don pieces. According to their direction 
they are dauedns: I. C''V.'Wirf , cimilar 
Iwns ainul tbe part. 1, /•i^n-f/S. ibe 
Urns crauiac c^b ot^'' "^^ ^^ figure. 
3. OiUfme, covering (lie port (7 obfiijne 
Innu. 4. Rtfvrrmt, ibe turtn reluming 
socce^velylothepoint of origin. %.S^<a, 
tbe turib rr!«Dibling the nmngemeni nf 
ihe hi»la of an car of cnm. 6, S^rai^ 
eadt ton oprering one-half irf ihe preced* 
ing. 7. .y/nr/ '■rtv;*', Ihe handtge Is re- 
versed in order to tiettrr adapt it to ihe 
pan. Randagc^ares1»oc1a>iedaecoidung 
Id Ihr pan to which they are ^iplied. Of 
Bandagea of tbe bead we ha*e : 1./" 




aJar, ef ihi firfJktad, to kUId dradngs 
to Ibe head 2. Cirxm/ar, of Ike eytt. %. 
Crviini.of (h* ryrs,\v)x'cA-A dreniiigs lo o«e 
orboihc]^. 4. Croutdt^f the angU cf Ike 
Jvto, \o support the ports in fradurc uf ihe 
UsteoCtbeianr. 5. Kn^ileJ ,of the hiad, 
& oooble^kMdMl ToUf^T tiKh cAmtJrf-^ xa 
mdcc coiaprciajoa in wuurd of tar icui- 
pond viery. 6. Jitrvrrent, ef the MeaJ, 
sinck' or dAubIe-head«d roller, to nuin 
di^Miix^lollic bead- 7. Gibion'itfor the 
b9<!y e/the Uteer Jav.; to »uppon (be parts 
nirtcrurc. &. A'keaBaiitni.iiaVheiiaat 
purpOM. or Baodttgcs of the inink 
thennrv: i. CirtifIar,o/thf itett. 3. fig- 
urt-^f-S, o/tAt Htii and axilla, to rctun 
dreuiDgs over the sboutdcr or to the axilU. 
3. Anltrier p^rtsf'S, ef ehest, to draw 
tfac sbouMer (orward and to rclaio dreuings 
OR the ftfltMior aurfaccof the cfaeM. 4. 
Petterigr ^gitre-^St nf tkest. lo draw the 
abouldcn bock in fincturM clavicle, or to 
rctMQ dreMii^ on posterior jtart of cbeu. 
5 . Crasret/, a/ one or bath bnatii . to suppott 
the brcostf in ckccSHVC Utdation or in 
tnammary disease. 6. ^*ea, «f shtmUer, 
to retain the bead of the humcras in place 
tiler disloCBlion. 7. Spiral, a/ tlie tieit,lo 
vakt oooivewoo Id fracture of the i\a- 
nnn or ribs. 8. Cireu/irr, of the abJimun, 
to lui^wrt the abdoinitial mub. 9. Sfiira/, 
v/lhe abdoHien, to conpnss the nbdonitnal 
Wftlls or Mtun dressmp. la. S^ica, of one 
tr itfA gfWHi, to com^nesi groin or retain 
dressiOK*- »>. Sfital reifne, «ftktpenh,\Q 
retain dreseinc^ to the or[;an. The Band- 
ages of the hand are; I. Tlie A/ira/, 
pf Ike finger. 3. Spral, vf at! the fingert, 
fX gauttlkt. 3, Sf>tral, ef pitlm, or demi- 
gatmtlef. 4. Spiea, tf fkumh — all used in 
caMs of fracture or lo retain dm.iiw»< 
The Bftndftges of the arm are : 1. Ine 
Ci" utar, effie tvriif 3. /igvri/S, ef 
wilt, lo oompr eia the jotnl ov retain dret*- 
io|p. 3, ft^re-pfS,ef elbtmK 4. Circular, 
^arm frfarearm. 5. Ohligue, ffarmer 
fdrtarm. 6. ,'^ira/,tf am. to rohiadmn- 
Ingl. 7- -V"^' rrvrrte, ef "pftr exlrrmity, 
to support Uie arm in diilocattons. fracture«. 
fU. The BuuUgvi of the lower tx- 
tremity are : r. Fi/;*trr-ef-S, of anile, lo 
cover the |nn or retain dretaiDCi. 2. Figwe- 
{f'S.^f inee, locover the same orcoinpreu 
It. y FifperfefS.fiflAifrhjfiotxmiyriaaXhii 
Mine after wounds or operations. 4. Sfiea, 
of instep, to conuircM tne {mtU. j. .yi'm/ 
ret-rnf, ef uA*le loitirr exirrmity, lo «wp- 
pott ibe limb after (ractitrc. e/e, B. of 
SculUtuSr a corapound banda^*, Mmiiar 

to a spiral reverse in app a wn ct and 
action, uted iu compound fradunrs, w 
tbat ibe i^oiX pieces of vhich it is oom- 
posed nuiy be mnorcd without motion of 
the limb. B.. Recurrem. /■"■ $/mmfit, 
is u»ed aflei amputation!', to support the 
flaps. Velpcau'B B. is u>m1 Io sim- 
port the ami in tiacturc uf ihc clavicle, tlw 
neck, or actomion process of Uie scapulL 
The hand of the injured side bcrn^ placed 
on the sound shoiiMrr an oMiijuc turn 
ifi nude bom the axilla of tbe sound side 
across the bade of the cbest to tbe shoulder 
coTcrin^ the fracfure, down under Ibe 
cIHow ID front to axilla of sound side, 
then acTo» the bock overthe oulKdc of ihe 
point of cltiow to ax ilia of sound liide, lints 
coniintunt: the obUqtie and circular tunu 
alli-matcly and odvuncinjc over Ihc arm till 
it is held finnly. Deaautt's Apparatus 
consists of on axiUary pod held by tapes 
about the neck, a sling for the band, and 
two sinnle-headed rollen. The forearm is at 
right angles with Ibc bum(rm.<i, held in plaoe 
by miiny circular and oliliiiuc luin* oliout 
the shoulder and UxSy. T- Bandages arc 
oompoiuid, and resemble that letter ; the 
menstrual napkin U an exampLe. S/arcA, 
Plastf'-rf- Parii, Sili(a, Drxlrine, Trip,*- 
lith, etc., eie., are used or rccomtnended 
lor making a stiff and immtnmbU dreaing 

Bandl. Ring: of. The superior limit of 
the ccniral canal, in presnaiicy ol n level 
Willi tbe pelvic iulei, ma^ni; tbe Umud' 
ary between the lower uterine segment and 
the rctl of llic utdui. 

Band'otine. See Cyd^ninm. 

Banc or Bangue. See iamtaiit Indita. 

Bant'ingiam. (From name of tbe in- 
wuiot.) A iMthod pTOpOied for the re- 
ductloo of cwpnlence, by abstinence froin 
saccbarine and farinaceous foods. 

Baptia^ia, Wild Indigo. The mai Imrk 
of B, tinderia. ftopertie* due lo an im- 
pure resin, tbe so-called flaptiiit. 
live and silmuLant to moderate doMS; 
emetic >n<l cathnrlic in loivc doses. Valu< 
able in amenorrlKea, typhus and tniboid 
fevers. Excellent for local application 10 
ibdoleiii tilccra and gongienou* roKy. B. 
Exuact. Dcoe gr. )-x. B. Ext. Fid. 
iJoftc in_ij-xx. B. Tinct. Doac in,v-x)ix. 
rVcB* of ilic lesin (jr. j-v. All unof. 

Baptorrho'a (^irrof, inrecicd. A'<^, lo 
fktw). A generic term lor any infectious 
dittchargc fiom a niuow« MuCace. 

Baptothecorrhoe'a ((3n^^TT>i, ftr*^, vagina. 
ix*i). Cotvorrhica in wcataiL 





Banefttheaiam'eter i^ofioc, weight, am- 
A|0i{, |iercc))(ion by ihe lentu, /ttrfiav, « 
neanire). An ■■"""ft**"* for wuaattiin 
tlie sense of presstne tn dblurhmeta ot 

Barba'does Lef. See EtefManHatu 

Bat'befry, See Beritrin. 

Bar^bien. A ponlytlc aflectton coaunoa 
in India. Contoiuuleil with bedberi. 

Bar'cgiae. Culunie* of hg^^ataa floalinf 
in ibe vruen of »ulpbiir sprioe^ 

Ba'riuni (yiitfinf, hcnv]^). Ha = 136.8; 
<|uaiit>v<kiice 11. A metal of the aUcdJiue 
group, of pale Tvllow coltv, characterifed 
by Mmng alHnilr iac oxygen. Neither tbc 
meial nor ii» Mil^ ore ctnplcye^ in inetli- 
cinr : all are poi-xinoiLt. B. Carbonate, 
uv\l in the prrpomlMin <A the chlvriikr. 
B. CblorUIe, tvluble, iiM^d as a reagent. 
B. Honohydrate, cauMie haiyia ko^cdi. 
B. Oxide, kaiytn. B. Sulphate, vm n 
a pigment. All unof. 

Baric. The cortex or covering Mmaundbtg 
the wood of ffxogciw. S«n<*in»e» MunX 

as a synooyin for dnchowa or cabiara 

Bar'lcy (WeUt. Afir>i J/t'. bread-pUm). A 
ocival bctonging to tbc order Cramimnt: 
tbc Dion! commnn variety, Ifontftim Ju- 
tiihoa, '» much ix-lciI u a UxfA, and alw> 
ID the pn:|Aca(iau of mah. B.. Peail, 
b the dccoirticale)! grain rounded and pol- 
isbed. B. Water, iire»ettuii hvrdtt, a 
decoction co&Msting of x oa. oT Peaii B. 
hoiled In I % [Wnti of water ami oAerwarrl 
tlrained. B. Sugxr, tatrkorum kvr^ot- 
lum ; practically a gltUMc. Applie^l alui 
to an Bmofphous nua obtained liy lacliing 
caac sugar. 

Barom'eter {fiipor, weight, ftrrpov, ■ meas- 
ure). An irutnifDcnl for detrmiiiiing 
weight and tcntioa of the attQ»];bi:re. It 
coDiisIt csseMiatly of a glA» mix oboul 36 
mchea toag, clo><id aC one end, filled witli 
Ktercury, and inverted in a liuin of mer- 
cury. 'ITic mercury will iink in the tube 
until it rp:ttt at a hcighl of ahnui yi inches 
al ibc »ea level, tbc hciebl rarying u the 
atnji>v[»hM-ic pncMiirT: incrr«»c* w diiuin- 
aJiex. B., Aneroid, a mctnllir box fmru 
wlucb the air bu been exhausted, the ten- 
sion Wine indicated by the collapsing or 
Inilging al the thin corrugslcd cowr, whtcb 
b connected with a moriblc index. 

Bar'oacope l/iaoiK. Tton-ru, to obierrc). 
An initminriit lucd for dc-lemiining the 
low of weight of a body in air, coinimvd 
A liorm of 

bariMcepe was nvcDied by E^Jnch tot the 
quautiiatrvc delcnniiuUMm of area. 

BarM^ma {ff'W, cv/m, sneU). A plant 
of tbc order Ku/ac^a, BAiire to Lape cf 
Good IIo(>c and vidnily; sereral tpcdet 
of which yield the Bucbu of coionierce. 

Bar'renness. Stmliiy in the female. 

Baitholi'ni's Glands. Sec Ciimd. 

Barton's Bandage. See Sandagr, 

Barton's Fracture. See J-'rofturt. 

Baryglos'sia i/iafiof, yiUicrcw, a tongue). 
Thick, &I0W uttouixe. 

BaiTpbonia (/ln/H>f, fuvv, a voice). A 
difficuliy of tueeth. 

Baxy'ta, or Baiy'tea. Sm Barium. 

Ba'sal. Pertaining lo or located at Ibe 
Iwc. B. OangUa. Sec <JaMgH>m. 

Bascula'don ^Kr. haiful^, to swing). 
The toorement by wbicb retrvveniou of 
the nterut is conccicd when the fiiadus 
Ih prcwcd npwanl aod tbc cervix dnwo 

Bascule Movement t.Fr. tatntlf, a twtng). 
Tbe recoil of tbc heart in its systolic nioiion. 

Base yjiaet^, a foundation]. 'Ilw lowtr 
part, OS, tbc Av^ of tbc LniiL [n ckam- 
iilry, an dement or radical which co«> 
lanea wiUi an add lo hnx a fall. The 
elccti^poiititrc molecule or radical of a 
compound. In dentiitry, the plaic Hpoa 
which artificia] Iccth >i« held. In phar- 
macy, the moM ini|ionant pan of the pre- 
acriplion. B., Organic, a lemi inclodir^ 
a urge numlicT of organic compoonds 
especially nitrogen compounds, whkb. I3ie 
ammonium, unite wilfa acidi lo fonn salts. 
Tltey arc coDiinoDly called atkalnit. 

Ba'sedow's Disease. An »ophlbabnic 
Uonchooele; called, also, Exophlhalmjc 
Goitre, and Orava' C^scaM. Sec Goitre, 

Ba'shasn's Mixture. See Ar-rn^n. 

Ba'sic. 1 laving pmprTiic* ihr oMioviic of 
those of acidt. An acid cnpal>lc of uniting 
with a singte moRsd atom or radical it 
(3illrd mtmotetsie. tiat which will nnilc 
with two nwosd or one dyad atom or radi- 
cal, etc.. is said to be diiisit. 'YXin raeoA- 
ure of ihc power of an acid is called ti* 

Baaldtomyce'les (I'foffi^, a stc^ (n*<K. a 
nnuhn>om). A poi^itic, mkroMXlHC fitn- 
gus developed on tbc leaves of finacs; 
inc cereal ruif. 

Baaiby'al. The two boDe%, one 00 each 
side, which form the firincipal bones of the 
hyoid arch. 

Bas'ilar (fctn/urrx). IVnaining to tbe baac. 
luually of the skull. B. Artery, tbe artery 
catcwli Bg along tbc border of the Pens Va- 




lolii. which tgpplks the rfDotl Glaod, md 
ihc valve d ViCMfictis. B. Aspect, Ibc 
view of ibr head looking lowaid the bua 
of (he iVull. B. Membrane, & nen- 
hrftnotu <liviKion-wftll M-poming the sccIa 
vnlit^'uli hnin (he kcoLiI tYRipnni CKlcodiDg 
frDtn the Imsc (o ibu &pci oi the cochlea 
ami tujifiofiii^ the (irgan of 1-orti. 

BasiKic ( JrioiMim;, rojral). Anj stniciuie 
cr medkinc of iraponance (obsolcxcnt ). 
B. Vein, a lan-e vciii uf tbc ann oo ihc 
iimer iidc uf Uie bleeps. 

Basil'ieon Ointment. An oinRnent cotn- 
pued of jclkiw »ai. )tUuw icsin, and 
Buiu^UfJy pit<:li AA 1 lb., olive oU 0. 
3&vj, lo which, when melted, luipcnline 
* iij ure added. Called alMj the " fuur 
OJMZ " OTQitncM. Tlietc are seven! other 
otntmcnlii bt'artnx this name. 

Basi-occip'ital {ikuii{,otrifiia/ii as). A 

^fxme, »q>aratc in many of the lower ver- 
telvate animaU, fonnit)); the cculml axia 
of the »kiilL 

B«^>Id-k1os'8U8. Ilutt part of the h}-o- 
l^luuus muMile which is atlochnl lo the 

liVuliI lx.<l)i^. 

Ba'&ion. See Xiu//. 

Ba'siotribe (f)aoif, rpipa, lo grind or 
crush). An iostrament used in craaiouxny 
tor peribrstinf; and cnuhing the fteud 

Ba»iot'ripsy. The tqxTaiioB of civshiiis 
(he foetal head. 

Ba'aia. Uax, f. f. Tlic L^Uniied form 
is tised to deiignate (he lower or funda- 
ncfttal port of any organ, as S. CenM, 
B. CeriLt, tU. 

Basi-sphcn'oid. The lower pan of the 
sphenoid bone. 

B«as-dcafnesa. Deafbcai to certaiQ 
bais-noies, the perception of the hi|{her 
notes beioK retained. 

Bac'aoiin. The active f>Tindple of Bss 
son gwn. It is on Inodorous, white, 
Iratislucent M^anee becoming K*>-latinou9 
in water. Used lo adulterate gitm traga ■ 

B«« (Sax. igit, a lime tree). The inner 
batV of exoeenou^ iilontn. TIk fibrout 
puu of the bath wliidi arc wed in male- 
infT cordage. 

Ba'sylist (^fiiirif, a bate, y.\K%ii, a loosen- 
ing). An insininieni for luc in crani- 
otomy, desi|{ned to pctfuralc the cnoial 
vault and hreak up ibe base of the skulL 

Bath \^'i/HmiH\. A bathing place or 
vooay The medium in wludi tlie body 
is wholly or panly immerMd. As them' 
peatk agents, baths are classified accord- 

ing, as water, vapor, air, tfe. b naedi 
according to the letnpmlun, as Act, Um- 

ptratr, teLi, rlc. ; accxvdtDg to the end <le- 
sirvd, as nutrUifnal, meJicina/, ttimnfaitt, 
tt<. B., Chemical, in chemiiti^s an np- 
[mmliis lor regulatiii); llu.' Icmjieratun: of 
clicmicnl [^roccTao by surroanding the 
siil'rt*iicr with water, sand, oil or ine^ 
Ciiry, tluviigh which Ibr hrat is comntuni- 
caied, B., Hot Air, one in which the 
body is sufTouDclcd by air st a tecnpcralure 
fAw^-\yf V. L.'wd oiaxwciUiiig lolh. 
B., Medicated, a l;alh in which medicinal 
aubstaocct, as mineral lall.sinlpliiit, c/i .,are 
diswlred or held in nuprn^inn. B., 
Pack, cr Sheet, one in whicli the Uxlyia 
wnifmed in cloths. B., Russian, one in 
whicD the air of the toom b saturHcd 
with sleani by ttirowiug water Upon heated 
raiDcral or meialhc snbslance, after which 
tbe halber is rubbed down, 6nUbing with 
a cold douche. B., Sea, a btlh in sea 
water. B., Shower, or Douche, one in 
which a fine s]iray U projected againyt die 
Uxly. B., Turkiah, one m which the 
baihei » plnced siiccesuvely in rooms of 
biehcr Icmpcrature, then shampooed or and finAlly aljniulaled by a dooiche 
of cold w*lcr. B., Vapor, one in which 
the l»dy is exposed to air Mtumted with 
■itc^iui Ml a tcmijcnitiire of I33''-I45° F. 
B., Water, a hniU of water. It may be 
cold (6o''-7S'') or tepid (85'*-9S'')' 

Bat'tery. A term applied to a nund«raf 
eonnecied Leydco jius or galvanic celts. 
B., Galvanic, one or more jars or cells 
cuniaiiiitig a plate uf linc and one uf cop- 
per (or coriion) knspended in ocidulnied 
water. Wlien the plates of a cell are 
comiccttd. a outrunt of electricity is ftcner- 
aied. A L'urTcnt frum twelve to twenty 
cells will heat a coarse platinum wire, 
several inches li>n]£. to whitenef*. In this 
brm it is much used (or cauiery. Sec 

Bat'tey's Operation. See Oophf^telomy. 

Baftledore Placen'ta. ()nc in which 
then: i.i a mat^nil iiucttion of ihc cord, 

Bau'hin, Valve of. Tlie ileu ctcal *iilve. 

Baun''scheldiBin. A mode (named from 
the intrnlot) uf Uvatiug rlMunaaliam by 
counler-lirHaiion. the latter bdng pro- 
<luced 1^ pricking ths cxtcrkr' of the 
wut affected liy «iy fine needles dipped 
In cnI of tnustard, (bnnic acid or ouier 

Baycu'ni. The root of a S. American 
plant, Slufitr Braxiliffnis, One of ihe 
moat powerful atiringcnts known. Uacd 




fer ulcen d the mouth and gl'uxltil'i' o- 
loqieiiieuu. Dom: v( ifae da. exL, n^v 
XM. Unof. 

Bay Rum and Bay, Oil of. See Afyrtia. 

Bay Tiee. The Lititna inMlii: alw> 
Prtmus ioMfVcenuuj : comtncaly called 
Ifae laurel and the dirrry Uurel. 

Bdel'lium (Heb, i'tMofH). A resinuu 
gum exuding (ram various s(ieciei of /ia/- 
tamodeniirem. B., Indian, Mimewbaivala< 
able a& an emmeiuffOKue. 

Bdaltom^'Btet (/MtXto, ateecb). A me- 
chanical tubtiitute for the leech, cua^i^tin^ 
of cupping glasA,>carilicaioriUKl exbnii.4Tng 

Bcak^cr. A «ride-mouihcd g1u» vessel 
much lucd hi cfaeaucal laUxatoriet. 

Bean. Tbe seed of aereial i^Kcies of 
ItgMtniitMie, etpecially thiU of the conmiDD 
\k»b, Fa^ vu^arii. B. of St. Ignatius. 
Scr /gnatia. 

B«Aid. The bur on the lips, checks ood 
chin of odull men and cenoin species of 

Bear' ing -down. Tbc feeling of weight 
or prcsmrc in the {xWn in certain discuca. 
B.-d. Paina, uterine pain in labor. 

Beat'B-foot. Leafcup. A popular remedj 
tInrenlAivnncDtof tbc »{ilccn,artlic "ajtae- 
caJu! " ofnudanous Te)!ic«u. B.,EKt. Ilow 
gr. »-j. B.. Fid. Ext. Ijosc m iij-x. 
B., InfuB, 5Jflfiv Sj loOj. Unof 

Beat. The polidtioiiii ciT the liUiod in the 
aiterics, ot toe impulse of the bean. See 

Bed. Tbc couch of support on which ibe 
bodjr may rest in slee]>: afually a mutn-si 
of itniw,hairar ^militt MitHijince. B.,Air, 
a mactRss of nVba or leather wbich can 
be infUted with air. B.-bug an uptenitu 
iniect, Cim^x Ucltditrua, wbich intrtts 
filtlijr bed>ieadjt, and U lilacs pansiiK 
upon the honuui body. B.-case, a fona 
of bntena or dlne» in which the patient 
penuieatly renuios in bed. B. Sore, a 
aoR prodaoed on any- projcclk^ part of (lie 
body by prolongcil preaaure agnin*t tlw 
bed, and riy oulri<iv« changes in paralysed 
pons. B., Water. See Water RtJ. 

Bee. A tEEinu uf inwct* hcioni^ng to 
the HymenopUra, couuoonly used lo dcs- 
ignale the oxnnoa Honey Hec, .y/ti m<IH' 
/im. B. Bread, n rciiinoiu Mihuance 
with which be<» line ibetr hives and All 
certain cells. B. Poison, the Irriutiog 
secn-liua discharged thmugh the sting Si 
the bee. See Farmie Afii. 

Be«f. Tlie fle^ of doniMtic cattle- Good 
beef should he of red color, poueas fim 

tekture, and be free fmm anplcaiaiil 
smell. |)«cf connscs nuinly cd water 
75, litvin (5, gcbtia 4. albumen 3, Eat and 
other Mtbblauccs 5 per ocuL B. Cxtrnct, 
iIk soluble librin of lean tneiU portly do> 
iccaied. B. Tea. the soluhle curactivc 
malter of beef, made by Mccptng liocly- 
cui lean beef wsb its weiglil of water, nnd 

Beet. Sec Matt Li^itort. 

Beer's Cai'snict Knife, a knife with tnon* 
gtilar- shaped Uade. for maiiag icction <A 
cornea in tbe reiao\'al of Ibe ayslalline 

Bees'wsK. Sec Cera. 

Begglato'a. A geuus of the family of 
BcegiatoacecB, whose filsmcots sie ocC 
cnclMed in a gclatiooas envelope. B. 
Alba, a very coounun variety in wilphur- 
ous aitd stagnant waters, frc-jticully in wells 
and cixtcma, furnunu wliiic mucoid tlaki-s 
thai may ekteiul to latge masses. Sfiirii- 
luM vuiuiaits ttiay form one pait of its de- 
vclopmcnial cycle:. B. Arachnotdes, 
situ oontuun in sulphurous tud stagnaol 
water : tikcwiM- B. LeptomitlfoTmis. B. 
Mtrabilis, cominon in m-i water among 
dccofopoang algx. B. Nivett, found in 
sulphuroiu waters. B. Roseoperttlcinn, 
the tooroe of Bartrrityfttrfmriiu, cconmca 
in fresh and t«a water. 

Beggiatoa'cecs. A family vt Bacteria, 
comprising ihe genera lleggialca and Cre- 
nothrix. The elements are in rudsorfiU- 
menlA with a hsiic port, r<nrit htrd, and a 
free apex cr lop. ^OIII» wilhin il\ anioi- 
Islions spherical bodies that arc probiti)/ 
tn»e spores. 

Be^. The dried, half ripe fruit of AtgU 
marmtt^t or Uengal i]uince. It is a Tain- 
able remedy in chmnic diantVi-a nnd 
dysentery. The rip* fiuii is slightly IsKa- 
tive. I>c6e .^s«-j. U'nof 

Belch'ing. ilie cxpalsion ot throwing ly 
of wind Tiokntly £rom the stonudL 

Belladon'na. Dradly Night-shade. A 
pdtnnial plant of Oic order Seiamticta, 
indigenous 10 Southern t!nrope and Asia, 
and cultivated in the U. ^. IVi^ities 
due Id two slksloidt, atnfim and M^- 
dmniiu, tbc Ullcr thou^ to be identical 
with hyoacyamine. Uoth Iravrsand Aowera 
are enqiloyed. A iiuld narcotic and ano- 
dyne and a powerful mydrUiic. Valuabie 
in inflammaiion of rhrumaiuin, gout and 
neuralgia. Dose of the root sikL leaves 
er. y B. Extractum Aleohoticum. 
base gr. ,^|. B. Tinct., 15 per coal. 




Doar n\j-xM. B. Unguent., ccwiiiru 
extract lo, dilute akuliul 6, bcmoBicd 
Ittd 84 P'f ' Atropine Sulphate, ui 
excellent ouitktutc in apium poiMiniag, 
See Atrvpimt. I>o*e gr, jJo-Vo- ^^'"^■ 
atn»iiu. $ftt AtnfiHf 

BcU « Law. The diiCTivrry thai the an- 
terior roois of the Rpiiial ncrvts axv motor, 
&nd 111* ^naxtnat aenvxy. Sec •I** Wal' 
Irriiin Dri^mrratwH, 

Bell's Paralysis. Pualysiii of ihc lacial 

Belly. Sec Abtiomm. 

Belt. A ginllc aL<oui tia- wouu B., Ab- 
dominal, 3 liTOOil, rlAtitir liell worn kiiotit 
the atjdtiiiicn n> a Ri)>[iort <luring |>reg- 
nancy. B., Mafcnetic. ■ l«lt mn&LMing 
of pbiew of meiftl futcncd u{>an h «tri[> uf 
fell Dioistmcd with dilute add. h is a 
CTir* all lAr;gcly *oM Ijy empirics. 

Bens'' ^f ' Cai'tuihii /nJicit. 

Benign' {^igtuu, kind). A tcmi applied 
to incdiciiics which are duuacterucd hj 
mildncM. UkH chiefly to diMiiiguiah tu- 
mors which an not matigHaiU [g. v.) or 

BennA Oil. See Srsame Olmm. 

Bcnsi-'num. Sec liemml. 

Bcn'zoin. A roin oUamed from Styrax 
h<tn9in,vt tree oaiivi: loSuniaLni tiul Statu. 
Clccun In teon cfmslsiing of several te&ins 
■lEglo''')'''^ ^ * baboun. ^'ieldl hcoxoic 
wd clniiatnic acids. Antiseptic and disiu' 
fcclant. tJ<«d mainly as a siimulant ex- 
pectorant in chronic broncbilin. .Soilhunand 
pouuium compounds are KHnciioMS naed 
m pUce of like ulicylic ncid nmpoiuds. 
Aacpa Bcnxoinaiua, Ixmiotnatcd lard, 
<xn)*iutu2{]ercent.orijcn7flln. B. Tinci., 
zo [icT cc-nl. cf the rt--<>in in nicnhol Dose 
Jhs-f. B.Tiftct.Comp., Friar'i Ilabam, 
heiudn 12, aloes a, M}-nLx S, Ivlsam of 
Tolu 4, alcohol, i|. x. ad too portn. Dine 
z 3>-rj. Bftn^i An4, nicofaul be«i sulvml. 
A eoostineftt of optc, tincL comphorat. 
Doae p. x-ssx. Ammaaium iirnz-Mtr, 
wxer &e« sol^eni. Do« gr. v-xxx. Lit^- 
utMt Betuoatt, dose gr, v-xkv. S»Jmm 
BeHuiaU, water hot jujItmiI. fVlac gr. 

Ben'zol. A hydrocarbon tanned h}r th« 
dry diitillaUiin of nrganic sntntancea. l>e- 
rived diiHijr from cval tar. Compotilioo, 
C^H.. inflainitml)le and ver7 volatile. An 
cxcencnt Milvciii iat gieuc- U«ed inter- 
nally lo dciuoy cpiuo. Vapor u»cd to 
whooping-cough. DooeRit. «-x, 

Ber'berla. BftrberTy. The root of B. 
a^/oHmm, or Oregon graft- Propcrtia 

diKtoaDalkal(»(t, J<TiVnM^. AnasuiDgent, 
butcr tcHUc. Id large doses a calhattic 
Used locally in coojunctiviiis, and iuicr- 
nally in oiaUrial arid typhoid fevers. B., 
ExI. Pld.,dtiGc v-xxx. B.,Ttnct., con> 
t«ns 20 per cent, of Ihc rool. Betberinc, 
the alKaluid. Dose gr. )-x. B. Ktirl- 
aie, an clticicnl iojeclion in gononfaa-a. 

All uliuf. 

Berga'niii Oleum. Oil of Uergamot. See 

Bergamol'. Oil of. As esKDiial oil de- 
rive from the rind of Ihe dtrut terxami. 
(. omposiiioD, t^ioHij. Used mainly as a 

Beriberi, or Beri Beri (Cingidese, btri, 
wi.-aknes§). A dropeical ailment cbarac- 
l«rij!ed by the appcaiaticc of multiple 
neuritis, and acoompatued Xy anxmia and 
paraplegia. Prciralcut in India and C'ey> 
Ion. IVswibly ol mictvliit. urijifii). 

Bert's Bxpctitneni. Bert removed the 
skia fiutti the tip of the tail of a nil, 
sti((.bed it into the skin of the back of (be 
animal, and after imbon bad taken place 
ihc tail was divided al its base. Scl^ialiua 
was pre*ien-ed. Nerve \'\\>m were thus 
provbi cai«blc of transmitting impobes in 
both directions. 

Beslial^ity {ttstia, a beast). Unnatural 
tnteTcour>c wiih on animal. 

Bcta^ne. A ptutiiaTuc oUaioedfram both 
animal and vc{{<:tabie stibMances. ll bos 
been found in human urine and in poiaon- 
otu muucl, but not in putrid hjusm-I. It 
hu been procured Aoni beetroot juice 
and cotton seed. It is not poisooous; 
Lelcings to the Choline K>t>up. 

Beta-naphthol. See Tvaf^ikef. 

Bc-'tel. A masticatory used in the East. 
A few grain* of ibc nul of the Catechu 
palm. Areea C. are rolled up with a 
jimatl amount of iitiicLlimc in a leaf of 
/'i/vr h/r/, and chewed. Tgnic, astrin- 
gent, stimulant and Bphrodiitlac. Increases 
powers of endurance, Ihac of fid. cxI. 
3J-iij. Unof. 

Beth Root. The riiiwtne of Tri/lium 
ertcla. .\iitrin([cnt and tonic. Itoseoflld. 
exL in^xxx-_:;j. Tri/liin, a cunccnirAled 
ext. I )«ie p, i)-iv, Unof. 

Be'tol. Nai>hlhalol. A salicylic elhet of 
naphthol. Of aDcged value in tfariimatitm 
and c)-4itis. Resembles salicylic add to 

jjro[>cnie». l>o»egr. x-xv Unof 

Beao'ar. Sec ^gaKf^U. 

Bhang. See CaiutMu Indiea. 

BifAu.twiceV A prefix wgnifying'* twice" 
or "two;" as ^t-ciupid, two cusps 1 M-lolicd, 




twke lobcd; ^'-volved, with two valves; 
fc-Utcral, lwo-»d«d, ttt. In cbetniMry Use 
prefix di, \% coauaooly enip1ore<i- 

Bib'utous liitfre, to drink}. Having the 
pr[i(icrt]r of atnorinng mai.iluiv ai nihcr 
liquids. B. l<apis, pninice Monc B. 
Paper, bk4iiiig paper. 

Bi'cepa (AiV, twice, f-o/irf, tli« hend). A 
tmn uj^ilicd to w'.-enil uuucles, u fi. 
tra^Aii. H. fxttnior, H. Jtfx«r crurit. So 
called from ibeir tlouble or^in. 

Bici]yital. Peituitii^tothe biceps mtocte. 

Bi-con'cave. Sec Z/wi. 

Bi-ccm'vvx. See Lths. 

Bicusp'id {6i luvrt cusjUs, th« point of ft 
ii{>cnr). lIavtngtwocu*p>,x«B.Teetb,thc 
founli ukI Ttfth tcctb, wUidi arc dbtio- 
gut«iw>1 h>' hAvtng each two cD«ps or points. 
B. Valve, the nulral vatTC of the bc&rt. 

Bitl'der'i OanE'lion. A ganglion situa- 
ted bctwccD I be auricles and vcntriclca, 
in the walU of the heart. 

Blen'oiol (^', two, ohhiu, a fKn). Erery 
two jr%n. In botutjr. plnnis that pro- 
duce folio^ and a root-alnlk the lint jrcor, 
flowering and maiHiing the Kcmd. 

Bi'fld [6u, twice,yf«i.A', m cicarc). Dicided 
in two; clefl, iw thr ^iita bifida. 

Blfii/cai. With a double Gseus. Used oT 
a system of lenses or ^>eciacle gla»c* 
with two foci, for tlie oufrccliuti of nrcilijr- 
opis, when alien; ts at ibe suue time in 
emor of rcliraction for disuni \isioii. The 
ditfancc lt-n» ii atiove that ibr OL-tu work. 
Sooielintirt callrd PiintoKofsr ifntes, and 
■Ico Franklin ipf^tatUs, became the de- 
vice was tirsl made hf Bct^amin Fraiiktin. 

Bih W^L. Wis. Gt. x^n). The Juice 
•carted by Ihe tiTcr. [f. is mudlai;inutM, 
piMen brown in man, golden red ui ear- 
nftvrw, brownish green in Afr^zwa, and 
green in hinls. Composed of biltaty salU, 
cholesierin, (nucu and certain pq{ntenu. 
The prtndpol aidds ate taimfit^ic anil 
gfyeJkoe«&e, both comiMonly comlnned with 

BUc Pigments. Bilirubin and Biliwcdio. 
B.P., Teal for. 'Sec GfuUn /fdtUi Kc 

Bilbar'zia Hcmato'bta. See Diusma. 

Btl'iary. Pntuinin^ lo the bile. B. 
Acida, Olycoebolic and Taurocholic 
Acid.s. rormi-d m ibc lircr. Tests for li. 
A- in the urine See OOx-rr'i Test. Ptttcn- 
kfff,'s Ttit, and //»»■*/ Tat. B. Ducts, 
the hepatic, ihe cystic and Ibe ductus cofn- 
tuunif chuieduchus. The fint lewis Iroin 
the li«cr, the second from the gallbladder. 
The (hird is a conunon excraory dm*. 

Biliey'anln. A blue pigment ofacaiDed 
fmtn l.<tlitut>in. 

Bilifus'cin {bUit, fiaau,\>rmn\. Apig- 
Rieitiar^- matter occurring in bile, and in 
human gall -atones. 

Bi]''iou». A lom popularly applied to 
disordera suppmed to arise from a loo free 
secretksi ol liile. B. Fever, a term 
looady applied to certain coterie and mala- 
rial fererv 

Bttipra'ain {biHi, Tpooav, a leek). A p^. 
meoiiLry rabscaooe occorring in goil-sloacs, 
icieric uiinc and bale. It is MinUm 
+ IVJ + O- 

Biliru'bin [Mi.c. nt^r, red). A pigment- 
ory Milwance iouitd in bile. 

Biliver'din \iilii,x4riiiis, grven). Apig- 
menlnT>- sul'StAncL- found in bile. 

Btma'na i^hi, two, mauus, a hand). An 
order of the diviskn of mammaiia in- 
cliiiting man only. 

Biman'ual. Two- handed. Ambidextmos. 

Bi'nary {irinus, a coiqile). In d>auistry, 
compoonded of two clrment«. In anat- 
omy, KCjioraling into two hrancfaoL. 

Binatir'al (^u, twice, aurij, cor). Vtx- 
taining to or having two cars. 

Bind^er. A wide Liuidage atioul the afado> 
men, worn by women during or after Islior, 
to support the ohdomtnal wath. 

Binoc'ular {(•!, two, otti/iti, nn eye), lo 
BTMlomy, having, or pettaining to two eyes. 
In cities, oit m^lrumcnl with two eye-pteoes 
for tne with both eyes al oncc- B. Vision, 
Ibe (sculiy of using buih eyes i^mcbroa 
OutJy and without dinlopta. 

Biogen'esis Hii-K, i>(e. )"'(«fT. origin^ 
Ilic doeirioe that livmc: ihu^ are pro- 
duced only Erom living things— the reverse 
ijf iiNvgfnesit. 

Bioloflcal Law. .Sec PAyl^gtny. 

Biofogy ^.lioT, '-o^oTi <^ diKourv). The 
science einbnKb^ the structure, functioa, 
and organiiaiion of life ferms. 

Biol'ysis {,itoi, Auw, lo loosen). The 
destruction uf life. Tlie deviialiouioa of 
living; tisaue. 

Biom'etct ((Jiof, firrpov, raeaMirv). Dr. 
Kbit q>ealts of the Life Table (^. v.) as a 
B., and of equal iia|>onance in all inqnities 
Ctiuneclcd with human life or sanitary im> 
proveouEDts with ibe Lworoeter or dxr- 
momeier, ^u., in physical research; and 
the key^ooe at pivot oci which the whole 
!>c>cnc« of life assurance retis. 

Bioph'aguB {flan, ^^u, to cat). A sioda 
of outrition of plants, in whidi Ihe organs 
of the plant tcue and diswlw the h«lics 
of insects. 




Bl'oplasin (/Iioc, nhtaim, lonaY Any liv- 
ing inaiicf. A nuuter pttaeaing Rpro- 
duclivc vitaliljr. Sec Prvt^iasm. 

Bi'oplast (^rj(,T^««ru. lo Ibnti), A hum 
or cell of Uojjlasm which is a uiiii of living 

Biofi'copy {fi<o^, truvTtw, to eAuuine). Ea- 
(uniiuuUiii a{ Hie. \ioAy to &4cetuin vrlielher 
life \k rxiijjti. B., Electro-, exuninalion 
by ibe aiil of tbe eloclric cumnt. The 
tnuscul&r reaction is tost lo l-'ondtc sdinu- 
Intiuii ill abuui iwu huure aAer <ie«lb in die 
toncuc; 3-4 botm in the extremities; 5-6 
in ihe inmk. G^vanic reactions pcism 
sumcvfliat lon|{cr. 

Biot'ic i;i">t). I'ertaininR lo life oi lo tlic 
lavrs of onimul and vcgcUble progre&i at>d 
e vol u I inn. 

Biot'B ReBpira''tion. Thaloccuiringwiih- 
oul TariaTioa 111 tlie iiir uf U>e individual 
wifiratioiis, as, e.j;., dtirinji sleep. 

Bi'ped {H, two, p^s, a foot), \^'llll or liav- 
i[t|t twro Ti^I. 

BiiK/lai. lluviiig two jxtles, B. Nerve- 
cells. ncn'c-cclU wbicb have iwn pfo- 
lonCuLions uT the cell waiter. Fouud 
chieRr in ibe ganj[Ua of tbe gny nutto of 
the bmin. 

Bird's Ponn'ala. Tlie two lad fixuies 
of ihr epccilic grniily of urine nearly rcpie- 
•ent the DutDbcr of nuins of solids to the 
ouoce contained in (he urine. The aaoie 
two iigarea multiplied I7 3 (Trapp'a Fac- 
tor) give the [Mits p«^ 1000. Hceer's 
Factor is 3.33. 

Biid's-nest Cells. The cells of certain 
fotnu cif c[H[lieLijd ciincrr, disiiof^ishcd In* 
the cooccntiic airaDgciocnt of Ihcit cell 

Bird's-ncst, Edible. The itesi of ecruin 
S|irctrs of swhIIciw. »$cd bjr the Chinese as 
food. Consists of marine slpe, GeOdium, 
cemented tij^ salivary mucus ef the liird. 

Birth (Sm. itt-th) TTie delireiy of a 
diild. B.. Plunl, the binh of more than 
a nngle child. B., Posihumous, a cliild 
Imm nflrr ihe Hraih of its f.ulirr B., Pre- 
cocious, the occunence of natural labor 
in a sbortcf lime after coition than is usual. 
B., Premature. Sec I.alvr. B., Still. 
Sec S/iff-Jvm. 

Birth'mark. See Airr-iM Pi/^mfti/oiHi. 

Biftca'ra Button, ^(x /•urunfit/m Onm- 

Biaex'tial. Having Ibe reproductive oc- 
Kane of I<r4h senes. Ilcnnaphrodite. 

Biata'op'a Weed. See Aj^wan. 

Bis'lcra Botl. Sec furtintHlm Oritn- 

Bis^muih, or 

Bismu'thum. Bic^ aio; quaniivaleBCCl. 
Ill, V. A [litiiisb- while cryMAltiitc metal, 
Not used in medltiiiL- in its Dietollie form. 
Commercial salu apt to contain arecnk. 
The uiaoliilile wlU of B. are feebly attrio- 
geiiu U»cful in tliscrdered digcslkti. 
acne, cciema, etc. B. ct Ammonii 
Citraa, mluble in water. Doae gr. j-v. 
B. Ciiras, soluble in waier of armnonit. 
L'^ed only (or iiliamaccucical pmposes. 
B. OxychlariJ., jicajl white. UnoC 
UM:d as a cnnmetJc. B. Subcubonas, 
intoluble. Besi given in tmul.'iion with 
milk. IJcMc gr. x-^'y B. Subnitras, 
the aalt diiefly used in ntedicine, Used 
also as a cosmetic. Dose gr. ■- 3 j. 
BiVtort. The thiamie of PofygcHUM bu* 
t^rra. An astringent ttaac « fl<l. exL 
1TL»i-xl. Untif 

Bisfoury (Kr, Iiistimti'\. A small (ttniKht 
or eurrcil) knife used in surgery. B.- 
cache, liiu llic blade concealed for tttsa- 
iii|[ tu the i>otnt lo be incited, and hy 
prcisurc on the handle the blade is d- 
pcueil unid the incision made. 
Bit'terfSax t' bile). A peculiar, 
well-known taste, of which quinine pre- 
iKa\A itn examplr, B. Almond, the nut 
tA ibc AftygMiluni amara. Contains 
hydrDcyanic acid. B. Apple, the fruit 
ol llic colocynth. I'urgalivc, B. Bugtfl- 
ww6,0iebcih Lj'foptu £urv/iirut. Aller- 
•tivc and tooic. I'ose of fld. exi. JaA-J. 
Unof. B. Cup, (I cTip made of <iuauia 
wood. Tooic. B. Purging Sail, sul- 
phate of magnesia. B. Root, the root of 
Gentiana Ciiftiitti. Toaic. B. Tincture, 
tincture of bitter nlmcmdn- B. Wine of 
Iron, a solution of while wine, >yrup, citrate 
of iron and quinine. Tonic, See ttrrum. 
Bic'tcta. Mudidacs choncteiued l^ a 
bitter taste. B.. Aromatic, medicines 
that unite the pTO]ienica of arotnatiai wiili 
thoEcof simple bitten. B., Simple, itioli- 
cincs thai slimulale the gaslro inicMinal 
tract willimit iiiRuoocing the general sys- 
tem. B., Styptic. inodiciDca tliat add 
styptic and astringent properties lo thoM 
of hittemew. 
Bit'leraweet. Sec r*Mhamara. 
Bitu'men (hifumm, Ot. notwJ.rif). Min- 
L-nJ pilch or oil eomiicoed o( rarioits hydro- 
carbons. In holid fonn it is usually called 
tuphaU: hi liquid form, f/ttviium. An 
tntcminliute farm in known as mirri-al UT 
or maltha. By di^llotiuo, bitumni yiclilx 
benml, ikaphlha. porafline, and v^uus 
other bydrocaibou*, li>juid and gueoui. 

Biu'ret Reaction. A tett lor pratcidA — a 
violet color by adding a few drops of Fcbl- 
lD)['i whilioo. 

Biva'lcnt. Se« Qti<i>i/h<alenef. 

Bivcn'oal (W. twg, ^.Ymmai, • rtomacb). 
HftTJnff two sumaacbs. 

Black 7su. dJat). .M»ci>cc of ctAar at 
lij^ 'I'he apiwanai:« of an object Uvm 
vhoac ixtthcK none of the spcctnim coton 
ate rcBccied. B. Alder. .Sec Pniwi. B. 
Antimony, aniimoninm lerwilsJiidc, Sb- 
S(. B. Ash, the baikof fraxinm Mmbttci- 
foiia, • mild tonk and ailringrnt DoMof 
fld. Gxt. 5^-). Unof. B. Blood, tcoous 
blood. B. Cancer. See MrlaHom. B. 
CohoBh. SmCiMiiii/u^it B. Death. Sec 
PSai^ut. B. Draught. Sec Smna. B. 
Drop Sec Ofiuni. B. Eye. Sec Ee<ky- 
mvm. B.Haw. Sec )-i^«r'FUB>. B.Hel- 
Uboc*. Sec Ililiibm^. B. Lead, a fona 
of oufaon t|rDpc[ly known os Ibc mineral 
oraphiie. B. Walnut, tbc leavM ot Jug- 
lam nvra, a tonic. allcraUre aod dcot»tm- 
en\. Dose of fid. cxt. R1 xx-xxk. Lnof. 
B. Willow, ihe bud( of ^Aj- nigm, a 
liiller Ionic wirh apbrodisiac projxrtics. 
Uo»e of (Id c»L wlkv- s i. Unot 

BUck'berry. See Ku^i. 

Btsck-Ton^e. .See Chaophytia. 

BUd'der [Sm., iAuow, to blow). Tbc 
mcmtinuiooc, wc-likc rrwinrotr or rrcq>- 
laelc of the urine. B., Atony of, inability 
to cxpri Ihciinnr.fromddidcat mtncular 
power, B., Catarrh of. Stv Cyititis. B., 
Extrophy or Extrorersion of^^abAcnccof 
the anicrioc wall of the H .anil more or lc»s 
deficiency of ihe cnfrnqionding part of the 
abdomen. B.. FaKiculsted, the walls 
thrown into ridgr^ lij- chronic rv»lili». B., 
Hernia of. Sect Vt^vti-, B.,Inflanima- 
tionof. "stc Cyifitii. B.. Inversion of, 
a [xolniKionor iin inriginxlion of thr hind- 
dcr through tlie uretiim. B., Irritable, a 
ooodiiioa chorMlcriu-d hy coniitnnl dc»rc 
to urinale. B., Neck of, tlic coniilricted 
pottiofi continuoas wiili the tinthra in front. 
B., Poralyula of, the same qnnptoiiu oi in 
atony, l<ul Rime nurfcrd and dueloncrmut 
or ceotnd di>ea»c. If afTcciiiig the neck 
alone, there i* "rri»ift"Mj'«rt; iflhel>odyof 
the 0>can, rttmtiom of utinr. B., Saccu- 
lated, powhes formed between (he hyjicr- 
trophied imucular lilwei. 

Bladder- wrack. .See Fucks Vfiii'ul<iius. 

Blos'iitaa or BUe^tua {pjuoa^, one limp- 
infl) A ^anuncrer Abo one having a 
dMortion of the liml»— a bow-legged |ier. 
8oa. A1m> one having on angular cimainit 
of tbc SfNoe. 'I'he lerat it momI; used. 

Blain. A blister: on ckvoiicn 

cuticle containing aemm. 

Bland iMa»^a, mlU). A tcna sfiplied U> 
mild and toothing mnlidnea and applica- 

Blwik''ct (Fr. hlMti. white). A woolen 
covering, to called became originally of 
white color. B., Bath, Sec tkuk, S^tH 
or Pack. 

Blaat'ema \iPat>Tnt<^, lo gcrmmtte). The 
fofTDaiivc lymph or pabuJntD of copiUuT 
CKodation. A tynoDym of prvtopli 

Blaat'oderm (;J/i<ir.ii<w, Aukm^ skin). In 
enbtyolos;, the gcrmi nal memlmnc formed 
by the cdto of the monila, lying on the 
inicmsl sor&ce of the vitrlline nvmliniiie 
ofthc inipreenaledonnn. The whole boUuw 
spherv. with its surrounding cells, is called 
the Islait^irmit x>f%Ulr, and is formed 
aboui the leolh day. I'he tfitdtrm (or 
e»iblatl ) and the etUeiierm (twAuVm or 
if/MUj//) laycn arc Mmply duo to a pro- 
Ucraliun of the Mattodennic cclb owmt 
H^germiHitlarfa, whereby Ihe Uastodem 
is doubled, Uius fonaing Iboe outer aod 
inner layers The tncsoMaat or middle 
hycr is devclopcl nfler the Utter, and 
probably from ttte h)-inblaal. The filaU»- 
fore M, tbc point where the covering in of 
the gcraiinol area is temporarily incom- 

Blast'oroere. See Maruia. 

Blast'opore. See Blattoderm. 

BUst'osphere. Tbe endayooic secmenia: 
tion sphere formed by the Doioa of mc mala 
and fecHJiIc dcnicnta. 

Blat'ta Orienu'li*. The powdered body 
of the cockroach. A popular remedy fat 
dropsy among KuBsiao peasnats. Incieaoci 
tbc amount of urine and diminisbct tba 
amount of albumea. Doacgr.jv-xiL UnoC 

Bleach. Tu make while or pole, tndimin- 
ish the mi<9uKy of oolor. Bleaching 
Powder. cUhxiaaled lime, a mixtuic of 
cakiiim chloiide and calclnm hypochlorite, 
containing &c« diJorine gas. Much ased u 
a disinfectant. Bleaching Fluid, ran Je 
JavtUr, a nimilai' comiKKIlion olitiiincd by 
passing cblgttoc gas into an cmulskn oi 
calcium hydrate. 

Blear Eye. See BlrfAaritU Vturota, 

Bleb. Sec Bulla. 

BIccd'era' Disease. See f^tin<fAi/ta. 

BlenrMwrha'eia (.nxiin^, miicus, liijyvvfu, 
to Uuxl forth). An cxcrsBive disdtarge 
of tnucos from the urethra or vagina. See 

BlcnnorrhcB'a (,13^wor, ^ra», lo Bow^ 
Same as Blentt^rrktgia. 




Blenno'sia. A tcenerK name tot diseases 
of the mucoud mtadmae- 

Blephari'lis I J>v^*up»-, ihe cyctid). In- 
flamiualion of itic eyelids, B. CiUariB, 
inflammaiioQ aeaiM in ihe bair futliclcs. 
B. Mwginalifl, in(IiuanLfiiio:i sciLicd in 
tbemaripDalbwdCTof iliv liiU. B. Ulcer- 
osa, ft cfttarrtisi or ulcerous inilamiDiitiun 
of ihc eyelids, occurring as Ox »c<jucl of 
caurrbitl conjuDciiTtus. 

Bleph''aro-«<lent''ti8 {fl>i^pmi, a6iiv, 
gUod, irif). lulliuiiiuaiiGu of Uic Mdbo- 
mtaai i;)ADd«. 

BlephiLrDptaiTno''siB \^uuoi(. n, &hntitac 
u|i). AI'iiontLi! itntillDnsor l!)c imljictnl 

Bleph^aropUsty {riuurau. to fenn). An 
c^ntlioii fur the fonnatioti of nny |«rt uf 
the c>i'li<l desiroycd by wound or lesion, hy 
ingr&fliiiK oi in]U|>lmiliD]j &C4n a couligu- 
ous henlih) |.>3it. 

BlepharoplC^. See PiMft. 

Blepharopto'itia. See Pfatii. 

Bleph'ajxjspaam (virao^Df). .Spasin of 
tliu t)rbiculari3 pdpebnnun inuM:lc. 

Blcph'aroaut (torpiu, to Mand). An iD> 
unuiKni for hol<liiig the eyelliU *put or 
fmn whilst performing operalJoiu upon 

Bles«ed Thiaile. See Can/umt. 

Bllfht. A jiarttal [loralyaii of oefUJD 
Ikcial n.crvi.Ti, aritiri|{ fniiii siiddcD or 
exUeme cold. B. of ibc Eye, an extra- 
vasation of Mood within the conjuoctiva. 
*Blind (Sa«. MWV Without siRhL De- 
prived of »ight. B. Spot, iliut ):janof the 
amoriheftituliisofttie eve where Ihc fi|ilic 
inrrve enlrn. 

BUndneas. Want of vMuo. Color-B., 
Hul inonnAl i«-ti:r-|ilion ofciilore. 'Hiis am- 
ditiuti i» (bund in ilnut 4 |irr cent of gicof >1r, 
U more frcfpicnt in men thnii women, and 
ia probaiity due lo tinn-rxrrciic of the cnW 
•eiuc. Complete Cclor-B. u nnnn. 
the difTerenl color* prohnhljr appearing a.s 
diflcrrnt in1mMiir«(irsh«det of white light 
In Partial Color-B., tulnormal iirae|)^ 
don of ml is liie mo*I )reiii»rnt. grrcn, 
Mae and vcllmv, remrctivclv, lieing nent in 
order, "tesu for Color-B., of^ualt)- con 
afal In matching and clKviiMng enlore<l 
yanM. Cortical B., B. <lue to li-%ion of 
the cuttical center ufvUion. Day-B. See 
MftitUfiia. Moen-B., a rare condition 
of retinal anaeaitliCKia laid to be duf lucxpi]- 
wre of the eyes to the muun'» ray> in »lce|> 
ing. Ni8;hl-B. See //em/TaA^a. Pay- 
chical B., Inw of diniciuui vbual nenxa- 
Uun from destructko of the ccDttal anm 

pr die vbnal center; there U sight but 
not recognition. Snow-B.. pliocophohia 
atid cun;uiicliviti» due to expiHun: of the 
eyet lu the g]»rv ofiunli^il upon snow. 

Blis'ter. A reside tesuliitig front the 
exudutioD of wniui fluid between the rpi- 
(lennls and tme &kia. AIm the agent hy 
which Ihe hli3er i» produced. B., Fly, a 
Ivi'llc, Can/Aitrii vfiua/irria, the liody of 
wtiik'li ifi uied as a IdlMering a^eni. B.. 
Flying, a htiMer which remAiiu long 
eiioit|;)i lu jjiuiluce unly a redncu of the 
ikia luid not vcMtutiou. 

Blood. The fluid which circuliMek thmugh 
the hcarf, arlcrin and vein*, Higiplying 
nutritive material tu all parti of the body. 
In the human l«ing the blood of the arte- 
rin ia briKliI nrd; that vf the vein> dark 
rerl. Blood consi^LH of colcprleM plasma 
in which are niajiendcd Ihc ti-d and while 
ccfpuscle*. \\1iea exposed to the ait K 
eoi^ulates, Catmtng arcd cloi, and a >«llow- 
i*h fluid ddlcd lemm. Healthy blnod 
ConMKl»of 79 percent, of water and 21 
per cent, soild.^. B. CorpuBcles, flnall, 
drcidnr, biccmcare diics HiMting m the 
liloud. Re<l oorpuKles tue circular in 
mammiLi (except the camel), and elliptical 
in binU and rcptilev They are about 

S^g, inch in diameter and 11)59 inch 
lick. While CoqHUclcs arc about one- 
thitd lai^r in diuneler aixl com[«rative1y 
lew. Tliey exhibit a movement umilnr 
to thnie of amotiir. The coloring maltcT 
of the B, \> found :n n sulntance kmiMii 
B» b»:niuglol>in, and is taid to be due lo 
minute '[lunlitie* of ihc *all< of iron. B. 
Cryatala, rryitaU cf a Mi)«lnnce known 
lu faiemaloidiu. B. Heat, a l(;n)|>eiulute 
varying (mm 9S" lo loo" F. B., Loss of. 
Se<- Hemorrhagt, B. Plasina, ihc li-jjwr 
ian/^inh, ur Ihiid |»ut of liic Moo<l. B. 
Poiaonina, a coinmon term denoiing xny 
nilmeiil an.tin^ from ibc JntroduttioQ of 
decctnpocting organic nmllcrui puirffailive 
genn-1 into Inc blnod. Sec Mn/iriijc, /Ji»- 
mia nnd Siflifirmui. B. Plates, palci 
colorless, oral. found ur lenticular disc» of 
variable «i/e, found in hmliliy normal 
human Mood, iS.oDo lu 350/>oo per cntiic 
mitUnieler. Their function i» not cer- 
tainty known. A!«o called (Ilayemj lue- 
niatubla>t>. B. Prcsatire, the foree of 
compreuion evened liy Ihe blood upon the 
wall* <jf ihc vrnwls under the influence of 
the IkmI'k ociiiin, the clastic wall*, efe. 
\ xnntis iiiitniinrnLi huvc ("Ccn devised lo 
r^aimile the amount of this pre^Mtie, (l>c 
fitrmaJyimmomefert/Poiifuillr, l.-^ui^i 




Kymograph, Fiii?s S^rittg Kym^grapk^ v. 
Batth't Sfiiyjr^'UHiiHemtt^, ihe Gradu- 
aUJ SfAygnwrapA. etc. 

Blood -Islaotu. A term appliet] to ibe 
Krou)j« of corpuscles de%rlopwl in the fowl 
dunnj; \.Vif tint Axy. ri rtnliryonk life, 
wilhia the br)^- liniiidmL celLt <i (he 

Bloodless Operations. Surgical opcn- 
linti, »uch *» ampulatiuni, in which the 
member i> >o bandaged ti\' cotnproKX sod 
etastic ring^ ihot the blnnd i* espcUed ln>m 
Ok pan lo be gpcfstod upun. 

Bloodletttnc. The lulihcinl >h«tnu:tion 
of HoaA from (he tigily. B., Qenerml, 
veaefectiuti or phlelKXoniy; K itcls by re- 
ducing tbr heart's nctkm nnd ditninishing 
Ihe (piontily of blood. Orcuirmalljr tucd 
with excellent rctiilu in pncumonU, sun- 
Stroke, ff(. B., Local or Topicsl. Sec 
Cufif-ing, /,tr>-Aing nr Seanfirafiom. Useful 
in certain inlUinm^itorT conditions. 

Btood-root. See .SangmHuriii. 

Blt>odshot. Kxtravuatcd with hlood. 

Bloody, tlaring the nutiK of. or filled 
with Mood. B. Flux. See Dyitnttty. 
B. Sweat. See Ephuir^h. 

Blow'pipe. A than lubc bent at one 
end and tapering loa poiitl, UK'd in direct- 
ing the fLime of n lain[> in a Ane conical 
tonfTuc. B., Oxyhydrofen, an appa- 
Hilu* for producirie iiilcaM- lical by tium- 
ing Inrdrogrn or illuminating gu tu (he 
end of a mixing noule. 

Blue. One of the colors of the Npectrum. 
B. Diteaae. .See Cyani^thy. 8. Flag. 
Sec Iris. B. Gentian, Ihe root of Gen- 
liana CW/iArft.tonicand stomachic. L)o«e 
of IW. Ml.. nvi-Kl. Unof. B. Gum. 
See Giugh'ai. B. Gum Tree. See fiti- 
caftp^Mt. B. Ointment. See llf'imrgy- 
rum. B. Pill. See Hydrargyrum. B. 
Stofte. Sec C^ppfi: 

Boal-belly. Sec SinphnJ AM/mtttt, 

Body. The animal frame with Ms ocsani. 
Alv>. a Ciidiircf or corpM. 

Body Louse. See Pn/icu/m. 

Bal'tcIieT's Teat. For tugar. First 
eliminMe ihr aitunrnn. if any nrincnl. 
Add a (null sunnuni nf btimuth mimitnitc 
to e«|ual amounts, mixed, of suspected 
urine and potA-uuum hytlrale; hoil: if 
sugar he pretrnl ihr whitr powder turns 
gray, brown or hUd:, fnxn reduction lo 
RK-tallic Usmnth. 

Boil ^Sax. byt). A furancle,— • local- 
ized InAamnation of the skin and subcu- 
taaefiai connecliTc ibwe ■Hendt'd hy the 
Ibrmotion of piu. B., Aleppo or B., 

Delhi, • ppcTilinr ukTrative affection en- 
demic in livlia, due lo a specific and piUho- 
friiic miaofic It hit» been proposed by 
Ipiidrnrrirb Uy rail lliis Trofital Bait, 
(Klicr nstncs ore I'mjiUh Boil aod BfUtm 


Boil-'ing. 'llir vapcaiiatioa of a liquid 
when u glTcs off vapor hnring the mne 
lenxioo a« the wrrDuading air. Moal tta- 
«»«, animal and Trgeialtlr, are scAcnrd 
and rendered more cr le» totuble by boil- 
ing. AllMimin and moM alliuniiiMMih, 
however, are rrodcrcd inKJoblc. The 
leinpcfMare of 13. water at the level of ibe 
wa in alioul 313° F, (loo" C); It de- 
creases with mocasing altitude. 

Boiling; Test. For ntbucnin. AeiduUite 
an alkabne urine Mt'l hrat iipn-r half to 
boiling. Turbidity indicates albumio. 

Bois'sotvs \Fr ) Oirap EennrMed l)<|uora 
made from raiiiiRi or other dried fruits to 
which sweetened water is added aiad fcr- 
mrniuiion allowed. 

Bo'la. Spc Sfyrrh. 

Bol'do-glu'cine. Ad aRwiBlic gltuoside 
obtained from B. fragroHS and other 
specie*. A hypootic io doaea of gr. xx- 
3j. Unof. 

Bol'dua. Boldix llie leaTea and stems 
of an evergreen, B. pmmm, nali\-e to 
Chili and vicinity. Sometimes used in 
aiurinia ourl gtnrral debility lU a substj- 
tntc for qiuninc B., Tinct., conuunx lO 
per cent, of the drug. Dose Rl^T-riij. 

Bole {^*»i, a clod of earth), A Iran*- 
lucent, <oft vanrty of clay fomirrly ntucb 
used in mcdkinc, internally as an aArin- 
gent. exlenwlly a* an alvarhent. 

Bologn'a Phos'pborus. A sulphide of 
Sarium. having the p ropcity of emitting a 
pair, feeble b^t in the dark. 

Bo'lua. A moss of medicine exhibited 
in the ibrm of a large pill. 

Bom'buB j,la^,')ur, (be liumming totmdef 
bees). A ringing or bumng mwmI in the 
ears. Also a *onorr)iu movemEnt or 
rumbling ltalD» of (he iiile.4inea. 

Bone. (^ax. Uw). A hard tissue which 
constitutes the fr^imrwrA'L nr tkirleinn «f 
(he t»dy- Compotcd mainly of tri-calcitun 

tihosphalG and caitiUge. A single arucit- 
ation of Imne usually consistiof a compact 
outer ma» coverol wilh pfnoitrnm, sur- 
rounding « rdiculated inner structure 
which enclosca a ceiMral canty filled with 
miurow. A tramvefae »eclion Jiows bone 
Inane to be compoaed of a iiunil«r of nearly 
circular rones, each having a central lube, 
the ffopfniam camal, ibruutth whichj ~ 




blood dnuUln. SnmHin(lin|[th« II. canal 
arc conccntric»ll7 am^md Mu of oblgne 
ofUs cailnl farutta: Each Ukuok IS Ike 
oullcl of B number of maatiruti, tbrooiih 
which the nutrition In convened to alt pons 
of Ihe bone. B. Aab, tlii- calcic |ilix»- 
phalc mnatung nAcr boucs have been 

Bone'aet. S«e EupiHorium. 

Bonne I's Capsule. ^^Ocutar^Shtatk'). 

Bool, Junod's, .See JuHoi'i Boot. 

Borac'ic Acid. See Spivn. 

Bc/roge. The }j]nni S. ^n'naffj. A 
(Ictnulcmt, mild refrigcnnt and diapfao- 
trtic l>use of fid. cxL 2j. Uuof. 

Bo'rax. See B^nm. 

Botboryg'mua. See Bemhus. 

Bo'ric Acid. Se« Bt^on. 

Bor'neol. A principle derircd from Drya- 
balnnopf rximJtJtanr, a ttee nalive lo the 
East Indii?^ It (voducea s^jaiiai vi t:\i- 
lirptifonn chftmctcr, 

Bo'ro-glyc'eiide. A nrejiaratiDn made 
by healing bmcic acia and glycerine. 
Uied ts a tocol ^^llcaiioa in e/e and 
^kin sffcctiont. Ung*. 

Bo'ron. B = 1 1 1 quanlivalence III, v. 
The base cf boric add and of the mineral 
bonjc. Boroii,; or. mote properly. Boric 
Acid, a ciTiUllinc subsianoc, H,BO,, 
found noiive in the volranic lagoons cJ 
I'lunuiy. Occxira in white, lran»{iarcnl 
ajnrtali, toluble in walcraad aloolK>l. A 
powcdal antiKptic, and much uwd in 
parojiitic di«n»e« of ihr \V.>n. Borax, 
sodjom di)iont«. Occur* in lociuUinc dc- 
nouts as white, iramparent cyslnli, ultibk 
in water, alcohol and gtyocrine. (.'scd as 
an aniiwptic wuh for ulcers and indolent 
Irucn^. Valuablr abo asan rmnicnagcigiie, 
and io leuoonhm. AH unof. 

Bot(A*nif/, a Itclly womV Ilie larvn of 
ocrtun specie of Hk-s of Ihegeniu (Kstro*, 
which are coDTcycd Into ihc stoniacfa of 
mnn, wh<TC lb«y batch. Abo the Ibicad- 

Wnrm, O.ryurui TvrnlK'ularif. 

Botal'U, Foramen of. TbK/oramtHevalt 

of the f(Hal bran. 
Bol'anjr {fimavjj, an herii). The scirncfl 

of plants — their cloasiticaiion and ttruc- 

Bothriocepb'alua La'tut. Sec Ta^ 

Bot'ryoid [fiarfn^, a cluster of grapes). 
Kru-mbling the shiqw of a bonch oif 

Bott'rer'a Teat. Sec Bvtfrkn'i Tnt. 
Bot'tlc (("(OT'-if. a flask, I'r. tetUn/lf). ,\ 
Tcsscl, oaialtr of glau with a narrow iwck. 

B.. Feeding-, s flat Bask with a nl^le </ 
India rubber attadicd, lucd in feeding 
uifants. B. Nose, a coninHiu name for 
Acne KoKolo. B., Specific Gravity, a 
Morence flsilE (^dusted to coniatn 500- 
1000 grains of waltr, with llie weight of 
which nny other «\Wl^. \«lujne of liquid 
may If ecwpaied. 

Botulin-'ic Acid. An acid asserted lo 
exist in puucfying MuiMges, fomlng tbeir 
specific [loUon. 

Bougie (Fr. f^ugi', a candle). A 
slender, cylindricj inMnment made of 
waxed sitk, cnlgul, c/<-., for inlrotluction 
iolu the urethra or othrr paxvage, for the 
purpcee cd'diUtiun,exp]omtion,i/i-. Some- 
times ccuUed with prenarations thai are 
ill us conveyed to tlie inner mucous sur- 
fsces, B., Armed, n Imigie with a piece 
of nitrate of i>ilvrrr<t other caiintic attached 
tw it» exitriDiiy. B.. Filiforni, whale- 
bone or other Ixjiigic^ of very small site. 

Bou'hou. A namr given lo a malarial 
disease rexnililiiTg dengue, which b parva- 
lent in the Sandwich Islands. 

Bou'illon (t'r.). An slimrnlary fiotb 
made by tigiling niral, usually beef, in 
water. A soup. Also a liquid nutritive 
medium mailc Ijv ImUing ment fi:>r the cul- 
ture of OiicrcOi^aniniU. Prptoniicd boniU 
Ions and solutions of powdxrrcd meats have 
also been used. B. of Licbig, made 
by dissolving L.icbig's meal ciimct, 5 
gnunmes. in boiling water, loo giamincs, 
nentraliung with bicaibooate of soda and 
(ilKring. It becomes nioic nutritive by 
adding glucose. 

Bou noting Bet, Sve Sca/w^rt. 

Bou'quei. The peculiar flavor of wines 
which havf l*eii aj>cd, suppox--d to lie due 
tu arnanlbic ctbrr. 

Bourdon'nefncni (Fr. i.wn/.wtn/T, lo 
Iniij:.) Any lAUnii'g sound. Tlie mur- 
mur which is beard when the Methoacope 
is applied toany port of Hie body. Thought 
to rcault from cwiiraction of mustmar 
fibcillie. See. also, B^miM. 

BoutonnKre Opcra'tion (Fr. Aeuteit' 
nifTf, hole). An o]wmlwjn fwr 
urethral stricture. The location of the 
stricture i» fixed Ly a calheier and an in- 
cision is mode in front of il : a pnilw is 
then passed to the bladder. TUtf stricture 
is then dividrd. 

Bouton's Terminals (Fr.). The en- 
larcemenis of the &ce ends of certain sen- 
sory nerves. 

Bow. A bending. B. Leg, a bending 
outwanl of the tower limha. 




Bowman's Glands. Peculiar tobolu 
glandt in Uie oifacloty region of the 
nsnal dinlnbubon at Ibe olfactovy nerre. 
B. Probe. StK LacArymaL B. Tubes, 
attiliriAl produciMns made bv forcii^ air 
<]r fluiili Wlween the cooneal lainelbe. 

Box Pulse -measurer. Au iiucnuBcnt for 
mcuurine the pube by its action upon a 
coltunn of liqnid whra the expoved aiten 
is placed withiii an oblong box communi- 
cntTTig wilh the cdnnn. 

Brscb'ial (MtMiMW, ihe ann). Fcttun- 
mg to Uie arm. B. Anery, the con- 
tinoatioo of Dur luilUiy which rxicnds 
along Ihe inner side of the arm. B. Di- 
plegia. See i'.iraiysii. B. Glands, the 
Ivnipliatic glatuU of ibr- arm. B. Plexus. 
UK plexus of the fifth, sixth, seventh aiid 
eighth cervical and the first dorsal pair. 
B. Veina, the vriiu ci the ana whkh 
aocoapsny the B. aiicry, 

Brach'ium (brathiMm). The arm. An 
cxtcRMv process of an or(;an. B. Cere- 
bri, or B. of Optic Lobes, the hands 
connecting the tiatcs uxi the Ictta with 
the optic thalamus 

Brachycephal'ic (,'}paTt<', >hott, xt^Ji, 
hc^). Skulls of an eg[-likc dupe, the 
Imgcr end b«hind. See indtx, 

Brachydac'tyloua (^M.tvc, Aixru3o(, 
finger). Pertaining to an abnormal short- 
Dcss of the liiigcrs or tors. 

Brachymetro'pia. See Myopia. 

BTadycar'dia t,i7pn(ti^, alow, lutpiia, Ihe 
hcan). A term used bf luchbofst to indi- 
cale the phenomcoa associated with slow 
pmlse— (he oppetite of tarAyeanfio. 

Bradyla'lia i ^iiii'it, ^M>.ia, a babbling). 
A *Iow and liixift'Ttd irtlcnincr. 

Biaid'ism. Ilicbfpnotic Mate produced by 
fixation of the eyes apoa a ihinJng object. 

Bradypha'sia. See Apkatia. 

Brain ;Sai, bitfgtn). The fieneial OOO- 
tcnis of tbc cnnium. espccuilly the cere- 
brum. B^ Comprenion of, may ariae 
from imury or disrase, from serous exuda- 
tion, buxn extravasation, etc. B., Con- 
GUasion of. b the result of injnjy pro- 
ducing tymptotns c* Iws of ptwer and 
function gniL-tally. B. Fever. ^tAUn- 
ingitii. B., Irritation of, follows injury 
aM it marked by symptoms of Irrttabiliiy 
■ltd often cooTubive [Aicnanciia. B., 
Little, Ihe rmAf/JMm. B. Pan, the 
cranium, B. Sand, a griltyminenti mat- 
lerfennd in and about ihc pin<-al gland, 
, mainly of culcium and 

slum c«thonstes and phosphates. Its fiioe- 
tkai is Bol knoum. 

Bran. The epiduimas or outer cohering 
of the seeds of tnoM cereals. Contains 
woody mailer 35, starch 33, albumin and 
ginlen I3, water 1 2, gun 8, other matten, 
including a small anwuni of silica, to pa 
ceni. It cautunn, also, a diastatic foment, 
which coDvcrU the starch into dextrine. 
B. Te«, a decoction of bran, used in 

Btmncfa. A name given to the diTisiora 
or ofEihoota of bkxxl vrvurU, l^-mphatks, 
or oetves, fton Ihc tmnk or main ttcis, 

Brancb'iK. Tbc gills of lishes. 

Branch'ial Openings. See CUfis, Vi^ 

Bran'dy. See ^ritm^ 

Braab (Dutch A'aakm, to nvntt). A 
oomsoon name mdicsling almost any dis- 
order of the digestive system. B., Water. 
Sre I'yrmii. 

Brass. An alloy of copper with 35-40 
per cent of tine. 

Braa'aica. A genus of planU, Nat. 
Order, CmH/rr-i, including the common 
cabbage. B. Acidulala, sour croui (or 
sauct kmnt). B. Asperifolia Rscu- 
lenta, the eominon lumip. B. Cauli- 
flora [or Florida], the canlilloncT. B. 
Cumana or Rubra, the red cal4«ge. 
B. Napus, the tape ptani. B. Nigra, 
the black mustard. B. Sativa, the com- 
mon cabbage. 

Braye'ra. Koosso. The fcmsle flowm 
of S. aHlJkr/mitUUa. Contains tannic 
acid, a ToWilcoil and acrytlallinepriD- 
ci{de, Kimttin. In large di:«cs produces 
nausea and emesis. Valuable mainly as 
on anthelmintic against tapewotm. Dow 
3i]-^S9, in inmsMM <JL boilii^ vater. 
B..Ext. Fid., dose gij-Jj. 

Biead (Sax. hrtdan, to noorish, Lot 
fatiU, Cr. oprof). A mixture of flour 
and water mode porwis by ctubo>i dioxide 
and (hen baked. The flour nay be of 
wheal, eom, oat or rye. The carbon diox- 
ide may be inlnxluced by deoomfnsing an 
alkaline cubonue (sodium or potasnum) 
by an acid ("cream of tartar"), or by 
fenneniiitg ibe surch with yeast. B-, 
Brovm, a kind of bread made fnm 
a luixlure of com, rye and wheat Ikwr. 
B., Graham, aindc Irora unbolted whrat 
flour; it contains mote gluten, diastase 
and mineral pAioapbalea than ordinsij 
bread, B„ Wbilt, bread made from 
bolted wbeaten flour, and tfacrrfore ddi- 
diaHasc, gluten and mineral ' 




pbateft. OHiot VindK, sudi u rje (or 
Qlack), coni, bnui, UrTcy, etc., indicate 
Uicir ccnn[io»itiDn in ibcir nunc. 

Bread- paste. A culture medium for 
bacteria. Siolt, coarse brad b dried, 
ground lo powder and mode iaio a faste 
with wiiter. Well euited for the growth 
of tncnldfi. 

Break. Sec A/nir. 

Break-bone Fever, See Dmgtit. 

Breast. The upper anicrior part of the 
body belween ilie nnk aiul atxlouieu. 
Alw the mamnn. 

Breath (.'<iix. brjrh). The nir exhaled 
fnnii the luii)>s. Il hiu lost a pari of its 
DXycrn and gained a ccriMn bin lorying 
amount of aniinonia, aqueow; rapor and 
carbon dioxide bom the oxidation of liie 
wane mtaur od" the blood. Also applied 
lo the air iitS(»ml. 

Breech Position. See pNt/iMt. 

Brtcdine-Bcason. The period during 
which ccTlaiu species <4' animajs, espe- 
cially the louer funna of veHebraies, beget 
and rear their jmnw- 

Brecae. Sec //:«;/- jniyaf and Sfttfi.-hra^. 

Brefeld and NXsele's Method. See 

Breg'cnin (1-ow t-Jcr. brexan, tirain). A 
niuiie given by lliudidiutn to a soiohle, 
cn'^taltine substance found in brain-iiesue. 

Breg'ma. See SJtn!!. 

Bran'ner'a Forrn'ula. ThcfeeUc tone 
beard when the anode is opened in eal- 
Tniiic stimulation cif the auditory nerve. 
This tone corre^ poDds with the rewnance 
fttndanencal tone of (he sonnd conducting 
apparatus of the car itM^lf 

Brick-makers' Arm'mia. S^AmAylM- 

Bridge of Nose. A Icrm applied cnJ- 
kctively to the nasal Unci. 

Bright's Disease. A name formcTly hi- 
correcily u«ed aa a synonym of albuminuiia 
and M pRacm oovefing ktctsI forms of 
diseSK of the Iddoey associated with albu 
min in the urine. May l>e either ncutp or 
ehraok. Ccteidcrcd by Fother^ill a^ a 
sccondaiy condition ari!>ing from a ten- 
dency toward the revenion to tlial |)rc- 
anilirofNC type in wbkb the liver per- 
fiXTDcd the additional office of cxcreling 
uric acid. 

Brim of Pelvis. See Pelvis. 

Brim'slone. See Su/f^ur. 

Broad-leafed Laurel. See A'a/mrn. 

Broad Ligament. See Lif^.imtnt, 

Bra'mal Hydrate. A f)uid of oily con- 
suteoce, bavins a siruclare umilar lo that 

of chloral hydrate. More irilating and 
nuGOtie ihan ihe latter. Duae gr. }-v. 

Bromid'rosis (fV"/«^t " »tcnch, i'i^jput, 
sweai). OsmidnMis- (.iffeiisivoweatitig. 
due to functional disorder of the sweat 
glaadc or fcmteotatioa of the sweat after 
eteredoo. Frequenllj tytnptoinauc of 
scrofula, rhctunatisni. uraMnia, syphilis ett, 

Btt»ni'(lum. Itromide. 

Bfo'mine, or 

Bro'mum [HpuftfiO. Br = So ; quantiTs- 
leoce I. A red dish -brown Itqiud, which, 
ai ordinary K.-mpenltirea, givn of a 
htavy. 4ulfucdliii4{ vapor. In its rlcnicfil- 
ary fonn il \i « very active cscharotk, 
and internally a violent poison> The mIu 
of bromine xre cerebral and cardiac de- 
nnnainia, and hii^ly valuable as hypnol- 
ica. The salts of tlic alkaline mdaU arc 
ihooe most cominuitly a^A. Ammonit 
Bromidum, prianuCic crystals. Dose gr. 
v-xx. Calcti Bromidum, (paniilar and 
dcliqueNceiH. Do*e gr "-.tJ- Ethyl 
Bromide, meful in spa.\modic couglu. 
Ferri Bromidi, Syr., conlains to per 
«cni, uf tlie iail. Dose gss-j. Litbii 
Bromidi, (.TanuUr and deliquescent. Dose 
gr. v-Kx. Poiaaaii Bromidum, color- 
leu, cubioil crysiuls. Do>e gi *-5J- 
Sodii Bromidum. colArlcu, monoclinic 
crystals. r)o»e (jr. v-^j. Zincl Bro- 
midum. i^ranulnr, deliquescent powder. 

Bro'mofonn. A bromide, CHBr),!iaviun 
a Uructurr like that of chloroform, CHCI,. 
A powerful oiue^helic. Uie not followed 
li)' vocniling. Caiuet tniLatiou uf con- 
junctiva ana.rt:>pirTitory orcaas. Uuof. 

Bronch'l {^io¥x<><^ the windpipe). The 
two tuliu into witicli the Incbca divides 
opIlt■^ite the iliird donal vertebra, called 
Ihe right and the left liroiichu*. 

Broncnlec'tasis (f^^no't. dilatation), A 
letm denoting Ihe dilaiaiiuu or relaxation 
of the wnlU uf the Imjn^ihi, oriiing from 
Intlamniaiion and other caiues. 

Broncb'ioles ^diro. of trwtekiu). Hie 
smallest luWin.iiiiii of the hrunehi. 

Broncbi'tis. lufl-tnimation of (lie mucous 
tiMinlirane which lines the bruod)ial tubes, 
Uiuilly attended with soreness, eouxb, 
ulieiation of the voice and febrile synip- 
lomv B., Acute, the iniiiatury stage of 
Ihe ditea«e. 8., Capillary, a singe in 
which the minute lul*" of ibe lungs are 
involved B., Catarrhal, ti form at- 
trndnl with mtico fiurulcnl diwbar)^. 
B., Croupous or Ptaatic, attended with 




expcctcntkn o( tlie cost* of On broocbial 
tuuo. B., Mechanical or Pottcr'Si a 
Ibnii Cnmni liy the iuhulatJoD of diul, eti. 
B.. Summvr, syrwaymous -with "lUy 

Bronch'ocele. See Gmtrt. 

Bronchoph^ony l^bn-^, ihe voice), The 
rcaoruuice of tbe T«jcc withia tbc brOfichi 
a> beard and diofcncsticMcd I7 the ^rfina- 

Broncbo-pncumo'nU. A term m>piicd 
lo irtdiuDiiiubun of iLe )u!i){i, whieh. lie- 
ginnina in the bronclii, Analljr involves ihc 

juuKoaaytM af Ibe luoga. 

Branchorrboa'a {^u, to Sow). A tana 
at brciDdutia UUnded bj piwuM expec- 

Bnocbol'oinjr (^fiovx'fi ^'f**, w> cut). 
A nrpcal cpenitioa upon the bcondnu, 
trachea, ek. 

Bronch'uB. See Srvnthi. 

Bnnutd Sldn. A symptom of Addison's 

Brood-cells. In ce11-divt»kMi, the mother' 
celli enduring the danghter- cells. 

Broom. Sec .^.-ifahm. 

Browa'ian Movement. An cacillation 
or agitation ot-ivrvc-tl uiirlcrt)ie mtcroscope 
in Tcry line |{nnul«, diefn, etc, when 
Nspa»ded in a tiiiuid. The nwrcnient '» 
not loeomcition. and 11 tn he di»lingi»->he>l 
from that ol (be Mcir motility of living 
mkroanoftisms. It> cauic ii not de- 
finkely Enivan, hut it mil}- he due to hem, 
light, eUrclrictty, (i«maui, aV. 

Brown Mixture. See Clyeyn-hua, 

Brow Presentation. Sm J'tttMtM. 

Bfu'cine. Sec Xux y^mua. 

Bruise. Sec CiiUuiUM. 

Bru'it yVr., a noise or report). A term 
used by Fmicfa pbysidun to de^gnMe the 
varkitit ^petite found.* of aufcullMion. 
B. de Diable, n venous murmur, of x 
vrtutUing ov lushing character, ariung in 
Ibe bolb of the ooounon jugular vein, and 
due to atETtitia, lead>po«aotung, or nthcr 
tpccifK dised.<>e, more comison in Ihe 
young, and cAineil iiumcdiately hj the 
vibnuion of the hlood tlowing fmin the 
nsfTow part of (he ronuoon jugular vein 
into the wide, bnllious portion of the 
vefsel. See alim Mnrmur. 

Brunnet'ft Olanda. See Cimiii. 

Bryg'mu*. Same at Ot/oittftiiit. 

Bryo'nia. llryony. Tbe root of Jt. a&a ; 
indigeoout lo Euro^K. Properties ddc to 
an inlenstly hiiirr glucfiude. firyifitiN, a 
strong irrilant when applied tn (lie skin 
or mucou membraoei often fvodudag 

Teucatioo. A remedy of gnat \aiae in 
pteuri?. pleuro-pDcumonia and rhcnmolic 
lcv<:r. An excellent agent in colds. lki«c 
of the root gr. x-xn. B., Tinct., a 10 
pa cent, solution of tbc roc* in alcohod. 
Dose l^x-^j- B.. Infuaum (uaor.t, 
hub a strength of 3i (o Uic Oj of watcr- 
Ltaee ass-ij, 

Brjroplas'lic (/'^rnm', moe», fr^Amw, lo 
ixxa). A descriptive term loosely applied 
to snch abnnnnal growths of li&suc as re- 
HTDible fci^etable Innis. 

Bu'bo itiov^, (be groin). Inflamimtion 
and swelling of n lymphatic glaiul, p>o^ 
cclyand genemlly of the groin, and usually 
following chonooid, goncnbcca or syphi- 
litic itifetiion. B.. Patotid. ?«re /".in* 
iMt. B., Primary, a slight adenitis ^.4 
the groin due tn mccbuiical iniiation. 
or other canie ; bxmcrly suppoxU to ^3e 
due to syphilis wjihcut a cliancre having 
pftceded. B., Sympathetic, one caused 
tiy nritation, friclKui, injury, tU., aiid □<>! 
Croin infe<.-lioos disease. 

Bubon'ocele (iicn-liuv, k^i, tiunor). In- 
entnal bcmia when iIk gut does uo( eUcnd 
Mjroad (be inguinal caiwl. 

Buc'eal {,1'uua, the cheek). Pertaining to 
the cheek. 

Buc'cinator. The thin, flat muKleoT Ae 
cheek. See MmiU. 

Bu'cfau. lite leaves of several ^ledcs of 
Bariftma, yielding ■ rolatile oil, to wliicli 
ils pTMicrtie^ are probably due. Causes a 
sentation c^ glowing warmth over the 
body.stinulates ibe appetite, and iiKreases 
the circulatkin. Use^l in urethntis and 
aficvtions of (he iipenilo urinary mtKow . 
men>Usne. \yavt of the learei, gr, xv- 
imi, B. Exi. Fid. Ih»c T^i-Jj. B. 
Infuauia (uuof.>> '%\^^^)- I >*>*<: 3)*^J- 

Buck'bean. liic rhiiome of MfnyoMhtt 
trifoliata. Tcnic, antiacorfautic, and cm* 
mcDagcgue. Ilu been recommended as a 
vermifuge. Dose of lid. ext. tT\,xv-3J. 

Buck'cye Bark. The bark of Mi<^lm 
giabra. Ajiringent luul tonic Service- 
able in rectal initalion, prolapMU, and ra- 
rioos uterine drtangenKnU. Dote of Hd. 
Ml gtt. ii)-v. Unof. 

Buck'thom. Sec /''rangula. 

Bucnc'maTro'picA. See Siifianfuuii. 

Bucne'mia ( /tiNr, increase, nq^. the leg). 
A liind iinnilunmaliunarthelegduiracler- 
iud by lentenew of swelling. 

Bud'ding. A form at repndneiian or cell 
divisinn, occurring ooionfi the polypA and 
infMuriic. in whJdi a bud is given df by 




Ihe pvvnt nod comes to resemble ibc Imier. 
Th« bud mcj rcDHtin lymiAncnt)]' atlached 
<v mity fana a tolnny, rach tnrmhcr ac- 
(lidrinii a diifercniiuion of funcutm, even 
to the formation of male knd fenulc t\e- 
menu. Tlie (iroorim U nlw called Otmnta- 

Bu'gleweed. The bcrti. t.yit^m Virgiui- 
ens. Nafcutic oiwj Mfiringent. DoM of 
All. ext. 5w-ii> Lycepin, coDcentratcd 
ext. I h»c gr. j-ir. U"of. 

Bu'faaich. See Iute;l I'miMifr. 

Bulb (^oA/%>r, ft bulb), 'llic rxpuison or 
dilatatiooofftCiuMlofvi-uei. B.ofAort*. 
tbediliUlMmofthe anna nrar iixhrgianiaK. 
B. of Corpus Cavtraosa, the muele 
bencoih the )nill> nf the un-ihra. B. oF 
Pofoix. Sec Cfrfwa. B. of Rachi- 
dlehus. Sec MnlHlla Oii,ms.iia. B. 
of Urelbra, the posterior ekpandcd part 
of the cpffm sp^^tavm fimii. B. of 
Vena Jugularis, the diUtotion nt the 
beginning of the extrmal jiii^itw vein, 

Bulb'af. A dncn^vc tt-nn applied to 
CCiUJn diseases, especially of iht* mrJuUa 
MoMgn/a or M^ui niiiii/ifAus. B. Dis- 
e«i»e or Paralysis, a term applied lo 
the procTCSsive luid symnietrimL pnralysis 
of thr iHcixl miiKlcs aliout the month, in- 
cluding lltDse of the tongue, |:diaTyiu, and 
soitic-times Ihcoe of the lur^iix. Cjillcd 
nlK> I-:il)io-glasso-liii7i4[cal paralysis. 

Bulb'i Vestit/ull. A name somdinies 
given to th<- glnmU of Uaithulini. 

Bulbous Arterio'suK. IVrtaininK U> a 
■to^ in the dcTGkq>inenI of the heart, in 
which the Dpper aottic ciilargcmcut is so 

Bulim'ia (^iW, increase, 7j>«>r, baiter'). 
Exc>M9ive. iDoiliid liuiitjer: (mgueutly 
vcmira in idmiK anii insane perEon». 

Bulla {Mia. a bubble). A I4eb or " blis- 
ter," consialine of a poitiun of the epider- 
mis detached Dcm the skin l>y the iniilira- 
tlon of iniery Ruid. Ttie bullit dilfen ftoni 
the Tcsicli-' mainly in siic. B-, Hemor- 
rliaffic. Sec /'itrpura. 

Bun'lon (il^mrar, a hillock). A swelling 
of a bona of the font, esprciullj' of ibe 
gicai loe. 

Buphtbal'raos. S<^ AWat^g/ahtt. 

Burc'quism. See .\fflaUelktrafiy, 

Bui'dock. ^ Lnjfo, 

Burette. ^Fr.) A graduated tube designed 
for mesfiunng nnoll qaiuitities of n reagenL 
IJrually belli TCrtically in a Mand and pr> 
vided with a stopcock. 
Bum l^Sax. AM>rw<M(, to (coceb). TIm de- 
stniclioa a injurr of tisane by dry beat or 

Bum'er. A conUDon nstnc ibr a lamp or 
besting appotatitt used in laboratones for 
chemical and pfaatmaccatical puiposcs. 
B., Argatld, u%c« gu cir oil. and conlnint 
Ml inner tulic for supplying the flame with 
air. B.> Bunaeti, a form in which the 
gus is mivcl with a HiltKicnt qu^intity of 
air to pFodiKe oon^ilete oxidation befoie 

Bura'c (Avrrn, ■ piirse). A name used to 
desgnatc small sacs intcrposod IwtwccD 
paits which nxA'c one upon nnoiher. B. 
MucoBV, siiuated in mtlxutonrfus orrolar 
tiiisuc. B.. Synovial, found between 
tendons vcA bonj surfaces. 

Borstal. Pcftoming to a bursa, sac or 

Bursi'iia. Inflammilmi of a buna. 

Bul'ter yhutymm, butter). The fatty port 
of the milk obtained tv niptoricig the c^ls 
of the bl globules by "chumijig" or 
mechanical a^tation. Aim, various Tcge- 
labk fats having the cnubtcncy of boiuf, 
as B. of Caca'o. See Tktetrana. 
Also applied lo ceitain chcntlcal poducts 
baring the appc.trance or consistence of 
bullet, as B. of Antimony, antimanioua 
chloride; B. of Tin. it^nnic chloride; B. 
of Zinc, mc chloride. See, also, Add, 

Bui'temut. Sec _/«? A'w. 

But'tocks. The arse. The fleshy poit 
of the Ixuly posterior to the hipjninls. 
Ibnned Xry the mosses of the glutei 

Bul''tonbush. The ImiA of Ctphulzmhat 
^eidetnath. A tmic febrifuge and diu- 
retic. Ltose of Hd.cKt. jfw-j. Unof. 

But'lonhole Operation. Sec A^vu^ni/rr 

But'ion Snakeroot. The root of f.iafrit 
tpirata. A atimulant Ionic, dinivlic aiul 
cmnmaeogue. Dose of lid. ext. 3se-j, 

Bu'lyl Chlo'ral. See Chloral Bttlytimm. 

Bu'l^yrk Acid, isee Add, Butyric. 



C. The chemical sjrrobol of Otr^Mt. Abbrt- 
riatian of rfntigrmie. 

e.e. AbbrcYiaticin of ^He eenHituter. 

cm. AMin-vimiun t4 ctHtimteUr. 

C. M. Abbtrvntion tit erai mattr, to- 
tnorraw mumiii);. 

C. N. AbbreTialioo od" rnu ooffr, U>- 
ttKimitr n^^lit. 

Cab'bage Roae. Sec Rata OmtiMia. 

Cacae'sthesia (Koiat^, \»A, atp&i^ari, scnxn- 
tioD). A term usenl (udeiigte oKvbid ma- 

Caca'o. See Thttihrinna. 

Cachcx^'iB (umot. txul, ef>r, a babii). A 
term ascd to tlctigiuite any morUd len- 
dency, dyacnma, or clcprstred coiKlition of 
gcBcral nutriliDa, tic, lued (MnicuUrly of 
scrofula, ^yphili*. cancer, rf/. C. Stnimi- 
priva, the ronclilion allied Ui, if nut Hlen- 
tical with, ■tyxwdenia. ocouivnullj K>llow- 
tng the extiipation or aires! of fnnetioQ of 
tHc ihymiH gbnd. It ii » crvtinocd slate, 
duractetixc'l in numVey* by hebetude, ranl- 
nutnlum, musriiliir tn-mor, piifly redrinii, 
leucocjtoMS, and the janmcc of miiirin in 
tlie blood md conuectiT« tiiMei. C. Vii- 
rinum. ^i<e ClUarfns. 

Caca£'lbea (lonK. t^. " )»hit). A gen- 
eral tern loed to doigotte any bat] lubit 

Cacogen^eais (luiKaf, j^tait, uripn). A 
general term exiMvuint; a morim). mon' 
•trous or pathological grovrlh or pudiKt 

Caoot'cophy Iuko(, rpffu. I nouruli). A 
tenn applied to dlsanlend or dcfedire 
nourish mcnt. 

Cada'ver (r<f</rrY, tobliy The deod body. 
especially that of man. A corpse. 

Cadav'crine. A ptotnolnc, ixnnnjc with 
neittidiDe, and, like i<, occumng very 
lKf{(Ktilly in decnrnporiiig anlmsl tisBiKS. 
Obtained froin human hearts, liu^, livers, 
Ctc.t after three ilays' decompoaitkin in 
onlinarv tempetutm, — also mini horse- 
6eah, Itoid putrid mussel, froto htrrriii;; 
and haddock. It b a coostunl product o( 
Uic growth of the mimna bacillus, inre- 
apcciire vf tlie medium. It docs ixit 
occur in culture* from which bacteria are 
abscttt It ii a thick, water-clear, fyntpy 
linatd, baring an exceedingly uiiiilcaMiit 
odor, loraeicbat reiKBoiblinK that of coitiioe 
and semen. It Is certainly identical with 
lO-calIrd "aiiinul cunirric." I\ltrcsctnc 
and cadavcrioe wen UmIi (anncrlv b«- 

lievcd to be pfayuologically indiffi^renl ; hot 
ntcenl tnvmigiUicnk ibow ixith laitet capa- 
ble of producing Kliong iufliuiuMtiDn and 
necTTiau. The necmM» of the intotinal 
epitbdnnn in Axiaiic cImIctk >cein» doe to 
(heir prcscoci:. Tbcy aba bare ibe power, 
even in snaall quantities, of preveniln^ 
Mood froan coagnlating, and rendering it 
" laky," Cadsvrtinc is hclirvM by (jraw- 
ili (o hinder thr growth ni luir!>-na. Ca- 
davcrinc dr' 
deoofDposesiMoanunoniumrh. , 

HO, and pfprridine, C1II,,N. \MjLifiiT 
this diangc. whereby tne rK>n iK'^wmais 
cadAvcTii>e becomes a toxic hate, can lake 
ptace uridrr ilic mtliM-nce of bacteria dur- 
tog pturcfaclion, it ni?l known. 

Cadaverixa'tion. llie pasoge of a tiTing 
t^idT to the stale of a cadaver, .\pplicd 
Id the algid and cyaiKtic stage vt diotera. 

Cade. §tf JuHi/ifrut. 

Cad'miurn. Cd ^ in; ituanli valence ii. 
A bluish white inrtnl rctcniL'ling i^inc in 
its grnrral properties; only (he sulpbole 
and iodide ate used in medicirw:. In 
ptiyiiologica] acHoD i( b cscfaarotlc oad 
astringent, producing in Urge do^ei, emcns 
and violent gaMriii*. C. lodid., used aa 
an oimmcnl, i to 8 of liird. C. Sol- 
phat. a valuable astrin^ei^t in gcmonlKra 
and in corneal opacilin ; nted in a k^ioo 
in strength of gr- i ur tj to IJ cf wmer. 

C«'cal. reruining to the cxctun. 

Ca'ciias Vcrba'lia." See ty^r^-M'nd- 

Cc-'cum (r«nrf, blind). The targe Mind 
nouch cr rul-df-tae in which ^e Uugc 
tntulittc liegins. 

Caesa-'tean Operation tV^./^, to culV Hk> 
trsclinn of Ihc r>vtut Ihrough an ino^icn 
made in tltc ■Idomcn. G astro -cly trot - 
may, an incitjon into lbe<ragiBa (aHer 
the alxloratnal section) iiutead of uito tbe 
ulcrui, and if the diild csnnoi be ealrucled 
in tlm way, the iitdi>io» of the 06 uteri is 
made. Gaaii^-byatcrcCtomy. See 
P«m'i O/^nsiicn \yc\vvf. Gaatro-hyS- 
terot'omy, s senerul luuncfo the C O., 
Mojnling lo the htn modem metbodt 
CO., Improved. S« .SJ^grr. below. 
Kehrer's Operation i:on&i»is in a Irau 
verse tacisKn throagh Ibe anterior convex 
surfwe vf the ulcrtu at the Icvrl of the in- 
tonal OS. L«paro-clytrot''otny. .See 






■II incision talo ibc ftlfdomiiu] wall; im- 
{iro|Krly used la ;i vfnaaym for any C. U. 
PofTo'a Operation «)n»i via in comprirMion 
uf iliL-ccniK prior lolhc ivompi Itmgiiudi 
nal uterine incition. and ihc removal of 
tbeduld, aftet vthirh thr ulrnis is lifted 
out qT the olxloRicn. ihc cervix and )jniad 
ligaments ctain|Hil. Ihr iilc-nis, lu'v.-^ «nd 
□variei reroovccl. PoriD-Muller Opera- 
doo. i&e ntetine max* u nticd out of ihc 
ofadotnen belien inciting it. C. O., Post- 
mDrtem, cilnurlion of llii^ child afirt Uie 
mother's (koiji. Singer's Operation, 
jiaitrir-Aytl^rv/iHuy, SSug^r haviiig gtrally 
im|iruvc(l Iht tccliDi|ue of IIif ujicmtion. 
Slcault's Operation, or Symphyseot'- 
otny, <lctlvery liy the tiitisinn of ihc [iul>ic 
JQtul. Thon^as' Opeialiun, cousists in 
certiiin improvcmentt in gaitro-^lylr-'timv. 

Cic'aium. Ci _ lJi-6; (jiunti valence i, 
A roLtc alk[i1ine indol ntcnililing potas- 
sium in ]ih>->ical and chrmicAl propcrliM. 
C. Chloride, unof., lowrn |)ul*<:rntr and 
raito arterial prcMurc. Dose gr. )}-«. 

Caf' fea. Coffee. The kwU of C. ^ra- 
bira. Tin- dried and masted »«c<U are 
sbncei univcTsall}' used in infuMoit as a 
beverage, fonning n cervlinil Mimtilant and 
•tooiachic tonir. Valualilr in ptomoling 
diCcstion and Kllaytng htui^r and fatignc. 
Frvqncntly cause* «xceui«e pnlpltiiiion of 
the nearl. Propertien An* lo an alkaloid. 
CafFciiii identical wHh Thein. See I'ta. 
Uott of the aliioluid gr j-Y. C. Citrate. 
llnof. Dow gr. j-v. 

Caf'fein. Sec Cafai. 

Caia'son Diiease. The ityniploms due 
to ini.-icaacd aUnosphrric pressure some- 
limci occurring In divt-rs, caisson woriicr^, 
ett. [^tmplrgifl. hcniiplrgin, anfcstheiiia 
or apoplcOJc attacts aic conunon. but 
paralyfu of the legs is the dkM frci^ucnl 

2ni|]ta(n. coming on only after rrtiim to 
e nomid sCmoipbcre. The oaUin of 
the lesion b ohacnre. 
Cajupu'ti Oleum. Oil of Caiuput- A 
voktilc oil distilled fmiti ihe Iriivri of 
A/tiaifu-a ^ajuj'uti. Krs<~n)tiie« oil of lUT- 
pcnlinr in it* grnrfal cDccti, liring irri- 
tant e^lcmalty and ptoda^^inK ■ >cn.'^ »f 
warmlh internally, with accelerated pulse. 

Cal'abar Beaa. See Pkyifnti^ma. 

Calage [Vi., vafging). A mrihnd of 
pniAyhub o> treating •ea-iickiknu liy 
hxalioo of the viscera by pillows placnl 
ItIwctd the itomach and wall <>f Ihe 
caljin and l;rl«'ccn the lack and edge 

of ibe twnb, the patient lying upOQ the 

Cal'amus. Sweet Fla;;. 1'fae rhinwnc of 
Aiunit rtthmMt IVo]icrtic» due to a voln- 
lile oil. a.iyrirt. The tool is an aromatic, 
slomachit tonic, and a conunon ingmlieni 
m many popular "bitters." C. Bxt., 
Fid. Dow i^xt-T]. 

Cal'amus ScnplCTius (a wiiliiig pen cr 
rrwl). 'Hie groove on the anterior wall 
of the fourOi rcntricle, al the end of which 
i<- Ihc vrnlriolc of AiiLiitlus. 

Calca'neum (^01^, the heel V A commoD 
name for the m taleit or heel hone. 

Calca'reoua [talx, limestiunc) iV-ilatning 
to or having ttir nMure of limestone. C. 
Degeneration. See Of^nerainvi. 

Calcification (i:ii!x,fio, to tiecome). The 
depost of calcarcDOs or other insoluble 
ciyAtoUinc iDalicr within the tissues of the 

Calcina'tion. The process of driringoCT 
the Tciiatilc rhrmical constituents from 
inorgnnic compounds. The expulsion of 
cart)on dioKidc fnim carlnnatcs. 

Calcine. To separate Ihc inotgonk cle- 
menls nf a Kulmiancv by Kil])ectii^ il lo 
an intense heal. 

Cal'ciuni. (.'a = 40-. qoanlivalcncc II. 
A hrillinitt.ulTet-white metal, the Inms of 
lime and limestone, characicriied by stiong 
alhnily ror o^ygni and isolated with great 
difficulty. 13esl known in the form of 
eal.uii'i oxide, quick time; C. IfyJratt, 
slaltnl lime; and C. Car/i,MniU, chalk. 
'I'he [repaialions of lime iitnl in tncdicine 
arc UEually alkaline uid sitgiitly nalridgcnt. 
Calcium o^iide it a |iowcrful csctuKitic. 
C. Bromiduin. Sec Hrvmine. Calcia, 
Liquor, liuw-walcr, 4\!i»iah» n)oui 1^ 
pans time bi loooof wstfr. Calx, cal- 
cium oiide.qnick lime, nut u>ed Intenally. 
C. Carb. PrecipitatuB, insoluble in water, 
but M>lutilc in artdj, with cBrrrocencc, 
Dose iJT. v-xx. C. Chloridum, iclulile 
inwnier. lK«eer. x-xx. C. Chlorinata. 
See ChSorinc. Crcta. nalivr ciittium tar- 
tioiuiie. clialk, C. Hypophosphis. S<« 
fkinf^vrut. C. Linimemum. cnrmn 
oil, liniment of lime, cuiiitiiin-'- equal j>iils 
li(|uorcnlci« and potion M?cd<nl. C. Mist., 
consists of C. puK. comp. 20, cinnamon 
wntct40,walrT40. Dcecgss. C. Phoa> 
phaa. Sec I'ktsp^ta. C. Prcparata, 
ctialk freed finn impurities b)' washing 
and fluubtiui. Hoscgr.v-xi. C. Pulv. 
Comp.i cooipound chalk powdrr, consists 
rf (- prep. JO, acacia 30. sugar jo pani. 
l3>uKgT.v-3J. C. Sulpbidum. SecJ>W. 



{>Aur. C. Syr., Mcchantnl sjnip of 
inK, ccnUnu 5 jier c«Dt. Ume, y} per cent. 
sugnr. 65 per cent, water. 

Cal'tulua (iltm. of fair, diiillc). A cal- 
coieoiu or :ilone-like ogncrctiuD itiund m 
the bladder, kidncjr, eff. C. Cutane- 
ous. See .Ifi/ium. C, Lacteal, oc 
Mammary, a calcafeoux nodok toatc' 
limes ot«traclu^ ibe lactUcroiu ducu. 
C, Mulberry, oxalate of lime variely. 
meinUing a mvMimy in jib%]>c aad culur. 
C. Na»i^. Sec Xh'ncJiti. C. Pros- 
tatic, in the proatMt gland. C, Renal, 
uric acid cufcnlui found in die kidnvri 
producing wtut has been called oqihmjc 
colic. C., Salivary, ftxnnDe in ihr 
du;:it of tlie taliT^ry gttmdf. C., Veti- 
eal, may hare ongiiuUlj' deiC«iided frocn 
the kidnc^y nr k>nncd primarily in the 

Cale£a'cient [l..,fa/iJut,\nim.$ad fiii-t, 
to make). A medicine, cxtrrnally Mp|4ied, 
which causes n teiuutioii of wanndi. 

Calend'ula. Marigold. The flowering 
pinni known x» Ihc garden mangold, C 
4^,-irta/u. C, Tinct. coniaiiu so [xr 
cent, of the leaves and stcnu. I'x-d cx- 
cliitivply on a lornl ap^iIirsMioti in wonndA, 
uli:cts and Icuoiu. 

Ca'licea of Die Kidneys. The cup-like 
tnlies of the utctcr which encircle the 
apices of the Malpijjbiun pjraiiudt of Die 

Cal'ico Bush. See A'almia. 

Csilfor'nia Laur'cL The 1eave» of 
UmhtiUtria C^iforau-ti, coauiKm lo Ibe 
Pacific tlojic. RecocDinended by Mann in 
QCTv&us headadicA, cnrclwa^ivAl menin- 
gi(i«, neuralgia, <U. Dote cf dd. cxt. gtt., 


Callsa^jra. See Ci)»(kana. 

Calistben'tca \%a>a^, licautifnl, <itt-iwf, 
strcnvrthj. A term toed lo cii)mw various 
rhythmic movenienu of Ihc liody intended 
lo drvcloplhe muiclca and produce grace- 
fulness 01 cvriaij^, 

Callos'ity or CaIloii'itaB(l.. i-uy/iu, hard 
ncssV TTluxi.1, I'ylinna, Keraloina. A 
horO. thkkeacd piUdi 00 the ikia pro- 
duced liy ncruive acnunulation of llie 
homy layer!). 

Cal^ufl {eal!us\. Tlie exudative depotit 
between and aluwi Ihe fracture of 
a bmken laitie. C, Permanent, lite 
JWmnneU Ixmd of lony union oAer iIk 
K-«bjh>rpli<in of the C. Provisional, or 
Carti1iiK<^ like,' pliisiic milrnil Imt lltrown 
wit. C. of Skin, iaduiatioq and thicken- 
ine of ufuo. 

Calm^ativi. Tluu which ptodneca a calm- 
tDg ur deprtssinc cfled upon the nuiooB 
centres orf motor naves. 

Caromcl. See Jfyifrargymm. 

Calorim'cler (i-oAv, heal, ^rrpw, a eocbt 
iurc). An fautrwDCM lor iraosfonniiig 
the potential cnciry of the food into heal, 
aiMl to tucasuie the uumba of tu^al-uiiiti 
produced. Two (otms ne principally 
used, the Water- and the Icc-C. 

Calum'bo, Columlu. Tbc root of C. 
JaUirr^ita, native 10 South Africa and 
ports of £. liKlifs. .\n excellent cxainplc 
of umple Ulter». 1> not a>(rln)i«rit, und 
may tic prescrllied with mIis of inn. Use- 
ful in atonic dy^prjiiiii, and ai a inikl. 
oppctiiini; (v«iic in cunvaleKencc. C, 
Fid. En. l)occ i)\,v-xsx. C, Tinct., 
contain* lO pet cent, of C iJulc 2*9-ii. 

Calva'rium or Calva'ria (mAwj, mid), 
llic a\i\<e% part of the «kull. 

Calvit'ies (rifAwi). Baddnon. 

Calx. The heel, in cbcueitry, ^jnoerly 
a|iplied to any oxide of a mclal, eS|>ecially 
an alkaline metal, 

C«''lyx i,<ui>(<f, a ai]>V In anaturay, (he 
Iruncntrd exinnnilio tf (hr urelen in Ihe 
kidney*. C. of Ovum, llie wall of the 
Craanan fblticlc &om which it huescaped. 
in botany, the ouirr envclofic of the 
Hitwer, — the ocpnli taken oolleclivcly. In 
Inology, Ihnt |>ut of n ooral or crinoid 
which turmodnts the ilcm. 

Cambo^gia. Oambc^e. K minom gmn 
from Garctmia Haniuni, a me native to 
Soathem Asia. E^oj^rtics due lo ^iw- 
hgit and. A drastic bydragopir cothsr- 
Itf , dctidrxlly diuretic. CKfidaliy a con- 
miiimt of Pil. Comp. Oath. See 
Co/ocyrttk. Doic gr.ij-v. 

Cam'era (ae^MfM, an arched roof or 
chambs). In atiatoimy, a chamber ca- 
vaulted sbvcture. C. Cordis, the en. 
vcloping memhrane of the heart, the peti- 
carilwm. C of Cranium. Uir cbunlicrof 
Uie i^kiil). C. Lucida, a fcntr lidctl pri>m 
with udc« cat at such an angle that tkj\ of 
tight cntrnng it atr divided, part continn. 
ine in s lighl line, the rcnuuning layi 
l-ring rellcclcd at an angle of 90". C. 
Oculi, the chamber of the eye. In op- 
licK, the cbantbcr or odjustaUe dsrii box 
of the appomlos a-ied for phulL«ra[ihy. 

Cani^pbor. A solid volatile cat oUaiued 
from Citmam^'num mmph^ra, a tree in- 
dig^noui to l-jistem .^sia. Vklds fim*- 
fki-rie and (amf^rfltf acidi, also C 
Cymo! when dbtUled with linc chloride. 
A Toliuble i> n*i«t*iffimiH if J (Uiodjnu: "m^ 




dfcipborrtJc. Applied locally, b tu ex- 
eelKTit rabcfiicinil. A uMxIvrUe cerebral 
ucilanL L^tTKiuol in chalera, vomiting, 
cardiac dcprmiuti and Adcdioiia rcigumnK 
an atiusptttiiiodic. C, Aqu* coasiets of 
camphor 8, alcohol 16, dutiillcd water <|. 8. 
atl 1000 pnrtn. Ihse 3J-i*. C, C«i- 
bolAted,anuxtuTcof2S ixutsofcampbor 
with one each of carbolic acid and alcohol. 
C. Ceratum, cnnaiitii of camjihar linJnieiit 
3, olive oil IJ, xicni^e ceraie 85. C, 
Chkwalf n l^uiil |ii<.'jxuv<l l>y mixing cijuat 
patrU of camplicir anil cblufal liTilrale. An 
txcdlcnt solvenl for many alkaloids. Uied 
cxlcmaily. C. LInimenium, hu cam- 
phor 30, cotlonserd oil 8u ports. C, 
Monobromated, camphor in which one 
atom of bydrDfucn ba» Iccn rcplaocd l>y sn 
iloia of bromiiie. KcaemblcB the bro- 
iniilca in llicrapeulical action. C. Sali- 
cylate, jirepare^ b>* liciuiit); toprtlier 14. 
tiorta of catDpbor wilh it of halicybc add. 
Uwd as on ointnuml. C. Spl., contoani 
camphor I0> alcuhoL ;o, water 20 fMJt^ 
Dole n^T~xs. C. Tinet., Rtiblni's. 
Unnf. A RatiifBtCil Miliitioti of camj^M' 
ill nUphoI. L>wc mjv-iut. Raspaira 
Eau Sedailf. Unof. Contains aq. un 
monta ^g, aniliBm cbloride ii), camph. 
•pi. wine Jiij, wal« Oj. C^ed eitet- 

Campim'clcr. Sec Ptrimtttr. 

Caif ada Snalcc'root, The rout of Ata- 
rwn C^tudntse. Arrtmaiic slimulAnl and 
canninative. Dow of tld. eil. ti\^v-;;M. 

Cut'adol. A transpamtl volatile liijnid 
membline bmiinc in iiincll. It is an 
ezodlcnl local iuu>U]'.'^i: fui iiiiuur ivx^- 
col ocicTuttons. \}tMA. 

Caiui'.iirCanal'iB^fAnna, Breed or tubf). 
A tulv w duct r<]r catn^ the fluids of iIk 
Ixidy. Aho a hollow iiubvioent used *a a 
splint. C. AlterioiUK, the fotal lUtcry 
uniting the aorta and piilmonATTartrry, C. 
of Cloquet, n Inlv 1:1 ilie Titi(i>i;i humor 
of tlw eye, tnuMnitttng, in the ftcttu, an 
acter}- lu the lent. C. of Cortl, a canal 
Iwtwcen the tttemkrvnn Uftcrin -ind la mina 
tttsitarit of the ooclilcu. C. of Cochlea, 
the itpiral canal of llic foi-h!e^ or anterior 
uirt of llic lolijTTntb of the enr. C. of 
Fontana, a small cnnnl in llie eye cf 
lower aniBuls fnmcil l/v the pcctinilonn 
ligiunmL C, Haversian. See /Anfr- 
tiaH Cartii/. C, Hunter's, an aix>neii- 
lobc corul in ihr nudill'^ thini >•( thr ihigh 
containing the fcni-nral 3Ttcry. C. of 
Nuck, ■ sbcoth Murouiiding the round 

li]punenl3 of Utc utcnit. C. of Petit, the 
space I'd'* ceo the anterior aitd pmletior 
leaflet of llie mspcnMiiy Hjiament of the 
lens of Uie C}-c. C. of Schlemm, a cir- 
cular canal iii Uic scletutic coat of the eye 
cloic lo lt>) jimcture with the cornea. C., 
Semicircular, three buny cosals of llw 
ear, the superiur, posterior and cxienal, 
each eoclMing the membranous canal*. 
C, Semicircular, Punction of. Se« 
Cti/tt't Siatiial Theory. C. of Stilling, 
the same as C. of Cloijuel. C, Verte- 
bral, the canal exlertditig longilu'lin.'illy 
ibrcK^b the vertebral column, which con- 
tainn tbc »pinftl cord. 

Canalic'aluf (dim. of oimtJii). A small 
canal; especially that leading ^om the 
puncium to the lachrymal mc of the 
eye, and iii the plural, the minute canals 
opening into the bcuiue of bone. See 

Canccl'lous (^dN<'///Mr). Rescmlilii^ lal- 
tj<;c worlt. C. TiSftUC. See Tiina. 

Cancct'lua {i<imf/fi, lattice). A term 
xaed to describe the Hpongy, lattice-work 
textiur of )x>iK. 

Can'cer. Si?e Cariinfma. 

Can'croid Ulcer. See fie^itnt t^*r. 

Can'crum O'ris. Canker of the mnutfa, 
|{ani;iettciiu itoaiatllit. chiimcleii/.ed by (va\, 
deep ulcem nJ the buccal surfaces of the 
ctm-ki 01 X\\a. 

Cao'dleflsb Oil. See Euhcion! CHaim. 

Cane Sucar. Sec Saf.M'intm. 

Canine' (Viinij, a dog). Partaking of the 
nature of, rvlatinK to, or rsemblinii; a dog. 
C, Foua. See J-'eiia. C. Teeth, the 
cuMiid tectli next the litteral incisbrs, so 
called fruiu their n^^emlilance to a dog's 

Caaii'ies.(Ijd.^nnLynessuf ibehaJr. May 
be due to old age. or. in youi^ peisoDS, to 
ititcn>e rmolion, i!lne», rtir. 

Cannab'inon. Sec OinMaNt. 

Can'nabis. Hcmpi. Indian hemp. The 
ilovfcnng tops of L. tafrva, of whirh there 
are two voiictief., C. /WiV« and C Amen- 
t-ana, the fnrmer being the mrwl potral. 
Contain iirr«in,'-iiN»itdiH, an atkaloid, r^a- 
n4tfiinfit (by[>notk. Owe gr. j-v), nnd ■ 
Tclalilc oil. An ftnlispusnodir, anicilhetic, 
norcolic, and a ]>owtrfu1 anhrodisiac. In 
laj]{e<lo*a producer mental exaltation, in- 
toxication luid sensation of doable cod- 
xitMsnm. A valuable hypno^c in de- 
liitiim ircmens. LlTful in nainful nffec- 
lions of the bladder and in hinciional im- 
potence. SHang, CAurrUi «nd UiUfkiifk 
an tbe vatious IntUaa name* by wtudi 




Ihc drag U known. C. Indica, Exi., 
*»cp- H-i- C* ^"'^■- K«. Fld..aii»l- 
cofaolic prcpcntiotL l>aec n\j-T. C. Ind. 

TinCt., OXlUilU 20 po C<^iiL of tbc dru^. 

Daw m/i-3j, Cannabin Tannate, 
the Unnntc, ft ghicoeide conuinine tanma- 
^'n LliMc u > bypoottc p. t-x. 

Can'nula (dim. of fauna, a Uitie). A 
surged itviininKnt cotuutine of a tube or 
■bcath obliqDclf potnlcd, and a sdidlo. 
Used lor Uppiag aod drainiiig tumon and 

Cantbar'idM. PI. of CaaiAarv. 

Cantha'ris. Caatbarides. Spanbli Fijr. 
Tlie dried body uf a tpecies of beclle, 
C. vftita/irriit (nal. ofd, Cf/eoMtraX Ccn- 
taiiu ■ powerful poUonniu pnnciptr, fan- 
lAaritHn. Viocauj a[>]tticcl, onttiariii is a 
nhdaciein and vcricanL Inlenullj' an 
irritant, causing gastralgia aad Tonidng. 
lo toxic doaes pqdnCM a c vc rc gxitro-en> 
leritu, lUaiif^rT aod jnipnin. Uwd 
chieriy as an external counter irritant in the 
form of "Uufen." C. Ceralum, can- 
Iharides %$, yvlkiw waa 30, roiin K>. lord 
35, akohol q. 3. C. Charts, cnnlharkirs 
I, Cunatla lur^xmline I, olive oil 4, xpcr- 
inac«ti 3, vrliiie wax 8, water 10 part*, 
spread on [wjier. C. cum Collodio, 
canlbandcs 60, Hcxiljle colludioa 85, chlo- 
nibiin q, s. C. cum Picis Emplmat., 
Bmgimdy pitch 92, cent, cuithnr. 8 
parts. C. Linifncnt., comliaridci 15, 
o3 of torpeDtiiK ((. s. ad loo. C. Tinct. 
contains 5 per ocnL of the dnig. Doae 

Can'tboplasty {mi9o(, the anitic of the 
tjt. T^fl/Ti»u. to fom), A aiTKical opcra- 
tiou Us iDCTcasog IIm nw of Ibe palpebral 
fiamv by cuttiflg ibt enter coiuIibl 

Cantbor^rapliy {m»i$oc, ^ifQ, a seam). A 
nrgiieal opention lo rt<ilace the si/e of the 
palpebral fiuure by a suture of ibc can- 

Can'thus (coiAc). The bner oc outer 
angle formed by tbc juncture of the eyelids. 

Canutil'lo. Sec Trf*ifye. 

Caout'chouc (a Caribbean word). The 
oonemc, prepared juice of a Brazilian tree, 
Sif>hoititi tlat/isa. Valuable for it* clatfic 
oualities. Similar pfopcftita art found in 
toe jukes of other trees. See alao Gitta 
Prriha, q. v. 

Cap'illary (cafiUm, a hair). A minnte 
blood vessel conoectme the snaUeit rami- 
ficaliDnt of the artcriea with those of the 
vcint. Alui a vrry numitc ftnarc of the 
■kull. Also th'- intrrcclInUr biliary pass- 
Capillaries, Pulmonary, a nunc 

used to dcai|[MUe tbc plexuaea beneath the 
mucuus membrane, on ibe walla and srpia 
of tbc lanfs. C. Navua. See A'igvta 

Ci^i'iud (rtf/ir/, the bead). !V!ilabIn|[ 1« 
the head, or to the amamit of a hoAf at 

Capitenutn(iUm.of <-«/»/). TberoundH, 
eaiemal siiriacc of the lower end of the 

Cttptt'uluiD (din. of ra/^). A K^nrntl 
term applied to any protubctance of bone 
received into the oolluw part uf aaodier 

Cap'rc. See Afntailv. 

Caproylam'ine 1 llexjlanine). A plo- 
nulne found in the pulrc£acuoa of yeast. 

Capeyl'ic Acid. An acid oorobined with 
Klyoerioe, tomuna a gljceride exiWJng hi 
rarionf animal fats. 

Capael'la. Tine leaves and stems of C. 
hirsa fKtiterii, comnon la Iwpeiaie cfr 
Btttea. It la oofuMBcd by EliRiiweli aa 
cxoellent hcmoMatic. Unof. Sec L^iefer- 
^n Gigatitea. 

Cap'aleum. Cayenne l^epper. The firok 
of C. faiti^iUim, luiivc lo impical Africa 
and Af&cnca. Odor and hot taste dne to 
a voLalile oil, cafisietH. Initant to AJD 
and mucoui mcintmnea. Internally, a 
itomadlic toikic, dtutitJc and opbrodbiac 
UKfitl in aiMiic dympsia, flatulent colic, 
and ID ialcimilteRt icvet. C, Emplas- 
truro, prvpored from the olco(e»in ajtd 
resin piaster. C, Bxt. Fid. Uosc n\,v- 
5J. C, Oleoreain, eiliereal. Dose 
nu-v. C., Tinct., oonlatns ; per oeaL 
of capsicum. [Jmc vr\\- ^ j. 

Cap'sular Lig'ameni. Tlie iac or raem- 
braaons hag whidt xurrcuiMifi creiy bov- 
ahlc }mnt u( aiticdaiion. It cotttaios Ibe 
synoriul tUiid. 

Cap'BulB ^dim. of Ai/fa,acliett). Atmie 
or bag whkh cacloecs a pait of the body 
(X an orxan. Abo, in pKimMcy, a 
■mall spheroidal shell ootaposcd of gly- 
ceriiic and velatine, t^Tided so that the 
parts fit loKeihrr like box and cover. Used 
for iht oi-lmiiiiMralion of aanseoa and re- 
pulsive mrrlidncs. C.-filIcr,aMnliivtoGe 
eon^sUag o( a funnel ti;lie and pJnnger, or 
other dcTtcc.ased foriatrodiicine oudidoe 
inlocapffiles. C. of Gtiason, thccrHiilo- 
vascular menbrane enveloping the hr-potic 
VTSteb. Ct Malpighian. Sec Afalpig- 
Aiau Bvdici. C, Suprarenal, th^ iluct- 
IcM glandulBf lioilr X lh<^ apex of each 
kidney. C. of Teoon, the /hm(Vj t^fi- 




Capsulofomy (eafittt/a, A cii|Kule, rtitvu, 
to cat). The opcnlkm cf rvptnring the 
C■^)UlIe 0^ the ciyitalline lens iii catuact 

Cap'uron, Cardinal Poinis of. See 

Caput (I^.). The head; atfio the chief 
nut or bej^iimtDK of an ciMfpai, as C- 
Coli. C. GalUnaginis. See t'ent- 
mi'iUamum. C. Sucecd«neum, a tumor 
OonVMKd o( a iren»aii£iunruii3 Lufiltrn- 
lioQ oftbe cooocvtive (iuue »itaUcd upon 
Ifae |»ewniliw part ol the ffMiu. 

Car'amel. Cane mfar dciirivc^l of two 
nolecules of wotcf. A viacid. btowo- 
eotored Ikioid. 

C*x'mw*y. Sec Otmm. 

Carbol'ic Acid. See Aeid, CarMte. 

Cafbon. CharaMl. C=:t2; quanliia- 
lence II, tv. A QOD-nKUil occurriDjf in 
the vahout (omu of diamond, gra{>hite or 
" l.loclc leail," and charODal. In medi- 
ciiic vnl;- the lutl named fonn it emplojred, 
which may be, — C. Animal. Uieful as 
a deoduranl and diitnfcctanl. Kendil)r 
nlisorljt and aids iu OKi<liung muiy gases. 
Utcd intcmnllj to alitorb fermenting pro- 
ducti of diKc^ion. C. Ammal., Purift* 
cat., puri^-d tiniinal cbaitoa]. Doae gr. 
XX- -fj. C. Dioxide. The actd, gauoas 
prodnct having the cocnpoaltioH of OO., 
cuouaonly known ■• ** cartxndc acid ga&. ' 
tf carbonic add. It I& a colorleu gas 
having a *p. gr. of 1,52. aolnhlc in culd 
water, and posse»inK a pungent uncU and 
an add imt. Inhaled, it dmroys aninul 
life by OJtplijrxioUan. In »oluliaii, an ex- 
celleiit n:friei:nnt and Miinuchic. I(» in- 
balalion is fatal in a short ttme, even when 
diluted with 95 ports of air. It is a prndntt 
of c«n)imiau. C. Disulphide. bi^utnliide 
Od'cartian,C^^,acolork'w>, tn>ni|Mrenl liquid 
of ulTentive uiW, higlilf laflammable, vety 
nolsonMui. A good aolvent for caoutchouc, 
nilutcd spmy reconunrDdcd in diphtheria. 
iKoe n^M-j. C. Ligni, wood cbarcoal. 
C. Tetrachloride, anxsthelic, recom- 
mcniled locally in uslhina, tnr inholalioa. 

Carbonc'mla (fariea, auu, the blood). 
A wuTil di-iu)tti)){ the accumulation of 
cjrinjn diovklf in the Mood. 

Carbon'ic Acid, ^e Cari^i J>iixade. 

Carbo'nla Deler'gcns Llq. See PU. 

Csfbonlaa^tioa. The ptoccas of decom- 
poaing o^anlc suhoances bjr heat without 
air, nnlil the ToJalile producta afc diivea 
off a»d the caiUn tenaant. 

Cu'buocle, or 

Catbun'culus iMria,^ live coal). A bard, 
circvmaciibc*!, deep-aoitcd, patnfiil inflom* 
naiiun of ihc sabcataneou* tJiaae, accom- 
panied bj chill, fever and cnnstiniiional 
diaturianCc. Viffen from a boil in having 
grealer aize. a flat Icp, and Mvend pcoitu 
o( BuppunUion. Eironcoiialy called an- 

Carcino'ma {*apiuvot, a cnb, ftura appear- 
ance of the veins). A malignant tunkct, 
cbaractcriiKd by a network of connective 
liuue wlme areola; are filled with cell 
nuLUcf resembling epiih«hal cells. It U 
(iiuiii- to aJicLl the lyinpliatica. C, Cbim* 
ncy -Sweepers'. Sec i/trM//iWa. C, 
Colloid (Alveolar, or Gymi, aflects 
chiefly the aJimcntaiy canal, uterus, pcri- 
tonctim, ^A*. ,- the delicate connective tissue 
stroma arc hllcd with mlloid mallei in 
alveoli or cpis. C, Encephaloid, is o( 
npid growth, small amount of stroma, 
laigc alveoli, and greater amoual of cells 
onJ blood ve<4«U. C.. EpiibelJomatout, 
or SquatnouB-celled, the celts rvwrnbte 
>i]UJimui« cpiLhtlium, and they itivadc the 
ail)aci.-ii< tissue in a columnar manner. C., 
Medullary. Same ai EH(tfhatoid. C, 
Schirrua, cr Hard, moal comnMmly to 
the breast ; has a stout fibrlllaied stroma, 
dosdjr packed with large mickatcd cHls. 
t&rmatoid (bloody^, .Wt/uMt^t (pigmm. 
led), ChteM (In iiooe).). I'ill^m (papil- 
lary). eU., are other varieties, encephaloid 
ill chintcter. C. Lcnticulare, C. Me- 
lanodes, C. Tuberosum. See Cam- 
N^ma Cutu. 

Carcino'raa Cu'tis. Cancer of the skin. 
(Sec al*o Epilktli^ma). C. I^nticutore, 
a iarm of scirrhous cancer, continc^ at hrM 
to the akin, chaiacteii/rd liy wnaiith, elii' 
tening. pinUah-rcd jiainiles or nodulei. ai 
lirst sefMrate, twt finally ini'olving adjacent 
glands. C. MetanodcB, similar lu C. 
LenticnltTR, but marked hy dnrk Hue, 
brown or block papntrs, which lirri^ inio 
fungous gruwifas. C. Tuberoium, a nmr 
fonn.characteriicd by large tubercles which 
usually l«vak into ulccra. 

Cardarao^mum. Cardamom, CardamoD. 
The fruit of C. eUttaria, cultivated in 
Malabar. IVopfrtics dur to a volatile oil. 
An afoniatic, canninatfw stomachic, used 
as ati in^fTcdieat in several " bitters." Use 
hil when oucnbincd tnib |Nirf|aLireS (o pre- 
vcQigriFdng. C, Infusum. Unof. CoosiHs 
of cantamom .^j, water O}. [loce wine- 
(tlasaful. CTinct,. 15 per emt strength. 
Dose 3J-ij. C, Tinct. Comp.. canla- 
mcMB K. cJapawoo 20, caraway 10, cochi- 




iml 5, gljrcrine 60, dilnle olcofaol, f. j. 
ad loooptutt. Dose «j-q. 

Cki'damoD. S«c Cai^m^mtim, 

Cafdla [tapitay The bean. C. of 
Stomach, a name lometiaKS tuol to 
tloifiiiue the cardiac orifice oT die Munmch. 

Car'oiae (napiiia). Pcnatninclo lUe bean. 
C. Cycle, Ihc total canliar ujovwiienl « re- 
Tolaiion. C. DullnvBa, Uie K-j^i cover- 
b^ tbe peottion oi the hurt, as sbnwn \tf 
pcTcnauun. C. Ganglia, lie iii iIk Kroores 
and lubuance — dK [<rinci[>a] tue Rcmak's 
siut Bidder's, the iitm on tbe siu&ec of 
Ibc finus veiKAtii, and tlie Utter Itwo) at 
the aariculo-veniricular RTw^re. C. Im- 
pulae, the clevatiod in tbe fSh left inter- 
cuatal *pac«, caiued by Uw movraieDt of 
tbe bean. C. Munnon. See Mitnmun. 

Cardial'gia {Kop^ut, aXy^, pain). A tcrai 
bcsely UKd ns a sYTuinyni of iiiisinidjrnia 
In gCDcnl, heartborn. and stomachic pains 
on ll>c IcA >i(Ic. 

CWdinal {raix/i<, a hSn^). A chief or 
pdndiHl pact. C. Flower, a cctDraoa 
nane Cor >cTcraI iificois of lohtita. C. 
Poinu. See £r«. Diafraoimaiic. C. 
Veins, the venous tninkt whidi, in the 
Eiabryooic ■»£«, fixn primitive ji^Ur 

CAf'dlocniRi (lui^ui, >yNV'^, a line). Tbe 
tncinf; mad* of thr cirdiac impotee bjr tbe 
ud of the atntiogn|>h. 

Cat^dtograph (ca^io, >fwfi^ to write). 
An inatmnu-ni fix- rcginlcritifi coplur^l)', 
by cunred liars, the modiAcatKou of the 
pabatioRS of (he htajt. 

CaxdkHinhib'itoiy. Pcitnining to tbe 
diminution of the heart'ii action. C.-i. 
Center, located in iW medulla. C.-i. 
Ncrvcfi, tlic fitxve of the i|Niial occcssorr 
gapplied to the raf^is 

Cardio-pneumat'tc («opAo, nvi^ni, the 
breath). IVflaininp! to the bcwt and tbe 
brealh. C-p. Movements. Those move- 
ments of the air in the lanes whidt are 
caused by tbe pubatioru cf Ute licait and 
the Ufger vf-ricb. 

Cardio-pneu'mognph [itttfAa, wnfia, 
yfti9u, to wtitc). All inalniiDcnt dcatgncd 
l(>T tfinjiiicJilly tccotding cardio-pocvmalic 

Cafduus. The seeds of C. mariaimt, 
St. Miuy'» thitllr. nod C. htiuJulus. 
blesacd tbittUc. A (lecoetico ul tbr fonncr, 
^ij ad Oj, coiutituic* an old and po|iuIar 
remoly in hxtnnfj^yMt llir latter ii aba 
a popular cuTc-all, uicd mainly ai a ftxuc 
hiUcn. Unof. 

Car'icto. bee F>tp<an, 

Ca'rles (niri», lo rot). A chinnEc irtflam- 
inalian of bgne with rarefaction oc alcMtp- 
tioo ^ bcoy tisdoc, foUcM-ed ttmally ay 
pns-fbnnattoa. trailed, oiso, rartfyinf at- 
ffifa. C. Pun^osa, wbcn there i% ffftH 
rapidity of ktrmntMta and CAtensioa of 
gnmulatioa titfue. C. Necrotic, what 
portkou of Ukif lit in a snppunttng rav- 
My. C. of Spine, or Pott's Disease, 
osteitis of the bodi« of ibc vcrtcfarsk and 
inlcncitebnl filitv-caililage {aulocing cur 
raiurc of ibc »ptae. 

Ca'rious. Pcnainiait to caries. 

Carniin'aiive (larmrn, a chann). A 
calming or soothine medicine, clueny for 
childics, that acts by irlir<ring pain fraia 

Car'inine. A eoloriag matter extracted 
from teiAmfal, f.v. Aho, a lencomaine 
iwtated &vtn American meat-extnict, liat 
oM front musde-liMiM: itself, — alaoobtoioed 
bom yeiut and wine. It is not ibougbl to 
be Tcry poiwDous, Itu etpecinients made 
hf BrOcke abowed a IhictnMion in ibe rate 
of Ibc hcBit>heal appaienlly caaaed by in> 
lemal admiiiittnlJaD of tbe Icncoimine. 

Camatl'ba. The root of CtryfJta (en/era. 
Used in Ifauil a« an akMativc Reacnt> 
btcs sarmpahlls in properties. I>xe of 
the Hd, ext itLnxs-^i. Unof. 

Camifica'tionfrfiri'. neah,^<^to make), 
A Icnn indicatme the alteration of limie 
lo an unnatunil, Scdiy appearance. Abo, 
the amyloid dcgronation of certain *i*T**t 

Ca«niv''on>us (nnv, ivrv, to deroor). In 
surgery, a name ^tplied to canstic nitv 
>(ancc>. In DuMogy, i!c»b-catiii$ animala. 

Car'nose {f«rnom.i, fleshy). Krvmhltng, 
or himng the conuittcacc of flc\h. 

CBnyl>a. Tlic Icaflcls of Ja<ar/utJa frv- 
irra. A popolv Braiilian nrmedy as on 
alterative and tonic in nufailia. Dom of 
ll»e fld. est- rt«*-3J- tiJOf. 

Carot'id (anfMUk to produce *l«^)' The 
mat aneries of the neck. 
UKMght lo give origin to 

Car'pal {^rarfus, Ibc wrist). 
tlK «ri»l. 

Carphol'ogy {%aft^. cbafT, and ^tyu, to 
culWt ). A trrm applied to thai aymploi 
in delirious and djing peCMXu cuniMing 
in pifkin); at llie lw<) ctotlies. 

Carposy'ma (dopirac, Ihiit, ^p^r^, fennenl). 
An alcoboGc foment. C. Aptcutata, a 
widely diAised alcotwlk fenncat loasA in 
all fruit*. 

Catp'ue. Tbe writt. Tbe e]^ bones 
AoJleCXiTely livining the H-risL 

(Tliry wirte 
sleep.) See 

Pertaining lo 




Cu'riage. See WarJ^farriagr. 

Cor'ton Oil. Se« Limitm. 

Car-sickncBS. The yie)X known ^mp- 
bim> u( ic«-iucknc«i |)n)(luc«d bjr joumrf - 
ins '" xiil^nif rare. 

Carthft'miiB. Americwi Saflton or Stif- 
llowtr. Tbr (lonrtii of C. fimrhmm:. An 
Infuuuii. " Safliuu ua," is a (xtpnlnr doiaes- 
lic n-tncdy u a diuretic in mUkOcji And 
other riaiiihrinatoiu aflr^ctions. Unof. 

Car'lilage. Griaile. Awhiic,iieini-opw|tiic, 
non-voMrtilitr lii^iiu' t'nRi{xifti.-<l of a maJrix, 
contnininii nudc2l(.-i) crllji. C, Hya- 
line, tlL>.ttngui(faed L'y eraiiulw or horao- 
gtincMuinAtriK. C, Fibro-.iliuin^mhtfl 
bv % bliTijiJii nialiix. Wbi-n bcdlnl, c^rtila^ 
ficldx a *ul»Uuicc cnllcO <kcndrin(. y. r. 
CaniUg^es of Larynx. The coniltcH 
of ibe tarj'nx [inxluce ihr various DiotliAt- 
doRS of the ubdi mnd Jnmsityof the voice. 
Consul of toe thyroid, tricc^id, fpigioffu, 
aotl R pair each of arytenoid, tomictda 
lervnt^ and rumiifenn. C. of San- 
lorini, a noJulc a( Uic iijicx of c*ch. arjte- 
noM airiib|[e, llie coroicutum taiTngU. 
C. of Wrisbarg, the cuncironn cartilages. 
One oc each jide of the fiJi! nf mcmlirane 
UiTtching from Uie arytcnuid caiulugc to 
the c[^glottit. 

Ca'nim. Caiaway. The seeds of Crti»T»i', 
iultKcnous to EutupeaDd aii allied species 
native to Ihc I'adfic coatt of Anieric*. 
Oilur and tulc due to a volatile oil. V^u- 
oUe in infant colic, but uwd chiefly as a 
flaror. C. Infasum.uDof , 5j-ij,id Oj. 
Do»c A^^'i- 

Car'unclfl (dim. eatv, fleih). A small, 
ahnonnal tieshy growth. C, Lachrymal, 
■poo the conjunciiva near O-k iiuier can. 

CArun'culc (ntfii, the skin^. The nym- 
pli.r C, Myrtifor'mcs, toe projections 
of mcmbnuie near the oriAce of the 
nf^ina, thoujilil to be Um.- retnains of the 
hymen after its niplute. Tbey liave alto 
been found in the impcrfonucd hymen. 

Caryophyl'lua. Ooxc. The uncapajided 
Rowrn of Eiugmia toryi^ySalit, disiin- 
pitiliet] by tnetr punecnt, i^icy laste. 
nopertiea due to a vul^iik- ui!, which is 
antiseptic, stimulant and irritant. L'Mrful 
as a stomadiic, and to prevent' criping 
*hrn comhincil with par^ativcs. Uw^ 
also l>y miawcuintitsloaaiify prcpantions 
and liasucB for ramintii^. C. Infuaum. 
Unof. A drenKth of i to 40 reconi- 
mended. DoM SJ-ij. C Ol., coii^ins 
an add and a phenol conpound. base 

Cas'ca Bark l^vasj Bflrk, Ordea! Barii). 

The baik of hryihrophlo^tim Cumrmt, a 
tree native to Africa. IVopcttits due lo 
an nlkalnid. iVcdiicri nauM-a and vomit- 
ing. Viilualilc in inicnniiicnl fevws. C. 
Tinct.. J5 per c<-nl, m strrngih. IJoBe 

Xc. L'nof. Bry thro phi ine, (be active 
aloid, unuf.. locally an anxttltctic. 

Casca'ra Amar'^. Honduras llark. 'Ilie 
i«irk of a Itcv nutivc to Mentco. Much 
tised a* on alterative ionic in »)-philis and 
:skin aflccliona. C, Fid. ISxt. IJote 
![»»-]. Unof. 

Cluca'ta Sasra'da (CLittem Bark, Sa- 
cml lluk). The bark of A'h.rmiius fiitr- 
lAiiiHd.orC'jitirontiaDticklbcini. I^operties 
due to a volatile oil. Useful in treatmeU 
of chronic cAnaipation. C. Cordial, a 
UkIc jneuarativti. All iiiKif. 

Cascaril'Ia. The bark of Cr^on tltittna. 
Native to the BahaiDa Uonds. An aro- 
malic hitter, tiicreiisiriK the iialiu«l aecre- 
tionK of the digestive organs. A tinctnra 
and an infusion, Ixilli I to lo, freshly pie> 
pureid and used ijt 5J'if} dooet. Uiiof. 

Casea'tion {^c-ueum, chciuc). Thcprcdpt- 
taliun of ciuetn during tbe coa][u1alion of 
niilk. Also u (ally dexeneniiou of pus, 
tnlx-ttle, etf; in which the stmclure is 
ecnveneil inio a soft, cheeielike substance. 

Ca'scrn {(atfuin). A derived albumin ; 
the chief proteid of milk, precipitated by 
acids Olid by rennel at 40" C. It is closely 
allied to alkali albumin, hut contains 
roore nitrogen and a liirge amount ol plxv- 
phonis. It coiistttuies iiiubt of the curd aS 
Dkilk. Two viirieiies of C, Vecetabia 
have been described. — Legumin, in peas, 
beans, tte., and Conglutin, iu Iiups and 

Ca'seous (<-ru/w<n). Having the nature or 
constslcncc of cheese. 

Cassa'va. Tbe fecula of manioc, Juiii- 
pha manihot, septtratcd from Uic juice. 
Cotnmwily Kikiud ac bread fnilt. Unof. 

Caascr'ian Oang''lion. A large crescent- 
shaped gaiiglioo of Dcrves, situated in a 
deptessiun in ibe petrous portion of the 
lempoial bone. It la dte eaaglicn of the 
larger 01 sensory root of Uie fifth nerve. 
Krum it ariNe the c^ihtfaaliiuc. the superior 
and infcnor nuuilloTy divbioos. Called 
also the Gns^crinn Googlion. 

Cas'sia. IHirRing cassia. The fhiit of a 
tree, Cyfr/nZa, growing in tropical regions. 
'Hie pulp in ^j-ij AiBcs is a mild Uxolivc. 

Castan''ea. Cliewnul. Tlic leave* of C 
fi-ri-ir. ConUis tannic and gallic adds 
and oilier |nnd[de* who*e value is not 




knowu. Uuti in decoction u t mncdj 
Tof wbooping-coiish. C, FU. Exi. Dote 

Cu'tor Bean umI C. Oil. Sec Xt^tHi. 

Castra'tiort (fasfru, to cut off). The ex- 
dsun ctf ooe or both tcsiicks. C^ Fe- 
male, mooval of the omHcSl 

Casts. See Titif Coitj. 

Catseao'sis (urn, koiu, to tmin). SpOD- 
buicoui coinl)Ui(io[i. 

Caiacla'Bis (lara, *Xau, to bnxk). A 
dLiinnion nf ihc eyelids. Abo, a fractnce. 

Cataciot'ic (nira,(/inn0(-,aMrikLne). EIc- 
vuino.i interrupting llw line of doccol in 

Cat'alepsy (noro, ai^A»«^Io Kije). A 
Miroodic dbcue nwfced by saiipauioii 
of Coaxkmanm and Mii!>ulion, wiin rigid- 
ity of muicles, whbout matci iaJ alteration 
in drcuImioD, e/^. Sec &>mumMinn. 

Catal'jrais ((arii?.t«>, lo dissolve). In 
chembliy, a tcactioo wlikA takes plan 
otnof BD ow ncra pmnns of umthet 
body which appiumAly imdergocA do 

Caume'nia (mm, foiv, month). The re- 
Curri.iit iiionthly discharge uf Nocil during 
texual life from \ht tjcnilal caaal of the 

Catapha'sia {vtra^aati. aHent). A coe- 
dkion of impofcct conviougnew. In which 
the patient lepeaicdly utien the ume 
wonl or vrofdt tpootancouily, or in reply 
to* question. 

Catapbor'ic {irra, ^opru, to cany). Pcr- 
tainin|[ to the transference of curreiils 
tiinnigh memhnaons sepia in the direc- 
tioo of a gaWaoic current. 

CatapbofVsto [tarofoprt*, to bear away). 
The master of niedicanKnts t>y the caia- 

5 boric action of the dilTusioo-dectroile to 
cep-ieaied ttisues, as, f.^-, chlorolbrai 
into the 9id»ia»ce of a nerve. 

Cat'aplasra. See Panllke. 

Cat'atact Uani|Mu^, a falling dcnni, or 
over, at of sometbbg over tne vliilon). 
Dininishcd transptuenqr or an cfMcity of 
the cmtalline Irns or of lis capsul«. C., 
Black,thckns is pigmented, and nf adnrk- 
brown color. C, Capsular, coniiit» in 
son* transparent deposits on the iiutcf stir- 
6ce of the capsule. C, Cortical, onuH- 
ficaiiun of tlie outer layen of the lens. 
C, Diabetic, is associated with diabetes. 
C. Discission of. an operaiioo nrelimi 
oa/y (o absorption, or extraction i>y sue- 
ticoi, consiuing in rupturing the capsule, 
•o that the a/joeons hsmor gains acecas to 
the Vaa. C, Extraction of. Removal 

of tbc catararloui lens by surgical eifvra- 
tion. See f,xtmi-ti.-<M cf C, C, Iimna* 
ture. or Unripe, only a part U tbc Icu» 
ntbstunctr >» calaiaOous. C, Lamellsr, 
or Zonular ; certain layers tictwecn the 
cortex and nucleus are opaque, il>c runiaiu' 
ing Urm l«ing tnuuparent. C., Mature, 
or C, Ripe. The wlxJc Irru-uil»ixnce 
b catoracioua. C, Morgagmian, when 

a kyprrmattire cr ireentfir C shrinks (UmI 
learc* a nuclrui lluatint{ in the iliwoUinl 
outer laycrv. C, Polar, ^anterior or poa- 
terior), the cpacity is conbned to one 
pole of tbe lens. C, Pyramidal, the 
opAcity b M Uk anterior pc^ and oooomI, 
tbc aprx Gili'iiding forward. C, Recur* 
rent Capsular, or Secondary. C'a)Bulur 
CAtaiaci, oppeanng a&r tbe ortracttoo of 
the lens. C, Senile, tbc cU^uact of old 
peeoQS. the motl fre<jucnt (orm, aud lliat 
understood when not specified at iatgeti- 
tal, ju\i*mU, trauiHOtu, tt^, /*-, C, 
Soft, is capecUlly that «f tlx yoang; the 
lens-inaitcr b of soft csnsitlency ^k1 a 
milky appeorajKe. 

Catarrti' (aawflpaj. to (low doim). In- 
flannnatioa of tbc mnaxu memtirnne, ecpe- 
dally of the ropiraUNy tract, but also used 
of the hlaaldcr, ele. Sec Caryta^ inAunvif 
ett. C, Gastric, gastritia. C-. intesti- 
nai, enteriiii. C, Nasal, coryu. C, 
Pulmonary, bruncluiis. C, Vesical, 

Cat'aschAsm («ant, axoMfia, scarified 

Catxntal'tic {aororM'rX^v, to contract 
downwnrrl). AsnrfngcnL 

Catat'ony. S«« A'aM/ivi«. 

Catelectrof'onua {cmM^, tUtlro^ rorar, 
lentioo). The slate of increased irnlatiil- 
ity of a nerve near the cathode. See Ai^t- 

Cat- gut. The intestines of a sheep treaial 
(o mnke ligatures C, Cai1x>lur*d, ren- 
dered aseptic l^ tgakiog in an ennlakn of 
carbolic acid. 

Catbar'ais {luSiupu, to purge). I'ltrgalim. 

Cathan'ic (aaAat/w). A medicine used 
to fnidoce cvansations of the bowels. A 

Catbelectrot'onoa. Sec Caitlfttreimta. 

Cath'cier I <u)A«r^t, a thing pot down). A 
tu)ie-likc instTument foe Rvacwiing itie 
liquid of a cavity, usually the Madder. 
C. Bnsta'ehian, an in^trnmeni (or ex- 
arniniiqi tbe E. lube, dbinwling or making 
applicalions to It. C. Fever, 'litturbaoec, 
with fever, following ■DttodDctioa of the C 
into the urethra. 




Calh'ode. See AIiMmA-. 

C*t''ion (utra, (lownvrard, rifii, to-go). A 
word cmploj-cd in dcOiolytU (odduxean 
<;lrctro-])CiMti»e element. Jk< A-w. 

Cal'ling. A poinUtl, two-cdgcd knife fat 

Cat'ncp. The tn^t> and loiis of llic hrri) 
A'e/ff'i lal-iria, Stimulnni and tonic- A 
pcifmltf natc&S in chtorous, hyilciu, tU. 
LkBC of fid. cxi. 3)-ij Lioof. 

Catop'tlics («orijn-T;jiM>f, in » minor). 
'JIk laws of ihc rrllc<,ni(<n of liglil. C. 
Teal, llii: dingmjoi* uf cataiacl lij moftiw 
of ih".' rtflcclioti of imnge* from ilic conica 
and Icnf cap^1]lr.s. 

Caud'a Equi'na. ITic Irniiioal fxlrpm- 
ky of l!ic spinal cord froTO tlir second Itun- 
Inr vertebra. rcfemVJing n hone's lail. 

Caud'atc [tinti/a^* Uil). Ilatiiij;, or re- 
nmUing s uil. C. Lobe of Liver, a 
»wJl elevation ofllie liver. C. Nucleus, 
the iiiua-veDlricukr poitiOD of ibe c6i{iU!( 

Csul (WeUli taitl, s covering for ihr 
IxweU). A potion or nil of llic foetal 
mt-inhnuics covering the bend M>d cnnicd 
oiii in wlToncc of ii in \a\vx. 

Caua'tie (mru, to )iuni)> A Bulwance 
ihiut diMW^uni/cs or dcilfoy* liriuK tissue. 
C. Alkali, a |)ure alkaline hjdratc or 
oxiile. C, Common, argentic nitrate. 
C, Dubois's, nn(.-iiiui!» ndd I, rii~r<ui)c 
sul)>hi<le l6, dragofi's l>lood S -puxs,. C, 
Lunar, nventic nilrUe or nitrate fi mI- 
vcr. C., Mitigated, arjjmlienilrair made 
leu aclire by fuitian vrith iioU'^iiini ui 
tntle or (uremic cblotidc. C. Potasb, 
potiLWRim hydrale. Sw i'ciasaum. C. 
Soda, sodium hydrate. 

Caut'ery (aaiu). IVimaiily, the njpplica- 
lion of csunicK, liwt more fi^iimtly now 
the tHB of the tsalv.iiiic cautery or hot 
iron for coontrr-iiTimiir.n, removal of li*- 
me, lit. C-. Actual, die use of the whitc- 
hoi irnn. C. Button, iron bealed in hot 
water. C. Qas, nuleIi^ation by a sireain 
of buniini; k<u dir<->.-tcd iqxMk i)ie port. 
C. Galvanic, a platiivum win; healed by 
elCTtrictty. C, Paquelin's,or C, TheT> 
no-, a builow platinum pcinl kcp< at a 
nnlfttrm tempcrnturr hy a current of ben- 
icnc vapor. C., Potenlial, or C., Vir- 
tual, the ait^'litafion of cvu»lic ^vtwtnncM. 

Cav'alry Bone. .A liony deposit in the 
atlducluT iiiQHcles of itic thigh. 

Cav'ernous {taitrna, a care). Having 
cave lik^ ?i|iooei or hullow places. C. 
Bodies, tlic dorpoTB eavpriKiiai of the 
penis. C. BreatDing, tbt icTcrl-criling 

or hollov K»nd of bnnchial lireaililng Id 
dilated or alinonnal tnuiicB. C. Plexus. 
See I'lexui. C. Sinua, uluate at the 
sidcoif the body uf the sphcrwid. C.Tis- 
aue, cteclJIe tiMuc. C. Tumor. See 

Cay'enne Pepper. See Cafiinnm. 

Ccboceph'alua tA?f"*u(, a kind of incnkey, 
iu^?.ii, bead). A cycioc.-iihalic nHwiler 
iitith a tonij.U-le abaeiicc of tiie nose. 

Ce'cum. See CttfUM. 

Ce'dron. Ttie seeds of C tiimittt. A 
populitr cileriut remedy in trcfiical Amcr. 
it-a for the lj(c of vcnomow in>evl« and 
serpents. Of iTpiiIcd value in inaliirial 
fevers. |io>* of the fid. cit. ny-viij. 

Ceke (pronounced HifJii). A Fecjee tcini 
for elr[>haiiiin<'is of the mttoIutji, 

Ccl'andine. Sec CA^JiJoniwa. 

-ccle (iqAj^ « tUBtor). A suffix denotiag 
a turner, 

Ccl'ery. The etalks of ccminon garden 
celery, t'wilairs afi,'t, an nttiwc [iciii- 
ciple rciund ii> wild pnmieps. Ke[:nied to 
be antispasmodic and iicniiie. Doec in- 
defmitc. C. Seed, used to tuver the taste 
of oihei dni)js. Unof. 

Ce'lkiacope. .Se« Cahscffn. 

Cell ^L. tclla,^ small, hullow cavity). In 
UHiiti-jny, the iotcr&utiul spacer aiid onall 
Cflvtiies of the toon. In biaii^-, a nucle- 
ated nuu uf pcutiailasm eapable of rcpto- 
ductkn. Sec Cell t-itJy. C. of Corti, 
the hair cell.i on the outer surface oi tlw 
organ of Curli. C. of Deitcrs, cclU with 
fine proccKtca resting on the basilar nicm- 
lirane of the cochle^ tieivittli ihr air celli. 
C, Qiant, the jiolj-iiiickalcd Ixalica cf 
prutupla.->Diic matter occurrdiK in tubcnu- 
IoaIs, tarcoma, Hf. C. MuTliplieation. 
(-ytci[cne»i». A name %i\n\ tu the pruccM 
of repreducticn of cell.i, May l.e <-w'/,r 
gfU'UJ, as when the ccU'OontcnLi break 
up I >y set;tRcnistion into »ei'unite iiuclealod 
mauei. uithm thf cell wiall : gfmif^troHs, 
as wtirn new cells laid fni«n the mother' 
cell ; and _^iii/<ar»ui, as when ihe rri'jlhcr- 
cell divides I>y cleavage into two tir more 
cells, C, Neuro-rnuaculat, .1 name 
(tirrn to certain cells of lower life forms, 
which act in part at ncrccs and in part as 


CelUbody. The tnas of a tell. ccni|XKd 
of two suKiaiKcs, tbe mi/i>ina, or ._tY.- 
«*ftwn«. Biul the f^rtt-mi/ama. The first 
(* tlw thn-ad like liosi* of the C,(>„ the 
Intler ibe h(ia»<icei>eous filar and inii-rlilnr 
mtwance. Tlie nucleus Is txmKveA of 
iaryt^tHi/'Una.iit nuvleor netwonct otber- 




w{9e called (he ekramatim ; (fa« nu-Uar 
sat', or sub>uncies oonUicKd to the mohra 
uf till- chroRiAlin, anil fnxn K*! Dou-Miutin|; 
flB.-ititycaKei] a;kriimatm ; aiid ihcwMiY'vii- 
memirMif, m.idc up of Iwa taycTSi the 
ouUr achronMlic. the inner cbionutii;, or 
nUiining. 'Die nwleolt wv UMuilly mul- 
tipdc, uul corapjMMl of more rcrractJIc 

Cellali''ti6 (diia. ffHa, I'fis). A diiFiB« 
inilatwnuion of the wllulor ussat, doc to 
MOie wound and btroduction or scplic 

Celluloid. Zylonilc, Xylonite. A wib- 
uancr made bjr henling trinilro-celltdin or 
pm-colun with camphor, under prcisure. 
An excellciil wfailitute for irory aod 
U)noiM-Af)\. Uwful in variutu wajn ia 

CclMuliDSe. The buns of rcgetablc fiber. 
Identkal ia compotitioa wkh surch. 
Swedish (Uterp^xr b pare C. 
CeloComy {'tv^-v, tuinor, rtuiw, la cut). 
Tlir ci()eriition for struigulated hemia t^ 
inciMon if the urlctun. 
Cemenfum. See TmIA. 
Ceiuestbe'BU (wwivr, comana, 'moOumf, 
feding). Used latlerljr u a ^nooym for 
the •enwition* of the viiccral ofguu. 
Center (jtn^fwr). Tlte middle point or liac 
of tl»e Indy. The ganglion ct gtle^us 
wbmce tuur ihe nrrvE* contTalltn« .1 func- 
tion. C. Acceleruis, a praljablc CLn the 
pru-diilU vnling acceleniting tiiirrs to the 
bean. They Ir.ivr (he tiirc) (hrotigh tite 
raou commuoicaiile!! of ihc lower cervical 
nndii[if>er«ixdona) nerve*, pxHtng thence 
iulo ihc tya^Kithctic. C. Ano-sptnal, 
ooottols defecation: at the 5-6- 7th Iu[u^lar 
veitctmci but for ihe co-oriinaird aairiiy 
it must remain in connection with the 
Uain. C Auditofy, prohably id Ihc 
ten^xJrO'ii[ii''nni<Ul lohr«, upon each stdc. 
C. Card io' inhibitory, in ihc medulla, 
carried hy the ragna. C, Cilio-spinttl, 
connixird wilh the diUtnlitm of Ihc 
pupil: lower crrvictl iian of cord, C. 
for Closure of Eyelids, in the mrdulU, 
noft of the i'jiial t'enlif, C, Cougb- 
m;. in metiulia, above Rc«pirUory C. 
C; Ejaculation, Dudgc't tn-nilo- spinal 
C, 4lh lumtur vrrtrlira (nililik). C, 
Erection, is in the ifianai cord, Init con- 
Inilird fiuiii Ihc medulla. C- for Masti- 
cation and Sucking, KaciM »i<l ilypo- 
glowal CcnlcTv C. for Secretion of 
Saliva, flotT of ftnjtili veiiiritlc. C. 
Ouatatory and Olfactory, in ihe umci- 
ulie gyftis. C, Heat-regulating or 

Temperature. IU3 been aaitnned hf 
some. C, MicRihtUMi, the Vejico-Rploal 
(_ . of Biuljfc, tf the hnnbar vertdme; at- 
oniiD.iiion re<)utm cerelral cunaecilon. 
C, Pantiritws, at im oiid id lumbar 
vctlctirse. C, Respiratory, in the me- 
dulla, lucl'a'eeu nuckt of vofpu and accei- 
sorine: called by Floarctu the A'aui/ 
t'ifaJ, Of I'lfa/ J'^jaf. C, Sensory, or 
P»ycl>o»etisvrial Arc«s, occipital atul leiO' 
pa(p-t|>hcD0tdal lobes, probaUy the unoc, 
or iniinMtely assuciaied with, the DMMr 
centers of the pans. C„ Sneezing, 
ftune aA ior nerves Cor muscle* of ex|iira- 
tKMu C Sjiaun, In the medalla, at 
junction with pons. C, Speech, in the 
third IcA Iroiiial con volution ui righl. 
handed people. C, Swallowing, in 
Boor of 4th ventricle. C Sweat, the 
dominaluig C. t* lu Ibc iw.-iliilla, wii)i 
subordintte spinal ceutMTL C, Upper, for 
XMUtorPtwilla, In medulla. C. Vaao- 
dtUtor, [WDOably exbita in mi:<lulU, with 
fuoctiuo the opposite of lh» of iIk Vaao- 
molnr C, Vaso-motor, in the nx-diilia. 
C Veaico-apinal. Sei: A/utii'itun C. 
C Visual, in the occipital U)<>c. espe- 
cially in the cunciu. C, Vomiting. Iiy 
MMUtf oT auricular brsncb from the jugu* 
W gaoslioo. 

Ccnt'tgrade {emtum, a hundnn], j^ntJiit, 
a step). AbonrriMlon, C. Having lo3 
siepa or decrees. C. Thermometer, a 
thcrraoincter wilh cero as the fretniag 
point and 100° oa the boiliiv putnt o( 
water. To reduce C to h'aiircnhcil rtgi*- 
tnuioQ, the lolluwtiig bnaula i« aSFful : — 
P* C. + J2 = F. See TTi^nnimtltr. 

Cent'igramme. llic hunilredih of ■ 
ifnunme, equal to 0.1543 uf a gnun avoir- 
dupoiii, or ouc siilh of a i;^o Troy. 

Cenl'iliire. The huwlredlli of a litres 
e<)iul to 0.6101 ti sii Knglinh cubic inch. 

Cenfimeter. The huodredtb port of a 
mrttc, CfjLial Ut O.JQJ/I (or bIjuuI |) of on 
Fngliali inch. 

Cent'rad u^w/rNm, Hi/). Toward the cen- 
Irr, or median line. 

Centrifugal (j'fwjyum.^ifiio, to flyl. Re- 
ceding from the center. C. Nerves. 
thMc (moitly inutor) conveyine im|)ui*eA 
townrd ibe prriphcral parts of the boily. 

Centrip'etal ^.-m/ruM. /^^. to >eek). 
I'nivelin^ toward the ocnlcT. C. Nerves, 
those (nxKtly ^nsory) conveying imprev 
lions froin lae peripheral orgaui toward 
the crrdKO'ifiinal system. 

Ccnt'rum. The center or middle part. 
C. Ovale Major, the laigc ma!i»« ct\ 



«bi'tf mutter npp«uing wtitn bolh hemi- 
atiliPT' ^tr cut rfown to Ihc Icrcl of the 
corfM tailosum. C. Ovale Minor, (he 
while milk-r itp[>c;inng wlitii the upprr 
part of a hcniUphi.-/c of Uic brain it re- 

CcphaUe'mia (xrfuAir, ai/<a, blood]. An 
•toonnal dttcnninadOR of blood to th« 
CephaUl'giA («r^^, <^)^, jwin). l^in 

ill thtr lic.i.i. 
CcphaUuBmBto'ma («r«n^, at/MTuaa. a 
blood}' fuDgiuV A bloody tutoor of the 
bead. Sc« Caput Suiffdiinfum. 
Ccpbalhy'droccle. A tutnor formed by a 
collcctiuii of cercliro-ii|viiuil fluid under llic 
Kolp u a REiiIt of tninial Eiscture. 
Cephal'ic. IVrUiining to the head. C. 
Index. See /«//••>■, C- Vein, a vein of 
the bhouldcr. C. Version. Scq I'trtioH. 
C. Tetanuii. See K\f/- Tetanut. 
Ccphalog'raphy(«r^Air.7Po^, lowrit«). 

A dcscnjxioii of tlic bead. 
Cepb'alold \Kt^>.n, u&<Kx likencs). Ke- 
lemtilinK tlir bouj. 

CephaloVo(;y (cr^?j;>, ^oyoi, treiuitc). 
Tb« scicmcc of cranial iDcaiHjrcni»)U and 
Cepbalqin'eter (w^^v, /irrpm', a meas- 
ure). An initrumcnt for measuring the 
Cephalop'&Ku* {tMo}ji, head, irajxif, 
joined). An ensom|>balic mcnDrosily with 
the heads unilei'l nl ihe top. 
Cepbalot'omy {la^i}. r^iw), section). 
The cniiliiii^ or htcak.iiig-duwn the head 
of the fWus in labor. It is efTeard by 
ihe eepkaUtome, aa. instrameot for this 

Cepn'alotribe (a^Xji, rpi^iu, \o cnali). 
An instnunent for crushing the fixul head 
in ffphttL^tipty. 
CcphaIotrip''8y (u«a^, rpi^Su). TIm 
opnatiun of crMflhinx the ftrtij he«d when 
drlivrry i» otlicrwlse impoftjiblc. 
Ce'ra ( Lai.V Wax. A mtxlure of certiie 
«fiJ, eeroUin, and myritiH, ipUheted by 
ihe honey be« frovn the jxillen of flowers 
and the Icarcs of plaols. C. Alba, white 
wa<, pn-pare^l by blcachicK yellow was. 
ValnabU ■■ an int^redient of ceraies and 
ointmrati. C. FUva. ydlow vnx; poa- 
ae^iv^ ail a^rcriiblc iMJsamic odor. Solu- 
ble in ether, boi nkoliol, and chlotofomi. 
Cer'asin. Sec Ci^-i-Afrry. 
CeratO'. See Krralt-. 
Cera'tum [tfit, wax). A ccnue. In 
pltanoacy an unduotu prepataiico of white 
wax and laid. Then are 8 olBdal trrabt. 

Cercomo'nas Intestinalis. An inteAi- 
nal infusorial pantvite of men and animals. 

Ccrebel'liun tdim. of ttrthrumy The 
inferior part of tbe bnin, lyiug below (he 

Cerebraethe'nia. Sec Pkrtnatthenia- 

Ccr'ebrin \tritbrum\. A nitro^jenouA gla- 
cosidc obiained from brain li^&ue, 

Ccrcbrin'acidea. Subsianccs found in 
brain -tissue, derived Ijuoi or tanlajuing 

Cerebrin'ic Acid. A naroe pTcn by 
lliui]ii:hijm to an organic utud found in 
bmio-ti'^uc. I la« feebly acid i^ualides. 

Cerebri'tia {eeretrum. mo), Inflamna- 
tjon tj" the prujer sulralanec of the cere- 
brum, due lo iiauinaliiin, contienous In- 
flaiiinialiuu,ui M^jtlic inlluenre. Hewdaclie, 
l<uuil<1« tonniinc aiLd conTubioiis an the 
jnaa marttcd sympionu. 

Ccr'ebrOBC. A nauie gjiTCn to a certain 
cry^allixed sugar iKMiicnc with g]ucoi«, 
occnrring in bnun-lLswc. 

Cefebrosides. ,\ riUD« given by Thn- 
dirhiiRi InacUviaf nitlialanoei occorrmg 
in Iran tissue, etinUinitu; tcrcbro*e. 

Cer^ebro-api'Tial. IVruiningioihcwlMile 
of the linunnnil oiiin^al itniclure. C. Axis. 
i?« Axil. C. Fluid. t!ic fluid between 
the jira(;hn<^id mcnilirAn'r and the spinal 
cord. C. System, tlic bnun, itpinol cord 
and ncrrcs. 

Cer'ebruni. The chief portion of (he 
lirain. occupying the wfaolo up[icr port of 
the craniiim. 

Cc'rium. Ce^I40: qiunCiTalence It, 
IV. One of the rarer melaU, Tlieoialate 
is the only antl employed in mnbcine. A 

goMric tdtative. u^ful in llie vomiting of 

prrgniuicy. Itose gi. it-v, 

Ceni'men \eera, wak). The wax of the 

Ccrricol [ct^vix, ibe nack). IVruining 

to the neck. 
Cer'vix. The neck; alto the posterior 

port of the ncclc Applied aln lo ros- 

Mricled purts of other organs, aa cciYix of 

Ihe bladder, cervix of penb. 
Ce«t'ode(wiffTmr,aeirdlv). Usedofwornu, 

of which 7>iiH« ia a tfpe. 
Ceta'cea (•'rriii, a wh.!!"-). An order of 

mammals living in the sea, w the whale, 

dolphin, ete. 
Ceta'cewn. Spemuureti, A bi» snb- 

siaacc mnewlut roemlitiDg pomflnc in 

iu phyvcal properties. OhUuned from the 

bead of Uie sperm wbale. Soluble in ether, 

cbloraiibna anil Iwiting alcohol. Emjiloycd 

only as an emollient. C.Cer«tam, con- 




uira spemiaccli lo, while wax 35, olive 
oil SS |Hns. 

CctTB'ria. Iceland moss. A lichen, C. 
Idoit^tm, (bond in Iceland and other 
noftlwnt countries. Contaios a form <A 
Arch which gelatinises wfacn luilcd with 
waler. A (ecUf tonic deniulcnil, soiDe- 
ttmei racomnandcd in imlmcmiy a0ec- 
lions. W^ known trader Ibe name of 
biam< man^f, wli'*n allowed (o simmer 
with milk. Of^cial decoction contMns 5 
per ecni. of the licheo. Dose ^ \y\t. 

Chala'sji ||a?j}Cn.hail). The two twisted 
nrdt or layen of the outer denser pan of 
the aBMunin, Mleiidiiij; hotu the poles of 
the iRillc of a ben's egg to near IM ooler 
pait of the white. 

Chala'zion (.^aCfOf, a small hailitooc). 
A tumor of the eyelid froni retained secre- 
tion of tbc McilNMDiao elands. A Mcibo- 
»iiui cy». 

Cbalico'ais (j:<a^f, gmvel). A disease 
of the lungs caused by the inhnlation of 
dull or sand bj workmen. 

Chalk (i-d/«, lime). Carlxjoaieoflime. Se« 
Cakinm. C. Stone, goiitstone — deposits 
in the hands and Iccl of gouty (i^licnt^. 

Chaljrb'eatw (^ax^, iron). Coalainios 

Cham'berland'a Bougie or Filler. Sc« 

Cham'omile. See Amhtmu. 

Chan'cre \ Yt., saoM). There i> an ua- 
brtuoaie diTereocc and even abtoIiMc con- 
tradiction in th« definitions of MKborities 
Kgaiding ihb tenn. The trend of opnion 
anms to be to ccosider chancre aa the 
initial le»ioa of syphilis, a trae infecting 
aoce, bllowed by conMituiiooaJ symptoovi: 
and cbanciotd as a non-infeoiiw tore. C. 
Hard, Hunterian, Indurated, Infect- 
ing, Non-BUpptirstinc, or True, the 
nicer of venereal origin, that It followed by 
ccfulilntional lypbiliL C, Nom-incuba- 
tory, Non-infecilng, Simple, or Soft, 
a conlagioiu, suppuraiing, noni^Thiliiie 
venereal ulcer, more fwoperlT called than- 
ervid. C Phacedenic. cniiiicroid wiili 
atendencjr to erosion. C, Serpi^finous, 
a ranrty of the last that aprcaii* nipcr£ciitlly 
in curved lines. 

Chan'CToid. See CAnnert. 

Change of Life. A onramon temi fix ibe 
ceuolioii of lite catiunetiia. 

Cbar'bon. The French tenn for aiUArax, 
or fiuitHla inafii;na. 

Chiu'conl. See Otriam. 

Char' cot 'Ncumaoo Ctystnis. See 

Char' col -Robin Crystals. rrvCili 
fonning nix-n IcoTOcyih-Ttnic l>ioo«l wbi-n 
allowed lo stand cxpoaed for a few days. 

Chai'cot'a Diaease. An aOectinn of the 
joint*, due to dineminatod nuular ade* 

Charp'ic (^-ar^, lo pluck). Ijnen shredl 
for drcwing wound*. 

Cbar'riire's Guillotine. An iuftnuncnt 
for exriuDg I lie toniiU. 

Char''ta {.W^i(, P^P'"'')- A. paper. In 
pharmacy, a strip of paper as on cxci|)icnt, 
the fibers of whicharcimpregn^ed with the 
prcacribed ntediciDal wbetance. Of the 
three offidal tAart.e, two are inten^led aa 
vcatcnnls. C. Bpiapaatica, lilislenng 
paper. C. Sinapis, miutanl paper. Alw 
a wrapper for holding powden or medi- 

Cbaulmoo'era <KI. An oil expnssod 
from the tcedsof C^n^anGa ikt.-r-t/n, a 
tree native lo the V,. Indin. Soliililc in 
akvbol. Propcctics di>c Xo^yruvtr^fh adJ. 
Thoogfat to be »eful in lepro%y, Kccom- 
mended in scnly ec/enu, iMitiatik and 
i7]AiUtic skin aArciiotu. for external xxad ^iof (trirulolum. Inic-molly, 
doee gtt. v-s of ibc oil, or gr. »-iij oT tbe 
acid. AU unoC 

Cfacclt'en . The Icarcs of C. myrtut. Pn>- 
perues due to an alkaloid and a volatile oil. 
Diurelie and expectorant, ^^milar m ac- 
tion to cncalyptia. ServtccaMc in chrcnfc 
catanbt bryntpti^, W. Doee 3*»-)- ^^^t, 

Cbeeks. The sides of the uce. Cam- 
poaed of fat, areolar tissue. mu»clc», H*. 

Cbeese -rennet. See LtJitt^ BeJ-ttrvar. 

Cbeil'oplaaiy (j((?.«c. Up. *Jjt««u, 10 
Arm). I'laslic operations upon tbe lip. 

Cbetropom'phlox. See Pt^mp^i!"*. 

Cbelido'niutn. Celandine. The }^»fn% 
and stems of C wtajut. lYoperties dite lo 
a number of alkaloJtU and acitls. Adra^c 
ntilartic, and cxtcmnlly nn irritant. Of 
seri^ke in ianiKJicc, whix)pin|!-cvui{h, aiid 
caurrbal pneumonia. Ih^e of the plant 
jjr. x-ixx; of ibe jnice tH^»-im. Uim, 

Cbe-'lold. See Kflmd. 

Che'lonin. See RaiaMty. 

Chem'iatiy (Arab, af-kimia). Tbe id* 
ence of the molecular and atotnk unjcure 
of bodies. 

Chemo'aia [xr.mjoi^'). Conjunctival and 
ffub-coojuii clival swelling. 

Chenopo'dium. American Wormoeed. 
The (ruii ai C. amin>tou/fi,m plant nalire 
to llie Unrlci] Slates. Propeniet due to a 
voldlile oil. the rmly preparation used. A 
gild canlijtc xtiinnlani, promoting the 




dclions of skin and tidnvyv A very 
dlidcnt anlhdmintic ngninsT the ro«uid 
vonn. i)o»c of ihc nil ll|v-n-, 

Chcr^iy. The Utrk of the conunoa 
cbCTry, PruHia utvtina, A mild hMtt 
and tonic, cootuoing tannin. Ikwe of Hd. 
ext. 3 S»-j. PruHin, a conccniratvd est. 
UoM gr. j-Hj. C. Compound, Mch (.)j 
repreaeats cherry luwk !•"], Icliuce ^^ iij, 
horebooad ^iijitt. blocxlroot, 5], vcraimm 
Tirlde §S3. Iteme n^xf-Tj. All nnof. 

Cbeal. See TAarax. 

Chesi'nut. Sec Caitanea. 

Chew'stick. 1'\\t.h*x\nii (iauiiiia Datnim- 
grmis, A po])ular aromatic bitter in the 
Weu Indie*, Dooeof ibc lid. cxL gj-iij. 

Cheyne-Stokcx RespinLtion, See ^0- 

Chi'a»ra(^uiCu, lo mahe a eras, as an X). 
Tbc optic cotonuHun:. 

Chick'eD-pox. Sec VariteUa. 

Chi'cot. Kentucky Coffee IfeoD. TTw 
Bccd& of CytHmxladm Canadaaij. Con- 
tains a volaiilc oil and a glacoaide. Pro- 
bably a cercbro-iMnal Minuilant. Soidc- 
tttocG wed u a iuleliiutc for coffee. [Jnor. 

Cbignon' Fun'pis. A tume Kivm lo 
tbe lonnatioB of nuduUi fuiigoid |>ir>wtlu 
CO ibe baJr. I^obably due to baacm. 

Chig'oe. Set /*«/«. 

Chin»Uin (San, ccjV, cold, Utgai, boil). 
An cT)ihcn»uoufi local inflmntaatiao and 
swelling of the skin due lu cold. 

Childttcd. I'be popubr Icrin fur the cuii- 
dition of a a-onuin duiing and after labor. 
C. Pcver. Sec /Vi-nVnj/ »tiT. 

ChU'l Ssltpe^ter. See ScJinm. 

Chlmaphi'la. f^p^ti^'^wa, Pnncc's Phic. 
The leava of C' umiel/ata, on ewigrren 
found in Ihe U. S. An utringcnt Ionic 
and excrllent diuretic. 'Ilie bntitnl Icairs 
are tised as a mbcracicnl. Vduablc in 
drOjsy, several forins of kidney di^iuc 
and afrecliocis of llic urinary jj«,\sii^. C, 
PId. Ext. DoAe g.'^-ij. C. Decoc- 
turn, t tti 17. Doac ^j-iij. Unof. 

Cht'na Grass. A vA, alky vcitetable 
■ubaUnce awd u a surgical dmcb^, 

Cbi'nium Atnorph'ium Bo'ricam. 
Ainofpbuus IttuMcoK^iiiio. S/cx Quinui, 

CUn-jBrk. See ^traf-JerM. 

Cbiaoid'in^Cbiaoidin'um. Quinotdin. 
A mixtttre of amotT^Mtu alkuinds olt- 
tained tn the minufarlure of rpiinine Hai 
the IhciapeiUii: (ff«|jcrtic» of quinine. 

Cbinoll'na. Oiiiioline, I.cucolinc. An 
■tkaloid dctiTsiive of <iui»iiir and cinciko. 
Dine, occuiriug aUu in oooi tar. Now 

ecnerally prqsidd by beating Bnitine or 
nitro Iwniol with gl)TrTincandKdehTdm- 
ing aKcnt. A i-alimlilc anliacptir and anti> 
pyntic. U>«ful in jtnnimoniii and lyjiiiu. 
ComiDonly uwrd tn form of lartralc becau«e 
of the dcliijueM-encc of other nits. Dow 
gr. i~%%. Unof. 

Chira'ta. Cluretta. 'Ilie leaves and iighler 
cicius of ('. Ophflia. Resemljlrs gpniian 
in its thetapeutic propeftics. An excellent 
looic, I>OK of the prn«dcied planl gr. 
xv-xxx. C, Fid. Ext., in glycninc and 
alcohol, Dcae n^xv-xxx. C. Tinct.. 
len jicr cent, in strength. Done 5&>-<j' 

Chiret'ta. See 0iira$a. 

Chirop'odist {jx^ip^ the hand, troiT [gen. 
a<}f">i^\ the foot). A surgeon or penoo 
M'bo profcsBiooatly IratU diKasc* of the 
hands and feet, cspcctAlly corns, bunku, 

ChtniT''giR {x'tp. rp}tn>. worit). Suigor. 

Cbirur'gical. t'crtaining to surgery. 

Chtt'lim Balk. See Ctumra SagTtida. 

CbloaB'ma. Sec Tinea VtmoHnr. 

Chle'raLorChloral Hydrate. Aocdorless 
crv»talli[)« solid liaving Ihe conipo«i>icin 
C,'Ha,(HOi5 : the hydrate of chloral, 
CjHCljO, imprujjtrly c&lled by the laiter 
nauie. A powerful hy]>not)c, ant input, 
nudic and depre&sant to the ccreliral, 
ojedullary aiul hptual cenlcr«. To a liR)> 
■ted exieui tiu uuK^thetic. Sernceat'le in 
fevera accompanied by cerebral cxcile- 
iDcnt, in chorea, conmlsions, and all affec- 
tion:i re()uiring a cerebral depttsMoi. Kx> 
cellrnt tn Orlinum ln-ii)en>, but should be 
uw(l with gfrat caution. Dom.- j^r, v-xx ; 
smaller if combined widi iwrnwiuni or 
lodium bromide. C, Butylicum, croton 
chloraL A >alid occurriiiK in ci^sidhoc 
scales, resembling chloral hydrate. t>iit 
HMdc with Inilyl, C,H„ ma a b<Uc, in>tead 
of ethyl, C,Hj. In uropenin parallel to 
chtonil but much feebkr. Do« gr. v-xs 
ill synm. L'nnf. 

CUorautn'ide. A name iniqMly applied 
to chloral (ormanidatc. In doacs of 45 
gntiu it i* a hji«ifilic. 

Chlo'ric Ether. S<x £ihyl CA[-riJe. 

Chlo'ridea, Teat for. Add a (lew drops 
of njtrlc achl, then gradually add a »>tu> 
lion of nitrate of idlvcr. A wlule ptecipitaic 
of »ilvifr rblnride form*. 

Chln'rine ( r'<Vf • P*wi)- CI = 355; 
(luuniivnlencr I. A non metallic clemeal. 
\( nrd>riar>- teoinenilutes a grtcDiih-yet- 
lowf gft*. pteparwl bjr derompounK Mdium 
chlorwle, NtCI Hi»;hly irrilaiivc lo tlie 
•kill anil niuoMw uKiitliaiw. ptodticing 




ipftcnMiclic clmiiur of the glottis. TIw 
niONl valuable of disinfccuau. Cblori 
Aqua, chlorine wruei, eoouiiu 4 per cent, 
of the ffLi in antutton. A good uuiwjxk 
wa*h. Dkxk, tnlcniRlly, n\,x-xxx. Calx 
Chlorinata, " chloride of lime." a hypo- 
chlorite of calcium ooniaining bw cblo- 
riDc. A raluoble disicfecUBt. Dose, in- 
Irmally, gr. it;-*} C. Chloral. Liq. cun- 
Uini 1 lb. of iba Hdt per gallon of water, 
Sodium Chtorat^ Liq.. LiUharraqiu' s 
S»fttii-M, tiodium Ciutioaalc lo, calx clllun- 
naiaS, nlerad 100. Dom IH^-Sj. 

Chlo'rodyRo. A praoridanr rcn^v pre- 
pared by a pkyvdan 01 Loodoo. Sup^xiied 
to contain chlorofbroi, ether, morphine, 
^■wmM. tnilica, hj-drtxryoaic add, and 
OlMicon. The varioiu imltnlivut diAcr 
•widely. I>o»e mn-xnt vith can. Unof, 

Chlo'roforTn. SdcthvlTcrchlondcCIKV 
A lieavy, colortea b<|uid oUaiiwd by loc 
aOkn of cblonoaud line on methyl ako- 
hol. (CDmmcrcijiI article, C. VenaU, coo* 
laiiu 3 per ceol. of itnpuritiei and nniK for 
■dminiMroIioD. iMeriially, produon oar- 
COTuimdTiatirntgastio-vnleriiii.) C u ex- 
eellcni in true cboltfE and airoUar diixa;^ 
of riomacfa and hosreU. Extcrnuily, much 
employed u ao ingrcdieni of rubefiKieot 
and anodriM UoiDinits. Mixed with at 
leut 96^ per cent, of air and inlialed, 
It b ilie taoA valoaUo of General aaws- 
tfaetio, but occasionaUy (1 : 3000) caus- 
ing dealb by cardiac ptualykis. Dc«p 
Inicciious in ih« vicinity of the vdaiic 
nerve are icoamnBaded in sciatica. C, 
Amnaonialed, etual ports of aituaonii 
lo alcohol and cbtorafbmi: antipyretic and 
anodyiie. L'nof. C. Liatment, commrr- 
cial chlurvfonB 40, wap liniment 60 paitt. 
C. Kistura, pure chloroGjnn 8, caoqihor 
2, fresh yolk of ejo; to, waCei 80 paiU. 
Dose -tJ-Si- C. Spt., jasv clilorofiirDi 
to, alcohol 90 ptuu. Irowi\x-^j 

Chlo'rophane. See Chtonu'phaiui, 

Chlo'rophyll {x>**p^, ^*w, leaf). The 
green colwing nutt«r of leavev 

Chloro'aia (^^ugjof). The " green iklc- 
ncss;" a disease oi young woinen; 00a- 
ncctcd with unxnia and meiutrual abaor- 
m.iliiy, owally nipj>rc««ioa. 

Chlo'ruin. Sec thhrine. 

Choke-cherry. The fruit of Pnmm{Cf- 
miut) tlr^'MMM-t, not the P. fir^tMiaiia 
oi the pfaanoaoopeia : comtnun in the U. 
a. AalitpaiJiudic, Ionic, atiKJ tligbily at- 
lria|;i>n'. Cmtiiu, a cnpcenlnited exlracL 
Dcsc gr ij-viij. Unof- 
Disc. Hoc Pat 

Cbol«'ii]ia{ro^.9>t>iIe, oi/M.blood). Tbe 
presence of MIc |Hgincnl in the bluod. 

Chal^agoguc i^X'^-9, «?'', to CKpclj. A 
ptUKatiTv nxdidne which proouice Uie 
Sow of hile. 

Chola'lic Acid. See a^f^^ifinu AnJ. 

Cholecysiec'tomy { x^.n, mcr^t, Itloddo-, 
tKTouti, a cutting oul). Eiciwm of the 

Coolecysieoteros'tocay {x^jj, ntrnt, 
evrrpm, tn1r:<tinr, cutfia. % uwutli}. In- 
ciiioii of tlir goII-LladdcT and uitcsiiiw 
vriih wEorc of tne tntestiitat wound lo (kal 
of tile t^l-hUddrr. 

Cholecysti'tis- IndamouilXH] of tbe gall- 

Cholecyalot'omy (j^i'^, a/arif, rtfiiv, to 
cull. I'bc opcnitiuD of iacuioc the riU- 

Cbole'docfaus (t"'jj, ^txafhu, lo receive). 
Recdving v biildiue Ulc- C, Ducuu 
Communia, the oonunon excretory duct 
of tbe liver and gall-bUdder. 

Choleric (X'Av}- Pcrtaiaing to tbe bile. 

Chole'in {x^j/). An ohtolcic term for a 
mixturtt n seveial principles of the Nle. 

Cborera (:t«%v, JKU, lo now). A dixMX 
cbaractcri'od by violcal cBietii, diarrbiui, 
abdominal pain and cnuops. C, Asiatic, 
a malignant farm of the disease cTistiog 
in India dining tbe whole year, and occa- 
sioiully ^preai^og as an epideink o«er 
laT{o arcAS. It is charactmud bf eaces- 
iive voniitia4>, al*i[tc dlMzharge* rexnifaliBg 
Qocxrulcut rice-water, severe cmope, and 
<wl^»e. 'rbB caose is not with certainly 
known, Imt a probably of nucmlnc crigin. 
Koch has dUcoreied a badllus (mx Sfiiril- 
lum Cholera), tbe cultures of which liavc 
In sonoe lntfanc«i nrodiKcd the di>mue, and 
in others have (ailed. C, Bilious, a fenn 
nfthediseiucatlcadrd by cjccsmvc Ilowof 
bile. C, Chicken, a very fatal epidemic 
diaease of IowIk. marked by lumc&ctioo of 
ibc lyni|ritalic uUrnKwith iAAunmation and 
ulceration of inc digestive organs and x>cn- 
cardiitiiL There arc luxic of tbe sympxans 
peculiar to cholera. C. Infantum, the 
"suainer cotnplainl" of children, chorac* 
teriied bygastrk pain, vomiting, pnrgatioa, 
fever and urostration. C. Morbus, on 
acute catarnia] hiAaaunaikM) of the mucoua 
meubrsnea of ihe sioraach and inleAiitea, 
with enteric pain, pvtpofi. votuiting, spas- 
mudk: conlrvcdons of ibe muaclea, ttt. 
Very similar to .\siaiic C. in its (ynpion- 

Cbol'crina (dim. of i^i^m). A term ap- 
plied lo the mild caaes at fiholcmic diar- 




rtirrii. Also, the InltiUcv; stage of mitlig- 
ninl chulcni. A\»o, the ijtiKitic oouie or 
vifui ofchokra. 

Cholcatvato''ma i xoii> ^rtaruiM, a itix- 
ciMiu, A tumor coii«bliD|{ of a 
wcnaucvti like i^ul<stiLnce, Dccumn([ tnost 
(nqucMly At the Im&c at the bnun, liui 
ocimMOaKlly in sinticuuuiixjus lis>uc. 

CbolesterK'mts {<A!>/eUfn'i,aifia,\}]ood). 
The nrlenlion of cholcitimn ia th« blood 
tn»t<.'iul of b(.'io|{ eiartcd by the liilc ; iiup 
poseti (probuUy erroueoual}') by l-^iiit lo 
produce gnre lUTvom lyiuptoina. 

Cbolesf erin (.r^v, oTtapm, ulcariue). A 
monatotnic alcohol, a coiuiituiMil of l>il«, a 
nofinaJ ingirdicnt a( n^nou^ liuue. Aim 
Ihif Eklty iuI>!tLuicr forming llie adtl prin- 
ciple of liiliaiy calculi. 

Cholclithi'itais (^a?^,>jflnf,»lonc). For- 
nuliun of calculi m ibe gull tilwlder. 

Cholet'elin. An unonilioiK, K>lidile, yel- 
low nigment (lenveil Imm bilmitiin. 

Cho'iic (x"^)- feituaing b> the bile. 

Cho'ltn. SariK iLt .Vfuniv, q. v, 

Cho'tine. A [rtnnuiliic fnuiiil l>ritli in anicntil 
aod vcfjctabk tuiun. ll htu )>eca oUsinrd 
from ficfj), h.<t\ and egg*. ukI cuhurm of 
Titirio-i<rc4ciu anil comniA-l«ciUiu ; H luu 
been wund aLw in lood-vtool {Aganiiu 
mtatarius). in tu^ (and henoe in tieer), 
in r-Tgot, m nunrnou* vegetatJe »ecd*, in 
ealruU of t^elluiloiinit luid liyutcraiiuu, ill 
l^elroot-sugar tnolauiL'), in cotton ^ced.c/^'. 
It t> lielirveii llul cholioe i> derired frotn 
ibe ilcoompMrlioD of Ivdthin, ■ conplex 
ether, and ooe of the racot widcIjT'diah- 
WCed compoutuU occumng, in gnater or 
IcM quaniit^r. in all of iJic aninuJ Usanies. Tbc 
cuiucnee of kcilhtn in plants ii no longer 
doulMlnl. It it a remnAable [act that lu 
ordinarr uuudsatva, ai choline dimppeaus, 
the diamine* aj^ar and increase in qiuii- 
tiiy, according n the lime of decompotilion 
is extended, Free chnline onlinarily ^Tm 
a strongly «tkil(ne >ynjp, which oomliine* 
readily with Eu:id> lo form sdu. CboUne 
poaaeBca a toiric action when given in 
laip qiMJiltlies, patalyiing like curara. 
Atn^oe aotngonim the ulton of choline, 
as veil at of the far more pmaonons iku- 

Choline Qroup of PtoraaTnea. Four 
I)tonuIn» — trholini-, Neuiine, Belalne, 
and Miucarioe— 4uive been Ihui clantified. 
All these ba^es nuy be cunvidercd a> oxi- 
dation p(«dhicl$ of irimeiltyt-ciltyl- amino- 
tiinm hydrstc 

Chotoidln'ic Acid. Doired (ran Cbo- 
IaUc Acid, ami {irobably a nimure of tJus 

with Dysliun i oil three dccomjioaiiion pro- 
dutti ctf bile acid». 

Cbol'otilb (40/v, ^400;, sloae). A gnll- 
atcac, or Iriliaty calculus. 

Cholu-'ria ix*^, m-pov, the uriuc). The 
pre>euce dT bile in tlie urine. Abe the 
grctiii-h coloraiioii d ih* uriiie. 

Ctxm'drin {x^t-^it^, clvlikgc}. A lub- 
stance oteaiocd fiom Oie tDatnx erf' hjraliDc 
cattilage by boiling. Rtvmhlcft gelaifate 
in Kmeral inopcilie*, but dilfcra from it in 
1)01 heini; pn-cifuiatcd hy (aiiuic acid- Tti« 
Eubstancc yiflctlnE it is cAam/rqgen, pnJl^ 
ably ail ^lutiydricli.-. 

Cbon'drogen. See Chmdrm. 

Chondro'tna i^xwApai). A canil^oom 
luitjur. Src Anihim/ioma. 

Cbondrot'omy (toitpaf, n/oHj, to cut). 
Tlic dLs>cc1iun or luiot^imical analyaia df 

Cfaoit'drus. Iriih Mou. The nbiUnce 
of the alg* C. rni/itii and C. iKammiUaau. 
Tlie^e yield, uai lioilin^ Mi>lb water, u uA- 
uhle colloid coii!>iaiing mainly of munlage. 
IJemulcenl and iomcwhat nutrient. Some- 
Itniei u»ed in iBokiug tJam maitgr. Utwf. 

Cfao'pan's OperBtion. Medioiantal om- 
putntioti of the Itiol. 

CboT'da (Ijit. a cotd). A cord, tendon, 
fir tilutneiil cJ" ntn-e. C. DorsaliB. See 
AW^Avn/. C- Tcndinje, the tciulinoua 
»tiiii|t^ coniiectittg the carnta (ciytitttetA 
Die hmrt to (he auricular valves. C. 
Tympani, m lilmnt-nl ol tlic vidian ncr»e, 
wliivh ciiU:r^ tlieiyuijxuiun], C. Vocalis, 
one of the vocal cords or Ihyro aiyt«noid 

Cbocdee' (j(«^,acorTiy A qnnptcm In 
gonorrhflca diuiwteriica l>y (uinful ercc* 
tiui) and dotmward currUupe of the jjcnia. 

Chore's (j^fMfo, dmiclng). St. Vitu*" 
dance. A functional n<Tvnn<i diwrdc-r, 
usually occurring in yuuih, chumcicri/cd 
byspumodic and convuUive contraction, 
and non-rhylhmic action of the musclri 
of Uie extrrinilie*, fnce, rU. It may 
be caused liy a nitmticr of ooiulliiann, 
amonK which oit fitehl and rellcx irrita- 
tiotis, Mit it ii etjenlially a di5e*H: of the 
bier period of childhood, and aflicctjt girls 
aboul three limra a.i fn:<)uently as boyv 
C, Electric*!. See Duhmis Dhense. 
C, Habit. .See.yarjH. C. Majoi. ttic 
hytttrical C. of Uie French, llic movemcnU 
wide hi lanR and rei^lar in »>iiueiicet 
caiufng Kgwar oicillaiofy ma^iC^lcnLs of 
the nuts. C Minor, thai fir^i above dc- 


Cbo'rMid. Pertaining or similar to chorea. 




Cborio-blaBto'ses (^Am/Mm, skin, ^^aa- 
ivvu, to {cmimue). Ancnuiics of gitnrth 
of the owium and ccnnectirt! tiuae of tlw 

Cbo'rio-capUU'rit. Th« hiner layer of 
citpUtvy vcMcb of Ihe churaul oM of the 

Cborioidi'tis. See CAmvUmj. 

Chignon [;(opiaii, the Kxtal meniiiraiw). 
The vn^-elovno|f toenibrsne of the fixtot, 
extcTDAl la the amitioo, inicnul to the 
<kddiia. C, Primitive, tbe yittiliit* 
aumirane (or Z^ita pfiUuiJa\ during the 
lime of tite devcEojunfnt of the hollont, 
ttiuciorelcM villi u|)uci iL\ Muboc. C, 
Shiffgr. or C. Prondosum, when cov- 
cTctl Inr villi. C. Lcve, the smooth or 
DUO -villous po«iioi) of tbe chorioa. 

Cbo'iio-retlni'tis. Sec Ck^rai^tttiiu- 

Cbo'roid ( jfoywi', ibe diorion, n^, like- 
dch). '[nc seccctd cc Ta<<uUr tnnic of 
the eje coalinuaiu with the itif in (root 
ukI lyian; UHwecii ibe Kicrutic iukI n.-tiDit. 
C Plexus, a vucular pleins ia the lal- 
enl vcnlriclM of the Iniin. 

Cfaoroidi'tii. Inflanuiuliaa of the choroid. 

Choroid'o-retini'tis. Choroiditis with re- 
tinilis. C.-r., Ametropic, CMissd by 

Choroma'nia (.(nfiDf, • dance, ^wa, 
tnailncM). A nerroin disorder nunitirii in 
vinova tioKsaail plBCa,&ivd ch3r.wtcrued 
by dftacing or olber rtarlhinic movrnieiiij. 

Cbr1»'ti«on*s Pormuia. To rsiimve (he 
■nooat of solids io ihc arioG; Multiply 
tbe tiro lut li|{<ife^ of %. ipecific gravily 
expressed ia four lieurc& by 3.33 (or 1^ 
3. Trafp: or by 2.3, t^Uth). This 
gives the MiKMint of soUda in every 1000 

Chromal'ic (^^Nivm, color). ReUlii^ to 
or possPtvng color. 

Cbio'maitin (tpmis). The delicate relic- 
nlu tKiwoik cr plnnu of (ibrilt pemcai- 
lag ibe •cbnxBotin of a typical cell in 
|mo«i of dinnoci. Called alw Nnclco- 
plism, Kaiyopluma, and KAryomitoo. 

Cbromalog'enous {xfiuua, ynvow, to be- 
get). i*rodtKiiig color. 

Chromatol'ogy. Tbe tdeoct of colora. 
Also the spBCtraeccpic invcstigaiioo of 

Chromatopho'bia (^/mmio. fo^ru, lo ter- 
rify). AbtKirrrul (car Of colcn. 

Chro'Tnaiophore {xp*>f^' f'i"**- if> hear). 
Space> in the skin of cepb^opoda 6tlcd 
wkb oolofcd gramulca. 

ChniiiuiopB'ia(j:ptii/H(,wa^,vt»ionV Ab> 
nonnal 9etuailioQ& cf color. It may De due 
to dbonlen of the optical centera, or lo 
dniu'i. especially lantOlilB. 

Chfomid'rosts {xpufia, tSpuc, sweat). 
Slearriivea Nipicaiu, Seborrlicm Ni|rTkw>k, 
KtyriasU Kigricaw. CoUxcd excreiiotu 
of sweat, unully block, ur irpia in color. 
Mo*t ■omiaonly btnii the ryvlidi, but 
Munetimn aUo Ima (he check. In sobw 
in-itanceA han involved the anlb: and 

!;ruiti!L Of rare occurrence. Certain 
orrnt of chnnudrosii are due to the 
nrctcnoc of bacteria. 

Cbro'mium [xpu/ta). Cr^^ 53.1 ; quan- 
tiv4lcnce li and iv. <>ie of the eletocou 
of the iron group. Tbc varioux tail* of 
chroauum, especiBlly chronic acid, Ct,0^ 
ore mocb ased fca the ninufAciun of pig- 
Bieots and io dyeing le<til<- (.ttrici. IVitav 
liuia dichroraate (bichtotnilc u( potash), 
K,Cr,0^ is oxd in variow pbaniMMUtical 
and clicmicA] oijenUHMu. 

Chro'tnopbanet ^f)uu«, foixu, to bring 
iivio 5tgbt). (.v^UviT^ matter* derived froin 
the nriina. I'hdc a a ^icrii, Chloro- 
pbane ; a yellow, Xanthopbane, aad a 
red, Rhodophane. 

Cbiomo[»'aia. Sec CirMma/tfiiM. 

Cbromoptom'eter (:tpu**ai^>rr|Hi>, a anea- 
Hire). A contrivance used by Weber for 
deurmining the extent of development of 
color vision. 

Cbron'ic [xp^*^- time). A tenii applied 
lo tba long conlinuance of a diwate, oi 
dirtjngvidicd from the acute or vloleal 

Cbran'ograph (rrcovof. ypa^, to write). 
An instrument tor graphically recording 
intervals of time. 

Cbrooother'mat (.fpovof, Awho, beat). 
FcrtaiDing lo the theory Ihai all diviues 
arc chatvcicriied (^[tenodtof intcrmiiiing 
chill and beat. 

Cbrys'allt (jtptvnc, gold). Tttt papa or 
aecoodary stage in iba tnuultinnation of 
intecb. Sowed fron Um goUleo color 
of certain chiyMlidei. 

Cbrysobai'in, or Chrysobar'tnum. A 
■ubuance improperly called " chryMphonic 
acid/' cxtnwtcd by ulkaline soluliofti fmm 
<?*« P«Uhitr, the proklua of tbc decay of 
Amhr* aran^, a Brazilian tree. A 
gadro-iiilcstinal irriUnt. vrhich is obnost a 
mciAc wbeo l^]f)lieri loudly ut paoriass. 
Vtm, imcntally. gr. i-ax. C. Ung., 
cofllain* to per cent, of the drug with 90 
per cent, bcn/ooled lard. 

Cbryaopba'aic. See Chryi^^riHwmm 




Chyle (tv^> juic«V The oulk-wlute 
fluid atMoHied by ibc locteals during diges- 
tion. Un aUiidntKr ftcpinUe* iuta a thin, 
jelly-like clot ana » ■ubftanoe idoitical 
nith seniDL 

CbyliflcA'tion (xvJjw./jr/j.lw make). Tlic 
proce^ if/ wtitch ilie chyle it. iurotcd, 
uporueil tail abfiorfaed by the villi of the 
kinall iiiliistiiic. • 

Cbylo-pericard'iuoa. Aa effiuion of 
chyle within the pcricardmm. 

Chylorrhce'ft (.r"-*";, (•"■>, '" flow>. The 
CKceulve flow oJ'chvV. Ako, a digurb'Ka 
chancieriMd by & milky color of the Ixccs. 

Chylu'ria (x^^, ovfioi; uriiic). Tht- p»s- 
uge (4 (oilky-colored urine. 'Ilioughi to 
be CAU^nl by di<ordcn:d condition of the 
lactedb, aitd »Ihj connected ovith /•i/aria 
iOMgumii h.mtiitum. 

Chyme (X''I"K, juioe). Food that hu 
tuuiert^np t!*&tric and inlcstinal di]{es[ioR 
frora which chyle is ahecfbcd. The coo- 
leiils of the tnutU tntotincs alter hnving 
been acted npott by ihc ulivary, ipsiric, 
UliAry, putcnadc lod intcsthial wctcuobs. 

Chysiifick'tioo (,rM«>r, /ado. to make). 
The ch*n|fe of food into chyme by |[uinc 
•ad intcUinal dilution. 

Cicatri'ci«lDcrbriniiics. Abnomial coo- 
tncti'jiLi caused It} dciuriccs. 

Cieatric'ula. The Biasitxitrm d a hen's 

Cica'triK (Uu., Mine). Tbc tcu or OHrk 
left after um bcftline of a wound. 

Cicatriza'lion. The proccM of healing. 

Cicu'iia Viro'sa. Sec CiwAiJV. 

Cil'ia uiJium. The eyelids or lash). The 
eycl«sl>. AL-io, hiur-liWc itppeitdagcs of 
cciuun epithelial cclU, whose tunctioQ it b 
M propel Said or pamdcs along the pas- 
Mgn tiMt they line. 

CiViary (H/iuM). PcitaiDitic to tba eye- 
Ud or eyelash, sod also by cxicnsicn to the 
C. Appairaius, or the ttractutvi related 
to the iDcdunL-m o^ acconunodatioQ. C. 
Aneriea, — tinier i^, paiteri^' tftt^, and 
po$ifri»r thtmi, hnncbm of the ophthalmJc 
•ncry. >a{)f>lyh)e the recti niuclcs, the cili- 
anr ippaiuius. and ihc posterior «rucitires 
of ihcejw.wtlh ihr excrpewn of tbc rrtina. 
C. Boay. ihc ciliuy niu.'de and pn>- 
tKVXr-i. C. Ganzlton, th« ganglion at 
the ipcx of the oiliii, wppliing the ciliary 
noudeand int. C. Muscle, the mtuclctu 
actonmodaiion. wbo«e contraction lesM^n* 
the irnuoiL upon 'hf nukpcrwory llgsmeni 
of the Ictu. C. Nerves, brancho of tbc 
ef>hlhalinic ganglion w(ip!yiiigtbeant<tio( 
<tn*ctum and ■rootni»>dAiivc ^if»inua«. 

C. Neuralgia, neuralgic pain of the eye, 
brow, temple, tie. C. Proccsaea. ciau- 
larly arranged choroidal foltbng^ continu- 
ous with ihc iris in front. C. Region, 
ibc pericorneal or "danger* oxik conrs- 
)x»idiag to the position of tbc ciUiiry body. 

Cilium. See £y'iiiJ>. 

Ci'mex Lectula'rius. The common bed 
\yM^. A di^uj>)ing insect which iiififrvtj 
b*ds, funuliire,and the walls of lirdtaojrw, 
and which fc«cUon the human l)udy,punc- 
luriiig llic »kin and injecting an irriTaliiig 
Ruid to increase the How oT blood. Lliar' 
acicriicd by the repulaiTc odor of iu se- 

Ciniicifu^ga. Illack Snskc Uooi, fllack 
Cohotih. The root of C, nutmcia, tat. 
ord. Rnntincalacesc. A stotnachic, anti- 
Epasmodic. apbiodiuac, and diuretic, Atts 
oolhchcait similar to digitalis. l-JAcienl 
as a Ionic in many canliiw; diK-aKcv, in 
functional impotence, and ovarian aciual- 
gin. C, ext. fid. (alcoholic). Dom tT\,x- 
3J. C, Tinct., 30 per cent, in klrengtb. 
Dose 5aa^. Macrotio ^onof.). a rctb- 
ous nuacL D«e gr. J^-ij. 

Cincho'na. IVurian llark. The baric 
of several varieties of cinchona, a tre« 
native to the eastern slopes o* the Andes' 
and cultivated in India, the roost valuable 
beiof C. caiaas^. Other varieties are C. 
SMitimtra, red bark, C. rs-n./amimni, jiale 
baik, C. fiitayensi}, pitaya Lark, and C. 
micmniba. C baric contains 2t alka- 
kuds, of which 4. (juiniue, cincliotitne, 
<]uinidiiie tad clnchonldlne are the moat 
Imponam. Cinchona has Ihc same physio- 
logical artioai and iheiaiieulic (Ues as Its 
chief alkaloid tjulnta. See Qtihtia. It is 
also an astringent, bitter and stomachic 
tonic. stiinulstioK &{>f<'(i[c and [jrouiuting 
digesticm, bencbcial in atonic dyspepsia 
and adynamia C, Ext, Dose gr. 1-4. 
C. Fid. Ext. lX)»eTn,x-5i- C- In- 
Aisum, bark 6, arom. sulpb. acid 1, vraier 
9J parts. Oosegj-gj, C. Tirvct.. 20 

?r cent, of the hark. L>o>se ^^-ij. C, 
incl., baHi iD.biucr orange 
peel S, serpcntaria 2, alcohol So porta. 

Cinchonid'ta, or Cincboo^'idine. An 
atkahMd derived from dncbona. Rr^em- 
bles (j'linia in erwral propertie*. C. 
Salicylate (unol.), luu decided antima- 
larial |xo;irt1ir>. C. Sulph., le.1t tiMlrf 
than (|uinine and valuable aa an nntipyiettc. 
Dose gr. j-xx or more. 

Cinchoni'na, or Cin'chonine. An offi- 
cial alkaloid denrcd ftoni cmciiona, Sind> 




br lo c)uininc io ibcnp<^Uc cffrcts, but 
lets active, produdoK much bradacfac »od 
lotne rauscnlar weakness. C. Salph-i 
tlinkulUjr ioluUc Jn walcr, but tojoble in 
Bcidulftied water. Dose p. v-xxi. 

Cinera'ha Mariti'tna. The jalcc of thi^ 
pljnt bis Iwcii Vm^ UkCil in \'FiienM.'la for 
the abttoqitKia of ciuiacL UtK^. 

Cinerf tloas {/iKtr^i, ashes). Ash-like or 
pertainiiw to »>he% Applied nlw to the 
ooitex of ibe bsnia, Irom the color of tfav 

Cio'nabar (KinttJapt, » pigtnrnt). Uer- 
curie Milpludc, Hg^. Sec Uydrargynim. 

Cinnamo'mum, ot 

Cin'iuunon. Ilie innrr bwi <A ibe Bboott 
of sevvral spcciu of OtninmemHm, ntuirc 
tc Cc/lon and Uiina, Ibc latter being 
known in cmqmctcc undcrr ihc name of 
tauia. PiopCTticf due lo a I'oliitilc oil. 
An Dgrccahlc conninntirc and nramaitc 
stimulsnt. U*cfiil cnmliincd with cfnum in 
fliiulcncc.crampof ilic^oiaacfa.cntctiilgiii, 
eti:. C, Aqua, I pARa of oil tn lOOO 
of wfticT. C, Est. Fid. Arom., contains 
animatic powder lo parts, alcohol 8 patts. 
C, Oleum, the volalttc ml. Uosc ([tL j-v. 
C-, Spt^ IO pcf <xnt, of (he oil in ^riL 
Dose fr\,T-«xx. C. Tincl., lo percent. 
of the powdercH bark in doohol. Put- 
vis arornaticus, Kroramk powdtir, ciona- 
tB°*>t ipngcrU 35, cardAmon, natio::£ia J 5. 
IJoM! }[r. x-iax. 

Cioiii'ti» (tcfwr.tbe ovola). IndanmiMioQ 
of tbc uvula. 

Cionot'omy (kiwi', ro^iViS KCtion). Exci- 
sion of the uvula. 

Circle of Diffusion. See DiJftttioM. 

Circle of Willis. TV pasia^ betwmn 
the ifttetior cerebnU aitcnia anteriorly, 
and the internal carotids and cerebrid 
anerieft posteriofly, by CDCiuiniaicaiiiq[ ves- 

Cifcula'tion. The pasuxe of the falood 
tbrcui*!! ibc vArioas veswis, di*4ifi{;uiilted 
Oil catiilUry, fuMal. portal, puloHDaiy, *i^. 
C, ColUteial, iM throu|{h braocfao and 
secondary cbannels after tloppafte of (he 
princiiMl route. C, First or Primitive, 
that of the enibrjro, a closod syMcm, carry- 
inn nutriment and oxygen to llic emliryo. 
C, Secoftd, the fuRtal dn.-TilalioB replacinj; 
theoauihalo-meMrDlrric^y^'in- C, Third, 
that o( the adult. 

Cir'cum-. A prefix meimioe itrvnW, 

Circuracts'ion (rt>i-ww(Vi/ii,locut aroood). 
Eu»iOQ of a cimlar piece of the pre- 

Circamduc'lion. See Af^i^m. 

Cir''cu[nflcx {rirettm/leth^ViYieaA abooi). 
Snnnundinf; nr rockiaing ; applied lo a 
munbcr of nKcrin. vciDk and nerve*. 

Circumpolarixa'tioti. The (luaotiuiive 
estimation of sugar m a suspected lt.^ukl in 
the amount of the rotalian uf tulariiea 
tiehi, sugar rotating ibc ray to the ri^U, 
alLumin to the left. 

Circumval'Utc ycirtttmt'a/h, to Muroand 
with a wall). Surrounded bj a wall or 
prominence. C. Papillc, certain paptllc 
of the lonifue. 

Cinfa&'sis (»wr, teddiih-Tellow ; fram 
Ibe color d the cirrhotic lircrV [notase 
and thickenii^ of tl»e connective ti»ue of 
an otuan, cspedally of tbc liver. 

Cir'80C«le t«'pK>r, a varix. 1D7A4, lumor). 
A varicuee tumor, specially of the sfxr- 

Cir'Boid liufKKif. tt(t^, likeness). Rcaem- 
blJni; a vuii, or dilaled vein. 

Cirsom'pbaloe (npoor. ofi^Mf, navtl). 
A variccoe foodition of the navel. 

Cirsot'omy {iuixkh, nfiw, to cut). Ex- 
ciuon of a varix. 

Ciatcm of Pcquel. See Rftrplaatlam 

Cii'riiM Oiot'ment. See ffyJrar^yrum. 

Cil'ruS. S(.-e Aurcatiam. 

Clad'ottarix {KAo^t, a branch, Ofni, a 
hair). A geniu of llic &mily Bacteriorefe, 
bating kog filamcnlA, in |»ciid'>-ruintfica. 
lions, with inie spores. C. Dicboioma, 
found in soft or n»ckish waters, a sapro- 
phytic fungus, noo-patbogcntc, prcdpitatc* 
oxide of iron and cakaieous coiKreiioos. 
C. Forsieri. found in the lachrytBal canal 
In concretions; it probably ideoii<'Bl wilb 
C. DUMolema. 

Clamp (Cer. Klampc\. An instfument 
for conipre«ine Ibe puts in snrgicsl opersi- 
liooB lo fix them or to prevent hiaiionaq[e, 

Clap. A popolor des^alion of gooor- 

ClarnSc«nt {darut, clear). A suhstanoc 
used for the )nirj«wie of clearing folotions 
frtnn iiunliilile matter. 

Clarifica'tioo \e!anti\ The opcrslian of 
malaDfl a liquid or naturally transparral 
suhstance clear. May bracoimpliwcd b^ 
a1k>«ri»{[ the »iu|ieii(lcd matter to sidiade, 
liy ibc addltioQ of a clonficuit or nbatancc 
whkh preci|)iut« suspended maltcn, or 
by Diodcralr heating. 

Clu^tfy(i/tfrn;). To free a K'laid or »oli»- 
tion frnin insoluble or hcteragcnMiwi mI> 
■taaccs. To malic clear. 




Clar'ifymg Rea'gent. Any pivp«railoa 
tued for purifytni; tnirroscopic and ana- 
toonical prcforaliaii* that have been 
moaDied in gnamj media. Oil of ctovn, 
luffiemliiet aeasote, xylol, and oil oif beiga- 
md ate th« chief. 

Clasp-knife Rinid'hy. A tcAck s^ku 
modic oflirin nf Ihf lrg% m inctnued tayo- 
tmtic irriuUliIy iif the cord, in which cx- 
(ennion U vcmpletcd with a "(ping," u 
in tb« knifc- 

Claaaili caption {elaait, a clav, fiiei^ to 
make). An orderly anaiifteateni uf namei, 
ohjeeu, Aliemxe, ftc., acrordiog to their 
propcTtie* and [xculJAritic*. 

Clauiroc7at^ls {ti>.>fipa^ a uelUs. «i>ar(^, 
pouch). A genus of tnicrnbrs with mund 
or OTal cells, furmiug zo)^l<ete in the (inui 
of cimiUur Uye.n. 

Clans'lrum \t[amio,\o shnt). A Ixvncr; 
wed uf MTVcral a|>etturet that may be 
doaed againa eotnoce. ALtoapplied toa 
kjer of gny matter in the ceretrrum near 
the lentinilftT nudeiu. 

Clav'iceps (e'ava. dub. eafrut, head). A 
grtiu* of fun){i. C. Purpura, the fungtu 
produdtig scirrUii, or the cngiA of tye. 

ClAv'icle {<Iavtu, a key). The collar' 
bone. The bone Canning tlw antcriorpart 
of the shoulder. 

Cta'vuft {(laftti). A torn. A fmall. cir' 
ctuDvcnlird, i\ax and dccp-teated callotitr 
cauKd by thickening and exccssire devel- 
opnK^ni ti{ the enidermii. Usually caused 
by pieoare, ana occur iqqrI fmjuenlly on 
the toes. Occurring between the toes, 
there U freqoenily cnnsidrrable tnaceniion, 
caiumg the ">uft" ami. C. Hyateri- 
CUB. A local neuralgic pain in hjMcria. 
anonnin, efc, in the bend, ns if a itirtV 
were beinu driven in. 

Claw-hand. A pojiulaf cxprcaiJon la 
lignify line condiiinn of the hand reaulUng 
ftvm aticpliy uf the inteT>Qaaeoai musde*. 
(Freodi. mnimen-grifffA 

CIcana'inga. The tocbia. 

Cleav'erg. See Ga.'iunt AMrmf. 

Cleft Psl'at*. A congenital tnalfmrmaiinn 
of the palate, usti>lly cccurring with h«nt- 

Clefts, Vis^'ceTal. The four slit like open 
ings each side of the cenii-al i^ion, in 
the fcFloii, (omrliniei called the firnnthia! 
tfienmgt. The slits dow (In tlie hunuin'l 
except the upper, bran which ore devel- 
oped ihv auditory (Deatus, tympaok cavky 
and Ecutachiao lube. 

Clei'do- {Oni^, Ihe davicIcV A |»c6x, 
OKanlng a relsuoo to the davicte. 

Clark - Maxwell'a Bxpariment. See 

J.fVKl fttNg. 

Climac'ieric {nidfiaKrnfi, the round of a 
ladder). A period of the lifetime u whkh 
the system was belJend to tmdeivonarited 

dianueSi. Tlieiie were at yearly peHodi 
divisible by seren. C. Age, in wofoea 
Ihe lime of ceuation of the cotamenia. 
C. Crand, the 63d year. 

Climaiol'ogy (n^Afia, ?-o}«r, a disooone^ 
A treatise upon climate. 

Clim^ato-thcr'apy. Tbeumofrciidence 
in diAercm climates ai a theruvtudc agent 

CItmbing-Eiaff Tree, l-al^e llittertweet. 
The beuk uf ihe ruol uf Ctlastrmi tiomiens. 
Alterative, diuretic aiid tligfady narootk- 
llas been adraniageouMy employed in 
syphilitic and »crofuIuiis aiTectiwii. Doe 
of lid, exL .i;j-Ij. Unof. 

Clin'ic (n?:(»'*Ktir, pertaining to a bed). 
Medical in-stiuctiiKi ^\vvt\ at the bedside, 
or with the patient jireseni, whose symp- 
tODU ate studied and treatment comidered. 

Clinodac'tylous (x>iv(j, to dex or lie, 
itaKnv.aCi ^nger). IVrtaining to an ab- 
nramal flexure, deviation or curvature of 
the Irtigcre or toe». 

Cli'noid (kAuit. a bed, rukf, likeness). 
Rexembling a bed. Apniied to cundry 
Uxiy Miuttures of the boay, as the cliooid 
pTOces.J**, plate, walls, **, 

Cliseotn'cter (ii^/cif, inclination, fUTpv», 
arnca>ufc), An tnxlnunent for measur- 
ing the degree of indinaiion of the fcnale 

Clhoridec'tomy {Ottropt^, rKrc^w, 10 
enriv). Ivxnuon of the clitoirt. 

Ch'toria (s7.frr(^f). The andogtie in tlie 
female of the peuiM, aliached by two crura 
or brarrhM U> the i^Mrhio- pubic rami, whirh 
rntct i» frunt of Iliejjubic joint to form the 
body, r» (crfus. Tiie tw^mlted " glocl " 
i* iiieh only in apjicamnire or name. C. 
Crises, parc'xyttiis of >eiual excitement in 
women suflcring from tabes. 

Cloa'ca {datteu, a newer). In Mwljr lortal 
life the cosnincn orifice of (he inirstiDC and 
the allantois. In surgery the long canal 
of CiCKpe of in* fnun a necrotic «e()ues- 
trum. The cnamlvr into wbkh o|kii the 
targe inlestinc and urogddta) ducts of 
birda, amphibians and inonotreBnata. 

Clon'ic («ln>w)t, coomiolioa). A|i{>lied to 
conrattive and spaimwHc cnndltiaas of 
nHucl«K in which atlrinate contrsctioas 
and rdaxatiofu occur involuntarily. 

Clo'nus (a2M«c)- Invnlnniary, irnci, 
bregBtor contractions of muscles when 
pot suddenly upon the suctch, Accord- 




ing lo the [Art ilimulalnl, ihe pbcfiotBraon 
U t|X>keii oi ai oittlf, yW, or C, 
ftc. A Taluatde dtof^Mslk ugn in cotain 
ci>nl Icsiotu. Sec atkie C. 

Clo'quct, Cans) of. Sec /fyaUid virttry. 

CkMUid'iom. Sec Baeillui SutyrUm. 

Clot. Ste CivzuIhm. 

Clot'tagc oTttM Ut«t«ra. Ad operadon 
pmfod'-d in cue of barawtoria from a kid- 
ney lia|.)^lc&!ily cnuhnl or trkh advmncM 
orciiioina. Tbc procc^lurc ccnUns in 
blocking or coriing op the urcUr i*tth a 

Cloud'berty. Tbc Icsvcs of Jtiiut 
eham-rmorui, mucb ovil in RuMia si n 
dinretic Dose 5J (o a caiiful <4 Iwnlii^ 
waMr. l.'ntif. 

Cloudy SwclliOK. Parendijrraalota de- 
geuctftliui),— aitKlIiD); upuf the rIcBKDU 
of a iJwue hj imbilntion or acfrtvtion. a 
fnmt nf h,fpei\io[>hy wilb a tcndcncjr to 

Clove. Use Caryo^yllm. 

Club-foot. See Talif<t. 

Club-hand. A def'Drmity cf ibe band 

!innjlar to lha( <i cliil> Toot. 

Clys'tcr (k^utt^V An enema. 

Cnldo'tis. Sec Vrlitaria. 

Coag'ulaiive Necro'sis. See Neervtis. 

Coag'uluin \ .'o,t^lo, to cunlle). CkX. 
A name applied to Ute maw of fibrin 
that IxmM. from thr^ pLasau of the liloml 
oflts thr latler ba> b(^en diauro frorn Ibe 
body. Abo. the cnnl of tiiilk, and the 
in>o1iihl<> fiwta of albumin. 

Coalea'cence (nW/ira, to Krow (ufjetlicT). 
The union of two or quk {mcu or thiia^ 

Coapta'lion (<-i>n, together, aflo^ to m.\. 
The proprr unioa or BdJBttmeot of the 
nub of a fmctured bone, the t^ of a 
wound, tie. 

Coarcta'iloa {eearei,\ to pvt (ogether). 
AcomprcMlon of the walKof a.t'cswl or 
C-uut,lhtn n;iiTTiwing orckMinj;lhc lumrn. 

Coarse Dixeate. MacnHvo(;Jc ot^iak 
lesioos, soch as tumor, hxmorrhase, i-i*!-. 

Coat (nNKtr, a Ionic). A cover, or innn> 
braae covering n yu*. or tubttance. C, 
Bufty.thr ii|»)«-r hhrinouv l.iwr of ibeetol 
of con^iUipH I'lnod, itiark«l h]t its color, 
Bad alncDce of rod oof^nuclcx. Coaiiil|[ 
of the Toncue.acoivlilioDof Ibetoit^e 
indicilit^r nt almonnaliiy of the dtgeitive 
tract. Coating of Pilts, n covcmg of 
variom Mi^Mtanccs to reodcr them tempo- 
rarily taAekat. 

Co'ea. See EryiknxyUm. 

Co'caine. The chkf alkaloid rxtnct of 
EfytlirQKyhn Coca- At fint itimulanl and 

ailcTWanl narcotic. Reiemi>1e» taffeitt in 
its action ua twrve-centen, uad Mr^nt 
fat UacSttlson respiratory and circulatory 
orsaaa. Long-conlioucd um^ (cocaine 
buMi) U fallowed by inximiiK. decay of 
moRU and inlellectaal powers enuridiion. 
and dnlh. tjocally, a powerful an-cuhetic 
to a limited area of mulace. Acts raoat 
tapMily on anicoas tiauies. Applied to 
conjunctiva of Ibe tTe caiuei bImi dilata* 
tion of pu)>i1 and pa(al)->it uf futteiitai of 
accomoindaticin. .applied lo tongut tempO' 
rarity de«tro)-s wnw \i luaie. |J»e gr. 
)|-q. C. Hydrocblorate. mon properly 
cocaine cbluriilc, twMt cuRUDooly tsttA for 
local aKOtbcMa in 3-S P^ <:cni. wluiion. 
Dose, inirraally, gr. ^-Ij. C. Oleate, a 
J per cciii. •nJutioo in oleic acid, for ex- 
lemol u*e. 

Cocca'ceia (xaumc, a kernel). AccxMtliiig 
lo MaicC, tltc hr>t £unily of Bacteria, includ- 
ing a» genent ihc Hkrococcuf, Sarcma, 
Aaooooccus and Leucooosioc. The ele- 
nviiU are oonnally ipherical, rc|mxluction 
uttially taking place by divUoa, Someliiuc* 
by ^-ire4 cjiotf in one or aevcrai direc~ 

CoGcobaclc'iia f mMomr, altemeLJaJcrnaiw, 
a little rod). Ap])licd by Billroth to tbe 
nid-like kx (jibHoidal l<acteria found ia 
pntrefying It guidi, and calkd by hiin C> 
Seplica. See Hatttrmnt. 

Coc'culua lod'icua. See Pirmtoxm. 

Coc'cuB (icoiucut). A cell or cupnile. C 
Cacti, the cvtchinealtmecL Sect-WinwtfJL 

Coccygc'al . Ptertaining to the eaxjx. 

Coccygody'nia (aacni^, wlwv, P<^)» 
Pain in the coccyx. 

Coc'cyx («>ui>f, the cwJun^ (reictnbUna 
the liill), The U« bone of the spinal 
coltnnn, fonnnl Ity the itnioci of iDur rudi* 
meotary vcitdvu:. 

Coch'ineal. '["be dried inwcts of* tpedea 
of plant lice, Catrm cacti, paraxitic uooa 
(Ik cacttu of Mexico and Ceoinl Amenca. 
ContofM a rich ml coloHag maUer, fai^ 
mtMf. U«c(l mainly a« a colcring tnaUer. 
TInught to be raltmble in infantile wboop- 
ii^cwigh- DoK gr. K. 

Coch'lea(«o^<lo(,acinncIia-ahellV Acavity 
of the internal car raKmblingaanail thdl> 
llcMrrihes Ivro and a half tuma about a 
Central pillar called the m^iatiaat celMim- 
HfUa, forming the jfiral tamaJ, abool ■ yi 
inchu in length. The loUcr ta divided 
into thive canaUor •caLc, — the ual* tym- 
pana, vtitibmU am] meJi-f. 

Cocilla'na. The bark of a specie* of Gua- 
rca, of the Jwuilw Aliii-ufa, an rmdic and 




porK*livc ; paisiatuMis ti ui Lirilanl narootk 
In o»'er-do»*s. It *ci* Iwall)' u[.kiii the 
mucous maabnnc whca directly appliol 
w when ah»rt<d. Commended in hron- 
chial ntUurb. llo«r of pkI. lUTiin*. Lnof, 

Cock'lcbur. Tiic Icavcs of Xanthium 
ttrumnriffH. A pc^iilnr domctlic remedy 
for l)i(c» oJ" pniwrnoTU inncdt and rrrtilcs. 
An active smitic. Dock of the fld. cxI. 
3i-ij, Udo(. 

Co'co, or 

Co'coa (Port, eafnt). The ftnil of Theo- 
tr.'fiii (tiia<\ IkTgetf uted at ui aiticlic of 
di<"t. Sec 'ITif^rimta, 

Co'delne, An >lknloid Mctnn of opium. 
.Vildlr caliniUivr. L>Oic gr ss-ij. 

Cod-liver Oil. Sep Aforrkmr. 

CoB'lia {mi'mo, ihc IjcII)-). The belly. 

C«e'liac. l^naining to the belly. C. 
Artery, same u C. Axis. See Artery. 
C. Ganglion. Sec Git'v'liaH S^militnar. 
C. Plexus. See Pitiu*. 

Ccc'Iom (<uiAu;iia, a cavky). Tlie body 

Co»^«COpe (niM^.M, the hetly, <Tx<rr'M, to 
ot^scnv). An iaOnuncnt for exanunine 
the ca^ilirt of the l>Ddy. t>y meani of the 
electric litflil, enclmed in a flask and 
mniuiicd upoD a elsai shjuk. 

CoB'nunift. See Atkmatiam <f Gmtrm- 

Coffee. See Caffn. 

CohabitA'lion \tim, (o|{elbeT, kablhi, to 
dwell), Tlie living (ivetbei of a waQ 
and wnniAn without legal Rianiage. Sex- 
tud cunneclion. 

Cohe''sion {teharo, lo stick logL-tticr). 
The force whereby molecules of mailer 
adhcm lo each other. The " attraction of 

Cohn'a Liquid. A culture liquid deiised 
by C-ohii, L-omposctl uf the followinjt |nrt*, 
in gnvmmiii; Distilled waur xoo; tar- 
ttate of amiuuntia ao; plioipbate of po- 
lassa xo ; sulphaleof magnesia 10 ; tribosic 
pbospboije of lime o.i. 

Cottosh. Blaclt. .S(<e Cimiiifxpt. 

Cotl'ing of Iha Card. See ti^t4. 

Co'ilue (i-cwhf). The ad of »eAiial oxi- 
neciion. Cofwlaiion. 

Cola'tion (i-o/o, to sUAin). The Cfieraliuo 
of sUnininc. 

Colch'icinc. See C^hitum. 

Colch'icum- Meadow SaRron. The corra 
and seed of C. MtmmnaU. ftDpertlcs 
due lo an alkaloid, rt<3<hUinr. Ati cmL-ltc, 
diuretic, diafiborctlc and drasik caihartk. 
Valuable in acute (^mji, and iumI with 
good results in gononboea. C. Rad. Bat., 

diltite ocelic acid 35, powdered root too 
[unn, nairr ■!. %. lioae gr. %-\\. C. 
Ritd.Ext., Pld. Dose Vji-ii. C.Son. 
Ext., Fid. Doselti,g-T. C. Rad.Vini., 
40 pi-r cenl. in iitrrngth, I>oac n^v-w. 
C. aem., Vini., 15 per cenL in Mrraj^h, 
i>osc lH_)(-K>x. C. Tinct., prc|Kued fo^m 
ihc seed ; tUeagtb 1 s per cent. I>m(; 

Cold (Sax. tfttU). The coinpamtjvc want 
of heal. Used popularly tor fxtrfta^ and 
catarrhal eondiuooa of the re^ralciT 

Cold-blooded, See PakHeihtmiU. 

CoIil-apotB. Sec Tem/vratHre Smtt. 

Colcc'tomy (iio?,i7i', the colon, rara^, cnt- 
ting cnit). haciMoo of a pottioo of the 

Col'ic {ft>&Mi\ P«nainin(| to the colon. 
The condition mlt^ly called bellyache, 
or a iCvcTc jpiptiift poin in the boweU. or 
adi»cenl organg, as. f. _i;.,lirj^ili(, ntfJtriiU, 
tu. C, Lead, ct C., Saturnine, that 
diie to lead p(>is(.4iiti}{. Sec below. 

Col'ica Picio'nutn. I'ainien' Colic. A 
form of culic due to ibc aiMorpilon liy the 
system of lead in poi^onouj 'luaniiiies. It 
i» cmninnn ainnng tho*e wlio use or work 
witb li-oil. 

Col'ic Root. SctAlterii and Dhu^rea. 

Coli'tiK (Wjw, the large intestine). ]q- 
flammation of tlie colon. 

Col'lngen (it»<'-^'t.gttie,7rinnii.>, to produce). 
A substance existing in various tissues of 
the body, especially bone and cartilage; 
converted into Kclaiine by boiling. 

Collapse^ \i[i4labirr, to lall together). Rx- 
treme depnssioa and pnstnuiofl from bil- 
wc of nervous ianst, ai in cholera, shock, 
btrntorrhai^, ttt. 

Col'lar Bone. See ClavitU. 

Collccl'ing Tubes of Kid'ncy. A name 
given to duett discharging into the calicea 
of the kidneys. 

Collect'or. A device by which any dub). 
bcr of cells may be taken from or added lo 
an electric eviirnl. 

Col'lea" Fracture. See Fracturt. 

Col'lldine. A name giren to Nenckl'i 
trtumalnc-bow, C.H.,N, iicnncTic but not 
identical with aldehyde- cdlidine. The 
plomalne was nlitained from pancreas and 
gelatine allowed Id putrefy together in 
water. Its conrtiuuioii is stiU unknown. 
The free base b oUy, and possesses a 
peculiar, ^[reeablc odor. Neocki believed 
it an oranMic base, lu pli}-»iological 
action appean lo be douMiul. But an 
bon)(.-i of it discorcred in oalilood fibrin 



nnri in putr«>i«l jelly -fuh han a poiscinoiu 
cAccI rracnibliiig curaia. Prcgi poiaoiMd 
hy ifae tmncr gire on tm onngc-dovrcr 
nrlor. Nvnrki'i cnlliiitne i« boni«hc with 
collidine obcuinnl rium L-tml-tar. 

ColUnso'nU Canaden'sis. Knob-root, 
I iotv- VTrdl, Slrmc rriM. A popnUl' rio- 
iDt-aiic remedy umtiI in llie Soulbcm St«t«a 
u a curr-all. Ha« amUpasmodic pnper- 
li«4. IkMc gr. mr-li in <lecMlk>n. t'nof- 

Colliqua'tion Ui-J/ii/uro, to melt). The 
li(|nclac1ion or lirenlung dwm of o tLsoe 
nr organ. 

Collc/dion {Ki>y/,w}iK, glne-likv). See ^ 

Colloid (WJla, glut). A noa-C7y:ttaUtxable 
and generally >v1ul>le wguiic knbriancv. 
Sec Viafyni. A1h>. bari^ the nature ot 
gliir. In dirmiilry, amoqidouii and non- 
cry$tallinG. C. DcfEvne ration of the 
Skin. A rare diw»,«e. rccunine: chiefly 
OO (hr apprr pari of ihr ficr. in the fonn 
of Btull. glistening, Inuisluccnt, ilnttuih ck- 
vaiioR*. and yielding by freftsttre a small, 
jelly-like mou- 

Col'lum (LiU.). Tbc tuerior pan of the 

Collyr'iain { mUqpia»>, an eye-alreV An 
ostriosmt, ontiMplic or medkiml totioD 
for Ihc eyes. 

Colobo'ma (mia^ou, to mutitate). A 
cleavage or mam of parU of (he eye, of 
oongcflital or truiiaotic origin Con- 
genital C. oiv due lo itnperfecl clonire 
oTtvamm durinc fnrial development. 

Col'ocynih. or 

Coloeynth'ia. Coloc^-nih. The &uit of 
C. Citrullm, (rnn which seeil» and rind 
hate been rrjected. l*ropeni« due to n 
Miter gloooiide, et<iMy»Mn, A uniic and 
Bttringcnt {anxmire. Uited mainly as an 
inHTMieni in eotujiound cathartic pills. 
Sofiiewhat Bseful in colic, sdatic riKoraa- 
ttw) and neumlffin. C. Bxt., alcctiolk. 
Done K"" Ji'i- C. E»t., Comp., ooti- 
tains caloc]vib extract i6, alo;i 50, car- 
damnn 6, fciin of Kunmooy I4, iio«p 14, 
akohol to. Dose gr. t-kk. PIIuIk, 
Cemp. Cathartic, avnpound cathartic 
jJlli ; cixit^iiii each, comp. eit, of colocynili 
ST. t.3, abstract jalap gr. j, calome) f[T. j, 
mmhogegT. f. rhHc j-rij pilK Lkville's 
Anti-gout Remedy, omtiun* eolocynib 
a ^, i|uiuiue, ciiK'boiiioe aa 5, SpoiibU wine 
800, alcohol too, woter tooo itAtti. 

Colo'gne. Sec Spirilt. 

Co'loD (riv.m-, the colonV Tbc ltn>i or su- 
pfrior pm of the Urf^ iniesriiw. In the 
Tarious paita uf iu course it i> lioown as 

Ibe tuenJiMg C, the dfictnJimg C, ibe 
fmnnrni C, anil ibe tigm^d fitxurf. 

Colopb'ony. See Jtnin. 

Co'lor \^t*/ifr\. The diflerence* in the ap- 
]ieanuH:c <ji a thing iccn, other iIbui lltoae 
due lo >liape, relief, fU. The liw w hue 
ci on ohject, dqiendetit upon the mttntKr 
of vibraliocis uf ibe elbeival itinMllui. 
C.-blindneaa. Sec BUndtttsi. C. 
Complcfflemary, any color ihai added 
lo aatilhrr o)tor, or lo a nuKtaie of colon, 
pioduccs >*hite. C. ContraHi, any itrct 
that, when mixed, sapplement the ptevaJl* 
ing tooe of the lighL Colon, Mixed, 
thoae produced wm the rcitiui ii cxciicd 
by tw»arinore&ini|ilc colon. C, Simple, 
i1k>m; of tin? ifpecirum. C. Saturated, 
ihote ccniaming titik or no while. 

Color- blindneaa. .Sc<- /l/inJiuit. 

Color-hearing. "Yhc h>vi'<bcMS of the 
exciiation of the chmmatic centers Ibroogb 
the auditory ncm. 

ColoriDi'eier Utlfr, fargv»f menare). 
An in^nintent for dctenninlD^ tbc quan- 
tity ot rolonng nutter in it miKtiue. 

Colot-tenaation. fxrpenda on the mmi- 
ber of vibrattnm of the etber, ibc naine as 
Ifae pitch of a note de]«nda co tbc oumljer 
of vtbraiionf of the Eoanding bndy. Hcr- 
ing'a Theory of C.-a. pndicaLe* dB> 
annDiblioo aod assimilatioa (decoopOH- 
tioo and restiliMion) of the visiM) tnb- 
Hance in vitioo — while, red aod yellow 
rcpiesenling Ihc »ensaiioii of dUautmita- 
tioa, Uack, grceo Hid Uik of restitntion ; 
thus endowing the vbiial mbdance with 
three modes of cbemica] mctaljolisra. 
Young-Helmholu's Theory, n^.-umci 
thn."* Iiiods of tie fve -element* cunriipoMd- 
ing to the (hn« ptiinaiy colon. Slbnula- 
tion of ihe firsi caitica red, of Ibe Kcond, 
gre^n, of theihinl, viutei. 

Color-top. A top containing on the aee- 
torx of i(» diic a munbcr o< colon lo be 
" mi.'ied" by rapid whirling. 

Cotoa'trun U^oSa^rum). The fint milk 
fat the roodter > lircajti nflrr the birth of 
Ibe cbiM. It » laxatirc, and aMbt> in 
the cvpnluon of the tneconnini. 

Colot'on)]> (miW, t>/»<l>, lo oit). Incision 
of dw 00100, eilbcT turner or inpimal, 
according to the region of citlrance. 

Colpeur'ynteT {Ma'krT^l^, vneina, rvrntci, to 
wiaen). An nt>tnnncnt tar tlilaliog (ba 
ngina bymeansof anintlalablebagoraac. 

Co^i^'tia (udx-of). Indamnolioo of the 

Col'pecele fn^iXtrcv. aifjiv, tumor). Kemk 
or tumor in Ihc va 




Colpobyperpla'sla. A cjMic hrperpluJK 

ol the vn^injL 
Colpoptnne'opUsty. Pla&tic (^rations 

flpc abnonualiija tji (be ragiiw ukI pcri- 


Pn)a|»e uf the vagina. 

CoIpotKrhftphy (mj.coc pa^^, sevn). Sn- 
Imt u( Uk vacinn. 

Colt'sfoot. Tbtf leaves of Tmtihgv far- 
fara. Demulcent ami Ionic Soniclimcs 
pracribccl in chranic couj^h. Doac of 
J j lu 0] ilecocliuu, ■ teacuijful ; of Ud. cxc. 
gi-ij. Uiwr. 

Coium'bo. Sc« Calitmbo. 

Columcl-'la. The column-like rod of birds 
•lul reptiles correspomling to ibe auditoc; 
ouiclc» lA itie ht){heT oniintds. 

Coluiu'iu. AcotiunnorpilUr. C.Bcrtlni. 
I'liut jiott (]f the cntiuil structure of tbe 
Vidtic^ wliibti Mixiniici lUe skIcs of any 
two p>T.)niittti, ihtough which ibe ancrics 
ami ni'tii-nrnlrr, and the »Tinv mill lyuijib- 
aiJcs cuciKc. C. Nasi, ibv niitero-pua- 
tenor septum twrwccn the noMtriU, C. 
Vertebral is, die (pinal column. C. Car* 
nc«,iuiiK:uL-ircDluiniispiciiectiD|; ftomtbe 
cardiac vtritriclrs. 

Col'umn \ci-iiumna\ A inllju or column. 
tiod/, anil especially lo certain pans of the 
•pina] OQfd. C. of Burdach, the pottero- 
cstcnuUcoluainof tbccnnl. C.ofCluke, 
a RToiip or nerve cells in Ihr inner jiort of 
■he nirck of tbe posterior Ikoti in the domd 
and lumtiar cord. C. of Coll, the [x»tcro- 
mnlinii coliunti of the cord. C.of Turclc, 
the antcrioc or direct pyrainidnl liacl, 
rr-ti /irjjwt./.j/, Diivtt tfrtMiar C, tie., 
ate other (otiiii)tii or Irscia of the c«Md. 

Columnel'la Cocblex. Sec Cof^lta ami 

Co'ma {upfo, dmji sleep)- Atmonnally 
deep and proloiigod Bleep, with the ccrcUn] 
fiiDciitus in abeyance: due to com|.im-ion 
of the brain, hnnotThagc, rx. C. Vigil, 
a coBHUae oondiiiou in wbich the palktU 
Uca with open eyes, l«it uncotucious and 


Co'matose. [n a condition of coma. 

Combus'tion (^.>w/«/-o,lohain Bp). The 
pnxrm of okidation, atlci«inl with thr 
titvratioa of beat, aitMl somctitncs lighl. 
Loowly iwert at a *]Tion>Tn of inilommntion , 
C-, Spontaneous, ihni liur li> hral fmm 
ijwtnjcal change*, tnidi as ttM spontaneous 
igDitioo of oiled waste or ilioddy in woolen 
mQIs. fnctorin, H(. C, Spootaneoua 
Human, the supposed burning of tbe 

body wilhoat the eatemal ap[JicalioD of 

Coin'edone {comutfo, a glutton), niack- 
bead. A black-pointed cylindrical phig 
formed V} the lodgincnl of »cbncaiu> mat- 
ler Hrithin the orihoc of the dart. .Nearly 
always occim on the ^c, nrck and chest. 

Com'&cy. The nxK of Sym/^^tiim vffi- 
tiMnle. Demulcent, uligbtl^ asliingent and 
tonic. A common in^cdKni in domestic 
oough mixtures. Dow of <lecoaioii indefi- 
nite: of fld. cxt. Jj-tj. Unot 

Com''ma Bac'illtis. See Sfirillitm 

Comminu'tion {n'mmiumi, to iircak in 
pieces). 'ITic [irocrw by which a wtid 
body is reduced to [»cccs of Tarying »ius. 
tt iucludtri tilt- various opeiation« of nilliog, 
nthping. Eratinc- dicing, pulverising, Icn- 
guiuig, trilmalinf:, elutriating, granulating, 
rfi. See, also, /-'rtu/ttrr, ComtntHMetd. 

CoTn'missure(fiwiwi'rii,toutii'tc). Ajoin- 
i:iK ut uiiitiiiK logciher. C. Magna, Ihe 
cocpit^ calloiiini, C, Optic, ilic union 
and cros-'ing of the two optic nerves in 
fninl pf the luber ctncreum. 

Commu^nicans {^cmniMmrn). CommiuU- 
coiing. C. Noni. See .Vent. 

Com'mutalor {/emmula, \o exchange). 
All iiutmiueni for miiuinatically intenvpt- 
ing nr reversing the llow of an electric 
currrnt, Tnakin|; and Ureakiu); Ihe MUne 
with desired frequency. 

Co^mose (mivid, riair i. Having nnicli hair. 

Com'paas Plant. See Koim IVtat. 

Complement ''at Air. See Air. 

Complemcnt'ary Colors. See Cohr. 

Complex'us {^ccmf>!i.Tn:, coniplen). TTie 
trulity of symptoinv. phcnoineim or !>i|;ns 
of ■ mntliid condition. C. Muscle. See 

CompUca'tloQ (i-iTn)//i>tf,iofoldtoge<lKr), 
Used of intercnnent or succeeding ditease 
or morind conditioas that render lmUn>ent 
of the principal affection ditl'crent or mctfe 
ditficuh. Complicated Fracture. See 

Composi'tion [tamfieti/U, a pntling to- 
gelhier). CoRtpouoding ; tiMd o( medi> 
cinco. Tbe conXiiuenls of a mixture. 

Com'pound Caihar'tie PUls. Sec CM^ 


Compounding. The miklngt Buiniiiula- 
tioD. and preparation of the drugs ordered 
in B [iicKcnMiaa. 

Com'pound Ox'ygen. Aqnack cuiv oil 
consisiiogof attiongMliiiion of poiaaaium 
nitnue ut chlot.tir llirough which Ibe air 
to be inhaled is ilnvrn. 




Com'pnss (fMi/rcintf. jsraBed (ivcther). 
Folded dolltt wcUcdaiM ^pbcd &ml)t to 
Ibe put for relief of tnHaimmuipp. C, 
Fencstnted, with a bole foi draiiuige ai 
iiiafJcctkMi. C, Cradualed, the atrip 
■IVlkd dJf«:t]}> b dwiow. ifa« otben, pro- 

jpwml]' wider, cover it. 

Comprea'sion of Brain. Sec Brain. 

Compics'sor (tvw/rf' press together). 
An in&truineiil for ocfnpreuing aq Artery, 
rein, rif. Uted of miades having a cotn- 
preulnft fuactioa, u the C narit, C. vena 
denalti ftMil,iU. 

Cona'rium. Sc« Pinral Cl/mJ, 

Conetotra'tion (n^m, together, emfrvm, 
the oeslre). Ev^joration ui pari of Ih*; 
wiMcr of a mixture, tliu> rendering it re- 
lativi;)ir stronger. 

CoQCcnt'rtC. Amwgcd in an c(|tiidiUBnl 
manner about a cealre. 

Cottccp'tion S,(Mfifit>,xo naeAvt), Th« 
rccnndntion of the ov'oin bjr Ibe siKniiato> 
Knd. See Prrgnancy. 

Coo'cha(w>:^.a»hcU). Aihell. Ui«dof 
organs baling ttmercMiiiblaiice taaiiheU, 
t& tlie patellu, vulva, tU,,wnA especially of 
(he C. Auria, or hollow |>«n of tbi: csKimal 
ear. C. Narium, ihc tuttiinalol lioaex. 

Concoc'tion (ftwr.-Kyifi*, to Ixiil togctbcr). 
'Hie act of lutling two Mibstance* together. 

Coa 'Crete {toncmco, to grow togElHcr). 
Scli(liii«0 or condetucd. 

Concre'tlon. The toitdihcatioa or con> 
lU'Dvilion of a fluid mibatance; o»ed, alao^ 
of union of parts Danoally Mpaiate, u the 

Comu'bitiit ((tmaih, to Ue together). 

Concua'sion of Brain. See /train. 

Cond'imrat [iwdimtntum, ^ice). Sptcv, 
Mucc, or ether appeti/ii^ ii^tedicnl& uicd 
tritti f<cKl. 

Cond'om.or Cun'dumicomip.or^m/Mi 
a physician). A »bc«lh worn over the 
prnK, (liiring copulation. 

CoDduc'tioo {eirnJutf, to draw together). 
The pasHge or transfer o\ Torce or mtie- 
rial mm one part to another. 

Conduran'go Bark. A tetncdy nracli 
u»rd ill S. America as an ahcratirc in 
syphilis. Introduced inio th« U. S. as ■ 
remedy for canoer cf the Ucfuacfa, with 
uncrrtuin resuHa. Uoscgr. x-xxx. Uiwr 

Con'dyle (nwdtMnc, a knuckle). The 
rounded eautiencn in tb« joints of many 
of Ibc Ijones, especially the femur, ku- 
mrrut AoAimp. 

Con'dyloid. Rcsend>ling or peAainiBg to 
Ihc condyle. 

Condylo'ma (Kei^i<2iac). A wut-liVe 
((lowlh or tiunur about the anus or pu- 
dendum of either wx. Applied aImj to 
sT|^>hitiiic patches and diKolortttoas. 

Cone'in. Sec Ceaium. 

Cones, Graduated. Cooe-shaped bodies 
lucd for measurtDg the sim of ofifioefi of 
vci!,els, tit., cspcL-iiilly in pottt-nwrtem cx- 

Coofec'tioD (lonftetio, ■ making). A 
confcclioo. Id pharmacy A nia&i Jf sugar 
and water, or of houey. as an excipteat 
with a prescribed medicinal substance. 
There are two oAciat nmfnti^nn. 

Confec'tioners' Disease. A diseue fre- 
(juenTlj ocLiurinj; in Uic wucVpcopIc aMnil< 
factuting candied fruits, iKit», tit. It is 
confinecr to the inib of the fitters of the 
bands; the nail loses its poliifa, bcconcs 
black, the penunifual |>uriion becomes 
lowened and raised up. 

Confinc'cacnL The condltkrnof women 
dm 'HI! cbiidt'iiib. 

Con'Suem {em^c, lo flow together). lo 
mtiiictHe, a term afpticd to eruptkxu which 
run together. The oppostie of diKteie. 
In anatomy, the blending of two or more 
lioneii originally ikrpoiale into one. 

Congen'ttal (.-.f). together, ^-imlM, bora). 
Exi:iling from tnith. 

Cangea'tion \romgrrv, to heap op). Alt- 
normal Golkakm <A Uood in a wt or 
organ. Used dL other Uquids Leaidea 

Con'gius (a RouiMi raenmc). A gallon. 

Conglom'arate {<mghmtro^ to help up). 
A mau of units without order. C. 
Glands, icynonycnon!' wiih acinous glands. 

Conglu'lin. ^^ Cairin. 

Con^grcss (i-of^frrxjM.a niecting togriber). 
An BSMinbloge for delibcraiive purpose. 
C., Sexual, coition, at cnmal intrrcounr. 

Con'ical Coi-'nea. J^cc AWo/i^ ?/»■**«, 

Coni'uni. Hemlock, 'llic giecn, full- 
(^wn fruil of lh« upottcd hemlock, C 
mafv/atmm. Contain* sevrral alkgloids 
and a volatile oil, l'TDpeitic» mainly due 
to alkaloid* evHtme and mtlhyUonint. 
IVoduccs Dtolor paralysb wiiliout Iom of 
srmation or conscioumos. In loxic doses 
death mtue* from paialyMs of oqgani of 
respiration. Valutlile in tctanu, Ucpbaro- 
spa'tm, asthma xnd whooping cougb. C. 
Abstract, mule from coninm SOO, dihile 
hydrochbric acid 6, wgar of nitk sitd 
alcohol q. 1., to make lOO porti of abuntct. 
Uoce gr. M-iij. C. Bxt^ alcoholic, each 
gram reprCMrnting I i:t. of drug. IXnW 
gr. ij-v. C, Fid. Bet., saoK strctwth u 



pttwdlng. Vom lli,IJ-T-itI. C. Tinci., 
1 5 per cent, strcni^b. IJnse lH,x- J^ j, 
Conine, uiMf-.vuIaiit« alknli.'id oriuiiiuin, 
Ikric gr. i^Vd- Coniinc Hydrocblor., 
uno(., fccrtBiJie mini ill. 'in-wntKlJcafTcctious, 
All pirfunilions lUKcrtiin iu iUcri);lli. 
Con'jugate (< Ml. Ui^ij:ihcr./nci4iit,aya}a). 
VokcA oc couplcil. C. Focus. Soe 


ConjUKs'tlon. A Comt of ^^]nadurtinIl or 
cell-<lm*ion in uiiiccUuIir KT^niiitA'. 

Conjuncti'va {■-•.•nitmclhtn, cunnectins). 
'Ilic niucoiu inein>>rane CA%'rrtng llie iuit«- 
riof pnilion of Ibc glul.e of the eye, w> 
dedicH on uhI dttctidinK <>> t!io inc eOges 
of ibr liiU. lu i>uiU are okWeA palfietriai, 
f^-u/ar at htdhar. 

Conjuncttvl-'tis. Inflainiualion of (lie 
roiijiir.i'iivA. It may lie caiurhal, cmup- 
o(L», d;phth<:ri!ic (iir inCTDltmnoii*), kouw- 
rlii-nl, phKclmulor, ptiniknl, ttf.,m char 
Rclcr or origin, C, Bgyptian, khA C, 
Giinular. Sec TVtfM.Mj. See also C>/A- 
thai mitt. 

Con'nate. See dm/tufnt. 

Conncct'ivc Tis^soe. Sec Animal TU- 

Consanguin'ity (torn. toe«4ber, tattgm- 
mi, blood). Tlic rclalion^p arixiRg mnn 
ccuniaoa pomitiijtc. Allitd in blood dcMCnL 

Conaer'vB. or Consnve' {ccntm-o, to 
kcrp). A confiwiian, g, v. 

Con'Mmants ((vm, mne, to lound). Noo- 
vDw-cl iouiub prodiictrd in spraking at cer- 
tain parts at tbe monanccdi amber. Tbc7 
ate Hiundot onljr witli u rowfcl. Tbcy cou- 
%iA of E.xploiives, A&pirai», Vibrativcs 
and KeuiMuits ; thej are abo divided into 
foar claMci, according to tlie poMtton in 
-which ibcy are produced — ihe Articula- 
tion Positions, — dve fim bcine betvKrn 
llic l(i>»; the lecond between inc tongue 
anil ban] paUtc; the tliird Ixtwcco lJ)c 
lcn){ue aiul toA palate; the fourth between 
the true vocal cords, l-abiala, made M 
the lips, may be cKplosivc {i, /), aspiraic 
(/. f, ti'), riiraln-f \\\\e "biirt"). Btid 
monaiil (m). 'n>esie form the ctmsioiiiiit* 
o^ the (\nx atticaUtioo po^itim. Tbow of 
Ibe^efond po^titlon arclhee>plo«vc3/aiKt 
d; the sjipiiati^ i, t, uli, lik \ [he vibniive 
r\ the tcKnont m. TlK«r of the third 
poulktn are the cxplosireft i and g; the 
■»piralc« anr the uoroaced aKpinilcs, tin- 
waced (M and /; ibc vibmivc, paklal r; 
Uie rt-MHianl, ptUfllai t. Iluil of (he fuurlh 
|X«i(iuDi«<bcaspinle, lliegtiitliii-fonne'] i. 

Constant Battery. Element, or Cell. 
One j-ielding a ccrHtani current. A gal- 

vanic battery, of windi Ibc mewl commoa 
Wpesare Ihoaenf Buiuen. L'allaud, Dauictl. 
Crenel. Grow, IxdaochA and Sme«. 

Consi^w'tion {tefittip«, to cneh lightly 
to([etbcr). Costivencn. ReicoUoa and 
hanliWB of the Cieoea, Irotn fuactiooal 
budlvity of the inlealiiul canal, or frnta 
alnoranlisu of Ibe bibiuy or other were- 

Consttt'uents of Or'ganism. The In- 
organic C. are \\'alcr, lbnniii|[ 5S.5 per 
cent of the tody ; Ga&eb, such aa ox>%ea, 
marsh ^as, i-/.-; Salis, of which the chief 
an wxliuui (-hluiide, calcium nboafJwte 
(fcimiui; luotctbaii onehalf of the bone)), 
sodium phcephaie, sodium cnrboiiate, so- 
dium mid piitaisiutn su)]>bale>, ptituunra 
chloride, calcitiRi fluoiiile and carboiiaic; 
Free .\ctrla, ai hjvbochluric, aul^iliunc, 
efe.; Ba»es, such a> ulicuii, oian^puiese, 
iRKi. Tbe Orcank C, comprise the 
large clanes of Inc |tn>tc:idA, albuimnotda, 
fats. (U. 

Constitu'tlon (^'Mu/fAM, to dimo«e). In 
chrtni>ti)r, the nlomic or mnlecuW cccnpc^ 
uiion of a body. In pbannacy, the com- 
position of a subetincc, In phi>'^ology, 
the giTKTal Irinpcniincnl and functional 
condition of the l>ody- 

Constitu'tional. I'citaining to Ihe state 
oT the constitution. C. Piseaaes, in 
pathology, nch diseases as are inherent, 
owing to an ^monnal itnicture of the Ixidy. 
Also, inherited diseases. Also, a condiiton 
in which the disease pervades the wliole 

Con8trict'or(*-*»irf'w(fv,iobind toeether). 
A name apphcd to any muscle tiai con- 
tracts, lighteus or simiglilcns anv [wrt of 
the body. 

Constrin'gcnt. SanK as astrinecnt- 

Consulta'tton {rrnttu//'. (o talie counsel), 
Now applied to a dclibcntion between 
two or luare pbyMciau» conoeminf; the 
diagiKj&in of ttie di»eaw of a poAieitt and 
the proper nethod of treaimenl. 

Consunap'tion {(mtjume, to consunic or 
wear awiiy). Wasting, denwtritkin or 
ntrtiphy. A tenn loosely used ai a lyno- 
nvBi of fhlktiii, ^. t'. 

Conia'gioD [•^nfin^, 10 ImK-b). A wonl 
lr«)Aely used to designaie the iiroc<-s* by 
which a <pecihc disease is ccnnniunicttlcd 
between perwiu. ritlicr by dircci cotitad 
or by m«iu of an inlennL-dinte agriil. 
(Sec, altfi. /ti/ftti'ttt.) Alio the Sjirrilic 
germ or iriius fnro which a cutiiniuiiictililc 
disease dcvcloi«. 

Continu'ity, Solution of. £e? SaJutuw. 




TItti pnperty of cotalo lissves, cspedaUy 
a muwl«, pwntfcsicd in sborteninc under 
(Im: a|i(>tj(alioii vi a Miiuulia. 

Contiac'tion f ccM/zuii'}. ApprDxiiiulioB 
of the clcmcnls et « tbsuc or orean. 
lliiu diininithinK il» Tt^nioc «r ocralcnL 
C-renuLindcT, the siDur of ckMJc after- 
vibmiioD or midiul conmclnm persist- 
ing in a nuudi: aAcr <■ idHlrattal of tbe 

[ Coatra-isdica'Uon [tMi/ra, HfiuaA, in- 
uKr#, to poim oat). A Inrra applied to 
that pathological or niodifylDg coadhJon in 
whicn a ninedj' or a atcttiod of tiratuKnt 
b tcirtijtiden wbich under otdioary cases 
night be projKr. 
Contrayer'va. The 1004 of Dentenia C. 
Stinnibiil, ionic and diapburede. Decoc- 
tion nndlaginote. Serviceable in low 
itrtn and inalq^iuinl cntptive dbcaae*. 

Con'trc'COup (Fr.). CountcriOQlw, a 
Tarietjr of bjni; by indbcct wioleocc. 
'X^}Ilt^'sklO yccntimiiv, to tnase). A Uubc 
or tnjunrbra Muni weapon, or by enllLntoti, 
w itfauut Lrallcit)^ the kkin or oovertn);. 

Co'nus (xuMiT, a coae). A cr^ccntic 
iwtrh of atrophic choroidal tissue lutnniDd- 
in){ ttu! opiic papilla. 
[CoavaUa'rik maJaOia. Uly of ibe Val- 
ley. All paits of the plant I'rapenlei due 
to tam-alfaritf ami tanva/Iamaha, glti- 
n»ide>. A prmnpt cailiank, dluKik, and 
cardiac aitmulant. Valuable as a heart 
Ionic. Unlike digitalis. Iiw> iio cumulative 
dicct. C, Ext., soluble io water. Doae 
D-.T-xxi. C, Bxl., Pld.,alciolM>lic. lJo>c 
j^w-ij- C, Inrusuro.irqiared Willi lliree 
imMv IM weight of water. l>0(<e J»-^. 
Convallamarinum, loluUe in water. 
f'Ce.ep. l^'-ij. All unof. 

Convales'cence {fertva/tv^ to became 
well). A Irmi applied la (he rrcovrry of 
MrenKth after (be dbappeamoce of a di*- 
taiut c-r aitnMM. 

Coovolu'tion ((WHSwAiW, Io rail together). 
A icnn applied to the Ibldintt and turning 
vpoa itseif of anv organ, ns the crreliram 
and tlw lonaller tntutinea. C, Broca'a, 
the third \rix. troninl, the speccb-center to 
right hand fit people. 

Convol'vulua pandura'taa. Wild IV 
laio. The tul^ in a mild cuibaitic. Dow 
gr. xl. L'nftf. 
'Convul'aant \,ffinvU«, la pull logeOwr). 
A medicine tlut causes coavuUiuni. 

Canvul'siona. Tbe maiiik^iAtM'ai ri 
ditordci ""llBTmlT fnt*^ J^O, 

Edani|Ma. Lcaa «f cutuciooiixK tod 
1-oluaiaiy coutrol of the nmdes. wUi 
doaic, toiuc or nixed aailnctuKs, etf., 
confiiluie ibc chief qmplouu. May be 
doe Io epllcfsy, other nmctkxial or or- 
ganic disea^; of the brain, cirrDlalion, ftt. 
C, Infantile, due to a number of caum, 
stKb as ricLcl», cshaustion, rU. ; wnxiiines 
called " KTcaniac liu-" C, Puerperal. 
!Sce Eetatnpiia. C, Uremic, due to the 
altered tiaie of tb« blood in davase of the 
kidney. Sec. also, Hfiitfiy. 

Coordination (f(w, iO|>etber, <wi/(>*.>, to 
regulate). The bannonioui function and 
proper sc-ioctice of upcrulion of ihc vartotu 
organs of the liody. 

Copattw. Balsam of Copiut>a. Tlic oleo- 
resia of C. Laitgsi/if^i ; native to SuuJi 
America. A Hinulaot diureiic, ami on 
cxpectonnt. Much used in Bonorrha-a. 
but now ocosidcnd of douMfol vnluc. C. 
Maaaa, copaiba 94, magne^ta i> parts. 
Dose l^-^). C. Hist. Comp.. La 
&ye(te'i inixiure, uaof., copaiba 3 vij, 
oil cubeb» gj. glyccriti vitelli .^"j. tri- 
lunic and add s>t. aq, pipcrii.Jii&s: then 
add, with CMuUnt slirriDg, Ui}. polKu. ,^h, 
tlncL canhunon comp. gij, f-p<. ntirout 
ether J &s, aq. papcnt. a. s. 10 make ^ viij, 
Doie 3i-3>»- C. 01. ttohc n\,i-»». 
C. Restna. malitly rcfHUbic acid. Uqm 

Cop'pcr (Cu'pTum). A reddiah-brown 
metal not used in medicine in ks metallic 
forrn, but reprctenied by sevmil salts, 
'ftie latlct are gulro-iiilatinnl iiiitanta, 
producing nau&ca nod cmcii^. C. Ac«Ui, 
vcrdiiciis. used in mlmotiary disea^tu. and 
atakxiuDln skinditeases. Dowgi ^t-\. 
C. Accto-arseoitc, i'^ni (iteen, w«d as 
a iiiKnieut and aii in^eciicitU.- C. Ammo* 
niatum, uiH>r, ammuaiuD] carbonate j|, 
copper sii1|ihue 4 parts. I.'ielul in chorea, 
bj-^'triia,!-/.. lki«cgr. f'ti-j C, Potassio* 
tartrate Sol-, f'c)iling'> wlutivo, unof., 
copper nilphale p. 70, diitiUed water 

S400: alto dt»olve Kcxhrlk sotl, gr. 
i, in water nL*^<^: when n.i|uiinl, 
mix and add water in nuLr n\,^;20. 
Used as a (nt tat glucw. C. Sulphma, 
solul>Ie in water, ralaalile ai an emetic. 
thne. as on emetic, gi. ij-*>as alCAUCgT. 

Cop'peras {rmfiri rvta.itae of copper pj), 

A CDmmua uonic for frnuui Milpliate. See 

Cop'iolilhlujs'/wif.dmig. Ji^oT.sione). A 

term applied lu bard inii>^> of faical natter 

which wmetiiocs fomtii 




Cop'tis. Goldthread llie root of C. 
MJbtia. A nm[)lc hidrr mnic irtrmbling 
qgnsia. CnnatDK bcrbcriuc. Dcec gr. x- 


Copula'tion (fofinio, to couple), llie ftct 
of ECinal intercourse. 

Coraco- (■'v">f. i crow). IVnalning lo 
mowln nitached lo tbc ccvacoid pioc«s», 
u C Braffsiaiii. Sec AfuttUs. 

Cor'acoid (uifvu;). A Irmi applied to nny 
pwl having the tibniKr of a'* lie»k. 
C. I.i^incm, n trungulor, bc&k tlupcd 
ligament joining the cnrncoid proccM lo 
tlw acTomton. C. Process, a ltesk-iiEiii|)cd 
ynxn» of the tcnpulK. 

Cofal Root. Crawley. The rnt>t of 
Caruilvrkii'i nf:'n/irri!aa. A jnimipt nnd 
powerful diAphordic. much employed by 
Uie ■' eclectic" school of {.nctitlonetm. 
U»d ID fm-ere. Dwc gr. xxx. C. Fid. 
Ext. I3o*e n\_xT-xxK. 

Cord {riania). Li«ed as a synonym for 
the Vmhilieat CtrJ, the rasculor, cord-Uke 
Structure connccliTig the p1ac«ttA and 
fo-nu. C, Coiling of, loop* ahoul ihe 
foetus or its ncmbefs. C, Knots of, nti 
knots o( (Le coid formed by the passage 
of ihe firtiw through a loop. /•'•i!jr A'naA, 
SCCUstuhilKniK of Wbanco's jelly at patti- 
culor point:*. C.PresctttBtionof.ilocrRt 
of the cold at the heginning of labor he- 
Iwccn ibc presenting part and the mem- 
britnrf. C, Prolapse of, descfnl al the 
rupture of ihr tap of watci*. intam^iit, 
if remuning in ibe va^n&. (cmpUtt, if 
protruding theirfrom. C, Toriion of, 
twisting upon its axis. The blood vnseU 
nakv aboiu 40 spiral litras. Wharton's 
Jellj, the gclitiu-likc connective tb^uc of 
thr cord. 

Cor'diiil (<vr, the heart). Pertaiaing lothe 
hi'An In pharmacy, an aromatic spirilu- 
(ju-. Miinuluit. 

Corec'tomy. See Iridettamy, and Piifii, 

Corecto'pia (a^w, popil, rcri^oc. mis- 
placed}. Ab ■ooanWs pooitioD of the 

CoTedial'yBis (wpv, 4ta3iH/. to libcmie). 

*l>)r prodtKtion of an wtiftcial pupil at the 

cilFjrv Ivmlcrof the iris. 
Corel'ysia (wpiv, ^wir. a Ioo§cnini;). The 

drMihmcnt of irilic ailhei^ioiu to the lens. 
Coremoipho'aia. Sec f'ufH. Artificial. 
Corcom'etcr {KOfm, fictifir, ■ measim). 

An InNlrumcnC for measuring the pupil of 

the eye. 

CofepUaty. Sec fm^. Art^^iat. 
Corian'dcr, oe 

Corian'drura. Coriander, The fruit of 
C la/htt. An arximalic caiminaliTC and 
(timulant. Uaed aninly to gire flavor to 
other nnnedies and a* a corrective lo fnj^ns 
purgatirev. liax ^. x-xx. C. Ol., Ibe 
volatile oil. IJoae nvij-v. 

Co'rlum {iKrjMin, Icaiher). T1>e deep layer 
of the cutix. 

Com {m>p/iof, the trunk of a tret). Tbc 
liulbous tinilcrground part of oertoin plants, 
as the CTOCU*. 

Corn {rt/ntu. bora). Local induration asd 
thickening of the :tkiri Iron) fticfion, 

Cor'nea (ofjisi). The tnut<|Kucnt an- 
Icrior |x>rtion of the eyeball, tu^ an* oc- 
cnjiying aliout one -nixlh Ihe circumference 
of the gl(il:ie. It is eontinuaui with Ihe 
ficlerot>c. nnd nourished by lympli from the 
looped hlood vessel" at its perinheml bor- 
der. It U lined posteriorly by Dcsccmct's 
membrane, and the conjnnctiii'a is Armly 
adherent to it« jailutance in front. C, 
Conical. Sec fCrratcgf-^ius. C, Leu- 
coma of. ii^ LfMfi>ma. C.| Tattooing 
of. See Tattaoing. C, Tranaplttnlation 
of, the opcniLion of cngmfiiug a section of 
tran<ipArcnt cornea from some animal into 
the ffiace of an excised portion of Ieuoo> 
tnatous human cornea. 

Corrtci'lis. Sec A'fmtitit. 

Comic'uU LarjTi'gia, A small, bora- 
Ehaprd mam of cartilage on the arytenoid 
Cattitaj^rsi called also the Cit'lilaget vf 

Com Smot. See Stigmita MayJit. 

Corti'u. ( A horn. A aaruc a[^licd 
to any excresceace resembling a horn. C. 
Ammonia, the Aifi/ti^am/m am/»- of the 
brain. C. Cervi, iiartsliom or ammunium 
byilr.i<c. C. Cut«Ji«ain. A horn of the 
skin. A homy excrescence bearing; a mcm- 
blancv to (he horns of lower atiimiils. 
May be aoy site from lliot of a pin*s bead 
to that of Ihe finger. Of rare occunencr. 
C> Sacri, the proinineoce va each booe 
of the sacrum. 

Cor'nus. DoRmtJod. The liark of the 
toot of C. jfoiiWa. IVoperllet due to a 
aysiallvi>e principle, romiit. A sinqde 
idocnacbic. hitler and somewhat aotipeti- 
O-lic C, Fid. Ext. Ilo*e n\,x-3j. 

Com'utin. One of the active principles 
of /■-'X'*- l-'noC 

Cor'ona (nvmu, a garlonil). A noivn, 
C. Ciliaris, Ihe ciliary ligsmeni. C. Gtan- 
dis, the ridge of the gJami f-<nit. C. Ra- 
diata, (he convolutions of the bntlii, C. 
Vcneria, sjphQitic Uotcbes ocnirtt^ on 
tbc forehead. 




Con/nai Su'tUK. The sutuiv joining 
ibc fnmlal wiih the tiro [Nuictol Uxin^ 

CoHoDBiy. A icrtQ applied lo reads. 
niTfvn, or Attubmenti which cocinJe a 
part or orgxs. 

CoT'ooer icorvmtiiKr, & aown, as ofiicer 
qipoiiMed Df Ihc Crown). An oAicer who 
in<inim hy ituthority pT the law into ibc 
caosci of dcotlB of sudden or Tbicni oc- 
cummcc. C, Inquest of. tht iegsil 
tnquii; Iwlore a jiny njnormitig the CMn« 
of a sudden or violent death. 

Coronil'la. The plan ('. i(iv/f"iJ>i, 
limD^iun in uHiibwcstcm Eunipc. Has 
doubtful nine in unliac aflectioas where 
increased aroplitude of [niUauon is re- 
quired. UnoC 

Cor'porm [pi o( iorfta, ihoAy). Agfne- 
ra] tenn applied to any pari of the bcidy, 
gygciwlly of the brain, hariog » rounded 
or CFVoid ihapc. C. Albicantia (vMam- 
inillariailbe twoTounded masses of while 
router fonniiif the bulbs of ihe fbmtz. C. 
Arantii, Ihc tubeiclc*. one in the center 
of each xgaiiaA of the ^cmilunai vdres. 
C. Cavernosa, the cylindrioU bodies of 
erectile liuue furmii^ llic chief j»rt of tlie 
penis. A1>o the two ma&so of erectile 
titfoe composite Ihe elitoeis. C. Genicu- 
lala, two unatl eminences projecting hoin 
the apde tbahuni. C. OUvarift, iae luo 
oral nasses behind the pjrmnidaof tite 
nwilulln ublonKolft. C. Pyrunidalia, Ihc 
two buodlcft of white mmter of the medulla 
olilongaUt, silualed Ivlow the pon^ varolii. 
C. Quadiigctaina, the oplic lotjekof the 
bmin, the fonr rounded cminrDces siniaied 
nrkdcr the corput calloMnn. The anterior 
pair are the na/^t. and the posterior tlic 
ffitn. C. Restifoitni. ihe lu^ CQlnmm 
or cord-blcc liodics extrndii^ Irocn the 
medulla to the cerebrum. C. Striata, 
two organs in the UicnU veniriclrs of Ihe 
brain, compmed <if the caudate and lcnli> 
culu- nudeuA. llie t'mi.orintm vcntricniar 
pfetifm, extends into theUlcral Tentricle. 

Corp'uleRcy {rorpulftttut, a large hody)- 
Oboiiy; btncM of the liody. 

Corp'tU (pi. corfiifm). (..w/nu. a body). 
A iJody; the human liody. C. Aran- 
tJus, 'the canilaginoo» lultcrclv of the 
lemilunoi' *al<rc-t. C. Caltosum. Sre 
Commuturn. C.Cavemoauin Vaginx, 
the *pong7 tisiae of the vn^^na. C. 
FfmhHatum, the lalc-ral thm nlgr of the 
txnia hitipociunpi, C. Luteum. See 
Orpm Luteum, C. Spongiosiun, the 
nongy body enckwiug the aicthn, ett. 
C. Striatuni. S«c Corpora. 

Cofpusde (dim. of <wfm). A nanw 
Ujowly sfiplicd 10 alooM any muJI, 
rounded, or oval bodr. C. of Blood, the 
minotc. biconcave, flat di»ca, drcnlar in 
man, elliptical to the camel, and oval in 
buds and rcpifle&. CoRHisctet of the blood 
have been didingniihcd, uounling lo their 
M/p — into nonnobUscs (iKnnal in siie). 
megaloblasts (of exeessire suel.mlkro- 
blasiK [.abnormally nodi), and poiUlo- 
blaniK, of inegidar ibape aad »ln:. The 
red corpuscles in Ibe blood of man are 
•bout ,i, in, in diaoieier and Tjbli m. 
thick. They oonsiM of a colorleu urana 
(paraglohulLo.cbalesCcrin, lecithin arxl neu> 
rm) mtiltraicd with coloting matter |h.*t.ino- 
gloliin). The white eoffiuacles are 
Katleoed, bi- or tri-nndcated celb, about 
iif'ki '" 'i^ diameter, and exit* in the lalio 
ot 1 ! 400 compared with ml cocpaades. 
They pouess a cootractiie power, aher 
thcir abifw ivadily, and In generaJ appcar- 
anca dcsdy fcaraiUe ancebte. Tney ate 
irtoM numnoui in rcnoui Uood. C. of 
Krau*«, (be spherical or ovoid oorputcles 
ocmrTing on the endi of the nerve inbuW 
which emcrjje (loin a ner*-e pleina. TTiey 
occui in the oonjuiKtiva, the edges of the 
tips and vaiiou niurou<> and gUndular snr- 
faces. C, Malptighian, a name apfilinl 
to the spleoic corvuM;k'». .\l>u to the 
Malpighlaa bodies C, Pacinian, certain 
unall corpukde* occwring in the Mibcnta- 
neouscellalarticsiHOf ihehogefsniid toes. 
C, Tactile, of WaeTiei'- the Mmit oval 
bodict found in the papilla- of the ilun 
and enrckipcd by nerve- liben. 

Corpuscula'tion. A condiiiwi in which 
the corinurles of ibe blood have underuone 
hyperplasia, being mere large an^l nunjer- 
om lluii in ihe nunoal Hate. 

Corp'ua l^ute'uin. The yellow body. 
Hypertrophy of the memiraaa fropria, or 
rthntlata of the oiriMC. nflrr Ihe ocape 
of the ovule. C. L., False, that rewili. 
ing when pregnancy docs not occur, called 
abo the C. L. of Meostniation. C. L., 
True, Ihai when prqn»iincy lake* place, 
callHl aL-A the C. L. of Pregnancy, and 
cUAertiiK in nereial rri|iei-ts funn llie fir»l. 

CoRect'ive (i-orWr». to ctvrect), A Mib> 
.Vance uted 10 lnodi^r or make mon pleasant 
the acliiiti i-i m puiTJaXivc or oilier n:iDe<ly. 

CoTTcla'tion. lutcrdependeace; lelalioo- 

Corro'sii^e {ton, raJo, lo ijnaw), A wl>- 
Stance tint destroys organic tissue eiibcr 
tiy direct chemkal meant iv by eaooBf 
taflaoimaticai and Mippuratioo. 




Cono'sivc Sub'llmale. See Jlydrar' 

ConUfa'tor {eormfo, to wrinkle). TIal 
wtilcL wrinUe*. S(« Mititlt, 

Cor'lcjc tSonikrit krii. to split). The 
bnrk of on exogcnoiu uUnL The extemal 
Uiyer of gray tnauer ol the bmiu. 

Cor'ti. A celebrated llaliuiftuatomist. C, 
Cells of, llii; external hair-i-elb of (he 
OfptD <A Corti. C.i Orsan of. a series *£ 
aatu: 3000 arches contAinod on the Sor-r of 
dii? boAiLuy menibrane, within Ihc Jui/m 
tfKklearii id ihe iuiemiil car. C, Rode 
of, tlie pilian of die trcb of tbe or^ao 
of Corti. C, RoU» of, ibe hbm fbrnung 
the inner Uinb of Ibc arches of CovtL 

CoR'ieal U^rf^x, boric). Pertaining to the 
cortex or inrk. Used of the gny matter, 
cortex, of the bratn. 

Coryda'lis. Turiccrconi. ThctuLerof 
C. fvrmota \Dicentra C'tmaJtntis of de 
CuidoLle). Tonic, (tiurctic anil alterative. 
l>a»c of Hd. fit, lH^K-ji Corydalin, the 
alkaloid. DoKgr-j-v. Uciof. 

Cory'za (upvr. the head). Catairfa of the 
mufou* membrane of tbe navil paMttvea 
and adiacent tintucs. I^opubHy oklled a 
•* cold in the head." 

CcMrnet''ic [nxifuu, to adnm). A remedjr 
dcNigned to iu)|TDte or to hide Uic defects 
of the skin ca other rxtr-mal parts. Ma]r 
be a white powder, lucb m *tarch, mag- 
n»-ic oxide, calcium car1)onat« (levigated), 
siiic oxirle, mrrciirritis chlnHdc, or b4itmuifa 
xiilinitrate ap|>lietl cxlrmBlly ; ii maj be a 
white tuli&taiicc diswlted in dilute alco- 
hol, which is kn upon tbe bcc after the 
•niporati<in of thr solvent ; or ii may be a 
•timulant to the skin used internally, such 
u anciuc. C. Operation. A surgical 
operUioD to gire a nnlurnl nppeantnce to 
• defective or un^ightly part. 

Coa'raolinc. Ser Pftroiatum. 

Cos'tal (rptf*. a rib). PcrtaJniBf to the 
riU. C. Cartilages. The 13 cartilag- 
inoB* exlenwDiM of the ribs. 

Co«''tlvenesft {tfituri/a, to be bound). An 
ahDonnalrty at digestion cbamcleriiod by 
re<cntto<i uvi hardnciii of the f:vcei. 

Cot'tO' (cw/a, a rib). A prdu deDotii)|r 
connection with the ribs. 

Colo'ine. See Coto. 

Col-'to. Cocto Baik. The bark of a tree 
native to Itolivia. Irritant to skin And 
Ducnui mrrnlimnci', 'ITicrsprulic proper- 
ties not known. Kccotnmcndcd iu diar- 
ffaoca and inrmotic fcvcrt Dote gr J-xv, 

Cot'lon. Scr Ganxfium. 

CoftoD-sced Oil. Sec Geuyfwm, 

Cot'yloid Cav'ity. See Afftabnhim. 

Couch-grass. See Tnluum, 

Couch'ing (Fr. Om^Jler). The OfKTStiOa, 
rkow fallen iiMo difUK, of depresainft a 
calaractous lens into the vitreoiB dunibv, 
where it was leR lo lie absorled. 

Cougb'ing. A sudden violent expiratofr 
explosion after deep iasptratioa and ckiaiue 
of Uip iiSotti!.. C. Center. See Center. 

Coulomb. Tbe unit of measurement of 
clecirical quooticy; the quantity of elec- 
tricity that [lavies dtirtoft ooc wcond to a 
conductor haviii|{ a resisinikce of one oJuu, 
with one Tolt of electromotive frwce. The 
micro-coulonib b the mitliontli pail of 
this aiuouot. 

Count^er-exten'sion. See Extemien. 

Count^ei-trrita'tion. Superficial and arti- 
ticially produced inflanKnation, hi order M 
exciciic a gmxl efTed u|kui some adjaeenl 
or deep »eated tuoibid pnxeu. Gcnienlly 
elTcctL-d by ve!iicsnt.i, nibcfacknts, tte. 

Count'er-o'pening. An inciuoa made 
in an ot<M:e» 01 cuviiy, oppwile another, 
gcnemlly for pui^xtsei of dninage. 

Cours'ett. See .Memet. 

Court Plaster. See IthtAycdla. 

Couveuse'. Sec Inettbater. 

Cow^age. Tbe exicmal baiis of Ihe pod 
of Muama prunfii. 

Cow'bane. Water flemlnck. The leaves 
of CituU vtrota. An acrid narrolic, highly 
poiiionout to cuttle, but not aiTeoiim sheep 
and goati. l'au.'<es uiTOKiration and sfaim. 
SomcttuKs used exterualty *> au anodyne 
in rbcunutiL>iu. 

Cow'per's Glands. See Giamdt. 

Cow'pox. See Vaccimafiom. 

Cox''a 4^o.rit, hip). The hlp-jobit. 

Coxal'cia (•-dxit, aA}'a(, pain). Paiainthe 
liij)-joi:ii. Sec Hip-foitU Diiriur. 

Coxe's Hive Mixiare. See SeHla. 

Crab Louse. Sec PtdUuius, 

Crachot'emem. \ peculiar reflex follow- 
ing ^KroiUxu upon the ulcixi-flrarian or- 
gans, nuiriied by a dciirc In ipil without 
the ability to do so. It ik usually accom- 
panied by A ccndcncy to *yncope, 

Cracked-pot Sound. .\ pectUiai iionnd 
elicited by pcmiMion owr a cavity of the 
lung conununicaiing with a bronchin. 

Crs'dlc. In surgery, a wiie or wicker 
franic to arranged oa to keep the weJ^bt of 
ih(.- Itfd-cloihinz fmtn an injured part of 
ihr body. Eni(itoycd in fniclurci, wuinids, 

Cramp (Teut. kramf). A snasmodic con- 
tnctioi of the tnuwlcs ikllmdul with tbnrp 


Craii«'s-bill Root. Scc OfraHium, 

Cn^nioclMin {*pavtw, the &kull. «Aaw, 
\o bre>.k). The opcratioD of bn-aking the 
ffrlitl htra*\ if vcaiu of lh« frami«t(ait, 

Cranioro^(v<iiw>'.AO}i)T,tdiacoarac). A 
Ircfttisc OQ (he coaiiMrBtivc itudyof skuIR 

Cranioin'cteT (npavioii, fitrpov, k mntx- 
nrc). AninfiiTumcairorgsueiDgUicdiinai- 
uom of tbc skull. 

CTsniom'elTy. See InJcx. 

Cimnios'copy. Sec Phrtnti^y. 

Cranioft^toais (MfMnwr, oarcov, « bone). 
CoonniulasBilicUkni of ihc cnniai sutures. 

Cfantofomj {tparutv, rapii/. a culling). 
The mcraiinn c^ reducing the «ifc of ttw 
fcrtal Dead l^y cnuiog or breakup ii up, 
when delivery i* oibcrwise iinpouible. 

Crar'nium {^(lanau, the head). The tkiill. 
The avity wbidi coauuiu ibc brwo, iu 
nembmoca and vesxb. Coui^is of zi 
banc*, of which 14 bdocm to the (ace, and 
8 lo the cnmium proper. Sec Siii/i. 

Crassamen'ium (. ruuut, tluck]. The 
clot pf Uk blood. 

Craw • Cnw. See FUaria Sangvuui 

Cniw'ley. See CVra/ **«V. 

Cream of Tartar. Sec PotasHmm, 

Creamom'eter. An intlnuDcnt lor esti- 
nuling ihe lunntint of cream in milk. 

Cream^'or (<r^«wr, bro<ih). Cream. Aoy 
thick »uhalancc formed on Ihc nufacc oi a 

Crr'asote. or Creaso'lum (xprof, Acsb, 
Ouvu, lo prcKrvci. 'llic product of the 
diMilluioD of wgod tar, cotmsting of a mix- 
ture of phenol cumpoandi. Aa inflaco- 
mabtc oily liquid ditferuig in lint reapact 
froD arbolic acid. Docs not coagulate 
albumin and collodion. Most of the com- 
mercial CFcawte cooiists of carbolic acid 
cr contains a large pcrcenlagc of it Vala- 
aMc for it» antiM^c, astringent, ityptic, 
ancMliettc and ocharoiic propeniei. C. 
AqoM, a ona per east boIuiJod. Dom 

Cre'stin (<pira(), A weak organic ba»e 

occuning in rarions tusocsof the body, 

especially in nnncle. 
Cnat^iDto {Kptut). See XreafMn. 
Ci*ch« [Ft. a CTib). See /«/aw/ Skttier. 
Cremas'ter yi^uaa, lo •upport). The 

DMUcle wbi<:h >iraw» up the leitJs. 
Crsmaaicr'ic Re 'flex. Retnicticm of the 

testicle uo tlte nuine side by exciting the 

ikin oa the tnoer ude <if die lliiKb. 
Crcma'tion yerem^, to bum). The de- 

itmciion uf Eke body tiy buTTung, ai diatin- 

guUhed rmn iatomeoi. 

Cre'nated {crma, a rwtch). Notched or 
scalloped. In botany, leaves which are 
terratod. See Crrtrntiam, 

Crena'tion {irtH.i), A notched or mnl- 
berry appearance of the red corpuscles of 
the tilood; may \k spontaneous or due to 
poisoDiDg with Calatni ticaa. 

Cre'noUuu \K(tvv>i, source, 0fit(. hair). A 
genus of the family Btggiatoacrft, wIkoc 
Sbmeou era envekipeid in a gelaiiticnu 
ibcalb. C. KOhniana. alimdaat in fresh 
nalcn. llie pathogenic lAlc attributed to 
dm variety t^ KUiuthcr in tbe produrtiw 
of typhoid b unjusiibcd. 

Crc'olin. A ooaI4ar product deprived of 
carbolic add. Harmoslatic and highly aatj- 
5£ptic. It is more active than carfaotic 
acid on pure calturea of pathogeoic mi- 
crobci. but lest eftcactous in piAre^riag 
maiACi. An cucclknt iwa-poaicoous de- 

Crepha'tion, or Crep'itut iertpiti>, to 
aacldc). The nobe produced by cuaping 
flatus, by the grating of ftacturcd bonc«, l>y 
the crackling (J the joints and by the 
prcaMuc vpoa tissuca coutaining on aboor- 
nol amount of air or gas. Also the ptcu- 
liar murmur of it^ruioo olserred ia 

Crea'cent. Myopic. Se« .Ifyofia. 

Crest. The sunnounting pan oif an otgaa 
or pfuccsi. 

Crania. Cbalk. See Cakium. 

Cret'inisni. |,Doabifiil comotogy.) Tbe 
ctitviiitun of a cretin. An cndcniic dis- 
ease characterized by goitre, and a condi- 
tion of physical, physiological and meual 
degeneracy and noo-devekipiBenL 

Crib'riliHn {trihmm, a sieve, ftrma, 
form). Similar to a sieve in being per- 
forated, a* the tnhiftrm Piatt of ihe 
Ethnwid Bone. 

Cri'co- [ipiKot, a rinti). A prefix denoting 
oonuection with the cricoid cartilage. 

Cri'coid Canilcga. See CartUaga 9/ 

the Larynx. 

Cri'sia \^trim). Tbe turning point in a 
disease, fever, time of life, tft., and in 
disease, marking a change either fiv the 
betier or worw. 

Criat'a Acus'tica (Lat.). A ycHow ele- 
vation puMccling into the e<^uaior of the 
aaqwlla of the ear. 

Criar'a Gal'U. Cock's Crest. TIk superior 
triangular process of tbe ethmoid bone. 

Critical (emu ). I'ertiuniiig to a criats hi 
diseoM, period of life, eu. 

Cro'cua. SaHron. lite xtignia<t of tbe 
flowen of C larwm- (ShnuU na be coo- 




fijuoded vilb American SifB^m, Canlw- 
nnu tindorJas). An aronWic tiimulatit 
>ui(l rcumma^jnguc, comtiMjnly turd &« m 
cooling D^cnL C. Tinct., lo per ctnA. 
in iuciigih. DoM 3 j-ij i of the drug, gr. 

Crossed RCflcxei. An cxcqxion to 
the usiitJ Inw of i«fitt itw^'onent-s, in 
which, /. ^., ctcitalion of one fotc limb 
praducci muvcmcQt io the opposile bind 

Cross-legged Pro^es'ston. A RiRlhod 
of wslktng in wbicL one fool geU over or 
infrnitt of the other. A s)-inp(oinof cer- 
lain con) li^ioui. 

Crouton Cblo'iaJ. %tx Cklcral Bti/yHmn. 

Croton-oil. See Tiglii Oleum. 

Croup (Sax. ifrnJ/Saw, lotrj' sloudl. A di»- 
enscof the )an'n», ti»che»,i"i'r.,orchiIflren, 
of which pmmincnttj'inptonaarcapcruliBr 
cough, ditlivuliy of brealhing, and oncit 
Kcompwtied t^ the de^'eloptnent of a 
nembranoiu dfpoui orexudslc upon ihr 
parts. Tllcrr b douU u lu the rent naiutc 
of ttae diseiue, some conlrnding thftt ft is 
cilhw an ncwte spamoMlic lai^iigitis or s 
laiyngcai diphtlicris, while oifacn believe 
it a ipecial type of diwue. 

Cru'cial (j/nJT, > cra»). Rc»«nhling 
or pmnimng to a cms, as a trudai m- 

Cru'n (pi. of rmi, a Ire)- A name 
applied (o certain parts of the body from 
th<ir (piM-nihliwicir (O n Icf; or tort. C. 
Cere belli, ih^ pedunclpiiof tbcrrrcrbeMiim. 
C. Cerebri, the peduncles of ihc cere- 
brum, C. of Diaphragm, Ihc ii}u<<ulnr 
bundlrx uining rrom the rcrielire, ffr., atid 
itbened into the central tendon. C. of 
Pants, the cnrpors cuvrmmi. 

Cru'ral {cna). Pertaining Id (he thigh. 
C. Arch. See Ligiimfiu, C. Hernia, 
femoral hernia. 

Cma {tnu). The leg: ttnictura awm- 
bllng a leg See the |>lunl. Crura. 

CniBO<crcat'inine. .\ iMicnmainr, tvi- 
laiedfrom raotcle-titsuc. In thuand other 
leucoDafaus of the Creatinine (.■rotip, lu 
well as In lliMe of the Acid limu]), 
hjdrocjwiic add pla>-s nn imporuinl )nitt 
in the molecitlar stnicinre of the Nktes. 
Very lilllc i* j-ct known at to the fundinn 
of lois i.'yanuf(en Utoup in ivlalitw to the 
vbd activilf of tinues, but rereni inviMti- 
gadoo* aeem to jhow that the s«tt uf Ihe 
cyanogen fornuiioa ties witliin the nucle- 
ated eell, Mul A inlimntely connected with 
(he functioiu of the nuclein muleculc. A 
number of knooiaaines of Irc&h miuclc- 

tiuue ar« crathied «idi pocsesting an In- 
tensely poiscnous action ; and, if this be 
the cwic, any acounulation of Hirh bases io 
the (jstein, due lu interference with elimi- 
nation, may cauic very seriont disturb- 
Crus'ta. The inferior pan of the crura 
cerebri. C. Laciea. See AeA^t. C. 
Petrosa, a ihin layer of Inrc ctivrring tht" 
foug of a touth. C. Phlogistica, the 

Sllowiih layer of the upper stratum d a 
Dod-clol cwgulntiog ilowly. 

Crypt (ufA-r-u. lu couceaJ). A snail sac 
nr I'r'iliL Ir Crypts of L.tebefkuhn. tni- 
nuic luLiuW de[>rc*]>ion* of the mttcoui 
inetiibriuic of the «nn]] intestine. 

Crypiocepb'alua (K^tvirrof, hidden. M^o^, 
bciuj). A nKiii>icr f>r(us with imperfectly 
formed atwi concealed bead. 

Cryptoga'mia (Kjjfs^rof. )n^n(, majtiuge). 
A divi»ion cf the rt^elable IdDgdoni com- 
pri5il^g nil plants with cooceidcd sexual 
organ*, wilhoul pi»tiU or Mnnienfi. 

CryplophtbaKmos (xpiirrtico^tW/joi, the 
eye). Congrnitnl union oif the eyelids, 
UMially ovri impcrJecl eye*. 

Cryptor'chid, or Cryptorchis (ifKirrv, lo 
hide, opj'f. leMiclc). A penon wilh re- 
tained le-iliclrc, t f., not d(-«cen(1ed inlo 
the tcroium. Monorchid, witb one n- 
tuoed leMiclc. 

Cryst''a1tin. The globulin of the crystal- 
line lens. 

Crysi'alline Lens. See tmt. 

CryalalUia'lion (ic/iicni/Anf, ice). Ttie 
proocsi by wliich the molecules of a sub- 
Mance arrange lhnn«el\cs in gromdric 
Ibmu nhrn jmuing fnnn a gn'nnvt or a 
li<|ul<t to a >clid »ia(e. C, Water of, 
Ihc water ol vilts that ritiinol be ritnic-lcd 
without dntruclion of thrir cr}-iilDlliiie 

Cryslallog'raphy {npuTTiOiof y^n^u, to 
write). 'The sdcnce of ctyitaJs, their foe- 
mat ion, //f, 

Crys'lalloid {«puFm>LXnf, ndo;, likenew), 
IliL^ing a ery^tatline Biniciurc, BS didtn- 
guisbed from colloid. 

Cu'beba. 'Ilir unripe fniit of ('. •Jf-inalit, 
cultivated in Java. P^:^^>t^tics due to a 
volatile oil and an organic acid. An aro- 
matic iiiTnuUnl, diuretic in itnitll doM?s. 
V'^ful in alTeclioiis uf the blsililer and 
tirvibra. A good renwdy (applied by m- 
MiHIation or wnolied tit ngaiettes) for 
dueate of ibe buces, in catunfa 01 the air 
MsugcA, <^.-. iMse gr. x-Jtj. C, Fid. 
Ext., alcoholic. I'u»»- n\_\-xxx. C- 
Olcoresina, ethereal. iJooc R^r-x&x. 


C. Ol., the volatile oil. Itase lH,v-«. 
C, Tinct., lopcr ecot. in strength. iJwe 

SK-Jiij. C. TrochJBci.oloimingr. >i, 
■uutfrw p. ^^, exL |;l>«)Tr]uu gr. iv, 

(T- >J> ^7^- 1^° 1' >> ID ''*^ croche. 
[loM j-ii). 

Cubic Space (oT air), The amount of 
space rei|uiR<d by ibe psti<ni m bcbfxtab, 
^f. AIwul lOOD cubic feci to cM^h paticut 
» neocwMry to proper veotilMJon. 

Cu'bitu* [euii/uj, the elbow). The fore- 

Cu-'boid Bone. A l>one of ihe foot siltt- 
Aicd at the oulcr sbtciior part of Ibe 

Cu'cs. See EtytArvxt-U^. 

Cud Weed. See Ci/e Eitrtoi/ing. 

Cul-de-sac (Kr. iW, the bottom, 4^, of, 
j«f, L«g). A csvicj cf the l)ody (tinted 1 
one cod. DougUs'B C, a iraodi between 
lb* ftnteiior wall of the rectian oikd ibe 
portcrior wall of tbe ultras facuxd hj the 
reAectwtt of Ihe perihncnm. Colled, oIm, 
the rtet^ul.-rinr or relro-uifrim V. 

Cu'lex. A tnosqaito. A wetl-known in- 
sect which ptiDclwci the iluo to obtun iU 
food, the blood. 

Cul'tura Uifit, emiinm. to till, enlliraie). 
A fuimc looiicly and iadiKrinUDBtelr ap- 
pliH lo the act, the liquid or tolid ute- 
dium lucd, and the product of the process, 
bi culture experiments upuo inicruSqiaD- 
nnu. 'I'hc culture media ore of various 
kinds: mineral liipiid; (see HauHnt Li- 
^Mitt. CoAhi Lt-juiii, ett.\ tuuillom of 
varjou); kinds, gelatinous fluids, K^'^^t 
potitlo. w:niin. ttc. llicw media are fint 
tttrrili/rd, utually by heal (see 0:-m, Sler- 
iiuniwn^, but posibly also by chemiciits, 
bf (ihrriMO, bjr ttAd. by sicam. tU. Tbe 
infections ntatter is then ial<eu uptni a iter* 
fliied platiDtim needle poim, pipette, or 
other tnttrumeni, and Iraiuferretl to Ihe 
cullnrr-mctliiim. \\Tien the latter i<i of 
Mini »olid consistency, as ^ctaTia, ihe inocu- 
lation by the needle is called StuAmOur 
(Or, ) or f^r piifArw (Fr,). the needle being 
uruat into ifae sntetaDcc. When wwo 
along the surface in a line it is cailled 
S/ri(Jkrmliiirir,t.),Qremt'w[VT.). Tbe 
■actmcopic features of the subsequent dc- 
vcloptnent girc important tneaot of diflicr- 
entiaoon. I'or cxiunple, wben the inotn- 
Ittcd matter ibnns a ma&s in the medium, 
poiuled below and rising tike a nail-bead 
above, it is called fH tlott, nail-sti>pcd. 
Then tbe medium may be liquefied or not, 
TOiiously colored, peculiarly chaneed. sedi- 
sited or not. ttt. SnbtcqDoM 

mtooscopical examination of tbe culture- 
pradnci. moculattoti experimenla upon aiu- 
raalt, etc., cooiplctc the study. 

Cul'ver's Root. Sec Lcptamira. 

Cune''tforro Bones (L. ttmrm, a wedge). 
The name of ibree wcd|;F-shaped bone» at 
the onierior pan of the lanus. 

Cune'ua \(Mnaa\. A wedge-shaped eon- 
volulion on ibe internal oapect of tbe cortex 
ol tbe occipital lobe. 

Cu'pola [cMjieia, a domey. Tbe dane- 
sbaped extremity of ttic canal of Ihe ccch- 
IcA. Abo. the iutitmil of a solitary gland 
of the Mnitll intestines. 

Cup^ping. The application of cupping 
glaases; a method of blood -atMnoioa. 
C., Dry, witboul tbe alBtrai.-t>o>i of blood 
— a form of counter irriioiion, C, Wet, 
with the aUinction of blood after scari- 

Cu^prum. See Coffer. 

Cnra'ra. Wourwa. A Tegetable ezUact 
oUoined baa Faulinta t. and oeitain 
memben of the Sir>'dinos Euuly, A pow- 
erful paralyier of the tnotor nerrcs and 
the vutunl.iry muaclea. Useil in S, -Vniet- 
ica and eUewbere as an anow poison. In 
toxic dooes death occurs I7 paralysis of 
(be organs of tcaptratioo. Reported ef- 
fectual in iiro cases of faydropboUa. and 
bos been ^uc^^ssful in tcunus. Dose by 
bypodcnnalit injeetJoii gr. jV~t- 

Curd. The coaKulutn of mdk which svpa- 
nies on the aditition of rennet or an acid. 

Curette (Fr). An initrument sliapcd 
like a spoon or scoop, for detaching ^t>- 
slance^ from one another, ai the placenta 
from the uterine wall, rrt. 

Cur'renl Uvriv, to run). In electricity, « 
tcna apiilied tO Ibc transfercnc-c of llie 
force, iruich b arliitrarijy likened lo tfie 
flow of a liquid in a conAnnl passaj^. 
C, AciiOQ, thai (iliriaiued when an in- 
jured mnscic contracts, C,, Allcmal- 
ing, a icnn applied lo aavreiU wbich, 17 
means of an inLerrupter, is atlemaielj di> 
rect and reverse, Thi* ctirrent is eaH 
ployed (in New York) for the execution of 
capital sentences. C, Battery, a gal> 
vonic cunrnt. C-. Continuous, n con- 
stant, UDtntcmiptcd current in ui>c direc- 
tion. C, Demarcation, the muxlc-cur' 
rent of L)u IkMs Kaymnnd, the cuirent 
obtained from an injured muscle. C, 
Galvanic, a current genciatcd liy tbe 
decompoailioa of acidulated wntcr by 
means of metallic plates. C. Induced, 
or Secondary, a momentaiy currenl [wo- 
duccd when a coil of tnwilated wire b ia-_ 




traduced wilhin (lie fieU t»f another coQ 
through which a continuous cnmrni i> 
passing. When the evil is removed frooi 
the ticld tbetr is a momciiUty currcnl tn 
ths oppmltc (lii^ction. 

CtUl'ate. See /^.r/v.talt'M of Lifi. 

Curv'dture of Spine. Sf* Cnriri. 

Cusp {•lupis. K poJDtV The crown oi pro- 
jecting put of a (ootn. 

Cuta^neous {tiii--, the ikin), tVftuning 
tolbcfkin. C. Calculus, iirc Mi/iutn. 
C. HoRiB. Sec Ci-mu Cutaitfttm. C. 
Respirmtion, the Inatpiralion or gases 
ihrmigh the ik\u. 

Cu'ticle (dim. oi eulh, the skin). The 
cpidcrnus « scarf-stin. See Sim. 

Cu'tis. The derma, at true skin. C.i 
Anserina. See Cocse Skin. 

Cut-off Muacle. A popular dcugnation 
of the ctanpccssQc wethrR miuclc. 

Cyan'ogen (sixnnif, blue, ytwav, to pro- 
duce). A railiial malrcvle having the 
ktmctun; CN, no acid ccuniKJUnd of carboQ 
and nitrogen exiMing ax a colorless, com- 
himihlr g»,exceeding1jpDiioTimiR. l-'omia 
wllIi h)-drogen, hydrocyanic or ])TUHic 
acid: with inetats, the cj'nnidc^: with 
oiyern, the compauod known ns fiilminic 
acKL Cwiviji^' aiid hvdrocyanic add 
we tttnally dLttinguiahcd liy Che odor of 

Cyanop''atby. See CyanMu. 

Cyuio'sis (wimvif), A hhtkh dltcolora- 
licni d tbr >ktn fmtn nnci- oxidation of the 
blood, cmuicd by kail ur gcnctal drcula- 
lorj riueaKs. 

Cjraoot'ic PrtUuning (o Cfanatii. 

CycU''tla (icixE^of, a circle, jrif, inftsmnui- 
tion). InHain million of ihe ciliary X<oAy, 
cuui(i|! a (miconieal circle of cnngi-NicI 
sclerotic tisnie. A seiiou) condition, often 
Inpticaling adjacent itniclar^ii. tA^y \k 
acRNS, pliuiUc. or supi>urative- Irido- 
cyelitlB, when the fm Is al*o implicated 
in (he inflamtnatunr proccM. 

CycU>c«pb''alu8 iKm^-of, k^^.^, heod). 
A monHrntiiy with a eyclopcaa eye nnd 
atrophy ct the now:. 

Cyclop'ia. See Syfit<f^/Aj/mM. 

Cyclople'gtm (n<K>or, <rM>i?, a Mrokc), 
I^walyab of the cihaiy muxclc of the 

Cy'clops («f*:?j)c, wf). A congenital mal- 
tbrniatioii conoL-itin); in a (tuion of Ihe (wo 
eyei into one. See HkiHC^efiialtu. 

Cyclot'omy (nwibar, n^, Kciion). An 
ufmaliuD prufxMed (or the relief of iflau- 
cotna> cooilAinK in an iocifion through 
the cUiaiybodr. 

Cydo'niam. QuinceSccd. Thesccdsofr. 
vuigarit. Employed mainly for Ihe mtici- 
lage contained in the epithelial cwcHng, 
vhich coR«i«(9 cf acooipound of gum and 
glocoM. C. Mucilago, quince •eed> 3, 
macerated tn K-atcr too paru. A bland 
demulcent, known in couimercca^ 8and»- 
liuf, and iiwd u a hair dreving. 

Cylin'drical Lenses. Sec Lenia. 

Cylindrc/ma (Mi<'ji'i1pi>r, a cylimla), A 
tumor peculiar to the oriul of the ere and 
to the stomach, com|»M:d of c>!iiulricalci 
dull-like hyaline pfoccMCS. 

Cynan^che ( niwi'.tfdog, u> j;w, to atrangle). 
An old nunc for cues of diphlhma, 
crouji, tiiri>illilii, /#•., in which the pitticnl 
stni^glet for lirrath (ai a panting dcg). C. 
Tonsillaris. See Quimy. 

Cynanthro^pia (mxiR', oi^purac manV A 
mania in which the patteni beliCTc* bim- 
iclf a dog. 

Cypho'sia. See Kyfhnsh. 

Cyptipe'dium. Lady's Slipper. TberooU 
of t,'. /w^rt i^rtu and C. /utrvi/tiTUM, Anxn- 
can ndrrian. i'rop(--rtir« due to a vnlolile 
oil and acid. An antii[^iaMni>dic and 
stimulnnl Ionic. U<ed in.iieM of valerian, 
whiuh it ir^MMnlilrJi, in certain portkof Ihe 
U. S. C. Fid. Ex(. Do** ni»-»x«. 
Cypriptdam, unof. nn impure aJcoholic 
eiiract. l.>o»c gr. i*^rj. 

Cyrtom'clcT (cvpr^, airved, iinpav a 
measure). An iniimment ada|)leH (ot 
mcainiring CRfvr», and ct^edally thoae of 
the chest. 

Cyat (itt'ffTif. a pouch), A cavity contain- 
ing nuid and surrounded liy a capi>ulc. 
C, Cuuncoua. See Drrmirid C. C. 
Dentigeroua, cotilaining leelb : one form 
is fnunil in the ovnnes. d Dennoid, 
conge- niial ; the cyM-wall a like the akin. 
C, Meibomian. Sec ('iit/nsnm. C, 
Retention, formed L>y closun: of the ducts 
of secreting oiguiB> a* in mu.iwi oc Jffin- 
eroMi tysls. C-, Exudation, from mcrroic 
of ciudalioD, cr from exuilnlion into a 
closed cavity. C-. Primary, nifwlyfnnnfd, 
not from distcntioa. C, Secondary, a 
cyst wilhin a c)-sl. C. SublinKual. Sec 
KanuAt. C, Synovial, from the dLsirn- 
lion of lnini.-c or synorial sheath*. C, 
Tarsal. See Cial<iu(»t, 

Cystail'gia ((Krir, it/.>ef, pun). ?ain In 
the bladder. 

Cys'Uc. IVnuning to a cytl, espedally 
of the uHniuyor gaUbkddcr. 

Cyaticcr'cus C«llulo'«K Cu'tia. See 
Alurfiti»H tf Gft'ratfaH. A hydxid. 
OC immature MB of Ttmia k^itim, which 




ii MOKtoim ponvJUc iqxm the Mibcutuie- 

<m» liiMictof iIm- !tkin. 
Cjmt'm. A MilHlaDcr. ''.HuNVS'^t* fo*""' 

ID orim: in nnall aiDouni. Ten : bM wiib 

■ Milution nf Ir^ OKid« in Mxtium livtlnle. 

If cjrtlin n |ircsent, black lead 3nil|inide a 
dTSt'la. Se« (>«/. 

Cysti'titt. ItifUnuiulion of ihe bUdclcr. 
Cyst'ilonw. S« Cyitft.'me. 
Cysfocelc (nartCf a jMiuch, n^tji, nmor). 

Veucal hernia. 
Cyst'opluty [nvn^, rJ-amw. lo (am), 

[Iftitk operation upon lb« tiWIder, espe- 
cially for vc^ci> vitt;iiuU IHlnla. 
CyafoscofM i^«i0ric. •tKo^rw, to cxamiiK). 

An instrutncnl fix cxaminii^ Ibe tnlcriar 

of Ibc MatUkr. 
Cyst'otome {nintc, rr^iu, to cut). A 

kiiifi- uiol in cyiJntnmyaixl in nqituring the 

ra|>Milc of ihc kii» in cnlaraci ofmotioiu. 
Cystotomy. Ind-iion of ihc liUilder. 
CythKmot'ysia ^ciTHf, cell, lu/ia, blood, 

MVH, dsMjluiioa). Diuoluttun of Uie 

carpuddcs of the tilood. 

Cy'uitn. A cmtnlline aDtnloid of Cytitta 
laSurnuM, llbos nork/d hypnotic pn^ 
rmllo, with diminuliun of pw«- It haa 
been oacd liypotlemuciJI)' ytiih odvanii^ 
in migmine. Ihoc of the nilntU; gr. ,'.. 

Cy'cobUsi {itvnf, {fKaont, Eon). TIk 
cell nucleus. 

CylobUatc'tna (nrmr, ^aanifia, gcnnV 
Tbe genaiiMlive UijitU m which cells 

CytodiSr'ens (KDmr. itaipitji^, diviakD). 
Cell legmcDUiion or dtrUUxL 

Cytogen'esisi. See VtU, 

Cy^toid (mtpt. n^, Uknw»). ReMn- 
bline n cell. 

Cytol'ogy (■or-of, liijoi, acooanlV The 
•cience of veil fomiMMD and ccll-lifi.-. 

Cy'to-mtto'm*. See CfU-^ody. 

Cy'toptaama. See I'ral^asm. 

CytoaVOn (cttot, Cwv, animal). PwKo- 
pUsBtic cell manes, prnfaably panuiiie in 
nature, with indnienctenl movement; fniiwl 
Ifj Gaule in defiuioMed blood and other 

D. Abbrerintion of Ditftry mA Dtxter. 
Dacryoadem'tis {fiamtum, a tear, nA^, a 

gland 1. Inilaaunatioo of the lacltrynud 

Dacryoblenotrha'a. Qunnic ioflanma- 

iHm anil duthtfj^e of nncus fivai the 

lachrymal uc 
Daeryocysti'tts (ioxfitm; monr, a au). 

IniluRintniitin of the lachrymal nc. 
Dac''ryolitc. Sc* Dacryaiith. 
Da'cryolitb (ifon^'ov, Jj*"!, a sUwie). 

CdcareoiB coocniiuiu in the lachrymal 

tttiiuges or palpebral coojunrtira. 
Oacryo'aia (rVw^iiu, to wrrp). The cloa- 

tue or obtuiictioa of ihc ^mteta tackry- 

maOa, oinMng qnphora, or HiiKratmitdant 

»eerrtion <J teaRk 
Dac^ryops i -Siupwv. t/^-, ijghtV Cyst of 

the (lU'cLi of the lachrymal gland. 
Dac'tylate (itMrtutot, a tini|er'). Reaem- 

bllne a li&ger. l\w>«« «i g Ave rays or ap- 

Dcmonoma'itii (liu^wy, a devil, ma»ia, 
nuiliicw>. A fnrm of madocici tn which 
o )wr>oa bnaKiues hinueU poMMsed of a 

DaU'oniam. A lynonym tai color-Utod- 
n«». See BlinJnen. 

Damla'na. TheleavMof Tfenvrad/irv- 
diiiata, fnarA m Meiicu and I^wcr Call* 
fbcnio. A rtiinulaui tmuc aiwI uiil to l« 
a powerftil opbiDdbiac. The b«M& of a 

Cmunber of iiuack remedici. O., 
Dose gr. ij-x. D., Fid. En. 
I>oae H^x-.^j- Itaw of the leaves 3J 
daily. .\11 unuf. 

Damp'tne Appara'tus. Tlw union of 
the tyni(«nic mcinhrane of the ear wrilh the 
audilnry auk:I«s acting as a (lamjjri to pns 
Tcnl eKCCi^ive lym^ja^ieuc vibration Cm its 
own funilamental iMle. 
Dance ^Fr., ilatuer\. Any measured tread 
or system of vtepi acoomponied l^y music. 
any motion of the body caused by 




wt abnomul nervoiu 6(iBiiLlti&. D., St. 
Vitua". Set I'Aitnta. 

Dan''cing Mania. Se« Ckoromattia, 

Dan'delion. See J'araxaeum. 

Dan'dniff. See St^arrAira and Pityria- 

D'Arsonvals' Oven. See Oven. 

Darto^tc Myo'naa. See Myoma. 

Dan'os (ilarfror, flayed). The conlractile 
fihroaa li^rer beneaili tbc sljn of the icro- 

Dar'winism. The ibeoiy of desccnc by 
evolniitn, as mexliticd by tlie docvtne of 
the iuirvival of the fttlciiU NiUiicd allies 
Cbatlea Darwin, a cclcttnucd naturalisl. 

Datu'ra. A genua of SolanBOcn, or MglU- 
■Uade fjunny. D., SuamoRium. Sec 
Stramonium. D., Tatula, a plant be- 
longinc tu (be niglitafaade fiuniljr, closely 
mrniMtDB stramoiuuin in iu therapeutic 
uvl phjnloloeical propatJeA. Has been 
smoke*] with aHvunUji^ in aslhmii. UnoT. 

Dal'urine. Sec Sfraim"iinm. 

Dau^h'ter- Nuclei. See A'ory^iinetis. 

Day- Blindness. See litmeraiopia. 

Deaf (Sax. Jeaf). Without the Ktiie of 
bearing. A condition of impaired bear- 
ing. D.-mutiam, a «iiKliliuii of dcafnos 
or impaired heoiini;, nc4.i]«ti{«n>ed by im- 
pcriiFCt development (congeoital), or lois 
of speech. 

Deai'ncBS. Tlie condition of betnc deaf. 
D.. Paradoxical, called also Para^mtia 
Williitii, drafneu Jbr ipeecli in ulcnce, 
bul wiih ability,^. ^., to bear ibe liaiDe 
roice in a n<ii ^y ear or street Said to be 
canxed by cimiprcuiiin uf lli« labyrinth. A 
form of otopiesis. D., Psychical, the 
drafiiCM frcrin dntmciion of tlie cenual 
iirrBort)icaiulil(>ryc(?nlcr(Munk). Sounds 
bit: beard but out nxofcniied or uuder- 


Death (Sax. drtifk\. The cesaaiioo of 
Ufi?. D., Apparent, a term pitied to 
a miatcplic stale io whidi ro^catKni and 
citimUlioD aiv so feeble as to IJe luuioilce- 
aM^. D., Black, aa eueedtngly laul 
epidemic called tbc "Plazue," which oc- 
cwnd In [%urupe during Ifae I4ih cenlnry, 
dwing which It is utimated that 20,000,- 
OOO people died. D. Rate, a tcnn aibi- 
trarily expreMins tlie mortality of a placv, 
based t^iou the number of deaths for each 
1000 of populalioo during a period of one 
year. D.. Sicn* of, cenaio indicalioni 
of death, uich as ceuslioo of the hraH's 
action, and [rapiratioo, %igor of the body, 
beslthiDCsa of the tHsues, Ht. D., So- 
matic, death of the orgaoisin is a whole, 

in distinction from ItKalixtd D., or aecTD- 
sis, and ^angirne. 

Dtbovc'a Membrane. A de«p, ([ermi- 
nat layer of flattened cctU in tbc mucous 
racmbnoe of the iracbca and cxtni'|>u]mo- 
naiy bronchi. 

Debri'dcment (Fr.). The enlarging of 
a llutulM wound or a hernia with the 

Dcc'acT'amme. Sea Mttrie SyUem. 

DccaJcific'ation {Dt ncg., eaU, lime). 
Tbc I06S of the lime conuituent of tone 
in tome cases of osteitis. 

Dccal'cifying Fluid. Solutions for tbc 
purpose of dcprivini; ussuc of ils earthy 
salts. ChnHDicadd I enn., water 200c.c, 
then add 2 c.C, nitric atid, — is lommeiided. 

Dccanta^tion. Tbc operation of removing 
the supctnalant lluid fioui a sediineul. It 
m.-iy Ih; poured off by meana of a gutding 
rod, or drawa off by mcKU of a uphon. 

Decapita'tion (i/c, ftom, rofte/, l>ead). Di- 
vision of the neck of tlie child ia labor, 
when dcUt'cry and tumiog arc both im- 
iMjosihle. Soioetimei called decollalum. 

Decid'ua {Jdiiiuus, a fnllinu 08 because 
shed at birth). The membranous eOTclope 
of ibe orviu derived frum the mother and 
cast off at birth willi ibe placeota, eU. D. 
RiBexa. that part of the decidua growing 
alwul tlir ovum nn<l eoclcHiirm it b:> a sac. 
D. Serotina, that part of the decidua vera 
upn which the ovum lies, and where the 
pW-enU is subsequently formrd. D.Vera, 
the thickened, vucular, spoDgy mucous 
membrane of the ncenu. 

Dccid'uouB Teeth. The tetnporaiy or 
milk teeth. 

Decigramme, Dec'ilitcr, DcCLRieter. 

See Mrtrii Sjitiem. 

Decoc'lion (i/i-t-oywc, to lioil down). A 
dccoctioa, or "lea." la pharmacy, a 
preparalion obtained liy lioiling vegeCsble 
substances in water. Tbeiv arc 3 official 

D«c(rfla'lion. See Deropitatiom. 
Dccollatot. An injttsacBt for deopila- 


Decolora'tion. The opeialian of dlscharg;- 

iag the color of an oticanic subatance, 
UMMilly by bleaching or by liltfalico 
throu^ animal disrcosl. 

D«composl'tion {de, from, <*mpimt>. do 
put loReiher). Thr sqiaratko nf the cotn- 
ponent princJi^ir* of alioily, either by chemi- 
cal analysis or by [futrebeiive fenacntatian. 

Decottica'tion {rerttJC.Ute tiarlV The 
operation of fcnx>vioK or stripping tb« 
bark or busk of a plant, 




0«cre pita 't ion (i-n^i/wi, crnclcling). TIw 
erackLiiif: noL<« nude by couiD crytuUlJue 
bodiM when tbdr WM«r of ciysUlliiolioo 
a d/ivro oT tiy bcaL Cauicd tiy Ibe con- 
venion of the imprtwnnl wtaa into '4cmL 

Dccu'bitus {J'-iHmA>, lo lie <lo«n). A 
term dcooiing a rvcumbent or bumontjU 
poHtioa. Mto, the poatioa ot « Rick 
penok wbilc in bed. a.. Acute, & fonu 
of bed-son, due to ceietnl Icaon*. 

Deeus'sale {Je^uii«, to dirido croBnrtjn). 
To intcned. A lam applied to nerve sad 
to muscle bhcn which inietlace. 

Oedcnti'tton \J^, ami Jem, a tooth). The 
■bedding ot the (eetb. esp«dal1/ ibe nullc 

Deelifue Oleum. A highly rcTincd 
petroleum uil mamdaciurcl on llie Ueu 
Rirer. Sakl to be ralual>le tor local oppU- 
caiioo in eiucina. rfc. UnoT. 

DefKC«'tion {dtf^cv, lo wpanie (nini 
dtHB)* The evaoHUlon of the bovrclt, or 
d isch aggc oTocccak 

Deferens, See Vat. 

Deferves'eence ^deferatsfci, to cetae boll- 
iqg). A lenn appbed (o period* during 
ibe coune of fevcrt iu whidi the tnnpcfs- 

S«fibriiu'tioiii (■/.'. IrDm, fihrin). Tbe 
Vaonl of fibrin from blood or lymph. 

Daflnl'tioo \Jtfii%i<i, to bound 6>' liinitt). 
In OfMica, the power of an object-gliuw to 
■how dear outliaa of area or struduiVt 
free 6wn aberraiion or diotonkm, 

DeSagra'tion \J//tjfrv, to he cocmnwd). 
Tbe oxidation uT inot^ank mlMtajieea of 
mixing tntb an ««>ily decofoppiing oxide, 
Mcb a> tbe alkaline chlonties and nitnice. 
Uaoalty aaendcd wiiti %ioknt combuiikHi. 

Deflora'tion (lit, aod^tbni, * flower). (Jn 
Uie port of the Cnule the tirM Ksnal 
conneaim cffrttcd by consent, not I7 
npe. The la»\ of IIkmc m.-ukt or fea- 
ture* which iodioale virginiiy, u tUjMre 
of the hymen. 

DeEutma'lian [itr/o'-ma, to diffiguiv or 
dUton)^ A proceti by wbith the (-oly or 
any oi iu puts ac<tuifc an abnonnal sh^pc. 

Dcfortn'ity {dr/enn"). 'I'hatrondiiioD of 
a body Of any \»r. marked I7 ^momul 
tJia|x (It iinictuie. 

Dcgenera'tion {iltgmfr^ to di(Icr fnxn 
anceaAon). Dcieriondoo, de|p«dfldotD or 
reii«gm«ion of the n>o]c«Ur or cdlokr 
ttrocttire of a liuue, organ or cell, so 
thai it con 00 longer maintain \i< fnnctidn. 
Atrophy ii A form. D., Amyloid or D., 
Albuminoid, now rrganlcd ac nn inAltra- 
titio from witbout. and aol of a degenera- 

lion of Ibe |iT0f)et celb and Itbcn. D., 
Calcareous, llw depokitioo of insoluble 
ccotpoundi of lime and magnesia wilhia 
the [anict. Caoeation, tbe pratcid con- 
(tiiucois oodcTso dry TaRy degeoenuioa, 
aol aie conh^rtnl inio cbeeie-bke t"***" 
Cloudy Swelling. Sec Cl^uJy Sat/Jitig. 
v., CoUoid, akin to mucoid, tbe d^ 
org'nircd maicrial bceoming of a struc- 
ture lew, wmi-lo(id, jelly-like cooMileDce. 
D., Patty, the cvaTcnwo of the proiekls 
of a cell or liher into oil, D., Hyalitw. 
Ibe diwjtsaoifcd tu^ue Ijccvuws shining 
and truuluceni. D., Mucoid, hypcr- 
KCietioQ fbikiwcd by diiorg-uiir.iiKin of 
Ibe nmcss celk. D., Reaction of. Sec 
Meac/ian ^ DrgtHtratiat. D., SsrMCOli 
when the desencrtilive proem altKts a 
system cf tlt^, in coouadiriinciion le 
iiiMilar or icnllcied I). 

DeB:lDti'tioni,t/<^-/4i/irM>, totwallow^ Tba 
act of swallowia;. 

Degree' (lA- and grtutms, a Xep). PboI- 
tigo in a Rinded lerie* : qoidity. The tmlu 
or Intrrroh of tberawmetric aeaUs. Al^so, 
a ehnrirr or leiiiinuuial of (jiulirKalioo 
gnuitcd by a niedkal or uihei cullege. In 
Uigonoraciry iIk j^, [Mtt o( the are of a 
circle. J 

Dcnydra'tion {Jt nd vf-u^ water). The 
tcmuvdl of tbe coiu(iluli>i<nDl wnter of an 
oryanic «itt«tam:e, nr the w«lcrof ctyiial- 
tiulion of a chcmkal salt. Calledi alWi, 

Det'ter's Cells. CrrLtin cellnlar ttrac. 
turn l«tween ibe otucr hair cells nf tbe 
or^-m of Gnii Also certMH nucleated 
cells at the inlersectioa of Ibe fiber* of the 
white substance of nerves. 

D^ec'iion {dt anAJa,/.', tothitnry Tbo 
d^haf^jieof IJecal or other cxacnKnOtMn 
rortltcr. AIm, a stale of despoodcncr. 

Delete'rioua \Jf'fttnMS, baneful]. Huit- 
ful. injunuus. 

Del'hi Boil. See Furttfifuitii Ontntafu. 

Deliquea'cence (L, iMiqtuKa, to melt 
away V Tbe absor^iuon of water from the 
abnusphcre, duractrrutic c4 oetlain sub- 
stances, bnch snbtianots on aud to In 

Dclir'iant <■/<-, ooi of. lira, the rmmw). 
An ageM whicti acts on the linun, so oa to 
disorder (he mental fncalties and jtruluce 
eosrftuion uT will-power. 

Delir'iuin {Je, Itni). A disturlttnce of 
(he ceretwal fiincrioai Duuufiated in 
the iiojiaifed actiim of ll>e nerve renters, 
chancteriied by halluciii.ition^. nn inco- 
herence of speech, a Magijouig gait, ttt. 




D., Alcoholic. S«e D. Trtmem. D. 
Ambiliosa, n condittcn of liiu»ltul»c« 
whidi b somctUDCi muufcil ia ilic dclt- 
riutD or the in^nne. D., Febrile, the 
drlirium of firvcr. D. Nervosum, (be 
delirium following sn-crc Eun^cftl opera- 
lion^, oi injuries D., Senile, the (Mirium 
of oM iigc. dotAge. D., Tosic, ihc 'ielU 
rram caiscd fay poiscnu. D. Tremens, 
(he dcliriiiiii luuing from nltoiiolic |rai- 
wning, iniuiifmcd in Irembling uhI hal- 
Incinstion ; called, alw, mania a Mh. 

DeiiteS''cence {dfii!n.,>,\a lie hid). The 
Hidden diM[>]iniT:uK;ir of jiitlnninuilioii l}y 
KtfllulioB. AIm>, Uk period of inaibniion 
of tlic virus of OooU^iou* diseases, mcli 
as HDOlIpOK, *tc. 

Dcliv'ery (tV. dUipref). Phrturitiom, 

Dtlomorph'ouB {finhn, coDspicaoas, 
/«uf>^, lijnu), Wilh open or oonnrHcuous 
forni. D. Cells of Rollet, culteciions 
of Urge, oval or angular, veil de lined, 
gtaaular reticulatnl, nndealrd cells, he- 
twcen the uMmbntaa propria and the 
■delomorirfunu oclb ct the fufidm gUnds 
of Ibe gasuic mncons menil^rr^c. Called, 
ibo. ParicUl cella of Hcidenhain, or 
oxyntic cella of Langley. The lintng 
of lite secrciory part of the tubes is 1^ 
cclh called Adelomorphous, Central, 
or Principal Cells. 

D«lphin''id*e, O'leum. The oil of the 
conuDonporpoist?, It is said lo have all 
the medicinal viituc-k of cud-liver oil with- 
out the disagreeable piopeiiics of (he 

Dclph'mine. See S/a^iitrfffria. 

Dclt'old ii/f//.i, the Creek letter A), 
lilt inf> th<' ftha|ie of a delta, or a triaagn- 
lai funti, ai the D. Muacle. See MmnU. 

Delu'sion \Je and Aujm, plairV A term 
siKnifjing fal« jud^ent w objectWe 
Uiiiitji. V diMinguitilm] froni IIIumoq and 
haltuctii.Ttinn. ><m tiaUudnatitm. 

Demcn'tia {,cU, oat of, mums, mind). A 
mild fonn of 'aaaata marked by iiuixrfea 
eoncepiion, illogical teqocnce of expres- 
sion, Kxn of rcnecliun nnd imfaired gi^r- 
ceplkiiL OAcn a final stage of oUier fomu 
of Insuiitj', 

Demi-. A falin prefix denoting one- half. 

De'modex PoUiculo'ruin . An antmal 
pan.4iie of the Oiin which iafciU the m- 
Mceoun |;taiiclK. 

Demog'raphy (Aj^ur. the people, >/»««•, 
lo wntr). The science o( peoples col- 
lectitelj' coottidrred. The individualbia 
<tf a nan of people; 

De Moivre's HypoUieais. That the de- 
crements of populaiion are in arilhmettcal 
proportion, and that of (;vcrr 86 penons 
boRii one dies unifunuljr ever)' year luilil 
all arc extinct. 

Demol'cent {dtmuUio, to smnolh). .Sub- 
•taiiccs wLUb proteel [lie nnicaui mem- 
Iffoaes. Lienerally of muclljiiguiutu nature. 

Demuiua'tion. The education of deaf. 
mulea lo sL>cak aiid to uodenktand *pokcn 
Uniiuaitc Dy ilic movement of the lipi, 
sigTU, eU. 

Dcn'gue. A irmolic di*ea>e KimcwhiU 
re&viuLIiug remittent fever, but mudi tc- 
vercr It is chorocierired liy recking pain 
in tbc head and cyeboJk, aithralgia, ca- 
tarrhal iniliuumaiiuu of (how mBCout sur- 
face* that are expoted to the air, liy 
swollen sAlivar>' gluida and measly CTUp- 

Denia's Ptaa'mine. A prrcipttate of un- 
coagulated blood with sodic sulphate, and 
treated with iodic chloride. 

Dens (pi. i/i-n/rr). A tooth. See Ttrtk. 

Den''tal {Jtni\. Pcrraining (o the teeth. 
D. Arch, the arch fomed by the alvcolv 
process oif each jaw. D. Arteries, the 
artefies supplying the iccih. D. Canals, 
the canals through which the dental 
aiteiic* pass. D. Caries, a carious or 
potiefaccivc dcstniciion of the tccih. D. 
Cavity, the cavity in tbe interior of the 
tooth, occulted by the pulp. D. Oroove, 
a furrow on the lower l»rdcr of the upper 
isw early in fcctal life, in which Ihe teelh 
arc developed. D. Engine, an insiru- 
ment fwwf^nc of a treadle and pullies 
which ^Tc a rotary motion to Ihc drills, 
files and cuiten, used tn preparing teeth 
for fllting. D. Nerve. Sec AVrrv. D. 
Pulp, Ibe pulp of the toolh, D. Tubull, 
the lulwles occiarine in the gUxiciUPE of ttic 

Dentes Sapientin. 'Wtv wtsdom teeth. 
A name given lo the third molar lodtb of 
each balf of the jaws. 

Z>ca'tifricc \Jt>u., pita, to rub), A sul>- 
stance used for dcainiigg the teeth. 

Dent'ine. The bony siructuneof the tooth, 
lying under the enamel of the ciown and 
the ptriccmcntum of the root, 

Dent'iatry \<lfm\. The science and art 
of the siirgeiy of Ihc Iceth. 

Denti'tioo (dtnu). The cutting or first 
appearance of the teeth in infancy. Also 
the ammgroient and evolution ol Uie 

Denutri'lion <■£■. from, nutria, to nouridi). 
Tbe tirrakiiig down gr aUuphy of liouc 




arisiiui from tack ol DuCritioa. Tbe oppo- 
ike oT Dulhtioii. 

Deob'strocnt (L. ife and ofiifrturr, to ob- 
(troci). A medicine which removes func- 
uonal olMlractiuu!! of tlic Ixxly. An speri- 
enl. {tndi^niU and ^ii>iturm\. 

De'odand \Jeus, God, do, to eive). A fine 
fotmctly bnpoMd on ui iaaiunule tlung 
or amiual that bad cuued tbe iojnrr or 
VKtIcRt death of % pcnon. 

peod'orant. A Milntaixx ifaat remove* 
or Lttrrecb oiTeiuive odor&. 

Deoxida'tion \Jt, froiii, axiJabts, having 
oxygen). Tlic >«(KinMkin of an dmieiit 
or oompound fram tbe oKygca bcld in 
cnmlimiitMm. Kcduction. 

Dcpt'Utorr {\.. Jf Mul f4lut, ibe hair). 
A tutxt.ince axed lo destroy tbe balr, — 
uuullf a caititu: Klbali. 

Dcple'tion {<it^fi>, to em)«y). Tlie pro- 
ecu of dlminiabitie (he (iiuntitj' of any 
tiivnc or flniil of Uk bodj, especially ibc 

Depolariza''tion. DeWuction of polarity. 
The iur>iiriUuatitin uf the o|ipo>i1e pK^es of 
■ mo^pMSl. The tMUtnlintion at lecom- 
buwlioa of ligbt-wsrei that have been 
irpKnted by meattt of a Nicol |vum. 

Dcpos'it {lit, itom, f^no, \a place). A 
gaihrhng of particles ibat have been held 
in nnpcniinn. A ^atbrriiig of moHiid 
mauer in any pait of the liody. 

Deprava'tion [d^frmv, to become Tlti> 
aled). A drienoniliun at morbid chaa|^ 
fn tbe Mcretjoiu, tibues, o fuucUom of 

Deprer Moi {dtfrinw, to preu do^m). A 
medicine which tetafdt or depKMca tbe 
phyniolt^cal iKlinn of an organ. A *eda- 
tivc. D„ Cardiac, lowen ilie adioD of 
the heart. D., Cerebral, am»ti tbe func- 
tion* of tlie ceiehnun. D., Motor, lowers 
the ociiviiy of the *piial cud and mMor 

Deprc»'!uon {Jff'rima), Tn analoniy, a 
hollowr, or fwa. In iwgcfj, prenare oa 
the brain hy a fraciuTird pail of the craninm. 

Dcprcsa'or (J^^mo'). A name girrn to 
a niuitcic or an itutnimct)! which dcprcua. 
Sec MitstU. D. Fibers. Se*^ l'rt^«r. 
D. of Sims, in inaintmrnl iat holding 
back dte vicinal wall dunn^ exploratioa 
with thr ^leeulum. D., Tongue, tin in- 
ttnunent loc' depreuing tbctcmgne in order 
to eXMDOK tbe throat. 

Dnrn'rutt \pvrus. pareV A term some- 
whal loonely tned In itm^naie a medicine 
which purifie» the aiiiiuiii ecoDOwy. la 
pharmacy, to clart^. 

De R. A coQlractioti and lymhot of tbe 
term KtiictiJH o/ DfgtntrafioM, f. v. 

Deradel'phus (<t(f^, oedc, aAu^, bro- 
ther). A mooocephalic dual monsiraaiiy 
with fukionof the bodies above the tunbili- 
cus, four tovrer exiremiiiet and three or four 

DcT«dciu'li»(Jrp9,<i()vr,agland). Inllani* 
maiiou of the glaaik of the neck. 

Derbyabire Neck. See 6'Dt/nr. 

Dercnccpb'alua {itp% nwe^nlnr, Ivain). 
A cbuu uf aneocepbalic now(9», the bnin, 
CTUiium, and occipital foraiocti beii^ ab- 
»eni, and with a partial aircst uf develop- 
ment of i!>e upi>er vertebnt. 

Dcriv'ativc {titrix.v. to tnm akide a riream). 
A lenn fimaeily applied to certain medi- 
diies or modes of ireatmeni thai changed 
the (bnn or lymptum* uf a disease. 

Derm. See Drrma. 

Derm'a (^t^i-a, the ikin). TbeskliL Tbe 
true »kin. Sec Ctttii, 

Derm^al {f^piia). i'ertaining Id the »lun. 

Dermatal'eia \Atptia, oAyoc, pain). Nen- 

e akin. 

ikin. Pain in the ikio oot due lo way 
Mruciural change In It. 
Dennati'tis {^Stpfia, it'c). A name naed 
kxMely to include ruiout lofluuMiioaa 
of the »kln Inthiced by external agencies. 
D. Calorica, inflmimation* caiued by 
beat, nicb oa tcaldx, H^. D. Concela* 
tiortis, a name lucd by Van HorUi^en 
and others to denote chiibbuni. See Hty- 
tAfma. D. Contusifonnis. See £7- 
iAema A'i^num D. Exfoliativa. See 
J^'tyriiini Ruhra. D. Oangienova, a 
ducase marked by tbe fomuiion of circu- 
cubr, eiytbpiDidiiua (pot*, which Ijccotne 
gangrcDoUi and cvenluaiiy »lou^. D. 
Gangrenosa Infantum. Sec .;j/%bir<-/«- 
ifrriK-i. D. Herpetiformis. :>ce Jfy' 
diva. D.. Malignant, Papillary. Poget'i 
disease of tbe nipple, {.-orcinoma of tbe 
nipfile. See Canimoma, D. Medica- 
fflentota, crvptiooc oad iiulonunalucy 
affections of tiK akin catbed by the in- 
grMinn of >ul«tancct used in mcdidoc 
and phormacy. " Drue enipiious" (Van 
llariingea). D. Pa|MllaTia CapiUitii. 
Acne Krioid. A dineaae of tbe sliio uf 
the occipital regtcm, marked by enonnoos 
papillomatous vegeiationa of cranukir tis- 
HUE which excrete a fetid diKnargc. D. 
Traumatica. inrtoinniBtioas of the tkia 
cauH^I )a- mcchaiinal ugeou, tocb as 
hruu>u. D. Venenata, cruplioitt caused 
by poisoootu MitManoes, wdl as poiaoo 
ity, pobon oak, ete. 





iikc at racBiU(B|t '^^ 

DtnantoVogy t^t^a, ^^c k treatise^ 
A tiTMvc oa tbe skn, ib aaliKc, stradHte 
■nd fi m ct io n *. 

OefnuioFysiK (i*<7Vm, 2aai<(, a kmiiiK). 
A loOMncd and {icmlokiui uKuIttioa of Uie 
^ib. A lume givra to ■ rare farai of 
fitroma, jr. c, nurked t^ bjpaTrafiky o( 
ibc tkiu, which i* ihicicMid t^ bmnlxxi 
iniu oiui^lf pcndKlcns Udk mA Mid lax. 

Dermato'ses ^dtfiM). biMKlas <i> do- 
rwK* nf the vkin. 

DcnnaUMm'A Cwm. C^^Vt n ibIibbL) 
A icnn afiptiAl lo aaiiBAli pansiie Bpon 
the tkta. 

Denn'oid. See DtrwMttU. 

Derod'yoant (<<(pVt neck, (fidrw, double). 
A kjwnik iBcnuUvMl]r with a single body, 
Ko nedu Badbeadi,ii*«> oppcr and lower 
cxtrmutie*, wilh utfaei ruduDcntaiy limbs 
octaHDoally (im«nL 

Dcft'aolt'a Apparatus. See BanJagt, 

Oea'anU's Splint. Sec .S//ia/. 

Det^cemet'a Metn''brane. The iinemal 
Of jxr^crior immg nrralinoc of the coraca. 
Drurmxtiti: , inhammaticoi of L>e*ceinct'> 

Ocsccnd'eiu {dtufmit, lo go down), 
t laving a dotrnHsrd movCTncnt. D. 
Noni, ■ iTBixrh ctf ihc hypogkaaal oerrc. 

Deacent^ \<ltiitnJo's iIk act t& going 
down. D. Stage of Labor, one of ibe 
riagM in bbor, eonasting in tbe doccnl of 
(hr trial bead inlu Ibe (lelvtt. D. of Tes- 
ticl«. See TittitU. D. of Womb. Sw 

Detlcca'tkm {J^sir<«, to dry op). Tbe 
fmcaa of ranoviiic rnoijitiirc frooi mlid* 
anil organic u%iaa. 

Dea'iccalive {Jfui<ii\. A medicine hav- 
tnie the ]XD|icrt7 of aryitig mobt tissues, 
npi-rially of dfjiiiK vActn and niuning 

DeamobBClc'rium (4rc;iBr> ft band, 
fiaxT^iat. a »mall rfaff). A groop of 
mK-nJiri, ao-r-nlli-d liy < nhn, rormkpond- 
liitf tv ilic Ki-nif /tan'f/m i)! Klein. 

Deamog'rapbr ( dt^fuf. a ligamcni. ypatu, 
liiwnlt |. 'ntriJciariiidnnnldM; ligatnrtils. 

Des'moid {•^leun, ■ bundle, tiduf, Like). 
like a tinall bundle. 

I>«apuma'tloo (i//7/»nm«, to -iliim Froth). 
The |>uiirMMiono( a Itiiuid b>' mnoi-olof 
the KUm or froth. Also, iIm fomiaiion of 

D«aquBma''llon (dW^tfav), to scale off). 
Ilic cxfoliaikn cr Mbnc off of the euitcle 
to Kala. 

I>eter'g«nt(4bto2«w.lodane). A<ln^ 

c om po m ai. «f wl^ioa. us«d lot dcansng 

vDOndi. akEis, A. 
D«tefBtiMi'Iiaii jabmwuM, to [acacribe 

booods). Tbe dscoian to a {wt or i 

ngn, *i of blood to the head. 
DctrilioD {dOrwv. lo wear ofi ). The act 

of warinc or watuic of an o^on or pari, 

OfCCHlly the lectb. 
DcUVlus (dctrrv). The waste msUcr re- 

ndiing ftoinakaiiiTe pmcoo. 
Dcutero-al'btmMM*. Sec ^/tmmur. 
Dcutciop'atfay (dimpef , •round. raAi(, • 

ditcaae). A disease that is accoodafy to 

BOOtber. aiibing faom mnpathetic aclioo or 

ioflncocc of tSt fmt a&eciioD. 
Dau'tpplasm (itvrtpof, wiav/ia, a forei). 

The gnnnles of jwouid nd faiijr mattet 

ociunini; in ibe ova of cotaio tiAmvdtT' 

Dcvel'opment (Ft. J^vti^f^, loonlold). 

The *equeix.e vf oiguuc changes, bf . 

which tlic \itatiied onm becomes lh«^ 

■Dattuc animal or plant. 
Devia'tion \i/njui. out of the way), A 

IBming owje frcsi the normal. D., Pri> 

maty. In ftiabama tbr dcriatiou cf 

the ritual asit of tbe Rfunting eye. D^ 

Secondary. Tbat <^ the cortied hcalihj 

eye when ihc xiouiling cjc hxc*. 
Devi'tallce (/it, intn. x-iia, life). To de> 

5tr<j)* nialily. b> Uiatof liTing tissue. 
Deweca's Canninatlve. !«ee Aitifirrida. 
Dexiocard'ta (iVf^nr, on the Hglii. hofiiia, 

ll)c bcait). TiBnsposition of the bcait to 

(hr right tideof llir thorax. 
Deleter (Lat.). Rigbi; npon tbe ri^ 

Dex'trad. Toward ibc ligbl skle. 
D«x''tTBl. Pertaining to the right side; 
r^Iil -handed. 

Dcx'trine (Jtxtfr, the right hand). A 
mucilaginous Mibstance pnxhiccd hf tbe 
aciion of mineral acid on tiarch, Inier- 
iDediaicbctwwQstardiandgluecae. Tunis 
poiaii^-d ray to tbe right. The adhctive 
ageiit of pottage ilaiup) ami guionicd 

Dex^troM. See Sugar »nA Giiume. 

Diabe'tea (•^•j, ihiough, fJujtw, lo pan). 
The coRunon name for iUaieUt mtUUtit, 
O. Insipidus, a dixau with nnuiy of (tie 
lymplnniK of dialrlri mclhtus, but wilbout 
glyooburia. D. Mellitus, a diwase of 
the melabclic (nnciifm* of Ihe tyticin 
without Riral (» rleiu^ly drfmed nnxomical 
Inknt. oinnifciliog il>elf by glycosuria, 
polyuria, ihiml, and |irogTeBUvi; Iom of 
tlcsli and iiteiiglh. Sec CfjvMMtia, 




Diabe'lic {iiaflirnj^]. IVKaiDing lo dia- 
lietn. D. Gan^tnc. Scf S^Ai.fJtuJfrma. 

Cuicb'yloQ PUstcr, or Ointment, bcc 

Dt«CTU>^sis(Aa.)Mmc]coowtedge). The 
tlvAiogtiahiag, fimiujit, or intcfUKbttion 
ol ft dbeasc frooi its Bynp(«Dfr. D., Dif- 
rerentul, ihc qiutlJuMJre duttnniabioi* 
bctweioi two iliuroatrt of noular cuncict, 
l^ cowpmtive lympioau. 

Di4l'ysu (Aia, through, /i<w, lo looac). 
The ujKisUoo of sr|Mraliag ciyidllicic 
from colloid Mibttancei by nvjAi of a po 
TOm diaphragm, the tarmcw (ttuing lliroi^h 
the ilnuiltragin into the pun wnler ayoa 
which the Ajtlytct rtiti. 

Diainagncl'ic (rfia, ^a;iip'([, nugnelMtn). 
Tbc eutwul wnt onotiiaticn ol ccfUia 
mib*Unce», ao»a,hlj antimony , topper, aod 
gnlJ, uhcn placed in the nngnriic held. 

Di''ainme. S«e Ami»r. 

Diapede'als (.ttwa^faif, a juroping 
lliiDugb). The etcR[y: of the clcmrni) «f 
tlie Uuud, t;^pecialiy iIk white cDrpuscks, 
through thr v««! vrail in intlamiaatioo, 
nticit of cimilalioD, ffc. 

Diapbiinoin'eter. bra Lattatfeft. 

Diaphanoft'copy (dtofai^, translucent. 
vKoirtw, tu acc^. The examinMion of 
caritia of [be Indy \rf mcoiu of an in- 
candeaceiM ekctric light iotrodiiccd inlo 
the cai'ily. 

Diaphorei'tc {fmttoptv, to convey). A 
loriiitinrihftt ioduccspcii^nraticinofsweat- 

DL'aphiafOi (fW. ^pay/ia, a wall). The 
trull, nuscular at the ctfcumreivncc and 
icndioous at the vmia, wbi<,'b sepaiaiu 
the ihorajE and ahdomen. The chief 
nn»f !c of rc*]>iali(in and rKpfilska. 

Diapb'ysia. The middle (wjt ur shaft of 
Ibe kxi^, cylindrical bones. 

Diapoph'yais (dw, afifjtAytu). The snpe- 
riw or aitieular masvccc apoj^iysia, or 
tbeit hoinolciguca. 

Diarrh(c'a|(t'a,^u,loflowV An dmonml 
fn.-<{Ui.iK-y tj{ cvacualion of the fj:ocG, which 
arc wAlery and MMVrtimes ocnd. 

Diaithro''»i« («t«a, apltfiuaii, ajticulatkw'). 
A lorn of anicHlaticn cbvacieriied 1^ 
freely ntorable jouits. The raiiouk torma 
are: Arlkr«iiia, in which the buue^i ^i^ 
upon plane sur^-es: EtutriMrani, tint 
known s&liflll*«iii.l->oct(i;( 'yjial, with inotior) 
ntalldircction.s; tirfi'/jiwMi.orhinKe joint, 
wilb badcwntd and lor\i'.vd motion ; and 
li. wat4/*ria, with pivtital uuvLiucid. 

Diaatal'tic {&in, trriiku, to nan). A 
s jit oMyiB fuf r«lk» acboo. 

Z>t'*staB«(<ko(trw7f(,scp<«>ation). Aoibo- 
genoas vq^iablc fenncDt that n eiUies 
iiwtaiucd or developed in the fmncntation 
id {[Tain, wbkb acts on ihe raoiecnla (rf 
starch, cooverting ihcm into grape sugar <« 

Dias'tasis. See DuUttHa^. 
Diaaut'ic Pennenu. See ftrmtntt. 
Dia9le'R)a(<lHi()r>r/ra,adi2tiiace). A space 
or di-fl. 

Dtas'ter, Sec A'lty^iH/iii. 
Diaa'tole l^fuffTu^^, xdnntngapait'). The 
period of cspansion ur diUuiun of the 
hcul during tb rhyllmBC cycle or heaL 
Applied alw to the dilatation vt Ibe arteries 
by the lieait'ft cootrnctton. 
Diaatol'ic. IVitammg Ui dta>IiJc. D. 
Impulse, the ba^k>irt>Lr. D. Munnur. 
Sec Afurmttr. D . Thrill, the Titevlioa 
fell in (he region of il)e Itcart diaM^ 
diastole of tbc ventricle. 
Diather'mal (Am, Ihrongh, Vrpitt;. hm). 
A term >pf>licd to certain iul«taiK'r« Iliai 
are iraospomu ordJiq^inuimk to the wares 
of radiant heal. 

Diath'vsia {^a. Ihroagh, nff^ui, tu ar- 
nia^V A Blue cr oondtiion of the body 
wknehy it b especially lint It To certain 
dtseaset, nicb u- gDijn,calculi», dialxtf^, 
<Vc. May be acqaued or iKrediiar)*. 
Diblaat'ic ^^(f, double, /f^mrmf.a tproni). 
Refcfiing lo a ibeory of dtwow dial aa* 
cril>e£ it to a douMe agOKy. 
DicepValoua {Ai%, <vfa>4, a bead). 

Di'cbroism (it'f. uxw, color). The pbe 
notnenun of dtJIerencc of color in Indies 
whet) viewed by rcQcclcd oc by trans- 
mitted tiKbi. 
Dicrot'ic (()iiiji»ro(. double lic:it). ItanMe 
healing. D. Pulse, a lenn iif>|ilietl to a 
pube which intiMUts (he lenwlion of a 
double beat ai each jiulvilion. 
Dwhc'tiie {Sta. ii'Juat,mi-, amber). A mm- 
ttm^ve^v^ Mlstance liinl oansiniia elec- 
triciiy by indui^nn. 

Dl'et (/d/rn, a wHjem or raode «f living). 
.\ii nTrui^nl nelnlion of food required to 
nvect the needs of llie lody. 
Di'etaiy [A>aira\ A sysiem of find rtgn- 
lation dO a* to meet Uie te>iiutcBicbls of tbc 
aiiinial ccoooiay. 
Dietel'ie. IVnaininf; to diec 
Dietel'icB. A srilem>lic Tcsulalion of 
(be did for hyifienJc or (berapcutic pur- 

Diethyl 'a mine. A ptomslnr, olJnlni^l 
from pike fbh allowed lo puifrfy tit m\ 
daya in wnnmer. Ji is an mAainn*b1e 




liquid of flroi^ tMtsic propcnici, soluble ia 

Difference Theory. A ihevrrto exptaia 
the g.ilranic [itKootncna of living li^sueA. 
'I'hc lliciitj 13 *n. <ii|»iiiuon <i( Ihc (nrl.« : 
pTvUipliuui wlieu injuivd m extitctl iu iu 
cxinlinutiy bectnueb negative (o ttic unia- 
jurc<! {xirt i when hcslod became* jiwilivc ; 
miBltbeanrfocc (»litritmiondiniini>h,c»witli 
e^icitemnil and in ihe proc«M of dying. 
Calleil alio Allrratt»*i Tmtory {Iltrmann). 

Diffcreo'lUI. Penaining to, or crcalmg, 
• diftcffnce. D. I>l&g;nosls. Sfc />kig'- 
Htuu. U. Rbcotome. See Kkec^itnu. 
D. Tone, i toce producrd l>y t\ro pn- 
mAry lonON when mounding titnuliaiieouoly. 
Lhe nurnlirr of wbow rUmition* corrr*- 
ponds to the diAbn-ncr lirlMi-m ihr t«-o 
parifnuy toocc. D. StKining, a biciWI 
oftiaiiiang tulxidc Incilli, tj-philitic ba- 
dlli, f/f., founded upon (he fnct tlvr if 
deeply tolortd, and ruiecialty wnb • mor- 
djuU, ibcy Klaiii Uiu (.-otgt in ptcscDCc of 
cctUin reagents tfa&l decoloriie t)ie stir 
lOundlDji licsun. Koch, hhrtirh and 
Wcigert, Zichl ud NccUqd. Filunrr, 
GiliMi, rfc.have devij«d dilfcrcnt mcUiods 
of D.S. 

Differentia'tion. SpccUUcation of Us- 
Midi, urgans or functicou. Tbc gmdiiul 
ch«rit;e of hoioogcikeous nuuerial iuio 
special tissues or wgans. 

Tie deflection sitflcred by n ray of \i^\ 
wh(.ti i( |uues ihKQgh « oinxiw iWt or 

3>erture. D. Grating, a slii|) of );Lui& 
wely nilcd wiib line lines; h i!> often 
utcd in lhe sficctroKOpc tn the pitcc of 
ibc boUery of uriuiiS- 

DifTuse^ {Jf. ttmdu, lo jiour over). Scit- 
rrrvd or i)«eiul aixiitt. In mcdicinr, sillied 
to di>citM:i that iiivolw • Itugc [xut of tbe 
body. D. Ancuristn, odc caused by a 
nipttiiec4'tl)e Widixif a blood vcamI. D. 
Inflammaiion. See Injlummilnm. 

Dtffu'aionii/i^Mnii>.u>qircad). Atpnad- 
ing or diurtni nation. D. Circle^ Um 
nit>ciirccl imiigL- lvnn«d hy Incomplete 
liMliuiliMi. Ihe praitiOR of true fooui not 
having licen rrnclicd or ii«AM.-d. 

Digaa'iric (fltc, ilouole, j^tc'vp, lb* 
stomach orltellyV Having two bellies. D. 
MuJtcIe. Sec MhuIi-. 

Dige'rent ^diefo, (udigeM). A digest- 
kui ; nl«o a n>edidne which excites the 
healthy «.-t:rctioii cf jma in <iiiun(l>. 

Digeat'ant. A fenneni or oryanic acid 
(hat cflects aoliition of the food in the 
mooA, Mooncli ami loladac*. 

Diges'tion \dij;ert>). The action of the 
<iigjm*of the digrsiivr tract sad of ihrir 
Kvrriionii upon the food. D., Artificial. 
the ]-nKlucitcn of fcptoDcs outside of the 

Digit (digi/iu, a finger). A finger or loc. 

Dif'ital. I'criBining lo the titigctt or Itxs, 
D. Arteries, ihr arteries ol the baiKl^ and 
feel nip(ilyijig tbc digits. D. Comprca- 
sion, (he »lo|iiingc of a flow of blood liy 
pTWkUtr «ilh ihr linger, D. Dilalalioo, 
the enlarging of a canity by means of tlie 
tingrt, O. Examination, caammaiinn or 
ciplomlinn «rilli ihr lingrr, D. Nerves, 
the nene.'^ of tbc band> tn^l feet. D. 
Phalanges, the boacs of lhe tingenorcf 
Ibe Iocs. 

Digita'lia {dfgitm). Foi^orc. The 
leaves of D. pirpirra. Contams nn amor- 
{^Kws conqilex sBlmaiK*, dit:iialm, ibai 
does not, however, npftsent the (ull piop- 
mics of the leaves. A cardiac ttimaiant 
and cjtdio mutor. In latgci dOMS causes 
s«^'cre gastric disturbance. En ployed 
mainly in «Pectiout of the heart where ih« 
laiUT \i ni{nd and fccllc. L'osc of tha 
lenvcs gr. ss-iij. D. AbsiracttllD, 
slirngtb 300 pcT CCTlt. lk>*e gr )i-%. 
D. Ext. ; leaves yitU 25 per ctni. of ex- 
tinci. Lioee gi. %~}i. D. Est, Fid., 
Mrrngih too per ccni. IkMe iry-iij. D. 
Infuaum. 1 H per cent, in sttcngth. Dose 
3s»-j. D. Tincl., 15 per cent. IXae 
?H,T-Kv, Digitalin. UooC Varies givuly 
in strength. Dose A-V«. 

Dig'ilus ( I,aLy A hnger or toe. 

Dilata'tion {dilont, to spread oiM). An 
incrcssc of siic of the walU of a cavity or 
Yesscl. D.of Blood-vcsBcl. Sec 7>/f 

Dila'tor ^yi'/i7/<>). Aoinannncniforstretdi- 
tng or eulai|]in|j n cavity or u|ictiitif[. 
Barnes' D., an iruttument for dilataiion 
of tbc 06 and cervix uteri, consuming of 
a rubber bafc (hat, being imcried, is dis- 
lendcd by woier. D.. Intra-uterine, 
fur dilsdiim the utt^rine carity by tnrans of 
air or waiet. D., Laryngeal, an inrtru- 
ment wiih tuo or three hiadex thai may tie 
sprrnd (<«^ Irreiiig cir ditulmg Ihc IniyniL. 

Dilem'ma \^i<», >«^/)iiiw, to tal^c). In 
CNpcnmenii lo deiemiine the teactMn-lime 
of jisycliital ivotcuo, if the per»un i> lold 
which side u 10 be stioxdaied, or wliai 
colored disc u lo be presented, iit., lhe 
Itaic is slwitcr, lAck of mch EorekiMiwI- 
edge is called the dilctntns. 

Dilu'ent {diiuo, to vrB»l) away). An agent 
Ibst dilutes the secmiooii of an organ. 




oronc wbicli incicam Ibe flddily of «ecn- 

Dila'tion. The proocM of nuvin^ with a 
DcutnU HukI ur aahatmaix in onJcr to allemf 

Dime'dute. I IM round. 

Dim ethyl' amine. A uUnnalitc found in 
(MtKfyiim KcluJo«, old deoomposiai; yeoM, 
cettiun fdrms of fish-dccompositJod, fU. 

Nut p!.'i*)110»l»- 

Dimoipb'ous ((t<c, d«jble, /tofi^, k Kinn). 
Kiitlin); in iwa fonm. In chfniistry, 
haviiiK (he •lUiOitjr o( \-mu (ormt of cntliU- 
liiUtuM In iHotogj, having iwo fonu 
iralcjictiilcTit of ihmc of nrx. 

Dinner Pills. A nvmc appliod to various 
mild Mtlufiic pilU uken aRcr OKali. 

Diofr'cioum (it((,i«rQ,ui«in, a house), lUv- 
iog dntioct >ex«. 

Diop'ter. or Dioptric. See Dieptry. 

Diop'lrics (it'll. thtviut;h, otrru, lo vcc). A 
tnach of oplin treating of Uk nrfradiaii 
of light \tj trnmjxunrnt RknliA, »pcciaUy 
Inf ihe mc'iia of ibc eye, 

Diop^try (A«. »wtw). The new ind mcst 
commonly accepted unit of mcutuvmcnt 
Rw o{xiai] lenf*«. A positive (w ;»/«i) 
qituirical (biconvei) leu of one dioptry 
hftt A focal distance of one racier; one of 
two dioptrics, It local distance of onc-lulf 
■ meter. fU. 

Dioscor'ea. M'lld Yarn, Coljc Root 
The rhi/ome of A -iilhut, a crecFJiii; 
plam, indigenous to the eastern U, S. Con- 
tains an rilractiic, Diaicorjme. Claimed 
to tie cxpectofint, dtapboreiic and stamu- 
laiM to the inuslbal c«nat ; in lar^ dutci 
OOBng iMttralgic pains and eiuiic excite- 
raeot. Used successfully in Ulioiu «^ic 
D.. Fid. Ext., siaoduixl Mrcnglh IH,ay- 
»x*. All unof, 

Diphihe''ria \fi*d^t(n, a skin or memlirane). 
An rjiidcmic, rnfcctioMs divA«e, ({L-neralljr 
legaided as of spectlic conta([ious ufi(t''>i 
ulacUng ibc mucous mcnibrue of ihe air 
pHMges. and producing prafound dcpcv*- 
■ion of the vital force* It is characterited 
^xdfically by tba fbnnation of luyen of 
wbiluh or yeilowiah nKraJbraoe, ajipaiently 
the loAglwic or mycodermlc fono of a 
nKrohic organism. D., Gangrenous, a 
gangrene of the »kin anil muc-oiu tnem* 
bntne «omrlinir« oc company idk tlie dL^ease. 
D., Laryngeal, a fenn hi<rolving the 
lai^Tix. lbrrateoii>]{ dcatli l>y aufibcation. 
D., Malignant, a very fatal form, begin- 
Rtng with rigor, vomiting, and attended with 
plmd symptoms. D., Nasal, a fixni in 
I the dipbtheriiic DemboDc spreads to 

the naaal passages, and \* accompanied b^ 
a Hid, IJTDwn dmharoe. D., Secondary, 
a Icnn desiguling the occurrence of the 
disease with oibct acnte affections, stKb as 
lyphotd (ever, scarlatina, rtc. 

Diphtherit'ic (*(«-p«). Pertaining to 
diplitlieru. D. Conjunctivitis, a Uaok 
of conjuDCti*it« Ulended with an inlilim- 
IJM of ooagnloUe moiter or infiammoiory 
feoducts. D. MeiDbcane, Ibe loagluca, 
mycodetma, or pelUde Gjnning on ihe 
Mcrti iavotv«d. D. Poralysb, ■ pnalysis 
beiliKnily aflecting the muscles of the sofl 
palate and larynx, after the beating of (be 
Icvioni iif ilic*e pafts. 

Diphibon'gi* V'H^, twice, ^yvK> ■ 
roice). 'fne praduciMUi of a dooble tone 
of the eoace liy the incooipJete unilateial 
paralysis of the Tcaurent nerve, or by 
some leHon of the >-ocal cords that causes 
each poition of the glotlts to produce its 
own scnod. 

Diplacu'aU (Av^oar. donUe, uiwc. bear- 
ing). The hearing of a lone as higher liy 
cne ear than by the olbcr. Called D. 

Diplococ'cui (Aa-looc, iox«n(, IceniriV 
Micrococci whose cocct ore umlcd in a 
double manner. See Mu ri'dxcus^ 

Dip'loi) [iUit'ia^, a fold). Tbe cellular 
osscocu liasue between the tables of the 

DiplomyerU (,SiriAof,4oiMe,in*>M^, the 
nuTTOw). An apparent doablenessnf the 
sptnid cord, produced by a looi;iti*diaal 

Diplo'pia ((JiTAcwr, wiKc. '•ght). iJouMe 
visioo, one object twinjt seen by the eye 
or eyei as two. D.. BinoeuUr, Uie atoA 
Erei|ucnt. i^ due to a deratwement of Ihe 
vboal a>c», ll>e imagjes of the object Iving 
therfliy thrown upon non Identical [Kxnts 
of tlic lelinjc. D., Crossed, the result 
of divergent sunlnsmtis, the imnge of the 
right ey-e .ippearing upoo the left side, and 
that of tlie left upon the li^hl D.. Direct, 
or D., Homonymous, the rev..-r*e of 
CrcBwd I>., due either to paralysis of the 
eslemal teetui or orrr-action of Ihe iulcr- 
nsL D., PhysloIogicaL ihM produced 
when an imfKrfcrt image b seen lieyood 
or wtlbin the duiance of tlic otije*! nrcom- 
mudated for and transfited by the viEinl 
axes. D., Monocular, or D.. Uniocti- 
lar, djplopii with a ttnf[le eye, usually 
due to polycoria or oihct imperfections o* 
the media. 
Dtpsoma'nia (<^<^, thinrf. iur»a, raad- 
aess), Tbe 




ituoiB liqtuirs. GcDcnlljr conddocd a 

DiptCTOcarp'us. Sec durjuM liali-im. 

Ditcct' u/irrdHi, slnught). tn a ri|^t or 
ctMieht line. D. Current, ^et Cumur 
D. Vi«ion, ibe jictccjuicn of an ohjirct 
wbo«e imo^ Talis ti|>on ihc maculic. 

Dlreet'oHi/'c/fii. loguidci D,, Grooved, 
an inalnitncni gnKivn] lo gnide the knUie 

DIb- (3i{, twice). A pncliK used lo dcDoic 
Am or i&mi/e. Abg, a ptrfis (o dvDOtc 

DiBarUeuU'tion (i/m. ^Mtrt, artim/tun, a 
joint]. To dinjoinl, or tniarnic ihc boncs 
of B jolni. A nwtiiod of ampul uion. 

Dice \<lis(Ut, a riuoil w roiitxl jtUlc). A 
ctrcvlar, pliUc-Ukc otra" or body, espe- 
cimllylfac fapilln <if tlic eye. the minmcc 
vi ihc optic ncTTc into Ihr c)vl.«II. lb 
axvk, oonesponds wiib diiU of Itie Nitui 
ifvi. D.. Choked. Set Pa/i/JUu. D., 
Cupping of. ^^tc Sxeavatitm v/the Oftit 

Discis'Mon. Sec Calara<t. 

Discrete' {.s'iu-rtfm, «cj«rfltedV A term 
apphcd lit rx&nlheinat<nu eruption* In 
which ihc [M-Mulo orj>a|iu1d n-niain dis- 
llncC Tlie oii«xi>iie of cuntlucni. 

DIs'caB Prolig'erus (AaKof, a (]iioit, 
prelft, c^bprin);, ^rp, to hear). The ele- 
rated cclb of (be membratia gramuiiaa of 
Ihe «rrum, whcrvlf>' the ovum is atlaclied 
to liip *.ninc 

Dtscu'tient {diutite, to xhakc npuct). A 
m<^iriTir «uppoaed to have the power of 
revolving tnmont. 

Ditdi'aclast* {jit;, ita, ihroufh. k^ovi^. a 
trealcing down). Small douNy tclrMliTe 
eVcnrnu in the ctmtradilr discK, changing 
their position <lunLig iiiu»cular coolraciion 
and rrlatation 

Diveasc'' (xb ne^trve, tate, a lAaU of 
restV A condition of the hody marlcfd 
\rf inharmcinioUK action of one or morr of 
tnc viirious organs, owing to alxionBal 
lilion or structural change. D., Acute, 
m diveaae markrd \jy n^>id ooKt and 
■"'courve. D.. Addison'i. Siet AtUiKn't. 
D.. Brigiifs, Src Bright't. D., Chron- 
ic. t\xyr th.-it it slnw in its coiirtr. D., 
Constitutional, one in which a syttem 
of organ* or the wholr liody is involrcH. 
D., Duchcnne's, :> )i->«uilohy|ieTlrophic 
pwalyMs, y. V. D.. Focal, a centrally 
locatiied diMAie <A the acrrous system »a 
dislin^iahctl fnm ]>en)>)icmUy luotliied 
aHectioQs. D,, Funeiiotwl. aboonnAliiy 
of functMo without dJacotcnble oij^iuc 

lerioo. D.. Otaves. See Ctbre. D., 
Hodgliin's. Set; Lymphadettoma . D., 
Idiopathic, one that Miu& by itself 
without any conocclion with another ilis- 
ordei. D.. Inierturrcm, n disease oc. 
cuniog duiiuc the proKrcik* of another. 
D., Septic, one irising from the pMrelK- 
live fcnuenlalion uf tAUK iurcign mb- 
itoucc within the hody. D., Speciflc, 
one caused ty t)i« inlroductim of « spe- 
cific virw \J( ^ison within the \xAj. D., 
Symptomatic , a diKose cnnsed by or 
connected with another oilriMnt of il« 
titidy. 'nif upiHJoiic of kliujKithic disease. 
D., Zymotic, a tenii uscU to include the 
whole cIlks of £CTia disea^c^, or Those 
arising i'rviii the intrMluctiun and mulupLi- 
cation of some living genn within the 

DiBtnfect'ani {<!%> neK, mfiih, to cor- 
rupt). An agent that de^imys diseue 
gcnns and the noxious proprrties of fer- 
nwnlatkn oud iHitrefnctiva. 

Dlsln'teyrate idtt, apart, iuitgrr. the 
whole). The act of breaking up or d«- 

Dialoca'tion (Jis, diriiled. />v>>, to place). 
T)ic ItDtOticiii ur aimnnnal dwplacemmt of 
wie or Mvxv boiw< of a joint, or of any 
or\^n fmm its natural posiiion. D., Com* 
pleic, tlip liimo entirely *r|iarated. D., 
Compound, the coverings of the joint 
rujMun'il. D.. Consecutive, ihr diiplnccd 
Uinc a not in t]tepiAili(jnx«wlirniinginany 
oiLiiiliKed. Diasiasis. di^uc^tion of on 
aiii|iliiarthniiic joinl. D. of Eyeball, ills. 

IiLici^inciit of ih* cyclw-ll uut«iir of the 
idk. D. of Lens, the cry».utline lens 
thrown uul ol' the cii]c>»le, or mispliirin) ta 
that it doti net occui^r it.i iTn)|icT piiution 
behiod the pupil. !>., OM. iiinamniiUory 
change.i hnvmg emurH D., Partial, or 
IncoiTiplete, the iinit:ii1niing ^urfnces re- 
mnining in partinl contact: called, al«, 
SuMuxtttiatt. D., Primitive, thr hours 
rcmatiiing as originally displaced D., 
Recent, no intlammaiorv changes having 
endued. D., Simple, without lacrration 
of the SDrrvuniling pan.s. 

Dis^parate idts/mr, un<^Jllah. Nni alike: 
iincqiisl or uninaled- D. Points, nnn. 
identical puintsofthelworeuiLt?. Di)>lu])in 
is pmdutvd when the imsecs of a single 
oJijrct fall uiJOii such points. 

Dlaparcu'nia i,Aimiafirv%t«^, ill-matedV. 
rainfiil or diOicnli peniannxnce of eopiUa- 
lion fiuin pltpicftl incon^atibiliiy. 

Dispeos'ary {'/hfimst!, to distribute). A 
charitable initiiulJoQ where mcdicml treat- 




Dent is ^vra Ibe poot tad nxdiciiwi dU- 

cny'i dixiy). A ttvUme on llie coeipoii- 
Ikxi and pTCpantioa of nedidnei. 

Dispens'inc. The m«uumig, weighing 
and iuuing dte dniga unlctcd tn a prrscnp- 

Disper'sion {dupemu, KiUemd). The 
KsttcrinB of en inflaniinatkin or otber mot* 
lid oonwUun. In pU]r)>cs. Uie leptratioa 
of any of while light into coIorrH ivrt; 
■IsD, KHf KUUring pf l^ht, u Ibat whidi 
tuis fttssed Ihrotigh grcwnd glksr 

Di»'pirem. Srr Kiryokinfiii. 

DU'poia Caucas^ics. See BadUm Qtm- 

Disscx'tion {diitfto, lo cat i^). To db- 
sect kihI ditHKiUe ibe orpuu of a twd)'. 
D., Aneuiycm. Se« /tneurysm. D. 
Wound, tnjitfy during diMcclion, «ai(h 
consequent inlrwluriion of MfAic atatrrial. 
It nuy twcotne cob4ittiii«tul onH remll in 
acii<iC3>rma. or may lake Ihc form of wirls, 
(vj-rw*-a Hfvr^eMka. Tlic soir resulllng 
directly from ihe prick or alirasion is called 
Pint- m«rt/iit fttstulf. 

Diisemiiu'tjon {Jit, apait, ifmiita, to 
sow). The icatteiing or dispcnioo of dis- 
rase nr rtinrasp gmns. 

Dtssipa'tion {^iuifiamt, lottcfcdi. A 
•lis^imioii rif nuiirr or of tbc morbM] cco- 
diliotus vhirh ouur dunuv- 

Diasocia'tion {iHj, qwit, wtiut, felknr- 
»hip). In physiology, the jcpantion of 
the cotnponrnt elrmcnls of n com^inund. 
In cheinutTT. the dccofnfWftition of a com- 
poanit \tj mrans of high temprraiiirc. 

Distotu'tion It/ia^tfiam, looecncd). A 
•ohilbn of the coDlinnily of a |Mrt. De- 
compnoiiion ari^ng Iran ibe dc«ih of die 
\)odY or itfi ports. 

Dissalv'eiit. A soIvcnL 

Difr'HKiancc (ifiiieito, to diugrcc in 
BouadV XMkd the niuabcr of beats of 
two (ooes are difTcfcM tiy a less ntUDbcr 
than 66; the inaiimnni Li. being wbca 
the difTcrtncc b Xi- 

Diat'ai (Jiitf. lo Iw at a dntance). The 
gpratesi dutaoca fr«n the mink, heart, nr 
mesial line. 

Dislichi'asis {JSt(, twice, arixot,* row). 
A double row of eyelMhes, the inner rub- 
bing against and Inllanune the gloljc. 

Distillation yJtjtill*, \o drop litllc hy 
little). The double [wocnt of nporiia- 
Ikm and cotidenaalka of the vagMr. U»cd 
mnidly in puri^ring li<|ddi. t>y wpanting 
tbem from DOD-raoUle (obslancea. D., 

Destructive, tbc decionpadlion of otgnie 
tiuUiaacea by heal, and the CDodcnMtmi 
ol their volalite conililw^nls. D., Frac- 
tionml, Ibe «nccBLUi-r vtunttoa, by distil- 
lation, of MjbKtanoe» nbich vaporuc U 
rlifferimt teinpcrntuiea. 

Dia'toma (di(, twii.'e, vrrtfut, a moolh). An 
tnicsiinal wonn belonging to the bmUj 
iHitoma, paraxiiic in iti tint ilAgc, uaually 
upog a molhuk, and known in this fonn 
as &rearut. la its second stage it beccoies 
again encysted, and develops into tbc lonn 
known a* Diitmu. It cooipicta iu dc- 
vclopncol as a p^^asile within the body of 
a tlurd boat, frequently that of Uierp or 
cattlc. Making its way to ihc liver, it be- 
comes Ihe dreaded liverdtike, the cause 
of ihe dl>e«je known as n>i. 

T>V\» Bark. Tlic bock of Ahfunia jeith 
/ii'M, native loihe {"hilippine Island!. Urn- 
liWeil ILK n tonic and aiitiprriodic in inter- 
tni(tenl« I.>(«e _■:; j-iv. L'nof. 

Dita'na Di^lifc/lia. A Mexican ;>Un1 
Mid (o IwucM galaciagngnc joiof wrlics 

Diure'sis (iW, ihtough, arpm, to make 
water). Abnormal increase ia the Kcrctioo 
of urine. 

Diaret'ie (<^a, ovptu). A nedirine that 
increasrs the sccrrtiun and ilow <rf urine. 

OPvcTS* ParaVysia. Srt Caiitfi /hu-tuf. 

Divertic'alam idim of ,/iWrfiit, luming 
aside). A iRiAll ■.-ul-d<:-U': <w |iuuc)i. 
VariallM] from s nonnal Mmcnire; mal- 
fonnation. D., Meckel's, a sacculation 
of the ilrtun, owing to the oon-otjUtcration 
of the viteltiae duct. 

Ztoeh'mius Duodcna'lis. See AiKkyi»- 

Doc'toc [J^fcr, a leaclKrl. A teacher. 

A title conferred l)y« univerttiy or college. 

A !iceni«d medical prATlilionrr. 
Dog Btitton. See iVux I'l/mK-r. 
Dog'ma {AiM£u. lo think). A lenet or 

principle langtil t^ auibority. A uatemetit 

of lontical science. 
Dor'wood. ftee Ctntui. 
D^ichocepbal'ic. Sec /mfex. 
Dolicbohier'ic, See /'UtyAirrir. 
Dohe hope 1' lie. See thtyfiUie. 
Dcr'ltir \il^'i; to feci pain). llodily pain 

or .\ulT«iTi2. 
Dolo'rea Preaagien'tes. IVecnrsory poisa 

fell In- women in advance of latx». 
Don'ne's Teat. For piu in the urine. 

Allow iHii to Kllle and decant ; «ir a 

ticceol^pnlusiiiin bydralcintathr drpOiil, 
"tu will grow thick, tough and grUlinnui. 
while miu.115 will fnm ttakcs aad bccoine 




Don'oran's Solu'tkm. Sctjirjtnit. 

Dor'sat ^^dorsiim, the back). IVruininft 
(o tlie liacic, or to ihe poslerica pan c^ 
an orpan. D. Arlcry. Sec ArUry. D. 
Nerves. S« AWif . 

Dor'ao- {il«niim\ A prefix u*cd in «in- 
nection with the Duncs of such organ; as 
bare iIicit oltachmcn* la oi alout ibo lock. 

Dor* sum. TbcUick. Tbc rounded port 
o( the liBcV. 

Dose (i}(Mt[, n portion). The mc^utrd 
ptfflioD of inedkinc lo be taken ai one 
lime. D., Divided, a mode of lulininb- 
tnttlMi ill vliicli (lir dose b to \x taken tii 
ftactiooal poitions ai Inlen'als of a few 
mlntita. D.. Maximami the largest 
poition of mcdiciwc onlcrrd to produce a 
given result, or the latest comUtcnt uith 
ufvljr. In tbu work U>th miniinum iuod 
ma\iinuti) do«a{[e n given under each 
niediHne or prepvaiion. 

Dosim'etiy (<Io<»c, /■rr^xn', a measure), 
llie ncL-nrue and syMenmtic mvasuienieDt 
of a droe or procribetl ponioo. 

Do'sia. See Dett. 

Doub'le {dtto, two, plita, a fold). Two- 
fold. In t«*ln. D. Staiaing. Inmicro- 
•CDfiy, an inKcstiun of two cuIupi into a 
■tructure in ot>l«r to show i« detoJN. 
Dactcriolagically ibe nf^IicnUon of audi 
•tainin); TcaKCTjb ua will slain the spores 
one color and the rod^uicOK-r D. Touch. 
ihe csploration of the Tnginal and rectal 
walb Iry inscrttiig tbe Ihumb into Ibc one 
cavliy, awl llie index fingrr inio ihe olber, 
50 thai, ^.f.,thc [iresetict; of any alvionnal 
powth maj be oKcrtaincd. D. Viaion. 

Doucba (Kr. ^i*uhe\ A stream of water 
directed agaiMl n t«tt, or one u«cd to Hush 
■ C«»ity of die l-ody. 

Doog'lAS, Cul-de-sac or Poucb of. 
Sw Ptmch. 

Do'ver'a Powder. See Opium. 

Doy^re, Eminence of. "^^ex S^rtoglUi 

Drachm filjio.t^i?, a Grrrk ireighi). The 
eq^ltb part of llic aputfaccaries ounce, ciiinl 
to fo graios or 38 grnninics. Al'O the 
OM-«istomib parlof ihr ■voirdii["ii«o>iwe, 
a^ual to 37-34 Rrain^ D., Fluid, the 
eishlh part of a fluid ounce, equal to 60 

Dracun'culus. See GMmtaWerm, 

Drag'on Root. Indian 1'umipi The mot 
of Arvm tryfhyUum. Arrid, expc<rtunml 
and diaphoretic Dose of M. ext. nv^tv- 
3j. Unof. 

DrvIn'aKC (Sax. drtfinigtan, to strain). 
The iiueflkm of a tube or sunnds of uber 

natcria] hi a wound or ^scck to wiibdnw 
the lluids Iberrftom. D. Anclior. a rub- 
ber I'lltunent invited in an alnoexn or cav 
ity. D. Tube, a nibtici tulv with po-- 
fcnliotu. D. Tube, Decalcified, a de-l 
calcifUd bone ^chicken, (U.), uxd as ■ 
drainage lube. 

Dras'tic (•V'M', to draw). [\>werfiil and 
irritating purgatives, tucb as Kammoay and 
gamboge . 

Drench (Sax. J'*iKaH\ In vclerinarf ; 
practice, a draught of medidnc. 

Drepanid'ium Rana'rum. A (probably) 
l>ara»itic cjtotoAo uf frogs' blocd, 

Dres'stng. Tbe a{iplicaiion of a twndage, 
Itnl or other jsiibetaocc lo a wiwad or 

Drorn'ograph (i)f)o^(v, a courx, >pofu,^ 
lam-rite). Au iiutmment for mcasuric 
die veUniiy of Uie Moi>d-*uiient 

Dropped Hand, or Dropped Wrist. A 
((inn of inndj^ii (imn Icadpouuoifig, CCa- 
siMing in the iaaUlil)- lo coudact ibe ex- 
len.ioni of the forearm. 

Drop'ay (ml/iu(;', Jrojwy). See ffydrt^. 
D. of Belly. St-c Atrnes. D. of Brain. 
.<*e JMr,\ffMalus. D. of Chest. Sec 
IMrflherax. D. of SpinC. "txc Sfina 
Bifi'hi. D. of TeBttcle. -^ix Uplrottk.* 
D. of Uterus. Sec JlyJromftra, 

Drug. A nulMUnw, Hmplc or cotapoond,^ 
natural c« prepared, fjngle or nixed with 
other snhstaaocs, used a& a medicine. D.| 
Antagoniatic, one thai neuttaltio Ihe 
action of onolber I7 a pRwens other tfaan 
chemical. II16 fallowing table of Druoioe, 
gircit the inuCoal nnt^Dniiii^: tkAcs of lliftj 
prineipol powerful potions widi totli k*"^-* 
and oniagcintsticdMes.tNjriiiK/^/'/ 
vtigkt y the animai :-^ 


AeoniiiiK and Atmtiine, . . 

- DliEtUlin. . . 

" '■ Slr}TlinitH;, . 

Akohol nml Sl>rc1iiilnc. . . 

Attupinc aiid Attnihine, . . 

••^ " ChlonU. . . . 

" " Hrdrocjranle 
acM. .... 

" ■• Inborandl. . . 

» " Mweariae,. . 

" " Morphine, . . 

" " Pilocarpine, . 

" " Phytolarcine, . 

" " riivfoIllKmlnc 

" •• Ou'n''». ■ ■ 

Bromalliydtalc aixl AtropJAG 















Chloral and Airopin*, . . . 

'■ •' Pictotcisin«, . . 

" ■* PhyuxtiKDiinc, 

•■ " Slivchnine. . . 

Chlurororn ana Ainirl nliriir 

lll|{italiiic and Aconiliiic. . 

" ** SttponlM, . . 

Gctocnghnii and <Mitm, . . 

" " Atropine, . 

Morphine aadCaffulne, . . 

" Chlorofojin,, 

MuKariRF and Atropine, . 

Opluai and Ain>[jinr, . . . 

" " G«l9«iniuni. . , 

•" " Veritruni tirld*' 

B O •30 B So 

m 1 ,11 

Druni'-bell/. See TympanUes. 

Drum'iQC. A asinc fgt'ww to tbc allialoid 
eslndWe of F.uphi^ia drummnHtiii. an 
Ainlnilian pUn(. Said to hr a Icxnl ao- 
KSibetu:. Claimed, alto, la tic ut tn^un: 
calcium i^kalute. Uno(. 

Dnim of Ear. See Tymimtum, 

T>ry BeUy-actw. Sc« Oini/e Patm. 

Dry Carlea. See OnyfAam^'^aiu. 

Du'aUsca ('Arc, two). A cystcm by whicb 
•U tuHnJ pbcooaciu are explained by 
two principles. D.. ChancTous, the 
theory of ibe exittrnce ol two Ibnns of 
duncre — the noo- infcfiiiig, or soft cbancre, 
and the infecting, or Irui* ^Hanl) chancnr. 

Dubin'i'a Disease. " KIrctncal chcuva," 
• molaily met with in Italy, dilTcTing froin 
chcrea in ihe chancirr of the movement, 
iriiicb ar« sudden and sbock like : in ihc 
toant of the ducase, whicb is progrcuive 
and often fatal; and in ihe addiiion of 
onucular palsy and wasliog. Elklogy aad 

jMiboloey obscure. 

Dubats'ia. The Ii-avc* of D. myop«roiilft, 
an AuMraliiui vpx. Contaios an alkaloid, 
di^amm, llMught ta be identical with 
kfoteyamint. Rcaerablo ibe active prio- 
aple of belladonna in pfayaological and 
Ibmpntk eflectv D., Exi. Llose gr. 
%-%. D., Tinet. l)o»c tT|_v-«. Du- 
boistn* Sulphas. Dose gr. T^rVl- 

Ouchenne's Paral'ysis. .See /VWo- 
kyptrtraphU I'ara/jrjis. 

Duel {Akv, (o lead). A tube for the coa- 
Teyanoe of certain fiuids nf ibe tiody. 
D. of Bartbolia, the darts of ibc tub- 
Uofpia] glands, exiefMUng alcns Ulianon'i 
duct, D., Biliuy. tbe baliaty jiuMgcs. 
D^ Cyatic, the excrctoiy duct of the gall- 

bUdder. D., Hepatic, the main tnmk 
of the ilocts of the lit-cr. D., Prostatic, 
ibe ducts of the pra»iaie gland. D., Tbo- 
racic, Ibc trunk formed '*y Ihe iuuciion 
of tbe ab«orbrat rcueU. D. of Steno, 
Ihe cxcictoty duct of tbe parotid gland. 
O. of Wharton, the cscreiocy duct of 
the sirf>Uncnal gUnd. D., Vitelline, the 
duct thM kada from the uroUlica) vcsicUl 
of Ihe embryo to the inletiiiu] canal. 
Duct'us (-iu-'c, to le«d). A caiul nr duct. 
D. ArterioBUB, a ooolinuation in ihc 
foettuof thepulmoDiuy vt«ry. In afterlife 
the atrophied raoains axe {duikI attached 
to llial veucl. Callrd also D. BoUlli. 
D. Cboledochus Communis, thr lutie 
fimoed by the janaJaa of the hmtic and 
cjralic ducta. D. LMluymuit. See 


Duhl'ine's Iinj>eti''fo. See /mfttigt, 

Dulcama'ra. Uillcrawcci. Tbe young 
Uwnches of D. toAiHHm. ConlairM sev- 
eral glnon^les and an alkaloid, rn^mr- 
tic» not well undcT^lood. Cauoo oauaca, 
eiaui* and convubive OMicukr movEoieaU, 
and in toxic doses Is a narcolk pohon. 
Now emjiUijTd in nsoriast* and Mmilar 
skindiMSMs. D., Fid. Ext. Dose 3 j. 
D.Decoctom.unof.lopercent. strength. 
Dose 3j-ij, 

Dumb (.Sox. Ju-ui). Unable to titicr ar- 
ticiiUEr »{M^h. D. A|^e, n po|ni)ar ck- 
pmraiion fhi agac or maluial tickncw 
nurkcd by obxwe synpCooK. 

DuodetMs'tomy (duiiJftutm, mvfM, t 
imuih). Tl>e oficmlion of openin([ the 
duodenum, and ild altachmenl to the walls 
of the atxktncn, in order In form an arti- 
ficial moudi and to intradacc nutriment. 

Duode'num. ^Lat.) I'he fim part of the 
small intmiinc iK-giniiing at the pylorus. 

Th« inner suTfac« it oovmcd with lokk of 
mnoous mcmbroiK called foMu/'T (onni- 

Du^'ra Mn^ter. Tbe outer membrane of 
the brain and vpjiud cord. 

Duration of Life. Scvrral methods of 
otcenainine the duration of life arc no- 
ploy «1 : t. The Mean Age at Death: 2. 
the iW>ablc I>anUton oi Ufr; 3. tbe 
McBin DtnitiAn of Life : 4. Ihc Expecta- 
tion of Life, or mean aftcrlifrtiine: and 
J. the numbrr liring nul nf which («ie 
dies uinnslly. AccordiniJ: to the English 
Life 1'alJc No. j, the mean agr at <traih 
Is 4&9 years, but this teU is lor aevenU 
reasons fallncioai, though tl b of excep- 
tional inieica when tbc deaths from rari- 
ous dtaeaaea an oxBidered. See /VvAdU 




/). fl^ i., Bxfeetatim of Lift, and Lift 

Dwarf (Sax. dwt9r£). A ihiiig or pcnon 
afMuntcd of vrcmd ([rowib. D. Eld«r, 
ihc root of Aralia hitfidia. A TaluaUe 
diurttic. Doscoffltl. «t .^j-ij. Uikrf. 

Dy'ad. Sc« QuaMthsiSmct. 

Djmam'ic ^dtiviiuf, energy). Hcnfti&inc 
tu cnef)^. In medictnc, a qrooDym of 
UkenUt g. v. 

Dynamics.* Se« Af^-Aatiut. 

Dy'namitc (di-na^it). An cn[iIm)«v con- 
sbliiqt cr nitn:> slyccrine iiicoiporuied wilh 
inftuiorul carib, lo give ii coiiy-icucy. 

Dy^namo (ifvuiini]. A uurd (.>b|julnil]' 
■Opticd to im clcciric4l iiiA<.hii)c in wbicti 
tbc corteni is gL-ncratcd by rrvolviiiE coils 
of uuulaled wirr lhrouf>li Uic iicld of a 
magnet inlcnsiSed by the uunc currt-ni. 

Dynafflog'enjr (i9iTi^tc> j'ni'ou, m licg«t). 
Tb« unxluctiou of «acr|^; tbc |>)ip)0- 
lofical eenemlion cf faice. 

Dynam'ograph f rltiiytrf, jpafu, to wHle). 
An iiwininimi ileiifpied to mcutm and 
graphical!]' rrconl muscular sircngth. 

I^natnom'eter (thi-afiif, firrpo*', a nuss- 
nrc). An iatinimcnt detiKued to nieaiure 
force. In phy«iokigy. one ka ihe measure- 
ment of tnuwutor strength. 

Dyne. A fmte tufHcioiC t« iininrt a ?«• 
locity of one rcntimcur per second to a 
man of one gntnimf . 

Dyaaoou^sis. S« /fyprrahtsit. 

I^rscatbe'&ia {i\^,A\ii\c\i\\,tuoOtr<si^, xn- 
ntion. flullDuuaf any iK-nsatiaa, e>]wci- 
slly lliai of iDuch. 

Dys-al'bumose. See Albitmeie. 

Dysba'cia (iht, ,3<tf"r> > ^l*)- DifRcnlty 
of walking. Pn>iio«ctl instead of aboua, 
since in the atfeOion iliere is larel; ahso- 
1«te inability to walk. 

X>yachromBtops'ia (Jvr. 4;;iu/iu, 9^^, 
•Ifbi)' Sut-niimiAl color-percii-ption. 

Dyacor'ia i,'li<c, difficulty, K»e,n, pu|Hl). 
Ahnomolity of fbnn of Ihe inqiil, 

Dyscraa'ia {A\^, npnoif. comlnnBlion). A 
term latterly mtricicd to nn abnormal or 
impuiie condirion of the blood, due to 
|[ener:i1 (Iim-mp. 

Dya'eniery ( /(cr, rrrripyi; ilie bowelsV A 
dbcaM marked by intlflmmalion of the 
•eiilary g1snil» aiul folll^-lr* o( lliF large 
iatettioe, with bloody *tools. Prev^eni in 
all ritaliirioutregioRt. 

Dyshldro'sta.orDyaidio'BiB. See J\im- 

Dyalal'ia fiTir. "iaha, ip«di>. A defra 
<M sprecb due to organic changes or nial- 
fcmiattoo in the organs of qwecb. 

Dyslisin. See Ckoiddinie Arid. 

DyBmcnorrba'a (i^r. f*^' monih, tttt, 
to flow). OLalrutled or dilBcult meiutru- 

Dsraoraz'ia (d«r, optiit, appetite). A (le> 
[iravcd or unnatutal appeiitv. 

Dyso«''mia \^t^, aipnit odor). An ua- 
pleaaant or fend odor, 

Dyapep'sia (dit, ftwnt, lo digest). Im- 
jwirrd or imperfect digtttioD. D.. AtoniCi 
a dcranf^mcni of the Slomocb, wtlh dis- 
order of ils fuuclioD, due to iiisufiicienl 
ga^c juice or impaired quality of ibe 
some. May be due to reftei: causes. D., 
Intestinal, due tu drr<n-(s in the pancreatic, 
biliary ot iniestinal seai.'(kxi&, tu debcfent 
pcrisuIsB, fU. 

DyBp«p'tone. Sec Hemi^rvtein. 

Dy&apcrm'ia [ivc, arepfta, seed). An 
iiupcrJect or auDurmal conditka of tbc 

Djsperisul'sia. See Periitabis. 

Dysphag'ia [6i\,^)li,Xo an). Uif!iculty 
or inability lo swallow. 

Dysphas'ia {i\K, foiNCi !>l>cech). Imper 
feet iiT iliMiuiuieclcd speech arisiri^ Irani 
[cu of ur foully nrtangemenl of words. 

Dyspbo'nia (^Ar. 4uv^, voice). A condi- 
lioii of dcfccllvc voice. 

Dyspbra'sia yS\<^, ^futct^, speech). Im- 
periccC spccclt. Ku.v>niaul's term for a 
mental oundilicio in whicli t)ie emoCion ta 
oppuied to the words designed lu cxptes 

Dysptice'a (rfpf, mru, to breathe). Diffi- 
cult or labored bfcatlilng. 

Dysta'aia l^, utr^fu, 10 slsnd). Diffi- 
catty in standing. EVipUMnl f><r ^uluu, 
sbwe in ibe affecliun ibcie is mv\j ab»o- 
hue inability 10 aland. 

DyatcleoPoKy {i*\, «iltor, perfpct, ijiy^, 
a WMiit). A lerm used by Hkkel to 
denote the stud* of rudtmrataiy and nac- 
less organs, lucb as the vermifona appen- 

Dyalo'cia (due, difficnll, tmof, bnrtb). 
Difficult labor. D., Fcatal, difficult labor 
due lo such ftrlal irregularities as dis- 
placrnvrnt of the ann, cxoeuive sire, 
plural {jregnoccy, monsicn, etc D., 
Maternal, due to some defect upon tbe 
lidr of tlie motbct, pelric deformity, dis- 
cose. fte. 

Dystrtwh'la {/«r. r^nM. mntrishmenl). 
Imperb-clui faulty nouiiahnierit. 

Dya'liopby. See Oyitr^pltia. 

Dysu'ria \i\t, oipov, vaiae], I^ulial or 
painful uHiialion : nuy be due lo calculi, 
cynitia, cposm, strictnrc, fit. 



B. Afahfevintionof ff^, and Emmttrvfia. 

E. M. P. Abbrcvuboa of Electio-molrre 

Kxt. Alibrcviatiaii of titradxtn. 

Bar. Tliie' oTGan of hniring. CoiubU of 
tbe outer or cstcmBl car, the middle ua 
cr tympanoni, anil Uic intmul ear ur 
labynnUi. E.-acbe. See Otittgia. E.- 
COUgh, reflex couk'^'V f>^iu iiriliUiofl or 
di»cur of tt>r ear. B,, Drum of. See 
Tympanum. E.,InfianimsTionof. See 
Ottiit. E. -trumpet, aii iii»lruinciiil fee 
gathering s liir|;«T numlier of vravei of 
sound lo a focas, and tbu to inmrore the 
braring of tli4%e pnniallji iJt-af. E.>wax. 
See dntinm. 

Eartbs. Ccnoin mciallk oxidM or sill- 
cntcs, no( soluble in water aiid uui aUtded 
\rf a great heal. B., Alkaline, the 
oxides and hjnlnlcs of caldatn, raagne- 
sium, ffirontiitni, barium and other inetals 
of the name group, E,, Fuller'*, ■ city 
used as an akwrlK-ni id sores. 

Ear'wig. An JMecl i^Ftrfimia auruti- 
/•iri^i), eirawoasly nipf»Md to luee a 
fendness ft* •ecnitng itself in the exteraoJ 
Bitdilcvy meatus. 

Bastion's Syrup. See ffrrum. 

Bbulli'tion. See B.>itin<:. 

Ebums'tion (nhwr, ittiry). Increase of 
(he rvtbf c«n$ikueats of Ixine caiuing 
greater siie anrl density of tbe some. 

EcboVic (tn^inii!, a ihrowiHg out). A tttN 
aunee used to prodtKi- slwrtkuL 

Bochoodro'fDk ((K. x^v&poi, carlllage). 
A tamor urowiBK from cartihite. 

Bcchondro'iia. Sc« EefA^ftulrtmta. 

Ecchymo^ma {ftx^'fiupa). A tumor made 
up of eiitravii«ai«d Moca). 

EcchyiDO'sis (Mri-fjoo^M/, to extravaiote 
Mood). SenifuitKous cxtraroNUion of 
blood into the nrvolai tusue of the lid*, or 
ikin, the resBtl of Uauautiua. See, abo, 

BccopTot'ic (k, out of, KtHTpor. dung). A 
mcdkinc that enifities the bowels witboui 
causing Ikiiiid ditchai|[e. 

Ecdcm'ic (rcdfjuvCi «way from Iioom]. 
Used of diseases (vrtciDatlng in a distani 
locality or pcoptcL 

Bc'dysis (rxiVio, lo cast off)- !■> foSlogy, 
the -Inuehiog or aeaag nS the skin. 

Echitiococ'cua (rj^n^, a hedf^bog, «■>- 
fof, a berry). Ao bydatkl. or bladiler- 
WQRD, one of the larral btages of gniwth 

of the small lapewonu, 7itmia etAitufvt- 
fm, of ibe dog and wolf, inreMibg the bo- 
BUD digestin: Xv&k. Sec Alunt.ilutu if 

Bchii>orbyn'cas (»i7w>r, htXPit » beak). 
A worm parasitic wiihia certaiD aounals, 
and occasMtfially r<jurid in mnn. 

Ecbolal'ia Kjtx^' echo, >-a>jii, talVIng). 
An apfaaMC ayntptom consisting in a n-pe- 
tilion of words spoken to tbe palirnl tijr 

E«hophoi'omy («^, fwror. liglil). Tli« 
pruloctioat uf Ibe sensation of color \<j the 
stinnlBB of stial waves, or sound. 

Bcbo-spcech. A peculiar method of ul> 
teruice in one lyjie of hypnottun. 

BcIamp'Bia (rcAo^ru, to sh'me or Inrrt 
foitli. from the soddenoeM ol the attackt. 
I'urrjieral convuluons. (^onvuUiTCor e|it- 
feptiforra scinues suddenly coming on id a 
woman prior to or during labor, or in the 
puerperal state. The cohvuWobs arr. lirM 
tonic and then clonic, finally affect tbe in- 
voluntary muscles at well a» thevohinlary; 
oomciousaew is lost, and tbe attack U fol* 
lowed by c«ma «r sleep. Tbe etiolog>- is 
otiacute, tbe attach grnerally rr^xated.llie 
pnf[iK»ii grave. The teem E. is at»0 n»«l 
as * gcnml desigmuioa of eonvobiions, 
and ticiides the pocrpcral form above dc- 
scfit^d there ore the mramilc and anemic 
types. See Ciriw/nivu. 

Bclcct'ic {rKJtjDT'BH). IVftaining to ft 
choosing or scfcftJoo. Used by a certain 
school of physicians, of theRwelves lo de- 
DQle a principle or plan of selecting or 
choosing Ihut whii:b is good from tdl other 

BclecT'icisni. The doctrine and practice 
of Ibe EtUttxet. 

Bcon''oiDy (otcnt, house, tvMor.a Uw). A 
general name (or ibe human licing coo- 
sideivd as a whole. 

fecouvtllon. Sec Bcottvitlonaf^. 

£couvinonsgc <■->.}. TheopenlJoQ of 
clcaa''ing oiu) csrryinf medicinal agents 
to the tnude of Uie ulctu* by iDeans of ■ 

^eraseui^ (Fri. An toatnuneot oscd tn 
amputaliuEi of piUls, consisting of u cliiiin 
or wire loop.tigbteBedbyBscrew,whrfipliy 
the tissue b slowly crashed opart rather 
than cut, ibas rendering the opera) um 
easier and bloodless. 

Bc'stasy (Mffnaoi^, a tranoc). A tnmoe- 




like, exallnl ctuKliiion of mind, with [»• 
Kosibilit]', iiiioiol41it)-, tU. A ^ledea of 

Ec'tasis (riiraii[, extrusion). Aboonnal 
•li$<cntkni or liilatBUon of a port. 

Ecthy'ma intffvfui. a pustule). An affec- 
tion of the KKin, considered by Crocket and 
Tilbury lo be a fonn of impetxgo taittagiatat 
dcvclofml OD ilic tmok and Utula. 

Bcio- ((Kroc without). A prelix &i|[Diffirig 
witAiml, it/vtt tkf outfr titlt. 

Ec'tobloBt (rur'i, I'i'i'u'JToc, ffcno). The 
outside membnuir or ciivelopir of a cell. 

Bctoeard'ia (rxrcf, mi^m, ihc hcan). 
Abmirnttlily of posiiion of the bcArt. 

Ec'lodenn. See filaitoJt>-m. 

Eciop'aeat (icror, -^oyu^, unilnl). A 
monuu^^alic moutracitj nnited laterally 
the full cxteitl of Ibc ttaotax. 

Ecto'pia (r*foiro(-, diitplafMl). Ao abiior- 
uulily of position. E. Cordie. See 
Srhtar^a. E, L«iitis< di&localion or 
CCftgOkital roalpMiiion of the CQ-Mullinu 
leni. B. Oculi. ahnonnat jiotiliua of Oie 
eyeball in the orbiL E. Vc8ic«. proUu- 
■iao of the bladder ihioiigh the wall of the 

Ectop'ic. PcrtwninE U> cccofna. B. Ges- 
talion. .S«« Gfifitfian. 

Ectozo'a (fi'of. |><J»^'. an animal). Pan- 
sAet of ihc extcnuil pute of the body, in 
conti;u]i»iii)ctjon from crkto^oa. 

Ectrom'elu* I'lrpvmi:, aboilloR, fit^ot, 
limb). A Taonslnuity with an arroted 
dtrvctopinciit of all the Utiihe, vhich are 

Eotro'plum (rKrptfru,U>liinifi«iin). Ever- 
sion of (tic eyelid and exposuic of the 
conjutittival tuibce. 

Be'zem* {ttie*/, to bral orer). An io- 
flaomution of the ckin or mucoua tuifacc*, 
ucotnpanied by |]a[Ki1<», vericlejt. jniAules 
•cabs. Wi-., and u»iially nttenilc^d with the 
^scbarKe of •enun. E., Diabetic, rrum 
tbcirriiatiunofdiatxlicunive. E.Eiytbe- 
maioeum. marked \ij ill-defined patdin, 
usnally oo the face. E. Hypenropbl- 
cum. See Mrcn'f. E. Palmare, a 
farm unialty continMl lo the liiuiil.% and 
feet. B. npulosum, or Lichen Sim- 
ples, diatineut&h«l by p^mlat eruptkHis. 
B. Puatuloaum, markcJ liy pu^uLar 
eroplion. £. Rubrum, an iotrnw va. 
liety, BsuallT devck)pcd fram the nsicular 
or puatolar rorra. 

Edenta''tiQn (^, n-ilhout, JtHt, a lootb). 
i\ dnwivaiinn of teeth. 

EUI'ible {fJtMii, eatable) Food, the coo- 
ditKU of wlucb is good and wholctome. 

Efferent {rffrre, lo briBR out). Applied 
to Dcrvee v vcUeU carryiDs bma the vca- 
tei. Si5c Caifri/ugal. 

BfBttirage. Ste Managr. 

BflloNS'ccncc {ej)l»raee, to btcocn). Tlie 
floweririg of plants The formation of 
minute cijwali on the sortace of ccrlaJD 
ciyBialtinc bodies, due to their lu») of a 
pact or the whole of Ifacir walet of cty*- 

BfBu'vhin] (ffiw, lo flow outl- The 
»ubllc cmaoatiuiis, especially lhi.«e cArn- 
sively odorifcrom, of a sntislnnce or per- 

Bffu'sion [effittide, to pour oulV A poor- 
LriK oat. 'loc abnormal secretion arliBii»-| 
fer of a liquid (rom iu nainnil organ or 
place of ie<:retion. Used of gaM-s al»a 

EEBS^ia (]J. of tgeOum, liccal oullef). 
Ihc discliuixcs of the txiweU. 

Egg. See Otiik. E. Albumin, a nalivr 
albumin, or prctcid con^Dlucot of the 
huinaii tiuiy, of which the tuiboilcd white 
of eca is ilie tj-pe. It is disiinguislKd 
from acTvm-allAiiiiin by its prcdpiiation ] 
when ^hitkcD with ether, and by iU un- 
chnri([ed reappearance in the urine wlx-n 
injected under the ^ia or into the inics- 
li[ie. E. Nogt a nulrilious and stintulnni 
dridk , consi»(ine of an ckk b«alcii up x iUi 
fbnr or live ounces of milk, to which from 
lialf an ounce lo an oume of nlii"!.) m 
added. It may be sweetened aiwl flavored 
to tlvc tute. 

Egypt'ian Cbloira'sia. Sec Anckylc^o- 
muuis. £. Ophthalmia. See O^iAal- 
mia. Puiulenr. 

Btch'boTst's Cor'puaclcs. A special, 
fonn of niiovcyte bi the blool of Umm ] 
sutlcrinf; fmtn pciaidous anxmia. 

Ejacuta'tioo (t/atu/ar). Ilii- ejcrtion of 
the semen b coition. E. Center. Sec 

EJect'ion (^'iVfi<, lo throw out). The 
proceis of casting oul ; applied cspecklly 
to Ihe excretions of the uidy. 

Etabora'tion {flat-ont, lo lake pains wilh). 
Careful and rsnci woridng. In phy.siota|Qr 
ibe proccMi (if making emde fooil into 
hi|;lieT tissue products. 

Ela'm. ffee J^Unftme. 

Elaa'tic {Oavru, to urwe forwiud). Re- 
luminn (o ibe original form wtwii spning 
fruin the same by ulcmol iruHion » force. 
E. Bandage, an India- rMUx-r lian-hiKc 
exerting eoriitnuoiu cnm^irewian gf a jiail. 
E. Stocking, a siodung of the saa»e ma- 
terial and srling tiie same way. E. Tis- 
sue, a variety of connective Ussue, gf 




whirh tnme liganuils are Mtiqxiaed, Iut- 

in^ claitii: jimipeities. 

Elast'in. .Ka ■Ibvnuoo'd svbHancc, lb« 
r>U)>UinctiUl rimicni in elutic tisane It 
yirldx 36 lo 4S prr cent, of leuctn ami ^ 
per cent of t; rutin. 

EUt'erln, or Blate'rinam. A neutnl 
ivincipic ol4nincd from E^alrriini fthal- 
/w/n, or squinii^ cucumber. A powerful 
hjnlragognc catbiuttc. In lo-iic (tiKiC&, 
CMiSB* omuis. KpHMMiriic tu|jiniijui> and 
d«uh. Vote gr. ^fVi* ^- Trituratio, 
rlkla^rin 10, sugv of milk 90 jiwU, lbo(> 
oughlf mixed. Imjsc gr. »i-j. 

EITjow. The dhow joint Thsi pirt of 
ihc >nn itd)iicrnl to the rlbow-joint. 

El'der. Sec Samiitfvs. 

Elec'lion, Opctationa of. Cotuider*- 
tions of drcomHantts, such u a^.condi- 
tioD in Ufc, bosincss, kz, tlr., dctennining 
wbcihci to proceed witb k ccAud xugical 
oprraiion or not. Caiied, aiaa, Ofitratiims 
{if CumpiaiMHft. 

Elcc'trical (v^Hr/xn. unbcrV flAvingibe 
nature of or producer! l>)' electricity. E. 
Chore's. Sec DuiiHi't Disease, B. 
Shower Bath, a dcric« for general elec- 
truation i Oq« cf ibe poles b immcnwd in 
ft tub cooiftintn; axk alkalmc adniiaa. Tlie 
palknl beocaib ihu tncrvtMr ttan'ts on a 
netaJlic stool coDncctcd with the other 
pole. The foiling water complrlcs the cir- 
Cttil, di>pii>ing Ihr ciirrrnt i.vrr the whole 
hpdy. E. Sunstroke. Sec Sunaraif, 

Eleetric'ity {t)>.tKTp<H-). Oncof the farces 
of oatiire developed or ffeneraied tiychen- 
um, nwmiKlisin, or fridiioti, and prolmbly 
a mode at ediereal Tilniinn. clwdy analo- 
|rou> la oiul convcrliltk inio heat arid Xi^hx. 
E., Faradic, ibsi pruduccd liy inductkn. 
&., Franklmic, frictiotui or naiic el«ui- 
dty. E., Prictkin*]. tbai jimlucnl bjr 
bictjoa. E., Oalvanic. iliiit whicfa it 
generatril liy chemical action in b gilratiic 
cell. E., Inductive, llut ]im(iaoed in a 
body by iMviiniiiy, without cwnlACt, to na 
clrcirified body. E., Ma^etic, ihiu dc 
*cb>]ial by Ii(iii);nlg a condtictor near the 

GJ«« uf a rauicnet. See Currmt. B., 
ledJcal, thfll lUtfd for therapeutic pun 
EBfi. B., Static, fiictionol electririty. 
..Voltaic, uuue lu galraaic i* cbcaucal 

Elcc'tro* (f^iirr/»»>). A Greek word wed 
as a prv4)« to denote connection with or 
rrlollnn <» elrdricity. K.-biolofy, the 
jciencjcof the elcttncal n^Litioni and Uwn 
of iirKanic t>ciiiif> E.-bioscopy. See 
BioM^py, £.-cll«mi8try, the science 

of the mierrelattoBS and laws of eke- 
trkity mkI cbenusliy. B.-inagtietlam, 
mniiinciiem indaced within irua, nod or 
nidtel, bf introducing K within a coil 
ibiDuf^ which 0, ciutcdI b pomng. E.« 
pathology, the diotiDUsii of a ditene by 
the aiil iif elixtnc irriutioo. E.-pbyal- 
ology, Lh« Uudy uf electric reactiotu, 
pru|>enie&, and relatiotis of orguis ■»] 
organic titmice E.-tberapeutlcft, ilie 
KKnoe and art d the applicatioa Oi elee- 
triciiy iijr tberafwutical purpoaa. See 

Elec-'tfode (i*rf/»f(y)', tAn;, a woy^. The 
onplicalicii of points or m^iccs connecti&g 
toe body with the polo of a battery. E., 
Brush, one «»! bilc<I with n cantcl hair 
pencil. E., Non-polariaable, Miic wirca 
irraXcd and *a Krnnged ai to crevcnt clrc< 
trolysic- See Anodt and 0)/«a/a 

Etectrogen^eals. 1lie renib, oAet with- 
dnwol, of the application of a current of 
electricity to the f}>iii«l conl. a Berre or 

EleciTol'yaia {tUdtvitv, "kmt, to rdeasc). 
The disioliHioa of a cnctnica] compound 
by on electric cuirenl. L'icd in the deal* 
ment of hydrocele, and other trngkal di*- 

Blectro-maaftage. The tiwunuMioo of 
a correot of cleclrichy through the knead- 
ing inttnuncnl. 

Electrom'eter {irb«Tpcn>, elcctn>-, f<rrpa», 
a mcuute), An inamiinent for the tar t 
urcnieiit of the diffcreDoe of etecuica] 

Btectro-mo'tive. Penainhig to the mt- 
chnnical or motor effects of elcdricity, B. 
Force, the pnttrntiRl, or trtvuoo of a cur- 
rent. Iti^csliiiuted in volts. Sec fW/. 

Electromua'cnlar. Fctlaining to the 
actiuii i:>f electricity npon nnuclc*. E. 
Contractility, the contractile rctpome of 
a muscle to an eleciric current. E. Sensi- 
bility, (he imiwrwiion ujxin a jtruiof)- nerve 
l>y electric imtatioo. 

Eteciropunctura'tion. The ute of 
nertlU-* aa elecliode^, which are IhruM 
into the cavity of an aneurysm, with the 
object of ooaguUitngtbeoonlaincdhlnuil, 

Eleclrosta'tics {tJfrtritity, tmniaa^, ita- 
tionary). The tcicncc nt static electricity, 
c( thai dcveloficd by friction and indue- 

Btectrot'onus (tw«c, tension). Tbe 
change of tY>n(lilioa In a nerve during the 
apfilicalkai uf a ctment of rl«ctridty. .See 
AMfUjtr»i*mis, CatttfttrHmtmi, and £lec 




Slecl'iury. A atnTcction. Sec Cmfi^ii^. 

Blt'idin. Tfie Rrsnulri of ihr MipcrficuJ 
cclb of the sintuin cnnulusiuD of ibe cpi- 

El^'ement {rl^mmtum, > finl pnnciplr). 
In dveiBUtry.s Itadyikftt cannot \>cd<;ccMi' 
[iQKd into limpkr Httatutccik The cli;- 
menu now number tlioui 75. UteH in 
biotaQf of the ultimate micityicapic sinic 
tures of > tiMnie. Id ck-itricity.oncof ibe 
|[cmrrvtiuii ptuics in a Ka]va»k cell. 

BFcphaot'B Foot. The hcrt) Eit 

fhaiUefMS tame-Hfi>nt. Dtur^c, expccto* 
nun and enedc. Dote of the Ad. cut, n\,v- 
XXI. L'nof. 

Bl'ephant Leg. See E!rf>Aafttiaiit. 

Btepbantt''aBi8 ((/.rfiii(,iinelephai»). E)e- 
pliauliaais iViutiuiii, Elf-'pLimt ijcy^. Buc- 
uemji Tro|)ita, MoHiis Elephis I'acfay- 
dcrmia, Rutodoea L^. Aclunnic, s|io 
nulic, crdennitaia dUcue uf Uic skin aud 
tubculanMHii tUMie, chkncleriied liyenur- 
mon^ hypcnrniihy. llwi^ht to be due to 
a ]iAnt»itic wDTtn known za fiJuriu, which, 
entering the bloud oiul l)inptMtic»,obsinicb 
the btter, mulling in « chn^nic enhuKC- 
mcnL Mini coninuiu in Icj; uid KCiiitaki. 

Blephanti'asis GrKCo'mm. See Lffni. 

BIcopt'eae. The pcnnoiicni lM|uid prin- 
ciple of vulalile oili. See Stftirjf^ene. 

BI'cvatoT {tfnv. to lift}. The suae ag 
Lfvaim: ^ AJuiile. Immmcnts naed 
in iiurgrtT ^nd deiilialry. 

BllrninR'lion {t, out, limm, Uuvsfaold). 
Excrctioa ; ihc process of putting fMth or 

BUz^ (Arab, tt ikiif, ibe phaosc^er's 
stone), A aw«ciencd. ammaiic, sptriluoua 
piri>«niioa, wtiii;li ia prurticully a (kvored 
synip de^gneO as an exc^ient for eiLtiactt 
and ttnouivB. Tbarc ore nsny tlixira, 
onlv one of which u ofTicial. 

Eltn. :n;c UmM. 

Elocu'tion (<-, /«fu^r, to «peak). Hie 
dioioe, arntDgcment and delivery of words 
and Ungnage, induding the use of the 
voice, Ibe actlOD of Ibc lun)c«, diaphragm, 

EluUia'tion {f/u/rif, to waeb out). A 

walrf&irtiiig ]iraec4S vhercliy ihe cooiacr 

{iariicl(t of 4n insoluble mImmicc an 

sepiuatcd fiom the fuicf. 
Blylri'tis [t>irp'n; (lie rngina, irif). In- 

ftammalion of the vagina. 
BIy'traplaaty (t>ATpm; ir?Miau, lo torm). 

Plaalic operttiou npoa the vagina, ripe- 

cfally for vefiico- vaginal fictala. 
BIytroplo'ais tt'^iTpm; trrueif, a falliag). 

IVoUjnc uf ibc vaj^iiia. 

Elytror'rhaphy [tMrrpm', pa^, a team). 

Suture of llu; va^nal wall. An opetaliaii 

to duw tlie opening cf the vagina b pro- 

Bmacia'tiofl (fii*«ci'a,lonHkelean). Ixm 

of the £at ami fulbcss of the flc^ of the 

Ixidy. J-e*ii. 
Eman'sio-men'sium U-*^)- IVlayrd 

mcRflmation. AiiicnonrniEa. 
Emaaciila'lion {rmastu/o, 10 nuke im* 

pwmt). Removal of (iie te»dclcs; intpo- 

Etnbalin'ing (Fr. rn, in, Sunma, balsam). 

Tbe tilling a cadaver with Bnti>vp(ic and 

prescn-sti%c mbsiances to keep it frum 

EmbfidMing. The tixaiion of a li*sac- 

spccimcii in a lirmcr medium before frcee- 

ii^^, and st^ction in onler to prvscrve the 

»mc intact 
Embe'lia Ri'bea. The jnict of a fruit 

olilaiDed in A»ia Minor, Has reptiled 

anlbclminiic ptopcnit!^ Unof. 
Bm'bolism it/)^iiA4i;,pIiig). TheolMnic- 

lioij 1.4 ail aiti-ry or capillary, usonlly by • 

biood cbi or embolus, brought (nm MwtMr 

tiiiinl l>y Ibc blood current. B., Air, by a 
nibllc of air, E., Multiple, iiumenau 
small cmlx>li. B.. Pyainic, the cml.>aJi 
are purulciiL E., Retinal, occmring in 
the artcria ceotralis retinx, followeO by 
nidden Loss of Tisioa. B., Venoua, 
occurring in reins, opccially of tbe lungs 
and livLT. 

Em'bolus (m3o>^). A clot of blood 
brouglit by tbe blood current from a di^ant 
artery, and forming on obetnictiou at its 
place of lodgmenL 

Embroca'tion {i)i/i(itxf*, to soak in). A. 
Hiiid cxiefnal application to some bjurcd 
or discaacd part. 

Embryon, w 

Em'biyo {rfi.ipmv). The OMim >n<l the 
product of conception up lo the fourth 
noolfa of pregnancy. 

Embryoeard'la [tmifye, mpdat, the 
heart). An affection of the heart, char- 
acierired l>y n hetut l<ent like tlial of a 
(iztn.%. It is mnally awocbtcd wiili tachy- 
cnrUa. and a condition of cnlliijide and 

Embryol'ogy (cM^jpsw, >«}<i:. di<oMi»«). 
The scirncc of the endntinn of the em- 
bryu. or llie study of fwal d«t^lopnienl. 

Einbryon''ic. Pertaining to il>e rmbntt. 
E. Area. Sec Arra- E. Connective 
Tissue, the [wimilive condition iA comcc- 
lite ti&sue whrn first formed, cututning of 
unall, tuundLclls. E, Spot. See .irta. 




Enf^wyotome. An nutiwiHtd tutA m 

Einbi70l''otiiy {r/iitfmir, n>^, Mctian), 
At) gpcniion for raductiua of the sue of 
ll>c firtu* to rriKlcT {.wosilitv iu^ tJoiiMnb- 
signifanKigh the Nnb-canitl. Sec i'fpAa- 
li4rif<iy, CraniMlasm, /iMinfriie, Batyiiat, 
DnMa/itm, Dff'i/iila/i'i$, EArtttfr,tlum, 
/CtweriiticH, Lamimjiliim, />•/<•• iJrttwi, 
Sfi^ndyief^my, Tramffrnuttian. 

Sinensis (f^'u, to tomil) Voaiiling, 

Emet'ic \i}iniioa^, cauKini; Tonuiiog). An 
i^iit (-ausiiiK emcjis. E.t Direct, ooc 
Miinj; dittnly on tlw nervc^t of ihr 
stoinKb. E..Iodtrcct. or B., Systemic, 
<Mt MtiiiK thnxi)|;h the IJuul ujkwi ttic 
vomitiiqc center, or l^ reflcK M.-ik«i (rom 
other pcrijibenJ souitec. 

Bmeto-c*tb*r'ais. \'oa)itiii|[ %xA purKS- 
tioa M the HODc lipw, or (irodacMl bjr « com- 
mon aeeoL 

Bm'inence \eminfatia\ A roundwl or 
t«c(ut«raiit [xm of wi •.tftcui. wpedally of 
« boor. £.. Ilio- pectineal, a rid^ on 
the tip]M-r suifftctr o( tlic pubic buaie. B. 
of Dcy«r«. S<K Sarft^ia. 

Btninon'tta. Sec himHema. 

Emis'hton (i-nvi'//it, to mtiuI forth). An 
ejaculalion, or hwiiliti]; lonli. 

BinmcQ'a^^e U(i^v>'<i.thcinctt9es,a)'u: 
lo expel). A meiiiciuL- lliiit sliinulalci the 
mauinial iIqw. B., Direct, one actiiifi 
dirrcily on the generative orguu. B., 
Indirect, mk acting qdI)- tfannigb uthn 
fuiKUom xnd indirectly. 

Bmissa'rium JLAt.)- A tcnn for any 
('Mislot cllUIlltHcn<lveyil^[a fliudonlward. 
l.'>«d cs|>«ially of the *dns of the ikull. 

Bm'issary Veins. See f-mi>snhum. 

Bmmetn/pia (ri-, in; ^itr^m-, menure; 
uV- iJic cj-e). NoraiaJ or jierftct irinon. 
Tlie oonditioii of an eye whose alupe wul 
nfraciivF RieiUa ore ludi lliat. wrUi mt 
pended accommoduion, parallel rayx of 
light an broMglil tu a (iicus upon the 
mtna. Tor pnctical ttHa, ny» uf light 
friW) a |ioitit 2a feet away are cooaldcrcd 
as pamllcl. 

Em'niei's Opera'lion. See Tnuktlar- 

Emoi'lient (fmnUifi, to soflenV A «ib- 
staiteo u&ed by ekternal appticnlioa lo >oAen 
the skin. 

Bincy'lional {emiKtii, lo nxinre nwny). I^r- 
laiiilnit lo the tnenul oomliiiun of KcliDg. 
B. Insanity, ehatacimicd b)- rxaggen- 
lion and exaJtnikm of fcelinipi. 

Eatpfaraci'ic ((^^ttfrru, to obamtei,) A 
ECRU lued by Hippoctales to designate any 

agent which dutnicu the finction of an 

Bmphyse'ma itft^^r.w, to inflate). The 
abfMnnal colleclion of air m the conBeciive 
linacnf a ]An, causing iwrclliiig ami crept- 

Empir'ic (r^irnpinc, eupcricniial, practi- 
cal). Unc pncticinK mcdkiiu- witbctit 
{^il(HDph)calcr*c>cRiitic pnnaplm. tiniply 
from the teniitK of tun own or oihcni' expc- 
ricnce. .^? cociimonly uxA, »ynoayfl>ous 
with c{uaclc. 

Emplas'Uum {,tp!r}.aaiio,Xa plastcf up). 
A pIiMtT. In phaimHcy, a cohc-Miv, li-na- 
ctoui substance, insoluble in water, as an 
rxnptciit cooiaining a preacrihed oxilicinal 
w)»t«ic<- intended to lie *|irrad thin UfioB 
chainoie. kid or Dn»lin. TIk exaptent 
is uaially lead oletue or Burgundy pitch. 
(See AAh/andyYT.) There are 17 ofKcia] 

Bmprosthot'onos {^t/tKfoalhv, fnrwaril, 
Triiu, lo Mrrich), A tetanic coodilioti uf 
the tnoKks of tha front part of the body 
whrretiy the body ii bent forward. 

Etnpjrc'ma \rv, in, n<ar, put). Pua Id 
the picurai cavity or in the eboL 

Bmpyc'aia (</jnM«, to MippuratiT). D)»- 
easea characteriied hj pblegawaova pim- 
ples gradually filling with pnulent fiud. 

Binpy'ocele (rt*, in irun. pua.op/v. ittmo'). 
A purulent twroul tumor. 

Bmul'Bin \emuigM, to milk oat). A fer- 
ment contained to Utter aluiuoda. AImi 
calM Symifitaif. Its union with amyy- 
dalin forrns hydrocyanic acid. Sec Amyg- 

EtBul'sion. \Wcr in which oil. In minale 
Mibdrmion tt iu [Mrticlea, is suspended. 

Brouttc'tory Umungo, tu blow tne »uac). 
An evcretcry auci <x organ. 

Enam'cl. Sec Tttth. 

Enanth>ma \t\, mOEu, to bkifsom). An 
(-ru]>iion within the body in distinctlca 
fnMU exanlhtma. 

Enarthro^sls. See IHarikmis. 

Encan'this Ur, miAv. the an^e of the 
eye). .\ mliliili -colored niorfaid gtowth 
in toe inner cauthua of the eye. 

Bncephal'ic (t^n/^o/ir, the brain). lVr> 
laintng to the enceplialon. 

Bncepb''aliii. \ iiiinvemu glucoaide 
exiraited from laajn tisaue. 

Encepfaali'tia. (kncral inlkmnoalioa of 
the enccphalon. 

Enccph'alocele (f^cr^or, a^^v, tumor). 
A brmia of the Imin. 

Encepb'aloid. KaemMing liain tiuaa. 




BnccphAlo'ma {ryiu4a^, uua, tunor). 
Tiuiiof of ihc lirain, 

Enccph'ftlon (ri', in. Kt^oXf, ibe bead), 
nie contents of ihe cnninm. '[Tie brain. 

EnccphB lop'xthy \ tja^inf, imttof, pain ). 
A lerm Ux indc^iie or gciicnil iXitiaac o( 
the hniiii , 

Eticeph'alotome (tvnt^a}^, ro/tif, tec- 
tioni. All instnunent for xljcinc (h« en- 
crphdlnn ot {KUt for cxankinoiion or pfc- 
w rvjtion . 

Encbondrt/ma {ev, xo^^W, etnilage, 
e>m.i, himv). A tumor «ri>ing from car- 
liltt{;rM trvmUmg; il in tcxturr, eA: 

Enchy'lenia (ti . ^i-Aoc, juice). The tliiid 
iiiiI'Virti in iKi- mtt^n of Ibe chroinatm. 

En Clou. S« CHtturr. 

Bncyal'ed (rv. cixn-ic, a Ixag). Encloted 
in * CTrt. ot ca[i»ulc. Anrurrcnu, hctniic, 
tuinon, eU., Duy Uxanc cticjntled. 

End. Tht icrminftl |>oint of n thing. E. 
Bulb, Ihr trrmiiial Inilb of b ncrrc in the 
shin. £itJ Bulb e/ Xrauif. Sec Ccr~ 
ptatU. E. Plate, ihr expanded [crminol 
of It motor nfrve ujim aliundk of miiicn- 
larlitxn. E, Organ, the ecDcml Diime 
for Ihc Icnninal oreu) orjwirtof ascnsoij 
ncnrp.lilxT of whalei-pr kind. 

EndarteTi''tis (nJif, uFilhtn, alrritif). 
Inll.inimniion nf the intinw, or Inncmiost 
coal of an atterv. 

Endcm'ic (rv, in, i^mK> ■ people). L'sed 
of diarucs Ihal Are not tiroueM from with- 
out a paiticniar area or peo^e, bm i)ixliire 
pecoluTlo it. E. Vermgas. See Fram- 


'llie science of endemic diseuci. 

Endcr'mic (rr, Atpfia, the liinV Within 
thr^kin. I'rrtBining lonfflclhod ofadmin- 
iaicrin); medicines ibitnigh the tkin, \sj 
ruhtnng, ttr, 

End'o- (ntW, wiiltin). A prefix, meaiiing 

Endo-auaculta'tion. A mrthodofatucal- 
laEiun dc«iH-d bjr Dianclii I9 uiing tbc 
ordinary (Tsophageal luNc pawed inio the 
Moinach, to Nawntlt (he gulli^ .ind Dlnmacfa, 
Olid ihnni^h iticm tv a certain degree the 
lir.ut A.-id hin^s. 

End'obla&t {r.v6aif, ^i-aarof, a germ). The 

C'.'ll llUCli'M*. 

Endocardi'tis (nitoi*, noftiia, the bi;iut, 
m(). Infiamitution af t)ie endocudium 
or lining mcmlTane of ttic heart. Acute 
rht-iinuilism h the tnorti lr«quent cauae, 
llKtigh iMirinnnniB, gout and leptic tevtt 
nuj' precede. ThediMnseiaiirune totemtl- 
nale taitWj ot rcault in permanent injuij 

to the nXnt. FibrinoM depoiilts or vege- 
tation* imijccl into tbe cavity of the heart ; 
the tbickeiied enducudinm a liotjle to bo- 
Cume athcrenHitoitu, with chmnic nlcera- 
liun. B., Malignant, 01 Ulceialivc, a 
rapidly filial type due to »eptic iitfcction. 
I( hail also been culled I hfJuhcTiuc R, in 
the >eiMe of belonging to tlte diplitherilic 
dast of diieaaeit. MiooOigaaMiM arc 
found iit this form. 

Endoc«rd'lum(n'dcn>,«nf>(lMi), Tbecokr- 
IcB. iranspaicnt membtaae lining the late- 
finr of the heatr. 

Bndocolpi'lis. Sec Cn/fritit. 

End'oderm. See BUitljfrm. 

End'ogcn [n-Aot , ytwnu, to p^ndueel. A 
ptntit wht>*c gnjvrdi ii by mentu of new 
matter deponied in the interior of the tnnk 
or branch. See Jixvgfm. 

End'olympb {tv9ov, fymfika, vaier]. Tbe 
\\\ai\ of the meiDbranout iBlyTintb of the 

Endometri'tit. InRammatioci cf tbe eo- 
domdnnm, E.. Cervical, of the e<r- 
tiial ]ii»tion. E., Decidual, of ll)c de- 
cidu:il tiit-nil<nuie of llie ini|Kegnated 
ulenu. Ii may be Jiffme (thickening and 
ilFrFl<)[)mcnl <>i connective liioite) ijt /ofy- 
/toiV, wiUi polyjwid growtbt. 

Endome'tnum {tiAot. fujfpa, ulenu). 
Thi^ lining mmibnne at the utcru*. 

Bndomy'sEum (mhw, ftcf.misKle). The 
exlcittion d the [Xrinysiiini betur<,-en the 
mnscolar iibcrt. 

Endoneu'rium (rvAw, mipw, a ncrre). 
'l"hc delicate connective tissue holding to- 
gethrr the iAmh ot a Ininillc of ncrrea. 

Endopath'ic (n'&JF.ToSar, suffering). Per- 
taining to the rise of div-uc from cond^ 
tion* or caowt ncM derived from without. 
See Extfaihit. 

Endopericardi'tia (rwfav, *tfn, amnnd, 
'Eap(!H,thehcan,mf,infiaiiunaiion)- Cum- 
bincd cudocanlilis and pericarditis. 

Bnd''oacopc (rv^w, within, tnccnm^ to oh- 
»crvcV Ad instninient for enaamatim of 
a hodily cavity thfoogh it» naturtl outlet. 

Endot'copy (trdov, iMo^fw), The cxnmi- 
oatiua of cariiiei cr organs within the Iwdy 
by inciu»«fao endoocojic. 

Bndoimom'atCT. An inuramenl for 
measorinK oidoaDKau. 

Endosmo'sia (foAw, tietia^, a tluuslin|;). 
'Ilie intenrhan^ mmI paxnge of (wo liquids 
throut^h a dividing ninabrmoc. 

Endoamot'ie. f't^ainrng to endosmoM. 
E. Equivalent, (he wtighi of distilled 
WAicr that poMC* into the flwk nf (be cndca- 
moHMlcT in exchange Ua a known weight 




oC the soluble fidMlftncc. Thic, e. g., TcK 
>a]| ii 4. J ; for buksi 7.1 , tic. 

EndoBtei'tis ((vdot, <Mmoi', a boDc, inc). 
ItilUuuTMlion of llic cnduUotuB of bone. 

Endosfeum. Tbe vvcubtr menitinnDas 
Uycf of connective liswc lining tbe incdu)- 
\arf cavity of booea. 

Endothelio'mft. A tonur of the cndo- 

Endothe'lium (ndif, A^ilv, nipfdc). The 
inlcmid UniuK nemtirtDt of tenMis, syno- 
irial nnd o(b«r tnlnnAl suf&cesi Uu homo' 
lofruc uf «pitkeliuiu. 

Eifema \niffu, 10 inject). Ao isjcction 
cif ■ incdicinr ur rend iiilu the trdiun. 

Enepldemi'ic (tv, r:TMr/>/(i{, tbv eisJer- 
mil). Pcnoinin^ to ibc trmtniciit of dia- 
eiue tijr afi^iEiciiliiKu to ibc sliiu. 

En'ecsy (tvtpjtu. to be aciivr). Tbe 
power or force dt3ipl«7«d bjr an oqcniiBiii. 
B.. Cooscrvatkm of. the law that tbe 
van(W« forau of ennicf can be timmibnDed 
one into the other wiihout the loss of any 
iiart. E., Kinetic, (li* pomtr of a body 
iq rootiuo. E.. Potential, the pouible 
Kmer of a body a1 resL Physio Ifyi colly, 
ita EocdMire la itie amount of heat tliat may 
be ofaiaiaed liy cofoplete corDbuKico o( ibe 
clientical coin|wunds rcpr«9cniing the po- 
tenlial raetjiy. 

Bn'ervate ^mfnv, lo weaken). To 

Eneure^sta. See EnHre:ii. 

Bngage^meni Staee of I^bor. See 

EngUab Sweating Fever. StKAngfUut 

Bnpirr'emeni (Fr. mgorgenunt, a chok- 
ing ap). OvcT-diMentioD of tbe veneU 
of a pan and ttagnabon of the drculadon. 
VaMrnliir congcation. 

Bnophthal^mla (f, D^Vofi the eye). 
Retractton of the eyeball in the orbU. 

Bnoalo'aia (rv, tumav, bene). A tumnr 
within the moduUwy noil m a Une, or 
a liony iTunor originoiing In bone. 

En PiqOre. Set- Culturr. 

Bns'iform Append'ix(i'i*m,aiwaRl). A 
tworrl-shaped, esnilogiootu proocu of tbe 

Enaomph'aliu (cv, a^t^oAor, navel). A 
(tnu!>Ic moMtiMity whb pmcticnlly com- 
plete and functional prganiuns, but unileil 
together by Mane more or lew Rtpcrficia] 
■ Enta'aia (nn^wif, a »tnuntng). A generic 
lem (or tponDuttic suucnlar actioa. 

Bnteral'fia {rvrtpav, jiiteoine, oAyaf, 
jnin). f'ain in tlie buwdtt. 

Entcree'loiny Iryrtpou, inloiine, r<r^tf, 
eacisoa). Excutoo of a pan of tlw iotea- 

Bnlcr'tc {rvrrpai). rcrtan)in|t to Uie in- 
teSinriu E. Fever, ly]iboid fcver. 

Enteritis {nnpa/, irt, inflammaiko). 
Inflamtnilion of ihc tntcsUncs. 

Ent'ero- {rtTipof). A pnfix dcnotinc 
n-laiiot) 10 the inlestiaca. 

Bnt^crocelc {tvrtpof, 19^ a ttunor). A 
bcmia conUiotDiE a k«p of intestine. B., 
Rectal, with a covering of ibe rectal «bIL 
B., Vaginal, with a cuveiiim of ibe 
vaf^ioal wail. 

Enieroclj^als (crrr/wr, >2tvif, a drench' 
ing). liijcctiua of iitniknt material with- 
in ihe inirsiiiM in cholera, oollapAe, c/r. 

Baiero<<o1i'tia (n-rtfinr,an>/it-. tbe colon). 
CotnUned iuflaoHnMioo of the iiitutinea 
and colon. 

Bntcro-epip^locde. See Hrmia. 

Entero-gaa'trocele ((vrt^wi*, jwrrqf), tbe 
belly, Oi'fji, tumor). A hetnta containing 
goMiic und inleatina] walU. 

Eaferolith {tnt(^^, ai^. a Moee). A 
Mony coDoeiMn kmied in tbe d%C9lJve 

Enteiofk'atby (evrtpev, irafcc, wSeHog). 
DiMvue ni the tnleatin». 

Entero-peritoni'lia (evrtpmi, inprrmtunf, 
fri(). Combined inflninttiaiion of tbe (n- 
lesiinM and adjacent periionam. 

Ent'eroplaaty (tyrtixiv, rjiiutou, to fcnn). 
Pliulic ofieraiions upon tbe intciliiic to re- 
pair injurio of il* walls. 

Entciorrba'^a (nrrpav, }>^jn>vfu, to boni 
forth). loteMinal benKOThige. Exccsbtc 
dtiichar]go of any kind fron the inlealiBe. 

Enteror'th^hy (cm^or, jrvn, a nlm). 
Sutnn: of tbe intcMinc. 

Entcroat'ainy (tirrfNit', trrnfia, month). 
Inciiioo of tbe tmall inioiuK and nture 
of the same to the aljfknainat wall for in- 
iTOdiKtkn of food by ihia artificial mouth, 
n can of imponibiUiy of food-enlnuKe 
by the normal rrnte. 

Bntcrot'o<n]r (nrnpiar, rr/tuu^lo cot). lo- 
cifiioD of the intcstioc. 

Bnteraxo'fin {e\trpM>, (,uov, an animal). 
A pARMtr of iiie intestine. 

Btithet'ic {rrriBiiiiL, to put in). Coming 
(mm withool, oacd especially of •>i4tilitk 
and other qiedbc oootagioua di»e«cs. 

Ent'oblasi (trraft witbin. ^^^orror, geno). 
llir nucleoJns, or geiminal ipot. 

Em'ocyte (fiooc, lUTDf, cell). Th« coo- 
tent» of a col, mcluding nudcolui, gnan- 
latiiint, fU. 

Ent^odcrm. See Blaitmimm. 




UvatUc). 1 ue idcncc of anm liie. 

Bntomopb'ilous (n-nifia, fu^cu, lo tore). 
iDsm-loving or atlracling. B. Plowcn, 
Sowcn uuncUiig ua«cu I7 llKir secre- 
tions wl (hiL-i KCuring crtm-ffrtilintion 
Ibrough tltc injcctx wbo oirT>- the pollen 
to otbcr flowim. 

Entop'lic l"-"nc. irvrii»{, peHkining to 
vision), rcrtnining lo the inl«nial ymxw 
of the rye. £. Pbenomeoa, rbiul phc- 
iKMDniA cnuitd liy [irailiuttii-s w im[>cr- 
frciiont o( the cfe iuelt, >ucti wt mitt^ir 
t\-iiil.tntft, tl{. 

Entot'ic (ti'^^, vtT, c«r). Pcnnining lo 
the iotcmalear. B. Phenomena, «oin>dt 
causrd t>y aUxKnulitJa of the wditofT' 
itiix'IiAitisiD tlsdC 

Entcuo'cn (cftdt, Cwm', a anioal), A 
luin^ite tivioJt within anothirr animal. 

Entro'pium \iv, in, rprxtJ, to luin). In- 
▼cnion of the ci-clids, so that the luhcs 
nib afpiinst the k^^ <>f ''>< <7^i pfoduc- 
itq[ iolbmDialiun, juinnu^ r/i; 

Enuclca''tion {<■. out or, ttM^/em, a kctnot). 
A]i|i1k41 to the (j[)crAlica of cx&cetin^ or 
thJelliog out from Ltt »«« or »p«uV 1 
tumor, tu. B. of Eye, cuUioo of ibe 
eyclidl froTD the orbit. 

Enorc'sis (^tvi^wbi, to b« iaconiiDcnt of 
ormc). Inconiinnii-f of unoe. B. Noc- 
tuma. iniruluQtary ciDptjing of the blad- 
der durirm ^lrcp^. 

Envi'Tonmcnt \yt. entiramter, to sur- 
luunil), Tbe tulaiit^ of iitllucntcs acting 
frum wiOioul u;xi4i thr organism. 

ED'symcs \ev. »'iy«j, Icarca). Hydiolytic 
(cnncata as distinguished firom orgnng/ed 
fenorats, such as r<'ut. Thrf ai;i I7 
eansmg the body lo take up a mcJccule of 
water. ITiey are oxxt active Ix-lwrcn yif 
•Dd y," C, aad ate dcrtroyed by Loilui^. 

B'osin. See Fitiktin. 

Bp«nd'/nia (tnrMlifia, an upper ennnrnt). 
Tbc iiuint; nicmliraiK; of the ccTCUTal rcQ- 
Iricie^ aiid of the spiDiil canal. 

Epcndymi'tis (r;/Vi>n^OT-'i, <r.f, i^n.^mma- 
tiiiii ^. loiluiirnatioo of ibc rpcnd;mia. 

Ep'liedTaAntlSTphilit'ica. ^Mti'tfofidf. 

Eph'edrcne. 'llie nctivc |irmci|ile of 
i-phiiirn vt/lgarU. I*n^>ofted as a my- 
driatic by NaeaL A cardiac dcpnssanL 

Bphe'lides. See l.mrig*. 

Ephcm'cra Malig'oa. See Aiigii(ti$ 

Ephem'eral (t^atpoi, living ■ day). 
TctDpuury. Applied lo fevers that pdii 
away in a day. 

BphiaJ'tcB. Sen Mglttmart. 

Ephid'rosis. Sec JfyperidrotU, B. Cm- 
enUk, hkmdy sweat. 

Ep'iblaat (rin, upon, /I/.nffrac, a ua^oal). 
Tbc cxicmal or upper layer of tlK Uato- 
drnn, called, also, the t<t«iientt at tiemro- 
tpiJfrmiil lnyrr, from which is develofxd 
the ccnttal ncnoiu sjuem and cpideraial 
tiuun, including tbc cpilhcltuoi of the 
acDM orgmiiE. 

Epicamh'uB(nri.j(e[AY, angle of the «yc). 
A fold of skin p«wii^ &om the nusc lo tlu; 
eyotiroK over ibe inner cantfaiv of Ibc eye. 

Bpicaxd'ium. llic vtM;ciaI layer of the 

Ep'icome (nrj, upon, *o/^, hur). A pam- 
utJc monstfosty with an acoBSMty Dflad 
tmiicd to the princip*! Jcetus by the mra* 
■mi^ . 

Epicra'nium (rtri, upavurr, the ciaDUUD]. 
'I'he KimciuTes covering the ctaniuiD. 

Epicri'sis [ertA^Hair, dctcnaioatioa}. The 
phenomena of disease succeeding the 

Epicyvtol'omy (nri, atvric, ft bladder, 
rruiu, to cLii). The suprapubje nelbod 
of incikiag ilie Uadder. 

Ep'icytc (.(ffi, iriffor, cell). The cdl-wall 
or hy.iline cuticle erf cellL 

Epidem'ic [in, SvfVi, pwpJe), Used of 
diseases that reach a people , or iprcsd over 
an area from without, iu coulradistindioD 
lo ettdfmu. 

Bpidemiof'rapfay {efiJtmk, y^it*, ta 
write). A dcM:ription of trf^cmic dia- 

Epidemiol'ogy (•'^^.r*rr>,A(r}Of,docttine). 
Ilir science ofeptdcnuc dixascs. 

Epiderm'ia (rn-i, Atpfui, the «kia). Tbe 
cuter layer of the skin. IV sauf-skin, 
conuiting of a layer of homy cells llat 
protects ibe true skin, llu neither hicod 
vessels noc nerve lilameMa.. B.. Append- 
ages of, a Keneric name for the hair, nails, 
ftf.. t:rou-lDg from the cpidenn. 

Bpidermiza'tion. Tbc fcnnatiiMi of epi^ 

Bpidid'yniis ^lUtjuw, the teatoB). The 
small body lying above the lcslc«. The 
superior end ia the ghl-ui maj«r, the infe- 
rior, the gMui miM0r. 

Epididynai'iia. InHiunmalioa uf the cpi- 

Epidu'ral Space. The space outside the 
dtira mater of the spinal cord. 

Bptgaa'trJuin (m, inar^p, tbe ilcinwcfa]. 
The eplgkstrk regkm. 

Epigen'esla {trtytynivu, to be horn after). 
The gLiieratioa of orgaftl:iatt liy new and 




noceuive fonnnfioni in mnuadisdnaion 
to Sjmffcacus, in uhich etch gmn u 
wppoKa to cooUin thOM ot aU lUMqueal 

^Hglof lis. See Oii>frii. 

Bpigns'tllUS (n't, initihf, ya-ir). A jius- 
Htic moDstrRoity in whKh the jMnsit^ u 
unitrd lo thr mpeiiur muxilLur uoae. 

EpiU'tion (<-, om of, /i/Mr. a tairj. TIk 
rcaKr*Al of biur. 

Epilslo'rium. An^pticaliga for perma- 
Dcntly Tonorin^ hair. 

Epil«f/a)r (^rm^itxi, )» i^jrinj; boW of )- 
A DetTOua affcctioii dunwicmcd by »tul- 
d«n loasof 00(»c>0UMir» nnd power od" co- 
ordioaiioo of mo^on with tmic and clonic 
coDvali»ns, ihc fit& laMiDg Uu a fibon 
time. Tlkb rorm of the discaM is the 
"Ira«*' alfcctkin, or ihc haul mal of ihc 
French. The ptiil maH-i^rr/hf ffii/tfi^, 
epilff^ii vfttigo) b leas severe, nod may 
conslot at oolj a aligfat io>» at comciuut- 
0CS8, with rculnrd coCMinalkn of motion. 
B. Cuniva. Mk fit ptrcokd hy a tend- 
ency lo nut. E., Jacksonian, spumotbc 
contnctiflos in certain ercupa of msMlcs 
doc U> local ductttcs of tiw cortex, aIw>L)r« 
continc<l to ooe-half of ibc Ixxly and widi 
tetcniion of ronsckiiisncis. E. Larvata, 
or B., Masked, tbc lea* Kverc casei of 
(be true epilepsy, in which the paticni 
docs nol fall. E.. Partial, /i.-* («i w« £". 
B., Procursive, tlicrt b profiuKiou uf 
iIicNxty in sonw special direction. B., 
Rcflei. •Idc to ^omc reflex neurosis. 

Bpilep'tic. I'crtAinin); lo or like ciMlenj. 
Also ooc aReoed villi iinkpsy. B. Cry, 
the vocul sound or eiy in qidrpiy, from 
laryi^ceal t^w^in. B. Hemiplegia, wme- 
timea follours the lil, tspectally aher ual- 
klcrnl convuliiofu. B. Mania, xUf^t 
n^niwul tendencies followtnj; or taking 
the place of the fit. B. VcnJKO. eiddi- 
ae9» is n cotnnion teiaatkn of cptTcpay, 
Ina b enoiieoi&ly afqilled to attacks of 
■rinor epllepay. 

Bpilep'Ufortn {/fnUpty, forma, Ukeoos). 
Kr4«tiibling the lymptoiaa of epilepsy. 

EpileptOf'enous {ffiUpgr, ytwtut, to pra- 
(luirc). IWlnciiig epilcpiy. 

Bpi'lose It o^., frfotui, hairy). Without 
hair; hnUl. 

Bpincu'riuin (tirt, frvpm, nerreV Tlie 
nerve- sheath. 

Epipas''tie {, sprinkle). Per- 
taining to ]>|jiMen Diiriiikk'd with kiak 
atteiit, an cantltAridc«, v>ed m a vesknni, 

Bpipb'ora (r-ri^fpw, to l>u"r« uponl. An 
omflvw of tears, due to i 

Impeded outflow of the tiomal BKibods 
of «>creuaa. iMtkrym^Heit. 

EptpVysia (rr(.*iv, (ogrow). Aprooea 
of Emnc atlMhcl to anoilirr tioae l^ corti- 
Uce. E. Cerebri, die |iineal eland. 

Eiripbjrte i^nri, ftTor, a planL^ A pam- 
irtic plant living npoo anothrr plant. UmU 
alHj (if a panuitic plan* DpoD aa aoitDftl. 

Epip'locele. See Urmia. 

Gpip'lodn (cnr^w. lo float upon). The 
orocnium. E. Oaatro-colic. the gt«at 
oracniun. B. Qutni- hepatic, the k»- 
•n omentiun. 

Birisclcri'tia (irt, ox^woC' hw^t "'k'). A 
localiMd infli»nmntioo of the suboooiitne- 
ttval ti^aue^ 

Episior'rapfay \pnettw, puhcs, M^, 
Msm). An operaiioii idt the cure of pn>- 
bpsed utenis *x procidentia. 

Episiot'omy (nrMuoc, nvDifieiCtiaa). In- 
ciiioo ihroagb the vnlra in diildbnth lo 
prevent retire of the penaeum and ball* 
laU labor. 

Bpiapad'ias (eiri. trtaZM. to pierce). Ab- 
oonnal openisK of the iBctiua iipoo the 
npj«r pari nf the [toiil. 

EpispaBt''ic (t^(, imwir. a drvwloR upon). 
A vc&icatucy or ^uLaiaBoe pnjdticiiv a 

Bpistax'is (nrisraCw, lo diitiU). Ilctnor- 
rbflL^t; froiii ilie (iom. 

Epithclio'ma. i 'ardnDBUImtt fonnalion 
vi the skin or mucouk ntetnl)nti»e,oofnpo»ed 
of epithelial cells. 

BpithCtiutn (rffi, upon, ^^m, to pfatre). 
'flic cuticle or oelluUr >lnictiire uf nmcoiu 
nvftces, and also the ^in of the tioily. 
B., Ciliated, n fonn in whiih the cc-IU 
bear vibrallle fibmenti or cilr.e lU their 
free extremities. B., Columnar. <li.^in 
gnithed by nriwoMtk- shaped or coiuintsu' 
cells. %., Kucleaicd, cumbtintt of cir- 
cular or heueotial celk, earJi eomalnlag 
a niideiis. B., Pavemcrit, cubical or 
polj^pmal cells covering the turfKc tiktibe 
Hones of a pavement. B., Squamoua, 
the eclla liavr \wm (r<tuce<l to tlutlrneil, 
scaly pbles. E., Stratified, the ceIIs are 
amnged in distin.-t Inyrrs E.. Tessel- 
lated. Same B» A , /■"TV'jjrtiy'. E.,Ttao- 
alliotial, blcrtnediate between simple and 

Bpltrochlea (t-rr, Tpo^^in, a pulley). The 
intlmal condyle of the boroeruk. 

Episo'dn (nri, i,'Mt», an lUtifiial). An 
animal living as a pmMtr uiun uiUlier. 

Epizofd'ie. A coniagiuui dJMasc affect- 
ing imim«U 

Bponycb'ium im^nwf, a litq|ci naQ). 




A bonijr conHitiop of the epMcnnu from 
the Ad Id the Kih mnnth of lirlal life, incti- 
cadug tlw pusiLuni (if ihu nnlL 

EposICma {ti7i, uertar, bone). Ao cx- 

Ep'som Salts. See Atagnetmm, 

Epu'lts (f.-ri, ai^.Uie gonu). A banL 
til'tuiu lumot of th« alvwtNT procmcs of 

Jhc gum*. 

luUib'num (iryitm, equil, /i^rv, baJ- 
"^ "* *^.tvcn tHilnunring of ■ body or 
rfi.. Stable, when, nftcf slight 
Ihc tiwly will irtum to il» 
ortginaJ nxidiiion of po«iiion- B., Un- 
■table, whi-n it frill not mj relum. 

Equi'nia {f/um, a hor>c). (ilniKlcr*. 
F'uvy. A conlsginuj-, i|in;ilic (!i*cJUM*, 
with both local and girncral spnptoint, 
dirnfcd frocn the horac ot ojn. Afiiect* 
chiefly Uw Jnaa, muooui iiicinl.nuK'> and 
lymphatics. B^nx with purulent nasal 
diKlianjr*, which extcttd lo Ibr m^irxloTT, 
oculoi aaii oral mnabtaacs. Thought u> 
be of inicrohic origin. 

Bqutv'alence (rrywMi, cqunl, lu/iiw, to be 
wvrth). Of c^iul value. The Mtutating 
powet of an clemenl as coropared wilfa 
thai uf hyilrogeii. 

Bttt'sioa (<■, out, radf, to saapc). The 
act of Kmiung. 

Erect'ile {tri^, to *et op'). Tcrtainlng to 
stifTctiinCi nKidiiy vr rreciion. E. Tis- 
lue, ihni inltnitediating rrM^inn, coniitt- 
ing of a nciwotlc uf ex]>iui>ile irupillarir^ 
that under >ilmuluk becotneii engurged with 

Erec'tion (^r^). The condftion nf (u]|> 
ne*s bkI finimc»af the penis, ditora, eU., 
dite to aexual excitemmt, friclion, ftt.. the 
[Dcchfliusm cinukiing in nii m-crtilling of 
tht; tiluud vetMiU. £. Center. Sev Onfrr. 

Erect'or {figo). IVnatning lo muxiln 
whoM; function u tu etn:t or clojilc a fxirl. 
See ,1/Mnvt. £. Pill, the unMripcd mui' 
culor fiberacausini; tlie rrecliunof ibr hnir 
anA the pbenonienon culled jpxve-jleii or 

Br'ethiain {rpidia/nn, irritation^. An ah- 
twnBal hcidilcning of nentHU irritability. 

Erg. See C-Wir. 

Er'got. or Eri^'ta. A fiingiLt, Clavi- 
ftpt fmrf»tr» (or Sr^um cttrHulHni), para. 
titic npoo rye. Coolaim tphantimt and, 
€tgotmi< OitJ, and .•/muttn, to whirti its 
proprrtic* arc due. A [lowinful cxdio- 
mctor, liA-muJlBiic, and fcaMrolDtcsiinnl 
irritant. \J*td most freuunUlj lo pconiMe 
uirrinc conititclifln iii cnil<li>irlb. V'alu- 
iUe iDlemally iu Bincuonfacca aai atonic 

spermatoRlKsa ; cxtenially in gooonhm, 
conjuiittiviiu and iBflammatioii* of nntcous 
meiahrKncs. Eflccu niMt prompt by by- 
;)odEimic injectiou. Itasc gr. a-jj. E-, 
Bxi. Fid., [wvparod with dilute bydro- 
chlAri<: octd, al<»hol, and watrr. Dote 
3 *»-«]. E.. Ext., — Ergotin. litM gt. 
iy-\x. E., Vinnm. ij per cent. Doae 
sj- ^j. Sclerotic Acid, thought to be 
Uiciitical wit}) cr|>r.i'titiic acid. 

Bf^getiam. The crqulitnti>cful cflecit of 
ovadoaea of er^, or of tbe uctsbtem use 
of food conlatning ergot. Thrvr may be 
ai-tiir, fhrunic, i^angmuno, o ■jNtMnwlk. 

Erfg''eron. FleaLane. The pliu« £. 
fjH'ti/fHij. fhyMfilo^ical action like thai 
uT uil of tur]icDltne, but lu» irriiaiiL ¥Sfi- 
cicnl as a hitinmtAt in tnennrhngia- E,, 
Ol., the cncntial ToJiIiIc oil ol mudc. 
IXjoc »I\,k- 3 S5. Vnof, 

Briodie'tyon. Verba ^anta. The lenvcs 
of A. ^Jittiniauf, n ihrub lN*9tt known in 
Califuniia. An exwilcnt CKpi.-ctLnni , and 
vnlitoble as an excipient fnr quinine, the 
taxlc of which it lBrgcl)r conceals. L'>cful 
in Lronchial oficctions. E., Ext. Fid. 
lAwenLxv-3). K., Ext. Dosegr. y-x. 
All tuioT. 

Ero'sloD {fntii, lo eat into). I^nte- 
gration of tltuic hy mechanical, chemical 
ur muHiitil octinn. 

EroE'ic (rpuc. \un). Pertaining to ihe 
sexual pa»ioR. 

Erotoma'nia [*pu^, puivm, iniKlnmt). 
Morbid, ■bnormal cxa|gj>cTiilioo of \wk 
generally: more Umitr<l to ihr un^iginiUivc 
than la the carnal asiwct uf the tcntiinntl. 
See .VrmfJKf'Nanhi, Satyrituu. 

EKrbine in', in, ^>, the now), A medi- 
cine winch, apjilicd to ttic inuenus mcm^ 
bnne of the iioae, iuOTi:a&ei nuaol 
110115. .'V ucniuiolory. 

Eructa'lion yeruite, U> ielch). Delclung. 

Erup'tiim (emm/^, lo MiM out). A 
bur>tii^ fcirth of any kiiul or from any 
pari, but applied cspnioliy to the diiel 
symnlom of certain ^kin discaaes, consist- 
ing in iMin]]la, vcsiclea, nuh, f/(. 

Bryaip'elaa (F»n^/jit>i,red, mil.jbi, hkiii). A 
con Kit u I ion a1 fel>riU disease with n pem- 
liar rcdncas and inlWnmalion tj l\v skin 
and suboataDCDiu timiet Bmeraliy of the 
Gkc : of posaible tMctmaJ origin. 

Brywp'eloid. A pecultu tfFcaiun of the 
pabns of the hands or soles uf the feci, 
charactcrirni \-y iotk* of riolaceoiu red 
eraptioo with burning and tidiing. 

Erythe'ma (/,n^/«i,a bliBliV An alTec- 
tion of the skin commoaly ktwvm a> " idm 




nsh"0( "ioflaBOUtorr blush." A con 
gcsbm or rednesi of skia thai with prcs- 
furr tcmpttnntir dtnppean. B. An- 
nulare i« Circtnaium, ■ form BMrked 
by ih« sjiru liiig oi tile iaetee in ring- 
ibapcd or ctrcular pMtdM». B. Fugmx, 
ft tnnsiiory redDos sooKtiraM appearing 
on (be lacn and uuaka o( diUdmt. Usa- 
tlij uaocialvd wiili warm. B. Inter- 
trigo, t coDgBOion trians fram the fric- 
tion of odjacenl poU of the skin. B. 
Lkvc, thcr rrdneB fremtcni)}' occumn); in 
(lrnp»<icft] iiwclting o( the tegs. B. No- 
dosum, a (una moHced bf symmetrical, 
node lik« ««dlias« over ibe UUk, cod- 
ridereil an exiittasion of riienuatiun. B. 
Papulalura.aniiiftainniator^'fDrra marked 
by pawdcs and veucles. K. Paratrim- 
ma,uie red patches preccdine tbesfipeaf- 
ancc of brd-vvrs B. Pernio, a chil- 
blain. B. Roseola, a form marked by 
a dull TtA hue. May be idtopoUuc, w Ihc 
qnaplotnatic eruption pr(-cediii|{ scarlet 
fever, ineastes, r/f. B., Scarlatiniform, 
Kwncwhot like that at scarlet fever, but 
uwally in defined patchca. Fin|ucntly 
acootoponies septk:;)nD>a, puerpctal fever, 
r/i-. B. Simplex, cmiicstion dne to ex- 
teraal irritatioa. B. Urticaria, the early 
Stage of anicaria, e. r. 
.Biythra8'ais(rpto^), A vegetable pwa- 
lilic diseaae producinn browiuah patches. 
Appears usttilly on tlie folds of tlie uilke 
and inpiinal regions. Kescmblee /Imi-j 
yersicofi-r, but li tnure insigaibcant. Doe 
to very tniDuie microspores, 

Eryih'roblost. See LfHeoeyte. 

Erythrochloro'pta (tp\*>pD^, jf7.ufM(, 
grren, w^, eyeV A form of mbnormal 
color perceplifin in which jfren and red 
are ibe only color* coirectly ilistin^uished. 

Bcytfarodex'trio. .\ dextrin formed by 
the aetiOQ of saliva on sturcfa. Il gives a 
red color with fcjtlin*^. 

Brjrthrogran'utose. A granular sub- 
mnce, found in starch gnuiu, ooJoring red 
with iodine. 

Biytbromelal'gia (ttnfipiK, /aXoc. limb, 
oXjof. paioY An aflRclion df t1>e extremi- 
ties charadeiiied by gieat redoGSi and 
■ Eryihropb'lelne. See Catca B>irt. 

Erythrops''ia {ipvl^jXK, wifvc, virion). An 
abnommlily of vision in which all objects 
ap(>eur ted. 
'BryihrOK''ylon, Coca.Cucn, The leaves 
of F.. c.v.», a 5hru!) indigenotu lo the 
AnOei Mountains. (Not to be confounded 
vriUi <-<i>ou,) C(JM4unsan alkaloid, cocaiiu. 

f. v., lowbich its propertm we mainly 
due. An arcmaiic tooie aad cerebral 
ctiraulaat, Stimulales Ibe. bratu, praduc- 
ipg a lemarkolile power of enduring hun- 

Scf and latigiie. Lar|[v doses pioduce 
alloc illations Effects similar lo Uiosc vt 
colfee, but more inicnse. Much used by 
the oaliTcs for mstcnance during long 
journeys, llic Icatrcs, smoked, are Lenc- 
Acial m hay fcivT. B., Ext. Ftd. DoM 
s sfi-ij. Uiflknlt to oliuin ^ood Icavef. 
wines aivd cbnin of coca are uuinefous. 

Ba'bacb'a Mtthod. A test for tlbamia 
in viine, the albumin bcin|[ prrcijiiliUed by 
a solutioa of picric and citric aviib \ ID- 30- 
970 parts of urine) ; the nunber of grarames 
per 1000 C.C. tieirtf iitdkatcd on tbegradu- 
ated lube of tbe wwniinieter. 

Ba'char ^uropou, to scab over). The 
akiai^ or scab IbUoviinit cauteriattuut, 
bunis, fir. 

Escbarot^ic. AsnfattUKc vrfaich, applied 
tb the skia, {irodDces an e«cbar. A Laustic 

Ea'culuB Hippocasia'nam. llorae- 
dteitnut. Tbc fruit of the oommoo 
" liuckeyc," or horie -chest nut. Kecnn- 
mended in hemorrhoids. L>om gr. ujj. 

Ba'erine. An alkaloid derived from I%y- 

BOBtlgniA, tf. V. 

Bv'increb a Bandage, or Apparatus. 
The bandage is of eliutic ml4>er, aiic] i* 
BSednponalirab tobeaintvutated.ln order 
todrivelhe blood out ol it |jy progreasive 
affilicalion of tunu sUml tlie lunb lowaid 
the trunk. 

Bsod'ic \ row, within, ulur, way V Pertttin- 
icig lo altiTnt or centriiwrtul nervr&, or 
those conveying inpretsions lowani Ibe 
central nervous syttcm. 

Eaopbo'ria. See HnertifAeria. 

Eaoter'ic {taufttpr^. wiihin'i. Secret, mys- 
It-rious. AnMng within l)ie orgiinism. 

Gaotro'pia. See StroiumHi, 

Es'scnce {e:ssentia\ Tlvai (]untity of a 
thing gi^ng it pMMliarily of power. TItt 
peculiar (jtuliucs of a dnig rxinicted and 
reduced to a small compaes. 

Baaen'tial. Pertainhig lo the easence of 
a substance. IVriaining to the peculiar 
ami dislindive characlcrifltic of a diwase. 

E'thet (•rMr/-. the u|i^r aitl. The tetiu- 
OUB subtle Unid tilling fpHcc and interprne- 
traling all bodies, the mediinn of inuu- 
mission uf llic vilmtory mtiviiicii ulkd 
light, bent, elcctricit}- ami magnrlinn. 
L'sed aho lo dceignaic a Urge class of 
organic corapoiuwta. Spelled aiao itther. 

B'tber. A ibia, 




liigtily iDJIaniniablc liquid, in conpouiion 
• di-iKiiyllc oxide {0^11,1,0. It is ii<«d 
iDuJnly *s ■ solTcni lor ta(> and oils <>■") 
u an aonsUKlic. Intenialljr it u aDodync, 
aniiiipiuanodic. diaphorclk, and narcotic. 
InbaUd it is nn siuvschvttc. and a canliM; 
stinutlont in touc doses, panlyzing tlic 
rttfaniarf ctOltn^ E., Acetic, p)oi>rr- 
tics Ilk* cthylk ether. lV»elH_s-5J. E.. 
Commercial, coataitu 94 per cent, of 
rthcr. I1 buufit lMiuec;(ce[>l aiaKJd'nt. 
E. Ponior, tiKiald coouin 94 per cent <jl 
Mhylic oxide. J>ose f^x-^j, E-, H7- 
driodic, imor. DoodorinhnUtion tT^xv. 
E.. Hydrobrotnic, iinof\x~^]. 
B. Oleam, conlains cjiial |ian.« rtiicr 
and heavy oil <A winr, E., Spt., Comp., 
coBimooly known as Ho&aan's aoodync 
It coDUibj of rther jo. alcofaol 67, ethereal 
oiljpercent Doae nvv-^j, E., Spt.. 
NitrosuB, rwff/ i/n'rit <)/" nitrr, a wluiioD 
or elhyl nilrile in alcohol. D«e 3 ss- 5 «. 

Elhe'rcal. I'cnaining to tbe etber or to 

Etherica'lion. The adminiAration of 
el her (o pruducr anrnthetia. I'his U 
cflectvd I7 iiibalaijon of tlic vapor. 

E'theriam. ThesjinptomsorctlienEalJon. 

Elh'ics (^i*^, motal). ITie *<ieiiceof 
huiniui feelings, thoughts anil atlion^ rela- 
ting to duty or morality. E., Medical, 
tbe diMie* a physicinn owes to himsel/, 
bi« profession and his rdlovr-tnen. 

Bllinkoccph'alua {ifinar, dbmoid. unaXit, 
bead). A cyclocqihulic monetnniiy wiUi 
a rudineniair noee. the two eyes being 
cloaely appnuimatcd. 

Blfa'moid [i^ft^, n sicveV TTie crihri- 
fbrai bwie of the w»c, perfomcd for the 
transmiMioi) of Oie olbcsory nerves. 

Bthnol'ogy (riWr, a natioa. Xoyvf, a dis- 
codne). The comparative s\oij at tbe 
races of mantiiart. 

Etbox)r-caf''feine. A remedy rcoooi- 
nended to rclieT« the pain of Arr^i 
*ai/rr, and migraine. It is aim saiil to 
prevent iIm ga^ric pain often caused by 

Ethjrl'amine. A ptnnuiInefcmKdinpulre- 
JyinK ynut, in wbeat-flgnr, and b distilla- 
tion of hec( sugar residuea. It is a Btroni^ly 
annnoniacal liljuid, betting at ■S.j", — mis- 
cible with water in every pm^nttion, — coot- 
tnftiLlc. and posseues Mrong Ittric proper- 
ties, Non pai»onoii». 

Bth'^l Chlor^ide. Chluric Etber. An 
anx^hrtic rrfrml'ling rhlorori'inn in nctioD. 
Uh tOtnetiiBcs followed lir coraesl opacity. 

Eth'ylenc. AbydnMsrbaoradical.luiv _ 
the molecnlar strocturc C,H,. It is char- 
mcirrucd by sUmg atfinilies, especially (ur 
dilorine. with wfatch it unites to form an 
oily compoood. HoMe its coaiaico aanxi, 

EtBTlideiteili'ainiiie. A pobancMS pto- 
maine obtained rrumdccompusiiiji haddcck. 
Injeciiuns of ilie ploraalne in mice and 
^nck pig« pKxiucc obondant Aovr of !ie- 
crctiun from the nc^e, moalb aiid c 
Pupil» dilate nod eyeballs pecjea. Vk 
dy^cuca iotiovn and UHitinaca until « 
that doea oM take place for Iwaily-C 
faoun or more. Tlte hesn b slopped faf 

Btiola'lion (Fr. ft'Wtr, to blat»th). The 
palcDCBS or blanching, in plants or nuuit 
from oonfinemenL in datkneas. 

EtioKogy {nirci, a cause, ^}v^, a dis- 
coiUM'). A treatise 00 cr pertaining tn 
the causes of disease. 

Eucalyp'lus. Ilie leaves (lance<dBte, 
after 3 years' growlb) of tbe A. gifAttltis, 
or lllue (Jum, natirc to Auslnitia, Intl now 
cultivated in L'slifomla. Contiuns a vola- 
tile cdl, whidi yields ntett/yftti, a ckKt 
pbor, by <li^illBliaii. An aromatic biller, 
promnting digestitm. Highly aniiteptiei 
and anti-malarial. Valuable iiialonicOTi-J 
firpiia and in iiilrnnittcnl fcicta. B,, 
Fid. Exi., ak>.>bblic. Dose ntx-gj. E. 
01., the vokUie 01). Dose tTl^K-Kxs. in 
emulsion. E.,Tinci. Uiujf. IXae ju^-L'' 

Eudiom'ttcrini^rfi, calm Mieuiher, ^rr/w^ 
a nwasore). An instrument for asceitaini-l 
ing the compunitioo of the nir, 

Eudipleu'ra (n-, well, ifi;, twice, rVifw^J 
the side). In tiiology a desigiMfton «f ^ 
those otcaaic (onns composed of two 
equal and qnmnelrical halves. 

Eu'gcnol. A pradnci obtaine<l from the 
rrsi<iue cS the ditiillalico of vU of cloves. 
An(isei»ic Unof. 

Eu'kalyn. A 5ntelan«e similar to incwt, 
fuiB^iii; from (lie fcTmralaUon of mettUxK. 

Eulach^ion Oil. cr 

EuUcho'ni Oleum. C«ndle4iak Oil. Eu- 
lachonOil. Tbe dl of the ftsli JTtate- 
ifkihyi Parian , or candtefuh. 1 .pa* dis- 
aRTTcabir than eodlin-r oil, (br which it is 
olirti MiUiiuitrd, Hose SH*"- L'noC- 

Eu'nucb trn<7i*,t^, guardian of the cotich). 
One from whom the |;^nifa1 ur^jaiu hnve 
brrri rrmnrod or mulilatrd so as to rerulcr 
him im]x>ient. 

Euon'ymua. Waboou The Uuli of E. 
atrofntfttrnti. Kn aitrtngettt toolc and 
pgri^vc, rcscmfaUnK Tbubaib, jalap, aloe, 




tit., bul nuhci milder. BcBcficiftUjr cn- 
plmcd in Aroftaj and hepubc aflcctioi». 
£., ExI. iJow gr. j— r. Buonymin, 
ODof., ibe CMential priDciplc. Dum gr. 

Eupato'rium. Thoin>u|rhwoTt. Bonn«1. 
Tlie lenwi and flowering tops of £. ptr- 
fttlia/um. A tiittirr tunic And dMpboretic, 
of vahte in mnittcnt oncl i}^hoi(l frvns. 
Thou);t)i. aLw, to b« a u.-nifugc. E.| Fid. 
Ext. Ihrtc llVn-^j. 

Eupeiimtal'sis. Stv Pfhilaliis. 

Euphorb'ium Pilulif'era. Ilu reputed 
Tslur in Hsthmn and orrliic dyvpncca. 
Dose of tbc ciiract gr. j. Unof. 

Supho'Ha {tv^ofio^. Msllf canied). Tbe 
tcnu- r£ wrll-bcini; nr hmlth. 

Euphra''sia. K)^-l•Hgtl(. A small an- 
nual, fonarrly mucbuscd in eye affections. 
C)( ulitilT a» an aitiingeiit Inlion in con- 
jtmctiviiu. Vflluabtein breaking up nasal 
citarrh and in huf fever, E., Tinet., 
tfrcngth 19, IJoM Ti\j-*. 

Euplas'tic (n-, well, rr^oetFU, to fonn). 
IVnatning lo lymph of a healthy farm, 
consistency, rU. 

Bupna'B (ev, well, wtu, to breathe). 
Normal and ea^ rric|>iralion 

EuslacVian Cath'eter. An inttnimmt 
for dilaiing Ihc E. tube, introduced aiong 
the floor of Ibe immt. 

Euatach'ian Tube. Tbe canal extending 
fraoi the lympanum to the phuytiK. 

Eulbama'ata (re, well, MaMtror, death). 
An eftty or calm draih. 

Euto'cia (rotnf, childbirth). An easf 
naliiful iltlivrty. 

Bvac^uant [ei-^utte. to empty). A medi- 
cioe which tucrcosM tbe secretion or evacu- 
ation of an organ, especially tbe boweb. 
A ptngatin. 

Evacua'tion {n-aeuaX DcfrcaUon. 

Evapora'tion {*, away, vafiar, vapor). 
In pbamacy, the |iracess of convcrung a 
iiijoid into ra|»r i^y tbc ageocy of heaL 

Eve'ning Prim'rose. 'Hie flowerioji tof« 
of (En^'ihera hertnis. RecomiDended in 
aAtbiaa with gittric iiritabalitjr. Dose of 
tbe Rd. ext. 31$ -3), Vnof. 

Bventra'tion l/. oai of, venter, the heliyV 
Peitaintng to on exlnuion of tlie abdomi- 
nal vi]>cera; espcctalty in a moounwiiy. 
Used alflo as a synonym of Jtenthtlam 

Bvar'sion of tbc By«lld. A (oMiDgof 
the lid upon lUetf br the purpoae of ex- 
|io«in(( the cunjuDCtira] Hufacv or wicn*. 

Eviscera^rion \ r, out, viicrra, the bowcb). 
The removal of tbe viaoera. E., of tba 

Bye, removal of the cnlirc contents of the 
globe of the cyr. leaving Ihc sclcrutic 
intact. An ofimtioa in plncc of enuclea- 
tion, and following which woic opcraion 
insert 0. gloM or metal shell gtoJ«, called 
awtifiiia! litrfoui, to prcKn'c tbe shape, 
H( tiw eyeball. E., Obstetric, the 
removal of (lie aMominal or iLucacic 
visccm, in eml^yotomy. 

Evolu'tion|rTA.ifr0,tounrDll). Thcdertlop- 
inml or uoioiling of the organs aiid [unc> 
tioiLs, and the itagcs of grcmth of nn ofgan- 
ism. See^miWio). E-iSpontatieoua, 
aienncxprcasivcof theoccuireocrinchjld' 
Unli of a scries of duuigca effected by tbe 
or^nistns IfaemM'Ires, whereby a sbouliler 
pre«enCalion is iransfcnned willuu the 
pelvis into senHbined tvcedi aid shoulder 
pre.M:nuiion and dclireiy dTected. 

Evul'sion [mel/.,', to pluck out). FurciUe 
tearing or piuckiog away of a pan, a& a 
polypus, tcosil. rtt. 

Exacciba'tion {rxiutri^, to be violeDt). 
Increased viotcocc of tbe tymploms of a 

Exan'thema. or Ex'aiubcm Uim0^iM, 
emptkxi). An en>p6on of the wJo. 

Excava'tion of the Optic Netve. A 
bollou ing or " cu]^i ng " of tbe dJM:. or oplic 
nerrc-cntrancc, thai msy be fiAy>ivi^cal 
or cMigcuital, and itilbuul partKntaraigiMti* 
CAiice; or ^iMflc^uai, the leuili of glau- 
coma, optic atrrphy, tu. 

Excen'lric Paina. Kadiatii^ptuiu.ifymp- 
lomalic of ^\aaa.\ ilirciise, due to irritatioQ 
of the posterior ncrre-roots. Tbe pain.*) are 
felt (o be ill the peripheral orgaiu, hence 
the lume ai<»'e. 

Bxcip'ieni {exrifiia, to take »)>). In phar- 
macy, any sutolance o-oed in giie an ogrw- 
ahJe or couvenienl form to ihe ingnnlitnta 
of a prescription. 

Excis'ion (f.m'i«</<»,tociiiafrV Tbeopera- 
tkin of removing a part or tisiie by CM- 

BxciublKtty {exffto, to ivuse). Tbe qual- 
ity of tending to Mimalui. 

Exci'unt. A remedy that ultninlatea tbe 
activity i4 an organ. 

Excito- ['x<ij,'). A Lalin jirdix ilenoling 
tlimttliiliim IK txeilalitm, B.-rootOf, wr- 
isining to nerve* anxuiog muiM' functton. 
Alw, a drag or agent that incrrasei> iiciiviiy 
ctf the motor nerve ocnien. E.-rcRcx, 
pertaining to a K&ex acUoo Oiai ends in 
mutoilar action. 

Exci'lor. Si-e Sympolhetie Ofkfinlmitu. 

ExcIu-'aioB {exchiJ:', lu shut out). A 
ahntting ooL B.. Oiajp toaja by, Ifaa 




Kwhiog a liiuil or moR prolwble diopicais 
by ■BOCtMivcly csclading otic b]r|iutlicsis 
■mr anotbuf u. InnnkCOtuidcralioQ cf (lie 
qriDplorrv-. impoMible. 

Bxcoria'lion {^r, horn, e«rimm, ibc akin). 
Abniion of the skis, or refDoral, putiol 
or conaplete, vS a limitM potllon of Uu 

Ex'crement {fxtent^, to lifl out). The 

Bxcrementi'liouk. Pfcrtaining lo tbe m- 

Gxcre5''cence [extmea, lo grow ouf). An 
nhnormal ciulgroirlh upon ibe body. 

Excrc'ta (cjirf/TKo). The natural dis- 
charge* of the lx)dy, |>articu](uly thoae of 
the IjowcU. 

Bx''cTeHn. A subntsnoe cxtmcccid from 
huntiin (arcM, n:lat«xl tochoLotcrin; of un> 
known history and cotutitutioti, 

Excre'tion (errenw). The sqxmUion of 
the Auid wMte pioductB of an or^xi.or the 
bod; OS u. whole, out of the blood. The 
flujdt so cicrded. 

Ex'cretory (n.^oo), IVrtaining to ex- 
cretion. E. Duct, > canal convcyLng tbc 
excretion from the cxcrelory orgitn to the 
dbdiaiitiiig point. 

Bxcncepb'uus {rf.ryKr^Ani). A tiK>n- 
Uniaity with the hmin oiitiiftcthr cranial 
cavity, stsvLTinlcd with virttclind tUiutc. 

Exentcra'lion [ti, nTt/ynr, iiiiwtintl. 
Kcinovni of the intestine* or thor*cic 
Tiscrni in embryotooiy. 

Bx'ercifle [txereeo, to keep busy). Fane- 
tional aclivjly of (be mtuclcs. B., 
Active, ilmi exerted by the will of the 
poticniL E.. Pxasivc, whm the part ti 
moved by mother, ca acted upon, ai in 

ExfoUB''tion {ejrfitUa, to shed IcaTcs). 
The lamelbr (or other] tepuntJon of hone 
or other tissue bom the living Btnicturc 
in Dry .Vunnii, tu. 

Exh«la'tion (fxhalo. to breathe out). Tbe 
»5ipor. EuUlc pBiiiclcs, etc., given off by 
the body through ttic ikin, luiiic*, et(. 

Exhauat'ton {■ixhaHtif, In pour oal). 
Drawing out or emptying. Applied espe- 
cially 10 great Ion of vital and nervous 
powrr fmm fatigue, gr protracted dttease. 

Bxhib'it yrxAibw, to give). To odoUnis- 
ler mwliflnc. 

Bxhil'arant [ncki/arv, to cheer). An 
agent to enliven and ctiecr the nuod. B. 
Gas, Nitrous (tx)dc gav 

Bxhuma'tion {tx, Huariu, gmuul). The 
dl£giac ap a Act inlcnxient, or again Uing- 
ing » dead body oat, fcr exAaiiiMtioo in 

nedko-kgal iDquiriei, or far reintcrmenl, 

Bxod'ic ((fw, oat ot, ottor, ■ wt^V Ap- 
pUcd to nerres traiumJiiing hnputoes uut- 
urard fium the cxntral nervou* lyalefD. 

Ex'ogen (rfu, ynrau, lo prodnoe). A 
pl.\nt whoye grow-th 14 by nM»R»af cx- 
lemal (iL-jxiait u|x)n (he tiunk or brooch. 
See EnJi-gt'i. 

Exom'phaloa. See tUmia. 

Exopath'ic (r{w, in^, pnin). Peitaiidng 
to (lio^ causes di disease comiiig from' 
withoutAibeyondtbcofgaxusm. Scc,alai\ 

Exophof'ta. See flettrvpAtna. 

Exophihal'mic. fotaiiung to eiof^ithal- 
nH», E. Ooitre. Sea Guitre. 

Exophthal'mo* (r{, ei^M^iOf). Abnur' 
m.-il {iniiiiinrncc «r protnision of the «>*«- 
boUx. B., Pulsating, that cluractcmcd 
by a iTuit and pjisaiion, dnc to an ancu- 
nsi.n that pusben Che eye forwaid. 

Exosmo'siB. Sec Oimoju, 

ExoBto'sis {rf, oarim: bone). AbBonoal 
cnlar^rrneiil or growth of bone, especially 
a deposit of bony liuuc upon the aniace 
precuisiiiig hone. 

Exoler'ic ((jur^pwof, external). Synony' 
tnous v-ith Exopalhit, 

Exoi'ic (rfwron^, forei)^) Pe«iaimag to 
pl.-intR anil pnylucts from another couBliy, 

Exotro'pia. Sec .Sfrafiiimut. 

Cxpec'tant (rxfvc/i', to look out fw). 
Awniiingor cxpming; applied to a plan 
of (rentmrnt oonxisiing io watching the 
progrcu ctf a di^eoic. anil not intrri'cring, 
with chcnpeuiicsl mrnsurr's, unlrM war- 
ranted by q>cciiil sym]>tflnu. 

Expecta'lion of Life, nteaeersge nnm- 
l>rr of years (h^l penons of a given W^ 
taken one with another, live, assumine (bat 
Ihry die nccocding to a given (able of (he 
probatiilitiei of He. It thiu has do reW 
lion \a lb(^ most proliablc life of a Mnjfle 
given individual, B, of L., Complct*. 
the addition of one-half year lo the Cur- 
tate E]ii>Cc(rtlion to allow for that portion of 
a year [ifcd hy each pervm in thr year of 
ht<t death. E.ofL., Curtate, tbc average 
number of whole or compklcd years lived 
by each [wnon. 

Expect'orant {fx, out, fifttut, the t)rcast). 
A remedy ihal acts upon the pulmonic mu- 
cous membrane, to pramole or modify its 

Expectora'tion (<■! . /fc-r/wi). The fluid or 
semi-fluid mBtirra frum (lie lungi and air 
passages expelled by coughing and spit- 


Expcrimcn'tum Mirab'ile of Kirch* 
ner. An hypnutie pbenooMaoa in ani 
nuls; & hen, c. ^., remaining in a lixcd 
ponlioo when tin haul b praaed dcrwn 
and a chalk. Line mode rmn lU beak. 

Ex'pert (^xfiertui, pmnA). A jxnKxi es- 

K^ull/ (iu«l>rK(l ill a KicDCe or art. B., 
edical, a physkian pecolEuljr fiued by 
experience or eajvclol learning to render 
a tnie ojMiuon in inedico-lq^ or diag- 
nostic questions. 

Bi^nra'tion Ujt/nn, to brcolhe out). The 
ad of breatiuiig iottb, or twpelliog air 
from the lungs. 

Bxplora^tion (fx^am, (o learch duI). The 
Murcbing uul the <x>niJitigg] of a diunKd 
onan or port by mean* of uucultaiion. 
polpalion, iirnntnioDtr/c. Aim the March- 
ing a wound to learn it> oiUurr, counc, 
f/f., and if foreign bodies tnaj* be prcMnt. 
Aim the eaaminalion ot the fetiuuc grni- 
ul orgpui* by the faigcr or iiulnioKai lor 
dbgnoMic puTpoMS. 

Bxplor'atory. Pcitnining to explomtion. 
E. Puncture. iIik panctun: of a cavity or 
tnoko* ai>d extnction iht re-frcim d some of 
■be conTmls to learn llu: ttatunr of the 
same. B. Trocar, one especially adopted 
for K. potirture, 

Ez{Jar'er. An iimtnimFnt for use in ex- 
ploratioiL E., Elecirical.aninilniaKnt 
lordete^iRg a Inilkl by nicaiuof ibc elec- 
Iric ciirrcnl. 

Explo'sivet. See CemtnatOi. 

Espres'slon. A jiressmg mK llie forci- 
lilr Hrpmlion of liijuiiU from mplids by 
pmnwe. B. of Fcetus or Placenta. 
aariiling the erpnliior of ih<^ sune by 
pRstore upon the abdoniaal walls. 

Etpul'sion, Spdnu'ncoiM. The extiu- 
•ion of ihr fo-tua or tb« placenta wtiboul 
cxicmal iiid. 

Espul'aive {exptHe, to drive out). Per- 
laming to the rxini^icn or driving oiit of 
llw fccDu in childbirth, the TCtding of the 
fiwc5. urine, rfr. 

Bxaan'guine [^j-,n)>Via[f, blood). Blood- 

Exatcca'tion (rr,nVr#, dry). T1>e process 
of depriving a solid of Its moisture or volo- 
dle oonstinienis by die ^ennr of moderate 

'Bx^stropby (uirrj>rfu, to even). Con- 
Mnilsl ofcaeoM of ibe anterior viUl of tlie 
madder and abdomai, witb exlrovcrtion 

Ezlcn''8ion(i-x/f«j'<?.iAstTVtcbout), Trac- 
lioii fi]iiil4: upock 3 fraiiumi or diilocainl 
liiab ia order to bring Ibe parti in proper 

apuoulioa. B., Angulnr, a ntethod of 
n-dudng and nniDlainiiig old dblo ca ii ai s 
of the hip. B., Coumer, traction upon 
the trunk or the tranlc-end of a daLlumt 
limbinodditloatoeJtieoaioa. B.,0(nible. 

rn both htnlH in hip-joint disease, Hf. 
Sta|^ in Labor, one of the stages 
of labor, couMSting in the beiiding uf the 
fcetal head, the occiput towonl tlir back. 

Bxten'aor {cilfMda^. That i«liicfa mnftcbea 
oalorextcnd^. B. Musclca. 'Sme Mmeif. 
B. Tet'aDua. In general spumi. the 
exteosor mvaclo ovetcome the OeKon, and 
the wfaata thns becomes on K. T. 

Bxtirpm'tion (exHrp«, to root ool). 
Thorough excttioi) or oul-routii^ of a port. 
E. of tbe Eyeball, complete rcoMva] of 
the globe of lite eye. Fnaclcation. 

Extra*. A Latin [gefiK, menniag wrinirff. 

Extraction of Cataract. Removal of the 
caiaractous lent by sugical openCioo. 
'llie met h ods proposed or practiced sre ol- 
nioat nnmberleso. Daviel S Method, im- 
proved by BetTy was by a seukirculnr Aa{>, 
upward in llavtel's, downuraid in Itcer'i, 
in Ihi: cornea, or at Ibemaigm, with m|)ture 
of the cawnle and expmsiou of llw lens. 
This method ts heir^ revived and. vilb 
modilicalion, adopted by ■ huge number 
of modem opcralun, and b callnl the Flap 
Extraction. The Dliclsaion Operation 
is used in soft calaiad, uid cmuuls in in- 
tnducnc a needle, whereby il>c capsule is 
bndicn and the a^ucou^ hitmor gains access 
to ihe leiu-*nl>«tAnce,whtch then is ainuibed 
or li^en out b^ taction, tn v, Graefe's 
PcripberaJ Linear Method, ibr (<rar(c 
lance-knife cnlcra the sclerotic l.j nun. 
from liie ccnica] bordcrt and X mm. belosr 
ihe horiimtal tangent of the upper Inrder 
of the cornea, and if al lir^ dtTecir<l down- 
ward, but the oounliTpunctuTe u luully 
made oppositclhr point of pa nclun;. Tbecut 
opwonl b then mode panllcl to tlie plane 
of Ihe iris, followed by an tndectomy, oui- 
sulotomy, and exprcMion of the lens. The 
change in v. Ornefe's Modified Linear 
Extraction con^iils chirfly m lirir^ng 
tbe section to the oarneo-oclrral jnnctiun. 
Needling, or the needle - operation. 
Sec oljove, nndei Diin\%i«tt. The Sim* 
pie Method, now advocated by mxny oph- 
Ibaimtc stn^eona, comists in a flapfonn- 
ing section and mi omivdon of the Irulec- 
lomy. The Suction Method ooruiits in 
the cxnadioo of tofl caiaracU bjr sucking 
itie lenticular maUer Ibmo^ a ayrin|[e 
ooule intndocad into tbe leoa sabatance. 




neat hr exuadlng tullcts, iK'faaArx, tit. 
B., Screw, vmed vriib « icrew AUach- 
nxml : a lirtfimd, 

Bxtract'am (fjr/niA«). An extntct. Is 
phumocy, % srtni-aidid ]vcraretion ob- 
tained l>v (Jiv>«Iving the mJudIc pans of 
dnigs, and crnporating Uw >olu(ioii thnt 
obiaineid. Alcohol itnd wurr ore the moit 
cmnniDn lolvents. Tbm ue 32 oflictal 
extratia. E. Fluidutn, ■ duid extract. 
An nlcciholic csitroa or concnttraltrd tinc- 
ture of a »tmigtli Midi tliai I cubic cmti- 
m«lcr rrprcscnU the modiciiwl povrenof 
1 eraiumc of the dnig. Ai^wjxiiiulcly 
I otinim of the Raid exlntct rqvrii-nt> 1 
(jTTiin of the drag. In waie of the lluJd 
«xtr*ctii aloobol u tued n> the lulvpnt ; 
in otbcrs alcohol and wnUr, and in still 
ethen alrofaol and glycerine, llien uc 
79 official txirailn SitiJa. 

Ex tra-poKar Region. TTiallyingouuide 
thf rlecttalrt. iia opposed to the Intra- 
polar Rcgioin. or area, that tjring within 
or dircclly Iwnealb. 

Extra-u'terinc (rxfrn, uifi-tti). Without 
thrii(mi<> E.-U. Pregnancy, Sec /V»y- 
nailer. B.-u. Life, tliat after binli. 

Extra vasa'lion {erira, vas, a. refwl), 
Killrjilion or ofli]«i(in of blood, senim or 
fiitid into odjneeol (istvicw. 

Exirin'sic (.'tfrtniirm. from wilhoui). 
Extmul, outwstd. E. Musclea, tlKMc 
4aiacbcd to the Inink >t>d extending to ibe 

Ex trover's ion. S«^ lixslrv^n. 

Exuda'tion {txm/^, to sweat). Ftltta- 
Ikm or owing of Ihr srnuti of the I'lood 
(hraugh the walk of ihr te«»ct«. 

Eye (Sax. fJ^f, \m.. Au/m). Tlie ot^an 
of virion. B., Accommodation of. See 
Aawnmi'datim. E., Appendages of. 
Ibe eyelids, brow« and lachTpnal appa- 
raliia. E., Apple of, frrmcrljr the eye>- 
ball; the pupil. B., Artificial, n ihb 

shell of glaMi, cdkdoid or other auhilancv, 
ooiored like ijie iiaiund eye, placed in the 
socket alter enucleation. E., Compound, 
th(^ o^an tii vi.iioii formed of *cvcnl cfYS* 
ul iplirres, u in ibe lower crnba. E., 
Diagrammatic, of Listing, a diagram 
of the eye fbc the taan exact calculation 
of the paiaage of ra.y» of li^t tlirough 
tiie eye. B.. Pineal or Epiphyalal. Jie 
rudimentary median eye in noinr liuods. 
E., Schematic, on ideal oruonnol eye. 

Eye'ball. I lie globe of the eye. B., 
Dislocation of. See IHi/«ca/i«m. 

Eye''bri8bt, Sec Eufir-itia. 

Eye'brow. 'Ilie SHpercilitun. 'lite con- 
nective linije, ilcin and hairs alxnrc ibt 
eye. The bain tiervc chieAy to {irevent 
tlic >wcai {ram filling into the rye. 

Bye' -cells. (lupiJioped cells of poroc- 
lain enAracled tilack to place o*tr the eye 
ailcr ojJctatKNis. 

Eye-glass. A lens worn in one eye. 
kyf-stastft, fiittif ttf*. worn instead at 
spertoclr^ and held in pooition by a qiriiif 
acting upooihe liridgc of the nose. 

Eye'-groand. A fynonymof (he fiuKhu- 
oculi or internal atpcct of the Tiiieuua 
ch-iralKT of the 171;. 

Eye'lash. Thecilium; the hainofthe 
eyrtiii. E., Evulsion of. [luiting out 
the same. £., Tranapoaitton of, ahifl- 
ing an excised stiin tif cilin and lid edge 
conliitntng the hnir tiullis to a new positiOB, 
or Dthcnrise altering the direction of the 
la^hrs hy cnicration. 

Eye'lid. ITie proiectivr covering of tlte 
c)-c>'(ill, cetnpoKd of skin, glands, tat>- 
nrclivc and mtiscular liMue, Ibe tarsus and 
conjunctira, with the cilia at ibc frvt i^lge. 

Bye-stiain. The excess and abnonMiliaB 
of etlort with the remltanl initaliofi, catued 
liy ametropia or insulficicncy. Used alM 
of the effects of exceui*e tue of noinul 

Eye'tectta. Tite iociccn. Sec TittA. 



P. AUmviatiaa of FakrtnifH; aho of 
Fat, mnke, arul of Ft'ai, \t\ ibcn l« made. 

Fl. or Fid. Alibtcvuiion of fiuid. 

Ft. AblKc*ialion of Fint. 

Face (yW-wi.ihr f&cr). A nam? anitiiN] 
la the lower and outcnor pan of the 
head, inciudinK the eyes, nose, mouth, 
cbMlu, Itpa, tti. 

Fac'ct (^Fr. /a-oSfc-. a little feoe) , A SHuUl 
plane surface. Ilie articul-iling sutfocea 
of booM. Also, the flat sattmoa occft- 
liAD^fy 9e«a in ctlculi, »u»cd by Inctioo 

, ■pan cKh othef. In ZoOlog}', a tei[mvnt 

, M die oonpound eye of an ioBca. 

FA'eial {/tirui). Pcrtunii^ lo the fuce. 
K. Angn, ibe divtrg^ence bclwr^n > 
Unc dnwn from the upper jaw tangent 
lo (be forehcMJ. iitid iuiother to the ea- 
tem«l auditory foramen. P. Arteiy. See 

Fscul'utiv« {fatiilttu, oqial^ltty). Pcr- 
Uiidnc ID ftinniaua] cr aopiiivd pow«r. 
In ba^nclogr. mptuhioos u lo eatTgen. 
P. ACrobi*. See ArrtHa. F. AnaSro- 
Mm. See Anahrviii. F. Hyperopia, 
ftdivUionof manttesibTperopta. F. Pan- 

tsitM, those that develop in non-orgait- 
litcd mcdk. See, t.g.t Xmiint' LifuiJ. 

Fac'ulty ( /itemJraiy A Bpedal Ktioci of 
the mind itirough (Be Jna tTumfn laLlly of u 
oipm or ofgttis. Alio, the corpt of pn>- 
teamtt ai>d insinictora </ s onti-enity and 
iti c«(Uee». P.. Medical, the coqia of 

> pofeMcn atd instmeton of a mcdicml col- 

Fse^cal {/!rx, Kdibneal). Feitaininc to 
the faeets, 

Fc'cea ( A-*)' "^^ ^^f? ^ ■ l>TW. u 
wine. Alio, the aJvine discharge* or 
excrrtirti* of the howeli 

Fabr'enheil'a Tberroom^eter. Sec Tirr- 

Paint (/ng», to fel^V A cotidition of 
Unguof. Abo, a lUte of s^nrape or 

. Palc^lfonn fjah, a ricklel. Harlnc the 

'.ib'^ of a (kkle. P. Proceas, a pro- 
B of ihe dun matet wliich Kpontei the 
henukpheim of the Ivain. 

Pall'ing. Droppini!; kmng one'* «)ui- 
lUjrinm. F. of Womb. See L'terw, 
P. Slcknesa.aconuoon termtor epikpsy. 
"FaMo'ptan Tubea. See Ovidnctt. 

Pall' -Tbtoiome. An anaaiceiDent whoe- 
ty a wct^t injoies annude, aid aLm 

lirealu aod makes a galranomctei draut i 
by this iniinimcM it was cbowo that the 
deiuarcaiioa currcai (ook a cmain time lo 

False (/i//i», to deceive). Not geanmc. 
Frignine or cloerly ooonierfeiling. P. 
Bittersweet. "See CUmbinf; Staff-irrt. 
F. Cromwell, the twA of Oftnmoi/iHm 
virjpmimtmm. Repotcd to be tonic and 
diuretic. Dose of 6d. ext. nvxT-5w. 
Unof. F. Passaic, a passage wnncd by 
the Ua:erBlioii of tJie urethra, cauicd Ify the 
f<vcit>lc iniriNiiiction uf a Citibcter or oOiei 
instnuncnt in the wroof; direction. F. 
Riba. Set /{iht. F.WaUr, a collection 
of jjuiit in caiaaiud endomDriiisi. 

Pais (Lai.). AsicLlc. F. CctebclU, the 
&ickle-hke |Toccs«c» between llic lobes of 
the ceielHIum. F. Cerebri, the uckJe- 
likc pnxcsi of the dnia natiiT. 

Pam'ily (/umUia. a boutehold). The per- 
sons belonKing loshou»e)iold. [n biology, 
a cUm <3t fieaa* siaulor in orsaoic sinie- 

Pam'inc (hmis, bunj^er). SeTirre and 
continuc<l hui^r. A1m>, a geitcral Ksmty 
of fuod, whkb rcnulu in the ^lanaliun of 
many people, P. Fevir. bame as Kefa^ 
tiHg hever, f. v. 

Fang. See Tiftf,. 

Pan^idraa. See Phamtvm. 

Farad''. The nnit of clecirica] capodiy. 
i*taeticAlly,acii]«cily«iliident to bold Mie 
eoolomb of cnmat having a potential 
of one volt. The nicto-liinKl. m^nt 
pan of the tbeoreiical farad, i§ cveamanly 
ssed. A pnaieal lora of condciuer of 
one brad camdty conwits of 300 leaves 
of linToa, eacn 16 ceniimeien in dLameier, 
sqiaratcd by leaves of tnka. The entire 
SurfMe is about t.l 94. loelm ur». 

Farad^ic. The induced current, naraed 
imta its discoverer, Midiael l-'oriday. See 

Faradiza'tion. The application of the 
induced current M a di^eaiicd pail, or in 

Far'cy. See E^mmia. 

Fari'na i/aritiA). The snand or pow- 
defed fccula of seeds, eapei:ialiy th^ of 
com, barley, lye and wheat. 

Farina'ceous (fitriitd). Having the 
nature of or yleldin){ flour. Also, ap- 
plied to very fine farfuraccouc exEoliaiigiia. 

Far Point. See PtMdum Jtamtmm. 




Solu'iion. Sw MmHfimg 
A colloqwal trnu for 



Pu'ci* (/aiiia, k Ixnd). The mciabmn- 
0U5 fibrout coiCTBtg ot mtucles and other 
OTfjans, F., Anal. Hct /'., It^ku^rti;- 
hil. P. of Ann \SrM{hia/\, itivnb tbc 
muKlet of Uk ann, attached U> the clavi< 
dc, acrotaioa and spine of the ac^puU. 
P,, Cranial, arirm.dcflsclkyn, adLcnrni 
to the »kin mkI octipitu fiuotolk dluscIc. 
P., Cervical, Deq>, invrs^i the muKlcs 
of the neck and cnckno die vl-mcK and 
nerves. P., CrcmasteriCt foniu a looped, 
ititn coTtring of the apemuuic oocd. P., 
Cribrifbrai, ihc Mevc-Ukc covering of tbc 
■apbeiious flocniti^ F. Oentata, a 
»emii«l band of ft">y suL>staiicr of ihc 
dcntute ctMiruIuiiori of t)ie cereliiiim. P. 
of the Dorsum of the Foot, funns a 
abnuLi far the donal tendons of tbc foot. 
P., Iliac, lines the back i«it of the ah- 
dcnvlnal cavity, covering ihc mots and 
iliaiufi muscles. F., In fundi bull form, 
tbefmiiicl-ihaped-mtinliiane eiicloinj; the 
cord and icfiUs in s distinci pouch. P.| 
Intcrcolumnar, titnn the iiiiirKius of the 
eslemal abdonunal ring, forniio^ a sbcoih 
for Uie card and Ic^^. P., Ischia-tec- 
lal, coven ibe perineal it>{i<:ct of the teva- 
tor ani muscle. P. Lata, die dense 
filirous aponeuroas surrounding tbc Iht]^, 
cBllCTlUic/'^r//'.«//*r7^V^. F,,Deep, 
of LeKt coitiinnuus w iUi the liut, sunrjunds 
the l<g. P.. I<umbar, ibe poaierior 
nT»nmroai» of tbe (r4nSTen4li> niuide, 
divided into three Inyerv. P., Obtura- 
tor, conlinudCion nl the iKlric, surrouiida 
the nbtutalur ntUMJe. P., Pelvic, liooi 
ibtf ciivLly uf llic pelvis, cotiUnuvos wiib 
the tmnsverMlU and Iliac fa>cta. P., 
Psrineal, the Jeef, colled the iriaQfiular 
lisaincm, dooes the front pan of the out- 
let of (he pelvla,, altachcd ■» iIk \i»\Ki mid 
■ami of ihe iKhiiuu. P., Recto- vesical, 
the vixcral U)-cr of the pelvic F., fanesu 
the proMatc, bladder luid reclum. P., 
TranftverMlis, cominuout with iliac and 
pclric F.. lies l<ctw«eo uaimenalb mucle 

and pcnu>n(^am. 
^asctc'uli (dim. tA/a. 
as the bscicuti v( Q 

fiui-it), A little Umdle. 
fiben tboi cocnpaM a 

Fat. See Tbtw mad Of/. 

Faligue' {Jkfig&). Wcorinev, tirednen. 

Tliat condition of diminldied capacitj tor 

uc<k produced in ■ imiscle bjr pRilgaeed 

actirity. F.-stoffe, the •ccunuUtioo <d 

dtcon p oeit i ou ptodnets b the maecaUt 
titf tie and to which faljgue is pfobably dtM. 

Fai'ty Oegen'cratton. See Dtgwr»- 

Fau'ces {IM.). The gullet or «ii)d[ipe. 
llie q»ce sumnndcd )>y the patair, tonsils 
and awAA. F., Isthmus of, thf space 
at the back of the innFulb eiitk«il by tbc 
mariiin of the polMe, Um hack of i be longue, 
the pillarg of the iofi palate and ibc lonaU. 
P., Pillars of, tlic fold of mncow* mita- 
hranc beiwYcu the base of the ovnhi and 
the paReriar border of the uwgw. 

Fau^na [ftmuta, the god of ati:ric(iliure). 
The anhnal life of a locality oi epoch. 

Fe'vus \^/ai'tu, honeyoonb). Honey- 
cvmb RuiK«'uiTn. Tinea Vera, Tinea 
L«piiioaa, Porrigo iipTw, Ponifo Fa- 
vosa. A contagions parsailic aficction of 
the akin cbancteriied tiy sulphur- yellow, 
cup-shftped cnuts wiihin the t-pKlemus. 
espcciafly iu the tcalp and baJiy purls of 
the body. 

Peb'rifuEe {/ftris. {<mT,/iigv, to di^l). 
All mi^cat that lessens fever. 

Fe'brile {/fini, a fever). I^rtaining to 
or baring tlie s)in|>loiiu of a fever. 

Fe'bris. See /-nrr. 

Fe'cea. Sec Ai/c/j. 

Fecb'ner'e Law. The more expanded 
and occuratc itolemeni of Weber's Law 
as to the relation betweoi tbc tnteuMty of 
Mimuli and the changes tn the rciulting 
*eiiuiiioii^ It consUnI ratio rxtilinn be- 
tween the itreogih of ibe uianulua aitd ibe 
inlcn-uiy of the setiiialioin. Willi inctcase 
of llie klimuliii the lenuuion increai«i only 
as the logtunlhm uf Uk uiondus. As thuie 
it a lower limit [tkrfiA^] c4 litninal in- 
iFiMity uf exdlation, so there ii oil upper 
or luoxiinol height of seiiaibjlity. itetwceo 
Ih^ two d the Range of Sensibility, 

Pec^ula (dim. of/rj, tcdiroent). 'n>e 
■Uirchy pan of a seed. Also Ibe sediment 
!iub»i(ting frocn an infiisinn. 

Pecunda^lion (/^•mWjv;, froitfnl). FcT- 
liliution ; impttfiutaon ; Ihe art of nuk- 
ing fniitful. F., Artificial, imt^v^uition 
liy iiieiuu of anificial rtilnxni^iori uf the 
spcnnolic tluid In the vagina or uieruA. 

Pecund'ity {^/fomMoj). The cajMlnliiy 
of rvjuxidinlion. 

Peed'ing. The taking of Ibod or aliment. 
P., Artificial, Ihe imroductinn of fcxsl 
into the liodj by mcansof nniiicial devices, 
such ec the nomech pump or in the form 
of an ettema. F, Bottle, n ghisa fla'<k 
■nned with n mhtier ni^le, utvd in fecd- 
to^ liquid food to infants. F. by Rcc- 




tarn. Ok inUrxluctioa of food into ibe rcc- 
Oun in ll>e tonn at ah enema or tupipoii- 

Feb'linK's S«lu'lian. At this aoludoD 
doc* n>il Iiec-[i well, lYof. Hnliftnd advises 
ib nuunibcture u IbtkiwK : To be k^ b 
two diflina parts. A. Takecofipcrsalpb. 
54. &4 gim. oihI w,it(-r rnough to injice 

.$ooc.c. M. B. I'urr Kocbvlle nil 173 
gntt.; wl. WKltDia h)x)nlc (t^ gr., 1.53). 
100 c.c, oad water enough to make 500 c.c. 
For H>«, mix etfual volumes, and tbns make 
Fcbliiig's M>latic4i. Sec Offer. 

Feb''ling'8 Teat for Sugar. Itoil 1 inch 
of I-'diUng't solution, and while hot add 
■rinc and toil agAin. If m> n.-d or yellow 
color ft|ip<:ars, mid more iiriiir until llir 
voluiBcic 1.W iDcbc^. Again raise to I oil 
iog point and SCI uidc. If yellow or ml 
Cu|>roua oxide apjiears, Ibr urioe is ascclui- 

fcl Bo'vis (Lat.}- Ox-gall. TliclNliai; 
lii()uid tA the dcaoeslic ox. Bin ttturm. It 
ii a daikgmn, ropy subtlaocc, conastJng 
■utntf or sodium f^jcocbolilt and Unuo- 
cfaoialr, logcdii^ with cfaolcstcrinc. A 
Uoic, antiseptic and purgative. u§rful in 
CUMlMf) log tbc Tally porliutis of food. F. 
B. iDspissstum, 100 pan» fresh oi gall, 
smiincd and rvi^otatcd 10 15 pans. I'occ 
gr. «-sv. P. B. Purificatum, ox-gall 
J, akobol I pan. Should st.ind n hours 

ibefetc sOBtDing; then {rrqxmUr to coo- 

^■blcncc of piiulor nta<is. l>ose gr. v-xt. 

F«11ic Acid. CnllipO,- A constituent 
of the Ulc. 

F«l'low»' Syrup of Hjrpophospliitcs, 
ptoprieury. l'i>of. Each 3 cotDaios bjrpo- 
phcttjilt. of troo gr. j, ijuiiiinc gr. j[^,9liych- 
nine gr. ^i, calcioin and raangancM u 
er. }. poiawBm q, s. ItoM: 5 J. 

Pel'oo. See FaumjtAia. 

Fv'mala {/fmr/Za, a young woman). Th* 
sac thai brings forth we Tonag of a 
spedc^ In surgery, that |>ait of a double- 
ItmtiFtl initrumcM that receiver the com- 
jMcmvntary port. In botany, the Aowir 

J thai contains the ovary. P. Catheter, a 

'Cttbcter having a tiliort tutv with a slight 

Fem'oira] (/-mmi', the thigh bone). Fcr- 
taiciiog to the fcinuT. F. Arch, that 
fonnni by Itwpan'sligatnaii. F.Anery. 
Sn Attrry. P. Ring, lite uMominal cimI 
of the feraom) canal, normally closed by 
Ihc CTUrol septum and the prni<;neum. 

^e'lnur (Lai.), llic thigh iMme, the 
longest and heaviest bone of the bodyi 

■ai^tilaiing with the acciabihm sad tibiA. 

Fencstn (I^t., a window). In uiMoay, 
a name eircn to two apeituilts 0( the car, 
tile /; Otv^ii and /-'. katiimJa. 

Pen'eitnite {Jemttray. Having apeiturea 
or openings, 

Pen'nel. Sec /•'vuuuliim- 

PermcnU^tion { /trmentum, kavcn). 
'I'he molecular dccoiii|XBitioo of an or- 
ganic structure by qkuu of an organixed 
or unorganucd fcrmenu F., Acetic, 
the fenncnloljcio vbcretiy wiak alcoholic 
solutions arc converted into vinegar; 
caused l.f Ihc Batillui a«H, ftf. P., 
Albumir>oid ; the agents of this decom- 
poBtion arc the BadShu aSbumimit, B. 
<\tUnula, B. e/itt i/vrmis, B. '/itttitfuj, B. 
Jii'ifvTtnii, B. ginuttlatis, B. tcalfr, B. 
tmnii, B. Mrv^fphalui, ete. P., Am- 
moniacAl ; the agent of the ammotuoca] 
fennentatKMi of unnr is the Miirvtoeeta 
urea. P.. Butyric, the c«ivcr>k«i of 
btitici into butyric acid, due to a mkrobe, 
Bi'iiUut htttyriitu. P., Gluconic; ghi- 
ooso it DituiunnMl bj' the aoivD of the 
SJitrot*€tiu MatigM. P., Lactic, the 
decomposition or ^ wonng " of milk, caused 
by ibe microbe. BaciUm iurietu. P., 
Propionic; the Baiillus tawtttiu decom- 
poses saccharine toluiiofts, pfodndng pc^ 
ptnoic acid. F., Putrefactive, the de- 
composition commonly known as puirclac- 
tkn. caused by variOBs mictol>e*, «^cially 
the MUnxtKtiu fy^ftui {a/^, ii/rrna, 
ritreui, fmuii, tafibaritu, et<.'). P., Vie- 
cous. the AftfTve^nu vuioiui, Mxrcting 
a gummy substMwe in (he culture liquid. 
See, aho, Ffrmmtt. 

Pw'ltttots (/errneji/ftm, leaven). Bodies 
exciting chemical changes in other mat- 
lers with which they are IjKiught in con* 
tact. P., Organised, ot Living, grow 
and inulliply at the expense of the sub- 
stances in which they ocrur, — but cnly so 
long as the ferment iy living. Yexsl is the 
reprrseniativc of the class, causing fcr. 
menlstion by »pliiling up )>ngar inio 4-( I, 
and alcohol. See J-frm.Ti/afi,it. P., 
Unorganised, oon living, ninoecnons 
loiics produced within the Imdy by the 
vital scti^'iiy cf the protoplasm of ibc cells. 
They are M>lublc in water, gtjcerinc, ami 
can be prccipilnted by nlcolwl. The fol- 
lowinc is a lin of this class: PtyaUn, in 
saliva, converts starch into oialtoae. Pep- 
ein, in gastric juice, convert* proteidi into 
peptones in an add mc^lium. Tbere are 
ii)»o ill (he gastric juice milk •curdling, 
fat-tplitting, orul laclic acid fermciitb, 
whose fun[:tioQ is indicated by the 




In the {xncT«alic juice, then is P., Diss* 
tsiic ur AmylopBin, concrrting daich 
tiilo mallow; Trypsin, cunvcns yttAcuii 
inin jjcptuiics in an alkaline medium j 
F., Emulsive, ctunUify fatn ; P., Pat- 
splitting, or Steapsin, splits fau inlo 
glyc«-nn and Caltf aiids inu) F., Milh- 
CUrdUng. In itir imminal j'licr, ilwrr b 
a P., Diasuiic, cfaARgn ruiIiok tntu 

Slucuie ; P., Proteolytic. Fbaiign fitinn 
itu peptone; Invcrlia cliangrs auic- 
ioto m\te sugar; nod /■'.. .VM-ntrMng, 
and ?'., Diiist-iti^, aie also (iiiiiid in I'Iom), 
chyle, liver, milk, /i'r, Pepain and oihrr 
roroents are alau bund lo tRU>cle and 
orine; and, ladlr, a Pibrin -forming P. 
is also louiid in blood. 

Pent (Sax. /-nrw). \ nunc given to the 
cryptOKniamB plants of llic onlcr J-iIirei. 
Sec AipidiuM. 

Perrein', Tubule of. See Pyramid. 

Per'To- [firrvm, iron). A jirvfix loscd 
will) the names of certain tails fA iron. 

Pcr'niin. (l-at.^ (oVn. Fcm.) Iron. 
» -56. ljuaiiiivalrn« ii.iv, A mrtiil 
havinic a tiutm T&rying frvm vilrer while 
lu fcmy. ta pba/macy, a hnc non cluttic. 
v.\(\ oire is urcd. P. Redaetum, iron 
by hydrogen, occurs in tine powder ob- 
taiitnl hy the rcdndion of ferric oiide 
liy h)ilrv>(>en. A cunititaral of the lilood, 
to the ml coqiau'lo of wliivh it etrcs 
color. Ad irrtUnt in largr ct loitg- 
eooliiiaed doee». In null <lot» ■ 
stimnlaat aad slif^ily a.strtngent looic. 
Highly TAluabIc in anAmia, Iml corUrs- 
tniliiiotcd in pkihor». Ivxicmilly many 
of Uie soluble salts are excellent styptic 
and asuiRKml lotions. L^oie gr. |-v. 
Petri Acctat., Uq., b .n p-r crnl. »o- 
luiion in wjIit. F. Acetat., Tinct., has 
|i>). Urn acd3A 50, alcohol jo, acetic ether 
3U parts. S[y{itk nml M'lmulniil. I>mc 
gr.x-^iij. P. Bromidi, Syr.,c«nLtiiMio 
per cent, of retiic bmniHe. Sedative tonic, 
rccuntnendcd in nervous disordcn. F. 
Carb.. Saccbarst., contain* 15 yet cent. 
of fetiniu cutionatr. Stirnulont lodigrs- 
tioa. I "cm; liT. li-*. ""itli fo«L F. Carb.. 
Massa, Vallei's mam: (rrron* sulphate 
loo, KKlium cnrl>niMie I lo, hoiiry 36, 
■agar 35, »ymp and iliviillcil water U 
<). *. ad fac 100 pans. P. Comp.. Mls- 
tuia, tinRith'i mixture; ferroiu Bul[ihiUe, 
myrrh, tUKar.M t8,pou»ium caibcnaie&, 
sp(. lavender 50. rose water gioa. Eaien- 
tially a carbonate of iron. Oo»e gt. iij-v. 
F. Piluls. Comp., Oriffith's pill, con- 
taiiuqg each, ferrous suljiiaie p. ji^, so- 

dium caib. gr. V» mjTrb gr. jss, lyrup q. 9. 
P. Chloindum, itivn^ly acid, flAtringent, 
hxtnoMaiic nnil styptic. Never us<.-d in- 
leroally. F. Chlor^ l-iq-. an aiueous <o- 
lulicB coDtnining j8 per ccnl ol the mIl 
l>aac livi}-)^; rarely w«d. F. Chlor., 
Tinct., oontairu liq. chlor. feni ^5, ako- 
hoi (^ pans. Very commordy used, and 
one of Ihc Ifest Ionic pecparaiions. Dose 
n^v-xx. P. Citras, lohible in water, 
innololile in alcohol. A mild MimaUflL, 
]>oK gr. ij~v. P. Citrma, Liq., a solutioo 
of fuiri ciltas, 35 per cent, in slrcriglh. 
1 >o«r gr. v~xv. P. Citraa, Vtnuni, am- 
munio-rcrric cilraic 4, linct. ortinge peel* 
syrup, aa li, stronecr whiiT ninr 72 piuta. 
DoBc zj-ij. P. Hypophosphitis. fcnic 
h^TWriJuy^phile, soluble in «cry dilute 
h)idrochlonc acid. Doac gr. i-x. F. 
lodidura Saccharat., soluilc in wsicr. 
Tonic, llose gr. »-x. P. lod.. Pil., 
contain reduced iron, iodine, iMuOfjoe* 
sngar, acacia, and water, coucd whh 
babam of lolu in ether. Vttt }-q 
pills. F. lodidi, Syr., oonlains 10 per 
csent. of the icdidc. J>we m,*-Mix. F. 
Lactas, fcrrcius laciate, — beat aobrent, 
sodiiun citnile. l>ow gr. j-u>. F. Nl- 
tiatia, Liq., aqueous, conlaini 6 per cent, 
of salt, styptic and aslrin|[eot. l>a>e n^v 
-XV. P. Oxalae. Dose gr. ij in pill. 
F. Oxid. Kydratuis, fmic hydrate. 
prepared by uddiitg mi\. ammonia S pasta 
to a solution of mik au^ihaic lo pwu. 
An aniidoie tat arsenical poisoninf, prr- 
pored when needed, F. Oxid- Hydtat. 
cum Magnaaia. prepared when needed 
(ran ioL feme sulpboie looo gr., water 
3000 graiitt, to which a addoil iia;tiic*ia 
150 gr. water Ixixij. .\ii anUdtJie for 
■rsenic. P. EinpUatnitn, uretiethcn- 
ing pluler; fi-iric liydruie, dried Guiada 
turpentine, lEnr^undy pitch, aa 10. lead 
plaster 70 putH. P. Trochiaci, hare 
each of ferric hydrate drie<l gr. », ranilU 
ur. iS. su^u ami mucilage of iiagacantb 
i|. s. Ix«e j-iij each day. F. Pboa* 
phas, an adjuvmt to laxative pills K**- r 
-X. F. Pyrophosphas, tasteless and 
non-aitriiigrnl. Wim gi. ij-r. F. SuU 
phas, ti^f>rrat, prMo sul)Jiate of iiua, fer- 
rous sulphate, astringent and irriudug. 
All ingredient of [Jl. aloea et ferri. y, ». 
F. Sulph. Precipuat., the lixegoing pre' 
ctpitatcl frum wtuiion tiy akohol. iMise 
gr. Bcij. P. Subsiilph. Liq.. Monicl's 
•olutitm, an a^uroii* laknion of Iiomc aul 
phatc of iron, powerfully aitnngcnt, «ty|4ic 
and tuemostatic, rarely given iotcmally. 




Ddm gr. ii^x. P. Sulpb. Exsiccat., 
dried Ktious »itiibute, the mutt iutriii^>eDl 
wid irritadng. liau' gi. &>-tj, in [utl. F. 
Valciiutss, nlenmnate erf tiuu, MlnLle 
in alcohol. DoM iir. Mij, iu wlL P. 
el Ammonii Citras, diraic c/ iron 3, 
walct uf amiuunu 1 imrt. Dobc jfr. ij-r, 
P. et AromonU Sulphas, luianoiuc- 
Mi^tbaU td itnn, trrric Alum. I.aiAl ulhn- 
Ijcnl of lulfihalFt. Dtitc gr. tf-v. F. el 
Antmonii Taruas, oinmouic lanrute d 
iron. Dose gr. v-x«, K- cl Potasflii 
Tartras, I«asl dis^trecable of all tfvn 
prepanuionit. I>cbi: gr. v-x. F. el 
QuininK Citras, hoa It |icr cent, tl 
({uintne. A>lhii)i>eiU and itimulant. Dae 

Liij-r. F. et Quin. Cit., Lfq., of 
Uful vali>c, I>tHc njr-i*. P. Vi- 
num Amarum, Niicr uinc vd" iron, con- 
tain* Ilq. otnic of imn mut (juiniiM; 8, 
lincL onuigc p-e\ 12. »yni)> 36, *tix«igcr* 
while wine 44- A good >uUtiiulc Tor ibc 
varintu "clitdri of cali^nya and iron." 
r>DM S't-ir. F. et StrychninK Citras, 
COOUin* 1 pel cmt of Mrydininc. AsiiiD- 
gent and iiiniulatm^. IJrnr gi. j-tij. F. et 
Ammonii Acetas. Mist., Hashnro'tmia. 
tan, ctmiaini imci. fer. c)ilorid« 1, ocrtk 
acid 3, Iiij- atnmnnii sect. 30. rli\ir au- 
tanlii lo, ijrua 15, wain (U (loiu. Very 
agreeable, toDK oad diuRtic. I>oae3i)-T. 


P. Dlalyiatum, dinlyKd iron, a icn per 
cenl. oxjrchlirridr in wnlct. Antringrnt 
and Mjrplic, Uu only {m-h]j chalybciuc. 
Done mii-xsx. F. Arscnias Inot lo 
be contounrlcvl wilh arkcni// i.A irvn). 
l><.«c ET. I'ti'i- F. el Maneaneeii 
lodldi Syr., coniaining in each iM. j , 
JO gr. oT Kididcji in nrofiocticin of 3 of iron 
tv H>f iunnnani.-tv- I»o*en\,x-xjix-3J. F. 
et Mangancsii Phof]>b«t., Syr., synip 
of phoanfaalecf inxi and iiiaiit:aiic<«. l'^i:b 
Jconlauia 3 gr. pboqA. of iron an<J 1 of 

' manganese. L>Me 3j. P. Mistura 
Atomat., pnte dndmos taiL 4, ca- 
lumba 2, cloves l.ino win s.lina. conU- 
mon comp. ti, tinct. oranfic pwl 3. water 
of ]>r]if>rnBtnt 50, IVwc 3J-ij. P. Mial. 
Laxans, fenou uilpfaalc gr- ■)• nugneaia 
tul|<hai<- Ti, dilute MiljJiunc acid 1fV''J- 
IfM. chlnrofotrn Til,ix, tmlcrr of {K-pfwrmint 
ad fac. J). Perto-aaliiia, Mitt., mag- 
neanm Mi1{il)ate ^j, pc*Mxsiam dit.'utraii' 
3j, itritd soljibalr ol inm fgr. x, irolrr 
j(««xi)- De«e a wincelawful- F. Phoa- 
pnaium Quininie et Strychninjc, Syr., 
£asl(ju'» M'tu|i, uniif. I^Acli gj umlnins 

gr. ) pbuaph. of iroo, gr, j qoinij and gi. 
j'f ktr^-dinai. 

Fer'tile \JcrtUis, fruitfnl). Prolifie, (niil- 
ful. In botnny, ^iplied to Dowcts haviug 

PenilUa'tion of the Ovum. See ft- 

Peru'la. Ginm fennel. A ueniu of die 
cnl^r LimbdlilcTae. Abo, a i{4ial. 

Festirta'tion (fritiHif, ki baiien ). \ iijuip- 
torn of |»raly»a aghans and uticr diseaaeB 
in which the [laiieni ahow:> tn WAlking a 
tendency lo lake qoicker and i)uickrt >le)io. 
hroputnoo oc reUopulimi are colncidcni 

Fc'vCT {fitru, a feTerl, A »ysi«nik djs* 
cue or syiDplMD of diteaie whose dtiiinc- 
live cfaaractcrntk it clevalion of tempera- 
tun, KOOtopuiicd b1*o by qukkeneJ cir> 
colatMo, DHreued batalolian or iliaac- 
warte and dixatlned acrnrtiona P., 
AtMJominol. See TyfAt-iJ /". P.. Af- 
rican. fi«e /i, Ytltoie. F. and Ague. 
Sc« /'., lutrrmilirttt. P., Anomalous, 
ooe wboK tyinptoin* arc inijfular. P., 
Ardent, a mnUniil h-ver tn which innni- 
gruits to a tiofMcol c<:«iilty ate pecniiaily 
RaUc. F., Articular. Set Dtngnt. 
P., Asthenic, one with a low fever leao- 
pcr.tturc, weak rircnlalion and gical Ium 
of ncnxNU farce. F., Atypic. See A.. 
aitoBttUmt. P., BUtmis, one accon- 
nanring afTrclionx of the dijiettivc ori[ana. 
F..'CataTTbal. ihu with caianbal aScC- 
tiottt of the air paxMiges. P., Catheisr, 
a KEvcre icnuitcnt fever somcliMmfullow- 
ing ibe panage <A the calheii:r. P., 
Ccrcbro-spinal, a malignant cpidtinic 
ferer chanrlcriied lijr tpannodic actions 
of the nHttcW of the xxtV, retnctton of 
the head, h)r|icnrilhc!>ia, tit., willt lesions 
of the cerebral and a{>inai membranes ; due 
to a specific pciwn. P.. CongesUva, a 
DijilignMit (coni (J 1 rcm'itinl oi inlcnnit- 
tciil malarial fever. F-. Continued, one 
in whicb there b a slowly uuttinuouft rise 
of (i-miimiwrr imtil a not high criois is 
raKhcd, whence the fwer ends fiually or 
slowly nihsid<^. F., Enteric. See A, 
Ty^oid. P., Eruptive, that accem- 
poDted or succeeded by oo eruption of ihe 
»km, liiiainplc« are Scariti f., M^mUs, 
A'Mftit, Smtjllf^ix, yafdirn/i'ti, t'lti- 
(ttla, Ery-siftloi, Dmgut. P., Esicn- 
lial. See F.. Lhtfaikic. P., Idio- 
pathic, ooe in wliich ou Iix-»] ntlrction 
caiuc» tlie disorder. P., Inflammatory. 
the JMrot as iimpli^ L.titinufd t. P., 
Intermit lent, MIC in which the ^n^itoms 

inlrrmit, with hUennMlIalc period* of free- 
dam froni ibc febrile xtuct F., Msla- 
rial. nmHtcnt, or h'crcr uid Ague. F., 
Jungle, I remittent fever of India. F., 
Malignant, a seven and btal hna. F., 
Pernicious, a iiuligiunt (ami type of iv- 
niiiii-iii or inlcnnittciu ioiIiin;i1 lever P., 
Relapsing, an epidemic, cu«il.igiuui lypc 
due to a spccilJi-' [kumu, »iin)lu lo yellow 
fcf>cr, F., Remittent, n ^Mirtixyiimal knr 
with exaccrhations and rcmi&eioiu, but not 
ititertiu&>ionft. P., Septic, due to the 
admiuioa of septic mjilcr into the syvlem. 
F., Tj^brnd. or enteric fever, an ncute, 
KlMinuLcd febrile affcclioit due to a ^■ 
dfic Ecrm, and having characlrriKtlc legions 
in Vcyet's paichvs and the Miliary glands. 
P., Typho* malarial, ■ fever 
with typhoid symptoms. F.. Typhus, 
ship or jail fcrcr, a coulaj^ous specific type 
connected with fillb and overcrowding . 
P., Yellow, aa acute, infccliuus, pajoxys 
mn], tnidiguaat fevec, charscicn/ed by 
three ««uei— (lie fet<ri]e,lhe reiiiisAion.aiid 
the coIIum; due to a specific poiwD. 
DalTuyCTl lij front, 

Fe'ver Bush. Sj^flcc-wood. The bailt 
and fruit of Bfnx.iin edonftrwn. An aro- 
nulic >tiniduit iind turiic lYoiKitici due 
to A volatile oil. Dose of fid. ext. — bark 
»i-ij, of the hemes nL»x-3J. Unof. 

PVverfew. The herb Pyrdkmm fiir- 
tkemitim. A stimulant toiilc with eminena' 
giwuc and iiilb«lmiatic proi>erttcs. Lose 
of lid. «xL 3J-ij. Unof. 

Fibber (JS^, a thread). A filatncDta/y or 
thread-like organ or ami of on otgon. Ap- 
plied to the tnrcBit'likc (ilaineola of mu*' 
cular. cartilnginotu and tcndiiUKiS ibBues. 
P. of Corti See Cirti. 

Fi'beis of Tomev. Elongated and 
tinuicbrd {irooesse* of the odonlobloaU of 
the pulp, tilling the dentinal Intiulu of 

Klbrilla (dim. of/^m). A unal) li(>er or 
[imjinnciit iilamrnt of a (ilici. A name 
applied lo minute nerve filaTneuts. 

Puiril'Ur. Pettaimug lo fihrill*. F. Con- 
tractions, ihart conlmciinnt CMrciiiriTig 
lOl'-nialcIf in difTerenl Inmdles of miucular 

Fibrilla'tion. Sec Fibrittar Ctmiradhm. 

Fitrin [Jitrra, a liber). A tuuive alLnunin 
or ptcteid. a •iul»tance that, beroming 
tolid in shrd Mood, plnanu and lymjih., 
cauMS coogulatiou of ihe»c fluids. It then 
cxiiU u the thope of innumetahle. excnv 
jvely dvlicote, rlo*elvp>icIced, tiiicrcACo]ac, 
doablj-refractivc fXnls, eniaogUi:^ tbe 

Uood cotpatclm, an in a aptdei'* wcfa, and 
with than (ufniing the blowl Q\**.fx fia^enta 
tangutHU. Vxi-mn fomu abcut 0.3 per 
cirnt. nf the h\otA and 1* insoluble in water 
and ctlicr. It 11 changed into ijalootn by 
dilute hydrochloric add. 

Pibrin'o^n (JiMm, yrwau, to beget), A 
from blood platmii, K^rou* IratiMidaliuia, 
tU. According to Schmidt it it one of lUe 
chief clemcnia in the formation of titirin 
^(lic other being i'amglobulin), which 
cKcun dissolved in the phuou, aided hy a 
fibrin fennenL 

Pibrinoplaat'in. See Pnrtii;l</iulm. 

Fi'bro- fjJ^'rf.a fiWr). A preHx lued with 
wurdfi to denote librous structure. P.- 
blasts, the tvmuiiuu of new fibrous tittue. 
F.-cartilage, a variety of canflagc baring 
fibn>us structuic. See CariHaj^. F.- 
myotna. See A/ri'ma. F.-neuro« 
tnyoma. Sec AVm/vad. F.-plastic, 
fibei-fotmiwK- F.-plastin. See Parm- 
XMu.'iH. F, -sarcoma, a tunaor bariua 
structural resemblance both to fihronm ana 
tpiudlc -celled lorcuina. 

Fi'broid {/lint, »iifaf, likeneaa). A tens 
applied lo such siruciuna as poescas a iih' 
roui a]i|M;anuicc, but caiuwt be separated 
into tilers. Also, a fiLvuid tumor. 

Fi'brola. An albuminoid, the chief con- 
Mi tuent of the cooouus uf iiuecta and sender- 

Fibro'ina {Jif^ra, tm^, a lumor). Fifcvoma 
MolluMrtun, Mollmcum Simples, Molli»- 
cum Pendulum, MoUusciun rlbronim. A 
disease of the skin marked by tlie pmt- 
ence of iofl tumors within the cvunedive 
tutue of the deeper layen of die corium 
and subculanroua lisnse. They are usually 
h«mi«{>hcrical, and ««iy in we fnm a pin'a 
bead to that oif an oranj^r. Occur tm all 
parts of the body, and freiiurntly exirnd 
lo the Dcrrc trunks, where ihcy have 
bc^n found ui post-mortcui exaniinalioo. 
'ntuuglil to he due to olslruclion of the 
lymphatics. P. Fungotdes. Sec .Vivmi. 

Fib'ula (I., a buckle). T!>e snialler or 
splint lone at the outer pari of the lower 
leg articulating above wkii the femur, and 
IkHow with llie a.-angaltia and tibia. It 
forms llie eitemul Riaflculiii. 

Fi'cu*. {iM. a iig-trce.) The fig. The 
fleahy reoeptack <if F. ..inra, native to 
Asia Minv, and cultivated ibmughout 
Rnnpe and tragical America. O'nlainB 
61 per cent, of gtape Migar when dry. 
Somewhat laxniivr nnil fnifly antritxaia. 

CoiUlUucnl of iifl/rifio it«H^. 




Field of Vision. SoinctiBW» spnkcn q{ 
ts Mmiiiy Me rfV/rf, The «stcni of indi- 
rect vuiun wiili fiuticn of [be vijual axis 
upon one )Jouit. It-' limit for nlihc li|[bi 
is alwut 90" fluiwarrl, 70° inwiud and 
Klnve, anil 60° ilu«fii»nrd. The F. for 
colors a mure restrittnl. tlut for hine a 
nearly w luge as wbiic, red and grcm 
mare narrow. F.. TcMing, the. Sec 
Ptrimuier. F.. Contraction of the, oc 
cunt in certain relink and ccrcbnl aiTec- 

Fig. See Fieut. 

Fig'wort. 'n»chcrt>.?iTi>^irArr*nif*Aro. 
Allerstive, tliunrtic and aiicdytit. Some- 
times u«r<1 in brm of Qinuneni in piles. 
Iinv of Bd. eiL ^u-j. Unof. 

FiKamvnt \^him, a. ttireod), A sanll 
Uirend like sinu'ture urput of on ortrao, 
■( amtiitck, nrrve ur tentiiin. F-. Sperm- 
atic, Uie (wuial niiunent uf Uie kpenna- 

Fila'ria (j(/iv«>). A gen its uf thread-like 
wonos IwliMiKiiix to ibe order AVmoA^o. 
Many, if not all ii tbcm, arc naruiiic. F. 
Medinenais, the (iutma ly.'rm, j. v. 
P. Sanguinis Hominis. Craw Osw. 
A nenulode vmrm nnliff tn the Guinea 
COKI of Africa, which, entering ib(? bloo<I 
and l>-n)phalic!i, catuc* ]yiii|>h alMcues 
itnil crrt-iin fllnn^ cif KlephAdtioui. •/. v. 

Piriform {jS.'um). ThteaiMikc. F. Bou- 
gie. Sec /y.n%i>. F. Papitlctheanall- 
tM ami mosl niinii-rou* of the 1", of the 
tomfue, occutrit^ oi-ct iu shole uirfacr, 

PilMet, Ol'ivary. A fit>ciculu» of nerve 
film rncloMtig the olti-arjr buty of ihe 

Filo-pres'Mire [Jt/»n). Cnnipresfjon of 
a v<e*sel iiy nwaiit of a witr. 

FU^tor (fitriim, fellV An apparatus fcr 
atrainin^t nnd mnoving rtnm water or other 
littuid soIutionK t!)C imparitirt it may con> 
lam. F.. Chaniberland's. orC.'s Bou- 
pe. a fitter of peculiar c<m.<rruct»Dn that 
■llowt no mimHiR* lo piSUK. 

Fiitra'iion {filtmm\ Tbc opcnttkfn of 
atraioii:^ Ihroogh bihutou$ p^v:r. I'he 
best white filler-paper sttcmld Iv tuwd fnr 
filtering alkaline or alkaloidal »lulion». 

Fi'lutn Terminale. 'Dir f-nnina) »trands 
of i)ie spinal cord, «Ktrnding Inm the 
fint Iraobir vcxtebrs dmufb the canda 

Fim'briw [Kmhria,* fringeV ThrraiU; 
a fringe. F. of Fallopian Tube, the 
friiu[otike proccucs of tlkc outer cklrvmity 

'ere. (Sox.) The dictts of the bead. 

Fire-damp. See Manh Cat. 

Firc'weed. The herb EmklkiUi kitrafi- 
foiia. lufeils peppenuiiil tieUlt of Michi- 
gan. ToDJc oad a»uim|{«ii. Of reputed 
service in dysentery. r>oie of ll<i. cau 
iss-j, \^x%oi. 

First Inien'tion. See Jfeatinx. 

Fisb'cr'a Test. See J'Aenjrl-A/diittim 

Fish'-skin Disease. See /^Myvtft. 

Fis'Bile {find'', to ^plit). lliat which may 
\x split or tlcft, 

Fts'slon \fi*td^. Reproduction by iplit- 
lint; into two or nKav equal putt. 

Fissipara'tion. Sec Oil. 

Plsflip'arous {JShiU). A sexual gemro- 
lioii l>y tiNiion. 

Fis''sure (rfWo). A groone ot cleft. A 
term ajipUed 10 the clcft»or groovea in 
vnriDu* cirgansi, a* F. of Bicliat, the 
tnuKvrrse luiouTe of the brain. F. 01a- 
serian, the fiuure of the glenoid loKsa. 
F. L^nKiludioolia, Uif cicfl in the 
meilion line on the u^ijicr (nrfaceof (be 
htain. F. of Sylviua, (he clefl Itetwern 
ihr anlerior and middle lulieii nf the hrain. 

Fist {^ax. /yit). The Armly closed hand. 

Fis'lula {^Hrio). A mipiiuriiting. lulie- 
likr (tttHigc in the Imdy. P., Aerial. 
ojieiimg into tbc larynx, iracheo, tVi-. F.. 
Anal, atMil ihc aiuu. P., Blind, a va- 
riety of -inal, tuinary or dbrr tkiurr with 
but one of>emng. P., Blind, External, 
on anul V witli Iml omr cjicning cilrmal. 
P., Blind, Internal, anal liEuiir uHh lot 
one opening inlcmal. P., Blind. Uri- 
nary, fiippiii'niiris ir^rki o)<'ning into tlw 
urethra, I'Ul <>ri;Iioiil cKtcmal ofjeninES- 
P., Biliary, of the biliary Aac\i or gall- 
hladdcT, P., Complete, with lw<>o]«n- 
ing:', inicmal and extenal. P., Fmal* 
a)<loininal I''., OfKniitg into the iMe^ne. 
F. in Ano. Src 4mil F. P.. Mam- 
moiy, or Milk, of ibe manma or iu ducts. 
P.. True, one that discfaai^go tbc iecreiioo 
of an organ. In F. recto-labial, recto- 
Utethal, recto- vaginal, and rccto-vcsi- 
cal, the gut comma nicaies by a fistulous 
track with the loliia cnajora, the inethra, 
the vagina, or the bladder, respectively. 
P.. Thiry's. an nniticial inlTMinal F. 
tnode in ibr dog to olitain inlrstinal Juice. 
P., Vellas', the amc. Iiut so made that 
(he loop a wp[>1tc(t \tj il> own lilood ves- 
KcK and nrr\r^. iwl^led, sod with an 
u^j^TT and lower npctturc. 

Pit (S«x.^/, a Mng). A popular nanv m^ 

K" <d to any mililrn pnrDxvnn ri xi]ii<flsS( 
especially to j 




Fixa'lion r/^i"'. ft'-ed). A Bi«kioe turn 
or rigid. F. Forceps, ibo*e iiM<I fcc fix- 

iog or holding ft pvt ia paatkn daring a 
•urgicAl opcrUioo. 

Flank {/ai-rms, soA>, The part oT Ibr 
body between the riiis and ifac upper bor- 
der of (he tliuiu. 

FUp (O. E. Jh/fon, to break). A loote 
kod pwtlr deuched pMtioo of the sitn or 
other loft liMkie. F. of Amputation. 
Se« MmpttaJiiM. F. Eitnction. Se« 
Extratti^H of Cataract. 

Flal-fbot. See Tatipri. 

Flat'glence {Jlatui, breath). A Condi- 
lion nutfked hy the twcience of piscs ia 
the alimentary cftnai. It arises mainly 
from the fermrntiiion of the conieau of 
tl)i^ Mitmnch niid iiite^itcSt 

Fla'tus (Jlitftii). A lemi appUetl to gases 
ill tbe sicmach and bowcU. 

Flax'sced. Sec Linnm. 

Flea. See Pultx. 

Flea-bane. See Erigeron. 

Fleece of Stel'ling. An iiilprlacing of 
lihers puAiii;; from die Ckirtcn about the 
dcntati.' nucleus. 

Flciachl's Law of Contrac'tion. Thia 
(litr excititlility of n nene vaiKX ui ceriaiii 
points in Ab counc 

Fleil'mann'a Test for Arsenic. Put 
■ome MroDK potouiiun hydrate into a lest 
tnbe and a itvt pieces of pure zinc; clasp 
rnvr (iKiuIh of lube paper wet with ailver 
niiraiG and Ml. If the paper is not 
stotned no arsenic b prei«nl. 

Flesh (Siix. _/tr>f), Tlic soft tissue* erf line 
budy, npeuUlly the muiclei. P., Proud, 
4 collo juial Una for the 6cA and inllAmed 
KtiiijiiLtion of the edge* of n ucivuxi. 

Flexibil'iiasCe'rea. (Lot.) Aeuudiliou 
of (he Umhs in catnlepty in whit:li Ihcy 
resin pauive movement end teem oa if 
nude of wax. 

Flex'ibic \/Uxui, lieni). Thai which may 
l>f (lent. P. Catheter, a caihctM iiiinie 

.of tlc.xible autitttaxKe. V, Collodion. 
See /'yraxr.'inr. 

Flexile {jittifit. plinblc), EiMly bent. 

Flcx'Jon t /frj-wV The oprmlion or pro- 
ecu (^ hcodinft- P., Forcible, in Kurgery, 
a mode of tmuii2 oiieuriMn liy a TurciMc 
beading of the limb to at to compKM 
the poplileal artery, Uieretiy mluting the 
voliUM of blood; al«>, oi* LreskiD); up 
aribrsions of the joinu hy mechanical 

Flex'ion -stage of Labor. One of the 
eiages of lahor conslsling la a beading of 
the bead fcrwaid toward the chcaL 

Flex'or (JUxuiV A nanc appUed to those 
bwmtIm which IjcikI a limb ca part. See 

FIcx'ufB (Lat.,abendli^). A bending or 

curve in an organ. 
Floating Ribs. Sec Riii. 
Floc'culus (dim. of /».'(tu, • lOft of 

wool). A sinall kilwle of tha ceiabcUitakj 
Plood'tng. A popular oame fat 

copioun IJeeding frotn the woBb du 


Floor of Pelvis. See P^tvis. 
Floor-space. The diMance upon of 

required for proper ventilation of bospUals,^ 

It should be not tcu than ]*] of tbe cuiit 

Fior'ida AIKspic*. The leave* of O^j 
tan/kits ji..'rtJHs. A iilra^ianl aroma ' 
siiiuuluiil. DoM of fid. e>l. gtt. a-xix. 

Plou'reD'a Doethoc. lliat the whole of 
the certt^nuu is oooceroed in every pqr* 
chlcal {iTKeio. 

Plow (Sax. jirr.i><\H\. TTie lifcc discbatge 
of ■ llijnid, OS ihe l>lood. 

Fluctua'tion {jlmhn^, to float or toU)>j 
The V. art-. like motion of contained " ' 
u|)un inFtAure, Of by succuMioa. 

Flu'id [.JIho, to fiow). A substanoe 
molecules rmnc freely upOB one Bootbec' 
Also applied to tbe lJi]uid tismeE of the 

Pluidrachra'. Se« IVfi/fi's. 

Pluorea'cence l^w). A proper^ p06- 
vn3«d tjy certain substances, oonasting ' 
llic cmiHuon of colors while Ugbl is I 
jwtMrd throoftb them. Qoininr, finor 
and several slruclures of Ihe eye, '^ 
tlia power. Sec alw Pko^fkortutnet. 

FIuorcs''cin ( fiu~<\. An omorphons pn>. 
duel of ihe rcductirtn of Huoresoctne, ibe 
latter on anhydride uf t«sarun. Clii artotinl 
of \XA neutral [|iialily and grren RiMR»;erice, 
it haa Lccn uicd tn i,tudy the laovcinciitit 
of the intraucuUr lluiiU. 

Flu'orine. F -^ 19 ; qusntivatcnce t. OncT' 
of the clcmenli. It has noc heen iwUicd, 
but is pnjljably a jus. v\Jl the islts are 
hijchly corrosive and |miso[iou> in their full 
ftrength. Ammonium fluoride vi rrrotn* 
mended b^ I.ucos in hyperrrophy of the 
jpleen. l>flM tr^v of a f^. iv 10 Jj solu- 
tion. L'nof 

Flui ifiuxus. 6Dwin|;). An slmormal Re 
of any of the excrctiona or the tiody, esjii 
cially the fvcei. Alio, a KynMiyni 

PIux'loo y/lHtuJ\. GaiScHng of Mood 
or Ubcr fluid to UK part of the body. 




Fi/cal [_fih-uT, ■ fire-place). I^Ttatning to 
orc<cti|i)ing n fnoM. F. Disease. See 
LHi^ait. F. Hcmoirbage, IcK-iIiird 1 1 , 
in oootradudDCtion to diltUMr or dissctni- 
natrd. F. Meninj^itis, int'olving l>ut a 
Hnat! Bwa of ibe meiobrttort. F. Mye- 
litis, localised, in oonlnulistiitctioa fo 
difTiuc nr diytrminatcl. F. Sderoftis. 
the cbronic indurating form, Kiniciiiais 
oUled Seltretie A/vilitii. 
tPo'cus (/tiHi\. Xhc nrind[ial nM of a 
discur. llic point {t:3n*4frim(ifnit/ixm) 
wbcrcio srt ga(li«rrd the n)'s of li^bt bjr 
a ronvrx Ims or a roncavc mirrui, F., 
Negative, or Vinual, the ima^noir 
fucu^ or an object placed within tlic urintj' 
^ focui. Conjugate Foci, bienlqxn- 
doit (bcL 

Fonic'uluRi. Fcnocl. The fruit of F. 
fulgitri. I'ror*nje* due to a volaiile oil. 
A Riild stimulant and onmalic cannlna- 
tive. F., Aq., 2 port* of lite oil in too 
or watCT. Doie gii-3J, F., Ol., U>c 
volatile oil. Uonc n\,ii-r. 

Fce'tal. P<rriaining to the fcrttw. 
rFd'iiclde ^/ittui, unUm oAipring, eada, 
to kill). Th«'kiUi:igor the ((Xtva in the 
womb by intent. 

Fci'tid t A'''*' to beonne putrid). Hav- 

J a but odor. 
^OB'tua (J^afui, cfti|wingj. The product 
' eonccpuod rrvtn tlic khuOi nxinth of 
bitni-utenne life to drlivt-n*. Ufirn uxed 
of the wluile jicriod of intra .ntcniir life. 
F., Aliltudeof. the ^k^ form and direc- 
tion of the trtink and the poHtion of the 
limbt ill nrlalion to it. F., Papyraceous. 
a Tdatncd dead forius muminilicd and 
comprr^iM-d. P., Presentation of. Sec 
[fold. A term applied to the pUcvition or 
doubl log together of Tii[iou» paiia of lh« 
body. P., Recto-vaginal, the Ibid of 
(he peritoneum dciundini; in (hrnt of (be 
rcciuuL (Called iu the D>ale ihc rr<«o- 

FoUe k deax (Fr.). See huamUy, OtM- 

'ol'lfcle (dim. tSfoUit, a pair of bcllom), 
anatonnr a rery nmnll tecretory eatriiy 
or nc. as the follicle»of Ucl«rkUhn, P., 
Oraafian.tbr small vr»ini!arl»^tiet ID the 
cetiical Uyer of ihr o»arf, comtiKing of 
flatlened granular cells wHb oval nodci 
an^l mrmbrana propria, each aUait j^r^ 
inch in diaoieter, F., Sebaceous, the 
Mcs lyinc within (be ihin whkh secrete 
the oily fluid with which the ikia t5 soft- 

FolUc'ulose {_Mlu\ Full of foltiden 
I lAving the appc-snince of folliolrs. 

Fomcnta^tion \^f<-mfHiumx\. lliv sppli- 
ciuion c^ clo(h> »cak<.-d in hot medicinal 
lolittiona, lo nnlucc inlUunmaUon or oJlay 
pain. Alio, the application of bM dry 
cloths. Abo. the decoction apfJied. 

Pons Pulsati'lis. See FentntulU. 

Ponta'na** Markings. Delicate tntcro- 
scopk innSTCTse foUto of Dervc filnrta, lo 
which b due their Doo-rctmctioo when 

Poittana's Spaces. Tho*c between the 
jnoceuei of •tlie %aiDeiiuua pectioatuai 

Fonianelle' (dim. of/iwAina, a qxing, 
Inxn the sfipearanoe aiul feeling). The 
membranous ipaces of the inAint't licsd, 
fiiooD delayed OMiAcntiuo of die Cranial 
bones. F.,Antefior, tliat M the point uT 
union of the fovnl al, oaggiial and coronal 
suture*. Sec alio firtgma. P., Poa> 
terior, that al Ibc point of juiK-iitjn of the 
apex of the Urnhdoidol sagittal niturei. 

Food (Sox. /eiia\. Anythme uacd Ii3r the 
nourishment or farmation of tixmc. The 
suhitaacoordinari)}' cmpbmdaialinenlA. 
Foods, laodynamic. Innae pvuducing 
an c^usl amcnnt of heal. P., Plastic, pn>- 
trid». P., Respimtory. fats and cartw' 
hydrales. (The nonenclatuiv of the two 
lut rests npoQ sn CTToncons theory.) 

Foot (Sax /a/), The orean oi the ex- 
ircroity of tor l«g ; one U ihc organs of 
looomotioa. In Imians and qnodntiiana it 
eonuOs of the Isrscbk mHatorsua, and ph«- 
laagcE, or toe«. F. Clonus. See Ottmi. 

Fora'men {/•if&.to pierce), A |«.vuigroc 
opening. F. CJccuin, the Mind pavuige 
at the tvM of I he tpine of the frontal Uxie. 
Applied aI«o to other cnoil foramina. 
F. of Magendic, ftH'-'praiRg in the inferior 
boundary of the fowth ventricle. P. 
Magnum. Thai in ihc occipital l<me 
ConitDunic Sling with the tprnal canal. P. 
of Monro, an opening undci the arch of 
the foraix. P. Ovale, nn oprning be- 
tween tbe auricles cf the ftrtal heart. P. 
of Winslow, ihe spcnure iliM eAicndt 
between the lar^^e Mr of llx- onicniun 
aiul the caiky of the al tloiom. 

Force (/wft'i, suong). That which pro- 
duce* or arreult molion. 

For'ceps {f^<f^, a \mx of toogv). An 
in>tmnieat whh two blades and handles 
fjr punHi»es of seiitDg, (lactioa, fit., in 
surgical, oltsletrical, and <i4heT oprrationt. 
F., Angular, fon»rpe bcM for inKrlicn into 
F., Arterial, specially , 




Ibr seizing on nury ; muny vannus are 
ntlM-l lifter inventon. P., Bone, ex- 

flepUoMlly smng, (ur ute hi oix-mioiu 
upon bones. F., Bullet, of [Kculior am- 
EOruciiciD, locxlracl l^illds. F., Canula, 
tongt slender fntccvw cucIokxI in a luU;, 
that open liy pncriniding Ihc tilnd<-:i. K., 
Craniotomy; llie halvn ore cnsM-tl uid 
adapted to (rtnbr>'MD]n)'. F., Decitid, 
adapted for cilractiim o( liirlh. F„ Kc- 
tropion, a(lii|i(«l Tor Kci.-iii); the hd m rC' 
tnipioD operaiions. F., Gou^e. culling 
fancp* for cipcrjiKin.i iijmn lionc. F., Iri- 
dectomy, i1rli(;ali: forcr|i4 (tir lejving the 
iria. P., MiiJ\vifery. or MiMri^, for 
seizing thr fd-tnl lircut ill IaIjot and \if 
traction aiding ib< exit ; a great numlwrol 

Pofc'ible. Wilh force or power. P. E«- 
tenaion. Sec ExtauwH. 

For'ciprcsBure \fi»et. and frtster, to 
Bi|i)cr/e). The iirmi of n Riinor luemor- 
tnaee by pressing! the end of tfae dirided 
vcMcl with a pair n( spring torcepK. th>c 
[ve^surc '•eii'K conlinatH (ur J4-J'> hour*. 

Fore-arm. 'Hiit pan of the sm bclwecn 
(he irrisi and Ibr cllx>w. 

Fore-bratn. 'ilic nntrnot ti the encepha- 
lic wBicles int« wUidi tlie primiwy nerve- 
sysicm cf (he emliryo divides at an early 

Pore-gut. Tlic cavity it) the nuacd cephalic 
end of ihc tmbryo, called also Head- 

FoTC'head. ]>art of the face between 
ttic orlilts of the cyn. the hair above, and 
the tcnipli^ at ihtr side*. 

Por'eign Bod'y. A <nl»tai]cc in a wonnd 
or cnvily acting ii« nn irritant. 

Foren'aic (/.i/-i-nni, iwlonging to Ihp 
forum). Pertaitting to acourt <H law. In 
meiiicin**, that imrt of the sdenre con- 
Dccied with jinliciol tiKtuiry. Alto, medi- 
cal jHrisprudcnce. 

Forc'skin. I'lir prrpiice. 

Forma'tio Retkula^rii (Lnt). The io- 
lercro»«ng of the fibers ■& Die medulla. 

Form'alive Cells. I>«rgc •fih«ntal, re- 
Iraclive cells l^cneaLh the Ijypoblast. 

Formica'tion {^fifnni-i. an ani). A M-nso- 
lion like ihal pnxluwd l>r luiU or other 
iDM.'eU CMwline upon the skm. 

Porm'tila (dim. of /fww, a form). A pre- 
scribed melliod. in pliamuury, a li« of 
the names and recpcctivc qu)uiiiti»of sul>- 
iLincr* cnlcring into a corn|)iUilifln. In 
chcmhtry, a method of rcprcikentin(> the 
gnvtmetrie stnicturc of a conijiounil by 
qiobols. P., Constitutional, one that 

■howa .<itnicliiR and ptfoponionMe 
altiun of it!> oomptjncnl yaiM. P., Bto- 
pirical, that vlwcni^ (be conslkutiun of a 
budy ^titboat shuwii^ bow the molecules 
are gTati)ied. P., Oraphic. Ssunc ax 
Cmi/ifu/ic/iii/. P., Ratumal. Some at 


Poi'nix i /i'PTiiijr, an arch). The trvanguhir 
lamina of Uk white subsunce of the Lrain, 
eiicnding inin the lateral ventncle:t and 
arching Jowriward. 

PoniAGs'tlon Spect'rum. A lenn ucd 
of the appearance of a peculiar tuhjcclive 
vianal •enaolion in micninc . 'I*be Ituntnowt 
khnpe of it> outer et%c ii>nuiie> a ligoig 
form, with nnglea like a fnnilicalion. 

Poa'aa {fona, a dilch ]. .'V drpreuion, fur- 
row or uniL*. P., CAitine, the dl^p^eMioo 
on thr exIcTTud nutfncc of llie f-iiprrior 
tnaaillary Umc, forming the origin if the 
tevatt*' ongHii oris and (Vmpretwr itaii 
muK\ai. P., Cranial, any (oata of the 
d>u3l. F., Iliac, the Miiooth intcnal air- 
fare of thr ihutn. F., Lachtymalis, the 
di-prcninn in ihr frrmlal Ijow (or llw rpccp- 
tivD of itie iBchrytad gland. F., NoBUt 
the nostriU. See .Vnsaf /-'tuitr. P., 
Navtcularis, a foAM within the prai^ 
formed l)y a dilatilion in the tjxHigjr par- 
lion oif i:hr urrthral piu&;)^. 

Foaactie' (I-'r }, A dimple or lou]) d»- 

Fourchclte' (Fr. a Ibrkl. A fold of ma. 
c>>iis mTnt.vjne at ihe junction of ibe 
IiiJira mnjota. 

Fovc'a 1 /I'l-rt. a small pit) A[^tied to 
Euany depressions in the bgdynr iisorssii», 
but more particolarly lo lhc/.iva centratu 
ttti'iit. a little |dt in ihc tHmula htlfa op- 
posile the vistial aiis, the spot of dUtinet- 
«-t vision, whirtc the rrtinoJ cones are 
)iiii<!SL'il (f:>i;e(hi;r aiMl the rub and some 
other p;iTtJi are absent 

Fowl'er's Method. Sec ['rta. 

FowKcr's Solution. See .-f ri/wn*. 

Fox-glovc, fee Digitalis. 

Frac'lional Cultiva'iion, The isolutiati 
of une v.irieiy of micrvj«)riiaiii*ni from a 
mixture of wvcnU in order to stndy or cul- 
tivate it. This is done hy atti-niulion of 
the riiediwn so that a drop will prol«l>[y 
contain hut one omniBm. Distilled water 
wai first nsfd aa Ihe attcttuntiiiK mediuni, 
hxA gifblniirrd media are now lucd. Bre- 
ield attd NlK^li auggesud the |<rocedui«, 
and IJ<.ter ifcilnted the first microbe, ihe 
tiwitlui laftintt of Cuhn. 

Frac'lure ( frani^p, to lircak). The hratlc> 
■Dg of a hone, eilher by cstemil lorn, or 




hy die action or the nuudei of Ibe boij. 
Ap^ikii alM) to tbe breakiDg tit m oulilngr. 
P,, Buton'a, M'Kjat, of tbe lower md 
of ndhu, bciEittolnc m (be ojiicuUttDg mt- 
tixe. F.'Bed. a dcnhle inclined plonc 
fui fnclunrft ol the hna. P., CapillBry, 
ooosisliDK of onlj- a nae crack or fiimire. 
P., Comminuted, wtih »haticring of ihe 
buK-. P.. Colics', one of Itin-n ciid of 
ndius with (li>placeDient bacLwud. P.. 
Complete, tntiit'ly through ihi; Umr P.. 
Complicxlc<l, whh injury to adjacent 
IMfts. P., Compound, with conunMiti- 
ntifig wijund of ihritkiit. P., Depresacd, 
with depnrwiiTi oi ibv fractnrEd |s/1 Ix- 
low the imnnal level, as in fracture of the 
aknll. P., Double, nrir l>i«u- n fnKliirr*! 
in two places. P.. Dupuyticn's, frnc- 
inre of the fibula with tvlnction and di»- 
idacancnt outward, and with larniaHori of 
ihe ligammU of llic focA. P., Epiphy- 
sckl, with separation of Ihf rpiphy-js of a 
bonr. P., Grccnatick, one tidr of (h« 
boae islnoken. the otber )-ciit. P.. Im- 
pacted, with forcihif (oniprrs^ion of ihc 
parix into each oibcT P., Pott's, saiiw 
Nt DuiHiytren't, without Lactniion of 
Ibe inlrrkiT tiliio-tiluloi ligainrnta. P., 
Simple, wjlhniit nijiturr rk ihr skin or 
BKicoas innnbrBne. P., Spontaneous, 
wiih but a (tight force to couK il, u in 
diieaite* of Ihtr Ixuie. 

Fnr'num (Lat., a ctub). A UganeM, 
fold of utte^nmi-ni, or other part which 
checks ur liniitit tlie n>oi-irinrnt of any 
or^an, as P. Labiorum, the fourchctic or 
lower cocnmi^Mlre of tiur At&ia pmimdi. 
P. LinguK.thc bridle of the tcogue. 

Fra^l'itaa \\a\\ DritilaieM. In {^by- 
sinlngy, a wan) of flcxit« stmi([lh. P. 
Cri'n'um, a brnikocsa of tbe b^, which 
breaks or splits. P. Ossium. See 
^ FragTDcnla'tion {/ragmeniuin, a piece). 
Tl>e suMiviBicn into fnit(mi.-nts. F. of 
Calculi. Spontaneous, ihe eitoltaiioa 
and bmkine up of a calculus by the action 
of the utic acid or other morbid product* 
in tbe Ma'lder. 

Framb<B'sia. Yaws, Plan. Amboyna Ilnt- 
loo, Puangi, Coco, Eodciuic Verru^s. 
A contagions diwftsc of tbe tkin cfaaracter- 
ivol liy diny or bright nd tasfihCTTy-tikc 
luhcrcles ; approrinK usually on the face, 
tors and genital orgxn. 

Fian^'la. nuckthom. TWc bark (one 
yrnr old) of RA.ii»nni /•'., or aklcr taick- 
tbom. Krr^h Imik a violent irriuail t old 
barit a ncm-irriiant puisatirc mndi UMd in 

con^lNition of pregnancy. F., Ext. Fid. 
I h»<: 5 i*-ij. 

Pr&nk^ncense. A tianM: giveo lo a va- 
riety of r»inau» oiuaatic aulaiaooet, rspe- 
Cinlly the exudalion of Atift fAitUii. 

Frank'lin Spec'taclea. .Sw fiiJottU. 

Pra'aerin. ^cc Amtritan Coiumio. 

FrecTiles. Sec /.rm/fx-. 

Freea'ing. The congelation of Squids, 
e*|)eciall}- of water. P. Fluids. lt<|uid 
preparations, KjTUpy or giunmy in con- 
MKlence, witli borar mtkI, in which tinoo 
specimens ore immencd prkr lo frce/ii))( 
and wctioo-cuitine. F. Machine, an 
appanuus for nududng iiitcni« cold by the 
evnpcvalion of condensed gnscs. F. Mi- 
crotome, a inicrM>«De ailnchrd lo a am- 
tnvoncc for fTrczin^ ortilkialty the lisnc 
to be MCtionired. Used with veiv aolt 
(isAuei. P. Mixture, a mislutv of nils 
which in undcn^c Eolation abcorb beat. 

Prem'iraa (I<ai., a mumiir). A IrcEOM 
caiun.1 by tbe xjmfxathetic «tl«atiun of 
the body in ctxuoDaacc with seme otiwr 
vibraltng body. Also a mnnniiring 

Pri'ftble (Jh'p, to nib). Easily btokoi or 

Pri'ar's Bal'aam. Se« Btnanin. 

Fric'tion (y>/Vif, to rub). Tbe act of rub. 
bing. The process, in medicine, called 
sliampooiug. Also tbe inunction of a 
medic ioal mbstance tiy mlibtng. P. 
Sotmd. tbe wund observed in ausculta- 
tion, cautcd by ^ ruMnng of ad>ac«Bt 

Fried'reich's D i s « a i c . Hcnditory 
Ataxia, ur Hereditary Ataxic IWaplrgiai 
depeiulini: on corabiaed postoiot and lal- 
cral idcrc&ii of the cord, ditfcring from 
tabes and anuic paraplegia in the raily 
•me, hereditary oatorc aiid khuc otber 

Prigorif'ic ifriff*', ooMfTbcM, to nah»). 
That which produces exUvmc cold. 

Fringe-tree. The bark of the root of 
CAiiHiiintkui Vtrgimta. A mttd diuretic, 
aperient and reputed shoailvc. Dow of 
ftd. c\l. g ss-j. Unof- 

Fro'mann's Lines, iiilvcr nilmte iiain- 
ings of the axis-cylindeis of nerves at ibeic. 

Front* al {/rtm). Pertoiiung lo the oa- 
lerior part or aspect of an otyaa or body. 
P. Bone, the onlcriM' boneof the skull and 
Kiwrior of the (ace. P. Sinuses, tbe 
ravitie&. one urei each orbit, of the fronial 

Pronto- (/rmi). A pnfu denoting ao- 
tetior pcailiaa. 




Fraat-bite. Tiijnr^ to tht skin ot a piul 
(r\xn eiuviue «>IiJ, mtilting in InflKiiuiu- 
uon and gmagnnc. 

FfOSt>woit. Sec HtU-iHlhemum. 

Fructifica'tton [/'nutit'. fruit. /».>i', to 
aiake). 'ITic fL-rawuion and deYclmHncni of 
the Kcd or fiuil of a plaut. Af^ed alio 
tOuiiainJ n;prod<ictioii. 

Frugiv'oroua i^/'us. fruit, twVj lo de- 
vour), Kntil-«aiin){. 

FriUiIingskaiaiTh. Sec t'tma! Cci*Jnm- 

Fruit [/nttita). The developed ovary of 
» plaDi.uid e«pcciall>' tlic- »ucculimi, Ilci>hy 
puis giaihcml abonc the sonic. Also an- 
plied Co iht: offtpHiv of animak. P. 
Sugar. Sc« ^V**^- 

Fuch'ain. Kmeln. Majtrala, Eodn, AnJ- 
Un« K«d. Tile hyilrocliloride of toaaiulio, 
a luMtoiu, creen, crystalline sail Imputliig 
an itiLeiuc ml to »alutioaa. In lacxe doKi 
producn violent emeiis and pui)[iii2. In- 
jeded into a vein canaes staggering and 
tivmUiufC. Very cil'icicnt id redadng nl- 
binntiiDria. IXne |>r. ^'iv. 

Fu'cus Vcaiculo'BUS. Bladder-wTack, 
Sea-wnck. A marine al)^ olninitaitl on 
the seashore. Alieniiii-e aiu! tmiic. Em- 
planed in ^o\m and glandular enlaigc- 
inenL*^. but mainly as an cmfuric remedy 
lor the absorption oT fatty ussue in obesity. 
An cxini:t iat such puqwac is sold under 
the iiaToe of aiiti-fiil. Uncif. 

Furminate (yii/<N^n,lt)>htniQK). A com- 
pound of folminic acid with a base, usually 
silvci, tpild u( mcTCury: cbaiadcrued by 
highly explosive qualities. 

Fumiga'tion(/i(Mt'jf.f,u>imoke). Disin- 
CKtioii t'y(:\)iuiuretolliL'fiuneaof avaptii- 
iicd diviiifectaiit. 

Func'tiotn/«*^fr".ioperfotwiV Tlic oor- 
Dul or special aclion of a tisMie, orj;iui oi 
part of (iic l<ody. 

Func'tionol {fiaif^r). Pertaininft to the 
■prcial action of an orfian, whetlier jihysio- 
logkal or pailioloeical. 

Fund'«ment (/MJt(/.<.toheat tLelnttoin). 
Thi- rotinilniion or Imuc of a (hin|;. Also 
I he aitiu. 

Fiind'us {/uHdHS. the boRoni). The l«je 

* of >n organ. F. Olanda, mkriwcopic 
■ulwlar gland* of the caniiac ^miion of the 
giMric mucoas inrmt)niM>. F. Oculi. the 
poMerior aiul inlcnor |sirtian of (lie eye 
■een by the ophiUalmoMope, oomprising 
chletif the KUna, pa|HlIa, relinAl rcsids, 

Pun'gUbnB (/r>!(irKr.ainu&bioom). Hav- 
ing tne fonn of a mnshrooni. F. PapU- 

iM. eleTolioos over the rakldle and froot i 
piLri of the tongue. 

Fun'gus {/ititgw). An order of ^autft| 
withoul Menu, teavea or toata. oaoeiaiBa 
o\ juxiapoMid cdlk, without diloropb^ 
They reproduce b)' ipuies. The chieT 
cla^scA are the ifymtHetHyrfUi, BasiJittmy- 
tftrs, Aiiomyttits^ aiicl Oamyt-elti. P. of 
the Dura Mater, a tumor of die «ltulU uf 
mnlii^nanl natuie, ongmatiog in ibe layers 
of p>ical crIU. F. of Brain, hcraia 
cen:1>ri. P. HKiuatodes, a bleeding 

Fun'gua Foot. Mnd-ura Fool, MjKcto- 
ma. Ulcus Uravc. An endemic di*ca>e 
of Indin atfrcling tlir foM or ibe hand, 
accconjnnipd by tnainmillaleti puituleA, in 
each of which Ls a dvep-M-nied tinus. It u 
rwu- thought ihitt the prraenceof for^OKl 
growtlu is au iaudciital feature and ool k 

Fu'nic ( fumii, a rofie). E'eitoioing to the 

Punic'ulus (dim. of /uiis). Tht sper- 
matic ct ihe umhilKal cord. 

Pu''nis. -See Um6iJuia. 

Fun'nel (Old Fr /W). A wide-moalhed,. 
ctmical veswl ending in n lube, devgaed I 
kK the speedy and safe tnutsfioiudoB «f 
liquids ^ora one vc:4cl to anolber. AIa»'' 
lued aj a support for paper fdlers. 

Furfura'ceoua {/wfur, hrani. Rescm- 
blingbiaii. Ap[^icd iiUo to diuidrilT-covcred 

Fu'ror Uieri'nus. See dVjmf'iamania. 

Purred (Old Fr. fifne, a iheiUli). A 
coating of gnitiuljir or cpilbclial scalea and 
otlicr nutter upon ihc timsne. 

Pur'rowf ^Sax. y4*rA). A fcnxnre co- trench. 
P., Genital, a gToo^'e u; the Wolffian 
body, appealing Saoat the sixth week cf 

Fur\]n'culouB {/ifr-Mitnf/uf.atniM- Pe^ 
taiiiin^ \a the cotiLinwius productioa ct 

Punin''culua ( A U^. A loc^ 
iutlammatury anbction, cuinmoidy invest- 
iikjj a Bkin-gluul or haii-Mlicle, ending 
in necrcMiii nnd centnd suMxiratirin of 
adjacent porii. It bi^giiu with n [MUtiful 
iiulumtion, followed by a swelling. tl>ai 
finally mtppuraics and slon^ia the " core." 
P.Ortentalls. Oriental BuU.Alqipolkul, 
Delhi ik>il, Kiscarx Buiigii, C^iisa Uuttoti, 
Kandahar Sore, f'cnrijch Sore, Natal Sure. 
A local djseaie, marked by the kucce*»i(C 
lomvttion of ]»|>u1r, (ii>>eTcfe, scab, and 
sharply drcumscriU-d ulcer, on the bee, 
especially the check:i and angle of the 




CoTnmon along ihe tlxxcs of the 
iBdhemnatn Sea. 
Pu'mI OU. Sec Ali-aioJ. 
Pu^Klblc (/wM. iBcl(«d), That wttkb 
aa be easily fiv«d ot todted. 
Pu'aifbnn {/uttu, a spindte). Sfitadlc- 

Fa'skui(/ii<b/i». lopcnroal). Thr pronaa 
of liqacfytng a «>)id Vrf the ajpnc)' of beat 

tioQ. F-, Electric, ui nfiplicatioo o( cl«c- 
tikity in which the sai^tcr of tfa« body 
is rapidty ta|^-<j mith tbr electrode* «f an 
induced current. 

Q. Abbcwitttion of j^tmrnr. 

Gal. Abbreviolion of ga/J«m. 

Or. Ablirr'riiitian of grain. 

Cit. Alibrevijiiuo of gut/a or gutta. 

Gad-fly (^W, a good). A drpierosM iiued 
bctmiKtiifE to tbc venus TahttuHi. Also, up- 
plied to iliei of lAe ecnui- CEitni. 

Gad'inine Ijmtn OaJui caJiariai, had- 
dock). A ptonalne oUUiiied from dccont- 
pttlnK haddock, — aho Ikmb culturO' of ibe 
MclCTia of human txcts.. I( ixt.i a.i n ite- 
tUnl ixiiion whtrn (pvcn in laigc dove*. 

Gad'uin I-Wdj. ilie eodtiah). A tity 
pnndpli' orcurnog in coit-lit-pr oil. 

Qaert'ner, Ducta of. Krnmim of ihe 
WolHiui Iwdie* pcnatiag in certain aoi- 

Oaf'aa Button. See pHmmttlm Orim- 

Gag tMid. Eng. gaggm.tova^cxatK'). An 

hmrumeot pla(.«d uciwecn ihc tnth to 

prercni ibc cloAtng of the jaw*. 
Qalac'tago^e(}aiid,tiiill(, ii}fl,lo bring), 

An ngrnt llint inai:atrs Uk KcreUon of 

milk in tbc l:rejut. 
Oalac'tia (TiJaV The family or claw of 

dlHAMS. according lu (ivod's Noaoloey, 

ctntvnring defective or abDonnal secrttiui 

of milk. 
_^Oal«Ct«eIe(/'»Xo.ioBXT.tuinor). Acystic 

bimor of the fcnuile hrcail owing *a (be 

ctnaurc of the milk duct. 
Galactom'Gter. See Laftimetfr. 
Galactoph''agUS (>aM, ^>w. to eat). 

Milk editing. 
Galaciopb'orous (>«iAa, ^ofiru, to bear). 

Milk-beanng. O. Ducts, tbc cxcretofy 

dnel* of the tniunnue. 
Galactopb'orua. An aitificiai nipfite 

placed over the natural organ in otder to 

bcilitate sticUiof; and also lo protect Uw 
natural nipple wben abraded. 

Qalaclo-pbllii'sia {'J'oiua, ft^iTie, enn- 
sumpUon). EmaciatKii and dctnltl^ due 
to eucMtve iccrelion of milk. 

Oalaclopby'goua {yo^i ^/^"t to flee). 
Having (he power In roduoe or anal me 
icrrHinn of niilk. 

Qalactopoiet'ic [ynia, wtu, (o make). 
A term applied to agents or remedies ibal 
induce ibc locretion of milk. 

Oalaciopo'aia (7**i>n, ttii«>, to drink). 
" Milk-enre." TIm trealmeni of dueucs 
hjr Ihe w of milk diet. 

Oalactorrhe'a {yniv, fnu, to Flow). An 
exoesMve secretion and flow of miik in a 
nuniog- woman. 

Galact'oscope. Sc« Lartetftff. 

GaUcI'oac (}a^). A carlohydraie ob- 
tainnl !iy tiotjiiig lactcne wiih diliirir min- 
eml acids. It crystalliio, it very ferment- 
able, and ha» Ibe rtsactkat of glucosf. 

Qal«ctolfaer'ap«lhy \^>ia>.a, Otpattt*, 
iRatmcnt). "Wx tnatmcDt of diwaM in 
suckliiif; mCanl-s by the adminislnuion <£ 
the ren>cdies to tlie moibrr or wet-niinie. 

Qalbft'Dtmi. A gum tcsn of ferula gal- 
Mtmrni, nali^v lo Aua. lutnectoranf, 
tliiniilant and antispasmodic. UMful in 
chronic bronchitis and catarrh. Dose gr. 
x-xx. G. Pil. Comp. Sec AMfaliJa. 
O. Emplastrum, gallfutum f6. turpen- 
tine 3. Burgundy pilch 6, lead pUstcr 76 

Qa'lium Apar'in^. CJockt f 'raw- A DK- 
culent plant, the juke of which u a pcfin- 
Ur remiMly in strumotis allcctiooi. Uoae 
of ihe juice ^v. Unof. 

Gall (x^it, UlcV 'I1» Ixle. The ftiice 
normally itecreced b)- the liver. G- Bind- 




d«r, ibe pear-shaped sac in tbc rigbl tot* 
o( the lirer, coiurnuiiog the nsemir (or 
the bite. O. Stones, the colcueoUGOn- 
cmiouh occuioiutlly fanned ia the gall- 
bladder and iu duct^. 

Oal'U (L-aL). Nuvgali. Ancscmcence 
oo the luTts of ifet'A oak, Qturrm liui- 
tanica, cauxd by the deposited ova of an 
insecL Cuntahia uunic acid from 10-75 
pCT cent., galUc acid 5 per cent. G.> 
Tinct., ao pCT criil. Dene Jw-iij. G. 
UnGuealum, 10 per cart, Sm AtuI, 

Gal'lic ii^aili, ui eak-Kill). Pcttuioiiig 
to the uil (!>" ''f ■'"'S^'''- G.Acid. Sg« 

Gal'loQ. A sUiidard uiul of volumetric 
mc&surcineni, tiarlng ui the United States 
a capacity of 2jt cu. in., and «quiviilertt 
to a weigbt of 58,588.8 gfjuns of dihiillml 
vatcr at nuuimum deruiiy. In Great 
Britain its capacity is 277 27 cu. ia. 

Oaltoa's Whistle. .\a iujilninieal (or 
lesdBg ihe audibility (A shrill notes. 

G*Ivan'lc (Gah^tti, &a Italtuu physician 
and scientirtV Penainiiig to |{'>'vanic or 
chemical cLcciHcilj. G. Battery. See 
Batttry. G. Belt, a hell compcucd of 
ulieraate pktes of copver aiid /Jnt w^ia- 
rated bf jrfeoes of felt iiioijicn^>l with 
diluli? BCkI. Desif^ncd to be uuiii uiuiukI 
the waiw. G, Cautery. See i'au'try. 

OalvanUa'tion. The transmiuion of a 
cuircul of loMf ciccliv- motive forvc tliruugh 
any pan of ihe body, fix the purpose of 
diagnosUeaii^ or curing diMose. 

Oalvan'o- t^Gahiami), A prefix dcitming 
oonneciiijn with chemical uir current dec- 
Innty. G. -cautery. See CuiUry. Q.- 
puncture, the inuoduciiim iif liiie ii'cedlts, 
that coioplele an electric circuit, into the 
skin or other ti.-uue. AI.V) a form of 
galvano-cauiery einployir^ a current uf 
the neccwory electro mati\-e force to heat 
the neeiJlc to w hi tenon. 

GaIvanoin''eier (lurrpm-.a ovcaMvc), An 
instruiaent wed for the qualitative deter- 
mlDBtion of the pmenoe of on electric 

Gunboc«'. See Camifgta. 

Oang'Ufenn [gaHg/nit and frrma, a 
fonn). PociipaI Idte, or bavio); the nature 
cf, a (;ao(;lion. 

Ooog'lion {ya.-)y>Mv, a knoty A xep*' 
rate and semi iudepeiideat ncrrvtu center 
CommunicaUng with other ganglia or 
nerrcs, with the central netvoua sytlem and 
perifihcral o(]^sns. Uted also of an en- 
Ivpd bona in connection with a tendon. 

Ganglia. Basal, the K-'UwIia at the \m» 
of Ihc brain, comprising )M COfpus airia- 
lum (eatviUtr and lenticular nuckos), optic 
ibalamukandLorponiquadrigeiiiina. Bid- 
der'* Ganglia, two ^uiglia at the anrica- 
Ur groove of the frog's heart. .An alpha- 
betical table is appended of tbc principal 
ganglia, showing theit locatiotk, rooL% oimJ 
ditiriiwicm (si^c p. 169). 

Gongnc'na Oris. Sec SlomatUit. 

Gan'gTcnel}^>7pa(iMi,a sotc, bom jfMutw. 
lo gnaw). Mottificalion or death of n part 
of itic body from fsJIure in nutrition. Ttx 
piilrefoclivc fernn-ntilicin of a dtiwl limb or 
lis&uc. O., Constitutional, thai Hepi-nitcnt 
iRMo qntcnuc di»cBSc, such at dislKici, ce 
Circulatory dihcaw:. G., Dry, shriveling 
and de&iccuioD horn insufficiency of blood. 
G., Bmbolic, ciiuinl liy- an embolus tfa*t 
cut* off (he ituj-plj of bld'd. O., Hew- 
pllal, a conto^oas fonn arising n crowdsd 
cimdiiKiitt withuut ouliaeptic precantioas. 
G., Moist, with abundance of serous 
exudation and rapid decomposition. G., 
Primary, without preceding ioflapimalion 
of the part. O., Secondary, with pre- 
ceding inllammaiion. G., Senile, that 
altackinj; the citrcmitii^ of the XKed. G., 
Symmetric, aitockiii); c<>rm(xinding jiarts 
of oppiuite ^dci. Called,, Xaynamd't 
G. Sec, al«), SMiiir/oiUrm*. 

Gan'grenous. PettaiiuDg to orbdagof 
the ivsiurc of mngrene. 

Gapa, Cra'niiU. Ccriain uccwiiunal con- 
genital fiuures of the skull. 

Garb'age. The refuie materials of kitch- 
en*, cookery, f/r. 

Gar'gle (Aim. of far^a, the tlircet). To 
dnse or wash the inicricw of the ihrooi and 
upper part of the pharynx. .Msv, a wash 
lor the throat. 

Garlic. H« Allittm. 

Gar'roi ( Fr. garvlter, to Uody An in- 
itruxneni for compression of an aitery 
tiy twilling a circular bandage about the 

Garru^ty. Sec IWf«. 

Gar'rya, Califoniia fcvrrlmsb. TIic leave* 
of (f. i-rtnKHtii. A UttCT antiperiudic, 
popular on the Pacific coa^ as a rcntM^ 
m malarial diseaies. DoMof (he fid. exl, 
n\,x-xxx. Unof. 

Gas (Dutch, gtrsf. a ghosi). Any s(d»> 
stance whicb \t normally aeriform. S«l»- 
stances (loraully in a h()uid or solid slate 
are UMinlly caltinl vtifcri when rhangcd to 
on aCttfurtn L'uiulilinn. 

Oas'^eirs Clamp. An instnuncnl fcr 
conpreaion of the heart so that the pulsar 



^B Namk. 



DKraiatmrtM. ^^^| 

^H AbdontiaaJ. 

"See &■» AMMr. 


^^M AndcTMb (Petroui 
^^H or Iiiferiot). 

Petrous Po r 1 1 AD 


NwvMMauaorSkvlI. ^H 

^1 ArnoM. 

,S#e O/i*. 


8«i«Mta Ar«b of 

Cardiac Pinna. 

Cardiac Plcxna. ^^^H 

^1 Carotid. 

Carotid Arterr. 

Durotid Ploras. 

Carotid Plexus. ^^1 

H Owvjcal Oatiriw}. 

La*l Cervical Ver- 

n)iaDd8ibCe(vical,Uid'[CaxdiacNcr*caandneuM,afc ^^H 
dbeCcTvkai. ^^1 

^^^V C«nicatlMI(bUe<rr 
^^H Tkndidt. 

Opp. 5ih Cervical 


Cervical aad Splaal Cavmiuus PI«>ib, l,arytiK««l, ^^^| 
Ntfvcs and GanKlia- { Canttne. fit. ^^H 

^1 C«r«ica>|Sw[ielor}. 

Ojip. x) ao d (d Cer- 
vical Vctleinv. 

Cervical. Pctroaal. Pncu- 
mecanrlc, HypQcIc*- 

Sup., iBf.. Eiu I»l> BraKbea ^^H 
CaiotUI and Cavcmoua Pies- ^^^H 

^1 CUltry- 

Sttn OpUkaanit. 


^H DiapbragBatic. 

Unitcr Sarfocc Oia- 

Pbrcnk Pleatn- 

lot Vena Cava. Supra-mwl ^^^| 

^1 GaiMTiaa. 

Pclr<n>« Porllott 
Tnnporal kosa. 


Ophilialaiic, Sair. Maaillaiy ^^H 
and Inf. Maailtery. ^^H 

^M Jtwtdar (or Sope- 

Jngular Foramen. 


Continualltm of HyymtTijaial. ^^^| 

^H LcBtlcBlir. 

B«c Ofhthaimtt. 


^B Meckel. 


^^^B OmiibaliBic. 

Bock «r Orbit. 

OpMhalmk of ibe FIlUi. 

Third, Syni]ialb«llc. 

Sben aitafT' ^^| 

^ fMtlAnKM). 

Fonunen Ovale. 

Inf. Maiillnrv, Int. Ple«>"- 
Koi'l, AutKitIo- Tempo- 
ral, Syin|ialhetic, 
ClMao-Pbarynccat, Fa- 

Tcnaur Tympanl. Tciaor Tw ^^^M 
Intl. Cbofda TynpanL ^^H 

H Uw. 

Ant. ComraanlcM- 
ins ArlcfT. 

Conla of Syrniialhclic. 

Cordaof Syfiipailtdk. ^^H 


Sn C4Ufnaw. 


^^^^ SeMilanar-T. 

fnM of Crura oT 


Solar Pksua. 

Solar PteaiM. ^^H 

^H £|4i«no-Palalltw. 

9phetio- maxillary 

Slip. MaxllUry, Facial, 

AKvadtncfOrblil DcacMMtlHf ^^H 
(PaUtei, lM«f nal • Nuac). Po»- ^^H 
lerior (rbanrna). ^^^H 

^H SafanaxHiify. 

Above SMb-muD- 
lary Gbnd. 

GoMatory. Ctiordi Tyn- 
pant, Sgptnpatbetlc. 

Moatb and Submaxillary ^^| 

Gland. ^H 

^H Snpn-rcnal. >Innctmti of Gmli 
^H r Sptancbnic. 

Srolai Ploxua. 

5«i|ira-rcnal CajNutc ^^^^ 

^H lliirrold. Sm CfTvital <AlW- 






(ioQi of the auricles aii'l v«RtricW niij' tw 
■epwauly rvcutcred ; nscd in the Btady of 

Gasp {Ue. j^-iif, lo yavnV To iMcb 
for DTCsih. ToWcube e^nsmodkaUy with 
open oioutli. 

GasGC'riati. S« GaneiiM*. 

Gas'icTO- 'oaerttpxitK belly). Se« Gattiv. 

Oas'lral (>riarvp^ IVrtuninu tu (be 
siomnch or ulidoiMn. 

Gastral'eia (>iwrw>, 'i^}or, pain). I'am 
of Ifae iloiuftch. A mild iunn i> Mfoctimcs 
called giut'iniynia. 

Gastrectomy \^iotmip, mrafii), a coiling 
mil). Kcsccttoa uf the jjylonc cxlniuiljr 
of thr Komncfa, 

Oai'tric [yitttT^p). Vcnstin'ms to ibe 
tloaiKb. G. Digestion, thai pan uf tlic 
dveetion of food patoamA b>' the castrii- 
loicc: lfaccoa*u%ioo of albuiainoiu Txiatics 
iDlo peptonn. G. FiBtuIa, a (vrforauwi 
or communicatiun other than the nonnol 
oac, between die aioiuacb aud pentuiica] 
cavil]', or with the ouief jiart ol ihc Uxlf . 
G, FoUiclea. Km GlanJi, /'ffnu-. G. 
Juice, the Tinrmal secrelion of ibc tubular, 

X' : KltuJik of the »toniai.h. A clear, 
eaa liquid, baring an acid reaction 
conlatnini; ftoni -5 lo 2 |icr cinil uf solid 
nialtcr in w>Iuiio», A tiiull aoKnun of 
hydrochloric add .2 Ifi .4 per cent., and a 
fermrnt called /^fisin, arc Uic cueiilMl 

CAaxiVta(}a/Tr^p,iTic,inHanaaMXion). In- 
fUmmnlidu of the coali uf ilie stomach. 

Oas^tro- {yaoT'iv). A GreeV prefix denot- 
ing connection with or relation lo the 
Ntomach. Q. •colic, {lertainiiiK lo both 
the ftomach and the colon. Q.-coliils, 
concuTTenl inDunnutlion of the stomach 
and laiBC inlektine. O.-colpOtomy, t^le 
opcTslion of the Otsatean section in wliich 
thcu^Koitig is mode thrtmjjll the /I'nea alia 
imo tfie upper jjaii of lite vatjiua. G.- 
duodcnal, [K-rtaiiting to the Moraoch and 
dnoclcnum. G.-elytroiomy. See Oj.i- 
rf.iH O/vrntiiin G.-emeral|{ia, concur- 
rent {oia of the aUxnach and bowels. Q.- 
cnieric, pertaiiunit to botli tdomach aiid 
bowels. G. -enteritis, concurmil in- 
Aanunalion of stomach and bowels. O.- 
enteitMtomy, funnalitm of a fiidnlous 
conwctkia between [lie Mooiacfa and duo- 
denum la olstraction of the pylorus. G.- 
enlerotomy, in[»tinal irKuiuri ihiuu)(b 
the atxioailniu wall. G. -epiploic, |xt 
tainini; to stocnach and omcnium. C.- 
bystercctoioy. Sec Otitirran Ofriatiim. 
O.-byBttrotomy. Sec Cgiaivtm Offra- 

/intt. G. -stenosis, a stricture or 1 

conttaction of the nuBHch. 
Gas'lrocele {^iiantfi, ai>tr, hernia). A 

hernia of the uomncb. 
Gasdocnc'initts. Sec Atuttle. 
GasUodyn'ia ^j^umnn, odmr, pain). A 

mild pin of (he nooiacfa. Sev aUo Cm- 

Oaa'trolith {yaor^p, ?jAif. a rtooc}. A 

calrarcout fonnntion in ihe stomacb. 
Gastrot'ogy 0'x^'n'-^'>}'°C.B treatise). A 

Ireatiac oo the stumach and ib fmictioiis. 
GastfORiala'cia Ijncrvp, /M><uua. »ofken- 

infr>. An aliDomul softening of tbcstnic- 

lural tiaMie of the ^lollliu'h. 
OaatTop'alhy (;o«rrvf). roAi(, raftering) 

Any disease or dLwrdcr of the iloattdl. 
Caslrorrha'gia (.Murray, p^rtyif, to bicak 

(utthV Sec lUtHalfnitm, 
Gasuor'raphy (j»aT«p./ui^, Miturc). So- 

lorc of wounds of lite abdonunal wail dc 

Gaatrorrhoe'a (>TOTn;/i. (Vb, to flow), A 

'^S^^itaiit flow of giiAtric ntucua or Uijoid 

from tbc mouih. 
Gaat'roaeope()iitff'vr)t''iD"'u.*'> M^V An 

instnunent for viewtOB tlie iotnior of the 

Eiomach. C^nsblsesBcntiallyofatubcwiili 

iiicaiulescrnt elcdric U^ and reflecting 

GastroB'eopy. The bupectkm of tbc inte- 
rior of the suxnach by means of ihc ({astro- 
Gastto'ses (>affnj,'>). A general Icrm for 

dixMuf s of llic^ •bdumcD 01 of the Honiach 

Gastroa'lomy [^yaontp, am^a, noulb). 

The uiablialiing a Catulous opening into 

the suiHuch. 
Castrot'omy (}4ffnr/),n/fPw,tociit). Ind- 

siuii of the- mlilouicn or siooacb. 
GaBirox'ia(}(i('r;pp,oftir,acid). Alfionual 

nridily of Ihe cmitenu of the itonMCfa. 
Gasiru'la ()ii<r'r,yi). In Haeckel's claanl- 

bciuion, (In: larval fcnn of all annnali^ 

abcnre the /fw/<o.v>. 
Gatb'erlng. A popular nan>e liar aK 

puBtular iiUlaauiiatioas and su]<puratin^] 


Gaule's Experiment. See CyhnoStt. 
Gaulthe'na. Winicrcreen. Tcabeny, 

Methyl Snlicylale. 1 be leaves of winler< 

Kopertics due lo a volatile oil, thai it 
abo found in bluk birch aud scveralolber 
pUnlt. Stimuhiiii, Mtringent, and aiMipT^ 
retic. Uircd in rheunuiiMU and jEont, or 
where salii-) laic iurid IK iitdicated. G., 01., 
oil of wintcigrecn, much used as a Havor. 



Dateliliii-x. G.,Spl.. oJlof wiutergreco 

3, tkiJuil 97. 
Oause. See AiUueptic. 
Oavage''(Fr). Fornt] feedlnfE. Applied 

to the feedinf; of weak infants by the ud 

Uf BO (ir*0(lluijJCjl i«l>c. 

Gel'atinet;vA>,tocaii]tnl]. An nJUunlnoid 
«utnianL-c itf jclly-lib« csmistciiK. nbumed 
liy Iwiliii^ ftkin, cunnKtive liaMc, and Uinc« 
of aiiimali ill water. The gtae of cmb- 
merce i& bo tminire rarwtf . G. Capsulea, 
cojsulir* of i^irlaliiie (loimned for containinK 
medicuio nf iiAaitnUing laMe. Q., Medi- 
cated, n »>ft 1x1311 ccmit*liiij; <if gcUliiM: 
,1, line ovitli^ _t< glyceriiH! 5, ^*ate^ 9 (uul'', 
to which BnlLicpti-c or other nte<licaini-n(,t 
nuy be iuldc<i. Prclcrable to fToujr oiiil- 
mciits. All unof. 0. Culture -medium, 
■ jellT made bjra ulutlcn of ihc Iie4 com- 
ncrcHl food gttstinc in the [truporlion uf 
6, 8 or to puts tu 100 uf vral«r, with 1 or 
a paiU of dried peixoneis or glucoie (the 
hlter not uicd if the culture U to be miuie 
«D tli<le*), for incHHued nutritii-e value. 
BlcarboiMie of aoda is used to neutmlize 
the Mcid miction. Thii iu Uurtcnutpgjr i« 
nmplx known as Gelatiiu. 

Oelal'inous. Resembling;, or having the 
nntuTc of gcbtint;. G. Tiaaue. See 
.■inimai TUsut. 

Gel'ose. A ailmr^^-ro^diiim u.vd m hae* 
lenc>lo|{ic.-d itivcMtjpoiun- (Jcl»iinc liijue- 
fies at 33° or 24° (J., and io tliui inferior (o 
seldae, lor IhOM cutture^ thai miuire a 
Ugheritef^eofheal for their prujietdirvcl- 
opment. The base of gdoK is a vt^cliLble 
mndloge, derived Iram an Indian tea- 
weed, GtHiiiMm ifini/ormr, of which a 
\ei\j b made, x to 3 paru (to too) of drietl 
|Wtito«C3i added; lO to 15 parts of this 
MibttaiKc to 50 [lorts of water, with 1 t^> $ 
of glycerine, form* the nutriitve jell)' called 

<j«I'osine. A uiuciUge extracted fioni a 
liwdes oT atga foond in Japan. S:4iil>le 
in water and alcolioL An exoellenl ex- 
dpient fur powders, UDCtores and wlu. 

Oelsem'ium. Yellow Jasmine. The root 
of C. /if wjV>-ii>cnj, abundant in the south 
era U. S. IVopenies mainly due 10 an 
alkakisdi^r/irMinr, a powerful rontor dc- 
preasaat, anilspismodlc and diaphoretic. 
In tosic doses produce! di|ilapia, extreme 
nnucnlar weakness, and aniothcsia, death 
oocuninc bam uphyxia. LV-ful in exal- 
tation d serve action. ccrehrosfMnal nicn 
iogtlb, *te. Fspecijlly raliijlilc in reniit- 
tent and malarial fevers. Dofic gr. ij-xx. 

G., Ext. Fid., alcoholic. Doac nLi}-xic. 
G., Tinet., IS perccni tonrcneih. Dose 
n^T-xxv. Gclacmina, (he alkalokL Doae 

G e m e I ' I u 8 (dim. of gemtnta, tmxrt). 
Doable. Ill pain. O. Muscle, tlic k**- 
DWnemlus rauscle, on account of iu doulJe 
origin. See MuaU. 

Oem'inatc (^jwimki). tn jnirs. la 
botany, [uns that are disposed m purs. 

Gcm'lQous. Some as GemtHiUe. 

Gcmma'lion. See Bttitdiig. 

Gen'erate i^nnero, to beget). To beget, 
1(1 {irodufe cil the lame kind. 

Genera'tion ( (nieratio. a begetlii^). The 
be^mng nr prndnctinn of olbfirinf:. G., 
Organs of, iboie that arc runttinnal in 
retiroduction; the Kenitalta. O., Spon- 
taneous, the soppoaed [vnlDctMn nf or- 
ganic malirr or iK.-iiig>, from intugank 
matter. G. Alternations of. Utr^Sirr- 
naiiMU cif G. 

Qener'ic {^gfnus, a kind). fVrtatiiing to 
tlic Mine Ken us. 

Qene'sial (}n<nn<, origtD). Pertaining to 
gcncnuiua. O. Cycle, the pcnods of 
ovariaa, Uterine, and musunary activity, into 
which the rcimtluciive life of the female 
ia divided; the Tint extending rnHiijiolWTty 
to cuocenioa, the second fixMn oonceptktn 
to gestation, and the ihbd from gestation 
thm^h lactation. 

Gen'esls ()-m-(0(j). The act of bettcttiog. 
(if ne ration. 

Ocnet'ic (jnroif, genentkici)- IVriatning 
to gcneratum. Auo, anytliing inlKriied. 

Geniculate Bodle». Twii oblong, tlal- 
tcned bodies on the outer uck* of the 
corpora qijadr^niiiM and under the back 

jxut of the optic Ihnlamux. 

Oen'io- (jTwor.lhcchiii). Aprdixdeoot- 
\xt^ conncciioD with the chin. 

Oen'ttol ygmiUttii, jictlaining to genera- 
tion). Prrtarnine to the gciiiial vrvaus or 
to reproduciion. G. Cord, the union of 
the two duct* of WollF ami of Mullcr to 
forma common tvni in die eiul>r)«) G. 
Eminence, rv Tubercle, on etevaiion 
appearing about the 6th week of embryonic 
life, ID front of the cliw-K, and from which 
llie penis or cUioris is developed. G. Pia- 
sure, a furrow estetKliiv fi^n the gcnila| 
emiacace of the embryo to the doaciL CK 
Folds, two plicoiioDS at the side of Iks 
orifice of the cloaca. O. Sctiae, the d^ 
grre of v^<ofousness of the develtijMMat 
of ovimea. 

Genila'lU l^^tiUahi). The orgou of 




GCBltO- {grmitut, begotten, froni gigfo, lo 
be homV . A prefix denoting conncciion 
or rrlalion to thr grnital organ*. 

Oen-'tian, wr Ocntis'iia. Tlie root of G. 
Jutr.t, a lluroprAn, and of 6", raffi^i, an 
Aumiran Kjircirs. A »iniple, non-a*lrin. 
ecnt bhtcr. Highlj eateeined ms u £to- 
nwchic ionic in convAlcscvncc froin acute 
(lMnt»e<aiKl mal.iriiil fever. O-.Est- Uom; 
fr.j-v. Q., Ext, Fid. tkxx 5fis-j. G., 
Innisum Conip.,unor., gcnri&n lo, l>iltrr 
orange j>rrl 3^, cori.Tnrlcr 3,'-j, nlmhol 
40, water 10 iniLke ."ISO. iJose ShS}- 
G..Mi!it. Alkalin.,uncir.,dil. hydrocyniiic 
aciti ir|_iij. u>]iiim liicarli. gr. xx, intuf. of 
gCDiiui romp, lo niukv xy iJooc ij. O. 
et SennK Mi»t., unor, infu». oljcrnna 
5iij, cooip. (iniH. ctLrdamom 3J< <%>np- 
■nfus. of geniiati ^vj. Dow 5 x. G., 
Tinct. Comp., contnin* gcDlion 8, hitter 
onage peel 4, nT^Iamom 3, dil. alcobol 
lo Dn*kc 100. l>oee jjv^ij. 

Qen'u (g'tit. iHe krcr^ IVtIaining 10 the 
Lace. G- Estrorvum, outward POwiuf; 
of ihc knee,— bow- legs. G, ValgTlin. in- 
ward CTifving of ilie l*nec, — knock'ktieet. 
G. Varum, Same as 6'. Mxtrvmim. 

Gen'aclasi (.4'^""- *^ii^. to break). An 
instrmnenl for hrmkmg irreducible adfae- 
etons of the knee-joint. 

Gen'ii Corp'ua Callo'sum. A mine 
given lo ihc reflected j»rt of Ihe ecrfut 

Oeouflex' (/?««, fitxtts, brnt). Benl «l, 
or like, the knee. Also, beni al any joint. 

Oe'ntu (^Miuf, t fiunily). A sjxcics or a 
number of species marked by one or niore 
coniraoa dutrad eristics (hat di»tiiieui>b 
them fn3in the species of another bmily. 

Gcnyplasl'y (/'n't, the check, irS.jornu, to 
fonul. The opemtion for reforming ot 
rutoring the cheek imperfeci eilher from 
injury ot from congenital malfomi-ition. 

Ocoe''r«phy (jt, the ctuth. j/m^li, to write), 
In medicine, a dcMrripIion of Ihe earth's 
surface with reference to clnnatology, anil 
the distrUjution of discue. wKb Klaiioa to 
ongin and locality. 

Oeol'ogy I >7, P'tjot, a IreafiiK:). The "ici- 
cncc (ii-ating of tlic ttrucluntl development 
of the cutb. 

Oeonr'etry (yij, firrpav, a m«uure). Thai 
brtmcli of muLeiDAlical Kiencr ucatiDg of 
the relalJont of mflgniiadc). 

Oeoph'agism [yif, ^)«*i lo eat). The 
pnctice of earth- 01 day-caling, pnctiocd 
in a few tocalitirt. 

Gcra'nium. Crannklnll-rmt. TIic root 
of 6'. mMMJ-ifum. PrupcnicK due lo tan- 

nic and gallic adds. VkAiI in diDirfaacH. 
iofuit colic, ^^, G.. Ext. Fid. Ljok 

Oerntot'ogv {yVixKi o\A age. >oyv^, a lieM- 
im), a tnenti'Mr concerning old age. 

Oer'lAch'a Network. An irxci-edhigly 
dclicaie fitinnis network of the HiuM nerve 
libriU in Ihc giny m^ttr-t of the curd. 

Oerlach's Theory. Penaiiw to the ooin- 
ncction M the nervc-fibcn and gangliofuc 
cells of Ihc cord. 

Ger'lier'x Disease. An aflicctinn (of farm, 
hands) charactcTised by suddeo piccx>-»nu 
of ptcMti, vertigo, nuucular parcsU. and 
cerrico-occipiial pain. 

Oerm {gernftt, a nirout). TIm owoi. 
sptirr, or lo&spore thai, by fectindalion, 
is capaUle ot developing ioio an organism 
like that wlience it was derived. G. of 
Disease, the special virus or *jk»tt by 
which a disease becomes oommunicablc. 
G. of Sac, the vehicle constituting the 
blastoderm of tnammAU. G., Specific, 
MOx as Cerw. Q, Theory of Disease 
the theory thnl oontagioiu aitd infect ioiu 
diwoscs are commtinicated by maun of the 
Oansfcicncc to and dcTcloptncDt of a spo- 
citic «ed or spore within tue orgimism of 
the animal infcctoil. 

Qeiman Breast Tea. A dccoctiao of 
allb>ir.». If. I'. 

Gcnnan Chamcnnile. See .^htiitaria. 

Genu Epithe'lium. Cylindrical cetb on 
Ihr >uifacr of the median pinle of the mc- 


Qer'ininal. rcnaining to a germ or the 
genesis ot a tissue or organ, G. Area. 
ihe(ir/w gfrmiHtiriiw.ow rmityomiif tJUf/J, 
a white round spot upon one side of the 
vitelline tnembrane in ubi'b llir tiUtlo- 
drTTn liecomes double. G- Matter. Sr* 
/'ro/,^iijm. O. Membrane, the blftsto- 
derm. G. Spot. See Zoriii /W/u(iiAt. 
O. Vesicle. See Z^-na PtllHeiJt. 

Germina'tion \geititinaH«,9. sprouting), 
The •prvtilinig of a seed. '11)* hcginninf; 
of the devclopncat of an ovvm, spote cr 

Gcro'ni Specio'aa. An Andean plaut, 
having a rcptUalioD as a local remedy in 
^'hilis And rhcomatism, L'nof. 

Gerofitox'on. See Seniiii. 

Gesta'tion (^cm, lo bnu). ^iame ac 

Giacoinini'a Method of Preserving 
the Brain. Immcne in asalnraied k>1u- 
lion uf chkiride of tine ; turn several limes 
daily and injea 600 gnn>. of the liquid 
through the carotids. Remove mcnlnDes 




hi 48 boim. Allow lo Ttmaia in toluliaa 
tmlil ti begins 10 uuk, tbco inuuene in 
alcohol fnr 10 days. Imroerae in glycer- 
ine until it unlci; remore, allow to dry, 
■ad roraiNh. 

Gi'nnt {.<i^-<rf. large or pondcrousV Ao 
adult Ola upccio eicoaivcly dcvclaped in 
statDte and propotttuns. 

Gibbos'ity [gi/'iatus). The conditioo of 
iwing gililxniK. 

Gib'bons {fiiiartit, huncblxickcd). 
Dunchctl or bulged otit. Abnnrmally 

Gi'b«n's Syrup. Se* /fyi/rai-gymm. 

Gid'dtneta (Sax. gy,iiliaH. to he merry). 
A MUHtJoa or whirling or tinsteadiac&E 
of the body. uBually accofiqiuucd bjr more 
or (eu nauM^ 

Gip'per. See PuUx, 

Ginabernat's Ligfimenl. Sec Lif^ament. 

Gin. S«re Sfiritui ; aSiOfJuMiffm. 

Oin'ger. See Zinriber. 

Gingi'va (Lot). The ruculsr listoe sur- 
rouoding the necks of (lie leeih and 
anreritur the alvetili. In the plural il is 
pOfNiIarty biMiwn as the gumi. 

Olncl'val {^it^v). PerUiinin); to the 
euim. O. 1.1m, the blue or purplish 
fine akmg (he ffums where ttii^y meet 
the terib, (nlicMive of duouic lead poi- 

Oingivt'tis [g^ifgiiv)- Inflnmnulion of 

0\n'g\yTa<d6{yiYyh>po(,»hiage). Resem- 
liling a hin^'c-fCMnt. 

Otn''glyiQU«. S** jyiar'tMrMit. 

Oln'seng. 'llie flethy root of Krenl ape- 
act of Panax. An nrofoatic biiier witb 
tonic propenie*. I'nof. 

GtralM^a, Organ of. 'Vike fata aierraHlia 
of the \Vo1l!ian Bwlick. 

Oir'dle (Su. >^r.U/, m waistband). Any 
band doigncd to)^ around the liody. G., 
Pelvic, the bones (or cartilage^) ftn-in' 
ing ih« ioppott Tor the lower limln ni 
vettclnalc*. In manttmli they cnniiM of 
tile ilium, iKhiiini and u^ jiul'i.t. G. Sen- 
saiton, rw PaIh, scnsalion u though a 
hand ha<l been tied niottnd the pclvia, or 
one vd the limbs. A symiMoin of afTcctions 
ot the ipinal tXftA. 

Oix^'^anl (OW Fr. GmW). The strong 
mascular Homach of binb. 

OUbeKU (dim. of giiier, smooth). The 
(rwngnlar tpsce between ibe eyclm>ws. 

Olft'btous (fflaifr). Smooth. Id bMiay, 
<leAit»tr of hiun nr down. 

Ol^'dal (x^/tfifi.ict!). Icy Resembluig 
ice to appearanoe. 

Glacia'tloo [glicia). Aunnui^ a condi- 
tion tike thai of ke. AIxo pradtidng cm- 
!>ive elTccU libe thoM of moving kc. 

Gladi'olin. A ceitain alkaloid occwting 
in braio iiuue. 

Gladio^lus (dim. of gUbfiuj, a sword). 
The middle iir nccrmd piece of tbe sIcniuiD. 

Glair'ine. See Barf^iiu. 

Olai'ry {glair, tb? while of egg). SUnjr. 
Alio, alliuniiiKnis. 

Glmnd (gtiait, an aoore). A name gii-en 
to vsrioiu tmall ncetnoK or oixiid org&iu 
of the body, both iecretivc md excrettn 
in (bndion, witlutrawiDg from ibe Mood 
mmrrial for other purposes, or tbu is 
injuricvs or of 00 use to the economy. In 
stiucturc ihcy may be simple, uccular or 
luliuUr. ALto, tbehuUKWsenilorilwpFiujt 
sod clitoris. O., Arytenoid, the itmall 
muci|i.inu>j{liuid3 in fimit uf the luyteouid 
canibige. G. of BarthoIIni, two mimII 
glands, one en ench side of the ngina, 
opening through dnclson the inner uirbce 
of the nymphie, AIm, ilie Mil'lifijjiial 
glands. O., Bowman's, tnlular gloiids 
vi the otfactoty region. G., Brunner's, 
the granular bodies occurring in the duo- 
denum. G.. Buccal, llie glands between 
the buccinator nuuclp [o( me check) rod 
the adjaceni mucous incmbrvoe. O., 
Cervical, ihe lyin(>hatic gbnds of the 
ntck, aUu called itrt'ual gamglioti. O., 
CeruminouSj ttie g1and> that secrete 
the w.-ix cr (he car. G., Coccygeal, a 
gland at the itp of the cuccyx. G., Cow- 
per's, two Miiall glaiKls aiiterioe to the 
ivoritnte gland. Q., Duodenal. .See (*., 
BruHHtr's. O., Ebner's, icroiu ^lafuU 
of the tongue. G., Epiglottic, (be mu- 
ciparous glands alimit ihv rjiigloltu. O., 
Gastric, the gloiKb of the stumoch — tnlv- 
lor and |)efit»c. G.. Haversian, the 
fally boities lying behin<) the synovial 
(liiqccs. uf most joints. G.. lilac, tlie 
glands, sis or eight in nnmlier, lying on 
bath sides uf the iliac ve»eU, that re- 
ceive certain lymphatic* and the eAeretit 
vessels of the inguinal glands. 0.< La- 
bial, the racenitnc gLuids near Ihe eilgct 
ofthelipo. O.. Lachrymal. SeeZ<i h'Y 
mat GlaiiJt, G., Laryngeal. iIm: mun- 
laroitx elnndc icattcml atanit the re},>ton 
of the brynx G.. LieberkiUin's, tlie 
columnar glands distritutird over the 
mucou* meinbrHne uf tbr inlesliiKS- O., 
Lingual. See Sa/hv>y ClamJi. Q. 
of Littrt, lite glamls m the uitmucous 
tbaue of the urethra. G. of Loschka. 
See C««y{tiii Gland, G., Manmury, 




Ihe milk-secratii^ eIbd 
Uk femftk. 0.. Meit 

ziB&dc tQ tli« t>rciuts of 
leibomlan, ttie minutt^ 
IbllicW (v^lwixi) (be cmrtilagc ajid canjutic- 
tin uf tlie erelMi. O., Molar, llie 
glands tfclwcen the mu.<«ier ukI bucin 
nUor luiuclex vt ibc cbcrk. O., Moll**, 
■west glands opeiuii)> into the bnir follicli^ 
oflhetyciuhErs. Q. o( Naboth, the nnMll 
glandular lioclim n-ilbm tbc moutb of (he 
ulerus. O., Nuhn's, inivcd g)and> nou 
Ihciipoflhetongiiic. O., Odonfer«,lhc 
gUnds behind the t-ervii of llie {irn». en- 
crctiDg tlic mcgina. O., Ssophageil, 
the glanifi in the suhmucqus liKsin- of Ihc 
<HOphnga«. O., Paccbionian, the »o- 
nllodgntinlaliumdiulcrcd about the outer 
surface at the <Jurii mater, pa mak-i. and 
ccftsiii tiiKMca of the Imun. O.. Palaitnc, 
the small glands forniing a conlmuouA 
hyrr nrnr the >^urfac)f of (be h^ril palate 
Bud atwui the foft {xiIaLc. G.. Parotid. 
Sfce Sulhiiiy Giatu/i. G.. Pcpltc. Uie 
gUnd* silnntcd all ofcr llie murouscoal uf 
the stomach accrvlin^,' tlic cojiiHc juice. 
G-. Peyef'a, the elurtemi j;lan<^ls uem ilic 
lower end of t lie ilrum. G., Pharyngaal, 
the raceiDo<e (;t.ind& of the pbairnx. G., 
Pineal. Sec /'ini--i/ Gl'iuti, G., Pitui- 
tary. See /"ttuil-iry liviiy. G,, PrOB- 

Ute. 'SKK PresUiU Gtanii. G., Salivary. 
See Sitlh>ary Olatuis. G., Sebaceous, 
tbo minute ncenlar glnndt in ibe lorimi) 
or the akin, Ihol secrete xlie sclium. G., 
Solitary, tbc glands »cnllcred ilituii;{)i llic 
mucous nicnitmne of the tmaller intes- 
tine. G., Sublingual. Sec Safwaiy 
ClanJt. G., Submaxiltary. See Salt- 
wny Clanih. G., Sudoriferous, the 
elands of the skin tlioi secrete sweat. G., 
Suprarenal, \\\t Miprareiul rapHiirt, See 
Cafiuit. O., Thymus, a leinjiortry organ 
lying mainly in (be neck.attulning its full 
growth at two yean and iirnf tii:;tl1y di^p- 
pearing at pnlxrty, G.. Thyroid, a lobu- 
iai«liian>l m the upper oftiic linchea. 
G., Tracheal, Ibc tninufr nvoid glands 
abuivlaiii iathe poaterivr jam of (he trachea. 
Q. of TyMHi. See (.". Otiariffr*. G., 
Uterine, the Intukr follicle* di»Irilnitm) 
tlirviuulioul (he mucuu> membrane uf the 
DienB. O., Vulvo- vaginal, the glartd 
t£ Banbolira. Q,, Weber's, mucoiu 
glamU near the root of tongue. 

Gtand'cra. See Equmia. 

Glana Pc'nia. Tbe oookal khtped tiody 
fofrning (be bead vA t]ie ueni». 

Glaas ^Sox. jcAri). A iirinK hard, and 
tran!i;arFnt Hulotance cDniislin|; usually of 
the fused, ara(]V})bous liLicatcs of iMauiuin 

and calcium, or sodium aiid calcium, with 
an c-xcess of silica. When ^as of o bi^h 
refntcltve lodex IS iMUtTcd, lead silicaic u 
al»u addM. G.-blOW«rs* Diseaoc, a 
lerni formerly u.'«d to designate any infec- 
tious dincase of the lipa, eyeialty aypW^ 
bic «ntp(Iuns. Abu, apptted lo . 
nary emjihysema. G., Crown, a Tet^ 
hard gituu, nuulc from sodium stiI{Juie 
and lime. Haa a low teJiaciire index Init 
con!>idA«ble chromatic disper^ton. U>cd 
in Icmeii of optical iusinuni.'nis. G., Flint, 
coRipoMil i3i lead and pDU»tam litkalea. 
I lA.^B rrry high rL-imcdvr index. L'm^ in 
tetim of ojiucal imtrumcnt*. O., Solu- 
ble, poCassiun or sodium silicate. 

Glas'sea. A ^yivonym of spectacles or 
optical lenses. 

Glau'ber'fl Salt. Sec Stdxttm. 

Glauco'ma (>/jiiwnr. sea gre«n). A di|- 
c»>c of the eye whose essential and cbsr- 
aclerislic sym|4om is uuiihiiiunuallybeiKbt- 
ened intraocular tension, resulliuK in luinl- 
ness of the globe, excavation ^ the ]m- 
inlla or optic nerve, a rrsiriclinn \A tbe 
field of vision, corneal aiijwiheua. colored 
halo abcut licbta, and lesocninf; nf vimal 

[lOWtT that niay, if undicckeil, pTOCrcd la 
■liiidnevi. Tlie eliulu^y is ol'SCtiiV. O. Ab- 
solutum, or Consumniatum, ihe com- 
pleted glaucoiiLalutii jirucen, with blind- 
ncjs. G. Acuium. ihi: first or the re- 
newed attack, with the characteristic and 
iollammatcr}- symixoma, generally intennic- 
tiuK after a few days. O. Fulmtnnns, 
an acute attack coming on with gnrai tud- 
deiineis and violence. G. Hscmorrha' , 
glcum, ttiat attodatcd with rvtinol 
rhage. C., Secondary, that cotueque 
lo otiiet omW dfmvv G., Simplex, 
without intlaounatuiy »ym|Kom». 

Gleet (S-ix. xUAm, to «lip fk>um). 'Ilw 
chmnic stnge of vrilh mtico- 
purulent di&chargc. 

Glcn'oid (J '■'/*'/, 1 cuvitv- A nunc g^eo 
lo any part ur tx^flsx liaving a tbaQow 

Gli'a CcUs. See Deiia't Ctih. 

Gli'adin. See GlMtm. 

Gtio'ma (}-Xis,gliie). A name given by 
\irchow to a variety of round.trlliii sar- 
coma, con*tsting uf a tumor of ncuioglia 
ccll», tvcurrini; in the central mats of the 
Ittsiii, or of the spinal cord. O. of tlu 
Retina ("cncephaloJd of the retina "), a 
glioma springing fmm the conoertivc ti^^ue 
oi the retina, usually ouurring m the }xnu^, 
and mitijving the choroid, wtic nerve, 
and extending luuUy into the train. Q,, 




Pteudo-.oftheRcttnK.RirtASMtic poni- 

IcDi i:hoiT)Mliiif. unmloung tbc appcanncc 

ofreiiitiil glumia. 
Gliomsto'sis. Kxulirnint m«<en nf glii>- 

ma-ltkc tlsBc in syrini^n mvclta. 
Gliomyxo'ma. A trriit ■(■(flicd to luinm^ 

lutvin}; ib« cturactci Imh of i'/ioma and 

OlJosaTCo'niK. Such liimDn fts have bolb 
ihr nciim|;liii ccll« of gUuma anil the fusi- 
fonn ccllh of sarcdtna. 

GlU'son. t^- Ctf^u'f. 

Glob* of the Eye. The ctcUbII. 

Glo'bin ( i-/0i)»iT, n |{tohc|. A nalive |vi>- 
Ukl of tn« eMiJiti cktt, utie of ib« 
pnulncis of the deccmpa»iiion of bxmo- 

Olob'ular (ilfm. of jf/i-iAtu). Having (he 
sliapc oC k glotic Of *phiTc. 

Glob'ule ^diiD. oi^/iii^jfi). A unkll globe. 
[n Uolcvy, Any minutr »|>hcTiciil ttructun:. 
In ahummrf, h f.mM pill or jm-IIM. 

Glob'ulcs of Donni. Sec lil,<^l-l'lain. 

Olob'ului. One of Ibc native prvlcitb of 
the ((Tncral cUs!> cnJIi^i Klotvlini: il b 
otHainctl frocu the cr>«tt1Un? kns. 

Glob'ulins. A tX^at, of native proieids 
cum|«iMn|i Glul'ulin, Vitdlin, E'ms-, ot 
Scram gloiwlin, Mt'nooKcn. Myosin and 
liloliio. Tbey ktc inMluiile in distilled 
watrt. bvt solMbIc in dilute neutral taltnc 
K>hnious. Thcte wlotioMS sre coagulated 
by best.andnRCiptaied bj a lar^^ amount 
d water. Incy jrield Add-allmuiiii when 
acted upoti by diltuc acids nnd alkali ftU>u- 
nHnl)y<liloteallud»e». Ve^cublc Glob- 
uUne have tmrn studied, and nonaed rv,^ 
/ai/^ Afyasin , I M/m, and Para^l^imtiH, — 
found ut the M^rds i>f ulanU. 

Glo'buB (Ui.). A bait or ([kibe. G. 
Epididjiiiiti. See Jipididrmii. G. 
Hystericun, ibe "lunu)" or tbokinv 
wnsaiion wcurrinit in liyKteria, cauted 
pnbdbly b; qamodic cnunuiion otf the 
ecaoehagua nmI ptim^nKial musclH. G. 
Major, (be lamr end oc bead of tlte f\A- 
didymi^. Q. Minor, the lower end of 
ihe c^'iilidjrmb. 

Glom'crst* {gf<jmfrv. to trind around). 
A descriptive term o^fibed to any gland 
oonaitting of vencb buiiclied togclher lilie 
a l<*n of thread. 

aianier''ula», or Glom'enilc (dim. nf 
^/iiHiHi), A knot tit kDD^ill niundcd miM. 
G. Malpighil. See Mi>/fn-*iit>i Jl,-ih>r. 

Glos'sn p/i^ffo). The Uxiewi olratbe 
factthy of articulate 9[)eecH. 

Oto««''«] [jhjovo). ]*eruuDb£ to the 

OtovsaK^a (] ^^oon, n^yo(> pnm). Anjr 
pcin IB (fac tongne. 

GkMaec'tomy ^}X«Mwa. omfa), exciatoa). 
Animalion or cxdsioD of the (oogae. 

GbMsi'tia (y/woffn, trif, JBHamnatkn). 
InHanunalion of the tooguc. 

Gloe^BO- {t*uoca). A prc&x denoting 
connection wiib the loocnc. G.-bya^ 
pertaiiiinK oot^cnntly lo tbe toogne aixl 
the hycM boor. G.-pluu>ngt«1, pei- 
taininejcomly in tbe tongne and tbe pboryna. 
G.-phafyi^al Nerve. Sec Aerw. 
G.-spasni, spmim of iIm tongue. 

Oloaaog'raphy | ^Auaon, j/io^u, lo write). 
A de•c^ptt^*e treatise upon (he tongue. 

OIOBtOl'ogy iy^jk/ooa, /«}«(, a crcatiK). 
A trrxtiic cxoccming Ibe longue. 

Gloaaophy'tLa (^Xu<im, fmn', a plant). 
Hlock Tongue. A dark dlscotoralKui of 
the Inngoc, due lo accumataliom of 1pate:^ 
dead qatbelium and oecideoiAl imiwritirs. 

Gto«so|)Ie'ela (;/4^i<w, it'Airyv, ti >*t^t). 
PaialvMn oT the tungiW. 

Qlo«act'oiny (}>i^0n, rf/n-u, to ctH). 
Tbe direction at the iOiigue. Alw>, iKs 
rxciMon of tbe toogae. 

Oloa'ay Skin. 8ee AtnfAedrrma. 

Gloi'lla {■}?t/TTa. the tongue]. Tbe rimm 
glivhJh. Tbe opening bdwecn tbe ary- 
tenoid caitilagct, or the interval l>eiween 
the vocal choids. Over it i> the eiHglotln, 
a thin lamella of conil^c covcnng tbe 
larynx during deglutitioa. 

aiu'coMO^*'*if>^**^0- IVitrtwe. t.evn- 
k»c, (>ni]r .'^ngar, Slarcb Sugar. A vub- 
ttanec ol-luncd ftom stonb b)- the action 
of tbe natural frmtcnt diudaur, bim) by the 
Cfltalyiic action tl miDend acids on iitanb. 
Ijot «hible,and thcfefoK Icm sweet than 
cane sugar, bat eooally nutriliaiu. Much 
used at an adultcraDt of caxie luear. 
UcitrvMe dlKtn from IrvuloM in its befaa- 
vior to the pobnird ray thai b lumcd by 
the fbnnet to tbe tigbi, and by the latter 
to tbe k-n. 

Olu'coside {g/ufoff, ri^, like). A name 
given to a »criei of cotnpounds Oiat may 
l>c rcM>Weil by the prr^ncc of acids into 
gliKOK and aiKxlicr lemcii'Ie 

Glu'coaine. Vonous ptomalne-baKs ob- 
tained by Ibe action of amraonJa on g)u- 
«xe. One of ibrse, (^'„HwN»(^' = ^)« 
corrtspGods to lijmula and genera] prop- 
ertirt to a remorkal'lc unnamed h^ 
fcemm] during tbe aloobolic fermenioliun 
of fugor or molaacs, — Motin'a bate, 
C,Il^N, ; — a coIcrie»», »ti«^ly reftacl- 
mg, very raoliilc oil. with a naiuetiUk, 




punlyiii, diminglion rf *ensft>ltit)', dilota- 
twn of p*iti<l>, Lowering of pabr tunl 
mnperniutc, «)m«,9nd<l«ilh. AlknluitLnl 
Iwfiril harp alio bee-n fotind in pctrnlearn, 
{ttnilTint--(iil, chlnmform, brtiKilc, cthcf, 
unyl ilcohol, tad in nuut solvents in com 
mon u-sc. 

Olue. An impiiTV gelntme nblattinl from 
the hidn nul nools of animals. 

Olulc'al (y?j>ttTn(, ibc huriock). TVttdn- 
ing to tbr gluiral niii«-le« or to lh« bol- 
locks. Q. Artery. See Artery. Q. 
Nerve, Sec .Wi-rt-r. G. Reflex, a (on- 
trnction of thr gluteal mui^clm when ibe 
skin over Uic Imliock is titmultticd. 

Clu'ten {^InttH. glii<| A MiWance re- 
(pmHing Bll-umiri, wiili wliitfi it i* proUi- 
bly idcDtiotl. <')ce«rs alnndjuitlj^ in ihc 
wccA of nrmU in ihr form nf culxcil ccl!* 
lunounding Ihc starcliy fccula of thi- wed. 
It consuts mainly of gUitrn-tibrin, gluten 
cjuirin, gtiaclin antl muciiin, 

Otyc'erin* (jAvcttV Propmyl hydrate. 
A viscous qrupy, colorlcM siilvstance de- 
rived firom certain fnlv— rn.imly |»lm oil — 
by deccmpofring ihrm with tuiietheotcd 
Rtcnm. IMrr glycerine is an emollimt: the 
impnrr aiticlr an irntint to llir vkin. 

Qlyc'crine Cu'prk T«»t (for Migor). 
To nn inch of potassium hydrate In a lc4 
tulw ad'l a few drnpa uf ani|>cr Hulphaie 
nnd a few of glycerine. Boil and add 
suspected urine Iw \mal1 am>onnt.i up to 
lef.« than one inch in the lulie. Sugar 
will throw out ihc citpioiu oxide, tod or 

Gly'crriio, or 

Clyceri'lum. A glyreriic, or inixtui« of 
nvL-diciiLil suhsiAiici^s with glycerine. 'lliCTC 
are iwo official (;ly«Tit», 

Qly'cin. Called, also, glyooooll, unido- 
aixtic acid, or gelatin sugar) derived from 

Olycochol'ic Acid f^Atmif. X^^i '^^)- 
An ncid found in the Inle. 

Qly'cocol. Sec Ctyfin. 

Gly'cogen (j-^bmy. jti**!!!*. to produce), 
A while aTnor|ihnui powder, t.-utrl««a 
and odor1c», fonning an opalescent solu- 
tion with waler,inM>lul>lein alcohol (Jom- 
monly known oi nnimal dnrch. Occim 
in the Mood and th« liver, >'y whidi it is 
clahnnied. Changed by diutAsc (crrDcots 
into glucose. 

Cly'conin. See Vittlhu. 

Glycosu'ria (j-Xmcit, tjvpnv, the urine), 
liie existence of gnpe mgar in the urine. 
Sec DiaMa. O., Tetta for. See fic^tt- 
tktr't, t'ehiii^t, G/jMcrimt, Cufiru, If- 

fig&-earmme, Vav/t, Pirn ttte^Jiari- 

meter, Phenyl-kyJraaH, /ioAerti' liiffer- 
rmtial Density, SaecAiirimtflrr, Trtmtmfr't, 

Olycyntii'sa. Liquorice Kool. 'Ilie root 
of (i.glai-ni. .A demulcent tuul mild lax- 
ative, of >wccl lasie. [n oonbiuation wilb 
other medicatnenU, an excellent o^p cc to rv-l 
ant. Much u>cd an an »cip«en! in pills 
trochee, etc. O., ExL, the lii|UDri>.-c of 
commeree, occurring in tilack mll-i. G., 
Kxl, Purum, itiade with aq. aiiunonui 
and water b>- percolation and cvn|nnticMi-^ 
O.. Fid. Ezi., prci^areil with water and 
alcohol. G,, Mist. Comp,, llrown mix- 
lun;, pure extract, Migar, acacia. Al 3 puUi 
tinct. opium rnmpb. i:, vin. anttmooy 6,1 
uH-nilimwelherj, waterjo. I>0i^3}-^SS. 
C. et, Opii Trochisci, have cacGi G. exL 
gr. ij, cxi. of opium gr. ^, acacia, sugw, 
oil ci anise q. s. Doee j-ij. G. Ammo- 
niatum, tbc sweet priaciplc of the root 
nuule soluble by ammonia. l>cne gr. 

Gne'Un-Helnu Reaction. A teM for 
lii!E.'-|ngTnmt« in iinne. Nitric acid Con>, 
laining wmc nitrous acid b added to tbc 
liquid, and if UlepigincnLs lie ptevni.a 
piay of colort follow*, beginning with 
green and passing ihraugh blue, viofet, red 
to yellow, 

Gme'Un'a Teat. Hkv Cme/iu- //rinii Xe- 

Onat (Sax.,^iM-/). A dipterous inwct,lh« 1 
ChUx pipitns, differing ml slightly fronJ 
the commoti moaquito, with whkh it is 
popularly included. The "bite" consists 
in a [ueicing of ihr nkin ami the with- 
drawal of a minute iju.intity of liloud. It 
ha.1 no sling nor poi«on glands, 

Ona'thic (ywiWof, the cheek lofirl. fer* 
taining to the check or the upper jnw, 

Goad'by's Solution. A sotiUinn of talt 
and cotToavc Eublimale in water, for pre- 
serring nu.-a[ against puire fiction. 

Qob'let Cells. (.'halice-Uke cella ly>TiK4 
bctwcenthecpithelial cells of Ibc intctlinJ. 

Gog'glea (E. S!^gi*, to roll the qm). 
Spctn^u with colored lenses and wire 1 
clolh sides, to protect the eyes from ex-j 
cewive light, du«l, tit. 

Goi'tre {/piftiit; Ihroni). Enluf^cnicnt, 
particularly if hypertrophic , of the thy- 
roid ^ant Called. sIk>, BrimekMtte an4f] 
Trathttetk. It e^^^'b* ftccnmpaniaj 
creiiniun. G., Exophlhalmic, n dtieaso] 
chancterir»d l>y one or more of threaj 
symfXont — caidtac palpiLatioo, goitre and] 




Ook'rbu. The tnit of /W.j/*W«( murrx, 
fooiKl in East Indies. Much wetl ly tbe 
nalives in enuresis and tjien&atotThnn. 
Usied in icfiarioci of 5 j lo Qj of Ixriling 
•wutar. Dow aJ Hi. Xtxi. 

Gold. See Aurnm. 

Golden Rod. 'Ilic tc«v«K of S^iuiago 
etimv. Afomaiic stimDliml aud cuniuim- 
li*«. A volatile oil distilli^i) fmm tht pliut 
is, usfrf in flatulrncr. I ta*c of ihe fid. csL 
5h»j; of tlK oil iii,i)-». Unof. 

Oofdcn Se*l. See J/j--frasfis. 

Oold' -thread. See CyVu. 
,Ooltz*B Balancing Bxperinieni. AnJ- 
maU late llwir power of riuilibTium with 
RHMval of the nudbraio or nxpuni ({tad- 

Ooilz'a Croaking Gxpcrimcnt. A ynlbnt 
mnlc frng creak? whcii ibc iLiii of ils bock 
or tianl.^ is jtri>kcd. 

OoUi's Embrace Experiment. I>uring 
the Ineding season the bodjr of the male 
Emir Iielween the ikull and fourth Tcriehra 
cmunicei e»erj' rigid ofijert with which it 
b brooghl Into contact. 
' Ooliz'a Statical Theory. Every pontioo 
of the head caiues the cndolymph of the 
senichvntar can.'kl« lo exert the fitatcsl 
msanrc upon miuit (art uf the same, thoa 
in vaiyioii! dq^e cxciiiu^ the Derve-tenai- 
natiocw ti the nrnpullie. 
'.Qompha'ais. Sc«? SynarfAratii. 
, Ooo«''gra (Twir, ibc knee, ayiia, a >eiiiu«). 

liout of the knee or kne«-joinL 
I Oonaithri'tia {yrnm,apltpoif, a joint). In- 
ftanuamltn of the kaec-joim. 

Qonarthroe'ace (/urx, af^pmt, luvai, eWI). 
A canoeroas or ulccnunl affcclivn of (he 
knee-ioini, popularly known as white swel- 

Oonaxthnrt^oiny {yow, B/^inr, a jotnl, 
rtftim, (o OK). Incision into the kDec- 


Oonecyst'k ^yoi-v. acmen, «wrif, ■ blad- 
ilcr). I'rrtalrung lo the tietin4Ar u mi na/fi. 

Oonepoiet'ic (jokTj, viuiu, to produce}, 
rcrtaiiiing to the eeoctka of wmcn. 

Gonococ^cus {yu^, mu«K. a kernel). 
A nicrobt tbouebt to be the specific cauw 
of gooonfaaea.. See GMtorrhaa. 

Gon'ion. Sec Siu.'t. 

GonoTTbiB'a ( /orf, ^u, lo flow). Etymo- 
luRically, an involoniuy dixcbargc of ic- 
mrn, hut generally a[>pliril In nn iiifntirMl 
poi-like dwcharge from the gcnilal orgiuu. 
The ptDococcw of Nd*>cr i> beUend lo 
be the specJIk miciohe of Konoirboca. It is 
a diptococctu, found in cluinp^ of frttn lo 
to aoy sunouiMled by a ntuwtu euveU^. 

O. Balant, affects lite glans penis. O, 
Opfathalmia. See (^iiutmia. O. 
Rheumatism, a Theutnalk aflection of 

Ulr funKi. TO. a M^iurl of p MMJ Tth tg a. 

Oonoa'cbeoccle |>ov9, txr.ivos'. the scm- 
tum. at^Jt, a tumor). A swelliag of the 
trvticlc with »rinen. 

Gonyon'cus (}«>t, tlM knee, vymi, a . A (utnoi or swelling of the knee. 

Ooosc Orasa. Sre Galium Afarinf. 

Oocwe SIdtt. Cutis Anaem, Goose Flcili. 
A popnlai name foe a well-known oondi* 
tJon of ibe skin mn/kcd by pfomiocDce 
about the hair follicles of acute pi^lei. 
Sec Ai-Tftror J'iJi MhhU. 

Oor'get \gurgts. a clia&mV A channeled 
iiistnuneot fionilnr to a grooved direcloc. 
Il may Ik- IJunt, nrtiiDg, hooiccd, ttf. 

Oo8sn>')tt™- C'oaoii. Tbe httn of the 
seed of G. hrr^utum. Freed from impuri- 
ties, and dcprii'cd of natural £utr maUer, 
it becomes Im ^tw^tm retton of nugeiy. 
Soh\L>le in an atuncaio solution of copper 
sulphate. 1'be root ii iboughl lo have 
cmmeaaeDSue propcnics ; the oil is on ex- 
ctllcul kutttlituLc fix olircod. G. Rad. 
Cortex, oocton-rootbark. Dose ^. xxk- 
3j. G. Rad. Bit. PId., prepared with 
Hljfvetiiie and alcohol. Dob*!!^ m-gj. 
G, Seminis 01., the expressed oil, comti- 
tules raoal of the ao-talled oliw o*t of 
cuaimeroe. See, alao, PyroxyHm. 

Gouge (Fr.V Ad inatmmeiit for cutting 
or removal of Imne or of other hard dmc- 

Goulard's Extract. See tead. 

Gout Igtttl-t, a drop). .\ di«caie dMnciei^ 
bed ^ an excess of uric add or alkaline 
orates, cspedallviKxtium urate, in the ftulda 
of dui body, 'fhe latter is (int deposited 
akogi tbe ailictilar nrfiica of the nnnll 
joints, t>ut in time Ibc artmr*. cardiac 
valves and conneclivr tissue of the kidneyx 
may be involved. The mctatano-phabn- 
);eal of the gnat loc U, curiotLily, the 
favorite pcint of attack, and the belis of 
ibc car is another favorite seal. Tophi form 
aiboul the affected part. To decreaMd 
solululiiyof the untie*, due to increased 
acidity of the blood ; incrraaed (bmialion 
of urie acid, and failure in liuiclion of the 
kidney, — is atcrilied ihc caii»c of gotiL 

Cow^era' Method, — of oonnling the cor- 
puscles of llic I'lood by Ibe bonacyto- 

Oraaf'ian FolTicIea. Sec r>«.7c. 

Orac'ilis. .See AfuuU G. Experiment, 
an expeiimeni prrfonncd upun iHc grvcilit 
muKle of the frog, sbuwiug thai pure 




muKular excitation does not mvd back- 
wanl bum tbc muscle to the ncrrr, 

Orad'uate (gmJui, « sl«p). To bik« a 
dcgnc from a college or uaiTCT5it<r. AUo, 
a prnon oa whom a degree ha» been con- 
fcned. Alvo. in pJwmiacy, a glass vessel 
upon which the diruions of li<)uid measine 
hkvc Ixcn ttiatkiil. 

Orad''uatcd Com''prcBS. A eompress 
nude of pieces dciTcaung progressively in 
Hie. (he apck or smaLtcsl piece being ap- 
plietf to ihe focut of pressure. 

Graduated Cones. Sec 0»ui. 

Ot&fc'ft Symp^tom. In cxajihlhiiliiuc 
gpitir, when ilie pyrhall is direcled rlowo' 
ward, the iij^irr Lid does not. vs o.'^iulI, fol- 
low, l>ut (craain» in n slate of tpiuinodic 

Graft (iif^h^, astyle). A small portionof 
skin, Iione, periosicum, nene, ftt., inserted 
into or upon a mw surface or tissue deficient 
in the s[i(!ciid stniciuie desired. G-. 
Sponge, the insriiiiiii of iuili'>epticised 
sponge U) act as a fhimework Ibr ibe ({nuiu- 

Grain {xmnum, com). A general ntune 
^iplicd to starch -produdiig seeds, or Ibose 
oT the cereals. Also, any small seed. In 
phinniu-y. a tmall pill, Also, the g^g 
port of ihe Troy pound. 

Qraminiv'orous [griimfn, f^aaa, vor», ta 
rleviiur), FccMnB upon KTBsfi. 

Gramme (ypa^iftOj a Crock weight). Tlie 
weight of a mint: cenltnjelei of [iisiilli;(l 
water si ils moxEmum dcnsiiy. TTic sravi- 
Rieiric unit of the metric ^Icm of weights 
and measures. Set Afitric SytUm. 

Oram's Method. See Gram's Sithiti^H. 

Gram's Solution. A decolocing aecnt 
used intncltrJuk^L-il st udim, consist itif{ of 
iodjnci pan, potnsiium iodide 3, wiUcr 300, 
The ])n^Mmiion is taken from tbc color- 
bath, washed and plun|[ed into this solution 
until it takes a blackish tinge, then washe<l 
b alcohol until deeoloratiun is complete. 
This procvM is called Gram's l^lrthod. 

Qraoa'ium. Pomeipsnatc. The cortex 
of the root of Punita G. cootaiiu • liipiid 
alkulnid, f^lUtifrint. (.hie of the most 
effii-nnit anlhelminiics agunst tapeworm, 
nuvly failing to hrtn^ away the whok 
worm, a.. Fid. Ext. lH»e Sss-jss. 
O., Decoctum, fresh bait gxvij, water 
1 ivij, boiled to ,^ xij and strained. Doe 
^iv-«j. Pelletierine Tannas, tanuate 
CH Ibe alkaloid, known as a patent medi- 
cine under the name of I'anret's I'elle- 
tirrine. Dose gr. ss-j, followed by a quick 
ptusUiva. All ufwf. 

Grandry'B Corpuscles. Ocoir in the 
beak and lonjpie of the duck and goose, in 
(he epidennis of man and msmmals. ett. 
They are toiabatioDs of seoMcr aerve^ 
and arc also called Tactile or Toocb Cot* 
puscles of Merkel. 

Gran'ular Lida. .Sec Tra%-htma. 

Oianula'tion (dim. ct graium, a grain). 
The openuioD of reducing coarsely crystal- 
line subsiances to particles of unUbrm siie 
by solution and rapid evaporation, with 
con»tiint Uirring. Some subsUnoes, like 
ferrous sulphate, are best granulated by 
fdCciing u. strong soluliun into aJcohol. 

Granula'tiont {t^^ttu/uM). I'apilla, or 
gnin like growtlu that Spring np in the 
htaliii^ oi wt>uiid> and ulcers. 

Oran'ulc ( entmu/ttm). In anatomy, any 
small rounded grain, such as is found in 
llie Malpighian bodies of the s|:i4een, Ako 
a epore or an isolated cell. In pharmacy, 
ftsnudl pill. G., Elementary, itreijuljir 
prmojtlakmic bodies In lilool, sntallci Uiau 
ortiiiiar>' coipuacles. 

Granulo'ma ^^vhiiWm't). A term used 
h) ViiiliiiH' tu include such neoplasms as 
do tio( advance Lcyond thcttaec ofgranu- 
liuii'ii li^uc. G., Puogoidcs. See 

Gran'ulo&c. The stofch (^nnlcs or starch 
eiicluH-d by coals of cellulose. 

Gran'um. Sec Gf-am. 

Grape Supar. See Gliuezf. 

Grafing (.^-mCii]. A Oaiae or screen 
cuupus^'d of bars. Atw a sound produced 
by the fricticm of Teiy rough surbccs 
o^atiul i-ui:h oilier, tu optics, a glass ruled 
with cxcvcdiimty line parallel lines to pro- 
duce duomauc dispersion in the ny of 
lighl reflected fium iL 

Orattagr' (Fr.)- A method of mild 
scrsping or curetting the internal walls of 
the userus by meous of a brush. 

Qiav'cl. In surEcry, a common name : 
Ihe larger calculi or urinary ooncrelic 
Also, any difTicult or puinftd mictuntioii^ 
G. Plant. .See Traiimg Arbuttu. O. 
Root, (^ueco of the Meadow, the root 
of EHf^ititiuiM fHtrfiurtum. Tlierapeulic 
properties like those of BetuitL See 

Graves's Disease. See GWnr, Extj4h 

Orav'id \,gravo, to load). Wiih child. 
Pregnooi. Q. Uterus, the womb during 
pregDODcy or geMatioo. 

arav''ity {p-at-ii. heavy). The property 
of ppurviing wi^ighl. AIm>, a condJlJua 
of serious iuijwn O., Specific, the 




nrasnrvd weight of a snbaumcf eom- 
pucd with dial of au c)iial toIoibc of 
anotbrf takcu » a staodsnL For eunfooi 
fhiitU hydrogen i." ukcn u the iiandard; 
l«r li'|ui(b »u! Mititb, diiiUllcd waid itl its 
iiutiinuiii dcrtMiy, 

Cray Matter. Sec Smim. 

OccBl Lau^rcl. Tlic Icavn of Rkododen- 
drtm maxiiMum. An vxptaonuit. Ute- 
M in obotiiuue cougtu. Itesc of fld. cxt. 

Qmn. A siinpW color of the spectrani. 
G. Dragoo. The conn of Amm ^ra- 
ttm tii m. E«(>eciorani anil itiapboreiic. 
Doae of Bd. exL n\j-!c- Unof. Q. 
Oaier, the hark of Orrnta eirrital*. An 
BStriafiienl ionic anit r«t>rifuKe. Dote uf 
MeicL nv,u-5J. Unof. O. Sickness. 
Sec CAUrVtil. 

Gregarin'idw [ gm, a herd). A cinss of 
(arasitic protuon, of extremely simple b^ 


Oriffa. See MultUo. 

OrifBth'a Mixture. Sec Fermm. 

Ofimib'S Pilla. S« Frrrum. 

Orlnde^Ua. The leaveii and floweriag top 
ti G. rv*MSfa, faand in Callfania. An 
oMivpasiaodic aod motor dcpranant, in 
large iIom» [vodocJiiK mydriiuii. Valn- 
alile in uibiaa, bnmchit» and wbocfMn^. 
cough. Ikne d the Hd. exi. HTx-Z}. 
Q. Squarrosa, coramoa igue weed. An 
berti poptilar in the western U. S. as a 
temedy for ague and inaliiial diaeaMK. 
Has proved &er<ncealile in cbroaic rtiennui- 
tlsD. Ut»e of tlie fld. exl. mxv-xxx. 

Orind'ers' Asth'ma. A chronic anTcciion 
at the lungn ivMitting fatmi the inxpiraluin 
of mrtitllic or silic<>oi» dont, ancumulaling 
ID t}ic lungs, aiid producing syin[i(oiiis 
limUar to Itiott of oonuunpitan. Called 
abo C AW aiul fi. Ihtaut. 

ippe. See I»Jl»m%Q. 
Iroin. The dcprcMion between the belly 
and the Ihigb. 

Groove (l>.,^'rw/; a cbatincl). A fnirww, 
or cliannet G., DcnUl. See Otn/aJ 
Crv€tv. G., Infraorbital, t1i« fumiw at 
the posterior of the rajicrior inaxillory 
bone 00 it.1 oH'ital xufnci-, which finally 
developi inio n canal of the mine name. 
O., Occipiul, the funow on the inner 
lurlife of the trcngwiral booc. in which 
tlip €jcci]>it«l nrirry Mm. 

Ground LauieL ^^ce Tmiting Ar^tOiu. 

Oround-nul Oil. IVanul Oil. \ died 
cnl cxprciaed frum ibe etnbryo of the terd. 
of the peanut, Ara^kit *}f^<*a. Kcsem- 

bles olire cnl in Bcncral pRq>cities, far 
which it is oAcn soCstilMted. 

Growing Pain*. A term applied to ne«- 
ralgic pains of the Unbs occairiag dutag; 

Growth (Sax. grmnaii, to incieate). The 
angmenintion of th« body takbig place 
ticlwct'n infancy and manhood. Abu, 
the ind^aM of any part of the boily l-y 
addition lo the number of its cellular cte- 
ntcnta without the production of riructural 
abnormality or diBcreoUstioo tnio unlike 

Gru'el (dim. of gmimm, meal). A decoc- 
doo of com- or oat -meal boiled lo a thick 
paste in wain. 

Gru'mous. Knotted, oringranularroassea. 

Gru'tum. See MUhim. 

Guacha^tft. The flowcn of a Mexican 
plant; contains several biner loidcptind- 


Gua'co. TTie learea of Afikam.t C, 

much used m S. America In sniU(e-l>hea. 

Tlw>ughl lo t»e of value in chronic rhcuma- 

ti-^ni, ItoK of Rd. cut. ,^sA-j. Uoof. 

Guai'acol. An aairc omsiitucnt of 
crca-soie. 1 las been recommended instead 
of crci»ultrinphthL«i«. D<nen^j-iij. Unof 

Guai'acum. Lignum Vux. Tlie heart 
of Ibe tree, and also the olco resin of G. 
^UinnU. A laomptdu^ikoectM.cxuccto- 
ram and aherative. Ef&clent in tonMlliiU, 
nenralgfe rtyamenorrha^a, amcnontaaa and 
ifaeumatana. Fominly much u>ed as an 
antbypfailidc. G., Tinct., strength ao 
per cent. fJose rnx-jjin mmiiagf. 
G., Tinct. Ammonial., has guaisc 30, 
arom. :(pt. ammonia 80 ports. Doac li^v 

Ouan'idine. A toxic deriraliTe from 


(hia'nine {iptami>). A teucosn.nne dia- 
cwrered l;y Unger in 1844, as a ronslitueat 
of guano. Since thea it bos been prutied 
one of the dccompoiiliofi'ixodltcts of nu- 
clein in both anJmsl and vegetable organ- 
ismji. In the case of tlie lower animals it 
It evidently the ciid-gwulucl uf katiil«lic 
chun^. Uuoniite and crenlioe oupeai to 
Ruittully leplaee each other— InVa bcii^ 
subalitutcd guaniditwft. It a nn intcrmt> 
diaie piodoct in the lonnation of urea. It 
is non-pcisonons and a imucle-ftimulant. 

Gua'no (Prniv. ktantK, dung). TIk 
cxaement of tea fowl ionnd on certain 
islands m the rainteiis regions of tbc 1^ 
dfic Dccan. Coniitl* eaKiitialty of alka' 
Une orates and piKnpbates. Cied exter- 
nallj in certain ft ; in di K' HW^i 




Ouaia'na. A dried puic pttp*n<l fnxu 
ifac >e«<Jl of PaulliMM uriilit.iaii.nA in 
Rnzit. CoDUiiut an aUceliMd, Euaruiiue, 
iilenticnl wilh mlFcine Kntploynl chiefly 
in n crvo j» sit It hr*dachc. LbminercU 
jinsparaiionB tiM •Iways Irustwoith}'. Doae 

of the ill!, cxt. IT\_ Jt-."ij. 

Oubeniac^ulum Testis t.Lat.>. The 
conical ihAjierl ofird aiiai-bcd abane the 
tuM'ct mil oi ihc e|)iily(liiiiis unil ^u><.'niiii([ 
tlic devcviit of tile testes in fccifll (;rowUi. 

Gubter'B Tumor. A promiDcncc owr 
ttie cujiu.i of llie dorsum of the hand in 
dirunic nriit diop rnmi lesd-pMSOiiine. 

GuU'lotine. A surcicftl iiutnnncDt Tar 
cxL-iniuti uf tlie tcmuU or growtba iu the 
lttiTn\, etc, 

Guin'ea Worm, A nematode worm of 
imjiiial (MuiiUks, that in the humiiii li*. 
niia in which n tninows may develop to a 
lentil of nFveml Tctl, ]Kodui:iu|; iufkinuta- 
VoTf ulL-eniiioii, unleu removed. 

GuI'let. See (E$cfAagus. 

Oum. A lume UmvcIjt afiphed to cod- 
crefed juices of plniib. Chemically, ■ 
suMonce yielding mueie add when treated 
with iiitiic- iK.-id. Sec. also, Ch«u. 

Oum Arabic. See ^la^io. 

Gum-boU. AbsccM of the jaw. 

Gum Dammar. The rewi of n ipecim 
of ptoe, Dammara ffritaialii, native loihe 
Eau Indies. An cthercAl Milution is 
nvd hy mii.-nHco{nsts u a Tni:itJiilii\(t fluid. 

Gum'ma {Fr. Gcmmr). Giiin liLc tuiiiur^, 
ri'sultiiig from .1 pec«liftrc»seaiionof Icrti- 
axy irjtliililic iiifluiuiualoty dcp0*il. 

Gums. S«e Cin^v. 

Gun Cotton. H«c Pyr^xyiin. 

GuTglini; Sound. Tlic jicculiar sound 
caused hy iiir ija^sinn tlirougli a liipid. It 
is hfard in hreaihing, when the bronchi 
or pulniori.iry CKiiies contain a fluid tub- 

Gur'jun Bal'sam, Baluununt Pipiero- 
mpas. Wood Oil. An oleo resin olitatned 
(roo) Kvcral species of IHpttvarfus. a rree 
native 10 SMiihcni A.sia. Similiiriot'ap«i1iii 
in (hmprutic effects, l)o»e irn-gij, in 
cmaKion. Unof. 

Gostaurjr (fni/o. loile). Ptrtainii^ (o 
(he Kpccial leme of [atle and lU oqpa*. 

Gut. A txMoaaa unu Ibr intesdne. 

Gut'ta ( I.BI.>, A dro|>. Also, fieely med 
ai a minim or sittielh pan of a fluid 
drachm. O. Nigra, or Black Drop, n 
dilute acelic acid conlaininif tafTrun.and 
flavored with mem am) nutme); I'nof, 
O. Rosacea. See Jau. G. Sereita, 
a Sfaaaym of Amaurcntt. 

GiitMa Per'cha. The elasiic Kinn cat»d. 
in); foDm htmamira guUa, a tree Krowing 
in the Ea^l Indies ; the best solvcius are 
clikvofmn. oil of turucntine and carian 
disulpbidc. O. P. Liq., a solution in 91 
pans of commercial chtnofonn with 9 
[xuL<i lead cacLwiiale. For prolecttrc appli- 
cation to slifiht wounds and erapuoiu. Sec, 
also, Jrauit/i/tiiitf. 
Gutta'tim (j:iitta). A pharrnBCcntical 
term sinriify tn£ •frrf Av i/r^. 
Guftur ( _c"^fii'; the ibnwl). The thnoM 

iftilh refereiice lo Ihc tracben. 
Guf'tursd {gti/fitr). reruiiiinc to Um 

Gut'turo-tct'any (gttNnr, UtaHy\. A 
fomi of Miiilcrinii in which the pioouncia- 
tioo of Mich <H.iuiid> aa g, k, f, t» dtOicuh. 
Oymna'aium (jv/^vwf, nAe«l). A ploce 
dcfiicocd and titled with appltancej^ for the 
fi%'Slematic e»etciac of llie minclci and 
other oi^aa* of the Icdy. Also, ia Ger- 
many, a hi{;h school. 
Gymn«st'ie (jiyji-tfy, TVrtiuning to the 
sfiefn.* of i>rcM!r\iDg lieallh lij' Ixxlily ex- 
Gymnas'ties (jiy/ivftV The ncience of 
oresrer^init (and fortiietly of reMorinf;), 
Dfslth liy Imdily exercise. G., Medical, 
•ny phyMcal exercise doiinied lo (c-Morr 
or proinole health. Q., Ocular, regular 
muscular exercise of the eye. to orcnxuac 
miLscular iosufliciciicy of (be eye. G.. 
Swedish, a system uT exercises to rcMOR 
paretic miades. 
GyriKCol'ogy ( >vt-v, a wotfian, hry^). A 
A ireniiK on the tUseoBCJ of woman. 
Gynccomasfia [ywv, fiaenc. a breiull. 
A iciin usrd lo denote tlie eicouve derej- 
(■{iBuirni of (be brvuts of a nian, ekber with 
or without atrophy of the testicles. 
Gynan'dria (jiit/, tniifi, a uuu). The 
suite as Hcrmajihrodttism. 
Gynttrc'sia (yvi'^. n, witlMiat, Ttrp^f^ lo 
perforate ). lie odliientim or inigictlin- 
tion of the ragina. 

Gynoplait'ie ( ; t-i-ij, TT?.ai»r«i»£-, niiuhic for 
mouldiiiii}. Fen>itiin|[ to llie cloKiiii; of 
tmnatnr;u ojienings. or die dilatation of 
conlraded, tuurow apeaiof;^ in the female 
CTj.ins of venenilton. 
Gyp'fium (/I'v^r, lime). Native caldtm 

sulphate. See Ca.'i turn. 
Gyra'tion [gyrv, to lum or whirl). A 
tumrng in a circle. Also, pddiBess. 
Gy'ri 7pl, vi gyruj, a dtcuil). A name 
npplied to die tinral shaped caiitie* of ihe 
initnml cor, and also to the caaTolations 
of the brmiQ. 




Gy'nw Co'"'-'. • circle). A icnn applinl 
lo the roiivotuliotu of the hraio- Also, llic 
winding of ibc cwblea. G., Angular. 
Ihe pcMlcrior diviBion oi the toirer pftrHtal 
lobuli: of the braiu. G., Anncctant, tlie 
fini and second •.-xlcfTinl occipiinl gyri. 
G.. Ascending Frontal, ibe anierinr 
R-ntr>l fliynu. G., Ascending Parietal, 
the ptKierior ccolral jcyns. G., Anwrior 
Central, the cooYOlutioa hounding an- 
teriorly liie TiiAure c( Robxido, exlcodtni; 
from twhiiHl that ftsf^W backward to the 
mar]^i of the Ip'cal kninituliiinl fisiUTe of 
the l<rain. G., Poaterior Central, the 
ocavohilkia btHUding pceteriorly ibc fissure 
oT Rolando, jcnning the anterior central 
lyms at the upper aod lower ends. G., 
Citneus, Uie ubbU cooToliitJon joiuine 

the pMlrjkr end of the gyns forakaCns 
with the apex of the cuimu&. G., Den- 
tate, a Kmall notched convolutioti of giajr 
mailer in the hi[^xx:anipa) A.s«rc. G^ 
Frontal inferior, n cmvolulion of ihc 
froiUal lobe otf tb« Itna, callM nlfo th« 
third froalal coDfclation. O. Hippo- 
campi, the oonvolulion at the inferior 
iDe<lian edge of (he upper UAx of the 
brain. G., Marginal, Ihe convolution on 
the iiiuer surface of ihr girnt iongiludinal 
fusure of the oerebnim. Q., Occipital, 
a name given to itcvenil convolutions, one 
of which, Ihe G. Occipital Primus, ot 
first aonectaut of Huxley. conoccU tbo 
parietal and occipital Idles. G., Tem- 
poral, a ronvoliilinn on the under MiHacA 
oi the tcmpoial lube, 


H> Abbrrvialion of kyffrmHnifia. In 
cbanttor, the sjrmlol of bTdrc^n. In 
ptMTTnaef, iIk aliliicviation of iauihtt, a 

Haben'ula {iai.-nn, a rein). A rit>bon-1ike 
sirunure. In annlomy, the »U{ierfii: lal gniy 
nucleus tji Ihe optic thalamus in liunt, 
atwl superior to the posterior commiuure. 

Hab'H \^kab4o, to h«*e). That ccn>)ilioD 
ut quality tbni one tutuially posKsws, or 
Ihai may l>c acquired. The tendency to 
repeal an action or condiiixn. In hiolo|^, 
w appeanmce iiul mcdc of living of an 
OTEanUed being, 
'Hab'ital (4a^i/.-, to dwell). The oalural 
locality, ur gei^;raphical iHagc U an aiu- 
'Habita'ttoo (Ao^j^y A dwelling place. 
Tbe oaiural locality of an ininsil or a 

Hab'itas {kait^, to havr), A buhit. 

Htr'ma- iitipa, blood), A Creek prefix 
, signifyliqr htood. 

iHcmacy'anln (•uho, mviiir, blue). A 
blue colorini; matter (bond iit the blood 
oDd the lule. 

Kemacytom'etcr. Se« /«fy^m*ffr, 

HKmsdynamom'cta'. See /i^mtkfyna- 

Hic'inagogue (at(m, o/u, to expel). A 

nrmcdy or a^ent that exciies or increafies 

mrnstnud diM:hargc. 
Koe^mal {al^a\. Pertaining to the Mood 

or vascular system. 
Hcmalo^pia {^fo, o-^, the «)«)■ EAi- 

lion of blood in the eye. Erythnpaia. 
H«marthn/Bia (a/wa, o^iAutrK, a joint). 

KAiMion of blood into a ^nl. 
HfemastRT'ics (ai/w, orartmr, standing). 

Thai branch of phyuology treating of the 

Inwt of ibe e<)utlihriDni of Ihe l^lood. 
Hwmastheno'aii (of^, oo^rvw, weak- 

ncffi). A weakening or deterioration of 

ilie blood. 
Hcmatachont'eter. See Iftwutafhem- 

H»matangto'8iG (luoa. ayyrtt^, a blood 

vessel. Any dtsc&sc of the blood voack. 
HKmalcmc^sia (ni^, tfttM, lo romit]. 

N'omitins of bKujil. from any cause. 
Hcmatcnccph'alon {oi^, r^if m/av, the 

brain). A h;t.-o>u«Thagc or bleeding within 

■ be bnun. 
HKmatberm'ouB (ai«M, ^PMti heat). 

Hiving wiUTO blood. 
Hsmat'ic (m^n). Bloody. Pcrtauting 

to, lull of, or bavini* the color of blood. 

Abo a looK to the blood. 




Bloodjr sweat. t.phidrnu> crumta. A 
UnguineoiM|)en]iir«iionof ibowrcat^UntU 
unued by ihc eitnTasalica of bloud iiiiu 
the colls and ducts, whence it it curicd to 
the iiufaice mixed with mveaL 

Hae'inatin (ui^"')- ^f ainurpliou* |jrin- 
ciple of Ihc lilnod wilh it eel I jack mtiitJ- 
lic liutcr. Il is iuMjlulJc in walet, iilci^ 
bol, or elhci, bul diaiiulvca Ircely in dilaie 
KcicU and alknhne lolutions. Should mil 
be cnnfouniJpd with Arma/iA, a tynonym 
of hamaioxyHn. 

Hxmalo- (lu^a). A Greek prefix signi- 
fying Motui, 

Hw'oiatoblasts (ai^a, ^Xaortii, a cell). 
Hiiy^ms lenn for tilood-plates. 

Hor'matocele [^m^a.taiitt, a tumnrV A 
tumor fnnned i>y the exiniMMibn and 
collrdion of tilood in a \*A. 

Haematoceph'alus ((">"i. «^^i the 
head). An efliuion of blood, or a aan- 
guinciu* tiinKir of Ihc brain. Alao, a 
aiuaNlrv>Jly cSmracteriml by llie effiuion of 
blood inlo Ihc cercbnil hemispheres. Also, 
a vuxculnr lumor that ii somcliinea otv 
scn'Cfl in die (lia initter of nnencephalic 

I l>t;iiiuiTltii^e into Uie vaKioii. Auo a 
coilcklinn of menstrual dUchat^A within 
the lagina. 

Hn'raatocyst {ai\ia, «VTjr. a bUdderV 
A CyA rontninin;; liliiod, AlnoaneHuuon 
of lijuol ini'D ihc bliuMpr. 

Hismato^dcs. Sre tiamatemyees. 

Hamatogen'ic [ai/i/i, yrvtaii, birth or 
origin), fcnaining to the Ibrmalion of 

Hienuiog'cnoua {attia, yn.t>^, a kinii), 
I trnvcd ironi, or hiving it* origiti io, Ibc 

Harrnjtogtobin. Sec //urmof^Mu. 

HKtnatobidro'ais. See //lematiJratT. 

HKinatoid'ia {atfia, ei6oc, resetDblaoce). 
A drrivaiive of hxnnagloUn, pmhatity 
idmlital with ibe bilejiigmenl.biiinjbin- 

Htematal'ogy (mfia, /^yt^. a treoiiwt. A 
(mitinc on the blocd, itx nalm and (uoc- 

HKinatol'yaia (a/^,Aiiffj{',B»olution). A 
•ohilioo.or an imiKrieci coaguhui^m of the 

Htemato'ina [tuua, ufia, tumnr). A tu- 
mor, ftuiguk, or xwelling conlziiiiag itluoil. 
H. Aims, an effiuioo of blood ur lenm 
between the cartilage of the c&r anil tu 
cuvenng, occurring ii< inrioiii I(>riii3 of 
fauaoiiy. H. of Dura Mater, au dtuMon 

under ibe dum maler, cutuisting of fhuteoed 
nact coniaining blood. 

Hjematom'etei. Sec HamodyiuimameleT. 

Htematome^ua \aijia, urr/ra, the wooib). 
Huunnrrhage in tlie womb. Abo. a collec- 
tion or diitciitiau of the uleriue cavilji 
with mcDStnnl dbcbarge, dtu to obsinic- 

Htematompbal'ocele (ova, o^i»(t/c<[, the 
navel, 1C7/I', a tiunut]. A tiuiHir or a her- 
nia at the navel diMcndM) wJlh blood. 

Hem atom 'ycea {nr/iu, ^m'/Ti a fungus). 
A haanaioid vonel.y of eficet^haloid caoccr. 
Called, alio, FuHgut Ilamtalfdei. 

Htematomyelia {atfta, ^i«>j>f, iiutiTow>. 
IlKinucrliaj^c inlu the spiiitd cord. The 
Symplon ) 1 vnr>- with the seal.tnit laralyjci, 
«B.%omutor and trophic changes, loss of 
sm-uition, etc.. are common. 

HKmatomyeU'tis (oi^, ;iic^, trif, in- 
llnniinaliuiO' An ncule myelitis in which 
there 15 pandyiris atinng from cfla.'<ion of 
bLuod iiitu the spinnl oird. 

Hxmatopericar'dium \ni^ti,-xtpuuaiAutv, 
the pcncanliumk. An ethLtion of blood 
into fhc pcmanliura, due tii rapture or 
]«tfi)ration uf the walU of the he«rt. 

Hsmatoph'agous (luuu, tfajw, 10 eat). 
Ittuod'Citling -. pcrtaiattiE to inx^'t-i luch as 
the gnat, mowjuito, etc., ihul Mjck the blood. 

Hiemaioplaat'lc i^ai^m, ir^aTuan, jiljolic). 

Hnmatopoie'sis (ni/ia. irwru, to make), 
liioort malLlng. See, also, /Arma/njit. 

Hatmatopor'phyrin {itifta, Ttifiptyto^, jjut- 
ple). Iron five biMnaiin, a decompoaitioa 
ptodiirt of hii-moglol'iin. 

HiemalopB^ia (oi^ki. uif', the eye). An 
exirnvmaiion of blood in the stdicoojuncU- 
\ai li-isuei oi the eye. Bloodshot. 

Spinal h;tiBcirTliage. 

Hem at on bee 'a ln'ua, fuu, to flowj. A 
paMiTf ttuw or diidurgv of blooa. A 

HKcnatosal'pinx [atfia, aitXrrjrf, a Irani* 
pet>. A disienlio'i or oLvlructioo of ibe 
F'alloiiian lulies with blood. 

Htematos'chcoccle iaifin, oa^ftov, ibe 
>ci(ituiii, hiiiir, ■ luriKi). A lankV or dis* 
leniion of the MToium with blood. 

Hvmatos'copy {atfia, marnt, to see.) 
riuimiiiitiorn uf ibe lilood and blood-disca. 

Hsmatosci/sis. See .SiyVi>.««i*a. 

Hiein'alosinc. Sec llamatin. 

Hicmaro'sis (ai>wrow, lu make bloody). 
The proceas of the fonnaiion of blood aad 
Ihc ilcitclo|>iueTil (if blond cuqauclca. 

Hiemaiospon'gus. See Uttmaiomyett, 




KiemAtOlt'ic {aifta, To^ncof, « pobon). 
IVtiointng to a pouooed or impure con- 
diliun of Cbe UuwJ. 

H*iiiatox''rloa. LogM-ood. The Iicui 
ot //. camf^kuinum. (.>ccun in dork 
brown niptngH «i cuttx: powder. Gxi- 
tiiiH taniuc aud ami a coIoHok priDciple, 
kumatojcyliH, that beoocncs myt^-nd 
by ihc action of light. A mild aslhngjent. 
H. Ext. DoK gr. T-sx. H. Decoc- 
tum, ittrngth I to 17. litAt ^j-ij- Unof. 

Hcniatoio'on {<ufta, ■^uat, an animal). 
hrtj living orguiism or animal in die 

Hsematu'ria (owo, ctyxw, urine). Blood 
in ibe urine. C^Ued, abo. kamatuntis. 
Il U due IQ injiuy, local diiense, gcnenl 
difrordcr, or the prcMnce of eolotoa. 

Hjcmauto^raphy {aifia, avro^, Ktf, 
f/tai^, to wnic). The tracing of the pulie> 
ctirvc t')- ibc jet of lilood from a divided 
arteiy caught upon paper drawn tn front 
of it, 

Haemid'rosia. See IfirmatJiitfrtitis. 

Hac'min. Chlondeof bxmitin. .A donhly 
icfraciivv pleochronuuic crysullinc uib- 
ttuitt derived from blood. H. Test 1 for 
blood in urine) ; from the colortd cunby 
plio>{ibialcs hsrinia may tie extracted in 
tcvcral ways. 

Haemochro'inogen \atita, XP**^^ color, 
}-/i'k<uu, [o beget). A nduc^ alkalt-lix- 

Haemocryst'alline. See IftnMgttAin. 

Hjcmocy'anin. A tobMaooecomnpood. 
ing to h.>.mo(Ial)in, fiMud in ihe plasma 
of lutetteUaU. 

Hx'inocytt (w/w, vinvf, cell). A gene- 
ral teem for toe cwptuclcs of iht hlood. 

HxmocyioKysig {oiaa, «'ro(, J)<u, 10 iin- 
loov). Tlie diuoJutiOQ of hXooA c«- 
[>ui<l«s under Ileal, 

Hiemocy torn 'etc r (m/in, (Ttwr, « cell, 
fttrpov, a measure). A device for cMi- 
maling the rcUiive Dumber of oorpuxles 
in the tulood. 

HjEmocytotryp^sis (v^, kvuk. cell, 
Tfjui^w, to nib). The breaking up of blood 
co(puM;le& under vtrotix pre^turv. 

Hcmodromotn'eter yaifui. (tf^vofi spc^l, 
prrpuu, a roejuure). An iiu.tni0icirt fur 
mcBuring tbe role of ll>e Ibw at trlood 
in tlie l.tow1-»e.«cU. 

Haeroodynamoin'ctcr (mi/ib, Svvafiii, 
sueagth, pieipw, a measure). A con- 
trivance for itKASuring the Iciuton or pres- 
sure of Uood agaiiul the tialU of the 
■nertes. Cajefitl cKpcrimciUs «bow thai 
in tnan, the prewnra of Uood ia the 

contid wtery ii tUnat ikat of aU iadM>4( 

HKtnoslo'bin {oifa, gtoitit, a roMiid 
body). KimiaiaglobiD, HiunuOTiUllinc. 
A doubly-iefraciive, plenchrctnaiic coIIomI 
or cryatalline matter exiiliiig in tlte cot- 
pu«cle» ai the blood, to wlucta the i«d 
color of the loner is dne. In maa the 
amount is 13.77 uer cent., in woman 13.59 
per cent., reduces b}- pregiuun.7 to g to la 
act i^eni. 

HKinoslobinoin'cieT {hitiHt^toiiii, ptr- 
pav, a meuure). An inMrament ior the 
quantitative eclimatton of hmnoglotiin bjr 
oompoiinR the color of a sotaLion of an un- 
known with that of a knowo Mrcngih. 

HKinoglobinu'ria yhttiu^toHH, impai', 
tlic onnc). Tb« pvtJiMKcof keoioslobia. 
red coloring matter of the Mood.Tn the 
unne, due to its toliilion from the red 
corputdef and tultK^ueni trauiniiwioa in 
the unne. It occurs after tnuufiuion of 
btocal, during certain atago of Kptksrmio, 
and oAcr severe buma. Il tv not attended 
with the presence of any «irucinrc» of the 
litoodintticunue,lliu»dilieruigfron9 li^ma- 
turia. H. Teat: to amapeOed sarapJe 
add a drop o( acetic acid and boil: a red 
coagulum iDilicalrshx-mngloMn. See,aiM>, 
AlmtNi Tfit, f/,rmiN and H<Ufr. 

Hoem'oid (aipi,the blood, fnlnf.liketirtt). 
Having ihc a)>p««nuice of or mwRDUinf 

Hstnom^eter. See IfamiK/ruamaiMttrr. 

Hmmome'tra (ui/an, fiTpo, the woBib). 
The tcteniionof mcoMnial dt<dat^ in im 
womb or Liierine cavily owing lo ol«truc- 

Hcmophil'ia (ft<f«a, fi^n, love of). Aa 
aiinorrnftl icndeiicy to bxinontMge, or eaw 
of Deeding. 

HKinophthaI'mia (tuwi, aifia^'n, the 
eye). A hA.TDorrhage into (be inierior of 
the eye. It may arise fKim conlusion, fnm 
bi<lct:lom}', or by rviHun! of a tCMcL 

Htemopncnnnoiha'rax (a'/"*, mmjua, 
wind, tfupai, tlic cheat). An cffiuMa a 
air and blood wilhin the pleura. 

HKtnop'lysia (oi^mi, imw, tospit). The 
spitting of blood. 

Hxtn'orrbagc {ama, /.tjitjm. to Iwral 
foctb). The flowing of blood fiiom wounded 
or broken vcsseU. H.. Accidental, Ercm 
pmnalure detachment of the placetita when 
normally pbced. H., Capillary, oo«in|: 
of blood from a wound witbool a How frtMn 
large vrMdi. H., Collateral, in acute 
inflammations. H., Complementary, 
MCceadtaeton»o(bcr hnnocrikagc ibat hiu 




been m itiort. H.. Contecuiive, eiuo- 

Ing sofDC titiic aftc; injtiry. H., Critical, 
wvnrrinf; m tkc tuniini^ [>oml«]f wmcvOwt 
dtMA.te. H.. Post-panum, prtmaiy, 
u-tlhin 14 hciui> alXet laliori irtomdary, 
after 34 buun. H., UiuvoidAble, frum 
deiadiincnt of a placenta pn:via. M., 
Vicanoua, ntnunri'l iliMbargr of Llood 
from some oOier [Mil of the body than the 
vagina, and occurriag in tuppcuian of Ibe 

H«m''oTTbotds {ktrmffrrheu, piles), rile*. 
An UMtl ditcaie conusting of intlnmnulory 
■ircltti^ of th« tlHuca about Ike anui, 
■onKtimet with eveisioD of llie rectal tnu 
rous tncmbraoc. K., External, >iiiiaird 
without Liie nphinder anL H., Internal, 
within the anni oritKe. 

Hicmoiitat'ic (ai^-n, ffnarmuf, MaticmBry). 
Having ibe pR^^ertyio anc»t lixniDnhagc. 
AlEOt an agent <x remedy that armts ur 
rcMnina bleeding. 

H«eiaotacbora''ctcr (oi/<a, rajt^, swift- 
neM, frrpov, t measure). An uutnuneot 
for measuring the rate of flow of anoriai 

Haemothor'ax {atfia, ADfMf). The empty- 
ing of a wuiuKlnl or rui^tuicd THsel within 
the thoracic cavity. 

He'ser'ft Ponnula. Sec CbrutiioH'i 

Haid'tnger's Brushes. A risusl pbc- 
oumrnua ietn Ufxin ditcclmj; ilic eye lo- 
wonl -J source of poluriwil light, due to the 
double- refractive cliorncicr of the elemenu 
of the raaculn. 

Hail. The hinuie apuead^e of the skin. 
tZach hnir of n hull) and a shafi. 
The fonnrr is MiiuUnl in Uje true »Win, but 
U CQvo)u|)e(! in u >lica[h uf ep'JenniSi. 

Hair-cap Moss. Kal<ia'5 Kj-c. The 
Icuvc* uiid >teint of fi'fy/riiAit'n jmhi- 
ptmm, A powerful dhiretlc. Dose of 
the decoction a(/<!i^.;of the fld.«xt. 3)-ij. 

Kair-bT««d. A popolar term applied to 
offsprtog whose poreuls belong to difTcrcnt 

KEliater'Uis. The loss by fully fonned 
bones of K to }^ Ihcir lime-ialls, mullitig 
in osteomalacia. 

Habitus (Lot., a rapcv). A vapor. Abo, 
expired breath. H.OriaPtetidua, laintcd 
or foul Ueatb. H. Sanguinis, the cha- 
ractertitic smell of the bU^iii, peculiar to 
efich kind of animal. 

Hallucina'tion {alluanor, 10 wsodet in 
iniad). TIk hi|^t degree of sul^dive 
tcMalkiD, depcwlenl alooo upon jMtbolo- 

gical stimnhiion of the sensoay coded 
cenlcn. (Itluiion it wbeie lenudona are 
nxxttfied himI miktaken by the tenMriuoi.) 

Hal'tux, or Hal'lua (Ao/Au-). The great 
toe. The great toe when orciridti^ the'] 
ke<.«fid toe. H. Valgus, dij|>lacciiiciu of 
the great toe outward, or it> coniracli<4). 

Ha'lo (uiUic, » Ihreihing Hooti. Tb« 
bruwaiah diclc ult'Ut ibc female nipple 
called bLio the areola; the lumiitous orl 
colored arclca *ccn by the patient abovC^ 
Ugbl in glaoaJBH. 

Hn'logen (dJ<, a salt, ymau, to producc).1 
A term (nrnicrly a|ipti«d to chlorine, hn^j 
mine ajul kxlinc, oa odd dcmcnU. other 
than o«>'gcn, that fiomed salu wbcti ccn- 
bined «'itli Liancs. 

Ha'loid (it>^, fitfoc, 1iltrne»). A tern 
tometiiccs a|nilird to ihc clilonnc, tvooune 
and iodine *nlu of (he various buses. 

Ham (.Sax. hoiNm). Ilial port of th« kg 
bctwcm the knrc and hip joints. 

Hamame'Its. \\'iicb lia^cl. Thelea^xs 
of //. virgitiifo. I'lopcrtics not fully 
known 'llioughi to lie ionic, ti^piic .->nd 
sedative. Appears to olTcci circuUtion 
in a manDcr Mniilar to aconite. liighlj.J 
recommendrd ax a h;cnionatic. A 
omtiiKi of this drug is wld under 
name of I'ond*B KKir.-ict. H., Fid. Ext. 
Dote v^Li-Zi- Hainanielm. unof., aa 
exUacl of uncertain composition. Dcac 

P- i-'j 

H3m''Rier. Thermal. Sama as Cautety, 
Hani'mer-toe. A distortion of the lecond ■ 

toe, in which it it- lent upwanl. 

Harn'mock (.spnn. hamtua\, A couch or 
U1I made uf ueltiug or canvas, »u->peiulnl 
at the cn<N. Much u^d aboard vctaela 
&tid to tnipicol Tcgicns. 

Hani''string. The lcTMioii» of (be pcalcmr I 
miuclcs of the tltigh. Abo, to cripfile \tf ■ 
cutting the tendons of the ainxlesoJ' lu 
thigh. H„ Inner, the tendons of (be 
ecniunembraiioiu&. uinoriu^, and senillen- 
diuuHUS nuxlcs. H., Outer, the tendons . 
of the tijceps flexor cnirb. 

Ham'ular Xhamus, a hook). PcRoining 
to or Hhapi'd like a luiok. 

Hand (Siu,). The organ of |.iiehcnuon 
in banana and ijnailnimaaa, compoAol of 
the caipMS, the palm uhI (be fingers. 

Hang'ing. DmhbysiupeDsioaoflbebodT 
from the neck, 1^ a rt^ie pravided with 
a flipnooK. The ininiediaiecauw^ of death 
may lie nKphyxia, cerebral licmorrbage 
Ifiroit) strangulation), or dislocation or 
fraclure of (he cervical lertcbne. 




Hang'nail (S«x. angMt^f, a tore by ihe 
nail). A partly drtiichcd piccr of rpi- 
dfmis tt the root o( the nul, the frktion 
aK*tiut which hu caused iDflammatioa gf 
lh<r iIitbiIik) nvfac«. 

Haphcmei''ric. S«e .^ttkftiemeler. 

Hsp'Ioscope (a-TK/xif, singlir, Aunrrw, lo 
»<■). An ifubumcnt for aacaauruig the 
visual axes. 

MaidHiack. TImt Icavn amt (wigs of 
Jj X ntig fomemtKn. A»tiii^f nt and Ionic. 
A popular New Ensland rrmcdy in dior- 
riuVa aod thoieru mfaH/um. Dcm« gr. 
T-xv, in decoaioD,— «f dd. cxt. Xss-j- 

H«re'lip {kart, lip). ConjieiuUl ^iire 
or (he lip. H.. Complicated, wiib cleft 
or mnlfonnuiiun ui Ibc Wtac aku. H., 
Double, iwo cicfli u( the li[>, or one of 
each tIpL Twisted or Harelip Suture. 
ligugc-af-8 sutun^ bIuuI n ]iiii iluust ihrtm^h 
ttte Ufx of fre«livtied edgr« uT lite ck-ft. 

Mat'rison's Oroovc. A depre^on, later- 
ally, Ervra ibe xi)iboid cartilage in penoas 
mih chtuotc dilTicuUy of bfcMbiug. 

Harts'boni. A tuune pcfMilarly given to 
.iHimrmitm Aydra/f. Se« AmwioniMm. 

Har'vest Buff. iw Ltt*tti AithnimalU, 

Haach'iscli. See CatUMtM. 

Mas'saira Corpu»clea. Concentric, gruv 
tiiar, nnckar, endotbelial cells in the me- 
dolla of tbc (hymitt. 

Haitera' Diseaae. A form of constitu- 
liooal mcfcuriu] poi.-K«iiii$. Also a silin 
disease ariung fcnta Ibc iiw- of mcmiry and 
arsmk. Abo on bcuic irriuiion of the 
fopir atocy Inct oiuscil \f} the fumes of 
BiUogm trtmiidr; all tbcM chemicals 
benig used in hat-inakioe. 

KaunclilKr Maiuie). The part oT the 
^mljr inclwling Uk hips and Wtock*. 

Haust''us l^tfam.iopour out). In pbar- 
nucy, a dmiwhi. A portko of medicine 
ill the fofTD of a dTaugbl. 

H«at Mai. Sec E^lfpty. 

Htver'aian Canal. Sec Bene. 

Hawk^ing. C!ciiTiii|; ihr ihroat by a p*- 
Luli.Tr ijxpiralor)- cuneDI of air. 

Hay Aaih'ma. S« Hay fntr. 

Haj^crafi's Method. See Urit AtU. 

Hay'dCTt'aVibur'num Compound. S«e 

Hay Fever. A disease of the nmcoos 
■nernhnnea of the naul and lesninioqr 
pa»a^, abo al time» tD'oKing Ihc con- 
jtmciiva and eyc^atl. li a- miultnl by 
CMarrhal inAajanuiion, toryia and abun- 
dant liicbrynuUioa. It is ihcMght to lie 
due to (be poOeii of ibe grwns and olbei 

giwt«<. It u abo attributed Lo the iullii- 
ciice of micr(;J«i> dial (Vmi in the air. 

Hay'a Resc'lion. See Straji^urgt Tnt. 

Hay's Test. For the presence of bi]e> 
adds, that loircr the surface -tension of 
Anids in which tbey are dissolved. Throw 
a unalt <juanlitv of sulphur on Ihc kurfaie 
of the fluid containing Inle-actds, and the 
aalphur nrill sink aod be precijiiuted in a 
few DUDutrt. 

Head (Sax. i/ti/cii). The anterior or 
ti{^r part of tbc body. TluU part of 
Ihe IxKly contaiuinit Ibe brain or ccobal 
Dcrrc-syjicai. Also, the upper end of a 
long bone, as, Ibe ftHmir. 

Head'ache. Any pain in the bead, geo- 
cnl or tocal, aming froa any cauie wmi- 
evcr. According lo Hanhlinp-Jaduon, 
bontal headacbes, such as "sick" and 
" bslions " headaches, are due to dlscrden 
of Ibe digestive system; bcadocbe al the 
■rertex, to cetvbt«l Doubles; and occiptlal 
beadacbc, to «"»"«'■ Eye-strain is a fre- 
quent sowce of headache, cipccially of the 
Boulal retfion. 

Head'-bree<e, Eteetro-therapeu'ttc. A 
flericc fur gcoeial italic cephalic elceinia- 
tioa \rf A hcodjilaic with nutnenxis in- 
sulated pencils lor uiUlivuling and acm- 
mulaiiug strong currents, and giving mora 
gradual dfects. See S/atir Brcfu. 

Head'-fold. An iafloclion or tucklng-in 
of the layen in 6t>n( and beneath the bead 
of the embryo. 

Head'>gui. Sec Fert-i^itt. 

Head' -locking. A term in obcteuics de- 
noting Ihe ailanglement of tbc hcada of 
twins at the lime cJ Unh. 

Heal'lng (Sax. kalan). Cnion and dca- 
IriiaCion of a wound. AppUcd generally 
lo Ihe cure of diaease. H, by First In- 
tention, without the pranulaUnt! proceia. 
H. by Second Intention, bjr the imer* 
mediAEion of gmmilalioos. H. by Third 
Intention, the direct union <i two already 
grsDuIaiing surfacrx. 

Health <Sa< h-tlth). That coodiiioa of 
the body and iti organs neccsaaiy u tba 
popcr performance of their iNinnal fiiDC- 
tioot. A hale, (x whole oonditim of 

Hearting (Sax. hyrav\ The special tense 
by wbkh the sonorous vibrWioas of the 
air an conunimKaUd lo the mind. The 
ceTel««l center is excited by Ibe «it«ailon 
of the fluiri contents of the lahyrinth, or 
temiiaal orf^ans of the audiioiy nerve. 
Sound is composed of three factory pAcbt 
intrnailj and timirt. The lirst dcpenda 




upon Ifae number of the Bcrial nbrMicna; 
(li« imtoim] tqicn tbeit unpliludc ; the third 
upon didr fonn. 

Heart. The org&n ginnj; the iiuliuivc 
iu)<l chief impiilM to tlir cimilalkin of the 
bkod. Ii is enveloped liy a lacnbruKnu 

tilHK Ckllcd the /rruu'i/iinn. CoMUU 

CSfeQlblly or four raviiies n right suridv 
taut veniricle, arul a left anride and vcn 
Iriclc. H., DilAlalion of, tlic Bluioruuil 
incren&e in sue of uny or all of ihe caviiics 
of (he heui. H.. Hypcmophy of, an 
obnonnKl increase of the mn^iuliir lisMic 
of the h«ait. H., Sounds of, ihe Miund:^ 
ohserred in the aui-cullatiunof the bean, 
occurring »JllelJronoll^i)^ wiih tlic toti- 
tmclion and the cloMirr of the valves, ^/i". 
H.. Valves of. See TaA*. 

Heari'burn. A linming feeling M the 
aomadi wid lower [tan of the chc&t, eauMrd 
b]r the scelii: or [mtrcfactivc ficnncDialiuii 
of the food. 

Heat. A mode or rate of ribntion of 
cliertai or physical wave-inoiion. Within 
c^nuiii limits u( intensity it is euentiiil to 
the dcTclopnicnt of a)) organijxd beingiii: 
above a certain <lc}rre«, dalmdive to all 
onpnintion aiid life. Aa rcRBrds the 
body, a tcmpcisiure nlxivc 98.6* F. AUo, 
in phyMology, the period of wxual excite- 
Bient iti (he females of mnny oniinoLi. 
H., Animal, the heat {generated within 
tlif tio*lic!i Iff living aiiimalb tiy ihr libera- 
tion of the latent beat ooalabed in the 
fcKkl. H., Latent, physMngically the 
[mlential enerjiy eKi»IiiiK in a coniplcs 
pfCteid molecule, anil which \> lilienttMl 
ay the :iiini>Iilicaiinn of Iht laller, or (tie 
IcBtabolic ptocrwcx of the an;nniKtn- H., 
Prickly. See Crtiearia. H., Specific. 
Sec ^tifie. H. Stroke, n nervDiL-i 
■fTeeliciii characterited I'V tudden syn- 
cope, eiifeclileil ctrculmjon .-ind rrjtpirv- 
lion, caused liy e>;»ture lo inUmc hral. 
Called also Sims/rnif. 

H«b«phrB'nla (_'is,4», puberty, fp^, tbe 
mind). A special Joito d mental de- 
raBKement occurriiiii; In young uerKot of 
both sexes at ot soon aflet tlie age of 

H«b'etude [Ar^fa, to t* Muni). Hull- 
BOS of ihc senses and intellect. A term 
Bpf>lied to the nUlie of jxrtiol .stupv in 
aJtectioua of the brain. 

KeCtk i,rffru(oc,hitt»tua1 or fionniinptlve). 
llalHlual. A word now cummunly used 
b ooDnecckm with certain consiajil syiup 
toms of phthisis, as H. Fever, the fdirile 
"TT*""** caacnnriil with puliiiunniy coo' 

sumption. H. Flush, the Ihtdted ebedc 
xrroin[iaiiying pulmonary cooatUHpiion. 
H. Spot, wmc as //. /TiuA, 

Hcc'logramme [Jmnm, one biindtvd, 
i-rirjuM/-). One hundred grammes 

Hcc'tolitre [itaiTW, Nirr). One bundrej 

Hec^tometre (iuoTtrp, mefrr). One hun- 
dred meters. 

Hcdeo'ma. IVnnyroyal. The Icarcs and 
tops of //. fml/xioiifft, distinguished \ff 
their aroma, itopcriics doc to a volatile 
ui I . Stiinuliuil and carminative. H as 
some value as an emmeragogici. I'wful in 
Aaiulent colic of children. Odor ex- 
lreiiji.-1y repulstte to Heas and mustjuitoes. 
H. 01., the Ttrbiile oil. Itose mij-x. 
H. Spt., tmof., 10 per cent, of the oil in 

Hcd'rocele (r^fM, the anus. iDt>A« a luiiiine). 
A licmia in which the ]^»rt jirotnides 
through the notch of the ischium. Also, 
prolapsiu of the anus. 

Heel (Su. Ikfla). Tlie hinder port of Ibe 

Helct>'aia {Ihnjei^, ulcention). The fi>r- 
nintioii and development of uii ulcrr. 

Hel'coid {i'-'-'Ji, tax ulcer). ResemUing 
an ulcer. 

Hel'enin. See /nvA>. 

Hellsnthella. The root of tf. tmmfiiia, 
Arrimnlir, expertnrant, anllapasmi'iiic, aitd 
ill l:iij;e dt»e» emetic. Of reputed servtce 
in pitlmcinary cDfnpbiiats. Dok of the 
(!d. e«t. n^v-xx«- I'nof. 

Helianth''einum. yrtalwcit. Rock Roae^ 
The herb H. (-'naiieMit. Asuin|[ent. aro- 
matic, tonic and altemiire. Useful in 
dinrrhiLti, umfula and !Mru(jn<liiry syphilid. 
Dose of fld. ext. if|.*-xx. Unof. 

Hel'ielne \i'f^, a spiral). Tortile, or 
>)>iral lu Mmulure. H. Arienes, arteries 
proceeding from the profunda; ptnlf 
Irancbci (if the pudic, and U&m the donal 
nrtciie* of ilie }>eniv 

Hell'coid t^^jf ). Having a stmctun wiUi 
spirnlly armngeil jwrtv 

Helicotrr'ina. The opentnn cotmecting 
the r.-d/rf /yw/rtwr and patiiu/i of the 
ipnral c-inal rif the cochlea. 

Heliothet'aphy (>''"(■ the son. Cr^Mirrm, 
trcaimenti, The trrattneni of di.-wcaM hy 
ex|M»me nf tlic biidy to wnligbl. Sun* 

Heliotro'pin. .See A/fcv. 

He'lix [ihi, n coil). The ma^b of tbg 
eMemal car. 

Hel' Helleb'oTus. The root of 
// fSfgrr, Uack helklore. Pmjienic* duf 


to tiro gtncosides, ktlUharin and HtB^ 
bortitt. ' A drastic hydngopie cnctLaRic, 
iDd euunniagogae. Fonnerlj a pofiuliir 
reroedy la tn.sutilj, ttmpsy, and ameiuv- 
fbira. JMIehortin U somdinveii used in 
cardiac afflectioiu n ■ sulMttluit itx digi- 
talis, its action being olitninrd liy «ma!lt-t 
d(Bc>iu)d leuimUlion. H. Nign,, Ext. 
Unof. Dote gr. j-x, cautiously. H. 
Niffri., Exi. Fid. Unof, l)oMii\,i}-»«. 
Helleborin. llnof, r<kjw;>ncus in.«oliiliEe 
ia waier. HeUeborein. Uoof. Vciy 
ioIdUc in w«tcr. l)o*c gr. t'l'-t'o- 

H«nebore^in«. See J/rlle^prf. 

Heller's Blood-test. A tot for blood la 
urine: AAA to urioc Imlf it> volume of 
solution of caustic pgtasb and best Ktrnlly. 
Tbc eaithj pboaphates arc precipitated luid 
cony the ti-xinAtin with ihcm, falling ■■ 
minici-red flix:cu!i. 

Heller's Test (for albumJo id urine). 
Pour ddwn the side of the tcst-gliM COQ- 
tnining ilie uruie, pure nitric acid. A 
whilr tant: of coagulated albumin Mwcen 
the acid and urine indicates th« presence 
of Alliumtn, (See, also, A'e^rti' fifa/^enl). 

Helminth 'ngogue. See jlH/A^fmimfic. 

Helmtntfai'ana (^Jiwc, a «>onn) A cm* 
dilkm marked t^ the jvesencc of parodies 
in the IioHy.esprctalljrof iutcitioal worau. 
A1m>, discrder^ or letioM caused by wonas, 

Hclmin'thics. See AnditimiMties. 

Helminthol'ogy {'tA/nv^, litTOf, a treatise). 
A iKMiite on worms, especialty ihOK para- 
tilic upon the l»dy. 

Helminth'ous {i'i>.iuv\ Wotny. 

Helo'tUs {if^K, a swamp). :^wun])}-, er 
nsnb^. Abo, a liner attended b; ptu^ue 
sweflting. Abo, raonli fwer. 

He^ma-. Sec lUm<Uo-. 

Hcia'alin. A iyntmyrn far ktrmaloiylim. 
See iftfM'iffxyi^m. 

Hctncralo'pia i^vtupa. Amy, uf, the eye). 
Night -blindn^M, a iyin|itoin of Krcml cli»- 
easesoftbceye, of feilureof (jcneral nutri- 
tion, i^lr. Vision b good to day or .ttraoe 
light, but hib at n^l. Anunl<alunaledil- 
Icrmce of definition pre^aJb in reference (o 
tlusword and A'y^lahfia. .^^Mnetirwi il ia 
defincil as a coDdiliuu tlic tmcnti of lliat 

Hemi- i>^,ba]f). A Creek prefix, meon- 
iDg one-half. In aualomy mikI physiology 
it i> applied to one it (be (wo ktUml 
kaiva of tl»c body- 
Hem iachiomatops'i a ('iQ^NTrf, xP"V^t 
color, 9i^{, sii:bt). IXiedive, or abaeu 
color vision in coiro^iondtnic balres of tbe 

Hemt-albumin. See Auti-afhumln. 

Hcmialbu'minosc. Tbc same as Hemi- 

Hemial'buroose. See Ffflaiut. 

Hemianiesthc'siji ('q/u, oMuotftiVMi, want 
of feeling)- Partial or cuRiple(e losa o^ 
tbe aenx of feeling in a latenl half of 
tbe liwly. 

Heinian</pia. See /ffmiittt^tia. 

Heraianopa'ia (qw. b&lf, of neg, m^. 
ugtit). Klindneu of cne-half of Ibc visuoi 
&ckl. It may be bilateral (biuucuJar) or 
BmnoUteral (monocular or uniocnlar), ac- 
coding as il affccts one or both eyes. H., 
Binasal. due to anK4hcaia of the tem- 
poral biilvc* of tbc rr<iDa, the naxal Acids 
thereby bcoooui^ invisible. H., Bitem- 
poral, the reverse of tbc laa. H.. 
Crossed or Heteronjrmoua, a gcrtrral 
term for ciLhct InnoMil or bitemporal II. 
H., Homonymous, the mtM common 
form, atTocting the mnrr half «l one licld 
and the outer cf the other. H., Inferior 
and Superior, the upper or lower halves 
of (he retina ore inwDsitivr. 

Hemiatax'ia ('v^, arofu, disordeied 
movement). Inability to prodacc orderly 
or f)«einatic movements OO out side of 
the body. 

HetniMhcto'aiaO^'.aOrrar, without lived 
posMoD). A term for atfaetOKis or invol- 
mXaiy rliythmic movcnous of one stde of 
the l«idy only. 

Hemial'rophy CtnuJ, erjaofifl, lack of iMtir- 
tsbment). Impcricct or impaired uutiiiioa 
coatiDCtl to OTM side of the Indy. 

Hemiecpb'ftltu ('n/u, upQ?.n). A Done 
iipplied to a motkner foMua in which tbe 
cereliral lieraisphem and skull are ahwrit 
or nndereiopcd. See jtiuneefAa/m. 

Henichore'k {'Hfu. .toixut, a convulstve 
IwitchioK). A form of chore* in which 
the convulsive raovemcDts arc coolmcd to 
ortc side of the body only. 

Hemicra'nia ('w", upm-inv, Itead). Neo- 
nJgia or headache ctf ooe-balf of tbe head. 

Hemldiaphofc'Bis (vru. A,»m>fiifitK, swcai- 
in|[). Swreatinf] of one lateral half of (be 
tody only. 

Hemidyacathe'sta (V^'t <'^> dif^cnlt, 
iws^l^u:, scDiatioo). Enieeblcd or dulled 
sen^tinn in a lateral half of the body, or 
in tialf of une of the orgiuts of aeiMc. 

Hcmiencepb-'alus {'n}u, rMcfeAar)- A 
monsDoaity without organs of setue, but 
oottcsaing olbcrabe a nearly itomwl 

Hemicp'tlepsy {>«(, r:j>>rhfl,( 
A fonn of epilefay iu which 




valnons arc cooAned to one Ia)«r«] half of 

th« body. 
Hemihidfo'ais {'h/u, iJ/M>r, sweat). The 

sime ks htmiiiiiipMmttU. 
UaninKclus I'lv^i.ftc^. limb). Anectro- 

melic moosuoiity with ddicicnt or ain>- 

phicd (anaasA, len, leei au<l bauds, with 

DoniuU vma tod ihighs. 
Hcmiop'ia t'W"> i^i cycV The old«r (enn 

for IkidI anopsia. Hemiopia Rfen to ttie 

Bttiqg hftlf of Ihe redMi, haniaaopsM to 

Ibat poll <rf llic field not Kcn. 
Himip^agus (V^ •''n>or. uiiiiedV A 

amuMBphalic tnonstroaiiy unt(o<) by the 

Ibonioci, aiid with a (»itiiiKiu muutli. 

yas of the limtc). PuaJysb or t lower 
limli OH U11C side only. 
Htmiparo'sia ('rr;ii, iro^tfiCi impAirtnent 
trf slrcDgth). Panyiis. Dr»'e»lteniiiji(>f the 
stroi^li on OTIC side (A tlie l>ody •jolf . 
Hemt-pep^tone. See /'efterus. 

Uemipno'nui {'';/"i f^'^i t^e voice). 
Siwecli having ttie ikanOcruUO o( lialf- 
•nnct, half-whisper : lued bjr patieDta ia 
great wcmknru und cxhwutkni. 
Heroiple^Eia (>p', <r>vrVt « Unite). 
PanJjFuis of ibe motor nerves. of one *iae 
of Ibe Ixxly, due uMuJly tu a lesiuD of 
some part of the coipus striatum &t>d in- 
lemal capsule, or of Ibe cms cerebri, of 
die ofipuute lide of Ibe liniin. H., Al< 
temate, uoilnteral injury to the pons, 
causrng laiTAlpis of the facial ner^e on 
Ihc 9>URe side, Init panttvuis of ilie oppo- 
tile *tde of the body. H., Cerebral, the 
Onlinary form l>r%t dnrritK-iI atiove. H., 
Croascd, jmulyni]! of die tnuxcles of the 
Vfc supplied l^ the Ibird nerve Oin ibe 
OTVKViite side to the one oihenrue oAecled. 
H., Facial, mntor naralj-iis of one side 
of tbe bee. H., Hepbcstic. from the 
Uae of the bnninicr by ntniths; ncAtmrfcrXy 
aspeciid iyi>e. H., Spastic, u Kmn oc- 
curtng in Infuiu, in whirh the slfected 
limb IS Hib^ccl in convuliivc twitching*. 
H., Spinal, purjlysis of one side or of 
the whole Indy wllhotu \va of tenitation 
of tlii^ (}piicii.tlc siile. Uue lo diaeax of 
■ lie «|<iii.d i-urd. 
, Kcm'tapaBm (vtu. e^M/ia^, a apaoni). A 
^Num Or convulure marcmcnt alTcciJag 
only one side of tlie body. 

Hem'ispherE (>»(. etaipa, a 1»lh. fUlf 
a s|iliere. H.. Cerebral, citlici Utcra] 
half of ihe cerebrum. 

Kem'lock. See Ceniuat, 

He'mo", See J/trmo-. 

Hern'onhage. See Hamorrkagi. 

Hem''orTboldB. See Utr^orrMib, 

Hen' bane. .See Jfyeuyamut. 

Henlc, Fenestrated Membrane of. Tbe 
luyrr of lotvitudiual ehutic fiben of ibe 
fauMf coot or arteries. H., Loop of. .See 
Tnhiii VriMtftri. 

Hentcn's ExpetimeDt. ProTtiic that the 
so-caJled nudiiory hairs of the crtutooeao 
tilyiit Tilntcd to o |«rticular note. 

Hepatal''j{ia | V^ii^, the lirer, 'u.-f^, Ptin). 
IVin in the liver, hut more especially the 
paruxyinul pain occasionally aneclng tba 
ti^bt liypocboiidrium. 

Hcpatec' tomy I >rii^, rxTv^iw, 10 cm out). 
FxttMuu (if a protruding portion of the 

Hepat'ic Cvrrap). Pertaining or belongifw 
toibclivci. H. Duct, "^-x thttt. H. 
Lobes, the natural nnalcnicol divisfom 
of the liver, uiualty donated aa TiKht, 
Itfi, quodiale, s]Mgclian and ciuidnle luoes. 
H. Zones, certun areas in an hejattic 
lobule. 'Hie tctilrvl area, capillarica and 
ceIN f<.imi llie //rpalie I'em Ztmt, specially 
liable to cynnoilc changes; the ana Deal 
tli-e peri[^cTy of Ibe luljule is tite Portttt 
Vtin Ztvu; and llie sreu beitreen tbe 
two tbe Ilefalit Artery Zent. 

Hepailca^lion [Vm/i). Anabuormal 
ch^ni^e in lunij-lissue, in whicli it bewinet 
solid and tnnLlc, woncvrhat re«rml/iir^ 
ihai of ihe liver H., Qray, tlie cimtiiiion 
cif a luu^ in tbe ibinl stof.'e uf imciiniouiiL 
H., Red. that in the ieri^nd singe of 
pneuntoiiia. H., W/hilc, iht fL«dition 
of the lunRS In nillbora i.yphil>iic children. 
H., Yellow, rbe condiiioii of the lung In 
tbe Uiird "Aa^ of pneomonia wbcii tuned 
by numeioui pus cells. See Pneumfiia. 

Hcpati'tts ('F;ira^. tr>(, iidlAmmaiion). Ii^ 
lliiiiiitiitiori of the liver. 

Hcp'atocflle {'ipap, t^^. a tumor), A 
form of bcmia in which ibe liver pit*. 

li(ide« throuith an opening m tbe aU)i>- 

minal wall. 
Hcpatocirrho^aia ('v*^, <cvv*or. yellow). 

Clrrliotiis of the llvtr 
Hepatocysi'ic ('n^Ofi. nwror, a bladder). 

IVnaining lo the liver aiid gall. bladder. 
Hepaiodyn'la ('ir^uf), odury, pain). IVio 

in the bver. 
Hepatogcn'ic Kv^ap, yntmu, to beget). 

IVnainiriK to condiiious produced by tbe 

liwr, as H. Ictcnia, also called atnorp- 

tion icterus, ot jaundice, caused by ihe 

abcfltption of bile already farmed in the 

Hepaiog'raphy (ijirap. y^M^. to write). 

A description of tbe liwr, 


of olculiw). A OMcaae choracteri/nl lijr 
g&ll-stonet or oUier coocrcboau io the 

Hepatol'ogy (J^nap, Jojof, ■ dUcourKV 
A trcattfic on Uve naiwc, >inicuiji: awl 
funclioni or the liver. 

Hepatoma la 'cia (JTOf), ftdiamf, loA). 
Scmcnin^ of the liver. 

Hepator'rtiaphy (i^ap. An^, suture). 
Sot'Ti^ of ihp liver. 

Hepatorrhex'is (ir^ap, ^^'t, a nipture). 
Bursting or ra]]ture of the lircr. 

Hepatot'omy (^ffap, T(;ivw, tucut). lod- 
sioo of the liver. 

Herb {ifr^, graw). Any annaal or pcivn- 
tllal plant thnt yvojiy diet (o the root. In 
pharmacy, the leaves, sletns aiul flowen of 
an annual or pcrmnial, 

Hsrbiv'ora [Afrivi, tvrc, to devour). A 
ouBc formerly pvcn Io a divUton of man- 
■alia. Animal* (hut frcd en vt^rlatioii. 

H«i1itv'oTou8 {ifria.tvn). Adnoiplive 
term a|>plied to animals thai ubsbt on 

Herbat's Corpuaclca. Sensory end- 
or)iaD> ID tlic tongue of tbe duck. 

Hcnd'itary (*^«. an heir). AcquirKt 
bf JDberiiance. H. Oiscaae, com trans- 
milled to tlic ofTitpTing liy the parent. H. 
Syphilis. .Sec Sy/^hi/ii. 

Hered'tty (*iT«), The law l>y which nat- 
ural form, itruclurc, and conililion*. both 
of mind and l^ody, are repeated in oftspring 
<v descendants. 

Hcring'a Theory. Sc« Co/iw-imun/iiM. 

Hermann's DiSerencc Tb«ory. See 

Hermapb'rodile {Bjinw. Mercnry, A<ip#- 
itrv, \'cniB). One with some coDfiniilal 
DnlfurnMlivn uf tlte itetntiU o^atu. ^uch as 
vpikpadia«, hypouiadiaa, clefi of (be K'ro- 
ton, rtr., (hoi nukes tb« determination of 
Ks wmaevrlkBl doubtful. H., Apparent, 
the internal non-enenlial or(;:ui* -Mft the 
only ones of tbe oppo&ite sex. H., Bi- 
lateral, a lesiielc ut>on each side. H., 
PmuJcesaentiaUy fenule, hut wiibiimu- 
latad mtle orgaiu. H., Lateral, a icsude 
upOD OIK side, an ovary <u»d the other, 
H., Mal«, till! revene of ff. Ftrntk H., 
Neuter, with no onEUS cisentially male co- 
female. H., Spurioua,non-eMei>tiiilue>(.-u- 
liaritin (as the beard in a feniitc^ wjtliotu 
abooraultiT of the eenitiil arcana. H., 
Tranaverac, Ibc eicternid orgnn> of one 
MX, tbe inlvmal of another. H.. True, 
eaWBtia) OlfBU of both sexes [vescni. H. 
' ' . Biccti, Ibc iadiridual 

the organs of one sex with Mme of tbe 
ofipotite sex. 

HenneKical ( &Pf<vCi the eod Mercwy, the 
reputed fonnder of alchemy). Pertaining 
Id chemtilry. Abo, bating r^isiance iii 
clieintcal actiuo. H. Sealinir, the cloxire 
of on cutlet by cemtiitAiirn ur fiuintt, so 
that it U impcTvioo* to air. Alao, the 
elcaing or covering of a woium] by imper- 
vious dn«)i%:f. 

Her'nia {/ttrnia^ from Iptvt, a »prnut). A 
lamor forrDed by the {jrotrwion of tbe con- 
(ents of a cavity (ojiualty the ■bdontinal) 
Ifanrngfa its vralL Mcmias may bv called 
after Iheir locality, as Epigoitru, t-'enutiil^ 
BCconlii^ to their conditioa, u EntyHfd, 

aocoiding to the contentN, u IStrrtral. iif 
Uitinai, OmtniaJ, f'ttiful, tU. ; or, lastly, 
aecordiDg to their origin, as AcfitirtJ, 
Cimgfnital, Infantile, rU. H., External, 
one appearing upon ihc external tur&ccuf 
the body. H., Femoral, the nnMnisioa 
take* puoe ihrongh the fl^moRll ring be- 
nrnih Poupan's ligaokenL H., Humor- 
al, swi-llc-1 testicle. H., Incarcerated. 
a strangulated, obatrxicted or irredudl-te 
H., — varicwsty used. H., Incomplete. 
not fully passed through the oprninj*. H., 
Inguinal, MSiing; Sxyi* IVjupArt's li><a- 
mcnt. H., Inguinal. Direct, to the inner 
aide of the epifjattric artery, nut follovring 
ilie courw of the speimtiic poed. H.. 
Oblique Inguinal, through tbe ingntnal 
canal folloiiing Ibc course of the qiena- 
ailc cerd. H., Irreducible, that cannot 
be pui hack, t<ul that is doI Mtanffulated. 
K., ObatTUCted, <^w(niction, but not 
posHiTc stian([u]alion. Hernial Sac, the 
serous membrane puilmt Ix^fore it lijr a 
betnia. H., Strangulated, such con- 
atrlclion as Io prohiliit i^Ki-oage of Mood 
and fieces. H., Umbilical, oppearingal 
the navel. H., Ventral, tliroujjgh llie 
abdominal wall rn font other than at the 
abdominal ring. 

Herniopunc'lure ihrmia, fun.-fum, a 
nriinlcing) 'ITn; piinctnre ct ft hernia. 

Her''niotomy(A/'i«tn,rrfn'Li,tociit). Operv 
alien ibr the relief of hernia by section of 
the coMlrinioa- 

Heroph'ilua.Torcularof. ^vTorrufar. 

Her'pes (^f»To, lo creep). Formerly 
ereeping eniplitinit, now a))|ilied to enip- 
Ikma raarlieil l>y ihc presence of gtouLu of 
the some uix4i im exaniheBUiout pose. 
H. Circiiutua BulloauB. See Jfydtva. 
H. Batbtomcnoa. Sec/i^i. H.l 




alia or Labiatis, an cnipuon on the lower 
pari o( the face, must frc-juctiTly at«u( the 
■KMlh. 'llwuglit (o l« of (irititiric on);in. 
C^lcd alio //. FiMlit and liyiitwi /■/- 
iritis. H.. Gestation. See //iv/^cw. 
H. Iria. See Brylktma. H. Pidgeni- 
tll, eoasisu of vesicles grouped upcn nn 
inflained boftc, on the (;miuii&, rsjiccMli)' 
the prepo« and lal'ia. frefnnriily ■ sci|uel 
of gonorrhcEa ard aoA chancrv. H. 
Tonautana. Sec IHtyfiitiit Roua. H. 
Zoster. !!je« ZMttr, Jhrpti, 
Herpefic (^ptnrf. a diaoue of the tkin). 

r<.'i1aiiiLng to ktrptt, 
KCTp«t'irorm (^^wrw. fifrmn, a fgnn). 

Having a tikcncas to ktrfiet. 
HctpCtol'Ogy \iyTriK, Ar>juc, a IretliK:). 

A trtuUc oa ^ib discn^cs. 
Hcs'Bclbach's Triangle. See Triangle. 
Hcteradclph'uB (V't/vif, MJier, (KtrA^, 

liTuthtTt. The same a$ Htterafsf^. 
Hetcrade'nic (tftficf , aAtrv, gland). Pct- 

taininK to or con&isting of lis&ue thai is 

unlike nomul glandular lis&uc, though 

e^v^dlUlly gluiduliir. 
Heteiadenc^ma. Tumor formed of hetera- 

cl«Dtc tiiaue. 
Het'ero- (Mpof, oilitr). A Gredt prefii 

detiuUnif diveniity ot uultkeneai. 
Metero-ai'buTDose. See AUmmetet. 
Heteio-autopLasty, gmflinK of skin from 

owe |>cr«jii u]!wn the l-ody of anolhei. 
Heteroceph''alU8 (f'rrpor, taiiUJi, the 

bmi] >. \ \uiAA uiotistHEJt) with two heads 

of uuevgual site. 

Helerochron'ic (/rffMf,Xi'°*^> "'"*-')' '^' 
trguUr in octurmiee. (kcurring a) dif- 
fcmii tiniu.oralothatlian the |jro|<cr time. 

Meterod'yinus (fri/mf. Mv^oi;. iwin). A 
double muiiatrr. ihc occeurury purt being 
bat an ifuperfoci head. 

Heterog'amy (/rtfiaf,^a/u)f,iiuniagc). A 
Icrm a|i])lieil tu diflcnni fbinu rf tcxnal 
dcTclopmi-ni arising frrao dttference In nu- 
trition ot rnviiantnent. It L> typiheil in 
tbc PivlUitra vasMrix, llic deveU^nnriil 
of which is far mofc compK-x when llie 
inwvts are l»ird under gmind, on ihc 
nuls of the RTapc Tine, compnied with that 
when the iiLf>.Ls breed upon the Iraves of 
Ihc vine. In lli* laiicicmf the Miccewivc 
gcnentions conii^t of apterous, ovip«n)us 
^male» only : in the fonnH the tjcXc con- 
■Uts of male insifis, ntterciu; females br 
prrpctuAting and wing>c(l females for 9pnad- 
iiif[ llie species, 

Hetcrogene^ity (mpof, jwwf, a kind). 
The condition or ijualiiy of being beien>- 

Heterogc'oeoui (M/wc. rn«r). Dtflfr- 
ing in kind or baturei compOMd of dilliv- 
ent sabstances, not hoaMgrnrous. 

HcteTOgen''esia (mpof, yrvwid. genera- 
tion). i.>[ganic deviations in the siiuatiua 
or coaraacr of organ's <''''- Also, the fact 
of a living parent giving rise to off^Dg 
that poas through a totslly diifcrent icrica 
of vtaiea from these eiUubjied by ihc |M- 
tCDi. and not returning into the panxd'a 
cycle of changea 

HcterogcDct'ic {htpoi, yrvtcw). IVttalo- 
ing to hetcToecncsis. 

Hetcrfoinrcc'tion {htfxi^.iHfirio, to taint). 
Infection (raosmiited by a person wbo is 
himself not infected. 

Metcrol'ogoua (<T(,mf,?tiy>f,tu) account). 
DUTcring in structure or form from ibe 
mnnal. H. Scriea, a scries derived (ram 
each other Ity chemical meumorpbaaes. 
H. Tissues, mortud Uantcs that hava 
no structuiul rcUtitm wiih the normal lis* 
sues of iljr puit. H. Tumora, luiuocB 
liariiic a diffenmC ti&Mie from that of tha 
imrt 111 which they are sJInnled. 

Hcieroroorph'ism [trt/tat, /nip^V, (bno). 
A condition marked by dlAermce in tarm, 
as compared with tho nocnial form. la 
chemistry, ilie propeny of crysulLliing in 
difTereiil fcnrts. 

Hcteron'omoua {mpoj, w,uar, a law). 
AbnunnaL. DevialiI^; from unlinaiy laws 
or (yjies. 

HctcTop'agua {hrpiif, other, raytoc, 
uniirdi A paraailic monslnaiiy with noc> 
Tiul head, u])]tct tvnd lower en Ire milieu, 
but uiih a )ianuite aitacltcd to the snienoc 
aUloniirial wall. 

Hetcrop'athy [frera^, iraSor, ani-ction). 
'Ilie treatment of a dimute by inducing ■ 
diflertnt morbid conditiiii to neuinduc IL 
Abncmul traction tu Uimulwtor irriiation. 
Heteropho'ria tr'ff»C. different, ^jdc, a 
trrwiing). A tending of the viMaal line* tii 
■oroc other way than that of panlleliMn. 
It may Le Esophoria. a tciMlin); of the 
IrnM inwarH ; cr ExophoHa, outward ; or 
Hyperphoria, a irmimg of the right or 
le^ visual line in a direction a1>ove iu fel- 
low. HypciYsophoria, a Icrvling n>f the lines up and inward. HypcrexO" 
phoria, up and outward. 

Heteroplast'ic. .Ve tleteroUgom. 

Hctcrotax'ia (mpor, rnfic, order). A 
congenital, Ind not neiediiary, di^ilace- 
SKiil of an organ or pari. Eapccially a 
nalpodiion of intemai organs. 

Keterotop'ia (mp)c roTnc. a place). Ab- 
nonual jjuailion. Mis^laccmcul uf an or- 




Cnn or put. ALmj. any tbnonnal giowtb 
of tiisue forvicn to that pan of ttie body 
whcicin it it Mluatcd. 

Hcterotro'pia. See SfiNimuj. 

H«tcrotyp'ic^frfpoc,rMroCt«[i«tt£mt. A 
Bunuuuulx cutiMiling oC a »ell-dcveIojj«l 
fmus from vtuch stvn im immaiure iccon- 
dnry fmu. 

Hcteroxanlh'inc. A Inkcomalnc isoUtnl 
inita luitie in ■{(84. In compwitioo, ii is 
iDcihyt xAathioc, «nd is tntenncditie be- 
tween xan'hinr aiid parftaoiilluuc or di> 
mcihyl-xauihiuc; cuists in ibc urine of 
man in the •mmc proporiiun u jMuwian- 
tbioe. Bui it enisii in uiiur d di« dog 
unaacmfuHie^ by psruuittiinc, md (be 
lune fact has been olMcrvcd in the uHnc 
of leucocytkxmic penons. Ic is ihouK^' 
by Solomon to have its otiKin in ibc kid- 
Ai^. Iti ph}?iulog;icAl action b not yd 
fully known. Xanthine, hrteroKanthine, 
and panuanthi&c fbnn nonnally a homolo- 
0003 series of i&nlhiac bodii-s in the tirine. 

Hcwson'a Experiments. To prove ibiU 
ihe blood vMsi'ls L-xcrt a rvslraining in- 
fliurnLt on tciaolalion. 

Hexicot'ogy ^/f if, state of cuodition^)^, 
science), 'fhe relations of a creature to 
its ciiviruiiaw^nl. 

HiB''tus (4/i', to K'pe). A space or open- 
ing. AUoi, ibe nilva. H. of Pallopttu, 
the shallow itrouvc on tbe pctruus |Kxlioo 
of tbe ien)|N>nU tone. 

Hibema'tion [AUiemui, vtnicr). The 
donnanl cootlttiuu or winter ilccpof ccr> 
tain aniRwli. nuiiiltly ticars, bcdKehoip, 
fU., in which aninuuion is almosl sus- 
IKoded. Keipiratioo and dnolation are 
pvally ledoced, and nutrition is perfonned 
mainly at Utc npensc uf the ttdly liasoes 
of the aniroal. 

Hie'cough {kU. a mimic word; cough). 
A spasauxlic cuntraciiioi of Uw: djnjilicai^ 
causioit inHMniioti, followed t^ a suiklen 
closure of uw glottis. 

Hielt'OTy. Tbe baikofshellburit hickory, 
Otryti t/i-j. Tonic and anii-uilcnnilteM. 
Useful in raalatial (eras. Dose of 6d. 
ext. A*H' L'nof, 

Hide-bound Disease. See Stlfn.\ifma, 

Hi'dro- {iAfiut, sweat). A prvAK aignifjr- 
inij iweaL 

Hidroped'esls (Mjivf, s^it^if, a Icafji^^ 
EitccsMvc iwcaang. 

Hidropoiii'sis {.'^>^, Tixnt, to make). 
Caiisiiv tbe lonuaiion and Mcretion oif 

Hidroa'cheaia (>dr<h>r. cj'C'r. retention). 
ReieDlioa or supprcssign of the swot. 

Hidrcr'sis lUpuiY The focautioa aad 
escretion of sweat. 

Hish'morc, Antrum of. Tl>e iMgecavitf 
in die body of the supeiior maxilUry hone. 

Hilum (LaL a litlk thingj. A small fia- 
sure, oulcb, or depressibii, especially (he 
notch on the inienMl or coocsvc bordtx 
of the kidney. 

Hind'brain ((jcr. kiittrriim). A dtvisioQ 
of ihc bimin, deTclgping froo a funoel- 
sbapcd tnbc in tbe embtyo to mi aoicriar 
lobe that hcccmcs the ccichellum, and a 
pofiierior lobe thai bccames the mcdulU 

Hinge-joint. See Duirlkr^it, 

Hip (Sax. kype\. The upper part of Ibe 
thigh at its junctMu with the bullocks. 

Hip-Joint DiB«a*e. An anhriiis vi the 
hip-joint ; an afledion of early life, and ac- 
cording as it begins in the head of Ibe 
fieoiur, ihe acetabalum, or in the synorial 
meminaae and pnper siructures of tbe 
joint, is divided respectively iwo Fematvl, 
Atetithtilar laxA Atikrilu. lb etiology ia 
obscnie, its symptoms pain (coulgia), 
swelling, and dcfonuiiy. Coxalgia is in- 
comct^y used as a synonym. 

Hippocamp'tu (itrvoc, bone. «v>iror, a 
sea inorutcr). A naioc ajipUed to the oao- 
volulions, H. KVu/'iT and //. minv, the 
(onner situated in the infenor and tbe lat- 
ter in the poMefior bom of the vuntricica 
of tbe liraio. 

Hippoeory^ML See Epnaut. 

Hippu'ric Acid. Benioflamideaceticacid. 
An odorless, moaobafik: acid occoiring to 
large amoniu in the urine of bertmra, 
•IM in them the chief end-product of Ibe 
metabolism of niiragcnous nibauncos. 
Human urine ctwdaius a ^imall «nount 

Hip^pUB (i':;?ar. huTtc. from analogy to die 
movement of the same). Sj^aiaiodic pupil- 
lary tnovements, independent of the adJon 
of light. 

Hir^Bute (4i>i»/itr, shaggy). Oneredwilb 
hair or lurintlci. .'ibagjty. 

Hir9u'ties(AiV;(i/«j| Hyi>ertiichissi* Ily- 
penrichosi.^ Polytrichia. Trichauxis. Hy- 
pertrophy, exocisjre, or abnotmal growth 
of the bair either in qvanliqr or in positioa. 

Histioid. .See Ifiitatd. 

Hiatocbem^iatry (I'^ror, a web oe ttuue, 
(Atmutry), Tbe cbemistiy of ofgaaic 

Histodial'yaia {'<rtTo^, itahaof, a resolu- 
tion 1. I'lie iliuolutioo fif (agaoic tinue. 
■Hlatogen'esis (KrruCj yty*au^ in beget). 
The iludy of the wigm and development 




]lKnurT«xmctiT« o( the Mijxvenal ljgJi». 

Hist'old [larof, tiiot, Ukeneu). Pcruui- 
ing to limue dchvcd from ihc racsoblul, 
■» B ht>toi)l twncv. S*t A'ttfUtm. 

Hiiiol'ogy (iff^nf, ^-^jac, a treotiv). The 
(tiidy of il>i' iniiinalf itnitiuce of lUntca. 

HiBtot'ysts C^TTvc, >i«i(,4li&M>lutk)u). Dh- 
inlcgraticm Oiul db^ttlutum of organic tb- 

Hiitoo''oRiy (iffTur. wiwt, « law). The 
laws of Itic ilrvcb|Hni:ut and urraiigancat 
of orgmntc Umuc. 

Histoptay8io]''osy (■«'«?■ f*^'t, oMure, 
Ao>«iir. ft ireiul&e). A ireaiiac conconing 
the functions tjS itic itiiriau> U»»Ufis. 

Histot'omy ^i^rof. rrpw. w cut). The 
disKction of any orgaaic tiune. 

Hivn. A nucnc loo»el)* Siplied lo almoU 
uy ponuUr cnipiton of tne tkin. Id 
Gkm itrHain, ap|l1i<^(l to croiifi and to 
cAickm-fvx; in ibe t'liiwd States, Umiied 
to a traDsiiory (onn of urticaria. 

Hoane Nan. A <Ihinc>c pTt[«nitio>i od- 
laincafrom Slryiknct gauHhrria. l*iouer- 
tics dnc to SnuiH percentile of strTChHtne. 
Kccvminended a* an altemtive in itjpliilu, 
IqjTOiy and liniilnr diieaxes. An alleged 

Entive of h)t)Tnphoblii If ^ven tn large 
iv) dcnrs duiing period uf iucubalicHi. 
gr. %~%. Unot 
Hoarse'neu (Sax. Aii). Hanhness of 
voice dejicnding on tooie aLaormnl condi- 
tion of Ihc lorrtu or ihroai. 
Hodg^in'a Disease. See Ljm/^aJr 

HofTs Malt Extract. Sec Maff. 

Hol'agogue('vi.i'j-.»holr,nj'u)-oi, leading). 
A medicine or rmmlj that »[>eb or 
drives out the whole of a morbid subatancc. 
A radical mnt^, 

Holm-'gren's Tests. Sec BliHthiw, 

Ho'Io- (<i^, entire). A Creek jmfjx »ig- 
nir>ing /■nfireiy. 

Holobtast'ic (Moc. fl}jicror. a sprout). 
IVrt«niag to Ibe x^oientiUioo ct tbe 

Homsi'ropine. See Atr^tte. 

HoRie'sickness. NuMsIgia. An nigml 
desire to reim lo me't nome. May be 
•ccMnpanied ta- a atotUd shiggiahtiejii of 
(be fonction* « ibe varioua o^ani of the 
body, devdoping bio prafcand mebn- 

Hofli'icidc (Atwii". a man, laJf, lo kill). 
The killing of a binmui being witboot 
inalice or intent, ai dtriingiiUriM bnin 
munkr w RmuUagbler. Abo, the taking 

of human life to general by aoothcr. AIso^ 
one wbo takes lb« life of aootbcr. 

Ho'mo ( Man. '{"he sole gennts t£ 
(be order Himiana. 

HomoccDt'ric {&in(, the ssme, <cnTpoi>, 
a cenler). Cooceotric. Having the «aroc 
center. H. Rays, a pencil of light-rays 
either oonc-sbaped or rod-shaped. 

Hamoccr'ebrin (j/ttif.cnrbnn). A citro- 
gcRoiu glucoude obttioed firow bnin- 

Hora'tso- iipiKof. like). A Grcdc prefix 
!>i|;nifyiii^' .'ike o» timi/ar. 

HomaQntorpb'ous (6/4m«c. Wf* *^ 
fcinnj. Ijkc or similar in funii and aCnic- 

Homceop'athy (ifioior, like, iro^, sil- 
■nmt or divaw). A vord applied br 
Mahncoisnii (o a systciB of (RStBieDt or' 
dixaie by ibc osc of an ngenl that, ad- 
minitlrred in health, " woald produce 
symiMunu similnr to (ho«c morljid coudJ- 
tions fct (he relief of which the ageiM or 
medicine a giren." The bypotbnis ex- 
pressed by iJic adage, "* timilia limi/ifuj 
ettniiUur" See Jitpiiar, and Alhpalky. 

HomcEoplaat'ic. Pertaining to a ne<o- 
plaun membling its macm-tistuc in lex- 
ture. thie differing widely in this respect 
is heteroplastic. Ef NepnrBled in posi- 
ticQ, it is said to be heterotopic ; in date, 

Homogene'ity (•y^of, alike, ynof. a kind). 
The condition ai being hoRiof;eneoiu. 

Homoge'ncous. Having ibcMme nature 
or qualities. Similar or ^cntical tn stiuc- 

Hotnogcti'cftis («¥!<¥. J'vvtoj, to beget). 
A term ii«ed to dcn(4e the faci tbal a liv- 
ing {wrcnt giies rise lo offsprinf Ihtt 
poMcs tlirougb (he same cjr^c of cbaages 
« ilw:ir, 

Homog'eny. See Ihmtjitttait. 

Homog'onous (I'^t, jiwot. seed). "WWi 
like or similjir c<fl^pring. 

Homoiother'mal(ii^«io(, like A^f>?i heal). 
IVrtaioing to animals that are "wann- 
bloodcd." or that lusintain a nniAiiu 
temperature dctpttc -rariatioDS in the sur- 
rouadln([ teniperature. 

Homol'ogoas {«wi^ia)> Haring the 
Mnie stniclaral form, tue, or lypc. H. 
Seriea, in chraiiMry, a grsduainl tetie» 
of oompounda having a common diflference. 
See /fyi/r,>tarhm. H. Tissues, thoae 
identical in l)-pe of Mrvcttve. H. Tu- 
taot, a nunc given by Vircbow to a lomor 
consisting of tiv>uc identical with that of 
the organ whence it spriagf. 




Hom'ologue (Jt/ioXoynr), A patlicolor 
ut};>Lii LuititDOii lu aiif iiumbrr of spccM^, 
rlft*scs, or orders of uiimAlt. 

Homol'ogy (o/t^, aojoc. » treuue^ The 
KKticc tmliikg oif the tomp«i'«li»e Stxidy 
of Ibc niDC pftrt or organ in ditTcivnc 
tptdts kDd orden of animik, and also to 
the Nod]' of ocgwu or parts drrclopcd 
Irani tbc Mine enUyonic Mruciar«, Alto, 
the mcrpbolofpcal identity of puts or 
orf[ikns in diRei ml animaLv 

Homon'omous (ifo(. >v(^> o Uw), Cor- 
nncd b> or uimIct the umc law. 

Homon'ytnoua (dwn{, oi-u/jn,* namey A 
Ictm applied to oaiaet that !»«% iIk 
atant sound or ptonunciaiion, bat dilleTcnt 

Komothei^inic (i/tof, 0tppn, bcU). 
ilAviog imilorTaity of temperature or bodily 

Hom'crtype (a^xv* Tvmr, a piMtcni). A 
part corrcspoodins and nmilar to an- 
other part, »i ihe Diuamu to the femur, 

Hondu'ras Bark. See Cmatra Amarga. 

Honey. See -IW. 

KoneycDoib Rin^wonD. Sec Fltmu. 

Hook (Sax, Aa). A curved inxIrameDL 
H., Blunt, on in&lramrnt d«crilxd liyita 
luitne, for cxercuing nvcti^io upon the 
frrtui m an omsti-d tiircfh nrcvnlnftoo, 
H., TyTTeU'a, n blunt, liciulM iKxik far 
operation* vooa tbt- eye. 

Hop. See I/HmttJus. 

Hope'ine. See Hamuliu. 

Kocde^'oluni \kordfum^ a ^rain of bailey). 
A tlyr \ a furiinciilnr inl^atntnntMai of (he 
ooDnectivc tissue of the lidf , ikw ihc Isir 

HoT'deuroll^,). Railry. H. Decorti- 
catum, Iwley dcpriri-d of iti husi: : com- 
nionly railed /rti-/ bArity. H. Cermi- 
natutn, matt, if, v. 

Hore''faound. See M'trmbium. 

Hori'zon yipt^uv, the horicoii)' The line 
arpwaling the ri>it>le from tlie invtiiblc 
pan uf ibe earth from a sioglc |xhiii of 

Harixon'tal (ofwC*'*')- Pvallel to the hori- 

HoKmion. See Siuil. 

Horn (Su., 'fiTut). IIk bard prelection 
used Ell o dcleiiMve weapon, growing on 
the beads of certain anitnnls. 1 loms tnay 
be pennancot, as in ibe ux; or drcidiioua, 
to. ID ili« deer. AIk), ihc bardriinl cpt- 
ihelial anb&taoce of which the bora is 
composed. H., Cutaneous. Sec Vimu 


Homer's Muscle. The Tenmc T«ni 

Horop'ter {\->o(, a boundary, o^nfp, an ob- 
server). The sum of all the points seen 
»iiig1c t>y ibc IMO rctin:r while the fuatiM) 
poini rrmainii stationiry 

KonipUa'tion [A^ree, to stand on end, 
/jVm, llir bair). A »m»lioa a» if tbe 
hjuni o( the »kin «-cre ttilT and erect. 

Hoi'ron {Acrrtc). A popular name br 
Jf.'ii ium trrmem, f. V. 

Horae-Cheatnat. See Etfutm iRtfo- 


Hone-Radish. The frc*h root €>f C-Mh- 
Itunaarmcrdna. FropertietducloaTDla- 
lile oil. Stimulant, duirrik. and cxtcr- 
[udly a rnhrUiacienL Much umi » > condi- 
mcDt. DoK of 6d. cki. 3}-i). t'nof. 

HrM''^ital [hospttaU, a laige hoose). A 
Inildu^ for the core and treatmeol of sick 
<j* infinn (tropic. H. Fever, a feveriib 
conitiiion tormerly common in hospitals, 
doe to ill -venli lotion and uriMutilaiy coo- 
diiions. Also, the fxyvt »>'Dip(ofDatJc of 
gangrene. Sec fever. H. Oanctene, 
■ contagiom, phagedenic gai^tene occa* 
nonally attacking wounds or open sures, 
[| t^ confined mainly to military hospitals, 
and hvlicrol to t>r uf microlac origin. 

Kos'pitalism . Tbc morttiTK twacaoea 
nnviing fn<n) ihr- gathrring of diseased per- 
son* m I hospital, which seems to have a 
t«u]ci)L7 to produce »pdc diiea»es. 

Host ^Ai)j/u,aMi-u>gcT|. A landlord. The 
organic Ixidy iiinxi which parasite* trrc. 

Kot-Spotl. .Sec TfmperatHre Srmi. 

Hot'lentot Apron. See Afr^m. 

Hound's Toogue. Tlic leaves and root 
of cynfg/Mium oJSiiMoJe. Anodyne, de- 
mulcent and aMrtngcnt. Ilose of iM. est 
g s*-j. L'nof, 

Hour-gTsBS Contrac'lion. See L'tertu. 

Housemaid's Knee. See Atsten, Bitr- 

Howshto's Lacti'nK. nepressioos in 
which tic Ibe OKeoctaits of eroded or 
stxingy bone. 

Huin'gan. The seed of a plant native to 
the Andes. Inftiuoo used in urinary 

Hum. A low rhythmical murmur. H., 
Venous. See f>if«rr. 

Humec'unt {kHmtetp, to make moist). 
.'\ diluent. Also a subttancc used to 


Hu'mcrsl \kumenu\. Pfcrtuning to ibc 
Hu'mema. (Lat) The large Ixjoe of Uw 
: arm. A1k> the ihOBUcr, 




Homid'itJ [Aumirr, moiolutr]. ThR xUtc 
or ijBulii) (A ticitig moi»t. 

Jiu'mor (Awmr). Any Hoid nr Brmi-fluid 
pnit ot the l«i()f. H., Aqueous, (hr 
Uaiii>|jMrciii fluid that tillk tbc ttiilcricr 
duuulcr of the rye. H., Vitreous, Ihc 
tmupinnit gfbune-Uke nilnuncc tilling 
tlic poMcrior ctivnl«r ol ihc eye. 

Hu'morftl (AumarY IVrikuiins to ihc 
DiuufBl rtukLt of the body. H. Path- 
ology, a ikeory among the Greeks that all 
tii«ra'<ct roulln) from a dUoidncd or ot)- 
normul coiuHUon of the fluida or fautnon 
of the Uxiy. 

Hu'mulua. I fop. The frail-conM at 
II. tu^lui. Containt. vnious urinL'iplai, 
bopctnc aitd lupulin being nicM uiifunaut. 
A Nttrr tlom.'ichic tnaic nnd lircblc h)r)>- 
oolic, iactva&iiig cwdtac aciKiii. A yoa\- 
tkc of hope » a Earorilc remedy in inflam 
iBaliona. H. Infusum, unof, 3u-<>]. 
Dom: %]--\y. H. Tinct., jo jicr teni. in 
sin-ngth, Ikise ^j-ij- Lupullnum, the 
gl.iniiutai [tniitlrr. I IcHe gr. \-x\. L.. 
Fid. Ext., alcolivlic lAi^c ^as-ij. L. 
Olcoresin». eihereal. Itocc gr. ^-v. 1.. 
Tinct., urinf., itrenglh 12^ |ier cent. 
l)o*c 3»-ij. 

Hun'^r (Sax. kuMffer'\. A coa<lition 
marked tiy a »ciusUka) of coifiUarM of (he 
Ktowuch nix] iiiuoac duairc iut food. 

Hume'han Chancre. See ChaiKre. 

Hunt'er's Canal'. See CanaJ. 

Hunla'roan's Cup. i^ Trumpet P/atii. 

Hutch'insoti's Teelh. A noncbcd or 
furm«red cmditinii of (hr free edge* of Ihe 
pcrnianral teeth, oprciully the ceattui itt- 
ciMnU the upper jaw; diK to inherited 

HuK'hara'a Tinct'ure. Red dnchoiM 
b(Uk ,^>v. onxtgr perl ,^lij, 9(-r{«'ntaiia 

~ J. \xw, Spafiiw lafFron gt. cU. nKhinenl 
r. Ixxx, t>nnr|y ^ xl. digeitcd four davH. 
kMc 3»-ii. 

Hy'lltn (Ht>^, glaM). A tmialDoent .Wi- 
xance, rallied, aW, canallaed (itmn. thai 
•omrlimrs (i>;i:ui> in miliary tubcrclr. 
Alv>, [he mcnil.Tune or vu: funnii^ the 
nail o\ hydaiiit cyati. 

Hy'alinc (iii>Dt). RcscnUiiiig glass in 
Inuitparettcy. H. Caal, on Cylinder, a 
dear, nearly tiarupwent urinary lul^-cui. 
H. Degerteralion. a def^tncDtikin of 
6bnju« (i>tue th:it lirconws tiaiivpuentr 
)i 111- like. AAd hoDMgcncoiu in uniciilte. 

Hyali-'tia (fibUic (rif, tnflamiiMtion). In- 
Aanunatioo of the Iiy^otd memfcrwie. UMd 
u a lynonyia (or iatUmmatioa cf the vil- 

Hy^aloid (iVXaf.ddof, lilce). Trai ap are i il; 
like |£la»». H. Artery, in tbe enA>fyu,a 
t>mnch of (he artena centmlit retinae, in- 
Tcmng the «iireou> butour U> tbe u oaler i u r 
cap«u£ of the lent. Ill byaloicl sheath 
(omi> the (anitl (/ C/oattft. t\rsUtente 
of thii nrtery after birth baa been ulnerved. 
H. Merabrane, a delicsite, Iranspartni 
mrmtxaii^ Minnunriing the vitreous humor, 
except III (luDt, where il liecooK!! fibmu 
srul atioiig uud foniu a leaflet of the »- 
nil la of /jnn, 

Hyaloidi'tia. See /fyalitis. 

Hyal'oplasma. See J'rotfflasm. 

Hy'brid {fivtrfia, a mongrel). A term 
signirying the ufbpmii; uf two individuals 
of di'tincl l-ut closclv related apedts. 
Amimg nnitnaU, Ltie tnule is tbc beil Known 

HydATthrc/sls. See Hydmrtkrssii. 
V Hydat'id (t<lari;, n trenclct. Tlie cnl of 
- tHic embr^ of Ttmia tthtiweoretu ta the 
humnn liody; frequentLy. abo, loaaely ^i- 

Clinl tovcMuilor lumori nndcyalsof many 
iiidk lliey ore diokI fmiueni in the Uver, 
but are found in nwet aiqr tissue, even in 
bene. SynouyuKNu writb H. Cjrst. H. 
Mole. %x M,^e,tfyJatiiifcrm. H. of 
Morgagni, certain sboit pcoccaaa of ihe 
tunica vaginal it tcMii. 

Hydatid'ifonn (ix^anr. fiirma, (bra). 
I i living ihe fonn of a hytuidd. Reaem- 
biing a b)'(laiid. H. Degeneration of 
Chorion,orVe«lcuUt Mole. See.1/.'/l*. 

Hydrac'id. A term soineiiniea used in 
[hemidry dcnoling an acid Kjrmed by a 
conil>inaUon of liydro^n and aome acid 
element or radicAl other Ihan oxygen. 
Hydroctiloric niid, HCI, and hydrogen or 
hydric sulvtiide, II,S, are exannile*. 

Hydradeno'ma. Adenoma with Mfoui 
or walcrj' e>iriteiit». 

Hyclne'n^ia ( iVu/j, train-, ai/ia, the blood). 
A walcry condition of the blond due to de< 
fcctive renal »ecnllon,oriorin|>crfcct liW- 
naiinn. Accmnptnies nihuminuria and 
cert;itn uthi7 cxliitisting diieHM-a. 

HyMra|[OKue(i-lt.v.<t}u,tQevpel). A pur- 
mtive thai cauacA liquid alilnc diachar^i. 

Hydram'nios (i*^!^, water, afivrnv, fuctal 
metnl'raneV An abnormal atnouot of 
amnidlc lluid. 

Hydran'gea. Tbc root of //. ariorrtffmi, 
aiuaifngc. Much a#«0 by the Chcrukce 
Indian' in taloili oI the bladder, and Mid 
lulcofoLiiaiii utility. Deaejta-ij. Voat. 

Kydrartgiorogy {iivp. oyytioi-. a venwl, 
^ojof.atieatiae). A treatiMon tbc nalure 
sod functiona of the lympiiatica. 




Hydraigyr'is. Sec Mtr/urialUm. 
Hydiargyri'ttsia. Sec MrrtiirtiiHiiH, 
Hydraf'gymtn. Mwwry. Ilg = x«o; 
qiHBlrralcncc ii, IV. The on\y liriuid 
idHbIKc dement, Wdcc the comnion nune. 
yui. i^ilTcr In medicine <bc, lis 
nitrate, oiidrg, chlorides and iodides are the 
Milta HMMt coiuiaoii]y.theMilph>deandc]ra' 
nide tew &vK|ucmly, used. A toiuc, pw^* 
tivc,atxlaltctitrrcinsoHll daeei oootinned 
not too long « lime, la Uigrr doaea. vt too 
long (TMitinuetl, it ap4 to produce )<ynli>»i. 
tD"biliousne^'' iiierciiri«l puigalive^hLive 
long been a baaritc trmedy, l>lue nua, 
«nd tnetturous diloridc or calomel Lciiie 
uwally employed. In sy^Jiilis mercuric 
cMoride and iodide are grnrmlly ooD" 
Mend a *pcciiK. iu the Torm of colonel, 
u-iefil in glandular inllatnioatiooa. For- 
mrriy much used in the lame bmi in 
tyuhoid and malarial fevers. The toluMe 
wis dt mercury an; highly poiaonon*. 
H. Ammonistum, unmoniMed mcTcnTy, 
"white precrpiialv," mcrcur smmouium 
chloride. Uaedcxtenwilly. H, Amino - 
niatucn Ung., ■' wbOr prccipitaie pint- 
mcnt." — emnuKualed mercuty lo, Ix-n^o- 
Dtrd Urri 90 pons. H. Chloridum Cot- 
rtnivum, cocToure chloride of mm.-ury, 
ncrcwu chloride, " bidiloridc of mercury," 
"conMhre sublinwlf " Sdulilc in walrr 
andalcnhol; aniiiyjihiliiii:. I'l'^gr..^— J^. 
Vcn' puiw^Ku-t. rl. Chloridum Mliit. 
mill) chlfTiik or snlichksvle of mercury, 
mercur^uj diluriite, *' calomel, "—laxative, 
Umic and aiuipyictk. ImuluUc in wuicr 
mil alcohol. iJvnc f^. ^g-x. H. cum 
Ammonia, Emplaatrum. Sec A"ime- 
mium. K. cum Creta, mercnry wuh 
chalk, "dialk mulurr," "gmy pnwdi-r,'' 
cqntaiiia mercary .{8, tngju of milk 12, 
pnpared dwlk 50. ether awl alcohol <). a. 
Done gr. u-x. H. Cyanidum, tncrcuric 
cyanide. SuluMi; in water and alcohol. 
Recommended in diohtberia, with aconite. 
DoM p. xhlf^a- I'oiMinaa*. H. Em< 
plantnim. mercurial platter, — Mercury 
30, olive fldl 10, ft sin lO, leod-jjlasicr 50 
paiU. H. CI Amenii lod., Liq., IJuno- 
▼an'i SolitUan. See Arunic. H. Ftav. 
Loiio, vnoL, " yellow vaih " for syplii- 
fitic wrta,— conxi«ive wbUmitr ^. xviy, 
lime water 3^- Gibert's Syrup, uno/., 
hydcvg. btotodiit. p iij, ftiUsi. lodid. 
(jr. cy. w-*l« ^iij. ftyiup i|. ». aJ 3>. 
H. lodid. Vinde, (iven iodide of mer 
caiy, mcrcurtiu iodide, I»ow p. ^s~\- 
H. lodid. Rubrum, icd iiidiile or Iniiiu- 

in >ohi(ioo of potassium iudide. Poiwooua. 
DoM gt. ^r^- H. Massa, ■■ Mue 

tnasK," " blue pill," hju mercury j_t. lit'tnee 
5, althjca IS, glycerine j, confection of 
rote i^. U«cd mainly as a pur^live. 
I)cBc gi. n^u. H. Nigra Lolio, nuof., 
"black vaih"ibr jiyjiiiliiic xm^, — calo- 
mel gr. xi\, lime wiUer J^x. H. Nitrat. 
Liq., lololion of mercuric [lilraic. U»ed 
a> an ctcbaiolic. H. Niuat. Rub.,UnK.. 
unof-, red ocntmeol of mrrcitnc ciilratr, 
browD ciuine oimmeitl ; made witli cnd> 
liver oil. H. Nitrat.. Ung., otrine oii^- 
mcni, — mrrroiy 7, nilric acid 17, Urd oil 
76. H. Oleat., cotuaiiii ycll</nr ojiidcr 10, 
oleic ncJd 90. K. Oxld. Ftav., yellow 
oxide ol memiry. Imolalile in ■rnlrr; 
K)1ii1<le in nilric aiul hydrochloric nci'b. 
L'aed iiijprc(Miraiioii of ointmenlk. -t: H, 
Oxid. nav., Ung'., ccintoiiut to per cent. 
ot the oxide. H. Oxid. Rub., rvil oxide 
ofncmtiy. Hose pr. j^ ,V- H. Oald. 
Rub., Unr., coiilaitu 10 \xt cenl. of tlte 
OKide. H. Subaulph. Flaw., >xllow 
saloAiljJintc of nu-rrtm-, Ihiiic mercuric 
ralpbaic, "tnrpclh nuDcral-" Soluble in 
utK^-hydrodiioric ociil. Dote, for cmeai>, 
gr. ij~v H. Succinlmldum. Ila&t>een 
recDOanendrd lor fay|iodrTtiiic ut. H. 
Sulpfa. Rub., red laercuric Mdpltalc, 
<■ rinnA^uu-." Uwd only in lumigiiiloii. 
H. Unguent., mirrcutini uitilmoil, "Mae 
oinUnefll,"— Dtercury 450, hud 22$, net 
3>5,com[i linci. len/nin .jo.dM nK-n.~urial 
ointment too; triluralrd until ibe gliiliuk* 
of atcrcury dJ>appcar uitdei » Riat;mry]ii|t 
glttBL I xcd to jKuduce mercuti^ eSed 
by inunuiou. 

Hydra rtfaro'Bla {tAjp, wnlrr, of/^pay, 
jnint). An dTuumu ef lluid iu a ^•lut a» a 
■oull of chronic nywviut. (.alleil alio 
Hydrofw Anlcull. dru{»y of the jdnt, 
white sucliiiig, rif. 

Hydrar'thruB. .See Hr'f'>"tf"'^i'*. 

Hydras'tis, Golden Jkal 'I1tc ttx«u of 
// fitnadeHsit. IVijictlii-* dot to acvcrvl 
alkaloid*, the j«incii»l lieifii; )iy<Iia<Jinr. 
A ainple, ttittcr tonic with aim|:«(iodk 
proucrtie*. .-Vrrr*!* liie nujictoeiili of 
white UomI txqntKlo<. An etctllrni 
remedy in caianh of uomadi and uniiaty 
or);aiu, and uicful a> ■ lutiuri iu |{uoutr) 
Slid gleet. \>Qt* of ibeOd.cM.,ni.«-xK]ti 
of the ttnct. — M [iCT cent — 3 M-ij. Hy- 
draatin, imi>f.,* mainly uf chlo- 
ride of l*rt"crinc. Ivisc, gi. ij-*. 

Hy'draic (i^W, watcrV A cumtmtnd of 
an clemculAry alLim, ur of a fadKal. with 
ibe radical 




Ihe bydroi{eii iiUxnfDajrbepwiiiTCDTTHfiB- 
Iir4-. I'nuticAlly a hydtau i* conildcml u 
ft muk-culr of vmlcr with il» tta»ic atom of 
hf<lro)!^ii fcplacctl bf tuuittier clectrn|x»i- 
iiTc atom, 01 polaMium hy(lr;tie, K-o |], 
i» ilfrivcil fivm water, H'(J-H. 

Hydra'tion ( t Aj^j). The procesjiy which 
« ixiAy or suHunnce beoomM imprf^otci) 
or fL.-iiurali-d willi waler. 

Hydreticeptk'alocele. S«e tVenin^itle. 

Hydrenceph'alus. Sm tfyttraeefJialut. 

Hyilri'aats. S<w IfyJiyt-tkemfftilirt. 

Hy'dio- (uW< ^^atcr). A prefix lignify- 
ii^ joalrr, or ihol micr (onra a slnicliniU 
part. Sec, al-ro. Hydrate. 

Hydro'a {i\i^y\. Hydros haprtifbnn, 
DcmMtim ucrpcciformii, lYmphigus pruri- 

ginCWtn, Huqten t;eslau<>iii.i, ilrt|r> uiici- 

nutubuilodu^. A liullait) or ji^ijiulor zn,\t- 
lion accuRi[«iuc<) wilbcrj'thanatou.N k-siotia 
and iiHuU'riLile- Uc1iii>ti, >j>pe«rinK on tin- 
covervri ji-iitB of tlic body, as the fnce, 
bojidi and wri*U, ( iccaiitmaUv rf>en)bli-» 
|[cr)«i. Zoster aud Eryilienii liiviimiiim. 
The n-cognlzMl vancties are H. Gesta- 
tionis, of tirc^oncy, uiid H. BuUeux, 
ill wliiL'b the eru|itiun U attended wlUi 
bulU imiead of popubc. H. PebriUs. 

HydTobiliru''bia. Derived from billrutqn, 
a cnlnring tnotier of firccs, idvnllcal with 

Hydrocor'bon. A aame ipplied to any 
one of a muliiiude of cornpoundx com- 
posed niainlj- of hj^rogm andcurlion.biit 
alio under ceitiun conditions oontaining 
other element! s.« ^iilmtiliition products. 
'IImt [>o<i«il'iIilir!« of the numtirr of i^uch 
ooinpotmdx may be k-cd in tlte following 
«rrM*8, perhn{M tlie sim^Jt^l, corhcin, 
C, l>cinga (c^Irad, andre-iniring futiTrnnnad 
■toms to saturate Ili riuantivalence : — 

In either of IhoK 
one or inore olonii 

nf hi-drogen may be 
repUceil by otlirr 
atojn^ or radicals 
vithnui altering the 
»trurtureof Ihc com- 

Methane, CH,. 

Ethane. C,IJ,. 

Propane, C,Hy 

DntoiM, CJI„. 

Pentane, C,H„. 

It will be noticed thai ibc memlient of the 
series diffL-r hy CI I, in Ihe (vocnt caw, 
'ITtf wanouji m"'ml>rjB i.f the I'ol Seric* an; 
umalhr iodicattd &<< follows : — 
hramnc Serie*, CbH.h ^ „ 1 io wMch m 
OlBlin»,C,lt,B [Mai»d* for 

Acetytcnmi, C^"!" — t* J anynumbrr 

of cartioQ atoms. Thut, \t n = ^, the 
oormpoadiag nembei of ihe Paraflinc 

seiie* would be C,il,. rfr. All (he hydro- 
carbons are intlammable. They occur in 
nature ns nior^h );a* (tire damp), nuiuntl 
y^, naphtha, i^eiioleuni, ospbaltuiD, oiocer- 
llc, ttt.. In a multitude of f<vna. 

Hy'drocele (I'l'ti^', KT'/.y.tuuKii). A collec- 
tion of Mfuoi dujd in the ttmictt vaginalis, 
or in connecttuii wilU the leiticlc or ofinl. 
Ap|)iiFid, olau, to n. *etoiui tumor in other 

Hydrocen'oals (iJup, iu\*aai(, evafoa- 
lion). An e»«i.iiiilie«i of water citbcr liy 
the uie of hrdnigociie cathartics or \f ibe 
(■Iiemlinn of "lafijiing" Ihe carity contain- 
ing llic ucctiinuliUmn uf fluid. See Para- 
^^ feu's. 

Hydraceph'alJc (iAjp.Jce^Jjj). Pettaln- 
ing \Q vr nlT'.'cted with kyilnjcepliolus^ K, 
Cry, ihr %lirii'k.^ nl jMin of the hydnKcpb- 
alic duld danng Ihe ciaccrbationn. 

Hydroceph''aloceIe (.Wup, ■»^v. the 
head, dfl/jj, a tumor). cWgcnltal hydn- 
ceplialu* in which the cncephalon |vt> 
lfud» ihruugh tbe uniinited « undeveloped 
enuiial wall. 

Hydroceph'aloul (Muo, u^?.v,lhch<-ad). 
Pertuining loorreteinUliie bydrui^phatui. 
H. DJBeaie. a dLieoM reKinl>ling h>'dr^ 
cephatm, lomrtimri nlivT\rd hi pocely 
nourished bfants just aficr weaning, 

Hydroceph'alus (iAifi. netaii/, he>ul), A 
co1l^t:liori of tiiiid in (liecrreiirat ventricle*, 
prereniiog closure of ibc fontanello and 
causing eniugcmcnl of Ihc 4.ii!l. 

Hydn>choIecy*'tiB (Wup, joJjf, ibc Inle, 
Kiarrfc. a bladder). Dmprf of the goll- 

Hydrocirs'ocele (•'•A.m, <c'jw«(, a vrnoua 
enloigemcnt, •or'iJ!). a tuiDor). Hydrocvle 
accomfttnicd with varicoM Tcios of the 
spermatic cord, 

Hydroco'lia (t-Ajp, wmAm, the belly). 
|)iii]wyor the Ivlly or aMominal n^on. 

HydrocoI'lidine. A highly poiKonoua 
ptomaine ^«3c, so named by Gautirr and 
l-liard, arid ilcclan-d liy them to be idmti- 
cal with the hydrocolttdinc obtained by 
Caboura and Elard by the action of aele- 
nium oo nicotine SVnrki, on Ihe other 
haiKl. tuserted iu identity with a tiase tto- 
laled by him in 1876, to which he had (lv 
crit*-! iliercrroali '-",H,iN. 'Iln- fimiula 
of Caulicr and Elord's hydrvoJlldinc Is 
f.,H|,N'. Thife )>loniain'.'' winotituinnl from 
rhloroformic cnln*rt», from jjutfrfying 
mackerel, and putrefying hor«c tWh and 
o« R"-4h 'ITi'- trrr t»i*r :» .in iilmosl colw' 
leu, alkaline, oily fluid, having a iitning, 
peoctraliog odoe like lerioga. So untall a 


dow u ftoot; KTAD) of tbc bydrochldride 

injectcJ inlo bril*, produce* diu-inru, 
pviljsu umI (Seoib. ^lie pupiU ve nor- 
ro,t!, 4nil ihe heart Muns m (ltulc>k. 

Hydiocol'pocele (loup, •cjurnf, ni^v, 
iiunur). A KnMU tnnxx of tbc vagiiu. 

Hydtocot'yle. IVnnjrvrocl. llir 1r«Ki 
of //. aaatiia. Active |ittnct|ilc itilarinr, 
a tillLT Ionic and allcnlivr, vcrj- »cfvic«- 
ftbir in skin discucs, S)rj>hilitic lom and 
li^ptiay. Uoof. 

Hydrocyui'Ic. Sec Cyantgen, ukI Add, 

Hy'drocyBi | ixh^, nortf , « bWUer). A 
cpl containing ■ wMCT-likc liquid. S^- 
onytmiuk with tiydoiid. 

Hydroderm'a ()>l<^, ^pi>a, tbe ikin). 
Droj'.^y <if ihtf liktn. 

Hydro- electric (i*Vip. tlahieity). IVr- 
Ulning lo eInriitcKy dc«elo)«d l>yihe phy- 
licol nction of twAs. (jt in connection with 
trmtn-. H. Bath, m bath in nhich the 
RKlallic lining «f tlie ttil> b ccmncclcd 
with rAc pole tS * taitcry, tbc other being 
in contact willi ihr per>«n oj tbc pntienf. 

Hy'drogen ^i^Wi imvou, to prodticc). 
H =: I. Quanli valence I. A gucoiu ele- 
ment, nrtc iitcT d nblcb weigh* .0896 
graRinic. Il is feebly basic and ocnrs to 
njtliitr comliincd wilh ojygeo in llie fonn 
of wnirr 11^0. It lui> lircn Ujurried ai • 
iwnijenrtun: of — 386*" F. under a tcniion 
of (150 alnuMphcfrt — «k prruiirc of al>out 
4.7 Irmt per B|iiarp inch. In cucnhtnnlion 
-with cation, ax)';rcn and niirDgcn, It forms 
« niullituite or ndicnl* fcnncrly known u 
" (xgnoic " con4iautKls, Iwl now often »yn- 
tiielically fenncd. Used Inrgely In ilie 
tjnolilntiFe dctrnn inn lion of tu-seitic and 
antimony, nnd foi o:iml.i)stian vilh-oiiraat 
to produce intci»c beat. Has abo been 
luetl \t^ inludatiiin in consuniption. H. 
Peroxide, an nmtablc conqicntKl bavjni; 
the coin{y«ll)Oo ll|0,. A poweiful anti- 
septic am] enmiride, U^ed an a disin- 
fectant in dijihtheno, ghadular swellini^ 
and luppuretive inflanowtiotis. It v. (be 
Ikuii of nxMt batr-Meatcfaing totulioRfi. 
I>o»e, 3*s-ij. Unrf. 

Hydrohs^mu (r'Ajp, turn, the blood). 
Watery, oe poor cunditkm of the htood. 

HydroFoffy t(<Hu^ ?n)or, a tremiBr). A 
tmiiie' on the nature and asci of water. 

Hydrolyt'ic (fA^,Siu,iadl<^re). i'cr. 
tointng to tlie deoocnpoation of wucr, or 
the liberation of wMer during ■ cbcmical 
reaction. H. Ferments, ibcKe cauMng a 
comMmikn with ibv clcmcius of water in 

^^ibw a ncea the; dccompoic. 

Hydro'ma (t&y>). A cyst or »dc filled 
with WJtcr or aetiMu fluid. AImi, an 
a-dunoiuiu sweUIne. Abo, the dilatation 
of a lytniilurfic of die neck from a cystic 

Hydtomenuici'tifl Ki^vp, /ngvijf, a bkb»- 
litoiii) Inllafninalion ol tbe tnembranea 
of the Inin or cod, acvoMipanied by ef- 
fuxion of wiMery IhiUL 

Hydramemn'goeele (i<dwp, /cvMjf, C9A9, 
n lumoc). A watery tumor of (be inen- 
inge», iwotruding ibtough tbe skuU. Abo, 
a watrty liunnr in Ibr anKhmid cavity 
or in the cottiintrntionoftbe uihanduNad 

Hjdrom'eter (Mwfi, />rrpenr, a meoMue). 
ha buUnntent for dctcmuning the sfjcdbc 
giarity of Iic)uids or KdniMMu conlainiug 

Hydrome^tra (u^j, ^(jrpo. utcnKi). A 
collrctKn of wiier or iBacu.-i in the wnmh. 

Hydrorn'phalua (iitup, n^/^nJof, the na- 
vel). \ lumor ai the navel diuendcd 
with waii-t. May arise either from ascites 
or umhilKal berttia. 

Hydromy'elus {y^, pxOii^, tnamwl. 
A ongriiiial cnvity of (be *pioal cord. 
Alio, dntention of tbc tponal ccotl caused 
l;y tbe effusion of water or sciutts ftuid. 

Hydron'cua (»<^uf*, <*}*Y> ■ tnna^). A dis- 
lentioo or nrclling catned by on occamR- 
lation of water, .See, also, ihJttna and 

Kydronephro'ata fi<dbV), vr^pec. kidaey). 
A collection qS unae in tbe kidiMy inxa 
ohstnicted outfiow. 

Hydrop'athy {i'ivQ, «-ii<fct. suffering). 
I'hc trrttmeiu of diccaaes by (be tuc of 
wslrr, rxirm.illv and inlrrnally. 

Kydiopeticar'iiitim (i"**^, rrrpmapinf, 
(the [•r-iicardiumf. Lropsj' of the peti- 
cardium. A1m>, an eRtinioo of water or 
serous fluid into the pericudinm during 
pr Heard it if . 

HydrDperitonK'um. Her Atti/n. 

Hydn^otHa (i*kv?, ^cv^of, dread). A 
symptom of rabies in man. rcntining io 
fear of water, or inability to twatUnr il. 
Used eommonly as a syiMnym of XaHftt 
and partknlurly of tbe ditcotc in man. 
H-, Piicudo-. Src i'ifuJe-iifJivfA!.4ia. 

Hydropho'bic 1 t<*up, fh,fer)' rcrtaimng 
to or hnving tbe nature oi byilnifibotiM. 
H., Teianui. .Src A'i'f/f.t-inus. 

Hydropbobopho'bia (i vtf'rc/*.»*f«, 

t\i-K). A morhtd and inteiue dread of 
ydnjphnl iia. 
Hydropbibal'mia (iVup, water, ii«A>>;Mr, 
eye). An utcrt-a^ of the fluid coole ntafrf 




the ej^, tc,«ullinf[ in giaueMiut, ktrtU»- 
fMui, .'*iii, tti. 

Hydrophihal'moc. Soc Keratofit^m. 

Hydrophysom'etra (Muf, ^xni, wind, 
uijriMt ihi? wo(nli). An ahnoiTiin] collec- 
tion of water, or other fluid, am) £«& in the 

Hydrop''ic (i<V**«''Ci diflisicaJ). I'er- 
taining to dropsy. 

HyMropUsm. Accorxling to Nlgcli, a 
fluiil <on-JitU'-nl r-f protnpla^m. 

Hydropneumal(/8is (/'•Iw^', nn'^rwoir, 
iuilatiuD). An nlnkoriiDil or iiiorhid col- 
IcciioD of wntrr, or othcf fluitl. and air 
wiibin any of ibe Iksucs of Uic tiody. 
Sec. also, /fyJn^tuHt^nia. 

HydropnQUmo'nia (l«^*. wnfiuv, the 
lung). A di&cuc ihougfai to consitt of n 
serous iitfiltr»tion within the lung; ».\tt>, 
on e^iL-ion ikiiliin tbe plciVB KCH-timcs 
uci;iiiti|»Liiyiiit; piii;MR)OniA. 

Hydropneumopcricard'ium ('■•^p, irvrv- 
(ta, sir, irrptKop^ov, the pcricudiuml. 
A morbid cullcciion of air mid wiitcr within 
tbe pericanlium. It catisei the cljckiiifj 
souikI commonly knnwn u the " watcr- 
whccl " ioulid. • 

Hydropncumolho'rfts. Sec PntHmait^ 

My' drops ('nilfiwV'. dpopsy V IJropsjr ; an 
■latormol rollectiou gf Huid in a nivil]r gr 
put of tbe body. Sec AnaMr.-a. H. 
Paralyticus, thai in pitialyiicd pnits. H. 
Spuiioiis, fiVR) otieiiuiL'lion of itie natnnil 
ouilel of D secreting organ. 

Hydroquln-'one. OlitAiiiL-d (iom (.h-a 
Ursi. Valuable as an aniip)if«ie witliwii 
pmludng io)iiriotu oAer effects. KfTects 
temporary, tkae, (tr. »v-xx. Unof 

Hydrorrhachi-'tU. See Sfina tl'/Hhtai). 

HydrorrhcE^a (<''<4). pouii n BowV A 
fiuw uf waler. H. Orsvidarum. An siv 
normal disdiai];e of liquid from the preg- 
naiii nlprut. 

Hydrosadeni'tis ('ulup, adcnitu',. In- 
mnuntlion of the budoriparoib follicles. 

HydTOsal'pinx (Mu)i,iTa;.Tj}f,ainttn{>et). 
A di-itrnliiin of the Fallopian twin- with a 
fluid soheunue, and its ofntnidion at the 
finbnaled enlremily. caiucd hy inllamnui- 
tkm, l-'rrr|iir"tly a rctult of gononhcra. 

Hydiosar'cocele. Sec Sarfoctle. 

Mydros'cheoccle l,'"W. wj'w, the «ro 
tDiDt and <t>i^t s tumor). Uropwcal heniia 
of the acroiiun. 

science treaiing of the twidition* and 
pmpenics of Uqoids in a stale of eijuilih- 

Hydroiherapcu'tics ("wlup. &/»*fW, » 
heal). Tbiil part of Iwlnwili^yi ireatinK 
of ihe hygienic tueofu>ldw;uer. and of Its 
thcmjxulii: a[<plicalion to the Lodjr. Sec, 
alM, /ta/li and A^ua. 

Kydrothioou'ria \^y^, Avn-. nlphtir, 
ov^n: the mine). flydriogcn-siil[ibide >d 
the urine. 

Hydrotho'rax(jAyp,A.v)ii(, chest). Dropsy 
uf Ibc cheat. 

Hydrot'omy ('pA^, rtj/nu. to cw). A 
method <if diaseditig certain tissues by the 
foctihlc iujcclion of watct iiitu ibc arteries 
and capillaries whereby the siruduretof 
the tiF£iie5 nrc separated. 

Hydrova'riuTTi yvAiip,(n>armm,maxmrj\. 
< Karian duijisiy. 

Hydraxyl'ainine. An ambc WvhiK the 
curi ))■.•« it lull NHjIHO), aad intKh re- 
sembling p}Toc&Ilic acid in physiolo^cal 
pro|)eitirs. It has been Hicees^fully uAcd 
as a local spplicaiion in |i«orinsis. It dors 
not diMolor the sLin. The fbllowing 
formula is used byKaLry: hydroxjlamine 
hvdroclilorale 3-5, alcohol loo parts, rbalk 
to ncntializc. Unof. 

Hydroxo'a ['kIi^. Zihhv, an animal). 
A class of tfac Ccrlecitrtala including 
the Siphoiiophcra, ClcDophora and Ily- 

Hygei'a t'^}""'- i^*^ Roddess of Ualth). 
State or condition of health. 

Hy'giene ^'i^ioiof, good for the health). 
'VasA bciencT treating uf the l*«vs of health 
in itE bmodcst scnfc. 

Hygrcchc'ma ('<'}/>"f, moist, 9)7. souml). 
'ITie sound produced Vr} a iiiinid 
as olncr^ed by the StcthoKOpt, or by per- 

Hygrin'ic Ether. A sobstBOoe of uncer- 
tain com[K«iticn, said to ban mydriatic 
properties. Vnwf. 

Hy'gni- l'<7pof. laoistV A prefix deoot- 
ing meiit or ttv^. 

HygTo'ma ('I'^^Mt;, •"<•*•). luntoc]. A serous 
cy^ llic bacillus of tuberculosis, has 
been fcwMl in four oases cf hygnnua coo- 
laining rice liodies. 

Hygroai'eter ('••jiwr. t^fpav, a measure). 
An imttvmciit fur delermiiun)[ qnantila- 
tively the amoiini of nioiAiure in ihe air. 
This amLunl, con.Ktuntly vnryin^;, is ex- 
pmscd in Icftii^ of llie pcri-entage re- 
({uired to eaiurale the air (U (he pailjcalar 
tcmperaturv ul-serrvd. 

Hygrcnncl'rie \,'f)fiai; firT/iar). IVr- 
t.-iining to hygrumelry, or the qoanti- 
lativc dctcmuoolioD a atiiios|)heric toois- 




Hyfropb'U* Spino'&a. A Jinib used 
in Ccyloii aiut India its x dinittic iu <lrops]r. 

HygtiMCOp'ic ('ij/Kt^, oar^nj, (o lee). 
Harmg tfae profKTijr of ^)M)rt>iiij; mobliiK 
tram the nir. 

Hy'lonite- See CfHu/epJ. 

Hy^men {'vfop^, u menibrMie). The fold 
of inucons membntni^ «I the ragfattl en- 
InuicF. H., Impcrfoiale, a cuugenkml 
nlmonnnlity, (he liymeii viibout ut opcQ- 
ing, ihu9 closing ibe vaginal outkt or 

Hyme^nj] ry;^^). IVriAinii^ to Ihe hy- 
men. H, Tubercle*. Sec Afyrti/irm 

Hyn)enol'o^(i'^ur>-,>n>iv,s treatise). A 
(rratbc oa tbr Mtiure and stnicturc of 
tiiirujUuious tHMie. 

Hytnenomala'eia {'I'^^i'* /<e?AKoc. soA). 
An ubiiurnial aoftciiii^ of tneubnuKMU 

Hymvnonijrce'tes ('xyiv'. ^t«Qr. a fui^n^). 
An order of fiiii)(i liavtD|{ tlie b)nneaiitin 
or uubirlla. All the edible nmfaraonB 
belong to this cUu^ 

Hymenop'tera ^vfttpi, irrtpof, a wingV 
An order or family of insecu dlsiiaeubbed 
bt two pa)f& of mcmtnutous wii^&. In- 
clodca anO, bec», «a>j>. iclinciuuuii, flics. 


Hjp'o-. A prrfis denodnf; Attachmeni to 
w connection with ibe *i-itJ/ h<iMt. 

Hyosloe'Bal (Avi^V, ^Awmro, tbc looeue). 
Pcrtaioine to the h70gEossi&. Exundiog 
between Uic byoid bone and (be tongue. 

Hjro^oe'eus. See Mtiitlt. 

Hy'oid Bone (TocuV, Mmilu to Greelc 
upailoa). A tiune Mtuated leiween the 
root of the tongue and the pharynx, sup- 
porting the lodgiie and g>«iiit[ allacbineDt 
lo ii» tnascles. 

Ky'oBcine. ."^ /fveuyamu:. 

Hyoacy'amus. IJenlauie. T)ic older 
kaves of H. migtr. Coniaios an alltaluid, 
hyoacyunine, iMmeric with and similar to 
alnipine; abo, a dcrivatire hjroaciue- An 
excellent naicolk, caloMtWe a»d liypootic, 
le» irriUUinff Than belladonna and ainuno- 
nmoj. Uicnil in nnnia and the deliriuni 
of fevers. H)'OMyainiBe Is useful when- 
ever airO[4De ii indicated. A powetful 
but uncrrtoin mydriatic. H. Abstract. 
Ooae |{r. iij-v. H. Bxl., Alcoholic, 
Dow jpi. i (of uncertain Mrength). H. 
Exl., Fid. Duse IH,»-xv. H. Tinct., 
15 per cent, in strenuth. lA«e 3) i*; 
as & hyi>notic J»-j. Hyo«cyamine 
Sulph. jj,-|>ji by 

nMiib IP- ^-i- HyoKine Hydrobrom. 
t'uot iio«ri,^. 



HypacU''B>a or 

HyJMku'ftisl'mro.acMtfir.tobes). Hard- 
nru of beaiing firooi drfeu uftlie aiidiKvy 

Hypalbumino'sts. Morbid diminuiinn 
hi ibc iKuuuTlion of tbc alLqiDiin lu ll>c 

HypaKgia('i'n'«,tt>)o<-.p«in). Diminished 
M-iisil<ilily to pain. 

Hy'pcr- {'yep, above). A Greek pn^ 
siKiiifyinii aimt, htytmJ *a tiitttmt. 

Hyperacoo'sis. See HyfiemiMh*. 
|Hyp«re'mla(*(wrAO'''^i'>^oo<l). A ocn> 
'' diiioii of (ilctliara or conjtc*lion of blocd. 
n)^>ecbUy in th« capillaitei of the skin. 
H., Active, caused by an abnomnl m- 
ply of bloul. H., Passive, cauaed bf 
an Linjit-dimeni to tlte reotoval of the 

Hypetaestbe'sift i^wtp, at^i/oK, scnta- 
Uo«), Esicc«aive or exalinl ieni.Mlirj <A 
the iikin. May be symptomatic or idio- 

MyperKBthetIc ('varp, <u«Ag«ft). Per- 
lainio^ to bypettMhesiB or an unosaal 
senstbdily to imp r ei aiorKi m tlte aenaory 

Hypcrafcu'Bis ('nvp. aMMtfif. hrnhnz). 
An exccasive or nailed tcmibility of the 
tense of heaitnit. Abo, ahJehty devel- 
oped 5eniiiiwnc<« to the disccmmcot of 
ntcfa lutd (iiulirr of inuiical aouuds. 

UypOTalbumino'siB. An Bnusnal ikh* 
nns of iilt<uritn-i in the hload. 

Hyper alfie'sia (W/*, **7twc. Bense of 

rf«i^). ExccsUTc sensibility to pain. 
yperal'gia ('n^r^, <i^>cv< ^")- Eacc»- 

siveiKiiii. H., Acoustic, eiiessive hy- 

Hypcrapb'ia ('trrrfi, it^, tuudi). Excca* 

SiTe Mmiiiiveness uf the tactile Kntaces of 

the body. 
Mypercathar'ats ('rr-rfi, •.tsnipei^, clean*- 

ing). Eiii.csii>e |<w;iiti);, ut lou free ue 

of calhartic ined lanes. 
Hypercfaro'ma ('rtrrp, jpouM), cvlgr). 

The bfi^eneo^tiun of the picineM of life 

skiti, as in [itill)inii.-ii.v syplulis, ft.: 
Hypercrin'ia {'faifi, k^kiw, tu scjaratc). 

Abnomul or eat:u«ivc M;ctvii««i. 
Hypercye'sts ('vt((^ Ai^'f, conrcption). 

Hypetdicro'Uc. Pertaining to tlw pnbc 

when the pubc curve sbowa the aonk 

notch beiow tbc Imae line. 




Hypcrdutcn'tion ('vmp, ^itlfttdc, to 

strrtcb). Futdble or extreme distention. 
Hypcrdiufc'sis ('t/Tr^, dnni/Mu, to ptias 

urin«). Kxcessive Kcreticm of urinp. 
Hypenl/nain''ta i ffrp, tJvm^fr, cnenn')- 

Ex«!isive slTCDf^h Of cxaiQicrelJon of rier- 

voiLS or mu>cuW fuiiaions, 
Hypercmc'sis (iT-rp, r/Jtan, Tomiling). 

Exccuivc voiniliiii;. 
Hyp«renc«ph-'alus {'wrefi, ryit^^a/w. 

bam). Anotenccphalic monstrosity with 

lack il the sM|)CTiuf pari uf tlic crunitun, 

the Wain prrilnictiiig. 
Hypcrcphidro'als i'p^rp, rtjiuair, 'light 

pcr>|.>iiittioL)). LlKccfoiYc tn loug'Cuatiiiucd 

Kyperesopho^rU. See lfa<rcph'tria. 
HypercKopho'ria. See I/rUrt.^i'ria. 
Hypcrgcn'caiB Cvrtrp, >n'i<«iv, to bcgcl). 

A gcacTiil Icrm signifying cii'c« or ir- 

dtinUAncy of tlw? |inrti of oripuis of the 

body. It nmy be nortnal, ai in the inereBU 

of Ihe tiMoe of ■ muscle ; or abooniul, 

u Men in monslrotitie*. Also, an exces- 

live produaion of the eleinenta of a tiuue 

or or{(iin. 
Hyperseu'aIa('vT<p,>'n<0<(.tiuteV Abnor- 

n«l IncrcAM of th« mmvv^ of latte. 
Hypcrglobu'lia. Polytytbarmic plctlior*. 

Ail atiiiormid inacAK of Ibe red bluod 

Hyper'icum. St. John'* Won. Ttic flow- 

eriac to|M of // ptrfor.ttum, abundant 

in t«inpciate climates. A lonj; known and 

ittcful remedy. applirdluL-atly in cunluiiuni 

aad eocbyiooses. Unof 
H3rperbtdro''BiB or 
Hyperidro'tia {'o^p, i^P*t. »weBll, 

lilrosis, EphidroNis, StKlatorta. Excessive 

sweating. A hinaionat diMoAer of the 

aweat alanda nnrked by excewive tecre- 

lion. May be gmern] or Incal, 
Hypcrin'osit. (Vt^p, (t«r, muiclc). Ab. 

Donnat Inocaae lo the fibria-factoia in the 

Hyperinvolu'lion Civrp, imw>hv, in roll 

arnind), A dlminuiiMi in size of the 

ntaraa. dne to the abooraul inrolution oc- 

eamtlfi after prcgnuicy. 
Mypflrkcrato'aift {'verp, u-pac. horn, out' 

nea). Hypeitrophy of the cccnea eitlvcr in 

extent or UiicliiiEM. 
Hypcrkine'sia {'vrtft, Kii-vit, w'ntyV 

A general term lo dennre any exaggcnted 

■putn or niuwuUr coiitnu-tion. 
HypeTkinei''ic ('orrp, ntvijett), Peitaininu 

lo bypetklnesia. 
Mypcintaa'tia fi*rip. uaerof, the Itra-.!). 

Exce^ve devclupmeat oc bypeilrophy of 

the Ruunmary gUnd, wbidb rnnuin nonal 
in structure. 

Hjrpcrmetro'pia. Same as ifyprnfim. 

Hypcrmne^aia ('iTr*-p, iimiaii. meniary). 
ADnDrmsl cxoltaiioD of the power vf mem- 

Hyperodonlog'cny ('iT(^, odovr, n tooth, 
yri'iiM, lo tiegd). The phenofBenon of a 
thinl dcntilJUD W(r In life. Sup^wsed lo 
be due to development vi one or more ra- 
pcifluuus looth-gcfins which hare ranaiDed 

Hyperop'ia ('i^'p, *'V', die eye). That 
(.ondilioo of the refraclive media of the 
rye in which, with ti»pendcd iKcoonnoda- 
ti[>n, the {mtus of parvllel iay« vS light it 
behind tbcrrtinn; itisdnc toanahnomtally 
short an lero- posterior diameter of lite eye, 
or to a subnormal rebactivc power of iu 
media. H., Latent, that pan of the lota] 
that cnnnot he ovcrcorni!' by the vinxsa- 
roodaiion, or the di:9i:n;nce between the 
maiufi:a(' and total. H., Manifest. lliM 
the acoonimodaitcn can ovirtLoiDe. o* that 
cnrieiblc by a convex glou with aciitig 

Hyperoa'mia ('"'rp, on/if, odor). An ^ 
nuraiAl and usually notbidly KUte Miue 
of smctl. 

Hypcroato'«i8riw*p,«7TTo»',bMie). Exoa- 
lobis or general hypenropby of bony tasnc. 

Hypcrpho'ria. Set Hettr»pk«ria. 

Hypcrpla'sta Vint^t, ttXaat^, mouldiog). 
The excessive irtcpo^it or augmentation cf 
lh>e elcujcDts uf the tiuue rompoaing an 


Hyperplaat^lc Cnrrp, irAoffnaar. fit fix 

uiuuldiii)^). Perlainin|{ lo hyperplaMa. 
Hyperporo'sia ('i'''p. "'upucif ■ cenH-ntine 

or uniiinv). .\n excesive famabon of 

caiha in the reuniting of fractured bonra. 
Hypetprax'ia ('wcji^, «'pafK'> exercise). 

The exorsaive rrsllcasneu t& norenteal 

chnracierijini; ciatatn funu of mania. 
Kypcrpyret'ic i'«'fffp, w*^, fire). Pertain- 

inji tu iiyjjeqjyrexia. 
Hyperpyrex'ia {'v^'p, ^v, ej". W haic). 

A cotxlition marked by exeeiaively high 

lempcnUnre or fclnile syinplonu. 
Hyperaecre'lion. EnccMive secretion. 
Hypenelapbv'Bia, ('v ir c p , y-v^d^Qina. 

touch). Aboamial increaae of tactile sen- 

Hjrperathen'Ia ('iiffp. ofln-oc, st^eI^:lh). 

A cuitililion of ciallcil ktrenj^th or tone of 

the body. 
Hypertott'ic i'*vtp, niMf, lone). A coa- 

ditMii beyond the ttatund teuaion or lone. 

Also, irritabiliiy. 


Hyp«rtrtcfai''«9is. See liintiiifi. 
Hypertriclio''si8. See ihntnUs. 
A roiuliugo oi hypenrof)tiy or excetaire 

HjrpeKtropby ('irtr/p, tpo^\ Excc»u<rc 
Bourishineol or iDcresae in uie of aay part 
or Drgao or the bculy, H., Cardiac, may 
be caiucti hy vnlvulur diacue.'ar by Ji, 
eoM of the Icidinfyit and otlier duuoi 
orgnns, or by coiiatituiioiial dlsra^. H.. 
Concentric, thotiKb Ihe wail tie liyp««' 
tiopbicd, the caviiy of the hcan b con 
Incted. H.. Bccentric, cardiac H. with 
dilauiioQ. H., Idiopathic, when wlibcxu 
futbcr diMsaie of t)ie heaii's stniciurc. or 
IbotfC of oUkt uq^iA. H. Numerical, 
ao JDCtvue in the DumheT* of dte cod- 
stkaear eclb or itrBcUires. 

Hypertro'pia. See ^rt^itmitt. 

Hyphja'roia ('inro, qjuo, b4ood. Hmnar- 
ilugc within tW globe of the eye. 

Hyphidro'ata ('inn>, 'uh^, water). Defi* 
CMDcy of water. Less than the fionnal 
■awunr of water in the liasues of the 

Hypino'ais ('vra. ic ^g«». u«(-]. a fibct). 
A de&Hency of fihrin in Ihe Uooit. 

Hypino'tic ^'inro, if f nwr], the fibei of 
Besh). Penaining to iiypiimiis. 

Hypnol'oey ('irTin>f, Ao/oc, a Healise). A 
tmttMT upuu sleq> and iu hygienic cfleds. 

Hyp'none. See Atttff^tuHt. 

Hypnop'atby ('vr»«c. Ki^. discaw). 
^ccp due to a diaeaied or moriiid cundi- 
tion of the body, brain, or inind. 

Hypno'als i'imtimc). An artinctal condi- 
tioa pivdaced by bypooiitnig. Abo, the 
eradua] approach of »teep. 

UyptMt'ic (imor)- A remedy thai caiuea 
deep. A soporific. Abo, pertainiiii; 10 

Hyp'notiam ('ysTMf). A ulale of artificia] 
Kxnaambulim ; may be produced L>y vnri- 
ooa neani, as. for example, lookbig with 
oonccntrafed aMention at any small object 
*o near thM eflbrt is rKinircil to tonvcrue 
the axes of the eyet. li ii rbnracienKed 
by a partial ca com|>l<;le tducnci.* of voUlioo, 
Kiuuion and Mlf- coi]iciuu>iK4fk, except 
that which conMS from (lie hyjmMiicf or 
lome dominating will or idea. Sec, aUo, 

Hypnotl'zable. Suceptibility in being 

Hypnotiza'tlon. The eonploymenl of the 

mrann uinl to hypnoiiie a pennn. 
Hy^pobtaal (•rT«,nndM,;JAa(nD(,8»proMtV 

'Die tntcniol hyct of (he Uaitodenn, called. 

alao, the endoderm, culodemi or epttheUo 

glomlular layer, froin which is developed 
\c iulolinal epilheltum (eacrpl thai of 
the moiHb and anu) and that of the glands 
OfKning inin Ibe uitcstian ; also the epi- 
thelium uf the ait pauagcs. 

Hypobfo'mite Meib'od. A method of 
Fjiimaung Llie urea in urine, based upon 
ilicr fact inal when urea u acted upon bjr 
SMliiun hypobtouite (orcalciuin hypocUo- 
rite> it ia decoiB|KBed aUo nitrogen, car- 
bon dioxide and water. 

Hypocbon''driac ('rro, jtmrdpoc, canila^). 
IVrljiiiin^ lo the hypochoodrium. 

Hypocbondri'aaia ('■«», jtap^aaor. cne 
affected in the hypochondrium). A riis- 
tuTfaancc of the ranctioos cf the nervou* 
syMcm which ibe 
nuient I>rlicres hlnuelf luiierini! from 
liodily diica*e- (liartKlcriiol by alicniate 
spelU of moodiness and exciialiUiy. 

Kypochon'driun). See Abdomen. 

Hypochro'mia ('t*tr0,jfiuiHi, Color). At^ 
Donnal |>»lk>r or lnuu|;arency of the iUn, 
occnnlng m certain stun diseases. 

Hypodcrmat'ic ('ito, itpfia, the kkin). 
Pcilaining to that wludi b under the skin, 
or lo the introdoclion of medicJnea beneath 
tli« skin. 

Hypoder'mic. See HyfcdtrmoM. 

Hypodcrtnocly'Bis ('rra, dfft^a, skin, 
cxivrc, a drenching). The hnwdermalic 
infection of nuir>eni nateiial lieneath tbe 
skin in ihc algid stage of Asiatic cholera, 
coltapae, ttc. 

Hypogaa'tric ('iw^ >wrtw. the belly). 
Pritaining to the hypogaaDk region. See 

Hypogas'trlum. See AMtmtett. 

Hypogeu'sia I'vrro, jtvait, taste). Dimi- 
niitiixi in Ihe tense of taste. 

Hjrpogtofl'aal ('tnro, y?A>ffe«. the tongue). 
Undn the tongue. H. Nerve. Sec 

Hvpoglot'tls ('i-m, yiiurra, the toagne), 
'Hic under nnrl cl the tongue, adherent to 
llic lower )aw. Also, a swelling al ibe 
uttdcr part of tbe tongue. 

Hypognath'us {'vro, beneath, tvuBof, 
jaw^. A moostTOMiy in whidi tbe ptuaiiie 
b attached to the infericr maxillary bone. 

Hypoma^nia (''■^rv, fona, madness). A 
modcraie degree of mauhual exaltation. 

Hyponeu'riaj'i'im, irviMt.anerve). Slighi, 
at dimini»li*tl nerre j»>wcr. 

Hypoph'ysis ( V^u, f<v, to be ilcvoloped). 
l^ie pituiiAry tioily: sometimes called the 
H. Cerebri' 

HypopU'tiia. See Aftada. 




HypopscIaplM^tia (Wv, ^n^.af^ott, 
icocIm. Diminntion of the MosilivencM 
(d t»clilr URiKatJan. 

Hypop'yonfwrc.irwr.pMj. AccUcOKO 
d pus in the «Diarior ctUntDcr of the ejt, 
McoDilary to inRunmation of adjacent 

Hyp03'»i« (iwru.oa^fl, a <tinell}. DUninii' 
lion of iht »cii»c uf xmell. 

Hypospad'ias ['tTo, mrou, to draw). An 
ab&ontKil nieiiinz onH f ndiiie nf ihr ur«- 
thn upon the undn ■uKact iiT ilic ijcnin. 

Hypoa^aaiB ("iwofff iwtr, u AUuxlin^ under). 
A irorrl loose^ used to itnote t-nca^ or 
Mtf koditneat (nllirtg frcuii a Jiijuid, cvjicci- 
■Uy (be Mdimeoiof urine. AUo, n fona 
of paaire hjriKrjnnlB canwd by ih« de- 
pefulenl |X»tlion of Ihr part afieglCTl. 

Hypos Ih en 'ic {'vno, atfcrnc, ttrtneth). 
'rbiM which mnicet stirnglh, npircialljr 
dlseoM^ that are mun llian unliiiariljr ca- 
l«ebllng. Also, a medicine ihat mtucet 
the ai'tioii of the Iic:>ti wilbout afliBCting it* 

Hypoth'enar ("iiroaowp). The fleshy 
eminence on the palm of the hfuid over 
the metacarpal txiac of the little finger. 
Abo, the premioenccR on Die palm at the 
hue of the fingen. Also, the ball cf tha 

Hypother'mal {'*ini, Otpu^, heat). Tcptd. 
A lernperBhue placed arititrarily betwern 
59" sod 68» F.. or 15^ and 25" C. Abo. 
peruining to the reduction of the temprr- 
atnre »f the bnljr. 

Hypoth'nls {'fro, Btait. a po*ilion), A 
itijijyiaitiiMi set forth for disciiauoii or dem- 
unlmticui. A ihcory- 

Hyposan'ihine. A Iraeoaudne. abo 
Imown u .Sardne <it ^«rili^c- Occun, 
■caxapaariiix adenine nnd guanine, in 
neariyall tbp uuma) liicturf and organt 
rich in nudeatcil celU. In niinuir <|u.-ui. 
titles it B a Domuil conMiiuenl of urine. 
Tt has hIm liern found in plAnt^. fwedl, 
fcrmeBts anil wmcN. Ilypnxanllunr ap> 
pean to he one of ibe ptvdoctf funned l>y 
the dccoDiix>:-itiDn and iiucoeuive oxidarion 
of proleid nialtn piwioui to fornuition i^ 
uric acid nnd urea It ame» liiitri adcnitie 
by actioo of oiinHB acid. It b non pol- 

Hyv'sop. The leaver and lops of //. iiffi- 
tituiHt. An aromatic sttmulaot, catmina- 
tive and tome. Much ntiplo)'ed in chracuc 
caiairh, IVise of fld. cm, gj-ij. UnoT. 

Hya'iera (UTTTpa. the womb). The uicrus 
0* wotnb. Also, the »u1t^ Also, ihc 
placcnu or afierUrtb, 

Hyateral'eia ("iwrr^w, a>>™r, pain). Any 
|uin In the wotnb. Alto restricted to 
nomtlgiG juiju. 

Hysteiaire'sia ('ncrrcpa, u, without, rrr- 
^asw. Til pcrfotaif |. An imperfocaie or 
imjicniuui condiliun of the tnouth of the 

Hysteret'lomy ('urripii, mro^g, a catling 
out). Kxditini w removal of the wonb 
by Musical opeiauuti. 

Hyste'ria ^'iMrrr^). A functiona] di»> 
tuibance of (he nen'oua ayaleni, Mij^Mned 
by KitAi ph>-sidu» i« he dt» 10 diMC- 
(!ei«d cotuliiiun of the womh. It b now 
oAcM comidcred a reflex ncnrotis; not 
with cenaluiy knowo whether it b due 
10 structural alteration of any part of the 
central nervouf >vf4eai, or lo abnonnal 
blood -'>tip]>ly, tie. i'nralyte&, impaJnnrnt flf 
vixion, conruUiofi*, Hr., arr uMially |Himit> 
neiit i>yinplo«iu>. Major ajid minor typei 
arc ditferenliated. The ixipulnr U|[iu6- 
caitrc of Ihc term ii Ihat of fi-tji^iiciL disease. 
The phjnician uAunlly coiuidwa Uie aflec- 
tion real. HypochondriajJs is often the 
analogue in men. 

Hyster'ic ('t«r(^). Pertaining lohyaleril^ 
a. V. AUo, petiaining to the womb. 

Hyster'les. A [xigniliir term for hysterical 
or convulsive ntoivniciiis and coodUiom. 

Hysteri'tis. See Metntu. 

HyateTocat'alepay \'i-nTtpa, Karaijj^, 
i:a'»lci»yl. A form of hysteria accotn- 
jiitnieil l-j- catlUql^y. 

Hysteroclei'aia ^'iitTr»/io,«il*iffic,ndoMire). 
'iSe clature of Ibe o» uteri by Kori^riag 
nnd ttiluring the labia— ^ui open! ion fbr> 
mrrly cmpUiynl in «e»co-nleriiie futuhL 

Hysterocye'als fMrrpo. Kv^if, prtg- 
niwry). Uterine pregnancy. 

Hyaterodyn'ia('i»rrfwt,iiilmnr,|»in). Pua 
in tlie womb. 

Hya'tero-ep'ilepay {hydrria, cTriX^fpia, 
falling ucViient), A ftxin of enilefvy ac- 
oompaiiied liyconrulswn* rexe moling tbaie 
of c[rilc-ji*y. Gowcrs adnies the term 
hysteroid io inference to tliCM; leisures. 

Hys'tero-epilepiog'enooB ikyiteria, 
(suifyHi). IVidiicing hyMcna and epi* 

Hyaterof cn'ic {Aysfj-ria.yrtvau. tobegrt). 
Caiuing (« prtiditrinc liy*teri«. 

HyVieroid. Ri-«mt'li(^ hysteria. See 
UytUro-ff^Upiy. H, Convulsions, coo- 
vuKiorial mo»i:ment.* with hyilcrical >ymj> 
iwns in vaitous oqunnic disauet of IM 
brain, in epilepsy, and in hydrophotna. 

Hya'tcrolithl't«r'pa. /<Aif, aitone}. CU- 
oulm or stoic in the womb. 




HystcromalK'ciB ('turrtin, /tai^uaif, tcA). 
SoAcDing of the liMHKit of dtc womb, ren- 
dcring tl liaMt lo rojiturc M time ol Ubm. 

Hysleronialaco'nu {'varrpa, ftai^ujf) 
Softening ot the womb or oi uty pan of it. 

HyslCToma'nia. Hee tV^mfikemaitui. 

Hysterom'etry {'vartpn, fierpov, m me**- 
\[K). The mcoitureinent of the woin1>. 

Hyslcromyo'nia ('i«iv«i, in,if>w<i). My- 
oma or tibTo-myonn d (he wucnlj. 

Hyatcro-neuro''sis ('ivrr^ia. tnpui'. k 
ticrvc) A ri-tlox Ktion reailling from 
irriuucm of the utena. 

Hyalero-paraKysis ('Mrrrpa, mpiAve^, 
pain). PbxbIxsuoc weakness cf the wnlb 
of ibe vomb. 

Hyaieropatb'i* \'va^pa,iTii»of,taSenna). 

Any dimse ot disordcs of the womb. Aw 


Al'ilotuiiiiil fuotioo of ibc Utoiu. 
Hysteropto'sis I'tMnju. ttrumt, a fall- 

iiik)- Knlling ta ibe wunib. See /'r>^ 

HysiCTorrhex'ia ('uoTepo, (l^fK. rtj^ure). 

Kii{4ui« ci the wunb. 
Hysierofomy, Sec Cmtartan Oftra- 

Hyatrici'uia ('«»r^f, ■ lieJg«twg). A 
diieoM of the hair In whu'h the loiter 
"ktarc*" at stands oul like Uic hair of the 


I. The trfxalxA of Iodine. 

lunotol'o^ (lOBo, a fci&edy, Jtaynf, 

Science). A imii<« oii remedies. 
lale'ria (lar^Hor). 'Utrruwatic*. 
Ifttralip^tic (lUTfjo;, a phyuctan, a^»^, to 

anoint y The cure of if»eawa t>y inunctton. 
Ivl'ric I in-rpoi^y Pertaining io the phpi- 

cion or to the science ct fuedicine. 
lalro- {tarpt^t, lo heat). A tireek preAx 

vignilVing A> Mttil, oiul in cofD|)o»iiioD, 

relating lo medkine i» physidaLn*. 
lalrophya^ics (faT/n;, ^nncnf. pedoining 

to ii»lu«rl. The rcbiiun of (JtyBc* tx uw 

of pbVMej in diaeoic or ihmipciMicK. The 

mnieniilittic u[>IxnatHin (i diwajw:. 
lairotecb'ulca ^lur^tu, i-i^-v, wt). The 

oil of henling. 
Ice |,Sai. u]. Tlie folid Innn that witrr 

uOiea bekwr cP C or j/" F. I. Bag. a 

1>ag nf waterproof material fillod with ice, 

fat nf^ilica.Iioo lo any part of llwr biidy. 

I. Csp, I Madder <x ndioer cii]j filled with 

ponndcd ice tor appticatian to the bead 


Ice'land Mom. See Cttmria. 
lee'land Spar. A ttomparent calelimi 


It has the pro|ieny of din Iding and doohly 

refractbig a ny of Itghl. 
I'cbor (i.t^v*. I"»V An oftid ood lUn 

jxirifonn diKbarge fn>ca tat ulcer or wauDd, 

I'cboirooa {'jpfX Pertaining ta pus cod- 
toiiiing tdccnuive, scrum-like products. 

Ichorrhc'mia ^'^<^, ffta, the blood). 
The itiunKHl tvadilniD of the lilvod due 
10 the aLAoqjtioa of septic matter. Abo, 

Icit'tbin. fa Icb'ifaidin. Au aliiuinioous 
suletaucv ul'Uiued from fishes. 

Ichtbyoeon*. IsinglasB. The air blad- 
ikr of the stuigeoii, Adf<TtiirT Occur* 
In bcny, Innsluceiii, white Uiccts, that 
form a icily wilh hut water. ITie purctt 
form of gelatine. L'sed as a food, for 
cUn^ne Uquidii, >&d as a test fix- tannic 
acicl. I. Bmplaatrum, court-phuaer; 
cuiBi^ of [singW IO, glycerine i, aUw- 
WA 40, water ood tinct. bcRioiii <\. s., spread 
upon fine white silk bolliiig cloth and 

Ichthyog'rapliy UX^t YP"^ '° *riic). 
A dctcnplion of fisbc* and their disiribit' 

Ichthyoid li^r. "^1 ■ torn). Re- 
■emUti^ a n*h. 

IcVthyol ((f^rV A preparation ob- 
tained from ccruin vani^lir^ of osphaltum 
^jccurrini; in the Tyrolese Al^ts. 1 1 is 
alleged to be eRicieoi in eCiiema and 

IcVtbyolilc (f^f. >At. » stone », A 
fbuil petribction or tmprint of a fab. 




Icbthyol'ocT t'^f. ^r"C. • tiMlHe). 
A Ircjtuc uo lubei^ 

Ichihyopb^agus (<j*"ti ^oy*'", to cat). 
Fisli enling. A wurd np|>lied to such oni- 
nMii ax .^ulniif on lull. 

Ichtfayo'sis (<.t*^Tl> Xcnxtenna. Fuh- 
sLin<li»raK. A chrnnic. hypatiophic, con- 
genital diwAw of tbc tkia charactcrued 
by exUvtac tlryiicat and cxcouve develop- 
ment of »c4lr» and vuij growth:). 1. 
Hyv'trix, a (brm cHarnctrriied bj- thkk, 
enonnoosly hypcftrcphicd WArty papiltie, 
wualljr tocaliinl nod tnortwl, and con- 
ridorcd by Van II«Hingeti as « dtxincl 
ditaua. I. Sturodenna, ■■ li card akin," 
« Tarietf of /. Stm/Zex- I. Sebacca. 
See Ai^rrAmt. I. Simples, a iiC4tin(»* 
dcYelopinf moct commonly on the arms, 
leg* and luck, and not stu-nded by con- 
ttiluLional dbltirUmcc. 

Ichthjrolox'icum li;[f»<c, «fi*ov, pmsonl. 
A name lix>«rly given to poitonins fmni 
Mting the dc&li of crruin tiirdi, and at.w 
to Ihc ptHMnous |xicw:i|i)e. It inar be due 
to a nniuiat poisoaoas principle, or to |)u- 
ucfactivc remientation of the suhUancc of 
the li«h. It is ptobably « piomalae. 

I'con i^ruufi; an image). Au inuge cr 

loonog'raphy (rj«w*>, ypa^, to write). A 
deacriptigci by means of picloml lUtistn- 

Ictercpali'lta(«krrr)nf. jaimdico, irf^ititis, 
iaBaminalion of Uie livin), Jaiindkt- ai- 
teadcd witb indaminaijcin of the liver. 

Ic'tcric imr'pvf). Pcifaiiiin^lo jaundkc 

Ic'leiode ((crtpof). Having jatuidicc or 
affected l^iL 

Ic'teroid {^ttrtf^). RcK-rabUng or having 
the nature of )aundice, 

Ic'terus iun-fpof). Jaunda^i j. v. I., 
Hepatogenic. Sr^- Htpat^rnu. I . 
Neonaiorum, that which is tomcUmct 
obsrrrcd in 'n iiifimt during Ihc first few 
day* after biilh ; pcnt>alily an indiPKl iTsuh 
of lying the umbilical c«d. 

Ic'tus^[.ai.,a stroke), A stroke or attAck 
of di»eaie coming without pn-mcaiiiion. 
>ide. A soflix uird in dicmisiryto dctiote 
■ combinatiail of tiro elementary sulv 

Ide'a (ii'm, K^mior scniblanrcV A mcti- 
lal reprcaentaiion of Mtcndhing jieroeived. 
I. Chaac, a condition in actitc mania tn 
which disconnected idea> and bnctet dow 
n^idly ihn^t^h the niind. A lerei much 
ui«d liy (ii-nnan nuthnn. I., Fixed, that 
fucm of mania in whidicoe d oi oi Mn l *ika 
CODtrob allactioot. 

Idem'ica) Poinu. Gmupondlag potan 
of the two ntuue, or the two pcadiotis in 
Donnal eve* where ihe image of Ui object 
i« (bciued upon the rtmuc. 

Ident'iat(/J<rni,thc3ame). Atenniannerijr 
B|ipUed to iuch writen aa bdd gonorriKCM, 
hud and *ofl chancre, to Ik doe Io Ibe 
tame ipecilic vinu. 

Ident'ity {iJem\ Abaohtt aaiDcncss. I., 
Peisonat. tluu vrhicb is commonty proved 
\*f c^flbliUimciil of tinuUnt}' or >anieneai 
of age, sesiphy-akal diaiaclcrisut>, marka, 
anil (MTCuliar halnts. 

Ideo-mo'tor {idra, a nMnlal image, mfvn, 
lomuvcl- PerUmiitg conjotntly to idea> 
lion unti movrntciii. I. Center, that 

rof ihc gray mailer which, inHnencvd 
ideatioii. ciche* nuucnlar nKrvcmtiit. 
[.Movements. UnconKioas moTcmcntai 
dw to impulses of the mbd what ibe 
■itenlion is otherwise ^t§orbed. 

Idcoplasfic (iikii, ajMiearance, rr>niMij. to 
form). That stage of hypnotism tn which 
the idea unpns^sed on tbc brain of the 
agent is tnuulatcd into action. 

-ides iiiAv, rcscnUjUng in fans). A sof- 
fix deoodng racmblaoce to Qk otiject with 
the DatDQ of whicb it is aMubinoil. 

-ideu* (fdwf, one's ownl. A sufTix having 
the sense «rf piuuiiiou or tmturt^ip. 

Idiempre^Bls ("'w, f^(»?o»f, burning). 
SponlMicoiu combtutiofl. Abo, sponta- 
neous iuflainmatiijai. 

Id^io- (i^iocV A Greek prefix signifyiag 
peculiar to one's sdf. 

Id'iocy (iiliwr^, a prrrate person). \ con- 
dition of mental deficiency, usually arcom- 
panicd t>>- physical dcgenentcy. :vce /■/raf. 

Idio-mua'cular ('ii<uc, mntfu/ms, muscle). 
I'cruliar to muscular itMUc. I. Contrac- 
tion, the ccotractioQ of a btigucri or tired 
mu'wln un<1fr certain oondiiKMuof itimulus, 
influence, c/c 

Idioneuro'aia (dor, vnfpor. a nerrc). An 
affection due In Mmie tlittitrlwd or aboo^ 
tnal coivdilion gf the itctrcs sn|iplying iIm 
afl«:led pait 

Idiopath'ic (idjnr, imAof, anflering). Per- 
lainiitg to any ^seaK not ooosequcDt or 
dependent upon nnoiher. The anlilhcai 
of fympalhcuc, di~utrropathir, .-A-, 

Idiopbren'ic ((divi-, «/",>. itic mind), A 
term emplnyrd I7 Tuke to drndc insanity 
due toili>FA»e of the lirun. 

Id'ioptasm {lA-Jt, viaa/ta, anything 
(brmed). A «-onf anmclimes nscd to ik- 
note the Kilid part of protofdaun. or thai 
poft capaUe of iransoritting lo oTifjring 
the peciitiuiiies of ihfl pareoi. 




Id'iiospann (ti'Oi, arainiof, a coaviilKion). 
A iiNuna or cnsip ouUui^ to one pan. 

Idiosyn'craty {•itoev}MfmM»a, proili«tit]r 
of tempnwDentjtl Any tpecial or prtnittor 
cbuaoteriitic or tenponawm by which a 
penon differs from other pcnoos ol grdi- 
Dory hftbiu. 

{(^•^(fJM/nTr, t privaiepcTscn). A p«non 
of im|]CT(cct, dclicirnl or krrcstrd Trtrnta) 
dctvlopmrm. (iihtr coDficDiial, or due to 
causes ari^ne soon after urth. 

Id'iotism. l1ic sCaIc of idiocy. 

Idio'sis. S« Jiyperidrifiii. 

Ig&au'ric Acid. An acid occurrioK in 
iJL Ignalhia ban, and cu1M» olfaer pUmt& 
Boiitiiiiing iiaj€taA%. 

Ipift'tia. St. IgBMios B«An. Th« Mcd 
of Strythnoi /gfMiii. IVoixni^-s due lo 
Ihc aikakMds ttryiknint and truiint, of 
which the jJiAt oaniaii» of etch ahout i 
per cent. Tberapeutic eSiKts nmilai to 
ifaoK of nux voniica. q. v. RccatOBCDdcd 
in hysteria. Hii>hl}r cfTicioil iii cODtfol- 
ling tilt- riinciicii' of tbe ctfcbro-cpinal axis. 
I. Abstractum. Dobg et. Bfr-j. I. 
Tinct., tiiu (o \3ex cent, of the drug. 

inrc). A iflcUiod of rautcrizalion and 
Ircnling certain famu of bypcrtrriiihy \jj 
ibc introductk-o of platiDUOi ii«i:dl«H h^ted 
lo whitcncu by ifae electric cnirenL 

Ig'nis (Ittl). Fire. CuiibuUiou dtttio- 
goished liy rapid OK>dation. I. Aciualis, 
adnal c«itciy, I. Pattiua, llie plii-tiome- 
aon known ns Jack o' l^anleni. Will o' the 
Wi>p, W^. Its origin is iM kitovrn, I. 
Sacer, on otMoletc name fcf crysipeUs. 
I. Sancti Anianii, .^rW/ln/^iMfV/iir^, 
« CDfOinon wuDc for erysipelas. 

Igni'lion \JigHis\ TIk |n<tK«ss of healtn|{ 
H>li<l5, (specially inorftanic coiR]K>iiiMis, at 
a whitcbot IcBipcntnrc until all voUlitc 
matter haa been driven off. 

Il'cac Paasion ("'('"Ci a oolic or criping). 
An ailment cbarictcriied by severe Kriping 
paiiij and votntlirqc of fitcal matlcr, lo- 
geitier winb iipatin of the abdominal 

Ilcadel'pbus (ilinm, aMi^, hraher). A 
monocephLiLic dual momtiosity with Itodie^ 
□□Ittil iU the pelvis, with four lower and 
twii uupcT ealrenuliei. 

Il'eo- (r/rwiwr]. A prdu iignifyinff cdq- 
nectioa at rtlalion to the iltiim. 

Ileo-c«'c*l {iUum. nrium). Pnt.tininij 
or beloRKing to both ileam and Civcum. 
I. Fossa, a deprcifiion in the lower part 
<jf (lie Huall intestine at the base of the 
vcmiifom prvcvi*. I. Valve, a vahe 

conxiiting of two fokls of mucou* mem- 
branc thai guanb the pauage between the 
ileum and carcton. 

I leo-coKtc ( itfvm, cffleH"). Prruinttig con- 
jointly <o the ileum and tlte oolun. 

Ileo-coli'tia yilntm, cMbufV hillmiinui- 
tion of the lower part td the ileum and 
ibe cotcn. ll is commonly known as in- 
le^iiin] calorrh, 

Il'eum ((J^ij, I lum). The lower hajf of 
the small intestine. Receives its name 
from its peristolic niovenaenls. 

Il'iac (Hill, ibc tlanks). Pertaining in the 
ilium <a to the RnnLs. I. Aneurism, uoe 
(ccvrrinc st live gioin. I. Artery. See 
Arfrry. I. Crest, the upper free margin 
of llie ilium to which (lie aLvkminal 
mnscle^ are Hitachct). I. Muscle. See 
Mmtle. 1. Regton, cnc of tlie regions 
into which (he abdonca is oonvcnlkioally 
divided. See AMivHen, 

lU'acus. .Sec MuKff. 

lUadel'phns {'Ha, oSt2^, troiber). A 
term npplicd lo firtal mcnstrn united at 
the pclns tut double above. 

Il'io- [U^m). A Orrdi word ttsed at a 
prefix lo dentlc irlation lo, or COniMCtiou 
with the ilhim. 

Ilio-capaula'ris {I'/inm, tafitila, a little 
chest). A iRu^le occasionally found tn 
nufl, originating at ihc anterior lover epjnc 
of the iliuiu uihI insetted iiilo the ilii> 
femoral beamenl. 

llio-fem'oral (I'A'vm, fimur, the thigh 
l<>ne) I'trtaining cunfoinlly to Ihe ilium 
and (he feoiiCT. I. Ligament, an iurened 
V-shaped lif^nment ntcnding Dlilt']udy 
across the hip joint, frrwi a tpiiie of the 
iliHte to the Uochantcrv of the femur, |ire- 
venting o\er-exlen5t«a of the fotuL I. 
Triangle, a iriangk consisting of a base 
drawn from the nanoiil of tfaa gnat (m- 
chaBlcr to the anterior upper nne of the 
ilium, with an apek formed t^ lines drawn 
backwaid from (he anterior upper «pine 
and a|kward from the summit of ihe tro' 
chanter , 

nio-hypogas'tric {Hitm, irtry^irTpHv, 
the lovrer bellyV IVttaioing conjoitnly to 
(he ilium and the hypogasuium. I. Ncive. 
See ,Vfn^. 

Uio-in'guinal (tUnm, iu^rm, the groin). 
I'en:iinin;{ to ihe ilium and itte groin. I. 
Nerve, ."^ee AVtv. 

IliO'lum'bar (i/ium. tumhut, Ihe loin). 
IVnaining ronjointly to itx; ilium and the 
loin<i. 1. Arteiy, a Ivanch of ihc pmir 
rior diviHOn of Ibe internal tljar artny, 
npplyii^ the iliacw, and also the pMas, 




and (itiadnitiu lumhamtn miudei. I. 
Muscle, ihat |nrl of the i|uaitnUuk luni- 
bomn riukIc Uml u tiiMiied U the tips 
or ihe proccMci of the lumhtr reiUbm. 

llio-pectine'al. Pcrtnininfi cuitjaintljt lo 
Ifac ilintn and the iKciineiiv inuscle. I. 
l^f[«mcnt, llui |iart iif thf iliftc liuci« 
which attachr-K Kiupan'k liKiuiicnl »u(l tlie 
alic«rh of the crarol vi:^>cli lu tbe os pjl^ 
I .«, the ridge teaching from the Spine 
of the oc inibu to tlic auncular surlmce of 
the ilium. 

Ilio-pel'vic. TVrtJuning crojoinllp lo the 
ilium «nd the jvlvi*. I. AbsGCHS, a Mip- 
puxviuxi Mimetiiua oocutrinii; over tbe 111- 
Mlu miucle during Arsl labor, And com- 
mnnlf due lu Ibc liurersUom of tnvuctilar 

Ilio-pso'as. Thr iliocui and psoas tniu- 
cle* i»kcn i.-wnjt>intly. 

Il'jum |1ai V Hie upper pait of the or 
iitnt^utiHitfusn. The hauncb boiic. 

lUaquea'tton {iHa^iMi, to ecmiare). A 
method of clianging the direction of mis 
plKcd cilia, by withdrawing them l>y n 
nogae. ibivugh on ojicniiig in the adjacent 
tisane of the lid. 

lUenl'lraacy [in, not, tfgi/imut, according 
lu uw). The couditjoii of being uidaw- 
fid, or not legillmaic. 

Illegit'tmate [ia, /rj^fimus). Not in ac- 
cot'tann: with suituiory law. I, Child, 
onr ioia nut of lawful wtdtocic; a l«^ird. 

I13«(]ua'tian. Sei- lUaqueation. 

lllic'ium. Siar AniMr. The fnth of It- 
iidum aHiutium. IV^tertiM due lo tt 
Tolaiiir <iil iflenlical witli oil of >ni*e. 

Ilium inaction {illumiito, to make liKhiV 
A light [imducnl by a tumintnii hodr, 
iu>cl trtWetPil try nurruundtiii; oJ^ects, I, 
of Eye, llie lichline up uf the iiiteiror of 
the e]re liv niFans of Uir o|)hthaliniHicopic 
aitrrvr. \., Oblique, iii micrT»u)]iy, an 
tlluminaiioB ]irodu»d by ihiovring the raj^ 
upon (be otijccl at any aniflir of inclination. 
In ppbtlmliBolotjy, uf (be cuntat, rtt., by 
fecusiug a pencil of nys obliijuely upoti 
the part. 

Illu'sion {OIhw, a mocking). See HnJ- 

Im'a^ (rmitj^j, a liLcn^fisV The picture 
of an oli^'rl forin«l l>y the focalited rays 
of light ptocecdinR from it. I., Dtffu- 
aionof. iTtr /ii/fu-.i.m. I, Brect, that 
of the fundut ocufi as m^o b}'ihe i^ibthal- 
moacope, the details of the fundiu bdtif; 
in Ibrir natural poaitjun, I., Inverted, 
tlutt otitained t<y tiMcrpounK hrtwem ihe 
mimir atid ob&ervcd cjr, a higb-powci Ico^ i 

{I U an aerial image at the fbca» or the leoi 
u>e<I. I., Real, ib^ made by the focal- 
iwd reflectcil raj-v I., Virtual, that pro- 
duced by the imaginary fixui of the ra^ 
aa, *.g., behind a mirror. 

Imaguia'tloa (t«0f i>). The picture-mak- 
ing ixiwer of the mind. Ihe faculty by 
whicD one create* mental idea* <ir piclurea 
by mean& of tbe data derived Iruai ex- 
perience, ideally reviritied, extended, and 
combined, in new iuraui. 

lina''co. An image. Alio, the matiucor 
winged stage od msecia, 

Im'biecfle \^imixtUlMs, weak). PeeUe !■ 

Iinb«eil''it7 ^mifciiiu). Mental weok- 
tKsa or ddcct. Similar lo thai of idiocy, 
but of leu de^e. 

Imbibe' {Jmitbif, to drink). Toibtnk or 
Mick in. 

lmbibi''tion (imMo). The uickineup.or 
cn|>illary alaorption, of moisture, b'piids, 
or giueout tubstances by inorganic, or by 
dcwl or torpid organic bodlea. 

Ira'brieated (iWrrx, a roof tile). Di»* 
ttnguuhed by overlapping. Applied to 
the (losition and ammgemeiit of acaln In 
certain K[uamDu> dixasea of the skin. 

Imlta''tion (iwiVo*-, to be alike). A pn>- 
dnciion thiLl i» «imilar to or a copy o( 
another ulijecl or praoeu. I., Morbid, 
the ucoinence of a conrubive or menial 
ofTectlcn Im^uglit about hy otixrving a 
aiinilar aiFcctiun in another. 

Imme'dlate <,i», not. »Uitui, the mtddk). 
Dirtrt. WirJioul anything inlrrvening. I. 
Contagion, that fiom n dirrct courcr, I, 
Union, unirnt l<>' lim tntcniioo, or withool 
■uppuratitv gran 11 Int inn. 

Immed'icable (in, not, mudifo, lo con). 
T>iat which does not yield to modkine or 
trrRlincnI. IncaialJc. 

Immer'aion («, w/jx". "> "lip)- The 
plunging (if • liody into a liquid. In medi- 
cine, (irattncnl by a continued halb, I. 
Bath, the li<]viH employed for the immcr- 
aion. I. Battery, a form of tAilciy in 
whiL-h, I7 inrlming ihr cell, (he rienurnti 
are iiomeised ill (he liquid. I.. Objective, 
a mkroMOpe objecli^'e. UMaally ol hii;b 
power, Ihe lowrr ]m« of which ia im* 
n»er»*d in a drop of water. gl)'cerinc or o'l, 
placed on the cover gloss of the ol^ject 
under examtnalion. 

Immla'ciblo {in, not. iwuc«, to mix). 
Incapable of minure- 

Immu'nitjr (i*flrmniti/», exemuinn). The 
condition of an organ, or « the body, 
wbctcby h resists tbe dcTelofunenl of io* 




Ulioct of aiunuited vims U)A at chemical 
coai()Oiuuls sre u«ni|ikii of inclhocLi Ity 
whicb 1. is ipuoed. It has >l»o Lcen dwwn 
thai inRiimnAtoTy anion i^ desiTuctit« of 
l«ctcrUJ dcvcltifinmiL I., Acquired, 
ih&I from a prc^ k>iu atUck of ibe same 
diMrtuc or a mcdifii^d fonn, u vahAloid. 
I., Natufal, ihi.- luiloral ii-st-tince af ibe 
lis6ue:9, i>r syvicD). Ininiujuiaiion nujr be 
trwisient ar pcnniarai. 

ImmunUA'tion. The act or ptoccas ol' 
nxlowinc with immUDJly. 

Im'munise. 'IV> giTc or acquire imnttinily. 

Im'pact {in, /^mi^h, io drive into). A 6x- 
dl>Iv ilriking ngiintt. 

Impact'ed (m. ^'Hf^)- Driven sjcniut 
and rdaitioi, iL*s wrd^-r. I. PraciorCi 
one in which the fragtocDte of bone are 
driven toio onr tnother ia Mudi n nunner 
M to ■bortcn the honv. 

Impale'ment (m, /W/, b pale or jiicket). 
'The perforalton of the body or a piut tiy a 
rod or Make. 

Impal-'udisin (in, fa/us, « tiunh). The 
morbid prediipoailioD to malarial discaaea 
oop w mi to dwdkn in manhj rettioos. 

In'par (in. ntx. ^r, rijiull. CMd or un- 
equal. I..Gttng1ion.auaBll (aoglionon 
Il»e coccyx. 

Iniper^forate {ii;n<^., />fi/cTe, to pieice), 
i'ongrnilal and alinormid closure of on 
opening of the body, m the nnus, vftginn, 
efe. See 0«}H3ien and Ohitrttctien . 

ImpcffAfa'lton {in. nrg . fvr/arn. to bore 
th[ixi)rIiV I kcluiii'D, r«|vcinll)r locd of 
ihc Anu.«. Hyinen. Vagina, tt,: 

Impet'meable (tM, not, jVj-.lhnaigb.nHV- 
tu,<. an opening). Not capaUe of being 

Imper'vioux {in, fifrviia, capable of ps>- 
«age). N(X pcnnttting a pas&^;c throngb' 

Inpeti'^ (Lat. ). rorrigo cont^ioM. 
A terrn fcsmerly uaed to inclode alnMKt 
ev«iy form of putnlar inflamnuioa of the 
»ktn. most of which ore now clamfed with 
othet ditraM-K. 'llic foJIowinc an retCfi' 
aiicd by Tillwy Fox: I. Contagiosa. 
iBarlM^I hy discrdenrM of vesicles and 
I«Drtulr«, caused by inoculaticn with morliid 
piB. Ixsions occur nuinty about mouth, 
tKMtrib.chin and occiput. I., Duhling'a, 
dilTen from the fotrj^ng in lirine oon- 
infectiouf. 1. HerpetifMTnia, an uil^i- 
matory discoM; of il>e skin dcacritwd hy 
Hcfaca, consistiit); of aupeflicial poMnlc* m 
pin head liie.dmitely crowded into Kronps, 
nmally cimiUr in ikhanc Very rare in 
AAieitca, oud occaaional in Eutopc 

Implanta'lion {in. pi^info, to set). The 
act of seliinj; to. Also, the transplantation 
of u luotb frum IIk jaw c4 one (icrson to 
thai of another. Also, the enirnTiing irf 
ntidennis 6un the skin of one person npon 
the liudy of aoolhcf. I., Hypodermatic, 
the iiiUuducuvfi of a medicine in tlie f'jrm 
of a soluble iotid under (be skin for tbeaa- 
pcuiic purpuM^ I,, Tcralologieal, a 
Krtal moQsmsiiy consisiint; cf an inqjerfcd, 
joined 10 a perfect fasus. 

Impond'crablc Um, acA, j^<au'tTiiti!ii,iiimi 
which can be weighed). That which can- 
not be weiijhcd. I. Fluids, on uixolete 
term, fonaerly applied to liglit, heat and 

In^ofta'tion (iM,/«vi'«.tocairy). Tnutt* 
fenroce from anotber locality or fureiiEn 
country. I. of DiBtaaa, ibe canytng of 
the contaipoo of diseaae. 

ImpOB'thuma {amof^fm, staadinic away 
ftoni). A corrupt form of apesletmt. An 

Im^potcnce {in. not, fiumm, to br able). 
Lack, of power, applied eqiecJally Io male 
incapaciiy of procreation. 

Znpccgiu'tioa (im./rtgnaHt, with child). 
I'be slate of being pregnant. Fecunda- 
tion. l''cTiili»i(>oii. 

Iroprea^sion yimpn'mt>, to press upon). 
A hotlotr or depression. Applied to a 
niim!<-r of such in tlie body. I., Digital. 
the mnjk made by 6n(>eT pRsnirc. 

Impu'bcral tin, not,/u>^, ripe). Etesti- 
tule of bur on the pubrs. Ku «f adillt 

Jm'piiise(riw;V/b, to drive aeninst). Any 
communicated fmcv. AUn, the shock and 
m«rt>eration on the chest- walls caused by 
the beating of the heart Alao, a Hidden 
niontanroius emotion of the mind or in- 
flnnrce acting upon it. I., Cardiac, the 
lyttolic heal of the heart occnrrini^ at the 
Kpe\, and lelt in ihc tilU) iatemutil tpux. 
I., Morbid, any stnmg, unnataml im- 
puls<', especially one of on iflaane cbarac- 


Impul'aion (imj^tuy The actof driving 

or tugmgoowani, either mentally or phyai- 

Impur'ity (in. doC. fiurut, pure or cleaa). 
Want of t«rity or clouilinctt. In chem- 
isiry th<! cmidiiion of luintaiiiing some sntv 
aumce other than thai dctticd. Adultera- 
tlen. In iBCdidne, a want of cicamcas in 
llie sounds of the heart, but nc* tufiicknl 
to canse a mnmini. 

In. A I Min \iniii ^iznilyiaf^ tier wiMm, 
Also, a |iar1ibk aiguifyiD 




•in. or -in«. A luHix added lo ihr nsmn 
of tbc haloKCn clcmcnu, chlgtiDc, l'n>nunc, 
(odinc uid riuohnc. Also, a diflinclivt 
lermiiislinn uwd (ci di*tingui»h organic 
b>K$, pcuticululy ibe cIksb koown u ul- 
katoids. It M alw looieiy sppJied lo en- 
tain arsenic riLdiciiii. 

Inaa'iniate (in, oot, amimut, life). Not 
uiiinMe I>c«d. WUbouilife. 

lnani'tion\^/)ti7MMi,taiiiake«nfi(jr). ¥,tmft\- 
DCS of the o^aoa of digestkiD (or wux of 
food. Abo, wultng oS the bodjr from 
Kt.irvslicn or ilt*ra*c, 

Inap'petence (m, not, afftf,', to desire). 
l^MBorwanlof iippettle. 

Inorlic'ulate [tm, tint, arfittifiu, ■ joinl). 
Not ioinicd or wtio^btcil. Abo, tockI 
soondft aot camblc of ammgeomil mlo 
iyllsbkt. 43r of odag undemood. 

Inassim'ilable (in. not. aurmii/,\ (o make 
Iik«). Incaj«l'l« of usimilatton. 

Incaode8''ccnt (fH.-4M./cj,v, to Ikcodc 
white hoi). A term applied to n «ijlistaiice 
that h»s hern h'twcii loihr dcgn-f-of emit- 
tinff light I. Electric Ligbt, one con- 
liMie^ of a rdm of cait>on of high TtMSlnnce 
enctOMd in • tucuom* gl*W glnhc, Vhe 
Gka emits • vhitc light when the comnt 
p««M4 Otn>u][h it. 

Incar'ceraied. Src litmia. 

Incarcera'tion {in, earnrv. \o inpriMn). 
The coiidilion of imjitiaonmeDt or oonliDC- 
Dwnt of a pijrt. Sec //fntia. 

Incamft'tion. See Cenee^uit. 

In'ceit {iH(fi/M. not cbule). CaniAl in- 
lercounc betw«co pcncfu of near rclatioa- 

lD'cidence[ri(i-ft/o, tofiiTI). A fnllingii|nn. 
The dtrecttoii in which one '"oily Hriko 
mother. 1., Line of, the path of > rajr 
or a projectile- I.. Point of. Ibe f<iitit 
apoD wlucb the njr or piDJectilc i% rejected 
or ilrikes. 

In'cideni (in.'uit>). I'alltng opoo. 

Tnrjnrril'linn fifrrrfi.Titft) Theproccv 
of heating organic MbiliaiioM tn contact 
¥rilh itir nir until all organic nuttrt i* 
(Iris-en 1.^, and only ibc mineral ash re- 

]ncl'fted(i«(r)^«.tocul>. Cut. I. Wound, 
one ntjide l<y a Uiarp- edged inttniinent. 

Incis'ion (imiJ^). Tlic act of cntting into 
any liuuc of the Ixaly. 

Inci'sive {imeiJf'), Having: the f|tiality of 
oitlins. tVrtaiatng lo the tnciior tmh, 
I. Teeth. See fmiior. 

IncKsor {mehhY Any cviilne ifntniineoi. 
I, Nerve, ih^ Imutrliof the inferior dental 
nBTC *u[;plytog the incitor and canine 

leelh. 1. Teeth, the fnir anLerinr tec<h 

in each jaw. 
Incisu'ra {iiuiJt). A aotcb. A)m>, an 

ItKtu'sio Fata''1ia. {Ul.) A fonn of 

(t'lnl paraiuiiun in which the (uradte is 

tnorr of lew included and ovtqjiown bj 

the tiuue» of ibe wuioaite. 
Inctu'slon \iuf!uJ'3. to encUwe or dial 

in). 1'be iiuie of l)cing ihul in. Alto, 

the act of shuttiiii; ID. 
Incobe'reni {im, not, eeAafv, to stick 

togelher). Nut cuinccled cr OofaeRnL 

Inability to exprcM that Geqoenoe of 

words or of ideas neeessaf; to coave^ 

iDCompal'iblc (im, not. f«mfatiit/ij, en- 
dunble). A Icnn used lo designate Mich 
compounds OS are incapable of buiiiitv 
without undergoing .lucb cbenucal cr pbya- 
ical chaii];e3 aa impair or destroy their 
value. Abo, subaUnces physiofogically 
antogoninic, and ihcre&K Beles to pre- 


Incotn^petencc (km, not, tiunfafixr, to 
imfTrr together). Inability to nrrfcrm 
naliiral fiinctions. I., Mental, a (luorder 
of mind »uffideiit to [iTOtlnre iiteKwnsi- 
billty. [.. Valvular. Hee Imu^titnty. 

Incon'tinence (('n, na4, r.<N/i'Mn<, to coo* 
tain). Inaliiltly to rratrain the fdcco gr 
the urine: involuntary evacuation. Some- 
timcK uwd as a >)-nonym of venereal indul- 

Incodrdination {im, not. (ft. logtthrr. 
ordina^ order). Not in natural or BortiHl 
order. In pathology, the innlitliiy to pro- 
duce volunlivry mutfiilar OKirenimlt in 
pmpeTonlcrot sequence. I. of Ocular 
Muides. See /muffieieufy. 

IncoTpora'tioti (rfi. rn'^f. a Imdy). 'Ihe 
pnccB of intiswiely mistog Ihc panicles 
of diAerent bodies into a pvacticaily bocno- 

Increma'tion. See C^tmitliim. 

In'crcmcnt imrrrmfnfum, growth). In- 
cmv or growth. 

IncTusta'tion (iNi-nuM, lo corer vilh 
rind). Tlic formation of a cnul. AlUv 
the Enmialion cf a calcareoos depoak in 
organic li&sue due lo irnillty or disease. 

Incuba'tion {ituti^\ to «t on cg^). In 
m-rdicinr, thr [>cn<id lirlwe*^ llie iinplxnU 
■og of the contagion asd the developnMnt 
of the diieoM. 

In'cubator hnfuba) A dei-icr fir the 
artiliciul hatchiii;;of efocaor rulliTitlioti of 
micTDKOptc ptinis. I., Crtde's. a roffKT 
Inbc made with double walla, between 




wbicb water at ibc dtsired t cMpen l w e 
may be put, and withdrawn tiy mraia of 
(lipcs BDd itop-cackK. I., Tamiec'm, ui 
BMwrmitu fiv Uie neuing of prcniUure 
clulilrcii, coniUtjng of a hox wiih Iwo 
00in|«niiienl*, txie containing ihe child, 
llic (Aha, umI lower camjnnmail, being 
fill«l with urium wntrr. xi aa to keep a 
uoifimn icmjicniiiirc of S6''-SS'*. 

In'cubus. S<c .Vi^ktmare. 

Incunea''tion. S«e /nv/VicAim. 

Incu'fable (iw, mrv, to care lot). That 
wfaich caniMX Iw cured or retivrcd tu 

Irt'cus (t»rMi, ui anvil). A imall bone 
of itK init-rnsl «ar bclwecn the ituiU<ui 
unit itaffs. 

Indentii'lion (in, 4fns, t tootb). A con- 
ditionof being tkoiclied or serrated. I. of 
Tonpic, (he notchm on the Kcrder* of 
the looeae made by ibc tecih, aud v»ilMe 
dpecMuly during iofUnmutioo of Ibe 

lo^^Jex. (Lat.) Tlic fini ruiecr. A1w.i1m 
telalton or ratio of one part to another, lakeo 
Bs ■ fuuidnrd. t., Altitadtnal, ibc bei|;bt 
of a skull multiplied by loo and divided 
)>y in lcn(;lh. I., Alveolar, the degree of 
praaincnce of tbe jaws. mi-avuTed by the 
Ma-alveolor length multiplied \!j loo and 
divided tijr the basi-naMi lenglh. \Vhcn 
the alveolar index i^ 1e» than 98, the skull 
b orthognathic, when more thiui I03, 
proKnnlhic, wtieii iiitc(iu<.ilialc mesog- 
nathic. I., Cephalic, the tirendih of a 
skull muliiiiticd \f>j lOD and divided by its 
length. Whcu tiii* i* l-rki* 75. ll»e sVull 
b called dolicboccpbalic, when ohovc 
80, it la callol brachycephalic, between 
tbew limit!., ineaatlcephaltc. I., Nasal, 
the greatest na^ width multiplied t>y 100. 
and divideil by the ii«»nl length. When 
the nual index etceedii 5^, the ikmv ik 
platyrbins, when leu than 4K. n is uid 
to I* leptofhine, if between thoc ituin- 
bet?, ni«8orhliie. I., Orbital, (he or- 
biul beighl multiiilled b^ too and dtviricd 
by Ibe orbital width. If the orlatal index 
at above S9, it m (.ulled in«Kaseine, if 
tmdtr 84, mJcroaeme, if tidireen, meso- 
acme. I.. Thoracic, uken al it* widnt 
part is too times the soKitial, divided by 
the transverse measurement. 

Iit'dian. rcrtaiiiins lo India, tlie Wot 
Indict, or to the atioricinal Americniis. 
I. Black-root, the n»t of I'hrMattltm 
fy<Mf:faihiwi. Hu rrpulcd ■llenilive 
pn^>enies. Dote of dd. extract ni,xv- 
aaz. Uiwf. 1. Com. See Zta ,Vayj. 

I. Physic, .\mctican IpccutHO&a, tiM 
batSt of the root of GiUenia triJoHata. 
A mild emetic and calliviic. l>o6c of Ad. 
cxi. ntx-iJ. Unof. 1. Tam^. See 
Dragon R«et. 

liid''ia-rub'b«r. The i«7|i«red eoocntv 
juice obtained mainly from an Indian tree, 
Fi<ui tftutitics. and a South Americaa 
tree, Sifit-nia flaitiia. It it valoabte 
chieHy for its cloiticriy and iu insololilily 
in water. It b dilticultly soluble in oil of 
turpenttne, aod highly whible in carbon 
disulphide. Abo, called CaauUJutu. 

Ind'ican. A ([lucoaide fonning the bam 
of indigo. Hay \x oUained mod ibe leaf 
in (he fcrm of * yeUowbh-btown !7ni|i, 
bavinf; an acid reactioD. 

tndtg'fiiiQUS ( inJu, in. ^ztte, to be bom). 
Kalive. Oiiginatingorbckii^ingloacer- 
tain locality or couaQy. 

Indtgcit''ioD (t», tffffjff, to dissolve). 
Same OS DyspL-]«ia. 

Indigila'tion tin, tfigHni, m finger). A 
(eim applied to the difpboenKai of a pwi 
of the tDtesiinc by inUttHUCCptioo. 

In''digo. A hlne pigmcM fomcd dining 
the (ermeniaiion of ftuHgafera aniK I. 
itHtlo'itt aod vlhcT species. It ia iuolubic 
in akobol or water. Iwt frrrly iolnhle in 
slit»g sulphnrk Kid. Used mainly in the 
atta as ■ dye-riuir. Cbenucally. it t» a 
mJKtnrc of xvem) principles, the chief 
being & blue ookmiig maucr, imiigatm, 
Tberapmlically, il b on tttitJiDl to the 
muctMi. nKmbraoe of llw alimrniary trod, 
prodkinog inletise nanaca. It lias been 
u.'^ advantagcoiuly in epilepsy, chorea 
and convubions, in doaes varying hvm 
s i}-! ij daily. Unof. I. -Carmine Test 
Jos Sugar- I\il in 50 mininis of water 
one pellet iodi|^canniDc and wUium cht- 
hooale; heal gently lo solution : add one 
dnip of mine and toil ijiiirily. A change 
lo red or yellow indicates sugar. 

In'digogen. Sec Vruianthiu. 

Indirect' (I'n. dirigo, to br in a itraigkt 
tine). Not direct. I. Vision, that per- 
ceptioo of an object in which tlic \taap 
EilU on some other spot than the macuta. 
1. Division of C«Us. Sec A'aryit- 

Indisposi'tion {in, Jii/ be pot of 
place). Any aligbl illness ordisturlmQCC 
of the fuiicttoitt of the body 

IndisBol'ubk. Se« fimHttff. 

In'dol. A product of intcatina] patrefiw- 
tion ; furmed, abu. when MUeida are heated 
with allialies or by tupnbcsiing with water 




In'doUnt (m, IK4, lit^'fp, to ke\ pain). 
Slui!si^i> Witbovt pain ; apptk-d to nl- 
ecrs, tuu»f'«9. eU. 

Induced' [i»Atto,U>\ntA intoV MkIcc* 
[mxluccd I7 iht agency dT ild}' tDcana. I. 
Current. Si-c Cuft-m. 

Induc'tioa (>w>/jyi>). Tlxr «tahlishnient 
or an ■hstroci law or prapasition (7 means 
of tfK^ilic or [larticular illu<4[atic>m. I. 
Balance, iu ph^ics, an iniii.njrnnii uwd 
fcr the detection of cunrnii too weak to 
nfTcct the gittv&iioniclc-r 1. Current. Sec 
Cmrrent. \. of Ldbor, the bringing on 
of labor \x/ nrtiAcial aicatu. 

iDdueto'rium. A nuKnelo-indndioii »p- 
pscBiia for [ihjviotofiKal pur)>o«#(. 

la'durated {indurt, to lurdcn). Hard- 
ened. [. Bubo, n hard innami>u4(ion of 
the tyiaf>lntic glands, usially of syphititic 

Induia'tion {im/urit). The hardeniiijj of 
a tis&ue witliout alteration ofstniclure. I., 
Brown, a Iwnlttunn cj liiTiK-ti>3UL- witli 
accu munition of |>iiinitnilitry loillpr. I. 
of Chancre, a bard umlule, or a cup-like 
litijl. nlxMi Ihc nur^n of a cluuicre or 
typliiliiii: ukirr. 

lB«bria'iion {tiuirh, to make drtink). 
The oMnliUoi) of dnmkcmieM. 

loer'tia (■!», ik*, art, skill). Slufoi**'^' 
tttsa. Ill physics, ibe inability of matter 
to chiti^F As condition ucepl by meant 
of ail exivmn] forcv. la phyewtoEy, In- 
activity of any or^n or fuitctioa of the 
Uxly. I,. Uterine, the fiulnre or !tlu|;> 
Kislineu of uterine concractiotis in lalor. 
1.. Intestinal, torpor of intestinal action, 
or pcristaLtiv I. of Druga, lack of 
power of Miot, from inferior quality, to 
produce ilieir cusioniaTy pbpioloeical re- 

In oxtre'tnls ((w, si, n^/riwij, end). A 
Latin (iitasc, nmuuuK at tAe etuf. Tlte 
common farm, " in extremis m^rtii," is in- 

Itt'ffenojr {ill/ami, a little child). Early 
cbildliiiod. I., DiaeaMs of. those: to 
wliirh infants ate peculiarly liable. 

In'fant \ui/-ini), \ balMr. .\ccnnling l(i 
Engliri) law, one not harin^ attaJiKd ihi- 
age of twenty-one. 1., Overlaying of, 
wfrocatioT] of an iobnt by (lie Iyii>K ujnn 
it of an mIuIi in sWp. I. Shelter, a 
day nuneiy where the Jnfut children of 
wcakinj; million ace Vc\A at a moderale 
expense durinit ibe hours of labor. In 
KtnnCi'. a ffftk^. 

Infanticide Unflins, ariio, lo lull]. The 
murder of on ih r hi. 

[n'farct [imf.\rtla, lo fill inV An obnnie- 
tioa or pluK- In patholagy, an or^n or 
part Tilled 10 diMcntion with a coaguhiiii 

Infarc'tion \iafartio\ The Hagging or 
clotting of B vessel by an cmbdos ; the 
maues of ektravasated blood in (be liMucs 
in cnihdisn. 

Infect' (u^n>. to put in,ar comipt). To 
communicate or traiumil the tpccilic rintt 
or Kvnns of disease. 

Infec'lion {itt/iiie.y The conuaonicstioa 
of disraac-gL-Tms or rtrus, tiy aajr mcanSf 
din-ct or indirect. 

Infcc'tioua (injiiUi). liaTing the quahij' 
of tianiuiiltjng disca^ or the agcnta lluit 
cause ii. 

Infecund'itjr {i'm, adt.,/ecMndia, frnitAilJ. 
Sterility, Barrenness. 

Infe'rior loorap. of i»/frms, low). Lower. 

Infibula'tion {m,/iula, a clasp). An 
Ofwrallon fbnnerly eroplcTed to present 
the retraction of the prepuce over the 
((lans pcna in otdc-r lo pn^vcnl copolaliati. 
It cotivsied of pnasinit a rifm tfaroni^ 
opposite e<lgcs of the prepuce. In a simi- 
lar maiuier a ririK wrns passed through the 
labia of the vAi^na iit order to insure the 
chastity of fenulcs. 

Infil'tnitc (/«, Kr-./tfrrt-. to strain). To 
ooie into llie tTtteretitial spaces of a tissue; 
also, the substance thus having passed. 

Infiltra'lion (lo, Kr-, jUtfti). The ab. 
normal difTu^on of any (laM from with- 
out nte an organ or tissue, aiSeciinf it 
■ncdtanically so aa to de^ttoy its function. 
I. of Bone, a tubercular infittraiiMi of 
bone, consisting cither of natter thai be- 
comca imriroTui, or else of r ray cancellous 
matter. I.. Calcatrous, iiepi.iS'i» of liute 
nr other calcium s.ilts within any tiiMie 
of the Iwdy. I., Cellular, the iiriinary 
exuJalion into a liuue, L'Oiiveying wliite 
coqMSclei. I., Patty, the exiiiience of 
oil or fat globules in the interi<» of a 
cell. I., Plastic, that of a character 
fitim which new normal gnrwth may de- 
velop. I.. Sanguineous, an extmvata- 
lion iif MoM. .^n ecchymoeis. I., Tu- 
berculoua, a canflurnce of lulmculoas 

Infinite Dlsunee. A term In optica lo 
d<'ru)tc poralleliani of tlic light-rayi. Abao- 
Inie parallelinB does not CKtK, tmt, praell- 
cjilly. rays from an object 20 feet away 
an? BO conaid^'red and called. 

Inftnn' {infirmut, aot strong or firm). 
Weak « feeble. 

Inflm)''ary {iii/!rmiii)- A hoapilal. An 
tostitution wliere ill and tnliiTa [leople 


in BUDUined diinng ibc perigil oi ItcbI- 

lofinn'ity [iM^rmui). Wcaltncn. FtcbJe- 
mis due lo ^iwik>e or wniliiy. 

Inflame' {tM^mina, to stl on fm). Ta 
ondeiKD inlbnanMiMi. To bccococ uiHluly 
beatea umI mrcid with bkod, owing to ■ 
mctUd eondkioa. 

Infl am miction {imSiimmo}- A coudi- 
lloa of nairiu'Te aifriuibucc cfanracier- 
Ised t>7 hypennsiA, with p r difan ltco of 
the ceU* of a tutue cr orf^aB, aad attcudcd 
b^ one ur roure of ihv tjinptoais of 
pnin, bral, swelling, discoloration rimI 
ditorilefcd function. 1., AdbcBtve, ■ 
■jmonym of HtalinF ty First iHtrntien. 
1., Aplastic, sod 1., Plastic. .See 

Inflani'niatory (t/jAtflVM")- Pcrtoinine 
lo inflMunalioB. 1. Baudation. Ilif fhud 
exuded fruiB m Inflamed pari. 1. Focus, 
ihe central or eolminatine sdoI of an in- 
fiuned part, or thjU at nrhicb suppuratioa 
bq;ti». I. Fuitfi-oid Neoplasm. See 
Afyem4. I. Infiltration, the exadatkin 
ocaping into titc inlmttcca of aa inBomeil 
tisnie ud not nnno<red by the tjtDphai- 
ics. I. Zone, the an-a of gangrenous 
Ibnntation Iioundnl Iiy ihe linr of dc inar c a - 
tion between deod and living tiawe. Abo 
the linr of rirniamlion. 

Infla'tion [iM/to, to piiff op). DbtentioD 
whli air. In nrgcTy. disimtiun of the 
bowrU with air lo irhcre i^niniiCtinn i cr 
«f ibr longi for artifii-ial rnqjinUion; or 
of the Etttiachum luU: fvr ibe lairpou of 

Influen'sa (Ltit., an inflocace [thoagbt 
to be due to ihr San]). A conttvioos. 
epidemic, intlsnunaioiy oiTrction of ibc 
mnotu tnctnbrane of ilw tc^piratory Unct, 
acGompantrd by a muro-puruknt diKhaigc, 
fimr, aiwi pTMiniiian, i'opularly called 
I7 its Frmcb name, la fri/fe. 

la'llax{M,jluii,Xoacm}. An inflow. The 
ad of flowing in. 

Infra- {iit/ra, bctteatb). A Latin pre6z 
meaning ti^tieatk. 

Infra-ax'illary {im/ra, axilla, Ibe ana* 
pit). Bckm the ann-pit. 

Infraclavic'ular \ittfra, elcnitula, the 
collar- bone), llrbiw the collai-lKioe. 

Infracoat'al (tur^u.^'tu/tt.tbcribs). Below 
the ribs. 

Infrac'tioofM, Aui^'i>,ljretLking). Incom- 
plete fracnur of a bone. Also, an tadea- 
tolion or dririRg inward. 

Inframax'illary (imfra, taaxiiiutm, tbe 
jaw). Below or under llie jaw, 

Infta-orb'iial {infra, vrbiia, the orbii). 
Beneaili or below ibe orbtt. I. Artery, 
Ibe bnucb of the loterDal na^«.il1ary arlcnr 
iraverunKlbelnfra-oibtialcajMl. I.CanaC 
Ihe canal in the Mipcrior loaxitlory hone 
llud limaioutH the tiifiii-ivbltat vevvU and 
nerves. I. Foramen, the ajirnuTe in 
the superior BuuLilbry Immk ihrou^ wbkb 
die infaa-otbita] aitcry [uuiei. I. Onove. 
the poore Icadi&x to the infrm-crbiial 
canal. I. Nerve, Ibe itante of the stipe- 
tior ovaillary n<Tvc at iu enlnnce lo the 
tufra-orbital canal. 

Infrascap'ular (m/tw, vafmh, tbe riNwl. 
dcr-UiKle). Below the sbonldcr-bbde. 

Infraspina'tua. Sec A/uuU. 

Infraslemal (itfra, t/rrtuim, ibc laraitt 
bone). Beneath the tirniiun. I.Deprea- 
eion. the depresrioo of the ensUbnn car- 
tilage, commonly called the pit of the 

Infuadib'tillform {iM/itHJitu/um, a fun- 
ntl.yiniwij, a fctin). runnrl-tlufnl. I. 
Fascia, t)ie funnel tha|H-d memiT«aou» 
layer that tn\-eM> thr. ^jiermalic ctifd. 

Infutidib'aluTTi | in/uttif'', to poor into), 
A ftinnel. I. of Brala, a Araoel-ihaucd 
mas* of gny matter attached in the |atui. 
tary glano. I. of Cochlea, a aoiall cavity 
St the end of ibc modiolu*. I. of Heart, 
the aiinial cone from vhich Ihe pilnonuy 
artery aritci. 

Inftt'aion. See /h/usvm. 

IilfuK/ria(fi0iiWBi,aii infiuioii). A rlaas 
of nncnNcofnc, ciliated ovgajiitmi belong- 
Ing to the onlcr of J^ntMat. They Rpro- 
diicc by Axiion and Iwlding, and alw by 
cgXt or getnu. 

Infu'sum \ iM.). An infiucion. In fhat- 
macy, a pretmralinn marie by trrating a 
viXeialile suMaoce witb bol cr with i.vld 
water witbom Iwiling. Infiuioiu shonld, 
in the al«cncr of uiccilic (tiiectiens, eon. 
tain I pari of tbc substance lolo of water, 
ihere arc 5 oBicial infma. 

Inges'ta {inj^rre^ lo curry into). Sob- 
slBoccs introduced into the body, cspecitily 
far purposo of alimentation. 

In^a'tion \inff'0\. Tbe introduction of 
liyjdornutriiiud intothcmouthorsioaiBch- 

In'gluvin. A nrctiaration otaainr^l from 
the gtnaid of the rawl, ased at a ujIbU- 
tulc fiwpe(»in and panoratin. Very effi- 
cient in the lomitiug of pnrgnaiKy. lJo»e 
gr- %x 

Inctas'alas, Proeeties, ov Wines of. 
'llie IcAarr wingt of the ipltcarixl l«ne. 

Ingravcs'cent \mgTaKtJto, to become 
bcBvy). Inctcaung m wcltla or in te- 




Tcritr- I. Apoplexy, protxililf due to 
dowl]r incrcasiDg cckMhJ hemorrhage. 

Iti(ninda'tion. Sm Imprtgn-iti-'H. 

Ingre'dicnt {itigyfHor,\a *tcp into). Any 
pan that ^atxn into Ibc fgn&atiQn v{ i 

In-erowing Kail. Stc OiiyfMcgryphain. 

In'tpiliuU [ingu^n, the groin), t'cnaining 
to ibe |{txiiii. 1- Canal, liic CMinl Iiulb- 
niuiog ihc spennatic oord in the male, 
attd Ibc round ligament in the rcinalc. It 
b utuatcd iianlld lo and Jufil atxnc I'ou- 
poit'i ligameoc I. Glands, ibc supor- 
6cial aod the deep glands of the ertuD. I. 
Hernia. See ffrrni.i. 

Inguino-Abdunt'inal. IVTlaining con- 
joiiiiljf to the {^in and ab<lonien. 

lobala'tion [mli'iU, \o draw in), Tlie 
in-breMhliif! of air or odicr vapoi. I. 
Diseases, Lb>nc due to Ibe in>>piration of 
air c«»initiing dim or any liiiely dirided 
natter. See GrimJtr/ Diitan. I. of 
Medicines, the introduction into the air- 
pcuoa^cs or lun|p of medicinal lubtlinces, 
m tlM fomt of rapor or fine spray. 

Inbsic' \iHAato). To insjiiir ix draw air 
or otticr <rspor inW the luii^ 

Inba'lar (ij>4d/>'). An insinimrat for ap- 
p1ying,ivfariabalin{tlic vapoe of atiqmd 

Inbot'itcd (\nh^ree, to cleave tol. De- 
rived burn an ancestor. I. Diaeaae, a 
diMAie cbat has been uwumittcd to a child 
by its parent 

lohib'it [inkiU^. lo check). To clieclc, 
reKnin, or suppreu. 

Inhtbi^ttOD {inkibeo). The a£t of check- 
ing, mlrainuiK or 9>u|i]>mtinK- Inhibitory 
nerres andcemen, are ihote inienucdiaiiii^ 
a oDDdihcalian, uq^fiage or snppression ci 
a motor or Kcrctory act abudy tu {inv 
pcsf. I., Vasomotor, an inllucnce ex. 
erted on the conttactjlt; wallv nf ilic blood 
vessels that cnusr* their diUtatiun by a 
diminution of ibcir tone. I., Voluntary, 
the checking or lemporary restraint of a 
rellcK by force of will, 

Inhib'itoiy {inkibec). Hariag the power 
lo retrain or hold in chedc. I. Center 
of Sctschenow, a c«rv-hra) center in the 
Optic lot^es of the brain of the feog, the 
stiiDulatioD of whtcb checks reflexes. I. 
Nerves of the Heart, those of tbevigus 
euppUcd liy the cardio-inhibhory cenier, 
tbrougb the spiiul accessory nerTc. I. 
N«rv«B of Respiration, certain a/Tercnt 
fibcn in the l.uyn|;cal branches of the 
va({us ncr\'e, that exert ■» inhiNloiy action 
oo Ibe inspiratixy set of rcspiratioa. 

Inhuma'tion {^inhume, to put in (he 
ground). Buiial of tlw dead is ihc 

In'ial (riMv, the ocdpnt). Pertaining to 
the inioa. The podvrior aipect of ilie 

Iniencepb'alus (irioi', rft-T^-ov, brain), 
A cla^s of cxcocephalic monstrosiiir!;, the 
brain ptolmding llvough an occipttal A*- 

In'ion (ivcof). The external protubcraace 
of the occipital Ixine. 

Ini'tia] (iw, «■, to go). Bec'nning or 
commencing. I. Sclerosis, the prinury 
induralion of a btird cb.tncrc. I. Staf« 
of L^lbor. Sec l.ahei-, S/a^rt o/. 

Inject' (tn./s.t'o, to throw). The introduc- 
tion of a liijuid into any caviiyof ibe txxly, 
natural or artificial, by mcaot of a s>Tinge 
or similar LnslntmenL In pathology, a 
condition of dislcittion of the capiUariei 
with blood. 

Injec'tion [it, Ja^iv). A')oc«us or other 
Kilutioni thrown into the veurh, beneath 
tlic skin or into any canty of the body. 
I., Anatomical, filling the ressela of a 
catlavef or of an oican with prrwrvative 
or coaf:ulattng solntiou, for purpc«» of 
dissectioo, efi. 1 .. Coagulating, injeclioo 
of cosgalatjiig solutions into Ibe cavity of 
an aneuruiD. I., Hypodennstic, by s 
■yringv in the ti&suc beneath the akin. I., 
Nutrleni, bijeclioii of nutritive Huids into 
Ihc rectum ox oilier cariiy. t., Opaque 
Naked-eye, fiir aiislomicat or inicroMro- 
picai puH'tJ&es. uudc of plastcr-of-l^ris, 
tallow, vcmiilion and gelatine, antatc of 
leaJ atid bichromule of potash (yellow in- 
jection], or acetate of lead and c«H<onaio 
of 3odd (while). I,, Transparent Micro- 
scopic, niade wllb cnnninc fur tcil. fcrro- 
cyanide of {lutoitiiuin for blue, chromaic of 
pota^b for yellow, r/c. 

In'Jury itn, not. Jut, a riitfat)- Any dam- 
age or nana lo tfae body or say of Ms 

In'leiof the Pel'vls. Thebeart.shapcd 
space MTtihin the brim of the iiclvis, 

Innerva'tion (in.n^rvui). iSc dischat^ 
vf nenvuR imirulse from a eaiiglionic 
oenier. The maDJfcsution of nerrous 

Innom''inate (in, without, Homm, a 
name). A term applied to Mrrcml patU 
of Ihc l^y to which no otiiicr definite 
name ha« been given, 1. Artery. See 
Artery. I. Bone, the irregular shaped 
l>cni- fnmilng the sides and anterior wall 
of the pelvic carily. 


Innutri'tion (it, nutrif, to BOUTuh). 
Waoi of ttuUTlion or aQuntluiiaM. 

Ini>cuU''tK>n (rHA-M/o, to enemD). The 
i&tiuductiun iolo the ctmlBtkn «f the 
virus cf inTi-'dious dUnscs, or of cenain 
DafcituJ aeents. I.,Jcnnenan, ncxri- 
nAtkm, or the 1. of cowfiox virus. I. of 
Smallpox, inoculnlion with Ibc contagtum 
of smallpox lo produce a mild type of the 
ditcasc. 1., Preventive, inocuUiion of 
BOOM Tiru6 to act x» a preTciiti*c of * swn 
Kfknu discafic or type of the aane diense. 

I'nog«Q \_K [t'^n. (H¥]i Higar, /rvitiu, lo 
produce). A nunc eiven to » hypotbeticxl 
suhsIaDce held lo occur in miisctitu tissue, 
and lo be decompoMd, during conlraclion, 
into carbon dioxide, satvotectic acid, and 
myusb. UeAuse of this beluirior ii is 
considered the eDeq^y-prodgcini: subsiance 
of muscle. 

Inoigan'ic Un, wj^aHmm, an tnitnuneiit). 
A tenn iiiplied to a body or a ntbauutoe 
ihM powtim Donc of tbc posslbjlities of 
deTcioixnem, Krawth or life. I. ConstUu- 
tnta. Sec ConstituHtti. 

InoBCtila'tion (m, i>:.-hIo, to kiss). Hie 
ioioiiig, at liidi nxnitlu. uf th« Itaiichn of 
olood vessels, especially (}>e eMreniides of 
aHerieji with the origins of veins. 

Inosln'ic Ac'id. An tnunociia derirative 
fiom moscle; of anknovm oonMituiMO. 

I'noait. See Sugar. 

In'queat (in, ipiirro, lo skky A jwljcia] 
Eu'iutiy. I.. Coroaer's, an bi^aurcon- 
cening the can«e of the death of nne who 
has died by violence oc in aunic other un* 
If row n way. 

Inquini'tion (m, ffwrm). The inquiry cr 
boring bebn Bjury or contmisaon oon- 
eersing Ibe sanity or lunacy of a criminal 
or a pcTMHi charged with crime. 

Insaliva'tion (r/r,r<7/nv>, ibc spildcV Tbc 
mixture of the (bod willi saliva during 

Inaane' (f'H.nat,rii«trf,so«nd). DetaDgrd 
or diseaW m mind. I. Ear. Sec ffama- 
foma Anns. 

lt)san''ity (m, r/rwwO. A danngement or 
abnormal cendiliun of one or more or the 
mental fiKollies, wiihoul \nf.*. of vnliiion or 
conftciatuncK, arising from chum-s other 
than Inlily riivnv. I., Acquired, that 
arining after a long p»TJtiil of lifr of tnenlo) 
Intcipity. I., Alcoholic, that induced by 
alcceolic excess, usually a nsull of he- 
ratitary tendmcie*. I., Cornmunicated, 
Lbat traDsmiiled by intercourse witli an in- 
aane person. I.. Epidemic, a form ocra- 
manifeittcd among a numl 

people in conunoo association, as in can- 
veais or icbools. I., Febrile, a maniacal 
fonn, occasionally reolting from acute in- 
llaninMlion, fever, or from similar nuie. 
I., Hereditary, diat aciuired by virtue of 
hereditary wcakncas or taint, and noc in- 
dticvd by other apparent causes. I., Idea- 
tional, a tcnii af^lied lo any ftxm in which 
tbcTv i* narked pcrversiufi of the reaxnirtf 
power*. I., Impulsive, a form in which 
the patient pps'.eu'es an uocoDtroUable de- 
sire to commit acts of violence. I.. Moral, 
a form marhed by prr\eTsionandde|jrsviiy 
of the moral Knse, n ithotil impaltneni of 
the reasoning and intellectuo] Ucullics. I. 
of Preg;nancy, a (bnn oeconiiiji during 
pTcgnsacy, cbarsctaiied by nicloncbotia, 
suicidal intent, and althorreoce ol fncnds 
and telaiitps. I., Primary, a (bun, often 
oongcnital. thai atlies «ith the devetcj> 
nent of the tody. It amy also tiroce*^ 
from injury or disease of the hrain [n curly 
life. I., PuupcTkl, a term somciimrs 
applied to the delirium of chiUtirth, bnl 
note properly to the mania occuning after 
deliveiy. I. StnaulUfteous, when two 
or mem petsuns bercdilanly inclined be- 
come aflected at the sane time. I., Voli- 
tional, flieh Jbrms as an marked by de- 
tangcfoeni of the will. 

Insa'tiable Appetite. See BuHmia. 

Insectiv'ora (tme^tum. an insrct. vara, 
to devour). An order of plantigrade ani> 
mols beloogltc to the mammaJia. 

In'sect Pow'der. The powdered Aowcn 
of several species dl Fyrtthrum or " lai- 
hsch." an Insectjdde Id coonnon u«e. In 
the Uorled State* the flowers o( /*. (tnritr- 
/i4mm ore exiciuivelj cnltivalcd fix this 

Inaenina'tion (I'njrmtMo, to plant feed). 
The planting of seed. The mtiodticlioo 
of semen. 

InBen«^ibIe(m,not, rrNA<>, tofed). With- 
out the sense of feeling. locap^Jc of 
being peiceived or recognifcd by the 

Inaer'tion (in:trt, to set in). The ad uT 
telling or pUcing in ; oe, ibni which is set 
in. 1. Velamentous, the infenioii of 
the margia of the wnbittcal cord upon the 

Inaid'iouB {intldur, an xml<nh). Deceit- 
ful. Hidden from external view. I. 
Disease, one that shows UO apjtaienl 

In sl'tu (in, lilu, pmiUon). A Lotlo 
phnse mcaaing in a git'tn ^ mantnat 




InsoU'lKMi (iVt, sot, Uic s»n). 1'NpMurc 
to Uie sua, cither ss a prophyliKlic treat- 
meat or a ctuBc of dbcmc. Siiitsirokc. 
la ptianuacjr. llic dryixg or IJcwhing ai 
•uliitanccs bj cxposun; to the via. 

iDK^'ublc (rw, lie);., loiubUii, Kilublc). 
IncKpablc of wluiion, 

Insom'nia [in, ne^., »««»/, sleep). 
W;uil of t\c-^a. Iii&tnliljr to sli-qi, 

Inspec'Uon \ins/^iiui, a hrholding). In 
meilirine, the exunirulioD of the Indy, or 
of niiy pnrl of it. 

Insptra'tion (/«, i;*/fv, lobmulic). That 

Cof rejiwration cooiiiuing of Uii: dmw- 
in of (lie limtli. 
InBpta'satc {intfiiso, to thicken). To 

tnaite ihick 1^ cvaporMion or bf alxotp- 

tioa of the ik\uv\ nieastniuiD. 
ItiBUara'tion (irnfitumfio, a Tcmoval). 

The tint s|ijicaraaa: of a pli>-aii>lo]{icil 

In'step {inslofi, the bend of the Toot). 

The iin;li uf the (ool. 
InstiUa'tion [inUi/h<, to put iti little \>j 

or liltUr tiy lillle. 

In'stlnci [im/it-fuo. lu im|>e1). An in- 
herited natural iminilsc uiiiLtiwdated with a 
rcjwoiiiti^ cuni-c|<ii(jn ai to cuuc and dfcct. 

In^stitute \tn)!Uue, to set uji). A itaU- 
mi^nt of principle. Abo, any «ltaMi^h- 
inrnl for (hc^ stalcineiil ur di-iacrninalion of 
|)rinciplc». I- of Medicine, lite cxj^la- 
Dalinn or philomphy i^f ihi! lawi of ihc 
■cicncc of tneilitinc ; palliulugical. pIIy^t- 
ology. Used tomcilmes ai a ^yitonym of 

In'strutnent (iuttruo, to builth. An^ 
mech.-uu<:al tool or device lUvd in opera- 
tion lit trtiildifnt. 

Insuffi'cicncy yin, mi, nnder, fiinn, to 
innkr). Incapacity of nnrnul action. I, 
of Muscles, Active, a iihrnoDK-noa nf a 
iDiucIc oclint; oti Iwu i^r mure jointK vfhva 
tlK joint! over which it jugiscs arc so 
chaiiKnl llwt it cannot cnntract nclivrly 
any funher ibiu) to the cxirtit <-f the thort- 
eninE| from whkb It tir^m to !« acIiv. 
I. of Muaclea, Pasaive, the annloguc 
of llw i^lKnnntena of acltve I. in niany 
Jointed nniicirt, wh^reliy motion of the 
latt id prerenlr^l (mm the (lodlMMi of ittr 
joint, the mtode teinf; too thoct to iKt 
tinder such cimimsianccfl. I.oftbeOcu- 
lar Muacles, ireakncM a panrtii of ih« 
uine, in hii>li degreu nrmUing in lEraliis- 
>nu«, asih4!min*a, dijilcfaa, efi. I. of the 
Cardiac Valvea, iin]ierfect clcourc, per- 
mittiiig legatKitaiiaa. 

Inauffla'tion (in, fuSb, lo pulT], The 
blowing cf aiiy lincty divided &ul»>iaa<:c 
upon a .inriacr or into a cavity. 

In'aufRator (in, iu0i:). A Mnall m«lni' 
UK-tiE {<js Uluwing fine (>owdcn tnlu a cavi^ 
or (in a aurTMrc. Also, one Ux blowing au 
into the lungs. 

Iti'iulm (L^). Id anatomy, the island 
of Kdl. 

In'aular [I'mitla, an inland). Iwlated in 
condition, alfo, pertaining to thv island of 
Kcil 1. Sclerosia, ut dt>>(-niinntcd scle- 
rasii^— f4:n(tered i»kt» of Klemb in the 
brain and cord. It is called ideratt at 
piiiiHfs liiiiemtitirt \rf the French, and 
nuiliiplc sclcneis by the Germans. Its 
etiokcy is obscure. Tlic tympionis vary 
accoraing to thi? {lo&iiiou of the blets: 
Motor dciaogcmeDtii, a jerky tremor, pare- 
sis or paralyus, cyc^changca, rA-., are the 
most oonuaon. The pro«K»is ta graWj 
and treatment of little a<rw. 

Jn'sulate \tasula). To isolate or srparale 
ftOTii iurruuiiditiu^. In clectriciiy, to sur- 
ruHtnd a ainiLuctor with a nonconductlDZ 
lubsiancc ur with one having nn exceed- 
'"i;')' ''"KI' resiilance. 

In'BuIt t'". ufran, sitlla, to leap). The 
bc^inuiiis cif a jarusyiHii or of an attack 
of a diK^ue. 1., Apoplectic, an apo- 
plectif stroke. 

In'tei^al {in/ffrr, whole). EotiTie. Ea- 

Inte(''rhy {iMttger). Wbolcnesa. Ed- 
litety. Also, virginit)''. 

Integ^ometit (■'«, upon. f<xv, to corer). A 
covering, especially Ihc skin. In >)Oiany, 
tli« envelope surrouadjiig die ovute of 
l^bancmgainota planu. 

In'tellect {inttr, liclwrrn, /<-i', to chooae). 
Ttie mini) m rciuming power, I,, De- 
ranged. .See imanay. 

Intel'ligcnce {inttlUftai, a percHring). 
llie undctvtaadinc that cotnes fnn ue 
perception of (|tial>tic» and attribute of the 
obji-ctivr world and manifested in Hte pur* 
posivc cmp'ki)-incnt of nnna to miain an 

Intem'perancc (in, not, /i'w/>/t.» «/■'«. miU- 
ness). Want of moderation. Immcdcratc 
iiiilulKCDce, especially with reference to 
aktitK-lic liquor*. 

Inten'sity {iinenttu. stirmg). Conccntra- 
liwi of cui-TKy or aclitity. Alw, a high 
drgrw of energy « power. 1.. Specific. 

Ifltcn'aive (in/rniujV Increased in force 
or eTiet^r. Sirrngihening cr lacreasing 
the Kxoal paiaions. 




Inten'lion. Sec //fating. 

Inter- (itUrr, Ixtwrco). A Latin p>nfix 

Intenttic' ultr {ifi/rr, arfita/ut,» jociil). 
Siluitln) lieiwrrn joiniG. 1. Fibro-cartU 
Ugc, the flatttncd caftil«einow plaici, ir- 
rc|[uW in thmpc, between tlic ulJcuUr 
auTiiif:«5 of R-rtain joiBta. 

Int«e»'denee [ifif<rr, r.iA', to fall). The 
irTC|[aTiu bcaliiig of ihc [nilic lh«l Menu 
occm»iuiially to have m addhkxul t>«ai 
between nonnol pulsatioiu. 

Inter'caUfy (iWfT, foAi, loimcrt). Placed 
or Inserte^l tietwccn. I. Growth, a term 
Kpplicd 10 gruvila of Dcw nuUerwl tntcr- 
ititially (lc|)0&itnl. 

Itttvtcel'lular ^i^^/^r, ff!/tt/a,A saaH cell). 
Amurig or between cells. 

Imercen'iral {inter, i/ntntm,* cento), 
between cent en. 

Intercil'lum. See GlaUlU. 

Interclavlc'ular {inUr, rlax'imta,^aiissA- 
twhore). Iletween Ibe cinviclei. 

Intercolum'nar. See tama. 

Intcrcon'dylar, vr 

Intercon'dyloid {tmitr^ mvAvtc^, a knoti). 
Itelvrecn oonflflcL I. Eminence, the 
tfnne or knoh Kpnmting Uie two cun- 
dyUr pottiuns of the til'ia. I. Fossa. Ihc 
notch betwcrn the coniljrle* of the fpttiur. 
I. Line, n Inuovcnc line scporaiini; the 
^opliiir^l iin<( potelUr fovia:. \. Notch. 

Intercos'tal {^inier, e;<iiat n rib). The 
■pace hetween rilw. I. Arteries, the 
■Otiic nrtPTMTit d the inlcrcivtal upacm. 
\. Mutclea. See MmtU:. \. Nervts, 
I hr anterior ntrt* of lbrd(>na>-i|Hnal netYes. 

Intcrcoflto-hu'ineral (mtrr, offia. humt- 
nu. (be boDcof the upper ann). lYrtaining 
to the onn and the i^iice lielwceD the 

In'tercounte {inUroirtHt. commerccV 
I'nmtDunicalion. I., Carnal, srsual com- 

Intercur'rent [inttr, (tirr>.\ to nin). Oc- 
curriiig or talking place between. 1. Dis- 
ease, a term tooacly applied lo disea&cs 
occiinin|{ Bporadically during ■ period o( 
pnevsilins endemic or epidemic diseases. 
Also uaed of a disease arisa; or progress' 
inic duriiifi the cxiatmce of anolbcr dis- 
ease ill the same perwn, 

Interdent'al iinVr, dtm, t tooth). Be- 
tween the tei^tn. I. Splint, 3 <>|)linl nscd 
in fracture of tbe Jaw. consisliitg of a me- 
tallic fnune ai the neck of the leeib, held 
\f wire lulures jinwii^ liclweeli the tceib. 

lotctdiB^ital (tw^r, digitut, a finger). 

Between finj-cn. 1. Membratic, the 
skin l«weeu the toes of oaliaMc footed 
aninuls. I. Space, that berveen ad^a- 
cent rinfj[en. 

Inierdigita'tion {tHirr, dijpfiii). The 
lockin^c or dovetailing of .linnlbu' parts, as 
the 6iiger> of vac ImiwI wtlh tbcM of ihe 
other ; or of the eods of tlie Mifum tX' 
Itrntu nuscle with thoM of the m/tmAu 

Intvrfascic'ular ( intrr. /asei<uhtt, a Ima- 
dlc). Sitiutii^ hetwMB famcn)i. 

Interfcr'encc (infrr, ani) frriv, to Urilte). 
Inierpobliioo. I. of Lifht, the mutual 
neutral i/ai ion of waves of Ughl, u khown 
in N'ewlon'» rinjts, when the cnst of aw 
wave fallt upon the trough of another. I. 
of Sound, the nrutialtxafion of two sooud 
waTo, one by ihc vtlier. 

Interloh'uUr Untfr, iotta, s lotie). Be* 
Iween VAm. mVAnAr*. 

Imeraiai'illary iinttr, mniiHa, the jaw- 
bone), Belwrrn tile nuxilUry lonev 1. 
Bone, a %vaaS\ Ixrac lieiwcen tlie miperier 
maiilltity tionet of tlie Avtos that rc> 
ceiT--i the inei.ion. Il also occun in moO 

Interme'diate {inUr, mtdiit, (he middle). 
Stiuoicd lieiwccn, 

Intennenin'geal (/nJtrr-.^iyvrxft'hc mewf 
bnnc eru.-k>euie the l«Bm). Between 
the duni malrf and tlie arachDoid; or. 
tirtwren ihr lallrr and the pia ranter, 1. 
Hemorrhage, n hxmoiThsge between 
the meningr-t- 

Inter'ment \m, Itrtn, the earth). The 
burixl of the hody. 

Intermetacar'pBl Untrr, mrtacarfmi^. 
Between mctstarpal bcnev 

Inlermetatar'sal (imtfr, mffarmrtut), 
Itrlwr-rn mriatntNil Ixini'k. 

Intetmis'sion ( 'nfrrmisais, % iTeaVing-tjA'). 
ITie inicTval Ix-iwcen Ilic poroxynns of a 
frvcT. AI*J>. an inUTval when like pnlac 
faih to U-jt in rh>thmic lime. 

Inlermii'tenl yinitr, mitta, lo send or oc- 
cur). Occuring at inletral*. I. Fever. 
See fftftr. \. Pulse, apubation m:uked 
by ineinilar pauses interrupting its rhyth- 
mic action. 

Intermus'cijlar [iM/er, inia--vftu, ■ mui- 
tle). SilUAtcil l>i-'wrriin"i»cle». 

IntcT''nal {inirrtiui, inwardV f)n the in- 
adc. I. Capsule, tlic liarMi of nerve mst- 
Irr Letwren Ihr ojilic thalamos arul the 
inlcrvenirictiW [ictuaii of il>e curinu utria* 
tuin. 1. Capitile. Knee of, iIk anele 
fiinncd by ibc two diTiftom *>t the internal 




In'teraa<i« {inUr, mai/ut, & knoiV The 
MKicc between wjjacenl ininU or Icmits. 
That piul of a iierve-lilTil bttwccti k«ii- 
vicr*s nodes U called ihc intemodol .%cg- 

Interoun'cial {imUr, nuHcim, a nu3«»i- 
ger). That which (nriDA a cnnoixling nr 
aervtng medium, a* the nenrex and (beir 
relation to the muttclet ant] ibe will. 

Inter^noa. See itttemal, 

Inlerorb'ital \Jntfr, vriita, the orbit). 
SituaCci) l«iwcen orbits. I. Bone, the 
miHlian tioite of tish». 1. Plate and 
Septum, a vtrudun? of the rotv-lmtin, 
whb ii» extension, fouiid in certain lulict 
anil tejitilts. 

Intcros'acous linlfr, oiM, a bone). Be- 
tween boQM. I. Arteriss, aname giv«n 
to raricHU bnuichuof the dermal, jMltnar, 
plaiilar and meUlina] arteries of the 
tuind, foot and foraann. I. Muscles, a 
name pven lo cntain mturlc^ vf l1ie 
hand, fixit and forcanti. I. Nerves, the 
nerves siinplj^ng the tVwegoing muscles, 

Interpari'elal [tntrr, ^rin, kxII«'{ Re- 
twcen walls. 1. BoDc, a term somelimcs 
Bjipbed to the upper, »inninouK and non- 
cartiUj^nciu* pari of Ihr occipital hune. I. 
Suture, the M^iital mlure, or that (brtncd 
by the poricial lone^. 

InlerpeduTt'cular (in/er, f^unrttltu, a 
Liulcfoot). Situated between peduncles. 
I, Space, the fans Tanni. or [xi*terior 
pi-rforalnl %]wce thjit (nmu (he pottcrJQT 
floor i-f Ihc third ventricle, 

Inierphalang'eat {inter, ^My(. a finBCT). 
Brtw«'n (!ir hnprninrihe toes. I.ArtJCU- 
litions, the gingljTnoid articulations of 
the tingcr* and lor* 

Interpu'bic {intrr, />»iii). Situated be- 
tween thcpuMc l<ones. I. Disc, the tibro- 
caitiUi'inria* nu'S fanning the symphyses 
of tht [Wirt. 

Imcrscap'ular (in/er, unjiiUi, the shoul- 
der-Made). Udween shtjulder-hladet I. 
Region, ibe port of ibe cbcti between the 
inner holder o/ the shoulder-blade and the 

Iitterspi^nous {infer, tfina, the spine). 
Siluflted lirtwcrn ihe vrrtcbr*'. 

In'terstice [iiiz-r, i/rj/«.-, fixctl or set), A 
space or inteml. .Mfo, a pore. 

loteiBti'tisl i^inleritittum. jpacr NHweenV 
Pertaining to any cpoce or inlrniU lietwcen 
parts or of]gaiis. I. Absorption, m atv- 
•cesses, the abMtptioo of liMues bctworn 
■ qot artd the sUa. Also, any similar 
absorption. I. Atrophy, a roodition ob- 
•erred in certain discue» of the bones 

{artJiriti/ di/^rmamj). in wludi the ltlil^ 
era) matter has been absorbed to such an 
eileril that only reticulated lamiine remain. 
I. Hypertrophy, a condition b certain 
diicascs uf Ihc hones in which there is an 
excessive depu«it of mineral mailer in Ihe 
Haversian canals and lacunae. Often ac- 
ocnnpuiit-d liy diminuliun in the siwof the 
bone. I. KetalitiB. See A'tratitu. 1. 
PrecTUiney. See i*rtgn<iney, 

Intertransvcrsa'Ica {•n/rr, trausi'tnus, 
turned acrvii). A name tpvea lo the short 
bundles of mu.'tcular ^l>crs estcndiac 
between the triiuirtrsc processes oT CWK 
tigunu.'* reitebrA-- 

InteRri's;o Uf/^r. /.-rj. to mb). An cry- 
tlictnatuu-1 trufjtion or Icuon of Ihc ikin 
produced by fHclion of siljacent ports. 
See hiylh/mti. 

Intertrochanter^ic {inter, 4rp€haHltr\. 
Ilrlneen the troctianters. I. Lins, a ridge 
on llic Hpjicr end of (lie femur between 
the tjreal and the lesser tivchaiiiet- 

Intenu'bular SuVstance. I'he tnindu- 
crnt, «ulr>t3nce uf the dentine of 
Ihe lix<(h, cual;iiiun){ ukmI of il» earthy 

In'terval [fmtrr, vallum, n rampart)- A 
space t^r lapse eilher vf (ime ur ditlauce; 
as Ihc intcrvil tic[n-«-n the paro);y»mi of 
a frvcr, or lielvrccn two orj;:in* or jiartu of 
the body. I.. Focal, llie distance between 
Ihc anterior anir] pKiirrior fiical jxiinli. 

Interventric'ular {iHlrr, I'.-nlm uJum, a 
ventricle). Kctweeii vciilficle», a.i, of the 
heart, I. Septutn, ihir (ilirous septum or 
partition IktIwccu the vciilriclck o( die 

Intervei'tcbral {inif, rvWo^nt. a hone of 
the Kpinr), IViwccn Ihe vertrbne. I. 
Diaca, the lenlioilar discof libro-cnrtilage 
between the adjacent Miifacc* of ihe rerlc- 
br<<:- I. Notes, the notch at the l«s(: of 
Ihe pedicle of the Inminte on the nides of 
encb vcrtc1:ira. I. Substance. Same as 
/. l>isii. 

lnte8'tinal(i«/«/(''iMttr, llieinlrstine). Per- 
taining lotbe iniettine. I. Absorption, 
the a^Korplion of the pcptoniicd products 
of diRestiuo by the capillaries, veins and 
laclrsis of the inner snrfarr of the rntrstjnc. 
I, Arteries, llie arteries of the inteslines, 
of which the princi].>Al trunks arc Ihc CA'liac 
axi« and the mesenieric binnches. The 
lower pan of Ihc rectum it KU^^lied by the 
h-x-morrlioidBl brandies uf the iliac and 
pudtc artcric*. I. Canal, ll»c rniire in- 
testinal pns.taec from (he Mumitch to Ihe 
anus. I. Fistula, a Iblala or unnatural 



■peftuR in any pait ot an tiilcttinc. I. 
Obstniciion, aiiy ciuuK- or igcnt tbiU u- 
rcsti or impedt^i die pragma uf llw £rcrs. 
I. Tract, ur Tube. Same u /. 
Intea'tine intuitu, within). The i»tt <S 
(he digeMive lube eximding ttatn the 
■fcnuwa u> the wms. I., Large, ccm- 
prlsn the attain, colcn hkI rccium. I.. 
Small, cociMMs of the tloodmum, iejaniim 
autl UciuD. 

In'tima {iiUiima. 1o«-cM). (.'««<! iiuUad 
of tvitiot nt/ima ; the mnrrtnoKl c«M, or 
lliin, tnnspareiii enilMhelium of wswl^ 
CMuuting of alajet fA irTcgulnr, long, fuu- 
form, noclealnl. kjubumhu celb. 

lotol'tranee (ur, OA-ro, to bear). Want 
c( cnduivDCc or ability to i4and pain. Im- 
polieoGc. AIm>, lb« inaUlily lo codurc iJtc 
action of a medicine. 

Intona'tion [in/ona, to thandcr). The 
niinhting ur (jurgling tound prodaced by 
ibr tnovoncnt nf flniuc ia ibc bowels 

Intoxica'tion (^iw, toxieum, a poiaon). A 
wwd popalnrty utcd to denote the excessive 
ttte or an overdoM of an alcoholic liquor. 
I., Septic. 'icvSfptitamia. L.Ursemic. 
See C'ramia. 

In'tTS' [tM/ra, trilhin). A lAtin |>tHix 
■ignifyine m/iin. I. -abdominal, within 
the coritr of the abdomen. l.>aniculaT, 
iriihin a joiiiL I. -capsular, vHhin the 
ciapMilw lifjatnent of a joint 

Intracra'niat [itUm, er^rtmm. the skull). 
Wiihin y)\t AM. I. HKmorrbage, cm- 
btal bj-iaonfaa)[e. 

Intralob'lltu(MJ!ra,Ai3uf,alolir). Within 
a M>c or lotiule. I. Vein, tlic vttn ex- 
tending &om the apex to the bate of the 

Intramaiiltige^al [mtra, fit/vyS, the me- 
aiDgea). Slmoted within ihr sntAinnce of 
the nwmlintnei of the iTrain uid ipinal 
conL L Hfetnorrhage, an effusion of 
blood into the uc of (he dura Ruirr 

Intnunu'tal {infr.], mura. i wall), In- 
tiaparietal. Wiihin the stil»la&cv of the 
walls of an oT^im. 

Intra-oCuIar (m/io, ochIus, the ejc). 
Within the elobe of the eje. I. Haemor* 
rture, an rtlitiind of blood into any nsri 
of the rjr. I. Preaaurc, or Tenaion. 
Sec 7V«h'i'«. 

Intra -oT'bltal (imJra, arhi/a, an orhil). 
Wiihin the vrbit I. Aneurism, an 
anenrism within the orbit of the vyt, 
and uuall;^ InvWnng a hnncU of the 
ophlhahnk vxrrj. 1. Hxinonhagc, a 
h a wQTi h age lakii^ plac« within the orNt 
but behbd the ca|«ile of Tenon of the cjrc. 

Intrapari'etal {intra, /aria, a mtl). 
Within the walb or the subOancc of the 
walk of an otgan. 

IntraperilonK'a] titi/m. irtfirnmitOT, (he 
|.icritMumDt). Wilnin the pcnluueum or 
metnloaDow aac Ibnt contains the viKera. 
IntrapoUtf {in/ra, fi*/ui, the end cf an 
axis), llrlwcea the polci or ends of an 
a*is. See. alK>, /ijtm/vAtr 
Intra-uierioe (.ihau, Menu, the w«ob). 
Within the womb. 1. Amputation, a 
tponiaoeow amputalion ocoirring ccca' 
skmally to some pan of tbey^rw im uf/tv 
thai hrcomes ctmsirictcd by the umbilical 
cord or from Mlnr causes. 1. Fracture, 
that wUeb occurs lo a Ai/ms if ttUro. I, 
Life, that period of the vxismce of an 
animal between conception and birth. 
Inirave'notis {intra, f/itn. a vein). 
Within the vein. I. Infusion, the imro- 
ductioa of a solution ot a liquid inio the 
Tein. I. Injection, same as /. Jn/itutm. 
Intrin'aic {iMtriHSfiui, on the inside). In- 
herent, inward. 

Intro- iiHfre, wiihin). A Latin prefix 
signifyuig ttt/Aiv. 
Intro'itlU (if/', togo). Any aperture 
or ofienini; in the body, 1. Pelvis, the 
inlet of ihe peki». L Vaginta, the ex- 
ternal apotun: of the vagina. 
Inlromia'aion(fi«/ri>, aai'jyu.iofend). llie 
introduaion of oiw l>ody wKhin the walls 
of another, u of the penis into the vaeina. 
Inlroaaaccp^tion (rW/w, tiis<i/ii>, lu rr- 
ccivc'). The slippdns or tdaaoDpiDgaf a 
pan of the inicstinc upon ilsdf. 
Inlrover^aion (iWrw, mt/p, (o turn). A 
tuminf within, as, iatrorcrsioo of ibc 
Iotubm'(4ion {in, fuim.njipe). The pa*- 
B»fe of a tule into or past the Inrynx. to 
allow ihe entrance of air to (he Itui^ in 
cnwp, diphlheiH, eff.. or lo dilatoa stric- 
ture, tt^. 
lotumcs'cencc {iittunuu^. to swell). A 
swellin)*, of anycbvacicT whatever. Also, 
an mcrcoM! of the volume of any organ v 
fttit of the t>ody. 

Intussuscep'tion (/»/»;, within, fturf/t'it, 
to teceirc). Invagination or inrohition of 
one part of t)>e intestine by another, [jro- 
dudniE obstruclicn, rtt. 
In''uls. Eleconpaaa. The root of /. 
htUnium. ContajnsacrntalbnesalwtBacc, 
helento. and from so to 40 per cent, of a 
sureh, known as tnvlin. A gentle «tinin- 
laiit employed tn bronchilb and to hasten 
the S)i|:ir3r4ni:e of the nkin.iyiitjitanu in 
czaothrmAtous fcven. Du«e gr. aa-3j 




of ihe root, or Sj-ij of n 5« lo tie Oj 

In'ulin. A form of ilnrcb cxxturins in 
ItttUa kttenium and crther ploiiU. It h 
colnml yellow by iodine, being dinfcrent 
in thi* rencct frtnn nonml «tarcb, which 
it colored blue. 

Inunc'tion (mw/r^, to nnointV llie *tX 
o( niblnng nn oily or btty xuIkIoikf itiio 
the skin. AUo, tbc substance wml for 

li)vagina''tton (rWn^fmn, to ftubcathe). 
The ahcalhtng or tduooping of a put or 
organ Iiy a c«iuil'likr Mnidure, as the In- 
testine. An D])erat)on far olilitcratiti); the 
euial ot t, bcreial ofKoin^ I7 Uie iiillaiu 
maiion resulting from iiuihing Ihi' skin 
inwanl nnd sutaring ttii; {nrt (*tt. 

In'vaUd (mi, mA-*, to be well ) < inc who 
i> not well, coped^iUy one who in climni- 
mlty iU or wlioee ooiivale»ccnc'e i* vknv. 

Inva'slon (in, tW^, to go). 'Hie begin- 
ning or attack of a drscaw. AImj, the 
nuaiKr in which Uie diseaHt begins it* 

1 n verm ina 'lion (/«, vtri'iimttui, wormy). 
■\ ctjnditioD q( having inlcBtiDal wonns. 

Inver'sion {in, tvrti; to turn), A liuming 
or placing in a position ihr oppruitK of the 
noraul position. I. of Blaader, a cm- 
ililion in which the l>Iiil<)er is in part or 
ccnnplirlrly jmiibcil into the dilated urethra. 
Occun in retnoles only. E. of Eyelashes. 
Sn: /{ifrv^iM- I. of Image, .in inutgr 
prujeclcd by a connvx Irnii or concave 
minoi:, at a point beyond the foras. 

Invcrtcbra'ta [in. tyrUira, liofhlionc). A 
Mtrm applied lo nnimaU thai have no xpinal 
ooltumL. One o( the four divisions io 
which it WHS roiTni-ily cudomaiy to diri<le 
the onhnal kiitgiium. 

Invert'in. Stc FfrmmU. 

In'vcrt-augmr. A variety of ^iicoa* thai 
turns ibe polariiwd ray to llic Idl. It is 
pndjcally a mixture of dexlro«e and Irra- 
loK, <M (niit-iugar. 

Invlsca^tion (in, vurum, bird-ltmc). The 
mixing of (bod with Ihc saliva durii^ 

Involu'crum (wwbAv, id enwrap). The 
covering of a part. The «h«mi of bonic 
mvrtdfung a •e<]uc«tniin in dry nccnnia. 

lQvol''unlary {in, not, ti^c, to will). Not 
by nn aCl nf the wiLt. A irmi applied lo 
certain motiona and funciitim of (he vari- 
ous organs of the Uxly iliai arc not con- 
Irolkd liy.orarc not dejx-ndcntonThr will. 
I. Contraction, miuculat contract tons 
DM lesuUiog Cniiii an act of will. I. 

Muscles, thow thai are not gorenied by 
tlie will. 

Iitvolu'tioa {invohv, (o (oU upon). Tlie 
ntrogRasive change to their itonnal coii- 
dKiOD that certain organs undergo after 
fuUiUing their functional puipoKk. I . of 
Utenis, the return of the uterus, that after 
gc^iailnn weighs idxnit two pounds, to its 
nornutl wrtght and condilioii. 

I'odine, ur lodum. I ^^ 127; <;BaD- 
ttvalcnce t. A non-metallic cleniciit Wttfa 
metallic lu>ter. Wilatitiie* at a luir Icnn 
peniure, giving off crimion purple \apor. 
Ikcun in coil-liver <i4l,mft<t marine plaiUs, 
andibell-tixh. Solublemalcoliol, insululiua 
of potassium iodide, and in soluliun of Mill. 
En ib elementary Mate an iriiianl lo the skin, 
and much used » a tincture lo prtiduce coun- 
ter- irri I ation. Potassium iodide, the princi- 
pal form fur inlemal lur, i* an alleratire, 
ranking as a rpecific in tertiary sypfaifis, 
and wilh mercury. aTailal>1c in all fcmx of 
thai diM.-ai>«. An ^icellnit remedy in 
hepatic cJirfaoeis and chn^nit: Ivvtichitit. 
Cornhined with ammonium it Li valnoble lo 
cnL-ur)ial nflecticxu. Actdi Hydriodid 
Syr., contains 1 per cent, of the aUolute 
aciil Ihute .!;j-iv. AmrtKmii lodidum. 
See /#w«j«ninMt. Iodized Pbenot.unuf., 
a mixture of iodine and carbolic add, 
u.tua11y t to 4- Kor local ■om. lodl Li^i. 
Comp., I.ugiiVs KiluticNi— iodine 5, po- 
tassium iodide 10, water 85 paita. Dose 
in. j-x. diluted. I., Tinet., spereent. in 
alcohol. Tor Icical nur. I. Trichlorid., 
unof., recDinmcnded by Langenbach om an 
antiseptic in inrgrry. I.. Ung., iodine 4, 
pota&tiuni irKtiilc l,irnlcr J,l>rni(intpd laid 
93 inits. Amyluni lodatum. iodind 
starch, indine 5, «tarch 95 partt, distilled 
water loo rnrtt, tritniatrd and dried. Itme 
Si'.^j' t^tassii lodiduin. Dwe ^. 
r-^]. PotasB. lodid., Ung., rontaina 
ptXiUs. ioili>)c 13, sod. hypoeulpo. I, boiling 
vatcr 6, IxMUooled lard 81 pnrls. Sodu 
lodidum, deli lucjpf nt. I>we gr. v-"ij. 

I^odism (fwt'irr)- Acmiditim arising Irani 
thr prolMigcd uv of iodine or iolinc com- 
pouruk. inaik'-d b)- rrdiii-w of cotijnnctiva 
and mucous mcmbruic of the rcsf^tralofy 
passages, furry throat, ai>d lAchrymaliofl. 

lod'oform. Triioilci-nicihnni'. (lllj. A 
coinpwind conlaining alwul 9I [)cr cent, 
of iodine. An antiseptic and fixblc an- 
jcsihrlic bighly useful for loco] ap^lcsDOo 
10 woanib, a))nifiioos and indolent sons. 
Inb.-rnally a luntc. lis odor may be oov- 
eir<l with thymol or oil of tote. DoM, in- 
ternally, gr. )-v. 




I'odol. An bdo-caibsmide in tbc fann of 
an amarobtxu brown powder, Mlubic in 
dhcc ana a'L More autiKpuc Uuui iotlo- 
lorm >od &(v from odor. Locally amn- 
tfaeljc. fmvan KRintUsUon. Uf icpulnl 
licrvio; in syphilitic wrvs, e/f. Uiiut 

IVdum. See {oJint. 

I'on (lui-, k<><i>kV An elcmcnl *cl f«« hy 
el«ctrolrsi$. luid cl»»iried as an tn' c* 
kalian, Micccding u (t U wt lr«e at the 
ponttTc ur iMffplivL- plulc. I., Migration 
off ibe traasfennce uf au ion from ooc 
pAl« to anocher. 

Ip'ecac. Sev /fttatvanka. 

Ipecacuanlu. ln«cac. The n»C of 
CefiLiftis /., fevnd in Itnuil. Contaiiui 
an alknloid, rmrfinr. An emetic, exjwctCK 
nni, and cholagogue; in TeiT MnaU dooes, 
p. }i, a mild tunic. Used mainl]' m» a 
tale and iwtnpC emelic, In DKiiil-muHU 
cmtip, and tn the auauaor d)nicntcty of 
childrm. Done a* nneipectoninl gr.u-ij; 
as nn emetic er. xt-xik. I., Ext. Doie 

"ITlJ-t. I., Syr., 5 per cent, stre^b. 
lloac ^^i*i. I., Vin., 7 per cent, in 
■tiwt)). T>u«eRV.>-5J. I. TiDchlsd, 
eontuneach Vgr.oiihedn^. l.etMor- 
pbin«, TtochUci, conlatnc*cli, morpliine 
Sulph. A> 'pt»BC A, Willi flavotin;; uil and 
sugar. I. el Opt), PulviK, Dover's pow- 
do. coeitiini ipecac and qptnoi eacii lOi, 
sagu of inilk So f«m. DoM gr. ij-xv. 
I. el Opii, Tinct., deodntiied ttnct. of 
opinm loo.evapciniled loSs.fld. exL ipecac 
10, olcoliol i], a. mI 100. D«e rf\,T-xxx. 
Em'eiine. Dock as eKpectorant gr. j)g 
-,1,; Miractici-^. 

IpotnK'a Czni'tea. TV w«d3 of this 
plant hnvT licrn tctntnnicndrd-aA a »timu- 
nnl of llie intcaiioal gbodubr nppo- 


Iridec'tomy Opt, ttrnfoi, escitionj. The 
cnliin;; omI ^t m part of the iiK 1.. An- 
llphlocistic, one performed in inflAmim- 
lory proocMc* to reduce the fame. In 
Optical t., tlie pcce rf Vt cxcUrtl h 
oircr a portion of the icn* <t bencnth a 
portion of cornea clearer than tlurl cxpoaccl 
■D the natutal pu^iil, whence additional 
viiinn i* gained l>y the iri<U«lomjr. See 
/V/(V, artifirint, I., Preliminary, \* per- 
(oTTDcd in advance <if t!ie cxlndion of 
calanct, imlend of at (hr ^amr tinM. 

Iridenclci'via, or Iridenldci'iis. See 

Iridere'mta. Sec Aniruiia. 

I'ridin. See /m. 

Iridocboraidi'lia. Conrinned ialtanuna- 
Ikw of tbc iria aod duiTOtd of Uic eye, the 

fctm BwaHy asnnned in t^nipMhctlc a^ 

IridocycU'tis. See CjieHHi. 

IridtMU'aJs (ip<(, itei(, a binding together). 
A danaed nieibod uf dikpladoR ilie nonnal 
pnpil by Ugaiture, Utstead of irvkctomy. 

Iridodlal'yais. Sec CoreiHifytii. 

Iridodone'sia (i/di, drnwr, ■> tr^whliog]. 
TmnnUituneM of the fafe. 

Ifidon'cus (ifitCt ffr'fK. * nus). A tuner 

or drrlliiM of the irii. 

Iridople'cu ('pif, n-^^T^, a Mnlte), Afmly' 

fit of the ipJtincier of the itii. 
Iridot'omy ^(p<r, fouT. *ection). Aa in- 

CMion cf any kind inio die iris. 
I'ris. BIdc ling. ITtc laA^ of /. t«W. 

ftlor. Coataiiaaiciino"^ yf\tvi\\At,iriit'n. 

The firesh rhizooK l» piirgaliw, croetJC and 

dinrrlic. Serviceable in olarrh of the 

diU)dcnaiB.aiiilati;il wlnienti.^^c. I., Bxt> 
Uo«er.>-«f. l.,E«.Kld. r>oseIIt»-3J. 
Iridin. UnoT. \'irae kt. f-v. 
I''ris ( (jMC n colored hato or circle). The 
anterior portion of the v&nLidar tunk of 
the eye, iiltiuJirtI to the pFctinalc liipunenl 
anil ciliary liody ; its ceninU apertnrr 
Cnnni the |«pil. I.. Absence of. Src 
JnJtreniia. I., Angle of, that fninoetl lijr 
the cornea and iris. I.. Prolapse of for 
fffmia !>/), protrasion ihroiish n comeiU 
or icleral aprrturc; trfam lulnctetil it b 
called an nnttriar tyne-hia : wlicn adfaer- 
enl to the lens behind, it is calleil p^OtHar 
tymefkia. I., Tremulous, arisci frcaa 
Doa-«up|>o*t of the Jria in aphakia or dUo- 
caiioa of the lens. 

Irish Mom. Sec ChimJna. 

Irl'tis (rfwc. mf. inAainiTuuionV TnAam- 
■nalion of the iri>, callcti aflrr it* origin, or 
dairacler. blemonliagic, rlieuHtauc, !7pbil* 
Wc. plasiic, KtoQx, ftc, eu. 

Irit'omy. See /rhititfmy. 

I'ron. See /■fmim, 

I'ron Wood. The heart wood of fhtyra 
i'irgimna, Tcouc, antlpetiodic and allern- 
tive. Ifa« lieca MicccMfuUy n^ed in ma- 
larial ducsjeji, neumlgia and stnimouA 
af&ctxMu. Dose of the Ad. exL X»-j. 

Irra'diatlrkg limtifio, to mrii tsys tn erety 
difpclion). Kndtating (raoi a center, as ft 
|min luitjae ftoin a de&iite focu of iErit>~ 
lion. In i^ytirs, thai phrnomenn caBSng 
any liffbt-coknrd cbjrci in a ibrk t*d(- 
ground to itand out slerecf^tttphloaUy aod 
appear larger than it really is. 

Irredu''cible (i'm, not, rrr/vD, to lead 
Inck). 'Put which cannot (« reduced or 
icstarod 10 its ncfsMl CBa^tion. In choa- 




bttf, qiplied to a canipcund that nnnat 
be sepKnUvd. In funtcrf, t^ipU^ lo a 
fnctun: or dislocatioa ihni cutnot be re- 
placed. I. HeniUl, Sec Ilemia. 

Irriga'tion {irtii^f, loleml w:iu;r lo). The 
•fiplicatian of wsur, c^peciaDj- a Hrcotn, 
tu aa uiDaiaci) or atmonnal liuite for jnir- 
poee:i of modMeDiiiK, ajillavpati^ oggliuj;, or 
flushintf ibe part. 

Itritabil'ity {Jrrilc, to pro^ioUe). The 
qnaliiy of beiDC Miaceptible to excitunioit 
or tiTitallon. I., F*ndic. the mu^ular 
ooolrncljon cauw^cl It x Mx.!«Kiui7 «ir 
indnnd cutreoL I., Galvanic, tbe lons- 
cubur coRlnciioii proiJutctl ly the direcl 
CBncnC. I.. Muscular, the inherent 
oooiraciile qtuilii]' uf a imucle. t.. 
Nervous, the catncitjrof n nerve totraos- 
mit an iinpuUe aitcr receiving a »iimalus. 

Irritable \irrit9). tlosily inflAme^. Sns- 
ceplilile to initanon. I. Bladder, 3 con* 
dititm of the bbddcr autrlicd \>^ cautant 
desire to void wmc. I. Breast, a im- 
rslgic condition of the mamnutry glands 
vaually oMociated wtih uicrine aflcctiuiix, 
or with intercMUt neuralgui. 

Ir'rilaat iJrriio\ An agent or rcinedj 
thai produce* tnitaliau ur inftamiDalioD. 
I.. Chemical, one ncung liy virtue nf iu 
afTinity fur thL-elrinmU («ct)m|ioiiml«iifor- 
gvaic tissue, ui> nitric acid, cuutuc pouuh, 
ftr. I., Mechanical, rhitf c.-iibing leijons 
or inl^ainiTialsori!! liy mechanical operation, 
ai (.-ut", (.vntuiiui):, prssurc « ditiention. 
1., NervouB, <^ne actios ihtmgh the me- 
dium uf titt nenrea, as m lympalhctic io> 
flaniiDiuioni, tte, 

Irrita'tlon [irrita). A condition of tiodue 
excilrtnenl. Alio, an inBamrd Mule. Also, 
the »ilinulu)> necessary to tbc ()efibniuncc 
of \\\c fiinctlrMii of ui organ. 

IschiF^mia [mju, to check, oj/ia, Mood). 
Bloodlcisncis. Imperfection of the sup- 
]Jy of blooil LO a port. \joct\ ana-fni*- 

la'chial (ii'.i'iui-, (he iscliiura), I^noiuing 
or bclonKinK to the isch'nim. 

Ischiat'ic ^laxoiv). Pertaining lo tlie 
ischium. I. Noicbea, IhenotdKS, greater 
and lesser, of the itdiium. 'I'he former 
tfansmils t)ie jiyrifurima iRU»cle, glntcnl 
venelt and mjietiur glulcal tictvc, the 
latter, the tendon of tbc obturator intcmut, 
its nerre, aoil the (iodic ycmcI* and nerve. 
Called nlso aacro- sciatic notches. 

Isetudro'Bis ('^j^u, lo nqiiiresi, t^pwf, 
swtal), SupjavMaiO of »wciii- 

la'chio-. A Crveic prelu indicating re- 
latiomhiplo the Ischium. 1. -anal, pertain- 
ing to the iachium and the aiuu. I. -bul- 

bar, pcrlainii^ (o the i«cbtum and (he bnlb 
of tlie uretlini. I .•cavemosua, the tnu»- 
de thai con^]KS<^\ the reins of the ena 
penis and aauids in the ercctirin of the 
penis> It lias a nintlar relation to tbe 
clkons. See A/nstit. I. -neuralgia. 

la'chlocele [taxwf, nr'jgr. a tumor). Is- 
chiotic hemio. 

Ischiop'agna (tc|'Mt-, irajric, unhed). A 
luonwnpbalic monititiMty united by tlie 

lacbioperinc'al (tojim-, ■^rpntimv, the 
periiuLtun ) . Be1oii|!iiie tu or pertaining to 
iiiith i-^hiivni and [ictiit^i.'nni, toe »]>ace he- 
twi-cD Ititf niiu* anil scrolura. 

lacblorect^al {it!X"yv, rrcium). Pertaining 
to bniii iK'hium nnd lectutn. I. Abwceas 
w I. Cellulitis, oji iniluninatiuii of tbc 
areolar li.v<ueof Ihci.'tchioKCtal fona involv- 
ing the rectum and thigh. Suppuration 
nay occur at any pari uf the inllammatloa, 
bat Is onlinorilyncar tlie nniis. I. Fascia. 
Sec f-asria. I. Poaaa, a deep fcM* lillcd 
with fifUty titaneutualed on both tides of 
the ialesrlnc, becirecn it and the lncbfnm. 

Is'chtum (laxtm-). The inferior port of 
the OS iQiiouiinatum or hip bone; ibsl 
upon which the body re^ts fai a Mlling pos- 
tuie. It forau a port, abo, of the aceta- 

iBch'noas (tax^of, thin). Emocfaied. 

Is'cho* ('ff^w, lo Mipjircw). A Greek pre- 
fix meaninj; /o ru/f^at. 

Isebo-plac'tia (m^u. yaJ..<i, ntilkj. Sn;> 
ureuion of die niituruL flow of cnillc in the 

Ischome'nla {itij^u. unvtaia^xhe mente*). 
Suii[>m»i<>n of the mcn»lru»l How. 

lBcnurei'ic(i9;t"><'*V"''turiBe). A remedy 
or o^ent IhM relieves retention or Mipprea- 
lion of urine. 

Ischu'ria f ia,ru.Myw). Retention or sup- 
prr^wion of urine. 

I'aini{lass- See /(htiy^e^i/a. 

Island of Reil. 1~hc central lobe of the 
hemianlirre of ihe lirain, lilnnled at the 
liwn, Iiehind the fisrarc of $ylviu». 

Is'o- \ititK. equal), A Creek prefiji signify- 
ing rfjuality. 

Iso-amylara'ine. A ptomaine o<Hiune4 
m tlie di^tillalion of horn with ixiCath; 
al»o occurs in I he jiutrrfaction of ycast. 
Boils at *)%'. Xon-)x>isonoux. 

lao-a'piol. A kuh^lance obtained firom 
uiol, Bscra'sing a jmwrrful influence upon 
the voscnnoCcr syiitcm. 

i'sobar (i«nf. j'(fi(«c. weight). In meteor- 
ology, a lenn denoting o Unc dmwn 




UwDuitb p<»nu havmit tbe Mme syuduo- 
nous bminctric |wc&Murc. 

Isochromai'ic I icu^, j'fiufia, color). Hav- 
ing tlii; :4iLm« CMU. 

Isoch'ronoua {icn(, xfiovof). Having or 
occujiyiiiK ctjdal mtecwUa atxitae. 

l8oco'riAliiinc.euiial,<wr'v.pu(Ml)> £<tu&li4y 
in (lioiTiEicr of tat two pupiU Aniso- 
coiia, itiL-<iu.<ilit}i of tliF lanie. 

Isodynam'lc ('Ovf, dvntmc, (otct). Hav- 
ing cqu^ force. 1. Foods. lhot« llut 
imxJuce an eijual amount of Ileal in 
unddgoiiig tbe cbcmiiaJ diuigcs of diget- 

Ift'olale (/iWd, VI bland). To lepinM 
one from aacAher. la diemittr;, to 9ep«- 
ratF an elftucnl from ita ooaiLiDatioa, In 
<:Iircliid(y, to ionlate. 

iBoi'ogout {""K, cqtul. iiiyiK, a wonl or 
law). Identical in camjnaition with thoac 
bclwigiiig to a Kri«, as, the csecntial oils, 
kll of wbicb have the composition ^'u^'u- 

Isomer'ic (i<To(, jiii>o(, a pan). In clbrin- 
iotf, o|^li«d 10 tubuaoccs having the (one 
cenu»imal compositioti, tnil whose mote- 
cnle* Uavf an csicndally dilTcrmt stnic- 
lurc and chemical pmjxnics. &» aldebyi!« 
and ethylene oxide, Intii of which iiav« 
tbe faimuk C^H^O. llio fonocr, howtrcr, 
h&k the atniciure 

Haibrl. Carfcccic 

CH, — a.) — H. 
while the tnllcr is oomiMMed of two mole- 
cule* of ethylene, ioaaed by an atoiD of 
oxygen, Ihu* ICH,)— O— <CH^. TTus. 
the mcnt coiniuoti type of iwcncruin, i> 
wmctimcs called m^famfriiut. Also, a|>- 
plied to Mbiiances h«viiig tbe sanie cen- 
tesimal cooifXMitton, but wliwe molec- 
ular weigitu «ft in even biuIiI^jIcs, a type 
of iMinKtfphisin rommuiily called fsJymer' 
it'n. Also, in ciy«ullc%raphy, a|i[)tJ<.'J lo 
any suboaiicu ttuU crj^tatlitcs in more 
than one fbnn. Also, applied to a sub- 
tixwix i^iUting in two or loore fonoa, a type 
of i^Nnciiim tailed aliolrtpitm, 
iBomet'hcal Act. The Icmion <£ a 
muvlc when ctimulatcd, itt> leugth re- 

lsomoipb'lsin(Mii)(,f«ap^,afana). Siini- 
litf in cryxlalline fomi. Also, the replvc- 
tncni of OIK clement In a cryiiiallinc salt 
by nnolber, without alteration of furm or 
■ytfem. I., Heierpmcrous, s condiiinn 
cdT dJMimilarity In molecular composition. 
I., laomeroaa, a cnndilion of simiUriiy 
in nwlccnlu-compowiion. 1.. Polymeric, 
(he nLbitiiniMa of two or marc aiom» of 

one cicnicnt Um one of another, wkbont 
alUrsiion of crj^talline Ibnn- 

laop'atfay (lODC, Rutbf, luBering). A 
Icnn tued lu denote tbe utmimetii cf du- 
cue bj' the arlminiUimtioB of one or inure 
of tl> own products. Tbu>, Mmdliwx 
would be trenled by itae sdminiitrjiioa in- 
tcrrta!ly of the var^doiu escretioiu, tu. 

I *o> propyl 'amine. See Proffiamiitf. 

Isop'tera ('{rod orr^ft, an obterrcr). The 
relative vinia] acuity of the reltna at dif- 
ferent (lulancra ivota the macolo, both iat 
form and color. 

I'aoacopc ((Oof, cmvtu, to >ee). An in- 
wumeiK oonststing <t two ru «f |)«ntUd 
vertical wires, one of whkb can be nper- 
impCMcd on the other; deaifrt>cd lo show 
thai tbe vertical lines of tcpanuioa of tbe 
n^na do not oorrcapoiM) csactly lo the vtz- 
tical mi^ri<lijuu. 

Itother'uuil <i<FET,0ri)ftqt !««>)■ Of eqinl 
or aniform tempcraiiire. I. Lines, in 
physical grogiaiihy, line* drawn ihraagh 
placet hating the same avenge Icmpcni- 
lure lor n given period of lime. Inasmuch 
a* it fieafuently happcits thai two pl»cea 
having (be same annual average tempera- 
lure may have, one a climnle of great cx- 
Ircmct, the other a very equable climate, it 
is now customaiy to display conpaniivc 
isolbcnru To* Ihc six warm and the fix 
cold mcnths of (he extra tropical leskm*. 
I. Zones, lOQcs bounded ljy tsothemul 

IlMt'ropous [loiif. ^("""9, a turning). Hav- 
iqg the ume shape and appearance firom 
whatever point obterred. 

Ib'suc ( Fr. iiiue. frwn. e.xti>, to go oat). A 
dischiugitig ulcer, especially that made arti* 
ficialty for ptir^ioora of diainafpe, cotuiter- 
iniituxm, fie. 

Is'tarin. A nitrogenous, pbcspbotued snb- 
funce of complex itnicture oceoniiv in 
brain tissiK. Ptopcrtiu not inrcstigated. 

Istb'iDO- (<i*Wf, n iicck). A Greek pre- 
lix signifying tlve^^Mtc/t, 

Istb'mua {uf^tac)- The neck or coa- 
sirtctcd part of anorgnn. I. of P«UC««, 
the space between the otcIks of the pnlate. 
l.of Thyroid Gland, tbe traiuv-erBceoitl 
co(im:ctiuK tlic loliesof tbe Ibyruid body. 

Italian leprosy, See Ptlt^i^. 

Itch. Sec S,:iiif$. 

-ite. A sufhx employed in mtnttalogy dc- 
noting n mineral, or ot mineral oclgia. 
A conlraciion of ^jtVif, a stone, 

I'tet (r>rr. a jmuney). A passage com- 
iniiniraiing lirtwrrn two or nwirc |iarli. I. 
ad lafuadibulum, the passage hctweea 


Ae third vcnlncle uf ibc bnio and the in- 
bndibtilum. 1. a P«l«ii mA Aurcm, 
th« EusUchian lolie. 1. a Tenio ad 
Quanum Vcntriculura. the aiiucdua 
of Sylvius cxlcndiiig iana Ibc Uiinl Tcntri- 
de to the founh. 


-itU. A BuHix tued to -ittuxe uiOaBuxm- 
tion or the iJHuc or orgu when lentiiiutt- 
tiiK Ihr nwnr of the otgnii. 

iKO'des. A w<md lick. An ttueci of tbe 
natural orAtf AeariJta. 1. RidnuB, a 
spccJn poruitic on bumftn beings. 

JahoTan'di. The !e«v« cJ Pift>iat-/m 
fiHHaiif^hu. See PUwarfui. 

Jacaian'da. The leaves or a South Ameri- 
can plailil,y, laiui/tJiti,w%eA by thr natives 
in tcnarcal dJKaac. Dqk of uji 3 >i ^ *^j 
tinciurc ULitt. 

Jack'ct {jiii^u^, ■ ctval of Rinil). A short 
coot. J., PUatcr-of-Paria, a mould of 
pladci-of-f^s cast upon the tiod7 or put, 
lor kcfpiiig i( ri^iil and hied iu a Hc»ircd 
potiUon, in aprtiiii ur dulocaticn of the 
i|Hne, //r. j., Straight, a syKcm of 
lesihrr sliapt ui>rd lo bind TJoliTiily iiisann 
pereoiu ill order to pccvcDt kU inliictcd 

Jackso^nian Ej/ilcpsy. Sec /■:fii/ffiiy. 

Ja'cob's Mcm'bnne. A nanc some- 
times ap|ilicd lo the la)«r of rods and cooes 
of U)e retina 

Ja'cobson's Nerve. The ncr\'c of the 
lyrouuiiuu. J. 'a Organ, two iiiuiow liitjc* 
in the lower aiid u>teriw p«rt of Ibc naanl 

Jacob'a UIc«T. See KiiUnt f 7< rr. 

Jaciita'tion {/a^/ito, to pour fcnh). The 
mUc^ai>i->s and tCBdeni^ lo Sequent 
cbanK«B of poMlkm that cbaracteriie severe 
£&(tc» ID discaac. 

JftdelM'a FtiTTOWB. Onain farrows of 
the face of childrrn in wrkMU illncMc*. 
Three aeu are diitiogiusbcd ; llie Oenal 
P., from the month almod to the aialar 
hone; this and the naml arc said to indi- 
cate disease of thi: g««lro inie<tinal tract 
«r vitfenil oigans -. tlir Labial P., Irom the 
angle of the mouth oiit«-nnl to Ihr lower 
put of the faee, and " should diiccl aucn 
tioa lo tlic Iung«": ihc Nasal P., from 
tb« oawl aix in b srmiviivle aboui the 
mouth; the Oculo-sygomatic P., Iwein- 
njag a( Ihc inner caolhun of the eye, 

and passing oiilward heneatfa the lowcr 
Itd to be h»l DO the cheek, — said to paint 
to diModers of Ihc certlno nervotts sp- 

Jal'ap, or 

jAla'pa. The tuber of /ixagtmium ^«r- 
£i*^- I'ropcrtiei due lo loro (csian, jala> 
pin aud convolvulin. Ao active bydra- 
gogue cslhartie, c^>ecially useful in com- 
tnnalion wilh calnmrl. J. AbalrBClUtn, 
BU iogrcdient of pii. comp. catb. Dose 
f^. j-v. J- Reaina. precipitaied Iroin ihc 
linclurc hj water. Dose gr. i}-». J. 
Pulv. Comp., contains jal^ 35, potu- 
jium l^itiirlriilc 65. HoM gr. X-5J. 

Jama'tca Dogwood. See /Ssrii/ta, 

Jsm'bu Ab'su. The root d OttouMJa^ 
raniH, B llnuiSinii tiec. 'Ilioiaght lo he 
siiinuluii and feliril'uge. I'ropnrties not 
definiicly known. Dose of IM Sd. exL 
ITLx-xn. Unof, 

James'town Weed. See S/ramvttium, 

Ja'nus, or 

Jan'iceps {/nuus, s two-faced dirioily, 
.w^/, beod). A syeef^alic tDonsliodiy 
with I wo face*. 

Jas'minc, Yellow. See Urhtmitim, 

Jasun'di. Sec Saiara Indita. 

Jaun'dicc I Fr. ^HMUJi*. yellow). A dis- 
ease ajiung fioRi diseases of the liver, 
oh^tnaclion of the liliary paaeaccs. He. 
It is chamclcrized 1:7 j-cllow cotontioo of 
the skin, jireceded hy languor, malaite and 
nausea. J. Hepatogenic. See Htpato- 

Ja'va Tea. 'flie leaves of OnhaypMvn 
itamintrui. Kepided (o be diuRlic in 

3J-HJ doKfc 

Jaw<jcTk. A temk<n renex oUaioed hj 

suddenly dcpnasing ihe lower jaw, 
Jawa. !^ Maxillary Stina. 




Jcjunos'toiay (;>^«mmiw, aro/ia, Oie 
iBOiKb). Tbrmtkms of uianl6ckl Open- 
ing llirnt^h Ihe ilxkMDinal wall ialo, and 
Uie ti)!* o( (lie same lu became adherent 
with, the reiunum. Ttie openuoo \i de- 
signed to |xLfmll (be inlroductioD of Eood in 
cxi«i uf cancer of ibe pylpnu xnd umiUr 

Jeju'num (^nawi, emjtfy, because thought 
Id be empty after tlealh^ The uptier two- 
Afliu of tlie small iutesiine, or thai be- 
tween the duodenum uttA the itnun. 

JrPly [gfif, to freeie). In phoxnucy. a 
«nft. non TueKl, bat somewhat elastic snb- 
stance of whii:)i h)>dr«lFil eclnlinc is the 
best example. DomcMic frail jellies cpm-ist 
of ibe innpi»ated juke of the frnit with 
one or two parb of meaii logetber with 
the natural mudlnge m ibe »ecdi of the 
ftnii. M-iny of the impMted Jetties wid 
in thr t'mlr<l Siali^i conlitin no frail juice, 
being (or t)ie ^rmief ixul otdinuy aninul 
grtniinc acidilirti with tartaric acid, and 
Hnvi^rrrl with arlitinnl llarois. 

Jenner'ian. I'cruiiiun^ lo jenner or to 
Ihc Ihroty <ir prarliic of vaccination. 

lequi'rity. Sd.- Atrtif l^rrat/vim. 

Jws'ey Tea. Sec h'td\f<ie*\. 

les'uits' Bark. C'indiona. 

Jiff'ger Plea. See /'u!f.f. 

JohnsoQ's Picn>>MCcharim'eier. See 
Pitnt- uuikanMfle r. 

Johm^wort. St. J«lin\ W<xt. The 
flowering lop of Hyferitum pt^f^'umm. 
Reputed ditiretic, aitnngc-nt and icdatirc- 
I>Diic nf ext. gr. x-xs; of fld. ext. %\-\\- 

Joint. See Arli-uhtiivt, 

Joint '-diseaae. Anjr mottiid aAection in- 
Tolring the joinw and ihrir wmMinding 
tiiKiKii. J., Charcot's, a dincMM: of tbc 
joints accvnpiuiying tildes doruilti. It 
Is charactcriied by a »wclIJng, due to elTu- 
sion ni tliud into ihr c-tvily .ind xbmit the 
nnwinding titsncs foll<jwed I? a Ux crm 
ditioo. and ending indi^Uationordefonniiy 
of the juini, with diminmbed langv of 
motion. J., Hip. See /fif/ptiit Di$tau. 

Ju'das Tree. Red (tnd. Tbe hark of 
Crrtii lamrjmiit. AKtringmt. MdtIi u«ed 
in dianbcm, and as an injcciton in Icncor- 
AtTA. Dtue of the fld. cxI., I^xt-;^]. 

Ju'gal {/u^nm, ft yoke). Connecting or 
iiniiing. af hy a yuAe, J. Bone, the twoe. J. Pfoceas. .Src 7.v-^oma. 

Ju'glftTO. ButieniDt. The inner )nrk 
(collected in auliimii I of the mot of _/ finr- 
FMi. A miU caUia n ic, my popular in 

dnenteiy and cbronic cwulipalioo. Duae 
uf tlte exi., gr. v-x. 

Ju'guUr \jmguiMm, the ihmai). Pertain- 
ing to the tlOTKiL J. Veins. See I'nw. 

Ju'gum (LaL). A yoke. J. Penis, a 
cuahioncd forceps or ccapreaMt applied to 
the jidus to otcvent incaatinenee of urine 

Juice [Jus, Wb). The fluid cr liquid 
Uasue of an anitnal or plant. J. Cuwls, 
»f«c» writliiii tbc cotineclire Ituucs, the 
uniciiB uf the lymphatic vesscli. 

Jum'pcrs. A name apfilied to those af- 
IlidMi with a oewtais cfaaracteri^ed liy 
nxMii incojirdtaiadon tat oonvulMve move- 
■ucnl:! of any purl cf the body, InM Ctue> 
ciaHy of (lie lower exuemiuci, m iW 
springing or junjiinf morcneaU iblknr 
eftxt* lo wait. He. 

Jung'le Fever. See Ftvtr. 

Ju'niper, or 

Junip'erua. Juniper. The fruk of y. 
(ommnnis. )TD|)eniea mainly due lo n 
nlaitle oil. A .itomachic tonic, diu- 
retic aiul afihradiMOC. The oil ii cliaoi- 
iMteil \ii the kidoejv \'altul>le in diruiic 
pjdilH and cysiliis. J. Infusum, unof.. 
njositts of juniper bcTTws ,^j, ticilmg wsdcr 
Oj. J. 01., the Tdatile od. I>oseHt»-xx. 
J. Spt., 3 naits of the oil in 9; of alcohol. 
Dose %y-\\. J- Spt. Comp., the gin of 
conmercc ; oil of juniper \o, otl of cara- 
way 1 , oil of frnncl t.alcoholjooo, water 
JK. ad Jooo porlv iJoae S»-t- Oil of 
ade, unof., a tor obuiu«l I7 the diMil- 
laiion of juniper wood. SometinKS used 
externally in enema and psuriftML 

Junk I Iw. ium», a rtuh). In surgery, ■ 
quilled ctutiion farming a iling in which 
to EUfpcod a fractured linit). It was for- 
nieily made of niihw w reed*. 

Jnnk'cl. <'urd< and whcr; a ilclicscy lor 
invalids, prepared by taking % [mil of 
fresh milk hciilcd as hoi ««> ogreeabie to 
the mciuih, add I teoMiaonlnl of reonet or 
c&sencc of pepsht, and tdr eixwgb to mix. 
1^ il siand dll cunllcd, and serve with 
sugar and nnimeg. 

Ju'nod's Boot. A boot-shaped case, uxu- 
ally of ftiir Imher, made to encUwe the kg 
so that the sir being exbamtrd, the blnnct 
vessels and tisaHes of the limli are diluted 
by the rxcrat of blood. It hax been rm- 
ploved to ivlieve fnAamniatioa and oon- 
grtlion of the viscera. 

Jurispru'dencet/Mt, law, ?t*iJfntut, »kiU>. 
The KWatX of the interpcetaltoo and appli- 
cation of tbc law. J., Medical, the ap- 
plicalinn of mcxiiral knowledge to dw 
ciples of oommoa law. 




Ui:±\\y appobMA lo dctcnniae ihc gmh or 
iiuKA^rncc of a pruonet, or to dctcnnmc 
ih« taciA in jimIjcIbI inquiik*. J. of 
Matrons, a body gf iwvI^t tnauoat, for- 
merly «n{«nrlnl in Engluxl to dci«nninc 
if a RiitrdcrcBi, (iv wbum luch plea wb» 
made, wrn: [ut^naiii. I. Masi. aa afijMt- 
ratui (ni -xupi'iiiliiw the Head in Ibe lK«t- 
mcnt ol dttaneu of the vertrine. 

Jua'culum {Jutmium, a ikcoclMni). A 
vegetable soup cotumualy kncwn u Jit- 

Jute. The fibeis of tbe bark of ut tnilian 
tJaiti, f i>ri'ji.;<nii i-afimiartt, ami oilier tim- 
■kr planift. The &bcRt ore taed u ■. drew- 
ing in Maser^. 

Jov«D'tu» {jitii^it, youngV A term for- 
merly spplinl lu lliai prrwl \A life l«tvccn 
tbc igts of (McDly-hvc aod Ihiity-lire- 

K. Tbe ^rmbol of /CaUmm, or iu more- 
■wed ef|uii-a)enl, iWauium. 

K., or Ka. In elccmtfaeraprutics, (be 
abkreviotion of A'o/Aiti^, or of AVi/imAr. 

Kabbalisfic IVitaining to tbr KbIiIuIb, 
« syileii] of iLe trewmcnl of diKaMt t'y 
Mpcfnaiural ogcncKx. 

Kai'rine. An artilicial alkalci^i {>rcpnvd 
from chinoluie. \'a!uiil4e ai a vctypowcr- 
ful antipyTCtic tVxiiiceA HiaiJior\-M). and 
eiDc^U; Kinietime* foU(>w(>d uy «vlln]jBe, 
(Jeoetal ^pcnic» ifanilM to amipyiene. 
iMlM ^. liJ-KXX. Uitof 

Kairoh'na. An antiinTTlic rrscinbliag 
■caMoe, but Icn efficient. Unof. 

Kak'ke. A ilbcuc oicuRint- in Ja^an, 
lonitlar (DgiftKit tdcntical with, lleril>cri. 

Xakov'iniB |«o«oir, fnut, nepni, smclh. 
Hnrlog a rt-inigiiaiil ur dt^Hn'^'iiV Mnrll. 
K., Subjective, a illHuriance of the 
olfactory nertt or crntn, rillH-r from b>a- 
Icria or fiom^rmri, |tiritif{ tiie to tin.' jier- 
CTfWioti of an r4fen.>.ivi- anieil. 

Xaltot'rophy. Ill nnlnlkiii. Annnnia. 

Ka'U. An oJiaolcle Icnn (ur polaiMutn. 

Kalim''elcr. Sec AtkaltmHtr. 

KallDe. See Alka^mf. 

Kalium. A tytionyn) for Pftammm, f. p. 

Kal-'niia. Lauret, Mixiitiain t^aiinl. Slirep 
Laurel. Bmadlrav.-.! ijitin-l, c nlix^ Iiii>h 
The Irsves vi A'. Uh'K^t.i, a «i>II-kiHi«ii 
eraypeeB conunon In iltc t' .s. Allna 
tt*e,canliai: wilalivr .iri>i ntliinffrnt A 
Biipdvcia»-«II. 1 1 ! (ijHid'lc In 

awdna aad qr)i ,>,i > .imu. IhM 

K^u-uti; of (be m. «Kt. tlLat-gM. 

Kam'ala. Roitletm. Tbe glands and baira 
from ibe txpuAex fi( Mamttu fkitipffmn, 
native to Stniibem A&Uaitd A(>y)-^'"«- ^ 
]»upUhe and anthelmintic miu'h wtrd 
agnttut huubricoitl aoH other jmraMtic 
wonn». l-kwe SJ-jj <rf wi Jvj Iv Jxtj 
alcoholir tinrturc. 

Kan''<laliai Sore. See Furuicitlus Oritn- 

Kan''dol. A volatile eonstttuenl of too] 
tar. ryopo»c<d u a locnl anxstbetic. Its 
rapkl evaporation firejcs tbe lurfaee tiuue. 
IVnslMy identical whb KfaiKOtene. Unof. 

Ka'oltn. \\hite day. llie kilicate of 
aluminum. OUained fram the decorapv- 
HlioB of rd^par. Isamelimei tuetl aa a 
rrvlective niiulicalion in etmna. Uoof 

Kapo^ai'a Disca»«'. See Al}VfhedtnMa 

Kar'dio-. See Car£^. 

Karyokine'siB (lOfnisr, a nut, «vwc mo- 
tion), 'Ibe conqilicalcd {uxicrvi i>( cell- 
division, and specially tlie cluui^n in tbe 
nucleus cnllcd Indirect Divlsioit. Mito- 
als. or Karyokinesis. 'Hu-tc n tim 
formed out of the chnLOutin the wreath, 
rosette, or spirem. Mit»c<)iiently a nxt- 
tliRped fuiin ll>e Aster, jiikI then thr lanrl 
form, or Pithofi, followed by the Dlaster, 
or dvoMe ktar. Tlten foltoHi the sq^ra- 
tion of the protonlavm into two pads, in 
cacb of which tiic chromntin rearranges 
llwlf iitlo H coll, the i*lH<|r called the 
Displrem. Ttro daughter nuclei are 
thiti derived ffoni one mother nucleua. 

Kuyol'xBla (arafMoi'. ^ixj. (0 loo^<^V The 
NgmHAlttcO of tbr nutJeiu of the cell. 




Kkryo-mito'tna. See Ctll-bt^. 

Kkryom'lton. !See Ckr»»Mti». 

Kary[>pla»'m«. h«v CArtmitt/im, 

XBtab'oUsm ( lorra, ^>Ao, to UuDw down*). 
IIk; <:hiu^incclbiwhmli]rtiieiiinolecule 
is rcndr-fcd leu cixnplex, nod contxiiu ksn 
foroe. Gillet), oUo, Deitmcrhf MetaM- 
ism. See /tifaiJit^'N anil AtttaMiiM. 

Katadic'rotiftm (mra, dic/ioni(, double 
healing). The occorratM of • divided or 
doMtJc puliaikin in ihr dowDwutl atrolce 
of (be iphjgniQgniph. 

Kat'alepay. .S« Catal/fty. 

Katal'ysin. Src Cafa/j-tis. 

Kat'spUsm. Sec /Vw/ftV/. 

Kaialo'nia t«iiru. mitif. tension). Accord- 
iiq> to Kahllauim, b fmn nf mcntjil do- 
nagaaait prognaang from melanctiolM 
aacetaifnly Ihroogh msnia tad stiqiidiiy 
lo irnlircility md totuc conrulnnn*. 

Kat electro t 'onus. See CatHrctrvtcnut. 

Kathar'opbore. An in£lnitacntforc)e«as- 
ing Uk urethra. 

Kathai'sis. Sec CatAarm, 

Kath'odc ^uiro. n^, Mlh). The ncg«- 
ti'^ p(>lc of a |p.lvaDJi; WitWry. 

KMbM'ic. Pntuiune to Obe ntbode or 
negative pole of a ballcry. K. Closure 
Contraction, the iniuciilar contmctkn 
occumng when the cirimh is daeed with 
ihcihtriplMMc on niDoior point. K. Open- 
ing Contraction, the Mine when the cir- 
cuit is n^ned. 

Kat'ioR. Sec Cnfion and Elttttoiyiti. 

Ka'va-Ka'va. A^a Kst*. The root of 
Piftr iHftAytHtHtH, a shiiih lultTr to Soutb 
America and Ihe South Sea Nlantlx. A 
diuretic and laotor-deprcsfani, producing 
t»ti»iiiatiun wbea taken in Urge doses. Id 
tmull and moderate dcM» nrsemtilcs con 
In iu action in alUyioc fat^TiK- UooT. 

Kccp'cr. ?« jlriHiiiure. 

Ke'flr. Sw A-ff4_rr. 

Kcb'rcr's Oprfa'tioo. See Cttartan 

Kw^ectomc (xvP-Ti a tamor, nnyif , a cut- 
ting). A cutttng insmimcnt initodored 
into a tumor, by means of a cauula, in ordrr 
10 obtain a port of the siihctanoc (or cx- 

Keloid (rv'v, a claw). Chcloid, Alibeil'a 
KekU. A CMMwctiw tifone neoplami 
iDoriced by irrein>l*'- unoMh. finnly-claatie 
dmthce-Iikc IcNJont, Ilr|rins as a small 
nodule on the skin, that finally bmurks 
an oval, crab-duped form ; mo»i eomtnon 
over the Ueniuiii, hul occtirt also on Ibc 
BnHUntK. neck, »mv. nnd ean. K. of 
AdtUaan, forms contraLiiaai of the skin 

and (Mciie, giving a hide-bnund loott to 
the pan. Amet ifnnlaneoiuly htm Ibe 
idm of dcatiiccx and other bjoric* to (be 

Kelot'omy. Se« Hrttuot*my. 

Keit'tro • kine^aic (nvrpor, a center, 
Mt-Tcr^c iiKXioD). A tern tucd by Ferrier 
lo deoole the inHoctice of any taolor-acrvc 

Kentucky Coffee Bean. See Otial. 

Kephal'ic. Sec Crfhulu. 

Kcpb'alina (w^ojij, (be head). A 
of sulotances occurring in btBtn'tianie,a>n- 
taining tbe radices kephslyl, tteaiyl, ^y- 
ceryl. and ocuryl. Occur usually m an 
aiiKvphous, colloidal noM. 

Kepha lorn 'etc r. Ser i'^pkuLttuftrr. 

Ke^pbyr. A kind of (ennenlcd milk used 
in Tiuiucaiicasia. Unof. See Nmmyu. 

Ker'asin (ufinf, a bom). A oerclaoMdc 
occurring in Uain- tissue. 

Kcratecla'sia (wfio(, nrmtfic, cxtenaion). 
'Ilie fcTurard proUUMOO or bolgtng of tbe 

Ker'atin (iu-pM(). Tbe basis of horny tis- 
sues, hair, nxili, fcatluiS, rte, A tnlxturv 
of nuious cocnplex snbetiiKCS. Occoo- 
[ yields leudn and tytoain. Neuro- 
keratin, the fuiManire cmiipoui^ the 
sheath of the asLs cylinder and the wbife 
ftulMUnce of Schwann. 

Kerati'tia (m/mt, irt(, toBaanmatioa). In- 
Annmaition of tbe cornea. K., Attig- 
tnalic. a rocrn of K wid to he iltte to 
uiKOrTectedasiign>iit«m. K.,lnterBtilial, 
tntkanutiDn of tb« iniostttial Umdix of 
ihecomca^tisQally dnctoinhentedoypltilU. 
K-, Punctate, cbantcicri^d tw nunuic 

rL-iuic <po4s on Dtsccmei's mnntmiie. 
Traumatic, thai oanwqacnt to woomb 

or other injury cf the conKs. 
Ker'atocele (MfXif. Kit>*i, lotacc). A faer- 

nia of l>esceniet's mrnitiraoc ihroogh tbe 

Kerato-conJuDCtivi'tis Kapai, €imjHne- 

tk-itii\. Sioniltanroiis indainnialton of ibc 

cornea and ooojunctira. 
Keraio-conom'eter (irpac, «m«c a cone, 

/irr/Nw, a measure). An insinanmitlbrati- 

muiac aatifmaiiBn by ibc images nflecied 

from tbe cornea. 
Keratoco'nua. See K'tnttegit^t. 
Kcratog'enouB (w^mr, yrwau. to beget). 

JVrtatning to (he Eovmaiton of honiy 

growtEw. K. Membrane, ihni |iait of the 

skin or layer of oorium which devetopa 

into nails, clam and hoofs. 
Kvratoglo'bUB {ntpa^, ginAm. a bait). 

DislcntMO aod prointiKm of tli« cornea. 




The KktDik tnMiy «1m> liecwne ditientted 
in ao'cre «.■<*, When » exica&ive u to 
prrornt i:lo*urr of Lhff liili, it ha* lieni 
Cklled buphthftltniu. Wlicn the dUleiition 
Is tnnspwent. regular and cnne-Bhaped, 
tbe xprx of Uie coi;e bcini; llic ceutcr of 
the cofnea. it u aillcti kcmocotiia, or 
conical come*. Whni the [iromuioa id 
opaijar, or conncdtxl with xyncrchia of the 
iris, it is called &T«phy1oiiu of the curoen, 
or interior sta|ibyloinii, 

Kerato-iTi'tix (ufKit, irrtrt, inttnininatiun 
of ihcirisl. Combined iodainuuitiun of th« 
c(imr--i »n'! iriv 

Kerato'ma. Sec Calleaiias. 

Kcr'aiomc ( «par, ro^n, a cultmc )- A luiife 
with n iK-nilinr tri~>wel like liUile, u.-e(t (or 
making the incision itilu tbc rotnca in tbe 
operackin of iridccloniy. 

Kcratomyco^Mi (Kr^f, /»"t4T> *■ fungiu). 
A fungoid gtowtfa on the conicA. 

Kcr'aloplasty (kt^k. vtnwu. to fonn). 
I'l.Ttii: oprrniion" Bj»n the conira, r»jir- 
ually ihe iranipluiiauvn of s Imlion or 
excised portion of cornea from an ftnimal 
eye lo that of the hunum. Thi* in effectrd 
t^ means of > pcculi&r Uejihine, In- whii:h 
tile tiuuc to li ttmnf^Bnled ii remoted 
(ixitn tltc nnintfl'ft rye, and the ptncc for 
iti mxption is made in the huniui eye. 
Sometimes rnlletl trephining the cornea. 

Kcr'atoBcope (n/^jior, ithdthj, to <i>»rrve). 
.Vn iiuUUDient for examining the cornea, 
and ImIui|; the tyrnmeliy of its mmdiant 
of curvature. 

KcTaTos'copy. See Rttinonvfy. 

Keiato'Bca (K(>)n(), A class of skin di>- 
COKs chvoaerijied by thickened qiidrrmit, 
and the prescocc of such ealloeities a> honi&, 
vrarts, dc, 

Kento'ais Pila'ris (((^at, fi!us, hair). 
Called, also, LukfupUarij. and /. >fiHU 
Amu. Ad affection c^ the vkin nuiikril |jy n 
pin-l>ead-siicd conical elv^atiou iiivesiing 
the hair tollic te and somewhat rc^entialing 
gOOiicfle*h anal ichlhymi*. 

Ket'alotoRie. Sec AWtUiimt. 

Ke'tone. In chemistry, on organic com- 
poand coniiMini; of the uitMtuiaicd radical 
=C=0 unhra lo two alcohol radicals. 
MkybcMmsideredaadeTivfliive-sof jiecood- 
■ry alcohols, hearing the same relation lt> 
ibem as the aldehydes bear lo the inmaiy 

Kibe. Sec CiiMaim. 

Kid'ncya (Mid. Eng. kitintfrY The liiro 
lar]ge glaiuliilar N^ic^ siuiaieil in the Itim- 
htf rvgiom, by which the utinr 'a. trccreied. 
libcyaMHiil of the kidney profier, ood ex- 

ci«lory duct or iiTeter. Tbe fbmer 'rvAlUt 

of an outer oorticjil i>uL«UDi.'e, and an inner 
medullary matter. K.. Bright'^ Disease 
of See B'-ight's Ditniit. K., Floaiin;;, 
one roibpUced or movable, K., I^arge 
Mottlcd.that of parencbyauloui nephritis, 
mottled wiih gray pucbes. K., Lange 
Red, the kidney (JBrighi'sdiwttiie ex trara. 
Mied H-ilh bkiod. K., Large 
affected wttb lordaceousdeiienerution; at», 
■hat of lite advanced singe of Ilrigbl'a dia- 
ciuc. K., Pelvia of, the tunnel -sbaiicd ex- 
pa:iM'i:iD of tbc uiet^r foimed by the tnfuwli- 
buW K., Small White. Ilie final -^Ia^e 
uf llic laryc wiiitc kiilni-y after Ions iif im 
substance from atrophy. K., Surgical, 
a tinme soraciiniea given to pycio nephritis, 
<;TdiMeut>(Diii of the kidney attendnot with 
inflamtnation, abscesae:! of the cortex, and 
ideniiiintif oiinc mixed with itcCid pus. 

Xies^tine. See KyetMn. 

Kil'ogTamnie [jt'^-Jk'. one thonsand, 
fjKifi^a, a gramme). One thomand 
)>ram>nr^, <>r 2.2 pounds avoirdupoit. 

Kilogrammc'trc (xthoit-jftaftpat^erpMit 
a mcaMiic). A temi <leno(tng (he enetgy 
reiiuired to niseouc kili^^wnme one tnclCT 
In heiglit; equivalent lo 7.3J3 font jxmndSs 

Kil'olilre {_x'^"^' ^■'^V^< a liter). l)ne 
thousand Uiei», ur 61,027.05 cu. in. 

Kirometrc tW-^^t t^^P^K ^ ineasarc). 
One ihuuuuuJ inctcn, ur I09j.6jards. 

KiRKsthe^siB tntrtv, to move, owAnrti 
sen.-^Eion). That quality of acnsaticns 
whereby we are aware of our |ioiiitionsand 
taorements, especially tliose cf (he aulo- 
moiic type; distinct from the utusculor 

Kinemat'lcs (wvQfia. a motion^ The 
science of mniion without refi'rence to its 
ciriEiu tir cfiecl*. 

Kinesiat'ricB. Same a* A'intnf^tky. 

KLn.csiom'eler (ut^if, atrpov, .1 mea^ 
ure), .'\n instrumeal for deicnninirig 
qiuintitfliively the motian of a put. 

Kinesioneuro'aea (Kit'i/aii, vivpov, a 
Qen-cV Funciional abooraialitin of the 
motor center* or nenxt, 

Kincaip'athy [lav^ati, waSos, snffering). 
The ircatmenl of disease bv gynnascic cr 
caltslhrnic movemente of tiie parts cf the 
l»dy involved. 

KineBod''ic [•uvt/aii, o/djc, a way^. Pn- 
Isining lo tho»e nerve libera convcTinf 
moiot induences Also, the molCT tracts 
of the ncne sysicm. 

Kinet'ic Uri'^>(V That which producrs 
mot'ion. I'enaining to those forces thai 
produce motion . 




Kinc'a Evil. A name loniicriy jnpularir 
kjipIinJ tu icnrfula, <w account uf a bclici 
that it could U cured li)' the touch of (Iw 

King's Yellow. Sec Orpimeat. 

Ki'no. The lupiMl«) Juice of Pter^ 
• jr/iti narsM^um, band In IndJL Simi- 
lar in action to tannic add, and ujml 
mainly as a consUUieni of S*ni^ '"^ 
dianfova mtsioift. K., TJnet., lo wr 
cenL of the di«|{. Done Ili\_K-_'^ij. K., 
Pulv. Comp.. utiof., kino 15, opium t, 
rmnumiin 4. !J<Ktc gr. v-xji. 

Kinotn'etcr (iu>-(u,(opuliniiiv(ia'i,/'Frfir>i-, 
aDieasnre ^. Ao liuiiutncnt to measure ilie 
■mnunl nf (li*placiement of the iilcrui 111 cum; 
of lutnoT or celtulai inflanuoatioci vt ilie 

Ki'otoTne (■n'c, the uvula, rou^, a MCtion 
or calling). An tostniincni fur amputaiiag 
the QTula. or tor dividing ^cturei. 

Kia'singen Water. A laxntiire tonic 
mineral water of BavArio. 

KUng. .Sec Ttmitre. 

Kleptoma'nia {n^-ticru, lo iteal, ^^itfmi, 
aiHdnos). A ncm of emotional iinuiity 
nanifestcd bjr a morbid dr^irr lo rommil 
theft. Il i* *aaietiinrs accompanied \ij 
nnpabcd intcItcci.oiiO i\ often beretUisry. 

Knead'ing The Mmc •« l^miage. 

Knfce (.^xu. rtt*ti\. The joint of the bonn 
of ibc ihigh awl fcrele^. K. Cap. the 
jwtclla. K. Joint, a binge-joint con- 
luting of the nrticulaiioti a the condvle 
cf the feinur with the v\i^a cxiceniily of 

*lbe ttljia and lh<r pottmor awface of (he 
patella K., Housemaiii's. See .-ih- 
sifSi. ffunaJ, K.JcTk, Patellar Tendon 
Reflex, K. Reflex, or K. Phenom- 
enon, a leAcx of the tendon, cot^tin^ of n 
»liyhl convulwft kicU, doe to a light blow 
onlhcpalrlU tendon. K. Pan, the [>al rib. 
K. Knock. -See Cmu. 
Knife (Sax. 1-1'/). All instnnnrnl fnrcut- 
ting, tn ■Br;gny, kiiivc\ ate nf iriuiouii 
du|«» and li/cf, acrooling to their u*c. 
Knlt'tlng. I he union and hcconiing rigid 
of B fracture. 

Knock-knee. See CfifH. 

Knots or Cord. See (".w./. 

Knuck'lea. T1>e jotntx of the phalanges 

with the C3r]ml boncv and with each other. 

Koe'nig's Manomet'ric Flames. 

ToTMhrd or Dgzog Home-plctufcs icm in 

B rcTolving minor, nod iiroduccd t/y the 

liliiaiiooA of the roice ag;iin?(t a thin nietn- 

lintnr ihM uriamtn the ^^ clumlier *up- 

l^ftng a imail biirrwr firan the lii chamber 

'lieh one •ipeaks. ilie forrn of the 

flame picttire is eharactcrisliG for cad 
vowel, and t-arici with the pitch 

Ko'la Nut. 'I'he seed of Sur.ali^ a-it- 
mmaliM. Used in pans of Ccniral Altii'a 
aaa Mitialttutc forleaaad ooffcc. Contauts 
an alkaloid timiln to cafirin. A cerebral 
siraulnnt and cardiac tontc. Ooaeof • M 
per cent, tincture. Jj. Uaof. 

KoKpo-. See ti^. 

Kolpo-perine'opluty (ii»Xroc> irrpnutor, 
'r>.iiiMfu. to (orm). An operation iut the 
curefrf pfocideniia. 

Koffltnabacil'lus. Sec Sfiril/uM CfvAfv. 

Koos'bo. See limyera. 

Kopf-tcfanus. Cephalic tclaaui, due 10 
Mounds of Itic head, chtcfl)' in the rcgitia 
ii the fifth itcnc. Initial (n»inu» is a<M) 
dated with paralysis of ibc Eacc on the side 
of the bjaiy. In some casei there is al.-A 
pharyngeal SuaMn. ■« ihiti the nnmc Hy- 
drophobic Tatantis bat abo bna git^cn 
to lliis ronn of letanut. 

Kopio'pia (noTOf, weakness, wb, ibe eyt), 
.\ Synonym of asthei»]:«a. K. Hysterica, 
a term a[>{ilied to Iboie irmptutns which in- 
dicoie bypeiasibe^ of tfae 6flJj and opiie 

Kor'c-. See Cort-. 

Kon>s''copy. See Rctmo$i^. 

Kou'misB. See Ktimyit, 

Koua''ao. See Brayrra. 

Krame'ria. Rbataay. The root of A". 
friaH</ra and A' t.-oifutoia, shrola native 
to South ,\n»ciiai. l^:rl.«eurs the nrav 
■Mnngeni i|ualrtie3 as tannic ncid. A pepu 
lar ranrd}- (or hviure of the antu. tlKMigy 
guiDS, rtc K. Ext., in <Hati.-t V>vx gr. 
«-x. K. Ext., Fid. liownLY-gj, K. 
Syr., txnitaiiM of the flnid rxtiact 35.»ynip 
<t%. l>o»e 3<&- s&s. K. Trochisci. cuu 
tain each gr. j oTlhc extiacL 

Krauro'sis ynf/nvpaatini, to hcoMne dtf\. 
Shriveling and dryness aJT a pan, cspectuly 
of the vulva 

Krause's End-bulb*. Tenoinal hodics 
of seoMxy omcs m ibe «kin and mcm- 
brnnes of all manunols. Tliey art ekio- 
gami, oval, or round hodtra 0.075 ^ "-'4 
nun. lon^. 
Kre'atin (it/>r<if, fleah). A cwultttieni of 
inuKular and other liHue» having bcuic 

Krea'linin 4*priij). C\II,N,0 Adcriv- 
ntiv-r 'A kreatin ; asRong organic bajicocmr- 
riog in normal ttrinc. 

K re 'sol. An aromatic solMtsnce uniieal 
with sulphonic acid, occurring in urinr, in 
t«-D ronn», onbokrcKil. and parakrcjol; 
nKtakmaUubisOincr of tbc latter. 




Krin'osin. A nitrogcniicd fuiy ^uhuance 
of ihc Uvin^ occuniuD in luDg lilMtKnUry 
eryi^K. bcluMt' in lviliu(( ether ui<I itl- 

Kryptophsn'tc Acid. Stuil lu uccoc u.^ n 
free tad m urine. lfaou;:h rcginletl by 
Ijmdwehr aj> an jutimal gum. 

KiUmc's Pancreas Powder. Prqiaml 
by the |«oloaaed extraction of &«h pua- 
CRUof ox trlih alcohol sml then whb ciher. 

Ku'myss- Kuuriiiu. < injfiiially, fcnnentcd 
Buue'i luilV. or liigh repute omuiiit Kiu 
siatis as D riMVl fnr jiJiiltisical poiienis. 
Lorgclr matlc in ttic Uiiilcd Slalea, by fcr- 
ncnUtig i:o«''i milk 3 ai>^ with ya^ J as, 

uMlgr>pc±agar jij. MadcinqunbatUM 
■uid (Irawu with a chaRipoK'^c faucet. An 
c)L>.elleiil food in general debility vr cluoolc 
alTcctioiu of ibe kidneys. 

Ku'rung Oil. Sec PiMgautM, 

KyeB'tein{«'5«it',conc«(j»ion, (i?fl(f. • ew- 
mil)!). '^ tUmy de[)o^it of dcCOinpoMng 
uriiiL*, ui uiic tiiuc ilivughl to be dia([no>Uc 
of |.irt:i;ii;uiey. 

Ky'mo^raph (im^, ■ mm. ypaifi^, lo 

wrilt.-). A wavc-vniter. An iii^rumcnt 
fur reproduciu); Ktaplucally the vanaiii^iu 
in the prea^iut of ihc blood. 
K>pho'u»(»i0ucit,liiiiit}^>-bu:Led). Iluinp- 
bocked. Autpilat cun aturc of the spiac 

L. The abbr^vintion of L^fi, and bIm) of 
i.iira, a pouiul. 

Labarraque's Solution. See CA/arine. 

La'bia (Lat., » lip). Ttie lips. Af^led 
to lip-lilce Mra(ttir«s ontl to the cdm* 
of an inciird wuuiid. L. Maiora or L. 
Pudendi Majora. Ivrofold^of tkinof tlic 
IcmAlf c:tIi:rDal genilal orgiuis. tiri^tiig jm( 
below Ihe mens vmrris, numninding tbe 
vulval entrance, snd nxMing U ihc uile- 
Ti<T pnri ol tlic perineum L. Minora, or 
Nytnpha, iwo folds of tkin ai Ihe fainer 
turTocci of the laUa m&]«nc. 

La'blal (&iHt). ['rftaining lo ihc lips. 
L. Bone. Sm InltrmaxiU^ry. 

Lk'bials {lahia). The conwnant soutmIs 
whirb arr formed mainlyhy the liin. See 

Labidom'eter (^/I'(, fmrcps. ^pnv. a 
iiM'a>iiTe). A MrrepK drtigntd to me-tturc 
the diiiKDwnu of Ibc head of a I'xV^i in 
the pelvis. 

La'bilc {labor, lo glide). Euily fitlling 
cff. In cleclro-tberapemio, the passing of 
the electrode — unaallyiheR^aUrc — along 
and loudiing Ihc «kin over l)>e Inclt of a 

La'bio.gloa'BO-Iatynfc'al Paralyais 
{labium, a lip, yhjooa^ the tuDgtte, iljipi'yf, 
uw larynx), i^v Sn/l-ar. 

Labio-glos so- pharyngeal {laiium, 
j'Xweea, ^apxii, Ihe gullet), (te- 

taining conjointly lo Lhe lips, tongue and 

La''biomaTic]r {Jabtum, lunirrta, a divina- 
tion). The power of ondentanditm wIim 
is «nid l>y obsrrving the naollon^of tht^ lijM 
in itprcch, 

Labioplas'tic {ta^him, rrfaoou, lo form). 
Pertaining lu an ojicralion for reitorinf; the 
lip, after injnry or partial deMrnction of the 

I.abiotensc'u1urn {/■liiitm, tenatH/uw, an 
in^lnimcnt fir gri|)pingl. An inatniment 
for holding the tips in a |)OM[io(i (ctjuired 
fur c&amiiinlion or oikenilion. 

La'btuni(lAt.). A lip. Alsi^anyilruclure^lint; of a strip or flap of elastic li-^ue 
thai clo^rf iignn uti orifice. 

L«'bor iLat.), \V«k. hmufi^on ; bring- 
ing forth young: the process whcreb>-the 
fiilu* and it* >p[iendagn air cxix'lled 
from the modicr. L.. ArtificUl, when 
cUccted or aided by olhcr mcotw ihon 
the force* of the matcnuil organi»ni, L., 
Conduct of the, management, hygimie, 
L., Difficult. Sw Dyiioiij. L., Dry, 
when there v, a deficiency of >he liquor 
amnii. or tvlien there hat been a perma- 
tnir rupliirr ol ihr Imc of walm. L., 
Fal»e. or False Pains. See Paim. 
L,, Insanity of. Si^ ImMnity. L., In- 
atramcntal, uiie reijutring the oaf of in- 


ttuncntstocNlracttbe child. L., Mecb- 
ABWin of, tbc moTcmcaia of tiJjiHUBent 
*beRt^ (be firms is accoounodaled u> tbo 
diaKtuKnu and vaoHtku* of the lonJi-caxut 
in ils puwee thKWffb iL L., Missed. 
retention of the dc*d firms in were !:« 
yond the ^tivd of ounuul K<:Aliiti(.'U. L.. 
MatoTal.ot Nonnal.or Physiological. 
when effected bj- the mJc pomrr of the mj 
IcmiU orgauiim. L.. Pathological, wlicn 
dcTisiinjc from the nomisl type b^ rcuon 
of wcaknes* of the nutcrnal Torccs. saonu- 
lies of ibe pelvis, oc of tlw fi^vlus, or of 
complications, oil hein^ cau&cs of ob- 
amctcd Lh L., Postponed, iklijed 
beyonil ulue nioiiUis. L., Prvtnature, 
(aking pbcc before the oorm&l period ^i 
KVilnliuii, but whcii ttie iil-lua is viable. 
L... Stages of, Ui« fmt bc^iit^ oiili diliMs- 
tion fi the os. and awb with complete di 
ktniion, H) the head can {klv.; ihi- Mrcond 
cimU with the expuUiun or ihe child ; ll>e 
thini (fiaetMiai) include the expulsion 
of till: plAccnta. 

Lab'oiatoiy [la/w^l^um). A raom or 
plofv deseed for expcrimenia] work in 
ch«miiUy, phjraiolp^, tuolo^, efr. 

X^b'rador Tea. The leave* uf Ledum 
iatiMium. Demulcent, e^pMiionM And 
louic. JXnt of fld. e>L, 3)-i). Unof. 

Labur'num. The leave* irf Cyuisuf I. 
Pmpaiie^ due to an alkaloid, <yiltuH. In 
kn)^ do*e» diurrtic vid rv^vcnt. In 
\ta^ dOMa [XHioaous, iniiotiue tlw all- 
iDfTitAiy tnct, and proilucing putiiigt 
TiniiiUng and cxhuutioii. Umtf. 

Lab'yrintb (Sdj^iVMi^)- Aqomegi»enio 
theiericsof ravttm ti the inlrninl ear, com- 
jvisiiig llic tniibule, <.x)chk-u nnd the wnii- 
alar cjinalji. L.,Bony. S«cA,.Mi:rMd. 
L., Membianous, the mrmlinmniu cavi- 
ty wiUiin the omcods L>li>TiTiih. fn'm which 
it it pwtlftepwiiinl bfthc iwnlymph. It 
corapriscA two uc« containod within the 
vctiiiAilc, (be tcmkircular canal luid the 
canal of [h« cochlea. L... Osseous, the 
bony capsule nf the internal ear, conuouni- 
eating io bout wiih ibe cochlea aod behind 
vith the Mmkircubtr canals. L. Pit. 

See AtJiltry. 

Lac (Lat.). Milk. AUo, the rcaiBou* ralv 
stance dejotitctl on trevs h^ an u»cct of 
llie ijrniu roivM. 

l.acera'tion \faffra,ta tear), Mechanical 
ru|>lurc by a trnring OiClion. L. of Perl- 
meum, a tearing through the wall sc)m- 
raiing the Tagins snd pcriomia, which 
occurs occasionally to a female in child- 

Lachnan'thes Tinctoria. Kcd Root. 
A |>l.-im \<v\K,\af in {lant of the U. S. aa 
an expectorant and alictativc in philmis. 
Dose of a ID per ccuL lioclurc, Dta. 

Lach'ryRial {/M^^ma, a tear). Having 
rcfcnmcc to the orgJin» of tltc aevrclioo, 
lnnsi>rr,or«cmionof tevs. L. Appars- 
tua, the lachtymal gland, ducts, canal, 
aoc, *aA luual dyct. L. Artery, the ra>4 
branch vt tlw opbtbahnic, Mipplying ibc 
gland. L. Bddc. iqion the na^al tide 
(>f ibe otUi, aitkulating with the frontal, 
tl)c clbraoid and uiperior maxillary Iwucs, 
in which bcKina the loiihryinal (-rooTe and 
nanal dud. L. Canals, or Canaliculi. 
tuperior snd inftrier, extend from tbc 
puncia to the sac. and serve to convey the 
excess of tears fioni ih« eyv to the note. 
L. Ducts, seven lo founcen in number, 
extending obbtpiely Groni llic Kland lo the 
kftw. coujuncUvK, cairyiuK the tcan to 
the ooojunctival sDifiiCK of ibc globe. L. 
Gland, the glmid teLrclla); the tears, lilu- 
oird io a dcprc.>sk4t of the Etuiiial bune, 
the L./aiia, at the uppcr snd oiaer an|;le 
uf the ori'ii. L. Probe, a probe l>x 
expkfint: Of dilating tbe canalKuli and 
nasil duct, L. Poncts, the minnte oriiico 
of tl>e ciuialknlt, vmtxi the cycttds near the 
iiiocfcandius. L. Ssc,a»acctronncnlstge' 
mcnt of the upper port of the nasal duct, 
into which Ibe auialicuti empty. L. Style, 
a probe u»ed in MTKiutc of tlte labal duel. 

Lacb'ryms ^I-al.}. A tear. 

Lachryma'tion. An exen^rve secrclion, 
or nn overflow, of tcan, from anjr caiu«. 

Lacin'iatc {iiuimia, tlie ftap of a gar- 
o>™')- 1"KK^ or frri^ted.'mus. ^ce Litmnt. 

Lac'fimal. See I.athrymal. 

Lactatbu'min Uae, a/tumfn]. An alks' 
loid asserted lo nave been found in milk. 

Lacts'tion {iaetc, to suckle). .Suckling. 
Appl'eil abo (o die pcrkxl durii^ wbioi 
tbe child suckles. 

Lac'teala {/•n, milk). IVrtatning lo milk. 
Abo, the lyniplauks cf the miuII inleMine 
which take ni> the chyle or milk-like rloid. 

Lac'ieioe (iu). Same s> /.acMmr. 

Lac'lic [/ar). Penaining to milk or its 
derivatives. L. Acid. See /^rtif. l.atiU. 
U. Fermentation. See ftrmntiaHou. 

t^c'tide. A cr»lalline sobiiiaDce otAained 
by beaiii^ lactic acid or any of its iMunerv 

Lactiferous (lac, /rrro, u> carry), A 
term applied to ve»el« that convey milk. 
L. Ducts, ilie ducts tif tbe mammary glMKl. 
1*. Olands, (he mammicy glanda. L. 




Swelling, > di^U-cittun or lite \intia aris 
iiig from the ohcumctioo of a Uctifenius 

LBc'tifuKC {!af,fitgt>,to t1«). AnynipJi- 
cinr or agent ibot checks the Mcrclion of 

LscU^enous {lot, yivi/a**, lo jmxlucc). 
Milk -[14C luteins. 

Lac'liiuiled fjac^. CunfainUiy bu([u of 

L*c'tlEt i^ijcn. of liu% Pmajning to milk. 
L. Redundantia, an cicc^>vc How of 
milk. L. Retentis, supptr^oo uf the 
Aow of milk. 

LactiWoraua {Jar, twv, lo devour). Sub- 
liklin^ Du inilk. 

LActo-. A lAiin prefix denoting conncc- 
lioii with m id.itiuii to milk. I^'pepain, 
a Y^mpiKttiiy mixiurc churned lo coniaiu 
pcptiiti, diniUuc, inil pnocmtiu, acidulated 
with laclic and hydioclilorie acids, tine 
dnuthm should pc]Koiii» J viij of albumin, 
cxKin or librio. or cniiil:iioiu<c gxvj of 
cvl liviff oil. Sei_' Pt/iitn. Uaof. L.- 
peptone, same as /..-^^tiu. L.-Phos- 
phatc, any jjhmplialc combined with lac- 
tic >c^d. L. •protein, a deiivAiivc of milk, 

Lac'tocete. See CalaetiKtte. 

Lsc'toline. Comtcnsed loiLk. 

Lttctom'eier \ia(, ntrpf»\ a meaiurc'l. An 
initrumenl fbrdulerminini^lhe (joaiititative 
conitituunb of milk l>y il» tprafic itravity. 

Lac'ione. An atonwticicolorlcia, inftim- 
mMe duid, derived from the dry dislilla- 
lioii oi Inclic acid. 

Lac'ioscope (/af, milk, cwtrfu, (o ex- 
nmiDc ). An instrument for dimatins the 
pdHioitians of water and uulk-globule* of 

Lactose {/ae). .Sugar of mtlk. A eon- 
Kliluciit of Ihc tuilk of cu«iiimal». C,,- 
llj^O,,. Sweet, but less ioliible thtti 
cane MgJU- UiuA uxd in pharmacy fur 
iriiumtioiu. Tbe vducle of most bomieo- 
pntluc prnxiraitoiB. 

Lactoau'n* [/aifase, «i^ar of milk, oofiov, 
the uriiir^. A terra fix the pmence of 
mgar o( milk in Uie urine. 

Lactuca'rium. Lettuce. The milky juice 
of JLatlura ii"><i>, a jjlatit Cyii- 
laiu a CTynallinc subsancc, laititrtrin. 
to which its ;itoi>crtics are thought to he 
■lae. A mild hypnotic wiih sedative and 
diuretic properties. Someivhat similar to 
0|iiain.but willioul depreHsnlaflei-ctTccts. 
Frc<(uentl> an in;.Tedieiit i>f (Mteiit coujjh 
mixtures. L. Ext., Fid. liose ii),v-;;j. 
L. Syr., cuiitaim 5 per cent, of tlic dn^. 
!>»« 3i-3i- 

Lactu'cerin. Sv« Luftuoiriitm. 

Lactu'ccrol. The isomeric compOBMH 
of lactiici:iilv. 

Lactu'cin. A ciycuUinc cxlndiwa of 

Lactu'cott. Same a» Laduiitt. 

Lactu'nicn (/">', milk), A ftfitonyra of 
Fitrtii^ lanaiu. AI>o, ap[>licd to that 
fonn uf nphtlil; tn which Ihc sjiuCs lure a 
fanciful rc^elnl1lancc lo clo(<' of curd. 

Lacu'iue (laetu, n. lake). A little hollow 
upace. AmucousorlymphaiU'^iiillictc Ihe 
irreifriilnr cavities of the Ixmc arranged cca- 
ceturically arovmd the llarcrMan caaaU. 

Lacu'nar (Aj.ui). I'crtaining to the iacn- 
ax. L,. Spac«K, thr itrrgular finRiras 
betwccti the fificinili of connective ti«nWi 
fonning the IxginningB of the lymphatic 

La'cus (Lat.). A small IjoIIow or cavity 
in a li«iie. L. Lachrymalis, the mce 
al the inner c.inlhiK of the eye, in wbidi 
Ihe (cars collect, iitrar the puncCum. 

L-adies'Bed-alraw. Cher te Ken net. 'Hie 
hcrt Gaiiu-t vemm. Rcfriecrwit and 
diuretic l>o**of flil. ext. ^ss-i- Uoofc 

L:idies' Slipper, ikv i.y/inJirJmm. 

Lmnopaial'yais {htifo^, itiv gullet, impo- 
/Aitif, pulsy), raralywi of the ocMfilugiia. 

Liemosteno'sis {><u^or< ortfuais, astiic- 
Ulte). Coitstriction of the phuyDX and 


Ltr'ais. See Lrnon. 

L^tif'tcant {/atifiea, 10 m^ Clod). A 
lemi n|i[>liril to any icmedy acting as a 
& ionic in melancholy and languor. 

L«vo|y'roua |j^:''ui. left, j^rwr, a circle). 
Having ihc ijualJty of routing Ibe palar> 
ifcd ray 10 the left. 

L«voTO'tatoTy(^mM,ri0/ir,iotum). SaoM 
as I.LC«<^ynis, 

LK'vulin {ligT-us\. A name aometimes 
given tua aulntance probably identical with 
kIuccp*. otcurrine in immature ax^a and 
Ihe tul«rs of cenoin compoMie Aowen. 

L«e'vuloae. See /.nitlatf. 

La Payette's Mixture. See Ctfiiiia. 

Lac'aroua \>^-}u(^, lax). I^aa, kxne or 

Lagn«i'a (uyrcra, coJiion) Sane u 
Salynaiif. AI«t,GOitton. Alan, Ihe Mimen. 

Lag^e'sis (/oj-v^^). Some a* Siivria-'u*. 

Lagophthal'mut {}ayu^,.a ban:, ftum tlie 
popular nritiim thm aharr ilrrps with opeS 
eye*). In:atii1ily lo cIok" the eye?u 

Lagos'ioma. See Hurf lip. 

Lalla'tion l><i>i>;, t^l-hling)- Anjr unin- 
telligil'U- MamnKTme of utiecch, nich as 
de pmtliii]{ of a UIk. More properly, 




th» defect or pecut»rihr of sfKrcfa, luuaQy 
nuriiJ, is vLicb /i> ttuntKuied tor r. 

I^&loneuro'fies [>tAa(, m^w, a nerve). 
An nn|«innrai( of •peedi aruing bom 
spannEMllc actiaa of the aeryei. It in- 
cludf-i itainmcring; and aptuboncu- 

L^Iof/atby (^-aitut, vaA)f,&d£nin^). Any 
(lixmlcr of qxech, Abo, apliua. 

l^rasrelc'lAm. The ibccxT nf noluUon as 
beUl by the ducijtka of Lunarck. It is 
bunl cu Louuvck's tlieoi; thai ronticr 
ocIcmI opcin by heni, light and dccuicity 
may tpoataoeoiuly geonvle life of low, 
lKiaiiOgene<His oreanisnu, and that audi or- 
ganiim* would dtveiap qnaliliei of hctcnv 
goivity and cr^iuu as gtncnied W tl«ir 
nmuKLings and npecially by their wants 
or deiim. To this prepondnatinc infln- 
ence of ncv wwics Liunardc lucriTiot ilie 
chief rtle in cvolulioo, «hil« Darwin rm 
plUL^ucft the advaiiliiKe of acculcnlal varia- 
iiMu ill the Unq{|;le for exiuence. 

Lamt/da. Sec ShiU. 

Lambdoid'al 4 ^,ft(i/JilB, tiA^' * t sera • 
I'lancc), Ki-seral'liiiH (he (jnrek fctlef A. 
L. Sutorc, ihi^ suture connectinf the oc> 
cipil»l Willi ihc twu [.miiirta] boiiei. 

Lambert's Method. A melbad of mix- 
ing colon by colored wafcn aod a slip of 
gltM By Btcaiis of rrfleciioni 6t>in the 
■urfacc of the Uiier a oolof may be in (nrt 
rdlcctcd and superim|Wicd on another 

LamcI'lft (dim. of lamina, a plate). A 
deacri ptt re term apf>becl to any foliiiUon or 
*cale4ike aupearaoce. L. of Bone, the 
concentric ni|g» uuroonding the 1 laveraian 

Lameriar (AmmKt. a Ihin plate). Having 
the MtUTf of. or rcsMBbUng any thin, otue- 
oiu vt mnntifanoiu ttuue. L.. Catmmct. 
See Catmra</. 

Lame'Dess. The condition of inability to 
WW the limbs fmly, or wilboul pain. 

Lwn'ina {hmina. a plaic cr acale). A 
dncriimivc tcnn used la de»ignale foliated 
FtTuriure, AUo, any tliin limr of Iwne, 
nembnu)c,ofothcriisiK.L.. Bowman's, 
Iht sIiucturclcM inn)i!4'anE bflwren Ibe 
anKrior layen of epithelium and the filtoiu 
tismcof thccomcaoif thi-<^}e L, Cfnera. 
the conned in]; layer ufi^iy mitlrr lieliimfD 
the corpus oilloMim and die otitic com 
niamrr. L. Cribrosa of the Sclerotic, 
rtic perforated lamina tluoutth which tlte 
optic nerve eiMers ihe Rlobe of ilie eye. 
L. Cribrosa of the Temporal Bone, a 

small lamiiiHlciJ tone formiii^i the end of 
the iutenial auditory meatiu. L. Hot' 

salts, one of the two ridge* bordering th« 
raeduUatyttioove, tfaoiiuuie to lunn acBoal 
which Jnally dcvclofu into the ccretro- 
i^anal canal. L. Puaca. the piemenlary 
ttMue of the kclerotic fonniDg the outer 
layer of the peridioroidal bnui L. Spi- 
ralis, > tlun plale in the ear, oaaerm in die 
tnocT pan oud rocmliTBOOBS in ibe outer, 
thai divides the spiral lube of the cochlea 
into the itala r\tnf^ini aiul stala fniiSttJi. 
L. Spiralis Ossca, a dun plate of hone 
thai winds spirally around the modtnln 
of Ibe cochlea. L. SuDercboroidca, tbe 
delicnu tncmlaanc of the outer surfiKe of 
Ihe choroid lunic of the tyt. 

Lamina^ria [iimina). "lite cuml lower 
panof the stem of /.. elvtutoMi. L. Bou- 
I^C, a bouffie made of the >talk ; wed for 
urethral dilatation. L. Probe, a probe 
maite of tin; stalk, uwfl to dilalc the cnna- 
liculi and nju«] dnct- L. Tent, n lent 
made of the »iem of l))e plant, tot dila(a> 
lion of the temx te^n, 

Lamina'tion (/mnina). Arranged fo 
plates or la>t:n. An operoijon in Mnlny- 
otcmy, coMiisting In cutting the ^iiU in 

Lain'ium Al'buni. Tbe leaves aod 
stems bl the t>lanl /.. aJium. lYnpeniea 
Atic tu ail alkaloid, Lumiua. X^webA in 
mcuorrliagiu. XAjoc of the tincture 3 M-i). 

Lanc'colate (/cMriWa, a little «pear). 
IlavioK the form of a lance head. 

Lan'cet (ilim. taneea, lance). A taro- 
e(l;;ed surgiuJ inttmmcnt for laciKov 
tumors, ttc. 

Lanc'inate (ZiM/tno.lo tear). To iacerale, 
pitn-c, or tear. 

Lanci'si, Nerves of. The ttrr^ temgitu- 
t/inai/j. the elevated lnr)g>ilt»linal bands 
of white matier of dir corpus coHoiam of 
the brain bounding ihe r3[4i«. 

Lan'dry's Paral'yaia. Afocmof p(iraly> 
sti described In' Lojidry, characieined by 
\otA of anoior powrr in the lower ekttemi- 
lies. gnulitolly extending to the upper ek> 
trcBiities, otud to the ccntcn of cinrutatkn 
and respiration. 

Land Scurvy, See Pmr^rtt. 

Lan'essin. A prepantioa of wool-hl 
aimiloc lo lanolin. 

Langerhan's CelU. t>nain modifird 
epithelial celb forming ihc sim[>lc3l nerve 

Lang'uage [lingim, th« tongue). The 
atticnUtf sound4.aen»,ofay«iboU whereby 
UiouKhi is conunonicaled. l»i Cantai 
for. bee. 




Lanx'iior (I-^ to be bint). Lotfilude. 
Uwaebaalron to take bodily excrcbe, or 
to oat ouc'e tclf. 

Lcn'olin. A chDlc*tcrinc fu ohtnintd 
from •beep's 00(11, Kecrnily imnsducrd 
as » basil for olatments. It docs ooC 
Mpooify or hc(omc rancid and it charac- 
trriied by rcmorksblc peoclnlive powers. 

L^n'tanine. An alkaloid extractive of 
ytrha tagraJa. Asscned lo have aiiCip«ri- 
odic and uitipjriTtic properties. 1 las been 
aucCcatAilIy ascd in iDtcnniltcnO. UuSc, 
p. XT-«n, Unor. 

Lan'termann's Notches. The afmear- 
BDCr of ibc iiilcnic^iil icgmi-nb <A tlic 
nerve-shewib under ihe tallufiKr of cer- 
tain rea|<enls, dividing; lUc- Mine into stn|M 
obhi]ucly cut at the end.*. 

Lanu'go [lana, wool). The down like 
hair tbnt nppcan ui>on the fictus about 
the hfib mnoth of gi-*(atioD. 

Lapac'tic (/affuflou, to cin|«y). Emfity- 
ing. Also, any purgniiive utdtctnc or 

Lap'aio- (iaffopa, the abdoiuinal walls). 
A Greek prcliii drnotiii); cuunc'ijtiuti ur icU- 
tioti to the xhdomrn or alidocniaal wulU. 

Lapaio-coSoi'omy (^offo/Mi, kd'/ziv, the 
colon. TD^i;, n culliug). Inguinal cololumy. 

Laparo-cystec'tomy (/oTOfra, «iari<, a 
cfSii tuTujin, an excision}. The excision 
of an extra'Ulcrine f<nrtii» witb its cpt 
through an incision of the abdominal 

Lapaio-cystot'omy (AoTdpa, ■n'orif, fOfin, 
a cutting). An inciMon ihrougb ttie pa- 
TictesintoacyHconUining; an ntra-ulcrine 
Inetiu, for the purpow of removing [lie 

Lapaio-elytrot'omy. See Cautrean Ope- 

Lapaio-entcTOt'omy {7.aT.<tfta, tvrtpijv, 
an iulestiiic, roii^, aeultinf;). An inci>ian 
into thr intf!iiii<^ in tlie ilinc rvffion, for 
ihc roiiefofaa intestinal obedniclioD. 

L.aparo-ga3lrot'oniy ^/nim^, yvar^p, 
tbc sConU'ch, roii^, a cuttine), An iQci»ioa 
through the abdomiDal walls for tbe par- 
pose of rrachhig the siomoch. 

llaparo-hyatcred'omy (JuTrtpo, nffr/fu, 
ibc ¥iXHnb, rxT->^(JT, an excision). The re- 
moral of the womlii through an inciiion iu 
tin abdORiin:il walls. 

Lsparo-hystero-oophorce'tomy. See 
Otui't.iH O/finliim, f'orrp'i Operaticm. 

Laparo-byateroi 'omy. See Gusfrc-m- 

L.apato-ileot'omy \^vafta, i/mm, mp«. 

a cnttingl. The fbnnatioa of an artificial 
anuF in Itic groin. 

L.aparo8'copy {hfapn, vimrtu, to exam- 
ine). The exunituuioti of the abdomen 
liy the ■tethaacx>{}e, jilcsKinieler, tx by other 
uutnuDcntal n>eaji». 

Laparo-Bplcnot'omy {?Atrapa,tntirr,thti 
spleen, nj/uTi > cutting). The vurgiciil 
■nciaoD or entnnce upon ifae kplecn, 
Ihrotigh the abdominal walls. 

K^parot^omy. Sec C»iartam Ofitra- 

La'pis (Lat. a rock). -An alchentc term 
aiifilied to noy ncm-rulatik mbtUance. L.. 
Divinus, a miiiure of uupric sul[dutCi 
p<<n.»ium niU'tr dnil anunonio'pauuiuin 
sulphali-, aa it |)an». L.. Mitigatua. 
Soe Ai'gfnium. 

Lap'pa. llurdock. Ilie itot of the 0010- 
mon Uirdock. L. ^awtlii: conlaims 
bitter principle, a min, aiwl Intmin. A| 
eot and diuretic. Has tome rrnucalion . 
an alterative in cumtituiional \ilood 
eases. A tincture of the wed has heeo 
lecommeni.led in skin ditcSAC*. I)c»eor 
tbc root 3HJ. in iiifuwoo or tincture. 

Lard. Sec Atlt^, 

Larda'cein. An animal protdd, >n indi- 
gcitiblc amyloid sobetaoce. chiefly occur- 
Till); as a palhological inlillralioD into 
various orgims ** ''■c liver, spleen, tit. 

Larda'cBOUS. See Amyloid. 

Lark'apur. Tlic seed of IMfJumtm^ 
etmtt^i./.i. Diuirdc and emme 
Dcfic of fid, ert. Tiy-x. Unof. 

Lar'va (/■!< ifi, a Khast). 'lliaf form inieetft] 
take in enicri^nK Aim tlie egg, cam- 
miiuly known as the caterpitlar or "gmb" 
liAgc. AUu, applied lo tbc imnuUnrr form 
disitnKuishing many of II10 lower verte- 
bmies before maturity. 

Lar'val (/iirrvi). (Vrtainingloor existing 
in ihe condition of a larva, 

Laryttgc'al (Aapwjf, the larynx or wind- 
pipe). PenaininK[otlielar>'nx, L-ArtoTi^ 
ilie superior thyroid artery. L. Congo, 
a ahrill, metallic coukIi of nervous origin, 
occunrin;; occasionally nitlHRit lyinjitonM 
of diieaae of tfae luugs. L. Crisw, aa 1 
acute Uijiwea] tpatiB, occurring in the' 
oourK of tabes donalia. L. Dilator, aa 
LiuirunMDl designed lo (Ulate tbc larynv, 
wbt-n lilt Intter has become con^rieicil I7 
dc^lrii^iid tibiues, or from oth'T raitu^ 
L. Mirror, a small cimilor, silvered j-lass 
niimw uned in lajyiiK"'<ojfy. L, Ncrvc. 
See j\Vrw. L. Paralysis. alo^of power 
of some or of all d the muscles of thi 1 
laiynx. L. Spacca, the upficr, middle 


ntui lower puts iMowhlcb ihe Uymx may 
t« caoTcnJcnlly diYKlrd. 
Laryagect'omy (^ofntS, ntn/ui, k cintiog 
oulj. An operation for the cvtirpatioii of 
the larynx. 

Laiyocto'mtil {iafit^yiZv, to vocifcnte^. 
Atenn tooKlyafnIicd tovarious iimsmodtc 
afiectioDK of the ufync. L. Stridulus. 
Suicu Laryagc^MUOL 

l.aryn^'lis i2dpt7£, utf, infltinnuitMi). 
A ca^MisI inRaiQinatkni vt tbc Uryiu 
■nxMopoDied by wrc tfaro>^ boarBcncs, 
and, aniftlly, pdnllil deglutition and cou|{h. 
In MTcre cases tbetc may be cGdema, 
dyipoGM, and suflbcMiot). In mfanu it is 
mncfa the aaae disease u croup. It alw 
accoo^Muocs nulignsM aAcctions of the 
throat and trachea, such u djplttbcna, 
cancer, c/r. 

l^ryn'go-fis'Burt {/opvyf . JSimm). 
PivaJoD or the larynx lur the rcnuMaluT 
tumore o( Cotvijin LoiiieA. 

Larynffog'rapby (?-vv)f, ypofo, to 
write). A dncriplioo <i the liitynx. 

LaiyngoKogy (^0^7^, }m^, a trvvtise). 
A tieatise on the larynx. 

Laryngoparal'yais [7apvi^, mpo^ttrtf, 
paky). Lou of the mice or paralpit oT 
Ibe vocal eofds from nervous afledioos, not 
local diKase. 

Laryngop'aihy (7^p«'>-f, roAif, a sdfer- 
ing). A term indtiding all aflFections 0^ 
the laryna. 

Zi«iyngopban'tofn (Anpt^f, ^ytaafta. a 
Tison). An anilicial larynx designed (or 
iUnatnttrv [^4iigK»». 

Lw7n''ffo -pharynn'al {^Jipv^i, ^pvyi, 
the thmoi). Pertaining conjointly to both 
larynK ami iibarynx. 

Laiyneoph'oay{?.afW}-f,^Mrv.the Toloe). 
The ^uuni! of tbc voice olverred in the 
auaculiairun of (he larynx wllh the stetho- 
scope; also the sound of Ibe voice ohservrd 
in Uk aiucutUtion of a Urge cavily in the 

Luyogoplc^^ia (^flfw^f. trivyv. a utroke). 
Faialyxis cif the ntutcIrA of thr larynx. 

Laryn'gospasm l^-vpc/S, awatifiof, a 
qxum). Spasmod ic contraction or cloaore 
odf tlie glottin; ^ttsmodic crOHp, aa db- 
tineui*h«l from intUnunalory cnnpi 

LuTC/goaeope {iapufi, amim*. to olv 
tervr). An iiutmnicnl (brexaminationof 
the larynx. 

Laryn(^-steno^slB (AofH^f, <rm-unr, a 
oootraction). Contraction in ntc of the 

Luyn^ot'omy (>.at)p>f, rt/ow, lo mt). 
The O|pentlioo of incuion of tlie larynx. 

Laryn^-trache'a] {Xaptyf, rpo^ua, the 
«iindi>ipr)- l^aiaining conjotntly to the 
taryni and iIk tmcbea. 

Laryngotracheot'omy (Ao^f, rpaxita, 
Tcii.r/, a irriirinV 'Ilial lorn tji the opcnilton 
of iracheoiocny in which the cricuid coni- 
liigc. and tome n( die upper rings of the 
trachea are diviitnl. 

I,ar'yna (>«/n'}{,). The nppei partof the 
ail passage, Iviwren the trachira ami the 
bn* of ibe longne. It cwnprise« three 
ans^e cartila^, the thjToid. crkoid, and 
qiit;lotli», aixl threr poiriof csnilages, ibe 
aryttnoiil and ihoM of Saototini and \Vri»- 
UirK- It is Lined with an rUremcly itim- 
live mucous membrane, which inrni« two 
iransverse lipped fblda that coutiluic Ibe 
vocal cords. 

LaKiv'iouB(/4ifrK«ii,wanioniM»[). IJhidi- 
nous. Wanton. Uavinganunlawnildcsiri;. 

Laa'situde {/iuiki, tirni). A stale of rx- 
hauMtou or we«hrkeu, anting (roat causes 
odterthaa faligoc. 

La'ta. See Miryofhit, 

La'tency (/it/r*% to l« bid). 11k condition 
of Iwing laicni or concealed. 

La'lcot Uiittt). Concealed. Not mantfcsL 
In ptiyncs, applied to heat ihat appa- 
rently disappears when a liquid is vapor- 
iied ai a wiltd melted. L. Period, the 
time ret) uiictl forthcinnihauonoradiscaM!. 

Lat'crad 1/.1/M1, the side). Toward the 
lateral aii]KH:t of. 

Laf'eral {iafn-t/ii). At. bclooging to, or 
pertaining in the side. The aspect of the 
side viewed fruiii the middle. L. Col- 
umn, tliai coliimo of the tpiiMl c«<d 
between tbc antero- and pcMefo-laicral 
fisitirM. L. Operation, (hst farmof opera- 
tion in litliotuTny in which the opaung it 
nudr UD tlic left $)de o( the pcitiucum. 
L. Plates, tlw part cJ (be ineaoblad lying 
external to the pcuvcrtcbne. L. Sinutes, 
the iwo>eimollhe dura outer situated is 
the aUacbed nurgin of the trnlanum cero 

Lateri'tioua (tai€r, hrick). I'rrtaining lo 
aa wtnary sedinenl iwrnhling hrid-diist. 

L^tcro-ccrvKcal {lateralii, itnix. the 
iwrck). At at about the tideof tbc neck. 

Late rO' dor 'sal \iatfmKi, dormm, Ibe 
back) At M near the side of the bcick. 

Latero.flex'ioni/o/'Tio/*J,>Sf'''''t'o bend). 
Bending lo one side. 

Lateropul'sion (/a/f/tfA/./rZ/A to drive). 
An invuluulnry motion or hearing to one 

La'tex ([)uid). The sap or ihe juice 
of the tulics or vcsaeb of plants. 




Laib'yms Cic'cra. A aneclci oi vetcii, 
couunotil; known na " cuick-pca." See 

Latb'yriam (Ao^vpit, >p>ii^)- Tbe con- 
vutiUc luuvcmenb, Irantvaand |Mum>laHa 
arUin([ fruni the u>e of the MCtk of Lathy- 
rui i-icfrn. 

Latis^siotus (>u(ml. tJlIatta, wide). An 
adjeciive ui;D>f)'''% wid*.'^. Ii is used lu 
a ducriniive terra witli ceitaiii mtLictes. 
L. Colli. Sec Muide {Platri'^a ^y 
tkift). L. Dorsi. See Museh. 

Laud'anin. (Me of ihe alhaJoidi of <»riuia. 
It ill tuiulile in chluiufiwin and alkallae 

Laud'anum. Soe Opium 

Laugh'inn (S«w. hUkhan). A .sutccMkin 
of rhjthmic, fposmodic cii|uraiinnt with 
open gtciitt* and Tilmtioii nf vocal corii*. 
C Oaa. See Sitrt^m. 

Laur'ct. See Kalmia. 

Ls'va ^IjiI., a flixid ur totmit). Tb« 
molicDejccU vT » vulounv 

Lavage (Fr ], ImgnticQ or wwJiing out 
I hi- iliinuu:!). 

Lavameo^tum (/dtv, to wuh). An ia- 

Lav'ender, or 

Lavan'dula. Tbe flowers of L. tvnr, 
HropfniM due lo n vololilcoil, AronuHc, 
slimitLiuiI And cirtniiiilivf, liut lucd miinly 
at a flavor and nilfuvAnt o^ utlicr nurdi- 
cine*. L. 01., (hi: voUiilc oil dittillod 
from Ihr whole hrrli. VUjk n\J'V. L. 
Ol. Florum, the oil dittillcd from the 
fre>h floweni, |Hrfei«l>le to prrrcrdiag. 
livtK l>lj-». A contiitiienl of Sf«. (Jdof- 
■Uis. L. Spt.t 3 ports of the oil in 97 of 
alcohol ; % peTfuinc. I )»<« ^ s»-j. L. 
Tinct. Comp., ait of tnTeoder S, oil of 
nwcniuy 2, dnnnmon 18, cloves 4, ttnt- 
DKg 10. red »d>underv %, alcohol 680, wnter 
370, dilute alcohol to nuke looo. Dose 
^%^\), a CDOslituciil of l-'owlcr's miIu- 

l.aveicn. Corpuscles of. Sec BadJius, 
ef .Vaiariii, and flaim^sdimm. 

Lax (/.iro, to lotHcn). \joa>*. Not Icme. 

Lox'ative (/nTo>. An agcnl that loosens 
the cnnlcnis ti the bowek. A mild pur- 

Laxa'tor {laxv). Tlinl whicli loosens or 
reliuet. A name applied lo various mnsclcs. 
L. Tjrropani. Scr Afntdf. 

Lay'er (:vas. le^er, a couch). A mass of 
ynifbnn, or nearly uniform, ihicknns, 
spread o*er or covering a considerable 

Luuef to (Ital., a pest bouse). A i|uar- 

antine cstablUhmcnt Also, a [Jacc for 
fuaugelioii and disinfcctioD. 

Lead. See i'lumium. 

Lcad-poieoning. Either du« to acci- 
ilcitta! or iiidu^rial introduction of Icftd into 
the ijitou ilic symptoms are ditturbvd 
nutrition, anxmia, the ^Dgiral IJoe. lead 
colli:. •.(.■iiitijMlioii. pains in Ibc limbs, local 
muKuUtr pantl^tife (wrist-drop) and wast- 
ing, saiurnitiic enct^alopathy, ete. 'Vht 
lieattucDt coosisls in Mo^ipin^ ingress of 
lead to the system, its eUminaiiuu I9 
iodide of potassium, aperients, ek. 

Leaf Cup. Sec Bnin/.ic-f. 

X<ean''ncB«. A condition of havins less 
than the normal amount cf tlesh. It may 
be natural, or the result of discMc. 

Leav'en (/nv,lo nam). A name given 
to sereral ificcics of Icrmcnts belonging to 
llie clwu urf ia,-rkiiromyietti, of which the 
rollure kitown as "sour dongb" b aoom- 
mon example. 

Lecifhin i7ru"uc, yulk of eRii]- A claai 
of nttTogeniuid, pl]otii)honted sobMances 
Dtcurritii^ in bnvin- oiwl nerve- tldaue. 

Lectua'lis (dim. of /^irl^^^ « bed). Per-' 
taining to a bed or oouch. Also, diseases 
that confine one in bed. Alio, a patient. 

Lec'lulus (dim. of lechu). A bed or 
coucb .Mv>, ncnucb or nuUtrebconinin- 
itig mr'lii'inal Milnljuicei. L. Medicatua, 
a dry fermentation. 

Leech ^S»>;, Uff, phj^iician). llirm/o 
AMii-imitis, nf llic ordrr J/iriufinm, class 
AHHtlidi, tub-kiagdom I'trmti. To exirad 
blood tty leeching. L., ArHDcial, the 
appmius for r^if fling. 

Leca (.\. S. l^i, dirgs). The dregt or lolid 
maltef hrld in suspension )>)r a li jitid, that 
linally settles at llie bottom of the vesscL 
Especially ilic Kdiraeni of vinous litjuon. 

Leg. The lowi^T exliinnityof man, espe- 
cially that port from the knee to the snUc. 
An orjcaii of locomotion of miLn and 
other aninuls. 

L«git'imacy (IfgMmo. to make lawful). 
The condition of being within tlic houu«l9 
of the Inw. Also, the lilKiuiory rerogni- 
tion of a child bom within wedlock, or 
wiibin a jKriod of lime necessary to Kesta- 
lion, whiiib di^y elnp«« after the death of 
the father. 

LegM'min. See CaufH. 

Leiomyo'ma {/-iio^, ^ntooth, /it<c, a 
muscle). A form of mywma cliaiactcrired 
iry uti>tripcd mui>colnf liber. 

Leipothy'mis [/'ti-9u,to relinquish, Aipiif, 
the mind). A term denotii^ faiMli^ or 




Lei'ter's Tubes. Tulxt of aoA, flexible 
ncul dHt(;Bcd for bending about aaf 
put of the betiy. Lold water is pM^nl 
ihnwBb tbc lulin, ibnctif reduciuic (be 
teaptnt ttf c of ihc pam cnckscd. 

Lem'on. Sec Limtati. 

X.«ns [,B lentil). A ree«Lirly ^b&iwd 
piece of gUfiS or aysul for tbc rtiracium 
of r»j> of ligln Tbc crystalline leiia of 
(be eye, L.. Achromatic. See Adirv- 
matic. L.. Biconcave. atbtck-edccdlens 
lMvin|{ cc<ncave s|.iherii:al buifucex u[>u<i 
its Qppo«te skies, uilled olw a ifgarivt or 
minui Iciis: uKd to ipeftadrs to oocml 
■n)i«^a. I... Biconvex {fotitht or/Au 
IcDs), a tbin-edgcd lens: it has two con- 
Tcxiiurfiiccs; tbrJloconrcthjpciopta. L,, 
Cylindrical ^tiihcr mn'Mu or /wi), ooe 
groiuKl u|>on a cylindhca) lool, i^., one 
will] a plnnc outface in one axu and a Cfm- 
cave or convex suifuce iu ibe axis at right 
angiea to the lamc. L., Decentered. 
one in which the optical ccnler ix i»C 
opposite the pupil of Ibe tyv. L., Peri- 
yeopie, one with concavo conrex or 
cm vcxo -concave nurfncBt, the oppotiic 
»idei being of diffcrcni curratnrcs; to 
avoid uJicrical nbcrraltoa, anil lo gain a 
ereater held of rlr.-ir vuinn, called mfnifcut 
lemifi. L., Plano-concave, Plano- 
convex. Piano-cylindrical, \im a plane 
*nif«cc upon one »ide nnd a niiTtd Muface 
open the irvene. L.> Spherical, one 
whotc curved surface is a M|;Ti>ciit o( a 
sphere, etihei concave or «)nve». in coo- 
liadiMinciifin to a cylindrical tens. L... 
Sphero-cylindrical, one wilha hphrrical 
sorilkce upon one side, and a cylindtkal 
inon itte revrne, lucd fcr the Conectiun of 
mher myopia oi hjjKTopia, ci-mliDcd with 
atti^naiistn. S*c Sf^itticU Leiu/s. 

LiCalic'uIar (dim nf ltns\ TVrlxinrng lo 
orfnemblingaleni'; >lK>BdcM.TTpiivctam 
applied to an iostraracM with a carved 
cutting edge for remoHng the loi^ «id|te«of 
■xNWRMdebydKlrrphina. L:OucUoa. 
See UangSoH. L. Nucleus, the extra 
venlrtcnlu- portion of the c(*pu* striatuni. 

L«nli'go {frnj). Freckles, Ephclidca. 
nmimi^rihcd »pots or patches of tag- 
mem, Mnall in sire xnd occornni; mainly 
OO the face and hands. Freckles nrfly 
occur before eiglit years, and ore ndl coni- 
inon in ngtd persons. MoM freqaeni among 
people of li^ coaiplexion. 

Len'tor (Atm/ki, adhesive). Viscidity of a 

LeootFMit ilta. a tiwi). Sec Eltfkami- 
atk. L. Oasa. Sec OUtitu. 

Lop'n- (2/irpor, tcaly). One aflected wiib 

Lcp'ido- ('i'vtCi ■ scale). A Greek prefix 
silEiiirying ■ scue, or scaly. 

Lep'idoid {Uimt). Hai-ing the apiKar- 
aooe of a acalc. 

L«pidoplaw'tlc (Anri(, irZaoou, to Conn). 
Fcaniag acalea. 

Lcpidop'tera (^mt, Trrtpai; a wing). An 
order of IflaocLi tUatinjiubhcd hj Tealhu- 
Uke scala and a spfaally coiled nictorial 
apfxtralu*. The order nclude* butterflies 
and moOui. 

Lepid'oaia {isni^). Same aa Ichlbjoaa. 
Auo, a synonym Ux L^va. 

Lep'ocytc (^^of. * husic w dwalh. atrnr, 
a cell). A oDclealed celL 

Lep'otbrix {TjcKo^.tptf, a hatrV A condi- 
ticA of tbc h«r. cjfKCially thai of the arm- 
nits, in which the tliaft lK<tin>c> cnciunl 
10 a riicatb <.<( budmed scl-aceou» maittr. 
Also, the typical ihread-hke torm asarocd 
liy certain ipecici of liactcria of the onler 

Lep'ra (Afffpii. a leper). l.r)]TO)y. Elc- 
phnjitiaftis Urrccjrum. LeoniiutK. Pscai- 
asis. An endemic, chrvnic, and highly 
malttmani di»caK-, inmewhat analngpua to 
syiihili" in jioihologicaJ che ra c lc r. iVc^a- 
tent in Europe and Aaa. esnecially akng 
the McdiierraneaD Atms. Kare in North 
America, excapt on PacilW cnaxt. A con- 
Etilutionl dJitMc preceded by ■■"'f'fi 
debility and bngoor. followed t^ clk«rKte»- 
i^lic bulloas, aiaadar, or tulvnndar lesions 
of the skin. L., Tuberctitaied, chaimc- 
trriiod by masuve intilir^ltoru and the 
ronnation of lubcrcles, conunonly on the 
facr, breasts, frctotum ind penis. L.. 
Non-tuberculated, a fann of the di«eiua 
dtaiaclcrijrtt Iv macular patcbet dial 
spread pcnplicrnily. until much or the 
whole of the *kin is inrolrcd. In Inirr 
si^cs the dbcasc extends into the mbcu- 
tancous tissues, muscles and hones, muli- 
ii^ in disaiticulaiian and dr*trw(tir<n of the 
)omts of tbc lingcts and \.ws. Ihn futm 
of leurasy is nraily alwnyn tnariied by 
amoiliesaa of the tnits invnlird. I.., 
Iffaud Ttibcmilaied. involve* boih 
forms of Ibe disease. Ttiert a vrrj tfmng 
evidence in faw^r of the cootngiou* char- 
acter of Ike iliieaae. and. alio, tliai it b 
intimately connected with the develop- 
mem of a specific hacillm- 

Lepropbthal'mia (>rxi'a, w*^uof, 
the eyct. Opbthalinia of a leprous char* 

L^nMy. Sec Ltfrv. 



Lcptan'dra. Culver'tRoot. Tlie Tbifome 
■ml niotleU uf L. vtrgtMica. IVopcrtie* 
llmughl lo tie due lo b glucosidc, ItfUan- 
Jrin. A tooii:. Uutinv, wid cWafCOguc. 
lndicMed in indigpuion utA chTonic con- 
■i|iadoa. Doae of the ext. p. )-iiJ, of 
Ihe Bd. »t. ti\i.%-X]. 

Lcp'to- (S^trrof, tliui. wult, slender), A 
Cit«Ek fnlix, 3)gnilj-ing smM or aleoder. 

Lcptoccph'alic, or 

Lcpioc«ph'«toUB {liirmf, cfi^o^, bead). 
Ha%-iii^ ain abnonnally snuUt httd. 

Leploccph'alua. A cuututitMily with aa 
ftbDunuiUly soinll bead. 

L.«ptoineni'nei''ti8 [fjvnt. »tijn>f ,» mem- 
UiuK). InfUmnuUoD of the pia and 
araclinoid of tbo t>niD and the kpinal cord, 
in cnotrtiiuitncti'.iD to IVcliymeiiiiiKi''^ 
thoufib metiititjitb olcoe uBuall}' siijuttics 
the URie 0.1 leptomeningttia. Sec MttttM 
gifit. L. Cuebnlis, tui inHanuiMiioii, 
oonrincd muoll; to the pla muter of the 
onnvKx nirfacc of an anterior lobe of the 
oeirbrum. L. Spinalis, aa}* iiiHiuiuuu- 
tioii I'f ilic (li.i iiiatcT of ihc ^imdaI cool. 

licp'torhine. See Indix. 

Lep'tothrix (J^nrrof, fljwf, a hair). A 
((cnujk of Ibe family Biuteri-urii, who«e 
eti^ncnu irtna miAi^bt liliunenu, often uf 
(jrtal tci^ii. I'oMilily iiidi>tin);uishat>Ic 
fifom the i^uti BinHus. Tlic ouly L. 
■tbdied is L, Buccalis, very common in 
the mouth, playing a lari-e iu (In." for- 
imtion of denial tKnu and liie produi:iion 
of nrki of [he iMth. L. Gigantu. found 
in liutar of the terih. 

Lep'tus Autumnal. Horveu Bug. 
Momr't Mile. A naranle that burrows 
undrr the «kin, caunng levuiu timilar lo 
tbOK of ilch. 

LCsion {l'ed», CO hurl). Any tnjnij, hurl 
or wound in any purt of Ibe Iwdy. In 
[HUholog}'. any morbid change. L. of 
Continuity, a diviiiion or Incok in any 
pan ibm is oomully contbiuMU. L. o( 
Nutrition, any {pathological alleraCton in 
Ihc cajiillary lyriem, conii&linK of Increne 
or detreaiie in ifae nniount of blood teifutred 
for a.i<ritn lint inn nnd altwirjition. 
Le'thal[/^*r;,nforj(i-itinn). IJeadly. Per- 
bujiiDK to or ptodudiiu death. 

I-**^*'Sy t.^'V'V)- Aoottdiiionofdrami- 
neM or titii])or that omnnl be ovefCOOK \ff 
ihe wilt. Sec, bIm. SamnamMumt. I«, 
African. Sec A/riniH i.ethArgy. 

Let^tuce. Sec /.ailmotrium. 

Lenctt'mia. See Lmfo/ytiurmia. 
Leucas'caus. Acquired. See Ltme»- 

Leuclue'mia. See LttHacythantM. 
Leu'cin {'f^viub^, whiieV A crysinMine 
sntittt&nce probtUily idenlical with ainido- 

Xic acid, occiirriuii in Ihe pancreas, 
1, ibymui jfland and other p<uU el 
tEe bckdy. Il b a product of pancreatic 

Lvu'oo- (AetM-c). A (jrcek piclix Hgnify- 
ing white. 

Lcu'coblaat. See Lnuoeylt. 

Leu'cocyte (>rt<Mi»f, avrof, cell). The ool- 
cricss or white corpuscles of the blood, 
prolmbly derived from the lymph glands, 
and also from the uplcen and morrow. 
Similar coipuules arc found in maoy other 
libiie», and appca* IhtcLly wherever in- 
flanunatioD b set ap. They are wiUtoiit 
eivvclope, ai»d are capable of ainicboid 
movemeots. They aieraee about xVoit*^ 
an inch in diamcler. but tliree cloaacs oie 
diifiieiitiiited : The small, *rith ooe or t«ro 
nuclei, and a small amount of prolofilaua; 
those the siee of Ibe red ooipuscles ; the 
lsr]te amirboid, with much imioplaHn. A 
pliagocytk function has been ascribed lo 
them. They are divided tnio two kinds, 
leueoblasts and erytbroblaats, the Utter 
tnut^onned into colored blood i.'orptudes 
in tliLC spleen and bone manow. 

Leucocylhs'mia (/nmnr, «tTac hollow, 
aifia, ilif blood). A disease of the blood- 
nuikmg orgimi. charaflehwd by an abnor- 
uial tiicretoc of the (nuiiber of wlijle cor- 
pu5J:lc«. li^-tber with enlarKeneni of the 
aj'lceu, lymphatics, and disease of Ibe me- 
^lary aubaianue of tlie bone. The liver 
and ludneys ate aLio MJtnetimei involrcd. 
Tltc etiology is obscure; tlie Ixxmnglohini. 
nuioiiuf Uielmcocytei does not lake |>lac-e, 
aitd bencc ttie increase i^ untra»»fonned 
white oorpuscles. Anxmia, breath Icsiness 
rau.icu1ar lassitude, bemorrhaue*, retiiial 
and other (win in bonea, c/... are the most 
freijucnl vftRi^rtaa,. See Charat'lieiat 

LeuCDcyli>een'cBls (^wa(> }musi, to 
bejtet). The Ibmtailioii of white cocpiucica 
in ihe lilood. 

Lcucocyto'isata l/nwi^'. laTof-. a hollow). 
A w»nl u»cd ti) inrlinlr nil tnnKr> cnnlain. 
in;; cellulu j^rouths timiUr ia ccantiimion 
to the white rorpuicio of the blood, wch 
a.1 lulicrcli:, hipm, lepra, ftc, 

LcucocyU/sIs (>rinr^, nmo;). A tran- 
sient increase in the number of white oor- 
ptuido in t)>e blood, nKil accompanied, 
Bt ta lcucuc>lbu;mia, t>y splenic uid glan- 
dular enlofgcmcnt or diacaie of the u»e 




L.eucodcr'ina (^mo;, while, irp/ia, skin). 
Vitiligo ; octniinrd Icucutnus ; Icaco- 
pothia; niclttM 5kiii. An Acc|tiire(1 dit- 
CAK imuked tiy Ibc existence «iii) giowth 
of while patches whH irrcgnltf rouii'tcd 
bonkn of darker skin. L., Congenital, 
•ee Athimiim. 

Lcu'coline. See Chmvlma. 

Lcuco^ma {^^wa^). An opacitjr of the 
o^mra the remit of an ulocr. «xiund, or iii' 
fUnunaiion. ani giving it me ap|)e«aiiQe 
of grmiiKl glavi. 

Lcu'comuaes (Atncwfio, white of egg). 
" Uatic tubMADOM found in the living 
tiwoca rilhrr an tlic finxliictoaf fcraknita- 
live cbongn \x of rclrogndc nwUnor- 
phosis." Bouchard and Schftr believe 
tbcjr are erncrRtrtl in the intestinal tract 
and atwnicd ihcoce into the system . They 
are divided into two grou|w, according to 
tbeir rrlniioiu with the anuk^jue chosen as 
a tyiK : the Uric Acid Group comprises 
Adenine, I lypoxanthinc, Gujninr, Xan- 
thine, iletrroEanthine, I'aiaxaDttiine, Car- 

nunc, Pseudoxnntbinc, and -SfiemuDC. The 
Creatinine Otoup coatpruci Cnuo- 
crralintne. Xanlborrejilinim-, Amjiliictc- 
atinine and two onnatacd louo. Antong 
jt\ tudetennincd lciiccnial»c» are Uucs 
known to ciisl in ci|Mml nir, and aniraid 
MhalatWRt. The ni|ueoiu rxtraci of 
vapon esihaleil ly dogs ha» been fuund lo 
cnuM dcalh within 34 bour>, whrn in)ccl<-d 
into the vdnsof oiha-iuiinmU. 'Ihctamc 
violent poison is said to produce tmlnionarj 
^Ihiais in oouliBed air bf oonlmuous in' 
fhicnce. t^wer-air is iboughl to coiUain a 
kindrrd |MMou. Tlie Icucomalnes of the 
saliva are abo jet uodetemiincd — though 
it it kiwwn ibat nonml salira contains 
several toxk subttaoecs, and thai the 
aqaeoaB wlnlioD of salln at loo^ poisana 
or DOrcotizes birds. The leucooialites of 
Ibc venom of pouoootu snakes txt abo 
still uodMenntned. Tlteie ate, als<^ 
several DDdcLcnnined IcucotnalDcs of arioe 
and of annual tissues. The followiiif 
table is Ironi Vaughan :— 






ranioLoaicu. acnott. 




N acid tt-contsin ins oc- 

Non>potMoouB. Uosde- 




Nuclei ii*coittjdmDS or> 

Ni>n-(MHsijiiKi«s Muscle- 




Nitctcln*containinc a«> 
eaiis: Guano, 

Non-poiaoMMis. HibtIc- 




NucIrin-conUininX Of 
■aiU; CalcDil. 

NoR-pmsouoni. Miurle- 







Tliud ichnm, 





Ucbix'B Meat &alrac1. 

Not kiMVwa to br tmlsmi* 
oiw. HukI« sUKalant. 

Pscudonnlbhic (Tl 






Spetm* In tissues of 


CruMvcreal t ahic. 




X Htit ho-tm t uiioe. 
















Leuco'matcnis {Xe*ti»)fia'\. ITaring the 
nature cf Irucoma. Aflerted with leucoma, 

Lcucomyeli'tiB |^i«»c>^T>iv, murow). 
lollamnialton of Ibe medullaiy sulAtance 
of the spinnl cord. 

Lcuconecro'sis (^icor, vr^^Mtrrr, dcalh>. 
A fom of dry gan^pvnc. diklinguished by 
Iq^tii or marly oaturat coha instead of the 
tmal dork ooJai' of vf^ vf^'t , 

LcucoTkoa'toC. A grata of the £unily of 
Coccacc^s having its rlrments diqward in 
chains and mvcleftcd in a sheath of lough 
jelly. L. HeaenteroTdea. ahuitdsnl in 
Riolwses. hcet-rpoi jukt, and in sugar 

L^ucopatb'ia (Jnneod vaUa^, suffering). 
Albinism. L.., Congenital. Her A/^imiiim. 
L., Actiuired. Sec Lfundtrma. 




Leucopble^ma'sia (Arpxnj, 4^7.ijfia, 
phlruml. A condiiion marked bf a ten- 
<Ji?ni y in tlropty, accompanied by (t pale, 
Rnlily ikin, an.ll genrral acdrmi of ihc 
whole boflr. Atw, mbcuioaccnu cmphy- 

LeucopUt'aia (Vmcoc, T?am;, fotmalinn). 
A aiuix ;;ivL-n to formatioiu of white i-^KU 
or {ilate^ on the rjudermii and cpiLlirlium. 

L.euConhGe'a {ijimoi, /nui, irt llow) An 
oiltiienl ctiaiactenEcd by a muco purulent 
discliuge trom the female gmiUl amnl, 
attcudeil willi ntnirHal tnilatnin.-it 14111. The 
pus b ttwally tilled wiik Tn.Mtymonai va/^- 
natis, a large itxMike tiocierium, in nddi- 
lion to tl»e variou* iiiecit^ of Icjilothnx and 
■uicnx'occus noniially jjre^viit. Accurtliiig 
to th« vcretltie pari it is Irrmcd, cenical, 
Uletiue, vofpna), vulvur, etc. 

LeuCD'scn ^itnwac), Oitcase* of the lym- 
pbalic ■jnitetn. 

Leuco'ais (Anvor). Abnormal wbilcness 
of the >kin. Alw), the dcrclopnwDt and 
progr«-Ai of leucomit 

Leulue'mia. Sec LfmccfytMamie. 

L-eu'kocyte. See Lfutoeytt. 

Leukocyto'aia. Sec Ltutfcytotit. 

Leukoder'ma. See Lftufdfrma, 

l.eukoplak'ia \>^iai^, r^-a(. a flal wrfacc). 
CcriJin whili^ fungoid iHtdir-., Mim-limc* 
fuTtniag on ibe dor^uIn of tltc tunguc and 
muooai surface of the cheeks and lower 

Leu'sin. A crj-hUtlline body found io 

Levant' Wormaeeil. See Saitl&nun. 

Leva'ior (/«<■, lo lift). Tliat which 
r.-iiirt. A iiAmc givi-n to scvciul luuKtc:^ 
Scr .VmrU. 

Levato're* CoBta'ram. See MtaeU. 

L<evi(a'tion(^-i^,lotnnkc«maotbj. Ttic 
tritundion 01 a lulntance made into a 
paote with waicr or other liijuid. When 
prrfermcd with a mtilirr on n slab of por- 
phyry it is called pfrfkyHxatitn. 

Lev'uloiie. Hie natural sugar of fruits. 
Sc<: :^»tgaT and OttteMt. 

L^y'den Battery. A tcrics of Lc/dcn 
)irs connected taodem. 

lleyden Jar. A gla^ jar coitrd wiihin 
and wiiliuui wlih tinfuil, reiK-hing nearly 
to the neck, and Mirmounted by a knoljticd 
conductor Cunaedins wiih the mncr coat- 
ing. It ia tlesittned for tlie tctnpomy 
" occnmuktion " ctf electricity, or ralhcr 
(or the preKrraltoa of Ibc high potential 
to which the inner foil may lie charged. 
It LI diMtaatved by connecting (be outer 
(oil with the knob. 

Lia'tria Odoratix'aima. Sotithem Va- 
nilla. Coniutis cumarim, the i^avoriog 
pnnctiile of the tonka hean. Unof. 

Libtd'inoua (>V^ii//Wimu, luxtTuI]. Char- 
acterized by HioiiK leKnal desire. 

U'bra {lU>ra). A weigbl of iwehre troy 
ouDTco, or 576a gTaini, Abo, applied Ip 
the avoirdnpoif pound of vixteen ounces, 
or 7000 graui* 

Lice. See Louse. 

Li'cense {lictntio^. An officin] permit or 
iwifhorily coiilcrring dn the tiolilir the ri^t 
nnd [>rivil(.'gc of excrciiing hii piofooion. 

LIcen'tiate {lictntia). A tenn wwietiiiies 
applied 10 a person who practices a pro- 
feuinn by the uillicwity of a licenae. 

Li'cben iy.nx^y a lichen']. A tena now 
rentnded to thoK diMMues in which in' 
flammaiory populic tuKtereoiiig 00 change 
ore the main fcahiie r4 the di.^eaK. L. 
Ruber, an inllnmmalory diieoac marked 
by pin bend or pes wned pa^itJca, wliicli 
may be smooth, Iwt more often acaly, and 
deep ricd. May be discrete or confluent. 
Tbc motl commoiL fonn in the U.S., known 
as L. ru6fr, or/Jaiurt. in di.tiingnidied hy 
angulu 4p(ds, 'I'hc Actimiiuilc form, L. 
Acuminatum, i-^ nac, L. Scrofulocua, 
charnctcriicd by amaU aitd chronic ioflaiD- 
matory, red p^wles, u«uaUy arnuwid in 
circles, and occumngin scronjlous subjects.. 
According to Van )[arliivg<en it ii rarely 
me* with in the V. S. L. Pilaris. .See 
Ktraifftix FUarit. L. Simplex. See 
Enrma. L. Spinulo.tis. Ste Kerala 
tut filarit. L. Tropicus. See Milia- 

Licheni'asis. Th? conriilion of one af- 
feiil^HJ liy ihe di»«"a*»" iiikrii. 

Li^chenoTd of the Tottpue. A peculiar 
chronic and ■preadin^ rash of the longvet 
lU lint appearing in light cxescentic bauds. 
The ctiolog)- is oincuie. 

Lid. See li}Y!i4. 

Lie^ben's Test ifbr acrtonc in the ariiteV 
■Acidulate with hydrochloric acid and dlsiU). 
When treated with tinclun: of iodine Mid 
nntnonia there is a turbidilyi due lo the 
rismtation of iolubnn. 

Lic'bcrktJhn'a Jelly. An alkali -ill mmin 
produced l>y the action of iiUon^ c;iujAic 
potA.-Ji upon cgg-all-'uniin, 

Lie'bcrmann's Reac'tion. A test lor 
prvieids. A violei-red color is obuined ^7 
boiling animal proteid* with concentrated 
hydrochloric acid. 

Lie'blg. A celebrated Cerrnan phyiiolt^- 
gisL L.'s Beef Tea, the Mluhle esirac- 
liire tnaiicT of Icaoi meat. It u ]«cpared bjr 




ouMnting ■ pounS or Iran vatM, free from 
hi and cut into snwU pirccs in a ninl of 
cold WEtcr. in wliich V\;xix of nydro- 
chlonc fu:i>l and gr. k1 of todium chlotule 
luTr been di»'<4)lTr(l. 'I'hr li>]i>Ld 'v^ cx- 
prewed and drained, L.*s Bouillon. 
See BMiillam. L..'» Extrjictum Camia. 
■ pTCKxiAary prciuuniliriii, convittiiig of the 
soluble libnn of meat with ibe niitinU 
mineral salit and n ttnvonng pnnoplr cr- 
muome. I..'a Infant Pood, a projMie- 
taijr lobttaBce, having tfa« roiloHrini; oom- 
poaition : wheal Hmir. miklt flour, aa { xt, 
potaKhuD bncari>onatc rt. vij, distil trd 
water ^j. oow's mill: ,^ v. mi* ttaoniughljr 
nnd bcSl. L.'n Method. Sc« Una. 

Li'en (Lat.)- Tlic splwrn. 

L.tenotnala'cia (AVir. (in>aiua. <oRcciing). 
hoftcnine of ibr tinuc of the (|>Ie«n oC a 
morbid oianwter. 

Lt'entery (3/ior> smooth, rvrrpof, an in- 
tertmc). A kind of dUniuTn in which 
ibe foul psMO rajadly through the LowcU 
without imdergoine digiTitMn, 

Life (Sax /{/). The (tVM or principle 
underlying or cauung the pbenomcna of 
oiganiird Iving^ 'llic power by which 
■notpuiLun cKJt»«nd cxerdtOB lelf-morc- 
(neat* in responw to cmotiuiM or scn«aiiotu 
and adaplA iltelf to ilscuvironturnl. L., 
Change of, that ficriod in the life of a 
fcmak at which racnstnaation cease*. L.. 
Duration of. Ser PrtA,itie. 

Life Everlasting. t\>d wt^. The 
hcKii Cnaph-iHum marganiiictum and O. 
fcJ/cefiAalHM. Ionic, atlcingenl bimI ano- 
djmc, A domci'tic ivmrdy rf wroe rcpure 
in aAitctianA of the chc:sl and bowds. 
IkH^nf adrcoclKmiii/AA. ,■ oflbeAd. cxI. 
rii_xv-,:5j. Unof. 

Life Root. Kogwort. The herb Sentri* 
aarfVi gilbrrcd in Bow«r. Expectorant 
and tonic. VarauAf icrd by the Indians 
as a rulnetvr: a favorite remedy of the 
eclectic practitionrn. Done ofadecoction 
maSi.iot Hd. cxt. V\jt%x-^l Uixff. 

Life Table. A table constnu-led to ^how 
Ihf nmntin and age« of the living, mnd ihr 
nuinl-er luid ages of the dying in a c>om 
muniiy IX tuciety. Halley'a, the earlictt 
£ngli*b lahlr, was oonswwied in the 
Moond half ai the iStfa Centitry, and sue- 
eesled lie MowirS lU-potln-sis (f . v!). 
Price's Northampton L. T. was lued 
by ttie K^nilalile Liic AsmraDor Co , upon 
if5 ^jtahluhmcnt in 1761. Thr<c tablet 
were not cncniructed by a eom)tafiMin «f 
the deaihi and the living at each ace. 
but from the deaths onljr, and mrcc Iotu 

and deaths are not ecml. and ntwe mign- 
lion al*o diiiar1« ibe »iai>onan»en of 
populaiHO. these tablca arc not correct, as 
Ibey o*<t«tate the tnoitalit v of ynone adolu 
and do noc diteocialr malrx anrt lemalaa. 
Dr. Fan- couonctcd three Engliah L. T., 
detignaled respectively, Noa- I. 3 and J, 
and varioUK other table* haw Lem mode, 
called the Healthy Diatricls. the Upper 
Class Expcncnce. the Healthy Males, 
the Clerical Experience Tables, tic 
The last aotewonhy table is the New 
Engliah I., T.. by l>r, f.lgle, that ttarlt 
with a mJIHoo naJcs and a million frmalci 
and shows the number sim-iving at each 
a|^, and the mean expectation of life at 
each Sfcc. 

Ljg'ament {lig«, to bmd). A btod of 
Heiiblr, compact memhramas Uxanc oon- 
Mctuf Uw utKatu- endi of the t>onei. 
sometimes eovcbwing them with a capsule. 
L., Ponpart's, the crural arch ot lower 
burder of the aponcurccis of the eilemal 
oblique muscle. L... Gimbemat's, that 
part of the aponruro*i* of tlie cxtctnal 
oblique mtecle whidi is icflected down- 
ward and outward, toward the (h i^itav 
A1k> called ibe third iDaettion of I'oopart's 
gland. L. of 2inn. Sec Z^mula. 

lAga'tioo Uigv)- 'i*he opcraiioo of l?^: 
used GSpeckily of arteries. L. of Cord, 
apptyins • Hgalurc sIobi the umbilical 
cord of the netfixMn child. 

Lig^aiore (/'av). A cord or thread of any 
matm^l for tying aflcrict, rte. L., 
Animal, mjtdc from cherp or catgut, the 
tendons or sinews of vatiotu oniinaU, tu. 
L., Antiseptic, rertdcnd Are from infcc- 
liwe miil«rial \iw waking and rleaiwing wdh 
germicidal wlutioas. L., Intermittent, 
the [oiani<;uct. relaxed at limn. L., 
Lateral, partial occlu»on only of the 
lumen by a loose ligatuie. L., Metallic, 
made of silver or other metal. 

Light fS*>. ir6*f\. "ibat form of rtheieal 
vibrntioo or undulation which, when im- 
ptngtog upon the retitka. produces the 
sensation of Ti>ioii. L., Oi^iaed, Ihal 
reflected siraulioocously bom an infinite 
nuRibcr of turfacea. or thai has been SCM- 
Irred by tnram of a concatn mtrrar or 
leas. L.> Dispersion of. See /.., .'^r^- 
fmm (if. L., Electric, that [wt^rlticcd by 
the poKSaCT of electricity ihrot^ a n»e- 
dirnn baring high iea>tancc, wch aithe 
cnihon lilm of the incandescent, or the ' 
terval of air bel««xn th« carbcmof the 
U^it, the medium of hiKh rvaiitance being 
bciucd to whitcnru. L., MoiuKlue- 


ithe i 

cltf I 

! arc 1 

dng m 




mtiic, thai which, oo being tnaljifA bj 
a prism, oooaUs appRnimatdy of wa<rcs 
of ooc length only. L,, Reflection of, 
tli«t property by which b ray of light Mnk- 
in{ an object rcL-ounds, or is bcni back. 
RsLji CUting on a pbae sorbcc ore re- 
flected al aa angle cioal to thai of the 
incident ray. Objects an perceived by the 
Ii);[l)l rcHecied hiy ihcnL L., Rcfraclion 
of, ibat [Wopeiiy by which a ray ot prncil 
of light, when pa^cd through a prism, is 
bent out of iLt course. Refraction ocnir» 
wtien a ray of light payees throngb media 
of differing densities. L.. Spectrum of, 
a name given to a ray erf ]ig,]H than hta 
be«i decompwed, il.s primaTy comjxinrnt 
parts une(|ua]|y refracted and projected 
upon a M^tcen. Sec tVat-t l.tu^kt. 

Lightening. An atmcepfacTic discharge of 
electricity. In the rormcommnnly knovm 
as '-chain" or"boH" lightning, the elec- 
tricity has an extremely high pcflcntii), aod 
a stroke under such drcutiKl.tnces is in- 
variably fatal wlien the di*c1iirge pamcs 
ihroivh a liviniT body. Tbc fotin knov<ru 
as "sheet'' ligblning is a "bnuh" dis' 
charge of low poCcntinI, ami humlctv L. 
Paitis, the ih.-urp, momentary pnins occur- 
ring in tahea, 

Lig^neoua [/ignis, wood). Havbkg the 
natiarcof wood. 

Lig'num Vi'ue. Sec {JnMantm. 

Lig^uU (dim. of lingua, s tongue). A 
little (ODgnc. Also, a name given to the 
tongue of an artjciilale. Also, a genus of 
cestoid worms. Sc« Linguta. 

Li'lac. The leaves and fruit of Syringa 
vuli^itiii. A bitter tonic with reputed anti- 
periodic propenirv Unof. 

Lily of the Valley. See CMvallaria 

Limb [Sax. //■*, a Iwtg). An arm or 1^. 
An organ of prehension or locomotion . L., 
Artificial, a mrrhanical tulislitutc for an 
«m or a leg. L. Plexus, the supposed 
rcarrangcmcnl of nerrc strands so as lo 
conned nerves df riird from diBerent parts 
of the spinal cord with particular groups of 

Lim'bus \limhm, a border). A border or 
hem. The circunifeTenlial edge of any flat 
ergaa or pan. L. Comeie, the edge of 
the cornea a) its juncture with the >ck'rolic 


Lime (Per. timu, a lemon). Itie truii of 
wveral tp«cie* of COrus. L. Juice, ih« 
jaice of the lemon or lime, should con- 
laiti, when bottled, a small percentage of 
•nlphurgns acid to prrvent fcrmenlaiioo. 

Lime. Thr popular name for calcinm 
oxide, CaO f'lUicV lime), and calciuut 
hydrate. (Ji(ll01.'ic (?.</<(it, nuitgrr). I^rlacnitig lo 
h auger. 

Lim'ina] Imen'sity. Sec /vrAw^r'/ /.ow, 

Lim'itans, or 

Lim'iting. tJounding. L. Membrane, 
the thm mrmlirane on which the epithe- 
lial linue >£ die vuious glands reslA. 

Limitro'phic ((imifrapHt, % nunc given 
to Komni) land* funtishiug subsistence lo 
solilieis). Kemak't name fi>r the grcni 
ganglionic conl of the symptibclic ucrvc- 

Litnnomephi'tia \}^fivti, a pond, mtfki- 
tis, a noxious odor). A general name far 
ROKious odors arising from marshy ground 
or swamps. 

Li'mon (gm, /((WW)), LetnooL The fhiit 
of Ci/i'us /imoiiiim. (}( the untnc grnii« m 
the orange and the lime. The rind coulains 
a volatile oil idrnl)CAl tn simclure with oil 
of tiirpenlinc. 'ITjc pulp yields alxwt 7 per 
cent, of citric acid, which has oboul the 
same propmie« as acetic acid, but haa 
much value ai a refrigerant and anciscor- 
bnlic. The expressed jtuce is largely em- 
ployed as a refrigerant drink in fevrm. 
L. 01., the volatile oil. l>o'c mj-v. L. 
Syr., lemon juice 40, lemon peel 3, sugar 
60, water 'a. s. nd lOo. L. Spt., "CMcnce 
of lemon, 6 parts of oil and 4 of prel in 
90 parts of alcohol. Acidi Citriu, Syr., 
citric acid, water, tA 8, spl. icniou 4, ttnter 

Limoph'lhiiis [?.i^nf, hunger, ^''iff/f, wast- 
ing). 1'bc wasting of the iKxIy due lo pri- 
vation and lack of food. 
Limopso'ra [hfioz, V-UfM). A kind of 
scabic* (or pruritus?) asserted to attack 
BUm tan other animals after long priva< 
tion from food. 
Limo'ais ('j^mc). Unnatural appetite. 
Also, a name trivcn to a clatB of diseases 
distinjpii-hcd by deprived appetite. 
Limoiher'apy (}jfu>(, Htpavito). Tbe 
tteaunent of disease by partial or total tk- 
privation of fuod. 

Line(/i>r»w,sthre«dof flax). Ingeometry, 
that extension of dimension which has 
length, but neither breadth nor ihicknesA, 
AL<o, the ^ part of an inch tn anatomy, 
on imaginary convcntioaal boundary or 
guidc-inarlc. L., Axillary. > vritical 
line drawn thrcrtigh the anterior fold of the 
aKilla. L.. Blue, or L., Burton's, the 
gin^n.r/f Hut. L., Curved, of Ilium, 
pnqectjng curved Lines on the dorsuio of 




the lUum. L., Cunred, of Occiput, pro- 
jecttng Udm anibinc outwaM mi rad) side 
of the o>;ciijibil proiuUrnflce. L., Facial, 
th« hoe jcinine the tnosl pntnlncnl p«it 
of lliF foti^eiid wtlb Ihe alveoUr proccs 
of ilic up|KT jaw. L.. Focal, tbe meri- 
dioRol or okis line of a cone of lictit-rajrs. 
L., Holden'a, a nilciu below the fold f>r 
the grutii, titviinc from the femoro-Bcroul 
furrow, Bod dying away between tbe 
ncal tnxhaiiter and tupcncc iliac ipJne. 
It CRMau the middle of the capsule of tbe 
hip. Lb., IncrcmcDtal, wavy lines of 
dentine ^uiules tnvei»it)' tlic dciitine of 
t tooth, showing lU Mjmes of growth. L,^ 
Intenul Supracondjloid.uic luwerex- 
temion of ibe inner angle of the shaft of 
the humcriLt, to which the tntennuscular 
•cpttun u altachcil. La., Lizars'. a line 
joininf! (be potterior iliac ([line and a tniot 
midway iKlween the luber iichti and Ihe 
grcal Crochanler; also a line Fimn the 
poBlcrior itiac tninc tu the inner point of 
trtsectioo of a line between Ihe mber and 
&e trochanter. The np^ier point of Irisec- 
tion of the fonncf indicawi ibe cnerEence 
oflhc gluteal