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A sup?leme:^t 





\ MORRlSTOifX....y, J. . 


Jacwt MaoMj PrirUir. 





529 i^« 

Ji 194U L 

jE so many volumes of hymns, both orij^inal 
;(icl, art* coi^laiitl} isMiiiig from ih*- |irf's*s, it 
104 prcMiitipiion to expf.ct {\u\ thi^ will be 
blvory niiin, houevoi*, has his peniliar taslif ; 
lion of h}mMs, losrfthrr with n\v\r arrangc- 
1 be siiiu'd to this tasir; acd cousrquently 
ooii) io hope, that othci-s nia) fiud 1;) ihc^ea 
>s to their views. tiis^Jo^ilio:ls, and exp< ri- 
ch thf y nave }*wi:;hi in vain from other se- 
Ahich. too, have ih<ir appropriate exce'.leri- 
:h'r this iiiipressiou, 1 have ventui'Cd to holi* 

Imost universally admitted that Dr, IVatts's 
id H} nv s po.-Pi sh an excellency and variety 
Hce him tar he yond any singit author ; and, 
mble opinion, the} are of such sterliiio; worth, 
lection, however excellent, phonid {-npircrde 
Ithem. It is. liowcver, as gonerall V adniit- 
there am many subjects for which Doctor 
» provided nohymitf. To see this d<Ticiei icy 
amongst pordo- baptist churches, has iH-entho 

And some have been supplied bj fncnds. As this 
▼ork has been the labor of years, and the choice of 
many thousand hymns, it will, I trust, give satisfac* 
tioQ to the church of God. Thougli 1 have, of course, 
the sentiments peculiar to that denomination of chris- 
tians with which providence has placed me ; yet I anr 
not without hopes that a selection from the best aii- 
tbon in these United Kingdoms and America, will 
nieel with general approbation. 

This work) like Doctor Watts^s fourth book, ii 
arranged in an alphabetical order. Each new subject 
begins with, L. M., C. M., S. M., Szc. The first alphas, 
faetical order contains the Perfections of God ; thfc 
second, the Characters and Titles of Christ; the 
third, the General Subjects. 

I have endeavored to ascertain the author of every 
hymn. In some cases my inquiries have been fruitle8l^ 
and I have consequently said. Anon, (anonymous,) 
Thoae verses which may, for the sake of brevity, be 
omitted, without destroyinor the unity and cormectioa 
'of the faymn, arc included in crotchets. [] The lines 
or TCises marked with single inverted commas, are 
those which I have deemed nccessai^ to add, for the 
•ake of giving a fulness or compression to the whole. 
The occAsional alterations which will be observed ia 
■omc hymns, are not, of course, intended to lessea 
their excellency, but to suit tbcm to a particular sub* 
jcct for which they were cot originally designed; or 
to give a greater smoothness to IIjc versification. Af. 
ter all, I am ready to acknowledge tiiat many of the 
werses are rather r/wm^ than poctny; and, while they 
deprecate the seventy of criticism, must rest their 
daiois to regard on their sentiment and spirit. They 
wii), as far as I can judge, be found full of the doc- 
^■*"^ ^^-nc^ nd the expericocc o{ ibosfe to whoia 


Christ, in all his Characters, O/Ticcf, and ll'Intior 
is precious. In these superior cxcfJIciicio^, this n\ 
tion is, I liopc, equal to any that has }rt nppr.-aie; 
Hiid will) H-]th Doctor iratls*s Psalms and Hymn?, 
four books, be sufficient for any ctiiirch of Chri>t, 
aiij circumstaucos, and on all subjr'rt:>. 

The subjects in this volume, which are variouF, p.; 

adapted to console the s^airit and awaken the sinnrr- 

are suited equally for the public worship of God. t! 

doaet, and the family. And, as singing in faniiiics 

ao nncommon, thou<;h necessary part of worship, 

embrace this opportunity of presenting to c.'ic read< 

ilie words of an old writer :— ** As the increase or d 

cay of christian piety is generally accompanied wit 

the use or ueglect of family worship, so the duty 

more or less defective as singing in families is nio] 

ar less used. If christians would but consider tl necessity and uscfuliici^s of this duty, anti l! 

decay of religion and piety that attends the neglc 

of it; and if they had a due regard to their own soul 

the good of mankind, and the glorj of Ciod, snrei 

thej could not make so ligiu of it. 1 wish that a 

ifho make a profession of religion would moro ser 

au?]} consider the happiness that resulis from it. Tli 

aloset is a sweet employment, hut we ^hou^i not, b 

toy means, cause family woi'ship and siriijing to 1: 

neglected thereby. Why should we he ashamed to l< 

our Dejg;liboiirs know that we owned and praised Go 

io our families as well as in our churches ? The fcT 

of bein^ thought sinctdar appeai-s to he one grej 

cause of this neglect. If those persons would consicU 

how great a Benefactor Almighty God is to then 

they would find no reasonable plea for the neirlect c 

it- Let every one consider that the most ready an 

effectual means to make it uuirersal is., for ever 


. 1 l^RKVACE. 

family to begin. So lot our light shine tliat others al 
may ^lorif} our Father which is iu heaven. I appe 
to any retigknis pcri<on, whciher lijey have not be( 
much affected when (us they occasionally walked tl 
•Streets) they have heard a lamily thus employed. Tl 
occasion of the Jailor's conversion, was by the sia 
]i>g oi' Paul and Silas; and wc know not how mat 
.persoub ma} be converted by our practising: ihis dut] 
and this 1 may say, that it is a very ready way 
diseounteiiance profane so lij;? and to promote rcli^ic 
-O that it could be said of us, as it was of the prin 
tive chris'iaris. who, instead of profane songs, u^ 
nothing but spiritual and divine h)nms; so that, ( 
St. Jerom relates of the pl:ice where he lived,; y< 
■could not go into the field, but you miij;ht hear ti 
plou^rhman at his hailciujaha, the mowf'r at his hymi 
and the vine dres^ser si.i<;ing David's Psalms/' 

I deem it inncceHfiRry to make any apolos^y i 
■takiug many of the Ibllowing hvmns from authors w 
difler in doctrinal sentiments from myself, and t 
churches with which I am connected. The hymi 
ihcmselves, superior in their kind, and on subj'^'Cts 
irhich all real diristians agree, must and will be thi 
own apology. 

Committing all my imperfect, but well meant labo 
to the blessing of God the Father, Son, atid Ho 
Ghost, whose honor alone has, I trust, been my m 
tive for engaging in them, and to the candor of t 
christian church, I remain with unceasing; affectic 
to at! that love the Lord Jrsus CInist iu sinceril 
their brother and servant, for Jesus' sake. 

^ooie^ Borsei^ March \sU VSOO. 



•T . O Lord our songs of praise 
>r to mercy alone . • 

i soul, to Chriiit draw near 
indulgent Lord return 
le sojourner below 
etched, vile, ungrateful heaft 
ow changed that loveiy ttow'r 
•y to the eternal Three . 
. incarnate God 

, the glorious mnm . « 

, the pow'r of jesu's name • 
, thou great Immaiiuel 
sins iiii[nited were . 
Lord's houor'd, chosen race • 
hat pass by 

ty God, whle earth and heaven 
ve smg the wond'rous grace 
:he vine its fruit deny 
; thou with us, gracious Lord 
ly I hope, that when no more . 
11 the great eternal God 
11 the Lord thus condescend , 
roll the rock away . 
ch, my soul, the inercy-seat 
the Lord, awake ! awake '. 
st approached Jerusalem 
he cross the Saviour hung 
n the weary trav'Ucr gains 
of Jesus, with his eyes 
h'd and distrest 
lor laid, rcjnote from home 

, 636 

. 233 

. 489 

. 479 

. 240 

. 3^jr 

. 242 


. 694 


. 5«6 

. 51 

. 66 

. 137 

. 597 

, IC'J 

. 561 

.-» £ f* 

. 404. 

. iB^.i 

. 303 

, 650 

. 417 

, 81 

. 50 

, 48-: 







. \5^ 



Dif.m»fii; us v/ith tby blessing Lord 
Do not 1 love thee O my Lord 

ELiilCTION ! 'tis a joyful sound 
£ncompass*d with clouds of distress 
Encoura/d b> thy word • 

Erernal God. I bless thy name • 
Eternul God. in v^hoin we live « 

'K^frnai Life, ho v sweet the«ound • 
Erernal PowV, Alinighty God • 
Eternal Spirit, *twas thy breath 
'Eternity is just at hand • 

EvVy monicnt brings me nearer • 
Kxaltcil high, at God's right hand 
Kxcrt thy pow'r, thy rights maintain 
Expand, my soul, arise and sing • 

•FAIN would my soul with wonder trace 
Faith, *tis a precious grace • 

Far beyond all compreliousion • 
Far far beyond these lower skies • 
Far 'from these narrow scenes of night 
Farewell, vain world, your charms I bid adieu 
Father is not thy promise pledg'd 
Fatlier of faithful Abrairm hear • 

Fatlier of mercies in thy word ; 

Fear not yc little chosen llocic • 

Firmly I stand on Zion's hill • • 

'For a season callM to purt • • 

For ever shall my faiming soul • 

Torgivcni'ss, *tis a joyful ^ound 
Frequent tin.' day of (loil returns 
From licavon ihf Imi'l the angelic song began 
From Jesso's root brimld a branch arise 
-From bin's dark, tlmrnv ma/.e • 

From whence this i^'ur and unbelief 

GIKD thy sword on, niiglny Saviour i 

Glory to Gt)d on In^Mi , 

dory to God, who reigns above • 

Glory to thee, my God, this night • 
^^d hath bere^v'd inc of my chilH 
r?^ ^^^*^a in a iny&K'rions wav 

I «.■ ■%•» ^«H»« ■ ■« rt» ff-^VAfW 


>f my life, to thee belong 

of sabbath, Israel s Lord 

Mrich us ! O glorious name 

avor*d Britons, and proclaim 

aith the voice of heavenly love 

*, *tis a charming sound 

tons father, gracious Lord 

ions Lord, incline thine ear '''• 

t everlasting God, to thee- 

t God, accept our songs of praise 

t God, as seasons disappear 

t Cvod, at thy command 

t God, in characters of flstinc • 

t God, now condescend 

t God of wonders-! all thy ways— 2d^flrt 

t God, the nations of the earth 

.t God, thy holy name we praise - 

It God, thy penetrating eye - 

Lt God, to thee I make 

It God, to thee my ev'ning song 

It God; to thee with cheerful songs 

It God, we in thy courts appear 

It Ciod-, we now surround thy board 

It God we view thy chasi'ning hand 

It light of life, thou nature's Lord 

at Lord of all thy churches, hear 

at Sun of righteousness, arise 

dc me, O thou g^eat Jehovah 

IL Father, hail, eternal Son 

I, mighty and victorious L.ord 

I, mighty Jesus, how divine 

I my ever blessed Jesus - • 

1, Plant renown'd, thy leaves how fair 

il, sev'reign love that first began 

il, to the Prince of life and peace 

[)py soul, we now resign thee 

ppy the man who finds the grace 

rk ! hark ! the gospel trumpet sounds 

rk ! hark ! what soundb- are these so pleasing 

rk ! my soul it is the Lord 

rk ! the herald angels sav . . . 

rk I tli9 voice of love and mercy 






4 A 




















Hark ? 'tis our heavenly Leader's voice — 2d pai^t 
Hark ! 'tis the Saviour's voice I hear 
Haste, that delightful, awful day 
H&st thou not said, Almighty God 
Hear what the hope of Israel saith 
Heaven has conBrm'd the g^eat decree 
He dies ! the Friend of sinners dies 
He lives ! the great Redeenner lives 
Hell! ^is a word of dreadful sound 
Here at thy tabic. Lord, we meet 
Ho ! all ye trembling sinners, hear 
Ho ! ye despairing sinners, hear • 
Holy and rev'rend is the name 
Holy, holy, holy. Lord God • 

How are thy servants blest, O Lord 
How blest is our brother, bereft 
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord 
How great- how terrible that God 
How great thy mercies. Lord • 

How happy are the souls above 
How happy are we . • • 

How long, thou faithful God. shall I 
'' How many years hath man been driv'a 
How much the hearts of those revive 
Uow pleasing Is the sight, to sec - • 

How sad and awful is my state • 

How shall I come before the I^td 
Uow shall I give my £phraim up • 

How shall I my Saviour set forth 
ilow sweet, how heavenly is the sight 
Vow vast the benefits divine 

{ I ASK'D the Lord, that I might grovr • 

I come, the great Redeemer cries • 

I know that my Redeemer lives • 

I mv Ebenezer raise • 

I Bojoam in a vale of tears • 

I want, dear Lord, my wants to know^ • 

J woaldf bat cannot sing 

If I bMve, Lord, ne'er yet begun 

«y«ii5 ig oarM, we have a true frknd 

j^'to bound for Ncw-Jcrusalem 

■^ «d %Ucfl^98 extreme 



r Lord's appointed ways 

[ alone all fuUiess dwells 

: I've all my soul's desir« 

rouble sharp and strong 

[ long had bow'd the knee 

irmonious cheerful song 

a's lovely Rose 

of sublime adoration and praise 

, exalted strains 

,rk night, when much distrest 

kkIs of tribulation 

eat name, O Lord, we come 

kpoUo*s pleasing tongue 

ronfusion earth appears 

! Saviour, in thy face 

: God, how kind 

c God, to thee we pray 

xcelleiice is thine 

race, and can it be 

; souls who long to fin4 

ur souU, thou heavenly Dora 

ing too hard for God 

y Jesus, this my God 

t ancient days 

Lord, enthron'd in light 

c well, let sinner's know 

d the pearl of greatest price 

AH haih said, 'tis left on record 
is a (lod of might 
s grace, how full, how free 
sits upon the clouds 
id shall it ever be 
thy command 
•mniission*d from above 
ar name, how sweet it sounds 
§rave it on my heart 
I shed his vital blood 
)w bright his glory shines 
w precious is thy name 
enow, hath dy*d for me 
ove thy charming name 
mutabl/ the same 



41 » 


























Jcsas-, in tliy transporting name 
Jesus is all I wish or want 
Jesus, I sing thy matchless grace 
Jesus is our great salvation 
Jesus, lover of my soul 
Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone 
Jesus, my dreadful leprosy 
Jesus, my Lord, my soul's delight 
Jesu*s precious name excels 
Jesus, since thou art still to-day 
Jesus, sweet name, no name so dear 
Jesus, the heavenly Bridegroom, gave 
Jesus, th' incarnate God of love 
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness . 
Jesus, what shall I do to show 
Joiii, all who love the Saviour's name 

KINDRED in Christ, for his dear sake 
Kingof Salem,, bless my soul 

LAID by Jehovah's mighty hands 
Let earth and seas, with all the skies 
Let hypocrites attend 
Let Joshua's solemn charge 
Let not your hearts wiihin you grieve 
Let party names no more 
Let thoughtless thousands choose the road 
Let us awake our joys 
Let Zion's watchD)cn alj awake 
Like Bartimeus, we are blind 
Lo! another year is gone 
Lo !"clad in nature's bright array 
Lo ! heaven's tremendous, mighty King 
Lo ! he comes, array'd in vengeance 
Lo ! he comes, the King of glory 
Lo ! on a narrow neck of land 
Long ere the sun began his days • 

Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye 
Look from on high, great God and see 
Zfook up, my soul, with sweet surprise 
■Xiook up, ye ssiints, direct your e^es 
J^ord, And am I jet alive 

-oWjr at Uiy feet 1 prostrate fa,\t r 


2t thy table I behold 
didst rhou d:e. du: not for me 
dismiss us with rhv Ue&sin^ 
dost iho:i Sly, a^,.!; -what incn wijt 
/J3>t thod callM !rie by thv gTAce 
fiear at burdta'd sin tier mourn 
low lar^ thy b- u:^iic« are • 

low shall wre:chsd sinners dare 
am ihine, eiv.irely ihine 
[ cannot let thee go « 

n the days of vouth 
n thy courts vrc now appear 
et me see thy btissful f^e • 

nil St thy gospet £y away 
F the eartli, and seas, and skies 
end thy servants forth 
.end thy word, ar-d let it fir 
hou hast won, at length 1 yield 
hou, with an unerring beam 
rouchsafe to us thy ble&sing 
»e adore thy matchless ways 
tre come before thee now 
when we cast our eves abroad 
ivine, all love excelling 
jvine, how sweet the sound 

f woes had Christ endured 

\e grace of Christ, our Saviour 

iks I iiear th' archangel sound 

iks the last, gp-eatdday is come . 

f God, while angels bless thee 

s, awake, with angels join • 

;racious Father, God of all 

Jthren, from my heart belov*d 

ther calls me to his arms 

ing years, time urges on 

xl knows what i want 

xl, the cov'nant of thy love . 

•d, thy service well demands 

\cious Redeemer I love . 

, arise, shake off thy fears 

he on rhyffuard 

the winines haste away 

o£ sorrow and of joy 


















NO farther go to-night, but stay . 
None that embark at God's command 
Nothing but thy blood, O Jesus 
Not unto us, but thee alone 
Now begin the heavenly theme • 
Now for a hymn of praise to God 
Now in a song of grateful praise . 
Now in thy praise, eternal King 
Now is th' accepted time 
Now let my soul with wonder trace 
Now let our drooping hearts revive 
Now let our hearts their glory wake 
Now let our souls, on wings sublime 
Now, I^ord, the heavenly seed is sown 
Now may the God of peace and love 
Now, now the arduous work is o'er 
Now the long wish'd for spring is come 
Now while the gospel net is cast 

O BY what glimm'ring light we view 

O could I find some peaceful bow'r 

O could I speak the matchless worth 

0*er those gloomy hills of darkness 

O for a closer walk with God 

O for a glance of heavenly day 

O God, my Sun, thy blissful rays 

O God, thou art a Spirit pure 

O happy day when saints shall meet 

O happy souls, who dweU above 

O Lord, my Life, my Saviour God 

O my distrustful heart 

O my soul, what means this sadness 

On Britain, long a favor'd isle 

On Jordan's stormy banks I stand 

On the brink of fi'ry ruin 

On this sweet morn my Lord arose 

On win^s of faith mount up, my soul, and 

On Zion, his most holy mount 

On Zion's glorious summit stood 

Once as the friend of sinners dear 

Once more before we part 

Once more my eyes behold the day 

Once more we keep the sacred day 

One^znct of thine, eternal Lord 


bove all otiicrs 
iTOn'd in huven, difina 
:h-Priest we ung 
Mnfrom the dead 

seraph's fire 
ose almighty word 
whose graciom throne 

ihom aU gnodnesi flows 
ar'si the praj-'r of fjiilh 
dst thy gliiry k-ave 
art but fD*[ii'd for woe 
ng words of grace 

1 do th}' ftaviour lo prute 

•amb. by God appointed 

« >grace divine 

ro«g baih Jesus made - 

ire to Canaan bound 
sinner. Lord 
( straying sheep 

I all bleiaingi Sow 
nd ihe Son 

light y hand 
ame. eternal God 
.ord, O blissful theme 
lointed to convey 
[ what a treasure 
' my God 
1 and Satan too 
;oE|if1, saith the Lord 
. vet wall Iter doom 
htles* smner, raise thine ey 
ets, sing the praises 
.viour reigns 
ioni of ihe world • 

A, pureue the path 
' another week— 2d parr 
grnyts ije down in jjmi^ 



Salvation, how i^reclous the sound 

SaPvation thro' my dyin-j God 

Sampson the theatre o'erihrew 

Saviour, canst thou love a traitor 

Saviour, visit thy plantation 

Say, who is she that looks abroad 

•See a poor sinner, dearest Lord 

See Felix cloth'd with pomp and powV 

See from the vineyard jesus comes 

See Gabriel ewifi descend to earth 

Sec, gracious Lord, before thy throne 

See how rude winter's icy hand 

See, how the disobedient son 

See, how the little toiling ant 

See, how the rising sun 

See, Lord, fhy willing subjects bow 

See, on the mount of Calvary 

See, the Captain of salvation 

Self righteous souh on works rely 

Shall e'er the shadow of a change 

Shepherd of Israel, bend thine ear 

Shepherd of Israel, thou dost keep 

Should famine o'er the ijiourning field 

Since Jesus freely did appear 

Since. Lord thy mighty grace did call 

Since thou art pleas'd thy saints to own 

Since we are call'd to part 

Sing the dear Saviour's glorious fame 

Sing to the Lord above 

Sing to the Lord, ye heirs of faith 

Sing we to our God above 

Sin, in ten thousand treach'rous ways 

Sinner, O why so thoughtless grown 

dinners, aw^y from. Sinai fly 

Sinners, behold the downward road 

Sinners, behold the Lamb of God 

Sinners- rejoice, it's Christ that dy*d 

Sinners, this solemn truth regard 

Sinners, will you scorn the message 

Sole soy'reign of the earth and skies 

Sons we ar& thro' God's election 

jfPY'reig^ ^ace has pow'r alone 


^Kice o*cr sin abounding 

tu!er of the «>kics 

^e saints, and boldly march 

er throws his icy chains 

at so much of heaven and hell 

•n the cross the-Saviour dies 

i to thy will, my God 

moments, rich in blessing 

;joice in lively ho{)e 

the time when iirst I felt 

I the heavens a miglity angol flies 

, Saviour, from above 
more of earthly toys 
r wisdom is to know 
s swell, the winds are high 
mite still in the land 
of the human heart 
that is for me too hard 
J, at th" Almighty's call 
flow'r that ever blow'd 
^ith wild, unbounded pow'r 
on which thy chiliiien live 
ing spanjjlcs of the sky 
>f Abrah'm j)raise 
•f love will sure indulj^e 
.nd sHver aie ihc Lord's 
mvisii)le iinknown 
iunuch, \< hen hajnizM 
?5sioii5 ofour Lord 
of heaven his table spreads 
harh heard liis ])eop!e's cries 
my Savijur, is my light 
of Sabbath?; let us praise 
the God of glory reigns 
who rules the world's affairs 
who truly knows 
y God that rules the skies 
fnt a sinner believes 
al Lamb which Israel slew 
which God alone reveals 
IT, O what endless charms 
ifj Trith inviting woke 


































































A tABtS dp 

TtiC spatious lirmament on high 

The time is short ! the season near 

The voice of free ^race cries, escape to the mountain 

Thee, Father, we praise 

There is a fountain fill*d with blood » 

There is a God, ail nature speaks 

There is a period kno>%n to God 

There's not an evil flies 

Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love 

This God is the God we adore 

Tho' boundless your wants may appear 

Tho^ troubles assail, and dangers aifrigbt 

Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb 

Thou didst, O mighty God, exist 

Thou God of Jabez, hear 

Thou lovely source of true delight 

Thou only Sovereign of my heart 

Thou, who didst form the rolling spheres 

Thou, who for sinners once wast slain 

Through all the downward tracks of time 

Through endless years thou art the same 

Thus Agur breathed his warm desire 

Thus did the pious Abrah'm pray 

Thus far my God hath led me on 

Thus saith the Shepherd of the sheep 

Thy bounties, gracious Lord 

Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess 

Thy life I read, my dearest Lord 

Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song 

Thy people. Lord, who trust thy word 

Thy providence, great God, Vre praise 

Thy way, O God, is in the sea 

Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design 

*Tis a point I long to know 

Tis finished, the conflict is past • 

'Tis life to know the dying Lamb 

•Tla my happiness below * 

Tu pleasant to sing • • • 

'Tis religion that can g^vc • «- 

To-day the Saviour rose 

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 

To Father, Son, and Spirit, ever West 

^o Cod the Father^ Cod Ae Boa 

« Esther's na„, - , ' 6S| 

^•""r'sn,,„ , • est 

r *Sf- . • ■ SI 

Jf^ooiie, anrf ^^ '689 

rs»??^i"' . ■ ^ I 


When at a distance, Lord« we trace • 

When blooming youtli is snatchM away 

When death appears before my sight • 

When faith beholds the saints above 

When faith presents the Saviour's death 

When first the God of boundless grace 

When from the precepts to the cross 

When God from his throne did vengeance display 

When God's own people stand in need « 

When Hannah, prest with grief 

When heaven does grant, at certain times 

When in the cloud, with colours fair 

When Israel's sons, a murmuring race 

When Isirael's tribes were parch'd with thirst 

When I ihc lonely tomb survey 

When I view my Saviour bleeding « 

When Jacob from his brother fled 

When Jesus first, at heaven's command 

When Jesus hung upon the tree 

When languor and disease invade • 

When on my beloved I gaze • 

When Paul was parted from his friends 

When sinners utter boasting words • 

When sins and fears prevailing rise « 

When some kind shepherd from his fold 

Wlicn Syria's leprous chief 

When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come 

When to his father's fond embrace 

When with my mind devoutly prest 

Whene'er a sinner turns to God 

Where'er the l*ord shall build my housa 

Where is my God ? does he retire 

Where two or three together meet 

While here on earth Vm call'd to stay 

While J ustice waves her vengeful hand 

While o'er our guilty land, O l*ord • 

While shepherds watch'd their fleecy care 

While ^nncrs who presume to bear • 

Who hath our report believ'd • 

Whom shall I send ? the Father cries • 

Why do I thus complain 

Why droops my soul with grief opprest • 

Psis , •■• . 

'"■■ejii to I, '"" ni»» • s 

•f^fsf^"^ . • i 

""■'■!)l..SXr„j • . fi 

"»'.'«"»""'"" .■ ,« 

l"" iJie sun a^sg , "5 

■™'!»S"''P'«.i. r . • S 

"■ «>-o«.,-nir J ' - * . .,^ 

?:ur"" • ■ ; ^ 

:■"'•»&„ • .'• 5. 

""syourftarB • «J1 

"""jpoo, ■ ■ . S 

■ • 2 

f«e ■ 346 

' 66i 




CLOK.T be to God above, hal. ^ 

Cjory, honor, praise, and pow*r « ^ 

Qi!eac Godf thy waiting servants bless « 

Let sects and nameb and parties fall 

O PU AISE the Lord, ye saints 

O 'tis a sweet employ • 

PRAISE ye the Lord, hal. « 

Praise ye the Lord) the Saviour praise. • 

SAINTS, with joy lift up your eyes 

Shout, for the Lord, the Saviour's come • 

TH' immortal God fjpr me hath dy'd • 
To Christ the Lord, let ev'r)- tongue , 

To him that lives, but once was slain • 

YE saims, proclaim, in jo}^ul sttains «. 

/ ^^ — — - « 

^^ ".H.DUFPI£LD 

* /• 

/ A 



HYMNl. CM. Scott. 

1 GREAT God, Ihy penetrating eye 

Pervades mj iamost powers; 
With awe profound my woud'riQg soul 
Fails prostrate, aad adores. 

2 To be encompas8''d round with God, 

The holy and the just; 
Arra'd with Omnipotence to save, 
Or crumble me to dust. 

3 0, how tremendous is the tliought! 

Deep may it be imprest ! 
And may thy spirit (irmly ejrave 
This truth within my breast ! 

4 By thee observed,.. by thee upheld, 

I>et earth or hell oppose; 
ril press with dauntless cx)urage on, 
Anri dare the proudest foes. 

5 Yes, For thy arm shall be my strength, 

And thhie Almighty pow'r 
Shall well fuJfjJ ihy profnhes, 
Aad victory secure. 


Begirt with thee^- my fearlo^ soul 

The gloomj^ vale shall tread; 
And thou wilt bind th' immortal crovrn 
Qi glory 00 my head. 

2. L. M. Steele. 
Btmg of Go(/l... Psalm, cir. 

* 1 THERE is a God, all oature 8j>ealc8, 
Thro' earth, and air, and seas, and skies: 
See from the clouds his glory breaks, 
WhcQ the first beams of morning rise : 

2 The rising sua» se«finely bright, 

0*er the wide world's extended frame, 
Inscribes, in characters of lights 
His mighty Maker's glorious name^ 

3 The flow'ry tribes all blooming rise 
Above ihte weak attempts of art ; 

The smallest- worms, the meanest flfcs^.. 
Speak.sweet cooviotion to the heart. 

4'. Te curious mindis, who roam abroad. 
And trace creation's wonders o'er, 
Confess the footsteps of the God- 
Bow dofwo before him, aod adore* 

3. C. M. Stfele. 
Condescension o/God..,A Kings, viii. 277 

1 ETERNAL pow'r, almighty God! 

Who can approach thy throne? 
Accessless Hglit is thine abodci 
To augel-eyes unknown. 

2 Before the radience of thine eycy 

The heavens no longer shine;.. 
♦ Aod all the s:lories of the sky 
Are bat the shade of thiae. . 


3 Great ^od, nod wilt thoa.condeKend 
To cast a look below ? 
To this rile world ihj notice 4iead-» 
These seats of sin «{id wo ? 

[4 But O! to show thy smiling face, 
To brin? thy glories near! 
Amaziiig and transporting grace. 
To dwell with mortals here I] 

5 Haw straoge! how awful is tbylov^t - 
With trerabliog we adore.: 
Kot all th** exalted minds above 
Its wonders can^xplove. 

^ While golden harps and ange> tongaea 
Resound immortal lays, 
Gieat God, permit our humble soi^ 
To rise and mean thy praise. 

4. L. M. Stkki/'k. 
Dominion and^^Porver^qf God..„T9Blm^ xciiL 

1 THE Lord, the <jod of glory reigns, 
Id robes ofMiicsty aiTay'd; 
Hi- rule omnipotence- su^aiDS, 
And guides the. worlds his hands ha^e made. 

"2 Ere TolliTtg worlds began' to move. 
Or ere tlie heavens were strelch'd abroadf 
Thy awftil throne was fixt above : 
From everlasting thou art God. 

3 The swell ing' floods tumultuous rise-^ * 
Aloud the angry tempests roar; 

-Lift their proud billows to the skies, 
And foam and lash the trembling shore. 

4 TheiLarri ifw mjghijrGody tmiiJgh^ 
CoDtrouls the Berc^y T9^ui^^j^^^^ 

13 14 ^KITECTIONS OF 009, 

13, CM. Tatr. 
Immutability of GofL„Fs9\my cii. 25...2$. 

1 THRO' endless yeai-s thou art the same, 

O thou eternal God ! 
Ages to come shall know thy name, 
And tell thy works abroad. 

2 The strong foundations of the earth 

Of old by thee were laid ; 
By thee the beaut'ous arch of hcavea 
With matchless skill was made. 

3 Soon sliall this goodly frame of things, 

Form'd by >hy pow'rful baud. 
Be like a vesture laid aside, 
And changM at thy command. 

4lBut thy perfections all divine. 
Eternal as thy daysy 
Thro' everlasting ages shine, 
With undiminished rays. 

5 Thy children's children still thy care, 
Shall own their fathw's God — 
To latest limes thy favor share. 
And spread thy praise abroad. 

14. L. M. Scott. 
Jncomprehensihility of God.. *^ Job xi. t. 

1 WHAT finite pow'r, with ceaseless toil, 
Can fathom the eternal mind ? 

Or who th' Almighty Three and One, 
By searching to perfection find ? 

2 Angels and men in vain may raise 
Harmonious, their adoring songs; 

The laboring thoughts sink down opprest 
And praises die upon their tongues. 

3 Yet would f lift my trembVm^ vo\ce» 
^ portioa «^ ^^« ways to sii^g'^ 

AtrvianKAUT ahiajiosdu 15 

AocL niogUQg wfili hk meanegi worki^ 

'1$; Ctll. BvftBBS. 

Lm afCMj^l J«lia ir. 8. 

1 COME, ye flmt kiabtr mud fear the locidi 
, And rate jrtetoaliAoTie; 

Let ef'rj heaH and voke aoMrdf 
To uoK, fhai G«d k love. 

2 Thb predoMs truth Ui word dectue% 

Aod ail hft li^rtfies prove $ - 
Jesni, the gift of Mb appears^ 
To aho« tfait God fa Jove. . 

3 Behold ! bli pallence leot^eaM oot^ 

To thoee '^ho tiroto hiflHTdrre; 
And calk eflMul teach thetar faeartaV^ 
To teach them. Gad k love* 

4 The w(Hrk bep;Qrt h carried on. 

By powV from heareo above; 
And ev*ry step, from firBt to last. 
Proclaims, that God k love. 

[5 And O that you, \rhqse bardeoM hearts 
No fe^ of bell can move, 
May hear the gospers mildest voice^ 
That tells you, God is love.] 

6 TbouiaDda, once vile and base as you. 

Surround the throne above; 
The grace that cfiang'd, has tunM their hearts 
To slug, that God k love. 

7 may we all, while here below, 

Thk best of blessings prove ; 
Till warmer hearts, in brighter worlds. 
Shall shout, that God k love. 


4 Down thro' the portals of the sky 

Th* impetuous torrent ran; 

And angels flew witk e«$i:er joy 

To bear the news to man. 

^5 Wrapt IB the ^ileoce of the night 
Lay ail the eastern world. 
When bursting, glorious, heav«nl]r Kgkt 
The wond'rous scene unfurlM.] 

6 Hark ! ttet^hentbic armies Bhout, 
And ^ory leads the song : 
Good- will and peace are heard throughout 
Tb' harmonious, bcayenly tfifoi^ 

|7 Hail, prince of life, foreirerhaill 
Redeemer, brother, friend t 
Tho' «arth, and time, and life should £bi% 
Thy praise shaU never end.] 

31. S.M. Ryland. 
The Birth of Christ..,lieb, Vu 15. 

1 TE saints, proclaim abroad ' 
The honors of your king; 

To Jesus your incarnate God, 
Your soBgs of praises sing« 

2 Not angels round tbe throne 
Of roaiesty above, 

Are half so much obliged as w«, 
To our IromanueFs love, 

5 Tbey never sunk so low, 
liiey are not raisM so high; 
They never knew such depths of we, 
Such heights of iiia)esty . 

£4 Less favor'd were the pow'rs, 
Who in bis image stood; 

Their crowns are cheaper far-Oin ourt; 
Nor cost the lamb hk blood.] 

5 The Saviour did oot join 
Their nature to hie -own; 
For (hem lie shed no blood diving 
Nor brealbM a simple groaa. 

ft May we with angcb vie, 
The Saviour ?o adore; 
Our debts are «^re-iterfar than thein^ 
O be oar praises more ! 

32. 148th. Needkam. 

1 AWAKE, awake, arise. 
And hail the glorious mom ; 
Hark! how the angcki sing, 

" To you a Saviour's bom :'* 
Kow let our hearts in xoncert move» 
And ev'ry tongue be tun'd to lov«b 

2 He mortals came to save 
From sin's t} raooic pow'r; 
Come, with the angels siof. 
At this auspicious hoar; 

Let ev^rj heart and tongue combine^ 
To praise the love, the grace diving 

3 The prophecies and types 
Are all this day fulfiird; 
With easter.i sages join, 

To praise this wondVous child ; 
God*s only Son is come to bless 
The earth with peace and righteoo«M|» 

Glory to God on highi, 
For our ImmaBueVa birth t 
T9 iswefy/ mmigoaJ-wiB^ 


All to ranBom guilty caj^lives; 
Flow, my prakc, for ever flov. I 

^ Go, return, immortal Saviour ! 

Leave thy footstool, take thy throne; 
Thence return and reio;n for ever . 

Be the kingdom all thy own. Halteliijalisi 

35. L. M. Doddridge. 

DivtKiiy vf Christ displayed in his transfiguratim 
Matt. xvii. 1—6. Luke ^.28— 36, 

[1 WHEN at a distance, Lord, wc trace 
The various glories of thy face. 
What transiport pours o'er all our breaat ! 
And charms our cares and woes to rest. 

2 With thee in the obscurest cell, 

On some bleak mountain would I dwell. 
Bather than pompous courts behohl, 
And share their grandeur and their gold.] 

3 Away, ye dreams of mortal joy ! 
Raptures divine my thoughts employ ; 
I see the king ot glory stiine ; 

And feel liis love, and call him mine. 

4 On Tabor thus, his servants viewM 
His lustre, when transfonn'd he stood; 
And bidding earthly scenes farewell, 
Cry^d, <^Lord, 'tis pleasant ber^ to dw«ll,^ 

5 Yet still our elevated eyes 
To nobler visions loog to rise; 
That grand assembly would we joio> 
Where all thy saints arouod thee Moek 

6 That mount, how bright I those forms, how fii 
'Tis good to dwell for ever there ! 

Come death, dear envoy of my God, 
Aad bear ne to ths^t blest b^mAa-. 

srvreRiKss of crbist* M 

36. L.M. Gibbons. 
Ckrisi^s Sufferings.„.Jobn xix. Ift-^IC 

I SEE, OD the mount of CalvaiT; 
Upou a cross suspeoded hi^. 
A barm less flnflT'rcr covered o'er 
With shame, aod wcirriog in bis ijore. 

[2 h this the Son, the Sent of il^od, 
ToTule the nations with^fais rod ? 
This the predicted Sun that brings 
Life and salvation on bis wings ?J 

3 Is this the Saviour long foretold. 
To usher in the age of gold ? 

To mal:c the reign of sorrow cean^ 
Aod bind the jarring world in peace? 

4 Tb he, Uis'be !— -he kindly shrouds 
His glories in a night of clouds, 
Tlmt souls might hrora their toiq riset 
And gain Ih' uuperishable«kie8. 

5 See, to their refuge and iheir rest. 
From all the bonds of guilt releasM, 
Transgressors to his cross repair. 
And fmd a full redemption there. 

^ Jcrus, what niilliop.s of our race 
Have been the trophies of thy grace ! 
Aod millions more to thee shall flj, 
And oa thy sacrifice relyl 

* That tree, that curs'd and poisonM tree 
Which prov'd a bloody rack to thee, 
Shall in the noblest blessings shoot, 
And fill the nation with its fruit* 

8 The -sorrow, 6hame, and death were thine. 

And all the stores of wrath divinel 

Ouiv MFC Ute glory. life, ai}d bliss ; 
fTAsu Jorexaa be compared to this ! 

31 '3fr BCXTB «r CKBnr. 

37. L.M. Sfee/e. 
j| <^aig-SactMfr....MaTk,sv. 20— 3S. 

1 STKETCH'D od Uw ccoh, the Saviour d 
Bark t bis espiiing groans arise I 

See, how ike Bscied ciiajson tide 
Ftowi from bia hajids, bib feet, hii side! 

2 Bui life atteade the death-like Eouod, 
And lloiva from ev'r^ bleeilii^ koudiI} 
The vital stream, how free it Hows 
To lave and cleause hU rebel fuetl 

3 To suffer in the traitor'e place- 
To die for mao, BurpriBiuft ^rece ! 
Yet pass rebellious angels by: 

nitj for oian, dear Saviour, why ? 

4 And didst lliou bleed, for einaerB bleed ? 
Aad could (be sua behold lh« deed ? 
No '. he withdrew his Bick'nin^ ray. 
And darkness veii'd the morning day. 

5 Can I survey tliis scene of wo, 
Where mingling grief and wonder flow; 
And yet my heart unmov'd remaiu, 
iDseniible to luve or pain ? 

6 Come, deareet I:Mrd, thy grace imparl 
To wirm this cold, this stupid heart, 
Till all its pow'rs and passions more 
In [Belting grief and ardent love. 

38. C. M. Slennell. 
Death of Chrut...Matt. xxvii. S4. 

1 yOI^DEB. aniuzinf^ sight • I see 

Th' incarnate Son of God, 

Expiring on th' accursed tree. 

And welt'ring in his blood. 

HlJlTH Of CHBT8T. S9 40 

The crimiOD tide puts out the suo; 
His groaus awake the dead. 

3 The trembling earth, the darkea'd Aj^ 

Proclaim the truth aloud ; 
And wjth tfa' amas'd ceuturioa ciy, 
•^ This is the 5on ef God r 

4 So i^&t, 80 vast a sacrifice 

May well my hope revive; 
If Ood^s ewD Sou thus bleeds and dies, 
The sinner sure must live. 

59. C. M . Newton. 
ChrisVs Sufferings on ihe Cross* 

1 WHEN Jesus hung upon the tree^ 

Id agonies and blood, 
Hie fix'd his languid eyes en me» 
As near his cross I stood. 

2 O never till my latest breath 

Can I forget that look : 
He seera'd to charge me with his death, 
Tho' not a word he spoke. 

3 A second look he gave and said, 

" I freely all foigive ; 
" This blood is for thy ransom paid ; 
" I die that thou tnay'st live." 

4 With pleasing grief and mournTul joy, 

My spirit now is filPd, 
That I should such a life destroy, 
Yet live by him I kilFd. 

40. C. M. Humphreys CoL 

ChrisVs Sufferings on the Cross. 

I 'TWAS in an hour when wrath prevailed 
And powr's of darkness rose| 

41 MATH or CUBin. 

A Middeo groae my ear asmit'd: 
Espresaing dying woei, 

2 I turn'd, then woadcr'd as I «hM<^ 

At wbst mine eye* Mirvej'dt. 
A Priuce expiring in hia bhiod, 
Aud OQ a orou ditplay'd : 

3 1 knew liiiu, iho' b» ihomy crows 

Ditnin'd bis majeslic air; 
Tbea I d^mtitided, with a (rown, 
"What traitor finldbimtbere?* 

4 No nnawer to my voice I beard, 

Nor could discern a fi>e ; 
Wljci] lo! Ilia fniDtiiip hesd be rear'd, 
Aiid ^oke in vorda oC wo — 
& " Cea»e, wretch, from vuii inquiry res 
" My cruel inurd'rer see ; 
' Thy sins have rent mj' bteediiig brci 
" And nail'd me !» ihe tree." 
^ Tremblii)^ I fell, and kiss'd bis wouadE 
And « ip'd the gnre iway ; 
I law him smooth his killing frownE, 
Aod beard him gently aay; 
T " Riee, let thy heart its grier compssC] 
" Thy Saviour will forgive; 
"He feeli the burden of thy woes, 
" Aod dies (o hid thee live." 
41. L. M. Waflf. 
Chrisfs Death and Resurrtclion....^ofa. ir 
1 HE dies t the fneod of sinners dies! 
Lo, Salem's dau^hlert ueej) arnund! 
A solemn derkneim veils the gkiea! 
A sudden irembliiig ihakcs the groundl 
2 CoDie, SauitB, aod drop a tear or.two 

I He dwd ft tlwMftd drops far 7<% 
I A tlMmiaiid dvftpi.ef«lclierU0odt 

3 Hare^kMMl gikf bmod degrM! 
Tbe Lord •Cglonr dinflir meat 
Batbl yhftt <wihwi joyi we •at I ^ 
Am, tbt 4eft4^ wtIvm .agftio! 

4 Tiift iMMjBtod fanokci the tnaibt 
Up to khrvitber^i eowt iw fltei) 
Cfaembie lngiiBignarJ^hkn hon«^ 
And dMMt'Uai veMftn to (he tkici! 

i Bmk .oTydiv •1mif«» je 0efaiCi» and tdl 
Hm Ugll^mgvMdeltrVeir re%fis; 
Sing«Mr4r«i4ra Ibe hoRta of hell, 
And led the flfoMer,deadi, ki ehainal 

6 Sw^lKN^ibrcfw/webdVoual^ 
**Boni4ib tedeeft^-tiid straof to savef 
Then ask the nomrter, ^ where's thy e'ting ? 
**Aiid'Wliere% thy viclVy, beastiDg grave !" 

42. L. M. Steele. 
Dying lave ofCkrisL.^2 Cor. v. 14, 15^ 

1 SEE, Lord, thy willing snbjects bow. 
Adoring low before thy throne; 
Accept our humble, cheerful vow ; 
Thou lurt our Sov're^u, thou alooe. 

2 Beneath thy 'soul-reviving ray, 
Vea cdd afllictioii's wintry gloom 
Shall bHglilen into vernal day, 
Aodiiopes and joys immortal bloom. 

3 Smile od our souls, and bid us sing, 
In coneert with the choir above. 
The gkttMof our Saviour King, 
The caadg rcena ieo of his love. 

4ft- 44 J>u,T^ ai cuBUX;' 

4 He dy'A to raise to life and joy 
The vile,.tbe guiliy, the undoue: 
O, let his praise eacli hour coiploy. 
Till boun no more itaeir circles nui ! 

5 He dy'd t- ye leiapbs, tune your Bougs t 
BeEDUod the Saviour's Bacrcd uame, 
!For aought beiotv iminortal toogues 
Gao ever reach the wod'roua theme. 

43. L. M. Perry. 

It is Christ thM died....nafB. vm. 34. 

1 SINKERS rejoice, it's Christ that dy'd;. 
Behold the blood flone from bis side, 

'Jo wash your touls aod raise you h^^. 
To dwell with God above the sky. 

2 It's Christ that dy'd, O love divine! 
Here mercy, truUi, and justice sbinei 
God lecoucii'd, and slDoers boujifat 

With Jesus' blood — bow sweet the thought! 

3 It's Christ that dy'd, a truth indeed, 
On which my faith itould ever feed: 
Nor let the works that I perform 
Be nam'd to aweir » haughty worm. 

4 It's Christ that dy'd, it's Christ was slaia, 
To save my soul from endless pain ; 

It's Christ that dy'd, shall be my theme. 
While I have breath lo praise his naioe. 

44. I..M. Steele. 

Christ's DeiOh and Ren(rrf(tton....Actsii..32...3l 

1 COMB tuoe, ye saints, your noblest slraioB, 
Tour dying, rising hoid to sing; 

And echo to the heavenly plaiua. 
The trium[As of your Saviour, king. 

2 In tonga of grateful rapture (ell 

, £tow be miiiii'd your poteat foeej. 


4MHITK ov ramr* 45 

«hibda'd dift]pinp^n of detth tiid IkD, 
Aod d^iqgi nliVd ill year- won, 

9 TImb t# nb nonltti dnfone od h%h 
Betnro'd vmf bjarnhg tngeli roood, 
TMo? tke br^lH Arches of tbe Aj, 
l!ke-Ood| the CQDqa^rii^ flodricMiod. 

Sot wijpMoign^ can ^et dhplaj 
The wondeit^ that Areadfai bcMvc; 
The >)« of Aat'lHniMrioiis daj. 

■5 Then' Mil ttwiMrtilli try 111' Tafai 
lo^ainbeli'' fsiNHe <veices ralte $ 
Tel JcMurlMeaM^lbe bnniMe itnfa, 
- And hludl]^ #ita eor wMi to jpfake. 

4 Dear daHmvlet Ojr wood^rtnt grace 
Fill ev>f heart and ev'ry toi^iile, 
Till the full glories of thy face 
Inspte amweeter, nebler soog. 

45. 8. 7. RMnsim. 

Qtumg an tke Cr«s9....0aL ▼! 14. 

1 SWEET the momeotf^ rich in blcssit^, 
Which before the croes I spend ! 
Life and heaUh, and peace possession 
FroBB the 'tinner's dying friend. 

.2 Here I'll sit,1br ever ^iewinsr 
Heicy's strmn in stieaois of blood ; 
Predona drops, my soul bedewing. 
Plead* and-daini my peace with ihvL 

3 Here h is I fidd niy heaven, 
Wblla npon tlie lamb I gaze^ 
Mfn^l^mttrnj sins forgiven, 
iMMll ^raoder, love^ and praise. ^ 


4 May I still enjoy this fecliug, 
In all need to Je^us ^o ; 
Prove iiis blood each day more healing, 
Aad himself more deeply know. 

46. L. M. Wallin. 
Chrisfs Rciiurrection.,*,MBiX. xxviiL 6. 

1 WHEN I the lonely tomb survey, 
Where once my Saviour dcigfi'd to lie, 
1 gee fnlfill'd what prophets »ay, 

And all the pow'r of death defy. 

2 This empty tomb shall liow proclaim, 
How weak the bands of conquered death; 
Suect pledged that all mIio trust his name. 
Shall rise and draw immortal breath ! 

[3 Our surety, freed, declares us free, 
For whose oO'erxcs he was seizM; 
In his release, our own we see, 
And sliout to view Jehovah pleased.] 

4 Jesus, once number d with the dead. 
Unseals his ayes to sleep no more ; 
And ever lives their cause to plead, 
For M horn the pains of death he bore. 

b Thy risen heacL, my soul, behold ! 
See the rich diadem he wears; 
'J'hou too shall bear a harp of «:old. 
To crown tliy joy when he appears. 

6 ^ Thouo;h in the dust I lay my head, 
Yet, gracious God, tliou wilt not leave 
!Vly tlesh for ever with the dead, 
Nor lose thy children in the grave.' 

47. L. M. Hart. 
ChriaVs Resurrection..., Maii. xxviii. 5, 6. 
1 UPRISING from the silent tomb, 
Sec the victorious Jesus come ! 

TV Ata^l^ C^Kive qiiili U90 prhX 
And aflgel^.teUi<^lliailMd kriNa'* 

2 Te aio«MJlhf:«diili^ iw fcxifer grfe 
Hear tbe ^id^lMiBgi ■od bellm* 
pod'ii holy jM4a uMy% 
Aod jM«ce now b 0ajmuf M^ 

8 WheiiyeiagiififVdairkd^HieoQhif, 

Bat JeMi 40«vered* «<iSeC Ihem fiee, 
' ^M^Kifim^tbtta guSlii and paaltb me.** 

4 Yoiu tontj' Mv bdioTe TOur God 
Pleaib the ridb raoBora er bb Mood ; 
Ka new daraad* no bar venMioa» ' 
But flMifit adtttfamphaot leigaa. 

5 Belieret% bhets -yoiir rfaeo ht^ 
Tbe fiiatM^jirltcti from tbe dead ; 
Tour l e am re c tion^s gore thro* his, 
To eodieas life and boundless bliss. 

48. I^M. H$dnn8» 
Joseph n^ Son is yet olivf ....Gen. sir. 2§. 

1 Y£ moumiog souls, diy up your tears, 
Disiiiiss your i^loomy, js;rouiidle88 fears, 
Aod let your ffiearts with this revive, 
Tbat Jesus Christ is yet alive. 

2 His satdts he loves, and never leaves; 
The chief of sinners he receives; 
Let then your hearts with tfiis revive, 
Tbe sinner's friend is yet alive. 

3 HeMI guard your souls from ev^ry ill ; 
His largest promises fulfil ; 

Then tet:yoiir hearts irith this revive 
That Jeslis Christ is yet ikHre. 



{4 Wbat (hough you fear to launch amf, 
Aod quit this teaement of clay; 
O let your henrtB with this revire, 
That Jesua Chriit is yet aHve.] 
i Abuadant grace be will afltrd. 
Till you ave preseat wiih the Lord; 
And prove what you have heard before^ 
That Jcsua lives for evermore. 

49. 7s. Cudworth's Cid. 

Chritts Resttrrtction....Iillatl. xxviU- & 

1 Cor. XV. 5S, 56. 

1 HARE! the herald augels say, ' 
Christ, tlie Lord, ia rla'o to-day 1 
Raise your joys and triuniphs high, 
Let the glorious tidings fly. 

2 Love's redeemioj; work is done ; 
Th' battle's fought, the vicl'ry wou; 
Lo! the sun's eclipse is o'er; 

Lo ! he sets in blood do more. 

3 YeiDthe stooe, the watch, the seri, 
Christ fans burst the gates of hell; 
Death id vain forbids his rise, 
Christ liath opeli'd paradise. 

4 Lives again our glorious king, 
"Where, death, is now thystiag?" 
Once he dy^d our souls to save, 

" Where's thy vicl'ry, boasting grave ?" 

5 What, tho' once we perish'd all, 
Fartaen of our parents' fall; 
Second life we shall receive. 
And ia Christ for ever live. 

[6 * Hail, thou de«t Alm^hty Lord, 
* HkH, Am peat kdanate mnl j 

■i— ■liiinii w^Muw, 60 

^ibil»tkM«rfPriq|mi €f God, 
' »gih ito twffchirf^liy btood.^ Hal* 

Orifft RmiTiMijif p^ svriiL 2. 

See the 8ev|<Mir.quitft 4he tmib, 

GUowiiy wUh ioiipor^l Idoon. SU. 

2 Shout ye iemhf;'CMiriel^4tin 
Fane't etemal tmip of pnte ; 
LK the^eeidi'i reiDotea hound 
Echo to iho falhvM oouinL 

^ JNTof^yeiidbli^llftttpTelrflTeik 
See ths cooqaVer miwaUte ikieof 
Tieope «f MB«ii 00 the>v^ 
Hud aed tiii^th' hiciiqate^od. 

4 Heav^ uiifiMs her portals wide, 
GloiioiiB hero, thro' them ride ; 
King of gUifj, mouot thy throne, 
BoimdleBi empire ii tfaioe own. 

$ Praise him, ye celestial choirs^ 
Praisey and sweep your goldeo lyres; 
. Praise him io the noblest soogs^ 
fnMs'teQ thousand, thousand tongues. 

Ii Ev'ry Qote to rapture swell : 
Sing the pow'rs of death and hell 
Draji^d in chains behind bis wheels^ 
Each the wreck eternal fee!& 

9 liet Immaoael be ador'd, 
Ransdm, mediator, Lord; 
To creaiioo^s utmost bound, 
fjet tl^'inuBorttl praise reaound. Hal , 

51 xuuHKECTioK or ctiKiii. 

51. 143Lh. Peaeoct, 
Christ's ResumclioK and JscenMoit..,JMke xxlv 

1 ALL hikil ! the glorious mora, 
Tlial saw our Saviour rise ; 
Wilb vicl'ry bright adom'd ; 
And triumph ia hie ejes; 

Ye saiulS:exiol youi linen Lord, 
Aud fciug his praise witii aweel accord. 

2 Behold the Lamb of God, 
Th' atoiiiog sacrifice, 
SuKtaius ihe, dreadful load . 
Of man's ioiquitiesj 

Death, ein, and hell, our cruel foes. 
All vauqulehcd, fell whea Jeeus tose. 

3 At ONce die ptisou doora, 
DeHth'^ au'ful Kates, espaad ; 
Their captive they restore. 
At God's supreme coiiimaDd : 

How blosl the hour, aicake out joys, 
Hell's fatal po\i'r, to, he destroys. 
A The conqueror aeceixls. 

In triumph to the skies ; 

Celestial hosts attead. 

To crown his victories ; 
Hark I they proclaim his glorious name ; 
AjkI heaven resounds Immauucrs fame, 
ii NoH- 10 the throne above, 

Let ev'ry saiot draw near; 

There dtvelts incarnate love, 

Gr:Lce sits triumphant there : 
See mercy smile, e'en on that throne. 
Where once did wrath and justice frown. 
1} All praise he to the Lamb, 

Who oifer'd up his blood ; 

OTMMM. 52 58 

Tlw km diyiD94!f ChdAMT Kfc«. 

CknttM JHtrntm^^JBaaimsMiif. 7—10. 

1 0l}Rl4»Ml»MMiteiiittedted; 

OitfP'iMte 1» ibiie up 00 li%b; 
The |Mi«Vi Of heft ttre motive kd^ 
Dragg'd to tbe portabof 4li6 Ajr. 

2 There Ilk frkHBphiifcbftrioc%id(% 
And mcgelfrcliant the «oteiaita faiy : 
•"Lift up y««r hedd9*:f« heireuly gatei ! 
*Te everkkfldni; doors give wajr I** 

9 LooMf M yetir bnA of tnaojjr l%ht» 
And wide uaMd (b^ rtdianl weoe { 
He claiiDi those nianMoiw as bk right. 
Receives the king of glory in. 

4 ** Who is the king of glory, who ?" 
The Lord, that all his foes oVrcame; 
The world, sin, death, and hell overthrew. 
And Jesus is the coui|uVor^8 uamew 

5 Lo! his triumphal chariot waits, 
And joge!^ cjiaut the solcmo lay ; 

•* Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates^ 
•• Ye ererlasting doors give way !" 

6 ** Who i& the king of glory, who ?" 
ThetJLord of boundless powV possest. 
The king of saints, and angels too, 
God over ail, for ever blest ! 

53. L.M. Doddridge. 
tgi^fUu tvtsem ncrid in Chnsfs hand..JRey. 1 1 8. 
1 BAIL to th^ Frioce of liie and peace, 
Wtao holds tbe ke/s of death and hell I 

6^ . GHAucriHs ot cBKnr, 

The spacious iroild unieen is hit, 
And sov'reign pow'r becomei him viIL 

2 In sharae and tormeat ooce he dj*d; 
But DOW be lives for evetiaore: 
Bov dowD, ft sainU, aroaiid biiseat, 
Aod all jK aogel-bands adore. 

3 Liye, live for ever glorioui Lord, 

To crusli thy foes, and guard th^ fiieada; 
While aU thy cboiea tnbes rejoice. 
That Ibf 4aiiiititau oever ends. 

4 Worthy tby band to hold the keys. 
Guided by wisdom and by love ; 
Warlby to rule o'er mortal life. 
O'er worida below «nd worlds above. 

5 When death tby servants ehftll invade, 
Wbeu pow'rs »r bell tby cJiurcb aanoy, 
CoDtrouI'd by thee, their rage shall help 
The cause they labor'd to destroy. 

9 For ever reign, viclonoue King : 

Wide thro' the earth thy name be kuowu; 
And call niy loc^ncr eoul to sing 
Subliuer antbems near thy throne. 


54. L.M. Stteh. 
Advocaie.„A Jolmii. I. 

1 WHERE is my God ? does he retirt 
Beyond tlie reach of humble eighs P 
Are these weak breathings of desire, 
T«o languid to ascend the skies ? 

2 No, Lord, my breathing of desire. 
My weak petiUou, if sincere. 



Bui MMbilMll9r«ttiitieiDiit cur* 

3 iMko^hM^ttidi vUrdtooftri e^fl^ 

SBO vuuu wv .new inBinaBBr miwi 

4 Bk«irflei'te'«t^liiiitaUiB|tatii, 
Hit imi » i|M ii i i »«Dh twfcia iringy^; 
]tadU llqr liopft ao Ufriim^ 
WImm povflf wui l09tt fnUd doqpilr. 

[5 TflMb sfHraA Iwut, O gntoioiii Lori , 
lirah ilni^KBr faftk io crit tlltor ttioe ; 
Bid jse pvQMiiitethe Ulnffaf mtd^ 

Vj Valte, Ck4» iritk >7 dM»l 

^iB ib clt...Gol. til. IT. 

1 IN Chrkt, IVe til my soid's dedre; 
Hl8 ipirit dMs my heurt inspire 
Wilb boaiidiet» wishes laige and h^b. 
And. Cbrist will all ny wants sapply. 

2 Chfisi is my liope, my strength and giiide^ 
For me he bled aod gcioaii'd and dyM : 

' He is my sun, to give me light, 
He is fi^ soiiTs supreme delight 

Z Onist is the 9oarce of all my bliss, 
My wisdom, aod my righteousness:.. 
My SaykHur, Brother, and my Friendf 
Oo Idsn a^pe i now depend. 

4 Christ is my King to rule and bless. 
And all Biy tiOttMcs to redrem ; 
HA nqr aalvatioo and my all, 
What«?« «9 eaitk si^}! ma.hefialL 

50 57 CHAKACTUa or chrut, 

5 Chriit is my atrength and portioa too^ 
My scul in bim can all tbingi do; 
Thro' him I'll triumph o'er the grave. 
And death and hell m; soul oulbraTC 
5S. C. M. Topla^. 

1 COMFAK^D wilh Ctiritt, in all beaide, 

No comelineBs 1 see ; 
The oae thing Deedfui, dearest Lord, 
la to be one vilb Ihee. 

2 The seoae of ibj expiriog love. 

Into my aoul UDvey ; 
Tbyaelf bealow. Tor tfaee alone. 
My al) Id all I prey. 

3 Leas thaa thyself will not suffice. 

My comfort to restore ; 
More Ihao thyself I cauaot crave, 
I^or CBDEt tliou give me more. 

4 Z^v'd of my God, for him again 

With love ialeDse I bum ; 

Chosea of ihee, ere time began, 

I choose Ifaee ia return. 

5 Whste'er cooaists uat nilh thy will, 

O teBch me to resign ; 
I'm ricb to all th' iateiits of bliss, 
Siuce thou, O God, art miae. 
57. CM. Humphry^s Co/. 

1 CHRIST, as Dur great ph}-8iciaD,heaM 

Our maladies withiu ; 
Believes the paogs the conscience feeb, 
From recollected sin. 

2 He sees our many pressii^ iranta 

With a propiUouB eye; 


' M He ■rtM J tt l ^ 

T« aU mHIMbh mH fhM lelier, 

O dtf 'TCMi in |uttvm* ' ' - 

• Hyickkl tiOi iitared Ta|XiM|' tkilbi 
WlieQ 3%idii iBid tteW,^ ' 
Thk is the obfect of my &ith. 
ABd thb Us author too. 

7 Aogeb Us oaine wHh J07 eoofesB, 
And low before him Ml ; 
Tbeo what ean finoen here do \ts$^ 
Than ovn him all in all ? 

Bobiy GaleailL..Jer. Tiu. 22. 

1 WHY dradjiHi my soid with grief opprest ? 
Wlqr these wttd tnmults io ny breast I 
Is there no balm to heal my woimd ?.»• 
No Um| ffagrsician to be found? 

f2 Tea, hi the gospeTs feitbfal Hnes, 
Jdnif|A> h^tkUem mercy thioes; 
Thm drest in love the Saviour stands, 
WUh pilr>^ bsnh suul wooing bands !} 




3 Raise to the cross thy weeping eyes f 
Beliold the prince of glory dies ; 

He dies, extended on the treei 
Thence shed a sovereign bairn for mt. 

4 Dear Savioor, at thy feet I lie, 
Here to receive a cure or die ! 

But grace forbids that painAil fear--- 
Infinite grace, which triumphs here I 

5 Dear Lord, extract the poisou'd dart. 
Bind up and heal my broken heart ; 
With blooming health my face adorn. 
And change my gloomy oTght to mora. 

Expand, my soul } with holy joy f 
Ho8aonas be thy blest employ; 
Salvation thy eternal theme. 
And swell the song with Jcsu^s name. 

69. CM. Ncedham. 
Brazen Serpent.»,Nam. xxi. 3. 9.. .John iii 

1 WHEN Israel's sons, a murmuring ra 

Despis'd their heavenly bread, 
God bade his fi'ry serpents fly 
To strike the rebels dead. 

2 Swift, like an arrow, through tlie air^ 

The baleful reptiles fly ; 
The rebels feci the cteadFy wound. 
And groan, and gasp, and die, 

3 A part still live ; but O, what looks I 

What agonizing pain ! 
The fatal darts stick fast within, 
And human help is vain. 

4 Now Moses feels his IsraeFs gne% 

To God for them he prays; 
A brazen serpent he's to make. 
And ou a pole to raise. 

C How-fCnratv^lte'meftnt ! boiln bb band 
IKot iaoe^UiM «iw*4 tin iMf ll^K 1^^ 

. 1 li^bi]4)tbefiftiir<MI{ 
S)iiiim adore his name, 
?nio%be4 for itf hii precfous Mood... 
WbobJHre onrcuxaeaodgluuae* 

2 ^^ Oi^ lifiag bread * 

VThich J^s came to gire, 
B7 dying; io the siaoer's €tead 
That be might ever live. 

9 Behold tbe Saviour's love, 
Who gives his flesfi to eat { 
Never did angels taste above 
Provision half so sweet. 

4 The Lord delights to give; 

He knows youVe nought to buy : 
To Jesus haste ; this bread receive, 
And 70U shall never die. 

61. L. M. Medly. 

Braii;a'....Micah ii. xiii 

1 STPTG tbe dear Saviour's glorious fame, 
Who bears the Breaker's wotid^rous name 
^fetimme I and it becomes him well, 
Vflm Ivtab down sio, guilt, death and hell. 



2 A m^btj' Breaker rare is he ; 

Be broke my cbains aod set me free; 

A gracious Breaker to my soul ; 

He bi-eaks, aod O, Le mafcee me vbolc ! 

3 H«^ breaks thro' ey'ry gloomy cloud, 
Whtcii cau iijy sout with dsrkuess shroud{ 
He breaks the ban of e^'ry eoare, 
Vbtcb hellish foes fur me prepare : 

A He breaks Die gales of hardejt'd brasi, 
To bi-iDg liiB laithfiil word to passj 
Aitd tbo' with |ioiid'rous irou barr'd. 
The Breaker'^ love ilipj cao'i retard. 

5 Great Breaker, O, thj love impart! 
Daily to break my slouy heart ; 
O, bteak it Xiord, and enter in, 
Aud break, O, break tlip power of da ! 
62. L.M. Fauctlt. 
Sn'r/f^ room ...Isai alt liv. 5. 

1 JESUS, the heaverdy Bridegroom, gam 
His life my u retched soul t» save : 
Kesolv'd to make hie mercy kuowD, 

He kindly claims me for his own. 

2 Rebellious I agniost Inm etrove 
Till Dielted ami conetraiu'd by love; 
With sio and islf 1 freely part, 

Tile heavenly Bridegroom wins my heart, 

3 My guilt, Diy wretchedness lie knows. 
Yet takes and owns me for his spaiiscj 
My debts he pays and sets me free, 
And makes his riclies o'er to me. 

4 My filthy rags are laid aside ; 

He clolhec me ae becomes Iiis bride; 
Bims^bestowg my weddio^ dreas, 
Tlic robe of perfect righteotunen. 


5 Lost ID Bstoniehnteut, 1 see, 
JesuB, tliy hoiiudlesB love lo me; 

■ "Whh nDguls, 1 thy grace adore, 
Aud IcMij to love aud jirabe Ihee ntOK. 

6 Siiicethou wilt take me for ihy bride, 

keep me Savioiir, near thy side! 

1 faiu would g)re thee all my hcai^' 
Tior tver from my Lord depart 

e.i. C. M. Medley. 
Builder. ... Ziich. \i. 13.' 
. 1 JESUS, ha>v bright his glory ihlDei 
In all his M'orks ahove; 
O.i cai'lli his kind and iri»e doilgilt 
His ctiiircti and people ]ovc> 

2 He )>l.ii)B the temple of the I^r^ 

And all the bidliliiig reare; 
Afld be Vb ht>\y name adoied ; 
Ue sll the glory been. 

3 The vait aialerialB all be fonm. 

Not lAvc Dor poff'i he spareB ; 
Be guards tfae buildini; rrom alt hnnm. 
And all the glory bean. 

4 la tbb blest buil^iog msy my soul 

A')irtaxator>e appear; 
And bC) S» baitder of the wfaol^ 
Shall -air Iby glory bear. 

5 ICtt, twt a tioDe ifaall be mnoT^d, 

WEkfa hb deat band has laid ; 
Thnwgbmt the whole hb glorf'i ihov'd, 
And in his gnke dfapUj'd. 
C Wben Iteiht togmM Hlooe shall bring 
■ Tb I^Tca to see hin there, 


Wc sliall Uie builder's prfises diig, 
Aod be the gior}* bear. 

61. L.M. Medkif. 
Comforttf....iohH xiv. 18. 

1 COME. >e "ulio kaow the Saviour^ lote, 
And his indulgent merries prove : 

In clieerful songs his prai»e,c.^prcE(i, 
For lie'Il not leave jo« comfonlcsi. ' 

2 He ever acts the Saviour's li.nrt. 
Wilh strong companions in hie heart; 
Tilt least and woakcst saint he'll bless, 
Hor will he leave him comfoitlcss. 

3 His wisdom, goodness, pow'r and care. 
They largely, sweetly, daily Uiarc; 
He will tlieii- ev'ry fear suppress, 
Kor will he leave tiiciu ccmfortlesa. 

4 While ihey arc sojciirnere below. 
And travel thro' tliis world of wo. 
In Etorms and floods of deep distress, 
He vrill not leave them comlbrtlese. 

6 So when they pags dralh's gloomy vale, 
And fle^li and mortal powers fail, 
Their dying lips tlisll tlien confess, 
He does Dot leave them comfortless. 

5 When ihey at last shall meet abnve. 
In the blest world of joy and love. 
Their raptur'd songa will then express, 
He has not left them comfortless. 

^7 Thanks to thy name, our dearest Lord, 
For ev'ry promise in thy word; 
But, O, with this our bearls imprest, 
i will t»t leave yoa comfortleBi.] 


Cmrmt-Simii^JImMtxtfm. 10....1 Pet iL 6. 

SooV foundiMb finnlj iMiddi ; 
BaiiiN) n^ iM CbriBt, the corner itooe^ 
SeeiM« M CkiiK eteml tfareoe. 

2 See bow j8te Mbrioas fU^rte frf»w% 
FruD'd ef jnaierifils diat l&e chose 1 
Each fteoe iMiqiJu^ tod M^ 
The rojhU rt moiitffe to complete; 

T«l all Aalifeidh the hiiy ikiet; 
And jof fill faMs vhall pralie tbofe, 
Jebo¥ah^ grace and Jorfiilefe^ 

C(QnaAalti»t....Caot. iiL 11. 

1 ALL haU the povV of Jesu's oame ! 
Let an^k prostrate fall ; 
Bring forUi ihe royal diadem» 
And crown him Lord of all. 

[2 Let b^b-bom seraplis tiioe the Ijre, 
And as tliey tune it fall 
Before his face, who tunes their choir. 
And crowD him Lord of all.] 

3 Crowo hico je morning stars of light, 

Who fist this floating ball ; 
Kow hiul the strength of Israers might, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

4 GnowBhim, y^p. martyrs of our Oodi 

Who (i^ his dtar call ; 
IB^ ttl yteoi of Jesse's rod. 



5 Ye chosen seed of Israeli race, 

Ye rausoniM from ihe fall, 
Hail him, who saves you by his gracei 
Aud ci-ou u him Lord of all. 

6 Hail him, ye heirs of David's Uue, 

Whom David, Lord., did call ; 
Tlie God incarnate ! Man Divine ! 
And crown him Lord of all. 

7 Sinnei-s vpho6elove can ne'er foi^t, 

The wormwood and the gall; 
Go, spread your trophies at his feet^ 
And crown him Lord of all. 

8 Let ev'ry kindred, ev'ry tribe 

On this terrestrial ball, 
To him all Majesty ascribe. 
And crown him Lord ol all. 

[9 'O, that with yonder sacred throng, 
We at his feet may fail ; 
We'll join the everlasting son^, 
And crown him Lord of all.*] 

67. C. M. Lecd's Col. 
Crown Htm....Act8 x. 3(5. 

1 BACKSLIDERS, who your rais'ry feel 

Attend your Saviour's call ; 
Return, he'll your backslidings heal; 
O, crown him Lord of all. 

2 Tho' crimson sin increase your guilt, 

And painful is your thrall : 
For broken hearts his blood was spilt, 
O, crown him Lord of all. 

3. Take with you words, approach his Uiroi 
And low before him full ; 


2 I am unholy and uacleao, 

Apply tby^ace to me ; 
For thou art able, if thou wilt, 
To heal oiy leprosy. 

3 Compassion moves liis tender heart, 

And, with a gracious word. 
He speaks, **1 will," — and with a touch 
The leprous Jew restor'd. 

4 Ye leprous souls, to Jesus codie, 

With sin, a worse disease : 
'Tis he can heal your maladies, 
And give your conscience ease. 

5 He can, by his Almighty grace, 

Hesil each poor leprous soul ; 
Come, guilty, filthy, as you arc. 
And lie will make you whole. 

121. CM. Hoskitis. 
Filot, or Saint's Safety in Dea(h..., Acts xxvii. 4.i, 

1 NONE that embark at God's command 

For heaven, can e'er be lost : 
All safe escape to Canaan's land, 
However tempcst-loss'd. 

2 Tho' winds may blow, and storms arise, 

And rocks and sands appear ; 
Tlje Saviour to his people flies, 
And bids them not to fear. 

3 Tho' seeming on destruction's brink 

M'^hile the dread tempests roar ; 
However toss'd, they shall not sink, 
But safely reach the shore. 

4 Tho' neither sun nor stars appear 

For many days in sight; 
Trust in the Xiord, be of good cheer, 
And he shall guide you right. 


Wbile "with oar praises and complaiats, 
Low at ihy feet we bend. 

2 When we thy wond'roiis glories heal*. 
And all thy sufT'nngs trace, 
What sweetly awful scenes appear! 
What rich unbounded grace ! 

*3 How should our songs, like those abdve. 
With warm devotion rise ! 
How should our souIf, on wings of love, 
Mount upward to the skies ! 

4 But ah ! the song, how cold it flows ! 

How languid our desire ! 
How faint the sacred passion glows, 
Till tliou the heart inspire ! 

5 Dear Saviour, let thy glory shine, 

And fill thy dwellings here. 
Till life, and love, and joy divine, 
A heaven on earth appear. 

a Then sDall our hearts enraptur'd say. 
Come, great Redeemer, come. 
And bring the bright, the glorious day, 
That calls thy children home. 

70. C. M. Booking . 
Door.„.John x. 9. 

1 THUS saith the Shepherd of the sheep, 

" I am the sacred door; 
" In the fair pastures which I keep 
** There's life for evermore. 

2 " In roe shall wand'ring sinners find 

*' The way their footsteps lost ; 
" From death I have iheir souls redeem'd 
<^ My blood has paid the cost. 

71 72 

, «My iiJl|i#UH|iiMitf UUtnee daU be, 
■' from ev'ry beast oT prey. ■ 
4 "I will PDrich them with my gnee, 
" And feed them wilh my loVe'; 
" Their Boule shnll liiiH a joyliil ptau 
'■ lu the bright ficids aboye." 
6 Come, then, my lillle, purchai'd Bock. 
Dear objecis- of my care; 
And k'l this prooiit^f; be your hopie, 
While you are feeding here.' ■ 
11. C H. DebdL 

1 CHBfST b Um wit to hnrtxtf b&*, 
And CbriM tbe ooly door; 
My Mul, punue no way but this, 
For thk alone 1> uue. 
a 'Tib tbro' thk door, and this alote. 
That ibou art lul to Gwl i, 
Kest, then, od what iby Lord hai doae, 
And plead bis precioua blood. 
3 TUi door will lead thee safe to heaveB, 
And ^re thee entrance io ; 
And Cod will own thy sioi for^ven, 
However vUe they've been. 

72. C. M. FancOt. 

■ .SxaUtiKe.....CuaL I. 3. 

] IKFIZTITE eiceUenee k thioe, 

Tbou lovely ftrioce of grace I. 

TW «bcRUed beauties shine 

With ae\'er bding nyt. 


2 Sinners, from eavth's remotest eodf 

Come beading at thy feet ; 
To thee their pray'rs and praise ascend- 
In thee their wishes meet. 

3 Thy namCfas precious ointment shcd» 

Delights the church around ; 

Sweetly the sacred odours spread 

Thro' all Immanuei's ground. 

4 Millions of happy spirits live 

On thy exhaustless store ; 
From thee they all their bliss receive^ 
And still thou givest more. 

5 Thou art their triumph and their joy ; 

They find their all in thee ; 
Thy glories will their tongues employ 
Thro' all eternity. 

[6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear^ 
That I shall mount on high ; 
And view thy matchless beauties there 
With never ceasing joy. ? 

7 Angels shall listen to my song. 
And seraphs join the praise ; 
For none amongst the happy throng 
Shall louder triumphs raise !} 

73. L. M. Medley. 
V&rerunner,, ,„llQb, vi. 20, 

1 FAR, far beyond these lower skies. 
Up to the glories all hts own ; 
Where we by faith lift up our eyes. 
There Jesus our forerunner's sone* 

2 Amidst the shining hosts above. 
Where his blest smile new pleasure givca^ 
Where all is wonder, Joy, aLnd\ovtt^ 

. There Jesus^ our foreruQuex, Yvvea, 


9 H^h on his throat of beaveolj light. 
Eternal glory he sustains ; 
Whilst saiots and angels bless the sight ; 
There Jesus, our forerunuer, re%Qs. 

4 There, while hb course he ever miny 
Glorj his radiant crown entwines; 
Aod brighter than ten thousand siioi^ 
There Jesus^ our forerunnery shines. 

5 He lives salvatioo to impart. 
From sin aod satan's cursed wiles ; 
With love eternal in his breast ; 
There JesuSy our forerunner, smiles* 

[6 Before his heavenly Fatlier's face» 
For ev'ry saint he intercedes ; 
And with infallible success, 
There Jesus, our forerunner, pleads* 

7 But O ! 'tis this completes the whol^ 
Aod all its bliss and glory proves, 
That, while eternal ages roll, 
Tliere Jesus, our forenumer, loves.] 

S We shall, when we in heaven appeal'^ 
His praises sing, hk wonders tell ; 
And with our great forerunner thefe. 
Forever and foreyer dwell. 

74. L. M. KejtL 
Foundation Matt. xvL 1S» 

-1 HEAR what the hope of Israel saith, 
Who holds the keys of life and death; 
Whoie potent word must be fulfiU'd, 
^ Upon a rock my church I buiid. 

2 "« Thou. Peter art; but Ym the Lordr 
** By all ib'angellic host ador'd ;. 

^^ ?«U to b»«* * t Tovah'8 throne, ^ 

Than Z»n **, . „..e8t fite, . , ■' 

■ttfUoess tne *v«. the flaro«» * . 

,BaUl 00 WsGodbe^j^Jever stood; 
* ISe stands, and h"^; f ,be base, 
^ot heW, n« "Sin's hope erase. 


15. C. M; ^^ ^^johni.'- 

.««««.£ i8 » ^'»*' ^tM'8 veins ; , 
Drawn *f*>^. ,_j^d beneath inav u 

^'^ Mrfrcjoic'dtosee 
5 pear, 'V'^8 M^e W V^^^'^" . ^-^ 

,hv faith beheld the Stream 
* Thy fl»«\"^*Jjfbeea my them«. 

When tbis poor it' 

, 'Tis strung a"f.^f*;V, divine'. 

To sound «^°?;^^tlhinc.l 
i;„ other name t) 

'«• ^^T' . Zech.xiVi.l. 
, «o» yedespa«wg6™'f^ yoear; 

That wasbetn g . 

mtb oV tbe woam v ^ 

I'll keep mf *f«i'?" "*" a tkete aViAe ', 
And 9ub, and drink, and there 


Kor from the sacred streams remove^ 
Till taken to their source above. 

77. L. M. B . 

Friend of SiHners,.,JAilLe rii. 34. 

[1 JESUS, ih' incarnate God of love, 
Rules all the shining worlds above; 
And tho' his name the heavens transcend. 
Yet he is still the sinner^s friend. 

2 Before the rolling skies were made, 
Or nature^s deep foundations laid, 
He saw our fall, and did intend 

To shew himself the sinner^s friend.] 

3 Behold, the condescending God 

A while forsakes his bright abode ; 
To our mean world see him descendf 
And groan and die the sinner^s friend- 

A When the appointed hour was comcf 
He burst the barriers of the tomb ; 
Then to the skies he did ascend. 
Where still he lives the sinner's friend. 

5 Ye mourning souls, to Jesus come — 
Cast off despair, there yet is room ; 
To his dear hands your cause commend. 
Who only is the sinner's friend. 

78. C. M. Swain. 
Frw/irf....Prov. xvii. 1 7. 

1 COME, let our hearts and voices join. 
To praise the Saviour's name ; 
Whose truth and kindness are divine, 
Wboae lovers a constant flame. 

^ When taost we oeed his graciouB baiiil^ 
Tbia friend is always near \ 


With faeaveo aod earth at hu commancL 
He waits to answer pray V. 

3 His love no end nor measure knows. 
No change can turn its course; 

Immutably the same it flows 
From one eternal source. 

4 When frowns appear to veil his face. 

And clouds surround his throne, 
He hides the purpose of his grace, 
To make it belter known. 

5 Aod when our dearest comforts fall 

Before his sovereign will, 
He never takes away our all— - 
Himself lie gives us still ! 

^ Our sorrows in the scale he weighs; 
And measures out our paius ; 
The wildest storm his word obeys— 
His word its rage restrains! 

79. 8. 7. Newton. 
Sest Friend.... Vrov. xviii. 24. 

1 ONE there is above all others. 
Well deserves the name of friend: 
His is love hey ond a brother's. 
Costly, free, and knows no eud: 
They who once his kiudness prove. 
Find it everlasting love ! 

2 Which of all our friends, to save Qs^ 
Would consent to shed his blood ? 
But our Jesus dy'd t'> have us 
'Reeoneird h bim to Ood : 

ThtB was boundless love indeed t 
JemiB h a Mead in need. 

««w k«m tbeir Aieods no mow^. « 


Sligbt aod-scorQ their poor relatioDg| 
Tho' ihey valu'd them before; 
But our Saviour always owos 
Those who&k he redeemM with groans.] 

4 When he liv'd on earth abased, 
Frieod ot siuoers was bis Dame ; 
M'ow above all glory raised 
He rejoices ia the same ; 

Still be calls them bretbreo, friends^ 
Aud to all their wants attends. 

[5 Could we bear for one another. 
What he daily bears for us? 
Tet this glorious friend and brother 
Loves us, tho' we treat him thus : 
Tho' for good we render ill, 
He accounts us brethren still* 

6 O, for grace our hearts to soften I 
Teach ue, Lord, at leoglb to love; 
We, alas ! forget too often. 
What a friend we have above ; 
But when home our souls are brought^ 
We shall love thee as we ought. 

80. L.M. Beddome. 
Oift ofOod....^ohn iii. ltt....2Cor.ix. 1& 

1 JESUS, my Lord, my souPs delight^ 
For thee I long, for thee I pray; 
Amid the shadows of the night, 
Amid the business of the day. 

[2 Wlien shall I see thy smiling face-^ 
That face which I have often seen? 
Arise thou son of righteousness, 
And burst the clouds that interveue.] 

5 Thou an the glorious gift of God^ 
To flioneis weary aod disUrest; 


The int of all bki icifcs be«m'd. 
And certuo pledge of ill the leit 

4 OmU I bat mj. ihk gift k nine, 
Fd tread the world btmath mj feel; 
Vo mmt at poverty repine, 

Nor envy siooeKi rich aiid ^«at. 

5 The predouB jewel I would keep^ 
And lodge it deep withio my hetirt; 
At lioiiie» abroad, awake, asleep, 

It never should from thence de(Nirt ! 

8K.C.M. Steele/ 

Giiefl|..*.Rev. iii 10. 

% AZni will the Lord thus coodesceod 
To vkit nnful wonoB ? 
That it the door shall mercy itand, 
Iq all her wiaoiog forms ? 

2 Sarprisiop( ^raoe ! — and shall my heart 

IJnmovM and cold remain ? 
Has this hard rock uo tender part ? 
Must mercy plead in vain ? 

3 Shall Jesus for admission sue 

His soothiog voice unheard ? 
And this vile heart, his rightful due^ 
Bemab for ever barrM ? 

A 'Tis sin, alas, with tyrant powV, 
The lod^ine has possest; 
And crowds of traitors bar the door 
Agaiast the heavenly guest* 

6 Lord, rise in thy allconq'ring grace. 

Thy m^hty pow'r display ; . 
One beam of glory from thy face 
, 4iwn drive my foes away. 


6 Ye clang*roiis iumates, hence depart^ 
Dear Saviour, enter in 
And guard the passage to my heart. 
And Iceep out ev'ry sin. 

82. 8. 7. 4. Robinson. 
(jiitcfe.. ..Ps. xiviii. 14, 

1 GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah, 

Pilgrim thro' this barren land ; 
I am ireak, but thou art mighty — 

Hold me with thy powerful .hand : 
Bread of heaven, 
Feed me till I want no more. 

2 Open now the chrystal fountain, 

Whence the healing streams do flow 
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar. 

Lead me all my journey thro'; 
Strong delivVer ! 
Be thou still ^y strength and shield. 

3 Feed me with the heavenly mannai 

In this barren wilderness : 
Be my sword, and shield, and banner- 
Be my robe of righteousness : 
Tight and conquer 
All my foes by sovereign grace. 

4 When I tread the verge of Jordao, 

Bid my anxious fears subside; 
foe to death, and hull's destructioo. 

Land me safe on Canaan's side : 
Songs of praises 
I will ever give *^ thee.- 

83. C. M. Doddridge. 

ffea</....Eph. iv. 15, 16. 

1 JESUS, I sing thy matchless graces 
That calb a worm thy owa«« 


Xiivts me aoioiig^ thy sniots a place 
To make Uiy glorius knowo. 

2 Alli'd to liiee, our Fital head. 

We act, and !^row, and thrive: 
From thee divided, each is dead, 
VVhcQ must he secras alive. 

3 Thy saints on earth, and those above, 

Here join in street accord : 
One body ail in mulual love. 
And thou our common Lord. 

4 may my faith each hour derive 

Thy spirit with delight; 
While death and hell In vain shall strive 
This bond to disunite. 

3 Thou the whole body wiU present 
Before thy Father's face ; 
Nor sliall a \rri:ikle or a spot 
Its beauteous form disgrace. 

84. L. M. Kent. 
H€al£r.,„MaXi. iv. 24....Ex. xv. 26 

1 Hail, Plant reiiown\l ! thy leaves how fair, 
No thoughts conceive, no words declare ; 
What healing virtues from thee flows, 

To heal a guilty mortal's woes ! 

2 Thy fame was great in ancient days — 
Judea's region spoke thy prai .e ; 
And we, thro' grace, in this our day. 
Can sing of healing, great as they. 

tJ The hardest hearts, when thou wilt hcalj 
Arc soft as wax bijfore the seal ; 
Receiving then thine in.age fair, 
Stanapt ou the soul for ever there. 


[4 Hatred of God, that cursM disease, 
\fVi!l turn to love, when thou ehalt please ; 
And burn with a celestial glow, 
Which uooe but pardon'd rebels koow.} 

5 To thee, let Israel oft repair, 
When sin deGIes their garments here ; 
Por thou alone bast pow'r to heal 
The sting of deaih that sinners feel. • 

6 Count thou, my soul, no healing good. 
But what proceeds from Jesu's blood; 
ISi or rest ju this, t' atone for sin. 
Without a feeling seniee within. 

85. L. M. Brewer, 
Hiding' Place,.,.hRmh xxxii. 2. 

1. HAIL, sovVcign love, that first began 
The scheme to rescue fallen man ! 
Hail, matchless, free, eternal grace, 
That gave mj soul an hiding* place. 

2 Against the God that rules the sky 
I fought with hand uplifted high ; 
Despised his rich, abounding grace, 
Too proud to seek an hiding-place. 

[3 En wrapt in thick Egyptian night. 
And fond of darkness more than lights 
Madly I ran the sinful race, 
Secure without an hiding-place.] . 

4 But thus th' eternal counsel ran, 
*' Almighty love arrest that man ; 
I felt ihe arrows of distress. 

And found I had no hiding place. 

5 Indignant justice stood in view, 
To Sinai's fiery mount I flew ; 

But justice cry'd with frowning face, 
^ Thj3 mouoitain is do liiding-placc.'* 


• Ere loog a lieaveuly voice I beard, 
Aad mercy's angel-t'oriD appeared ; 
She led me oo with geutie pace. 
To Jesus, as my hidiug-place. 

7 On him Almighty vengeance fell, 
That must liave sunk a world to hell ; 
He bore it for the chorien race, 
And thus became their hiding-place. 

S Should storms of thundering vengeance roll, 
And shake the globe from pole to pole, 
No flaming bolt shall daunt my face, 
For Jesus is my hiding-place. 

9 A few more rolling suns at most 
Will land me safe on Canaan's coast ; 
Where I shall sing the song of grace. 
And see my glorious hiding-place, 

86. L. M. Medley. 
Him.,.. Ads v. 31. 

1 JOIN, all who love the Saviour's name, 
To sing his cverlastino; fame ; 

Great God, prepare each heart and voice. 
In him forever to rejoice. 

2 Of him what woncrrons things are told ! 
In him what glories I behold ! 

For him I gladly all things leave ; 
To hiqa, my soul, for ever cleave ! 

3 In him my treasure's all contained; 
By him my feeble soul's suslaiu'd ; 
From him what favors I receive ; 
Thro' him I shall for ever live. 

4 With him I daily love to walk ; 
Of him my soul delights to talk ; 
On liim I cast my ev'ry care ; 
Like him ose dajr J shsJl app€2ir> 


, 5 Ble» him, my ^1, from day (o day ; 
Trust bim to lend thee on thy wny ; 
Give him Ihy poiff, weak, sinful heart; 
With him O never, never part. 
S Take him for atreogth and righteousnen ; 
Make him thy refuge in distreai ; 
Love him above all earthly joy ; 
And him in every thing employ. 
T Praise him in cheerful, grateful songBf 
To him your highest praise belor^ ! 
BlesB him who does your beaveo prepare 
And vhom you'll praise for ever there. 
87. L. M. Ijte, 
Knom Aim.. -Fbil. iii. 10. 

1 Tis life to knov the dying Lambf 
Eternal life ie in !iis name ,- 

O may I in this knowledge gnwi 
And daily more of Jesiu kuov ! 

2 Knov him to wash me in his blood ; 
Know him to make my peace with Ood ; 
Knoff him for strength and rigbteousoeMi 
And know him for renewing grace. 

3 Know him as my exceeding joy ; 
Enow him my praises to employ; 
Enow hiin as all my heart can wish; 
Aad know him for eternal bliss, 

88. L. M. Jtary. 
Inmamel...^/ha. i. 23. 
1 TG angels, who in glory reign. 
And siog in most seraphic strain ; 
Te who before the altar fall, 
enwa Inmuiuel Lord of s(b 

2 Ye saints, uho !<it aroutiil the ihruue. 
And sing tiU sov'rcigo grace^loae> 
O joiu logf^lher, great aiid small. 

To crown Immauuel Loid of all. 

3 Ye ibotisandfci who are cloth'd iu whjle 
Aud diiellia UQCreHlcd light, 

Al his dtar feet devoutlj- fall, 
Aud croKu loiraanuel Lord of alL 

4 Ye heraida, who, froni place to plac^ 
Proclaim BalTatiau bf free grac«. 
To Calv'ry guilty Biiiiieis cdl, 

Aad crawD Immajiuei Lord of all. 

[S Ye ransom'd sianers, who remaia 
Wilhinthe reach of aiii aud shame, 
O, at his footstool humbly Call, 
And crowD Immanuel Lord of all.] 

f Te gentile ■looer^ who re^sio 
In bondage nodttr btn'* chain, 
Come, DOW for nocj bunbtj call. 
And provo jtmnimiei Lord of al), 

T Te aqgeb, nioU, and heraldt, joiof 
To DK^I* Inmnniel all divine ; 
Am rftmen come, and gladly own 
lonuMiel Kiuf , and Lord alone. 1 

«e. 8**. De Fteury. 
Immamid..^lmlab yik. 8. 

1 TE aiigd% lAo tfand leuod tbe tbroae, 
AodrleF aiyiniiiaiuK^'a face, 
In ttftaBw wo make bim koowD ; 
Tvn aU jonr aw lun" ^ '>" P<^&i>e- 

{I Bs bnR*d 7«i tbe apinba yw are, 
S^Jtaw^tpspohle^w good,* 


WheQ Others sunk down io despair. 
Confirmed bj his powV, yon stood.] 

2 Ye saiots, who stand nearer than tliey. 
And cast your bright crowns at his feet. 
His grace and his gloiy display, 
And all his rich mercy relate. 

4 He snatchM you from hell and the grave t 
He ransomM from death and despair; 
For yeu he was mighty to save — 
Almighty ta bring you safe there* 

6 O when will the period appear. 
When I shall unite in your song ?" 
I'm weary of lingering here, 
And I to your SaTiour belong ? 

# I'm fetter'd and chain'd up in clay— 
I struggle and paot to be free ; 
I long to be soaring away. 
My God and my Saviour to see t 

7 I want to put on my attire, 

Wash'd white in the blood of the Lamb; 
I want to be one of your choir, 
And tune my sweet harp to his name. 

[• I want ! — O, i want to be there. 
Where sorrow and sin bid adieu ; 
Tour joy and your friendship to share- 
To wonder and worship with you^] 

90. 78. S Ik 

Iiiimafiii£L..Matt i. 23....1 Tim. liL ttt. 

] GOD with us t O glorious name t 
Let it shine in endless fame ; 
God and man in Christ unite— 
O mysterious depth and height! 

9 Cod with lis! Bma^iiie love 

Brought hioi Irom his couris above; 

Now je saints his prace mitniire — 

Snell the song with holy fire. 
S God vith UH ! but taioted not 

With our fallicr Adam's bloi; 

Tet be did our sins siislaiii, 

Bore the guilt, the curse, Ihe pain. 
[i God with ufi < O bliesTul ihcme 1 

Let the impious not blat^phenie ; 

Jesus will in judgment sit, 

Dooming rebels to the pit.] 
8 God with us! O wond'rntis grace' 

Let us see bim face to face : 

That we mnj Immannel sinff. 

As <re ought, ouv God aod King. 

91 L. H. VoddriJge. 
f»MMta6^~.Heb. xHi. s: 

[I Vnth tranpoTt, Lord, our Mub proclain 
Tb' iminaital bonouiB af thy uanie ; 
AweiDbled roaiid oarSBrioiir*s throne. 
We mBkebiaceueless glories kuown.} 

S H^ on bis Father's royal Eeat, ■ 
Onr Jems abwe divinely great ; 
Bre Adam^ clay with life was AfsmTd, 
Or Gdiriel^ DoMer spirit fomi'd. 

3 Thci^ all snc'cieedlDg agea, be 
TfeeRme1Wfb.beeit....tbeMiDe sbaltbe; 
Imraoctal ndiuice-gnda bis bead, 
While atafs sod nns wax old, and fade. 

JTheFiiaeliia'poW'rbiBflock togaard; 


The same his faithfulness aod love, 
To saints od earth and saints above. 

5 Let nature change, and sink) and diej 
Jesus shall raise his chosen high ; 
And fix them near his stable &rode. 
In glory changeless as his own. 

02. L. M. FaivceU. 
Inttrcessor,.. John xvii. 24. 

1 JESUS has shed his vital blood. 
To bring my wand'ring soul to Ood : 
And stilli to marnfest his love. 

He lives, and pleads for me above^ 

2 "Father 1 will," the Saviour cries, 

^* That this poor soul at length may rise 
From all the depths of sin and woe, 
The riches of my grace to know. 

3 Now let his sins be all forgiven, 
And guide him in the path to heaven; 
I have redeemM his soul from hell ; 
With me he. shall for ever dwell. 

[4 To save his life, thy Son was slaini 
He is the purchase of my pain : 
I claim my right and urge my plea^ 
That he may reign in bliss with me. 

6 He shall behold me face to face. 
And dwell in this celestial place, 
Far from the reach of foes and fears ; 
My love shall wipe away his tears. 

6 His pains and toils shall have an end; 
His happy soul to God ascend ; 
Soon shall he reach the peaceful shorCt 
Where sin shall wound his heart no moi 


7 Fnltier, I will, that lie nhoM prove 
The woodem of redeeiniug love. 
That he maj all n>)- glories E«e, 
Aud ail uptiD the thrcme niUi me." 

• 93. L.. M. SleeU. 

iJiCen«Mr....Beta. tIL 2& 

1 HE Krtt, ^"ti/HBit TtkiUemiifnt; 
Wfaatjo^ ihebEt f M i w e B gt»<it 
Aod omr befaM Iwfclbtr-Owl^ - 
rtewfa Oa fall ki^»af«f UmL 

8 Repeited criiUM i#il» WV fcUa, 

And jintiM ia«M wfttr fttMnii-appem f 
. BiUlli tiM Sayioti^* loTClf fete, " 

S Hetice, tbeii,<r«U*Gk;i]eB[AMnJt ttran^btil 
Above Dttr htii, abore onr Tiufa ; 
His pow'rful inteicesakiin rue. 
And gitill recedes, and terroc diet. 

4 la ey*ry dark. diatreBsral hour, 
When uo and satan join Ae)r pow'r{ 
Let tfab dear hope repel the dart, 
That JeiuB bean ub on bia hart. 

5 Great Advocate, alnit!;htj- Friend 1 
Oo bim oar hanible bi^Ma depend 1 
Oar cause can oevei^ never fail, 
For Jeaua pleads^ and mast prevaiL 

fi4. CM. Toplaiy. 
jMbre»Mer....loha xviL 24. 
1 AWAKE, sweetgratitude, and eiiig 
Th* aaceaded 9aviour*s love ; 
-TilMnv be Ural (a carr^ on 
' " ' ffia people'* cause nbore. 
I 3 


2 With cries and tears he ofler'd up 

His bumble suit below ; 

£ut with authorii; he ssks, 

Entbroa'd in glory uow. 

3 For all that cotae to God by him, 

Salvalioa he demands; 
PoidtB to their nnmes upon his breast. 
And spreads bis wounded bands. 
{4 His sweet atooit^ sAcriftce, 
Gives sanction to bis claim ; 
" Father, I will that all my saints 
" Be with me where I am. 
5 "By their salvation, recompense 
" The sorrows I endur'd ; 
« Just to tbe merits of tby Son, 
*' And faithrul to Ihy word."] 
[6 Founded on right, hii pray'r avails; 
Tbe Father never can 
From his anointed turn away, 
Kor hear him ask in vain.] 
7 Eternal life, at bis request, 
To ev'ry saint is given ; 
Safety on earth, and, after death, 
The plenitude of heaven. 
{B Lord, I believe than didst go up 
To plead my cause with God ; 
Aod DOW thou in thy kingdom art, 
Bemember me for good 1 
9 Let the pure incense or tby pray't 
In my behalf ascend ; 
And as iu virtue, so my praise, 
Shall never, never ei>d.] 


96. L. M. Gregg. 
Not ashamed of Jesus....Mirk vilL 38. 
t JESUS, aod shall it ever be. 
A mortfll mnn nslixm'tl or thee ! 
•Scorn'd be the thought, by rich indjnor, 

may I tcorn it more and mor& 
-S lAia'd of f eaiiJ Hooer ftr 

I>t eraAif "blinb iioiira a lUr; 
He dwdi tbe b«iM<dri^ SMas 

ft AihaaiM ofi^^nii'JgMt m mo 
het nMAbf fie' Whun'd </ lOon ; 
Tk flridDtfit «Ui Ait udt, tin he^ 
IM|ht mmJlD^^tat. Ud daftnai flee. 

4 MmMi^XJtmtaiail yon fidd 
Bhrii, wbes'-ll'lfaiilks «1io bidi it ykld ? 

' Tet bind) IniKt while I adore; ' 

1 bhuh to thiolc I yield no more.] 
-fi Adiam'd of Jestu I that dear Irieod 

Oa wiioiD my bopes orhear«) depend ? 
ITo I wIkd I bitub, be tbfa By ^ame, 
That I DO more revere bis name. 

4 AAsai'd of Tewsl yes, I may 
Wben IVe do crimes to waih away; 
"No tear to Wipe, no good to crave, 
TSo fear to qusfll, no eoal lo save. 

1 TiH ften, (dot b on' bewtiog vain,) 
Tfll tbeo I boagt a Saviour sTaio ! 
And, O msy thk my glOT be, 
Thit Clirfct it not SBhaniM of we. 
86. C. Kt. FtOeKs^altereA 
td gjltiiiprf j^ JMiw.....Bom. L 19 2 Tim. I 

t OBAK und, aod will thy pard'oioi tore 
Anw« neftA w File? 


Wilt thou my load of guilt remove, 
Aod bless me with thy smile ? 

2 Hast thou the cross for me eodiir'd. 

And suffered all my shame ? 

And shall 1 be asham'd, O Lord, 

To own thy precious name ? 

3 No, Lord, I^m not ashamM of thee^ 

Not of thy cause on earth ! 
O do not be ashamed t>f me, 
When t resign my breath. 

4 Be thou my shield, be thou my sun ; 

O guide me all my days ; 
And let my feet with joy run on 
In tiiy delightful ways. 

97. CM. He^inhotlutm 
Jesus precious.,. A Pet. li. 7. 

1 BLEST Jesus, when my soaring thoughti 

O'er all thy graces rove, 
How is my soul in transport lost.r* 
In wonder, joy, and love! 

2 Not softest strains can charm mine earsi 

Like thy beloved name ; 
Nor aught beneath the skies inspire 
My heart with equal flame. 

3 Where'er I look, my wondering eyes 

Unnumbered blessings see ; 
But what is life, with all its bliss, 
If once compared to thee ? 

4 Hast thou a rival in my breast ? 

Search, Lord, for thou canst tel! ; 
If aught can raise my passions thus;. 
Or please my soul so well. 


5 No, thou art precious to my heart. 
My portion and my joy ; 
Forever let tby bouodless grace 
My sweetest thuuglits employ. 

% When nature faints, around my bed 
Let thy bright glories sliiiie ; 
And death shall all his terrors lose^ 
In raptures so divine. 

98. C. M. Doddridge. 
Jesus precious. <,„\ Pet. ii. 7. 

1 JESUS, I love thy charming name ; 

'Tis music to my ear; 
Fain would I sound it out so lond, 
That earth and heaven might hear, 

2 Yes, thou art precious to my soul, 

My transport and my trust ! 
Jewels to thee are gamiy toys, 
And gold is sordid dust. 

3 All my capacious pow'rs can wish 

In thee doth richly meet ; 
Nor to mine eyes is liglit so dear. 
Nor friendship half so sweet. 

A Thy grace still dwells upon my heart. 
And sheds its fragrance there ; 
The noblest balm of all its woundsi 
The cordial of its care ! 

fi ril speak the honors of thy name. 
With my last laboring breath ; 
Then, speechless, clasp thee in mine arms. 
The antidote of death. 

99. C. M. Steele. 
King of Saints....^ev. xv. 3. 

) COME, ye that love the Saviour's name, 
And jojr to wake it kuowOf 


The sovVci^n of your heart proclainiy 
And bow before his throoe. 

2 Behold your Kiog, your Sa^ioijur, crowrfd 

With glories all divine ; 
And teli the wond'riog oations rouod, 
How bright those glories shioe. 

3 lofioitp pow'r and boundless grace. 

In him unite their rays; 
You that hare seen his lovely face. 
Can you forbear his praise ? 

4 When in his earthly courts we view 

The beauties of our King; 
We long to love as angels do. 
And wbh like them to sing. 

B And shall we long and wish in vain ? 
Lord, teach our songs to rise ! 
Thy love can animate the strain, 
And bid it reach the skies. 

^ O happy period ! glorious day ! 

When heaven and earth shall raise. 
With all their pow'rs, the raptur'd lay, 
T-o celebrate thy praise. 

100. 6. 4. Kingsbury, 
JKf«g'....Bev. XV. 3. 

1 LET us awak^ our joys. 
Strike up with cheerful voice- 
Each creature sing ; 
Angels — begin the song. 
Mortals — the strain prolong. 
In accents sweet and strong, 
^' j€8us is King.^^ 

2 Prochinn abroad h« name, 
TeH of bis tiiatchless fame— 
What freodcr 

Ai.mABmcALi.r ajuuhgso. loi 

Shout Uuo' hellVi dark profoood ; 
Let the whole earth resouiid. 
Till the h^h heaveos rebound^ 
" The vki'rj's woo.** 

3 He vaoquishM sio and bel!. 
And the last foe will quell; 

Mouraen rejoice ! 
His dying love adore. 
Praise him uow rak'd io powV, 
And triumph evermore, 

\?ith a glad voice. 

4 All hail the glorious day. 
When thro' the heavealy waj 

Lo, he shall come ! 
While they who pierc'd him wai!> 
His promise shall oot fail, 
SainU, see your Kiog prevail 9 

Come, dear Lord, come ! 

101. C. M. Hoskins. 
Lamb of Qod,.» John L 29. 

1 SINNERS, behold the Lamb of Go4 

Who takes away our guilt; 
Look to the precious, priceless bloo^ 
That Jews aod Geotiles spilU 

2 From heaven he came to seek and savCy 

Leaving his blest abode : 
To ransom us himself he gave ; 
Behold the Lamb of God. 

3 He came to take the sionefs place^ 

Aod shed bur precious blood ; 
Lei Adam's guilty, ruia'd race 
Beitold tlte Lamb o(God. 

16^ 161 ADopTieN* 

Blessing and thanks, and pow'r divine,. 
Thrice hol^ Lord, be ever thine ! -' 



1 60. L. M. Recce's SeL 
Adoptwn*,.J£,ph, i. 5. 

1 ALL the Lord's honor'd, chosen race, 
Adopted were by sovVeign grace ; 
As viewM in Christ ihey ever stood 
The children of the living God. 

2 The Lord eternally foresaw 

That they would break his holy law. 
And sink in guilt and deep disgrace* 
With all the train of Adam's race. 

3 The Father's heart o'erflowM with love» 
And sent down Jesus from above ; 

The Son poiirM out his precious blood. 
To bring the children back to God. 

4 Under the sway of mighty grace 
They see their fa* h^r's shining faccj 
Smiling a great salvation down 
On ev'ry dear, returning son. 

5 liOrd, may we all our sonship knoir« 
As we by faith to Jcsus^ go; 

And, in believing, may we prove 
Our Father^s rich, adopting love. 

161. 78. Humphreys. 

Privileges of Adoption....} John, iii. 1, 2. 

1 BLESSED are the sons of God ; 
They are boujght with Jesu's blood ; 

▲fflictimt I^ 

Tbey are ranfiomM from the grave-* 
Life eternal they shall have. 

2 God did love tliem in bis soo, 
Loog before the world begun ; 
Tbcj the seal of this receive. 
When on Jesus thej believe, 

3 They are justify'd by grace ; 
They enjoy a solid peace- 
All their sins are wash'd away ; 
They shall stand in God's great dajv 

[4 They produce the fruits of grace 

Ip the works of righteousness; 
. They are harmless, meek and mild..^ 

Holy, humble, uudefird.] 

S They are lights upon tbe earth...* 
Children of an heavenly birth ; 
Born of God, they hate all sin ; 
God's pure seed remains within. 

# They have fellowship with God, 
Thro' the Mediator's blood ; 
One with God....with Jesus oue.««» 
Glory IS in them begun. 

7 Tho' they sulTer much on eartli, 
Strangers to the worldling's mirth| 
Yet they have an inward joy.... 
Pleasures that can never cloy. 

t They alone are truly blest — 
Heirs of God— joint-heirs with Christ t 
"With them number'd may 1 be, 
Here and in eternity,- 

^ 162. L. M. Steele. 

*/^xcac7 my woes abroad— « 


While day and night my mournfal crkU 
Before thj throne incessant rise. 

2 Let tliy indulgent, pitying ear 
Incline to my distressful prayV; 

With pain and grief my heart o*er0ow4» 
And o'er me soon the grave will ose* 

3 My strength is life resigned; 
Among the dead my place assign'd ; 
Cut oflf from life....froni hope I lie ; 
Scarce are the slain more lost than I. 

4 Low in the grave my hopes are laid. 
And darkness spreads its deepest shades 
Thy dreadful wrath afflicts my soul; 
Like wlielming waves thy terrors roll. 

|5 Far from these wretched eyes removM ^ 
Are all the friends whom once I lov*d ; 
They fly my sorrows, while I moaoi 
Coofiu'd, unpityM, and alone.] 

In vain to ease my hopeless woe, 
The streaming tears incessant flow ; 
To thee, O Lord, I breathe my cries^ 
And stretch my hands, and lift my eyet» 

1 63. C . M. Sieimeti. 
f leading with Qod under Affliaum,...Ij9m. ilL 

1 WHY should a living man complaia 

Of deep distress within, 
Skice ev*ry sigh, and ev'ry pais 
Is but the fruit of sin ? 

ir Lord to tby dealings V\\ submit. 
Nor would I dare rebeV \ 
Yet sure I may, here ai thy fe€^ 
-Sfy pldofui feelingi t^U 

^rtLICTtON. 1^ 

3 Thou eeeBt what floods of sorrows rise ; 

And beat upon my soul ; 
Deep calli to deep — O hear mj criei^ 
While storroj billovs roll. 

4 From fear to hope, and hope to fear, 

My shlp-wreckM soul is tost; 
Till I am tempted io despair 
To give up all for lost. 

J Yet thro' the stormy clouds 1 look 
Once more to thee^ my God; 
O fix my feet on Christ, the rockf 
Who bought me with his btood» 

One look of mercy from thy face, 

Will set my heart at ease ; 
One all-commanding word of grace 
Will, make the tempest cease. 

164. C. M. Toplady. 
Jfflidum^ or Meditation on God^s Zare....Ps. ciy. 34* 

1 WHEN languor and disease invade 

This trembling house of clay, 
*Tis sweet to look beyond my pains^ 
And long to fly away. 

2 Sweet to look inward, and attend 

The whispers of his love ; 
Sweet to look upward to the place 
Where Jesus pleads above. 

3 Sweet to look back, and see my name 

In life s fair book set down ; 
Sweet to look forward, and behold 
Eternal joys ray own. 

4 Sweet to reflect how grace divine 
My Bios on Jesus laid. 

Sweet to remember that bis bfood 
My debt of saff *rio$ paid. 

B Sweet in his righteousaess to staod^ 
Which saves from second death 9^ 
Sweet to experience, day by day. 
His spirit's qaick'oiog breath* 

6 Sweet 00 his faithfulness to restj^ 

Whose love can never end ; 
Sweet on his covenant of grace 
For all things 10 depend. 

7 Sweet, in the confidence of faitb^ 

To trust his firm decrees ; 
Sweet to lie passive in his hand. 
And know no will but his. 

8 If such the sweetness of the stream% 

What must the fountain be, 
Where saints and angels draw their blki 
Immediately from thee ! 

165. C. M. Tepia^. 

1 SWEET to rejoice in lively bope» 

That when my change shall comej * 
Angels shall hover round my bed) 
And waft my spirit home. 

2 There shall my dis-embodied soul 

View Jesus and adore ; 
Be with his likeness satisfy'd. 
And grieve and sin no more — 

3 Shall see him wear thai very desb 

On which my gvSVl'w«^^\^\^\ 
His love Intense, Ms tneT\Vlxt»\H 
As tho' but newly dwa* 

IflfURAHCI. 17; 

He cans'd it to ilumber, nor could it begfa 
Till bis little Dumber the Lord had shut in. 

2 Shat io by decree and council they were ; 
Shut in by the oath nhkh to them he aware; 
From lielPs coodemaatioDf and wrath's horrid din 
O precious salvation ! the Lord shut them in. 

3 The few that remained, not wreckM by the flood 
Prefigure to us the ransom'd by blood ; 

In Jesus elected, not deludgM by sin. 

But in biffl protected, the Lord shut them in. 

4 Thus o^er the abyss in safety they rode ; 
Ifor wonder at thiB....their Pilot was God; 
When death and destruction without might be seec 
Thb was their protection, the Lord shut them in 

i When others are wreck'd, e*en then he will spar< 
His own, the elect ; their sonsliip is clear; 
Tho'sin may annoy them, his charge they have been 
It ne^er shall destroy them....the Lord shut them in 

6 When Judgment takes place, and worlds in a flame 
The subjects of grace shall sup with the I iamb; 
And when on his bosom they take their repose, 
The portals of glory shall finally close. 

173. n2th. LyndMsSeL 

A ssurance.,. J erm, xxxi. 3, 

1 JESUS I know hath dy'd for me ; 
This is my hope, my joy, my rest ! 
Hither, when hell assails, I flee. 
And look into my Saviour's breast ; 
Away, sad doubts, and anxious fear — 
Mercy is all that's written there. 

2 Tho' waves and storms go o'er my head, 
Zlio* strength aad health, and friends be gone 


Tho* joys be wither'd all, and dea^ 
And evVy comfort be withdrawoj. 
Stcdfast ou this my soul relies, 
Fatber, thy mercj never dies. 

** Z Fixt on this ground vill I remain, 

Wben heart shall fail, and flesh decajl 
This anchor shall my soul sustain, 
When earth's foundations melt awaj : 
Mercy's full powV I then shall proFC^ 
Lov'd with an everlastiiig love ! 

174. 8.8.6. Tapladj/. 
Jlo9umewL.„JRaai, iiL 2bm 

1 O THOU, that hear*st the prayV offkitbl^ 
Wilt thou not save a soul from deatli» 

That casts itself on thee ? 
I have no refuge of my oivn^ 
But fly to what my Lord hath dooe^ 

And suflfer d once for me. 

2 Slain in the guilty sinner's stead. 
His spotless righteousness I plead. 

And his availing blood : 
Thy righteousness my robe shall be. 
Thy merit shall atone for me, 

And bring me near to God. 

3 Then snatch me from ete nal death. 
The spirit of adoption breathe, 

His consolations send : 
By him some word of life impart. 
And sweetly whisper to my heart, 

'«Thy Maker is thy friend." 

4 The king of terrors then would bt 
A welcome messenger to me^ 

To bid me come aw^^y i 

Vnclogs*^ ^y ^^b Of earthly dilngs, 
I*d mount, I'd fly with «ager wings 
Toeveriastiag day* 

1 75. 7. 8. a. TV^il^. 
J/aiiffii^fi<....Iioiii. v. ^—1 !• 

t O THOU, who didst thy glory leaVQ 
Apostate sioners to retrieve 

From uature's deadly fall ; 
Thou hast redeeni'd ine with a pric^ 
Nor shall my sins in judgotent riae^ 

For thou hastberoe them alU 

2 Jesus was punishM ia my stead, 
Without the gate my surety fokd 

To expiate my stain ; 
Oo earth the God-head deiguM to dffd^ 
And made of infinite avail 

The suff 'rings of the man. 

3 The Saviour was for rebels given ; 
Christy the incarnate King of heaven^ 

Did for his foes expire ! 
Te humble souls, the tidings hear; 
He bore, that we might never bear, 

His father's righteous ire. 

4 Te paints, the man of sorrows blesii 
The God, for your umrighteousness^ 

Deputed to atone ; 
Praise him, till, with the ransemM throng^ 
Te sin^ the never-ending song. 

And see him on his throne. 

1 76. ^. 8. 6. Toplady. 
AtonemefU.»,.\md\i liii. 10. 

1 FROM whence \hh fear and unbelief { 
B^tb aot the Fnther put to grief 

177 ATmmnsT. 

And win the riefateous jadfe of 
CoDdcino me ibr tbat cMt of skz. 
Whieb, Lord, ww cliaf|[*d oo ihee f 

2 Coiaplete atonement thoa hast Bade, 
And to the utiMiBt farthirt: paid 

Whatever tiiy people ow'd ; 
How tbCD can wrath on me take plac^ 
If •belter'd in thy riphteousaesfi, 

And ipribkled with th} blood ? 

[3 If thou hafit mj discharge prrcur*<^ 
And frcclj in my room rndur'd 

The nhole of wrath divine; 
Payment Ood cannot twice demand-^ 
Firat at my bleeding Surety's hand. 

And then again at mine.] 

A Turn then, my soul, unto thy rest ; 
The rocTitH of tliy great High-prieat 

Hathboiiglit thy liberty; 
Tnut ill Ilia efTicacioua blood; 
14 or ti'ur thy banishment from Ood^ 
3iucc Jo8u« dy'd for tbee. 

177. 8. 7. Hart. 

Jltmemeni....B,om. v. 6 — II. 

1 NOTHING but thy blood, O Jesuv 
Can itrtevc us from our guilt. 
Nothing else from sin release ua. 
Nothing else the heart can melt. 

2 Law and terrors do but harden. 
While they operate alone ; 

^Biit a arose of blood bought pardow 
Soaa dissolves a heart of stone* 
T3 Jd^ dl <nY consolations 

' Fltwfn»*et,\h»«w'TO«aeHA\ 

BlBTLOW-^BACKS|.Iint. T7S 179 

liore, aod Ikith, and hope, and patieMe^ 
Gome to us thro' thj rich bloodj 

1 78. C. M. Needham. 

Babylon's FalU..IUr. xvuL 20, 21. 

1 THE mi^htj God that rules the skies^ 

Shall Babers rage restraio; 
lo vain she forms her cruel schemesp 
And boasts her pow'r in vain. - 

2 That bitter cup, which she has mbt; 

Once more herself shall drink; 
Ab falls the mill -stone in the deep. 
Proud Babylon shall sink* 

3 Rejoice, ye saints, the vengeance long 
Is laid for her in store; 
And Babylon, that scarlet whore, 
Shall sink to rise no more* 

179. 8. 4. Steele^ 8.,..QlUr€d. 

Backslidefs H^(i<nt....Psalffl li. 10 — 19* 

1 CREATE, O God, my powers anew— 
Blake my whole heart sincere and true ; 
O cast me not in wrath away, 

I^or let thy soul-enliv'ning ray 
Still cease to shine. 

2 Restore thy favor, bliss divine ! 

Those heavenly joys that once were mine; 
Let thy good Spirit, kind and free. 
Uphold and guide my steps to thee. 
Thou God of love. 

3 Then will I teach thy sacred ways; 
With holy aseal proclaim thy praise ; 
Till sinners leave the dang'rous road..*. 
Torsafce their sias, and turn to God| 

fVJdi hearts sincere* 

X90 181 BAPTHHF. 

4 O cleanse my guilt, aod heal mj paia^ * 
Remove the blood polhtted stahi ; 
Then shall my heart adoriug trace, 
My Saviour God, the boundless grace 
That flows from thee. 

[5 Since, my dear Saviour, grace is thioe^ 
On Zion^s hill let mercy shine ; 
Glad oflT'f ings then prepar'd shall be^ 
And each oblation rise to thee 
In flames of love.] 

ISOw L. M. Dtrracott 

Infants given to God in Baptism..,,AeiB iLV 

1 ETERNAL God, m whom we live— 
From whom all blessings we receive. 
Ourselves and ours we owe to thee, 
And thine we would forever be* 

2 To thee our infant babe we bring 
As a most cheerful oflfering ; 
Accept him. Lord, as henceforth tfaio^ 
While we our right to thee resign. 

2 Lord, in that covenant which we shait^^ 
O may he have Jli^ interest there f 
And to the outward seal here given. 
Do thou annex his seal in heaven. 

4 Now let the whole assembly here. 
Find thee, the God of Israel, near ; 
Thy choicest blessings. Lord, impart^ 
And cheer and quicken ev'ry heart. 

181. L. M. Beck's eoL 

Prayer for a blessing in Baptism. 

1 COME, Holy Ghost, de^iccud from h^ 
Baptizti of our spirits thou I 

i Tbe sacrameiital seal apply* 
f And witness with the water, bow. 

p £xert thy eaergf divioe, 

' Aod sprlokle the atonii^ blood ; 
May Father) Son, aod Spirit joia 
To seal this child a child of God. 

182. CM. BecVica. 
bfants given to Qod m Bapiism.,..AtitB & 99^ 

1 SINCE thou art pleasM thy saSols to owii» 

Dear Lord, their children bless; 
This iostitutioo do thou crown 
With tokens of (by grace. 

2 Jesus, we raise our soub todiee ; 

Thy pow'rful Spirit breathe;* 
And let this little infant be 
Baptiz'd into diy death. 

3 let the unction on him rest— 

Thy grace his soul renew ; 
Aod write within his tender breast 
1 Thy name and nature too. 

• 4 If thou shouldst quickly end his days; 

His place with thee prepare ; 
I Or if thoa lengthen out his race, 

Continue still thy care. 

5 Thy faithful servant may l^prore^ 
Girded with truth divine ; 
A sharer in thy dying tove...« 
A follower of thine. 

C Lord plant us all into thy death. 
That we thy life may prove— 
Partakers of thy cross beaeathj^ 
And aftbycrowD above. 

183 184 %JLvruM4 

183. CM. DobelL 
Infants given up to God in Bapiismf. 

1 WE now, O thou eteroal Ood, 

Thine ancient truths embrace ; 
And bring* our infant oflTspring near^ 
And humbly seek thy face. 

2 May they be thine....for^ever thine..,.. 

Thy ransom'd, purchased seed ; 
O let this seal of sprinkling now 
Be own'd of thee indeed. 

3 Here, parents, with thanksgiving Tiew 

Tour right in what youVe done ; 
Let songs of honor sound aloud 
To the great Three in One. 

184. C. M^ Peacoc1^u..aJU€red. 
Infant Baptism..JL\x\it xviii. 16. 

1 BEHOLD what condescending love 

Jesus on earth displays : 
To babes, and sucklings he extends 
The riches of his grace. 

2 The pjBirents's hearts, with transport filled 

Oite up their babes to him ; 
He clasps them in his tender arms» 
Tho' bom in guilt and sin. 

3 See how the Saviour looks around, 

With smiles upon his face, 
And says his kingdom is of sucli, 
By free and sovereign grace. 

4 " Forbid them not," is his command ; 

Then why should we resist ? 
O let your babes be now baptized ;; 
fieareD will af nich consi^ 

IRth flowing; tears and tbankful hearts 
We bring them here to thee ; 
Receive them, Lord, into thine armfr-* 
Tbioe may they ever be. 

185. C. M. Peacoi^. 
Infant Ba;7fi$m....Mark x. 14. 
I BEHOLD what condescending love 
Jesus on earth displays! 
To babes add suoklings he extends 
The riches of his grace ! 

2 He still- the ancient promise keepii 

To our forefathers given ; 
Toung children in his arroshetakesi 
And calls tb^m heir» of heaven. 

3 ^ Permit them to approach,^ he cries, 

" Nor scorn their humble name ; 
** For 'twaa to bless such souls as thesci 
" The Lord of angels came." v 

4 We bring them, Lord, with thaakM beartf> 

And yield them up to thee ; 
Joyful that we ourselves are thine. 
Thine may our offspring be. 

& Kindly receive this tender branch, 
And form his soul for God ; 
Baptize him with thy spirit Lord, 
And wash him in thy blood. 

t6 * Thus to their parents and their seed 
Let thy salvation come; 
And numerous hons^lidlds meet at last, 
In one eternal home.^] 

186. C. M. Dchell. 
Infanti given to Oodin BaptisnL...Viv!dL %• \\* 

3 THE Saviour with inviting voice, 

Smj8 ''let your e&jidren come \ 

^ For ihem there't k>Fe within nj breai(| 
^ Aod iu mj JUDgdom room.'' 

2 As Israel's seed, we would embract 

The priviksfe thus giyeo; 
And owD them fit to be baptized. 
Since God t^kes such to heareo. 

3 Lord, at thy call, we bring our babes. 

And give them up to thee ; 
Te angels, aad >c men, beholdi 
And now our witness be. 

A Now our dear offspring are baptizM 
According to his word, 
As Abra'm bis did circumcise. 
Obedient to the Lord. 

[5 This water, sprinkled on the childi 
Does a rich emblem show 
Of pouring out the Spirit's grace 
To lorm the heart anew.] 

187. S. M. F€Uows.,..alt€r€d. 

Infants given to Ctod in Baptism.^.JsB, Ixv. 

1 GREAT God, now condescend 

To bless our rising race ; 
Soon may their willing spirits bend. 
To thy victorious grace. 

2 O what a vast delight 

Their happiness to see ! 
Our warmest wishes ail unite 
To lead their souls to thee. 

3 Now bless, thou God of love. 

This ordinance diviu^; 
Send thy good Sp\nt liom %>ao^e^ 
And mak€ these ch«tArcn.v\\V»su 

188. L. M. F€U9Mu,..MMnU, 
, «r HmuekM Bsfium — Ictivri li, 
33, 3i. 

1 GREAT God, we lo dby oonts 
With humble joy and hoi j bear, 
Thj great iopioctioDf to obejr ; 
Lei saintB anid aogek hail the daj. 

2 Great things, O eTerbftkg Son, 
Great thii^ for lu thy grace has 
Coostrain'd bj thioe eteraal kiTC, 
Our williDg feet to meet thee wmmz, 

3 From heathen darkness we are hramhl 
To be baptiz'd! how sweet the thooght! 
Lord, let this ordinance in view 
Be sweet and aninaling too. 

4 Thus we, dear SaTiciir, own thj name* 
And thj rich grace and love procfaum ; 
Bought with thj blood we humblj cooc^ 
And jield our all to thee alone. 

h What joj, dear Lord, our spiriu feel. 
When households join to do tbj will ; 
Maj thousands more applaud thj cause. 
And venerate thj holj laws. 

189. C. M. Beddome. 
Eunuch Baptized,,., kcXs viiL 2G— 40. 

1 THE hoi J Eunuch, when baptized. 

Went on his wa j witli joj ; 
And who can tell what rapfroiis thouglits 
Did then his mir)d emploj ? 

2 **Ib that most glorious Saviour mine 

** Of whom I lately read ? 
-^ Who, bearwff all my sias ^ criefs, 
i' Was numbered with the dead ? 



3 ^ Is he, who, bursting from tlie graTe, 
^* Now reigos above the sky, 
<< My advocate before the throne — 
** My portion when I die ? 

A ^ Have I profess^ his holy name P 
*' Do I his gospel bear 
^ To Ethiopia's scorched lands ? 
*' And shall I spread it there ? 

^ « ril tell tltcm of ^hat precious blood 
*' Which cancels ev'ry sin, 
^' And of that renovating grace, 
** Which makes the conscience clean." 

6 This pattern, Lord, with sacred joy, 
Help us to keep in view ; 
The same our work to spread thy fame^ 
And ours the pleasure too. 

190. C. M. Hoskins, 

Bartim€us*s Prayer.... Mark x, 46 — 50, 

1 LIKE Bartimeus, we are blindi 

Enwrapt in nature's night ; 
The grossest darkness veils our mind. 
For sin prevents the sight. 

2 But lo ! the Lord from heaven is come 

To open sinner's eyes ; 
To make his wond*rous mercy known. 
And heal their maladies. 

3 Come then, ye blind, and beg, and pray. 

And in the Lord believe ; 
For who can tell ? perhaps to-day 
You may your sight receive. 

4 Jesus of Naz'reth passeth by- 

He is the stnuefs livt\ifi\ 

Call on \na name, and wait and crj, 
He will jour Bult attend. 

^ Should sinners say *^.hold je jtMir pe«c€^ 
^' Nor dare to make so free,** 
The loader cry, and never cease, 
*' Have mercy. Lord, on me." 

4i Your vorthless^rments leave behind; 
Go to the Lord of light; 
Trust in his name, however blind» 
And he will give you sight. 

191. 148th. Newton. 
The Beggar...Mikii. viL 7, 8. • 

^ ENCOURAG'D by the woid 

Of promise to the poor. 
Behold a beggar, Lord, 
Waits at tby mercy's door! 
17o handy no heart, O Lord, but tbine, 
Can'help or pity wants like mine. 

12 The beggar's usual plea, 
Belief from men to gain, 
If ofTer'd unto tliee, 
I know thou would^st disdain ; 
And those which move thy gracious ear. 
Are such as men would bcoyh to hear. 

3 'Twere folly to pretend 
I never begg'd before; 
Or, if thou now befriend, 

I'll trouble thee no more^ , 
Thou often hast reliev'd my pain, 
And often I must come again. 

4 Nor can I willii^ be 
ST/fj^ bounty. to conceal 

102 103 ^ETQESPi* 

From others who, like me, 
Their waots and hunger feel : 
1*11 tell them of tbj mercy's store, 
Aod try to send a thousand more. 

192. U M. Thrvaki's QoL 

Betheada^s Pool.., John r. 2 — 4. 

1 HOW long, thou faithful God, shall I 
Here in thy ways forgotten lie ? 
When shall the means of healing be 
The channels of thj grace lo me. 

2 Sinners on ev'ry side step in. 

And wash away theif pain and sin; 
But I, an helpless, sin-sick soul. 
Still lie expiring at the pool. 

$ Thou Covenant angel, swift come doi^D, 
To-day thine own appointments crown ; 
Thy pow'r into the means infuse, 
And give them now their sacred use. 

4 Thou seest me lying at the pool, 

I would, thou know'st, I would be whole: 

let the troubled waters movci 
And mioiater thy healing love. 

193 S. M. Newton. 

Bethesda^s PooL.John y. 2—4^ 

1 BESIDE the gospel pool, 

Appointed for the poor, 
From year to year my helpless soiil 
Has waited for a cure. 

£ How often have I seen 

The healing waters move ; 
And others round mestepij\ti% W 
Their efficacy provt; I 

BIBLS. ](^ 

3 But mj complauiU remaio ; / 

I feel the veiy same ; 
As full of guilt, and fear, aod paio, 
As *irheo at first I came. 

4 O) would the Lord appear 

My malady to heal ; 
He koows how loog J've languished hisrci, 
And what distress I feel . 

[5 How often have I thought. 
Why should I longer lie ? 
Surely the mercy I have sought 
Is not for such as I ? 

C But whither can I go ? 
There is no other pool 
Where streams of sov'reign virtue flew 
To majlLe a siooer whole.] 

7 Here, then, from day to day, 

I'll wait, and hope, and try ; 
Can Jesus hear a sinner pray, 
Tet suffer him to die f 

8 No — he is full of grace ; 

He never will permit 
A soul, that fain would see his face, 
To perish at his feet. 

194. L. M. Scott. 

iihle indited and preserved by God the Spirit. „1%9l» 

xl. 8. 

1 ETERNAL Spirit I Hwas thy breath 
The oracles of truth inspired ; 
And kings aad holy seers of old 
With strong proplietic impulse firM. 

Tbenhps W2th Iieavealy gcieace ftoVcV : 

195 ^IBLE. 

Thdr hands a thousaod wonders irroii|^ 
M'hich bore the sJgbatuve of CSod. 

^ With gladsome hearts thej spread the aewt 
or pardoD, thro* a Saviour's bloody 
And to a num'*rous seeking crowd 
Marked out the path to hb abode. 

4 The powers of earth and hell in vain 
Against the sacred word combine ; 
Thy providence thro* ev'ry age 
Securely guards the work divine. 

f Thee, ics great author, source of light. 
Thee, its preserver, we adore ; 
And huroblj ask a ray from thee. 
Its hidden wonders to explore. 

195. C. M. Steele. 


Excellency of the JBi5^....Fs. cxix. 97« 

1 FATHER of meFcieSjin thy word 

What endless glory sliioesl 
For ever be thy name adorM 
For these celestial lines 1 

2 Here may the wretched sons of wast 

Exhaustlcss riches 6nd; 
Riches, above what earth can grant) 
And lasting as the mind. 

D Here the fair tree of knowledge ^rowa, 
And yields a sweet repast ; 
Sublimer sweets than nature knows 
Invite the longing taste. 

4 Here springs of consolation rise 
To cheer the faintinn; ra\wd%^ 
Aad thirsty souls receive av\pv^iea% 
-Attd sweet xefreshmeut to4. 

. BLIND. 196 107; 

5 Here tbe Redeemer's welcome Tolce 

Spieads heaveuly peace arouod % 
And life aod everlastiuiB; joys 
Attend the blissfal soiuid ! 

6 maj these heayenlj pages be* 

My ever dear delight ; 
And still new beauties may I see, 
Aod still incieasiiig light ! 

7 Divine iostruetor, gracious Lord, 

Be thou* for ever near ; 
, Teach me to love thy sacred word,. 
And view ray Saviour there ! 

106. 8. 7, Nervton. 
Precious Bible..,.Vsai\m xix. 10; 

1 PRECIOUS Bible ! what a treasure 
Does tbe word of Ood afford ! 

All I want for life or pleasure. 
Food aod medicine, shield and sword; 
Let the world account me poor — 
Having this I need no more. 

2 Food, to whieh'the world's a stranger, 
Here my hungry soul enjoys ; 

Of excess there is no danger. 
The' it fills, it never cloys : 
On a dying Christ I feed- 
He Is meet and drink indeed f 

197. L. M. Hoskins. 

WhereoM I mas blind, now I see,.,.John ix. 25i 

I NOW let my soul with wonder trace 

Tbe Saviours mJrscJes of grace ; 
£Shw let my lips and life record 
»e loviag'kiaduess of (he Lord. 


2 Till late I fancied all was well, 
Tho' walkiag m the road to h«ll ; 
But now, thro' grace divlD^Fy free, 
I, who was bliod, am brought to see. 

3 Long had I slept in nature's night. 
But Jesus came and gave me light t 
Ten thousand praises, Lord, to thee^ 
That tho' bom blind, yet now I see ! 

A Iiong had I wallowM in my sin ; 
Blind to the dangers I was in ; 
But now appeal, great God, to thee. 
That tho' once blind, yet now I see ! 

5 Long did I on the law rely. 

And pass the friend of sinners by ; 
But, what a glorious mystery ! 
Tho' I was blind, yet now I see ! 

6 Strengthen, O Lord, my mentaJ sight.... 
Increase my faith, increase my light; 
Then shall f praise (he sacred Three, 
In time and in eternity. 

198. C. M. Haskins. 
We must be Bam again....John iii. 7. 

1 SINNERS, this solemn trulh regard ! 

Hear, all ye sons of men ; 
For Christ, the Saviour, hath declared, 
^^ Te must be born again." 

2 Whatever might be your birth or bloody 

The sinner's boast is vain ; 
Thus aaith the glorious Son of God, 
'* Ye most be bom agAn,^ 

3^ Our oatiire*s totally depxaVt 
Th$ heart m sink «f wi\ 

Without a chaop^ we can't be savM ; 
•• Yc roust be bora agaio." 

[4 That which is bora of flesh is flesh, 
Ad(1 flesh it will remain ; 
Then marvel not that Jesus saith, 
'* Ye must be bero again.'*] 

5 Spirit of life, thy grace impart, 
And breathe on sinners slain ; 

Bear witness. Lord, in ev'ry heart, 
That we are born agaiu. 

6 Dear Saviour, let us now begia 
To trast and love thy word ; 

And, by forsaking ev'ry ein, 
Prove we are born of God. 

199. C. M. Ferry. 
A Brand plucked put of the Fire....Zech. iii. 2. 

1 LET earth and seas, willi all the skies, 
In grateful songs conspire; 

Since Christ, tlie Lord, for sinners dies, 
To pluck them from the fire. 

2 Satan accuses all the saints, 
And roai-s as lions do ; 

But Jesus hears their long complaints. 
And says, " I dy'd for you.'* 

3 'Tis Christ that plucks our souls as brands 
From everlasting fire ; 

And safely keeps us in his hands. 
Till death shall raise us high'r. 

4 Id filthj gnrmeots we were dresti 
To purity estrRpo'd ; 

If or did wfi differ from the rest, 

"Tll/ffrace iJie heart bad chang'AJ^ 

200 201 BRKAOk 

5 O may our souls with rapture' tliiDii, ' 
- While with our tongues \re tell 
How Jesus pluck'd us from the brink 

Of miser)' and hell. 

6 Victorious grace and boundless love. 

To God alone belong ; 
Praise him below, praise him abovey 
In evVy tuneful song. 

200 L. M. Hoskins. 
Prayer for DaHy Brea</....Mat vi. ll» 

1 MOST gracious Father, God of all. 
To thee we come, oo thee we call ; 
By whom both man and beast are fed,. 
Gite us this day our daily bread. 

2 All our supplies oc thee depend ; 
Whate'er we want, in mercy send f 
Thou art the glorious fountaia-head. 
Give us this day our daily bread. 

3 Nothing, O Lord, do we deserve ; 
The thought of merit we would dread;. 
'Tis an alms alone we crave ; 

Give us this day our daily bread. 

4 Forgiving grace do thou impart 
To cheer and sanctify each heart ; 
May we in death join with our head. 
And feed on Christ the living bread. 

201 C. M. DohelL 
Burdens brought to the Lord.,„T8* Ir. 22 
1 YE burden'd souls to Jesus come, 
You need not be afraid ; 
Be loves to hear poor awnet* cxy — 
JETe ioves to hear lV\em v^exiA* 
^ Te bumble bouIs to Jesua come, 
'Tis he who made you *» 

BURDENS — CALLTN6. 202 203 

Tour wretched, ruio'd, helpless state^- 
Yom* guilt aud miseiy. 

•3 Christ is a friend to mouruing souhr^ 
Then why shouki you despair, 
Si ce Saul and Mary Magdaleuc 
Fouod grace and mercy here ? 

\ . 202. C. M. Fawcett. 

Burdens bright to the L(iri....Deut. i i 7, 

1 The cause that is for me too hard, 

Til make to Jesus known ; 
Fll cast my burdens on the Lord, 
Aud leave them at his tlirone. 

2 Ee will his cheering grace imp^ 

And ease my anxious breast ; 
His love can heal a wounded heart, 
Au(il)ring my soul to rest. 

3 The Judge supreme must needs do rigbt. 

Whoe'er should me condemn; 
He'll hriog my Judgment to the light, 
And clear my injur'd name. . 

4 He calls me by his precious word. 

And bids me not to Tear ; 
The cause that is for oie too hard. 
My gracious God will hear. 

203. L. M. Kent. 
Effectual Calling... John iv, 4. 

1 ONCE as the friend of sinners dear, 
A man of sorrows sojourn* d here ; 
Eternal love ordaia^d it so, 
That lAro' Samaria he must go. 

^ There, wandYwg from the fold of Oad% 
-ftfe ^wjhe purchase of his blood ; 


And o^er this wretch, to lust a slaTe, 
Did Bov*reigQ grace her banuer wave. 

3 Hereio diBcriminatiog grace 
Shone uith a bright rcfuigeot bla'ze; 
While dead in siu ten thousaud lie, 
Grace brought this rebel harlot oigh. ^ 

4 This object of eternal love, 
Ordain'd to fill a throne above, 
Shall in the gospel annals shine. 
And prove electiofi all divine. 

[5 Jesus, our shepherd, God, and king. 
Thy guardian care and love we sing; 
And hail that grace both rich and free. 
That brings thy wand 'ring sheep to Uice. 

6 Glory to God till this takes place; 
Bulwarks of fire, and walls of grace, 
Keep all his blood -bought flock secure. 
Till calling proves election sure.] 

204. L. M. Newton. 
Why art thou cast down. Sic ...Ps. xliii. 9. 

1 WHY, O my sou?, these anxious cares ? 
Why thus cast down with doubts and fears ? 
How canst thou want if God provide. 

Or lose thy way with such a guide ? 

2 When first before his mercy seat 
Thou didst to him thy all commit, 
He gave thee warrant from that hour. 
To trust his wisdom, love, and power. 

3 Did ever trouble yet befal, 
And he refuse to hear thy call ? 

And has he oot his ptotuVse v*sX, 
That tbou shall overcome «x\^V^ 
^ ffe who has help'd me b\t\\etVo, ^ 
Will lielp me all my - ^ ^^^^ * 


And give me dail j cause to raise 
]^ew Ebeoezers to his praise. 

205. C. M. MedUy. 
Cast down but not destroyed.*. .2 Cor. vr, 0. 

1 NOW in thy praise, eternal King, 

Be all my thoughts employ'd ; 
While of this precious truth I sing, 
Cast down, but not destroy'd 

2 Oft the united pow'rs of hell 

My soul have sore annoy ''d ; 

And yet I live this truth to tellf 

• Cast do WD but not destroy'd. 

3 In all the paths thro' which I've past. 

What mercies I've cnjoy'd, 
And this shall be my song at last. 
Cast down, but not destroy'd. 

4 When I with God in heaven appear. 

There I shall him adore ; 
Destroy'd shall be my sin and fear. 
And I cast down no more. 

200^ 8. 7. 4. Fawcett. 
Cast down, yet hoping.,..Vs. xlii. 5. 

1 MY soul, what means this sadness ? 

Wherefore art thou thus cast down ? 
Let thy jrriefs be turn'd to gladness, 

Bui thy restless fears be gone ; 
Look to Jesus, 
And rejoice in his dear name. 

2 What tho' satan's strong temptations 

Vex and grieve thee day by day ? 
And thjr sinful joclioat ions 
Often fiUthee with dismay ? 
T/ioii sbalt conquer, 

Tbjv* tbe Lamb's redeeming blood. 


3 Tho' ten thousand ills beset thee, 

From without and from wilhio, 
Jesus saith he'll ne'er forget thee. 

But will save from hell and sin : 
He is faithful 
To perform his gracious word. 

4 Tho* distresses now attend thee, 

And thoii tread'st the thoroj road, 
His right hand shall still defend thee ; 

Soon he'll bring thee home to God t 
Therefore praise him... 
Praise the great Redeemer's name. 

5 O that I could now adore him 

Like the heavenlj host abovci 
Who forever bow before him, 

And, unceasiug, sing his love I 
Happy songsters ! 
When shall I jour chorus join ? 

207. 8s. Newton, 

What think you of Christ ?..,M2XL xxii. 

1 WHAT think you of Christ ? is the test 
To try both your state and your scheme 
You cannot be right in the rest, 
Unless you think rightly of him. 

2 As Jesus appears in your view.... 
As he is beloved or not.... 

So God is disposed to you. 
And mercy or wrath is your lot. 

f 3 Some take him a creature to be.... 
A wan, or an angel %l mosl; 
$>iire these have not fee\\ns::&\Tk^^ ta^^ 
Nor know thenaselves wTeVcVie^^ «a^ Vs 

4 So guilty, 80 helpless am ^^^^ 

I durst not confide in W' 


CHURCH. ^ 208 

Nor OD bis protection relf, 
IlDiess I were sure he is Ood.] 

[5 Some call hhn a Saviour io vords^ 
But mix their own works with his plan. 
And hope he bis help will afford 
When they have done all that diey can.] 

6 IfasVd what of Jesus 1 think? 
Tho* still mj best thoughts are but poor, 
I say he's my meat and my driuk. 

My life, and ray strength, and my store: 

7 My shepherd, my husband, my friend. 
My Saviour from ,sin and from thrall; 
My hope from beginning to end. 

My portion, my Lord, and my alL 

208. lis. Jay's Cd. 
Chihrch in ^jfflicti<m,„.ls^iBh xlix 14—17. 

1 ZlOIS^, afflicted with wave upon wave, 
V?i]om DO man can comfort, whom no man can save, 
With darkness surrounded, by terrors dismay *d, 

In toiling and rowing thy strength is decayed, 

2 Loud roaring, the billows now nigh overwhelm. 
But skilfufs the pilot who sits at the helm : 

His wisdom conducts thee, his pow'r thee defends; 
In safety and quiet thy warfare be ends. 

S fearful ! O faithless! in mercy he cries; 
My promise, my truth, are they light in thine eyes ? 
Still, still I am with thee, my promise shall stand » 
Thro' tempest and tossing Til bring thee to land. 

^ Forget Ihee J wW not. I cannot ; thy name, 
Engrav'd oo my heart doth for ever ieiuw\\ 
The palms of my hands while I look oal *ee 
Tic wounds I received, when BUff Tiut tot \5a«t- 

209 210 cuuacu. 

[5 I feel at my heart all thy sighs and thy groaDs, 
For thou art most near me, tny flesh aud my boaes 
la ail thy distresses thy head feeLs the paio. 
Yet all are most oeed.'ui, not ooe is in vaio.] 

Thea trust me, aad fear oot, thy li(ie is secure ; 
My wisdom is perfect, supreme is my pow'r ; 
lu love I correct thee thy soul to refiue, 
To make thee at length iu my likeoess to dhioe. 

209. L. M. Gibbons. 
Barren Church lamait€d...,Rev. ii. 5. 

1 LORD, must thy gospel fly away? 
And all thy mercies be remov'd ? 
Are we to sin become a prey ? 
And all our talents misimprov'd ? 

2 O must we bid our God adieu ? 
And must the gospel take its flight ? 
O, shall our children never view 
The beamings of that heavenly light ? 

[3 Forbid it. Lord; with arms of faith 
We'll hold thee fast, and thou shalt stay; 
We'll cry, while we have life or breath. 
Our God, do not depart away !] 

4 If broken hearts and weeping eyes 
Can find acceptance at thy throne ; 
Lo, here they are ; this sacrifice 
Thou wilt accept thro' Christ thy Son. 

210. CM. Gibbons. 
Church described., ..Cant, vi. 10. 

1 SAY, who is she that looks abroad 
Like the sweet-bhishiug dawn ; 
When with her living light she paints 
The dew-drops of the lawn ; 

CHURCH. 211 

"2 Fair as the moon, ^viien in the skies 
Serene her ihrone she fmides, 
Aod o*er the twiuklitig stars sapreme 
In full-orb'd glory rides: 

3 Clear as the sun, when from the east 

Without a clouil he springs, 
And scalters bouodless light and heat, 
Fi'Offl his rcbplendeut wings : 

4 Tremendous as a host that moves 

Majt-stically slow, 
With banners wide-display^, all arm'd, 
All ardent for the foe ! 

■5 This is the church by heaven arrayM, 
With strength and grace divine; 
Thus shall she strike her foes with dread, 
And thus her glories shine. 

211. CM. Leed'aCoL 
Church on earth and heaven but orac....Eph. iii. 15. 
[I COME, let us join our frieods above, 
That have ubiain'd tlie prize ; 
And on the cpglt-'s wings of love, 
To joy celestial rise.] 

6 Let all the saints terrestrial sing, 
With those to glory gone; 
For all the servants of our king 
In heaven and earth arc one. 

3 One family, wc dwell in him, 

One church, above, beneath : 
Tho' now divided by the stream, 
The narrow stream of death. 

4 One army of the living God, 

To his command we bow ; 
Part of the host have cross'd the flood 
And part are crossing qow. 

212 CHvncif. 

S Ten thousand to their endless home 
This solemn nQOinent fly ; 
And we are to the margin come. 
And sooQ expect to die. 

t Dear Saviour, be our constant guide, 
TbeO) when the irord is given, 
* Bid death's cold flood and waves divic 

And land us safe in heaven. 

*^ 212. C. M. Gibbons. 
Zion's Fca£t...Isaiah xxv. 6. 

1 ON Zion, his most holy mount, 

God will a feasl'prepare ; - 
And Israel's sous aiKl Gentile lands 
Shall in the banquet share. 

2 Mari*ow and fatness are the food 

His bounteous hand bestows ; 
Wine on the lees, and well refined. 
In rich abundante flows. 

3 See to the vilest of the vile 

A free acceptance given ! 
See rebels, by adopting grace. 
Sit with the heirs of heaven! 

4 The pain'd, the sick, the dying, now 

To case and health restorVJ, 
With ieager appetifes partake 
The plenties of the board. 

5 But, O, what draughts of bliss unknowi 

What dainties shall be giv'n. 
When with the myriads round the thro 
VTe join the feast of heaivewt 

6 There joys immea8UTab\y \\\^\ 
Shall overflow the souV; 
Aod springs of life that txevet Aty 
Jo Ihoudaod channel" 

CHCRCB. 213 214 

213. L/M. Kingsbunf. 
Zions Increase frayed far.,. Amaiti tzti. 6, 7. 

1 GREAT Lord of all thj churches, hear 
Thy iniaiBten^ and people^s prajV; 
Perfumed bj thee, O may it rise 

Like fragraot iuceuse to the skies. 

2 ReTire t!iy churches with thy ^race. 
Heal all our breaches fprant us peace; 
Rouse us from sloth, our hearts inflame 
With ardent zeal for Jesu^s name. 

3 May youo^ and old thy word receive^ 
Dead sinners hear thy voice and live; 
The wounded conscience healinii; find, : 
And joy refresh each drooping mind* 

4 May a^d saints, matured with^cef 
Abound in fruits of holiness; 

And when transplanted to the skies, 
May younger in- their stead arise. 

5 Thiu we our suppliant voices raise. 
Ana weeping,* sow the seed of praisey 
In humble hope that thou wilt hear 
Thy ministers' and people's pray'r. 

214. L. M. Cennick, 

ZxmCs Increase frayed f or. „.Zf:t\i, ix. 13—16. 

) HOW "many ye«rs hath man been driveu 
Far off from happiness and heaven ! 
When wilt thou, jgracious Lord, restore 
Thy bani{ihM sons to roam no more. 

2 For near six ihouj-and years, thy foe 
Hath trjttmph'*J over all below ; 
Save that a little flock is found, ' 

WM rar'Ding iro/res ©ocompuss'A xottiiA. 



tto» «^^ ^ubV w b^«\.^ » race 
\ teW»»"l!U toe W* '^„ grace. 

* »ro *^*^ fa\r one, ^^' 

MtaVJ^f^Jved 1-- ^^ 

lYvTO we ^^^^ vY»«n ^^^ 

CHURCH. 21tt 

9t% TieWi the cov^ant fore ; 
itr hopes all ceotre there ; 
(«»' w boBom leaoa aeoBrey 
^MiM^iefl^iea blen hHt Act* 

S%r' J«rdao*a cMUkig flood, 
Wbtm ttlPd by death to go, 
i^ imhi g OD h#r eov^nt God, 
iHirpaaa trhni|rfjaiil thmigh* 

3ie. 8, 7. 4. i^mfan, 

TfOfTR, yisit thy plaDtation ; 
fariMit iM'Lord, |i gneioua fakl 
\mVk tm&t to deicSatioa 
loicaa thou reukni again, 
rt) foi^Ve Ha; 
. our help must come from thee* 

Bpno longer at a distance; 
jhint upon us from on high^ 
^ for want of thine assistance, 
Bv'iy plant shall droop aqd die. 

rely once thy garden fiourish'd ; 
fi^ry part look'd gay and green ; 
m ^y word our spirits nourished f 
Sappy seasons we have seen f 

.1 a drought has since succeeded^ 
lUid 9b sad decline we see; 
ed^ thy help is greatly needed; 
B«2p eaa only come from thee. 

here are those we counted leaders, 
Filt'd with zeal, and loye, and truth ? 
d i«rofiaBBor% tall a^ cedarS) 
Av^ ^xainplea to oui y euOzkV 

21 7 218 COIiLECTIOK. 

6 Some, in wliom we once delighted, 

We shall meet do more below ; 

Some, alas! we fear are blighted — 

Scarce a siugle leaf they show* 

7 Youuger plants, (the sight how pleasaaU) 

Covered thick with blossoms stood ; ' 
But they cause us grief at present — 
Frost has nipp'd them in the bud !] 

S Dearest Saviour, hasten hither; 

Thou canst make them bloom again ; 
O, permit them not to wither; • 

Let not all our hopes be vain. 

9 Let our mutual love be fervent. 
Make us prevalent in prayers ; 
Let each one, esteemM thy servant, 
Shun the world's bewitchii^ snares. 

10 Break the tempter's fatal power; 
Turn the stony heart to flesh ; 
And begin from this good hour 
To revive thy work afresh. 

217. L.M. Roby'aCoL 
CMedionfor the poor.... \ Chron. xxur. 14b 

1 THE Lord who rules the world's affairs, 
For me a well-spread board prepares; 
My grateful thanks to him shall rise; 

He knows my wants, those wants supplies* 

2 And shall I grudge to give his poor 
A mite from all my bount'ous store ? 
No — Lord, the friends of thine and thee 
Shall always find a friend in me* 

218. S. M. ScoU. 
Collection..,.! Chron. xxiz. 14* 
1 THY bounties, gracious Lordj^ 
With gratitude we owoi 


We UeM thj providential gnee. 
Which •how^ii Us blessiogi down. 

2 With J0U the peopfe bviflg 
.Their off'riDfi roniid thy thtonoi 

' ' WHh thankflil souls behold, we paj 
.A tiibitte of thy own. 

3 ' Aeccpt this humUe mite, 

Orett SoT're%ii Lord d; all ; 
Ner let our oum'rous ibhignDg dos, 
The fragrant oiotmeot spoiL 

A ^X^^ redeemer's blood 
* Bifuue its virtues wide; 
BEribw aqd cleanse our ev'ry gt&i 
And all our Miies hide. 

P O naj this sacrifice 

l^o thee the Lord ascend; 
An odour of a sweet perfume, 
Presented by bis hand. 

^ Well pleas'd our God shall view 
The products of his grace ; 
An^ Id a plentiful reward 
Pulfil his promises. 

210. L. M. Cennick....alter€d, 
'^MJ^ between Flesh and S]ptrt<..,.iilQm. rij. 15. 

1 HOW sad and awful is my state ! 
The Very thing I do, I hate: 
When I to God draw near in prayer, 
I feel the conflict even there ! 

2 I iiiourn, because I cannot mourn, 
I hste my sin yet cannot turn ; 
!• grieve, because I cannot grieve^ 
I hear the truth, but canH believe. 



3 Where sliall so great a sioner run ? • 
I see rm ruiuM aod usdooe; 

Dear Lord, iu pity oow draw oear, 
Aod baoiali ev'ry nsing fear. 

4 Thy blood dear Lord, which thou haBt 
Cao make tliis rocky heart to melt ; 
Thy blood can make me clean within— 
I'hy blood can pardon all my sin. 

5 'Tis on the atonement of that blood, 
I now approach to thee, my God; 
This is my hope, this is my claim, 
Jesus has dy'd and wash VI me clean, 

f On this rich blood my faith is fouBd, 
And on this hope I fix my ground ; 
Soon sliall I reach th' eternal shore. 
Where doubts and fears prevail no moi 

220. L.M. CruUcuden, 
Conflict between Sin and Holm€ss..,,09\. v. 1 
.1 WHAT jarring natures dwell Mithin, 
Imperfect grace, remaining sin ! 
Not this can I'eigu, nor that prevail, 
Tho' each by turns my heart assail. 

2 Now I complain, and groan, and die- 
Now raise my songs of triumph high ; 
Sing a rebellious passion slain, 

Or mourn to feel it live again. 

3 One happy hour beholds me rise. 
Borne upwards to my native skies; 
While faith assists my soaring flight 
To realms of joy and worlds of light. 

4 Scarce a few hours or minutes roll 
JEre each reclaims my captive soul ; 
I feel its sympatV\el\c fcTCt^ 

And headlong urg& uiy do'w\iVi«t^<:RpK 


S How iboit Um joji thy virittfi?e ! 
Mxm loog diine abteooc^ LdnI^ I grieve I 
Wiiat clmids obMsura mf riring mh^ 
Or loteicc^ Ito n^js tt mwa^ 

« Great God, tisiit ae Ari^ Arellgiit^ 
Make nie to triaiapii !■ tlqr arii^; 
TbM (he deqpoodinf iieait conrt njse^ 
The rki'fy mine, ai^ Ihine the prahe. 

221. CM. XrdBtm. 

t WHBir beaveo deei grant at eertaio times^ 
Amidst a powHrful gale, 
SMCt lUierty ta moan my erinei, 
And vaodTriogf to bewail^ 

2 Then do I dream my rinhl hrood 

Is drownM in the wide'nain 
Of ciRT^rtal tears and crinnMm blood, 
And De>r wilt live again. 

3 I get n^ foes beneath my feet, 

I bmhte Ihe serpent's head ; 
I hope the victory is complete. 
And all my kitts are dead* 

4 But ah, alas ! th^ ensuing hour * 

My passions rise and swell ; 
They rage and reinforce ihdr powV 
With new recruits from helL 

\% Then straight my Lord, with sweet surprise, 
Returns to loose ny bands $ 
Wtab * kind compassion in his eyes, 
Attd pardon in his hands.'] 

9 thaa my whole life ia nothing else 
Bait hettrea aod hett by turoi; 
^Mjrffml Omt now Jo Goaben dweVU, 
■ Afim^ia Egjrpt momm. v.1 A 

222 223 CONTBRSION. 

222. C. M. Stogdon. 
Dvified heart lamerU€d,.., vii. 10. 
1 STRANGE that m> much of heaveD and Iicl 
Should in one bosom meet f 
Lord, cao thy gpirit ever dwell 
Where satan has a seat ? 

- 2 I^ow I am all transformM to love, 
And could expire in praise ; 
Aooo, not all the joys above 
. Ooe cheerful note caD raise. 

3 By faithless hopes aod golden dreara% 

I'm tortur'd or betray'd ; 
Still toss'd between the two estreme% 
Too vain or too dismay'd. 

4 Dfcide the dubious, awful case 

By some assuring sign ; 
And O, may thy all->conqu*ring grace 
Demonstrate I am thine. 

223. L. M. DobelL 
Behold he prayeth....\xXs ix« 1 1 . 

1 SINCE, Lord, thy mighty grace did call 
A bloody, persecuting Saul, 

liet none despair— here God displays 
His sovereign power— behold he prays. 

2 The soul that's truly bom of God 
Delights to run the heavenly road; 
He mourns for sin, and hates the ways 
Which lead to death— behold he prays. 

[3 Now wisdom's ways arc his delight, 
And Christ is precious in his sight; 
With shame he views his ill-spent dajr. 
And now— behold the sinner prays.] 

4 Grace is the theme his soul explores; 
A God in Christ hi& «oul adores ; 


Before the cross his fears he lays, 
Aod now to God — beiioid he prays. 

5 He flies from works to Jcsu^s blood, 
Yet proves by works he's bom of God: 
fie runs with joy in Zioii's ways, 
And to his God— -behold he prays. 

<) la heaven each praying soul shall see 
Salvation was both ricl^ aud free ; 
And thro* eternal ages raise 
Their song to great Jehovah's praise. 

224. L. M. HilTs Col. 
Converting Orace.,., Acts ix. 5...1 Tiro. i. J 5. 

1 DID ever one of Adam's race 

Cost thee, roy Lord, more toil and grace 
Than 1 have done, before roy soul 
Could yield to thy divine controul ? 

2 How great the pow'r, how vast the sway, 
That first constrain'd me to obey ! 

How large the grace thou didst impart 
That conquerM sin and won my heart. 

3 Vile was my heart, deep pUingM in sin — 
A dismal den of thieves within, 

Where ev'ry lust presuni'd to dwell, 
The hateful progeny of hell. 

4 A base apostate from my God, 

I trampled on the Saviour's blood ; 
I scorn'd his mercy, mock'd his pain, 
Andxrucify'd my Lord again. 

5 But lo! the chief of sinners now 

Is brought before liiy throne to bow ; 
. Surely this mighty pow'r from thee, 
Can conquer all, that conquers me. 

HmI, dearest Lord, my choicfist love,, 
Sjr pity drayva from realms a\K)V^\ 

225 220 CONVERSION. 

I wonder at that grace of thine^ 
That woo a heart so vile as mine ! 

225. C. M. WaUin. 
Converting Gr/ice....P8. xIt. 3 — 5. 

1 HAIL, mighty Jesus, how divine 
Is thy victorious sword ! 
The stoutest rebel must resign 
At thy commanding word. 

[2 The strongest holds of satan yield 
To thine all-couquVing hand ; 
When once thy glorious arm's reveaPd 
No creature can witlistand.] 

3 Deep are the wounds thine arrows five; 

They pierce the hardest heart; 
Thy smiles of grace the slain revive, 
And joy succeeds to smart. 

4 Still gird thy sword upon thy thigfa, 

Ride with majegtic sway; 
Go forth, sweet prince, triumphantly. 
And make thy foes obey. 

5 And when thy victories are complete. 

And all the chosen race 
Shall round the throne of glory meet 
To sing thy conquering grace— 

6 O may my humble soul be found 

Among that favor'd band ! 
And I, with them, thy praise will sound, 
Throughout Imraanuers land. 

226. C. M. Hoskins. 
Jaihr^s Conversion,,,. Ac\b zvi. 30, 31. 

] liORD, we adore thy matchless ways 

la brinfiog souk to Vhee; 
We Biag and shout eieToaY ^git^\ift> 
•For grace so full and (cee. 


S Thy grace pervades the prisoa's glooi 
And shiiu..^ with lustre there ; 
Thj pow'r can briug a jailor home. 
With trenibling, hope, and fear» 

3 "What must I do/Mhe Jailor cries; 
'* To save my -sinking soul ? 
<* Believe in Christ,'' the word replie«» 
*" Thy faith shall make thee whole." 

[4 By doingi we are all undone ; 
The law to death condemns; 
Our hope, our help, our all is gone; 
But God aalvation sends. 

5 Our works are all the works of sin. 
Our nature quite deprav'd ; 
Jesus alone can make us clean ; 
By grace are sinners sav'd. 

■6 ** Believe, believe," the gospel cries, 
** This is the living way '/* 
From faith in Christ our hopes arise. 
And shine to perfect day.] 

1 Come, sinners, then, the Saviour trust, 
To wash you in his blood ; 
To change your hearts, subdue your lust, 
And bring you home to God. 

227. C. M. StenneH. 
Converted Thief, ,.,JAike xxiii. 42. 

kS on the cross the Saviour hung, 

And wept and bled, ami dy'd, 
le pour'd salvation on a wretch 
That languished at his side. 

is crimes with inward grief and shame 
The peoiteot confessed ; 
ea Uira'd his dying; eyes to CVm^ 
od thus. his prayer addresl; 

228 (50NTEBSI0V. 

3 ^ Jesus, thou Son and heir of beareii..., 

<' Thou spotless Lamb of God, 
*< I see thee bathed in sweat aod tearff^ 
" And welt'ring in thy blood. 

4 *^Tet quickly from these scenes of W0| 

*^ In triumph thou shalt rise ; 
<* Burst thro' the gloomy shades of dealb» 
''And shiue above the skies. 

5 <^ Amid the glories of that world, 

*' Dear Saviour, think on me; 
*• And in the vict'ries of thy death, . 
" liet me a sharer be." 

His prayer the dying Jesus hears. 

And instantly replies, 
^ To-day thy parting soul shall be 
« With me in paradise." 

228. CM. Recce's Set. 
Conversion of Zaccheus,.,. huke xix. 1 — 6i 

1 A SIGHT of Jesus, with his eyes^ 

Zaccbeus Iong''d to have : 
But mark how sure salvation flies 
To them that God will save. 

2 However casual it may seem, 

That Jesus pass'd that way ; 
'Twas all according to the scheme 
• That in his counsel lay. 

3 Long In the covenant of his grace 

His worthless name had been ; 
His stature and his dwelling-place 
Were both contained therein. 

4 **ZaGcheus, haste,*' the Saviour said, 

"/ come this way for ihee; 
* T/io' (bou in trespasses wl A^^^, 
'' SalvstioD thou fth^U «ec^ '' 

He deS't"Sci!/r^''« "»««. 
'a»caHbyJ!r """"-^ 

229 8 7 '^ '• 
^?J?« '>nnk of fii ';„«^^ «• 

• y*r^^^<^^ with ua^ '^^'^f 


*"• 'o «et me free i 


6 S'aiote, attend with holy wonder! 
Sinnei», hear and sing bis praiset 
'Tis the God that holds the thuudev 
Shows himself the Grod of grace ! 

230. 8« 8. 6. Brown. 
True Convert.,,2 Cor. v. 17* 

1 WHEN with my mind devoutly prest, 
Dear Saviour, my revolving breast 

Would past olTeuce? trace ; 
Trembling) I make the black revieW| 
^ Yet pleas' d behold, adniiruig too. 

The pow'r of changing grace. 

2 This tongue, with blasphemies defiPd, 
These feet, to erring paths beguil'd. 

In heavenly league a^reeM ; 
Who could believe such lips could prai 
Or think my dark and winding ways 

Should ever lead to thee ? 

3 These eye&s that once abusM their sight, 
Now lifi to thee their wai'ry light. 

And weep a silent flood : 
These hands ascend in ceaseless pray'r 
O WAsh away the stains they wear 

In thy redeeming blood ! 

[4 These ears, that pleas'd could entertain 
The midnight oath, the lustful strain. 

When round the festal board, 
Now, deaf to all th' enchanting noise. 
Avoid the thi-ong detest the joys, 

And press to hear thy word.] 

5 Thus art thou serv'd in ev*ry part; 
O irouldst thou more iTaosfotm my hea 
This drossy ihiog Te&ue\ 


Tliat grace might nature's strei^i control 
And a new ci'eature— body— sKml, 
Be, Lord, for ever tbiue I 

231. 8.8.6 Newtcn. 
Pomer of Converting Qrace...,A.et9 ix. 6. 

1 LORD, thou hast woo, at length I yield; 
My heart, by in:ght> grace compeird, 

SurreiKlers all to thee : 
Against thy terrors long I strove, 
But who can stand against thy love ? 

Love conquers even me ! 

2 All that a wretch could do I try*d— 
Thy patience scom'd, thy pow'r defy*d| 

And trampled on thy laws ; 
Scarcely ihe martyr at the stake 
Could stand more steadfast for thy sake 

Than I in satan's cause. 

3 But since thou hast thy love reveal'd 
And shown my soul a pardon seal'd, 

I can resist no more : 
Couldst thou for such a sinner bleed ? 
Canst thou for such a rebel plead ? 

1 wonder and adore, 

4 If thou h«dst bid thy thunders roll, 
And lightnings fl^^sh to blast m^ soul 

I still had stubborn been ; 
But mercy has my heart subduM, 
A bleeding Saviour I have vievi'd. 

And now I hate my sin. 

^ Now, Lord, I would be thine alone ; 
Come take possession of thine own, 
For thou ha»t set me free \ 

UJehov»b«eo j^enaon? 

o Ere U'e earth ^V^,'^^^ buiW. . 
«^ By ercating^'^!^ and. gracious 

3 Be <^i*Pj»y ^J^ of CaW«^' .^^ 
VVhen»'f^.>»f„ooa the tree. 

4 O ho« »««*« Wood, 

EqiiaU) «« »»~ pelted, 

ft TSousht foreseen wy .„ „«, 

But bec«"»« *Ji^„ aud free. 
To be •»'*';* to heaven 

, I^\y thou *\;^/"^m'd race, 
' A\\ thy «h«XirS, ^ere give* 
n°?,;^o;S of grace. 

235- »•'• , 2Sam.«»^"- 
(Ye tropWc* '^ 

COVKNANT. 2'^(^ 

.Tolo the sweet choir above^ 
AH your harmonious accents bring, 
'Wake ev'ry high, celei^tial string. 

To chant redeeming love. 

2 Ere God pronouncM creation good^ 
Or bade the vast, unbounded flood 

Thro* fixed channels run ; 
Ere light from ancient chaos sprang, 
Or angels earth's formation sang. 

He chose us in his Son, 

3 Then was the covenant ordered sure, 
Thro^ endless ages to endure, 

By IsraeFs triune God : 
That none this covenant might evade ; 
With oaths and proniibcs 'twas made. 

And ratify'd in blood. 

4 God is the refuge of my sonl, 

Tho* tempests rage, tho' billows roll, 

And hellish powers assail : 
Eternal walls are my defence. 
Environed with omnipotence. 

What foe can e'er prevail ? 

5 Then let infernal legions roar, 

And waste their cui*sed, vengeful pow'r ; 

My soul their wrath disdains : 
In God, my refuge, I'm secure, 
While cov'nant promises eudui'e, 

Or my Redeemer reigns. 

236. 6. 8. 4. Oliver. 

Covenant Got/.. ..Ex. iii. 6....Acts vii. 32. 

1 THE God of Abra'm praise, 
"Who reigns ^othron'd above, 
Anekot of ever/astlDg days, 
Aad Cod of loye. 


2 JehDvah great, I am, 

B}" earth and heavea confestl 
I bow and bless the sacred Daiiie» 
For ever bjesC 

[3 The God ^ Abraham pvnise, 
A.t whose suprerae cooamand, 
From earih I rise, aiid seek the joyi 
At his right hand.] 

A I dl 00 earth forsake— 

Its wisdoiD, feme, and pow*r^ 
And him my only portion make* 
My shield and tow'c 

5 The God of Abraham praise, 
Whose all-sufficient grace 
Sliall guide me all my happy days 
In all his ways. 

^ He calls a worm his friend ! 
He calls himself my God ! 
And he shall save me to the end» - 
Thro' Jesu's blood. 

7 He by himself has sworn; 
I on his oath depend ; 

I shall) on eagle's wings upboroei 
Tt> heaven ascend. 

8 I shall behold his face ; 
I shall his pow'r adore ; 

And sing the wonders of his grate 
For evermore. 

PART 2. 

9 Tbo' nature's strength decay. 
And earth and hell withstand, • * 

To Canaan's bounds I urge my wayt 
At hb command. 


!IY) The watry deep I pasB, 
With Jews io my view ; 
And UiFo' this howling wilderaeas 
Mj^aj pursue. 

11 The goodtj land I see. 

With peace and pleoty blest; 
The land, of sacred libertj. 
And endless -rest: . 

{12 There milk and honey flow. 
And oil and wine abound ; 
And trees of life for ever grow. 
With mercy crown'd.] 

13 There dwells the Lord our King-- 
The Lord, our righteousness, 
(Triurophant o*er the worid and sin,) 
The Prince of peace. 

Ifi On Zion's sacred height 

His kingdom still maintains ; 
And, glorious with his saints in light, 
For ever reigns. 

15 He keeps his own secure : 

He guards them by his side- 
Arrays in garments white and pure 
His spotless bride. 

36 With streams of sacred bliss. 
With wines 'of living joys, 
With all the fruits of Paradise, 
He still supplies. 

FART 3. 

17 Before the great Three-One, 
*His saints exulting stand. 
And shout tlie wonders grace hath done, 
Thro' all their land. 

2d7 otKATiinr. 

18 The HsfDlng^ spheres attemf, 
Aud swell the ^wing fame; 

Aod siDg 10 songs that oeTer eod. 
The wuodrous name. 

19 The triaiie God od high, 
The f lad archangels sing; 

And **holy, holy, holy,** cry, 
"Almighty King! 

20 '* Who wast and art the same; 
*'Aijd evermore shall be; 

«* Jehovah, Father, great 1 am^ 
♦' We worship thee !*' 

21 Before the Sayiour's face, 
The ransont'd nation's bow ; 

O'erwhelm'd by his almighty grace^ 
For ever new. 

22 He shows his scars of love ! 
They kindle to a flame ! 

And tiound thro' all the worlds at)ove' 
The slangliterM Lamb. 

,' 23 The whole triumphant host 
Give thanks to God on high ; 
"Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,*' 
They ever cry. 

24 Hail, Abraham's God and mine I 
(I Join the heavenly lays) ; 
All might and majesty are thine, 
And endless praise. 

237 L. M. Needham, 
€reatioH,..,GeB. i. 31. 

1 LOOK up^ ye saints, direct your eyes 
To him who dwelte above the skies ; 
With your glad nolc* Vwb ^twsft t^ski 
Who fomi'd the mighty uuV?^ta«. 

eRE4TION« 238 

«spftke; aod from the womb of niglit . 

t once spill [^ forth tlie cheering light ; 
im discord heard, and at his ood 
spaoded beauty spoke the God. 

"iThe word he gave : th' obedient sod 
^egan bis glorious race lo run ; 
^or silver moon, oor stars delay 
^0 glide along the astheiial waj. 

^ Teeming with life, air, earth and ?ea, 
Obey th* Almighty's high decree; 
To ev'ry trjbe he gives their food ; 
Then speaks the whole divinely good. 

5 But to complete the i^ond'rows plan, 
From earth aod dust he fashions man ; 
In man the last, in man the best, 

The Makers image stauds confest. 

6 Lord, while thy glorious works I view. 
Form thou my heart and soul anew ; 
Here bid thy purest light to shine, 
And beauty glow with charms divine. 

233. 8. 8. 0. Ogilvie. 

Universal Praw^.... Psalm cxlviii. 

1 BEGIN, my soul, th' exalted lay ; 
Let each enraptur'd thought obey, 

And praise th' Almighty's name; 
Lo ! heaven and earth, and seas, and skies 
In one melodious concert rise, 

To swell tir inspiring theme. 

2 Thou heaven of heavens, his vast abode, 
Ye clouds, proclaim your forming God ; 

Ye thunders, speak his pow'r ; 
Lo ! OD the Viffht'inng's gleamy v\i^% 
la iHumph walks the eternal VS^%\ 
Tb'astooWd worlds adore. 

239 DIATH. 

3 Ye deeps, with roaring billows riaty 
To join the thundersof the skies, 

Pnise him who bids you roll ; 
Bis praise io softer notes declare. 
Each whisp'riog breeze of yielding 

Ami breathe it to the souL 

t Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and siog^ 
Ye cheerful warblers t»f the spring. 

Harmonious anihems raJse 
To him who shaped your finer mould. 
Who tippM your glittViog wings of gold, 

And tun^d your voice to praise. 

9 IiCt man, by noble passions sway'd, 
The feeling heart, the judji;iug head, 

In heavenly praise employ ; 
Spread tlie Creator's name around, 
'Till heaven^'s broad arch riiig back the » 
In general bursts of joy. 

230. L. M. S '.. 

Unknown World, 

1 O BY what glimm'ring light we view 
That unknown world we're hast'ning to! 
God hath lock'd up the mystic page. 
And curtaiu'd darkness round the stage. 

2 We talk of heaven, we talk of hell, 
But what they mean, no tongue can telll 
Heaven is the realm where angels are. 
And hell the chaos 'Of despair. 

3 But what these awful words imply 
IVone of us know before we die ! 

Whether we will or not, we Tft>3&X 
Take the succeeding world ouU>is\. 

^ Swm flies the soul— pwbAV» HiM^ot« 
^eu ihousmd le4igtte» bey oad *^- «*^^ 

wiise ten thousand more thrice tahi: 
the fonakeo claj is cold. 

^h ! DO notices they give, 
teli us where or how they Href 
' conscious while with us below 
much themselves* desiifd to kuow*. 

bound up by solemn fate,, 
eep this secret of their state,* 
ell their joys or pains to nonCf 
; man may live by faith alone. 

!— let our sovereign if he please,. 
. up his marvellous decrees; 

should we wish him to reveal 
t be thinks proper to conceal ? 

enough that we believe 

^eu's brighter far than we conceive : . 

O may God our souls prepare 

leet and bless and praise him there.}: 

240. L.M. DobelL 
i conversation between the Mother and ihi! 
Child after Death. 


little sojourner below, 
iy from hence so quickly gone ? 
-is this world so full of wo, 
' thou shouldst quit thine earthly home ?* 


world, how transient is its joy— 
easures soon will end in pain ; 
vhere I'm gone there^s no alloy ; 
would not die this bliss to gwu? 

"abeg, like me, forever sing 
w redcemet'B dying loye v» 

Our 8onf:8 make heaveo's high arches rifljn 
And ritls of bliss fill all above. 

4 Then cease t' indulge the falling teary 
I now with Jesus ever dwell; 

If jou my praises did but hear, 
Tou'd sui'ely say that all is welL 

5 Now let each furrow'd cheek be diy. 
And the rrdeeiner's grace adore; 
Soon shall you mount with me on high 
To sing aoid praise, and part no nsore* 

241. CM. DobelL 

Death if a CkUd,„A Sam. iii. 18. 

1 GOD hath bereavM me of my child; 

His hand in this Fve view'd ; 
It is the Lord, shall I complain ? 
'< He doth what seems him good !** 

2 I know the Lord does all things well; 

His will has always stood ; 
It is the Lord, I this can tell, 
He doth what seems him good ! 

3 'Twas God who gave my child to me, 

Tir appointed time he stood; 
It is the Lord I plainly see, 
He doth what seems him good ! 

4 Tet nature feels — but ah, he's gone-?* 

For him my tears have flow'd ; 
It is the Lord, his baud I own. 
He doth what seems him good. 

5 Support my sinking spirit up 

Under this heavy load. 
It is the Lord, and he is just^ 
He doth what %^eiQ%likv ^ocid« 

DCATV. 242 

( U v op thee my hope is staiy'd, 
I koow thou art my God ; 
It 18 the Lord, his hand I'll blc^. 
He doth what seems him good. 

7 Upliold mei Lord, by grace divinci 
And cleajise me with thy blood; 
I DOW resign my al' to thee. 
Since all things work for good. 

242. C;M. Kmgkt. 
Beaih ^a ChU(L...2 Sam. xH. 22, 23. 

1 ALAS 1 how chang'd that lovely flow'r, 

Which blooniM and cheer'd my heart I 
Pair fleeting comfort of ao beur. 
How 8000 we're calFd to partt 

2 Aod shall my bleeding heart arraiga 

That God, whose ways are love ? 
Or vainly cheritih anxious paio 
For her who rests above ? 

3 No !— let me rather humbly pay' 

Obedience to his will. 
And with my inmost spirit say. 
The Lord is righteous still. 

4 From adverse blasts aod lowering stormSg 

Her favor'd soul he bore, 
And with yon bright, angelic forma, 
She lives, to die oo more. 

5 Why should I vex my heart, or fast-^ 

No more she*U visit me ; 
My soul will mount to her at last, 
And I her face shall see. 

6 Prepare me, blessed Lord, to share 

The bliss thy people pro?e^ 

243 244 MATH. 

Who sound tby f[lorioiis throne appear. 
And dwell iii perfect love. 

243. C. M. Stennett. . 

DMhofan /n/aitf....Matt. xix. 14. 

1 THY life I read, my dearest Lord, \i 

With traosport all divioe ; . -|^ 

Thiue image trace in ev'rj wnd^ ^g 

Thy love io ev'ry line. ^^ 

2 Methinks I ace a thousaod charma \^ 

Spread o^cr thy lovely face, . 

While iofaote ia thy teuder arms 

Receive the smiliog grace. > 

3 "^ I taketbese little lambs, said he, ^ 

" And lay them in my breast ; 
*' Elrotectioo they shall fiud in me..*. 
" Io me be blest 

4 ** Death may the bands of life unlooscb 

" But can't diss^olve roy love ; 
** Millions of infant-souls compose 
** The family above. 

5 «* Their feeble frames my pow'r shall- raise^ 

" And mould with heavenly skill ; 
** I'll give them tongues to siu«: my praise,. 
** And bands to do my will." 

9 His words, ye happy parents, hear. 
And shout with joys divine ; 
Aear Saviour, all we have and are: 
Shall be for ever thine ! 

244. C, M Oldins:. 
Death rfayoun^ person.... Psalm cii. 23*. 

> MT Father calls me to hiis arms, 
And willingly I go : 
With cheerfulnesa 1 V>\^ IvKi'a^ 
To er'ry thing beVw. 

2 My teoder parents, kiod and dear, 
I bid fareweU to jon; 
Tho* nature feels, and I, can find 
'Tis hard to say, adieu ! 

S Ye friends and kindred iov'd me mucht 
Ye hold nie near your hearty 
And Btin 1 feel that I can love, 
And find it hard to part. 

4 Ye brothers, sisters, me you love, 
Aod love I also feel; 
I «ee your tender passions move-i— 
Your grief you catiH conceal. 

^ But do not w«ep or grieve for me^ 
You know I must go home; 
I was upon a visit here, 
And new I must return. 

£6 Farewell, thou world, with all thy toyal 
For thou hast been to me 
A world of transitory joys, 
Of sin and vanity. 

i Now I rejoice to leave tliis world 
Of sorrow, sin, and pain : 
I know Vm wash'd in Jesu^s blood, 
And shall a crown obtain. 

t Tm %o\og io my heavenly friend, 
My Jesus and my all : 
He calls lo take me to his arms — 
I will obey the calL] 

. 245. C. M. Crudefu...aUered. " 
Death unc€rJLain....^cc\. ix. 10. 

1 COME, O my soul, look up and see 
How sirii't the moments run! 
Swift a» the wheel of time whirls X)M!dAl 
AfjT cJosiag dsy biiogs on* 

24tt death: 

[2 Some busy band, perhaps thte heur 
Is weaviDg fast my diroud ; 
Soon hoary wiDter viii draw on^ 
And freeze life's vital flood.] 

3 Few clocks, for aught I know, may itH 

Before my funeral knell, 
Which, by its doleiiil, souoding toogoo* 
Shall my departure tell. 

A * Whc n the p-im kin^ of terrors calla^ - 
M '.y I triumphant stand; 
And find my Saviour then mj frieod,- 
To §^uide me with his hand. 

5 Then shall my spirit soar away 
To heaven, and see his face ; 
And sing, witli all the ransomM throngf 
The wonders of his grace.* 

246. CM. Anon. 

1 YE fleeting charms of earth farewell I 

Your springs of ]oy are dry ; 
My feoul now beeks another home.*.* 
A brighter world on hieh. 

2 Farewell, ye friends, whose tender care 

Has long engag'd my love ; 
Your fond embrace I now excbaoge 
For better Iriends abovew 

"3 Cheerful I leave this vale of tears, 
Where pains and sorrows grow ; 
Welcome the day that ends my toil. 
And ev*ry scene of ^o. 

4 No more shall sin disturb my breast-^ ' 

My God shaU frown qo more ; 
The iireams o{ \ofve dWti» A\iiS\ Y^"^ 
TraoapovlB wDikiao^mYjdotfc. 

BEATS. 247 

^ FIf, (hen, ye iDterpofdug dajs— 
Lord, send \hy summoos dowo ; 
Tbe hand (hat strikes me to the dust, 
Shall raise me to a crowo. 

247. L. M. Harrisom. r% ^^ 

Longing fw glory. i ^^^ 

?»\\ HASTE, that delightful, awful daj. 

When tbiS) my soul, shall leave her clay— 
Mount up and make her last remove, 
ADd join the church of Christ above. 

S Vaia world ! what are thy toys to me ? 
Tis Jesus whom I long to see : 
Td leave my friends, my life, my ally 
And thus address this earthly ball :— 

3 '^Farewell ! no more I tread your ground; 
'^No more I need the gospel sound ; 
"My feet have reach'd the heavenly ahorc— 
" I know no imperfection more. 

^ " Let friends no more my sufferings mouiki^ 
"Wor view my relics with concern: 
** cease to drop the pitying tear— 
"I've past beyond the reach of fear. 

5 ** Thro' tribulation, sharp and long, 
^' I'm brought to join the sinless throng ; 
•*Glery to God for ev'ry wo, 
** And all the pain I felt below. 

6 " All glory to the Lamb of God ! 
" My robes are spotless thro' his blood : 
« 'Tis thro' his free and sovereign grace 
** I now behold his blissful face." 

[7 Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,. 
In gUnry jofiohe to reign ; 
3^ Mm be endless praises given, 
BjaUoaeartb nad all in heavea.^ 


24d DBATII. 

248. C. M.'i^ ' \^ ' 
Hop$ of Heaven. <^ ^ ^^"^ 

1 I SOJOURN Id a vale of tcare; 
Alas ! bow can I sing ? 
M7 harp doth on the willows baiif , 
UoUin'd io ev^ry striug, 

[2 O come, my dear, almighty Lord-.. ' 
My sweetest, surest friend : 
Come — for I loathe these Kedar teota, 
Thy fi'ry chariots send.] 

[3 What have I here ? my thoughts and joyi^ 
So long disposed to roam. 
Are fixt, and I will follow them. 
To my eternal home.] 

4 What have I in this barren land ? 

My Jesus is not here ; 
Mine eyes will ne'er be blest, until 
My Jesus doth appear. 

5 My Jesus is gone up to heaven. 

To get a place for me ; 
For 'tis his will that where be is, 
His followers should be. 

Canaan I view from Pisgah's tof): 
Of Canaan's grapes f taste ; 
My Lord, who sends unto me here* 
Will send for me at last. 

[7 I have a God that changeth not— 
Why should I be perplex'd ? 
My God, who owns me in this world. 
Will own me in the next.] 

[8 Go fearless, then, my soul, with God, 
Joto another room : 
TAofi who hast walkeA v\vYi\\m\w;tfc^ 
^o, see tby God at kome-li 

DEATH. 249 230 

d My ^etrett friends, they dwell above $ 
Tfaem will I go to see ; 
And all 017 friends in Chrbt below 

Will BooD come after me. / 

249. CM. Tefdaefy'8(»i. R^.^Ul^ 
Happiness ofSainis deparied,.,.Rev. xir. 1—3; 

1 HOW happ7 are the sotds above. 

From sin and sorrow free ! 
With Jesus they are now at rest. 
And all bis glorj see ! 

2 « Worthy the Lamb," aloud they cry, 

'' That brought us here to God :" 
lo ceaseless hymns of praise they shout 
Tlje virtue of his blood. 

3 Sweet gratitude inspires their songs. 

Ambitious to proclaim, 
Before the Father's awful throne. 
The honours of the Lamb. 

4 With wondVing joy they recollect 

Their fears and dangers past; 
And bless the wisdom, pow'r, and love. 
Which brought them safe at last 

5 They follow the exalted Lamb, 

Where'^er they see him go ; 
And at the footstool of his grace 
Their blood-bought crowns they throw. 

C Lord, let the merit of thy death 
To me be likewise given ; 
And f, with them, will shout thy praise 
Thro' alt the streets of heaven. 

250. CM. Doddridge, 
Deaih of a Minister... J fxAaxx^ 1. 2—5. \ 

/ NOW tet our drooping hearts revive, 
-^^ aJJ our tears be dry 5 

251 DfiATH* 

Why should those eyes be d«WftM in grk 
Which view a Sarkmr Digb ? 

2 What tho* the arrti of cooquVing death 

Does God^s own house invade ? 
What, the' the propiiet and the prieet 
Be numbetM with tlie dead ? 

3 Tho' earthly shepherds dwell in dast..^ 

The aged and the young... 
The watchful e^^e in darkness closed. 
And mute th' instructive tongue : 

4 Th* eternal Shepherd still survives^ 

New comfort to impart ; 
His eye still guides us, and his tokt 
Still animates our heart. 

5 ^ Lo, I am with you," saith the Lord» 

" My church shall safe abide ; 

" For I will ne'er forsake my own, 

•' Wliose souls in me confide.'* 

• Thro' ev'ry scene of life and death, 
This promise is our trust : 
And this shall be our children's song, 
When we are cold in dust. 

251. CM. Sleek. 
Victory aver Death..,A Co v. xv. 57. 

1 WHEN death appears before my sight, 

In all hb dire array, 
Unequal to the dreadful fight, 
My corage dies away. 

2 But see my glorious leader nigh ! 

My Lord, my Saviour lives : 
Before him death's pale terrors fly, 
And my faint heart reViveft. 

DEATH. 252 

He left his dasssling throne above. 

To meet the tyrant's dart ; 
And 0« amaziag pow'r of iove ! 

Receiv'd it io hiB heart ! 

4 O for Ihe eje of faith divine 
? To pierce beyond tlie grave ! 
To see that Friend, and call him mine. 
Whose arm is strong to save. 


i liord I commit my soul to tbee-~ 
Accept the sacred trust ; 
Receive this nobler part of me, 
And watch my sleeping dust : 

6 Till that illustrious morning come, 
When all thy saints shall rise, 
And, cloth'd in full, immortal bloom. 
Attend thee to the skies ; 

1 Wheii thy triumphant armies sing 
The honors of thy name ; 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With glory to the Lamb : 

8 O let me join the raptured lays, 
And with the blissful thi-ong, 
Besound salvation, pow'r and praise. 
In everlasting song I 

252. C. M. Dcddriffgt. 
DecUh and Judgment„„lieb. ix. 27. 
[I HEAVEN has confirm'd the great decree, 
That Adam's race must die : 
One general ruin sweeps them down, 
And low in dust they lie.] 

2 Ye living men thy tomb survey, 
WAete you must quickly dweU; 

2S3 pbatb; 

Hark how the awful sunimons souadt 
In ev'iy fuo'ral knell. 

3 Ouce you muBt die ; and once for all. 

The golenio purport weigh ; 
For kuow that heaven and hell aee hnxif 
On that important day. 

4 Those eyes, so long in darkness veil'd. 

Most wake, the judge to see ; 
And ev'ry word an<l ev'ry thought 
Must pass his scrutiny. 

5 O may I in the judge behold 

My Saviour and my Friend } 
And far beyond the reach of death» 
With all his saints ascend. 

253. S. M. Doddridge. 
Svpport in D^o/fc.... Psalm xxiif. 4» ^ 

1 BEHOLD the gloomy vale, 
Which thou, my soul, must tread. 

Beset with terrors fierce and pale, "^ 
That leads thee to the dead. 

2 Ye pleasing scenes adieu, 
Which I so long have known; 

My friends, a long farewell to you. 
For I must pass alooe. 

3 And thou, beloved clay, 
Long partner of my cares. 

In this rough path art torn awaj, 
With agony and tears. 

[4 But see a ray of light, 
With splendor all divine, 
^Breaks thro' these doXeUxXxe^TtfetAw^ 
And makes ita hoxrots ft\»nft."\ 

^ Where death and darto«» i»^?»> 
Jehovah is my stay •, 

DEATH. 254 

His Tod 097 tremblio^ feet nutioaii — 
His staff djefeods my way. 

6 Dear Shepherd, lead me 00 ; 
Mj soul disdains to fear; 
Death's gloomy phantoms all are flow^ 
Now life's great Liord is near. 

254. 78. Grant. 
On a Saint entering Hfavevt.... Isaiah Ixiir. 4. 

1 WHY was unbelieviog I, 
Trembliug, so a Iraki to dk ? 
Now my feet iu safety staod 

Here wiihiu the promise land. HaL 

2 O what wond'rous grace is here, 
Now I'm safe from ev'ry fear ! 
SiD and doubts are ever gone — 
Sighing shall uo more be koowo. 

3 Henceforth neither grief oor pain; 
Here successive pleasures reign ; 
All things our hosannas raise ; 

O the glories of this place ! 

[4 O, ye perfect, happy ones, 
Let me try to joii) your tunes ! 
Come let us exalt the Lamb, 
Singing ever to his name. 

5 He our full redemption wrought ; 
He for us this glory bought \ 
From the earth be calls us home ; 
To our Father's house we're come. 

6 Oft in Kedar's tents I try'd. 
When my God bis face did hide, 
Wiih my friends to raise this 80i\g^ 

J^t it laagaish'd oa my tongae.'\ 

' Jemis aow UD veils his face; 
Men I about ofsoY'rei^Q graoe ; 

FilFd with love locessant ciy^ 
To hiB praise in raptures high- 

g O) my drocpiog frieods below, 
Did you half this glory know, 
/ Daily would you stretch the wing^ ' 
Here to fly aod thus to slog. 


255. 8s. Wesley. 
Death of a Brother. „.B,ev. xiir. 13. 

1 HOW blest is our brother, berefk 
Of all that could burden his mind I 
How easy the soul that hath left 
This wearisome body behiod ! 

2 This earth is affected no more 
With sickness, or shaken with pain f 
The war in the members is o'er ; 
And never shall vex him again. 

[3 This languishing head is at rest ; 
Its thioking aod aching are o'er ; 
This quiet, immoveable breast 
Is heav'd by affliction no more.} 

4 This heart is no longer the seat 
Of trouble and tortiirifig pnin; 
It ceases to flutter and beat — 
It never shall flutter again. 

5 The lids that he seldom could close. 
By sorrows forhiddon to sleep, 
Seal'd up in the sweetest repose, 
Have strangely forgotten to weep. 

6 These fountains can yield no supplliev 
These hollows from water are free; 
The tears are all wip'd from these eycs^ 

And evils the][^ nevet «»Yia\\ «xt^ . 


[7 To wmm andio suffer k roio^- 
WMI« bcMniio « prkoD I toiilke > 
Aud it9|)jiiM;de^Teniim d{i^ . 
4«(| |»j«i 10 tbe i^iacft tf do^ 

9 mial^DW vith iqr tMM I bodeir^ 

OMkbt I'tUmoflMDlbtaiflML:' 
My iVi'^ created tiiew, 

The itULwea-kmn tfMi at flod; 
Bar wkli k aceonplisb'd ot Iwtt 
Aod now fhtfu ootMli'd w Mb the dood^ 

t th^ mtmHHm of ogjctjoaoro oSer, > 
The dqr0ODdtlieiiighl»of dkrtfeii; 
Wejiee ber ja aDgiufth urn more-^ 
She's g|dD*d' bet happy release. 

3 No alcknets, os sorrow, or pain, 
Shalt erer disquiet her new ; 

' For iieatb to her sphrit was pio^ 
Since Christ was her life vheo Mow. 

4 Her soul has now takeo ks flight 
To '«afisiQOs of glory ahove, 

To mingle with angels of light,. 
And dmil Id the kiogdom of loTe. 

& The vktory oow is ohtaio'd; 

MeV gone her dear Savioar to wt%^ 
' H^^ wishes she fully has gata'd— 
. . She's now where she looged to be. 

J Tha coCd, tiie shroud, and the gratie» 
{fo her were BO objects o( dread V 

■;>' V 


257 253 sbath; 

On him vho is mtgfatj to save, 
Her boul was with coufideoce stayed* 

7 Then let us forbear to coroplaio, 
That she is now gone from our sight; 
We soon shall behold her again, 
Witli new and redoubled delight, 

257. 8. 7. 4. JVingrove. 
Soul happt/ on a Death-Bed* 

1 EV'RY moment brings me nearer 

To my long sought rest above ; 
Higher mounts mj soul, and higher-— 

how happy to remove ; 
Then, for ever, 

Shall I sing redeeming love. 

2 Soon shall I be gone to glory- 

Join the bright, angelic race, 
There repeat the pleasing story— 

1 was savM by sovereign grace : 
* And for ever 

View my loving Saviour's face. 

3 Tho* my burden sore oppress me. 

And I shrink beneath my paio, 
Jesus he will soon release me. 

And your loss will be my gain.* 
Precious Saviour, 
With my Lord I shall remain. 

258. 8. 7. 4. Wmgrov4* 

Falling asleep in Jesus,...A.cts vii. 60, 

\ HAPPY soul ! we now resign thee. 
Called by the great T am ; 
Left thy troitbles all behind thee^ 

Gone to glorify tlie Lamb ; 
And for ever, 
SiDg the woadeiB oi Vna a^m^ 

DEATH. 250 

2 Gone to join the heavenly choir, 

^Ray^d in spotless gari!;ents bright; 
Gone thy Saviour lo adnsire, 

Who 18 DOW thy souPs deh'ght : 
And for ever, 
Siog ills praises day and night. 

3 There the once despised Christian^ 
Free from all his grief and pain, 

Feels the sweetness of religion- 
Proves his life was not in vain ; 

And for ever, 

With his Jesus shall remain. 

259. ODE. Pope, 

^jfing Saint to his S(ntL,,A Cor. xv. 54-57. 

J VITAL spark of heavenly flame ! 
Quit, O quit this mortal fratpe : 
Tremblin*;:, hoping, lirg'ring flying, 
O the pain, the bliss of dying ! 
Cease, fon(l nature, cease thy strife, 
And let me laoguibh into life. 

2 Hark ! thy whisper, ar-gels say, 
** Sister spirit, come away ;" 
What is this absorbs me quite ? 
Steals my" senses, shuts my sight ? 
Drowns my spirit, draws my breath? 
Tell me my soul can this be death ? 

*^ The world recedes, it disappears ! 
Heaven opens on my eyes... .my ears 
With sounds seraphic ring! 
Lend, lend your wings, I moimt ! I fly I 
grave, irhere is thy victory ? 
O death, where is thy sting ? 


• ■■'■ 1 

200 261 BBCRfiRS. ^ 

260. L. M. Wesilake's Set 
Decrees of Qod,„Eph. L 11. 

1 'TWAS Hxt io God's et«rnai mind. 
When his dear sods should mercy find : 
From everlastiog he decreed, 

TVhca €v*ry good should be coovey*d. 

2 DeterminM was the manner, kow 

We should be brought the Lord to know ; 
Yea, he decreed the very place, 
Where he would callus bj his grace. 

{3 Vast were the settlements of grace 
On millioDS of the human race ; 
And ev'ry favor richly given, 
Flows from ihe high decrees of heaved.] 

4 In cvVj mere J, full and free, 
Th' appointing God I wish to see; 

To see how grace, free grace has reigo'd 
In ev'ry blessing he ordain'd. 

5 Yes, dearest Lord, 'tis my desire 
Thy wise appointments to admire, 
And trace the footsteps of my God 
Thro' ev^ry part of Zion's read. 

261. 7s. RylaruL 

Decrees of Qod.,„Vs^\m xxxi. 15. 

1 SOV'REfGN Ruler of the skies, 
Ever gracious, ever wise ! 

All my times are in thy hand — 
All events at thy command. 

2 His decrees who form'd the earth, 
Fixt my first and second birth; 
TsirenXs^ native-place, and time, 

All appointed were by Vim» 

* DBJECT£t>. SOL* 

3 He that foroi'd me m the womb, 
He shall guide me to the tomb ; 
AH my times shall ever be 
Ordered by his wise decree. 

44 Times of skknesSf times of health ; 
Times of penury and wealth ; 
Times of trial and of griefs 
Times of triumph and relief. 

3 Times the tempter's pow'r to prove ; 
Times to taste a Saviour's love; 
AH is fixt, the means tnA end. 
As shall please mj heavenly friend. 

-6 Plagues and deaths around me Qy ; 
Till he bids, 1 cannot die ; 
Not a single shaft can hit| 
Till the God of love sees fit 

262. 148th. Harrison. 
Dejected, yel hoping....Fs9\m xlii. 11. 

1 WHY do I thus complain, 
And bow my drooping head ? 
Cheer up my soul, again — 
Thy Saviour is not dead : 

Jesus, thy Lord, is still the same, 
Believe his word, and trust his name. 

2 What tho* he hides his face, 
r^'or will one smile afford) 
Thou yet may'st plead his grace. 
And venture on his word : 

Still all thy trust on him repose, 
And own him just in all thy woes. 

S Why should distressing thoughts ^ 
Whjr should distracting careai 

V 2 

27^ 270 BPHRATX'— BTIBNAXr. 

Free grace onlj 

Shall resound tbro* Caoaan^s land* 

278 L. M. Medley. 

Spkram*6RepetUance.. Jcr. xxxi. 18520*..Ho6.a 

1 HOW shall I give my Ephraitn up, 
Or make him driok the wrathful cup ? 
Shall I, in awful, dreadful ire 
Doom him to helPs eternal fire ? 

2 Ah» no! — my heart is turned within {. 
I'll punish, yet forgive his sin ; 

And my repentat^ce shall declare, 
The truth which I to Israel sware. 

3 V\\ never let my word be broke, 
Nor in fierce aogor deal the stroke ; 
My dreadful wrath I'll not employ, 
Nor Ephraim will I e'er destroy. 

4 No— I'll fulfil my gracious plan, 
For I am God, and not like man ;. 
Nor will I punish as a foe. 

But he my love shall sweetly know. 

5 His sad backslidings I'll forgive, 
And he shall turn again and live; 
I will again my joys restore, . 

And £phraim then shall weep no more. 

279. L. M. GibbonSi 

Eternal Lj/i?....TitU8 iii.7. 

1 ETERNAL life ! how sweet the sound. 
To sinners who deseiTe to die ! 
Publish the bliss tiie world around.... 
Echo the joys, ye worlds on4)igh. 

2 Eternal life I how \?i\\ il \s.\^ 
WiiCD, moiinUiig ftom \M%bieiaftAftsa <Ss^ 

STsiiNiTr; 2Bi 

Tbe soul dischaig'd from sin and pau^ 
^ Aflcends^t' eitjoj its Father God ! 

fd Eternal life! bow will it bloom 
In beauty on that blissful day, 
When rescu'd from th' impris'Diog tomb). 
Glory invests eur rising clay ! 

4 Eternal bfe ! O how refinM 
The joy ! the triurophs how divine t' 
When, saints in body and in mind 
Shall io the Saviour's iAiage shine !' 

5 Holy and heavenly be that soul, 
Where dwells an hope so bright sffi this : 
How should we long to^ reaeh the goal, 
And seize the prize of endless bliss t 

280. L. M. Steele. 
tl^Uctian on Tjfe and E/mir/y....l8aiafa Ivii \5. 

.1 ETERNITY is just at hand ; ) 

And shall I waste my ebbing sand ? 
And careless view departing day, 
And throw my inch oi time away ? 

2 Eternity ! tremendous sound ! 
To guilty souls a dreadful wound !: 
But O ! if Christ and heaven be mine,,. 
How sweet the accents ! how divine I 

^ Be this my chief, my only care, 
My high pursuit, my ardent pi-ay^r — 
An iot'rest in the Saviour's blood, 
My pardon sealed, and peace with God. 

4 But should my brightest hopes be vain ; 
The riding doubts how sharp, its pain I 
My fears, O gracious God, remove, 
ikaSrm mjr title to. iby love. 


5 Seaidi, I^ord, O search my iotno^ hea^E^ 
And light, and hope, and joy impart ; * 

From guilt and error set me free, 
Aod guide me aafe to heaven and tbeet 

iSU L. M. Medtey. 

1 O TH0J7 eternal, glorious Lord, 
Thy gracious presence now afibrtl : 
To all our souls tbipe influeDce brip^ 
While of eteroitjr ve sing ! 

2 Eternity ! stupendous theme t 
Compared herewith our life's a dream; 
Eternity! O awful sound, ' 

< A deep where all our thoughts are dron&V 

3 Eternity I the dread abode 
And habitation of our God ! 
His glory fillfe the vast expanse. 
Beyond the reach of mortal sensc^ 

4 But an eternity there is 

Of dreadful woe, or joyful bliss : 
And, swift as time fulfils its rbund. 
We to eternity are bound. 

[5 What countless mjllions of mankind 
Have left this fleeting world behind; 
They're gone ; but where ? — ab 1 stop and ac 
Gone to a long eternity.] 

p> Ai^d is eternity so near ? 

And must we very soon be there ? 
Sinner — ah ! whither wilt thou flee> 
Or how avoid eternity I] 

7 Cianst thou forever hear to dweH 
Id all the fi'ry deeps oi YieW •, 
4n<J is death nolhiog l\ien to ^v 

ETBNING. 282 283 

9 Ye graciQUS souls, with joy look up ; 
In Christ rejoice, your glorious hope ; 
This everlasting bliss secures ; 
Crod and eternity are yours. 

282, L. M. Steele. 

Evening S(m|f....Psalin cxli. 3. 

1 GREA.T God, to thee my evening soof 
With humble gratitude I raise ; 

O let thy mercy tune my tongue, 
And fill my heart with lively praise. 

2 Mercy, that rich, unbounded store. 
Does my unnumbered wants relieve; 
Amoug thy daily craving poor 

Oa thy ali-bouuteous hand I live. 

'8 My days unclouded as tliey pass, . 
And ev'ry gentle rolling hour, 
Are monuments of wonci'rous grace. 
And witness too thy love and pow'r. 

4 Thy love and pow'r, celestial Guard, 
Prcser\'e me from surrounding harm : 
Can danger reach me while die Lor4 
Extends his kind, protecting arm ? 

5 Let rtiis blest hope my eyelids close. 
With sleep refresh my feeble frame; 
Safe in thy care may i repose, 

And wake with prait^es to thy name. 

2B3. L. M. Kcnn. 

Evening S(wi^....Psalm iv. 8. 

1 GLOHY to thee, my God, this night. 
For all the blessings of the light ! 
Keep me, O keep me, King of kii\g&, 
Ifimieath Uiiae owu aimighty iwiDgs. 


2 Forgive me Lord, for thy dearSwr^ 
The ills that [ this day have done; 
That with the world, myself; and the^ 
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 

{3 Teach me to live, tliat I may dread 
The grave as littk as my bed ;. 
Teach me to die, that so I may 
Triumphaut rise at the last day.] 

4 O may my soy I on thee repose ; 

And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close p 
Sleep that shall me more viff'rous make, 
To serve my God when I awake. 

5 If in the ni«;ht I sleepless lie, 

My soul with heavenly thoughts supply j. 
Let no ill dreams disturb my rest — 
Nor pow'rs of darkness me molest. 

[6 Lord, let my soul forever share 
The bliss of thy paternal care ! 
'Tis heaven on earth ! *tis heaven above,. 
To see thy face, and sing thy love !] 

284. C» M. Hoskins. 
Eutichus brought to Life.,.. A^ci^xx. 9—12* 

1 HOW much the hearts of those revive 

That love and fear the Lord ; 
When sinners dead are made alive 
By his all^uick'uing word. 

2 The parent views, with joyful eyes, 

His now returning son, 
And in extatic joy he cries, 

"What hath the Saviour done ?'* 

S The ministers of Christ rejoice, 
When 80u\8 the woxA tecelve • 
When sinners hew IW ^w\av3Ct^% NCf«* 
And ia the Loid beWeve. 


4 The church of Gud (heir praises joio, 

And 01 salvation siug ; 
They glori;y the^racc divine 
Of their victorioiis King. 

5 Id heavea sbove there's joy and praise. 

Before the Lord, most high ^ 
Th* atigellic choirs their voices raisCi 
And with each other vie. 

6 But greater joy must they possess^ 

Who feel this glorious change ; 
Their laboring tongues can but express 
How true, but yet how strange I 

[7 Dear Saviour, comfort us to-night — 
Thy work, O Lord, revive ; 
May we enjoy this noble sight. 
Dead sinners made alive. 

8 Then will thy saints aloud rejoice, 
And join the host above. 
To praise tliy name with cheerful voice. 
And magnify thy love] 

2B5. 8. 8. 6. (ennick & Hammond 
Owning- (Hid Morning Sow^....Luke xxiv. 29. 

^ No farther go to-night, but stay, 
Dear Saviour, till the break of day; 

Turn in, dear Lord, with me ; 
And in the morning when I wake, 
Me in thine arms, dear Jtsus, take. 

And I'll go on with thee. 

I* rJ'ow, Lord, he with us on our way ; 
^nveil tliy facc....lhine arm display.,.. 

Thy glory let us prove : 
^ thou, dear Saviour, with usvf^W^ 
*^fcaf u/nh wUh thee we swcel\y l^vL. 
Our hearts may burn wUhlo^e. 


3 May we io faith still joaniey di^ 
Till we arrive where thoa art goik^ 

And see thy face io heaveu ; 
Then, when in glory we shall meett 
Id what sWiect concert shall wie sit. 

And slog of sins forgiven.] 

285. 8. 8. 6. Medley. 
Excellency of Cftrt^l....Isaiah xszr. •£• 

i COULD t speak the matchless worthy 

could 1 sound the glories forth 
Which iQ my Saviour shine, 

iM soar and touch the heavenly striiigjk 
And vie with Gabriel, while he sings^ 
In notes dimost divine. 

2 I'd sing the {Precious blood he spilt, 
My ransom from the dreadful guilt 

Of sin and wrath divine ; 
Vd sing his glorious righteousness. 
Id which all perfect, heavenly dress 

My soul shall ever siiine. 

3 Vd sing the characters he bears, 
And all the forms of love he wear^ 

Exalted on his throne : 
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise, 

1 would to everlasting days 

Make all his glories known. 

4 Well, the delightful day will cothe^ 
When ray dear Lord will bring me honc^ 

And I shall see his face: 
Then with ray Saviour, brother^ frieudi 
A blest eternity Til spend 
. Trituaphanl in W% ^xw»i 

FAITH. 287 28B 

2S7. L. M. DoheU. 

Woman of Canaan,.„MsiiL xv. 27. 

"1 6EI10LD a sinner, dearest Lord, 
Encouraged by tiij gracious word, 
Would venture near to seek that bread) 
By which thy children here are fed. 

2 Do not the humble suit deny. 
Of such a guilty wretch as i ; 
Biit let niie (etd on crumbn, tho' small. 
Which from thy bounteous table fall. 

3 1 am a sinner. Lord, I oun ; 
By sin and guilt I am undone ; 

Yet will I wait, and plead, and pray^ 
Since none are empty sent away. 

288. L. M. Slech. 
Paiih in 6o/f....Hab. iii. 17, 18. 

1 SHOULD famine o'er the mourning field 
Extend its desolating leign ; 
Norspririg its blooming Ijeaniifes yield, 
Norjautumn swell the golden grain j 

2 Should lowing herds, and bifeatirig slieep. 
Around their fanjishM master die ; 

And hope itself despairing weep, 
While life deplores its hvA supply ; 

8 Amid the dark, the dismal eccue, 
if 1 can say the Lord is miae, 
The joy shall triumph o'er the pain. 
And glory dawn, thu' life ditiine. 

4 The God of mj' salvaiion lives; 
My nobler life he will sustain; 
His word immorul vigor gives, 

jy«r Mball my glorious hopes tM ^fi&tU 


39 FAITH. 

5 Thy presence, Lord, can cheer my hear 
Tho' ev'ry earthly comfort die ; 
Thy smile can bid my pains depart. 
And raise my sacred pleasures high* 

[6 O let me hear thy blissful voice, 
In&piriag life arid joys divine I 
The barren desert shall rejoice, 
'Tis Paradise if thou art mine !] 

289. L. M. Wesley. 
Faith in God,...B.ub. iii. 17, ]8« 

1 ALTHO' the vine its fruit deny, 
AUho' the olive yield no oil ; 

The withering fig-tree droop and di^ 
The fields delude the tilles^s toil ; 


2 Altho' the stall no herd afford, 
And perish all the bleating race ; 
Yet will I triumph in the Lord, 
The God of my salvation praise. * 

3 Tho' comfortless my soul remain, 
And not a gleam of light appear ; 
Tho' joy be souglit, and sought in vaip. 
And tho' despair itself be near. 

4 AUho' assurance all be lost. 

And blooming hopes cut oil I see ; 
Yet will I ill my Saviour trust, 
And glory that he d}'d for me. 

5 In hope, believing against hope. 
My intVest still in God I claim ; , 
His gracious word shall lift me up — 
Salvation is in Jesu*s name. 

6 Soon flmll he bring delivVance nigh, 
j^najKj|tt|tetei\ &ov\V %h'^U fiad^ 

J^l!l9 ll^lKSISi\\ Utl T\\^ coit\^ot\s.'\v\^\^ ^ 

P4ITH. 290 291 

200. L. M. Needham, altered. 
Exploits cf Fai[h....Ueb. xi. 33. 34. 


1 BLEST IS ihe mem'ry of the just ! 
Ami sweet their stornbers in the dust ; 
Tho' lost, k>ng lost to mortal eye, 
Their glorious fame shall uever die. 

2 In life's fair book the Patriarchs live ; 
Prophets and saiuts instruction give ; 
Tho' dead, they speak the truth diviue, 
And in example brightly shine. 

Z By faith what wonders have they done — 
They suff 'rings bore, they vict'ries won ; 
By faith they promises obtain'd. 
And kingdoms to its empire gain'd; 

4 By faith they clos'd tlie lioft's jaw, 
And harmless made hisdreadtui paw ; 
Quench'd fiercest flames, escapVl the sword. 
And to new life the dead resior'd. 

5 My 80u4, these ancient heroes view, 
Their faith, their love, their zeal pursue ; 
Warra*d by each word and glorious deed, 
Iq the same blessed path proceed. 

C may I iti their triumphs share ; 
Aod in my Saviour's robes appear, 
And give my Captain great reoowu, 
Who gives me an immortal crown. 

»291. CM: Needham. 

F(«?7^....Heb. xi. 13. 

^ Rise, O my sout, pulque the path 
By ancient heroes trod : 
Aiiibitioi/5 view those holy men, 
fTiKfJiYd aud walk'd with God. 

292 293 F1.ITH. 

2 Tho* dead, tliey speak in reasoD*s ear. 

Ami in example live ; 
Their faith, aud hope, aiid mightj deedf 
Still fresh ibstr^iction ^ve. 

3 'Twas thro^ the Lamh's mosl precious VL 

They conquerM ev'ry foe ; 
And to his pow'r and matchless gracQ» 
Their crowns and honor owe* 

4 Lord, may I erer keep in view 

The patterns tbou hast given ; 

And ne^er forsake the blessed road, 

Which led them safe to heaven, 

292. C. M» Hcrvetf. 


1 WHEN faith presents the Savioafs ^ 

And whispers, " this is mine :" 
Sweetly my rising hours advance^ 
Aud peacefully decline. 

2 Let outward thios^s go how they will. 

On thee I cast my care ; 
Bnt let me reign with thee in heaven, 
Tho' most unworthy here. 

3 Faitli in thy love shall sweeten death^^ 

And smooth the rugged way ; 
Smile ou m^s dearest Lord, and thea 
1 shall not wish to stay. 

g93. C. M. Swain. 

Strong Faith. 

I FIRMLY T stand on Zion's hill, 
And view my starry crown; 
Na pow^r on eaTVV\ my Vvq^ can sliak^ 
JSoT hell can \}u\\ vx^ ^o^n^. 

FAITH. 204 295 

2 The lofty hilb and sutely towVi, 
That lift their heads oo higjbt 
Shall all be levelFd Id the dus^- 
Their wery oameB shall die. 

9 The Tanlted beaTeos shall melt awajr^ 
Bailt by Jehovah's bands ; 
But firmer than the beaTeos, the Bod^ 
Of mj salyatioD staeds. 

2d4. C. M. Neale. 
Trimgih of FaUlu..I>an. iil. 13—25. 

1 WHAT mighty wonders faith has done t 

O, vbo can e'er recount 
The nuro'roua Tict'ries it has von. 
Or tell the vast amount ? 

2 PoBsess'd of this, without dismay. 

The Hebrew champions stood. 
And dar^d a tjrant disobey. 
Resisting unto blood. 

3 His impious threats they disregard. 
And all his fury brave. 
Believing that the God they fear'd, 
Was able them to save. 

^ Leaning on his almighty arm. 
Who did such faith inspire. 
They were preserved, secure from harm, 
Amidst consuming fire. 

^ Like precious faith may we possess, 

,Wor need we ever fear, 
. Tho* caird thro' floods or flames to pass. 

If Ood be with us there. 

295. S. M. Beddome.^ 
Pf^ams Faiih....tfh. ii. 8.. .2 ^eU v \. 
. iFAlTH-^hk a precious sMLce, 
' Wrew'eritfebeatow'dl 

?96 FAlTff. 

It boasts of a celestial birth, 
Aud is the gilt of God ! 

2 Jesus it 0U11S a King, 

An all-atonioo; priest ; 
It claims qo merit of its owd, 
But looks for all io Christ. 

3 To him it leads the soul, 

Wheu fiird wiih deep distress; 
Flicir to the fountaio of his blood, 
Aijd trusts his righicousuess. 

4 Since His thy urork alone, 

And that divinely free ; 
Lord, send the Spirit of thy Sod, 
To work this faith in me. 

206, 8s. HarL 
Victorious Fai7^....Rom. i. 17. 

1 THE moment a sinner believes, 
And trusts in his crucify 'd God, 
His pardon at once he receives, 
Redemption in full thro' his blood. 

2 Tho' thousands and thousands of foes. 
Against him in malice unite, 

Their rage he thro ('hrist can oppose. 
Led forth by the Spirit to fight. 

3 The faith that unites to the Lamb, 
And brings sucji salvation as this. 
Is more than mnro fancy or name — 
The work of God's spirit it is. 

4 It treads on the world and on hell ; 
li v?inquishes death and despair ; 
Aod, what is sl\\\ sVt^x^^ex Vc> vOv\^ 
It overcomes heaven b^ ^t^Y^- 


5 It says to the mouutains '' depart,'' ' 
That staod betwixt Ood and the mul^. 
It blods up the brokeo ia heart, 
And makes their sore consciences whole—- 

Bids sins of a crimson^Hke dye 
fie spotless as snow, and as white; 
And raises the sinner on high. 
To dwell with the angels of light 

297. L.M. Scott 
Saking dtredionfor a new hahiiaii&ih 

1 SOLE Sovereign of the earth and skies^ 
Supremely good, supremely wise, 
Fix thoa the place of our abode, 
But let h still be near to God. 

' 2 There, with an ever smiling face,. 
Renew the visits of thy grace ; 
The dwelling with thy presence bless. 
And thence each baneful evil chase. 

^ Thus while we sojourn here below, 
r Let streams of mercy round us flow ; 
And when our destioM race is run, 
Assign us mansions near thy throne. 

298. L.M. Scott. 
Goinsr to a new habitation, 

^ WHERE'ER, the Lord shall biuld my hous^ 
An altar to his name FU raise; 
There, mom and ev'ning, shall ascend 
• The sacrlQce of prayV and praise. 

i (2 Wth dutious roiiid the social band 
I Shall seaicch the records of thy law; 
I There learn thy w,ill and humbly bow 
V Mllh filial reverence and awe.^ 

M ^9wafyma blessit^ of the earth 
*'**^pear God to us afford, 

200 900 VAMILT WOR8RtP« 

With warm, united hearts well pajr 
Our grateful tribute to the Lord. 

4 Bere fix, dear Lord, thy sacred real; 
And spread the banner of thy lore, 
'Till ripeo'd for the heavenly world. 
We rise and join the church above* 

209. a M. Scott. 
Settling in a nen Habiiation* 

1 ITOW let our hearts their glory wake;^ 

The sacred song to raise ;■ 
iMd ev'ry tunefal pow'r combine. 
To shout Jehovah's praise. 

2 To us a goodly heritage 

His providence assigns, 
And in a safe and pleasant place, 
Marks out our happy lines. 

3 Come, let us to his holy name, 

A grateful altar raise : 
And be this habitation styPd 
The house of pray'r and praise. 

i Here may his secret breathuigs fan 
Devotion to a flame* 
And faith and love and zeal inspire, 
T' adorn the christian name. 

5 Thus with thy visits, smiles and grace. 
May this abode bfi blest; 
And here, O great Jehovah, fix 
Thy pleasant, lasting rest. 

300. S. M. Phippard. 
Joshua^s Resolution,, , Josh, xxiv. 15* 

1 LET Joshua's solemn chaise. 
To IsraePs army ^iv*a» 
Persnftde the soula oi a\V ^^^ ^M:* 
To choose tUe Qod ol \»««^^ 

2 How bleseed is the choice 
To serve and love tlie Lord : 

May he each heait consiraia to feed. 
Upou his sacred wonl. 

3 This will afford us joy 
Iq ev'ry scene of grief; 

From hence will flow our daily peace-w 
Our comfort and relief 

4 Amidst our doubts and fears. 
Our choice of God will pTovCt 

That lie first chose us by his grace 
As subjects of his love. 

5 May sinners round us see 
How wise was Joshua's choice^ 

And feel constrain'd by sovereign love 
In Jesus to rejoice. 

301. L. M. ^non. alterefL 

fast Mercies encouraged against present Fears, 

Judges xiii. 23. 

1 WHY should I yield to slavish fears ? 
God is the same to endless years : 
T ho' clouds and darkness hide his face, 
He*s boundless both in truth and grace. 

2 Would e'er the God of truth make koowB 
The worth and gfoiy of his Son; 
His love and righteousness display. 
And cast my soul at last away ? 

3 Would he reveal my sin and wo^— 
Teacfi me my numVous wants to know. 
And help me in ray darkest frame, 
To build my hopes on Jesu'^s name ? 

4 WomW God preserve my 8ou\ frouv tell^ 
Aad msike his love at times piev^nXt 


302 vl»Ai^ v<^- 

Would he bestow such nieircks past; 
And yet rejf'Ct my wml at last ? 

5 No— He's my Father and my Frieod; 
On whose sure pFomise I depend; 
Tho* nou from me his face be hidesy 
Immutable his lo?e abides. 

6 Satan shall ne*er o*er Jesus boast,. 
Nor the rich fsn'ace be ever lost : 
The Spirit ne'er his dwelling lose, 
Nor Christ ihe bumbie seul refuse. 

7 Tho* unbelief may long molest. 
And sin and sat an break niy rest : 
Grace shaH at last theyicfry get. 
And make my conquest quite complete* 

302. CM. Beddome. 
Fear no^...Uaiah xli. 10. 

1 YE trembling souls, dismiss your fears. 

Be mercy all your theme ; 
Mercy, which like a river, flows 
In one continual stream. 

2 -Fear not the pow*i-s of earth and hell; 

Cod Mill these pow'rs rpstrain; 
, His mighty arm their rv?ge repel, 
) And make their efforts vain. 

3 Fear not the want of outward good ;; 

He will for his provide ; 
Grant them supplies q# daily food. 
And all thev need heside. 

4 Fear not that he will e'er forsake. 

Or leave his work undone ; 
Hf/fi faithful to his promises, 
And faithful to his Sou. 

5 Fenr not the terrots o^ \\ie^w^> 
Or death's ireHxtttAoua «^w* 

FBARS...FIBE. 303 d04 

He tv^ll from endless wrath preserve. 
To endless ^lorj brin^. 

[6 Yea, in his wisdom, pow'r, and grace, 
May confidently trust; 
His n'isdom guides, his ppw'r protects^ . 
His grace rewards the just.] 

303. CM, Doddridge. 
"Fears dissipalcd^: JsRi^b xli. 10. 

1 AJND art thou with us, gracious Lord, 

To dissipate our fear ? 
Bo6t thou proclaim thyself our God> 
Our God for ever near ? 

2 Doth thy right hand which form'd the earth. 

And bears up all the skies, 
Stretch from on high its friendly aid, 
When dangers round us rise ? 

3 Dost thou a father's bowels feel 

For all thy humble saints ? 
And in such tender accents speak. 
To soothe their sad complaints ? 

4 On this support my soul shall lean, 

And banish ev'rycare; 
The gloomy vale of death must smile, 
If God be with me there. 

304. L. M. Gibbons, 

On the Alami^ Fire.... Amos iv. II. 

] THE fire, with y^ unbounded powV, 
May ruin ev'ry emiily joy, 
And in a swift, surprising hour 
Our treasures, homes, and lives destroy. 

2 But still the saint its rage defies. 
And should r^estniction seize his ttame^ 
His um'mbodled soul would rise 
Aadwount to glory io the flame* 


3 There stands a palace built sabHine 
Id yonder heaveos to which we go, 

. Secure from all the wastes of time, 
Aud all the dire events below. 

4 When vengeance, kindling all her fin 
Shall ride in ruin e'er the ball ; 
Saints shall enjoy their full desires. 
Their God, their Saviour, aud their a 

805, CM. Harrison. 
Fortitude.yM dilL x. 28^ 

1 WHT should the dread of siuful raa 

Ensnare and vex my soul ? 
O, for that fortitude which can 
My ev'ry fear controuL 

2 Shall I offend a holy God^ 

And sacrifice my peace^ 
To shun a mortal's tlircal'nihg rod^ 
A friend or two to please P^ 

3 I must obey the God I love, 

Tho' all the world contemns; 
One smile from him, I prize above 
The richest earthly gems. 

4 Hark ! O my soul—metbinks I heal^ 

JehovaJi's awful voice — 
** Fear not, thou worm, for I am neai 
**I well approve t||Qr choice. 

5 *' While mortal n^^revile and frowf 

*' ril smile upoKhy sow I ; 
♦•And thou shalt tread the temjiter d 
*« While i his rage ccDftrouL*** 

6 Lord, I resigrn rte to thy will, 
• 4.4 Thy wisdom 1 ^doxt\ 

I yield to ihee— v\y5mrot^ l\i\^A, 
Aud lei me doubv ^^ m^xe* 

VULNES5...GETH8EMANS. 300 307 

306. 8. 8. 6. Hamtnand. 
Ftdness of CkrisL., John I ]6...<CoL L 10. 

1 IN Christ aloae all fulacwdwells ( 
He a rich plenitude reveals 

To all his chosco seed ; 
Whatever be his people's wanta, 
From his rich fuloess still he grants^ 

As their immortal head. 

2 In all their troubles aod distress^ 
He will bestow abuudaot grace» 

And help them on their way ; 
He'll never let his people go, 
Nor shall they sink in endless wo; 

His love knows no decay. 

3 Te timid souls, renounce youFselves, 
Nor longer live on Christ by halves; 

Live wholly on the Lamb: 
Behold yourselves in him complete, 
With him ill heaven you soon shall meet. 

To glory iu his name. 

307* 78. Hart. 
Gethsemane.,..MntU xxvi. 36—45. 

1 MANY woes had Christ endur'd, 
Many sore temptations met. 
Patient, and to pain's inur'd; 
But the sorest trial yet 

. Was to be suatainVi in thee, 
Gloomy, sad G«|j^emane ! 

2 Came at Icnp^th Ino dreadful night. 
Vengeance, whh its iron rod. 
Stood, and wilh collected might, 
Bruis'd the harmless Lamb of God: 
See, my son), the Saviour see, 
Grovliog JD Gethsemaue. 



3 There my God bore all my guilt; 
Tliis thro' grace can be believM; 
But the torments vhich he feU| 
Are too vast to be conceiv'd ; 
Nooe can penetrate thro' the^ 
Doleful, dark Gelhsemaue. 

4 AU my sins against my God ; 
All my sins against his laws; 
All my sins agaiiist his blood ; 
AU my sUis against bis cause ; 
Sins as boundless as the sea ; 
Hide me, O Gethsemane. 

5 Hefe^s my claim, and here alooe; 
None a Saviour more can oeed ; 
Deeds of righteousness iVe none} 
Nor a work that 1 can plead ; 
Not a glimpse of hope for mc;^ 
Only iu Gethsemane. 

6 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
One almiglit) God of love, 
Prais'd by ail the heavenly hos^ 
In thy shining courts above; 
"We poor si.mers, gracious Three> 
Bless thee for Gethsemane. 

308. L. M. Steele. 
Glimpse of Jesus orecious. 

1 JESUS, what shall I dJ to show, 
How much I love ^k charming name ; 
Let my whole.heaiwith rapture glow. 
Thy boundless goodneBs to proclaim. 

2 Lord, if a distant glimpse of thee, 

Gan give such sweet, such vast delight. 
What must the joy ihe Uium|;)h be. 
To dwell for evet la \\i^ ^i^x.*^ 

GLORT. 309 310 

309. C. M. IVLsllake's seh dUered. 
Glimpse of Jesus precious, 

1 LORD, let me see tti} blissful face. 

While sojouriiiii^ below ! 
^Tis from thyself wy jo} s arise^ 
And all mj com forts flow. 

2 A glimpse, a single glimpse of thee, 

Would more delight my soul 
Than this vain world with all its joyi^^ 
Could I possess the whole. 

310. CM. Griffin's set. 
Latter Day G/orv*... Isaiah ii. 2, 4, 20'. 

1 REJOICE, ye n jtions of the world. 

And hail the happy d «y, 
When Satan's kin^Hfjm, c!ownward hurFd^ 
Shall perish with dismay. 

2 Rejoice, }e hra'liens; wood and stone 

Shall foi*m }our gods no more ; 
Jehovah, ye shall tnist alone^ 
And him alone adore. 

"3 Christians, rejoice ; each party name, 
Each diil'rent sect slmll cease: 
Tour error, ?riof, and wrath, and shame, 
Shall yield to truth and peace. 

4 Ye sons of peace, the truinph share; 
Tnimpotb no A>re shall sound ; 
The mimrrons fword, the bloody spear. 
Shall fertilize the ground. 

3 Bright o'er the mountains may we see 

This blessed morning ray ; 
jfiad ffhrioiis may its splendor bfi 
JB'ea to the perfect day ! 

311 312 G0I>««.O08PEL. 

311. CM. Erstktne. ' 
God invisible,.., \ 15, 16. 

1 THE Great Invisible uoknowD, 

Who fills th' eternal throne^ 
Is Kiog^ of kiDgs, and Lord of lorda^ 
Jehovah, God alone ; 

2 ^Tis far beyond blind mortal, eyes 

To see his bright abode ; 
!^or can created minds e'er glance 
A thought half way to God. 

3 In&nite leagues beyond the sky, 

Th' Eternal reigns alone; 
Where human minds, nor finite wiogSi. 
Can mount the topless throne* 

4 Let ev'ry nation, tribe, and tongu<e» 

Ilis matchless power proclaim ; 
And heaven, and earth, recks, hills, and 
Repeat their loud Amen. 

312. L. M, Voke. 
Go preach mt/QospeL.Mfkvk xvi. 15* 

1 « GO," saith the voice of heavenly lov 
*• My gospel preach to ev'ry land ; 

" liO t I am with you tO; the end, 
** Observe and follow my command.^' 

2 With joy the first disciples heard, 
And preach'd the heart-reviving oews^ 
As they from him reeeiv'd in chai^ge. 
First, to the unbelieving Jews : 

3 Then to the Gentiles far and near, 
Published salvation in his name. 
And the glad tidings of his grace 
To this disiiogmaVd \%\axvd c%nie« 

4 * Here may Ae f^wpeV ^vV\ tcovkw^^ 
'TiU ChriBt shaW lu vVi^ ^"^^^^ ^'^^^^ 

oo8PE&«^ 313 314 

Tbeo yie wbo love the gospel now 
Shall call the Judge our heaveoljr friend. 

318. L.M« CoU. 

1 ^ PBX>CLA{&ff my goepel/'aaltfa the Lord^, 
**l^e preachers of my sacred word : 
<^ Let ev'ry nation hear the tbemei 
^ Begitudog at lerusaJein. 

i *^ Go, lei the ishief of sioneis know,. 
*^ That I ha?e blessings to bestow; 
** Proclaim salvation in my namci 
** Begbning at Jerusalem. 

3,. ^ Where I was treated with disdaiiH 
<* Where I was crucify *d and dain ; 
^ There shall my gospel gain esteenii 
<* Beginning at Jerusalem. 

' A*^ My pard'oing love proclaim abroad, 
^ And. show t^ie virtue of my blood ; 
^ 'Till time shall end, proclaim my grace: 
** To ev'ry land, in ev'ry place. 

5 f> In yonder world, behold the train 
<< Of sinners savM from endless pain;. 
** Ascribing glory to the liamb, 
** Within the New Jerusalem." 

314. L. M. AnoH^ 
Gosper s joyful sound^^.Tsslm Ixxzix. 15. 

1 COME, dearest Lord, who reigns abov^. 
And draw me with the cords of love t 
And while the gospel does abound, 
O may I know the joyful sound ! 

3. Sweet are the tidings, free the grace^ 
A biiags to our apostate race^ 

■ - 4t-2 

31 S GosPtt. 

It spreads a heavenly light aronncf, 
O may 1 kuow the joyl'ul sound!' 

3 The gospel bid& the sin-Biek soul 
Look up to Jesup and be whole: 

In him are peace and pardou found ^ 
O may 1 know the gospel sound I 

4 It stems the tide of swelling grief. 
Affords the needy sure relief; 
Releases those by sntan bound, 

O may I know the joyful sound! 

31*5. E. M. Peacock. 
Gospel Harvi St., John \v, 35. 

1 LO, elad in nature's bright array, 
The fields a beauteous scene display; 
See how the golden ears of corn, 
Wide-waving, all the hiHs adorn. 

2 See earth with God's rich goodness cro) 
A joyful plenty smiles around r 

But BOW to our admiring eyes, 
Behold ! superior prospects rise. 

3 Rich harvests, where salvation grows, 
I'heir fair celestial fruits disclose; 

A paradise on earth is seen, 

How pleasing, how divine the scene t 

4 See, sinners hastening to embrace 
The tidings of forgiving grace ; 
RedeemM from hell, with price divine^ 
Ib faith mid holiness they shioe^ 

5 All crown'd with immortality, 
These fruits of righteousness shall be ; 
Then they that reap, and they that 80\f 
Shall everlasting Vrntw^Vis Vw^n;* 

Together shaW thcW son^% vc\Wi^ 
ioi lie fair fields oi \;^T^^Vb^ "i 

GOSPEL. 310 317 

And shouts of Iriiimpli and of joy. 
Their blest eternity tinploy. 

316. L. M. Needham, 
Thy Kingdom com^....Matt. vi. 10. 

1 HAST thou not said, almighty God, 
The humble heart is thine abode ? 
Erect thy kingdom. Lord, within. 
And let thy grace bub<lue our sin, 

2 To distant lands thy gospel send, 
And thus thy empire wide extend; 
To Gentile, Turk, and stubborn .^ew'. 
Great King of grace, salvatiou show. 

^ Where'er thy light and sun arise. 
Thy name, O God, immortalize ! 
J/Iay nations yet unborn confess 
Thy wisdom, pow'r, and righteousness. 

317. 8.4. Rait/scoL 
Gospel Trumpet.,..]? s. l.xxxix. \\ — 1 7. 

1 HAKK, hark ! the gosprl-trujupet sounds^ 
Thro' the wide earth the echo bounds, 
Pardon and peace by Jcsu's blood; 
Sinners are reconciled to God, 

And brought into the heavenly road 
By grace divine. 

2 Come, sinners, hear the joy ful news, 
Nor longer dare the gvacc refuse ; 
Mercy and justice here combine. 
Goodness and truth harmonious join, 
While boundless love in evVy liije. 

Invites you near. 

3 Te saints in g^ory, strike the lyre. 
Ye mortfils. catch the sj^crcd fire ; 

Let both the Saviour's love procVa\\n> 

318 319 ORAGI. 

And spread abroad his matchless fame^ 
For ever worthy is the Lamb 
Of eodless praise. 

318. L.M. R-»— •. 
By grace ye are 5at;e<f....EplL iL 5* 

1 SELF righteous souls on works relj, 
And boasl their mortal dio^nity ; 

But if I lisp a song of praise, 
Grace is the note my soul shall raise* 

2 'Twas grace that qiiicken'd me when dea( 
And grace ray soul to Jesus led ; 
Grace brings me pardon for- my sin — 
'Tis grace subdues my lusts withio. 

3 'Tis grace that sweetens ev'ry cross, 
'Tis grace supports in ev'ry loss ; 
In Jesu's grace my soul is j^lrong-^ 
Grace is my iiope and Christ my song. 

4 'Tis grace defends when dangers near ; . 
By grace alone I persevere ; 

*TJs grace coastrains ray soul to love-— 
Free grace is all they sing above. 

5 Thus 'tis alone of grace I boast. 
And 'tis in grace alone f trust; 

For all that's past grace is my theme— 
For what's to cooie 'tis still tlie same. 

6 Thro' endless years^ of grace I'll sing, 
Adpre and bless my heavenly king; 
I'll cast my crown before his thronCf 
And shout free grace to him alone. 

319. L. M. W . 

Il/ly grace is sufficient for thee....2 Cor. siL 

J COME, aU ye cYio^ew ^^\o\.% q( God, 
Whose 80ub oxe v^asSd^^V^ ^^\i%Nitfa^\ 

ORics. 329 

Hear what ho says, his word Is true**- 
^ My grace sufllcient is for you. 

2 " I ana your sure, almigbly friend, 
« Who, loviug, loves you to the end ; 
*' 1 will be oear you, and will show, 
*' My grace sufTicient is for you. 

i <*I know how nura'rous are your foes; 
** I know the ways which they oppose ; 
*^I know their cunniog malice too— 
<* My grace sufficient is for you. 

i «« Tho' saian strives your souls t' ensnare, 
** You're sill the objects of my care ; 
" YouVe near my heart, I'll bring you thro'— 
^ My grace sufficient is for you. 

^ ** Do you want proof of this my love ?— 
" Calv'ry survey ; then heaveo above; 
" See, how the ransomM millions bow ! 
•* My grace sufficient is for you. 

^ " ril guide you safely in tbe way, 

"Thro' life's dark night to heaven's bright day; 
** And there with wonder you shall view, 
** My grace sufiTicieul was for you." 

320. C. M. Hopkins. 
Inexhaustible ^rtice....Luko xv. 31. 

1 JEHOVAH'S grace, how full, how free : 

His language how divine ? 
**My Son, thou ever art with me, 
" And all f have is thine. 

2 '' My saiqts shall each a portion share^ 

•* That's woilhy of a God ; 
•• They are my chief, my constant care— 
*' The piircba^e of my blood. 

Jf ^Both grace aod «rlory I wiU g\ve» 
*'And aotbiug good deny \ 


321 cRAce. 

*' With ine my saints shall ever livei 
"Aud leigQ with me eu high. 

4 " And if ten thousand more I calf, 

" T' enjoy this happiness, 
*'I have enough for each.. ..for all; 
" Nor shall you have the le€B.*' 

5 Thf n, dearest Lord, make mHlious co 

And feabt on pard*ninp graee; 

Briiijs: prodi«;al8, briup: exiles home. 

And we will shout ti)y praise. 

321. S. M. Doddridge. 
Grace... £ph. li. 5» 

1 GR AC E ! 'Tis a charmingr soaod t 
Harmonious to the enr ! 

Heaven with the echo shall resound. 
And all the earth shall hear. 

2 Grace first contrived the way 
To save robellious man ; 

And all the steps that grace display 
Which di^w the wondVous plan. 

[3 Gr^ce first inscrih'd my name 
In God's eternal book : 
'Twas <jrace that gave me to the Lan 
Who all my sorrows took.} 

4 Grace led' my roving feet. 
To tread the heavenly road; 

And new supplies each hour I meet. 
While prfFsinp on taGod. 

5 Grace ajl tfie work shall crowu. 
Thro' everlastinjr days ; 

It lays in heave,v\ v\^e \o^w.«sX ^\x«xfi^ 
And. well deaerjes \)^% y^^«- 

OBICR. 522 323 

322. 8. 7. IVmgTove. 
}Uiraet» tfGrttce....lMk/siiix. 10. 

1 BAIL ) my ever btewed Jeaiu, 

Ouljr tlml wUitoaiug; 
To my MHil Oiy auDe ie precimu. 
Thou mj prapbet, pnett, aoil kins. 

2 ! whnt mercy Bows rrmn heaven, 

O, what joy and bappiiieBa! 
iMve 1 much ? Vve rauch forgircD, 
I'tn a miracle i>r grace. 
[3 Ooce tviih Aditn's race in niin, 
ITiicoMcern'd in rin I lay; 
Swifi ilcslnlbtioa Hill punuiog,- 
Till my SaTtour parsed b^. . 
4 Witneas, alt ye boats of hear«v . 
My Redeeiner*« leiidertiees; 
Lore I much ? I've much TorgiveD, 
rm a miracle of grace.] 
fi Shout j-<i bright angplic choir, 

Praise the Lamb eiithron'd above; 
Whilst Hiionish'd, I admire, 

God's Tree grace and bouiidlese love. 
6 That blest mometit 1 receiv'd him, 
Filld my soul with jny a'ld peace; 
Love I much ? I've much forgireo, 
I'lB 3 miracle of grace. 
L 323. 11.8. Rtece's stl. 

m. Dutingaiakiag Orace...,] Cor. iv. 7. 
HTHHieB of sublime adorntinn and praiae, 
' Tn pilgrims for Sioii who press, 
Brenk forth mid extol the great Ancieiit of days. 

Ilia ricli ani disiinguiBhing grace. 
Bis hre fiaro etemily Sxt iinin yovt, 

' forth and d'tscoycr'd ila Qame, 

945 316 BORw 

345. C. M. Heginbothem. 
Good Hope through 6race....2 Tbes. ii. !§ 

1 COME, humble soult, ye inoimer8>€0i 

And wipe away your tears : 
Adieu to all yonr sad coinplaiiitav 
Your sorrows and your fean. 

2 Come ebont aloud the Father s graces 

And 81015 the Saviwr's love : 
Soon sliall you join the glorious theme 
in loftier Btraios above* 

3 God, th' eterual, mighty Gocf, 

To dearer names descends ; 
Calls you his treasure and his joy. 
His children and bis friends. 

4 My Father God ! and may these lipti 

Pronounce a name so dear ! 
I^ot thus could heaven's sweet hannofiy 
Delight my list'ning ear. 

5 Thanks to my God for ev'ry gift 

His bounteous hands bestow ; 
And thanks eternal for that love 
Whence all those comforts flow. 

6 For ever let my grateful heart 

His boundless grace adore, 
Which gives ten thousand blessings now, 
And bids me hope for more. 

7 Transporting hope ! still on my soul 

Let thy sweet glories shine. 
Till thou thy J elf art lost in joys, 
Immortal and divine. 

346. S. M. Toplady. 
Weak BeUever$ '"nccuraiKed.,..^%^lm icxvii, 1 

Do\?a bom v\^e V\\\o^* xsatft*-- 

! ^ ^r 

»* 4i ORAVE...GUCST» 325 326 

Wkh flihoatiag proclaim it— O trust lo his passioo, 
^ He saves us most freely— O pMcious salvatioa. 

[4 Our Jesus proolaims his name all victorious. 
He rei^ over all, and iiis kii^dom is gloriojis: 
To Jesus we'll join uritli the great congregatiou, 
Aud triumph, ascribing to him our salvatioD.] 

5 With joy shall we stand, when etcap'd to the shore, 
Witli harps in our hands, weMI praise him the more ; 
We!U vau^e the sweet plains on the bank of (he river, 
And sing of salvation for ever and ever ! 

32.'^•^L.M. Medlei/. 

Graxe a* ^;ieaeen....Job liL 17. 

« • ■. 

1 SAINTS in th^iir graves lie down in peace, 
)So more by sin or hell opprest; 

The wicked there from troubling cease. 
And there the weary are at rest. 

2 Thrice happy souls whoVe gone before 
To that inheritance divine ! 

They labor, sorrow, sigh no more. 
But bright in endless glory shine. 

3 There shall we join the blissful throng, 
And meet our dearest friends again ; 
And all eternity, our sotig 
To Jesus raise, aud with him reign. 

326. L. M. Gregg. 
Jesus a GuesL..,'Rey, iii. 20. 

1 BEHOLD the Saviour at thy door, 
He gently knocks, has knocked before; 
Has waited long, is waiting still, 
Y'OVL treat no other friend so ill. 

2 Admit him; for the human breast 
Ife'er eotextaio'd so kind a guest: 


021 328 ^ , HBART. 

Admit him, «r tlie hour's at hand, 
Wticii at hiflf^f^r dcoj^M } ou'U stud. 

3 Opco my lieart, Xiord,entfr io» 
Slay e^'n toe, and Gosquer sin : 
I DOW to ihte my all .resigu. 
My body, soul, sliaU. aJI be thioe. 

327. X.. M. Sitele. 
:fnconslani Heart lamenlid^ 

1 AH ! wretched, vile, itugratoful heai^ 
That can from Jesus tlius depart ; 
Thus fond of trlOes vaiolj rove» 
Forgetful of a Saviour's love. 

2 la vain I charge nij Noughts to Btax; 
And chide ea<ih vanity away; 

In vain, alas, resolve to' bind 

This rebel heart, this wandering miod«» 

3 Thro' all resolves how soon it flies. 
And mocks the weak, the slender ties; 
Then's nought beneath a pow'r divine. 
That can this roving heart t;onfine. 

4 Jesus, to thee I would return, 
And at thy feet repenting mourn : 
There let fte view thy pard'oing love. 
And never from thy siglit remove. 

5 O let thy love, with sweet controuf. 
Bind all the passioos of my soul ; 
Bid ev-ry vanity depart, 

And dwell tor ever in my heart 

328. L.M. Hart. 
Hardness of Heart lamented^ 

1 O FOR a glance of heavenly day, 
To melt this stubborn stone away ; 
Arid thaw^ with beams of \o^e A\vVei% 
Thifi iear t, rim fcoaea UewX ol min^ 


tt HEART. 

The rocks can rend, the earth can qnake^ 
The seas can roar, Jhe mountains shakCj 
Of feeling, ail thvy^s show some sigO' 
But this unfeeling heart of mine; 

"3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt, 
What but-ao ai^amaut would melt? 
Hut I can read each n}ovin»; line. 
And nothing niove^ ihis lie art of mine. 

4 Eternal Spirit, mi<;hty God, 

Apply within the Saviour's blood ; 
'Tis bis rich blooci^ and his alone, 
Can move aud luelt^iis heart oi stone. 

329. L. M. Medhy, 
Stony Heart lamintetL.Ezok. xxxvi* 26—3 

1 IXXRD,.bear a burden'd siuner mourn, 
Who gladly would lo thie return; 
Thy tender uiercies, O impart. 

And take away this stony heart. 

2 'Tis this hard heart which sinks me down, 
I^'or asks thy smile, nor fears thy frown; 

^his causes all- my wo and smart; 
^ord, take away this stony hr^t. 

3 'Tis this hard heart, my j^racious Lorti, 
Which scorns thy love, and slights thy wor 
Which tempts me from thee to depart; 
Lord, take away this stony heart. 

4 'Iff* this hard heart which, day by day, 
Would shut my mouth, nor let me pray; 
Teav'^F«iUd from evVy duty start;- 
Lord, take away liiis stony heart. 

5 Sure the blest day will shortly come, 
Mi^ben ihis hard heart shall know its AocirDt, 

Wheo I no more sbnll sin retaiQ, 
JSor of a sUwjr bean complain* • 

6 Tcs, friendly <lcath, with welcome stroki 
WiH loose the4(hai0f wiU break (he jok 
And when arrived on Canaan's shore 
A sfony heart be fek no more. 

33a. C. M. Newten. 
Hiart takin..^Ijuke xi. 21, 22. 

1 THE castle of ihe human heart, 

Strortftio its native sin, 
Is guarned we[i in ey'ry part. 
By him who dwells within. 

2 For satan there m arms resides, 

And calls the piace||lis own ; 
With care against assanltt provides^ 
And rules as on a throne. 

[3 Each treacherous thou<{ht od him as dii 
In blind obedience waits ; 
And pride, self-will^ and unbelief, 
Are posted at the gates. 

4 Thus satan for a season reigns. 

And keeps his goods in peace; • 

The soul is pleasM to wear his ebaios^ 
P^or wisl^ a release.] 

5 Bat JesHs, stronger far than he, 

Ip his appointed hour, 
Appears to set his people free 
From the usurper's pow'r. 

6 " This heart I bought with b'ood,*' he cij 

** And now it shall be mine :" 
His voice the strong man armM dismays 
JBe knows he most resi^iv. 

7 Iff spite of anbelie! an<\ vt\^« 
Atkl self and satatfs wi, 
The 0Bte8 of brass fly o?ea Ntite* 
Aod Jesiw iriiMi tha b»»*i- 

RCART. 33 i 332 

t The rebe1-foi|] that once vilhstood 
The SaTiour^s kindest call. 
Rejoices now, by grace snbduMy 
To serve him with her all. 

331. CM. Hoskins. 
Ify Sm give me thy Heart..., If rov. xziii 20* 

1 WHAT lanpiage now sahites the eari 
And 'tis our Father's Toiee! . 

Let all the world attentive hear. 
And ev'ry soul rejoice. 

2 Sinners, he kindly speaks to thee. 
However vile th^ art ; 

Here's grace and pardon, rich and firee-*^ 
My son, give me thy heart. 

3 Tor thee, a traitor, Jesus bled, 
And suffered dreadful smart ; 

For thee the Lord was crucify'd — 
My son, give me thy heart. ' 

4 Tho' thou hast long my grace withstood. 

And said to me, '* Depart ;" 

V claim the purchase of my blood — 
My son, give roe thy hearu 

5 I'll form thee for myself alone, 
• And ev'ry good impart ; 

I'll make my great salvation known— 
, My son. give me thy heart. 

6 Come, LonK and conquer now my heait^ 

&et up in me thy throne : 
Sid sin and satan hence depart, 
Aod claim me as tbioe own. 

332. S. M. Topladxf. 

/ ^SroJVfSH'D anrt dUlre^l, 
. -« ^^ra mine eyes within: 

Bly heart with loads of guilt oppress 
The seat of ey'ry sin. 

2 What crowds of evil thoiiojhts. 
What vile affoclious- there ! 

Distrust, presumpiiofi, artful guile^- 
Fride, envy, slavish fear* 

3 Alm'ghty King of saiRts, 
These tyrant lusts subdue; 

Expel the darkness of my raindi'. 
And all my pow're renew. 

4 This done^niy cheerful voice 
Shall loud hosannn's raise ;^ 

My sottt shall glow with gratitude, 
My lips proolainr thy praise. 

333; L. IVf. Duncan, 

Saints' employ in Heaven,.., Rev. vii. 9— 17» 

'^ 1 EXALTED high at God's risht hand, 
Nearer the throne than chenibs stand; 
With glory crownM, in white array, 
My woHd'ritig soul says, '* Who are they i" 

2 These are the saints, belov'd of God — ^ 
Wash'd aft their robes in Jesu*s blood; 
More spolless than the purest white^ 
They siiine in uncreated light. 

3 Brighter than angeli^, lo, ihey shine. 
Their glories great, ami all divine; 
Tell me their ori^^in, and lay 

Their order what ; and whence came th^y 

4 Thro' tribulation si^eaV v.\\e-s t?.TOe, 
Tbcj bore the cross, auA ?,to\\\'^>JoR^«s 

Wiibm the liviij. ^'"n^^^^ ^^t^;^ _., 
lb God lliey tUeU mA ou Vivva.^^*- , 

- -^ 

1I&A.VBN4 334 

5* And does the ciosb thuB proTeibeir gtia ? 
And «ittll 4h«y tbOfr for evec xeigQ^ 
Seated on sapphire throties, tapnuse 
The wonders of redeeaijog. grace* 

S Hunger they oe'er shall feel a^ain,. 
Kor bumiog thirst shall they sustaiof. 
To irells of Uviog water leciy 
By God the Lamb for ever fed.- 

7 UnkDOwo to mortal ears (hey singp.^ 
The sacred glories of their king; 
Ttell me (he subject of their lays^ 
And whence tlieir loud exalted praise ? 

S Jesus, the Saviour, is their theme; 
They siog the wonders of- his oame ; . 
To him ascribing pow^r and -gracei 
Doniioioo and eternal praise. 

9 ** Ataen," tliey cry, to. him alonei 
Who dares to fill his Fatlier's throne *. 
They give him glory, and again 
Bepeat his praise^ and say, *' Amen."' 

334. L. M. Kent. 
W^otpneni ^SaitUs in H4:aven.„.Ilev. xir. l-*5. 

1 ON Zion's glorious summit stood 

A oum'rous host, redeem'd by blood ? 
They hymu'd their King in strains divine, 
I. beard the song and strove to join, 

2 Here all who suffered sword or flame • 
For trutli, or Jesu's lovely name, 

Shout vie t'r}' now, and hail the Larnb^ 
And bow before the gi'cat I aH. 

^ While €veriastU)% floreg roll, 
EiernRl love shM feast their acm\\ 
AnrJ scenes of bliss for ever ueyr,: 

-»^»e ia succession to 1 ' ' • ' 

Here Maty and Manassch vieir, 
The dying Thief and Abraham toof 
With equal love tbeit spirits flame, 
The same their joy^ their song the 8ame# 

5 O sweet employ to sing and traee 

Th' amazing heights aod deptlia of grace; 
And spend, from sin and sorrow teetf 
A blissfnl, vast eternity. 

6 O what a sweet exalted sougf 
When ev'ry tribe and ev'ry tongne^ 
KcdeemM by blood, with Christ appear. 
And join in one full chorus there. 

7 My soul anticipates the day- 
Would stretch her wings and soar away^ 
To aid the song, and palm to bear. 
And bow the chief of sinners there. 

335, L. M. Waits. 
Longing for Glory. 

1 I'M bound for New Jerusalem, 
Thither my blest beloved's gone ; 
The rijzhteous branch of Jesse's stem, 
'Tis he Tve fixt my heart upon. 

2 Fain would 1 climb above the skies^ 
To see the benuties of his face; 
Wy faith would into vision rise, 

And hope would cease in his embrace:* 

3 T languish with extreme desire, 
The object of my love to see ; 

O let me in love's flames expire. 
That I may with my Jesus be. 

[4 This life's a pilgrimage of care; 
When wiW the Wvp'y ^e?v%wvc^Te\c-j 
That I shaW bTe:iX\\e c^\e%\\^\ ^vt^ 

d I hng to reaeh the shore of blln^ 
And see the New Jcrasalera^ 
Where osj beloved Jesus ia. 
And spend eternity with bim. 

330: CM. F . 

Longing for Glofy..^Thi\. i 33: 

1 WHY toDi^ed Paul to be diseoly'd^ 

And enter into rest ?— 
The question here he bath resd^'i^ ' 
To be with Christ is best. 

2 And I, like Pnal, desire to die, 

I lonfc for death^B arrest; 
If any ask the reas«>n why..,. 
To be with Christ is best 

3 My unbelief, that bosom foCf 

Whidi lurks within my breast; 
So often seeks my overthrow.... 
To be with Christ is best. 

4 Should friends and kindred on me fhnm^ ' 

And leave my soul opprest ; 
Should evils crush my comforts dewo» 
To be with Christ is best. 

5 Had I a roice so loud and stroof^; 

To sound from east to west; 
I*d teU the honor'd seeking throngs 
To be with Christ is best. 

6 O come, sweet Jesus, quickly come. 

And cheer my fainting breast ; 
I long to reach my heavenly bome^ 
To be with Christ is best. 
7 Pt'oroo'd with love, Td take l\ie ^twRy 

Aad fly to thee, my rest: 
There vFhh tlie church trmuip\i«DLl*n|,^ 
2V^teHri«i ciiri8t»b««U ,-. 

369 nrfftvttos. 

3 Te hungry poor thai long have strayM 

In sin's dark mazes, come ; 
Come from your most obscure retreati^ 
And grace shall find jou room. 

4 Millions of souk in glory noir, 

"Were fed, and feasted here; 
And fnillions more still on the wayv 
Around the board appear, 

5 Tet is his house and heart so large. 

That millions more may come ; 
ll'er could the ^hole assembled irorl<^ 
O'erfiU the spacious room. 

C Att things are ready, come away, 
Nor weak excuses frame ; 
Crowd to your places at the feasfy 
And bless the founder's name. 

359. C. M. Steele. 
And^yet there is jRoom....Luke xiv^. 22. 

1 YE wretched, hungry, starving poor. 

Behold a royal feast ! 
Where mercy spreads her bount'ous store; 
For ev*ry humble guest. 

2 See, Jesus stands with open arms; 

He calls, he bids you come! 
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms;^ 
But see, there yet is room ! 

[3 Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart'; 
There love and pity meet : 
JNiO^ will he bid the soul depart 
That trembles at his feet.^ 

[4 In him the FalYiet recowiWA, 
lavites your souAs lo cotft^-. 
The rebel shaW becaWA ^c\^\\^, 
AjbA kiadly wcVcom'A V^^^**^^^ 


5 O come, and with his children tagte 
The blessings of bis love : 
While hope attends the sweet repast 
Of nobler jo^^s above. 

There, with united heart and voice^ 

Before th* eternal throne, 
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice^ 
In ecstacies unknown. 

7 And yet ten thousand thousand more 
Are welcome still to come ; 
Te longing souls, the grace adore, 
Approach, there yet is room ! 

300. S. M. DohclL 
BihcH now h- ike accepted Time.,,.2 Cor. yL 2l 

1 NOW is th* accepted time, 
Now is the day of »race ; 

Now, sinners, come u iihi)u( delay. 
And seek the Saviour's face. 

2 Now is th' accepted time. 
The Saviour calls to-day; 

To-morrow it may be too late, 
Then why should you delay ? 

3 Now is th' accepted time, 
The gospel bids you come; 

And ev'ry promise in liJs word 
Declares there yet is room. 

4 Lord, draw reluctant gouls, 
And least them with thy love ; 

Then will the angels clap their wii^ 
And bear the news above. 

5 At lenfrth aronud *thy throne 
T/iey shall thy face behold ; 
While thro^ ctermty theyHl strive 
2Hcxr rapturQs ta unfold. 

3M IMTlTlTIOir. 

366. 8. 7. 4. Hari. 

Ctme and welcome to Jesus Christ,.,JsBiei\ 1t« 

1 COME, ye sionera, poor and iirretched, 
Weak aod wounded, sick and sore ! 
Jesus ready stands to save you. 
Full of pity joia'd with pow'r : 
He is able, 
He it willing, doubt no more ! 

[2 Ho! ye needy, come and welcome; 

God's free bounty glorify : 
True belief, and irue repentance, 

Ev'ry grace that brings us nigh — 
Without money. 
Come to Jesus Christ, and buy.] 

3 Let not conscience make you linger, 

Nor of fitness foiKlly dr^ am; 
All the fitr\ess he requiieth. 

Is to feel your need of him : 
This he gives you ; 
*Tis the Spirit's risiitg beam. 

4 Come, ye wear}% heavy laden, 

Bruis'd and mangled by the fall; 
If you tarry, till you're better, 

You will never come at all. 
Not the righteous, 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 

5 View him grov'ling in the garden; 

Lo ! your Maker prostrate lies ! 
On the bloody tree b( hold him ; 
Hear him cry, bdoie be dies, 
Sinner viiW nol tVia %ui&c^'i 
« Lo X tW incarnate God Ae^e^e^^, 
PleacjB the roexiu q1 ViU\>^'-^^ -^ 


Teoture on htm, venture irholty^ 

lict 00 other tnist iutnide ; 
None but Jesus 

Can do belplees ^Inoerg good. 

Z Saints and angels join'd in concert^ 
Sing the praises of the Lamb ; 
While the blissful seats of heavea 

Sweetly echo with his name : 
Hallelujah t « 

Sinners here may sing the same. 

367. S.M. B4^ditndgt. 
Johns's Prayer. ..A Chron. iv. 9^ 10; 

1 THOU God of Jabez, hear, 
While w« entreat thy grace, 

And borrow that expressive pray'r^ 
With uhich he sougtu thy face. 

2 *'0 that the Lord indeed 

*' Would me his servant bless, 
«* From ev'ry evil shield my head, 
'^ And crown my paths with peace! 

3 " Be his almighty hand 

*» My helper and my guidei 
*<TilK with his saints in Canaan's land^ 
•' My portion he divide.'* 

4 Thus pious Jabez pray'd, 
While God inclined his ear ^ 

And all by whom this suit is made^ 
Shall find the blessing near. 

6 Ye youths your vows combine, 

With loud united voice ; 
So shall your heads wUh V\ODio\ AvVoftv 
-A^ aii joiur hearts xeiolcfc- 


368 869 JA.C0B*8 F&ATBB...JESTTffir 

368. 78. Newton. ^ 
Jacob'* s wrestling with 6o<i....Geu» xxxiL 26 

1 LORD, I caunot let thee go, 
Till a b)e8S3B«[ tlioii bestow; 
Do uot tuFD away thy face, 
Miners ao urgent, pressing ease. 

2 Dost thou ask me, who I am ? 

i^h! my Lord, thou know't my uanief 
^ Yet the question gives a plea, 
To iMpport my suit with thee ! 

9 Thou <Hdst once a wretch behold^ 
In rebeltion blindly bold ; 
Scorn lliy grace... thy pow'r defy — 
That poor rebel, Lord, was L . 

4 Once a nioner near despair 
Sought thy m(rcy-sfcat by pray'r; 
Mercy heard and set him free. 
Lord, that mercy came to me. 

5 Many days have past since then, 
Many changes I have seen ; 
Yet have: been upheld till now ; 
Who could hold me up but thou? 

6 Thou hast hclpVI in ev ry need— 
This emboldens me to plead ; 
After so much nierry past, 
Canst thou let me sink at last ? 

Tf No— I must maintain my hold— 
*Tisthy goodness makes me boW^ 
I can no denial take. 
When I plead for Jesu's sake. 

369. C. M. Steele. 

1 JESUS t in tby iraDsvoTt^^^ ^•3««* 
What blissful glomft xVs^V 

rESC7S. 370 

Jesas !^.fhe angels' sweetest tfaeme — 
Ttie wouder of the skies. 

\2 Well might the skies with woiider view 
A^love so strange as lliine ! 
No thought of angels ever knew 
Compassion so divine.] 

3 Jesus ! and didst thou leave the sky 

For miseries and woes ? 
Aod didst thou bleed, and groan afid die. 
For vile, rebellious foes ? 

4 Victorious love! can language tell 

The wonders of thy pow'r, 
Which conquer'd all the force of hell. 
In that tremendous hour ? 

5 What glad return can I impart 

For favors so divine ? 
O take ray heart— this worthless lieart, 
And make it only thine. 

370. 112th. Matlock's col. 
J€sus,„J?\n\. ii. 10. 

1 JESUS, sweet name— no name so dear; 
No beauty can with him compare : 
Chief of ten thousand is my Lord; 
Thou art the all creating word : 

Thou art alive; sweet words to tell : 
Thou hast the keys of death and hell. 

2 Soon shall I reach my heavenly hojaef 
Within the JSTew Jerusalem ; 

And shout free grace with tiioise ?tooN^ 
And view mjr Jesus whom 1 \ovc ; 
There ^in^, and praise, and wi\ii\i\\Xi\)ft% 
3o Mpead a loag eternity* 

374 . jor. 

5 Thvo^ duty and thro* trials too^ 

VW go at his commaod '; 
Hinder me not, for I am bound 
To my Immariuers land. 

6 Aod when my Saviour calls me home. 

Still this my cry shail be — 
Hinder me not.... come iieiieome death..... 
Ill gladly go with thee. 

374. L.M. Medley. 
Be haih dom all things rvcll...M^xk viL 37. 

1 Kow in a song of grateful praise. 

To my dear Lord my voice I'll raise; 
With all his saiote I'll join to tell, 
KFy Jesus hath done all things urelL 

2 All worlds his glorious poip'r confess; 
His wibdom all his works express : 
But O his love, what tongue can tell i 
My Jesus hath done all tilings welL 

3 How sovereign, wonderful and free 
Has been his love to sinful me ! 

He pluck'd me as a brand from hell ; 
My Jesus hath done all things well. 

4 I spuru'd liis grace — I broke his laws^ 
And yet he undertook my cause ;; 

To save me tho' I did rebel : 
My Jesus hath done all things welL 

5 And since my soul has known his love. 
What mercies has he made me prove ! 
Mercies which do all praise excel, 
My Jesus hath done all things well. 

6 When'er my Saviour and my God 
Has on me laid hia gentle rod, 

J know, iu aU ihal W% Vje.^«^, 


7 Tho*uft:?ffi'iy, flamiDgdart 
The tempter levels at my heart; . 
With this 1 all his rage repel — 
My Jesus hath done all things well. 

£8 Sometimes my Lord his face does faidei 
To make me pra}^ or kill my pride; 
Yet then it on my mind does dwell 
My Jesus hath done all things well.] 

^ Soon shall I pass the vale of death, 
And io his arms shall lose my breath ; 
Yet then my happy soul shall tell, 
My Jesus hath done all things well. 

10 And when to that bright world I rise^ 
And join the anthems of the skies. 
Above the rest this note shall swell} 
My Jesus hath done all things well. . 

375. L. M. Davies. 
JsM^'m^nf.... Isaiah xxiv. 18 — 20. 

1 HOW great, how terrible that Ood, 
Who shakes creation with his nod ! 

He frowns, and earth's foundations shake. 
And all the wheels of nature bveak, 

2 See now the glorious, dreadful day, 
That takes th' enormous load away ! 
See 001^1* earth, all nature's frame. 
Sink 10 one universal flame ! 

3 Where now, O where shall sinners seek 
For shelter in the gen'ral wreck ? 
Shall falling rocks be o'er them thrown? 
See TockB, like snow, dissolving doviV\l 

^ la vafa for mercy now they CTy\ 

In lakes of liquid fire they lie ; 
^fere on the flamiog billows ioBt. 
i^^i-erer.O, for ever lost! 

378 juDaMiNi'. 

5 Bat saints, undaunted and sereoey 
Tour eyes shall view the dreadful scene ; 
Your saviour lives, the worlds expire. 
And earth and skies dissolve in fire. 

Q Jesus the helpless sinner's friend, 
To thee my all I dare commend ; 
Thou canst preserve my feeble soul. 
When lightnings blaxe from pole to pole. 

376. L. M. Ntedhanu 
Books opened,.. JRtr.xz. 12. 

1 METHINKS the last great day is come, 
Methinks I hear the trumpet soundi 
That shakes the earth, rends ev'ry tomb. 
And wakes the prisoners under ground. 

2 The mighty deep gives up her trust, 
Aw'd by the Judge's high command ; 
Both small and great now quit their dust, 
And round the dread tribunal stand. 

[3 In vain the wicked strive to shun 
The Judge's quick and piercing eye ; 
In vain to hills and mouutains run. 
And to the rocks for shelter cry.] 

4 Behold the awful books displayM, 
Big with th' important fates of open ! 
Each word and deed now pqBIb made. 
Written by heaven's unerring pen. 

5 To ev*ry soul the books assign 
The joyous or the dread reward; 
Sinners in vain lament and piue ; 
No pleas the Jud|;« viWV hete regard. 

Lord, when iVieaettwiuWewwiXKeAt^CL^ 
May life's fair book. to7 ^^^"^ ^W^^;j^-^ 
There may 1 read my ^^^^^^J^^^^^ 
And triumph ia xe4eem\o^V>^^ 

JtTDGMENT. 377 37{ 

377. CM. Unwin. 
JHdgmmA....2 Pet. iiL 11, 12. 

1 METHIirKS I hear th' arohaogel sound 
The solemn trump aloud, 

And call the tribes on earthly ground, 
To meet their sov'reign God. 

2 Be comes ! be comes ! a cloud's his throne, 
And garbs majestic irear; 

Ten thousand his great God-head own. 
And shout it through the air. 

3 The sun observes his sov'reJgn nod, 
And hides his ev'ry ray, 

While all the stars acknowledge God^ 
And give tlie judgment way. 

|4 The bursting tombs give up theur dead| 
Nor keep them longer bound ; 
While flaming fire around doth spread, 
And thunders shake the ground. 

5 The difT'rent tribes of heaven and hell, 
And seas and worlds abroad*^ 

A number which no tongue can tell 
Appear before their God. 

6 On earth by various names they went; 
My soul, what sects they were; 

But i«m the sinner and the saint 
Are all the names they bear. 

378. 8. 8. 6. OvingtarCs set 
Limgingfor a place ai Ood^s right hand..JZ Thes. i. 1 0. 

1 WH&N thou my righteous Judge shalt come 
Ta fetch thy ransomed people home^ 
SAaJI I among tbem stand ? 
Sfes// such a irorr/iless worm as 1, 
Who sometimes am afraid to die, 




Toot head to glorify. 

With all his saiats ascend ; 
Te pure in heart, obtaio the grace« 
To see, without a veil, his face. 

4 Te saints, rejoice in hope 

Of that great day uoknowo, 

Wheu you shall he caught up, 

To staud before lus throne—- 
Caird to partake the marriage feasf^ 
And lean ou your ImmaQuel'^s breast. 

380. 8. 7. 4. StraUer. 
Judgment*:MM. zxiv. 32...xxt. 31<^46« 

1 LO, be comes, the Kiog of glory, 

With his choseo tribes to reigo : 
Couutless hosts of saiots and angels 

Sffell the mighty couqu'ror's train : 
Now in triumph, 
Sin and death are captive led. 

2 See the rocks and mountains rending, 

All the nations fillM with dread : 
Hark t the trump of Go<i proclaiming 

Thro' the mansions of the dead, 
" Come to judgment," 
Stand before the Son of Man. 

r3 ' Now behold the dead awakin^: : 
Great and small before him stand : 
Not one soul forgot or missing, 

None his orders countermand : 
All stand waiting 
For tlieir last decisive doom.'] 

4 Hear the chief among ten thousand^ 
Thus address his failli[u\ fev \ 
^/Come, ye blessed of my ¥a\\\eT^ 
/'IfeaFeu ig prepared fox ^ou-. 

38 1 jvn&MMnt^ 

<* I was huDgry, I was thirsty, I wad naked, 
" And ye miDister'd to me.** 

5 But bow awfiil is the sentence, 

"Go from me, ye cursed race, 
<< To that place of endless torment^ 

" Never more to see my face : 
<( I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was oaked, 
*' Ye to me no mercy sbowM.* 

[6 Now awake, ye slumbring virginsy 

Trim your lamps, the bridegroom's near; 
Let your loins with (ruth be girded. 
Signs proclaim heUl soon appear : 
I4ark the fig-tree, 
Budding shows the summer's near.] 

7 Jesus, save a trembling sinuert 

While thy ivrath o'er sinners roll: 
In this genVal wreck of nature. 

Be the refuge of my soul : 
Jesus^ sav^ me, Jesus save me, when the Iightnio| 
Blaze around from pole to pole. 

381. 8. 7. 4. Swain. 
Judgm€nt.»,JvLde 14, 15. 

1 LO, be comes, array 'd in reng'ance, 

Riding down the heavenly road ; 
Floods of fury roll before him — 

Who can meet an angry God ? 
Tremble, sinners, 
Who can stand before his rod ? 

2 liO, he comes in glory shining: 

Saints, arise and meet your king ! 
CloriouB captain of salvation, 
Welcome^ welcome^ Vve^i >\v^ta wii^l 
Shouts of triumph 
Make the hcaveDS witti wXi^* Yttv^"^ 



3 Now despisers, look aud wonder I 

Hear the dreadful sound depart. 
Battling like a peal of thiiDder, 

Thro' each guilty rcbePs heart! 
Lost for ever, 
Hope and sioners here must part ! 

4 Still thej hear the airful seD^ence, 

Hell resounds the dreadful roar; 
Wliile their heart strings twine with anguish.. 

Trembling on the burning shore ! 
Justice seals it- 
Down they sink to rise no more ! 

5 How thej shrink, with horror viewing 

Heirs deep caverns op'ning wide^! 
Guilty thoughts, like ghosts pursuing. 

Plunge them down the rolling tide ! 
Now consider. 
Ye who scorn the Lamb that dy'd !] 

[6 Hark 1 ten thousand harps resounding ! 

FormM in bright and grand aixty : 
See the glorious armies rising, 

While their captain leads the way ! 
Heaven before them 
Opens ao eternal day.] 

382. 8. 7. 4. Newton. 
Judgment..„J{ev. i. 1 4* 

1 DAYof judgment, day of wonders! 

Hark ! the trumpet's awful sound} 
Louder than a thousand thunders, 

Shakes the vast creation round ! 
How Uie summons 
Will the sinner's heart coufouudl 

S See the Judge, our nature vreara^ 
Clotb'd ia majestj divide I 


Toil, who loDg for his appearing, 

Theu gliall say, ^* Uiis God is mine f' 
Gracious Saviour, 
Own me in that day for thine ! 

3 At his call the dead awaken. 

Rise to life from earth and sea : 
All ihe pow'rs of nature, shaken 

By his looks prepare to flee: 
Careless sinner, 
What will then become of thee ? 

4 Horrors past imagination, 

Will surprise your trembliDg heart, 
When you hear your condemnation, 

*' Hence, accursed wretch, depart ! 
'' Thou with satan 
" And. his angels have thy part P 

5 But to those who have confessed, 

Lov'd and served the Lord below; 
He will say, *' Come near, ye blessed, 

*< See (he kingdom I bestow : 
"You, for ever, 
** Shall my love and glory know.^ 

6 Under sorrows and reproaches. 

May this thought our courage raise : 
Swiftly God^s great day approaches, 

Sig!)s shall theu be chang*d to praise : 
We shpli triumph, 
When the world is in a blaze ! 

383. lOs. S . 

The happy Meetinsr of Body and SouL..Jiev. x. 5. 6, 

1 SWIFT from the heavens a mighty angel flies. 
And bears his dread coTt\w\\%s\^w from the skies^ 
His sacred orders sound ixcNm %Vvw^v»^«t^N 

JTehovub swears that time Ai«\\>a^ ^^ \aaxO. 


S The solemn trumpet wakes tlie count1e$;s dead, 
And trembling mortals leave tlieir clay-cold bcd^ 
XiO ! from before the dazzling throne of God, 
Celestial forms come down th' ethereal road ; 

3 £ach radiant form assumes its native mate. 
And looks and wonders at its glorious state ; 
** Is this the feeble frame 1 left behind ? 

«* So beauteous now I" exclaims the rapturM mind : 

4 ^ Before opprest with sickness and with pain; 
**Now life immortal runs in ev'ry vein : 

** Are these the feet, wh!ch, often, tir'd and slow, 
>^ Crept trembling on to join the church below ? 

5 ^' Are these the hands I us'd to spread abroad, 
*' Iq humble acts of pray'r and praise to God ? 

'^ What briny drops once trickled down this face, 
"Which heavenly smiles adorn, and ev'ry grace! 

6 *' Eternal scenes pour on my ravish'd sight, 

" Now so much strengthen'd for the vast delight ! 
^' No more disease shall dart with fatal aim 
** His deadly venom thro' my sickl} frame : 

7 ** No more (his body shall distress my soul.... 

" Impede her flight. ..her noblest pow'rs cootroul j 
•' The dark, mysterious path that once I trod, 
** Now now I see, it was the way to God ! 

8 " Join, all ye heavenly hosts, your anthems raise, 
"Nor let one tons:ue be mute from songs of praise j'" 
Instant the tuneful choir, in sounding strains, 
Pour tlieir melodious notes o'er all the plains. 

; 384. L. M. Srvain. 

I Justification hy Fat</i..MGal. ii. 1 6. 

1 SINNERS, away from Sinai fly; 
To CalvV^'s bloody scene repaiv, 
Behold the King of glory die, 
And read your peace and patdoiv ^?^\^\<:^ 


2 Search ioto ev'ry opea wound, 

Trace the sharp scourge, the oailsy the spe: 
And full salvation will be found, 
In golden letters written tlicre. 

3 No works of man to raise the suniy 
Or pa7 the ransom, must be brought; 
Helpless and poor to Jesus come, 
Nor strive to bring a perfect thought. 

A Tour faith, your hope and righteousneas^ 
Are treasur'd up in him alone; 
Your rich supplies of grace and peace 
Spring firom the works your Lord has done 

5 Hell opens her ten thousand gravef^ 
To swallow those that die in sin ; 
But all the great Immanuel saves, 
Heaven's open gates shall welcome in. 

fi There shall the blood-bought armies go. 
That trust the great Redeemer here ; 
The plant that buds with grace below. 
Shall ripen into glorj there. 

385. L.M; HiU. 
Kingdom of CArt5f....P8alm xlv. 3 — 5. 

1 WHEN Jesus first, at heaven's commandi 
Descended from his azure throne, 
Attending angels joioM his praise. 

Who claim'd the kingdom for his own. 

[Hail, Immanuel ! Immanuel we'll adore, 
And sound his fame from shore to shore.] 

2 Girt with Omnipotence and grace, 
The pow'rs of darkness trembling stood, 
To hear the dire decree, and feel 

!27ie vengeance of ll\e mi^Uty God. 

Not with the swotA VWV \i^mw% ^^-jx^ 
Put with a eceplre 4\igX\^V\<^^> 


lie bends the natioos to obey, 
Aad rules them bj the love of God. 

4 Ride on, and prosper, King of kings, 
Till nil the pow'rs of hell resign 
Their dreadful trophies at thy feet, 
And endless gloiy shall be thine. 

386. 148th. Scait. 
Kingdom o/'Cftrt5l....Psalm ex. 3. 

1 ALL hail, incarnate God ! 
The wond'rous things foretold 
Of thee, in sacred ivrit. 
With joy our eyes behold : 

Still does thine ))rm new trophies wear, 
And naonuments of glory rear. 

2 To thee the hoary head'''' 
Its silver honor pays ; 

To thee the blooming youth^' 

Devotes his brightest days : 
And ev'ry age Iheir tribute bring, 
And bow to thee, all conquVing King. 

3 O haste, victorious Prince, 
That glorious, happy day» 
When souls, like drops of dew^ 
Shall own thy gentle sway : 

O may it bless our longing eyes. 
And bear our shouts beyond the skie^i 

A All hail, triumphant Lord, 

Eterual be thy reign; 

Behold the nations sue 

To wear thy gentle chain : 
When earth and time are known no more, 
Thy throne shall stand for ever sure. 

" Comfioaed on seeing on aged saint OTUl a ijoulVi to.ko 
7 cAurcA corr^mztnion together^ 

JK e 


387. 148th. Bristol col 
Kingdom of Christ. 
1 REJOICE, the Saviour reigns 
Amoug the sods of men : 
He breaks the prisoner's chains. 
And makes them free again : 
Let hell oppose God's only Son, 
In spite of foes, his cause goes on. 

[2 The cause of righteousness, 
And truth and holy peace, 
Design d our world to bless. 
Shall spread and never cease: 
Gentile and Jew their souls shall bow. 
Allegiance due, with rapture tow.} 

3 The baffled prince of hell 
In vain new projects tries, 
The gospel to repel. 

By cruelty and lies : 
Th' infernal gates shall rage in vain ; 
Conquest awaits the Lamb once slaic^ 

4 He dy'd, but soon arose 
Triumphant o'er the grave; 
Ai)d now himself he sliows 
Omnipotent to save : 

Let rebels kiss the victor's feet, 
£ternal bliss his subjects meet« 

5 All pow'r is in his hand. 
His people to defend ; 

To his most high command 
Shall millions more attend : 
All heaven with smiles approve lils caus 
And distant isles receive liis laws. 

This liule seed ^yotcv \\e"a\(ixi 
Shall sooa becoiue ^vVx^^-, 

LADDER. ^88 389 

This ever blessed leav'n 

DilTus'd abroad must be ; 
iTill God the Son shall come agaia, 
It must go OQ. Amen, ameo ! 

288. 8. 8. 6. Dyer's col. 
[too local fob insertion.] 

389. li.M. Neale. 
Jacob's Ladder....Geu. sxviii. 12, 13. 

1 WHEN Jacob from his brother fled, 
As he reposM his weary head, 

He saw ia vision, with surprise, 
A ladder reaching to the skies. 

2 Ascending and descending here. 
The angels of the Lord appear ; 
And from die top Jehovah spake, 
And thus in sweetest accents brake : — 

3 "I am thy God, and thee Til bless, 
*• And kepp tliee safe in ev'ry place ; 
•« By night and day I will defend, 

•* And be to thee a constant friend." 

4 We in this mystic ladder trace 
A view of Jcpus and his grace ; 
In him all blessings arc bestow'd, 
In him we find access to God. 

[5 ' By faith we see the angel band 
Descend and rise at God's command ; 
To bless the children of his grace, 
In cv'ry age, in ev'ry place. 

C[ In ev'ry strait his eyes are there, 
To see the giief that makes the tear; 
He'll crush his foes beneath his fee\, 
Aad raise bis saints to bliss couiig\eXe?\ 

390 391 L1MB...L1MBNTATI0N. 

390. 1 08. Burder's coL 
Praise to the Lamb....Iltv. v. 12. 

[1 FROM heaven the loud, th' angelic songbe^ 
It shook the skies, and rcach'd astonisb'd man ; 
By man re'echoM, it shall mount again, 
Whilst fragrant odours fill the blisstiii plain.] 


2 Worthy tlie Lamb of boundless swajr. 
In earth or heaven the Lord of all : 
Ye princes, rulers, pow'rs obey, 
And low before his footstool fall. 

3 The deed ivas done ; the Lamb was slain; 
The groaning ear the burden bore : 

lie rose, he lives: he lives to reign, 
IN'or time shall shake his endless pow'r* 

[4 Wisdom and strength are his alone, 
lie rais'd the topstoiie, shouting grace ; 
Honor has built his lofty throne, 
And glory shines upon his face.] 

5 From heaven, from earth, loud bursts of praii 
The mighty blessings shall proclaim : 
Blessings that earth to glory raise : 
The purchase of the wounded Lamb. 

C Higher, still higher swell the strain : 
Creation's voice the note prolong : 
The Lamb shall ever, ever reign; 
Let hallelujahs crown the song. Hal. Ame 

191. L.M. Farvcctt. 
Lamenting after tlu Lord., A Sam. vii. 2. 

I LOOK from on high, great God, and see 
Thy saints lamenting after thee; 
The tokens ot l\\y \»Te&tx\^c ^Ive^ 
And DOW thy g^t«icio\v^ ^o\\.\eNV<^. 

LAW. 392 

Z How did tlij aacieot people mouro, 
And wish to see thj kind return ! 
They cr^'d to see oo Mizpeii's plaio, 
** O let us see thy face agaiu." 

[■ 3 We joia our humble voice with tbeiri^ 
And ofTer up our ardeut pray'rs; 
Lord, with thy smiles thy churches bless^ 
And crown thy gospel with success. 

4 Thy cheering grace, O God, impart. 
Bind up and heal the- broken heart; 
Our sins subdue, our souls restore. 
And let our foes prevail do more. 

5 Thy presence in thy house afford. 
To ev'ry heart apply thy word ; 
That sinners may their danger sec, 
And now begin to live to thee. 

392. L. M. Doddridg€...allcred by MedUy, 

^; or, the sinner found yua/iltn^....Dan. v. 27. 

I fiAIS£, thoughtless sinner ! raise thine eye, 
^ Behold (he judgment drawing nigh : 
Behold the balance is display'd. 
Where thou must be exactly weigh'd. 

2 See, in one scale God's holy law ; 
Mark with what force its precepts draw; 
Canst thou the. awful test sustain ? 

Thy works how light ! thy thoughts how vam ! 

3 Behold the hand of God appears, 
And writes in dread lul characters, 
''Tekel ! thy soul is wanting found ; 

" With trembling hear the awful sound. 

4 "Let fear thy sin-bound heart embrace; 
'*IiCt /jujlij shame o'crsprcad thy face, 
'^Conviction ^/j ro' f/iv conscirncc toW^ 

''And deep repentance fill thy bov\\, ^^ % 

393 394 LJLV. 

5 «' One only hope can yet prevail, 

" Jesus for thee can turn the scale ; 
^* Can give thy guilty conscience p^ace, 
** And save thee by his righteousness.^ 

6 Dear Saviour, now thy pow'r impart ; 
Convince each unconvinced heart ; 
And thy salvation let them view, 

In justice wrought, and mercy too. 

7 Believing this they shall employ 
Their hearts and lips in songs of joy; 
Nor e'er of wanting be afraid, 
When in God's holy balance weighed. 

393. CM. Kent 
Love to the Law and to the Gospel, 

1 WHEN from the precepts to the cross 

The humble sinner turns. 
His brightest deeds he counts but dross. 
And o'er his vileness mourns. 

2 God, on the table of his heart. 

Inscribes his love and fear ; 
He loves the law in ev'ry part, 
But takes no refuge there. 

3 Thus gospel, law, and justice too. 

Conspire to set him free ; 
Keflect, my soul, admire and view, 
What God hath done for thee. 

394. CM. fVallin. 

Saints dead to the Lam hy the Bodif of ChriaL'^ 

Rom. vii. 4 — 6. 

1 SING to the Lord, ye heirs of failli, 
Of Abrah'm's chosen seed. 
The law that senveucW ^ow Vq ^*i.'i^\^^ 
Is now throu«U 3 e?.VLS v\^^^. 


2 Oar Surety by liis cross has broke 
The law's coodemoing pow'r, 

^^^ On himself our sios he took, 
-^Bd the hand writiug tore. 

3 He bore our sins, and set us free ; 

No charge on us can lie : 
ffis blood's an all-suiiicient plea, 
Our souls to justify. 

^ % Ies;al works no more we strive 
To be dischargM from guilt : 
Dead to the law, to Christ we live^ 
'^hose blood for us was spilt. 

^ Adore the Father's sovereign love, 
Who gave his only Son 
Our curse and mis'ry to remove, 
And make his mercy known. 

395. L. M. Griffins Sel. 
Tjiberality. — Collection... .11b^. ii. 8. 
J THE gold and silver are the Lord's, 
And ev'rv blessing earth affords ; 
All come from his propitious hand. 
And must return at his command. 

2 The blessings which I now enjoy, 

1 must for Christ and souls employ ; 

For if I use them as my own, 

iWy Lord will soon call in his loan. 

3 When I to him in want apply, 
iVi never does my suit deny ; 
And slijill I then refuse to give, 
Si:xe I so much from him receive? 

■* Shuli Jes'is lenve the realms of day, 
Aiici clothe himself in humble clay ? 
Shdil ho become despliM am\ poi>t^ 
'b iv\/^e C2e rich for ever mot^ *? 


399. L. M. Medley. 
Look aj^af/i.-Jouah ii. 4. 

1 SEE a poor sinoer, dearest Lord, 
AVliose Boul, encouraged by tliy word. 
At mercy's footstool would remain, 
And there would look, and look again. 

2 How oft, deceivM by self and pride. 
Has my poor heart been turnM aside^ 
And Jonah-like, has fled from thee, 
'Till thou hast look'd again on me. 

3 Ah ! bring a wretched wanderer home ! 
And to thy footstool let me come. 
And tell thee all my grief aiid paio. 
And wait, aod look, and look again. 

4 Do fears and doubts my soul annoy ? 
Do thundering tempests drown thy joy ? 
And canst thou not one smile obtain ? 
Yet wait, and look, and look again. 

5 Take courage then, my trembling soul, 
One look from Christ will make thee wh 
Trust thou in him, 'tis not in vain, 

But wait, and look, and look again. 

6 That wishM-for period soon will come. 
When I shall reach my blissful home 5 
And when to glory I attain, 

O then I'll look, and look again. 

400. ll's. E 

Lots /r/^<?....Lukc xvii. 32. 

1 YE careless professors, who rest on your lecs 

Amidst your vain pleasures, your profit and c 

Now God says, '• arise, aad esc«^ W -^wsct \ 

And look not beViiud you — temcm\i^\ \ioV!^^ 

-"^Airake from your sAamber, v\ve vi^xmxx^ w 

'Tis Jesus that v^atQS you, v\i^ «ie^^«.^ W 

LOVE. 401 

Le dangers are pending, escape for your life, 
look oot behind you — remember Lot's wife. 

: first bold apostate will tempt you to stray , 
i tell you no dangers are found in the way ; 
means to deceive you, escape for your life, 
L look not behind you — remember Lot's wife. 

w many poor souls has the serpent begulFd, 
th specious temptations how many defiil'd ; 
en be not deluded, escape for your life, 
d look not behind you — remember Lot's wife. 

« ways of religion true pleasures afford, 
> pleasures can equal the joys of the Lord ; 
•Tsake then the world, and escape for your life, 
id look not behind you — remember Lot's wife. 

at if you determine the call to refuse, 
od venture the way of destruction to choose, 
or hell you must part with the blessings of life, 
Jid then^ if not now, you'll remember Lot's wifa 

401. CM. Smain. 
Brotherly Loi;e....Fsalm cxxxiii. 1. 

1 HOW sweet, how heav'nly is the sight, 

When those who love the Lord) 
In one another's peace delight, 
And so fulfil his word ! 

2 may we feel each brother's sigh, 

And with him bear a part : 
May sorrows flow from eye to eye, 
And joy from heart to heart. 

3 Free us from envy, scorn, and pride^ 

Our wishes fix above ; 
May each his brother's faiWng^ \v\de, 
-AflJ shew a brother's love* 

Saviour, ««" M^ed toys, 

3 Better *--^^,f3oya; 
Or an »/^ ^^n Op\iir'8 goW, 

X^ve that neve 
^Better than tins Ufeo^^.„,.. 

S*^^Tv.V vei? and let a>e see 
prop the 2iove j.. t^ee. 
Bivere of this lov 

5 ^V^«''?.fe *Sl tu e my lay'; 
I,ove dmne sliau 

^hen I soar to «»» "^^ love. 

406. c.M. i;v^ xxi. 15. 

LOVE. 401 

2 Do not r love thee from my soul ? 
Thea let me itotliiDg love ; 

Dead be my heart to ev'ry joy, 
Which thou dost not approve. 

3 b not thy name melodious still 
To mine attentive ear ? 

Doth not each pulse with pleasure beat 
My Saviour's voice to hear ? 

^ Hast thou a lamb in all thy flock, 
I would disdain to feed ? 
Hast thou a foe, before whose face 
I fear thy cause to plead ? 

^ Thou know'st I love thee, dearest Lord) 
But O, I long to soar 
Far from the sphere of mortal joys. 
That I may love thee more. 

407. C. M. Steele. 
Love to Christ desired.. 
1 THOU lovely source of true delight, 
Whom I unseen adore. 
Unveil thy beauties to my sight, 
That I may love thee more. 

[2 Thy glory o'er creation shinesy 
But in thy sacred word 
I read, in fairer, brighter lines, 
My bleed iijg, dying Lord. 

3 'Tis here, whene'er my comforts droop, 

And sin and sorrow rise. 
Thy love, with cheerful beams of hope. 
My fainting breast supplies. 

4 But ah ! too soon the pleasing scene 

Is clouded o'er with pain ; 
M^ gloomy fears rise dark belvreta^ . 
And I again complaiQ.'J 

40d LOVE* 

5 Jesus, my Lord, my life, my light, 

O come with blissful ray ! 
Break radiant through the shades of night. 
And chase my fears away. 

6 Thea shall my soul with rapture trace 

The wonders of thy loFe ; 
But the full glories of thy face . 
Are only known above. 

408. 7^8. Cowper. 
Lavest thmt Me ?....John xxi. 16* 

1 HARK, my soul, it is the Lord ; 
'Tia tliy Saviour, hear his word : 
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee : 
** Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me ? 

2 " I delivered thee, when bound, 

^ And, when bleeding, heaPd thy wound, 
^ Sought thee wandering, set thee right, 
<^ Turn'd thy darkness into light. 

3 ^ Can a woman's tender care 

«« Cease towards the child she bare ? 
" Yes, she may forgetful be, 
** Yet will I remember thee. 

4 " Mine is an unchanging love, 

" Higher than the heiglits above ; 
** Deeper than the depths beneath — 
** Free and faithful — strong as death. 

6 " Thou shalt see my glory soon, 
" When the work of grace is done ; 
" Partner of my throne shalt be, 
"Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me ?'^ 

6 Lord, it is ray chief complaint, 
T/iat my love is ^cak ^x\d f«,iut ^ 
Yet I love thcc, a.t\i\ TiAotfe, 
© for grace to love tXiee mote.\ 

409. 7*8. Ncwlon. 
TjOVC toClirist,..Joha xxi. 16. 

1 'TIS a point I loog to kuov. 
Oft it causes axious thought : 
Bo I love the Lord or no, 
Am 1 his, or am I not ? 

2 If I love, why am I thus ? 
Why this dull and lifeless frame ? 
Hardly sure can they be worse, 
Who have never heard his name ! 

[3 Could my heart so hard remain, 
Fray'r a task and burden prove; 
Ev'ry trifle give me pain, 
If I knew a Saviour's love ? 

4 When 1 tur my eyes withiuy 
All is dark, and vain, and wild; 
Fiird with unbelief and bin. 
Can I deem myself a child ?] 

5 If I pray, or hear, or read, 
Sin is mis'd with all I do ; 
You that love the Lord indeed. 
Tell me, is it thus with you ? 

"6 Yet I mourn my stubbi}rn will, 
find my sin a grief and thrall ; 
Sfiould I grieve for what I feel. 
If I ditl not love at all ' 

[7 Could I joy his saints to meet, 
Choose the ways I once abhorred ^ 
Find, at times, the promise sweet, 
If I did not love the Lord ?] 

t Lonl, decide the doubtful case ! 
Thou who nrt thy people's sun, 
Shine upon thy work of grace, 
*fit hp uidf^ei bpgiin* ^^ ^ 

41 411 roVE.— MALEFACTORS. 

Let me love th^e more and more; 
If I love at all I pray ; 

If I have not lov'd before, 
Help me to begiu to-day. 

410. L. M. Steele, altered. 
Mother }f^ Loie tu their children, 

1 YE mothers, wlio, with growing love, 
Trem your dear infant to your breast, 
Say, can your joys and pleasures prove 
That you are now entirely blest ? 

2 Do not a thousand tender cares 

By turns your restless thoughts employ ?. 
"Noyw rising hopes, now anxious fears. 
And grief succeeds to pleasing joy ! 

3 Dear, tender babe, its lovely smiles 
With what delight and joy you view ! 
But ev^ry pain the infant feels, 

Do } ou not feel its suff 'rings too ? 

4 What fancied, busy, cruel fear. 

Bush in, and say, " the child may die 1** 
And nature prompts the ready tear, 
And heaves the rising, deep-fetchM sigh^ 

5 Ah ! does not God our comfort mix 
With greater far than equal pain ; 
To teach ua if our hearts we fix 
On earth, we fix them there in vaio. 

Then be our earthly joys resigned ' 
Since here below we cannot rest ; 
For earthly joys were ne'er designed 
To make our souls completely blest. 

411. 7s. Newton. 
Two Malefactors ; or, the SovereigiUy rfOracCt 

Lukp roii\\\, o^— Aa* 
2 SOV'RETGN ^ii^ce \\^^ V^Vx ^wtfi 

To subdue a \\eail ^^ «X^^^ \ 

MARUiAiri!!. 4ii: 

And the moment grace is felt, 
Tlieo the hardest heart ^'ill melt. 

2 When the Lord was crucified, 
Two transgressors with him dy'd ; 
One, with vile blaspheming tongue, 
Scoft'd at Jesus as he hung. 

3 Thus he spent bis wicked breath| 
In the very jaws of death; 
Perish'd as too many do. 

With the Saviour in his view. 

4 But the other touched with gracC) 
Saw the danger of his case ; 
Faith received to own the Lord, 
Whom the scribes and priests abhorr'd. 

5 •* Lord," be pray'd, "remember me, 
When in glory thou shalt be :" 

^ SooD with me^ tlie Lord replies, 
<' Thou shall rest in Paradise." 

Q This was wondrous grace indeed, 
Grace vouchsaf 'd in tnne of need ! 
Sinners, trust in Jesu's name. 
You shall find him still the same. 

412. C. M. Berridge. 
Marriage Feast,.. JoYm ii. 1, 2. 

1 SINCE Jesus freely did appear 

To grace a marriage feast ; 
Dear Lord, we ask thy presence heru 
To make a wedding guest. 

2 Upon the bridal pair look down. 

Who now have plighted hands; 
Their union with thy favour crown. 
And bless the nuptial bauds. 

3 Whhfi:if[9 of grace their heaila twi^N^ 

Of all rich dowries blcsl I 


Their substauce bless^ and peace bestow, 
To sweeten all the rest. 

4 lu pure&t love their souls uuite, 

That they, with christian care. 
May make domestic burdens light. 
By taking mutual share* 

5 True helpers maj they prove indeed. 

In pray'r, and faith, and hope ; 
And see with joy a godly seed 
To build their houshold up. 

6 As Isaac and Rebecca gave 

A pattern chaste and kind ; 

So may this married couple live, 

And die in friendship join'd. 

7 ^ O may each soul assembled here, 

Be married, Lord, to thee ; 
Clad in thy robes, made white and fair, 
To spend eternity.' 

413. L. M. Newton. 
On Admission of new Manbers..,.Gen. xxiv. 31. 

1 KINDRED in Christ, for his dear sake, 
A hearty welcome here receive ; 

May we together now partake 
The joys which only he can give. 

2 To you and us, by grace 'tis giv'n. 

To know the Saviour's precious name ; 
And shortly we shall meet in heaven. 
Our hope, our way, our end the same. 

3 May he, by whose kind care we meet, 
Send his good Spirit from above; 
Make our communications sweet, 

And cause our V\eax\% Vo Xroxw ^\^U love. 

[4 Forgotten be ea^cVi viotV^X^ \\v^xcv^> 
When clurAslTuains m^^l Vo%^^>v^^ ^V>» ^ 

MEETINGS. 414 41^ 

We only wbh to speak of him, 

Who liv'd, aod dy'd, aod reigns for us. 

5 We'll talk of all he did and said. 
And suflferM for us here below; 
The paih he mark'd for us to tread, 
And what he's doing for us now.] 

€ Thus, as the moments pass away, 
We'll love, and wonder, and adore; 
And hasten on the glorious day. 
When we shall meet to part no more* 

414. L.M. Godivin. 
h Admission of new Members.^.Geu. xxir. 31* 

1 WELCOME, thou well belovM of God, 
Thou heir of grace, redeemed by blood ; 
Welcome with us, thine hand to joio 
As paituer of our lot divine. 

2 With us the pilgrim's state embrace. 
We're trav ling to a blissful place ; 
The Holy Ghost, who knows the way, 
Conduct thee on from day to day. 

3 Take up thy cross, and bear it on. 
It shall be light, and not be long ; 
Soon shalt thou sit with Jesus down, 
Aod wear an everlasting crown. 

415. CM. NefvtOH and Gibbons* 
Social Mectings...Mn\. iii. 16—18. 
1 WHEN sinners utter boasting words, 
Aud glory in their shame ; 
The Lord, well pleas'd, an ear affordB 
To those who fear his name. 

5 They often meet to seek his face, 
And teJ] what he hath done ; 
TJjejr sing of free and sov'^reiga graee^ 
Thro' his beloved Soq. 


3 *^ They shall be mioe,^' Jehovah eric 

^' When I each radiant gem 
« Collect — and vilh their miugled bl 
" Compose my diadem. 

4 " With transports then my tender car 

*^ And favor they shall prove : 
(* 1*11 spare them as a father spares 
' ^ The children of his love. 

5 '* Assembled worlds will ihco discevc 

**' That saints alone are blest : 
*^ When wrath shall like an oven bui 
** And vengf ancc Etrike the rest." 

41 b. 8. 8. 6. Knit. 
Private Meetings.,.MdXi. xviii. 20. 

1 '' WHERE two or three together m* 
" My love and mercy to repeat, 

" And tell what I have done, 
«« There will I be," saith God, " to b 
*' And ev'ry burdenM soul redress, 

** Who worships at my throne.'* 

2 Make one in this assembly, Lord, 
Speak to each heart some cheering i 

To set the spirit free : 
Impart a kind celestial showV, 
And grant that we may spend an boi 

In fellowship with thee. 

417. L. M. Doddridge. 
Opening a new Meeting'Hause.,..'PsR\m Ixs 
I AND will the great eternal God 
, On earth establish his abode ? 

And will he, from his radiant throne 
Avow our temples for his own ? 

2 We bring the InbwVe o^ omx vc^^* 
And siDg thai coudesteu^vv^^ ^i^^^i. 


^ud call U8, swJj^ ^„„o, laise ; 

Long may ^^^'^.nMDE, R^ *e P^»<* 
^^"iSTcS^'oi tby g-ce^ 

h. Beie let *' ^ „« of bis WW" "» . 

^ThU *f,Sue t%ord aUen^dB. 
-WMle po«'t Ai^^^ 4 cheer h« inendB. 
To cooq«i« foes ^^y^ 

''''^t e^aUed strains 
^ The Ri"? f^t^earlh he reigns, 
O'er heaven »"" . days ; , 

H«' ->* rS^ S.e dfetaot po «. 

.TO earth he bends b^.,,„e; 
«^*X bounty 1^"?J"!. 

^ r? 'k^o. of g^ory , com^; 


^idibisstni-- . 
And ^^"* "^" ' thv dome, 

419 * MBBCIES. 

4 Here nuaj thiue ears attend ^ 
Thy people's humble cries. 
And grateful praise ascend 
All fragrant to the skies ; 

Here may thy word melodious souoi]/ 
And spread celestial joys around. 

5 Here may th^ attentive* throng,^ .> 
Imbibe thy truth and lore ; 

And converts join the song 

Of seraphim abave; 
And willing crowds surround thy board, 
Witb sacred joy, and sweet accord. 

6 Here may our unborn sons 
And daughters sound thy praise; 
And shine like polishV! stones 
Through long succeeding days. 

Here Lord display thy saving pow'r« 
labile temples stand, and men adore. 

41&. CM. Knight. 
Reviewing the Mereies 0fGod..,.2 Sam. vii. 1^. 

1 FAIN would my sou) witb wonder trace 

Thy mercieS) O my Ood ; 
And tell the riches of thy grace— 
The merits of thy blood. 

2 With Israel's King, my heart would cry, 

While I review thy ways, 
Tell me, my Saviour, who am I, 
That I should see thy face ? 

3 Form'd by thine band, and formed for thee, 

I would be ever thine : 
My Saviour, make my spirit free, 
With beams of mercy shine. 

4 Fain would my sou\ V\V\\ x^Vox^ ^ni'jJX 
On thy ledeeiain^ gt^te; •, 

HERC7. — MILLKNNIU3f. 420 421 

O for a thousand tongues to tell 
My dear Redeemer's praise. 

420. C. M. Bronm^ altered. 
Impkring Ma-ry....Luke zviiL 13, 

1 LOUD, at thy feet iu dust I Iie» 

And knock at mercy's door ; 
With humble heart and weeping eye^ 
Thy favor I iiriplore. 

2 Od me, O Lord, do thou display 

Thy rich, for»ini'g love ; 

O take my hciuous guilt away. 

This heai^y load remdve. 

3 Without thy grace, I sink opprest 

DoWQ to the gates of hell ; 
O give my troubled spirit reft. 
And all my fears dispel. 

4 'Tis mercy, mercy, I implore, 

O may thy bowels move : 
Thy grace is an exhauptless stor^ 
And thou thyself art love. 

5 Should I at last in heaven appear, 

To join thy saints above ; 
ril shout that mercy brought me there^ 
And sing thy bleeding love. 

421. L. M. Anon, 
iUfnnftfm....Isaiah xi. 5— 9....Rer. xz. 4—10* 

1 LOOK up, my soul, with sweet suiprise^ 
Toward the joyful, comiog day, 

When Jesus shall descend the skies^ 
And form a bright, a dazzling day. 

2 Nations shall in a day be bom. 
And swift, like doves, to Jeaus fly \ 
The saintB shall know no clouds leiXUJtl) 

TToT Borrows in^:iog with ttxeii ^oy , ^ % 


3 The lion and the lamb shallfeed 
Together in bis peaceful reigo ; 
And' ZioD, blest with heavenly breaJ^ 
Of pinching wants no more coropiaiu. 

4 The Jew, the Greek, the bond, the frec^ 
Shall boast their sev'ral rights no more;:^ 
But join in sweetest harmony. 

Their Lord, their Sovereign, to adore. 

5 Thus,, 'till a- thousand years are past^ 
And Satan most be loos'd again ; 
Short is the time his reign shall last,- 
Ere he's conflnM in endless pain. 

6 But the blest saints shall mount on bigl^ 
Where their dfelivVing Prince is gone ; 
Angels at God's command shall fly, 

To bless them with the conqu'ror's crown* 

422. L. M. Gibbons. 
The Minister's Wish for his Prople..„¥hi\. iv, 1 

1 My brethren, from my heart belov'd. 
Whose welfare fiHs my daily care ; 
My present joy, my future crown> 
The word of exliortation hear ; 

2 Stand fast upon the solid rock 
Of the Redeemer's righteousness ; 
Adorn the gospel with your Ii7es9 
And practise what your lips profess. 

3 With pleasure meditate the hour,. 
When he, descending from the skiesy- 
Shall bid your bodies, mean and vile. 
In his all-glorious image rise. 

4 Glory in his dear honoured name^ 
To him mvioVttbVy; 

Tour al\ \\e puttW^^ Vy V^&\^^^^ 
Kor let him te^a V\\wi ^ \^^€«^~. 

And to its great original 
The humble tribute bring, 

-S Serene I laid me down 

Beneath his guardian care ; 
I slept, and I awoke, and found 
Mj kind Preserver near ! 

4 Thus does thine arm support 
This weak, defenceless frame : 

But whence these favors, Lord| to me» 
So worthless as I am ? 

5 O how shall I repay 
The bounties of my God ? 

This feeble spirit pants beneath 
The pleasing, painful load. 

9 Dear Saviour, to thy cross 
I bring my sacrifice ; 
By thee perium'd, it shall ascend 
With fragrance to the skies. 

5 My life I would anew 
Devote, O Lord, to thee ; 
And in thy presence I would spend 
A long eternity. 

441. 8. 8. 6. Knighi. 

Morning Song. 

I ONCE more my eyes behold the day^ 
And to my God my soul would pay 

Its tributary lays : 
O may the life preserved by thee, 
With all its powers and blessings, be 

Devoted to thy praise. 

3 Beneath the shadow of thy win^ 
laraeFs great keeper. King ot UagH 
My weary head found rest : j 

^o dire alarms or rackiDg j^^AUS^ u\^ * 

425 xiivisTfiiis. 

We tale our lea^e as one in hearty 
Aod him to God commeod.} "^ 

2 Go with thj senrant, Lord, 
His ev*ty step attend ; 
All needful help to him afford^ 
And bless him to the end. 

d ' Preserve him from all wrong. 
Stand thou at his right hand ; 
To keep him from the slanderous toogn^ 
And persecuting band. 

4 Maj he proclaim aloud 
The wonders of thy grace ; 

And do thou to the listening crowd 
His faithful labors bless. 

5 Shine on his works below. 
With ever gracious beams; 

Till thoti in heaven his crown bestoir 
AdomM with brighter gems. 

6 We for his journey pray, 
Wor may our prayers cease, 

That God would ble^s him in his way^ 
Abd bring him back io peace* 

7 Farewell, dear pastor, go — 
We part with thee in love ; 

And if we meet no more below, 
O may we meet above. 

425. L. M. Booker's Col 
Spread of the Gospel. 
1 BRTGHT as the sun's meridian blaze^ 
Vast as the blessings he conveys, 
Wide as his reign from pole to pole. 
And permaueuV ^YiV^ cq\Ax^\A. 

2 So, Jesus, lei thy totv«^om wc&r^ 
Then sia and heW'a VextiSic ^g«wB^ 


Shall, at his brightness, flee atray, 
The dawD of an eternal day. 

3 'Then shall the heathen, dlPd with ave» 
Learn the blest knowled«!;e of thy law : 
And antichrist on ev'ry shore, 
Fall from his throne to rise no more.' 

[4 Then shall thy lofty praise resound 
On Afric's shores.... tliro' India's ground : 
And islands of the southern sea 
Shall stretch their eager arms to thee.] 

5 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet 
In pure devotion at thy feet : 
And earth shall yield thee, as thy due. 
Her fulness and her glory too. 

€ O that from Britain now might shine 
This heavf;n1y light, this truth divine : 
'Till the whole universe shall be 
But one great temple, Lord, to thee. 

426. L. M. Foke. 
Mi$sionaries..,.iy?Ln, ii. 45. 

1 EXERT thy pow'r, thy rights maintain, 
Insulted, everlasting King ! 

The influence of thy crown increase. 
And strangers to thy footstool bring. 

2 We long to see that happy time. 
That dear, expected, blessed day, 
When countless myriads of our race 
The second Adam shall obey. 

3 The prophecies must be fulHlFd, 

Tho' earth and hell should dare oppose ; 
The stone cut from the mouutain's side^ 
Tho' UDob8erv% to empire gto^sa. 

4 Soon shall the blended imag;e laW, 
J&afis^ silver, iron, gold, aad c\«y> ^ ^^ 


And superstitioQ's gloomy reiga 
To light and liberty give way. 

5 In ODe sweet symphony of praise. 
Gentile and Jew shaU then uaite ; 
And infidelity, ashamM, 

Sink in th' abyss of endless night* 

6 Soon Afric's long-enslaved sons 

Shall join with Europe's polish'd race, 
To celebrate, In diflf'r«ut tonguesy 
The glories of redeeming grace. 

7 From east to west, from north to south, 
ImmanueFs kingdom shall extend ; 
And ev'ry man, in ev'ry face. 

Shall meet a brother, and a friend. 

427. L. M. Voke. 
Prayer for the spread of the QospeL 

1 THY people, Lord, who trust thy wordf 
And wait the smiliogs of thy face. 
Assemble round thy mercy -seat, 

And plead the promise of thy grace* 

2 We consecrate these hours to thee. 
Thy sovereign mercy to iritreat ; 
And feel some animating hope. 
We shall divine acceptance meet* 

3 Hast thou not sworn to give thy Son, 
To be a light to Gentile lands ; 

To open the benighted eye, 

And loose the wretched prisoners' bands 2" 

4 Hast thou not said from sea to sea 
His vast dominions shall extend ? 
That ev'ry tongue shall call him Lord^ 
And ev'ry knee befoxe Uiai bend ? 

5 JVTow let the \iapipy Vivcvc; «^^«t^ 
The time lo fexw^V>^^^^^\ 

MissioNiniEs. 423 4^6 

Bend forlh thy heralds far and near. 
To call thy banish'd childi'eo home. 

428. 1.. M. Foke. 
Prospect of Success. ..John iv. 35, 30. 

1 BEHOLD th' expected time draws iie8r, 
The shades disperse, the dawo appear ; 
The barren wiideraess assume 
The beauteous tiots of Eden's bloom. 

"2 Events, with prophecies, conspire 
To raise our faith, our zeal to fire : 
The rip'nin*; fields, already white. 
Present an harvest to our sight. 

5 The untaught heathen waits to know 
The joy the gospel will bestow ; 
The exil'd slave waits to receive 
The freedom Jesus has to give. 

[4 Come, let us, with a ip'ateful heart 
In tlie blest labor -share a part. 
Our pray'rs and oflTrings gladly bring, 
To aid the triumphs of our King.] 

,5 Our hearts exult in songs of praise, 
That we have seen these latter days. 
When our Redeemer shall be known, 
TVhere Satan long has held his throne* 

6 From eastern to the western skies, 
Sweet incense to his name shall rise ; 
And Tyre, and Egypt Greek and Jew, 
By sovereign grace be formed anew. 

429. L. M. Foke. 

^aU o/Bahi/lcn pre<HcUd...*Eev. xiv. 6—8* 
1 PROUD Babylon yet waits her doom ; 
Nor can her tottering pllace f a\\^ 
^ill some blest messenger anse. 
The raosom'd beathea "world lo cAV 


4 With cheerful strps may they proceed. 
Where'er tby provideoce shall lead ; 

Let hcavea aod earth their work befriend. 
And mercy all thek paths attend.] 

5 Great let the bands of those be found 
Who shall attend the gospel sound ; 
And let Barbarians, bond and free. 
In suppliant throngs resort to thee. 

^ Where Pagan altars now are built, 
And brutal -blood, or human spilt, 
There be the bleeding cross high reared. 
And God, our God, alone reverM. 

7 Where captives groan beneath their chain, 
liet grace, and love, and concord reign ; 
The aged and the infant tongue, 
Unite in one harmonious song* 

432. L. M. Dobcll. 

Prayer m the Scarcity of Gospel Missionaries^ 

Luke X. 2. 

1 LORD, when we cast our eyes abroad, 
Aod see on heathen altars slain, 

Poor helpless babes for sacrifice, 
To purge their parents^ dismal stain ; 

2 We can't behold such horrid deeds 
Without a groan of ardent pray'r ; 
And while each heart in anguish bleeds, 
We cr}% Lord, send thy gospel there. ^ 

3 Fori hem we pray, for them we wait, 
To them thy great salvation show ; 
Thy harvest, Lord, is truly great, 
But faithful laborers are few. 

4 O send out pTeaLc\\et^'»?;t«^^vM&^^'^^ 
•Among that d^xk,be\(iMei'^x^^^\ 

NATIONAL FAST. 417 44f^ 

And may a happy^ Uiankful land. 
Obedient oviro thy gaardian hand.] 

447. L. M. Davies. 
Prayer for Peace.,,. Amos iii. 1 — 6. 

1 WHILE o'er our guilty land, O Lord, 
"We view the terrors of thy sword | 

O whither shall the helpless j9y ? 
To whom but thee direct their cry ? 

2 The helpless sinner's cries and tears 
Are grown familiar to thine ears : 
Oft has thy mercy sent relief, 
When all was fear and hopeless grief. 

3 On thee, our guardian God, we call — 
Before thy throne of grace we fall ; 
And is there no deliverance there ? 
And must we perish in despair ? 

4 See, we repent, we weep, we mourn- 
To our forsaken God we turn ! 

O spare our guilty country....spare 

The church which thou hast planted here^ 

5 We plead thy grace, indulgent God ; 
We plead thy Son's atoning blood ; 
We plead thy gracious promises.... 
And are they unavailing pleas ? 

C These pleas, presented at thy throne, 
Have brouo;ht ten thousand blessings down^ 
On guilty lands in helpless wo: 
Let them prevail to save us too. 

448. L. M. Steele. 
Vrayerfor Victory in lVar...,Fs. cviii. 10—12. 

1 LORD, how shall wretched sinners dare 
liook up to thy divine abode ? 
Or offer their imperfect pray't 
Before a just, a lioly God ^ 

434 435 SI88I09ABIES. 

434. C. M. Oibbons. 
Mt>5tonane$.... Psalm ii. 8. 

1 GREAT God, the oatfoos of the earth 

Are by creatioa thiae ; 
And io thy works, by all beheld^ 
Tby radiant glories shioe. 

2 But, Lord, tby greater love has seDl 

Tby gospel to mankind ; 
Unveiling what rich stores of grace 
Are treasured in tby mind. 

3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings qsread 

The spacious earth around, 
'Till ev^ry tribe, and ev'ry soul^ 
Shall hear the joyful sound ? 

A O when shall Afric's sable son^ 
Enjoy the heavenly word ; 
And vassals, long enslav'd, become 
The freemen of the Lord ? 

5 When shall th' unlutorM Indian tribe% 

A dark, bewilder^ race, 
Sit down at our Immamiers feet. 
And learn and feel bis grace ? 

6 Haste, sovVeign mercy, and transform 

Their cruelty to love ; 

Convert the tiger to a lamb. 

The vulture to a dove ! 

7 Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt 

To spread the gospel's rays, 
And build on sin's demolished throne^ 
The temples of thy praise. 

435. C. M. Gibbons. 
Missxonant$.*.X^\xi Ixxii. 7, 8. 

2 LORD, aeud flsy ^oxd, tisA\^v.\\.^l% 

XI8810NARIB8. 4Sft 

feo tbousaads shall confess its sway. 
And bless the saviog hour* 

i^flfitteath the ioflueoce of thy grace, 
The, barren wastes shall rise, 
Pith sudden greens, and fruits array'd^ 
A blooming paradise. 

\t Tme holiness shall strike its root 
Id each regenerate heart ; 
Shil in a growth divine arise) 
And heavenly fruits impart. 

I JPeace, with her olives crown'd, shall stretcb 

Her wings from shore to shore ; 
I7o trump shall rouse the rage of war, 
Nov murd'rous cannon roar. 

Lord, for those da^^s we wait—- those days 

Are in thy word foretold ; 
Fly swifter, sun and stars, and bri^g 

This promised age of gold ! 

Amen, with joy divine, let earth*s 

UnnumberM myriads cry ; 
Amen, with joy divine^ let heaven's 

Uunumber'd choir's reply. 

436- S. M. Foke. 
Address to Missionaries^ 
T£ messengers of Christ, 
His sovereign voice obey ; 
Arise, and follow where he leads, 
And peace attend your way. 

The Master whom you serve 
Will needful strength bestow 5 
Depeading oa /lis promia'd aid 
fFitb sacred courage go. 

MouDtams shall sink to p\^m, 
Afl<*/ieli in vain oppose i 


The cause is God's and must pievftit 
la spite of ail his foes. 

4 Go spread a Saviour's fame^ 
And tell liis matchless grace 

To the most guilty and deprav'd 
Of Adam's num'rous race^ 

5 We wish you iu his name. 
The most divine success ; 

Assured that he who sends you fortb> 
Will your endeavors bless. 

. [6 * When you from us depart, 
To cross tlie boist'rous main ; 
We then will bear you on our hearts^ 
And hope to meet again.'] 

437. 8. 7. 4. Kirkham's coL 
Prayer for the Spnad of the QospeL*,Jasu xliz* 
m. Isaiah Ix. 4. 5. 

1 O'ER those gloomy hills of darkness, 

Look, my soul, be still, and gaze^ 
All the promises do travail 

With a glorious day of grace ; 
Blessed Jubilee, 
Let thy glorious morning dawn. 

2 Let the Indian, let the negro, 

Let the rude Barbarian see. 
That divine and glorious conquest 

Once obtain'd on Calvary ; 
Let the gospel 
Soon resound from pole to pole. 

3 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness^ 

Grant them. Lord, the glorious l^lit 
And from eastern coast to wcsterni 

May l\\e moim^ chose the night ; 
And redemplVMi) 
: Freely puxchiW? A^ m\i V^'fc ^vf . 


|4 May the glorious day approacUng, 
Ihioe eteroal love proclaim, 
^Qd (he everlasting gospel, ^ 

Spread abroad thy holy Dani^ 
O'er the borders 
Of the great Immanuers land.] 

5 Mighty Saviour, spread thy gospel^ 
Win and conquer, never cease ; 
Hay thy lasting wide dominious 

Multiply and still increase ; 
Sway thy sceptre, 
Saviour, all the world around* 

438. L. M. Vnwin. 

Morning Song. 

[l BEHOLD the sun adorns the sky, 
And darts his cheering rays on high ! 
From east to west, in glorious march^ 
He gilds the wide expansive arch. 

2 The warbling larks in triumph mount, 
And all the scenes of morn recount ; 
While sounding groves and vallies ring 
With praise to heaveu^s eternal King.] 

3 Begin, my soul, thy morning song ; 
Let thankfulness inspire thy tongue ! 
The kindness of thy God proclainii 
And tell the wonders of his name. 

4 Sing how his hand thy life defends, 
And for thy guard his angel sends : 

In grateful praise his name adore, ^ 
When fleeting days shall be no more. 

# Yes, O my God, thy glorious name, 
Mj soul bhall through the day proclaim ; 
77/ bear thy kindness ou my \\ew\., 
While cv'ry pow'r performs i\a ^^ixX- " 

49» 460 ^RDINATIOir* ^ 

459. CM. Doddrif^e. 
After the CAar^e....Heb. siii. 17^ 

1 LET Ziod'b watchroeQ all awakei 

And take th' alarm they give ; 
Now let them from the mouth of Goi 
Their solemu chaise receive* 

2 'Tis DOt a cause of small import 

The pastor's care demands; 
But what might fill ao aogel's hearty 
And fiird a Saviour's hauids. 

3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord 

Did heavenly bliss forego; 
For souls which must for ever live 
lu rapmrts, or in wo. 

4 May they^ that Jesus whom they preadb 

Tbeir own Redeemer see ; 
And watch thou daily o'er their souls; 
That they may watch for thee. 

460. 7s. Hammond, 
After the Charge. ...Pvov. xi. 30. 

1 WOULD you win a soul to God ? 
Tfll him of the Saviour's blood; 
Say, how Jesu's bowels movej 
Tefl him of redeeming love. 

2 Tell him how the streams did glide 
From liis hands, his feet, his side; 
Hovi his head itith thorns was crowu'd^ 
And his heart in sorrow drown*d. 

3 Tell him how he suffered death— 
Freely yielded up his breath, 
Dy'd, and rose to intercede^ 

As our advocate axvd Vvie^^. 

4 Tell him it \?aa RoVi^^ti ?jc^wi 
Wrought ou you to ti^di.V»a \^^^ 

OITT'DOOR W011SHIP.*.PA11D0M. 461 4(f£ 

^Vlade joa choose the better part-^ 
^inNjght salvation to jrour heart. 

TTell him of that liberty, 
"^Alierewith Jesus makes us free ; 
^Sweetly speak of sios forgiven — 

lamest of the joys of heaven. 

461. L.M. B . 

•Out'Doar }Varskip...,MRTk xvi. 15. 

^WAS Jesu's last and great coDimaod-* 
**Go, preach my word in ev*ry land; 
^ To all be my salvation shown, 
** To ev'ry creature make it known. 

^ " While thus employed, expect my grace 
'^ Attending ^ou from place to place; 
"Where'er you meet, expect me there-«> 
"In church, or house, or open air." 

^ Commission'd thus, we come abroad. 
To preach the gospel of our God : 
The love of God in Christ to tell! 
The love that saves from sin and hell. 

4 Jesus, our Lord ! thy word fulfil—. 
Thy Spirit's pow'r be with us still : 
May all our souls thy blessing share — 
Accept 0U1 praise, and hear our pray'r^ 

462. L. M. Gibbons. 
Forgiveness.. ..huke vii. 47. 

1 FORGIVENESS ! 'tis a joyful sound, 
To rebel sinners doom'd to die : 
Publish the bliss the world around — 
Ye seraphs shout it from the sky ! 

2 'Tis the rich gift of love divine : 
yrisfiill, ouNmeasuring ev'ry criixvfe% 
Uoclouded shall its glories sViiae, 

And feel 120 change by changmg \Sme» 

But the fair glories of thy grace 
More Godlike and anrivaird shioe : 

Who is a pard'ning God like thee ? 
Or vlio has grace so rich and free ? 

2 Crimes of sach horror to forgive — 
Such guilty, dariog worms to spare, ^ 
This is thy grand prerogative, 

And none shall in the honor share : 

3 Angels and men resign your claim 
To pity, mercy, love, and grace : 
These glories crown Jehovah^s name 
With an incomparable blaze : 

4 In wonder lost, with trembling joy. 
We take the pardon of our God : 
Pardon for crimes of deepest dye— 
A pardon seal'd with Jesus blood : 

5 O may this strange, this matchless grace««« 
This Godlike miracle of love, 

Fill the wide earth with grateful praise^ 
And all th* angelic choirs above ! 

465. C. M. Green. 
Parents'* Prayer for their Children. O that Ishma 
might live before thee....Gen. xvli. 18. 

1 THUS did pious Abraham pray 

For his beloved son : 
Let parents in the present day 
His language make their own. 

2 Tho' they with God in covenant \^ 

And have their heaven in view ; 
^They are unhappy till they see 
Their children happy too. 

3 Their hearts '^ith Y(\^^xd ao^ish bleed 

When a\\ allexn^Vs ^\w^^ wx\ . 


^Bd thej pursue those paths that lead 
To. everla»t]Dg paio. 

^ ^hey warn, indulge, correct, beseech^ 

While tears in torreuts flow ; 

'^nd 'tis beyond the pow'r of speech 

To tell the griefs they know. 

' ^ill they can see victorious grace 
Their children's souls possess, 
TThe sparkling wit, the smiling face 
But adds to their distress. 

^ See the fond father clasp bis child; 
Hark ! how his bowels move : 
f* Shalt thou, my ofT^pring. be cxird 
" £rom God my Fallitr's love ? 

*^ ^ Shall cruel spirits drag thee down 
*' To darkness and despair; 
" Be[ieath th' Almighty's angry frown,' 
" To dwell for ever there ? 

9 <*Kind heaven, the dreadful scene foHbid! 
^ Look down, dear Lord, and bless; 
^ I'll wrestle hard, as Jacob did— 
■ •*May I obtain success!'* 

46G. L. M. Gibbons. 
Patience, ..XiUke xxi. 19. 

1 PATIENCE ! O 'tis a grace divine, 
Sent from the God of pow'r and love; 
That leans upon its father's hand, 
As thro' the wilderness we move* 

2 By patience we serenely bear 
The troubles of our mortal state. 
And wait contented our dischai^gc, 
Not think our glory comes too late* 

3 Tbo* we, ifl fall sensation, feel 

The fftighh tjie wou(^^, gui Q^«fi^^> 


We smile amidst our heaviest woe% 
And triumph io our sharpest paiog^ 

4 O for this grace to aid our souls t 
And arm with fortitude the breast; 
Till life*s tumultous voyage is o'er» 
We reach the shores of endless lest t 

5 Faith, into vision shall resign, 
Hope sNall in full fruition die; 
And patience in possession end 

Id the bright worlds of bliss on b|ghk 

467. 78. Bammondi 
PenUent seeking Christ. .,C9Lni, ii 5^ 
1 GRACIOUS Lord, incline thine eai^ 
My requests vouchsafe to hear t 
Sore distrest with guilt am !» 
Give me Christ, or else I die. 

[2 Wealth and honor I disdain; 
£arthly comforts all are vain ^ 
These can never satisfy, 
Give roe Christ, or else X die« 

3 Lord, deny me what thou will^ 
Only take away my guilt; 
Mourning at thy feet I lie. 
Give roe Christ, or else I die.] 

4 All unholy and unclean, 

I am nothing else but sin; 
1 to thee for mercy fly. 
Give me Christ, or else I die. 

5 Thou dost freely save the lost; 
In thy grace alone I trust; 
With my earnest suit comply. 
Give me Christ, or else I die. 

6 O, my God, iwVial sVv^W \ «kj ^ 

7ak€^0 take wj «uttv«^l • 


J!^^ii*g blood to me apply, 
^5-^^^ me Christ, or else I die. 

_ ^.p«« the Father seem to frown ? 
^ tike shelter io the Son : 
;^^m», to thiae arms I fly, 
^ ^Te me, Lord, or else I die. 

468. 8.7. Aldri4ge*s cot. 
^^UerU suing for Pardon... J oh xiii. 15. 

AVIOUR, caost thou love a traitor ? 
^^^ Caost thou love a child of wrath ? 
^^lan a hell-deserviog creature 
Be the purchase of th j death ? 

^fl thy blood so efficacious, 

As to make my nature clean ? 
)s thy sacrifice so precious, 
As to free me from my sio ? 

Sio on evVy side surrounds me ; 

No acquittance can I hear ; 
Pangs of unbelief confound me, 

Help me, Lord, my grief to bear* 

^ Here then is my resolution. 
At thy dearest feet to fall ; 
Here I'll meet ray condemnation, 
Or a freedom from my thrall. 

^5 Now deny thy grace and mercy, 
If thou canst, to wretched me ; 
Lay aside thy love and pity. 
If thou canst, and let me die !] 

6 J/ J meet mth coudemnaliou. 
Justly I deserve the same; 
/// meex with free sa\vat\oi^ 
/ ifiii magoify thy QAiae. 


409 470 . PERSECUTIOK. 

469. L.M. DobcU. 
Persecution profitable to Sa7nto....MaU. s. 21 > 

1 FEAR not, je little clioseD flock, . 
You're safe in ChriiC tb' eternal rock: 
Tou are the purcliase of bis bloody 
Lov'd, and redeem'dy and calFd-of Ood. 

2 Tbo' earth and liell against you rage, 
'He for your souls vill still engage. 

To prove the worlTis all divine. 
He'll make your graces brighter shine. 

3 When devils roar, it oil does prove 
A time of sovereign, special love; 
And sinners at thy footstool fall. 
To crown the Saviour Lord of alL 

4 Ye chosen fiock, go on to prayy 
Grace shall be equal to your day : 
He ATill his glorious truth defend. 
And prove your everlasting friend. 

470. L. M, Peacock, 
Slcphen*s Deaih,.„Ac{s vi. 15. ch. vii. 56— 59. 

1 WHAT tender pity, love, and care, 
For suff'riog saints doth Jesus bear; 
W^hile they his glorious name confess, 
'Midst persecution and distress. 

2 Tho' by th' oppressor's rod they smart, 
Sec the Redeemer still impart 

His consolations all divine, 

With cheerful beams their faces shine* 

3 Thus Stephen, the first martyr, dies. 
To truth a joyful sacrifice ;. 

To vindicate the cause of God, 
He seals the gcvsyel mih his blood. 

4 Lo ! on his couuXeawKAi w^v^vts 
Such radiaact as a^^vs^^\N^^^^^% 


^FRBSVERAKde. 471 

^^tflected rays of glory bright, 
^*le€t the spectator's wond'rous sight. 

^^ot death, with all its dread array, 
j^iis heaven-bom soul could e'er dismay ; 
^^cmd, the saint expiring, cheers, 
-And to his raptured sight appears. 

^'Behold,** he cries, " heaveu's gates ezpaod f 
^* Exalted see, at God's right hand, 
^^^-he Son of man, with glory crowrfd, 
'* And the bright seraphim around." 

Thus would the view of Jesu's face, 
Each fear disarm, each terror chase ; 
Thus blest- with joy, we yield our bre8tfa> 
Triumphing -o'er the monster, death. 

471. CM. Gibbons. 
Final Perseverance..,.) Peter i. 5. 
^ THE intercession of our Lord 
His people's safety prove, 
And to the end he loves the souls 
Who' first he deign'd to love ! 

5 "Father," he cries, in his last hours* 
•**^^My brethren I commend 
*' To thy protection, from the snares 
" Of death and heU tiefend. 

P * O sanctify them by thy word, 
"Unite them all to Ihee; 
"Till gathered home by death, at length 
"'They thy salvation see.] 

4 "'Father, 'tis my desire that all 
" W}wm thou K) oiehaat ^Iv'si^ 
** Behold foj glory, and en^onf- 
" With roe, an eaiUesB ^enNVCi^^ 

Thus Jesiia pray'd, nor ihiVWns ^v?"^ 

472 9B0VL IN 8PIBIT. 

Christians, rejoicei your landiog^s sure 
Oa the celestial coast. 

472. L.M. SUeU. 
Poor in S/7tnl....Matt v. 3. 

1 T£ humble souls, complain no more ; 
Let faith survey yoOr future store ; 
How happy, how diviuely blest. 
The sacred word of truth attest ! 

2 When consdous grief laments sincerey 
And pours the penitential tear ; 
Hope points to your dejected eyes, 
The bright reversion in the skies. 

3 In vain the sons of wealth and pride 
Ilespise your lot, your hopes deride : 
In vain they boast their little stores; 
Trifles are theirs, a kingdom yours.— 

[4^ A kingdom of immense delight, 

Where health, and peace, and ]oy unil 
Where undecliuing pleasures rise, 
And ev'ry wish hath full supplies. 

5 A kingdom which can ne'er decay. 
While time sweeps earthly thrones aiv 
The state which pow'r and truth sustai 
Unmoved for ever must remain. 

6 There shall your eyes with rapture vh 
The glorious friend that dyM for you : 
That dy'd to ransom, dy'd to raise. 
To crowns of joy and songs of praise.] 

7 Jesus, to thee I breathe my prayer t 
Reveal, confirm my interest there : 
Whate'er my humble lot below. 
This, this my eoviV de%vie& to know ! 

8 O lei me heat thai -^wvc^ ^vV\or^ 
FroDounce Ibe g\oty»»>o\^«svu^^^^ 


Kiiroird amono; thy happy poor, 
jVIy largest wishes aek no more. 

473. L.M. Elliott. 
Power of Qod,..,Jer, xxsii. 27....Rom. viii. 

1 IS any thing too bard for God ? 
TV hat wont he for his children do ? 
Dear in his sight is Jesii's blood, 
And dear the purchase of it too. 

2 Believe, and ask whatever thou wilt. 
Believing ask, thou shaft obtain; 
For, lo ! Immanuers blood was spilt. 
Because thou shouldst not ask in vain. 

47-1. L.M. DobelL 

Praise, i 

1 WHILE here on earth I'm calFd to stay, 
1*11 praise my God from day to day; 
Jesus liath wash'd away my sin, 

And made my soul complete in him. 

2 When I am brought before his throne, 
I'll sing the A?onders he hath done ; 
And join with all the ra[isom'd race. 
To praise the riches of his grace. 

3 Thro' all eternity FIl view 
My Jesus and admire him too ; 
Praise shall attune my warbling tongue. 
And grace, free grace, be all my song. 

475. L. M. GodrviHy altered, 
hordes Prayer,.,.M^\.\. vi. 9 — 13. 
OUR Fatlicr, thronM in heaven, divinr. 
To thy great name be praises paid ; 
Thy kingdom come....lct splendor shine, 
Vud thy bright will be slWV ^Ast^^. 

fVe us our bread from Aay \o ^^Yi 
^a// 0(1 r wants do ihow w^V^n \ 

47^ PRATER. 

With gospel truth feed us, we pray^ 
That we may never faint or die. 

3 Extend thy f^ce, our hearts renew, 
Our each oiTenoe in love forgive, 
Teach us divine foj^iveness too, 
And freed from evil let us live. 

4 For thine^s tlie kingdom, and the pow'r 
And all the glory waits thy name ; 
Let ev'ry saint thy grace adore. 

And sound in songs Uieir loud Amen. 

476. L. M. Hart. 
Pray without €easing...A Thes. v. 17. 

1 PRAY'R was appointed to convey 
!|^e blessings God designs to give ; 
Long as they live should chrbtiaos pra 
For only while they pray, they live. 

2 The christian's heart his pray'r indites, 
He speaks as prompted from within ; 
Tlie Spirit his petition writes, 

And Christ receives, and gives it in. 

[3 And wilt thou in dead silence lie. 
When Christ stands waiting for thy pra 
My soul, thou hast a friend ou high; 
Arise, and try thy interest there. 

4 If pains afflict, or wrongs oppress^ — 
If cares distract, or fears dismay — 
If guilt deject— if sin distress, 
The remedy's before thee !...pray.] 

B 'Tis pray'r supports the soul that's wea 
Tho' thought be broken....language lanr 
Fray, if thou canst, or canst not speak} 
But pray w\\\\ ?«av\v Vcv i^-wi'^ uonic. 

Depend ot\ C\\t\?X..-A\\«o^^^^^'^^^^'«^ 
Make a\\^>>7 ^^TiX'& w^NV\^^^>Kctf5r 

PRAYER. 477 47E 

Fear oot....his merits must prevail ; 
Ask ^rhat thou wilt, it sliall be doae, 

477. L. M. Corvper. 
Exhcrtation to Prayer, 

1 WHAT various hindrances ve meet 
Jo coming to a mercy-seat ? 

Yet who that knows the worth of pray r, 
But wishes to bo ofteu there ? 

2 PrajV makes the darkenM cloud withdraw . 
Pray'r climbs the ladder Jacob saw... 
Gives exercise ta faith and love.... 
JBrin;^ ev'ry blessing from above. 

3 Restraining prayer, wc cease to fight ,* 
Pray'r makes the christiaifs armow bright^ 
And satan trembles when he sees 

The weakest saint upon his knees. 

[4 While Moses stood with arms spread wide, 
Success was found on IsraeFs side ; 
JBut when, thro" weariness, they failM, 
That moment Anialek prevaiFd.] 

5 Have you no words ? ah ! think again : 
Words How apace when you complain. 
And fill your fellow-creature's ear 
With the. sad tale of ail your c^re. 

6 Were half tlie breath thus vainly spent. 
To heaven in supplications sent.... 
Your Ohcerful songs should oftener be, 
"Hear \Vhat the Iiord has done for meT 

478. .L.M. DohtlL 

^enefU of public, private, and family devotion. 

1 ir^ the dark night, when much distre^t^ 
I sought n\y God, my liotA, tiv^' \t^\-... 
Anmlst the searclics ot n\^ v\v^\jl^V» 
/ senght my Lord, but lovia^ Viwxv ^^^• 


47S raxYSB. 

2 Thence in the street I sought ID7 
Where oft Vve feasted on his wonl 
But ah ! how low my soul was bn 
I sought the Lord, but found him i 

d ' I ask'd the watchmeD of the nigfal 
Where did jou see 017 soul's delig 
With anxious care my lord I sougl 
But ah, alas ! 1 found him not. 

4 In my distress tlte Lord drew nigh 
And to ray soul did thus reply— 

" Thou never wast by me forgot, 
*^ Tho* thou didst seek, and found 1 

5 '* When in the closet, I was there; 
^^ was with ihee in famUy pray*r : 
" And in my house I saw thy tears 
** Whilst struggling with thy doubts 

6 " I hid my face to prove thy zeal, 
^' When thou didst plead but not p 
*^ In all the paths of holiness, 

" My bowels mov'd to see thy face 

7 " All was to prove thy faith siuceri 
" That I to thee did not appear; 

" Thy name is graven on my heart 
** From thee I never will depart. 

8 <« I drew thy soul with cords of lovi 
« I drew thy heart to things above; 
" I still will draw thee on to heave 
" Thy debts are paid, thy sins forgi 

9 If Jesus Christ is precious here, 
III heaven mote pYec\Qw?»WVV^^^ 
And still moTepreciow'&Vv^^WVi^^w 
As endless y eaiB %ie xo\Yw« \^>^\i 

PRAYER. 470 400 

4; 9. CM. BaUoine, altered. 
Prayer far past fiijoj/menl^.... Psalm cxix. 32. 

1 AO AIN9 iodulgent Lord, return 

With thy Bveet, quickoiog gracf» 
To aoimate mj slu^ish tioul, 
And speed me id mj race. 

2 O may I feel as ooce I felt, 

WbcQ paiu'd aod griev'*d at heart i 
Thy kind, forgiving, melting look, 
Reliev'd my ev'ry smarL 

3 Let graces tbeoi la exercise. 

Be esercisVl agaia: 
Aod, nurtur'd by celestial povV, 
lo exercise remaiu. 

4 .Awake, my love, my failb, my hope, 

My fortitude and joy ; 
Vain world, begone, let things above 
My happy thoughts employ. 

5i Whilst thee, my Saviour, and my God, 
I would for ever own; 
Drive each rebellious, rival lust, 
Each traitor from the throne. 

6 Instruct my mind, my will subdue, 
To heaven my passions raise ; 
And let my life for ever be 
Devoted to thy praise. 

480. CM. Hands. 
Remember fn€.,..Neh. xiii. 31. 
1 O THOU, from whom all goodness flows, 
1 lift my heart to thee ; 
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes. 
Dear Lord, remember me. 

2 Whene'er on my poor, bui&Cirf^^^K^^ 
My sins lie heavily ) 

481 PRlinBR. 

My pardon speak, new peace impart, 
In love remember me. 

3 Temptations sore obstruct my vay^ 

To shake my faith in thee ; 
O give me strength, Lord, as my day. 
For good remember me. 

4 When in desertion's dismal night, 

Thy face I -cannot sec, 
Then, Lord, arise, with glorious light, 
And still remember me. 

^ If on my face, for thy dear name, 
Shame and reproaches be, 
All hail reproach, and welcome sbamei 
If thou remember me. 

6 The hour is near, <;onsign'd to death, 
I own my just decree-; 
Saviour, with my last, partif)g breath, 
ril cry, " remember me.^' 

£7 * When lieaven^s celestial gates give way^ 
My soul shall tly to thee. 
To tell, in Tcalms of endless day, 
Thou hast remembered me,'] 

481. CM. Medley. 
Mtf God will hear m€,.*M\c, vii. 7. 

1 TO Ihee, O Lord, my heavenly king, 

Now will my soul draw near; 

Thankful of this sweet truth to sing. 

That thou, my God, wilt hear. 

2 Tho' I am poor and needy too. 

And scarce know what to say ; 
And tho* my words are faint and few. 
My God w\U hear me pray. 

3 Thro' Christ 1 com^, w\^ tinkw5 ^^»h 
"Who Uvea W ia\&icfe^^\ 

PRAYER. 482 483 

For ID hk dear adored name, 
My God will hear me plead. 

4 Tho' oft with sius,. aod doubts,, aod fears, 

My soul is muGh cast dowo; 
Aud the' o'erwhelm-d with sight and tears. 
My God will Lear me groan. 

5 Then whilst my life and breath remain, 

V\\ humbly persevere; 
And when to glory I attain. 
My God will hear me there. 

482. CM. Newtoru 

1 APPROACH, my soul, the mercy seat, 
Where Jesus answer's pray'r; 
There humbly faH before his feet. 
For none can- perish there. 

483. S.M. Sewton. 
Importunate prayer prevaletit rvith CoeL**- 

Lukexviii. 1—7. 

1 THE Lord, who truly knows 
The heart of ev'ry saint, 

Invites us by his holy word. 
To pray and never faint. 

2 He bows his gracious ear; 
We never plead in vain ; 

Yet we must wait till he appear. 
And pray, and pray again. 

3 Tho' unbelief suggest. 

Why should we longer waitK 
He bids us never give him. rest. 
But be importunate. 

4 'Twas thus a wixlow pooT^ 

Withoat support or IrlcuA^ i 

487 7RODIOAL. 

3 I caa't one lio atone — 

I swell with pride no more; 
All the best duties I have don^ 
Tve reason to deplore.] 

4 In Christ^B obedience clothe;, 
And wash me in his blood; 

So shall I lift my head with joj 
^ Among the sons of God. 

5 Ik> thou my sins subdue — 
Thy sovereign love make known 

The spirit of my mind renew» 
And save me in thy Son. 

6 Let me attest thy power— - 
Let me thy goodness prove, 

Till my full soul can hold no mon 
Of everlasting love. 

487. L. M. Gibbons. 
Prodigal....lMke xv. 1 1 — 32. 

1 SEE how the disobedient son 
His father and his house forsakes. 
And, bent on luxury and lust, 

To foreign lands his journey takes. 

2 His substance spent....h)s health dc 
Without a friend to help his wo : 
Iq hope, in fear, he now resolves 
Back to his father^s house to go ! 

3 Far ofiF the father spies his son— 
His bowels with compassion move 
He runs and clasps him round his 
And welcomes vrith a kiss of love. 

4 " Father, 1 o\?i\r ^^^ ^uvv'^^vwiV « 
" M V siiis as;a\n^v bo\V\ \\ew«;Vi ^ 
" Uaworlhy^o b. --^1 e5.\v 

1»R0DIGAL. 488 

r^^iriog flie best robe and clothe my son," 
^^ He father graciously commands; 
l^rovide with shoes his totf ring feet— 
\Vith rings of beauty deck his hands : 

^ -A feast....a sumptuous feast prepare.... 
^^ Pleasure thro* all my house shall reigo; 
^^ lily son was lost but now is found— 4 
"^^ Iffy son was dead, now lives again.** 

488. C.M. Keta. 
^rodi^oTs Return..„lMke xv. 20 — 30. 
^ ^HEN to his father's fond embrace 
The Prodigal returned, 
^he tears bedew'd his aged face; 
With love his bosom burnM. 

'^^ He kiss'd him with a father's love, 
Tho' he such crimes had done; 
HeprovM the sin that made him rove« 
Yet owu'd him for his son. 

*^ For him the fatted calf they slew. 
The father's grace to prove: 
While 00 the rebel's hand we view 
The tokens of bis love. 

(\ 4 With a bright robe ray son array, 
For 'tis my royal will ; 
Make no excuse — without delay. 
For he's a fav'rite still. 

5 His shame, his folly, and his sin, 
, I The father saw no more ; 

^ f His thoughts, his ways, his acts uncleaPi 
This garment coverM o^«. 

^ Thus ah all Jehovah^a 80VTt\o\\ ^c«^ 

T/iro" Jesu's blood a\oBft, 
Sritt^ ail th' apo6l«Lte^ Tat»om^\'Wfc^«> 
^itb weepiug, to hia tX^ooft* 


4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful song?, 
H]<;h as the heavens our voices raise; 
And earth, with her ten thousand tongue^ 
Shall fill thj courts with sounding praise. 

5 Wide as tlic world is thy command, 
Vast as eternity iliy love ; 

Inrm as a rock thy truth must stand. 
When rolling years shall cease to move. 

503. L. M. Steele, 
Delight in GoiTs Hou$^....Psalm xxvii. 

1 THE Lord, my Saviour, is my light ; 
What terrors can my soul affright ? 
While God, ray strength, my life, is near, 
What potent arms shall make me fear ? 

2 Should num^rous^'foes besiege me round, 
My steadfast heart no fear shall wound : 
Though war should rise in dread array, 
God is my strength, my hope, my stay. 

^3 This only gift my heart desires, 
For this my ardent wish aspires ; 
This will I seek with restless care, 
'Till God attend my humble prayV. 

4 In his own house to spend my days. 
My life devoted to his praise : 

There would my soul his beauties trace^ 
And learn the wonders of his grace.] 

5 Should ev'ry earthly friend depart. 
And nature leave a parent's heart; 
My God, on wliom my hopes depend. 
Will be my fiither aud my friend. 

^> Ye hunjble souls, in ev'ry strait, 
On God wi\.l\ sacred courage wait; 
Jlis hands s\^TyA\ \Vi(i ^w^ ?>Vt^.w«>\\ "^^otd^ 
Vr trembWi^g s^iwV^i\^^\^ Q^^\^\jsst^- 



504. L. M. Newton. 
Ike Go8pel'N€t....'L\x\ie v. 5..-John xxi. 6 

^ NOVf while the gospel-net is cast. 
Do thou, O Lord, the effort owo : 
From numerous disappoiotmeots past, 
7each us to hope in thee alone. 

2 May this be a much favor'd hour, 
ZTo souls ia Satan's bondage led : 
O. clothe thy word with sov'reigo powV, 
To break the rocks, and raise the dead ! 

•^ To mourners speak a cheering word, 
On seeking souls vouchsafe to shine;. 
Let poor backsliders be restor d, 
And all thy saints la praises join. 

L**^ O hear our pray'r, and give us hope, 

That when thy voice shall call us home^ 

Thou still wilt raise a people up 

To love and praise thee in our room.] 

505. L. M. Fellows. 
Delight in Public Worship. 

1 THE food on whlcli thy children live. 
Great God is thine alone to give : 

And we, for grace received, would raise 
A sacred song of love and praise. 

2 How vast, how full, how rich, how free, 
Dear Jesus, thy rich treasures be : 
To the full fountain of our joys, 
We gladly come for fresh supplies. 

3 For this we wait upon ihce, \i^t^^ 
For this we listen to ihy viat A \ 
Desceod like gentle slun^'w o? t^v\^ 

Nor let OUT souls aUeuA la n«v\v» 

511 Ft/BLic woitsHrp; 

O do not our suit disdaio ; 

Shall we seek thee. Lord, in rain ? 

i lo thioe own appoiotcd waj, 
Novf we seek thee, here we staj ; 
Lord, we canDot let thee go, 
'Till a hlessiog thou bestow. 

3 Seed some miessage from thy word» 
That may joy and peace afford ; 
Let thy Spirit now impart 
Full salvation to each heart 

[]4 Comfort (hose who weep and mouro. 
Let the time of joy return ; 
Those i^ha are cast down, lift up ; 
Make them strong in faith and hope.} 

5 Grant that all may seek and fmd 
Thee a God supremely kind ; 
Heal the sick, tlie captive free, 
Let as all rejoice in thee. 

511. 148lh. Beck's Col 

This is the House of God and the Gate of Heave 
Gen. xxviii. 1 7....Matt. x?liL 20. 

1 WHAT dreadful spot is this, 
And yet what pleasing place, 
Sure here Jehovah ist 
In majesty and grace ; 
"tlere let our souls devoutly wait-— 
'Tis God^s own house, 'tis heaven's gate. 

ti 'Tis her6 the saints abide. 
On richest daintier fed ; 
And Christ doth liere reside, 
Their M^Lslet ^tid ilieir Head ; 
His life and \o\e \\^ \\^\^ ^^\s^^'^'%s 
And ownalYidt ^t^f x^m^N^^w.^^^^^ 



Wherever two or three 

Are met io Jesu's name, 

God io tlie midst will be, 

Nor let them meet io raio ; 
In stately courts, or open air, 
Thej stilt shall fiad him present tliere. 

Wheo io the open field, 

As Jacob sleeping laid, 

The Lord to him reveaFd 

His presence and his aid : 
Thro' Christ, the way, the angels trod^ 
From God to men, and men to God. 

The Lord is never bound 

To any time or place ; 

But always may be found 

Among his chosen race ; 
Then tread his courts with holy fear, 
For God himself is present here. 

512. 8.7.4. Jay's Col. 
Sower and the Sffrf....Matt. xiii. 3 — 23, 

1 Come thou soul-transformia«j Spirit, 

Bless the sower and the seed : 
Let each heart ihy grace inherit ; 

Raise the weak — the hungry feed ; 
From the gospel 
Wow supply thy people's need. 

2 O may all enjoy thy blessing 

Which thy word's design'd to give • 
Let us all thy love posseasXw^^ 
Joyfully the trutU reteivft \ 
And for ever 
To thy praise and g\oTy Wnc*- 

510 520 EAC»-»BiBAfi(»f. 

Ko harvest-joy cao equal theinTj 
To fiod the fruit of all their cares*. 


6 Oq what has now been sown. 
Thy blessing, liord, bestow ; 
The pow'r is thioe alone. 
To make it spring and grow : 
Do thou the gracious harvest raise. 
And thou alone shalt have the praise. 

619. C. Bf. Deddridge. 
HaM.,..\- Cor..ix» 24. 

1 AWAKE, my soul, stretch ev'ry nerve. 

And press with vigor on : 
A heavenly prize demands thy zeal,. 
And an immortal crown. 

2 A cloud of witnesses around 

Hold thee in full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod, 
And onward, urge thy way. 

3 'Tis God's all-animating voice, 

Which calls thee from on high : 
'Tis his own hand presents the priz& 
To thine asphiog eye. 

4 Blest Saviour, introduc-d by thee. 

Have I my race begun : 
And crown'd with vict'ry, at thy feet 
I'll lay my honors down. 

520. L. M. DobelL 
As reason is dcprcmd ly Sin^ it can never know Ga 
aright, till renewed by divine Grace. 

1 CAN reason comprehend a God 2 
Or learn the need oC Jcsii's blood ? 
Or can U leW vY\e t^'8c&qvv\i\vj 
That thousand irf^^xs ^^^Vf ^\^'^^ 


*^ feasoD tbea must be our ^ide, 
^au it «nfoid the ebbiog ikie ? 
^^ tell lis how the plants produce, 
-^^om the same earth, their various juice ? 

' ^^here reason fails, may I adore 

^oci*s boundless wisdom more and more ; 
^iocc qature round his pow*r reveah, 
'^nd God in Christ my pardon seals. 

521. CM. Crudm. 
It is fim^ked.., John xix. 30. 

^ ^OWf now the arduous work is o*cr, 
Ilederaption's price is paid : 
^Cisns has borne the mighty load ; 
On biro our guilt was laid. 

^ What boundless wrath did he endure. 

When for imputed sin, 
^is people's debts were all transferred 

And centred all in him.'J 

^ **Let now Omnipotence itself 
" Say, if ought more is due ; 
^* And I, the direful conflict past, 
" Will yet for them renew. 

i " Let lieaven produce its equal scales, 
" To weigh ray people's wrong, 
" And if ray payment yet prove short, 
** My dying pangs prolong. 

5 " Father, I lie beneath thy stroke ; 
« The blow I will not shun, 
<< 'Till thou proclaim to choirs on hjgb, 
** Redemptioifs work ia doTie. 

C "I jielil not u^ my final bTe^V\v> 
^ ** iVbr bow my sinking \\e«iA> 

' ^he caocetIM boni b^ s^»A- ^ 

522 BSOBivFtrDir^ 

7 ** That mixture of alm^lity wratir^ 

<( My lips did patient drain ; 
«« 'Tis finisii'd," »^ of its sad dr^s^ 
'^ Does one small drop lemain. 

8 *' F^tber, the awfal deed dischaige^ 

*• And nail it to the tree f 
(* That to the closing hour of time,- 
*' The ransomM may go free." 

522. 88. Sntain. 
Redeeming Lave....Zech, sii. 10....Jolm sdz. 37< 

1 WHEN on my belored 1 gaze,. 
So dazzling his beauties appear ; 
His charms so transcendantly btase. 
The sight is too melting to bear ! 

2 When from my own vileness I tunt 
To Jesus exposM on the tree^ 
With shame and with wonder I bum^ 
To think what he suffer'd for me. 

3 My sins, O bow black they appear, 
When in that dear bosom they meet ! 
Those sins were tlie nails and the spear; 
That wounded his hands and his feet. 

4 'Twas justice that wreathed for his head 
The thorns that encircled it round ; 
Thy temples, Immanuel, bled, 

That mine might witii gloiy be ciownM! 

5 The wonderful love of his heart. 
Where he has recorded my name, 

'On eailh can be known but in part- 
Heaven only can bear the full flame. 

6 In rivers of sorrow it flowM, 
And QoV A \a \\vo^^ \\^^^ fer me ; 
My sins we ^W Ato^\J^ KtiV^iU^sR^N 
My »ou\ Ts \>oV\i \\^^^T ^sAVt^. 


623. 7s. Lajig/ortts CoL 
Redeeming Love....Fsdi\m cxi. Q. 

1 NOW bcfpa the heaveolj theoie. 
Sing aloud ia Jesa't flame : 
Ye, who Jesu'^s kiodoeas prove. 
Triumph Iq re^leeming love. 

[2 Ye, who see the Father's ^ace^ 
Beamiog iu the Saviour's face. 
As to Caoaan on ye move, 
Praise aDd bless Kdeeroing love.] 

3 Mouroiog souls, dry up jour tearsy 
Banish all jrour {guilty fears : 
See jour guilt and curse remove^ 
CaocelFd bj redeeming love. 

[4 Ye, alas ! who long have been 
Willing slaves to death and sin ; 
Now from bliss no leoger rove. 
Stop and taste redeeming love.] 

5 Welcome all,- by sin opprest, 
Welcome to the Saviour's breast ; 
Nothing brought him from above, 
Nothing- but redeeming love. 

6 He subdu'd th' infernal pow'rp, 
His tremendous foes and ours. 
From their cursed empire drove ; 
Mighty in redeeming love. 

7 Hither then your music bring. 
Strike aloud each tuneful string ; 
Mortals, join the hosts above. 
Join to praise redeeming love. 

[8 When his Spirit leads us home.... 
When we to his kingdom come^ 
We shall all the fulness ptov^i 
Of OUT JLord'g redeemitvg \ofs^\ 

525 ^ Tifladys^'^' 

624. ..^***' xxv.e-"' 

The sin-awnws . ^biood, 


^" .1 twtnpel hear, 

The F<»P^* S'nio? grace ; 
The nc«s ^^ P"''^, J near, 
-Se happy «f|^,iour'B face; 


IRetuvn, yc ra j^^^ 

52S. «»• "• , 


'■ I- 


Who, long before lime's rouiul began. 
Laid tbe vast, wise, and wond'rous plan^ 
To raosoni ev'rj chosen man 
To endless day. 

2 Te heavenly soldiers, still press on, 
Jo Jesus see the conquest won ! 
Bright palms of vict'rj you shall bear. 
And crowns of glory you shall wear, 
And in his kingdom have a (hare 

To endless day. 

3 There shall we in sweet chorus join^ 
Where saints and angels all combine. 
To sing of his redeeming love, 

"When rolling years shall cease to movc» 
And this shall be our theme above 
To endless day. 

5\G. 8. 7. 4. Burder'sCoL 
Redemption... Joho xix. 30. 

1 HARK ! the voice of love and mercy 

Sounds aloud from Calvary ; 
See ! it rends the rocks asunder— 

Shakes the earth and veils the sky ! 
« It is fuiis'd li- 
near tiie dying Saviour cry. 

2 It is finish^ ! O what pleasure 

Do these precious words afford ! 
Heavenly blessings, without measure, 

Flow to us from Christ tiie Lord : 
It is finishM t 
Saints, the dying words record. 

3 Finish' d, all the types and shadows 

0[ the ceremonial \avi \ 
Finished, all tliat GoA \mi\ ^x«iXJK\\^^\ 
DesLib and hell ao mv>i:«^ •A\^^ "^^nn^S 


527 KEFUOB. 

It IS JliQish'd ! 

Saia(S| from hence yoar comfort drair. 

[4 Happy souls, approach the table — 
Taste the soul-reviviog food ! 
Nothing's half so sweet and pleasant 
As the Saviour's flesh and blood. 
It is finlshM ! 
Christ has borne the heavy load.] 

5 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs — 
Join to sing the pleasing theme ; 

An on earth, and all in heaven. 
Join to praise ImmanueFs name ! 

Hallelujah ! 

Glory to the bleeding Lamb ! 

527. C. M. Steele. 
Refuge in Goc/.... Psalm ix. d. 

1 DE All refuge of my weary soul, 

On thee, when sorrows rise, - 
On thee, when waves of trouble roll, 
My fainting hope relies. 

2 To thee I tell each rising grief, 

For tliou alone canst heal ; 
Thy word can bring a sweet relief. 
For ev'ry pain I feel. 

[3 But O, when gloomy doubts prevail, 
I fear to call thee mine ; 
The springs of comfort seem to iaU| 
And all my hopes decline. 

4 Yet, gracious God, where shall I Bee ? 

Thou art my only tnist : 
And still my soul would cleave to thtej 
Thd' proslxale iu the dust.] 

5 Hast thou uol Vu\ vr^ ^^^^^ \^^^'l 
Aud shaW \ %^eV. Va ^^\^'^- 

8ALrA.TT0V. 565 560 

^85. L. M. Humjfhm/'s eel 
Free Salvatu)n....2 Tim. i. 0. 

3 LONG ere the 8uu t>egan his daj^s^ 
Or moon shot forth her silver rays, 
SaIvatioii*8 scheme was fixt, 'twas dooc 
In cov'aant by the th(Ue;£ in one. 

^2 The Father spake, the Soo reply 'd, 
The Spirit with them both comply^: 
Grace movM the cause for saviof; man, 
And wisdom drew the noble plan. 

3 The Father clieae his only Son 

To die for sios that maa had done; 
Immanuel to the choice agreed, 
And thus secur'd a numerous seed. 

4 He sends his Spirit from above 
To call the objects of his love; 
Kot one shall perish or be lost, 

His blood has bought them, dear they cost. 

"5 What high displays of sov*i«ign grace I 
What love to save a ntioM race ! 
My soul, adore his lovely name, 
By whom thy (jree salvation came. 

566, C. M. Humphrey's col. 
Compute Sa/vo/fW... Psalm xxxv. 3. 
1 SALVATION thro' my dying God 
Is fioish'd and complete; 
He paid what'cr his people ow'd> 
And cancelFd idl their debt. 

'2 iSalvation from the depths of hell.... 
From seas of quenchless Ore, 
To yon sweet fields where angels dwell, 
And strike the golden lyre. 

-[3 ^Salvatioa ! O melodious coi\u<\ 
To wretcbedy dying menl 

529 630. 531 'kelioiok*— REaLEST* 

Only thou our leader be, 
Aud we 8tiil m\\ follow thee. 

' • V 5*29. 78. Masters. 

^ J True RdigiM...,}dmes i. 27.. 

1 'TIS feligioD tliat can gii^ 
Sweetest pleasures while we live ; 
'Tis reli^ioo must supply 

Solid comfort wlien we die. 

2 After deaih its joys will be 
Lasting as eteruity ; 

If the .saviour is my friead, 
Then my bliss shall never end. 

530. L. M. Elliot. 
Ri guest. ...I John v. 13. 

1 THOU, who for sir^ers once wast slaiLj 
Once dead, but now alive again ; 

Give me toTtnow, to laste, and prove * 
The pow'r and sweetness of thy love. 

2 Give me to feel ray sins forgiv'o, 
And know myself an heir of heaven ; 
My conscience sprinkle with thy blood; 
Aud (il! roe with the love of God. 

531. L. M. Nervion. 
What shall I give thee ?....l Kings iii 5. 
[1 LORD, dost thou say, *« ask what thou wiH?^ 
I gladly seize the golden hour ; 
I pray to be releas'^d from guilt, 
And freed from sin and Satan's pow'r-] 

2 More of thy presence, Lord, impart— 
More of thy image let me bear ; 
£rect a throne within my heart, 
And reiga \^\l\iowV ^ tv\^ >\\vx^. 

2 Give me to rt^A twy v««^^^ %^\^^^ 
Aad from t\^y iPT ^^^ ^"^^^ ^^"J ^\x^^^--^ 

8ALTATT0H. i^9 

Faith receives a fiiH supply; 
Those who drink it cannot die. 

[6 Careless sinner, let tne tell, 
Not a drop is found in hell; 
Not a drop to ease your smart, 
Not a drop to cool your heart. 

7 Haste you to the Lamb of God* 
Seek salvation in his blood; 

In it there is hoiindlen store, 
For ten thousand thousand more.] 

8 Constant tributes let us brinjs;, 
For this soul -refreshing spring; 
Constant let our praises rise. 
Till we driok above the skies. 

5G8. 8s. Truro Friend, 
Qvd is my iSa/«a<ton.... Jonah ii. 9. 

1 SALVATION, how precious the sound, 
To sinners who see themselves lost; 

To Jesus their praises redound. 
In Jesus they triumph and boast. 

2 Salvation is finish^ and done, 
Salvation is sov'reie^n and free; 
Salvation by GtKfs equal Soft, 
My joy and rejoicing shall be. 

3 Salvation is only of God, 

To him all the praises are due; 

Te saints, spread his honors abroad. . 

Who finished salvation for you. 

4 Soon shall we behold him above. 
For ever to sound his dear name; 
To sing the sweet song of his lov^v 
Salvftiion to God aud\\\e 'L'ax^.^ 

534 E£6I«NATI0K. 

3 Nor would I drop a nurm^riD^ wordi 

Tho' the whole world were gooe ; 
But seek eaduriog happiness 
In thee, and thee alone. 

4 What is the world, witli all its joys? . 

^Tis but a bitter-sweet ; 
Wiien I attempt a rose to pluck, 
A pricking thorn I meet. 

5 Here perfect bliss can ne'er be fotuid ; 

The honey's mix'd with gall ; 
'Midst changing scenes and djing Trioids, 
Be thou my all in all. 

534. C. M. Green. 
Resignation : It is the Lord^ &c....\ Sam. i!i. 18. 

1 IT is the Lord, enthron'd in light, 

Whose claims are all divine, 
Who has an undisputed right, 
To govern roe and mine. 

2 It is the Lord, wlio gives me all — 

My wealth, my friends, my ease ; 
And of his bounties may recal 
Whatever part he please. 

3 It is the Lord — should I distrust. 

Or conCtadict his will ? 
Who cannot do but what is just, 
And must be righteous still. 

4 It is the Lord, wlio can sustain 

Beneath the lieaviest load, 

From wliom assistance I obtain. 

To tread the thorny road. 

5 It is the Lord, whose matchless skill. 

Can from alSlVcVious t^e 
, Matter, eteroily Vo YiW 
With ever gTo\«iii^?^^^5Wi» 


it is the Lord, my cov'Daot God, 

Thrice blessed be his oame, 
Whose gracious promise, seal'd widi Mood, 
Must ever be the same. 

7 His cov'aaDt will my soul defend, 

Should nature^s self expire ; 
And the great Judge of all descend 
In awful flames of fire. 

8 And can mj soul with hopes like these. 

Be sullen or repine ? 
No — let the Lord take what he please ; 
To him 1 all resign ! 

535. 8. T. Lee. 
Resurrection of the Body, ..A Thes. ir. 16, 17. 

1 SEE the Captain of salvation, 

Leads his armies up the sky : 
Hise above the conflagration, 
Leave the world to burn and die- 

2 Lo ! I see the fair immortals 

Ent^r to the blissful seats ; 
Glory opens wide her portals, 
And the Saviour's train admits. 

3 All the chosen of the Fatficr, 

All for whom the Lamb was slain, 
All tlie church appear together, 
Wash'd from ev'ry sinful stain. 

[4 There is found no vacant station, 
IN'or a single throne unfiH'd ; 
All enjoy the same salvation. 

Whom he lov'd, and bouglit, and seaFd. | 

5 His dear smiles the place enlighten, 
More than thousand suns could do \ 
AW around his presence \it\^Ve\\, 
dja/f^^elcs?, vet for evex vi^"^* . 


G Couatiess miUioos, sons of heaven. 
Praise the Triuae Deity : 
Hymns of worship aod thaoksgiviog 
Echo ihro' immenBhy. 

7 Blessed state ! beyoad coDception ! 
Who its vast designs can tell ? 
May it be my blissful portion, 
With my Saviour there to dwell ! 

53(5. S. M. Kent. 
It shall be well with the Righte<ms....JBn* iii. 10, 

1 WHAT cheering words are these ? . 
Their sweetness who can tell ? 

In time and to eternity, 
'Tis with the righteous well. 

2 In ev'ry state secure^ 
Kept by Jehovah's eye, 

'Tis well with them while life endure?; 
And well when callM to die. 

3 'Tis well when joys arise, 
'Tis well when sorrows flow ; 

'Tis well when darkness veils the skie?« 
And strong temptations blow. 

[4 'Tis well when on the mount 
They feast on dying love ; 
And 'tis as well in God's account. 
When they the furnace prove.] 

5 *Tis well when at his throne, 
They wrestle, weep, and pray, 

'Tis well when at his feet they groaC; 
Yet bring their wants away. 

6 'Tis well when Jesus calls, 
From earth and sin. arise, 

Join wUU t\\^ \\Q«X. o^ N vtpxv -sssva^^ 
Made to saVv^>Aotv Ni\^^. 

«£JLSONS OT THE VBAR. 573 57^: 


573. L.M. if . ^ 

'0» ift« Foi<r Sf 050/15... .Geo. viii. 22. 

J THY provideDCC, great God, we praise; 
Hovr good and great are all thy ways ! 
Thy ^nty crowns oiir passing years, 
And dissipates our anxious fears. 

2 Thy promise stands for ever fast, 

While sun, and moon, and earth shall last; 
The laws of seasons shall endure. 
Till time and stars are known no more. 

'3 Summer and winter, cold and heat, 
And night and day in order meet ; 
Seed time and harvest, each succeed. 
To prove thy love-— supply our need. 

£4 * When years are past and seasons o'er. 
We still shall prove thy covenant sure ; 
.And in the shining realms of hiiss. 
Adore thy goodness and thy grace.'] 

574. L.M. Steele. 

Oit (he Four Seasons if the Fear....Psalm cxivii. 

1 PRAISE ye the Lord— O blissful theme. 
To sing the honors of his name ! 

'Tis pleasure, 'lis divine deli^^ht. 
And praise is lovely in his sight. 

2 He veils the tiky with treasur'd show'r?, 
On earth the plent'ous blessing pours; 
The mountains smile in lively green. 
And fairer blooms the flow'ry scene. 

-£3 He speaks ! and swiftly from the skie^ 
To earth the sovereign mandate flies ; 
^Observant nature hears his word^ 
Jiad baw8 obedient to hex Iax^ 

530 2^40 8ABB1TR. 

To follow where ibj saints have led. 
And then partake their bliss. 

539. C. M. Dobell. 
Roadto Heaven and BelL,..Mditt vii. 13, 14. 

1 SINNERS, behold that downward road. 

Which leads to endless wo ; 
What multitudes of thoughtless souls 
Down to pei-ditioQ go ! 

2 But yonder see that narrow way. 

Which leads to endless bliss ; 

There see a happy, chosen few. 

Redeemed by sovVeign grac^. 

3 They from destruction's city came. 

To Zion upward tend : 
The bible is their precious map. 
And God himself their friend. 

4 Lord, I would now a pilgrim be — 

Guide thou my feet aright ; 
I would not, for ten thousand worlds, 
Be banish'd from thy sight. 

5 'Tis happiness to see thy face ; 

I long to dwell above ; 
To feast on thy unbounded stores, 
* And sing, and praise, and love. 

540. L. M. Dobell. 
Sabbath Morning, 

1 COME, dearest Lord, and bless this day. 
Come bear our thoughts from earth awaj • 
Now let our noblest passions rise 

With ardor to their native skies. 

2 Come Holy Spirit, all divine, 
With ra^a o\ Ws^VV. vi'^ws. m-b shine ; 
A.uiS let OUT \\^\Vv\\^%w:\"«iV^^^^s^ 
On \\us sw^ieV ^;v^^ ^^ %^\^^^;?»^v 


S4BBATU. 541 541^ 

3 Then when our sabbaths here are o'er, 
Aud we arrive oo Caoaau's shore, 
With all the ransoni'd we shall spend 
A sabbati) which shall never end. 

541. C. M. De dmrafs Cot. 

Sabbalh Morning. * 

1 COME, let us joib io sweet accord 

In hymns around the throne ; 
This is the day our rising Lord 
Hath made and caiPd his own. 

2 This is the day which God hath blest, 

The brightest of the sev'n ; 
Type of that everlasting rest, 
The saints enjoy in heaven. 

542. C. M. De Courcy's Col. altered. 

Sabbath Morning. 

2 The Lord of Sabbaths let us praise. 
In concert with the blest ; 
And in most sweet, harmonious lays, 
Employ tliis day of rest. 

2 O may we still remember thee. 

And more in knowledge grow ; 
And may we more of glory see, 
While waiting here below. 

3 On this sweet day a brighter scene 

Of glory was display'd. 
By God til' eternal Word, than when 
This universe was made. 

4 He rises, who our souls bad bought 

With blood, and grief, and pain ; 
'Twas great to speak the world from nought— 
'Twas greater to redeem. 


513 5U SABBATH. 

543. C. M. BerriJ^e. 
Sabhalh MarHmg>...VM\m cxviii. 2^ • 
1 Od this BMcct mora my Lord arose. 
Triumphant o'er the grave ! 
He dies to vanquish all my foes. 
And lives again to save. 

r2 I bless the Lord, and hail the morD| 
It is my Lord's owa day ; 
And faitlil'ul souls will surely scorn 
To doze the hours away .J 

3 This is the day for holy rest. 

Yet clouds will gather soon. 
Except my Lonl become my guest. 
And put my harp in tune. 

4 No heavenlv fire my heart can raise, 

Without the Spirit's aid ; 
Ilis breath must kindle pray'r and prai^ 
Or I am cold and dead. 

.r» On all the tlocks thy Spirit pour, 
Ami saving health convey ; 
A sweet, refreshing snnday showV 
Will make them sing and pray. 

6 Direct thy shepherds how to feed 
The flocks of thy own choice ; 
Give savor to the heavenly bread. 
And bid the folds rejoice. 

5 41. C. M. Maso)i^ altered. 
Sabbath Morning. 

[1 COME, dearest Lord, and feed thy she< 
On this sweet day of vest ; 
O bless this flock, aa^ m-^Voi ^\^ W^^ 
Enjoy an heaveiA^^ xea\."\ 

2 Welcome, «nd V^ec\ou. ^o «v,^f > 
Are these SN> eel Aa^so^^''^^^ 


5 Then, ia the last great harvest, I 

Shall reap a glorious crop ; 
The harvest shall by far exceed 
What I have sown in hope.] 

583. CM. Necdham. 
fmmer ; or^ the Sluggard reproved.. ..Frov, vi. 6. x. 5. 

1 SEE, how the little toiliDg ant 

Improves the harvest hours; 
While summer lasts, thro' all her cells 
The choicest stores she pours. 

2 Sagacious she, irithout a guide, 

By instinct only led ; 
Fearful of want, in harvest hourS; 
Provides her winter bread. 

3 JN'e'er be it said, that toiling ants, 

Lay up their stock of grain ; 
And man neglects his great concert^ 
Eternal life to gain. 

4 While life remains, our harvest lasts ; 

But youili of life's the prime ; 
Best is this season for our work, 
And this the accepted time. 

B " To day attend," is wisdom's voice — 
" To-morrow'" — folly cries — 
And still to-morrow 'tis....when ! 
To-day the sinner dies ! 

6 When conscience speaks, its voice regard, 

And seize tiie present hour ; 
Humbly implore the promis'd grace, 
And God will give the pow'r. 

584. L.M. B . 

j1utumn.,.,3tx. viii. ^Q . 
I GREAT God, as seasons ^\&v^^^t^ 


IVho would not drop this load of t\zj^ 
And die to see thy face ?* 

546. S. M. HoskinSj altered. 
Sabbath Marning^..lAike xxiv. 34. 
1 TO-daj the Saviour rose ; 
Our Jesus left the dead ; * 
He conquered our tremendous foes, 
M And Satan captive led. 

^ He led bis glorious throne. 

To make our peace with God ; 
Ble8sing;8 for ever on his name — 
He bought us with lils blood. 

3 For us his life he paid — 
For us the law fulliird : 

'^ On him our loads of guilt were laid ; 
We by his stripes are heal'd. 

4 Ye saints, adore his name, 
Who hath such mercy shown ; 

Ye sinners, love the bleeding Lamb, 
And make his praises known. 

546. Second Part. 7s. ServtOHy altered* 
Sabbath Morning. 

1 Safely thro* another week, 

God has brought us on our way ; 
Let us now a blessing seek, 

Waiting in his courts to-day. 
Day of all the week the best ; 
Emblem of eternal rest ! 

2 While we seek supplies of grace, 

Thro' the dear Redeemer's name, 
Shew thy reconciling face — 

Take away ovv\ svw ^\\d %Uame t 
From our xcotVWy c.^x^.s%^v\\^^i^ 
IVIay ATi^ rcfeV \.\\\^ v^'^? *^^ '^^^^ • 


"Wilt thou pemiit bj plant to die? 
Must it be winter all the year ? 

5 Be still, my soul, and wait liig hour. 
With humble pray'r and patient faith ; 
Till he reveals his gracious pow>, 

. Repose on what his promise saith. 

6 He, by whose all-commanding word 
Seasons their changipg course maintain^ 
In ev'ry change a pledge aflfords, 
That none shall seek his face in vain. 

580. CM. SUele. 
If irUer... Job xjixvnl 20, 30*. 

1 STERN winter throws his icy chains, 
Encircling nature round ; 
How bleak how comfortless the plains. 
Late with gay verdure crowuM ! 

St The sun withdraws his vital beams. 
And light and warmth depart; 
And drooping, lifeless nature seems 
An emblem of my hearL 

3 My heart, when mental winter reign?> 

In night's daii mantle clad ; 
Confin'd in cold, inactive chains, 
How desolate and sad ! 

4 Return, O blissful sun, and bring 

The soul-reviving ray ; 
This mental winter shall be spring. 
This darkness cheerful day. 

5 O happy state, divine abode, 

Where spring eternal reigns; 
And perfect day, the smile of God, 
Fills all the heavenly plains. 

6 Great source of light, thy beaixvs Sv&^^^v . 

Mj^ drooping joys restore : 

543 6ABBA.TH. 

While justice, truth, aod Iove» 
Maintain the glorious war ; . 
Victorious thou, ihy foes shall tread. 
And sin and hell in triumph lead. 

[5 Make bare thy potent arm^ 
And wing th' unerring dart. 
With salutary pangs, 
To each rebellious heart; 
Then dying souls for life shall see, 
I^um'rous as drops of morning de\f . 

6 Then shall the spacious earth 
Beneath thy sGe[xtrc beud ; 
And peace her olive-branch. 
And balmy wings extend ; 
The dews of heaven enrich the ground, 
And paradise shall bloom around.] 

548. 148th. Hayrvard. 

Sabbath Morning. 

I WELCOME, delighttul morn, ^ 
Thou day of sacred rest ; 
I hail thy kind return. 
Lord, make these moments blest ; 
From the low train of mortal toys, 
I soar to reach immortal joys. 

3 J^^ow may the king descend. 
And fill bis throne of grace; 
Thy sceptre. Lord, extend, 
While saints address thy face : 
liet sinners feel thy quickning word, 
And learn to know and fear tiie Lord. 

3 Desceud, celestial Dove, 

With a\V vY\y cxvvKcVAuxx^^^vN'xii^ 
Disclose «L S^^\<>v\\' «> V>Ne^ 
. \\v\ b\eis« iVvCi ?^<'^':*^ \^^^^^^ •■» 

8ELF-DENIAL...&HEEP. 583 639 

Yet, Lord, thy mercies canaot fail; 
O come vit]iout delay t 

588. C. M. Kirkhapu 
If Denial; or^ taking up the Cro«9....Mark viii. 3S, 

1 DIDST tboii, dear Jesus, suffer shame, 

And bear the Cross for me ? 
And shall I fear to own thy uame, 
Or thy dhciple be ? 

2 luspire my soul with life divioe. 

And make me truly bold; 
Let knowledge, faith, and meeliness shine, 
!Nor love, nor zeal git)w cold. 

3 * Let mockers scoft', let men defame. 

And treat mc with disdain; 
Still may I glorify thy name, 
And count their slander gain.^ 

4 To thee I clieerfully submit, 

And all my pow'rs resign ; 
Let wisdom point out what is iit> 
And ril no more repine. 

580. CM. Needham. 
Lost Sheep fottnd,...jM\ie xv. 3, 4. 

1 WHEN some kind shepherd from hisfolc^ 

Has lost a straying sheep ; 
Thro' valrs, o'er hills, he anxious roveg> 
And climbs the mountains steep. 

2 But O the joy ! the transport sweet ! 

When he ^e wandVer finds ; 
Up in his ams he takes his chaise, 
And to his shoulder binds. 

3. Homeward he hastes to tell his joys^ 
And mgke his bliss coniplele -. 
The netffhhoiirs bear the ne^&« «tSi^ ^ 
Tbcjoylal shepherd gree(« 

5^1 ^ SA&BAfB. 

[4 Where I shall breathe in heavenly air — 
With heavenly lustre shine — 
Before the throne of God appear. 
And feast on love divine. 

5 There shall I sing and never tire. 
But sound immortal lays: 
And with the bright, seraphic choir, 
Sound forth Immanuers praise.] 

551. 7s. Oodmn* 
SMaiic Year,..JLev. zzv. 1—17. 

1 GOD of sabbath, Israers liord, 
Thee weMl praise with one accord : 
Hear our humble, earnest prayer 
Haste t]ie great sabbatic year. 

2 "Now thy glory to as show, 
Give a taste of heaven below : 
Lord, to thee we bow in pray'r 
Haste the great sabbatic year. 

3 Now the captive sinners free, 
Now declare thy jubilee ; 

Now accomplish this our pray'r. 
Haste the great sabbatic year. 

4 Now the senseless sinner wound. 
Let the strong man, armM, be bound : 
Spread thy gospel, hear our pray'r. 
Haste the great sabbatic year. 

5 Now thy word with pow'r endue. 
Let it wound and quicken too; 
Make them fly to thee in pray'r ; 
Haste the great sabbatic year. 

6 Now let Hit thoughtless souls awake, 
All their follies now forsake ; 
Answer^ liOt^i, q>m ^vWj y*^^'^^ 
Haste i\\e ^evl\.^^^i^^vi ^^%x. 

SHIL0U...S1CKNKS8. b\)l 692 

.■) 91 . 8.8.7. Pcc/ctc L ir$ col. 
Shiiok,...Gv.iu xiix. 10.... Isaiah liji. 1 — b. 
7 WHO iiath our report bt:iiev€d! 
Sliilof) cuine, is not received, 
IVot njtejvt'd by his owd ; 
Fit):nib\J hiuuch from root of Jesse^ 
JDavidV otlspriijg sent to bless ye, 
Comes too meekly to be known ! 

2 Ttll me, O tliou favor d nation, 
What is thy food expeciatioo? 

Some fair sprcadicg loft}- tree ?— 
Let not worldly pride confound theC) 
'Mong the lowly plants around thee, 
. Mark the lowest — that is be ! 

3 Like a tender plant that's fs^rowiug, 
Whure no waters, friendly flowing, 

No kind rains refresh the ground : 
Drooping, dying, we shall view him, 
See no charm to draw us to him, 

And no beauty will be found. 

4 Glory be to him who gave us — 
Freely gave his Son to save us ; 

Glory to the Son, who came; 
Honor, blessing, adoration, 
Ever, from the whole creation, ^ 

Be to God, and to the Lamb ! 

592. L. M. K— . Evan's col. 
Prayer for a sick MmisUr.,»,J ohn xi. C. 

J O TllOl^before whose gracious tlirooe, 
We bow our suppliant spirit down : 
View the sad breast, the streaming eye» 
And let our sorrows pierce the sky. 

2 Thou koow^st the anxioua c^x^ vi^ l^^ 
Aad all our trembling \\^ iho\i\s3l u3^\ 


554 p 8ACBAMSNT. 

With full coDseot thine I would be^ 
And own thy sovereign right ia me* 

2 Here, Loni, mj fleBh, my soul, mj al^ 
I yield to thee be>'ond recall; 
Accept thine own, so long withheld-^ 
Accept what I so freely yield ! 

3 Oraut one poor sinner more a place 
Among the children of thy grace ; 
A wretched sinner, lost to God, 
But ransomM by Immanuel's blood. 

4 Thine would I live....thioe would I die-^ 
Be thine thro* all eternity ; 

The vow is past beyond repeal ; 
Now will I set the solemn seal. 

5 Be thou the witness of my vow--* 
Angels and men attest it too. 
That to thy board I now repair. 
And seal tlie sacred contract there. 

6 Here at thy cross where flows the blood 
That bought my guilty soul for God ; 
Thee, my new Master, now I call| 
And coiKecrate to thee my all. 

7 Do thou assist a feeble worm. 
The great engagement to perform ; 
Thy grace can full assistance lend, 
And on tliat grace 1 dare depend. 

554. L.M. Hart. 
The helpless Sinncr..,.'Luke xiv, 22. 

1 PITY a helpless sinner, Lord, 

IVho would believe ihy gracious word; 
But own my heart, with shame and grief, 
A sink of siu and uubelief. 

2 Lord, la \\\y \\^\Jft^- \. xe,"^^ ^^\€'^\isk^^ 


Eut can llicrc....tcll iiie....can there be 
Among tbj cliildreo room for me. 

3 f eat the bread, 1 driok the wine, 

'" But 0, 1117 floui wants more than ngn ; 
i faint unless I feed on thee, 
And drink thy blood as shed for sie. 

4 For sinners, Lord, tbou cam'st to bleed, 
And I'm a sinner, vile indeed t 

Lord, 1 believe thj grac^ is free— 
O magnify tliat grace in me I 

555. L.iV[. Dobell. 
}cialionHymn.,.JU Believers are bidden by Christ 

to his Tai^....Num. ix. 14.... Acts xv. 10. 

1 HOW pleasing is the -sight, to see 
Each sect and party so agree, 

As to set round the Saviour's boards 
As members of one common Lord ! 

2 Here we behold the dawn of bliss*— 
Here we behold the Saviour's grace- 
Here we behold his precious blood. 
Which sweetly pleads for us with God. 

"3 Hear our request, while we implore 
That love may spread from shore to shore ; 
Till all the sain.s, like us, combine, 
To praise the Lamb in songs divine*] 

4 To all we freely give our hand. 
Who love the Lord in cv'ry land ; 
For all are one in Christ our Head, 
To whom be endless honors paid. 

5 Here, by the bread and wine we view 
What boundless curses were our due : 
But thro' th' atonement of our Lotd^ 

More than was lost is now TCBlot'&. g 

536 5|f •▲CBAXBMT. 

[6 LiCt ptity iminesy those seeds of hell, 
No more in christian boeoms dwdl; 
But love and union by his blood. 
Prove them the chosen heirs of God.] 

550. L.M. Fdhms. 
An Address to SpeUalUiT8....Qea. sxiT.31. 

'A DAUGHTERS of Sion, ye who liog 
The lofty praises of your Kic^: 
Who in his solemn temple dwell. 
And of his boundless g^lory tell: 

2 Call to the converts at your ^te, 
¥rhy should they longer lingering wait? 
Why should they longer fear or doobt? 
Why sliould they longer stay wMMNit? 

3 Gently reprove them for delay ; 

In softest language chide their stay ; 
Strive with your songs their hearts to vii 
Ye blessed of the Lord, come in !] 

4 Come in, ye blessed of the Lord, 
Ye that believe his holy word ; 
Come and receive his heavenly bread-- 
The foo<l with which his saints are fed* 

5 Your Saviour's boundless goodness pro^ 
And feast on his redeeming love : 
Come, all ye happy souls, that thirst ; 
The last is welcome as the first. 

9 Come to his table, and receive 
What'er a pardoning God can give ! 
His love thro' ev'ry age endures; 
Hie promue wad lunv^^K ^te yours. 
557. CM. Stcnncll>aXVtTed. 
jMu Flesh is Meat indeed....^ c\\\iNV^*V- 
2 HERE al \\\y l^V^Xe, l>^^n ^^ ts.^^^ 
To feed oa food <^V^^^^^ 


Thy body is the bread we eat, 
Thy precious blood the wioe. 

^ He that prepares this rich repast. 
Himself comes down aod dies; 
Aod then invites us thus to feast 
Upon the sacrifice. 

^ ^Here peace and pardoo sweetly flow ; 
O what delightful food ; 
We eat the bread aad drink the wioe, 
But think on nobler good.' 

4 The bitter torments he endurM, 

Upon th* accursed tree. 
For me, each welcome guest may say, ' 
'Twas all procured for me. 

5 Sure there was never love so free, 

Dear Saviour, so divine : 
Well thou may'st claim that heart of me, 
Which owes so much to thine ! 

558. C. M. Cole, altered. 
My Flesh is Meat indeed...,! o\m vi. 55. 

1 GREAT God, we now surround thy board. 

To banquet and to feed ; 
Thy ficsli and blood, dear dying Lord, 
Is meat and drink indeed ! 

2 Thy sacred flesh and saving bloody 

Do ev'ry type exceed : 
And we can say this heavenly food 
Is meat and drink indeed ! 

3 The Paschal supper serv'd to show « 

How Jacob's tribes were freed : 
And jQB. figure poiuled lo 
Tijjs meat and drink iwdie^fi. 

The inaDoa and iVie cV\eeTVQ% ^xewa^ 
f'or Isrsiers daily uteA, 

000 sm. 

5 Yet all ihiQfl:3 sball work for their good, 
AfilictioQS, temptations, or paio ; 
And still through the Lamb and his blood, 
Their cause they shall ever nfiaintaii). 

[^6 A thorn in the flesh they shall have» 
Their roving affections to win ; 
To teach them how Jesus can save, 
And shew them the depth of their sin.] 

7 Yes, down to the Jordan of death. 
His foes shall tlie christian withstand ; 
And feel, when resigning his breath, 
The Canaanite still in the land. 

Their place of repose is on high, 
(No Canaanite enters therein). 
To drink of the rivers of joy, 
Remote from the regions of sin. 

599- L. M. James's ScL 
Address to 5m»er.9....Tsaiah xxxiii. 14. 

1 SINNER, O why so thouglitless grown? 
"Why in sucii dreadful haste to die I 
Daring to leap to worlds unknown. 
Heedless against thy God to fly ? 

2 Wilt thou despise eternal fate ? 
UrgVl on by sin's fantastic dreams ; 
Madly attempt th' infernal gate, 
And force thy passage to the flames ? 

5 Stay, sinner, on the gospel plains, 
Behold the God of love unfold 
The glories of bis dying pains. 
For ever telling, yet untold ! 

600. 7b. WesUy. 
A Sinner out oj Vl.dl« 

1 LOUD, ^T\A fiTft \ ^^x ^v?^^ 
Not ia lotme\i\.%> w\.\vi\vO\\ 

Still (loth thy n;ood Spirit strive— 
Willi the chief of sinners dwell ! 

Tell it, unto sinners, tell, 
1 am, I am out of hell. 

2 Yes, I stiil lift up mine eyes, 
Will not of. thy love despair : 
Still, in spite of sin, T rise, 
Still I bow to thee in pray'r- 

3 O the tens;th and breadth of love ! 
Jesus, Saviour, can it be ? 

All thy mercy's height I prove. 
All the depth is seen in me. 

4 See a bush that burns ivith fire, 
UnconsumVl amid the flame ! 
Turn aside the sight t' admire-«« 
I the living wonder am ! 

5 See a stone that hangs in air ! 
See a spark in ocean live I 
Kept alive with death so near^ 
I to God the glory give : 

Ever tell — to sinners tell, 
I am, I am out of hell. 

601. C. M. Hawds. 
idan's D€structien....Gen. xix. 1 4, 22 — 25,^> 

1 Peter iv, 18. 

1 WITH radiant beams the sun arose 

On Sodom's fated tow'rs; 
In pleasure's round, and false repose> 
They spend the cheerful hours. 

2 Lot's warning voice tliey mocking heard 

Their hearts, elate with pride. 
No joy withheld, no danger fe«x' ^ — 
The propbqf. they deride* 

)\5 Ol(i TEXPLC.*— VHAVKF0t.Vl8S. 

015. Il8th. DoddHi^e. 
Spirittial Taiipfo....%ch. iv. 7. 

1 S 1 NG 10 the Lord above. 
Who Helens on eirth to raise 
A temple to his love, 

A monunient of prate : 
Yv. saints arouod, ihrou^ all its friM) 
Ilarmoiiiotis sound the BuiMet'B uaae. 

[2 He formVI the glorious plan, 
Ami its foundation laid, 
Thtit God might direll with man, 
And mercy be dispiajM : 
Who, creat and good, his Sou he sent, 
Made his own blood the sweet eemeot.] 

3 Beneath his eye and care 
The edifice shall rise 
Majestic, strong, and fair, 
And shine above the skies : 
Then:; shall he place the polish'd stone 
Ordain'd the work of grace to crown. 

616. 8. 7. 7. KcsseU. 
'i RA.NSOM*D sinners, sing the praise^ 
Of your dear redeeming God : 
Hymn, with joy, the holy Jesus, 

Who hath purchasM you with blood : 
Dwell on this delightful theme, 
Shout the dear Immaouers name. 

2 He the powVful word hath spoken, 

« I redecm'd them....mine they are^^ 
With that woT(\ l\\e ^wvce \%>at^ 

Satan stniclv \v\v\\ v«lIv«. fe«t\ 
Tills 18 glorious WbcTVy ; 
Christ the Son \\a* taaA- ^ ^^ 

THAKKF17LNSS8. 61 7 

^ For this wonderful compassioo, 

(Far surpassing human thought,) 

Let us praise, with exultatioo, 
Ilim who our salvation wrought ! 

Jesus, full of truth and grace, 

Worthy tliou of ail our praise. 

A O that worldlings knew our pleasure ! 

While we walk in Christ the way : 
We possess an heavenly treasure, 

In an earthly house of clay ! 
But, what bliss before us lies ! 
Though 'tis veilM beyood the skies. 

6 Hark ! while angel<hoirs are bringing 
Rapturous praises round the throne L 
liet us come to Zion singipg : 

Their and our delights are one ! 
Grateful songs our mutual mirth— 
They in heaven, and we on earth* 

617. CM. IVright. 

Best things,...} Cor. xli. 31. 

1 THE best of wisdom is to know 

The Father in the Son ; 
The best of power is to bow 
To what the Lord has done. 

2 The best of prayer, is to pray 

That we may still believe ; 
The best of patience, is to stay 
'Till we a crown receive, 

£3 The best of watching, is to watch 
Against the world aad «iai 
The best of preachicif; Sa Vo \i\^<ud\ 
Jesus, and DougVi\.\WL\.\\\mI\ 

-^ The best of atriviiig, \s \o ftVW^ 
Who shall in gTa.ce ^^ce\ > 

6^0 631 ¥Ri78r. 

2 what though my house be not with thee^ 

As nature could desire ? 
To oobler joys than nature gives 
Thy servant doth aspire. 

3 Thy covenant in the darkest gloom 

Shall heavenly rays impart, 
Which, M'hcn my eye-lids close in deatb, 
Shall warm my chilling heart. 

630. 1 04th. Newtm. 
I will frt/^f.... Isaiah xif. 2» 

1 BEGONE unbelief! my Saviour is near. 
And for my relief will surely appear; 

By pray'r let nie wrestle, and he will perform, 
With Christ in the vessel, I smile «t the storm. 

2 Tho' dark be my way, since he is my guide, 
'Tis mine to obey, 'tis his to provide ; 

Tho' cisterns be broken, and creatures all fail, 
The word he has spoken shall surely prevail. 

3 His love in time past forbids me to think 
He'll leave me at last in trouble to sink ; 
Each sweet Ebenezer I have in review. 
Confirms his good pleasure to bring me quite thro^ 

A Since all that I meet shall work for my good. 
The bitter is sweet, the med'cine is food ; 
Tho' painful at present, 't^will cease before long, 
And then, O how pleasant tlte conq'ror's song. 

631. 104th. Wins^rove. 
Trust in the Lord. 
1 YE tempted and try'd, to Jesus draw ni^h ; 
He suffer'd and dy'd your wants to supply ; 
Trust him for salvation, you need not to grieve, 
There's no condemnation to them that believe. 

2 By day and by n\?Jrtl\m\a^^^^^'^^^VsK^\vv 
It is liis (ie\igVil IQ ^cwxt\\^^^^\ 

T7PSd 09 GHRisr. 632 

tie will havecGmpassion,theo why shdald you grieve: 
there's do condemoatioo to them that believe. 

though satan will seek the sheep to annoy • 
The helpless and weak he ne'er shall destroy; 
Christ is their salvation, and strength he will give ; 
there's no condemnation to them that believe. 

632. Ufith. Cowper. 
Types of Christ.:,Bidb^ iv. 2. 

1 ISRAEL, in ancient days, 

Not only had a view 

Of Sinai in a blaze, 

But Icarn'd the gospel too : 
The types and figures were a glass, 
In which they saw the Saviour's facp* 

"2 The paschal. sacrifice, 

And blood-besprinkled door. 

Seen with enlighten'd eyes, 

And once apply M with pow'r. 
Would teach the need of other blood. 
To reconcile an angry God. 

3 The lamb, the dove, set forth 
His perfect innocence, 
Whose blood of matchless worth 
Should be the soul's defence; 

For he who can for sin atone^ 
Must have no failings of his own. 

4 The scape-goat on his head 
The people's trespass bore. 
And, to the desert led, 

W as to be seen no more : 
In him our surety seeiriA V^ ««^> 
" JBchoId I bear "youx ^vca v^^'^-^ 

^ I^ipt in his fe\\ovi'sV^oo^, 
The ]iv^lncrb\T(\ WGWV^X^^- 

33 TTm •¥ CHRIST. 

The type, well uiidentood, 
ExpressM the siauer's plea — 
Deflcrib'd the guilty soul eularg'd, 
Aod by the Saviour*^ death dischaigU 

Jesua, I love to trace 
TbroiiKliout the sacred page. 
The footsteps of thy grace. 
The same in ev'ry age ! 

O erant thai I may faithful be 
To clearer light vouchsaf'd to roe ! 

033. 8. 7. BraithwaiVs Col. 
Types ofChruL Paschal Lamb„..lleb. is. VI 

1 PASCHAL LaDib, by God appointed, 

All our sins on thee were laid : 
By almighty love anointed. 

Thou hast full atonement made. 

2 All thy people are forgiven. 

Through the virtue of thy blood ! 
OpenVI is the i?ate of heaven — 
Peace is made 'twist man and GodJ 

3 Jesus, hail, enthroned in glory, 

There for ever to abide ; 
All the heavenly hosts adore thee. 
Seated at thy Father's side. 

4 There for sinners thou art pleading- 

There thou dost our place prepare i 
Ever for us interceding. 
Till in gloi-y we appear. 

:» Glory, honor, pow'r, and blessing, 
Thoii an 'wotXVvy \o Tec,evv^\ 
Loudest praises^ x^VVViouV. ce^'&\^^'» 
Meet il is for u^ vo ^w^. 

r> When vc \om lYi* «Ln5;eV\c ^.pVri^ss 
lu ibeir s\?eeles^ uoVAes^ ^"^" 


We will sin^ oiir Saviour^s merits — 
Gladly chaat Immamiei's praise. 

634. 8. 7. 4. B- — Col 
Superahounding Grace. 

1 SO^^REIGJNT grace o'er sin abounding, 
KaosomM souls the tidings swell, 

'Tis a deep that knows uq sounding ; 
Who its breadth or length can tell ? 

'Tis an ocean 

Without bottom or a shore. 

2 0(?ce in Christ, in Christ for ever; 
This the gospel- schf^me declares; 
Death, nor hell, nur sin sfiall sever 

Jesus from his chosen heirs; 
Blest in Jesus, 
Members of his mystic frame. 

X3 Saints above, in full communion, 
Shine unspotted with their head; 

We can sifj^ eternal union, 

Though in thorny paths wc tread • 

One uiih Jesus 

His dear saints have ever been. 

4 Here Manasseh joins with Mar>', 

Full salvation tunes sheir tongues ; 
Here the blind, the halt, the weary. 

Join to sing the song of songs ; 
Shouting free grace 
Through the vast expanse of heaven, 

635. L. M. DobelL 

Faith's Vierv of Heaven. 

1 WIf EJV faith behoVA^ VW. ^KwxV'^^Jtowi^^ 
And hears their slmua ol i^s»i«»^^'S'^*'* 
I /ain would fly to ^o\u V\\c« \"«:5\» .^^ 

jJJ •llJi'*""-'^" 


1 , • =•"••*' 1^ r/y/j 


4 T 

5 G 

--it}- ? 

^:.? all of grace, 
* -r lowest place p 

' -ftiros 110 more. 

O *, ..;|.»« my Saviour. 6 

T« \ . ,]« foulil lain hiive 

7Wsi ;;:;;hi5 lovely laco; 

IP ^ '% I'-^- ^~ 

• ..j^Y U'crmip. 

sr"*'*^.y|inc lliou sinner's 1 
. * '.".4 :or these means of gi 
- A 'V. r'^ct* ll*^'*^ means attci 

P '" • ' ,;ffraciou8 Clod, (Uspi 

. ' ' jurliing where we uu 
-•"^jj-tlul sacrifice. 
^ ^* Jt "-^ !"'iJir Of dilation sweet. 

A •■ "' ,, »i'.hou! thine ait!, 

•• ' ' '•'•K njiglit preach in va 
■ .*- ■ *^evtrs»^s displavM ; 
\ •'••"^iastruciion gain. 

. »e would make t!>e 
- -^''^-^eflispivitspunt; 

• ■ •••■..,i]e50».qi»c^b' <*on: 
^''^..^^allwe want. 


^J The happy Dews makes angers smile, 
N And telL the jojs above the skies. 

2 Well may the church below rejoice 
Aod echo back the beaveolj sound : 
Thb soul was dead, but oow^s alive, 
This sheep was lost, liut now la fouod* 

3 Glory to God oo high be giv'o^ 
For his unbounded love to men : 
L<et saints below and saints above. 
In concert join their loud amen. 

638. 8s. S . 

KiUage Warship. 
1 DEAR Saviour, remember the word ^ 
On which thou hast causM us to rest : 
Thy promised kindness afford, 
To make our society blest. 

J2 Tho' poor is the place where we meet, 
This will not thy presence exclude ; 
In the barn, the work-shop, or street, 
Thou 'rt pleas'^d to communicate good.} 

3 Now let thy rich grace be display'd,. 
To rescue some brand from the fire ; 
Speak spiritual life to the dead, 
And grant the poor suppliaot's desire. 

4 O help us in hearing thy word ; 
O teach us to praise and to pray : 
Atl needful assistance afford, 
And send us rejoicing away. 

639. 8. 7. Madan's Col 
Village lVorship...,2 Cor. iii. 17, 15. 

[l LOVE divine, «l\\ \o\e e^c.t\\\^«^ 

Joy of heavea lo ewV\\ c.^xwi ^^^^' 
Fix in us thy hv.TwVAo Ann^Wa^'Ss — 
All thy failUVvvV uv^tc\^ cvjn^^^ 

3 Jfo more lei biim»n blood be spilt. 
Vain EBcrtfice for humno ^ilt ! 
But to each cotiEcicoce be applied 
Tlie blood that flow'd froiii Jeeu's sidr. 

i Arm of the Lord, thy pow'r extend. 
Let Mahomet's impoglurea end; 
Break supers tiiioo's Papal chain. 
And (he prond scofTer's ra^e restraia ! 

5 Let Zion's time of favor come ; 

O briag the tribes of laraei home ; 
And let our wond'riog eyes behold 
GeDtiles and Jews in Jesu's fold. 

6 AhDl^ Ood : thy jnce ja«d^ 
In tiTTj land of er'iy ouel 

IM advene pov'^ca ))efi*«^tli^ fiJt 
And enwn toe Savinir, Lm d'w' 

000- Xb H. fiwAk ' 

1 FILGIUMS. «^ Mc at CaBHB bitod 
Chir jooner Uh dang tUi le^ri- 
TUa fUdenwvmtnnl nood, 
To mcb Ibe dtjr oeoiicG^d, 

2 A few ndre dq>B,«r 
Ja thii 4ut deKrt 
A few ooRiil^iA, 

•£oiicG4d, .. 
}r we(^ ar yau^' f 

tooonphdn; :< J 

667. Ii.M.-'fir«wlMk U^ 

1 AS when the wearj.Uaib'J|icr gains 
The height of soi^e o^eriooklig^ 
His heart. revives if^ 'ora^lfaf^pli^ 
He eyes his home, tbp* distant «tilk. 

2 Thus, when the chrtitaaii Dflgrim vkiwh 
By faith, his mamioaia'.toe skies; 
The sight hii faiiitiiig;ytreqgth.iepew% 
And wiog|ibj»fpeQl'^iC[ac&,t|ie ptae. 

3 'Tis there, wMh JesaSi he^ to dweU, 
To spend ah everlasthig day: 
There idiall lie bid his c^res fereweiD^ 
For he shall wipe his tears, away* 

6684 8. 7. 4. BrisideoL 
ZiorCs increase fravfidfor..*JP^lm sdtr. 3. 

1 GIRD thy sword OB^ m%hty Saviour ! 

Make the iford of truth tby caret 
Prosper in thy course triumphanty ' 

All success attend thy war! 
Gracious Victor, 
Bring thy trophies' frdm afior. 

2 Majesty coibbinM vith meeknesst 

Righteousoess and peace onitc^ 
To ensure thy blessed conquest. 

Take possession of thy right: 
Ride, victorious, 
Deck'd in rdbes of purest .light 

3 Blest are all that touch thy sceptre-r- 

Blest are all that own thy re^; 
Freed from sin, Ihal V«tiX ^ VfwaEfcar— 

Rescu'd from i\a gaS^on^^^^o^^ 
Saints and angeH, * JL-^lk. 

AM If ho know ihee \awaA>«T^«**!^^ 

669 ^^^^' 

669. 148th. Needham. 
doino- to C/iMrc^....Psal[n cxxii. 

. 1 WHAT joy pessees'd mj heart. 
What tratiiport did I feel. 
To hear my pious frieuds 
Express their holy zeal ! 
To Zioo's hill let us repair, 
To pay our vows aod worship tliere? 

2 With willing feet we'll go; 
With ID her gates we'll stand; 
ZioD, thy courts we love. 
The glory of our land ; 

lu our esteem thy buildings are 
Divinely rich, divinely fair. 

3 How pleasant His to see 
The thronging tribes ascend ! 
With holy longings there 
The s&cred hours to spend ; 

Where God records his gracious name. 
His saints may lay their humble claim. 

4 Here David^s greater Son, 
Maintains his royal throne ; 
The King of righteousness 
Here makes his glories known ; 

To earth he came from realms above. 
To rule the world with truth and love. 

5 For Zion's peace, ye saints, 
Your fervent pray 'rs unite ; 
'*Be this your work by day— 

Your pleasure this by night : 
Zion^ thy sons which love thee best> 
Shall In Vhy ^e^ie^Xife ^t-^vVj \aktt 

6 Foe bur dew V>xe>Jat'e^^ «^^> 


Prosper, O prosper long, 

Aod may thy sous increase ; 
We seek thy ^ood, ve love the road 
Wliich leads us to God's blest abode ! 

670. 5.8.9. Topladtf. 
ZunCs Praise. 

1 'TIS pleasant to sing 

The sweet praise of our King, 
As here io th6 valley vre move : 

'Twill be pleasftoter still, 

When we stand on the hill, 
And give thanks to our Saviour above* 


671. L. M. Barnard, 

At parting. Fareii;e£?....ActsxviiL 21. 

3 O ! HAPPY day, when saints shall meet 
To part no more — the thought is sweet; 
Ko more to feel the rending smart. 
Oft felt below, when christians part. 

2 O happy place I still must say, 
Where all but love is done away; 
All cause of parting there is past; 
Their social feast will ever last. 

3 Such union here is sought in vain, 
As there, in ev*ry heart, will reign; 
There separations canH compel 
The saints to bid the sad farewell. 

4 On earth, when friends together meet. 
And find the passing moments sweet; 
Time's rapid motions soon compel. 
With grief to say-«-dear friends, farewelL 

5 The shepherd feeta ihe wbrmVXw^^mw^k.* 

672 673^ 674 DTSMiniOKS.' 

His feelings for themi none can teil, 
When forc'd to say—my friends, farewell 

6 The happy season soon will corae, 
When saints shall meet in heaven, their hom 
Eternally with Christ to dwell, 
Nor ever hear the soundy farewell. 

672. L.M. Hart 
Pmyer ai parting. 

1 DISMISS us with thy blessing;. Lord, 
Help us to feed upon thy word; 

All that has been amiss, forgive. 
And let thy truth within us live. 

2 Tho^ we are guilty^ thou art good; 
Wash all our works in Jesu's blood a* 
Give ev'iy fetter'd soul release. 
And bid us all depart in peace. 

673. L.M. Newton. 
Peace of Q0d,...lPhi\. iv. 7. 

1 THE peace which God alone reveab^ 
And by his word of grace impart^ 
Which only tlie believer feels, 
Direct, and keep, and cheer our hearts ; 

2 And may the holy Three in Oney 
The Father, Word, and Comforter, 
Pour an abundant blessing down 
On ev'ry soul assembled here. 

674. CM. Gibhons. 
Prayer for Sancttfication.,..lieb* xiii. 20, 21: 

1 WOW may the God of peace and love, 

Who, fipom th' irapris'ning grave, 
RestorM the shepherd of the slieep^ 

2 Thro' the xVJi mcnSa ^\ V>nsX\J«Ks^ 

Which Yie ovx C^N'rs «^\>n^ 

• r: 


To make th' eternal cov'nant nirej 
Oa which our hopes are buill; 

3 Perfect our souls in ev'ry grac^ 
T' acoomplish all his will ; 
And all that-s pleasing in his sig^ 
Inspire us to fulfil ! 

A For the great Mediator's sake. 
We ev'ry blessing pray; 
With glory let his u?jie be crown'd. 
Thro' heaven's eternal day I 

675. C. M. Mitter. 
Chwrch Unwn,...Co\, ii. 2. 

1 OUR souls, bj love, together knit. 

Cemented, roixt in one, 
One hope, one heart, one mind, one voice, 
'Tis heaven on earth begun. 

2 Our hearts have burn'd, while Jesus spak^^ 

And glowM with sacred fire ; 
He stooped, and talk'd, and fed, and blest) 
And fiilM th' eulaig'd desue. 

Chortis, L. M. 
•'A Saviour!" let creation sing ! 
*.« A Saviour!" let all heaven ring! 
He*s God with us, we feel him ours, 
His fulness on our souls he pours^ 
'Tis almost done, 'tis almost o'er "> 

We're joining them who're gone before, ^ 
We then shall meet to part no more. -) 

3 The little cloud increases still, 

The heavens are big with rain ; 
We haste to catch the teeming showV^ 
And all its moisture drain. 

4 A rilly a stream, a toTieu\.<Vw«%\ 

ri76 677 DOSOLoeiEfi. 

Oh! sweep the natioosi shake the eartu^ 

Tiil all proclaim thee God. 
Cho. '* A Saviour !" <&& 

5 And when thou mak'si thy jewek up, 
Aod set'st thy starry crowa ; 
When all thy sparkliiin^ gems shall shice, 
Proclaim'd by thee thine own; 

G May ve, a little band of love. 
Be siooers, wtv'd by furiace; 
From glory uoto glory changed, 
Behold thee, lace to face ! 

670. C. M. Cennieh 
Praise to Uu Lam6....PsaIiii cxv. }, 

1 liOT unto us, but thee alone. 

Blest Lamb, be glory giv'n ; 
Here sitall thy praises be begun. 
And carried on in heaven. 

2 Till we the veil of flesh lay down, 

Accept our weaker lays ; 
And when we reach thy blissful throne; 
We'll give thee nobler praise. 

677. S. M. Hammond. 
Praise to the Lam6....Rev. xv. 3; 

1 AWAKE, and sing the song 
Of Moses and the Lamb ; 

Wake, ev'ry heart, and ev'ry tonguC; 
To praise the Saviour's name. 

2 Sing of his dying love, 
Sing of his rising powV ; 

Sing how he intercedes above. 
For those whose sins he bore. 

3 Sin« ou ^ow\ Vw^wc^Vj N;'^'Y^ 
Ye iw\Boa^d tvviv\t\^«j «vv\%\ 

9IBVUBIOH0, 978 

00 rejoicing) ev'ry day. 
Id Chriit, th' exalted King. 

4 Soon shall your raptarM toDgii% 
His endless praise proclaim ; 
And sweeter voices tune the song 
Of Moses and the Lamb. 

678. S.M. Griffin's sd. 

1 ONCE more, before we part» 
Great Ood^ attend our praj^^r; 
And seal the gospel on the heart 
Of ev'iy person here. 

-2 And if we meet no more. 
On Zion's holy ground ; 

may we reach that blissful shore^ 
Where all thy saints are bound. 

679. 6s. Hanker^s col. 
New Dtsmusion. 

1 ONCE more, before we par% 
Bless the Redeemer's name; 
Let ev'ry tongue and heart. 
Praise and a^re the same. 

Chorus, Jesus, the sinner's frieodi 
Him whom our souls adore; 
His praises have no end : 
Praise him for evermore. 

2 Lord, in thy grace we came^ 
That blessing still impart; 
We meet in Jesu's name^ 

In Jesu's name we part. 

.1 Still on thy holy word 
We'd live, and feed, and grow; 
Go on to kobw the I/stdi^ 

4 HCI0; ZiOt^ w(i''cilii€ to Itfts^ 
Andlb tfty tmflrfaiertnne | 
iUl tkiitV tmin Toigivct, 
And Mod nv iMie i» peace.- ^ 

[5 Now, Lord, before We pur^ 
Help lit to Hess tbj name f 
Majr ev^ toiif^ and heart 
Fraise aud adose tile saoie.] 

080. 78. NmioH. 
At fanbig^...kctM x]L.da»* 

1 FOB a aeaiNiD eatrd to part; 
liet U8 DOW ottfBelTea commend! 
To the graetem^e and beart 
Of our ever^ffesent firieiid. ^ ; 

2 JeM» hear onr hunMe pny^x 
Tender Shepherd of th^r eheep^ * 
Let thy mercy and thy care 

All our iMMils in safety keep. 

9 In thy strength may we be strongs 
Sweeten ev*ry cross and pain; 
Give us, if we iive, ere long 
Here to meet h) peace again^ 

[4 Then if thou thy help afford, ' 
Ebenezers shall be reav'd ; 
And our souls sbaH praise the Lord^ 
Who our poor petitions heard.} 

1181. 8s. Hart. 
Qod an unchangeabU JFWfnd!....FBaka xlvui 

1 THIS God is the God we adore, 
Our faitbhil unchai^reable friend; 
"Whose love is as large as his powVf 
And oeUher \Lno\9« \n^%s»re oor eod. 

T^ i 

UL .« 

SIBXIfBIONEk 682 01 

AVe'Il praise bini for all that is past, 
And ti'ttst him lor all that's to come. 

0H2. 10 4th. Hammond. 
t^ofl an unchangeable Friend^^riBlm xxx. 

1 IF JeuuB is ours \ie have a true friead. 
His ^[oodot'ss endures the same to the em 
Our comforts may vary, our frames may i 
We caiiiiot miscarry, our aid is divine. 

2 Tho^ God may delay to show us his ligh 
And heaviness may endure for a night; 
Yet jny in ihemornins: shall surely aboi 
No shadow of turn]::^ in Jesus is found. 

e83. lOlrh. Madan'scoL 
Praise to the Samour. 

O WTTA.T shall I de my Saviour to praiw 
So faithful and true, so plenteous in ^race ; 
So strons: to deliver, so good to redeem 
The weakest believer that hangs upon him 

How happy the man whose heart is set free 
Tlie people who can be joyful in thee; 
Their jo^ is to wAlk in the light of thy fac 
And still they .are ialking of Jesus's grace. 

Their daily deli«:ht will be in thy name; 
They shall, as their right, thy righleou^nes8 c 
,'Th% righteousness wearing, and cleans'd by th^ 
old shall they appear in the presence of G< 

68 4. 1 48th. Newton. 
At parting. 

TO thee our wants are knowQ^ 
From thee are all our pow'rs.: 
Accopt what is thine own. 
And pardon what is ours; 
Our praises Lord, and pi^yx^ \e.c.€iNt 

A r%^ .^ «L. I _ t.1 

_ i« 

685 680 687 BiBMittioKS. 

685. 8. 7. Nenaioiu 

At pariing.,»,2 Cor. xiii. 1 4. 

1 MAT the grace of Gbrist, our SaTiour> 

And the Father's bomidless love, 

TTith the Holy Spitif s favour. 

Rest npoQ us from above. 

'2 Thus may we abide io union. 

With each ot6er and the Lord : 
And possess, In sweet comraonioD, 
Joys which earth cannot allord. 

686. 8. 7. Deacon's col. 
New Dismissions. 

1 LORD, dismiss us with fhy blessing 

Bid us all depart in peace; 
Still on gospel manna feeing, 
Pure, seraphic joys increase* 

2 Fill each breast with consolation ; 

Up to thee our voices raise ; 
When we reach thy blissful station. 
Then well give thee nobler praised 

Chorus. And sing hallelujah, 

To God and the Lamb, 
For ever and ever. 
Hallelujah, Amen. 

687. 8.7.4. Taylor's col 

At parting. 
1 LORD, vouchsafe to us thy blessiiig ; 
Fill our hearts with joy and peace; 
Let us now, thy love possessing, 
Triumph in redeeming grace r 
O refresh us ! 
Trav'lUag xVvrf V\v» mlderness^ 

fiOXOLOOIES. 088 — ( 

May the fniits of thy salvntion, 

lo our hearts and lives abound; 
May thy presence 
With us evermore be found. 

3 So, whene'er the signaFs given, 

Us from earth to call away, 
Borne on angels* wings to heaven^ 

Glad the summons to obey : 
May we ever 
Heign with Christ in endless day. 


688. L. M. Kcrm. 

PRA.ISE God, from whom all blessings flow 
Praise him, all creatures here below ; 
Praise him above, ye heavenly host, 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

689. L. M. D^rringion. 
GREAT, everlasting God, to thee. 
In essence One, io persons Three ; 
May all thy works their tributes bring, 
And ev'ry age thy glory sing. 

690. L. M. Dixotis Psalmody, 
HOLY, holy, holy, Lord God, 

All things declare thy Majesty : 
Angels and men aloud do cry, 
Glory to thee, O Lord, most high. 

691. L.M. Anon. 
PRAISE God the Father, and the Son, 
And God the Spirit, Three in One, 
Ye hosts above, his praise proclaim^ 
Aad ev'ry creature say, amtvi* 

i692--€97 sozoLOOYis. 

692. CM. IVaUm. 
TO €od tbe Fatber, God the 80% 

Your grateful voices raise ; 
And God the Spirit, Three io One, 

Give an immortal praise. 

1693. C. M. UadsotCs coL 
TO Father, Son, and Hol> Ghost, 

The God whom we ailore. 
Be everlasting houors paid. 

Henceforth, for evermore. 

694. C. M. MaxmelL 
ALL glory to th' Eternal Three^ 

And undivided One ; 
To Father Soo, and Spirit, be 
Coequal hoaors done. 

695. S. M. Humphra/*s ctA* 

1 WE bless the Father's name. 
Who chose us in his love ; 

To God the Son we give the sam^ 
Gur Advocate above. 

2 The Spirit too, we bless, 
And raise his i)onors high, 

Who conquers by his sov'reign grace 
And brings us strangers nigh. 

696. S. M. MaxmlL 
TO the Eternal Three, 

In will and essence one; 
To Father, Son» and Spirit be 
Coequal honors done. 

697. 7s, Mead's coL 
SING we to our God above, 
Praise cVexviSiX ?L%\m Vwei 
Praise \\\ro, ^W ^e Wvq«c\^ V^ 
Father, Sou, \mA Uq\i ^\v9^' 

698. 8. 6. 8. BodetCs coL 

1 TO God, Mrbocbose U8 lo liisSoo; 

Ere time its course began ; 
TTo Christ, wbo left bis radiaot tbrooei 

And dyM for wretcbed man; 
To God the Spirit, who applies 
The Lamb's atooinK sacrifiee^.. 

2 To the Eterod, equal Three, 

The nudivided One, 
(Let saints and an|[;els both a^e 

To give the praise aione-; 
In earth, in heaven, by all adw^d...; 
The holy,. holy, holy Lord. 

690. 1 48th. Hatdcefs c«C 

TO God the Father^s throne» 

Tour highest honors ^raise; 

Criory to God the Son, 

To God the Spirit praise: 
W4th all our pow'r», eternal King, 
Thy name ve sing, while faith adoreffiT 

700. 8. 8. 6. Bart. 

TE saints of God, your voices raises 
And sing the eternal Fathers prais^ 

A nd glorify the Son : 
Give glory to the Hof} Ghost, 
And join with all tb' angelic bost^ 

To bless tlie great Three- Oue« 

70 K 10s. Brown. 

TO Father, Son. and Spirit, ever blest, 
Eternal praise and worbhip be addrest ; 
from age to age, ye saints, his name adore^ 
Jlod spread \m f ame, ViU Unofi «)cia!^\Kk^0^'^ 


1. L.IM. FawceU. 
GREAT Ood, thy waitias servants blesci 
Aod crown thy gospel with success. 

2. L. M. Swabu 

YE saints, proclaim, in joyful strains, 
Jesus, the king of glory, reigos. 

3. L. M. Swaitu 
SHOUT, for the Lord, the Saviour^s come, 
Liet all the nations make him room. 

4* L. M. Swain, 
PRAISE ye the Lord, the Sayiour praiB^ 
Uosanaa to the God of grace. 

5. L. M. Wesleg. 
TH' immortal God for me hatb dyM; 
JAy Lord, my LoTe, was crucify'd. 

6* L. M. Srvam, 
TO him that lires, but once was slaii^' 
Se honor, pow'r, and praise, Amen. 

7. L. M. dnon. 

LET sects, and names, and^ parties fall^ 
And Jesus Christ be all in all. 

8. L.M. Whitfield*8 C0h 
PRAISE ye the Lord, hallelujahs 
Praise ye the Lord, haUelujah, 
Hallelujah, hallelujah, 
Ballehijah, praise ye the Lord. 

9. C. M. StenneU' 

TO Christ die Lord, let ey'ry tongO^ 

A grateful off'ring bring : 
Vi^hen he^s the subject of the song 

Who can refuse to sing ? 

CH0RUSSE8. 10- 

10. S. iM. DobcU. 

O PRAISE the Lord, ye saints, 
And hjmDs of glory sin^; 
He will redress your long complaints, 
And swilt deliverance bring. 

11. S. M. Fawcett. 
O 'TIS a sweet employ, 
To ]oia in worship here ; 

Bui when in heaven, how great the joy, 
To see each other there ! 

1 2. 7s. Barnard's col. 
SAINTS, with joy lift up your eyes; 
See your Saviour mounts llie &kic^; 
Stop, ye seraphs, drop the wing. 
Lend your harps, and help to sing. 

1 3. 7s. SandilawPs col. 
fJLORY be to God above, hal. 
Praise him for his.bouudless love ; hal. 
Who on high his Son has raised, hal. 
Let his name be ever prais'd. hal. 

14. 8. 7. Medley. 

G LORY, honor, praise, and pow'r, 

To the Lamb be ever paid : 
Let new blessings, ev'ry hour. 

Rest on his adored head. 

15. 8. 4. 7. Symond's col. 
GLORY, honor, praise, and power^ 
Be unto the Lamb for ever ; 
Jesus Christ is our Redeemer^ 

Hallelujah, praise the Lord^ 

-T-n— . -»- ■ -I- 

I N D E Xi 

A Hymn 

^t his sacrifice typ* 
)f ChrUt^s death 134 
rn^s God 236 

cession for Sodom 451 
er for Ishmael 465 
nee, thro' Christ 
t 21, 124, 174—176 
to God by Christ 

itree 36 

in religion 305, 646 
irst and second v.t .49 
ion into church fei- 
lip 413. 414. 552, 553 
t, 160. 161, 272, 277 
n, pleading with 
under it 162, 163 

:ified 278,603,604.625 

t 164—166, 257 

of Christ in the 
.n 307, V. V. 366 
)rayer 167 

of fire 304 

7/, Christ the be- 
•'s 55—57, 86 

irist 154,207.320'; 
Dd 655. 656 1 

V. ix. 333, V. vi. 387 
V. vi. 435 
%a Maranatha 168 
appearing to the 
lerds 28-30, 32. 33 
a, passed by 31 

, seen of 130 


Joy in sinners' conver- 
sion 284, 637 
Ministering to Christ 

and saints 169 

Their reply to the wo- 
men 49 
Anger, 170 
AttticJbrhtU fall predicted 425 
Apoataey 400 
Deprecated 563, 564 
Ark, Noah's 171, 172 
Arm of th^ Lord 665 
Armour^ spiritual 644 
Atcetuion of Christ 49—53 
Asi, what shall 1 give thee 530 


What thou wilt in Je- 

susr^s name v. iv 23 

AttodatioM 3, 208—216 

312—317. 385—387—405 

— 407.--415, 416, 437, 513 

555. 615 
Assurance 173, 233, 650 

Atonement of Christ 151, 174 
—177, 219, 633 
Autumn 584 

Avoaiened sinner 229, 231 

BABYLON'S fall pre- 
dicted 178, 429 
Baeksiider, his fall and 
recovery 40 
Invited to return 67. 590 
Keiurned irQ.SlT&.^^'t 



Jiac/:s!iu:::gt drcaOc' 563,564 
Uiipttavi, Eunuch's 189 

Int'auis' 180—187 

Missionaries to house- 
holds 188 
Jiarrev church lamented 209 
Fig-tree 622 
Jiartimeut* prayer 190 
Jkiieving in Christ, the 
comforts of it 1, 3, 226 


In God 266, 294, 473 

I^e^jar^s prayer 191 

JSenefits by Christ's death 27 

317, 52j 
Best things 617 

MetJbesiia* s iiOo\, 4^h part. 118 

192, 193 


Brethren t love to them 401 
Building on the rock 6i 
Burdens spiritual 201, 202 

CALLII^G & glorification 

Effectual 203, 

To the ministry 457 
Calvary 36—40,45,560-* 
Canaan, heavenly 121, 2d 

View of it 248 

Wav to it 

Canaanttet still in the lam 
Captives* liberty proclaim 

ed 145, 524 

Cast dovsn, but not destro} 

Yet hoping 304— 20€ 

Not like Jesu's blood 7&\Cauae9 too hard brougli 
ihle 194—196 to the Lord 


I nditcdb) God the Spirit 194'(7er«mw»ifl/ law 

Blrtb'dav hvuia 27\\Cbarity 217, 318, 395 

Of Christ 28—34.570! Schools 395,608- 

Blessing requested of the Children, given to God i 

word 507—510, 512, 513 baptism 80- 

515 Included in the coveoai 
Blind man's prayer, 5th ' Of God described 
part 118. 190 CbrtJt, Aaron 

Once, but now I see 197 Adam the second v. 
Blood of Christ, its value 75 
76, 124. 219. 328, 364. 

463, 633 
Of sprinkling 114 

Bodies of the saints, the 

care of G^d 294. 302 
Bi'Uness in Christ's cause 305 
i?o'..>t oflife 321,532 

B'Ktks opened 376 

Morn agrtin (see CoivN^it 

sion) V^^\ 

Brand plucked out o£ \.\vt 


Advocate 21, 54, ? 


All in All SS'"57, v. 
Ambassador of pea 
A ngel of the coven 

Balm of Gilead 
B ^dy of the Chun 
Branch of Jesse 
Brazen serpent 



C^r»f, brightness of the 

Father's glory v. ti. 34 
Brother V. hi. 55, v.ii. 116 

V. iii. 528 
Builder of the church 63, 

Burden of the Song 100 
102» 108, 390 
Captain of salvation 535 
Chief among ten thou- 
sand 370 
Comforter 64 
Conqueror 51 
Consolation of Israel 

V. iii. 177 
Comer stone 65 

Counsellor 3d part 28, v. ii 

Crowned Lord of all 66—68 
Desire of all nations 72 
Desire of all saints 69 
Door 70,711 

Eternal life 87 

Example 170, 4C4 

Excellency of 72, 286 
. Father 3d part 23, v.ii. 116| 
; Fore-runner 73 

Foundation 74 

Fountain 75, 76, 364 

Friend 78, v. ii. 116 

best 79, of sinners 77 

Fulness of 133, 306 

■Gift of God 80 

Glory of the church 63! 

God with us 90 

Governments of worlds 

on his shoulders v. ii. 

3d part " 28 

Guest 8^ 326 

Guide 82 

Jie^i^ of the church &3 


Christ, healer 













92-94. 471 

V. 11 . .511 Z z 

Jesus 369,370, precious 

97, 98, yet alive 48 
King 100, King of^ 

kings V. i. 311 

King of righteousness 

109, of saints 99 

Lamb, of God 101, 247 
Lamb, praise to 102, 390 

676, 677 
Lamb, worthy is the 102 

Leader v. v. 644 

Life of the soul 103 

Light 104, 146 

Living Stone 105, liv- 
ing Way 152 
Lord of all 66.-68, 88 
Love 27, 405 
Loving-kindness lo6 
Man, our peace 107 
Master v.ii 511,v. vi.553 
Mediator 67, 562 
Melchisedec 108. 109 
Messenger of the cove* 

nam 110 

Messiah 111 

Mighty God 3d part, 28 
Morning Star 112 

Needful (one thing) 113 
Offspring of David 137 
PaschalLamb 1 14.632,633 
Passover 114, 558,632.633 
Peace our VSl 

aSrittf Phyakian of the 

Boal 58, 117 

PlijticniQ of the soul 

and body 118— ISO 
' Paot . 131,132,602 
Plant of Reoown 84 

Prieit, OtMtHigii 123.176 
Priesthood of 124 

Prince of .PeaM 3d 

pan 28,53 

Pitmhet, Priest and 

Kin# V. L 322, 402 
Propitiator 174—176 
* Ransom • 
Hecoind ~ 

Praise to 
Riches of 

Righteousness, Lord 

our 134 

Rock, 74, higher than 

I 139,v. iii. 347 

Rock smitten 135 

Rose of Sharon 138, 139 
Sacrifice our 124, 560 
Samson 140 

Saviour 141, 570,571, 683 
Scape Goat 128, 632 

Shepherd 70, 144, 253 
Shiloh 591 

Stone (cut out of the 

mountain) v. iii. 436 
Strong-hold 145 

Sun of Righteousness 104 

Treasure v. iii. 86, 147 
Tree of LVfe v . W • 153 

C6rMf,Way 153, good 

Way 151, high Vi 

Wisdom li 

Wonderful 3d |HUt| 

€bitrek, afflicted 
Formed 417. 41 
In a low conditioa 
Increase prayed Icn 
Latter-day glory 3} 

On earth 8c heaven « 

CW&cttoftf 217,218,3$ 
For 8onday*schools 


CbrnmairioB with Chri 

With God 4fi 

With saints 401, 55 

Complaint of hardness 
heart 32i 

Of inability to dogw 
Of inconstancy 3| 
Of indwelling siai 
Of ministers 
Of unfrtnt fulness 

Complete in Christ 37 
Salvation 17 

Condefnnatiou, none 
them that believe 

Conjidenee in God SM 
Of heaven 244, 241 

Conflict between flei 
and spirh 
Dufided heart lamen 

^ 6ol.6aa. vm^VAdv * >a^v^^^ 'Jas^.'^ 


Hymn Hjrmm 

Conflict^ He shall over- Croon of glory promised ()44 

come a tiast 645' D 

CoMcience v. vi. 583 DARKNESS hope in 342 

Contentment S32, t\05, b57\ Daii> bread prayed for 
^bavffr«/on,aworkof80v- | 200,475 

«reign grace 224, 225 Deatb and eternity 593 

229, 231,284 
Of a sinner, or joy in 

heaven 284, 389. C37 
Of Paul, behold he 
prayeth 223! 

^emverginn of the Jailor 226 
Of the Thief 227, 411 
Of Zaccheus 328, 664 
True convert 230 

^kmviction for sin 5 4 

t^vinced sinner encour- 
aged 355, 350, 3''2— 366 
Courage 305. 344, 345 

^b«ewa«f between Father, 

Son, and Spirit 5^5 

Children included in 

the 490 

Everlasting ^o5 \ 

God 236 1 

Love 234' 

Of grace 148, 203. 272 ' 
276, 346. 5(5 
Of works renounced 394 
Rainbow of 171,232 

StabiUty of 233 

Support in trouble 629 
Unchangeable 25 

Creation 2, 10, 237, 238, 607 
And providence 497 

Of man 237, 238 

CroM of Christ 36 — 45 

Taken up 96, 588 

dro^sea^ prayer answered 
by them 

And judgment 253 

A sleep to saints 258, 470 
Comfort in 257 

Dying saint to his soul 259 
Farewell 24 >, 671 

King of <«rrort v. iv. 245 
Of a brother 255 

Of a friend 647 

Of a minister 250 

Of a saint and sinrer 340 
Of a sister 256 

Of children 240—343 

Of young persons 244, 661 
Preparation for it desi 
red V. viii- 239, v vL 242 
48i, V vi 584 
Saint, entering heaven 249 

Saint, safety in death 121 


Support in 


Unknown world 

Victory over death 

Deceitfulneta of sin 

Decreet of God 260. ?M 

i}»7y of Christ 34 part 23 

V. vi. 34 90, 91, 133 

JO'S 542 570 

Dejected t yet hoping ..62 

Delay tt dangerous 583 

Delight in God*s house 503 

511, 6o9 
In public worship 505 
Deliverances 263, 453 

624 ( Deipair , Vvo^t. vsv WC ^%M^ 
625^ Viwwi\&^ ^l» 


Despair, sinful 123, 264 
Devils believe and trem 

blc 266 

Dismission Hyinns 82, (')7 ■ 

Difies and Lazarus 340 

Dt'oided heart lamented 22.1 
Divinity of Christ (see 

Deity) 35 

DooTf Christ knocking 8. 


i)''wAf/n^ christian 267» oOl 
Doubts suppressed 288 -SQ'- 
Dox'jlogies 159 688—70 
Dry weather 580, 581 

Duties and privileges 5i6 
Difficulties thereof 
surmounted 37^ 

Jff^i?Lr piety 612, 660 

Rising, its pleasure 4l:8 
Rising, sabbath morn- * 

ings 6 — 8 

Rising, for public wor- 
ship * 543 
Earthly ihings,their van- 
ity ^52—657 
Earthquake 268 
Ebeiieaerv. iv. 904,269—271 
V. vi. 344, V. iii. 6:^0 
-Ef/uca^/on of youth 608 — 614 
£ ection io4. l7'2-^'^77, 569 
Elijah feJ by ravens 493 
Encouragement (see invi- 
To spread the gospel 312 
425. 427, 4 7 
To the weak in faith 

To vouth to seek 
Christ ^^^Vi 

^ngmies, love to t\vem A:^^\ FamU^ >;^^x^\x\^^ 

Ephr aim's repentanci 
Eternal life 
Eternity 28 

Joyful & tremendoi 
Evening hymrtp 28< 

And morning 
l- ver lasting \ove 173,2i 
Eutycbus brought to I 
Exaltation of <. hrisi 
Example of ancient sa' 


Of Christ 17 

Exhortation to saints 

To fiinners 360, 4C 

FAJTff, exploits of 

In Christ 

In God 2^ 

Its author, & precic 
Its purity 
Justification by 
Of believers 
Of devils 

Reviving 17' 

Strong 2 

Straggling with unl 

Triumph of 
View of ancient sai 
Weakness of it 
Woman of Canaan 
Fall oi n\dL.n lamented 
And recovery 85, r> 
Of Ba-bylon predict 


famine 288, 289 

^arefoell 246, 656, 671 

^ast-day hymns 450, 451 
^atber, God a 345 

fatherless and widows 

helped *U7,218 

^ear dissip ited 501, r^03 
I will trust, &c. 630 

Not .'502, 631 

Of death removed 254 
'*'elix trembling 514 

^eiloxijsbip of the saints 401 
675. with God 544. 652 
^^ tree v. vi. 380, 620 

'ij-e, alarm of 304 

*'/esb and spirit 219 

'' Christ ^, 373 
The saints 538 

^ooL the rich surprised 653 
'forgiveness 462 

Desired 420, 463 

God ready to forgive 264 
'arms vain without reli- 
gion 377 
'ortitude 305,469 
yiends meeting and 

parting 671—687 

*«»era/(see Death) 
uturity committed to 
God 239. 271, 499, 500 
'ALE o£ the Spirit long- 
ed for 155, v.iv. 157 
■amtents of Christ, able 

to heal 119 

aziiig on the cross 40, 45 
etbsemane 307, v. v. 366 
'/qry of Christ the Me- 

diator 67 

od All in All V. V. 533 

Almighty 1 

Bein^ 2, W 

God, Condescension S 

Creator 2, 0. .37,2 -.8,502 
Decrees of 260, 261 

Dominion of 4 

Eternal 4,5,311 

Exaltation of 6 

Faithful 7, 344 

Father 160, 301, 303, 345 
Father, Friend, Goide 

V. V. 353 
Goodness of 9 

Greatness of 10 

Helper, Counsellor, & 

Guide 513 

Holiness of 12 

Holiness and justice 

unite'd H 

Immutable I3 

Incomprehensible 14 

Infinite 311 

Invisible v. iii. 24, 311 
Justice & mercy united 11 
Knowledge of 26 

Light 104 

Long-suffering of 600 
Love of 15, 16 

Love unchangeable 148 

Majesty of 10,l2,-17 
Mercy of 11, 19, 20 

Mercies of 18, 419 

Omnipotent 1 

Omniscient 21, 22 

Omnipresent 22 

Our God 303 

Precious 8 

Power of 4, 10,'23, 473 
Patience of 600 

Reasoning with men 264 



God, Sun 34 J 

Spirit 24 

Sirength of 23 

Truih of 7, 19 

Unchangeable 25, 248. 68 i 
Unerring wisdom 532 

Wisdom of 26 

Godhead of Christ (see 

Deity of Christ) 
Godliness, its fruits 290, 291 


Grace, Riches of 474 

Salvaiiou by (see sal- 

vaiiony,^ 321 

Saved by 318 

Sovereign 411, 444, 634 
Sufficient 319 

Saperabounding 6j4 

Grauful recollection 269^ 


Gratitude 18, 419. 497 

To Christ 322,t>«3 



Goodness of God in giv- 
ing his Son 16, 35'* 
Gospel feast 212, 338. 359 
First preached at Je- 
rusalem 3lS 
Freeness of it 355, 357 
Go. preach my gospel >12 



Joyful sound 


Kingdom come 



Spread of it desired 

(see Church) 
Trumpet 317 

Grace f adopting 160. 161,27- 
Converting 223—231 

Distinguishing 32/j 

Efficacious T^5 

Free 277, 324 

Fruit of 231. 273, :^7'i 
Given us in Christ be- 
fore the world began i}72 

Growing in 157 

Increased by trials 624 

Inexhaustible o'i^ 

IWiracle of 'i^^, t^'i'/ 

Povierof ^24, ^oV 

Grave and heaven 

HABirATlON, going to 





a new one 
Seeking one 
Settling in one 
W 01 ship 
Hand of God 
315, 428 Hannah s prayer 

Happiness attending di- 
vine wisdom io^i, 154 
In God 514, 545 

Of being in Christ 397,518 
Of being with Christ 249 
254, 238, 335, 336 
Happy man 153, 154 

Hardness of heart com- 
plained of 5;:7-S29 
Harmony of the divine 

perfections H, 19 

Harvest, Gospel 3l5, 4i."8 

Summer 580— 58 J 

Heart evil 224, 332 

Hard and stony la 

mented 328. 3^ 
My son. give me thy 

heart M 

Surrendered to God 531 

N.\v\.32G. Taken 350 

o^9. 409 




Hymni Hyom 

JBSsaven, Desiring an in- Impioring the Spirit's 

tercst in it 472 return I56 

£111 barking for heav- Inability to do good la- 
en, their safety 121 mented 352 
Employ of 333, 334 Incarnation of Christ 38^34 
Hope of 248, 650 S70 
Promised land 337, ^^'^^ Inconstancy lamented 3^7 
View of 339,635 351,352 
jy«r*ofGod 160, 161, 277 /«rrefl*e of faith and 
JIcU and heaven 340 hope desired 550 

iSeil, everlasting misery 
of 341 380 

Praise for being out of 
Jle/pleis sinner 

Of grace 624, 674 

Of Zion (see Church) 

V. vi. 3d part 28 
600 Indwelling sin 598 

554 Infant ^ntim-Xwte Snn- 

M^t:p obtained 269, 270 day School) 34, 153 

Midden life of a christian ^^97 Infants given to God in 
Holiness desired 53 1 , 674 baptism 180— 1 87 

Elected to 273, i;74 

Holy longings 641, 642 

J5r«/«,cncouraged23,344,346 /n/?uencff of the Spirit 
Good hope thro* grace 345 1 (see Spirit) 
In Christ 343 Inquiring for the good 

Included in the cove- 
nant 490 

In darkness 342 

In despair 347 

Rejoicing in 528 

Who can tell 348 

Xouse of God 1 st part 5 1 1 

old way 151 

The road to heaven 

-267, 538 
Inspiration of the scrip- 
tures 194 

Delight ki 503, 505, 6^9 \ Interest in Christ desired 467 

In the book of life 3:^1 , 532 
Invitation, and yet there 
is room 358, 359 

Behold, now is the ac- 
cepted time 360, 583 
Come and see 354 

Come and welcome 366 
Compel them to come 

in «. 361 

God reasoninff with 
men S6S 

Mumble, pleading for 

mercy 4-0 

Mumble sinner's 'prayer 287 

Soul blessed 345 

^zMJw/iry of mind 463,472 

Mypocrite 349 

IDOL worshipnnpid 24, 310 
Ignorance lamented 197 

Illness 162-*-166, 592—594 

impatience for death re- 
proved o 




Hymn Hytnn 

Xnv^*atidnt I will in no judgment. Sects vain ; 

wise cast out 355, saints and sinners 

T.^ Jerusalem sinners 313 
Weary invited to 

Christ 362, 563 _ 

Whosoever will let justification 
^ him come 356,357. By faith 

only known in judg- 
ment 577 
yust, living by faith 29^ 


J I K 

yjBEZ^s prayer 367 KEDER^ tents v. vi. 254 

^acoh\ ladder ob9 Keeping of the unseen 

^*/£;a>6 wrestling withGod368 world inChrist'shand So 
jfailcr^s conversion ,= 26, 411 Kingdom of Christ 385—387 
Jesus t j^limpse of o08,309 Know/edge and happiness 1.53 

3r>9, Imperfect at present 495 
Not ashamed ofhim 95,96 1 One thing I know 197 
Seen of angels 130 I- 

Weeping over Jerusa- . LA MEETING after the 

lem 648 

Wept 648 

ye^s and Greeks one in 
Prayed for 


The absence of God 156 
Land of promise 337—339 
421 Lame cured 4th part 118 
571, 372. 119.192.193 

Joseph yet alive 48 Latter-day glory (see 

Joshua's resolution 300 Church) 

5^or^r/iry, minister going a 4, '4 Launching into eternity 

To heaven 37o • v. iv. 48, 122, v. vii. 338 

Joy, and rejoicing 5^8 Lain and gospel 177, 384 

He hath done all things 

well 374 

Of the humble v. vii, 472 
Jubilee 524, 551 

Judgtnentt books opened o7(^ 
Ti2Ly 375,381,382 

Death and 252 

Happy meeting of bo- 
dy and soul 383 
Longing for a place at 

God's right hand 378 
Midnight cry 379, o80 
Pr.iyer to sta,nd m 
Christ's Tobes \tv 

judgroeiit V. n\. ^^^ 

Ceremonial 6j2 

Dead to it by the body 

of Christ 394 

Freed from it by the 

death of Christ 521, 522 
Love to law and gos- 
pel 593 
No salvation by it 177,267 
Sinners found wanting 392 
Leaiiing on Christ 215 
Leper crying 2d part 118 
Healed 76, ICO 
Le^Wxcal ^•a.^tx'vi^^'?* \*i4^ 652 



vith Christ in 

104, 146. 237, 342 
a Christ's care 4G9 

Christ's fold 144 
Christ 593 

Christ 152 

) he with Christ 89 

246—248, 335, 336 


> Christ 399 
r41— 43,540— 551 

e soul 653 — 655 
p found 487,589 

for 59f' 

»wer in grace 40:1 
ly 401, 675" 

Love 405 

thou ine 408 

> to their chil- 


St infinite 42, 56'2 

everlasting 16, 173 

272, 277 

unchangeable 25 


ing 522, 523 

lints 402 

St 335, 406, 409 

St desired 131, 168 


lies 404 

iness o£ God 106 

^S, heavenly 152 
ivmi\ 412 

» Chri^ 63 

Mariners spiritual 121, 122 

Mariner^^ psalm 572 

Means of spreading the 

gospel encouraged 428 
Martyrdom of Stephen 470 
Meditation on God's love 164 

On the cross of Cluri&t 36 

Meeting and parting of 
f riendl 671— 68r 

For social worship 415,416 
Memory of the just bless- 
ed 290, 291 
Mercies of God innume- 
rable • 18 
Of God reviewed 419 . 
Mercy and truth united 11,19 
Implored 399. 420 
Seat 482, 527 
Method of salvation 565 
Midnight cry 379, 380 
MiUennium 350, 421 
Minister t death of one 250 
Farewell charge 403 
Going a journey 4t)4 
His address to new 

members 552 

His address to specta- 
tors at the Lord's 
table 556 

Illness of one 592 

Leaving a people 423 
Nothing withoutChrist 508 
One called to the sa- 
cred work 457, 458 
Seeking one 455 

Watching for souls 459 
Wish for his people 422 
Afintsterc ?ltv^ \vs^ 

Miniilfi, collecfi 


■n tot : 

Ducy of 460 

Ml niilry at ».ops\t 130,169 
Minidei of Ciirisc 84, lid— 


I and nork of 


Mlaiionaria \nayeA fnr 43'J 

437, 45H 

Mitiicmaryrattxai^i'^i :,'!(' 

di^— jl7,3b3._3SV,4j: 

437. tie i, 661 

Moiitkly pnyet meetings . 

2ut.— .10,3w,Ji.~.:i; 


4JB, 437. 5^j, Slj 61. 
Morning hymn* 4.,-8— 441 

Moitality of i 

. (sc 


?7i.(tf.(JJ" healed 

o "'-I 

OLD i.zt 66a 661 

One ihing; needfal 113. 4H 
OrJinaWun hyma» «i— *6l) 
Oat-door wocship 4<1 

.:d p>Ti 511 

WffDO.V desired 


Rejiicing in their coo- 
vcrsiuii 9( 

/Vui euj'iyoieniB prayed 
for 479 iff 

Mercies encouraged a 
gainst fear^ SOl 

PtuloF, one sought for of 

Keeking pardon 



J':;ioBu/deliverjiicesi63453| Successful resolve 
Evils sent (if God 498 iVrftcr font of God (see 

i-rayei & praise 44S— 4.ij| God) 

N.nivity of Cliris^ ad— :!4,37'J| Pfrieaaim 305. 469, 470 
A^eia meeting-house open- :'Feritverance final 471 

ed 417. 41« In grace 142 144 171- 

Year 269-271. 622 6S8 17;. 33!— 'ISS 323 *» 

65y Pilgrim (see Zionl 
J7™i'sark 171 173 Fi,g.i/,-nop 348 

AVjTCTukr 'he Sth 453 PlntJi^g for mercy 430 

WJ,5'4» Pool 

vOiJwswA. "Si 


Hymn Hymn 

tlgytton Christ a 55 207 Promises of sufficient 

God a o20, 531, 533 652 . grace 3l9 

Lord's portion is his I Of the divine presence 3u2 

people 8, 235, 272, 273 Prodigal son 487 488 637 

565 Prophecy fulfilled inChrist 32 

JPofDfr and providence of 111 

God 4! Cosptl 4:6428 

JVai*e to Christ 34. 616 670 ; iVo«/flf«ire bereaving ^41 242 

- - * " "" 53S 

Dark 494 

£lijah fed by ravens 493 


To God 6. 17 26.474 574 

To theSpirit(seeSpirit) 

To the Trinity 159 v. vi. 

J07, 6«8— 701 

Universal praise 238 

grayer 475—485 

Answered by crosses 624 

Exhortation to prayer 477 

For strayed sheep 590 

For sanctification 674 

My God will hear me 481 

Of a backslider 179 

Hemember me 480 

Short 506 ' 

To God the Spirit 156, 15H 

501, 5i2, 540, 548 

IPrecious Bible 1^6 

Blood 43 

Faith 293 

Jesus . 97, 98, 308, 309 
Promises 491 


Presence of God desired 


Of God the joy of his 
people 35 65Q 



Lord will provide 



Resignation to 


To be explained here- 
after 495 
Public worship (see wor- 
Pure in heart blessed v. vi. 12 

^ESTlOllsLnd answer 
(dialogue) 338 

What think you of 
Christ 207 

PACE^ christian 519 

Pain 578, 579 

Rainbovi (see Covenant) 
Ravens .493 499 

Reason, an insufficient 

guide 520 

Reconciliation toGod 394,517 

Pride overcome by grace 33l | Redeeming love 235, 5^2. 5'2% 

33 Redemption 26, 27. 317 524 

privileges cff the sons of 
God 161 5lC 

Premises of a supply of 
all our need 643 

Of srreng-rh according 

to our da,ys 

489 1 JRf/uge 


Finished 521 5:^6 

Gratitude to God for it li^fl 

131 616 



Regeneration (seeConver- 

sion) 197, 199 

Bejoicing in hope 5i?8 

In God 474 

JReligionx its pleasure 153, 154 

V. V. 400,5291 

Heinember Lot's wife 400 

Jietnember me 41 1 » 480 

J^tTnembering all the way 

the Lord hath bro*t 


S Hrini 

SABBATH 44.46,5251 

4th part 513, 540l-55J 

Sacrament 36—45,212,351 

359, 552-56i 

Safety in a storm 60S 

Oi Christ's sheep 91—9^^ 

Saints conquer thro* the 
blood of the Lamb 291 
Dead to the law by the 

JRepentance 179, 351, 589 

fclphraim's^ 278 

Jiequest 530, 5J1 

Humble 510 

Reeignation 241 . 242 499, 532 

534 603--606 

Jiesolution to serve the 

Lord 300 

Snccessful one 464 

J^sst eternal 549 

J^esurrcction and ascen- i 

sion of Christ 41 — 53 

Of Christ a pledge of 

ours 46 

Of the body 2d part 251 


JRetiretnent %57 

Hich fool surprised 653 

Man and Lazarus 340 

Jiic/jes their emptiness 652 

Righteous blessed in every 

condition 536 

Righteousness, human in- 
sufficient to justify 651 
Imputed 134' 

Rising to God 537 

Road to heaven enquiring 
for 538 

To heaven and hell 539 
^tikr'& daughtet 485 

623 body of Christ 394 

Sahation approaching 257 
hy Father, Son, and 

By grace 
By Justice 
t omplete 


234, 274, 321 


176. 56&, 56<^ 



Of sinners (see Con- 
Precious 32\. 

' Wells of salvation 567 
Sana ijicct ion and growth 

desired 120, 674 

Satan cannot love 266 

Repulsed 265 

Scripture \ see Bible) 
Sea preserved by 57? 

Seasons of the year 573— iiJ^ 
Secret prayer 478 

Sects of religion 310, 377, 421 
Seed-time 58"^ 

SeeJ^ing v hrist 467 

C hrist*s little flock 144 
For pardon 46S, 468 

God .478,5i:7 

5'e/ydedication 55:": 

Denial 5H:i 

Reflection 2o(' 

Seriousness prayed for 6-0 

Sermons hymns before 

?!)(! after 50l.~5l^ 


Hymn Hymn 

of Christ secure f5'/rtf«^f^ofIsracl will not 
;e Safety » J lie 23 

sheep found '203; 589 ' Starry crown 1. 8, 293 

ed prayed for 590 Stephen (the first martyr 
; and death 593 "who died for the 

recovery 594,622 gospel 470 

er for a sick Min- > 5'tone cut out of the moun- 
cr 592 tain 425 

urden 205, 351 . 649 : Stony heart lamented 328.329 
holiness conflict i Submission to the will of 



igsin- 81 596 

wned in the blood 
C^hrist 221, 522 

inted. 21 

med 124 128 

God 24l> 242. 532— 534 
He hath done all things 

well 374 

To bereaving provi- 
. dences 241,242.533 
5WccMj of prayer 463.483 485 
iferred to Christ 597 j Sufferings of Christ 36—45 
id f alvary 229 307, 560—562 

' desired 231, 327 Summer & harvest 580—58" 
and saints in the \ Sunday- Schools 608 — 614': 
:ck of nature "375 Surrender 251,553 

meed 223—231 

I wanting 39l^ 

d to Christ 354— 356 
360-366 517.599 
epenting accept- 
ed 179 487,488,637 
5 Church) 

I reproved 583 

destruction 60l 
oft.hrist 644 

Jod 160.161,272 277 
>rth and loss of 

6>4 655 


To infinite love 
7 ABORTS mount v. v. 346 
Teachings of the Spirit 501 

Tekel 393 

7empest 132 

Teiripie {Christ the build* 
er 63. 6S. W5 

('ompleted 615 

7emptaticn 132 6^3 

rhnpted 152 267; 6 >3 
7 banksgiving'days 263. 449 

452, 453 

od, his influence i5.'l '^biefon the cross 227, 411 

58 5i)7 6.i6, 4;i6 64- | Ihtrsty souls invited ta 

to 157 435 512548 ihrist ' 357 

r to C^t^e Prayer) ! Throne of grace 484 

57 5^ 577 \ Thunder ^ 618 




7inw and eternity b^u 

In God's hands 26l 5i3 
Now is the accepted 

time 360 58. 

Short ^ 6iy 

7o-aay, the voice of wis- 
dom 58. 

Ho-niorrow . the language 
of folly 

Transfiguration of Christ 

7va<DeUer*i psalm 

treasure in heaven 

7ree barren 
Of knowledge v. iii. 195 
Of life' V. iv. 15.^ 

The accursed 36 

7rees of life v xii. %'i6 

TriaU 623 -627 

Trinity (see Doxologies" 14 



Unsteadiness lamented '229 

222 351 
r:4-V/7rof earthly things 

65 J 654.655 
Vengeance and compas- 
sion of God 11 47 521 
rictury national 448 449 
Over death 251 

Village worship 636— 6o9 
Vision of the dry bones 640 
Voyage spiritual 121 122 6(/2 

WAITING for God 346 46S 

For the coming of 

hrist 646 

For I he latter-day glo- 
ry 4*15 

7riwm/>4* of Christ 51 

Of faith 294 

Of the cross 390 

7roul>le, domestic 629 

Troubled but makingGod 

our refuge 527 

Trust encouraged to it 344- 

Humble ':(J5 

^d part 236 Walking in darkness 666 

In the good old way ]51 
With God 291,641 

Wints. believers* 642 

Supplied 643 

Warfare v. vii. 301 525 644 


Warrior ^christian) 

crowned 3d part 513 

1.1 .'hrist in 176 267.l'9o jfTaicb and pray 646 

In God under trials 288,289 ]V.iy to < anaan 150—153 

I will trust and not be J^eiiry invited to rest 363^363 

afraid 630 Wedding dress v. iv. 62 

7n/f/(> and mercy united 11 19 Hymn 412 

7:;pes ,see Christy 124. 632 Weeping 648 W9 

U 633 We'co7ne given by the 

301 gosj,el 355-366 

S48 W^e-Z/j of salvation 567 

6]' r^'^af think you of Christ 207 
5.^ • Wtnd Spirit's influences 155 
^7^. e>^4 V. iv. 157 

^loH Winter ^\ *i'^S «§«s 

UNBELIEF opposed 

Unerring wisdom 
U/iinn to ^hrir^t 
Uni'versal oraisc 
Unknavfn world 


•i ways pleasa t i j . j Worship Tillage 

Womiert of redempuun 


'20 s 

Woman of Tanaan 

Of Samaria 

IToriofGod 194 

Witka vain as to merit 65 1 

ITor/c^ despised 13 i 

Loss of one's soul 654 b55 

Renounced 6 >? 

Vanity of it 653 6.54 6.i5 

Worship evening 382 — :^8) 

Family 297-300 478 
Morning 285 4 8 44 i 
Opening a new place of » 1 r 


Out -door 461. 2d pan 5U 

Priva e 48 65.' 

Public (see Sabbath) 284 

416, 5UI— 518 

Wrestling .Jacob 

TEAR crowned 
New ^69-171 


636 u»> 



622 05 


Toutb and old age 662, f 6 

Educated 6i;8 61 

Encouraged to seek 

i hrist 66 


ZEJL and fortitude .•>05 46 

For the house of God 50 


Zion's increase \ see 


Pilgrim v. ix. 86. 66 

Praise 67 

Traveilct 66 


Ch. Ve. Page 

Ch. Vfi. Page 

Ch. Ve. 


3 a 23(5 Josi 

1 31 23: 

C 114 1 2, 
1 558 24 15 

5 24 64 

7 16 172 

17 6 135 Jud 

7 17—24 17! 

17 10—12 477 13 23 

8 22 57 5 

28 29, 30 124 ; IG 26— 

9 12—17 232 

Ijcviticiis. A* 

12 I 29 

•6 0—22 128 

1 11 — 

14 18, 19 10^ 

2S 1-17 551 


17 1 I 

i5 9-1754524 

1 13 

17 18 466 

26 445 

5 18 

18 23—32 451 


19 14,22- 

6 13—23 248 

7 2 

24 601 

9 14 5!j!i 

19 26 400 

21 8, 9 69 

7 12 

22 14 500 

24 31 <4I4 

2^ '» u 

15 29 

23 19—21 272 

30 6 

23 23 26:^ 2San 

24 56 373 

24 17 112 ! 7 18 

28 12, 13 389 

33 51—55 598 

1 2 22, 2 

28 17 511 


15 20 

32 20 368 

1 17 20:> 22 3 

45 26 48 


8 o ,^260 

- 1 623 

21 22 23 30 

23 5 
1 Kh 

«■» III,] 

49 19 045 1 

32 40, 50 33J^ 

3 5 

Exodus. ^ 

i Zr^ 1^ Kir \ % '11 

3 2^3 000 

\ z'\ 2.1 ^'^'^ 

AM ^ 


4UL. V. rAGE 




CH. V. 


2 Kings, 

36 32 


4 26 006 




45 3-5 


5 1-14 443 





7 6, 7 440 



30 586 

46 9 


1 Chronicles, 




48 14 

r 82 

4 9, 10 367 


^0 '1 {2I8 


51 10- 





55 22 


2 Chronicles, 



7 652 

61 2 


6 20 578 




«# B ^0 

33 11—13 100 




63 3 





65 11 


.6 10 418 




68 9 






69 15 


9 5 



71 9, 



13 31 480 



J 438 
^ 1440 

72 7, 




77 7-.1C 

1 347 

A 16 404 



10 1^6 

77 18 






77 19 


.. 1 21 003 



-10 52 

84 8 


8 17 325. 



85 6 


11 7 14 




85 10 

12 12, 13 26 




13 15, 16 468 



5 082 

87 5 


IX 5 1^.3 




89 1 


16 19 126 




89 14- 


f 317 

|« 25 127 



22 474 

89 15 


26 7— TO 10 




90 1» 



26 14 018 



5 620 90 4 


27 8 340 



-10 27 

91 11 


29 2 • 587 






50 28 342 






13 24 264 




\ \l^^ ^^ 



lOi 25^2H 9 


104 14 577 

11,12 448 


118 S4 
110 92 
110 87 
110 170 
131 :8 
133 1 




17, 18 












148 238 



'30 7—0 167 

7 170 

10 215 
J« 7 537 
» 8 657 

V 3 72 

1 7 144 

2 1 V^^ 

2 5 467 

2 11, 12 576 

3 1^4 478 
3 11 66 

5 1 550 

6 10 210 

8 5 215 

1 18 365 

2 2,4,20 SIO I 

3 10 536 
8 8 89 

8 13 12 

9 2 104 
^ ^ 116 

41 10 



«. 7 

1—6 6 

7 1 

9 5 

. 4 2 

» 23 1 


[ 8 S 

S 16 

B 20 i 

B 22 


3:>(i 34 29 84 

»2^ 36 26.-37 ^^^« 





19 13 
\l 3 
^T 12 

M 18—20 278 
J2 27 473 


I 12 561 

S 12, 13 410 
*5 39 163 

If 19 328 { 

35 7/ 599 I 

37 I--IO 6 10 

2 31,35,45 426 

3 13-28 294 
5 27 392 
9 26 111 


11 8,9 278 


1 14 450 

2 17 447 

3 1-6 447 

3 6 498 

4 11 304 
4 12 486 

2 4 399 

2 9 568 

3 9 348 

4 8 350 

2 13 61 

5 5 107 

6 6-8 651 

S 3 346 

sir, 18 (III 


2 S 39S 

2 9 111 




4 r 






9 13-16 214 
12 10 522 
1 76 

9 627 

1 110 
6 25 

3 16-18 415 

4 *2 146 


2 9 2d p. S8 



1 23 


r 18 2d p.464 4 23^ g/ 34 

1 7 

4 23, a4 











oil. V. PAGE 

24 44 486 

25 6 3/9 
25 31-46 380 



2 8-14 



9-13 475 

10 316 

11 200 
r, 8 191 

26 36-42 307 2 J j„^4 C21 
26 41 646 " ^* U 

27 49 
27 50 
27 54 

7 13, 14 539 28 2 

8 2, 3 
10 28 

5, 6 



2 14 
5 5 
7 34 
7 47 






15 19 

15 27 

16 18 



5 1-16 118 

5 25-34 119 

5 39-42 485 

6 45-48 122 

7 37 3dp.ll8 



8 22-24 122 
8 35,36 1 
6th p. J 

10 2 

10 42 







50 30-34^ 


?2 42 
4 32 


C 95 



10 46-50 190 

15 37 37 


r 5i 


10 13, 






11 21,22 330 

12 16-21 653 

12 33 621 

13 6-^ 622 


14 22 <359l 


15 7, 10,32 637 


14 23 

15 3-7 

Ur. .. CSl2h^ 7,10,32637) 

207 \ ^^ ^^ \^A^^ ^^-^^^ 4«^ 
38o\ \\^^^-^^^^ 


15 31 
10 25 

17 32 

18 1— r 

18 13 



18 35—38 lOO 

19 1—10 322 

19 13,14 

19 41 

21 19 

22 31,32 

23 28 
23 34 


83 39—43 4 1 1 

23 42 

24 6, X 
24 29 

24 34 

24 47 
>4 51—53 



C 51 
1 546 





306 = 






16 i 

















, y. PACK 

29 62 

4 203 

10 80 

24 24 

35 316 

35. 36 428 

42 141 


4th p 

^"^ 1193 
35,48,51 00 






53—56 557 




20; 3a 






























19 30 

19 34 

19 37 

20 13, 



21 15 

21 16 


3 25 



50—59 470 
60 153 

30—40 Ig:) 
5 224 

6, 21 231 
11 223- 























J3,34 153 


30, 3 1 







-12 284 































C 233 



















^ 1 






1 274 












II 1—26 372 

11 3" 10 

12 I7...19 170 

12 20 404 

13 11 257 

1 Corinthians. 

3 6, 7 508 

4 7 323 
7 29 619 
9 24 519 

lO 4 135 

12 31 617 

13 0,12 495 
15 54—57 259 
\5 55, 56 49 

15 57 251 

16 1—3 218 
16 22 168 

2 Corinthians. 

1 10 453 

3 17, 18 639 

4 6 101 

4 9 205 

5 14, 15 42 
5 17 230 

5 20 517 

6 2 300 
9 15 80 

12 9 310 

13 14 085 

2 10 384 








5 17 








4 274 






















16 83 






-17 844 




























20 643 















'. V. rAOE 


V. ...^ 


V. PAO« 

" {V. 


17, 18 172 


4 105 


2 636 


6 65 

. I3--1J401 


9 549 

■ 97 


15, 16 132 


7 -j 98 

. 13 64r 


6 108 


. 16, 17 535 


20 ■ rs 


18 129 

: 17 476 


1--17 109 


18 601 

f 92 

2 Peter. 

10 37a 


25 -j 93 


1 295 

: 16 345 



4 491 

1 Timaihy. 



11,12 377 

, 15 224 

I laa 


18 157 

i 2 388 


1 John. 

"^ {.?S 


27 252 


7 ? " 
' 1364 

i 15,16 311 


7--10 ■-•7 


1 54 

2 TwiHrfAv 


13 291 


1,2 161, 

f 274 


33, 34 290 


18 402 

I 9 V^' 


7 604 


8 15 

^ i 565 


8, 11 635 


13 530 


« III 


I 12 96 


14, 15 381 

I 13 148 


17 459 

20, 21 516 

5 12 305 


20, 21 67+ 


J 16 195 



7 382 



27 529 



J y pro 

^ ' t650 


19 266 




18 579 




1 Peter. 



1 3 34 


1, 2 275 


1 6, 14 169 


2-- 5 234 

3 16 31 


5 47V 


.At. \. TARE 

6 II, 12 085 
f 102 





14 8,10 178 


U 13 

GH j 

10 5,6 
^.4 6y 6 

r333l 15 



r 99 
< 100 
18 20, 21 178 


20 4--10 42] 
20 12 37( 

20 12-15 38( 
22 1-5 331 
f lis 


22 ir 35? 

22 16 



Tor ike Nativity of our blessed Lord and SaviottVf 

Luke ii. 8—15, 

WHILE shepherds watch their flocks by nigt^t^ 

AU seated on the ground, 
The angel of the Lord came dowo. 

And glory shone around. 

" Fear noC'sawl he, for mighty dread 

Had seiz'd their troubled mind ; 
*'Glad tidings of great joy I bring 

** To you and all mankind. 

*' To you, in David's towni this day, 

*'Is born of David's line, 
f^ The Saviour, who is Christ the Lordj» 

**And this shall be the sign. 

<< The Heavenly Babe you there shall fmd^ 

*' To human view display d, 
<^A1I meanly wrappM in swathing bandS;» 

'* And in a manger laKL'^ 

iThus spake ^e seraph, and forthwitlff 

Appeared a shiniov throng 
Of angels praising God, who thus 

Address 'd their joyful song: 

«* Att fipry be to God on high, «• 

** And to tfie eanh be peace ; 
^* Good will, henceforth, from heaven tQ mefK 

<* Begin. and|Kev«r reaso^" 

The Work and Contention of Heaven^ 


1 IN heavenly choirs a question rose, 
(That 8tirrM-up strife will never close ;) 
What rank of all the ransom'd race 
Owes highest praise to sovereign grace? 

2 Babes, thither caught from womb and breast, I 
Claimed right to sing above the rest: 
Because thej found the happj shore 
They never saw nor sought before. 

3 Those that arriv'd at riper age. 
Before they left the dusky stage. 
Thought grace deserv'd yet higher praise, 
That wash'd the blots of numerous days. 

is Anon, the war more close began, 

TV hat praising hnrp should lead the van; 
And which of grace's heavenly peers, 
Was deepest run in her arrears. 

5 "'Tis I," said one, " 'bove all my race, 
" Am debtor chief to glorious grace ;" 
" No," said another, *' hark, I trow, 
"I'm more ubligM to grace than yoa." 

B ** Stay," said a third, " I deepest share 
"In owing praise beyond compare; 
** The chief of sinners, you'll allo^', 
*' Must be the chief of singers now.'* 

7 " Hold," said a fourth, " I here protest, 
*'My praises nuist outvie the best; 
*' For Fm, of all the human race, 
" The lii^\\esl \x\\t^tle of $;race." 


**For T, of all the race that fell 

" Deserv'd the lowest place in hell.^ 

A soul that higher yet aspirM, 
With equal love to Jesus fir'd, 
"'Tis mine to sing the highest notes, 
" To love, that washVl the foulest blots.* 

" IIo!" cry'd a mate, " 'tis mine I'll proved 
" Who sinnM in spite of light and love, 
<' To sound his praise with loudest bell, 
" That sav'd me from the lowest hell." 

[1 " Come, come," said one, " Til hold thy pletfi 
" That highest praise is due by me; 
*' For mine, of all the sav'd by grace, 
•* Was the most dreadful, desperate case/* 

12 Another rising at his side, 

As fond to praise, and free of pride, 
Cry'd, '' pray give place, for f defy 
" That you should own more praise than I:; 

13 "1*11 yield to none in this debate; 
*• I'm run so deep in grace's debt; 
" That sure I am, I boldly can 

** Compare with all the heavenly clan.'^ 

14 QMick o'er their head a trump awoke, 
"Your songs my very heart have spoke ^ 
" But ev'ry note you here pi-opale, 
"Belongs to me above you all." 

15 The list'ning millions round about 
"With sweet resentment loudly shout—' 
" What voice is this, comparing notes, 
" That to their song chief place allots : 

16 " We can't allow of such a sound, 

" That you alone have highest ground, 
" To 8Wfr the royalties o^ gctic^-. 

Wo chim the same ?idoito§. v^^^ 


17 What! nill do rival singer yield 
He has A oiatcli upou the field ? 
4( Come then, aod let us all agree, 
** To praise upon the highest key/' 

18 Then joiutlj all the harpers round 
In uiind unite, with solemn sound, 
And strokes upon the highest strings 
IMade all the heavenly arches ring : 

19 Ring loud with hallelujahs high. 
To him tliat sent his Son to die ; 
And to the worthy Lamb of God, 

That lov'd and. wash'd them in his blood. 

20 Free grace was sovereign empress crown'd^. 
In pomp with joyous shouts around ; 
Assisti.-tg angels dappM their wings, 

And sounded grace on all their strings. 

21 The emulation round the throne 
IMade prostrate hosts, (who ev'ry one 
The liumblest place their right avow.) 
Strive w ho shall give the lowest bow» 

22 Tlie next contention without vice 
An)i» !g the birds of paradise, 
Alade ev*r\ glorious warbling tliroat 
Strive who should raise the highest DOte> 

23 Thus in sweet, holy, humble strife^ 
Along their endless, joyful life. 

Of Jesus all the harpers rove. 
And sing the \\onders of his love. 

24 Their discord makes them all unite 
In raptures most divinely sweet j 
So great the song, so grave the basf«J 
Melodious mv]&\c fvUs the plaee. 


AUG 2 8 1940