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B 318 tftM 











No.X:^^^ Shelf No. >^.b2^lT 


: • JS. 




; v ., 


•' * 











• * French and English Student, the Divine, Civilian, Lawyer, Justice of 
the Peace. Phv-sician, Sur]geq2^» Mineralo^t, Cheniist, Botanist, Agricul- 
hjralisti Apothecary, Mariner, Soldier, Meiighant, Banker, Mathematician, 
Natural Philosopher, Astronomer, Geographer, Historian, Antlquar>', 
Biographer, Architect, Printer, Painter, Manu&cturer, Mechanic ; 


sir the Benefit of all who mav consider a knowledge of either Language an acqui^ 
tion in their respective aituaSoiis in lite. 

nsider a knoi 
' respective i 


I A tthdr of « Aaiup$ DUpluyedin her Mode 0/ teaching jtS^'^^tSoMov, 
' ' appUedto the French Longtttiee.^V « A'^ - 

IN THREE VOI.UME!fti:- ^\ r 'v \ 

VOL. III. vv'^V^ ; ' ■ 

PHILADELPHIA, \ v % ^> - 

. raXNTED BY T. K^t O. PALMER, \ ♦. , \ /J 





Dictionary of Sea Temu and Phrams^ French and English 1 

DicHonary of Sea Terms and Phrases^ English and French 5." 

Dictitmary of Articles of Merchandise^ Maniifactures^ l^Tc. 84 

DicSionnaire des princtpaux Termes de Commerce^ de Marchan* 

dUe^ ISTc. 107 

Tableau Comparatif des Monnmes d^Or et ^ Argent^ Is^c. 121 

Tmble of the Principal Gold and Silver Coins now current^ con^ 

tmning their Weighty Fineness^ i!tc. 125 

Table Complete des Poids et Mesures dMmales 130 

Valeura des Mesures et Poids Antiens en Mesures et Poids Ab«- 

•oeauje 131 

Table of the Present System, of French Weights and Measures^ ^c, 1 32 
jyictionary of French Honumymy 134 

LHctionary of EngHsh Sywmyma 148 

Dictionnaire des SynonymeSf ou Acceptions de-la Langue Fran» 

i^aise, l^c, 187 

Prineifiales DifficultSs de la LangUe Franscdse^ par ordre a^iha* 

b^tiqve^ extraites des auteurs lespius estim6s 291 

Traits Complet de Versifcation Fransaise 33J 

TrdiS de Ponctnation 384 

ZHctionnaire de Mythologie UniverseUe^ Ancienne et Modemcy et 

ePIeonologie . 395 

IHctionnaire des Personnages citSspar les Historiens^ les ChronO' 

legistesy et les BiographeSj deftuis la Creation jasgu*d nos jours 421 
Dictionnaire de GSograpfue Universelle^ suivant Pancienne et la 

nouvelle division de la France, de PAllemagne, de l^Italie, k^c, 467 
Dictionary of the Latin Quotations which most frequently occur at 

the Bar^ tn Pleadings, in Courts, in Newspapers, \Sc., with 

their explanations in English 560 

Chronological Table of Eemarkable Events, Discoveries, and In* 

vention3,from the Creation to the year 1810 ^\^ 

French Republican Calendar 6^5 






Abf6#fttkMls da IHaimuHtre dt My- 

tkoic^ie Uhiverteile, Jt teiti u it et Mo- 

Abkreriations used in the ZHcHcntay 
4 Umenal AnatM cmd JUoderu My^ 
tkoUgy^ and ofJconUogy. 




































SlaroD «wa«ffiiiuie 
SyrienM X 

Abr6tiatioii8 du DktUMnoire det Per' 
mmnage* citds par les Bittoneru, ^c. 

Abbrei^tiORS used in the Dictionary 

of the Beremaf^f maitiotied in JSia- 
















Anac ^ 




















































































Philof. Phnotopbe Cant. Canton 

Polit. Politique ^ _.- .- 

Port. Portticaii 

PrMic PrMieateur 

ProT. P ro ftu c i ir 


Satir. Sadrlqw 

Bar. Savant 

Sculp. Sculptenr 

TbtoL Theologian 

Toflc ToMan 

Tnd. Tradneteur 

ykxaeu Vteitiep 

Vision. VMonoalro 

Abr^viations da DUtiwnain <k G^" 
graphic UmveneiU, i^c 

Abbreviations used in the Dictionary 
of Univertal Geography, ^c. 

AC AAiqw 

Allem. AHeoiiine 

Aia* ^nwvi^e 

Angl. Anpeanva 

Autr. Awtflol^ 

BailL BiTMace 

B. - 














Orand «tf Oraude 


















SSSf- • 







Vrital^ '' 








K. B. Terms and phrases of command are indicated by a note of admi- 
r.; ..n (I). 
Obsolete words, or words not ri general use, are pointed out by an astc- 


AT' WDONNER, -o a. AbanUonnfr fci chasse, to 

r tr iT'rr fhe rfnse; 1« leave ofi' chating 
* .^M' .-,y! eartwg or falling off" of a Jiip ta tee- 

- . - fl 
A:* tiro, -c n. or Fairr- son abnttrp, to fall off to 
: r .: urd, or ^« rc- 1. Lt-. vai'.M au abat suv ti ilxjrri, 
.< > aA^ ctuii fo itnrboaid. I^ause aUittic ! &r 
<• r rrijf or S7t:!ix ! 
:. iTT.-.TJcr. Aliiitiri! im ^aUspau, or aljattre iin 
» . v-ju fu Curt" IK', to heaxx a ship dtmn^urfo 
.'2rr ju — k'* luAn, to shcot the nutits f/ij (Ik 
• ,'rr'J, to carry atttnj a mast, — lui \'aW'<ta«i 
■ ,• quill*', to heave dawn or careen a ship, so 

s *b liijrrTver her kcct 
. , r«', nrl. lAofiid. on fionrd 
* ! .v*\ ni. itcrrffhig. Aller k Tabonlai^e, to 
tr-^fi a ah'p. Ah<»rliVf^*de<I>ux VRJsstaiix qui 
c ... Ill 1*1111 sur Tautiv, ftillin^^ or firivin^ 
c..> T'i a "li'pn »>r running foul of one anotitcr. 
— irriu vai'S -ail contiv un banc, &e. rumdng 
•' \' 'if a irmk; err. 
\ , ^ r, V a. to boards to Jhll aboard of, and to run 

}'<.<■■' cf. O''-. 
«. ... x,'from t/te word Bom) btrtt-md of a plank 
.'. ,■r^.^^^ it, v n. Abpttj ver mi vaiKsi^sui. to /nit tco- 
i:r tr'toa sh'p'a hokl tcfuch U new built and on 
I .' verA-f, m order fo krune lohether tite it leaky ^ 
t^fire fi'dy lattivch Iter {which i* new looked up- 
'I a ■ a bad practice) 
* ■TI m.a shrftcr. Ejc. Sc* mrttrc -X Tabri d*un<* 
r*: . to shelter a ship under the lee tf a liigh 

.1 '< ^.T o. Ahritpr an vaisseau, to becalm a ship, 
'. l.s^f-alJ abrit6 |»r b lame, a ship becabnctl in 
:.'- trettgh of the itea 

W^r^.w '. pnlC away ! (thh term Is used only in 
r • p9rts of fhe AfetUterranean) Canot abrive, 
c h'Ait which has fresh way through the wa- 
frr. rfter the nven have ceased roioing 

A pt-1, tillage, m. upper works {a general name for 

f'fc 'iunner^lerk^ poop^and forecoitk). Vaiwcau 

qui a raecastiUagp na, a strmt-iheered shipt\or 

c skip whose t^pcr workt ttrt lmo% VaiMeaw 

VOL. Ill, 


qwi a raccattiMt^e 6Ieve, a round-sheered ship , 
or n ship tvlioic np/ter works rite very high 

At'(:!%till«''. o. Vaiss<aii baut acca>iiiHi'\ or qui a 
raci aiiillnfji* fort 6lt've. a dcrp-wairted ship 

Acil.Tuptr, V a. to clamp, to stretigtlten a moit ovm 
yard, >fit aeclaiup^, a mnxt borne up^ or 
sire ngt hi ned with cfanips or fishes 

Accovtcr. V a. fo come along side (f a ship or 
7vharf (tpi-aking of a b<int). A(<:ustr A UnnW 
come along ti/le .' an order givm to fhe bow's 
ciriv^ ■n-/trn they hur.nd fo get info h-r or o\d if 
hr.r. I.*- CiinoT est-il accosit I ditcx the Oont he 
fair nfong side ? 

• Acriil, n;. (n word in use in the French West Ll- 
rf'Vr^ a sn.fMbay 

AccMl«'nn nl, m. rfiing of the floor-fimfn rs. 

— (b la vanuin^tc, ruing of tltejivm- 

fiihticr anutltfiipt 
S'accM\!..r. v r. <o be poo/ted; to receive a shake in 

the pittliJng 

• Acoii, m. a sort af square fat-bottomed UgJiier ; 
also a jnunllJL'ii-hotfomcd boat for catddng iitcll-- 

fsh in iome'ifthe iicj*crn potcS ofFrauic 
Aeon r. V n. Aeorrr un \ni«enu sur Ic clianticr, 
to prop a ship on the stocks. — un toniieau. imc 
luulK . Jkc. to jam or wtt/je a cask, irunk^ 
Acorf5,//&. Acoifs or ^'pontiUes d'un vaUsrini, 
the props nr shores, which sustain a ship on the 
stocks. — fl'uii Ijfiiic, the edge of a sandbank 

• AtoLir'j, mp. or c\vU t-ntro Uj vuninfpu ^/;V7,;ijf 
pietrs put between the fioor-tinibers, under the 
kelson in French ships ; uJso such filing pieces 
thrust in the ti$rbcr^s room and space in two pn- 
rallel range t running afore and ajf 

Arnit*^vf. fn. a cape, headland, or pronwnfoi'y 

Adku-va ! abotit ihip ! the order for lacking or 
veeritig a ship 

Adouiicr, V ri. to veer f^^ forward ; to come in fa- 
vour. Le vent afkinne, the wind veers a/i 

Affale, 0. wintl^found 

AflTalcr, v a. to lower or let go omain* ■" W palm , 
tojTeet a tackle, or to shift k 

A [. F. 

S'n :M. r, r' r. r.xtv afl .:;. {o be rmbatjrd. V.ili- 

si ail r^.Kiic sur L'ue c6t;-, a */<//> en.'Hihol nhnu n 

A (?! tir . r, v a. ro/rry, w a itJaiikfayt f the tint^jerr, 

^y ' . 

A!l<)!t f. n f. Ain::?!'- n ffnlio, ah cpi'Jtrr given fo a 
vv.-gnrarfii undlr uhuii hat hit Us vutue,andit 
fjtrome cnoutous aiultirftdhc 

AauurihtT, vn. ^ r. Afloun-hcrun vaiuraa. 
ati'l s'artoiirclur, U vuor by the hicuf. — A la 
voile, to moor acroti utukr ^aii 

AfTraucliir, v tt. f fret a */./>, or to clear her hold 
oi wafer by (he pumpt 

Affrriemem, hi. thr J.ri^hfing of a mtrJmni ship 

AftK'UT, V /7. tofi-e^ffht or h'}C a ^h'lp 

Afl'tit. m. WTiiX. de cano.i, <Grrjv^e of a gun. 
P.i rtii • d'un afful, the pm t . of a carriage : Us 
tiikux, r/if axle-treci ; Us'/nms, the trucks. 
I.a 3<)k' or seiiulle, tJtt sole or bo/torn uf a uir- 
riaf(r{iiuusefiin Lngluhcwiir, a); Ui llnisj-Ks, 
the tides or civeks ; L\ ntn -lois- . thr aatitoin ; 
Lfi plates-bnndes, the en/)- '^ur'vn or clam/Ai. 
AfTul Ue mmojer. carriage cfu nioruir 

Agricr, v a. ngrter uu viij»a«.au to n> or to 
equip a ship 

A^jiVeur, m. o r/cjirfr oft hip f 

Agr^i, m ^ »7i^'7Jx. N. B. Ob^en-e that fherrord 
has a fuller extent in French than in Eii,JLh 

Aide, m. ai^utam, second ov mn'e,a., itifhf /v.'ine- 
vig Ex. AiiU-majur ile la luj.ii..-, an i^ff.ter 
nnlrr the 7,uj.,r. C. :.I:..jcr. Aui- -ainoMiH.r. 
qticsttev-yuun-:,: AiJ. ;. v^.ir.-r ,'!. ^s j/i/.f^ri'i 
tfroTu/, third, four' h, nud pfi. ,i..;-':.i. Ai^Ics- 
eb:.rr. :,.tit;j, carthn'cr's crcre, ALdc»-voitkr», 
ti.u-m.iki'r'j (im^ ^c. 

AiV r.-u fl.Aid'. r or bridiT rruicrc , to ?.';>«' r 'j<r anchor 

f,..x\',f. xvntn-iiifi'jl'Kf; f-Cj.'t Maier. Fairc 
u'/>-:li\ fo fnkeiu frah v,":rr 

Ai^,'« '!»., /I Aiguille «it mi's or — de Mn^ne, 
cut-n^^er. —or fiOclv,,'Af upper part if t lie 
i^ncr of the head iu ships a,'' niu . — df taiial, 
ii»j iron brace or tr^/;?'. ni-riJ fo iWr.'rrn the poop 
tauiern. — do boutsjlo, tie mnjrueticxil nctrdk. 
— dt! coTiturt-, a (omnjin mv.:/,j tteidle. — 
k \oj1i-, sail needle. — & ck li'ft, a la\:;er sort 
yfsc.l needles. — i raliuj^uc-, belt in':r nrfdlc. 

A '.vMiilKilc.?, //A shears, — Ui pcniiit's, ./u ji/_fxT 
;\,t(iA-k riffcis 

A: 4ui:l- ur nn palaji, v a. /o rocA:. — Us canons, 
Ly Irish /h^ gunr 

^irjilliii: dtr ^^t'lveniai^tn^./j/n/'V? 

Aw :: dune r,;>l-'r, , f. ( uuhk-. (^tc. //:. fuo plank t 
■ z'l i^rticaiiy (0 d(\k iltr stcrr. cf^nl t ^i, A .'mc/'/j, 
a:sd other ntch vcufls, -uh-rh c.rc 'cai'cd phik- 
sirrnrd, or lvt^~<ui lu-d. — ri'unc :ir.;ii-e Jii.- 
vn'f, //jC u'/fi^.' of a Jkct. Aiiis, ii;N^jr •/" /.itf 
»A//)'* hold 

Aia, r»i. n large fr.h'uxg hook cr jAorA- Ao«.^- 

/.U-, m. fx. Avoir dc I'iur, lo have f,c\h tvay 
through the xviUcr. Dor.nt dc ;\',ir :<u vai-J- 
Bcau pour v In r de boi-d ! give tltc Jujj iiatjy t/iat 
s/ie in'iy \tuy ! 

Air-d<-vout, ni. a point of'lic compms 

AiMK".!, rn. or Ei.i^u. As«-»u\ d'.iTuf. thraxlt- 
trer Ufa can icyj: — d •, ,/;.» o/r kccJt 

• AUiv^jrf cir 3\.;'ii-?;iK r, v ;j. lt r. r" ■/.rrr tj/7* 
fro'.n the i hare ux jso'ff. co):'gi.oi,s tj'jn' {-.jer/k- 
ivg of a bvt's d'ya, turv) A\. ^r .l , ur : n ]';)r-f, 
•r iKiujSL' aa Jar;^.: f 'f'^.rK^^'fan crn'cr fircu 
by the cockmcin to the man -u-ho holds Lite buat 
hi ok 

'*A]> ^lawce, /"/>. (a synonifmous no d for ronHnrf^ 
in jalti-ys, &, .] fJ:c i -cyth'.g, of a iaUen yard 

Aliit , c. Ytiui lUiavs, tradcTiirtde 

[ 2 ] 


AU».\c,/. Rf;h;er, prcm or rrnf> 

Allt,: r, fff. — na vnisjcriii, lo U.jifen u^ 
bij takiVfi out a part of her ladling. — 
c:i!»lc, to t'Huu lip tfic cab'e. by brnt 
vc/.i,tey of 110, itr. ti leti^churiset so as to jUa 
lip from a rocky ground 

All. r. r w. AlUr uu p jri, /• bear in with t/te k 
bour. — k 111 bouliae, to sail toith scent %:-'> 

— 4 pfnw*^ boulint-, to sail xeith titr Tpind i 
on thr Itcmu^ or large. — 4 la derive, to * 
under f»ar>' poles, or to try a hull. — au i»li 
pr^i itu V lA, fo sail c!o e-linr led, or as unn- 1 
wind a* p04>iblr. — vcul larg-ue, to sail >. ,. 
or uH/h a latgc tvim!. ~ itrrt- 4 ti rr. , 
roait^ or sail along .ihore. — avet U iimi' 
i-o)Jtr<^ !•• vi 111, fo 'idf it up 

AliTirt.,7'. thi: (nm if a ship, ur the most convcmr 
avra,i:^euiintfor'rhe ih-it'j mcion of na 

* Ali)i:;d'>,/. a small canue of the coast of Afm* 
.K]o\u-;r, t'. ufittfork orfut{o>:kttniber. Aloiiif^ii 

pi-r.-jucs, fi;niM A-r/r'/ f\. . — dVeubit n. hrr.L 
pictf^x. — dt- coruiero, top tinihers of t if J 
shionpieir. — dt- poiipt', stern timbers. — i- 
tiibl' au, tijffure' finJKVs 

• Aii.aiK m. {in gni -.ys) lye of a lateen ym'd 
Amariu> r. v a, to nwn a prize. — tin h'o!nmr,D 

t<iuii>.i)a:c, to inure a man or cteto to sea 
Auiarr.iL^-. m. lushing, — 4 plut, lashing f < 
the ihioud.? and stays, — tu ^-irive, seiui 
of a shroud or 'trij rlo\r fo Us doadeyt. — i 
loiiet, Inching of a fad blih k 
Ai iarre,7'. a ha^rser or rope which makes thr ^' 
fast to anu f>xcd ohject without the hep ij '' 
author; hUo a — di-lx)Ut, /u-:'/ '■'■■• 

— tlr in»%t r», breast fist, — dt iM>ui>f or : 
qui litni li- vaiss- an par TarriOn'. stem /•■'.''! 

Aniam- a. moored, fa i/cncd ; un vaj&strau aiuam 
a (•hip in her moorings 

Arnarrtr un, r a, to belay a rope, to "I 
the laniard of a shroud. — un \-ais»tu»i • 
make a ship fust. Anuure ! beicty ! the enici 
(0 fast en or bcfuy a rope. 

S'aiiifittlob r, V r. to mcst togctUr, Auwi-loit 

Ajuciar.v n. iy a. to bring fo, to wrr/?, to ♦'^^*' 
to lower. — vn ixiqini. en douceur, to /"i'' 
(h'-erly, handtootely. I.p vaL<Siau Ait ol'li-"^ 
i\'n.i^\u'r,thc ship Tier u'/.iged to bring (o.^y 
sfitk'-. — dc4ix iiiarqt.cs or doii\ aim rs 1 'il 
I»ar rauir<», to hrinii ftvo marks in Wf . — }'^ 
amcr au iionI-n<irii-< *t do la bou»»ol<', to '-"'AI 
a if a i,-!cik u<ji thnort'i-tayt oft/te cotripa'.<. 

Anttrs. ui p. sea mark*,, land marks. ( "ju^' rv^ 
un niii'.r au £ iJ de la huw^suV-^ to keep a *<^ 
nuiik fouth ff the conipajr ., 

Anu;TU, tu. Aian-nl Ic France, /o't/ hl,i;h a-m 
rai of train c. \ .jisseau ai.iiml dsrs Ics w^j 
de 1 I7inc«' guard.fhip,nn oidiiiip kept at i>'<'^^ 
tiante of a royal dock-yard. VaisJedU ai;>in 
d'uncarniee iu>.\aU-, thadtnirtA ship ''^°'^ 
IT .syKniucn. icid enu of foreixfi ■•'''•'' f'/g 
irnr hj,;vn(: unit/ 'he' title <f aihairal " '■■' 2 
thr.! ivhcrethr nn'miral of F, mee ir '"/"'", 
M:i'lr. <;h ......i,r luuiral. IMole^ ri»i'md. ^"0" 

p^rts and roi/ol "'" •'•J 

; ;;;■ j 

of I icuie, Uoig otiiy a (iinl ya.'ac'ttf"'" H 

Fi rnce ^ 

Atnr rii, a. Vasssean arnorti daui un port, a " ] 

v.hiih is scucd in a harbour ^ 

AiKuriJr, V a. Anortir Pair d'un vaUK^u, to «t 

a thip't way ; 1^ demdcn o Vi4''* ^^"^ 

:n,r, tur frs' inui Jjriiu-ipai or most tjm 
twr. /,/ 0', CJ*( 





A i\\vaie^ f. taaf^Hude 

y /Mjl.tUr,/ roittthgUut 
V a ..r, V a. to tie the cwrdoRe 9/ a s'lift 
\ r-. / tack of a nai. Chons^er d r.nnire«. to 
■■■'-•.;f ft^m one tack to another. Le- \ais;ca I 
' i jiuares & tribord, or It > ai.«eau t^t juuurr' | 
i n flup it on the ftarfninrd rack I 

-*■ cr r, t" a. CT n. to bring abfcrd or 'Vn^/ wAe/ir // | 
'(xk of ataiU at the mnin tack, the fore (ai k, 
w". Amim; la grantle Toil..-! ahoarfl main 
• "^' !>• *-aiss«j*»ueftamureba»:rd, tftc j'</> 
f. erne or ^ghr, along f/^ sca-coatt. — de 
^J^<5 lon/y A^acA 

*'' ' t'xis./;>. Cobti or heneauXf crhv^Jes in the 
^ -' ft- ef' a mil 

^ '^-^ m. anchoring place. Droit d'aiicraj*e, 
"■ ■•'-in^f dhfy 

^'-'^'u /. cwhtr. Partlrs do Tancre, flffrfj rfnn 
''''lOr. >laltjpe*»c ar.cro, Mr jheet nm/ior. 
■r'uhdv ancrt', '•/»<!■ ff^sf ItoiKrv anchor. Ancix- i 
- ^ .Ji , an oncfu/r xzhkh is a lOck-bill. — 
''■''Ti-hc^the ^rnnil fjorverancfitn: l/-s a:jcri-s 
'. K'^V', tketwobo^va' anchors. Anfiv A> Hut, 
. -'' en- /tor. — de jussaut, fii anchor. 
- ''■ '.uutf or ancre k jri, sutmn ttncli(.r or 
' -^'- — de Urre, the shcrr anchor. — du 
'•'^, fi'if aea anchor, or rAui tc/i«// lie* to- 
'"^i the offing. Vaxv: iW Tancre, ^o to; or r/rfr 
' ^'i /J5r. L'ancre are, «r cliaisc. the anchor 
" ' ■^•■f^ htme^the ancftor dnve-t. he vai.^can 
^ s^iit nir ft.5 aliens, the sluh wa. dih-'Uf 
^ ":■• I/ancn- ne vcut pa^ mondpp, tite anchor 
'■' ■ r.ot haid. Lerer Taiicrt-, to xvei^h anchor ^ ta 
^^- '" Brider Tanere. to sficc or to stoio an 
o. her 

" r or Mouiller, v n. to anhor., to cast anchor^ 

'^' i5rT,^r*an anchor 

''^•' r\.\,fp. or Canal des RTiGf»iiJ1^r»'i. limlten 
"■ ■'<-'jrr-}a)lrt. BortLi;<tfS dc* aiij-'ir'H^rri. /'".'• 
''° i^riii. Cordagt; clcs angujltevc-k, tlniUr 

■^ ■" '\^fp. the tcays or btiUd^jewaySt on ivMch 
'^ '(t (rad'e is tr ptyorted ichen Jtfic Le launched 
''■'^ '-It ■wo'er. — d^un canon de counicr, (he 
y : on rphich the ereatj^in which gallaj; tarry 
^'■^'il.tUdtifore andnjl 

■"' "?. a moerihg'rijis;. — dr* corde, n ?lr'p- 

. ' ■•Wff, ruTjriiritf b<ne'''ne knnt. Anncnux 

^ 'irilit?, riii^bcits^ — dr'* 

' Y*. port.rhigf. — des voilt's d'eiai, /rori 

■''I or thanks of a stay-sail. — dc cordcs, 

^ "^^ u"?. — de hois, hams 


• . -"^U ni. G hnud.fpike or Irrw. — dc vingt- 
'!"'■. or du ciilibre de vinc^t-quatre, a hand- 
y! ,' ;' ^f '^"^ for twentu-four pounders 
. '"'e,/ a teftffi yam 

jl); *'• ptrpencBcutarli/. a-peek. Cdte A-pic, a 
' i)W. L'ancre est i-pie, fite anchor is 
J r-v. virer A-pk, f« /i/otr /Aarf » 
1 V'T une Terj^ie, v a. & n. to toft a sail-yard 
Vr^*^^ f^ a yartL Le cable api'iue, the cable 

f,^' '"',*' ^P' '** rmo-locks of a gn'ley, or mwe 
/. C '^'^ ^^ ^^ rvhich tvppoit tiic rotv-locks or 

^ ^Jf' V /n^ fAe krught-hemts^ or 6o«/Grrf rtmier* ; 
» r ' ^^fe-piecet wfuch are nearest the xicm 

! .ort-aux, mp. kevet-fteads 

^i'"^'JX, 7«/fc. f*f wAofe furniture of a ship ) as 
\ r,!li ''^'' ^'w, artUlery^ ntasts, yards, &c. 

\i * ^ ^Ppwaux, the rigging and furniture of a 

Apj :\\\ 1 J, TT. n^ or purrhase. ~ d? • pt-xi i^/^ 

c» d'.* In I'lUif. !h'puiu(i.;,itr 
Apsjaivdi.'.c^e, m. ihr act niul mnnuer of sit'r'ir, u 

Ah'p under tful. taiix- 4cii uppauiiLii^t:, io luui.e 

ur.fl'j f^r sndin'( 
Ap]t:.rtilli"r, r n. to ^rf iirkr inU 
Apii.ivilkx', V a. to /t)r/, to rnnke rrndy for 

ifiilin;^. — uac nn<.Ti'. to fct iraily w (o cicar 

en anchor. — uiic \ nU-, to at uuy iuil 
Apjn I, f>i. n cahic ;.,-/ .min;; 
Ai»i>, Ur, t' n. I^ ca'J' in jk ]'»• do Ni!i.<rd. '^/- <-'/. 

i//- .^ )drr.r ou the tiai bom d b.r,r. Mr.iiu t.\ n- <; •.-i 

ftj-l>.llf df loin, a ro//c xvhuh is J'a^ttnrd at a 

f^i'^f a'htiinre 
Anii%'ncc<,.//'- thecroxcfict of the tops, no'tc nl/Koit 

tiii'r- ly disused 
Aim in III. r, v r. tn grafttde a xli'O 
Ari);il<'.-tj- or dr-chc,y; {uu ndunomicfA insfr';;. :::.■* 


• Arlniiciiii \\\ platform nv^an-'irny 'f a f^cjirn 

• Aii>oi\ r, V rt. \vl>»n r un i!,.«.. /o icpucjct up 
a ninst. — uii puviUon. to iii>i J n l''"j 

• Kr\n\ of JLofrs.iix \^nil'y<. — di.-)- i- 
tre. iun.n mmt of Acb;\- nr.l ■^(.■il-nn. — ;.* 
irijupiiU fore i/Jflir of At 'jics '^v.d f^nlicy,- 

Arc, J /I. Arc d'uii vais- iin, (hf crii)/>ri in;.; of a 
ship's deck or hrcl. •— d'uuc jn-MJc d^- cjn^eruc- 
tion,? (//»/>« J f ofdp'f^r ofl.mher 

An:, « 'ytfu', nn inHrum.'ut. rinftfoyrd by rh ^t- 
7crL(h(s^ to drcnv on Hie ^Uctrs of £/.t 
xvulcs, and such curve iinct 

Are;i»e, f. jt!afifrn!!:>: i'.nti's df V'.^r n ' , 
I/k' parts of a itcni-fmar : L'l liiu'h ivl, r/.' 
itf,rn post ; Ij.* cnutn •» ui...hoid inl'i-Li.:. r. • 
inner pu.t ; I a Iki'* d*li(iu;-dj. rAf rtv';/;' trail (,;.< ; 
Ia l-.-.'.rrc d'ccuivnn. f/.(? cofnif'-r /rau-vm ; li 
fourcitr d'oiivriturc^/it." /o'-.itt /jcrnio'/:,- I^ ! .' •. -• 
du piMnitr pont, r/ie f/r^.t tron'ii.r.i ; — k\ ■ .t 
soutedii nni'Tc, (he fn' frr:<'' .; 
L ^ ^rms li'-Mvn'iM'. f he frcTVTfini-, fiut i}iori '-'f- 
(iaila.-ty (he feivud, third, ajul fv'yfh irnn uiii-'. : 
L< i t j'wMn* or coriiidrcs, the fn:h'cn pieci; ; ! > j 
o!r;ii,- s de corait^rc, the top-tivi/jers of thcf- 

ih'jli jhrrc 

Arcliotil jtit, m. a /wont. — de misaino, /brr-'-'/i'V 
lio-jin in iyuar>.ri;^}:;ffl ^trucls. La-* ;-fi. <•.'•« 
arclxiiiLms. inaiti ,inii fA>oiiLi, or fjoo.nt to '.»'.* k'L 
the bnUiin of tilt rnain-iuUinsquarc^ri^cd ti*- 

An hip<-l. 7n. ArcJipchi^o 

Ar'ohipoir.p",./; the ptrnp.v.'eH 

Ard<?nt, a. <hc cfni/'i'y of i^riping in the sterrr^'e, 
or carry iug n xvet.thtihj helm. Vaissiau aidt i!., 
a grip'ng slap, or a ship uhich carries a itrr 7. ** 
ly helm 

Afi'tv.y. theed^e or nv^le of a sqtinre pkce 

Argane«i», m. rinx^j^it^ anchor-riri'^ 

Arjiiki.f. Fond d'ai'ph-, c/'jj/.ijnii/.'t/ 

• Ar^ousin, m. a pciry officer hi i',nib:i.">. vbotf dir- 
ty is to fx on^ and fake off i lie *\Ci of the. 
s/mrs, mid to prevent their ticrpziii; 

Arisser or Kiss, r, v a. Aris-ier h'; vrr vies, t^ sfrifir 

the loiper yards dorcn upon t lie gunuci^ or i/ou -j 

Annatcur, m. tmner of a merchant ship ; aiso a 

fnr after 
Arin^e na^*al?, /. a larrc fleet of ships of rm 

Lei anneei navalvs, t/te French Jhely ov'tlut : <> 

ritime forces ofFrantr 
Armenu'nt, /n. the equipment or fUtivg out <ij 

ship ^ox of a fleet 
Ariner, vfl. Anner un valr.ipan. io arm a sh:;i /•• 

•war, nr equip Iter for a vflif age. — l* ■< avi. >i^ , 

tv ship the oars, — )ci caujnt;, to food and 't •• 


t * ] 


pnrt the guns. — Ic cabestao, to rig the cap- 


A Ml: tire,/. Armure d'un hmn^ the middle piece of a 
/Motnt nhen made of three pirces. Annures dW 
mil, the side ftines of a nuute mast 

^^nu^ie^, m. tix armourer of a ship of war 

Arqucr, viuto become broken-backed ur cambered. 
Vais.seau arqa^, a broken-lxxkcd ship 

Arr:t dii prince, m. an einbareo laid on shipping 

\ ri-it re, a/. 6* m. o/7, abqfl ; the stem or hind part 
vf a s/iip. Tonibtr en arridre, tofaii asttm. 
lU'stcrde Tnrri^ro, to remain asta^n or behind 
f> f xloiv sniJin^' ; to drop astern. So Ikin- de 
r:iiTirr»'. to U- ahead of one's reckoning. Paw. r 
«Io r.uni r.-, to zo under the stern of a slup. Les 
» ■>!■ >i',- r.-n-irre, the ajlcr tails. F:«ux- vtnt 
f 4 ri< i , . ro A/ ujjf^ ^Atf 7t'/»f/ aft waytertu A^ oir 
\. lit arritn-, to f;o bcfoir the wiiid. Arritre- 
!• r.l'-, Jtci- division 

\inii.a^i-, m. th/^ sttmoagc m the hold. Changt-r 
TarriuiagiN to ruir.nwf(c the hold. Mauvais aJ> 
T\tuni;i'ybad srorcing, or bad trimming of the Itold 

AiTinur, v a. Arriiuer uu vais'ieau, to stow a 
sfup's /told. — If Icjt, to trenth t/^ balUist. 
Vaiiifttu mat arriivie, a ship badly stnved 

\rnin»-wr, m. sttnvcr 

Ariivtrv^f. t/ie mavejnent of bearing awav f al«o 
i/K angle of falling off in trying, or the lee lurch 

Arriver, v n. to bear axvay ; to bear up. — beau- 
coup, to bear away large. Arrire tout ! hard 
a xceathcr ! haid nii .' bear up round ! fTairive 
pas I don't fall off^! luff! keep htr to! have a 
* are ^the lee lurches ! 

An-ondir an cap, v tx, to weather a cape, or tail 
round a cape 

AriL'iul, m. a dock-yardy together taUh Us warren 
or gun- tehmf 

Anillirie,/. artillery. — d'un vaisscau, the ord- 
fiattce of a ship of war 

Artiinun, m. mfien. MAt d^artimon, mixtn mast 

Asi'lthcr, V n. to aMtear dry, as a rock, bimk, or 
ihore. wftcn the tide hnx retreated fi-oin it 

\s,'niblai^, m. rabhetivg. scarf ng^ scoring, ten- 
(.idiii.;, or any wise uni'hig piccet of timber, — 
ik. qu^ue d^hironde, a srvn Ion-tail scorf 

AssiitU'd'un vaisieau,/. trim of a sh'-p 

-\n -iranci', /*. insurance. Chumlirc' d'aswrancc, 
insurance office. Coup de canou d^assurauce, a 
gun fired under proper colours 

A^v.ll•^, a. insured 

Assrir«.r, v a. to insure. — le pttvLllon, to fire a 
gun under t/te ship's proper colours 

Asiurc-urs, mp. insurers, underur iters 

A sirolabe, m. a nocturnal 

Attiiiuire, v a. to join ; to come up ivUh 

Atl( li(rs,n»//. shedt or houses w/inr the sereralar- 
tifv crs work under or in, ay : Altt U' f ik- la e<;r- 
it«ri«'. — dfs poulieiirs, ^cc. t.-iv rofie hQun\ the 
b'.Oik house, or shed, ^e. I 'inirr stood ci w of the 
artlf rrt belonging to each of iKosr shedt, and to 
er:< h pnrtindar triuie or lonftloyntctU 

Atu na^t . m. a landfall 

A UiJT. r, V n. to make the land. Nous atterrAmcs 
iitir U cap I.i-zanl, we made ttw latul at cape Li- 

An nr, V n. to land 

Aitr;ipes//>. relieving ropes or relieving tackles 
uscil in careening s/nps 

Av:^nces, f p. aihxmrc moneij, Trols mois d'a- 
>anon, three months adx^au'rc nionej 

Avuit, ill. &ad. head, ahead, afoic.fonvard, or the 
fure pari of a ihip. \ aiivau sur I'a^ vnX. a ship 
-.1 ///< h is too muth by tiie head. Alh r dt- ra\ aiii, 
to be undrr way, Se tiiire di- ra\aiJt. to he 
nTfni of (^Tte's rtcktniT!:'. De ru\atu i uosis, 

ahead t^f us, Le vent le ranjfe dc ^R^ int. ' 
wind scants. Avaiil d'un vai<M an, chr / ' « 
bno of a ship. — luatgre. a lean bene. — « 1 j o 
afiaring bno. — joufflu or a^nnt m.i , 
Jfluffboio, Avant or totrue avuiit, th- f'-.i-K, 
man in a boat ur gaUcy. Avant ! (< or •. . 
given to the rowers) pull audit : — tn; i 
pull aioay starboard, or puH u-'i'h (he ^.' ; 
oars ! —qui l>eut i pull with iht ours tut' i. 
shipped ; 

AnuiUtKc or dessus du vent, ni. th'i t; ;• ': 
the u'CGthrrgnge of iome w/.r,-',, \ ,,,r . j 
>anti)^e du mmiI, to have f/'ir -.^i.c-un y;, 

Avaul-taJ'-,/ tlic launch of a ih, > vu the ..-. .: 

Avani-j,'an!c, /. the van ifaf. c: 

Avnrie,/- awra^c ; anc'iurngr 

AnSoiir or Au!iur, «i. the .m// of dumber 

A^l^;l• A i.:ijiulron, /. tar btu^^.tt 

AvLUi;:lir, V a. Av( us-kr u.u' ^oj.- d\-iii, ♦•; ', t 
any temporary ui^iuncr of ''/-/'^/v.' ''•' •-' ^■ 

Avirun, m. oar. — d.- ^-riitMc, oar f.i' n . ' 
leij. l*nrtivs de ravira.s. t/ir/i.'r/t f^j' (:\ < 
Le inaiichc or •le Jpruii, f/ir imn lie ; I..- i r 
the arm or inner ^m c ; 1>< piai cr l.i ; i 
theuash or blade; *l.n iu« itilli or niuii-i i. , ( 
aw impicmeiU tuiiled to the v:r, for a ui.. .. 
^ men to hold it; ■ La tjclaMrne, a j 7i 
piece (f wood nailed on each i.dc the ocr, tcj"-' 
veiU its gai'itvg Oj^nhist tlic 'iio-e. and to *:rt ',, ! 
en it in that p'lrt. Avinnis a cottj)!c-,<id v-^ :ui 
ed oart or si idler f. Avirous a pointe, ours 

Anronnorie,/. the oar-nmkcrs^ shed 

Avironnui-s, m p, oar-tnakers. Mmtlre a^ir. n 
iiier, mtufer oar-nmkrr 

Aviuiillemcnt, m. victualling 

Aviuiiller, v a. to victual ; to furnish tci;h r:i 
tuals; to store 

AvitadKur,;/!. a comnussioner of the victusll--^ 

AuTolt c,/. the act of iprir^ing tfie luff, or n \. :"i 
to the luff. KaiiL uuc aululee, to sprr.i^ . 4 
luff . 

Aunionier, m. rhap!ain 

All plus pit's, fid. VI u(i plus pix's du rent, c"..- ^ 
the r.'iui!, iloy.-.'i'i'i'.ci!. ^:uv».au au plus j' i 
a ih p da- hnnal, n Jirr-ii-'itmrned ;h h. < '. i 
Vi r:n :ui pJin j n s I AfV/* iicr as ilo^r as j/t ;. 
be! kerp IC' I ,: 

Auriquf, a. \ oil.-s auriquti, sho: \ier-qf-uiu;:-' 
SfUi<e, brnviifk-.t ^ai!-, :\in\ turs'uls 

Aiio*iiOtro,;K. uU-ta'.e vf t!:c ii:lcr 


nAr!i»RD m. <f rrL Icthor.rd. B«b.)»>! tr ! 

IvvU'.vix!' ;?. ./.- Uiilc'- (I \.ot^h. F«-u l;'i*-' ' 
{ru)»,l 'J //.. -•.,••/'.■.•■,} Art- 'he .?«.?.> c^■ ' - 
Ir.noi.i.l V >.' i;..b.ji,l ur babord la U- ' 
(fl ccviru.i,U to the poit th( /..- / 
— uu {..ill port n .' — tou: I !.ai <! c; 
Av:uu l.ljudi {nrtttiur.aiitjitod'ieioiS'V^ ,- 
to lai'-votil' Hi:i%siT V.t'ionl, to hrO'C .'u 'y-' 
board. l.r;i-;-,i; Uil.'.r^i ! Iidce to lai'jt.:'- 
\\o'w\> - ;!r;-ii;r s ik lvii»f.n':, to 'if upon . ' • 
ftv'ird fn'i. CtH.rr Ini'.Kin! an vi-at, pavs r . 
Ixi'Minl. to iwei to port 

I?;u*.'ilav lit p. or lonrbos di- bacnlas, a ior- :, 
s'nu»L'\t, Knees (.■■>i tiie deck ofagailry or .^ ■ /•. ' 
proi'-r.'u:^ fivui each side af/orrr the ruip-i'> ^-f 

Eadi nic, J. ixr.f. — dii buuniltt di» Di^^ 
v« r.'pn.>, i!'j','<\.'i: cffhr' )::ait 

B:ipM . rn. a s'-a-ioUi 'jUildin^q fw the gr.l'''j - -' ■ 

BAR [5 

- Hariif s/A •'■ anneaux den voilt-s d'i:Ui\JtanJc4 

1 i^r^uTtas fl/'fl staysail 
!'-.'u-, /. a hey tub. — a«» sondtN a half tub 

"r Vxrjtrt fo hold the plummet and it fie on ttte 
' k retuiyjtr soumiUig 
•ij, cT Bojon. m. a turt of tiller 

L ijiciT le» v(^es. V a. to Oalaitce ; fofo!tl up part 
r! ■: sail at one ctmer 

ta^incjers m p. tr baJaiick-rs tie bwissole, ^/mi- 
n ^.U ef a tea etiopfut. — dc Iamp«, gitnmaU 
t-fc Linp 

ta -atuK-t, /■. f//>j qfa^ni!. Fnti^es balanciru^ 
'^ cui ///f^ ojt/ie yardt.;iiicin»-i de g^runde 
vrn,T.T. the main Itfli. — de niisaiiie. i he fore 
fy ^ — du graml IjunK-r. tfir 7iiaiit-tep tijit^ 
- <Ju petit huiiier, tJie fore-(up Ufti. — du 
rroKl pt nroquet, ffie ntain-tojt ^^nlicixr ///>#. — 
cu {►«« prrroquK, the fore-iolt-gai'anf lifts, — 
Ha. \tMrs^«e st-clie, tlt£ a'04t-jaik iijts. — du 
I' m .qut t dc foupti'.'. the fiifztiHop 1>J' j. — dt la 
]^ rr.klK-, the nuzen-to;/-finl.'atif Uju. — de la 
« A :;di'>T<r, f/jf .fprii-^aU iijU^ or UfU of titc ipi U- 
t^:'i ynrdt 

r-t! in, m. badaH 

■' -l<;, eur, m. nrc-Ww, rirerprr 

. iU.y, ni. ^ri/ o/"ff ihouldir-of-nnittui sail 
'- . /". the beacon or iijoi/ o/'« nhoal 

;.>■.-,» o. Baliser uue ims^r-, un canal, &c. f/<tf 
^■^* oj putting up beacons in a c/iaiiurl^ trc, 

• U n. m. a sort of galley or bar^^e nfSiam 

i^ 'ill-, in. Kane de wbJe. Nlc. sandbank. — de 
L-.icv, i iUtud af icc^ or Jield of kc. Doinur A 
'r^^t^ qiielque banc, to run aground^ to 
.'' 'Ae the satidx. Banc de ranieurs, thivarts or 
•'^.'f i/rcmrrs. —de quart, a bfurh placet! on 
J in French ships, for ttte queers 
■■■ "umir^nd the 7va.'c/i, C/'< . 

' ; • i;i%H-./. a seat in tlie after part of agnlley 
'/■sad ihe ttenij for tin: man that sits at the 

■.■<•, f. rm^f, rfff of rocks vuder ivatcr 
^ - I ./ tlw iide of a ship. Vais«». au a In bando, 
/ /' laid on htrr careen, Ddiimr k la Ijande, to 
>:. Touibcr, mater 4 ia Iwndf, to leefall. Le 
yii-»tau douuc a la bande sur IwIioi-d/^Ar ship j 

.y -W. or fiOOt-<(^>pini; of a ih'p. liaiith du \ 
• ■!•.' 6r.c. f/ir nartliVi n shore, trc. oj an isitmd, j 
^ ■■•,-» dt-s rii, reef ban 'Is. — ilr iVr, «07i j 
/ r in general. Jiu baiMlt! amc^n: let };o . 



rmr, /or tp/i/VA /rf iipunijfied by the /orr . " 

cording tot lie imtH/rlamc uf tlte ca>e 
Barbe,y. Biirbe d un bordaffe, zvotnlen ends of n 

plank. — d'uii miiweau^ entrance, forefocr oi 

a ship. Mouiller ca borbe, to came to ipnu 

ttpo anchors a/iead 
Bardis, /. -water boardt, or •weatherboards^ used 

when a ship is to he laid on a ca> ten 
HsLV^v^f. a rn'cr barge^ with a fat baffom 
Barque,/, bork^ or boat ; also a tort of vessel in 

t/ie Mediterranean sea. — druiie! tritn thr 

■ r une vi/jlf-. V c. to line a sail at the cdises^ \ 

rder to tircirifhen it 

. 'tnjllr./. n serf of hrond (Kudant ckft in two 

"■l^alUyi (lioiv buf of use) j 

i'i'liirc, f. stfindard. e:i '!j.;ti, /frg. or ioiot,rs. ' 
"'!•' de Isiiidiert, a linefi-rturd cbn:f:::t ! 

iii«!in».m/i. Iij)>din4(!i- rt-jMl"'. fuJuJi''. owl 

' -'(radts plfh.e<i on thf: liirLjunl and scj 'jucnl 
'i' . t/n rtni'ga! r!f afoir I hi' ' niio//;/. — il. hi 
' 1^-, the fi'itiji'rtitUs v.'hi^h duk llie tides of . 
'■ (.'livis, mp. the rails 'if the nboie-tncn'ioncd 


■ iiit-jv. f. a sort offl'jg or hrwil fKntlar.t ch p \ 
'••^o, irhirh is Uied to <>; hoi ted of I hi hnd of ; 
'' loffen yards in a raicgai'nj. » Mi ttn- I-. s ' 
f- <i:ii'. in buunici-e, tu let fy t/ie sheets of 
''' >ii;iy,ijllanJ it ids j 

"'^iiif. ia.^ 

•r ii rie dc \K\\v-m.f. a terun of fate tiscd in the 
'r.irr.tir^ e.ifjicfuug tf.>rchn'.i and nicks 7:7 r/i 
•y 'f citiplQijed bfj the tunstir of a merch'iut < 
' t'-f'trcHif^z'.iing or tilimnf^ art'/ pan oj t!,r 
■■■:*', or iii/fcring )'; fo be v<vn(i;-rt{ i.'j the iinp's 

tU . 

beat.' — a eau, -watering boat. — d'avi%, r;//- 

vice boat. — de deswntc, /laf-bottomed b(Mt. 

— de vi\andit. v, provision boat, bum boat. — < n 
fagot, boat in frame. — Ioiikui-. or double chu- 
lotjpe, sort of pinnace^ large lo.tgbcct 

Barqu^, /. a boat fidl of any golds or stores. — 
de lest, a boat full ofbalUuty retkoned to be often 

Barre,/. Barrw d'arca-sscs, transoins. Banv (f'l 
preinu r pout, iIk deck transom. — de la sotitr 
au utattre canonnier, the Jirst transom. — ilti 
gouveniaiL.f/ir tiller of the helm. J>n»it la Ikuti- .' 
rig fa the helm .' liabord la barre I port the hnn. ' 
Barrcs de cabesiaa, ft^r* of the capstem, — f\r 
huuk^cross-tirrs^and trestle trees. — niuitrc-s s 
dc huue, trestiO'irees. — tnivn-sieros de huiu-. 
cross-trees. — de i>trroqutt.s or (.n.iietns. r ; c- 
trees of the top-masts. — dV eouulle. hntth hur., . 

— de paaneaux il\'conrine, cartings or /tv/r> v 
placed fithwart under the coven of the lia'cn-iin't . 

— de porte,^«fi-/^o;t bars. Uarri dc trclmtru ■ , 
a staff set across tlir. main and ft re shroiui, /or 
the lower catdunpiugt {not nuuL met fin Erif,''^./t 
ships). — d'un p«trt, the bar of a harbour, 
BArtvsde vircvaut, handspikes^ fjars of a it />;<.- 

Barrcr, v a, Barrer un port, to teture or drfni! n 

harbour. byJUing a boom across t/te nmun »/ d 
Barril, m, small cask or conn 
*, or Barrilais, mp. a diitinctivc Urn 
for those artificers who ivork the 'mrrr/, t.ini t. I 

stnnlf caskSy the others being ieparatfd and i alcU 

BiUTot de coltia, m. collar-beam. Barrotsde pouu, 

beams of the liigher t'aks 
BurrolC'^a.ftUltothe //earns; an rpifhet iifurh it 

given to a -vessel which is much laden, or cit-i ■ 

lade /I 
BaiToUT, V a. BaiToter un vaUsf au. to fJU a vct- 

sel up 10 the beami. or to overload n ship 
Bancjtiii*, m p. ledges. — dc cuillclK>i;.<, Icdt'ci cf 

tlie gratings 
Bas, a. Vaiss au de bas-bord, a loiv built tr «■?(•■'. 

N. n. Don't mistake this word for bab<.>iil, it /iu * 

signfies lHrl>uui\l. 
Bas dc soie, ni p. {ivCiicnUy) iron garters; f.'tcrj 
Bav-lond. n». a shal'o.v ; ajlat ; slmcl 
r>nsse ni» r, low nia'rr^ the last of (he if,h 
B'.'ss; s-\ ♦lilu's, the courses^ or prlnnpal lover sads 

of a ship 
Biisse or Batture,/. a ridge ofroeks^ sand bat,!,,, 

^c. uith breakers ; aj'at or .?hofd 
Bawin de port, in. ba.*in. or a sviull harf,oiir. tn:/)- 

in a larger one. Ka^sin or <<»riiic potir le r-.d. -m » 

el r ionic dc's vaiv><-aux, Stc. basin if a doi A, ci- 

a dry dock 
•Basict, m. or qucnouillettc de» h\nht\m, foit- 

Imk staff 
J\',\!iUn^:\[:ii\7n. nctfingf ffitarfrr-irai ff nurl fonra - 

tic maiiig and paiiifcil rluth^. AU...j/,r a-f -./ 
j hfnricading a ship. Filtis de b;is!iii;,.>i;' , j.;: 
! ''".? 

I ]':(Hini^u-run vai«! au, v a. to harrlade a sb'p 
\ n.kiuiUc,/. BulaillenavaU', a jw/y ,£//.". Co.i". ik 
A 2 


[ 6 ] 


iKitaille d'uno ar.iiec, cnUreff a fnt. • Ver- 
Rtiin i-n bntAille •ranU-iiiin cnhnuillf, ihe thu- 
r'ion of'i/ie latcfn yards q/" a gaUcj tthcn placed 

Jii'itiinl, m. BAtiiiTl d« nic«^e, parrtl r^pe, or 
tnits I 

• Hit in!r , f. {in gnllrys) a smaller toteen tail utrd 
in hiorchig nfother 

Bai mli'llvs, /*/>. squnrc-^ttmed rmvgnlleyf 

IJiiU) olcs, fp. gtfinchiofu 9f the netiiug, ov to mb- 
port thf mcniniz. Moiilain de batnyo'.es, the 
t*aruhions. Fibn'ctit or line-* de biitayuk-«, the 
taiU rf the netting. Bfttaynlcs dtrs liuues, 
ffaiKhient ^tfie netting ofthe toht 

r:iti-jui, m. ftoat^ a penrrai name ^ ntony sorts of 
sninll itssHs. — k voiles ft k mints, rvtv-bargc. 
— A f'oiW jAtkt.p'ame, — d'offiw, a small booty 
or i/mt'f, employed htj ships of vsir for bringing 
/noxijions ,from shore, — p.'cheur, a Jisn- 
Inj^hoaf. — kstfur, a hallast liahter^ at a boat 
t'hployed to carry bnlfast ; tltey are generally 
marie to carry ten tent, and fniercn to be so 
yi'irh loaded by a rvnter-Hne 

liAiiiDOiit, m. a r^estel of any kind. Bitiniens 
civil*, the biulUin:'t, ivare-hoiiset, shedt^ 6*c. 
in a royal dork-yard. Ini*;t-iiie(ir d( 5 tKtiirocus 
piiiU, an engineer^ ova tort or arcUtiect^xchose 
eliarge is to direct the masons* work in a dock- 

BAtou, m. HAton do foe, jib boom. — de flainrae, 
the stick or stock xc/ikhspreaih the inner part of 
a /tfudant. — de Rnft'e, the stUk or staff of a 
boni /look. — de pirou< tti', a spindle or sin^of 
a vane at the most liend. — d*lii\ <r, a s/iait 
staff, put up in\-tead of the topgnlinnt mast, in 
iviu'cr time andb^ixceathcr^ nhich b now dif 
I' rtv/. — dViifteigne, or tie ^viMon. Jtngstaff, 
or enrign- staff. ' — d^ conuiiandeiuciit,r;iW^fi- 
ffnffat the tntut headi 

PuiiUint d'un ynTiliuii, m. fly of an endgn 

Hatuiiit, o. Vnissenu batiant or vaiss au bien T>at- 
tniit, a rea boat {said only of shipt of tiar), or n 
ship nhich carries her gutu at a proper height 
out of tlie water 

Uiiti. ric, f. tier or broarLide of a ship. Pre- 
iiiivlr^ iMiterie, or haiterie !>««?, t/ir loivest atni 
nertviest gnnt. VHittenn qui a uiie lielle bat- a ship thai carrier her poits a profter 
h ,', 'J/ anit of the water. Vni?» -au tiui a ta b»t- 
f 1 t no) ee. a ship tliixt carries h-r /tor's too near 
t.-i- Ttirfoce of the nhfrr. t'e vniMeau n 5 jiieti* 
* pou^'i « Ic !Mtteri»s tha' ship carnes her /oTp^jf 
jemidcck ports 5 feet 8 inches ah'jvc (he turf are 
n/ 'h. ivater. Mi ite/ la hHtterie dtlior*] /v,fi 
///• A'liW* out ! Mt tie/, la Uutterie ditlans .' run 
'/»' ,^<n/ in ! 

\y. U\iw'.f. a fla.'or shalloio 

i. iiitHiit'^n.-, f. damps in ship-bul'dins[, or inner 
'ticnks, on which the bcanis of a ship irst upon 
III r ^-idrt 

h .11, m. beam. — de dale, lundiioit, aflmost 
'/•y/ ». — dc \tif^ foremost beam. — de p<mt, 
lUrk-beanu — de phnclurde cable, beam qft/te 
cr.'t'c-.tage. Dentbtnii, hclflienm. MnUrc-bau, 
uii.'.ihip beam. Bun du cultis, tiie cvllar beam. 
F:ttivhiiux« orkp beams 

TVr,r,/. bay 

Is .luprt-. m. hmvsprit. Mflt do bt atipn^, bonv 
iprit master bowsprit. Bout de iKuuprt-, a 
■naif jib boom or bowsprit in merdtant ships. 
r- lujire nur \yon^v, close behind {said of a ship 
i.^liirh is so near tlte stern of anotlter, that the 
f^oiiiprft of t/te former hangt almost ev€r the 
i(trn of the Uttt'ir) 

Btc, m. BfC d'un ancre, biU of on anchor, ^^r. 
— dVinc taitane, the beak ovprow oftontc laftrc- n. 
vciseis. — de corbiti, a rave-hook or »-•,'»■ 
ptng-iron, or an instrument with which tJtc 
cmilkers t/ie old oakum out of the setims 

Beuis*o,/. {a large boat) a sort of S/tanis/i ^s^frr 
navigated in the bay of Cattix ami adjaccri: 

Bilandrt',/ bylander (a Dutch vessel) 

Belle or KiuUlle, m. main deck or ivaiMt 

Berccau, m. a cradle 

Btriit;, f. En benie, ttd. o-trq/L Mettrc \e pa- 
vilion en b< rne, to hoist the ensign with a tcti/>. 
to set up the fag 

Besu^ii, m.lnad'»T figure on the prwfy t«r figure 
ctihe head of a ship 

'l\'\.U\f.or Mjirk-mJoi>o, a small fU^-bttmned haat 
11 hich ycri'cs to carry away tlte mud which i^ 
heaved from the bottom 

Bidou, m, a can 

Hitint, m. A-liidot, ad. the sitttatitn of a kacrri 
sail when abt:rk or lying upon the mast. t»r 
ivh'-n its yaid is (Mtfcather of the mast • Cn> i x 
tie bidot, {in galleys) a cleat for the bowline* ^' 
the lateen yards 

Bij^ls de racafje, m p. ribs of a parrel 

Bi^ii i,f p. s/icers, such as ore set up to hetroe in 
their places the frames and timbers of o ship en 
tJte stocks, and for other purposes iti the dock- 

BilUtrd, m. a billiard, or an iron bar used to dries: 
the iron hcop* of tJie mntts and yards 

BUIanIt r. v a. & n. to drixx the iron hoops of the 
mastSi &c. by means <f the billiard 

Bilier, v a. to fasten a rope to a 6eon», in order 
to ride or toftv a boat 

Bis"ayenne or Ciialouue Biscayennc, a Biscai/an 
lovghoat or btnxa loi^a 

Biscuit, m. Itiscuit^ or sea bread 

BitonI or Bistor, m. f.vine^ sputt-yam. —Wane, 
nhi/e t.r unfarrcd spun-yarn, — goudroiine, 
tarred spun-yanu — de troii fiU, three-yarn 

BhivH,fp. the bits or main bits, Montana de« 
blitcs, tlie bits. Tra versin dei bitte«, the croj',- 
picre. Cdussin dc.1 biites, /A«y7r-/m/n;or doi.- 
hl^tig of tltc bits. ConrJies den bittes, tite sfari- 
dards of the hits. Cht % illis ^ boiicki i>our h-» 
bov<; -^ dt s cables, ritig-baltsfor the sttppers of 
llif cables. Tin{wu or Comolet, cleats to the 
crofs-piece. Cnx-lu ts dti bittes. haxps or /tooAs 
tofnjten the iross-puxe. Parties du vaisiiiHU, 
\ clsiut s dt s bitt« s, ftarts of the ship near the btfi .• 
B..IIX du prcinirr poiii, t/ie mam deck hennu ; 
BtirJaires dj cc pout, th'- blanks of tlie sru.i 
di'ck ; liau\ du plancbt-r de la foss*- nux cabU <, 
the Ixams of the cnbie-itage; Bojtli*;.-. » di- ce 
l>!ajiclier, the p'ankt of the rnlA*'-.:r;i:e ; IJjiux 
dii planc!icr il-.- Li r«)<s<.' nux lions, the Ur.m^ tf 
th" platform ctt'.'rd f.issi; aux lions, in FiTfu'h 
ships of war ; B«)nlnr:tB de ce plaUplMr, the 
plonks of the said phif.rm; Vni-aM-tic d- 
l>orfMU^ or foTjd du vaisseau. the ridm or 
sh'p X lnAtom ; P!cnutllle de l» ^ov*- ar.\ \'<ov%, 
tlie hatchxvay of tfte a^wiv-nteiiiutietl platiu) n. ; 
Etanibrai du milt de misaine, the partners vf 
the fore mast 

Bitter le caltle, t» o. to bit the caNes 

Bittons, m p. tlie toft-tail-theet bits^ the nigU- 
heads, kevel-heads, and the like 

Bitture, /. a bitter of the cab'e 

Blanc, a. white or uniarred {said ofcorilage) lines 
and yarn 

Bleu, a. OfBci«r bl«u, an officer in the Frateh via- 


[ 7 ] 

uo u 

T^rj. rui in emutant empUifmentt nmr ham»g 

r'.j TTink 

! 1 n "er Holier, m. a -wooden machine uteri f drive 

■> TTd^et under a shifi^t bautm, when she is to 

'- l-ruTurhed^ or for such pxtrffses 

J-r, -o a. Blinder un vawseau, f em>er the 

/ V tide wieh fenders •[ «W cMes f preserve 

frrnn an enemy's skstf when en^loyed to 

■ ■''"td a harbour, trc. 

^ •; i<-r, V a, Bloqaer an port, f bhek up a part 

<-. m. aleg-iine 
i- i s "n. xcasdat timber, — de ch^ne, oak. — de »• 
;• :i./r. — dr puk^pine. — de tUleul, iime. — dc 
\^ i^Xt^tpopiar. ^d'onneau or orme, eim. — 
<i' imyetj wabutt-trte wood. — de cht^ne vetil, 
it-r-aak. — d*ac^oa,niaAi|^ony. — decWiv,«fe- 
ctrr. — de njac, ligmtm-vitat. — d« construc- 
i>. ri, timber fir ship-builiSng, — de haute Ai- 
Ui.\ ttrayfht timber. — courbans, compass^itn- 
v^. — d'animagc Jte A0m-»o«/ en^ourtf m f Ae 
.'i-ring «/* rfe ^1^ — fie rebut, refuse-wood^ 
vrJioswkichisnotJkfor service in the dock- 
,-rdi. — de chaafuirE', Jb-0sr««d!. — ded^nao- 
lii un, dd timber, broke up frvman oki ship. 
> ii-v du bob, ta make a provision of wood for 

ne,f. bottomry 


_ '. calm we ather, still teeather 
.-•ntij, m. steady breeze, fresh gate 
.lit jiL, m. V. Bouee, buoy ^ an catcher 
I itt de la^ie, m. suift ^rtnamg ; fine rimer 
' ii.i-voj^iic, wi. a volunteer rower ma galley 
L ! n' tu 1, fp. studdmg-sails. — baues, tl>e Imv- 
rr •titddingsails. — de hunien, the top^scU 
'fuihiing'tails, Laccr lajtonnctte, to lace on 
r*-.f Cermet tf a sail to its pnimipal part 
P li-iour, m. afacoundUe turn or ^wing 
^ rij . m. board, or the ship^s side ; also a board in 
tt-rrhng. A-buid, aboard, on board, or on ship- 
^Tii. Vwsaeau de haut bord, ship, vessel. 
V)isicau de ba« bord, galley, and any loxc-bidU 
Ti\ Chuiger le bora, uettre k l^uire bord, 
: ri % iivr) to tack about, to veer. Faire un burl, /o 
Tr.cxc a tack. Coorir le metne bord que leunt-- 

> 1. t9 stand on the same tack with the tnewu. 
H: r.dre le bold, to come to an anchor in the 
p^n where the sfdp is to be laid up, Etrc bord 
"jr bord. ctn- wr les bunk, or courir des bonU, 
«s p:y to windward by tacking. Bon bord, mau- 
^<ii-> bold, good board, or bad board. Bonl i^ 
L m-, bord au lar^, standing in, statuli'tg off" 
i'.'^re. Vlrerdeboid, K. Virtr. Bonl-A-bonl, 
r i-fvjide fgaid of two ships). Passe du 

> "'iidt.- sur le bord ! man tlte side ! Bord dc la 
! r, the tea share, the strantl 

i^' r^i^, in. pUmk, ship-boards. Franc bonla)^, 
<i^ iitle ftltmks. Boidage dc ^unA^planks of the 
^^'»m fix floor. Bonlage dci pouts, planks of 
'-:'. decks 

'^t^Hr./. one board or tack. Courir k petius 
i'-nli-ts, to ply to windward by small boards. 
!i : !ce,a broadtfde, Courir U i^andc bonltn*, 
li. <"t a watch of half tfie ship's crew, usually 
'^'cU ho ten-watch 

I^ J'-It, va. Bonder un vws^eau, toplank a ship. 
- !• \ (luDts, to lay a sfu/is deiks. — k clin, to 
[>l''!k a vessel vith dindter-tvork. — luie voile. 
f* 'J.'/y. or haul afl the slteets ofmvj sail. Bur- 
"'• r K brauor au vent, to trim the sails by 
!'f uintt. Burde Tariinion! lujul the mixcn 
'^'•rf* f,nt tifl, or close aft ! or set the mizen! 
H'ipd^T one ^coute, to ttdty a sheet. — les avi- 
r.'i^, f ship the oars 

K r !< ^, r, V n. top^ to vindward by board* or by 

Bordirr, a. Viusseau bordier, a lap-sided ship 

Bopdijqiic,/. fl crmel, or a sort of pen,formed by n 
barrier of staktt and hurdles on the tea coast, for 
taking fish xcUhm it 

BonJurt-, /. or R«>nlant dMne roile, the foot of 
a sail, or the bottom or lower njge of a sail, mea- 
sured from one clue to anot/ter in tquare saiLt, 
and from the tack to the due in lateen or otiicr 

Bossag^', m. crooked timber for knees, &e. 

Boufiiian, m. iiuarter. master^ s mate^ or one oftlio 
boatswain'' t latt motet in French thips 

Bosser, va. & n. Bokser le cable, to stopper the ca- 
ble. — Tancre, to Haw the anchor upon thr 
bow. Bosse ! an order to the sailors who tire haui- 
ing upon any rope to Hopper or belay it 

Bo&ses, / p. Hoppers. — du cable, ring-ropes, 
or Hosiers of the cable. — 4 bouton, knotted 
Hoptters. — k ^j^lette, stsffters with lan- 
iards. — k fouet, stoppers for the rising 
made use ^ in time of action, when the shrouds 
or other ropes of consequence are cut by the nu> 
my^s shot. — de chaloupe •r de canot, Aoar 'jr 
painter or mooring robe, loot rope. Senv-bo»»e, 
tn. shank-painter. Boate dcbout or Bone de 
boMoir, the anchor Hopper at the cai-heod 

Bostoirs, m p. ctst-heads 

BoL, m. a Duuh boat 

Botte, /. En botte, «/. m frame. Cfialoupe en 
botte. a longboat in franie. Futaillc eu botte, 
a ceufc in fittme 

Boucauier, a. Fusil boticanier, a kind qf sea- 
mu*ket. Fusil demi-boucaiiicr, another sort of 
mutket of a shorter bore 

Boucuut, m. fl dry cask 

Bouches,//>. the mouth of a river, ortU eiuraure 
of a narrow channel or passage, trc. Ex. : Ia-% 
bouches du Nil, the mouths of tlte Mir ; Les 
bouches dc Boniface, the Hrnits tf Hot: /ct/o 

Boucliin, m. extreme breadth ^ a iUipjmm vut- 
side to outside 

BoucW'i, f p. iions, shackles, bilbocf. Meltre nn 
niatelot %a\i% boucics, to confine a sailor^ to rUip, 
or imt him in irons. Boucles de sabonl, poit- 

Boudin, m. tlx middle rail of tlte head in rrcnrh 
ships, so naniitia'cd fl om its round fornt. T/ii* 
piece is not knonin in English ships, ichose /tmat 
are iHJfereu'lij cdunitd. Alio a grjieral runnv 
for any rails of a round Jornu * Boudin du 
irinqutrin, a rail opposite to the xoater-tvuy^ or 
deck of a f,ol!ey 

Boute, /. liiioif. — f^niie k riI%pa^ole, m 
buoy ri^L'd after the Spanish fanhun. — d«; 
liej^, a cork buoy. — de bout de init, 7c«o//. 
en huoy, fanned of the end of a mast, stream 
buoy. — dc bnrjl, can buoy, nun huoy. — dc 
•nuveta;?!*, a buoy of safety nuu.'e u^e of in 
French men of war, to throw over Ouard ivuen 
any otie falls into the tea 

Bout^, m. the rounding or convexity of the bemns 
and oilier like pices. — vertical de ia li>sc 
d'hotirdi, the rounding up of t/w iviug trau^'i.n. 
— Iiorizonuile de In Iiki- dliuurdi, the ruuiuU 
ing aft of tlie iving transom 

Bouillar, m. *5«ct//, cloud charged uiihivinu and 

Btniiet, m. bullet or shot. — mme or k dcax 
Utri, bar snot or doutjlrd-ticndtd j, hot. BouicU 
entliainf's, cr liouleU A TuD^'-e, rhuiii-'diot 

Bouline,/. bouUne, tack, Ulir.c. — d'- rtv. rs, 
t/ie lee bmvline. Patt(^ dv bf.Milrx , fjii'i'iof 
the boxvUnc. Hcrwaux do bDuIiuL. cnughi of 
tlve borwUne. Aller Ji la tK)iiUne, to sail -i.i'.ti <i 
starM wind, or (• stal close to the ulnd. Vt hi u.- 


iKMifine^ a Kont wind. C««rir to boolinr, rv 
run the Mntdtbe. Bmnche dc bouKne, bH- 
dfet. BouUne d'pn bai, Ineer arm •/ the knee. 

— sup^rieure d^unc courbe, upper part of a 

BooJiocr, va.&n. Bo«1iii«r une voile, /• k^d a 
mil r» the windverd. VwBsoatj qni houline 
Ymtsiy or boii bouUnkr, a good plyer. Mauvais 
bouluiier, a leeteard th'P 

Boulon, m. square boUf^fu 9ea<arriage,ondin 
general aU square boUt 

Bouquets, m p. fkre-tAwarts^ Jhre-sfteete ^ a bmt 

Bouroer une voile, v a. to carry a sail cunsed up^ 
or hauled *f in the braiU 

BouTniiqae,y. a visient squall ^ wind 

fiouiTelet, m. puddening of a mast^ or dolphin of 

Bouacoie, m tea eompast, a nautical compass. 

— affbl^, erroneous or defecftve compass 
Boat, m. Bout de Benuprt-, a jib ftooni inedfor a 

bo ws prit in small vctscts. — dt" borriage, butt 
of a plank. — de vtiT^c, yardarms. — 
de corde, n^V end. fiouts de corde, cat 
f^ nifte tails. Boat pour bout, ad. Filer Ic 
cable bout pow bout, to veer away the cable 
end for end 

Boute-reu,m. lint-stock. Bontc-hors, m. a general 
name for Jirebooms, arid other booms. Boutc- 
hors &e boimeites, the studdjng-sml booms 

Bouteillem f p. the quarier^galleries of a sMp. 
Cid-de-Intupe des bouU'illct, lower ffrustung i^f 
t/te quarter galleriet. Fausse-bouteiTle, fcw^grf 

Bouton, nu Boiiton d\m canon, the button, rat- 
cabel or ponUglion of a cannon. Boutom dV tai 
ft dr toumevin-, motttes oftlie stays and voynl. 

— dfs boMes, the knots^ or crowning of tlte 

I?oM r, m. a kind ^ ntvch sloop 

• lii-ftgot, m. (ifi gaVeyi) pauiant of the braces or 
vanf^ of a lateeti yard 

Era^e, /. span. — do canon, t/ie breechinM of 
a crrnnon. 'firer A bnijjnc s^he, toff re ivitn the 
breeching shortened^ in order to prevent the f;uns 
racoUiuf: too much in a high sea. Bm^ue dt* 
LouAerjiuil, rudder-stopftcrSy made use of in 
i-rcnch ships to pret-rnt tlie rudder from being 
rjtfd out of Us place. — p»Hir lancer un 
> ai^ikfAU, n (arge span used in rfock ynrtis to help 
?iaulhig a ship down in the operation of lauiu h- 
infi her ; t/Us putxhase is applied to the sh'>p'*s 

Biii^net, m. a rope sfrr'ing to take fiold of the href 
oj a to/jvMst. to help tlie txp-r^ie^ while the ninst 
is fMtlitig up 

Br.ti, tu. /tifrh. — pris, a sort of tar^ or pifrh hfjuid by mixing it with ollur compoii- 
(lont. — sec. pitch 

Tuiit s, //>. coats of the mnsft, he!m<oats 

i'.i-milf. m. or Hnnmc, hammwk 

BniriK -!>as, nu Falio Lraiili-bas, (he art qflathhf; 
and tttki7}gdoun nlltlte hanmwchit f.tiivecn dtrKs^ 
in order to prepare for evufi^rtucnf. cr ofhemisc 
to clear the ship. RrRril'-i»;;s ! up all fifiminuks! 

Er.>i. m p. biaves qf the yards. 1a s ETsnitls brjs, 
or \i.% hvM »K> lii p;i-nncle ▼« n^ii:*. the mniti bvr,irj. 
L' s bras de la liiisaine, the fore btncts. — tlu 
frranU liuuk-r, dtr main'lop bracrt. — dii 
pitll hun'wr. ffic fore-top braces. — du s^iinid 
puToqiift, ths main-f(^hgnllavt brrrref. — <'u 
pttii p« iToqnet, ffic furefop-gnHrmt braret. 

— dn peiToqmt volniit. the main-tv/t- 
gal'nnt rtmnl braces. — dii ]»etit pt-rroqii'. t 
\<ilaTit, tie for<'fo;'-;;at/nnt royal binces. — 
di' hi ver^-n'e iecho. the crassj<u:k fjrncc.f, or 
6ra:cs of tf.c noTvJctck yard. — dtj j>. n-> 

[ 8 ] 


^et dc fongue, the mixen-top brace*. — d 
lajieiTUche, tlte mizmttpgaHant braces. - 
de la civadiM*. tfx spntsail braces. Ki??* 
Iirai, preventer braces. Bras du rent. Tree A. 
irare. — d'une onere the anchor anu 
• Fiiire bon l»nu, to square the yards 

• Bnisiller, v n. to sparkle, speaking of the ^a 
La iiHT brasille, the sea sparkles | 

Brasse,/. afhthom^ or measure of Jive Fremr\ 

BrasK r or BniMcver, va.trn,to brace any yar^ 
Brassf tribord! brttce to starboard.' — oj 
vi nt, brace the sails in I or haul in tfte xvetrf^r 
bi'oeef I — quarrc ! sqimre the wiiti. 
*-- A eontre! brace the sails a-hack .' - 
tout k euler] lay all Jba a-back .' — sous h 
vei.t ! hatd in the fee braces .' or brtwe the ycrrh 

Bni»6Tag;e or BraMai^*, m. the act qf brainy tht 
yards ; oho the inner quarters of a ynrd^ be 
tufccn t/K shrouds 

Brassing', dti fond, tlie depth of the wafer in en; 
part of the jea, w/ten known by metms <^ thi 

BravT. /. Braye* dei m ftts, tike tarred canvas co^i 
of the masts. — du g:onvernaU, the ianr,: 
canvas coat of tlte rudder y nailed round the .'to.'e 
where the rudder traverses in the ship^s cour' • 

Bm yer, v a. to pay any things as the seams^ plank ■. 
tyc. with hot melted pitch 

Bredindin, m. garnet ^ or a small tack aJ7jitrl (» 
the main stay^ or burton 

Bn-f, m. a son of warrant or commission fruri 
the state, allowing a ship to purchase provi^itfn,] 
conducting her safe on the coast, and cJicn'/jt- 
ing her from o'hn' duties 

Bivffin or Cinpfiii. nj. a fort tff^sh'mg net rp>'\ 
very small meshes, med in the Mediterruvern 

• Rrenin, m. an old word for a tackU-hcu':. 
whence : Kcout t a lin^ssin. V. Ecouet 

Brevet, m. BreMt d\»{ficier, YAe convnission <r 
warrant of an o^iccr 

Brieole,/ the tinea sy rotting of a ship, frrqntn- 
ly occasioned by iron ballast^ or hy giTot weig'it^ 
placed abcvf fhe ceu're of gravity, o*c. 

Bridt-r, ti a. Bvu!. r I'liMciii, to stow theam'trr's 
the bonvy and schze it with tlit shank-jK,i:. cr. 
— des corcitipLS, to' seize any compticafion p.'' 
rnpcr, as the ^nnmxoning of the b<ixvtprit, t; ."i 
a y-iuafl tcpe or sizing 

Vtv'w^wun, m. a hr.g oy Uri;:antine 

linn, m. Pn -i.ier bnn. the best part of Iter \ 
•It hen combed out and prepared. Cor,!n.--f I'l, 
Iin-iniin- hrin, ropes inndc qf the besi pn-t t," 
heni/i. Si'C'(»nd brin, the. cavibiugs of the !:• v'., 
out cf whlh theij :nnke a ror.rter scrt of re;: . 
Conh ;.re tin soeouu l.riii, rvprt made af'rf 
coiu'rn^s yf the hemp, ami Khich ore outy cm- 
ployed in commou i:res as/iore 

Krii:j;ui^'ba!c, /. t/ic brake «r hatidle tf a s'li/i'j 

Brion, m. the fcrr-fiot, placed at the e<xtremuy nf 
the keel foninrd 

Bris, m, a ttnn in the orthnncnces for the irrerA-- 
iu\i cf a ship 

Bris ni«, m p. brciAn'^ 

Brisc, f, a fresh f^ale or breexr, nUo the trale 
ivhuls or sen breezes het-uctii the tro'>ii\t. — 
du Uirj^, a icn breeze ; said pnrtii v'lrlu of 
the trade winds, and other rruii'dr imi'ls. — 
do tt-nv, aland breeze. — c.iubiiii'c, a harJ 
f^rjc. or Strom; ^clr, oi' a stiff gnle 

Brisrf, V n. to hvenk, to dasht to split. Lamer 
bris< , the sen breuks 

Broclu ivr, t' «, a practice of sh'prvrigftts, t'h' 't 
cQuA^u of ealcviiting wcr a plank a snxil lr:i 


[ 9 ] 

- -'i.r/j« r.umber ^snuiU tticks art /atUned 
c '^ ?/ iLt'ojues, tut a foof, in order to tvork li 

• - ^ '.'f^tcr thfipt, M at 10 fay to f/nf next plank ; 
'- . ue fimnj mctuurts being marked on each of 

■ ' !-rickt 

- tie./, stick 

- ~ : '1 ji-u,"m.ui thick fog 
-■''. fr. a J\re-4hip 
.'-, f. a ikift or fog at tea. II y a 4c la brume, 

f, fi. hoi J hrtit, rough (r.uber 
■ - /". a hcrring'buss or ■nytaH Jl'i-^t^nf 
.^-m. a tort of' imatl vessel or liark, n\^:;(d 
'- i z uKin-mtitt aitU tico njU'^rc SG-It, a fore 
' rrui one j^uare saii, a sinrul boivjprii^ and 

- !, rti. a rernfrctc ^hen to seamen ivhrn re- 
■ ■■ -ti fjj a 'fiort^ to tekftj t/idr a^e, pritiirgcsy 

* . • fj, time of !(ei"Lirf; cj'c. 

^ rk p, liovfien r^Uers made use of in the 


' f" I RVV, w .(in the Mediterranean) a tliiek tvoo-^len 
-^^ c/' a brnften dark cofouv^ivilha capurhc bC' 
^ m:, nnploytd by niott sodors in the yieili'ci ra- 
r'vT uni^iirvn: beitigimiiatedfoin the Moors 
:~ Larharinn f 

C i. ,. /. Ci^uts dt« maltrvs, miall enhins in 
. -^sh ikipi of war cirer t/ie poop, for the mas- 

">. !■ , inr, V r. to overturn a boat the keel up- 

r-;r.; ,'on s/iO'C) 

'•■-•- in, in. ccp-teni or crab. Grand cibfstnn 
--' :i .aJt*':au, ihr uuiiri tn/jitajt. !> til cabis- 
'-^ ' '-v ^ear r'7f'sf':rn. Ciilvitaji volant, « rr«6, 
'. 1-. ; T,u2'j le fh'j td from jilaic to pliLC as ocra- 
! -'. ir^ijutrci. V.;-. I au cabt-staii, to heave at 
':.-. c^^jJcrn. Knvoyer uu toii»iiic au cab. st;in, 
". .*'.'.' n man to iht cn/ntcrn to be Jlo^^ed^ a 
■ •'fiment u ted in rrer.h ^/aps of zcar 

'■ : ■,m.f:ir.rl 
iac". /. a cr.'jiji 

'-^ '•. in. cab'r. — i p»c. liinntlon of the eabft, 
'•' i/r it ch-iC a-pcK'i upon the an<:itor. — i\'i 
•: ii?t poucrs, «7 twatiy ivch cc't'c- Cables do 
!"• ' uut>, f:co f/u'k cui'ci fas' cm d to thv fore 
W ' f a ih.p on the storks, ^ihni ftvpf/iin^ to 
*'■ '^7:n-,'tfu, ar.d-irhuh rnr cut uilU ludL'tcta the 
^-yV'n' tht. ship it to go 'jjf. Muitr- c.ihK-, /A? 
' ■' ic'Jc. Stcoud c :il;!f, rhe -VjY buutr table. 
^ ; 'il- d'itfourch*:-, the snuiil bower rdik. — 
c t'ii -e, stream cnbk. — qui a pris ua to\ir, 
"^- h'ii hrncxe; a crost or cl'mi in ilic hfuvse. 
i' itr le caide k uu \aisM;au, to j^'-vf a 
'--'^v end to another tbip to ttikc her in tow. 
' ij r ilti rrjblf, to slack out or vtcr aivny (he 
^"'^r. Cable, or cncabluie, ./". {a iiieuntrc of 
f ' hundred and twenty futhoim) a cablc'i 

^- '•■■■■>, m.aetAlety or sntall cabk, particularly the 
h:'i'cT or mooring'rope of a boat 
' jt.iUis^ m. the art oj^coaaijig ; also the coatting 

^ii>-t. r, vn,to cruize^ to 9ttU along the eoatty or to 

hndf frmi port to port 
'-J in-, vi. frame in general^ understood mostly of 

a 'r-dframe. N«u« avions cent houmics sur 

» ^ t.»drt^ we had one hwulred *« k 
^ '"^ /• Cage & dris«e, a round fhnnr, somnohat 

Wv- n coge^ of which tfie French ships of war 

■^i^' one m each wide ef their quttrtcr-mk, to 

cal in tJtem the iftitmning partf t^ifiewatntop- 
tail hnllinrdt atO^M^j dtein^ out o£ tlie, jvaij. 

— a pouK , hen-coofi ■ "" *■ ^ ' . 

• Ca^ui , /. a kind ofJifMhiliVp ^ ' ^ 

• Caic, /». the lov^hoat or^piufUirt qf^m^aHnj 
Ca\\lt.bolis, tn./^rafin^'s of fS^hmi4rt • ♦ . 
Caiss«',yl Caisse (iottaute poiu'-m^in** Igs f^ja- 

st-aux. a uioorinfr buoy. — k ae*»«^< s \.u\- - 
Sf,')ii\, or — d'nppui, a cotUrivancc in ?<"/(* in 
the Frenr/i dock-yn: di to prexnU tla. ship < fi oin 
berti^ caiuf>erc<l uhilc lying tip: it conujts of 
t7L-D larL^c empty elicits cartfully caulktd up^ 
zi'/iich rhrj plnrc under the stern of a ship, t/te 
iL-ii^-/'it oj' ivJiirh /jcars upon those cheUs by 
Virniis of srvrcl props, fnstenrd beimv on the 
cltcus^iiudtjiovc on tin- ship's rouufer 
Cai>s(n. m. looker. Cai^'ous d • la j^rand' charn- 
bro, lotkcrt of (he j^rcat cabin or ■tcard-rooNi. 

— 4 poud-.f, or — ^ g'.irr::()uas'js, cartridi^e- 
chestT' 7chirh contain the Jilted cartridges in a 

CnjolvT, V a. & n. Cnjolcr la inart*e, to drive with 

the fide ; to tide it up 
■ CalaiifjUf./'. a ccir, or ft tnta'l harhour behind a 

hill or ri\irij^' groutid, on (he scu-cuast^fu only for 

sviali vcsitlf lir borft 

• Calct t. m. l^in ihr ^fcdifen-anean) the ftrnd of the 
nirnt in the iiallcy^ and other tike vetsrh vf th^ 
Mcdiferraiit-nn, ^i-hirh it square, and cmtiuitt 
Utc brazen blocks fur the gtars, <iyc. ^lAtun- X 
Ciilc- t, a general nnn>e Jor tltc masts ivldch lar* 
ry lateen %-a;ii in the Mediterranemi 

Calf , y. tee ih<nc, rove, creek; the hold of a shipm 

— k IVau. Ihnf part of the hold ichcre tfw naft r- 
cn,ks arc !o<tgt<l. Vmul ile cal(.\ the lortver /Htrt 
oftlichold: taken nl^o for the hold in grnernL A 
ioiul dc tale, down into the hold. (";»!<•. diirkiug 
by -nay of piiui;h>ncnt, which consists in p! unit- 
ing the ojfi ndcrfro.n tite ynrd-arni into tlir j- 1, 
otice or stvfrai times. — onllnain', ducking, 
(ir^iiidf call; kert luiLllng, /lex-iiUai ro the l)it'! h, 
Doiju. rin j^mnde c^de k un liomm.*, to kt^'l* 
ItQ'il a UiOiu CiuL' it*ffio, a f.iiuiyhriwnt ir-ed 
a. I. M^. oiDf nniir,ni,-ivhich con^i ;ts In Iv.'f /!,'.■ a 
nmn drop from the ycrfl^arin, near (lic surf.-rc 
ofth' ivU'Cr. — pt>'!r la c-.msinKlion di s \;m- 
neiMX, itocks for »b'^{>-buUdi)ig, or ralbir si^'n. 

— de iiia>5^:«-.iu, dip of a storehome or }u':.\t- 
hutife. — d'nii qu.ji, iiip of a key or irharf. 
C:i\\' (a siyi'.'l jiure ofuuodptu unrkr any thni'^^ 
to njdtoid or raise it) a f/uoi7i, tvedi;e, or thcrk ' 

CaJtJws dcs voiles d'tiuil, down-haul oftlie sta'j' 

Calt r, V n. to sink leaver into the wa*n\ Vai'<'i rui 

cini u'l'sl p:\s niM'i. cult-, n ship ivhii h is not sunk 

enough into the ivater, or ivftkh has not a snjjl. 

ciciit quutitity of ballast av cargo in her hold 
Cakv, V a. (0 qn'iin or iirdge up. Caier or ac onr 

un LoniK lu, 8cc. to quoin or wedge up a caik 

and the like 
C:i!t;if, ni. a caulker 
Cali'atag-f, m. caulking; oakum r, T a. to caulk 
Calibn- d'uii canon, m. bore of a cannon 
Calioruc, m. a winding tackle. — du gprand mAt, 

nu}in winding tackle. — de mismM.\fore Wiad- 

ing tafkle 
Calnu-, 711. calm, a cessation of wind. — plat, 

ajlat calm, or dead calm. Mrr caliue, a calut 

sea, or smooth sea. Tenjps caliue, calm weather 
CabiKT^r n. tofall calm, to becalm, or to ftceome 

calm, 1a» VLMit a cidiu^-, the ivind /uu becalmed, 

or U blows les.i strong 
Calinie,/'. «• accalmie, lull, the time during which 

t/tc weather folk mvrc calm, Vogue>Taccal 


[ 10 3 

C AR^ 

mle! ic(mmendt9 the rawer^ypuUmoay, nomtiie 

Cftinbuse,/. f ore-room 
Cainpagne,/. a voyage at tca^ o eniixe at aea dur- 

inx a seoion, or Utui'ed fpaoe of time, of at least 

thi ct months; said particularly of vessels oftvar. 

— de croki^, a crui:ung voyage. — de radet ' 
t/ie time w/ikh ships cf war have remained in a 
harbour tehen dvtcharsicd unihout gotiig to sea. 

— det Indei, a voyage to the tost Indicn. Vivre? 
de caiiijiBgne, the victuals aUowed ships for their 
navigation^ they being supphed from shore with 
fresh uteat and brea(l every day while remaining 
in port 

Cuial, m. a ehannel. Faire canal, to crats a ehan- 
nelfrom one shore to the opposite shore. This 
phrase is uted in t fie Mcditnranean sea, speaking 
qfa voyage in which tfiey lose sight_ of the 'and 

Catidelette, f. the fore tackle^ meti for heitting 
up the anrhor in French ships. Garant dtr eaJi- 
delettc,/»rc tackle ro/jc or fall. 

Canon, m. a cannon ov piece of crdnnnre. — de 
chiuie, boiv chafes. — de coui'^itr, the btnv 
chase ^a galley. — df uiarrt-, cannoti drmvu in 
tobechargetL '- ivUx^ , cnnuon ivith ir»toin- 
pion taken out. — iiMniKlrtr, raunvn nhose bore 
is not proportioned to the ihuknesi of the nittal. 

— de retraite, stem rha*es. — en serr^*, a gun 
housed athwart. — aioueir contr. le bord, a gun 
housed fore and qfi. — de trente-six, 8tc. a thir- 
ty SUV pounder, Anianvr uii itoinme siir un 
cuioii. (0 tie a man to agun, by xiay ofpunui/f 
menf, in treiKh ships qfrvar 

Canonnagt-, m. gunnery. lustraroens de canon- 
nagf, the implements necessary for charging 
guns. trc. Offlcitn njariuieri de caiionnage, 
t/iese are the warrant officer* ami inferior officers 
in a sh/p ^ war, who^e employment relates to 
gunnery^ cotuprehending t/ie gunner and hie 
mates, h'c. 

CznrmvKT^ m. gunner. ^lattre can^nnkr d'un 
▼uisscau, tfte gunner of a ship of irkr. Ma\tre 
canonuier d'un port, master gunner of a royal 
dock'yard. Second canonnier, gunner's male. 
Aidfxanonnier, quarter-gunner. Canouiiien 
tervani, soldiers of artillery, or sailors xvhose 
duty is to serve the gttris. Appreutifi canuu- 
niers, a company of young sailors trained to 
the art ^ gunnery 

Canot, m. a shi/fs boatt eufter, or yawL Gnnd 
canotd^un vaisccau de g;uerm the (targe of a 
ehip of -war. Petit cunot^joUy'boar. Cauotdes 
Inaicns, canoe 

Canotier, m. a rower of a boat, cutter, pinnace 

Cantanette«,./6. {in a galley) four small Ught ports 
hored tmvarus tfte stem of a galley. Saul also of 
etme small lockers in galley* 

Cap, m. tfte head or prow t^a ship. OA est le cap? 
noxv is the headf how does the sfiip wind.' how 
■winds the sh^ * Avoir le cap au large, to stand 
qff'. Porter le cap sur Pennenti. to bear to- 
wards the enenvy. Mtttre le cap en raut<\ to 
stand on the course, Goaveme o<k tu as le 
cap ! steer as you go! Mets le cap en route ! 
eteer the cotirse! Cap d'onvricrs, a quarter- 
man or foreman among tuti^ficers. Cap or pro- 
xnontoire, a cape^ tteaaland., or protnontory. — 
de mouton. dead-eye. — de mouton de la eonle, 
a rope-bound deatl-eye, — de mouton ferx^, an 
iron bound deadeye 

Capach^t,/p. the burthen or tonnage tfa sfUp; 
or in general the space contamed wtthin her hold. 
VaUseau qui a de gnraadea capaeit^, a /tUl 
MU thtp, Yaisseaa qui manqoe de capaat^ 

uehip tJust if buiU tafineas mtubeable to sti 
fter previ iians properly 
Cape,/ trying^ or lying to in a storm. A la cai 

huU '«, a-huU, or luitig to. Mettrc 4 la cap-.-, 
bring to. Etrt- A la cape, k la nusaint-, ice. ; 
act oj' lying to. or trying undtr tfte foresail 

Caper or Captytr, v n. to try or Ue to. Vaiivs* 
qui cape bicu, a sfiip that lies to toeU, or i^ 
Li easy when lying to 

Capelap*. m. the shrouds and other rigging at t 
mast head 

Cap.l{T, V a. to fix the shrouds and of her rafi 
over the nuj-tt Iteads by their eye or coflcw 

• Capiun, .11. [in galleys) a term o/" the Meihferi 
nean, the uj'/icrpait of the stem-pott and ej t 
stem of a galley, and of such like veeseis. — < 
pouiit', the upj/er piece <(f the steim-pott qf a gi 
ley., cSrr. — do i»roue^ tfte x^sper fnece of i 
stem. De cnpion 4 capion,//'om sfetn to s(e< r 
an ej^presiion used atnong the siap-butldcrs 
the Ahditerranean. Coain.M.*apiun dt- por.;' 
the uftper piece of the back of the stern ■p<**t i\ 
galley. Coiitre-capion de x>roue, tfte iip['Cr p.: 
of the apron 

Capiuiiuc, »n, captain. — do port, an cj^i 
whose duty reteini*les that of nuister atrm 
ara in an English tlock-ym-d; also a I»r 
bour master in tfie see-ports of FrajA 

— det vaias^-aui du rui, or eapitaint. d 
vaisseau, rap am of a sftip of war; t/itie i| 
the I'reuch service rank us colonels, attd //■' 
most atident rank as brigadiers, — de brv\ • 
the captain of a firo^hip, also a rank in i 
trench navy, imnwdiately unde*- tfte iieuttn'ir. 

— dc flCite, captain of a store-^hip ; th'so a : f!r 
in the liefuh navy immediately under t/te til 
»»-itfiu s and lieutenaiu de fK'gate. — •!»• p 
\\\\\)\\,thc cnpuiiji ofa^flng, cir tlie eap'an n 
sh'iji of iinr ivho lia^ a superior qfficer or /ir.^ 
blficer ahoie h>rn if tfte same sfiip. — d'ujnu v 
pHLy o^iicr or sirgftmt, xvhg ftas in a ^.'-.-^i 
war the charge of innail arms. — de vhLsvi 
iiiarchainl. or i.ia'itru. y. Mattre. 'Ihe cuy.ii 
((fa merchmit ship 

Capon, m. the cat-tackle. Poulie dc capon, (c 
block. Croc de capon, cat-ftook. Gamut d 
capon, cat-fall or cat-rope 

Cu|>on&er raiicre. v a. to cat the anchor, or dre\ 
il lip to tfte cat-ftead 

Caposi'r, V n. to bring a sfvp to, with her ftrJm o^e\ 

Capol, m. Cupot d'tchclle, or capuchon, cnj^'i 
uion of tfte entrance to tfu: cnbtn, or of f,'.(j: •\ 
cipat iculdtr. —■ de tkctionuaire, a grx cr r^ 
Ttoru in the French servLe by tfte or.,, i 
Faire caput, to cant, overset, or turn to^^s'j t. i 
vy : said only of a sftip 

Capnctue,/. or Courbe de capucine, the Hand£r\ 
wIm hfastetit the ait-water to the stem 

• Caravane,/. so were called the voyages which lU 
kmghts of Malta were obliged to perform in ercd 
to arrive at the dignity ^conuoandeuv: ^^'■i 
alto oft fie trade ^fmetvhani ships in the Levari 
sarkihg fre>gfu and fare from place to /»Vrj 
which lasts two or three years, after wfuch iki 
return home ivith a cargo of then- own 

• Caravelle./ so tltey caU. in the Mediterrtne^r\ 
tfte biggcfi s flips of war of Turkey. •t;hich c^ 
generally very clumsy, and built with a xtenj /._;. 1 
ttern ; also t/te nojne of a vaeel £/' burden .'1 

Cai-cas»e,/. the carcase or ribs of a ship before tht. 

planks are laid on^ or a/ier ttHey are ripped of 
CareBas>:e, tn. a careening pifict, or careentn.: 

wharf'; aUo the tut qf careening skfpt 


[ n 3 


If !-?!*,/ wmi, or «M»AM»<a|» ; ako f *<• «tfW<fe 

;^'i>'ji«//«n. Detul-car^ne a tHtrliament- 

i',. or }Mt'tef^g^ or b09t-h«t€^9pping, C»- 

• :^- rt.iicrtr. o th>ir9ngh careen. DojiUtrr ca- 

r I- a uii raissL-au, mcttiv lU vusscau cO ca- 

jf toccreen aihip 
i I r. u 0. <^ ft. /o coram ontf i«M^, orl« 
,_".- (Sidpayathip 
^"■- -n. riifX'ijam 
-v' ;f. m. carjradtr^ tcho prveitre* a freight Of 
- '>7r a mtrchnnt shifi 

• .% /". lAf forj-o B/"a mcrthant thitt 

^^ m. the dezeti-haul tacklf e/fhe main 
■ 'j^'cyari/ 

- ^ . /. c general name for all ffte braih of a 

■ ■• iSfftpnhentiing t/x rUie-Cinet, btinf-iines^ 

^'Vj. ixc Car?^K^4bl>dB, buu'-lines. 

' ^^ -poiau de la graixl' voile et de la nii- 

' -V. •luc^amgLi. CaJifUf -points des Imiiiera, 

^ 'Wifjci, Car^^ut-boulines, feeih-i/fus. 

'li'-A-iue. ^UUhline. Fhumi .4 carnieti. */*//• 

-■tt. Carpnit^Kit. tfovfihhaul tackle. Car- 

'y^^^ptxrrti-halUards. MKlif let bssK-s 

^ ^ sur let car^iec, f* ^i// f//i tlie counts. 

r 1^ 1 hunitrs sur k« cugues, /o due v/» 

r. r a. Cju;pitr one voile* ^o rfu^ ufi a sail, 

' • '' «/> fn f Ac 4ro//jr. Cargue I'artinion ! 

•"■'' imzen up m r/ie brads ! 

'i-^./. or cariingue dii food du TaifSeaQ, 

'im, — du grand mat. the Hep qf the 

:!.n'f. — du mat de misainc. the step of 

' "- "wr/. — du mat d'artiinon. the step of 

'^'. maft. — du mil de beaiipre, the 

• / V tt>f hvivsprit mast. — de eabestan, the 

■In cr.ptffm 

" '^' ^ar, rvi. (in galley t) the lower part of 
' ■'^: ftird 

I ". tlx gunnel of a boat, Mettre le car- 

•i 2 i iu, to hoT'e gunnel in, or gtmuel to: 

't n /jenl vhich fteeU so much on one side us 

-, y "'*' gunnel to touch t/ie surfnce of the 

' '" ^v crtwding sail in afre-ch wind 

' f>:. 'V campy in the item part qf n gaU 
' ra-i^fv-, <*rc. CarroiSt? or ciiariot de cop- 
" 'J Irrmte en four tcfieefr, used in French 
^ ■''"-dt to carry tite layiii;^'**^ 

N "'. n girt-Hne. Ponlv de eartaJiu, a 
• '^*''k th-Qugh Tshich n girt-iine L* rerwtl. 
-^i i OT dtaille de paUiiw dVtai. girt-dne of 
•' '^iHorkiet in FreTiCh sh'-t>s 
'/•'• '•" earte marine, a chi:rt or nvip of the 
; : ."- plane, the plain chart. — reduiu-, Me-r. 
^^ J ciicrt. Pointer la carte, to prick the 

"• fOTtd, a ship employed to e^rchan^e pri- 
I '' ^'i» to carry rcfjiit^s and pro/fosn/i 
'"' • f-on old th'ti or /ja/A: w/MTef ^Arf/ /orfg-e 

• 'r^o/ fAe wiiiorj //«» are ordered to a dock- 
. I "'• fji JirtiTijf out a squadron^ ^r. 

} ^ I p.[mthe Fremh ft^fsf Intlks) keys or 
'^ rocka nearly even vrith tiie surface of 

/;•"•/• Cfinture d'tm bStiment, ,n£'j/?(T, a 

. _' '• "J'/i aurirrUt a vetjel above the load-wa- 

'^y' ». "~ ^yxn caiiM», c;- — de la 

•ft^ dun canon, the muzsUc-^nouldtngs of a 

'[ f un yaijaeau, v a. to frnp a ship. Le 
'^ j*" ccmtre Mir Mn cable, /Ac *A/A iccrj 

^ " Ctrclesde bonte^ion, tlie rtuddtng-^sail 

, i, r '?\ ^ ^ ">**» mast-Jmops. — pour 

-dl.'!l ' ™<^J'*<>»n. — dt' hunc, topsails. 

** i^offipe, jreu Am^^ on the fop of the pump. 

— de jas d'ancte, ancA«r stock-hoop*. — d'^ 
pontilles, Ao(V># o^ f V- siam htons between decks, 

— «le cabt^tLan. cupsterrv-^ioops 

Cercie, a. Tomteau certle de fer, an irortbound 
task, «*rf . 

Chatne,y. Chatnea de haubavis, chains. — de 
vendue, top cAaiiu. — dtt grands hanbani, the 
main chains. — tie* hauban* de luitainc, the 
fore chains. — des haubaiu d^aniinon. the nu' 
zen r/iains. — dt- jnirt, the booni or chain of a 
ka*-hour, — de rucbcn, a ridge tff rocks or 

Cholaud. m. a sort of lighter, barge 

Chaioupe /. a sort of large boat. — d'an vaisieaQ 
de gu. rre, f/te longhoa-' of a »hip oftoar. — ca» 
noniiitVc, a sort of large boat nwunfrd with one 
large gun a-heatU ent/ihyed for the defence qf 
ports, nvers, trc; a gun-boat 

Cnainbre, f. a cabin. Graudc chambrr, want 
room in large .ditps. ami the great cabin in 
smaller venscls. Chntabiv de coiiseii, coach or 
ccfjin on the quarter-deck, and what is called 
rvunii-fuitise in tiic large East Indtamen. — de 
poup., tfu: aftermost cabin of a small vessel, 

— d uu cajioL, the sternrseats of a boat. — de"" 
canon, the chamber or charged cylinder qf a 
gun. — de inortier, tlte chamber of a morfar, 
Ciiarabrirs are uLo the Jfaia; cracks, or honey' 
corn bt in apiece of ordnance 

Cbambrei-, a. Pi^cf chanibr^*e, apiece of ordnance 
which has some crocks, fiaxvs. or honey<ombs 

Chancellor, m. an officer under the consul in a 
foreign port, iilio e charge is to keep a register 
of all things that relate to the consulate 

Chandelivrs. m p. all sorts of stanchions, or erotch' 
csfLx ed on the gunnel to support any thing, — 
de bjstinffa^ff, of cliandcliers de lissit pour 
bastini,':!!^-. the crotches for the netting, wfurh 
ai-efi.x fd on tJte gunnel of a ship of war to extend 
the nef tings. — de cIiuIoiiim.-, t'/ie crofe/ns of a 
boctt which sustain fiie main boom, or ihe mast 
and sail rclten they art- loitered for the conveni- 
ent y of rowing. — aVclic!le bort le bord, //«• 
stau'/i.ant u/nch auppoit ttw entering ropes at 
the pmi;iivay. Chaiul. lurde pierrier, the iron 
crotch iyf n swive.'i^nn i aho the inoden stock 
hoiptd u itiL iron ihot contains tlic socket wherein 
if rests and traverses 

Chaii;;i r, V a. Chajigtr lei roiUs. to shift or 
c/irj/.t*- the iails. — le quart, to relieve t/te 
Wfttch. — rarriiaaj;^-. to rummage the hold, 

— leB voiics d'avaiu, t-t le» ut« ttre sur le inAt, 
to brace tito head-sails to the wind, to lay the head- 
SfiiU to the masf. — la B:i*aiid«7 voiU- (f'un sloop, 
or il'uu bng^anliu, to giht. — bi barre, to shift 
tfie helm. — la tounuvire. to shift <he voyal 

Cban«:t-r. r n. Li vtut abaiige, the wind shifts 

Cltawtiir, ;?{. Cbanlivr d'un raissi-au, the stocks 
whereon ships are huift. Vaisjtau »ur le cltan- 
tier, a *hi/j on tlie stocks. Chantier ©r at lier 
de eorjstructiou, a ^hipwrif^fit^s yard or wharf, 
or t?w place whereon a sfup is built. Cbanti 'ra 
de cltikiiipe, scent lings laid on a sh'tp*s upper 
df-rk, whtrton top/ore the rovr.hoats 

Cliape,/. inner ,'jox of a sra-coiiijiois 

Chapwiu dt- ijiaiire, m gratuity required by ffie 
master of a shpfnr eaih ton qfgt)ods he carries 

Chapcllo,/ Fnire chnpelle. to chapel a ship. Ejn- 
p -ciicr de fkin- duipelb', to bo.v a ship off 

Chan*^e, /. Cbargv d'un Taiss. an, the cargOs bur» 
then, or lading of a s/tip. Mortt'-charge. over- 
ladings or 'he utmost burden that a ship ran 
carry. Cliarge de canon, thot; also tfie quan- 
tity of powder necessary to char^re a cannon. — 
de combat, r/ic guamity of powder used in qi> 


[ 12 ] 


tim for each gun. — de tahit f^ qwmtihf ^ 
powder tued J^ sabaing. — k mitnulie, case- 
thu. — 4 la Suedoise, or charge en gmppe, 

Chai^ment, m. ladings or cargo 

Chaifer, v a, 4r n. Charger «n Taitseftu, to load 
a trdp. — 4 cueillette, to tond a ship icitft goods 
bdenging to trvered otwrrt. — 4 thet, to take 
infi-eight. — en j»rt'nier, to load in bulk, Vaii- 
•eau cnu]e^ 4 couler hMS, a skip vverloadtd, or 
m oh^ so haded at to be ready to sink. Vakieau 
charg^ par un gnrain, a ship laid upon htr side 
by a sudden gust of vfina, Vaineau chari^;^ 
en cdte, a ship ertibayed on a lee-shore -with a 
hard nind. Charger un canon, to load a gun 

Chargcur. m. or marchand chargi>ur, the mer- 
chant who loads a ship, or the ottmer of a ship^s 

Cfaamier, m. or chamier pour Teau, a scuttled 
cask used to contain mater fir the ship's crew to 
drink : two of them are placed on the quarter- 

Charpentier, m. Mattre charpentier d*an raw- 
tean^ carpenter of a ship. Second charpentier 
or contre-mattre chamenUer, carttenters mate. 
A idf p charprntien, the carpenters crew 

Charrirr de ht voile, crowd sail^ to be crowd' 
ed with sail, to carry a deal tfsailt or to stretch 

Charu-partie, charteritarty 

CliaMe, f. chasing or chase. Prendre chasse, to 
sIkct ^ffi to stand aiisxy from ; to Jly ftmn. 
Donuer chasse, to rhase^ or to give chase. Sou- 
uiiir chaMf , to make a running JIght 

Chasse, a. Taisteau chasse, a chase, or chased 

CbtiswMnaree, m. a sort of boat employed for the 
transport of Jlshtftsh-boal; also a Jtsh-machine 
and the like 

Chasser, v a. ^ n. Chasgcr un vaisseau, to chase 
or pursue a ship. — la tciTc, to look out for the 
land: said in a fleet of a vessel jfnf ahead qf 
the rest for that purpose. ~ tuv sou nncre, to 
drag the anchor ; to Itring the anchor lurme. — 
»ur un vaisseau. to fall or drive aboard of a ship, 
by dragging the anchors 

Chasseur, tn. a s/tip tchich chases another 

Chat, m. otf, a sort of vessel 

ChalU-^/. fl son ^fiigfder used at Rochefort 

Chaudron de pompe, m. plate qf lead or copper 
perforated -with Itoles to cover ttte bottom of a 

Chauftaj^, m. the act of breaming a shi^. Bois 
dc- eliaufiage, breaming fuel, furze, orjaggots 

Chaufter, v a. Chaufilr un Tnisseau, to bream a 
s/Up. — des bonla^et, to bend planks. — les 
suudet, to dry or sea\on tfie bread-room 

Chavirer, va,&n,fo ovetset t to cnpsvue 

Chetx'c, m.xeheck, a sort of vessel ofwai' navigat- 
ed mostly in t/ie Mediterranean 

Ghelnl'i'au, Itigh ivater. Chefil'j^scadre, m. an of- 
ficer -whose rank is equal to that of a rear-admi- 
ral in the British navy, but who lias noflag^ only 
a broad pendant 

Cht iiiin, m. head-rcay. Ijh vaisseau (hit Ijeaucovp 
de cht luin, the slup has fresh wag through the 
rooter. — de Imlage, path on the side of a livcr 
or canal, for horses to track boats along t/te 

Cheniis*^',/ Chcniise soufree, a curtain, nr piece of 
aid amvas dtpfied in a composition of oil^ petrol, 
eamphire, and otltcr comtmstible tnateriats, and 
which is destined to be nailed to the planks of an 
enemy''s ship, when it is intend^ to set her en 
Jirt - 

Ch^nal, m. a channel : usually said only nj *\ 

raw channels 
Chenaler, sail through a channel 
Chevalet, m. Chevalet de eommettage, trvs rr'l 

a rope-yard; also t/ie stake-heads. — oi v 

eurs de lon^:, a wtvyfrV jorit I 

Chevaucher, v n. to nde, to be fayed upon 
Chevet, nu cushion or bag to prevent the st\ 

from galUng the ma, ' 
Cheville,/. iron bolt. 

from galUng the masts 
2heyille,f. iron bole. — 
— iigoupi\\e,afore-lock^holf, or a bolt fi:ti 


ion, a common I 

receixte a fore-loek. — 4 oriliet, eye-bov. - 
boucle, ringboH. — 4 croc, hook-bolt. - 
boucle et 4 croc, e bolt with a ring and a h 
— de hauban, cAatfi-6«fr. — 4 t(fte de dianu 
a sguare-hectled bak. — 4 pointe p*nJu< 
short drove bolt, or a bolt whose end is suni: 
the timber, and does not af^ear outwards. - 
fer 4 charger le canon, langronge-shot. - 
pompe, short punUhb^H 

Chevilier, va.tobotta ship, or to drive the boll 

Chevillot, m. togget s also a belaying pin 

Ch^vre,/. agin or triangle loif.hpuiues 

Chevron, m. scantlings tn general, or ail sc-f 
square timber from fb>e or six imhes in th 
ness downwards ; abo a long wedge urrd in 
French ships for securing the guns. Miitre 
chevrons 4 la battene, to apply the above-i 
wedges to the trucks of the g WKarriages 

Chicaner le vent, v a. to tie too near the wimL 
chicane pas le ^-ent! don''t hug the wina 
dose ! no near / 

Chiourme, /. the troop or cretv of slaves bdor,? 
to one row-galley. HApital des chiounm->, 
hospital for the galley-slaves, &r, 

Chirurgien, m. Chinu^n-mnjor d^m \-ais*;- 
the surgeon i^a ship. Second chirurj»ien, i 
geon'^s first mate. Aides-chimrgiens, surg<t 
second, thirtl, fourth, ai%d fifth mates 

Chopiiie de pompi./! the loiver pump-box 

Choqut-r, V a. tr n. Choquer la tourne^in. 
stirge atthecapjtrm. — la bouliue, to cs 

Chouquet or Chuquct, m. cap of the t'lcr 
C bouquet a Ui Francaists a cap offfte ntcs* 'a 
at in French ships. ' — 4 rAnpini?e. a cq'' 
the mast heads nj^er the Er^Hshfaftuon. — 
grand mat, cap of the main nuzsf. — ' 
Kline, cap of the fore matt. — d'artinson, ' 
tfthe mizen mast, &c. r-du \Aton d'env.i? 
Cfip of the etifign rtqjf 

Chfti.-, /. Cb6ie d'une voile, fJeptk of a jwi 
drop, when ssudofthe pvincipajl sqttm^ sniis. 
grand Inuiier asoixaiite pieds de clHit*^. 
tnain tkpsail drt^ sixty feet. Chiite dr. i 
rans, tfte setting of the fides or curm$fs 

Cinglage, m. run of a ship f^ 24 hours; pr.\ 
ivages of mariners 

Civadi^rt^/. sprif-sail of a ship. Cootre-civatiif 
bon-sf/iil topsail 

Clapotage, m. turbulent motion qfl^seti, or n 
ning in hettffs 

Clapotcuse, af. Mer clapoteuse, a sea runn'^.: 
heaps, or a very rough, turbulent, short st^:. j' 
as ts seen upon a lee shore 

Class/ s./p. the divisions of seamen, in th^ Fnr? 
sei-vice, who are registered and engattetl fo r 
by turns in the naval armaments during < 
niited time. Coioiuissaire aus elaMes on ' 
cer employed in every port of France for ''t 
mofiding and registering the seamen. S>^ii 
des cIn%Kos, a clerk af^nted in small r./ - 
bordering upon the sea, to help the above v^- 
in hit duty 

COL [ 13 ] 

' - ci; ./. «r GoupiUe,/wTf-/«cA efa Mt 
-• >: atvrt ef kno( or hitch, Dt-rai-tU-r. ha'f' 
. Clef J«.-s Hifus cU: hune et de pcrroqin-t, 
— df jiierritT, ybrr /or* of a ncivrl-guii. 

• til ^uimfcu, chfcks of the •ternrtlau 
\:. uc It:, t, m. a c/rrA: reho tuiembiet and mus- 

■' 'w tiiiiiia guariBng The c^astt. Clcrcs de 

■'^^TK%admiriity meutngert 

- Iru, ad, eUncher-rpork. Border i din, to 

■^ a tiffje/ TPffti ciinrherxoark. Bordagpe i 

^ -'/cTiking xeith ciincher-xcork 

--'■ "^ / a ieiL — de caix'sUn, the part of a 

r"^. rttmd tvhich the rope is •spoun'i.cwn- 

'-% tfx drum-Aeadf m called from it* form 

% no/ or tfrike. Clous au poids, Tpeigf^- 

'- / .- ^>i*M. — dc SO pouce^. de 12 pouces, 

- « «f it tfiiket^ 12 in/ A i/»iAej, &c. — de 

cararelle^ a sort of nails of 5 1-4 French 

1' ?! Ungth,much like the EnglUh dtxk-nails. 

~ ^- cvaveUr, a sort of tuiils 4 3-4 French 

" '•'-' -n kngt\ Uke sotne of the English single 

' •■'■^li. — de deini-caraveUe, tiaUj 4 1^ 

' '- 'n !ength, celled also, in Englhh^ single 

' \-r^is. ~ de lis**, nails Uke the English 

^ -■■i'-ung twits, — de double liilac, naiis of 

- * ' ?-4 inches lengthy French nteatttrct much 

• i-n^'liih twenty-penny drmvtn;^ nails, — 
■' '3i\ sort of nails of abaitt 2 brevrh inches 

• •■■ith, like the English sheathing tiaiis^ or fen- 
y nails. — de uenii-tiiiac, six painty naiL. 

~ ' plomb, lead nails. — i poiupt-, pump' 
'•^ tfan inch in length. — k inMu^jt^iv, 
:pt '■■nailtf made vUh a brofid finf head. — 
' ^nv de );oiivemBil, rudder-uaiis, kit nrtils 
r * ?tf {Q the iron-itork oft/u: rudder. — li 
" 'tnrftfr.noi/>. — 4 tt-te njndo, round- 
'■-■4 itais. — a t^te piquee, ilasffitcadcd 

■i',/. Ea coche, ad. Avoir Ics limiiers en 

: '* have the ttp-sail a-lrip^ or hoi) fed up 
f' . fn, Coftre d^anuei, a chest used to confain 
'/■'"^iams on a s/dp's quarter-deik, — A 
', !i,vj, cartridge chest. — dc boi\l, a sen 

• iidJor's chest 
'. t 2, Cotffer ime voile, to lay a sail abark^ 

f '5 5.A a tat, Se coiflrr, or »e luiui r coilVcr, 

^ '^ (aJicn abadt, or to«i aback. Vaiss*au 

1 ■ a <A^^ vhese sails are laid nbnck, Voil. 

1'^-y a taU thta is laid aback. Mi lUv tout k 
y"^ '0 ley aUJlat aback 
^ s"i- Coin de mire, quoin in artiUenj. Coins 

• ^^M, quuus or loedges by nlUrhamatt is 
.' "'/ m the partners. — a arruna^e, quoins 

' '• T. r^ rt«ri«j||fei. — cle clianiit-r, indues 
'"•' ^Jcfwewi the black* and keel uit^n a yiup 

C O N 

1 UIU' 


^'^-uij/y, « j^ bois, «7na^/ quoins or ivedpj'f. 
i f lendre, iron -wedges, — 4 niuiicln-. 
'"'iiirons fastened to an iron handle, nu-d ; 
'.*^i "jT rAtf Montr, co//W 6tf //i« £»»f.V<,/< 
. ;■■_'■■!* -Tin* I 

•' n/^. rAe io^# on rvhich a ship descends I 
"• ih< tt first lattnehed into the luaier I 

'n. Collet dYiai,<Ae eye q/ai^oy, — d' 
' •'. the crown of an anchor. — d'une c:iu 
"^t of a knee 

'/• ^. CoIUiT dVtai, ro//<rr of a stay. F;j ux 
' '* , f«/far ofaprevemer-stay. Faux tollitr 
^ -T"id mAt, or f^nuid fliifs colIifT, thf toiftir 
; "'^ 'nc^ prrventer-stay. Faux co:Jii r d»^ 
, , "'^' w ca</ar ^ tfte fore preven'tr-^'fuj. 
"roe defease, the puddening of a boat's 
.V,7'f "" ***^ chouauft, or — de mat, nn 
- .anip to fasten the mast or hmcsprU to ilitir 
^^JL. III. 

1 (■oIoiiibi«'i"t, ni p. Uu^ing up nfa ih-p\- eriHIe 

Cu!oniH ./. {in naval trxa.r^) a tcv.k of iKip.% ; tme 
of the ranks of a ficl or si;';i,n of \k:p4. 
M!rcii. r sur iroii c< lonnca, to saii m three 
ranks, or in tlnrv liner 

Colti*, m. tie b^^^k- head bulk-head; alio thefoi^ 
inert frame of a ihp 

ComlKti naval, m. an engngrment or seafght 

Coinbup^cr, v a. to rince out a cask 

• Coniite or Come, m. an under oficer of n gnl- 
ley, whoiC employ ansiccrs nearly lo that of the 
fjoatixva-ii in slap? of 

Conjnuii.tlant, 7n. Co;ii»uiimIunt de U marine,* 
flog-offlrer oftfir kmg'j tiuvy, who suj'erinfcr.tls 
the royal i\avy in ahnrhour, ^e. — d'une c»- 
cailre el d'une division, the admiral of a feet, ur 
Sfjundron ; also fhe commodore or commanding 
officer of any detachment of ships. Vai** :m 
oomnuuidaui, admiral ship of a fleet or st^ua- 
dron V 

Couiiiiande ! holloa ! (the annver gii'cn by the sail' 
ors to the master, bofUnirin, trc. when he lails 
'to them to give them some ordtr) 

Coniinand*, nu-ui, r». ()ie command t^f a ship i alM 
the command of a dock-yard, err. 

Coiiiniande!*../'//. kuiitir:. seizings 

Comnixndcr i la rout-j, v a. & order or diiect 
the roxirse of a ship 

Cornint iiaqfc, m. In/ing ofrcpei and cablet 

CfHim.vHre, v c. to fay ropes, trc. 

Coni.ii^e dtux fois conDiuii. or comniis 4 la facoH 
dts I .iljlrs, labtC'Uiid lurtlny^r 

Comniih de* vivn. s>. 7/1. ^icnaid of a ship 

CoMlI:lis^airt^ m. C<»iijiTMS';;iin' ^-^^''i nil dv la ma- 
riiH , thcp! inti/tai / cer under /hi inUiidani C^' 
la i..ur'.i!e, and iiha jteifonns the same duty 
tvhi n/te in (dnait. t'oMi. issaire de la marij.i', 
au oj/hrv I'ndrr ih- iiit Mid.i:tt. /tive.>ted n /.// an 
ftd)uiti.irru\'-/M>u-er to jri./»'r^tifend the er pen- 
les of tiu iiiu'/i navy, the building, rrfiniri)i/,y 
ad fiiting oiJ uf thfps, te iuiprctand giv^ 01 - 
dti t to tfx aniftcvn, u.horr, crc. and fo take 
carr tl.r.t the statute y of t/ie navy be fadhfulHj 

Coniiui'^iin,/. the. comnnsdon of a prituipnl oJTi- 
ccr in th'' rojjal n-'ivy. — cii j,iiLrrc, a -uiavrunt 
or pernuiiibn^ issued out hy the admit al nf 
J'ravrc, 6v. to etuulc aprivalur to seize on the 
eneinici' vessels 

Cainnjuiiiqinr. r ti. fo have a free intercourse or 
comniunhiUicn trith the ertiv of a ship, or the 
pccp'e of any eointtry, fjfter having ptifoniud 
i/uaranftne or orhenvisc 

Camp;w';ii' ,/*. cdjin of the itcuard of a ronsgaH't/ 

Loiii|i:i;;iii<-,/. Nni^stati di- oonqtairuie, a s'^p of 
the linCf ivh-ch sails tokrnUy well, so as lo keep 
company with t/.c rest of a squadron, a guod 
coiiipatiy keeper 

Coii.i/«;,'nom, m p. sailors, mariners, the -whole 

Coiiii»ns, nu a compass, — de ronti*, or — do ir.vr, 
a sen ro.npns*. — azi.niithal, or — de varialion. 
an azimuth compass. — n-nvci'st', a hanging\s. — de c.-irf, a pair vfeo)upws es, tw.d 
to pyirk a ciuirt, — courbe, cailij^er, or caiiiper 
erj,up(i<i ej 

C'>i):|)ori r, t' a. Ce vai**oau coniporteunc haut* 
mutun.', that ship is able to carry very taunt 

Sc co!iiport4 r. 7' r. Vuissoau qui m^ comporto bir^a 
i\ la in< r. a ^ood sea-bout f or a ship t/'tat fevwi-** 
iveil at sea 

C<tui!iiUe, /. conduct-money, money paid to tJ\f 
sailors in Frona to carry them to tiulr hO'iHs, 
•U'ficn thftj arc due barged from a ship 
. R 


[ u ] 

c c) r 

Cj vj:^v dc» bh'riicnt mr^rchnv.r?, m. pass nr finf.r- 

C. ur^TJior, V a. or Pi itjncr ua conl.\(-c, t» norm 
a stntj, ca'jlf, ^r. 

C'nir.Ik-. /". n Vt'lc coir.."!' 

ConDnissoiiitiit. ?». fjJlt of lari^rq 

Co/'sfil, 7}t. C(^i,viU!e manius a rotitirif /teltj in 
anu of the sra porlr, conshtmi^ of the pt inci' 
pnl officer i, for the Jilting viif, htn'riinf, aucf re- 
ftairiii^ of ihips, and fhc likr. — il:^ cuerre, 
fmirt'Viartial. Los veiiu sont au const ii, a fa- 
iniliav cxprenioji cmnvrring to this in Eng- 
lish : the ninds tn-e taking a /tvle to blMv ottt 

Comentir, v n. to spring or btrak (t/teakint^ most' 
ly of nin.if.s ov tjanU)' Notre gratule ^ergue 
corlseutit, oxw nmin yard s/nan/j 

CoiKserve, /. (inder or com/jnuy-ka'per. A\K r de 
constr%'e, or nnvipruei* dc consjnf, to sail in 
ccvipcny ivith another tfi'p or \hi/>f 

ConsxjuiT.ations, / /). the exjtenditure of the 
*t.ore9 nf a ship, during a sea voyage, contpre- 
bending whnievcr has U-en e^/trudal; at cordi, 
age, canvas, tar, nailt, animuuiiion, crc. 

Constnictf urde navires,?"- s/u/>-r.'right nv builder 

Constvuction, /. sh'p-buikUng^ or the pratticnl 
part of naval architecture. Le« constructions, 
vew shipSt building in a dock-t^ani or in a port, 
1.0 commUaairf des conttructioni, the convnis- 
suy of the marine^ whose cfiarge is to sttfterin- 
tend the building ofneto ships. La conslruction 
Fnincaise, French ship-btulding. Vaisscau de 
con^ti'uition Francaisc, a French-built ship. 
N. H. Thi.s ivord con«tniction is understood aiso 
so:ncriniei of the particular shape and fmm of 
c veneL I.a consintciiou dri galores e«t diftV- 
nnie ri..- c» lie dci I'rcgates, jfowe^ arc built dif- 
I'lvcnt from fri^utes 

Crjiisimire, v <7. ta build ships 

C(i wl, nu or Consul de I'nince, a comul, a civil 
cfilrer, comniiisioned ro ^trc^cct the commnce of 
the Vrru'h nit ion in Jcrei^n parts, 7vho has 
unrlcr htm generally a vicc^ousul and c charuX' 

(.prm-.'-arr.u-al. ni. a ivord only used when speak- 
'■'< 9f Jo'^'K^ service, thne being noxuch rank 
c\''ii:,-in ihe French navy: rear-admiral^ or 
riJn.'r'il of the rear. 

C*i,.un -«n;iion de pnujH . w. tfte upptr part ^the 
la'.ce f}a,t. of a roiP-;inllty 

CniwrVui .!!iot iiitrri.ur, inner^post ; uhich is 
fchlom seen in F.viitt^h'^'iuiit ships. — eMi'rii'nr, 
thr. iifirk of fhe post, or back of the stern-post. 
C.intre-t-iravt, nfnon in ship-buii i:ng. Conlre- 
iiinous, m p. fi'rficat lines. Cifntrc-l»il(»iri.s, 
.sftakejt of pLcnks on the tl/rks dote to the bind- 
iiitr-vfrr/.rT. Contr. -nv»iin% one of fhe boftts- 
iriin'i, mates. C.jjitrt-nuiitn- chariH'JJiiv-r, /brr- 
innti cfo dock-1/nnl, who, under the ship-rvri^ht, 
rf :!■;-' '\- .'if lii'i'.'iuf:- of a shift. Co)i»rtMnar;*lic, 
f'. \ her dr bord jKii l:i rouxrvntatcln^yt/ie gme- 
'ml rocking of n division of ships^ or stjuaiiron^ 
nrranj^ird on the .wmc line, so a* to preserve its 
fn-Tiier iUtpoiti^wn on the oftposite tack. Cour 
ir -vsint. ansrjcr to, or return of a salute 

f r>.\ idr d; H HiartlKindists. &€. v a. to convert ij xtorex in'o ivork 

Conv .litis, in ••It. m. (he conversion qf sundry 
star',- into u'brk; such as ttano bito roftcsy iron 
in'O fA>lfs, trc. 

i <»t»voi. m. convoy, convoy-sltipSj vfajter 

f'«):i\r,y( r.T' a. to convoy 

Ci q. 111. the cook of a ship 

Co^u" do cordage,/, kink in r««e. -d'mn 
lia^ Ur, hull if a ship 

• Cn-iVT T, V n. to navigate or manege u .'w -'; 
pfif II :rig ov ratcing in t lie booths stern wvh <u 
mr I \' pndd'e 

• Cor.dini'f/. n light small longboat-^ made use * 
tofsh coral in thcr Levant 

Corh»>au de ter, m. siuer^hook^ ^ra^rapiing 
Conlacpe, m. cordage, or ropes. — eii trois , a rf^'\ 
iiinue ipith three strcndt. — «tuw, rp;.: J 
xrhich has pmscd through a stave to tfnr.'i • 
its ntoitture. *«— en quatre, a rope made 7; ;. | 
f0ur iirands, — raqu^, cordage xodl rr/'/Vj 
"— rpfuit, tvf ire laid cordage^ orttvice Uudsfi:jl\ 

— blanc, lofiite or tmtarred cor4age. — ijouj 
droniii-, black or tarred cortiaffe 

Cor\iv,f. a rope, Cocdes de Avieme, fenders « 
Junk or old cable, Corde de reteuue, a guy] 
also the pendaiu tf a relieving tackle; nlso 
head fast to prevent a vessel from laum htA 
too hastily 

• CoPde, S9 are called., in the building of gnlicji 
two strong pieces of timber placed above /'- 
deck., on t/ie starboard and larboard sides, letit, ' 
ivii-e, serving to support the thwarte 

ConleUe, /. ivarp or totv-line 

CoitUric,/, rope-house, ro/je-yord^ ropery f or rojW 
walk ; also the art of rope-making 

Cordier, m. rppe^nuiker or roper 

Cordon, m. Cordons, the strands of a cable. C(« 
don, the lowest real or riband of a galle[i. »• 
the extreme breadth-riband^ and what in shf 
is called tfie main channel 

Come, f. Con»e d'ainorcc, f. prhning-hom 

Come dfe verpue, the crutch, or cheatt fic^fd e 
the inner end of a gaff or boom, whiafi em'>ri, 
ces and slides along the mast of a omaU vesft 
av the sail is hoisted ov Imvered, Ver^c ; 
come, a gaff • 

Comet de mat, m. case of a mast; a step ct 
partners peculiar to the masts of some srruiH vf 
sels, being tfKn at the after part^ so that the via 
may V occasionally lowered over theotern 

Conii xxq, f. a broad '/tendant di^layed at the mci 
head of a commodore 

Comiere,/. Jhshiortpieces, Contre-comitV, 
pirre fi'mned and bolted with the Jhstuon-j> 1 
afore' it in French ships, tohich it not used ;l 
kngiah ships 

Corpi. m. Corps de bataille, centre of a fleet. ^ 
niorts bollards in a dock^yard. • — de la«'-) 
certain standing knees on the sides of a gfii'"j 

— d( ponipc, fhe chamber of a pttntp. — d'^i'ii 
poi i!le, shell of a block. — du vaisseau , /; uU oj\ 
ship. I^'s qiiatre corps de >'uile, the 7nain arJ 
fore-sail, and the two tofMsaiU ^a ihip 

Co^^'clion, f. a correction made in the dead rri, according to an observation of tlie fu:.^ 

Coixiiro, m. a privateer 

Corvt tu*,/ a general name for stoop* ^roar. nil 
tdi vessels under tiverUy gun* ; an acMcr i-^^l 
a scout, sloop of war 

Cnsie,/. a fhimble ; also a butPs eye 

CAt« ./. Cotes d"im >'sussea«, rids of a ship. C-tj 
df !a Mu r, the sen-coast or shore, — snin*-. 
clear coast. — nial satnc/tei/. — in ireiit - n'l 
K- \ti:t, lee shore, weather shore. — de ti r. 
bold shure. — t'core, a bluff or boUt shore. ^ 
Iwysf, a sfuiHam coast or shore. Doncer. jI 
It r, or »-»riser k la cAte, to run dkhore or agrour,i 
to rercck on the coast 

C/ite, m. Cdte;d'un museau, the side of a **>') 

— du vent, the tcenther side. — sous Ic v, ' 
fhe he side. Prt'ter le cAt^ k nn vais*raa lJ 
nenii, to bring fhe broadside to bear upcn rt 
enetny. Mettre un vaisseaB wr ItMi^te, to iaj 


[ 15 ] 

C R E 

•v>) m rfte carfrn. Vamcau qui n nn Hiux 

• ' .a !a/>-sifJfd T.'i'p. Vai*v«.*nu f\\i'i a !;■ ciif 
' r '.10 -rv^i'.l-iidffi xhip, or a ivd.l-rfared shift 

' ■' ' f. n. FhioU' C'Ttur. a cocstiug fnot 

' ■.- r. m. o devri^ti6Ji of the tcfi-conin sj any 

r' ris'ar pmtrtrt. km ^tht.t. or ijlr,iitl 
' ' -': 7,'un(f,f. or toil*' d»- cot«»nnin'-, n t/x'- rr of 

;--:■;■• • r. vt/ in t^n'ftys, Xc'jcrr. and o',',tr rn ■ r' s 

I. 'X M-iii'trrfjTi(art .ra : ;' it /'ei-fneH 'j'j r, rr .>■. 

.~-*l rxmp nnd cofion. f/itr ivai-p bttngif the 

■ ' -T. fitd fhe tr9ofof't}ie ictrcr 
^ . f. fiiilmv of a stay, — ilc mit, tlif /jkcet 

■i ':^f mnrt 
' ' 'v. /' frn hnf-frnmf, — fbncee, o i'fr/- 

' '•■" ' .p. lacks Gftltf main and /Vrr-rT,'7. — j 

, ' ■ i^ rat, ir:^ki tciiich Tnr^r at the P'xnt 
' ' ivtix, m p. the laniards oftit£ shroiicts of a 

^- f.fnzr civrve. hoUato fiwir 

• V a. 6* n. CouUfr bas. or oou!cr .'t f^ri. to 

■'•'': frjiider. — ba« un v.ii»»> -mi. 'o r--.'. n 

- ^-i'it-ui qui coelo ba-i <J- rt't. n h .' 'j 

' ' '^'.faH ofJcvkf ; c icci'fr-'', hrr: * ■ ;;, 

■ A '^•W uTiks df^'*j.^r in tt.r ic: . r :: rii 

■ '' ' ::ci,i upr.n tht j',u.r.<n. -.r -xii- i j'/r ;r- 

' " • '. •-; t- T.'r;'rf /A^»i (he p--:- i^ i Tnx '! •• .' r.r tjr. 

■ ' iL*' 9r trjrirvau qui c -ulr, a 'Vc-../ r-r: k 
'*■(.•.':.. Cr.a|> i!o caiioa, r; ,^-?/t. Jijc'; j>!so 

*• ''vx rtctr.ed, — de rr.non Ue pa:- 
'-fce. fnrtittli f^un ; gvn fir'cl as a s:^'.!l 

• ■;Ci'ipg. — iJe caiion d'rjs^ruranc.-, n K'.n 
"- ' V a ship -shai fhe dl.ptr.ys h^T rf.i'ur*^ '; 

,; "<■ iU truv't of her bern^ rva/.'y o;' trv n . 

- ^■^■y r^'.tiurg ihf djipl.ty?, — df fcnr.a •\ 

- ', ff :';cf rc:^h<d ur.a'ei ica^T. cr fl j/^jf /^c- 
~'- -i-^chd and zi^atcr. — de rr.iicn (n bcls. 
'" '^■' rrteh-rd in tl.e uf-pfrr-ivoykj of a sh'p. — 
' ':j:nn de DiaQC. the mcruvg j^un. or ir.trri' 

■■rh guu. — de canon de rttmitf. Mr 

'-"",? /?an. or ^A* night ijutrh gun. — dc 

' '• t reirtif ;ca/« o/" xcind. — «5t- vent forcr, 

• 'n- (r'lvffjttisr. — dc jner, M« -r/itr^- ffn 
■ " ' r'-!.<7>i;^. rr jr'i/^ vi»'€"'lii, -rvhat tec call n 

'^/ -rr, ',vfi\''ni^. — de gcuvtrnaiJ, bi dc 

■.'a Cfj'ijs r 'e cut tke cnb^c — 

' ■ •^■.•., f<? rrrf aircv o masf. — li ii^-iie, /» 

'/^ ''nr. — ia i.ime, fo cut the ten, to di- 

' 'V -scn-er. — l"ennt nn, to thwart or cror* 

^ ';" 'f'iv/s course 

. "n. o frame. Couples dv levt'e, /Ar 

"• '>ff: ihjp : vrder\tr,o/l only ofthoir ivhich 

^" '" ,•?!«/ on tht iiup--nTi'.:ht\{ plmi mul moft'd- 

'' Mujv rouplf, f''e Tn'fl\Iiip frame. Cf)u- 

' ' 'i rprnplUijc^e, //i.7.';rf 'hnbers. Couplo dc 

'" ■!' ra. nT, fialance tiriJiers or frnnirf : not 

>'w7 Uie in England. Ia? couples dc 

' ^ ^hefor,' body. l^-» conplrs dc Tarri- 

'" ■ ' .r aj>er hod-/. Cou}»!o dc lof, thr locf 

' "^ '■ or iQor 'in}^,ert. — tU- coliis, the fore- 

- .' '7?,: of a ship, or knuckle tiuiber. — dc 

' ;''H. ff/iflnV of throud-t 

■ '"IX. nj. hetii-een decks 

'. m. ^ur^m^ ChCite or direction dc» 

r.ra, rV Kttin^ of thr cvrrentr. Lit d'un 

' . '"^i'U ?Ac ttrcnm or /na/n stream of a current 

■'^ti', /I. m. Bois courbuns, compaiS'iimber 

[■f-- fi-fjuUdtng 

''''''^.*, m /». ^mflr// knee*. — dc IV-peron, «;• 
; - rt> ■nte Wrrx-s, brackets of the head. — de 

;^'^' J. h^e. Courties du premier pont, fAr 
^'■'^^ knees of the fewer deck. — du socoad 
ru^ fyje hanging knee* of the tecmd deck. — dc 

gai!la:-d, /;':-!j/;;? kniyj of the qucrterdork 
o-td joreinj.'e. — l.on<f<'int;tl; •, U-'.' rq 
Aficfs. — venicnlts or ohiicpif ^ d •» t:..i.\, 
h(iy\^in7 kr.'.e: — d'.\r? -v-.*', rrcinti i /.i.r< . 
— d» witt.s, '/-.(' Tfar.i!>iids cf the r'.',!r i:f:, or 
sfjurt ot' tl.e f>,ft. — di- jo.lTiau*. i/Vrkj ff 
the head. — d» iVr. Irun Ar; <* ff' r h' dn 'm. in 
/.'V;;/; i 'jOj of~^<:r. — li'Liiutrr . fi<,'.'-^i- 
j^ular kutcr. — a :Uusse i tjiu (T''. I.r.^^i v.- , '., ,j 
ur iL-iif.iyit a tf^:nre. loiir'.K ii"i Ui: .,> ,ij, 
fcnrf o/ t/f sfern post. — dc boisuii-, i/te tap- 
pot fer of tht; rr^'-ifcd 
Coii-Hf. f/'r tornji, m. a coct^ or //t/T ^o P<^y O 

i/i./y'4 U'tOlll 

Cuu ir. !• 7J. !T:/.c>rfs. in fn-nernL to so/l; to cdrcnce 
nt ifn ; •'« \l>.ud craiaid. —(!«•, l;,,:ili. i^ p'y 
to ti-r.'^.inni 1,1, fcKtif.; < r '.y 'rj^ndt. — « n l.i- 
l/.u''c, ''V 1 1:11 d'jv.n la.'ifu:^^. — cu^'-iitMa', 
ton.]'. '''r.\,n :o:,„>i dr. — b huwliiK'. /£/ '..« 
tf.e j^rf/nne. — A i^L'iV txir.'. 'o i^.'.d t./ ii 
ttu' ij it'T 'c-k. — nulii'^i , fn ,'nr'.d vjf. — ..ii 
plr.^ ji. ♦^ 1. /o r;.-;) ' ^«V'- c'/-.:/ r; i; inr/. ~- Ki i .■ f, 

' ri/'/ '. ^'v jC'-'/r //<c len. — Ic !;ti:i l)or.l. <o 
r<.:\f n ':■• \j rrwxc. — a.- lau !..,r\l, to ..'ami 
ii/-'i-t ''ir aiiiurrk. — nor !. " id, >;c. fo rend 
to ,'U' :'.!:.'■': c:rd, smif-'rurnrd. c f . — 'Ur !.a 
tf-ii. , !f \-riuii in or (til th':r<: — sur iiii %»< .- 
s .'.u, fc : ^^rsr. n, /..-/r'^f.f a jh p. — »ur 5); :»•!• 
C' , f'j r;./i urci or re raw /<«<i/ cfti.c atH.'ibr ; to 
henre nJiccd 

Ccaionn* ;utr.t, rr.. trffrrel ef a sh-p. Ij^e de 
ccc.roi:nr-nur.t, the injfitrel or up/>er rtul of the 
stern in F' \f::fit 

Co;;n;, vt. Couri, file, or virurr de Ix.nLirc^ 
strer'.T 'ir .n'-.' et ff plord.T. — de vnirn *, a 
itr>uh of'lje fdavKi of the cci'tri^ cf a ■<iupf zyc, 
rot,'! n' ft /iovi tic iffrii-po$t fo ihf ttcin 

Conr%c. f. irinxe urcruizit.g. Fairt U c«;ur:f. or 
aII<T en conric. fo crid-e at sea as a ^rivdtni'y 
or to f:o a-pi Ii<jfreri7i!r. Vaisvau nriie en 
course or vais-iiu coijairp, n pmatcT 

• Co:j-s»« r, in. ti fjve nr.d af: f.aMnie or .';'?.'; qi'-Ticv 
b*'U!>ii ihe'f'httk.j vf a rsy^'-ficl^'j ; •.i]-.'^ n 'w^-- 
CfJiiS -i-.'-rfrf Ijrasj gun plcicd on t!te jlrc pa. t ff 
thr.f ,' r's.ns^e 

• Cc!;;5ivo, /. that part o/" the dipper de^k 7i/:vA 
ti o/iii. Old fijn'aiticil bettccen the qunrtcr-*Uck 

CoMsnin, m. CoMstin de brairpr*'*. pdlmc of thr 
bow pri*. — d' v !)iites. tlte fr-.':rdii,t; or d<i\>,'iu y 
ofilxhits. Coussins dVciil/i. n. iLebo'^'tri cft'c 
ha\tte hrJfit. C'oiissin «!«• inirc, betl if a cnniion, 
yc/iich supports thf hrrah., 'nn);-; a bli- k ofu-oK.'. 
Coussins'dc viciix C(»nlafCiM pdiir Joumirc, 7/iO/* 
Coun au de ^-ouvtrnud, tm. back of the rudder 
QKtx.wwit'.f. jseani. Ct.uturt » d» s \f>iU s, seams i/f 
the .\aih. Coutiires or intvr\alks enire iyi 
iKinbiT: s, ^ctnw! oft/tep'anks 

• Cnielur U% etoui>es, v a. a xud^ar expressions 
usrd in spcnkinif of nn old ihip, the .ifrnluii.j; 
of II hit h ill a /navy sea expels tJie oakum but vf 
the icnms 

Crniw-, m. crayer., a small Sicedish ship 
Cnirupi',7* n ci-nmlt-iron ; hook of a block 
Civii<)« r (III port. T' a. to deepen a port or harbour 
by taking out the mud or gravel from flic boftcni. 
IVUiel'.inc i crfe-uner. a large pontoon or ti^hfer^ 
fwnlihednviih whetls and large spoon t^by means 
qfudifch they hecrcr the mud or grat't'ff rem the b<H' 
tonu, in order to dceften or dean a port, in a man- 
ner similar to that of Ute ballast-ltcavers on t/te 
Creux d'un raisspnu, m. the depth of the hold of a 
ship., measured from the Inccr tfcck bernns t» ttie 



L 16 ] 


CrlqiM*./. bight, or cotx ; also o credk 
CrtK.-, m. boat/ivok, trffii.^-poir. — de pompe, the 
pumjfhook. — k trou branches, a grapting 
with tnrcf hookt, vrcd tt heavt up any thing 
from tKr. bottom, rtfccially an anchor cable* — 
de iap«»ii. c:.t-hook. — de caiideUiU', the ho9k 
vf the fore tat'kle. — de iniUn, tnck/e-hocJIc 
Croche-r, t; a. to honk, — I arfrtuieau d'uiiancrv, 
tof.xh the anchor by the ring. — let puluui de 
rotiti*, to finok t(W rcHroiiig tackUt 
Crochet, m. Croc hi :* tranucj, certain crutches or 
hocks used to sMpjinrt the sntail-anns tn a ship of 
uar. — dei bitlos. hooks «r hasps to fasten 
the croTS-piiLf to (he hits. — d\'pontiUvt, hasps 
or hooks of the .•tfirrhions between decks. — do 
n :r.iit»', eye bolts tn tUr train of a gun cariiage 
Cruistf d\:u aiicn',/. !/tc rross of an anchor 
I rui^i r, V n. to I i\,i~.e at sea as n privatetr 
Cr->is«'ur. wi. a cnn-zti\ or a rru,-at\^ thip 
Cr .i,]«'r*-,/. cruixiug laiUi'tk ; also a cruize 
iin.\Knni'de pic or dt* iruL m. throat or Jato •f 
thegnff '^ " ^ •" 

Croix «ur lea cabl^ •,./". crost in the haivse 

• Ku cn.ix, t.d. Ex'. Bra?scr en crolx, or braascr 
quarrv, to square t/ie yards 

Cront, m. wfieel ctanefor a wharf 

Crt>uler ua batijucut, v a, to shakea ship bu Jump- 
ing on hti- decks, in order to launch her/rum the 

Croupl«*re ./ a sfernfast. Mouillcr en eroupif re, 
to ratt an anchor by the stem 

Cu. illt lu*,/. nteciure or weight of any mercJian- 
diz<',t(,uu!fo ludb. Charger en eueillette, to 
freight for cny one 

Cttillcr,/ Cuillcr 4 brai, a pitch ladk. — 4 ca- 
non, a gunner^s ladle. — at* machine k creuwrr, 
a spoon used in the lighters which heave tlie mud 
from Ihe bottom qf a port, — de tarri-'re, the 
int of an auger. —- de poiupe, a pwnp-borer 

Cuirs venls, mp. raw hitlet. — foru, strong hides 

Cirisine,'/. the galley or cook-room of a sfup 

• Cuivr^, a. Fond cuivrf. a copper-coloured hot- 
torn, a term peatiim' to the French West Indies, 
vhere they are of opinion that the ft he* vfhiih 
feed on stuh a bottom are poi.tonotis 

Cul<lflaini>c, m. the loiver fnis hing if the guar- 

ter-gnlliry. Cul di- \-aiiseau. tuck 
C«l-dt-i>orc, m. i\. all-knot, w the crowning (f the 

stoppcis. — aimplf, fl single xi>alUkuot. — 

double, or nceud de hauUma, a double romll- 

kn'jt, or fhroud-knot 
Cul-tii'-sne, vi. a name given by the inhabitants 

of the Frrnrh U'etf Iiulfet to a small /utrbour: 

Ea: CuWt-aac Ho\al, Cul-di-«ac I>og«iie, See. 
Culasoe,/. Culaue tVun cauuu, the breech of a 

Culer, V n* to g» astern, to have or make stern. 

vrny, to fail ojern. Mettre lo voilct k culer, 

to back tfte sails, to lay ait flat tAack, Brosse a 

culer ! lay ailjlot nbrxk i 
CulOe, /. (he aci of going astern^ or falling astern, 

or thir stern-11'ny of a ship 
Curt tie di" \io:npi:,f.ptnnp-scrqper 
Curie, or Molittc,/. whirl, an instrument used 

itt rojic-ynj'ds 
f'ui .1 r, wr" Cotter, m. (derived from the English) a 


n V r.un tie prtvAt,/. cat •" nine tail* 

\\iW,f Dale de pomite, pump-dole. — debr6« 

lot, the trough orcAomtc/ in which the train is 

'mid in ujir»-thip 

Dtdou^mjt. ieupper-htksyW sctippers, —da p 
micr pont, scuppers of the Umer deck. — a. 
gatte, scuppers of the ntstnger, Cuin de dak : 
or inancbci de Jalou, tfie scupper hoses 

• Damcst-anae, /. a demijohn, or a sort of lar^ 
glass bottle holding four or Jive gaUotu 

Dames, or DeutoiibUes/p. row-locks 
Diuif^vr, m. a general name for mcks, skrl-jcs 

snnd, or mud-banks in the sea, on which a iA 

Tttfiy be wrecked or lost 
Dar«o,/ a basin tf abort ; a net dock, or a ffi-: 

Jiaibour within a large one, wherein shtjM 

war, &c. are secured and moored 
Dard or liaipon, »k a harpoon. — k feu,/' 

I>:i\ ii*r, m. the davit in a longboat 
Ui, m. cook in a block-sheave. Rouct? de r 

yac a dei de Ainte, liguumrvita: sheaves « i 

bratT rooks 
D( iKiqueuitnt wi. landing. Lien de d»''»rji-r^,i 

nitriit, loniUhji-pltice. I'l'uupet de d« UirqM, landiiiji troops 
Dbcrijiur, T» fl. tr n. to Itmd, ox to d!sc7nhaf\ 

S<.- d«'i)ai»iiu-r, to rrjurn to shore^ or to .cni 

Druarqucr un officii r, &c. to discharge en tj 

ccr, trc.from a slup. — dei marchajudtKn*, 

uu'oftd or to landgootLs or stores 
Dihu.ioh.o,/. nof 

Di '^tur lo cnUo. r a. to unhit the cahle 
IK border, or Se dc border, to get off, to get clear. 

Si' rrcr off 
Dibunkr, r ff. d* n. Dtborder un mitioau, to r 

off lite P'a^'ks of a ship. Drborde ! put cj, 

sheer qff'i (an order to the booths crew) \ 

DiJbosser le cable, v a. to take qff" the 9toppe\ 

fro.n tlte cable, &c. 

• Dtbouquemeiit, nt. (a finest Indian term) ape amoniist many islands, or several narro 
chnnnels th-ough xvhich ships are necessitated 
sail for arriving into on tfien sea 

• Delwuquer, v n. to tKsembogue or get free 
such a passage 

DelMut, afL Debout nu vent, head to :rr7? 
Avoir le vent debout, to have contrary ir 
JJfbout a la lame, head to the sea. — au cor; 
end on. Courir dclKHit an coriM »ur i:n \.fi 
•t-au. to run end on upon a ship. Boia t!i N j 
aii'jpiecrofwoodwhiih stoTuts onFtnd, or ?% 
pc>/<tidicular situation 

Dccape, a. said of a ship which has sailed bcyc 
any remarkable cape or headhind, and has .^'o* i 
//V' oprti sea : as, for exnwhfe, when a shp " i 
EoiiJrr.iix, bound to the fictf Indies, is lj-y\ 
Cn/ic Fiv.isterre, or onef-om Dunkirk hat /-.n 
br'jcnd UdiatU, O'c. 

Di c:ipv r, v n. to sad beyond a remarkable cope i 

Dccl):n-p:cnient, nu the act if unlaiRjig or «/J 
charging a nicrchant or ot/ter ship 

DtcliaiTi r, V a. D^charger un Tiusceau. to unlrn 
or discharge a ship, — dei marcbaiidiKi 
unlade goals, trc — une Toile^ toJiU n ii 
qfter it had lain aback. DecTianre le pciit h 
nier ! fill the fhre top-soil f D^charge dc\ r> i 
haul off all! or let go and haul.' DC eh:i . 
un canon, to take the charge out «/* a can in . 
nteant of the xoorm 

Decliou r, V a. to get a ih'p t{float, or ^ff'frovy - 
ground info deep -tva'ci- 

D^clinaison d*un astre, tJte declination of a Jl\ 

DecKiiqucr, r a. to vnclinch, to undo c'::k-:j 

Decomhre*, mp. ch'Ps avd useless piccct ofU'^' 
kfiona tlilpr^ight's rr' ajf 

D E P 

[ 17 ] 


'i irr. pfl. Dt'-courfrc dt^ !>ordrtFci, to rip off 
•Xi :rwn opnrt oftU ship's tide 
^' rte,/ lock-cuf of t/te mast head 
'.Mr. r a. to umhcnfh a refsel 
1 '. . /! lV-:Vns. s crdcfj-Tiv<!potir clmlniipc^, 

■ / vr tkfrdt. (.'onlt-s de <K'/(Jnr', fcwiers of j 
V. or out cMf. Collier dt- defense, the puit- 

■ :.: of a hvst^s stem 
H r 9r defreler Ics voilet, vtu t» unj\irl or 

r.v n. to henr off from a thing. D*fie du j 
' '. y9a are nil fn the xcindi keep her full ! 

'tr: or no-nitrrer f (a caution to the hehn^f 
Ut fie la chalou™- du bordi 8cc. l>mr off"! 
^ ir laaere da bord I bemr off the anchor l 
r > r. r a. f» itkeve ; to jtme 

xi m.fatUf, scant ruetf 

■ r, r nil cordage, v a. to tgnuirop, to iaAe off i 

r ' 'jir, m. prinunf;-reirr. or priwiin^-iron 
^^ . a. Matclot deqrad^-, a icrecked sailor 
pn^r. pa. to I'ft tJte qraftpfc, or sJtiaU an- 
' — un vai«4 an. to xccip a ship off 
". 7. Vai«v.-aii flt;?Tt.e, cii unr/yxal ship 
•nent, cr dt'grvagc, ni, utnigging^ dU- 

■ 'V 

'.TO. to unrigs to dirmnntle^ to (cose the 
V '1 a norm. — uti nidt, to strf/j n 7iiast. 
'. tA Ex. out, or icf, sftrnkitic; of the s':iis. 
it^ " voiks dehor,, all s^n^h oi.t. IVlior. d'lm 
'. w cf a harfiotir, or out fit ten, or In 'he 
;,. \\ y 1 f^os-ie nicr dehors, iitc uu runs 

' li.' nt, er actc de dvbiss( mcnt, nn imfru. 

■ T Oct irhrrh r/.i f'j-,-s of a .</./'/' '> '.'^- 
■'"/ fn/ The mnfcr or nirrr >'r;; i''i c,v injur- 
' • .7J4v>i./^ A/.n /o /«:<, rAt iiipulattd iuiui' 

' - *■ , m, the [fisi harming of ballatt, or Lmba!- 

-■' '" n. ]>t:?e5ttT an vaiv^i nil, to ffitchciige 

' ■■f.n of a -h'-u, or te» uiiiHil'a^r a ilap 

"','• f a, D{"Ii\Tef cks lioxJutjcv, fo rip nff 

''"''.' r, r ff. ^0 ^a e/crrrf. or imt of the rJmnnel 
'^^ /• Filer i j.i di-iiiamic d'uu conli^-e, to 
'•.. t'" ffirc mvnxj any i D/»t' 

"'^^'■-^<^i tn. uurnoorin^, or vubcnditig any 

' ' r. -p,,, ^^ r/nniiwf, ^e A/rcA at////? /<&/« 
^ -r/i^'*, or /&/?'.' rA 

' •• ■■ n. to iiubt u<! arm rcpr 
' . z. Vaisj-T.ii do.i.air, n iJj-tnaffed .u'tip 
'"'''' VI. i>. laAi'T un 'v^iiv an, to ui'f <;•/' 
' ' '■: ff a .;/..v'), — uji vais-i* .•m it c»jIH>i d»' 

■ ' • t i/iOft? <i i7,./<'f i.iatti 'ly the hunvtl 

_'■ ■'-• fa. to tjc flrovii'fd. C- Vitisvan a 
•' H.» joii pnitHl ulH de funic, iLu vfiift 
' '!''■' h-:r iiicn ('jr-iijui. Noui ;p ons liv 
■ ■ > li.- n<;;:\ gviiid lau^ our w.m/i n.cit is 
'. ''f f^fird 
" ' '■ /". n ^i7 7' h-'rh 

^' r. Df u.'iiit. r Iv GT-'ivfrnnil, to 
ru'Jiler. — ii.» cMi'.i riiju-, to fu//rrf(ue 
, ■' • '• C'.iiKjn Jcui'Hjl', iij ur. thr tfirrinv^e 

■ ■ .'. '*.'l» fM:rn hj'J r /j.y ihf e,',-"),f: :-h:>t. 6t: 

I-" iif, ni, a tiinrau- ar-f rial nnii tiwk-ijrtrd 

••■' ; >!ii-irl ',■ f\ of -.ihuh i.'itrc are (hire in 

, ' ■ ^" ,t. T'.uk.n, '.U'liUnht ('■iVX ; nlso fhn 

■ ', th'^ 'i'l'jru* f.n'l jui i r{i tioi: ofru intrn- 

■'■ 'l^'hf n/r.-'j. — il, .il;j'»ts, 'Iv cxttn: qf 

■■■■'jlf of a ir.v.iU istaite c!i s eludes 
'--'<'. in. D(']m*;Mf im vaisscHU, to out-sttH 
' l"^ t-eyoud. — b lounioiri., to shift the' 


vo'fnl. — un cap, urn ile. ^c, to ioil ieyor.'f a 

cv/fc, an islr.uf!, c r. — un fon'urv, to l;j; i-n.f 

CT 7'o/^'. — I -i toundu c:il>i •. fu <ti:\r t.cni %*• 
Dt p.'cer, V a. DejHCi r un tj.Kii.u.nt, to rip tip an 

old vrt-rl 
En dt jH ndant, ad. edging mvnij. or ei'ginj: dorm 
Deplojcrle l>a\ilUyii, v a. tvktjty, ur to iti„puiij 

the f/Ji/;'rj 
Derndt r, v n. to part, to drli^ ivifh tf-e trrirhorjf 

a head ; to he drivm fitnt tl.f rnrtioiY, <indf>,ntd 

out to sen f,ij {he viofntn; t:' a Jnnn 
Dtniliupj^iie, a. Vuile tkraliiruOe, a sail h'oiin 

fruiii tite ho>f-rot>f in a 6 or in 
DtniptT, r n. to lof^en fifjut the grcud. rp'-af, 'ntr 

of tite anehcr lel-en it is u<i),o^t n-j*;cij,h, >.n- .y..,*/ 

the anchor a-/ rip 
D^vc, /'. t/te lec-ivay i stray-line^ or a!!oiir:in.c 

made for strny-i ue 
Ej» (h'rire, ad. Au c^n' dt-i vents or d. < n. ts. 

adrift. Avoir htll. di'rivi- or avoir dt r«..iu u. 

courir, to nave ^^OQd Kftl-roorn 
Dtri\tr, x> n. fa iltfn-t., to driie or fall to lanvard, 

c»r to xng to kmard 
Dc^jnonrelit r, v a. o" n. to finJpftor 
Di*srinnemeni, m. thr art oftl'A hnrymg ♦//■ ,flreri 

and crac of a .^Iti.i, or paying ofj' a i/; ;V ; ; ! .n 

t/iC laying up of a ship 
D# -iurnier, t- a. tr n. to dimrri^to i:vyr,r;, a .';•., 

to dismantle, to dischnn;' :h.' <r:ji(er e:---xi; 

to pcy off a .'■hip. Xiv.^M an i''--tirii.i'', a laid-i.p 

jf/y.o. D« ,-ann<- I» s avunns! huit yur cmr. : 
Drsurrinier, v a. to alter or ihij'l the ^iuu-aj^c in (he 

Si'Ad ; to l.ntfo-it; 
iJtserv.dre, r a. IXsiotuilre uue rixKi'O, to fi'l 

f.'o:; 'I a river 
Descci.t*.',/'. a nc\rcnt, or fan/ling upon an enr>)rt''s 

counfry. Faire uue d( sc'iiil..-. to iiwade t^n 

enei::r/^s cfsitufry, vv to iii/ike nn inrn.f'di 
Des' iiipartr, i' «. i)'^'>i'nii*,ir>. r nn \ aisM-au, to dh- 

cVe a slid) in a baiLk. V;iisscuu dcsciiipaic, a 

itiip iii,t'jJn-:d 
3)'$»-nvt nru I, v i. fn im'ttnd any sail 
l)t''sv{ii.'ipt., V a. to ink ;g 
D<i4j. i;i vt nt, fid. ijr:idiinrd, or the ivctthev- 

gn,i:e. Cku^nM-, nrt luln- Ic dinvis du \c;.t, to 

grt '!,e r,\.!hee-i/.^e. to get the •xiiud 
Dt'talJn^u^ r 1 - c;.! le. \> n. to unbctul the luhlc, or 

tfike '> >}ff frf.y<i r!,c vtu hor 
I>»'Li.)it, )n. itru'ti 
Dcv, niiv li.'« v*.!!.";, v a. to hrorr l!te sail so cs to 

sh.vtr in f^ir. -.; /;///. oi- In ;hii > r aim 'ir'> 
l.i{-\ fs, ;/.'. iiiu'ilfh.n^' offinyp'-f Of liudirr ; v\'\r- 

qiH r s«iii Irx.i ; >t., •.:>!.' .;>n (;'' vi I's. fo r'oti'i! tuc 

tnr'n'r nteui-fing to it.i lo/.i'a-:, or iix i:m-:i:n. 
I)«.'v'n r, -i: n. to recjH^ iuul uf tlu: L(,b'.c uv xbjrd (jI tic tf.,'i-fci •! 
T)i \iicr, I' a. to hecv', /.'I. a .'tfientc fwii.niu'-n: the tlimenhiTi:; of a 

ih-.'i.-ii,':dr />:/ n iKjt-n > iij;f in oi 'ie>- to hu!d 

h'r ; aJ ;* n ur^-ine ur ntnroi inl inrn'r hij a rrf^ 

l'iit\iun:<}'ttiny f.'ie i,!j,erMit'n>n. nr lir on thec^tir.- 

/:\r: 'f e; -h h fluting Ur Krri-riooii 
•,.);!•. -'/. C'l.'.ipl.s devuy'i. i ant timbers. lifr 
MH r^xne. a (f:/i( fadiiou-hierf 
Di .o.tMii. .ii dc i\suiin, in.jMehig of the fa i hi on- 

pint; cr. 
• Diriblotn.. ni. or VnMe d'-'tni dii pc^n-oquttde 

fou;;ne, the ni>zrn top ^nn;- ail 
liiuie, /'. the vio! niiio ief:reh. Coup de cnnoa 

r: ■ D'aiii'. tlie u,ui hitii( nafrh gun 
Ei'T«'.\nc«' du tii*ant il\au, ./'. (he difference in 

the draught uj ivtiier 
DifV' on or i>)j«>r., ni. a triangular p'lfre sonieiimet 

emf-i-i,f<lio fill lip the un^k of iht knex. oj tlic 

hisd m trench siups 

B 2 

I "■ 


Hii^n, m. trbAton d'ane fUmrae wbnndcroUe, 
/. the ftack or ttaffafa vane or Jtrwlnnt 

Dispjiier If vtut, v a. f arrive for the tveather- 
gnge^ or to endeaxmir to gel to winthvard of 
some ship or Jfeet in sights or to ttretch for the 

Diviiioii,^ a divLrion or tquadron 

13<)(^es d'amure, m. the ho'es of the cheestree* 

Donner, v a. 3*r n. Donner jk Is baiule, to hfrl^ to 
Hoop or incline to either tide. — uiie dcMni- 
bande A un vaitseau, boot-tofiping a ahip^ and 
parfinrnent-heel. — un suif or un contii jk un 
bAiim.-!it, to pay a vesteVi bottom. — i la cAte, 
to run aground^ to strike or to be stranrlcd on 
any coast. — dedans, to run right in for a port^ 
< r road^ ire. — les pv^rroqucts a un vaisseaii 
or tt-lle autre roile, to spare the main tofp^nl- 
lanb-sails or any other scut to some other ship in 
rompany^ implyir^ th<ie such ship satis no sivift- 
er Tc/fA ** many more^ sails spread out to the 
wind. — rent derant, to throw a shib in the 
icind or fn stays^ to bring the wind ahead by 
puffing the ftclrn Itard o4ee 

Donnant, m. D(»nnnnt d'un exirAskf^, the standing 
part of a lackle^ braee^ or other nmning rope 

Dossier d'un en I lot, wj. the back board of a boat 

Ponhlaifo, m. sheathing, — di* ch^ne, oak sheath- 
imr. — de supin, a sheathing of deals. — de 
c 111 vre, eopper-shtaUdng 

Doiihk-, m. Double d'une manoeuvre, bight ^f a 

DonWer, v a. Doublcr un vaiweau, or doublcr le 
(Vane bord d'un vatssuau, to sheath a ship, either 
ivi'hboardsy niuls^ or copper. — une volU*, to 
liw a sail. — un ^cart w les joints, to scarf. 
— un autre batiment, to oul-saU a ship. — le 
Jtllat^N to make a crooked vnke. — un cap, 8cc. 
to double or pais Ijeyoud a cape^ 4rc. 

D<uiccnr, en douceur, ad, Ain«^iic en douceur! 
lonrtr hawlfcmc'i/ f 

• Dra^i, in. the vrtng-iransom nfn galley 

I>n»p:oi».Tn. 7ihirl/)oo(, vone.v of water. — dc reat, 
jrunden gutt, violent squall of wind 

nmriii% J. a drag 

nr.i'^uor, V a. to dra^. — uno rtncre, to drag or 
rticep the hoiiom J\>r an anchor lost — I e^n- 
placemcnt d'une pile dc pout, to make the 
ground lei'Cl 

Driill',/. Dm'lle d'un roile d'eui. a stay-sail*s 
stmj. Drailto or curtahcu des palam d'etai, V. 

D\',%ict, f p. halinrds or gears. I^s drisses des 
basscs verifiK s, gmrs. Lt's pnt"des dns.%(r$, the 
main georr. I.cs drisses do iniv.Lnei the fore 
gmrf. Dri's* s h caUome. ijcars compoiett qf 
ttpo tackles fir thr h-vcr ijardf, as in yuost ships 
of uav. Diis-v k \VA^f\r, gears composed of a 
tie, awl tiiO tarki'rs fix ed to the tie [as in mer^ 
ohant-.thips, ire.') Drr^es dj.s luiniei-n, the /lali- 
ardt of the top-wH yortls. Itntruc de dns««- iUs 
huniers, the fie if the tof>-Tml haiiard. Drissis 
de pcrroqii. tv V/it' hr Hards of the tofh-sdlaut 
yards. Itapie d^ drisje de perroqut t, the tic 
of the topgaUrmt hnliard. Ij» driwe «lii «-rand 
hunit r, thffor<^ top-snil hnliard, trc Driwe de 
m.v'\\\iii\, the ensign ftalinitl. — <ie Jb.mme, the 
haiiard of a pendant. — du pic d'un brisautin, 
or d'une verj>;ue ji coi*nc. throat hilinrd 

Droit, ad. & a. la baire ! right the hrlm ! 
put the helm c-midhips ! Droit ! steady I Droit 
cr.n;m.» 91! stemly as you go! rig fit so! Barque 
dunic I tjim the boat! 

En droiiure, nd. Fuire ca rotHe en dfoitnre, lo 
v^e u strtfigltt tourse 

[ 18 ] ECH, 

Drosse./ Drotv d^artimon, or drosse da ranrj 
d'artinion, niisen paj-rel-truss. — dc rata^i 
parrel-truss, — de (^oaremaiJ, tiller ropf. 
df ctunon, a gun tackle 

DroiHT, V a. Eii-o drosji* par le* coumii* 
diive with the currents. I-e» vounu* n 
drotsaient sur la terre, wc were driving ashm 
by the currents 

DuiiM, / p. downs, or oandy height* on the it 

Danette, /. the poop ^a ship ^fv/ar. Lo^erarr 
Bur la duni'tte, topgallant poop or po<^ ; •- 
Ecbollcfl de la dunette, the ponpladden 
•tthich one is placed on each side of the que 
deck in French s/iipt t^ t«w. Duneite *ur 
nette, poop royal 


EAU, /. Eau douce, fresh voater. Matclot d Vj 
douce, •;• ntann d'eau douce, a fresh Tr^r 
Jack. Eau saUe, salt voter. — saumAt 
brackish water. Fairt- de I'eau, to vfoirr a i-:.-i 
LanciT, mettre un navire A Teau, to lauu ,'i 
ship. Faire eau, to make wa'er^ or to l(u-i 
Eire en gmnde eau. to be in a deep sea. II i» 
a pa* d'eau en cet endroit, there is not Kot: 
sufficient in that place fhr a ship to ride in. or • 
float a ship. Les eaux d'lui vaisseau, thi t.f.i 
of a s/tip. Lo na%'ire feiidail I'eao, the i' ^ 
sailed very fast. Etre daus les eaux d'un > j , 
s«.hu, to he in tite irake of a ship, Vivt- . > 
springtide^ high spring. Mortecau, neap t a. 
dead neap 

Ebaroui, a. deacatted, tibounding with ohakts 

lEbe, /. Reflux or mar^e descendante. chb > 
' ebb tide. U y n ebe. i/u: tide ebbs or falls 

Ebranlemeut, m, crackings straining qf a ship f 
a high tea 

Ecale,yi touching or anchoring at ttnyport in ' . 
course of a vouage 

Ecart, m. ocar]\ — double, oemfnf two em!' « 
timber laid over each ot/ter. — cintirie or cor.' 
butt and butt. Les ecarts de la quiUe, sctfrfs 
the keel. Double r les ecjfrls, this expres.rt^ : 
method oft/te j//;/>, leji between the scarfs cj i . 
pieces fnyed together, as those of the stem v 
those <ff the apron^ those of the keel and of M" 
faUe keel 

Ecnr\'( r, v a. to scarf 

l.el'aftuud. m. stage 

T'.chaniilion, m. the scantlings or thickness sf :k 
timber used in sfvp-building 

Echarpe,/. shell of a pulley or block 

Kchnrs, wj. shifting wind, that veers oflen cr. 
hauls; a light and variable wind; a cat's t^.-- 

Echarser, v n. to wer, to shift abmit, to chcr.i 


Ecliaudis, m. a ttiangutar tdtisp 

lOchelle, /. ladder. Ecliclles de poupe, the stei 
or quarter ladders formed qfrope*. Li\ t^^-aii; 
<ehelle, the quarter deck ladder. Echelli *i'l 
cuniinajideiiient.arrommM&i'/en lofider. — hci 
le bord, the gnng-way and ladder which setir 'i 
ascend or descend the ship** side* Les i-ehcV- 1 
du levant, the seaport towns in the Lrrc: ^ 
I^es echelko de Barbaric, thtr oeaport toitn^ d 
Barbary. Faire ^-chelle, to touch at pny per- 

Eebelont, m p. et taqucU d'^heUes^ steps J*"^ 

EchiUoii^ m. rtnter^tfmtt 


[ 19 ] 


■VHOft3?r. m. the an or ttate of being Hmnded vn 

-i ra^rt ; aktt, a plamchere s/ii/is nuiy be strand- 
/ -rfrhrit danger^ or %euh kts ^langcry in a catc 

. .u:-me«t, m.thetKt<n ttate of being stranded 

■ a cs^ut 

:._er. V n. or s'fchouer, to run aground or 
. i orr, to put aground, to cast atvayy to ship- 

:--t--, / a clear spot in a eletidy sky 

. ' i«» boil, m, splinter or r hip, torn from any 

•"•- 4nroher by the force of a that 

•'-. f. a precipice ay the sea, or a rivrr-aifk ; 
' -: ■■ or extremity of a sand-bank. Cdte en 

^!^ , 3 fjeep coast or *A«>rc . 
^ -^iT I, .-n. chaiThftcale 

- u, jn p. or amuret, fAtf tacks of any sail^ 
' . ..arfy /Aerf of the main and fore-saU., the 
'■■' > s^- morr prtperiy called amurex. Ecouet 
> ^ M-r &r 4 brtssiu, a <i»u6^ tack. — suuple, 
'- r- 4->> for* 

•r. /. the theet of any taiL Largner 
i • .. itf-. to ease off" the sheet. Border It-s 
' t '.^>. to haul nfi the sheets. Avoir les c'coutes 

• -% to sail ivilh Jhwing she^s 

J<e. / hObch-tBfiy. Grande 6couliI]e, main 

.-rrffv. EcoutiUc de la fosse aux cablei^ 

' '^^ch^Kny. — mix vivns, the stcimnrt 

'-■-•-zzcy plocal abajl the main mast. — de la 

' -u- aax-pouUrt^ji, the ruagaziue hMtch'Xvay 

c-r-l hi tbf gu7i-r9oni in Frnuh ships. Ftnner 

■ - -juulle*, re S'Vut up the ha'c^KS 

i' ii ill. ;n. a scuttk, or ,f ffic// hnfclk'ivay 
<r':oii, m. /Af ffiuugc of a cannon 
1 loiiTier, p a. to tpuuge a camion 
II ■i.'" dc U mariite, m. civU ofTicer* in the 
•yards rcho muster the arti/utrs^ ker/t re 
■•■ r-i 9/ rAfm, as also of tfu- stm-rs^ and Mp 

• ) nrni«aipps in t/ieir duties and offices. 
vair. d'uD vaivieau de g:tierr»», the clerk of 

- . :/' eficar, eowprc/urndhi^ alto tfw entploy of 
V ;..;rtrr. — de vais»eau marcband, the su- 

■ r-^« of a merchant shtji 

r:^mp.the haivse-hoies 
'. m. a dangerous rock, shoo!, or ridge 
!;• Jc cabestan,yi the iron socket or saucer 
' ' '■■■' capstern 

•-. f. thtJYoth or foam of a breaking sen 
' la mer, v a. to scour or infest tlie oea at 
'■' -".'e 
■^^.r de raer, m. a pirate or raver 
;-. m. /Atf escvtcheon, or o?j ornament on the 
' - o/?A^ u/>/ier coujuer, ii-here thty write the 

' .T. V r. to present the head or s^crn of the 
■■ '0 an enemy; this it mestiy made use of by 

r, V n. to part company^ to separate at tea 

' ■ '-.(i f.-'et or vr^sel 
^►> r. m- )tpiiling-iine 
- • r uii hiuiifcr, v a. to Imul up a top-tail 

■ :h^-<rjs 

■ft i,fp. knitflet, or sniaH robands ; careen' 
■ it'TT. — d« .s lto«tMij,/c«.rt;^// of 'he ^«of>[iers 
it T,v a. EtruilltU-r un pa Inn, 8tc. to Imp a 
^ >. or f« rack. Al*o /o •oxt' flJiy contplication 
f •■■ -•« 
i'>ii. mp. pintles of I fie rhdder 
. ^. A^aiit fort ••lam-c, a fnring bare, 
\^^u'. ^u ♦buc-', a ftfajf-liemled \h:p 
^ n.. nu ni. ElAUctriueut de leirave, the rake 
' ' ' 'f ii^^m 

• '■ Hr. r r, fo bear off^ to take tearoom. Vaia- 
■■' 2 u ",11! sV I'^f f daus le vent, a ship irhlt h gains 
'wr ro :finrf-Tc«ri/. Yaiaeeau <iiu s'cl^rc en la- 

Utnde, a thip tohich gaint ftut Uakudinaily. 

Vaisscau qui sVleve »ur la lame, a vettel which 

rhes easily upon the sea 
Elar^r, v a. to give c/u2ce i alio toffy frtm btfore 

a ptirguintt enemy 
Eliiigrue,/. sUugt. — 4 pattef, can-fmkt. — ie 

cor!o, tUngs of ropr of any kind 
Eliuj^uer, v a. to sling a cask, bale or box 
Wur uetj, mp. the pcnctt or pcTKt of a capitem 
Eiunc^ir, V a. Elonger un vaisieau, toUe along' 

sidi ofu .'(hip, or to co'ne abreast q/'her 
S embanqu'-r, v r. to come on a .fishing bankf tu 

fh'J of ^ir-ufijundianfL, /re. Vaisseau eo^bau* 

qu/, a v; h. . lying on afis/ting bank 

* Ein^Kircadere, ./'. (in tfie French ff^ett -Indies) a 
small port or 'j:g/ie along the tea coast, commodi- 
ous Jjr ilie landing and shipping of stores and 
goods for the use of (he net ghbourtng planters 

• j-jubai cation, /. a tmall vettel of any kindy oc« 

Enihordee, /. yc^, lee lurch, -wild tteering 
Embarder, v n. or donner des enibard^s, to yaw 

or steer ofjiiquely on one tide or the ot/ier, to 

theer, or to after toililly 
EmbaiTfo, m. embargo. Met ire un embargo, to 

lay an embargo on shipping. Lerer on emiMr* 

go, to take ojfan einltargo 
Erabarqut r, v a. Embarquer des marrhandisea 

or des munitions, to ship gooiis or ttoret. S'ein- 

harfjuer »ur un vai<i^aii, to emfmrk^ or enter a 

thip. Embarquer un offlcier, to enter an officer 

i« a ship. — un coup de mer, to ship a heavy 

tea. Einbarque ! conie aboard! a word cried 

out by a ship's cock-jnvain -when ashore %vith the 

boat, to give warning to the officers and crew of 

the ship to come into the boat and return aboard 
Embellc./. gang-way 
Embosser, v a. Emlwner un vaisveau, & tVni- 

bosser, to bring the broadside of a slap to bear 
. upon some foif, &e. at by clapping a tphng 
" upon tfte cable. S'era bower, to be brought to 

/jtar, &e. 
Erubossure, f. a tpring 
Emlxjudiiiurt*, y. ttte puddening of an anchor 
Emlwu.; K-r. v n. to enter into a tlrtat or ptw 

sage through teveral ijilandt, «br. 
E/nbraquer, v a. to sling a cask or any weighty 

body, or seize it with a tackle-hook ^ in order to 

hoist it up into the ship, &c. 
Enibrouiiler, v a. to bYmi up, to hnid up the tailt 
Enibnime, a. foggy {sfteaking of the iveather) 
Eni«'rlIIon, m. a large, fit lung-hook 
Emmancher, v n. to enter in t/w channel 
Ernai' iiiii?einens, m p. the diitrihuf ions and rcn- 

venimces of a ship ; the contrivances <fthe hold; 

also the accojiimodationt 
Eiiiniit lUr un ^-tai, v a. to worm a ttay 
EmpntiMnent, m. tplieing 
EriipAttr, vcuto make a scarf 
EMipAtun-,/. or ^cart, m. tcarf 
Kinpenue):»^', m. backing 
Eiiipt unfile, y! kedge anchor 
EiiijK'nui llcr une nncre, v a. to bark rm anchor. 

Aucn- i «.nip< nnclkr, a tmcUl anchor^ at kedge 

atirhor, usea to back a larger one 
Encabhm», /. a cable's length. Nous ^lions k 

deu\ eneabluresde ttrre, we were within two 

cables' length of the shore 
EncaiM r, v n. to embay ^ or be emfjayed between 

tlL-O cnffKS 

Eucasiillt-, a. deep-wrAsfed, frigate-built 
Enconibrfnicnt, m. incumbrance, or the space 

whii h cum'jcrsome goods occupy in the hold 
Encoquer, v a. to fasten a block-strop or the eye of 

ttjuy rope^ as the brace pendant upon a yard^rm 

K P I 

[ 20 ] 


Rnrormtt, m. thetxre ho>e in n tf>p ntasf hffjd I KjMt^fr, w «. f» t^iftr o r^ 

Enfiler, v a. to f-akc, to enflntlr. — K» table* en I-'pi^i-virc, /. marfh\g spike, or ^ttking,fid 

ynni\L,to heaxf Ht fhe rn'i'V by -hf rnf>' n-n j Ki>isiurt', y| a *plire ^ any kind. — counr. 

Enfl^-churr*, fp. the rnttlhu: i.j iha/:r«iiffs ifiort tplict. — longue, a long tpiur. - 

Enfonci-nieni, »». fjctrl'ini^ i cubic, ft cable tplke 

Enipir^*, a. Vaissmn c nj^^;/, a ymter-Mrrri ship. K^)!'- . /. n small phi or vec^ driven into t!ir 

trenu^ix moi«, these urre nun who in lUe f.^si 
getflirw of the Fretich ffesf Jtuties hod their ftcs- 

I tigefire to these islands upon condition of serv 
ing thee j/ems 

EnjTorp^, af. {said oftttefump) stoaked^ w foul. 
La poinpe r«l pnj^ors^-, theptimp is stocked 

Enprt'ncr, v o^ Engrc'iicr la |j<>nipo, to fetch the 

Enhtich4, tf. Tatwpiiu M>huch^, a moofy-shnped 
ship, or a ship rv/iosr tipper wot ks rise I'ery hii^h 
afure and q/t - 

Enjaler, v a. P'tijaUT unc nnctv, to xfcek an an- 
chor, or tof^- the stock upon an 

Enniaiiclu'r. v n. 6* »Vnnuu»chcr, to arrive^ or 
entei' info (he rhoiturl 

EnKiR7ie,yi Ensi ii»i»f de ^wiipo, theen»i;n. Bi' 

or a trce-nntt to siveU it 
K(M'u , m. shot -garland 
Kpoiit^llo /'. n i-^onrhion. prop^ or ohore, Ep 

lilies dt' In calc, tJie piUars or ttanchions of 

hofd. — flVntrepont, t/ie stanchions bctw 

detks^ or tnUnrs 
Epoiitillcr, i» a. to prop or shore antj tMng 
Eqtivirrissnjfc, f. the sqtiare of a piece of tm-'- 

Uue t»ll pi^c a 18 poucet d*t-qimrn^ 

svch a j^iece is 12 inches smmre 
EqueiTa|:^«', m. bevel . beiyrtUng. TVavaill. r ii 

pi^ce suivaot son ^uenug^, to tcxci i^ 

Equerre, /. Pi^ee A IVqnrrrf!, a sqtiare pi -. 

a piece of timber at rif:ht ani^ks. T*:." 

fliiissf rqnerrc, a piece o/timber ovt if f« . 

Coiirb." i^ cqui-nv, or courbe dk an^le di\.<, 

tan dViiKMBrni', enfi^n-xfaJT. Ruvipie de oqnare knee 

r the Ueiitmnnf in rhe Equipapt*. m the crrte of a ship ofxvar, rrr' . i 
1 e/" the rnptain and principal offfcert. — ti < 

Iner, general name for the machinery ovii f . 
ture of a dock-ynrd. — de pompe, pumf' ,(,"( -I 
Equipfinent, ni. fitting out a s/tip 
EquiiKT. V a. to fit ouf, to »wm, /• arm, or pnr.-\ 

a ship irirh irhairt^er it necessary 
Eqnipet, m. a rmnll open locker 
ErailK', a. cfinfed or galled, spetddngofthe crA 

and roftes 
S*^millcr, v r. to chafe 
Erre, /. sloiv or f/wcAr sailing </" a shrp, *c '. 

triyn of n ship 
Escadn'.y! n squadron of ships of vnr. r. 

mnndant d'une t-seadrp, the admiral, ro/j;.;. . 

itij^ ofjlrer, or rrmmodore of a fleet or jrijac .;< 

irkTrrrr rank he may /*mr in the rwnv/ 
EsihIc, /, srny. Vaire i scale dans un yn r, 

rnnkr nporf. to put In a poi't 
Escarbuif,/. carhme, musketoon used by /> ■ 

Estop, m. a sleet to tvet the sails or the /; 

i"-V. — k innin, a troop, or bonf^s sr (■->/> 
K%v<)\. m. affn.ffff lower corner of a latrcr sci! 

• Eipnio, /^, f/int fart ofthedrrh of a^n"-,' . i 
is afore f.-te canopy, and ahaft the ro-ricrs' < 
anynrrin^ to iihat is called ^ uaiYc, w.V. '. .i 
sh p 

* Plsj);\H(n. m p. (in t^nfteys) the name o,'"' V i 
rottrr.T uf o sit nenrcxt tv the sea, to f '■ ' • i 
the rt'^t firing tailed iHTctroia, quartciui', .1 
quintti-ols!iur, V a. to pay a tr* rrr j or 6<ja'% ''-''' 

tt'fh talloxv, sulphur, <!rr. after having brr^ i 

l-'.^polr. m. small piece of artillery 
E.^p'iuU ttf,/. tm ranrcen or case to rnrr 

pou'lrr to thegiiiis in tintc qf an rn^'c vn.v' 
Es«imi:n. m p. tpivketing of the qtiar(ir-dci.k a' 

forecast (e 
F.srinir, m. a skiff, ymrl, or ship boat 
Esquunan, ni,' quarter-master, the boatsiii^' 

Esi« s d'uffai, / p. tlte forelocks vhich are </?.•'. 

throui^h the n^ie-fnrs in a gun carriage, te t« 

Jine the n<hcrl<( in f/ieir places 
Est, m. east. E«t-qnart-ind-05t, fee. east hv c^^ 
Estacnd*.'. /. boom, ire laid aiross the uii.ii''^ 

a /tnrbottr 
Fjtain, m. lite lorrer f>nrt of thefashlonpl'rti 

t/ic sltrn. — devoy^, o cant Jw/ttott-putc 

TMis^cau, an officer undt 

French navy ; their rank is equal to that of a 

lieutenant in the army 
Ensemble! or/, together .' 
Entern r Ics f\itaill(», v a. to store the water<atks 

of a ship in the baflast 
Entravf rsiT. v n. to put arroft. 1^ ^Tti^can ert 

eiitravcrst- or ^VntrnN (rv, (he »hip lies orrosr 
Eutix'f, f. Ejitri'r d'un port, the rntrarvc or 

opening of a f^crt, Entrtt, (conmttwicafion) 

ttrctic. Prrmlre I'entr^i-, ro frt pro/ <r. Avoir 

reniK'p, to tinxr pra'ic 
Entrt'niisfs, /*/^. theteare.ln French men cfrcar, 

trc. straight and vquare pieces, fayed to the *firp^s 

timbers otyrr the rirmt/js from ftrcm to Ijenm, in 

the iame place toficre Fnqftsh shijt-buiiders put 

a horizofifal knrr, or lodn<n^ knee 
Eutrtpont, m. betiveen deckt. — dcs fV^e:ates, 

between decks; or ruUier the orlop derk uwler 

the main deck in fri^ct'eu Haotcur«'.L P4 nir»> 

ponl SUU4 buux, heii^lU Itetuntn deck: under the 
' ocdms 
Eniivr dan« le port, v n. to sail info the harbour, 

to put into a port, to ;o into it. Fain- eiitifr uu 

%ai»^i au dans un Uissin, to dork a ship 
EntrcsiilKinl', m p. t/tc inteivals briintn tttt ports 

of a ifiJf/^.t .,/i/e 
Ejitixloi^.-,/. r.utn t.-.'iio d'nfTftt, /V' of a 

guu carrin^e, — du inut (\- b.- upn, a / ind of 

pct'infrs tvllir hfAi'rpru, b'tn:: fi'ccd •.citfcaliy 

a lit'ic itnu Ijffuie I'tc j'f/- 'f t lie buiv Aped, on 

the 'o-!i ( r deck, in Freni .'1 u'lipi 
Envi rifticr mie voile, v a. to bend a jiail to its 

Eiivfixun^/! the len;;fh oftU unrds tfn '.h'/>, niul 

tlic extent of >h' :,udi tipr.n t.'-f ,j. Vaivscin qui 

a lujf ^r.iiuk- CUM rnirt-^ n tlvp ichoic yurds or 

sails arc viry sr^i.nre 
Fp'iii'' s d'un vr>i^>. ;\\\,ff). bo-.i-s of a ship 
Ep.ifli ttc, /*. shouliler 
Epav. % / /-■. It ret A . or tvhnfevcr is thrmcn by the 

r.oves on thr xrn-coasf, and has no ouner ^ 

Epii », fp. hail fiprirs 
EjK-nio, nt. head of a •^hifij and more profterly the 

knee vfthe head nr (Uf-anttv, which is cornposed 

of die I'l't! a tf.rcei rm TVionett in thit draught 
EpiiT u\, a. roiky alajrc ivcter, full of rocks and 

bret k'rs 
E|>.ui,'U tt<*, /. or d»^'!;i->rpcoir, priming rvire^ or 

priming iron, cr primer 



[ 21 3 


^v^rr^, /. /moff Affrm or rredk 
=■ 1 u^ ^ r/ie dred rrckming 
f 'i ' --. /. f^ trimming or balanein/f cf a thip ; 
r •»■ cr dufi»ri*i<m aft/te cargo in the tfap^t hold. 
1. 'irv uDc galore rn cative, ^c mm a galley 
' V r, V fl. rt ?r/m ?& cargo 
-Li. nj.^ stk/ #<7m/y tea-cmut^ strand 
I ' v, w. a general nattte ftr ttroft* of repe, 
~ L puulie, block strops. — dc nunc, a erum- 
'-^ t era Mtr, mfldr w*f o/"^ f/<c French boatt to 
> 'i.'hJ ihe thole and the oar, totuto hold them 
">.'T. — de culasse, a breech strop for tfie 
i Tivj,^ ute of in the French shipi to fx a 
'":■.? f/> pomigUmn, (4 house the gttns. 
^'li-U the strops or eyes in the train of a 
^ ' '720^, to tfhich the train-tackles are hook- 
' irtmh thips. — pour vklcr Ie> haubans, 
^ ' " T -itediai sCting tip the shrouds 
'■' iT, r 0. E9troi>cr aae iwuiic, /« i<r^ a 

i -emetjt de la mart-e, m.^the time of fiijfh 

■" ^avyplaee, at full ami chari/^e days, the 

^" .■ '^•'^fi ticiignated fjy points ^ (he compass. 

' '^i [nn^ fhc time of fiig/k-toater in a pert, at 
^- '^fi rhovge days. Ce port tut etabJi nord 
y-4. >ftu port lift north and south, or the tide 
" • "-^'.h end south into this port. Ce port i-st 

-1 =1 ijcrd-oordpeit et sud-sud-ouc<t, the tide 
~'}uip9rt N. S.E. tr S. S. fK This 

' ■• tfiat it is Idgh xtater there on full and 
. -<f dey$ at haifan hour past one oV/ot/t 

. ituy. Grand 4tai, r Ac niain stay. Grand 
;/ '■ ' til, or &ia etai du ^raud mil, the mahi 
V '"^'^/'T ^'V* JEtai de misainef rAe /orr stay, 
v"./^ f.*^'.'*« tniiaine, tAr fore prevaiter stay. 

-1' artimon, ^ mizm */«y. — de perro- 
"i^- • di fiijmie, //le mizfn top stay. — de ta 
P^rmche. ?/fe movn top-gallant stay. — du 
;■ '^ f""««er, •r ^i du grand mit de hone, 

' ''^f*«ay. — du petit huuier, or tiai 
1^ f^ 'al mftt d« hone, ?A* fore tt^ stay, — dc 
p' J JK-rroquet, rAe wmiz'/i fop-gallant ttay. — 

' K^ii Pmoooet, the fore top-gullr.m ttau. 
V . . r d ftai, f^ c«//ffr f/" a stay. Collitr flu 
-r-nu i^taj, the collar of the main stay. Collier 
^ 1 oe nmaintf, the roUar of the foiestay. 
'vf -'?'' °/^""iftrr *fay. Voiles dYlai, stnu- 

- .'. Vou« dV-tai du grand perroqutt, the 
, : '' f'^aflatj/ sfay^tail, drr. 

.;, ."-^aree ^lale, rA* A-v^/z^rf o/" the food, at 

- -- -^ fime f/if jKfc neuherf^oivs nvi rMs. VVnt 
, ;, " ''Wi/<n- and steady wind, without 

■. ■; ' **' ate* tied ftind 

' ^"J, '^ "'^t, r c. topurme a ship^s course by 

^ v< ef the tide nilh a contrtnry toiud, cnchor- 

'k' ,'""'^ '''^ '"'f ' f «^ ^'^ contrm-y tide 

I :<> %r Etdjnffuro, /I the clinch ^f a cable. 

^ 1 i!i (H) rp ^^ jrrt liu, r/< nrA e/*(7 1 af'let. — d'o- 

'• '^ •'f.hof a buoy-tope to its fm.'hor. — de 

'^'',"' '^^'^h of a buoy-rcpe to its buoy. — dV 

'''''* Mite Miori', clituh of the tjuoy-roftc of a 

' / ' ' ''"f'^r ^0 iu anclwr. — t!e p-apiji, clinch 

'';u. r ufl cable, V a. to clinch a cable, or bend 

- ^. V.ri 5,. Etanibot, m. the i'nn-/iost 

i .-^ •'^j.m. the paniicrji of a mast or cap stern 

' j^x (Ttiaoibnu, a piece of timOrr fit for Jtatt- 

-^um^j^ ln^ljyg^ fffg nooUen stuff of which a 

' l^'ar, V Q^ Etancher on Taiweau, to free a 
■^'i'- (0 yjtonp the water out qf a ship's bottom. 
"* ^^ ^«>c u'eau, w *<•/> Q Mty und lo few the 

ship of the water occasioned by it 

Eianche or Etanclu''. a. Vai^-^eau rtanehe, or qui 
no fait point UVau d'aucuac port, a tight ship 

Etancons, mp. stanchions 

Etape. / mart, place of public sale forgo^ds; m 
conirnerdai port 

Etarcure, J, drop, depth ofasatl 

Eiat-niajor, nu Erat^rnajor d'un vaUmu, the 
c.'utf officers if a shtp, comprehending the cap- 
tain. Tuutinants, ensii^ns, the cierk, surgeon, 
ami rhafjitun. — dune arm«'e navnlr, tfu nd- 
mirnl and the officers under him iniie^tcd -utth 
ail authority over all the fleet, as the intendant, 
the uinjor, ^c. ivhich see 

• EttHJlard, nu the royal startdcrd of the galleys 

EioMfH-,_/I oakum or oakam. — blauc/ie, 7r//'/tf 
oakum. — noire, black oakum, or tancd 

Eto\»inlIoni, m p. pieces of white oakum, or top- 

Eiriique, / streak of planks. — de pibord, go- 

Etmve»/. liie stenu — Alaac^, raking w star- 
ing stem 

Etricr, m. Etrier df naarchf-pied, the stirrups of 
a horse. Eirii rs *les chatm s dc haubons, the 
lower links of the chains of the shrouds, which 
are bolted to the wnlcs 

Etrieux, m p. iron stirrups. — de l>orte-hauhans, 
iron stirrubt, or strops of the channels. — de 
^uvtnaul, an iron tfirrup, or strop placed ot 

the end of the tiller -which goes info the rudder, 
. as a meant to take off tie ' 

. as a meant to take off tie butt of it when 

Eture, /. stove in a dock-yard for toning cord' 
age, h-c. 

ETt-nter une Toile, v a. toJUlasaU 

Evenir.-r une voile, v o. to split a salL Yoilc 
^ventr^Cf a split sail 

Eveuji, a, leaky 

Evii<! e, f. a ship^s swinging rottnd her anchor at 
the length of her cable. Evit^c is hUo a birth, 
or the iuffuimt place wherein a ship may neing 
round at the Icnpjh of her moorings. Le \ai»- 
seau fait s<m ^-vUfe, the ship is siiinging. Ce 
vaissi au n'a pas ton <^vit«^e en cet enUroit, that 
ship has not a aufpcient birth 

Evittr, V n. to suing or tend. — au vent, to stem 
the ii'ivd, or to sxving at the chancre of icind. 
— i la niarre, to swing at the chauf^f ofHde. or 
to item the tide. Ce vaiiseau est ^'>-itt''A la ma- 
rt' e, this ship stems t/ie tide. Le vai&seau ^vite, 
this ship is swinging 

Evoluer, v n. to form the several evolutions in a 
fleet. Vais». au <^ui ^volue hien, a ship t/iat per- 
forms her evolutions very well 

Evolutii-n, f. a movement oj a feet, or of a single 
shtp, in a ttarticular manoeuvre, Evolutioni 
navalcs, the science and execution of the move- 
nicnts which t fie fleets are directed to perform by 
7tiraiis of signals; naval tactics 

Eicudre iTe volutions, a feet fitted uafsrtfiepur- 
pose of exercising 

Expt dition,/. a navtU expctStitn 


FACONS, fp. FacoBi d'un TaiMeau, rising of the 
ships floor afore and abaft. Hauteur des fa- 
cons de ParriViv, rising of the slopes fjoor cdxift. 
ikauteur dcs facons de TaYailt, rising </* tlft 
ship's foot ({fore 



[ 22 ] 


Fftire, v a. Faire aigowle, Aure de Peui, <« laAr in 
f)resh TBOter^ to toater a ship. — du bois, du Ins- 
euit, du YU), Sec f e roXxr in a provision of icood, 
Cirr. ro furnish a ship -with xoootl^ bUcmt^ wine^ 
<^r. ~ bon bonl or bonne bord^, to make a 
good board or rack rvhen turning to windward. 

— caual, to sail through a strait or nnrrmv 
channel. — cdic, W runaihorc. — couriror 
rccoiirir, to let run^ or ovn-haiU any rope. — 
den leux, to hang out lanterns as signals of dis- 
tress. — caw, to Icak^ to make water^ to be leak «/. 

— cscale, to touch at any intermciiiate place in 
the course of a voyage. — IVii des deux boi\I<, 
to cannonade or h're on an enemy from both 
sides of a uliip. -^ filer uii cable, to ftcu out a 
larger scope ofcaf>le. — ltU», to carry r^ic Uad 
to windnavd, or to a current ; to stnn t/ie ■tvirU 
or current 7vhen the ship casts /ler anc/jir. 

— voile, to set tail^ or get under sail. — fojro 
de voilt s, to make sat, to croud sail. — finxv 
do voiles ct raimt, tocroxvd sail, and exert nil 
thefjrce of the oars. — petites voiles, to Ik un- 
der small snily to carry HUle saii. — plua de 
voilei, to make more jail. — voile tar un v.iis- 
•eau, to beur up to a shif). — route, to stand on 
the cour.e. — le ii<»nl. Kte. to stnnd fo the nonh- 
tvards Cc. — [jovillou, ^t> r<^.T/'i/ a hrooil pen- 
dnut,as tlxcommwiort'. — p< n» au, toget ni:nj 
thing clear to toiuc to an ati' /lor. — qtifu-an- 
liiiiic, to ^rform guarandne. ^ vtnt arrierc, 
to rttn before the vvin/l, or to scud. — unc bor- 
d^'e, to make a board or tark 

Pail, a. IVnipi f«it, vent fuit, fLvedor set in ; an 
epithet npfdtcd to the wind, ivkcn it i.< svftfiosed to 
Be setiled for aconsttkrable period of time 

* F.iixKle-jwnt, m. a part oftlie deck vhere if *f//>- 
p»ris itnne great rveight or ej/'ort, as tfte place 
vhere lies the main capitern, &r. and ivhiih 
ivants to be streiigt/iened undtrneath by stan- 
chionSf dr. 

•FaIqiicB,//>. wash'baard* 

Fannl, m. a lantern. — de hune, atop lantern. 

— de poupc, the poop or fpiarter lantern of a 
ship. — tourd, a dark lantern. — i.e j»oBte, 
Moit-rooni lantern. Fanal, i)Iiiir»-, or tour-A-flii, 
a ii^ht-honse on the sen-eonst. KanaviMle cuni- 
bat. tfie lantei'ns used in time of battle bctjieen 
t/ie guns 

Fjinon, m. the balance of the mixai 

Famillon, m a small tantJ-bank, sepmrited from a 
Imger one bw a narrow channel; a light-house 

Fanlagf , m. dunnage 

FasiiT, or Faseyer, v n. to shifert .'peaking of tite 
sot's. Mt n le grand huuicr A losier ! shiver the 
main fop-jail f 

Faubcrt, ni. a swab 

Fatibtiter, v a. tortvab 

Faux-jxiut, m. the orlop deck or platform. Fanx- 
racu^-, a prercntev /tan el to conjtue tlie yard to 
the mast, tn rme (he parrel s/io'.ld be xhor rniay 
in brittle, y nuX'%:thordi. fni.>c porfx painted un a 
ship's side to dvten-e tm cucmy. Faiissc -tiuille, 
fahe ktcl. Fansti vliinces, Tr«<w/rf//f'.».. Fati'^se 
r»»iite, dciin'ion from thr. ri^fa course. Faire 
fausse route, to aiti r the course 

Fa\rtiia,y. a Japanese gaiiey leith about 30 oars 

Ff iuuqiie, f, a a .Kvrt of vestel navigated 
with oars antf lateen sails in the iledUevraneati 

Fenielots de goovemail, m p. t?ie goo^ings of the 

Pentous,^ni p. peg-^cood 

Fer, T7I, Fertrarc-boutant, 6" Terde boute^ors, 
the goosc-nerk of a bccm^ also (Iwfork if a ^pre- 
kmn^ &c* — de cLaadciicr de ^errier, the 

irm socket in nhich the rteivet of n pet* -en •^' 
and traverses. — de pirouette, spmd'f " 
vane. — de gaffe, a boat hook. — A c;<l .! 
fer de calfiit, a caulker* s irony or eauLk - ■•; 

— de calfiit double, a caulker^s moki'.-,i 
Fers, or banv de pririonnier, fetters, or 
boes. Metirc un bomnie aux ten, to put l r 
in iron* I 

Fcrlag:e, m. furling 

Ferler let voiles, v tu to stofw, furl, or hci.i. \ 

Fennetures or Fermurea, f p» ttie ^Ir.r.k* >\ 

ship'^s side in the intervals betwein lue ill.i 
Ferrejuente, / iron and brass work 
Fenuri", f. iron work. — de labordv r/r ' 'i 

of the ^'im-ports. — de Rouvenmil. /o i 

work oj the rudder, t/^ pintles ffiu/ t-'^c,;;-.:,. . J 
j — de cabeKiiui, t/ie iron tvci'k o/ a n./' \ 

— d'affOt, the iron work of a carriage. — l' 
>ais«iau, the iron work of a ship 

Fe!M<.>s, / p. tht buttocks or pronunent ^vc; .'. r.\ 
a Dutch ff^fit or cat 

Ferae, ./: rviiith of cloth 

Ftu, 7/1. fire, spmking of the ordnance, r ■• i 
le ftu i un buiinient, to broom a .<•':• ' 
vif. « l/i!-xk Juc. — ruulant, a ccn.\r. 

— men 3er\i. a fire well kept up. Fin . 
the oilier to fic *h<t gutis in a oaifle, (-i 
-— liaboni ! f/.c order to fite r/ie guns on rl 
boauLide; fire to larboard! — iriLoA. 
order tnftre (he guns on the starboard j.i J 
to stcrbucnd ! Ywi re fe u, tofre^ or te,e .' * • 

Feux, ui p. so are called the lights or tie - 
on the sea coast t tdso the number r^Wt- 
si^;7iH fi r »ig uals in a fleet 

Feu-saint- 1, line, nu tf cotposantf or taint I; 
ffre, or /'.N-k with a iantem 

Feuiile-Iiivionne, /. stnrheting 

Fiel.e, / a rog-boli. Anneaux a fiche, a nn:-' 

Figtire, /. ilte heady or ornamental figure et(( 
on thefvrc [mrt of a slap 

FiJ, VI. Y\\ k voilf-s, twine for sails. — dc r- 
rope-ynrn. — blano, white ro/fe-yarr.. -- I 
droii!*^-, tarred rope-yarn. — fin, or f-.l i! i 
iKfMr i\. fine ttfinc to wake t/ie finest or 1 
cit j.ort (,'f ropts fur running rigging cpi i 
— ■ tin bois, thr f^rniu of -.ivod 

• Filiuets, m/>. Filan u tie bastini^cpr, or W* I 
bata>olis, rails to extend the netting en i. 1 
f/ nailer, wai xt, or foremstle, or rot,g}t.4r'r 

Fill r, va. Filer le ciianvre, to spin the r . 
flux into yarn or twine. — un eorda::. , . - i 
o£\ or eny-e aivay any rope. — du cab!t . ' ' ' 
out or vetT meay tiie cahle, tofmy out n.oir I 
to the anchor. — le cable Ixvut-pou:-)- . 
veei out the cable end-for-end. — L- c - 
domcur, to freshen tlv haivser. —sur- 
er.. 5. to ftay out more cafde to the anrhurs. ^ 
du cable! veer away more cnhlcy ot />.. • 
more cable to the anchor ! Ne file plus, ::!) .. 
keep fast the cable ! veer no more .' Fi!' ' 
line .' rhtek fh<: borvline .' Filer des n i > 
Kous tilons huit nc^uds per heurr, we r-iu : 
knot an hour. — le Inc. to hearr du- •■-ir 

Fil< rie,,/! or at«lirr des filcun, tfte tpinmrti.:- • 

Fills, m p. Kiltudc Ijastinpu^, rAf nrA-'.'.- 
*/«//» quarter, waist, or jforeeustle. Fiid 
merlin, nuntiue. a smalt Hue 

Filein*, ni. spinnrr. — jlla erintnre, a tp^ • 
t/nit ivorks with the }temp rouni his xeaist, •- 
is mostly used in French rvpe-yards. — - 
qiuMouille, a spinner that spins yam wJK 
iemp round a long ttaff 

Fm , a. Fitt r«ilier, at^ extraordinary gtod ic'. 


[ 23 ] 

.1 ih'p ihia scils nvffth/. V.ii';<!cnn fin. or 

■i. c jtToent fiscni. m. an nffi^^r -mho^e rlu^ij is 
. -:.' '<; fAot of tffC jiit/^f.-adiocoft oj'a ctmit' 

■. ra. Fianjher un vav«*»*au, rfl Afiyf n par- 

?..'/// rf.7.ij-:/ /o .■7iw:' h'.rrf tin- rofjKihi ha,- 
Ji ,^'^oU rJiC Jlr^t ti^nal, oiyli' ^uuit such 

. f. a l-'TUf^nnt, atretimer. ivindtlr. Hftton 

J • fs" fit- iL'^on, t.'\e staff of a prndar.t. 

u-'Ummt: /I'^iJcrilofii/Kruitiiu. Haniine 

■■'': '- pf.Hh^uf fii .^pla'jnt ft'j the coinviCMlorc. 

•i.^t« caii a'juud any of the iajManis rf 

\ais*-*au, »>;. the sick af a shift. Prt- 

1 '■ i'r.iic, t6 brinii tJtr sfi /j\- to 

• - .., th-: cr.tvuj. li^rv. fl:Hic- an {\.\wi-, to lie 

- •' £/■. feU- irocf/'i'lc nn'Utiund^ulc 
—,f p. Haique* d'al!nL, (he sn.'rt or chrekt 
. '.-. rirrmf^e. — d»- mfit, or jotterr-aux ili- 

I, i^fcks cf a ma.U., or hotauls. — de ca- 

•l er uqtu'r* d»* cab-.'stan, tvhHp* nfn rap- 

^ - — dc cai'liiij^ie, rrrtaiu pu-rci in fhf step 

: '. according to the pia^tice of French 

-' -Jrrs 

». ;'. 'U^ u/jperpart qf the kner ofthr head in 

.-.' ::or; akn « /c;?.i^ ioewi projectini^ from 

5-.' in !/ffrcn x-esstii 

f ; . rvnf^-Zteads, or Jloor^emlt 
r^'.'t.-iU. ad. level -t-'h the mufcce of the 
-. ' T betKtm ivtnd and ivaitr. lioolirr A- 
X \^u, a rock level rvithtfic swfacc of the 

■■.■m.a DrJeh fbj-bcaf 

IX m p. tlie frer.-hooferr or fiU<rnneers^ 

• -j-'d nf did in ifte H-esf Indies : that name 

siren to tbettnfarivg vieu tf the Fresh 
■ ' /s';>4r 
^. V. food tide, n ynftof, thet'drfforrsy 
• fr:tint^ ivaftT. Dimi-Jlot, hif flood 
•- p". t'ae iisrges or Tt'ffvf* o/z/w .t<-« 
' '. nfoa*. Krre A Mot. ^o be floating or 
- -'- .-nr. Mcitiv un >^isieau A Hot, to font 
'-. r\-i-r she had been sewed or resting upon 
' '-u.nd 

- ju /' thru port of a ship's side or ostirard 
« Trlirh Uf nrqr or nhoKt the load -wnijT' 

■ I jvnie de tiottaison, fi^c water'Hue, ©r /oaf/ 

' ^ a feet ofmerehant sUps 
f.v «. ©r tire i flot, f9 6i; floating or Tscrftfr- 

•''*./. avonif 

. / a store-ihip. — Honand.iise, n Dutch 
''■ A"ai«eau amie en fluU*. n store-ship, ftny 
^ft'-^ tine made rise of as a store-^hip 
li- fSe flood or flowitUle. — et reflux, the 

- tj flo^ and efjo 

-'^ n ;iA. Grand fof , /^r sfftndin^^ib. Se- 
^: T'c, fAe /ore top stay-swl. P«'Ut foe or 
^\' ^^u^jthe fore stay-sad. BAton d«- foe Jib 
1. Haombeau dti grand foe, traveller 
>• J-Jijih^lf 

'. -":. fl-J" i-ronnd or bottom oftliescn; nI»o Me 
~''' '!/ offfitJioms betteren the surface of the 
--'■ r c id the bottom. U y a vinpl bi-aistu di* 
'!, (fiere tJt twenty fathoms ttater. Fond 
' • 'ix crr fond de Mwe, ar» oozi/ ground. — (!«' 
; . c rmjjy ground or bottom. — dr- roquil- 
'■ f' ilifUy ground. — m6le de wiblo rt do 
' ''■I'K'*-, a icndy ground tvith some shcih. 
'■ ;.r.n!«.^ cUju ground. Bon fond, j^oorf <wi- 
■^' ''*fl gnund. U y a fond, Aer« i* ground. 

II nV rt pnim do^M. /i*rn" is r;o'^/'*»1|. '!!! jr 
E :r;!i:(! jMiid pj.r-tXnf j;iii<rc4:iti Iw)', rAiT' fr '• 
^-6:>a' r,'r'y.'/j «/ iva'rr ?Vc/)J||>!'rf,r fA j ^*^/f/, AUe-r • 
A \\mu\, to sirJc rtv to }^o m ih- In.'trtit. Ds^iuxT 
loml, to cast aiuhor. P. rdrf jhud. (« c/rr»r ti «//• 
/wr ant nor. C(jult.r nn VHisiea>Hk4^,jit!, ^c; ,»/nV 
a ihtp. Bas f«)ii<I, shrAlmv icatcr. TT ifiTT #md, ' 
cA-d/i xv.'itrf. r«ind ili- cnU\ r/j« Ao/J o/" « rA//;. 
— trim afTot c^r sole d'aifut, the solr or fxtfrom 
ofayun carrinj^e. — d'une hiinr, tht pla/fonn 
tifJ.'vonnK of a (op. — d'uni- voiJr. r/ie foot of a 
sail. — d'un vaisscau, thr hot (ovi or .floor of a 
ship. Koniapvs de lond, the plank.* nf tlir floor. 
Foin's \^\:\U. fiafJ>o(ton\rd. Vaisstail <|ui a \e% 
fonds Jins, a sftifi which ^uia a sharp J/oor or bot- 
ton', a s'lurp'fjoftomcd i>essef. Vai-swau qui a 
I«"i ftnnU liirL,i-s, a h'p whvh ftas n hrnad foot 
or ho.(4jm^ a lfroad-hot(ofiied ship. BAtiment k 
film! \AaU a fat-brM-fonu'd varel 

Foi-fints, 111 p. or laaurpaux, balks or yuffero 

Forbaa, ;n. a pirate, stit-rohi/er 

Forot. 7n. or f^iU'-rien. a galley-tlnve. Cap df 
forcan, a man w/i« directs- thi' loork nf a Utnited 
rmwWr ofulnveK in a itmk-unrd 

Foiv.'r, V n. Former de voiles, or fbire force dc 
voilii, to crmvd sail, or to vtakr .fail. — de 
raiut-s. or fain- force de rami-s, to pull hard with 
t/w i-ars. II I'orce tie voil<- au pUw pn'-., she 
stretches. Forcer A travcrs les glaccs, to fkrce 
through (he ice 

Fortr. a. lY I tip? force, a strestof-tvrather. Un 
m;'il^ forc^', a strained nia<t. Coup d<- vent 
ior'.""-, a ^onn. Fairo *cut anii^n* force, to 
Mild in n tforni 

Fonne, /. a dock for repairing of ships, a dry 

Foit d'un vaisieau, m. the extreme breadth of a 
nhip. Lisie dii lort, tltii extreme brcaiUh-laie or 

Fort^ a. V.^i^s.-au que a If cdte fort, a stiff' ihlt*., 
01 a sl:>fnv>i'.i h tarrief her sail icelh Fort <le 
ii;:U o/'haut ii::\t<'-, oirrmatfed or tGunt-mOi-ted. 
Furf di- r if. r! mast lituvrn^! 

Foj't!inp. ., Loiiunr cU- nv r, an accident occarion- 
ed Ini itci rn or hghseo-t; (his tvurd it ino.Hly 
Uj,ed miWT\^ mnrhantf in contenfious affairs, 
t:,f jnaitrr oft.'te sliip ntr( t/cinjr madr anyieerahle 
fir die avcrni^e ranted by sucharridtnts ; tvhile 
he ij to account for such as liappen drrough Iiis 
fa:iU. Voile di' fortune, cross /ark-sail, or (he 
mr.inre ofn aloop, .\<lioonn\ <irc. Veq^ie de 
fu-.-fr.r'.e, ('le cross jack-soil yard, or tJx square- 
sa^l yard in slf^opji, ij-c. Mil dti foiluiic, a jury 

Fosw. jT Fo«e .1UT cahlo^, the cable stage, under 
the (rrlop of a .ship. — anx Hon 4, the boa/neain*s 
irort-room in the fore part of a sh'p. — aux 
mills, ar.u^stpcnd, or a plnir w/ierr t/ie masts 
art kipf in salt iiafrr in a dock-yard. —, or»i pour U' cnrenag;e, a hull or pontoon for 
cnrrrrriifj .^hi/'f upon, xised particularly in the 
ports rf (itc Mcditci ranran. — snr unhanc. a 
pit or Tvefl on a dank, oj' mhich iiiany are to be 
found 071 (he Dof^i^o-bnnk, &c. 

Fouet, m. Poutic k fouet, or ponlie cstrop^o k 
foijct, a tail block. Aiiiarrftg;c A fouet, lashing 
of a tail block 

Foii<it».r. r a. Ex. Lm voil»^u foufttent le mfit, 
the saiU xtrikc, or fap bark agaiuKt the inast, as 
•tvheti the sfup i.0 UcalraecL — un Pordage sur 
un avilre, to la.ih a ctud round a rope 

• Fou>ron. m. the cotioo^c, or Jite-plaic cf small veo- 

, ,ieU; in t/iC dialect of Provence 

Tougnv,f. 'he nuzen tofMna^f, and all tltot Ulorj^s 
to it. VLkl de fougue w Uc pexro^uvt de £uu- 


L 24 ] 


pie, the tnizm top-rtinrf. Voile de fbwefue or 
perroquet de fougiie, tfir mizm top^tail. Vorpftie 
de penoquct de fougue, f^ mixen t^taU 

Four, m. 9ven 

Fourcat*. m p. the trtfchei or Jlaor-tifnbers placed 
in the fore and after part of a tJdp. Deiuvfour* 
cat, the a-oss chockt »f the timbert ^f a th^ in 
the fore and ^ffer part of the AoM, they betng 
hngerin French sf^^ framed and boUed with 
the other timbers ; agin that manner ^buildingt 
the jfirtt fktttock doe* not come so low dtram to- 
wards the keefn They also call by the same name 
«f demi^burcAt, 6ttf rmproperly, each part of a 
tourcat, when made of two pieces. Foureata de 

Krquea, the crotches of the ridersy or floor4inh' 
r* ^ the riders^ in the f^re and afier hold. 
Fouzcat d^buvertnrea or foureat horizontal, the 

lower transom, which is generally forked 
' ' ■ ce de pompe, f the em _ 

Foureties de car^c, hream^ 

FouicIm de potence de 

. the ears of a 

Foun«r,va. to serve the eadles and ropes^ as rvieh 
platj roundit^f canvast kccklinM^ ere. — ud 
eable, to keckk a eabk. Maillet a fourrer, serv- 
ing maUet 

Fourrure, /. service, a genertd name for service of 
pktt^ canvast ropes, trc. Vieille toile pour 
fburrnre, or fouirore, old eanvas for service. 
Foumire^^T, and f taring in apiece of timber 

Foyer, m. hght'-fmue 

Frakheur,/. Ught mrs of wind, steady breeze 

F»tchir, V n. (said ^ the wind) to freshen. Le 
rent fiatehit. the wtnd freshens 

Fiau, a. IsoM^ the w&d) fresh. Vent flrais, a 
fresh wtnd, Bon fiais, afresh gale. Petit 
fhut, a Ught or small gale or breexe. Joli frais, 
gcrule iMc. Gnuid mi\\ a hard gale, or strong 
gale, u Tente erand (bais du sud*onest, ii bltnvs. 
a strong gale from the south-west. Les vents 
Bont au nurd-est bon ftait, it ^oxcs afresh gale 
from the northeast 

Franc, a. Vusscau franc d'eau or affrancli?. a ship 
JYce of water. Le franc bord dhin vaiwati, let 
bordaget du fVanc^rd, the planks oftfte bottom^ 
a term used when a sfup is sheathed, to distingriish 
them from the shealhing-doards. Le veni e»t 
franc, the xoind serves welt. Franc-fun in, or 
frane^lin, a white hawser or large wttan-ed 
rope. Port fVauc, port'dc-nier franc, a free sea- 
port, Aroir ion port flnanc, to have a certain 
number of tons permission in a ship 

Francs, m p. a name given to the diristian wh 
ticns in the Levant trade. La lang^e Franqne, 
the lingua Franca, a sort of incorrect language 
formed by a mixture tfltmkm, Spanish, French, 
Jrabian, &c. among the Levant traders and the 
. Moors, so as to be understood by all the MesSter' 
ronean nations 

Flrauchir, v a, <irn. Ejc, Frencbir un bane, to 
force over a bank. — one roche, to pass over or 
force ^ from a rock, — la lame, to rise easUu 
upon the tea, to head the sea^ — un Tais^ean a 
la pompe, to free a ship of water. VaiMt^au 
tVanchi dans un port, a vessel which is sen'>cd in 
a harbour during the nei^ tides, Notre vtiisst-a u 
flraucbissait de ns picds a marec basse, our ship 
was setoed by sir feet at low water 

Frapper, v a. Frapper one manueuvre, to fix. or 
seize, or lash a r4pe in its Proper place. — une 
poulie, to fix or Jinze tmy Mock in anyplace 

Fvegate, / a frigate of war, or affthrate man of 
war, — dVivis, a stoop tf war, pocket bwt, or 


JMwt^^tt. fHgate^uiU 

FW^t, m. the freight or hire of a ship. 
fret, larfage 

Fittiemeni or aRVettemcnt, m. the act ofj'i-._^ 
ing a merchant ship 

Fretter, v a. to freight, or Jure a ship, to take n 
t^fr^'gf^t to charter a vessel. — par mui* 
Tojrage, par tonneau, to charter by the n,i 
by entire voyage, by the ton, — eap et ';u 
•r en grand, or en traren, to take toftT:^ \- 
whok, or by the great, to charter a vessel o-i 

Fretteur, m. the merchant who frights or /(/ri 
ship or pent sf her burthen from her oxrr^r , 
any voyage 

Frise, /I Rise de P^peroti, an ornament of 
heaa^ being a sort fffrie»ng or carving bfr-i^ 
the two checks tf the head, called bp the Fn- 
shipwrights trail-board. Frwe, batxe^ or fe ^ - 
used tome the gun ports, to cover the scarf. 
the keek trc. 

Friier, v a. to Une with baize or kersey. La v o 
fhse, the salt shivers in the wind 

Front, m. Ligne de flront, a line formed ohrM 
Allcr de front, fe go abreast of one Gn%- 

Frontoau, m. breastwork, a mauhung ornan.' 
with sculpture, and a sort ofbatustrnde mx ^ 
athivart the ship, and serving to temuucif i 
ouarter-deek and pasp at V*e fore end, am! i 
forecastle both afore and af^. — de la dun- 1 
the breastjoork rfthe poop. -> du gaillard d ; 
ri^re, the breastwork of the quarter-deck. — i 
ri^re du gaillanl d^rant, the after brefistr.* 
of the forecastle. — avant du gaillard d'a^ a 
or flponteau d^avant, the' fere breastwork of 
forecastle, or the upper part of the beak-heed l- . 

* Funin, m. an old word which was used to ri-r- 
ropes or cordage in general, and now onhj / 
ployed in the compound, fVanc4\inm, 8cc. 

Furin, m. ^ng, hi^h sea^ deep water. Mt n. -■ ' 
vaisjteau en funn, lot^que des pi1otc»-c<1t ) 
le conduisent hors du port, pour lui fain- < 
ter les ^4c;ueils, to conduct a shp out of the ira, 
over the bar of a harbour, into deep rccter 

Fut^e de toumevire, /I the mouses of the ve 

- — de cabestan, the barrel or body of the wir . 
in wMch the handspikes are lodfca. — d'lwr 
a mouse raised on the middle of an oar, to an 
it in the strep or ffrommet 

Fusil, m. Fusil debord, a ship*s musket, —l 
canier^ a short sort ofm^isket, a fusee 

Ffit de girouetU', m. a vane-stock 

Futailles,/jft. t/ie water end provision coffc.- -- 
ship. Magasin do« fu tallies, »riuaga$ui li 
tonncUerie, a sterc-^ouse for casks ir. a »« 


GABARIT, m. n:ould, draught, medd. F . i 
gabarits, moulds for JllSng timbers, or *, I 
timbers. Mattrc ' gabarit, midship mculJ. i 
mould of the midship frome. Gabarit de ! i 
ri^re, after frtrnie. Oabarit de favant, ^/ ' 
timber or frame. Tracer les gabarits mi 
Tuiueau, to la^ dawn the moulas of a j I 
Salle des ^bnnti, mould &/>, or moulding V 
Gabai-ier, v a. Gabarier une pi^ee, to nioun: i 

pitTC 9/ timber 
Gabarrt-, f. a sort of flat-bettomed lighter or fv^ 
used to lade and unlade ships, or to carry xtrt: v| 
stores within a port* Als* • nrt ^ store t^'if' ^ 
v€*stl of burthen 


t 25 ] 


f -K'?, m. vane e/au odrmf^ or (^.'furr irsfrunu-vt 
,,d^,!'.rs m fj. tJtr 'o^ium. Gabier clc luivalia*, 

'> ^tt'cln of t hi" for f. top 
. r J -M, m. tfi^ gar^joard jrtrahe 
' ^- • /• (fourcho) a boa-hook, ^nfT. Buton d^* 

.rJ*>^ the p^'f. or s}ia\'t of a biyti-h'jok. Fer dc 

r fc, the hook or iron hook ofn '>onf. 
' :<; r, z; fl. fo hook tcith the gaff , to draw with the 

<.- nicT, vtt. ^ n, Ex. Gfltrnf r au vent, or dain 
.- venS, <« ^f' t0 tkimui-nrd. — Ic vcJitd'tiii 
^ -"-eiill, to gam ffie ivind or the rveafhrr-^^af^'' r.f 
c , :r^ — an vuisit^u, or — siir un v;uss> .-lu, 
f* fiTMTKh, or ga-n groi.r.d r>f ^nrne jh-'p in 
r nsarjry. — un port, or un mouiHage, (o so 
^■rr a harbsur 

Gi- irrlt, m p. the fortxntfie nr.d qumnrr-dt'rk. 
y.'-.i^ivi d'vWTi.ut,}!^ fora^attlc. — d'ainOns 
•/->■ '^LtsrffT-fLrk 

C -Ti' , /. Gnine de fiammp, the canvas ed^jin,^ 
Ai'^: on the Imd of a /ttnidanr to ronfiiin the 
^x-c-k, — do pavHlun, ike canvas edging of an 

* C.J'.i>Tnf,yl a jrr.nll p'^*. in rh^pr mrfh like 
rV '.(rjjui! vf a vunr. nni'r't on fca n x'idc of r/ic 
a rt of a galley, w/icre tlte oar f.iJs ai^wn^t l/tc 

^-3'' ate,/ a galeass, or great gaUcij of Venire, 
'-•: GUI f^f n>^ 

'■ ----- ry.f. galhrj or rauy^aUrfj. — rcale, thefirrf 
■/the gnlkus ^ Frnu- c, Spmn, &r. — jju- 
•-jnr. the f^rsf of th- g.ilrijf if Mabn, Vi-iVuc, 
t'-d ctf rtpubUcttn rtawjtu. A', irons ( n lyaitrt- ! 
"■ft ttpmi your oars! * antWjuc^. tha 
Vr'-mi otRovian gaUcft. Dei.ii-rul» r^-, /i/.//- 
f. - ": y. Lei jaJ-res, the i;r.'ie>j.; in.drr^f-yfns ri 
p .Mthmn^f. Criniinel coiitLi'iinc- au\ j.;a!«>r."s, 
'. T^-iUfririor cv^ifitmned to the gn'li js 

'1 IP, /. G&Uri*; dc pcmpe, ; cwj grt'!rr:j of 
i^'-wiy. — du fond ae> cal'_. or — du iiiwv 
f ill, fhf gcngypay of t/te orlop, or a p■''.f•r.:r 
f~r^»edao^erof/xcrrii7!g on (hi' orlnp rf n j/^ 
\ Mttr^for tlie dt-icoia-y of leaks in ti-tie uf 

( r J V n«t, m. or fbrcat, a ga'ky slave 

• - , "ttie. /. round and fa> sea bhcitit 

' 'iliaulmns, m p. back stay*. — du f^mnrl hvi- 
liier, the nurn tojt-nuis'^-: hack staijy- — «1 1 i" - 
i-.f Ktmier, tlurfore !op-?r,ai('s bark sfnijw — du 
.T^aiid perroquet, the nunn (op-ga'i^.-a^-inrsi'i- 
'■■>■< ifwjs. — du pttlt pt rroqiu t, tfw f ir toj- 
!7<i-'r}nl'tnaft's ftack stays. — du peroq'; i *! ■ 
1 . lira*;, tfie m'txen t op-ma jt's b^tk itayu — d • 
i^ j^wudie, the mizen top-y.n Int^ nuaf^t huck 
■'3-jf. — rolnn*, the prrvrt liter hark si-rij : 

<-r^i'-m, m. gakoiit o' ^ •Spanish thip of war of th'' 
I'if'ian fleH 

Ciliottt./ Gftliottc Holbndaiie, /7 Du'-h p.n'l^tf. 
— i bbmbes, n b*intb ke'ch, or bu:nh t- .. '. — 
^artafwque, a qttatHer-i;nl\ejj-of Lav'i inf. — 
V ntnt de j'aclit 'i^Wiv\f^, a packet or advtc '10:' 

Oai'>f.he,/. a hol'mo deaf, or a sort of ch'-rc /■(>'■ 
^irtdin the vii'ddle, and irhfrh nrj v-lrr! ir, tlv 
'S^ &-• or *irfc*T of n givp, to fairer, cr A.''.. / • ,-/// 
' V ng ihrrdo. Goloclu « de •Ir, h/iii'^: '< ; ' 'f ' ; * •" 

f a \bPi d(- }iiine,y /'• *"" 'mubaiis di- r .c:s, /a.^ 
'^''K nrfvot-hook shroudt 

fH:.!.' IKy: a bowl or platter, &r. to hM rV -at- 
ii'/ ■Xfiuals ; rvhence, grinelli', tr n *; 'wii'/'f 
'Iv^ comtnon saUors, or among rh- nud.-.h-fni; -n, 

r^-Tt-'U-, 'O u ra//rt/ fA<' vud:h\tjnii:n vf tfc- most 
cruyni date, who hat the rmc i.i shi^u ifivur if 
f Hr mess and provisions 
Garujt, m. /ott ojf a tackle, — de i5a!an,/flW (//a 

tn-kfry or ,V;r,V.> rc^". — d-" r; 
ji-iud'ny fnrkir. — de «Hiiii 
fjVC-'ark'.r, uijlrt>fark.'rfa". • 
ripf", or ra'-/a!!. CTr.r.-rv> d-^ ji 
IwrJs, laniards nf *he gunP'j; i 

Gare^*Ltes,//>. gaskets. — do 
pert. — de Ixmn'ites, tfie A. , 
Ovtmefs. — de f'ourruns d- 
striving t^ cables. — de rls, 

Garroni dc bord, ni p. vovnK'.n 

Ciarde, yi thr anchor iicrit. (1 
(he ion;mrihd7>}^ (-i^Jiifr <f the" ' 

Gnrdi-cflles. m p. oi- «nldjil^ l,':: 
/'7f7/-(/ guard t: ,vi<hyjfd to d 
time (f ivar. \x^^ ?M firnr^ 
coi a. or'« rtssfi r,f rear wU:. /j 
fiov^rrinient toir^dze en t':''- cot 
in order fo pro'"^ it fr^ni t'lr c 
se'ze fie tvcve/j ivl^c'i cam/ ot, 

Gon!: -corps, m. n:i'j rcw or ■ 
l-uUii'.rnde fo prat^,' flu: ,n 11 f 
<t'c. Gi;nU-.-«>rps cr j-iuvt-gi 
rr.nn rffcs of th' 'trrmtn'it 

G;'.rdt-lt;U, 77;. a 7jir;'L}}--u'> 

GRnlt -.-.-UN, fp. j'>07'drr r/if'^.f, /-i 

CcrlcS or r-i'/yr ;;'•■.. rs do ia k .\ 
pnwj ff vj.vJ rrdr' r, tn; v '• i'l • 1 
in ihrFrcTxh irrri'-r. i^'-rwf'. 
f-ani. s du pnviIU.n :iii>.in:I. ^ ' 
cndr ,' a'f-rdiufrd :<} 'h.^ n-u.ijr.i 
ich) rnak ri:'h (f-e prcrc ' u^ 

Gardr-j.i;'a-a'-in, in. Cardt- w.r~\ 

GiirJ.-i;inriat, 7n. ■ur.ii'.riy, n m 
vr! cnd'-t 

Gar,if'-:rK-!,1'^'CT->t', m. .-';///-- /;-;;, 
raTi- :ffJiC 'J'^i'S. fniv/.t, &■: 

Gani'M- (HI vnis-^'-au, t> a. !o d>. 

jra-rh/h'- fu-rirri if an cu 1 

pn I •■'/■' fierf'.oin c.cnpi:^' ■ to ■, 

r. ,.'■■> 
Gxrdi' ijv, r>! fi. or niatc?oi, r-ui 

fK.;'7 j/.^»j 7:7io r/rc *■?/ ,.'''"/ J 

diic'-:.n-i/. <i,ir ;•(■»! de -^ai ', 
ncr\ !,(■''■;■'/.", v.'v'j /(';'•. >■ rr.;. 
sU'rCi, ^'-d ■:■■<■■'■•''•; fin; U li' ; 

Cs-r'.r.r^ •,/. .•'.• Y.r.',;, '•..■■ n/- < 

C; r -■;,,i'i-;,yi cr poiie-.L^a.-.,-, 

Gnri ••-•. T' o. C.-,ir\'r i::t n.t'.f, /•'' - ' 
V ■■ -ii-. ^0 ;.^' (I rrrd. — !<; n 

G. rV'r.r •, r. /Ar f^ndlv-r: rrdr 
a .■:. > ; ;iK- » //.r cr/" ry n; ; mi 
ri? 'i inPTiii'T •, «r Pint'-, .til <' 

f,. , huvt-f. f'.'iriJiriT <t r,*'"' 

r,V;.,o' n/nV/j crc uuia'.'.'j in u\ 

on J 
G:\Vi, f. th: -.nrwrcr. Cloiion 

na /-r^i'An-d 
*(t;),o:). J7'. frii f':r<r'}hrn' t-nd 

G::i'rn!, Mi. ('."'i i'-..l d"u'. • ?,:; 

?)j ;y"' or ro:,iu:nndrr in r':'fj' ' 

GcJlulI. »«. '//' /"'/T. 'T fy.ll'jf' i>! 

rim-df* fur.d, fii/- lunrr fi:t'> 
cmidjii'ts. — dc rcvtrs, ^A'l. 

c; o u 

[ 26 ] 

G U I 


t! • fhii'irrs foi ^ and nff, so catlctl brcautf th^y 
iiu urvu'nl biifu-ui rJ\. — de iiorques, iJif 
' •;• I'utfockt cfilu- lulert 

vanr. Vut de ^r.»iuHe,Tv/"f" wo^Af. Poaimc 
■ ipro'jf Ue, arorti. or tnitk of a vnfie 
i«.!ii, HI. t/:r ln'nnn;;» «/' (lie const t^ &c. 1m 
' (^t nui\l ci sud, r>^ c»CM( ii'arj north and 


(•oilcHf,,/". a tchoonrr 

G(t!id"t. j«/). Goiidi tic scibonh. />*r/-A»oA-* 

(ioii«!iiJe,yi n goiidoUi of yfturc. Alv>. torf 0/ 

lonirboat or fuuuacey in souu: ports oj tltr Mcfii- 

trrrnntau tea 
G(iUi!<.Ic, a. an epithet given to avetseltvhicfi it 

fju'tf to a great sheer ^ or found-shceyrd 
Gonilolien, m p. t/tc rowers and crew of agon' 

rujunc, /. sea ccuk, largt barrel 
Gorut, m. a /lojif, or large brush to scrub a iddp** 

huKoin wider ivatcr. Mauche de gorct, f//c ttaff 

of a hog 
CnJreUT, V n. to hog a vessel^ to nerrp hrr 
Cios^t^'n-,/ a knee bolted close to tfte tfem out- 

lOfirdt, in French shi/ts, being the upper and rf»> 

nci- part oj'wliot is called tltc Icnec 0/ the /xad 
Goudn>n, m. tar^ pilch and tar 
Guudrunner, v a. to tar or pitch tfte sides of a 

ahip^ or. or to pay any thing with tar. Conlage 

pttudroiLuc, or cordage noir, black or tarred 

GtMicsnion, m. tea weeds 
CVou^,/. a gouge or hollow e/tuel 
Goujun, y*. Goiyun? de chouquet, the ntffrA, or 

cltnnneCcut on each side of a cap, through which 

tlie gears are reevetL — d'une poulie, the notch 

nr channel cut round the outsitu of a block or 

dmd-ojc^ to receive tite strop or rope tliat make* it 

Goiilet, m. a strtut aitrance of a harbour^ tu that 

of Brett, &c. 
Guupillc,/. a fore-loch 
Goupiller uoe cheville, t> fl. to forelock a bolt 
Gouniabler un vnisst.'au, v a. to drivetlte tree^wuU 

in'o a ship's tUiet or bottbm 
Goumablc*, /*p. tree-nailt 
Gouttit>PL-s, /^ the water-waut of a ihip'^s deck*. 

GouUiOre rfuvence, straight and long pitvcs uf „„^... ^.„ ^...... — , 

timber placed on the s'uks rf some thips ff wwr, I Grillagie, iw. a frame of timber 

*nvo\ i. o-ler {state of tfie Ulr.i nhcn pu^^^i ' 
the ship's Ire side to put Itfr about) 

Gouvfnier un ^-aistcau, v a. to s:cer a thp. ■■ 
helm^ to oar. — A la laiv.e, to sti er a shib / v ' 
sea. Le ^ni^^cau ne g'ouvenic pa* (utiL» 0.. 
calmr) tliere is no tterrcgc n-ai/. Oouveru* y 1 
lu as le cap • tteer at you go : Gouvemer vwr 
•on ancre, to sheer a thip to her anchor 

Gmin, m. or f^Tiui de vent, a sudden *qvn\' i' 
xeiiHl^ mottly occotnpanied with rairi. — bliiiu 
a tqunll accompatiied wi/h white clouds, sur,\ .. 
are seen sometimet betxeccn the tropic*, — pt- 
saut, a heavy gutt or t^uatt ofxohui 

G rapiuHP • gr^pUngi or grahnei. — de ral tre <n 
gnipui de chaionj^ rrapling of a /ftUiey, end 
boat-grapling. — dmbordagx;, a ^pre^rapUre 
uteain boartBng: thip*. — & main, a /lanng^o 
Uug. — de bruloi «r — de bout de vexijue, 
*heer-hook*f or grapUng of the yard-arms nc, 

Gnu, a. Tempi grms, haxy weather 

Gmtte,/. or imcU", *cn^. — doable, 4^^ 
headed tcrapet 

Graiter un ▼aineau, eerape a *hip 

• Grave, /. a platform of JHntt on the tea *Ar <, 
pcartinJarly thete whereon they dryjlth in >V-- 

Gr^'ement, m. or garniture d*an vaineau, rif> 

Gr6er, v a. tr Oarnir, to rig. — un nuoeaii, '* 
rig a thip. or to work the rising of a th'p. — 
un mAt, to Hg a mast. VaU^ena mal ^ i, e 
thip which it not rigged tkip-sttape 

Grelm, m. atmallcable^ or tttTonhcable^ anfl in 
general ail cablet from 12 inches fBametrr donn- 
wardt to 5, those and the tmaUer ones bcir,^ 
called in French cablou. — de 10 poucet, 10 
hichet cable. — en queue dc rat, a po'mc-i 
ttreanx-aNe, or a tnuM cable which it taperini] 
ttfwardt the aid 

Grcnier, m. Eo grcnief, ttd, in bulk. Ex. Chan: 
er det mercluindises en prnicr, to load in bulx, 
at wheat, cm/#, trc. 

Gribaue, /. a kind oftmall vettel ; a tmall vesfd 
navig^ed on the coatt of Normandy^ curryt\f 
a mmn matt and fore mat* without any tops 
Griffon, m. tea breads called ru*k (coimnon n 
Holland and Denmark) 

to tupport the beams in the icard-room, inttcatl of 
hanging knees, which would make the room irrc i 
gular cmd inconx'cniettt ; theti are to colled on I 
aecounl of tlteir being placed directly under the 
yvater-wayt. Tht* i* not practiced in any Eng- 
lish ships 
GouvemaJI, m. the rudder, and, when opeaking in 
generaL the/telnu Parties du je^nuvemail, the 
parts of the rudder : La mr-.-ht', the main-piece ; 
Le safmn, f/w afier-p'tece or chocks ; Le doublatfe, 
the back of the rudfler ; La t* te, the rudder-itead ; 
La mortaine, the mortohe. Ferrures de ffourer- 
■ail, the iron-^cork oft/ie rudder : Les ^giiillots , 
the pint let; Loi t-tritiL\, the iron ttirrupt ; La 
bra^u.-, tlie rudder ttopper ; Let femelots, the 
goofiingi ; Barre du gouveniail, the tiller ; 
Dro«se du gouvcmail. the tUlcr-rope ; Roue de 
pouvtrnail, the steering ivhecl. Monter le gon- 
vernail, to hnng the rudder. D^monter If gou- 
vemail, to unhang the rudder. Comiuander au 
rouveniail or au timon, to eond or conn a thip. 
Vi\ honvne au Rouvtrnail 1 a hand to the helm ! 
''•■ .t-isi-au qui RoiUfnie bien, or qui est st-asibJe 
i yyti jroiivcr.uul, a t/up that tteert icelL, or a 
ifiip :/kj uHsxi,ers the ftelm readily, Gouvcmail 

Grip, m. a small vettel retenMbig a tchoener or 

Grosse-arcntiire, or Grone,/. bottomry. D<miipr 

k la f^sse, or prC-u-r de Targent a la gro**- 

aventure, to lemfmotiry or phce money on U^- 

toini-y. Prendre de Targeni a la groste, to takt 

money on bottomry 
Gu^'rites, fp. a kind of circular batten* wfuch su!*- 

port the top of the canofnj 0/* a galley 
Gui, Ml. the main boom of a tloop,brig, and the lu^t 

vettelt. Biilancine de p»»i, toping lift 
* Guibre,/. the knee oft/te /teaa, the cutwater 
Guidmu, m. a tort of net 
Guidon, m. or Comettc, broad pendent. Axbonr 

le g^iidon, to holtt tlte broad pendant 
Guindage, m. V. Guindcr 
Guiudaiit d*un pa\-iI1on, m. hoitt of a flag. In 

pavilion doit avoir dc battant une fins et dcn.i 

son guindant, an entign ought to be once arn'' > 

haifat long at it is deep 
Guinder, v a. to htatt or sway »p' {taid nwithj f ' 

the top-matt s). Ia'S huuiers sunt guindt-v "- 
I tep^iil* are atrip. Lcs mAts de huno ^.ii 

guindes, the- top-mntts are oihend, or ruvunl ■ / 
Guindenine, /. top-rcpe tucdt9rt:xty up, end i^ 


[ 27 ] 

11 IL 

?«T<-r tfie ttp-nmst. — simple txr k rAngiaisc, fl 
•.^-jV- tofi-rtpe. — double, a detihfr top-rtpe. 
Ho arts de eilinderesso. sheaves in tht ketl oft he 
' i~nui^tjwr tht tofhmpes 
'" --jM-in. m. mtp 
■ : ' » ruin.J'p. brraf(-ft«okt^ orfvrr-hoofcs. GuJr^ 
la.-xit* da premier pont, the lotcrr derk-hook. 

— dft rcubicis, abrctw-hook nfw<tt to the 
i» -iu^Aefcf. — du fkux-pout, tJie orlcp tkck- 
' 'St. — a teixing-v:aked 

' ' : ' oil , m. */jr hQxtn'' walrh 
i-ivs, ar tiumcref,//>. a general name in Pi'o- 
'^Tireftr all iarge ro[J!e* 


' \ niTACLE, m. tU binacle. Lampe dTiabitacli-, 

' '-■^■.■or!e lamp 
j'j:'» ,/ a hmchet. Pelite liaehe, or hache :\ 
t ;.ii, hatrhet. Grande bache, or cotjn- e, cac. 
H.;rh?d'arnits, a pWr-oar, or Art«fe-«.tr 

• ar-r, m. the tracking or t€neing a »hi[i or n 600/ 
_':'■ -i (Wjr p/oTtf f« another along the f»anks of a ca- 

■ a or r'rvrr. Chemin du haUit^f , t/ie road uted 
- rrrxking or torefvg hoi^s, &<•. 
- ' J^v TO. Calcbas, •r canrttehtts det voiles 

i .li. <ite datrfhhaat of the ^nij-sailj 
K J. -u^jord, SR. 6oa{ ny>«, or guess rope of a boat's 

Hj -^ojuie. m. afrtth'VMlfr tailor^ a raw aeo- 


' > breo, ffi. Aau/ 

j^tTO, w. hauling '" 

'■ -i-T, V a. to hall or Aotx/, or >>t<// upon any rofic. 

— un Uktlmetit, to tntck or ^otp any fCfsri hy 
rr^r-.t of n rope. Hale la chuluuuc a boni .' 
^ J the boat aboard J Hale I oh liale ! haul oh ! 
'o'. vrder topull upon tnty rope). Haltr dans le 
*eiit, to haul tfie icitult to round up^ or to ^et to 
X t'iirard by trimnun^ alls/iarp. ^ kla cor- 
di IK , to learp a ship Jrom one place to ana/ iter. 

— un eorda^, or uno mAitctuvTe dorujante, 
'a veiuicc. — line boute, to haul in the bftoy 

^'-< lir. m. hfiuler, vho tra':ks a boat hy a rf>pe 

~- '^-n^ arh/.i-e 
'■ « . ht. n /irnunior. — d»i mat'IoU cr branlc. 
' .^';^ik-. ^ 4. la Caniibf, GU ItuUan kani- 

• • -, — k rAn^Liiit', fl ruff 

iU .'ti-^ tl'uii vai«» -Mi.fp. the: quarter of a iJ.'-p. 
'^ ijoMiirr un vaii-ieau tlai-.s Ui baiich**, to r^fp 
'• prr. or to pay upon the fjunvtcr of a sh'tu 
AjionUr UJI vai^st^u par la Iiaiiche, to board a 
y'.'p up«n thr qnmicr 

'I" p 'O, m. Harpou or scie dc travers. ar trco- 
^ ''<"'( ran. — c!e pechf, a harpoon used in 
r- ?A n^ ofivhafet, crc. whntre 

"^"l-ooCT, w c. to harpoon 

' J KJimeor, »n, a hnrpcneer 

'-^ ^<*u\tnp. shrouih of the tnaifs. Lrs grand.^ 
''jam, tJie main sfroifih. or jf,ro'i(Lf of tie 
'■'■' -'i nMtf*. Ia.'S baiihaiu dc KtJitpr.' , :'n:id. >r^ 
)'.? ef the sprit'tait yard. — Je cl.alotipt, 
^ '. '?V t or gripei cfflte Lnnt. — de voii< <I'e L: i, 
P'U of Icezia' studding-sail bocnu — de Ji»i- 
I'-iiir-, the fore shratttli^ or shrouds of the /k-.c 
;.7,'. — d'artimon, tlie iwzen shrouds^ or 
' curfj of tlie mixen mast, — dii jl^^uU huuinr, 
' < maht-top shrouds. — du pi lit hunicr, the 
/■'r.'.fcfi shrouds. — du ^raiid ptrroquct, the 
nvvn t9p-gaUant slirotids. — du pciii pt- nT>- 
q I t. w fore top-gallant shrouds. — du ptr- 
rrjqurtde fougue, tl^e mixm top throuds. — dt* 
l» ptrrache, the truxen tofhgrtUant ^h o'uds, — 

du mhioi^. shroi'flf for the fmJvkiii-^ u^rif 'ri 
Freurh shifn. Fnux-liuiibaiis, or l!.iulj:ii:'> <lf 
foriunv, prrrrtifr^r-ihroudt, or str if' fit. h.iL- 
littin d'unc Ti:uchjm* a mater, r/.r il.svui'j (-1 fi 
mnsfiu^ mnrhinc Qv slutrs. Haubau sijuiil-: tr 
impair, sirijfcr 

Havre, m. a hnx'rn or harbour 

HauHso, f. Hausst s dei liasanes d'alTCt. the ^rrrrr 
pfiit of the .sidrs or ihrckt of a ^uuiurrtir^"^ 
K lirn made of tiso pieces' 

Hauiiiuv, 7: a haurer. and in f^rrinrri nvj ro>- . 
vindr lip of (Urcc or fuur straitds, and on/y on .- 

Haut, <T. HiTite mer, efpng. AIltTrn fjnnfc m. r. 
to l<die to the ,'ii^h sea. or t^ie nuiiu. I Ux-'.'.- r • 
r- r. /. ,if/i trc'fT, spi iry: t'ffr, spring f tut'. ] i 
m:jr>.'e tsi \ ante, it ts h'j^h vfiftr.'-pt rr j, 
a jrit.:2ll cloud c'tcrg^rd inth a Klc y ,.' ,, . 
\;iisSvau dp haut-bf^rtl. a mnn ofv:nr. li'i ■, , 
voil.H, top-ynils, top-^^niUirif'Sfiils.'ii-x ilr 
badl-boru, a rnpfatJi of a vtci if rvur " 

Hauts d'un vaissiHu. m p. t/w vjfjcr -iior-f.^ "/' • 
shi't. Huut nis\i", om mriff/fi. !(:.< i .\,'^ .- 
til!». roinul-s/ieerett. dt-cfj-icf: if> d. M. tif I » 
. iiiuts de liiine haut, to sr^a-j ur> 'he .'r-/>-7J?r:' v. .# 
gft tlte toft-masts vn cud. " Fut <ii !i.i?if. r 
aiiff. L^aiun- est en liant, th- ot.r!,t.r /, r.-n 
'luui 1<* nioude on IiauJ ! nU f'ini!, A'./i ' J u 
luoiule en fiaut svir Us Nei/m ■; de -> 1 .- • /; 
Xipojitl.-: f-jp-sfitl yarfiil 1 fault el tin.! ir'.r 
long jfrokts ! f/m crd'-r to t>,r nun C fhi- p:,.i j.>'_ 

Haut-bord, m. a lar^t :A/,% a r en rfi^nr 

Hautf-ijnr.i:!', f. ^fn nutrifim-' t>xvj rrrtfr.^rrt 
VKury rapii.iitd fur eAircf/rdirianj ihur^c* in 
ai.y sec trade 

Hau»i iiv,/. p/j otnert^f/ff'tfi of tht' ritfi's nl'ifd'^- tut 
uoov. to ajrertain /he iatUtide ofifu- p'acv. !';•« ri- 
dri' hauteur, to make an oheervation fifthe sur,'.^ 
altUitde at noon, &c. Hauuur estiiiu'e, a'tiivat 
knotpn only by t/te dead reekoning. — ol»*. n • e, 
altitude known by ohfcrtation. — des r:.b« rtU, 
dtprh of t/ie guv-ports. — de renire-; o'.i, 
heifht fiefrveen detks, &e. Ktre k la hauTti.r 
d'uncilt^ord'uue ville,fo6rft^'«7< idond'^^nu;: 'j 

Kauturitr, m. er «. Pilotr hatiturier, n ympi nt, o? 

' a pilot that dtrtcts the .^h'p'f ecur^r in fU' 'J.r.*n 
■sea., by ceU.^ird o'juii'run.Tu, iic. 

Ilavf O! Haie.yl a ridgr or chain of rocks uvdrr 
xitittTy or junr the fnrfirg of it 

Heaunu-, JJi. thetiiUiy or bar'ofthc hr!m in a kuu.H 

Hiler. V a. Htler un vaiistau, to hail a sh'p, to 
cell to 

Helhipuc or Eliiigiie,/ sfropi or straps in ft r^v- 

Hi risHon, m. grapling 

Ht rrniiifttc, y*. ndx. — courl'p. a hi'ftnv rnr 

Herpes, fp. HcrfK's dVperon. r;- linsf «. (K l< rpf n, 
the rails of I he head. Courhr^. (»■ cour'i;itP!"i 
de herpes, the tiivWrff of thf '^"rj 

Hincs, j p. iron rrinr^irslor thi.vhlrs of a h.rg' ,- 
sort. — de"* vvrgucs, iti (ps to rvhitli ihe lu.j- 
ards are hooked 

Hei-seau, ni. a rrinr,lc in the bclt-rrpe of a sell 

H« II, m. a son ff iJntrh vessel, or n hoy 

Heu<i>; de ^.oinjjf, /'. the louer box fjj a pir^'>p 

Hil«ir»?«, ./ />. bivdiuii-xtrakes f>f ft t'crk. nv /"'- 
stiakes or piank? if the d<ck bif t/ie y/'.V, '^/' ; / ' 
roamivgs of thr ha'irhcy, fhrnuj/h vhirh t-r' rr-i- 
bolts are f'Acd. — - ^ellver>•'■^3, fov nw^ (>' 
earitngs und.r the beams ; tli*itr nrr ihu}< />,-(.'. 
of timber^ fayed uvd<:r ihr vifiin-d,rk hi • ni ■ '■.'-' 
at rots many if thf m amidxhipr, by i,icrf>s ./ 
rvhicli one sini>''hion at rnch n^'i-r.tio.'-t/i- 
poftt aU tho:e bfcnvs, in a part of fh" '"•/'^ i' ' >"■ 


[ 28- ] 


ir.9'-e at 






l^'. r. --r. 

. to 


a <!:-l'. 


•• r. 

10 'rl be This 
icUl^rn<! !>y t.'tT i- urUrh 

'o h. if, — Vl'i,- V.;iiv', it n^iiitt 

r. to :.ii.-"''i. fo Jnu't-C, to I'lfj' f, to 
fjii'l 1'^ /..nj ih.'ni.^ bij u tJ'klt'. — fa do-ivvur, 

:'. lit, ttiiu'.". lLs5L. f iv. • .' h'jTS/ rr Lay, /tout 
^jfC'd'-..' ilis,e u. v<ii'> i.-I ''; ru.ii. n n.n! 

II. si.', 

'.0 /i:-.:*^ 

(t> curt oj litn '<;n:,vn >^j m-t^m cj' 


fl,'.- r.-'fif-r rimr: a;*o. hi the 
(' v'ht r iiof I'} <.::■, tf;!''v, 'in' V'i:,i.ii 
r; tliirri'^ -.l/i.-i'i tht .e ui'Ai- iho.r J) t>i 
r.?v/ >-fi'r- of 71 ;uJ, vnd lihr'tu^ 7;/..rA 
f ••- c ; '-A •• ^ '' f'P '" " /'"?•' 'fl' ' •■ Tto> '/ 7.) /i /(//r; - 
jt'f 'f/. ' L?. ';/ (t fjurt or i.ii '.<7nr illicit- shi/jj lutifj 

I'i.t!7ur. V 71. to 7. wi.vr, /o //,. i,p (fining tfie 
u tut r-jiT.' L.'i ; see tiir pir, f<i'u^: Oitirle 

Ilola! Ar.v, tfit liiiftn ht ■ .' {nn acrintindiimto hnil 
or rcfOd/ a j/i^iy a! u di,t(iiu:e.) Hul&, l»o! yx, 

al, n . ^ 

rv.-nu ;l'liu]»itnt. ati hoipiial jh-u. tfiat 

at' fid- on a fxtt^ lo tecene iU ttc'k atid 

Htiuarj, m. a sort cfzc/sel 
Honcre or Hourque,/. a htnvker, a tort of Dutch 

Ho«!e,jC rtTcll ef the sea, H y a dc b houle, 

there is a grettt .\iuell 
Hnuh-iise, a/. Mer hoaktise. a rtvfUi'ng sra 
Hcurvnrj, m. a ftrc;:^ !rtnd jvind in the. IVct In- 

did, nccowpcmerl v. tth rnin, thunder^ and light- 

H«n«-, f. a top. La pnmde Lunc, f Atf main top. 
La huiie ue niisr^ine, the fore top. La huue 
d's»TtLmou, the trJzen top 

Hunier*, ./' p. the top^ils^ main and fore only ; 
the mizen top-sail beirisi enllcd in French pt rro- 
qu< t (Je foutyup. Gniml Kunit r, the ninin top- 
seal. l*ttii iiunif r, thefure toffsail. Mctlrc Ic 
vent sur lea hunien, to brace the tcfrsmh to the 
vnnd, to lay them tthock on the maet^ Le huxtitr 
est b«ut or en coche, the top stdl to atrip. Hii- 
iiier i nti-inAt, top-tail haif-mast up. Avoir Ics 
buni'. rs «ur le ton, to have the top-rnils lo-.iered 
doicn ufion the caps. Avoir lers liuuii-rt k r.'erni- 
mAt, to harr the top-sail n hitf-^mst tip. Les hu- 
nien sout g^uind^s, trie toj>-saiis are atrip 

• Hutu r, V a. Kutter k-s vcrg^ues, to lower the 
lower yards danvn aport-iajt ; tu tciten a ship 
rides at anchor in a storm 

Hydroprraphii.*, f. hydregTopby. or the science cf 
nm'igatKm. ProJeMeur d'hyarographie, a hy- 
d) o^rup.'trr employed by tite state^ to teach navi- 
ga:ion in the seaports of trance 


IMPERIALE. /. Irnprrmle de tcwlplt l. the roof 
of the awning of a hoot. — dts cuisines d'lin 
^"aiueau, the roof of the galley or Jlre-jl>lace of a 
shipy generaily nume of coM>er in French shtps^ 
and with lead or tin in the English. — du four, 
the roof of the oven 

IneommiMiii^^f tHitress. Faire mgnal d^incom- 
modite, to make a signal oft&rtress 

Ing^nieur, m. Iiigeuiejir de la marine, a naval 
engineer. — dtt batiineni civils. K. BAti- 
meni civils- — constructeur, a ship-wright or 
naval architect 

Int' ndant, m. Intf'ndant de la marine, an i'_fv 

•u'ti'j hy his autkority and duty sonie^chaf : 

omtuii-.'niJiirr resident of adock-ycr[ 
Its !ia vales, « 

— dos aniu'ts iiavalcs, a ciiii (^f-t 
.,'.- ' to rcj^i'lot.e the t wpctwesy police^ J nrh 
(fa lu.-'Uil urniunien!. — gt-ut'i-al J- 
c!,s, fm 'J/i-^er r.ppjiii/e// to surr-ey t/ic i c-. 
tfi :ir^ vfi.nnm thioitgheut thd^inf^ioiit, ch<l'. 
rtf,i'!at'cii'i hifitix'rs t htrelo Ik! on^i ig. V. rhiw ' 
— <lv l:i s.iutt^, tlw of the inogistro/c^ : 
r(j;u'a<et tlie quL-ranftncs of ships, tnid su/" . . . 
/r;.!-/.^ the nJJ'fitrs rt'-fUnii- thi'du in each //«, ' 

Liiefi4>p«', /;/. O' n. a suuif^^Jcr, or cuntrabciul rrcJ 
ri' by .lea ; soi:/ on'ij of fuieign sfups^ anil par 
i-lii:: !'_,■ in fherolonu's 

Inv.iiid s lu- la n.;;riiu-, m p. si-k or itniundrd n 
.iii/'ti nun 'If/led ujflers, seameti, mid 1:1,.'. 
cliuigctlon h'lc nhi-y ; SLito^t/ufutidsout u/'i..'. ' 
t/uj are paid 

lii\ ( slir, V a. to touch, to .t'op at any port in a . 
fffec; lo be driven into a road OY harbour 

IUi,;ut . /. fl lie or rnnutfr, — de drisse d. s lir 
t i-s, tic vfthe lop-sftJls. — de drU9c« des pt 
qut ts, ti/' (,/■ the (oj-gtiHanf-sciij^ — dcs \iiA 
nt; lis, reef tackle tic. — dcs p:uaiu de *ab>-r • 
po>t ropes. J'lmssi- \in^\ie. ftUse tie. Iiacruc 
dix pouccs, &e. a kind of rope 10 irtc/ies /u-.--': 
or le^s in circutnferenctt ftt for running i."** 
large blocks 

JAC 0^ Yac, m. so the Firnch call the jack of tk 

British navy^ or the union fiag 
Jalousie, /. »w Pi'ovencc, the quality ofroUtng t^' ■ 

lenity ot sea, or of being crank 
Jftloux, a. Canot jaloux, a boat xehich rolls rioienh 

l)f at sea^ or a crank-hoaU^ ^ . . . 

Poste jaloQX, place 
of a sUp. — d * 

jalouse, a post oft 
Jardiu, m. gallery or 

njoun quarter gallery 
Jarre,/, or Jarre k Teau, a toaterjar. or a lorn 

jar employed to keep vnUer iat^foT tht cefitain t 

and officers'* use 
Jarrun, m. a stnnlljar, mostly used to keep oU in 
Jns, m. stocky anchor stock. Ctjncles de jas d'ae- 

crp, the iron ringt or hoops of an anchor stock 
Jnuj^e,/, ^ Jau^cafro, ;/i. the tonnage, or 6t,7-,V^. 

vfa sfiip ; or rather, i/w way and^ct vfgav^.ni: 

or nicaswing it^ in order to as^rrtmn thek.^- 

Jau^'cr, -o a. to gauge, measure^ or take the iBmen- 

sioiis cfa ship^ in order to discovtr her burthen 
* Jaiimiere,y. so is called, by some authors, tV 

heirn-port or hole in a ship^s counter through 

Tvhirh t/te riidder-head passes 
Jel, m. jefsom^ jetlixon. Faire le jet, f thn-r- 

goods overboard or into the sea, for ngh citing ^'/ 

sfvp. Vn jel de voilts, a set tyseiiSi a comf^iev 

suit of sails 
Jctee, f. pier, or molt^head 
Jtttr, r a. Jeter l'ancr»-, to let go th^anehor, v 

cast anchor^ or to drop anchor. — le loe. '? 

heave the log. — la sonde, to fteaiK the letfil, or 

to sound. — 4 la mer, to throtc or heave oiyr- 

board any thing. — dt- hurs le fond du hiuiri r. 

to foot the t'jfj-sail nd of the top. — du Wed, ^^ a 

k la baikde, to trim tfie com, &t. to thc'kk- 

side of the sitip. Vaisseau jete «ur la c«5u. e 

vcisacast cvmj^ lostfOr vrecket(on a iee shin; 

btiftk, or sand 
Jeu, m. Jeu de voile*, a conUdete suit of sa'.r. 

— du gounmail, the play of the hetm or rttd'-n 


C 29 ] 


-nqnrt,//l. Cfttnete junk* s ^ kind of ciunuy 

- '^id 

'•.: >. / p» fvrt part of a *Mp''9 bow^ between tht 

r^ Jj-ad and (he item 

■ -". A an. m. Jottereaox tr flasqnes des mAts, 

"^'tj 0f the matts. Jottereaox or eourbes de 

j •■!' rtaiax,r/*'r*# o/fht head 

' ' • r > d*un xaassezMi f p. an obsolete word for 

' i 6«7r *f a ship 
.' -i r. vn. Le gnnd mftt jone ^^s ion ^taiQ' 

t-Ti', the main mast fetches an-mj 
• -.-T W goatxmaii, v a. to play the he'm. to tta- 

'r-Kkfrmn side to Wd(r, at iu light xvii.ds 
y^Urii mp, certain J)iates of iron, tvhi'h are laitt 
■'■n 'Mr outside of a pice of rifn'K-}\ fJiroi:j^/i 
T^:rfi baitt are intrmluced^ and tt/Jrh a/r'to 
p"~<ri tht bt^^te^uit from cutltny fhc trv^jer. 
- -^e ja» d^ancre. certain pmei (f iron, cut 
/^'-"-r. so as to ft a'jjut th: rr.'s anrf ihnnk of 
t'f -i: .'Aar, topresrrve thc»tn kfrom bfiug L,',rfal 
f r c irrf. ~df Sep de diw ; filctci uf iron 
/; ti vnbefth sides of tK" kn'^h'-iuadi" cf rftf 
r-r. '. to praerve tliemfroni t'.c :rcn /.•■;) f '< ffna 
': r-I'.'fldrr. ^ de pojupt-, inn clrttnpj on the 
r -ht or ears of a pump 
'-■■-. m, Ugkt-port; interval U-'i^c^n any t^vo 
; • -fn cf thniber^ to prevent Uttm from c/ififing 

n J. m. Journal de naviniion, or Joui-nal 

III nfi'j<?, j''i//mir/ or log-book 

;.-!• r on m&t^ one ven;Tie, un beau, r a. to 

. ' D rrtoft oryor^. to clmnp a beam 

lU^, m p. jLhis rf t/iL' ma ft 4 off ynrtfs. 
T'-i-y rrtf^ cal' yimt:\l<-%. hi the vinking cfrnap',; 
V , de pierr-r tf n made inn,t. — de mi-j;u.-.. 
f;^^f if ttte ijcrds. — de rcchangc, ,^pair 
'' ■'''■* 

^ -n. rrpux. efA. Flot < t juiant, fhr cftf/imr 
'' J " -.irivg. II J- a jn?ai:t. i/tr tide e¥>s or /r.-. / y. 
1^ juuat tialc or Cil ^laltS it is slack ivu'cr 


■^i n, ?7|, n fcrt of turret elevated on f he poop nf 
"• Turkish ships tffxrar. or catai'dlcs 
'-.'^'l, ft), (I sort of Du'ch vessel 

! ^?.0^'RP,n, r n. to raise^ to fiarrviv the vrfaee 
c! t>3' fcround tvith the siuffs keei [ji\ p^runr^ 
•■'-" 1 shcllinr). L'nncrt' labour?, the niuhn- 
fi'^^t fi9mr, skiff*, or too^ait frotn its held. Ia: 
^iUM'aa labotire, the ship filotichtv.i'h hrr krr! 

"*• T la ^-iwlf, r fl. to lace ifie snii^fo rctfn rour r 
c 'j a rerf-dne. — uiie iiuuKeuvn-, to LtUi'j a 

^' •« r, r n. fo loosmfronr its hold, fpea'iin!^ of (he 
'•• /.w. L'ancrc a Iniss^, the anchor i* rJrip. <'r 
'••' anchor is fn<re{i;h. I^jsicr Sf-s aiicn-*, to 
- n* one's anchors nndenbles behind. — tonifwr 
I'uu'-iT, to cast anchor. — tombcr unc voile 
'(y\^\>-^rolet fnlf 

' " fp. O'-rretion. — et rclats, a sort of bank 

-n^n vp bu the watts of the sea vpon the con\t. 
• laiwide" - ** - • 

i la mer, must the sea casts upcn 

la^. m. roasting pilotage^ had-mannge. or 
' -- art ofjriloti-ng a vei.rel in'o or onr of ami har^ 
bmirQj Titer I a term peculiar to the rtatwes 

Lamaneur, m. & a. Pilote lamamrur, or loeraan, 
a furrbovr or river pilot 

Lamt" »,y*. the surges, icnves. or hiUt^vf ffthe sea, 
Aller de bout ;\ la lamo, to iietid 'he sfa. Kirc 
en travers de la lair.e. to Itc i:i the troii^h nfiftc 
sea. La lame preinl !o vai»sr-au par !• tr..\ . n, 
the sea. itr ikes (fit: fhi(i upan tite bra.dtiru: I a 
lame vient de Tavant, de I'arr-ere, tht -ci 
ch'cd, rut cm, or the sea fotloivi fhc ii.ip. Cou- 
rir au devaiil de la lame, to scud bffcnc *h sen, 
Abri^- par la lame, becahned in tfie rrc/.^/j -fti,': 

. iea. Gouvtrner k la lame, to stfcr n j/'i.p it 

*t:,e sea. in a stcrnu SVItver rur la latrie, c 
franchir la lame, to riic ea^ilrj upon ' /^ sfu. 
Lame courte, a stofrt sea. Lame loi.f^ue. a U • g 

Lancer, v a. Laneer nnvaineau, to launch or 
Iccneh a ship 

Lancer, v n. to sheer, to ijatr fo the ri^ht or I ft tf 
th^ ihip's course. V. Kmhitrdtr 

Landes ae hunv,fp.fvo( hook.u or fifttock p'litrf 

Lan)ruettes,//>. « thin sort cf-r.-d^c^/uircU uinr-j 
satdofthoif thin vcdzcfu-hirhtJittj thnixt tn.dr) 
a shp's bottom in the operation of launching 

Lani^i,//>. laniards, larmiers, lannards 

LaiiUme, f. Lantenic den inkls de liuue, tht 
houndt (fthe top uuuts 

♦ Larderasse, /*. a big and coarse rope made of tU 
top-pins of hemp, Jor common flies 

lAUfione, /! a sort of roir-gaUetj navigatcti o\ *.he 
ctari of Cfiina 

I^rjr*', Ml. 1^ lHrj»^, tfte rfTtng. m the main srr:. 
toiiiir au Iwrre, to stand oj} to sea^ to t'car oiu 
from (lie rnoyf foirordf the offing. Prer.dr.- !<. 
larj^e, to take sec roan, to sfand ont nf sm. 
A\oiile cap nu laipre, to rfnnd ojf. \eijt ^m 

- Iai".:e, sen Orrrxc. Aularc^t- ! sheer (ffl Uri-t 
to amj odjrrcnt Itfjfif, to kcp aloff). V.\<^sir.\\i 
\tk\yrC d'iin v.ii>s, ;ii(, d'une teir.', Stc. to fnus 
hij a ch^p or Urtd at a rfitaidt-roOlc dffu.!< . 
pKi'Sycr nn hinje, to pn^h ofT, spcat,iuy, >if -• 
boa's li'pfirtiirtfran a ship's side or u-h->rf 

LerjytMr, /'. Li^rjreur d«» vm«i*<-aux, th' i\'.rrn c 
brtr.dtA ifs'.p*. — di s vahonl^. \he .vizi of ,/..• 
pcrrtfore n'ld rift, or the -.lid'h oj (/k- por's 

Ijir>;\ie, in. sen room, fU (iffunrd or offing. V» r.t 
larg^ne, a lar^c or quaricrin^ wind. A\ uir \ « ni 
lan»ue, to sail large 

Lai-jrue, n. fax, i'rxk. Un conlac^- lannie. sUfk 
rvpe. Etout»'s lar^nev.//oTr/;».if ilnt'ts 

Lar^rurr, r a. iL" n. to retn.x . to Uo en. to me, f,md. 
Ex. Laif^uer niie Jiiamru\re, to tme, or /</« . •» 
antj rol**-. — mi». amfinv, to cn^t ojf. or le* i(u a 
ItcUiijed rope, — 1« s ecoutes. to let go ifu- shecf ,-. 
— \es balancines, to clear miinj the rfft. — «-u 
handc. to let go amain. Liirtjue li <« l)nis ru hunier! let go ttt cn^ic :l,c mniu tvfi-.rf I 
or(.re^ ! — la (TRinde ammv. Its dris.*e»I Ic 
run fhc haiiards! — io lof, or leve K; loi I 
up tacks and sU'cts! l-u'tuer um- voile. io 
loofcn any sail. Bonlni^r quia Inr^^ue, a bwr 
ivhich Itrii xprung. Vaissen u qui inn'-tu' de iiii r- 
toui, an old tiiip that strain* vio/cnihj in a hgit 
^a, so as to o/hii in serern! placeg 

Lasset, wi. Lx. Anneaux a lassel double, a smail 
sort of ring 

I^^t, in. last, a xveight u-ld h varies with sn-ernl 
nations, and the different naiuvr of gotuU, hut 
mostly rerkuned oflivo tuns or 4000 lb. iirix/it 

Latin, fl. Bituiieni latin, a lateen reuei. A oile 
latine, a lateen sail^ or a triar.gtdar iaii -f « In- 
teen verse!, such as xebecs. gJU^js. trc. V)id( r- 
st'jod, also. • orr.aimeSf but inipropcrly^ of tine staif 
acUs of a ship 

c 2 


[ 30 ] 


Latitude,/. UaUvde. — conig^e, latitude cor- 
rected by observation. — ciUniC-e, latitude by 
dead reckoning. — arrivt-v, ffie latitude in nhi- h 
a sfub u reckoned to Ik at the end of a day's -uork. 

— ODserv^e, latuude at ktiaum hy otuervati^n. 
Courir en latitutle, to run down UnUude 

• Lattes, y p. Latti • de paUh-en, tht; broad thin 
6enmt which .tuppmt the dei k of a gallnj. — or 
baiT(jU, a broad thin sort uf beaiiu placed alter- 
nately between the deck Itcnnu^ in frcrt^ h jihipt. 

— or buiYou df la duneUt., r/ur bioad thin l/cams 
tctuih tuppmt the tntop. — de cailK IxjUa, the 
battem or In'ht ofJu- ^ rntingt. N. B. / lie word. 
lattcs ii chiefly u^ed in the Mcdi'errauean portf^ 
anii (he word barrol in thu^e of the oitati 

Lazart't, m. a hzr.ret'o. or a buildiu,f and mclo- 
sure. eye. to rccrix^r pejsoiu and goods v/ulc per- 
forriitiig qumati'hif 

Lf, m.Juir wcy ufa channel, harbour^ or ri\HT 

• Ltlxcin-, fn. tttc jouth-u>-j!t uinAl, /;» '/le Mediter' 
ronean navignion. ' Funt.nt-<.-i-l-jboi;ke, xcesi- 
soi.lh-weti in .'Iw ,<'me ti'atrt 

Lt-ff ■, i/«. (H&Uiueiit If.:^ ,; u w^lt thip. or a shift 
tlm: ij not lontied civv-gh. VaisicHii qui / so;i 
r< tour I^Ktr, a JuerclunU Jr.p uludi / rt 'vns hou^ 
wit haul a cargo of any kind^ or a ship on her 

Lest, 771. ballast, la.Ttnt;e. — en fcr, tn pit- rr^ s, 
ironballart^ slone ba'/tff. —lii\i; wii</\ed Uri- 
lasf. — nutu\aii. bcul Ic'taf'. lion 1 5t, gof^I 
bnl-ait^ as giave!, ire. \l ux IcH, o'd uulUut, or 
that which has been already Uivd di.ring a voy- 
age. L< It jtrro* or pros K nt, f^raiy halh.-^f, com- 
posed of Uvgc ftone:, e; c. \<ylc X l»si, port-jad. 
Le If St roulf, the halUutt shift.,: AKer, rcvt-nir 
en lest, or lur sou It si, to go, to return on the 
ballatt. Vtti^tcuu « n U st or sur son lest, a ihij> 
on her hnUnst. Barquce de ksl, a boatful of 
bfillatt ('en ium) 

L* itagi', m. las'n^e and bnUaf-'ni^e. l/a!fasting of a 
jr/i-'P, ovfunvh.n}: ■hcir. -iiih itulUift 

L» r, f a. to '■u.'u"! c -r ■..', to/umrdi her iri/h 
bailee'. Vn ■,»»;•:; 11 qui !i'.- t r.i. A ;rsi'', a 
wait ih'p, vru i'lip unxch iuis no! bula^l ctiu<gi* 

Ia »i'Mir, a. IJattau lest cur, a bancs', lighter, or a 
iwge l.i^at enipluhCii lu • m vy />.? »'>.•. 

I.<!vur;t, VI. tkv Lcian': or thi- Ti/r^-fh eourUr>e,. 
Kc'\( 11 sdulAvait, lL- iC 'iiorf iju-nr in the 
Ltr. :ti^ ; or i/u- pv.-'.: •.f 'iu,k>y aud Egijp:. 
Dv'partrinciit «iti L-v.'.:it, Li it;i./iT.;,'c ; j in 
tyunic- 'f tfic seutiir' i ■u:hnh !;-i on iltc I'lCdUii'- 
ran,tanyOiu!of:ticnavjofloi.(un. Vii -u.iiral 
du Ixv.inl, ii llw title if one cf ::r Tt-\-cd:;uri7'.i 
of Fran r, rh( other liimi; rai:,'d vice-ai.;ira! .lu 
puii.-nt, v./iu h it no'/.rij; hi.t a itame. N. B. • Lt> 
VHUl i-. aho. the t flit pu-nt ofUu- ctnipaa. or //*• 
ea*t wind, in tfte An ai t> raiwcn f ai-y,cti:rn. 
• Gr-jco-Lcvttiit, t/te tvyl^iurU^ust, in ilic i-aitic 

Lcvjuatii';, mp. the Tur',f, Gieeks^axid in general 
all tfu: inhahi'nrUs oftfie Leiant 

Levii'.f. Ltvi'r de niat«l.;H, raising rf seatnen. 
Lev6f, swell of the sea. La. 11 y u do la I- vei , 
there is a rtceil. Cou^ik 6 de \i^\v^,frmtves of a 

74.vtr rancrc. x' a. to 7ieiyh the anchor. — IV 
jntire, to ujck, or to •■'iij,. tht; tat k, to piU about. 

— I'aiuiv a\« i^ !a chaluupi-, to wcgh the rn.htr 
hy tltc htioy-icjie, in tlu lotn^'wit. — la louiTun 
du cable, to take thr plat or oti^r service from 
qfftlte ca'ilc. — \v lot de In f;;nin(k' \olIf, tilmul 
up the weniher-r'eiv g inw* of the niain-soil. — 
ks tcrrci, to surxey the coast. — un objet .ivee 
la bou&iole, to set a distant ohffct by the conipasst 

in order u Ateoroer the bearing thtrtof. • 
chasie, to leave ^ the ehace. •» lee r^sxkti 
vmhip the 9ars, Ltve nune 2 unship the w 

(the order to the rowers to cease rmwtng) 
hmso'ii^f p. or Pieces de liaison, strengthen 
pieces ; every Huiyg that strengthens a ves^r.. 
O'le hurs, breast-hooks^ <irr. Vaiaseau 
nianquc de liaisons, a vessel badly put toget 
Litui: nant, m. Lieutenant g;<enenil des arrr. 
navalea, an s/^cer whose rank is eatud to f/m 
vice-admiral tn the British nesvy^ htst only c 
ties his flag at the mixen tep-nuxst head. 
dd % uisfcau or —■ dot vaiateanx du roi, a & 
tenant of a ship of war ^ in the French na 

— de IrcL^nte, (w oj/irer in the French nrn-y » 
?uu rank undn- f/u- ensigns, F, Easeignt^ 
en pied (I'mi Miist^au. the Jtrst tieutenavt '.* 
/A/». who has the charge of trimming the h^-ls 
the shp'x pru-jijtions. of niusterisig end ».'. ' 
bating 'lie jh,i/ii eicxv,ttnd, ingeneraL, ofn. \ 
ccpfi..ns di.iy in fus ttbtenre. JJntuV. itar.t-^ 
III ra! de raiuiraute, a civil twicer under t 
fv'.irural of I'rance, whose employ answen t4> t 
civtl client <f z'ice^atimiral tn England 

Lii^.iturc.y. agniuie 

Li^i.e. /. tt;u: lAf^ne de bataille* line, or li}>e 
buitU\ ^Tus A^vrvnW'rney to sakl in a line. S«.ni 
la li nif, to liojv or contract the line. Coup» r 
Ii;*:iie, to hi rak (he line. Ligne de fKmt, a • i ul.Ttast. — de plua pr^*, the line ri-n 
Juiukii. — de plus prOs tnbord or bubt>"i> 
liTic close hnidcd upon starboard or lari^^fsi 
Vaiiseau de lijcne, a ship ^ the line. Vl^ 
d\ au, nafer-liuet. U^ue oVau en charf^, ^ 
li^iie de tloiLaisun, the load xoaterMne. \^.<,'^\ 
line, a name given to sever (U small cords. ■ 
d'jiii!.trra^e, settings or lashings, — dchc, 
log line. — serree, ^-tendue, dc ftxmt, du »cn: 
cloic line, strangling line^ line rtbreast, l^f <^' 

— de sonde, lead dne, — blanche, untarr 
iitie. — K-oudronnec, sr — noire, tarred < '« 
or olak line. — de six fila, Su5. a fl*f «/ ''-' 

Li-iu- iL' niaree,/. the sea froth 

J.iiiuuct, rn. 'hf poll iffhecapstem 

l-ioi*. w. !fie Iton erected by way t^smamer^ ^ " 
ship'f hcnd; a br ruing or a prop made ttsr oj ;»* 
stecut of a /.;; cjlr the atancldons tffthe hcJ , 

Livse./. Livs' s tfei eouples, rihtmds in sh^p-^"-'' 
:n^'. U<s. .]>• liii.d, a riband between tU f^ '^ 
rijrmd and '.he hfd. — du fort, ttie eJtm"'^ 
bi 'tilth line. — «uj facoiii, risir^f-Une, fr.'-^" ' 
ri')ind, Lis<i.s dt's «i-'uvr«s mortrs. riiaitd- ■ 
the iijyjrr i.:oTk-i, or toft- indter riimnds. ""''' 
port. , .fhcer i nils. — de it.tin)?)neinent, f;,'r ', 
rojit of (tie stern. — de bustint^nre, '^'^ 
the nrtnr.ys: — de r/proii, ru'ds of thr '^v • 

— il .iccavtillac:e. raiLt of tfic upper i^ftrks. ' 
de ijlat-:x>rJ, dr fi-ran •. Li*se de vibord, ff^ ■ 
rail. Liises tie Ju rp. 8, rails of the head. L^^* 
d'liourdi, UMi^ 

Lit, VA. Lit du vent, 'he dirretion of the n'^ 

— du cuurajj<<l tide-way^ or t/ie part rr/*^ '^ 
ctirrrrit Jivtis. 'l\u'ir \v lit du vent, to go a-- 
hj Cu: iLtnd. or nern" the irind 

Liui-i s, fp. ici-Jugs. <ir lashings. — die beaupr , 
the ganin.onlu:, (f'hr btnvsprit * , .. 

Livardi-./. w Brtlesu.n, sfjrit of a shoulder^J-'"^'' 
ton Stat. Vci'e jk Ijv.irde, o/;>rii--"a^ j, 

Loc, m. log. T:ibK- de loc, log board. /-'S^^V.' 
k)c, log line, 'lour pour loc, reel of O^c i^- 
Jeter le loe, filer le loc, to /iem<e thf l*>g , 

Loi; m. tjr aU. U- lof. the xi^eather side. Le lo\^_ 
vajsseau, lo'f. All* r au lot*, to Uof to sci< ^'^^ 
t/x windf to go to windward^ ortsthc wtatba t-"" • 


[ 31 ] 


:. 'fr Tttndbard; tt herve the voetther gcae, to be 
■t^ vind, or cUioAauled. Tenir le lof, to ktrp 

V TTtfVhtTgaK, or the ship cIom to the wind. 

V r r lof poor lo<; to tack or veer the ship. Bo u- 
' r Jt lof, to trim all sharpy to .ipring the Itjffl 
[^.tjpJ. de ioC iMMrame or lo^f-hj^bers. Le 
' ' li ii gnnde voue, or le ^nd lof, /A* "wen- 
fvr QcA, orc/t/f o/*fAir mmrirscil. LaiTciie le 
' • 'i/» farA# and shirts ! Au lof! alooj '. Ivff 
-5_!J.fTn^ y«tfr /<«/.' Lof, nu lof! luff, huvu, 
' ."" Uf pour Jofl to -tvinthcnrd, to tlvt XBa:- 
fiTrjk! hard am eat her .' Iv vt. or larf^vi k- 
f^-'^i kif ! hrpil up t/se u^xiffter clue of tU 
rtr^smi! Lof torn! luff round ! or luff aV .' 
'y-s ^,£ij ^ tratvtlated also, by finrd alec '. or pitt 
'> f^.r,i Aard slf^f .' -uhfch mufum the same 
; 7*K. Lof A k rUecI ea*e the slUp ! luffvhile 

L-v r. Vcnir wet lof, to fna the helm alee, in 

'^ to bring the <hip\ heoA to wea/Jter 
' s Ju lotig,p.pre*sed dmon sUkicuys by a stiff 

-i ft^ur,/. Lon^eor des valss€>AUx, the length 
'/ hbi mtasund frotn the ttnn to the stern 
>-? -iftsorjlr. — de t^U' en ^£te, or -de 
' tnTf 4 p^lambord, the length as n/xr-.'e. hut 
''^svrrd -mt^nn board, tvhich anneers nearly 
' r./itf is called^ in Engliih, length oj gun- 
i'rL — de la qoille, or longfucur dv- in quiik' 
i> nint sar tcnre, the length of the keel iipon a 
- ' iiw. Unc lonjs^eur de c&ble, «^ iui<- 
• Murt, a measure of IVi fathoms^ wtually 
"^^^^ fir al^^'i length 
V. t, if tcoutillca, m ^. /M>>r or c^jrp^ of the 

P ^'- nj?r, m. on expert seaman 
>tr,r n. <o Jlffvanr, r« beat, or /i/y rt Twn<f- 
■ '-' ^ boards. — sur onz<- points <« /<<• ''P 
' i nnim po(V-r of the other tacky to sailfve 

tend a haiffr om the -wind 
■ " on cablf, -a a. to coH a cable \ 
^^ ' r&, f. Lunii^re d'un eanun, vent. — d'uae 
r pt. the hole in the side of a puriip, thrai>^h 
■■■'hi.hi' rcater is discharged upon t/w deck, or 
J';' 'he bundle 
' *' Or, /. jr Longue-Yue, a spying-glast or te- 
[.. '"^ 

^ T'u housing, or house-line. — blanc, iphitr 
r marred hause^inf. — noir, «r goudronu^, 
'^cd or blacJc houje^iiu: 


•''HKMORE, m. brtatUiiist.formetl of broken 

"'"*-'/• Machine i ra;\ter, sheers for i-.imting 
' ■ 7'* ; 'A*y 6«fi^ mostlu on shore, in tju ftorts 
'.' ' -nth-e. — 4. mitcT flotuinte, a hu'k with 
■nr^\ ft,r masting of sJups^ like thoie uted in 
^* ^riiiluk dockruards. — 4 crcuscr, or pou- 

.^ _3 J ( rtuver. K. CreUfc-r 
"-■"n, nu a storehouse or tvare-Iwusr. — f^- 
y "il. Q store-hoiiv: or tnngazine to contain all 
•' Jirva' s'orc.f in a dockyard. — pariiculi.r, 
''^■''' Jjnut rrhirh rorttar,.? the riggirt;^. curdai^c, 
'7" • <'/ frrry ittk c/* the ships ofuar in paiticu^ 

, ^'■- "i Cry/, flock'i/ard 
' ^' -J-'itort ij/iraiigh bored full of holes, where- 

, '\y ^''^tin cordage when if ii nealy tarred 
; !•*' ' /'" '^ inrrvals or sfm'iJf left betiit-en a 
' _^^ ttinbns, calieti bij ah^t-wriglits room and 

■"^K w. mou/ or mallet* — de bois, a wooJcvi 

fiMi/«(. — de ealfkt, calking mallet, or ik/i/^e 
maii't. — i fonrrer, serving mallet. — i 
*ptsser, driving nuillcf 

JdiiillctJi^', m. fA<r sttLtitldng of a thip*s bottom 
with scipper naiU, or w«A noi^ made tvuh a 
broad fnatifyUlar head 

Mailif ter, v €i. to sheath a 4h/p^t bottom vith naUs 
as ahove 

Main,/, hand. Main avant! hand voerhimd! 
{the Older to pull a n^tr c^uiek y) 

Major, m. Major di- Li tnannc, a principal office, 
gnwralhj a raptain in the navy, whose charge u 
^ the regulating, mounting, and relieving the 
guards, in tfie dork-yards mid ports, and m fleets 
or squadronni and alto to order the signals 
either at sea, or m the dock-yards. — d'une t^ 
cadr. , an officer havtng the above charge in a 
fleet or sf^uadron 

Minorit»\ nu the authority, charge, tmd district of 
ttte nu\!or de la inariiu', tcluch see ; alio, the 
collection of officers nominated to serve under 
him, and hdp him in Mi duly 

Ma tire, m. Mail re d'un vai»seau, capitaine or pa- 
tron, marter of a merchant ship, or captain. 

— vlVqumape, or siniplemcnt nmltn', the heat- 
siiain of a ship of war. — d'^uipaere d'un 
port, a subaltern officer in the dot k-yardt, 
apfjftititrd to hnsten and assitt at the carctnitigf 
vr-uoving, mooring, and securing vessels of war, 
^c. umler the cnpitiinc de port, which see. 

— eai.Ht, f/ir caulki'r of a ship. — calfat d'un 
p<nt. a rufjaUem officer in t/te dock-yards f/p- 
po-ufed to superintmd the caulking and hrcn/jv 
itr, of thips,^c. under the cApitaine de i»on, 
which Aft*. — cannoiii<'r d'un vRisseau, tltc 
gunner of a sfiip. — cannonier d'un port, a 
si-hahern officer in the roijnl dock-yards nppnir.t- 
ed to direct all the business of the artHUry 
ground* — cordicT, the rope-rnaker. — mii- 
t« ur d'un port, the master nunt-maker in a 
diM'k-yr.rd. — poulitur, the blork-mnker. — 
V( il; r iVun port, tfte maaer sttil-makrr in a 
dock-ijrtrd. ^r. — dr quai, prir.ciptd wlmrf 
mn.^er, an offirer apfointed to reguUiie ttie 
nffnJrs of uh.rvet awl qiurs, and the sh>y- 
ping moored nloitv-nide thereof. — voilier d'un 
vpi -•.Liiu. the moiter itiil-nuiktr of a ship. — 
cliarp» nticr. tfw. carltenter of a jh'P; alv», rV 
mait'T rar/K-nter or flrst cnrpmttr in a dc^k- 
yr.i'd. &c. — valet, the xtnvnrd^s mate. Mr.t- 
irv is also emp'oyed as an adjective, as tn fite 

fo"(riiiti/:: Mi;v.'v<^barit, t/ie bcvcl or mould 

of the Tiadii'p frame 
M;'l-d. -uu r, m. lea .sickness 
Mil % nf. Mr maie, a rough sea 
M.iliii.., /. Afrimrdde 
M luchi-. /". MurIih a t-nu, a hose to com'ey water 

irUo the caiks which are ittmed in r/te hold. — 

— *li^ cuir, a lai'hn-n /«).;r. — di- dalot, jrf//>- 
fKr hu<t'.. — iIk: \.ii\\v, a canvas hoit. — i vent, 
a iiiitd-iQiL — k ][)onip , pump hose. — or, « rhf'tutt'f, in hyb-o;^raphy. La manche, 
or la njanelie tl'AnK^I t' nrt-, tfw. BriUjh cfiauuel 

ManclwtL',/. a sort of ,pm or bridle, whose hif^ht 
or vuddle is iietl to the shrouds^ t)'c. and has 
thimbles to tit txl. remit U's, into whi'h braces or 
such ri nning mfx's are reeird, to liuld thcin ?//>, 
atid prt veru. tluir hafigoi^- toivm-dt f/te surface 
tiffht ^fo. — des bras d«; hi i^nnvle v» rij-n<', a 
sort of :pan or bridle, like the brid'c uf the boif- 
lims, iffd in (he of<n-e,tud nuivner to the nu:iu 
shroiids, to hold up the tnain hruies 

Min'uprf. »"• t'" mnritintr Ian) a itame giifer. to 
tluue cmp'oyment.T or labours for whh h tj^r rir^o 
Ojf a ship can demand no additional pay of the 


[ 3« ] 

merchant ; tuth it the lading a *hip -nithpiankt^ 
timber, green or dried JUk, &c, 

l^lan^gc, m. the art 1^ working a ship. — du ii»r 
vin*, general trim of a xhip {the diAftridon of the 
taitt, and effort of the rcind at ora) 

ManfTt-r, v a. Ijl mer nous niancTi the tea will 
rtvallvw ut. Etre nmni^ wir la mer, fo be in 
the hoUaw or trough of a high tea ivhich oP<-n 
breakt aboard {mtd etpectalhj of ttnall x^etsrls) ; 
to be buried in the tea. Etre manR«'- par la tenv, 
the tituation of a ship not to be rf'T<, r),»ti/>Vd, ou 
account of being ntarhj of the tanie colour uUh 
the land, and dose to it. Maugt- r le vent k un 
Taiaaeau, to becalm a ship. — clu lable, to flog 
the glatt, or to cheat the glast (soUI of thfttecrt- 
man who turns tlte ivatch gtattct hefurr the^ 
have run out^ in order to t/ioHni the fteriod qf 
hit ivatch). La lun« a mnnjje, ffie moon hat 
eaten them up (tmderttood of the HoiuLs) 

ManiaUe, a. Tempt maiiiiibfc . modvra'c tvcather. 
Vent maniable, moderate vfiiui^ and favourable 
for tailing 

Itonivelle, 71 Manivelle de conlrrie, laying hook, 

— double, a dotMe laying huok\ or a double 
vinch. — de x^aet, crank. MaiiivcHcs dt- pi- 
erre k menle, et autret partnliet, iron icin^het 

Manine, /. Manne d^orier, a hm\d basket, used on 
teveral occasiont, as in shipping of ballast, &c. 

ManceuTre, f. Mananivn-s d*un TaisM^au, thg 
rigging and cordage of a ship ; and panicutariy 
autlie standing arui running ropes. Manccuvrcs 
roumntts running rigktng, — dorniantea, 
standing rigging. — A queue de rat, rtpet 
vhich taper to '.he end. — |>a«s^s i tour, r^s 
leading aft. — pa»sees k coutre, ropes leanling 
fi.rwai'd, asthote t(f the mixen mast. — basset, 
t/ic Inver rigging. — hautcf. tfte upper rigging. 

— iM^ori, tfx largest rcpes in a ship. Anuurer 
uae nianteuvre, to bciay a rope, iimceuvre 
de combat, preventer rii^ging (only ttmle u^te of 
in time rf action). N. B. Manoeuvn » tignifht 
tfte working of a ship^ or t/ie tliretion of her 
morenterjs. by tlxpmcer of (lie helni, awl the tfis- 
position of the sans. Mananivre bardie, a bold 
and dijfftcult mcnngemttU of a slop, inivorking 
her. — delicate, line, a nl^e and fine manner of 
working a ship. — toitue, a lubberly or oiv^- 
ward mannrr of work: tig a sftip. — prompte, 
a nimble and e.xpeflit ions nvtnngvment of a tfup, 
in working her. — liiiul<\ //«• employment or 
work which is perfonncd aloft Iaj the tailors, in 
the topt, upon ttte uards, dr. — baste, the work, 
or emp'.oyment relativt to tfte managaneut of the 
thip's sails, which is Jyrfonncd by tfie stti.'ort 
upon deck, or on the forecastle or qucrfer-tkck. 
Commander la manoeuvre, to work a ship, or to 
direct her movements. OfBcier qui ent4>ml la 
luanceuvre, on expert officer far y.orking of 
sfiips. Officien niarinitm de maiiwu\K% the 
tsarrant ^rrs and inferior officers »'» n shfp of 
war, whose employmefH relates onljfto working 
the ship, atid to her rigging, cables, and on-Hors : 
tilt first of Uiese is tlic ma"tre d equipage, and 
under him the contreHnaltre, quunier-uiattre, 
bossemans, which see 

Mvtnocuvrer, v a. ^ n. to work a sfnp, to attend 
the tackling. — les voifti, to w^rk the tails. 
Vaisseau qui roanceuvre bicn, a ship which per- 
forms her movements x-ery well 

Manceuvrier, m. an able and expert sea officer, or 
one who it tkitled in working a thip. Bon mar 
M«ruvrier, a very expert tea officer, for working 

Mauteieu, m p. Muheleu dc obords, p9rt-iidt. 


— brit^ halfportt. fkux mantelets, Mfparrr 

for the up/fcr deck 
Muiture,/. the rolling wqpet of the tea 
Manuel le, /. the whipttajfefa helm 

* Maauilleur, m. a decked Mat, used in the truzri- 
are! fishery, a maekarel boat 

* Marabout, nu or Manboutin, a tnrver mo» -t- 
tail uted in « gt^y when the xeeatMer is Tr-r^ 

Murhe, /. theprogrettive motion, or heoA^wmy ef 
a ship through the water. Ce vmtewvu a la 
marche »ur nouc, that sliip tailt srwifter tha-, 
ottrt. Vaisseau construit ponr la inar^e, a 
shib built to sail Tvry fast. Onlre de marchf. 
oraer of soiling, in afiret 

Marcliepicdt, m p. t lie horses or foot-roftes of t-^- 
yards. Etrien de marche^ied, the ttirrupr •; 
a horse. Ride dc marehepied, the laniard ef u 
horse *" 

Marcher, r n. to tail treifHy, to havefreth wrr-; 
through the wafer. Ce %-aisseaa ne marche puK 
that ship sail* xrry W. Marcher en K^ne, eu 
eolonne, '• tail in a line. — dan« lea eaux ri' » u 
autiv vaiawmu, to taii m the xcake or trot k c; 
ano'her ship 

Marcheur, »i. a fine taUer or a thip that ttn^: 
twiply. Bon luarcheor, an extraordinary finr 

Mamire, m. (hn maritime law) the hire or pay o^' 
a tauorfor any particular voyage 

Mar**,/, title, ebb and fiow ^ the tea w«Her,f';r 
andr^.x: — haute, pleine nuur*e, hig/t ?.. 
ter, or t/ie highett of the flood. Crrandes ru.i- 
r^-es, tpring tidet. 5laree nionUiit<>,77b«c/. — 
basse, tow water, — morte or morte eaa» n<r: 
tide or dead neap. La mar^ numte, the t:. 
comet in ; it it Rowing wtUer ; k is flood. Ia 
inarh: descend, the tide goes out; tt is chS'ng 
xcater. Pas de nmree, tide gate. Marfe «'t c«iii- 
tre maree, tide and half tide. They ro'/ «}«, 
by tJte name of mnree, all manner ytfa Jiih; 
whence cliassc-inanV, nfUh boat 

Man^uillet. m. or Cotse de bois, axoooden fh:n- 
b/e, a buirs cue, or wooden trmrller. Also, f ^- 
teixitiff trucks lashed to the throuds, 6y. /.•> a 
running r<pe to Ijc reeled through 

MaiVf^it-nn^^ J. messenger. Faire marsueritt-. *« 
clap a messenger on the cable (xchen the aur'.o.- 
cannot be purchased by the voyaf) 

Marin, m. &a.a seaman ; also, any th'mg heUnc 
ing to or bom from the sea. Bon niarin, anc^' 
teaman, Marin d'eau douce, a firth xctvrr 

Marine,/, navy and marine, also, the trienre and 
knowledge of maritime affairt. Offlcicrs de U 
marine, ^ffictrt of the naoy, nai-y officers, sen 

Mtiritiinf, a. maritime, mm^mat, marine, of or 
helongiyig to the tea. Aifiiin*s raaritunes, in'^ 
rine affairs. PuissancfS maritimes. tnariumi 
powert. Forces maritimes, sea forces 

Marmotte,/. or cache-meche, a mofrA^uA 

Mamer, v rise 

Marques, f p. tea marks (observed bf the pVc's 
xipon a coast) 

Marquer, v ts. to mark. La mer marque, the set 
rose so far 

Maroquiu, m. gfty 

Mantuuin, m. Marsouin d^arant, ttemton. 


souin <rarri«^rc, a piece in sMp-huiiding, not uftd 
in Engltth ships.which aught be called stetni-cn, 
as being to the ttempotthi the tame petition « 
the ttcm^on it to the ttem 
Martcau, nu a hammer, -> k denta, a ckra horn- 

M A T 

[ 33 ] 

•— or Jirf-htmimcT. — d'une arlml^te, «r 

— . It*, f'p. mni^r^d*, tJit fuming liufi of small 

: fi crra- ;'<•'. or ronipiit ivcd .■■tr.:i 
1^ act, T.!. f^.tk ff-Jturdi ofv^ n*i:im 
. ., fp. fnn^'c:: 
■ f- Masio de ft-r. c Inr^e ir^n v.tu' v.^nl ^o 
'-r rjcr' bi?:fs iu^o t!te siup's Si!c. — ile iiviu, 

'-. n:iuf. r.iul, tiinirifop 'i.nst. >!.'\t 

■ • ^ifut. — de iiu/;ii!>?, /■(/:(; > . » '. — d - 
.--.a, I'iiou d^- pa\i;;v»ii. cr li.Uon d'cii- 

' : •, £-«---- fi r"'-^. — d'uu bh»i or d'uiie 
■- : . r. T!-.o.,r fM.v.ed cf u>.c f,, .'. — do V :u'. 
, . ii. -. dr-< jj?. 5>k-cc-, ■^cc. a iz-.w' 777,-7: . or n 

- : - /:m}*yi ef f.x^- p', of ^rr^-! *:-'ft, crc. 
t^- ■ :> pr^j.ipal r?M7 ,'>• >>j' a ai.p ■ 

— iu^ -ri^, ix-cla-ij :><-, ivnr».irc'-. c; /<..,>' x:/u(/i a 
.. - .' i.T c jr/rciA- p me, or t'Jj/.i.i,'f far.i 'jrin^^. 
>L L, Lrcu, J ©.•.£■;$ nuiitt. — 'de lanu-, /-V; TnoiL'. 

— If hunc ide n?chau>*e, .?/'<^'/''' ''-'P ''J^'^.. — 

ars iijxrfr mati^ or ^ftaru^rt;^ tr.csti. — dt' 
: . TT quct, tt^;: all ant maHt. MAc di; p^rroqui i 
'^ ■ "iOu-. Tiiizeiitcp moMt. — dc p- niiclie, 
'-^^icsp-gaiUiitt nuut. — A j)ible, X>«>ic n.a.^ 

— vertiad, fnojif «i mJ. MAts incfm^s vera I'ar- rpjottr hanging abafi. — dn nord, rov^A 

■ i~-:jyfm the north. A mflts et 4 conies, un- 
(.-.r {art poles. Mitt venus & bas, fliid}>led 
'x-.-iy. Lieu d*un mAt, station of a nmt, Mtt- 
rr n^ltt de bone, «• heace the top mmra on en*l 

' " ! udoas, mp. thegtukets qf tltt taiU if/'oj:;iji.'cy 

.'. : ; ot, m. ioilor. a ftanum. — k u*ari;i;:j.', a 
i'~nian entered JOT the xchole voyage. Vaiw! an 
rur'.trlrjt, a good company keeper ; or tha s/upj 
■- ' ii A, in aJFeet of men of uar^ nrf. cp^i'riitted 
ifiTiiis to the odnnrali and commauding oj/i' 
Cf --. L«; Sii!eptain; t tuit notre matolot d'avaiit, 
''■ ^^tprtidrK xsas o*ir teroul ah:ad 

' . ■ t r. I- a. to firmiih with masts, tojijc or place 
r c rnatts of a oidp. — r^tainbotd^un vaUscau, 
er m^^tre en place; r^nibot, to jrrt up, or 
hi-n-^^ in Us place the sUrnrpoH of a ship. — 
luie rpontille f • setup, or to set an^nd a prop, 
r'^f. 6t. — dea bigues, to set up a pair of 
-'^T*. in a dock-yard 

'-iiu.a. masted. ~ en caravelle, filled wih pole 
fv;> Tfuuts. — en chajKklier, maUrd upn.;ftt. 

— en ftv>:»tc, 6ent or inclined ma^'s. tvhtm they 
mif ll-ncord, or ^mk* towardjt t/w lirml. — tu 
* laquf, masted for a sprit -which crosses the 
t'ji diagonally. — en viiissitau, three'maif.aJ, 
or frosted as a ship of the line. — en s«.'iifiu, 
rrcrffd as a snow. — en fourche, or A eunie, 
nciUd todh a gajT, like a Dutch gnlliot. — k 
«J'.t;t, masted for a lateen saily as tartanf, rral- 
1:!"*. ore. in the Mediterranean sea. — A jjibK^, 
P^<:-fn<itted. —en polacw, nuMafiwj/A < /»•£•<• 
'f=^c-masts and square sails, as a polenne 
fi vW Mediterronean sea. — en heu, nmstcd 
/»r c sprit vhirh crosses the sail diagonally, ax 

livf h hays are mostly. — en guJt^re, masted 
Or G galley. Haut mit^, over masted or tautU 
?'b.,:reau, m. « smaU mast ; also a luffhr^ pole, or 

•5ii ur, rn. Maltre m4te«r, the master mast-ma- 
f^fr in Q dock-yard 

^»ire, f. Mature det vaisaeaux, the art of mast- 
''i? ih^ * also the particular v>au of masting 
Keh ttrt of vessel ; and also ail the mast* and 
yords ff any skip. ^ de tenau, the way or 
numner of masting a snow. — de briRantin, 
«c, tht vmy if matting Inig*, Atelier ttr 

chantior de la 

K'uu i|iii a \z T.i.' 

Aav ai' her nififfi 

MiiU^'^r •, f. cxjw 

a*v, ff\(f rnmst'Shed.. Vals- 

:-*. en I up: t^ a 4/^,-j T^Ach. 
\^'li reiidy mJi(l£^ 

M' v(.e, /: M'cUc dun '\A^\t'^' jr.hin or hidFf' 

fl /c-.vv;;- 7;;ar^ 7-'^-0 i^histui of \t-{^r.l ' 
puity, (is ar.: 'huic ff si.r j'S^^-ii'n'. -»-%iy- A in? 

Un, f!u. barrtty nadule />iccc. orrfmiij^'f'fr *<//- 
s'.rn. — dc ^-ouvrnivil, //./• wia.'» /JCr^^' u- 
ri:.'d' r. — i i- n n o ; » . ) . c (/i 

• \u '='r( , //J. /-..I. Ml'. *'. ■ 1.) iitru, ail»n' do nvtiv 
trc, ''iT ..„7'.'; "/.<: -r c/'u'/f. ■//£,■// 

\: iis. //'. ..r '.■•';! liv M. i-i, 'i ■ or^ of miUhrh fa- 
tn^a'ul ijt ?>If:is._ — u -t/ik-, cr thukcr sort of 
tiny <•/;•'-'..■,.'.'• iL/'.-'h icii.j for the mizt'ti (o^,- 
ioiii (.f !::',i ij i'tf i,.)ii\ for tiu' f.oJt-:.aiU 'if fri- 
gcfu. aTuJ ^'>:'j-uu!s. — sample, a sort of f hit 
sarl-rfc'/:. ti'i r fi i- t'nf>'>vjcil fur the toji-aullant 
xciu ninlifci/'UiUs ofj,',:..^ tf:/ie line 
Mt-nilji. s d'wa \ui.<<- :il', iu p. ri'n of a ship 
Mc'ii'unirc-, f. a XLord ivrlttditig all t'l.e ribs or 
frnmex of a '.hip. fioi* de liKiiibrun.', ciiy 
crooket ur co^rt^ifsdm'ierfuftir t!u: Jluors or 
fu'i<M.\f of (I ihip' ifruttics 

• M.'uilk",/. Meuillc d'aviroD. or main-tejinnte. 
V. Av run. — de fjrcat, shackles icUh which 

gnlh'j'-;l(n!C.7 are c /mined by tfic lei^s 
M(ii'i;s;jie dcs rabi.aux, f.januT^s work in a 


Mcr. f. sea ; alw the tide in rome phrftrrs. — 
ploiuc. Itij^h ivater, or h'r^h title. LapKiiif mer, 
t'fu' muin .-tec, or tf)g o^'iiig. Mt::r baise, loxv 
7vatcr. H;iute mer, high water. Mcr Jmuw, 
a ru-rllirig sen. — luolle sltxk wui-r. 
Gross^; iner, a great sea, or /ugh tea. Mer cal- 
lav, a cnliv or smooth sea. II y a df la rnor, the 
sea runs high. IJ y u f^^se mer, th'^re is a 
great .v<a8U La ixur est l^Ue, the fen it smo^iih. 
La rn,rext to.iibt'c, the sea if a^yHed. I^ nier 
se cr us; , the sea risesnnd runt crofs. La fucr 
est C'Xiiic, i/ ij benveen food tide and ebb tide, or 
it is iif.ik water, at the highest if the food. Ia 
n*er montts or la lut-r rapportc, it isjlomviui* 
tvater, cfc U n flood. La mt-r a perdu, the tide 
has fallen, it is fallinff water, or it is ebb. La 
luvr refoule, it is cb'juig. Ia met est courte, 
lojij^jc, the sea runs aliort, broken, or interrupt- 
ed ; Icng and steady, or without breakmf;. La 
Vkt blaikciiit (rr moutonuc, the sea fonnit or 
f ruths. Vopuer en pitine mcr, courir en 
haute mcr, to put into the main sen. Douoer 
de la quiile centre un fond de mer, to run 
ograund. AlItT sur mer, monttr »ur mcr, to go 
to .'.en. Tt nir la mer. to ieep the sen, or to h'dd 
out in the offing. Jeltr sk la iucr, to fhrmv nrr- 
bo,':rd. 'loiuber A la mer, to fall overfjoord. 
Tiirr i la uitr, to stretcr out to sea. Rtct voir 
un coup de mcr, to ship a sea. Nous avicns 
une gro4»e laerdc I'avant, we had a great sea 
ahead. Vo\a avions ttn»^ mer du nonl-oucst, 
u« had n great sea setting to the soutlt-east, or 
frow Uie y. /f. Loup de mer, an exlert sta- 
man, a dvamright seantait, or a thorough-pace 
seaman, but unacquainted with any othci- bust* 
ness. Homrne de mer, a seafaring wan 

Merlin, m. marline. — blaiic, white or untar* 
red marline. — noir, tarred marline 

Merliiier, v a. Alerliner une voile, or le point 
d''une ■voile, to marl a sail 

• Mestre, m. a term appropriated to the main 
mast^ and all its rigging, in the titnlect of J'ro- 
vence and Italy. Arbre de mestre, the main 
mast of a galley, md flf tiMh Ukc vessels. An- 


[ 34 ] 


tenne dc inestre, the main lateen Xfftrd. Voile 
de mestre, 0r ermndc voile, the mam lateen sail 

M^tacentrr, m. (tn thip building) mcfacentcr. 

Mettre, v a. 6* n. Meltrc k bord, to bring or €{«> 

2aboartL — A la>oile, sou« voile, fo^ un- 
r #«/, fo tet tail. — en raer. tn- ^ la nier, <o 
put to tea. — i flot, to brniti q/fcat. — un 
nanre, en radf, to carry a *hip into a road. 

— k terre, to carry or f/iif athore, to disembark, 
to land. — let voiU s dedans, k frc, ^ mAts. et 
k cordes, to take in. to f art, to band all thr sails. 

— TeliDg^etf to Jaul the cajstern, to put in f/is 
Paul. — un mau^lot a k rre, to set one of the 
cmv ashore, to turn adrift or maroon n mtlor. 

— un aiicrt" en place, to utoio an anchor on the 
benv. — dehors, tu /rta out. — le canot'A la nier, 
to hoist the bottt cut. — en travera, en pnnne, or 
k la cape, to bring to 

Meiirlr eivs, /' //. kop holes in a shii^s sides, or 
ulk-hendf fur ifte musketry 

• Milkrolle, /*. (n Provence) a tnrature qf ti- 
^uids ofabout eighteen (gallons 

Minois, m. or Porie-lof, bumkin 

Mire,/. (icitA gunners) aim 

Mirer, v loom, to opt ear indistinctly, as tfiC 
land under a cloud on the sea coatt 

Hisaine,/. the/ore mast andjore sail, and alltrtrrt 
belongs to it ; as : Le inAi de inisaine, t/tefore 
mast ; Ijk voile de niifnme, or la misain< , the 
pre stdl ; La ven,Tje de njisaine, the fore yard'; 
La hune de misaine, the fore-top f !«■ faitit:^ 
baubani de iniiaine, the fore chain^tvales 

MUraille, f. langrel or Umgrage. Charge k mi- 
XrtiiWn; case shit 

Module, m. a model, a small ship in minature kept 
as a curioftty 

>luis de i:age8, m. monthly pay or vages of a 

Mote, m. mote or mole fiend 

Moler, V n. {in the dialect of Prvtmeafind. Italy) 
to bear atvay cmd bring the rvind afi 

lioUe, af. MoUe mer, stack voter 
MoUir, va. & n. Eai. Le vent moUit, the ivind 
slackens, — ane corde, to erne off, vr ease 
away a rope. — les haubans, to ease the shrouds 

Montans, m p, stanchions e/* the bulk-fiead*, tbrc. 
and in general nil upright /neces. — de ^ ofite, 
counter timbers. — cits bitten, the bit?, or iua>u 
vertical pieces of the bits 

"UnniwaX dc la marte, a. ,flor.iinp nnt<r. tfu: flood 
tide. A maiVv niontante, at neicjiio'l 

Mont^, a. Vaissrati monte dc ICO pi^cec de ca- 
non, a ship mouwing 100 guns 

Monter, v a. Monter un va]»s<.au, to take or hrn-e 
the eomntand qfa shi^. — le gouvemail, to 
hang the rudder. — a la prom ite, to go aloft. 

— au vent, to spring the luff, to Itaul tfte niud 
Monture,/. the arming o}' a sfdh for war, ntount- 

ing her with cannon tttui other Jire-arms, aiut 
mofinine her 
^Ioquf,yr all kitids of dead eyes and dead blocks, 
exctpftng thoic vhit^h aiv employed for sC'dng 
Zip the shrouds, which are caller/, in Frctich, cajv 
ae-)Tioutons. — a un irou, a hart. — de ci- 
vadi^re dc trcUu;;;a{^*, a sprit-sail, shot l>U>ck, 
dead eye qf a crojtt-fbot, Poulk; A inoque, a 
dead block. Moque k trois trouik, an oblong 
dead eye tcith three holes bored in t fie some line. 

— k sept trous, or — d"'anviprnee, the tb-ad 
eye pfa craw-foot, with sei-cn hues 

Mordre, v a. O" n. {said of an anchor) to bite or 
holdfast (said ff the clam or fluke i(f an anchor 
which is sunk in the ground) 

• Momes,mp. anam^: fi,i\'m in t/te French islands 
tifAnurrica ^ the mouutai^ts 

Mort, a. Morte-eaa or mort^^ncr, the neap *-\ 
(Euvrevniorics, all that part of the ship tfi,- 
above water 

Mortaise du (^vemail, A the hole in the nt& 
head contetining the tiller. — de jpoulie. r,i 
nel or vaiantjHace In a block whicn contain, 
sheave. — da unit de hone, fid-hole of a 
mast ^ 

Mouiilage, m,' anclntring plare. Bon inouDlai 
good anchorisiig ground. Mauvais moiiilb 
foul ground, bad attcfioring ground, or firfjf 
torn. Eire an mouiliage, to ride atanchc,', z 
to be moored. Aller au mouiUage, to stand _ 
the aiv horing place, Vaisseftu aa uiouillar 
ship ruling at anchor, or a roader. CherS 
un mouiilj^e, to strive for the anchoring pin, 

Mouilier, v a. 6* n. to cast anchor, to anchor, u 
cou:c to an anchor. — Pancre de touee, to n. 
ivirh (h.- bont , to eafry out emanrfior. — . 
A oil*-, to'lct go the anchor whilst the sails art 
abroad. — en barbe, to come U with ttro c 
chors afiead, — en croupi^re, to moor b 
Stan. — en Cusant embossure, to n»ocr' 
a spring on tfte cable, in order to cminontfif 
fort, zrc. — en palte d*oio, to nuor wnh .' V 
anchors ahead cfjually distant f^om each tx'-t 
Eire niouille le travers au vent, to ride 
thwart. Mouille! let go the murJmr ! (t/r : 
der to let the anchor fcdl from the cat-head 
the bottom). Mouiller les voUes, to wei ' 
sails, a pre/ (ice usual in lif[ht winds 

Mousse, m. a cabin boy, a ship boy, ifounker 

Moussons, vionscons (aperiodical wtnd in the I 
dinn Ocean) 

Moustarhcs/ Moustaches de la civadi«^re. star, 
ing Ufts of the sprit-sad of a ship, — de b rr 
gue s'c che, standing Lifts qf the cross-Jatk ■.M.n 

Moutonuer, v. n. to foam or fhtth (speaking «., 

Moutont, the foam or fYoth of the sea w he i • 
wind is fii^h 

Munitionnaire, ni. or mnnitionnaire des vin-' 
de la inanue, the contractor for stapro\ ii-^-u 


NACF.I.IE,/. a stnall sf.iff or wherry, tt/'*-- 
masts or sails 

Nai^,/. the rou'lock^- and seats for the rotten tj 
boat ; also Lite creiv of rmvers 

Naiji-r, V n. to pull or to ton: — en ani rt. 
back astern wiih wtrs. — la chaknuje it^vr 
to rotv the longboat aboard, tinge tuibonl. «' 
tnbonl I pull tfte larboard, and hold wntrr u 
the starboard oars! — qui est p:jr^*.' /• 
w'llh tive oars that are shppedf — bien (n 
bord! pull away with the stai'boarfl onn '. ' 
nee ! ; vw dry ; (tfie order to rotv wit/tout iki 
ting tfte p(i.i.>engers). — a boni I t ofnr n uH 
with the boar.' — k faire aiatirv I ptii lo >\ 
ward, to tow tfie sfiip's fiectd to ^ruo/W. -i 
au vent! pull to rciTuhavd! — ^ sec 'I 
tourh thr shore with tfte oars in rtaving- " ^i 
bout, to '17 a' standing, with tJKface towards ''A 
boafs head 

Nattles, /. paunches ; also the mats tised tt /•' j 
tfu.' bread- rooms, err. i 

Naval, a. naval. Armee naval-f, oficet of men 4 
war. Lisarinecs naialcs, tfie fleet oj bivm^- 
L'eut«'«ant pent-ml des armeet lutale^ '^ 
flag ufficcr of tfte French fleet, whose rattk c^r^ 
responds to tMt ^ vkt^aUmiral in the Lzg.^A 


[ 35 ] 


Y-x-w ComiMt oBTal, a sea fght or engage- ■, 

.:»■. n. thiprrerk 

-J. i. V ti. orfuire naufrage, to be Torerkfd. 
•-511 riiurl-ag^c. c wr^c*, or a roreckcd ship 
' , '. c //?«i// Ivdinti i^ctjurl 
-■-'■■ ur. m. a tea/mi ug mnn 
-'uii. /. nai-isctioiL, suiling 

r. V H. /# mil or dinrrf a shift'.t iwirse at 
' nj '» (rarci by sea. — ea plciiie raer, to 
-■■ 1 .e nviin 

. ^1. o^.'ap, etmmmly iwlerstood of a ve»- 
'■ - I tkfx masts. Hon du iMi>iiv, a/ver- 
' ^ lu navin? marchand, a merchantman. 
■'-'■ ^^ aa^ire ! r/if ship / 

- r «i. 0- 0. or Tsi&kcau N^gpiier, o CmfMB^ 

'' M /l/riran rz-adirr 

- -i \a.»ieau, m. <A« nore, AeoA:;, Ivtad, lurvo^ or 
7^ ' if a thip. Vaisjcau qui e«l i rop sur Ic 
'^ c ,3^1 wA«A u foo much by the hmd 

-•:■ m. a name ghtn in the dUUrct of Pr»- 

\'' ' 'hf fteaistratn ^a sfdp ufxear 

^ ^^il>:. m. a nocturnal 

'". Ixnd or knot. Noma dei diffJ^rentes 

• » cU- iHcndi or d^unarra^es, the names of 

^craiidrutt of knots Jiftrhes, las h/ tigs, at ui 

' s'- X<e«d plat or nceud mariu, a carrick 

. r f7 prefer sailor's knot ; — de bouliiie, a 

^ it,^ ; — d'ecoute, a sheet knot ; — de 

'; "■ a.?rofmy** fe-nj • — d^ang^uille, a timber 

. - d^ bOK, a Jarmmng or coirntryman^t 

' •j^'^^Stiy k ^lineue, a baicling knot ; Demi- 

• '''^ nsffhana «n*, not drcncn close, with 

-r^: r,^, (n; Nceud de jambe de chien, a 

r'-Ji3«i: ; — i, plein poinj;, an over-Iiand 

'■'\ • - tie haabans, cr cal-dei>orc double, a 

■■'- ^nU ktiot ; a shroud knot ; La jfueHic 

'T'-. 1 ns^tpato ; Le ouWe-porc simple, a 

'■J '^'f'-l'-knot ; Le cuWe-porc avec itie de 

"• f- crnrn knot ; Le cul-de-porc avec tOte 

'^-^"ca double cmcn knot ; Anuura^ i 

^1-kiu^; AiuamiEpe en eirive, seizini^ ; 

rri-v en fouet, a tail block put on tvifh a 

" '-'fA, oiu/ the end stopped vp ; Mflriare 

' ' ^'evire, lathing together of the eyes of a 

'■■''■ ; JVmiKsld; half hitch ; Tour mort, avec 

J :''mH:lef«,ff c/orc hitch with arouiut turn. 

so,de la ligne de \ocfJieknat4 oftheh^g 

J*' ^/iisvord beforrtes rt/nonvnious to n tiin- 

' ' "^ ''. or the 60th part of a degree. Exatn- 

•^"w fiJoM 12 nceuds par neure, ire run 

' ^nvt or pyTg, ^„ f^^^p 

^ ''^foa Aead — d un m4t, AofmJ o/" ^/w 

" ''' '&■ freight of a ship, or qf any part 

>". V a, to fright^ en the dialect <^ Fro- 
"^"i (he LetHVif 
' > nt. m. (he act offreighHng a ship, in the 


'■■■■ r.orfh. Entrr Ic nord et Ic nord-qtmrt- 

'-'. nmffhhalf-mxt. Kord-quar^nond-est, 

■ '^'il fjy mtt. Nord*non!-ost, notih-noiih' 

ijr"^^ *<* noTd-qiu>rt-iiord-f:st el Ic nord- 

-^ "•rfA-ndrt/K'<w< half north. Nonltist- 

^-«'-rionl, northeast and bu north. Noiid- 

; "-"^heast. Eiitre Ic nunl-tst <t le noRl- 

;^i ''^r^-^h-nord^ norfh-rajt half nott/k &c. &c. 

" f""^ On Sauto Domiugu) a ftard gak 

- thr 6" noid-ouf^ster, r n. fa Txiry or *- 
'<«card» f^^ northeast, and torvards the 

>Tr.-.-f (^gfiifj Qjifff. magnet ical needle) 
'■'-', m. a4iainclive name oftuch young je*- 

hrs as go their first voynre, b^fbre they ttre re- 
giitemi Oi sailors in t/ic trcncfi Jieet 

Novak-,/, or loilede iioyal, a son of sail-cloth, st 
iianicd front ifte village of Souul in fir i fanny. 
— A irois tils, a sot-t of iaiMotk fo/mcafrd at 
l^iynl in Drifanny, rvhich Lt employed ftrr five 
courses of ships of tfte line. — k dcnx fiin, a 
sort nfsaiMofh tfunncr thin the former, tchich 
sri-vcijor tfte courjfCi of frigates and for the tof^ 
sails of ship i of the line 

Noyt r, V a. Noyer un ^-aisiieaii, to lay or set a 
ahipi. — une terre, to lay or settle tfie land. 
Vaisseau dont la Ijaiu rie eit noyee, a s/tip that 
does not carry her port* a proper heig/U out of 


01 DU navirc, holn! Aoer, the ship ahoioay! 
O ! du Sokii Royal .' hola, hoa the Royal Sun 
ahoway / O I d*en liaat ! yoa Aoo, aiofi there ! 
mast-head there ! 01 hi^se, O! hale, 6 1 aaille, 
O ! taque, O ! ride, {method of singing out as a 
signal) to fioist, haul, or rouse together, tn a 
tackle or rope, or toputh a beam 
Obfervationi.y*/». celestial obitervation^, 
Occase, a. westerly ; said of the amplitude 
Ocftin, n». tlte main ocean, 'lie H'cftnm or Atlantic 
Ocean. Les jMirta de Toci-an, the seapoT^s of 
France ivhirh lie on the ocean ; by opposition to 
those of the Mediterranean 
Octant, m. the octant im-tnted by Corffrey 
CEilI<'t.7n. lEillct defer, thf iron eye of a bolt, ^e, 
ffiilkt* de Toiles, eye-fet holes. CEiUet dam les 
coprln^e*, eye. — de prt'lin et d*hauMic^re, eye 
of a luni'ser or small cable. — d'ctai, eye ^a 
stay. (I'.illeii de ifMimevire. tlte eyes in the two 
ends oftlievoyal, icliirh are la.fli£d together with 
a laniard wlien the voyal it brouglU le tlte cafM 
CEu>'TC<,/;-. rn!u\Tcs mortes, dead works or tifi* 
per tcorkt of a shJ/j. — vivt «, ouick works of a 
ship, or f/inf porf. rvhich it under wafer. — de 
mrin^, tlf grmin'^, caulking, or repairing a 
slug's tottoin whiit she is left dry tjgrourui du- 
ring fix retrss of the tide 
Officjcr, m. Offlcicr de la marine, o^crr qf thena- 
V'f, or a ommissior^d Qi/irerin the French feet. 
Ofllcieri-c^fTu'raux, flag-oj^'cers, comprehend- 
ing tlie chct^ d V«c:idre, lieutenants pt-iieraux, et 
vicv auiir lUx. See t/ieie words. Onkitrs d'ad- 
miiii^trAtion de la mnrine. civil ojpcerjf, or offi- 
cers cipboirtfejJto reguUitetlie justi^^ police, ftvin- 
ecf. and uo'-ks of a dock-yard, and of a na\>at ar- 
mfimtnt,compreheiuling the intcnilant, commit- 
•aires, Kcc. — de la m;yoriie, officers who 
liGve, under the major de la marine, tlie charge 
of mounting, regiilaiing, relieving, the guards 
In dock-yards and portt, and in afieet, and also 
to order the signals either at sea or in the dock- 
yardf. — niujors, the principal officers cf a 
Jir-ef, and of each particular ship. — de port, 
ofltcers in a dock-yard appoiniai t» see that the 
shtiplng be protterlxi moored, masted^ rigged^ 
baUristed, Crc. un<&r the capitaine de port, 
wluch see. — lileu^, so are called anytemj>oro' 
ry or acting cf/ficfr.-? who are not commissioned. 
V. Biou. — marjnitrs^ the mechanical or 7far- 
rant officers in a .<>hip oj war, above the common ' 
sailors, as the bcatsuam andhit mates, thegunr 
ncr, catpenter, caulker, maxter sad-maker, &c. 
arid their mates and assirtatust &c. — non 

P Al 

[ 36 ] 


nuuinirn, the mecfumical or rearrant officrra 
in n ship qftvnr, ivft^sc tm/ilm/rnrrtts beof no rr- 
latiott to nnvnl business, n.s- the armourert baker, 
butchrr, sfm'nrri nnd his nuitr, tr<'- — de la 
sante, the ma-J^trairs ivhn rufHTinfrnd the nf- 
Jhiis tf fhr quarantine in a fwrt, unffrr thr in- 
tendniit dc la shijh'-, vchich see. Uation d'ofll- 
cier ninrijii'T. V. Ration 

donnc. /. Toile d'Olonnc, a sort of taH-elofh, so 
namrit Jroni the village of Oloutie, in tlic pap 
d' Aim is 

Ordoiuiaupc,^^ Lcs ordonnancei de la marine, 
the sfnnites if thr French navy. Ordonnanoc d<- 
paieitunt, an ortier frtmi the intemknit to the 
ttrasurcr q/ tlic tuzvy fur tlte pcnjmeiU of any 

Ordiv,tn. {in nm'ol fartirx) order of tailing. » de 
butaillt', thr liiic or ortlir of fja/tle, &<: 

Oreille*, 7"/;. Onillos dr rancrr, t lie broad parts 
of the Jluka uf an ain-hur, or the palniji. • — 
Oe liOvrf, the situnriun of the tico principal 
aaih of a latex^i vc^^ml -n-hni runn:ut;fx:/''.TC the 
wind, one of thr saiis lying nstarbonvd, and the 
otiter on the larboard sidcl so as to have the ap- 
pearance (f ttvo cars of a Juire 

Orjfpuicaui m. tlic ring of an ancJwr; and ttnic 
tintes any othei' iron rins 

Orieiilcr, v a. to trim (said of t lie sails andrigping 
of a shi/j). S'oritnter, to trim tfte sfii/is sfuls. 
Oticutvr niio voile, fo trim a sail. — wn vai«- 
seau, to trim tfie xoi/x of a sh^fi. \w\c i.iul ori- 
ent^, a soil ivhirh is nof trtninwd sh'/f-jha/fc. 
Vaisst-au bun orient*'-, a iccl'-frinimrd s'lip. 
Vaisseau orient^ an plus prt>5, h s/tip close 
hautetl, or a sh^rp-trimmed ship 

Oriiif m. buoy rope 

Ortive, af. easterly, said nnhj oftJic ampfitude 

Oste, /. a term used in tfir ri^^',i;iiig of i^ul'cj v end 
other lateen sails of tlte Mcd^trrrmurn^ Uhxg a 
rtpe leading aft to stcwbj tlw Iwren tjard, ma 
kind of brace or r-aug. I^iraiuts des osit-s, t/ic 
petidarUs of such brnfcs or raug-f 

Ouett, m. Tvest or the Tint pv'td. <.>'Jii;K^uart-sud. 
ouest, tecst and by suuih. Eituv 1 oucst » t 
l'oue»t-quart-fud-ouest, -ucst lirJf couth. Oucsl- 
sud-onest, tDesi-scnth-reest, &c. 

Ouragan, nu a hw-ricane 

Ourses, /. Ourscs d'artunon, m'.xen hinvVmcs. — 
de galere, a running roj'c in the ri^w^^n:: >f :.;al- 
leys, and ot/ier lateen smU, the use tf-irJmh :s to 
haul (yiveatiier the lower part of a latcjn yard, 
very similar to the nuzcn bmi'lnrf 

Ouvert, a. Vaisseau ouvcit de paMout, a tvry 
leaky ship 

A rouvert, ad. Etre i i'ouvert d'une baie, to be 
open xciih a hay 

Ouvriers, vip. the artif errs, &c. in a deck-yard; 
also, the riggers of a slup 

Ou^Tir, v a. Ouvrir deu\ objcts, or den*, nirc?, to 
open ttpo sea marks (rvhich 7vcrc h-fjvr i;i one) 

On;rlandre% m p. small vcudii ofi tfte Riunc end 

• PACFLw. an obsolete rcoi'dslgnfyini; f.he main 
and fare sail. • Lt- pniiitJ piuil. f/i-.- ■'■niu scil. 
• Le petit pacfi, or le pucfi de buursct, the 

fore sail 
Paga\x', /. a paddle 
Pa^yer»T» a. to paddle 

• Paille,/ Paille* de bi't-o, hvg imn baits fJirusf. 
into fmes in the bits to kcvp tU cable fYmn start- 

ing off. Paille U also a name of a son tf -. 

of (he East 1 tidies 
Padle-eii-cul, in. (a sort of sail) driver or 

tail. Boutc4ion de paUle-cii'CQj. f. B 

Paillet, or PaiUer,m. mat 

• PailloL, in. the stervariTs room in a .rH 
Mous-ie de paillot. a younker rvftose prt 
employmrnt is to help the steward in o p:! 
Paladc, f. a stroke tf oars, in the lan^uc 

• PalaniaiiU',/. a general name given to c 
Oars tf a galley 

Palaii, m. a tackle. — k ealiorae, o - \ 
Lmklc. — Ac misokne, fore taekle. Poui.- 
ble de palan, a long tackle lAoek. Pouli- 

{)le dc palan, a i-ngle tackle Mock. Cror '. 
an, a tackle hock: Garant de palan, fc ' 
or tackle rope. I^lan de candeh-tte. ?• 
tiuk'r^for fjhin^ tfic anchor, in Firr.r't _ 
— d'ununv, tack tackle. Palaits dVtai, 
tackles. Paian simple, a .rntall tackle^ nr 
tarkfe. —dvnhlv, a tiio: fold taeklr. Pab' 
cauoii, gun tat^klrs. — de retraite^ or — i\ 
ciil des canona, train tackles, or relirr-^^-: ■ - 
of the guns. Palan de bout, the sprif- . 
ards. Palans de ris, rer/* f/ifA-fc-*. Grai.d 
lans, main tackles. Paiaiu de suritn- 
tat kle of a gtty, used to hoist in and ottf / *v 
of a mrrchcnt sh'p 

Palnnijni T, v a. tr n. to borvsr, or drfr,i n-^ j 
by means (f a tackle. — le» liaulans. , t- . 
the t/troufls 

Pahmquins, mp. small tacklfs. — , or p-tL" • 
nii'its de Inme, small tnrklrv ff.xed r^ 
itioft heads iu Fmwh sh'ps. for 9fi/h-^- r. 
top shroud?. Pendenrsdes jialanquins " ' 
dautt of the top ma^t tcwkU's 

Pal«'ap:e, m. tltc net of unlmiding any Oi-^^ 

Palnjv',y; a palm, a measure made useet'n - ' 
rjQ- of nui.ytx. and C'pial to thirteen Pre \ ~ 
Lii I'nat de 2'S palmes. a matt 26 pQ-n . 
s'ltue-vfu're tounrdx the big end 

Pulouibcs,/ /». rfrrj'i in a rope-yard 

Paniif. /. Bill panno, ad. the .fifKnr/'n' o:" c 
7il.l(:h is h/m^^ to, or lying by, in or.'-'r ■ ■ 
for auo'Jii'.r vcjffi, &r. Etrt' en wini)--, ' 
*or lie by. MetHe tn Mnne. fo ftr/n^- 'o 

Fanneau, m. cot-er ov lid of a hafchti'Cij. sc>:- '' 
taken for the liatchway itrrlf. Grandpa 
mcin hatch, or main furfr/mra/. Fjn.i. . 
vassole, a grera hatch ivitkout a bonder 

Pauieiun-,/. Eu pautciine, ad. the sitwrt'- 
shp riding tvUh her yaritt n-perk, or r.- 
s<uis in a ilisvrdcrly sit(ia!i(ttL, piiffcrinz \ : 
rrring. Vergxies tu jnuitctme, the t/cr .'■ 
oblirpjc'y, and the sfii's bOlPytrinir'^eii [\ 
practtst'd in Frcnh shifts Os a signal of : '^. 
tai-i''s dec'h). VaiMcau en pant<nne. r 
tetiirh ridCK a-peek, or vkh hrr yrrdr o- ■ 
her .rails uiii if trim. Ajnener b •* > ' 
jvanL one, to haul dorcn thr ioihtrith rU- . " 
e^rpf'f-uon, as in a sfpiail ffwi^td 

Paqucbiit, in. packer boat, pccke' 

Eii p'lqnet, ad. Arnencr Its voiks en jnr- ' 
U't thr yards go ninaiii all fcc^'h' : -. 
humj (tchii'h if nsed mpolc^nasicd ■'> . 

Pux-.i^je, tn. Uiiivile. pnit >ftist sea f.r • - " 
t'thde ; a ,<^pa(r vfthc sea. Lt s p»r.„'-j-i ! 
c I muds, th^ ivann l<t(i*ttdes. Etre lu ■'* 
J)ou p;iriijfc, to be moured or artci.arid i.i £ ; 
statiun I 

Pare, m. Pare nr arsenal, a dork-yartl — ' 
lilkrie, a imrrcn or an inchsurcfor certiM^- 


C 37 ] 


*4i- runt^ mid the H^re-lmue* betengfitg thrretPf 
-i zi TiOiT a dack-yord. — k moutons, a sherft- 
r-— ^ cT a cm or prn^ xchcrdn tluxp are incloxd 
-. .3 i.-ijp'* deck 
' - '.-irr, V a. t» overhaul, — les eoatunrt, to 
. '^jTis tht teanu tf a «A^*x wka^ deckt, or 
— _ 4m 

I • T, r a. Purer on Taisaeau, (m thifhbuilding) to 
•-- a ik^ — on cap, to vxather a cape^ to 
f -'"> a etipe. — un bane, 8tc. to give a good 
i ''\ ta a rock or barik ; to keep aloof fnmi it. 

— 'j3 caUe, to see a cafde rlear^ or to get a cable 
• 'z^'. j. — one ancre, to see an arifhor dairfvr 
» t-i? ?x Sc par«r, to grt ready or clear^ or to 
f. 'i>7'f/9r any thing. Etru panr, to fje ready ^ 
( I', or prepared for any tfung. Rire \k dc- 
»3if. /'Hrf 0^ before! an ordtr given by tlie 
'■y-r^^n. Nag« qui est paTv! piUl with the 
^-'. that an thipptd. Pan- k vii^er! tee all 
' ■—• f9 g9 eboui '. or ready cAout I 

~ ' - ;'u-da, St p. Par^-piedi do lour et dci cuisine), 

'^^ ottered isitn tin, wlurh atepiacefl below 

■ •'. -n-ria and fre-tilacet in shipt^ to keep the cin- 

Tif-^m the deck 

r_- U.J, m. smoking and fumigating ^ goods and 

'^, ifi a ship perfm-nnng quarantine 
1 1 -r im vaittcan, v a. to stnoke a jrhib and 

- ^v hrr TsUii vinegear, ixc. beticcni drrks, in 
" ' .- lotarifj her^ and expel tlie ptUriJieft air ; 
a v.. fo fumigau a ship or her goods^ or the crcio^ 
i - performing quarantine 

' • ririitaire, a. m. cartel^a cartel »hip 
■ ^'u t, m. an indosure in ^meral. -»■ pour let 
"'■\y i'Kks far keeping titnber iwiicr u^fT. — 
J U «ileu, shot locker, placed afute the ivcU, in 
i vn h Jthips of tear. Varqiifts. or caistoni de 
I p- K'lddjurcr efboardt or planks^ xv herein they 
^ ;j 'V baiUtjtfar ships in a dork-yard 

i ■ /. Ktre k la part, a manner of trnrrmg in 

MrdfUrranean, by tsldrh all the slup't rsm- 

/ .y hire a certain sfimr in tlie profit. Cel 

' . lij^agi: est & la pait, this trcw is to have a 

^ -: r-(', /. the time and act of sailing or depart- 

• - ijy^m apiarc Coup de canon <fc partiuice, 
" ' a/ runfw sailing. Baniiict% df jnrunce, 

.'-c< th^ayed fur sailing. Si'^iml dc imr- 

U'\r'\ nsi-^nnl fur scrfing $atL, or a sij^uat ofriny 

•^ ^' I'or af>^xt to '^ct undii fur fkpaitinf.^. Ktr« 

'- (--drtaoce, to be ready fjr ifiilug. Fitiiv uiie 

» .. partauce or uu bj apjiareillag**, /o set sail 

•1 /i^tr iceat/^er. Point dt- pnitance, r/w 

' .-- /;-«m vficme a ghip takes fter departurct or 

o iight of the land 

•' /r.. a strait or narrow channel^ as: — df 

* Ja s. rAc straitx of Dorcr. Vat mu vent, or 
' \mi pasauviut! («n order to Utc hclnu- 

■■' :) m near, or near f 

_ i<i-, m. pftssfige. Payt* son passage, <«/«iy 

V i^if^t postage 
^ ■ '?« r5, m j&. the passengers tfa ship 
' * '^ f. the fair axiy though a chaunel, or ttf fAf 

' .' ''awr «/'fl harbour 
P-*-»»sDU, m ^. gnng^tvay^ to conimunicsUe 

i: :,\ Ur qtiortrr-tferk to the forecastle 
1 „w-.p,,rt, m. or Cwngt* dc* biktuucut inaicliand, 
, / •'• <ir pa^iport 

' v.-iuiajit, iw. a false muster on the s/up^s 
_ ' '->rf, or a fkj^t 
'-'-<• lii%/. a /«rf ©/■ fender OT guard ve^frel, on 

^<:rd ^ which a guard is congtantty kept in a 

r-ja I harbour. Une patache d*avis, an advice- 

^' .IT i-tifT, drii^ icith a cau'kJng-iron 
'^k>u, m. the mailer, qt commander «f a mcr- 
VOU 111. 

r/mnt ship or botu, in the dialect ofProvemte mnd 

Lan^itedoc. — dt* ciialoupe. cocrsi^riin or 
foarw, or master of the Ivn^iioat of a ship of 
tear* — d«' canot, axksnxun^ ctjcen, or master 
eft he pinnace 
FaUi-«, A p. Paters d'ane nncre, the fukes of eau 
' anchor. — de boiilint*. btidies of the bowlines. 

— dc votl'S, the tfMrtii of the Toih, at the edges 
or bolt ropes. — d'»uiip«. cts, claws tfa gunner' % 

I\ivillon, m.ftng^ nlw, a general name for colours. 

— Uanc, Jlrig of truce. — de chaloupt-, fag 
carried in a Tcr\;e or long botxt, when a jruferKfr 
officer is aboard. — d»^ covaIax, signal J or en- 
gagement. — de conscU, signal Jur a general 
connr'd. — de poupc, cntigi. — dt- bea^i- 
pr^, jack, — Tituirc, the colours cf a neutrat 
nation. — national, colours or fag cf any na 
tion. — HoUandaiif Dut^h colours. Pavilions 
dc si^^naux, eitr-gnr and flags ofdiff'e rent colsmrs 

forstgnaU. I'Hvillon dc coiuuiamltin^'Mt, (Jag, 

— amiral, admiral-Jfag. a fag displayed fr(rra 
the fkig-^Xajf at the heed of tlic nvun vuist, atirt- 
butctt otily to the hi^lt-cdniiral of Fifirue. ■^ 
vict^mimi, affig linpioijcH from rht foic mast 
head. — de licuunain general, a fr.g di-ipia/ed 

from the niixen tna.-t. — en heme, the rar/fu 
with a waft. — parleinentaire, a flag of truce. 
M6t or baton d<' pavilion, ensign-striff, orfofi- 

* stnjf. Mtrttn- pi'.villon hni, to siTike th<\/lcig. 
Auwner le pavilion, to strike ihejlug or colours. 
Eire soul un tel pl.1^i^on, to be uudrr such a or roinmfim.'':::g officer. Hisst r Ic pa\iilon, 
to fioist or display I 'i'' fog, or coiours. Salutr 
du pavilion, (o stiikc the coioiirc {hy -nay of ju 

Pauiuelle,7^ c sti/!-maker^s pdm, — de condicr, 

Pavois, m. tne •unl'f-rlofhT, and in ^atrral, all cr- 
fianunfal rtu/is .la-iiig /oaV. tfrat cud -ova' tlte 
raih <fa .^/ 'p. 'f/:r I ,'y-;^ /i 'unt^ thctu rAi.c -.luh 
yelloiv fiQacr-fle-tucCi ; the EngUfh iffir t/u.iH if 
f(db< ir. — de hunr, iift-Kirmour 

Pavois.n- un var^ioau, t' a. to di\-ix n .vf;/>, or tp 
ador'i licr icith a hk miter ofJl'H(f,fJ'r.d(..}^.r,<i)C. 
wiiiih (irc (h'.plnifitl from diX'crfr.f/ifirtf cj ifte 
nia^-ts, ucrds^nnd '•'>,:; ■■•ia' on «_/t. /•• i'- .'•'■'. y; ai- 
to, fa pw iih'ond a so p't ■tci.i3t-<!o:h.u O i'. 

• Ptxlniciic. /! r/y ■;'.» etchers of a roii.--^ult<u 
Pt-c-j>r!<"^r^ or FiL^juliere. /. a house i.r xhtduhcre 

thfij r.iilt 'ind he<ii pitxh and tar for cciul'an)^ uud 
prr^ling vv>'.v hottu'iis, Cirr. in n dork-uaid ; al- 
so,' rt b',nl }u: nuU'<l n'lth a furnitce (.nd a kftl'; 
iv/urh vmy be i.'jfttdfioni place to place jijr ttye 
same piirj/o x 

Pi ij^ii', w. \uith ropf^rcjikf rr) hatchclls 

Pi ii^iier, r a. P< iijiu r k- cl-ainTc, to hafrhel the 
itciiip. — un tt 1. 8ii*. to ironr. a j.'w, ci'r. 

PclicHji. m. an iron dog, to steady ami hold fatl 
/>.T t-y ffv-ood 

Pellf truvii-on,/. fhr blade or wavh of an car 

Ptndtui"!!, mp, prmlants, — tle^ gramU (italans, 
main tut kte /lendnuts. -- dcs palanquins. F. 
Palanquins-. — ties faux hauiwu*. tiw pendant^r 
tfthe preveu'cr shrouds. — de bins, the t,racc-> 
peudrn's <f tbx yard^trms^ not ujttd in trcrti:h 
ships of war 

Pejine. /". Pennc d'uneanitnno or Terpuc lat'n*, 
the prrk of a lateen yard, Peuuc w, also, u kin J 
of fop-sail (in a galley) 

Penn s. /"/». roaise ghdvp's skins with the xvocl oo, 
out II f which mops are nmdi\ 6'c. 

Penon, »«. a dog-imiie 

Pcnte de tente,yi sides of on nwr.iug 

Pentitfe,/. Penture de laliordB, thegoo^ings qftftf 



[ 38 ] 


pon-hdi. PcntnwB c!e peiit.i mhorJf, •r i>f«- 
lun*^ tn fcT a ciu>>al, scuttle hinges 

Proito, ^. a round vestel very niwh used in tJie 
guff Iff Vrnkc ; a light nimUe Venetian vettel 
Uj/ti/at tm adduce boot 

Pf rceiiw, m />. tite nrtifrers that here the holet/vr 
the treetmUy boUa^ and all the iran-work m a 

Perdre la u-we dc viie, v a. & n. to fay the land, 
to have the land laid. La mar^ pcnl, the tide 

Si* perdrp, v r.t»he ctut mwry, ts be lost or vrreek' 
mL Nous iious pcrdlmts sur l< s cAtes At Brtr' 
tjic;ii<:, ive tcere east away an the C9atf of Brit- 
tany r 

Perroquets. m p. the top-gal lani-sailf. Mits de 
pemxiuet, the top-gallant masts. Mut do cnubd 
perroquet, main tcp^llant mast. Grand ptr^ 
rooiiet, •r voile de gpraml pt-rroquet, main tep- 
gaflant^sail. Grand perroquel voknt, niahi 
top-gallant royal^aU. Petit peiroquet volant, 
fore tap-gallant rmjal taU. J a voile clu ptTToqiict, 
the top-sail. Amt* ner les iHTroout't*, to striAr, 
or loieer the top-f;allanf-sai/s» Porter les per^ 
roquets haut«, to have the top-gaUant-sails hoist- 
ed. Perroqnet de foueue. or perroqnet d*arti- 
mon, the mixen ttp-saii. Mat de perroquel de 
fougue, the mizcn top matt. Temp* a per- 
roquet,^«r gallant treather 

Pemiche,/. ndzen top-gal lant-saiU M4t de Mi 
perrudie. mixen top-galkmt ntast, Verpie de 
fa perruche, mixen topgallant yard 

• PertegTies or Pertegnette*, /' *. ttoo rails ex- 
tendhig aloft ^ cfver the sides of the eanopy or potp 
of a galley\ to support the tnvning 

• Penuis, m. a dam. or narrow channel t as, per- 
tuis dWntioche, &e. 

Pertuisanien, m p. a sort tf soldiers employed to 
guard the galley-staves in the dock-yards 

Peaer, v n. Pe»rr sur une roanopuvTCi to hang 
upon, or haul dcnvmcard on any rof^ wer head 

Pitiicht Tie, /. preparationfor the codfisliery 

Pbate, m. •r Tour 4 feu, a light-house w» the sea 

A Dible, arl, Ex. Mit A pible, pole mast. M&te 
a pihlo^ pole-moHed 

Pic, m. (a sort of yard) mff 

Pied, m. Pied de raAt, i»ed of a nuut. Pied^roH, 
« staivh'on^ or any piece qjrieood or timber which 
is upright or an-cnd. Pied niarin, sea legs^ or 
sea shots. Avoir le pied marin, to have sea legs 
{said of a nwn re hot reads firniiy at sea, as being 
accustomed to if) 

Piece, /. Pi^ce de cordage, a piece of cordage. 
Pieces k I'eau, the water coiks. Pi^e de qua- 
tre, ar tonoeau, a tun. — de troia, a pipe. — 
<ie deux, or demi-Coxuie, a half tun. — de boii, 
a piece of timber. — dn coustruction, apiece of 
timber JU for ship-buHding. — de tour, apiece 
of timber very crooked^ and fit to be sawed into 
planks fur the Itarpings. — de quille, a piece tf 
ketl^ or a strait fu piece of timber fit for a ship * 
ketL — d'artillt ne, a piice ofordnhnce 

Pierrier, m. a pedrero, irr/re/^M, or tnujll cannon 

Plater, V a. Pitter l^lrave et IV tauibonl, to mark 
the eiem and stern-post with fin, in order to 
know the s/up*s draught of %ixiter afore and 

• Kgo»j or Pieou.m. a icooden etrndlestick 
Pilotacfe, m. the art and art of navigating^ eon- 

'diicting, or steering a ship. Officiers tuariniera 
de piluiagv, t/tcseare the tcarrant and inferior 
officers in a ship of wcr, vhose employnumt re- 
lates only to the ship^s nerr^gatiotif eomprehend- 
mg the pilot and his nmm 

PiloTe, m. PSIote dHlb vai«9«ata, ar ^HoU hau 

rier, a sea pilots or the conductor of a j- 

course in the main sea by the art of navitx'. 

awl celestial observations ; such anem/no^^ c 

is not known in English shifts, tihrrt st.r 

dtay is performed by the t^Hcers. and in pa/ r. 

larby the mate. — bwnaneur, a coasting, ^~ 

bm/r, or rii^er pilot 
Piloter un \-ut«(&u, v a. to pilot a ship into or < 

of a harbour or river 
Pinasse, f. a sort of small resstf^ or sjotp 
Pinceau, m. or Broste ak goudronuer, c t 

Pince,/ Levier de fer, crow 
Pincer le vent, v a, to ply or turn to wiruhrcr 

or to haul the wind 
Ptnaue, /. pink (a sort of vessel nttvigttfed in • 

Mediterranean, with ftto masts and ttvo Isfr. 

sails, and a very small mizen) 
T'lfv,/. or Pi^ce dc trois, a pipe 
Pirate, m. or Forban, pirate, or jfia robber 
Pirater, v n. to rob at sea, to infest or occur the m 

at a pirate 
Pinterie, /'.piracy 
Pirogue,/. Onode out tf the singt trunk of a tr 

Pwton de pompe, w. upper box of a pump 
Pivot, m. Pivot de eabestaii, spindte of a capste; 

— ae bousaole, the brass centre-pin ^ a *.- 

• Placel, m. a shoal of rocks near the surface "f: 
water, and ofa great extnU 

Plafoml, m. Plafond d'un vameao, the fl»^ 
bottom &f a ship 

Plage,/, a sandy beach, a shalltm or ^fiat soc 
snore ivithout any capes or Itead4ands to f<ir 
road or bay wlwrein shipping may tvme v 
anchor. — do sable, a sloping sandy coasf. 
sandy beach. Vaineau jctf* »ur la plage, a 
stranded on a sandy roast, ar on the bearh 

Plain, fn, flat or shuil. AUer au plain, (o n. 

Plan, m. Plan d*un port, nde,&c. tlte picvu 
draught ofa harbour, &c. — d'un vai«sjomi; ' 
platu: of a ship, or (brought. — dVlevatict 
sheer-t£raught or plane of elevation. ' — lioriz' 
tal, horixontal plane. — vertical, or — 
projection, vertical plane 

Plancnc,/ Planche k d^barquer, gong-iaarfl * 
boat. Planches de roulis, sit^toartis, b9rs-i 
put up at the sides tf beils to ttrccent a f)er-y->-'\ 
rolling Ota. — k feu, some deals w/uch e;.t n I 
the ship at her watet^inc, to prevent the f(r-'-''\ 
ft-oni rising higher up while the ship is hr<r.<\ 
ing. Jours de planclie, lay-days. * lira I 
planche, or lever la planche, a figun.-^ 
expression, signifying to depart from «'! 

rancher, m. a plat form. Phmdiers de b cn^'l 
platforms ^the hold. Planchcr dc la soutc m 
poudres, platform «/" the magazine. — di t 
tbtte aux cables, platform for the cables. — ^^\ 
raalades, the ccck-pit 

Plan^on, m. plank timber 

Plane, a. f. Carte ]>Iaue, pltdn chart, ^*a^^!:g 
tion plane or action dc na.vigtter rar la coi^l 
plane, plain saibng 

Plat, m. Plat de nuttelots, nnets of seven sden 
who eat taecffter. — de lualades, the sick rM 

— or pt^ffe des avirons, blade or nyir/i »/ ' j 
oarsi — de la ^nrangue, the flat or Aorus'''' 
part oftheftoor-tlndiers, VaisMau k Ibnd iM 
or va»seau qui a beaucoup 4e pUit, a ship t- 1 
a Jtof bottom or floer 


39 ] 


a.'i^rd^ or toeathcr-bwrd. lisscs dc plat- 
ri. ffrfff rctU. Aroir or luettre le plai-bord 
! -aa. (9 fun^ §runnri In, or gunnel to {said 
' ! i or 6aof, that by rrmvding tail in a fresh 
--1 -rix te much to mtc tide at to make the 
■ ■■I touch the turface ^ the wafer) 
irxL- d'affiit,,^ cap^uarc^ or clamp of a 

if'.yjd^ IVptTon, /! pia'form or ^ratinq 
1 'V raib of the head. ri.iUMorii»t i, « .- 
'^■' p/^ twA- plnnk3 [fornnn^ a ftarr aC thr 
'■cr r he tide 'if a tvj,tr* oj war ^xl herein the 
- ' -i*^ ?n f/if'ir porti) 
■'•■- s^. cr a. Porter plciii, to krep the tails 

• Pr-> ct plcin! (vrder to tin lielimman) 

- ^^ik.m.friKe of a eahlr or Jd^ roiled up. 

• is^ or filtr uu pli Ue cibU-, to vrrr auay 

■ ■ " hed or /<«' dons. Vauscau qirt plic, 

• ',-' ''«? Att/^ or raie^njt 

f'l- ''ii" Ao/r /rm/ rnr pt/t betirrrn the bottom 
'^i' a ifiip end the ihcathiugj to praerLe 
'^••"im fr«n: worms 
;> r, X a. r« af'/jUj the shreuhlng-hair to a slap's 

■'■ r, '. c. tr n. io durk or i>iinicrse au[> fhhi^ 

'■'* tiUcr; also, tb plur.i^c or f/<;f t7i:o //tf 

'"■• Le canon i)lon;;'c, ^'(^? e^vtircsaa that 

■'' :<n: are pcinltd t»o faw, and that the sM't 

- ■■ ■mliTsea 

" 'Jrvw. dvcrs 
• «le pilote, TO p, Jcciher'VoneTi or dog- 

1- rji. Point, tJiayV tcorA-, or fAi? ^fp'? p/cr.? 

• pricked m a nmitical cluirt). Faire sou 
; h cnkida/e the day"* work of a ship, or to 

'■^tl^ ihif^s place on a nautical chart. Poin t 
'Y, ^'^i'^» fwe of astuL Contre-point, the 
"■''' rupe and morttm,' niade on the clue of a 
Hoint du vent, the ivr^her clue tfn sad 
-^?.. •;». prkkisig tbc thlp's place on a nuuti- 

' f- Poiote de icire. f<^re land, or point, nesc, 

■■-■ !'r^>i}mtt(ii'ii, — lie l"^pn-ruu, tl*e 'rjk of 

/ "- orriii'-ua/cr. — du com[rav a poiv* 

"' .'-a r^rfiptii. — du nonl, du bud, ti'ie 

'f i>}ufi} point. Viii'*stau <;ui vii-m avec 

' l" ilU' poiuU; du vent, a s/up chat comet gal- 

'. "• n. Pointer la earfe, tu prick the chart, 
' '^ ('Jfthe sh/p'x -.fork on tlir chnii^ fo point. 
~ ' '^iii'in, to fiike a' VI. to itircct or point a gun 
. '.-ycf. — ^ couUr bns, to point the guns 
' 'vsinkan eneniy''s ^hip. — ii dtmaitr, to 
' f'" ^unjt jro or to ducUtlc tliC mcjtt or rig- 

^rt. /: the balance of a sail 

f' ■ I- poincrc, a tort of ves*el tcith three ftole 

''I, '^phui'd moiftit in the Mcdiu rrnncnn 

■ '^'•■'ij also call polacre, *;; titosc parts, the 
■"■•^ orj/o ofafiilting boat 

1 aiiuranc*-, )'. ^inj tf imrtrmve 
y-'M-. rn. a mock /ortijtcdtion or battery^ vhere 
' ' J *uilors are trained to the exercises of gun- 

*■ /• Pommeii dc pavilion, trucks of the a> 

" '■^'■jrs. — df girourttc, acorns or trucks of 

, r'^'^'' ~ ^'^ flanmif. acorn* of a pendant 

- ; .■ ' "" ^r '*'*ca^', trucks of the parrels. — 
' '•'■'^■t, iriziiig irucks. — 9r boutons de tour- 

1',^"^' Rouses of the voyal or messenger, 
' '"'C d ciai, maiwr o/n stay 
' ) ' r. r n. re under-run the rnVet 

• ;h . ;. punf. A ia pompc ! puwp ship, ho ! 

Ikiljonl i la iwnnK ! ('/"^ order Jor ffic iarL')cr4 
ivatch to s/M-li the pniap) lar'tonrd to die pttinp, 
ho! l'oini)e<» rovalts. common punipt. Char- 

fvr or c-nKi'^"»'r lu iMHupf, to Jtifh the f>u)up. 
A jponipe est e ns^or^'. f. th pump is ch'niKni ur 
finf. Im. jMJinpe tsl t vi nlvi', th- pump biv<ci 
at Lei mi *pUt, or rcudtud nnscrx titrMr. AC- 
fr-iiicliir or rranchir J:i poiupr. to fire t.'n- ship, 
by di .charging more xvntcr with ffur piinip.% than 
is rarixfd hy tin- lenks. Klrc ;i line or a dt-iiv 
poiijjH.s. to have one or more pumps comtnutly 
empluuetl to free the ih'p. INnjjpt- .i chi.p iv:, 
(huin'ptimp. — dc raNaul du vahscau, fhr 
head pump, a lend or fjrats pump, xvliose p'pc 
gotf doicn aloisf^ the ship's stem oufunnh, anuis 
therepxcd for pumping icatrr out vfr.'ie si^n for 
several usrs. — pour luuiilk-s, asnudl hand 
pump used for ivatcr coik,. ur icine coiks, crt. 

— di* lut'V or tri>inj>»-, a ivnter ^puut 
I'ouipcr, V a. ^ n. topuutp f/ic rvatcrout of a ship 
Puiicti(,77i. the uctt. in the (an^unge of the Medi- 
terranean i nWitfic irettcrn ports and coasts of 
France and adjartnt countries, in (he same dm- 
lert, — or vcul d'out^t, the icest iviiul, in the 
same dialect 

PontiiUiiii. m p. a name given in ffte poi-tt of 
Vrcnte, ire. to the tcaiticn <d tiic wtitern ctmi 
of France 
Poiit, 7w. deck or orlop. — u cn'.liebovij or 4 traiilcs, 
• a .^ rating fleck. — k coi\!i s, tirtting to cover a 
sh'-p\i icnist* Premitr pjui, r/«c loner gun deck, 
S* tond pont, tite uftprr drck of a ship itith /ir* 
de'-ks ; or r/i^ midd'e deck of a ship -with three 
dfxki: Truisieme pci.L, the upper deck of a 
three decker. Eutn- p'»nt, beinren deck, Fhuk 
pout, spare deck, or orlop. Pont emier, a dii\ 
Jfuih fore and aft. — arqut-, a cmnteitd dccl . 

— coupe, a deck open in t/ic middle. — vobai, 
a hanging stage 

Pontc, a. decked, BAtimint ponir. a dc.kcd vet- 
id, or a vf iacl funu.Jtal uifh a dck. Pati- 
iiK ui noii poni^', an undeckai .>r r^ti. vcysei 

Poiiiou, ni.a porJoon for ■.arrei.iiig or dcuvirin-^ 
^h p~' ; -.u-M a ioit ofU^'/i'er. — icr-us.r. cr 
poiilon i"i rout* pour cruKer If loud uo l;i lucr, 
a large li^.'.rcr h...,It: .-..c ly i,- tnluut Lcairr^ 

Purmu s, /'y;. ri'krs. — ui-<u[tis. the uftcr most 
and fori 
Aiguillcltts di; piirtpu, upper fuitc-k uders 

Port, 7>i. port or harhuHr. — d« roi, a royal dock^ 
yard, such at the ports of Drcif, 'I'owvn, ami 
Rorhefort. — »r.p.rclaud, a hnrliour for iner- 
chant ships, or u trading trapoit toivn. ~ de 
barre, a harbour tvuh a ttar that can only be fms. 
sedat or twnr high iiater. — frHKc. af-et port 
town. — I'mTic, or — pcrniij, U .fKo said of a 
cer'ain number of tons permission nllcwed to 
tome Oj^cers or pcarngers m long I'oyngei: — 
d'un vaisseau, hurt hi n nf a thtp or tonnage. 
Avoir sou port franc sur jij vaiaseau,/© have u 
certain number of ions //ermisiion in a ship. 
Un Viiissi-ati du port do- sis cwnti toui.eaux, a 
ship six hundred tons bui-thcn 

VorUXiUp a. Portaut var UYrv,th'' part of the keel 
which it on a right line, or sonwtimer tlte extre- 
mity of it towardt tltc ttem, uiicre it brijns to V 
inrurvated. Loneucur de la quille portani sur 
ten-e, the length oj the keel in a right line, i >»•• 
gHt" portant 26 canons de 12, a frigate mounted 
Vfith 'z<S firelve pour.iirrt 9 

Porte, /. Porte » «!»• proce, liead doers. — d'uu 
basjiu, gales of a dock 

Poric lu^uliaus, «.' p, cl$axn'ivalet or cli^nn'h 

^) ./ J'' ' ''11 «- ~~ jiv«un'i-->. r.'u: u' ir' liiosc 
'ore moit riders. — dt iXm^S^iheJloor ric'tis, 
•d^hip rii.'crs. Aloni'yi dv poi «jnv i,fw:^ck 
jf. VAr;iJ»K-M«< d-; p.)rquf../:.//o'/.- r tiers. 


[ 40 ] 


•/■ hon 

Let sranc!* porte^mibani, the main chvi^walt*. 
I« 9 iKjne-i.aubtms tie misjine, the /ore chain- 
vtilci. Lt s purie-hauUuifl d'artiaMMk, the mbten 


Fort( •>( v^\iii./p. or hnta d« la poulaine, slender 
ra !t n a. hm;^ from rhr cat hefiniB t/x iifur of the 
Jfgure or (ton of' (he lirnil, ivlitcttme wort'y made 
■ ion ill tn'^'uh ifvfii^ and ait c(Ukd iron 
V. EjHTon 

F(jrL»-Yoix, m. a .ipcnkiv^ nunipst 

I'ortte, /. (k-t'/i jfun/M!' j) ranj^e. — de« canont, 
rn'ifie ^ cannon. — d«.i mortii.TSt rnnffr t^ 
mortars. — entu'n*, or louie vol^e, random 
shut. Em k p«jrtt-f tlu caiiou, to lir uuhtn sfiof, 
•r ni/.<n the jH-iht of tho'. Klre i^ dL'iui-|K»i-ie»; 
du cau«>n,ro lie toiiliin hufihot» A portft; du 
I'u^il. K ittun viW'ket shot. — i!u pi>ioU t, tvitlun 
ftitfot ihut. — dn- la vui\, wit hi n ficarinf^ 

Furti r, V a. iy n. to stand or *trer. — au noi"d- 
out St, to stand to iltc north ■west. — en route, 
to stand omvartt upon the course. I.e vaiv 
■lau iK>ilo A six a.n de vent, the //.'/> iics 
•nif.'iin *»a /lomfs 0/ the winrL Iaa \oiU< Jior- 
u III, the sfit'.s are full. Fairt* porlt r. to fU the 
jtnih. FuU i>orttr ! or |KH-le pleii) i (on or- 
dcr to the hclmmtati) krtft /urJuJ.' or tio nerir.' 
I'oiter la voile, to carry the sail itijjij.. yaid of a 
Ah'pnhich rarrics a fjuantity of sail in a hard 
■iviiitL, ivi'hout di.tij^er tf axtcrtxirniiig, or without 
heeiinji mvch. Yaiiia^au qui portL* bleu Ih vuile, 
n shfp tihirh carries her sail ifcry itiff. Ce 
Tn'meau porte la voile comme un roclier, that 
»hy rturies her sail as stiff as a chuirh. Porter, 
(u/'Vi gunneri) to carry. Vaitsi'au qui ne peut 
pas porter toute son artiUerie, a ship bum on 
suth bad prim ipfes, ns not to be abie to carry tJie 
ordnance the ivas first desl^^ned for. Ce *-ai»- 
««.au porte du 36 A la battene basse, that shib 
carries thirty-six potwders on her lower ileck. 
C« itf fr^pate jiorte 28 canons de 12, thisfrigrste 
is rnotmfcd xctth or curries 33 ttpeive pounders. 
Irf- canon ne porte paa. the shot falls short. Le 
i ;ii:nn |K)rte, the shotfhlts aboard 

Portugnise, /. lashing and crossing ^ the kcad^ 

FoiiJ. nu birth, — de« chintrgirtw, the svrj^eon's 
bivih. Povt't de coinliat, quarters. Posit <lcs 
nialadef. cork-pit, — d'un vaisseau, (/« naval 
tailus) station of a sftip^ in a fleet. Vaissean 
4}ui a qiiitt''- wn jMnte.fl *A^ which has abandon* 
cd tKr tia/ion. Vaisseau qui rejoint son poste, 
a yhip crowding to hei- station 

FiMiiIion, ni. ail exprcuboat 

Pui-i^.linil. m. a pitch pot 

PuU'Uce,/. ga'lows bitf. — de pompe, the ful- 
crum o/n common pump 

Poudrier, m. half hour vatrh glass 

Puuljune,/. the' head of a ship. Pbncher de la 
poulaine, the greetings of the head. Omenicn* 
d« la pottlaine, the mouldings or cartxd work of 
t fie head 

Pouti«',7'. block. PartifS d'unc poulie.fAr/wrrtj of 
a block : Le cori>s de la i»oulii*, f/ir .Jirll ; I-a 
goi^ure or rainurt', the nutch ; Ia: votwt, the 
sheave ; L'essicu, the pin. Pi>ulie siinplp, rijh 
gle block, — siiupk" estrop^ A tbuet, or pouHe 
a fbuet, a tail b'ock. — snupic A civc, a single 
blocks with a hook. — d«iubl»; do palun, a long 
Tackle block. — double A canon, a double block, 
of the smaller sort^ such at are employeti in the 
j^un tackle*^ cirr. Ponlios dc calionu" k irois 
rouetA, winding tackle Mocks furnished with 
thvee sheaves. — de calionie k deux rouet% 
winding tttcklr blocks with two sheai'es. — de 
ch-ina a trala touvt^^the main gear blotks with 

three shenes. — de bout 4e v«SM, top* 
sheet blocks Jtxed on the tower yard arms ; fai 
also to cotOain the Joteer U/ls, actwding tt 1, 

blocks — de sou»-ver^e, a duetine bimk. 

tYetKh practice. Poulie de guiodtrtML, • 
block* — de sous-verfTue, a duetine biock. -I 
tourniquet, an iron^totmd block with a r.; -i 
hook. — de balanrine, a lift b'ock. — < 
capon, a cat Ulock. PuuIks plates, puur ttu^ 
et ictfs des iuAu, tie blaacs, — d'ita^ui 
routrU de fonte, laige leading blocks ni'h i^d 
shcai-es^ made use of in the dock-t^ i 
car^ne, lareening bocks. PouB^" d^'elai i o'J 
tre roueis a block loith four sheaves ftr . 
nunn stay. — de ntour, a quarter b-OL-k. 
dc retour poiur la ealiome du {p:and uiirt. .'| 
quarter block for tJit main Vfintitttf; tacKlf. 
couple, or k dents, a snatch block. Pualtti i 
dmsc des voik < latincs, the gear blocks n\ L h 
vetstU, Poulii: de haulian d<.-s galeivv 
b'oeksfor t/ie iauitrds of the shrouds «^f Rolfk 
Rutcau en puulie, a rack 

Potilifrie,/. or atelier des pouUeurs, the 1*^ 
where blocks are made 

Poulicur', m p. block nuJsers 

Poupe. /: lite stem of a shtp- BAtiinent 4 p."- 1 
quame, a :njttwe-\tefncil veste!, Hitiii-''t 
poujie eii-uite, a lutc^terncd vesset. \ti.i i| 
poujte, stem winii^ wind right aft. Melin I 
vent en |>oupe, to bear aroau bdTore the xroi 
Mouiller en |K>upe, to moor bu the stem, to ^< 
oiu an finchor astern. Avoir le rent tn i»owii 
to go bcfoi-c tfte wind i 

Vnme, f. a sort of pram or Ughttri also, in .'I 
novyy a kind ^ shop qf-war mtuntetl with tu-d 
ty or more pounders 

Pratique, a. Etre pratique d^nn ttea, ta &p o !;y. 
pilot fvr a certain place^ to be acqmainted mi'i ' 
bearings and soundings^ settings ^thte tides, cl 
of any particular shore 

Pratiqaer, commvniquer, to have free ri 
tercvurse with the inhaboants of a eotmtry. ah 
having performed qwuraniUiu^ ot otherwise Aai 
ing ootaineil leave 

Pr^cciniea, / /). wales, Pr^eeinte batse, *» 
lotde. — de vibunl, sheer rmL Seeondc « 
trulsicine pr»''ceinte,cAa;</W iwrfp, which is i ? 
rntetl in nvo. in French ships iff war 

Pn^lart, m. tar^tawling 

I*rendn.s v tJ. Prendre tcrte, to Umd^toget oshs^ 
— le vent, to sail near the wind. — wni «i< 
%-ant, to be taken with the wind abend. — I 
haute nier or le large, to fall into the morn, 
bear or stand off 

Pn ueur, m. Vaissvan pnneur, the captor. 

Prc^s, ad, Pr^$ du vent, or au plus pit^s du %cni 
dote hauled. — et plein ! f(dt and by .' i< 
order to tlx steersman to keep the tlu/t close ft t 
wind without shaking or sltivefing the saiU) 

Ptv scnler au vent, v h. to srem the wind. — a 
lainc, to stem tht sea. — le travers, to brir?. ' 
broaiLside to l>enr on any oUect, — la f5T>«''' 
bouline, to snnlch the main borrline, hrput it 1 
to the snatch block. — nn borda(;v« une aU":- 
or telle auipp pi^oe de bois, to ^cr a plan'-.. 
fiiUock. or any piece of timber to the place j 
which it is intcndedy to see xchether k^s 

Pretwr, r a. to press^ to censtrain into a small r*? 
pass in stowage {as cotton^ wao^ &c,)s to pic 

VrliiiV le ctfte, v< range abretui •fa th-p 
order to giite her a brontlnde 

Prevdt, m. PrevAt d'fquipage, ar roarinier, t' 
swabber of a ship^ xofto aiso chastises the cr>'' 
vols ; tfus last part of his duty is performcx! 
Engrtsh ships by (he boatsutun, - de I* a. 

QUA I 4 

- .r duty ruembk* that «/* the judge aOoteate 
• V HflMri nurt* martial in England 

i ul.s. GuprtrdtaJ, liny erhnt or trespas* 
? j/fldrr tAr prwtt martial'* authority ^ or 
u fi f Ac tsCTjr ^ ku jurudktmu V, Pr^Tdt 
- a marine 

' v./ the charge tftht finmoat martial ; fli- 
" ' I'iace vhere he keep* hit eutixer 
yi jsiunuiee, /I the premium tf insurance 
; • fo r4r nuurere by the merebanifor insuring 

' priix. fart defnact prize numey, Ama- 

. • r •istftne, u man a prize 
' •i'o'.t Taisteau jfrofonti^^ a ship that dtateg 
I • -aso-for taieej a targe vohnne oftoater f 

" •' ■ 'rr 

Trr m nineao, va^taUof a ship atong^de 

A. d. a /tarflruZor wrt of bont natigafed at 
Mcrscu islands, and desei'ibcd in Imd An- 
I vi-fTge; Qjiijing beat 
' /. iiT pr^na or beak ; alvo //«r Aforf or fore 
■ ' ^'>: siap 

^ ! a-tuine, m. a eerttdn number •/ those are in 
'■ .« />«rff chosen aniang the nwst ancient 
- 'fJ'UttAle ^/lemten^tohave an authority 

- ■: fj thef^Hrtnen^ and keepgood otder among 

' V e. flesdc. to make voter at sea, — par 
^ ^^t9sfapsmo 
"1. •r fosic, tur nil fbnti, a pit or tcell on a 

". grtoi depth of the sett on a level bottom 

\ 1 



* ? '1'. r. Kharf. Mattrc dhin qiiai, or ^^ardion 
'» qi! ti, -lehnrfinger. Droit dc quai, or quaj • 

■ Uiiiie, r quarantine. Prendre qnaran- 
' . f9 take date in onler toprrform quaran- 

% r f« 6qr£n quarcntine. P'aire quaniaiuine, 

pri-.rm quarantine 
■~ liicriitT, m. a r«/>e <»/* /A<r jf** o/" the ratling 

• - — 4 airinze nl*, a doiizc fifi, i lu-uf fils, 
ff'vn thread, twelve thread. 

'f. ire. 

', or nine thread 

• "'. the naval square, — (vilh rope ma- 

^Hge in a rope yard 

- ' '^:. WW wefrh. — de babord, the Inrhoard 

" - -de trihord, the starboard tvatch. Fuin- 

"1 iw. ^ ttre dc quart, to kftp the watch, to 

' .'<*n the tvatrh. Kelevcr le quart, to icf the 

''■'•'■^- HoUe dca qnarti^ v/atrh MH. Oflici r 

'-'■ S'Srt, the ^cer tcho contmauds the xiatrh. 

V^-rt dti jour, *r de la dianc, f Ar dcn;-fyrcf:k 

' ^'- ^^^^rt d»* nuiu nre/i/ tvatch. Faio* b«n 

' f^. fo ke^ a good look out. Au quart! au 

' ^^ ! ihevaich! hoay ! Bon quart 1 aWs 

'• lion quart d'avanl I lookout nfure there ! 

'r-.ri au quart! the manner of calling the 

•> -; f8 rc/i^; «, the starboard watch May .' 

H in de vent, a point of (he compass 

I r, m. Quartier Anglais, quartUr dc Da- 
" -or qtiart de nonnnle, qvadrant or Davies's 
-':n:u?. — tie r«'-ducuou , a tiiiical qvadrant 
' "/ '.y 'he French pilots^ in working their day^s 
■- ■■■'<: J . /* discover the ship's place. — spht rique, 
' •.''Ttral ouadrant. — nnUre, yuartrr-nias' 
f"' Vent de qaartitr, a large or quartering 
'-■ • ^1. Pieces de quarUer, harpings. qnartur 
«*^ tiawes, a part of Fruttce ^ihe mond rau, 

cohere an ^Jleer i* eatahUshed for the tSsaipHne 
of sailors, andfur maintaining the laws of ntivi- 
gtttion, ike. under t/ie q'talfy of sous coiuunt- 
aaire de la rmtriue et dti classes 

Quenouiltette, /. C^tmiouilkttea de trt-Iingra^, 
foot-hook staff. — delapoupe, siem timbers ^ 
taffarel timdcrs 

• Qu^rats, m p. these are, in the MetBterranean 
trade, a certain number of shares info -which the 
property of a ship is divided betweai its owners^ 
master. &c. 

Quete, /. Qu^tc dc I'ttambord, ra*c of the .rterm 
post. — de la jpoupe^ rakeofthestan, oriength 
of the rake abnjlt 

Qutue dc rai, / pointing. Grtlin en qitcuc de 
nu a pointed rope. Queue d'hlrondr,/. Asj.cni- 
hluge en queue d'hironde, a nvaUou--fail starj 

Quilir, /. keei, Faussf qnillc, fu'ie keel (ifldom 
used in Frenrh ships.) Coiiuv quUle, stew tot:. 
F.carts de la quille, the scarfs of thck^el. Dou- 
blagedela quill>",^/k sheottjUK nfthekeel. Hau- 
teur de la quille, tUpfb of the keel, Largeui- dt 
la quille, thickness if tfte keel 

Quiu^onncau, m. t^et 

A quite, the state ofthe rmchor when it is hrve out 
of the ground in a perpendicular direction 


RABANS, mh. a general name for ear'riji;;': gns- 
kets, rope oaruis, and knUtles. — de tiv iu^e. 
furling lines, or rope band:/. — d'a vuste, iort tf 
braided kiiittles. — de tciitre, ear-rings. — dV 
pouiture, or garceitrs de ris, the reej ear-rwus 
of a saiL — de pax illoii, the rope bands of a 
flag or ensign. — de sahordi, port ropes, or 
smtdl na>es Msfierl to the inner rings of the port 
lids, to help funding them doicn, to shut them 

Rabattues./*. (in shipJuiiUling) hances, or falls of 
the rails from the stern to the gangways, and 
from f hr forecast le to the gangivays 

Rabies, (/n shipMiilding) tltr.Jloor tindters of a boat 

RaWure,yi the rab'nt. or channel cut in the krel, 
stem^ and stern post, to receive tfie edget of tlie 
gnrboard streaks, and the ends of the p/anks a- 
fore and abaft. — delVtambord, the rail/it of t lie 

stem pott. — de I'einwe, the raM)it of the stew. 

— del a quille, the rabbit ofihehecL — dela 
Hsse d'liounli, tite rabbit of tlie mrn^f transom 

Racac^e, m. parrel (with ribs and trurks). Grand 
racaije, Mr main parrel, or parrel of the main 
yard. Kitciijjc de inisaiue, the fore parrel, or 
parrel of the fore yard. — du i^Tiuid luuiier, 
thfrna'.n top parrel, or par rei of the main t'tp- 
sail yard. — k rAiijE^laise, truis j.nrrel. — dc 
galore, the parrel of a latent yard, which has no 
ribji. llaiap:''* dcs ptm;<nu ii, the mam to/t- 
gallant parrels, or parreL, of the main to/t-gal- 
Icut-sait yards. Big;ots de nunjL;:*^ ribs of a pnv- 
rrl. Poiiuiies de i-acnpe, trucks of a panel. 
Buuinl de ^caj^e, pan el rope. Drosse de m- 
caji^e. parrel truss. Pnlan de drosse, or drosae 
de raca^ d'artimun, the mizen parrel trass 

Haeambeau, in. a traveller, or slender iron ring 
which sometimes encircles tlic mast of a Utit^- 
boat, serving as a parrel to the yard or gnjf. 

— du v;mud foe, or cercle pour aniurer la 
prand foe, the jib iron 

Racle,n7. or grattc^. a scraper usedtoelean a ship** 
side, deck, drc — double, a mo edf-ed, or dw- 
bie scraper, or a doubk-headed srrafier. GtMud 
rftcle. a larf^e gcraper used to clean the ihip'i bet- 
torn under voter 

D 2 


t *2 ] 


Ra(]«, f, rmloT nad^ttod. — ftniae, on a^en 
nnd. Grande nide, great rmd. Petite wde, 
little read. VaiMcaa en nde, e reader, AUer 
en nde, te ge inte the read 

Karleftu, m. a ro/^. -^ de raAti, ra/t. — dc bois 
de conitTUction, Jl*at or rqff, Badeatux m* ru 
de CMT^ne^ punts or floating ttagee 

lUdier, m. apren in the dock, 

Rader, va.h'n.te arrive in a read, — on Tais- 
•eaa, le mettre en rade, te bring a *h^ ifUe a 
ronri. te ancher in a read 

SadoQb, m. rtptdr^ the refitting ^ a thip. Doii- 
ner le ndoub A an vaineau, te rtfit a ekip, 
VaisBeau en nuioub, a ship repairing 

Hofloaber, va.te %'<Jk^ te repair, Hfeemng meifly 
ef a thlji's timbers andptanke^ crr. Sc radou- 
brr, fe repair the ehip''t hull 

Radoubcur, m. caulker 

Maf, m. high rough tide 

lUffiilea,/^. euUden and violent equalls ofvfind 

Ratyatchir^ v a, RaAnlchir ie canon, to coei the 
guns, which censiitft in wetting the cannon f in- 
tide and eutsirie with cold water by meant ef a 
epunge anrl a rtpob, whm the guns are heated 
with succes the firing ; which practice is forbid- 
den tnf the statutes w" the EngHjh nnvy^ as hav- 
inq been the cause of splitting tnntvj /funs 

RafrutchisscmtiH, rij>. a suf^ly of fresh brew- 
eion-t ; also the cltmce previsions given te the sick 

Se raKT^-cr.r r. fe refit 

Rxil^u^*, n. rugged, mmnged, eut in piecet, chafed^ 
rubbed, gnUed ; in rags 

Rauonner, r n. (said of a vettet bearded by a boat 
sent to examine her papers) to give an account 
•fone't self. Raiionner ik la jmtacho, tk la elia- 
lonpe, to rentier an account of a voyage te a viiit- 
ing boat. Fairo raisoiuicv un nusiK-au, to oblige 
a ship to come near and fpeak 

Ralingrup, /. holt rape ; aL«». in the ropt-ynrdr, the 
name of the soit rf cordn^e laid stack for such 
use. Urn* pi'^L-e de ralUM^ue de six puuet-s vt 
de nuat«>nn^ bra««e«, a piece of rordage fit 
for bolt ropes, 6r. — de fow!,/o«^ r^ of a sail. 
— de chOtt-, Irech rttpe. — <le litiiVe, hend rope 
ef a saiU Metlre uiie roile en ralin^u**, to let 
Jhf tltc sheets of a sail, so ojt to nmke if fly loose 
totlte wind. Muts en ralinj^ie ! Uiff, or shake 
hei up in the witid ! let the sails touch I 

Ralins^i r, v tu to fly loose to the wisui (speaking 
of sniU) 

Ralincfiier, v a. Ralingiirr nne voil*-, or eouire 
let ralingiies A une roile, toseic the bo't voprt 
to a snil ; rIso to la fly the sheets of a sail loose 
to the vtnd 

Pft'lit r au vtnt, r »». to hard the wind ajinin, or 
hrivg a sftip to l.'tc wind, njler site brul ymeed 
te lensard. K;- rallier, to rally, or to regain 
a station. — h u n>', to opftroach t/ie land 

IUmhadt5.//>. twoplarforms in thtfurepartofa 
gfiUey ; being like ajotnastte / » 

Rarae,./: or ftTin»n, m. oar. 1^ Aviron. Lcre 
rame ! ttnihip the oars I * 

Hamcr, v n. to rmv, tyrpuU 

Rameur, w. a mirsr 

Rang, m. Haii^ dc« Taisvaux. rates of ships of 
rear. Premi r rnnT, first rate, iv/tiiJi compre- 
hends all ihips xcifh three deck,- fro n 90 guns 
vptoardr. Second ranff, second ratr^ from 74 
to 80 gunu Trti'.i^Mo ranjf, third rate, of 64 
gfint cr iherraboiits. C^twtri^nie rong, fourth 
rn^Cy of 50 guns, or so. Ciiiqui^me rari|f, ./?/W 
r(Tt^,^Llli^h coinpirhends oUfrigatet. Rnnjfile 
eft Me, ord'un cordage rou6, tier of the cable &c. 

Ranker, v a. Ranger la terre, «v«Dg«r la t4l«, 

to rmttj or rmtge miong die eomt or ohere. • 
▼ent, to elaw the wind, te haui date f the tr 
Le vent le range de iSirant, the wind hatslt 
ward, heada us, or takes ua ahead. Bju 
etretch along/ etap en here many hands ' 
irent sVit ntnge au notd-qoarvoonl-ctt, 
wind has veered to the north and by east. 
rent ae range k IHuri^re, the wind veer, aj 

Rapiauer, v n. Ri^qoer au vent, f o bring a 
to the wind (in mrder to haul the wind) 

Rappeler, v n. to grow out in oome direction. 
c4Ule rappelle A tribord or de tribord, the < 

frows out em the starboard bow, or to otarb*^ 
je eAUe nppelie droit. Me cekk otreuhcs 

Raque, /*. tnick ef the parrtle. — de hauh 
truck lathed to the shrouds. — encodi^, « 
g<^, truek encircled with o notch, hotiawed on 

Ras, m. Raa de mar^, o tide^fore or mor. Ix- 
dv» Saiuta. le ras de Portland, a race, or < 
gerous shoal, as the rate ofSainte nessr Brest 
the race of Fortlaiul en the English coast 

RaSf a. VaiMi-au nu, a tow straU-oheereii ^ 
Accastillagc ras, upper works etmit'^hee 
and with loiv diifts 

* Rati>, f. or Couroi. F. Couroi 

RaKT, V a. Raser un vaitteau, to cwt elooon a t 
or take off bart of her upper works^ as the /x 
ouarter-deck, and forecaotie, when they nir 
high. — ia eOie, /• coast aiong-, to kctp dot 
the shore 

RAu*au, m. or RAtciier du beaopre, the nori 
range of Mocks placed on each nde of th ; i 
moning ^fa shJp^s bowtprit. R&teHu «f n i».'U 
rntk. RAu*nux, ar ritelivrs 4 cbevilioti, i 
pie es of a windlass, or any rof^^e fixtd f^ 
shroufft, trc. in tvhiih belaijiiii^ fun* areji-rr 

Ration, f. t/te dtrily atloyranc'e of bn»d,ji'U': ./i 
wine, pulse, ire. di%tribiiiea to easJt'saiii- ' 
ship. It is nUo called in French ration dr U| 
— d'ol11cui>niannier, or itktion et dfi.iiv. | 
all<ttt?ance of the mechanical or warrant tf- 
ill the French Jfret. — simple, the euloaaa ' 
a romnwn tailor in the Frcn kfhet 

RavRk'iiient, m.fall, or sfepffitig dawnoftftr: i 
deck, which is donejhr the stihe ffa higher • i-j 
or fbrecnstle in small vessels 

Rebauder, v a. to carry over to the other tttie i 
thip. — k l*auae b<»d, U stand upon tijt f 

RelMrder, v a. to fall aboard or along oide^o il 
a second time 

Rt bouse,/. « starting boft 

Rrbut, m. Bois de rebiit, refused wood. 6f 'iC 
ten or defective. Canon de rebut, a rs/«:( ' 

Recei:*',/. B^iis de reeette^iwarf or thnhcr f' ' 
sei~ince. Marchauilifvs oe n^et-llr, f,»oi^ ' 
store J atlotved to be ,fi/ for service bit the ^'^" 
•/ the principal cfTi'-rrs of a doek>^aril 

Rt chaii^, m. a genera^ name for the tprrt •'•■i 
aitd ringing of a ^hip, which are in rtr^'^' 
su^y the place if ivhnt may be lost or "- " ' 
ReCbnngea du nnttre, the hoatnvains ' 
stores. MAtsd- huue ile rechanp'. '.^''^ ; 
masts. Barrt < e rediange, spttre tiiler. > *«' 
de Pechanjfo, spnrr stkls 

Rteif, TO. reef or ridge 

Ri'connaiisance,/. o $ea mark; ais» the ocf 
reconnoitring , 

Reeouiiattre, v a. Reeonnaiti« ttne trrrr."' 
connvitre the lend. — un >*i»«ea«^r» e/'f'-^ 
a ship In order to diecfver her 4mp-\ *^^'' 
what futimehel* 


[ 45 3 


Kf^f ourir, « fl. Iteeoorir let wmuw dNra tm** j 
•1*30, f rm ever the Mams tf o *Mfi, in caulk- ' 
irijf. — HOC m«naean«>, fee. t« under-run a 
•^ffOTcaUe. Faire reeourir r6eoute, fat boo- 
hae, fhaulintheaiaek of the lee taekmbtw 

' Ktcoiu, m. nprixe 

Hi^jiivTcT, V o. r« mB«r en, er Ami/ tfifo rA« thip 
T.^Tn tf AeD^# fiodk m f Ae wofrr or «tAf rvt«e> 
H.T«iTTe! TvtQ^in! fuaU aboard t 

F. n:! de ouKiD, m. «Ar reratf «/" a oann«n 

i<^-ix>ii»cr, » a. Rednr«»er un raisaeau qui a 4t6 
ibatia ea ear^e, to right a »hip _* 
hfci ,ninr ui vaiucatk, v a. t» rebtdkt, or t9 repair 

\r^ titrwghlfj 
^-?o.nv,/. a thormtgh repair 

HrtiihT b waive, v a. tr n, to Hem the tide in 
/f' »?, or to iml against tides <* ^>^- ^ "^~ 
rtv aibulr, ^ti* dt&fng nuOer, La mer refouJe, 
f/i' c<^f e66j, rAr water faUs 

«t:.tiicB, m. ^^ nastmier ff a contitfrt. — de 
*■ fui-, c ro/te rananer 

•^■■'r-Kttot^J: rf fraction 

«= --4111, IB, ro^f^ o/" eAc -wavesy continual tossing 
t't^. rfa ; tiie repeated tiastdng end breaking of 
iV .-rB agahut roiks, flfrr. 

^ r funchir, v r. to be freed by thepxtmps, Lc 

^ «^'UK«UBen^fraiiehi«, the ship get if reed 

■^ vr, w n. <0 Mvnf. Le vent ret\i«<r, <Ae ir/wf 
■'' -If*. VaiM<>au qui a ivflj«r dc viitr, n *A//> 
^^^A »Mtf<rf not came to the toind, or mould not 
.■f'^/, m tacking 

•vin>irt. m. Vanaeau de rcgistrc, a Spanish regis- 
tf hip 

• ' •- i l.e. / a karbMir. road, batj^ or any place ft 
'ifjui into ; the act. ^touching^ or calling at any 
^■'^; feJio, the stay a thip makes in a port, 
i-sE/. c^ fsr mfmr vemd. or fur supplies. Utider- 
J > /^ likewise of any port where s/aps can put in. 
K' u( avotij fiuc une relflche de quinze jours i 
^y>iwu:ia», ve staid vl Rio Jancirofjieen days. 
p Up de Bonne Espirauct- est uiiv bonne re- 
litiie poor Irs vaistcaux qui vont %hx Indi'S, 
r V Cnpc 0/ Good Ht^ic is a good place to get re- 
/'" hmeusfor the liulia tUipjt 

'»■ i u li r, p ft. to put into^ to stand in for a fiar- 
^ ' J" or a road, to sail back, to bear au^tiyfor, to 
f< -ntv a harbour under the lee. Faire relA- 
*^-" r. fo beet back. Un vaisseau ayant reUch^ 
• 1 1 cAtf, a ship putting in upvn a caa.i 

«»rnt du ponr, m. the sfuvr of a shfp^s 
" ' or the gradual rising ofthedeik afore and 


•^, r fl. Relerer one cAte, to draw a rirtv of 
f!(yiit. — une pouiit' de L rrc, un objct, un 
*-aiio au ar, e ia boussole, to $rt. — uji vai*. 
•-•Hi <|ui flail ^chou4 to bf-ini; as/dp aJloU 
^V^'r she had lain aground for si,nie time). — 

. I' ti'iirt, 10 set the wauh, or to spdl the uctch 

^*'^^vi,f.forTi'triif the order of Malta. Vnis- 
"aiA'. rfe la relsfjion, Maltese ships. Pa\-iUau 

, ^" U rpKcion, Maltese nUturt 

•ti-.! iiitr k dea voiei d^tau, to step or stcmch the 

Ki i- unpic,/. tawing. Cable de remorqae, a toxv 


«' worqucr. v a. or Donner la remorque, to taw a 

' ^if'. fu when ihe has been disab'ed nt sea 
ilt;.% uj, 01. dead u-m/r, or eddy (left fiehind a 

'^•;> s stern when advancinf^ under sail) 
tt*^; rpbcrment, m. lU-mplacexueni de rivix-f, 

<^f. ruppUj sfpraiisiofit, ^c. 
&I n-pn,sai!f, »J. any piece of timber emplot(ed to 

/'• "/» fl vaeonaj in ship-duiMng, Couplt* de 

f^^f^im^/iUing tiinheri 

Renanl, m. Renaad, (wkhpiiou) « f i WW ii g 6Mn<. 

•— k cfubarquer Imo bois, a dog, or a «m/-A«ofc 

Reneontrer, v n. {with pilots) a term in conding 
whUh exprcfses, to step the effect of the tillrr. 
Reskcontrv Tartivee ! verr no more, meet her t 
— Pattlof^ .' fi« nearer! 

RendezpTOtu, m. rendezvous, pUsce sf destination 

Rendrc le borf, v a, to east anchor, to drop an- 
chor, to come to an anchor in the port where the 
ship is to be discharged 

Renlorc^, a. Canon renforct, a reh^oreed gun 

Rentr^ /. tumbling heme ^ the top timierj, or 
housing in 

Renvcrsement, m. the shifting ^acmrgofrpm one 
ship to another 

Renvern r la charge, let marchandi«ei d*un vais • 
seaa dani un autre, to shifi a cargo from one 
ship to another 

Rf pAtif eur. m. ^ a. repealer. Vai««eau r*p^- 
teur des nrnaux, the snip which repeats the «y> 
nals in a fleet 

Repounoir. m. a driving boU, or drive Mt 

Reprendre, v a. Repreiidrt: un palan, to overhaul 
a tackte. — une mancBunei to sheep-^hank or 
shorten a rape 

Reprise, /. a retaken ship, or reprize 

Ressac, m. surf 

Ressir, m. a reef or ridge of rock* under water 

Rester, v n. to bear. Le cap Fuiuiterre noiu re** 
taitau S. O. de la boussole, cape Pirtisterre 
bore S. W. of the compass 

Retenue,/. Corde de rtn^nue, a ifuy used to steady 
a heavy bale, cask, trc. when hoisted into a ship. 
Palati de rutenuo, a relieving tackle (in career^' 
ing ofshipt.) Pabun dc r:tenue d^une roilc au« 
rique, the iheet or sheet-tackle ^a shop ue boons- 
sailed vessel 

Retiaito, / Canons d^ retraite* the stem chaser, 
or those guns n hirh are ptnred astern in a ship 
of war. Sabords de rtrtraite, ttern ports. Coup 
de canon de n.'traite, the evening gun, or the 
vifihf uauh i>un. Rclmitei de hunc, the clew- 
Uiicr, biintimes, and recftack'ts of the tofs-saUs 

Reventft uiie voile, v a. to fill a sail again, after 
it hnd been shtiering or Iciti aback 

Rc-vcra, m. (in tht/t-buHdnig) a general name for 
the pieces oftitnher, whose rom^cA rtij lies inward- 
ly. Alon^t s de rt^vi rs, tvp tini'H^s. Getioux 
de nvcrs, the lower futfockt in the fore mid hind 
part of a thip vho'C conveaitij lies inward!!/, 
Revtw du colt't the holiotv of the knuckle titn- 
brr. or tfw. daring of (he kniukle titnher. — de 
reiien>n, the hollow, or faring of the cut-water. 
Manoeuvres dv rt-re«, the ro/jcs wldch are our of 
Use, while t/ivy lie on the lee .tide, or wea'her tide. 
Ecoutes df rtvira. the weather sheets. Boulinc 
de revi i-s. the lee bowlines. Eeoueu de revers, 
tlir lee tacks 

Revinriient, m. the act of going about agtun, either 
by lacking or ixering 

Re%irerde bord. v n. to put again, to change the 
course of a ship another tivte by tacking or veer- 
ing. — daiis Teau d'un na%in.', to ttxk in a 
ship's ttfdce 

Rbniubde vtnt. m. rhomb line, pofnf of compass. 
Aller rie rhumb en ihuuib, fo sail by traverse 

Ribonlagf, m. dmnage due from one ship to ano- 
ther for a hurt occasioned by miocpsiduct or fie£- 

Ridet, / />. laniards, — dea haufaans, laniards of 
the shrouds. — de galhaubans. laniards of the 
back stays. — des marchcpieds, laniards qftltc 
horses y the yards. Ride i palui, a tackle by 





tc chftloopp, ft. gripes^ or r9pe» bu 
•f vhkh they frap the h%at m a MpU 

Mortf •ftht nrnn Hay, &e, 
Bifdcr, V a. Uider ira curdtfe. f « tigbtm a npe, 

— Ire Imobuu, fKtupthe shrMMU 
S«w, /. ttnkt, Longue rime ! Ooaae kague 

rimel raw a Ung jffiAr/ BMUMiiael gttd 

Ru, m. Bm ria. /Ae /nrvr re^. Etre au baa ris, 

«t be d§te re^d, Pn»iiv un ru, r« rcr/, or ro 

««Ar<ii a reltf* Bit de dwMe, thejirxt rerf, 

Larimer let ns, f let the rteft «ut 
'Rkim^f.gust^mnmialt. loT A U rifl^i mm t^ 

eh^f hfff'vohefi U blows t 
Risaer, o a. f« £» A, or teixe any thing, — la clia- 

loujBe, Uj^ the tear. — lea venpaec, <o fo#( 

thelowtr yards, or r» «tr«Ae the Bwer yards 

dtnmn afmnJUut 
RiMe« dc^chaloapp, / 


Riawa, m. « grmtUngxskh fiurdmss (used as 

anchors in a gaunj) 

* Hode, m. a «nii in galleys and in the MedUerro' 
noon, mgnifyksg the lower part of the stem and 
if the stem post^ the upper pan being called ca- 
pion, vihkh see, — de poupe, tJte stern post of 
a galley. — de pcooe, tJie stent of a gt^ey. 
Coiitre-rode de poupe, the back ^the stem post 
tf a gaUey, CootveHXHie de proae, apron ^ a 

RoUe« m. RoUe de oombaU ^iiar(«r bill. — de 
quart, watch bill. — d'^quipage, o muster or 
register of the ehip^* company 

* Rotnbailfet, m. {in ship-building) a furr in a 
piece tftknher 

Rompre, v a. Rompve dei bMdagt^i, &e. to break 
otp, or to rip ^ff" planks, tre, • la fig^e, to 
break the line qf battle 

Rondcur, /. curve, sweef», compass (of a piece of 
timber used in sfUpimlding) 

Ronf^, a. toorm eaten {said of a ship'^s bottom) 

Rose, /. Rose de vejit, the card or face of a tea 
compass: Nord, north or north point; Nord* 
quartrnord-est, no}ih and by east ; Nord-nord> 
est, north-northeast; Nord-est^uart<de-nonl, 
north<ast and by north; Noid-cst, nortli-cajt ; 
Nonl-ettquartrdVst, northeast and by east; 
£tt4iord-est, east-northeant; Rst-quart'Dord- 
eoL, east and by north ; Es^ east ; £ii-quart- 
lud-cat, east and by south, crc. &e. Rose de 
gDVTemail. pintk 

Rouehe, /. the carcass tf a ship xcithma masu or 

Roue,/. Roue de gonrenuul, vthed of the helm, or 
steering n'heel 

Rouer, v a. Rouer wn cable, on cordajpp, to coif a 
cable or ro^. — i tour, to coil a rope with the 
sun (that is to say, according to the apparent 
course qfthc sun in north latitude). — k contrv, 
to coil a roJ>e against t/te sun 

Rnuct, Ml. (ioith rope-makers) wheel in a rcpe-yard. 
]loui'ts do pouliea, sheaxjcs. — do fotite, brass 
slieaver. — de ^yac A dta de fout^, sheaves qf 
lienunK^tn; with brass cocks. — de gayac, 
shemrs ifligmtm-^ntai 

Rouler, V n. to roll, to tumble 

HouUur, m. Vaisseau rouleur, a ship which t^ls 
much at sea 

Roulic, m. rolHfig, or the rol&ng snoUon ^a ship 

Roui'ter, v a. or Kostun;r. Rouiter uu mit, unc 
vtrrg^r, to woold a matt or yard 

Roustuivs,/! or Rocturec, ivooldings. Cerrles 
det roustiires dec mits, the v/ooden hoops of the 
wooldings of a mast 

Roate,/. the course rf o ship. Faire route, to 

tmiLto be wukr ml, f» taU t HM N w ^or f« tnd 
a straight course, Faire tenir la route du i>nn 
to steer one's course to the nortbtoard, to //i; 
the north. Porter en route, toHe ooithr col r \ 
Porter i route, ikire dmite nmte. to mc^ 
straight course, to sail onward without feu^'^:f 
at any port. Meis le cap ea tvrate! strer i 
course! (the order to the hdmtman to bring c-a 
the ship on the course, after them htsd occajif^'u- 
d<viaicdfrotn it.) A la ruute 1 steer the r<!r.r< 
Faire fauMe route, to alter the course^ in orili r 
avoid an enemy ; done in the night tinte or . n 
fog. Route estimee. dcail reckoning 
Ruutier, m. a book or collection qfehmts, bearing\ 
distances, soundings, andperspectivex-icxvs ojt\ 


SABATTE, /. Subattc d'onc ancre, shte cf c\ 

Sable, m. Sable* mouvant. quicksand, or sfnf:'-\ 
sand. Manger du sable, to flog the glas*. ' 
chetit the glass 

Sabords, m. ports. -> de la premise batttnr 
the gun ports of the lotvcr tier or dec*. — «ir )i 
seconde baltene, the gun ports of the middle i<c\ 
or dedc in a ship with three decks, and thr p. " 
ports ^ the upper deck in a ship with two <if ' < 
— de« paillards, the gun ports of the quartrr-^i- 
smd forecastle, — dc chasce, cAore ports •/ '' 
forecastle. — de retniite, stern chaces. - ^^ 
Somte-BaAti:, gun-room ports. — dcsduimlir 
d'offlciers, Ught ports, — det ■nrons, rcr. 
ports. Sabotd & embarquer dcs bois, &c. d ' 
la calc d'un vaisK^au de cIiarRv, raft port. It 
mer le« sabonis, to let fall, or to shut the f/cv 
lidt. Palanquins deMboids,^rfrorA./(r 

Sairau du gouvernail, m. the after ptece ofn n. ••' 
der used to augment tts breadth, and con^^^'-j 
made of fir 

Saille ! oh, saille ! rotjse togetUr ! 

Sain, a. dctrr. Cdte "saine, a clear coast at sUn 

Sainte-Barbe, /. gun-room 

• Saique,/. o sort ofCircian or Turkish kefrh 
Saisine,X '^^"g* Inshing. — di-s li«""' !^- '■' 

d**)yorffeoir, a hand leah line fur t!iet»p-f^'' 
(chte/fy matle utcofln trench stJps oftccr) ^ 

Salaisons, fp. snlt meat, and saltjtsh ofan^y ^•''^• 
usedfor provisions at sea 

Sole, a. foul (said ofn roast full tfdan^u^ '"»'* 
shaUows, fir*:.) Vniss^au sale, a jMtl j«/- *-^ 
shipping irith fuul bottom. Cdtc salt', a ai." 
fml of shelves 

Sah-agv, or droit de sauvement, m. fatvage 

Saluer, Va.& n. to salwe. — de onre coops (|^ 
canon, to frc a salute of clcvai guny. — '•'^ '- 
voix, to snluit with rhters^ t)'c. — des voil'/^ * 
strike the top-saili^ by way of salute, — "" ^ 
vitlon, to strike the rolouvs. fnj wa'j ofsatute 

Solut, m. salute. RtnU»-e Ic salut, to return .'« 

Salve, / a platoon ^f all the gtms fired f^"^ 

Sancir, t> n. or Piw.r. to iiiik, or founder a.* ^• 
Vaiweau qui a som i sons vailcs, a ship '^'•'^ 
has foundered under snil . ■ «w 

• Sandak-, /. a sort of lighter or boat wtd m ^"^ 

Snngflca, fp. mats. T>r paunches •f'P^-y^^^r. 

Sanif,f. Bimau dc- la sault-, the afilcff^ 7," 

latinfr the qunran/ciie ofi/ii/!.:, nntjaUmo:^' 

lating thettto. Officim de sanif. P^J'f'^J^A^ 
Sap, f». fir woodj or deaie* fhiiotP^ "^ '^ 


• i-see, •r k rnAts et k 

' "! S a thp a-ktdU or r/H«'fr bnre pola. Cou- 

tjr i^^ £^ tpecTi. Vaiik<si£U 4-scc «ur le 

■"' - ( ^. icmij, or rorA« fr/i dry in the sea. or 

' ^^'un brtlot, m. ^A* psrt of the traiu of a 
.^■""Piehert the match is placed, to be set on 

-'jjfvcaptom when retrrntrig. 
-'f^e train or nm,^ • • 

Ta ' ■Tr*""« wntTl rc^rr'liilg. — d^UlI ca- 

:.-^/^firaino/agun which conimunicates with 

^; '"• ^ti(^, a wjtf/7 bay or riAfrvith a nanoro 
:??.''' Le sew d*une voile, the big/a, cavlttj, 

Z^.^^^' oeouUtiw io.v, which eontnini 
^^'^-•.Tw/iifttf, ^ Q caulker, and which serves 

, ,^.' ' ^t a teat 
*';'ik, or KiQMiae,/. tmacfr, attrtof vessel 

,;;»-./• Senienet de dWre or ailes de d^rirts 
^-rrti,. Semdlc dhiifttt, m/c or 6ot/om of a 
, 7 ^' *«*w» a *•« ^vessel with two masts. 

f^'-cJnsv^ ». knighi heads •/ the geers with 
'^ r i^cover. 7Ar« in«Amer ate na Umger 

SEP [45 

<<*n! ie f natte poueef, /«vr fnrA deals. 
unvliet de tap d*oo pouce, onr inch deals 
' xris. ijj^ /iSf shrouds ^a galley 
i v^n, w, satuagc, trough JiUed with powder 

I -'«' . / ajl'hing boat of Prtfvenfe 
.\ ?n. Donneruu saut i la boulinc, to check the 

; '^_^«^o<i/ a sudden veering, at shifting tf 

;- r r 1. to veer, or to shift stidtlenlu, speaking 
V v urul. Soute ror le be&upr^' f mrfly ca' 
f^^ f bjvfprit! —BUT la vcri?ue! go up to 

^ . ^i^c.' ««/ «i^an ihe yard ! 
* ' 1^ "i^^M'^ po'jffu^nt of salvage 

r-*, / Sauveg;arde du b. auprv'-, man 

- ^ rAf btniiprit. — de IVehelk- hor^ le 

! ri, wtr^ 7i^j. — dc conihat, a noifer, 

■ 9 thai encircles a ship above the ua.'rr line. 

~ »^ cuu vetnail, the rudder pendants with their 

* ' 'li.-nt. m. (-n law) satcage 
"- .'sjim, m p. the mats or paunches of the 
-- T 4^ r,^ ^^.q,^ i„ preserve tfte furUng lines 
"-■ fiving nemnst Ihe yards 
' ' "^- "'• ttK act •f serein tr or recovering any 
*- ' r.^ ' *"* '^ ''^» °' things wrecked on the 
•^■"'f^^ ri p, pei^lc emplm/etl in recovering any 
, * ./rtr,, a xcreck on the coatt 
^ *»»*e, or CTcauiue, m. scahnus, toVet 
^ '. ^ 0. Scier arec Iff aviroiM, f« hold wafer. 
"^ v^iboid ! AoW water with the larboard oars ! 
~ in»«udl ;«/</ TPcfcr with ilte larboard 
= ''; - tout i culer ] back all astern 1 Scicr 
; 'I " r, rt back astern. — du IkjU. to saw. — 
• - i^^r, to support the cable of a aallat by row- 
,.V ,* *"■' when jht is at anchor, in a 
■^ ""-^ arit. in danger of driving ashore. Mel ire 
^ 'r, i ctiler, /• back the sails, to lay them 
S ; ' • '• ar u make the vessel fall aitern 

■ i ifteexfnmitu ofajloor tirrdter^ w/tere it is 
' . ir.' de» vaissiraux, 7*. Sculptures carver's 
N or mouldings of the stern end head of 

1 SOM 

used in English ships, and very 
French ones 

in the 

Schng;uer un Taiiieau, v a, to rake or enflade « 

* Scrper Tancre, v a. to tvcigh up the anchor with- 
out the help of the capstcm or u indiass, as tm 
xebecs, /(alleys, c;c. 

Str\)entcr deux cordage*, v a. to snake ttoo ropes 

Serragi^, m. planks of a ship called thick st^/jT, 
Prtux serrati^e, looir planks .'aid »ca,f zonal ly as a 
piafurni for a ship's JiiHir uhen shi has no ceil- 
En strre ad. Cnnons en fcrrp, hniisrd guns. C*. 
uon en *<nv n!'jii^;c- conir»' k- Iwnl, ii;ft/n kous' 
cd fare nndufl. Canon cii ««-rT.- mi travtr« du 
▼ai^wau, or fa bosioht- ojuirc le haul du taburd, 
a gun housed at hn art 

Strrc-lJBuqvik'iis, m. thick stuff, placed umler the 
damps, in a ■tlnp'^s siilc 

Strrt-Uji5< s, /. irrffiin th<,rf roprs n-.a/cing the nf 
fee o/'a shttnk-fiahiter, and n hich ic/tc to lyold 
thefukcs if (hf tnuhor up to the thift\t tide 

Sem -tik\ ni. a fcrrn of naval evolutions ; the ex» 
tranc xhip in a fleet 

Senv-goiitti^ns, / /;. tJte planks of the decks uhuh 
are placal (lose to tiie -u-a/er icays 

Strrer, v a. S^rtxr le vcnl, tupiy iir trtm to i: iniU 
uariL or to hniJ the •uhul. — dt- voih s, to bear 
fiiv suih, to rcrf tlie sails. — Ki voik-», fo take 
in tU sai's, tojtirl, or fi"tid the doiLs. — la ligue« 
to close or cwitracf t/ie line ff battle in a feet. 

Servir, r n. Fairu iciTir, to Jill the satis after they 
hnil lain aback 

Seuillets, m p. One port-sellt, or the Unoer part of 
the gun ports. Hauieur de<i seuillits, the depth 
•f the port^sells, from the deck inintaliateiy be- 
neath them 

SuLnip:in, m, a small coasting vesfel of Cfdna^ with 
one sail, and trvo, four, or sijc oars 

Sifllet, m. a call, or boatswain's call 

Sjgiiaux, m p. stgnnls. — de brume, fof^tirna^s, 
— de jour, itay signals. — de uuit, ni^nt sig- 

Sii>7ial d'incoinmodit^, a signal nf distress 

Sill.ijjje, in. sttrrnf-t ivaij, al«o (Ik woke of a ship. 
Faire uu boii sklia^^r'cr un ^raiid sillaj^-, tOiail 
rtvifly, or to haxx fresh loay through ihewater^ to 
steer, to bear 

Siller, V n. to run ahead, to have hetid-way through 
the sea 

Sini^e. ni. a sort of^in or machine with a rotter or 
witvh in the uttddlc, turned by Itaml-spikes, used 
in the unloading of goods from a boat or stnall 
vessel . 

Sin^ler, or Ciugler, va. to sail on a particular 
course. Noii9 Kiu^tions au nond-ouest, we saiU 
ed on the nortlttccst 

SkK>p, m. or biiteau lx.rmiidie«, or batt^au d^Am^ 
ritine, a slvo/j. a sort of vessel nith one mast 

Sole, /■. Sole d'urttlt, the sole or bottom of a gun 
carriage. — de saburd, sole or port-idl of a gun 
port. — or sabaite, a sole for the heel of the 
sheers to step in 

Solcil, m. t/ie sun. Le sok-il a baiis^, the sun has 
fallen or passed the meridian. Le loleil a pa*s6 
le n-nt, the sun has overtaken the wind. Lo 
loleil cliassc avec le vent, the wind keeps pace 
with the sun. Le solcil nionie eucore, the sun 
continues to rite, /i7.y not yet passed the meridian 

Sombrcr wus voilts, v n. to go bottom tipavardsyto 
be overtet, to mersct in a squall afivind 

Somiiulicr. m. the captain's sitwanCs mate in 
French ships of. war 


it hat befmt eatm, Le mit tombt tm ani^re, 
the fMUt hang$ or rdca ajl 

Ton det mAu, m. mast-hauL or the *p<tce emt^rt' 
hendod bettvcen the cap of the Ivtoett matt and 
trestle-tree* beneath it. Avoir les hunien sor le 
ton, r« have the tnp-Mdl* upm the cap 

Tonnr,/. «r pi^ce de deux, a half-tun^ or a eaA 
C9ntahiing tare hegtheadt 

TonacAa, m. 0r piece de quatre, a tan, or a eatk 
cmt^ning fntr h^rfvatUi a ton •/ weight 
emploueain measuring a ship''* burthens^ and 
emtaining 2000 ffv., or 42 cubical feet^ French 
meonirc. Vaisseau de cinq centt tonncaux, a 
thip if .five hundred tons burthen 

Tonnelivr, m. cM|^r o/*a ship. Mattre tonnelier, 
fAe masfer cooper of a dock-yard 

TonneUerie, /. the shed in vhkh this casks are 
made and repaired ; tdto the magaxine or store- 
house in which they are kept for use 

Tonture,/. the sheer oftlte xoaes and decks, or the 
convexity of the transoms and beams of a thip. 
— del ponu, sheer of a thip'^s decks. —Avt baux, 
hx. the round up or convexky of a ship^s beams 

Tontur^, a. Vaisaeau fort toucur^, a ship built 
with a great sheer 

Toron, m. strand tf a rope. Cordag;e i troii 
toroni, or cordage en taoia, a rope made of three 
strands^ trc. Cordagv k qoativ toront. or coi^ 
dage en qaatre, a rope mode if four strands. 

Ton d*un cordage, m. twisting of a rope. Cor- 
dage qui a trop de ton, a rope too hard twisted. 
Oter Ws ton k on cordage, to untwist a rope^ 
which is done immediately afier the laying it, 
when it is too hard tioisted 

Tauage, m. the act of towing or warping a ship 

[ *« ] 


jyom one place to ano'her 

loucher, v n. to strike against a rock or sand. 

bank, — & un port, or k w^ mouillage, to 

touch, m to call at any port 
Touee,/. tow-titie, totcripe^ or war^. Porter one 

tou^e en dofaon du vaisscau, to carry a warp 

out qfthe ship 
Touer, v a. to taw, or (• warp. Sc toner, to haul 

one's self ahead 
To«|>in, m. {wUh ropemakers) or couchoir, a lay' 

Tour, m. Tour de cAble, an elbow in the house, or 

afoul hnuse. Cible qui a pris un tour, Oinble 

wfdch is foul in the mnise, or an elbtno in the 

house. Tour k Wttord, a reel for spun yai-n. 

— de loc, reel of the log. — et cboque, a 

weather bit of the cable^ a turn and half-turn 

about the bits 
Touret, m. a winch in a rt^yard. on which the 

yam is wound up 
Tourinon* d'un canon, m p. the trunnions of a 

piece ^ordnance 
Tttunnentin, m. a name sometimes given re the 

fbre stay-stAl 
'I«umenre,y. voyal; a so messenger. Boutont 

•r pommel de tournevirc, viou^cf of the voyal. 

<EilIets de toumcvirc. ryes of t/te voynL 

Maria«? de toumevire, lushing lone^her qfthe 

eyes y f Ac voyal 
Tout le mondi haut ! all handr hony / all hands 

ri deck^ hoay ! Tout le uoiide bas ! sit 
n dosCy all hands ! 
A-1a-tratne, ad. towing oxrrhoard; said of any 
fUng towed in ilie sen by a rope while the ship it 
ttdvancing, Chaloupe'a-la-lralne, a boat towed 
at the ttern of a ship 
Trainee depoudre./. a train ofgun-poxvder. 
Trait-qiiarr", m. Voile 4 trait qnaiTe, a squme* 
rigged oessei 

Traite, /. ike trade, or commerce carried tn 
tween shipping and the inhabitants sfany re 
try, — de» n^grei, tradingfor negroes, or • 
Guinea trade 

• Tramontane,/, the north wind in the dialect 
Provence. Mtstre tramontane, the north ncr. 
west. Greco>tramonlane, the northrtmrth-r,- 

Tniiitport, m. BitijHcnt de transport, a trnnrp* 

Trape or attrapev/*. relieving tackle 

Travaillvr, v n. to roV, to pitch heavily {said H 
ship) I to swell tumultuousty (said of the w<r. 

Travailleure, m/>. the labourers who assist inj 
ting out shipping for the sea 

Travfn,m. Le traverj d'nn Taiaean, atk-.^rr 
uhips. Par le travrrs du vaisseau, on the be-.- 
Metire en ttuver», to bring to, whicfi it do'^.r 
q night when they would not sail beyorui a /v 
Crc or in any other occurrence when they r 
obliged to wait for any thing. Vena par !<• ': 
yrvn,awindon the beam. Eire en travtr> -" 
laine.l|f6f in the holloxv or trough of rhetrr.. 
to have the sea athwart. Etn: par le tn 
d*un port, &c. 10 stand athwart a port, or >:'■ 
boiir. Pr^scnior le traven k un vaitseau 
biin^ the broadside to bear ufun a ship. I- ' 
mouiil^ en traven de la maive, to ride orA?.. 
the tide. Le vaiaieau est niouili^ par n ' 
traven, the ship has come to abreast of t 
'lYaven par travxTs, hank for hank 

Par Ic travenu ad. off. La notte ^tait par !• r- 
▼era de St. Malo, the feet was iff St. Mci'm 

Traversi-e, /. passage^ voyage. Fairt; uiu- b ' 
travenee. to have a goodpeusage. Non- 
ver9»*e a fte »le quinzcjoun, we hadap*.:- \ 
offfteen dttys 1 

Traverjtr. ro. Traverser I'ancrc, to get tkr -I 
chor up alcvp the bo:p tn order to stow f ' 
gunnel, or to ,1010 the anchor. — lea rmU- 
Jlat in the sails. — la niisaine, fa far • '< 
ward. — uu -vais^ieau, or aVniravener t^ ^ ^i 
un fort, to br}ni( tlie ship^s brood side to ly v I 
on a fort or battery, zrc. Travene lui^-L'i 
fed injbmard .' 

TravernLT, m. a tmaU fishing vessel on ther- ' 
cf the pnyi d'Aunii. — d"ecoutillc«. as,''' 
icfi^e if a hattlmcrj. — de chaloupe, the ' 
thxiart if a lunj^fjoat. — or vent trav.r i 
d'un pon, d*uiie baie, or d'une vftir, « ' | 
thai sc's r^;:ht irJo any hat hour or bay. - •- 
ptrrt'it the driicirture of a sh'p fror ' , or 
viri'l ip/iirh sets dirrctlx/ to a shorty so as r< ''-"'^ 
it itlfflnilt for a ship whai embayed toc'c- f\ 
from ihore 

TravtMin, m. TraversiiM dei baux, or barn ^ | 
sumll curlings ftitt btiiveen the beams m /V ' 
s/ii/is of war. 1 ra versin dc$ bittrs, the i r« r'"*^ 
of the bits. — dVcoutiUe,«;arr4rt^. — ^^ ' '^'^ 
quet, the beam into which thcpcxdt oftlst co/'Cit 
air bo/ted. — des herpes, a ship's dtoit.*. - " 
chAteau dVivani, tfie cross /tiece of the /"'-'A 
tU: Travtmiiui de taqucts, the crostfi'^''f '/'; 
main and fvir sheet-keveh, and if other ^'C^ 

— de I'ancre, r^s fastened to the fnf^a / » 
anchor, atvl which serve to take holdof :f i-' "'^ ^' 
tackle hook, in order to stow it to the th:fs /•« 

— Uis alFuU, the transoms ofthegvn carnr^ 
Trebuchet, m a. shipwright's scale 
Tr^lingHge, m. crowfjot. — del haoMuM 

— des baubont »ou» la hune, cat.^.':'1''W. 

— des ^tait fou« let hnnes, the erovff^ »-/ f] 
tt^s. —de combat, hnver cat-harpitiA^ '.'^'^ 
below the former from the starboarttf J'-^* 
board shrouds ; forming a kind rf ndii^-i "^ 

TYP [ 4 

Vy', '^ ^isf^fwhirh ut0 receive any bhdu or 
V uh/ch mayfailfnm nltfi in time ofarti*% 
■! -r'Hrh vmul atherufiiewmmd or hit svne 

'"'^ hipr'ttunfiany 
'^riitT. 7 a. la reeve a crovsj^ety or fonu any 
niiidar theret9y tu the aue •/ u hammoc, 

! i!vT. moder les roiJcs, togUXy or 
' W Ms£r ; Muf mfy •/ kuren huU 

■ 'ue, /. Q Hnd tf cmnpanivn around the 

- "1.-35/ ^' a fishing boat 

J. rr» ^f *^y, or tqyare JOiY, a#tt/ in j«irf- 
i ^7 tsFtant, xrOers, ^c. or //k crosrjack 
'• tw. EngUth btojn-riggeid vessels. VVr^ 
^- trww, fAf yard of ouch a square sail ; 
'iftrui^ae* yard, in some boom-rigged 
s^mg the English 

r lie ia mariue, nt, treasurer of the «ffry, 
• z "» «W </■ the king's ports, Tivforifrs 
niii ^ ^ marine, treasurers of therMvij 
; ® Paris : thty are nro, hawng each' of 
•' i-r year's business idtemately 
'■■ f p. foxeSf a sort of knialeSy frequeiUly 
i' irixiiigt. — de m^he, a large vuitch, 
fi ^f three matihtu tioioted rofjndeacft other 
' lit trfri**. V. Airuille it ruiles 

- ' \^ a IrUmgtUar hanging stage^ hung 
'• ^^^f^Hitlcfor the.ttttijicers to nork upon ; 

"i tort of ttage annposed of three capsteni 
~l;iic ervds being tied togetlter form a tri- 
ro mcirde any maot^ along which this 
■ ' W^fed or lowered to serape or /lay the 
'-. Ct. 

. nj. ^ ad. starboard. Tribozd, or let 
« ! Un, the starboard ivaich. — au quart ! 
/^ V!Otch otarboard ! — la bnrrr> ! *wr. 
- ''«r A^i .' — lout ! Aard a-star board. 
Kn^Iiaiiar tribord ! mind your larboard 

^>u tribord ! fire to starboard: 
^ 4i s m p. starboard tvatch 
- '■^t /• 1 tArn toA /« fc'rw a gun-port^ dead-light^ 
■ fi ^PB nailed againot tite butts pf a bwa's 
^' ft strengthen them 
Ti- nu, m. the rsater tcays of a galley 
yitt, m. t}^ fore most in lateen vessels, 
/> ^'nerally hangs forward ; and all tlie 
' ■<;■ '^ier(t» belonging. Arbre or miii de 

- '1' u u ff^ j}fre nuut of a galley, acbec, &c. 

^irmnqet, tfu:fore sail of such a vessel 
y^ J- fart stay-sail 
; /i- b«auprv, /. the stauditig lifts of the 

- \ ' 'oJi yard. — de nicagt-, parrtl ropCy truss 

^./. «r porepe de raer, worcr spout 
, '"'/• the parrel of the lateeu yard 

■ "J. Irotwd'ecoutf*, the shoave holes ivhith 
;'-y ^qiieUf through a s/dfi^s side^tvlierein 
/* ^W'l and fore sheets are reeved. Troiu, or 

u .J,, la civadit-re, the holes formed in the 
,- ^' "I a sprtt-sail to to out the uater which 
,, ' *8 tu cavity rclten the ship pitches. Truu 
i i >-^r 1?" ^haide la hune, lublter*s hole 

- ./. the pot^ of a frigate {an cuxommodation 

^ =* *'ern ^ French frigates on tlie quarter- 

y^'itoining two cabins for the captain and 

''i' lieutenant. ToUe de tugue, a canvas 

,!.',' (' '^ tutelary saint represented on the 
1 ,1 i'y " *f*ip among the Roman cathoHc nations 
Wt.n,<irtypho,TO, «./jtrtartnrf 

'■^L. II,. 

V A R 


URETAC, m. a fore-tack tackle or preventer fere- 

Us el coutumes de la mcr, uses andcuxtoms tf the 
seoy wftich arc particularly underttood of tbt 

Usance, /- (igreeme^it, cin^rod matte between the 
master^ owner^ and freighters of a ship 


VA-ET-VIFA'T, to. n pass rape, made fatt to a 
ship and to a wharf, ftring like a ferry, by meant 
^fivhichaltoat may come brckwanh awlfonrard: 
with one wan, ami vHthout the twlp of oars 

Vadrouillc,/. noaby a brush to pay a ship^s bottom 

Va^eS.//*- "T/?'''* w/nv.f. or hdlmfs 

V'ai^rap^, »i. ceiling, or f oof waUing 

VaijUf r, v a. to place or fx the planks and thkk 
stuff of a ship's ceiling to t/tt fittJttrs 

Vais^D't, f p. a general name for tlv planks, 
clamps, taid thtck stuff used in the cdlin^ of a 
ship. — dc foiMj, the thick itvff nn'l criUrig pUi- 
ced next to thr kerl^ over all die f!oor-n,u>>m. 

— de fleurs, the t lack st ujf and ceiling plntnl 
nex-t to tlu'se a/tout tIte Jfoor fiends. — tl"- lupi- 
ture, tite thick stuff and ceiling placed '>e.f-utrn 
the floor hcnds and tite clamps. — do pout, lite 
clamps which support the ends of the l, ((inn 

Ytkis-ivnu, m. a ship; /Mirftcularly undmtuodtfkirf^e 
vessels with three niatts. — (If ti^utrn-.o w. /> 
of war, or a man of war. — -du roi, nking\t ship. 

— do lig'iie, a nljp of the line, from SO guns u/*- 
xoards. — dc la Coropagiiie dfs liidcs, an Lait 
India-man. — dii preiui* r rvui^, a first rci:c 
man ofwnv. — dii TK-'Coiid raji;^. a seiond rate, 
t)-€. — k deux poiiti, a two dcrk \h p,a inu 
decker. — dc cinquanlc pu-ci-s de canon, o fif- 
ty i^iin 3 /tip. — dc rvi(i>lrf,a rt ;^(.it,r shifj. — tvV- - 
^^x^, frijf ate built. — mareliand, a mnciimif 
tliip. — vivrier, virtuallinif ship. — a \';vti r.-, 
a roarler. — ilv coiiipa(c»u*, a good cmn/tony 
kcfpcr. — lU'^iT, a Guinea-ntan. — a L». 
voUr, or ious Toiirs, a ship umier sail. — u 
Taijcre or au mouillacje, axhip ridin^c* nu^lor, 
or in the rotidx. — de has b(»nl, a !inv biuit vv.. 
seU — de haut bord,a }^eneral name for Icri^i. 
ships. — ardtiit, a gi'ping ihip. — •'.'• plus 
pr^s, a clofC'hauled thip. — eiiiifrui, en ent- 
my's ship. — iieutre, a netdrnl ship. — fur- 
Siiire, a prrrateer. — de fharjfe, a vctJiel of Lur • 
then. — anne en puern-, en arr.wd ihip. 
beaiide coiubat. a roomy shtp, athantagtonsfy 
built for battle, a fve Jii;hliiig vexscf. — ^oil- 
dole, a slti^ built with' a grenl ihter. —qui 
carpiie, qui vlukr^v, a frei, »iiii ie iiianir' hit-n 

3ui «e porte bieu k la mer, a crank ship, tra- 
in' ship, good iiorking ship, good sta boat ^ a 
tight built sliip. — raluuf^r. rt Irn^rthened slup- 
Valet, TO. Maiire vakt, the .•'fcivnrds mete. 
Valet* A canoD, wards. Vaki dc uitnuikier* 
Valiun-./. a seizing mnih at the lica'l of a lower 

matt iu secure thi tap-wa^t hy the heel 
Vanuiguesi f p. foos timbers. — dt fond, th>: 


f9or ttmhert aniitUhipt, placed in the middle or 
brottdcH part •/ the ship. — acciil*«, the 
crmlies, or Jto0r timbers tifore and nhnft. — dcv 
ramccul^cs, thefoor tmtbers rchich are placed 
betivecn the crotches and the midrUe foor tim- 
bers. Varnnji^iepIaUj, a^fafjfoorrimVr. - 
fort acculfc, a nsing Jioer timber ottiids/dpt. 
rae det vamriFuei, theJTptr heads. DejuJiVa. 
ran^ crose^hock, this piece being longer in 
frfnch ship,, and framed and boUetl wtththe 
ether timbers. Yanuigruei de porauei, tAe JTuf. 
tockndert *- -« ^ j 

Varech, m. sra wrerA:, w weeds 

Variation,/ wnVtfi*!!. La variation Mt de vingi- 
etna dtgrfs nord-oucst en ct§ l»aragr», the t-o- 
rtoHm IS t7oenty-fve degrees vest in those parts 

Vase,/ oote or siwie "^ 

Vanetix, a. Fond vaseux •r fond de rase, oozy or 
tltmy, stud 9/ the bottom or sotmdingt at sea 

Veille,/. Bouee A U Tciile, a buoy footing in 

siehl over tfte anchor * 

VeiUer, v a. & n. to rcatcK attend, or take rare of 
avy thxng. Veille lea iconics ! stmttl by tfte 
sheets ! VciJIe la driite du grand hunier I 
nand by the main topsail haliard / Kochc qui 
veille, a rock ahoays out 9ft/ie wafer 
Vent, m. Tointi. Vents nlii^s, trade vinrls. Vent 
d amont, fl term tued in sotne cotmfr.ct for a 
tend totnd or breeze. — dVal, a *en iiind or 
ftrrtzp, or that v/Mch comes Jhtm the offing, — 
fait, a settled nind. — Aale, a regular and 
steady rvind, a settled wind, — mauiable, mo- 
derate windf and favourable for sailing. — tn»- 
Tenier d'un port, a tvinft that sets tight into a 
p«rt. — uiivenier d*une cflie, a ivind that sets 
directly to a s/iore. — anic^i-e, or — en 
Poiipe, a wind right aj>, or astern. — de bou- 
Inio, a scant wind, which makes if necessant to 
be close hauled^ and couiequenily to make uSe of 
the bowlines. — eontnirt:, afoul wind. — dc- 
bout, a scant wind, wUh which tfte ship cannot 
lie on her course, even when dost hauled. — de- 
vant, /ifffrf to wind. Bon vent, a fair wind. 
Prcnd pe vent de^'ant, to cftapel u slap. Donner 
vent de^-nnt, to turn the ship's prow to wind- 
ward, as in tacking ; or to stay d ship. Vent 
iraw, afrfth gale of wind. Gros vont, a strong 
gnle of wind. Vent larerue, larife wind, or guar- 
tennrwifu/. - ru plus pn\ a sharp wind, 
wfirc/i makes it necessary to be s/iarp trimmed, 
m order to lie on the course. — de quartier, o 
wtnd perpendicular to the ships course, or u/mi 
the beam. Vents variables, x^riable winiis, or 
such as are without the tropics. Au vent, to 
tfie windward. Sous le vent, to leeivard, or un- 
tier the lee. Tomlx^r sous le vent, to fall off\ or 
to drive to teewcrd. Cflt^- dn vent, the weather 
s'dc. Dtssns d 11 vent, or a van tiffe du vent, the 
weather gage, VeMi de«sus, tl^ sitxtation of the 
soils which are taken a'jack. — dedani, the 
srfiiaum of the sails wltich are filed av inflated 
by the iitnd. Coup de i-eut, a very hard gale 
of wind. — metlre les voiles nu vent, to set 
sni!, to hoist sail. Aller selon le vent, to sail 
wxh flie wind. Avoir vent et marec,?o saU 
With the wind and tide. Avoir vent arriCre, 
vniton ponpe, to have aforetvind, to sail be- 
foi-e the wtnd. Pincer le vent, aller au plus 
prt3 (lu veut, aller au plus pn*i, to sail near 
fhe wiud. Avoir le vent sur un vaisiieau, cire 
an v.'i!i d"u»i vni.sonu, avoir k-dcssus du vent, 
'• rvruUur a slip, to fro to windward of Iter, to 
^et I ','- uout or wa^in- ^pgc of a ship 

[ 50 ] 


Venter, v n. to bhw, or spring tip, wukr^i 
thevrind, 11 ventegniidftaiidnN.O.t; 
a 9trong gale from the N, fF. 
Ventilatear, m. o ventilator used et sea 
Verfje,/ Vergv de I'tmciv, shank of Iks'. 

— de ponipe,^m4» ^peor 
Vemie, /. yardofany saiL lii^randevr; 

the mmn yard. La vcigxie de misainr. f u 
yard. — du gnmd bonier, the main ttp 

— du petit bunier, the fore ttp yard 
grrand perroqiiet, the maintopptUmt 
-- de grand perroquet volant, the main i^ 
kmt roual yard. — du petit perroquet, tk 
t^gtdiant yard. — du petit perroqatt vt 
the Jhre topgtdUmt rvya yanL - A\r<A 
the mizen yard. — seebe, or vergac dt m 
the cross-Jack yard. — de perroquet de fot 
the mixen top yard. — de la pemirhe 
mizen top-gallant yard, — de ciraditr'^ 
sprrt-soU ijord. — de eontre-rhradit^rej^^ 
top-^il yard. Verj?ue dc tente, a spnad 

for the mcning, set across the ensign siafl 

de pailJe-cn-cuI, driver yard. — des boi^ 

H "5. the studding-sail yards. — ^ come, e 

which is attached to it.t matt by crbicit, e\ 

boom and gajf «/ a brig, of a sbep er< . \ 

tanffon, fore-satl boom. — iadne ffrantccn 

latten yard, Vtnjuo* qnarr^s, /ywir< H 

Bouts de verg-ues, yard tmns. Tnqu-o 

bouts de vergiies, cleats at the yard nmt 

' VesU'i.fp, haliards of a lateen yard 

Viboixl, m. the waist of a ship^ or that pert v 

is between tfte fbrtcastle and quartayi 

Mssede ^ibord, Toaist riband; also ihf 

timber line. Pn^inte de viborf, sl^cr ra 

Vict-ftmiral. mi t^er immediately under tht i 

ral, and ahox^ the licutenant^D^nil ; ^ ' 

carries lus.flag at the fore top mast head. ^.' 

rank in the army with the marefh^iu^ 

France^ and consnjuently above the Jirm* </^ 

arfntirat in the English fleet. There arc t 

tii'o in the French ABet, one of whom fokr-' 

title of vice-auiinil du Poncnt, and the c^ 

vice-amiral du Levant. Vice-c»nsul. m. a r 

consul, an officer under a consul irTiihn^ ' 

siiuitlei' fiort of the latter's dependance, or fW' 

to falp him in his btuiness 

* \'ictunillv^,fp.''^ea victuals, oneaproitrtnu 

jany kind 

Viciuailleur, in. victualler, eonlrac1or^ or ffs" 

Vig^es, //>. roeft* ahrays above water, in (h( ^f' 
or mam sea. Vig^it-s, {thie term is pf^'''^: 
the French IVest Indies, and is bori-ovrrl ;n 
tfte Spanish) Tvntefiing places on the top ol' c- 
having a sight over tJte main sea, rrAf "• 7^' 
men are kept to make signals of what shfr'A 
b<i ; they call so too the utan thnt watiht' c 1 
of tliose nations. Etreenvirie, fkeepar^ 
Jf^ok out 
Vigier, i- a. to look otit, — xme flotte, to fi^-'-i 

or loatch the mofions of a fleet 
VinUrts, m. windlass 
Violon de b<^upiv, m. or taqiieti de braiT'' 

tfie B's of the botvsprit 
Viracfe, m. the heaving up any weighty bod'J t 

crab or capstem 
Virer, v a. & n. signifies in general to '♦'''"• ' 
7vind about. — au oabestan, to lieaxe t-"" '' 
stern. — k pic, to heave short. - de fK-^^' ' 
^... _... . f.. . _ventdt*' 

— UI! ^ 

put about a ship, or to go about, — vent J* ♦^"J 
to tack, —vent arriere, to veer. -""'■"' 
seau en car^ne. to heave down a ship, or '" ^ 
reenaship. — lecapau nord,f#t*cr//^'^^''' 


[ 51 ] 


n.:r,li the north, VliuttrAQ rhr en qnille, a 
T- :!h htr ked Atve »uf of wnfer^ or ki:d tut 
J". -»!. rtlkr or TvtHr/L, wiiuUau; uimyany 

. ' c ':ttie rrm ring {placed m the enri •/ a 

>. f^-^riib-idl^btltT) 

.' bunlaffei. / itrake or stmk 
- n-^ en ^icer reteniUing the tide turvey- 

- Wi #/ ajuhing veneL, wherein to keep 

■ '^'e 

P-'^<-funt». Directvar det vi\Tv» d»- la m «- 
''^.' vktuaUer of the iiavy, ivsiding in 
»'i iort. Munitionnaire ill 4 vivrcx dc 
-•^jf. (k: contractor for sta ftrovbiour 

::* Gfi of rowinsj i »l*o* ''Ae tolhrfmn of 

'^p Q a boat or gaiiK-y ; and tJur/lly, the 

■ ' t' *:*«/, fhipcrtff aiid *-ats on which t/ie 

y -y m Qgtdley. Mener U \ogue, fo if/ir 

- •» -r.L w. f Ar otroketinan 
■ •-•:. !9 rgzg or puU. Vo^iie f ribord .' fiuU 
- / Vospie a>ant J pnll away .' Vogue 
1 i.t- 1 pti}! (may no^v tU tvind luiU .' 
'"/• '^i** lioiichcr une vuie dVtJU, to 
:'.' '1^- Detouvrir une voie d'aiu, to fnd 
' ^- Fain- une voic d*«iu, to tpring a 
' .; '^^I'^iitr uue voie d'eaa, io fne a i7/'> 
'-^ r'Sfr ipA;tA *A« /jfj*-/ matle by a leak. 
r iiacToie d'ean, to Hop a teak in a 
■' "7 ^iianner 

'i'- Voiles (joarrees, /^uar? jot^. — 
" • &r tnan^ulaire*, lateen onih. — de 

■ j, ituddiiig-taiU. — d^ctjii, gtey-sailr. 
' '* ' */" ''*-■ beaupre, jprit-jaiU. — de 

• ttj^ack sciU the square sail of a iloop. 

7 1 ■ S tliouldcr of mutton nailx^ and boom 

. "'^ dcs voi'.L's d'uM vaJ9<K'au de ^leire, 

• r. r/ a/f fA<r jtarV/ of a man of tear : La 

y il:-, <;^ main suit; La voile de mi- 

' ' •' JuT-ioi/; — dVrtimon, Me mixen- 

_ ' """'J J^raod hunltrri ^/«^ mo/n top-^mi ; 

^'/'^^nwr^tJiefurelop-yail; — deper- 

' artiiiiojD, or le peiTWiuet de fou^ue, 

'•^'i t;.p.n)H J — dt. grand p;iToquel, or 

' P<TTDquet, the innm topgallant in'il; 

■"'-" p^rroquct, or Ic jx-lii pt^rroquc-t, the 

, -^^.Jffitf nj./j. ^ ^p ^'.-and jxTToqu. t \o- 

' sTWid ptm>4uti voLuii, f/if main 

'^'t'royal sail; — do p<-tit pitruqu^ t 

.' , '" P^*^* perroauei volant, t/tt fare 

" "'^vfO/iair; — dcia piiruchr d'arti- 

' Kn^iiemtiit la p»-miche, f Ac m/zf ;i /wp- 

T ?!7i'; — d*6tai d'artimon, aV m/az»j »fay' 

^-^^^'UDde voilf dVtai, Mr ma/n rtoij-xail; 

J y voile d'etai de hmie, or du f^nirul 

' , ^_greet main-top staysail; L;i jk tite 

'! ' ^1 de hnne, the tmall main-top jtay- 

ij\;.ile d't'tai dt- gntnd pcn-uquct. /he 

,"^-^i^aTU staysail; — d\uii du ihtto- 

' ;'i?ue, or la voih- dVtai de fou^'uc or 

"^' ''^ii, the tnizeji top-: tny- sail ; — dVtai 

- V **" '^':'''^J '^ nwsfn topi;nii'int tfny'snil; 

' wvi^ierp^ ^ ji^ Ix'aupre, t/te tpnt-sail; 

"U^-ciradi^re, tlie sprit toptntii — d«r 

' ■'i-cal. fV driver^ or ring-tail. Parti*, s 

>-.,ire,d'Qnc voile, the parts and nppur • 

■;':"/ a tail: Pattes dt» voiltt, tfie tab- 

/" (^ iaii. Of t/tg fti^^y „„ff i^ ropes; 

. V ^" m, the reef bands; (Ejlhtn, the eye 

■'. ,'/,'L "^'«rt or doubbgi-, Mf tabfini( at 

i'^'^r^^ond leech ropes; Tablier, the'tab- 

^'JRalm^,; de fond, t/ie foot rope; 

Haliu^tes de cliAte. fV feerA rijp^* ; RalinKTiK* 
de It tidre, 1/k head rope; Le i>oint, the tack or 
clue ; Lt* bcr»<^-auv, tJie cringkt on ttic Mt ropes 
of a sail ; Lt» gnrcelttj de ris, rAt »t</ hnfs or 
points ; Lts niban* di ft rln^e, thefurlinj^' lines, 
or r<5^ baniLt ; I.*^ i-abaii* de poiiiture, fAc 
atr-rinfis. Fond d'uue vuik^/W oy a «a{/. I^» 
fonda d'unc voile, rAtf bvnt of a sail. It'tii-re 
d'une voil« , luad of a sail. ChOte d'une voile, 
depth or drvp of a sail. Envc rgure d'un«- voile, 
squair of a sail. \'oile CiiiflTc »r Mir le mat, a 
tail taken altnck. — serr>'e, a sail taken in, cr 
furled. — au tec, a sou loosed to dry by the sun 
or xcind^ after a rain. — Injidee, a sail vcU 
trimmed, or a sail whose sfttrts are tallied aft. 

— dilVrlt-e. a sail loosened or iwfurled. — ear- 
gutV. a hail clued up. or hanhd up vi the brails, 

— qui lasie, a tail ihn'tnng in (he wind. — qui 
porte, a sail which draus, iir a fight saiU — en 
RiUni^ue, afowitig tail, or a nail to hose sheet e 
betvg jdarkened ovjloiin, Jf/e/ louse and flutters 
in tfie wind, lAt^ bji>u» \uilt«. i/te courses. 
Let voilrs de ^a^nJlt, tfic head tatli. Lei >oiU • 
dr rarricre, the a/hr sa,h. '1 oiitts v«ii!«"i d«- 
hors, all sail* set. all sails cut or tiavdaig. Lc* 
(^uatre corps de >oil;.s, t/'ie main and main tofr^ 

Jure anii fore top-icils. Une voile, a sail, or 
ve^fte! dt.i overt d at a di-'tmire. Voile Anglaise, 
a hoai's sail with a di gunal sprit. — d'tau, a 
water sail used by the Dut'.h. — de'fonci e, de- 
ntlingiiLe, envcr^ut'c'. a sail split or rent asun- 
der; I'loxcn or torti from the bolt rope ; bait to 
its yartl. — en boiini«^re, rn |«inuiine, sail 
fluttering in the wiud., s/iiining in the wind. 
Fane loutes vuiUi blanclu s, to cruize as a pi- 
rale, to ni/JiC allfsh that comes to tlie net. For- 
ce r de voiJ s, to crowd xaits 

VoUi 8, fp. sail, ships. Une flottc de cent voilet, 
af'.et of a hundt ed sail 

Voiltrie,/. or %n\lr aiix voiles, a sail loft, or O 
place wheir jnil.r aie made 

Vodier, m. a wilniaker. Maltre ^oilicv, the mas* 
ter sail-n.rjer of a d(,ck-yi.rd. \:n-i)M-au l>in 
Toilier, a gootl s'Hur 'iaid (if a sJ,i/> tit*it snilg 
rtvijny). Mau\ai» voiliCT, a bad sat. or (taid of 
a ih pihat aiJ'j heavily) 

Voilurc,./'. a conip,'--fe tuit of sails hihnujtsg to 
any if lip. Ce v:ns»t;tu a »a voilun'u-, 
thu stiip's suit of gailr is ready. Voiluiv, «^.t- 
neral nnnic for all spe<ie: of sails u,td in cinf 
sh.ip whats/cver. La voilurc dci piliotc*, t}u: 
manner of cutting the jails of a galliot, or gal- 
liot saiL\: Voilurt-, the trim of the sails Jor evf ry 
pariicu'.ar manner of working the ship. RCgli r 
la \oiI>ire, to reiulate the (juantay of saili (u be 
carried in a fleet, in order to keep company, 
KXtv Skius la iiiciue voilure, to Ije under (he same 
sails (.s-aid of two shipr in company, j; hkh cm nj 
the (jiiandty and nu ■>. 6cr of sciL). Touic 
la voiluro de Pavaut, de TuiTicre, all the her.d 
sails, qPer satis 

Voix, /. the song {employed by saitor.f, in ho:itir,g, 
hauling, heaving, trc). Donner la vfiix, to sing 
out (as in hauling, hois'iug, luaving. ire). A la 
*\-u\\\ mind the man that iiug-. ! mtiid the song.' 

Volte,/, a plat. on or linu'ed nurn'^er of great 
guns Jired m once in a tea fght. Toute voice, 
random shot 

Volet, m. a little sea compass used in a longboat or 

Volontaire, m. Volontaires de la marine, or vo. 
loiitain s gt-nliMioiuiuti, volunteers in a ship of 
war: these art young gentlcmm brought up 'j 
be (fffkers m tlie navy. -- navigateuri, yow" r 


[ 52 ] 

*«2vrtftfr«, or seafgring mm, appo in t e d f» he- 

cotne eaptoifu tf merchant thipt 
Volte, / a Oartkular course or route^ the nwee* 

men' 9f hearing away or hauting t/te roind (ei- 

ther f charge the course or bring the broadside 

to bear upon an enemy) 
* Voltiglolf , m. or nuimne, or cordon de mat- 

ane, the lowest rail, orjhor riband ^agaUey 
Vofit s,/ A the counters ef a ship. La graiide 

voOu- . the counter, or lower counter. Vaiwean 

qui a beaucoup de vofite, a shtp thai has a very 

hoUow counter. VoAte de la piUerie, the cove 
Voj-ape dc lonfi^ coun, /. a long v^age 
Vrille,/. Vrille A canon, a bit or long gimbiet, 

used to cleanse t/te touch^iole tf a tantmu — d« 

< liarp«Qtier, a reirnbtt at drill 



WATUKGAN, m. sort of eatud Oi dtoh{im 

ble for boats and snudi craft) 
Wkenry, m. (from the English) a tort ^f 

vessel. K.Houari 


lACHT^nu yacht, a sort ^vesoel, — d*p»i 
du roi d^AnclcU'ivp, Sec. a royal yacht 

Yeux, m p. xeox, ar trout de la ciTftili'tt 
holes in tlu ^rit'oaa 

Tolc', /. a yatvly or very tmali boat 





K. B. Terms and phrases of command are indicated by a note of admi- 
aU.jn (0- 

. ADM 

in ACK, acL f «jf?, mr le nuit^ on vent tkisus (m 
'I'cr'jmt dts vKlef). The main tojMftil n tmken 
■Mtk, le grand fatnier est ctUffi^ k ffrmid hunU 
tT fit nrr k mdt. To I»y ofaock any nil, eoi^er 
'j-i matre tme voile rwr le nUit. Lay all flat 
ahack! metttmaes Us voilet *ur le nUlt ! brasse 
's--a a nUer l nuuqvt par49Ut ! 

Abftft ad. arriirt, en arriire cfr, en arritre, et de 
ta\Yv:re. Bar. Abaflthe main mast, marrt^rv 
+< nTmrf mrff, dbr. 

V; -inl, ad. d oord. To jgo aboaTd, alter 6 hard. 
To fnll aboard of a ship, aberdrr un vedsteau 
irn firnvant 9ur ftrf, ou en chossant tttr lui, et 
r-:n cmtme ennemi), Abdatd main tack ! amure 
"^ratuT voile: 

•.j!,tu cd. qui exprime U mmivement d*un vait- 

* cr* q^A THre de bord. To go about, virer de 
'*^-t Ready about! pare h virer ! About 
'-iip: odSfM vn! {commmukment fait A Ciqui- 
''ir jmur vtrer de bord) 

^^^it, ad. parte traveri.vlf-ri'visde. Ex. 'Che 
'iiztir iprcini; a leak abreast of the main 
i-i'-hwtiy, il §e ditlam une voie d'eou a la fri' 
s--'% •dt-h-x'h la gmnde ^coutitle. Two ships 
ly^? abwwit of one another, deux hAtitnent 
^ i'i'f* cite-iH^te^ ou par le trovers Cun de 
■cr/rf. A fleet fbnued abreast, tKodre mr une 
fV'y lit front 

A* i.iKtdations, np. Ueemens et emmenagemens 
C'-r. xmtseau. A tcssvi that iuu g^ood accomnio- 
''i'MrtJi for |XL<>senf^v n, bfAimcnt qui est dUposi 
P'- r Ttxrv^T dej passagers 

•;' vm. n. pomme degirouette, et totnme defamme 

*-mk»1, «. amirai. ou gh^rm d^une armie ?w- 

• s f. — of the Beet, Cainiral d*Angleterre (le 
pr^n.ier ^flrkT de marine). — of the red s<{tiad- 
rtin. Sec. Ofiiiral de rescadrt, ou de la division 
■^'tfif (fiuipihie le pavilion au grand m/it.) Vice 
a»5iu!ra.l, vfrivmurot (i7 portc leJwvUloti qitarrr 
eu >n^/ tk mis<U7te). Uou^miral, contre-ami' 
^f-< in porfe le paviRon qttarri cu mdt d'arti- 
^•«n). Admiral ship. f. Ship 


Admimlty, n. amiraute {c'est propremrnt la cfinrge 
et les fonctitxtut de grand-aTnira/, remplies dcpuis 
loug-fetups par sept lorrh cvntndssaireo qui ont 
eorifoijuement VautorU^ et ks t>ouvoirs attribues 
cidcvant en France St Caniirm et cm miniurr de 
la marine tout nuetnbfe). Board of admiralty, 
ou admiralt}' oflioe, famiraute d'jtngleterre, ou 
bureau tPamirauti 

Advic-e-boaL n. V. Boat 

AdriA, ad. en derive^ au gri desflots ou du vent 

Adz, «. (corrompu d*Addice) fterminetie* Hollow 
adz, herminette tourbe 

Afloat, ad. fiflot. To bring a ship afloat, remettre 
un vaisseau djtott relever un vaistcau ichoui 

Afore, ad. avant^ en avant, de Cavnnt 

Aft, ad. arrii're^ de ParriSre. Afure and aft, de 
favant ii Varrine^ dans toute la longueur du 
vaisseau^ die long en long. The M-ind is rirrlit 
aft, le vent est droit arritre. The foie man 
bangs aft. le in/it de misaine ost Incline sur I'ar- 
riire. The jib sheet is aft, le foe est bord^. 
Haul the fore sheet Hat aill borde la misaine 
tout plat! 

ASik^T^ad. ileVarriere* The after sails, /« rwY« 
de Pnrri^re. The after capsttni, le cnhcatan de 
ParriSre^ ou le petit cabeitan, dans les vaiisemix 
de guerre Anglais. Tlie afver-guard, les mate- 
lots flu gnillard (Parrit^re 

Agint-victuallcr, n. Wrecteur des vivres de la ma- 

Aground, ad. d terre^ hhou^ (en ptxrtant cPun vnis- 

Ahead, ad. en avant du vaisseau. Ahead of u*, 
de l' avant fi nous. To run aliead of one'i reck- 
oning, etre en tn-ant de son pointy ou lie son ts- 
time ; st faire de Varriirr 

Ahull, ad. a sec^ it nUits, et d cordes 

Aim, n. mire^ ou netion tk pointer un canon. To 
take aim, potuter 

Alee, ad, sous le vent (t'miploie pour coniTnanrlrr 
au gotroemail, et marover in po^i'ion de in 
bant). Put the helm alee ! /o/'.' liuCnUcmvi t, 
E 2 

A P E 

t 04 ] 


rrf's la harre ntu k vent ! Ifari alee ! loftttu ! 
HAni'i alee ! change la barre ! 

MI, ad. tr a. tetu, (^ui i emetic dant fcs txerti files 
sxuvant. All in the "vi'ma^prH a Jhsier (en par- 
lant de* voiUf). You arc all in the wiyd ! di[/ie 
du vent .' ne vientpas au vent ; All hands hijfli, 
9n all bandf lio.iy ! en haut tout le monde ! Ail 
hands to quartern ! tottt le monde A tonposfe .' 

Allowance, n. rntjun. All allowance, ration en- 
tiSre. Half allowance, drwii^ri/jon. I'ostopa 
sailor*! allowance, retratufter la ration a unjna- 

Alof\, ad, en haut {en parkmt des rm^tts^ des 
verguett et du grrnnent) 

Alon)!^, p. Alon|i:-sidp, bord-ft-bord, le long du bord. 
Come along^^ule ! accoste o bord ' Tolic alonfr, 
plier ou donner ii la bandeipar la force du itnt). 
Alonfi: shore, & long de la c6te 

Aloof, ou Aluff ad. au lof 

To olttT the course, v a. changer la route 

Amain, ad. Let ftp amain .' en bmtide ! cVst-i^-ilire, 
l/lchex teui-A<oup ! Strike amain.' anuM le* 
toilet .' (pour salurr) 

Amidships, ad. au milieu du vaiutnu (soi( dana le 
tens de aa largeur, ioit ftnns cHui de sa longu- 
eur). Put the hilm aiiiiiUliips ! droit la bnrre .' 

Anchor, n. ancre. Parts of the anclitir. fntrti^i de 
Pnncre: The arm«, les bro^ ; The bill, le bee; 
The crouTi, le loilet, ou la croi^rr ; ihe eyv, 
Vtrillet; The flukes, let orrilleit The n»ii<s, les 
tenons; The rini^, torganeau; J'he stiank, Ui 
verye ou tige; The stock, le jns, I't^riru. To 
drae the anchon, chaser sur Irs am ret. The 
anchor comes home, le vaisseau c ha,. re alt ion 
arurr. Foal anohwr, ancre dvnt le ir.h'.e a fmt 
un tour. The aiicMur is a-<;oclv-bill. I'anrrc est 
c. la xftiile. Tlw ancJior is a-pt-i-k, Cancre e^-f a- 
pic. The anchor is n-trii>, Cniure a Lai »-jr'. The 
anchor is a-wc ii<;h, Cnncre a ikrof*^. To l«nk 
an anchor, emptnneler unc nnry. To cat i]ie 
anchor, caponner Voncre. 'J\> lisli tlie anchor, 
traverser Vancre. To steer the <.i)i;) to her an- 
chor, gouverner sur s6TKiiu:re. To ritif at an- 
ehor, eire a I'anrre (rur unc teute ancre). To 
"Mne to an anchor, jt'fer Canci'e ou mouillcr^ 

■ -enir au mouillage. To shoe the anchor, bi^ider 
Vanere. To secure the anchcr, taisir I'annr 
centre le bord. To stock tlie anchor, enjctrr 
tine ancre. ou la gamir d^ sen Jnf. The tioixl 
anchor, Vanere de fiot. 'l"he k :>b anchor, Can- 
rre de jutant. *J he shoje niuhor, I'ancre de 
feire. 'Ihe sheet ancJmr, mniireise nnrre ou 
eincre d'espeiance. Spare anchor, anrre dc re- 
i.'tange. llie best bower anchor, la fixmde an- 
cre. The small bowcr anchor, t'nwre tPaf- 
Tfti/rr^f.- The stifain «nv'hf»r, I'lmcre de toth-e. 
Let go the anchor ! viouille .' 

To anchor, v n. omrvr ou Jeter PaJicre 

Anchorajfc, n. mouiilage. Duly ot anchora^, 
droit d'ancrnge 

Anchoring gi'ound, n. fond dc bontie tenue, ban 

An-end, ad. debout. onfi^rpendimlairc (rnpnrhnt 
des m/its. ^pontilles, &c.). Ct mot .s'nuj.h^. nur- 
si dant I'c.xpressinn suivunte: The luaui top 
mast is an-eud, le tnrt de grand huuier at 
gtdnd^, c'est-4-(liie, rrn'iu li .iGTt//o,fe 
Vo ar.jwir, v a. cr n. n'/Midre. 'I'o an-wer a 
si'^nnl, rrpondre h un .\ii;nnf. Thai s)ii|i «l«>es 
not answer her In lin, re hutiment gauveruc mal^ 
ou ne tent pas son gouvermul 
^prek, nd. f)-fnc {en fwvltwt du r/'J,le d^unrnnrrr]. 
Ce mot exprime nu.'ssi qtulqurfids (a iituulim 
(/«■• -.trgJief que fitu: v.i.u'iH'^in' <n pantennc^ ou 
.-.hirneef, fivo'^^rpeu ?(>• * rvj ce sens, £a. To 

ride apeek, oiMtr le* vergvej en paniairK .i 

Apron, fu In a dock, nu&er tfun battin ou/ww- 

In sliip-building, contn-etrave. In gun&tr^ 

pkttine de canon 
Armed, a. An armed shipk vaitaeau bttk r. 

Armour, n. Top anuour, pavtU de* hunts 
Ashore, od. d terre^ oppo*^ au nOot aboard. A ikij 

ashore, vahteau rcftou^ 
Astern, ad. en arriere du vait*enu 
Athwart, ad. par le travert. We ditcorered 3 

fleet standing athwart us, nottf deeouvrinxj i^^ 

escadrepar nttre tttevers. Athwart ships, fjt'ii? 

vtrf du vaistetaiy dPun bord h C autre. To ix' 

athwart, ftre nwuUle en travert du vent et t-i 

courant lortquUa stmt opposes Pun d Vautrt 
Atrip, ad. The anchor is atrip, Vanere a tcus^ 

Ihe top-sails arc atrip, ie^ hvniert soul f-s^ 

Avast! dent f ton Id! Cett un ordre de cetter a^i 

fCarrfur dant guelque mosurvrrr ou Mnr> rtt:^ 

Leg Proven^aux disent baste. Avast heann?' 

tirnt bun au cabestan! astcx virt: (ordrt t* 

center de virer) 
Auger, n. tarrieif. Ami^tAAx^ bout o\x cuilleT ^ 

la tarri^re. Shank of the auger, tige'on rrr 

de la tarritre^ ou mMte. Trough of the ii*- 

gor, manche de la tarri^re 
A\erage, n. avarie 
A-weaUitr, ad. au vent. Hard a«weather I le btm 

au vent : arrive tout .' 
A-weigh, ad. The anchor is a-wetgfa, /'amr' - 

Awniuii;, n. tevft et fendelet 
Axe, H. grande hac/tCi ou cmgn^. Battle axe, <• 

pule aie. V. Pole 


BACK, n. & ad. dos^ dcrrui^^ revert^ en en'-*'- 
de retour. Ex: Hack of the sttrn post, cer.'^^^ 
^fambt eM^r.rur. Back-board, dossier f.^^ 
canot. Back slays, ou breast back sLiys, ^ 
haubant. Shifting liack stays, gaUtaiibans r*- 
Urns. Aflor back staj a, tone de galhauUita oh 

To l«ck, v a. appuycr, soutenir. To hack sn aj- 
chor. enipennelerune anrre. To back the vibv 
coijf'er let voiles, mcttrc let voilet sur le mu** 
brnuer les voi 'es a cukr. Back iIk' m-}"' '"j^ 
sail! brasse le ginnd hunter sur le ni ' ^;; 
Back all astern ! trie tout fi euier! (c»mv»ii^'^' 
vicut aux rameiirs) 

To IiflCT^PP ^''t- iui7.en, » a. metfe Cartitt^i r» ' 
dcisut (m hnlaut I'ecouie au itkc du vei^J . 

To Utlunce a siiil, v n. prfudre un risf^l ar'^--^ ■< 
et nu/rcs voUcf sctufUaUes de br/gantin, at : • 
Irtte^ de ttoi^, dont les ris iCprenutnt par <"' '* 
Balance the mi/<n ! prends un ri^ ^ Cnrd'"^ 
ou etrcii^lr I'aiiinion trvec un reban P^^ 

Bukony, u. gaferie depoufie , ^ 

To \yaU- a ho:»t, v a. vidcr Cenu dTun cant. ^ 

f'dtrau. B;ile the boat ! /'^te TrtU/ / ^^ 

Ballast, n. lest, iron ballast, Irst tlefer, CT- ' 

go oil till' ballast, oUtT en lest. A ship »"- 

shot, vuii^cnu dont le lest et( iu'ren£f 
T(i Imlbst. v a. letter 

B:m'iiiinhi\$, n.jourt maigf-e^ , i; 

Baidi, n. banc. A sand bank, m banc « « 

1 Jiui k of oars. Ixtnc de rongeurs . r, p.,-. 

Danker, n. vuisiean eniptvyc d Ui pe*^'^ "^ 


[ 55 




Ur <> 

' J*, r V grand banc de TerPMieave. 
. ;•: f riTryj-neuner 
- , R. bcrrtd^une riviere ou rTun ^rt. Ban of 
■■:r eafhitem, Aarrf* de eabfstan. — of the 

■ < i Ur V ioiTCf de xdnda*. Hatch ban, terrr; 

'v - , n. barque ou conar dip parade^ c^est aussi 
^ ' fi-f^ <if ihahn on dTaUige pnir charger et 
- . fs-er fej vtd4»eaux 
'■■■^ Lnrqtte, nam geitertqiie 
1 1 iv. g. benude^ $orte de coquiUage qui a'at- 
'■ •' iufmd det vaUnmtx et aux rochers 

"^n-iC*: R. batayolei pmsr le ba^ngage, placeet 

■ ■^'/ntaeaux cktgmllards 

---■-' i a dock, n. bassin d radmber let voir- 
: X. BaaOa^ou wet dock, bassin d'un porty 

^:l n. tattf, litteL, ou r/a:^ * 6«*, en gfne-, 

t ikuens of the hatches, latCes de bvts det 

•>i. OQ cercles de tonneaiur {domy,' sur les 

' dts fnrlart* qui recouvrent Irs parmeaux' 

' '■'miilupwr lesfermer hermetiqxuinent) 

iv. V. Poleaxe 

••• ^i htlka, np.f9ran». ou ipontilles de sapin 
--■■ r.. -jais, et quetqiufott goiphe. The bay of 
1). k g9lphe de Gnscogiie. Maswchusetts 
^ "''. 'ibaiede Massaehiiseitr, &c. 

1. fj. 6a/ijif ou reconrtfUamnce d terre 
^^ ad, n. avani tCnn vaitieaiu Beak-head 
- htad. V. Bulk-heaa 
J iH,np. baux. Maiii deck beann, bcux dti 
''■-' r pant. Orlop be&ms, baux dufnux pont^ 
'''■'- V baux. On the beam, droit par le tra- 
" -^ vuiiffiu. oa *t/r /a pevpendiculnire {m 
^ -'-' ii^/o position des ofijcts qit'on dccotn-rr 
' e 'vn'dn). B«'t«)re the beam, im pen par 
. " -V. Ab^'ii the bcaiu, unptupar rurncre. 
'pljearn. V. MkUIiip 
■a. v.. itvrte de bateau p^c/ieur ou de cho' 
, - i«'f^ yilttet dc Port u gal 
' '^r. r «. rrsier {en parlant de la position des 
'.''' re'tuiinnatt au vaiticati fu'r Iffjutl on 
• 't ou dej trrre* par rapport let unes aux 
)• Cape St. Vincrm liore N. E. of the 
f^u*. le Cap St. t'incfni nuns rest ait au 

■ i- 'k la bouiscle. To bear ui ^s itii tJie laiul, 

" Tvrr* 2a /orr. — in >\itli t!ic itarbour, 
-c^upmty ou cficrcher le nioui'iage. — oft* 
lUif land, t''Hoiiiner de la c6(t. — off a 

' ' • fr^in ibe »Lip, \lf'f^r ou ^mr/" du bord un 
' -', ^f. (aw mornciU de I einbarqucr o\ide 
>7.'//,er). — up ou away, arrnxr vcn' ar- 

J • Hear up ! ou brar up ilie hilm ] arrive .' 
^" np rouad! arrive tout! Bear a kand! 
' '' I f'jff/n .' Aan/r .' 
'^', d. Bearded avkay, nmoinf/n {ternw de 


^'^- >i- jyLaemcnt 

' •:'• n ^. reicxanent. We had gootl bear- 
■. -" '!! the coast, nout eiiniei dc bans rdivcmcM 

*'''^v n. lam'ot/cr 

'^■'l V a. To beat a ship, dtpaiser tai vtiit- 

. ". '''"r "^'fl- abi-ier. To Ixfain* a sliip, abri- 
' ''"I "^nnseau, inangn- ou drroUr le vnit a un 
'iov. Oiu- ?hip was Ix'culmcd uruli r tlic 
, '^"tl, lafre vniyscau rsfta en rahnr so'U( I'ijle 

■ '^ n p.termt;i''wral (;ui iiy.nifie /oaf cf qui 
- • '/ a-iujfffir det cord'ige^ ou aiirons^ da mn- 
' ' ■'■ '. r. Cc ttinTte n'a pot m de torresponda nt en 

'.,;,' ''''^^''*^'' * <^<'"* C'i"'" ^'"V"/"' rrposetU leg ton- 
''^'^iii dam Catrimagf d'un t<.;**c«u), thautkr 

d'arrimnge. Bed oK{| 1ir«Tt, "'^ fft/Ri? n .^ri* 
— of a canon, y>rr//fe>Q^j^/r^//r htq^nUt iHirte 
la culas-xe du canon, rt r/w. ft^: pftnl'u tngt lia'U 
Uaaffx'its rraiK^au. V. Carriau>><r «'^«li»' b<>Nv- 
sprit, t^te de CrtKn'e on rtpwe le itfftrprr. ■ ~- 
ot'a ibip, souiile ou lit rfun vaisjeau. Bcdbolt, 
dteville qui traverse i'ajfut 

Beetle, n. mvuton (Cunt inacfiine a battre lespitmis. 
Reeraiiig beeile, tuadlet de cajhl. V. Caulkmg 

To ^btlay, v a. To bt*Iay a rope, amarrrr une 
niaiuaivre ou un cordage a son ^aquety ilievUloty 
^c. Behiy ! aniarre in .' 

Belfrey, n, montans df cloche 

Bell. n. cloche. Kiu^ tbt b< 11 .' sonne la cloche ! 
Cabin bell, son^ieite. Strike Uie bell lour! 
pique quatre .' 

Bend, n. naiid., Cannck bent!, ncrud plat ou 
marin. Gruiiny** b< iid, nrrii^rfc i-flf Ar. Mid- 
ship bend, ie maitre gabarity ou le contour du 
maitre couple 

To bend, v a. nouer. — the cable, Stalin- 
gticr le ci'iblr. — a -tail to its y-inl, tnvcr^iicr 
une voile. D«nd<, in sbip-buildui}^, F. Wales. 

Between deck*, 7i p. 6' ad. cntnpont 

Bcvfl, n. angle, > qnn-ragt\fau^se equerre (de* 
pitces de coHstructioti) 

To bevel, v a. travaUlcr une piece de construction 
suixmnt son cqucrrage 

Bif^t, ;?. Bi^lit of a rojH* ou cable, fc chiible ou Ir 
milieu eCun cordrjgc ou d'un cAble^ ou bnlant 
trun cordage. Biybl siguijie aussi cri^ue ou 

Bilunder ou bylandor, n. belandrey sorte tie bc'i'i- 

Billxjws ou bilboes n p. fers ou bar re de prison' 

Bilge 9U buiF^e, le.i petds fund* d'lm vaissrau. 
JBiIije waUT. eau dufondde calr. A ship ibat \% 
bilt^cd, vnJsscnu qui a re\^uquclquc coupy ^ qui 
est crev^ dans ton fond en ahouant. trc. Kill of an iinchor, beciPun ancrc. V. An- 
chor, liili of lailins:, ro;irjc/,fjfC//«r/ii 

Billiard, u. biUard (Icn^ui: bcirrc de jrr, servaiU a 
chasjcr les lacici de fcr cTun niuty 6'i.) 

Binacle ou biiUick-, n. Itnbitncle 

Biitb, »i. poste ; parcif-e^nw poutlon (Pun x^ausemi 
au ; ei I'cjpcxe ilanx tcnuel d fuit ton 
evifi'e. 'i'bv ship lies in a ^.--oixl birtb, le vn'n- 
*tau est bicu inoiulir. ou ttioinilr cii boilpo^fr, ou 
en Ijou parage. The sur^uu's, &c. birlb, le 
po.fti' da clururgieiti^ &c. 

To binli a ships coin})aay, v a. designer ks poste* 
de ihfitun des hcmmes de rrquipugc 

To bit llie ea!)l.-, 7- a. bitter !r cablr- 

To bit'-, V ti. nivnirt (en parlant de I'amre, lors- 
quelle ctii roclte lefoud) 

Bits, 71 p. Utres (aussi iritriction. resircinfe, la 
di:ttitfUion des bitter t-tnnf d'arrrter le ci'ible ou 
ttl autre (iirrliigr). Main bits, bitles mi gratifies 
bi/tes. T«)i>rsad abeet bits, bittonsy ou ccps d'e- 
coiitei des nuniers 

BilUirle, V. Binaile ^ 

IWinV'^n. plat on pale trnn miron 

Blast, n. ou puft' of wind, bouffit de venty ou 

Blink of the ice. V. Tee 

Block, n. poulie. Sinple block. pouUe simple. 
Double block, /ior//<> ituuble. I^oii^; taeklt-b!(A'r, 
poulie double dc pa'nn. Simtob block, /-(n/.'/r loxf 
per, on poulie u dent. Tup-bUi"k, poulie dt giuir 
dere:>se. Tivble blocks, pouhes fi troii riuets 
(cmuvie cellcs des grcndes clris\-cs), les pouie^ *) 
rnliorne d trois routt*. Gt ar block*, pouli'^ dc 
drisse a caiiorne. Cat block, poufit de capoii. 


[ 56 ] 


lUdoek Uockt. pmdie* d'ittgtKi du drittet 4ei 
huniert. Lifl \AockJfutte de batancine. Swivel 
block, pwUe d tourniquet, ((uaiter block, 
pmiUe de retour. Demi block, fiuiic d moque. 
Hook block, pouSe ^ cr*e. Voyal block, pmiUe 
de twmevire. Pin of a block, estieu de pmiie. 
Shell of a block, rawjtf ou cvrpg de la poutie. 
Notch oT a block, la goujure ou rmnurc d'une 

I'o block up, V a. bloquer unfwiy &e. 

To blow, V n. 90t{ffter^ venter. It blows a hard 
gale, U vcnte grand f rait 

To blow ap, va. tr n, tauter en Vmr^ ou ftdre 
tauter un ennemi, tre, 

BhiflT, o. A bluff bow, avantjouJJTu^ avtmt renjl^^ 
imgro* cmant. A blufNicadi.^ iliip, vwjtseau 
dmt Cetraveapeu d'elanceinent. A bluffiuouiit, 
tone montagne escarpie^ grotse mvntagne A 
pente rqpiae 

Boards n. bard et btrd^e (en Utivoyofit). To make 
a f;<x>d IxNird, ou a stent boaftl,/aire une bordee 
fttvorahle, ou une mauvaue bordee 

A4ioard. F.diaiettreA 

To board, v o. aborder un vaiM^au, en ermenU. 
Boarding;, abordage on action d'alfordtr 

Boat, n. bateau. Trim the beat I barque drake ! 
Bale the boat ! ortire dejeter Ceau. Long:boat, 
ehaloupe d*un vaisseau de gueire. Jolly bout, 
petit canot. Boat-hook.. i^n^r. Advice bout, aviso 
ou barque d'avit. A alui> boat, t/taloupe. canot. 
VMiiiig boat, bateau pi'cheur. Ctinch Ixtat, cociie 
d'eau, gafiote. Gun boat, chalou/H' tartvnniere 

Boatswain, n. qfficier de niaiiue, tiie^tre (Tnjui- 


Bob^stay, ft. souj barbe de fieaufir^ 

Bodily, ad. To drive bo<liJy upon a coast, dt river 
par le trover t du vaisteau sur i/tir c6te 

Bold, a. A bold sc«t-coasi, ci- encore, ou c6tf defer 

Bollard, n. Bollard timber, V. Kuight-liead. Bol- 
lards, corps-*nort3 (toi-vant dam un port aux 
rrotsei mtrnxuvres) 

Bolsters, n h. couttins defourrure, onpaiUer* 

To bolt a snip, v a. clieviUer un vauieeu 

Bolt, «. cheville de fer. Chain boll, c/ieviUe de* 
ehdlnu de haubans. Drive bolt, trpouttoir. 
Eye bolt, cheville d a^illet. Forelock bolt, 
cheviUe d gmibille. Rinff bolt, cheville d bettcle. 
Rag bolt. Ju'he. Fendir bolt, clievUle 'i t>(c 
ronde ou d bomon. Clinch bolt, tiicvU'e clave- 
^ nir virole. Bolt ro])e, rnlingue. Bolt 
tignif.e aui»i ouel<j('(J'oi* un faisteau ou f^cquet. 
£4:.*Reed bolts, patjuets de roicaux eei-cant il 
chauffer les vaitsrr.ux 

Bomb vewel, oti bomb ketch, tj. j^nliotra bombrs 

Boom, n. mAt. Boom of a hartwur, thaine fTun 
port ou Jtanvc. Boom ii}(wjie vu ^ruf-val bmie- 
hort et arbf^v'ant. Fire bootn, buutrhor* ftour 
d^fendre rappvorhr rlis brAloa^ crc. Boon> 
iron, cerrle de bourrhnrx^ ct autre* cerclei 
pttreil*. Jib biiom, b'-fon de foe, StuddiniP- 
aaU booms, bou'thora de borihritcs. Ring^-tail 
boom, boutehors ft une soitc de palUe<n-cul. 
Main boom, lagrauc^^ r-iruc, ou gui iTun sloop 
ou d'un br;^-anriH, f^oJeUe, t,-i:. S<pi:irr saJ 
boom, vergue de tri'o^i, on vr.rgue de fortune 
(dans let b/'rinum d voiiet ladncs ou nuriques) 

Booming, a. A ship wliich conies booinmg ftir- 
• ward, vaijsemi (pn vier.t avec toutes ses voiles 
dehors, et ses bvnnetfes haiu et bas ; vaisteau 
cotn'crt de voiles 

Boot-toppinic, n. ou bootpho^'-topping,ybrm^pifli* 
analogie, demi-bnnde^ ou demi-car^ne 

Bore. n. Bore of a cannon, ca/t'/rr ttun canon, oo 
/ime. Bore of a pump, chambre d'une potnpe 

To bore, v a.percer^ creimrtftrer 

Bottom, n,pnd^ earine d^un Toi^jom, ou r^s: - 
vfve#. A flat bottom, im /<md/)faf. A Dmu 
bottom, bdtiment deproprvM NoUandaite. l 
Rnd bottom in loundiDg, trouver fond en m 
dant, A soft bottom, /orufm«u« A bottom < 
pry sand with black specks, fond de saUr c 
piqu^ de noir. — of wnd and pebbles, ri^ul^ 
seMe & de caUhux, — of coarse sand and 
htuk%, fend degrt table mfU deceases tr<Mi\ 
— like bran, find tetnblable d du ton. - ( 
cockle sbelb, fottd dtt petondet. — of corn: 
slK-lla,ybrM/ de coquiUet de comet. — of |»Tocr 
shells, f^d de coquiltaget britee oti moulux. ■ 
of onkm pe^t, fond de peluret d'oignont. • 
of g^ret-n mud, fond de vase verte. — of a' 
jKJuiUv/bnrf depaintet d^alinet. — of stiffcli 
fond tTavgVe dur. To sinjMto the bo'tw 
couler d fondj ou aller H fond. To drag (i- 
bottom, araguer lejbnd 

Bottomry, n. botneiHe ou grotte erventure 

Bound, a. An iron4iound c«dc, ftttoiUe rerder r 
fer. A ship bound to Amsterdatn, nrnni: d i 
tin^ pour Amttetdam. Whert are you bt'Ui. 
to ? on aUex-vout f (question utitec dun f^i' 
ment d un autre pour en tavoir la dctxi 
tion). Bound aignifie retenu^ orrHt {m p-c 
lant ttun vaisteau). A wind-bound (hi{i, rcj 
teau retenu dan* un port ou mmdllttge par /.i 
vent* contrtdre* 

Buw, n» trvant du vau*eau reUthsement « li 
cviistruction, c'est-d-dire, teo deaxjmet. A leaJ 
bow, flcoTiMn^rf, A bliifrbow,(n«n;'r:/^ 
ou avant joffftu. A flaring bow, arem >1 
Htince. du the starboard bow, par ie ^«i^1 
de tribord 

Bower, n. *e tStde* deux ancre* de posfe, (*^i '^ 
eeilet qui sont placket aux bottair*. The nn:^ 
bower, ancre d^affourche, on treinhtte cv. 
d'un vaisseau 

Bowls, n p.gameilet de boi* 

Bowline, n. bouline. Lee bowline, b0i:!fne '^ 
revert. Main bowline, grande bouiine. 1- ""■ 
bowline, boidine de mitaine. Bowline mn 
riet, kcrseaux de bouline. To cheek th»* N:» 
fine, choquer la bouHne (e'e*t-it-dirt,lole%'^ 

To bowse, V a. pdfanquer ou hcder tw un cordsc ■ 
Bowse awny I oh, hale ! 

Bowsprit, n. beaupri 

Box of a pump, n. pi$ton depon^ 

Box hauhnp, V, Veer 

Boxiiip, a. ©• n. Ex. Boxing a ship, action df^'^ 
tre ks voilet d'avant tw le mdt. — of ^ 
stem, i^cart de Citrave avec lebrion 

Broce, n. bra* de* vergue*. Lee braces, hm- r.' 
deuotit le venL Main bnuses, grand/ t"^"- 
Fore braces, bra* de muaine. PnvU'' 
braces, /aux bro*. Weather braces, bm t:- 

To brace, o a. To braoe the ^nfe, brastrr^^ 
vergue* plu* prii du vent. Brace to! b'O" 
au vent ! 

Brackets, w p. courbSton* de* herpe* (pr^rrrr 
le* caiitolet en sculpture qui let recourrc'. 
en g^nfral toute tone de contoktt et petiu A"- 
tres tervant d'orncment) 

Bmils, « p. caiguet, corUqges dc nmiit 

I o brail up, v a. cm 
Bi^ke, n.orivcue'ta 

To brail up, v a. cnrguer 

kpompe ^ „, 

a— ~ rhaqw couple h 

fort. Main breadth, la plu* grande wrs":J.; ^ 
oitverture hoiizontalr de rhaque rtvple- 't 
timber breadth, la largcuv ou reoTr-'fT • 
ham de chaque triple 

tcue'taHe de 

Brt-ndth. »i, lutjicur d„ 

breadth, Inrgeur tie chaque couple h la in^ - 


[ sr ] 


H Srrak, Tii.&n. £x. To break ti|k, rmnprt 
dfj hitriii^u^ ou dhiwlir xm vaisteau. — "bulkj 
c9rrjieiKer d dkharger un vaitteau. — off, 
(n parlnnt de la rwie) t?tA tmiber amit IcverU 
f/' «rj rmaCi ou #r drranger de ta rotete. — 
rn.iin<i, kvfr Cancre^ apparcillfr pour le largr. 
J'» \x&k^hruer (m parltmt dt la mer). Break- 
in^- bulk, cmimencemem de la dctharge iTun 

l^rnk-viatpr, n. vieuje vmsseau plac^ a V entree 
''"■ ri petit port (fcur rampre la mer ; cV«t aufc"»i 
uj; pcrite bture attaclitt h une premiere bow'c 
&; roiTf, l»rtqtte Conn qui fietu h Cancre n'ett 
P» eticz long pour It /aire paraitre hors de 

K-iirrj,!! p.hritans 

'^ ''•am, r a.jrftauffer un vcisfeau 

fcn^ aja^, n, ^action de ckaujfcr un vtuiseau, 

'^y,\ !^ q^ parcit signijler le travert ou le 
f£M duvaitteaus mcit ne *'emplcie que dans 
<i <:zt itdivaju : Breast-fart, arnorrc qui tient 
''■' r^sMm par le trovers oa par son ffanc ; 
fi":irt hooks, guiHand^Ji p»ur fortijler favant 
C-. i^sKou, Hniut wcrk,/ronr^ffM 
' itii,fl, unefratcheur^ un tou£k de vent 
• -tiing, n. bragtie itaJfUt 

-^'^^:, n. vew ou brise de force modei-ie. Land 
w'T^, briie de terre. Sea bret-zc, tnUe du 
^f . A itiff"breexe, Jorte brue, &e, 

fin '.ia^,n. nutv^ noir ce Qu\n app*!io en Fran- 
Tsi,' vn gram qxd arrive ou un grain d P/ari- 

■ "^H n ft. koutf de c^lAes qui tievnent d des 
^^"^'Kt/x^ h des ancres mouilleei nu fond, 
p'^cT ttrvir d'amarrage aux vaiiseaux dtta^-mes. 
- of the hom^ane^pattes de bouHne 
^J"^- ju mi Brinntine, brigantin ou brig 
^ f brinr, t> o. To bring ^TT *« ^^^ f^'^ ehapelle^ 
f '*J>r, «r kisser cwffer lorsqt?on court vent 
'^f?'^ en fctont le tour par It cite sous le vent. 
" Vi ntettre en panne. — t > a «hip, faire 
cn-fjfr un vatsseau (pour lui parler ou pour le 
'wt.'o-). -^ Qj^ jfffj. i'>ancr€ ov motiiUer, ex- 
traiion usitee seulement dans Us batiniens 


l^l»oachto,r o. faire chapeUe, se coiffeT {lors- 
Vi on court vent arri^re ou vent largue^ en fcs- 
'Jn.' \t f9ur Par fc c&i^ du vent) 

i^ Qil'ndp, n. torttf, drcharge de canons ; efj dans 
fy^c ru eo», la batterie d^un valrseatu A sf[uall 
oi Hind hixl the »hip on her bm«dsi(1e, un 
,|''mn ehargea le vaisseau^ et lui JU niettre ta 

'"T'i^en^jaeked, a. arqut {en parlant d*un vats- 

^ *^**^ n. ^nceott ou brosse. Tar brush, brotse 


'^p^ftr, m.Jlibustier ou bouranier 
"" ^tts, n p. Mmix de bats. Fire bucket, stau it 

^^V\i-r%^ np, cfri/.r piices de bois acewpUes pour 
^urhn- les ecubiers 
'' Wild, r a. construire des vaisseau.v, &c. — 

„» ; «apel^fl,>P chahelle. se Imsser ctkffcr 

■ '^1 ojnp, a. ^.f^ Ship-buildioi^, r»n.r/ruc//on, art 
'^■^ f^mstruction, &c. architecture navale. New 
'"P« building, vounfOT/a- rn construction 

^'•^ conttrvU. Ex. Frijcate-built, frrgat/^, 
f ^n i?n<i< en fregafe. Schoouer-built, canstruit 
"imleue, Englislfbuilt, de construction An- 

It ?.*^* *'P' «^«iV«? rf'un vmsseau. 
""^^Qd. Uden ID bolk, cAar^<r engrenier 

Bulk-heads, n />. etoisons qui traversent le vms- 

BiJl's-eye, n. morgouillft ou rar« de bois 

Bum bt^L, n. bateau de provision 

B«mkin, n. minois 

Bunt, n, le milieu ou la ccrviti des twles quar- 

Buuijna, n. ^famine 

Buntliiies « A cargue fonds. The main bunt- 
liiie^ cargue fond*' de ia grand* voile, 'the 
fore buiitriii«*s, cargue (ends de misaine 

Buoy, n. bijure. Nun buoy, bou/^e en baril, en 
fornve d'un cSne pour sert'ir de balise. Can 
buoy, boucc en barif, en forme de deux cSnes 
asirmblrs par Inirs Uues. Wooden buov, 
buuec de bois, ou houee de boxit de tnnt. Calile 
buoy, Jlottes on fufnilks pnur alLf-sfr le eahlv. 
Buoy n)iK*, orin de Cancre. Th»' xVuir* of thn 
buoy, garniture ou trrtingnge de ta bouee. ^ To 
stream Uie buoy, mane la boure o I'eau. 
To haul in the buoy, renfrer la boitee 

To buoy up A cable, v a. allrgrr un cuhle, ire. 

Burthen 0m nurdeJ), n. pert d'un vaisseau en tvn- 
nenux. The Emerald, hurt lien 350 tons, 
I'Emcraude, du poit de 350 tonneau.v. A ship 
«tf hurthen, vai^seau d'un port consuUrable^gros 
bcdmcnt de cfuirge 

Binton, n. palanquin, ou petit pa !an 

Bus ou herring bust, n. b&chej bdtimene employi 
it lapfche du hareng 

Butt, n. t^ie de hordager. thm akip has startcil 
ou sprung: a butt, il s*ei " ' ' . .- - 
une tHe de bordage 

Buttock, n.fesser d un bdtiment 

Buttons, « p. boutotis 

s'est Idche un bordage ou 


CABIN, fi. ehnmhre d'ojjfiders; cabane. Cabin boy, 
mousse de la cltamhre 

Cable, n. c^ih'e. Tlie sheet cable, mnltre Cihle. 
The l»cst bowjr cnble, seco}*d cANe. The 
SMiall Iwwer cablt-, edible daffourche. The 
strtaiu cable, cAble de touie. A Bi»are cable, 
cfihle de rethange. To fjtt up a rair^'x; of the 
cablc,7/7jre bitcure. To luihit the cable, d bit- 
ter le cable. To coil the cable, rouer ou loriT 
le c<ble. To slip the cable, fder ic c/iblc par le 
bout. Stand clear of the cable I gore au c'lhle ! 
Js the cable all clear ? le cf'blc egf-il tJnr>} pour 
mouiUerf A cable's lenjifth, un cnble ou une 
encablure. We hare a whole cable out, nuus 
sommes A la petite toure 

Cablet, fi. (diminutyde c/lble) c/fblot ou grelin 

Call, n. sij^et de mcdtre drqwpage. To Xfcind a 
ctAXJ'aire un commandcment au ^ifflct 

Callipers, n p. compos courbes. On ait dans Variil- 
Icrie co7vpns de calibre 

Calm, n. catme. A dead calm ou flat calm, 
calme plat. A stark calme, calme plat 

Cauibered, a. Cainben d deck, pont arqui. Cam- 
bered keel, quille arquee 

Cambering, n. pa. arc ou arctire d*un vaisseau ou 
de ses parties. Can\bcring of a ship's deck, are 
dupcnt d'un vanseau 

Can, n. bidon, e*p*}cc de futaille ou baril. Can 
hooks, ilingue h patte^ ou pattes d'/lirigues 

Cannon, n. canon : The bret'cb, la culai \e ; The 
button, leboutoni The breech mouldings, le 
cuUle-iampe ; The base ring and ogee, la pla'e- 
bmnde de la ctilasse ; The vent, la lumitte ; 1 he* 
veot field, le champ de la Iwm^re; Ibc vi^ut 


[ 58 ] 


astngal tcoA fillets, VeutragtiU de la hnmire ; 
The eluice, ta vo/rr ; The first reuiforee, le 
premier renfirt; The first remforee ring «nd 
cwee, la plate-batuk du jrrrem/ renfort ; The 
chace girdle, la ceinture tie la volie ; The chace 
•ttragaJ and fillets, fattn^ak de la volte ; The 
muzzle astni^I and fillets, Castragale; Tlie 
swelling of the muzzle, k bwrrtlet ; The mu»- 
zle mouldings, la ceinture dr la bouche } The 
tninnioua, Ic* tourriUoiu ; The bore tu caliber, 
Pdme ou le talibre 

Cannonade, n. canonruxie 

To cannonade, v a. ctmonner 

Cnnoc^n.canattpi rogue 

To cant, v a. toumer, ckavirer^ ou remerser 
quelque chote 

Cant, a. oblique ou dhyoy^. A cant spar, espmre 
ou ruAtereau d vtine torse 

Canvas, n. tvile a ro/fc» et toile d Jtr^latl, voile* 
tVun vaUser.u. Let us huve her in all her can- 
Tas, mettont toutet voilet dehor* 

Gap, n. chouqxiet. The top-sails on tlie cap, let 
mtnier* sur le ton. Cap of a gun, plaque de 
plondi pour rouxnir raintn^e tTuv canon 

To eapacise ou •apsixc, v a. renvcrtcr ou cAa- 
virrr qxtelqu* chote 

Cape, fl. cap ou promontoire 

Cap^uares eu clamps, n p. platdande* ^affdt 

Capstem ou capstan, n. cabeitan. The paru of 
% capstem, parties du cabeitan t The druin> 
head, la t^i The rundle-bMid. ta me de la 
tloche inferieure {tPun cnbestan double); The 
ymhtij^y les Jtasque* ou taqueft; The barrel, 
ta mfche; The si>indle ou ph'ot, le ptvot. 
Appurtenances of a capstem, accetsoires d*un 
cMestaii: The saucer, Chwlle ou attictte ; 
The bars, les barret ; The pnwt^ let Hinguett; 
Th«- pins, let ckevUlet ; 'rbe swifter, garde- 
corps ou tireveille du cabettan; TTie step, la 
em'lingve. The gt ar capstem, le petit ccbestaii. 
To rijt the capstem, miner ou garnir le cabet- 
tan* To surge the capstem, cAo^j/rr aru co^j- 
fon. To heave in the capstem, virer au cabet- 
iaih To come up the capstem, devirer. To 
pawl the capstem, mettre let ilinguets au cabet- 
tatu To hang the capstem. monter ou mettre 
en place le cabettatu To unhang the eapstcm, 
dimanter ou d^lacer le cabettan d'un vuvticau 

Captain* m. captttdnc de vaisseati. CKj>t8in of 
tbe after guard, chef det nta/dots f/ostcs tur le 
gtdltard tfarriire, — of a gun, che/'de piece. 
— of the hold, conlrc-^ncritre de la cale. — of 
the main top, chef det gabiert du grand mdt^ 

Careen, n. Ejt. A ship laid on a careen, vaitteau 
obcttu en cttrine 

To eare«n^t» o. 6* n. cAattre un vaitteau en 
car hie. The ship careens undtr a weight of 
■ail, le vaitteau pile ou donne d la bande {toui 
VeffoH de Ut voile) 

Cat«v«i. eargaison on chatgement 

Carhngs, n p. travertins des baux. On appeUe 
auttt du mtme nont, Tmuet pi^ca horizontals 
qui tttivent la direction de la longueur du vait- 

Carpenter, n. nwHtre charpentier. Carpenter's 
mate, second chnrpentier 

Carriage, ri. Caniagc of a gun, rrff^Hf de canon. 
The parts of a carriage, parlies (kVafffa : The 
sides Of/ cheeks, let jUatques-i The nxle4rees, 
let ettievx ; ITie trucks, let roue* ; 'llie tran- 
som. I'^entretoite ; The. cole an bottom, ia tole. 
Koto. // n^yenapat dant la plupart det afftttt 
AtMlmt. The iron work of a carrtage,yjTrt/rr# 
de Taffdt i The cap^iquares mi clomps, let plate- 

bandet; Eye bolts, cheviOet d ediku; Jo:i 
bolu, c/ievulet d goupille; The transom b>i1 
cheville qui lie Pentretoise avec letjbuques ; Ti, 
bed bait, cheville ou bouhn qui traverse C^P 
vert Parri^rCj tur laqudle parte la culasse du a 
ttOHf Breechmg bolts, cheviUetpaur la brof^^ 
Loops ou eye bolts to which the gun taekU 
are hooked, lallett auxqudt %n accroche its pi 
lant d canon 

Carriek bend, n. torte de nanid 

Carrick bits, n. let bittet latirales du vmdas 

Carronade, n. carronade 

To carr\-, v a. porter^ eharrier^ etnduire, & 
That sliip carries her guns very low, cc nc. 
teau a sa batteriepretque noy^e. How dot- s . b 
carr\' her hclmr ctmiment tent-il sou gouvci 
nail V comment gouveme-t-il f 

Cartel, n. vatseau ou bdiimentparlementaiir 

Caned worts, ou car%er's work, «. la SLMli^in 
tPun vaitseau 

CarvcJ work, n. maniire ordinaire de border k 

To cast, t? n. abattret faire ton ubattie. Tb«' 'bi; 
casts to starbonrd , ie vaitteau abet tur /nfe'i. 
To cast the leatl. jerer la totide 

Cast, ou a cast of the lead, n. un coup de sonde 

Cast away, a. naufrage^ perdu, on jet^ d la tite 
A cast away sauor, inatdot dfgradi 

To east off*, ou cast loose, v a. larguer, de 

marrcr ^ 

Casting, rm. i^ tt. action d^akattre et abmt« 

Cat, n. chat^ torte de navfre de c/urrge des men A 
nord. Cat est autti le capon. Cai-Wock.^''': 
ck capotu Catfhi'ad, ttostoir. Cat-book, crfr c- 
capon. Hook the cat' cracAe k capon ■' OA- 
ix>pe, ou cat-fall, garatu de capon 

Cataiimran, n. catimnron. espfy; de petit mdm 
usil^ aux Indct Orhntnlct 

Cat-harpings, n. trelingage det haubant sout » 

CatVpaw, n.frafeheur^ petit vent tur Ceau 

To catch tho' brcezt-, v a. athrtper ta brise 

To caulk ou calk, v a. cnlfater 

Caulker, n. calfat, — of a ship, vnaf/tv caljct a t^ 

Caulking, a, action de caffatery ire. 

Ceiling, ou footrwaleiiig, «. ivsypr/, o« "^ 

To clmce, v a. chaster un vaitteau, on uneesf^^' 

Chaces, n p. t* eni end phut tOHvent detcar.f' ' 
chnsse, et de retraite. Ex. Bow cliaces, m (C ./ 
de chassf. Sttrn chacev canons de reticitf 

To chafi', r n. ft^ter, ou s'f^rmUer 

CliaUi, n. chnine defer, en general. Buoy et^'^^^ 
c/mines dr bauh's. Top chains, chafn^f '^^ 
basset vergues. Chains, (au plur. ** ''J''*/ 
nMnrnient ties) chofnes de haubans. Fore cw'"' 
ks ehit^nes de hauhans de i„isaine 

Chain-walcs ( par coiruption channels), "^f " 
hauhans. Tbe main channels, kx ^'''"'y ^^ ... 
haubans. The larboard luizen channel, itP'- 
hauban de Ubord d'arfinion 

To change the mizen, r a. changer ^o^'^^rs^ 

Chann< 1, n. chenol^ passe, manche. on canal. « ,^ 
British channel, to nuawhe d'Angktenr, o" 
manclie , „ 

To chapil a ship, of< to build a chapeK f «■ '' ^^ 
r/ifl/w/te, se hitter coijfTer et «>«", ''^ J^^,- 
bord midgri toi ; ce qui arrive par la »>T9 '^ 
du tbnanier, on quelqttefoit par uM to^ 

ChMxt,n. carte nurrine. A plain chart, /w^^'^, 
Menator's chart, mitcnWt^ife. 1« F** 
chart, pointer la carte 



' > iHr . utrad. harm! vivemfnf ! 

Iv, cii«k, V a. choqvtr^ ou nwlHr^ on largutr un 
pf^ un ctrda^e on une manoeuvre. To check a 
ihip in eoaung to an anchor, tu in vet- lin^ 
a«ijr, jbtAw tm votJM^c/, qui ietoigne de son 
nry:re. en httsmt le cdUe 

* Irf^r k*. n /. Cheeks of the maiU, jottereaux ou 
'r^>r^i du m^. — of the head, ceurbes dfjot- 
'7^'' "■•«"dcfofaguncaniage,7K«9u<r* 

C v^R. B p. tciut de la vm.v^ tpti te faU chex leg 
^■H^it, en criant un certain nombre de foU^ 
fi^'iToA.' We gave three cheen, nous mduAmes 
■t li-s, > Clerk of the cheque, ^rier d'admi- 
'^ r'^tiMn dms let arsenaux de marine d* Angle- 


'^^''•■. fl. cffffit. Arm chest, eoffre d'armes 
'"iT^^np,<bgues d'amtsre, wxpouUoU tTamure 

'^ fi pxtntP vmk 
f^f^iiae, va, remplir etetoupc une couture ou 

^■- i 1. djtau. CoU chisel. dfeau Afraid 
^^k. «, cde^acore. Chocks for a boat, chan- 
'■■'f: dr canm on de chaloupe. Cross chocks, et- 
P^"" J'aiWm, ou ciefs (places entre lex drux 
'"'i'u defond de chaque couple^ en place de de- 

Y '''fc. ta.&n. bouchtr, engor^er. To cliock 
= * ut, iouter, varier (en parlant du rent). The 
j ''P K chocked, la pompe est eiigprgee. A 
. -"^or chocked ufi,^rr boueftf' on cornbU 

■ ^'"P a beam, v a,jumeler itn hau 
■'"'■\^,np. (termede construction) bayquiires. — 
^ ■■i ^dmJumeUes d'un basu — of a i?im car- 
[^v N piate^mndes d'ajT^t, — of a luast, m 
■*''*^l, in tinal] vesstls. ei>lfier de m^it (dans 
'■•• 'hQiffupcs^ an peti^s Mtimens). Hanginc 

. f pi- i:al9che9 defer 

ap oa, V a. f rapper^ amtrrrer ; ^tablir un cor- 

'*";■'. in pnUmy ire. Clip on there, my lads! 

• iTTide ludfttus ! Clap on the eatfall ! at- 

'«^ m If Oram de cafton ! trc. Clap on thick 

^11 ^^, • /"?fiP^ doubles garceltes sur la tour- 

jr ^X"^' ^ ^- '^''^^'^^'t "^^l^igner d'wif cfite sur 
^j * * on^ttat affale,, et gagner dans le vera d 
I ^" ' 'K vwles^ en rowan/ aupfus prrs 
■^'- «r. Clear weather, temps dair oa serein. 
~ ' '-i^t, rSfg saine. — rope, eordf on ninnfy^t- 
['^'l^<^^c,etdont rien n'enibarrasse le meuve- 

' ■; • i jir, r o, parer^ degngrr^ Hlaircir. — the 

-PveerUtterTf. — a lifchter, df-clutrger unr 

J^ s • — the hold, d'^barra.fjfr In ca.'r. — for 

■ ' n, «• preparer au comha*^fnire hrnnldias 
' ■ " «• C9tti6at. — a rock, an inland, 8cc. (/oub- 

""y-wfi^rt/n roc her, une Isle, &c.; s'aJTrnn- 
•'' '- "n dan%er guetconow. et arriver a une 

, 'i''>rretd^gaft<^,' 
■•'^r off. 7, ff, ?expedier fi Iq douiftw, prendre 

^1 a^iCfions pour par* ir 

' ,"'!'■' ^ expeditions de la douane (pour le di- 

^ J^^nvaiueau) 

''*- '^P- (Hrr du verhe Anglais^ to cleave, at- 
^''' /^"dre) taqiicls de manceuvres^ et ga- 

,. ■ ■-■ '-'■ Ms 

ir'' ***'*'*' « a. claveter une cheville mr 

i , ,",■ "• ^•'"w»> ou srer^alre dtt mpitaine 
i , ' I, ^hle. fi. t^roff figure rPfni crb/e 
"lUj ' *•• To clinch a cable, etdrnguer un 
''^, V ®*^* — » bolt, darker une cheville sur 

59 ] 

CItneher work. 


n, a clin^ bordage A cttn (fa^on 
particiiU^re tie border certains petit * Mti>nen*) 

Close, Oil. ^ a. Ex. A ihi|> close hauled, vaitsrnu 
ericntr au plusPr^s, Line close hauled, Ugtie 
du plus pre*. A close action, cotnbat strre^ ou 
de pnh. Haul the iheeu close aft! borde let 
rcoules tout plat .' 

Close quarters, n. retranchement^ ou cloisons fortes 
etablies en trofers d'un vaissemij pour former 
utte dtfcnse en cas cTabordage 

To close, V a, setrerjermer. — the line, serrer 
la ligne 

Cloth, n. Sail cloth, foile d voile 

To cloj' fl gun, V a, cnclouer un canon 

To cluMiaul a ship, t; a. mani^rtparticuli^re de 
virer vent decant^ dans le cas tris-prest^ d'un 
raisiieau qffale sur la c6te d'un as sex gros temps, 
pour f aire craindi'e dp moriquer ik virer 

To cine, v a. To clue up a tail, carguer une 

Clue of a nSHy n. point d'une voile. Clue-garnets, 
carguc-potnts dcs ba^tet voiles. Clue-iines, 
cargue^tds des hunters et mares voiles guar- 

Coach ou coach, fi. chamhre de conseil 

Coaks, n p, d^s defonte ties poultesy et boUes des 
roi/es de charreites^ trc Lifjnum vitje iheave« 
Mith brass cuaks, rouets de gayac a dis dc 

CoaniinQ^ of the hatches, n p. chamhranles. ou 
vassoles des ^routHles 

Coast, ft. rdrc de la mer. A ihaDow coast, elite 

Constinsf, n. &pa. cabotage^ navigation te long ties 
elites. — pilot, /rt/offf citier 

Coaster, n. cabetettr 

Coat, n. braijr, suif^couroi, eiuiidt de goudren OM 
de rrsine, &c. 

Cobbinj^.^. sDite de punitUm peur les matel^s 

CobooM', fi. couverture des chcminces des cuisines 
dans les vaisseaux tnarchands 

Cock-pit, n. poste pour la visite des malades sur 
le faux-ponf 

Cock-s%vam, n. patron de rhalonpe ou de eanet 

Coil, n. Coil of a rope, tour tCun cortlage plU en 
rond ou lov^ 

To coil, V a. rouer ou lirver un cordage. — with 
the sun, rtnier fi tour. — ajsfainst the sun, roner 
i) contre. Coil the ropes up ! pare mancrtrt'-n' ! 

Collar, n. Collar of a stay, collifT d'l^fni. — of tlie 
iimiu staj , collier du grand rtni. &c. 

Colliers, u p. vaissMux charhonuiers 

Cohi'irs, 7) p. pavilion. To holrt the eblours, or- 
IfortT ou /iL.fer le pavilion. To strike the co- 
lonrs, amencr le pavilion 

To coino. V n. To coine alwut. se dit quelqurfois 
pourvirrr. Ex. 'I'he ship will not come nb<f>iit, 
le vnlssfau mnvquera ft virer. To come to, 
lait-trr toniher Vaucre. "We came to in twenty' 
fnthonis wuter, nous avons luouillr par yingt 
brai^-cr (remi. Come up Tlic cni»stern ! drvire 
au cnWs^fin .' To come up \*ith a ^h\\^ jointire 
7tn vniaeait dont on ^(ak rfo'tgii^ 

CoiuiiiE' up, pa. action tie vfnir au vcTtt, on em- 
bntd-e (lit c6tr du vent (en parlant rPun vaisseau 
f;>ti eft n la cape) 

CommaD'Jer, r},p,rnde dnns la marine Anglaise trn dr n'h.i tie Hrutcnnnt. et an iJcftou.* de 
cclui dr capitnine. Comniamler est aiisti le nom 
d'une niaxse de htns, nervml principcdemmt & 
chatit^r la rpissoirs lorsqu^on iphae un cable 

Comjufinding, a. commandant. — breeze^ vent 

Coinmiasion, n. commitsion^ brevet, T« Jut ft 


[ 60 ] 


sltip ill cornmiMJont mtttrt un v m it t tau de 
guenr en armement 

Coinraissionen of the oftTy, np. cmnmUsain* de 

Ctfinnkodorr, n. commandant tPune tscadre 

Cooipuiion, n. et^ d'frhtlle 

Compnny, n. The ihip'i compuiy, Equipage dim 
vauMou. To pan company, se separcr 

Compui, n. cmipat de m»r^ ou tfiutide, Hanr- 
inp compass, ctmpa* rtnvera^. An azimuui 
coropaw, cm^M de variadotu Dipping com- 
pass, bwufte d'indthmion. Card of a compass, 
rue du ewtpas, on de ia bmustky au rote det 

Compassinfift/M. <Sr a, ^hrte donttee aux pi^s 
deoou de canxfrficfion, qui ont beaucoup dare 

Compass timber, n. bM eourbant 

Complete book, n. r4lc d'^qtdpage 

ComptvoUer of the navy, tt. contrSleur de la miy 

-To cond, V n. commander au timmnitr 

Conductor, n. paratounerre 

Consort, n. vauKOu de cmiKrvCy eonsrroc^ vau- 
teau mateUit 

ConToy, fu canvoc, etcone 

To oonToy, v a. convctjer 

Cook, «. coq d'un vaustau 

Cook room, n. atUtine 

Corda)^, n. cordage* on manftncvrfs couraiues {qw 
mnposent ia garniture d'un vatsteau). Cable- 
laid cordage^ cordage deux/ois romvii^, ou cor- 
dage commu d lafafon des cCbles. Huv^ <u>r.Iaid 
corda^, cordage ii trou on quatre tororu, ou 
commu en httursi^re. Spare cordage, cordaget 
de rechange 

Corporal, n. beu-t^cier des vaioteatix de gtterre, 
qui e*t fubordontii au capitaine d'crme* 

Corposant, 7t.feu Saint-Ebne 

Corsair, w. pirate barboretquey &c. 

Cott, n. hamac d CAngUtisc 

Cove, n, crique on caiattque. Cove, la voUte de la 

Counter, n. Lower ou raaltcd coimter, lagrtmde 
vpAte tTun vaisseau. The upper c«unwr, ou 
second counter, ^cusson d'un vaijt.feau 

Countcr-lMRBcijig, ji^a. bratser a cottttt 

Course, n, route du vaisseau. Sieer the course ! 
en route! mets le cap en routes 

Courses, n p. tctt basset voiles 

Coxswain. V. Cock-swaiu. 

Crab, n, cabestan a Vamieunefa^on 

Cradle, w. berceau (wnKint a Uintvr un vwsteau h 
la mer), lite a essleu (que Con foumit mix ma- 

Craft, n. aUtge^ on cmbarcation (terme gincrique 
pour toutes sortes de petites barques) 

Crank, a. A crank sliip, vaitstau qui porle n\nl la 
voile^ ou qui a le c6tr foible. A ship crank by 
the grouiKJ. vaisseau qui^ ayant Us fonds tries' 
jfttiSy nepeutpas iire tir^ ti terrcy ou echoue sans 

Cranks, n p. lantern crank, aiguille de /anal. 
Bell crank, crochet de fer qw serf de levier pour 
/aire ailrr une cloche de vais.sran 

Crawl. //. bordigue, oti retrauc/wii.cnt de cnnnes et 

de roseaux en claiesy Jiur let bords de la mer^ 

pottr y fenir dnpoisson oi/i'i tut^ 
Crayor. n. crnyer. soiie de vai^icau Suidois^ tt de 

la n.a Baltique 
Crazy, a. A crazj ship, xKAsseau en mauvnis Hat 
Creeper, n. noc 'o quatre biamltcs^ ou especc de 

Creek, n. crique, ou calanqric 
Cringle, n. lumccu rir boti'incr, et autrfs anncaux 

de coicks jta ^ *• aux ralmgues des voiloi. Iron 

eriugles au hanks , armeuu:^ ikferpmtr kt Mii 

To cripple a ship, v a. disempartr un vaisteav 
To cross, V a. crtiser^ traverser. To cross a th| 

d/tpofscr un vaisseau, en courant bord t ctnif 

Crosvjack yard, n. ver^ue s^che, ou vergve 

foug ue. Cross^ack sail, voaie de fortune : 

Crofls pieceu n p. rateaux ou rateliers ^ chevUk 

Cross-stair, arbalite «a fUehc {instrwmett 
prendre hauteur) 
Cross-trees, n p. barret traversiire* det hw. 

Main crosa^rees, harru trmornh-es du grc 

mtity <£rr. 
Crotches, n p. foureats (pieces de construfn 

comes y ou chantleliers de bois defer 
Crow, n. ^i/jce, on piTtce defer 
To crowd sail, v a. tr n. forcer de voiles, fe. 

force de voiles 
Crow-foot, n. arraign^. Crow-feet of ihc Nan 

V. Spurs of the beams 
Crown, n. Crown of an anchor, eoUd on cnu 

d*utie ancre 
Crow knot, n. nceud des bottes h boutons, cu r 

de-porc couromt^ 
Crowning, n. cul-de-porc, ou boutone des btuft 
To cruize, v n. croiser 
Cruj^ n. campagne de croisih^ 
Cr<uzer, n. vats»eau croisseur ou en eroin^n 
CryuZhifi;. p. a. action de croistTy eroisi^re • 
'I'o crutch tlie boom, v a. mettre legui au rri 

ousur sapotcnce 
Cuddy, n. (dans les petite vaisseaux) amtn^^ 
foyer. — , in large ships, tambour ou vejtih 

fie la ehcanbre de coiisdl (dans les grands t«^ 

Tocunn. V. Cond 
Current, n. courant. Setting of a current. t^? 

tion ou fh^te d^un courtmt. Counter-tums 

courant en scfis contraire d'un autre, cttart-i^ 

To cut, V a. coulter. We have cut tlut vps^c i o 

from the land, nous avoTu coup^ la tern <i « ^ 

tiinent. To cut away the cable, coupcr ^ f 

— out a ship, enlevrr un vaisseau. — and Jti" 

couper le cable, et fat re force de voiles 
Cutter, n. cutter, sorte Je bdtiment i rit^^icA 

vidssccux de guerre i^j.' -a 

Cut-wutor, n. taille-mtrygorgereeifl^f*'^''' 

ron tout enscn.blc 


DAVIT, n. davier, mlnot^ moulinet . - , 

Day's work, n. le poltit, ou la route tsttfn^'^^'] 
vaisseau dun mtdi d. Vautre 

Dead, a. Dead calm, calme plat, 
mouton. Crow-foot deaa eyes, "'•^'''^ i 
raignies, &c. Dead block, poulk '> '^'^^^ , 
lijjfas, faux saboitU, ou faux iiiantnat ( j*- 
lesfau^trcf de la ptupe). — doors, ;>or/« < _ '^ 
chanf^ pour lag: -rie^ ou fmnseij^^* iQ^^ 
senhr en cat qi.c ceUes qui sent en /**^' f^ 
etfoncies par un coup de mer). — "*f r" ^ 
Neap tide. — reckoning, route f^'^*^' ^ 
water, rcmoux du oillage d'un »«f^*TV.. 
wind, vtnt de bout. — wood, courM^ ^^ ^ 
plisrc/^r, ou bois de rcntpUuoge. — **"*' 
vi-es n.ui-tcs f^^ inffcl 

Deal, n, bordages et planches de sapw. One w 
iit^\i^ ttluticnes de sqp d'un pouce ^^^ 

Decayed, a. Decayed stores, <^' ''**'' * 
oncou'Jan.n^s . .^««i' 

Deck, »i. pout tCun laisscau. Gun ce»' .\^ 
daiii lee fngatoi & autres bdtunem 


[ 61 1 


!<%.V h^ttrie, Lvverdeek, mi main deck, k OovUinp, a. tr n. action de doubUr tm cap^ ^r. 
y(':<ier pant (daru tes vaifsemur de Hgnt!). MM- — nails, cloiu de d\ffh-entes dimemiont. V. 
1' dctk, Ir lerMK/ ptfu {dan* ie» vaissetntx d Nails. — fr fir-lining or the bits, cnunn de* 
' i^' poati). Upper deck, <^ trmiime pont^ bUtes 

^zTri kj vmsmmx d troi* fimttt, et If tectnd To douse, v tu largxter^ Ott moUir {en parlan$.dei 
;^ui' dam ceux d deux pmtft. Quarter<ieck, corda}(ct) 

QTdd*artfre. S|wre Ae^ faux pent dam Down4iau), n. fuJebtu, on ctdehas^ on amttre dfi 
'^ ' .. V. Orlop. Half -ovxlcs dC^tai. — tacklf, carruebag det baste* 
vergues. — of the jib. fuMoaa du grand for. 
— i*r the main stay-sail, MUbas de la grand* 
vn!e a'rtal 
DmblcT, n. sorff, tJe ftonneffe niaill/e ou /off'f, plo- 
ere nu Uif (fum- honmite^ dans les sloop f rt goi- 
Irtfti, CTf. 
Dnifj. Ti. drague 
To ilrap:. T' o. To drip the ancfior, labourer aire 

son fiitrre, on clmss^n- ear sen ancre 
Druu^^ht of wall- r, n. tirant iPcau 
To dmw, V a. & n. porirr {m fKirhnf des vcih'-'^. 
et tirer (en ftarlafU du /intiu dan/). — ihc 

■^afes, tre. Orlopdeck. f. Orlop. Half 

' fk. rtpaceeempHs entre fe m6t d/crti.r tri et Ic 
zi'.^ji mdr, sva- te second p*ni dans let vfrirtrau.v 
/l',^/, et qui leur serf de corps-tleaarde. ' 
J''.^a<l«k, cvdeek flush fore and aCi^poiif en- 
' r. tsu ravakf/tent ni tnfemiption. By liie ) 
d^tk. cij Tudupent. Our main mast was car- ' 
r I'l a*ay bjr the deck, netre grand mdt fut 
"r;<Tf n rof dutmit i 

•"*"tr. a. A two decker, H three deektr, row- ' 
^"^adtuxpontst vauseau a trots ponts i 


Up «&»(al, a. ^Kj accost ille. V. An mot 

T|Mi the vatrr, v a- trouver plus grand 

ships of a squadron in a liiie, raui^er let vcn- 
scau.v tTune nni-fr m ordre de co'h/jaf, metre 
les x'oissemjx en ligiic. — af'i. atiouut-r (tn ptn- 
--^rT\^. n. starie \ Utnt du vent). -^ upon a «liip, gagtter un x.ats' 

l^r'jite, n. dljff-rence en longitude (terme de senu 

"■•■.^at'^7\\ point de partance \ To dress, v a, pavoisfr un vni^seau rrt'er ^W pa- 

1-^ ri. prtfendew: — of a sail, chtite tTune j vil/ons de toutes confcurs, u'c^JIannuesy c*. un 

' jour de rrjowssnure 

'^■'^. n. martinet d'artimen. —• and span, 1 Drift, n. derive [d'un vaisicau n la cnpe^ ou qui vt 
' 'i^ ft ict branches i gottveine pm), — of a cnrreni, to yi^rr* li'uri 

'< I runt of a fleet ou squadron, rfi'moncTun^ I ceurant. S|KM)n drift, K S|K>un 
-t^-wadredefach^e \ Adrift, K. d la lettre A 

■i^^y^vn. toniber^oVi cesser (en pcrlant riu ' DritYs, ii. ra^jafturs (des gaillards et de la du- 

Drift rails. V. Rails 

To drive, r n. derix'rr, aller en derive. — with 

the tide, cajoter, deicendre it Infmtur de la mr.- 

ree, —• a vessel on sliore, forcer un vm^^tau ii 

fairerSte. — a bolt, chasser urie t/ievL'ft 

Dri\er. n. paiL'e-en-cui. — boom, boitieUors de 

DroL'p rs ou drog^uers, n p, h/itimens cabtaam 

{des ties /ItifilUi), ire 
Drop, //. c/iiite (en parlant des priiiajjales voiles 

'I o drop, V n. tomher. — astern, tester de Varri* 
^re. — anchor, lauser ttnuber Cancre, mouilUr. 

— a sail, laijter tvuther les fonds d'une votlt. 

— a stiip, laisirer iiti vaLtseau deVarrine 
Duck, n. toUe f) voile. Duck up I cargue a vue f 

cargtie les point f de la gratuF voile ! S'c 
To duck a man, ti o> domter la cale ti un hointnc 
Ducking', pa. & n. cale (punition) 
Dunnage, n. fai'tkige 
Duty, //. devoir, service. The oflktrs on duty, ,t 9 

ojjlcitrs de set-vict 

' " r>:iiee of btitode, n. dfjprence en latitude 
■ ■■■I '^n tunHgation\ calculee ordinairauent d'un 
■ '-•' fj I'autre 

-'^>- ^. Dunmijie 
i '■ Dip of the needle, incHnrison de VuiguiHe 
^^jtn. — of tlie horizon, depression de Cho- 

^ ■ tyn 

• '- jhJe, V fl, d^semparer^ ou vmltrniter 

' -wL a, d^trmpetre, ou incotnniode (en parlant 

' 1 ufiarpp, » a; To disebar^ a ship, df charger 
• Ta.jjcBu, aussi le detarnier. — an officer, 
^ >.-7?/ ■/«■ un vfjirier, ^c. — the crew , tUsaV' 
^ ■"^. rtftigrdier Cryuipage 
■ iLtrniboffm.. V a liebouquer 

-^'•«1, a. dhn/itft par ta tempite ou dans un 

' ' "^ 'I'wrt, V a. To dis]i«rt a canon, marquee le 
}''■'"■' de mire ftun canon, ealibrcr un canon 
^ > rv, n. The signal to disperse, signal ^de 


'" tv B. Signal of distress, signal dTincoiiu 

•-■a, a. t&vision d*une estadre 
• ^« »L Dry dock, hassiit, ou forme pmtr la re- 
^^r'f det vaisseaux, &c. Wt^ dock, bassin 
''_ '- fi fttrt^ ou darce. Dock- j-ard, arsaud de ma- 

' '■'<-^ k. t o. To doek a sliip, rttr^ntr un vaisseau 
'•'•*" /'• fjOTsin^ dotmer une carene de bassin t un 


' iudi^ a fle^t, V a. rubier ttne escadre 
^" '.'-'• "• renard d embarquer ou tUbarquer des 

' ;<^ r, «. dogre (lorte de bdiiment de pfche Hoi- 

^ 'i'an of the matt, n. bademe des mdt* mo- 

' 'jWt^janked aara. F. Oait. Double-headed 
M>oV {1^uk^ A deux tites^ ou boulets rami* 
^" °ouUe a cape, v a. dmdkr un cap 

^oL. HI. 


EARINGS, n />. ra6ofi« de pbinture 0U </e r/. 

To ease ofl^, ou ease away a rope, v a. Jlt^r^ nM- 

liVy ou largucr uncordufie. To ease gei.lJn. 

filer en douceur, ou largucr pen u peu. Ease lijv. 

ship! lof & la lame ! lof a la risic '<' the* 

helm ! redreste la barre ! arrive .' fats porter .' 

ne vienspas au vent I 
East, n. est, ou L evant 
Easterly, ad, Ensti-riy wind, vent d'ea . To steer 

easterly, gouvemer d I'e^t 
Eastern, a. I'he eastern shore, la ctte de Cegt 
Eastwanl, ad. vers Ccst 

Ebb, n. eftr,r^jr,>iMonr, ou kperdonU The 


[ 62 ] 


lowest of tlic ebb, lafn dupentcmt, ou iafn du Faint, a. meu-faiblt! ten parhnt du wb') 

1 o ebb, V n. dc^rentJre, ou perdre (nt parlant de 

la mttrt'c). It ibbs, /« »«t perd ou de.r*cud 
Eddy, «. reviau.x. — uiml, tourhillori ffe rrrif. ou 

t<7i/ r/ort /o (Krrctiofint chnnfi'-e (tar Ic vrJihiogf 

tfun cap^ d'uiic nwiUagiie^ d'un grand ediJitXy 

To edge away from « eoast, Rtc. r n. t'rloifitier 

ou s-rcar'er en d'^/tnidnnt irtme r6fe (ou <//- /<i 

r«;fr 7'/wj ./ivrr/V auparavani, ou r^j/Jn cTwm 

«»///r vaitscaii). To rdpt- in nith a ship, »u to 

«lj^c' to>\-anl5 a sbip, jaiudre un vauKtiu en de- 

r.lliow in the haase, w. tmtr det rubles 
Saint Elnu's lire, otd jack wiili a kiitcrn, n. feu 

EnibHiTji*, »i. eiuhargo. To lay an enilifirg;o on 

shippnti;, nicttre eiitftargo dmit un port 
To iinbark, v a. & r. rmfKnrpici\ et irmbarquer 
T^nUiytcl, a. nffat^ nir la r6(e 
£ndon, nd. lerapjturtm o'ljrf, on droit dessrit. 

Wf siootl ('ImUmi tlu- em m)'s ship, nous aviotis 

le mf> titr le vnhseati mncnii 
End-in. ad. Krid-in a river, drvit dedans tiuc rivi- 

erts &c. 
K.nd lor end, ml. fmd-pour^iottt 
To enforce a si^ial, r a. apuuer an signal 
F.npaifvnjeni, ?j. combat nax^ai 
Enj^ne, n. WaUT engine, pompe d ineaidie 

Enpineer, n. N'a%-al engineer, ingniicur de mn- Fnthoiu, n, braur 

Fair, a. Fair sky, cirl ^iriu. — weatbir. 1-] 
temps. — >»ind. bon itM, — wav, /«> n 
tniitru d'un catutl. That ship lu*s' in t lie r] 
vay, OP \^is»fau e$t moni/le en irtnrrs ik 
/wwr, ou daut le milieu du canmlfiu. dupatK 
Fai r te pirnd e wore comme adverbe, Dw 1 1 
boat lie fair ? le crniot esl-il orrotfe .' 

Fake, n. £»/«, ou cercle {it an evrdage ou cable / 
ou love) 

Fall, n. Fall of a tackle, bout dugarmit dun ^ 
Ian. Cnt-litll, ou cat-rope, garant du rafM>!i. 
Cnt. Falls of a ship's deck, ravaleweig 
pDitf dTun vaisseau 

To fall, V V. To fall almard of a diip. aiwrir 
vauscaii {en rhasxaitt ou en d^Hvant tar /(.: 
deliver tar vn vaUsettu. — astern, mier. n 
par la poiipe. — calm, rammer {en parim 
tcmp9). — down, detrendir {one rh-icn ': 
fa^rur thi roui-ant). — iii with a sliip. rm' 
trer un x^iiswnit en nter, — off, afiattr'. K 
ton a'tatih. Let her fUll off! /craw ofc^^'i 
Inixse arriiier .' 

Falling o<r. fm. abattt-r. I'hc ship is (ailing i)fn 
vaifyeauj'dit ton tynUtrc 

FaRliion-picci », n p. eomu>rt4^ etta'nt. A cai 
tksliion-pioce, extnin dei'O'fe 

To fa&tcii. »' a. aiimrrcr. Her 

Fat, a. gras. A Uit (|ii>irtt r, grot arrierr, ou s 
nr^re en/lt^ 

F>nsigft\, «. enseigney ou pavilion de poupe 

To enter, v a. '1 o enter men ftr the nary, etirSler 

det /lotumeji pour le tervire de la marine 
Entering ropes, «. tire-veilU's de Pet /telle /tort le 

Ent ring-port, fi. porte rPenffve {firt r'at.itenu:^ A 

ti ois ponts.jK'rr^t au uiteau du second pent) 
Entrance, n. E.x. 'I his ship has a fine entrance, 

ce vaU^eait a un bel avnnt ou un f/cau colth 
Equinoctial, n. ^ a. eguino.xial^ ou la ligne t^r/ui- 

noxiale. — gah s. coup de trn/ de rrquiuarc 
To equip, v n. arwer (un x^ais^tcau)-, &c. 
Escutcheon, «. ecu^son, ou cartot.cfi*' (au milieu 

ile la poufie^ ort ett cait le nom du vaixseau) 
Ext reise, n. exercke des canonj et ties armet d 

feu, manii-uvres et ivolufiotii umafct 
E\peinliiur<- of stores, n. contommationt (de mu- 

nitions et marchaudites) 
To ejiplore a coast, r a. /aire la derouverte d'une 

c6^<\ et rcrounni^rr, fnr ob^icnatioiu et re' 

i}wrqtiei. srs ff/'tnifv. la sifuaHon. &c. On dit. en 

fran^nis. recbnnaffre ct rrfever cole, &c. 

et iicn f.a-i exjilorer 

To favour the masts, v a. n}^nnger letrw'tf.i 

To fay, V n. ftffieui rr, toucher de par4»ut. li''*^' 

To fend, r a. dfnidre. — tJie boat, d^/fwlff 
canot ou la rltiifo:i/je (dant rabordage cti^'f 
vnigfrrm ou conitr tin quai, kyc). Frad * 
IkmU ! ou feud oM'! t^Jic > part ht decent: pr^ 
ii arcoifer! 

Fenders, n p. f'i^frnte.r, eordet de d^/eiur, &>■ 

To letch, V a. hi. To fetch wayjouerdmn ■'- 
^tambrai (enptirlanf d'un m/if), oiler an / ? * 
(cnfMuiant ma'tc^ tonneau.Wkoutrfdj^ 
&r. — the ptinip, eiigr^nrr lapowpe 

Fid, eu masttid, n. clef tiet matt (de/iuttfou d 
perroqucf). Fid, cw splicing lid, ^>«i«>- >* 
iiumnicr. V. Hammer 

To fid, V a. To M the top-masts, «u top-jaHiPi 
masts. Oft to ent* r the lid, patter lad<j''JA^-^ 
pied det mtits de hune^ ou depenroquct 

Field, n. Fields of ice, banct w glare 

Fife rails. K. Rails 

Fjghr, ». Si-a-fij^hi. comftat nax^l 

To till, V a. retnfilir, fairc tei-vu- {en pailar^ '' 

dun fon.'nj^f: — of a stoy, rol/et d'rfui. IV 
cf n ship, purlietdu vaitseau qui aont voi.i.tet 
dei eruticrs bolt, n. cheville a leillct 

Ey<>. n. Eje of a rope, trlllet, fv'.'rtr, ou cffrope Filial, a. The boat filJe<l and weiUdown, /f <c'« 

te remplit etcouta ufuiui 
Fire, u. fru 

Fircmrrow, n. dardhfeu 
Firi-ljoom. V. Hoom 
Fire-ship, n. br^lot 
To fin-, V a. To fire a ^w.tiirr un coupi^^-'"- 

Fin to larlMiarU ! feu babord! 
Fish.ij. nifuhine Auglaitc latiplareeen Francrf-^- 
iiu puinu nmmne can^/e/rtle ; red autti k **<" 
F.\('E of a RTn. «. tranche d'un canon ftunrjumellc de nult on de i^rgw 

Factc.r. n. /<i< fcur, uu agent I "I'-giff, n. /'oriir Onttrumcnt dep^hc) 

Factoi-.. fi. rom/j(oir. uu place de commerce (rfiez To lish, v a. Ki. To fi«h the anchor, /rfftvr.r 
r^lrmti'rr) j Caurre, ou la Jiltter cmitre le bord b *♦« A^' 

To fftg out. V n. se raguer {en pnrlant det cor. par le moijcn tfune cunddrite. — « "«•*'' *' 

rf^jrv), t''iuer I jurd, jumder vn mAu ou vnevergue 

Jv.^-cnd, n. Fng-cnd of a rope, «• bout tTun rw- Fish machine, n. rhats^tnar^e, chm-rette detf'^- 

*• ''S^ ^ , j "" transport du fm^^on 

Fi!U t, ou m\%c muitcr,;i. patsc-volant Fjsli roo% //. toute au poitton 


[ 63 ] 

V U T 

~mtr -i»ar. n. irienrJfv tkp^ fir 
r, I.1J, tupAfieur, Uifcati pri /iftiry oit&aj'ijue 

■ /"■ Ar 

*:; t;ut ships, r a. nrrt'er ffet I'onscnt/v. To 
: 3 upHnjut. fee. aJisTcr tin m'':f ffe fitnif, &r. 

'\. 1 0. To fi.\ tilt- 9hrou(U upon the niast 

ad rapr'rr /c* f^vihan t 

'.. :aiiU«ti. QHtHiv'rllon tie ctmnuiutkmmt 
- trit\r. R. dflaerg^nf-rnl 

viip. «. m':f^i-nv iortuuamhnf^ ou z'ohscau 
-■ ;-'■''■ an fioxiiou ck <^tnmmuiriiifut 

• i(',ii.b4toi: (fcpfn-;liot). uu 6'ro»< trru»'iinir 
■'< -A oute, II. vaJsscau ou ly'iumeiU /Mineicii- 

•^ '■•'ieffenid, oo >^thftfuut1 a Jterhrr (a nu.i ue 

'■'P- r 8. (xatrf./u- e-'ii: 'Vhv suiU an- fiwiv 
;u"'0 the mail. <W t't/ilf* fourttciV le m^/t 

-'■:. pa. ^ n. t^Umrf on f>7 v;,'*^ ; riaivemnU ou 
" (^ '^r. A Baring bu»^ av^ntfurt eluivr 
'^^QW batture 

' '' ;ii tiif sails, T n, trmfrs^r Iri vwlrs. Flat 

! rs-anl! inrctne fa tniicincei IrfJ'vr^: 
' •■• rtfedevcnt 

' '. r^'firhe, arnw^c fimnfc^ oujlo^e (ite h/iti' 

■ licrfyindj) 
t- '^ '/- ©■ n. To flci't a tackle, n/fhUr ou 

'— .'/.r b^ palan (done lex p«uiiex sc (ourbcnt 

•k. pa, action cTa^afer o« tk reprcndre uu 

■ I n. rodeau (de mdu^ &c.) 
' "^i V n. fi^tfer, ftre fifo^, rvrnagcr 
^ 's Uiu-ry, n. baiter iejloitnnle 
A n, if wtntaitt de la rrta^rc, lejttue^ o« leJJtit. 
'5 aiia</st flood, la ntuv^e va remonfn'^ ou le 
' -'-^ pr^t (k armtnencer. At new tiood, ou 
' ,' '>n^' Hood, an mQtUaiU de la marte, aupie- 

f 'I. k foiteJonf>lai':fontt tPun vaineaii. A 

^7 flour, fvnd fin. A liat Hoor, ybiw/ /'liif. ] 'lo Tnip a LickJr, 

hunter. — top bowline, hou'ine Je pedt Itu- 
lut'r. — top reef taeklf. palon ffe rif tin /le- 
tif fiuwer. — top clewlJiK**, t^ar^i.f'pohd.i du 
/'<•'/• fiuiiicr. — lup lia.lia»\l, ilrtae tin pr'.'f 
fiuuirr, izjrc. — toj>-;;:ilIu!»l luast, in't (If (M.-iit 
perrot/iic'f. — tuiV4^.1laia-iaii. fjfrU /n-rr '.'/>«/. 

— tup-XTilIant v^ifvl, XTii-ne ilf f,*':it jKuo'iUi'f. 

— lit-, ifngitc (h- la ilris.c de iiihfiiiie. — janl, 
rcryi.e dc muninr 

For. Liml, iu cap. u\i pointc 
VuvAi>t:k,n. ^uupilr — liolt. T. Ilolt 
To fore rracli, V rt. F.A . Ti» lon'-niich upon a 
sill J), ftr/iriifer uu vahwrni, jifi^nrr tur un 
vftUifau (lor^fjii^cnj' ii,f'ttu- tiiule) 
F(jrc-ru»iKir of liie lug lii»c, n. marque de la 

l'l;IIC (le I'tC 

To fm-j^c ovtT, V a. forrrr. — x\v \i'c. fortrr ft 
trtivers Its glare i, /w,ier, eu Itsanf Joue de 
voiki, n {ravers let •,'.n< es. — ov. r a lJ.iuK, /i//- 
cer /> (raven un hdiiv {de vrute uio I'e »t,r Ir'jtirl 
en est. rchtfU/f (hi rthnu, en fe^uiu beaucoup de 
vo* c f)i Jronrfiir un Utitc 

Korw anl. ad. en avant 

Kutlu riiit^, «(/ lu-iiliriidiB:, pa. action ou maniere 
d^aiTv^lrr une voie ifian 

l*"oul,rr. sale. -— wal. r, euu tnUr ou trotih'-^e. — 
^u\\ui\ fond de iuatn'(ii,c (cuu»:. — c.h^j, c^tc 
ntal-fiinCf c6 t dmij;ircusr. — hauw, r; t/'.r f/cjr 
snbici. dcnii'inur, ou tourdeic/lMfi. — uiiclKir, 
ancrt di/ru Ics cabUi out prix un four. — ropt-, 
c»rde ciii'tfirrauee^ .?''"'^'"» «u engag/'c 

Foul, nd. To nm foul of a saiid bajik, a^iihoucr 
sur uu Ijunc de table ' 

To founder, v n».coukr 6flr, ou ceuler hfond^ torn- 
brcr^ n\\ passer 

Fox, n. treur de vienr corff(7»r» 

Fnuii*;, n. rtrufjle tTuit x^t.itan. Midship (hune, 
vuiitrc coup'.t. Loot' frauj ^ , couple de lof 
, cd.enl " ' 

In fnime, cd. en botte, on in f'ii;ot 

^- ^^<yfKiT, fond nloTtg^. A risiog f\wjr. fond 
i.n^r ou fac»nnr. Floor timber*, varan' 
■"■■ Hoon hV^s, t/ies des "^rattguej^ ou 
■ "11. en Floizaiju fi. ^ptrves de nter. marrfHut- 
' • oa effhtt irouve.g Jfottmn. o\\ rn ilei nr 
J vi.r fi. ii floTks soutti iiito tJiat hurt^jur, ce 
'■-'• ' ^st ^uihli fiord ef sad 
, '^"ik'.fl. £x. FloMvinp^ slieet*, ^'-eutes larf^u^t 
■> of Uie anchor, ou flooks, n p. frntics de 

! '". •*. nVfc, rnffalCy ou vrahi de vent 

. f in ( u«{^ n. battaiU ftun pavilion^ tjuexie 
. ' ' ;-i4ViUo>i 

■ - itt, 0u rtisfit, r,JMte Ht^lamfaue, oufibot 
' ''• t n. £jr. Let Hy th«! sht*t»! /ft/;g7/e les 
. ' *■ 'fjr.' 

' 'i. f (i^t of a ?«aili fotut tCune -ro'dr. Foot* 

-- ''.■* Futtork. Kbut rjp*', rnlmf^ne de 

"'• — rfjpti, ou Iicnses of i)nf \-nni», rnrnrhe- 

. ''f dei xeigues. FV^oi-wak iii^. vaigrngr 

' a'. <n»frt. Fort- and afr. de ftwrnt a Curru 

'Oil tie long en long du xuUieau. — lyjw- 

'/*^- hulhie drnuiaine, For»-cwtIe, f^niUa-d 

^ • f.ra. Fore cat-harpiug;^, trelingagc da hau- 

■'^ <^r mitixiite. — loot, brion. — hrxikt, o» 

■»^t )iookm, gvirlandet. — f^r ar^, dri^xcs de 

' •'irrrine. — m»%i, m^t de mijaine. — nwil, 

«>f,f ou Tw7f de inhaine. ■— alurouds, Ami- 

'■i^'i (k muaine. — stay, ^ai de misaine. — 

' '!». hiftede mUtrine. — top-iua«t,^i/ n»/5(f (fe 

'■ I'x. —topsail, /«//> fiujiier^ ou r«7e dejfetit 

"ffer un pafan^ &c. — 
ip, ceintrer un vn/x^cau 
To fie.', r ff. oj/'ran/i/r (en parlant de Taciion de 

la ponifie) 
Frt V, <i. A iVfe wiiul, rt'«/ largue. To ^o iKe, a/- 

/(T;- I'cuf Inrxitte 
Frtf'/.inj, o« Irecze. n. /rj^r 
FnijfliL, n.fixt. To Utke in fniglit, prendre du 

fret, ou rftarger d f'rtt 
To fr.ifjlit, V a.frcirr. 
Fn «h, c. Fr«. sli wind, vent frah. — shot, cournnt 

d'cnu douce 
To fn shun, T> a. ^ ft. The uiiul fn sV ns. //• lyrnr 
frni ftit. — the IiriMS;-. xcungrr le rnO'e, rajrui- 

cftir In fourrure du table *\ I't-ndi oif tfea ccufjur* 
Frwlies, n p. eau.v tauvfigrs, ou duucint 
F rieate, n. fn^ga/e. — IHi il t, /r t^gatt- 
Full. ad. & a. Full and bv I prr^ et p''in • Kc. p 

ht-r full ! fuis porter! drfUt du it nt J — waii r, 

nier p'eiue, >j p. fuyaux dc f>iA!e. &c. 
To furl, V n. /'crier fej ru'rt 
Furlitijj-liiii, n. raUin dejerlage ou g':rrette fifcr- 

ler let voiles 
Furr, II. Furrincr, fonrrvrr ( unr pjoe dc 'f»h) 
I'o fiiiT, V n.fourrer ou doubter (rn ternies de con- 

*tr union) 
Fur/, ou furo?, n. menu* boispour le cftanj/}ige des 

vaiisennx. V. Rn-aininH; fur/.*? 
FiiMoiks, n p. genonx et u(onge». Rid( rs futtocks 

alonge-t et genou.r dc porohei., Fuitock |!i:iU-» 

0U l6ot-h<jok plates, iander de fiuue. Fnttock 

ou fooi-liook Ojroud.<s gainbes tie fiui.e^ on ft(> it- 
bans de rcvera 


[ 62 ] 

F I S 

lo\v( St of tlie ebb, la Jin dupentant, ou la^n du Faint, a. nuttf/aiblr (en partant 4u vcn*) 

Fair, a. Fair sky, cifi tcrein. — weatlur. J 
ttuifis. — >»iiul, bon xrnt, — way, /wt.' 
nulteu d'un catuil. That ship lies "in tlw 
\*ay, ce x^lsscau rtt motiiltt en travrrt it 
pasif^ ou iffitir ie tnitiru Hit catiml ou dupntm 
Fair sr pirnd e -wwr comme atboerbe. Do-l » 
lioat lie lair ? le amal est-il arront^ / 

Fake. w. bit, ou ccrcte {tTun cordage oa cabit , 
ou law) 

Fall, n. Fall of a tackle, bout dugaraut fTun 
Ian. Cnt-ikll, ott cat-rope^ garant du caf^r,. 
Cnt. Falls of a ship's (kreiSf ravaleo^ 
pen/ d'un rnUseftti 

I'o Hill, r u. To fhll alxnnl of a ship, ehvrdr- 
vn'usmu (en rhnstant ou en d^rivarU tur lui). 
drtiver tur un vauseau. — ailvni, aikr, n 
pftr la poupe. — c»hn, rainier (en parla« 
trmfit). — down, desrentb-e (jitnr rmVrr ' 
fmnir du rcuranf). — in 'uiUi a fchijj. rm> 
tier tin x^nlttefiu en mer. — offj altattr". J<\ 
fn abattJr. Let lior &U off! UiUsr flAc'i arrhier .' 

Falliiiff off. (to. nbati^t: The «Ijip is CiJIiup off 
fniiveaiijait sen aUttUtre 

Fashion-pit;ct », n /*. corfti^ret^ ettaint' A c: 
tiisliioii'piecf, eitinin dh^a^/r 

I'o fasten, t' rt. atnnners tier 

Fsit, a, gra». A fat qiMulcr, grot arnrrr, oo i 

lo ebb, V n. dejtrendre^ ou perdre (en parlant de 

h mart'c). It ebbs, In nier pen! ou den end 
£d(Iy, ru rtnioux. — wnid, tourhillon tic vrnf. ou 

i*nU dent In direction est rhau^'^c par le vfi iinagf 

tPun cap, Wuiic monfagne^ d'un grand ediJiiCy 

To cdpe away (VoiiiJi coast, fcc. r n. s'rloi^ner 

ou srcnr'er en dependant ffime r6te (ou de la 

route qii* on fetfrit nuparavanf, ou enj^n (Tun 

autre vnhsean). To t<l^- in « ith a ship, tu lo 

rdc^c- towards a sliip, jjindre un vaitseau en de- 
Elljow in tlie hause, n. tmir de« rubles 
Saint Elnie's fu'e, ou jack witli a lantern, n. feu 

Saint Ehne 
Endjnrjro, ;/. embargo. To lay an enilnrgo ou 

!«hi]>pnif^, nictlre embargo dam un port 
To iniljnrk, v a. & r. nnharr/uer^ ef iendxtrquer 
Einl»ye<l, a. affair tur la cite 
£nd-on, ad. lefapsurun o'jjet,on drvff desrus. 

We stood e!id-on ilu- eneuiy's ship, nous avians 

le cap sttr le vaisseau amcmi 
End-in. ad. Kiid-in a river, droit dcdani une rivi- 

«*rr, &c. 
End Ibr end, arl. front-pour^ut 
To enforce a siipml, v a. apuuer un signal 
En^penient, n. combat wmv// 
K>n!;ine, n. Water engine, pompe d ineendie \ 

En^netr, «. Naval engineer, infffuicur tie nm- , Fatliuiu, n. bra.ise 

rine 'Fo favour the niasis, t* a. mennger let m'i's 

F.M\[^ih n. enseigney on pavilion de /toupe .. _ x- . _^. .. . 

To eutpr, v a. To enter men for the navy, enrSier 

des homines pour le service de la marine 
Entering ropes, n. lire-veilles de Chhelle Ivars le 

Eiit rinp-port, n. porfe d''enfrre (des vaisseaux A 

trois potUs,J*erri^e au nix cau du iet and ponf) 
Eiiiraiioe, n. Ex. This ship has a Hue entrance, 

cevaissfau a un bel tsvant ou un Iteau roltis 
Equinoctial, n. ir a. equiuoxial, ou la li^ue rqui- 

noxinle. — gal< s, coup de xrnt de ri^ 
To equip, v a. nrmer (un vaisseaii)^ &c. 
£seutch«.>on, 71. rcufsan, ou cartoiichf (mi milieu 

de la poupe, oit cit i-crit le nom du vaiueau) 
Ext rcise, n. exercirr dcs canons et des armes d 

feu, mantttrvres et ^I'olutious nax'nles 
Exp^nditun of stores, n, consommtUions (de mu- 
ni! ions et mnrrhandises) 
To ejii)lore a coast, r a. Jarre la derouvcrte dune 

c6'i\ et rcronnniO'e. par ftbsmafions et re- 

nwrques. sf-s d^taifx. la xifut^on. &r. On dif. en Flglit, », S»^-fij^lit. romhat naval ^ . 

t'rmiqnis. reronnuftie et rderer colr^ &c. To fill, va. rempftr^Jaitv servirienpai'on!'^ 

et ncn. f^m exjdoivr ' x^oUes) 

K\>\ n. olu rope, a^lllct. iotrh\ ou ejfrope FilUtl, a. The bcMil filled and weiildown, ie<^' 

dun (on'.'a^r. — of a staj, rollet d'^tm. Eyes st remplif et coula ujond 

cf n ^hip, parties du vaisscnu gut sont voi.,i,,ei Fir<*, ti. fru 

dct erubk-rs Firexirruw, n. dardfifeu 

Eye bolt, n. cheville d icillct Firt-boom. V. Bik>iu 

Fire-ship, «. brAlot ^..^ 

To fire, V a. To fire a ^n.tirer un roupof'^' 

FFln to l.trlxiarU ! feu babord! , 

Fish , n. nuirhine A uglaisc rcmplocre en f'^'^,, 
uu palf.n nonmie "tnnrlelrtte; c'rit au"^ "" 
F.\CE of a r^in. «. tranrhe d'un eauon ifunejumellc de milt on de '«'y'^. 

FaeUrr, n. I'm fair, on ageut fish-rig, n.fohie {iustrumciU depecke) 

Fnrtoxv, n. romhtoir. uu place de romnurce (rhcz To fish, v a. Lx. To fish ihe auchor. tru 

relrauftr) ' Caurre. ou la /rsscr contrt le bord a ^^^^ ^^ 

To fag out. I? iu se raguer (tn fmrlant tics cor- I par le wotjen d'une cafidde'tc. — a "* ' 

dngey), s^Uicr I j-ard, jimu'ter uu »i<li(L ou une *f ^J*^ jf.tinf 

F 'g^end, «, Fug-end of a rope, le bout (Cun cm-. Fish machine, n. chaste nuu^e, charrG(( 

i'lge I au transport du poi^ion 

F:.^- t, OU fHl»«^ mwitcr,M. passc-volattt Fish 1*00114, "• toute au poitton 

To fuv, V n- affieu} er, icuf her de pOT'tdut, ' 
OHjoindre par/hf,'cnient 

To fend, v a. d-Jnidre. — Uic boat, d^frwir' 
canot o\\ la rluiinupe (dans Pabordage cei^'* 
x'ti/steuu ou con/re tm quai, <frr.). Ff"** ' 
iKwt ! OH feud off! d^Jie : ^tair la devc»t p"- 
ii accoifer! 

Fenjhrs, n p. f'/fnsct. cordcs de defe*Ltf, if^- 

To fetch, rff. kx. To fetch wayOw'fffa''^' 
hanxbrai (enjMirlant cPun mAfy, oiler nn /*n 
(en par hut ui^tie tftallc^ tenncau^ oa o»^t ^'■/ 
lire, — tlie pomp, engr/nrr lapotupe 

Fid, OU mast li«l, u. clef des tnfitt (fie huivo»^ 
pen orj !!€/). Fid, ett spUcijig lid, '•>«'«<^- '' 
rmmnKr. F. Hainmer „ 

To fid, V a. To fid tlie lop-masts, ou top-raiia) 
masts, ou to eutt r the fid, paster la riij ««'" 
pied ties m^ts tie hune, oti deperroqud 

Field, n. Fields of ice, batict tie glace 

Fife rails. V. Rails 


■ ' " :.p. tup^htur, ba'toiipi. firur, ou barque 

* ' 'It jfiip*. V a, nrn'rr rfff i^nnrni/.r. To 
■ s fp-i'iaM, ^c. aji jrTcr tm mlf rfe /mne, ^r. 
'-■<. •. a. To fiv the «hroui{$ npiM tlie niu»t 

:^inihn. wipfiT'i'on fie iomnurtiflcmmt 

'»!■' r.n. ^trtrrg^-h^ial 
» *r». I/, vrnfienu lonuuntitlnut^ ou vahseaft 
;■".''' iinjKn t Ion lie 'OinnuJiui'rJirCHt 
- .1. Vrre.'i 'Ic fjox-'non. i»u 6 -.'o/i tPen.yiff'jtie 

- ■>^ ir*a-, w, vui.itcmi ou bf'u'iiuent Jirti itr., cn- 

•-' ". 'Wfct/ff, QO rrhn/aurf r; ^-rrher la nu.i tie 
''? ■ R. Ititirf.Ju- On: Tdr ■tails an- finp- 

- tJu- noit. <W T'</-7/-» fount ftu le m^'t 
■l^'-ir n. rlnitc' ou f>^ v''" ; eifn-emrnt ou 

"* '^^^ A nariiig bui», avaittj'uit eluive 
' *' I.I ilif sails, 7' a. rrmrrser fr* voilr.t. Flat 

ri ;,rij I trtrcer^e (a ini^aine ft InJ'ur^t f 
'■■'• > 'Cdrixnf 

• '-cirf, nnjw'e nma!c, itu^fioffe (de Mli- 


I. a. & n. To fli'iT a tai'kle, nff'nli}' ou 
'- ■■ f lifj ^/an (i/»nr lea puuUcx sc tow Una 

- /«. art»n fTaffdkr ou dk reprcndre uu 

•' T »(. /?a/yeT, ^#rir r>^«>', nimagcr 
- K batu rv, «. batfeiie fto-rntk'e 
'-■ '• '- n:6ntant or la marr, lejhix, ou fr^o^. 

- ^loji^st Hoodf /a r,iQj^e vti rtm<mfer^o\x !e 
' '^ i^fs uecnnmeiu-er. At ntw Hood, au 

"s iIwkI, au motitaiU de la niaree, aupie- 

-' ■'■ k Jo i\f I (m plat-fond tri/n vaiiseritt. A 

7 ^>^r. fviutfin. A rtai lloor, fuiul pint. 

' : ^^'f^r. Jhiaalonge. A risiiiij floor, /onr/ 

f ;* • ou farf^ttitr. Kioor tinibera. r>aian- 
'-'• i loorj heads, tftet ties "^rcoigtiei, uu 
''-- rttit-enu) 

*• «« Fkjtzam, w. ^prrce* de iner^ntarrhan- 
■>n fjfrt^ Ifohx^/tjloiifnif, o\\ tii ttri it-e 

*• ' I- It (U)\<% soutti iiiiu Uiat hurbour, re 

' - 'f'^'i nord rt tud 
' |'-^». £, t'. Fiouiii;^ sheets, ^rovtet farf^ti^t 

'■'• tiK: aDchor, ou flooks, n p. patta de 

•'• '>>,?, rn^alr, ou ^ra/n </e trnf 
'■'^•^- *'. IVck 

'fi ' u^ini, n. battant iCun pax-dim^ r/ueue 
_ ■''''■'''■> I, 
; ^'. iu tlisrlit, r.JMfe Hoffandtdre, oujUhot 
• in, £jr. Let My the «ht-eU.' /a;^Mtr lea 

• f tfli of a *ail, /«/*<'y ^fffrjc y-o//**. Foot- 

'■■• •'."* Fuitotk. Knot ro|>i*, mlini^ve dr 

~r'jpt«. aa horws of (}it- \Tinl9, nmrr/ie- 

•"A. (TtvifiTf, Fon* ami afi. de f^fwrnt h Pairi- 
>'i iff !»rtff en tcfifC dv vaUarau. — Ik»\\- 
•^ i^ii.' 'ir demnmue. Foivcasile, ^c^aiUa'd 
' T. Fore catpharpuij^ tret'n^uge des hau- 
' "'- rni.iohie. — foot, biioft. — hook% «M 
'■' 'iw>ki, guirUmde*. — {:»^i"% dru^te^t de 
'■i^me. — tUMt^TH^t de lidjaine. —sail, 
' 'I' ou vmle tie w'unhie. — ilirouds. haU' 
-' '-^ tidttiine. — stay, etai tie misnine. — 
?■ H'tri( df mUaine. — top-iiiast, pefU m/it tie 
'■'• —lop^aii, IteiH huiOer^ ou vW/*; tk petit 

[ 63 ] 

!•• U T 

hunter. — top bowline. bnuVme dc pel'tt hic 
iiur. — tup reef laeklt-, /m/q/i ^ / / * tin pr. 
tit hl/tuer. — top cle\* lii.c*, caif," r-pt$^iUf dii 
pf'i' huuicr. — lop haiunl, tlitsse tin pf^'t 
/f.itiin; ire — to|>-;;^ill4Ul i.uisl, in'.t tlr (Kut 
pcirot;uct. — to})-'jfTillai.l-viii. pt^t'l Imii'^jui!. 

— lo^HrJillniit v.inl, irit;iif de {le.if j^nnijuct. 

— lit, itf'giie th- (a dru.c tie misting. — j;u:tl, 
Trrcf/.c" tie niufihir 

For., ;*. cfip, on p/)infe 

Voy luvk.u. j^u::/jnie —U)h. r. TJolt 

To r«»rc rt avli, v a. F.x . 'In lor. -jT»ch uin>n ■ 
ship, ti/ji'iaer uu lait^t'riit, ^ngnrr aur uii 
I'tri.itcau ilorrrjii^cnfait hie'nie rvule) 

Fen -ru mar of tlic log liuc, n. /naitjue de Im 
i'liue tlr ioc 

To foiTTc over, v a. forcer . — th '\ri\ foiTer fi 
tiavevs Ics gt/irci, /Kiaer^ en It-unif jane ik 
vtiiicu h travrrs ttr i^/ai rj. — ov. r a h.iuK./u/- 
rer o fraxH'rs tin huiic ('/«• i^h' rno 'c ti r Ir'iv-l 
ou esfnJioUif oti n'mu, en fejttixt bcaucoup de 
yxj' e ■) ; fratirhir tin Otiiu: 

ForA;inl, atl. in /want 

FotJK rmif, w/ (o'uUrirtg', pa. actum ou tuauicre 
d'fivcfi^lrr tine vote fCi flit 

Foul.rr. We*. — wai r, f/.« tnHf ou troub'^e. — 
^ ./bwf/ f/f inaiivtii.c icnue. — CHnt, cttfc 
iiinl-iiinr, r6 r thfij,(icusr. — hauw, c </' i ifcs 
fobiti, dinu-.'our, ou fout tien K^.tAri, — uiidior, 
anax doiu Ic* inhia ont prii tin tour. — rcpc, 
c*rt!e aii'>firi'ni.,eey s^'ner, ou enj^a^ix 

Foul, ad. To nin foul of a saiiil biUik, a\i holier 
»iiinn hiinc dc table 

To fouiidtr, V lu.ctiulcr bat^ ou couler hfund, torn- 
brcr^ ou pasucr 

Fox, n. tresif tie vieux cordny^fa 

Frame, n. rou/jfe Wtm vaitt au. Midship ftame, 
malt re coup'e. Loot" Iruiuo. c ouple de lof 

111 frame, ctl, ei\ botfe, on tn fivM 

'lo trap n tacklr, v a. t\^xt}tirttr un palan^ &c. — 
a s'lip, ceinfrcr un vn.'s-irut 

To lie.-, va. aj/'ian /ur ieii porlant de T action de 
la fionipt') 

¥ri,n. A iW'e wind, vent lavgue. To 170 ft-cc, aU 
!rr vruf Liri^iic 

Fro-7.ujg, ou !"rof/-c. n. frhe 

Fn ight, n.fivt. 'I'o ts<ke in fKigJit, prendre du 
frrt. ou rharger d fret 

To fr-iglili V a. fr^rrr. 

Fn sh. a. ¥n ili wind, ven/frnh. — shut, cournnt 
ircftu douce 

T<» (h shell, V a. ir'n. The wind fn 8?u us. Ir vrnf 
frai /lit. ~ the h.-iAvs,'. .sau'ngrr ie '-dhie, rnjvui. 
rhir In fourrure du ttdtle ^\ rcudroit tlci ccut,ur.f 

Fre*Iic8, h p. eau.v aouvftf^ff, on tlouciut 

FriRale, n. frrgnie. — iHiilL, ftrgntr 

Full, ttd. cr n. Full ami bv ! /'fry et p'dn .' K. . p 
her full ! fids porter ! d^Jk ilu vem ! — waii r, 
mrr pieine 

FuiiimIs, n p. fuijftux dc f»CM!e. Circ. 

To fiiri, t' ft. fcrlcr la ru'r< 

Furliii«c-lint, n. raban dejcrla^t ou gmrette afcr' 
Irr ief vo/le.i 

Furr, M. Furrini^, fonrrurrCdnvt unr pjt-e rW>'>) 

'lo fnrr, v a fourrer ou tiuubter (cu lenna tic con- 

Vwrt ou fnrtt.', n. menu* bo'spour le chattjfngn ties 
vuissenux. V. Bn-aniinpr fur/^ 

FuH'ii-ks, n p. ^enortx et ttUmgeM. Rid* n fnttocks 
aivu^rt et xenou.v tic po: rn.ey., Futtock pi iu» 
0U iu'»t-hook platc-s, lantlcf t(e hime, Fniioek 
ou fooi-liook Hiirouds, gauibes de hi.hc, on It^. it- 
bans de revera 



t 6* ] 


To give, V a, dinner. We pkrfi a ttiHtf o 
puAS, ncuf taludmes tie 13 om^ cfe eanon. 
give over cha«e, <n«r la chaatc. Give «av 
father 1 nagr eruemble ! 

Gmxij n.Long grhtM, m spying glasa, /zmt^fr. for 
vu«. Night glaM, tuttette de nuk. C'lais * 
aussi des ampoutetUt^ sabUerM, on fieriegt 
tabie. Watch gbss, tabUer de qualrt htu 
Hour glajs, ampotdette tPune hturt. Hal 

niite «ti lon^ glass, nmpotdefte dhate frh.i 
ntjte. We fou^i^ht six glasses, rtatre ctmOm £ 

GAFF, fi. />/■<: ou vergve h come. GalT haliard, ^ 

drirtc d'un flic ou cf i/nt vrrt^iie h come 
Gvifi^ of a sliip, n.jaugeiTvn vaUseau 
■ Gages, n p. caiihi-et 
To gHJn, V a. T(» ^wn the wind of a ship, ^or^pwr 

fe Tirrrt (Pun vaijiran 
Gale of wind, n. viiiffrrrh on 6ri.r. A hard gale, 

jpajid frais. A <iiri\w,-, iriih-, fot-te biLe. A stilf i ti'oU heure* 

{,'aio, hvist carnbnJt: A su atly gaJe, vettt/aU^ To flog, ou cheat the glais, p a. manger du a 

If/If ^/(aV. A i(ii)-gullaut <pilc, ;enj^# ^ peiTO- i Gondola, n. ^cndWe 

^u^Ar ; Googings, M ^./(mietef dip Miivrr«u7i7 

To .';.!e .IV ay. r n. icn allcvairc lafitititedu vent . Gocwenieck, n. crochet defer fix^au bota mn 
i\d\vi.\n,u.iiultm d'fmgui,etpar lemoyenduqudkguttinut 

T" t^ull, V u. 6' ". trn'Ucv fi yiraiHer | w»/i< 

C. ill<<l,a. niv.r, .'(y.:n^ \ Goose wings, np.pdnuouanglad'untvoiki' 

i'jllcry, n. ^idlrrir I'h' [nt:!>c. ks hmueiUra du vait- Ir fond est carffuf) 

stthi. Sitni t,;;!!. ry, /frti' 'iV. Quarter i^alUrj', 

let c!-ivc'if}j >/' !a g'lUiie. G«llerj-riin, »ji«/<. 

luns d'jt fMiufeiUfs: uu de la gaLerie. 
Gttllcy, V. u,iUlry ou Kiok-room of a ship, ruiai/j'. 

r~ on «o\s-TiilU'y, ^alere, Halt-t'alley, demi-i^a- 

irir. H'.Livicr-L':;!:. y,A(i/'o^c6<7/-6arM7ttp. Gal- 

li y hlAVfi, f'or^'Gti ou gaitiutu 
Gall'lot. V. pinliute 
Gallows-liWh, rip. f^ofcnces 
<iaj)inionii!p, tj, l-i'n-e (!<• bcrtrpri 
Gang, fi. detar.'.antiu tie inwdlo^/^ou etcouade d'pth 

vriert. Prc*i-?;-iing, acouade minee pour /btre 

{a prase 
Gang-bonnl, n. plunche fi debar^uer^ pcute-oimnt i 

ttunvaitseau marchand _. . ^_ 

Gang-way, n. pntte-avanty CSckeUe hor» le bord^la ■ To gripe, r n. The ship gnpes, k vaititm 

gtSerie duftiux hoiu I ardeiU 

Gantelope, n. houiine {evpecc dcpunttiou) \ Griping, a. A griping ship, vatueau orde/ti, 

Garlanti, n. sorts de file' icnu cvnire le hard du \ dupoa^ d vetUr au vent 

vaisscau, rf tervanf fi tenir la e{fl i i ct provisions Grommet, n. anneau de eerde (pour ks vtiiff ' 

comniciei^qwpcfidaunoivnLfsemi-v | '""' "'^ _ - . . . .^j. ji— **« 

Sbotrgarlanil, i*eU' par'iuetp'jur ia houlcts iplads 

dnnt les mtre-deiix dc saboid, ) 
Garnet, n. hrclinilin (jorie depaian) 
Clue-garnet. V. Clue 

(larboard, n. gahord. — sttvak. vinire de gnbord 
Gasket, n.garcctte. ou rabnti. Urwisi gaskets, les „ ^, 

garcetfes, ou robmtsde frti^rc, du miitfudeia ^ se dit aussi pour hhouer 

•nergue. Bunt gasket, niailresse. f.-ar(Tffe, ou , Gtound-tacJile, w.^oi-wi/urr *f fffifrCTif*^"" 

gnirette de fmrl. Yuntanu gaskets, ^mrm« ' h!e^,greuns,oriniianiarre»t&r. 

de bout de vergues j Grouiul-tocs, n/». second brin du chanvre 

Gate,n. t4atcsofadock,/>«ifiriranAaf«n. A tide To grow, vn. appder {tertne employe en pi^^ 

gate, roj'rfe »n/ir^6', ou lit de couranr. The sw | «/« crfW<r fft/Ti anrre). Ex. The ••WeJgV, ^ 

gates, fouvert de In bleine nttr. '1 o hnrc the I the «ttrl>oard sid-.*, le cAble appeUe d trw"h 

sea-gates opi'ii, eire ti Couvert de la pleiue nurr ; le cdble est tendu <•> tribord du vmsseau. 

qiielquefois sea-gate,ctt Angidier^ siguije l^entre- ^ 

deux des lames i 

Gesn, np. drissesde lagramV I'ergtteet de la mi- 

saiue. Nota, Les am res drij,\cs se nommen! 

haiiards. Main gears, diirses de graiuP vergue. 

Fore gears, drisses de la niLsohie. Gcan «?- 

nijie au.i^<t en general, appai^ux. Careening 

gears, apparaux de cttrine 
Giinleting, a. action de Cancre qui se deplan'e en 

toumant sur sa vevge^ ce qui arrive par le troft ' 

de tors du cable 
Ginunals, n p. bakmciers (de boussole). &c. 
Gin, n. machine d battre kspdotis^ ou machine d 


Goring ou gorijigH;loth, a, pointe ou rode d-^ 

(l^s des Jntx cites des voiles quarriet qh\ j 
faites en poin/e, ajtn de rendre la voile piiu a. 

par en bas que par en htiut) 
Gmpling, on grapnel, n. grapin. Fire gn«r^= 

grapin d'alH/rdage. Hand gtapJiug, iiT^^' 

To grapple, v a. aeerocher un vabteau, bfi^ 

lesgrapins d'obordage 
Gratinpfs, np. caUldntfis 
Gmviog. a. action ttichvuer un b4tmerU tmt 

basse, pour k cariner ou Pespalnieri en at, 

Froji^aiSf oeuvres de marie 
Gripe, n. tapidce injfriettre du tcUkner 
C;ripes, n p. risses de chaiot^ 

tai). ^ofukomTyestnpedecordeyd'una^ 
GraunA^n.terret,rondde lamer. Torunarp«« 
aller 4 term, s^houer. A «i»dy gnmnd J« 
de sable. An ooxy gTound,/ofirf * «"^ '*' 
is ground, il y a fond. To strike ground, tn 
ver fond avec la sonde . 

To ground a ship, v a. tirer i terre an W*"" 

Grown, fl. A grown sea, une grosse mer 
Guard, n. Guard boat, coiW * ^f^^,, 
irons, defenses enferpour faA^2^/^i, 
fer courbesqui erttourent la .figure **C,'-,< 
en di^crens sens, tmtr lui seroir * J^ ^^ 
— ship, valsseau tie garden ou vtiusco» 
ral done un port 
Gu\C n.golph^ .^^^f^o 

Gun, 71. canon, terme iren^rique ; ^^"^ vr^t-f- 
non. Gun-shot, porfH' de canon, t**^''J^^ 
Half gun-shot, demiisortee de «""«•„ "Tr 
giu>, ou ^at guns,«msnj. Swive g^ ^^r 
riers. To fire a gun, tirer un coup « 
Gun-boat, cltalouSe canonniire 
Gunnel ou gun-wale, n. plat-bord 
Gunner, n. canonnie^'~ 

Girt, a. vaisseau raidi sur ses aniarres, deja^on 4 
ne pouvoir eviter ni att vent ni a la maife. That ounner, w. cajHmmcr ..»-/»*• ton^' 

ship has a girding girt, ce vaisseau est raidi, ou . Gunner of a ship of war, n. fnfntTt co 
ceintrf, sur ses amarres, stmt pouvoir toiter { Gunner's mate, second cmomner 

Glrt-line, n. canaheu. Lower away the starboard , Gunnery, n. canonnnge, artiUei'k 
prt>Unei afftde U cortaheu de bCbord! | Gon'room, n. Saime-Barbe 


[ 65 ] 


" r ktlsjf, n. travertier dr&cMdiat, ou trmtersm 
1 fi. f9«4» flt reffnue, tervant a miriuire un 

~ i^iiu aue foit fusit ; sttrpenfe ou xrarrectrde 

-/■*c du grand rnnt an nv'U dc wfrairie, pcur 
' r 'Cappui h < ftainn^^ pour C/nfMnguer 

i ^Win/uerla ntarrhanf/ists 

-■; '-« . t; n. nuider^trvUtchcr^ ou cfuntgcr (rn fiar- 
c i/ff vsr/e/ ainiqx/ei) 


''*I>IFT.9.(finr#/M ««m du pi-rtcndu inirnfettr) 

- fittii «fi hak»t*9 t*^lh, «/>. defautt et inr- 

'' I'darar wj^ ^rrj^), crc. 
' -i. T-a. /,<•/«■ un vaiigeau. Within liail, ii 
■^V' detavwx 

- "■', 1^. druttJt (drs htmiert et autret vwlrs 

''"niTti). Nota. Les driact dt la ^rurvC 

■ ' H lif ia rmsatnr jtont afififhr* i^.-att. y. cr 

' * Main top haiianls, drtJtsrt dtt grnnd hu- 

*'■ Uaj-ttil haliunl, di-iftt Wune vodc Wi-iai^ 

crk. n. hrante o\\ hnmac. Up haal liam- 
L M : 4fwi/f ^ / Haiiiuiock liook, r6le des 

^ r, n. mnrtftnt. Fid hammer, moTtcau A 
-' /< rfp /cr. Clf-nch hammer, inniteati d 
-"■'• Hack hamrii(;r, marteau taillant. St-t 
i -'afr. m3*4« dr/«- 

"L ' . if ^nenrf /hwr f/« homnie. A luind to 
I ' !ni ! j/n A*mni^ R iabarir! 
'"'Hf-oand, otf. mairt-axatif, ou mo/n iwr 
. L He goeia'^'ft haiMl-oveHiaml, f/ /JiWi/r 
' ■!■' vj, cwj: ptrro'[in^3^ per un simple c»r- 
<' '^ipf tenant par lejt nifunt 
^^^•icTer, n. /;/nce ii canon^ plnce dt ca- 

- '^^'^,v a. mettrc let mmaftcsA un homme 
' '■ I'b- sails. V a.fisner ou scner It4 voiles 
^T. w. It. rric 

i^c, «i handspike, «. mtfpcc et bar re tie 
1'. Guaner's luuitlspcc, atispec pour le 

"' K*. r a. d* »i. Ejt. To hanj^ the nidder, 
-tVT It ^auvemaU, ou /Ir tULitir en filarr. — 
' l-'rti, rnetfre en plnce les nionfrlet^ de »<i- 
• oil innrr lei innruelefs fi ktirt snhordt. 
" ' iTi ifif n.' ! /if fw 6on ' nf inoilu fnn! 
" '^'.o. Ha.M(fin^ {laiiU. rliu^uetJi prrpcnd'cu- 
■ "U cti'^ucts defer (pour rcleiiir un ailtes- 

- f-!iaiik. ad. travel'* par traversypur /e tra- 
' • ''.I. fkl'ofitre 
'■^-^' 1 fi. anrieaiij: df hoit (pour les roHrjt drfcr) 

' ' ^ 71. pert de iner, Havre. — iiuuicr, ca/ii- 

- I'd, Ex. Haivl a-Iff.' fiwrn? toufe iotit le 
" '^ iv/ louf! — a-wt-alhtT. 0(i — vp I arrht 

"■■' — 6-»tarbo«rd I tribordiQut! — a-porti 

[■•^>-n. np. ta parrie de rnvnnt des pr^cinfer 
' -«'.rfau, ou ce t/ue nous nvrmnoiu /u^aj 

. J* a. n. harp«n 

"i'oii a whaif*, V a. haiponner \me ftaleine 
■': '•• ''" Uateh-way, n. ecoutiHe. ton- haicli-way, 
v^?.//*- de lajome aux cdbfet. Atier liateh- 
• . '■'•etmiie tfarr'frre. To Iwttt n down the 
' •'• s ntr'tre dft Ih^eaii.r aur pauntnux dei 
-u'u t-y. Hatch Iinrs barrf.f tr^eoutUlCf 
' adUhtl, xa.pelgner k chamre 

Hatch<>is, n p. peif^9 dc eorderir 

Hiitclift, n. iuu hr.pcnte hat: tie ^ uu luicfieu la nuun 

Haven, n. pert ou fiavre 

To haul, V a. haler. — ilie w\nd,ierrrr le rnif, 
ptncer le vefu, bouUuer lej vcft'.. ~ lowarxls a 
•hip. raliier un vau-nr.u. H:uil nhtKinl tin- 
fore Uick! nuki'ue mhfunfi! — ut iht- niaiu 
slu-it! dorde la f^rnnW voAe ! — cJoxmi the co- 
lour*! terre >e/Kivdi»n: — oft", liau!! di'ihm^c 
dnanf, cfum^t: dt cnnr ! 

Uuui.', o'^ ha^^s•', n. utiiafhri dtt cAltlf de Cancre 
lontfue le vaiu-rau e^t a^ffourrlir. She ha» hii- 
choixtl iu our Iiaus*-, le vait^ean a nwuillr it no- 
ire avant. A liolil hnusi-. situation dn vnisirnu 
vioiiille, lorffjue lei nuhiers son/ rln'^'t uu dc-,- 
sujt de Ceau. A foul liHitsc,'©/.;- dan» ki cables. 
I^lautc' IvAV^, sacs de totie rcinpln d-^ninfif. — 
liolts, nufini't. — pjecf s, aloujiCi d'cLubicn, 
— pipes, p'oinb des i-i ubtt-rr 

HavKjcr, n. Iinu^iure, ou cordage unefois (ommis; 
M'clin, ou fub'ot 

Ila/.y. a. bruitritx, rfmU^ougras {en parlant du 
leutpi ou dc 

Hi^ ad, n. r/^ron uu po'iflan'' ifitn r'^riffeau, avnnt 
du vtdjveau. C:i««-t hS of ili^ hi ad, courbes de 
Joffrrcaux. Knic^ht heads, ou hollnrd liiiib* r», 
ie hnut der opOlra. Hi a»l-^uils. to-V/'t dr. I'niKint. 
Head-sea, tucr dc Cavant. By the head, sur 
I'avant. Tlir ship is too much by the head, fe 
vais»cnu e.'.i fi oft sur rarnnf, ou trap stir le wra. 
Head-ljixt, amarre i/ui licut le vaiacau par Cc- 
vanf. Head-land, to//. H. ad-inost. le plus en 
tn-'tm'. Hi-ad-rupc, rn'.nr^ue de iftiere (d'une 
vvic). H« afl to wind, dcbuut au venr. How is 
lif-r head? vtt ett k cap? Htnd of A ramnier, 
bi)ufon lie rej'uidoir 

Htad-iiiost. a. k plm en nani. The heatl-nio*t 
s'ljp iu a fleet, le -.aissenu de the 

To hi.Tid, V a. To head the si'a, ^tre dchout fi la 
luffic. I'Uc wind beatis iw, levciU refuse ettc 
rrti^r ik Pat ant 

HealUi. n. snuf^. Bill of h<altIi,/>rt/'^<'<; de sant^^ 
cci.'i/Uai di-f.vrr' par le bureau tk saute aux bdti- 
n.vtn\ reiufncnumf a la qtiarantaine 

Heart, n. (proprenirnf ncur) grosic nio-jue d un 
trou, mt'c/ir ou riuf iff/n lordai/c. — of tinit>er, 
caur du Lois, — of oak, cuttr dc ch'tie, crc. 

To heave, i< a. Tohrave an\ iJiinfr ovcrixmrd, 
letter h la tucr qurlituc iho,c dc louvd. — at Uie 
CHiwtvru, viicr uu lu'/c^ttm ou vindas. — a- 
III iid, courir cii avant sur lonr.nrrc. — p.steru, 
aikr par Parncre sur son ant re. — down n 
sliip, virt-r un x'aivieau cu cari'tic —down a 
sail, ainener one t6/Y'-. — up u sail, hissti- iinc 
voile. — III, iin*'rt enjtatmc. — a *tndn, vlrer 
fivec force. — keel nut, tvfcr <•«//<-;■ //f. —in 
itAsn. donncr ir//' demitt. — out Oi«- stay-sails, 
ln/<er les x'ol'c< irrtai. — short, viicr ■■ p'r. — 
t,iUM-l»l, raJdir le cable. Heuve luuvht" vice 
hardt ; 

Hi aver, n. Irvier de bois, ou anffire 

Hepviug and s'ltiiip, wo-iventenf des vajrues tk fa 
nicr, fnnyiaj,c (Fin ■caltsidu a Ca:urc. 'Ihe 
heaviuf^ of lite sea, iahn^e de la nice 

Heel. Ti. talon (k la fjiiillc, ct pkd-ou tenon de Pe- 
tonihord. — of a nrtsi, fi-ctld'iiU vo'rstxiu 

To h( el. V «. p'uv cu donncr a la bunde, {tn (tar- 
lattt iPifn vaititah) 

Hclii), n. eoiivcrundy tiuion, ou la Itarre du f^onx'er' 
nail. She tamis a wcuIIk riv Ik I in. re vnUicuu 
e.ff artknt. Port the helm ! ba/ioid IcIhvtc: 
Starboanl the hi'lni I tribord la bnrre ! Hrlni 
an 1 id-'ihip.i ! dioir Iu bnrre ! B :ir up the helm ! 
ou bear up I arrive! Mind jourweathtrlielni ! 
tttrcmion u la barrt .' sens vcnir au va*i .' Dow n 
F 2 

HOO [ ^ ] JET 

with the helm! la kgrrt iet»mu 
helm! dnk tabarre.' 

Helniaraan, n. r<fi2«nni^ 

Hdref n. manc/ie tToutU 

Hen-coops, n ^. co^j hpeulet 

Hicrh^a.^od £^. Higfh and diy, i jer «vr ft W- 
w%'e («i parlant (Tun vahteau). — st^, jrrvtjf 
»n«*. — water, mer hautrt haute mer, ~ water 
mark, laiste ou tnar^ue de haute mer {tur k ri- 

Huiffesj ft p. fienturr»t ou couplets. Butt hinf«<. 

hoopa, opfcler ffc>rf< vanere. Copper hm; 
«rrrfe» «fe rukvre, Caak hoopt, orrcie' (i; 

Top hiMft,/»rek9 de* kuner, &c. 
HofK, n. marrhAii de verwue. Irun hot 

pone-vergue^ ou MBy«fr de la peulmat (?vp 

An/flmitfrnt defef) 
Honinr iroiu, n /k. fert de oalfat avec m U 

manche, cehu A manchee, oa pateratitt 
Hose*, n. mam-Ae d oui ou ftiyou. Canvat ho 

maruhe de tmle. Leather hote, mancht df r. 

and dove^tail hinges, cmipiets de chaiot^y et «»• Houad-i , n p. jetfereaun, on jiuquet (det m 'lU 

tret. Port hinj^ei, pennn-es de saboitCt. Sent- 
tl«- hinffet, pen^ure* m fer d chevat^ p«ur du 
rc»ittiUoitf et petit f tah^rdt 

Hitch, M. clef, sorte de nceud. Clove hitch, neeud 
formi fie deux demode ft. KoUmt; hitch, rwtnd 
coulant. Timber hitch , nantd d'anguiUe 

To hitch, V a. nouer det cordage.*^ ^c. HHeh ! 
(ordfT de /aire un amnmtge^ ou de Mixir 
fjaclque rhose) nmarve: 

Hoe-, n. govet. Hogf suff, mancke de geret 

To \\o/; a vej'irl, r a. goretter un vaitseau^ n^foijrr 
ou btUayer le fund dTun biurnent^ ii Vaide du 

Hoi«t of a flag, n. guin'iant etun pavilion 

Tohoiit, V a. hiiwr^ ou guintkr. Hoist away! 
htJiic, kitie! To hnlit in the boals^einharguer 
les canott. — out Uie boats, mettre let cmbai< 
cnliontd lamer 

Hold, n. cale (du vahxcnu). To trim ou to itow 
the hold, nrrimer, /aire Vtarimn^^. To ninv- 
riiai^'. tlic hold, changer t^arnuMge. Main 
hold, grantle cale^ ou enle <i Pcau. Fore hold, 
panic de la rale qui est en avanf de la grtmde 
icotdilfe. Dt pth of th»? hold, (ferme tParchitcr. 
lure navalr) cretix d^vn vnisteau. 1 f«ld (ternie 
de navigation.) Keep a ^oo<{ hold of the laud, ou 
ki^ep the land well aboHrd ! rangcx Ut terre de 
pr^i I scrrez la terre > 

To hoUi, V a. To hi>ld on, ou to hold off, refenir. 
— water, Kier (/enir les avirons dint Veau en 
sens contrtttve. ftour arr*''ter la mnrche dtt canot). 
Hold w^ter with your larboard uait I scie 6d- 

Hokl-faat, n. sergent de menuisirr^ ou valet 

Holloa ! hola f reponte qu'^on fait d un vfdtsrnu 
par leguel 9n ctf h^l^, en ces (rmics : Oh the 
Rhip, lioay! oh! du navire^ ho.' la r^pome^ 
ho!a ! est pour marquer qn'^on a entendu. Hol- 
loa ! hula ! serf nutsi d rerjuipnge tfun vnitseau 
Anglais^ pour rcpotidre nu coup de sifftet d*aver- 
thsement, ou au conuncnfthitent du tnaSire cTc- 
qtifpage, et lui faire connaiire qu'on a entendu; 
tur las vaisseaux Fratn^ais fcquiftnge r^tond 
ii ravertissement par. lomtnanae .' ct au com- 
maudinent^par, d la bonne heure : 

lloin?, ad. d toucher. The cask it home, f§ ton- 
neau est bien acm-e, (c. & d.)i est it touc/ier. 
Home signifle aussi le bord du vfdsseatu The 
anchor coines home, l^ancre vient d bord(c. ^ 
d. q Welle chasjie ou labottre sur le fond). A )iom»>- 
bound ship, vrvsseau sur son reJour 

Hommoc, n. wamclon. terfrCy ou monticule (qui se 
Jbit rcmarquer sur une cite) 

HkKxl, n. cafict d\'c/icUe, aussi le tuyau d'une 
cheinliu'e de cuisine. Fore hood, and afler hoo<l. 
01/ whoo<l. ou whooden ends, (terme de construc- 
tion) r.Whood 

Hook, n. crocj ou crorltct. Boat hook, gq/fe, ou 
fer de gaffe. Can hooks. Hingve a pattes. Lay- 
"inpr hook-j, manhelle de corderie. Cat hook, 
croc de cupm. Tackle hosk, croc tfiahm, &c, 
Nail hooks, clous u crot/ie* 

To hook, V a. crochrr 

Houoed, a. en serre (en parUtnt des canmri 
(run houied athwart^ canons en oerrt en trav 
du vmeoeau. A gun housed fbra and afl r^' 
en serre eUangi centre le bord. Housed in, {'r 
de nnttructien) qui a beaueoup de rtmr 
V. Houaine; in 
Housini^, ou house line, n, Iwdn, 
I Housini^tn, /»a. rentree des oeuvres mortet a 

I Howker, n. hourque^ ou heucre 
i Hoy, n. heu, ou bateau de pat sage 
• To huff.v a. «errer,j»iarer. To hue thfsii 
I ou to huff close, strrer le vent de trfs^rii 

Hulk, n. vieux vaisseauj carcasse 
I Hull of a ship, n. ror^ tVun vaisiettu. That > 
I is hull down, or vaisseau est n»/e (c. h d. (^ 

I Hull to, ad.^la cape 
< A-hull, ad.d»ec,d m^ts^ et d eordes 
To hull a diip, tt a. asrumner un vdutean dc 

son boisy tirer en belle 
Hurricane, n. aur^gany ou tempfte 

ICE, n. glaee. Firlds of ice, bvms <k l^ 
Floatinp ice, glnce flottante^ ou tiacefi^ - 
c/t^s. Blink of the ice, ctorft* dehglarr- 
cheur <i C horizon^ ocravionnie par la ^<^f 
let mers du nord). To lie ice bound, hrtjr^ 
par les glares (dans un port) 

In, ad. dedans (c. it d. serre ou ferlf., mpe^ 
des voUes). To take in a sail, serrer «« '^^ 

Inlet, n. petite entree ; petit bru de mer; fu- 
ture dtint let terres 

Imuraiicc, n. ctsurnnce. — office, chamirf u 
sitrancr. Policy of in«urancc,/»o<«rc«fff'^'"^ 
Pretuium of iniurHnce,>>rrinc d'assurencc 

To insurt" , v a. ass'jnr 

InsltPL-rs, n p. axsureurs 

To invert, v a. renverser ^ 

Iron work, n.ferrures. Iron work of a c»^^>- 
f^rrxireifCun a^'At. or. ^^ 

Iron sick, a. viei, x vai tveau dojU iuferrrurt' • 
UJieef/tar la rouilie, et iovent ^ ,. 

Island of ice, n, buic ou He de glace ; glarenj^ " 


JACK, n. pmnllon de beaupre ; petit crk. ;|»; 
hhick, fmulie ou passe la manoeuvre fcrv'^'^ 
nmencr les vergues de perroqvet, A » 
jack, chevaht de srieur de long , 

To jam, V a. gcnei., geno/jer^ assurer^ WK* 

Jears, V. Gears 

Jpstam oil jetson, n. chose* jetees d umer 

Jetty head, n.jet^e ttUn /•»•?, on mVe 


[ 67 ] 


J^vv I hbelo, n p.p0uHet liet dri»te» du bmmUu 

ijr-^ppea aux bntta de* vtrgue*) 
l\\ en standing jib, n. grtaid Jtc. »&ldle jib, 

sf(ndftCf mfttuxfK. Jib iron, racambeau du 

-rcndjhc. f1)in)?iib,c/ifi/«c. Clenra«Aythe 

■'' ! largvtle^randfoe/ 
' TT. i». 911 jigger tackle, palan dt Im tmime- 

' '-''x^. n^. AMcer^ e46le*f oh vieux^ ctrdage* 
i.bk ,( hinefeX >>• Jtnque {mtU de bdtiment Cki- 

i^ imt,ii. mdt defirtum, ou de rtchimge 

yraefie. Shwt kiMt, vMrutl tthvute. Crawn 
knot, cuLdc/HM-c couronn^. GmuhnoUit'r'i 
knot, nogud tor*. Knots, nteud* (de la ligne de 


TOhAWyiTR^vn. fattgwr, avoir tes mouvemenM 
thtr* (en parlant d'un vaitaeau) 

Labounome, a. qm a Ie4 mouvemens dun 

Ladder, n. Mielle. Accomroodatien ladder, 
ecMIe de comtnandemmt, Quarter laddc-n, 
h^hdle* de poupe (de corde^ tnec des icheUna de 

Laden, pa. ehargi. Laden in bulk, clun^ en 

Lading, n. charBemcnt 

LadJe, n. Pitch lad 1^, cmller h brni, &c. Pa>'ing 
laille, cuiUrr It hec (pour goudrotiner /«# t©u- 
ture» dci ftoiut. &c.) 

Laid.^n. (enparUmt ties ccrdages) lommit. Cable- 
laid cordajTi-, c&rdaf^e dfuxjoig conmut^ ou con^ 
viix ii la/a ^ on ties cables 

Laid np,p a. drtarmi 

Launch, n. cltaloutje^ on ceaaue (dei bdtimens de 
la Meiii'craitee). A tauncn iiito tlie s<^ ou in- 
to a rivt r, plan hiding, et empire de cole pour 
rembanjtieiurnt de» bois et mAre» marchan- 

— — — J. , ditet 

]*i'ia, (enir le Uf; tenir le vent, mi tenir le pitu To lauvh ou launch, v a. lancer «4 la mer, ou d 

r"^- Ke^ ymnr luff! (commandenient au Ceau. To biiinch the boat, mettre la chaioupe 

^■'^ver) n arrive pas ! Keep htr as near a* <) la mer. launch ho ! ne IvLttex plus! en 

" '" ^[gauventfauplm priithAvenf ' *erre bande .' ou basfc ! 

^ ' Keep her full ! fais porter > di^fe du : Land, n. terre. To make the land, atterrir 

To keep off, tenir le large. — away, { I^nd fall, n. atterrniie 

Laud ^ in vuc ilc terre 

Land laMfO. vainetm qui rient tie prrdte la terre 
tie vuc Ijuid locked, ferml etUre les terre* 
(en fxirlant d'un vnutcau) 

To laud, va. & n. nieftre a tnre, ou d^ftarquer 

Land mark, n. renmrque, amaye, ou reronnaU- 

Laiidini>:, n. desrentCf dfbarqunnrnf. Landing 
place, lieu dr drborquemem. tl^'harcadai'T 

Jauu^cI, ou lant^Hji^e, itf tnUraiile, Laiigrage 
Kliot, ihmgr u mi/railfe 

I^tniunls, up. ridet, et autrei menus cordages de 
fivcrsfi etpt-'e.f. — of the gun ports, ^m-ofw 

• K. 

" ' TF-aa. tra. To kecle the cable, fourrer le 

' ' (flwr de vieux cordages) 
''*"'?, n./wmire de c6b!e 
-' " ". su kedge anchor, n. petite ancre de tmtie^ 
^1 '•-fte b empenndler 

■ ' ^ ' !?t^ V n. eajoier^ deicendrc une riviere en 
'-■i'nit (par tm vent contrcire ii VaUk de la 

^ in. qui'it. Rabbit of the keel, rfiblure de la 

r'sf. Sheathing of tlie keel, douhlage de la 

i^ -'"• Sfaretof the. keel, ^ra/^t deiaquVle. 

^ ' I, rfiesurt egde d vingt tonncnux, employee 

j'iT-ttui dtau le commerce du chnrbou 

J' Urp, V a. tenir. To keep the luK •« the 

. "ijrjr^r. — upbu jhe v,\aiL, tenir le plus pr^s 
"" '^r- n. gartEen. Boat keeper, canotier qui 
,. ' ir ua rojiet, err. 
: ■"'^■crxrtingtie(du fond du vcuxseau) 

u ii*e, n. joumonf defer ponir left 
[. " fJ- 'rfflf ^ foe (dans une pirce fie boh) 
'• 1, n. tefA, ou quatche (sorte de battmeni). 
.. ' ''''^kilchj^/iarc a bonibes 
* ' '». '» p. Uaitigts b caeur. Ktvtl heads, billons^ 

/ ■•■?;• ^uai 

' > ■ ' !>. (roclie r sous I'enu) 

, *»> ^. ct!que(d.ins let cordages) 
.7*! "7'* ^^f^^l**' HaJipiiig knees, courfjcs 
'-''''fJrtcvsbUques. LtMl^'iag knees, courbes 
■■^''ru.rdet. Daggvr kuees, courbes un pcu 
- .'jrf. Tnuiioin knee*, courbes d* 
^' •^' fran«oin Une*^ courbes d'urcoisc de In 
••T'^Ikirhe (plac-es au iiivctm de la li^'u 
• '- rd,i, Hehii-iwrt tratuotu km.e*, caiirbi » 
'• • ■rft-..' rfe /o Sf.intcBnrbc (/j'cf^cs ou niveau 
^'•'•\^^'^c au bout de t'eto'it'torri). Drek trail- . 
^^■< ><-i\^-\, courbes d'arco-isc iJu premier pint. 
j" • of tlie head, at/ cut-water, In guibre dun 
'^^- ■•^au, comprcjimU la gorg^re, la Jkihcy et le 

.^, '■<••■ Iter 

' '^'"'|""aJ»,n/r. oiibolLird limbem, les npSlres, 

, ■ ' ■'' urn det npdtres. V. Paul bits 

). ' [ ^ »/>. raban^, f-guillettci. et garrettes 

^'"f *s V a. choquery pouaer. Knock off 
V ,!^ ■ '^** rouvrpfy ! To knock up ilie 

y *' -K'l of a mast, dtroinccr un nvk 
J' ' -'• ^yud et bout mi ( fait au bout (Tun cor- 
-^f). Bowhnekiiatfcm»'«f/ei^6eu/ifjtf. Wall 
."'>^<'u!-<le.^ore. Bowling knot, nnrud d'agtoj 
^ ^. •ir. 0\-^ r-hand knot , noeud u plei n p*dug. 
'^' kuot. nceud plat, ou nccud de garcettcs. 
'•"Mnyi kaod, oa giaany's b«nd, naxtd de 

^ n ports, 
des painnquini de sabordr. — of the sfimuds, 
rides dt: haufmns. — of i!ie staj-s, ridet d*Hais. 
~ of' the btick atnys, rides des galfiaubanf. — 
of tiie stDppen, rguiilettcf des lotses. Laniard 
of iliu buoy, iKlite corde nttaclice d la bouee, 
pour in saiiir lorsipi'on vcut la porter. — of 
ilie vui Uo'jk, garcmt d'un palon, servant a tror 
vrner rancre, appeli, en Jn<(lais, fish tackle 

Laiilhurn, ou laritvm, n. J'unrA. Poop lantern, 
fnnrU df /joiipe. Top lantern, fanal de lume. 
Quarter lnnU'ru«,/«7/ar/.r lateraux de la poupe. 
Lantern bracti, aiguilles de fanal. Lantern 
^iiiilcs./vrr/fy defer (^ui tirnnint et cntourcnt le 
Jmiai dc ia fntufK. Vighting Iniiterns, fanaux 
de. (ombcl. Sit^tial lanterns, j'anau.v pour Irs 
si^nuvx. Dark lantern, /f/;<a/ sourd. Stoi-e- 
rooia lant<'ni,/ana/ de soute 

Laivtidetl, a. Ex. A Ini>sided ship, vcisseau qui 
a un faux cSt'K vaisscau bordicr 

I ArlioarJ, axt. babord^ (ou cltte gaur/te du Tjoisserju). 
The larboard watch, le quart dc b'ibord, ou tcs 
b^bordnis. N. B. On ditpar corruption port, an 
lieu de larboard^ dans tous les commandemeus 
ttu timonnier, et dans qtielqucs autres cat. V- 
au mo r Port 


t 68 ] 

Large, a, iargtu (m pnrtam du rent). To nil 
brcrc, alia' vaU targuc, avmr vrnt targuey citrir 
vent largue 

To lash, V a. anmrrer^ Her, on ^guiUrter 

Ijuhinr, n. ^guiUcUe*^ ou lignet eTantarrajife 

To la^ M< to go laakinif, aUer largut^ courir 

Latetfn, a. Lateen Mdk, voilea kMine», — 
yard, onienne 

To lay the land, v a. iwyer la ttrre (c. h d. pcrdre 
la terre de vuc). — the decks, border leg ptm. 
— it»pe« «tt cordafipe, commertre ^rn jjetrUmt det 
cwrdages). — up a thip, druanner un vaineau 

Lead, n. plmiib tie 4cniie, To hiavt; the lead, 
4«nder^ ou jtier la sonde, Dt^p si-a lead, gratui 
plotnb de situde. Haiid leatl, fietit />to/tib de 
sonde. bpiU the lead I rd&tr Cheanme de la 
sonde / Ann the It ad ! gnmis le plottib dc 
fwulc ! Lt^d nails, clout d fitontb 

Leader, n. mafdot truvant 

Leadinf^, p a. I^adiug- unid, vent largue, ban xkiU 

Leak, n. vote d'cau. To stop a leak, bout her u7ie 
xvie Weau 

To leak, v n, /aire eau. The deck leak*, le pont 
est mal ca'jhie^ Ceauperce d t raver $ tepoia 

Lmkagt'.n. coulagc (enparlant det /utailles) ; ac- 
tion depretidre eau (enparlant det r>nisscaux) 

Leaky, a. A k'Rky cask,/u/«i//e qui coule 

Ledii^es, n p. torte de soliveaux, ou 'mno'iut (pla- 
ces entrt les baux; dant le tens tie yi Un^rar du 
vaisseau dfun Lord a roufte^ dans let vai kjeoftr 
Angltut). lx.vlgf, chaitie dctoilievs u Jicur 
d'eauy ou recif 

Lee, n. A-lec, cite de dessaus le Trnf. Lee side, 
c&ti de dessous le xymt. I-ee pai^^c, le destouj 
du vent. UndiT the lee, souji le itiU de —. By 
the lee ; tu luy a siiip by tin- Ic-e iiieitve uu 
vaisseau xTtit drssus. oxi'rojTer un xcit*eau. 
A Ice shin-r, tri re, ou i6{e sous le vtnf iFuu 
vaissrau. Vo work uud« rn le«r slior*-, lonvwer 
pr^r iPune rSte, sur laquelle un cvr njf'alr. /.t-e 
lureht « OH larches, rnJiordeei d'un vaisseau 
vers le idie soi's A' vent, ou arrii-<-rx 

Lee boan!», n. sriwrUet, ou nilcx de derive 

Lee way, n. drrivi% unglc tie la dt'-rive 

Let-waid, a. <& n. sous x vtnt du xaisteniL, et en 
gim-ral le c6ir de dessous le rent, Tht K-eward 
iglaiids, /« f/i-i ious 'event. A leewunl ship, 
vaisieau tnauiaty boulinitr, vcitsenu qui tieut 
mal le xrrtt, qui derive hetiucoup (rt qui tonibe 
sous le rent €11 fou ran' au pius prts). A lee- 
ward tale, maree qui porte du mfme t.6ii que ic 

To leoward, ad. sous le vrnt 

Leeches of a *uil, n p. cStts papendUuinires, ou 
bords des x-oUe*. Lrteh Hiiet, rai-gue-bouJnes. 
Ltech Topc,rn/ingue de rMte 

Leefange, n. bfirrv defer fixic pur tes e.xir^mUeSi 
au pont tfun b'^thucnt 

To let, V n. Let fall thi maiit-sail! Ittisxe tomber 
ksfonds de In f^raud'' vw.'t! Ltt her fall! 
tarsse abattre .' \a:\. all iJje re<'fs out 1 largue 
tons les ris .' To lei in, tnPrer les bouts des 
bonkges dnis les rubluris (de la quillCf de 
Vetrave ,^c.) 

Letter of nark, ou !< ttcr of nmrque, n. lettre de 
marque ou dt rrprr^aiUes 

Lieutei.aiit, n. Licutemuit of a sliip ou of a 
nian of >»ar. Ifeuirrunit ^un x'ai'rteau de 
gvcrre. — in tlie roj-al navy, lieutenant des vats- 
seaux du rot d/ivgeterre. ' ~ of niarint s, /ieu- 
tcnatU des troupts de la marine. -- at amu, 
le dernier iieutenant d'un vaiiseau 

Lifti, fi p. balaucinet. Main Kfis, balancines de 
grandc vergtte. Fore lifts, bakmanes de mt- 


salme. Maintop KAi, bakmcines du grm 
huuier. CroM jaek liflv, balancir^t df 
vergue s^che. Standini; lifts of the spn(-« 
yard, moustaches de la eixfodi^. Runmi 
lifts, balancines de la civadi^n 

Li^ht, a. leger, ou l^ge. A li^t ship, wtutee 
Ir^e, ou qui n'est pas chasge. Light sin i 
>» uiid, petit vent sw I'eau 

Lig^t, n.feti (sur lac6te^ pour servir de reeontta 
sanee aux vaisseaux, tire.), A light boose, > 
light tower, tour hfeu^on phare 

Light room, n. sotae vitr^ (ou Pon ttent detf 
nauxpour donner dujour atuc canonniert ite 
la sou/e auxpoudres) 

To Kiciiten, V a. Ex. We mutt lighten th« du 
alaift, i'faut all^ger le btUirnentae Farri^rr 

litiiben, ou linibiT holes, np. anguiUhet, f^' 
des anguUl^res. Limber rupe,aiMllimbtrdui> 
corde ou chainr des anguiileres 

Liue, n. ligne (m ternies d'extottOsmts navn'ff 
— of battle, ligne de bataille. — f«r'> ^^ 
abreust, hgtte de front. To sail io a line. " • 
rhrr en ligne. To close ou eoiitract tlie li ^ 
serrer la ligne. Wait-r lines, lignes d'cC' / 
tcrmes de roris/rurtiuu). Rising linc^'-^ '-' 
farons,ott lignrs des fa^ons. Load waur Hn? 
liM ne de fottaixon,, &c. Line, UgW (tone d 
cordage). Tarred line, ligne noire, ou /•«•'•'«.■ 
fi/r. D.-ep sea line, ligne de sontie. Log-iii^' 
Jig tie fie loc, &e. 

Lint-stock, w. boute-feu, ou b^ton d mMa 

Li»t, n.faux cite. That ship has a lisllopo'^ 
re vauscau a vnfanx t6te surbabord 

To load, V a. charter 

Loadsiiiau, lu pi,ote lamaneuTf pilote (ktr, c^ 
to man 

Locker, n.caiiiony petite ormoire, ou fiiuiprt- ' 

Log, n. loc. To heave Che loe, jetter le Iv. U ^ 
board, ta!>lc de loc. Iak: reel, lour pour lee 

Lopperiiead, n. boulet rond defer arrec w» Pff^'''^ 
(qu^onfait rou^ir auftu pour le tremper cAiju 
goufiron. lorsqu'on veut lefmdre et k ckeufff, 

Longfitude, n. longitude. Longitude by ac^-ouut 
lot\gitude estim^e. — in, longitude arr'iree. - 
made, cheniin fait en longitude. — by lin^^ 
observations, /0nnfu<2r observeepar lesaistm*^' 
de la lune au solril. — by time-keeper, /•rjj:'^' 
par rhorloge nutrine 

To loof, V n, lofei\ x^n'r au /•/*. V. Luff 

Loof, w. lof (ou partie de tsrvant du vaitf^ 
lx)of tVamc, ou loof timbers, cot^le de /•/• ^ ■' 
l>iect s, canon » dt climse 

Look out, «. dhouvrrte ou x)igie . 

To look out, V M. veiller faire bonnegerde ou '*^ 
quart. Look out afgie thert! bon f*^ 
(Tavant i . 

Loom. 11. Loom of an oar,6m*,m«nf*'(ou/*^ 
ititerieure d/un aviron) . ,, 

To k>om, V n. pardltre {dans le browli'^rtl *^ 
dans le loiutain). This Und kwins higt a^^*' 
water, cette terre pandt fort ekxte 

Loop holes, np. nieurtrteres 

To loose, r a. To loose a sail, d^ployer ou 'c'? • 
tine voile. — ou loosen a rope, iarguff '^ •" 

Low water, basse mer, oq nter basse , 

To lower, v a. atnmer. Ltiwer the po>f* ""*; 
fcnue les sabordsi abaisse ks manteett c./ 
sabords ! . . ,^ > 

Lubber, n. marin d'cau i^uee. Lubber* hole.^ 
t7ou-dii-chat de la /tune . -. a.,>- 

Luff, n. lof. cite du vent. Tn rorinir a »"" ri, 
une aufof'e. Luff I U 
Luff round ! au luff « 


To spring ft 

' (ordre at 



felt « k«p your luff! tfmr le vent ! n'arrive 
^ .'f ^ cemmendematt au thnonier 
' M-iiook ropcn. swte tie faux ee^uet^pour awt/- 

'-"T- kpwa tiet bfutes vwles dans le nHtuvaU 

1 lurf. rn. Tolnffiuto a harbour, ^a^ner un 
I'irtrn tenant Upimpr^a ou d pohire debouline 
:-wj1, n, vgile de fort line ou de ttrou 
^'< r, n. hufrre 
' *.p^!\ a^ gntfiriers 
-^pi' ru ernbnrdee ou <-«m/> dp /^onvemoil 
^ ^ « to lie, V n, <*r;v, ou rri/^r. The i »land 
'i ' ^ E. of US, rUe notjs reste au sud-est. To 
' • '% w to lye by, itrf. en fionne, ftre vent 
-' fif. vat der/anr. — to in a stoi-in, ^/re d 
• •^. — uuiU r the sea, Stre innug^ par la 
- aion^, ^e coiuh^^pliert on donner ti 
du vnit. 

[ «9 ] 


w-isi. _ eto*», /'/rr /»u />/Mf 

i-r as iw-«r as she h iJi lye I gouvcrne au 


■^o.rr. ;pvnd, premier^ ouprinripaf. (Ce met ^ert 
r,r'ei,f ^ ditigTitTf le grand mdf, set verguet^ 
••^f mmcuwres, et set ttgr^t.) Ex. — mast, 
i^ndm/it. — top xiiti%ty grand niAt dt hunt. 
"7 y»ni, jfTon/f voj/r. — top »all, wUe 
^' ,rrc/w/ Aimifr. — trust's, drosser de la 
rvra" vergue. — stav, ^m«rf <^tai. &r. — 
^' \-Krrt7vie fame. — shrouds, ^fTrniT/y hnt^jant^ 
^" 'Kt<-baiw «fti grand mAt. — wali% /« /;?«» 
•^'tprtrinte. — land, grande (errr. terre 
/'^t, ou ctminent, — stniani, /!r milieu du 
'-•T<m\ OU lefort du eouranf (rfune riviere, ou 
'•^ '• Airt«, or). — •ea, pleine mer, la haute 
^"'^'^^ la grande mer 

^<'\ V a. fare (qui /empfoie dans let phra- 
"' 'Vir«tf«). — jiijt, amarrer. — sail, 
y'^"!elavoile^ o« augmenter la vo'dure. ~ 
f a harboar^/mrf roufe ^ftot/r un port, — free 
VJi lie land, orroster la terre de tres-pris. — 
y pmidre ehatse, fuir^ — up a nil, plier 
'■ji' i«>. — stem away, cider^ alter fmr 
"^f'^r. — fbul water, twcker avec la quille 
■J ^ -mfond vaseux et moii^ labourer lefond 
, ; 'i?-in)n,n. eUeau ite enlfat double ou cnnne'e 
:> n. maiOet. Caulking malltrt, maUlet de 
• ■'•/• Srrvinp mallet, nvHlfet dfourrer 
'^'^'- ^'- (prtprement homme, et teprendeouimt en 
■^ ait pour) vaisstnu. A man of war, rmr. 
*»'?■; de gittrre. A Gninea-mnn, vnissrau n>- 
rw. An IntUftHnan, vaUseau de la cornpagnie 
^ ^1 f Tides 
' 'SD, V a. Ex, To man a thip, foumir un vaU- 

■'^'■- dt mmde. — a prize, amariner une prite. 

~" "tf capiteni, mctfrr du monde au eabesfan. 

■■ s pttmp, omier une pentpe. Man the side ! 

^'« d« mmde rur le bordl Man well the 
,/ f** ! du monde sur let hunee! 

, ~ '»«•,«. moHne, arf dr fti navigntion, &e. 

\f'"*'^ «/»• troupes ou M/<to# de lanutrine. 

, •'-'•'ne oflker, ^i«- cfey (roujSev de la marine 
:■ i^'i' r, n. marinymatdat 
^ "^Mnt y«ni, r. Rome's ^-ara, ou m«f rorue 

' "^^' •*' niarline, v a* merUner^ ou ^morom^ 

^^ju«%a. flcffw, d*embnmer ou merUner une 
^'C'ixuvre, ou jr^itf <fe« v«^f 

I MarKng^pike, n. epitmr 

I To marrooD, v «. abnndonner (des mmeltts nud- 

I fmteurs sur une terre Strange re ou desert e) 
To marrj-, w o. To marry the strands in tpjicingf, 

entretncrr lea torons, enfesant une ^pissure 
Mast. n. m6t. Lower masts, ou staudjnr masts, 
ntdts niajeurs. Top mastjk, m/lts de hune. 
Main top mast, grand nuit de hwie. Fore lop 
ma?t, petu' mat de huite. Misi'n top mast, 
m'?/' de tteitofjuet dcfougue. Spare topmast, 
m^t de hune de rechange. Main mast, grand 
ntfit. ¥or^' iiia%V, tnaf de mitainr. Mi7^n mast, 
vidt rTortimon. ilain top-f^lnnt mast, mnt de 
grand pen ofittet. Fore top^llant niast,m'^?« 
dc petit peiioqnet. Mizon top-tnUbnt mast, 
rti'lt de lapnruche irnrtimon. liowspric mast, 
innt de beaupri. Miide must, indt compost, ou 
ni'it de plu.nttirs pieces. Uouj^h masts, tndls 
bntts. 'i'o s{)cnd a mast, caisei- un mat. 

To mast a ship, v a. m/iter un vaisseau 

Ma«ter of a sbip of war, n. officicr d*un raisteau 
de guerre. — of n merchant ship, capifnine 
mairhand, ou patron. — at anus, eapuaine 
rfannes. — niu ndant, p^cier employe dans 
les arscnaux de marine tP Angleierrc. — sail-nta* 
ker, maitre voUier. — bujt-buildcr, nutiire 
construcieur des canots et chaloupcs 

^t•lt, n. sanglcypailler^ bademe 

Mate of a snip of war, fJ. oOicier subalteme des 
vakseaux de guerre Anglais. — of a merchant 
J ship, seeond ou lieutenant (Pun vaLfsetni mar- 
cfurnd. Mate r^fMut au tsi a la qutiliti- de second 
on d'alf'c^ tersquH est joint a un autre titrc. Ex. 
^narttr-masiL r's mate, botttman. Boatswain's 
mate, centre maitre, ou .rrcond mattic d'eqidr 
page. Sail-niaktr's iioate, soond vollier. Ar- 
mourer's mate, second armwin: Caipenter's 
n»nte, serviul cimrpenticr. Stewanl'i mate, 
mat f re va/et. Sun^eon's fint mate, second 
chirurffien. Snrc^eon's s^^coml, third, iburth, 
nnd filih mates, ailes cMrurguns 

Maui, n. masse (Jefer 

To meet, t; a. & n. rencontrer. Meet her f ren- 
contre ! 

Meridiau, ou meridional distance, n. difference dt 
longitude. Meridional parts, nules, ou minutes, 
eclu:Ue de Uditudci rrmssantes 

Mrss, n. ptat,o\\ga>nelle (d-.f ^ens de P^quipage), 
To mess tojr«^thi;r. ou tnth any one, J'cire 
gumelie enremble^ ffre du mSme plat. Mes»> 
mate, eowpa^non de plat ou de gamelle 

Messenjfer, n. To clap a meisenger on the cable, 
fnire marguerite {pour aider fi lever Pancre) 

Midship, ad. milieu du vaisseau. (Ce mot s^em- 
ploye dans les expressions sidyantes.) Midship 
Deam, nuntre bau. Midship fVaine, maitre 
couple. Midshipman, cadet, ou volontaire 

Mizen; n. artimon. Mizcn mast, nUit d'artimon* 

— yard, vergue dTaitimon. ■— ihrouds, hau- 
bans d'artimon. ~ brails, eargue d^artimon, 

— top mast, mdt de perroquet defougue. — 
top nil, voile de perroquet de fougue. — bow- 
linet, oursea d*artimon. ~ top-gallant mast, 
mdt de laperruehe d'artimon. &c. . Balance the 
mizen ! prends un ris d Vartimon ! Haul die 
niizen up in the brails .' eargue Cartimon ! 
Haul th« mizen sheeu close aft ! borde Card- 
mon I &c. 

Mole, ou mole-hcad; n. mitet tnjet^e d'unfiort 

Monsoon, n. nmuson 

To moor, v a.trn. amarrer ou aff\ntreher un 
vaisseau, — bjr the head, si'affburcher par 
Pavant. — head and ttem, s'amtarer de Pa- 
vant et de Parriire 


[ ''O ] 

O V E 

Moorinr*. n p- fofp* marts. A 4up fome to hnr 
moorin^v, xHiisxeau qui vinit drtarmrr^ vaisteau 
qui mid tf hard 

Mooter, on iivt*-nail mooter, n. chcvUleur ou 
nmi'rt thrt'i.'kur 

Mortt r, ;i. morttei: Carriage of a mortar, 4{^)2; 
df viortifr 

Mould Jo(\, n. snlle drt f^abarits. To lay down 
the iiMMiIds ot' a ship, traia' let gabarits d'un 

'1 o (iiuiiUi. f 0. l^o mould a piece of timber,j?<^ 
bnrtfr tiiu- fn^iC 

Mo(Ui(e<I. f>a. hortniil, ou rn-ntc de (en parlnnf dti 
notub'r tJa (onout tVuti rainrau). Tlic \ iclury 
i!i niountetl wiih u Iiuiiclreti f;unu, le vais*eau in 
I'lfioirfporfe rent caiioM 

Mouse, ;i. hvuton, ou ponuiic (d'etai ct dt touriie- 

To Juousi:-, on hook, V a. rxuillcfer un croc dc 
palun^ erf. (pour Ct:nipc<htr de tc d^vtm/iet' 
dans Irt mouxtnien/t du vnmenu) 

To muffle xliv oai-s, v u. tneuie da pailltri aux 

Mustir, «. rex'ue, ou a/f/tel (di:s ''fjni/jn^es). Mut- 
ter luaiU.'!'. lonuiiir tigs rt-vues. AJl luUids to 
niust.T I tow k luoudc r I'uti'fjcl ! 

To uiiister, V tt. piiA.^-tT la i trvuf.fairr la rtvve det 
ffjiiipascif &c. Jane t'ap/iciy vu pamr tn- re- 


NAILS, n. clou*. Weight naQs, cu sp:kei. clout 
au poUls {depm* 8 poutes de iongfterr, en 
de^xug). Kose<^eade<l nails. cUtus u i^te de 
diantvnt. Flat^pointed nails, tilous ^ pviine 
plate, rortv-jjenny nails, clous de caruvdU. ou 

' Ko. 80. Tlurty-jMTiny nails, cio"^- tie deitj- 
carm^e/le, ou No. 50. Twenty-four poiiny 
nails, ott two sliilliug: nails, clout lie UsiC ou Xo. 
40. Twciily-pv liny nuils, dou* ds- tfoublt- tdim\ 
ou No. 30. Ten-iK-nnv nuils. clous dc (H'or, ou 
No. 15. Six-pcnHv nails, c'ous dr dcmi-^iUac ou 
No. 10. Tliree-ptiujy naiK, rieus i plomb, ou 
No. 4. Two-penny nails, clotit h po^iipe. ou i 
No. 2. ScunjMT nails, t:'ous h rnaui(crc. l>ciu- 
blc- dt-ck nails, clous de 7 tmtcet. Dick naiis, 
clous de 6 fioutrs. Sin<^h> cli ck nails, cionj/ de 5 
pouces, et de 4 poncey e( demi. Twuity-penny 
dreuini^ nails, clous tie 2 pouccs trou quarts. 
Rovu and clench nails, clous d river (pour les ' 
bordages d din). SJn-a thing; nails, rfons de dou- 
blage (de 2 poures et vn quart). HIliiMir nails, 
clous dUm pouce. Bmss naiU, chut dr ruivre. 
Lead naiU, dous h plwub. ClincLi-r nails, clous 
h vis 

Xaxialf a. novate ou de nuuine. Naval officers, 
offiiiers de la metrine. Naval stores, munitions 
pour la marine 

Nave line, ou naval line, n. mantrtn're yervnut de 
cargue haut et de cargue-6as (tics basses vergues^ 
lorsqu'cllcji sont gr^hs h Hague) 

Naval wo^ids, f j p. pieces de hois larges e? epaisses^ 
dam lesquefJes sontj>aris let fcubiers, et qui les 
entourent en erUier 

Navy, «. marine, forces marUhnes ftuti Hat. "Stp 
ry tiguife aussi le corps deJa marine miWairt. 
Nuvy buard, bureau de la marine (assrntbi^e, 
ou esp^ce de conseii des qfffciers cix>ils dr la mth 
rinc). Na^TT office, fc* bureaux de la mariw 

Neap tide, n. ou dead neap, morte<aUt ou mortc 

Neaped «u bcncaped, m. ttmorti (skualim cTun 

vaitsemt ^td est rtmorti dam un port, oti rr^ 

par les bashes ntarrcjt) 
NeMlh*, n, aigtdVe. Sail ne^xlles, aigt/i'le* 't • V 

Bolt rope needles, rii^iiilles d raHn^n^. ^I 

netical needle, aiguille tie boussoir. ou r..: 

Ntttinef, n. Jilets de baifingage. Boarding ntun 

filets (Tabordn^e 
To nip, V a. E.i. To nip tJ»e cable, taidr 

acver les garcct'cf tie la tournevnr- — ft- ' 

ianl oCh «ltnui(I, amarrrr ou saisir la r, u . 

hatiban (npr^s trto'r rid^) 
Nippers, ij />. garcrttes de tertmevire 
NitlWs. r.Kuittles 
Noneanr ! no near! mt near! ad. ne'i^en: ■;-'.} 

vent I pas an vent ! d^Jie du vent .' 
North, fi. Tj«rr/, septeu*rion^ (appei^ dam >n " 

terran^e et le Levant) la tramontane. N- ' ' 

uest, nortl-qunrt-nord-mtest. Nonh-wis' '^ 

wt St, en/re le nord-puett et le nord-oufs'-'i - 

fPouest, &c. 
Nc»riherly, a. Ex. A northerly uinH, tW < 

nord. To steer noitI»erly, *ouvei-nri ou 
Northern, a. du nord ou sepfcntrfontil 
Noriliiiip, fl. dijfference ctt latitude n»rd;r' 

frjr nil nord 
NuLs of the anchor, n p, tetwnt de Us vers'- "' ' 

anae * 


OAK AM, ou oakum, n. Stoupe. Oak-uml' : 
iiousse ou apprtnti cnlfrtt' 

Oar. n. trviron, o»i ranK. To ship the oan r~ ^ 
les avirons. To unshri> tlie oars, d^-fsn^Kj^ ■: 
mirons. Ship oars. OT-trfr«*f/tf'W>*<'i"- '^^" 
ble-batiked oars, avti-ofis d couples, tki y-^ 
oars to pass 1 arme 'cs avlrops! 

Oft: ad. au large, du iSiC de la pkine mer. » ^^ 
olT! debordc ! pousse au large! Oif nni^ "^ 
batl ft tei-re, bord au large. Off Marin't^^'-^ 
CajK* FinisteiTi. K:c. /> la hauteur dt- in " > - 
nique, u la fmureur ou au large du Cafi *" ' 
tcrre, &r. i -• • 

Oflinj,'. M. le large, le ctt^ du large, oo * '" "''^' 
luer. To stand for the offing.m^'"''''' ' ; 
iarge^ou courirau Utrge. The sia ">'>' - 
in the oftinp, il j/ a giosse mer en dchar^' ^ 
keep in the iiftinp. *cnir le large To fai^' •" 
oS\ntr,pretu/re fc latgcgagner le large 

OftVaxtl. (ul. vers le large, irW la mer, ou e^" '»- 
dc lapleine iner - . . „,>« 

Opt n, ft. ouven. Ex. To be open with s P^^ 
^fre a Powert d'un port., tTuiie rode, ^^' , 

Opening, «. ouverturCf ou passage i^^' '^'"^ 

Onler, w. erdre (terme de tactique itavaia 

Onh rs, n/». imtrucfiont ^r. 

Oiidinan , u. etat ifouvriers et de f^en* de nte^- 
phi/t^s II gardcr et u mtretetur let *"*' ^'^ . 
drj,'arnu^s. Ships ui ondiiuirv, Ma>«w"^ ^ ' 
mes I,- 

Onliuary, a. Ex. Ordinary saikits, nuAel^^^ 
basse /Me -_ jj. 

Ordnance, n. nrtillerie. Ordnance offiw-i 
renu d'artil'erie . f„.. , . 

Orlop, n.J'auA^nt. Orlop betms, M";'^ "'^ ; , 
pont, ouJaua.4iaux, Orlop pton*^ "'^'^^ 
faux pant . ^sbik 

1*0 overblow, v n. It overbk>w», Ufad «« ^^ 

Orerbowtl, tut. hors k bonLon d to "^ „,; 
heftve overfootid, Jeter d la mer. A >»" 


t-rrrtwird, tffl hermiK ttmha it la mer^ ott il 
r- ' Vi un hainme w la nter 
' -=i>t, ff, nuverf, ou rhnrgr de nua^e* 
"•■ rrnxi^pa. £.f. An o>fr-gru«n s*»a, t.fu* 
1- 'vfhmitf^ trn^ mer hanfeiomwf 'rt nionf.t 
■ tr-iciul, r a. rtpimdre unpaian ; vhifer, ex- 
I r^rjited, ad. qui a trop tk matttre^ ou trap 
_ •■'■■* ^njr 
-"^ prnst,!, pa. Over>pressed uith sail, trap 

I /, r^c, V n. te fit* ties rmtht He mer qui 

'* ";fii. /w. ^ji/ a de tr^ fjror ngres (flex ntdts 
•J' ^i^,a trtpgro», de trap Umgties verguest 

'V. ;. =>;»r/; c^TMiHlire tteplotje, rt orierUtj {en 

'•- "sy fi^T vvle^) 

■ i . ivwiut. ^OT/tt:/ ro//pj dehors 

' '^- "■'if (tense de Camiement 

'-■' 'i trim. a«/. /wTi de son atMettCt mat arrint^ 

' '<riant dim vaifteauy 
' ' r. V. Bumkiii 
'^^T.n,aimaUrtle car^iie, boutehms; bpufe- 

■ ' ■ 'i '^rt'itj 

im-jH n ,bip^ p J,, d^pnsfer vn vaitsraii; 

■ uj njnrcAe *tfr im vrtisseau^ ft re mciHeiir 
f" ??4f /ui 
' ' rl «ai A«rt tfti pm/t; a retrmiger. An 

^^nl b«miMl slop, vairxau dettine pmar le* 
'--" ^Tangrrt 
' r, n. prapriftairc. animtcitr 

, ,"■ "^^'^f'^'^'fifnet^tfrequi se rrmarqrtc mt 

P •'■■ ^tme-Etperanee, et qui presage un coup 

■ FT M pfteket boat, n. pwqxiehcit 

^■'iW. V n.pagtqfer; alter <) Caidedef pagnijes f 

-'■• 'OTKsr) 
''■ pmaneJle He voilier. Palni« of an an- 

■ f^tetd'unanrre 

' '*- nafte, bndeme (ou iT/rru de vieux eoT' 

pour fturrer ha vergvct), err. 
"^ '^^ . ;j. trrvire {corde jservrnd a hitser mt 
■""Tt ffiua. ou « rircr dufurid d/un vtAiteim^ 

"^rc i a K-flm. r ff. ratnxrir une couture trvec 
"i.'fci de vieille taiie 
' 'i?. n. morcefjux, ou binder de torlc pour 

[ 71 ] 


f (#frwm/ damarrrr unechaloupe 

■^ "Qt-ljeel, n. demi-bnntit 
'■• n. rocage. Rib* of'a paTTfl, 6(/?<>.'j </r r/r- 
-'^ I'anrJ rope, btitnrdde traagr. — tnicks, 

' ''-' fie rarage. — tnis*. firojtse de roffgr. 

• punrcl, racage simple^ ou ravage h CAn- 

■^ • n. a^lfr en dtrrve, en fmrlrmt d^un rvih- 
■ '- tium le c/iOle a eie rotupu par le mauviiis 

' ' n. action d'aller en dit ive 
' ""v n />. ^fambralt 

('■■' iKiv*j»ort, H. con^ o^passefiort {de b/lti- 
■^ ni/jrrhand) 

'-'' . t\. travrrire^ ou pnssngr. It was a six 
' ks pa«a^^ io (ravrrxt'e a rte de six se- 
u , Ji, , 4,u 1^ quarantoilcuxjottr^ , 

Pauls. 01/ pawls, \if:^'n^iirf%. de ei^i^..d< 
vinda*. et torn cf\^i^ tit^y,. n^ini. Tasrl bi's ■ 

trnrr rtnt;lir rers le rji?V« "" %r^fi at ffit {im 
eiahlif fe< rlir.giiett ou r(iqneti) "*■' ^ ^ 

To poul, V a. lo pnul tlic capSHqj/j/ifi^ 7<?> ^ 
^lingTuets mi cn'Kttau ^*-— — — • ' 

Pnuncri. V. Paiicb 

To pny, r n. Ex. To pay a ship's botiorn, rtpnl' 
mer un hatiinen*., ou douner un ai^/ou ronoi /) 
vn j-ai.yremi. —a mast ou a yard, etiduire ou 
goudronuer un nt^it ou ufte rergue^ (t>'c. — a 
-seaiiu goudrormrr une roufvre. — off' a ship, 
/aire In revue tTun vmsxrau an drsnrmemmt ; 
payer le d^tarmemmt rfVytj rnifteau. — out ou 
away the cable, Jfep. J!lrr un ctJble^ ou une 
aiiiarre (hort du vnissrau) 

Paying ladle. V. Ijidle. Pji>-ini^ ofT, emf»ardee (du 
r6te de dr-f.fouf te vent. — off of a ship, reiue 
(fun r'ais.refiu mi de:iarmenimt. Pavius^ out, m^ 
pajiujif awny. actinji de filer vn cattle^ ou une 
nwnrrc{hor't du xaineau) 

Pr-dr TO. n. /iterrirr 

Peek, ou peak, n. pic. on vergiie siip^rieure den 
grauden vat let de rertnin^ ffittment. Peck hal- 
ranis ntartiwt du fiit {de cet nu^mer T'oHn) 

To peek, w n. (rnparlanf dea rergues) npiijner 

Pendant, n. Jfanvne. Brond p<MMlant, guidon, ou 
cornff't. Pt iidaut e.vt en/.\j(i ce que umia noin- 
mens pendet/r. Ex. Main tackle pendant, />rj/. 
dettr de grand pnlnn ou dc gi-r,nt.'e mlifnve. 
Fon- tackle p»-n<lriMt, pf-^nleiir de In mliornr de 
miimni: Uuddv.r pt tidauL, fnusse saux^-garde 
de gtiuxtmail 

Pena'rua. n. piro'^ur. cnnot rreuse d'un seul m'brt 

Pier, n.Jitfe cPufi jiort. ou moie 

Pillow, n. roufxin {du ituit di- beaupre) 

J'ilot, n. pilote. piiiite-rS'ier 

To pilot a sliin, r a.pil<f>^cr un xftir.femi. 

PilotaR*'. n.pilutnge: Rato» of pilotage, droit de 

Pin of a block, n. eastev de pordir. Iron pins. 
eweu deffi; trc Bt lavinjif pius. mt turn* d 
pins to belay ri»pes. ehci'it'luts^ ou cobiUols {pour 
mn/irrer lesvinnoeirvre*) 

V\j\k. u. pi nque {suite dc bAtinwnr). Pink stem. 
V. Stem. 

Pinnace, n. tor*e dr chnlouffe ni^'tce en goiiette 

Pintles, n /'. eyvillot* {dc goirrernail) 

Flrite. H. pirntc. ou forffcin. ou fcunieiir de mer 
(tTcfi Cfm fdii le verbe lo pirate, ;*r<-.) 

Pitch, brm ger 

To pitch the seams of a ship, r n. hrayer ou goti- 
dronner les ccrturet d^xni vnia^rrau 

To pitch, V u. tnuguei'. She pilches bard, le 
vnijfsemi tongue duremmt 

Pitchiufr. a. taugnge. ou action tk tanguer 

Plain s.'iiliiiiE'. K. Sailiiit^ 

Piank. n. burdn.^e. Three inch plank, cordage 
de ryiii ,• fwurrs. ^c. 

To i)laiik. V a. «m to lay on tTie skin, border un 

Pint, fourrure de v'teux cordages {pour let cables) 

Plat's, n p. Ex. Back-stay platts, c/iaines iU 

Plate iigtnjie, en grn^ral^ bnnrfe defer 

PJuj^', n. tampon. Hause plujrs, tnmprnt d^'^ru- 
btrrs. Shut pi up:*, trnnpons {dr differ em rnli- 
brrf. fwur huutln-r Ics tJ'ous f aits par te carnin, 
f.nyliiu* le lombnt) 

Phniiitiei. n. /;/wn/; de sonde 

Phuuhr, n. bu'iti. pi/Inge 

To nly, V n. frnir le vent, strrer U vent,, alter ou 
plus pres du wnt 

Plyer, on plicr, i*. A. good pliwr, bon bwUnier, 


[ 72 ] 


vaUxau qtd tknt bien k vent, oa qui ktuHne 

Point, fi. pointe^ cap 
Pointinf^ of a cable. 8cc. a.& n. queue deratde* 

manctmyresf c$rdagef, et cdbtUf etpointe dugm^ 

ctttet de rit 
Fointi. n p. garcfttf* de ris 
Pointrbiank, tuL (terme de coMHnage) de but-fn- 

To point, V a. pointer le canon. — m mme^Jiitre 

une queue-ite-raf d un cordage. — a Mil, mettre 

deegarcettes de rit d uue iwte 
Polaciv, n. polacre^ tone de b^tintent 
Pole^ n. Ejc. Pole axe, hache d'armeo, — mast, 

mAt h frible. — matted, nv//^ d ftible* Under 

baiv polet, d icr, d tn^te, et d coraee 
Pomi^fion, n, bouton d'uu canon 
Pwitoon, n. pontoit, oujimepour ie ear^nage 
Poop, fi. dunette, — tnyal, ou top>Kallaiit poop, 

lofietttent our la dunette ^ ott cabane de* nttiltreo 

our la dunette 
To poop, -r a. We were pooped by a heavf tea, 

nouo renames un grot couft de merpar lapoupe. 

That ship u ill po«ip us. if she doi s not bear up, 

te vaittcau nour afiortlrra par I'arriirt s'il h'ar^ 

rive pa* 
Pooping, a. A pooping^ OQ%^gro»te mer dc vent or- 

rtere^ coup de mer qui t^citUtarque Jxtr Car- 

Port, n. port de mer^ on havre. A sea-port town, 

vHle maritime, ouporl de mer 
Port, ad. bdbord. The ship heels to port, Ic vait- 

oeau doane ii la bande *ur b/^hord. Port Hgnijic 

autti Hdnrd. Ea: Row ports, tabordo de* av^ 

ront, Lii^t ports, sabord* det cfumibrfx dtg^ 

ciert., &c. Port lids, ftuinfelett det tahordt. 

— rinn, anneaux det taberds. — sellt, tcuillet* 
det tahordt. ~ ropes, itaguet de* palanquint 
de tabord 

Vort-Iast ou portoise, n. Ex. To lower the ftrds 

down a port-last, amener iet ba**e* vergue* 
To ride a port-Ust «u a poctoiae, v a. ftrr au 

mowUage aver te* mdtt Je hune et tet verguet 

amen^et (dan* un coup de veiu) 
Poaches, n p. petite* tipa'otiont^ ^qwpett, par- 

quett, ou doitont 
To pourabromlside, i>a.«Rvoymifi«6«rd!w 
Powder, n. poudre djht 
Powder cheirt, n p. caitte d^artijke 
Pram ou ptame, n. torte d'ailrgCy en utege dtn0 

lesjtortt de HoUandc et de la mer Baltique 
Pratic, n. entree, oufaculii de communiquer {dara 

let port t *ujef* d quarantaine). Togetpntie, 

obtenir Cenft-^e 
Ptirss, n. I'o carry a press of sail, avmr betnieoup 

de voile* deher*^ charrier de la voUe^ /aire force 

de voile* 
PreTenter,'fl. epith^te que donnent let Angfait d ee 
^ que ttout noinmontjautoe* maiuguvre*. — braoe , 

jav.T brat. — shrouds, haubant de fortune, ou 

/oiur hauban*. — stay.yau.f tiai. — back stay, 

gat-hauban vofant^ &c. 
To prick, V a. Ex. To prick the ehait, j^stn/cr la 

carte. — the tails, recoudre le* voile*^ rmforcer 

le* couture* de* voile* 
Prime, n. mnotre 
To prime, r a. amorccr 
Priming, pa, ^ n. action d^amorcer et amorce. — 

wire, ou priming iron, epingiette ou drgorgeoir. 

— horn, come tramorce^ ou amorfoir 
Privateer, n. cwjtfinr, arniateur 

Prize, n. prite^ b^tutmit pi it. — money, part 

de prite 
Prizing, a. action d't^tabtir un kvier { pour mou- 

voir unfardeau) 

Proteit, n.prm^* verbal (rfHni tapHMne, &e^ 

Prow, n. proue,berthelat, ott jUche (det bdum 
Latin*) I 

Puddening, n. Puddeninr «i% boAt^ stem, cti 
de difenit (ttune cMmtbe), — of a m 
bourrelet d'uu mdt, — of ma mdtor, embo 
nure d'une anere 

To pnU, V a. & n. nt^ger. rwner^ voguer. I 
startMNtrd! atfonl^ribord .' an hale tribord : 

Fumptn.poiHpe. Chminpwap, pempebcfmp 
Wand pnmpy pomfie i main. Common poi 
Pnnpe d la roytUe, oo pompe b brrngvl 
Head frnmo^pon^ de Pavant du vaitteau if 
putter de teau de mer). Pomp date, cak 
pompe. Hood of a pump, capot (qui rrcgi 
la roue d'une pompe A cfmpekt). Pump sp 
verge de pompe. — box, /rour, ou c^m 

To pump, va. &n. pamper. Pump ihip, oh 
la pompe ! 

Punt, n.ra*^ earhte. o« pantjhttant 

Purchase, n. appareil, et en general toia ptur 
m^canique^ et ton effet 

To purchase, v a. tr n.. qui exprime Ceffd ' 
pouvoir mhamque, — the anchor, lever t 
or, la tirer du fbnd. The capttem porcte 
apac«', le aibeetanftU tan ^ffk, Camcre vtr. 

Purser, n. lecbarg^ det mvrr*^ ttfprovittoTir.rr' 
m-uftr, mouvenicnu et de la tolde drse' 
dan*, iet vai**eaux tie guerre AngUti* 


QUADRANT, n. quarHer AngUu* (irurrj"! 
eervant d prendre hauteur) 

Quanuitine, ti. quarantmne 

quarter, n. arri^re du vaitteau (depui* J« r'^ 
porte-haiiban*, jutqu'd la poupe), let ^'"-1 
On the quarter, cette ex&reerion, vtifi/ ^ r 
lant du gittement det ofyett que l*on ih^urrt 
nier, tignife re qui ett ptut en aniM ff«', ' 
vert du vahteauy on par la ftanchc. To V'*^^ 
the quarter of a ship, ctmonner un van^\ 
dant la hanche. Quarter gallery, ^ ^' 
beuteiUet. ~ pieces, let montant drtctff^" 
gahrie. — cloths, baetingnge du gaillardti <- 
erect de la dunette (garni de ptvoitou or 
peinte). — netting. fHett de ba^tqsi^ 'f; I 
iard d'arriire etdela dunette. — «"«• / ' 
de buatingage^ ou li**e de* batttngoif-e* f^" 
lardlfarriere et de iu dunette. Qiwrtcr^- 
gaillard ttarri^re u 

Quarter, a. aide ou tubalteme de ehaqne f'^'; 
Ex. -gwmer.aideeanonnier. Qu«ii»;^'" 
ter, quartier-mattre . ^^^ 

Quarten, n p. pottet (dftignf* * f**7!L ^Z 
combat). Quarter fa^l, rfle decmi*^ ^^ 
a point, quartf oo quatri^me parttean' 
de vent. Quarters 1 exclamation aes ^^ ^ 
qui *e rendent, et demandent quarter 
the yaids, bratoHage de* verguet ^^ 

Quartering, o. A quartenugwind, •«» j 
the quarter vent grand Utrgtie. ^^J^^m 
terme* tie canonnage, te dtt d*une P*f^ " 
rtr), ftointie obliquement vert Vefjrrtert ^ ^^ 

Quick, a. Quick aand, etMe mouvatd' " 
ccuvret vivet du vaitteau ^^iTV\ 

Quilting, n. ortion de trekngver, o"«*^ « 
Jarre, un baril, &e. maS la garwtun 
trelingage de rertejarre ou barU 

Quoiling. F. Coiling ^^^ttnti 

Quoin, n.r«md^fnirv. Cett emtti m^ '^ 


[ 73 ] 


mitu, ou tmk*. ou pieces dt Uis servant 6 arri' { 
'cr tf a acvxr des teMKUZUA^ causct^ ballots. 


• '* iilT. «. rdHrire. — of the keel, rdMurr de 
■' y.-:If. — of the Stem, T^ihluie tie Crd-ftve. 

- "•: lije »ijig Uuiuom, rdblure tk la iuic 

T TAfji. « rabbet, w fl- signi fief aire une rdb- 

i^=.' '.rstdematre 

i-i:i. ■-:. nrtttoi de pouUes ou r/itrlier. Racks for 

ji j'iockj, rdfK^ferj, ou rrochet^ dt fMinact 
' ici, r a. tguilk'er (un palan) 

r^ radeau (<t i«> </<• coiutruction, ou //(? nj/^- 
• . Raft'port, sa'forddt^ cliargr.^ stdiord a em- 
'■' , -'T kt bolt dt tnaturrs ou aufres 
.1'. n.Jkht^ ou c'ttevHc (if the 
'./>. lines d'acaulilUji^f, Waist rails, //«•<•* | 
•.v.,-/. ikheer rail, u^se ou ptrcri nir m lUs- 
'- 1' ;a &MStde vibord. Drift raili, //jjcy r/e 
• °fi fits gtdllaTiis. Rails of llic Lead. /< y^j 
• -;«. yif^. rail«. //^>v^* «fcf rabctnicj. 
'■ ' 'ti-tnee rail*, /i*kv </<f bafayolcji de fwis 
", -a. £cc. To raise a purvJia!»*:,^'.'//r wn 
■r-'f'-' i/t^tn gevpral, firffmrer une fmrt nit- 
• ■■M}. — tlicsteru, ^ rftrove, ou tiict- 
■'< "t/«'arc frtrafc. — a ^''ip, fidussrr uti tw.'J- 
'- - i^^L/ Can cfia?s<, t/^' Kr'r^nf-i^-dh-r) le voir de 
r -'M'. enafprotiur* Raise tack* and bUcets! 

" *•• ' Tu quftey ilnncement (t. tern}€r de rongtrue- 

- > — of the stem* clnnremcut dcl'frave. 

- ^.f tbt ju?m, ou lenjjth of the mke abal\, 
. ^•'" 5> lap»upe 

J*-. V a. To rake aw enfilade a ship, enfler 
^^l^^uer un raisteau (ai le cnnaniumt) 
'''knee*, n p. courbts <^'l iff ties ou ti nngles 
'■ A raking stem, ou a ilaruig stem, ftrave 
^: 'ininte 

ff». •• a. (terme de ranonnage) nfotder %. 

' r, n, r^oiUbir {iTUttrurntni tk cantmnoij' ) 
-' 'iusbot, «. ^ ro«f<" viAeeicn parlant dutir 
-' • a.-w)u, ou niortirrs) 
' ' -^i 't. longueur tk la pcrf:r dn cnble pnrr'' rtir 
J-'-n'. an«,i In porttc da rnuriut ou murritn. 
P i-Wank raii^^c. p(*rtte {u>in canon ftrti) de 
• ' 'A 6iaw. l^injfcs, (Jtcnnei tk cbmtrurtiun) 
' ■^>k bordfiges 
' ' «. rayig (desvffir^eatir de giterre): First 
'^'^ . ArmitCT rcrix C^m* cotnprcud les x'oisicnux 
^ '00 raruiiit et iiu-dessus; (<juipngcf de M5 ii 
' ''^■'- S«ond rate, tecund ratig (dc PO « U8 ca- 
"It; pyui/jnges tk 750 // 700;. 1 hinl rale, troi- 
'''nr rung {de 80 cani,ris it 64 ; equipttge^ de 
' '"' < MO). Fourth rate, gmifrh-irie rung (de 50 
' '^canmt; etjw/mge:^ tie 420 i: 380}. Fifth 
r^i . i,u frij^tes, 'iiiqui'^me rang (mti tompirnd 
''• f' j^atet de 32 a 44 ranotis, Ici brfi/uti\, et le* 
"^'"K-rur irrrwtf dh^^/jiUd; if/utpnge^ de 300 ^/ 
■"'''^ Sixth nii*^, Jiijiitnte rang (compjue tk fr^- 
' *r 40 ^ 23 can'jiu; equifjoges da 200 d lOO). 
"j/ cwiprend awtsi ks galiotes d hombe.f, et re 
1 ' '» nemme sloops of \kar, qui repuml a net re 

- »'f corvette* 

t^Jt^a lailins^. n.maixhetTunMtimfnt; sa vi- 

Ott u 

-^ inps, n ft. enflerhures^ tjvarantenient. Nine 
'■ irtad ratlin}!^, tjunrantenier de neiif/Us, &r. 
*^**"i, n. Pettftdue en l^^m droUe du noumnt 

d'une riviere {comprise entre deujf pointes oti 

Real, ;/. arri^re-garde 

In the roar, ad. en arridre. ou fi Vairi^re garik 
Kcckoiiiiig, R. csti/iie. Dead n.-eLuiu]t^, rouTcr ef« 

Reef, n. rrj (r/w vciles\ rrcif. — band, ^Vrnrfr nVf 

lis. — linvf;gnrcetfe3 de ris. — iackIi-,po/ffn 

rZe »•<>. '!"«> lake in a reef, prendre un ris. 

Reef, rrjsif, ou batu tk rothcf 

To rt.ef, ou to nef in, r a. prendre les ris {a bne 

Reel of the lop, n. fonr thi loc 
To reeve, v a. ptuser une mnnauvre {tlans ses 

jMtulif^: fftijfj-, err.) 
To rt^ fit, V a. rr/tarer {le gircuwiU ou la voiluie 

tCtni vnh.ieau (jtti a tie tlrjirntjujn-^ Cr.) 
R4-i'<uiiip:, /^<7. K •ii^'Tnng \vin«is vents rrgnanj* 
HlIIcmji;?, pit. lWln\\u^ fcickle-i. forts painn.f. at- 

trnltf\, Ic /xi'fin tic rrm! {tin crni'>tu) 
Riiui* riui,', /tn. ctn^anf, ou Id^^c {en parlant des 

Rop.ur, ;/. mdoub. A ship in rejwir *ni rpjwirintr. 
rui stall t:n rnduub. A thoroui^l* rvixiir, refunfi, 
rado'.'b ccnthftt 
To ivpair, r a. mdonber 
Rliomb line, n. i hum/i dc iTuf (sur la carle) 
Rjlionds, 71 fi. Iissr ikt ruiip'.es 
l\if)<, }'. p. Kiln of a p.Tiicl, bigots df racage. — •Jii" 

a ship, r.6:i-i i)n nn mltreg trim vmiufiu 

To ritle, v n. t'frr n i'tntrre. u\i rive tnmtille. — 

all' wart, <^^f rri/. I'l iKtver.s d>i rouiant. — a- 

jKH-k. ('trr ail ruani/'r-^c axrc Us vc'-^nifj en pea- 

tcmie; tn^nr /i-.y vcrg'ies en pantcnne. — 

a-s]io(, etrc luotfil-- a-rr deux hminiein's 'l^ 

t'lb';. — IvtwiM uimi and lidr. I'frc nmu- 

ill'' en frr.ver^ dn •■tuf et de In niorM — 

wind, firi-t'i'i'-' «?/ venf. — rnsy, «• po' 

fanvHV (III nioiiUlngt'. — our a pri '•"■■' '■'^'' ' ^'< 

coup tk vent au niou'Uagc; (rnir bo>! it rnncrd 

pendant un roup tk vent 

Ridi»r», u p. portfies. — futfocks, gcnoi/v r* 

alo'tgrs tk t^aiiiuejt. I^nver futt<ick ruU rs, ge- 

uaUA dr porque*. Middle futtook ridor^, aloi:ges 

dt/iort^urjt. Upper Ojttni.k riders, aigniilti-rs 

tk ponj'iet. Floor nd'-ri, vamugue^ tlt.porqxie: 

Ridpre. n. erueil, nrf ou ixmr de rorfiert 

To rijr, V a. grrer ou gueiur. — out a boom, gor. 

nir,nu pollster en (Je/iors^ ou I'fohtir nn bcfc- 

• fines {firboa^nnf. fxittJii tkfv )» or. 

RiU'iT'"!?'* *'• maiui'icrres, agre.f. et gnrnhiire du 

vat^seau, aus*i girenmit, c art dn gnrmenf, ei 

action dc grver (tin roit.tC'Hi, trr.). Ruunh.j; 

rifrrinp:, mnnr-'innr^ eounmics. \i\^v^ii\\r lof., 

nti'lUr de la garni' tire 

To ne^lit, V a. ndreoA-er. — a ship, redrefser tin 

vnii-retiti. qui n ei^ ttlHtttti en cnr,-}:e. The siiip 

rit:lits, le xaifscnu se rdrve, ou ^r* redrejne 

Rufiit, a. ir ad. droit, —so! romme rn'. drvit 

lomnie f«.' — tlu' ln-liii .' droit ht 'itirre '. 
Run, OH brim, w. hard exterkur (rks lmncs% ou 

l/sfeau {des /n.nes) 
UinjT, f>' onnrnn, ini boiwle (en grn^rnl). Hnfoli 
rintrs, annenu.x ikx itoiitHlts. Port rinj^.. r,;f- 
nrnux tin sabovds. Rinpr-hoJts. V. Roll. \i\A\; 
ro[)e*, bosses du coble, ll'n^-fail. paitk'-f n<uC 
(fortr fie voile). Rinp-tail lj<M>m. y. Boom 
To rip, ou rip up, v n. To rip up ail old v» s^el, 

ileinol.-r iin viciuv b^'Jiment 
Rippiiii^ r!n'»el, n. titcnn h rowprr les bordages ou 

fi iliuntrr. — iron, her de roibin 
Ripliuy, n. bouiUontwnufnt tks etxi.x, ou da- 

I Rising line. fi. lisse dts fa^ons {tcryne tTarebi'fe 
j tuie nuvale) 


u Cn 

[ 74 ] 


Roft:!, ft. m/h. A wild ro«i, ou an open roadf 

rati'' iurainc 
Rootle r, u. vaistcent au mouiUaget ou vai^seau d 

RohfUHh. r. Rope<l)iind« 
HoptieVyam, n. 7T/ 6/0 »ir m// /Ain* an ties toreru 

iet cordages bitinrs, p9ur srrvir a mronnaitrt fe* 
nrdfiffct de/abn<juc royale ttavtc cruj: dttpar- 

To roll, V n. rottUr^' aller ttu roulh imtuvcrtiait 
dtt ixtitMtiu) 

RoUer, ri. virrvmtt, rtfulenu 

Rollinf^, n. ^ pa. r*uUx. — Uckl«>, /^/a;t de rou- 
lu dcs vcr^w.r. — hitch, totte de na-wi 

Room, n. cfmmhrr, logemnU, et »0Utr. Ex. 1\rcM\ 
room, t'jttte au pain. Stti%vnrti*s room, tottfe du 
c&niinU, au«<i canihutt. Snil room, soute aux 
^'oi/t.t. Filling room, soute vdnr {oh Pon rem- 
put let gttrgtnusea). Gun room. Saintc-Barbe 

Ro|K'«, n/>. roi'ffr^ rt cordage*. Cahle-laid rope?, 
rvrtlaBts ikux foi* anvmisn ou rommijt ft la fa- 
Con art c/thlcs. Hauscr-lakl roiM*«, roittngrt une 
J'oii romniis. ou hausti^re*. Ro|k.* baiiiK ra- 
' Uitis tkf triage. Roi»e-yani, 7?/ f A* rorc/. (vuesv 
rope, ou >»ucst-rope of a boat, cap dc rcit torque 

Rover, n.forhnv, ou hunicur de uiev 

Ri>ves. n p. rirofet 

Rouprh-trce*,<*" rough-lrtc rails, n p. Itsict de 
f/otni/olcM de boU 

Koun<^•hou'H^ »i. rhainbre tie coiisril 

To round, v a. fuilrr an mrtlnge. Ex. — in, futler 
(eii pnvlatit ties mtni/rurrft rouratvlct. don/ la 
tli recti "fi est h-peu-pr^t horixontate). Rooiul in 
the wvalber brace* ! Iiale let brtu du -oent .' To 
round up, htiler^ on hisser {en parUint tie* ma- 
na'tn-rcs murauiej dont la tiireciinn npproche tie 
la per/ffiidiculnirr). — up aft, htiltr en anierey 
ou TYTj I'arrirre 

ftounilinq-. n.fourrvre lU- cAble. — of Uic beams 
bouge ties baiix. — . up of tlie viung/transoiu, 
beuge vertical de la li^e dhourdi. — tttX of the 
winp traivsom. bttttgr hurixoiuM tie la Usse 
d"hoiirdi. — ai' the side, vu iniubiing hon^c 
r. Tumbling homo 

To rouse, V a. finlcr msnuhlf {sur un simple cor^ 
tl'\^e). Ronse Ju arty ! sniite hardi .' 

To row. r ;j. rnmer.oyiT'r^K'r. How dry! na^c 
sec! To row puunl. jhirr Iti rondr 

Row-^lUy, /.. gair.r \'i 'iiimmt a raines) 

Haw-locks', u. fmlffit^nv, a/u^jf'S 

How-port i, n. sahovth di y tirruus 

K()«c-r-«, *;/>. rnincnrr ou tn nat urs 

Rowiiip^, /'«. ncf'*jii de nimcr. ou de z'Ogner, — 
gunitl. r. Guar J Ixmt 

Royal, 31. O* n. Ex. UojtiI sail, fierroguet volant, 
ou 'Ut'irona. Main tu']>-;7allaiit n»pil sail, vonr 
tie i^rritd f'Ciro'jiiit T(f!anf. ou };r'aud etiiarunn. 
1(11'.'^llam n»yal yard, vrrgUi: ile petit per- 

R livid' 1-, n. i<yuitrnn!L Main pifce on chocks 
ol" till- nidtLr. Jurrlte /i*. i^ncrrun'.l. AlltT 

1 »■;(,•(? of till' rntliliT, snjrr/u du goui^rnail. 
\ ii.'kof t!ie rud'Ur, dn gouvirnnii 

Hun. u. Uun ou cuur^ of a ship, dicmin^ si'- 

To nin, V a. c*>' «, To nni o«f a wari>' p'^rier une 
luwc {cn (U hors du val.i'>tau). — by the lead. 
fj!''rr ft la so)iih: — down » i-.onn, dcsretitlre uiir 
I oft: nller Vii-s tc 'tis tie In a'ttc {c'ftt-fi-dirc, sour 
li' vt-uf). — «!oun laliuidc, lourir en lal.fufh: 
— down lont^itM'ir, c'>urir en lougitudc. Hun 
out your i^nu^ I / f cnnoiis rn 'torirv.c; Huu in 
tlu -il n'k oJ" tlic Itawscr ! iXitJrc ii lourir It niou 

Ron, Ml ninir, n. let tdlet on extrimHes de la «? 

austi, les varangues 
Hun-men ou niu-aways, n p. deterteun, nuiii ' 

Ruiulle-licaJ, n. partie du cabestan. V. au n. 

Runij^eadt, n. ou flooniieads, Jkurs{d'un\(k 

seauy, ou t^es de* verangue* 
Runner, n. Hague {tTun pmati^ ^.) 
Hunnini? rigRin;:. F. Rigipnf?. 
To keep a runnmg^ "?"(« *e battrt en reirmu 
Rut, n. Rut of the sea ^ choc de la mer 


SADDI.E, n. taqiift {en forme de eroissttnt) 
'I'o mg^ V u. To vip toTceward, df river, on ' • 

bfT sous le vent {en naiugaatif au plus jfrri; 

Sail, n. voile. Lateen sails, votles tatinet. Su 

sails, voile* tTetai. Shoulder of iBUtion «i 

vtiHes auriqurs. Cro»«-jack sail, rw/r riumr^ 

ou foile ilefurtune. Bermudiocrs tails, •*< 1><«| 

sails, voile* it vui. Lwj^ miU, tw/« aur-;'^ 

{tk* bai-qur*. trc). Studding taili, hohivrf 

Lower studdinr sails, bonnette* basses, ^('i 

txw\dine9ajil%, bonnettettk grand' roitt. Mn 

top studdini? tails, bonnette* de grand ii- < 

Fore siuddiiifi^ muIs, bonstettes de mistiinr. )'.i 

en top Muddini^ sails, bmtnette* de perroi/u, i 

fougtte. Tl»e main sail, la grmuT rtnif. h^ 

sail, niisaine, le premier focy ou trinqiuiu. T^l 

niiAeusail, la voile d*artrmon. Top saik I 

nitrs. Main top sail, grand hunicr. f «" ^ 

sail, petit hunter. Mi7.en top sail, perrt^,"^' 

fotigue. Sprit top sail, contrc^^ivadicir. •'^ 

lam Mils, perroquet*. Main topf;alis»t » 

voile fit- grand perroquet. Fore topii(aIlan» * 

1 ode tie petit perroquet . Mizen lop-ptHa'" "i 

7'oile dr la perruche, r u la perrurtie dcrt n't 

UityaX Hnils, perroquet* X'olans. K. Rojal. ^ 

sails, x'oiles tTetai^ etfoc*. Main stay aiK^c"^"^] 

fWr trttai. Main top-gallant stay e'L ' ' ' 

tl'ttai du grand perroquet. Mjwn «ay «< 

voile tn-tfii trartimon. Mi/en top-ealbm 'W 

siiil, vofle tfettii tie la ptrrrwiie. Fore »U} ^ 

trinqne/te, totinncntin^ ou petit f*r. Fore ' i 

smy sail, sfxond for. A sad, une rtk'f. vf- ' j 

vire, ou b/ttinu:nt quelcont/ue. A flt-et ol '«' '' 

sail, unejhfte tie vingt voiles. To ««l «''•' 

ro//r, apfKnrillcr. mettrc d la voiU. f'» " 'i 

swW^fnitc tie In voile, foiver tie voiles, f " ' '^" ' 

KtiW.Jkh'efmve tie voiles^ incttre toiita t* f .J 

hfus. Jo shorten sail, drnUawr tk i^-^'' •, 

strike sail, amener les voiles, *aluerfksv>.'i 

Sail-loft, Ii. roiltrie, oteltiT de voilerie 

'Jo sail, V u.fnire voile, 7iaviguer, ou cm^^^ . , 

Suiiiit^, /Ml. ir n. nrtjon ik nariguir; f'''^'^l 

vo'^c; dr /hire voile, de cingkr.Mj'i'rr '-^ 

Plain saifin^, navigf^i/tn *ur la n"^' A'^, tor's sailing, ncn'igurr sur la <«''• 

Mcrraior^ ou sur la carte nduifr, &C' 

Sailor, ij. vuitdof, marin 

SaKagi-, n. *an\<inge, stmvement 

Suiiip<ion*s post, n. epontilk dis ecotdiUf* 

Siislu s, ;i p. Sashes for forts, st^rtiji « r'fn' 

Saucer, «. huellc tk cabestan. Sbucci-Jh"':! 

Udts, c/hcvilles fi tete roiule et plate ^ 

Saw, n. scie. Two hand saw, tf'^'^^'''^'''.l,t>v 

tnurtau. \V1iip saw, srie a main, ou /'• / 

Hack saw. .?*v> d coupet lisclurHks ikJcr^J- 

tfinn'vinifrfanx) , i„'tot 

Scale, «. erhelte {de lieue*, tk longitude, '« •'^ 

t)v, ou/- wu: cane) 


[ 75 ] 


> •■-al% r a. To scale the ^ns, smtjfflcr let ca- 

<aini. r f». fyfuTfT (en pnrlant du rent) 
ii'i;!U'. u. ^rhnn;U!oii {ilrs /tttrejt (ic bi>h\ chcP' 
- . 'A j:v potirts df^uari yMCy^ rt eti dctsttut) 
-luiy. n. {tn pnrintU dc4 ft'irrr* de bout), mtvgrt, 
i ■•' '^it motii/uc. — allo«aucL', mtivti de 

■ <i ••iMtJflsfniff: 

n. •,. rrr.Tt, nnpnfure. atsfnihlm^ (de denx 

• ^ fir '>#u). Scarfs of the kci-l, rcorlii dc la 
'i- — t»f the beaiiis, asn'ndjfagc dej Imiu.i, 

■ -'■ ^.'X'-riipiitr, ou a4senifA'- itnparinift dits bvis) 

1' " I'j.^p /i /« Dtmn 
' - f > s«.-a, V a. ccumer la mcr^faire Ic wjr- 

°:; . V a. ^rnfter ou rnrfer 
" '.-. .J. grn/fe on raclr, A dmiblc-kcadi J 
" I'^r. .-rttfrr duid>'r, o«i yrmid nicle 

, "'^' '(. Scuikliiig,/«7.^^rt. /r ir,//' arrirrr (dnnt 
' - u' 'i- rc»».'). eoTtrir rltn^fm/ Ir vent, ou ./".i/r 

■ ': nVre. — iiiulcr the fbn-sail, /airfVrn/ 
' ^^ ;ou4r la Hu^w'ne, — uimI«t bare jwlea, 

' su;courir H mritt et a cordes 
1= ■■■ fifi. eu scupper holes, dalefs. — Jjo»c, 
? 'ij.'«f, oa maiicfte dci daluts. — Dnih^ 

. n. rcBfi^iUcn. Cap Seattle, ecotdiUon h 

' ' l.:*, T- a. To sruttltr the ship's side, out^rir 

•''-'«■ tcAordi (oh trttus,, dam la c6(^.i dun 

■- iu liaujtagi^, p(,ut' en rtiuer ies mnrcitan- 

' "U munifion-t). — the cKek, ouvrir un 

-. i<j4«ni/ ou rroiuUir dniis Icpctdy uu crcixr 

'• A v.1^ wn row/» cV w»<*r. A h« avy «eo, 
*fgiif, (ig tncr. "VVo shjpjMfd a hea\ w sta, 

• I ■>n'.rirqucme» un eras coup de uirr. I'iu iv 

'-'t itaiii ihc oftinjT, /a uier est urotse au 

iUe fc-a sets to the southward, U y a 

• '»:'•.- <'«i nord, uu la vter x'iaU du itordy ou la 

' ^' (.''i fuwr/. "Wc Uive a greni sea ahead, 

It ti.'ont une gra^te iner <& laxfiiyt. Ihe 

.;'' USUI the trou*5li of the sea, le rnisseau 

f- 'rcx>fl-j de la lame. A cross sea, fun agir 

"n nifurie. A fuaminif Svii, n^rr <7tfi v:ou- 

\ *^" 9W rcume. A hoilow sea, »jrr cicune. 

' ''i ^-a, a rou'^^i »ea, incr tris-v^krv. An 

' -'ft!' «l te%^ turr tramju^Ue. A su^r-ii-loaf sea, 

■ v.Vi-y^'twf, Itnnes conrtcs effort eUvees. A 
'- >at, vaitsfou b.eii IfUttant. Sea coast, f '?*f 

" '•'''■• StalUriiig' maji, oa staniau, ho/tam dc 
^'>^''tnn,o\i iiaTijifi/eur. Sea mark, amayc 

■ |^"'«e/7f«", iixarfjjico. terre (point it'iiior(/><{i'jl<- 
' iTi/ d PV'tlcr ie-< pilot rs). — room, dc Ctnu 

''■''J, ix'le tlcrivc. We had stra room, »i'///j 
' i':j ^i; fttzM 6t courir. S<.'a-vickneHS, 7>j/'// «f 

'l^- bi-a side, bord de la mcr. Si-a weeds, 
'■''''t ft pianiejt marines, eatie^-ninn 

'^^ ?i /». rtutures enfn irg fM/rd/ii(e.f^ routnres 

"■ "> >< >i. ^lonk learn, couhire duuhlc ou /r;/'/t? 
/ '^- V n. louier vio^emuient (par une giusic 

' - ' I- n.fTTt roulif au eCtr smin Ic vent 

i'' , V 0. rgmCctery/aire un amarragCyfrap- 
' f-'i 'erdai^r, ^c. 

'■'-:. n. aniarrnite, ^guHlctage. Throat •eiz- 
' !• (^narmge en cnive 

' I'ort stIU, seuiilefs ties snbords 
■•'^''': n. eitropcwx sbirre (servant d ruler Ies 
^ 'iris (tltt Urns) 

■ ^ iid Qn ja„j^ ^ ^^^ tanglier 

Sennit, n. ^arcrtfes, r^ruU'etteT 

'1 o sene, f (t.fuurrcr (tn /mrlarit des rordr!:rr, 

Service, n. Jourrure. Old vanvas l"«r u iwcr, 
viciHc toilrjiourj'jurrure »mi de hijuuriurc 

Ser^iiiK malkt, n. tnmUet ujourrer 

Set, //. Ji'ii^ atiortiineiil 

To set, X' a. «ir n. To set tlie sails, d'^/i'nuer 'rt 
I'oHts. wettre Ics voiU's an vtnt, op/f^nruUr L^ 
vo'Us. — up llie shrouds, ridrr Us linu'juju. i.u 
pofaiifjuer Ies /uiuOnii.* pour Ies r.dt-r. — iW 
\salcli, rrlever le qnnrf. — the laiul. suti, K.C. 
by the coiiil>a«, rciczer (uu o'/jf) nvc In /;t .j- 
sUe. — iiK- cliace, relcicr a la Uiisolc in 
xfiisserni chaise. S< n'u\'^ six>i'./<>' aujui la iLrt:/^ 
lion du vent. d''itn cuurauf, dr ia Innu. C"r. J-r. 
'i he title sets to the vouih. In nun re parte an 
snd. Ihe sea sit. to the iiuii1i-\sl»1. hi h.t 
x'ient du suti-e-it, ou In mer puitr nu tmiil-ot.' ■,•- 
'Ihe tide Sets to llie soiltil, ic n:arrr poi ,e r.u nd 

lo St I tie, T- n. O" ft. fair,- iO'i rfju, t {enpurlt.Jif iift 
bois dnns la i onstriniion d'un xuisstni). 'J he 
<leck i» sellletl, le pont a fait ann rjjurf. ^V> 
ha\e sttlh.'d the bud, nouj mom n-y In tivt. 
V. Jo lay. To settle a sail, (mirntr une iO./r 

S«,'vv«."d,a. ani'jiti (vntsieuit cnwrti) 

bhakt!(, n p.fentc.i er X'l'S''*''' * 

Shackki, n ft. mcini'.*^ de fn'uonnicrs, on ftrs 
Purt-»hackl« s, bviirlcs infrrwum de.t sal/m dt 

Sliallop, n. sorte de bnn^ue ou rUaloupe 

hliuJlow, n cr a. basse, batfiuc ou bnsfoiid. — 
wnu-r, petit fond, ou /ku defatid. 

Sliaiik of an aiiclior, n. xtrgr ou tige iClutc a;*- re 

.Sija/ik-j.fiii)U.T, fi. ^ri re-boijc 

'i"o bhupc ih-* eoiirjj, v a. comnmnder la roiae. 
donner la route 

Sh:irj>, a. Sl»arp Ix^tXinn, fund fin (en ftnrJnvf de lu 
conttruction d'uu vuiisraii). A shari»-(riui'ijtd 
ship, valistuu CriinJi' an f>lu>prt^,i^ ou vonu ni. 
fill plu.i pre i. To iriiu all Nii:.r]», onrn'er t<'i::i\: 
let voiles an plus prcs. To LiaCe up iliarp, V/H 
eer Ies verguts au plus pri's du vent. A j;(u;p 
viml, x-cnt au plus prt's 

To !iliL-uUi, 1' a. dbiibter (un xfiii.:enu) 

Sheathing, />«. o- n. net ion de duuOier et doublcge. 
Copper iht-Htliiii'jT, i.'ouhUiffe de cui'ie 

Sheaves, tip. roucts {dejfoulu-sj, J'liiss shtav« s. 
rourts dc fvnte. Lignum >iue »heav«-, rouri. 
de ;:aijac. Sht !«ve» of fij^Jium >ir:o v. iihb».i>.* 
coaLs, rotitts dc fwfs de ji^irjri, it d's dt Jo/Ue 

Sliti p->liaiik. tt.Jainbe di clucn 

'lo ?liet |>->]iank,* V a. fa: re vue jnnJ,e de c/urr. 
— the riiiDier of a tackle, r(u.c</unir ou ttpic>.- 
dre rit(igi,e d'ltu piUnn 

Sheer, n. tontiirr {dcs p;fcfin^r>t\ lonU:re oil rtl'-T c- 
inent dcs pont\: — huo\^i, grupLr.s lie boa! de 
vcrgue. — tail. V. Uail 

Shiend, rr. touiure. A ixmnd-sfitered ship, vaii- 
seaufori tontitrr ou goudule 

To sJieer, t' a. fi.iie dti euiljurd'-ei: ou donurr dt .■ 
evihardeei. — ort", /ei'ji^^ucry tixuiter^Julr cu 
prendre cluissc 

Shctr-liulk, n. nimhine h vv'itcr ftittmde 

Sheers, 1/ />. b'gues; \y\\siimn<hiiu a ni'iter 

Sh« et, n. ecoute. To haul all Ui<- ^litil'j, holder 
let rcoutCi. Both shetts afi, Icf <lt>iX ei ouirs 
lund-es arrit'ir. Li t Jly the sliccts ! hr^i r /rt 
ecoi.tes : Lj^) tacks aiid sliLcts .' Inrgiie le Iff, 
mi lere ie loj .' Slieei anchor, niGilic.\SC nuc,*', 
cAblc ou uncrt d'experaiice. Sheet cabk, nii.itw 

To sliect, V n. To sheet home, harder Ies ecautejt 
d tola- her 

Shell, u. (xynonyme de) bennfjc, — of a block 
corps ou cu;\.ie d'uur p-nilte 

Shchcs, np. t/ta-ds, duitgcrs; ou recifs 


[ re ] 


Shelrinjf, a. A land shclying' towanls the te«, 

trrre en fjnur tloutr vers la mrr 
To iliitvc. V «. tumberen nrri'ie^ culer ou reater 

iie I'arrirre 
ShitV, n. Ex, Shift of the planks, tlouMement ties 

ShitU (L, <7. A shifUHi ship, raUseott dont le Ujt ett 

Shifttr, u. ntntelat^ ou vvniast (qui erf dettine d ffi- 
der ffrofj) 

To s!iilu r (I, & n. To ihiO a ship, chnuger tin 
•i'f!'\teau (/e pl(Ke [ilaux tin purr). — t»n- snils, 
chnirjrr let voilet. — the jiinK, rfimi^er tg<t 
ixi};urt; itinfier, an fnlnr/n-r iV-i /tiri'ii.! r/rr 
voiles lnliiics\ ire. Ihe vind sh.fts, le vent 

SliilVinj; r tncklo. ou flf'etUig, flr/it/ji tTaJ/rJer, ou 
r4r npreiirlre ui] /talan 

Slijp. »*r vaisscaii, tuivire. et h'.itmrnt fie wer (rn 
j^eii'fal). A s'up «)f thf lir.c, itiiutfiu fir /'.iin-. 
*A tint rate iU\u,vaUsefm tin furnuer ranv;. lirc. 
V. Rati*. A ship cut dowu,iv?<vfrtiii ra,-^. A 
receivinK" »hip. xHiitxeau sniatu dc Ctiyntne. 
Sister shipi. vnisntmx de mfine cotutruetlirtu 
Siortf hhip, rftisteau arrti/^ en JUite C'i let tuife 
tfune a}-m-'-e naiale), &e. vaisscttu tfap^Jroviti' 

Sliip tr unship, nft. qui trxprimelVfAtde tout ob- 
iei molu'cet cii' c placer et h u-piaeer conune 
Us c'oisant d panru.vtx, 6*'*. 

To ship, V n. em'tai-oLer, ou tnetfre d tford. ■— 
pooth. enibanj uer des nusrehandi ,r*. — a heavj- 
St a, reccvolr uiigrof eovp de n,gr u herd. — tht? 
oan, amitr let avirons. — the swivel guns, 
monter les picrriers iftir leurs ehatfdcUcrs). — 
U»e tiUtr, mrtrrc eii place In barre du gomemail 

SliipHihape. ad. bifn arrangi^, ou biett orietui {ar- 
remgi a la Ttvaiuhe tle^t Trim your 
sails ship-khapc ! ontntez docux vos voila ! 

'Shipwreck, tj. nauj'rn^e 

Shipwright, n. ctirnju-nHcr tie nnrire. Master 
«iiipwrigbt,<"OTjf^rur/c'ur, ou nvri'tr const rt/rfeiir. 

Shipping, n. tm grattd muilti e de vnhseaux. vne 
firH de vaisseau.x ; e'en ants' ^ fes tyiisseaux en 
general. To takeshippint;:. s\'iiihr.n^;.er 

Trt'^jivur, v a. C* n.faser {cnprnlant rA r r-oiles). 
Shiver the muin topH»il I 7nets k grand humer 
a faster ! 

Shoal, w. basse^ bfifture, ou beif-fovtl. A shoal of 
fifbes, banc dc 

To shoal, V 

Shoe of the anchor, n. sole ou sabafte de Pnncre 

To %hooL, V n. The baUast shoots, le lest est /*'• 
rong^t ou le lest roule. To sho»)t a sliip uft^T 
she has bt- en I) ins' to, ./}//; e coitnr un ivtifseau 
„'ur ta pfwue. — ahi-ad of a sliip, flr'tasxin- nn 
vahseau. To *hoot (rn parUiut de i'acfion dit 
boulet). We shot a^H> the eneniy's ton' top 
mast, notu deniaUiines rcnnenii de son fttit mrJ 
de hime 

Shore, n. cfife de la wer. rhfige. Weather shorp, 
dtr du vait. terre du xmt. Ia'i- %h(ire, rfiff sous 
le X'eiU, ou terre n}iu le veiif. Shor.vs, /r.T occtTs 
ou rpoiitilles (tics vtusseaux sur le r/uni'ier) 

To Khore up, t» fli aeorer^ ou f^/*oti(Uier (ttn i'rt/> 
seau tvr son ehantkr). 

To sliorteti sjul. V. Sail 

Shot, pa. Her main top mot is shot by <hp 
tioard, nmu Crrvont drnUiU tie sen grand ni/it de 

Shot, n. boulet. rf, en g*-tt^rnl^ toiifes sortes rf? 
cfmrges pour let etrnons. Bar shot on doiiWe- 
hrHcled shct, bfriilet rnmr. ou boufe*A fleu.r t^te.f. 
Ch.iui shov bffiile^s ench'ihirf. Cuse sbot,c-Acr};^e 

•flUC dejpoiisons^ on pn.aaee dc poLnons. 
V n. The water shoak, teati ou le fond 

d nufifiilte. Grape shot, charge h la Su>'^ 
o\\ cfinr^eeii ^rntitte. Small shot, wicu.**/ 
Shot, fni nppcde ilr ce noni tm rfihie lit <'.< . : 
tvofs l(-n;:iirnrt ephsres etivrnMe. 'I'hi «i 
th«)t, le inaitre eiibi'e. Fresh shot, cotrtr,' / 

To shot the gr«n«, mettrc les beulets dans /'? 

To shore, r a. To shovc in the head of n r > 
tlf'f oncer un touneau. To shove oft', pf^r 

Shr»>'ils, n p. hntibettis. Fore sTirond*. /' •■ 
d'triiinon. Mr/.* n shrm«<ls, /tanUint 'I'r- 
Miiiu top shroud*, /tnttb-uu flu grtir" 
hiinr. Main t,p^':illant shrouds, //. ^ • 
gunifi fn'irofjrtrf, o''^« To ease iht- •> 
vio/!'r /cf hauhfijts. 'I'o set op the slin ' • 
fU'i If, huuljftui. Tostrve a slii-oudi^"'.! 

Sick, «. mafnde. — birth, poste des vie'ul^- 
lilt, rfi'f drt tnnlruics 

Side, ;i. f fite du vaiiseatt. The weather »i«lc, 
fin vent 

Siffnats, n p. signmtx. For ilgiMlt, sig^"-^-'^ 
brtime. IJattI • si|)rnalt, stj^naitxde cor.:'-- 
sigyiaux en tireieiue de rtfinemi. Signslo 
tnss, tigneu (TincomniOfllti. — of tnerit. • . 
tTaj-Lrohatlon. — of dissent, tigf^t^ (^ 
— flat;?, pnKlonsdesf^mmx. SaiHn^*:;' 
signal <//• partotice 

To sink a ship, v a. fot/fer ftor un vaitrr. 
coups de canon). •— a deck, abaiiser ie / .r^ 

Skeet, n. cKvnp, grand escmtp, on eseotip i re 

Skids out tkeeds, n p. defcme* (piioi de ctn.'fn 
tion flans les vaisseaux) 

Skirt; n. esfiwf 

Skulls, n p. petit aviron de canet, ou aHrm d c:~: 

Shib-line, ;i. enrgue^-vue. SIab4iiaberH/btu ^ 
bnrit^ on fausse alonge 

Slack a. larfte, mou. A slack rope, corda^ "^' 
moil, ou peu tendu. A slack sail, w'^ V''' ' 
paspteine, ou qtii ne parte pas. Doei *w r ' 
a slack helm now ? le h/itiment sent-'! / • 
entsti peu songoirremail • Slack waK r ' 

' cftu ^ . 

Slatch, n. intervalle, ou rfwrre rfV«e AnT*" ^"'' 
tr»^ passfigrr et variable). — of a rofx , 
/o//^ ou /<• /»iou (Tttn cordage 

To sW, V n. The ship slees, fe voissean y^ ' 

Sleepii-s, n/>. fMeces dc liaison (plar^f^ '^'^ '. 
siatrs rattserrux dc cotistruetion Angi^-"'< " ' 
vant et f> Parri^re afln de lesfortiftr) ,, 

To slinp a cask, &c. v a. ^linguer uvf r-'f^ ^ 
saiiir crvee Cetintrtie unefutalUcwx wrff" " ^' 
gne II tinefntntlle ,^ 

SIuii^s, n p. rlingue de eorde. Boat-slinRv ^^^^ 
fh I ordes frvec tJcs cosses. Slin;^ of a buu}. j,'^ 
niftiirs ou treHngage de la boitee ^ 

Slip. n. tcrretn rn prnre douce ; cole ovtp'^ "* 
To iilip a cable, v a, cr n. /ler un r:.h:t >i 

bout r , 

Sloon, n. sl09p, bateau Rerfntaliefi, ou «Jrt'' 
meriifue. — of war, corvette . 

Slops, M^ «M sk>pH:lothe9, hordes deme'/'t if ^ 

To slue, TJ n. faurner /irr *on cxt ou x'-^ ^' 
y)irof , pivuter , , 

Sn.ack, n, semaque (sorte de bdtUnent sem:'^ •• 
pe'rhe) . . .j« 

Small craft, n. s'eimxd de twta sortet * wjj^ 
enibarcafioiu; atissi <« Ugnest JUtttt « '• 
nient dep^rhe en general . r^-^s 

To smite, V a. Snute the mixcnl »T' ' 

Snatch-block. F. Blofk 


[ 77 ] 


-'"'rr. ^..r^'itr (Jbrrmi mAt dt rrrfnim Mti- 
r .-.tjoiir tniirlc picdfk la li.tirde ou tit^ l/alr^f 

'■' 'a rr^lr) 
*.n. rrnfiH {torte de b/itrnirnf) 
• . ^'^ port-strU of a run-jwrt, ^r, ou trtrillei 
rx^nh. fioh; of the rudder, pif^ce ojoutre 
->•&"# rfw f^ouvrrnnil^ pour te nuiire de ni- 

•■"i<l, r n. tavgttcr 
" ! :. r. -o<//-, OU batr;{daut /tf hv^iirvdu nord, 
'f*\ f'-troif, ou pfiiia^^f-, et s'rutrnd cii Aii' 
1 '/'. i (nit du Suiid, a I'cntrtt dela tuer Bid- 

•■.iiivfi. t9n*ler,jrtfer 'n xnude 
■ JMiiti^- Ja»e, n. //i^n^ rfr jnnde. The soundings, 
' «</ ou m«//. — by east, ^ud-fjufrrt-jnd- 

-y, oi dr wrf. Wc steer southerly, noug 

"" i^tumi tud 
■ HI. 1. fill tiid^ ou ntrridionaL Tlic southern 

^i' . c FTier c/w /r/d 

' I'^.rkur ii drttx hmri' hct ; lvalue. Spaij- 
-"*• ^l• . Ijonrlr qunirrc ctn/Aie aiir le ^iOiliard 

■ ■■' ^-t i vnitTrmt.x Auv:laii 

, Ii. - a. 'I'o Mjaii ill tiie x\7T^x\^ for seizing 

■ iiarpin^ k irs, hridrv Irs haidjfim pour y 
-' ki bram/tct du (rdhign^e 

' ■■ f.. vfdtdr- bngarifiiir 

■ '!< rixhnn^^r. — 'ciih, voila dc rcdiavge. 
" '"'in* innu(T(ivrfi dr rtx/uifi^ 

"' /'■ ' 'iKTrre* de mpin 

'. '.<n,fti rrglr /jfiidonf (rr/url ie^ niateloU 

"I. ''^imfh-nuaif tin jeri'lrr (juelruiujue 

' I i ^ ff. Tospell the watch, np/M-lrr it nionde 

:^" ; ct qui tr/ait en i riant au.i crontilkj. 

' '■ jrd ^^alcll oh! oc/ st:»rb«»artl watch oh ! 

' 'sar, d*',fford au y uart .' tnhord au t^aii ! 

1^.11 lUe pump, reUrvn- Ic moudc a tapouipe 

: -■! 1 inaHt, ou xard, &e, tJ a. cosstr un m^it, 

■ ^p. ciottt de neuf poucc* rt au-t/csiiis 

^^- f a. cUnier. La.. 1 o sjiikc up a j^n, en- 
-' '.ij ranou 
'■ ' • c. ai parlant ikf voile*, si^nijle Ics di- 

■ '"■ ''H I'ij vteffre a /W* >/• 

•'".t», ti p. rspcrts de tauiuei ou r/'^-cr- 

"; «- r o. //Vr. — >Tnn», /.'cr fe ^/ dc 

'_'",• ''• ^pii'dlc of a TaTif, /V/" </'• i^ironrifc. 
" ^ht \U-i-T\x\^ wheel, I \xifU dc In rniir ilr 
'■■r.u^il, _ ^jj-jj, /MI** ifMM faZ»f^- 

''"<, n. ('cn/itf tie conrtractio}i)faii!{rs bir- 

'Pt, rrti/-;/ nloiiffe en pointe taillante 
' '" • • f «J. fpitfiv 
• ' '/''rjitrr. Fye splicr. t^pistinv en neVlet ; 
- '» fCr^rofjT^ till lie ,^f/rur 
' ' '• A nil tplit, 7 w> drifiin'rpnr h' x-ent 
1 '■' 1 sail, f «. i!ffunrcr t>u irtner uiif wile 
'" '^'i, t >i. courir wid arrii'it {iluiu un ^ro^ 

.','''.''• ''• ^<* '<^'"' ^ Scuddiiitc 

>' ■ -<!rii(. M. ftoKstii re iCeau de ;;.tr, ou cviuiic 
'"'""'' ■ 'l^i rnguet 

•' ' '. '1. trnn.l^ 

^- 'rLdjQui^tirt iTeciii de met 

■ ''' *'-friii,- (j/tli,^tie, on trnnri rr.ifi(e ; nrdjos- 

^ ''^i<-''.Ue im-atif ft fnirc tmhoisint\fiiunnr 

•■'•'Hicv fj ^. frrnndea marrrs; infiiiiitt, on »•*•• 

.','!' "*^^*^* ''''* lifJirccllc ct pin lu- I II he, 

, ';' ''^"'i^* dfi r^jtiiuikxer) 

i'ruj^', V a. £, J . 1 o ^priti^ a U nk. fuii e unr 

t-oie dfewt. — a butt, »<• dif rTi.n rn'^smu qw a 
utir tt'fr dr liorilngr qui s"'-,-! (rUfa-r. — iJic liift, 
faur line aiili'f' t: — a iitHrt on \ar(!. ro?/ pre un 
jit'.t on fiNf ver^iiCf Our maiti junl sjirai.ic. '*o- 
trt firnitdr vrr^ue consntt/f. A ihu'si whirli is 
sprung". m<f? f^ui a contrtifi^ ou f/ui a ijurii^ur 
Jettle Cv" '^ reud dmitrii.x) 

Sprit, »/. livardt. ou dfi'estvn. Sprit-saiK to/V r> 
Hi aide, voile fi tar^nier, civadu re. Sprit-vail 
l()I>-s:iil, confrr-i tvadirre 

To jpunji^, V a. ecouvdlouner {en parlaitt det 

Spuiigi- of a cnnnriii, Ti. rrotivillon 

Spuii->aru, bifionl 

Spurk. ts, ;< />. ou Nprrkclii. V. Spirkt-tjiig 

Spm-s «»f the Ix am*., n p. on cniw-rml of tho 
hcums, pi'fet de romfriitiiuu qui /,. tiuent hr/i 
de nof dfnii-^jaii.1 n ''mdroit. da '•rctitil'ts diuu la 
Cf/Ji .triution Auj^liiiK. Spur^ of the bil», cour- 
it s dn hiite* 

Squudniii. n. esrr.dre 

Squull, u. hitr. nijulc. cu grain de rrnt. A black 
stju.ill. gra u noir, i^rahi vio-ttit, ere 

Squally, a. b«i«i!illy w»alh«r, tempt oragcu.r, ou 
tctnps arcviupn., tiC de ^min.f 

Squarf, rt, anarrr-. I-^\ Sqn.ire sail. ro/Yr r/r /<//•- 
tuncmx (le frrou. Squarc-riirL^td. «/rVf' o i/iarn \ 
ou trnil qtinrrc. '1 lie jani* are vt-r\ squait. , 
Irj vcr^iics o7if Lt nitchup d\ uvt ri^ine. 1 Li- s.iiKi 
arc MT\ MjUan*, It t x'oUca oil bcttucoup il'cn- 
x-Oi(Ure. Sqtiuiv tuck. l'. 'luck. A >riuav».-- 
stt-med ship, vauxcau ii poupe quurr^i; uu d 
poiifie large 

To s<iuan-, v a. E.r. To »quari- tlie yanls. hratser 
qiiorir. 'I he \ar(ls an- sciviar.-*! Wy tho lill>, Ics 
vrr-ur? 'lOnt bicn bciaucra (imi /ioi izcnta'i.t) 

Stall', n. baton, ou ),u.tereaii. Jack naff, biton 
dc pari lion de beaiipr^. Flat; itaff, buton ou 
vidt de pax'iHoUs ou Uiton d'tnseii^tw. Ki <ijrji 
staff' at the iiuisi iicads, bi'wm dc cominaimc- 

Stage, n. echnJTcHid, onplamher. A flotuinf: ■itiu'-o, 
»'«•» de carrne. A Ii;im;ciii"< 'ta«.;f, //ojjM'/ /.■•/', 
Cable ■ilA^v. p'.mni.n- d< la f'u'r lua, rc:'>U\- 

Sl;iucl;ious, ;i /;. on pillai'., i'^joiitulcs ili.'s ci.lre- 
ponts. — of ihf av. -lin^rt, montcnf dr tuite.-:. 
— of the nettiiiir, b<:!aifolej;. lion staJH-liiwiis, 
c/ianite!itr.i deft r pout bataiju'* s 

To stand. T n. fiorfcr (.v..;- on vers un 'Jint, tn 
parlant tfun xm atau u //. v^ik). '\\\ si.u.d oH". 
pt-rler mi lurgr, an avoir 1'^ inp n'i h.r^y. I lu- 
fiK-ni) stsaiu> in .iliorr. I'tnnenti ti Ir i rp i-n- lu 
ttrre, ou poi tc ■>/ bun-x- u irrre. }\i,\\ -.uilus 
that ihip ? q'iclie route Jint re vattsicu • ou 
co/r./VMif ptrfe LV vr.iiiCiHi r St:ind bj i!u- lop- 
»;ul haliaiils ! xriife Ics iks /•ntiin : 

Standard, «. i'tnulcrd. Staiulards. courftcj xcrii' 
cults iks ponts {(cnuf de rumtrucf/fu). St;;ii- 
il.anl knees, coirbe^ vcrticrJcs (cnipli i/rci- Ic piua 
soi:irnt auj. baux du fnii.x-puiti). SiatiduiijU of 
tin- l»it<, conrLi i dcs biHcs 

St.UMJing', pa. dormant 

.SupUs. n p. crani/i.i dc fci' 

St:i-lKi.!rd,of/. tribal d (on i/i''- droit du Tciii.i^aii). 
btai-lioaril the helm ! on hi Jm a-starlK-ui\l '. fit- 
fjord la barrel Siar'ooard wulial! tiiojid un 
pen ! 

'Lo sLirt the anchor, v a.fnire t.V-p'auter Cam re 

Slave, n. douvc t:c t't/tatlU, zj-c. 

To sta .r, V a, roni/nr, d'-foucKr^ rrixer. Our Ijncli 
\% sta\«^, nvtrc ' 'tfi'impc ri' < re- c 

iiU\\ , n. rtiu. Mani sta), ,«5-;y;/;'/(Yo/, <Ai rtn- du 

firrud m.t. Maiu ^jinnV ^l .;. , •, •andj'i.n.i rta;. 

Main t«»p stny, rtui iw griti'l hi, nice, ou iiai iw 

^raud t4i(U de A;wa. .Maiu lop-^allaui ^uy. 

O 2 

S T O 

[ 78 ] 


ffnl fie grand pfrroquH. Forr stay, etai de 
inifttinr. Fon- sprint^ stay Jau.r-^tni de nujaine. 
Mi /.en stay, Hut trartivon. Mi7en top »iay, 
ftci du nult de prrrijquet de fo'tgue. Mizcn loi>- 
Salloiit stay, htn de la fxetruclte. Pro venter 
stay, fimx rlai. M«in prev«?ut» r stay, fau.r 
Hai du grand in6t. Fore prevent* r ifa y, faiuv 
Hai de miminr. For** top pre^iiitfr stay. /'/7«a* 
^tai du grand m/it de hme, nvi fnnx'ftm de 
^'rnnd huwer. Back itay%, yi'haubnns. Siay- 
«ail<, 'o(,He.t tTelai^ foes. Slain lop stny-sail, 
T'OfiV ir<ir.i du grand /lunier, ou grand' voile 
d'rtai de hune. Middle stny-^il, rnntre voile 
(Tetai du grand huriier^ ou fa'utxe vuilc d't'fni du 
grand hnnlcr. Miztrn stay-sail, vUie tTrfai du 
perro'^urt dr fou^ie. Fore slay-sail, petit for^ 
fnncjLc'tr, ou (oarmentin. Forc top «tay-sail, 
le Mcard ^oc. Stay-stail's stay, draille iPune 
Toile d'tfci. To bring a ship upon the stayi, 
ou to stay a ship, donner vent devant^ ou 
fairetfteau vent (pour virer de bord vent de- 

To stay, r tf. & n. Ex, To stay n ship, frrre pren- 
dre vrnt devant & unvaiiit'nu^ on domitTvetU 

Sivadv, ad. drcit. A rteady nind, venf fait. 

Sleep' to, a. Ex. A shore sleep to, cdte de Jbr^ 
cSfc acure, ou cStc d pic 

To steer, wo. <l!r «. K^ivemer 

SttiT.»a:e, n. rhmnOrr en avanf de In rfniron de la 
grand" rhamhre; logniKut liet marJuts; ^fftt 
du gttmxrnrul. Sietrag^e way, ou (ht- 
min du vaiiseau. There is a RtMjd sr« iriffe 
May, il y a bon siilnge ; U'vai^^ean va de Ctrvaut 
et gouverne bicn 

Su.-ciin;r wheel. r.WTi.el 

Sworsiuaii, n. (unifniiier 

Steeving, a. ciivafion du m't d* hen'tpr^ 

I'o sietii, va, T(i sum iJie wind on the tide. Hirer 
au veut ou u In n\ri^e; c'est-*\-ilirey pirtenter 
rctroTfe ou Vavrui an x'ent ou n In ntau'e. 'l"o 
stf m the tide, {sigujle autsi qnelqurjuis) rrj'ou- 
ler la n:arcc 

Stem, «. Arorc 

Stumpson, u. vtarsmdn iravanf 

Step, n. carlniytie dei nv:ti on de.t robeifnfit, 
St£ ps forhutiirrt, ^hehm rt 'aqut's irrrfulles 

To su p,r a. To slep tliv ukaiti oi a hoat, muter un 

Stern, «. In pcupr, ou Coriirre (d't.nx'aivseaii). 
Slcm-^ast, rrouprrrc. Sicni-wioit, ir l>his en 
uirirrr. Hunx \wl. t^'fiufjjf ou rUiii:f/oid. — 
jmrl.H, sahor-Js dc ixiraUe, — ^.nts oI" a bo;U, 
ctininbrc d'un raiikt. — »lite(s ut' a boat, cor- 
dagr* sei-iant () vitncr Ic fiouvrmuil. —way, 
cuirr, A-»ttm. V.'i lei latrc A. —i' areas <c, 
{tcnue dc conftruclicn). Sq\ »ti rn. j^ovpr 
qiiarr^e. Pink stern, o»< lute stem, />of;/*fr/r(,/.'c 

^ewanl, «. eovinii.i tics v/ijrr. St< Ward's mate, 
inaide va.'cf 

StilT. a. dur. Ex. A 8tiflVti]». vri srou dur fi o'^nt- 
trr,va'\')iiiuqui /fortr la vif,- cinme un rochcr^ 
vai*»eau qii a Onu.coup dc Ja' iu-e 

Slink-pot, n . pot-:.-/' it 

Stirrups, n/i. — ola yunl, cti tcrs dr marche-picd 

Stoik, n. StocI: of an anchor, ou anchor^io'jk,/^/ 
'roncre,o\\jiis iTature 

To stuck tut anchor, v a. enjaltT unc ancre 

Stocks, u. ft. rlu.ntier de i onsfrucfJou. A sliip on 
the stockj^ vnijit-au M/r Ic ■ hantur 

Stoppers,*! /'. I.os^n. Ki'Ott.d stoppers, bo^itegd 
(ivrion. Sropjivr-* wiili luiii.inU f/or.ct ii a':;idl- 
let'em. — i\n'\.\ntrn',\:\i\s.l" -u: o f'vuet. Winjr 
stopiKTM, />5^itf fiui .^tinfj'vj'/Kis ai.ix ailcs dauj 

la fiMMi fmx' enb^. Stopper bokt, chniHe, 
boacle,p*ur let b^siet ttu eaUe 

To stopper, r tu 6Mwr, mettre les bot»e$ 

Store, n. proxfuionx^ on nuuutmne. Storc^ioi: 
fiu^Ajm. Stort>keeper, gonh'magtutn. si- 
room, soute. Boiiuwiun^s stor«>roQin, .'i 
aux rechanget du mOkre, Navml ston-*, r 
nitiifu nax'oles 

Storm, n. tetnp/'te^ gro» coup de vent* It blo« 
stor<n, U fait une tempftCy U vetde hontUevti 
c'r4t un coup de vent 

Stonny, o. Stormj weather, tempitt, rtici^ 

To stow, V a. To stow the hold, orrtmrr, ou - . 

Stouagie, n. arrinwge 

Strait, a. droit. Strait timher, 6oir droU, ou 1 
de haute fufaie 

StraifirUts. /. btreights - 

Strakcs, or streaks, n p. twrurc*, fles, ou r-- 
bertinge». llie garboaisl stnike, U .r-- 
To heel a strake, abattre fen wnsseau (Tt-r-' 

Strand, n. ttron (d'un cordage), rivagede iiv 
ou lu plage 

SintHlci\,pa. Mout'intr Uj'ivage) 

Sireaiu, i;. rocf ran/ 

To stream the buoy, r a. mettre Ic b^ft--' ■ •'* 

Strcigl.Ui, n. drtrok (ou pasmge fhroHch'' 
terrts). 1 he strdghts of Snnda, te a 
la Sufuie (eufre les tiles de Jiroa etde^ i 
— of Dover, le dHroit de Douvrti ,'i '*' ' 
cah) ffpaide Cnlcii. N. B. QwtthIk-'- i 
plcn.nt the stTeights. on entend parU' ' ' 
troit (,'c Gditnllnr, et mehne on etttrn'r**' '! 
catijtt il In nnvi\-niifm de la M'^diterrc;""'\\ 
dtiu uu i!Vrro<fd( Gi/traffar. Wcarebotir.'' 
ti.e Streighi\. wus ailont dans le Levant 

Sirctth, 71. bo!fl^r en louvoyaut 

To strdch. V fj. fa/re fortr tie vwltf cu f ' ' '' 
du trnf, ou rkarrterde la vuiie ; moliir, on ■- 1 
f^rr [rn purtant iles cordages, dugrrenx'''' <■' 

Sir< ti-ii along the weather braces.' alon^c ou • 
Uji U a lirtu du vent .' 

Str. tchers, n p. traversiiis (phcis poidr If' p-'' 
der ramettrs) 

To strike, V n. toucher 

To strike, v a. mntner^ a^(iler,OU obaitsf^ '■ '' 
que thnsr). Ex. Strike the Uiiren, «im1 "' j 
borde Vurfiirii.n.' fitis ^ervir rarti^'-f^ \ 
strike s(iuu<liii!:< xout^'er. prendre dti f^'^ '•', 

Strinc:, n. ihrme de cvnstJuction) bcvfU" ' 
gaiilarf'i (a Criuiruit an- pajfte^ratits} 

To Klrip the ii.asis, V a. tLgrecr lu mA*. o" •^' ' 

Strok, , n. coup de rrm\e. Row a Jon^ «'^'^ 
rini' onvigfte t) PAn/(iaite! , , 

Sir«.»k(.'!uuin, u. xxgue-avaiU {c»-i-d. celiif '■" 
tvcvr\- qui triilr la X'oguc) , 

Sirup, ti. etfri;^i!rcouiny/3. fxtrofiedefx^ •" \ 
Ijnr, sin ps. rt.ieu.x dr p-r {en gcnni:^:- ^'■•< 

(in ivr dc 


r) Hi 


iMiijc,'-'ii\ils, ftonnttifi- 


»nuiiliiic:-s.iiis, buuncftcs bashes. T"* '^''^ 
sliidihu;.' <(:iils, bonwtles des huniert. • "f- , 
siiidiliir: s:jils, bouncUes det hunkts- i>i"" ' "l 
sjtti Ixtuin. F*. Boom 

Stuff, n. rorroi, suif^ onrfsiiw ^^ . 

To sueeoura mast, yard, 8cc. 9 a. '*J|^^^'^' 

Suit, u.jru dc voUr, .^c. . , ,5^ 

Su|KT-f"ar^o, 71. fubr^cargut^ oa icfivwn tf 

xcau uiarchand r ' h >' 

Supply, n. remplotemcnt de vnfrt, de rojre:^ - 


[ 79 ] 


•n«A o»i * mmmfi«n*. To take in • fre<rfi 

^^[^Ay. prendre un rcmplcKeniait <lr. vmre^, ^c 
- <:'. ,•;. reaac de la nter. A ^reatdeal of surf 

ran <>a die siiore, U y aoaii btcucaip de rtaac d 

'j ■ /c 

ii -V. n, lameoavagug^ eh.oe 
. ' ''inr?, V a. To suixe the cap^tem, ou to 

ji^r^ at the capsttTii, thvqiier au cabcitan^ 

- r anpTther ie aahle de d-^nver 

-I" y. H. intprctien, ou visite. Survey of a 
j-^r. />/an fTi/n /wt 

* ''r.' y. y«. ififpecter, vi*i'er^ ou vrr'ifcr 

''•.- y,-„noftJie navy, II j&. inupcctcurs dcianiO' 
.-■ •>• 

""* ■ - •; fiubert. Hand-swsb, faiAert d manclte 

rn ^ak, r ff. 6* n. faubetfcr 
' - >^r. 1. balayeur de vaiireau 

..*Xijl *carf, «. assembiage h queue d'fu- 

• . jv, r fl. To «way up the lower yaitls, hisMr 

• <^ -Ti VeT2Uff^ fi.C. 

■' '■■ of iLc lilii r.n. tairtfar, ou famhwi'e; sweep 
• < j^,tngencralt un trart arroudi,nvx aval 
- Yp, T a. ir n. drng'icr 
i"^ r.r;. ftalai/enr e/c vaissetni 
' '. '. Wiie, tii^f ^fxgkation aturdc des etnta de 

i, .;. ^ od. A iwlfl sbip, »u a rwift sailing 
\ t:si44tau htn marciirury oa 7t<i_ murcJie 

i .tft, t>a. £a-. To swift a l»oat o»/ vessel, 
" ' ? ufit ceiivure i) un o'^imcnf. f. Swifter. 
~ a capsttm, plarcr /r j^nrdr-rarpi nux 
-''^r-.-i tpui, cnhcitnn, ou gariur les Ixirres (fi.h 
'■ - c i defeur cordage. — a mast, njufurer (.n 
'; ' ''r-:dej tMttarRt, ou />;jAr iiuu'xins. — iu 
■ 'i'-ns^biU/er ler fr,'tJfms 

' r, Ti. trriture *fun b-tthnrnt. — of a 
' ii ;f rn. gordc-fortt^ vn firr-vt/'uf (hi ca^n'.tou. 

- r rs. /uj(,4rrnj dtj'on'tnc^onfaux hau'jans; 
".'. ij i:iipci.-s. 

' ' •", Tf <y. tvifrr fiu rhrtriL'cnenr dr vrn* cm 

■ "'"'^r f;(.-'i j'jarfarit d'ufi vai^ican •' rnr.rrr) 

' '"^'.-i. (Pi f't.ite ^fcii ivol'.itfsu. I.c-t I't-r sujr.ij I 

-J. c' c'ti'tre ! To suiitj tlie jarJi sliarp 

_ " '■•.d ; cltaui^rr viv* n^-nt lex vfr^v*:i 

'^•'■U. ftp, l9uruifjucU dd fr. Swivtlguus, 



>. n. Tabling: of tlie sn'!-*. m/tUrr rf 
fifa vo'rs, 'iiiMiuj'N of the t»»-inijs. 
It oJliu^ ( fails dam Piusi :u'Haj^e da 

n. ^rtiift et ami'.re. T?ie v.i;M\ fa.'';i?, /rv 
'' f^'e in ff^Jdiui' rndf. Aiw .•> I jj.'-in tnvk I 
' /// jnnn'f voiU ! Tlie li.r Ucks, /fr; 
t^dfr.iTt.'iie. Tnck e; a ^'■i\S\\, rir.-.rc 
v^if iFui', OU e/'jjH /■</ . 'i iL-k l;;''iJ- . /'. 
It'. r;> Uifr'. aiUi >'-f; !•(! I vf l<: 'af! OW 
'<■ /^ (t/V The sl;ij> i« ou the .tar!).j:ii\l 
If i-nri^ean ri Ics amt'fs n frlboid, mi 
'll^rtjed': tri'^-rn. '\ mW f't r.u-ti Un 
c'j by\c hot-ri^i [en 'ouvcifj.n/). Ag»od lack, 
'vTji.f !i(,tde 

■■,v a. ^ n. virrr v Tif-flfvciif 

*';/'• "* pfii'Ti, luck L-ic^ii. itfilni (ramvre^ 

\^.iu Ie,- >/,;n;ru? u r',/ir.? nuiniufd). Slay 

J^ -vW, itnfnu ttnui. 1 aclvl* ho< ik, tror « /x/- 

*^- A iii.glt lackk LUHik, pou^icr situple iCuh 


/M^ri. A loncf tdikk bl<K>k« />w//'> t/ct/Wr k 
ftalan. Main tai'klc5, j^rawlf pnlant. fore 
tackle. Z^flfo;) //c (fiudrtr-tte. ALiiii top tackle*, 
palmifjuais dii vii^tt dti gmud huiutr, on du 
^lUtuimAt de /mrie. Tiitin tackles, ou rt-liev- 
m::^ tackles paltins dr rr.tvdi'c 

Tafiarel. n. k ui'ilenu rt ie courounemerd {ilet vtnt- 
ftaux An^ii <) 

Tail. n. Jin {iCun coup de x'eiit). Tail Woek, 
f*oulie thnpte estropic <\ fuuei (puur divers str- 

To take in the snil^, t a. scrrer les votles (lor»fjue 
U vciu est tr^p J'-jr-t). — in sail, dnmnttcr let 
wof/fy. — M wvi. pn ndre un rir. — anil U-nvf . 
r.^: THat ^hip tan rake and leave n[>on her, 
Mhcn sIh; will, .iliiuifl'^ fju'iin vaiatnu est mui* 
tfK dr In nuirr/a: st;r un nut re vnhscau 

To tuli) , V n. hold' r Ics Laisis twiejj ou Us eeoutu 
(t/t'T brsus vcHcm) 

Tar, u. i^uu'irnn 

A t;ir, oa .i .t.t.-t:ir, u» mctelot (ftrme qurlqnrfoit 
etiip'fj' pur d'l hiun *ni par pla, :anttrie ; i utnruc 
on (fn ri,'j^t..rfn:--nt m Frnti^tuj^ uit cul gou- 
drmin'- ou an papa tr'»i»lron} 

Tnr-pawling, ;/. pi '-'art 

lACiii'i, Tt. turtnnc {;.orte de bifi/nent de la M'^dv- 

Tati^ot, r;. ra;df\ ou frriii! ; ndf, A taiirhl 5ail, 
Tude f './/'''','. voiir.ii'.i e^t ^)irn pteiut, xude qui 
ftorfe. A »a;l htiiil'd irji^hi up, vvJlt- hicn /itsrcc^ 
et hicn (endue A tau;^''i v\^'^\\\<g.,gi-^iruent bicn 
rrude, Urn feiuiu 

Taunt, rt. A taunt mnst^ ui,r hnufe nuiture 

l"enaj»tin;^, n. as^tmibc.^r -.c (iri:x puces de rcri' 
^.triaflvii) rt tHion et r. fcrfa^ie 

To lewd a: rwin^, v n. CTirtr nu tbaiignnent de 
la nuiire (en pfirtan' d'un vfff-^rau a Cain re) 

Tender, n. prJache^ cothcii^ {iorte de b^dinient) 

TeJi'/u n. Ii-:;un 

To I ^^ hi\<.,va. espader, ow I'O/frr It- cliarivre 

Ihiok, n. vaigrciplwt eprussci nt:e hi vaiyres 

Thiiiible, u. cotse de fer 
I i.ole*., V. p. t»ilets, ou toUe's 

'I'hmat, n. ruinc d'une v^rgne, on 'n partir du pic 
fju/ e-it in plus voitinc du m^'f. — IialjarJ-;, 
d.i a uv vvilcjt. — of a knee, cotie[ d'uue 
f Oh I he 

To fl.;-.)\v. T- a. je!rr. Thnjw all ;»-!rtck ! bmsje 
t>vit r'' ci*/rr, OU brcusc it culerpw-iiiut .' ou cwj/'e 

fC'if .' 

To titriim, r a. lardr'- on piquer d'^toupes,, ou dc 
/ ; nue^ dc lain" (vrie tmlr), t:c. 

1 iui!. I ad. (0)1 Hit' {•> / ou droU coiume ca ! (ccni' ail (iiueunia) 

Thv.nii, n. 'lli«aits of a boat, bar.e$ de ra- 

vu art 
Thwari ship?, ad. en travrrs dti vah^eau, V. 

Tide, ;j. mnree. It Hows tide and half-tide, la 
marrc sn n Ituutc vcr.^- la n'fr, trots krures pliaAt 
fju'rri pliitie llie tide nms very hot, In 
wnrcc a lumicm.p de rapidife, fa vwifc est tret 
J'orfe. Tide g:\ie. /'■i/5Vf/;;r r^troit (ou In iTuirr'e *c 
portr nvec plus dc violence). 'lidc ^^ay, Itt de 

To tide, V n. To tide it tip, remo?Uer >) hfmrur rV? 
lutu-'fi. — it over, tftir'erser fCiitie (Aft i) I'autre 
{dime riri^it:, ou ca»o.', en projitani de la via- 

Tic r, ou tire, n. ransr de canon f^ on un c6l^ de In 
Ofi'trrie iTun vnh <t'au. Tier of the cable, mug 
de r/ible. Cable, tier, ou cable stag' . T, J>tage. 
Titr *r d(t aufii des plnn- d'arri nrige. The 
ground tier, Uprendtr plan iParrimage 

TK \ 

t 80 ] 


Tipfht. fl. rtatic.'ie. A li^t ship, vaitteau etanchf^ 
ou vntJtsenu q>ii ne J'au point eau 

Tillir, w. bant Uu getli^ernail, — rope, draae 
tie gotrvfriiail. — of a saw, ntauc/ie tVune 
scie it mnin 

Tilt. n. faulclet de cauot 

'I'lniber, n. charftetite, Ms de comtniciion. Otk 
compass tiiubcr, hois courbaus de cht-tte. Ttm- 
bv-n of a ship, couples de vaUseau, et toutts les 
pit-ret dont Us tout compusrs. Cant limbers, 
couples lUvoyis. Floor tiuiU>rs, iHii-angnes. 
Kjiuckle limbers, couples tie coUis. Square 
tiatben, couples pcrttendiniUitxit tt la quiile on 
plans it Irtftteme. 1 op liiiiU'rs, nlouges tie re- 
^Tjr. Filling timbers, rewfilissagc ties coupitsg* 
Timber room,* o« nx>m ami ^luice^ vitzilles (ou 
inteiiallej entrc Ics couples). Kou^Ii-tree tim- 
bers, t^te ties aloti}fes tie revers. Timber )arU, 
chatiticr de bo'u {de construction, ou autre) 

Time, n. temps. Reduced lime, t*^)ups irduif, 
crc. Time-keeper, gardt-ieni/is, moutre ma- 
rine, horlo^e TTitrrine 

Timoneer, u. timonnicr 

'loffgel, u. cfuviVijt, ou qiiinconneau 

Tompioii, TJ. ttnipon, ou tapr du canons 

'1 oimage, ou burilien, port tfuu x-ais-aau en tott- 

Top, n. hune. Main lo^. grnndc hune. F«irr fop, 
innu: de viisatjic. Mr/:cu top, ftuw d'arfitnon. 
Ce mat se cmnpoic aussi tnec leuxde mast, )aitl, 
sails, he. pour cxpriiucr les m6ts ilc hune ct de 
perroquet, et Icur^ vev^tici, i oili:?, ct niotut'uvres 
respevtives, on leheut votr en divers ar- 
ticles dc ce dictionnaire. lt.A: Toy mast, ttidt de 
hune. Main top mast, i^i and luTt de /xhve, cr. 
^lizen top-siiif, vuile dc pcrrorjucf de fondue. 
Top rojH?, guindcressc. Top tackle, puh n tie 
SHindercsse. Top-siiils, huuitrj, ou xodes dc 
nunc. Main to]>-i>ail, grand hutticr. Fore toi>- 
«il, pi:tit hunter. Miicn top-sail, />tfr/<x/^rt de 
foupie. Fljiugioivsail, /if.w/fr romnf. Gafitni)- 
tailt^Mte en cuL Top block, pou'.ie tie M^iit- 
deresse. 'To\t\vMXm\,fuiialdehwie. Top ar- 
mour, ou top anuiuj^, Artxvtf tie hune. Tup 
nian, ^&/C''. Captain oi a toj). premier gab'tr 
tPune hune. Top timber. T. Timber. l4») in^r 
top (instrument tie corderie), tovpiu, ou couchoir 

To lop a janl, v a. apitpwr unc verguc, uu met- 
tre une vergue en fmnfenr.e 

Topping litlt, n. balaucine de gvi {et des vergues 
a conies) 

Tornado, n. tourbillon de vnit 

•Joss, V a. bailotter. We utre tossed alw>«it bj a 
luravy sea, nous fUmes bdllvOes pur uue gn,:isc 
iner. Toss up vour ours! ax irons en guicre .' 
avirojis en parade: 

To touch, V a. To touch nt anv port, toucher, on 
reUkhcr en quelque port, ou monn'r^c. luucli- 
ing, sittudlon dts vodes ijui ivti' pn'ie* ufnJei; 
ou en raltngue. Touch the wind 1 gouvernt tiu 

Tow, n. Haupc bUniche; fcuage, remorque 

III tow, ad. ou lowint;, a la tone ; a la muorqtie. 
With longboat in tow, cvec la chaloupe a la 

To low, V a. f oucr, irmorqucr, ou avoir gucUjuc 
chose a la traine 

Tow boat, ri. bateau ser-vant d tonrr. — line 
haussiere de toute. — rojie, greUn ou haus- 
siere d toner 

Towage, «. drmt tie hnlagc, (/r long des bords de 

Tracing lino, n. carta/ieu de tcnte 

I'rack oi' a ship, route d'un vaisieau, V. Wake 

Track stgnifie tttuH unepatst, ou vn chencd, r\ 
tre des dangers, ou ecueilSf 6 Centrce ou c i 
tttrtte d'un port 

Tracking, a.^n. action de iuder un bateau ; /H 

Track scout, bateau^ ou chalotipe de HaSmi'j: i 
des pays I'oisins tie la nier BuUiijue, que ron ' il 
te long des canaua. et rivieres 

Trade Miud», n. vcnts-alises, mmtsnns 

Trail boaid, «. Jiise eutre ksjmereaux, oa /r 4 
de tepcron 

Train, n. trainee depoudre, le derriht d'un c/ i 

Transoms »» p. barret tfarcasse. Hehn i-.! 
transom, barre au bout de retambmd. V iji| 
U-ansom, /««• (TAottrt/i, Deck tnuisoin, Ar i 
du premier pont. First transom, bam d- \ 
soiite du niniire cunnonnier. Second tniiH> I 
sccunde barre tTarctuse. ITiird inuuouu N j 
troijiiriiie barre d'arco^se. billing irau-'l 
barre de rcnipH stage, btirre (Tarcasse eutre < rl 
tlu premier pent et la U^te d'hourdi. Inui!' i| 
kiitx-s. F. Knees 

Traus|»ort, ou transport ship, n. butimtni oi 
vaLiicau tie transport 

To transport, v n. To transport a ship. '"^^^ 
u n vti( iscau de place dans un port, —mm, '* 
porter des homnics aux li^et Occidentala 

'1 i-uMllor, n. hersc^rmambenu 

i i-a\cr<t, n. route oOlitjue, — board, rt''-'^ 
des pilotes j 

To iruvtrse, v n. faire une route o^jl'^i^'C. i 
a pioco, V a. (en tennes tie canmnafic) 'V |^ 
xtue puce de canon (pourparvemr ii lap*r'^"' 

Iree nails, np. gauniables. Tivstle Hi i << '■'^■l 
tVi7hai(rcsses aes huncjl. Cross t«jes. ia"^] 
traversieres des hunes , 

To Uvnch Uic ballast, r a. mcttre ielesten fr'.' l 
ou cuuipartiniens ; s^parer te lest par da '^ 
sotii, ou retraucheniens 

To trend, V n. cuurir^ ou faire /•rce dt i :- 
{dans une certaine route, en partantu^^'' I 

Tniu, n. assiette. The trim of the hold, Ccn-r^.' | 
dela culc. IVim of ilie mast, ji«<r/» ''•^'' ' 
mats. I'hat ship is in w rj j?iiod triui, « r*.' ' 1 
c^t paifaiicuient bifn in^toi.c _[ 

To tniij, T- a, arrhncr, arranger, orieiuer. -; 
the hold, arrinier la tale. — the vaiis *- ■■' ' 
birn lex ? c; feo. A shaiiJ-trimmed ship, vfii- 
ovituie cu plus prts. Inm all sharp.' »■■ 
lou'fs us voiet au plus prrt ! Trim ilit u"^' 
barque droitc .' 

Ir-p, f(. xoi^age dnns les fioys rtrangen, om fc '• 
pogric ; c lit tiussi une lor dee en louv«y(i^'{ 

To inp,Tj fl. To tripUic anchor, /m>e '■^'"' - 

To trisf, ou to U-uss up, -oa. fiisserproniJMe^>f'' 
f]uchjuejhrdeau. 1 lisc up.' /j;«r.' 

1 risiDv; Jino, n. rci'jun. ou c^-nUlette des '•^'■^ 
&c. p,. 

"1 r(.u;rh of tlie sea. n. eiitredeux des lava- ' 
>l.!p lies in ihc irouKh of Uie u-a, k vaufeo-^'^ 
tn fiuicrj dc la I'fiine 

Trous, IN, n p. f.//o.',cj de nuL'elots , ,, . 

'Iriick-. n p, (fiver^cs pedes pu<^ 'r./^/ 

— of a ^'uii caiiiiij^LS roues J- '-^ ' . 

— of t!K i.ia>>l heads, pun.n.cs dc ^"^'■'' ;'/,j 
I'c iMTinlon. — of ilie parrels, /«'■'"' V. 
laiU^y. — of il:e iliroiids, cu seian? " '.^^'^ 
ci.,o-tv i.'e ytfi, ou hkai{,viiilUU Ji-xit "''-^ 

'Iruijpct, ;:, .S;Kuking trumpet, pw^^^vw-i 
Fiiv iriiiiks. up. c»r;)ri t)Jcu 
Tnuaiiou>, up. HturUlom dun tanon 


[ 81 ] 

T.TH, n. Marddemrttyf, firo»9f i^ rnrfif^. Par- 

r'l .-^iti, uj^,\it (It: rarcar, nxx palan dc drojsf. 

ii--> isiiYti. raiasr^ suvple 

"\".- '■ ". cuprr, /tre a In rfifte. To try umier 

■ !. r.>-»aii. frre a la c^pc "'.- In nutcn' 

•L'. cv »riry,p a, ir a*/, a L r<^, act.un de ca- 

' - 1 1, n. y-^fk d( sfih-TUy ail Ml v<n!e dt cape 

■■ >■ f'iiaiile (rn yrncvnt) 
' ■■ ">. ••• -n portie trif^rrftre de la poupt ; Jcarr 
• ><en'. A jqiiart; tutw, utie poo/,c 
■■-■j- r '.J tut quart r 
li i.rV-.u*, n. ifiHW (de* cnnrft niortcj 

^'-■' ''^■i&tttPt ( ficfc'fl'- f/f In coiittinvrf dr 4 
''' i*f ; c'ftf muf z vr'tf rs '■ /-'>'•'.'.. o. v-.'-- 
'''- r-'.'-f) Fran 'rtrs 'ovurau, r/'.»ii- 1,: ecu- J dc 
i; : -vcprc^ ou l^urr d'un f '.'t,t "', A \rs- 
'' I or* hiifitJrvtl toiM buriliLii, b-Unnent dc 

XV. »;. o!; hoithen./'C}-/ rn f(»nn<Y:fAr 
'^' f' lAnd n»i-n, />rrj.i«- ik (f'rre.. S.-a tuni, 
i V Mi /a»;gv. "I um of ihc iKL', chon^r/nrnt 
* ^ fTflr^ A rouod turn, tour mnrt. A lum 

• ^c-Ti. un. £jf. To wim to windwtrH. pimer 
f -I', i*rw /r x'fnf, aller au plus pri^s^ uu 
!• ■ --• T. — a jynt lipcidc dowTi, cn^'irr un" 
'" ^"•'^arffn. — in a dcaci-f ye, fi-apyrr un 
- " ttir son cap^f-fr.'iutofi. — m, tc cowhrr. 
~ ^ -te Ifvtr. — time into longitude, Qon- 

^''''■i k tempi m dv^r^t rft* hti'/Hiidc 
' ^p.f.l. Sail iwlne, /?/ ii voi/c 

• " I'Vi/r rA- d^iisc, Ma^ top-^ail t)-e, itagrtf 
^' ' -^ rfa grand ftutiier. Fon' tup-3aii rye, 
^-f * diri^jt Uu petit hunlery &c. 


' '• V".VT/Jf n^^fofive, qui,Joinfe d divers vfrbes^ 
• ^^"fvtm«"n# dfntratre^ ou oppote d teur 

^'•. ■'•..-rW.E.t. 

;^ Viji-st, i»a. d^tefter 

; '•'■■.» 11(1. •» o. dhnnrrcr^ d^tncher 

■''jit. ra. d^hit^r {enfxirUmt du cAbtc) 
'>'.n/!. A ship undursail, vaiitmu * fcr voitf 
"1 o'i*v9ile. A ship underway, voissrrtu qur 
'''- ^avnnt^ Under foot, li ^ic (jowj Pavant 

' ^ 'lii'J- r run, r n. Ex. To umlrr nm the cable, 

''• ■■'^'-ytr^ ou ftasser sous tc cfilAr avrc la cfia- 

j /" Ao'T fc vziiicr. — a tackle, ^er fe* tou;** 

- 'i;V;/«fi, ou drtm'tlrr vnpalnTi 
I'uni^, v fl. ftcmonfci' ou dipUtccr 

' i 'I'^ok, T> a. d^rroefKT 
' - iritjiijor, 13 a. 6* n. d^taffoitrchcr^ demarrcr 

'" i^'itna. (Fan vaitseau) 
' J- n ere, v a. To unreevc a rope, ddpasscr un 

" "i-n?, WQ. dr';r7rfr,on d^rnhr («n vaisscmt^ 

' '^ iKliip, r a. fl^onfn; di^plnrcr. — tlie oars, 
;^:i fifrtx ariroat. — the tiller, dcinontcr 
•c ^rrrr- rfu gettvcrnail 

'.'■ '■'!. m hatif. Up witli the liclra ! la barrc nu 
r ' ' Up and down, iipir (en pnrlant du cu- 
t^^ * rancrr). We art right up and down, 

^">'' -'imtmetdpk 
p;-rdeck, n. le plus haufporit 
, P; r work, n. cnuvrcs mortcs 

^I'ii/'it, a. An uprig:ht ship, vaiitrau droit, vats- 
'r^'' (,vi Tie iter»«^ d ia handc, ni <tun cttinlde 

■ an / 'i,/;i 
/J «.*/f. /,<r 
V ou d'uiie 

Vi*^ ant! customs of : 

V AV, n. nvrm' znrdc 

Vniir, !;. riroiictir. Vanr •<; " 

\'jii.> Nj)i(iul.-./T f/r ;'o ,r.Vi- 
Vu,.i-s, ?j ^. p'i.frti; dc i< ;■ •114' 

ou fi:!^ /a xti^iiC a curru 

Vanafiun. v. VrMTitio-. of rh.' 'i' '..•, c.v (,'" ;hr 
co:;,;,'vs vai!(i".:!i ■.,■} // :/-/«, ^ /<r Cult, ulc 
aii)i.,)j'ry ou uV /',• in lu^ -i.c 

To v.'.r. :>h n m.-^st 6r< ,.,nl, ^o. r rr. rr'-'in^r, on 
rudun-f ti- n ■.h.c, •/;. m// on r»/r ir; ff^, <iv. 

To x> . r, T a. ^j- ::. J.a.. To \etrr an-! f::.til. /.,;',t 
L'/ totdii,,c h'T rr'oujsri. — thi '.-jtlj; -.J'.,.,' ,*< 
rr.W/-. Yivf .i.<»re ^)\>v[j:ic du c-hlr : Tin' 
>viu»l v.-erj '\\\. le vent f;'.'v;i;.", „ii Ic irnf ,e 
ru.i.-.v rr I'm .,'ic. To \Vi:x{ar',n}j:r i.tin}) vircr 
vrui-(irvu rr. V|.er ro ..lorc ! n'cirr n c pen lo 
ve-cr («7j;.';/!> cnrorr) fotimert chatK t j-r ;;.7r. 
laiif du vivt) '1 ,s,. ^^i^jti y^^.^ „'„^i jiauis. /^ 
rcnr aionne it refuse t9ur-htour^ ic v:jU varie 

Vii;tTj. Cr-rntf trnr'ill/'rie et de CfifwnvrT<:^r), dff. 
/'■r>'i c fill rr,'/',ic -t In />f<*rj au diamine du 
_ Ki>'.'ct, rt phi . jor.yrnf ,'a tumiere 

y* S5K-!, n. b''':t'i,}irv.t dc, vnustnn (m fthi'-rnl) 

ViciUiil'iim-, n cr fi^. vivre: dc la inn; uit, r-yje 
drs -.ii . ..f c( action d^ifiprovi^ionner iu ••laroit 
en vivrct. — ofiicf, inrrau de*' viyfin 

Vollty, n. vtUu. — oi«iu*ill aruM, salve dc mous- 

Voyal, u. tounievfre 


WAD, n. vatf^h rftn*n 

Wafi, ti. A-wall, cii bcme. To hoist the fi-xfi; with 

a wftTt, hhst-r le pavilion en bcnic^ ou tn:L*re le 

//fail'on ru berne 
To uaft, V n. vieu.v termc qui se dit quf.Ui\<-f-ns 

poin' gardci\ convoycrf et aussi Ltatuporui pur 

en It 
Wai^t, n. le yHftord d'un vaisseau a Ccndrort dcs 

patse-nvmits, on Ccntre^cux dcx ^(dUr.yi.'i. 

— cloths, pavois. To jHit aboanl a ship's 

wairt clotlis, f;ar7iiruTj vnisseau rle ses pui'oa, 

ou ffdre pavois. Waiil bo.wU. T. Wash 

Wak«', ». sillr^e, on fcv cnn,v du vnisyeau. To be 

in the wake of a ship, Stre dans Ics caux d'un 

Wale, n. prhctntr (terme de comfrucfion'^. Main 

wale, prtcctvo hnuc, ox\ la premiere c( In sa mule 

prrccinfes. Chunji^l \\j\c. prcctinte snphicurCt 

ou la troisthne et la quntrimic prheiiucs 
Wnic knot, ou Hull J<not. T. Knot 
W:ile-n arcd. V. Wa!l->ifUd 
Wall-sidetl, a. A wnII-5iiK-<l ship, vaisseau qui a le 

c6tf droit comnw uu niur 
Willi, a. A wait shi]», vatsscau l^f^cr^ vaisseau qui 

n'c^t pas as.ftx teste ; qui rnanquc dc stabilite^ 

qui parte tnal la voile 
Wfirp, n. cablot , s^relin^ ou ftaussiere tcuie 
To warn, v n. touer 
Warpttl, a. A warped plauk, hordage dijete (en 

pnrlant drs hois) 
Wash, ou bludr, n. Icplat^ ou la pale (d*un aviron) 



C 82 ] 


VMh4)nMtls np.falqvrs 

>Vatch, «. quart, ou garde. The anchor watch, 
la garde du -vaisstau a rancrr. The tt-a v« aich, 
If qum-^ Quarter watch ; To be ou quarter 
watch, ftre d quatrr quartt. The larbuard 
« atch, le quart tk bAbord^ ou let Mbordaix. '1 lie 
starfoord uatch, k tnmit tin triltcr<J<, on ki 
tribordais. Suirboarn waich oh.' tribot-d an 
quart / The af\ttnioon valch, If quart de n.iai 
a quatre. 1><>J5; wntth, Ir quart fir quntrr A fiuit 
ftrurtj du toir. The lirtt w ulch, /< quart dr hitit 
itrure$ d tiiinuif. Walth Irill, 1 6lc de quart. — 
IClassi J, anipouleftrjf, on horlo^d de rabfe. To 
K't tJ»c watch, chntiifer ou relcrcr le quart. 
Watch pun, le coup dv canon dc dtatir. ef relui de 
uiraile. The niomin;? watch pun, lerovp tlero' 
noil de dmne. 'l^\e i ^tuing watch gun, lec9up 
dc canon de reimite 
Watt r, ji. aiu, h'nsh water, enu d9ucr. Brack* 
isJi water, cau wvm/itre. Suit vutir, eau xnlecy 
ou euu dr nter. Water home, ujlot. A watt r- 
lodged bhij), raiftcnu nigfigi'. Water s|K)ut, 
troiitpe^ ou Jtouiftr ik tncr (tortc de ntrtrurc). 
Watf r ways, f^outirre (trrme de roiutruction) 
To watt r, v n.Jaire d» Ccau, ou Jaii-e une provi- 
sion (Tcau 

A WHtt riijp j^lace, n. vne aigutidtj un lieu prupre 
h fat re Jf I eau 

AVave, n. vugue. ou lame 

A\'av ofa «lii|>, ri. chcnun fTun vaissetm, siUage. 
The ship i« uikIlt waj, le vaisseau fait du 
chaiiin ou .y>'!--; le roirvrm< i-c de ravrrit., de t'evant. Stem-w.iy, 
cuU'i'.. I'Ik- siiij* ha-* St vn-way, U vais^tuu 
cu'r, Kiu ic f./y r-.'/.v manlic par farrUre 

To \\ I iv. I'. To wei r 

A^t;.ihcr, tu & tid. tnvpf^ ten /.nahire I'c 
Cair ; aus.d le cof du vent, ou le desfus du ' 
vcut. W tnthv-r ^.aJTi, m-o/r'ctf f//< Tvr*/^. The! 
i^t-alher side ef ii ship, U rvo- du vent fPun vaii- 
stou. The «ii ather aliruntU, let tiaubaut t.'n 
rtiit^ oti lr<f licihavs du (ot>- du vmf. '1 h • 
vtalhcr Ijit.ccs, (rs bras du rmt. A wea»!'tr 
shore, cftf ovi ui rf ^;f./ at au vent. A-weai.'.er 
the helii! ! In hrrrc cu x'CtU ! ou arrive ! 
Hani A-v-tiiih- I I Gf^hr tout f Weather bi', 
hittvrc du c^'ilr (au c^'^ cMericur dn v/jj/.V;.;. 
Blowing wcaihtr. gi<.s teiups, ou tcw;js vn- ■ 
teux. Stormy wtntlur, tenipg orageu.x, rt'ct,- 
vaif temjis. Squally wt alher, d' :/ ,a ef ' 
dc grains. Clear weather, /'fH(/»j .siv j Vm/;o- j 
clair. Thick weatlur, tewpf eotn ■ > ■ t( r;/:- 
brum^. Fotrpj- leather, tcntpx <l< Jiih'lord. 
Ha/.y weaihtr, brurn^ ; tt-rnpi ev >; i./ni^. Wild ' 
w tatlier, mauvuii tctnpSy vilcin ttinpx^ow !eTu/>s 
sauvage I 

To weather, * fl. To weather a ship, a hank, a 
head-land, ^c.pasterau vent uun \ ch-cau, d'un 
banr, tCun cap ; douUrr. — out a siorni, /w*- 
aej un coup de vent dehcrt ; tcnir la nter pen- 
dant le mauwiis ten\pj 

Wcalhtrly, a. ce qui est du elite du vent^ ou au 
irnr. That ship canity a wtathtrly helm, re 
wutscau ett ardent. A wiaiherl\ 'ship, b<'tt- 
ment qui timt hien Ic vmt ; bou boulniftrr ; qui ' 
sil^xr bicn dens le ixnt, et qui n^e^t ptu tujct d i 
dr river 

Wt d^re*, n p. coins. To ease the Mt-dgei, *9ula- 
ger les coin-i d*un mlit 

To weiph anclior, v a. lever Vancre I 

Well ot'a sliip, n. arrhi-ponipe. Well ofa fishiur 
vessel, retrrvoir d'un bateau prcheur, ti'c. Wefi 
room of a Iwat, la saitine d'un canot^ bateau, trr. 

West, 71. 6* orf. ouestj Occident^ ou poncnt. The 

West Indiec te* indet OcHdtnta!e*. Wrti I 

•oath, ke. ouett-quart-^tid-mint. &e. 
Westerly, a A wcsu>rly wind, vmt cTvufr* 
Western, n. The western oeean, Ceccan ^cairt 

tot uu Atlantique 
AVharf, n, quai 
Wharlj»ic»\ ". droit ^ ou pme {attribuft an rnrtii 

rfun quai) 
Wliarfiiiger, n. ganUaxdTun qtun^vn nis:'rt/ft 

\\ heel of the helm, ou steering-wheel, f;. r- ■- ■) 

gotir email. To rttHrr by tl*e wbeeHA'*""' ^' 

t) la roue 
AVhelps of the capstern, n p. Jfatquet de cnWnr 

Whrjps of the wkniUkm.^afqueSf ou fn',ut^ i 

W hip, n. cnrtr.lieu, ou petit ptdtttu — purcK2« 
fHilau f/fnuet ^ 

To wlnp, !• a. Ex. To whip up empty ea>k». VI 
rn'ever des tonneaux videt, trc. — thv' u. ; I 
a n*iM,f(tire U7ie I, tire ait hvut d'um ^ ' [ 

Whirls, n />. curie t, ou moieties (lemu ila (^< ;^" i 

Whirlwind, n. tourbtllon de vent 

WhirljKM)!, n. '^ouj)'te, ou toumvianent dc: i-x 

D(iat^wrMi)\ uiiotlc". r. Call 

Wl)o.^'.in<,-s, :/ /». ijii whooden encU, barbe dc i i 
//n;r,. i . CI «-.W Hood 

IV.!!, .i.n. Tiicxaut. ln>nnmche«,n!C?i.-.> •'I 

M II ill, n. TV;/'. Tnvie wiudji, vcn'i '• 
H< i^-iiinp: wii.ds wu'j re^natu. A lair Vii 
fjd vent. A !«iiil wjiui, rcfit coTttraire. A '. 
wind, 6./ lea^Mii::; wii..i, jtent larguc. h^^ ■ ' 
Will I<, I". MM i^iu Ji^t.'enC ; necj-lleou f 
A si J) \. i.Mil h,)'.;u(I, x^.isn^u reteuu o.i^ • 
f'crt tar Ics vcufr ev^itinlrts. To bf ^'''■ 
wir.ij, ftre uu film f-vcs du vent, iiti''-' 
Mill I ami aaifV, <' fc'ur tPeau j 

To wind, V a. i o w ind a phip on boat, Win' 
p}itui (i'un bjfimcut, ou ft.ire abaH.x ^'' ^ ' 

Tt) \uutI,T- n. A j;lniik t'.at winds. V. V>ii' I 

Kow \,im!st'.i ^llip ? Ou e.\t le cop r 1" ' 

li «.::;!. r.-./,r;.. •...'/• U: trtntfrwrt avif Ir 'J 
Wiuiiliiir. n. \\ inMiii" UicUlf, crjionx. — ^■'•- ' 

jx i!(l. lit, /K!.(/r 'ir (if (tiUorne. — 'i'i'- .' ' 

r/.' f .1 r. A V. '(iflinc plank, bordag- <'f >''■"' 
■V\"j;.(I:.i^-c, ;i. V( r.f •^il' jurce d'arriuan'' 
A^ iK('.:.-.r, 11. luiiKtaul, vnuii3<,vtrcvuLt- on '■■' - 
>\i(ii -.•' man' hi' fi vtnt 
'Vu wiiutwanl, nd. o' windwanl, fl. <n/ i '"''•'• 

vfiteduvctil. Windwanl tide, WJ/»^'^ f'^ 

auvenf. Th»- windwanl iiland^, ia •• '-' 

vent, on ks AniUles. 'lo wiadwuixl ul ^ ' 

vent d noiit 
W'm^a ofa lle«t, n p. It's aitcs (fun rrvs'-*' '^ ' 

Winp ofa ship's hold, ks eAtirmita 'ic 'f^- ' ' 

let ailcs dc Can image 
WinijLi-H, np. pfiitcs puce* queVon piaffi'^' 

udtit dc Car r image 
To winter, r u.hiverner. A pood wiiHi'" ' 

place, bun hivininge, port oii l^on pcia ^c.x' 

en stiitt^ 
Wholi-somc, a. Whtilesome ship, valtnta'^ Q'-' ' 

conipottc bien a la tnrr^ vaisicau stir 
Wootl. n. boij. Fathom wood, bctfo bii':irr. /^ 

XHTTit ausii ii Carrintage 
AVfKMl na il, «. nrtt dtfritCt ou etejfe gr^^^'' "* „ 
To w iMild, V a. C>' n. roster, ou fatre une rftt-' 
WtK>hlinjr, n. ro/furr, ou routturt 
Wort!. f.'Vcer ,, 

Works, u. p. (trmte dc conitritrtim) qt^ ^ ^■'•^ ' 

Fffincats par Ic mot ceuyTvi 
To work, V a. & n. £x. To woA • ship, '' ^ 


[ 83 ] 


— into a hoy, lauvoytr^ 
m amrir dts bordtypmjr entrer dtnu une ratle. 
- out of a harbour, Imtvyer. ou courir dea 
'<''dr. pmxr sartir iTun port. — to wlndwaid, 

- r '<■ vent, aerrrr ou pinttr le vent. Tin; ship 

- rk», ie vaiueaH fatigue beaut ou/t 

i ' worm a cable fu stay, v tupeigner un cdl/fe^ 
u'. -^oi; t 9i%i e e r uu cortktgr. — a (fun, dc- 

-T^r un canan d Ca/de du tireSourre 
■r k. n. bdtimevt naufragr ; naufragr 

i • ^na^. xrn. g^ner et assujettir (let bTdaget 
>-.-fr le» cmupkt\. — « mast, forcer \n 
-■■'::. K vnini^ mast, mdtforc^^ lordu, ou dt/ctr 

V- r n^bntak 71 p. iongues chevtllrs de fer n.uuieit 
<-'-'<« kmac d une cxtrrmitf^ et goupulee* ii Tau- 


'^ BFC. «. chrbec {nrte dB bdtiment de guerre de 
■1 MfJite r ra n te ) 

^. vrrrr, n. ^oekt {torte de bAtiment AngfaU) 
^^■imre yacht, barqne de protiimadc (Tfrvant 
iv; pn - t mr w e* oueeM en Angldrrre it faire det 
rs^^ci ncr mer pour kur ptaisir). Koj'al 
-ivhu yaebt du roi d'Jngliterre {bdtimnu de 
l^rrtsif, le pha touvent mAte en vaisteau^ trit- 
■■'■ hercbedmsMiomement de aculpture et dam 
' i^'Tment) 

■ I. n. vergve. Lateon yards, vereues fntine* ou 
-~mw/. The slinj? of a yard. Zr mi'irti ou le 
: nnddiam^tredune vergue. The yard arm*, /« 
f ^^<f* oa bmttt de verguet. Lower j-ards. basses 
'.ytn. Tlie main yard, Ingmntf vergue. Main 
; \7kTd^ vergue de grand hunter. Mam t(»p-gal- 
'jxii'yard, wwywc ae grand /terroquet. Main 

/nt rnr c/i/fjr ^cic ifinirrruiiion ou nurrctj 

, a. 6* »/. {tcnue vulgaire qui ttgnljlc) 
vnpf, vif. et exprditif. Be yare at the hehn! 
ention ati gouvemral ! vtilie la batre ! 

top-^IIant royal yani, vergxie de grand perr%- 

?itet vlanl^ ou vrrgue du gran/i catfKoun. 
ore yanJ, vergue de misnine. Fore l<»p vanf, 
vergi/e de petit hunter. Fore top-piilaiit '>:•"'« 
vrrgiie de ftetit perroqurt vlant. M;»in toj>->fal 
Innt-ruyal >ard, vergue tie graml perroquet vo- 
latU. Sprit>sail yard, vergue de civadirre. 
Spril top-^ail yani, vergtte tie ron/re-civtj<Iicre. 
Mizen yard, vergue tfarfimoti. Cro^vjack 
yard, vergue srche. ou verj;;ue dv lougue^ ou ver- 
gue bar rre. Mheen lop yard, vergue du perroquet 
defougue. Mizen top-gallaitt yard, vergue de 
la perrucfte. Deptfoni yard, le c/ianfier, pnrc^ 
ou articnal de marine tie liep'ford. A ship- 
buiklt'r*< >ard, cftaniier tfun conttructeur pant- 
cuUer. A timber >Tird, ciiantier de bois, ou 
drftAt ik boijt {de comtrutfion ou out ret) 

Yare, i ' ' ' 
attention an gouven 

Yam, n. JU de caret. Soiin yanj. Inttord. Twt- 
rvd rope ynntt Jil goiu/ronnc 

Taw, n. embard^e 

To yaw, t> n- cnJtarder, on dmxner des rmbardrer, 
ou lancer : on dit auui to make yaws, ^aw 
her to port I latue aur bdbord: ou donne det 
ilaneeur bt.bord! 

Yawl, n, tjolle lui e.rquif 

Yeoman, n. ojficier de marine, ehargr tk rnrrange- 
went et de la ttisti-ibution tiet munitions et re- 
dumgea, et d'en tenir co>it/Jte. Yeoman of tfie 
sheets, offtcier^mnriuier tk maneeuvret ehargr (k 
veiller let Routes. — of the powder room, gnr- 
liien dc la Sainte^Barfte. (Tuiuier's yeuinaii, 
tfficier ntarinitr tk canonnnge 

Yoke, n. Sea-yoke, on apjKlh: quelquefoi* aind un 
palan mis a ia bnrrc tlu {^uvcniaiU dans let 
vnisseaujc qui gotrvement a la f*arre,fiourfaii li- 
ter I'aeUon du gouvcmaily lorsque la mer est 
trop grosae 

Younken, « />. mouMtt, garftns de Oord, ou no- 





A I G 

ABELMOSC.m. mtuk sred 

Alieidaine,/. Aberdeen J^h 

Ablaque, a. Soie ablnquci Ardatsine, or cuwH 

Abcinthci/. wormwcod 

Sue d^acacia, m. acactn 

Noix d^aouou./. etuhew nuts, Aoyou k meublcs, 
m. mtJttgantf 

Aeaer, m. atteL — fonda, catt tteeL — en barres, 
gad^eel, whip steel, -^khi mae, r^te steel, — 
de Carmc. ar 4 la double niarqae, CarintMa 
4MA f'O'^ *f^' — k U, nmple inan|oe. m/2 
tfteu — en gnin, — de motte or d« raondn- 
(on, «ftip{ i?i lumpi. — eomraun, or petit acier, 
cmanian steel, in small pieces 

Feniilei d*acinvU«\ / actnelUi leave* 

Aeonit, m. aconite 

Aoorus des Indet or Anatique, m. India accrus, 
— rrai, tweet Jlag 

Aerempjii. m p. etiental neats hides 

Gonunc aangnante. /. ^um dragon^ adraganth 

Afflquet, m porte-aiguillei ffl. o case for knitting 

AflfOta, mp. gun carriages 

Agaric, m. agaric, — faux, ar de ch^ne, onk 

aganc, — brut, rouah or untrimmed agaric, 

— mond^, pared or trimmed agaric 
Agate,/, (a precious stone) agate. Agate-onyx, or 

veinec, onyx. Agate oeiriee, ocuius Mi 
Agnelittt m, lanib^s wool. Agnelins, lamb'' s fur 
Semence or gniuie d'agnns-castos, agnus<astus 

Aip^r^de vitriol, m. oil of vitriol 
Atgn-fins, m^. haddocks 
Ai^fDioine,/! agrimony 
Aipriettc, /. aigrette 

Ai(^ue-niariiu>, /. {a precious stone) aquO'marina 
Aiffuillf «, artcuille4 4 coudre, needles. — d'em- 

balUgr, — i tW'pointe, or A trois canics, />nck- 

ing needles. — or brochosk tricoter, kn.tttng 

needles. — 4 voUc, sail needles, — dc u-tc, 


hairpins. '- d*emai^ touch needles. 7 '!''''* 
naiion, dipping needles, AigoiUe aimut^ 
cowttass needle 

Aij»:uillici-s, mp. needle-cases 

\\^'iM<iiU.'%jp,pdntSt tagged points 

Ail, m. gttrtic 

Almant, m. loadstone^ magnet. — de Cp; b: 

Airaiii, m. bronxe^ metal 

Ais, m. boards. — de carton, ^oKeMnf 

Aisselte*,/^. adzes 

AUmbic, m. limbec^ alembic . . 

AlbAtne, m. ata/josfer. — vitreni, « kind V r*2 
(rom/Nonin England) 

FeuUIe« d'alcana, alcanna leaves 

Aloanette./. oMwntft 

Alchimillc,/ lady's mantle 

M^Xk^fp. axvls 

Aliaari, mcuics de Lizary, Adrkampknd 

Online d'alHaire, f, smice-alone . 

Alo^ mcootrin, •ocotriii, cicotrin, «r *^"*5:'^ 
sorofrine aloes, — hrpotique or apatie. « 
cfocf aloes. - de Barhadoes en cakta^*-/^ 
&uf«e« «/oe* in gmird-sheUs, - caballiOi '^'^ 

Alouchi, m. jfwm <f f A* wWr* «iilkmi«n f«f 
(itaine d^alputc •»• d'aipioe,/. Canaryg^^ 

Alquifoux, m. potter's ore, hlaehiead 
Aluine,/. xoorniwood j b,* 

Alun, wi. a/um. — rouge, Boniain, sr (!e P^"j 
rcrf or Soman tdum, — blanc, dc todt^- » 
glace, — d'Anglcterre, rock or rocA '-^ 
— de plume or de Sicile«^tiffle ah»- ' ^, 
arcalcijir, burnt alum. — *»«*"'"*^!I:i 
alun succarin ar lacrarin. «i<jptir vum. ' 
tin, potash 
Amadou, m. amgdou, spunk , ... 

Amuides doucet or aioi^rvf, / /». 1^ '', ., 
almondj. — en coques, ar en coquilk*, a ^* , 
t« f Ac */jc//. — k coiquer, - pnnctiK^ - 


[ 85 ] 


hrzr%, Mrdan tdmtndf. — K%set vr lisaret, 
-lup-tma. — A la p(*Aliiie, crifft or burnt 

'■i.fU. Huile d'amandes, nhntnd til 
XV ;^ m. amiergris. — noir et nnanl^, or 

jnict. War* ambergrh. — blane, wA/V«f am- 
• jTf. spermaceti. — jaun€>, mtUter, — H- 
, i-iu . Lquid amber 

r ad'-, ff?. btutttrd ember 

■ '\'j.f. miukseed 

V.vie,/, {a precious stone) amethyst 
- ■:', Ri- i/flrrA 

•- r;. enrnteo* teetl^ amnii 
; aiac, >n. *»/ ammoniac 

?v ismtMiiuique, /*. ^«w» a«im»f»ioc 
' ' i" m.amcinit ifw, am«mt/hi, — en grappc 
" f^ism, nmemum racemosum t. vei-unu — 

- '--■ b Jiawiqiie, phnen/o^ Jamaica pepper 

-^irv or ftvcs de^ Moluquet, /^. Malacca 

i'. ?.i p. /»i»f a^rr »i 

•■'s>t\ p. onchaviet 
''^,'f>. anchors 

I'^s de iahac,/>>, tobacco in carrots 
i^'U',/. angelica, Irngrvort 

- 'k «■ resint- animt^, 7I ^'"" tmime 

' ^■■- niiie^anisfTft — eioili^, — de la Chine, 
NVric.dfilndesdeo Philippims, Uidiane, 

' ''f»rn anise. — A la i-eine, — tie Venlim, 
'•' oniieed. — aipre. ctnnmi n 
- '^1 '« p. fingi, — de bergt'r, or aa joleil, 

^''/n p. tooth shells 

'^ Toiu, m. roofve eiiamef 

!• tie g^rofle, m. motftcr cloves 

' , '^1. 5yrion «7/fc 

- ' n pfainta, mp. trees 
«^«n, nj. wAt/tf rosin ^colophony 
^N/jfr. fA« coarsost Persian silk 
"V./flc Persian silk of the second sort 
^, f slate. Ardois*^«; writing siatejt 
''- »». Silver. — en massca ei en linjjnts, 
' ^'^ l^'^^Uon and hngoi*' — en h«m;s stiver 
■'■''■ - en feuilles, — batla, ton/^tYrr. —en 
'. ~ b»tui, while tinsel. — irait, or fil d'ai^ 
■ ". iri/trr wrf. — file, or file d'ai-gent, s/.fm 
'''^- —^sstsixi.'^ plated copper. — encoquiHe, 
" ' lihrr. — de niosaique, mosaic silver, 
7^ if iilver. — renii, or dor^, silver gilt, 

- Ti fuTae, — 4 la mode, smxikeH silver. — 
"■''-. cr ecbir^, refir.ed siher. — d« cou- 

ilr. ^^ *i/Dfr. — vii; or vilnirgcnt, ^wrAr- 

"t. rie,/ p/rte, *i/ivr /»/a««. — casiec, ftroAr- 

''^i**-,/. silver reeed 

■ Hi. orfe/, /nrfm cummin 

Iw./. ermine skin 
'^' a ftu, / ^. jdrc orm*. 

— blanchei, side 

] ^'^f.nm^wort 

"^'*'iittc, m. sal ammoniac 

' 3't *. fp. aromntics 
V • ^viMsfp. arquebuses, frclocks 
" ' '"^1 /. TTorA, goose-J'oi4 

^•'irs w^. Vfotering pott 

"" , ni. arsenic. — jaune, orpintent, 

■ I'li'S m. wyWr*" cojitrayerva, tisd^aj 
'"^/ijUit, m. astalathus 
I , 't'-, ni. Jews pitch, asphalfoi 
'it a aspic, /; ,;,4Aro« 

VOL. 111. 

Aspieanardi, m. spikenard 

AM|uinanti, aMiunnan, »»i. scenavfh or ramert hnj 

Awa doucf, /• benjamin. — f^jLtidj, asf/Jutida 

Asserbos n^erixs mp, wcr/^r nutvtrgt 

Aaiuiu^ f^. folates. — A luouckcttes, snnjfev 

Atfole./. annatto 
Aune, 7n. atder^tree 
Hncine d'aun^./. elecampane 
Anripoau, n». ^/jj^/ 
A u rone, f. sonfherntvooft 
Autour, m. autonr bark, aitfour 
PIuHKsd'autruche, /y>. ostrich fear hers. — noi; 

)^nd et petit, et petit-jjn*, dark brovfn miaid 

v.u!h irhite 
Foil, duvet, laine, ploc, or gros d'autruche, ostrich 

Avalics, fp. glover^s tcool 
AvelanWf,/. valonia 
A%elims,//>. cobnuts — purgfaiive*, Mexican 

purgin}( Ti'ifs 
A V irons, m p. oars 

Axonf^-, /. seam . — de verre, sandiver 
Azala, m. Adriauoftle red 
Azercor. m. red lead 
Aiur de rocbe fin, pierre d'azur, lapis laxuh. 

— en pierre, smalt, stone 'tiue. — en ivmcln-. 

or i poiidrt r, ccndre d'azur or d'^mail. pxnvdrr 

bine, aianh blut 


BACALIAU, >n. Jstufnundhmd mmf 
Badinn, m. cr Badmm ./. l>4!tlinn, «">r bcdiiuif? 
Rnffetas m. bcfffetns, haj'ias, n sort <f coarse ct^fon 
Bji;pips,y*p. riiigf 
Rai^'uiiT. m. a rase or box for ring.r 
JJai^iK-naiule, /. bladder stnna. — k iiattniorr^-, 

bturider nuts 
Bnillf>qucs,//>. brmcn nndtvhitr osUich feaf/i*t\i 
B;ilflMste<« commune *,/^. rr ecorco de i^iiiulf . f. 

balnmfim- hark. — hues, or Rewa de gi-cnadr, 

balanstiuf Jtirvrrs 
Baleinc cotip/-«' et nppretoe^. ivhafe-bcne. — en 

faiio!"s irhnlefins 
Balenas,7;i. n hade's pfzz/r 
Balles, ///. '>n(h, btii'cts. —d'iinpriuwur. /)///"- 

ing bulls. Bulk- de l>apier, a .'muc. or ten n nni . 

Bamboehe. /. ban. boo rane 

Bandi s. b;in«leK tus. /'/v. /;iA7r. — dc rones, baii- 
daf:e», n7/('f^ bnuds ovdoiif? 

BauRue, banque, in. Indian hemp, the scid of fir i 

Banillei,//). vauiUrrt 

Barbe de bouc, /'. gijot^ heard 

Barboline, f. Wji n.sivil 

H:tcines de bnnluiie, fp. burdock roots 

Barille, /. bunUa 

Burmg^', m. Normandy table linen 

Rarras, m. resin 

Bns, ifockingi: — di^ Ww, »ilk stocf>ing^. —ilc 
laine, teorytcff Aforkiitg*. — au tricot, — br<v 
cbi's, —hVa'xuimW*'. knit stOfUngs. —'S 
or fbul^s, nulled Jwk nigt. — an metier, u t-.'J 
Workings. — ik etri«.r, ifirni/j \forki/ii^i 

Basone,b«7anr,,/'. Ian neti sbcrp' t Uufin- 

Basilic, m. nictt ba^ll 

Biisiii, W. drtrHfij 

Raisouibc. f. the arunidftc acorn i 

, BikH,mp.pwk vr.dd'n 
BaU»t4',/. iani'jiir 


[ 86 ] 


JiMtuns, m />. jLvalking sticks. '— de casse, <tuj/a 
*//rAv. — d'un ('veutaii.ybN *r/fA-* 

Hutu ric de cimiiu-,7". ktfihenfUrnUure 

Umulrivn, m p. Jiv9rd U'Us 

HaudniL-hc, ni. gold-beeter''a tkin, »i. bnl-,nm. — de lu Mit-que, dc Jud^, 
ifArabic, d'r.g)pte, du Gi-aiHl-Caire, de Sjrif, 
df CuiiHtnntiiiopii*, dc Gilcad, — tdanCt Mecca 
bnhatu, u/iite fxjlsnm, ^c. — de IVrou, balsam 
of Peru. — (111 Bivsil, or de copuliu, baUam 
captv'i, or ct^uiiba. — de Tolu, de I'Am^rique, 
de Cartlia^^iu (lianme diir et see), balsam of 
Tuhi. — ilu Canada (iKiuiur dur), Canatlti bat- 
sa:u, — de luuiiiit s, Jnv^t pitch. — de calaba 
(iKiunie vert), tarmna/taca 

Ii.iii(iuin.<u 7n p. blonv pipct 

l^<li Ilium, «i. hfhitium 

IJille-daiue, lielladona, /. tht tfeadly niglifshadf, 

Hen ra( iue, blanc et ruugv*, vflufe and retl ben- 
roots. Noix de btu, 6rfi roof«. Ren in^ind. MeA> 
icanpurifin^ nuts. — de iwAio^bciijaniin 

Benjoin. m. ocuiauun^ betixoin 

BenoUe,/ herb-benmt 

V>s<*nce de UrEjanioU*,/. M*<wrtf ofbergmnof 

UerU, wi. (fl prctioui stone) beryl. — d'or, chryso- 

Herle, /. vfoter parsnip 

Hetaii, »m. fn/rfc. Gros b^^tail, jfreat cattle 

Beioijie,/. Ar'ony 

Bcunt , in. buffer. — ft-nis/rcj/i buffer. — «il*, 
salt bfittrr, pot butttr» -— dc Galaiwni, Guinea 
pnlm butter 

Bezoanl, »«. bezonr 

Biasse, /. raw silk 

Hidaiivt, m. bisfre 

Bi^vn?, m. beavfr, rnalor 

Bijoux, bijdUU rie, /e« r/.Vrj/, toys 

WmAyAutvr'it:. J', children s toys 

Bi4<:uit. in. In-A ui(, or rough P'jrrelain. — de mcr, 
sea />ivc«iiV, cu'fie'fxme 

BiHuuith, m. bisnutth, tin^lnts 

Bisquailii, ft* p. slurps skin iiith the wool on 

HiHtoite, /. bi .tori, tuakciveed 

Hisrrc, 7; hint re 

Hituitl, m, spun yarn^ ttiine 

Biiume <ie H.ibylone, in. Bnrbadoes tar. — de 
.liidt^x-, Jnv's pitch 

Gmiss ■ de blair. au,_/! ftnf/grr'r ;{ieosr. Pcauxdp 
bl::ii\au, bodi^tr skim-. Poil <lc, bad' 
;t,ti's /ifi:r 

Til.tiic il*- plonib, m, ir/i.'ff ffnd. — de cencsp, re- 
?•.»/. — li'] si«ir^iic, SfHii ih i-.hi'c. — lie bis- 
uiui't. — lit .:inl. — il"I".s|)aj^ii« , mn^i^tt-rij •>/ 
ii'iii:,th, or Slund^ih ivhiif. — tli- 1 njyt %. Troy 
iiiutr. — t.U {H:v\t. ^ai'iwhiif. — <le Vi^iilKc, 
letue ivluic. Jlokc xth'tr. — dp eniie, au 
piue'-au. iitj in;^. — di bait ini>, sfH-rmuieti 

Hiata l)i/a:iiia, Cuuitnntiao/rc jivt I'-hoofs 

lile, ;/i. tof n, }ii(un. (jna.ds l>u » jvfun' and rye, 
I'etits bl<!s. w/.i- audfu;, > y. lUe invtril. nic\i>ii. 

— or lYonu-iit. iv^HO'. — nt/ir, /»'.'( /cjt //^r/^ — 
de Tunpiie. f1*l-.'i>ni7ae, d'Inde, Wde Guiu'.*-, 
Indian ivhea^ innize 

Bb'ud'a/ur, d'ernpoi-*. ©r d'eim il. m. smalt. — 
d'outrenitr, f//</*r;-»;«/ .•»*■. — de Prussv ©r df 
BiHin, I'ri funu lii'te. — de roi, kiiiy:'s ^tifr. 

— dlnd'^ iutlt'jo. — WnUwwX.hiue and ijurjiir 
indrgo. — dc Java. JJutch ir.di^o. — de I'lua- 
drev ntoiiiituin grern 

\\\n\v\'%. J p. bloiid Inrr 
'l'i»il<- a blutraii, /". ht^'/ijig' loth 
B.»>K-che*.y>. irnr-<iUi 
Bobin< s. /y*. spon't or 71/ ''i? 
Bodruche, lu. goitibeatev s skin 


fiffofi, ?n;b. aarn. Daboair,ierf. — saRfhl 
jfl^, #mo4«<^ href. Nerf de btrui; 6ti . /^^ 
Lnn lilies dc Ixeuf, neeto'' tongues 

Bohe, or buu, wi. bohea 

Bois, m. ivoed. — de rharpmtc, — k biiiir. e*! 
construction, tinUier. — en gnitne, rs-, • | 
ber. — d^KTossi, rmigh hewn tinAer. - r.^ 
eux, ar gauche, irtrfcridW /iwAfJ-. — •i'^j 
wnapc, carttvrigWs timber. — inerniii),u 
rain, of*merrin, Traiii^r««tif^ 600/ r^. -" 
rain, k pipes, ar k barils, t^aoff onrf A«i 

— dunvui, stwfes. — d'enfon^uir, fea'f 

— d'^clisses scaleb^anis. — feuillknls • 
for laths, hoops, <tr. — tortll $r courbuii. ' 
pass itinber. ^- de chauflage or a brnit r 
wood. — de curde. roni-TiHKw. --fi«''i y 
7r»o</. — k tan, «a^ or omxrrV bark. - 
dr*- or vein<'', speckled or rrined r«»rf- - 
(t-iniure, xcooftj'or dying. — d'alo^s, a'r e- 

— (I'ai^le, roififr ttoo^. — de calaiubuo. - 
buc vood. — de calambuur, caiaml"'. 
anier de Sarinam, quaisi tvood. — v^'- 
Cayenne, simnrmiba. — d'aui*, fl""*'' ' 

— He bttumo, jcutobaistimum, -de liTt'\- 
Br^ilk't, Brazil vood, — de Fern»ii.tiLor. 
de Brcsil coniraun, Femambue v«^- - 
Sapan, — de I^nton (Bresilietdu J»i»oii r 
Inde», Bresil de la liaye, BresU d. UMi 
■tints), Sapan wood. — de Sayau d«.' BU'X 
Ml© vood. — de Suiiite-Marthe, firtfi/' ==* 
Sf. Martha. Br^sillet faux d'Aii.eriqmv^'' 
siMot, —do la Jautaique, BrazUet!^ or M- 
voofL — dc Canipeciie, Campeacky trr*'. 
ivovfl, — tie caiuielio, white cinncinit>ii. c 
fras. — de chandclle, — citron, — d- - ' 

candle icood, citron rpood. •— A? •Iiif. '^'^ 
Vfood. — «le la Chine, Chhta xtood. Iritr. r. ■. 

— de Ca^an, snnarulM. — de Ch j pro, ;- ' 
Tfoo</. — dc couk uvre, or couleum, « * 
icoud, snake wvotl. — dv eialie wde cm'- 
de Ru-uHe, — de clo« du Para, etwiatny 
fata. — de denteUe, lagetto vood. — il" '' 
ebony . — de lor, iron xcood. — dc > - 
niarbre, or colorie. -tvhite *atin irotd. -y\ 
fin, ueliaw satin wood. — satine, 7v! '^ 
rvaotl. — des fi^vixs, Permian bark- - 
fustet, Venire suntach. — putU, « .!'>*'' ' 
o/hvr u'ooc/. — pii-on, or saiii-boi«. tpi^^h'" 
wood. — de {^^renadilte, red rb»ui(. -> 
du BK.sil, fustic. — JHUne de Vir^iiiv 
tree wood. — immortel, or de copi'- 
waod. — d'Inde, lo^ood. — Istl>fl-^ 
vo(x/. — de niabng^unyi «r de luaii*'; ! 
d'amarantlie, ^r d'acnjou, mahegtn}^' - ' 
n'lique, n*7»A;</i/'Ti'oorf. — de Niwr-'T"' 
de wiiig', «'rvinc;-|anl, — routr<."< y^v^S': 

— de la palille, f/r<vfo«'* blood rcood. ^^" 
lixMixIre, or violet, vi'lct wood. ■- P^ 

prukuooil. — de qimssie, ^J*rt*Ww*«' 
rosi^ — de Kliodcs or dc Cbyprf. « ' 

— de r<)»e de la Jaiiiaique, jwirfV '•'*^ 
nnii^-, ml ivmd. — saint, lignum n'rr.^ 
saiulal, sfiudcl wood. ?u>>nders. — ''^ "■"''' 
sfixwfras. — de caliatour, caliattor i^-^ ■ 
wuoit. — \i.-rX^ green icood 

Boitt s. fp. bM es. — en paouet; piles. '""' ' 
>iiill< s de UnU'S, nests of hoACS. — i '* ''' 
l»o!t. -f. uUle, leuilk's en cai»«e» ^'■'•^''j 
jeirrllcrs. — de niowfrc, twbt^wA^-'- " 
Iwtieli M, tinder-boxes. — 4 powliv, /'^ 
'-><):«*. — A -endure, solder boaxs 

Hi)aiei"s, m p. surKCon' s 

Bui, /«. Me, bolus 

Bunilxisin, w. bondtaxeen 

Bonnets, mp. caps 

B U F 

Ewrmi U'lie,/. h«sicry 
-u\ lu(.i ft ^ras, oi. tituai. — puiifie et ra- 
■< m, nfttitd b«rax 
; s; . «/. thp piQitka 

V />. iMti. Tige* or janibes pour bottea, 

• s/A hdfbttQt* 

-i Mil. fjj. 6an-a«tMa, a kind ^f/uf^ian 
'>ilr li<f?it\ mps corkg 
•- />. iHickles. — d'oreilles, ear'Tinifs 
> '=■ taW<:, f ft. tpfi.x- mntllci. — filin a or 
V '''iedtvax camJIts* — lU- Whiic ilc ba- 
• l^rmacdi caiuILi, I'tun dc buiijpe, a 

- - re;.' sftcax CWuUc ^ 

^'^fl'.htiUers^kuths bltm-aui,*/* /v. OoliJttg-ciai/if^ UUcrs 

'■: -iif UO&I . ,. 

. ,'. t.t,i.U, Mb ' 

J. '.J. />frf A, ItUt/Hftr 

'J- plumts, m. n [tlurne of fvulhera, — 
■aiiU, atprig ofdiamoudt 

L ^\ni p.jUrwcrimi* 
«».'U. ternxan 
t .y; Mk^ aUer.frongula 
::, m. hat-band nrith a buckle 

/. ?.'i« wort injkn9r xort ofs^Ua 

pine,/, the purging buckthoiii 

. '>->iirre touge, / raw'* Aflir. — de cht>- 
li^'j /Sajr. — tonuc«t^ m- tontr Me, ttiear 

* -.'ccixagt. — dc* sote, »oit-s de bouiTe, 
''>L I^rre-Uiiice, bourrt -iiolicf, boui> 
' ■ ^^«W 7iC()c^«, /2fic4 xtwoi, Liu lie boam;, 

/>. pwscf. — de soie, nlk purses, — 

fa mariner^ fCQfnpoi* 
5 fie vtnt,ffi. glass bottles. — dc gn^^», 
' ^'. 'Vj. — clUset:*, -wicker bottles 

,/. fAe f Aflr/ic sfa scabbard 
^ r". afarria^s bw: tress 
', Ri />. plough and growing planes 

• ' '^Anu, /'. catgut^ caflitig 

• '■ tH-:;iH-Irt», m p. kracekts 
- » III. 13,. f/randy 

' »• "»/». fiantmocks 
■ ^m u.^, pitch. — Uqtiide, tar 
' ''^mp.firiuiaiiis 

• i*^" -iej^ onJ longrH sort of hemp 
" '^- ^''yuin, wM-moss 
' \/ /a inVvU 

"i- afuix brake 
rl. "'. brocade 
'"^^'\ f. tinsel^ braca/cUc 
■' ^ /"/*. jptf#. — A tricoter, knitting needles. 
^ '•■ ' "nloiiiiitr, shoemaker's pegs 
'• '^ . /. entljrm.dery 
T'j>e,/. a6raAr 
' "^ < na . bronze. — A bronzer, rf (/ am/ yellow 

• • — , err m^tal iiioula,pozf<fer brass 
\^^U%.fp, tacks 

' ' ; /7). bruthet, tnin'ers brushes " 

^ I' >, »/i p. plough and rabbet planes 

• ' •'• uiuntagfnc, m. wnber. Hnin-roiige, 
' :'-lirun»6r»um ns/, rom/nvn Indian red 
; " .7. tetf-f»eni,brumUa 
" yl.hmlu,H\ 

[ 87 ] 


Buffletin, m. fn4jToffjonng huffles 

liiieiussc. y". biiy,lo.f.r, am fill fa 

Bias, «i. 6o.r Ttoot/ 

Bull>BS,/p. 'i«/6., hu'bous root 

Bur.til, ni. fci ramltue 

B«rt*s, burats, biiraiines coense irooUrn >'» j^j 

Buni^irdine»,y"/». Ufiii'ilu.i, or jO' or jr/ic('(j- 

Byiise, or poil dii uutic, «i. bjaus 

CABARET, n». asarabacca; tea-board, tea-tanlc 

C)ii)»llttud, m. codjiih 

CahU, m. cfl6.V 

i'abot lit s/p. /'•i n^'//r 

Calj<»LLoii*, in p. pruuris stones poUxhed, bitt un 

r:>hron«, piniix de eahri. A/*' iAvny 
Ciu-iKJ, 7/j. rncat. wofi uufs, or r/;o oio/e nuts 
CueJtibou, cIiHmhi, m. ^tij/i iff' titc American ud 

and ti-hito- gn/ti-trce 
Caeliou, nu caihoo, catechu 
Catltnaa, mp. padlocks 

Cadiuit,/. cauuiune. — d^* fov.m aux, I'W^/ 
Cadraui,'??! p. quadrants^ liiaii. — kolaiio. -^n 

Cadn.s, mp. picture Prarnes 

Dnnuu caffiixl, rri. bastard damask. Cafard dr 

\illage. woo//t-;j rf/rmaiA: 
Cafe, m. coffee. Ralk s de cafe, coffcv bales 
Ca fc tiO res, fp. coffee /Jots 
Cz^c%/p. bird caga 
ilHfK'.'MiMpx-, ni. ipanrumiha 
CailU-lait, nu laih/i bcditraw 
CaiJIotis. m. keip 
CHisst^s./'p. I liests or r<7?«. — fortes, st-on^ joxrs, 

iron chests. — d'arrific •. poxvdtv i/ud 
Calaininf . piem." ca.anrinaire,/! (nlciuiinc 
CHlamite./. tU calantnie^ tlie iocdsiunet sloi ax < a- 

Caiamui nroinati^ue, m. siceet-Jliig 
Cidandiv. ./'. caltwler. mun^lv 
Calandriiies J>. sleek ytones 
CaUaiithuin. nu caput uwrtuum 
Calct'doine, f. calccdony 
Calniniide. /. 
Cainbutiis, nu gome, Idntk andoihj grease of a cr.'i- 

Caiiibray, loilc dc Cambra),/. ccnn'irlc 
Cameitd^',/ sptiri^r oln-e 
CniiicliiK,y. i,c>'d ofpleas-nr, cnmclina 
Caoirli>t, m. cnni'tt, tnuicluf 
Caniini. m. ranihii. I'avaiiuny 
Caiiiiuiis. m p. sra-ill (cr.^t'.;, iit/nikiiis 
CaiiKJiuille, /". cnD.vntile 
Canii>aiif:«,//;. tujicd fringes 
Caiiipichc. y B«is 
Cairii>Iirt', ui. ranip/iirr. 

Caiiariis, serins lU s Canari. s, rn p. Cannnj birdj 
(iuiiniH- caitcanie, 7. (nncanmhi 
Camlt'labiv,7ji. a great Inaiuhed candlestick^ chcn- 

Caiulk-c, nu rrnsJrf sti(ks 
CaHf-piii, nujihc siKcp skill 
Cancvas, nu cotiTas 
CaiiUii. m p. pinkuives 
CaiUK's, Cannes dn iJeiijjnilt'. f p. canci\ Bengal 

canes. — Utdiiii-«, ralun*. C;umc udurilc-muic. 

. -, .yHng I iueerjlag 

-"'•'• ^ au\ de biitnes, ct peaux passti* en b«f- ; Caiiiu las, m. sugnr cinnamon 

^■^O'ff, buff skins Cauncllc,/. dunamwu — blaudie, — duPtrou 


[ 88 ] 


— b4uinle poivW«, whire r im a mt i. — f^rof- 
1^'. — noirt', cauia carynp/tijUata, Cuv de can- 
lit IIl-, eii qfcinnauicn 

Cnmulles, //>. bratf C9ck3 

Caiujetillf 9,//). fiurU^ ^old or sik*rr pntls 

i'anuiif, pieces dc caiKiu, cannon, pieces e/mtf- 
nuiue. Faux canons, icwxleu guru. Cunont 
Ue ftisil. &C. guu Itarvi'lj. — de souilix*, brim- 
stone rolls or stoiie bri)iuione 

Canihaiidi s, luotu-hi's caiitliarkles, /* /»• catuha- 
ritirs^ or S/tatih/iJ/ict 

Cttulliies, //». ftfjtior carrj 

Caoutchouc,/. l)ntia rub'Atr, Icnii-cfUer 

C;ii>arn<roii*, mp. capav'nom, 

C:<pitoii, m, th" coarte-ii port o/sHk; .n!k rrrft 

tApres, ./'/'. cafiffs. — df fi> >•.< i. Ocrmfin rafters. 

— capuciufs. tuvjlou-rr-liutl: ofnatturtium 
C'aril)*-. m. ycllviv anilter 
*. ;iraliiius.y /<. rarfxpcs, ur cacnhna 
«"ti..ult»L'k triiiji-iiiiiiTie, mp. p.iu'ing tijprt 
i-'.irM:nv.f.guni varannn 
Car^laiuoiuiN, nt p. cardtriionit, cardamomunu 

Cipaiid cui'ilniiioiike, or cunlaiiioiuu d'Attique, 
firaiu ofUaradiif 

i' .\v\.\is\:j. Jlosthiiik: Can1aM( «, large teool-cat^ 

Ciiv t. inriv t. in. imtolse-glirlt, carettn 

IV'iuixde (':iribou,//>. Anicrican retudecr fikiei 

Carl St I, /'/. kersc;^s 

Cmiiuc-,/. (orliKf-rhist'e, raro'aia 

Cavluclx, m. corlock, isinglajj 

Ciir.iiiii. ni. cm mine 

r:\riiasi';, /; fur. icr^jtyintfe 

C.ii'culie, caroug-e, in, St. John"* breads or locust 

Currotie de ubac, /. a carrot of tobacco 

Carp;,ties,//>. or tapis d'emballiige. striptdpach- 
in a. doth 

fiui oaux, m p. cushions. — de ik'icitce, Dutch 
ti'si, galley ttles. — de niarbre, &c. niorft e 
pming stones. — dc pierre, free stone. — de 
ivrro cuitu, square fiks or bricks. — de viirc, 
panef or squares of glotf. ~ «.^t carrdettei or 
carl<;-tleft, large nnd itutiU square JUcs 

CuiTcltls, mp. sadur's needUi^ sJuKtiuika^s atcls, 
packing netdft*, &c. 

Caijvu til do cam't, m. rope yarn 

CHruimt", m. saf/luxver 

Ciiitcs geogrypliique*, f p. maps. — marines, 
»ra charts. — k jouer, cardt^ ploying cards 

Carton, tn. pasteboard 

Car^n, fiK caraway seed 

Cascarill<.>/. the Fcrttvian bark, cascarilia 

*.':i»iinir, ni. rnsiinire 

Cassf, /. cmsia. — solulive or dei boutiques, 
^lieAondr tan purlins lasiia. — en b&ton or 
in cauon, cass— f.ituie, cr ca^st-fisquu, cassia 
Ktickt, roiiia Jitiiila. — vii ho\s. cufria Ugnca^ 
rus.tia bark. — aronxatique, annamon. — gi« 
roih':t',casiiacaryo/j/ii.Liaia. — uuante, cofj-fd 
fartula. Flours ilu caise, cajjj'a lufls 

ra9s<^n(»II«.s.//j. gall-nuts^ inhite gall 

Cassonadr. /. canonude 

ra>5u>uiiiiar. cnsiuinur, m. fojfi/mirtttw* 

C^asthic, /'. blue John^ or sftnrry Jlnor 

Castor nicui; d'hiver, or Mosconte, m. new bea- 
vci\-whitc bcaver^ivintcr coiturs. — sec, uu»i- ; 
gre, vcuic, or d'ete, dry beaver^ lean bea^jer, j 
— gra8,/oi! beaver, coat Uax^er. — en boutons, 
beaxfcr''scodi. — de iner, *ea o/rcr. Poil de ; 
castor, or castor en iaine, beavtr't wool. Cas- 
tor*, bcavei hais. Demi-castors, dani<astors 

Casioreuni, m. castoreum, castor 

Caiapuce, /'. casier'nuts, cataputia, spurge 

Caudebccs, mp.Jinc Normandy hoLs., caudebecs 

Cfttirii or roris« nu {shdU used at etarent fv^ 
India and Africa), cmvries^ porceUan-iftr.i: 

Caviar, m. caviare^ eaveoi 

ICssence de cedrc, / essence of bergam^: 

Cdtlre. in. cedar 

C^tlrie,/. gonune or rhine du is^dre^efdna 

Ciintun.9, / p. girdles 

Ccinttirons, m p. sword-belts 

tV-inent, poudre cenu'iitatoitv, cement 

Ceiidres coinn4Uues.//». eukes. — d« i>ux. 
nord, ftot-ashes. — d»' vem*, redp^-askct. - /i 
rr»qu( tie, cindre du I^>viint, eendr-s dt b;. 
Sui-ie, or de I- uric, rorAof/a,/Wfiwmf-.— tk-fis 
ral.v asltes. — blout s et vertet, verdrrr. r 
dre g^ravel^c, oendivs cuataudes, rrced r.-i-- 
de bronz*', pompMuc. — de plomli, cr cr li' 
fowling shot. 

("eudree de I'ouniay,/. Tournay cement 

Cmtauree, /. rentnuiy , 

Cernt, m. sear^Uth, cerate 

Ci rclcs, m p. hoops. — de fer, iron futft 

Ci rt; tn. a finrt., or stag. 1a nappe or la p-'a" 
cerf, stag's skin or tude. Dei hafiW-i ri 
herds of stags. Come de ctrf. /m >!' 
Gruine or ruclure de come dc ci-rJ, ^i^ru 
shavings. Eau de tete or de crAde ct-r., 
or drops ^f hartshorn 

C«' ruae, /. centse, xohite lead. — noird, Wk-. 

Cet'^rac, nu spleen-uort^ ceterach 

Cevndille,/ sabadiiloesy Indian tmutic l>cr,qi 

Chagrin, nu shagreai 

Chauiei,/^. chaint 

Chahiettet , / p. smoU chain* 

Chatnons, mp. the links ^ a chmu 

Chair, /. ^fumeat 

Chiles, m A. shatvU 

Chambounn, m. Jlint, pebbk 

Poil de cluuneau, m. easneCs hair . ^ 

Chamois, m. chamois. Det gaiits de chainoii< m 
my glove* 

Cliaiideliiri, m p. emu^extkks „ < 

Chandelles de suif, f p. tailor* cancBa- - 
cirt\ woA- candies. — moul6es, wW'^o ^ ^ 
plonff^ k la broche, or i la baguttxe. <^, 
canmesy store candles . .j 

Chanvre, m. /iow/>. — net, clean hmf>> rt» *^ 
— outsehot, outshat. — dena-net, Ao:'- 
Vnv). — coupe, ru/Arw^p. -czucctn.rM 
tjijif. — pass,>7MAm^ ^ 

Cbapoaux, m *. Aof*. — dc paille,#rmr «p*- 
d'eoorw de bois, bass hati. - de cop«««^;, 
Aofx. — de crin, hor*e-hair hats. " '^ ' 
leatfH-r hat*. — de feutre, feU haU.-^^ 
ro*c cakes 

Chapelets, mt. chaplet* 

Ch&(|Ucrille,/. cascarilla 

Charlton • • • 
h'ue^ black , ^.j 

Chardon k bonnctier, - k foolon, « * f"^ 
M. fuller's thistle. — Marie, bidy't M -^'^ j 

Choree k cueiUette, f. piece jtood* - e" ''' ' 
ftem>y goods. — a mitraille, case »»« 

Ciiarine, m. hornbeam, y^ie-ehn 

Cliarr^e, /. buck-ashes 

Paux de'cliatj,/^ cat skins. 
'^sauvuges, xvHd cats 

Chatnig-nesj//*. chcsnuts 

Chaton, n. bezel or bedl 

Cbaudroiis, m p. *maU kettles 
Chaudi^ivs, fjt. gretH hettkt 
Cliaussettes,//^. tmder^tocking* 
ClMU%notm. tn p. socks, pumpt 
Chaux k bnJer, /. Ume-ttene. - v»^'' 

icrdle,y. cascarilm ^^^ 

un de bois, nu charcoal, smaUctat - 
ix« or de tt:m^sea<oal,pit<*aL - <»^ " 

CJiato taf^l 


[ 89 ] 


'^■'. - ricinfe tr amoitie, Haked Ume. — 
uin, pvtt^. — de fdufulH ceituc. — d'ai- 
11, <r«T*r martiM, — d^cLuiuine, co/x o/" 

i! me,/. ceiamSne 

.: --i de femine, /^. shi/e*. — dliomme, 

. -n. «sA-. — trenl, hohn-tree 

'' ^>i, >n. a ypung mk 

^ m p. omkrentt degg 
'■ ■-■■^ m- hen^mtced, Uuile de ehenevu, 

<rf!r, /. iuikn. Stalks •/ hemp peeled 


suj,B^ ^rm*. •»Pmiux 9r ciiiri de cbe- 
'-• vjf fcdcfc Crin de cbeval, m. Aorj« 
^- (oTDe de eiieral, k0r-^€ heijfx. Huile 

r-i-^^c de cfaenU, cabal&ne «/, or ww^rrrf 

'- 'flp. hinr. — plati, or em eras, raxv hair. 
- - rb^s blear/tgd hair. — tiIs, /;i« fuiir. 
~ ^rti. drarf Aflir 

\fP'^»99dm pegs, iron boUs ** 

- uiile, m. A«nq^n/rA«r 
r> , i, 7fj p. joists, rafters 

i. tfte fotm ef metaU 
' If- m. cAtAott 
^■•/. no-vry 

* '♦'/». rf9?f. — dc mer, *ca/f . Pcaux ilo chien 

: ill, m. ouir^ofrrtM, dcg'jr .^^rff** 
' I /». archifR)n% j« p. n/^s 
•''■■ C'Jnea prpfict 
■ " •/. CLnartot 
'[''•fp' nkfatrs 
'f n.fhotoUite 
^ -Imc. Wond, or veprl, ««. reninion rolncmt. 
~ "v- H AllemagHc. /i*7y>-o/r. — paiicaliL-r, 
~ mrriu\ —dt: Milan or d«- Savo3c, So- 
■^J*** — t-ahu or p<Mu»n/*, ro^/^^ifr. — 
' '1% hncf^i. Chon-He«ir, rff»,f;//OTier. Choii- 
M rw/i aJ^Mge. Chou-iiavct, rnrntp-rootcd 
^■,'. Choox aaJea, choux-cruutc, croz/^ 

'^'"•./ ehtyf^frr 
, ' 'I* />- tiax-iapers 
' \' '^^ iVfT-f 
^; '• V„..,VA: 
■ '■ ";. ffmrnt 

■ ''' • ''•. Gnon&ar, rrrrrMUon 
- -'ijai', m. cinnan;nn 

■ ■ ^ir-ix. — vi« rsre, urnvronglj tvn.v. — 
" '^ •' s orfevres, gold xize. — U'E«pagiic, or 
'^^yr, teafhig rvaa- 
' y /'. shrnrs 
"'; '>'/>. tf.isfars 

" < 1-.. 1^. /: cfiatcd plafe 
,''./. rhaicdxDork 
; " •''' /'. lemons. — sate*, picked leiu&ns 

;'' \» nl, snrctuie 
•' •' .< 'tixiiu lie,/, Barhadocs tsafer 
■'■ l<;,,iie 

-'■■ • t-co'nsHilnim ^ 

^-/A hoti piru 
'1^ ';■• fey* ofvr^ans. a set of krys for harp- 

•t 6*r. Clavif-n, key-(/iainf 
'"''•';''."*. — d';irquebuso% &c. gpauvfrs. — 
: 'i.7.rr-/»i». — de n40JUrc,iffl(t7i-(^t-i/*',/. hnrd-toare 

Cloehes,//). ftffllt. — de \-errp, Af//^r'fl»jr*. .— 
de cuisiiK-, Hewing-pans. Cluche dc pluiiu^t uo, 
divinif bell 

ClochetU-», f p. smalt belh, tnUc Mis 

Cloportcs, rn p. tl/irerg or tml/'pt-frj 

Clous, clous tie tir, mp. inm lutiis. — k riv<r, 
cUruhtTr tiaiU. — Miu iCU:. brr.rl,-, .tprij^t. — 
de clieval, hoff-nniU. — k rr>)i*h»t, tinfrr- 
hooks. — dc ciuabre, cinna^'or in \n;'nf. — 
de Kipoflc, cltn.'ft. — inairict.*, nurilitr-clfrx^s. 

— dViicciis, prrfumed candles 
Cobalt, coliolt, in. co^ttitt 
CofiiX^ifH, f p. -n'oad-rakes 

Coclienillf, ./• cochineal. — gnhi It-e or en pn»- 
beaa, garbled cotlifneal. — de Provence. 
scar let grain. — dc pi-ai:ic, dc Poloirnc. or 
d'Alleina^rir. Po'.iiU srtjilr' ismrn. itr roJiint-al 

CoclioiiS, m p. hofi-i. — dc htit, stic/ri/'c p/gr 

Coconi, nip. coquts dc ver «lf laicj p. cotooiit 

Cocos. ni p. iioix dc cifcos. fp. to»-oa niitf. Coqm < 
dc ctK'o, loton shcHji. Cocd'* dc incr, de» >lul- 
A'wfi^or i\f.9f,KVm\tn\. Nn'itivia nufs. La cliair 
du coco, fhr pulp of the cocvn 

Ctjfffi%,fp. hoodr.rnijf. — dc pnrruque, peruke 
cfnvlj. — di- chajK-au. hat iiv'nfr 

ColFix-i. 7n/». trunks. Corth.vforts, *fr©rjjj, 
iron chests 

Coyrrmsics, m p. iril/i quinces. 

Cociiccs, y/». Ii/i'i lu-tie 

Coleotar artlHci^l, m. caput rnortuian, colcotfurr 
of v'urinl. — iialmvl, chalcitis 

Col.' tcs, fp. ofuaOrv^i 

ColiHcl.el, nt. toijs 

Coilc, f. g!i!c. — forte, rommnn glue, strong 
glnr. — dc jfants tn :nb:--inu\ cl dc prirtlit- 
iiiin, aizf. — a boncli.-, li/>-^!ue. — tic i.'ji->- 
soii, or do M€5C'.ivic, iiini^fn^i. — -X (!<ir. ur or 
k batturc, go'd size. — d«.- farint, statioun-'v 
pmfe. — A piiTrc, or grtjs niahtic. tantnl. Coiit- 
clitiir, sarrocotla 

Collets dc bufflc, m p. bufT jerkins 

Collitrs. m p. coUars,^rcs 

Coloinbin, n/. lead ore 

ltacjn«- dc colom>x», f. cojurnbo root 

Colofanc, f. colvphojiif, hard rain 

Coloquintc, f. coloqumnita 

Hullc dc col/a or coisal,/. coleseed oil 

Conipns, m p. rmnpaact. — a liois Lrnncla-i, 
ti inttgtilor cojnpaiCT. — k vcr:;c, bta/n iom- 
pnt'iCf. — d'artis;in, bow corv.jtaiscs. — a. 
pointcs chanijt;uit>.^, drfiinr^ (.unipcsscs. — 
splii-riqiip, eourl>*', d'epHis« ui. de n.uuir^'. 'al- 
tijfers. Compas, con.pas de u.< r or lic r<iU»t-, 
sen roinpa^j. _ — r<'nvti-s^. huwittq to'upn j. 

— dc ciinJoiiiii. V, a sho*'ynif,er^y wit ,o ut(ii-,'re 
Comtcs, iildif and ftliit bitxk: F. VcnuUii;; 
Coijcoiiilux-^, m p. cuaoufjcrs 

COii' s. mp. coiier 

Coiilitiire, /. comft, nvectmeat 

C<lliq<lC!«, ./' J&. iCU .ihrlls 

Cnr.strvc,y. cojiuiTe, comfit 

C^jJiti-rrcs, f p. pre crverr 

Consoude, /! com/'rey, comonnd 

Coutiiilks, ffi, Jfo , Y... ilk 

CoKtchc, /. on,i^lr, roanc glatf-warr 

Contraycrya, f. coiincyrrva, or counter poiton 

Contrt-poUons, m p. anfidufes 

Cojuil, nt. gion cofml . 

Goi:inic dc copahu, huile cujiau, f. baUam of 

Coqo, m p. corks. — d'lndc, ftirk'^j cocks 

Coquet, //;. f ocoofi J. — du Lf.\ant, India ber- 
ries, coculns Indicns. — dc k»*r;iit-*, scoria 
grain f. — d'liid*- aromul'muiii, pirifriio 

C«.<iucitL m, Uiu'cr dierries 

n i 

CO u 

[ 90 ] 

C Y G 

Onii!. m. c9rol ^dr janlin,€k<m<m pcppfr 

romliiic,/. coi'aUne 

CorlKilk's J P- ft corbillons, mp. baakett 
ConlHjia', in. coninfit 
Coitl^aiix, tnp. cordis litifs 

Conlt 1, //). re/R',f, corriv, //.jftr. -de boyftti, catgut 
Conltlcitos, /"/». gmaH cartU or ij«f y 
Conloii wi. striDg, — dc rMpeau, hafbaud. — 
i lacer. .r<a;/ //nr. — pour caiuu-, ca^Jf string. 

— de montre, ivatch string 
Conloniitls, m fi. incn 
Conlouan. m. rort.'ovnn-l^atkrr 
Coriamlro. f. rovi'vitkr'U'ed, atriandrr 
Coris, /: (owrit't, ront 

Corniior, sorbiir, or cochenc, m. service-tree, 

Comaline. /. cvrnfilan, or roritrlian'simii 

Come, /'. Itorn. nuiits or poiiiteii dc corrn-s, horn 
ttps. Come de ceri; hartifiorn, -de licomi-, uni- 

CoriuHs d'^critoin", nif). inkh'rrnx 

Cornichoiis, m p. girkinty i:oui)g cnpert 

ConiouilkT, m. cernei-trer.rhjf-fjerry-tree 

Comncf. refort ; nr:v ivfrnlofioue 

Corps-flc-jiip<-, carpa, m. stays 

Conc't, m. a botlice 

roftneikiufs, m p. comieticf 

Costus, m. ctjfus. — doiiXf ichife einnamon. — 
nr.ier, 6»</*rr cinnamon 

i'^u-i de balcinp./A. TcAo/e ribs. — dc tabac ^o6flf- 
co stalks. CAte de 8oie, »/«r ww/^. CAte-blanclie 
el rou.^', wAf/<? and red crusted cheese 

Coiicnnc, m. quiddenut mnrniafnde. — d^abri- 
cots, de j^rosseille, &c. apricot JcUy, currant 
Jrlly, «b"c. 

Cotnii, coton en rame or enlaiue, nu cotton xmof. — 
file, cotton yarn, rpun coUon. — inqu^'. rjuiliing. 

— ba/'iie, Jerusnlem cotfon-imrn. — d'oiH'e, Dch 
ntnfrus rotton-ym-n. Toilt'de coton, ca'iro 

Cotonnine, f. rnnvasfor lateen sails, coarse calico 

Couennt', ./.* sxvnrd or riud 

<>»wette«, or coites, //). fentlter beds 

Cculiais^,/. eovfitch,cou'hnge 

Couleijrs, //;. ^n'er's colours 

CouKuxrec or oridints/. bryony 

CoaKxriiu-8, /p. ciilverint 

Coulilawoii, m. bitter cinnamon, couli'atcan 

Coupes, /*/>. cups 

*".owiK rets, mp. clenx>crt 

Conprrose, f. copperas 

Conpous ***P' fhredf 

C'nura^'ts, f p. eburd(,puy>\fiions 

< urraics. f p. la/r.'icls, sti rjps 

'-ourtfs-pointes, f p. counterpanes 

C'ourton, m. abort hrmp 

<"!ousoir, fn. a scicinf; press 

Coussins, mb. cvjhions 

Cnxii%uu'ts de seiitcur. mp. ncre' hngs 

Couteaux, m p. knives. — h Rniiir, ca.fe-knhes. 

— piians, clasp knivcu — A rcssort. sprinij 
kitir^s. — k tripi^re, or k deux tranchans, 
tjo^dged knii'Tt. — de St. Rtieiuie, kitivcj 
toiih bn^s o/" hlack-CfAauitii wood 

Couteau de eTiass*^ coutcau, a Imnger 

Coutelas, m. cutlnxs 

Ouvrage de cout- IK rio, in. rvffery 

CouU'li^res. /"/. ku'f>: cases 

Couteluni, m p. Jordan almonds 

Coutil, iii. tfUng, firken. — de brin, or grains 

l»T0«sien, firking fvr chair colors 
Convercles. m p. iidj, covers 
Couvcrturrs (tie \'\t),f p. ctnoerlefs, — de laine, 

bUtnkeis. — pinu^>es, quilts. — velut »,«/;?/. 

— de cli'iiie*, chair carvers. — de criii, horse- 
hair setitng 

- de o-i 

- en ycl 

Crachoir^mft spitting boxes 
Cnie, /. chalk. — rouge, red chatk, - 

pen, acta brianzonica 
Cramoisi, m. crimson^ gram colour 
Ci-anson. m. scurvy-grass 
Crayons noirs, m p.btack-leadpe^iLt. 

redpencilf. — hlanvx, ehauc peTial . 

cilt. — d'ardoise. slate penal s. - 

crayons, pastels. Craven, crayon de pi- 

cra> on d'Anjrleterre, blachiam 
Cr^uie , or ci^stal de tartre, cream «/ 
Crt^pe, rtu crape. — lisse, tiffany. — s 

do deuil, mourning crape 
Cr{pin<*«,./*/»- fringe* 
Crcpiiii, m. thick cre^ ■*■ 
Crt'si^u, m. kersey 
Crewon de fontaine, w. Koter cresses. — ( 

Crete^inarine^ f. sea stanpfure, samphire 
Cn usets, mp. crucitAes 
Crible*, m p. sieves 
Cric, m. a jack or /tand screw 
f'vin, in. horse hair 
CritaJ. m. crystal. — de roche, rarife crystal. - 

tice or artificiei, veiTe cristalKu, eryttal - 

— k pondrer, f/iimn^ sand. — de \xc\sc.' 
or aystals of ttn'lar. — de montre, a v 

Cnstallins or ^maus clairs, thp. colevrctifrc 
rent crystals 

Cristaiurubas9es,mp./a^r»6tf/. Cri»»»u\ 

Crocks, crochets, m p. ho^, tenters, t r>- h 
pick locks. Crociiet or arjraffe de dia j 
crotc/tct of diamonds. — t p -«cr, Heeh^] 

Crocus, m. sfffrvn 

Cniis^, m. tivilled 

Cj-oion. m. clottings tmri hreech'tngs t/ b^ 
I Crouted^ prance, f. woadcrum 

Cub.*hes.//>. cubebs 

CuciiH)il. H, fp. cururbitt 

Cu. illoirs, m p. fruit baskets J 

Cuillirs, 7> 4r/>tfcn*.— k\wi,potyuiki. -« \ 
tea spoons . j 

Cuir». m p. hides, skin f. V. Peoux. C"""' 
ther. — bceuf, butt leather. — Uinne. w I 
leatfttr. — c^rroye, curried knt'if- 
praius, rrmn leatf^r. — de Houcfric , 
pioy^, Hungary leather. — liiit", j/*^ 
fArr. — au sippa{,-e, or 4 la Danojte. '^ 
leather. — bonifli, 6of/«/ or gunirred ' 

— fort or nerveux, — A semellf.w ■' ■ 

— k a^nn-. upper leather, tfonf. - 'K. 
»ie or dc KoiiKii. Muscovy hitk. " ' 
iiingne, Aor« Afr/^r. — de Moroc, .^^<" ' ^ 
/^^r. — de truie. Ao? leather. — i''^''| 
leather. — ar^eute. khrred Ir&ftr. 
|u)iile, or eantpin, ,^w'r .v/ir-y* leather. — * 
»oir, rrtxor jY/'o/). — \aclKv neat^s ten''-'' 

Cuivre, m. coft/ter. — %Tersrc, copper on'. ~ 
rosette, row ro/>/«rr. — riafflue, rrpicdci;-^ 

— brul^, or ^eailles de eoivre, burnt '•:') 
cop'Kr avhes. — en plaqut'* et eii P'*'; ' 
copper p'ates. — en Maoiw. c<y^r »w'J / ' 

— laniiui'- en fond*, cop^ter bottomt. " I' 
. H la tilit^rc, copper uire. — t'" '"'"^, 
"^shruJT, old rotper. — jaune, iror^- "" "^'^ 

queen's m t/il 
Cumin, m. einnndn. — des pr*«, rorrnr'^!' * 

— miir, or ^a^x«utt^n,yirnn<^7?IW^t1^'^'^• 
ma7J coriander . . j 

Curcuma, m. or coneounne, /. turtncrtc, ^f' 

Cuwuv,/. (/orf/irr, (Mdler ofthvme 
Peaux do cygiie, />. mtan Ains. 




fT:^e, iw fi. naan quUU. DuvM de eyfn>e> «"• 


PFALXdedjumJ'^. deer skins 

»>iTjai, m. da.7uuk. — , prunes de damas rfnwi. 
w?«- Ader de dantas, Damasctif sttel. Da- 
B-»,*r bmef dtuiiasquiiii-es, Turkish or i)a- 

J'^-isnaettej: r«M>e cbmof* 

1 J -Htt^ m, damask taMe<i«ths 

•luicn mp.dnughi btartU 

w,i,fp, tlaier 

^' '^i\ w ;>. t99th<iraunng ironr 
I'p. 1 joutr, m p. t&ee. — i coodre, thimbles. 

- ttns fonds, sewing rings 

1^ iH-niineJ. half-tcaHet gram 

/''■^^^ij'p. dimity 

^^'^«^k%,fp.pmHi^rammrrs r 

u^'^'V^J P- pmvisUmf conimoditieit^toares 

^ '"» de wtlnw, de imrval, de morse, or de rache 

uanne//*. nwrje f<wA. — d'eL-pluiiit,e/£^Vnir*j 

'™»- — de cheval mariii, or d^hippopotajiii', 

'^frsetnUt. Vmim^ dcuts, arttjicial teeth 

'' '^,y/P' to«h shells 

""'<'««?, / lace. — au ftiseau, dentelle, 
^ '*^ — de poiut, or k I'aigiiHle, points, 
hi'M-Uin. - d,.- til, ihrcaftiace. - Art liii, ^flr/>e 
'*Y „ ^ jpjp^ ^ UoiMle, silk-lace, bUmd-lace. 

- <ior eidVugeni, ro« am/ ji/ver te<r. — k 

''"'f».mp, redi. sptndlet 

";j"^ini, m p. dianwruis. - bruu, rowifA <//«- 

^w'«?i. — taill« en tables f«6te dianunidf. 

hn"^^*r* *^ *^" '***^' '"*** liinmonds. — bril- 

V ^rjlfaifj/^. — de la prcuuOre, secoiule, et 

'™^ e»n^diamotids ofthcfrst, second, and 

i^Z^^' " ^p*** •'' '**»*»"^''» '^"'■^ «»" ''«" 

«^«irfr, -. ,1^ nnture or r.v^ebes, boarfu 
ZJ!T^' K^darmeux, beamy or clouded dia- 
r,!S r *" Boh^nae, de GomouaiUos, d'A- 
^ncon, fltc Bohejnian and ot/ier battard dia- 
y-' " * cabol, k qutfue, ©r de vilncr.^to- 

;; Midcrie./. brnzi<'ry 

.^ '"^ym p. chip axes 

l^ '^^"^^^n.f. palter staining 

fj ;^ |!-'penin.m. rn'a^OTiwtoit 

i> ri^!^- "^^^ •'' Cfttrnc, i«. mUttcort 

■, '^' nc.m. ©r doruiuie, /I leopard^ s bane 

'^^^'^ Hilling ^ 

' inure,/: o bnitig 
^ '^c>.a,n^n'./. wwrfy nightshade, bitter-sweet 


Jir '! '^'''^' '^'^^^ agaves 
^ -^ 's, /'/>. 711 gr/r plumbs 

'^*^'.t«i! ,Ao<. Gros$<-dra|^*\ e/«r*Aof. Pirtite 
u . ''.*'^*' ^rt shc€. Meiiuo dmtfee^bw^^h^ j Aor 
J>rn '^'^P^^J ">• *i>yih'on''s btoofJ 

J'V ^'S'^h. — d'or, il\»ri;iiit, et de »oie 

t - ' ftv '^' *"^ *** 4urocfidc. — de Russie 
I' ^t'. f */njTA </ucA'. — dc Kussie idie en dou- 

•^•^j rfncju.dmk 
^^^■J- drapery 

[ 91 ] 


Droffue»e,/. inf^uet^fp. drugs 

Droguet, tn. drugget. — de ioic, 4fi/* drugged 


EAU-DE-VIE, /. aqna-vt(ce, brandy. Eau fort<», 

— anJeuto, aqua fortu. — rtffale, — de 
depart, or de nu'i^rt, or de t^pnraiioii, mjun re- 

{',ia. — de la reiiie, Hungary tcafer. — de 
iivanile, lavender ivtiter. — de fleiir d'ordni;!-, 

— de uaft'o, ornngr-Jlower vxtfer. — de carm* «, 
cfTrnie!itr icfifer. — de raze, (rii of turpenthir. 
K.'iu\ disiilKe'j. dittiUal icafas. — cardiaques or 
e«nlial« s, cordial iralerjt. Eaii de CoIog;ue. Co- 
lagiK nater. — desenteur, peifuuietl teaicrs. 

— miiierales, niincral tvaters 
Kbt^ne, »»;• ebony 

Ecaille (de u>rt\w)f.torfoise^heH 
EcarUite, ^carlate en git^ine, /. scarlet grain. — 
dcs Golvlins, or de Hollaode, Dutch scarlet 

— deini-f^-aine, haff-grain scarlet 
Echandoles, fp. s/iingtes 

Bois (I't'cliantiflon, m. scantling 

Ech'veau, vi. a skein 

Ediiquiers, m p. chesx boards 

Ecoree,^; bark, s/ie(l, peal. — des J^itet, Jnv''s 
br.rky Peruvian bark. — eieut^'rienne, casra' 
rllla. — Aroinmtimw, cassia lignea, cassia bark, 
de Gfirofle, cassia caryophylla/a. — wintt^raue, 
de car>ocostm er &ani pareiiIe,ipinrtfrV bark 

Ecmns, m p. screens 

Piei Tes,//^. or y .-uv d'ecrevitse, m p, crab's eye* 

Ecrin, v). ajc^vtl ftox 

Ecuiiie denier,/: Vienrh or Tin kU.'i clay for to- 
bacro-pitMr boivls, ruttlc-bone 

Elr ".Ion, m. do'cr-flown, eider, oreddernUtck 

Ei^TitrritpiL-s.//). hnir-brtlls, irgagr,;. fifes 

Ejrris.^. , iwtidre dtrgris^, f. dia^ioud pexoder, or 

Piaux d'elan, /*/>. efk shins 

Come./, or ont^le d'Klai»,ni. elk hoofs 

Eler.ii, m. gum elemi. — dc I'Am^rrique, bns- 
lard etemi 

FAlv'iMw, in. /leHeboiT 

Eineil, 7)1. rnamel. — , — de HoUandc, smalt, 
porvdrr filnc 

Eiiitrauiio.y: (precious sttne) emerald 

T^]n' i\, VI. rmn^y 

Kiiietimics. ni /'. entefics 

limp. 'r^iu,f. ■.■ri)ii/}, up/ter Irnthcr 

Vav. pl:i t re, ./: p!nj tcv. — d'ente, grqfiing wax 

Kiiipoii, m. starch 

Eno*u», ni. incenw, frnr,kincense. Mile et fin 
{(Aihuuuut) ; 'eiiK lie, hbiic, cornitiao, or de vjl- 
la-,-', \:y\)% eneeiis {uliite reun). — marbr^ or 
iiialr^, nv:rblcd icun or co'ophony. — de* 
Juus, or ecorev d'eiicens, incense bark 

Hiivrv. J. ink. -~ -X huurimer, printing ink* — 
de le Chine, Indiau ink 

FliK rii i-s, i!t p. inkpot* 

KiifiMiciiri s, /*/;. /nnif'iig staves 

Enk;:i-i iiuv. 7^. p'-rl, edging 

Ept'-t ^,fp. s7vordi- 

Ept roiis, m p. spurs 

Epice,,/". ^pice. — blanche, petite (fpice,ptninded 

Epiet rirs, fp. grocery toares, spires 

E|nni^k«./i&. pins. — k denteile, lace /4ns. — 
mpissieres, tapestry pins. — diapi^res, clcth 

Epinglier, m. apinca.e, a pin-cushion 

RpiUiyine, nu e{*itiiynMm, dodder 

F E R [92 

Eponee, /. fpungr. — mnotechliquey ^hink. 

— iT^gUntior, rttt f^otl 
Epou«»ctti», fp. bru thci 
Kprouveltf s, / p. surgeini*^ probes 
Kpiinff,/. taprr fpuige 
Krnble, rn. tnapte wv9tL Sucre d*eniblr, mt^e 

Fscarbolli*, ft. fcriveUot, elcphanti tutkt 
F.Kcarboui'l(*, j. carbuncle 
Espanyoutif , /. spurrcij, sparjfuia 
Kspart, m. Spnmsh et/xiito grasst or mar-ittred 
Esprit, m. tpirit. —nivprv, or huile de vitriol, 

oil of vitriol. E«pritHl.-viii, tptrU oT vhie 
Etquain, m. sntal! ivninscoifiTtg boarJa 
Esq u u ic, /. Clu na rtnit 
KNs;iie. /. huiia srarlrf root 
E««caux, m p. thiv};lci 
Essence,/, ettrnct, — d'orient, d'ablette, €9iatce 

for uiaking arfi/frinlpearL 
E-iLiinpes, fp. copijCTplate priftU 
Ettiii nuiriiK m. st'inc 
EstopiU i,/^)^. Silesia Itnvn 
Ectrai^n, m. tarra};on 
'E.ttnAu:^ f p. ragi 
£ituiig<eon, nu sturgeon 
Sttiiin, in, cartletl ivo'A. Fil ilV-tnim or clVst'itm*. 

wrated. Bat dVtaim or dVsunu-, tvorsttrd 

£uin,m. tin^ tin ore. — p1«n^, crlstnllin. ih- mn- 

rait, d*An|fkU'rre, k la rtt^c. .qrain f-n, s*ieart 

tin, Efiglith tin. — -ax liuirof- it i n s tuiuans, 

biock tin. — ■ en xer^os or vn lainiK, fin linry. 

— en briquc, llanibargh tin. — c»i cliapt-'.iii, 

— de Maine, Malarca tin. — en coinmun 
et ouTT^, prcrtrr. — fin, or souiuuit, Jire/>ni*- 
ter. — U5t' or brise, old pm-^cr. — tu r,.»;ille, 
tinfoil. — div^liKP, fin-glnw f/iyinnr/i 

Etaniine,yi tan,niy, UoAtug vlorli. —A pavilion, 

Buiti, rn. a t-/. v. Etaux 4 main, Uaud vices 

Ktofl't »,//>. stuff J 

Etoupc, y". f«nr, hurrls. — dc »oie, fOfO!?>w 

Etrirrs, m/>. stirrups 

EtriUrs,//>. tiirrj-romb* 

E- ui, m. a rcjf, I'^w.i . — de pnrhe. e^irr cnse 

Evtntails, nip. fans. Lc» lU'cht s ou batons de 

revenldiU/or* tfirks 
Evilnsse, m. a kind of ehtiwj from Madagascar 
Euphorbe, m. cuphorfAuin 
Extonis, fTi. stoio.i 

RACINE de fabag^), /. hoUou-root, tht root of 

Frii. lice, f. drift wart 
Kaine, y. Irfh-mott 
Faiwe, /. wicAer. — dTiuile, the f cot or drtgs 




Falf.w, m />. rressoit 

Fai un, 7n. Jic'i-saiid, fnlnn 

Fanuna, w p. ■whale-fUk^wi 

Fnrtl, m. paint 

Farine,/. //jc/?/. Flcurde farine, y?«<r. 
farine, milMutt 

FnucilK s, //). 4f'.V.<'« 

Fniitilloiw, mp. ;:ni deihiirkles 

Fuvicoin, m /». ff!''vns 

Finix,/. scythf\ r'-nr.i))^ltook 

Online CT<"«ei:Kiice d« t'rnouil. ^I fennei-ated. 
Fenonll nurin, nj. sea \r.i >;>hirc 

FenouiUclle, /. fennel wpf^r 

Ft nu-ffrec, flrnouii i;;\'vi'^' m. fenugreek 

Fcr » m. iron. — doux, aigrc, ou casiant k froid. 

F L E 

coldshort fr^rt. — romrrnin, ferme, r- «s*5T,t 
A chaud, rrdshort or rtdsmr bwi. — fi r^^. 
forged iron. — foodu, — de fonCe^.ca/' j/^p'<. 

— en f^i^-'use, or coul^, yftig- irwu — en haiTci, 
irofi bars. — plaC jUtt iron bars, or stata. - 
carre, square iron ban. — rond »r nuidrti 
round iron, iron rods. — enrool^, ri^'i/ (/.•«'». 

— en verges, sUt iron, — «i hnnes, (!?•; 
xArtf J. — en plaques, case iron plaus. - • " 
tAle, — hattw, xororight iron plates. - uwr, 
blacit iron plates. — blanc, tin plates^ tin. - 
ae^T^, ji^<r/«/ 1 r»n. Fen de chew, horse .» i^ 

— feuillards, AM^p-trm. — k ftiser, f//V 
jroar. — k repaner, ofMothing irem. ./ 
irons. — 4 rabois, planoirons. — de bi i = i 
d'aii^iHelte, tags, FU de fcr, sfeelnl / 
Gro« fer, fer de gjoa ouvra^et, fir d*- f"" 
mens, iron for buildings. Menu fir, fer i -i 
Iwttp, iron for iviutiotvrods 

Fermoirt, nj p. former cltiselSi book ciasps. - * 

lie/, roiidt, former foiiget 
^enrainbouc, m. Jei 


'eruambtie or perntmn 

Fcmifcn«, ni)». ironlools 

fin. t«, m A. ro^*. FeiTct, or ferel d'lAiar.- 
Sftaviih ferrctio 

Ftrnin-,7. ironwork 

FcMe d'huile, / w7 rfrrjff or foot 

Ciamiture tie feu, /. ,firr irons . j 

Fe\e5, fp. beotit. *— de St. Igiiaee, /jtiflr '<" 
'i-nriT. — iMirf»ative5, purging nvi'. -" 
M:il:ip or Ralador, Malacca beans. — d'tV)!''- 
i T'.f'tian herwr, colo/cs-'ia 

Fmiile, /.,/«/. — d'lnde, ifirffln froA •'•'" 
brhntiiu — orientale, or rfn^, senm. - 
d'»(r\in. tin foil, —do icie, saw blade 

Feiirn', m. siraw ■ 

Fuiire. m. f"U. Chaiteaux de feiitre,/fi' iu." 
SrwivlUs i]t' femtv. felt so/es , , 

Ficvllf-, or ri&scllc aVmhnllage, /. poc* fArf-^- 

Fiches, fp. h'nige hooks. Kiche$ (peor nurqi< 
A". A (/if rardy) 

V><lni«, m/». «o'nen*'j neck handkerckiffs 

Kiel dt- \ erre, ni. jotK.'hrr 

Fil, »/i. t/cm, thread, witr. — de lin, finf« V'^^- 
or thrtnd. — de lin. woollen yartu —tie clu:- 
viv, /!<f »/■// y^rn. — d'eioupf s, tow yarn. - ■* 
v«))I«'. sail tniHe. — k gar^usse, carH' 
f-s.:ine. — d« caret, ro/te yarn. — df ^'''■■'■' 
K'ln, i/flMTi fu-la'een sailt. — AniWie. ''■' 
i.irn. — de cotiin rouffc de Turquie. 'A ' 
rwf'n yen <>r ipnucottvn. — ^ coudre,fr ''■_ 

— tie VM.i(li-airii< s. ^tanish bass yarn. — 'jl 
njvihiulnerii', sixer's or nunV thread. — ^'' 
liMuu.fnc'^pinol. — de pcnnet, /Aru'w- - 
dejin live. I'/OTi/c vwilin. — d'or et d'^iT"'- 
gcm'ar.'l sihrr jcirf. — de laiton, 6rnif "'* <" 

— d'acier, tfeel-wre. — defer,»roii t«/^ -- 
d'anhal or de richard,7f«« iron scire. - ' 
canle, corr/ tvire. — d'iiisinnuein, virf^ J^' 
strings^ vircirial or harpjir/iordicirr. — s-'-'^' 
tinsel. — or fil. I de pcrles, a string ofJ>"-"^- 

Fil.iss,/. dressetljiax or hemp 

Fil' <l'or et d'argrent, m. spun goidandsiiver 

I'ilu^re,/. a iriir-fimwivg tron 

Fillirr^ne, m. Ji <giane,Ji''gree 

V iiKSclh-j/. fctTct, or cot/rxf W/* 

Fit»le», fp. phials 

Klhef>Tis, m />. j!riions 

Flninbtiiux, m p. icn\ taprrs, fa*ubef:ti.r 

Flan ptiur Its nionnoie*, m. coin plates, phwt^n 

llMi'Wt'.f. ,ffanur( 

Flasque*, f p. powder horns, ponder fasks 

IlCaux, mp. scale beams 


V,fjn. fp. Mswetrt. ~ anieciellM, miijltiol 

l^-^ers. l-leur dc museaile, tuncc. — de fk- 

nui-, JimiXT 
FLrurvt, ni. ferrti silk^fcrrtt ribbon, — , le bbo- 

curd, a kind ^ Luien. Fkiirft!!, fencing fuls 
rlii*, m/>, (pK>rres de foudivX arrms tttnicjj 

fi .mier fitme^ 
r>run», tUx%. inp.Jlocks 
^.>M^. f, tfoi J, or xccad in cakrs. Flore**,/. 

;fV«jr*^t d'iiMlt-;, Jlori/f a micldir t«rt of ind.'s^o 
\.u\.^fp. fiute4. — doucrs or k b^'c, cotumou 
t-iied. — ira\tTa«TM «r AUeniaJnitrs, Ccrm/7/i 

Y V. m- fix-fr. — du renan1,/«i.v /un^« 

r l.Kalrtdi' »{'i\i.,f p* tfuuoffuds 

f .-(pN ^futaiiU-k. m p, ttead stavety heading*. 

faid. m. t/te groutMi 1^ u ittuff 
f '-"juj*, mp.Jluor* 
i it- de iVr, J\ cat( iron. — dc eloche, Ml me- 

r -r.ijs, m p. pirrcerg 

rr:t.t, /. a t/toctnuker^g hut. Fonne*, /t/^or 

T>mt\%. mp. xehipt, Du fuuc-t, uhip thortgt 

r '^.Tv.y. fent 

t' .1 'i de l<Husi<\ Z"^. /wn *A:</i» 

• -wx^fp. eel 

I - .r jjs4c:ne, y. *i:r(»firf tuilei-y^ or hlaktmUKt 

rjsr^hc%.fp.p<U h- forks 
1 jrchettrrs, fp,fvrks, tabic forks. — i deux, 

ux.i«, «■ ^ti'juc fourchoiif, twoy ihrecy orfottr 

p (/nj^edjurk-i 
T.HinK-*ux d«? ftr, »n;>. iron ttovet. — de fer 

liianc, Dutch otrnt^ fin ovens 
J'.um^ux, mp. coiw. — d'tpi-ts, acnbbards. 

— dr pist'jirt, hoLicrg. Fau\-tourrvuux dc pU- 

? ;;rruw, f. fur 

r r> t»4?iBi, /^. fringes 

Oj' I dc t'niU^^suMs m/k, p^rfHinedgtwtt, Sa- 
cs- ts dc fnuippane, jrr^er fxit^s 
y r^Min-llf, /. n7if>f thtitny, or/roa </<C(Va 
L iuiiil4 Irt'hiche, m p. tufted buttons 

• >. '•! , m. athfrce 

1 r.^jen^,/. broker'* trade 

- '/•/;'"« 

> rw ijkgc, m. cheese. — i !• cr^me, crcmn citeese. 

— dv cumin, cumin cficese. — pcrjill^, ^ccti 
f- ft*e 

f mM» nt, m. tvhtat. — rouere or locar, j;ptfft 
V var. — d'LuJe, Indian corn^ or maize 

^^ m p. fruits 

' u -u*rrc, /. fumitory^ fumiter 

Fujufj. m. rising 

1 -aju, in. spindle tree, prkkwood 

r j.« ju, m. a spin file. Fusenux, ftobbins 

Fu <»:« volaiUts, f\i»C-t$tfp. tk-y rorkefs 

iu»'], wi. a ^rc /Tec/. Pitnvs ik Aisil,^«nj/fintr. 
>irtU,fl butcher's steel. TuHUnyJire-locks, fusees^ 

F^ffUm, Venire sumach 

J uvioc Ox«» jamip), m. /M.f<«f 

1- utt. m /u gun stocks y musket stocks^ card boards. 

— de gin»fle or de capelcttes, fusse* of cloves 
riitnille,y. cfwA, -wine vessel, — cu fiigoC.«r en 

iKittc* cttfibr /ri staves 
Fuuine, /. fUstian 

[ 93 ] 

(laiauga. iti. gQ(aiigttl, galamm 

[ candIM Iftm^'-etorangope^ ■ 
^j. jfa^bfinum ^. 

Gftbns, m\ 
Galbaiiiini, ) 
Galbulea, /yiv 'V"jP" ""'' 

Gal«-iu-,/. pone¥\ •rt, "gttirirtr. — dv Rr, 7co^ 
ym»i. Paussc ^HiviMt. /^a^ laed. black juck . 

Gak'U. r. Wrrott ri« C J7 V " ' 

(i-aU tie,/, on inferior s9f€^iff>*^loskr 

Guli|>ot, TO. 7f7i/7t' rcjiu •*^.^. 

Guiium, gniiUt, ni. tridifo- bedstnnv 

GallcK (noix dt? i^alU), /'/;. ^a//j. — du Lo\Tint, 
— d'AIcp or Ali-pitu's, — i I'^-pinc, Aleppo 

Galons, m p. galloons^ lace 

Gaiises,/^. loops 

Gaiiti, 111 p. gloiTs 

Garauci', /. madder. — en mciiie, ou eii brancli- 
et, madder roots, — or grapin s de Jii)!laiidc, 
Ihltchmatlder. — njbitixyvu Ixille, pjappf, or 
de crap, yf/w madder^ bale madder, grape tuad- 

der, crop madder. — non ruljUee, vn pilH , •ii 
branches pulveris^t*, omfjrv tundder^ bunch 


der. — cuurte or inuUe, billuii dc K:iniiicc, 

nndl ntttdder. Prtite panuicc,/fl'/y'* bed straw. 

Petitv f^rancc or rubtoic, squinattcyrivort (oi- 

perula cynanclma) 
Garde 'reu, »*. afuider. Gardi.-toniierre, a ton- 

ducior. Garde-v ut\ a candle saeen 
Gfu^ouases, //>. cartridges 
Gan^uclie, m. cartridge J>afier 
Qumxture, f. furniture, trimming, c set ^ dia- 

mondsy of cfiin% trc. 
Oarott, garouUle. V. Uon 
Gatttinc, f. sparry fluor 
GAtcau tie inieJL, m. honey<»mb, — de narette • 

de lin, Jkc. oil cakes 
Gnude,/. locld, ijc'loyvtveed 
(i.iurtr^, m. filmed 
G-ayac, 7n. In-nunivitau Gomme de gpiyaC) i^um 

Gazt',f gauze 
Gciidassf,/. potashet 
Geriestrollx.',/. dyer's broom 
GencUt s,//;. gtuet tkinx 
GeneMi-tte, /. Cniex^n, ^in 
Gciik^vivs. nip. junif Hi- berries 
Genoux, mp, ttm'jcr kives 
Gtiiiiiiiu', f. gin'ifin, fthvort 
Gcn.tandr^', f grnnandir, clurma^rys 
Gt. »w », fp. ch/i /leu chiekliug vetcftes 
Gin^iiibrt', rn. ginger 
Giiip'-ol.s,y'p. jujube,* 

GinpiriiiH', J. a bustard kind 9/* Carnienia uool 
Ginseng, m. f^imcng 
GiraiKloIts, yp. giiaudofrt 
Giruflts (clous dc gii-olk), mp, cloves. Giroflo 

roud, pimento 
Glaci s, fp. glass plates 
GlaiL-ul, m. coming, gladiolus^ iris 
Glaise,j^ clay^ pouer^s earth 
Glands, mp. acorns, masts 
Gkttp,/ hf/uvge 
Globes terrestrt-s ct c^letlei, mp. terres(ial and 

celestial globes 
GIo'tU-Tons mp. burdocks 
Founrun.' de ^loutou, /. glutton skins 
Glu, /. bird lime 
Gobthts, III p. goblets, ct/ps 
Gonimi-.y: gutn. — Arabiouo,Tli^h»ique, S,'ir. 

raccitc, dv Bahilone, or acliaiitiue,^"m niabfc. 

— vcruuculaire or xt-rniicuk'e, vermicular eum 

arable. — lurlque,turis,<'rlurque.^''umo»a6« in 

lumps. — d'AuglrtPiT.', or h f riser, Aiuhic 

troches. — du J>en»-gal, f imi HcncgaU — *o- 

G R I 

'C 9i ] 

H O U 

rapluqoe. T. Sogapen. — fj^mte, do gpcmou, 

oyjeinou, gamboge. — giitte en lui-Uaas, ov 
naiK-issoiis, ^aniOoi^e in roUt. — lacquc. V. 
Lacque. — tlaiiiqur, India rufjfM-r. — de 
li -nv, or hiiUrL-a^gum ftetlriw. — de jjouevTicr, 
gum saudararh. — de tUu^raiUes, or de loo- 
inii', Jeic'*Ji flitch 

Gonda, m/j. hingft 

Cioi/ift dt pi^ uii, f. co'ipmrd huliffo 

Goudron, wi. tar. — 'itopizza, or poi\ ua\-a1o, 
old and tnedidfial lar. — de luontiignr, Jnc't 
pifdu — luiuentl des Barbttde>, IkirbadiKf 

Ooutt, m. vHikr-robiu 

Gouj^t «, /•/». ^eu^rjr 

Guupiilons, m,;. boftU'^f rushes 

CiourdfS, /'/». gourii-bonlei 

Goure, /'. fta^fard remce tuipentine, st^hiitvaUd 
trmmrhidiy ci/c. 

Gournn ttcs,//*. curbs 

Gournabks, m n. trutuHf or (t't'^naih 

Oourreaux, mp. great ji^i^ Mnd>->na /.\'-f 

Gouiua, J' p. dropy. ' — d« iuit, xvht/c Lu^k. 
Goutte ae lui^ dodder 

Gouttit^rest fp. guttert 

Grabt-au, nu gm-hle 

Grail Ion, m. marble chitting s 

Grain, m. graiiu corn. Gratjis dei Indei orien- 
tales. Iridia berne:. — de rioin, ca.'tor-nuts, 
oil-nut t. — d.- liile or dt s Moluques, .'To 'xcca 
pur^itig nuts. — dr ^Injlie, ^ ,-r/rjj orparadise. 
Gram ^nn^, nio!t. Graijii rl'i-nceiis, /'^r/um- 
ing candid. — Ue verre, bugle. — dc cha- 
pelti, patemoAer bcadi 

Onm:-,/. seed. Grnincsri** iardin$,^'t/<m secfls. 

— d« en i'vrt:. Juniper Ijtrri^r. Oralne de coJ- 
. za, coleseed. — til navctte or ralx tte, i-^pr teed, 

— de liii, tin^evf!. — dc chanvre, licmpseed. 

— dp perroquet. carthanius seed. — d«' muse, 
musk-seed. — d'oiscau. or — de Caiuirie. Co- 
naru seed, — de paraais, grahu oj\,aradiK, 

— aei quatre Apices, — dt profte Voiul, pj. 
tnenfo or nll-jpice. Grninps d'Avii!fnon. ~jau- 
ne«, French or yellozv berrir-. Grauie rrfcariatc 
or de kLrni^'a, scarlet grain. — d'^carlaie de 
PoIog'ne.jPo/i A or Gcrnutn scnrkf grain. Gi-aine< 
de 'Po\fi-^i\e,.yoi!ihvta!maov fescue ifcds. Graine 
de ver k soi-, sUk-xoorms eggs. — de coitu' de 
tierf, ra\ped hart shorn 

Graiiu tie, /.* Fiemh or ycUoxv berriei 

Grainoin, in p. /Wivdcr-sirvcs 

Graisucs,///. chfiu>Her's ware. Gi-aics?, graisse 

fondue, grease 
Gran it, nu granite 
Gnipiijs, in p. grt^tnels 
Gmiiole, /. hedge h'jssop, grcttida 
Gmtte-cmi, mp. hip:^ htps 
Grattoirs, mp. sera/ten, scrapitig knives 
Cimvellf,,/*. argot or tarfar 
l\an\ de grObe, fp. grebe skins 
Grt-troii"*, m p. grafting knives 
On^lots, mp. liule bells, raffles 
GreiiiJI, 7*1. gromrvelly cromil 
<^iTfnm]e's. fp.pnfufgranatet^ grenade shells 
Grcnadi«-ri>s. jp. grenade (jouches 
GreiiadilU- de niarqueterie, /. ral ehomj 
Grenaille.yi rmati shaty metal pounded 
Grenats, m p. garnets J>rccious stotw. 
Gri's, nu mnd-sfone. — k bktiry freest one. — des 

Tvuu>\%\e»anygrindstones, — de Turquie, scythe 

Gresierie, /". stone-nare 
Grille* de fx:n,fp. Jire grmtes 
Cirille.yi gT<Jtey iron Tail* 
Grivwise,/ tobacco^rater 

I GrowiL, m, gTMil (veire eaw^), intken gtasr 
Gi-o» tuir, VI. fole leai/ter. Grb»«rnun« gr^rtm . 

Groj d'autruche. l'. Autrucue. Gru* dr 

Yerduu. sugar ;,lumb9 
Grojserie, _/^ cutieiy 
Gruau, in. gvoafs 

GuWe,/. uwiii, d'jers^ tooady paHel 
Gueu$;.-k,//.. irou'jimvt 
Guj. m. jipfli'ne 
Ciuildive, _/l imu rum 
I Guilluuiiu-i* tk ( buuclier, m p.jttrk piantt. — a 

plute*bande, moulding plane* 
Guimauw, /. mar-hna'.loiv, — velout^ d -s 

hides hticni Il^u/tfiun rrrvain^ maHim; 
Guipure. /: guimp lace, vtiiutn lact 
Giiiuij^aiTilx , f. g(vnbo;ie 
Cj p>e. j/i. i'f///'C ur pargety gvpsum^ plotter tr 

*^3Vy^ ej P» "'• '^oarsc taic 


HARILLEMEN8. mp. tcearing apportl 

Haches, f p. hatcheti. Hache^'araaea, a pcU- 
are. Hachereaux. hachi t i nunn, hatchet* 

HacheiteSffp. cht-pphig knive* 

Hachoin, ni p. r/io/'/ung beard* 

Hadol, »i. cut^le-boiie 

Haire,/. hair-cloth 

Halleb«iides,//>. halberd* 

Hariiecons, m p. flsh-^iooks, hoekt 

Peauxde hanuter, fp. ham*ter tkln*, Gerrrjin 

Happelourdes, fp. faise stones 

Hareiiirs, m p. /lerring*. — ftaui or hlanrt. 
frsh fier rings. — blancs ial/*«u — Vze^'pickU^d 
licrrings. Haren^ de marque (t* the besf\ 
Hareng dt inoyenne raarque«nioyenne naarQUt*, 
0U nM>YV4i hajvni; {,secoiKi Quolity). ijaren^ dc 
©•^tite marque, petite marque, or petit harf Ji^^ 
nareu^ ile dro^uorie or de dro||;ue ircfus"). 

— pleins, fiiU /lerrint^s. — videi or gats, »/>»,: 
ten fttrfijigt. — chasseur*, tummers. — saurv, 
soret*. — cnfum^s. — roughs sales, rtd her- 
ring f 

Harnois, m. hamets 

Harpons, ni p. harpoons, harping iron* 

Hauii.'-lisie, yi tapesfnj 

HWre, vu roiume hederee, gum hederje 

H^- ma lite,/, blofxfrf jne, /t/riaatUe* 

Hepalique, /. liTfrtvort 

Hc-rbefc, f p. h^rOs. lierbe jaune or a jauiJr, 
T4Y .V/, ijefloiv ivecfl. — aux teinturiers, d.m ' 
bioom. — Mi\ cuiWer^ scurvy greus. — ~au\ 
perlev gromxcell. — aux poumoiu, licnt^^r\ 

— aiL\ poux, loutetvort. — aux puce», Jltn- 

Pcaux et queues d'henmne,/i>, ermine skins 

and dps 
HernuKi.iCte or hernu>date,y^ hermoditctyl, c^ 

Masse d« heron,' /! heron pUune 
HCtre, m. btrch.' beir/htree 
ilieble,./; ftnaiftldi'ry toatl-won 
Mippoei-as, nu h>/*pocra*, an aromatic teine 
Dents d'Juppopoti me. fp. sea-horse teeth 
IIoIlande&,toilefid'nollande,./>. Inlands. De- 

mi-HuIlandes, Jsifigham hoUwuUy Gulirk hoi- 

Horloffes, / p. Hock*. — & pendule, pendulum 

clocks. — tulaires, w au soleil. sun dial*. — 

de sable, hour-glasse* 
Houblun, m, hop* 

J A U [9 

Ymf, fp, tpaieiy hoc*. — plates, fr houlettes, 

VI\ . J. tufi. — i poudrer, powder puff' 

'i iv ,,//>. houjfinet^ cAatr can:* 

HiMjjic.y*- asuUrh 

'■■'^'vnn, m p. fiair^rcenu 

' :\\.m.h9liy,hotm * 

i '1 , /. ft-'. — d'nfivc, oHxt ail. — de Pro- 
\Htt.-, FfBVTfKe «■/. — vit-rpre, virgin eif. — 
?Tf 6iit . f/«f«/ ei/. — lampanU-./n/rc 9/'ti<' oi/. i 

- ti- Floif lice, 4olad oil. — de palnie, de Ht-- 
v .nd. cr Piinucin, /S«/*m wV. — de riein. ca\- 
V s;. _ de ter^benUihie, fltV q/" hjrpcnrine. 

- <i'- fTprui, mlcnnnn oil. — de navc«ttr', nr/if 
^^ -de liu, tiutrxd oil. — de c^lcm»^i^, 
■' ',^^T»i*f/. — dc cade «• d'oxyoWiv, r«</f 
" ~ d'teillttWi or dV-illet, poppy oit^ nunv' 
■v^' w'. — rosat., r<we «w7. — or b«'urre de 
-:s JO. rcroa biattr. — de tartre, Ml of fartnr. 
-^' [ttroie nuiro, — de tcm.-, oi — npirv dr 

' '^n, common rork oiL — de cheval,' cfl6«/- 
; ^-L or ntiUai hor^e^re/ue. — de ftcairpion, 
'A «n tiL — d'ache or d'achir, tii of tariff 
r 7- „-. — de IwUine. whale oi7, train Ml. — 

" iatvn^ pUcluzrd oil. — dc morue, cod 

- «, mp. tiicrueu 

' •" \,/ />. itstert. — fn\v\\c%^ frtah oysters. 

- i lecHJIl*:, tysters in fhe thell. — mariiiees, 
; Mi'fi' vjHerr. — huitrves. fiarii<<r oysters, or 

' K-ii mpits. — vcrlts, ^r«^ oiifrrs 
•'i'ht%_/. htjarinfh (a precious stone) 

'1 ir.-itv, m. quickiilvrr 
•ii-ypocisu-. rji. fiypociH 

■r'lK.f. hyssop 


rimocOLLE,/. isinglass 

' -■'■■ 'rrr 
;»■ f'tioitv,/. masferrrorfj imfieratoria 

''■ m. tmtif^o. — violet et bleu ; 6^f/e an*/ 
/ -' v irifligo.' — TnehiTiir*'- w mixtion, ropj^ry 
'/i''f>urplc,ndi;^o. -> cuivre fin./iji^ co/j/<ery 
'' ,0. — fuivre Tnaithaiid, connnon co/i/'Cry 

' ' -». — pbt dc Hollaiuie, Dutcfi riuligv 

"JittriH, ni/>. instrumm^s 
■ < uaulja, ni, iprtacumiha ' 

' ''- Hon-iice.. «i. jrt* rooc. om'j 

rt! (li- diamoU), i«. iwrus 

'■'■ ">■ stont-f9.v, ice-fox 

''* . 'n. ix'ory 
-^•^ fi^. Adrianof^ red 

^OH. m.jade^ or nepftritic stone 

'^'i'- "f. Jolep.Jnlap 
J^"I»ie,»n. logivood 
; ''^ss /p. cUisp-knivcs 

'•'"^/P' jttuntt, felloes 
• ">. «n anrftoritick 
! -I^ , m. jasper 

■'"■■^fp. bncU 
■aiigX- (biign dc- jmuge),/. |:ff^e, ifcii^c 



Jaune de )>/hiples, «•• Napfet yellow. — de fTaiwe, 

ye'lonff Iterries, ytUono vt-al, — »le monUi^u-, 

yellow ochre 
Jones, n: p. Bengal enneSf rtufiet, /mtp-ringt. .Tone 

fjdiirant. earners fury. — , or roauau udoruiit, 

m-ert fag 
JouniJ Urie, f.Jm-ellery 
JouSwrlx.-, f. iioii^elcfk. Jubard 
Joujoux, rn p. vhifdren s toys 
JoynMX, uip.Jnirfs 
Jiihis. ni, jiibt' rorfhis 
JiibulM %,J p. juhiibes 
Jus de rei^lisse. ni. Spanish J"ite, Spanish luiUO' 

rice. — de liruoii, lemon juice 
Jiisquiarae, yi henbane 


KARABE, m. artibcr. — dc Sodonie, Jerv's 

Kcnnts de Provence, m. Frenrh scnrl/i -grain. 

— du noni, — d.s racin-s, I'olnh or 
Cerntan scarlet-berries. — laiiii'ral, inineial 


LABDANUM, ladanum, m. bulnuuni or laMa- 

ljAeft%,mp. href, fagged pnnts 

l^cis, m. net work 

Laquf,y; tacea, Uike. — fine, cnmiin^o, or (Tc 
\\'u\'u.-,JIne lake, ronnd laJce^ Venice take. — 
plate, ro«'ttf, or colonibuie, colunilnne lake. 

— des leiaturit r», take. ^ en h&tons, it uk- 
Inc. — en R:rains, seedlnc. — plau* et tii 
feiiiilei, s/telllac, — intxlicinale, cancamuni. 

— de cartame, cai-f/iamus paint 

Laine,/. ivool. — en tuin, jiprasve, or surpo. ivoot 
in the grease. — d*agiieljns, lanih's wool. — 
de vipoprne, vicugna icool. — d'autruclu'. V. 
Antnuhe. — canlee, carded tooU. — iK:ij^>»V, 
eoniheit tvool. — lav^, tva<hed tvnol. — fine 
(hautf laine), high ivool picAed aitd cleansed. — 
basse (Ivasse laine, laine trana), Imv and fine 
Tr»o/, tvoof xcoof. — haute, — • clinlne, — e- 
taiin, warp wofd. — cuib^e, Oreech.-ugs. — di s 
queues, tail wool. — crotin or croton, clottings. 

— d'Kspnt^ne, Spaninh wool. Prime, •ccoi.d<; 
or reHeuret, tierce, niigot {tlie refuse). — ri'AI- 
\vu\si\^\\v^ German wool. — di'tarmeuie, (nr- 
nunia wool. — de Mnscovir, Jine bea\rr\t 
wool. ~- fi\{-e. woollen yarn, bay yam. Mere 
iaine, high or long wool, tnof/ierwoo( 

I^iiton, m. brass, —en I1ju:^«»is. ca^t brass. — 
Iwitu et Ininine, latfeti, Urtim brass. — en l>an- 
des, plalines, or en leuillei minces, latirn 
ihrtfr. — en rouleaux, rolled lat/en. — plie, 
foltt latfen. — file, lil de laiton, laiiou en ccr- 
eeau, brass wire 

Laiiiie. /: IrUucf. — pommee, cabbage lettuce. 

— roijiaine, cos-lettuce 

ljiUH'%f p. blades. — d'epee, 4Ti»orrf AW/*". — 
de Daiuas. Dnmnteus, or Turkish bludu: — , 
lamines, fh'n pmUs of any nic/al 

I^inun. r. Bois 

Lani|)es,//t. tampf 

lAni|u*oi( s. ft/, l/niiprrys 

lnu-^cH.J p. lances 

Lavici lte«, y/». lancets 

I^nj^ties. / p. tuttgues 

Laijurnes 7 //. UiHtnns 


[ 96 ] 



mp. raMti. — d'Angon, Ar^g^n rob- 

Iadis, lapi»4ftziili, m. axure ttow, lapit laxuli. 

Lapis comput*-, or tku\ lapii, .rma/f 
laquc, |^>ninic-lacque,y'. loCy gum lac 
Lanl, n». i^ro/i 
Ijirdoircs, m/». larding /Jiiu 
Lftnnc de ul<>iiil\ /. J'aivting shot. Larrae* Batn- 

riques, ae HuUande, or d'Angletcrre, Ruperf^ 

Lbht, m. affifitfifkj^ lattnvrt 
Lasqucttes. /^. Utu^in iiensrl skins 
Laius/'p. torAr, <V//A iroor/. — quarrels, toA^ 

./br liks. — *ioliii §, W<rff toAf 
Lavaiidc,/. laveudrr 
Ijiudaimin, ni. laudanum 
Ijivetun, nj. j/wrr Tr««f, sf.enrings 
Lavurt'f, fp. golthmith\t sivcc/4nffs 
Baies de laurior. //>. bay-bervifjt. Huilc de lauricr, 

hiiilt* laiiriii, bay oil. Launer-rose, rosetfay or 

Lentilk !,//». fen; Us 
Lentille, a len.f^ oviphalopttr 
Le^, m. ballast 
Lettres, fp. printing types 
Lichen, w. rock most. — d'liUmdc, Iceland 

mosSf or itvenvoj-t 
laeome de mcr, f, sea t/nirom, nanvhal 
Lie,/ dregs, leei 
Li^gpc en toblo, m. cork,eork tcood. Bouchons 

de liege, corks 
Lierre, m. ivy 

Lig:ne9 k p^chor, //>. .fishing lines 
Ligneul, m. shoeuiaktr's thread or twine 
Limaillc,/. flings^ fie dtut 
Ijrnv^ / p. Jflc.t, limes 
Limoiit, mp. cnrt shafts^ lemons 
Lin, m. ,fla.x\ line, or litif. — cm, rarcjiax. — 

prepare, f/rMiy^/y7n.v. Graine de lin, linseed. 

Gris de lin, gritltrliti, or grizetin 
LJnge, m. linen, linen cloth. — dc table, table 

rlofh. — ou\T^, diaper. — picin, />/om //n^-n 
Linpots, mp. ingots, or rretlge.lingot. — d'or, 

d'arp^cnt, ingot of gold, silirr ; or, argent en 

llngfot, ^old, silrrry in the ingot 
Iinff!ie,y. livyjish 
Liiion, nu Frtiithlarvn 
Feauxde Iion,/j>. lion skins. Lion niarin, sea 

Liqueurs,//*, liquors. Liqueur de S)Tic, asa- 

Liquidambar, m. liqutdambar 
I.iv m. lily 
Lisiere,/ tlie Un of cloth. — de toile, a set- 

Lifs, mp. beds 
Litharge,/, litharge, —d'or, litharge of gold. 

— d iirgewi, litharge tf ndver 
Livrcs, mh. books. Grands )i\ re«, /<^^r/. Livres 

blancs, hlnrJc fjook* 
Lodien, m p. quilted counterpanes^ bed quiUs 
Loir, m. dormouse 
Loquets, mp. door latcltes, xoool locks,, or brcer/i- 

Lorg^»ctte«,/p. tpying glasses. — d'optrn, o/>t'- 

ra glasses 
Jjom\cn*i,f. iorimer*s iiare 
Loup, m. ipotf. Loup-Ci. r^'ier, lynx 
Loupes,//*, leens of pearls 
Loutre, / otter. — niacin, sea otter 
Lunc ttc d'approehe, or de long-ue vno, / per- 

speiiive giattt. — k t)uce<t, « micronu; f. or 

nutgnifying f{lats. — k fuceUes a wuld/'lying 

glass. Lunettes, spettcrkji 

Lupim, mp. lupinet 
Lustres, m p. lustres 
Lut, m. lute. Luths, iou, lutes 
Luzin, ni. housing, houMc4ine 
Ljnx, m. lynx 


MACHACOIRES, hemp-strokes 

Macis, m. mace 

> Lie re, m. simaruba 

5Lieulature. /. -waste paper^ tcrapper 

5fadrien, m p. thick planks 

Maii^laiie, or maf^nese,/. Proven stone. inr,u;^ 
nese, or magnesia nigra 

Magpaleus, nuUialeps, m p. perfumed rhcrm . 

Mfflpiaieon, m. roll brimstone 

Mairain, merrain, mairrain i futaiUet, m. ftr.v:. 
stai^e-boards. — k pannewLx, xmnrc'^i'- 

Mal.iehitt^/. malorhi/e^ ox molorhite 

Mala^iette,/. grains of parat&se, eardomeitu^i 

Malhi i-be, /. spurge olive 

Malle«, //>. mails, trunks 

Mall, bfe gemi^, m. malt 

>IaIvoisie,/ Malmsey tvine 

^fanehe. J. hamlle, haf>, helve 

Mancheties, f p. ruJlks 

>Lanchons. mp. mt^/Ts 

Mandragi)re,/. mandrake. — de It Chine, ,r r 
seng. Kcorce de mandni«>re,/flii«'/?''''*''^ 

Mant^ue (la niuscade niAle), /. male nutri'\ 

>ianequins, mannequiua, m p. hampers. .;(.- 

Manichordion, m. manichordiont the fourth vt'ii 

Man ig u( lie, /. grains of panufise 

Farine de manioc,/, or niagnoc, m. coiseda 

Manne, /. manna. — en larmes, wfn "• ' 
flakes. — d'Alapic, w d'Alhari, wj«nn^. ' 
gina, orfroui the AUmgt, or ^ul. — liq>'i''' 
manna Terenjabin. — mastichiot'. "* ' 
mastic liina, Penian manna. — de Bria'"^ ' 
Drianccn manna. — d'encens, manna '^'^ 
or offrcfikhuruste. — de Pruwe or '^ '' 
loc^nc, iV/Vi manna, orfeseue seats 
Maunes. MannetU-s,//*. baskets 

^tauteaux, mp. rtoaky. — de fenune, nifl'-/"-*- 

Mani^gne, /. ivdd ltoar'*s grease 

Mnquenaux, m p. mackarels ; 

Marbre, nu marble. — blanc or statuain% '•' 
marble. — de Salipio, de Carrare, de l**' 
de (ienes, de Bayoune, &c. nwrbic ej ^^^' V 
Carrara, Padua, Genoa^ Bayonnet or i'y t"' 
marble, &c. — bleu Turquin de «t'i 
Turqujn marble. — jauiie de Nomidie. »« ■ 
VuinidiGn marble. — vert d*Italic,_nf^' • 
Itaonn marble. — colore, coloured tuarhc- 
artirtciel, faux marbre, or flue, erttfiiM J- 
hlc, or itiicto. — terrasseux, terraiy ">°'^ ' 

MnrlireSj m p. playing mavises 

WarcussiicT*. ninirasite 

MarehantVise. /. merchatulise^ wares, ^o**" 
Ma 1 oe, /. frcih se^-fth 

Mai-til. or niorfil, tn. umctought (rvry 
Marm-i«He«. K. Vt nxitme 
>Lir^ntii>, {>u<^lc 
Mar_]»j|;uiie,7". ntatjyf am 

MaiTKHUltes". fp. /JUp/MTtS 

Mftily, in. I at yd 
Marnicladc.y. mnrn.dade 


[ y7 ] 

M C) U 

Mirtniie* de fimte, f p, rarf iron poti 
;f.r7T»oct»'«. f p, marmtt*. Manuottes or nr 

Ur. , . /- rnarly toom 
''-. ^.1 »-ne,/". in'Mtidvork 
I rx^ J. 1X1%,/ p. vhite toax in tablet^ hntip of 


^-i - ms, ni p. targe chesnutt. — d'lnde, horst- 

^4irT»^uin, m. M'TTocco leather, Spanith leather. 

— du Levant, Turketj (cafher 
"■'ar*, m p. niiutner cum 
'limjbc, 18. marrubtunu, horehound 
''UrHrtaa, w. pwrpoi te^ len-hcg 

^UxUi^ax, m p. ha.It/ner.t. — i forpt*r, tkdg^ 

herm^tgrt, — k dents, ciaw-hamniert. — 

li'ppisetxe, tuning-hammers 
'ixrtrtf./ p aux de maxtn^fp. marten oklnt. 

^lATtn zibcline, z«b«iuie, or scbcluie, oabk 

"bru-o, m. nM»*um, cat-ihyme 

it?qorv m>>. nuuks. vixarth 
^Lf^y-cwt, m- ycUaw leads mafficot 

■ riK-. ouiccie en larmet, m. rmuHrh. -* runr, 

'-'■rk Eg^ian mtutkh, Gro* niaitic, cr- 

■ L»:». #n/». ndfcture,/. thip-tnoito 

•LifrUs »" />• 9^^*' — de bourre, Jfor* fird*. 

— de caVTUMe, cutf^on* fvr coaches 
•f.rri«, mp. VMftroise* 

btncaire, yi •r rtpai-goutte, y«w//<nr, mother- 

''LAX .r. P€ „ , 
■lur.'fle,/. bastard riehttt* 
'^vv tfr* malt, m. maize. In/San corn 
' f xhe^, y! cwtdit^anck, matchf Under 
'-r^.uaeaa, wi. nwchaacan 

• i - iiors, /p. medicine* 

'i-b«*;-.y". mtUuaes 
^■'.'\ u;,f. Iareh4ree 
M [ ifjt, m. ntetHat^trefiU 

L, «»:», m/». miMAe mrtont. — de Worence, 
ccnratufie mdom. — brud^ xorouj^ht melons. 
— d*ra<i, vrafer'mdons 
M' lotif^^ne, luaxcnne, aubergine,/, nuukt^le or 

'^'. rv rie,/". mercery 

'4'ivur-, //I. mercury, quicksilver. — doQX, 
TSirmirtiMr dukis^ or calomel. — pr^pit^, 

Mr rcuriaJe, /t Arr* mercury 
I A!<f de inable. /. iftnrfr# i/un^, attrfvetida 
'l-^reiaisw. V. Loine 
I'^r -^utte,/ unpressed wine 
M il*n, m. xehifmg (ajlth) 
M. riifi, m. marline, or ■nertine. — bbme, jvkite 

tiorthte. — noir. tonerl marline 
M rluehe, r. s*oek-Jltk, diied cod-JLsh 
y\- '%., f. Indian *nake-root 
>ir ^l. m. tnetai. — de prince, or prince-ni^tal, 

I'unr^M metal. — de foutt- or de rlocbei fte/^ 

rnrroL — vierpf, virgrn^ or native ore 
>!' r> il, ni. masUn or tnextin^ mong-com 
Men n, m/». /Mtm 
>!• ubie*, m ft. hounholdfttmiture 
W tilardt^, /^. ^rm'/ tones for coufters 
*I uJanJcUfc, »» > gnndsttnesfor knives 
W< uit a, / //. grinditones. — de tnoulin, mill- 

iittnci. ^lcule p«aiite, <Ae bed fit neiher miU- 

!-otie. — eouraiiu*. /Af riinrirr 
'ieuiu w lu^on d'Athaaiaate, m. meum, spJg- 



Mezereon, m. spurge olive 

Mjcniwopea, »i />. microscopet, or niagiiifymg. 

Miel, rti. AofWV. — vierafr, ivr^'n Atney. — de 

Xarlmiin , Narbonne liuttetj 
>li|^ioiii tte, f. tfte JineH sort of white pep/tcr, 

gtound pepper 
Mi(ciioaetits /. ttiiM^net-lacet minum 
Mijrot, ni. totu'ool 
MiMr-lV-ulII sf' vii foil or tjnrrvtv 
Milli-p.Ttuis, m 5>. Jofm's wort 
Millet, mi), »!. millet. Giand millet noir or 

d'AtHque, ii>iliet d'outrpiner. Indian or Turkey 

miiiet. Gros inill. t, Indian corn 
Mine de ploiiib. /. leatlmiue. — de ftrr, iron ore. 

— de Tcniij, potter's ort. — d'or, goid ore 
Mincraux, m p. miuerals 
Miniutu^ m. red kad. Minium, «r mine de plonub 

rwuS*"! patter's ore cadncd 
Mirobolana. V. Myrobolanj 
Mjroin. m p. looking glasses. 5fizt>ir ardent, a 

burning glass 
Mirrt. V. Myrrhe 
MiUiridate, m. mithridcte 
Mitraili.,/. sttru^\ old iron^ silver coin in ba-- 

reli. Uiiigrf.jie or langrel 
Mueiloii, m. rough itortcs 
Mojfts dt- mom. , /"/>. rod tripes 
Moire, f. mohair, tu'i'jy. — de \oine tmoretn 
Moll ttos, //> rirtfWi (of purr) 
MolK is. in p. siiall frt'::gci, nip^'/ert 
Mullctuii. »i. suauskin 
Mutii. utoii, m. w nn 
Moiiii.,y. muinniy 
Muiiiiaie,/. coin. —He jpjinie, roit ri^*. — dr 

Su "lie, ropi/ev rniu p'aie 
Moi.trt . y; tent h. — 4 rcveil. alarm rratch. — 

4 r«>jK tidoa, rc^teaing wacdi, or repcitlcr. — at 

tecoiiiK-s, seiond tva-< h 
Moqu tu»,fp. vtwknr.'oes 
MorftiIIii,y'/). bannict-. mournUks 
Moniye. f. fell v.oo,. m^rli/ig or moi tling 
Mordaclu-8, /^ Jiv rrju^.r, p.ncers 
Mords, mors, m />, horf bin 
Muriil, m. unwroncht ivory, ekphnnCs teeth 
MoriUt*.y/». ntortts, mo7 i!s 
Mohiloiif, et dv-iiii'iiiorilloiis, m />. bastard erne- 

raids from Carthagena, rough emeralds 
Moi-sc. yi morse 

Murtier, m. a mortar, a mortar piece 
MorUf,/ cod^fiih. — salev, v».rt<.', tr blaiictie. 

eahillaud, salt cod, snlt Jit/u In some plf m 

the orts are dixdngtiished by the 

names : Gaffe, Moru^. rauruhaitdr or Grand 

roisson. Trie, Liii^e or HaRuot Valid**, or 
uU.-let, Vifiee. — s^che or jjuree, Mcrlucl.*;, 
Miriu, dried cot/ fh 
Mosaiqui , y*. morair work, marquetry, patifi- 
I %Pork, work of iifiaU mlaifl {hcccs 
I Moscuiiatli , /*. raiv ^n^tir, nottuc %ugar 

Motti ■ k [)ruli;r,fp. turf 
[ Mouches,//*. jnfrhes. — cant'inrklei or d'Es- 
imgfiie, raiifnui if!f\\ nr S/Hiut hffirs 
Moucheties. y '//. rn'i}/'n\ luoudnig planet 
Mouclioin, mjb. futniikerch'rfs. — de con, «r/,- 

Moutflei, /*/>. nnifftfn, vti'tens 
Mouk»,y/>. m<jU'(Ii,nin ffei 
MouliitA k, vip. hnnd milU. — i cafe, cc/l'ff 

Moulin t<:, in p. cho<o'f<tc sticks '*t nulls 
, Mousqiii ti, '' p. tutukcts 

Mousse,/. i>jor# 
i MouMtrliiusyi v.usCri 

CE I L [ 58 ] 

Ifout, m, rmut 

MoutanU*,/. tMuUurd 

J^foutanlit^iX m p. muttard/m* 

Mouveinent d'uiie horlon. m. cUck vmrk, — 

d'une niontre, watch wm-m 
^luguct, m. Uly •/ the valley 
llufei, y />. gtipfiergj nmtes^ the mules 
Mnllf. y. Cicnuice "^ 

Munition de fpienv,/. ammunitian 
Muse, m. mii«A 
Muacwkrt, noix mutcades,//. nitfiiMy/. Fleur 

d«: muscade, mact 
MuKadeU m. tnutcadeL, muKodint 
Mn iiiuicat, m. mtuctuHne vine 
>lu«c«diut, mp. a tort of m\uk pastil* 
Myrobolana, mp. miji-^MatUt Jtulianplumbf. — 

citrins, cuhni myivba^aua, — ludit-iis, Mock or 

Inriian myr§baiaru. — cbcbuies, chebuiic my- 

Wjrrhe,/. myrrh, —en lamiM, myrrh in tears. 

— ungieet unxulatrd myi-rh or i/i noifr 
Mjrtc, nu myttietrm 

KACRE dc pcrle,/. mtther^f/teart shell 

Nnpef. in. haftellitSf wolf ^s bane 

Naphtc, /: naphtha 

>iappe./. fl table cltth. Nappes drer skint 

Varcapnte, m. narraphthon. cancariUa 

Kaid Indirn, ar ipica-naid, i?u worf/, ImOan 

spikenard. — Celtiquc, ar Franqua, Ctltic 

spikenard, — tauvagc, asarabatxa 
Xattes, /p. wwftr, /wrxot** 
Navette.jT. retfie seed. Huiie de Nnvttte, rape 

oiL Navettet, pi^s 0/ lead. Kaveile, a weo- 

ver'^s shuttle 
K^ccisaire, nu an ettvee case., neretfnry 
Nt^i;rt»-carte», (vmeraudes lurutet de la prpnatrc 

couU'ur),y> negrex-ccnes 
K- imfiir, m. -water iihj, water ra*e, nenupitar 
Ji* rf de bifuf, m. buU" s pixxie 
l«Ji rprtini, »« j&. French LerrieSt buck-thams 
Kills Iinlif ui or de TmUun, ni/>. ftirjT* nests 
Niire, m. nifrc, saUpeti-e 
K'iveau, m. o few/ _ ^ 

JJoir d^Allemai^e, m. German^ or Fmntfort 

Hack. — de cert', Aart*Aorn 6to< Ac. — d'lvuiiv, 

— de velours, ivory black. — tl'os, batie black. 

— de fuuttv. Of k iioircir, lamp black 
Noisi itei, tp- bfixel nuU 
Noix./. nutt^iealnutt. — voroiqiu «.^w*(mHirfT. 

— iTtniwi, cashew nuts. — d'arrque, 6fe.'/c 
or 6»^e/ niu't. — d'liidc, f t«rco nurr. — d*-s 
Harbadi's, Barbados nuts. — de BancoiiU or 
tli's Moluques, Molucca nuts. — de inarais, 
Malacca benns. — mWicinales, or cocos dt- « 
^Ulilhca, Mnl-lhx niUs. — ipwur, IjiiuUiu/s 
tjiaus. — mcUl, <:/M>»*n (^/^ie*. — de ttrre, 
f.'tiHnd nuts. — dt pirofle, or de Madagascar, 
..'tT-^ iiufM^ Mailoganar nuts. — dt gaUcs, 
r/AU, gall null. — niuscade*, nutnw^t 

y.Vna.s* s,/p. n'/d nutmegs 
Nou«s. /■/«. snUcd ctnl 40unds 
fic.sacuuycr, m. urdtiut ivood 


— de TMhe ct de tkuiaa\ 

CEufk, mp.egg$. 

hair balls 
(Euvres-blanebes, />• Mf Ae trM wore 
OH%fp. geese 
Oignons, mp, anion*, — manoi, jea auau^ 

sqiMs. — de lleurs, 6iiJ&« 
Oinir, rieux oiiiK, m. gsme 
Oiacaiu de chauL, mp. sinahtg bird* 
Oliban, m. olibanuni^ Jirasyiincense 
Olivet, /j>. •live* 
Olivette*. V. VerroCerie 
Oiigle de r^lan, m. elk'* h*^. — odonnt, Cm* 

stantinapk sweet hotf 
Onglets, m p. sharp graver* 
Oiiruena, m p, tntment*. Oifiient Crprii^ 

alcatma oil 
On>-x, m. (apreciou* tume) myx 
Opale,/. {a preciou* siane) tptd 
Quium, m. opiunk 

Oimfaalwmuni, m. sptbalsaaiwnybatmofCiiai 
Opopanax, m. tpspartax j 

Or, iM. gold. — vk rge, native gtld. — monmyft 

gold fdn. — en barres.^clrf in hart. -t« 

uuuM, bullian, — en linipott, ^eW in inpo- - 

Nde coupelie, «r raffine, refined gold. -dA 
• leroac;ne, Dutch leaf. — de Manheira, r d AJ 

leniafpie, Manheim gold. — en laine,^»W ./»i 
— ciiiiqnant, yt//ato tinsel. — en nmue, - 
battu,/m/^o^ — en coquiOe, «Ae//^oi(/. ' 
faux en teuiile, Dutch leaf. — de inoE»»<lo^ 
mosaic gM^Junctlrr goUL, ptwaters goi»i- " 
ruhniiiant, fulnuruaing gold. — en cowts 
gnitn gold. — potable, J>oro6<V gdd. -f] 
pniliettet, ir*^ */»ff»»^/c*. — eu disux, - * 
dt p«rt,— moulu, /r*a coir. — fil^, w fik- d ^r 
spun gold. — tnut, or lil d'or, |r*^rf»''^- " 
bJanc, Tt/iiVr gold, urplafina 
Oranecs ain^rcs, f p. Srville oranges. - u««^f' ] 

•r ue Portugal, sweet oranges^ Cluna •ro'^f' 
Onuigeat, m. orange peel 
Orcanette,/. akanet, orcant 
Oreille dMiomiue, /I asarabacra 
On^^illons, orillous, mp.furricr^s rvastc 
OrvIUiie»/- anntMo 
Orgaiksiii) m. thrown silky orgrnixwe ^ 
Ouvrap'S d'orfi* rtrie, m p. gotdsndilisrKTK. 
Or^f, /: Itarleu. — iiminle, peeled boTk*j. - 
IM lie, heart barleu. Pelitc orgv, AffJ«OT'«*' 
tir barley^ savadilJos .^ 

Orp^ie, »i. ajyon. Orguos, /p. «*«"• "P" 
titiiV, fairrri af^fofu. Tuyaux d orgtiis, e^i- 

Origan. n». «n|;anv, anjpan 
Origiial, origiiac, m. moose deer 
Ori|H-au, m. orsedcw^thnsei^ oriclmkh 
Orlr-rtJie,/. onnotto 
Onne, tn. c/m 

Otohe*, f p. bitter veteiies . 

Orpiment, m. orpin mineral, •^^""'^jjv, ^f.' . 
, .« /Mw . u- * Orpin, Mu orpine, or Ht^hng. — rose, r/ww ..^' ^ ^ 
;/u>»7i a/0^' -- «t^ ttrre, Orseille, /. crrV/ii, orrlteiia, ivhite mots. - ' ' 

-^^ . -. .1 1^. ^ j,s Canaries, Cflnory w««t -°"' 

lande, i<rntur 
Ona?« ./. clai-y, orval 

I Os, ni. boncv. — di s»-ehe, mttlc bone 
Sel d'Ostille, m. sorrci salt 


Osier*, mp. wicr*, iittkers 
0»tiocolle,/. osuocolia, urbtueglue 

onus, olvifit-rs, m p, hoirtttcrs 

( . p ./. vch'T. ~ de nie ar dc rut, ydlow ochre 

OuilUt^, mp. pinks 

)Hegim . 1 |j 
Ouan>, /. wtid. xuuitiiiig. Ouaic, wrl^ 

! Loatite, Syi-ian silk plant 

' Oublic's, //». -ucfers 

' Oiinltm. m. bastard *-eiina 
Oun. ni. 6cflr, — tiinnus #f* 6cor# 

I Ouiauiis, m />. *ccr'jr rM4# 


[ 99 ] 


' trrs,/^ booei, bomckit^ gwat skhu 

> -rrnttr, m. u to wna n nc. — eouunoii, »r de 

<*j'r3?rt hlxiica,iii)». -wkHetrnkh't wm*. — 
a^iTi, (fiackmakh'i tswrk 

' -%w. astrt efferrft, or riband 
• '" . I. fraw. — de U Mtcquc, cajneCs hay 
^ ;^ Of./ ir poudre d'or, goid ttnui. Paillettesi 
tiKict, «rde ftr, /icW or ij-ofi «:a&>#, or >;f>ar^ 
y -de enivre, copper scntcf. — jaaiies,^/r/ 
'^":?irf. — an^nteet, sUver tpanglet. — 
' 'n^, itft/ dianglef, — de vitre, •»" de cry»- 
- K'^t tomi ahijiuig tand 
^ '^'J, m. f^ftrjexBdf. — de loadiire, Kn* <• 
*r urth 

u ;«ebefer, m. ttw/cr. — d'^piw, ^fii^gw- 

^^ -de tocre, tttgar loaf. — de bou- 

'>:■■'■ a f»9k, MvUof roax candle, — de dre, 

-- a rsfre. — or cnapeaa de ro«c, rote cake. 

~ *' Jiitem de lin, de narette, de colza, &e. 

" "WA — de Madagascar, caMOds. — de 

^ F° ircati, ,0X9 bread 

-' '"^^fP- hattMoreo 

■■'•-■ if./, o kxni of raw sugar brought from the 

" rs, w/>. batket. — or lomine de vitrc, a 

J'- '>r 9f glast contnifttng %4 Jifittet 

■_'•'■/. tfviff^pljufi. — de c*>chon, heg^sfat 

• • aux de lelle, m ^. ^nnd*. — de >itre, 

; t^ pftnthirp,//>. panther okint 
, ' ^ y .0. chapter t made of cowry shells 
^ ^ Wountj, paonneaux, peacock*^ peahenr^ 

''/ ' ' '1. poper.^Of w/dte vriting and printing 
r '^ t'tiere are three principal nrtt : 1. Ixs 
k ■ i-^i sf<rt« : la ptrtit** roinaine. If' petit rai- 
'' *M4iofi royal, le p^tii uoin de J^'snt^ie 
f''''i ia main, le cartW r (projire k coiivrir 
r r rrieft' It* cartesX *»' pot (qui tvn A mot- 
'-" ^^*^ di;f finirvs d« « <^rte« jk jourrX la 
' r'i.n. , papier A la TellWiv (ivit/t a doufde 
^ . • •', rbajapu or pspier i chatsu, la serpeute 
'■ ^/' 'ii). a. Lti ruuyeniiti tortu : le Rraud 
J^ in iinple, le earrv simple ( printing pap€r\ 
'iavKTfjtrinf nig paper), le loiiibaril (print- 
' •'^f*i% V^n or papier de eompie simple, Ic 
''"^- double, r^cM double, le ^rrarul raisin 
"- ^*'^ la couroiuie double. It pantalon or pa- 
i«jau\ariue»de Hollande, le mnd conn U 
■' ^« gruidei sorU>fl : le grand J<&.«ui, la pe- 
'"'*^ grajide tleurde-lis, le chapclet, le co- 
">fetrle i^nd aigle, le dauphin, le aoleil, 
['^•^h'. le Kcand monde (the largcxt sort). The 
^ ^^paltoru of grey and coloured paper : l<t 
^V^n gtis et Mea pour dessintY, papier A 
K^t«Mu et 4 gargouche* (cartridge-paper)^ pa- 
• r k ,Qc^ (^ p^^p^ f^ tugw>haktrM\ let 
J^phri b^j^ homme et ha« i fcirnne (for ho- 
l'^\'\ <^nuaas colics et let laiaiiit ooulans 
f^^ng paper), !*• Joseph fluant et le carr^ 
.uat\t,le Joieph coll^, qu'on peiut en terd, 
"^*<^i JAune, &c. le Jos<.ph * toic, la main 
Jrune or uaee (for card^), la licorae (lorapping 
^P^h papier 4 demaiaeile j^rit, papier k deux 
^•^"iw. le camelouer, uiaculature (laaote paper.) 
^»P»er * coring xoriting paper, — povr ilnv 

pretaion, printing paper. — braaillard, A'4^ 
ting paper. — dor* i:»<c/ ^oykrr — arp-m-, 
oitveriaper, — matbre, marbled paper. — ^Ihci'-. 
glaxed paper. — de la Cliine, iiHiiapaprr. — 
tontitte, jlf«rA paper. — Vflin, x-rlUtm paper. 
de muaique, musu paper. — timbr^ •r tnar^ut-. 
otantped paper 

Paraf^uay, m. Paraguay tea 

Pamn^t>n«, m />. parangon peart* 

Parapluies, para«o!«. mp.umbreUat 

Pftiavent, m. a folding screen 

Paratonnerre, m. a conductor 

Parelientin, m. parchment. — en eoue, untrr\k 
ed parchment. — eu croute, undjxsscil pa:\^ 

Parvira brava, /. pareira brava 

ParAiins, »ii p. perfume*. Parluiu de» iu'S<, J>-» s 
iticense, cortex ihuris 

Pannetan, m. parmcran cheese 

Paroir. m. a farrier's huf tress 

PasHl'ine, m. colt's fool 

Passe-balle, paaie-boulet, m. UiU caUf^rc 

Fasseinent, m. lace 

Paate-perie,/. card-mre 

Patte-pierre, perct-pifrre,/. /»rrrr^t*r 

PastoJi-es,/^. cullenders^ ttrahicrt 

Pastel, m. vfoudy paste!. Crayons de pH«trl, ; ar- 
tels, crayons 

PastAquet,/^. -wafer-mdon* 

PuaiiWcSy f p. pastils 

P4te d'amanaes, /. abnond t/nrtr. — de fi.'ir- 
naiix chixuiquct, lute. — decoulcur., />a>-:'ij, 

P4tti, m p. pies. P4if de rej^llssc, Pjmfrrt cahc . 

— de guirnauve, pasta aitheoi 
Pat»|. t, r. Monit* 

Patclot, m. block lend 

Pateitflcrta, f p. clinp'ets. beads 

Pfai-'iiet*, fprricncct dock 

Psiun<u m p. skntrs 


Patte cle lion,7l Uon'spatc. Palter de : jus l^;/* , 

music Inns 
Pavauie, ni. anfiafms 
Pav^'S. mp. fjcn>iii}( stonrs 
Pavilions, 7U />. Jlafi)\ colours 
Pavot, m. pv>liu 
Vca\ix,fh' fn''f9' — '•n vprd. vrv or gtrm h r^-*. 

— sai^HV sailed hides. — stH-b^t it t-n i>oi'«. 
dried skins in tfie hair. — flj>prL-t»-ii. t/;V <// 
hides. — taiUK'eJ, tatiued Itiaei. — t-urpj-, {-^ %. 
curried hidtrt. — pasi^cs en bbnc or fu" .n. - 
gie, tatsed skins. — ^aisi'is en ciiaciois, ^/i';- 
maiicd hides. — pas«''eBf-n Hoiicrii , Hurr^r.r;.- 
hides. — passr. s m i'liuil'*, oiled hide*, oil le't- 
thr. — cie vacht-s labriqiiees eu Hu.^ir- or 
Roil sti. iWu«cory or Rtusia iiirlrs. — p;.4is-\fc 
en buffle, huff, losfhhid'js. — d'humain, hutnuti 
hidts. — de chaprin, shagreen. — de roui- 
n<-ttt-^ dof('Jlsh skins, husse skint 

Peiemeii, m p. cofnb*. — 4 fa<;on, conib-platet. — 
4 iViter, frizzing com/t*. — 4 denial, r, ai* dv- 
m^loirs, wide-toot fieri combe. PeignetteK, pci<- 
nrs tiiis, dandr^ffkombs 

Peie^oin, mp. comfxaye* 

Pei^iiona, mp. combing wool 

P<ill;'«,//>. oidragt 

PelaHe, p?lure^. pcHs, m. glover"* wool 

Pi'lisaes,/p. furred robes 

P^lissons, m p. furred petticoat* 

Pelles. / p. shovel* 


Pelotes, fp. pin cushion*, — de oner, *em bails^ 

Peluche, /. plu*ht shag 

P I L 

[ 1^~^'> J 

V O 1 

d'lm httudrier, keit-hnnnrts 
Peiid' loqiK %. J p. ear-Mtt. — d'un lustre, Aa;i^ 

<wjr cryttait 
Pnul. roll* !,//!>. truntprt atrinfa 
PenduK >, m p. pendulvnit ; J p. cloikt 
IViinat'he de-iiit*r, ni. tro-f- '<f/it:r, or icfz-rc'iip 
Pi-nturc,/. r/jf /' ow n oiK of a titar or winUoto 
Prr'oirt, mp.tuerm's 
P^ridoti. mp, {a pietioua *ioue)f>ri'uhitt 
P^rij^iiciix. IH r gord, m. perifioid *(<Atf^ Uapls pe- 

Perlt %jp. pfftrtf. — immttconit, /Mjrtint'im pearls. 

— ham>qu<^ ra^X^ii iMtirlt, — fauuis, arti' 
firiol pct.rii: — dr VniiH-, hi/f[r. — ^md- 
roiiiiee». mv/^'«i/ pcrirU for fhc Afitrnn ttniff. 

— de rirc, ■utiJ.'-prarls, biiui-iici- de liclU-s, 
p« rit k Poncf. snti fuarlt 

P« rniqu «, f P. prrukes 

Pi rst V y /i. I hin'xra 

JV rsi, ol, w. pf'f h hrauriy 

P. nil lie >tu« tloiiH', tn. Mocrdwiianptrsky 

P«>t*. -liqueur, ni, nreoiurta' 

Ptiuii i cniiin ]><)iils, m. tteefyartL — A nrMorC, 

spring ttrflynrd 
Puse, m. ^/ir r<it;.m«n flratpitth trce^ or the Nar 

rvny or spruce fir 
Pftuiiti', iH. hu'tri-fjur^pefatites 
Pfionclci,/p. ctikirt; periwinkles 
IMit-prii, m. calabar .tkintt minevers. Petitfric 

K. Autruche. PttiMioir. ^. Autniehe 
Pctrole, w. rock oil 
Plinquet, mp. seals, phocas. — k capudaontAMff* 

Pic^ prpe»»^, m. sprucfyffr^ pifch-hre 
PichoJinei,/^. rnwiW »tfrf*, pkkted oiives 
Picou, m p. nurlMace 
Piefl-dc-veftu, m. TMiArrifWn. Pk^s d*vlan, eUr 

Pienvs, f p. stones. — jk Uatir, frce-^tones. — A 
cliaux. Itme^tonet, — de tioa or de Malac- 
cca, Malacca stones. — uit-ulii^rcs orde mcule, 
mUt-stones. — bnittt, values, or vrrtet, hurr 
tfones, — 4 niguis^rr, vhef-xtonet. — d'ecnr- 
visit', crafs ryes. — k d6taclMrr, scouring stones. 

— k hu, 4 bnquet, or 4 fusii, gunfUnts. — pK- 
cieuset, predous stones. — dt' iiotmf, boarts. 

— fiiuttt.'S tfT de eiNTipoution, ortifivial stones. 
Pu-rre Armiiiienne, Armenian stone, — di- 
vine or n^phnctiqur, yw/r. — d'uiiimn, loG*t- 
stone, — bleue •»• d'outrtiner, axuir none, — 
A lime, ntie*T/. — calaiuiiiairr, caiamiue. — 
d'.tllaiid, •/ani/ *f»fi^. — iKjurrit- d*Aii.y:k u-rri-, 
roftcii atone. — ponce, pumice sionc. — de 
\M\\e^- free-stone. — di t«uc»ii* prdt- L>ilit\ 
touthatone. — 4 taux. *ryfAc rultltcr. — a riniilc- 
nr a nmiir. oil-ttone. kotir. — k Urx>\\ r, n paint- 
rr's grintbng .ttonr. — 4 fillrer. JiLniiig atone. 

— inleruaU- or 4 cault^iv, infernal s*ttru: or /«- 
7;flr cri/itic. — dtn ruinput, otteocof/Oy — dc 
tifl, d' Alcbcron, fr dt- lxL>ur,^a^-^rcn/^. — san- 
guine 4 cnivou, btoodHotte. — snn^uini- 4 bni- 
nir. burnia/ung stone. — savnniKUM*, aofip rotk. 

— de cimrpentier, black lend, — 4 ciuiimet, 
'L\trkish tobaccopipe day, — d'ejionffe, spunge 
stone. — 4 pl4tre, gypsuit^ /*laa*er-atoiie. — 
dts ccndw*, turmaiitie or aa/tdratcer. — de 
Iloulojpio. Bortotrian stone 

Pif nvrifi. / p. jnvels 

Pienriers, m />. awivei-gunt 

IMenon, m. the kernel ^ a tkttt-apple. Pignons 
doux, rteect pint^erneli. — d lude, Indian 
physic was. — de Barbarie, Bar'jadocT nuts 

PHt-s de boUe«, fp. neats ^' bo.res 

^i\ou%,m p. pestles 


Pinient. piiiieiit dc Gtiinee, m. Gttinem p^pp^r. 

rojnl. — 4 coumniM", — des Aii^ia, pi^^vrt 

nr nUspirr. — A" Vjt\in i^iic, Spanish Jmnirof 
V\ui^t\'n^\\, fJ^Mrnet 
Pin, Tn.fMne-trrr 
Piiic<!i, f p. pturrrs 
Pincciti s, t'p. nippers 
Pincr-Hux de |M>il nn, tnp. hairpenciU. — «k- »< 

di* \\iivt, pninter^ s brushes 
Pintlibec. /;.. gold-' oloumt me/af, pirtcMfrk 
Piiita<i V //>. Guinea hent. I. inttmoo 
I'ioc't. *,//». maftorka, pitchers 
Pip« «. f />. tobacco pipes. Menx-iu 4 pipr », /- 

Piqu s.fp.pikes 

Piqut . IT. tfhilted. Coton piqn^, quHUstff 
Pisvniit, m. dandelion 
pisLifh s, //I. pistacMo nuts 
PiMi»lt 1>, f/j /;. piiiois 
Pivoiiic, f'. , eof/y Jrt-rfi 
plH;'aL,f. •/». veneering 
Piamh s, /T*. coppei^al<ifeprin's%h 
Plan* 1. /^. tmcofh/ng planes 
Plantain, m. plantain 
Plantet. fp. p/ants 
Plantoiri. mp. dibbles 
Plaqu^ d*anr< lit, a. plated 
Plaqtit I, fp. fiat rantHeffiekst plaiet, — de da 

^, chttnney ' ' *" ' 


backs. — d'vp^, ncmr 

Plau de balance, m A. Aotonre iraior 
Plau aux, m />. Tr«o«im jea/e#, t e O' baard^ 
Platjne,/. ^^'na, white gold 
PI At re, m. plaster^ gypsum 
Plioin, m >. ^^cr knives 
Ploc, m. cow's hair 

Plonib, m. /rarf. — en raumoni et en naTeUt 
pig-lead. — en table or en lamea, shert a-m 

— laniinf . roiled lead. — blauebi, plated kof 

— de vitri*. r, came. — en eukit, old iemi. - 
4 tinr el en grenailU'C, small shot. — br^.'j 
burnt lead. — inin^caJ, — de mine, — d< 
mer, blaek lead 

Ploinb, Ik, apfummet 

Plonibagine,yi plumbago, or plnnUtage 

Plucke, or Peiuehe, /. ^/utA, shag - 

Pluina^ut flo, m. ajiatherfnn, Unf/or wmtnHs 

Pluinet 4 ^crin*, / p. pens^ qwlls, —- d'o*^ 
goo.<,e qtnlla. — dr cyjme, rwnn qwtls. - 
Hollands's, Dtached fpiUI*^ —4 lit, Uai f-^ 
thers. — d'n tit niche, o^ttri^ feathers 

Pluindv m/>. pluniea, /Munitiges 

Porlr^9,7>. perns 

Poeiuni. mp. skillets^ sauce-pans 

Poifls. ni. a iveight 

Poll, m. h'lir. —dechameau. arlatnede c' • 
\Ton, camel's hair. — dt- ehrvre d'AM^rc, il^ 
Sinyme, et d'Alep. Persimt goat*s hair 

Poili», mp. stoves 

Points, mp. point-lare 

Point' «, ,/'/>. a;trif^(, graving points. — nan.- 
lif-ngal manicitds 

Poirt-, m. perry 

Poire 4 poudre,/. aprnvder^hosm 

Pois, n#, pease. — 4 gratter, convitch 

P'liHoii, »i. poison 

PoiMon, m. fish. — de mer, de riTi^ne-, seafisK 

Poiflonni^ret, fp. flshkettlcf^flaf^pnns 

Poivre, m. pepper. — noir, black pepper. — 
blanc, white pepper. — lonif, hftg ;)epper. — 
de Guinee, — d*Inde, — d*Kspii)n>e, — du 
Dn'-sil, — de Purtupil, — de C«lr««t. — «ri- 
niRe, — croite de souns, — en goaaaes, C«w« <i 


[ 101 ] 


— d*Afrique, — Inriifn, 

— de Gmnfe^' Ctarurt grain t, itrgrniru tfpttnt' 
#*". — de Jama'iqae, ptmrn^djor a^^pir^. — 
de i:n\m»eisi^ Spaniih pimento — k ai^cue or 
mu«qur, eiibiM>>.-9 dc Bourbon, fmatf eubebs. 

— d'iflthiopie or de Zelim, Ethiopian pepper. 

— lauvagr, ffr p^tit j»oi»Tc", ngnus^amu teeds. 

— mooitrurux, •#• poivron, 4c// p^per 
r i.r.^n, »i ^. p^per-haxu 

T j.-fntrT^/" p. tpice-boxet ^ 

? Jiv r, fli/r4. — noire d«'« cordonnien, *^«ff- 

1-,-hrr t pifeh. -de Bour^o?T\f, — grasse ott 

>jii«toe, Btrnrumty pUcfi. .— Givcquc or d'E»- 
TazTw, nlapkohy, or 6/flrA: rct/n. — noire li- 
q^iie, a^. — navale, s»/>/«ff. — Juire.^ew'j- 

;-' i — minerale, — de tenv, Bai-badoe* 

■-J-. Porvrnine, resin 
^'■■'\, n. gloft. Iutfre,brt^htnes9 

■ i;-Q, m. p«^ry, po^iu-n 
'. vcrk, m. gtdden maiden hair 
! 'vpjde, m- p'i-ypoil/uin or polt/p$dy 
1 :-<inad*-. A". /M/iti'xtuni 

'U-^,s, / p. a ipipj. — d'Adnm, AdanCs ap- 

p '/. — dt CWu*-, China oranges. — de lem>, 

/f> c-'arr. — J'j caiinc. rant headr. — de fen- 

'' ur, Siveef bolit. Ponisnc-epineuie, ^^m c/»- 

; '. Pominede vtri'ieille, baUam appifi 
I , iiicr, TO. on n^pU-'ree 
• . ,]t,-, f. a 

, . ;. \.v>^\xsc,f. thaddtrk 
'»>ioii\ Cu calamine UancheX/. pvmphoUx^ 

v. f eaii.iiMtne 
- ;)c. , 9^ pitfTTe {Kince,/. pttmire stone 
f r fn- juiw, hog. Du pore, />«•* 

r/ ^:a.K'. /- porcelain, cluna, — - en biscuit, 

'..../, IVedgvoo Vs xvare 

ff. t^UK^y/>- CViVriCi 

'■■ r Syrc*, m. porphynj, porphijre 

r rn-aa, poircau« m. /orA^? 

I.:u'-cra)on, m. a fienril-case. Porte-feu ill«, 
prr ket-boaks, PortesiioucJiettes, tnii/fer stands. 
t'l. -t!*-piecc, a shoemeiker''s pnm h. Porte-wiei, 
K-^rvftntt. Porte-voLx, a speaking trum/;ct 

?• ti. mp. pofs 

htu^*^,/. pauuhea 

\ok- d'etauu/I putty. — de mowtacjne, £yj^- 
fj A rtfL, putfy of the mountain 

Ptb lot, m. black lead 

.""oL rv;,/. perter*s rvare, earthen xvare. — • de 
^rr», Jt«fic irare. — Gi^n d'Angleierre, y2<«^ 
u--;re I 

V.i'jii. m. brittle brasf \ 

i'.a-lr.r de canon or d'artillerie, f. gimpmvder. 

— tie CApoein. toinddio. —- de dias^ ,y<m'/m^ 
pcieder. — i podHn-r, A«r po^cdcr. — dc 

V nicor, seemed pmcder. — fulininante. />//- 
irunating powdrr. — de diaiimnt, diamoml 
ptra!der. — d*or, ^«/rf </'<rt . — medirinale, 
rv^rtrinal pvwder. — aux vers, ivormnvd. 

— aux roouche^, or seme 
P »tK!ri. T*,m p. sand-boxes 
fo'^U-^fp. henr. — d'Inde, ff/rArr»^//t-nf 
PuJit^,/. aptdtey. Foni'u 9^ ship-biorks 

P '.'i'jt, m. penintroyai or pudding grass. — de 

V n.-inie, Virj;i'nian raUU-snake root 

V<.A'jir,.S.fp. do/Is 

P iri/icr, tn. purslain. — nuuia, sea-purslain 

l*<->i'-^rtr.m. purp/e 

P ^li*../. •r graly-au du p<wvre,«'. pepper-dtnt 

} jjr U m. scarlet povjder 

Pj(!«5oIane, f. pozzoana 

P ■ I'^n^-ue, f. hotnrgo 

l'i'»line8. y. Aiuaiides 

Prv,/ prate 

'i'^\.<%.inie^j'p. ship's vales 

PrHe^f. shmc^ras*, pewter-grtui 

Pre«»es,/^. presses 

Pruuea, / p. piumi, — dc Brignoles, prunct 

Pruni-aux, m p. primts^ dried prunes 
Pmuelle^, fp. sloes 
Pucelapt-f, in p. cmuries 
Pucho, m. puichock. winfer't bnrk 
Pulmonairc de chcno, f. pulrtkonarla arborea^ 

Pulv^rin, m. priming pctoder, Pulvtrins, poa^- 

Puniivin, m. pdm oil 
Putoi^, m. a iort of polecat, ftrhet 
Pyr^thrt-,/. pyrethrnm^pe'li'oru of Spain 
Vynlcj f. fiyroUif witaa--greeii' 



QUASSI, nu quassi-xi'ood 

€lUeue«,//». tails, lips 

Queux, m. xohet-stone 

€luibu<i. y. Mirobolaiie 

^umeaillerie, marehandise de quincaiii 

Quinquina, m. quinquina, Peruvian bark. — 

faux or femelle, quina faux, bastard jnuir's 

bark. — d'Europe, gentian root. — ijri» aiti- 

niatique, cancarilla 
((ais (la marcassite de cuivre), m. quis 


R ABRTTE. F. Grauie and Huile 

Kabot5, mp. planes 

Hache de RouUron, /. the dregs of pitch and tnr 

Hacine*,///. roots. Racine d^' wifran, turr.ic- 
ric. — dc la Chine, China root. — du Kn- 
■il, ipecacitauha. — du Saint Esprit, ati^rti- 
ca root, —douce, mirk liquorice. — de >'(►- 
rence^ orris or ireo? root. — salivaire, /fe'l;- 
tonj. — de Cliarcis. doi Pliiliiipinei, ou df- 
Drike, contraijervn, or counter-poison. — dt- 
I r|>t^nt, India snake-root. — &^ !trpt*:a k 
soniutiiis — de fnaarro* 1, senrka-root^ rafdc- 
snnkc-voo/. Hacine.yc.-:rn colour 

Racloirs, /*/ p. scro/jrrs. — dc jarJjnicr, rakcf 

Kaclnire, ./". a strirkle 

Hiiclure,/. scrapings 

li,<puc-t. y. Monie 

Kftirort, w. hor^v radish 

Iliiijjonce, f. ranipions 

Raisins, m '/. grapes. — Si'cs or pnssis, raiiinr. 
— de Damas. Damascn raisins. — au uilis. 
en eaissi*. or dc eaissc, juhe raisin t. — ti'an-f) 
el au Boieil (raisin sol or sor), roidns of 'he 
sun. — niuscnts, muscadine raishis. — tiltls- 
pa^ne, small Spanish raisins. — de Coriuthe, 

Raiue, /: a retmi of paper 

Rapatelle,/! hair' doth, lirir hoftomsfor sieves 

K'.\[>i'', tabiic rape, m. rat*ee swiff 

Rajiontic, m. rhafion'ttum 

Kitpuros Of raelun.» d'i voire, raiurr^s eborics. /"/>». 
ivoiij shavingjf. — de Brnd, de ..aiidai, Sic. 
roi/jed Ttood 

Raque. f. nrrnck, or I'ack 

lacpif IU'5, fp. rrwkris 
Kns (s. i-ts rasts), m. ra*hc;. — de Chalous 

Riv He hrai « p),/. rofn, ro.*h.. Kau dt m«tr , 
vuminon oil (J' iufpcn:inc 
I 2 

R O U 

[ »03 ] 


Ilnsuide, /. huj^le^ tttd hu",lc, glatplttath 

Rats niuMufs, m p. miuk rati 

Kali Art ••v/'/>. rnl-irnpt^ tnouse frapt 

Huthie./. rateen 

Krxl'khiurvi. raiuti «,//>. ttrapingt 

Ilaioiit, my). ror«(;r»f 

Kayonsde miei, mp. h»ney<mnli*. — (Tune roue, 

K^al^l, rt-.ilgur, m. reafj^ar 

Uebul'e*.//*. Jetv^t haj'pa 

R^L-haitds, mp, chajiv}^-dishet 

III d<)uU roudou, m. fovick^ cwiaria myrfifUia 

It. tin, 771. thejine*t 'vol 

llrHeur^-t. V. liained^ Etpn^e 

K«'gllsse,/. tfkk litjuorhe. — ro^e, ge'frtinati-' 
guoiifitr. Sue or jus de regime, Sjjanhh li- 
quorice or juice 

Ri't;ule. w. rr^'M^ur. — d*antiraoine, re^tdus an- 
timonii. — d'araeirK', irgulm ofmtaitr 

Ri iUon. rn. C/;J// mnd/Jfr 

K» noiicult*,/! crntfufjf, or ranunctilus 

\\(%\\n'^ f. iTi'm. — i:U%\\t{\n.\ I udtn rubber. — 
lit- ijiuesrier or do vcnvis '"'^f'"" <»r (ft^ lutupen- 
tve, r/.'f ffindtirack: — h^^r^e or de lii-rre, 
y,nm hfiyrct, — Imiiiile, liquid aifuxr. — dc 
ttVlii', rrrhin. or ceJrium. — de cone, tereben- 
(inruL, or fill /nntine. — cti^\ resin copal, — 
di euuvlwiril, rrj-i« o/* coLibwil or locutt-free. 

— cur. iicno, Mexican reshu — de Tjr, ^i^c/i. 

— dvMiTins, varni.%h,ian'Iarack. — tac>ainaquc% 
facmnfihnra, — df piii, de mtUchier, dr Mtpin, 
df 1-' rcb I. utile. /»'>r/i, rnasticn, rcs»n,orA""N '"r- 
pn'itie, &r. Il(-biii^laque,^(mi /or. f^. JUacque 

Tl- ss-.rn. /n/>. xpiiu^t 

Rf s fr ./. or rosru. s de morue, r^/ roes 

R« Uiill<^J,7*/». dipf/nv^i, ithreds 

lUtorS'th-s, VI p. ro!d iihecU 

RetOites, / p. reion* 

Kvts. ?)J. rJc^jf. Ttcaingt 

R vCche./'. 'w:^, »r 6cj/-t 

K.'i iilmilM.'. /. ; liuh.'irh. — des Alpc«. mcnAr'i rAf*- 

Or- h^ puticr.ce^ or r/orA. — blaiiche, -while rhu^ 

Rk i !i, ni. I ; runes de ricin. eeutor-nut*. Noix du 

ri'jin Iii.'ii n, Indian purging nuu 
Ris, i-iz. 'ii. rire 
Ri5ii,';l. at. ritigallumy realgar 
H y hi ! r V t-i. - J /f. brcus I oiks-, luver cocks. — de ea- 

mil^ , p:(otf 
Kociii.l) I s,/p- ro^-nnvmles 
rU.c'n', f. Imrax to *vlt/fr zct/h 
Koch.)" IN, HI p. iolf.'er boxes^ Itorax boxes 
Buroii, ruiicou, or raiieuu, m. r«ucou, annotto. 

— i:i imirii, r4;7n«3/.'o iniln^t 
Rii:r)n -pit-tl, rw. a farrier t rafx 

Riif^iiuiis do castor, ni/i. beaver^s cods. — de 

luue, itiujtk rods 
Ro^^l1lr. s,/*/». panngs^ cliftpings 
Rf»q;ii; s tie morne,y/'. ««« ''oe/ 
IvoUt kh' tAbac, mp. toba'-co roils 
Rv)ii;uine*, / p. stcchijards 
Rk>n)arin, »«. roi-eTnaru 
Koi.dcU ^/p. linnot neads 
Kuquctt', or o-iidre <lii Levant,/. roclteUa 
11 Drains, m p. rotariet, c/ia/nets 
Roseau, m. reed. — aroruatique. steeetfiag 
Ros. rraux, »n 6. Ritssinn furs^ ernUae skins • 
jxofctte, /". /ru inif, r«ic capper 
Hoasolis, ni. rossolit 
Kotiiis. rotans (ruieaui dcs Indci), m p. rattan*^ 

RouaK*.*, m. itheehtork 
Hom.s,//*. wheels 
Kvvivu. ./i/.». tptnmrig irkcetx 

Ui;it|^e brun, — d*Em|;ne, — d'lnie (texre de' 
Pene), m. red «cA}«, .SSdttnfrA bronm, JntUmi 
red. — d'EspacBe, — t^'UI, Cart/iamus 
paint- ^ de jBueanee, nuuMrr. R«i«k, rtxr 

Ruulcaux, m /». roUersi thread or worsted bind- 
ing i. — de tabac, raiaera rc^ 
Roiissi (cuir «r vaclie de RooasiX m, Muscmfy or 

Rufsin hidesyjuffs 
Rouvre, m. gail-bcaring oak, sunusck 
Riibtuis de nl. m p, tape, inkJe. -~ de lawr. 

vor'ited bindings, — de soie, riteiM<f. — dc 

eapiton,/c/rrt lid^ds 
Rubis, m. (a precious sione)ndiy. — onental. ri.^ 

Linus baiassiu^T. — apioel, rubintd» ^ttt^i,^. 

— de njclie, rubhtus rupiiuny rock ruby. Rutu- 

celK-. ruhaccllt . ruhaee, petit nibia, rttbiceti 
Rubinc or rubis d'aitenie, iW ararnic 
Ruln-iqiie, /'. » ,-.,V «yj, red pencil, red ochre 
RiiclKS,y^. brt'-hixf€s 
Hue./, nvf, iwa 
Run:, n 
Uiuquea^ kncx>hoUy 

SABnite,/. sahine or jflix'n* tree 

I SttWf, TO. rfflH// 

Sablien. f»i p. sand boxes 
> Sablicr, ubie, ni, an /lourgkus 
. Sabluii, nu s( curing sand 
, Sabre, m. o sabre 
ikics, m p. tacks, bags ^ 
Sufrau, m. sa^t on. — bAtard, — boufg^, — d' A 1- 

leinnfpie, — du Le\-ani, lafranou, saftmi«u> n. 

Sf{ffioner. — dcs Iiides de Malabftr, d du Bm- 

bylone, turmeric 
Saffc, aiHe, m. saffer, xaffre 
Guinine sagHpiii, /. gum sagapenum 
Saf?uu, sagu, m. sagou. — Uane <1 

Siijjii, «r clia^rin, m. shagreen 
Sale te.yi fAin J«J^ff 
Sain-douji, m. Aa;?V torrf 
Saiufoiu, m. sainfoin, fenugredk 
SaUp, salup, m. aotytion, saUp 
Sale. Ktihiviii, M^ pravisiMfi 

c du BrCail, £c. 

Salier. s //»• sa't-ce>lars 
Sa in. sU de « 

ceiidrc 8, m. red potashes 
Sal^tiv, »H. sfilffictre. — brut, saltpetre tSss^^f.i 
Jor ifie Jiist lime. — de Itousaigf, sclt^re 
J'ouud against old \ooUs. — de deux cuiw a. rr.i • 
peire ui,fyolvtd and calcined for the oecond tfr.: 
— de ti'ois cuites, sallpette dissolved und n^.; - 
UdUxnl for the third time. — nlHift^. nj:r.:J 
SrJsepaiviUe. f. saUnpariUa. ~ petite, ar dXi- 

pagni. (//w best sort) 
SaUJHs, m. float's fjrcrd, or sahify 
SiunlMiniJJie.y. a kind of siivnders 
j t'omil de sanieslre, in.' Snu/rna cord 
j S.ii)dal, kuhUtL, oi. sandal wvod^ sounders 
baudaraqut., /. sandarach, red aroetur. orf.n. 
Guii)uiesdudumc,saiubiraqne des Arutxi^gL^i^ 
I sandiake. Saudnmque eu poudre,/>Mime 

ISandib, m. deep yelltnv tnoftirot 
San;^ de dra^iu m. dragon's blood 
bangles,//*, ginht 
, Sauffsue,/. a letrh 

' Sanguine, ^ bloodstone. — k branir, bumiJi'v; 
stom. — , or rou|^ d^Angleterrc, English itu 
Snpan, m. sapan wood 

'iaphir, m (a precious stone) sapphire. — BiAie. 
{blue). — ft:iutllc(w^J^) 


[ i03 ] 


•>n. m. dherfir, — Ais^, gi^te latht 

» ^ffX^f.tpntctbeer 

->-rn oUr,/. tarcKQ'la, or btteglue 
•' ni:H^,//k, aardeltj mr^nct^ qk sprMs 
T .1,. tuie^f. nmtiian 

r lone,/ towm/jr. sitrtihte ttone 
^' yr\L^mtt, f p. BroxU ttteiytkint, anigtaf 

''J 'If 
^ r!<;n,bI^Kumsia.m. buektsheat 

n\ :t,^ sadr^e, uvore^/. Mii^ry 
■•<■-'■'. waroBr «rrz«« 

;a?' saun*. m. jottzn riband 
i ri, /p. muter t^ tautx bml* 
^ " •/■ w^f. — fnuicfae, #o^ rtyal 
' . nj. taUtw-frett a wUf&io 
on, m. taim0H^ pig lead 
• ' i-^r, m. «mn<rrcr, tabhheree 
'■■ >f'. 'n. jMA. — dur, sec, or solide. A«n/ soap. 
■- >iJic, wii/<r M4;^. — jasp^, mad re, or luaj*- 
''^ 'r.aoicri Mo/i. — mol •Tiiqujde, sofi 

> I i iiH^rv, A sgafnvort^ or bruUc-vfort 

- 1 1 / loii^e, y. M-ommony. — jaune, gfmi/>ogin, 
■ ■'■^'^^'f'7, or gain bof he. — dW^ntriqut-, nit- 

«^i '31 unna, American ncamniony^ or mec/utacan. 

- ilrtifrtOe, dingrijdium 

^ 7 /» «»#. — A n^^ hmid-smvt —kte- 
-"*''' *'"*»'*ow*. — k tourucr, C9n,pa**-Htw9. 
r nil, , de *cie, MpLo-bUtde* 

^ 'f.itnvduft 

' *!''♦■» ^ Wine aMiiiu ni. tkiuk. tcincut ma- 

; ^V'-eWfJ". gil tfscorfMont 
. '*^""!«M«. mp. dry stur/norui 
• u:tv,/. tcorxonern, vifKr^x grai$ 
f^>'.laire, /. Kr^phuIaruj^Jigiubrt 

1 '^^^ "i:>.}Ha.U,fnickefs 

■ '^the, m. cut/fc.4or;« 
^ i- . ni. rj^, ». bUiic, French rice 
'^y !' '"''• , "" *** veiTi?, fondiver. — armoniac 
I JUimoniac, «a/ cmmnuiat. — aowle lain^nil, 
' ''"-'fre/ Mdf. — nijunoiiiac mitutvl, ^o/ 
'-■'■•nomacum. — d'Angltttrr,', or li'lipsoin, 

,„,"*'''''' *"'''■ — inariii, de cuisine, or 
^'^.Jiun, scl ntartuum^ cibfiriutn aui cuiniare^ 
r r^' C.^ S«turuc, .ffl// qf&nuni. — tit- 
• -<^S o/*o,'i. _ d^j nitre, de "pi«^rry . or d«- snl- 
! ,; ' *' "^"i nitre. — d« leigiK cte, Rochaic 

' '";fp'»ndflkt 
ulr. "'i **'"'''• P^lit W'ue, *'••< /i/: fifr'tk's. S-' lu'- 

V ; '^ '•« ViT«uiie. m. *? rxviwi ra« 

. ["^f.'lifrt. rante^nakr root 
^ ,!'."** *"• i^^ iQgapenum 

Serinette, f. a bird organ 
Serinsu«,//>. ff/riti^rt,gU4tter.fMpet 
Sennoutaine, /. Irvuiicum vulgare,m0unttun Imo- 

S; rpi lit. m. ferpenf (a muHctU irutrument) 
S« rpt«taiiv. V. Racine 
S<-rpenLiiie« /I seifteiittne rf«ne 
Serp' Ufs,/p. pnaung knizrr, hooked knives 
St-rpil!i^iv,yl Htrpder, packing cloth 
Serpul.t. m. iiild thyme 
Semirta, /p. forks. — de* portcs, door Ihrkj. 

— k boM •, reVor locks. — bfni;ird»-« w hi* 
iwnJrt, French lock*. — A pi'ne dgnnant, 
sto.k-lackt. — ik rcMort, *ArwVP Z*"^'' -de 
COfTiv*, trutik lock*. — pul'n s, brit(h/ locks. — 
qnarre.s ©r 4 nionuNon, ^^Titfre /«■*# 

Sersifi, Ai. goat^s beard 

Strvititei,//*. napkins 

Senic*. m. a tervier 

St saine. m. vesttnimn, oi'y grain 

Ses'li. m. xMr/i MasHuetue out Cretkum, moun* 
tarn lasyfrwort 

Siha<lj|lis,//». sfnHnlilloes 

SJifleU, m /». lohiytiits 

Siinaniuba, in. sinmruba 

Siiiiilor, m. *imilor 

Silvt-strt', m. si'vrftrr, cochineal 

Siphons, mp. siphq^f^crcnes 

Sirop, m. syrupy shop. — de sucre, treaclg 

Smalt, m. simi!t 

S<»bJ«, />. sable- f kins 

So'h./. xiik. — cnie «r ^rue, rmv silk. — 
cuiU-. fmM silk. — d^cruee. decruscv. or t\^ 
cr iH^e, si^k boilfd with soap. — or^nsin, 
thrmvn silk^ orgmizine A'k. — it^iuv. frame 
or */io' siik. — en nj.)«he, tnoss silk, — 
pInU', slack silk. — en echevenn, s!eeve silk. 
—- a coiidre, sewing tiik. -> de la pwine-iiia* 
riiie, bijsius. ^uies de pore or de aaiij^iicr, 
bi-i::t e.t 

Soldaiielle (or cfioax de raer), /• oca bind^weed 

S«iUn*, m p. razor-- hells 

Son, in. bran 

S< »nii i I le s. fp. horse-Mis 

Sonde. /. plomb de winde. m. a sounding lead 

Sondes./^. surgt:on^s probes 

Sonneiu-s,///. Ut tie bells 

Sar^,/. Turkey thillet 

Souchtt, tr. nj/Ki us or golangnl. — des Indcs, 
de Malu(iai% de Rubyione, turmeric. — long 
whiTAUt, Cyfterux Ungus odoratu* 

Soucoupts, /■/>. sn'ver*. taucers 

S<.ii(l< .*)ute, yi .*oaa,kali. — blanche, natron^ 
tal mtfrtiw, alkali ialt. — salicor, kalinuijus 
cu b'fnto ten.: lie 

Soudoir, in. a sulih-r'mg pipe 

boudure,/. »o!dn\ — ibite, hard soider. — 
uiKlre. s'ft ioidcr. — a Imii, solder of eight 

Soufif-. m. l/rittmotie. — nature), ^if, ntrge, 
or jrria, native sinphur. •— cm, crude sal- 
phhr. — de C^uito, trin^jMirent sulphur. 

— til canons tr inat^Ialeons, rolf hrimsfoue. 

— pil^, T^iro/ brifiniunr. — veg^'tal, w/VrA 
WW/, semen lijcjpodii. Fleurt de soufVe, Jlortr 
of .sulphur 

S'.Miiit r», 7M p. shoes 

Soiip'Mitfs,^/>. f/K? ntain-braces of a coach 

8r)upi^l»s, /■/>. soup-diiLet 

Souris de Moscovie/, (la martrc^ibcUne) mi6<?, 

Soveuse. f. Syrian silk-p'ant 
Spnrj^ellf, /'. dyers biov,n 
SJmrU-, /". -fpfirto grais 
SjM nuf de baltine, m. spnmareti 
Spmu'.e,^^ speUer 


[ 104 ] 


Spt<MMrd. V. Nird 
SpineUc. / tfind ruby 
Spode, /. *p«uum 
Sputer, m. tpetter 

Squinante, /. came'^s hay 

Squiiw, «^uiiu-, / chma ro9t^ chirm rHix 

Suicte (la ttormx liqtiidc), m. sfarte 

Staphuugre, /• ftophit-^gria^ ttcnxtaert 

St^tiu-./. soafh-rtk^ rteatUes 

Statues,//'' tttuuci, — }fMnttt% pedcttrkoi 

St^hiis, m. tUtrhat^ Frrnch lavaukr. — An- 

biqu' , *' ' '^hp* pTdrpurea AnMca ,- 

Siil dv pr'in, w. r'H de grain, Dutrk pink 
Stinc uiaria, m. <fmr, tkiitk, trincut marinUt 
Stockfisch, n». ttorh-jUh 
Stonx, m. ^0rnx. — en panis, en bojiilea, et en 

roarroDi, ba^trtd .rforoA: ■— potipe ©r f ii laril- 

le«, thus Jud.iortini. — en pouni«>re, pvwder 

Stnusf,/. tketnc or ir/';/r^ of sUk^ Jhtt^lk . 
Stuc, nj. stiKCo, p'n <fe. of Faiit 
SuUimf, w. tub'imnte 
Sue, m. juice. — w jns de rt^gliM^. Spanish 

jifitr. — Syriaqu^' (/r dc M^lie, ajq/!rt<i/a 
Subciu, ill. auiber, gm-amher 
Sucr^, m. iXigur. — bnit. natite stigar^ mv su/^ar. 

brtntn sugar. — XSLfte^poicdered Jtfiiiar hiniU- infv 

looT-rs. — niffin^. piJ^, -r tii paiiii, rrjned sU' 

eir,4Ugrr in Sucrrs orJiiiairvs {calitrf) 
deux, K- pt-tU-«!eux, \v troit, Ir anatn , et k- i 
sept; le siipt rtiji, le sticre royal. In 
placet t Mr I'jtrrs ore dijffingui.hrd in Sucro d»- 
prenii^re torte, dr second sorte, Ullt^iroi- 
si^me. boni.e-irowi«^me, q««trit->iie soit*^-. ]h- 
tits-blaAcs cnmmuns, belli s-ti tes. « t ba'>s<-v 
t&tt-s. Sum* roujjc «rde Cliyprc, red *iii;-/r. 
— randy, sugar cnndij. — d'ori^\ — tors, fn.r- 
ley sugar. — rosai, roxf su^^ar. — de Sa- 
turue, sugar of lead. Ecumc de sucre, sugar 

Sucriers, m p. sugar boxes 

Siuie de cbenun^, f. soat^ coem 

Suif, m. tallotp, — de place {the best sort). — 
de marque (second sort^ at Hutch tailotv). — 
en branche, suee 

Suint, m. thefUth or greasinesr rf sheep's rcool, 
before it is rvathed. — or suif de vcrre, sun- 

!^inac, sommae, m. sumach^ rhus 

Surrau, m. elder 

Sureile, /. sorreL — blanche, tcood sorrel 

Sjrrop, strop, m. syrup 

• luttrf, lustrings lutestring. - (5*3 
— fianiW', ondulatrd tnfff* 


m«iifai, Persian. 

— ray*, striped tqffHy. — - fauze, three^no'^ 

taffdff. — Anstois, court pUuster, jfv'-' 

plajster. — cW, ail-skin. — d^bcfbe, flnd 

Tkna^taflla, m. rum 

Taillandt rie, /. fwffcry 

Taillfdouee, f. eopperpUste prints 

TailU 9 de vMiiaf^ue,/ j». Turkey tomhpicks 

Tain, m. fr'n/M/ 

Talc, talc en fftn^ m. tide. — ea fenille or c 

Mosco^ie. ivu jTiqi^/ajtf^ MnfioM 
Tnlons de bois, m /». tP0Mft>n heels ' 
Taiiiarin, m. tamarinds 
Taiuaris, tamarite. m. tamarisk 
Tantbouvs, m p. drums 
Tambourine mp. timbrels 
Tantis, mp. searres, hair^'sierts 
Taiupons, mp. stopples^ bung* 
'I'^n, tan en ecore** or nioula, tan brut, w. *: 

bnrk^ tan. -r prepare, ' ttrf 
Tanaisie or h^b«> au\ vfr%f. common tanr- 
Tandrolo, f. saruSr-er^ sialt 
liittj^nU nugrm-metal 
'Japis, mp. carpets 
Tapisferii\/. tapestry hangings. — de p'l^" 

paper hangings. — souffll^ or en lainc ha( n 

Jhrk pai^T ha gings 
Taquets, mp. cleats 
Tan* (If ^otidronX m. tar 
Tar'tj. mp hory due, chequered cardt 
lane rt J, tarri^n-s. fp. zehhubfes 
'I'arir. , rn, tartirr, ar^'of. — ^m^tique sr <'■ 

emetic tartar. — tartans^ or soluble, in- ' • j 

tartar, or soluble. Crt^uie de tartre,/ ^ - 

of fairer 
'I'mss. ! 


TABAC, m. tobacco. — en poudre, snuJT. — 

puanc, mundungus. — rape, rapee snuff. — 

des Vos^es, mountain arnica 
Tabaeies, fp. tobacco boxes 
Tabati^res, fff. snuff-boxes 
Tabis. m. ta'Au 
Tablw,/^. tames^ boards. — pliantes or brisket, 

folding tables. — k joucr, card tables 
Tabl^'aux. mp. pifturet 
Tabletfrs,//*. tab'e books, lozenges 
Tabliers, m p. chets-boanls, draught-boards^ 

Tacama^oe, tacamahaea (gomrae tamacha), m. 

tacanuthara^ or taeaitmcha. £ln coque, couis, or 

subluiie (in sheUs) 


TafTetas, ni. fn^toa, taffefy. - double, /c/f<- ] Thtriiqu?,/. treacle, -de Venise, ^V"**^^ 

J. s, //K nipf 

II x tfo tan p.'. y/>. r>M}le:tfnvs 
'J7k'sci.j>es. «j yj». trlaropes 
Tenaillfs, f/>. ptwcrs. -^kyr%,hm 
T. I), ttti, /"/». corutortgf,piiuTrs , 

Ter('ue«Uiine, / turprn'hie. Huile dc t« r\ » 
thine, oil oftur/ten:ine. Esprit •r crrnu m 
t^r«' ben thine, spirif of turpentine 
Ter6iiiabin, w. feim-a'vn, a kind of liquui ;!^-' 
Tvmdlv,/. earthen n-are 
Terr* i lunta, tetre-merite. f. turmeric 
rem- de Coloji^nt-, /. Cot^ne earth. — * * 7! 
su^av-baher''sclQu. — d'ombrt, wn**'"' " 
Naples, }iaplet v( flow. — jaune, .v^"<"f " 

— i-ouBfe, red orhi-e. —tie Perse. ^' ^^•'' 

— TiTte orde V» ronr. terra viridis. Verort^n •> 
terre vrrte or gre^n earthy vertHter. —«!«?*' 
nise, yeui e reil. — nihrique A fiJrv f^' 
ons, red-pennl earth. — i pipe». 'o^^^ 
r/ny. — sigillAe or Iy>mnk-niic seiilfd f- ' ■ 
Lemnian or Ti.rkith earth. — 4 fbulo", ' ^ 
d^»!pTiis*vr, fulltr's ear h. — A p<^' '^' ' 
glaise.^fer'/ rar/A. — oiniol^e er cuuoli k ' • 
cimoUa. — cnite, fVct(gwood*s ware, it'^^' 
noix, ground-nuts 

Tvrnnvt,fp. terrem^titrems , . 

Tetc-inorte, /: r/^<f mo-fi.Mm. T*tes di- n' 
Jiitses of cloves, prnienfo. — de pip**- ^' " ' 
p'pc howls. — de linuttes, t'nnif heiw. ^ '' 
ffo^/j. — cle chardon. tenseis. T*tr -i - 
paiji de sucre, the head of a vigor toy- ^' 
ingf. Tits, clous 4 tCte,nff»/f. 1^'"* >^* 
dues, nm/* without heads, sprigs^ britdt 

Tettines //>. /tniM 

The, m. tea. —boa, •r— noir, bohea.ea. 
vrrt, green tea 

Tli^i. res, //». tea-pots 


• him, tlvynu m» ihyme 

1 r<i .u-J^^ sfMtrge tHve 

1 J La«pi, ttusspic, 'n. mithridate miutard 

i ii»ii. tao, m. £itfny 

i li juiae, toniiM:, /. pkkied tutmn 

C 105 ] 


Tnne%fp. titistt 

Tricota^:*: (ouvhito ftu trieotX m. knitting. — 

4 touuUf ^'''vry noficry 
Tri< r. tripe de vi'Ioan,y! wool^ velvet, m«k wU 

vet^ velurt. tnfje 
Tripoli, m. trtpoU 

>u\ de tignr. fp» leo/tird Mm. — de tigre^ Trochisques, mfi. trochuk», trocAu 
•; ai, ft,f«r Minf. — de tigre d'Afiiqiue, o»ure Tro^nc. m. priite. /frime print 

r..,tuji.t»Ueaii, m. /tntfenfrer 

I i ' "Kv, 9S. a ttmber or timtner ef/itva 

i • i«al,«r cinMi] ivk tiiKa<« oi tincar 

l>n4igan. »> jft. boof^aekt. Tire^MUchons, 
^?+jcrrw». Tire-bourrte, a gun^vrm. Tire- 
:<."v^ OtrreU. TiCK-iipuet, Jbumain pais, 
Tirv-plombt» agkodtr's vtce 

I ir tame. f. tinsqf le te i t e y 

' ciOTVixie roug^./. ranodb moddtr 

• .kx.ifiuen, mp^ptiitrt 

Vjun, m. tume 

itir. /. cteA, «riwii<r/«eft. — d^HoUande, AA 
/^TKf. — torue, Arsvn r/«<A. -^ ouvr^, huckh 
ohedt. — 4 voUe, gmtfleth, — de Smelif «* 
M^iii. Mi7 t«rA (/abricafed m Meiu), — de 
sabrjrda, part saiU, -^ A ur^Iart, tarpawUtig. 

— 4 taaitf AT A ■»% eloth J^r sieve*. ~ d\'nj- 
bkUage, parking dtth. — k taes, jor* cloth. 

— aponiin^ tretUit. — de eliiM«*r, da7na:Ar tth 
hk^i^. — eiwt', «( delh, — d'or •r d*ar- 
p-nt, gdii or ft/ver ftMttf. — de eotou (toile 
Indjennel, re/crai -> de soie, «<ft r^A. — 
^ eoton do Bcnnle, cambayes, -^peiute} 
prinfed m&«. — de NuaiKin, nofi^sni 

r-rton,/ ajkece - 
1 6le (frr en tAle), /. irmpiata 
Tombac, m. CmiAac 
Tinsetj/p. tutu 

Tw.ttMe,/'. (papier (ontiflse)^0(4;pq^r 

I >paz«.>,y: f^jtac, predMu Hme, — enAtm^ 

ropuaanAoan, fR j>. JeniHdem artichtket 

T(,niOetf. nugkcTot 

l<jrehc«,/>. ttperif 

I^icche,^ rerni 

romfermiJle,/. ttrmentil ctMptfM 

I »nti(>«, //*. Mrt«uer. — de nwr, /urtilar 

Ti^ochaux, mp. iwKh^Kedle* 

t»uSe,f. tuft 

I"ar, m. a furttiencA 

i ^ibe, f. dry turf, peat 

I*ninie«ol ea dimpeaax er en ehiflfbna, m. tur- 

tkcttt, tmnuaL — en picm^, eii pAte, «r en 

patn, firmM 
I'tnuevis, »ii. a tvmttrew, ot screw-ihiver 
I (natv*,/p. ar toorteaux de aavette, de Un, m^. 

ru4it.-tiH}^«>, /: tiitenfig 
lr'uo«-epice«,/A a<£r^^ 

1 ru f nt, iw. « jomer** scriber 

In^cantt (1*aaraj;amX fn« tragacanth 

I rauif, m p. ^a(tf« ij/* timber 

Iraiiehei, m. a shaemaker^e paring knife 

Iraiiehoin. m^. trenchers 

Inptliet^fp. mease trape 

Tntvenou, fn/>. scofebeanu, bedbeisters 

rrtback^ m. ^wW reeightt 

TK-fle dec pres, — de Uollaiide, d'Angletenje, 

d'Espagne, m. red or purfrie clavert Dutch cio- 

ver. -~ blane. vfute ciaoer 
Tpf iiUs, m. buekranif sackcloth 
1 repan, m. a trepan 

Tratupf , f. a hunter*e horn, trwt>p 

Troii.i»,«ci»//>. trumpet* 

TrucII. 1, fp. troieels 

Tnifffs, (ruliles, fp. trtijjhs 

Trumeaux, m '». pier gUxtJCS 

TuiU't^fp. fiJct. ~- itlatis, fat tiles. — crru- 

aet, or taUir-res, rvofs or ridge tiles^gutter tiles. 

— vcniiss^es. glazai tiles 
Tulipet,/>i. tulips 
Turban, m. cotton band^ scarf or soih 
Turbftii, m. turbith. — bAurd, or de montofnci 

Turpeljkie,/. (apretious stone) turmaline 
Tun|uoite,7: (a precious stone) ttjrq noise 
TuinJaee, or pas d^ftoet *». tussiiagOf coU^s foot 
Tutie,/ tutty 
Tuyau d*oi;piei m. an organ pipe. — d'une pipe 

k fbiner, a tabaafipe shank. Tuyanx, quUls 


UNICORNS, m. sea unieonu — ibssUa, w minew 

ml, fossile unicom** horn 
Urucu, m, annottOt corueuj or roueou 
Uin^e, /. itfTiAS, ruMAafw. — d*baniauu, ^r 

inoiuae de cx*ne numauiy i 


t tunea humana, or 


VACHE,/. aemo. ^de RQ«ie,arde Rousa, 
Museoty hides^ Russia leather 

VaineUe,/. tabte Utensil*, tBshesand plaUs. * 
d*^tain, petvter. — de terrr, earthen •mare. — 
d*or or d'nrgfent, ^aU or sitoerplatt 

Val^riane,/. valerian 

Van*. wiA "winnowing feme 

Vonille,yi vanifia 

▼annettt ».///. winnowing baskets 

Vaqaettfg,//>. smaU cow hides 

Vartch, tw. *«7 wvrrf 

Varlopt's,/^. smoothing planes 

Vases, mj&. wfcwf 

Vautoiir, wi. a vulture 

Veau, m. a en//: Peuux de veau, etdf skins 

Veaux iiiarins, m />. seals 

VeiUn«p,yi iceedashes^ kali 

Volaniila, m. jvlonia 

Velin, r». vdltwi 

Veloun (velonri de soie), m. velvet. — niy^', 
striped velvet. — ras, jA«m tw/vef. — eisel^, 
ctrf velvet. — figiiH*, 4 fletin, ar 4 U reme, 
figured velvet. - 4 fond d*or or d*argi'nt,gold 
or silver velvet. — de G^nei, Genoa velvet. — 
de colon, velveret 

Ruban reloaid, in. velvet riband 

Velotit^, m. velvet Uice 

Venaiion, /. xvniron 

Vt'iiise, m. damatk tabh<Uith 

Vi'ntoti«os, / p. cupping glasses 

Vers 4 toie, mp. stlk worms 



Yerd dci^ra, Tcvdet, m. verdkgrtate. — dHdM, 
(eristal de Tvidrt), dutUktt ve nOgr r at e. — de 
TcMie, ©r de lierrr, Mtftgreeru — dVit, ordc 
e^'ieul, Italian tap green, —dt montajcnc, 
verd de Hongrie, mmtntain grrtn. — de terre, 
t>erdUer. — de mer, •r celadon, «ra green 

Verdure dliirer./ winter-grten 

Verppttos,//*. bruthe* 

Veripjet. jr p. thifyardt "^ 

Verjut, m. vetjutte 

Vermicelle, m. vermiceUi 

Vermilion, id. vermilion. — de Pmrenee, Jtar- 
i^ ^roin. ~ d'iilspagiie, •r de Poriagid, ror- 

Vemic, m. vamUh. — de la Chine, •r T1it<h<Ni, 
Chinese or Japan varnish tree. — bfamc, 4 
boia, iipjrir •fivine vamuh. — i la iNonxe, 
Ifvfuer vamith. — dor^, jfWrf #ice 

V^ronique, /. ^teediveO, or JliieOM 

Verrc, m. ^mm. — de vitrc, wind0t9 gla»*. — 
eu plat, plate glasa. — criitalin, crystal glat*. 

— oe roche, Jhnt gUut. ~ ardent, or brAlaiit, 
a burning 'guu». — de Motcovie, Mutcovy 
giatSj cMT siuae. — de cobalt, 6/(/e glats or rmalt. 

— dVotimoine, ^/o«« ^ onrifiMfw. — crm4, 
•r mini, ^aAsm ^te«i. Term 4 boive, gicuee*, 
drinking ^aatCM 

Verrerie, /. glat* wmrt 

Venrinet, / p. glow pipet for metevrologiemi in. 

VeiTota, mp. coarse bwle 

Verroterie, /. bugle. AmfarhMlei roufpet, groMPs 
et petites ; eorapces de lait.grot et petits ; crb- 
taux fins, gTM et petiu; Raleta roures, et 
ray^s ; grains ray^ ; maii^riettes de diverses 
coaleiirs ; olivettes citron, et blanches ; du pe- 
aant jaune, et du pt.sant rerd; de bi rassade 

Terrou, m. a doer boH 

Vi sees, / p. vetches^ or tareo 

Vi sschIi-Ioiiii. f. piiff bait 

Vessics,/p. bladders 

VictQailTes,/p. vicfualst *kip provinons 

Vif argent, m. quvkhlver 

Vigogne, m. vigon^ vicugna vfool 

Vilebrequins, mp. -wimUes 

Vin, m. vrine. — Uane^ yehke tcme. — 
rouge, mi ivine. — rieux or iM}uv<;au, old 
or neti- uine. — ^rent^, tailed or dead wine. 

— clairet, claret. — paillft, pale roine. — 
bH^I^, miiUed wine. — de deux, trx>is, six, ike. 
feuillcs, wine, m-o, three, rijr, ^c years old. — 
de nj^re-^outle. unfirrsted winr.. — de prrs- 
suragt'. . ress wine. — de nn>4, rape wine. — 
doux i/r nouveaii. mtuf. — qui a beaueoup de 
eoriw. .h ong bodied nine, —kc or d*Espag^ 
Df, i^.' k, — mw U^. mul e. — de cerises, cMer^ 
ry mine. — dt tra'iibcMac-s, rarberry wine. — de 
groseiJles, aitrrta wii.e. — d'orang.-, orange 
wbnc — depruaeUesiWsa'SMne. — d«piuiies 

106 ] 


de sureau, elder wine. — de Bourr>in» 
Buigmndu, or Burgu$idy wine. — de Chatn 
pagne, Champapie or Ch un^ a g i u wime. -dt 
Mad^rv, Mamm wine. — dX^octo,p«rr vmr 

— d*AJicantc, metjntain wine. — de Portus^ 
port. — de Bordeaux, daret. — du Rhin 
Rhenish wine. hock. — d'Hongrie, Hmgar] 
wine. — de Tokat, Tokay wim. -d'Anda 
lottsie, •Acrry tcine. — de Ganarie, Camrf 
-> d^Espacn*-* brAl^ mulled sack, -df |»» 
tae, ponfae. — SciUi^ue. ScilSttcum ^^^'* 

— de leinture, «e»ne coloured with ddrritrnn 

— lithargf, win? ^iulfermted with Hthar^ - 
mout^,mat^, sr souA^, fu^unaerd wnr 

Vinaigre, m. vinegar, — de rin, wint v:nq:ar 

— de hi^re, beer vinegar. — de ddnr, cuy. 
vinegar. — rosat, rojr vinegar 

Vinaigriers, mp. vinegar cruets 

Violat, m. syrup flf violeto 

Vionie,/. tJie wayfaring tree 

Vip4^n^ fp. vipers 

ViperinedeViiginie,/. Firginia snake rwi 

Virolr8,/p. cane ferrets 

Vis, A a screw. — k caler, an at^usting nrfr! 

— 4 serrer, a tightening screw, —de fipF'-' 
r^idating screw. — 4 main, a thumb rrr'-' 

— 4 la noix, « fiiif screw. — de prtsaon, < 

-Wane, Wen, »«l 


vitriot, copperas. 

white^ Hue, green vitriol 
ViTivs, mp. provisions^ victuals^ eatables 
Voide,/. wood 
Vobmt, m. a shuttlecock 
\o\s^\le,f. poultry 
Volires,/p. thin plank* ^ deety or any H'^ 

white wood 
VouMe, m, wood 
VriUes,/p. ginUott 


YEU9E,/. Aofrnsofe . 

Yeux de bourrique, m p. eowitch. — d *«• 

vissfs, cmb^S rrjet 
Ypr^u, m. nufrh eJm, e h n ^ ree , 

Yroire, m. ivory. — de Hoteo^ie, eburf'i •«" 


ZAFRR, m. safer, or xq^ 
ZabelUs, or 7ib('iiiies,/p. sable thin* 
ZMoaire , m. xedoaru 

Racine de zennnbeth, /. wild ginger _ 

Zinc, m. zinc, spelter. — en aarett^. •'•* 








FBAN^AlSy &C^ &C. 


^RASSKE, oteff^* (motmaie <rargent de Perte, 
tie la valetir tTemir^n vn pane 80 centime* de 


kfTilv^^aSA^ Jierdakie, on Aberdeen (merue 
t'^i -V« dan* ia met d*EcMse) 

V<nu abru (rrwnnfltf de Ptlwte, qui vaut unfranr 
lb cmthnet de France. Cette monnaie ett cot*- 
TO^e en THrquie, od die patsepwr un ^uart 4e 
''i^grou {^cu de Cempire) t^m h^peu-pret d wte 
:- irrre forte) 

A ''j-4-<aacit, rorftf (p»if*9n d Hmen de* cite* du 
L- "Hl^ qui a une e^me au rommet de to lete) 

v tn-pen, petU pmtteii du. Bir*U; e«liice de 

Achrtar, m mckles, aehar (nem grneriqve de tot/te 
"trie dejrtdt*^ l/gume*^ trc. cvn*ervt* att vhtai- 
g-f^avee du taff'tau, du ptnienL, ffe*^piceHe*, 
cr r. pmtr donner du hau( f(o6t aux vumde* et 
t'Ationt^ *tdvafU Pusage de tinde) 

■*.' l.:'rte, grainr *eroaru d'rttirerie*^ et de *affran 
'r-^-ir let tauce*^ danr let tnde* EffMt^noiety dun- 
y--r-u auMti vne teinture rmigc, t^pelee par le* 
/w/^ntrf*, aehoW 

A-',nj gland* (wmamen* defl ou de *oie) 

^ r- . aere, tneture de terre, en Angl&errt, cmtte- 
r.anf quntre roods quarr^*. Le rood eoniient 
40 ptrcit* ou poI<-« qumri*. Aiiui Pacre e*e 
h'.( nK*ure de surfart de 40 pcrehet, de longu- 
fir, 4nr A firrche* de largrur^ oo 160 peif/teji 
TiOTi ee*. Cetait la mime niaure quel'anre de* 


ferft*, autrefm* u*M en Nonnandie. Laperche 
a communrment 16 pied* Anglai*; dan* u Staf' 
fardtlure, Hie a %^'pteti* ,« dant d{fffrenre* pr*. 
vince*, eile varir de 16 pied* d 18, 20, 24, tt 
mitneju*qu'& 2« pied*. D'apri* cela, I'arre 
AngUnt, eampari mux meeure* actuelle* de 
France^varie depui* liect. 40 jtaqu'd l facet. IS 

Adam^i apple, pomme d^Adam 

Adiuiral, panama ou olive {urte de coqiiiHe). 
Oninee admiml, pavUlon mtmge (*9rte dc c»- 

Acira^;:aiith (gfumX gomme adraganfe 

Ady, *orte depalnu*te de ri*ie Sainf-TItamtu^ dotu 
leJntU est fUtpeU par le* P^riugait^ cariat*€ 

Ag&ia wood, boi* d'aigte 

Ai^rick, agaric (plant* ven^neute^ purgative^ ex- 
celfent astringent) 

Afpit', agnte (pitrre preeieuse) 

As^ti^^Mius sfwl, pefd p*ivrt 

At^lity, agmUi (qtuu'riip^de) 

Alabasu r, albdtre (terte de marbre, iran*parent et 

AIhttiri)«, alf*atro.r (.torte d'wseau de* mer* du Cap 
dt h'^utte E^ltrra^e, 6*r. i^tpedt au**i par k* 
niarint hran^aiv, nwuttm du Cap) 

AU'o, cliien (intiet de* Indietur) 

Aider, /rune (nrbre de boi* rouge^trCt tendre^ A 
Jteur* A chnton* ) 

AlkaiKt, orcanrttc {plantep^w la teirUure rouge) 

AUieau>r, caiman (e*pic€ de crocodile) 


[ 108 ] 


▲lligBtm>pc«r,iiv«rarC/rui/>. AWgrntoripeftrtree, 

inocatier (arhre) 

Aliitondt, oniandes (fruit de ramarulitr). Jordan 
aliuonds, aniandt* u cra^utr^ h la priftcette 

Al«ni, aiun. Uock aluiu, aiun blanc. Uoch aluoi, 
alun de roche 

Alof , alof a, nh^t (pkmte anttmuiir dans Iff deux 
Jnde*^ dom «n tire un rue t> ^s-aniei | arbre dc9 
Indej, dtnt le btu e*t edmnjrram ; on th-r de la 
i9ie de tes JctiHlcA), Aioet wood, 6011 d'alois 

Alum, aiun {»rl mineral d'un g»iU acide) 

Amber, ambre jaunty sua in (/u^jCoftrc rciincutt^ 

AinbniSrite; ambre gris 

Sal aiumoiujic, tel ammontoc. Oum 

g0ntme ammtniaque 
Amomi i«.-«d, amtme* (dngue nvtdicinak) 
Ananas. V. Pint^ppk 
Anchor, mi aitker, anere (JutaUtc^ tnesure de* U- 

quidrt^c9mme vinaidre, eaii^e-vie : en H^Uande^ 

rest le quart d'un Mam ou aan^ ou la rotUtf 

nanre de drux stekatu ; le ttekan Hant tie 16 

tuiugles^ ehk ntin^le ite deu v pintet de Fatis. 

Ainsi Can'tr conrwtit dix gaihn*, meture de i-m, 

en Angfeterre^ ou environ 01 /trrcr, rnesure de 

Anclioviet. anch»h (pefk poi»*9n de nier) 
Anil, awf(iiont de a plant e qui donne riwBgp) 
Aujctrliea root, angelique (piante odaranu Ant 9n 

conJU la tigr) 
Anguftuia bnrk, icoree d'anguttura (etpfce de 

quinquina, bon pour le* Jl&vre* putride*t la dy*- 

tentrkf trr.) 
AiuMtied^ anisc-, am* {plante tt graine arwnati^ue). 

Indian anisi't^, ou tmdimnv^badian, ou badrnnct j 

ani* hoile, ant* de* Inde* 
Anotto> aniotto, ou annotto, rocou, ou roucou 

(fruit et graine d* Arr^riqtie. qui donne une teiti- 

eure rouge) 
AntioionT, anrimoine (demHJ^ioleompoti de*ou- 

fro et ae ntenure) 
AntulHe orclortn, matrice de clou tie g^Jte 
Ants, white ants, cariat^poux de M#, o*kfowrmi* 

Apple, pin< -apple. V. Pine 
Cash.w nppk*. T. Cashew, &c. 
AquH-fortis, eauforte (acide nkreux), Aquih^tc, 

eauFdC'vie (liqueur forte^ extratte du rin, de* 

grwm^ o-c.) 
Aii'ca, ou art- ck. noi r d'arique (fhiit d^un , >atmi- 

«r, que le* Indieti* michtiu avec le b^elet la 

Aryfus, argut, coquWage 
Artuadillo, tatou. oa arntadine (quadrup^de) 
Aro>n9,tic9^aro.nate* (drogues odo: {f(fiante*t '^^ 

Amok, arrac (liqueur forte on ipirittieuoe de* 

IndtJt : re nom /rniploie jtouveM conime *yno- 

nt/nte de ruin, tc[ffia, ou e*prit de camie*. Cc- 

pendant rarrnc, proprenmU (St^ e*t eclat qu'on 

tire par diftiilaHon du calou u>. guc de paUtuer. 

II teri fail nu *st m^rc du riz) 
Arningt iii> lit, ^qui/MXf{e (de sucrerie) 
Arrob?. nrro&e, otdrd't-T/tagnt tie 25 liv. Celfe 

de Mtidndett rie 2? 'iv. l-J ^foids de nutrCy ou 1 

myriagra^'ue. 137 en poid> de Frame. L'ar- 

rthe de I'ortugal est plusfurie 
Arsenic, areenic {miner(Jl ilcmi^ietal, *el %.e- 

Atat'cetidik, nun-fitiilaiefpri-e ik gonvne-i'C*ine^ de 

mauvrihr o*ffur) 
Aih, asii-trvi-.y"/ ^ne (grand arbre dont le boi* est 

san* wcudji, et qui a k*Jibrcs tr^^-longues) 

Avens, berb bennet, benotk (pkUU trittOiti 

Avfrnkipoi«e.weif;:bt ou avoirdnpots, p^ taiti 
en Au^trterre^ pour tou* let o)fet* gujrtth*Qr 
et 4 drdic' : iL^niietu 16 once* par Uvn: il rr. 
aupaids appel^ troy-weight, coimne V et' au 
cYtt-d-dire. que 14 livro* avenlupoise vclent 1 
livre* iruy-wi ight. L'onee aTetdupoiK te a 
fite en 8 dranu 

A« Is, aleue* (iustrumetu de eordoimia-) 

All rbe ou asscrbe, nau- de muicademAk, oo inu 

Azoga, ou azogue ships, vai*»eauj: du r«i d'L 
pagnc, dont la tn-hfc^le de*linarioH etr de fxrti 
on Am^rii^ue le mercure ou vif-argeat f/ r**^' 
fi rexploi/afion de* mine* 

Azores, ou Wt-stcru-islaiids, i*le* Acorn 

Azure, azure^tone, U^i* laxuUf axur 


n ACQS, lard 

Baboon, babouin (*ortc de *inge) 
Bagauz. bagtute (rmine h *ucre pat*re nu tur^^- 
prapre au chanffhgr). — huts, cue* d bogus* 
Baize, bwj&te ^sorte de /lanelle) 
Balsam ul' capivi, on copaiba, baume dc rt^v 
— of Gilead, baume de Jud^. - o( Mctc 
baume de la Mecque. — ot' Peru, batnu c 
Balsaiiune, baloajnine (pUmte) 
Bamboo, bandfou (arbre de* Inde*) 
I Bannians, bantan* (marcfiand* de* Indei) 
Banicooter, b^cune ( poieson) , 

Barbicue, brorhe (debo*d rStir^ oa b bourrn^^ k 
vimidet). Coffee barfakue, bouam a ccfc. 
##i herie 
B*a\», rhevoux barbe* 
Bark, ou j< suit's bark, guinauina 
Barhury matting, natte* de Barbaric 
Barilla, vwidlr, ou berd „ 

Bari.y,4»;ytf. Peeled btrley, orgetnondr. V* 
ley broth, bi?re forte (ofi il entrt Afcttcj 
d'orgey, Barli y-sugar, /i4rrr ffoiir 
Barit ycam% me*ure d'unjier*depoucc jini^' 
ou tnviron 0,00853 du mitre ^ , < 

Barrel, 6art/ (tne*nre dc^ /iquide*^ &c. m.-''-_ 
terre). — oT wine,~oiJ, &c. me*ure de* ' '/ •* 
de 31 gallon J 1-2, femnt environ 105 '^''t. • 
1,05 hectolitre*. — of air, 33 /«««'•' ' 
lit ret, ou 1,07 hect. — of beer, 36 x^ ' 
IW litre*, ou 1,90 Aoot. — of vinegar, «" 't ' 
pri^panug fur \ in gar, meture du htj'*^'^ 
ployee poi.r le vinaigre, ^c tgtde 34 ,v' ' 
fe*iifU 117 litres^ ou 1.17 Ant. — oi fcU:;""- ' 
eils, rnesure de 42 gallon*, fc*ctit 140 it'n 1 
J,40 hecf. — of herrings. 3 1 gallons l-i '/ 
ie baril de vin. — of buiur (in *:.«»*% ]' 
avcrdupoise; in Sufiulk, 256 ]i\.), ^ ^ 
llMskft rods, otier* 
Bast rupi'S, cordage* d'ecorce de tiUeul 
Bay leav. s, feuilles de lavhcr. Oil of boy, - • 

ae laurier. Bay in-* , Umrier fcnw'fe 
Bear, our* (quadrtip^tle frt occ <-'/'• ''"' / , 
Biaver, ctistor (auimd 'aini>hilAc),(hBpti.^i ^ ' 

Bi-d, canal it vezon {terme de *iicrerlc) 
Beech wood, boK' de hfire. — quvt- r*« ^''^'' 
de hftrc, — tret, hfyix (grand at tn }'•' A 



V/ti/.v, fm des plus beaux et iki plus grands 

^ lkd,c¥s 
^- I !i. woiikpfaeach, ftahii de rrumuisier 

i' I fau4st-&querre (instrument de tnenuLter et 
* rfiorpentiery 
^I'^it^ bezoar, bezMrd (pierre de oa rticul 

109 ] 

C A L 

Divssins: boxrs. earr^s, holies de liti' 
ietfc. Box-wood, box in-v, bui^ {nrbrtAacuu) 
Brandy, etm de vie, brandevin {liqueur ft^rte^ ex^ 

trnite du viu"^ 
Bnivs cwvre jaune^ krifm, BnM wift, ^ d'ar- 

Brazil-wood, hoh de femamhfiuc^ oa de Brrsif. 
— ol' Jiiiixn, jfn/>nn (Oois de fiiiitwr) , 

'.ma/, ctncretimi pttrreuse darn k rtrp't de ! BKad, cassada brtad, cassave. Brv ad-fniit,// 1//' 
".nt anhnaux ; ale est sudorijiquc^ boime \ d pain. Brtad-t"ruittr^*< , «r//rr /)/»//<«, on rr/fj 
■rkxemn). Bezoar equinuia, »u hippoli- j Bricks, briques item argikUiCj mouiee et n.-uc, 
fier/x de bombac^, on de monibaxai — | qui icrl 6 bAtir) 

*"—"---■*- *■--" 'ainnwinsu jacrtir , 


CuTTiM, m cow'f ejw. pierre de bceuf. Porcu- Bnlliants, briUaus {dimnans & facettn) 
^'r Vzoir, pierre at p»ro^ic. An artiticial I Brinictono, scujre (sorfc de niinei at inj\ 
»^ hdtjous bezoar, ou Malacca tHan^pierre de BririinoiK.>-lnll. %ouJri,''re 

P-'f ^Jcirmn,arrefo pmtftute^ (arbrisseau^ raisin 

,'^' ■*r') 

' ■' u Jiirch-tret', hot Jean (arbre d bois blemc) 

■ '■> &iJ. huile oa goudron die bmdeau 

'^-^ nu'K»Awar \Mi\,f''^gate (oLseau). Rice bird, 

l^'-''-:.-: <t la Caroline. October Wrd, oitoiari. 

iird mj^ef. engesipetifet leges poiirles oiirnux). 

t-ri-Lim.ritt {at -.position viiqiiaue et tauict). 

* '^ /ic hiTrll,pailU>^n-*:ul 

- '^■'ort, hoUowHtiot, aristoioche (planie tri^ 

; ' "".ttfrfaise^ Auruif ipdn euH deuxfms) 
'fiii, hitmuth^ nuuxassite d'fmin, rrain de 


^' f. ffTtdin^ ou tM de_pfate (mennoie vsi'rt aux 
' c^ ^AraMque.) HalPbttt, denue^xrdin^ ou 

'- H doc;, /Mir oa jw warqud (monunie df ctdvre 
<-■ uk4 de r Amtrtqtsey. — lead, viiive de 
.-•' ""' 

• Ki>i^, slio^ Wackinif, nofr (de coi fIortr,'"'r) 
■'■■'-^'jsmts (itAie de nicUil fort nuncc.Jlr ti'im 
'" • trfmrhanf) 
'^v »hip blocki, poulies (roue aur laf^uc'<' 

i vitiate, tilk lace, Uonde (esp^ce dti dciifcHe dr 

■^'nie, pierre tanfrilne h rrc'jon 
'^'Hw pa|H;r, pripicr hi'oitlifard 
: "*'• •« train-oil, hiale dc pohton 
.*' pow .-r blue, sturch blue, biru d*err.f>o}s 

- '-^f df code d'ntuidon) 

- -ir, •«Tof,ftorc, rorfwn VI'"'. A M ild boar, w» 
j "^l w. WikI boars. '.'Vi 'f fv. f 

;/' !'','^'*Pl*«'^ri!»,:/,<'ivo/>jT.tiU I'ouve.-'^pnurfu- 
'^'' '<!• npt- hoanU, fvr.yuh wxrrnui, ( fi'"ur 
'''".auxj. Palin;: bcur.U.7/'a/4. Wj- c< /vc'/or- 
,,'';'^ • PiMt»M)oanl», F. <; /f? v^^-v I' 
- -"iini, laee bobbin*, /'<>y;,- x (/>//.,'? i;j*/rw- 
^['^ifmrf/er^bmir purr dc iu £.'■ /j'^; •) 

- -isitjtrcf, &Kw2io6, ou paiu-dc'sin^e [grand ar- 

: '»'r. fi/'^TTp fucrier., aa<si chaudiae t//* stuia'iC 

r I tnnr. >'. PlanUin 
; Y^ck, tioir rfo/ 
^ I' iac*;, denfrHrfaL'e atifu\mu, Uow's 

j ' '■ <^«dt^JOIK 4, 01 «fe #<?c /if 

.; "-A , ^.v/orrf (l<or/e d'oiseoii) 
i'''^''l"'irsyVo!unu;^, rr^itres^ cfrr. 

'•'-!> c, OH boot bst, einboucholr (in., cor* 

-i^. fwjoi (rj;^iftv tfc «/ mineral) 
j ^< ifo, (mtargue {irufs de poisson dess^dtes) 

^ ''«<•, coijje, to^rr. Powdcr-bcjx, boilc it 
^OL. III. 

Bri.itlc, ioie c, ou /w/ ffc san,^lier 

Brooms, lln<? Ijroonis, Ut.'Uf de roncux ou r»*c 

/one. WisK Iwooiijs, bfi'.nii dr -itr 
Brown-red, rtd oiliri*, hrun-rou^c (ocre ftrru- 

giueu.e nrd srrf <i lu pdutt.rc). Hn»vMi iii-jnt-, 

iiiov^nu'.iC {'iOion dei vavir.s^ mi-.^rQljl'-ru. 

Bni<iiM &, brof<e9^ vergeitcs 
Btieklt.% bowlcj 

Buokmiii, bougran {f^rofxe (oUr gmrv' t) 
Buff", Irtiif-sUin bu'K-U ail.._r, i/jj/'' \j^^'u:i dc bu^' 

et fuaux paisrej en finjjir) 
Builalo, bLja*- (bruf sauvagt) 
Bu»;ii-, verrotteric, rnixnde {i>iru'/e mnrcfinm'.,^ 

de vevte, f^rOfUi, bfifiuej). Cir-ai bug'l.,, gvus^'- 

venofferie. buiaU ou seed bugl--, prtae it/- 

Buiru lievjenw (plante) 
Bull* t-trtf, Wofa (arbre d*Am^rii^ue). —"wood, 

boit de bilafa 
Bullioji, or ou argent en Uugot 
Bunt in<', rfatnhie d pnroilioii 
Buniiii^'-j'iaM^s, miroirjt ardent, vcrrex ardenr 
Bu*Iu-!, hoi ■srau (nicture Anglcue pour les grains, 

lonUiwtif S t^ali'uns ou 4 peck* : tin boimnu An- 

flaif de fiouwnt ptfte 61 tivret avoir rluf/o/ic). 
ii;s!jfl, hiiiil iiuaaurr, boi^enn (coiuenant 4 
petks). V. Peck. Bu^hul. water measuri, 
autre boisicaii (rtmmiant 5 pcfkt) 

Buit, ^orifi''. dniii-fo7ineau (Tiirrurc Ant^inlse pour 
t( , iKpidct. et tur-iot(t le xnn,d futailU rontinnvt 
2 hogdiruds, ou 4 barih^on 126 gallons, >u 4ly 
litres, ou 4.19 hertolitres, mesure de France) 

ButtLT. Lruirr. — of antiiiKjiiy, of tin, bettm- 
trnnfh}i"int\ de z.inr. — of li rtd.'irurrr dephnUj, 
de tntimie. — , ou oil of cocoa, licurre r/c caret 

Biitt-ltailicr, craplcu-ltaUier, cuir de boeuj\ t^.r 

Buuons, Itoulans 

CABAIXINEoil, huikdrcl^^cl 

C.'ibbii^'. i»:ilin (nt- cabbage, c/'«;u/ra//»;<,r*f 

Cubujji, eul)uia,pi([/e 

Cacao, V. Cocoa 

CapTi ou keg-, cagne ( fuUiHfe et tne.rnre Hoi'mf^^iie. 

confenanf 4 ou 5 gnlhus Angiats, eu>Ji"on 43 

litresy ttiesure de Frunrr) 
Calabar skin, petii-gris (Jowrurefuiredelapeau 

dvn ervreuil du uord) 
Caliuainr. rn' amine ( pierre bitunrneuye'^ 
Calf, sni calf, i^au marin {fi'junt la/Kau noire,ve' 

loutre, el tntlieice de bfnnr) 
Culimauco. cahrf'ude ( '-ro^e dc laiT^ i^dr^c"^ 


[ no ] 


ralli— fi fiies de rar«n 

Ciltrop toell, Ml tliort-beaked puipun, chicorie 

•ambay stone, e/M^ ^ cmttatine ties Indes 

^UbboKe, ginmeifutte 

Cfenibnc, t9tle de CaMrau^ ou baiUtc. — muslin, 
pertxdie (toUe demon du Bengvte) 

CameH cainvrs hair, ou mohair )-ani« poil de cha- 
mean (dont on fait deephtoauA). Cauiel's liay, 
squinanie, esquinunie, ou paiile de la Mecgue 

OamclopardaJis, K. Giraffa 

Camlet, cameioe (torte fPf'toffi: depoU et de laine) 

Caiiiomile, camMiUte (pUtute odorlfY-rtmte) 

I'lunptraehy mi Xof^ wood, boit de Catnp6:ht 

Camphin*, rampfur (j(omme •rientale) 

<'aniwood. btnu lm$ rouge d'Afrique^ et du Brr.rU 

I'aiiar)' Unit, aei-itu^ oiieaux ou terhu dt Cana- 
tie. — fc-rd, tdpis^e, grmtie (Toiscaii, ou de Co- 
Norir, nuUit^ ou mil 

Caudles, chandellf*. Dipped candlei, chandeUes 
ii la baguette ou commune*. Mould caiullcs, 
chandeues moulres. Wax caudles, bougkt 

Caud U^tickSy ehamleliero 

Candle-wick, coton d mfche, ou mfche*- d chat' 

Candle-berry it«», drier de Virguue et dela Loui' 
tiane (dont la die est verte) 

Cane, ou suf^r cane, canne a tucre. Blast of su- 
garcane, Jlitriuure des catina d tucre. Lod^ 
tsd cane, canm couchie {par k vent ou la ptuie) 

Cauica, fawtse canede 

i aunoiu, canons {pi*^e d*arfilterie) 

Cantharides, ou Spanish fliea, cofif/iaridu (ntoth 
cfkco v^n^neutet) 

CanmK, canevat {oorte de gro$ie toile) 

Caps, bonnets {v^tement de tfic) 

i^afters, cApres Unut du c/iprier) 

Caper spurge, ^purgty ou petUe catapuce (Jterbe 
qui purge violemment) 

Cuput iiiurtuuiu, tcte mortem colcotar (substance 

Citp^bura, mnt'pouri (quadrup^de de VAm^rique 

4 'ara^ttUi, mlo*}8 pitr^ ou carntn 

Caraway seeds, ^roi/i^jr de cfun't 

Cai-tMUicle, etifirbvucle {rubis d^un rouge fonce et 

Curds, playing raixls, cartes h jouer. Wool 
cards, canlts (sorte depdgite pour carder) 

Canhunuiu, ciirdatnoma (graine aromntique) 

Uaruh, ror«u6c, ou car rouge (J'ruii d'un arbre du 

Carmeuia-wool, taine de Cartnruie 

Uanuiiuf, cartnin (couleur d'un rouge vif) 

iiar|K-ls f"P'^ {t'tiiff'e dotit on couvre unc tablc^ un 
pUinrhtry &r.) 

Ouscarilla, cascarlUe, on quinquina grit aronu^ 
tique {rcorce JhbriJ'uge) 

Casts, et wee-cases, dtuis (boite f*our terrer^ conser- 

Casht'W-tree, arajou-ponune (arbre d'Anterique et 
ties Intlet). Cfl»hew nut* tioi.v tTacajou. Cashew 
apple, poinuie iCacajou, Cashew guui, gomme 

Cashoo, OKhou 

Cassada, ou cassare root, manioc, ceutave. Cas- 
sada bn-ad, casscrve. Flour of cas«da, farine 
tie manioc. Cassawary, ccnoar (oiseou) 

Cassia, Alexandnau pur^iufir cassia, castia in the 
cane, casse Jtofuflvc, caste en b/itons^ ou en ca- 
nons cannefitcctusejlstule, — bark, — ligni-a, 
ctusia tignea^ cassr en boit. — buds, lUrwr* tie 
vasse, — caryophjllata. ou clove bark, canetle 
gir^/tfe^ cannelic noire^ icorce de gtrofle^ bois de 

erabe, bois tie dott dupara^ boit de gir*fe, rc^ 

let. Cassia Awericaua fcetida, casse pucn't 
Cassumar, eassuuaunar, cassum utuniart casiium 

(racifle otomar/ii^ue dee indet orienuiet) 
Castor nuts, gratttes de rkin 
Cat^t, catliug, cortk de boyatu — , morii (e^/tc 

Cauhrtuwer, chawjleur (plantt pttag^) 
Caredo, meswe PortugaUe de il powxt Ang^ 

ou 0,653, du mitre 
Ca\iary, ou. cavear, catnar [vrufs de psiitoa, k| 

vant dant le nord k la nourriture et aux aui 

Cayelac, boit odorijhtmt qui croit dant k rffyom 

de Siam 
Cayenne pepper. V. Pepper 
Cedar, crdre («r6/r, pin du Liban) 
Cedria, crdrie (ratine du cedre du Uban) ou m* 

tie intuticbine 
Cents, numnaie tie cutvre, du lOOffir tTwu >ifl 

trt, utit^e aux EtatfUnit tie rAinrrt<,ite 
Cvntipes, ou sculopt- ndra, b^te d miUepittU 
Centronix. V. Hedge-hof^ 
Chaklron of coals, meture de chorion fh "" 

(cotuentutt 36 boitteauXt ou 12 sou, tt.-^ 

SOOO livret petont^poidtAngkatt avuinluiwu' 
ChadeC F.Shadeck 
Chalk, craie (pierre Uanrhe et, tendre) 
Chaiidler^s yKnrvn, graitset 
Charcoal, stnallcotO, charbon de bois 
Ch^oe^ froinage 

Clii«iiuts, ch4taignes (Jhtit du ch6tttignier) 
Chiego, ou uigx«^r. chique (inserte) 
China ink, encre de la Chine. China root, rfr-y 

esquine, Chifui (racine mtthnwue des i"^- 

bonne pour la goufte. la yattnisse^ trc.) 
Chintzes, Indieutte* (toile de coton peitue) 
Chip luts, r/iapeaux tie cofseaux ^ 

Chocolate, chocoUit ; corao, camidlt, ncrr, c '- 

Cinnamon, r<»ftamome, cannelk. Ciiuuuiou-IA^I 

rtsniteltier. %> 
Cinnabar, cinabre (mineral rouge) ^ , 

Cbteni (duudcr), batsin (pour recofsir * '■■^"^ 

meitt flu tucre brut det boucaodt qui t^i^ "*^ "^ 

Pome citron. V. Pome 
Chip buanis. V. htmnls 
CUspt, btfucles, agrafes 
Clean hemp, chanvie tiet , %. ■ \ 

Cloth, drop (etojede laine, &c.) Oil cloib. ^ 

Clow, poiflt usiti dant lecomtr d'Etsci, p*^ ■ 

beunr et kfrotnage^ pemtU 8 Uvres, ct Z*-^ 

Uune 7 /ii-/r* avoirdupoise 
Clov»8.^fr</fr, ou dout degerojk. Clo^tm^, 

CiStilt, rioft, ou ctAolt (demkmHal dsnt * - 

Carsenic) j.. , 

, Cobweb lawns, Unm (toik de Un daire ef dron 

\ Cochiikal, cocheniltc (insecte hi-ntiptcrs tTAi" r. , - 

I tlont le tuc donne la belle ^cnrtatc) ^^ 

Cocoa, cocoa-nut, ctKOo, noix de cteo^ ^'^^ 
tree, cacaoyer . 

! Coco-nut, coro, noix de coco. Coco tn-e, f«*«' 
: Cock-roach, rtwet. ou rtmcrrla (iosecte) 
. Cockt-X^ patte-axjaiu tie la tloutme ^ . -t i,:.'^ 

Cod-tisk mon^e (ptntton de nter). C«*o*». ^^ -^ 
: * morue. Cod pepptj-. V. P»^PI*^*" . ^ ,r j^. 

Coftee, coffee-bemcs "jT^ (/<^ mqfim't fi >*^ 

CoK, dmf de moulin , ,, _^ v. 

Coir cordatre, corttagt* de caire (M* ^ 
J ^It du cocoiicr) 


[ HI ] 

F A L 

''i^ii, mt humnun^ bad, c^iihri {petit titeau), 
< <ji)tev the nnaUest mrt (ttUeawmtuche) 
^ i^jrhooy, m bJack resin, atUphane (wrte 6e rt- 

' ii^iiintiia, ctltquinte (wrfe de petke citrmdUe 

' ■■> .'f.u and cQof^tfonary, eor^/ttttre, tuavrie 

' ' >? r. ctngrr (espeer iTanguiUf) 

' -^ « r, rrtfratcXhs9tr (chTutB^re) 

• i«i>«, « caps^iKreey «r6rf * ctpafiU, Bal- 

^'^ af copaibei, hawne de cofiahit 
^ f^.pr^rement cui*-Tt», «e rftf cTcifie chau/li^re 

•-. rrrr. — wire, >K tPnrrkai 
'ipf^fsi rMt^CTMe (mrrtW martial, ott dr/<T, 

f '^pf. rpUte pnnts, ra^nirings, enampee 

'i's^rftaies btor^he^de cuivre 
' '^iKrcrtdliplanteon ruche marine t ^e ejt ortH- 

■'■''-nera ntige, et te dttrrit en tortant tie Veau) 
' "^vT. liSKiuf^t mana'uvrest cordages 
''-'-■■••txi lotbcr, eordouan (cidr tanni de Cor- 

'>^'"I<T Ked, cvnandrc {plante dtnt on fait des 

"^- ;':?'• fwrft* dr M'n^ tirrf, *«n frorve). Corki, 
'<v r^, dip iifgf^ Cork •cKnft's, titr-bouchoru 
'^'-'i^fy /grains. Indkn com, maiSyOfx blede 

^ ^ '■^''fr, oiirf* /juif 

- ' n uaii, comaline (pierre prMeiue^ rouge ou 

' '"'It, rp'w ^bourre du rofarmier) 
'1 [»la<U'r, taffetm d* Angleferre 
' ' -liun, riflte, nerfde bizuf 
^•^K fml A /^ratrr 

^-Hi ». nri4 {romuileji servant de monnaie) 
■^ ' ^^ . <r^ {koffe claire) 
^ ■ ■■ fi I of tartar, cr/*mf dt tnrtre 

" V:<v creuTftt {vase fwurfondre let metattx) 
', <al. rri^/jf {-verre JiUy pierre frnn»pamite). 

'^i-vsLil, chrystnl fflas^^ crittnl facticc^ verre 

. • i^. ni&i»6r*, ou quab^bes {fruit de* Tndes) 
y ''6H<^e{jneiUtr de 18 ponces Anglais) 
^ '; '^ 'rt (wi Amtoit-an fly), wiciicAtf tummtejtorte* 

'-* f'/w,^ fwir defwnte 
'^ '-iin, cuniin, cuTmn (planfe, dont lagraine est 
^' -^rrve) 

^ "'r. coqffftr, oa condorititeau) 
. H'!'i? frtasse*. tefitotiteji 
I '1-^ 'af«a (*«rfr dp fa#f d 6«/rO 

'"''I'-ia.ou tamu-rick, o/rruirio, ou ft^rmtfric (ro- 
^'"■'fjr^pre d la teinfvre) 

'J^^4li^(^ roMtn* de Corinthe; ausri groteillet 
'^'^y^-comht, ^trille* {itut. pour gratter la peau 


-^^'f-ni apple, marmelade (frtdt) 

7"^ fi»h, tapadon (fiip^ depoitson). — bone, o» 

'^MTTTi, toncha-venerit et pucelage (sorte deco- 


^^OOER fi*h, fjpadon (poisfon) 

'^»k, dfTTurx 

de»oied Jleitrs. — table 

'^^^^ dattet ifruiO. Date tree, tfa/fiw, palmier 
^f^ •a'^, y«<>yKtf (♦orftf de poterie de ierre ver- 

Devil, ara de^il, tRahfe (poijtoti de mer) 
Diamond, diamanf'(pierre prMeuse) 
Diaper Knen, linge crttvr^^ dannuse^ oujlgur^ 
Dicker, vieiu: mot tpii, en parlant drj aiirt^ s/g* 

nijie un nombrr de 10. yingt dickcn de cutis 

ordinaire^ fotU un last. K. ce mat. Dicker se 

dit autsi en parUnit de dhrrset mitres nutr. 

chandixs. Ce mot parait tir^ ded^ ou cii«> 

Dill, anet Cplcnte) 
Dimity, bazin {ftoffe de coton) 
Dittany of Candia, dic/ame de Crete 
DiTiiip hell, ctorhe de plongcur 
Dor fisli, rhirn de mer 
V>om^poupi'e*{jouet d'enfans) 
Don nice, loirs (pet its animaux) 
Down, duvet ^petites plumes douces et mollet). Eil- 

der down, edredon (duvet de certains oiscaux du 

DmponN blo«l, sang de dragon ipUmte^ liqueur 

qui sort d'un mrbre des Indet) 
Drilling, serpUUre (grosse toile d*embaltage) 
Drip,/>o< d ptrer^ ou pot de rafluerte 
Hm^drpguesy drogiterie {mmxhaudlses d'epiccrie, 

servant sur-tout a la medecine^ ou a la teinture) 
Ducal mantle thelj, manteau ducal (coquUlage de 

Cespt^ce des peignes) 
Duck, pack dock, toile d*emballage 
Dutch pfaik, stil de grain ou de grun (couleur 

jaunepour lapeinturej 


EAGLE-WOOD, bots dTaigfe 

£ap-ring« and peodauts, boucks d*oreilles, pen- 

Ear shell. Oreille de mer (ctquillage) 
Earthen ware, Toisselfe de trrrc, pcterie 
Ebony wood, ^Ocne, bois d'ib^ue. — tree,^i^- 

Elder, .rureau (arbri tseau plein de moeUe) 
Eddoi$, cAoux- cmiiiUs 
Elecampane, aunie {plante m^dicinale) 
ElephaiiCs teetli, dents drlrpftant 
Elk, ^(an ; {appelf: ett Canada) orignal^ ou orignac ; 

{en Anir/efrrre) nioow-deer ; aniinat du Nord, 

qiiadrup^de plus fort que le cerf 
Elul, oruiCy ormeau {m-bre) 
Embniiderj-, ttroderie (oruemens) 
Emerald, etn^taude (pierrr pr^cieiue) 
Ejneril, emtry, emeri {/Herre pour ptiir lef me- 

Emetic tartar, tttrtre hn^iique 
Enamel, (■mail {com//osi/ion de verre, sels% et me- 

Entry, dhlaration faile d la douane^pour avoir la 

permission d'tntrcr des marcbandiset 
Ermine, herndne {espice de belctte, dont la four- 

rure est tris-flne) 
Eupborhium, eu/diorbe, ou euphorbier {arbrisseau 

de Atauritanie, le plus rare et leplus ardent des 


FAGGOT of steel, j^.-d:» usite en Angletern pour 
Coder, qui est de 120 liv. 'JVoy W( ipht 

Falam,7'7non, huitvhtu: d'une roupie ; monnaie dr 
rindr egale ii-fteu-pres au tnA-uexnirnu- d'une 
piastre forfr ; ctn'iron 57 centimes dr France 

Ysdvon'i.Jburons (o/^^vrrr de prnte^ 


[ li^^ ] 

G R i: 

Fan*, Hai^rJh 

Vmn palm-tree, Imanitr (tnrte depahniste) 

KanV I of land, mcsurt tiet terret, de la centenante 

de t/Lv acres. V. Acre 
Fftt of merclumdizc, bwtmtd de marchaniUset 

Fathonu brtuse Attglahe^gui ctt de f^pieds Angfiaity 
c'cst'^.-tHrr, environ 5 picdji Bpoucts i ratine r, 
ou 1,84 du mrrrf 

Fc-athert ft»r bt^a,pltimet A Ht 

Fells, %VaY\%ypeauA (en grithvl) 

Fc\\'nA,Jartte* (pftrtiejt flu ceirte tPune row) 

YAufeulre {Hoff'e iMt-fitsucfoft enfoufant) 

Funnel seed, grairir defeii^uit 

FeriuMubuc, 9tt pentaiubueo wood, hr^tiUct de 
Jtynamftoue (rtpi'ce de hois du Bn'-.til) 

I." TTct, IVrret nbkuid, /fri/rer, pashiu (sorle de ru- 
ban dejil) 

l\fn.Jigucs (fntH) 

1 ill s, iitnes (insl. trm-in) 

Iir, iapin (twbre). Fir quarters. rArt-rwi* de sn- 

Tirkin, frequin {petit Itard et mesure ^gale ait 
yuan du hta-it ; fe ftf-qmu ntniknl 8 gallant^ 
i 6/0 ';»*// (if itsite pour le //ettrre. le xot^on^ les Itn- 
i-eti^s, et i'ailc ou Inrrejinc ; mms U contletu 9 
-rni'.uJit, lor.iQu'ii sert H nicjturer et cotitemr la 
bii-re ordinaire) 

Ti%\u (mssont {en g/^n^ral). — hook«, hamefcru 
(jjt'ti/s crochets pour prendre le pouson). — 
■kin, ■hai'Ti'en, peau de roustetfe^ chagrin 

TxwtuxUpiifoi*, owfouhie (gnadi-uifede puani) 

Fitchci ikm,pecu de fhuine(du Levant) 

Flanuns^, 9u y\n'^\1r<^^\1^x•r\^%^ ftamand {oigeau) 

Flasks j?rirorw {sorte dc bauteille) 

Flax, tin (phrUe) 

Flea seed, fterbe aux puces 

Fleecy hoslerv. tricot nge h toltcn 

Float grass, chm-deni f.Uiant 

Flocks, boun'e de faine 

Vlouncler, Ununuk 'jtoUscn) 


Artificial flowers, ^'urj nrtiftrirllcs 

Fly, sand fly, moudiaue (iiue^te) 

Foils, tenciuff foils,./]!f«7r^* 

Forks, table-lorks, j'«Mrc/;(fft:x 

Fox, renard (animal) 

I'tamci, cadres (borduret de beis) 

Frankfort black, noir d* Allemtigtte 

l-Yankiiicense, encens^ encetis Jfn ou mdle^ oiiban 

Fraxinella, eu white dittany, JraMneite, diciame 

r n?nch beans, haricots (platUe l/'gumineme) 
VreutJi berries, yellow }acvn&i^grai»es t^ Avtgnon, 

jjrainejaune, grainefte 
yviuf^'Jrarige (tissu d"oh pendent de» filets) 
I'iwxu.fnrits (en general) 
Fullers eartli, renr dfoulon 
Fulmiuaiifig gold, orfvUminant 
Funnels, entounoirs 
Fur, ftir •k-ins./oji/Twrc 
i'urlon^, nwiure itii\iraire^cgale h tin de'itirmilie. 

y. Siatutc mille 
J •iiUan, //iraiM<f (Hojfc de cMon et de fU) 
Jusiic, Jiutety fin justoc (bois de teinture p9ur le 
jnunr^ -xfuint des isles du vent de CAmhique) 

GAD, mesure de 9 on 10 pieds Anglais, ou envi' 
ren 3 m<Hres. — of steel, barre deader. Strcl 
gad, acier en borres 

Goro, trutquiH (iiut. de ntemiUiicf^ 


Galls, ^n/fe*, noix „ 

Galley lik-s, canemix deftnence 

Galloons, gatons (tissu de *oie^ rfor^ &r.) 

Gallon, ^i2/»n (metiire AngUdse^ pour kf liy I 
et mime pour les grains^cotttrnmU bait uiiii ^ <A 
quatre qnanO- r. t*«ni d* Quart. Lc ^U\ 
mesure de •cfa, canfimt deux rents t'm" i 
tni pouces cube* AngUus, et kuit Urra irct:\ 
avurdtipoise ; le galun de bHi-e et d'otk r^\ 
tirnt dcii.v renfs quarmOe-deux pautes ruVt. 1 
dix liv. trots miree et un quart treau, P^tr d 
grains, le gaI'or\ est de dtux cents satviw/] 
douxc pouces cultes et un ^uart^ et cvniieni - | 
tit', ti^ixe onces (Ccaii^ avomlHpvise 

Gnmboge. ^ommcffutte 

Ganoet, goiland (tdseau sU mer) 


Gamgar, tiseau de proie du Mexique^ qui K.<r ;| 
les nu/s de rainum 

Garble, grabeau (terme d*fpiaer\ freigrrcp^ 
poussiere. rribiure, rebut 

Garlic, ml {oignon d'une odntr forte) 
\ Garnets, grenats (pierre pr^i ieuse) 
I Gauze, >^«xr (tissu tres-clair) 
I Geins, precious stones, pierrt* prMeusfs 
I Gentiaii, gentUme (plante) \ 

Gill, mesure de liquuk*, egale d un gtiert 4 
pin re 


Ginpt r, gingembre, Gingertevad. pein aepKft 

Ginseng, gtnsen/f ( pUtnte de UtCklni^ ft aM 
partie de PAmerique s^ittntrt0nak) ,^ , 

Ginifia, ou camrlo-pardaiis, girajf^ ov camtxt^ 
pard (quadrupMe d*Afrique) 

Girts, at eirtlu, tangles 

Pickled girkjngs, comiehone (pettHetnroiabra, 

Glass, rt/rr, veire. Vciuce glass, wm de *f] 

Glasses, drinkinr glasses, verret i b^re 

GloTcs, ga$Us. Sweet eu Dc-rfumed fflo*e». *' 
gants parfumes. Plain gloves, des gaiLs wtt, 
ou simf^es. Fur gloves, gants ftumk oQjf^'^-^ 

Glue, c^lle. Strong: glue, cohuIwm glut, ctlk 

forte ou de menuieier 
Goat, chhfre (antmal). GoakH hair, A*" *^^ 

vre. — skin, peau de ehtore 
G6ld, or. Pure gold, 4U- pur^ Jin, o« rafi^e.^ 

Beaten gold, erbattu. Native foU, «r w^l' 

ou vierge. Gold wire, or ire^. Ltaf gw«lT ^' 

goW-f'oil, or en few lie. Shell-gold, «" « ^^\ 

qitiUe. Gokl dntl, poudre ftor 
Gold-beater's skin, baudruche (snte de fen'^- 

GoM size, coUe i dorettr 
Gold wciglitft, trfbuchet (sorfe de baJanet) 
Gongvs, gouges (mst, if arts et mttiers) 
Gmc'-, davs o? gokce, jours degrAee {pour lesjc*- 

tres de c/utni{e, de 3 jour* en Angleterre ct nav.t 

Ui Etats UjiLs d*Anu^rique, ft de V^en ^''^^ 
Grain, ou scarUt berri,*. kennis de Pr^vflvt, 

grmnes d'erarfate, vermilion. Grain ot "^' 

disc, grain de ParatUs^ maniguettey nujfapi^'t 
Grampus, soujleur (sorts depoisson trh-g^^O 
Granadiilo, barbadine (Jhtit d*Am^riqm) , 
Grape, sea-side gmye tree, rmsimer du bora <- 

la mer 
Gws Guinea glass, herbe de Cii*«f. Scam 

grass, cochi^nria. ScoUgtasi, kerie d'Ecossc 
Grat-rs, rapes (inft. h raper) . „>, 

Green tunl. , tortue verte. Green woao^ S*^ 

o\\ giiede vnte 
Grenades, hand grenadesi grttimks d to ni^^ 

HOG [ 113 ] 

GncdstoMe, mevie, <ra pterre d aiguisert oa a 


r.rtats gnmu (faritie gnssi^re) 

• rn*«=r>, grocery ware, ^pktricM (cmtmeree da) 

' r-ssTam, *«r«r det^ffc d ^tm jfroJn ; ^rw tff 

Ohm* beak, mi lona. foucon, ou^mw^er (oucou). 

Gro0 vei^t, ptid* brut 
f'rotjod imti, pittacht* de (em 
'yj:kiAv»% 9H quavers, ra ^uavas, gtyave (J^tdf). 

Ouaava tree, gsyavier 
O^jAtacum, 0u lif^uni^itsr, 9u ligwam-saoetuui, 

c:nid£n,>f^'nr «fc- HoUande 

tiaiua fepper. f>iment^ piment de Cttiiire^ cwnH 
i^fjttrdSnu^pmvre de Guin^e, Wlnde, du Brtgil^ 
dtipsfint, de F0rtugtd^poivrt en gtutte^poivrc 
tnrcgr^ phnplin 

Onmfgwnime. — alouehi, gcmme alouchi. — Ar«- 
\3R,g0amne Arabique, tttris ou turit^ue^ ou vgnm- 
ndmre. — ceflna,^»mme dlr rfrfrc. — cbibou, 
iStfnajte chtbm* -r dragon, smxg de dragon. — 
ccpaL g0mme, ou (pmSt) rithte copale. — 
futta, 9U gamboge, gsmme-giifte^ tcammcn^r 
liitiJte. — olive, gorttnit d'olwia: — n:sjn, 
g'TKme risine, — mj^per, lagapoimDi, gwnme 
i^npTHy gontme teraphique. — St-neg:al,j4ro'"- 
TT^ du Scn^gnU — uagacaiith, gomute adra- 

Guri«, armes H frtt. Gun flints, pierret hfitsiK h 
'^r tinet, onhfetu — im'tal, hr&nxe {n^tnf). 
<>.itv-pow(Ier. ;}ouilre a cojion^ Guu«5U>ck4,//2-'v 


HAIR balls, rgagr^Uej {hrxMird depoil^ brzoard 

ff AlUrttagne) 
iliint. jambon*. Westplialia hams, jamboru de 

!I iri^nsv tapUtetie* 

'Urdwione, f/uincaillerif 

HiTtr skiiu, pemuc de lUvret. I{are'« wool, p*U 

tk if-vre 
Hinu M, bone harness, hnrnnit de chrval * 

Hrt shorn, come de cerf, ctsencc de come de cerf 
Hau, chapettiiX* Beaver hats, chapeuux de cat- 

fi^r. on eatttrt 
f^a^.hclv arrant (outil, carde pour preparer Ic I'm, 

■' cttanvre, &'c.) 
iLtrheta, hachettettpetites fiache* 
H t/>l4inu, noUe/tei^ aveliuet 
Haycock's bilL mt green turtle, toruie ver^e 
ti-iijreAiog^ herwon(,anitnal)» Sea hedg^e-hoj?;, 

e.'. ».-a egif, ourgin de mer 
Hf uJock, c^Mi"' (pfaitie veneneuse) 
i Ici up. cAan vrr. Raw hemp, Jilaste bride, Hemp- 

s'-*^!, chenevis, ou chenevi 
H -itbane^ jtuguiame, hnnnebnne 
M.-rhs, Acr6r# (fnghnernf). SwKt heriji. AirrVf 

vhrifhrmtes. Physical hcrlx, herhei viedici- 

nairj. Pot^ierb^ tifftfa poi.agdres 
I^^nnodactyls, nennbdactej, ou Itermodate* 

\ piames) 
Ikrringt, harengt. Frjth hcrrin.71, harengt 

frits. Sail hcrrinps, hnrengs saies 
HvJ rs, peauje (en g^n^ral) 
Hjdt of land, mesttre des terregf rgnle ri 50, 80. ou 

K»o omf*. #''. Acre 
Jf Pi>.>caxnpn«, cArrff/ m«»-m 
W '^j nild bog, cct/icr?* mnrrtn 

Honhead, barrigtte. mesure des lir/vides en An. 

guierret et futaUle^ confenant^ pour le vm, ft3 

gaUoM ; pour I'tulCy 64 gallom^ eipour la b:c:r, 

7 i gallons 
Hone*, pierrea *i razoir 
Honey, miel. Common honey, miel comwuv. 

Virgin hone), niiel vierge. Narboaoc hoiit^y, 

Hook, Joijiers lioolc, erochet d^etab'i 
Hops, houbtonifdante pour f aire la bidre) 
Horn, come. Hartshuni, come de cerf. Horn* 

tipf, boiif.f.oupwnfcs dcvorn^s 
Hone, chexal. Coach hont*s, thevnux de car- 

roste. Kacehorsts, cfievaux de course. A 

•tone horsf. vn cf»n*al rntier 

I' Horse-hflir, f rin tie chevnl 
Hors<.'-i:aUi9b, rmfort sauifige 
Hotrhouse, hdhital {det hahifations) 
. Housincfs, ou nousses, kouttts (tk c/ievaux) 
, Hulle<! liarle^, orge monde 
i Hummiiti? liml, toiibri (oiseau) 
Silk busks, c$cons de x^ra d sM^ on cocons c/f 


ICELAND moss, lichen on motxsK d^Jtlande 
; Incensobarii, ecorce d'encens (parjhm det Jtf 

Incle, rtiban defi 
India berries, coques du Lei-ant 
liuliaa corn, maig, bled de Turqtde^ d'Efpagne, 

iTIruk, de Guni^e 
Iitdinn U-nf.feuilfe tTlnde, Malabatre 
India rubbtr. caoutchou, ratine ^lastitjue 
litdi^, intligo {plnnte, couteur bleue qu*on en 

Iiidiilto, indidt (droit tCinduU) 
Ink, writing ink, encre. Shining ink, tncre lui- 

saitte. China ink, encre de la Chine 
Ink tret', ff/nipa (arbre tTAnicrique) 
Invoice, /ficfurr, nrvoi (ferme tie commerce) 
Ipt-cacuwxh.i, ipecacuanha 
Ireos root, orris, irtj dc Florence 
Iron, fcr. Soft iron, Jh' doux. Wliif* iron, ,frt 
ferllanc. Iron plale, ttu Jer en feu: lit', dc fi 

idle. — vi-itxN Jil de Jer. Pig iron,/fr r.i 

saumona. Old irnii,fciTaiflf. Iron pots, m«> 

rnife* dc /ante. — \v"ooil, bois de fir 
IshiTiasr roilc de poifron 
Ivoiy. iro'ie. ~ uf x.hi' n^rvi\\n\, ivoirc du un-^ 

vul. — Miek, nuir Wivojg^ noir de itlour.i 


JACK, p'ske, ou Lucius, brochet (poisfcn). — 
fVuit, jac ( fruif drs Indea). — tree, jutqu cr 

Jade, picrrc nf-ph-'riiqia^ jade 

Jalap, ./oiVv/i (/i/an'^) 

Janirosa, ftcmnierotet ou jamroaa (firtdt t^a lu- 

Jfl]>nn cartli, terrc du Japan {iniproprtmerUf ca- 

Japan, japanned wares, otrvrages vemhsrsy on 
einnilii'j en or et en couicura, avec du Inque tit c 
Chine, comine la. porceliiine du Japon. pu: cc' 
lainc du Japon 

Jaip* r, jrape. — of Egypt, ceillou d* Egypt: 

inmi\.^,jan'.es {pfirtit in; rercle tPune nne) 

Jerusalem axi\':hokcf,tipitiuiuCoui\; {^' cv.t') 
K 2 


[ 114 ] 


JcwS pitch, p«ix JuivCf biUunc de Judrt^ a»- 

Jot-, ou jiihanna, moe'ik^ ou PmrtUgaUe (pi^ct 

tf0r de FrtufoL, de la vaieur tCenvirmi huil 

piastre* f»rte*) 
J ujubes, jujuheM 
Jumper berriei, 6okt degrniHrc 


KALI, MU(/e, ktAi 

lUIn, esp^ct de towk^ oa enuire extraUe de* 
plant e* marines^ pour /aire du savn 

Kcrsty, caritel^ creieau (serte de gr9sse toile) 

Kj ttlet, chaudi^res et chattdrwit 

Kidney bean, haricvf./asr»'.e 

Kilderkin, meturr des Hguidejt^ en AngUterrr, et la contetiattce de 16 gallon* imirPaile^ 
et de ISgaUoTUpour la bi&re. Lr kilderkin ett 
dune le f/uart du hoj^sfiead. V, GhIIoh 

Knire» cou/rau. Piinne^nirf, coutrau a horer. 
A pen-knife, vn can^. A pruning^niffs, une 
*erpe. Table knivi s, rouf^'mtr de table. Cur- 
rier's knife, boutoir. Raj knife, Jau.fy deivtn- 

Knitting net^es, atguUleff ou brocket a tri- 


LACEL, itente(Je. Bonf Incr, dcn'ellefaiie au/u- 
seau, GoM Rice, dentelU- tCor 

La<;an, ou U^n, lagan (mairhandLtes naufra- 
girt, chotet tie la mer ; tout re qu'elle rrjette) 

l4ikc-, round lake, Itv/ue en houle 

Lftinbi, ilink faiinbH in the wi>r>y, agneaux mortt' 
nes, ou agneaua: d'Astracnn 

Tjunps, lompe* 

'Lampblack, noir defunye 

I Jim prey, lantproie. Hirer laraprey, lampt-oie 
d'eau douce 

Lanterns, lanternts 

J.'ixvh, melcie, ou Icrtv (orbix rcjin^ix) 

I>arJ, hitg\ lurd, saht-douj; ^ 

I^i-dinj^ pins, lardoiree 

I*ist, iaste^ fneture et po'dt uue dans lr commerce 
maritiiTte: il varir suivant la nature et I'rruom- 
brement des nuirchandisrs. Pour la n.on/e, le» 
hiarngs btanct^ le sun^ let eettdret fkstinfes au 
.iovon^ le lusfrfhft 12 barils ; pour le grain et les 
graine* de timxtre^ U en faul 10 quarter r. V. 
♦Quarter. lie lapoudre d feu^ il enj'aut 24 ba- 
rds pour /aire un taste. /)f r harengt saura. 80 
*•. De* cuirs rle bccuf. doitxe douxatnes. 
Des cufrs ordinairet, 20 dicker^'. De gou- 
dron et braL, 14 barih. Dc Uilne, 12 tot/ on 
baUes. DepoLsson sale ou stt>ck-fi«h, tm tuif- 
Her au compte ; et cnjin, de pUonrs et r/r /ia, 
U fata J700 Uvres pemnt ftour tmre un Inste 

lAtlu, taOTf. — of a bed, trini;icj dc Ik 

lAihett»ur{ii touitirr) 

j^tten, Uuton. — yninu Jfl de laiton. Sha>in^ of 
latten, raeluret de laiton 

jAvender, lavandr (p'ante) 

tjtwn, tinoiit baiiste. Lawns, Sil<>sia lawns, Cffo- 
piUet ^ 

• Le cofJe est un petit hart' on rngue, r/nf con- 
;.Vii^500 hnrenjtfmx iniUc tan hues 
t K. an n,o' Di-'kcr 

lead, bhnc de phn,b. Mill/d Wwl, hUmbM- 
mine. Lead aabci, cendre* dtphmb. Si^r «u 
salt of It ad, *ucre de satume 
LeaClier, rtfir. Crop leather, euir k aurrr. 
Dn-ssnig leather, adr d la Damiie, oa ci. 


lA^gi'T^ grand Kvre (terme de comsnenx) 

Lenton, ri/roti, umon. Wati-r lemon, /imiBr <k 
Uane (fruit de PAmMque), Piekkd ktionv 
ciiront tale*. Lemon peel, lamt* dkvnt v 
citrotu —juice, ju* de ianon 

Lens, lenses, Icmille* (vem convert du tltui 

Lentils, tentitles 

Liquorice, regli^te. Spani«h Uqaotkejui A r^ 
jflisjie. Basunl liquorice, r^gliite etrengfrf 

Ligimni-vitte, gdiac {boi* fort mr) 

Li I lie, ( /mux. Hutck lime, rhaux vire 

Liudeik-tree, linictree, tUieul 

Linen, toUe 

Linkeed, gndne de tint lineiic. — oil, hiak er 

Lipi^ue, month-glue, collefthottehe 

Liauor, liqueur. Liquoneases, aintmu 

Lilharire, litharge. — of gohi, litharge ifcr.f.K 
couleur dor 

Litmus, toiirnetoi en pierrt^ en p^ on enf>e:i\ 
orsciHe de HoUande 

Londttone, aimant { pierrr qui attirt It fer) 

Locust, caroube^ carouge 

Locks, terrures. Door locks, semiret cfe^rf? 
Spiini^ loeks, srrrtiret d rettort 

I^gwo<»d, bolt de Catnpfche 

IvOf^gft-r-lieod, testudo iiubricata, esp^ * f*"^' 
dc uier 

I^n^l, m-traiHe 

Lookinp-^lasi -a, fiirro/r^ 

l4>xia, ou crufs-hijl, (a bhd) becertuf, cam'- 
v«U trAngefe, ou moinrau de paradu 

Lumlier (ferine du commerce act Etats i'w o"-^' 
le* Inde* OcridentaleSf qui ttgnife re qu'en at- 
tend />ar) boi* darrimnffr. ou deferdHK^.f^' 
de boif, ninthbittre, ru'^on*. ien perioft! liin'r 
ro>,r, (Pun rouet\ madrierj^ $oficeaux, i""^^' 
clururonsy esicn(e.% Itniande, piancfiet, cf:.'h 
tnrtrain, duuves^ eckanfiUons, 6~f . 

Liiiij^-uort, luiii^-inotf, pidmcmire de dJ'a 

lAipintsJupinets, lupin* 


MACE, macij (feurde muKode) 
Mackan-I, mnqurrau (poistott) | 

Maelii at, mancliftte (terme de CAtneriqw. i".' uf" 

mot machete Et/jogtiolfpour exprutter bn**^ 

ou loufdaj) ^ , ■ f^r 

Macbi^fcar nuts, clore nuts, ndx ac pr*f-^' 

iioix dt' Mndaanscnr 
Mailder. gnrawf (ulaute qt/i fe'ifif en rotg^' 
Mulmjrviny, e-rprcr {le Itoit irrtcojou „ , • , 
Malmsf y * iiie, xin muscat cuit, vin de Vosvi*' 

ou Mah- 'iiie , ■ ^ l 

Malt, drcf/tr- (grain fermen^e dont mfoit fi -^ 

re) f moiit (f/tiand iV eft prepari peur Jo^< 

dc la hi r re pour la tner) 
Man-< kf- war bird. //rjcrc (oijatn/) 
Maimte, on inanati, lamenUn (poiisw) , 

MaiKliimllo tn-e, mancenilOer (prbrc «/«« 

frtiit est un poison) ^^ 

Manjrle, mangle. mangUer, ou mangue, on W^ 

gii'CPy po'etuvter^ ou parft'tvier 



Mmj^o, mmgtie (Jhmi det indet^ m ftrme de 

I hni^mauie. — CaUibivnaM, mnnnede CnUt- 
I ic. — io fbket, foanne en larmet. — alhu- 
^lA. mmae f AUmgi.oM d'Halagi, oo d AguL 
- I'h'i^ttiahin, «u rrungibin, mannt liquuk 
■ rKj^r, trmg-puumg^ oti rktmme drt boU 
!','i . •« maple tivi», enUdt. Sugar nia|>lc, 

^ '^^if <i mrrf. Afople lugar, nrrr d'erabie 

•h'^s rsnttf* g^ographiqurt 

^' r Jv, iMir£v. Black marble, ri»^6«r^ morfrrr 
'"'■• Tiered mariilc, marbrtfguri 

-L: V, cOTofcy, fument 

^L •'- . (a joari, ituatK 

^'frr-]jde, marvirfnde, Cotignnr (jroT\fiturt) 

^druiaaiiowi, sfuiruauve ipiante) 

^r n. raarfe. o4i martre (fourrure) 

^trjQj. «u Dkartins, fKoux de martre. 

^'-•"A I ujis, qurttes de ttuwtre 

^-.u; nj.-^, (en ^tertd) 

•p' -ill, «i niatuc, nui<ic 

'- ^'i, prinripale ir\fir,ni^e tTim h6lHtal 

"jiiii» ner/ie/. Huasia inatiiiig;, 7iar/e« de 
'= ' •'. Barljary inAiting. na/tctde Barbaric 

; *^ fwWwci {Ureuvage d'eau et dt nuel) 

'} -i- larine 

'■ 1^ ih, viande, ehair 

'aMn, marAoonm, o« macadawn {rhu- 

.; ' in. w^r. (fruii) 

*'!aHri, «u biolasscs, ayr^t mekuaes, ou ^rot 

,; -^ m-e, maUom (paimier des Inrkg) 
^ -K r, 9tdela m^.rh^rt: dune Meine 
, ' f^'uiiKlMe. marrhmuiUe (ai gcmrtd) 
. "-'irv, nw/rurr, x>tf'-argcnt 

• rn^iiigs^ maringouiru (inserfe) 

^'•^'•S nrrr/i (w <f un Europeen & dTwie In- 

' »Utote mile, mesure it'tTteraire en Atis^le- 
'^^ dr W ou dryfr terre*fre, ri(nle /J 8.10/0- 
"wTif ou ftrarie/ AngUxUe*^ ii-pcu-pr^t 826 

, ^"^^.oulfl 10 m^/rr.f 

: ;^-ed, mi/tef, mi/ 
' "^nr» Mfvn^y cfe mode., ou marchandue» 

t;;;osa, OK the tensHive. plant, smriflve (/>fmifr), 
*i"^!/a m/moH7, espcccdmacia d/ft;i,i r jninict 
►'ti-rrKf.,, m Aoupf , <<0n^ U y a a'aUkura uite 

. ^liini, murthofaru (fniU des Inde*) 
■< " > to^ ^„j Ipiante parnu/f) 

, ^f' ''Wft rtoffe de soie ondce, — j-arn, ^<k7 

' '.':ijrneatt 

• .^>«^o, niarrequin (peau apprttee de chhrre., de 

j jvi.i^do augar, rastwmade^ ou Motrouadr 
^ tqi^to. M uMnclu-tto, moustitjue ( uftttr) 
^' '>rof peari, nacre, ou nacre deper'e. Motlnr 

•;'>*f% anioflea fie gh ojte., dous matrices, Oaifj 
^ " P'ro filer 
^' -ar inouUls, /ormc* cfe suavrie 

^tiitain pTten, rcrt <fc montugne, — »iae, v/« 

l'^"'*. inulattoes, muUitre, mjdAtrea. Mulatto 
,"?; • jrtme muUitre. — giri, t/u — woiuau, n/u- 


. '^'ck k nrnie (caf/uilla/ff) 

M ir^^ ''^^"' '^^''^ *^ ^tcicovie 
'„ ' miwr. — jte#i ainbrcttc, ou graitie dc mutc^ 

[ lis ] 


Miidunoomt, rhampign0n.t (torte fie ptrmir} 

MutUn, mcuttetine (ttite tk coton trirjine) 

Musi in ^t, mousicliueite 

Mustard, moittartie 

Mu«qu<>to, mouitiqite^ ou maringmun (intecte). — 

net, rnoui'ifjuirre 
Myrrh, myrrhey (gomme odorifrrante) 


NAILS, cfoti4. Weiifht-nails, oft %pikt>a, ebrnj ou 
poidj (fiepuis 8 pomes tie lonffuiur el au ilfysui). 
Doublo d(>ck-iiuil.<i. clous de 7 tHutccs. Sin^l^ 
declMiaili, cIouk tie 5 potur^, ef fie 4 poures et ti' - 
mi. Two shilling i)aii<>, ifous fie 3 ponces et de- 
mi. Filling nails, rlous tfttn pome. Sivpeuiif 
nails, cl0U* cTun poucc et demi. Hi vetting luiiU , 
rivfts, doiu i river. Scupper-nniU, ciout A 
maug^rt. Lead-nails, clous de pltmib. Sheath- 
ing nnili, ctmu de denii-tUlan, Ruddt-r^ail^, 
clous de roie. Clinclier-tuils, dous d vis 

Natilvin, nankin, toUe (k nankin 

Naptlia, luiphte 

N'upkins, serviette* 

Naples \K'\\oyi,jaune tie Sftpfes 

Nealjr, tfcVy, ou rix en pni'.le (nom Indicn) 

Nt-at s tongues, tongues fit bKuJ {salres ou futn^ct) 

Neck luiiidkerchieisi, neckcloths, mouchoirs de 
cvuy fichus 

Ntrcklftei-t, collitrs 

Nit-dli », tijf;uil!e.i (d coudre). Pack newflcs, af- 
gmllesd tn.baller. Magiu tieal U' t-dlis, fti\,:.i!U.t 
de butis%olr.nn (difuilleji tnumnteey. Net-die casc«, 
pin ciivs, fritfui/licrs, HuU fi aiguWcs 

Nfpliriuc wikmI. bmnu^phrrlh^ue 

NKarifpia uou<l, bins de sung, tie yUttragua 

NimmI). /'ou (ot^cfiu) 

Nmab lull 0u torjH-Jo, torhi'le iptisson qui est de 
la funt.e tTttne mic. et f/u il tu'/au* pat lom'on- 
tire aver Tongiii He (reinblanteoxx VangidUc elcir- 
trif/ur de la Gut one) 

Nutincg, niwyrrK/t', noij: fie mtucade 

Nut-tree, uutrwood, noyer 


OAK, e/;/ne (arbtr% — hark, tan brut 

Oanftnirv.ij^ ranies 

O.tL*, ttvuine. W ild oats, trverori ou trvenertn 

Oclire, orrc. Yellow ovUr*', ocre Jauue. Brown 
ochre, Jatme tie monffigne, rouf;€ bnm tTlnde. 
Gn^-n »»thro, vert fie uiontagiie. Ked ochre, 
ocre rouge ^ rubru/ue, sany.u'ine a crayon 

Oil. buifr.^ — of bay, huHe r.'e fattrier. — ofrosr «, 
huilf rotnt, Kaiicid oil, tie ChuUe rrmce. Vin^u 
o'\\ ou vtwr^- o\\, huile xiei}ie. The worst ol'oil, 
huUeatuftr. Aitimal oil, huile an'miale. ^ Truiu 
oil, (tu bltibb«.T, buHr tie fjntcine. Olive oil hi'ile 
fToi-cs. J'j'liu oil. hinlcile patme^tie Shiegal, 
purnii in. Oil of spike, huile tTaspif, — of lur- 

r- niim , cau de rate 
cloth, fodevir^-e 
OiJitMienis, onguens (en general) 
Olil maid (a fi>h), \nnlle\poisson) 
Olives, y/itr,f {fruit h noyau) 
Onion, oi^ {pfaive) 
Opos.suin, opossum ou rtit des boif 
Opuntia. ou Indian iig>tree, raquette ou J^uer 

ft Inde 
Oranges, oranget. Candied orancrs, tks oranges 

coJifites. Onngopeel, ecorce d^orange, China 


onngct, pnrnntt dt CMne. Portagal onmget, 

vnxngu down dc Portugal 
Orchal, esp^ d'alun 
Oipunenc, orfiiment, artenic Jaune 
Onen, «Mrr«« routttrt 
Ouiahnijr linen, collet 
OftricM««then, ptuma fmtruche 
Otter tkini. peauj: dt Imstre 
Ounce, Mor .• la Uvre a^-oirdupoise a 16 Mcf # , qtU 

M divisent en 8 dragmen,' La Uvre troy-weiRht 

rCa que IS •wr/, et Cmre «c diwe en 20 deniert 

oil fienn^ioHghu 
OysttT*, tudtrci 


PACR, pa» (nieture ifh^rmrt det Angkdt^ aijant 
dt longueur 8 pietLt Angltds^ on 1 nu'tre 417 
nnilUn et irt). Square pocr, pas guarr^ (memre 
t!rs i'.rfacrt, confrrwnf iSpicth »iunrr^t) 

rack<loth, toilr d'etnbnUage, 'rrpiiii^re 

r«cLa|^S emballagei auMi Urmt d'rmballage, ou 
droit par baliot. qui etf d*un dtnier tiertivfi par 
litre petantf dt touiet marclmndiic* nti ri'Mueet 
ou tarifres 

Tack ihrtad, /frr/fc, ou corile d'emballage 

IVnilotks, cacktws 

fxi^^Atk. pn^tdr (monnait d*or (Us Iiuhi). Star pft* 
pfoda. />q^odr h I'rtoUc, cgalc d-peu-pr^s i 3 j cu- 
pK* 1-2, on a %fr. 75 ceruimttf argaU dc France 

Paint, ford, rmtge 

Palini? boards, p/onrVj A pnlitsatlrs 

Palnu nwwnr Anglaue de 3 //oww </f longt^ur 

Falmito, ou palm txi't^, paltrnrie on paitni'^r (arbre). 
— n>yal,>kr/#w;j<ir jTrffJic. — }k oniii,ve rs palniis/cs 

Fan palm trtc. K. Kin 

TsLn%,pofkj. Try\nf^ xmni,pofte9 i frirr. ^^'nrm. 
injf pans. Aaj/iHO/rc*. Dnppini? p. rj«, /^c/k/V/^w 

Panel, glaw pan », farrettu.x tie iv? <• 

Piiinr, papia: Wriiiujr piipir, p'l/iier d ^rrire. 
Pott^paper, papier d letfiv. Cait-iiapt r. pupier 
dt amiftte. Bluttiiig>>p<ip' r, brvuiHai'd. 
Paper nang^ufrt, ti^itscrufs dejtupitr 

Vfi^acK ^papa:>te (fruit). VaiKiw-irw, papayer 

Par, aujMnr {termt de commercr) 

Paraquiito, ou paqnetto./errucAr (oueau) 

ParchmcJi t, /an-A^MUM 

Parrot, penujuet (oUeau) 

Pastc-boardsj cartons 

PattelS', payttls. croyoru, trnuons en pesfrl 

Pawev, 9C0 {otseau de VAnv^/i^tje tnrriditiu^ 

Pi ucock-fisli, paon dK mer {pouson) 

Vvaclu^t^ ptcftes { fruit) 

Pe <n,poiret (fnu*) 

Pearl, pen'e. Mother of pearl, m^re deprrle, nth 
ere de pcrlc. Oriental pearls, perle* orim'ales. 
Flat pi'ari, plaque. Homan peari, per!c imitant 
Icfm ; grand beau. Pearl-»eed, veed-pearl, sf 
ytience aeperlea 

Pearl-ash.s,/>ofcw.r {eel Glka'ifxi) 

Piase, poh (legume) 

Peck, mciure t/e f;rmns, cenuncr.t 2 gallon f on 16 
pintea^ fgnle an quart du liutM. v. Buthcl 

W^jd-peckrr, chfirpaifier (otreau) 

Pel UVury, parietaive^ pyi ilhie {racine Mttivaire) 

Pelts, pei.'.e<eriet 

VkWk, iiluuitt it ^rrtre 

Fencili^ camel** tioir pencili, pincanuc. Red 
pencils ou cmyoiit, crnuont rouge* 

Pene uin, fjtugoutn («» teau) 

PenkniTea, cnnift 

Wp^r, Jamaua pepptT, ou inmnio, graine dt 
Scii drittde, /.oivre cfe iVr Janiajquc, ou piment d 

[ 116 ] POR 

c wr ai m g , Hutet fpkeo. W1iiie,MMk,PNBd,Hi 

beaten p^PPcr, poivre blane^ fMir, nittrr.os 

pUf. Cmywte nepper,0imeHliM porvre Ion f 
Pepper-pot, torie de ragoQt du Creoks, on et^ 

Perrr.^wr (boistOH deju» depoir^ 
Pergikes, jftrrruTttM 
Pewter, ^lain (metal) 

Pie%,pac(anunaldelaGukmeadiiBr^tik&t.) \ 
PictuKs and drawinn, tabieaur 
VitCKoteyg^UoudiOiMr^piattrt forte (Eipepick^ 

ou piastre gourde 
Piercer, vilbrequin {outil de fnoirosier) 
Guinea pig, eochon dt mer. Pig iron, fer tfl 

PiMuta, Kround-nots, terrMwijc^jammet 
Pilchards, sanMnts {petit pot fton de mer) 
Jhtt% pilules (contpooitioH medianak en ftrme k 

petkes boutes) 
Pinicitfo, ou allspice, phnent da JngUs, pitrrf 

dt la Jamdiqut, Spanidi pimento* pdxrt dt 

Pincases, rf uis (pour mettrt dto ephiglai) 
Pins, epingles 
Pine apple, oncfM, auMi lapomtnedepinprtprl- 


inu piiue, mesure des Uqtddes, 2 au guart tf 3 « 

gallon ; conttnant 38 pouces cubes AagjUs tt t-S. 

rour la mesure ties grains^ la pinte est dc 2ii 
/>oufes rubes 
Piony seeds, rroffief dtpivoint 
Pipe, pipe (jUtaUle et mesure des liqukkt. ttnr- 

tout du vin. conttnant 162gaUost4. ^P^ "^^^ 

douvts d pipes 
Sweet-pine kcntels, pignons doiur 
Pistachio nutM,pistar/ies 
Pit coal, sea coal, charbon dt ttrrt 
Pitch, />iir,&rai 
P\ii^K„ la teste 
Plane, robot (outil de mtnuitier). WaaNTCf, 

ptatane, o» plane (nrbre) 
Planks, bordagesj planclits. Thick plania, njfr 

Plantain, fgut httnane. Plvit|in-<ny>, hmm" 

(nrbre). A bunch orplantaihs,Mytiitf dt banav^ 
Piaster, efnpldtre 
PlaU', gold ou silver plate, vdUseUedoron^^- 


Piniis, ntiicttes 

Ploucii, l^t'^'ct (ofttii de menitisitr) 

Dried iAnn\h%.prunmux^ primes ^Aes 

Phunes. rr.tmfs, panaches 

Plume m1ii:ii, aium dt plutne 

Pod OH ^h> Jl of the cacao, cabastt de oiceo 

Pocket-book J, porte-feui lies 

Poison-nuts, ucix x^omiques 

Pumatuiii, p\tmmade 

Poinciana, poindUade (arbrissetm dPAmrriq-C 

Pole, perche (luesure itinh'aire de Itipieds W J^^ 

glais. Square poJe,j>frrAr cruoT'n'e, mrTOtcw 

surfaces^ ccntmasit io yards quarrrs et H : •'• 

en fuui 40 pourftdre un rood, ou 160 ptur v^ 

acre. T. Acre 
Pome-citron, linum, e^drat 
Pomcgrinat*.-, grenade (fruit) 
Poppy seeds, paines liepavots 
Poplar, ptupiter (arbrt) 
Porcelain, ou Chin^ poreeiaine. Moddrporv^ 

Wtu, porcciaine vei'/e, Poredain-shelf, p<^^ 

lainelsorte de coqitWe) 
Poreii pine tisli, ou histns, poitton ttrmf 
forphvry, porphyre (sorts de marbit tr^s-dur) 
Porpoise, marjottin (paC-son) 
Port, ou port wlue, vin cTOp$rto. Rfidpon, «"» 

rouge ftOporto 

RAT t 1 

* ^ Course llan of war, ftUire (jtorte (Tauifnal 

u:^ l>ou a&d mookb, p9ti etfurmts dt sucrerie 
I y-iUM-i. fiatates. Sweet potatoes, pattaes doucett 

<-'i turrres 
V p- rr'i day- /'crrr dpctier^ terre glaue. Potter's 

•!<-, ntcjure AngtaUede 2 quart* ou 1-2 gai- 

I ice. pvudrc (de pitrrc pmce fimr mettienur 

■^ -^'j^sije, droit dt 12 den. strrl, par Uv. tterllng 
< '^ hr, fiKHlrr. Swet-i powder, poiMfrv Je ten- 
" r . huga r powdt-r, sucre en poudn. Powder, 
«^ TTBipowtier, poudre h canon 

^ ^r^l^ie iprcii/iite, ojtide 
>!-» '» nWbd, ntetat <k prinre 

Fn !U:j- iak, encre d imprhner. — paper, fiapier 
■jA^tner. — <)T>w. caract^res cTuiipntnerie 

T-: ifi-v, dr«/ rf»/ ro/ d'Jngleterre tur tespriaeji^ 
V °^ f rt vrdlnaireineiit tfun lOme du produit riet. 
— of «iii*rs, <//•<»« du mi d^Jngleterre rur 
'>, tij»v-, ^i C9nrute A prendre (kii.r totmratix 
•V srn «; s«m pnprt prior (f/u/ eitjiuf a 20 ,////. 
;*:^ /anare/i.X **"* 'w^ b''un:rnt qui a-rive 
I --"':> de viiUn et qui parte au-dttjeurde 40 t%mr 

rraiTzi, rvexiehymatMtpnmeauJc (deSainteCo- 

rmuUoiet. prunes dt hrif^nolet 
Prjioaix brae, bleu dt Prutte 
'' pear, pemme de raquette 
I i^bmxLt veuedeioup 
^ iinitre, pkiivpotue (pkrre ^che, ptrtuXt et 

Pi. ahean, mteeure detvhUt et futaiile contenant 

ParU, gold and nlTer piurb. ennnetiHe* 
1 .t^uxm (a At 11), chtccrec (coguille). Thorny 
«oodeodc thAlj mi yellow purpura, bcctute 
{'vpalieX £ndive s!icH, §u •hort4jt'ak«d pur- 
ptua, chicwrie (coquUle) 
Puuy, p9lie {pimnb, ou ^tom caking) 

17 ] 

3 AC 


QrvRT, quarte (meture det UqtiUkt^ feuvra le 

tj-uart dvnjigdloik, qui varie mivant h uaLurc 

•ir: fmtaotnt). V. Gtillon 
Cc^rt< r, mesure det graintyeontenant 8 bwIteU ou 

'- 1 ;;nllotu 
^ ta*4i wood, boisdeqfjasgi 
4 I rkwlrcr, argent vif^ vif argent, mercure 
'-i . d%, fuyausr. piutnes 
H.utc<*4, eoin,(frtiif) 
Mil jiuL, quintal, poidi Anglais de 112 de leurs 



;i \C1C, «7rarAr {liqueur spiritueuse det Indes). V. 

fU'-oii, quadrupfdr dft pays du nord del'Eu- 

r^.,ir rf fir I' Anin'inw. 
P-T t r*, chevron f{ff I in tolt) 
' nr^. okl ra^ rhijfcj, duff'nns 
H-iisu.s raitins tees, — of the tun, raisins au 

■>lnly au jnbis 
Ibismj? piect *, sobtiirgt (lerme dt cJutipente) 
Kd -rimer, meutsn (marh/ne a battle tcspil^tj^) 
Ha u*3 head, pince ikfer 
iUioon^ n;^.9n9 dc Cannes d srtcre, &c. 

Uattle-snake, serpent h scnufettes 

Kape oU, Ituilc de ttaveUe. — seeds, graines dt 

n/Tfeftc, ou ravctte 
Ilaspi, r'i/>e'j 

Rat iiiid mouse traps, rnti^rrs, souriciires 
Rattan, rattan caiu-«, roiim,ratans 
Ra\'i tisduL-k, drop de Russic iplie at double) 
Rauin, roioirs 

Razor shtll, inanthe de eouttou (eoquilk) 
Hecciver. ^wr i) vtson 
KeA uartfa, rerre ro,tge. — herring, Wotcd 

herriitp, hot'cm; taur, ctiftim^, hareng rouge taU. 

— lead, minium, plamb rouge 
RcmI caiK", rosrau 

Regal fishes, /x/trfvfu royaux {csmmt baleines, es- 

turgeont, &c.) 
Hein, on rein-d* er, r^n/ir O/uodnqiede) 
Reiuoia, suck-Ash, succt { ijoiison) 
R; iiuet, pressure (pour/aifc cmUer It lait) 
Hesin, n^sinc. — aniriie, r^sine aniniee. -- copal, 
resiiie copaie. — of coiirbiiriJ, ou locust -tret.', 
risiiie de courbarU, — i lasiic, r^rine rltistitjur. 

— of tl»e junipcr-treo, re/uu: de gcnevrier, ott 
de vernis. — of cacliibou, rcrific de rorhibon 

Rhaponttc, ou rfaapouticuui, rhapotUic (eiu Lc 

Rhubarb, rhubarie, Bastaid rhubarb, >«rr/ilr 
Riband, ruban 

Rice, rig. — flour, /firme, ou >frur de ris 
RixdoUar, rixdalt, feu d'Alitmagrte, icu de Trm* 

RocL-cr\ sul. crlital dt roche 
Rock-salt, scigenune, terrextre, ou fossile 
Rood, mesure det surfnces, cvnlenant 40 fiotet 

quarres, ou 4,840 verge* quarrees, fesant le 

quart d'un acre. V. Acre 
Rosal^n, realgar, H'agal (arjtenic rouge) 
RosfS, roses. Oil of rust-s, huiie-roaat. Honey 

of ros< s, tniel-rosat. Rose vi?jegar, vinafgrc- 

rosat. Rose-ffiilli, eponges dfr^ffantier 
Rosemary, ronuiiin (arbuste nro;n'i'if/ue) 
Rosewood, boi ; dc rose, de Rhotle-t, de inarhre 
VLoMi, r^sine^potjcresitte. Hard tosvu^ dc la co- 

Ruble, rouble (.monnnie de Russie, ef pit're d'ar- 

gent '-^a/e ri lOO 'Qjccs, et u-Jjcu-Jjris dt A francs 

50 centimes tie Frrince) 
Ruby, rubts ( pierre iirecieufe) 
Ruff, ou perca, perrlu' QtoLtian), Ruff, ou trtnga, 

conlon chaud^ ou tournt-pierre (oiseau) 
Ruffles, nuw hcKea 
Rum, rum, tipia, ou guildive, eau-de-vie de sucre^ mine 
Ruiiiates.^/Vir-A^rrj {tenne usit^ h In Jamefiquc) 
RttiidU't, ^mesure pour le vin^ et baril, contenmu 18 

RuiH-e, rou/iie, monnaie d" argent del' Inde; relle 

de PomU< h'nj cjt de la x'nlcur d'environ 2fraius 

84 renfinics. ll <i a dons cfinf,"ue royaunie et 

itabli^iiement de I huli% tkf rouj/tes de vuiturs 

di^t- rentes, II tj a la rcupie d'Arccttc, la roupie 

suxet, &r. 
Pi-inct: Rupi'i-t^s drops, UtrnKs Bataviques 
Rush,./oru- (pUwfe) 
Rus<ii:i hides, tuir dt Russi(, ovi fh Roussi, vatJyc 

de Rwiie 
Rye, scigle (jorte de ble) 


. SABI.E, mnrlre, zUielinr (quadrup^de) 
Sack of w ool, cotton, 8icc. bal, ou sac ; en Angle- 
terre, le sat de laine est de 22 stones, chaque 
stmie de 14 firrcj. En Ecossr, le sacest de 2* 


[ n» ] 


ttmt»y et rfmquc ttwnepdte 10 liwet, . J> mc oti 
la baBe de cocm e$t tkpuU 150 Uvretjiuqu'd 400 

Saek wine, vin de Canarie 
SMk-ekfCh, ttik d mc, grux ttUe 

Safflowt-r, etu t nn f j M^fffim hdtard ^Aflemagne^ 

Sftffloo, «f/fWm {ptamepwr ta tdnhire) 
Sage, Huge ipianfe armnatiqw) 
Bmgo^ Mtffm (torte de pMe v^tale^ mtet!e dupah 

ndery, <- ovt* , mi libby tive, palmijtre mmu 
Sailcloth, t9Uehvmte 
Siftinfoin, MUtifdn, e^Htrcette 
Sill, «e/. — de duoboa, «rf rfr duehtu. — nilri, 

teldenitrr^ ou depitrre^ ou ttUpftre, — alka- 

niAC, «e/ omnim^ir. — foctile, tdf^tUr. — 
gemnuR, tdgtmme* — neutruiu, je/ neufrr 

Salmon, mtmon ipmtstn) 

iialt,M/. Bay-ialt,(A<!K/^M 

Sal^one, nif rr, MolpMrt 

Sandall-wood, 6o/# </<r Mtnttaf^ on sandal 

Sandarach, tmtdaracj venM, gummc Mmdarac 

SuMiirvrt /M de nerre 

Sap-fpnorn, wTf dr tr»*te 

Saphire, tqpAir {pitrre pridenif) 

Sapiudus, mi toap-berry tree, taoonnier (arbre A 

SapKnie^, jeune arbre plein d'avhier 
SarMpanlla, taU<pareUle (rnifK mfiBcinaie du 

Sauafhia, teutaf rat {arbre) 
Satin, Motm (sorte tti^t^e) 
Saunders, tandal (bvi$ de sandal). Red saunden, 

sandal rmige. White taunden, sandal blanc. 

Yellow Munders sandal jaune 
SavadiUoet, American caustic barlef , cevadiUe^ 

Savin, savinier^ sabine 
_ Saws, scies. Hand-raws, scies d main, Compa*»> 

sawB, scies d fouruer 
Saw'tish, p«isson sde 
Saw^ort, sarcttTy serefte (pUinte) 
Scale, AD/oftrr. Scale beat n8,7%rnr/.r 
ScnlJop, ou jHxteUy pei^ne {/cot^uiUnge) 
Scainmony, srtanmonee (piaiUr fxut-^ativ) 
Sc'\9Uiv%^cC{eauJc (lust, d'nrts rt n}etiers) 
S<Ti. wa, vis, Cork screws, tire^uchms 
Scull ou seoU of fishes, syn. de shole ou shoal, 

bancs depoitsons 
Scurvy pass, cranson^cocM^aria (plante) 
Sea onion, oignon tnarhu Sea otter, loittre ma- 
Sean, setne {sorte deflet) 
Seals, veauar marinsy ou pltoques. S(>al skins,jbraujr 

de veaux ynarins. Stals, cacJiefs 
Sealing wax, cire ffEspafne, cire a cachcier 
Sealed eartli, terre sigtllee 
Sebestines, sebestes {petifes hrunej d^Exypte) 
Seed, setnence, — of pt-arl, xemenre aeprries 
Seneka, rattlesnake root, rocinc de serpent h son- 

nettesf s^tt^ka 

Serve, serge {sorte ^Hoffe) 
Shiaeck.r' • •• 

;, charier y otx. painpelim«use 
Shag^, peluchey panne 
ShagTven, chagrin {esprre de cuir) 
ShaJots, fchnlote {sorU d'ail) 
Shanioy leather, chamois 
Sheaths, gainesy/ourreaux, huis 
Sheep, brtbisy oSteo d laine, — leather, basane 
Shell jfoW, or en nvules. — silver, atj^ en 

Shifb, eltemita de femme. Shiits, chtnu'i 

Slioes, souUers {chatustar) 
Shumac, ou sumach, sumac 
Hicklcs^Tarirr/iief {insU pour sder U Vic) 
Seives, rr/bies^ tamis 

Shark, retiuin {poitsoti) \ 

Sheath-fish« toUat^ poisoon soldat^ ou Bemari 

Shinirles, essentes, ou hardeaiue 
ShoaJoffisl^Aaiicd^/NMAraiw J 

Silk, soie, flaw silk, soie crue. Raw nlk, ifif n 
moches, China silk, soiejfnt. Floss silk, wi' ril 
Sourresy hostile, Tlirou-n silk, soie ttrdvt^ 
Plain silk, taffetOM de sitt^tetc. Silk of threj 
colours, taffetas de triplet^. Toulouse silk, m 
fetas de Toulouse, SiJk twist, Jikt, IwiiW 
silk, Mfe /vrsr. L^ntwifted silk.MtrAto''^ 
Silver, argmt, Quickntilver, vif argent^ mmwrd 
Silver-wire, argem trait. Silver plate, orjprtW 
rie, — ore, argent x^erge 
Sirups, sirsps {liqueur eptusse) 
Size, colle de gants 

Skiniiiien, ^wnoirs / 

^k\u%,pcn!4X. Fish-skin, jftmr/drrAim 
Skip-iwuntt, ou shrppouNd,/i«iilr Angkaspotirki 
grains embarqutSyfesantpartie d'un lastt.e. 
^0al <) 3 ou aOO Hvre*. poids Anglais 
Skirret, cherviSy ou chervi 
SlalM, uf timber, dossesy dmses-Jbxhes 
Slate, artloue, ^ boards, shiU^c, ordMff/ tn » 

Slick'Atones, tissoUrs {inot. pour Usser) 
Slink lambs in the wool, t^gneauxmorts-ncf 
Slues prunelles {prune sauvage) 
Slui^gard, paruseuXy mouton partfteux 
Smalt, ^nuiU contmuny ou poudre d*axur . , 
Virpiiian snake-root, #er^nAitrf ou rs«*rij*"* j 
ae Virgink, Indian suake-root, rociiK ^J^' 
pent, munge. Suake wo^kI, bou de cwlrirTt 
Swuftj tabar en poudre, Snuif-boxcs, fai«»' '^ 


Snuffers, tnouc/tettes 

Soap, saion. Soap-balla, savonettes. 
soap, tavon modr^. Soft soap, *««'«!!^^"^ 
saiHtn mou. Soap-tree, savmuer {arorr a is- 
iHtn) - . . 

Socotrine aJoes, nMs siKcotrin ou cfucttjn 

Sok-ltather, cuir d semellor *««• y*^ ™ 

Solen, ou fttZOMhell, manche de couteau i^^ ' 

SokWr, hard soMer, Mf/#/t//v/0rf« uatm^c^ 
Sp-.ut, /'OM, ou em/Hin, mcsuiv Angioisc (kvf 

Anglaisy ou 0,23 du n,Hix 
Syan^les, />o«/rtre# .^y- 

buunish lly, canthnride. — paint, «f'^,f ., 

de I'lomby blam d'Espagne. - n^ ^'*^'" ' 

""'*'"* .1, ,/«na) 

S|itM?tacU'!i, lunettes {verres quifortijienta^i 

S}>elt, spelt whea^ ^peautre 
S|K'rtnaceti, 6/anr de baleine 
S|itlter. xittc ,_Airue 

Spioe, ^pire. All-spice, pt^re de la Jf"!^ ^,„ 
SpiktnartI, nu spike, petite lavande, 'P*^ Lrd 
imrti Indicny aspic. Celtic spikenaW' 
Ccltique f ,fj|K , 

Spirit, cane spirit, esprit de canne. — *>* 

SpllcnworvJ/enr, scolopendrt, ^"^^[^f^ 
Spoons, cuiliers. I'ea-spoous, cuUlers a t^ 
Spoon-bill, spatvle {m^rau) 
i^irats, sardines {petit poitsondcmtn 
•fipriugs, ressortu 
Spungy, cponge {plante mnri'^e) 


^piMbeD, eperm (ctquiiU') 
P« rrj. kjiei)sukr, morgeiine (plaiUe) 

'^■'fii\. rfierttu 

s^ ii.rnflfnAp (m^teare) 

, iu,-glaMc«, iuneUe* (Tmpprtcfte^ ou tk tongue 

Su. I h. rmptit, amkhn 

a-i, fOCTTfliw (pour bitriU ft petita futtnlle*) 
^i'f^i»eTf:,ttqfMjaigre, pitiUtairt 
-'• ruii?. -angtirme pnriie iTunt onre troy weigfit, 
jr^mt kpiidt de 32 grairu de Ued^ dt tear qui 
'"«u«nir au milieu da ejHs 
iy-A mjfr. — wire, JI de fer, wi ./7/ d'acier. 
V> 5p !U^ acier enptvjuett. Sietl gad, Aorir 

''' ' V-wl, AetoR, ronudne 

^ ■^ -^lisJi, stoefish, nterittrhe 

i>-kijjpi, 6a,. Ki»ii siockincrs, Aer trlcotrs. 

w nrti tfocJdngi, ^Ktf otf r/ioTKr. Fulled tfu 

r iJed ttockiugs, 6c» drape* 
-^•^^ pierrrs. Mill stones, rttrxtles de rtioutin. 

I'-^^ium itoues pierres hrecituse*. Pumici^ 

^'^Ar^. ftierrev pvnees. Riood-si onf . trnig^ittne, 

i^^*l^u>ne, ailiuutl. oupierre d'ainiojit. ¥\\\i\r 

»^ >i<e imerre AjutiL Chalk-ttoue, ctaie 
■ '^n, tttmxy ou ttyra.v 

'k^.l^uUe, &u»w hatt, thapeau.x de paiUe 

:"^'. y^ewre pour let ^ratiu, &c. egule it A 

^^^'»^. r. Bushel 
"'*''«;v rsrdir^, cordon* 

^^'^n, eatwfe^ (poi^ton de mer) 
y aimtxe. tubltme^ mercurc tublime 

^^•Tj, thicorh amevage 
K (iih, «u itmora, tucet^ ou rhnora 
-<*r, mere. Doubk-refiiied su;^, xuere royal* 

^4inre mi xvk sugar, *<it7r brut. Sutntr-caudy. 

^fA/jccawfi. Bttrli;t-«uf;ar, Mjnie iTorge. Su- 

"-' ''-arp. SuKaibpluuts, nnutntk* H»tes ou //*• 
*^"- ^ tmwndes ik la prAlbie. Sugar^wktc's 

.^' ** *•>"»««?, /r/mor (arbrhtenu) 
I'Pw-jaek, toiw, W^r4« {pUnUe MumetUrute) 
?/"? ^'■'"JX vitteur de la douane (pour veil- 
'"''' '• i^eniUtrnitement des nmrrfiandites emtccpti- 
^ ' 'if dia^-back.) — (iJdcX offickr de la dou- 
cw (ou vitUeur pour vcilUr oua Mtimcnt qui 
'^vevt) ^ ^ 

^"^liow^ort, dompte^vrnin 

y^.cyjtne (meau ofjuafit/fte) 

j^Hikin, 4one deJlenieUeJine 
*^^^5* «ii#*«firt# de tenteur. Sw<>«t-flag, 
^''^ *d«rant^ arumati'/ue. Sweet-Qlniouds 
<^ 'W/ic* dotices. Swt;et-booi; 6to<to Uzanlia^ 

* '^"•ot, csn/teor, *t«Trn<r. Dry sweetmeat*, 
f*''/4t«TH ahliet. Stale iwct!Uueats, confitures 

v*'"?^ f>ajp*etU» (pour etpader le cfumvre) 
^ 'l^'"'? w bemp, espader le chanvre 
' f^' ' T*"**. S woni-iish, ej/Huion^ uu ernpertur 

[ U9 ] 

^isidlletfet, Idfwo^ 


J5J}*AHA0ii, m ucftnmeba, taeamaque, oa 
f JfWwAara (/«^e degomnte retineuie) 
n- j?' '^l^'fo*. Siriutd taft'eta, taffeta* raye. 
itftu of raw tilk, w^rt« dcgase. Thrce- 

^ fi-ta, taf 

Tsjrg.-a U 

TaJlow ci 

die creton, — \ 
Tamarisk, m/i 

medic male) 
Taniarind, tamorin (arbre) 
'l'u|)e, ru6an </e^ ou de roton 
TapesiT)', tapisserie^ topi*. Tapestry hanging^ 

tapisterte de haute lice 
Tar, goudrm (comjjo*iiion de gonune, de poix, 

Tarragon, eifra^&n (plante) 
Tazels, chardon* (plaute) 
IVa. the. Gre«u tta, f Ae wert. Bobea tea, tld 

bou. Te»>pots, fheif'rtt 
TeacJie, baUerie (dcniiirc cfiaudi^re d*un equu 

page de *uererie) 
Teasel, chordan a carder 
I'itrce, mesure tk* liqnides^ tier^oru, *Lxifmed'un 

fonnrau, rgal a 41 gailim* 
TiffcMhell. brorartl (cviuille) 
I'hnu-h in.-e, la/aiiier (ou autre pafnuer dont le* 

fruWes *en>enf d couvrir ie* maitoiu) 
'Miimbles. de* (d coudre) 
Tlm^, Jil. Lace thread, JU de plain 
Tiles, tuilet (teire cuite pour coin'rir le* toita) 
Timber, boi* de charpente^ boi* a b/zrir 
lin, titi^>Iatej,/er Mttnc. Tin-stoue, ou tin oi-e, 

pierre d'etatn. 'l'iH>roil, ttun (laiue deium 

tju'on met derriSre le* glare*) 
Tinsrl, plate-wire, latue dor ou iTargent 
'1 ulneco, tabac. — iu ktalks ou iu leaf, tobac en 

cAte* ou rn feuHle* 
Tobiicco pipes, ^hes. Tohacco-prpe clay, terre 

hpipe. 'rurkisb tobacco-pipe clay, ecutne de 

Tod of wool, pot tl* pour ki laine^ de 3S Uvre*^ ou 

du quart du rjuitUal AngUu* 
ToAIy, co/ou (liqueur extraite de*paUnier* dan* 

Tongs, pincette*, fenaiUe* 
Topaz. to/)aze ( pierre prfcieu*e) 
Torch tlusile, torrhe epiti^ute 
Tortoise-shell, ^cmlle {de tortue) 
Toucan, ou groks-beak, toucatiy ou gro*-Uc 

(oisrau) v 

Toucli-sione, pierre de touehe 
Tow, cioufie (rebut deJUat*e, de lin, &c.) 
Toys for cliildren, /oi/e^/ (p^mr le*enfun*) 
1'n.acle, Venice treacle, tfieriaque. Treaclf, 

*i/rop de *ucret mela**e 
Trees, arAre^ (ert grueral) 
Tripoli, trifHtU (sotte de terre rotigefitre) 
Troehuk, saltot (torte tk coquille) 
Tropic lunlUHiille-erhcul ((d*cttu) 
Truffles, trv^ (plnn*e) 
Trunks, cbciits, coj^rety malle* 
TrunneJs, tree-nails, chevillesy goumabkt 
Tun, tonneau (mesure et futaUle de 262 gal- 

Tuna, ffonmie de nquelte, Jfgue tPIiuky vu 

Tunny-lish, thon (poi**on) 
Turbo, ou screw-sbi-ll, vix (*orte de coqviUe) 
'I'ureoi*, ou lurkois, turquoi*e (pierre prv- 

Turkey millet, grtmd millet^ millet tToutrenier 
•Tunnerick, tunnerir (racine de la curcuma) 
I'unisol, toumrjiuL lieUotrvpe 
'I urpeutin , leifbrrU/due (ri*ine du tereUnthe) 
Turtle, tortue de rner 


tutnr^ tutkfttik 


ULTRAMARIXE, tutrftner (cmdeur bleue tk 

Umocr, vmbrr, terrt^Twihre 
Uinbn>lliu« p(irM«li, fwrapfuiet, partu^lt 
Seamnicorn, ou unicunt->vhalci •u lurirhal, /i- 

come (f*0tssim)y ou tuu-xal 
S^-urcliiii, •unin de mer 

[ 120 ] 



VALONIA, avelfm^de {cutt rfr glar.d) 

TaniL upptT K atJi« !-», aipcii^tiet 

Vanilln, vonil'r (,planff) r 

Varnisli, vcrnu. Varuish-sandnmch, r^^inf de 
vernisy vcrnix. firoDZo>vai7iish, vc/im d la 

Vellum, veiin (peou de veau prrparce, tria- 

Vel*'<'t, vcloura (rf^ffl:) 

Velreret, cotton v I vet, vetourt d^ axon 

Veniet* lutuach, red stuuach, bolt defiutety c^ 

VerdijfTue, wrt-de^rii (rouiHe v^neneutt) 

Venliter, ceiidrex oieuct 

Vermicelli, macai &ni, xrrniicrUe 

Vermilion, vermillmi {mineral Wun rouge Mo- 

Vinegar, vHuagre. Wine mt beer vinegar, vinai' 
gre de vin ou de hUre / 

Bhic niriol, vitriol of copper, Roman vitriol, 
vUrid bletty €Wperose bkue* vkritl Jtomain, vi- 
triol de Chijpre. (ireen vitriul, inr copperas, 
\-iiriol oTirtm, vitriol trrf, martial, ou roupe- 
r^t^j vitriol defrr^ rouprrofc vtrte. Wliite vi- 
triol, vitriol or zinc, vitriol bUmcy ou de idnc, 
couperote blanche 


WAD()|NG. wwl, §uate {coton tritjin muentre 
deux etojf'et) 

Wafer*, paint it cacheter^ oublies 

WaiuscoUin^-boards, Itoia mcrrain hptmncoux 

Wake-toWii, flr«n,/»/«*<ilc*-irffu (phnte) 

Walnuts, noiu {fruit du noyer) 

Wash-balli, tawneltet 

Waste-paper, maeutature 

Wjiichi*s, montres. S« cord-watch, montre h se- 
conder. AIami>watch, montrr ^ i^viH. Kt- 
pcHtiiig^watch, ou rtpeater, vtoidtc u rfjKti- 

Wnitr-lcinon, ftomme de Rane. Water measure. 
ntesure tier hyuidcat tfc. qui eitt plus forte de 3 
galhui par Wi ricau ou bujtfief, que ut meture 
qfipelre Winchester measure* : on **en serf pour 
la iitesutr et la vetde de* charbcns dan* ie* 

Wax, rire. — candles, bougiiSy ciergrt 

Wtiitlier-pUusi s. bnrorn^res 

\Vi-<ls;« uixmI** >%are, unglozed China, basalt WAl!e, 
porcf.lttint en (j> « uit 

"\Vt.<l-u»hes, -rvdatset cendre gravelrfy cmdres 

'Weld, Sdfide, Itfrbr h jmmir 

WhaU -boiw, itattiuc. >VhaK^i;u<. Jhr.'nr. hcrlrr 
(cfc balelur) 

Tatty, ou lapn I \^'heat^r»mm^6lr 

i Wheels, routes. A tamer's wlieel, no totar. ^o 
ning;>«herK rouet 

Whetstones, pierres fi aiguuer 

Willows, saules (artrc) 

>Vimble», vilebr^hu (outU'ptur pereer) 

Wine, vin. White wine, «« wine, vin Monr, vi> 
roujfe. Wine three ou (bur yean old, vin i 
trois ou de quatrefetdlks. Plale win., in ^' 
pailkt. Muned vftney du vin brUk. PaDrt)* 
dead >«ia^ du vm h/enti. Old ou nt w »w 
vin vieu.v ou noitvcau. Sulpkuiated wiue v ' 
mout^ ou 001^. Sorry wine, rifM^. Bur 
•ffuiidy, ou Buri^udv wine, vm de Bturg^^ 
Cluunpuijpie, ou Champagne wine, tin di 
Cfuiwpagiie. Rhenish wine, du vin du R^^ 
Madura wine, vin de Madere. Fieneh witif 
ehi vin de Frahre. Raspberry wine, nr. lii 
/romboises. Sherry wine, vtn d'.ndaimi.v 
Cherr>- winr^ vin de cerises. Currsni ^w 
vin de growilies rouges. Orange wine, ki 
dorcrge. Rose wine, rm rasor. ^Htic w 
loured with ehkHM>erries, oni de uau^rt\ 

Winter's JOpk, eanndk blanche, ic^rce sext /< 

Wire. 7!/ rfffrc/ifl/ 

Woed, gu^de^ vmde. Jloree d^Indem Cmifik 

Wood, bois. Fire-wood, bois dt chnrifr,^( flii-i 
brdUr. CotA-^iitQA.bois de corde. Htai»*«d 
bms JlottK Wood for dyeing:, boif de PvTtxir^ 
Aloe-wood, hoii d'alois. Kagle>wood, iui- «.''?' 
gle. Calambnc^wtiod, ^oir dSrrfl/«m6er. H^a^ 
si-wood, bois anter de Strrinam. Aii'^^ 
wood, bois d^ams, Brazil wood, bms (k Q>'A 
ou Br^stUet, Campeachy wood, eu loirv^wdJ 
bois de Canipfche. PrincvN wood, hoit Ot Ctir 
pre. Iron-wood, bois de fer. Red-wood. /*?? 
rouge. \AS^\u>'^ooA,btXsdcdentelle. Sa»i^! 
w ood, hols de sciage. Sound, weak, hsrJ. 1. 1- 
der ou soft, white, green, drj* wood, bmifn'- 
eras, dur, tcndre, blanc, vert, sec 

li^'ool, iaitte. Wool in the prease, lohv cntui-- 
grnsse ou surge. LainlA wool, laine de^of-^ •'• 
V icugna wool, teifje de vivognt. Caidcd *olI, 
laiue cardee 

Woolvcrint's, loups cemiers 

Wonu-seed, Turkey wonn-«eed, sementinf. it" 
boiine, semen' e a vers 

Wormwood, absinthe (herbe amett) 

YAMS, ignamet (esp^ de liane dont ot: "tfir 
ift racinc) , 

Yard, trr^r, mesurer^nglnise de Spiedt, oa «- 
pierfs 9 pouces 9 lienes J-2 enviitxi du P'<\ 
Fiancnh, ou 0,910 du metre ., 

Yam,^/ de rarer. Spun >.im, Wrrord- fa^^ 
vnni. fil de cabk. Soil yam. JH de 'w ' 
VatTi, Ininejike 

Yaws, plan, ou epian {tndadk que Con cr«tt •* '^ 
rienne. en Ameriqur) 

Yellow lead, mottiLot {coukurjaunc) 


ZEDOART. xedoaire ( planfe J^imetique^ 
Zinc, zink, spdur, »nr {dcmi-ntftai) , , 

Zyrujna, mi bnllana fish,, ou haoinei^*^ 
siiark, mmirau (po's-'Jti) 







Monnaies (Vor. 

' i'e dcs Etats-Unis 

^'i-aiglc des Etats-Unis 

mus des ^»ays Bas 

/ iin dc Franfort 

-zide de Portugal , . . 

^nn-i^Ottis de France 

'^ i-pistolc de Pi^mont 

:'^^ii-5ouvcraii) des Pays Bas. . 
' 11 'a, ou piastre de Florence . 
• >lc ducat deDanncmarck. . 

' ^b!c ducat de Lucerne 

•» hlcdacat de SAltzbourg. . . . 
I^'^'lc ducat de Winemberg. . 

I' Jb!e Louis de Fratice 

i^We once de Sitile 

: i^^^lc pistole d'Espagne 

1^ uble sequin de Rome 

^ cat de Loi d' Allemajne. . . . 

'catde Baviere 


;>-cat de Cologne...: 

'I^cat de Cremintz 

J'A^dt fin de Danncmarck 

J--it courant de Danneraarck. 

"^cat dcFrancfort 

V'^cat d»Hambourg 

'^^^at d'Hanovre 






S- ir. _ 

4 411% 











2 21 ■ 

3 26 







29| 9 


24 9 
47 5 
10 16 
101 7 

10! 9 

5 8! 2: 
23 1 70 
4 9144 
11 15J84 
> 5 19 42 
7; 21, 66 

4 46 68 
7i23 72 

5 3/30 
2 20 40 
5il0 69 

1010 75 




10 86 


9! 50 
10 34 



18. 3f:, 




4 01.6 

3 55.50 


8 75 




On a suivi, dans cette table, Testimation du titre en carats et 32mes, par- 
^- f\ue cet usnge pr^vaut encore gcnerakment en France, et clans les pays ^trun- 
'?rs. Lj va^r du dollar ou de la goi»|e ayant etd fixee par un d^cret du gou- 
^,tnicment Fran^jais a 5 livres 8 sols, ou 5 francs 33 cenrimes, ncus avons cm 
^'^voir nous y conformer pour la reduction en argent dcs 


Uucac de Hesse d'Armstadt 

Ducat d'HoLlande 

Oucat de Hongrie 

Ducat de I'lmp^ratrice «... 

Ducat Imperial « . 

Ducat de Polognc 

Ducat de Prusse ^. . «4 

Ducat de Russk k I'aigle 

Ducat de Russie au St. Andr^. . . 

Ducat de Saxe 

Ducat de Suede 

Ducat de Trans} Ivanie. . . I. . . . «« 

Ducat de Zurich. 

E<u d'or d'Espagnc .-. . . 

Kcu d'or de Flandres 

Florin de Bayi^re 

Florin de Brunswick 

Florin d' Hanovre 

FranQois d'or de Lorraine 

Foundoukli de Turquie. . , 

CJutn^e d'Angleterre 

Imp^riale de Russie 

I.ouis de France 

Max dt; Bavicre \ 

Millerel de Portugal 

Once de Na])les . • , 

ijnce de Sicile 

Pagode des Indes a Tetoile. . . . . . 

Pagode des Indes au croissant. . . , 

Piece d'or d'£[.pagnc' 

Piece d'or de Mecklembourg 

Piece d'or dc Portugal 

Piece de 12,800 rels de Portugal . . 

Piece neiwe de Pi£mont 

Piece de 4 secjuins de Pi^mont. . . 
Piece de 5 monuaies de Portugal . 

pistole d'Espagne 

Pistole dc Geneve 

Pistole du Palatinat 

Pistole du Piemont .*; 


Quadruple d*r spagnc 

Qiiadruple du P^rou 

^>iiart dc pistole d'Espagne 

Rider d'Hollande 

Roupie d*or du Mogol 

Rusponl de I/ivourne 

Ruspo de Florence ou Sequin. . . . 

Sequin de G€nes 

Sequin de Malte. • , 

12:2 ]. 


^ 5 

23 15 

23 20 

23 30 

23 26 

23 13 

23 15 

23 11 

23 5 

23 26 

23 13 

23 20 

23 24 

21 24 

21 9 

18 13 

21 20 

18 21 

21 28 

23 29 

21 31 

21 22 

18 16 
21 30 
20 29 

20 5 

19 5 
19 13 

21 16 
21 20 
21 24 
23 24 
21 24 
21 18 
21 21 
21 30 
21 2i 
21 1« 
21 29 
21 25 
23 28 
23 28 
2S 28 



i I 


















19 6 

19 8 



J i 

10,55; iiy^ 

1068; 2:00. 




2 01. a 



10:62 11^^- 

10.53 1^' 


10:65 IF-] 
idrs 2^'^ 

idsi 2'03 
5^02 |94 

23158' 4;43 
lK08 3pr 

23^ ^■^^ 

19'20 3^-) 

l<i88i :304 

3 24J35 Uii^j 

10! 45:-24 8,10.j 

8) 23i33i 4-3- 

7 15:&r\'^^P^ 

30:88: 5jry 

24 16; 4i53 I 

2,03. ( 



6 18 93 3,5'1. 

9: 4i;6i! rso.i 

r' 819215--^ I 
6. 2r}40 5,1.>- 
2* 43i2H S'i^- 
U l55'85:2iV-- 
19;06j 5p:- 

5«|J^2j 3;o0 , 

41:48! Ty] 

76180 14 -K^ 
496i :^3^ 
„, 2870 5>^S-; 
3! 3083 5i;S.J 
1113^78 614. 

71 UpS 2ti6.^^ 
2i I0i86i '-^^'''•' 
6) 10148! li^'^J 

[ 123 : 



• tie Pi^mont i23 

'"■'' ik Rome. 
ide Tunis. . 
'-■'^'-ie Venisc. 


m des Pays Bas (non doible Y21 
Zr-- ouck de Turquie j • • • . 1^ 

Monnaies (T Argent. 

'---ie Naples *. . ^. . . 

C . ^nr.ed'Angle'-crTe. . ..*.'.. . 

' ' nre Je Danncmarck 

■ulcde Portugal 

riic Horgrie 

■ -couronne d' An;;leterre . . . 
'e ecu dc Dannemarck . . . 
t Escalin des Pays Bas. . 

i^.le Naples 

it de Venjse 

A.un de Flandres 

^ton de Hollr.nde 

^^•on de I.icge 

'ton d«s Pays-Bas 

^e Bade.DouHach 

^e Bareitb 

'udc France 

de Make 

ide Prusse 

' n de Bad<>.DouTlach 

[ r.n de Brunswick 

^in (le Cologne 

nn de Dresde, 

• n d'Hanovre 

; 'Ode Hollande '. ... 

f 1" de Liege , , . . 

rindu Palatinat 

■ ' nceschino de Florence 

'^-cesconi de Toscane 

- '-^TinedeCenes 

" ' ■ir des Etats Unis 

•OS ecu d' Anspack 

\'^-'' <-cu de Bavjere 

; • s ^cu de Brunswick 

■OS iz\x de France 

^' ^*^e <ic 5 francs de France. . . 

•;r)5 ecu de Genes 

^•^05 ecu d'Hambourg 

^ os^cud'HanoTTC 

^ro5 ^cude*lffas8au.\Veilbourg. 



21 2. 














.1 9 

. 9 



















. 64 

1 32 


3 36 


7 61 

^ 50 

3 59 

7 $4 
3 C-iC^ 

15 7 

2 42 
5 47 

5 m 

8 51 

8 38 
8 31 
8 50 

3 42 
3 38 
3 61 















6 54 

1018 I 
9 9 110 


16 4 

6 3 



7 10 




11 4 
4' 4 

6 9 
2 4 
21 2 
2; 4 
2 5 

Ij 2 



5; 4 
5; 1 
5 7 















7 5% 
5 54 
5 30 


97, HI 



5S . ti3 
OK 10 
74. 3 J 
112. .'0 




54 I 


59. CO; 


52. :m 












08 ; 




Gros ecu du Paiatinai 

Gros ^u de Pi^mont .' . 

Gros ^a de Ratisbonnt 

Grot ^u Romain 

Gros ^co de Saltzbourg 

Gros ^u de Savoie r 

Gros ^cu de Su^de a . . . . 

(^ros ^cu de Zurioh 

Kopf stuck de Cologne 

Livre de PWmom 

Madonine de G£nes 

Paragon de Geneve « . . . . ^ 

Philippe de MiUn 

Philippe de Modene , 

Piastre d'Espagne ^ Tcffigic 

Piastre d*£8pagne aux deux globes. 

Piastre du Mexique 

Piastre du P^rou 

Pi^ce de 12 Carlins de Naples. . . . 

Piece de IS Carlins de Sicife 

Pidcc de 24 gros de Br^me 4. 

Piice de 32 gros de Dresde 

Pi^ce de 2 marcs de Lubec ^ 

Piece de 2A sous (France) J 

Pi^ce de 12 sous. . .do 

Piece de 6 sous. . . .do 

R^l de plate d*£spagne 

R^lillo d Espagne 

Rixdalle de Dannemarck 

Rixdalte de Hambourg. 

Rixdalle de HoUandc 

Rixdalle de Lubeck 

Rouble de Russie de 100 copecks. . 
itoiipie d'Afcate 

124 ] 


Schellin d*Angletcrre. 

Tarin de Naples 

rimpf de Pologne... 





































9 23 
7 23 
9 14 













6 44 

6 48 
2 18 

7 47 
4 62 

1 39 

7 6 
7 44 
7 20 
7 10 
6 47 

2 68 
2 69 
1 41 
1 12 
1 35 







u o 

to O 
— O 00* 


pK»COK9 toco 

.--^Q &)i{^o^c^o.^ e^U) oyoooKOotooatooo-viw oo f 
cc •vr o ot 4>» to to CO (O <o vt to cn o^ Ot Ot 00 Ok to 00 <5 nt 





s:f f f r I" 

to to 

U& SB 

►^ to »^ ►- 

S ?• a < *t S^rfc O- 



en (0 n 

r»s .Is. CO 

<l q ^ 

c <« e 

3 3 

, C3CO *- ^ H^ »^ i ,^ 

CiO> <0t0 0<0*^ 1^ 000 "^O H»'*^<0'S 'O Oi W O^O CO ? 

cooi #^<0|j&;a»-» CO <o»-« oa»o^«-*o>ottrto^c»> o a. 


i^hi o V c'* 1-^ ^^ o t-' ^ 

2;i SS^SSg S 3^ 

0> CO ->l c;^ W^ CO to o^ H-k "s 1^ 

L 2 


lift I 





30 OO 
> o ^ 


II i 

• o 

• t 




Sfjia'S'OipD Odd 

r 02» 

I Iff 

•a I 



U '^ b> H» ^ 

^ ~ '• i«Sl; 

^ S tJ 



H^ M M (O 


52 {3 SKl3852t2S{2!3 Se a St2 8 tSSS ? 

^ H> HI K>U 


&9 09 C*> 

•^If^ ? 

to M Hi fcrf KQ k>a f>i~~ 

, JO <0 ^ O*} 00^ Ot JO H« O CjjKO W H» 55 K Vli^^©« 

>co o« o i-^ ca ot Oi IT-" C3 i^ K3 €•*>! 1^ 9»S k5 «3oOS^< 

SSiqS 5S3 JS kS8J5l:2S^^8i2 J3& 2 25 13 J2t! ? 


I I iiiilllNs 3 3 

s I 

o» O) o o»(o^»M« ok«oo« <o^9 o» H*g« « «i»i^«. 


OO^Kd MOO da lO CO "*< -<4 V9 to t9 O ^ 40 pt Crt ^ ia 0» tJ Ot 

t 127 ] 


M £ 


8 6.6 fi- 

3 - 




5ji •2-i.:l^9Si'. 

J" « 



w 3 




««o o «o o o 

? SS 8 StSJsf 


1^ 1^ to 1^ K9 ;^ 

->| "SI 00 »-• to c3 «o 

c^ o o> 
Kd crt K9 


28 ?J JSfiJ^o 

feg^ggj^is isgig s t« SS2 8 i3 

so sv 


i g :S 5i 



jr t: rr. 

a 83 

iM ot M to to o» 

• • o • • • 

CJJO ►- M03 

O O 1^ r>« 03 


3 aasasatj 


■»>0 U jg MOO, 


u» gi^i-* 00 OB o« 


O »0 O ^* O O ^ h-k ♦-* oc 

lO O* »-* O O" H« 

C9 )-» 03 Kd 03 CO »-« C^ » 


00 « Ot W i|k. o v^ 

S g £§ 

H* >-* CO *o M W«/i ■ 



3 a M W CS 0> 01 


00 1^ O — .^ O Wtn 

=••^8 3 3 



^ 8 


^ &9Qpoo<ooiOOi^Mioo^ (OotooM ^^ i^ qo ^oooi|k.M '*>i*oc!^ 

[ 129 3 



c c 




■7 ^ 


o S 




^ - 

90 pd*^'^ 



s c 2. 

p c s. 5 
o 5 p ^ 

o r" 

o • 

3 • 

f ,- S 2. 

• ►— O 




•a »«s 

2. P 2. 2 

a.: fsis 





« M HA h^ 1^ nSft »-^ 

• oo» o>o oo po 

— » t-4 ►- ' 1^ M M M ] 

M M H» M M ^ 5 

►-0 O 

» (0|.. O <o O <o 
00 _o 


Co »-» C3 C*3 CO C3 &> 

C5 w3 O 

852 to 

C3 to to 

« M M 

i- ip a> 

C»i^. u>^ M 

b> H-' 00 h-t <p r 
o o« Ot M o 



H* 000*0 00 

a. D-a "p "^ as SI O 
oo»>fiipoEr. o 
s ■ 3 o o 2. S- • 


^ o c o 

(9 3. 

:r: 3 



S 8 

3 3 

ooa»o-*i 5 
3^ 5.S 

S 01 


^C3«k.g^i^i^M«^4^^^i(iik4^^0 C3 (OC34^COtOOOi(^(/iCOifk>Hit< 

,'^«^NC3o>i^MCAO>i^Mi^>ot4»>o o» oca*' tpa»Hip«o*^po<o 


Pp}-N* MO o o H* o ►-•o o o to o p oo o c o o o »-» o »— o \S 
^r^S>-'©4p^obipoovo'o'«^'' S a> ^ii ov6»J-»toqotO'^oco aa 

[ 130 ] 



Avec leurs divisions et valeurs compar6es au* anclennes, i 
Tarr^ifc du gouvernement Fran^ais du 13 Brumaire, an 9 (1 


Noma des memires et des Division et ndeur en me- 
poids noMveaux. sarts et poid» notiv<%nx. 

£i licue uouriflie m my- 

Le nulle «v kUooiftre 

La perche nouTeHe «i < 

OH in dt re 

10,000 metres, M 10 
1000 metres 

Le pnlmc ou.d^cim^tre 

Le doigt M centimetre 

L*arpeDt nouveau^ «tt hec- 
La perche carr^e, m are 

Le raiud Bonreatt, ou kilo- 

L< setter iiimit«iv mi hee- 

Le lioitseaa nouv. on d6- 

La pinte nonvellei <m litre 


Unit4 flmdamentale des 
poids i>t memres nouvcaux, 
nix millioiiii^me partie du 
quart du ro^ridieu terrei- 
Cre. II ftit dL\ ptimet 

10 doigtt 

La velte iMraT<dle, au d^ 


La soliTe nouTelle m d6- 

Le nallier noureftv 
Le quintal novveau 
La livre nouvelle, ou kilo* 

L*once uonvelle, mt heeto- 

Le grot nonveaa, tu d^ca- 

Le denier nouTeav w 


10 tiaiti #u 10 nuUiokf^ 

lAfOOO ladtr^^t carr^ 100 
perche* canoes 

100 m^irei earr£« oa 100 

1 ui^tre cube eu 100 de- 
cim^-tr t culx'S, 10 setien 

I00di^iuetrc«jpu1je«, 10 
UnutAUx noaveatu 

10 .lecin.^t*^^ rube«| mt 
lOpi .tr»n< u'vlh'i 

: aeciiiH^tPf cube, 10 
n.'S 014 lii drcilitTt-s 

10 d^im^tres cubes, «tt 
10 pinltkikouvelks 

1 mtoe cube, 10 loUvei 

Dixiejue da m^tre cube 

1000 liTTCf nonrellet 
too liTrefl nouTelles 
10 oneea nouvcUes 

10 grot II 

10 denieti •oureaux 

10 mint nouTcaux^Mi I 
10 d^eigrvamet | 

Yaleur en mesorca et ptMds anck-iu. 

5132 toiiea 43 ocnti^mes, enviroB dctax 
lieuet mnyennea 

513 toisca deiijLdixidtnea, eKVirob vn petit 
quart de iieue 

Trt-nie Jl^-da neuf poucea tix ligna 

3 pieds pr>nee 11 Ugnea 44 eenttdaart loi 
cent'ving^i^ittes d'aone de Fuia, un peu plus 
de cinq aixi^met 

3 ponces 8 Ii|?nes 11 trente^evxi^meai, en- 
roll un d'auDc de Putii 

4 Ugnea KMringt^troliiemei 

Environs gmnds aipcDi delOOpeRhti 
carr^ de 2S pieda 
EnTiron dcux des ditea perebea 

5D461 poQces cubes 6 dixi^et, enTiroQ la 
mdSti^ du tnni \ tl>^ Paris Ae 12 setieft pour 

lea mati^res s^clus 

dc TancioM k tior, ou K7 pintes 

5C4 pomes rubfs 6 dixj^mes, 
treizi^mes do boisseau de Paris 

50 ponces cubes 4^ centi^roes, on pen pliu 
que la pinu dc Paris d*un qoaiorxiiejtte ca- 

504 ponces cubes 6 dixi^mes, enriroii 10 
imites ft dt mi de Paris 

Un peu plui d'une denl^voie de bds, envi- 
ron 29 DieUlt cubes 

5 piids cubes, un peu moins 

2044 li^TPt onces 4 gTOs48 graiitt 
204 litres 7 onces gxns 12 ij^rains 

2 livres ouco 5 gn>s 36 gouns 


3 onces S gros 12 grains 

5045 poucet cubes, un pen pins de deux lien 

Ic l*ancioM t( tior, ou K7 pintes 


C 131 ] 





U lieoe eonuaune de Fkuioe de 35 au daart 
UvnedePamdeSpiedtT ponoes 10 bgnet « 

La tone fiB^aire . " 

Upkd r 


Uuuae cance 
U lobe cube 
Le 1MHICC cube 

Laipeat de Pton de lOO peiibet «ur6e8 de 18 
pieds h perebe lin/iaive 

La peicbe can^ de 18 pieds lin^aiics 

L'upent de Fkancede 100 f^tthtt ewH^ de 
83 pieds b perefee UnMre 

La perdke caxvfo de tt pieds lm«aircs 

Lc leptwr de Pftris de 21 boineatu 

Le boi^eaa de Ftem 

U pinte de Paris 

La Tehe a^nenqs 

Le oiiUkr anciHi 

Le (jninial anck-n 

La hvre ancionnc 

Iff raarc aocicD 

Uonee aacaeiuie 

U gras anckn 

Le dcmi-^TOi ancicB "^ 


4444 metres 44 centim^tiet 
1 m^tr»l88 millimtoet 

1 m^tre 948 millim^trei 

3S5 millim^tiei 

S7 millim. 

8 millim. 

3 metres earr. 79 deeim. AT c. earr. 

10 d^cim^tre* 54 cendni. cair^ 

7 eeDtimitRs carr^ 

7 metres eubes 302 d^lou cub. 

34 d^im^trea cubes 

Environ 90 eentimtftres evbci^ 

3410 metres carr6i« tn d^im^txes eairfs, 80 eea- 

tim^ues cairns, euviroa un taen de Taxpent 

noaveaa *' 

34 metres aarfi^ 16 dfcim^tres earr^i, HO cemi- 

mi^ttescarr^ en\iron on tien de la pcrcbe 

510a metres carres, 83 d^inii^trea cartel, 00 cen- 

tim^Cie* carrot, environ un dcou-arpent nou> 

•61 mitte» earr^a 3 dMm^tMs eairte 80 cen- 

ciin^txes carres, envoon une demi-perche nou- 

156 deeuntovs cubes, peu plus d'uA setier et 

deini uouveau 
13 decim^Uwc cubes 1 boisseaa trois-dixi^mes 

Uo auatoni^me de moina qu*ane pinte nou- 

Environ 4 cinq de la velte nour. 
489 liv. 1 oae. 4 gros. 




Pill* d'uB deni'grain bout. 



[ » 

mnm ? ? ? i? i? i? ? 

^ IB ^ ^ 

32 ] 








^ :> 










= «.^2 3 COoa.i- 

^ ** s 3 




t:. —si a -*» 


is"? te u s »'t» " •^ 

Ififiit ^ 








'2, llJ- 

Troy weiglit. 








A fianwnytnout vMrd^ or simply • AmtMiym (In' raaktefi: a subsUntite of an a^jecti^ia dcrir^'*) 
Ihjm tlie Greek! is a word inmodern languages, whieb, reniaininjrunaltered with rtegaid to pronun- 
ciation and spcllins, servrs, howwer, to (tengiiate rarioas or dnReicnt ol^ett; a homonyat •oiDe> 
times rpteinbirs other woiris in some panieulant, and diten ftom tbem in odiers. Tbe oefinitkMi 
iust given mill naturally divide these woids into two classes. 

The 1st, eonsisting of wonls having seyeral meanings or acceptatiom, as, (br Instaace, ofigr, 
in French, which at Uie same time means an annlt and a cwmntrtMi cut in tw and jmntdtFftA c 
t ZiOJn or irtn bar. This cfaiss of homonyms, which is the most numerous, owing to the |N»Tect\ 
of every fainguag^, is found, with all the various meanings of each word belonging to it, in af! 
Kood dieiwnaries. We have endeavoured, in the preceduig put of this wortc, to which we reAfr 
the learner, to be a<i accurate as possible in ginng sueh woids every one of the aeceptatxons they axe 
eHtitlcd lo bv custom. 

The 2tl clau consists of words, which, having the same *eund^ differ both in tp^ng and ^gnifias- 
tlon^ or which, although Uicy mav agree both in sound and spelling, yvt differ in the essential p«rti- 
ciilar of gender, or belong to dimMeAt parts of speech. T%e wonts cmf, hundred, nng, bkMid, tent, 
s.-nso, which are proiidunoed alike, are an instance of the first, and the wosrds carpe^ m. the wrwt, 
ctopc,/, a fish*, flerri^rey m. the back of any thing, rAmVre,/». behind, are instanees of the second. 

llie want of a knowledge of the right spelling of words, and their precise gender, &te. garrs rise 
to many ridiculous or shocking mistakes ; to guard effectually against them, tbe student vovld do 
well often to peruse our dictionary of homoin-ray. 

Not to multiiily elA«ie<v which, when not absolutely necessary, brings on coofUsion, instend of in- 
troducing onii r, we lia\c iuciuded among the homonyms Just mentioned tueh wonis aa have a 
slight dinerenee both in pwnunciation and spelling, as, tdche.f. a task, tacfte^f. a spot, or blemish ; 
aciYt tn. an acre of land, <Crrf, a. sour, &c. 

That our work may be the more usefbl, the pmper names of rlvertf cwntrie»^ dtiety and of eek- 
hnited chamctm, have been intruduoed when tney luippened to be homonymous with other wordiu 
We have aimed at accuracy in fixing the genders of livert and countriet. and left that of the proper 
nnmes of cities undetermiued, as authors differ concerning the gender of many of tnenu Hov- 
e>or. they appear to us to be mostly masculine, and stich are all names eiidiBg with a eonaonant. 
In order to avoid blunders on this subject, when «i>eaking or writing of a town connected with epi- 
thets, we advise, when any doubt arises ivvpecting its gender, to have die name thereof pteeedevl bv 
the word vilk, wbicb, being feminine, will requin- the epithets to be in the same gender; Iheiefort. 
s»\\ in such cases, la viUe f/r, the town or city of, iusteaaof the name of the place alone. 

We find it an agreeable duty to tcndt- r oiu* grntt>ful acknowU-dgnients to Mr. Martin, an emi- 

nent professor of the French language, who, witli that liberality «hiehalwayt characterizes the 

man of lettevs, allowed us to make what use we should think proper of his Fi^ncJi Homonyms*. We 

' re, availed ounclvrs of his excellent p >rforiiiatkCfc:, and made only such ehancea and al- 

coindded with the general plan oi our work, nut oniitthiig advantages fiooi other 

»uive, therefiwe, 
lerations as 

* Mr. Martin, in order to make bis woric movp worthy of public estimation, has added to it a dcetdi 
of the French grammar, and a tn-atiie on orthography. It was puUisbed in New Yoih, by Messrs 
Collins and Perluns, in their usual style of elegance. 

ALE [ 135 ] 

A R R 


A,r. A,/>. 
^, hat, X, fo. at 

AhaiHc,/ Alnisie^v. Abbesse,/. 
Wmisv, {vifh pattry rodb) the under cruH •/ 
'ii^finj. 11 afaamc, Ac te« tffwn. Abboiie, 
.'. ihUtt 

Accucil, m. Aecaeillc, V. 
^<T1leU, a Ttc^Mion. U ftccucUie, he reaive* 

Athe,/. Haehe./. Hache.r. 

A'-he , tfrvtUnge^ n kind mf pors'nj. * Haehe, an 
'■ i^ <<r haicha. Je * hache, / hash or wince 

Acn?. m. Acre (4ir.O, a. 
•^ere, en are; 9fUmiL Acre (Acre), Mvr, (mt 

Adir.cte, m. Admt lie, t». 
AdnHe, Atlmefnt^ king oj Thessalia, J^ad- 
■< I AT, / may adniH. 

Adniis, ^. X"<!enii. ad. 
AilmU, aikutt.fff. A-demi, /w//, *y Aa/xr* 

Attains /. A liiift§. 
Affaire, ktsiftegr^i^airy concern^ caute. A fliife, 
' if JfllC 

Ah!i. Ha,/. 

Ah!ffA.' •H^ffA 

Agsee,/. Afcace.r. 
^ffMCi anrttf nu^^/ye, Agmce, f o je< on C((re 

Aigayt r, v, Ega) er. v, 
Ai;:ayer, fo woM^ (o rtme. Egaycr, fo nuJce 
'•f^i « r^ofcr 

Ail, nu Aille, r. 
Ail, (a pUau) garlick. Que j'aillc, / may g0 

Aile,/. Ailif,/ lilK^. 
AUp, wii^. Aile, ofc, beer. EBe, *Ae 

'\iu6, c, a. «• Bn^e 
AJn^, m, ainetv/' «Wkrr, f/dr^. En^c, £n£a^ 

Atnun t,m. Ai uian t, pa. 
Aiaant, /ocrf fonc. Aimnnt, hving 
. Aim^ /*. Airn^, e, pa, 
•^A^, (d tBomonV name) Amy., Aim^, torn/ 

Aino,/. Ajsne, /*. Haino,/. 
Ame, |r«n. Abnt', name •f a rtver in Pi- 
"y- 'Haine, /K2/fY</ 

^-"n-Aire^/: Aire. fire,/. Enre,t>. Em?,/. 
,. Haiiv^. Here, m. 

"f. air, («o&, tvne^ gait. Aire, atlrrletf light 
•'•^ appears rouna the tun; threthingjfoor; 
'' ^!* •/ a «rrf of preu ; area^ in geometry. 
^•^ . 'Ac iMme o|f /rro small tmoni in France. Ere, 
'^'i'ffmha. JVrrc, Ivoanrier. Exrt\{it is ohrolete) 
'f'iTpace. *Um^, hmr-sHft. *H^rv, term of 
■'^■•nnpt; panvK hiWy silly fl^laitf. poor vreU-h 
Hm. Ait,w. E»t,v. Ilaie,/. Jiaic,/. IIaii,v. 
\n, a board, plank> U ait, ^ nmj htne. 1 1 c<t, 
''». 'Hw, hedue. La •Kaie.i'A'- Hagve^n lown 
' nW/anrf. Je •liais, / hate. 11 •h.iit, /ic /*...'rj 

ALvt. Est-ctJ. 
Aix, ^a-, roirn in France. Ett-Ce, w /V .' 
Al^nej: Haleiuc,/. 

' TIjc vronli maikcd thus (*) hare the A av 

/ HioK homonrmi marked thus ($) are com- 
^''rndfd of several words, whiehare exactly pro 
■'mittfi uthe wonl or wonh to which they are 
liy.iMmjinow : as, ft /aire ; est-ce, &c. 

^ Hic X, which i» pronounced softly in diis 

Ali^iie,«ip/. Haleine^ Aro«A 

AUaiter, v. Haleter, r. 
AUaiter, fo suckle. 'Hakter, to pant 
Allw,/. AH^.pa, Allez,v. 
AU^ ttUey^ iva/A, narrow paeeage* AUr, nu 
allee,/. f one. Voas allez, you go 

Araande,/. Amende,/. 
Anaande, oimom/. AsannAe^fneJorfeit, penalty 

AnuuBt, m. Amman, m. 
Aniant, /over. Amman, a tirfe jfinen to the chir/' 
ffsome eantons in Smltxerland 

Ami, e, #. Amict, /. Ammi,/I 
Ami, m. ainie, / frietuL Amict, (part of a 
pritiCi drest) amice, or amict. Amroi, apkmt 
Ammoii,/. AnMmt,m. 
Come d'ammon, name of a purified shell, fbttnd 
onlu in the ground. Vent dramont, term tnode ute 
of for an eaiterly wind 

An, m. Ed«/. 
An, a year. En, in, info 

Amhe./ Hnnehe./. 
Anche, fAe reed of a hautboy^ or any ether vfiuJ 
imtrumem. •Hanchc. {part of the body) the h'p 
Ancre,/ Eiiere,/. 
Ancre, the anchor of a ship. £ncn>, ink 

An^.',/ Annt-c,/. 
An^e (Jlnee , tJte load tfan ass. Ann^, a yea.- 

Auge, m. Ang^',/. 
Ange, asgeL Angpe, (a wajijh) a skate 

Aooblir, V. Ennoblir, v. 
Anoblir*, EnnobUr*, fo ennoble 
Aiie, m. Anne,/. 
Ane (AneX an ass, orafooL Anne, Wnna, c 
womatCs name 

Antre, tn. Entre, p. 
Antre, n </e/t, cave. Entre, biehceen 

Anvers. Envm, m. Envers,^. 
An vers Antwerp, a toivn of France situated on 
the Scheldt. Envtr«, fAf v:rong side tf a ttnff' 
Euvcr<s t invar ds 

Aoutt, /». Ifuiix, m. Kouc,/. Oil, orf. Ou,r. 
Auut, Aniffusty tlte Uh tvonth of the year. 
♦Iloux h(tl!y-oak. *Houe, a grubbing spade, or 
hoe. Oil, -where. Ou, or 

AnpAs, m />. AppAt, m. 
Appos, the channs or allurements of a uyinnn. 
App4t, a ball, etvicetuent 

ApprCt, m. Apr^fl p, 
Appr^t, preparation^ dressing. Apr^s, after, 
next to 

Apwll.', V. Apeiles. m. 
Apptlle, call. ApcUiS, a famout Creciuu 

Art. or aras, m. Arra«. H.^ni4, m. 
Ara, a sort of parrot. Arras, a (awn in FrertC'i 
Flanders. *mnu, a studs the place where a stud 
it kept 

Ai'o.m. Arque, r. Arqiit-s 
Arc, a bov, arrh. II arque, it b^ndr. Arqin ». 
n rity in France in tfie department of the Loutr 

Arrhcs,/p. Airhcs, r. Art, m. R-irt,/. 
An-hes, eartWitpet:ny (has no sing.). Tu arriK -?, 
thou givest earn tit. Am, an art, aAi//, cunrunf;, 
crnft. •!•&«, the band ^ afaggoi; {in Urn) a /wV- 
(ert a hanging 

Airani^'r, v. HaranBi^re./. 
Arranger, to set in order, •miung^re, a fsu- 


re iKien its proniioelation like that of ett- 

• The difference of these two wonis is, tliai 
the first is said of penons, the other of their t s- 

t PronoMiiCfd r.i}. i 


[ \o6 

C A 11 

.KtC\ the godUeg* of re7>enge» Ath^ tut ttthdH* 
*ndt«', e, m.f. htutmed 

Aral, IN. Aval, m. Ami, or/. A\'alr, v, 

A>al, u guarantee^ indTiemmt ^ a ntte #f 
hatut. Veni d*a\-al, a vxsttriy loitid. Allt* r avtl, 
^Ojf0 ciffTrR a rivfr. Avalv, j'avale, i swatino. 
A vaiit, fti. Avant, m/. & p. Avint, aveiis, m. 

Avaiit, (a setHerm) the fmv part •/ a $hi/u 
Avaut, More^/m-wartL Avt-nt, aveas, adtxnt, 
i'le/our ^rkt Before Chrittmtu 

Avciur, m. Avejiir, «. 

Avenir, the future; {in law) ntmmont, Areair, 
fo come toptttt 

\a,aux, art, Aux, tM^. Eau, eatix,/ Haiit, a. 
O I i. OU 1 f . Ho ! i. 0», fn. 

An, aux, fotfte, Aus, r/otrj ofgnrlir. Eau, 
ravi\. r/ic w<tf*r. •liaut, /«X'A, ro//, <©/iy. OIoA.' 
Oh : fc'i .' •Ho ! aJi I Oi, n ^iw 

Audc,/. odt.y: 

Aude, a r/wr in tfte south tf France, Ode, an 

Amur,/ Aulno, m, 
Aune, nn rW. Aulue or mine, «« c/Jcr ^fce 

Auspice, m. Hospice, m. 
Auspice or auspices, omen* presage. Hospice, 
a Ititpttaltlt house 

Autan, m. Atitant, oil. 
Autan, a south trirut Autant, <ur miwh^ so 

Autcl, m. Hdtel, m. 

Ai:t('l, an aUar. HOtel, a futbtemati's or f^r»- 

t!''m.iti';i h'Aue s a large itint « noted totigmg- 

Auteur, n. Hauteur, f. 
Auu-iir, on tmlhor. Hauteur, the height 


Baie, /*. Bui, e, c. 
Bai», o hay or roocf (tf *ea; a ^ap in a ivaU; a 
iham orjkanf a berry. Bai, e, (speaking tf a 
Jtcrse or tnare) bay, of chesitut colour 
Bail, m. iJaUIe,/ 
BoU, a leeuCy afarming, giving fofami. Bnille, 
o secHermfor a sort of tub or bwkci 

Bal, m. BUe. Bulk,/. 
Bal, Ball, a balL dance. Bule or Ba&Ir, (a rorrn 
:/i SwltxerUmd) Boiii, Balie, 6atf <« />% u^t/Zi, 
a bale of goods 

Balai, m. Babus, a. Balk t, m. 
Ralai, broom. Bnlait. (n rtnn ured bti jeTvellers, 
gpxkiiig of a ruby) balass. \iy\Wttbiii(et^datice^ 

Ban, m. Banfi« m. 
Ban, ftan^ proclamation; punishment, f/ronrip- 
tion. Banc, benefit form, pew; bmdc^ or */jwr 
Barbt, Ml, Barbe,/. 
Barbe, Barbary horse. Burbe, fjeard 

Batbu, e, a. Barbuc, /. 
Barba, m. faarbue,/. bcattUd. Barbuc, {a aca- 
fish) a dab 

K:\.i, m. Bas, ff. Bas, ad. B&t, m. Bat, vu 
Bath, /. Bab, f . Bats, t<. 
BaS} stocking; bettnm. Bas, /orr, ynran, inferior. 
Bas, c/nvn, /«r«. B4t, pmktmldle, penturU Bat, 
(/le /m/ ofa^sh. Bath, a /oun tfi EnglaniL Bah ! 
j»o/j .' Jlfaau, Ae beats. Tu bats, r/uM^ ^af»£ 
Batte, V. Bite, v. Baite, /. 
Je batte, / may beat. II bate, ke saddles with a 
pack-sofidle. Batte, rammer; bolster of a saddle; 
Harlequins sabre; a butcher's stick; a chum-staff 

laax./«8*cr. B«.a<i 

Baud, m. Baox, m p* 
Band, o kitui ^ hovMd, Uaa: 
beaux, fine,, fiandsonte 

Beautv*,/. n«»tt«*,0. 
Beauty, bettuiy, Hout, having bMto an 

Becanv, »i. Beceard, m. 
Became, a B sitrrp in musk. Beecaml» a J? . 
thefiHtale ff the salmon 

Bete,/ BeCte,/. 
Be«e, bease. Bette, (a pknst) beet 

Berne. Bt-me,/. Berne, v. 
Berne, a euttt*n atut a tmon in Sviextnian* 
BeriM', tossing in a blanket. U benie, Ar t^m^rs . 
a blanketi he. laughs at 

BteuTait. m. Bien fait, or. 
Bienfait, bewfit, kindness servkr, Bkrn fai* 
11 ell made or shaped 

Bii^re,/ Bierpe or Bisicc, y: 
Bi^rCfC^M. Bierre «r Bi^re, Acer, mair « 

Bois. M. Bois, fioit. v. 
Bois nw0<L Je bui«, / drink. 11 boic, / 

Bottej: Boit<?>,/. Boite, r, 
Bolte, 6ftr, ihest. BoiU:, {speakings of t^t' ' 
ripeness^ maturity. Je boite, I go lame 
Bou, m. Bon, a. m. Bond, m. 
Bon, a check. Boo, ^Met BojmL a Jsnnh 
caper ^' 

Booace,/. BoiiAsse, o. 
Bonace, (a ms <«rm) ooftn. Bonasae, ^wod'-n^- 

Boue,/ Boas, Bout, V. Bout^ m. 
Boue, tUrt, mud. Je bous, il bout, / bmL f^ 
boils. Bout, endj tip, bit 

Bouehee,/ Boucher, m. Boucher, v^. 
Bouch^e, a nwufhfnl^ ntorsd^ 6k. Boudicr. 
btitcher. Boaehtr, to cork, to ttopt to ^Aitf ua 
Bouille,/. BouUIe, V. ^^ 

Bouiile, a long stick used by fishermen ta trou- 
ble the voter, U bouille, it may boU 
Bourre./ Boum>,v. 
Boinxv, rwr** harr; tho ua/din/ mizmetf in 
utton tJte charge of a gun. Jc boame, j ru.^ 
thutnp, &e. 

Boarrf^i, / Bourrer, t>. 
Bourr^, brush-wood^ afifggot; a kn»d ^ dat.rr. 
Bourrer, to ram a gun, ire 

Bnit,e, a. Brute,/. 
Bnit, m. brute, / rough, unpoii4hmL Brute, v 
bea^) a brute 

Bitt, m. Butte,/ 
But, aim, eiid, Butte, a bank^ snail ▼;«:.«)• 


Ca (pa), pr. Sa, pr. Sas, m. 
^*at, ll*at' i>a, A/«, her, its. Sas, mcvc 

Cadi, »i. Cadis, m. 
Cadi, fln inferior magistraie tmsn^g the Tarkr. 
Cadis, a kitufof serge 

Cadre, m. C^iadre, x>. 
Cadi^ or quadre, a frame, U quadro or ca« 
dre, itsuit*t if agrees 

CtOios. m. Cabot, m. 
Cahos, eahos. Cuhot, a /«/< 

• lliese two wards, with a few others, jiro in. 
troduced ainons the bomonnus, on tite auibc 
rHv or the Abbf Ji^Ut^. 

t Abbivriatiou cfcda. 



[ \3r ] 


♦^ ,' TTitaf UH ? 

Cailles. ^naiU. Caves a H'iue-lwemt temt^ 
'T^rrrring key* or rterm ^ r»cft» near/j^ ctjcji 
^ .<i 'Af sttrfaee ^ the tea 

Ol, m. Crfe,/ 

CaJL caf/«r«y. Cale,a -wedge; vmOeneapt the 
■ ■ vy ^ a sf»p 
i uap, m. Qqand, ad <(wnt,^ Caen. Kaii,m. 

(^amp, eamp, Qiuuid, ishfn. OiHttt, o/yir. 
C^B, r«wn in yormandy. Kao, rAe fu»n« £^ a 

c jTtanding efficer in Tartary. Qa'tm, irActf f^ 

.' :' qu*en pcnscz-voQt ? vAor dl9 yon ^AitiAt ^it f 

Gnxdi, e, a. Cvidie. Cuidy. 

Czadi, !•>• candle,/, (iotrf f^fUjmrX candied. 
Ciodie. a CivartiffiM/HAmrflfi the Mediterranefin. 
Cajodj^ a kitigdtnn and Unvn in the ittatui rfCeyhn 
CmMttr^J'- Camie, m. Cannes,/; 

Cine, a duck. Canne, a Mt'ek to leaUc vith. 
C ^an*:*^ a t9am ^f Italys ftbo a email sea-port in 

Can0ts,ni/>. Ctmrax, m/>. 
CaBota, jmotf &«tff, eonor^. Canaax, canaUj 

Cap, «i. Cape./. 
Cam 'V <^^^f pronumttru, pmnt. Cape, (fl ^^ 

- :fi flre^s) « amL Etitr 4 la cape, te Ac /yff^ to 
•' e 4^wm 

C4pre,/ Ciprc, m. 
Cftpre, (a #nia/r berry) caper. Cftpre, a i»;»- 

Car, r. Qjuart, m. 
Car,Ar. f^aaxt, gvarfer, fourth pare 

Carte,/. Qjiart*-,/. ^ffjC 
Carte* ovrcL nw^. Quarti-, (a meature) quarts 
'r? paqueC) a^trtn; {in ,'encinfj) quart. La fie t re 
^ttane, the quartan a^ue 

Cardinal, m. Cardinale, f. 
CaafinaJ, (a title) a cardinaL Caxdina]e, o 

Caipe» m. Carpe, /. 
Caxpcb <Atf vrl«r. Carpe, {afTeeh^aaterfiih) a 


CartieT, m. Qaarti^T, m. 
Cartier, osrrf^nofcer. C)iautier, ^u/rr/er, a Tranf, 
ssrt flf a Of y 

Castor, m. Castor, m. 
CaaC0f, doirer. Castor, fAe ton of Leda, and 
^her of PoUux Sc, i>r. 
Ce, thio. Se, hmudf 

Ceanc, od S^ant, a. 

C«auu, Aetr, rci/hin^ at home. Sl-nnX, sitting 

Cciut, a. Cinq, nam. Skin, a. Saiut, m. tr a. 

Strin. m. Seiujp, m. 

Cenit, girded, girt about. Cinq*, ift«. Sain, 

- \.Aetan%e. Saiot, a A(tfy num; Ao/y, smted. Setn, 
9r9fit, bnooft. Seingr. aignatare 

Cinq, nuiif. Scinque, m. 
Ciwit, Jfw. Scinque, a */w/ «f Hxard 
eft fc^, w. Scefler, t. Seller, r. 
C«^ltrr, feoneadtitcreteyhide. Scellcr, to tea!. 
^Aii e^to oaddte 

C._Je, oeUdi/r. Sel, m. Sclle,/. Sclle, v. 
Sellci, Celles. 

* The ^ n not sounded when the following 
»c-Td begins with a eonsonant; cinFmatson^ an- 

t The q is scmntfed trbiii the next wont be* 
ruiA ynxh a vpwcl as, cink-mjhut. 

Celle. cellea, r/of, i 
SeIle,Mr/(//<-. 11 selle, 
are the names of towns in i 

Cellier, m. SeUit*^ 
Ceilier, orifar, iirwie vault. Selt _ . ^^ 

C^ue,/. Saine, fl. Seine,/. Son^.-^t 

C^ne, the Lord's siupper. Saine, tvho>eionw. 
sound. Sctee, «vn^, scenery. Seine, a nt.rr tu 

Cvut, nron. San]^, m. Sans, p. C'eBf, 8*eii9, 
Sens, m. Sens, v. 
Cent, hundred. San^ , 6/Mtf. Sans, withonf. 
C*eD est fait, tf iV dA Micr. SVn T»-t-il : w Ar- 
going away / Sens, «rmr, reason, opinion; con- 
struction. Jeteni, I ftel 

Cense,/. C«*ns. m. Sens. 
Cenie, (inlenv) farmt fetfarm. S. B. Thi; 
wen/ is only used in f landers, Picardy, and Bur' 
gundy. Cem, guif'rent. Sens, a town in Fraiu. 
Censf , a. Sens^, a. 
Censo, arcountcd, looked upom, rtptded. Sens^, 
sensible, judicious, disaret 

Cep, ni. Sept, m. 
Cep, vine. Seps, a kind of lizard 

Cet, ceCtc. pr, Sept. nzmt. 
Cct, m. ceite,/. this, that. St-pt, *«im 
Cerf, TO. Serf, m. Sen, Sert, v. Serres, / p. 
Scrre, /: Serre. r. 
CerP, a stc^. StoT, serf, bond-man, slave in 
husbandry. Je s<»r», / serve, il sert, Ar serves. 
Sent?*, ta/on# •/* a Krrf of prey. Serrc, « 
;?Teen or hot house. Je serrc, / put close, tie 

Cei,/)r. 8n,pK CVit§. Seez. S'ertJ. Sait.w. 
Ces, these, those. Ses, his, hers, its. C'est, ir 
is. Seez or Sais, a fmvn and a river in Fratue. 
II sVst ressouveuu, he remembered. II sait, he 

Cession, / Session, / 
Cession, rer»on, rtsipudion, giving away. Ses- 
sion, sesiion, time of sitting 

ChaW,/. Cbene,/ Sch^ne. 
CWme, chain, bond, captrvty. Chtee, an oak. 
Sehtfne, an itJnerory measure in F.gypt 
Chair,/. Chaire J". Cher, c, a. Cliire,/. CHer. m- 
CXtOAT, flesh. Chaire, a pulpit. Cher, inchrrt, 
/. dear. Bonne thOre, rheer, feast, entertatn- 
'mera. Cher, the name of a river, which gives us 
uoftie to a department in France 

Champ, fii. Chant, ffi. 
Cfiainp, fcid. Chuut, singing canto', part of a 

Charme, m. Chnrme.v. Clmm\ci,rkp. 
Channe, ( fjirm, Jcpetlj aldndoftree. H char- 
me, lie enchants. Ciiarines, allurements 
Cbas, m. Chat. m. 
Chas, tfie ftole or cie of a needle. Chat, a cat 

Chas»e,/. Chisst',/. Chaise, v. 
Chasie, hunting, pursuit. Cb&ssc, .shrine, 
frame <f, &c. Je cnassc, 7 hunt 

Chassie,/. ChussiB, m. 
• Chassie, hlearrdness. Chkms, sash, frame 
Chaud, a. Chaux, /*. 
Chaiid, hot, wann; hasty, passiotude. CUau.x, 
iinu:; calx, in chemistry 

Chausse, o, ff. Chausn^,/ 
Chausse, e, shofl, one who has shoes and stock- 
in'Ts on. Chauss^e, a causeway, bank, hi^huay, 

Cceur, m. Choeur, m. 
Cccur, heart, cvuvnge, vahtn: Cboeur, chuir^ 
chorus, a cornpawf of ^ingei's 

Chrome, m. Crtme,/ 
Chr(^nic, chrism. Crdme) creaui 

M 2 


Chut, i. Chute, ft 
Chi«, hU'h. Chdl^, a f nil 
C'i, ad. Si, r. S\ f/. Sis, a. Siii, nttni. 






Cmm^ pa. Cna,vz. 


Cohere. Si, i/, irrArt/irr. HW^ hinucfffieTC^w 
I here. Sis, Koted, tUuattd. Six*, «ijr, ux iivres 

Circ,/ Sire.m. 
Cire, woA*. Sut. sire; ( formerly) a krd 

Cite, /. Citer, v 
Cite, a dty. Citer, to rife, gitatet summon 

Clair, a. Clerc, m. 

Cbur, rfeor, ArnAr, lumimtu; tfutu Clare, derXr; 

rfemrman; tcMar; a tcrtvcner't or attorney't 

Clause,/. Close. ff./. 
Clause, ckUfCi arttcUf condition. Close, rfoif, 

Clou, m. Cloud, m. 
Cloa,fkitL Cino clous, y^oe ni»7#. Saint Cioud, 
the name of a tmail village near Fori* 
Coche, m. Coche,/. 
Codie, a stage coach. Codas o noich; a tore; a i 
rorpuient woman 

Coi, a- Quoi. pr, 
Coi, 9uier, «^W/. Quoi, tvhat 

Coin, m. Coiiii^, m. 
Coin, earner, 01^^; (i>e to Hanip. Coing, 
(afruit) quince 

Colic,/. Colle^r. 
CoUe. ff/»<e. 11 colfe, he gtuei 

ColUt, m. Collait. v. 
Collet, co/bir, bnu/L II collait* he gh/edt 

Colon, m. Coloinb, m. €6ton, m. 
Colon, wi inhabitant qfthe et^oniet^ a planter. 
Chmtophe Colomh. Columhns^ the first. vJio dlico- ' 
■: >*-)ed A niei-ka, C u Ion, ro'tm, the great gut 
Coinptaut, a. m. 6^ ad, Contant,pa. ConU-nt, a. 
Comptant, counting, rerkouiug; irady mennj, 
ea$h. Contoiat, relating, teliiiig. Content, fofif/Snf 
Cotute, ni. Com t lie, m. Coute, m. 
Comte, earl. Cump(x<, ' acccunt^ reckoning. 
Conte, /ofe, stonj 

Coq, m. Cnque./ 
Coq, cock, Coque, f/.W/, rorf 

Cor, TN. Cor, m. Otrps, ni. Cor*. r» r>. 

Cur, Frenrh horn. Cor. cwn an the font, torps, 

ior///. Cor*, //ir AwTW <»/ fl stag t 

Comt tu*. «,'. Comette, / I 

Cornrtte, an i^ier. Comctte, a tcomatCt \ 

hcd-tiTCM ' 

Cdt««,/. Cottr,/. Ccjir,/. Quotr, o. I 

C'At .', a riA, « rea>7.' Coti«', a /</'< *./. Cote, ' 

u letter serving for a nmnei iiai mark, ^uote i* } 

always fmned to part, m, quote-pari, partt ' 

Cou, colt, m. Couds, v. Coup, nu CoGt, m. I 

Con, col, neck, Je coudi, / tau. Coup, &/^t-, 
. 'rote, /» kick. Cout, pr//r, charge^ coH 

Coude-pied, m. Cottpde j>i«I, m. 
CoQde>pied, tnsi^. Coup de pied, a kick 

Coulant. m. C uulont, pa, 
Coulant, a necklace ^ diarnoiMJ, Coulant, 
fioruing^ fiuenf. tmoothing 

Coupe,/. Coupe, v. 
Coupe, a cup, II coupe, ht cuts 
Cour, /. Coun, m. Cours, court, r. Court, a. 
<'our, a yardy cotirt. Cotirs. course, term, pro- 
greuy current. Jc cours. / run, II court, he 
runti Court, shorty britf 

* Tlie * is not waiided inhen followed b\- a 

t ITiis way of \i riting is obsolete ; the word is 
pronounetd t av. 

II, ». ^ 

J« oniiu, / /bir, rfmu/, apprehend. 
) f^rtd. Crin, hsr&e-hmr 

CniTate^ m. Cmvsle, /: 
Cnvaie, (a Mkfer) a eraor. uavats, ne'^: 

Cr6at, m. CrHt, v. 
Cr^t, OR KaAeriti a rufiiyoeAMr. H erokt, ,^ 
m^Ac ereore 

CrHe,/. Cr*te. 
Cr^te, ctritV rom^ cAe creH Va Aefmo. Crc^te 
(on idand) Candia 

Cri, m. Cric, m. . 
Cri, rry, lArteAr, nhmd, Cck, on es^^nv u.reif 'i 
/«/> 14/1 a Aurdrn 

Croifl, V. Croix,/. 
Je cfois, / believe, think^grow. Crau, cr^ss 

Croquet, m, Croqvns, v. 
Croquet, Aoro^jperfrtvaA Jeeroqimia, I d*: 

Cm, a. Cni, in« 
Cm, Mienof, thoughts grown; rme, irttperfeci 
blunt. Cm, growth 

Cuir, m. Cuire, v. 
Cuir, leidher. Cuire, «• drtM meat, to be roar 
ingy trc. to smart 

Cicle or cycle, m. 8icle, m. 
Ciele or cyde. (a rauiMf if time) rycir. SicJe 
(an snciettf Jewuh rain) «Adcn 

Cygue, m. ^ne, "*• Signe, -o. 
Cygne, a swan. Signei ^gn, mark, tmktt. 
Signt', subgcribCf sign 


De», arr. D^ odL ^ p. 
Des, 0/ or/i-em rAe. jy^a^/rx 

Dais, m. 
Dais, canopy, 
sitict^ m, <M 

Dans,)>. DaDi,m. Dent,/. D^en^ 
Daus, rX rftfo. Dam, the torments of the darm 
rd; coitj toss, Deut,atooth. D'etLtOfU, ^e'tcn^ 

Date,/ & T. JDattc. f. 
Date, the da^eoftfitmoiuh. Jc slate, / date, 
Daitc, (/n<i^) rffrfe 

De, des, m. Dey, m. 
D^, des, a die, dice. Dey, {the head ^ gorr—^ 
men: at Tutm\Aigiers, and Tripoli) tiey 
Ih-cu, pa. Detnia, otL 
Dc^u, dectiifit. Dttsus, ufum, over 
Delator, v. D^lasacr, t. 
Delacer, to unlace. DelasH*rj to rest 
Detri^rt'. m. Demure, ^. 
Derriew, the back part ^atty thh^g. Derrz^v 

Des&ein,m. Desain, sn. 
De»oeiHi^xtgn, itaenfion. Detria, dreteing 

Dt'^'ftiit. pa, Devant, m, liesnaut, p. 

Denmt, ncing' Derani, the frosn part ofaxf, 

'Jiiiig. Devaiit, Ac^ftr " 

Dis. V. Dit,^. Dit, m. Dix, tttrm« D\l. 

Je dia, / say. Dit, taid. Dit, a rentarKa'-U 

saying, an a^pidhegni. Dbc, ten. D'v, te .,, 

^Aerc, &c, 

Doigt, m. D«us, doit, r. 
Doigt,7tn,^er, toe. Dois, doit. I awe, he oisrs 

Dol, m. Dol or Dole. 
Dol, deceit, cheat, fraud. Dol or Dole, a team 
in France 

Domordon,m. Z>on,fn. Don. Jkioc,pmrtirir. 
Dont, pr. 
Dom or don, (a Spanish end Parfttgtttse tklefor 


[ 139 ] 


c ^tiiarjm) don. D<m, gift. Don, a ktrge river. 
Done, cAm, thorqforc. iXmC, tf whom^ whkhy 

Dorp, r. Dort, x^ 
11 dora. he gikU. U doxt, he s eefat 

Dou$. DoiiU,m. Dotu,a. 

Waik^from xehenec Doubs, a river nhich 

^let iu name f a department of France. Doux, 

Dtt, art. Da, m. Dm, dut, dA, dAt, tf. 

Do. of or /rwn rAr. Oift, due, dtuy, obligor 

fi ?n, rfglsu Dius, dut, dO, Mvn/. II diiC, he might 


Echo, m. Eeot,'m. 
Echo, <vA«, reoouruBng tfthevokx} a n^fmph, 
£coc, ftekotting^ohal 

Eclair, m. Eclairt'./. Eckire, r. 

Ecbir, ^ktnkng, Eciaiiv , (a />2aitt) eekmdine, 

rr9»JmU 11 fdaire, Ae giveo Ught^ or, it /vrAe* 

Eelose,/. Ectuse. 
Kcluae, WttiorH^bm, or wear. L*£eln«e, (a f«wn 
rn JJrjtch Flanders) Slum IHand 

Eco«K'./. Ketmt, v. 
Ecmse, &«f/oru/. U ^OMse, Ae «AeAr 

Kffi»rt, m. Epbore, m. 
Effort, <^«rf, endeavour^ attempt^ etrmning. 
Epbore, (o chief magl^rwe of Stmrta) ephora 
EM I. H6 .' /. 
El» ! a*.' H«I fA / ah !aUu4 

Elan «r ^lan«, m. Elui, m. 
Etaa or tflaju,/rrA:, #{«UBn motion^ leap. Elan« 

EUe.m. Ely,/ 
ETie, EHjah or Efim . fwanif^ f Ar Lard God. 
EJy, a f •»« in England 

Euurn, rn. Enierie*, m. 
Erneri, (a kind of' iron ore) eniery. Enicric, a 

EntC', /»ff. Haute, ^. 
Ent^, grafted, *llaiite, haunted 

A IVnvifi, ad. A IVnvif^, /*• 
n truTaiilent k IVmvi, /Aev ttrive icho ihallu-ork 
tr.oit or best. U at portt* i I'ennc, he is ttvUued 

Ephedr.N/. EpIiMir, m. 

Epb^re, a small »hr\d> bearing a red beiTy. 
ELpl.Mrt*, a torextler among the nmiento 

Etmiiu, m. Et&iii, m. Ek'iiit, v. tf ptf. 

Etaira, carded xeool. ^\x\\r\^pe\vneT. ll ^iiit, 
he t Ktinguiohejt. Eteint, eAiingulthed. quenched 

Euii^,in. EtBJit.m. FA^nupa. Eteiid, v. 

Elan?, a pond. Bxaxitf(appiiedtotras) stand- 
ing. Euutt, being. 11 ^ti'ua, he spreads^ stretch- 
ft, cjftends 

Ei^, m. Ete,^ 

Rte, oummrr. Et«v been 

Etre. V. Etre, m. Etr-s, m p. Il^tre, m. 

Euv. r*Ar. VJorv.abeinff. Etws, the dispoti. 
lion afa house. *Hetre, beach tree 
Eiir \f. Eutvnt, v. Hurv*,/ Ur. Urc, m. 

Eon-, a smeit river in France. Us eurent, tfiey 
hxL *Uure, /Ae head ^ a vtild boar., bear, ypolf; 
the jatol of a salmon or pike. Ur, a tvton efCluU- 
dea, vhere Abraham loas bom, Ucv, a wild o.i\ 
a natiae ofUttemidtt 

* The c ii net loundetl. 

Eiix,Ar. (EuTsmp. 
Buz, than. (Eufi*, eg^n 

Exaucer, p. Extwusser, v. 
Exanoer, to grant, hear. Kihauaier, to roue 

Exempt, nu Eterapt, a. 
Exemptt, a sort of officer. Excmpcf, m. frre 


YmbeJ'. Fa9«e,v. Fasicc/. 
Face, the face, fronts surface. Fane, fliwent , 
may do, or make. Fasce, (m heraldry) fesse 
^Faim,/. FeiD«,v. Feint, a. Fin,/. Fin, a. 

KURV hunger. Yems, feign, tHsoeinble. Feint, 
eounterfeited. Fin, rmC a/m, jctpr, design. Fiu, 
fhtejpurei acuie, sly, cunnings sharp 

Faiiv, r. Fer, m- Fcrs, m/». 
Faire, to make or <fo. Fer, iron. Ynxty fetters, 

Faia, fait, v. Fait, m. Fait. a. Faix, m. 
Fnis, &it, do, does, nudce, makes. Fait, 
ckrd, action. Fait, c/ofiff, ntatle. Faix, todgltt, 
Faiuiu or phaisAld, m. Fn'saiit or fesant,^. 
Faiaan or ph&isand, a pheasant. Faisaiit, fc« 
laut, doing, nuiKing 

FaUe, m. Faite«, v. F<?te,/. 
Falte, «!(» <||^ Aoum>, lieight, sitrnmit. Faitea, rfo 
y«. F^te, holt f lay. featf, entotoinment 
Fan, f'aoii, ni. Fends, fend, v. 
Fan, (kon, ftrum. Feiids, spin, deatet dlxHitCy 
cut asunder. II fend, lie sph/s, &c. 
Fard, m. Phare. w. 
Fan!, ^n/; disguise, pretence. FhATe, a ii^/i<- 

FaiiM(>, V. Fausse, a. f. Ymoe, f. 
Faiisfe. hieak or violate thy -word, bond,&c. 
Fauss. , folsr, untrue, coitnterf cited. Fosse, a 
grave, ho/r, pit, dungeon 

Fancille, f. Foaitle. m. 
Faucill*-, sickle. h\mi\«;, foud 

Faut,v. Faux,/. Faux, a.m. 
II fiint, it must, it is ruxestury. Faux, a scytfie. 
Faux, tltat ichith it fnlte. Faux, untrue, trc. 
Vit-ri^-.f. Ferit»,/. 
Ft-erie, the fninj ait. V(:v\f., a/hia, arty day 
ofi/ie icvek except Sunday 

Fetu, m. Fo^tti^, m. FaiMu$ ? 
Ff tiu a slrato, moat. FiRtas, ftetust embryo. 
Fai»-ta . tlod thou make or dof 

F<'U. 771. Feu, a. m. 
Fen, fiir, burning, ptuiion^ caustic. Feu, de- 
ccnu'fl, late 

Fi, L Fils, m. Fia, fit, v. 
y\,fl(,fe n/,ou. Fils, soiu Je fis, il fit, / madt, 
Iw maiie 

Fi«T, V. Tier, a. 
Fii r, to Fu^r, proud, hmighty., otately, 

Fi!,m. File,/. Kle,*. 
Fil, thread, wire; tU^^-e; Hrenm. File, file, ron; 
range. Je file, I spin, or uire.dram 
Filon, U3. Filons,v. 
Filon, a me'allic vein in a mine* Fil^i, let us 
sfhH or wirt-drtno 

* The/b not sounded, being tbe plural nOlll- 
t Thp p b not sounded. 


L 138 J 

Cire, vox. 

cm t a city. 

Chut, i. Chute, / I 

Chut, hu^h. Cbutffff/A/i Je 

t'i, aei. Si, r. S'} 's Sk, o. Si.v num. i fthrtdl. 
Ci, /tere. Si, i/, wArt/icr. ii\^ hmueffhctc ^ or 
r V/r. Sis, seatfd^ ntuated. Six*, tro-, six bvres ' 

Cire,/. Sire,m. 
Sire, fire; ( fornterljf) a <tr«f 
Cit^, /. CitCT, w 
Citer, to rff«, ^tMM, M<imri«fi 
Clair, a. Clere, m. 
Clair, dfMr, ArteAr, lunUnota; tfiUu CIcr, c<erXr; 
rfenymon; KhtTar; a Mcrivener"* or atttrnty'* 

Clanip, f. Close, <»./. 
Clause, ^tou««, ortur^, (Widt/ion. Close, cfajr, 
rhwtf, tAitf 

Clou, m. Cloud, m. 
Clou, fWifZ. Cinq c)ou9,/oe noi/«. Saint Cloud, 
(Af name of a *maU village near Pari* 
Coche, m. Coche,/. 
Codie, a stage coach, Coclie, a notch; a sew; a 
rorpuioit woman 

Coi, a. Quoi. pr. 
Ccfi, filter, ttill. Quoi, irAaf 

Coin, m. Coiuj^, m. 
Coin, comer, angie; die to stamp. Coins, 
(a fruit) quince 



CniBt,^ Crin, m. 

_ . i/eitr^ dread, 4fpnhentL 
Crin, hortc^udr 

Cmvate, m. davrnte, X 

n cr6a(, A^ 


Colle,/. Colle,r. 
Colle, f f i«f . II colli*, hejtuet 

Colltt, nk Collait, v» 
Collet, ro/(ar, &ani/. II collait, he gluetl^ 

Colon, m. Coloinb, m. tt6lon, m. 

Colon, ffln inhabitant ^ the colonies^ a pfan'rr. 

Chmtophe Colomh. Cotumbut^ fhejirji tvfio diico*^ 

':>f'.fed Atiieiica, COlon, ro'on, *he great gut 

Cotnptaut,^ od. Contant,^. ConU-nt, fl. 

Comptant, countings rerKouing; trady monrtj, 

cash, Contant, relating^ telling. Content, MUi^fied 

Comte. m, Coinpte, wi. Coiite, m, 

Comte, earl. ConipCf, • acccunt^ reckoning, 

Conte, ?crff, rtonj 

Coq, m. Coqiie.yi 
Coq, cock, Coque, gf:eU, cod 

Cor, fM. Cor, m. C4»rps, m. Cors. m />. 
Cor, Frenrh horn. Cor, ctn-n on thefoU. torpt, 
todij. Cor«, fhc horns of a sing 

ComtttcNVH. Cornette, /. I 

Comrtte, an <^:er, Corne tte, a "veoimafCt \ 

hwd'dress ' 

COtf,/. Cotti',/. Col.\/. Quotr, ff. I 

C'Ai.', a rth, a coatl. Coin-, a petit oaf. Coto, « 

c letter serving for a numerical mark. Quott* it | 

quote-part, part. 

Craviie, (a toldkr) 

Criat, m. CrHi,v. 
Cr^t, an mAct in a riding oehooL 
might create 

Cr^te,/. Cr^te. 
Cr^te, (vribV rowiA, tV crrtf ^a hebneu 
(rni island) Canditt 

Cri, m. Cric, ni. . 
Cri, cry^ skrieh, thmtt. Cric, an engine used ro 
lift up a burden 

Croia, T>. Crtux,/. 
Jc crois, f W««r, thinKgrow. Crotx, cnaM 

Croouet, m. Croqaai>, v. 
Croquet, hard gingerbread. J« croquttis, / c5^ 

Cm, a. Cm, tn. 
Cm, believed, thought; grown; rmr, impesfeet, 
blunt. Cnx^grofwth 

Cuir, m. Cuire, v. 
Cuir, leather. Cuiro, (• drtM mecf , ^ Ae rwuf • 
ing, &c. to smart 

Cielc or cycle, m. Side, m- 
Cide or cyde, (a roumf of time) cyde^ Stde, 
(an emctent Jewish coin) shdm 

Cygne, m. S^ne, m. Signe, v. 
Cygnc, a tiron. Sgne, «^ mm*^ telbcft. 
Signe, subscribe, sign 


De«, <rrf . D^ ad. ^ p. 

Des, p/ or from the. jyj^^rcm. 

always joined to part, 

Cou, colt, fn. CoUds, v. Coup, m. Co(iL, tr. 
('on, col, neck. Je couds, / trie. Coup, 2(/frir, 
. ' ; oke, a kick. Co Ot, price, charge, cost 

Coude-pied, IM. Coup de pied, m. 
Coude-pied, tns'ip. Coup de pied, a kick 

Coulant. Tn. C oulant, /w. 
Coulant, a necklace ^ diamoiMt. Coulant, 

Coupe,/. Coupe, v. 
Coupe, erff/k ll coupv. Ae r^^/ _. .....a, _ 

Cour, / Cours, m. Cours, court, t?. Court, a. ! (here, &c. 
<'our, a yorrf, court. CoMn. course, term, /no- \ _ Doigt, «. Doii, doit, v. 

Dais, }n. 
Dais, campy, 
sitire, in, at 

Dans, p. Dam,m. Dent,/. D^eiaf. 
Dans, rVi, tnta. Dam, the torments of the damn- 
ed; cott, lass. Deut, a tooth. D en, of it, ofL*»m, 

Date,/. & V. JHne,f. 
Date, tfie dwe sftltt month. Je Uatew / date. 
DatU, (fruit) date 

De, det, m. Dey, m. 
D^, des, a die, dice. Dey, (rAe Aaoef of g^^y.r-.i. 
ment at Tunit, Mtfiers, aiid Tripoli) dey 
J>'Cu,/M7. De»u«,adL 
Dc^u, deceivr;L buasus, uttan, ovrr 
Delaccr, v. DekMer, v. 
Deiaeer, to unlace. DelasK'r, to rest 
Derri^re, TO. Derri*re,/>. 
Derriere, the back part tfany this^. 

Des&«in,m. De9sin,in. 
De«aei%i^jr/j^^i, iidention. Deasin, e 

Dfv^nt pa. Devant, m. Devaut, p.^ 

Devanv owing. Devaut, the front part of on « 

fhi»f. Devanc, befhre : 

Di9,v. Dit,^. Di«,rai. Dix. nirm. Il'\ U 

Je dji, / say. Dit, said. Dit, a reifuarJCa -c 

saying, an e^ophthegtu. Dix, ten. D'v, 10 .. 


grest, eurrmt. Je conrs, / run. 11 court, /^ 
runst Court, short, britf 

* The X b not sounded tihen followed b>' a 

t This vay of vriting is obsolete ; the vord is 
pTonounrtfl inv. 

I>&tffi,Jhiger„ toe. Doh, doit. 7 awe, he axrvs 

Dol, m. Dot or Dolt*. 
Dol, deceit, chatt, fraud. Dol or Doir, a <«K,t, 
in France 

Dom0r'don,m. Don,ro. Don. Sksnegp^rtirir 
Doni, pr. 
Dom or don, (a ^temi«A emf Porhtgutsr t^^fm 

EV R [ 139 

^!r->, Von, gift. Tkm^a large ritrr, 
iv»uc. t/«tt, thtBT^orc, Dont, ^ vAom, whichy 

' Dorr. r. Dart, r. 

II dcre, hf j^Ut. U dort« ht t effis 

D ou (. Doobs, nu Ooiu, a. 
D'ou, /r»//i wAaue. Dottbs. a river •ah'uch 
r i-r t4 name t» a d^artment y France, Doux, 

Du, orr. Dik, m. Diu, dut, di^ d(lt, tf. 
I>o. •/" or /r«n rAr. I>6, due^ dxAy, Migo- 
"-'s r, jiif. Du», ijttt, do, «w«/. II dat, he might 



Echo, m. Beot,-m. 
^ho, tth»^ reamtndtag of the voice; a nymph. 
LcH, rtrkoftnyit *hat 

Ecltir,m. Eclair»\yi Rekire, r. 
F^Uir, ivAfntiw. Eeiaiiv, (n p/ont) oeitoncA'ne, 
^^/trt. U ^ciaire, /ic ^n«f Ugfit, or, ir /i/fAt- 

Eclaae,/. Eeluse. 
Kcluic#;uia^i#am,or«rar. L*£cluie, (a C«tm 
1 hu'^h Fkiruirrs) Slutfs Inland 

£cQ»^ Scotland, U ^ooAse. /ur «Aetf« 
EflbTl,m. £ptiore, m. 
_rjr<)rt, ^ort^ endtavmir^ atfeupt^ straining. 
^-pi*«Hv, (o chief mngiitrafe of SJmrta) ehhora 

Ehl i. He I r. « 

£b! ah! mi eh! ah! aUu4 

Elan «r f Una, m. Elm, m. 
r^o «r cluia,/n-lr, fueym motion^ leap. Elan. 

EU«sm. Ely./. 

, '■-'ir, E«/aA or £fia#. meonif^fAr L0rd Cod. 
'^J. a! own in England 

Edn/triy tn. Emeric*, m. 
''"^n, (a kind ^U' iron ore) enter y. Eroeric, a 
''C^i name 

Kntc. fia. H»uu':,pa. 
f-nte, grafted, •llante, fiauntal 

KWu\\^,ad. A IVnviff,/, 
" fra'TuUent k Tenvi, theu ttrive u-ho j,haU n-ork 
;' * ' "r bc.t. U eaf porte k Ten vie, Ac i* tnrUued 

Ephcdr*-,/. EphWnt', w. 
' I'n'^lre;, a xm<i// «A) n6 bearing a red berry. 
'v^~' " f'^estler among tJienuctents 
^Uim.m. Etaiu, /w. KJUniU v. & pa. 
^'-taiia, cardo/ tc«»/. Etain. petiter. II f uiiit, 
* » '•r?uaAc/. Etcint, eJlinguij^ie'L quenched 
*;'-»"<, m. EtaiiCrn. EuuL /^o. Kt.ud, v. 
J^i'tr. apon</. Etant, (applietfgio tra-t) atouth 
y- F.iant, being. U eU>uU, Ae spreads^ Hnich- 

Ete, m. Ete,^ 

J t". *umm:r. Eii^ been 

f:'"-. ». Eire, m. Etrr-s, m p. lUtrc. »«. 

'i^;. rt be. Etre, fl Ar/fiif. Etixs, the dispoii- 
■'*} "fa home. •HCuv, Uach tree 
'-'T ./. Enn^i, V. Hur.*,/. LV. Uro, m. 

«|Uifi-, q ^,,0^/ rji,^ in tranct. Hi euri-ut, rA/'y 
^^- •Uuro, </ic Afo^ •/ a xcild boar, bear, reolf; 
'ji' /ffipf dfa talmon or pike. Ur, a town qfCJud- 
•^ w/iOTf Abraham vhu born, Ure, a irild o.i, 

" The r ii net lOHodcd. 

Eux,pr. (Eul's,mp. 
Ens, them. CEuts*, m* 

Exaucer, p. Kxtwos aer, v. 
Exanoer, to grant, hear. Kihauwer, r« rouff 

Exempt, nu Exempt, a. 
Exemptf , a jrort o^ ^cf r. tacmpct, m- /-^a 


YateJ'. Fasie, r. Fa<cc/. 
Face, «Ar face, front, surface. Fatie, &«tent , 
may do, or make. Fascc. (»tj heraldry) fesse 
^Faim,/. Feint, r. Feint, a. Fin,/. Fin, a. 

Vaiin. htnger. Frini. feigny ditoetnble. Feint, 
counferfeitea. Fin, erut «jw, M:«,>r, design. Fiu, 
Jine,/ntrei acute, sly, cunning, sharp 

Fairv, r. Ft-r, m- Ft-rs, mp. 
Faire, ro nwAc or do. Fer, iio;<. ^ri, fetrery, 

Fa]*, fait, v. Fait, m. Fait. a. Faix, m. 
Fais, fait, //«, c/orr, make, makes. Fait, 
cfenA action. Fait, </grir, 7ii/2/Jr. Faix, xoeiglu, 
F:ii>:ui or pha!«Atd, m. Fa''.<(aiii or fesant,/^. 
Faisan «r phaisand, e phcutaut. FaisaJit, fc* 
laut, doing. nvU^ing 

YvMtK, ni. Faiits v. F^le,f. 
Fake, tij^ 4^ Aoa*e, /<^>/j/, vnmuit. Faites do 
ye, F^te, holiflny.feart, enfcrtninment 
Fau, fnuii, i/i. Fends, (Vnd, v. 
Fan, faoji, fawn. Fends, sjtlit, dcave, divuic, 
cut astitifler. II lend, lie sphts^ &c. 
FmhI, m. Pharc. m. 
Fard, paint; disguise, prtietice. Fliare, aUaht- 

FaiiMe, V. Faussc, a.f. Fowe, / 
FaiissL'. htrnk or violate thy -word, bond, &c. 
Fauss' ., untrue, counterfeited, Tms/k, a 
grave, Uoir, ptr, dunuron 

Fa • icii le, /. FoMile. m, 
Faucillr, sickle. V\>%nW,f,stU 

Fani, V. Faux,/. Faux, a. m. 
II faiit, it must, it is riectsianj. Faux, a srytfte. 
Fuux. that u'/iiih it ffdte. Faux, untrue, trc. 
Kt.-n« ./. Ferif,/. 
Foerie, tU fmry aif. ¥i'nv,aferia,any day 

Fetu. m. Fu*tii<t, 7)/. Fai«-tu$? 
F^'tu, a straw, niont. Fuetos, /r<iw, embryo. 
Fais*ta: dou thou make or dof 

Fi'u. m. Feu, a. m. 
Yon, firr, burning, ptunon, caustic. Feu, rfc- 
ccfiicd, late 

Fi, /. FHs, m. Fis, fit, v. 
y\,fte,fi€ ni>ou. Fils, son. Je fis, il fit, / madt, 
fir maiie 

Fier, v. Fier, a. 
Fii r, to trutt. V\i:v, promt, hattghty, ttatrly, 

Fi!, m. File, /. File, v, 
Fil, thread, icirc; i f;-r.i strrnm. File, file, rrai, 
range. Je fiio, I spin, or w irc'draw 
Filun, I/;. Filons,v. 
Filon, a mc'allic vein in a mine. Fil«u, let us 
spiU or tvire-drcio 

• The/ is not sounded, being the plural ntiA- 

t- The p is not sounded. 


[ 140 J 

H Ui 

Ffltie, nk 

FUtre, aJUtref ttrdm Bpitr tMrwgh, PhMR, 
pfdifer, a Unxpmiitn 

Foi, /. Foie, m. Faiii/. Poitf m. Foiz. 
Fooet, m. 

Oent, a, Gena, m/. 6'/^. Jean, m. J'enf. 
Gent, jivftf, fMOf, sprwr. Oettt^ pet^., faiks, 
Foi, /urA, Aerrrne, Mief^ J^^- ^^ '^ "•''ii natum^ Jeiui, ^tAn. Ten ai, / have^ 
liver. Fob, itme. Fob, the wAt or MiUUfe. trnne 

Foix, fAr name fT « tnrn in France FoveC, Oteee^/ Obee, «. 

TpAi/<. tcmirge 1 Olaee, u«, ;f teiv, a ItAinf^^taU' B 


Foodf, V. Fondt, m. FMt, v. i 

Food, A«Mm, gNmridi lock. Je teds, / 
tnHir, rojf, dut^tve, Fouds, grmntd^ land, ttUs 
Jiifidttttck^a^aUfirindfiaL III font, tAey mofo 
or fii». Fonu. a /onf, #• christen 

Foret, m. For^t, /. 

Fowt, a piercer^ giwbiei, For*t, o /«rei«, 

OoAte, V. 


GrAce,/. Off4ees,/j». Gruio «./. GtsMe. 

Grfcce, a /nmtr^ J'rore, 
Giftces, f Ae f Arr* AeoMmir* 

For, m. Fon, A Fo*^ *" 
For, eccifsituTieai emtru 

Fort, a. Fort, orf. 

6ift. Fort, a J^rt; the ttrmtgetl part ^ a thing. 

Fort, tirvtig^ ttBut, vigwMu, hard, Vwi, very ■ 

muck, extretnely I 

Fof «^, m. PlMiefe. f 

Foa^, ditchy moat. Phoc^, (a town) Pheeea 

Foudrc, HI. or/. Foudre, m. 
Ttmdre, thunder, thuruirr-hott^ lightning. Fou- 
dn , a large ve*8€l contaiuing several htgtheaik rf 

Krai, m. Fmye.w. Frai«,«. Fmit, m^ 

Frai, the spawning of Jl*hee^ fry. Jc lYnyi*, / 

ihoH', epen^ ot clear the way. Fniis, «•(, cold^ 

J'resh, ttetv. FtafcU, c©*f*, «a«mre.t, charges I 

Fmnc, m. Frnitr, a ' 

Franc, Prmcii, an imagtftnnj trench cotn; (a 

nafioii) the i'ranct. Franc, /r«.yVwi*, sincerct 


Fnui^ift, t. tr a. Fnncah, m. 
Fr.m^ais, m. a Frenihman. Le Fnucais, the 
I'rench language 

Frisp, /. Frjse, /. 
Frise, (in arcfufenure) fncse; a kind of woollen 
stuff. Frise, FrU^land, one of' the Seven United 
Pi ovintej 

Fri80n,/n. Frisons;T>. 
Frison, « '*:^rt pet'icoat. Friaons, let ue curl 

Fuiuc, t>. F<i:nct, v. 
Jt fume, / emoke. F&me>-noui ? xoere ite ? 

Fumit^f. Funi^, e, 0.^. 
Fura^'e, rfeam^ on. eke; vain hope, Fum^, 
rmokcd; dunged or mucked 


Gni, 0,0. Gwe, m. Gtut. m. 
GaXt m. gaie, /. merry^ lively^ chccrfuX. Gu«'', 
a ford. , Gurt, a watch 

Gale,/. Guile,/. Gallet. 
Gale, srab. itch. Galle, a gall-nut. Lc pan dc 
Galkfl, Hjdiu 

Gand. Oaiit, m. 
Oand, (af0ivn in the Ntthcrlawlt) Ghent. Gant, 
a glooe 

Gai or gaz, m. Gaze, /. 
Cm or f;*.!.^ gns^ a subtle air. Otax^^gausse. 

GauTr, f. Gn ii lo, ^ulea, /*/>. 
Gaulc, rorf, /»ofe, twitch. Gaulc, Gaules, {an- 
dent Fi flW* r ) rAe CPmr/^ 

G«.ai. m. J''ai^ Jais, m. Jet,in. 
Geaj, a jackdaw. J'ai, / have. Jain, (a m/nc- 
ral)Jef. 3t*t, /Arow or cc*^; j/ioat, ^i^^ , 

• Is obsoletf^. 

goddeuee. Gnflae,/^, 
proatyyOiXy^fbrtdt. Onifse, tht name •f a town 
in France 

Omnniaire, / Grand'm^re, /.. 
Gnunnuuiv, gramnmr. GxvaA^ai-t^ grand- 

Grains,/. Grtee,/ 
QnSat^^ ySir, grea*e. Gvtee, Greece 

Gray, /. Grais or firia, m. Gr^, m. 
Giay, a 'smaH toan in France. Gnu» #r gnH. 
a /Oft ^* Aorif ^rry «(ofie. <:ir^, wiU^ aerord. 

GreflTo, m. Gveffe,/. 
Greffe, («n q^ wA«re the rq^ister* and octr •/* 
a court ^justtce are kept) regiotrp^ roOr. OivlTc, 

Grii, m. Gib. o. 
Gril, gritSron. Grii, ^rry; /(^ 

Ciii^ret or Go^re, ad. Guerre,/. 
Gn^nt or Onere, but Uttie, not much, Onenv, 

Ott (ci^i;, Mre lies. 


Oy, « omaU town in 


Rftle, nu Halh!,/. 
^ tMOf Afr. 



*Ha]e, cfr^'fy wrntf or i 

Herant, m. H^ros, m. lMn>. 
*H^mut, « AfivM. vH^a, a Aera. 
tAe riamf of a pr!ette*s of Venuo 

Heur, m, Huure^/*. He«rC, tn. 
Heur, ZiirA-.^o«//Wf U7ir. Heiine, Aoirr. *Heint, 
knock, mishe^ 

Hitr, ad. Hier, v. HTem. 
Hkr, yederd^. Hier, fo ram in. Hy^ret, f Ar 
name or a district in France, and isiaado of the 
coad of Provence 

Homhrp, m. Oinbrej: 
*Iioinbre, <o Spanith game at cards) ombre. 
Oinbre, ashamw, shade; a fish 

Horion, m. Onoii,m. 
*Horion, a heavy Uuw. Orion, a eonstdtation. 

Hon, p. Or,m. Or,c. 
*Hon, out, but, save, except. Or, gotd. Or, 
but, now 

Hortie,/. Ostjt. 
Hoatio, (in the Soman (hurch) a vktioi, hoot, 
feting at mass. Ostie, a town in Italy 
HAte, m. Hotte, 7n. Ote («!.•>, r. 
H6te. o guest, Ito^t, landlord, inn-ke^r. 
*Hoties, a t&oser, scuttle. II &te, he taktt 

Hui, ad. Rub, m. 
Hni, now a days, this day. 

Htait, num. 



[ '*l ] 

M A I 

Hone./. Une, fiMB. or orr. 
Wiunr, the scuttle tf a mast. Une, a or an; 

Uutte,/ Ut, m. 
'Hntcc^ a hut. Ut a iMCe ^mutk. 


let. Off. I«i. 

If % h<rty thUhtr. Ini, rAe name •f a village 
-<cr Ftxris 

lLUs,&r. He «• isle,/. Ilrt,ff)^ llle. 

IL, ill, Ar, rAry. lie tr Ulc, uiaiul. Iks (in 
'-'iri'^frju) t/i/7- llle, Me fiam« ^* a (men at (he 
' 'V uj the Pyrentan mountains^ and of a river in 
.' ■s.u.e 

Iris, /. Im, m. 

Iri«, ffie messenger i^f Jun^; a pmicus stone. 
f "^.i, '<? smrt 0fjlincer)iru; the rtdiUtvtvi ; u ntiato- 
»♦ V .' ?< orrfe rwnc/ thepiipU of the rye 


Je6iie« m. Jeunei a. 
Jeiine^JagtJiuting. Jeuiie, youi^ 

Peu>^ V. Jus, ni. 
Jras, / bmd. Jm^gravu 

Joue^f. Joue, v. 
Jone, f Ar cteeAr. Je joue, Jjfttay or c^; 


Las, a. 

Li, m. La, «rf. L4, At Uu, i. 

La, aotf tfmurk. L«, r^. LA, /Vr?, yonder, 
;V:*crr. Las! o^.' Las, fim/, luary. Lacs, 
marcs, sphngJtt^tuin^, lavc-knut 

Lac, m. La^ue, m. tAqui*, / 
Lac, iake» L4quc, tocAer, a Chinese varnish. 
La que (a jeww), Wt* nu O* a. Laid, a. Laic, /. Lait, m. 

Legs, m. 

Lai, Iftis, a layman^ a secular. Laid, ttjr'(/, 

■,cm^ly, deformed^ Laie. a ifWt/ *(m". Luit, 

i,i Vw. Legs, legacy, a jfif* l/>f tviH 

iMvic', a. /'. L»>tle. . 
L^idc, uf:hj, defmined. Li yUe, (he name of a 
'¥zt. n in Holland 

Laisse, v. Laisse, /. 
Jc- laisse, f leave. Laissi, hat-band; leash for 
c tif^nting dog 

Lait^, n. L^th^, m. 
\jn\xe; (said o/fih) (fiat has a sojLroe. L^the. 
f>^ riirr of hell, it/ivxe tvaters havcxhe p<nver to 
■ litsr fvr^afulness 

Laon,/. Lent, ff. 
I^ann, the name tf a town in France. Lent, 
i'u-i,; dull, lazy 

Lard, m. Lare, m. Laivs, mp. 

Lard, baton. Larc, lares, f^ir laic J, Imuehold 

^vlis (ht tons of Mercury and Lara 

Le, w»- I^B, art. Le7,p. 

Le, the l/readlh of cloth beti^ccn tltc two lists. 

Li-k, fhe. Lex, near 

IjcMi.m. LV»t§. T..estc,<7- Leste, v. 
Lest, baUast; {a kind oftveiglit), last. LV»t, f Ac 
east. \j?Mei*pruce, nimble. U ksic, A<r 6c//arf.f 

Leur, leiin,^r, Lctinv. m. 
Lear, leurs, their. Le uriv^ a lure ^a decoy 

Lici-,/. Lisst% rr. Li«ie, V* 
Lice, list, a hound-bitrh kept for brrrdi ttf, 
LisKr, smooth, sleek. 11 \'aa»-. he m^es tmooth 
Lie, V. Li. , /. 
Je lie, / tic or fatten. Ltf-, d*Ygj, grou nd 

Li^jpe, m. Lieu*.. 
Lit^SP, coi-k. Liege, thf jwotf oftt ftnxn 

Iicu,m. I-tttJe,/ 
Lieu, a place, rmnu I^nii>^ n frajfue 
Lion, nu Lit>r)A,i;*« L^uil. 
Lion, a lion. Lions, kt ut ttr. Lyoit, ?/te 
name of a toicn in Frofur 

Lire,v. Ljr>\ /■ 
Lire, to read. Lyre (or* ijijft tfffirnt), f*trt 

Lit, m. Lis, III, cr. [ii, i». 
Lit, o Afri,<i channel. IJj, Ht, rrw/, nMnAr. Lut/i^y 

Li>n.', nj. hiMev^f LinT>>iv 
iJvre, fl 6ca^-.^IivTet a p^Ufnd^ Ju livn,-, I 
give up 

Luch, m. I^K-ke. !••>!>, tr^^ Lix]iJe|/t 
I/Kh. a /of( to turasure ft t^Up'j ti^vy, Lttcke* a 
celebratal LugUihine(api.]tntitin, LjIl, iaiivkt U 
potioiu iMqut, a rag, taftfr 

Loche,v. Loche.y; lAtrhvi, 
n loehe. ft is loose. LocIk', (a JiJi) f««ftA. La- 
ches, the name of a torvn in linttie 

Loir, m. Loir, n p. Luin:,/, 
Loir, a tiorniouse. Le I juit^ rht name of n 
snmd river, and la Loire, uric of f/u iargai rh'cv/ 
in Fitnue 

L*on6. L&n|if, a, 
L*on dit, ^ It said, (Mt^t svttt people satj. 
Long, long. 

IxmIs, mp. Lutiu m p. 
Lods, Jhte of aUenafiotit. Luu, /*#, portkrU, 
shores, prizes in tite loUt^ti 

Lunl. m. Lon. orl 
Lord, (a /^/r 'f nobilif ,} ord. Lort, eA^N 

Luiml, a, [^un-f Z^- 
Lourd, heavy, dull, hanL, a mut^a* 

lAi^pr. Liiit, tr* 
LuU Arf/n, «« /um, to her. U hiit, U ihtna, s^H- 
ter», gives light 
Lutte,/. 6* V. Lute, r. Lnth, m, Lut fju 
Lulte, -icrestiiug. 11 l«iHi ,hfi fcrrttif;. 11 lute, 
he hues, or covers xcith'-ri-i. LutJi, (a fn^iuffa/ 
instruntcnt) a lute. Lut, kifCi c4y ut f«»i 


Ma, pr. MAt, tn. 
Ma, my. Mat, //tait 
Mai, m. Mais, c. Me<, /*r. Nfet, v. Mi-Li, m^. 
Mai. ^Ae memr/i o/'.Waij. Mui*, W/, Hi^^tuy. 
II met, Ar- /'l/^f. Mt^l«, di*ftr . fl?CJ^, PlTfV^ 
ilu<gre, ft. tr m. >£aijffr* 'fi- 
Mai^re, ^r<^/'i, ir^n/ /.; lean in ftny miinstd, Itti- 
pre, (a icafi-ih) uni/jra-mtitifiTj 

Mail. nj. fil^iillt',/ 
Mail, (a gunte) mall, nufiid. Matlk, a jtiltA, 

Main,/. Maiut, a. Mein, in. 
Mnin, haiid; haud-ivriiffii(i fl frirk «f fflfd/. 
Maim, several, many. Le Mi in* a hvt^m Ccr- 

Maire, m. Men /'* SUi^^f 
Maire, (fbe cluef magUttoie of u ce/y} tnm^- 
Mcr, (hr-$cn, occa'n. Mt^rc,. «;flf^''r 


[ U2 ] 


Mal,fii. MAIe^o. MftUe,/. 
^ Md, evU^fiain, tkkneu. Mile, m^ mmteu- 
bne. Mallf, n trvnkjbearf maU 

Malifnr, a. Nishne, / MaliiiM. 
M»Ugiic> evnning. Alaline, ^ring-tuk; Mgcft- 
Un Imce. Malinei, a tmcn m FUmdert 
Man. Li- Alaiis, m. Ment« v. 
Man, the namt {/* an English ultmtl. Le Muu, 
a <nrn in f ranee. li ineiit, Ae tiet 

Manehe. nu Manche,y. Manchr, /*. 

Manche, hmidfe, h\p of a knife. Atenelic, 

tleeve. Ia luanche^ (he Enfflish channH 

MAitf s, m p. ybknne^f. 

MAne&, manet. Mamie, ntanna; a btuket^^fioeket 

ManUr, f Maitu s. Mcnte, v. ^lenthe, mciite, /. 

Mante, a vinati's cloaks mourning mantle. 

Mantes, the tuune of a twtvn uear Paris. Que je 

mente, that I may lie. MeuUie, meute, (a pUint) 


Manut, m. Marot,/. 
Maniut, teoundreU Marut, a pn/ier name 
(Clemeut Marot) 

Marc, m. Marc, m. Mare./. 
Marc, wiorr, einhi ounces; eronnf/i, husks or 
tkit^. Marc, the natne o/'an tvan^t'iM. Maiv, 

Mars, 7;i. Mart. 
Man, the m»ruA ^ March, .Mart, the god of 

MarchantY, m. MareJiant, pa. 
Marehand, dealer, tradesman. Mari:|MuiC^ 

Mari m. Marie,/ Marie, r. Marri, a. 
Man, « huibatuL MarW', (rt woman't name) 
Mary. Maria. Jv mark , / v cil^ marry, nwtrh, 
Marri, torn/, veAedyConrenied 

Mat, m. Mill, a. Matte, /. 
Mat», (at clitjis) mete. Mat*, roi^^^^, unpoiuh- 
ed. Matte, an herbgrminx in FaragiMy 
Ml lull, )u. Ml W.t 5, r. 
Melon, melon^ nfrutt. .NKI«im. let us mix 

Meiitoii, m. AU'iiron. Mt-atoii», v. 

Mi.nton, the rKm. ^V .foii, a small town in 

Switzerland. Kou«incL.i«-i"i. wc //c 

M'*pris, »;>. M'prl», ff. 

McpTrt, eon'emfify icoin, ^U^liihtg: Mepru, 


Utiae.f. M(tz. 

Mene, m«M, pritwijtnl cere uotn/of the Roman 

Catholic rrfigivn. Mt U. a /<.« « in France 

Mctrt-, wi. Mt Itn-. r. MaUrc, m. 

M^tPc, (rt nnp measure of the French) meter, 

Mittn.-,to^uf. Maltre, moj.'rr 

Mean, V. Ma^iin,//*. 
Metin, <//^ thoti. Moeun, manners^ moral* 

MrurtritTc, /. MiurtritV*, a. f. 

Meurtri^ns (in fortifications) loep^iole. Metti^ 

tri^n-, murdering, mnguinttry 

Mi,/. Mi. m. Mie,/. M«-,/ Mi»,r. d-Zw. 

Mi, half MJ, iM/« /n music (C). Mie, crumb. 

Ma mie, my dear, ^^ll, />itf 

Mil. inille, num. Milie, m. 
Mil, niiile, thousand. Mille, o mvY« 

MileL Milk-t, m. 
>fUct, Miletuf, a town of Calabria. Millet, a 
sort ^f grain 

Mui, pr. Mou, m. 
Moi, /, me, Moi*, Tncfi/A 

M6le,m. Mule,/. 
MAI% a /Mer. c/yAce, mole. Mole, a mato, a mootf 
coif * 

Mom, pr. Mont. m. 
Moo, my. Mont, mountain 

* Pronounce the r. 



Man, m. Matt,/ Mhw, m. Mauiv, 

V«r Monr, m. 
bites. Mors, a Aarjc*« AcT. Mnrr 
Maur, <Af nffmr of a oaint. Maait-, w 
More, a moor, a hla d pomao r 
Mou, m. Mou, a. Moue,/ Mood, v. Mout, r? 
Mtm,thelfgh^9^ananfma/icatUmeut. Moa 
toft,tender,mtUo*oilazy^aHigft«h. Mooe, mai/f 4r. 
ivry /boik nioud, hegrinSu, Moftt, nr9 -R^ne 

Mouche, ayfy, « /oCrA. H mmiehe, Ar tntsJTo 
MoueheCtev/>- MouebeiteJ*. Mooeh< u n:. 
MouchHUt, ont{ffero, Mooehette, a kiwi pj 
joiner's pkme. Mouchel, (« bird of prey) ttarrl 
Monle, TO Moale, / 
Moule, a maiuld. Moiile, (a oea-JUh) tttnsde 

Moulin, ut. Monlira 
MunKn, a mi//. MouUns, <Ae fumif ^ a t9tx n 
in France 

MouroQ, m. Mourona, v. 
]^foaron, ckM^weedf m khod of yefl0w Uxarti 
spoiled vfUh black, Mouroni, Ut us iBe 

Mousse, m. Mousi^,/ Mousse, v. 
Mousse, a «7'iffi-6«y. MouiK, m«M. II moussr. 
itfoanu, it froths 

Mue^. Mu,^ 
Mue, moulting, mewing. Mo, m. mae, /. 

Mur, m. Mftr, o. Mtre,/. 
Mur, a sootf. Miir, m. mAre, /. r^pe. M 6rv, 

Muses, fp. Muse, v. 
Les rousea,-^ {in poetry) the muses. U maac, f^ 
loiters, tnfleo 


N*ait,r. Nct.«. 
n iiall, It' ix bom. Net, r^n,^u9«V nf«, d«r 

No, rt. #. Ne2,m. 
N^, wj. nep. f. born. Ke/., wair 

Nettc, fl./ Nt-the,/. 
Nctte, r/fcn«, pvir, neat, clear, empty. Ntthr, 
f/i<? »«•<:£.• ofhoo riitrs, ifi a deportment rfFrome^ 
^'•tv/tuh AniVTipis the txtpital 

Ni. uf^ a. Neiif, fwm. 
Ncuf^ nnvt iMeJcperienced, stmpte^oiBy. Neuf. 

Ni«l, m. Ni, c. >rj-^ 
Nid, 8 neu. Ni, nor. N''y, not there^ &c, 

Noix,/. Noyc, v. 
Noix, a nuf, xcaluut. 11 se iioye, Ar (frvirr: ; 

2^n. Jicgfifive. Norn, m. 
N')n, »<>, n»r. Num, a name, or netm (in grah> 

Noyer, to. Noyer, v. 
Koyer, a valnut.tree. Koyer, to droien 

Nu, fl. Nue./ 
Nu, m. nue, /. MoAecL Nue, a doiK/ ; nucs, /jJ. 
the skies ' 

Nu^, f. Kue, a, 
Nu^e, rt c/oi/rf. Nu^', m. nui^e,/ sha^A 

Nuit,/ Niut,v. Nuits. Nuvs 
Nutt, n<^V, darkness, II uuit, he htirts, d^r 
harm. Nuits, a fvwn m fWmcr. Nuys, a roa-n 
in Germany 



[ 143 ] 

P I N 

OcUtcJ: Oetare 

ecclesiattical term) tight days a/hr 


Pwv«t«, «. ^ Pareate, / 
Buuite. arttrning^ tetting ^, trimming* H* 

rente, a relation^ kinrwtman 

Pure, m. Parque, v. Frntrnket^ft, 

FW«, a /tar*, ther/>f9ld, grazirt^s /M, U 
pftrque, Ar parks, enelese* in a i*ark. Let p«rq ues , 
r/orAo, Lachetit, and Atropog, aitrutted vntk tfie 
livejt •f mortaU 

Pari, m. Pane, v. Plurit 

Bui, a xMVft'r, A^. Je i>arie, I lay ot bet. Pa- 
rb, /*am, r/r ca/ntal of Fiarur 

Pwrtitpa. Parti, m. Parti,/ Puthie,/. 

Parti, departed. Taaii^ party, side, matth^ offer ^ 
re99lut$»n. Partie, party portion ; game, nuuch^ 
sport. Parthie, (jui ancient rtptMic in Atia) 

fuut f 
.cn't nL 

CEarte,m. CEuttp, *. 
rFnne, the ckurrh wankn*' pen at church. 
«Lu^ re« <EUTves, vwrAv, -writings uctiotu^ tieed 
Oo^pr. Oqt,r. 
On. mte^ they^ tmue. lis ont, they Asm 
Oiibli,fii. QiibUej: OubUe, v. 
Oafali, fargjiBtftiimu. Oublie, a vnfer, J'oub- I Paithia 
'jr.lfrrgtt 1 Pas,i»i. Pbs, odL Pas 

•jui, *n. ^ oA. On\ a. Ouie./ Ouic% /"/>. j Pafl,;tarr, */<?>, rror* ; strait. Noo pas, naf, no. 
CHii, ye«, fly« l^'- 0«*i nu ou'ie. /. /<Mrtf. Pa9,a/0im m I'At- Firnch yetherlttnd$ 
(y it*:, the hetn-ing. Oaw%, the gills of fishee [ Paul,m. Paule. PAle, m. 

Oatre./. Outre,>. 6* a. I l^ul, a man's notite, 5!r. Pmd. Paole, a /ma// 

Outre, a barceMOj leather tittle. Outrr, besides^ ! ttwn in the kingdom of Vajitf^. PAle, {the extrc 
:-r.rc, bcyvad nu/y of the axis of the earth) pole 

Patiiue. jT. Pomme, f. 
Piume, the /talm of' one's hand; {a horn meth 
sure) tiand; atnntis court. Pomme, an apple 
Pau. Peau,/. PA, in. Pot, m. 
Pau, a town in France. Peau, skin. FA, a ri- 


Fad<»a,m. Fiadoue,^: 
P«do«i, « Icnirf •f rOand, hidf threedand half 
A . VmitotK, a celebrated town in Italy 

Pase,m. Page,/: ^ 
Pajje, o^qfe of cswrf. Page, the page, leaf of a 

Pain,iN. Pteins,r. Feint, />o. Pin, m. 

r^juxL, frrcwl Je peins, / painty drawy danb. 

?. luL, painiedf drtmm, described. Fin, a />»if- 

T«er of Italy. Pot, pots,y>«rr 

Pause,/ Pote^ v. 

z paw. 

■ir, m. 6* ff* Paire / Pi>re, m. 
-teenmatei e ~ 

Pair, a peers mate; even^ eqwH, Plure, a couple^ 
: Virre,father 

Fal,m. Pale,/. Pikle,a. 

Pal, (a irrm 0/ heraldry) pale. Pale, ^^sA, a 
7 fjcrr piece ^fpastehoard eavnvd -with Hnen, laid 
t r, the chalice at mats^ in the Xonum church. Pftlc, 
:<«.e, •a£b«r, won 

P!akH, m. Pial^ Pa let, m. 

PyJMi^m^palaccy court of Justice; the reef mpe^ 

Fkiise, AatMf, ffo/i or rest. II pose, Ar lays^ 
puts, sets 

PicheJ". P*efcf./. Pfche,r. P^be, v, 
Peehe, JuAiftf, JUhery. Uue p^he, a peaeh. 
II ]>eche, Ae xim. II pecbe, hcfi\hcs 
\ Pfche, in. Pccher, in. P^her. v. P^her, r. 
' P^he, asm. Pecher, apeach<ree. P^her, 
tojtsh. P^^her, to sin 

Peine,/. Peue,m. Penne,/ 
Peine, trouble. Pt-ne, a bolt. Penne, abeam; 
a large feather <^a bird of prey 

Peinte.fl./. Pinte./ 
Peinte, painted, dratotu Pinte, a pint 

Feree,v. Pene^o. Perse. Pene,/ 
Je peree, I pierce. Pene, bluish, grey-eoloured. 
Perse, proper name ^f a Latin pact. la Perse, 
(a kingdom) Persia 

Percer, v. Pers^. ' 
Pereer, to pierce, bore, penetrate, break. Pen^', 

■ •/'tAe mouth. PaJ^ thegottdeu ^shepherds. ! Ptrseus, the non of Jupiter and Dance 
ij^-u a cait turguoit to play ivith Ptrciie, / Perclie, v. Perche, /. 

Palme, m. Palme,/. " ' 

Palme, Can ancient Italian niettsure) a hand's 
i rtadrh. Palme, a branch iff a pahn4ree 
Fan. Pan, m. Putn, m. Pend, 

Pan, the gad of shepherds. Pan, the lappet of a 
' front or face of a xvaU, Pao'ii* 
_ '»*d,/ 
Panneau, m. Paoneau, in. 

xir ; the Ibtfrent or face of a xvaU, 
l)p« • 


e hangs 
I, m. Paoni 

, Paoneau*. 

Pannesiu, aptmnel, pane^ square. 
« young peacock 

Panse, m. Pense, v. 

Panaex belly, paustch. Jc pense. / think 

l*ana^. a, Pens^,/ Panser, v. Penser, v. 

Pans^. m. pan»^./ dressetL Penai^, thought, 
■ranking. Panier, to dress; (speaking ^'a horse) 
■-> look after. Penser, to think, inu^ne, suppose; 
io fje like 

Purip. Purs, Dart, p. Part,/. 

Par. by, through, out of, with, for, in. 3t part, . 
J trt out I il part, hc^sets out, iWt, a part, snare, 
.' t. Hon 

* TUe • is mute. 

.. Percbe, w. 


Fterche, a pole, penh, rod. U perehe, he roosts, 

perches. Perche, (a fish) terch. Le Perche, a 

province in France. Percne, a bucJ^s head, the 

branch of a stag 

P( u, ad. Peux, peat, v. 
<»eu, a little, but little, Jew, Je peux, il pent, / 
can, he may 

Phase,/ Phase, m. 
Phase, phaset. aspect of the moon. Le Phase, 
(a river) fix I'ltnsis 

I»ic, m. Pi*iu<', m. Pique,/ Fiqnei, v. 
Pic, (a bird) pecker; pick-axe ; peek at piquet, 
FSqu.', stKtde at card*. Pique, a pike; spleen. Je 
pique, I prick, ^tiug, q/fend, spur on, lard metd 
Pio,/ Pie. Pie, a. 
Pie. a magpie. Pie, prnper name of sevetal 
pojtcs. Che vai pie, ffie-baUed horse 
V Pitnv./ Pierre. 
Pieite, stone. Pi> rrr, Peter, a man's nttme 

Pitu, m. Pioux,a. 

Pieu, a post. .^take. Pieux, pious, religious 

i'iiiiNjii, m. riusoii, m. 


,[ 14* ] 


PSdcoo, a mark vhieh renudnt in the skin qf- 
tfT having feen JUnehak PintoD, (« tnmB bird) 

PiqnKifn. Ficiiiftit,o. 
nqurt, /teg^ take ; a game 9f earde. Piqoaif, 
didpriekj ff rtyf , •^rru^ &e. 

Pu, m. Pis, a. nu 
V^s udder. Pis, vMrte^ the wrat^ writ 

K\ mne, m. PiToine. f. 
Piroine, (a bird) bulijtnch. Pivoine, (a plant) 

Plakli. »i p. Pkie^. Plais, plait, r. 
Plaids, pkaf, rttrt-fft*. Plai*:, a tommd, ««r, 
trouble* afflktiinu Je pbii, U plaH, / pteaee^ 
t^ pletuet 

Plain, a. Plaint, r. Plein, a. 
Plain, pUjin, eorv,Jftt. Je plaint, / bewail^ pitr/y 
gntdge. Pkin, /u//, abmdndittg vnt/t, cnirred, 

Plaine,/. Plein^.fl/ 
Plaine, o piain, cwntry. Pleini*, /utf, ieA«le, 

Phinte,/. Plainte, a/. Plinthe,/. 
Plaiotc, a complaint^ expo^ulation. Plaintc, 
Jfiiied, lamented^ concerned. Pliothe, (in arehtteo 
cure) pittah 

Plan, nu Plant, m. 
Vlkn^a^aiu, draught; scheme; plane. Plant, a 
plant, ttpigy nursery qfymmg trees 
Plane, fn. Plane.y: 
Plane, a plane-tree. Plane, a carpenters tool 

Pli,»n. Flic,/. Plie.r. 
Pli, /^d,J>laH; habk. Plie, {awifsh) a plaice. 
11 pUc, hejoids, beniU., submits, btitoo 

Fln^pa. Pint, ad. Plut, plut, r. 
Plu, pleased. Ptua, more, moreover. H plut, 
:t rained g he pleased. Qu'll pl<it« that it might 
rain s that he might please 

Poile.m. Po^le,/. Poil,m. 
Poilc. a palL, canopy; stove. Poele, a frying, 
pan. TmU hair, beard 

Void%.m. Poia,m. Fois,/. 
Poids, a weight, load, burthen; importtmee. 
Pois, a pea, pease. Poix, pitchy rosin 

Fioi]id,v. Poini;^, m. Point, etf. Point, m. 
I« joQrp<ftnd, the day peeps, breaks. Poin^, 
the fit. Ne point, not, none. Point, stitch; 
point ; full stop 

— ' Pompe./. Pompe.v. 
Pompe, apun^; magnificence^ splendor, sump- 
tumisnese. Ilpompe, hejnmifis 
Ponle, m. Vantc.f. 
Poote, apunto ; a punter. Poiitc, the laying ^ 

Pore*, m. Port, m. 
Pore, pork, a hog. Port, port, harbour, xeharf; 
portage, carriage; cauntenanu 

Porte,/. Porte, v. 
La porte, the door, gate, gap ; the parte, the 

PoorpRt ■!• Pomiireii^ 
Le ponipif , cte spotted fever ; pwpkt parpie- 
JUh. Pour^, purple, purple dye 

PrH,p. Pr^i,m. P«t,«. 

Pr^ near^ by, hard by, nigh, daoe. Prrtc 

loan, money lent. Pr^t, ready, prepared 

Pr^ent, m. Prttent, a. 

Pr^nt, a gifUpruent ; present tease. Frvciii. 


Prtle, a. f. Pr^tc r. 
Prf te, ready. li prHe, he lends 

Pr^ur. m. Prtteur, in. 
Pr^tt^r, (among the JUamans) a praior. PK 
teur, a ktuhr. creditor 

Priam, m. Pri4me», v. 
Priam, (a king ofTroy)Pnamus. Nooi priim • 
we begged, prauea. entreated 

rri^te.f. Prier, n. 
Jhnhte, a prayer, entreaty, ti^pHcatitm. Pri'i. 
to pray 

Pns,pa> Prix, m. 
PMi, took, caught, froxen, shaped. Ptix. prt:(, 
rate, value, worth 

Pace,/. PiiNe, v. 
Pace, ajlea. Je pusw, / m^Ae 

PuiSV. Pui^MC Puit«.»i. Pur- 
Jcpuis, Icon. P«i«, then, offer, ajKrao'e: 
Paita, « reell. Le Pay, a <«R»n in France 


i porte, he carries, bears, | 

^Tfffuf seigrdoi^s court, 

Port^, pa. Port^,/ 
Port*, carried, trc. Pon^e, the brood tf en ani- 
raed; reach, abUity; shot, length 

Poste, YTU Poste,/. 
Poste, a sttuion, employment. Potte, the mdt, 
poet'house, post-smge 

Pou, m. PouU, m. 
PoQ, a louse. Poult, the pulse 

Pouoe, tn. Pouitr, t*. Pousse,/. 
Poucc, thet/tumb; an inch. Jepoosse./^A, 
tntst, carry on, drixe on. Pousse, a shoot ; short 
tvind; pursiness 

» The c is seldom sounded. Qneloue, oc?. QuriqucJ. 
Quelquc, some, any. f^uelqae, hotoever, am^ 
some. Quel que, rohalever, may, cr. 


Rabat., m. Rabats, nhoi, t. 
Raliat, m band worn by clergymen i tifipoif <s 
nif le pins. Je rahat* , / abate, ir. U law* * 
abates, tre. 

Raie,/. Rais,m^. 
Raie, a line ; stripe ; parting ^^the hair: f « «« 
fsh) thom-baek. Rau, ray/ or beaau ef tg^- > 

Raiwnnrr.r. R«MHiiier,T>. 

Raitonner, f » rMran. argue, duemtr*. «"* 
ner, (• yeU a ootmd, to resound 

Ranjr, nu Rezids. v. . 

RanjT, fWiA. •rder, mqgr, raw; rctf* ^"> 
Je rendi, / rrmfer, fiMfare 

Raa,m. Rat, o. RAts.m/^* ^^^ 
Rat. «Aitf/«m, a JHiu/ tf serge. »■» **^ 
shaved dose. ^RAtt, rats 

Rauquc, Aaorxei Acr#A. Roc, of*** ***** 
nionV name 

R£eeot,fl. Reuest,t>. . ^-g. 
S^eent^ recent, fHsh, lately happened. K ^ 
tent, he feels, repents 

Rrinim. Rhin,m. -j^ 

Rein, iviiw, rein, loin, kUtney, bade. *» 
(a liver bctiveen France and Cermataf) ««•*' 
Rrine./. Rfne,/. Reonet. *«»^:irfv. 
ReiQ9, a queen. R^ne, <te «•«•/ vJSf. 
Rennet, f te name < a taicfi tii /r«»i»' '*^^ 

Repaire, m. Rep^* «• ti*«M, 
RepaiK,Ammfor<fe«qrairifa/»eo«f. »«1^' 
e mark 


[ 145 1 

1' A C 

Raiponrc,/. Repontc,/. 
K--%ipooce, rantfnon, a lallaiL Ht-ponse, em- 

Rrts, m. Retz. Rez,/>. 
R« ts. ftee. Retz, fA/r name of n famous rardi- 
rof in Fmmrr. R*^., c/bjc /o, eicnicitk 
Rii'h, yn. ^ Richf ,*a. 
Rich*, « Ttfolf cmimon tn Sweden and Poland! 

Riuce, V. Rheiins 
RinoK, r»/i<e, teath. Rbviui&, a t9wn in France 

Riom. Rions, v. 
Rkom, a ttnvn m Prance. Uinns, let lu laugh 

Ri», m. Riy, or ns/wi. 
Ris laugh, smite, laugfifer. Hizor ri*, Co grain) 

Roi, m. Rouet, n. Boye 
Roi, kinfp. Kouct, tpinuing -wheel. Roye, a 
coK-Ti in France •* 

Roman, m« ftomnnd. Romans 
Rf-^nan, a neveit « rontanre. Romaiid, the 
•^rrmr tf a canf»n in Switzcria7id. Rutuaus, a 
:o-s-n in France 

Romm, V. Roth!, a. 
Romps, break. Rond, rourd, circular 

Roiw,/. Roux, a. 
Rboe, a wheel. Roux, rait ruddrj 

Roavre, m. Ituu^ re, r. » 
Rottvre, a kind of very hard oOc. ' Romre, 
4fm again ^ 

Rue,f. Rue, V. Rue. Ruth 
Riw, a stTtrf or lane ; iap'nnt) rite. II rue, fie 
i kit. Rue, a tncn in truxce. jtRuth,(a//ro- 
/ -T name) Uulh 

S. . 

Saitmeor, nu S.^ign^nr, m. 
Suiglietjr, a bleeder. Seiprweur, a lord 
Saiue,ayl SdiK',/ Seine,/, 
fiaine, vholeiome^ Wealthy, sound. Seuife, the 
r^rme of a river in France. Stine, (a net used for 
,n Jir-jif) seen "* - 

Siunte, f. 4r o/. Saiiitcs, or Xaiiites 
Saints, a Itohj, sacred, goflly, blesxetl uotrtan, a 
yf^iTit. Saiutet, criCamtcs, the nanve of a town in 

Sale, a. Sale.r. Salle,/. 
Sale, dirty, foul, nasty, ohixene. II sale, he 
vOit4. SdUe, a htiU, parlour, -ar^rd, bower 
^ Sjvon, m. SavoiH, v. 
Stkrvn, Map. Nuus uivoiis, ive knotp 
^iir,a. Saurf,4. Sort«m. Sorts, mjfr. Sors, 
Sanr, (speaking of a hening) red. Snurr, (foid 
pf ahorse) sorrel. Sort, fate, datiny, tot. Sorts, 
r harms, speUs. Je ion, U tort, / go out, he goes 


Saut, m. Seeau, w. Sceaux.- i#Siau, tw. 

Sot, a. & m. 

Saut, a jump, leap, skip. Sceau, sra!. Sccaux, 

ff<< name of a viflage near Parix. Sfuu, a pail or 

burkef. wniffoolhh, sottish, gilly ; a dunce 

Scieur, w. Skur, m. 

Seiear, a smvyer. Sieur, master, sir '.- 

Seutoiis, V. Ct-iiton, m. 
Scntons, let us feci or smciL Ctruton, ccntcry, a 
r^krtivn of fragments 

Scran, m. Serein, a. Serin, m. 
Serein, the dampish vt^our which falls q/ier 

• Pronounced riehe. 

t lliif word \n I.aihi, and sifrnifies a eoat made 
offices like Harlequin's coat. 

svTi-oet in summer. Serein, sercne,4lettrs eheop- 
fu>, open. Si rill, c Canary bird 

Se\m*. St'v^re, o. 
Scn^re, S/iY/tvjr, CT emptror of Rome ; a Latm 
poet. Severe, severe, strict, rij^ul, stern, rtgoruus . 

Srmple. m. Simple, a. 
Simple, a stmpU or a medhinai plant. Simple 
pure, unmixed ; bare, common, plain ; weak 
Soc, m. Socque, m. 
Soc, a ploughshare. Socque, sandai, a wtodcr. 

So'upr. Snif,/. Soit. r. Soit, r. 
Soi, hinixeff, herielf.'itjelf, ojw's-seif. Soic, «/*, 
brijfties, and soft fiair on arJnuils. Soit, may bt. 
Soit, tchether, or 

Sol, m. Sole,/. Saule,m. 
Sol, (a note of music) sol ; soil, ground. SnW. 
extent of ground m -uhich wheat isscnen the Jirst 
year, oats, barley, &c. t/te next, and tiet fallow tnr. 
thirtt year ; a horse's hoof; (a fcofhh) a sole ; a 
Jlat-b<itton%etl boat. Saule, a wiUaw tree 

Somiiii , m. Sonimc,/. Sonune,/ 
Somme, a iUtp, slumber, repose. Sommr, a 
st,m; load, burden, boiiinie, the name <(f a river m 

Son, m. Son,^. 
Son, bran ; sound, noise. Son, ids, her 

Sonde,/ Sonde, v. Suud, nu Sox^e,/. 
Soiult , a prti/ie ; a plummet or sounding lim;. 
11 souUe, he sound f, probe i. pumps, searches. La 

Suutl, {I he hfi of (he Baltic seti) the Sound, la 

Sonde, strait s\of Sui\da in the eastern Indian 

Sonnet, m. St>nnai%, sonnait, xk Sonnez, tn~ 

- Sonnez, v. 
Sonnot, sonttef in portrif. Sonnnis, tonnait,^' -' 
rnig. Sonnt-z, {at dir,-) sixes. Sonnez, ring yuu 
Soui'i, n*. Solicit. /I Soiircils, m/>. 
Soiici. care, ioHri^nde. fhougla ; (aJ7owr) man- 
gold. Soucic, « stnail 1 rerir/i bird. Sourcils. euc- 

Soude./. Sonde, v. 
Soude, kali, or iritt<u.'ort. Soude, solfler thou 
Shu], or sariul, a. Sol, sols son, m. Soui.^. 
Soul, saoid, full, glutted, surfeited, drurUt. Sol 
«ols. or better sou, sous, penny, pence. Sons 
under __ 

Souris, nj. Sourin,/. 
Souris, a sniilc. S(mris, a mouie 
Statue,/. Stjuut, />/. 
Siatiie, a statue, figure. Statut, (m kno) a Hr.- 
lute, Itnv, decree, ordinance 

Suce, V. Susso, V. Sus, i. & ad. 
II suce, he sucks. Siiise, suwent, niieht kprri-. 
SujH come on. up. Un tu r> en sus, one t/urd over 
^ • Suie,/. Suif, r. Suit, v. 

'TBuie, soot. Je suis, / am, II suit, hefoUvnvs 
Sur. p. Sur, a. 
Sur, upon, wer. Sdr, sure, certain ; sour 

« Suit'un, m. Suroii, m. 
Snrt^n, tlder-t.ce or Jioiicr. Siiros, splcnt.nv 
splint, a viciotut eucrescmry vponahorse sjtg, -jc- 
Imo tlic khcc ' 

\ Ta,/»r. Tas,;fl. 

Ta, thy, . Tas a heap 

I'ae. t.i. Tact, m. 
Tar, (a disease atnong sheep) the rot. Tact . • 

Tnclie,/. TiclicA 



L i46 ] 


'Kacbe, «ta/;i, tpttitpeck, TAchr. a tatk 

Taiej: Tet,pr. Tct, m. 
T«ie, a Ar«W ur iveA mtheqft; a pillvw^^aM^ a 
detUick. 1V«. thy. Tet, ^Ae #n4// .• a potsherd 
Tiullon, m. Taillons, v. I'mlion, in. 
Tailloii, a poll tax, Tailloiu, ia tu cut. Ta- 
lion, retaltation 

Tain, m. Teint, v. Teiht, m. Hiain. 

Thyra, m. 
Tain, a thin tin to[ate placed behind the gloM of 
a looking^lass. Sv Uthu^ / dye. I'eiiit, r»m- 
pkjcifi. rhain, a tncn in Fratice. lliy m, {an 
herb) thyme 

Tairf,v. Tcrrei/. 
Taire, to be silent i f conceal. Teirc, the earthy 
fa nd aground 

Tan, m. Tant, ad. Temi, or tcniiM, m. 
Tan, r^ 6arA. of •ak beaten tnutll. Tant, *• 
rrumy, m niuch; as tong^ ai much. Terns, or 
temps, timet weat/ter^ taumt^ delay; taise in 

Tait('Z,v. Tli^sM*, m. 
Taiiex-vous, Md your totigw. Tli^si*c, (a 
proper nmiit) Thetais 

Tttiite,/. Tentc,/. Tcuti% v. 
I'antc, aunt. Tame, a tent, U tente, /te 

Tapir, Vv Tapir, m. 
Tapir, to iquaty to crouch. 'I'apir*, an tmimal 
oj South America 

Tapis, m. I'api, t*. pa. 
Tapis, a carpet ; grassidau I'api, »*. tapie,/. 
Kiddoh squat 

Tare,/: Tard,oc/. 
Thrp, tare and tret on goods f blemish^ dejei-t. 
Tard, toe 

Taraud, m. Tomts wi />. 
Taraud, a scmv^ap. Taruts a sort tf Egy/t- 
tihn checkered cai'ds /ofilay with 

Timbre, m. TlijrmlHne, m. 
Timhref stamp. Thymbiv, (aJhiterond\ 
r\feroM ptant) -minter-oavry^pepptr-iiyss^ 
lire,/. Tire, v. Tyr 
Tire, i* thus used : Toot dPrnie tire, d 
once. lire, ifrmr, ^uO, /itf or tugf painf; tl 
T)T, (once a famous city ofPisemcta) Tyre 
Toi, pr. Toit m. 
Tdl, thee, thouj thysdf. Toil, a roof or tq 

Tombe,/. Tombe, v. 
Tombet a tontb-^oti^t monumeat. Ton 

Ton.m. Ton,pr. TaoA,/. llMO,m. Tond 
Ton, a tone, voice, tune, note. ToB,tAtr. T«. 
horse or o.i^Jty, gad^hee. Thon, (a sea-fah) a^ 
Je tonds, / ohear 

Ton, a. Tortjfn. Tonls,v. Torf,w. 
Tors, twisted, itreathfd. wrung. Tort.wn 
injury, damt^, blame. Je lorns, Ifvritf, in 
wring, wtui about, T«re, (m archkectun) ' 
Tout-, /. 'loux, /. Tout, M. Tout, o 
Toue, tatvagr, tawing, ajerry^ost. Tou- 
cotigh. Tout, rAe TpA»/e. Tout, aO, vAofr-, ' 
r^/yr. Toult, the name of a town in tra»^ 
I Tour,/. Twir, m. Toon. 

! Tour*. « tower. Tour, fum, f»w, 'r. 
Tours, a town in France 

TouriHJii. Toivnons, p. 
Toomoi», a town in France. TiHimon*, 
us turn 

' Toumoit, a. Toumm, w. 
TourruiU (is always Joined io livtf), rrr 
livre. Toumoi, tournametit 

Trace,/, lliraee,/. 
Trace, freer, mor/lr, footntep, track, i'l 
Thrace, (in ancient gct>graphy) Tkracia 

Trait, »/i. I raits, m/^. T^^^'^^,^ 
. ' V '- .'..... I r^s, It- 

La tasne,/. Le Thss; , ^ , , 

La ia«e, rAe ctt>». Lf 1 as>c, //«r wmwf f^ em ■ fenturet; trbcrs for draugld horses. 
Ifalian author vtost 

Taupe,/ Tope, r. 
Taupe, a mole ; (ivith snr^eotu) a sort of atfie- 
f orna. Tope, doue, I agnr /• it 

Tntix, m. TM, ad. 

l^nte. Tifute, 

Taux, rate, assejtsment ; price. TAt, soon, qxiick, 
fut of hand I 

Tel, a. Tell I 

TeL m. telle, /. such, like. T'-ll COuillaumoX 
Tell ( H^'ilUmn) t hefoumlrr of Heh^ttr liberty j 

Temple, /n. Temple or teiiipt:,^! 
Temple, temple, a pltm of worshp. Temple I 
or u-ni{»e, tlte temple if the tuad I 

Tenure, r. Tend re, a. ' 

Tendre, to bend, opreail, strc'ch out^ tend. | 

'I'erme, tn. Tenue. Tlunues, m/». { 

TiTine, term, bound, end, time, ejcpiration. ' 
Tonnr, Teriuitnif, {among tfte Romans) the god 
of boimduricf. Thtnncs, (hot bdths of Oic an- , 
c 'ent*) t/frnue 

ItHc, r. Tette,/. Tetto, r. j 

Tvte, head, hrae, noddle. Tetlc, f/jc teat or 
dug. 1\ itlU^i he ft4ck^t, suckle* \ niaiiu 

'He, m. Hque, / j • Tu, pr. 

Tic, a convulsive motion; (a horse''s disease) ! Tu, tAou. 
tjic tick, 'lliiue, (sort of vermin) a tick 
Tien, pr. Tieos, tJe»C, v. 

J renie, {a rttij oj irermany, a «*'•*/, 
tlh- counhi of Tyrol, and a Uo^e river is i-\; 
Trent. TreMie. thirl y 

ff,cnt tn 

Ije tien, tiiine. Je tiens, / hold. II tkiil, he holds 

Tiifre, i»i. Tligrt', in, 
Tiffre, a tiger, a sort tf sheil, a seafish. 
'\^gtc,(a river in Asia) Tigris 

• Stc BufTon's Natural Ilistorv. 

Ir^vx',/. Tr vts. , 

TriH-e, frurc, suspension of arms, iffff^>^'' 
rr*f. Tr • v. s, (an electorate, and ■ u'y «« 
many) Triers 

Triliu, f. THNit, *»i. 
Tribu,r;7V. I riliut, ^r<&«/r, ftw 

Tnomplie, in. Trioiiifthe./- ^ 
Trwmplie, triumph. Trioiuplwi (« "'^ 

Tripoli. Tripoli, w. , 

Tripoli, (a toicii and one tf the p*^"" . 
of Borfjary). Tripoli, (a s/'Ccies ojm'-^ 
earth to poll th metal) tripofi j 

' 'I'rois, Mi/wi. Troie. Trovt». 
Ti-ois, three. Iroie, (a cefebraeda»n s* 
Troy. Troy*i8, a toiru in Iratire 

Trot, m. TtojKOiL . 

Trot, trot of a horse. Trop, t- '"'^^ 

Tu,/VT. Tul,r. Tue.J'.^ 

i cenl, <rc, Je tue, / kiU. Tu i"'>. ■ 
' kiUest 

Tyran, m, Tirant, nu 

, T\Tnn', o tyrant. Tirant, <'*'^/!3 
Le wlui-leatlier; draught ^ a ship; o btof* r^ 

• The a is not sounded. j. j 

t The / is sounded only bdbit * « 1 


[ 147 ] 


»^ »9e toaft ft anmher in a buUdmg, a eramh 
:'rf irt a waU, &c. to tufiport U; packn99X. Ti- 

'- .<n, a. Vin, m. Vingl, nwm. Vini, vint, v. 
Viiiit, twin, Jfniitlrs*^ vain gforims; (tjtrnking tf 
'■^fntfhrr) 4uttn/. Vin, vitie, Viugt, twenty, 

Vaines o /*. Vtine./. 
Taoe, will, proui^ fiivvioujit unprofitiAk, 

'ibis, TO. Valalc, valwt, r. Valet*, w p. 

y^biv •!»« a gmali republic in SieU^rlnr.d. 

' >'^<s valait, wof vwffA. VaJeU, ittcn so- 

Vent, w. 
II vend, he kIU. 

Van, wu VcikI, 
^ in. a trmiMtmi^j^n. 

Vnnne, /I Vanncs 
Vrianc, 9 ^fhod-gate or -uitier-scJe. 

VaikC«-, t». Vtiite, /. Veiit<», r. 

^^ntp, teorf, proue, ejroci Vcute, c M/r. II 
^' 'i^, it bitmt 

^ Vaic, m. Vaie,/ 

, ^•»', ff wwe, veitrJ. Vase, nittd; </-><, m/nff 

i»«i. Vanx, m jfc. Vaiix, mut, v. Veau, m. 

vairi, ttefume of a country in Suitxertand, 
^*t^(«W vmid) pi of tbI, vafffi/. Je vaux, il 
'•■St. / am teortK, it u -worth. Viau, vcaux, p!. 
'""^yralf^catvet, Vos, |/o?/r 

Vantre, v. VOtiv, pr. 
B >ie) Vaufrp, Ae r u 7i Ate*. L* voire, youn 
»»». m. Yir, m. Veire, »w. Vtn, />. Viiil, 
«" vert, a. 
*»», (la heraldry) vairt. Ver, a w»mi, fn<^- 
f*« wirtA. Veire, a drinking-glasg. Ven, ro- 
fcm,, veri, „. ^ert, ^rcCT*; 6n>*; tart 

V«ce,/. Vewc,/. Vesse, r." 
/tMf,t«fcA,yto^ Vcsse, tt fiiist, Jlzxk. II 

Vaune«, tf 

Veux, veut, r. Vcpu, tn. 
Je »eini, il reut, / wi//, Ac wiOr. Veen, vcpiu.. 
pi, «•»», TTLfA, prvycr 

Vice, m. Vis,/ Vine, v. Viwc,r. 
Vice, xicCy ikfect, ftntit. Vi% a tcvew. Je 
vicae, / terete vp. jtr \i.<i9e, / might tet 
Vienne, / Vknueut, v. 
Vienne, (the cnpital of Germany) Virmia; a 
entail town in Frnnce. Vionnent, may come 
Vil, a. Ville,/. 
VU. m. vit, f. ifUe, mean, tkipirabfe. Ville, « 
rity or <«tfi 

Vioh, r. Violat. a. 
II vioHl. A^ riolfiteiL Violat, (j/?#rf •/* *j»/*tirt^. 
«««/ hanfy) <fvijUft ; iw, ilu iij-op •^v'lotat, srjn'.p 
of vio'.ds 

Vivicr, m. Vnitrs. 
Vi% i*T, a fL'h-pnTvU ^pefl or vetael to keep /V' 
altre. \h'vTs, a toivu hi France 

Viii»,/'. Voi«,\oit. r. Voir,/. 
Voip, a tea;}, icay. Je vois, il volt, / *^, '«/' 
wt<f, or /wo-fc«. Voix, voice 

Voila, w. VoilJk, p. 
Voiln, ve'led. VoilA, Y/,frr /» or nrr. lehO'tl 

Voih , »n. Voile,/. 
V<iil„-, a »<•«'. VoiJc, a xall 

Voir, 7'. A'oirt", ttd. 
Voir, f » *ec. Voirt*, ay, vr.y 

Vvl, m. Vole, T. 
Vof, a f/fr.'^, rohf>eri/; the Jlyhig or y%/.^ bj 
birdt. It vojf, V /;>• . , » o6*, or stetdt 
Volai.t, 737. Volant, o. 
Volant, a tfndnle^ock. Voiaut, Jtjfingt ro^ 

Volr,v. Vol^,/>«. Vo!^,/. 
Voler. to %}(Vtt; to fly -ari'h triiier. Vole, robbet!^ 
stolen, Volt-i. f'^htofabird^&L: a Jiight^floik' 
or co/nfiany of birth; a spiing tre^-bar ' 

Volais, V. Voir IS n\p. 
Vol.iis, volait, did atetd, take au-ay^ /lew. Vo- 
lets, shuVet'Si trapdoor 

Vouf, V. Voiw, pr. 
Je voue, / r*ic, co.^ rrc7 o/er, promise, Vo«b, 

• It is obsolete. 




A n D 

ro .k!);indon, a-'joniionner ; to for^^k'*. iAr.n/* irr; 
u> r lanuuiifiitiawionner; to jfive up, t'^mr, 

- u-ffftf to deitTt, rf^'jerttrj to quit, quit" 

.-/,• to knvf, /ai«,ier .— x-co abatuion. and 
\y.\ r, suuietimis im|ilv involuntary acu; to 
iiifsasT^reUnquitht aaMdCMrt^ ape always vo- 
•' lutarv- ; to tUtandon^ ii mort> apAlicalile to 
( ...ts«; Icavey to penout; to Jor^dke^ implies 
.cnviuK in resentment or <islike; to relin- 
q..i^h, quitting auy claim to; to deter! ^ teavirig 
m A>Ay. 
V '..Hint-nt, afuiittemenf ; depression, <Aafte- 

,.i7i' ; dereliction, altan'/onneineui } bciiif^ 
orv>u';ht low. roe rfdutt bien 6fl* ;— — ihtse 
icn.ii, thoug^h nforiy synonymous, ytt re- itome elioice in their appropnatioo. 
VV<- sjy, his ferer lukBbrimght him very Itw; the 
('. .'.if/jiion of his «pirits in lifrtat; the nfiatetitttit 
trf' l.;< condition has caused a detrlictitm of his 
'lo :ihute, rabattrf^ ^obattre; to duninish, iffwi- 
■Mr; to deerease, d^croftrCt (Hmitiuer; to les- 
•s ri. untoindrirt ra6cM#«r :—— these verbs are 
.>i.>H> synonymous when they are neuter; 
.■s i. live verbs tht y are ver)- ditttrent } even 
>> fi. n neuter, tht-y «irr\ sonw difllereiice 
i<i thttr ineuniiit^. To n^tafet implies a de- 
.-rt isc in action ; dufinitJi, a waste in »u]> 
>v.i.ii: ; derreajte^ rather a dccay ia moral vir- 
tu. ; V.*fn, a contraction of parts: tlius, hb 
u V' I rr'i'it^g; the camlle d:>nlr.'>sUrsi his durity 

''. 'ivi a; a bhuliK^r full of air whin emptying 

■ ei: T proportioiiaUy. As active verits : to 

• ■'..(, btg^itifs to luwur the piice ; dinunhli, 

' ' 1 sneu the bulk or vniue ; ietsm implies 

•I n< t «if defpmdation : tlius, a sliopkteper 
'•>/ i'..i his prict; ; taking^ om* yard lh>ni ten, 
\>- diiiunUn the quantity ; mi^ingf water with 
•i»ta4. ^K diminish the quaHty ; a mean ac- 
t >>i fiSicor us in the si^iit of gtM><l men. 
Ill aKli'.uti*, abtliquer; to renounce, renoncer 
r.; lu rv rijcn, rrrtjjnrr .— — f» aA<Croff, reUtt^s 
ittore iiarticulariy to a throne ; rrff •»»<«, 
ui mutters of rehgton lor opinion ; rr^<^»,'to 
. .iipiovutents or possessions. That, Sanies tlie 
.Hi coiKt uffdicttted the throne of England ; lua- 
r.y liav« renounced their poUttcal doctrines, 
t.»on,i;h they wtre oUliped in eonsequence 
Co feiiiji tkeir eiuplo} luents. To abcUcate 

A B I 

a crow n is ever looked upon n« dis^racefiii : 
to rciwufue tnxini in religioti, as bonourabk. 
M'hcn done through Che prevaleuee of u-uth ; 
t«» rciigu iin ofllcc, as uoUe, nhen generously 
pven up in favour of aiiotlier, auQ »iUi the 
approbation of the person we serve* 

To abet, afpuytr^ /encrixrg to encourage, fww 
rager; to push Surward, petttjer, aMnxvr; to 
support. ttipp«rter^ touttnir; to niaimsini 

maintenir^ dej'endre : these vieitt are luucJi 

alike in their gcmeral si{nu6cation, yetandi- 
venified by the inanncr of applying them in 
familiar life : as, if you will alxt my qinntl, 
and encourage my prttejisious, I will «u»> 
tetin your cause, suf^wt your intei\>sc aadputf 
^onrffrrfyonr fortune, 
o abhor, e^ffnirrer; to loath, av^ A rf^'W 
pour; to luiii , /tu'iTi to deust, dHester . — ^ 
these words iujply aversion ; bat to evur 
implies a natural antipathy; Ao^f, a disftc 
actuat<;d by resentnunt ; iWA is rather ap 
plicahle to food, or what ofl^ds the siglit; 
defrvf signifies aversion mixed with eoutempf- 
£x. I hate Curio for his afTeeiation, I /«<* hn 
nattiness, I detegt his eunduct, and abher )ut 
]>riiicip}fs. • 

Abilities, parts, talent^ taoeir; ingenuitjr.f^f. 


indtiTfrhi ck*veroess, adrettet dtx t ei m- - , " *" 
geuiii ij relates to the invention of tbinp; 
cleveniesr to the manner of eseeotiig tbem ; 
abihfy to the actual execution «r thrm; 
and /jorti to the discemmeut. Thus, he «ho 
plaimed the tekscope, waa a man of n«o««' 
ty; he who construct*^ it, discovensd clever' 
rieis; tlie finisher must have posseoed «««• 
tteg; and hr wlio applies it to the various ptt^ 
pusts of astronomy, rauft be a man at parts. 
Ability, htMktc; capacity, capatit/f; |K>*2« 

pvuvotr .• these words, though often m« 

Ibr each otiu-r, yet have dilTenait iigninea: 
tlons; capoftty rekites to the knowledge ot 
itiinga, abiHty andj9«u«r, to their application; 
t>K-y require different adjectivis to attroa 
them. Thus we say, a man of strong «r *<** 
abiliiieei of an extensmr or narrow, hirgc tT 
small, shallow or praTiHuid capaci/y} gR*^ K 
limited pncer. Chut-ndon, being a man oj 
forcible and vigorous abifitiee^ was an exc*^ 
ingly useful si nant to a pnnce of dispwij^ 
power; and having besides aa eMelkol ana 
extensive mjiadiy^ he siorrf his m*"^ *''*M 
variety of ideas that entertaiJied himiw •"" 
his Aieiuls ia retinateJit. 


t 1-^9 ] 


Vbjt^t, ahject} mean, chttU^ btu; despicable, mi- 

f.r if^Ac; worthless, indigniyde nuile valeur; 
rile, vil; low, 6ar.— ^-Chese words Me all t-xpre*- 
51 ie of couteuipt: ex. an t^ect condition; 
a nvean accion ; detfricable taleuu ; •worfhfcjts 
rr>iHluct ; a vile intention ; /«te Ianguai;^e. 
r here is a material distinction to be iiiade Ia> 
Tw<-^n tbe last and the other ailicctives ; Uno 
tri>en implies something involuntary, the 
*>'.U^v% g^enerallf express a voluntar) situation : 
L>niT>e Wisdom has placed soDic men in a low 
condition, but never in abjcctness; the \illan- 
(j:is characUi-r of a luaa intkcs hiin abject. 

iljJc. capabU; skilful, haijihe; leanit-d, santnt: 
rliat kiiowlt-d^ whicli itiay be rtxlucid ti> 
pravnice. makes us able; that which rctiuires 
>p*rCulation, makes us skilful; that which 
LJU Che memory, makes us leanidL Able 
vcrrms to imply somcihmg: more extensive ; 
t^. /u/, aonu-thiug more urofuuad; learned^ 
^nittiuniar mure universal: thu* we »av, an 
s.'. > minister, a *ki'f,tl mnijieinaticiun,a leani- 
fd tiistoriau. We beeuiuc o'At: by lonp^ experi- 
' ac** ; skUfuL, by deep study j learned, by great 

f o abulisli, abolir; to abroirnte. abroger; to dis- 
aiiiiul, OMiuier; to rept-ai, cattrr; to revoke, 
r^-.^juer : -to aboiu/i, is a termratlur ap> i 
ylttni to customs^ mbrogme and repcaL, to I 
ia-v3 ; dUannul and revoke^ to private coii- 
rracts. When we talk of rendeni)ic old laws 
i.'jU, we cull it oA/ j^'o^'/i.^; wbiu tliosc latt'ly i 
a^adc , refiealitig. Dunnnul is ap|iiietl to a urit- 
ic II coDtrai't ; revoke to a verbal one. New 
uUitoni aboliih old onts. 

ALm-ui ofrf-iizi/; inattentive, i'aa</rAi'{7^ distrait: 
t heae two words equally express want of ; 
.tU'-iiciou ; but with tljis diiicn;iice, tluit t 
t:^. first supposes us ^vholly occupied by our ' 
o«u sdeaa; the last Uiat'we are attractt-d ; 
In voDu* fh sli outward object ; /?//r/irc of mind j 
ii owio|; t<» ihout^htluliicM ; itiatteutiou, to cu- ; 
1 iostiy. We aiv n'naU, when w«* think not of 
a^.y present object, or anything that is s-iid 
i'> u» : we are inaftenfhie, wla-n we pay moi-c 
r>-^rd to any other obj. ct thaji to that which ' 
i' proposed to us, or when we listen to any j 
oUu r con>erMtion Uian to what i* addw sseJ 
\o us- The aljstnt man cnr^s Utile f«»r con- 
vr r<atjun ; the ittatieiuive man loses Uic fruit . 


A;j«u.uiiou*, sc.ber, j^/r; temperate, tt',u//eranf: 
ure ^tiieniliy applied to mi>doi.irioii in ] 
n/ral and dnnk : thin a man is io'Ki; who 
k* eps firec fiom iuloiacatiun; a (nn/jerate man, j 
n luoderate in t atiiiK^ and ilrinkiii>; ; an ubste- 
rrj</U4 AAJi, ri^iiily abstains from WnA or liquor i 
«h]cb ni»y hurt his constitution, or cloud his 
int' IL^rts. A man, thi-uUs'h streiigtii olconsii- ' 
UiCiou, may drink inucliaiul )il be .\ofKr: a | 
frmfierfite iiian drinks little ; an nfuUniiouj 
inan diiiiks nut at all, tkai is, iMes no strung I 

A'j<!'4uence. ahjt<.nrnre; rast.yVrt?jr; nb thitnce ' 

itj. plies a foriM araticc tru.u sjiae kind ol' food ; J 
/of, a rirlrainiiij; irom all IomI. Wediuvwlajs 
ajid Fruia}'* ur.' appointed by the ehurch | 
a* days of ab tiuenct; Ash-Wednoday and I 
Good-Friday, HK 7^' «^ drt)s. 1 

A'vj'unl, abfurde. ridirhh; ;nconsi -tent, inrom- j 
p«:uUe, controdicotn:; uurta>oiiu>)h-. (i'.iuiutn' ■ 
nfi'/.e :- — ^die p nt rai idta ol' tJi; ^e tint t 
words ii iueon-^ruity ; but iiucfj oKn'iic iiu- j 
plies wkalis not coiiformal)4e to r.-ui. it ; in^ t 

cofuirtcrdt contxviety of action ; nhturd seem*' 
to intimate both. He who requires the ser- 
vices of another to his detrimont. acts tinrca 
Mnably; shouM a miser bestow a large sum in 
charity, he would act inronsittrntlij; and when 
an old wojiuin n<isumes the airs of a young co- 
quette, she acts absurdly. 

Ab^-M, tU>ynw; gulplt,^o/(y^e .•^— these words 
are more fVi-quently u$ed in a figurative, 
than a literal sense ; the first conveys an 
idea of unmcasurabie depth, who<»e bottom 
we can never reach ; the second, of insatiable 
voracity, uhieh drags in and consumes all thar 
approaches ; thus we say, pluup^ed in an abyss 
of darkness ; in an abyss of sorrow ; swallow- 
ed up by ligu'fth of woe, by the gulph of dissi* 
pation. A.gul/)/t'n supp«tsed to luivc many 
lUiiLs and windijtfrs, ol which, when we liavu 
once a sU p in. we cannot poiisibly get out, 
but are carried on, in spite of all our endi-a* 
voiu» to the contrary. .In abyts is suppooetl 
to ha>X' ma:t) uncerUtin and obscure ixiads, 
>»ithout en:l. in wluch, thou^;!! we may some- 
time* stop, in hopes of findini:^^ a way out, yet, 
beintj deeeiv»-d, wi- become disheartened, be- 
wildered witli doubts, and overwhelmed with 

To accept, aereyrr; to take, prrw/rr; to receive, 
rr tta;;-;— — the first word always iuipiies eou- 
s*nt and approb:ition, the otheM only exclude 
refusal: we aciYj/t what is offi retl us; take 
what is »^ven, and receive what ii sent us. Ex. 
I artrpt your pro.ovil ; and take your word, 
th:it )ou will tertii'c them kindly. We /wA/f 
mom y ; we receive favours; we accept ser- 

Account, tr^nfiou, rapfforf; narmtion, narration, 
imrrf; recital, rcclt a ll sii^nify a rela- 

tion of souKthijt;:^ wiiich has happened ; hut 
ticcuiitit sei lUs to imply soiiutliing more siiort 
and concls.' ; iiarraiion^ a kind of historj'or 
coliectioii oi' facts ; recifnl, a mon.- minut.- at- 
tention to every circumstance : thus we say, 
in onler to give a good account of the fact, it is 
ne'cessnry to hear a clear recital of the ciix-urn- 
stiinces ; but if we nuan to make a id' aslii^ 
narration, ihunu ciiTUinstaiiCes %hoUti not i.u 
dwilt on too minutely. 

Aeid,0'i</f^ shiirp, <:irc\ piquant; sour, aigre, ^ur: 

t!i. ■*»• words 4 Xi)res< difft ivnr dej,' ees 

of sjuiiiess : flt»/ denotes the naru:vl quiiity 
of a tiling' ; lemon, A-itriol, an- nu,l ; U)e 
oihen imply an ijujH^i feet stale, I'lUi, hj long 
kit ping, wijie, bitr, ^c ^x>w ji/iarp, and at 

Acki.owlttli^ment, areu; confession, conj^ssion: 
.——the tir»t suppose* a ((iKSiion'; ' 
the otJitr savonn of s- lf-ficcu*j»tion; int. no' 
f;;uiou causLS arktimikd^^uwit; rpeniance, 
I'ujfjfUjn. We U' kwAolcl^ie what wt had :ui 
iiuiiuaiion to conctal ; we conj'-.;:! what wj* 
w< re blameahle in douig : as, h«<nvk l-^(d 
hi* want ofeNpt rieiice, aiul coujlttcd he 
diuu wrung to uml.Tt ike it. 

Acquaint* d. ronnu de; lamilinr, /'.»:jr':V; iuli- 
lii.'ite, <;j//'y/i/? .— — a sliy;!it knowledge of any 
one coiis'.ituies ac'jiut aUiu-w; to Ik- J'uiU'li.' 
nr, rcijnins an an/(j{i.r;'(iu-': of sonif-" jtand- 
iJl^• ; /ritiinncy giippo-jis such an ai(;uai:ir .me 
suppuit-d by friLniLshiji. 'Mice \. oitl* rise 
on< tijK)ii the otiier by t,'rad:iii'.iii, t-:- 
buliu;< li-um ch«e fahuuar'-t'h wIk^Ii jirvJCetd* 
fioiu I'Wip (irquniuajire. '\\u^<;\s\\u ;ire aja 
to be 7(;/'i..';i.r on a ^IV^\\\ cc<^Ufl»r4f6-r;tr, will 
N 2 

ACU [150 

4^vir arqinrv tny d«'^nv« of imimactf^ as Ibr- 
Hnrdiii AS ol that sort t^trueniUy met-U with the 

, t'Olitt>ni]>t ufiunTikind. 

To Hcquicfce, O'ffur'xn' d; to coMseiit, ctntfti- 
tir 6; lo apTc<', aj^rter the tint srenu to 

tuppote some (iibniistion in thf p«rsoii aciiui' 
etcing; Uie stcoix!, soim' aut)tority in him who 
cmtent*; the tliii^ dfnoti>9 suiue avinion to 
dispute ; ex. hrr iiareitts contentrd to the m»T- 
rias;e : he ccqweffcd in the decree of hi* 
judipet; to avoid dispute, 1 t^rectl io his pro- 
pel. We nnamt to the will of others, by 
E^rmittin^ ; t»c ocqftictce in what is jvojKMt^f, 
y confunuins: ; wv agree to what isauid, by 
npprovini^. wo naturally opp()»e what we do 
not cwuent to ; discouraire what we will not 
acquiesce in , and dispute what we ca|UM>t 
agree lo. 

Acquirement, acquis; acquisition, attalament, 

acquLiition : all sip^iufy thinjopi obtained 

by chance, or else procured with some diA 
Cculty: ex. the mquiiemeiu of knowledge ; the 
crquiiVion of fortune ; the attainment ofaalva* 
tion. Acquirementt and attainment*, in the 
plural, signify accomplishments. 

Action, cr^/6«r act, atif; deed, ftnt : action 
is applicable to every thing we do, whe- 
ther common or extraordinar)- ; but the word 
act signifies something done which is reniark- 
able; thus, we say an illustrious, or a trit^iitg 
actiouy an OCT of charity, or villany. Deed 



not niuch nsi-d, except to siipiirvthe writttu 
«'vidence of ar»y legal act ; though we say, a 
glorious, or a blooily liad. An elegant speaker 
will not say a xiituoin act, a ft'^o'^ <'f * vidout 
tart; but an act of virtue, nj goodness, or ofitii- 
gutty : when as to say a virtuoiu action, agi-cd 
or a vitiemt action^ is 'prop«T and elegant- Con- 
sidt ri-d physically, the w ord action relates more 
to the power that acts ; and the word art is 
more applicable to the effect iucif, produced 
by that power. 

Active, octif; assiduous, atxiflii; sedulous, eoi- 
gnevx; diligent, diUgeiU; industfioust intlus- 
trieiix r—^sstdnotit and tedtJout deiiot,- a 
pers. vering attention, the rf«t show the dis- 
position ; ex. a diligent lad, ofuD aciht spirit^ 
an asfiduotu temper, and sedvlmis (IJMpusiiioii. 
Sully was an active minister, evtrr industrious 
to promote his country's v.- 1 fan*, not less dii- 
gent to obtain intelligeiice uf w hat wns ims^ing 
still at other courts, than axsiduous to n litre 
tlic cares of his roj-al maiiter, and tedulm/s to 
study tf»e surest methods of extern! iii<^ the 
eoniinerce of the empire abroad, while he 
K'siened all burthens upon the suhjicts at 

Acuteuess, dhigvc ce qui est aigu; sliai-pness, cc 
gui est coupnuf; quicvkju ns,ce qui ett. vif; keen- 
ness, finesse^ ce qui est piquant. Inti Tiectwally 
npplieu they meaii, tagarit^, penetration, virnj- 
crff, subfilite; we say, aruteiicis <i< discernment, 
sharpness of reprools. quickness 6f conceptions, 
and keenness m satire. A man is said to ix*a- 
»n with the first of tlicse qualities, to con- 
verse, with the second, to conceive wiili the 
third, and to dispute or arj^uv \»-ith the fourth. 
Coarse people have mea'ilinu', by the too Ih - 
(luent use oFthcir favounte Hphsrcsis, rendered 
it vitlgar to call anyone aji acttte feUuw by the 
way of saying he is a sliarp-wittf^l ouo ; it Imv- 
ing been a practice laU ly, among low I<ondon- 
*srs, to say, when they like a boy, how 'cut he 
M ! so that the woni would now shoek a po- 
iiMhed circle from its grossacss. 

To M^ust, ajustert to rNoncih*, rhmmber, rtr- 
cilicr: — —hIic first nclates lacher to thiiiir. : 
the s<>eoinl to persons; we a^'t^^ >ii^'- 

' ten, we reconcile msiuis : trntiheyai^usteii tl»r ir 
disputes, and were perfectly reamikd btf^n' 
they iMirted. We use the w«ml adjust, »i«" 
R.-si>ect u» opinioni wlneii o ppe a e one anotfacr, 
and that of reeoneife, with respect to pacufr^ 
that seem to contradict each odier. Want oT 
Justness m the mind is what eommoDh- pn> 
vtjtts schoolmen fVom adjusting their di>puut. 
A (irecise knowledge of the vahie of tvtr> 
wonI, in all Uie different cirenmstances when • 
hi they may he uaed, woaUL go a great wsy to- 
ward* retonci'ing authon. 

To add, ajouter; to augment, augmtrtier . — 
by adding, we understand the jbininf ic>c- 
ral different things together, or, if tl^^ 
are things of the same ktaid, joining thou in 
such a manner as not to confound them, ^^ 
that aiU-r such junctioa Mch Uuiy be diiUii- 
guished from the other. To augment inHaU-i 
the making a thing iarrer or more ahiind»i.t 
by such aodicion as shall caosc it afV^rwun't ('j 
appi-ar one and the tame thing, or at ics«t 
that, when the addition is nurae, the who) 
•hall he coni^vi'd nnder one idea : thos. « r 
add one basket of rubbtsli to anoher, oiu ni'tn 
to another ; hut we augment ttw hMp,ao(l Uic 

Adjacent, adjacent; contiguous, ca^nti : — 
Of tontiguout, is understood so sitaatcd, a« to 
touch ; by m^acent, as having nottnng v( the 
same kind bt twt^^ : tlius, one boose or u:* 
room is amtiguous to another ; but we s»y. »J' 
adjacent meadow, the a^neent vilhrt. 1 *i< 
true sense then of tliese words, is, twit wr- 
gutu/s iraptics actual contact ; an^acmt. ouly 
liard I)y. 

Administration, admhmtrmion; manflCP^wnt, 
nianienicn'; ctmduct, conrimte; direction, f f* 
reiiimi; srovenimeiu, gpuvernemem, 5/' 

the first relatrs to justice, or the tiiai- 

ces of a state ; it supposes a pr^M-ntintin'^ 
ofemjdov, which gi\'es power crtdit, anua 
kind of iibirtyin the department the pi^^n 
is engaged in. The second i\*«peeu pnvsi' 
attain . trUsi»Hl to the earx.- of someone nr ^"l- 
profit of nnoUier, aud to whom be is iv r :^ir 
an account, as that of a clvTk to »•• 
Th • tliird ixnuts out some know ledge n mi 'i'- 
lily with rtspect to thint^.anda suborrfii ■•■' " 
with rerai"d to p r»ons. The fourth Imp''' ^ -^ 
pitsidiuy^ over some office or affi«'r. wli. r 
there is a distribution either of moi.f^ or t. ' • 
tl:i'»€: els.- coiuiuiit "d to the care ol :< ' ' •; 
The last dtiititc!* tiie ivj^uiation of a *' f ^ 
klne^doui ; it n suits trom awthoriiyantlrf'!' ." 
ence ; if indieatts a suiKriurity of off.f^i ^'^" 
n particular relation to policy. 

Ad\uutageous, ora»j'^<,fi/a; profita^Jp. /•'tr'^" 

ble; bemtichil, viife: tl^e first i^ n' '^ 

applicable to honour or con^ii'iii^t ; ''^' 
se^nd to pain ; tlie third, to ht^Un • | • 
a p^jod education is wry odrmitognuj; >t ' 
c<»Munoilitie* are more /HTj/^'n*^ thnn oy"^", 
chnngeofair is, in many coroplamls, ''' -'^ ' 

Advice, am; couns^-l, atnseil : ?•"' !^' ,' 

vey instruction; but the latter j^'P';" J^^ 
periority in the pv-non wlio gives it ; "''■" '' 
say, the counsels of a parent, the edvut <a 
friend. ^ ;, 

Affability, aJjMniite ; ecnrtcny, polHesse. rs>r^P^ 
90 nee j condesceiistdn, cvttdex(Tnd<^i<^ ■ 


[ 151 ] 

A Ml 

ftrv n-MtflyBynonymoQs,thoa^the first mthrr 
ij-.plies «a|K-nori»y,aiid the rcspt-cn Ix-ha- 
*"?our to iiiff-riors: i-x. he tronts lii< triMuU 
*itli nffaifdity, •inuigp(>n with courtety^ his de-' 
p-uNiants wii.'i rvaiiesccmipn. 
AtPietioo, Hj^rtton ; sadness, triitesse ; sonntjw, 
irh'jfrrm ; f^ef,, peine, fhukur; concern, in/^- 

r-V, »ui»Tr5, niisere; di^treu, drtrcsse : 

TJtt» two last seem wthir applicjible to out- 
v.»ni circuni*i.'inwfc, the ntst to »u(f. rin^ of 
th"? ntiiid, as, the muenj of tlieW cfnidition 
f)U"d me vith amrem; while x\n.- nfpkficn of 
t'w- pettv-nt* added to \n\ grief, and il»e sorrow 
rA tfce cHikJivn spoke thvir t/iitrejs, and coju- 
j4-trtl tin.* sttrlnegt of the •ctiie. 
AfTivviit, aj^rvntj insult, insulte; ahuse, m- 
f^r^ty injure T'^—^jffront is an arrow of rc- 
fT^jttcb aad contempt shot in public ; in.nU is 
an StUiek made with iuiioleiiCH ; both inny be 
r'yi'A witlmut wordi ; but abtue consi->t<i in 
<Hfarriloits fangTiajre. Afftonts are oiiv ii griven 
throiq^i the cnil<lt%h itcn of ivven^e. lusuUs 
art too ft-.-queotlf the offsprin)^ oipriilc. We 
5» Iiiotnt if evtT, hesu: tdtuse I'rooi the akouth of | 
3 wc'B-bKd man. 
Arairat, centre; in iplte of, matere :—— 
h^ith ileaote opposition, but thi^^ lati^-r suji- 
Iir!»«r« fptvater iVOTtai»ce in the object oppos*! 
fiuin the former; e\. a good uiuu tloes no- i 
t.iinj'' again-Tt the dictaU'S of \m eonscienee. j 
The wicked commit sin, in »p'ue e/ilte piuibh- f 
nt-nt winexedtoit. We act at;^ » ,/ iln y>\\\\, j 
tr ogahut rul<', and /n spiw of opposinon. 
Ktihnto win attempt things a/nhijt all ap- . 
;»-anuicc of iiucee<i»; and rtsolutiun will pur- 
i\UT the attt mpt, in tpite of all tJie oUutcics it j 
oi eti with. I 

A Tr-t-ablc. agrrable; pk-ariii?. grarimx .——it j 
u the airaud behanour that n-nd. r u» //Avr- j 
^r.^; g<Dod sense and cxkxI h\xv.iouv,n^reeatAe: 
•Jiiis w<- say, a mnn of a ^cnung addnss and 
n^etatle conn-i"sation. >Ve low iJie I'o.npniiy 
oj' a pieofing man, beeausr lie p!iarint ; ue 
CO* tt the company o an narcec.h'e uiaii, Ix- 
eauae he divt-rts. Wtll-brtd pt- rviti* are al- 
»ayi /fcCisinjii merry persons are coinmunly j 
Ct,'eCfifii€, \ 

A,T,t-ji»ent. accord, cojiieii fieri: contract, ccn- \ 

i.raf; bar:^d!n, vmrrh': the two l:r.t iaiply i 

ojiv son ul' stipuiaiion, with tljrt« ronte ; i 
tuat oi^rccineiU *eenn to Uenot.' a verf»al on - ; ' 
c^nrracf, i>j»e that is written; bfvycin niates { 
viii'-fly to sale : ex. I was ohiiijecl to nit^r into i 
a connatt with tkem, in order to liir.d liieni to 
ihtir Oi^rernirnt. I inade a bai^aiti to ^vu | 
th.jii t« 31 shilling a yaifl. I 

A'r. mr; nni u, tuinr; ci'.niap-e. mfiiv'lm; ad- 
t'r s«, Tnuti'dre de t^txprinur; b.2j:i» ioJT, inn- . 
V le tCagir, fo'^vn; maiiacM, n.anir es; ile- . 

p trraunt, fotulnitc: ihe ihive fiv^t lire in • 

ioru di^.e liuni with u«, the ust nr owir.p \ 
to f^tiication ; inten rather n laus lo our look ; ; 
trrrrnge. to our frame; flvr, to lx)t;i ; ntUi/c^s, } 
K) 0:11: wortl»; deportment, lit our actions; be- 
^m '9ur snd w/mnerf., to hnith : ex. her cliur.n- ! 
j'.iz juien, cngr.c^npT «'V, ami gracidil canifti^e, ', 
attfuct our adn.iration ; her g» iiteel*, j 
e'f %-ant deport inettt^ aHable bthuviotir^ and good 1 
T.i miwrr, enpjt^i- our h( trts. 
Ai.-l.onsc-, roKnret; puK-lii-housc, tivhei-ge : ■■ ■ | 
th-yare <H)t:ietiine< u«ed to e\pn.s3 one and 
th, vnraethinj?, but with RTeat impropriety: j 
tli'>!ir;!i I'very a!e-hoii4c is a puhlic-home^ it • 
dm* not follow that prcry /mbiic-/t»uje is an 

nIe-fiou»e, which conrcys a low idea, and n ap- 
nroprialed to the sale of beer. 

All, touf^ every, chnque : thou^rh the word 

every » fr-qtuiHly made use of by itself, 
it is sometimes connect«"d with the word one^ 
csp! cially when used as lynonymous to all; 
as, alloixi%\ every one of us: these expres- 
sions show that every is particular, and relates 
to individuals ; and that all it fi^eneral, and 
relates to the whole. Every includes in its 
idea the word all. though all does not always 
im lude every; all seems to be the plural of 
every; since every is constantly applied to 
Ihe stn^^lar uumU-r, a//, to the plural ; at, 
eifcry man, e^^ery thiiif?, aU men, all things. 

Ahuie, seul; only, unifjiie: -by oiUy, we mean 
there is no other of the same kind; by 
cUne, unaccompanied by any other. A child 
who has neither bi-uiher nor sister, is an onfy 
child ; a pc-n«>!i,\vhen by himself, is said to be 
alone. That thin^ must ixr very rare, of which 
we can find ou'y one; nothing is mon.* tire- 
some than to b»' always alone. 

Alsfj, fiusi-i. cficorci likrwise, aursi, pareillement: 

the pru|Kr oftke of alio., is to add and 

to au^i.ii lit ; likaviie, is usr>d with most pro- 
priv-ty ill siinil!iiuls» or com))arison ; as, he 
IS not only rich, but nlto welMioni ; when the 
iKKly is lick, the mind is so I'heivise. Love is 
not o» ly libtral, biit n/vo procli^jl; politeness 
is not only to b«*. met with iu London, but 
li'^eit'La- n» llie country. 

Alwn\s. toijeirrs; continually, ctmfinuellenirvf; 

pcrptiUHlly. fierp^tite.'lcntrnt. nhvmjs means 

'.:t all ti lies and on all occasions; coutinu- 
n'l'j, without int r.n ssi >n, hut for a time 
lii.iited; />^r/>e^i/fl//y is also ^\itNout intenois- 
sion, aiirl without any r<|ptnl to Thus, 
wc may Im- s:iid to have lived nhtayt in one 
hou'se, tlioutjh we have not Ix^mi contiiuin'ly 
till V e ; and he who is per/teturjly uuHlJlin^ 
with tlte afiairs of others, must neerkct his 
own. We shnuki always prefer our duty to 
our plensiir.-'. It is imiHinible to b^* continually 
at work. The heavtnly bodies aiv perpetualltf^ 
m motion. V. Wheni ver. 

Ambassador, nmbajtadeur; resident, resident: 

file pemnil idia of thi.$«^ words is that 

of a JHinistt-r, repn s nting the person of 
his v)V( rifju. s 'ill iVorn one court to another ; 
hot atnhnstador stvms sup nor to resident; 
tin, lint i* g« nemlly a man offtrcater rank, 
the Second of l< s«;. The ofTice rif an amlxU' 
sndor is to tran?.ict some stale affain between 
two p'jv. rs; » rv<!(knt remains as a testi- 
mony «ji' the ^uoii liannony between the two 
st-.r s. 

Ainbi;.-uity. cmbJu"':'?; c<iui vocation, dmibfe senjt, 
e,juivif/:ie : — - inibiyii'y has one ^-neial 
s-'iise, cajiable of different interpretations; 
cqvivorrr'^on ^^.J two s, ns-s, the one natural, 
ill which the hearer is likely to understand 
lis; tlie othi r p -rvirted, unnerstood only liy 
ourselves. We make use oV ambiguity to keep 
in the dark, of ei^'dvot^ntion to diceive: tlms 
we ««}•- the amb'^iiity of an author, the «yui- 
vocntion of witnessi s on a trial. Ambiguities 
are p- rhnps oftcuer the eifect of a confusion 
of ideas. a studied desi}^ of keeping 
penjjl!' in the cUrk. It is beneath the cha- r of an honest man to make IKquent use 
of rquiyoiationM, he that doej so btiugture to 
m< tt witli the contempt of mankind. 

Amiabl;.', aimdblei lorely, ogreable; ch%nnins« 


[ 152 


cfuirmmm; ftseinatin^, enchantnir - d ie 
fint of t)H*te seenu to deserve our knne, the 
next to daim it. the thM to tteal it flrom u« m 
b)' ina|;ic, the kut to d>tn» and detain it li;^ a 
ifMsUiKs power: ex. ma ttmUMe character, a 
Uveiy (brm, a charming nngtr^ a JbtcinoHng 
Arnica), anu; amieable* mm, anucal; (Vicndly, 

ami, tTanu : the firrt of these n lately 

come much into ibvour, and may be ttsefiu 
where we cannot subctitute a better : ex. he 

•o contrired at to eoDceal tlie bed. tad xaskt 
the rMmi fit to entextain comiHaiy. 
AftparenC, apparent; erident. &videntt notoriom. 

^nttaire : apparent, impfies that nay pl&m- 

ly be teen ; evUknt, denotei nmelhiiiK i trou- 
gh, and rappoited by prooft; mterwu, 
aignifiei Dobliciy known ; thm we My, it i> 
^fparetu Oiat he lovet her ; bot» at the mme 
time, that he hai no intentaon to marrf her i> 
evident, since hii avenioa to matniaoDy u 

... netorima to tM, 

gave me a very f'riendly advice, and we parted .4fk|^pearance, apparenee; oatndet dehtrj .-— 

i._i/-. •- j-j-i I" n, i, the walU, eourtx, and gardens, which form 

the 0UUide of a cattle ; but it is the sittniiou 
and architecture that determines the i^>f*r- 
once : the outside being jthe external pan of a 
thinfc ; the appearonce, the eflect wluch a >>'« 
of it pcpduLvs. In a figurative seiue, oiit,i& 
is ofttrn applied to our way of lirinr ; t^'^^'- 
aitce, to our actions and conduct. A bnliLini 
entnde n no certain proof of a good fortunt- . 
many put on the appearance of fiiaidsbip, 
only to gain their private ends. 
To he opprehenuve. apprehenderi to he afenl. 
fftwtr peitvi to fear, cramdres to dread, re- 
dourer: — -^e first implies a fear nhtth 
dwells upon the mind; the second, a luon. 
trifling degree of it ; to fear sometiflies sipi 
fies a reverential awe ; to dread gives aii kl.i 
of terror: ex. he is aAprefiensive « a relapse ; 
the is afraid of a spicier ; the fear of God; ih*' 

on mtUcable terms ; he recommended the coun- 
try air to me, as particularly amical to the 

Amusement, amtuement; diversion, cfi«prfM*fr 
vieiif; rernatjon, recreation : •^mutattent 
implies tranquil entertainment ; diversion. 
tumultuous entertainment ; renration signi- 
fies a relief fVom study or busui4>s$, and a 
renewal of our powers, exhausted by close at- 
tention : card-playing, concerts, plaj's. &c. 
are amutenienu; cricket, hunting, h'orse-ia* 
cing, &c. are diversions; swimuung, riding, 
walking, Hre recreations. Some person s ate so 
quietly inclined as to find great amusement in 
reading; while others are of such a riotous 
disposition, as to imagine all diversion con- 
sists in uproar and confusion ; recreation is 
SOUK times necessary to health. 

Answer, rfpotise; reply, r^pUque : a n an 
stver is made to a demand or a question 
anked ; a refUy to an answer or a rtutou- 
strance: the word anrtcer is more extensive in 
its signification reftly: we ottniTr the 
questioits of those wlio ask us ; the deinanda 
of such as expect our services ; the :ir;^uiucnts 
of ditputaitu; tJie letters we receive; and 
fur all our conduct. Jirpfy suppusi^s a dis- 
pute; we reply to the annvrr of an author 
whose works we have criticised ; to these re- 
primands we are an willing to submit to, or to 
an ansroer in chancery, &c. 

Antiigonist, opiMinent, antagoniste; adversa- 
ry, adversaire: enemy, Ibe, ennemi : the 

two fintt imply particular contest or opposi- 
tion, though perliaps without any ptrsunal 
enmity, whidi the three latter plainly denote : 
ex. he was mv o^^nent at the lust election, 
when each enoeavoured to out(V> his antaro- 
iiiit, but we need not be settled enemies for 
thntn^ason; however, if he bears me ill-will 
on that account let him bean open adversary, 
not a secret and insidious /i«r. 

Antiputhv, tnuipathie; avei-sion, ttversion; dis* 

ffust, U'^godt ."— — tlie first of these in chief- 
y excited by inanimait; tliin-^ or brutes 
as. one has a rooted antipwhy to a cat, another 
to cheese ; 1 have an unconquei-able aversion 
to a fop. and a sloven excites disgust. 
Apart!i.ent, appartemciit ; lodging, togement ; 
ciiambiT. c/tumf)re; room, *o//e :— — by the 
two first is understood a set of rooms pro- 
per to dwi H in; but aftattmcnt conveys an 
idi-a of greaii r eletrance than lodging; room 
implies any divided purl of a house ; rhartibtr, 
a room appropriated to sleep in ; we say a 
commoilious apnrtnient, f» convenient foffgntj^y 
a snug thainher, a si)atii:us room. Lotfgitig 
relates mori" to a sit ol loonis appntpriated to 
a (hmily, in some private house: opartnieiV^ 
more to a couv>nier.l Uw* Uing in some public 
edifice ; hs. aptmments in an hospltiil. in an 
juon of court, m a palace. Souie chambers are 

dread of uunisltment. Want of courage tn&kLi 
utfear; doubt of success makts us «^rth,rr 
five; distrust of strength makes ut dmJ; 
imagination itself will oflen make us ajioid- 
We fear an ill through a natural avtraou ra 
it, and from a sense tlmt it may hawen to ui; 
we are apprehensive of losing a beni^t, thr^udi 
an eager desire to obtain it, and from a cua* 
Tiction that we never may ; we dread • ur ad- 
versary tlirough sentiments of esteem, woen 
we know him our superior ; we are afrcid <A 
danger througli a timul disposition. 

To approach, approcher de; to address, t'adra-^ 

ser a; to accost, accosfer : Ae fii*^ °^ 

these implies to draw near, though peHi^]'!' 
without iutention to speak, which the t»o u:- 
ter alwuyf suppose : as, be s^iprwKlad rae 
with respect, but addressed himself to -y^ 
brother, whom be accosted with great ^'-^^ 

Anns,' weapons, armes • b y ttrmt, is P " ^ 
i-aily understood those instrument* tJ .'>' 
fence generally made use of in var; as. tp^- 
arms, swords, btc: by uffl^ow, we ni«;»n m- 
stnunenu of otlier kinds, n»t^ as offeus*i on 
particular occasions ; as. when a kingdo'" .'^ 
in\-aded, it is nece«ary to take v.y ernn a 
its defence ; in time of insurrectiun, p< <>i«* 
make use of such weapons a> they can ^ ]- 

Arrangement, arrangement; method, ffi^''«*' 
onler, ordref reg;ularily, r^/ulatw ^-—^r 
rangement, unplies tlie putting t'linfrJ »n 
their proper plac4. s ; met had, the meaus u»^ 
in such arrangement; orrkr, rtlat-s to "'^ 
etf. tt resulting from h i»rudcJit dispoijiw" ^^'• 
things ; regulai-Uy. to the power and trouei 
wliicii conduct Uiat disposition. In ever> ''-"• 
raiiKcmtnt there must be method; iuA to obuui 
orrtcr, we must In^iu hy reftularity. 

Ashamed, *an.'rf/.v, bashful, timide : tn^" 

pro.ich of conscience makes ui ^^^^^ 
the sentiments of inodt-sty makensJ^fV"' 
v«h^n ashamed, we redden; when bathjui, %c 


[ 153 ] 


y-ish : to be athamed implies no want of cou- 
rar'-; bat bahj'ulnes9 alwaxs siippusts linii- 
di!-. . Wf should ntilhcr boast nor be mhavi- 
' r ut'ouT birth, whiih is a mark only of (iride ;, 
hn^t it \s pTai«o-worthy in all ranks, of both 
Lu-ii and low. to be /7T/Mmi^ of tht-ir fauh«. 
At'huu^ bdihf'Jneu i% a virtue, chrre are nc- 
> nh< lf»s occa&iuus when it would pass for 

'j-r-uou*, a^sidti; expedition*, trpedifif; ouick, 
, ' . ^when we an^ (usUtuoun at work we 

• - no tiinc; when eJtptdifiouu wo deftr 
r t. biit finish immediatriy ; wht-n quirk, we 
■a rii with acti\ity. An tusiihimu nian thinks 

J 'iiiff of the trouble of what he tak(i» in 
iri-.J -, an eipftlittiJUJt man will not quit hi* 
« "-k ; one thnt is quick will soon hare done. 
w wtoukt be ait'fiuons in what we under- 

1^. : e^xpcfiuioiu in affairs that require to be 
-«,• u t-mled ; and quick in the execution of 

,' ?• r», ldlcB*'S« i* t!u.' opposite of nsjifhiittj; 
•■i U '^. of expedition; slowness, of qulckiiegs, y. 

Tt. .i-.sist, atiittfr; to help, cw/rr; to succour, 

-T ^uj-ir; to relieve, toulagcr : we uw the 

•ajnl atrist^ in difficulty; V.V>, in lab»mr; 
-. fffyr. ind«n3;er; rrluvr, m distress. The 
fir^t ipnng« from hunmnity ; the second from 
j^jr«-nat«ire ; Uie third flrom generosity ; the 
t' vjrtb flrorii compassion. We atsiH, when we 
u'i in trouble and tmbarassment ; we mo 
('ii% in bAttk ; we ftelp^ when we carry part 
^r inother's buiden ; we relieve the afflictt-d. 

A. TiH'jtnent, itmnnementt ainoiemcnt, coiifif 
c^t: coonemaiion, cvnttemation; woncler, 

cilmireii'AX; surprize, surprise: -astouislt- 

n^nt is a ttidden confbnon of mind, ari- 
a . j? either from fear or womler ; amazertwut 
iKifiliei a still greater degree of it ; comterna- 
I--1. «uch a degree as suniost borders upon 
b .rror ; tctnder denotes admiration at some- 
t!ung «ctraordinary ; surprixe^ wonder sttd- 

* Illy excited. Wmider and surprize act upon 
•.h-r nitml ; OMfonishment and tunaxcmcnt upon 
»}tc fccnses ; consternafion upon the heart. 
Wr. tMf^nder and an? mrprixed at the mirai-u- 
\'i'\ eveiits of Providence; me ure asfoni^hed 
Slid amaxed at the extraordinary qualities <€ 
ihs^ ruafi^net. Am unexpected calamity will 
throw ui often into the greatest coniterna- 
f n. 

A inmnmeT, ttttronorw; astrologier, aftrolfigue: 

the agfrvnomer is thoroui^hly acquaint- 

f^ with the course and motion of the 
kr-imrulv bodies, their eclipses and revolu- 
tion* ; the a-ftroliigrr rea»ons upon their influ- 
tme. castj nativities, and foreieh events but 
H-lriom, if ever, to any puri>*>se. The first 
f^ plains what he knows, and merits the 
f-trr^ra of the learned; the second vends hi* 
ifo^i^inatious, and seeks the admiration of 
tht \iiJgar. We apply ourselves to astro- 
m ny thit>ugh a de*ire of lu»owledge ; we 
di%e into astrologij from disquietude about 

A»»afhni«;nt, at:acfiemeitt ; affection, affoht}on; 
lo\e. mn0ur; tenderness, fendvcsse; fondness. 

(i^rn fiement vif; pa^^ion. tossion : all ex- 

pri-*s ref^ard, but the nrst implies *ome- 
»liin(f lasting; the two latter a more violent 
ile',rre« of it: thus, his /otr ofcanls has pi-odu- 
fi-d a passion for gaming i. hi* ojfbction for 
htr. and attocAniatt to her interest, have excit- 
rd in her a degree of unUerncs* and even 
hudne99 for him. 

Attractions, aitrmts; prates, grdces ; allure- 

iiient*. nfifHis; cluirm.'i. citarmes . the two 

first sijipiiiy natural Uaiitj and apnvabU- 
nevi; the third something rather urtiticinl; 
the last ratht r ncraixis the mind. Thus we 
say, jMTional affroc/otLt; the i^rwc with which 
she uaiict-s ; the aUuren.enis of a coquette ; 
the rhnrms of^^it. Altrncdf'iu may be said to 
enp«l?e us; ffrnrcf, to captivate us; allure- 
itteiifs, to entii-e us ; r/iaymr, to sethice ut. 
AtfrafioiLf arise from a happy fui-matiou of 
ff.-iturfs and person; i;rni''- rt-suU ri*om iiani- 
rjl noliifurss, accoii'kpuiiitd with a nc)l»le 
freeiloiii; it is a varnish that appear* in our 
touversiiiion, our action*, and our cairiaK**! 
making u* pUuM- in every tiling we do. 
Charms arise frniii an ftssftuhlaRe of fine 
touches, animated by ^^oml humour and tr«K)d 
Miise, and are sonutime* far >ui>erior to what 
is pt rlL-etly bi aulilul. 
Ausuiity, aus^rriif; severity, sev<-nt^; ripmr, 

ri^iienr : austerity, n cjartls our manner 

of liAinp^. We are austere onlv with re- 
«l»ect to ourselves. Austt-ritij of life consists 
in the pri>alion of pleasun^s JUid convenieii- 
cies; infrify shows itself chiefly in the man- 
ner of thinkiii>j and .jud^inj? ; it condemn* 
readily, and admit* of no excuse; ri,^nur is 
seen particularly in the manner of punishing; 
it paixtons nothiing, nor liR^htens tlie stroke. 
Via sav also, the tevcrify ot the cold ; the n- 
^of/rof the season. A ngular way of life is 
the metliujii between efft-miiuicy and auJcri- 
ty. Morals too ire^re, may, equally' \%itJ» m«>- 
rals too remiss, woimd the regulaniy of man- 
ners. Rigour can never be jusiifwhle, but at 
those time« wlien example i* of the utmost 
consequence; yet, even then, some soil of 
allowance should be made for husiian frail- 
Atithority, aufortjr; power, pouvoir; dominion, 

puissowe: aiifhorify does not iiaturally 

mean fiotver, but the jn*t pretension to it ; 
domhiion carries with it an id»'a or empire: 
as, a prince of hiph authontt/, great /xnrcr, and 
extensive doiniitimi. It is the la^^ which gi^es 
aiitltori/y, itdenving all its mi<^itti-om thence. 
Ptnt'cr is invested in delegates, those to whom 
the execution ol" the lass* is entrusted, and is 
consequently in subordination to authority. 
Do.uiniuH spiitigs from the joint consent of 
the people, or fnim the force of arms, and is 
eiih«'r lawful or tyrannical. 
Avun 'ious, mariii'cuxi covetous, avarr; panrip 
moiiious, inf^nrr^fr; near, mesquin; niggardly, 
chithr; penurious, irurresse^ attacfie; sting^-, 

vHaiii, sordule, ladre : ^by nverririous, we 

mean an inui-dinate thirst of gain ; by co- 
vro/T, an eager erasing tor the possession* 
of aiioilier; by /;^r./mori»ow* and near, a rigid 
frugality ; n/>.^'rt;Y% implies the giving gi-udg- 
ingly ; penurious, a mi^icrly di*positioii^ or 
depriving ouraelves of the necessaries of liJe 
mei-ely to hoanl the riches we posses* ; stin- 
gy is that soi-did temper which dm-s things 
by halves ; the latter is rather a low expi-ea* 
To avoid, iviter; to »lum. to fly, fuir .— — 
shun is generally ai)ijrKt! to persons ; rrvoid^ 
to things ; ,fly, to \iom : we shun troublesomit 
company; wc avoid hurtfbi things; we fly 
persj»ns or things which we dread : knowh-dgc 
of the world makes us shun; prudence maktsi 
us ax'oid; fear makes us fly. In order to fly 
we turn to the opposite side, and get quick 


[ 154 ] 

B L A 

awfty, to nrrvent beti»ff takea ; in onler to 
#Ai/n we take another ruad, gt'ttiup: slily a^ny 
to nvoid being iecn, or to e«ea{M- a trap ; in 
order to m'oid we use some stratjifjem, or ex- 
traordinary raeam. We aiwd tlonit; thin^ 
that are clisaffrvtable to us ; we shun those 
persons whom we wouM not see. or by whom 
we would not be teen ; we ^y tliuie who pur^ 
sue us. 

To avouch, avouer^ fusfifer^ prmrcer; to attest, 
aiesta-; to declare, fk'rlarer; to afl\m», njffirm^ 
rr; to protest, pr^fitrr; to aver, mrin; xyi- 
^fteri to a»»trt, toufcnir; to maintain, ma>n- 
Vrnir; to swear, jtfrf/-; to warrant, «r»w/rtr : 
—the lait is g%-nerany confinul to viil- 
frar u%e. To ax'ourh impliet an auenion in 
defence of another; to attest, a beaiint^ ^»it- 
nesi to what aiiother has Kaid ; fo deiUnr, 
j^iirniRet to tell a thing simply, but seriously ; 
lu affirm^ is to say coiifidemlV ; to pruteJ iin- 
plie-< a K)lemn affirmation; fo'nr^r, a iH)»i(ivc- 
declaration ; to ajt-sert, that dt-claraiion dctj ud- 
ed; tu nia/nfaitu, is to support such asstriior ; 
to rwear^ to mliiy it by aiMKiih. Wlun we 
give our opiniou on being: serliti:sly askt<I, we 
ait: said to iltTlurt it; wlun v.e would gi\e 
that declarati(.ii iiit)re foix-i, we ajjhm it ; 
and to strtuffihtn that aflh mauon, we f>r^-<esl 
it solemnly ; that is, wp affirm it by invoking 
the Deity. Some pfTsous are so ix*ady to o..- 
tert^ that, let ihr matter be rij^ht or wrnn^r, 
it is equully the samf. When ouropinlcns are 
just and well-)?rouniltd, we have an uinloubt- 
ed risrht to ti'MhUain them. Snaxring was 
first nistituidl in courts of juclicatmt;, as a 
conscientious testimony of iruih. When the 
ivputaiion of an honest man has bten uudt- 
«nedlv hurt, it is the part ola iVlt nd loavtt/'h 
his gooa character. Too much care to aifat 
ail ihai is advauced, renders our conversation 

To avow, at'ouer; to acknowh <lpe, reconnoitre; 
to confess, ctittfcsser ■extcli implies the 
affirmation of a fa<-t; but to avotv sunpo- 
seji the pers4m to k'^O' *" •* » '" nrknawttttf^e 
supposes a small deRree of fuuliiiass, whiih 
Uie acknowh-^lt^nient eompeasatcs ; to coit- 
fess supposes a Itigher jlcgivc of crime : a ]»:i- 
triot avvu's his opposition to a tod niini.u-i", 
and is appluude<l ; a |;pi-utleman urkuowledi^ts 
his mistake, and is foi-given ; a prisoner cgu- 
j'ttJtes his crime, and is punislu-d. 

To awake, to awaken, riidUrr : the first 

of these words is most fref|utiitly uit-d in 
ft Htei-al sense ; the last in a hgurative, niid is 
applied to our passions and inclinaiiuns : ex. 
the least noise awakens those who do not 
sleep soundly ; that love which lies doiuiant 
iu the heart is easily aivakemd. 

Awful, avgiiite^ respectable; i-evereniial. reaper- 
tuevx, solemti, majeHueux^ «/ui intprime t/u 

rciftect : the first of these wonis im- 

plie« dread ; the second, i-esp« ct ; tlie thii-d, 
serious dignity; as, the rntful silence of the 
go'nnn place, eutbrced a levcirnUal beha- 
viour. . 


BAD, mcnxvais; >ile, xil, chet{f .-—-lad sig- 
nifies deficient in goodnes?! ; vile, stampixl 
«rith in&my : thus, he is a bad cluiktian who is 

void of ftiiih; he who U travi his ftieial ii a 
wtewivich. Speaking of thuigs, wcsaj,'fij^ 
which has been much \isrtl, bttt may still jitvo, 

, is ijod; tJiat wliich cannyt be ust-d with tmli: 
» vilt. A bad man is condemnable, and dra» i 
upon himsilf thehatnd of every honest pir- 
•on. A vUg man is contemptible, and becwac* 
the outcast of the world. 

Base, fj<u; low, 4*7*; sordid. tortSde; palinr, p- 

to\t<if»lt; torty.chrtif; poor, /^awrrr .■ ^f^<: 

w fi ichi-d epitht t« wfiuld be perfectly iwouy 
mousin their application to ink Ih-cuuJ J • 

f»ra ity, did not one discern inhcn-w w^'n-r 
e«sn<ss in ionie of tbcm, acmrirtd iiouri} i^ 
spirit ih the others. The last iisotoctin«e5 uhQ 
to express pity, the others always couieinpi : 
ex. a /toor old man, a ftate action, /wreitrsr- 
lion, a j«n/M/UMiip>er, a/w^rrw<*cvice, a sony 
trick. Thewoitl base may be considert^l s< 
tl»e most distant of nil devwtions lh#oi p-«l, 
in e> eiy sense it is used : &o*r biitf in hu'f**" 
cnnituns; base fruits in horticiutun ; '^"« 
Metals in the iiiim ral kingdom; ArwpdiaKr^*. 
stK-li as that of St. Giles's, in the English iaw- 

liattlo, brntdlle; combat, fight, roinbat ■ — 
battle^ is an action more general, a"" «^""' 
mouly preci-ded by somepreparatiott: f*'*'- 
•eems an action more particular, and ofuji 
unexpected -fjight^ may be either one oriiV 
otiier, and is seldom used in tJie plural: 
the Jlght between the Carthagenians and Kd- 
n.a^.s, and that at i'harsalia, betweeu Uwr 
and Pompcy, were btuttcs; tli«»in*h»cl' «ie 
Horatii ancl Curiatii decided the &te ol Koiu^ 
were lombaU* ^ 

Tobc.-,A/r; to exist, e^i^er; to Bubost,^^'^ 

tcr : -he aftrees with all sorts of sabw-cti, 

•ub*t,'n»ces, or moilis, real or iiltal: e-*"' " 
used only w ith resp» vt to r^-ai substances ; i^o- 
Mist is applied etjually to substances <»[ "MJ'f »' 
but with refen-nee to the ducstiou of thrir »- 
ing : we say of qualities, foi-ms, actions, tua^ 
they are; of matter, spirit, bodies, that Uic) 
ex itt; of states, works, laws, which are it^-\^'- 
stniyed or changed, that the^' luatuf- »»^. 
vertJ br is comiuunly used to mark tbe eY'- 
any iiio<litication or quabty ia the s'J"/^ : 
that of exiH is iu use only to expre«» l"^'. ) ^^ 
of simple exist, uce ; and we employ jr*^ 5^' ■ 
iKiiiit out the duration of tliat existeuce ur " 
UiHcauou: tho«, man ii mortal ; the H'"^''^ 
exists not; all huiuan i»tabUsbu»Bts fw^'^ 
but for a lime. 

B«am, ray, rayon : a beam seems <»»<"*, ^. ^ 

erAil tiian a rot/, casting a g>va'** "^^ , 
oi li'^ht ajid neat. We say, my* of hgM ^f" ,' 
of the sun ; tiiose are rwj* ^^^^rTJ^a 
ill Uie morning ; those are beams which p*^^ 
at noon : t.'ius we say, the cheerftii rt^*i J 
scorehing beams of the siui. 'Vherayt oi 
sun bt ing stparattd by a prism is the «|^o /. 
of eoloii^. The beam, of the •u"«'"^';|;; 
into one point, by means of a convex a*** 
8. t fire io any tlqngthev timch. j, 

Bt-ani. poiitixf raller, chevron . ^JtI,.,,. 

mi ant the main pie«« of li'"'*^' „, 1 
ports the house ; > rfl//fr, Uie s.«conur> 
one, wliich is k I in to tlie gr^at b^j J'^", 
are those timbers which girt vMj^of ... 
building ; rajicrs, those that support ^ " 

To"£ar, vouffrir; to endure, enOurrri to m|P 

Sort, supporter; to susuin, s^^^^^i-.ur,- 
ergo, 'Jtibir .-1— all signify the subBuH'"" 


[ 153 1 


to some inconvenience ; but endurf scemi to | 
iiitply so«ne«khat more of patience ; uiiflcrss^ 
corutrtlviii^ of moiv active endunuicc than the , 
titlien. "We «ay, to bear our lot ; to enditre af- . 
tlictHin ; to tupport a chau^ of fortune ; to i 
rtutmn «a injury ; to umUrgo fatipue or hard, j 
•liipn. We may observe that tranquil and se- * 
iUt« sptritj mdure affiictiens of the mind, < 
« Ikieh stroiie and vi^>rou< imatdttfttions can j 
aic^netf wt&rg»; as in bodily disif'S-ses expo 
n*-uce MS infurmed us that the rubust and able 
iiianner if les« capable of ju#'fl/n//»y himself in ' 
a famine, and beais to be put on snoit allow- * 
ance, with lew power to support the change, j 
tluui men more let^bl** by nature. 

1 o beat, batirt; to strike, frapper : to bent 

is to redouble the Wow* ; to j/r/Ae, to give 
but one ; we ue^ er btal but with disi^i ; we 
may^rf-itr by accident ; thus, in rai-king my 
arm, 1 happened to atrike him on the face, 
^Liid he foil to betitnxs me unniercifullv. Some \ 
wise men have said tliat the rod should be 
alway* on the back of children ; howtver, we 
ar»* to interpret the«e word* no otherwise than 
alluitiug to fear, not imagining that we are to 
be coustanily &fiD/f>)^ them; for nothing is 
more opposite to gtiod education, Uian the j 
c\an>pleof violent conduct and severe (!i^ci- ' 
plioe. . The preceptor who *<r<7re.y his pupil 
tMc% it oftcner through hastiness of temper, 
than design of correciu>u. 
]k:nignity, bcmguUei kindness, compUuJtance; 
humanity, iMmaniUs tenderness, teruirctjit: 
— -beniipity is a sort of kind condescen- 
sion, ana is properly an attribute of prin- 
ces only : kmdnesg is a duposition ot af- 
feedoQ and attention among e((iuds ; ttnder- 
nen b a susceptibility of impression, more ap- 
plieaMe to persons nearlv coimecied : humth 
niiy denotes a feeling for the distresses of even 
a stranger. The two first spring from the will, 
the others froin the heart. The btniRnity of 
a prince -makei him universally belo\cd by 
bis subjects. /rm(/ncjr« is w hat one man na- 
turally expects from anuUur, and what we 
are reciprocally bound to inipart. The great 
tmdemeti ofaninials to their young is a stand- 
ing reproof to the many unfeeling mothers. 
I'rue numamti^ com»i«its in excusing the weak- 
iieiMes, supplying tlie defects, assuaging the 
pains, ana comlurtiug tlie afflictions of our 
Bel ween, ew/rf, parmii. betvri.\t, enfre .•—cus- 
tom has made no other distinction than 
that of using the word betwtni on every occa- 
sion, as being softer on the tongue ; and al- 
I liost banishing the use of, sl% bein^j 
much harsher: LetreiJi-t seems how evtT to bf 
U!>ed with most propriety when ^^hal is in tlie 
middle is as it were embruced by the other 
tao; betvften^ when iliat In the middle is at 
sfrtoe distance froui the other iw o : thus, speak- 
ing ot' houses standing in a row, the house I 
live in stands 6trar {.I r two high houses: but 
shaking of a row of trees, we should U'><- be- 
Iwcen; as, the oak 1 mentioned, siaudt Octueai 
two elms. 
lit liid, dirc^ ordonnrr; to onler, ordunner; to 
(-omutand, rtnu.) omler: — ■^o bid is g« neral- 
ly used on trivial occasions; fo orof^r, on 
those of moiv constHiueuct-. and im]>lit s the 
«-,xercise of auihorii) ; o rami ami denotes 
still more authority: thus, to cummar.d an 
armv. Is to be ^»inci-il at the head, and to have 
the dlreciioQ ut lUe ^holc: ex. hMiCummaiuied 

his men to retire ; I orderrtl them to prepaid 
for our departure ; and fjade them not tbrget 
my lavounu- bird. 
Biff/ gi'oj; large, grands vasfe; great, grand: 
■the first of iJiene is seldom used but 
in comparison ; thus we say. as htg as a chep- 
rj-, a lobster, &c. Largr si^^nifies gpreatncss 
of extent ; as, a large room or field : great Is a 
more eeneral term, implying any thing c«in- 
Jiiderabie, either in bulk, extent, quality, num- 
ber, &c. as, a great houst% a great road, a great 
weight, a great man, a great famim', great 
sorrow, &C, 

To bind, Her; to tie, atfnrher : M-e bind^ to 

prex'eiii the limlis moving, or the parts of a 
thing separating. We lie^ to stop a thing, or 
piv\ent its going farther. In a figiiraiiNo 
sense, authority and |>owerAirK/; inttix'st and 
love tie: ex. he is !touiul to do that b}- all tlie 
ties of gratitudf . 
DIameless, guiltless, innoreiit . p iUtless im- 
l>lics fretrdom from vice or cnme; blanif> 
tfis M»ems to di'unte a still greater purity or 
frt--edom from imputation : ex. tlie blavirkss 
Utior of his life eonvinctd all men that he 
w:is guiltlesa of the criiiie alleged against 
Bi;i/A-, flame, JUrmme:—' both mean light 
tx.tUes set on tire, so as to produce a himinous 
eftcct; but the fii-st denotes a greater quan- 
tity of fire than the second : thus we say, ilie 
Jlanie of a candle ; the blaze of burning straw 
Blaze is never usetl in tlie plural, the otiu i 
may be : &i.. ilwjiames burst (orth rapidly, and 
the whule house was presently in a blaze 
Gunpowder is set in m blaze most quieUl) 
vvhfii die heat is communicated by th. spark 
while- spirit of wine takes fli-e by the Jlame ol 
a liglited candle. Figuratively, we say, the 
J!aiur of love, of sedition ; but we cannot say 
the bUizc. 
Blessing, bt-nedi ction, benediction : • benediC' 
tion HpiMf»rs to be limitetl to the decretory 
pronunciation of happiness; blessing is a mor« 
general exprrssion, signifyiug the various 
means of happ'uiess : the first seems to inti- 
mate divine tavour ; the last, that which is hu< 
man : wt. say, the bles-nng of God, the biessingi 
of healili, Ike. the benvdktion of the priest, oi 
of Uk- church. 
To Ixiast, ae vanter; to brag, se glorijifi'; U 
yaunt, vanter ; to pulT, huer^ priser extrfme 

nient: the first of these signifies ic 

display with ostentation the talents or advau 
tages we may possess ; the two next have the 
same signification, but are rather of vuigai 
use. Utpuff" is to siteak or write in praise o 
any thing beyond what it deserves. 
Boldncu, /ior^'^iwr ; audaciousness, ai/f^ire; im 
pudcnce, irnpvdcncej eflronttry, ej/'ronferie 

there is a commendable '/joldues.i tha 

proceeds fhi.ii conscious worth ; but tliat Ik t< 

Kitant springs fro.n ignomnce*, is confultn 

and presuiuui'j ; audadouiuess is a gn^ater dr 

^ix-e ot bold IK ss,is %Uc\^ d a^^aiust reproof, an* 

is rude and noisy; imfjudtjncc is an into 

btraiijfcr to mod* sty . is scj^nilous and abusive 

tjjroutery pvoc<»,-<ls J'rom piitle and s«.'l»-su<li 

ci»nry, is overln ariug aitd insoLiit. The Ool 

ore unawc<l by dilfidcncc-, they spnik wit 

gri-nt assurance ; neithrr the uuality nor nuil 

I of tliose they wlun s-< being able to discoiiccr 

them. Tlie nunx* Viju n-prove the autlnriuu 

■ man, the more it liaixit nshi:a ; he wilfullv tin 

I gets the respect due to liis superiors, and i<U 


imnqniirs his bolitcrout bcharioxir a dUtJn> 
ruishiDK niark ofnunilimtd. The wrnpona of 
- ilu hnfiiidrnf an.- winrint-n and abuse, with 
uhich I ey lay about iheiii in a most unim-rri- 
lul iiianii/r. The man of rffrontrTy is arro- 
pant and insolent, a unuiger to Rooit Knse and 
f?«»nd bixt dniff. 

Book, livTf ; \olume, vtlumf :" a voiumr 
may contain many IkkjU* or part* ; a Itook or 
tt'ofk niny make many t-o/Nvicrx , the binding 
properly disiinpuishe* the volumet; the divw 
sion of the Mork, llie hooks, 

lirsineh, brnmhr; hoiiRh, rcnttmi : • ]ita» 
rally Mcnily a shoot or arm of a tree, thontrh 
we M-luom Uie ih»- Intier bui for a branch wifh 
Icavtt on it; ♦i>;uratively, ihe first alone U 
iiMtl: thm we say, tlie branch of a river, a bu- 
^ sineM. the brnui fits of a Ihniily. of litirature, 
Sio. Boiif'h admits of no «ucli uh*, though in 
sonu' n-mnte ]m}\iner«, when a man is in par* 
ticiilarly hi^li •pirit<4, and set lut to entertain 
slightly, notions of his own sn^aines*, we say, 
he has ^tjt up among: the botif^hi. 

To brand, to sti(^m8iiA«>, ntnt«/uer, c/j^anirr, 
noinir : ■ huth sifjnify to set a mark of 
reproach; but the first'vet m« to have amore 
fenemi sigTiitication, the other more confin- 
ed, 'nnis we tay, by thai anion he was ttr^ 
tnatizett with cowanlice. and his name forever 
brwulcii with infam). Brand alludes to the 
custom of l»urnin:r in the hand those who ha\e 
cominitled certain crimen, which operation is 
callitl hrniutiug the p<.'r>on ; tti^inadze is tak- 
en from the famous story of St. Francis, who 
vas said to have ivceivetl by miracle the ttig- 
main, or Jive satrvtl wounds of ourLoni Jesus 
Christ, imurevstti by a M-raph on his hand*, 
feet, and side. :»>, marks of favour fmni abo\e. 

To bring;, r//y/>or^/ ;•; t«» fetch, cfitrrher, ^itfrir: 

to brini(. implies conveying a thing 

from one place to another; lo frtrh^ is p)injf 
to a place in oiiler to 6r/f •','," \h* \y\ift Jetc/ttt 
a thin{^, is always sU])]m»s(() to ^;;i^ it; but 
be who briiig4 ii, is not Mlwa>s sup[H)«c<d to 
J'-frfi it : il" we send for a workman in any 
bmuch of business in onUr to nnike or repair, 
he naturally brin/s his tools with him ; should 
he fort? t tliem, he is obli;.;td to g" back and 
frfr/t them. 

Broad, wide, lar^r : by broail is under* 
stood e\t<'nde<l each way; as 6/ oa//-cloth, a 
6roa<Ahrinmie<l hat ; by uirie is meant br»afi 
to a certain de;;ree ; as,' thi^-e inches Ti/'/V, four 
f(Wt Ti'irfr'. Broad !>eeius to be confined to tilings 
of less extent ; VftJr, to those of '^--n-nter. Thus 
we say. a broad bean, a broad ril)l»on, a broad 
fi^e ; but a Tiiidc room, a xcide field, the tvUie 

Brook, ri'.irtet, stream, riihrfyui hrotJ<<t 

ami rivuletJt arc certain spicies of tfrcanif, 
which an* nuuiin^ waters; but a rivulet runs 
Ix'tweeii banks ; when^as a brook winds its 
way throujfh the nuadows ; heavy rains will 
Koiuetiines swell a atreavi so as to overllow 
fh>> neit^hlMuring i^^ninds ; fish ai'e fuunil in 
rir'iilrti, but never in what are properly called 
brook; ther^^not Ijeiiip sufHcieni ue|)th of wa- 
ter. Wv s.i\, the nij>ia ttreani, il»e clear itvti- 
Irt, the j^ur^liiiff brook. 

lUirden, (/mr^f; load, fnrdtan : by the 

first, we undei-staiul a wei^^ht possible to be 
borne; by the s« eond, nioix- tlu«n we are able 
to b<'ar. A lii^ht '>u,d<u^ is no improper e\- 
pn'^sion ; but a lii^ht Imd. i-ert;>inlv is. In 
the healof KUDuuer our \try cluaihs are a but' 

156 ] 



Many a poor ammal is to inlitiman' 
loaded as to sink under the l9ad. Fi^n* 1 1 v .. 
ly. we say, the burden of an e^'il can»^euce : . 
load on the npiritv 6cc 

BusineiB, •uvrage; affain, q/fJafre*.— — 6'^' 
nat implies an object of indusoy ; a^,i - 
an object of conceru; the firat employs ru 
baadt: the second the mind. TIkiu We s.l^ 
that buiinet* u well performed ; tbo«r c^-.. ' . 
are well settled. The word butinessy by ir 
ha>'in;^ no pinral number, intimates a pam 
cular employ; by the sii^nlar €£ ngTtrr. U 
in^ seldom in use in the tense befoi« us thrv 
word is imdenAood to mean a variety of trar.^ 

Buttrs>ss, ort-btiuiaMs tpenm ; support^ mpit-r' 

prop, ^taic. the hutfren lortil>e«. it s 

nxed close to resist the impnlsiMi <d oth; 
bodies ; the support bears, Dy beiny phsot-d i> 
neath a thing:, to prerent itc falfan^ midcr > 
weirht ; the prop assasu and sli>eiigtlK'Tu. ' 
waUismade stronji^r by buttfet^et; an an! 
is nipported by columns ;.a^ouae in danrt r < 
falling is kept up by pr^ That which Ui 
received a \'iolent thnm, or is much bulc-c^! 
stands in need of a 6t<r;ruj ^tiiat wrliicb i« :j< 
bea\-y to carry itself is in want of at^tpcner r 
and that which ought to stand aMu^t. ait^ 
cannot be made to do so af itsol^ mti^t \» 


CANDOUR, eandeur; sincerity, wieerzre; opr!> 
ness. mtvcrture de ctei/r: ingenuousness, r-;^ 
nui^r; ihiuknetu frartchte f—^eamk^n * 
lu above low tricks and disgvists; Mhtfrr, 
preseius our speaking otherwise than u^ *' 
think ; openness, makes tu speak as we tluiA 
ingftu,ovmefit,mnkc% usd<<clare all wv kiiiv 
and iieids the guard of prudence; frctikn , 
makes us disclose our tlioQgbtsfbeeiy. He ;u'i' 
ke an amiable co'npanion, who possesses rs 
dour of niiiMl, sinrrrity o\' htarti tfenrtt^j - 
temper, iiixnuwu^iicst ufdisposiiion, andyWr':. 
iirtf of Ix-lkHviour. A cantitd man will aet ^la 
judcTi liiirly; a jtinrere uiaii will not dcc» Im . 
H frank nuin will not dissemble ; an ^jcn-h^.^ 
(nl man is not apt to flatu-r ; an in^rnuauj inx: 
know s not bow- to conceal any thmr. 

Cure, soiu; caution, prrcaittion; prusleuer, /'i- 
dence; discretion, dijartion : ty rare » 
tiiukrstand hee<l and attention: osu/ton ir^ 
:r;prmkiHf ■ 
'tcrvtita nu^i < 
j^ to govern or direct one's stl. 
He who ixpccu to do any thing well m»j«;t ai" 
witli aire; ne who wuukl avoid difiicultii-'t, nt ^ 
wit)i cau'ion; prudctur ri -quires that »e sluiiM 
weich matters well befort* we execute tlitm; 
duii rrfiotiy tl>nt we should not undertake LliUi« 
which may l)e hurtAil to us. 

Case, cat; circumstance, eirctnttoneti coiyiinf- 
ture, coil for.rf tire; ocvurreuce, tcruivrmr; ikcu 
sion, oaroiivn; oppuftuuity, tfptrtuTiiL^ ar^' 
siuii fuvorcblr ;——>~ast, signifit^s U>e luii* 
point in question; clramunmct^ convey) *)« 
uii ,i of sou.etlnng additjoiuil ; r^t^nn • ift. 
nuirKS an concurrence of es'ttnts ; srruj'rnM 
Uv tl to tvpn ss what happens unexpectt^M} ■ 
oa-f2sioti_ tfie arrival of sumetliing new ; e,''/'- • 
tuHify, sometliiog which auives acasonai^'i . 

iiiuuT^uiiHi neiTi aiHi aiieiiuuii. nm 
plies wariiu ss in a^uidin^ danger ;/kn 
wisdom anplied to pmcXice imtcrvtim 
a knos»'le(i.«re to govern or direct od 


[ 1^ ] 


n iJiat beinp the raftf, v' ih nreunisimvta so 
la»uuraWf,in such a cmiJutwIuit, alUrrode- 
Sinbkan occurrenat, I sei/.etl the oppirtunty. 
?Jiil touk occasion to remind hini ol" hi? pro- 
Rii -. It has be«-n pix'tf iicled that thtrt* are 
tsv, inwtncb reason would condoain even an 
st> Titton to virtue. Divenity or cuxunistan- 
fr-Hiil nial(cth4:»ame man think difftrciiily 
upon xiit tame «ubject. It is commonly tlie 
r-i'juncrwrt that liL-termine as whicli side to 
Ukr. We should be so tar fn)m letting sUp 
r-ty ffporrimittj of exercising our bc-nevo- 
ka«r, tkat we should it^k ocrtuhn to practise 

I^y €taie, ettser, qititter; to leayp off, qutUrr, ffii- 
ivj';^ti<T; to finift), finir^ ac/iever; to enil, «//«;- 
T.". frmnner; to compltte, completer; lo cou- 
find*'. ronr/fnTf— — wo rroje, in qiiitiinj^; \sv 
itiinr ojf, .in (liscontinuin{>;, thougii with a 
f^-'i'nuobfgin ag»in ; wc finish, by piittiii'L^ 
«! bt^thand to a work ; we enrl. by CLsvitioii ; 
"^ --'jm^ter. by fini^ninj^ pert', ctiy ; wc a/ri- 
"!if.V, by briii^n^ to an crxn. Wi- Wa." a ])ur- 
•":n -,-*«! j^ni^/i our \mrk ; we /r/jtv? o^//" »;p<-iik. 
K? ; we cnrf a tewsnit; wv co.vptctc a pittf of 
ra'thankm; src conc/ut/r tax omv.'jii. W,- ouc:ht 
•orr/j:r fix,,,! our pursuits a^ sjon ns nv.^ di». 
^''^< r theiT! to in' «*.-l-s«. W,- should r)ot knrr \ 
•■/ ^<»rtihut Ui rtfn-sli nnr«^{\< s, ttiat mc ni.u- [ 
•^^»i acyain witi. fr, fh ^pil•it•iaIl(| mon- \iu-o»:r. I 
'c'ffrj'.Aa discoiM-se in-ojn rlv. u,- ^'lo'.JJ t'o it \ 
. M b^loro il Iv^ni.s to pr-nv tirv^oiu. M.jy i 
*•• noi qui-»,iio:i Tho \sisl'.i!i of th.osc* lau\ I 
'^tf^ti insT« afl of ciidJr.v luits do terv to 
rnjloni* tJ'om ' A pi -ce^ofilocU-WNrk is <.l' lit- 
U- v,iuf.on (mij,if*c(i. It is allow d by :tll 
j_**^"*''*^ATis, That th*- ?:rfat»'»t ornaiuiijtt of u I 
^ i-tncue is a\\ firish*."! cmirlv',kn. \ 

■*' '^ ' rApy^ eavt-, rcie-; cav. ni. rmunc; crot, , 

r^'^; I^tto, ^T'o^** * ro-niik : a tdi is 

*^ ■ >•• litilv dwt^iUnp^ i-aisetl al«(»\t' tn-ound; a | 
"^> M a liibilJitiou under ground, niadr eiUi. r 
j;} en ornaturr ; a crwrrn is d/ t-p^^-r ili.m a 
'''^■l .1 ^roMs a ctTcT «ithcrduir orr<)nii(n< hv 
^»T:n ma rock ; a v;roffo i^ n-.-jr. anili* ia!, aiiii 
^ '^niunitiited with sheM-v.i.rk. \V»- diu- a 
1'^!''' ■'"•*' '>'»!ld a rf.V. fJ.tiiiiV', or '■ jh r- 
'•''•'ss fhfxrif- to * chide thi-ni'-clvts li')::! lln- 
*'rnl, Irtiry th< .ii*flvi-s in caxcs th-v luay 
' 4p^"^ ^1 nV'Pi with, or wear mui tl.iMi fivt s ir'i 
"^'^ ' '■'^nujU' from public >iew. It is dail^'<- 
''■'♦J^'o em r '-fi.'rnir, Jis Uity fivquriillv «>t-r\e 
-^ Y^"-'^'*'' tor wil.l Ik .'(stH. A ;';-o' Im'pJi. s a 
1^ /'*5'^ ^PI>r«»P»'ia*'"*' to pii'a»ur , slocv, 
^'^P'n, in-m^ and o'-cr^.>wu vith ii.o>.. 
• rr-XfoUo ..I ■....,.• , — . or room :idor.i;d 

* C'''>'^oisa jd^rtsaut cave, c 
Ntlnhais; wc say :• /rttty 

grot^ u Ijcauiiiul 

rhonee^ hniard; fortune, fui'tune^ ha- 

■'^^fu :-—^f^fjf.g f,yf-m% neither or.h^r nor de- 

^■^' ^"e n«-jther attribute to it kno\v!fd;je or 

" • •'"" its event* are always uncertiuii : foi^ 

«>"^ plani and desifj'us. but wirhoiit 

wc awribc to it a will «itliout di«- 


^' '■■irritTrt, and say that it acts hiimlly : wt sav, 
-prirr tjToug:',t him to n»y relief ;/i7r/«nr la- 
'-'Jitfl my «>cape. Th*- chief of our siicce^v 
^ ^^ morr; owinfj to cUmtce than skill. Jt is 
JW"othne« a lony while before Jortune will 


ipon ns w irh a favoumhle eve. 

.. T^f/wn/rmrnf; diversity. rflaV7*.rtV^; m"labi- 
J]'>. yiuti^iHt/; fluctuatinn,y/i/rf uario/f: variety, 

' j^r/ffr,- >-ieis^tndg^ •oicusitude : change \n\- 

P'ci the rejecliDf «ne thing; to embrace 
VOi. II,. 

another : tlitis we change our opLiilon, way of 
life, 8cc. Diveru'y signities contrariety, a<i a 

dix'crsltti of colours, objects, &c. Mmuoihty 
H»ean>* the being- suiijj ct to cfuint^e; at»d y/i*f- 
tuiTtion, a suecei^ionof fA^m'fj-.- ais, the vtutaLi- 
la I »)r" human aftiim, \\\v ftutuurion orevruts. 
Viiiicty w a n.ultitude of thiMg-^ di.ii.nrig' fnun 
each other in likt fiev% ; thvis ih« re is no <{) •- 
cies in nature in wiil-h \*t !ua\ not obxirve 
vnvictu. By vtcis:<ifu(I(\ we uiiderstand the 
removintr und retuniiiiK of th- same objt rts : 
as, the vk iisituiics oi" day and ni.jht, uikI oi" 
tlie seasons. 

Chanu, cfuirme; eiichr.nimenr. enrhnnfnn<:v.': 

spell, sorcil'iie : ilic wur<l rnarm caj-ne-. 

an idea «)f lniv«- whicij puts a stop to ua- 
tuml erfrctH and cnute*; cn'huu'uimt inipli- ^ 
an illusfoiiur the senses; xtn-U, -.(jjnrthiiitjv.liirh 
di^iurb«. tlie na>on. Some In li,>e that thf n 
it a cliann aq'aiust cerliiin diseasis ; we r* id 
in nimauces ol the power \ii' em/utiuitvnfi; 
^fVik pitjjde have thoti,^lit lliat by m.-ans oi 
a -i/jtU hiallh liHstweii uestJ-oyitl, .ind the pei*- sj bewitched niudr r;n iiip mad. All. lu a 
liter.d sense, mark the <ffi tt of mat:;ical oiiern- 
tioti. C(tridemnt.'<l by ivlis^un, and laught'-d at 
by l>hilc)supliy. 

To ch:isti:ie, cMtter; to punis?i, f/tmir; to cor- 

reet, '..;/ ijier; to di^icipluu-, ili ;i i/tHtwr : we 

eh^t^'iyt- hini wh») has conunitted a fault, lo pre- 
sent his doing- it a^^iin; \\v fn>w.,h \.\\v p- r-tou 
pT'ii'.' > o. a en. lie. a^. an e\piatioii. sukI all e\- 
.Tinple to oih'rs; lo corir-1, is to amciMl b> 
nie:i!i- <r'.' ' fitufi^tnieitt; to tUxiplhie, is to rcpu- 
latt' ar.'.l in>tni(i. We r/iOY'/jrc a cliild in order 
to corrnt hi-* niannei*H; soldiersare/j;m/y/«Y/ t.) 
k'* p nj) c^ocxl fliiripiue in the n-i^iment. Ii is 
ut-vc-,-ai-y for pood corralioti, that the clia';ti\f^ 
Vina be not the effect of anper; Justice de- 
mands that \h^ puH'yhiicnf be ne^orouj*, wJien 
The ciiMie is enormous; othervviie, theit? can 
Ik no gocJ if'sr.plntc in Uie stale. 

Cheenul, f;r;iUaid. rvjoue; >ray, gtii; lively, r//*, 
riant; niein. jotjnuv, pJai-Mnf; faccti'ius, fwc- 

Ikux .-; r/i'crfiilficfit imidres ease aJidsereiii- 

t> of miitd ; nairfy is a m nv aainiati-^l chterful- 
».e>-s ; !ive;;nci.y piocetds froni health and quick 
aiilmul spi/i's; mirth is the eifusiou ofjoy, j^e- 
iiir.iily ♦•xp.esse-d by lau-!iier; /'acetiaiiiucfs 
co!i>j%ts chuth in dixeriitijr by ph asaniry, or 
n purt^'c. The three fn>tt a.v sometlmi-s ai>- 
pli«-<l \i} animals and inauimuie t!iinj?s; as, the 
(hrnj'itl larl», the cherrfnl lawni ; lUi jfoy war- 
bUi-. of ihe^rove, fhv :(ny mi-adows; livfly \i-r- 
linre: we say also Uxdy fallli. Jiope, Jscc. but 
merry a ivX facet to us caiuiot b».» employed on 
such occasions: we say a merry fellow, a ?^'f^- 
ry iuetti:uj; ^ facet iotif companion, "VViuit- 
e^ er promotes ease of luind, produces citcei'- 
J'ulueA; what conduc'-stolKxlily health, caincs 
livcHuns. We slioidd suppivss our gruety when 
in the house of affliction. We should cease to 
be merry when others are siid. We should 
take care nut to be /(ttetious at tbee.xpeuce of 
our character or good tense. 

Choked, etremjfl^; smothered, houffi; sufTocat* 

ed, sujpxiue : choked signifies having th« 

wind-pijie closed or stopped, as by swallo%% injf 
something too large to pas«, or having a Uiiug 
t»X) tigl t i-numl the throat ; .fwot/iri etl, b when 
we cannot breatlie, by reason of sometliing 
wluch stops the jiassagr* of the air, as chiklreii 
sometimes are smotftcred in bed by tlie carc^ 
lAbncss of their nurses ; ^it{//^xated implies the 


[ 158 ] 

C O M 

(Ji-ftHiM^ iu something with oiif hitath, by 
which iiO- is fxting-iiishcd, as !«moke, \*utcr, 
f*<-. the two rir<it are M)m«'time» ust^ fijjuni- 
ti\il) : «s, to sniu/tcr ipitl', to c/iokc a puNiMgc, 
Choh'ric, coUrJqfiey colcve; pat^ionate, anftoitr; 
irastiblf, irau title; h&^ty, pro- :p(; tvf^iy, (fuurni, 
b x/nre; ptt;>isli, /tar^ieuA\fanfujfjiir; fiviful, 
rhn^rin^ quinfei/x^ dt utauvntitc huiucur. aiijjn', 
Jnifity mcuirifi Molcnt, ivtf/oi/,- wnitlilul,toj/»- 
rouct : ■ ihoUrlc ii nitlu-r a ludicrous way 
\o tx^iress a passiortare Uinytr, a« le^fy is 
n/itrviAh one ; pauiutiafr sipnn«*» a dispoMiion 
t«) be t-nsiiy made angi //, tlioiigli it is soint- 
ti.nivi ustnl to e.\i»it-.» love, as a pastiofunc 
^o^e^•, irn^rihk is iuhjcct to tini,^!', ami U 
olti n applit d to nations or districts ; hasty pt- 
bt«ri niUitr to a niuliiieiis to i|^vc blows ; 

onp subject to sudilcn jpists of passion ; rorath- 
Jul is prop* rly used ouly on sokuin occasions, 
10 e%pivs!» Almigiity jwwer offiiided. 

To chor»se, iftolfir; to' prefer, prtfrrer; to make 
choice o\\ Jbirr r/io>A :-— to vlioosc is lo de- 
temiine in favour of a thing, eiilier on ac- 
coum of its merit or value; lopirfer is to se- 
lect from inclination ; i^ nutAe ihoue o/i-elales 
more projKTly to the way of life we fix on, 
or the ap))oiutiu^ persons to honours or enx- 
plo\iueuts. It is the jud^mfni makes the 
lAo/ff, the heart f^\x% \\iQ pi efr truce. Pru- 
flMice sometimes forbids our rhootii)^ that 
which strikes the e)e most ; justice will not 
*fi«^-n permit us to tirrffi our fr emis to other 
people. Princi s sduuld always maAe chuce of 
the ablest men in their appoinuaents to pub- 
lic ofiici s. *'. 1 o Elect. 

ChiUTh. Cif'i'y; temple, temple : ^both sig- 
nify an edit'ue w t apart for the worship of 
the Deity ; but trnipk is a n»ore jwmpous ex- 
pression,* and less in u«e ilian c/ii,rq/t. In so- 
leiiin discourses we say the tern j»lc ol' the I^rd ; 
but in faniiliar conversation we use tlic word 
ihurifi. "With respect to the paijau reliyion 
we frecpicntly um.* ihe word t'mjUe : as the fnn- 
ple of Apol.o ; the temple ol' Janus ; but wiili re- 
lation to our own seldom ; we 841 y, St. Paul's 
r/nirih, St. Saviour's c/ivn/i, 8cc. 

Cler^vinan, fcclc.dnsfi(jitc, fionimcfTrj^-fi'v; parson, 

ec(Usia\fUjue. mini nr; priest, prrtre : all 

sip^nily nun devoted to the service of i^lifiion: 
ihe two f.rsl an- nsf d lo denote those ouly of 
ihe Christian nli<iou : the wortl/><77-.voTi Is »el- 
com used hut in mockery and eouteuipi; the 
vord piieU is applied lo the ministers of uU 

« 1« vei, hnlAle; dexterous, adroet: ^the first 

*i^^>i*"* ^P^ '^'"^ pendy, whetlier at inven- 
tion or ext^'ution; the second relates properly 
to bodily aj^ility : thus ue say, a dcvcr contn- 
Trivance, a clever trick, a de.xtcious leap. 

Close, imfermrj rrseny^ cac/ir; secret, secret: 

speakinu: of the disposition, sifpiif)ingf 

ttnconiiuunieative. we use the word c7«jr; also 
to denote a stillness in the air ; as,af/o*o room, 
cioic weather; :enet implies an atfair not yet 
made public : as, a secirt embassy, expedition, 
Ike. Hem7 the vevemh ot Eupland, thougli a 
just man, andeminei'.tly consunt in hisfriend- 
sk'jpS *'^* so <^/wc that even his fricntls never 

knew any of his ivree counsels, or cohW pn- 
tend even to guess at his future iu'.n. 

Clothes, hordes; dress, habits, /inbil^enwn> : 

clothe f «xpre«s simply a covt-aug for itu N^U. 
of whatever kind it be, arid is i;.t»periy t la^- ! 
amoui> lilt' necfssaries ol' life ; drcat incliKlt-^ ui 
its iUea a relation to ibnu aiid Tasbion. lo oi- 
nanuirits as well as necessaries ; lite »wonJ a)i«J 
cockade are parts olUrat, >et caiuioi be caii- 
ed cloUkes. 

Clow iiikh, grottier; uupolite. impoli . to bi 

unpoJite w to want good maiuiert, aiRl ft ' 
feeds from a bad educatiuBj to be c^k/i; t is 
to Ix'bave with rudmess and ill maiuiers *\^\ 
•hows nil entiiv want of education. \\ b n 
much greater defect to be cleKnish than to W 
barely unpolife. UnftoiitcnN* do« not pk-iK ; 
clojcnLs/iiirss displease*. 
Cold- Jroid;ch'i\U gelc. fratui; bleak, *toV, ^K- 

tvld signities simply want of beat; ik: 

denotes a sudden seusatioii of^old; ^j'r:\ 
is chieHy applied to a coki wiial: at a & ^'^ 
situation is one exposed to cold winds : ex. iIh 
cold was intense, and, as I ascended that i>.r a 
hill, a sudden c/Ml seized my .whole md»> <>•' 
To coimnend, -oanter; to nnu»e, Iwer; to a-V- 
brute, c^lcbrtr; to extol, Hevcr^ exi^rr. }^<- 

ner : lo commend is to speak rawhr-iteiy 

in favour of aai v one ; to pitate is to coiiinH'*' 
him mon- highfy ; to celebrate is todtdair hi-; 
praise miblicly; to conTo/ is to praise wit!' ar- 
dour. \V*e comuteud or praise a man, to " ^"* 
I fy our esteem for him ; we celebrate or '^"'i 
I hira to pi-ocurc hitn tbe esteem of otlir^ 
Thus a man of taste will Mmm<>n</ Isaac \>*ii" 
with deli.:;lit, and ulebrete with pleasim f'"" 
superior! I y of DrjdeJi, while he pfnitft l'"^!'*" 
and Ad«lison with deliberate and calm e*ii i' 
of tlieir great merit ; and Sbakspearc* P'*^ 
t ral poNvers, aiid Milton V subJinie gwiiuv^'^' 
i by liim justly and zealously cxii^ *'»'J^^ 

them all. 
' Co.npl;ii<ant,r«7;?,ftW «:»»/• polite, />eC,' vel»-"'^J: 

bun tkvc : ron/i/ofjfow^ implies re»p«i ■'"'^ 

attention to otfiei-s ; politeneis relatn w /fn' 
flattcri:i!5j meiliotls we use in our beliavit^iu" 
and conversation; wfW^retf si^iifie* f^*''?^'""" 
of nmnners procettling from good eduiaiw"' 
and a un>p<T knowledge of the worW ; »« '^'' 
ter epu.iet is o»ly applied to penoa*. "c 
otiiers aiso to manuem, &c. as cenipiuat^^: »|^ 
haviour, />o//a' conversation oraddivM, »"^' 
bred lu&n. Ct,ni}tlaisanc€ is the chaivi'^"' ■ 
oi' the lover; polucuess, of tiie courtier; »<" '' 
be ■trt'U-.'jred denotes the genllcnian. ^^ .^ 
be roi.iplaimni without iwportuuity, ana/*' 
without iasipulity. The distinffuisliuig "'*^ 
of a ivelUtvd man is the coustaul care he taK 
never to disgust or o^eud. 
Complicated, compHque: intriente, .^''^f^ ''f ! 

involved, cmtloppr : U.e first iraphfj/"^ 

mixture of s*-veral things one wrt'' »"f '" ' 
the wH'oiul, a thijjg so en tangled, w*^.'' ^;' 
not ea-sily bi. dis, jigaged; the third si^'"J^ 
deeplv iuunei-gi-d : ex. since he 1»« ."^''l ' 
re/irJ in that compiitoted busineo, 1»« ^|'^!j 
become every day more uitricate. Cvn/f^' •^' . 
and intricate have substautrvw in gwi*^"^' IJ ■ ' 
involved has not, but in return faai » ^cTd ' 
general nse, which U»e olhen »«>« not- ^ 
lirnuonth hear of coinplkatitm and *"^'^* J 
seldom of invofution; so agaift *« **=*^ 

CON [ 159 ] 

•t'Tirly ^iih ihc verb to invohr, aeldora with 

'>,-■ ;•> rcf)i/'';,nrf. or to irifrir(ac. 
J y"r,:icial, rfi(/irr; to dis^embl*-, ditsimUier; to 

''^/T'iiv , drL:uiiCr : vv(' fonctal, by si-citj- 

'')■ !*'3i which we would liot have known; 
•r I.' ,,rmA/r, by restrve. what we wotild not 
i'lv.. appear; we di.gni-.r, under false appear- 
• K - vi fiai vie would not fxposo to the oiiscT- 
'-ii.)'i of olh^r?. Jt ivquins care to conctal^ 
i~iudh^t!u't'i-, cunn'iu;^ to dj'f^ui'e. He wlio 
-• il J on'efju tlirows, u^ it wer.*, a \i'il over U'un- 
• • ':< ' h;^ jiiav not Ix'tmy himseU" I'lroiigii 
"iiv Tt cio:i; hir wlio would '<//jj-cf;;Wr ihi-ows a 
'» the eye* ofoihiT-, t!»at wnat he dod 
■^ >a: ) may not l-Jl wit'.ia the ivach of tinnr 

V. .a \ -tlr^- ; i|f> who WOUjd l/- tirui € JieV'-T QpfUV 

~n> '! any other wnys lliau to elude. 
■ c .:(eivf, roii/'r.'ovr; to comprehend, com- 
P" . / ,•; to und. r-ftaiid. entrwlre: to con- 

-' M-iiifi.-i to have an id.-a of, and belon.^s 
1""^ »'irA(5in?.iio5i ; to romniehmd implies to 

'•"'1 J I'Utiiotiou oi" ari\ Jiing, and relate* to 
i^;L. i.-;i;ion ; to nwlersfniul 'i.^ to have a know- 
p?' 0.', and appeitain> to the jud?r.nent : ex. 
irlj** ^^ '^P^fh-'i M ti»e reason olhis ubsence ; 
^ "0 s'jj:i«r undri ftood how aTuiri went, 
^liu I conceived a plan for n-stoiiu*; hiia to his 
'n-'xk. We unrleistand laucjua^'S, coTnpre- 
V T »wrnce», eoriTme whatever ha^ a relation 
'^''^H arti. It \i diff.cult to uvdcr.fand that 
i''i >s enigmatical, to ro;;i/)/f Aenrf that which 
1= lb truse, aiid to conceive that which is cou- 
i'„ -d. 

" ' Kluct, amduire; to ijuidc, guidn-; to lead, 

fnnio- . t!ie two first of these words siii*- 

r' a wpiriority of li<ht, whirli the last 
J-^ not; hut, ou the other hand, the last car- 
^ ' in iu idea a dep-ree of cretlit and asc n.I- 
'^^y entirely fotviiirn to the other two. It iv 
pr,p, rly tlie head that rom/wc/j; the eve that 

, .r ' ^^ hand that Irnd,- : we conduct and 
i • -< thoie wlio know not the wav; we lead those 

. /^ I'aiinot 50 by thenu..'lves. SVe conduct an 
J JJ r, fruidf: a traveller, knd a child. It re- 
vir.-. uiidffritaudin^ to condurf an aTtuir j»io- 
( '' • ^'*^»c should be the guide of all our ac- 
(0 !|!'' *"*'**^ *liO'Jld/farf tht; way in pleasures. 
■'•' 'I'tn, ronjiiisf lirnjti:, !i.>iit'\f; bonnas, 'lonies ; 
"^ *)' con/ifieif we raiher understand the «.d;^o,- 
I"; Jonl^r; limit f convey a?» idea o!' a kind 
lam^-nj-n-jj^ beyond w'hieli we ought not 10 
f'^'*; /jound^, a kind of harrier to confim; oh 
* ''^'lu those limits. Thus \Ne tay. he who sets 
J ^Mitdt to hb desires, but exceeds the iimitf 
'^■:i»P'-ranoe, will <nHm fnid hini%elf on tli 


''"y.'«v ol the prave. Cniifines ztc where we 
'^'•flt liherty uj j?o; ///rw>o are wliat we oui^iit 
^j" ti> pa,s; boHudi are what we cainiot pa>s. 
^ '■ approach or »j< t fartlier front the confinc-i; 
'■ contract or extend tlie limits: we advance 
,^ ^'*'"iuer, cotiqii^rir; to sulxlue, /rstujrffJr; 

'|<"m'oaie, vrUucce : to conquer is to ol> 

1"" "'9 '^ietory ; to subdue is to bring under 
liL.'r'^^'^" ; to overcome h to surmount im ob- 

''''■• M'^e conquer our enemies, subtUie our 1 
P-» >i'>Ti«, ifvcconie difficulties. It requires 
^1' ^ni},'e and valour to rtn^uer; endeavour and ' 
/^xuuou to sidjdue; patience and persever- ; 
,}''*^ ^'i ovemtnie. Alexander gloried more in 

f«"?wrt* than in any other thing upon ' 
<inh. Of ^ji pai^ions avjirice is the most dif- 
^uii to tubdue^ as neither age uor weakness 

ofconsiitutjon is able to blunt lij edtrt . We 
sliould slrivt: io ovei conic tvil wiiji rood. 

Consiauey, comlmtrc; sl'-adijiesK, Jlnhc'r; re- 
solution, ir.ioiufton : <on(nn<ij r\\\ ii» 

tJie heart ; ifcadUwsi to the will ; rcsoloton t« 
the luind. We shonhl pn s<rve coiiiir;;i( j in 
our attav'hments ; strfnt/nr.s in our purpovLb ; 
and re oliition in our underl.ikliij^s. Suadt- 
ncu pn!v<.nn onr varyiut^, ami support.^ the 
heart a:;uiJLst levity and cuiiysily, which di- 
vei-sity of objec'ts ni.ty pifjdui'e ; it arises I'rom 
pivteit;nce, and jusunf-s ehoicf. Cvmraiui/ 
pr«'V« iits o:rr ch.m'^;»;j;',ar4d tViniishes th<^ luart 
with re.ources a-^ninsi In'in^ dis^just'.fl or tili-d 
with the 5a'uc olyect; il rv suits lro:n p« i-wver" 
ane#% and j^ives a lustre toaiiachiuenu Hc.o'.u 
ll'ju prev. ins our gi\injj^ wav, and euduts the 
heirt with sii-eup^th to vvA,i the attacks it 
meets with; it •,priu;;s Irom reiistance, anii 
throws a hri;,'htiUvs upon victory. 

Coi;teut. coiucnfc iirtt'; saiisLictiua, ia'isf{ufhn : 

roii'Cnt alludes pn;p..rly to that* in\vu;d 

serenity of hjart win .h ru'-'lers the soul sc- 
d.ite and cojaposcd; sGfi(fi:i!lon to that sen- 
sation of p^•a^ur^ we fee! Ujwjn the sujccs-, 0! 
our ujiderf.<kii)s^. N'o restless or turbul.nt 
man can ever enjoy true content. .Sn/isfm - 
tion hardly ever aeeompauiesiinaioderutc am- 
bit iun. 

Contenied, ron'cnt ; satisfied, mUsfnit : wc 

■re ui'iff(cd when we have obtained wh.^f 
We wished ^oy ; we art: ctnitenicd when we nv i -h 
not for any mor^.* : the first is properly applied 
to acii<ias or ac(jui>iiion» ; the second, to s(at<- 
or cDndition of iit'e. Ex. 1 atn well mfisfuU 
with your performincc ; he is co/j^f/ifff/ with 
bis lot. Posse' >ion will alwaj's prove sntisfir- 
ionj; but it is the tmu enjoyment only of what 
we possess that can make us content. 

Conliiiual, coti'inuel; contiamtl, towinu :— — 
thv'ix; liiiy h'j inii'rnipiion in that wlnoh ii 
con; i nun! ; hut that which h rantiuncd will rot 
aduiit of it. Ihns we say, a fontint/al noise, 
cnn/inufil rain^, ihou.;h there may have h.y 11 
short iniernn>.ions ; but a 'on'inual stream, a 
CGn.inutd base in mu^ie. Continual inierrup- 
tioie. will make us wtary of the best und-i- 
lakltii's. I'.i countries situ near the pole.'-, 
th'jrt- is for ihe space of live or six mouihs to- 
pi ther oni; rctifinticd darkn 'st. 

Continuance, condnaif^, dun'r ; coniiauatlou, 

caniinudti'in : ihe llr>t nlates to diin- 

ti<jn ; the st-eond, to exfeiit: thiis, wo <hoidd 
study a eon.tientit)Us di>char<e of our iluty 
khxnu^owv ion^iniiaucc in any oliic; hi-, phy- 
sicians forbade him the tise of saiimal ibwl 
durin;^ iJse rontinunncc of his disti mix r. ll.e 
St Wi-al books eoiuained in Paradise Lotl a.-e 
con'niu'/.i'tiii oi the same suhjeet, ike. 

CanyvMvui , roruniodt ; Uidiil. iifHc ; stT'kiceaMe, 
wile, ttvriutagciuv:--^—<o)i'cnicnt imphrs v. hat 
contributes to our preuter ease and com- 
fort, ihouqh we may do wt II enough w ithout 
It ; lurJ'.U is more applicable to those we ha\t; 
often n.^eourse to, and what \vc cainiot well 
do without ; scrvicca^/fe, to thLn;;s of itse, but 
which we ofteuer do withouf than with : thuji 
a clock i^ usc/'ul 10 regulate our timti a 
wuich convenient, as we cairy it about w iih 
us every whcnslnends and goqd coiiuectiaas 
art' scr til cable. 

Copy, copic, model, module : in the gcne- 

nd seiue, model u an ori^rinal work; co/fj:^ 

C R b 

[ l^>^ ] 

c uu 

made after that oriijinal ; hn: co/.y hat Iwi-n 
undiTsliKKl, m w«ll hs niiidrt, to im un ihr lirst 
««>rk; ll»ou>rli in U»h ■.ens* it i^ ..nU proper 
■with nsptct to ihf nianuM-ni-t of an uiiihor; 
moikl, lik( \\'\iv, h*y IxhU iihiI to t- \pri -.s lUt 
)U-runc1 >\ork, fonm «l atttr the fn%t : !)nt hcix- 
C(if>;i i< uw-d fur jmintint;, taodrf for n'lii I". A 
co/>'t/ oir-;lit to he faitlii ul, a moflt-^ jusl : the »e- 
toiid <il iJkm* \\(»ii1» »<t>n»t to kiippuH* u |.;nal- 
er it*icii>hlaiicr ihiin the first. 

Clime, cnvir; »iii. l<'<hr; \ico, -rrf.- the 

first evpre«>os a hreach of huio:\u laws: tin- 
^evoiul, nil orli'Mce M^'ainst GckI; ihi iIimxI, 
a »1< jMUM'tJi'ii of the will, thn.iu h ha 
ti-.nisgn ssUjUs: thtin, njf.n/fr is a < ; ..».r; t)hiv- 
Vlieiiiy. n ••'m; d.uiikuriu <% a fi'r. T. Krrui. 
( n^^s. Ji'.i'.rijt; htc'i.rixMft': ii'il»u'k\. n,nilteu- 
reu.x'; v« NiUioi: , !iaf^r:n'i',r; \.<.v\k rsi-./^rirr/, 
DXiH: . Tp])! lo ;tc«'wlints, Uu sf nif 
ncujiy s)iiuii_\ inoos. Tims ne say. it \^a^ f</*- 
/tnktj I wjis not at hoir.e >vhiii m\ f'ncJMl 
■ fn!!«-<l, With 1 hail siiioii'; lMi»iiuss; 
thluc^ will f^ rr'/** wjiiieiiines, l»ui this ^v:n 
particularly ^ran^«/<Jf, aiul I lia>e whloin 
»»ien nion pnivokiJ iliau I am by this /<r;-» 
1 crse atti<ient. W htii iho««» uoitU ar*» ap- 
plied 10 perwn», their meai'Li*^ it more cliller- 
fiit: a*, when a child i« pcr\U!, we say. he is 
rr<>;jr; we mil ourselves tinU-iki/, when' we do 
iH.l suctcd ill our scheuiei ; fi^n-frse sic^iiilie?* 
oi>^tii)aie t>r h< acUiroiig; xe-iot/cu* 'n noi »p- 
I'li.-d to pi r*ons. 
'I o cn>s.s, (■ro:,rr; to tliwart, trnt'cvtrr; \o ob- 
stnut, ohi,tiiicJ\ ftoiif/itr^ luctite o-'i.tacie; to 
embarrass, embirrcmtr ; to hindir. nvpr- 
rftrr: • to viosun' tfmeort is, aa itwtn", to 
pluoe sortie obstatle in ihe v..Ty ; to o'j^h utf, is 
to stop or liloek up; to eirlMirro'r, \i lo plrn.-e 
in sucii a vituatioi-. ilint ^i■^• knuvv not low to 
aoi; U) /i;:;t'n is to i;i<Vinr: ex. to Itc cii.' 
fnrrasxU by <\* r\ inlV- wi.u-li riv\c^ ou;- 1!«.- 
xi^ivs, and 'r't-nttt inw ^vUy u>t >, vi-J <■', n,rt 
f»Ui" pnHrivs* ihni«i^;h lii»-, a- l /.r.f/tr our <-ii- 
.|oyn\tut of it. Some iusi melon ul ninnkind 
have lhou^;ht it neeoss.iry to nots ^k (H'le iti 
iheiriiiikney, by peipetually r/;/:7./v m,' iJieir 
inteitis oiisf t urtiuff their IU\W- pro < its for 
petty amusement, and eontn\in^ in< . s-^antly 
to hinder enjoynient**. not in tin mseJvej ir- 
i-ewndar, and nu'>ar.nsi d» ^irns not e\il in 
tin ir own natuix*>. '1 houi^h iliis hi- i>it t r.i.d, 
however, by some a pooii nuxlr of edtiv.uion ; 
reason must tondimn the jr.iM«'jj'le as erro- 
neous, wliile humanity vejeeti the praciitc at 
I ruel, cruel; sc\Tiie, i/li'<*;r, riglde; hursli, ;i/(/(f, 

dur; tjranniral, ffjraiiriif/ue : crhrl'tj jn-o- 

ee««<is from an inl:onian and barlianlus di%- irat; jj-irr/rj/. iiiim a r.Ai\ iinf rlin;: oiie ; 
larj'.'ifjj, IVom a rof.ijh and nnj^'.emie ox.e ; (y- 
inrny. fi"i>in a desi>oiie and arbiirnry one. 
May wc not call that country R;eiitKiiian re- 
\cn: who linrsUij condemns some hapless 
VH'jcher to pii-on or lu exile, fo»" having 
knocked down a lulples* lune, us she iai 
t'tnptin^ly still, pci haps, \,\ im t» n the lurrow*, 
and lanie^l her home lor Itis wile and chil- 
dnni's dinmr ? A m cl or fyrrtimnl dl^posi- 
tiou is so wlious in i»s. !f, and Jiia} I'*- of such 
extensive nu>vhi<-f to lu^^nl.ind, that \v.*]iould 
tjirly check in (hddren tln.s- pnpensities to 
the fir>t, whif'h di-tover thems iv. -i in toi tur- 
nip in'ievtA and auiuiuls ; aiid ihut tcialeuey 

to the •teroudf which di«pla]r« ittelf in dauu- 
rieehni'' o%er pla> -mates aim diuuetlic^. 
'I'o crush, etirntr ; \u overwhelm, accab'.cr : 
——to he crus/.'ff! ton>e\9 an idea oi u 
tliin? imil to pi<-i L s bv the tall of an luuneii%o 
Weight; ovrnii/u'ni.-il i» overpowered, whellitf 
by water or ai»y other \ust bodv ; A^ratisely. 
>»esay, onr hopes are trtahni, we arc mn- 
w/idfitfd Willi gheJ". Wluu a gallant -hifi 
splits with the weight of waters on brr Ur- 
901I1, liow is the stoutest heart appalled, ihr 
livi!i«si hf.jM's rrcjAcv/, the tuust aspiring c»u> 
r.tL,e ovrt u 'irhii'd .' 
To tr), rriir; to Mc^'p, plturrr • sh.-^- 
dinu of itars is the p. nenil ^u^*'. in vlu^h 
tlusr W(»nls aif uimIiT'UkxI; but ti> cry ir.i- 
)»!irs shtHidiie- ofte-tri wiili a sorrt>v*riil uoiv ; 
loii,rf>, sheiidjiitj tears in silence: rhiidr> n 
UMiiiliy cry; f^rowii pi t->oii> iicep: he wIk 
•ttu/ts'ui *ecivt maybe more diatrcjM."d th^n 
hi w ho nvrj- ului cl. 
To 1 1 y, ir.rr; to evcbim. ^'-^ncr : th>- 
lli-sl of these. b»sith'« Uie slieiUiin^ of te^r-. 
mentis also, louse an e\prt»!»iunof »i,*dden -li'- 
prise ; ill which !aa:»c- it is synuminuut %n:U 
e.xciain; but it si^nit^c* also la na«kk BTood* 
about itie streets and siiouid anyone call th;- 
London m&f the cxclonusLions oi the city, all 
Mould laut^h. 
Cuniiinc, rut; d<^\it«^ Jlnfisf; adreste; artifiiv, 
anijtir; trick, ^uttr,- stj-ata^eni^^ffra^-rrfjr . 

cutni-ng ii a lower kinti of wUdooa or 

art in condui tini: desi»riw ; (fnice U an udctiiii- 
mon ihuiitrht or cuiurivance ; artijlcc is au un- 
natural method of executing dt>«igna; tn k 
ijiiplie* a kiad of intfi^h, wluch eludes i Li- 
st uses ; *<'.rof/7^nn,adis;;uised way oi'oUiaiiuii .;• 
our (lids: he n\ust posvL-w a larii^ share •«;' 
ff/nn/.'.,;' who has never bueu deceived b\ tie 
aynfh c\ of ihi cra^ t j , nor chtattd by thte h f'kt 
o!' the ki>aNt>h; an in^^i nioiiji tirvue plea>> s 
and surprint i:<. All strntrf^i-^iu are U*f«.l 
in war ; itiuuhif: is ( mi lo\i c. in umu^ mfaius 
and must he ai.c^t!i;| al.ied by jX"neU-»tM.|i ; 
fl»///.vir jreutrally mskes use u studivsl divsj. 
muUiiion; a truk is eoiiimoiUy looked on a« a 
fmud ; auid a ttjoiagciu \» ul'ieuer illicit Lh:in 
Cun, rw/r, gurihon; jvn >edy. • rtnxfdt . * tt- 
vrihj seems rather applicable tothealtcsi- 
ntioii or iviief of a malady ; curr, la the rt--< s- 
talilislnieut of health: Uius, the best rrnu.Jr , 
in the hooping- congh, ia change o€ air ; th- 
bark is a certain cure in fevei-s. 1 be Moni 1 1^ 
wi/v/i/ is often consideivd as the means; rurr, 
as the etfeet: a&, by the use of proper »r7? r- 
dicf, tlte rf/;r was completed. Ct^rr se^in-^ t>) 
have no other object than stubborn dijunU 1 1. 
and tho»e which proceed from consiituticn ; 
wheit-as reit.a.'y has a view to sli^l e«Ji.« 
pl^iints, Hiid such as arc of »hon uuraikin. 
'1 he more inst lemte tlic disorder, the inorr 
ditikttlt the ' uir; in many case* n.'g;uJar lis in (; 
i> the iK'St rcir,eiUj. 
Cuviouii, '"M'/r'j/.t; inrjuisitive, ntrifnx^ qui a'tr.-- 

^htntedc tout : mriDUs implies a di'siir o' 

infunriUtion, and an attentise obwrxaiioM 
in onlei- to obtain it ; ifHfnififiv<^ sup|K>»cs ihi- 
a)>kiiig many onesiioiis to satisfy taat rurif^.- 
ty; a rur'nmjt oW-rsation of the operations oi 
mature may advance useful knomiedge; he 
who is inip./.ufhe about the aftuirs of oilier>, 
too oltew negkcts his own. We .ihould be 


[ 161 ] 


'^pr'ful rlwf A f»mim for atrimti research, and 

h •!» ,t inqiiin into moral life, does not, by be- 
mr iriii.fop<ri) iiKlultrcd,leail us ondei3:eiM^rat- 
in.'. a« iii^ruriher folloMciI, intoaneaikss aiid 
T ' r^f'i* spirit, fatal to others' peace, ajid 
pn>iin ii\e c^'none to the pos>.essor. 
-'i'tTi.rmi/tmx; habit, /utOiradr; rashion,y2rr©r7, 
••!'>{', nuMle :—^-rii\ti.nn is niuiie aiicifiit. 
^■11' hjs been loTiflr practi«#>d h a ciis'om; 
h'ruf is mort' cloM-ly linkt'd to ns, and i< tin- 
ttkrt which ruttum prrxliK-es on the mind ami 
^'■\y:fn:fiu9n i% more universal, aiul is i!iai 
-' 1 iii, ^-nendly pr.uiised. We nliovild l)e 
•ir.uliKt to foUuw !>ad mitoDis. uhic-li will 
r^' < \t)tij/*af>ift, and h<;?ome dijlu-idi, if not 
'":] -jiMtii*', to be nmled out. 'I'Ikix- is sonir- 
■ Till jijvrr polif^' in contorniinijf to a b:nl 
' Vi'f, Ltiau ui beuig- singular in souit gowl 


'^N'^RR, /fr/nifpr; peril, /»*'r;V; haz;ird, .^.firrr/; 
H'i, f^-.^t//*; vennirv', nvrn'mr: tJie two I 

f"'^ r- bte to the- evil that niay happen ; 
'V ilirpt' U^, to the ^'0<»vl \\o ii:uy lo^t: ; but 
/'^ 'i> I'ropcrly \inr\l «jnly on very senou* ot- 
^■^-•u; hozr.rfl e.\pres>'.i .son:* ihink^' Jiejir; i 
" ;^ NfHrH.'thiiijj at a tli^t;;nL•e•, -.'tmuir, somi,'- ' 

■ "i lirtht-r olT. ivIaiiiiE^ lo the pos,ibiliiy of 
' ' ^''5- llms wc «ny, the {jdiis ol tl:e ocean ; [ 
''' '; v^'T of death ; at tiu- frnz'trd o'hi , ijfe ; i 
-' i-T ',.; of becoming a Ik-j^^jv. he tlirew his 
**'.• To^itinc at a i-rutHii: The aMirifjous j 

LTi. siMin'i-«l on by iiiten st. ft-jirs no (Jfnitjcr; \ 
l:''^ ^hishi-.iltli'auil h.\]*\'inrHs; ruriieuiy I 

•■* i.Hut atteinls hi> pn>if.sion ; encounloj^ | 
■;' "v At/,'.'; aud ^ladU vciif tires his all, tor 
" '■ ^'li h. iiobiain*.-!!, he uouldnot ha^e the j 

-I'M, ihu'hres; ob^curitj-, o^;ri/;7>r*r— — | 
'"•''?■; i^ a pri\ation of lit^ht; oJ'uruiinj, a j 
^-"' '»r bri^htnes^- Fiprura lively, a stale of i 
^. "'^'"' '''*"ii'>s a .state of ii--/ion«nee ; :i iife of ■ 
';' ''y'y lueans a liff ntired and nnnoiioed; I 
' ■'^'■•■'■nrify of an author, ij vheu Li-. r,ican. 
'2^' 1 iiof ^ufik-it iitly clear. ^Ve s:i\ {.li.-n of 
"^"^ _''^'. that it is tiiiok; o^ o'>irf4i.'i/, that it • 
" ^'I•at.. He vho iive* iu a jU.te of /.W.-A/j^yj- 
I ^ i'S> to "(ocict y. and dead, a* it wtr., tu I 
1 iKv,,tl; he who li^eH in a siale oC uh.' iir'itn^ ' 
''':'^ i itrrjiitv unknown lo luiu wi»o revels , 
. ' ''^''-'iKn woHd. ^ ! 

ntort; deci-asc'. dt'-rrs; departurf, fre- ' 
'^k'nifi \s the most usual e\i>n-%sion, I 
'»*iei, simidy, extjiictitiii of liiV- ; rir- ' 
'* more studied, sonu-what IwiiilenJi^; 
\'^-; law, ^DeiMlly used when we sjuak 
'''<*ntauce or aiocession •, tlr/nrfure i.s a 
i-Mtiy n-rtnetl, nnd presents an idraofiho 
'''■ fv^an one ViU- to ..unthcr: the iirst of 
■ ^'"ids u n>!itl villi respect to all »rea- : 
• "• thir oi}u r two, to man only. A ^Inn- 

ijiii) . .-v ^itin- 
'■Jifirtitir i-i pr. iVrable xn a shaiiu ft.! litV. | 
^' '' M ihe coiiiiiion lot of all tliia-< living. 
= c>^iou d<x«s not take place till the mo- : 

V ,i '. ' '^'"""^* melanchi»ly, mr'ancoVftpic; low - ^ 

:n^-"*l '''*''''» dull, r/irj^;vn ; drjccty t-u 'i% '• 

V- ^ '^'"^'ffitnt of Miiud, comuionly caused 
m n?^''-* aJHietion; imlfim ho'ii denotes a 
ifiil Mied with li^Ioomy idea*, it is pjnerally , 
^'<='tettof cuustitution; lovf4>}riirdnciS mxx- \ 

allv proceeds £mm an imperfect rtnte ofhei»1rh; 
dulness arise? from discontent or disapi^oiiit- 
ment, which robs the ndnd of its alaci-itv. 
Joy is opposed to drjrction ; clteev!ulneis, to 
iv.vlnnrii'iy ; ^ietv, to loii'-pin^rdrieff ; and 
spri^htlinVss to J'' nets, 'llie r.iiiid Im I'^jt-c- 
fioi! h unhappy, not Iraviup '.ri-fivi-at ilreu'iplii 
and reasuu to get the better o! it : niclnn'-fiofit 
will somt (inuA wear away by divt r>ion ami 
amuwmeitt: a person sul>ieci to tow sr.rits 
^h<»uld pui-sue a r»>;ular course of lifr, wimI j 
uniform way ot livin/j: du rp<, is increav;d hr 
p\liic: way to it : it is i;i our portt r to baoiifi 
It whuM-i'er we pl« ait-; 'aiul the daup it 
thrown uii everv couipany. one wduKI imacrine 
sliu;;ld be our greatest iirduve.'iu nt to do ir. 
Delusion, erretn\ prdfi^f-; illit-.!)u, diit.don; 

phM\toiu, fr/?i'6Ne: adrhni n i« a Klirv- 

in;>: that tnie. which U hut a false appear- 
ance; iin illujUri seem'? nttlu r tu iiu]dy suiHi 
ful^e;' : i'iujoiih the caust ; de'n' 
iicn. tlie lo'i (.queijce : VLpfuiutinu is a spictm 
or it!ial fcujij, wliieli haunts liio iinagiauiioa 
of souie Wert!-, peixms. 
To den»:^ate fiv.iu, decirdiffr, diintiiiier; to (?i>- 

para>^e, dt^ drri^r: b/c!i .sif^iiiiy 

to hsitii the value, hut the iiist h m^'.-^I 
vitli a pri'po,i(ion afi^r it ; the s.eoud uarj*, 
no preposition: e\. 1 do nor mein io d.-i^.-if 
r<,,if his uudei-s(u:ulinjj, or ilcro^dte :rom his 
DLscription,'i/i/icu; definition, drjhd'icn: 

dcyripfic)i\. a relation of the cpmlitii s 

and ciicuinsi;iuc---s of a thin;;; ilej.nt'.j^n. 
i<» the ifiiiiiilc dtscnption of u ihiu^;-, iliow- 
ine: its e>». iitial kind and ddf. ivnct : dtf- 
id'iiu U niOi-n iimittd, rv./ .'-/^/yfj niore c\- 
letuled: \>e .\ay, a tine dvici i^iiou^ a studitAl 
df-Jhii irtl. 
Desp.)udt !icy, (Ixouragcnirnt; hopelesj-ie-s. uoi.- 
tJpi lau - ; despair. dr,eif'uir:——dtip<indtn>y 
is a deep afd setthd ii'j'«ct:oii of imuil ; 
hufirics.\ne<s, V. hi IV v.e snfler *nhu'.u n p'lfj - 
pect of ivfRf; dt:if)inr^ iKe la.t siu^-e oS */r,- 
pow.'(!U"i : whatever uia> be the «iiinint^/e.//e- 
/c-./icvf of oar ci.ndiiioii. the lace of uiiniix 
may clia!;;;e, and we -uoiild never p^e way lo 
r/ri/.rj;.' .i./j J, luid «/.■.>/> ';/?•. 
DLicriiiiiianuii, d'-:eri,hiorion; r<*s«dnttvjn, ;•>. 

'0'i'>ji. U: CI 1):"^ -'ion i* an act of tin 

Ji:(l'^uie;-t, a'.d .si;piHv..-i e.san:iiJMlii»ii ; if-,,, 
'liillnri i.i an a'-'t ol ilic v.i!l, siod MipjK.M , <1. ]•- 
lier.itioii : the fu-st she.ts out su-«pi u,< ; li p 
last, wavrriii;;^. In -ci. i>ce, we sjy ili • d-'rr- 
trdnn'iuii of a, the rco'i^tion of a oiffi- 
cid.'v. ihir ''vrcr...iru:!'jm should he rUst, to 
avoid ; our tc-folnl'.on.,' hxt-1. to e\- 
elidi viii-iuliin. Notliii.K is luon *!isa; 
Ide, both t*» our-clves aiul «jtlitr.s, il;a.i to he 
always undacniiirudvA uur aHiiirs, and irrc„o- 
hitc in our nroct-eiliiit^. 
Detracdoe. (UnnHoii; d^fainaiion, rFJTr.inafion: 

injiiviucr the reput.aion \n tlie j,v ue- 

ral idea oi' thfie tv.o vvonls ; htit //rf;r;.v/cn 
iinphei the takin^j o'T fn»in a nu.n's gd.rtt 
name; dcfuihd.'ion, ihx' frlviij^hiuk « 'lad one. 
'J'o be sil'Jit wIku asked iht- c-*:araeter ok' a 
vonhv r.ian, or In sly iiisiututlious to i*aise 
su<plcioii-. ai-'aii!.; I.iia, i!> dctyrtriiou ; to viii.y 
Jii::., by ii.;putn;a;^ to him imaiaous p;-acti<e;, 
is dj^pni't/fiuii, 1 lie oiie i% an opon and seui li- 
loii> \va> u. iujuiinj^ thi rej-iiialioi*; iheothir, 
a cIonc and ir. achn-ous o.-.e. ii,\l'f,.,u.tiOU is 
ir.iiiishublt hy hMinav. laws; t^'trmlii'n r» not. 
1 boM' accuitomed to dttitu-tivni %oukl tly tte 


[ 16i ] 


ihongfatt of defamation, KttkTima^in^ that 
both KK equnlU- bad, and consklf rinff tbcm 
o|Uy M two difurreiit raeaiis working to the 
same end. 

DifTtMvuce, d/ffhmd; contest, coit'cjtnttpn; dis- 
pute, tjh/tu/e; qUMk-rel, tjuetrlle: uppotn- 

lion of Uiteresis causes differences, unich 
irapliej a coolness between friends ; cnntrarie- 
ty of opinions produces confestf^ which coiv 
Mst in warnily supportiufif oppo«ite opinions; 
those oiiinious maintained and obstinately 
persisted in, form what we mulei-stand by 
duputa; harshness of disposition is the source 
of tjnniTcIf, which supposes nide and re- 
proachful laiifruage. We make up 0\c differ- 
ence; we end tlic cctUett or the diipu'c; we ap- 
pease the quarrel. Enw and covt-ioiisnrss 
make sometimes prat djlfcrcnces for trifles ; 
pride and obstiqacy beget cnweits; pnjudice, 
and want of attention to what is said, com- 
monly prolong: di-tpiifet; quanrlu^or tJn- most 
part, proceed mure ii'Oin disposition thun ani- 

Difflculty, difficult^; impetliment, cmpMie- 
nienf; 'ol>»tucle, obsfaclr; obstruction, enif^ir- 

rtUi einhrchriucnt : a dijjirulhj eniba(Tns>e5 ; 

an imftediment slays ; aii ofjitncle ix'ni^ts ; an 
ohjtrttcUon stops us: we overcome the (fffficu!- 

our reputation, and kwes m the mem of the 
worth} ; a srantkthus action d«in>>i our hu- 
nonr, and draws on us the hatred and nut- 
tempt of mankind. ShotUd a man suffer )ii> 
part-iits to live in indigence, wWe hini^df 
rolls in luxui-y, it would be disgranrfui; should 
he suffer tliem to die of^ant. it would be 
gcfinda'ont. He who ha* the Ibllv orilie Mis- 
fortune to do any ihrn^dtsgr^ice/ttt, should \m; 
ver)- careful not 'to pve himself any unhiwn,- 
inp' airs : wlien we have been Jfuiltjr of any 
thins^ .seandnlout, the Ijest thing wecjui do, i- 
to lii<!e ourselves entirely from the eyes oIiIjc 
To disperse, rr/nrndrr, dltf>erier} to tniitT. 

7-epoTtdre, ^ftar/'tllfr: -the first of tht v 

Kwms to imulj the spreading abroad ^vi'h 
some Mnt of oixJcr and care; the !Kr».oi:<l. 
throMing alwut loosely and carek'ssly. ISr 
the invention of i>rii»ting. the knowlni^- 
which was confined to the close!) of the U'arn- 
ed, is diifM-rsrd among mankind: bf ^»iw 
jcnr/frv his wtalth, witnout making a prop* r 
use «)f it, will one day come to want. Vhui 
a fannly of childivn are come to yean of lua- 
turity, they generallv d*>/Kr*e ihmselves imt/ 
various pa'rt<i : it is almo^it in\possiblc to caiy 
a load ot hay from o«e place to another, ^♦itli' 
out tcntferitlii some of it. 

tu; we remos'e the ivi/>crtinicnt; we sunuouiit ' out tcntterin^ so 

Ihc oft^^ncte; we vanquish the oii/r;/f//6». 'Ihe ' Di>>i)Uasuix*, apjaiyir; re'^eninicnt, re-irf^ 

two first seem to expi-ess stjintthiiig yrisiu(j 
from the nature and ciri-xiuibtances of the at- 
fuir; the two last, something li-oni a furt-ifpi 
cause : tluis, teujptalioiLS an- iuifKtlhnnitx m 
the wav to virtue : nearness of kin is an ttO- 
■'trvrtion to man-inge : Philip found fyi;?jVf//^y 
in nian:;>;:\)g ll>e Ath'-nians, from the nature 
<»f thiir d ii posit ion h; but the eloquence of 
Dciuostlicucs was the gi-eatest obitacte to liis 
y)i'»ci'iiunent, diicen^nvcnt; judgment, jtntf- 
inent diyiernituiU is an acute and pene- 

trating power, >khich distinguishes the 
lurt: and pi\)iK'rties of things; /'■'/^ymrf 
lool :uid deliivnite r:u lilts, ^sliirli dii 

rrfj^mna is a 
lifli discosors 
the relation of .things amf wtiijlt-. the ir con^ 
sequences: we sas', a quick difccnwant; a 
"uxxiid Jndgnicat. V\'lu*n choitv or detonuina- 
lion Willi respect to the gtKnlness or boauty of 
ohj.'Cls it in question, \\ l sh(.iild have »x»cour>e 
lo those who haw ffiiftrnniffi'; when ve 
would take any sie^) of consfqutuie, xse 
should take ad\-»ce ol such persons as have 

Discourse, dlicourf; con%Trsalion, conversation: 

the gciural import of these woi-ds is 

the mutual inicrcoui-se of spo<_-ch ; but that 
of ditroiirte imprus serious or set talk ujhju 
any subject ; coiiverjio'ivu, stidi u is easy uud 
f;um liar, and not couiineti to any miriicuhir 
i<»jiic. A diiiour.if may l)e deliveivd bj one ; 
•\ cornrria/ioii alwayH supposes that two or 
»iioiX' be;ir a part : wc saj a leiimetl ditrounr, 
a cheerful cum-nnntion. I'he attention of 
uit-n i* so much scattereil by dissipation, that, 
wlu-n tog^^-ther, exclusive of business, they 
seldom enu r into any dwoitrsc that is iiii- 
prosiiig; hut their general couvcrscttion v\i\\\ 
on things, in their nature trilling and imper- 

J>ivgi-aci I'ul, hontiux; s<*n-ndaloas. dLhonornni^ 

fiimdaktix: ^IxJih theit' woitls express the 

<rt'ect of those actioiis that hurt the gi)od 
name of those Viho c^Mnmit tlitm ; viith this 
djHitx^nce, iluii a. ila^iciiyj'ul action suiiies 

vicnf; indignation, iiid}gnfai9n>——thrj^ta uit 
implies augtr or ill.^%ill for some offence loni- 
miitt^ ; If it utmrnt is aiiger joined to a de- 
sire of revenge; indiguntiou signities aiu^i 
joine<l to contempt. Jngraiitude, or uni > - 
rited insult ju%ily iuctirs wit dUpten^t-fi y' 
ought they not to excite lasting rexvi/renr to- 
wards the guilty ; but only such honeu r"f'- 
na'ton against the vice, as may s^ure us iro a 
pmcti>ing the like. 
To dispute, disputrr; to wrantile. te 7'«'' • 

Ur: ^these wonls cannot be exactly «>''^~ 

iiYmous, since to dUbttte implies to artm 
w ilh some fuinu'^s and cisilit^- ; to nrc- :•' i 
to argue «ith asperity and insolence. Diil^r- 
ence of ophiiou causes disputes; a peoi«h itu 
qUiinx^lsonie temper disposes men to ifrr-: '• 
\\rre kM difputc, all argument annibil'i^^' 
fals< hood would soon usurp the lovcnitit- 
t\ ; hut a disposition towards li-^w^"'.? '^ 
the bane of know|.slgi», and a tonacnttu w 


To distinguish, dhtiugveri to separate, rp^.-xr 

we (tiifhipiiih, wliat we want iwt H' 

confound wiih another thin^ ; we sefcrCi, 
what Wf w ant to j"eJno\ e fi-om it. Ob;f et> ar- 
difiius'iiJied from one another by ibcii qu- 
lilies; they are oe^iaratcd, by the disumf "• 
time or place- ^_ . 

Dissolute, dissolu; loone.dhrgfi; riotous, dfAcif.^, 

rmitin.srditi, u\ . the Xw o first imply. U"^ L"*; 

ing unrestrained by decwjoy and dccormu : >»t^ 
say, a dissolute lili> dhtUute company: ;«'.--f 
morals, toote conversation ; rfetout >jjc'""^ ' 
more turbulent and noisy : as a "#r«« »"""• 
riofom mirth. 1m geueral, icoje and iiiunoi Ji 
piineiples do tiot tail to display thejus*^'-'^ 
in a (iiisotute ahd vicious life ; and nut im |' 
quentlv bnuk out in riuowi condttct, awi a*^'' 
ot'relx'^lion. «■ 

DisiingTii-ihed, diitingti^; eminent, emitienf; t^-- 
Uiarkablc, rewnri/uabk; egregious, P''0''^' 

rttA^T-e; tlie two first are appwsl |J'- 

ly to good qualities; the third, to ennr 
good or bad ; tki fourth, to bad only ^ -^^ 


[ »63 ] 


Af^n^hhed wisdonL, rirtue. See. eminent 
learmng, or abilities ; remarkable for knartv 
n, tor lobrietjr, ri^r^T^rouf blunder, an 
r^u^iotuiofA. Tboug^h a laily may be tJ/ttin- 
/su^fydns a pretty woman, she is rak, for that 
n^vjii, is expect to be celebrated as an emi- 
ri'-iif beauty ; and il* she wishes to he retiiarko- 
l^cior the superior elegance of her dress, it is 
lf> no tne^ns necessary she ]>ho«ild be such an 
i";rfT;yaut fool to every new fashion, as to 

inanimate Hkin^ as the HUrU stream ; the 

sUcni grave. Bcc. 
Dtirabilitv, dumtion, dur^e: ••^lurnhilify m- 
pecu the continiiancf ; dt,rntioii ifu' lenciU 
of it: we<ay, ipx-at or ViXxW durnbilifij; loiijj 
or short duration : where there is Rreai dura- 
bil'fij of if'xture, «e lUiiy expect loii^j dur/ifiou. 
Sublunary happiness can 1h but o;' short du- 
rofloii^ liecaii*e in llie world iticir there i« 

, ., — — ^ ..^„ ..w. , — »^ , \\U\^diirahiliJy. 

W ^Itehnsr ami chauginr atier the caprices , Dusky, sombre; cloudy, rouxrrf; obscure, ob- 

o! others, lei« fit to lead mv way than hcrstif, 

DiMnaikiii, divmatitm^ sorccUcrfc; prediction, 
py'uirttffn." tGvina/ion brings hidden thin;^ 
tu W^it, pretSci ion foreieli* uhat will come 
t'^l-a^s; thefti-stn^gards Uiings pi-esent aJid 
l^a^i; the i^eoud, things to come. K. Ke- 

Ctv-os /if,' marc; sediment, s^fRweiH. de/iSf: 
-—drtgt are fjToss ; a sediment is fine : af- 
I'rT xhv dregs are taken aw uy, there will I'lv 
qii iiHy ivmain a sediment. We say, the 
'-'r^'i of ttine, the dre^s of melted lullow ; 
'hv gfdunent of water : we say also, fig^iraiivr- 
!>• ihe drfgf of the peopU;, to express the 
v(^r\ loweit order. 

To drop, to fall, to tumble, (omber: what- 

<HT drtfir must in some iueastue fall; jet 
'•■(.ry thing that /<?//* does not necessarily- 
f^"'^; since to drop signifies to fall piveipi- 
ij'. ly. and it generally applitrd onl> to sruall 
')'t''<s ; as, the B]i]y\fM dropjM'd Irom the tree ; 
t''' kiiife dro'*/)ed fiTJui my band ; also, to ex- 
p^--* tlie follinjr suddf-nly dead, we say, he 
'! bi/jti/ doMu d'eatl ; bui we say, he Jell irom 
^ '1 l.idder, or tlie tjve ; to tumhie, is most 
"jiuiionly used to express voluntary lulls, 

^ - il '.rkki of jtcnlity. 

^"1 ':'iii5, douhuul. d'juteitx; uncertain, ii}rer- 

■'' ' all are U5<-«1 tovxpn-ss a riuctuaiiiig 

*-:t> ; but tfie fir>,t i^ not umeh in use ia con- 
*• r^ititiii, we rnlhef iilate dcn'tf/ul ui its sleyd; 
' ■' ' "/am w-ems u.ore to npird the event of 
' !ii;- ; a«, ihi;* bting a dvuhful ea"»e, the end . 
*" ^liich is uiicerfci/n : we suy also, fhint;> of a 
'"'''7*5 nature; dub^ouf esue is cue without 
l-fJiHT arguments on either ^.iUe. We must 
• '•» ^\c a hasty answer lu a didnou* (^ut-stion. 
I'l dmi'ftfui ntaiters a wi.*' man wUI kiep 
'" tlio saft'si side, i-.eii liiough he tli«i\-ln- 
niuiuuce soioe uncerluin hihI prcearioui uu- 

^' 'ill, dirtile; flexihie, Jfcrif/ie; pliable, pli- 
t"''; >i»lrtin^, gii:i{iie; mall-able, muU^a're: 
' ^uciHc iniplit-s whut may be drawn to 
•''|> i'li^U; Jtcxi'jte and pitn'Me, what l>ends 
'ti lacility : tliese anr applii.<l either to 
'■''"'* or dispositions : yU'ldir^ relates chj-lly 
I' v..iper«, and sis^nifici mild ;i!id conlphln^'. 
''■' ■■'."Me is used only to denote tlie qunluj iu 
•■^'Ui,. of Uring easily btai out witli a hiuu- 
'"«•: ex. how pleasing is a dxiviile mind, a 
J'-i-i'tle disposition, and yiclduff temper. In 
.•'>:uli tbe limb* ax^pUable. Gold is the most 
'•'-"!*tfjy. uf mtuU^. 

'>• rmict; qui ne fyeut fiat f/arler; silent, mvef, 
V^/jtf porle pas; umte, m W, qiu nc dit mot: 
7~~^'«e first of these ijnplies incapacity or 
|-' ?nvaiion of speech ; tjic others, a volun- 
•'O disiive ot it: Xh^xxr,^ imite seems to e.\- 
! "^^>* more than silcrU ; since we c;ill him a 
• '^i| man who says sery little ; but he who is 
^'i^'e sjM^s „m jjji. ^^ ujj^jj i^jiy choose to j 

** H'tlit and sit mntr in Pfunnniiv- thnusrh not i 

-by dtnky^ we luulorstand almost 
dark ; by cloudy, the skv concealed bj va- 

f)ottrs ; Dy ofacure, the being di privet! of 
ight : ex. one dusky nii^hi, wlitn the moon 
was coucialed by cloudy vapours, I entered 
an obscurif cavern. We use iJie latter term, 
also, to exjiress want of clearness in an author, 
or an uimotieed condition; as ofti-c/rf birrh, 
an obscure i)as>uq;i» in wnling. Du^t/, cloudy, 
and o^jc^rc will be our reasonings, on subjects 
above our pow.-n olunderitanding ; thertture 
the truc«»r wisilom is sliown in conHning our 
re-scaiche'* to tlu^so points of kjiowleilge 
which niav IviK-ilt otir,el\es and otlierH. 

Duly, dn'oi' ; oMic^aiion, obii^wion: dufif 

implies sojiu-tliiiig cons.-ientiotis, and spring's 
firo.u ^ a law : Mijnrion, sojufthing abso- 
lute in practice; and arises from cusionj, 
or prjuni-A- : we are said t«) fuil in our diify, 
and to di>j)tnsi' with an 0^ /;;<7//o;i. It is the 
d'.ly of a lU ,-ymaii to can*y himself uindcsl- 
ly ; and he i< o'/i^td to wiur darU-coloun.-d 
clotlus. Policy fiiids less (li^advjuitage in ne- 
gK Ming her dwy, tlian in forgetting the lea^t 
of her ublii^aiiona. 


EARVE^srXESS, apjAicatim, zt^fe; efl;*pmes?, 
cnpre^iciiicif, f}funon; avidity, aviditr; ar- 
dour, ardtiir, vhakur; vehemence, vf-brmence: 

c^rnesfucii implies a steady and ti\i-<l 

afttiuiju; cngirrncjyy a luiste to devour; iivi- 
di'y, the snnu' in a greatir degi-ee ; arduur^ 
waiiuth aufl energy ; vchviiuiTice, a gnater 
heat aii<l vioI».'iiee. A m-.ui is said to s<rk 
kuowl'.dce with eiinv:itiir.ts; to Ibllow plt-a- 
siire \^'iX.\i en;j;ernt^s; to thirst for power with 
(ntidify; to pursue, a fasourite scheme with 
ariluur; to pre*» an argument wiili veAc- 

Kdieucious, cffiiOre; efTeciual, cfficnce^ qui fait 
*0Ji c//'tf: -the latter term »«.*eras to ev- 
ni« thing more powtrlul than tlu; 
ner; the fwst gets the better of most ob- 
statlr-*; Ck- last, of all: as, by an cjjlracious 
rem»dy, we put an effectual stop to the dis- 

PUtigy. «:/^^/>; image, image; statue, statue:—^' 
eorpo.ral ivnnseniaiioii is the common 
idea of these linve woi-ds; but an effigy is to 
supply the place oi' the ivul thing; an image 
is to show the attittide and design, but in mi- 
iiiatuix>; a HaUte the same, as laige as life. 
Persons who draw on themselves the popular 
odimn, are sometimes hung in ejjlgy; images 
are made of efiinn, silver, Iftc. and set up by 
way of or:i:iinent ; statues are erected to 
kiiigs, or heitx s, In honour Of them. 

Elaljorate, bitn travaiU'^, soigne; w i-ll-wrought, 

on net 

^ «;tr/« and sit 7m/fc in company,' though not j bicu fail; highly finished, Jini: the tir-t 

««w.ii by QRvurc: we ttscribe ttknce also %o j of ♦-' 

tlirJie is the elegant word, which the 



[ iM ] 


oOifTS expltiu bv peri^nuii f^re understand 
by them a work^ on Mhidi naidi tune aud 
pains ha^ been bcrtowed ; but the tint U 
mure applicable to mental corn p<mt ions : the 
others, to works of art or meohauism ; we wy 
of It picture, that it is h'fihly JijiUheti; or an 
inlaicl table, that it is weli'wrvu^/u; ui'a trea- 
tise, that it is fhharate. 

To <'lect, etirc; to stiecl, /birrcAo/.r dr; to choose, 
rhr.i.iiv ot' two ibut^ we may (ituoye one; 
but srirct alwux-s implies to siiij^le out fixiia 
a pr-^ater Tsumlier ; lo ebrt, is to ti.t on a 
I»fuoa to till a public stutiuu: a lady \nll tell 
\nu. sh<- hud no poxxt-r to r/i'/o -r a partner in 
th»- ilmu-e ; but inc iii:i'>ter'or the ccrt'nionit's 
tr'rr'rJ, tor tKat poi jMnc, a rvinlenian who 
svas lately t'rc ed n»t-ii.'ufr ^f [»nrliaineni. 

£iDp:re, nnfjirr; kuK^dom, j cijaunx: ' *■ - t be 
word ctn/iirf <-on\fy- iin idea ol' a vast tt-r- 
ritorv, coiiHMi,id of \-iirinu'i people; ifthes-j.-- 
as, fb:it of A/n^v/r.-m injpliJ » oiM- nioif iHnnuI- 
etl, aiul inure unitird. 'I'he world is wt-ll ac- i 
c|iuint(.d wirli the din-rs-ify of ptoplv :ind na- I 
tiOMS cdiilainKl in ;be eni/ttrc o: G. r)-':inv, I 
tile rniji'nY. ol K'tssia, the Oitonir.n Tiy^Kiti on ' 
the oilier h:\nd, m thou- state*, ihat S, ar the * 
name of kht^'/oin. as Kii':flais«i. ■Sj)ain. ^co. the 
division of piovitucs does not lUstni) tii • i 
m»ity of the peopii . 1 he j.- is in L.n 'f.-'irit u 
unifonuity law v. aiul it i^ i 
this unilbnuify, or >"iuc:ie s'<^'^^ '"^••i.-'it, tiuit ' 
the wonis /.rin;; and k.ti-r/otri ta u- iIc jr rts*.'. j 
But it is ntrt the «;au»e wilh m,/ 'rf\ f-: « p.-rt ; 
of which U sumctj.ii!'^ UOMriic.l l.> Iuii(!:r>i. :i- j 
tal laws, rei-y dirtV.-.ut .n)nt tlx-t- !n wi-.h j 
another part ol tJie sain ctfi t is t'i;v>-nKxi ; ( 
hence it is, that then* are iiiuny .su.eivi}^;i» | 
and kingdoms in the iui.:e m./hr. j 

F.nndation, hnulafion ; t-Mvy, tnvir--—~rfiiii-i 
lat/on Ls a desii-c to excel; ciuij i-t n n pi:.- j 
in^ Sit the excelleaice of «»thii-9: t/un' is 
latttlable, as an iiiciienient if) worthy Rcutiris; ! 
but we should take care it df,« » nui dt :t'iie- j 
nite into envij, mhiuh is the baiu of liajtpl' ' 
ness, and ralintaTes torments to it »lf, irom I 
the advnntaj^es oi others. We shonld iluii- I 
folic h<' cautions of enconrat^iifr riv;:li'ya;ii(>ii^ j 
children, or yotinj:^ person* ; Jest thi: rT<i.u/- | 
^i«7i we excite, should prixhae e«ry; and Ie>t ; 
a prog^ress ui art* aijd scicnci s slioidd 1h* ifl • 
o!)tained, at the too dtar e.\i»ence of puiity 
and virtue. 

Fud, houf, Jfn; e\trenuty, pj^/rr/w/d';— — ench 
of th'^sr woixls simuties liie last of those 
parts which consiiiuie a thiii;^; but txtrtntittj 
suppoMs a siiiiatiim and urrang'enn'nt ; rud \ 
supposes a leniij^h only, and lU notes ibe pl:ic«* 
will re that length ceases: extrtmku is oppost-d | 
to the centre; <ml to the beuiiuiiug: tuns 
^e say, the extronitij of a kingdetu , the tiul 
of Ufe. 

Endeavour, effort, rfurf: cndenvour is la- : 

bonr directed to si jiije certain end; r^'m't \s \ 
a laborioii:> endaiiour : when we would av- ' 
coiTiplish a desi^-n, we iise our endefrvours', if 
sve nnet with obstacles in the way, ^ve apply 
our utmost €j)'Qvts to iTnko%"e them. 

To enicng'e, etiyogti; to oblij^e, ohtff^r: • 
in ofjtigf^ imjilles sDmelliinj? of force ; to m- 
fi^rgr, rather something agpeeable: duty oikI 
novessiiy obfiiie us ; pronnst s and good man- | 
jH-rs e/i^fc^r us: a-;. Ins business obngcs him to ,' 
rise early ; his ^'ood humour cnf^rriic^ ouf to ' 
love hmi. CoTiv« iiicnce often Wif^'cs those I 
who are abroad in tlie wurld to do tluugs | 

they r«rf mvdi di*Kk«L CosnplaisaTxre rtt^ 
gngci those wiio are not trery choice in tbt if 
eompauy, sometimes to enter upon bad uo> 
To eniaiigc, crt-andir; to inereaser avftnr'a r: 
——the woni etUmge is properiy aseii to mc^ 
nify an .odilition ol' extent ; rncreo^ h ap- 
plicable to number, bei|rikt, and quantin : 
we ntinree a town, a field, a gardriu hx i\- 
tending Uier boondanet ; we hicjrasf \it<. ui- 
habitants of a town, byaddin;^ to the nu'ii:> - 
we increase our riches, o«r e&peuces, bv ad- 
din jf a fresh (quantity. Prwtees ^iiar^r'{?f\r 
renown, by wiJeniugf the bounds of ilmr ili>- 
minious ; and tbc-y are ant to think the;, ic 
the same time hirrrrtst tteir power: bui ii 
tliii they are sometimes mistaken; lur v>tH 
ail fit.'argtnuut may chance to produce ci I. 
an 'n'"(rn.ic id cares and irouhlrs, wLidi Ji:ay 
end in their >itter ruin. 
j Enmity, ininiitif; rancour, ftmrun*.— -nm - 
I t>j MCjuilits open and declared h.^i'v, 
I ranr,, ir, sexTit ill-w ill, and malice br h. .nitr 
I ill the heart. It is better to live ia aM;'it<i 
' rumitih when? we cannot be reconcik'd, CiiiJ 
< to harbour ranrour in the breaK. 

Error, avrfr; thuli, /wt^.'r,- crime, frww.—rr- 
j t(>m\rv. involuntary /;.//rj, and resuh Irnit 
j win.i ot ij»i<.iinativ)n'; Jaulu are trans^R-^TOu 
I of tlie ntles of duty, and arise from lnitcii 
' w t akius5 ; rrinet i\Tv actions against tht Us\ 
i of iiatinv, and pi-uc-txi from wickedj:i m !' 
heait. Siip<-r>tiiit»us c« remonies in itlin*^ 
i arv errors; t!i.- ttti cts of anger, and intri^sin 
j of "riliaiury, »rr /ri (/?rf; calumnies awd a-^a^- 
I MPi.tions. an crh'nn. Wc: sbouM pit> irron. 
piinloii J'nuldi, and pnni.«h crimes, f. M"- 

I tMke. 

E\e:'.t, e-x'-ncntirnft incident, incukn\ cn^r 

evt-nf is applicable lo tWisgv ol" t^vj' r 

con-jniuence ; iu'.u!<-nty co those of lw< lu.;)- r?- 
anee. 1 he first is mostly applied lost.**!' > rft»l 
j?o\r.nuiit:nis ; Ux' »e«md, to casualties jr. \>rr 
\ ate life. I rifling imixicitt* luve sorat'!i' * 
Uin pixwluctive of important nrnfs. !'•<-' 
rt-.oluuon, of tlie state areepfwt* that «!<^'"- 
rnhir the ii:>ppiues4 of liie |»eople. Our lii< '' 
til 1 1 of in<:i(Liuit3 which the e>« of ppjiiiro; 
eaniiot <on-see. 

'lo e\i-. !, rie'Vr; to 1* excellent, (^ f^' J 

if,,': to cxttl Bup})oses comparison, ait'l 

is Ixinj,- «'!;.erior Ui all of the like knwl; '» 
e\c)ud s i'<|ii;;Is : to be exccVeiH is hi-vvx i» 
the hjtrh'rsi dei^i*ee^ without any coMipan-^"; 
it udniiu of equals. Thus we say, t<«m<^i». 
was jtn e^.rr'icnt actor; and so ««« K'^'|> 
'I'nhxn cx^ eiird in colouring; Micliael An^,"" 
ill d« «t,ni. Persons who excH in anj 1 >*'• 
ticular am, gain a namt : the inon* f ^^'^ ^ "^ 
the meats, the more dfingeroui the h-osI- 

Excursion, exrursion^ vvjage; nuiibk-- ctur^^, 

J/rcnieiiade; jaunt, antnr^ pcrtit. ^J''"'''^ 

jfton supports a pleasurable expc^iJ"^" 
to some distant place, dcUraiined ou s'-iNt 
linie liefore ; la-tid'e implies an irrt^' '^ 
re. nig ill places unthought of, till the ^""^ 
we an-i\e there ; by jaunt is imdcrsto<>it a 
WHlk or jouriu y. nfjn eable to the person »ho 
tukLS it, but considered with conttiu^t, or a» 
an act of I«-\irv, by others. We say umoc^ ni 
r:r~u i\,iofi v ; w 'iW rmnttlcf ; impnident ^^on I's. 
£.xrvrsUn.f are necessary to P^rso"». '" fl" 
deniarv wav of li»e, in order to unbend r^i 
mind wiuA eaeruise «ke body. »mM*tg X ^ 


[ 165 ] 


f t'ttit »ign of an uu.ictitfy cIispo<!idan. 
> -/ iii ftan-ii^j ol' jjlt'ii.i-;A* Jiuve liMii oitfii 

'' :•'-. ntuj'; panlon, fiau.'.ni ; i'iji%i\vnes*., 

' '<■ ; we a»k piudi^u v)ttn Uic tUuJi b 
T.'.r; »e implore /i'r^if/rt?/**,- o** oiir sins : 
-i* riru is an njiolosry' iu orittr to ju<«tir\ our- 
vii«. and is luui»ilr(l on lyiiuiu'-s ; ifie v- 
•■'I'A i> -.he mark ni" u fcool fli>}><)>itioTi. ami i< 
^' in hopf-s of exitijuutioii ; tlu- last to 

• rt ih:: viiiyeaneo oi" C>ml. Hnil «U;f'l.ircs iv- 
I'ifitt.'Ksc- is rnorc ustnl \^htii we :«tl- 

- "ur e<{ua!s; /janioh, to supcn-iiii-s ; J'oi' 
■ '(r.i. lo Hi-aveiu '1 lie i^xmI luiii-l nty iirej 

■ ') ; iht ^iKiti he-jrr pard'nu itjuily; Gud 

• .:'. s iuoreiii J\i-\'i-vcne>i ifian viumu^i*. 

' !■ • ui, ra|,>'^^-Y^'e; nial. rj:i/'t ; pf^iof, 

. ' IV. - ■ K Wf.emiitiit sij-iiiri' J ih-- «liseo- 

' S' «iQ unc«'iiiij!i or imkuowii tli'i-ct ; 

■ :ui ». »say Ui dt^url'iuine Ua- usf of thiiii?;» ; 
y riuiies luortr to lUe quLilliy oJ' ihiiis^s 
iljiii^lo iliaiinjE^uj'Ji, \^iui ctrtaiuty, >*he- 

- f Uwy ai^ g-ood Of IwU. We liiake r^tpcri- 

7,'' ia orJer to kJu<^ ; friali', lo cho<>«c' ; 
- >''. to be fully aequaiiited with. Exftcri- 

*:•■:■! coafinu our opiniuas, being the r»ot of 
tii-ftltdwc Trial conductsi our taste, bi.iiif|^ 

*■ ^.aJ to Hatiifaction. Proof wtnovcs our 
' irs, aiid ig a renvc-dy agaiii»t un-or and im- 
U>'. ;rt. 

■vul, itendre; to stretch, tendrc, nlonger^ 

"'''',• to dilate, tWatev: the two lira 

' ur,y to spread torth to iM>m'- lenj<>h ; bui 
■; ^'ctak seems to suppose more iurce eiiv- 
I' :«-(l, than exundi mui, we e.xrmd our 
■•-ii<! t(i rcllvve the poor; we -,reoh it out to 
r.-jt^ tbe lallen : loddau implif* to opeu or 
' ^imikI : as, vonteiuplation ihiatf* die luiuil, 
• .' ti 5'^ / the he-art ; f«{^i-ativfly, we sav, the 
''JO ifrctches^ who g<ics bfjomi ihe trutii in a 

'1 ; that tuf extend.1 ou a sii'^ct, when he 
■r.ui \i ^0 utuurot:»*ary }eiij<iu ; or that h«.* 
'' f' his argtuoeuu, till tJiey become dittiued 
"1" '«t:bleue«5. 

'iUiTiQt, wrabondant; redundant, redondant; 

-ii^nluom, siipcJifiu:—— by e.tuUratu^ we 

If.' i-^und full aiui ahoundjiiqj ; by redim- 

•nf.aii overflowing plenitude; by i^ufterflu- 
-'••'- a sn-ater abtiiHiauoe tlwn can be u^C'il or 
'•J pusttl of. It i* said in some ol the Airican 
-liius, where tliey enjoy Uie wBrnitli of a 
^'f ical iui«, and experience eurichiiif!^ and 
^p'iU^/onf rains, the flowers are so exuberant^ 

<u( odr sailors have fainted i'roiu the super- 
"•*'•' fragrance. 

• • '*«. yod.t; kight, vuC: ^tliough the one 

" riaiiy ii,g stiiie, the other the organ of 
'111 i^uie. vet are there cases wlien they 
fu i; be used indifferently : as, beautiful ob- 
u cu plira^ the eye or the si^fu; my jr/^A/ or 
'"> «y<? faiU me: but when we say, 1 was 
^iii'iur^fA/ of London, 1 saw n strange /i^/if, 
^^t. w« caonot mu the word eye. 


'J'^LE^yiWr; apologue, a^t^i^; allegon', a/- 
'' orif; ficiioii, Jicdon: are workii ol iu- 

j'uiioii, dengned to instruct and amuse. 
'jv fahit^ gy aptitgve^ we uuderstaitd, that 
^"Hl of wnting which bestows character and 
''^Ifuagcoa bniteR, or iuuiiuutte beings ; de- 

dncine: fmra thence some moral or satire, 
tor the instniciiiHi ol" nuiitkiiMl : bui. apo'o^iic 
j< not H a«ml i»4* t'ainiliar use; we ^uhKtitute 
J'Hjle in its ste-.-d : aUey,ory cjinsists in convey- 
iiikj ifHtniction by the ju rsouificxition of qiiii- 
|iAfe> trmi pirt^nfM x ^fictum is any tale invente*! 
to awuMf. V.^vry fktion i«j not a fMf, n/to- 
Imnie. ♦ir fi".rirunj; yet may eaeli of these be 
C:»lUd Jirtr-m', 
To i.ul; tr fhncr; \o withiT. »e Jfrtrir.-'^—lo 
f.'lf is to lose its l>louiu and freHline«« ; to . 
TivVAiTis l<j shrivt I up, m'mI die: aH«»wer which 
\^ J- >'*'(! may reciMi", but Uiat wliich is 7r/- 
iltr)rU raJiuoT. IkMUty like a Slower will /br/f 
thnaij^li ut^f, oihI r.uiy be 7i't,'/ier«/ svalrienly by 
sii-kiiebs or accident. 
l"«i lui.s, fanuix; n-novTx-d, renommr; cele- 
biTiu.'il, cilrlif; illiistrions, f//{/.r/rf:— tht* 
fiiNt of th»-K' 'ie^nifies to be much known 
and ntiiiced ior • iilier tjood or bad (qualities; 
file seeonil iin plies raisetl from obii\ion by 
fu*luon. or (tubiie ta^le; the third expresses a 
superior ilei^Tv^^e ol aljiliiics or kuowledpre ; the 
foiuth »tippos'-s a nifril suppt»rir-d by dii^uity 
Had j^lory. 'I Jius we say, a famoua actor, a 
Jattmn gambler; a r^<nf?i«/ warrior; a crle- 
brated author; an iUufrioui prince, iiro- 
stratus, among the Gr.-eks, set fu-e to the 
temple of Dinna lo make himself /a-'iom- ; he 
Mi\A reudeitxi moiv so, by an oi-der ol^ the 
stttte, that hi$ name should never after he 
iiicntioiied, ou pain ol'pimiiihmeut. 'llie Go- 
behues were so renviviied, that their naines 
live in the place wheit; they worked, and in 
those w orki in which others imitate theiu. 
The duke of Malborougii became iUustrf^is 
by tiie maay victories 1m. obtained ; hb glori- 
ous in:i'\onit' an; rrJr'/r'Ocd in hiiiory ; as ai>e 
the many court intrigues of his ducliess. 
Fanttisiitaf, fan'ayque; whin\ncal, capriciaixf 

ini;';t;oLty, t^wn'tux; fanciiul, bizarre: -fan' 

tajical implies a rambling li-oax true tastp, 
through excess of delicacy, or an unrt a*i>n.i- 
ble si-arcli alter something better; whimtiral 
tiii-Am an aflectaiion of singulai-ity ; by mag- 
got,':, is understood great inconstancy, or sud- 
den change of taste : faticifuJ implic'% a certain 
oddity of humour, or a particular wa>| of 
thiiikuig. 'Hiere numot be a more despica- 
ble en'atin*e than ihi^ /fnUmfuol fop ;Ue tricks 
out his charming seir, in hopes ot attractiog 
the respect of mankind, but, on the contrary, 
meets only with scorn and contempt. 'Ihe 
ufiitnsn ul man, if hb* inventiou be lertile, is 
someiimc.i an object of j»pestnt admiration, 
but, on serious reflection, is too frequently the 
subject of ridicule. A maiigotty person is 
eoually tiresome to himself aiKl to otliers, at 
what pleases him one minute will often dis- 
please him the next. He who is fanrifui^ is 
lar mon* troublesome to himself than to others; 
for, Ix'ing led away by his w ild imagination, 
he fondly believes mauy things to Ik real, 
which are only idedl. 
Farewell, adieu, tffii^w.— though thete words are 
frequently put in place of each other, yet 
there is a striking difference between tliera. 
FarewcUy which is a w i!»b for the well-being of 
a thin}?, is applicable to whatever we take 
leave ol": as JureivcU ye groves and streams, 
Ike. but adiet'u whieh is a recommendation tn 
God, can, with propriety, be applied only to 
human creatures. ^ 

Fast, vitei bard, fort: both signify quick mo- 
tion ; bui fail titaidiii* quickness without 


[ »^6 ] 

FU D. 

furce. ftard quickness whh Tiolence: tbut, | 
to niiL, ride, or rain fasf, impiitrs a quick- I 
er motion than coiiunon; but to run, i 
ride, or rain hni-d, Bonit* decree of fowe or j 
violence: lo work^a.^^, means expeditiously ; , 
ftarti^ laboriously : he ^ho works fast «ill soon i 
liave done; he who works hard'^iU soon be I 
wear)-. F. Nimbly. 

Fault, yJnrfe; delict, drfmi*; imperfection, im- 
pcifectwt:' • / hit/t, wliile it denotes ioiue 
waul in the tinisiiinp; of a work, siippo- 
i,e% also, thnt it was owing^ to tlu- worii'UAU ; 
drftnt e\pirs»e» somi-tliin^ imperfect in the 
thing, without any rt^lntion to the maker of 
it ; imperfection implies somelhing^ of less con- 
sequence, and is used more properly in mora- 
lity, than in jfihvsics or mechanics, llius, 
the smoking^ ot chimnies is a fault in houses, 
as attention in the builder maj pixm ni it ; < 
when the beauty- of a building^ ts spoiled fur 
want of room, it is a (hfect, which the buil- 
der could not prevent ; the involuntary fail- 
ings of humanity *n iT^peifcciiotn. V. Er- 

To fet-l, t&teri to handle, nMm/rr.-— — to feel 
is to touch slightly; to hand'e u to feet 
more thorough y : ^cfiet a column, to know 
if it be marble, or wood ; we hanrUe ttutt', to 
know what strength it has, or what body it is 

Fickle, ,/>-fr«/tf; inconstant, inconstant; unstea- 
dy, i^ger, volage; changeable, chrrn/rrant:—— 
the attachments of the /Irkle are slight; 
those of the incomtant^ of short dm-ation; the 
vhsteady are eager to pursue many things ; 
the cfiatigeahfe are in constant search of ditK>r- 
ent ones. Men are eomiuonly morcyirA-^ and 
inctnrtant than w omen ; but women are more 
unsteady and chnn^efAle than men ; the first 
err through indittereuce ; tlie lasi through 
love of novelty : conseciuently it is a merit 
in men to persevere, and lu women to resist. 

Fiery, defeu^ viokni; fervid, rhmid; flaming, en- 
fiammfi fervent, ./frtw/; ardent, ardenf: 
the three first imply a great degree of 
heat and violence ; the two last, of eamest- 
neu : as, ./Stri/ persecution ; fa-vid zeal ; ^anh- 
ing love ; fervait pi-aycrs ; ardent wl«heft. 'ITie 
loud and fervent dispute*; among christiaiu 
in the past oeniurie« have had few, if any, 
ill consequences with regard to our holy 
church, whose most ardent well-wishers now 
p»rcei\e it ha» been ever raorv endangered by 
the mine thaji the battery. The Jienj zeal 
aiui daring attacks of the levellers only 
called tbitli, on our part, a calm and steady 

Figure, ^^«rt; form,/«r7iM'; fashion, /af on:— — 
Jtgurc ivgards rather the desigri or out- 
lines of a thing ; form relates to the sliape and 
construction, ancl results from thtf arrangi'- 
ment of parts ; fwthion riw* from the oma- 
tnenu and workmaiuhip. lu architecture, 
we seklom give a voundjfgure^ except to siu- 

51e pieces, and such as stand by themselves : 
le iMigans represeut the deity under nil kinds 
of form*; the fas/tion of a work frequently ex- 
ceeds the matei-ials in ^-alue. We say of 
fashion^ that it i< either agpn>eable or disagree- 
able; offonny that it is either common or 
To find, trnever; to meet with, irmwi/rw.-— 
we find things s^unknown, or which we 
sought after ; we meef with things id our way, 
or wluch present ihemieUe* unsought for : ex. 

during my long confinement, Iftrund JTr-..,- 
rrlief in tiis company; looking into an an- 
cieut author, 1 me*^ with a pas\ag«; uhi^h 
plens,-d n»e much. 'Hie unfortunaieTTnc/ >oni*' 
rewtree in their afHietions ; peopl** who tCM 
readily contract friendships, are liable to^ 
rvit/i liigT-atiiude. 

Flat, tvj', y«/</i^; insipid, insipitk: ^wbut i- 

fat does not phast^- tiie taste; wiiat is 'n- - 
pid hut notastt* at all; the one wants the- j> ri- 
per degree of su^soning; the otlu-r w ,11*1 , i- 
entirely. In works o* the mind, the j*n^. .ip- 
p<*annij to affect the graces, displL-a>ei ; tiif 
insipid, wanting knowledge, tirt^. 

Flock, herd, drove, troupeait: cbt-se all m[j- 

nify a collection of aniinnh, but custom li.t» 
made it improper to use thein promiscuous! v . 
We say, njl-xk of sheep or geese; a Uffr'J \A 
swine, 'de«M-, or goats ; a drvve of oxen, or i < r»> 
keys. It is the ^aiue when speaking ol* ptx^ 
pie; we appropriate particular ciaMes. auJ 
say, a crawrf of courtiers, a mob of blat k- 
gturds; a troop of toidiers; a c^mptxnu oi" 
players ; a set of servants ; Vigang of tliieve$. 

Footstep, pat} track, pat, trace: - track 
is more geiieral, metning any mark left on 
the way, of whau^rer patvcdj fotUtep is more 
limited, implying the print of a Ibot: thti^ 
we say, the trar.k of a hone, or a carriage ; bui, 
thofoot'tepf of a man. 

To fortify, foriifer; to garrisoa, mettre gorn> 

son: \«fe foitify a town, in strengtheniner 

it a^inst attacks, by walls and works ; we 
garnjou it, by placing soldiers therein to dt- 
lend it; luid we say, to /wyi/y stroorf y, to 
gorrinn largely. A town witbout a soMsly or 
any one inhabitant may be fortified^ bvt can- 
not be garrisoned: wmji fortified places require 
a givater number of men to g a r rii oH Ukem 
than others. 

Fortune, 7ff7-fr/n«; rank, nme; birdi, naissance; 
family, jTmiille: ■■■ b y fortune we nisder- 
stand ricfies ; by rank\ nobility ; by 6crf A. lia- 
ble parents; hj famili/y a Kne of nobte aneea- 
tors. A person o£ fortune may be without 
rank; one of rank^ without high birfhi vte 
may be of high births who yet cannot with 
propriety be called a person of /iimi/y. f^sr- 
tune nuiy be acquirui by industry; roRJr, 
by national sersiees ; birth and Jamily are 
due to the merit, or successes of our axie^^' 

Frugality, /rvj;afh^; economy, eroniwe: 

fYugaltty implies only discretion of ei- 

Cce ; eronomif includes in its idea soc^e 
J of management, in onler to eke matiei-« 
out ; frugality is a wi«e care to avoid extra* a- 
gance in spending money ; eeonomt/ is a pru- 
dent regtilation ot affairs, to prevent WHite. 
Fritgalitu is generally tlie pronnce of the Uuv 
baud, whose business is 10 take care hb c\- 
pences do not exceod his income. Ecovofnt, 
IS principally ihc care of the wife, whose *iii- 
dy is, by prudent management, if possible^ to 
make up evw defieiencv. 
Fuddled, ivre; drunk, todi; intoxicated, enri- 

vre. all signify a state, where the rea 

son is disturbed by lit;|Uor; but fuddkd im- 
plies a less degree of inebriation ; drttnk, a 
greater. Fuddled is a word of vulgar we ; in 
politer com-enation, intoxicated supplies iti 
place. We use the latter term aomtHimes fi. 
gUTOtirel^ : as, he ib tntojeicated with •ocer>«. 
Half a pmt of wine will auOce some men. 
drunk, wfaenotben will drink a gallon, with- 

GEN [ 167 ] (f ^d^0 :-' ,;-.' 

urn venal kiiWV<b|e is a kiio^WfCe •rgL-vtr> 

...i bo in j; in tin- least /wi//«/- Good «uc- 
tr.-. hlII so.ncthm's h> '// o i v/fe* u prrson as 
t-. Uike hull oil' from his biuiiuss -'^iti ren- 
ri r hiiu di'Oigrtcaule lo all hi* acqufiiDt- 

I 1' t!»orc, «Jf: ^i«; raorvover, tn uiitt't; bf- 
cr'ii'itsurs:^--^itr,/itr rorc i* pr(>i»cr- 

bfciifved, but 
ment of priiicea 
view but thf ^f;ir»" 
Oi' God is univrnal. 

i|j//^«i<;//f^. "The j^vcni- 

gh* ^o^ hir«K no obji-ci iiv 

.lYic |>rivii{cuce 

A, -^lunwe would adtl ano luort iva- " Gtnius, ^i/iuf; talent, fnknt ^-T m il i ai w I mnf i' 

thr Miiue uatuiv wiih tho^- bt'loiv 
n.- ntiij»*e<l; iii<j>firucr i\ '-'x^hlU placitl, lo add 
a rv'-iiofi o»"a tliilVrent kind, lo'thobo that wont 
>ir:are ; beitdei^ when we aouUI siivngihtTi, 
"tjy a ne^w reaxm, the force of those thai wen; 
sijiftcietii oi" theuiselvei : ex. for a state to 
i i[tiKjrt itself^ those who govdm should be 
ii -it rate ; thos«- who ou^ht to obey, gowma- 
Ui ; /ur-c'/j^riwsnr, the laws khould be judici- 
t,if.. Thf re will always be war among men, 

Sr^aus*.- they are naturally ainbiiioiw, and ;. Centetl, proprt; elegant, elrgant." 
-ud-'ii In' interest ; 7/io/rfftrr zeal tor religion unnliKs wiinHihinf*- uiww.' ih*. #.«« 
r i-iJvT* Uieni rigid. Holy scripture teaches* us 1 
th.- unity of the Godheotl, and reason points 
ir out to %u i bc*idej all nature makes lu pcr- 
cnvc it- 

\IETY, gttietr; joy, Joie: :Joy is a strong 

» niatimt of pleasure, too violent to be la«t- i 
ui< ; gutety i% natural to some people, and 

i ■ 1 certain spriglitliness proceedii»g from ease , 
aud beulth : joy ii opposed to sorrow ; gatety^ , 
to ^ra^itf. It sometimes happens that the 
f»j,-tr»vion ot a ^nod, from which we expected | 
a jTi^eat deal of jw, gives us a great deal of uii- ; 
•-u^iaess. It is often owing to a turn of ima- 
^xuttion only, that the bitterest tears are sue- . 
f»^rtied by the gtwitesl.^o/e/y. 
(rai'i, gmn ; prinit, profit; lucre, lucre; emo- j 

I u/vent, &niolumcnf: gain seems to arite j 

fr^m something casual, and implies risk ' 
»nd hazard ; for this rt-ason, the word is in ; 
irr. at a<e among game^teni and tradesmen ; | 
f-r-Jlf rather pnjcei^ls from lauds or indubiry ; 
»f- say. Wu^ profits of the earlJi, of our labours, 1 
N-c- Lucre is ne^er used but by wayoi con- ^ 
tvinpt . as, it is low and sordid to be alwayv 
cnwn hy lucre. Emoiuinem rebtes to com- 
u.i'<tk>iLS and empioyiuenu, iniiuiating as j 
w.-ll the perquisites as the salaries aituexeil j 
to them. Soiiie persons are so particularly j 
rifTtd a* to condemn all ^wn-arisine from play ; i 
iii:iny ^ill idly call ihsX pro/It^ which has ac- 
( rut d by illicit means ; the iuiser will sacri- i 
r. •" ever) thing for luae; we do not always j 
fiud the gfx:tiXvii honour bi offices ihhei-e - 
I'icre is llie gre;itesttf/}i«/f<.'»^/U. 

1 ij ^i3>*. regartlrr, centeiupier; to stan.', rrgaiflrr 

jix'mmt; envisagei : both sigiiify to fix tJie 1 

\\fS with wonder, tipou an object ; lo look at • 
ii earnestly and inteuil) : \i\i.t .sttuing impiics j 
lo'>king witli wonder and impudtnce; gazing ^ ] 
w itb wonder and n.spcci. When we si e any / 
HI range and uiiuiual thing, v,f gaze upon it ; 
lo ifrne another ii» the lace, has alwa) s bt-en ' 
tuMwuered a«a breach ofgood maimei-s. 1 he ' 

with us. an<I are a happy dispoiition of na» 
turr, by which we aix.- qualitiv^d for some 
jKtuliar employment ; but genius seems moiv 
internal, and posseitsed of the power of in- 
vention J taUnty more external, ana capable 
cJ' execution : thus wt? say, a genius for po«^ 
try or uainting ; a talent lor speaking or writ- 
ing. Such as have a geniu^ for mechanics, 
may have no talera for watch-making. K Iup 

... „ . r. „'^iteel 

unplies something above the common nin ; 
elegant means beautiful and graceful: by a 
house gnueehj furnished, is understood, one 
containing every necessaiy, good and credita- 
ble ; by elegantly furnished, is meant, with 
taste and fa.shion. By genteel carriage, or be- 
hanour, we understand grace and politeness ; 
elegance expres^tes a more Knished good breed- 

To give, donner; to present, tretenter: to offer, 
o^rtr;—— «o ^iir is generally used in a fami- 
har sense; to present, in a respectful one; 
to <iffer, in a religious one. We gh>e orders to 
our servants ; we prestnr petitions to princes ; 
we offer prayei-s to God: v,e give what we 
would have received; we pix'^mt what we 
think will be agi-eenble ; we qjfer what we 
iuiagine will Ix' acceptable. 

Glory, gioire; honour, honneur: g lory ex- 
presses something more distingaished tlian 
honour. Ctonj stimulates us to givat and he- 
roic actions ; h<,nour makes ws avoid such as 
are mean and unworthy. An indifference to 
glory may pa*» tnuioticed ; but fionour must 
mAuence all our pix>ceetlings. quest of 
glory sometimes stimuhiles the soldier's cou- 
rage, even to rashness ; aiul notions of ho- 
nuur^ in spile oi" fear, keep him often to his 

To go back, retourner; to return, rrvenir:'-—' 
we go biirky to a ])lace we had long left ; we 
return to one wiiere we liave lately been; 
thus we say, he hgone Imck to his own coun- 
ry ; he is returned home. 

GoIcJ, frar; golden, if or, f/orr;—— custom has 
comened tlic substantive gold into an adjec- 
tive, and altered tlie seuse of ^o/</rn, which 
ri'aliy means made of gold, into gilt : in tlii** 
corrupted sense then 1 must consider them : 
the word gold relates to the metal of which a 
a thing is made ; golden, to the hue it bears : 
thus we say, a gold-^atch', a ftf^ring; the 
golden lion ; the golden head. Yet we some- 
times hear of a golden cup, for one made of 
gold: and should it be said thus, such « one 
stole a golden cup, fruui the sign of the golden 
lion, we must imagine that iMth were of the 
same materials. 

uupudtacc of some fellows is so gnat, Uiat Good-fortune, boiiheur ; prosperity, /ftrflf^^frW/*; 
th.'v willitare amoilest womanoutof comue- ! goudrfortune is tJie effect of chance, it 

nauce ; a man in love will sometimes guzc ujv 
oii the object of liis aOeclloiiM, till he almost | 
ioM ; his sight. , 1 

;..rj» ral, general; universal, ttniversfl: -g e- \ 
urral iDutlies a great nuiubtr of particulars; 
vuxeritu, every particular: ex. fc/Mr/a/ | 

coiufs unexpected ; />r<w/vrrty is the success 
of conduct, luid comes by degrees. If a man 
becomes rich, by a large' legycy, or a prize in 
a lottery, it is good-fortune; if by his industry 
and nuuiagemeiit, it is prosperity. Fool's 
have sumeume* ji,ood-ftTtutte ; wise mea do 


t 168 ] 


*onlinelji, i\ a i»i«'Ce of 

Hot nl^mvf pr9»prr. The ciiphol that wa< 

fiavttl by thr en. kliiiq; of pe-i %■ , «iul not by 

th<' ^^p^la^lCl' of llu' 

Li«;ti»n v.k^w pi-optr to show th 

of thr Roiiuiiu. ihaii lh"ir iiiiliiary ^tj^i-m- 

nHTii on timt <M'miion ; th ju^i, on all othen, 

thiir uis«- comluoi lias ctMH-iinittil a< niucli 

to their protjtcruy, as llic vuluur «f tht-ir •ol- 


Oooci-nntiirc, Aen nattirti; f>foocUinmour, 6oti- 

nr humrtir : ^bod-iutfurr U that divpoti- 

tion, which i>artHk«*« ot' the felicity of all man- 
kind, an:l pnmioiof the «Rti«fartion of all 
ivithin ih«- n.uh of its ability; that relie\'es 
fhf di-»trp^-M*t!, comlbrtn the araicled. ditlu<ie4 
bl<-t«i. p^N. nndfotmnuiiicates hapirincsa a« IVir 
as its Nphrre of action citn extend. Gmi/* 
humour is n cheerful, pleasing depoitmentt 
ariiinc: fi"wm paicty of teinuer, a prospt-rons 
sitimtion of affairs, or an Mffeetation ot popu- 
larity, joine<l to an aftahility of helia^-iour, 
^hicii IS the rrsult of grxxl-breedinp, and a 
romplinncf %kiih the taste of every company. 
Good-nnttirc is constant and nmnterrupteci ; 
f:ootJ-/iumntir is liable to Ix* destroj-ed by ill- 
fortune, or cross accidents. 

Goodness, bont^; rij^liteouBness, drmtttrr; virtae, 

vtrtu: -gooihu-ss •eenw rather to mean 

patimce, or (brbearance; nif/»ffW/.rnfM, jus- 
tice and piet>f viitve implies aeti\e benefi- 
cence, or heroic j^renttiess ; but we innkc 
a j^reater distinction between them, when we 
•sk a friend to ha\'e the goo'inrtt to pull the 
bell ; or when wc praise ine virtues of parti- 
cular plants, in the cure of disorders : in these 
cases, we cannot uae any other ol' the three 

Ori'ut, grand; sublime, n/Wffne.-*— when we 
idy a work is great^ we reffurd more tlie 
letiminp, or the nature of the nubjerts treated 
of; ulu-n we call it .^ublivtr, >»e consider the 
spirit and maimer in which the^ are treated. 
Ijucke on Human Un;lersuiiulinp is a f(rfat 
work ; Milton's I'ar.ttiisf l^st ii a ^ublime one. 
Studied vynls, known only to the learned, 
^joined to profouiui and raetajjhysical reason- 
in j;s, form thtgirtu orcknalel style ; expre»- 
swJis equally just and briiiLnut. juineil to 
bi^utirul thoughts, finely and uobiy turned, 
t'onstiiut'j the sublime. 

To grow. crtAfrc; to increase, aripinentn:' 
to groiv implies the au^inentutioB of a 
thing, by the nourishment il rect i\es ; to in- 
17 ri7fe denotes the addition of a (pi*sh quantiry: 
thus, com grmvi, the ha,rv<^t incrensni the 
trees ^rorr, our revewies irjcrrajr. The woni 
grow signifies onl); the au^nentation, indt- 
pendeniof that which occhmoiis it ; the >»onl 
increase gives us to undei^tand, thm th«' uu^- 
iiieniullon is ciitsetl by a frt-^fh quantity, 
whk-h casually joins it. Tlius, to sav that a 
river ^/-tnr.r lai-^rT, is to »ay. only, tliat llie 
wat<T is ri»en, v^iUiont expn-sving tJuit it is 
become so by the ulriial of .in additional 
quantity of water ; but to say that a river is 
itnrrased, n to sny that if is swelled by a fresh 
4uaiitity of uaicr. 


HANDSOME, Lrau, bim-fatt; prettv, '/oH; beaU- 
tilul, fteftu, afrtrabk: by a h.tuUomr wo- 
man. We undei-stand t»i»e that is tnll, graee- 
frtl, and wtU shaped, with a repilar set of 

feaiurrs; by p^tfty^ owe that is «K'iioauii 
nt.-ult. and who>c le-aturrs an* pleanuL; ; h; 
bcauf'/'ul, a union of both. Frttrivat c-irn* 
an itlea of sLiupHcity ; hantUemtnesr. «>J n. -bi 
lity; bectity^ oi iuaje«ty. la other t'lingN u 
•ay, a bcnuttfxU palace ; a handjome hoijH4- ; 
pretty cottage. Beautiful relates to someih m 
more serious and engaging; />reffy to v> ijf 
thing more gay and diverting: for this n^^oi 
we say, a beautiful tragedy, but a praty ecun 
dy. A beautiful woman is an ol^eet oi" euri. 
sity ; a handsmtte woman, oT admiiAtion ; uu 
a pretty one, of lore. 

Happiness bonheur; felicity, JNkitf; Wws, h^rr. 

/u-ur. frlicite: hafipirtest deiKrtes prvUKi 

ly, the pleasorewe derive from the p*f ■^^ 
f ion of health, wealth, honours, gcc, ; /r-.-r -' 
expressesj rather, that state of the heart at* 
mind, which disposes it to find satis&ciioTi i 
whatever it possesses; the ideaofWur* rel it.. 
chiefly to a Uiture stale of hap]>tttcss. Sin 
faction without, forms the hornets of in. in 
satisfaction within, his felkitv; biUt mu-t I 
asked of God. The ftntis within the n-aeh « 
riches; tlie second, of wisdom; eke third 
reser^-ed for those whom the scripture calU tli 
poor in spirit. 

Harm, mat; hurt, dmnmage; mis^ief, tr}*:'^- 
mrr/tnnretr; injury, it^usrice. tmt; delrin*- u 
dittr'mtcnti-'harmKaA kiirt relate motv tn i». 
person or character, but harm seems to dr'd. .: 
a small degree of evil; Atirt, a greater; v. ' 
cAir/] npplie<> chiefly to tihe person or prupr : i 
and is suppusi-d done with an ill intent ; f:,. 
ry nlates to the character or pro|»erty ; </f-» 
vteiit is seldom used but with ve^^ni co |>'-< 
p<Tty, and carrjes an idea «M" lo«s : by woi.u> 
mg a man, we do harm or hurt to his p<rsi.i. 
by spt aking ill of Iiim, we do hann or hurt \ 
his cnaracter; by brcakiNg hn head, or s> 
ting fire to his hoase, wc do him a wirtK- 
by defaming him, or defraoding him ot ■. 
goods, we i\o him an injury; l^ btvakiiir 
Ledge, or tnading down corn, w»i do a f;ri 
deal of detnntfvt. 

Haste, h '!tr, firt'cifritatitmi huny.vifeMC, Oi^rr .v 
mtut:~iiaste signifies speetC but hurry v« r 
tu imply a kind of agitation occasknud \\ 
hnrte : we sometimes speak of a hvtrv or v| 
riti ; but we can by uo means use the 'v^im 
/lasfe in its stead; as also iu the tblUn^i, 
expression : do nut put yourielf in sutS 
hurry, fur the busiuess requanra no ^n , 

Haughtim*ss, A<n/fCT<r; di«lein,<irdatn.*— both J 
note a disposition that keepit us at a diit:, lu 
from these whcm we think betiefth ws^ «'i'j> 
in birth, fortune, or abilities; with this ('. 
fereiice, that fiaugh'iTteu is founded upoii tJ 
esteem a man has for himself: ditdatn, up<. 
the contempt be has for others. We ^ » 
/lati^hiurrs of disposition, or dcportxiw m 
looks, or Muxds, ot dijtfain. HauMhihirj. % 
seldom met with, but in persons or wej»k ui 
denitimdiug, and those who have bad a U. 
education. TItere are vain people^ wiiu !«■• 
upon f/(.w^';i as a nersonal aceompliahni* c 
and tHho use it on all occasions, as a test ot ii. 
merit tln'v pretend to. V. Pride. 

To have, trvotr; to possess, ffurtkrc'^f hir-' 
thing, tt is sufficK'nt that it belongs to u^ 
but. to poisess it, it must be in our hands. :i } -, 
we have the liberty of deposing of iu II » u 
we have an estate, notaltlMtanitns it is ntui 
gagvdtbr the benefit «r the creditor* i but, w 


[ 169 ] 


9»anot br said (o pmsc«$ it, nolens it bn unin- 

T'« havi' a mind for, crra/r envie de; to \on^ for, 
d- -rrrr oratmntrnf; to wi«h for. tWihaiter ; lo 
feni.ker alt r. tvnfinircr paiJiiunurny^nt:—\\i: 
h/n-^ 9 m:n'!fw, or //»^ /'or, a piVH-nt object ; 
bot thf first Sot- 1115 attended uith more kiiow- 
I'vlq-: and ivrtr'ciion, cho second with mon^ 
rpijiion and tiiste ; w<* iriih fur thin^ farihrr 
c;-:taiit ; We hmkn ufn-r wlial lias Ix-en taken 
fr-im us- l*rinc*« soiuetiiucn htwe a nvmi to 
rnitjry tbeir ambition at the expenct of (heir 

' iiV\re welfan-. PregiMnt women long far 
rao-it Chiiij^ Ihey »ee. Lh/.v pt opie often sit 
cV,wn and oonUrnt iheuise'Uw uitJi rcif/iing 
/j' lbo«.' things which tJiey would preseiitiv 
cltain. if (li1i<^'nt and as>i(luouB. Sofiie chil- 
t!nn Twill hatiker a long liuie after their 
ii iru^ and It is with the givatest difficulty 
lS \ can bt' brouj^it to for^t them. 

Jlr jlihy, sain, b/tit ftorfan'i whok'sorno, sahttn'nr, 
t^i i>brr:—ihe^ fir»t properly sipnifies nuK-seviin^' 
h' -aith ; the second, promoting ii : tiius. w hen 
He «jr, a hcalfhy plant, we mesxn one fresh 
L.nd Imp; bj a Tvho>.9nir plant, wt* mean one 
fii lu «rat : we *ay indeed, iii;lifte.-ently, hcfiii/nj 
or -ivki^tome air*; but wholrsof}!, iood, a ficcitl.y 
{:» r*on, &c- )*'e say also, who'c^otiie odtict, 
\, iia'cuatie correction; wen* tin- other woni 
I'th^itnCcd here, the phrase woi:hl not only 
^t*- vulgar (as it ecrtainly now is^ but lun^h- 

Ifavy. pffont; dull, iQurd; stupid, jKfi//.uV-— /ifc- 
t V i* uv^-d to express slowne$« (if imell^ tt, or 
t-'«Jion« and iiniuleresiin;^ writint^. t)r c-oim.-j-- 
'Hti»>n; tiufi implii-s waJit of t•ornpIvhel»^il>I^ 
tjr iir-f« ct ijf wit and sprigljtline'.'* ; nfujtid « \- 
p-.:'>'»t>sa want of *■ use or cuninvaiic*^ ; e\. he 
v.i<^alwavsa ittwij Iml, tlifrewu-e I am not 
%\ .-^'riiAM at tile (ii.tnesjt of J»is conipu&ilioii''. 
{. .1 ;i«t Q'naietl he slioukl be so Jitti/nd as lo 

H j\ y.prsrmf. lourd; w. if^.tXy.pfiant. dc ftoiih:— * 
;=i'^:t 1^ i» mor*- ni'iiliciible lo ll» it wliicfi lo:;dN , 
'!i. b(»ly ; -utij^'.'i'i/. lo that wliieli biinleiis iJh- 
J] iiuL 'llius we ,*ay, a funvij IikuU u unuf-'u 
« ttcem- Weak, men hud ilia t /icmr/. which 
'he Htronp fint! lij^ht. The udjnij«i'«trisiou ol' 
>! ;r''e attairs i> toi uri^hly a contcru for one 
ji i-son to uiidert.tke. 

V.i ii.\\\MW, /le^autrur, iotirfleur; weiicht, />o."'/.v; — 
,--/trt7-f!<'*r »» tliat iKJodenjus qiialil} in a body, 
w hieh we feel ; weight \s the meuiure au<l de- 
f r"*- of that qualit} : we wiy. in an untlcier- 
I allied »- iiv, tliat a ihini^ is /utntj; but, posi- 
'i-,ely, tliat it is of the nrhht of so inuiiy 
}M>und«, or ouuces. A thouvmd fircumsuinces 
^.pive the heainnrfi of U>e air ; and the nicr- 
ei'ry dtrierininen i's exact ufft{hf. 

Ji, r«-ii*m, hcrtiiiiur; finuuess^ ferntcf^; ma^ani- 
iiity, ?nagH<ininntT:—/»Toit/n consists in the 
\>4 r.omianee of ^nJal action«i, for tlie sake of 
Uiiie, or glor^ ; flrtwiefs^ in an unshaken 
i-^-a^liness of mind, aiuidst doners and difH- 
tnttiea; nuignatiinitjtj, iu true ^t at new of 
r'und, whicli ]>« iforins heroic actions from the 
pure- love of nrtiK-. lliou^ the heroirm of 
Alexander the great was never controverted, 
yet 1h» crrtamlv \howed little frnmess, when 
the d«ath of a' Ikvourite drove him nearly to 
divtnction ; anil leM mtignanhuihj. when' he 
urucilird th« ph>iacian who eould noi keep 
>»im alive. 

l<n,'h, hauti lo«'ty, ^ieoe-.—hl^y carries with it an 

idea of magnificeiice which Idgh dues not : 


thus wc «iy. a hfiu room, the Ufiy cedar , 
but, a liigli house, a high tree. With rts|)«-H;t 
to other lhiiig<j it is the same. Thi)«>, it is in 
the power only ol' a sevi re fit of sickiuss, or 
a heavy slrf)ke of advers-ty, to luwcr i?i. ///;//» 
looks of the great, and the Ujhj imagriuaiiuns 
of till- proii4> 

To hinder, emphtitri to prevent, ftrrvenir-.—Au 
hintlcr inipli<_-s mon- aelno re^<i>tanf<' ; to ftrr- 
vrtif. inon'cnn- and fun'sifht : wt hui-Irr us^ 

•• tions, we pfrc'cnt con^equ-iices : ex. by /.,'■- 
(//■/•i/jy her Ireni marryTng tiiat worfMh s- IV 1- 
low, her ruin mlf;;ht liave been prexrn'.rtl. V. 
To cross. 

Honesty, hann^ietr; justie-.', Juftirr; intf-frrily, 
iiU'^gn'r; lair-d« aliiiK'. rau/cu. bonU'\t<H; up- 
rig^lfiesH, droifurc; iqiuly. rfjtjff:—/'u!ic tu is 
tin- firb* ,«niig to wroni^ any one ;?'?;' 'kt. flje 
deciding impartially Utwern man iind man ; 
ijife},rifij, an . xaci iv K.ird (o hoit<<iir. in all our 
actions ;/>;/r-//<*<^.'/.>ij:,'. an oncn ami piiuciiial 
hvU' Jy; uf/rif^/ifhf'>, a cniuiiu-t jm'iv a'ul uu- 
(ullied : efjui/i/,n rondi ring lo t*. ry oni- thi n 
due. Soiieo' tht Sv- wonls are inorr vh!;.' 
applietl til peiNoiis, ot!iei"s lo tltLict: as. iJie 
hon^.Tf-' c»i" :iii ridion ; tlie jrcrirt o* a cause ; 
iiu'e\v>'ij of iiil< i.iion ; the fiii-t{'r.'i)iif til u 
men hftiit ; ulii iyjuues^ of h.a:i ; tin e<iuity oi' 
til.' !,)ws. 

To Iidpi . c^ff'Tc-r; to expect. nftf^fi(hr:—ihv firsf 
<»r (h- *ie wonls iKnol. s a trust of the accjui- 
jil'slnn' III of fjur \vishe<» home up by s<i;ue 
eiiCoiiragrJiunl ; the scc^uid i>'g.inls th< lime 
of I v> 111, and iiuimut* s a ceitaiiiiy oliLs arriv- 
ing. We /.'o/if to obtain l!imj,"»; we e.i/w.f 
their coming. Wt; never /icjv- but for sueii 
things as we di sii't- ; we someiime-i et/H<t 
ifjos.- we ilislik*,' or fear. What wc hope fur 
se. IIS to U- more a favour or a kiiidiiess; 
what we rifk f, n.oiv a tliity or obligiition. 
TJri 5, We //(//«; ftir ravi.iirihle answers to uui 
d. iiiaiuU ; we e.i/nrf such as arc a^jreeabie to 
O'lr nroiKiSMions. 

Houi tl. f '„r// rf/^ f /la^ff; gi-eyhonnd, h'vrier; hnr- 
TurfCfrrf} roitinu ; teni- r. f>n.t.>ef:—ix luiuiid i^ 
a il.»g of a ri markably i|uick scent, used In 
hunting han* or foxes; a grcijhound is one 
form' »iy u'efl to kill batlgiis, culled gi-ty^, 
from whence the name; a hmrttrr it so called 
froMi hmitiiig the hare; as is the /f^J'tfi* fnim 
his jMnsiii'ig die fox under ground, and tight' 
ing him lliere. 

Hoiise, n/«i.(;;/; tenement, /ojgtV;— « hnuse signl- 
t'u-H a tlwelilng distinct by itsrif ; (tnetnt'iif, 
p:irt of a house ilivAhtl olf for tlie use ot auo- 
t'ltr family: we s;iy, a spacious magnificerit 
ho'ur; a siiui^ [iv tt\ (cTicnurif. Ijirge //omim' 
whit 11 ihi- owners (Tiid difllcull lo let to one 
family, are fr. quently converted into small 
trjicnirnfi, and let out lo many. 

H<jvel, rhduwH'ie; •ihed, aptnu'ts, hanrnr.-^a he- 
vel is a small place with mini walli, to pre- 
serve things from the weather ; a thtd is a 
fipporled roof only, a place covered over- 
head, but open on the sides, generally erect, d 
at a drv standing-i^ce for carts, t<.c. HoveLt 
are sehloin seen btft in countr} placet ; thed^ 
freqututl) in town<». I'he poor in many parts 
of the country an iT-duc^d to the ncceMi:y 
of dw\ llii;g in huts verj little better than hu- 
velt. Happy is the traveller, in bad we iher, 
to take •iheiter, even undt r a rited. 

Hugi ,fif grand;, vasrr; enonnous, fnor-*ir; 
imnieiiMN itnniinse:~-Wie import of these words 
i» tom^bing uuusujdiy gtvat ; but hhge ai,d 

I'M A 

[ 170 ] 


TVTrt rtlat4» n> n»orp nwttM-iHl ohj« cih ; r»ior> 
T/.oii^- uikI /;/!/«.( ;iirr. to tiich :ih tirt> uirul : /ii/^^ 
iiuplii s tjiv:ii.'it>» ni" bulk ; v«i7. Rixauit^s of 
« Mtiit ; chormou<; [niain<-vs oroi/i"; imniensf, 
imlirnitHl f\ii nsmii : iliiu, Wf sny, a Al<^ 
liioiititaiii ; a tr;.^ d»-w rl ; an riiorniMu crime ; 
llu- iininmsf v\]H'ucv. 'itifri" aw somu pro- 
niouiuri* » M) /lUj^e a« to «bork th«* vyv tluu 
\i« ws iIkmii. 'llifi dfs»*rls of Ai-abia are m> 
voif, ili!»i unit s^ irnvelUrs carriutl UK*ir iutlK* 
iiiu: and ]irttvi<.ioii vtitli tliem, tlWy would ptr 
i-l>!ilKlnn' ilu-y n-achfd iheip jcMinu'j's end. 
'Ilir %'ius ol" the pn-«um|>tuoua wn-icli are so 
enonnout. thai he can ha«c little hui>e> ol' 
uihittion, btil lii tlu- infinite iiunit-it of an all- 
p-:ir'.(>»is (icKl. S<» tfn-ut b the imutrtitify of 
iIm <.unl-h« ;«d, as to tr.\ccv*l tlu- utniusl ■inicli 
ot human iIiuukIh. 
UniiioitMii!. fftii, jovirtl; conucal, comlqur; dndl. 
ffior; liid;cnnis. /ilaitnut, iM»7<„ryi«' ;— l»y /tu- 
uioroiu. we undtr".iand excitint; laughter by 
o»l(| jiiia^'« or conci-its ; co'tii-'ol iniplics <.onit- 
tliiiijj o; more wit and su'itU-iy ; titoll i< ra- 
iht r ai>)irtcuhl« to trak> aiid qiiibhits; lut/'- 
trout IS soincthiii;? ri»kicuJou», winch civatts 
i.tirlh by tli«- >tran.i;tnes"i ot its upinanuMre: 
c\. Ill' onlcnaiiic«l us liitjhly by hi-* ihofl luan- 
n«T of n'laiiri^ stc-vfrjil conrrni utono ; aud 
partjciilarly p*vc a very humorous account 
of the luuirruus appfurauce of an old c<^- 
quette, whose head of huir was luddenlr 
hUAicht^ oti'b^ her iai»id»cy, Urfoiv a ciuitpa- 
ny ui'iicr u(luurer». 

IDIOTISM, inihrclllifr; fiJly. fo'ie; siuiplici- 

1y, t'ln/tlicitr: idiofifin it a pri\nii<ni of 

intt lle«t ; /'•/'v weari the appeuraMCe ol it. 
and is iht* ariinji; in an iniitional uianiUT; 
\ttn/*lfiiti/ jreuemllj nieJiui no muie than uit- 
h ssness and credulity. We s<-e p^^ple, sinue- 
tiun s by na>on of tl'ieir piat ajj**, ridnci^ to 
M state oi hliotimt ; it is a J'offii to MiHir our- 
»rlvo8 to he drawn into Vci ions, t»f which 
we niuy have cause to hmmih ; W/»*/''-- ''./ is 
tuo olun inipowd on, by the artiul and de- 

hIK. t'fiUtt-nm; indolent, inilotntf; \r.7.\. funrs- 
»rii'x; sI'Jihftd, umirhnlxiut; inactive, iuoriif: 

an itl't- niati will undi raUe nothing' 

(»r cons.<.uence; an inrMcnt om will inuUj-- 
»:iU, noilmip at all ; a Inx'j man will never (?© 
thn-utrh with an nndeiiaking ; a slvtfijui our 
will in- ven lun^ in the conipU tion of what 
he ujuUrtak«>; an i/K.c'.vc man shuns luhour 
aud " il. I he /..•'(!• wants »t< adiness juid at- 
Irr.ti.jn; the >n'!'»'iiit and i'o hj„l, v,'\l\ aJid 
etunlaiion ; the Hixij and ii,actiu:,iM\ii-.t^- and 

r»na;;-iuaiion, inuw.nnthn; wen. tike; Tbouplit. 
fciurei i'aiii:y, itl't;, itnaghif/fiviii notion, nu- 

tit/TU, tiltc: iin(.j^i7W*!0l^ Is, as it wiir. 

the field when- onr iika* an* nowii. wJucb \ 
spring up in (hoiij;htx, blossom mfoiti usy and 
ri|>en into no'ttm. llie idta pnwtm the o\>- 
j^fct; in)ogij:ai:uH r»-ctives it ; thoiijfht con>i- 
der« n\Jtnnf paints it ; and it becooies a tHh 
lion. A boundless hnaghiafion, clear iUrru, 

deep tfiouy^ht, a brilliant yb;;o/, and jtiM ;/&- 
liengy arc raivly centered in the s^»e per- 

Inipertinrnt. imperlirvnt ; imjfnivnu imf^iJ'-.'-: 
ftaucy, itufietif, tiffroiUc'^—^itperfirfr'ut m*- 
uUiea intrudiJi^ and niediilinju; with \«V^r 
no ways concerns u«; imp»tdent iniplieashanu- 
fuln«^>s «jul want of inoiU-«iy ; amuru nM^.m^ 
insolent and abunv^. Men •re iniprrt'-', . • 
ihroui^h idleness and cursositr; tmptuh-.'. 
thntui^ selt^^oncnt and want of rpspect !•>.- 
others ; saucy ^ throu^ iU-breediAg^, aad a 
quanvlBome tem|icr. 

lucliiuition, inrihuaum; propensity, f»r«pmi:v.i. 

ftcnxity is stronger than indhuaimt; &><; . 

than^ro^/wiry.' the first ksik u« to an uV 
ject ; the second draws us; the thini drai:« 

lu : imhtiati0H n greatly oving to e«lueMi<» i : 

<rof»entitf/, to cusiom; Mar, to eonstitu^i<!ii. 
Ve Miy, nis utciinatian prompted him to |Hjt- 
tue that stutly; ho has a strong ^4|^u-<r>/ tx> 
gamine ; he has a natarml Max to tkat wa> •. t 
life. Inclhuttiun is generally appUerf to ir<H<d 
objects ; pruftentitij^ to had. 'rhua tkr diati- 
ta'ble man is ever iitcihiftt ta assist Ma Dei>;N- 
bour. So depraved u huuiau nature, ili.t 
We have always % prtpcnsity to *Tee. Of tv , 
permns to be ser>ed« a (breigner and a coui.- 
tryinaii, we are generally hiattedva Ikirour *•! 
the last. 

Imrn-dulotu, incrrduk; anbelicTi»g, nrfrrr.rnf. 
i>i/r//<'/c.'— Chough thewi words aa« alik. 
in sigiuAcaiion ; yet ctistom ha« apf«oi>ri- 
ated the first to 'gei^^^ u**^ * *^r>ns« the 
other is eliiefiy applied to nuiiters of reliiprui. 
'Hius we say of one of atheistical pvixteiph % : 
he is an urtfuUrving wri'tch. He wrho i>c'lu«< 
his absent to know n tacts a itkout the t-> >• 
deuce of hiit senses is called an incrtdulr-uj 

iTuliinosition, indvtjtoMidvni dtwiise, incmmty.*^ 
tliie; tickiiet'x, iiuiiadiey nml; di»tcniper, ntf.-.; 
nialndy, mw/wi/r;— -all sifridfy (li^ocdier -»i 
the iMMtily functions : iurtispi^it^fi iniplu « 
a slii^hi deransftnient of health; 4hj>rn ^ . 
sonieihing more seAvre ; tickurt* mmy be u«j-«! 
in the same sense, but it is more |rpn«-ntltv 
applied to complaints of the stomach; t, - 
teni;>er is mostly applied to brutes; ma/tfii i\ 
s«'l(U>Mi UM-d in conversation, but. in phy^rmi 
treat i'kt'i. is used eqiuilU t€> e.vuress dan^ i- 
ous or ^I^^•ht ibseases. The plag^re, tr\trt, 
aud such epidemical fftstmet soinetiiiM-s [x\ 
Waste nioTV than the »word. iJutentfj^-t r 
ainung cattle are i;iiier.illy tHleciions. Lt- 
\ine displeasun* hath otteu shown itaelt' by a 
geui'i'al ikkiicss. 

ljMK>c«nce, htjtoeme; iriinplicity, sbnpltrit .- 
— — th<- tir»l denotes imrity, or fiT«-doiu 
tiom >ice ; the second plainness or frvedom 
liMiii >H^H-iHu<iU<i ot-nament. 'fhua, wrbcii «»• 
speak of Tlie Juiiomuc aial nintpiicky al u- 
lancy. by the first we understand tbar beinp 
free irtm piilt ; by the rcqikL, void «*' art. 
\\ ht n fic:urative, and applied to literan 
wot ks. liu y aiv too commonly separated ; »«•> 
we admiir the simftikity ot many Larin 
}H>ems Mild some French or English tmn, 
which cannot be celebrated for tlieir trtnw 

To inquire, s^mt/u^rir, t'mqv^fer} te interro- 
gate, iuitrioi,rr} to ask, iimiondrr:'-'«fn^t.ur 
implies curiosity I interrtgate, authoritjr; a^\ 
sonieihiug more civil and respeutAd. We 
in fj Hire ahout those ihinrs we would mder- 
iitiuid thoroughly; we ask a favour, me dk 
pardon; crvikinah are intarrogme4 by the 

I N r 

[ 171 ] 

K t: E 

r'juk«? Mfuse U> ilieiiivlve* ; but lo u>f ilu ! 
H.fiil 4Ui^- wiUi propiiety, wt* must add tlio | 
n.a(ter to it, tbal ii, to make tlte scute imt- , 

ii-'.-r. wf must iu«'Ji(ioii llie lUiiiiif w^hUffi. . I 

;..*?'i; UTiimpotttkui., tie /tea if ittt/Htitarire; Jij^lit, j 
■ K^r; lutiU', /WWe; I4iiqi»c<>ry, /'ris 'o/p.—«iri* all : 
ii.tjcU »Uke in gi-iural si;r'k'^'iatH>n ; yei the i 
\.i'i last caiiiMir prop«-rly U.* ap|>lit.-<l in jht- i 
-j.if'v or i-hH»-;i(.U'r<. Wlien we, an infif;- 
n./'Vaar, ttnfiin^, or unim/Hnlaiit tljaracier. wr . 
M', ail, on«* oi' no eouw^jiieiux' ; wlM'r«:a\, a . 
' 'i' cliai-HCUT implies oih:- not IKh' from vn- 
-.^n-u^h. Wc «y, n«.;^o^»n/ n-p' Hi «»;/';,//{' a r- 
«• '-ut-im ; it^/ii rca-ioiii kr; uuimiturtmit con- , 
n/n*; r;?//;?<gcon\«.iwUiuJi; t r^j i\,iiju a lU y: ti- 
ll i.t«i/iiiare, irvvnuir; tosTt?j^',t, .rt/^ri^^Tfr .•— 
^. r- ••j'rr?i'/;//r b) cunniu^ aiid udfliti. ; sv<? fi;- 
' '« Ijiy c»-vtlji aiitl : we vove*' artl'ully 
'•!i.;t wi viu'jid 'riiinnfi/f; whut we would i-N.<f- 
r- .f wc makt- oj" v>!ne fojist-qut-iice. in^iniinfe 
uj'lit-s«o;.jfitAi.i5 tl -liiuite; j><;.%r ^ fVcquHU- 
lv vofjietliiiig tr.JU'.luieMi. lii order to inunft- 
c -. •«; juiut consult buUi tiine AJjd oppurtu- 
a.fy ; in order to xu^^est^ it i< uttesiary to 
h.ive a»ct'iKiaucy owr ihs; luimls of per«i<»iis. 
Weflft^n iiruis^ne llis»t what <ithcri iniinunf.\ 
• a>» ftr»t t!ijri;2^ht of l>y oufM.lve>!- He hI:o 
' .>.Tf?«tr evil toaaolher, » moi-e culpaWe tiittu 
5i' VI ho ci»nuniti it- 
la-'iietH, Tnr»tent; avroqjant, /rrroj^finf; MipercJli- 
M-i-j, tturciUcojT^ pH^otv.ft-'uctix; purse-pro'id. 
frr dp igj riL'hei^t :~infornt relates chiirty 
«..» word* and actions; arrogant, to iiiwaid 
pr.dt- and hanjifbuiie*!*; yttpei<iiimt*^ to looii« 
^.id deportment; by /^ur.r-piontl, we umU-r- 
ttitid one who valuer himself Injfhly om av'- 
ti>'int oi* hi» jfTfat wt^aJth. Thus, wo often see 
the fiurf€'proiui man, ^wre^JN/ of hjs newly 
acqoirtad conscquenct, receive his f'>raier 
nfrn^mom vtiih a ^fUfMeni'ibus air, aiul m o- 
.'1' tK'haviour. 
It* in<it«t«*, in^tdner; to found, /©nrfrr; tfj esta- 
ol »h, rtab ir; to endow, jc/ifcT.*— to irrifutt \i 
lu contrive m* lav the plan of a tb-ng^ ; to 
fi.>And i« to btipn the execution of aiieh plan ; 
lo rrtabUjh n to fix that plan upon a lx\s»i ; to 
tfulmv is to provide the nece<isaries lor its sul>- 
-ii-rmof. Alter universities were once in ti- 
Tfiffd, cullers were foundtd, which have sine*: 
bi.x-ii ireli e.tnitiis.'ied, by ertiliniiuenU honoura- 
iik- to our euuntrN'. 
lui^-ntioti, ininitiou; aim, hut; view, vuc; de^iigii, 
(iKtMrini pmjtrtu, ftrt^ :—ttt(eiiiion is nioix- jic- 
ert't aotl vaji^tie ; aim., luoiv Hxitl and ceitain ; 
tk-ui^n %evins to suppose soinethinsf stud:<.-d 
and meUiodieal ; ftrojnr implies al«o a plan 
or arraugenieiit, but relates miher to some- 
liiiiij^morv distant ; f/fv/^«, to sonuthinij more 
i«»'<tr; itnp repraitu the ad\anta(<e^ ne pix>- 
p«Mf by our dttign.t. We wy, a laudable in- 
t' nutffu a uoble rn'm, just viciM, a g^itat de- 
s'^ii^ a fine ftnjtxt. JnUntioti is the houl of 
aiiioti, and tile sprinf!^ of true worth ; tkifgu 
i< the ttfect oi" nllecmm. llie true chri»t(ian 
h?s no other ai'n tlnui heaven ; no other 
vfjo thmn to please (»od : no other design to 
oiitfile^ than his own salvation. The union 
ot all the sutes of Europe into one sinc^lc ne- 
pnbbc, for ffenetal guvennnent, and the dis- 
cu<4«ion of their particular interest*, witliont 
changing the inteiior government peculiar to 
eack of iheni, was a nubl^ pr\^Ci.t ui Uta^ry 

liie fourth of France ; but periiapa inoiie dii- 
tienlt UI execute than the dai^i of «uu»c;-sal 
monarchy, in which Spain was at that lime 

'£o invent, hiiyti/er; to find out, /rcnrr, drro::. 
vr//' .*— we ittirnf new thiiiq^s. by tlie forte of 
iiiiatci*>:><>*Jii : we//fji ouf I'losi' lli.ii aiv hid- 
den, or UMkn<»\vii, l>v H\iiniiM:iti<in aii-l *tiid> ; 
the one doikotfs fertility of iiii;id ; the orliir, 
peM»iriif)i». It !•> tlie priiuipL- t»f intvh tiiiv-,, 
to luvfut uwh and macfiines ; of physics, ut 
fiid mi* eiwsci and etfecis. '1 iie vtimlutor 
wa» inrttitrd by Dr. Hale* ; Hai-vey J'outid ouf 
tin- circulation oi' llie l)loo<l. 

Invention, uii-mt'cu; iu'^emiity. indnttrie; orj- 

iii ap|>iica!>le to everj art or sfit-nt-t. wln-re 
any tliintr- ntiivlv new is product-tl ; in^^cnu^fy 
is appliou Rither lo petty eoiiiri\nne«s. :tud 
suljticly of skill ; uiiyinnldii relai< •> oiore pro- 
pcrl) to v»url»* of learnittJ? ami stieiicc, where 
the subject «;r lonuii* r of treatiii^'^ it are neu ; 
gfn/uf is moiv eomprch* ti»ivt , «itd implif , 
i^reat ijitrlletniul povvci>. Wc ;i.liiiiri^ tlt» 
im-ai'idu of S'.ai»^ptaiv. the tiif^r.suilu <»f 
Waller, tiie on^ma'i'ij oi Cervantes, the ^tiuui- 
of Nevviou. 


A JK.^T. f/on noff a joke, /tju'ijt/ ye -—iHiiU sir.-. 
nily a merry eoiice!t ; but a Jfif seenis to i»:i- 
ply soracilurii!: of more wit, and to be liic 
pUu>iaiiter t.Mle of the tv^o ; aj-^kt conveys an 
idea of som* I'liii;^ iTiore low, antilrefpn ntiy 
con•.^^t^ in jM-i^Jiin^ t/ick'!. It was fornieiiy 
t.'ie cnsioi.i for ev« ry soveni^-ii to ki ep u f.tol 
f(»i' h!> eu;*;i-T:iin,)irij(- win) \v;is dn^niiit d 
the iiaiii'.' o,'Jis'cr, tiejucrli bis wii ■>i;l(!om ru.v; 
»bf»,e liiert- iiriiv"lieal_('<Arv. 

Joiniit;^, (ixiiL.i.b i,^f; union, nrrnn : — union r\^- 
latts parti(Mii,,i-Iy to luo djllen nr tluii-,s 
which niii\f I'ceiher; jV.i,,//j(f i. if.ecis juv- 
perly two vliNtant tbiiip-s Kh:fl» d^aw near to 
tach oiJiPr. V. «• say, the lu.ou of In aiis, i)..» 
i''ii>Tiii oS hand.; the miton of <oIoi:js, the 
J'li lit 11 ^' 'o: TA IV ws. That v^huhis not m tci^ 
IS divided ; ihat uhjth is not Jo'naf, u «.e|>uat- 
ed. We jt<« lor the >ake of company ; ue 
vuite to torm a sfjciety. I'he wunl union cai- 
ries with it an idea of ai^reeiueia and fitness ; 
that ol' joining >upnose-i some kind of moiij,],. 
Untun is oiieis usetl in a figurative sens*.- ; but 
Joiuin^'^ only in the liteial. Un/on is the 
kupport of lamilies, atid the power of slates ; 
iiw joining of uiauy streams !6nn great ri- 
Vt vs. 

Jusiuvus, jurtcut'; precision, precision :— J utfne-is 
pivvents our rmuiing into errors ; fjttciston 
removes every t'.ing that i* useless : the 
lir^t avoids ail that is impi'oiK'r ; llie se- 
cond, all that i* unnece',,aiy. 7-'/e. iv/orj uf 
discourse 'n usually a mark of the juitucgs oj' 
the Uiii;d. 


TO keep, rdnur^ garden; to detain, detciUr : 
~ — «e Arc// what we intend not to part 
w iili ; we dc n'n what we dela) to n store : we 
ktcf) tluit Mhieh is oiu" own, we detain that 
\hhiuU fii ouolhcr'x. The humht kecfit hi» mo- 


[ 172 ] 


ney ; the debtor tkfain* the Bropertjr of hi* 

ni-t!iloi-s. 'Ilui hoiitU uuiii niiil*i a Uifrtc-ulty 
in kn/jing wltut ht* pus9c<iS4.-s ; whrn tlic n>(;^ue 
Minis none in (U-'oniin^ what he has takt'ii. 
Kn«n\ii'>j, ifrvatif, huhtlt; disccrninj,', _/uri«"/rH.V, 

i>rn'r\i.iu : hy a kntnirtnf nuui, >nf iin- 

di ;$'.ai!ii one >^('tl acqiiuinii^i uiili die workl, 
a'ltl die \\a>s()l'iuankiii<]i b> ixditi'erniun niuiv 
iii.r oi )H'm-tnt(ioii uiul jutig:nu*nt. 1 lit' knoii- 
•ii^ .m "ioiiii limes takt n iji by a niH tkctiu 
wliich till- liLrcinin^ part of mankind would 
I::ul' leeii tlu-uu^L. 'I'lie study ui' man Mill 
I'Kike a jHTson kumviu^; bnt it itquin-s ifjvat 
« \|M-ri. nee. and n lun^' a(i» iiiion both to u«n 
aiul UK>kjs to render liiiu uucvrnijt^. 

i'O la<eranp, Ino^rer; to tiar, titrbhrr; to n*iid, 
tichiif, imnfnri t«» br»-ak, ttnihiTj cnttrr; lo 

aplit, fr.ndrv : the fnst ol' tKese m«h\1s ii 

eliictU a cliirmxit^l ti'rni : as, a la^rrrurd 
i.vo)'.nd e.xpn-sse-i die llesh hiino^ torn, without 
i>ny brniw- ; to Unr. is «e>er applu d to any 
ddn?: brilde ; we use the wuitI bifak in-i^ead 
Hi It : thus, we «ay lu break a bone, a dish, a 
•lUi'k, a !i>*ur.l, n window; but to tear one's 
tliitln*s, pap. r, i<ci'. to rnul^ iiaplie^ to tenr 
wiili viuUi.ce: as, an earthquake will some- 
tiji.t> rtrM eMinjuKinfjiins uKiinder ; to sbli' is 
i<» fiiirji in a perpendicular maimer : as by vi- 
olent tempests trtxa and even roeks are MpUt 
m two. 

J avish, drOrtiuer; profuse, stnulttiieux; prcMli. 

icaj, fijo/fifiiif : inritii sit^iiiHts a waaieftd 

and useless cxpence ; prnj'uxe implies a still 
greater de;jree of it ; ftio-!ti(nf, a squiindcrinff 
Aidiuut iTstituut or iMjiinda : we turn tins last 
Mord into a -vubstiiiitjve, to e.xpivsi a man 
iiiven up ft) riot and e\<ev*. lie who Ix'firn"* 
by bein;^ Uivish, w ill soon Ix'come (>rofusf, and 
finish with i^rowintf so coinpletely prixJignl^ 
that no income will supply hb wasteful ex- 

lay, lai; «ong, c/tanfon; ballad, balladr, x^audr- 
viile : ' - a Itiy si^niifieH ]»roperly a set of verses, 
expressive of complaints ; a song is a poetic 
eoinposition either sad or meriy, intended t«» 
be sung, and coinirionly »et to nitisie : a fmHad 
usually means u vm;^ printed on a unull slip 
of paper, and sunj^ about ilie streets. 

L«tan, /im.A're'; ineajjre, dc.hnnit : lean sig- 
nifies want of (ill ; veni:rr^ want ot' flesh : 
^«/i"?r*f is consistent with health, and ia op- 
posed only to torpuleiuy or latness ; nu^^irt'- 
'rw siinposis a waste of IkkIj, owiiu^ either 
to a bau comstitution, or want of food : the (tan 
are usually slixiuj^ ; the itic'i^ic, coinmonly 
w» ak. 

I.t arniii^. gclfn/f, stn'oh-; !it«r:»Hire. (Hfrnture; 
vvvAWimn^ erudition t—U'irn^nj^ impliis chieHy 
dial knowl(•^i^^• we ac«pjuv by our studies at 
sclHWil ; li/r-rnfure denotes po'lit.* leirniiir, or 
the belles-lettin.>s; but erndtfuu sig-nifies K'reat 
deotli of kn«i\\lidge, purdcularl) wlut is spe- 
eulative. VVe say, sound Icavuiug; prtat t/7e- 
laturc; profound eru«fcf/or7. Without some de- 
vn-e of ?«irniH^, it is impossible lo pass well 
diiuu^h the world. There was a tune, when 
ibv nubility piqued Iheiuselves ou btjn^ meu 

ol* lifm^urt, A taste for ermUHon will Turn r« it 
i!»finite amuseiuent lur a tranquil aud retired 

Z.r«jr. Tliis wonl is commonly used in «peakinc: 
of a nandH-r, where fcittr would do U-tf> . 
S»fntrr tlu^n a Hundrol i\ naconly more ♦-iv- 
f^ani ih.-ni no .r«r than a htmdrtd^ bui iiion- 
strictly proper. 

Letter, kttir; episde, efAttT .— — <Clstoin ha^ 
made die wonl 'W.'er of more cvneml as«- tli^n 
rf/i.tie; Irfrrr. U in i? quite familiar, efd^fir, r-.*.- 
ther prdanrie. \S hen the niatt.-r reLtrs to 
private eonT'sj>oii(lciice, fc.'rr seem« inur-^' pr»- 
l«-r; r/ii;tif-. «h«-n the business is public : ihtu, 
we say, letters of liiendslilp ; fefftrs ai busiiu ^*. 
Km. if thrse le:^rTt n Lite to pubik iiutUees. ..r 
appiar in ]»rint. w-e may, with eJepuKx-. e:.ll 
th« in efihtles : us St. Paiii's epi^rtiesi Oxid** i*,v;..- 
//C-, &e. 

Leiel, de nh^ut; smooth, i/ni .• ievel si^% 

nifus five Iroin hollows or ristn^^s ; anrt'j-^^ 
free ln>in roiiq-!ine>s: dius, h Irvei co«intr\ n 
on-,' wii«rr dure are nei< her hilU unr>-aU.-\'. ; 
a jz/it'O//! piece of w ootl c>r uixi'bJe, where "iKt.- 
stn-face is \n-\-\\ etly e\c;n. 

Libeller, UM t../e; defHi.ier, dt^ameHeur .' a 

litk'iler impiiis one who insiilu his sapericirs 
with repruaehes; a dcj'anur hurts the eh-- 
racter, aiwl injures the reputation orhiset^m*:^ 
or even bis benefacior*. Thfy are both i>ijri- 
isbabie by the laws; but the thfomcr^ who 
I. is lly I is < nv'.nomcd arrows at rmdojii. i. 
the most (iangerous of the two, and tlKtcdd bj 
sliuuiu d as the pest of nocit ty. 

To lie. To iatf. 1 liese two >erb« «iv as often 
confuundea as set and lit; of which the oer*. 
ston may be, that /ay hnpix'ns to be the prtit r- 
perleci linse of the verb ro lie; its panujple 
M I run : ex. / vax iaxy th'-Jt ntcrntng^ and ^'i-^ 
loitf^ tt-b-^l, J Ifvj two nt}(htt ai Hcntirtig, J h^-' 
lotTi in this 'ted nhovf a r:ozni yean* Both tiie 
preteriK'rf»^*ci and i>artici|>leof ^o ^<ry. art; liztd. 
He laid the nnnu-y douyu / have iaitl a aroji,rr. 
T/te thiuf^t arc ic id in order. 

Lie, incnsoti^e; falichood, fam^ee ; t he rr» 
verse ol truth is the gineral idea ol' thc>- 
two wonls ; but that of He supposes aJwa>> 
ftomethintr criminal, which fninhojti dot-* un. 
If questioned in a eause where bonotur and 
conscience it quire; us to tell the truth, if we 
do not, we uiv ;;-uilty of a lie; if ue de\r.ue 
from truth, where there is no such oblij^ii<j!i, 
it is no other t ban Hj'alseJmod. A /v ii al a. « \ < 
sinful ; dieiv may be ea»t^ whtar- yb/*eA'»'.y/ is 
justifiable. A lie. is au oftence to Ood. and a 
disgrace to man ; a beneficial falsehami 'i\ pre- 
fer: ble to a desiruciise truUt. 

To lift, sottlfitr; to raise, icvcr : we up, by 

taking a thing up fit>m the ^laee when- it 
stood; we rciiey by setting upnght wh«i wa"» 
not ii» that position: we fijt a chair, tabk. 
weight, ^ce. ; we tmre a ladder, mast, &c. 

Liglit, luniit'i-e, clartr; briglitness, cUtrtr, bif!- 

Uint, InMre; splendour, er/of, tpfendcur : 

il^htU the origin of brigkues^ jsf>lendour, iLr 
perlection of ii : die inieution of iisht '» lo 
make objects visible; that of brigfoitrss^ t« 
show them clearlj- ; ^pfeudour gives them a 
lustre, and shows 'them in the greatest |>rT- 
fection. We say, die /i^/tf of the dawn, the 
brfgJttnest of the uioming ; the tfdendmtr ol" 
the noon. We attribute light to the starv 
brig fit 7icst to the moon, and apltnd»ur to il»e 


t ^73 ] 


To like, mmrr, trmner ban; to approve, apprmk' 
rrr . — i»e iliior those things which are plearinr; 
wr i^iprwe those which are advantagneous: Hie 
heart likt*; the Judgment tMraoet, Wc •iome- 
tiaiies fikCt what upon reflection we by no 
Tii«-am apjirtKe: we like suddtul v ; wt approx^ 
alter deliberation. We like ail cotupauions 
that arr in thcmtelt'oi agreeable ; but choo-ir 
ibo^e, whote studies aud habit) are congenial 
Ti» oiir own. 

It. liiigwr, languir^ traitifr; to protract, liij^trr, 
&r» «nger .—-both tiniiry to draw out or lfn«fth- 
Vn : thus we say, a linitr'tn^ )ioison ; a liniitr- 
•n^ disease; profrnrted jojs, or sufFt-rinjp*. 
Wh«j a person is worn with a Ihifftr'-iin; m'K.- 
iM-ss ^c say, ho lin^rm^ or has Ufignrd long : 
us. he /in^'nrr/ till this juomiii^. and theu ex- 
pired ; nur could the ^kill ot his phy<«i(-inU'i 
fi, atrart lu« life bej-oiid tliat jieriod. 'ilie tin- 
.irring poiion with which tlie Ciuinra-Blaek* 
loiicli iJieir arrows, and produce in iho^e who 
are woonried by them long pr<jtracfi'd audnii- 
nM>ro«s diseases. i% now at