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Full text of "A new universal etymological technological, and pronouncing dictionary of the English language"

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Jllmhrariuo- ^iJl tJn* rcriiis iisivl iii 



I, ox I) (1 N. 
\lliCCVXJ.V 111 

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. ) 








Bt JOHN CRAIG, Esq., F.G.S., 


VOL. n. 


PUBLISHED (for the propbibtobs,) BY IlENEY GEORGE COLLINS, 





or TflK 





J, Uw tfloth htter of tlta En^luh iIphKbet, hu bwa 
adiaito'a m modeni days, Uw htter t bung (ar- 
Buri|7 OMil in wflrd» whcrt J la now writteo. It 
wmam to htt* bad the aound of y So many wordji, 
■» it iCill haa in tbo Oamtan. Ttw Eiig;Ha& sound 
of tim lattv nay ba axpfUKd doA, or etiai, ■ 
cw B poimd aotnd eoiadding exaeU/ with that of g 

Jabbkk, jab'bor, ai n. (gatieroL, Daa. JuboUr, Tt.) 

To ulk apidlj or lodUiiudy; lo ehatttr; to 

pm* ; — a. tapjd or eoofitanl talk. 
JAaBHMsm, Jablmr-in; c One who talks ioortlou- 

kC^jr or imiatalUcibij. 
T.— — — ji^tmr-ionti f. Idle prate. — Ob- 

Jaboima, Jft'loWai, a; (JaleroM, the AratHc 
Dt «f Ue miadnilDa, to wlnob tbe ganaa is 
L) Apaoaof hart>aaeao9 plaalawitbwlnta 

fUnran, malhca of ObiH aod Boaooa Ajrroa ; Or- 

dar, Sotoacafc 
jABonCASCrft&s, ja-bot-e-kab'a-nat '^ a. Braii) 
JABimcAiu, JA-bo-tC'ka'ba, > oamea of 

the plant Eogcnift caoUflora, the liiiil of which U 

bJgtJy Apaaable. 
JAOAMaB, jafcVimr, a. Tba Freoch niuna for a 

gmn «d W» alliad to tha Kiogfisber.— See Gal- 

Jacuuuups, jak-a-uM'rapa, a. A ganoa of blrda 
affiad lo the Jaanutr. 

Jacava, Ja-ka'aa, a. A enmt of btrda: FamDj, 

JAOARAmu, Ja-ka-ran'da, jl (the tunne of ooo cf 
tba apeeha in BruiL) A gentu of ptaota, «ii- 
BUtiag of liwa iiilliiii of SouUi AnwriM— with 
Iba habit of Iha flat-kavad apecics of Acacia, and 
lunipg ahowy jcBow, bine, or vtolMaooa flowcn : 
Order, BigpieiuaoHe. 

J.aOA-TXKS.jak'a-tre. t. Tlta trea Artocjupua io- 
tagrifotia, one of the fanad^mt tnn, a oative of 
thaEaat lodiaa. 

Jaoaara, jak'kiia, a. (iad^ I 07 ahod, Gt.) A 
Tat. a. A 


genos of Sooth Amoricao monlcies, haviog thmnba 
00I7 on Ilie faind fe«t; all the djgtta of tba fbro 
feat are io tbe aamn direction, ku\ an aimed with 
narrow oarled daw>Hke naila. 

Jaokst, ja'aent, a. (Jaemt, LaL) Ljting at length. 

Jack, jak, $. A tadmama or disunueiTe of John, 
oaad aa a gaoarat tann of cootempt for taj eavcj 
or paItt;fU1awj tbe nsmo of an inatnunent widch 
loppliea tha p]»ce of a bo; ; an instmnent to p<aU 
off boota ; a yoaad pikr. In Hocbantca, an ia- 
itrwiaiit tu raiaiog preat weighta, of which there 
■n MTBtal kioda. The commoo tUeim jack ia 
a eompoimd maidiinB, to which wwgbt la appHed 
ai a power to OTarooDM tho frictMm of tha p*rta 
ood of tbo walght with which the Bpit U charged, 
and a steady and onlfonn motion ia obtainttl hy 
means of a fly-wbeel ;— (xooo, «aytuio, Span.) a 
eoatoftnai]; [Atelier of waxed leather; 
Saall Jadb w« have in many alabeiucaoff tha dly awj 

flUbDTlit, Tl|;)t ultti •UT«r.— Aywotf. 

a siiiaII bowl ttirowo ont for a mark to the bowlen ; 
part of a mudcal tnatroment called a virgiaal: 
the male of nrtain animals, aa of the ati; a 
wooden fmno on which timber ia sawed. In a 
abip, a flag, enaigtt, or ooloon displayed from a 
staff at tba eod oif a bowsprit. In Mitiiog, a 
wooden wadga used to split the rocka aaoodar 
after blaatinf^ Jact thitier; in Anihitaetnra, 
thoaa in a raw of timbera which, bdog Intarcepted 
by other piaoas, are alwrtar tlUD the nsL Jack 
at all tradtM, a panon who can tarn hia hand to 
any kind of bnsineaa. Joci, or tanyer's Jaei, un 
engine of the saw kind, much used aboat guns 
and mortan, and always earned with the artillery, 
Joel w the bog, a largo wooden male screw turn- 
ing in a fomale one, wlucb forma the upper part 
of a Strang wooden box, ihapad Uka tbe miatrom 
of B pj-Tumld. It ia used by means of lerera paa- 
nag Ihraoj^ botes In it^ aa in a packiag-prcM, 
and for other purposaa. In Botscy, a nmnc given 
to tbe pbuu at the geooi Ucraaudia, bom tbe 






, jmIm which tbo keniel of U)« aot inakw wbea 
■ ^hikn wlUi tbs mnil. Jack ^ihe hr«ad-roomt 
■BMg MmwD, an sirieUnt to lb* pumr or ihSp's 
■tawird. Jack Uock, a Ukek eccMfanilly at- 
tacbed to Um topgallant-tia, and throoi^ wfafeh 
the topgnllant tc>p-ro|i« b rMn>d to iway ap or to 
ttnkt the yanL /ocJb phn/s^ a plaiH of about 
rigbtcen indias long to prepara wood for tbo try- 
ing plaiw. Jade rtt/un, in Jomery, tb« jack 
timben «b!eh an fattaoed to tbo high rafters and 
th« Widl-plala. Jaei ribt, in Joinery, the jack 
tlmbtri which are rasteoed to the an^ ritis, and 
nrt upon tho wall-pUtc9 in groined or domixl 
tf^Mb JacJtiaVt one at the prorincial Dam«s 
for the Dundiver, a species of aqoatic bird. Jack 
tbiihtr, to Joirery, a short tiinbor fssteood at th« 
ends of two timbnv which are Dot pamlld, cr to 
two limbers which actnally tnett in a point, as to 
the woll-plflto and hip raft*? nf a roof, the wall- 
phito and hip of a gntn, ko. Jack o/Xdlum, a 
vulgar oamt for an Botipile. Jad: by tin A«^ 
or Sanaa atotiff^ the common name of the plants of 
tha gHiDB AUariA. Jaei trtM a tinterm, an ignis 
fatnu, a mstcor that appean is low moist lands. 
Jack nflhe clock hovtf, a little man that strikes 
the qnsrlcn in a clock. 

It ihU jonr Siet o' IV dodi &««•« f— 
Wm jna »trLk«-. air t-ilMH. * FIO, 

Jack-a-daadt, jsk-a-dan'dr, i. A little imper- 
tinent fvllow. 

Jackal, jak'awl, 5. (^Itchakkl, At. dtacaj, Vt.) The 
Canifl aunoa of Unnicus, a w:ld i^>«ciFa of tlie 
OLDtac tribe which hunt ia packs. They mcely 
•llaek tba larger t^mdnipeda, but are l u p p oaaj to 
Indleatt thdr prtMoea by tin pisrclag enM wMdi 
they aet vp in chonis while Kcntiug th^ tracks. 
Tbinr ftod en the mnnants of Ui« lion's prsy, on 
daad carcases, and on the soiftllcr ADimala and 
poultry. It b kDown aba by tbo luunc of tho 
Ron's proYldci^— a nanu which may havs arben 
Aom tbs eotion that the yell of the pack alTca 
Mtk* to the lion that prey b on flwt. Jaabaif 
Ami, or toMH^, the plant Dydaora Afrlcana, ■hieb 
gmelU like rout-beef when roasted, and is «aten 
by the AfHcjin swages. 

JiOKALEirr, jok'a-lent, s. A sort of pappct ; i 
sbeepbb f<.41ow. 

jAOKAirxPKS, Jak'an-aype, f. Anwnkey; an ape; 
A coxeomh ; an impertinent fellow. 

Jagkau, jali'as, *. The rusic of so aaa. 

jACK-noon, jak'bQOta, t. Boota that sdm as 
armonr fur the lsg<t 

Jackdav, jak'dnr, §. Tbs cobbmi uom of tha 
VM Oomu tnonsdab. OiMola Bdml^ flram 
llieolear, ^ etSUA ^ pitrpk fmeUbw. 

Jauiut, Jak'it, s. (Janttt^ F^.) A short doN 
nriMat worn by malN ; a abort coat SMena- 
Jtekt^ tha ^fiooen of BCeam-en^nM, of a laige 
itabt an vmiiDy tnoirBfod with other cylhiden of 
matvr dimiHtsr; stmm bring introduced between 
mm ia order, that the inner cyKnder may be kept 

Jacvitbd, jak%t-e(L a. Waaring ajadcut. 

JacKIA, Jak Va, r. (in bononr of the Ut« AVnilant 
Jafll^ mapm, B.B.I.C.S.) A gemu of planta, 
BUhM aflba East Indies: Order, CinchooMaia. 

jACKtUP DO W, Jak-pod'diog, *. A mony-aikbfw; 
• faiAMra; asany. 

Every Jtt^wMiv wfll t* rUlkullnf palpabU waak. 
Mna* wnidi they uoght to vonr.'-VEtimft. 

Jaoksaihjb, jak'sawB, $. An i^uJent faDow; k 
saucy Jack. 
IDs repMattoQ U as arrant a villain, and a Jlwitsaiios. 

jAOXunm, jak'smif*. f. A anitb wbo inakaa 

jacks for the chtmooy. 
Jacksomu, jak-ao'ne-a. r (io bonov of Gooi^ 
Jackson, ■ Sootoh botaairtij A ganns of I^gu- 
mioinis AoatraSaa ihniba, usually leafless in tlia 
adalt tfate; flowers yellow: Sobordcr, Tspilio- 

Jacobea Lilt, Js*Iio-be'« lil'e, s. Tho Amaryllis 
formosissima, a natire of North Anvrim. 

Jacoquf, Jak'o-UD, «. (so oalled frtmi tfis placs of 
mooting, wUd> wia the moasstery of the monks 
earaod Jaeobtnea.) 0ns of a revolotlooary fjc- 
tios which took a promiDent and Tiotent Imd in 
the Prcndi Rerolution. The Jacobins in France 
held secret me«lin|;ii io which mearam were oon- 
osrttd to dirtct tha prococdinjts of the Natioftnl 
Asasmhly— 4)Kica the namo is froqoenlly j^veo to 
a person who secretly and ualavrfully coooocCa 
sclwmos of a violent cbaracter, with a view to in- ' 
flaence or omthrow the goTcmmcBt. 

Jacoum, jflk'o-bin, ) a. RtmmlOtifi 

JAConintOAL, jnk-o-binVkal, ) the JseohllB « 
Franca; tartwlent 

jAOomxK, jak'o-bim, i. A monk of the order of 
Domlnloaiu ; a pigeon with a liij;1i tuft. 

Jaoobimius, jak'o-bin-ism, $. Jacobin prindplsBi 
Ofireatonahlo or violent oppositian to leptimato 
goTtmroent ; popnlar turUilencc. 

JaC0BU(ISB, jak'o-bia-n«, v. a. To tnnt with 

JAtraiURLr, Jak'o-bin -le, ad. After tbo maaavr oS 

Jacouite, jak'o-bite, f. In English history, one 
who aaaeitod the rights of King Jamea and his 
fmily, disavowing tbo Bemlution of lft&9, and 
viodicatbg the di«triiMa of paaaave Qbodlenee, and 
Don-rsiblaDOO with ivepacft to tba aiWtrary prtK 
oeedinga of prioeat. In Eedadastleal bbtory, tba 
Jaoobius fonoad a saec of Cfatbthuia in Syria aod 
HosDpotoa^ and were so called cither from Jacob,, 
a Syrian, or ooe Jacob, a monk, who flourished in 
tba year 660; they held that Jeaos Christ bad 
only oat Batora^ and likewise that confession was 
not of divfata inatitBtion. 

JAC0B1TI8M, jak'o-bit-iam, s. Tbe prlndides of 
the partisans of Jnowa II. 

Jacob B-LAsDsa, jnlcobs-liul'dur, < In a ship^ a 
mpe-ladder with wooden stcp^ In M aaoa i e 
Hcrnlilry, s ladder with tlireo stApa rapraaaatlng 
fmlh, hope, and diarity. In Dotuty, OM of the 
names of tbs Greek Valerian Polaiiualuin OOKU- 
bam : Order, Polemoniaccao. 

Jacob's- STAW, jalmbs-ataf; r. A pOgita** staff; 
a staff floneasibg A^Mfgar; aenaititff; aUod 
of tttrolaba. * 

Jaoobos, ja-kolMu, f. A gold ooio, vahA twanty- 
flva ditUinp steribg, itnick in tbe rrign of 

Jacort, jtk'o-net, r. A Idiid of coano mnalm 
ttot >o ma as bwD. 

Jaoqcabs Looh, jak'drd kwm, s. A peculiar and 
iogMMoa wwhwiwin nrentsd by M. Jaeqoard of 
l^ttm, m 1800. far tbs pwpoaa of sBp«isfiDg 
tba OS* of draw-boya io waaving figorod goods. 

jACQUSMoynA, jak-mon'sha-a, s. (in bononr of 
VIeMrJaeqiMBMOt} A gtau of Snitb American 




pUnfei, «OTmtii>g_ of berla or lubshraliv ; Order, 

JxcgumuL, JB-kwi'Bt-«, j. (io boiwar of Juats 
Nic Jm. d« JaoqaiOf Pi^essot of BoUbj at 
VNBaa.) A Boaos «( pUoU : On)«r, 8i^t»0Mc. 

jACTAMcr. jakftrnk'tm, «. Q'tirfiiilM, L«t.) About- 
ia^ — ObMlelfc 

Jactitatiov, jak-u-u'iteat «. (/aaia^ Lot) A 
taMOg «f tibt body ; i«tl«nitt«t hMvittg. In 
U», ■ fiib* twihig. Th« word U ocnmnlr 
xmA wUb ffftnoce, Ift, to BWTriftfCP ; Sod, to tlw 
li^ |0 ■ fl«a in ■ ehuruli ; 3nl, t« tHlMi. Jao- 
ifiWiM ^wrriufi^ tha boMCbg or giviog ool b; 
■ WMXM Ikafc k« or aha &• nufried to naw other, 
vfcqpbX * MBBMO npitatiaa of tUr malriiiunjr 
■aj MHMk JmlHaiiim q^a f^plt lo a m^ m o 
Mm iffMii to bo tho oouting bjr a min Uut 
tai kM « rif^ or Iftle to & ptw or kitting hi • 
•hnrii to vfailb be hit legally do title. JactUa- 
tmaf^HAmt Ike bcMtiag by a man that ba U 
■tkU Id oirtBia titbte, tu whKb ho bu kxally 
w title.— iEv. £^<JL Z«», 48U. 

Jacclatb, jak'n-late, r. a. (/sedbr, Lat) To 

Jacci^nov, >k-a-U'sfaun, r. The act of throw- 
tag Diunm weapoDo. 

So hill> mid Uia air eneoautr'il hUli, 
Unri'd lo and fto mUbJmtMkm dltt^JMftw. 

Jacoio-TOBT, jahVloy-tor^, 9. Daittngorthnw- 
iitg ODl; oUerad, a> aMrt owi t tttco a . 

Jabs, jadB, j^ i^dotratiDDdoBbtfiiL) A ham of no 
ipiiit ; a btred bone ; a worthlw Dagt a menn 
■mmaui ; a word of contempt, ootiog aomcHniM 
agi^ bat gnerally vie*; a yoong womaa, id iromy 
artf^flootanpt. InMinmlofEy,— MeVvphrita; 
-*aL OL to tbo; to baraaai todupirit; to weary; 
tooDib; leorerboar; to degraJei to empto; in 
naao offioeat to rala with tjraonj ;— p. h. Lo 1o:« 
ijiriC; Bodnk. 

JavaxT, Ja'dnr-c, #. Tb* tricks t>f a jade. 

Jabcui, Xdilh, a. Viciotta; Indi Ufcaajad*', 

What earn Out tifQpU get th«><fUh triok 
V ilBvirinf ottJhdr Vlng, n<j rotfr** taf*.— 

a ae h arf a j laoonuncnL 
Jjnu. jc'Oi *■ A tiiaiu of Ctanfawna; Order, 

J ao. I A A dcaliedalJoa ; a tootb of a saw. tn 
Jao«,> Botany, a d^ or dirlaioa. 
JaoBM.— Sea Leataria. 
jA«a» jag, r. a. To eot into utchai oc teeth like 

tbOM of a flaw ; 10 Boteb. 
jAOonorasft, jaffgNi-aflK. *. The sUle of being 

Jaooow-ikom, Jag'gir«^iiti), «. An iustminent 
for fuUDg cakiB with omaauatal Sgnres. 

JaoooBT, jag'go-n), i. A Mou giren in Ceylon to 
a kimi at bnwa aagar afttmcted from tb« |ilafit 
Caryota omia, a apMiaa of oattivatod data. 

Jasot. jag'ge, a. Set with toetb ; daatienlatod ; 

JaouKB, jag'berr, a. An ataignaeot made in 
Bvgil br mx imperial grant npoo the reTeooe of 
waj Jilikt to defray dvi] or aiiUtafy ebaigM, 
peaabii, ftaioltiea, ud the Hke; 

JaoniaiMUu jit heei'dir, §, Tbe boUar of a jag- 

JaoDam, j«-g»wr', a. In Zoology, tbo Braailian 
t^t it i> about the aiao ef a wolf, and hu the 
■nae fiem* and dettmetire fn^nritiea. 

Jaa, ja, a. (Uobnw.) Jebonh. 

Jan., jale, i. (gtolc. Ft.) A pnaon : a Imilding or 
pbca for tba oeiifioeme«l ef panooa in^iad fcr 
debt or for orinw. 

Jaiuiioo, jala'bard, t. A yrieewf; om wbe hai 
boaa cooftned in priann. 

Jaiijut, jaW, t. The kwfwr of • prima. 

JaiLVCTKit. jaloTvntr, a. A oootagieita fatia frrer 
gpner a t a d io jniLj and other plaoea oowded irtth 

jAijia, Jayn>, \ a. A acet. or rathrr nee, of 

Joi^cs, jofn'iia,( Hiodooa, who dbtcnt from the 
eatabliahed Cailh of Brabininiam, end d«ny the 
asihority of the Vedai ; they b«U«<re in (he eter- 
nity of tba aatoritd world, and intbatoftlwmiads 
of meo and other animals, and deny the cxiatMoe 
of aayfittfnma IMn^ 

JaKKt, jakea, a. A beaae of oaSoe or back hoaae ; 
a pivy. 

J a LA It L- a, jal'a-mwe, a. la Antiipilty, a kind of 
mournful BOOg oaed apoo the occwun of death, 
or acy Mber aSbetiag oceurreoce. 

JAi.Ar, Jalln^ & Tba aauM of a waD-lraowa por- 
gBtifa obloiMd from tbe toot of the plant Tpowca 
Jolapa, a DatiTe ef Jalnpa in Sontb Amoka — 
faoooe tbe natnr. 

.TaLAPir. jiriiiit-ik, a. Pertaining to {abip. 

jALAriME, jalU-piM, f. Tin aoppoind baai of 

Jam, Jam, a. A maBer%-e of fraiti btulod with agar 
and water; a kind uf frock fur children;—^, a, 
(J^m, a prate, Ros.) to pma; to wedge ia; to 
trend hard or rruiLe linn 1^ traading- 

Jamasca, JB-ma'ka, o. Puriuaing to tbn bland of 
Jamaica. Janurioa <%inK)t/, tbo phut lllflUU 
erytbritta. Jamoka row, ere Mortania. Ja- 
wutwa oboMy, tbe pfamt Ainerimonm abenoa, a 
natire of the Weit Indim. Jamaica aHUwood, 
a apedea of the broad-nai, Brooimtuii altcaolnmk, 
a natire of Jamaicu. 

Jamaica Auncn. Jn-ma'ka awl'epiae, a Fimanla, 
or JumaJCA pep|;>er, the highly aromalte bvrrin of 
the pliint Eugioea {itmenUi : Order, fiJ jrtaeoM. 

Jamaha, or Spah-wirg. — See Flarra. 

Jamabima, jam-a-ai'no, /. A refiCtaUe alkaline 
winctple obtained from tlie bark of GeotRvya 
Jammoenais, or OaUiage-Urk tree. 

Jaub, jam, a, (jooiAa, Kr) la ArchitMtarai, a 
vopporttr ; the nda[Moe or peel of a door; tlw 
Ndepieoe of a firoplMei. 
Jambbb, Jam-be', a A name formerly giren to a 
faihionaUi cane. 

sir TlffloUi7, titure U a troe iamAM. and rxiulfe 
Bmptf '■ ooljr a pluhi drap*^ ■ T'>)* ^Hrtuots Iik* a iwr> 
ml otjambttt now fn>«nng to tbe Eut IimUh.— ruUt/-, 

Jambscx, jomliue, a. Armonr for tbo kfi — 
One Cor hit lega and Imcaa pevflded wi^ 
WMi >tMi>m ara'd, and doable pUiae or atoeL— 

Jamdolama, jam-bo-U'na, r. Oneof thenamn of 
tbe Java plum-troe, or tha JamboUn ayzygliUD 
— tbe Syaypum jnrabolanmn of Da Condole: 
Order, MyrtaciM. 

JAMBoaA, jam-bo'u, a (altered from a fc w iiw, the 
hlalayaa nam* of one of the specin.) A ganoa 
of phmta: Order, Myrtiiceo-. 

Jamei, jamie, e. Tbe name of one of tho epietles 
oontnined in tbe New Tcatamml. Ihv eanoidcal 
aathorily td whidi baa bean iniKh diaputed. Euoe- 







biu pboes It unoag the ■atilegonMuu ; it wn 
alto t^tfded bj Lather. 

jAMBMirm, )«'mfr4(Milte, *. (in bonow of Prof. 
Jamkton of Edinburgh.) A mineral i>f a stoel- 
ngr eoloar, Mcorring muare, and orTstJiIizod in 
nor-iidfld oblique prianu. Iti constituenU iir»— 
nlpbar, S2.S1; lead, 40.00; lend, with » tnco 
of inn Kid sloe, 0.16 1 ooppar, 0.14; Iron, 2.64; 
u^oMnr, 84.S6: ip. p. 6.68. H = 2— 3.S. 

Javboraiie, Jam'M-nde, «. Tlw Roao-sppk ; th« 
Ia£an bve JraiboM ralgu^ 

Jamca-trse, jang'ka-tiv, m. Odo of Um uudh of 
tlw Poinm-wood, or While Candk-woed AniTru; 
tbo JUDjTk tmtaok of WUdetkOw. The fruit 
haofi lo bBnehai, of Uw ihapo of a pear, and of 
ft pospu oouw • 

Jaxb, Jaao, «. A ooio of Genoa ; a kiod of fustian. 

JajtOLB, jang'sli v. n. (soalm, Ghid.) To quarrel 
inwoida; to altercate; to bicker; to wrangle; — 
*. a. to caoaa lo HitDd diaoordantij ; 
Per mooiUah rhjnwa 
HadjawgW ttMlr l^ntaaOo ctttmaa.-'^Vtor. 

— «. (old FVcnoh,) prate ; babble ; diaooidaot 


JjUHRU, jao^ll^-lir, *. A wrangUng rdltt fellow. 

jAKOLCto, jang'gl-Ing, «. A nois^ difpute; a 

Jaitia, ja'iiB-«, $, A genua of coiaU, in wluch the 
braodm are more alendor, and the uticolatuna 
kaa ervtaceon tlian in Ampbiroea : Fanuhr, Ol- 

Jaxipoa, jao'e-fa, t. (mpm^m&u, it* name in Brazil. ) 
A gmat of pUnta : Orte, EophorUAce*. 

jAXntA, ja-Di'ra, «. A geaaiof CSniitaceaos: Or- 
der, Dec^wda. 

JaXIToBi JanVtor, «. (lAtin.) A dooriteeper; a 
porta; In Anatomj, the priorus at the eatraoce 
of the iataatina. 

JAXnux, Ju'e-tiika, «. la Aoatcanj, the rsoa 

JAinxAStAV, Jao-o-H're-an, a. Pertaining to tbo 

JjJItZAMr, jao's-sAr-e^ «. (yeniaWi, Tulc.) A 
toldier of tho Toririah foot gnarda. 

jAJiuuncic, jan'eca-inn, t. The doettioM of Jan- 
tfiB, in regurd to fret-wiU and graotu 

Jahuxiit, jan'aca-ist, a. One of a dawmlnation 
flf Koinaa Catholica in Fraiieev «bo fiilloired Iba 
opfoiooa of Jauen, bbhop of Yprea^ and fimiwd 
A eonDdera b le paitjr in tbo Utter part of Um 
mmtamA cratnry. The Janaaaiata van CaU 
viidiUc to nan; of tbvir teoatat nd in mmni 
nq^eda appraaJmatod to tho Btfcormed epiniaiia. 

Jawt, ) Jant, r. n. To nunhla bare and thefa ; to 

jAtnTT,) make an ezconioQ ; — a. AO ezesnioa; a 
nmlile; a abort jooroo;. 

jAirmvAf Jan-lAi'nii, «. (iaUhon, violet ooloor, Gr.) 
A genoa of gaatraped UolhiacA, ao named oo ac- 
cent ef Uie bMntlAi] vfakt ooImt of the shell, 
^^ wMeh la fi^k and fragDa. 

^^K jAJfTU-T, Jan'ie-le, (uf. Briikljr; airily; gafly. 
^^B> JAamKB5$, jan'te-oei, 4. Aiiiaeaa; Qnttar; brisk- 

jASTr,j«n'te,a. Abyi abowjt flatterinf;: finkML 

TManfCorwecnAB laaiaNiytlan«im; iht lian(aaa 

Imt olallMi^ plara bar btM. and vaviM bv poamoi.^ 

Jaxctart, jan'a-ar-e, a. (/naMriM, Let) The 
|ir*t month of the ^rar aceocdii^ to tba preaent 
CHnpuiAiloA. At lb« (Mudation of Bottf, Uarch 

was conldaRd the tint moalh. It la nprcseDted 
bftfaa iignAquriiiB (a?)tbrQii^ which tbaena 
Irsrels tUa moDtfa. 

JA5V8, jn'noa, a. A Latin deity, arifiDallf tho 
aarae aa the Son. ile woa reprvMoted with two 
facofl looking oppoaita wajra, and holding a Iter in 
qm hand, md a etalT in the other. He presided 
oTir toe ooaunafwaiiHDfc of aU nDdettaktBga, 
wbenee the flnt mootb of tba 700- was aaniM 
after fain. Hia temple ta Bona WH kept open n 
the time of war, and abut ia time of peace. 

Jatav, ja-pan', a. A name giren to work var- 
nialied and figured in the maoner practised by the 
natirei of Japan. Jajxm tariS, or tarajapauieaf 
a drag priMapollj prepared fhns the estamal 
eolennd part f/t the wood of the plant Acada 
oatflbo. Ji^tam eamiiA-fr'ee, the Tarniah bearing 
mmach, the Rhus rentkafera of Do Condone ; — 
V. a. to vamiafa in the mnniwr of the Japanaaa ; 
to bladrand gloaa, aa in blacking aboes or booUu 

J ATAK ALsncs, ja- pan' awl'apiae, *. Tb« GUm»- 
naalhoa fragrana, a sbrobby plant, a native of 
Japan, tho froit of which reeembtos that of the 
A%ice-tree, Mjrrtai pimcnt.i. 

Japan COPPEK, ja-pan' kop'por, 1. Copper cart 
into small Ingots for nportation, chienj- for the 
East IndJea. 

jAPAinuiB, JAp-»-nea«', a. Partuaing to Japan or 
its inhabitanta; — «. a native of Japan, or the 
language of the inhnbitlnta. 

Japam iKK, j»-pan' tok, a, A fopetior kind of 
black writing iok, generallj gloisr arbeD drr. 

Japanickk, ja-pm'nar, *. Ow vrhe varoiwes in 
the mannar of tba Japaoeaa; a aboobladcar. 

jAPAmrtiia, ja-paa'nii^ a. The art of vanSaUag 
and drawing figotea on wood aad other aateiiaL 

Japk, jape, o. M. (ifaya, loriao.) To jeet; 
To iapM faa begsB. — CftoHwr. 
— 9. o. (jTWV*. Sax.) to cheat; to impoee upei); 
— $, ajeat; a trick.— Obaoletr. 

He had a>apf of maUce la the dark.— Cilaiiear. 

Japbr, ja'pur, a. A jeatar. — Obaolete. 

After tbla comeih the eione of jdper^ that ben Uia 
dcTlI'B apea.— CtMMtr. 

Japrbro, ja-fetlk, a. Pertaioinfi to Japbetfa, the 
eldest BOO of Noah, as the JofhaAc nations, which 
people the north of Aaia and all Earope. 

Japokio Acid, JA-voolk ••'aid, «. An acid ob- 
tabled from csteouae, when ezpornd to the air 
with oanaUc alkalte Fonnola, Cl9, Hi 4- aq. 
That of the jiponata of bUitt la Ot\^ Us, Os 4- 

jATXDBft, ja-pi'dea, a. A people who dwelt 
aloog tlM ooast of tba Adriatic, from the golf of 
QnarDBTO aa hnr aa Zara, the ancient Jadera. 

Jas, jdr, e; ». To atrika togetbw with a kind of 
ahort rattle; to atiike mtonablj or harahly; to 
itiikadiaooniantly; toelaah; tointerfcre; to act 
in oppoaition; to be iooonsiBtmt ; to quaml; to 
£^ttte; to clash in words; to vibrate legitarijT) 
to repeat the same sound ; — e. a. to »b^ ; to 
oaaae to IremUe; to oaoaa a abort tterankma tno- 
tioa In ■ tUng f—« a Und of rattling vibnttoB «f 
BiHiad; aabue; a berah aeond; diaoord: daab 
«f laWeata or opinions ; coHUon ; debate ; the 
•tate of a door half open, or read/ lo move and 
strike the post; repetitkin of the noise made bv 
the pendalun of a dock ;— (/nrrv, /orru, Span.) 
a vueel with a large ifcHy and breed OMuth, made 




of oMh or ^M8; A cerUia nieuur*, n « jar of 
JAttJu^jdr^t V. tf. To bcmire.— Locat— 01- 

JAUnn, ifadnto, ■. (Frmctu) CrHous tufflan oo 
lb» lag of « hantj bolow ttu baad of iba hMa oo 

•Iakook, jdr'itei, c (FttMb.) la Ftrrifrv. id oM 
ohMlcCa Ufa ftr ■ nnlling under the point of die 


Jabolk, jA']^ t>. iL To emit a ihrUl or bmh 
WhctJwiB** MNUkd inifflit rock b«T b«ba to real. 

jAJUcnr, jJr'eini, ■. (Fmicb.) UDintdfigiUt Ulk ; 

gibUt; |Ab«riih; eaot In MiMTmkK;r> om of 

th* TvieCia of Zircon. 
Jamooxbixs, Itx-fff-niX, «. (Krcaeb.) A Wg« 

mict; of tli9 ptnr. 
JjUMHonCt jtT'Saa'ik. a IVrtaiuing to tbe mko- 


Jakl, jdri, 4 A word of ScandinaTua nttnction, 
1^0% ill i; Mofijff; appltrd in th« earljr bislovy of 
tbv OOfthmi £on>p«mn kiniidomd to Uw lieoteouiU 
or prv9mat% sppoinlvd over eaeb pratioee. 

Jawiiso, jdi'raft «L A febsking; diioord; dla- 

Jaskt, Ja'm^ a (ilippoMd to ba cami|rfod from 
J^ttjf, whtre flfit tiudiL) A woisud wig, aod 
b aoBM pteeci a eolloqi^u term for a nig. 

'dUnoxs, jtt'c-o-nr, «. (Greek uami <tf « wild pot- 
Kcifa hmt BBksown.) A gnoi ti ptintit ctmlit- 
1^ iT ^mif borte. witk tlN hdiiti of SodiiMA : 

JiwmiACKa, Jw-ne-B&'M-c, a (Jaammmi, me of 
lk> pM>^) Aa ordar of Eso^ohmii i^II| eoa- 
Julng of ikrata, MunD^r *itb twining itanw. 
knfagoffoito or utanute leant; Aowcnoppo- 
AM, la eorniifcih wfaks^ or 7<Ibir, oAca swoei- 
Motad: tmz poartart, ynh in to right djri- 
rian; «enlbBMnio|ie4aIirai,~lnnKwj'iioiii, n^fukr, 
bjpoaatorifcnB, 1*1111 five to «^t dirijions, which 
w btcnlly Bpaa cwh other ; stamcnv two, aiuin^ 
&0V tba oondb, and indooed within iu toW ; 
enry t««-otUed aod tvo-tol>«d; tt]\t cm; stig- 
ma two-bted ; fiiuC ettbir a donUo iftry or cn|>- 
mle. Th« |iI»o(s of thn order are cluefl; iiituibi- 
tanta of tropical IftdSa : Jragnnea is tlicir predo- 
miaaling property, and Qm Jasniioa hAi for agn 
tma the wfokiitc of ttw poits and the people. 

jAOratv, jaa'mine, a The commoa name of plants 
af tfat genu Jaaiuinucn. Cap* Jasmine, — aec 

Jiajant-woRn. jiu'inio-wort*, »,yL A nam« 
fftwa hj liodlay to the pUota of the order Jta- 

jAauum. jaa-Qii'fioin, «. (deri\'«d hj Linnziit 
frani w, A violet, aad omm, ameil, Gr. ; lite scent 
«i tba flowera, bowererv biTft so fMemhlanco to 
that ef tba rklet Fonkoel aaja thaf the Ara- 
tnana eoO it gmKgit.y Jamahia, a (Eeaua of planta, 
aaallj twldi^ abniba, with white or jndlow 
flomat Tjrpa of tba onW Jasnhiaoeflu 

Jaoxb, Jaa'por, $. A ASoaooi mfaurtl af Tariooi 
aalan^ aad alible «f bebg Ugbly polbhed ; 
tbt aafaaa an geaacally owing to the prcaaDoe of 
fltt aaUe of fans, &a. It is connnonl/ found in 
rockl of Toteaatc origin. 

JavicRATKO, jaa'pfn^a7-ted,.a. Mixed Kith ^ 
par; ooatMahtg portidea of jaipar. 

Jabfuit, jaa'pare, a. Having tba qoolitiai of 

jAAnoBAir, jaa-pa-da'aa, a. Uk«>atpar. 
JAaK»rTX,ia«'p»-nika,A Tbe ponat hom-oalaond 

o&rx, or linpl; atripad ribboa jaapar. 
JatAA, jaa'aa, a A ganna af enutaoaai Order, 

JAasAMnrs.— See Jaamine. 
Jamds, ja^aoa, A Agenoaof Eann^tteratuhiaaalf: 

Family, Gcadaria-. 
Jathobbixa, Jnt-ro-bella, «. A aaaio gjroi by . 

Blalsrillo tu tlie genua SaDgulsugA | 

JATaoriu, jat'ro-fs, A A gvnua of pUota of tbe 

DAtonl order KtipboibiAoaa:. 
JATBortuc, ja-trol Ik, a. Fcrtaiolog toJatropbA. 
JAt!(CE, jma, r. n. (janoer, Fr.) To baatloi to 

jaunt.— Obaokte. 
Spurrall'd and Ur d bj jaMMav BoaHbcok«.~ 


JArxDiCEf jawn'dia, ». (jaanMM, fnn JtitMM, yal* 

low, FrO Id I^aUubm, a d^aaaa oharaotamad 
by ttie akia aod eyca wcomiog yaDow in cokov 
and deep ooloond cvaeoations from tie bowala. 
When loog protractod, it is catled ffntnjamidhei 
wbea still mora oooccntrsted, it ia lerwd ftJbdb 
jamiSct, It ia ocGisiouBd bj a diacawd atate of 
the tniiona organs. 

JAO)fDICaI^ JHu'diat, a. Affected n^ilh jaundice; 
aaffuMud with a yuUuw colour; pr^jutliccJ; acein^. 
with ijiaooloured organa. 

Jauts, jawts, A A i>ei<[)le of Hbdoetan. 

Javaitcsk, JA'va-nexe', a. rertaitiiog to Java; — 
A a natire of Java. Juvestte dudt, t^o a<)uatie 
fowl Boschta jivanlca, a rirer dock of alugular 

jATELf jnvll, A A wandoring or dirty falbnr. . 

Jateuv, JaT'lio, A (Jartlme, Fr.) A tJiort ipear 
about Ato feet and a half long, iJie ahalt of »uii.h 
waa of wood, but pointed with ft«l. 

Javilla, jn-TilTa, ». The namo given ta New 
Grenada to tb« plant Fmillea JRvillo. 

Jaw, jaw, f. O'*"**. tbe cheek, Fr.) The bones of 
the mouth in which the teeth are fixed ; the 
mouth ; in Tolgar latigoAge, acolding, wrangtiog, 
abusive clamour; — a. m. to scold ; to cbuztonr; — 
V. a. to abuH hj scolding; to addresa sarcasti- 
call? : to tnant 

Jawed, juwd, a. Having jawa; danoting tbe np- 
pearaace of two jawa, 

Jawfali., JAw'fawI, A Depreanon of tbo Jaw; 
Ugnratnely, depreaaion of miud or apIrltA 

Jawfallsk, jawTaw]-<n, a. Deprewed b fpirila; 

Jawy, JBw'e, a, Itebiting to the Jawa, 

The dewlapaeadlbe>aaypart ofthofiwc.— OrfAM 

JAr. — See GarmlBA 

JAZEitAWT, JAi'ur-aiit, A A froolt of mail wiibottt 
alaoTsa, lighter thaii the hauberk. 

JlULOVI, jel'ns, o. (^Jnlousf^ Fr.) tiui«picioaei ap- 
pnbeanve of rivakbip ; nneaiiy through fear that 
another hat withdrawn or may wilhdmw from ono 
the affecttons of a pervon ho loves, or enjoy aomfl 
gpod which he deaiica to obtain ; floapicioua that 
wa do not a^Jey the aflcction or rmect t{ otbeni ; 
cmDloQS ; fbll of eooipetitkiTi ; aonmoua to <^ciid 
tba bonoar of; concerned for the character of; 
ae^idouily vigilant ; anxiously carefhl aod oon- 
ocnad for ; auipidauHly foarful. 

JKALorsLT, jcl'uB-le, uJ. Soapicioiuly ; with aua- 
piboaa faar, vigUaaca, or caation; aomtoaily. 




JKALOtmvBU, Jal'iu-DM, JL Tb* tuu of hting 
jmIow; tonkioo: niapicMua vigUanoa. 

JiAtiOOST, jtl M^ I. C/oImum, Ft) Tbut punoa 
flr (luwtni; trriutiBa wbidi UmuiU iba hatrnXf 
Utroagh tha dread of anoihcr ■appUating the 
pbM wind) V* nuv hoU La th« kSwtiou 5 ta- 
oCHtr, or Um lupirion tbnt it luu bMO tnuuramd 
t« Aiullttf i n^icuns fnr, ainlioo, TicDaoee, or 
cMry; ■nvniMt ooDom or aoUdtode for tlttt 
vflUtro of stlMMn ; iadlgoilioo. 
JMlMiqi b Hm Iter or ai^nbHHkiB of adpodnrlty..— 

Jiun, )«w, 1. A <li)tb midfl of ootfcon and wool. 
Jeako,) jean,!. Aanu wmmm, an ■— niMie* 
Jxaos f of taMm by wfalcli Uie lewvr jrvda of a 

diip an boistcd or towtrod. 
JSM, JMT, V. H. (fcAercM, Gcntt.) To Koff; to di> 

rida; to float; to nuke a mock of; — r.a. la 

(not witb aeoA or dorision ; — «. railjne UagUApe ; 

Booff) taunt; bHin^JMl; pbo; nwcktry; d«ri> 

■rat twDOh witb aoonii 
Jkcuw, jcor'ur, «. AK«0«r: araUn-t aaooncr; 

a tooclcer. 
Jkuuko, JMrlne, *. Derision. 
Jbouxolt, jCd^Bg-le, ad. With nUiiay ; Boom- 

fbljT} coatemptooasljr ; m tnockvty. 
JsrvBUOMiA, jef-ftr-ao'ite^, a. (ia banosr of Uw 

bto Mr. JoflbnoD, PreadMtt cftlM United StotM.) 
• A RtOBi of Kottb American ImbaMow plaoU: 

Order, PMlopbjrQjKOie. 
jE«OBT, jai^pit, $. A kind of aaBSage.— Obso- 

JuiOTAH, j&-bo'ra, i. (Hclmnr.) TIu aeriptura 

name of tlto Saprctne Ueing. 
JUVKO, ja-jooo', a. (Jajmtu, Ut.) Wanting ; 

etDptj; vacant; bon^iy; nul aalorated; dry; 

banvB ; dcGcicnt in maUer. 
JUUHBLT, je-joao'le, ih£. Utingrit; ; in an enipt;^ 

hams maanar. 
jBJUnXBM, jo-joon'oci^ t. Ponrtj; barraniMK ; 

dijnaii want of matter that can etip^p the at- 

JiMOWUM, j«-jo'nam,«. Oyyoiia,«aipty, L*L) The 

■fODod difiana of Iha anull mteatiaea, go tomod 

haenaaa, whea aaamiiMd after dnth, il ii gmnJij 

foanA amptT or nuslf ao. 
JuxiBD, jel'iid| a. Bnm^lil to Ih* ttmiBtanee of 

TU>IM phUn or h« Upc-CbMriaMd. 

Jhllt, jfA'itj a. (/oIm, Span.) The in^Jautod 
joJaaaf ftirit bafladwilhMgari aoOMtUng naosoa 
ar ginttnona; ■Mnetblag of the oonewtence of 
Jalljr; ft tnaapftnut ai^r anbatance obtaiocd from 
annul gihrtaneaa hj daooc ti OD; poitabte aonp. 
JtOf bug, a bag through which jdljr it dirtUJe^ 

Jbmuml, jem'o-da, t. A black oOoar in tba Eaat 
India compan;'* icrTice havinx tto iinw rank aa 

JniManaSiJom'me-naa, t. Spniwnan. Sildem 

Jbut, jem'mo, a. Spmoe, — A Tftlgar word. 
JaaUKt, Jtn'nit, a. A maail Spaoiab horiv. 

Tbe SpMlA ktasfeaawria aiPMi 
To abow Ua 1«%«— iXan 

Jmnrim, Wnit-iitg, i. (npfMaad to be compted 
ftom JumaAig, att apple ripe in Jud^ or at St. 
Jean.) A spcdaa of aadj aplA** 

Jnriir, iei/aa, a. A nuicUno for aptnnii^ naed bi 

JtartAOVLVSt, jea-tak'o-luro, «. Tha nuna of Um 

tnoming meal airKMig tlie andent Romana. 
JsaTLOto, jant'ling, t. In IchtbTology, a fiah fonnd 

la tba Daouba. 
Jbqvailb, jefiala, a. Ia l^w, an ovcni^t or 

amr eoanmlttnd in plwdlng or joining laaBa, or 

athor law prooeodiog^ 
JnorABD, jep'pnrd, p. a. To haiaid; to pM is 

danger) to azpoae Co loaa or ii^ny. 

Zebohin aii'l Jfapbtall w«r* k people Ibat Jiiyrrf*J 
UMir nrw OBM the deatb.— .A-l^ v. 11^ 

Jbopakokb, jfp'pOT^ur, a. One who pota to 

SsorAMDizK, jep'pur diae, m. a. To expoie to leaa 

orinjnrf; to jeopard. 
JuifAKDOUS, jep'par-dii% o. Expoaod todaacor; 

poiloiu : hnurdooa. 
JBoraHDOUSLTT jep'por-doa-le, ml With riak or 

jBOTAftDT, jep'por-de, a. ( aa ppoae d to be trtm fai 

jfenhi, 1 ban loat, Fr.) Eipoaore to dcalb ; luu 

orlf^nry; haaard; danger; peril 
Jkiuma. — See EHpos. 
Jeskmiidb, jer-e-mt'ade, «. (Crom Jt rmR Jt k.') 

Ldmcntatioo ; a talc <^ aoirow or ootnplaint. 
jKBBHlAn, j>-r-e-mi'a, «^ The name of one of Ifaa 

Old Testament propl^elet, aad of tlj« book written 

hj Um. 
Jbs Falcok, \ j«r ful'kon, $, Tlte Enjcliab name 
Gin Falcok.) of the Faloo nUndiaui uf Latham. 

Ger-faut of the Fraocb, and Uobo» cLayl-dro of 

the aocietit Britooa, 
Jbkk, }«rk, r. a, (Artaooa, haxfj Saa.) To thival 

out; to tliruvt with a onddra effort; to^vaaand- 

dm pull, twitch, thnufe, or pmab ; to thraw with n 

ifuick, aouirt motioa ; to aoooK eagnlj; — (obao- 

Uta m the last Mmae;} 

Tliir bloBli, ihoalil b« Mma grafe acqaalntanee meet ; 
Bat, pnmtt ot Imiag luio«% will jtrk and BreaC— 

— a. aabort, anddan Umtal^ pofa or twUdi; a 
Btriking i^nal aomelUag witfc ft ifaart, ^oio't 
motiou; a anddan nrlog. 
Jebkbp, jockt, S. Cut into pieces uid dried, as 


jEniUB, jsrk'or, i. One who itnkca vitb a quick, 
ouuft Uow. 

Jebkiw, jrr'kio, a. A jacket; a short coat; a 
kind of hawk. JarttM-Jtrnd, in ArchiteotDro, a 
tara naed for a particaUr feature in a roof when 
tha ^hla ia carrwd ki^icr than tha aide walL 

JiaoaiDMtnu, jer-onVmitaa, I a. AdMamiDo- 

UiHuufOUTBC, he-ron'o-mitie,} tloft ^hran to 
lariona onkca or Mnpagaliona of raUi^Mft p«r- 
•OM, olhtfwiaa eaUftd tte Uamki of St Jaranr. 

JssBBT, jer'ae, a. (ftvm the Inland m eoBad.) Fine 
jrara of woo); tha Boaitnf «aol ■faantal ftnoi 
Ihonat; combed wooL 

JsuKT-nunuL, jcr'to-thia'ai, i. The plant Cea- 
taoma lanardi. 

JlBCBALBM-ABTlCnOKE, JCT-D ' Sa- tom- AT ' te- 
lahoka, J. The ananal plant Kidiaothos tDbcroaoa, 
Jm ■aahw aik, tba plant OhBapofioaa bobya. 
Jg wlw y. « ibrabbjr PUonii^ As finlnato 
BbMl FUmbIi SaoliMM. J iiaw u liM w— %» — 
Sea Polmoaurla, 

JuiUBftLBViTB, ia-roo'sa-le-mita. a. A naUva tn- 
kaUtant of the aodeot intjr of JeraaalMn. 

JsiOlirB, jer'oiop. *. A baao diseovared hj Kmlr 
In Veratrom alhnm. FecnwU, C«», Htft, l't,Oi 



Jkcs, JM( «. A tbort itrtp nf iHtber tied roond 
tl« kgi 4^ m hawk, ti; wUch sbe u b«ld vm Wia 
6Ai ■ ribbm that baap down from a gulaiitl or 
cnwD In Falaaoiy. 

TbODcb fhat ba- Jme* mtv nj dear hMrt.«tring«, 
I'4 whliUo bar affaod 1«1 hw down the wtnd 
Ta V'Tj at fort— a,— IHtth 

JsHASfT, jaa'aant, i. In UanldiTt w afritbet tp- 
fUad ID a Hm ar otber biHt wan wnebed ovtr 
tvo or Bon eolonf^ K iIm rigplflw dieoth^j 
fartK M TCCrtaUv ipriift «r iboot oat. 

Jsas.jw'M^ib AlHSibrmMadbrtickbranobed 
into onaj kooob, hmi^nK down m th« middle of 
• dank m cbocr, n «^1m froni tlw nmiUtnde of 
tbt hMdM to tboae of tbo Alter jaane, tho 
likaab w ypMlufciLal trae of Jena. 

JB88SP, JBik. o. In Hcnldiy, applied to a hawk 
or hloon baTfnjt jana «n Iha legi, wbicb bto 
nmiaUj of a dUnvnt tiacCan. 

jB«r, >al, c (ekUt, Spcu. and Port.) A julta ; 
noMAfa^ bdam nttand aod meint onlj lu 
•Kite hnKbtar; tba objaA of lani^tcr or aporti 
A latjhing <Bck ; • daad t to action t 
ThajsMioraetafrfpriaoaaorcainalna.— Mr T.StgM. 
a maak ;— (obaBlvta la tba Ust three ai^rTtiQci- 

n* pwitk'4 m in booottr of ovfoca^ 

T« snaeo wteomei wfth aone poopoo* jwf.— 

— r. «. to (Hrert or make merrj by worda or 
adioaa ; to joka ; to utter ie apoit ; to mi; what 
» net true tocnly fbr the wke of divaisloo ; to 
fttj m part in a rauk. 

Aa K«mle and Jocund, at to jaL 

So I to Hshi.— ;SJWii:a. 

JlsxxB, jaa'tor, i, A pttraon ^r«n ta jnUng, apor- 
trm talk, and many praoka; ona ^ven to aiit- 
caato; aboflban; a merrj-andraw. A jet ter, ur 
GcaaHd aee&r, waa k^ a| amrt to tbe time of 
Cterinthn Piatt. 

JtgnCL, jeit'fll, & Olva to jBStift|[; AiU of Jokc9. 

jRsmOt JM'tio^ iL Cttnuc* A Mrcaaira or 


.Tt jaaTtbg-la, ad. la % joeoM ouDoer ; 

BOKia MnuM. 
^■nBO-«TfxrK, )c«'Ung*»tok, f. A Imglnng- 
ttmk; a bott of ridkole. 

An apt, qooUi At, an>l jtMiip-tUA 
U man to Ood In Ajif. 
Aa lA aa bo dotii Inn hu «b 
Too tniub, oraaoiiiw Uev 

Oaorpa XMtaK ^q/^ 1MB- 
JssDAtss, jc^n-aTta, a. A nUgloM Moitie order 

ftwiij in isea. 

jBiCTr« jax'n-U, #. OiN bdonriflg to tbo sodoty 
•f icini, feondad bj Ignatioa Loyoln, a SpinUrd, 
In tbt yonr ISSi, Aa a reliejooa body, tbo 
i«aki tsmlarm as mucb as poeible to tho 
matuma of tbe agp. In order bi adraaoe tlio 
ymr nd failenrti of tbe oider, Ibey Btand 
ckaisad wkb mldng ose of mental r ee orratbna 
mA otbv pioai frandi. Jtmift Bark,—tM Cin- 
AottL Jttmtt Drop*^ a nwdidno compotindoJ 
•f guae, Pcnxrian bidMrn, and Banapuillii. Ja~ 
lit* NwU^ tbe fruit of the pbot Water caltrop*. 
Jmmtu (b /iofie, a namt riren to •koUt persona 
of U^ ndk, botmd to tbt order of Jeinits by 
vMn «f obedience wltbottt hAving tikoo tbo 
^uitoal TOW. 
Jutmxik Mu-ft-rd, a. Conformiog to tbe prio- 

JuviTKB!', jtfa'u-it-«A, a. A fafiiaU wbo adopta 

tbe [irindplca of tbe Jeeoita. 
jBStnTtc, jfi-n-it'ik, ) tt. Matlnft to |k* 

jBSinnOAU j*n-o il'e-kal.)* Jfauita,ortbeirpfif>- 

dpbn and atta; deaigaiiig; eonmng-, dtetltAU; 

JmnncALLT, Jex-Q-it'e-ltal-^ ad. Cnkftlly. 
jBfliimni, jca'Q-it-iim, a. Tba arti, prtDcipleR, 

and pnutieM af the JeniU; eunning; deotit; 

hrpoaiay ; pnrtrkatian ; deceptive praoticci to 

amBl » pnrpota. 
J«T, JBl, », U^ytt, Fr.) A rariety of coal of a very 

tDinp«ct textvn, aoHeplical of a nry high polbh ; 

tbe tioer aorti at« Oaad fat tbt tnaanfaMara of 

omamenta and brwbatoi— (Franob,) a apn^ 

apontlnf, or ahaolag tf mttari a eoamiaa m 

bnincli with ooe hok ; a yard ;-^obaelttt Ln tilt 

laat emaai) 

What orvhanl nnrobbod M eap at 1 

Or paOat dara walk In thalr irt '— n«MP. 

— r. n. to alioot forward; to tboot oni; to mtrndt; 

to jot oat ; 

Think yoa not how tfancvron* 

IiU to^apon n prt»oo'»picbl t^Aoka. 

to ilrat; to aeitale the body by a prood gailt 

to jolt ; to be enaken. — Soldom used to tbe laat 

.Ikt d' Eatt, xhay-4o', t. A Fnoefa Inrn, oaed to 

MgiUfy • Antntain wtitdi eaata gp wMar to a con- 

nderable height in tbe air. 
Jbtbam, jet'aani, > ». {fjmnjvtiei, I throw, ft.) 
■Ttn-t)Ol)> jet'ona, > In Cauimm*-, tba tbtow- 
JeTTJSOlf, jet'ta-aun,) ing uinrrboitrd any part of 

a re ce l, or ber matanta, with k vhtw to eave tba 

mnaindw by eaabRog her to weather a ttorm, or 

gvt off a shallow. When such an oocurrenes takci 

place, tba partka {fittnated ditUo tbo lost anuMlg 

.Tetteait, jct'to, $. (Jtt d'ean, Fr.) A throw or 

spant of water. 
■IcTTBE, j«t-le', f. In ArehU«cture, a bonrder round 

tbe atilts under a pwr In certain old bridgn, now 

termed Starling, — which tec. 
Jt.-TTEK, jet'tur, •, A apruce fflllow, od« who 

Jettt, .H't''. "• "- T^ J"* : — •• ■ ima3S pier or 

proj(>ctwn into a rirar for Darrowiog it and nui- 
ing tbo water above that place ;~a. made of Jet ; 
Uacfc aa jet. Jtt^flU ni, a term a»d in the Boyal 
docfcyaiw to dcngnate that port of a whorf wbiub 

dada bmnd tbe rert; in parti?aUr, to the 
t of A wharf whoat aide funns one of the cbceka 
of a wet or dry dock. 

Jen D'EBmiT, alifi-do-ppr**, *. (FVeodi.) A wttU- 
dam ; a play of wit. 

Jbw. ja, $. (a contraction nf Jvdat, or Jnriak.') A 
llcbptw or lamalito. Jcu't apple, one of tlio mi- 
liar namea of tbo Kgg pUnt SoUnam meloojceua. 
Jaa/a ton, tbe plant Pexiaa auricuhL Jcv'm 
iniUow, thi3Coraboni5olit«rio8ofIinaa:Da. Jtw'a 
tton*, a name fotmerly girm to oertain ■pinea of 
Uic foDsel Echini. 

JewKt., Ju'il, I. ijoi/au, Fr, Joyel, Span. Jtmtt, 
Qerm.) An ornament worn by ladles, tiniaUy 
coniii^g of a precMns atone, or set with one or 
more I a pandaDt worn in tbe ear; a praeiooa 
stone; a oamt espraaaire of fbodnMi. Jmoal- 
blockt, io NaTigalion, two tmnll blueka uupendod 
at tbe extntnily uf tbe main and fora-topaail yarda, 
aaod la teUuiiog tbt ippar pait of tbe toptnaat 




attMldbg-siiiU bejoQd the aheeia of the topsoib j 
— V. a. ti dms or atloni with Jtweb. 

JnrzL-nooaKtjDll-lunn,) «. The plaot whtn 

jMWBLMmiaiffulUf'Bi,l the pUto of th« 
idnlng MTonga li r«iUaiHd and wtiglMd, and 
d«imd out \rf wwnot or tbe Lord ChambOT- 
lab ; aln, tbt plMO wlMre the icgil omuMota 
ud >rali an dipodlad. 

Jbwbllbi, jKV>hv, *. One who make* or deala 
En jswab i^ otfatr onamenU. 

JswEL-LncB, JqH-GId^ a. Briltianft u a j«wd. 
BcreycaMl w IJtt c . 
And cu*d ai rti&7.~«Mfei. 

JswstiT. jttll-n, (. Je«eb In foaeral. 
iuvmn, ja'ci, & A Hcbrmr wtimaa. 
JswiaajDlkb, a. Rehling to Ibe Jew» or Ba- 

Jewuhlt, jn'uli-le, luL In the maooer of tho 

jBwistnfisa, ja'Uli-oc», t. The r^ooi ritea of 

tlie Jewi. 
Jbvby, ja'n, X. Judea, elto ft dbtriet mbabitad 

bj Jeita — wliimce tbe fuuna of a street io Londoa. 
Tkov mu in Atf «, In a gn*t dtao, 
AiPonyM Chrirten lUto « J awrlt.— Oaaoir. * 

JjEw's-HAKPi joie'fadrm 1 A A aoiall iaatnunent 

Jxw's-TftUitP, joM'tramp,) of mnac, abaped Hke 
a bnp, wbkit, placed between tbe toetb, and hy 
nuaos of a epruig etntck by tbe finger, gives a 
■oood wfatcb ia modulated b; tbe bnalb into soft 

Jkcbwx, Jczu-bel, J. An impudent, iMtittg, ri- 
tivos nuaun. 

Jkerices, jei'idae; e. A oamanma acet Inbahitipg 
Toricojr aod Tenia, aa called from tbdr head, 
Jeaid, a& Araliuin prince, who alew tba kmu of 
All, tbe latbcr-biUw of JJaboaml, for which h« 
waa redroned a parridde, and Ua fbUowen bera> 
tka. Tbry are ertmo^ ipiorent : tbejr beliere 
both tbe Koran and tbe biUe withoot raadiog 
eltber. Tbn addjtw aonga of adoration to 
CI>nit, the Vtrpn, Moaee, and eomelimoa Mabo- 


Jui, jib, *. Tbo foiaoct eul of a ahip, beiog a 
laipi Majsiil exteodod from the ooter eod of the 
Jib<4>eocD towarda Ibe foretopoiaat baadj door 
wqr ^J*^ ^a onler to loooe it prppantor; to 
ka being eeC Jib-door, io Ardiitoctare, a door 
m eonatmcud oa to ataad Ouib willi the a^joinlog 
face of tbo wall oe both adea, and witboat dna- 
riagi or arcbttraTflo. Fij/i-g Jif>t a aail aooutawa 
aat Dpoo a boon ngged out bcT'oad tbe ^D-booin> 
JVMdb yO, a aimjhtf eail sometitMa lok before tbo 
lwopnoadbi& being flataodad frran tbo end of tba 
jnKMM«,wUo tbo inner jiUaek ia near baJf wajr 
dowm, or Oft tbo boenu JiMooat, a apar which 
it raa oDt ftoea tbo eatranitjr of tha boiraprH, and 
which aema aa a eontiBoatioo of It Flmiig Jib- 
ftoowi, a boom extended bejroad tbe jib-boom bjr 
■aana of two boom irou, end to tbe fereouMi end 
of wluch tbe tack of tbe Rjiag jib is hanlcd eoL 

JiBOTA, je-bD'ya, t. An Aincricao aerpeat of tbe 

JlOKA-JOO, jOc'a-jog, a. A ahake ; a pub. 

Jurrr, jiflfct $. An inalauU— A rulgar word. 
And tbea diaU oacb I'addy.whe e>oe ow ifca UBg 
poivfaaaoe beU ifaa ItelM gf eooie w e l ta r et hitt 
OoU ibsraahnoftlMauHuuldlBpaBeftlnaMy 
Mon ■ahae than e«w ha naglit wocn k ba« t— 

lM,^aLC9V>.IlaL9VMVrr.) AUDd«ri%bt 

dance, or a^nne or air ; a lodiecoui oooipoillkin ; 
a ballad i— ^obaolete b tba lait two aenaaa ;) 

A )b ahall beotappM ak and Oferr ^yn* 
IVnUM ui<l applMdad b; a cUiaeroae cliltne.— 

— V. %. to dance a jig. 

JlOOSR, i^Ctx, : In • ahip, a machine oonatsti^g 
of a rvpa alwal 6rif feet lont;, with m block at one 
and, and a abaaro at tbe other, oeed to hold on 
tbe cable wban k ia beared into the ahip bj tbe 
raeedotiea of Ibe wirtdlaa. Fk«t Jiggtr, a lerm 
mad bj tbe man wba holda oa tbe jijtKar, wbra, 
bj Ita dUtanoe from tbe wiodlaai, it boeomaa n«- 
««ni7 to fleet or replaon it In a proper ttata of 
aotiao. Jiff^ taekU^ a light amaQ tackle, ooo- 
datbif of adanbla and ab^ block, and Med hj 
■sauMii OD vftiiofta oooaakna. 

JiOOXSD, Jig'^ifai a. SoiUble to a jig. 

JlOOOMBOa, Jlg'gmB-bob, a. A tdnict ; a kniak- 

JioKAKBn, Jig'may-kur, ». One who nakea or 
plajra jiga ; a baUadmaker. 

Jionit, Jig'pia, a. A pin oae<I b^ minon to hold 
the tont beasoa, and prerant tbetn from tuniiag. 

JUtL, Jil, A A contamptuiiua name lee a jroui^ 


Let RtanMea thLoo Im plaaeant »UU ; 

Wltb Jack*, r*t do not pla; Iho jiL— JTanM. 

JlLLTLiKT, jirfltirt, f. A giddjr. light, Or wanton 

Jilt, jilt, a A woman who ^rea her lover bepea, 
and capridoueljr dieappolDta him ; a womnn wbo 
trifle* with bar lover; a name of ooatetnpt (or a 
women * < 

Whea low wu bU en easy nonarrti^ oare; 
Mia ml*d Uw euta^ and iialrawca teoee witt^ 

— *. ff. to trick a man hj flattering ki» love with 
bopea^ and tbeo leaving him fat enotber;— «. n. 
to play the Jilt ; to practise deception bi km, and 
dteaid lovwi. 

JfMiCKRS, jim'murz, §. Jointed bingea. 

JiHT, junp,a. Neat; handsome; et^ant of abapa. 

JiNOLB, jiag'^ 0. «. To sound with a floe abaip 
mUle; lodink;— et.o. to caoae to j^va a dMip 
aaonil, aa Cttle bella or picoia cf metal ;^-<;. a 
littla bell ur rattle; eorraqiondenee of acnnid in 
rhjmea ; a rattUng or rtfnkit^ VmbA^ aa of little 

Jirvo, Jip'oe, t. (/ifie, Fr.) A waialcoit or kind 
of ataja for feoialea. 

Job, job^ a. A pieao of work ; anftfaing to bt dao*^ 
wbatber of mon or leu importance; a lacr aUn 
boiiDOM; an nndvtalnng with a tWw to profit; 
a low, roeaO| Inomtiva, bwjr aflUr j a snddan atab 
with a potelad inatmioant ; the name of a book 
of tba Old Taitnniant;— V. a. to atnka or aUb 
with a ahmp inatnuDest; to drive In a sharp 
pointed itutrumcnt ; — *. n. to deal in tba pobUc 
atocka ; to btqr and aell aa a broker. 

Jomsn, joblw, «. One who doea amall joba ; a 
dealer in the pohfio stocks or funda, uanaltjr callnl 
a itock'^otA^i a tnembaal that purohaaee goods 
from importan, and aeOa to retatlera; one wbo 
anfigaa in a low hxrativa aAalr. 

JoOBSItllOWL, job'bttr-aowl, a. (eaid to be from 
>eUa, doll, Flem. and h^ bead «r top. Sue) A 
loggarbaad ; a blockhead. — A b>w word. 

Bleanta aro In hie braloa, bote fa ttens mI 
a^fTl gwMTa bea« ; Ibe rort idliHMt ell eeule^ 



JomiXO, jabldne, i. TU pnrttof «f tiiUng uiil 
Uior caip]o7«d in jobr. 

JOB'I Tft&Xl, joba tMTB, #. n* mpfDOO MUt of 

JocAarTRT, JoluD-tn, >. Tbe »(4 or prwttoe <jf 

JocKET. jokV. n (mM to b* fram Jm*. tiM diinU 
nitim of Join; yitaMril7,»bo;tbftl rUaliocm.) 
A man tbic riJiB boms In • i«m ; a d«aler in 
bona : otM vbo malcM H liis biubra to hay «ad 
■S IliiiiM for pttD ; • elKBt ; on« who dooeh-ea 
or Ukn oimJoo wlvwitii^ in trada; — r. a. to 
diMt : to trick ; to ja»tU bv ridinR acaiiut ooe. 

JocKStliM, iok'e-itm, ». PrwtiM of jockty*. 

JocKBTCfUr, jok'it-iliip, •; Tb« art or praetiot of 
riditiE bofBM. 

JOOCWK, ju-Low', a. (Jocomt, IjU„) Gmn lo jokea 
■odjestiog; moTT; it'fU^sh; coiitaintnji;a jtikri 

JoooMLr. jo-koifX ^ If* jot : '*>' •I*^^ m" 

j[HB*; wiigtialiljr. 
JaoocnraM, jo^uwe'iua, «. Tbs qaattrr of betng 

Jkm*! vvePT; nMRtmnot 
JooosKitim:!, jo-ko-M'n-u, a. IVt«kIfig of 

mlnb aad aeriuuaBMa. 

laiKk Klmjitwltli iben that lauct>> 
Or Mnk oiaeaM4M*€ai> 
VtthaoultMliu'nlock thclf lV««4«Qt u[^— 0m««- 

Toctrt^K. jaku-br, «. (JoctiJlaru, L«L) Uiitt in 
jaat: mttrji joeaae; waggiftb; ftwnhvj oata»- 

j0CGUiUTr.luk-D-Ur'e-tr^a. UecxiBwat; jeating. 
SeccUiMLX, jok'a-hX'in, odL Id jnt; for iport 

or miitli. 
JoccLAftT, jok'n-Wo^ a. Jottdar. — ObielaH. 
JoctXATOatjuko-li^-tar, a. (Latin.) AjeaUr; a 

droQ; ft ndiMlr*]. 

la Um tUrtna^ caHurr, & hnrM «U uhtUUd tij 
fb*Ja«ii*ar% wUcb dutMcd ttfxiiu « rofia.— .'<tn*U. 

Joe(n.ATO«T, jok'nUr-tur-A, d. T>rQll ; tnernl; 

JoCL'SD, jok'oad, a. OvoHtdbc, Lat.) Morr ; 
gsj ; airr; Urelf; spcstivt. 

JOCtJxbrrr.jn-kon'dc-te, > «. Stata of being 

JOCC'VDVKU, j<ik'aad-im, > men-;; |Eai*^r- 

JoccmLT, )ak'aad>I«, od MottUvi gajir. 

JoDU, ^'do, *. (tii>diu, v]oIseei>aa, tir. In refenrOAa 
to the colour of the fruit.) A genua of ^Ikuu, 
Mlitf* af Java : OrAff. Ilrrl«rac«ir, 

JocL, jo'4 a. 'Vht tiame of' ocw of tlo Uabr** 
■•bor pnplitu of th* Old Tcstamciit, aod of iht 
teak wsicl) ba wroto. 

Jua.ji^r. o. To piub < - ' tIi« albow or 

haftd : to gvft notice ot > < . b; a al'ifbt 

pub; — V. A. tomova b;f j<"jfi »ni.iil ibocki. tika 
tboaa of ■ ikiw trot: to w«1k or travel idlv, 
hMvO^t or alowljr; — «. a poab; a iliglit thakc; 
a ihakr or jmib iotcoded to girg notice or awaktn 
■ttaattou ; a rub ; a amaj] atop ; ubalmclioti. 

Joosu, Wciv. •• Ooa «lto walka or morta 
bani})' MM dowlj i on« wfao^vv • aaddni poab. 

JaoATVO. Joff'fbigi «■ Ailigbtpiuborahakvi tho 

JoooLB, jas*^ V. a. T« abolco sUgbtlT ; to (five a 
■adda bat tfi^t poab ;— r- k. to Auk. Jog^lt- 
pket, bi AivUtfrtorr, a inm-poct, ibe abouMers 
•ad Bocfata of irbldi itMrve tbo lowar tnda of tbo 

J<<A(iLeii tof'gU, «. flstd Vy ■wrat w i la fn- 

JoaouiD^oanf, joc'ltd-iojmLa, A la ArebU«<- 
tDi«, tiM >HntB of itaam or oUwr inaMoa, m in< 
dvatod tbat th« •^•cntt atoa<», fitting bto lb« 
tDdntatioDi, an pnvaoted fram bong puibed 
ntnj from eacfa otbtr by vij fores parpoodkaUr 
to tb« prwnrci bj wbirb th«7 an Ibnt held 

JoGDls, joc'ia, «. A iect of fentam in lb* Ejat 
India wbo dctw marrr, D<ir bold *ar prirale pra- 
partj, bat live nn alma, and pnctiae atran|p Mf iri- 
tiaa or mortifkationa. 

.Tmir>»,joga,) *. In Hindoo cbrawtoCT, oarttUn 

YtioR, Tupt ) *e^ "^ *" poriodi or ttlnor- 
din>r7 Im^b. 

JonAHintB, jo-ban 'nix, a. A Povnijcwao faeU coin 
of tbo vahio of eifrfat dotlan. llio word I* often 
coBlraetod Into joe. It la ao tenntd from Us baisg 
straek in tbo raif^ and boiring Hm Hgun of Kipg 
John of PortugaL 

JoHAmiTB, Jo-an'ite, i. (in bonoor of Art^duko 
John of Awtrift.) A mincrmt of a gr tu g ;neu 
ooloor, occnrring iu minuto crratala. It i* au 
aahydrOQB lulpbat* o( uranium, mixaJ witli aul- 
phati of copper. Sp. gr. 3.1U. U = 8.0 — 3.6. 

JoiiK, joo, t. Tbo name *i lb* yoaneeot and 
fiiTouht* Apoatlo of Jeona Chrtat, and of lD« KOop^I 
■od three epiatlM to tbi* }irw Tastamtnt wriKon 
hy him. Jeka Butt, a oaltoctivo b;-o«ri« fcr tho 
EngUafa natfoot flnt naod in Arbntbnot'a aolire ; 
*ttM bistorT of Join Btill' muall/ pobKahui in 
SwiftV wotis. JoAm />ory, tbc CtHnmon oanto of 
the fisb Zraa fubw. 

JOHKIA, joD'<^na, ». (in bonoor of Iha Knerond 
Dr. JoIiD.) A pniu nf plaata, eontlaClag of amoll 
treea, natiToa of Chittaping and Cenmuidri: 
Ordvr, Hippoeratvcer. 

JOHBcyiA, Jo-rt'oa-a, *. fin bonoar of Mart. Dui. 
Johivni.) A pjona of Glabroiw trnibtltiftKHu 
bmba, natiTw of tb« Larant : finbordar, Ortboa- 

JoumtiK, jonVua, a. A g>vtH of fiahea: Famllr, 

.ToDT, JoTo , tf. a. (/oAidirc, Fr. ) To bring or Mt one 
thing in contiguity with another; toooaple; to 
combine; to nmt* in hagne or marriagoi to a»- 
McUto i to tinito In any act ; to umta in oonoord j 
— r. It. to grow le ; to odbfr« ; to ba cotttignona, 
olooe, or in ontoct; If* uniio with in marrfagr, 
Intgna, oonMoraey, partnenhip, or society. 

JoijtDEX, joyn'dur, i. Joinder m aOion, ia tbn 
eoapling vt jtnning of tvo id a gait or action 
■gunst aDotb«r. As where two joint ow neni of a 
■nm of money are nibb<^ npon Die highway, tbty 
are to jaitt in oik uction af;aiust thv hundred. 
Joinder in Jtmairrer, when there u a (teimartr 
KTerringtbe pleadiog in&offiricntin law to an»wer 
tbe etM] proposed by it, Ibn nppoaJLe party arert 
it to bo infHcirDt, whlcb is railed ajoindtr in dc- 
mmrer, and tbcn ttie partipo are at iMoe in point 
of la*. Joiitder n/'iMu^, when a party denies or 
travertea the fnct pleaded by his antagonist, whn 
has t«ndered the ismn Ibo*, " and this he pmya 
may be inijuired of iiy tbe coanltr.'" or "and nf 
tbla he pata hima^If upon tbe ooontrr," the parly 
danying the hcl may immediately Rulijoin, "and 
the said A. B. doth the like." Which done, tM« 
MM ii Slid b> Ac Jointd, both partiaa baring 
•mod to reat the fate of tfao caoie upon the tmlli 
of tbe fbet In question. 

JoiKBR, Jojn'ur, «. Oua whoao ocfapatioa to to 




JOTFCX, joy'fol, a. Foil of joy; veiy glad ; exnIU 
ing. Somftimo U hu o/bdbra the eaase of joy. 
Sftd fttr tlidr lau, liut jojtfol <y our lUo.— Aipr. 
JorvrLLT, joy'ftil-Ie, nd. WUh jay ; glMtly. 
JoTrnurcflS, ioj'ful'aes, «. Great glnUncs* ; joj. 
Jortss*, jor'lcs, c. Destitute of joj ; wuiUng 
joy ; giving ho joy or plwiare* 
A^iiirn, dltmil, black, ftnd lorronful Uau«. 
B«n> I* tlk« bube, m lontluonio m « UtmA — SJtaka. 

JOTLBSALT, joy'les-I<?, ad. Wilbout teccivlng pl«a- 

nre; without givini; pVusom. 
JoruCBaXKJifi, joy'les -nrs.. j. StM* of Uifi;i joyless^ 
JoTom, joy'iu, a. (jojfeux, Fr.) Glad; g»y; 

JommM the Unit ; tnah fftlia and fcatl« aln 
Whlqier'J iL— mthM. 

JoTOCKLT, joy'ui-lc, ad. With joy or glsdt>c«s. 
JoTOCSXBSS, joy'ua-iMs, «. Tiie slat* of being 

Jl'B, job, «. A bottle or macl.— Ob«olclr. 

Wttb him b* Arouiiht ajdb of Ublwale, 

And «ln anoUnr full ocft«« V«roaffe.--CAaMecr. 

JoliEBK, Ju-btlie, $. Ttu oommoD nimc of the 
pluli or tbt gonus Zizphui. 

■QOg* of niumph ; rejoicing ; Ebouting with joy. 

JtmiLATioa, Ja-be-U'iJiDQ, «. (Jubiiatio, Lat.) Th« 
Mt of dMlftritu triumph. 

JOklUtB, jaV4a, c (JuhSe, Ft.jubHiun, Lat.) A 
gnmd ntivsl c«lebrited e^'ciy flftieib year by th« 
Jmra, to couimetnorate tb«Ir deliTerucc oat of 
EfTpt. At this festira), all bIitcs or CAptivn 
irere set free, boadserraata wen Sberatad, debts 
cancelled, and Uods which bad bean aHmatcd 
darini tha vhola period, nrertAd to their flNrmer 
owMn; It vaa b«d aa a thne of great re^oioiag-, 
— • aeaaon of peat pnbtio jay and fcetirity ; a 
■olnnDUy or cereirony celeU:it«d at Rome, io 
whkl) tno pope KranU plrno^ iadulgenee to of- 
fandna. Pope BoaUaee VUi. ordnvd it to be 
efaaomd anry hoDdred yean : Clerncat VI. every 
fiftieth year; and Pope Sertm VI. every twenty* 

JrcfntDiTT. ju-kon'de-te, «. (/uem«Sta$, LaC) 
PteaiantnfU; agreeableneso.— ^baolate.* 

JcoAic, JQ-dn'lk, ) a. Pertaiaing to tba 

JcDAlCiX, ja-da'e-kal, f Jew*. 

JuDAiCAiXT, JQ-da'e-kal-le, ad. After the Jcw»ib 

Jtri>*n)C, ja'd:ty-bm, i. (Jutkcmit, Fr.) A word 
which tnctudt^ in !te moat exten^re meaning, not 
only the system of relleion which b believed In by 
ibe Jews, bat abo all tliose law5, moral, civil, po- 
Ihical, and ritoal, which are cmtained in the Bn 
books of lives; oooformlly to the JewUh nte« 
and eeremonica. 

JvDAiZATloar, ja-dity-e-ta'chnn, •. Conformity to 
the Jewiflb i^igton and ritoal ', an ioculoiUog of 
mch mnfonnity. 

JroAlKE, jn'day-lir, v. n. (jitdnuer, Fr.) Tooon- 
fonn to the religioBs doctriiKB and rites of tbe 

^UbAlXBR, ju'daj-l-i«r, r. Oae who coofurnM to 
the rrtigioo of the Jew-, 

JrDAS-TRBB, Jti'ilaa-trf, i. Vtie commoo Dame of 
tbe planla of the g<rni» Cerd^. 

JVDBt jnde, i. The n»inc» of an aplsTle in the !7rw 
Tertamcot, wriUao ly Jade, the bretJiai of Jamea 
the yp u ag eTi and aoD of Joarph. 

Jl-dge, joi\j, $. C/w^ Fr.) One who b iavaatad 
with aatbority to hear and determine caosea, dril 
or criminal, betwceo ptrtici ; the Sapromo Bdog ; 
one who presidea in a oottrt of Jadicatnn; eao 
who has kLUI to decide on the merits of a qucitioo, 
or on the ralne of anything ; one who cnn diacera 
truth aiid propriety; n jnrymAQ or juror. In 
Jewish .^otlqnitT, the jndges were certain snpremc 
migistratee n'lio goTemed the Israelites from the 
timeof Joehiu till the reign of Saol; — r. n. (Jugtr, 
Fr.) to compare facts or ideas, nod perceire tncir 
^reaimnt or disagreement, and thns to diatiaji^h 
tnth from Mai^od ; to form an opinion ; to bring 
to iasoa the reosooiog or deliberations of th? mind ; 
tohearanddetennJne, aaincanacaoatria]; topau 
lenloncc ; to diecem ; to dlitioguish ; to ooQudar 
aooomtdy for tbe puqioae of forming an opinlob 
orwndBafaw ;— r. a. to bear and determine a cue; 
to aamiDo aad deride ; to try : to ejiamine and 
pnu sentence on -, rightly, to ondentafld and du- 

He that la splritoal >w^(A all thingi.— 1 Oor. U. IS. 
to oensnre rashly ; to pass eevere sentence ; to 
estaem : to think ; to reckon ; to rule or gomn ; 
to doom to |inni«bincnt ; to punish. 

JciMiKB, jndj'ur, s. One who jadgoa or paaeea wn- 

Jtn>0C8, judj'in, t. Tbe nama of a book uf the OU 
Testament, containing tlte liistory of the laraelitaa 
tinder the corcmment of the JQdgN. Judieu 
telefti^ or ttUetJudifa, in Boman Afltiquity, wan 
persons summoned by the pnator to ^t* thair 
verdict in criminal matters in the Roman eoorit 
ax juries do In ours. 

JoDOESinr, judj'idiip, B. The oflice of a judga, 

JUDOMEVT, joilj'ment, t. (JugtmttU^ Fr.) Tba act 
or process of tlte mind in comparing its ideas, to 
find tlieir agreement or disagreement, and to oa- 
coitain truth ; the fnculty of the mind by wbieb 
man ia eoablod to compare ideas and ascertain tbe 
relations uf terms nnd propoiiitions ; doom; tbe 
ri^ht or p<m'er of paasiiic jiidjpnent ; the act of 
ex«tci»in(; judicature; juiUcutory; detormioatioa ; 
doMioi) ; oi>inion ; notion ; sentenoe agalnat a 
criminal: condemnation, in a acripturml acMo; 
pulabmcnt inlUcted by provi teoce with rcTcctiKO 
to aame paitiniUr crime ; 

Tlui iudgmtil of tha bcnrcn* rnakcf aa tremUa. 
Touchra oa not witli (iltv,— 5hcU'f. 

di«tri1uition of juitjoc; juditrixry Uw , statute; 
the final trial of the human nee, nbon God wUI 
decide tlo fate of every indi> iduol, and award acn- 
toucfl according to jtiaticc JitdgtMiU or triul by 
titt Mg croff, a trial in eodeadaatjcaj cases, an- 
ciently in use amoae the Suions. Jvdffmnu m 
CT-iMuiafcitM*, in Ijiw, araoftwoldiids. I. Such 
aa are flud and stated, and always tbe same for 
tlieipedes of Crimea. 2. Souh as arc discrctiooary 
and variable, aocordintt to tbe dilTorent circo»- 
Btanoes of eaoh ciue. JudgnuaU rtAl, a porehmmt 
red! upon viludi the prjceedin^ in tba eaose up 
to the t»ue, Niul the award of reoire iododTa, 
togetber with the judgment which the court has 
awarded in Ibe cause, arv ciiloa-d. Thu roll, 
when thai made op, is dvposited in the treaaory 
of the court, in order that it may be kept with 
safety and iolegrty. Jud^ttU day, {ha last day. 
or day when Bnid judgnwnt will be pronounced un 
the eufajects of God*a moral govemmrat Judg- 
Meat Aof^ the hall where eoorta are held. Jv^- 




■mfMoC, Ute tut or beocb on wlLCh jaJgcs kit 
Id cetut ; • court i ft tribatuL 
JODICA, ja-dslpL, «. Tbo 6/II1 SnndiiT after Lent 
•as M emOci, beoKOM tba rrimtCin dhorcb htfut 
tb« atcna 00 thM Aar wUh tb« words of the 
forty'tluri Paala— /wiioa nf Domiiut, Jiulgc in« 

Tlut maj be Uvt] MOtl jil4gpd. 

JiDiOATiVB, ju'ik-k*7-tiv, a Hai4og fomtr to 

tk»( jndioallj prooouiichig ;— 4. » mart ^ ju»> 
tier; atribnxHli ilitUflntiMi of jiutifie. JtunCQ- 
lara larmn, art paftDHt in tlw ooantj jpclatjii* 
«f Cbiilar, who 00 • writ of errar oU of Qmoerj 
n* to eontiiUr of tbe jaJgnxnt i^veti thcre^ and 
Rform it ; and if Ibej do aol, and if it be found 
«roMoaa, tb«7 larftit £100 to the king, by tbo 
luxiicjkTOiB, ja'da-kay-tvre, jl (French.) T1j« 
pewtr of diitnbatuig jnitioa bjr legal trial and ds- 
tBRolttiliba; a eoort of jncmi a jadkatoiy; 
tb» qoalitT or proftanon of then who artminirtw 
JoiliM; H9D« the ntent of tli« jurudlctioo of tb« 
jwl|ii^ and of tb« oonrt to wliicb he tits to raDdar 

JcsBU Qbstgutiraua. jo-dfeb'o-A Hiv-lnm* 
VMB164, •. (Latin.) Tn Roraan ABti^oitj, trials 
Mm Aa entnniTiri, to wbora tha pnBtor oom- 
■iDel tlw dcdrioa of certain inftnor nuttara. 
Jdliriro XttA Uk jodgmcat of God, ao ow an- 
mUn eiOad thoae now prohilKted triali of urdcal, 
wk in mvbbI kinda. Tiidctmi poriun, a trial 
I7 a ■ait'k eqnala, i t. poea hj peaif or 00m- 


jDnotALfJu-dUi'd, a. ReUlit^ to eooru of jtu- 
Ikc : praebaed in tha diatxibntion of Justice ; pro- 
cndiDjc from a cont of Juitloc; iamed by a eoDrt 
ulsr tta aaal; JnflicUd ai a foaalty or in Judg- 
flkot. Jvdteial dectttont, opiaiomt, or dttmrtniM- 
tkmM, aa fir aa thej ref«r to tho lava of tUi Idng- 
dm, Bra of thn* Unda. Lit, Thaj an dthrr 
■A io hantt tbrfr raaaont fio^ In uie laws and 
artaoa «f thla Uagdom, at who shall laeceed u 
hA to tfaa aMHtM, or tha Ukc Sdly, Hmj an 
■di iicMaM as bj mj of deduetlon and lUatloa 
■Ha IhMO kwa art fonnod or d«ditecd ; ae for 
I iM parPM, wbfltfatr of an estate thus or thiu 
I Utad. Uw wifa ifaall b« tndowW. Sdl/, TVy 
aa mdi aa leam to han no oLhtr gai>l« but Iho 
MmouB reaaoo of tha thing, nnlen the uint point 
baa baan fimnsrijr deoiilcd, aa to the upokHion of 
Oa iatctttioa of daoHa Ui deodN wilb, covenants, 
A4, whm tbo vary mao of tha worda, and tbtar 
Mtiooa and nbtioDs, pn a ratinna) aoeouat of 
tha maaaine of th« partici. JmUeitU writt, tha 
vrii of n^HOj, and all otiitn aubaagiwnt to Uie 
<vipnal writ, mit tMmAae oat of Cbauccrf, but 
fan tbt coart into whiu tb« ori|^nal wm rMnr- 
MbU^ aad bolog grwodad on wb^ has pasMd in 
Ilut ooori, in conavqoenoa 0! tha abtrilTa ratnm, 
m e»\M jwiicial, and not onj(rmaf writa: tticy 
Maw nodar the priv^e mt nf that coart, and not 
«ndor tha pr-tt ara) of EngUnd, snd are taated, 
VA in Ut« king*! name, hot in thut of tba chir/ 
Ihna ba 00 crhiff, of ih« •eom') juatioo 

_ L-r. Ja-dbh'al-lc, ni tn tha formi of 
h|pliiySvt| lijr war af^Mltv or Jodsnieni. 

JtiMcikitv, ju-diftkuHi, a. Pamnc jwlfpoaol or 
aa]it«oco; rvUtinc to tlio Goorta of joidJoataro. 

JrDiciOLT8,in-di«ha«. a. Pnidast : wiM[ ahUfttl 
in as; matter or aifnir ; raliooal ; adapted to ob- 
tain a good end bj the beat meant ; acting oe- 
cording to arand judgment; directed bjr naaui 
and wiadom. 

Ji;Djciotj»i.T, ja*^idi'na-la, ocf, Vith food jndg- 
tn«al ; with diwratMn or wiadom : akilftillr. 

JoDiciocaitEsa, Ja-dtah'aa-ntaa, r. The tfoabij ai 
aetiof* or bdng neconlhig to aoaad iftlgnaaal 

JoiticiL'M, jo-dubVant*- Tba tena fennariy ap- 
plitd to all extraordlaarj triala of aecret crimes, aa 
tbMe bj anni>, aingU oofnh«t. ordeala, &e., in 
wfaoeb it was believed tbat heaven woold oiiraea- 
luoalj interfere to dear the inooeeot and coBfoond 
the piatj. 

JcoiTU, jn'dlfA, «. An npcKTfphal book of the Old 
TwtamQnC orieinKllj wriiloi in Cbddeo, and 
transUled into Lilin (7 St. Jerome. 

Jt'FFEitf, jiif'fi^ M. Anohaolrt* lann for jAeeao 
of timber four nr fin indua MtfOMi*, 

Jco, joj;. «. (ynj7ye, Dut.) A Teatel, oanally earthen, 
witJi a ewellin^ belt; and oarrow oMUth, ua*l fbr 
holding and Qonveyfaig UipUKB;— ct a. fee nttor or 
emit tank a paitkdar ooaod, aa Urda, — SaMbm 
naad aaa verb. 
Sao tliB nishtiiifnie will jma K ftirUi t>ech ahiarfclly 

end eweoti; kxk— nBrffccnHd aaer», 

Jl7oai.-K)VB, JD'gal-lonf, $. (y^^am, a Tofce, Lat) 
The dheek-boDc, so colled beeanaa it Ima a yoke- ' 
like artionlition to the bone of the nppcr jaw. 
JcoATKD, jo'gaj-tcd, a. (JtigattiM^ Lat.) OQapied 

JuoKatTH, ja'gtt--um, j. {Lntia.) In Roman An- 
tiqoitj, a s^uara of 130 Boman feet, belag to tha 
EogUab aero aa laOOO ia to ia097. 
Jt;oGKaxxcT, jng'gnr nawt, ) a. Tbt Lord of 
Ji;acKX]rATiiA,jog-gnr-na£lV} the world; a 
oelebratcd tompla ud pkoa of Hlndo* wonblp on 
tbo eoBit of OrlBa, eatoamtd tha nost laood of 
all the Hindoo religioua ealobliafamcotK 
Jcooui, jog'^l, e. n. (gmoktltn. Dot.) To pti; 
trkka by sleight of hood ; to uliow fdlae appear- 
ancea 01 extnwr&iary perfornuDeea ; to praetiM i 
ortlflco or imposture; — v. a. to deceive by trick or | 
ertifioo ;-~«. n trick by legcrdemaiii ; nn impoa- 
tnre ; a di^^iintiion. I 

Jcoot-Kii, jnggl-ur, a. (yigriv. Span.) Oso who 
practiece or exhibila trlckl I7 aWght of band ; 
one who deceive* tbo eye liy ulmblo ooaWQraoea j ' 
a chial ; a deoairer; a trickiah fellow. 
Jcaauvo, jug'cl-ioe, <. Tbe act or iiraetko of 

exliiliiting tncka of kgcrdemain. 
JCGOLINOLT, jog'gl-io-le, ott. In a deoeptivo 

Jiiat.AKDAC&a,Jn-ftlan-da*ca-e,) 4. ijtigtaiit, one I 
Ji:ciaimK^Jti-glaii'de-e, ( of tbe genera.) i 

A Qataral ordor of Luigtnoua plant*, conatating 
ef treoA with a wetoiy or mlaoiu juicr, iiltemute 
pinnetol lwro«v oad borbacMu* inron«|iicaDns 
flriNTiTP. They are found chiefly in North Amarica. | 
Tlic commoa Wahiot ia a notire of Pei^ and 1 
Cnahatcrc | 

JtiGLAHi, jog'tans, a. (fromyorif yAiru, tl»e nut of 
Jore, I,at.} The Walnut, a genua of pUnta: 
Ordor, Jnglandaeov. 
.Ittatn.AB, ja'gu-lor, a. (jtigiJma, the neck, Let.) 
['eitaining lo tbe oeck or tbmat. Jugular weim, 
the \eiDi which bring tha blood from Ibe head, 




deMXDiIrng npon thf< ihIm of Uit node. Tbej am 
dirUlad into intnrutl and extcrnaL B; ibclr 
anion with U» KubcUriMi v«in, thirj form Xha 
tQpitfior reiM mm, wlitcb tonnloatH lo Um lupa- 
rior part of ibo ti^lit aorioto of tha beut ;— #. a 
large Ttin of Uu nedc 

JoeVLABS, ju'gu-lan, «. (Jt^tdarU, IM.) Tbe 
nuni ondcf trhkb LLnniEiu oamprehcndi^U UtOtt 
fiab« vhieh have Tcntnl Sm natcfior lo tbv pec- 

JoomjOE, Jo'i^O'Iatf, r. n. {Jvjfitio, lAi.) To kill; 
to dMtrw; to kill bf oottfatg tbe thrott. 

Jifonv, jagtan, jl (iiyBm, » jrolce, Lit) In An- 
tiquity, a mode of pnnishineat infficteJ hj tli« 
Tictoriona Romans apon tbeir Tanquished enemies, 
by lettiog Bp two apeora, Inying a tbird acrau 
la th« form of ■ aalknra, and onieting tboae who 
]h4 iDimidend uenuelTfls to pMi vmAk it with- 
oat inni or bilL Tins ignoniay waa ool/ in- 
flicted on nob ai bad been forced to sarreoder. 

JoiCBi Juae, «■ OVyi Dut. jw, Fr.) Tbt tap of 
TacetaUea; tbe fluid part or animtlsalstaaoe*; — 
9. a. tomoiitei). 

JirtCKUtBS, joie'iefl, o. Deetltute ofjuifle. 

JvtctMCM, JBie'e-oea, «. The atate of aloinditig 
jrith jaioe ; caoculeoce in pUntJL 

Jirior, jn'ae, a. Aboanding trith jtuce; moist; 

Jttint, jnw, J. (^, tax.) Jixlgment , jastioe. — 

See tiw Wfigennco of hta juiM.—Qetftr. 

Jujoan, jtt^obs, «. Id llie Materia Medic*, a 
fnrit of tbi pulpy Idnd, prodtteed on a tne wbicli 
Ijunmis considecB a ^wdea of Bhamnoe. 

Jl7K8, juke, V. n. To p«reh.— ObooUtr. 

Jtn^ jol,l a. (Gothic, ammplaeoB fwt.) A fes- 

Joi^ jol,> tival of a nllgMH clkaraettr, obearrad 
fint ameog i1m Heatbena ia boaoor of the Son, 
and aAarwaidi among the Cbnitlftmi. By the 
Utter it was obaerred at Cbriktmaa in honour nf 
tbe birth of C1iri»t, and is >till termed y'tle in 
SootUnd. and Jul or Zool, in Denmark, Swcdm, 
a&d Iceland. 

JlTLsr.JQnep,a.(jM/np, Arab.) In Pharmikcy, tbooa 
fimu of medtdno which are called Uixtorai, were 
fimneriy tcrmod Julept, as Camphor jutep, tbe 
Ifixtun campbone. 

JcrUAK, ja'lo-an, a. (Jufiiu, Lat.) RfUUng to 
Jaliu Caaar. Jii/ioM, pertaining to tlie Kmptror 
Jnliaa, oalted tbe Apnetata, bcctuao ho profeawd 
tbe Cbriitian raU^^ before be aioeaded to the 
tbroD^ and afterwards baring emfaraoad Paganiwn 
oodaatoiind to ahoIi*h Chrietianity. JtiUam lora, 
tbe eonnnonoeiiient of a period, indented to corre- 
■pead with the oyska of the Julian year. It ooin- 
eidoi with tba 710th year before the creation of the 
werldi, aeeordlDg to oMSiaon chroodogy. JuUati 
ra/lcaotat*, the ciril calendar introduced at Rome by 
Joliui Coiaar, and tiaad by all the Christian coun- 
triea tiU it waa icfortned by Pope Gregoiy XIIL, 
i» IfiSS. By It tbe year was to ooiuiit of 866) 
ioyi; aad the nrnal eqainox, tbo Uioo of which 
bod beoo pctrioaaly moeh dlBturbed, was ■ffain 
reatocod to the 26th of March. JiJiam ^poo*, la 
GhnMlegy, tbe tgodi or oommeneamant of the 
JoBoa eoMidar. The first Julian year eomraoooed 
witb tbe lit of Jaaamry of tbe 46tb year befhre 
tbi fabtb of Cbiiat, and tbo 708lb firom tba foua- 
datioa of Sooi*. JvKam ptrM, in Omook^, 
)i a Hitod oonisting of 7980 Jattkii yean, Tba 

nnabar, 7980, is formrd bv tbe oontinual inalti- 
pfieatioa of the threo numWra, 28, 19, and 16 ; 
tbatb^mlaof tbesun, tbeeyde of Uie moan« 
and tba qpdi of indlctloa. The flnt year of the 
Cbriatilin era had 10 for (ts number la tbo eyrie 
of the BOO ; S in the cyclo of tbit moon ; and 4 in 
the tndiction. Now, the ouly number, Isn ihaa 
7980, wliicb <m being din^dad nieoeeriTClv by 28, 
19, and 16, leavai tta laipeallva nmiindan, 10, 
S, and 4, is 4714 : benoe the fint year of Iha 
Chrirtian tra eorreeponded with the year 4714 of 
the Julian period. 

Jl'LIA, ju'lli, $. A grnos of Labroid fiihes, dis- 
linguished by tbo followiag cbaractera:— Head 
cmovtli; cbceka and f;ni-eoven without aoalas; 
Ut^nil bne beot saddrnly downwanls when op- 
posite the dofsBl fio : Fninllr. I-jibroidns. 

JL'i.T.ju-tf,r. Tbeaairrath month of tbayearidndiig 
which tbe aun entan the ai^n Uw (SO t *o oanwd 
Imm Julius Cvear, who was bom in it. It oo»< 
taius tliirty-one dayo. Jtdyfioieer, the DtanthDH 

JiTMART, ju mdrt, s. (French.) The offspring of a 
bun and a mirc. 

JuMBLB, Jnm'bl, r. a. To rise In a eoDfosad mass ; 
lo jint Of throw together without order; — p. n. to 
meet, mix, or unite in a confused manner; — t. 
confused mixture, mass, or colI«ctioQ without order. 

JuHSLSHEKT, juoi'bl -meot, f • Confiued mixture. 
— Obaolete. 

JtjMBLKR, jugi'ht-ar, *. One who miies thingi 
together coDfosedly and<diaorderly. 

JuMBLDTOLT, jurolil-iug-Io, a4. In a confuaed 

jDHEirr, ju'nMmt, >. (Frcoch.) A beast of bordeo. 
— ObeoIolF. 
Tbej did OS nnich cxoot maa In dignity, as wv do 

>aa«wCi. BvloH, 

JoKf, Jnmp, f. a. To leap ; to drip ; to spring 
orer anything; to pass to at a leap; to bound; 
lo psoB from olyect to objoot ; to jolt ; to agree ; 
to tally ; to ecocide ; 
In sotno sort 1( jmnim witb ay huraoor. — 5AaJbi 

-~9. o. lo vantar* oo aonmiecataly ; to posa by a 
leapt tobaiMd; 

Hare apes ifata haak and ohoal of tinii, 

Wo'd >aip Uie fife lo coone.— OUa. 

— a-tbeactofjamiing; aleap; aqtring; abound; 
a lucky chanov. In Arcbitectare, an abrupt rise 
in a lerel pleoe of brickwork or masonry to ac* 
oommodate the woik to the in«c)aality of the 
ground. In Onsirying, one of the rarioos names 
given to a dislocation of the strata ,-— od exactly ; 
nicely. — Obaolete oa an silverb. 
Aad tatna Uin >i«v. when he rotj Caasio And 
SoUetUnc »>• wifu— fhola. 

Jtnrren. jump'er,*. Ouowbojompa; alao,alM^ 
iron ehiasel used by maoona and raUiin oi a laror. 

JtmrT^o, jnmplnft a. Tba act of leaping ar 
springing. Jumpmff Dter, OM of tbe tuuM* af 
the blade-tailed deer oomu macrotla, an InhaU- 
tant of the plalna of Hlsaeuri and Colambla. 
JumpiHff Hart, a rodent qoodniped, tba laigail 
of tba flunlly of tba Jerboaa (Dtpodid«X and the 
type of the genas BoUnBya ia so oaHed. It is a 
natire of the Capo of Gtrad Hope* and inbabila 
deep burrow 8. 

Jours, Jumpa, «. (Jup*^ Ft.) A kind of kxm or 
Umber stays worn bj females. 

JtjBCAOKJt, jiing'ka-se-r. $. (JimcHg, one of tba 
genera.) A natanU order of EDdogeoovi birb^ 





eeMaplcntii witbCwckJedorfibrcMurpQU; luvn 
fcttilw. or iai and ohaaiMUsJ wiUi panlidi v«iu; 
IW iafliiiiMiiii iiiiiin III l»ii c niilali' . tfae flowers 
S^ntnOj brawn wr pMa, in ombak, noetnas, or 
MB( aa iof x* atokM) or em pMtkks; tiie cal/x 
■ad flM^b AvtDioi; ui infimr ss^puted, uid 
tnoraarl«a^iiniaoMHUorcartilagtcuQ» pecianth; 
tha Himwa an mx jo oomber, aometitiMa oalr 
thri^ ia wttieb eaaa thtj an op|iwaca Um oalyx ; 
■MkifB twa-oalled; ovvrf ana or tfanw-cdlrd, or 
■M^MaJadj a^la aoai atigmai icuMnU; tbira, 
■■Mtiaiaa one; fruit capnalar with three vaJvaa. 

I JraCMlurAOBJK, jaig-lui-ja-u'aa-a,^ 4l (/MK»gro. 

[ JCMUatSBJE, juMg'kar-jin-a-a, ) tha nanH* 

^raa by ToumiAitt to Um THRlodua of Liuiuuia. ) 
Afiwr-pHi^ mx onlar of ABbmI findogaoii am- 
datbii 5r ayirin or manh plaDta, wwi parallel 
Ivmi, aoi wlriiB or (nm taeoaspiGiioiu flawen 
in ^Aai ar rM^ua. Tha Bemniraaealjr; iba 
plaoaiEa limirfa, axal or Uaal : tha wtlOrjit tUt 
« oM dda, with a tair larga platnaW 
JwcAraJtu^ItU, «. (fiwtoata, amatx diMaa, ItaL) 
A chaaM ni-tj a fciftd of aweetmeat uf curja and 

Wlao lads and laiaw mry be 

Wuh peaaMa and wUh>iitealM Qoo ; 
CaaHsa of all Um ccmpanr, 
I «aC Aite eakaa and alp iMr wtaa.— 

Mjr kiad af dafiaau faadt a ftnttfa or pdvaio 
MABMteMM. AIM writtai JaalMt. 
Jcsooca, JiHi^kiM, a. (jiMmt or /MaeoMi, Lit.) 

Fall of batniibM. 

Jtvcnos. jn^abaiwa. (Fnnch, ttonajmetia^ iM.) 

ll»Bfltar«pnlM8«f Joinng; nnioo; ooalltiou; 

aaaloutiaa ; Un plan or point of uoion. 

Jnoivm, jaagk'tact^ a. Tha Eoa aft wtuefa tvo 

tMagaMajahJadtiyilbiT; joint; actnilation; a 

friat of tin» wadaiai critioal or inportMit b^ a 

OMBawiBa af qrainnaiMwt onJ^ or atniijr ; — 

Cfd^B maA b tka lat ■«».) Ia Oratory and 

CkiaipuBliaa, dmoCaa aocb an attention to the 

Btfora «f tW TOwcU and oooaooanti tn the ooti- 

li aB tinn of void*, whli raftrenca to tbatr aoutid, n 

«in ivadir tbnr pnnmnciatioa mat ewy ami 

Bad beat (xvinota tlie bannoajr of tlw 

Tbe fint vtna of Vi^Pa £oaid is an 

t of juuel ure. 

Jcvcu^ fnagf kus, a. (Aroro >«Rjra, I juiu, Lat. be- 

I taa fine rop« wara iiuida of nubaa-) 'Ilw 

lapQuaogrplaat*: Typaof the «nkr Jun- 

Jion, J8BB, «. Tba aixtb nonth of cb« /ear, dDriii^ 
vliiil Iba *od oatoa tha lign Oaneer (®> The 
Mfd aamaa ftmi tha Latin JoafaB, wUcb aMne 
daka Aom a Jaaoae, and banea Ond^ In tba 
nth «f bia Paatl, makoB tbi godden My— 

Jaataa ■ noatro iiomlna oanmi babel; 

Juaa lua tta name from us. 

Olhm "imy-^ it deriYod frotn a j imior i bi u , Ihl* 
Ui^ ftr Tonng paople what tba tnontb of Uay 
anfarkheeld Mtca, Thf somuMT Sulottoe oooiui 

'mamunta, JDOg-itr-fnao'm-a, «. (iu bonoor 
•f lAuta JunpsinaDii, a Gennan botanut, who 
W hi 1653.) Ageaoaof pbnta: Typaof tba 
■hIw JgnpnnanuiaPBW. 

JcigBuuKKUOSA, junR-DT-nuui-Da-a'Be-c^ «. 
Ua^remmmm, oaa af the g^aen, } SealoBWOMa, 
tDalond onlar of AcniKMia, couaUtlog of «raqiin|{ 
lai Hhi plaota, wUflh are elthcc jmbckabsd irilb 

ceODlM- laataa •anaaadiag a laatnl axia, w tba 
leavoa and aiafen sw oaanaoa kafy cxpanaien. 
Tba apora awaa apia bjr a deflnlta aumber of 
equal nlrea, witboat operenlnto, but witb eUter. 
lo tha anbordar, jMy naa o n a^ tba BMre aaaea 
are ooe or two-vahad witboat a 'wlafiwhili 

JuKOLB. june'el. a. (Hiadoob) lo Uiadoatao. a 
thick wood of ammll treei or tliruba. 

JuaoLr, jan|*'cl-«, a. Comutiog of Jiui|;taB; 
•booodiog witb jungloK, 

Ju»loa,JD'ne-tir,(i. (Latin.) Vounfior; ihh as old 
aa aaoiber I— a. a pdraon joatiKer than anudiar. 

JtmioaiTr, JQ-oe-awr'a-to, •. Tbo atate of boiag 

Juxtrcu, Ju'i>e-per, j. (Jtm^mnta, nwsh or toda, 
I^L ) Tba ooauDoa uaina of planta of tba gmna 

JiTHiraaiTEa, jon-ne-par-i'tie, a. A gvnos of CmbiI 
plant*, in wluch tba brancbaa are nuged imgu- 
Urijr ; leavaa abort, obCuaa, Inatitwi by a btvod 
baa^ oppMitc, dacnwatv, and arrnnged in fgur 

JusiriuiDa, JiMilpV-oil, «. The Jumper, a grous 
of CooiflcmBB planta, ootuitating of thmiw and 
trcea J. ooounaHu, or eommoD juniper, ia a wrtil 
known omaoMDUl ahrab, and produeaa tba hieUy 
aronutJe berries owd in the nuoufactura of Hot- 

JuaK, jungfc, a. OaKa*. Lat.) RaoBB of aid cable 
or old eordagei vaeA Air mudng peiati, faakala, 
Biata. &c Wbm tbio hai baaa antwMad aud 
pkJuxl to iiiacaa, it fbraiB oakom for AIUd^ the 
Man» of MiipB; a aniiill abip tiaed in tLo KaM 
ladiea, aboDl the aixe of oar fljr-boatL la Ohiiui. 
Llie joak ia a Ibtkb Hat-bottomed nvil with ttirre 
nakta, aud a abort bowipiit pUood on the uar- 
bonrd bow, ttte maets being aapported by two or 
three ahnxidb, nbicb acv oocaaooiUj euried on 
the windward tiia. 

Juiriuutm:, jank'er-ite, «. (in btmour of Mr. Junker, 
tbe director of the mioa in whieb it waa (otuuL) 
A mineral of a grey, fellowi^ eoloar, uanally 
d^talixed into a roctanj;u[ar uctabodnn ; its ooa- 
aUtaents are — protosydc of iratt. 47.90; urboak 
acid, 80.00; silKia, 16.8 ; maoganeMs, 3.9 : ap. er. 

a.B. u=a8i. 

Jt'NKRT,jaDg'kit,«. AflweetoMat: — (aee Juneale;) 
— u. n. lo Anat ia aeoat; to aij^ an entoftain- 
inf nt by stealth ; to fiaaiL 
JuL'i chlldrtia >MbelKl aad Oaalad locetbor oHmi^* 

Jimo. joo'no, «. In Heathaa Uythology, tbe aiater 
and wife of Jupltar, tl»t goddeoa of Idngdoau and 
riebr^ and atylad the Qaaon of Henvaik She 
praaided orer tuorrtagee, and waa repreaeatcd aa 
tbe danitbtcr of Satnra and Rbea. It u ooo- 
ddofvd bj sonw niytbot-ifosts tliat tha wonl Jano 
deaotae the air, aiid ot^K-n af^ain that aba w«< 
tbe Egyptian lii«, wliu, being re|>reMnt«d under 
varioea ngurea by the Greeks and Rtimana, wai 
floeaidered aa so many dhtinct deities. Hernar 
dBBcriboB ber ae riding in a ohariot with wheela of 
aboay, Bdomcd with praoione ctoiiaa, and drawn 
by bonoa Sba, hewararf Is fDOoraUy raprMeatad 
aa drawn by PBannrfrt, Ear itatee at CeriatU 
waa of goU and iTDiy, with a crown opon Haboad, a 
pomegranate in one band, and in the other a weptra 
with a Duckoo on ita top. In A»trDnomy,one of tbo 
fivaaalerudeornnall pliuiotaO ) sibuted bctwaan 
the orUta of Mar aod Jaoitar. Ita loiaa dialaaco 





froin iho BUD Is S53 millionj of mtk« ; its dlanta- 
l«r, I43A miln; roUlton on ita ixi», 24 hours; 
anal nnbitioD roond Um san, 4 yw*i 3S dayM. 

JmravAUA, jv-Don-Ale-a, «, A futiral olnenva 
b^ tilt Bcinnu id bonoor of Juno. 

JuHTo, jon'to.) «. (jy-ta, Spn.) Acabtl; »f»e*iuiu 

JVKTk, jan'u,( In FoliUoil |;ov«nimMit, a aeWt 
comual for taUog ooKniaanoo of kffun of grntt 
imporUiwa aad aoeraqr. Id Spwn and fortngal, 
It aiKTufiM ttw aanw aa eonTeotioii, aaanablT, or 
board aownit ut. 

Jorrrm, jn'pa-tvr, «. (altand prolwblf ftwn Joc-t'j 
j)af«r, nr Dm-piler^ in the sainc msnacr Mjoumol 
fa fVoiii dfantoZ.) The supreme god of UieiincioiiC 
baaiban mythalogf. AocohOng to Cicero, thera 
w«n tltna JnpHen who reignad in dUTcrenl ooun- 
triea; but the rapntme god was comddand «a tlia 
BOO of SaUtm, king of Crete. Tba heatbatta fai 
general believed that there waa but one upnine 
god; bot «ben tbej conaiderNl thvi great bring 
aa mfluaaang tbe aflMifi of Lbs world, th«T gav« hun 
aa ma&j fifforent names, and bcnoo proceeded as 
maay fiffamii namuial dntics. WLen tlie g,(td 
diBidarad, tbay' calkd btm .Tupltcr; wbcn he 
c^Mdlhtoeaaii, Kq>tune; vIhd he goided thfir 
eaondll, MlMrra ; and when be gxrc Ibeni 
MRDfitli in haUh, Vara. In conformilT with 
thii idea, Juplt«r ii repi-nenled under diflemit 
naioai, as the Kind, Terrible, Oljrtnpian, PHtar, 
Phrius, &c The g«d waa asaally rejirewated 
■a Bcatrd on an ivory tbn>n« with a ereptrt in 
bia left barH], iind a thtn^drr-ball in hia riglvt, kik) 
tin cagla, "Uk bird of Jove," at hia (»t. In 
Aatronomy, Jupiter (2() ia the name of tbe lantt^t 
bod; of Uw aolaT sjratant, th« son eice{3t«d. Its 
aqttstorial diamoter is 108G timen llut of the 
taitb, or npwanla of 80000 mile*. Its mua la 
in prD|Mftioci of 1 lo 1U46.77 to that of the Ron. 
ha mean diktaocc from the ann ia 490 milltona of 
nulc% round which it rerolreo in 483S,68I dura. 
k rerolvea oa ita axta in 9 hooia, 55 min. , 1 sec. 
Jdpitcr ia attended by four sateUito, wbieb re- 
volVe ronnd It in tbe aame nia,nDer as our mooo. 
Jypiter't beard, or fUvtrbmfi, thf x-al>;»r name of 
tbe pUnt AnthrDia barba-jona. The nanio in 
also giren, as well ks Jnplter'* eje, lo the \AAt\i 
Semperrtram, the hen and chidcea hnaM>-U'«k. 

JVTTOV, jup'poD, t. (juport, Fr.) A abort doaa 

BoiHa •Tora « br«aac*i>lii(e and a li(thl ^ iw«i. 
Tbelr horvva ctuUi'd with rich capirlaun.— />r|>dci>. 

Jdsjl, Ju'ra, a. Partaining lo tbo Jura mountains, 
M tbt *An KM, a aariaa of rocka of the same 
MS md fantnl llihologieal dunetora aa lb« eoli- 
no IbfBatiaaa of Englud. 

JCBAT, jn'rat, 9. Tbs oama giren to magistrntea 
naerahJing aldcrtaao, appointed for the govern- 
BMDt of sevoral corporations. Thna, wp meet with 
Ibe mayor and jwrati of MaJdatrnte, Rye, Win- 
dtdaea. Jaivy hu a bailiff and twolre awom 
jttntu to govern the island. 

JuBATOKT, ju'r»-1ar^ a. {jamtimr, ¥r.) Com- 
praing an oath. 

JmUDlCAL, jn-rid'e-kal, a. (jmidiem, Lat.) Act- 
big tn tb« diatribotion of joatiee ; pertaining: to a 
ji^ge ; oaod in eouta of Uw or tribunala of jiu- 

JcRtmCAl.Lr, ju-fid'e-kal-la, ad. A«oafding to 
fortna vi Uw, or proceedinfs in triboiula of JoMcci 

u __^_ 

JtrmcoNarLT, jn-re-kon'Eulc, a. In Anti<]Uttr. a 
man eliiUed in Rotnan jariapradcnoe, and n bo waa 
ooosditod on Ibe interpretation of lli« lam ami 
coatonu, and on the difficult pcJnla in law mltB. 

JcniaDlCTToif, jn-Ti^il('thun, t. (juntdtetio, LoL) 
Legal authority; c^xtctit of power; the power or 
rigbt of excrcuiin|< autlwri^; the limit nltiiin 
whidi power nay be exercised. 

JruBDioTioxAL, ja- ria-dik'aboD-al, a, Partdnfaig 
to jttrisdietiou. 

Jt-usDlCTlTK, jo-ria-dik'ttr, o. Enlng JoiWie- 

JuRiaT, jn'rlst, a, {jurute, Fr.) A man wbo pro- 
fsMtca tbo adrnoo of Uw ; one rcnad to tbe law, 
mpecially In tbo civil law ; a dnltan ; oo« trrw^l 
in tbe Uw of natiuna, or who writca oo tbe anb- 

JtlBOB, jn'mr, ) a. (jurotar, Lat) One 

JQKTMAN, ju'rc-mitn, ) that Mn-ea on a jtaj. 

JirsT, jii're, «. (juro, I awear, LaL) A oartaio 
Dombcr of perMoa swoni to Itu^tlii* of and tr^ 
some mstcer of fact, and to dadm lb* tntb apen 
Nich evidenM aa ahall b« Uld bifin* than. The 
jury nro sivom jodgea upon all erldottM ia any 
matter of faoU Jniiea may ba dnidat btba two 
kinds, ooiwnon and qwetol A Oemmon Jmy la 
sneb as ia returned by th« ohariff aoaoidlaK to iba 
dhKtiona of tbe staiote 8 Geo. 11^ e. 21^ wbidb 
appoinia that tba aberiff'a otEcar dull noft re- 
turn a acparata paoil for arory aeptrat« flaai^ 
but ooa and iba aama pand for every caoaa to lia 
tried at tb« aanM nasaaos, oodtaining not haa tbao 
forty-H^t, nor mora than sereBty-two joiws ; 
and their tuunoa bciiif writtan on tiakaU aball la 
put into A box or glaaa, and whea «*di esna ia 
culled, twelve of thoaa peraeai wbof* natnaa abaU 
be first drawn oot of the box ahall be awora upon 
a jury, unlesa Absent, cbailanged, or aseeaad. 
Sptciai Jkriti are soch aa itre obtained by motion 
made ia cvtutt, and a role granted thrreupbu, for 
tba abetiff to attend tbo master, protbooetaryt or 
other proper officer, with his fre^oUan boalb and 
tbe officer takee iiKUArcDtly Car^igU m Uiv 
prtoctpal freeholders, ht tbo pnseoce of the attor* 
ntao on both sidca, wbo ara aaab of them to oltSka 
off tweiro, and the remaining twenty-tour are re- 
turned upon tbe panel. — 4 BL Con. 349, 414, 

JtmyuAST, ju'n-aaat, a. A tcmporaiT or «qcb> 
aional mast erected in aahip, ia Uwpuoa of ooa 
which hM been loat in a storm or otnerwiae, and 
to which a smaller yard, ropea, and aa3a are fixed. 
Soroetirota a jmrymatt u encfeed in a a«w ib^ to 
navfgata bar doira a livar^ or to a ooBresuaat yort 
when bar proper nuuta may bo pat in orJar. 

Jcs, joa, a. In Law, a Latin word aignifyini; riyht, 
as in Jw deliieraadi, in SoottiUi Law, the right 
which an heir has of d^btraliae for a cartaia 
time whether be will rspnaont Ua piaJsaiar. 
Jtii aoerttoaidi, tbe rifbt of sorviTociaip ba t wta a 
joint tenanta. ^w otf rrat, an inebeala aad btf 
perfict right, ssch as a parson aoqtttRa by oonS- 
nation and institution to an ecelesiaadeal *«'THtfrt 
Jui OHfflontm, the Ixws and cnstoma of the Weal 
Saxoita b tba time at tbe faepCarcby, by whkk tbo 
people were for a long tina goveinad, and wUeb 
were prafiuTed bafim all olbm^ Jum iftyHeaiaai, 
U when a nuui has the poaaaarion as well aa pro- 
perty of anythiug. Jut j e uri iaai, U the law by 
wbloh uUoM In gotuFRl art (Oftntd. JmJm^ 





JcmcBUlir, Jtu'tis-slup, $. Tha offios or dignity 

of a jnitioe. 
Jusncu, JDft-tiab'e-a, $. Qa bonoor of Junei Jo*- 

tiov, F.B.S.) A geatu of tropical plaata : Ordtr, 


JoinoUBLB, jiu-tishVa-bl, a. Proper to b« ok- 
aminsd In coorts of jtutioe. 

JvtTWlJkit, jns-tUhV-kr, c lo tbe old Englisb 
Law, an officer iruititutcd by WUtlfltn tbo Con- 
QMntft u tbt cbleT effloir of sUto^ wbe priMlptll/ 
Mtnunod ia aU turn cani aai crimfauL 

JmasouBY, jiii-tMlt'e-«r-«, «. Coin ^Juttieiary 
In SceliaMd^ a ooart of sitpremt jarwlictiou in all 
CT***!""^ cttM. Tbis ooart cunt in plue of tbo 
Joatioe-^jm or jiutioa-gtoerat, wbien Uat was 
token awa; hj partiaiiMDl id 1672, and was cmctol 
lato a joatica or orimioikl ooart, cansuting of a 
Joftini-gMutral altAimUa at tha mouNh'a plea- 
urn, jiutwa-clerit, and five other ju^gw, wtw an 

JcmvuBLS. Jai', a. Defeaiibla by law 
or naaoo ; that m^ bo nndi ca t t d ob priodplw 
of reotitado or propriety. 

J(raiinABI.S>IBfl8,Ju>-t«-fi'a-bl-iM8,i. TIm quality 
tf baingjiutifiabio; Tcetitade; posubtltty of bf iog 

JcsnnAULT, ju'te-G-a-ble, ad. In a manner tbat 
admitBof Tindication or jtutiticatign; rizbtly. 

JUBTliriCATloK, juB-tc-fe-ka'ahun, ». (Fnnch.) 
The act of justifying; a Khowmg lu bo JBSt or 
coafonojililo tu Uw; rKtitude or pnipricty; viif 
dkatlon; d«feucii; absoluUwi. la Law, amain- 
taiuiiig or nbowiiig a aai£ci«at reaaOQ in court 
■rlnr the dofcodsal did what ho ia called to anxwcr. 
bt Tfamlogy, th« aei of grace by which a man, in 
virtae of the Boflerinp of Christ, ii held as jiut 
ia the aight of God, nud through that grace entitled 
te otemal liff. 

JcmriCJiTlVE, JQS-tif'e-kB'tiv, a. Jostifyingi 
that ha* power to justify. 

JnSTincaTDR, jna-ta-fe-ka'tur, f. One who jus- 
Ufies. — Seldom need. 

JtisnncaTOKT,Jiu-tif'e-ka-ture,a. Vindteatocy; 

JDsnFiK&,jai't*-fi-tir, J. Oae whojuattfica; o«e 
win Tindieatea, supporta, or defcods ; he wlu par- 
doaa and abaolrcs &om goilt aad punUbment. 

Jonvr, jos'ta-fi, r. a. {jiai{/Ur, Pr.) To prore 
«r show tu be jost or conformable lo law, eight, 
jiatiot, pcopfiety, or dnty [ to defead or maintaiD ; 

to Tiodicate as rigbL Id Theology, te pvdoa MuL 
clear from guilt ; to canac another lo appetf cem- 
paratinly rightopo^, or leaa goUty thaa cne'a telif; 
to Jod^ rightly of; to accept aa jost, and tnai 
wita ftvoor;— e. n. in Lctterpieas rmtiag, te 
igr«a ] to euH i f o coofbnn exitclly ; to form an 
erea earfaoe or true line with eooietbing else. 

JuBTLBtJiu'sl, r. n. To nio against t toenconnter. 
— See JoUk). 

Jl'STLT, just'le, ad. In eonformity to law, JBStiee, 
or propriety; by right; according to troth aed 
facta; hooeatly; taitlf; with inle^ty; eoou- 
ntely; txaAtly. 

JuHTNRU, jnat'nas,*. Aocoraey; enctmai; cnm< 
forniity lo truth ; jiutieei reuooabUneiS; «lnity. 

JtiT, jut, V. fi. To shoot forward; to project beyow 
the main body ; — «. a ahootiiig forward ; a pro- 

JuTCt, joota, «. An old Teutonic or Scandinavian 
tribo, which, in the fifth century of our em. ap- 
pear as baTiBg beea Nttbd in the northern p«rt 
of the CbmoDewi Oimbrioa, which i> UUl c^M 
after their saroe. Jgtland. The finl 0«Buie 
invaders of Britain Aftar the depaitan tf th» 
Romana were lh« Jules, under their laatel HoHU 
and Hengut, A.D. 456^ who Lioded oo tha lifand 
of Tbanet, and sBttled io Kent. 

JCTTT, jntV, «. A projection inaboUdlagi alsOh 
a pier or uole ; — r. n. to jat. — Obsolete as a Torb. 

JuTWlHDOW, jut'wio-do, r, A window that pro- 
jects from the line of m tmilding. 

JcTSlfESCBKT, JB-re-nea'HVDt, a. Becoming younfr 

Jt^TEKILB, ju'vo-aile, a, (_^mwA«, Lit.) Yoongt 
yoothful ; pcrtajiiiug or suited to yoaUi, mjwre- 
nifa Sports 

JCVBKILENBS9, jo've-nileMieB,) §. Youthfuloaai i 

JuTBKiLlTT, ju-ve-oil'e-te, i yoathfal age; a 
li(;bt and c-irvleee mnoner ) the maaDem or eoa- 
toma uf youth. 

JuvENTAS, ju-ven'taa, «. In Mythology, tha god- 
deai who pruuded ovw yonth among the Ronuina, 
to whom Scrriua Tulliua erwted a statue ia lbs 

JciXTAiMSirKD, juka-U-poi'etcd, a. (jinta, Bear, 
and pcMtfct^ LalO PUcvdnear; ai^ncant or eon- 

Juxtaposition, juks-lA-pu»iah'ao,f. (Juxtn, Lat. 
andposAiiNs.) llie act of ptaeiag together ; the 
atata of beiog placed io aaanMa or eontiguHy, aa 
the pacta of a aubataooe or of a oampoiltieii. 


KAAUA— KADSrit;!. 

K, io the Engliih alphabet, is the elerefith tetter. 
U ia bonowod firam the Greek Aqyo. aod was 
wMam o«d hr the Latins txespt ui wecdi taken 
fiom the QfMlE Ungoage. It rwwatuti a eloee 
■ftieolatioa, foraied by peariag the nwc of tbo 
MOgoa againat tba upper f«rt tf the iDooth, with 
a diyiiiiin' of tbo lower jaw and openiag «f the 
ttoth. It ia nnally denotninated a mtfwH ^^ 
ii man pnpcrlj a sofaleil Befor* aU tKa tdwvIb 
it baa oae tovariablc loinid, eocmipoBdIiig with 
Uiat of c bebtv a. o, and «, as in hed, iem. For- 
BMrly i; was added to c ia a nnalScr of words of 

Latin origin, as in piMick, wminck, Ac, bat is nov 
omitted, aa being tntinly snixrfloooa. K u aileat 
before n, aa ia maw, htift, &e. As a aomerati 
4 stands figr S60 ; and with a Blroke OTvr it tha% 
S, for 250,000. This letter was not need by tbt 
andeot Rotnans, and \trf rat«ly in the later i^ea 
of thiir eoipiro. 

ILlaba.— Sea Caaba. 

KaBLSR-ARSOO^ kableHi're-oe, «. The oanw gimt 
by the Eeqtttmaax Indians to the mlverioa or 
g^tton, the Gulo Inaous of S^tne. 

Kadbi'RA, kad-eo'ni, t. (McMbodnmi, the Japan 



oMom off. JiayotMo.) A gmu* of pUata: Or- 
der, AomMack 
KxOEA, ks'dn-k, f. (in bhommj «f U. KmAo, »bo 

MiM with EoUebue u ft bstulat) A fpn» of 

pUoSsi Older, CiochoniAMt. 
KiCaaxau, km-b'pe-a, a. (ia booonrof EQx«]1>rn 

Eaante, tlif Jspaoeae tmeUer, wlio died in 171C.) 

AgBBM of pUaU! Order, ZiqgerbeRMWie. 
C4VAL-tBXK, kaTftl-tn, «. Tbo tTM BalMiDOdeo- 

dnn kabi, » lutiv-e of Artbia. 
KAVna. kftTfa^ «. (Acabkk) Aa unbeliever; ■ 

OMDt cn«n to tin HoUcBtoto vbo reject tiie Mo- 

kiamten tiutk. 
Kmuicwkxa, k*-je-iNlcfl-ft, a. (ia honoor of F. da 

Kf^fHRfc.) A CfOlift of plftDlft : Ordtf, Splr»- 

KjJUOSLC, kik'o-d«K «• (iabM, bad, and cdodg, 
mhII, Or. fnm its f—i.iinalla odoar.) lo Obe- 
■iitijt a oompMnd radioal bod^, tba formola of 
vUab ia Ci^ B^ Am : aymboi Ed. Osid* of 
gih>ihh, «r AH^^rfi^ iiu a fommbi of C4, He, 
Am. O ^ KdO. It onifeM bim^ campooiidL 

Cakosituc, kafc-a-dilU, a. Btkuteto oreen- 
pgaed «f kakadnlt, aa IcaltcdTlie aSd, tin mba- 
bb fiRBola of iritkh ■ Kd04 -H UO. 

Kakoxshs, kak'eka^floe, f. (iaiof, bad. and i»)», 
ibarp, Ob) A BineiBl vhidi occmt in lixyor 
hmm innitaBe at ZUraw in Bafaamii, m imall 
ttSHBvsc fnann^ tamiuatiag in pynsuds dvpoaBd 
io l afa a in g tdfcs; coloor jtUoir. of diflfemt 
flbadM^ aoantiiMi reddiifa-lrown ; tostre illkjr, 
•otuKiiMa adaipuitiaa. It adbsns to tb« toogne, 
tod hu as cutbj anwIJ. 

K*t.aJWOB, fcB>lu-ko'e, *. (Chinese name of oim 
oTlbtipaMa.) A gfsu pf planti : Ord«r, On>- 


Kalasc, kal'and, »• (Garaian.) Tbenameof a Is? 
(ntenity imk^itod ia Uw tbotooBtb eeotaiy, foi 
iba ynofom oi doiog hooour to deoeMcd reUtiTu 

Kaue, kaK «. {teUt Germ.} A mme ptni to ctr- 
laia finda rf tkp cabb^ kssd, paiticalarlr to 
Iba T ai h ti M of bocaeola and wistar greana. 

luacu>o»cOPl:, ka-lKdo-Bfcope, «, (fafti*, beaQtifu], 
cidbtf, naambUoea, aod tiopeo, I viQw, Gr.) An 
optkal 107 tnraBtad by Sir David Bnwttar, whtcb, 
bj « p^rtiailw fran ym int of laflfctJag stuCuca, 
pRMMata tbt a^ a aniaa of iTininetrtcal bna^M 
aai «0BAiaaUaot aftcn of nrpaaiiitg bcaotj. 

KjOMMOAMr—S— Caiutiar. 

Kaio, balX »• Tba oanw of tb« irumHmtt plant, 
btm tbo aibca of wlnob aoda ia obtainod bj lixi- 
vMaaa. It b fron tba naow of tbia plant, witb 
tWAabfe panida of piaAsad, ii obtained tbat of 
« das af anbatanoei poMMrfag panliar propeitlea, 

Kalipm, kal'a-nm, *. (kaH, Oann.) Anotfaer luun* 
ftr pMidii or pnrto&lda of pataaiiun. 

KAUivnnWGoa:, kal-Uf-ibairr'giin, 1. A muaical 
loifeMBMl pbijikd aa a piuo, and pfodudog an 
aflhM aqoivBlent to a violiu tenor, violoneeUot and 
a daoUa baaa io a concert. 

Kauoa, kifflM-a, f. (allv Kabn, a triTeltcr in 
Vflitb Amniaa.) A gnMia of boantiful North 
Ammkam jiabtM, «itb w wp WB imtta, and «Lite 
wfk^Mnn: Ordir, Etwumb. 

KauMAViBaB, kal'^'MiVAia, n, (tebt, baantifiil, 
tmk amAoi, a flamrt Or.) A geoua of planU: 

gllOTTM *tw CalflTMIk 


KaUBSPn, fcal-ae-pe', $. Qta Uahntta nam*. 

wbiob aJgniSes tba Maci tail.) Antdope Deo- 

ncUii, a» alapwl ipadM of antalopt. 
Kav. km, a. (MM, Wabli.) Oraabd.— QbMlotA 

Tba WNOR mj, clean caolrar;. qolla ham.— 


Kami, lu'na, a. Tbe nano cino in Japan to wr- 
tain apirUa, tbe btlief En wblcb U tbt Ibundalion 
of tiM .lanuuae rvEglon. 

Kakjcbi, ka-mitah'a, «. A speciae of bb^ bofong* 
ing to tba BaaaorUI or Gallinaoeoiu tribr, ramars- 
able for baring its «iag> armed with two ftrong 
■pun, and its bead of a long, slender, cfUodricai, 
and nearly atraigbt form. 

Kaiuim, kant'ein, 1. A bot, dtr, aoatberly wind, 
couunoo in Egypt and the daaerta of Africa 

Kan, ) kawn. t. An Atiatie offlcer, aoswering to 

Kacn, > a go\-eniar in Eonpe ; among the Tartars, 

KiiAM,^ a cbief or ptinoe. 

Kajijuiu, Ita-oa'he-s, •. (Jeimaik, tbe Arabian 
name;.} A ganna of planta, natirea of Arabia 
r«lia and At^annta : Order, Aaolepiadaecc. 

KAitaAaoa^ kang'ga-roo, ff. TIm native and common 
nana of the maraopial antmali of the Rents Ilal- 
matnraa, dbtiagnlAad by ha long thidc tail, and 
bag htod laga. £o«7aroa-«uH, the Asatniao 
plant Clsnu antartlca. 

Kamtibm, kantlini, t. Die doctriua or tbooiy of 
Kant, Uh Oennan mctnpbyilciaru 

Kahtibt, kas'tist, *. A disdpte or foUowtr of 


Kaolis, ka'o-ljn, /. The CUbOH &ao» flir pem- 
loin clay. TIi«ro b a lirgt tract ef tfab nbrtmoa 
at St- Aostle io Cornwall, OD tbe aoath tida of tbe 
gnidle nngp. It oontaim oyitaU oF hl^ar, 
quvts, and miea. It la abo iband bi Franoat 
Suony. tot, Aaalyab by Berthkr : — 

LImwM. Sebneebtrg. 

Sflka, 4(U 43,« 

Alumina, 37.3 37.7 

Hotftib 2.6 0.0 

Peroxide of iron 0.0 1.9 

Water, 18.0 12.0 

99.6 95.4 

Kajutas, ka-rat'oa, «■ A name gtv«B to a Epedea 
of lh« pin9-a[iple, Biwnelia bunata>, » nalivo of 
tbe West lodiiw. 

Kahmatbiajis, kdr-ma'fie-ans, «. A Mobam- 
madan aect wbieli anae in Irak in tbo ninth con- 
tury. Tbe nuoa is dnired from one Kannata, 
wbo amniwd tbe diaiialer of prophet. 

KABrjktOjr, kd^pa'toD, ». (meaning not given.) A 
gfrniu of pI&ntB, nalitn of Loaiaiaoa : Ordar, Ca- 

Rabfuoute, kdr'fo-Iite, i. {karpho, 1 ahrivel, and 
tiOiM, a stone, Gr.) A mineral which ocean In 
minnto cryatak, and in itdlated ailky fibres. It 
is of a wax or atraw-yellow ooloor. Its oonstita- 
ents are, aooonling to Etronwyer, ailica, 36.154; 
alomina, 26.660; oxido of manganese, 19.160; 
oxide of iron, 3.290; lime, 0^71 ; fluoric acid. 
1.470; water, 10.780: sp. gr. 2,03: wnitcbaa 
6oor-ipar, and ia Gcrntcbcd by folspsr. 

KARrnosioKiUTE, kdr-fo-sid'(T-it*, I. (IdujiAm, 
and wiikroSt inm. Or.) The anbyilrotu phos[)h.tte 
of iron, occwiing in reaiform muses ; strocture 
gnnuUr or compact ; fracture unereo ; cohmr of 
a pale or bright itmw yellow; luitre roBmoua; 
feebpaasy. ^ 






ExTAr-iscs, lutKf-trt, t. Tbo tree Brit mo J ton - 

droD k»u£, « tiAtivA of Anbift PalU. 
Kaulfcuia^ kawl-ru'M-a, i. (io boiHwr of Dr. 

OwTfa Fr«0. Kaulfoft.) A gMOt of Composit* 

pLinU, with bright blue flonin : Subordtr, Tabu- 

Kata, kaV*, c A naiM girto io tha But t« tbi 

Jain of Ibt root of the pUnt ripor mMbjiticQiD 

dlhited with iritiT. Tbo joioo is extncted hj 

Kaw, fcAW, r. n. (from tb« loanti.) To cry M a 

rsvni, crow, or rook ; — «. the 07 of tbo raren, 

cnni, or rook. 
Kawm, kswn, J. In Tark«jr, ■ public ino. 
KatlBi kilt, J. ({vUZb, ft niiMpm, Vf.) A nliu- 

pm ; ■ kettL^in; in old SootUi h cftnw, io wbicli 

oin bolw, lani^ in thrns, tr* iruulo in th« 

ground, Bod u tron bill roUod in amonit thtin. 
KazarPLT, k.-tz'urd-lf, n. Uoluckj ; Utblo to k- 

cadmt. — LociJ. 
KxBiaK, kebla, #■ The ntmo fpT«o ly the Uo- 

huntntdiins to tbnt {xnot of tbo oompu*, the £tvc- 

tion of which ts townrdjs th« temple of Uwto. 
KacK, kck. r. <i. (XioUt, Gna.) To b«»va th« 

ibHDwih : to ntcb, ift in u vflbrt to vomit ; — 

(Hldam used ;) 

The faction, it 1( not BOtortooi, 

A'rail- at tbo axitiOTj of gloHou* \-~Sw/t. 

— s. ft r«l«hi[ig or hcAciog or tb« stomach. 

KfiOKLS, kikltl, V. a. To wind old ropo round ■ 
caUo to pmoTTe Its sarfAce from being frottod, or 
to wind Iron chaipi nmnd a cable to defend it 
(hnn the frietkn of a rocky bottom or ftooi the 

Chuuikb, kek'kis, $.pl A nan\Q civeo in certain 
JoealhlM to the dried fiEtgloui itcot of the betn- 
lock, Oonliun maculatuni. 

Kkckt, kek'e, a. KeeMnbling a kex;— r. an In- 
diao iMptrp. 

Kbdob, k^, f. A smell anchor, used to keep a 
ibif cteady when riding in a haHxnir or river, 
CHMsially at the torn cf the tide, to keep her clear 
ofner bowpr-ancher, also to remove her from one 
BBi of a harbour to aooLber, beiog carried out 
m ■ bOBt aiul b<t (o, as la « wpin|; or kedginj; ;— 
■b a. to war|i^ «a a ahip ; to men by roetos of a 
kedga, as in a rircr. 

Kkxwbx, kq'ar.j. A smaUaccbor; — (aeeKadgc;) 
— a fitiunan. — LocaL 

Kbs, kr, I. Hund of Cow.— LocaL 

A lua, that Ctorir Ugfct, had won kl« hean— 
CIcet;, tha woetmt lua, ibat tmda tbe hte.~ Go$. 

KnCB, keeUh, r. A man or lump.— ObmUt*. 

A kMA of tallow I* tbe fit of an oa or eow reiM up 
bf Um butdur Io a round hwip.— J^ Ftng. 

Keei^ kMl. «. (cml^ Sax. <ln^ 0<r. aui DnL) Tbe 
princ^ thtdwr Id a aUp, eitadlBKbBmitaBto 
■tcni at tha Uittom, and nppociiBg tba whole 
CnoH] a hw flat-bottcned mid, oaed in tbo 
■le«r Tjoe to ooiiToy coab from Kewcartle for 
IndioK tha eoDMn. Id Botany, a name applied, 
haflgantinMHe,totbapetaliiofaPn| ~ 
•w amlb, whkb luin^ wm viawad 
■— nhWnne to tba keel of a riiip. In 
As hn^todloal promioencx in tka ahaU ef tJia 
Argomaoifc Io Eotomologr, a aharp, long^odinal, 
^HuDy-rimng elarctioa upon tha nfartor aufiKa 
«f tba msKt. On aneran AaiAmnlaTalgrhcri- 

aoQtal poeition. FaUt J^^ a elrDng ihiek paeoe 
of timber bolted to tbe bottom of tba keel to pre- 
aerve it from injury ; — v. a. to plough with a heelt 
to narigite; to turn dp tbe keel; to show tba 
bottom : tc ktel du jtat in Irdand, ta entm It ; — 
(oaln, Sai.) to eooL— Obaolata in the tart lenM. 
And Jew an fcn— fall bunbhnal hiMla, 
Bceaehyint ber my hrvuit wo m Mc^CUwier. 

Kb b laoe, kaol'Q. a. Daty ptud for a ship entering 
at Hartktpool in Eagtliitd. 

KsBbKO, kerld, a. In Botany, carinaled ; hafing 
a loagitadinal promlmnoe en the back. 

Kreler, kcel'v, > t. Onowbomnnignbargai 

Keelmak, keal'man,}* and reneb. 

KuLTAT, kaet'fid, •. (ooJ^m. Sai.) A eoalert a 
vesael la which Kqnor is Kt to oool. 

Kekuudl, keel'howl, p. o. {kkUta^tm, DuL) Ta 
bmtl under the keel of a ship ; a mode of ponidi- 
inii eeitwo offincvs in tlio Dutch navy. Tbe 
ofleodsr ii soiptBded by a rope tram one yarAann, 
with wd^ta on Ua \t^ mi • rope fiM tw eJ to 
him, leading imder the AvjS bottom Io tbe eppo- 
«tc, end belnf; let fall into the water, be 
ia drawn under the ship's bottom and railed 00 
the other aide. 

IlXKUHA, kariloK, a. A namn pven in some pleeea 
to the common eedfiah, Morrhua vnlKaria. 

KB111.8OK, keel'ian, a. In Ship-hattdlnj^ a pecee of 
timber fonniog the iotarior or eonntarpait of the 
keel, ai h ii Uid upon the middle of tbe floor- 
tfanban immediately over the kail, and fatteiwd 
with Vaoa bolia and dinged, thus binding the 
fioor-tlnfen and keel tagather. 

Kkks, keen. «, (ome, Sax. kotn. DutO Sliarp; 
eef;cr; rehenieiit^ haTing a fine edge t piercing; 
penttrelinj* : itvert; bitter; aerimonious;— t. o. 
to akarpen.— Uniuaal ai a TCtb. 
Mor when cold wliilar fcMw tbo brtghteBinr flowl-— 

Kbf,Hlt, kecn'lr, ad. Ejigeriy \ Tahemently ; 
oharply ; levoreiy ; bitteriy. 

KsKKinuB, keen'naa, & Shnrpness ; f agemesa; ve- 
hemeitea ; finneaB of adge; the quality of pieteing; 
rigimr; asperity; acrimony ; tattemeas; ncnt*- 

Keep, keep, v. a. (cipmt, Sax.) Part and pmt 
pari. Kept. To retain ; not to loee ; to ha%c in 
custody; U> preserre; not to let go; to p iee efre 
in a state of eecotity; to aave (mm daiifiert to 
di-liftri to protect; to Raard; to reatrein fram 
flight; to detain; to tettd; to have the eara oft 
to pceaarva in any tenor or atata; tonfpndi tn 
Rttand \A\ to bokl or eoottnw in any Mta, 
oDuni, or nctkin : topnetiaa; to do or peiftKm; to 
obey; to pbaarve hi piaetiaa; not to negleel or 
vioUte; to ftelfU; to nia baUtaany; te eopy 
onieAiIly ; to otaim or aatomnbe ; to toard ; to 
supply with tbe tweeauriea of life ; to hare in the 
hniim; ti^ untertttin ; to maintain; not to inter- 
mll; to hold in ddq's own bonon; to eoafine to 
oDe'a own knowtedge; not to rtrveal; not to be- 
tray : to have in pay ; kt Aeqi buck, to ceaw* ; 
to withhold ; not to diadoae or counnkato; t* 
nUninf not to dcfiver; to knp ^omfm^wttk, 
to fray Ml tha aaaiaty ef; to a mnn iato wHh ; i« 
aooompany : to ga with ; to ketp dotm, to pre- 
wnl from riamit: notto)iA.erBnfftrto banuaeil; 
to keq^ M, to preroot from escapo ; to bold in 
eon6n«neiit; toconHal; notlolsll; tonafcmln; 
to curb : to kt^ ^ to Undai firoaa i^fntdi at 


■Iladk; to Jimp tmiw, te rMtminj to bold In imb- 
JMboo ; i> ttip npy to maintain t to pnrmit from 
lyBo(; lOQonliMBt td Uate fi«a MMiof | ft> 
iaq» oa^ 10 Un3«r Aon ioMrtm or Uttif po*- 
MHiaa; to kttp bed, to mnain in bad witnoQi 
lUef I t* bt oenfiaed to on«*B lod ; to *«fi Aoute, 
to nuriBUm ft liKnil^r itAtc; to niMin io tb« 
bMBit totocooflnedt to AMp >lwit, to mtnin ; 
M yrvnal ■ppoaobt to ikanp a jeJkwI, tomMJn- 
mrk €t Mfport| €F| BMiM flonvotly, to gmvu And 
iMlni(«r MMb • Mhool, m a pwiptort— c. «. 
la MmiiB bjr niM hbovr or offbrt ia • otrtun 
«■!•: tAlut; tonidtn; not to peridi or bo tro- 
paindt tolodi^; todvtll; to nside for r lime ; 
to H^ tot to tdbara otrlrtfyi ool to nofloot or 
mtiwbt 000; to Mtip on, tB fo fintorii to pro- 
•Nd; looooiinDtto alwMc; toAtqufp^ ton- 
main onanbdDod, or nofc to be eoafinod to one's 
bad { in a pepahr atiin, tlu birm rignlfia to ooo- 
■t tB n|Ml ODHliaMU; ; not to eaaw ^— «. a 
II BandHJaw, In a oollo<)uial oeotei gin»- 
ivtoibt; — (MUma oaed in tbo last 
tsv MHMi})— a pUoo oftoouritr in aU Wftln; 

TkOpriMO KTODfi 

wi&la iftaoo kev toampjiu kBl^ilo were lald^ 
veatoij; gaiij — (toldom uad io tko Uat two 

Pmi. tfaDU ml «( alMfiMrit an, 
WUA of our toadir l^AUoi takcM tevw— 


Ia Falntiag, the mmti^ment of tiw light* and 
■hftdovni ooloDiB, and tbts in a ptotnre, ao that 
I ot^Mt may seen to stand in the liglit piaco 
Ift Vf tiia ItMtr pecspectire. 
' KasPn, kaapW, s. A dehndet ; a piceerrer; one 
trfao HTCf from harm ; ooe who bold* oQ^Uiing 
te tfaa Dto of another ; one wtio bos the chaise 
or Otoe cf aaatbt* ; agmdiaii; oao who h«« tlio 
■inof aariaoaaodthfl cQitod]rorpriBoo«re; ono 
wtw has Ota can of a padc or otiMr toekmirr, or 
tba eaitody of bcaatat an« wlw bu tba aopirin- 
lootem or care of anrtbiog. Kt^ttr tf tk» 
Fvt^tt, or diief warden of the fenat, ia hu that 
bath tha principal (jnoTemnuint over all ofBoers 
ntUo tbe forest, ood wans then to appear at 
Ibe oaoit of JBiiw aaat aa a ^fmvtX aomnHrns 
tnm tbo lord dtief jnataoe in ejre. Kwpfr of 
Ibt On^ 4m^ klb* lame u the lord cbancellor, 
aa4 If rtalate bath Ibo same place, aatboritj', 
pn H ni a an ea. Jariadiethn, and exe«ntion of laws. 
X^mfm^t Ck Am Seal, ia that officer Umra^h 
aibaae baada aO ebartcn. psrdona, &c. paaa, 
■CBol br tbo Ung, bdbce th^ ootne to tbo gnat 
aaL A9«-V'««7badl,Unfn.VL14,aania 
ta be Ibal oOev la tbo kjog'a mint at thia dAj 
oattai tba maatar nf tba aany. 
[■■rmamr, kaep'or-abip, r. ThcofBceofakNpcr. 
— «eldcB«wd. 

K«ri»», bwylng, I. Charge; oattodj] earo to 
ff«Mnai navratleat narit feed; fbddar. 

EsaaAXa, Botp'aakB, a. ApftintokefloTnHntnt- 
braaai^ to bo kept for the aako of the giror. 

Kssas, hatoh, a. In ^Irtalhtfcr, tba flakoi of tU 
atobml of Iron which awaatknoB ara Ibeod anioiif; 
Iba dM m aoovia, or oondag Om aarfirtt of the 
ban orfiff-traa. 

Snva, htoT, & A hm waei to faraent liquors 
ta ; a large tab vnaMaaid fa browing; amaah- 
tng-tob ^— V. 0. to Kt in a kicra Ht f«m«al«(i»ii ; 

to lin Dp, or oTfrtttm, or cart, ao aa to unload it 

oil at oito% 
Kbo, keg, a. CmfM, Fr.) A amall oaak or bamL 
KEtmia, ko'ri^Hi, a. (in beoonr of tba Srr. Patrick 

Keith.) A goooa of Latnate plaatat OMcr, Laml- 

Kklk. kelk, I. A blow; laige detached atoiwa.^ 

Kkll.— Sc« CauJ. 
KSLP, kelp, «. The aahea which renudo after tite 

fadoantin of eaa-««ed, which ia hnnit for tbe 

porpose of otitaloing caibonato of aoda from it. 

It was formerljr mach uaad in tbe mannfactufe of 

•oap and glaa*, hot barilla ia the articlo now 

graeralt; nrd. 
Kblpt, kifl'pp, t. An [magiaaiT spirit of the watcn, 

to which nifKmtitton garo the form of a horae. 
Kelsoh. — Stfo Kedaon. 
Kkltsr. kellur, *. (Ii7lr. Dan.) Older; read; 

or proper alato ; m ^om/ Mter, in good ooodition. 
KSXB, Item, «. a. (oamiua, Sar.) To comb.— Ob- 


Th; b«ail and bnir are fleek ; 

And then thou htmtiit, U>a tuuc* on iJ^ Gtiee4t.» 

KEiciH.nt, kem'e-Uft, *. A tub; a brawar'a veweL 

Kkx, ken, V. a. (emrntoL, Saz. Jtanaeit, Germ.) To 
•eo at a dlatnncc ; to dvcrf ; to k&ow ; (o undar- 
•tand. In Sootlaiid thia word ia atiU liatd iu tin 
last two fmaiNt, and, according to l>r. JoboHO, la 
the north of Kn^laad ; 
*TU bo, I ben llt« nianner of hl> gtU Shot*. 

— V. A. to look round ; to iliract tbe tjn to or from 
anj ottjaet ; — «. riew ; renrh of right. 

Lo! wltbis a ft«n our nrmr Vm.—Shak§. 

Keiiask, kan'aok, a. Tbo Javaaaae aame of tbe 
Jaraa cat, Iha Fdia Javaneoais of Hotefield. 

Ka»DAi.-oiian, heo'dal-fTsen, a. A i^ieeiaa of 
i;recD doth made at KeoduL 

KuaVKOTA, kea-no'de-a, i. (in faoooor of Mr Ken- 
ncdj, HAnmenmitb.) A genua of l^nmisoaa 
plante, eoodating of tnioing ahmba, natirea of 
Kcw Holland : Snbotder, Pa[nlionac«s. 

ICssnuiL, ken'nll, & (dtcniV, Fr. caniU, iLd.) A 
bonac or cot Cor dop* or for a pack of bounda ; a 
pndtof hoondat ut hole of a fox or other beaU; 
a haunt j — (cavak, Ital. canal, Fr.) tbe watcr- 
oomse of a street ; • little canal or channel ; • 
a puddle; — r. a. to lodge; to lie; to dwell, aa a 
dofT or I fox ;—r. a. lo Inep or oonBu hi a knnul 

KeN^iiia, ken'ning, «. View; il^lit. 

KKvnaa, kaB''tiBh, a. Pertaining to tbe oeunt; of 
Kant in Eaglaod. 

Kkxtlk, kent'tl, t. (amt, Weli»b, «**<«. Ut.) 
In Oomtnaeo, a hondnd pooods ia weight. AIm 
wriuon QtnntaL 

Kkhttxdoe, kentlej. a. A term osed hj leamcn 
to Ngnify piga of iron tued for ballaiL 

l£E]rTKorRn.Ltni, kentro-fil'him, «. (ianrraa, a 
spine, and iilgJftpi^ a lea^ Gr.) A gemuofphMits: 
Stibonkr, TahnliOorx. 

KnnroKiAif. knt-tuk'e-ao, r. A native of Ken- 
tacky, one of the United Stdea of America t — a. 
pertaining lo Kentucky. 

Kbobk. ke'oalt, $. (Tnrkisb.) A kind of opoo 
l>avi]iiin or suninier-hooic, anpportcd by pillars. 

KKrLKit's LAWi«, kpp'tiira iawa. i. In AstroDoBiy, 
the Una of pisnataij motion laid down hj Kcvler. 





lit, Tint Ibi plueto imsnb* •llipi^ m^i of 
whicb bu ODD of )U foci ia Uia nnw poiot, tuuDcly, 
thacaatnortbeuQ; 24, Tbatvvwfy pUiutmorM 
■0 tb«t tlw imii dnvm Awn il tu tbe nui dctchboa 
about tbo ffOQ wnu proportional to tbfl tlnwA; 
84, Thkt tlw •quni of the Unea of Lbo molu- 
tiou of Uw plinets »re «* th« cubes of their nMu 
diUMiew fnm tbe son. Ktfler'M gmikm, ■ pro- 
Moai DNd io ■otrinff tha d iioovafj oiadi b; Ksplor, 
tli«C Ui« pUo«cai7 orbit* an tUptii hafbg tha loa 
ia tbe foeua, wbidi ia oonunoa to each olUpH, and 
tbat tb« tint whicli Jmns tbo eimtn of tbo nin 
■nd a pluiot pai«OB o\'er equftl u&u in equal times. 

K Err. PaU and pan part uf Keep. 

Kkbasivb, ker'a-aio, a. iieriu, •% born, Gr.) In 
MbMraloKX, horay ; eonMone; — «. a namo gtna 
bjr Ooadaiit to tba nnuiff-aiibofiate of lead ; 
a mineral of a irbita, grajisb, or ;'«Uowisb ct>l- 
Mir, tba frinan ajM of whlcb ia a rvetanpi- 
lar foor-aided pium. lu coaiLitoenta are — aiido 
of load, 8G.6 ; mufiatk acid^ 6.o ; urbonic acid, 
6.0 : ap. gr. C— 0. H = 8.0, 

KCRAiss, lur'*7ta, *. (Hra^, a bom, Gr.) A nttire 
pnn bj rartmii tn!n«ral<^£id« to in order of 
aartbjr minpral*, wlikb, in tlieir ontvunl form. 
httrt a 1ionij<Uk« Ap[icaraflce. thvy are not 
metallic, bave a wliitc ativak, no uRftIo eteaTage. 
Hardneas= 1.0—2.0: Dp. p-. G.C— ti.O. 

RkRATiASia, ker-»-ti'es~ns, t. (ttra$, a bora, Gr.) 
A bom-IUn escmcenee, dardoped on tb« t«niplc 
or fimhead. 

REttATONE, ker'a-tonc, i. {ttrat, and Ummo, I cut, 
. Or.) A fiDrgkal inttnunenL 

KuuTOMrxis, kcr-at-o-nik'sb, i. (lurtu, a bom, 
and nyxu, a pfuiotnrt, Gr.) Tbo c{>eration of 
couching, petfurmed bv introducing a needle 
thiOB&li tba oonta of th'a eye, and depressing or 
bnaimg tbo ojpaqM lona. 

KcKAToram, her-^fo-fitc, «. (ienu, a bom, a&d 
iM^rfOM, a plant, Gr.) A name f^lren to a bom; 

KnutrDiiKMiA, ker-o-dre'ne-a, «. (in honour of 
Kvraudm, a French iwbleaian. ?) A genu* of 

. phnta, natirct of Kew Holland: Order, Bylt- 

KkvbstoxIh kub'stone, i. llic edging of a atone 
footpath b to called b iMul^n. 

Kxucoicr, ker'taUr. ■. (contracted from covtrdti^; 
MMmr, I coTcr, and cAe/, h«ad, Fr.) A bead- 
dr«« 1 a cbtb to 001*07 tl» head ; a cloth OMd in 

KBICHluriD,) ker'lahift, o. Drtiwd ; boodsd ; 

KxacniXFT, > corered. 

Kaiir, kerf, ». iej/rft Snx,) The cot of an axe, a 
a Mw, or ulbor iiiUrutneal -, iho notch or alit mado 
la wood by cutting. 

Kkiu-OKTTB, ka're-ao'tih, j. Id Biblical iiteratniv, 
■ word tttcd to denota varioua raadiap — teri sig- 
■IMnf thai vblek la mtd, and eatift tbat wbkfa ia 
wnttH. WhHB BBj aaeh wraog nwdlngs ocenr, 
tha wnag loadhig la written in lU text, and tbat 
b called Ibe MtA ; and tJit itidiog la writtoi in 
tbe marna with 5 under it, and called tbe ktH. 

Kxwa, Vm, a. A graui of fiabes, with rbom- 
hcidal bodiaa, aod baring tbe eaodal and pc«t«nO 
6aa ramdedt Family, CocypluHiidK. 

Kuunta, kenm, a. ( Anbio aatne foe ft Uttle wool) 
A mS inaact owd h ft red and acarlet dye, bat 
nn l u fciia to cobUaaal; the Coona ihoea of 

KBunu MikuUlI^ kemu cdn'«-ral, r. A peculiar 
hiod of aulphuret uf antimonj, formerly mucfa^ 
bat now tittle, uaed in n^edkine. It oan^a, ao- 
oordbig to Rote, of aulpbur, 88.41, and antanoiiT. 

KlutN, kern, ». The name given to a foot aoldicr 
ia the ancient Iriab mitilia. The ktmet were 
armed oith nrarda and darta, aad tba latler fitted 
with cnrd^ by which thar coold teewer Ifaem 
after they had been launefaed ont: tbe cavaliy 
were termed ya/ZajrAuM*; — anlriabboor; ahtnd* 
mill eomiating of two ctooei, one of which ia 
tuned by tbe hand: Banally written Quern; — 
V. ti. to bardeo, aa com In ripening ; to take the 
form of gnlna; to sraouhlo. 

KuDnaar, km'bar-ba, j. An imago drMaed with 
roni, aad carried Dcfon reapen to their hamat- 

Kuasrci., ker'nil, f. CgnW, Sox.) The edible aub- 
Btance contained in tlw absU ctf a nut ; anything 
indndcd in a huak or tatogament; the aead of 
pulpyfntit; tba ceotral part of anything i a email 
maaa anitmd which otber nattar la ooomted: a 
nudeu ; a bard ooncrrtlon in the fleeh ; — v. u. to 
harden or ripen into kecnab, aa tbo seed* of plaati. 

KiJufRLLED, kcr'uilil, a. Haring a ktmel. 

Kkiinkllt, ker'nil-lr, a. Kail of kenicU; nnem- 
bling kcmelii. 

KcitoDOK, kai'o-don, t. (iera, a heart, iind oi^osa, 
n tooth, Gr.) A canua of Itodenta albad to tba 
Oavlea, and about tbe aiie uf a guinea-pig, 

KcnostA, Iw-ro'no, a (jfaenu, a horn, Gr.) A jpeoa 
of Infusoria, nliicli have their comet or bofoi 
elongated into threads. 

Ki:i([UA, ker'rfrH^ i. (in honour of llr. Kcir, Ceybn.) 
A genu of |4anta: Order, Spneaoest. 

KcHSKT, ker'te, a. (Xiruuii, Dut) A very ooane 
atulT, uanally ribbed, and woven finom loog wool, 
ehiedy maDBfadored in tbo north of En^Kid. 

KiCBSitTMBita, kerW'mare, a. A tbia atit0' gne- 
rmlly woren [dain from tbie fineat woola, and ntado 
ohic6y in tlis weat of Engliuid. 

Kektk. — See Carve. 

Kektbk.— See Ciir%-er. 

Kbsab, kc'zar, a. ((h>m CeMr.) An unperor. — 

WhUrt Unci aod AcMTf at ber fcet did tbem pnMlrata 

—S lit mt r. 

KULOP, kea'lop, «. The ttomach of a falf ptrpared 
for rennet ; uc aabatauoe uaed in curdling milk. 

Rest. Tlie uM /wjt lam of Oait. 

KusTiiEL, kcfl'trvl,)^ $. The EagUab name of tbe 

KbaTiui., kea'tfil, * Faleo tJnnMenlua of LiaawBt. 

Kkt, ket, r. Canin; aayioit of filth. 

Kktcu, ketab, ft (takMo, ItaL) An «ld Ba^Uh 
Dame nearly synonynKHia with the iDodcra tonn 
yncAt. It was Applied to a veaad with two dumU, 
and from a huodrud to two hundnd and fifty teoa 

Kbtoiiup, kct'tsbop, *. Tbe jnioe cjioded from 
aaltcd maafarooma. — See Catchup. 

KnTxta, ItK'me-a, «. A name gneo to aereal 
itpedea of planta belonj^g to the genus llibistva. 

Kbttlb, ketU e. {ntl, eelfl^ or cyf^ tcttei, l>Bt.) 
A tomI of inm or other metal, osed for bealing 
and haSSaf water far domeetic parpoH^ . 

KtTTLE-DBiTii, koi'tl-dmm, a. Aa Inetnaatal ef 
martial munc, oompoee d of |wo baaba nf «ap^ 
Of- kaaa nmnded at the boCton, and oovored with 
nUtuD or gnatrida. 






Cmui-IillDiaRB, ket'U-dniiD'uv, ». Tbe nun 
vto hMi tbe kaitle-«lnim. 

KmLsmra, kal'U-ptnt, $. Miiwpiosi akHtki. 

iMawmm, ka*|ttr, a. In Gttiogj, tb« G«nnnD tena 
Jbr Aa mcr portlaa of tlu new nd muktonc 

KiTHL, bira, Jk A «nat of Antelopes, &UIod to 
Iht OMQe; tb* iL JEmUs of Paliu. 

Kn, M% A Hemlock ; tbe etem of tbo teuol ; 
■ diTitaik. 

K>r, M^ «. (m^, &ul) An histniineot fonnrd 
v^ «n!tlH eoRfipoadeat to tbe wirda of a lock, 
bf wlik& tba bolt of n lock u pubcd beckirard or 
brwird; in hutnnnent by whicfa eometbiDg U 
nwed or ttmed ; to index, or that which eerrea 
to njim a dphcr ; that wbub serves to uplato 
■Tt&Bg fiSDOH to be ODdentood ; the buik oon- 
tiUng the Mid ofVa nh. In H<rdnierspby, a 
hdlge or lij of nokei toAt, npticd mora psrtica- 
\irij to flntaSa ndn oilled the ktift^ in the Weet 
! ladka, tbo fops of wbkh rise nearly to the ntT' 
I tee^-^faat, Dot. Jbt, Germ, fuot, Kr.) ft bank 
I «r vbflf tnult on tbe dda of a river gr harboor, 
kfAttttmnHmtea of loading nu) onkiadiog i^pe, 
tad nffniiig them in their eCattone: genowly 
wTitttm Qo^,— Rhich see. In the Boaan C^- 
tboGe CSiorch, ecele«lutk«l jsriBdution, or the 
paw of the pope. laMuair, tJjppMrticuUrdiitonic 
taiti, whether nuyor or iniiior, in wUicIi a cotnpoei- 
tiaa b«^u azid ends, and wbicb more or kse pre- 
vdaiaa^vettpleceof moik. Tbe diatoinc aoie 
aty W HDatec on any note, and that chosen, called 
tbe fay-nofti, goTcnti the progreHioa of the other 
potae. Key boards the eerici oTtenore in a keyed 
InaCiiiajcDt, nch as tbe ptaoo, har|ie)chofxl, oi^an, 
vpoB vkidi tlw tagm press to pndun Ibe per- 
cnrico of Aestrinpjor in Ibe oi;gan theoptainK 
«f tim nivae. Tbe keys an cobnired black aud 
while . In Carpentrr. tbs £«y of • floor b tbe 
beaed hrt laid down. Id Joinory, gpterall/ a kef 
m a fiMe of wood )et into tlx back of another in 
tba coHbai; Aoction of the gtajo, to preserve the 
IsaC tan vwnb^ X>m, in naked flooring, ara 
feeoea of dnmv fixed b between the joista by 
aortoM nd tcuni. "Khm Tutened with their 
ends pcvjceCiBe agfunst tbe aidoa of the joints, 
tbey ait aaOed aftiiNaii^^rfeett. 
KcTAOie, ke'^ •. UMiey{iaidfiitttheuieof ak«y 

Kbtcolo, keloUs, a. UMau.— Obsolete. 
Amt tereoU flmr* of a boly Uat ! 

rate MbM of DM boUM of LBUCKltH I— Aofcl. 

KxTCOU>xxaj, keluldeoce, t. Want of aaitna- 
tMA or acShi^. 

Ksua*. kttd, a. Haring keySL Ka^ dadb, thai 
■bkk ha* ban of wood poored into it acroas tbe 
ptia at tbe back, to uereut iu warpbg. 

SnaOLB, ki<ball, a. The perfotatioQ in the door 
er kck, tar netmac a key. 

SsTinun, ki'Koaa, «. Tbe middle vounoir in tbe 
mA of a Mdpi. or the arch etone or oown iui- 
vafiMi^ onr tliscentn of tbe arch. 

XaLaH, fan, a. A ward of Uan^pil or ToAiah ori- 
p^MMterfnUy * great and powaiM lord.* U 
«M CBfloyM by tbe ceotial nations of Asia to 
tM ftll cxtcot ef lOTervlgn power, and 
imsd by G«s^ when he baouM anpreroe 
irivafdalloBfols aad Tartars, and wis adopted 
byhiiRieeeaofa. Thawwdk^aMdlaPoraii 
ia • mar* mtifatgA stMe^ being applied to goYcr- 
■ao of pnrinoea, and te all offiwn of a certiiin 

nmk. The original fimn of the weri was JbbyoB. 
Also, a sort of huOM or place of Ksoval raecpliDn. 
Hera la a epadoua roultcd basar, and a nobis I 

Khakatb, kawB'ate, <. Tbe domliuoa or Judidle- 

tion of alcbaa. 
EoATA, ka'ya, «. (fDeanlng oakDown to na.) A 

genus of planta: Older, Cedrelaoas. 
KiuxAUT, ke-lswt', r. The nbaof bonow wHh 

wbiob hoooar ia eonJamd hf Amtk frioeoa. 
SiuD, kn, «, tte TsmJA Int of Htufor, UaU- 

DBiAiBa mdtatl: Ordsr, TwuHbUiswiw. 
Kiionuii, koilia, j. (AraUc) A paitioiltr kind 

ut prayer osed in Uohamasdan axuitnos at the 

eommsDomwat of poblio woraUp in lbs greni 

■Magma aa Mday at noon. It coiwisli cbiray of 

a eooClMrioa of futh, awl a patltlsn for tfw pro- 
sperity at tbs Mobaamedan refi^oo. 
KiAATUt, ke'aa-ter, a. (Jtkaa, I cmS| Gke the Greek 

X.) Aaar^eal baDdageof nKbafigorseiriiiloyed 

by the sndenta. 
KiBJkTALiA, kib-s-ta'ls-s, «. (iihilrUb, tbe name of 

a tree iu Java.) A geuus of plants, natifee of 

Jvn : Order, Apo^oaeaw. 
KniSl.K, kiL'bl, a. An iron hockcL 
Kins, kibe, ». A chap or crack in the flesh oces- 

uoned by oold ; an ulcerated chilblain, aa in tbe 

KinED, kybde, a. Chapped; eraekeJ with cold; 

affected with dulblains. 
Kjucmii, ke-bes'se-s, s. (Ze^eane, the name In 

Jars.) Agonnaofiilxnts: Order, UeUatoouMon. 
KtUT, ki'be, a. AQected with kibes. 

n« lialtcth uAsn thai haUi a Jtftf beele. -SWItm. 

Kick, kJk. r. a. (cieiaie, W'eUb.) To attfts with 
tbe foot; — r. «. to praotiie atrildng with the ft)ot 
or feet ; to tbraal ooi tbs foot or feet with tio- 
lenos, elthsr la wantonnsas, raattlaDOa, snger, w 
cooterapt ; to nuuiifest opposition ; — a. a hkiw 
with tbe foot ; a striking or thnurt of the foot. 

Kicicul, Uk'ur, s. One that strikee with hts foot i 
a windog bonsL 

KtCKUio, kiklng, #. The act of striking with Uts 
foot, or of Tcrking the foot with nulonce. 

KloxaUAW. kik'shaw, s. (probably comipled from 
amljm ehoK, soin«Uiing, anything, I'r.) Somo- 
ttdag mwommoD or fnnuutical, or somstitibig that 
haa no partioalw name; a diah so ebaagod by 
cooking that H can searodf bo kwiriL 

Sons ptgeeas, a >atat of iMMoat sad say pretlr mtts 

tiny HohSm-ndtab 

KicKsnoK, kik'shoo, *. A dsoccr, in contempt ; a 

caperer ; a bnfibon. — Ohsolste. 
Kid, kid, «. (Dsnish snd Swedish.) A young goal ; 
n faggot ; a bundle ef heath and foru ; — v. m. to 
bring forth a young goat ; to mako Into a bundle, 
IU faggots; — ». a. to abow, dtscover, or make 
kaoKQ. — Obsolete as an actire rtrb. 
Ttie faiaa, wlikh male ooaght bo Ud, 
Ttiruughoot tbo lon«l« la soodo Ud.— Ooieer. 

ElODCB, kidMur, t. (_lybty to truck, Swed.) An 
engrosser of cum to enlmnoe its price. 

KlDDUE, kid'dl, f. A kind of wear in a ririr fcr 
catching fi&h. 

KlouNo, kidling, 1. (Swodkh.) A yonnj; kid. 
Like HcXUivf, blitlMi anil inert;. — Gaj, 

KiD!iAr,kid'nap,ir.a.(jtuKJrn£(c&, Ger.) To steal a 

human bosiw — man, woman, or child ; to fordbly 

taks or stou any parson whatavcr fioiu their own 

coontiT toRnotber. 



KtriMAmn, kid'n«p-pur, $. One vbo ateuLi or 
(bndb); caxriu Awajr ft haman being: ■ mim- 

KtOXArruio, Itid-iMp'ptnK, i. In Liv, tin stml- 
iag or conwy l ng Kwvf of « mui, woman, or ohSd, 
■nd M u ofibiicc^ at coinmoa Uw, ponisbabli 1/ 
Una or hnprfooamut. 

KlDXET, kid'nnr, & Tbo n«me ginm to two glnnda 
I^ing bi tho lombcT re^iaoa on cacli Kil* or tlio 
■pHuU oalcuBO. TtMf u« oomposcJ or nomberlon 
Md doBoita toboUr ramifteatiotu, oa whom walU 
tlmv it > Am netwotk of capilluj arlerin and 
v<Ah, ml wUeli are all colkctsd into one mau or 
a flim flMfar oonttstcnoe, enclosed in a fibrous 
eapmile. Ineir chief office U to secrete the urioe ; 
— Hirct, hind, a ladiowu use of tbe word. 
ThiBk of Ihat, a man ofiny feUwy.— fflUkf. 

Kidm^-btan^ the eotnmon name of pluita of the 
BBOM FbaMolas. XiAt€y-9ftelt, the eufninoD 
luune of plants of the geooa AathjrllU. 

KtDNBT-ruoM, kid'n»-fawTm, ^ a. Having tlm 

Ku>itsY-8aAPCX>, ktd'ne-aliavpt,) form or ^p« 
of akidaor. 

KuritKXL, kMf'e-ktt, $. A kind of day foond in 
Vatofia, and chiefly uwd in llio maaufacCure of 
til* bowls of Ttukisb tobacoo-pipes. It coaaista of 
rthWt 60.SO; Uoii^ GO; carbonic add, 5; astl 
water, 25. 

KUmeyir, counaeUor of the state of Wurtcm- 
fasrg.) A genos of plants, eonsiatlug of tnes 
orwobs ralof ralDouJdoe: Order, Termtrte- 

Xmrnau, k»«»Vc-a, jl (In bmoar of om ffieser, 
aboUnbt) A fiBuvptnu,iutiv«B(tf PortcH 
Biaae Omv, TtnwtramiaeMe. 

IftQffW.tirrii, Ug-Jtl-U'fc-a, «. (in memory of 
FwMlajngplcar, ta obMore T>xiteh botnnistO A 
mmof pSta, oonristbgof akrubs with wilkiw- 
nki loavM: Oidir, Ptieo arth coB. 

Kn^ kO, Sk A Datcii wocd, sigpifying a channel or 
bed of a river, and heocs a ■tnam. 

KiLDSBKn>, kil'der-kin, * (dnnatini donlitfbl.) 
A amfttl banvL 

Kill, idl, r.a. {evtOan, Sax.) To devive of Ufe 
J&HWBMnMrar bjanyroenns; tobotobvr; la 
ik^nr ftr fiiod; to quell; to appease; to 
cdm t to itBl, as in the nautical phrase *a ahowvr 
af rain Ubtba wind.* 

KiyTfA*, UPhM, ». A leoal iubm riren to a gnnip 
of sdiistoss rocks, danfd bjr geologbta with the 
day ilito or paywaeke slate of other diatrfcla. 

KiLLXK, kil^r, a. Ooe who drprhrs of life; be 
or that which kilU. 

KlLLBXITlt, kiflcn-itc, f. A tntiwral which ocean 
haUl msislvi and crjstaliMd. The cnTtaU are 
Mt pcrftct, but appeiu- to be a rhomtoc pnsia 
The ooloor b a greenish and brownish jcUow. 
It is named from occnrrinf* in granitit \-«in9 at 
KUhnjr, oaor Doblio. Its constituents, acoonling 
t« Dr. Tbomaoa, aiv— odica, 49.06; alncuaa, 
30.60; potaah,6.7S; oxide of iroa, 3.27; water, 
10,0: ap. gr. 2.C9. U = 4.0. 

KlLUROA, Idl-Ung'ga, <. (in bonoor of P. Kvltitig, 
a DanUi botanist wlio died ia 1696.) A genus 
of plants : Order, Cypcraeev. 

JDlXOW, kjlto, s. An earth of a Uadoah eohntr. 

XtLN, kd, (. (csrh, Sax.) A large store or onn; 
a fabric of bnek or stoae, whidi maj be heated 
fur iba purpose of hsrdspinfc tmrning, or drytng 

anything ; a pile of brick Gonatiucted for bundng 
or hardening. 

KtI.^-^»T, kil'dri, v. a. To dry in a kiln. 

Kti.ooRAMue,) I A French measure of weight, 

KtunRAM, ) equal to 2 Mi. 3 oi. aroirdapoia, 

KiLOLlTER. ke-Iul'c-tur, a, (Uhlitre, Fr.) In the 
now French hioiuutts, a ttiuusand lilcn, or 264 
gnlkmO. and i4,231 cubio incbea. 

KlLOMeren, ke-lom'«-tor, «. {AiUmtrIrt, Fr.) A 
French iUneraiy mcasare, equal to 1003{ jrarAa, 
or about 6 furlongs. 

Kilt, kilt, >. (<te/Aa, Icelan.) A Ioom dran, gfiorr- 
ally of tartan, worn aa a part of the Uigliland 
eostumo, and oxtonding froin the chest to tho 
knee In the fonn of a potticoat ; — r. a. to luck 
up ) to li\iM up tbo eloth^ 

KiLTBD, kil'toJ, 3. Dressnl in a kUt, as dlalla- 
guialted from one who wonn breoebss. 

KtXBO, ) kim'bo, CI. (probably from ooai, crooked, 

Kixoow.t Celt) Croukeil ; ardied; bent; to 
$et t\t arm a-kimbo, is to set tbo banda ou the 
bipn, with the oltowa pn>joct:ng outfranU. 

KlMMBDlDGB-CLAT, kim'uirrJjclay, «. I« Goo- 
lofj, a blue and greyish-yellow clay uf the Oolite 
fbmution; umember of U]«ooUtieBeriea,so ealUd 
from its being foond ahoudaatly at Kimmaiilgo, 
in the Ute of Puheck. 

Knr, kin, >. (cya, Sax. imd^ Dot.) lUUtioo citbar 
of ronsangulnlty or aJEntty ; reULlres ; kindred ; 
penons of tlie aitmo race; a reUtiun; the same 
goaeric clasa ; u thing ralated ; an a terminatlun, 
km is lisod se a diminntiv-e, denoting litnall, from 
the sens* of child, aa in manUtiu ; — a. of the sama 
oators ; kindred ; congroioL 

KiNATCt, kin'ayts, i. A gestu of salts, cootliUflg 
of kinic acid with a h»sr. 

KuiD, kindo, s. (<yn or cjfmi. Sax.) Race. ; cnnia ; 
geoeiio dass; sort, in a sense more loose than 
genus; particular nat ore; natond state ; prodooe 
or commodity, as diatinguiahed from monqr; 
natnrej utnal propetiaity or detennlnatton ; 

Steow of JML on para Instinct if tuUora, 

Are led % Mad v odmtra foar (eOow-crtatJirr.— 

maaaar; way;— (sddoni nsed la the hat two 


Lend me joar prttnacn with iho Rp»pdk«i m««n^ 

Or jou shall hear In such a tinJ troai utn 

Aa KiQ ittapleasa joa-^SXaJet. 

tort, as ' he spoke with a kind of aoom or contempt ;* 
—n. (cw, WoUh.) beoeToknt: filled with a dis- 
positioD to do good to otbsn ; fiivoanible ; beoe- 
KtVIMCIi, Idod'ed, a. part. Begotten.— Obsolete 
Klirx»-BBAVTBi>, kinde-hdrt'ed, a. Itsrbg greit 

KnrDLK, kin'dl, ». a. (tymmit WelA.) To set on 
fire; to light ; to csnse to bam ; to mflame tha 
potiionB; to cxssperate; to animate ; to hr«t; 
to fire tho mind ; to pmroke; to cxdlo to notion; 
to bring forth : — (obsolete hi the lu( smw ;) 

Arc you natirn of Ihtt place * 
As the eooej thai you s<« dwwUs wh«« she Is HMtlal— 


— r. n. to catch flro ; to begin to rage, or bo r!o- 

lemly exdted ; to be nosed or exasperated. 
KiiruLKK, kja'dl-nr, s. He or that which kiod!l«i 

or uts on 0r& 
KnrDLBU, kfad^ka, a. DesUtott of Uodness ; 







Enrnuinbss, kistl«1«-iie«, $. AAeUou; bvaar; 

Koodwtll; fanigiuiir; latmral «H«pB«llloii. 
Itataala Mi^iMM UBoos ttwlMrdt ua flocln.~JSbm 

KiMOUxo, ku'd&ng, ». Tb« ael of wetting on fire 

CiVDLr, Idndftle, o. Hotna(*mMl ; oonganbJ; 
hJDdnd; of Um miin Dalai* ; mild; bluul; aofC- 
esins ; — ad. wiUi Roodmll ; witi) ft ditporitioft to 
make otli«f« luppy or to oMilp ; titBtnilulkljr ; 

Kan>LT-XAirKRZit,Us(lt'l*-M'RiTdt, a. HaTin^ a 

tiai Hgfomiioa. 
Kin>VEM, Idndt'ooi, •. BtotrolfDc*; bmafientM; 

pedwiD: bvoor; Iwn; Utdgnityof utnr*; ben*- 


KmwBD, Uii'diVil, «. ((yMTw, Sox.) KsMtion hy 
Urtb er nuniftcc; oofuuiKUiiut^; nffi&ity ; n- 
lrtir»: twonfti oo la ^d;— a. ralftUd; oong*- 
Bii] ; af A* Uka afttni*. 

Km,lmiB,«.(<hM9(M.Dat.) PJWW of Co«r. Tb« 
itgnkr/JWn/ Cowl u now In nwe. 

Xnm, kk^, J: (qr^ S«x. CMJp, Gtr. tovaff, DuL) 
1ba«i«n[ipi or ehkf nugulrate of ft Diition; * 
ma imMtal with Mfvami luibori^ OTcr a nattob, 
tiftt, flrMitntiy; ftmoBafeb; ■ princt; i rnJsr; 
ftttrlwith tbft piebUBof aUng; Um chief pi«ct 
U tbt ^M of ebas. Xiiy'f ff—m k cillter 
nrifiiify or «MnMrdtaM. Tfat Ua^a onftitfrjr 
*■■■■* ta nek uhuwhtraBblitod time eat of 
■M In tke aowB, at tba im hm granted hy 
fl— ant t^ my of pmchaw or aiuiaikgi, br 
■hA etihm nng'e inbinat hawdJfaaywriwMa ae 
«»■ finni beaDTaidaBt to the saltJacC The 

I bl^ Miraarifiiiiry ftnewin, or cxtnerdlnirr 

; pBbi, an BBBflDf ulM bj iha vjttenymaaa 
Man of Aide, att«uliea, and ittiin^ie» ; and era 
rated bj the aoDjawtu oT Greet Uritmin io pv- 
anco£ MMulJed, wko, wbeo they liavs touJ 
I ■PF't ^ ^ RujistT, and aaltled the qaeiitnm 
•f Iher Bpplf, naoalljr naolre IbeniaalrM into 
vkM ie callMl e eoBzniltce tt waja and nieaos, f o 
■widerthe vaje end maana of lelnog tbe aapplr 
■ TClad. JCmff ^ Ah* fltuMApeti:, at Tntbuy, in 
ttaoumiy of SaiR>lk. Ula power and pririii^eea 
■nan by a charter of Rkliant II., eortfinDod by 
HMty VL, in tha twrot^-fint jrear of hia r«tfn, 
b be La littate tniinp«1m and olbn* minatiftb. 
Ay** Bmtk, ia ee called beeaoM tbe king aeed 
faMhf to A\ tbera in pertoo. Tbe e^le of Um 
cent itil bomg eerwn ipM nwie, ie tbe auprvuw 
Mvt of QouunoD Uw in the kiagdom, ooiuislia); 
rf ft cUrf joatjcc and thm puisne jarficea, wLo 
•n fegr llNir offices the principal conwrratore of 
Iha paeae, and aupmn* curonm of tha laad. 
JCaqr"* tam mili ., are orrtatn coananl of his majesty, 
kaned ia Ibe Uw. oaoaUy Mlidcd iimn karristm 
ni Mryate ftt law, tba two pritidpel of whom aie 
•ailed h>a attorney and loUnlor-^unpriL A'uip'j 
ytmtt, ai« matter of public record. TlieM gnnttx, 
wbrtker of leoda, hoooura, libartiea, franchiaaa, or 
iBght baMdeft. nrn cootained ia ebarters, or letters 
lalnrt, tbal U, open Wten. iiktra fattmtu i to 
oBed baeaiiM they are not Bealry] op, but axpoaed 
la epM einr, wHb tlie {raat Hal pendant at the 
hM«B, and era Oioally dlncud or oddreMed by 
thcUogMallbiainhjedsallarc& Kvi^»nhv, 
flCkowiM caDad ft jKMf-jfnc, ia a vum of money paid 
lotbtUaeiDtka oevt of Ooauwo PUas, fcr a 
fiecBM pMtad to levy a fine of laoda, teoementa, or 
ber»dUaiseota; and ihia mu»t be compoooded for 

nkn. D 

at the rata of tra shilluiKa lur ovary tirv niarka of 
land* ; that is, three twentietb pail* of tl»a aap- 
poaed aunual ralna £A^<4»-«n>M, an oiBoer 
whoae duty ia bo wealde over tbe eliaptera, and to 
diroot the pmeedinp of bendda. 
Kivo^ftan, king'knb, t. An Eatomoatraran, or 
ahdied inBcct. the liumlus polyphtmna, known 
aln by tbe oaitto tA the Uorae-ahoa. JS:A^»-«m, 
Ibe llowntw of the plant BanuneolDe bolboM. Tbv 
aame b abe pven la thoee of R. npear and R. 
merU by tbe rnlgar, oa well ae tJw nan« bntte-- 
cope, botter-flowin, end Beld-^opa. Tkoyare'tbe 
cDckoo buda of yellow boe' of Sbakeaptra. Ki»ff- 
JiiA or 0paM, tbe Bib Lmnpcia igetUtua. Ki^'*- 
jCaAen,— ee« Haloyooida^ Kiag-ptul^ in AroU- 
tactore, the middle post of an aaaBinbla^ of tnatd 
framing, for aapportinf; or iuipendinj; the Mam 
at tlie middle and Iowkt end of tlie atrats. JCJeo'e- 
ytttov, the Dftoie gtreo to orpimcnt, or the yeiww 
enlpbnrct of arMnic, wtiL-n lued aa a pigottttt. 
The Bookt of Kmjfi, lbs name of two booka ef 
the Old Teatament ; — r. a. in a todkraai mbw^ 
to anpply with a Uag ; 

to make royal; to rulie to royalty. 

Kixo-CKArr, king'kralt, a. Tha act of goi-eialaf, 
osoally to a bad sense. 

KutQDOM, king'dam, i. Tbo dtmiinJon of a Ui^t 
the territai7 nbjeot to a meoafeh ; tbe lakaU- 
Unta or popalatiw aal^eot to akiag. In Natnnl 
HIsttiry, a diTiaioa, u the aohnal, regrW^a^ and 
mmml UnffHnma ; — ft region; a tract; the pWe 
where anytbisg preriila and bolda away, la 
Scripturr, tba gonnnneBt or noivaraal doaiinkin 
of God ; ihe power c^ anpreme adminitUatbn ; a 
princely oailoa or atote ; bearen ; state of glory 
tobesTeoi tkeRigaofibeHcaatah ; gartnuaent; 

KiJtuuoMEit, Ung'domd, a Prood of kingly 

Kiiivlom'it AcIiUIm )n commutian rag«a 
Ami luitt«r» down tiiuiadf.— ^^Aotj. 

KiXGHOOD, kingtiODd, a. State uf b«ng a Un^— 

Tho peofite fur to jnude nnd lode, 

Which U tlie vliari:* vf liUi H^^JMc— OtaNT. 

Kucti-HU.VTEaB,king-buo'tora,a. Aeommonaaate 

l^rm to birda of tnt gMtaa Haloyon. 
KixoLaat, king^, a. Without a ktog. 
KiNOLiKR, king'lilio, a. Royal : an-errljn. 
KiXOUKEse, kins'ic-oee, t. A state of being and 

acttn« Miitable la the dignity of a king. 
KtXOLT, kiof^i'lr, a, B<<lflnfEtng to a king ; fliiltaklu 

to a king; inonarebical ; oobla ; avguat ; apU-ndid ; 

btcuming a Llni;; — acf. with an air of rvyalty; 

with a Miperior difcnity. 
KtKO'B-KNOUill, klnca'eiig.lish, a. A eolloqmal 

phrue for oorivct Innguagr. 
Kma'AETiL. — Sea Serofnia. 
KisofliiiP, kingship, I. Royalty; tbe state, office, 

or dignity of a Idng. 
KlxosTOSf, kingi'tun, a. A name aometinm gfvn 

to the Angel-fish, Sqiutina angeloa. 
KiNic AclI^ kin Ik ns'sid, i. A prculur regataUe 

acid, sometimee called eincbonic acid, diacovered 

by Uoffinan in dnchonn bark. It is very socr, but 

when pore not bitter. It reddens lilmai paper. 

According to Leibig, the formula of anhydrooa 

kinio add ta Hr, Cvo* On. The ooapouwU tt 





Unio add ue kinotti of qaitu and canobotii, luite, 
polaah, aoda, barf tea, &c. 
Kprs, Ungk, I. AiposteDMMtwiitupoaaropc&c. 
b SaiUnd, tbo wocd )i iMd to enicaa a parosTMD 
In hooplng-oongh ;— «. n. towiikdiDto a kink : to 
twlii ^wntuiMuty; to labour for bndth, aa in 

KoiKjuoo, kinglca-joo, 9. Om of tlie niDiei of tbc 
PoUOk A itnguUr, ud apparentlx an moauilou, 
Sootli Arntricnn qniulruped. Tbc Or0Dl«|itMaui- 
dirolvulua uf llli>ter. 

KiKKiUtJST, kmgk'hawct, f. Til* cliia-ooQgti, or 
boopliiff-eougb.— OUotiMc. 

Kno^ U DO, X. In tlie Uatciia Uediea, a red-l)fo«u 
eolauad »■■, with twiga intHmixad is its snb- 
ilnn. Ifc li bcitlli, aod bnaln with a ramuous 
loiln, grit^ bttvMO tbo toetk, and banng a 
bittakli taits. It is astragcnt and styptic It is 
•todaad team the Aftiam h^omuiotu pltuit l*ten>- 
cacpDi fliinaenia. 

KiNOSTEKXOV, ki-no-abnr'noQ, «. A^BmuofManh 
Tortobos : Family* EmTds. 

KlxoTLB, ka'oojrl, *. A aablttiLOto utibun>\l in 
$^Ata jfflknr nndtn wban a kinalo in distilled. 
It ii tmsXj obtained hj hoatiii; klnic add nith 
ptroxid* of iniinganta* and sulphiuic add, and 
dtbrr products. 

KoiSPOLK, kinz'fok?,f. ReLttiODS; kbdrcil ; per- 
•ons of tii« BBina faoiilj. 

Kixsmax, kiiis'niao, x. A nun of the same net 
or fiunUy ; oim ndated hy blood. 

KmwoMAir, kloi'wutn-tin, $. A femok rek- 

tCfXTXis kia-Ika'iw, 1. A genus of Laod Tortutsc^ 
mBmUing Pyxis, but having the postcrfor of the 
ewapoce morabK 

KfoaXf kK'osk, s. A Tarkitdi samoMr-lioDw, or 
open pstilian supported by pillars. 

KlPnsil, kip'prr, a. (Scotcb.) A term npoUcd to 
■alimo irben onfit to be taken, and to the time 
when aalmoa are ao oooaodercd, as m the tim« of 
ipBwniu ; nknoa nitod and peppered, sod bung 
nd dried. JFy^Mr-nat or P^jMHri; namce ^veo 
h van piawi to the common earth nut Compo- 
dhun flaxDonDB. 

Ktmutf, kJp'Aio;, $. The skin of a yomc con 
Dot HiT—lnx. tiro ym%, or leather prepand from 
.iktdan; oallod alw Kipleatber. 

BMMJmoJl, k«-p-iia'l»*a, «. (kirgameli, tU 
Iblakar namt.) A genus of pUtntv, native* of 
tbe Klanritiiw : Order, Euphorbueete. 

KlMC, kiik, «. (AcrcAe, Qcnn.) Tbc SoDUish word 
for cboTch. The Kirk of Scotbind, or Church of 
Scotland, la so called by way of pre-emii'.GOca. 
jn^t-Manon, the kiwcet ecdeuastical ooort in the 
Kirk of SootlaDd, composed of iba miibter and 
lay ddor«. It takes iutu cogntunos oaaca of acao- 
dd| tlw poor^l funds, and all matlcca of diad- 

KiRSiuN, kirk'man,!. Ono of the Chtitdi of Soot- 

KiniUCnwASREK, klrkah-waa'snr, f. (Ocrman.) 
Obcrry-watar : liquor obtainvd by fenneatolton of 
the small blade cherry. 

KWTLK, kii'tl, *. (flyr/e/. Sax.) An npper pirmwnt; 
• gowo; • ptttiooat; a short Jadiet ; a nuuitie; 
« qnanlily of flax, about a hundred pouuda. 

KlsnXD. liif'lid, a. Wearing a kirtleu 

Tkr tiowrrj^iflkd SabiilM.~J/llfgM. 

KtKiTAinirs, kir'wan-itii, a. (In hftCHwr of Mr. Br- 


wan.) A mineral of a dark (Jhre-^rMiD colour 
with ft Abtoua texturo, tbo fibres dinrKinf; firom a 
cenin tad formiDg bntsfaeB; opaqne. Its co»- 
stitmoti, Mcordtaft to Dr. R. T. Tlunnson, a rt— 
ailioa, M-C : motozide of iroo, 23.91; lime, 19.78] 
alnminn,! 1.41 :wDUir, 4.35: ip-KT. 2.94. H=8. 
Found in cavities of basait on the Dorth-tast OMst 
of Inknd. 

KU8,lda,a.a.(gna(M,Sax.) Toaalntawitbthelipa; 
CotraatwhlifoodiMai; tocanaa; to tondi Rtittly} 
— AanhOeglTaawitiilhalpa; a oomnoa tokiB 
of afibctko ; a muU ptaoe or eonfiKlioaaij. 

KiBflBt, Ida'flv, a. Om that kiaeo. 

Kissnra-OOMnr, kti'ifaig-knm'flt, a. ToriiiiMd 
iiu:;v-plQnw to make the breath sweat. 

Kifr-iifa-CBtnT, Ua'dng-knut, ». Onut ftmud 
wUtb DOS losTin the even tooehcs another. 

Krr, kit, 1. (Dnteh.) A Iivko bottk; a Uad of 
fi.-<Ii-tab : a milk-pail. Id Miuie, the nune of a 
small violin, of socli form and dimensiou as to b«i 
capAble of bemp cHrriod in a cas« or akoalh in th« 
pocket. KU-ctU CltA, an :KwactBtion of i^mit 
thirty ttubldnen and prritleint-n of dietinpiUlMl 
merit, fonntd in 1703, for the [lOrpoMo of onith^ 
their sc:d in Esvour of tbo Protestant snooeBsion 
of tb« houM of H)ino%-vr. Tlw nalno was derrrad 
from Christuphiir Kxt, a putry-oook, near the 
tuvem where tliejr nwt in King'etiVet, Watnunater, 
who SDpplied them with tarta. Old Jacob Tonaon 
waa tlwr bookseller, and Sir Oodfrey Knelirr 
pUDtad tbeir portraits. The siae of canvas k atil 
distiDguished by tlw name of KU-atL 

ElTAnicuA, klt-ay-bo'Ie-a, s. (in hunoor of Prof. 
Robert Kitaibel, Hungary.) A gwaa of hmrb^ 
with white llowpre : (Mar, Halvaoe*. 

KncBKK, kttsli'in, s. (eytyne, Snx.) The apart- 
mant io a bouso in wbk-h the pryviuooa stb 
cooked : n utenail hr roasting meat la a alup, 
tbo galley or cabooee. Kitdk«»-f/tirdem, a garden 
appropriated (or the raiaiaK of ngataUeB for the 
table. KitAm-maid, a Msale aerrant whose 
btmoees is to do tfas work of dis kitebtn. Kit- 
c4<»-sAf^ hi eoUaoled from pots and dripfHng- 
psns, KitcMm-veHck, the woman who deuis the 
kitcboD rmd otenaUs of cookery. Kitdtea-vorJIr, 
work done in t«ie kitdien, oach as ooukery, waab- 

Kite, Idte, e. The gleds, or Mthnu Tolgaiis, a 
bird of tlie Falcon tribe ; a local nana is seow 
plaoeo for the tiah called tbo brill, the Bhombna 
rulgaria of Ickthyohiguts ; a tight frame of wood 
cev«red with paper, ooaxtrnoted for dying in the 
nirforlheamosementof boys; a oanio of reproach 
Jonuliuf; nip.idly. 

DeUsutl ikUe .' tlioulkst.— ^kdkf. 

In the nurtb of EogUnd, the belly. 
Kith, kUA, *. (q^/Ae, Sax.) Aoqaaintanoe.^ 

KiTUKo, kifling, /. A kitten; the yoong of a 

KnTBll, kil'ten, >. (to/jhe, DuL) A yoong; cAt. or 

theyotii)i:uf ibecat; — v.n. to bring forth young, 

KimwAKC, klt'te-wakc. t. Tlie common name 

of a seafonl of the Gull kind, Lans tridactytla. 
KlTTLK. kil'tl, t^ a. {eiukm. Sax.) To tickle— 

Ktni, ki'we, «. The native UAme of the Australian 

bird Apteiyx AmtniH <^ ^ sttsatUoaidie, or 

Oatricfe family. 



KlTSm, Idt'ot, r. a. To omsc — Seldom mwd. 

KuEEuiACitss, kti'vl-W^boB^ «. A people of 
jUtatic Uaaela, in tliv goranrment of OmiMT;^ 

KLArKonitA, kUp-rs'AlcHi, «. (in honour of K. 11. 
Dapndi of Beriin.) A gmm of pilots, osamt- 
iDC of twfaiiax fthrvba: (Met, Loaacee. 

KLmnnionA, UIft-bo'T»-«, r. (m bonoir of M. 
KliAdiafr, f ennari j r tfinetor of tba BoUnlo Qar~ 
Moa fa Batevfa.) A gauu vt pfawti, mdvM of 
dw Ndfocea Iiluds: Oiesr, BxttneriMos. 

Klick. Uik, «. iL To nulre « nnftll Bhirp Hond, 
by ■ttriktnii two tiiofft tiifitb«ri— r. • itrakt or 
Umt.— VqIcv u a nbaUwtiTa. 

Kuiru, kWoa-a, «, (io botioar of J. B. KWn. a 
OvDMbalnfat.) AfUMof Compoiita pUsta: 
Sabaadv. TkMiAena. 

Kunrxcrosm, Uip'sprin^-ur, j; A nam* prm\ 
^ Iba DqK^ irttl«rt atthv Cap* of Oood Hope 
t* tha qBadniMd Antatopa anoUwoi. 

KcorCHAnA, U»-pe*nia'iw-a, •; (iup^ tfaalt, and 
aaonMi, VMteaas, Or.) An ttnustibla prapenntf 
Io alval by pcnofu of otlivnriM improaduUe 
dnrartv, aod only to be expUioed on plifeoolo- 
IpcH pnoopMi^ 

Kt.t-'CU, Ua^f^ ». (in bnoovr of Dr. F. R. KlogO 
A gmaa «f plant* : Ord<?r, Gcsncmcs^, 

KiiAB, nab, v. «l ^tm/^iptn, Dnt ) To liM; to 
pMnr; to eibbUL 

ICjEjUM-s, oib'U, r. a. To bite or nibbte.— Ob«o- 

«ni huMb 01 walla, and nla snaw Iron.— 

K »ACK , bA, ». A litUa macbine; a pretty o^n- 

ni«nea; a to;; nnadttieaa; Libit;iul fnrViity -f 

{■rfbrnanoa; deitcrity ; tdivltiMaa: a dioc trick ; 

— V. «. (biac^. Germ.) to crack ; to make a 

afaarp dvopl iwtae. — S(4dom uaetl as a tctK 
KxaCUS, nak'ur, a. A aiAker of krutotcB, toys, 

or ■nil work ; a Tvpemaker ; a coUannaiieT. — 

OfaaaiaU ID the last tiro t^nsm. 
KnaCKUB, nak'isb, R. Tricktsh: knartshly nrtCuL 
KxaCKISBITBSB, nak 'ish-nes, a. Artifice ; trickery. 
Kvacsr, nak'e, a. Hasdy; having a kiuek ; cbd< 

oing; crafty. — Local. 
K>A«, OMfi, a. (Daniab.) A knot in wood, or a pro- 

tnbinnt knot; a wart : n peg for ban^ng tbingn 

on ; tba ahont of • A^rx's born. 
KMA«or, n^Pt «. Knotty ; f\iQ of knote i roagb 

with kooti^ bmea Rngh in temper. 
KXAT, na[v <. (au^ Sax.) A pntnberance; a 

awilHagf— (tritlaDi naad.) 
flMk! «■ ta^ of yonder hlU. 
JI^H aw H ihapfc u d tana* hto quJII.— Awm. 

, ibo eommoo namo of tba plant Ceo- 
taouHpm. — 0. o. (AiHy^Nn, Dut.) io btU; to 
Ml off; to break aliort ; to atrOto with fi aharp 
iiabai— fl^ %. to make » short, ahvp wttfld. 

KxArraHTS, mp'prrta, a. A oamo jpreo in Scot' 
land to tha Baatb-pea, Ombno tubemoa. 

SMAirtAt i>a§fjt-h, f. A gtnaa of plaota : Or- 
■ei^ OmuBMBv. 

K«*rrua>-5ee SnapptA. 

Kvatrut, oap'pl, r. it. To breik off irith an 

•UvptfllMn MIM. 

KiurrT, Mf^t»t & Fan of kmpa or hllbcda. 
Kmraiot, inp'bak, •■ (bHfpmtilv Gem.) A 

MldWb bag, CBfriad on bis back, and contaiBiDg 

mmmtdn «f Gm^ and cloUiloi^ 
K^am, DiSr, a. (Inor, Genn.) A knot in wood. 
KstULCP, nilild.ii. Kootted; gnulH.— Obsolete. 

KNAtiUT. adr'n, n. Knotty. 
KntittT tairry bairrtn tnca olil. 
Of •tubbM atarpo, aad ludatu la bohuU.— Obuanr. 
KxADTt.i, naff'ahe-«, «. (in boouor of C. Ktmi 
ofBalle.) A geauaerhirbaoooaspUnts; Ordor, 
KsATB, Mva, «. (faMAe, Germ.) A foW, derettfU 
finllow; a dEfhooaat man or boy; a cnrj with a 
BoUier painted oa it ) a boy ; a nian-cLit.1 ; — (vb- 
aoloc* in tlte laat two aanaea;) 

SclM ban a tnoM elUU. - HWIi^ 
■ Nrrmt.— Obaolefa. 
Vorktrd aad feNoae !• all one wc;, 
Wban thejr tie beet and wbeii tnty iry.—Oovtt. 

KitAVRRT, na'vnr-e, s. Ditbuiirntyi det«|iltnti in 
traffic; triek: petty rillany; frsud; miacliieraua 
tridca or pract)ee& 

Kraviih, Dft'mh, a. Diahonaat; fraadoloDt; 
wngpah) muebierou. 

RvAnaffLT, na'Tiab-lo, nA rKaheoeatly ; (imodtt- 
knitji wMf^hir\ raiadiiaTatiBly. 

KNATuiutus, nft riib-nai, ». TtuKpialtly or lisbit 
ofknavoy; (fiiboaetty. 

KHAWXU..— Sc* Sclemnthoa. 

K.f KAD, ooed, i>. a. (cmrdra, Su.) Tn work and 
proa iDgredlcnu into a maaa, onully with the 
bands; to voiA Into a mU^mlxad maaa tba male- 
rials of bread, oake, or paita. 

lutKADKa, necd'ar. i. A baker. 

RxEADiitG-TBoroB, Beed^i^tref, t. A tnnigb 
or tray to whieb doogb is worked aiul nitted. 

Kkedeuts, Bc'bd4lt, a. (in baoonr nf Mijor Von 
Knebel. ) A miotrol of a gny ookmr, «jM>tri>(l with 
dirty vrltite, rod, brown, and fpeen ; tniutaTff; n- 
Ittrnal trarfiioB uneven and full of lioii>«; lastre Kti»- 
ttningi ojwifiae; luinl; brittle. ComUitueiits^ 
Hilica, 32.50 ; protoxide of troD, 33.00 ; pro- 
toxidn of manganewt, S5.00. 

KitaE, no, a. (faiie, Dot. and Germ, htcr, I>nn ) In 
Anatomy, (he articnbtlion of the thigh and leg bonea. 
A'at^/KTM, A anwdt flat bpnrt-8ha)<ed bone situated 
at the fonpari of the knee-joint; It is attAebcd 
by a strong lignmeot to tbe upper end of the tibin. 
Atao, spartafthe back of atwnd-nuliogof a con- 
tea fertn, being the nvmr ef a romp, nlilch aUo 
(nnna the back of a hand-nil, but is ooncflve : any 
piece of timber of a bent or anralar fonn. In 
An-hitactere, a piece of timber bent artifidally 
or natnmDy. and on which another piece la receiv»l 
li rallere a weidit or strata. Knee-Joint, a jmnt 
in a plant which la bent like tbe koee at nearly a 
li^t angla; — 9. a. to nppllcate by kaecllng. — 
Obsolete at a rerb. 

FatI down and hwc 
The m»f InUilib mtavjj— Shalt*. 

Kmke-CUooiuno, n?'krook-Ing, a. Oboeqnlona. 

Man; a dutoinu and Jbwe-cnwttog knave. — Mala. 
KvsCD, nee'd, a. Harlng knees. In Botany, koee- 

jointod : bent lUte tbe knee-joint. 
Kkeb-pci!!-, ne'deep, a. lUstng to tbe knees; sank 

to tbe kneo. 
Kkxcl, ned, r. n. (JtniWcw, DuL) To bend tie 

knee; to fall on the kneta. 
Kkgblsb. ncel'ur, j. One who kacels. 
KKF.RTaiIirTF., nee'trift-utc, t. Tribotc p^d by 

fcne^ng ; worship or olctuncc by goncflwljon, 
RecvlTff fratn m 
JTMeMMryst onimU, pnMlnllon > ite.— JfWoN. 

KltBLL, nel, #. (my//, Sas.) Tlir wjund Of a brll 
rini: nt a funeral; • tolliii;;. 


Kkklt. Part jind paitpart of the vert) Tq tmitt. 
Xnw. Ai/f of the verb Tb bww. 
KsiOKutACK, aUt'nftk, «. A liifl* or tor. 
Kffim, nHe, «. i>ha: KxiTES. (<»h/; Su. Jshv, 
Dad.) a cntting instrument witli ■ slurp vdgs i 
K swonl or digcer. 
KviOiiT, nitr, *. (nviU, cnenA/, Su. bmekl, Owm.) 
In frodAl titnn, an appcllaliga or title gir«a to a 
TDOth tttttt being ftdmUtcd to tlw priTil^cs of 
OMiing xnm ; an honour i^prally conferred on 
jDOtlia or runilj and foftunp, from which hu 
■pmng the honoorable tttki of Inight m moden: 
OMfte: a popil or follower; Acbampiun. Kmgktm- 
gj/U, WH a gyU in Loodon, conristing of nioMfcn 
nigbtit which King Edgar founded, giTing thein 
m portion of roid f^ronnd Ijing without the walU 
of the dtr, now called Portsoken-watd. Knighls 
ftocbbn ara Ifaa bkhA andent, thuogh tlio lowest 
Order of knif;hthoo'I amonpt uji ; for wo bare *a 
■■twee of King Alfrod'a confrmug thia aider on 
hla foo Atlielfltan. Knighu banneni are miidc 
only in the time of war, and ia a high honour ; 
and thcmgb kniglithood is commonly given for 
■onte penooal merit, which Ibervfore dins with the 
penoo, ytt Jolin Coaplaod, for his nilant aer^ioe 
Mrfonaed agiuiut the Soots, had Cho bonour of 
wmmv^ eonfoired on him and hia hein for ercr. 
by potent. Kn^hU «iftke bath have their nnmo 
from their bathing tbo night befcrc their creation. 
Tlus Older waa inbtitotcd bv Ilcn. IV., niid revived 
bj King Geo. I. in the year 1725, who erected thv 
■tme into a r^ular militaij order for ever, bjr the 
Dame and title of " Tlie Order of the Bath," to 
cooiist of tbirt)--MT«n knight*, besidea tbo •ove- 
niga. I'hej' have each three honorvy esquires ; 
and they now wear a red ribband acrow their 
ahouldera, haw a prelate of the order, who is the 
blabop of Rochester, several heraldj, and other 
offioeia. Kni^kti of the cAoiK&er seem to be laeb 
kni^U bachelor* a« are made in time of peace, 
bw^nw osoally kniglitcd in the lung'a ch^ber, 
auC in the fields u in time of war. KnigJUi oouH 
it a eourt-baroo, or honour-court, held twloa a 
jaar Mukr tho bishop of Herefoni, at his palace 
there, wharcin those who arc lords of manors, and 
their teoanta, holding by knight's fervioe of the 
bonour of that bishopric, ore suitors ; which ooort 
hi nwnti0D«4 io tiutUrfitWt 8vrt. /<^ 244. 
KMiglU'tfo€t is so muoh ioheriUnM u ia mfficient 
jMrly U) tnaintain a knight with ooovenient rc- 
Tflaoo. KnufkU of Ute tfttrUr, ara an order of 
knishta foufided by ICdward III., who, afUr be bad 
obtained many notable vxtoriea, for funuahing 
this honourable order, mada ehoico in his own 
mlm. and all Knrope, of twenty-fire of the moat 
excellent and miowoed persons for virtno anJ 
bommr, ai>d wnUinad luiOMlf and his suoeoMors, 
Unp of Efiftland, to be tbo lovereisn therMf, and 
the itat to M CaDowt and bfethrai bettowiog this 
dipdty oa tlietn. and giving them a bloo (Ulor, 
decked with gold, pearl, and pcecioos stoooa, anil 
■ baoUe of gold, to wear duly upon the left te|; 
only, a klrlJe, erowo, doak, chaperon, a oollar, 
and other ndgiiificent apparel, both of stuff und 
fiuhioa* eaquiflle and Iwrtuc:!], ta wear at higb 
faw t a, as to on high and princely an order waa 
meet. A'aiy/iU kuMpitaUerr, were an order of 
knigtits tltat bad their iiama Brom an boapital 
etrvted »t Jiniaalem fur l\\f use of pilgrims oom- 
inj: to the Holy Land, and MaaAni ta St. John 

tba Baptiii. Tbey wen afterwardi called Knigliti 
of SuJohnof Jeniaalem. Knigh/t of St. Jokmt^ 
' Janwai— I, irora aa order of knighthood tlut b^ 
gu abotit tbayoar U20. Tbey had tbeirdeno- 
nuutioa from John, the charitable patriardi of 
Alexandria, thrash vowed to St. John Uw Baptist* 
tbar patron. Tliey had tbdr priinaiy aboM {n 
Jerusalem, and then io the Isle of Rhodes, mtil 
they wem etpelled thenoe by the Turks, A. IK 
1323) since which time their cliief seat was in 
the Isle of Malta, Kniijhl mnr«W, sn oSoer of 
the kiog'* honasb baring joriadietion aad eogni- 
sanoe of transgiisaioaa witkin lk« Uag'a booa^ 
aodTeigeof it; aa also of cootrsot* mida vittb 
the same home, wbcrrto one of the hooie is a 
party. KnighU of St. Patrick, an iUustrioDS 
orderoT knighthood, instituted by bis ll^^esty KJOg 
Geo. IIL. Feb. 5, 1783, tooonsiatof tkaaoTSRign, 
grand-moster, the lard-lieatonant of Iralaod for 
the time being, a prince of the blood royal, and 
thirteen knights. Ktiighta serrtes, a tenors wltere- 
by lands were held of the king ; which drew after 
It homage and service in war, escoage, wardiUpt. 
marriftgc, £&, taken away by ststote. Km^ls 
of tht shire^ are two knights or gentlenken of 
worth, dioscu on tbo king's writ, w pttno comi- 
t'ltu, by the fi:eeh(rfd«n of every coonty that can 
dispend forty shillings a year, to repruent them 
in the Uouw of Commons ; but now notcA^ ar- 
otigcri may be chosen. Kntghta tenplar$, wen 
a religiotui order of kuigbt«, instituted in the year 
1119, and so called because they dwelt in part of 
the temple at Jerusalem, and not far from the 
eepokhre of Jeaos Christ. Tbey entertained 
Christian itrHOgcif and pil/rims, and in their ar- 
mour led them tbnmgb the Holy Land to view 
the sacred monninents ot Ctiristianity, wiiboot 
danger from infidels. KniyhU of lAe Amtie, as 
hoooorablo order of Scotch knighthood, tbe koiichts 
whereof wear a green ribbon over tlieir sboQiderst 
and are otberwise ItoDourably diatloguishod ; — 
T. a. to dob or create a knigbt, a ceremony per- 
formed by the king, who gire« the person kneeling 
a blow with ft swonl, and aays, ' Use, &:t.' 
KJtlDtrc-KaiULKT, nito-er'rsnt, s, A kn<ght win 
waodered io seorch of adventnrea, sometimes ander 
vows, for a certain period. 
KKlcitT-eKHAKTsr, nite-or'rso-trc, a. The fo^ 
tice of wandering ia qvsat of advenluns; tbo 
manners of wandering loiighta. 
Kmohthbads, nits'h^s. In a sliip, tlMia lin- 
ben on each side of tbe ship usarcal Io tlis atsni, 
and oontinusd high enough lo seeura the bowsprit ; 
also, two stroog fraatss of timber which eoslosa 
and support lite ends of the windlass. 
KnioiiTsoOD, nits'bood, s. A nilibny ordsr or 
boooar, sr a tnark or degree sf anocot noUil^, or 
reward of peraonal virtus and msrit. Tbers an 
foor kinds of kniftbthood — military, rtgutar^ Ao- 
Horary, and toeiaL A/j/iOiry Imiffki^vnd, ia that 
of tbo oncieot kntf^its, who acfiuired it by hi^ 
feats of arms. They am eallad mUUet ia aaasDt 
charters and titlH, by which thqr ww* diijtl»> 
guiabed from mere biehelora, &e. Thsaa knighta 
wen girt w ith a sword, and h id a pair of gjlt span ; 
wbeoce tbey wore eatlcd e^wilst oarali, Eaight- 
bood M not horedilu-y, but acqwnd. It dots Dot 
come ii'tu the world with a man like nobility; oor 
can it be rvvoked. Tlis suns of king^ and kil^ 
Iboanslves, with all other so\-ereigna, heretofofs 





btd fc^i^ifc*«< eoafvnd od ttwm u « mirfc of 
luoMir. TImj w«n luuU; kni^htMt at tbcir 
h^lim or nunu^ at tbiir caroiutwD, btfoc* or 

to aD BuStarr orden wbich pnifMB to ww toma 
MitiaaUr buitt to bear wnu af^uiut Um infidels, 
» aBCoour uul mmK ptlgrimi in thur pamgt to 
tb* Hotf X<aadf aad to ■errft in bocpitali wbem 
Ihey AmU bt fMnrftl) Kicb wen ttw knigbu 
tanpUn^ aod uoh itiU an tbe ko^ti of MkIu, 
4a Bmtrarjf hi4>4dww^ b that wluefa pdocos 
flnnfcr oo otlwr priooia, fend even oo tbcJr own 
pmX oinirtMB and Cmarit«; rocb are knight« 
of Iba G«rt«r, Batb. Sk Patnck, Nov» ScotiA. 
WMt, Ac SacU kmgkAood, u that which U 
not flael nor oooimcd by anjr fonnal imtitation, 
Bor fiKolatad bj mxj Luting ilatDtac ; of which 
ktad thm hart oiaav onltn bwa enctttl oii oe- 
a^an at fiutwiat of tOta and touniamentji, mu- 
^amdai, and tbalike. The abbot BarnariJo Ju- 
tbiaoi, at the hc^aning of bia Hiitorr nf Knigbt- 
haod, ^m as a onspleta catalofroe of tba aenral 
oitei : asoorfing to tbta oompotatian, tbajr aiv in 
■orabcr tnMtjT-twA 
Enotm-GM, attc'U*, a, Uabwoninc a knigbt. 

— Obaolrta. 
KstGHTUKB, nrtvlikiv **• RtambVing » kiii^^bt. 
bl«CTl.nrB»8, niule-am, a. Dnliaa of a kaight ; 

eowdo ct bcootnin;; a kni^it. 
KnoBTLT, Btlc'Ie, o. Pprtabung to a knigbt; be- 
oDntag a kuiglit ; — nd. in a maann* baeoroing a 
Inr, int, r. a. (emgtm, Shx. JUyto, Swvd.) Past 
aad pni pvrL Knit, or Kntttad. To unite is 
tkiMi bj Dndlaa; to connect In a lund of nvt- 
wgA; to ointa doaelj; to join or ca&se ba grow 
toptbar; to tie { to Cuten; to draw tcgatfaar ; to 
oDBtrvl; — i^a. to unite or interweaya vy naadtw; 
to Bnite cl<neljr ; to gn>v togotber ; — «. tnUun ; 
nuae fajr knitting. — SeUom tuad ai a nibatantivt- 
Intex, nitah, a. A fi^ggot or bordaa of wood. 
KmzABLK, DitWUt a. llut majr be knit, 
mt'tor, a. One that knitp. 
ut'tuig, «. Junction, f^itting-metdtt, 
naedlt utuQjr mada ol wire, uied fa knii- 
, __nada into ■'"^'"fl^ gartarh Jee. 
Ksmu; lut'tl, «. A atnu >bat gathan vt draws 
togiAara pwMi ■ HuUttnc oaad in ahipa to 
KMm nab, a. (CMTN Sax. Amj^ Germ.) A bard 
praabenM*; abard awsllingur risb^; n bnocb. 
fac^ htat, btappf, or kaoUa, in Arcbitocluiv, a 
ham, aboDchorMaveaor tlomn, uv aimilBr omn- 
mnle. Tba tflin ia Ukawipe oaad in rererenoe to 
tba feUag* an tba capitals of pillan. In Concbo- 
lagr, an/ part ct a aliall riiin^ bluntly above the 
Mt;— fi. «. to bmch out ; to grow into knobs. 
Kxnatuui, Mbd, a, Cootaining knoba; full of 

KnwBiKEM. Dob'ba-Daa, a. The (|(uKty of tiaving 

knafa^ or of bang full of prttubtraooaa. 
Kmmt, iwb'b^ a. roll of knefaa or bard prota- 

UfMMii hard. 
X»)CK. nok, r. a. (^crmrinm, Sox. fawdba, fiwed.) 
To itrifca or b*at with amn<'thmi: tbirk or beavj ; 
to drin or be drivao against ; Ii^ strike against ; 
tooUib; I* laeok in*db>, W j»U ; tosubmiti to 
•diBOvladg»lebooMMniBnd;—v.a. to strike; to 
Mn 9t/mAi to itrtki a door for admittaoae; 
to ny i la btbcH dMoa, to atcQre downi to Ml ; 

to proatratc Kt a blow or blows; fa ht9Ck i^ to 
■niuao hj knocking, in a jMipalar use; to btat 
out I to fiitigaa till unable tii <lo mora ; to tmoek 
tjf, to font ott by beating; to kmoei tm (4s keatt, 
to kill by a blow or by blows; — «. a blew| aatwt- 
den stroke : a strokn on a door, intaudsd aa a i*- 
qnaat for adroiltaooa; a rap. 
Knockek, nok'ur, «. Ooe that knocka ; an ioatrv- 
mmt fasttood to a door, by wbieb U rifi for ad- 
Kmuckihu, flok'iog, 9t A bllHllg ; a rap. 
KxoLi., Dol«, r. a. (cniiBm, 6a>.) To ring a bait, 
nnialljr for a fuoendi — a. n. to aound. aa a ball ; 
— «. i&toll, Sax.) a little roood bill ; tba tap or 
crown of a bill. 
KxoLLBK, nole'lur, a. On« who tolls a bell. 
KNor, nop, i. (a dUTerMit apelling of htap or huA.") 
A knob; atollad top; a bod; a boiiob; abatton. 
KxorrBo, nopt, a. Having knopo or knoba; ba* 

taned aa with buttonr. 
KnorFRKX, Dop'pcrt), $. (GenniiL) A ifidw cf 
gall-iiat or eccraaoanoe, fonnad by tba pnotiin 
of an tnaaat vpoQ Mvtral kindaof oaL Tboyara 
flat, bard, aaa prickly, isd wn rati ia Oarnwiy 
in dyeing. 
KxoK.— See Knot. 

KjfORBiA, nor're-a, t. A notoa given by fitaraberK 
to oartaia atoms or rraginoita of atami^ fboad in 
tba Coal fonnatimi, which baTo kbe appaaimnea of 
bnadtaa of yew. 
Ktiot, not, a, (Dntcb, enoUa, Sax.) Tba eooiplica- 
tion of thnada made by knitting ; a tie ; nnioa of 
cords by interwoiTing ; any figure, the linea it 
wbioh 6«qtwntly intanact «ach other ; a boitd of 
aaaodition or onioa ; tbo part of a (re« where a 
brancfa dlooU{ tba protttbanaDt joint of a plant ; 
a dnitart a oollfetaoo: • aonp; diaiculty; in- 
trioooyt Mmatbing not mh^ ooived ; Hn epaalat 
AuMWg anuncn, a divinon of the log-line, wbich 
aniwem to half a minute aa a mile doea to an 
boor, or it ia tbo faiiiidred-«od-tw«iitietb part of a 
nitlo. In Orntbobigy, tba Trin^ oainita. Kmat, 
or jbitfart btrrtt», one of tbo namoB of the fnnt of 
the phiDl Rnbnacbamasmoraa: — t>.a. to oompli- 
oato in knots; toentancle; to perplex; to ttnito 
ckrtely;— p, II. to form birfs, knots or jolnta in 
rcgetation ; to knit knotM fur fringes. 
KrroT-ciUM. — See niowlmim. 
KxtrrLiuta, not'Iei, a. Frue from knota; without 

KHOTTBn, nol'led, a. Foil of knots; having knots; 

having interwoting ^urra. 
KKormrBSS, not'to-oo, «. Fulnns of knots; tbe 
qnality of bnring many knots or sw«Ilinp; intri* 
cacy; dilTicnlty of sotutlun. 
KKormto, nol'tiiig, a. Tbo preHminaTy prooasa in 
jminting to iirerent knots from sppearinp, by co- 
vering thpin with a coat of red-lead, then wbito- 
lead and oil, and lutly a coat of itze ; ttlvw-Ieaf 
ifl eometinies nlso used. 
KKorrr, oot't«, «. Foil of knoia ; having many 

knots; difficult ; perplpxcd; intrcate. 
KxoiTT, nowt, #. An Inntrumcnt used in Rossa, in 
tlw inllictton of punialmiont apon crimintU. It 
conikts of a batidle ^wnt two fret lun^, to which 
U fasteaed a flat leather thong eciuollr lonf;, at 
tbe end of which is a hir|;« copper or Unias ring, 
to which ia attached a stripe of hide two Indies 
broad «t t)\c ring, nnd lorrninatioe *t the dlatiinco 
of (woleel in a point. 



•Know, no, V. o. (cnruMm, Sftz.) Piut, Knew ; 
f§it yart. Known. To percdve witli certainty; 
to biVQ A dear pcrcqitioa o( tnitti, fact, or tnj- 
thbg U»t aetnalljr exiaU; to be ItifbrniGd of; to 
be ttfOgfat ; to dttflngaUb ; to recognize ; to b« no 
atnoger to ; to be familiar witli. In • Scriptnrat 
KOK, to hftre Buoal oonimeroe with ; toapptwcj 
to oammit ; Co have ; 

Be K»ili miuta htm to be rio for ut, wbo Imm nn da. 
—J C*w. V. 31. 

to tiBve TuU ustmuioe of; to bnro satbfnctorjr 
•vidcnce of anytfaiog, thoogb abort of certainty ; 
*-«. a. to ban clear and ocrtala perception ; not 
to bo (loablful : to bo informed ; to take cogni- 
lanoe of ; lo cxAinbie. 

Kkowablk, no'a-bl, a. ThiA may be known ; that 
may bo discovered, anderatood, or asitrtalned. 

Khowbr, no'or, i. One wbo know* 

KsowiNO, nu'ing, a. SkiUul ; well Informed ; well 
instructed; cooBciuos; intelligent;— «. knowledge. 

KIlOw^lo^Y, nolnj^Ic, ad. With knowledgo. 

Khowledob, ool'^ r. Certain {wroe|)tion of 
wliidi cxistc, erof tmlh and &ct; Ifaa perception 
tt ik» ooonectioa mod aptemeaty or diaafcreement, 
and npofnanejof our ideaa; leaminj;; illanun»- 
tion of ndnd; akill in anything; aoqaaintanoe 
wUb any fact or penon ; ooi^ixanop ; nolicp : in- 
bmuitian; power of knowin); ; seiu»] iiilereoureo 
— (addon uad but with tite pceflx earmat;) — 
V. n. 10 acknowled^ ; to araw. — One of our oldttt 
mtfai, bat now obwtktiL 
JTaoMlidb jaecbeaotUra jronre tfnnes.— IFloltfth A. 

Kmowltoiiia, ooivl-to'ae-n, a. (In boooor of Rnowl- 
tM, fbrauriy cantor of the Botanic Qafden at 
Eltham.) A gfloiw of ervrgrcen perennial plants : 
Ordar, BanancnUctna; 

Kroxxa, nok'aa-*, a. (in faononr of Robert Knux, 
Oajloo.) A psau it planta, nattvea of Oajrlon : 
(hdtr, CtodiOMOBC 

KxtJB, nnbi \ r. a. To beat ; to stnka with 

Kkdbble, nab'Dl,) the kntM^kle.— Obsolete. 

KmmxLH, nnk'kl, «. (cayei. Six. kaocidy Genn.} 
Tba Joint of a Bnger, partlcuUrly whan pntnber- 
aBt by the dusii^ nf ihc fin):Fra; tba knaa-joint 
ti a Cfttf ; tba arlicnlatioa or joint of a plant ; — 
(aeldom oaed In tba latt aooia.) In Hooaa Car- 
pantf7, a Joint of a inrlindrieal Arm, wkh a pin aa 
M a^ hy wUeli the strapa of » Unga an tm- 
Unei tofirther ; — a. ■■ to yield ; to sabmit in Eon- 
teat to an antaf^onUl. 

K»tXKi.Kn, nok'ktd, a. Joinlad. 

Knxnrw, nnf, t. A lout ; a rJowo. — Obaolet«. 

Tbc (VMiDiri twfi. Uub, Dkk. and fUek^ 

wtih cltkin 4iud ckiut»d alioon, 
BJiall fill ut» DuMendak 

n*iUi sljuKhtarad bodka aoon.— /CxyigaM. 

Kims, oar, '^ a. {ixomn, Qcnn.) A knot; a 

KirtmuE, nori, \ hajyi BuWtMDce. 

KkumlKU, nnrld,^ 

Xsi'ttLY, nnr'le, > a. Fall of kooU ; bard. 

KnuBBr, nor'rv, ) 

Now am I Uk« tli^ famrry-bulkcd oke.— />ra|ifa. 
Koala, ko-a'ln, «. An extnoidinary moraapial 

BodoBt, a natireof Awtralla; tlis Phuoolarctoa 

flhwf"* of Blainrille. 
Kb», kob, a. A apedta af antclana. Antdep* hA, 

tbt paUU vM:ba bran of tba Franck nttlan on 

tba wcttera roaat of Afric*. 
KoBi. Inla,t. AapeeUsoTantalepak ThaAmlthpe 

IxAa, tba gniado rache bran, or large brown eow 

of the Freoefa raodrntji at Senegal It U eqoal in 

siae to tba Eoitipenn ataf;. 
Koiloi.t>, kob'old, «. A German word, probably tba 

origin of oor word poUw, with which It ia nearly 

aynonymoua. Almott overy peasant'* booae baa, 

in German snpetstition. Its attendant Motd^ 

which prendes over all the domeelic operationi, 

many of which tliey perform. 
RocuiA, kok'e-n, *. (in honour of one Kooh, a Gtr- 

nian botanist.) A genu of plants : Order. Che- 

Kalauia, ke-la'n a, «. (In honour of rrofeaeor M. 

Kohler of Maycnoe.) A pretty genns of gnasos, 

with ck^ot silky beads : Order, GruninMec. 
KoBr.SfttA, ko<e-le'ro-a, a. A gmos of planta: 

Order, Grnminaceie. 
KiUNtotA, ke-nij'e-a, a. (in hononr of Emmanuel 

K<Tnie, PrarBBBor of Botany nt Basle.) A gonna 

of annual plants: Ord«r, Poly^onaceie. 
KoilAtiTIA, ko-baw'ahe-A, t. (in honour of Fraocta 

Kohaut) A ganna of erect horU: Ordar, Cin- 

KoKOO, kolnb, a. The name of a rcnomona acro- 

pent. a native of America. 
Kola, > ko'to, a. Tbo African noma of tbo aaeda 
Cola, t ot the plant Sttfailia acuminata. 
KoLBKA, kofbe-a, #. (in bonoDr of Petar Kolbe, or 

Kolben, a German tnfdlar.) A genua of ^an^ 

natives of the Capa of Good Hope : Order, Cuenr* 

KoLLTBiTB, kol'la-rite, a. A i-arictj of pan whit* 

KotroDA, kol-po'da, \ i, (lolpoJa, dowMu, Gr.) 
KoLroDU, ko1-po'de«,j' A gamii of peAjpatric 

[nftuorfa, of a flat and alauoai form. 
KoLKKtrTBUA, kol-roo-tc'ra-a, a. (is hononr of J. 

Gottlieb Kolnmtar.) A gnoa of pknta, nallrea 

of China: (>rdcr, SaplodaceK. 
KoMBXATEft, kom'e-nayta, *. A genua of aalta, 

oonalating of komenkr acid and a buo. 
KoMXHic Acti», ko-mL-'nik as 'bid, g. A blba^ 

add, a product of the dticum portion of maconic 

acid. TtK funnnta of tba «7itnUttd add is Cu, 

Hi. Oa -|- 2H0. 
KnmoA, ko-nig'^ a. (in hononr of Charlaa Koug, 

F.1I.S. of the Itiiiisli Alusecm.) A genua of Cru- 

dlWoua ploula : Suborder, rienrorfaiuc 
KoHiOA, koB'»-^ a. A gcniu of ptantA : Order, 

Onidfena BvlBnBaoeB. 
KooiKK), koo'doa, a. Tlie Sooth African name of 

the aniclopo, Dannlta strrprireroe, a ma^niSoont 

ontniAl wiUi perfectly smwitb IwrRS, forming mgn* 

lar and benutlfbl spiral cuma. 
KooKlKS, koolds, f. A nn^lar nm of paople, 

who inhabit the fnnootnin* to tba Dortb-«ast ol 

tho OUttngong dbtriot, in the prarlnco of Bon- 

KornOK, ko pek, $, A Kiuuan copper cnin, aloiit 

Iba raloo of a balfpnra/. 
KoraiA, kop^ao-a, c (meantng twi ginm by tho 

anlbor.) A gnma of plants, cocuiating of Ucttt- 

oent tnaa or Bhrubai Order, ApoiyaaoeB. 
KoBAX.— -Sm Alooran. 
Ko«SA0K8. — Sc« Coaaocka. 
Kom, koCA, a. A namo gintfl by tba Spaniard* to 

a alimy earthy anbatanca qe^fted iVnm the nil- 

eanoea of South AmcricL 
Kopt., kowl, «. A PenMB aoldicr of a nobk fprya. 

In tba Knit Inffira, a pnralaf ar oontract 






Kot'xxs,) kno'cnis, «. A rmoas liquor obtaincj 
Suvis, J by tba ToiiafS, hj Uw fenueatrag afUw 

wlwy of maic't tuilk. 
EoomoUTS, bm'fo-lite, *. (hmp3io$t U|tht, «nil 
SAamt ft stose, Gr.) A spociea of xeoUtc or 
prcboitet onrumsj ia miiill ibotnboidil plBtea of 

rirljr hutic, asd of a rdlowisli or pMH oolour. 
ii foODd ID Um Pyrtncca. 
S&fcAt, kj4), a. A Ilutlmtot nUags. 
Kkajiiui, kn'k«D,<. A ^^ploosaariiM monster of 

K* **■»■' ^. kn-nn're-B, t. (in twoanr at Dr. 
J. G. IL Kramer, BOd lus k>q, Dr. W. H. Kn»n«r, 
Gatnuin twlaaiftti.) A gwiot of pUota, oonaiKt- ' 
taicof £flbatin«i]f-«temiMillinibe: Onier,l'uJ>- 

KaAMMUc ACU>, kn>mrr'ik ka'h-I, f. An «cii1 I 
'J^^'-H frun tho toot of Ibe pUnt Rlidtaity, 
Kwdri* triandna. \ 

KaucLXX* lumn^ «. Tba imperial palan at I 
HoMow. ttiBtmiiitf aeref*! churcbcs, two eon- | 
Tcsta^ IB MMuI, ftc. It Is «f « tmngnlir form, i 
•ad •boot two n^lM fa drcnmftrcncf . 

KsBoaoix,) la*'o-«Dtc^ i. (irau, fle&b, and tote, 

CmaatoiMtf IpriMrv^Gr.) TbautinpticptiD- 
afi» «f vsod-flDolm, pTSofignooa wid ind tor. 
Ftmnda, Cu, Va. Oi. { 

Eiu«u, krijVA, s. Qo bonoor of Dr. Kreig, a Orr* 
tnttbonoiM.) AgBUSofpnt^VorthAmnicm 
ORHfodli pilots, mtb snas; iuxtB aud yellvw 
flowwsi 8tt«dff, TtobaliflonB. 

Wmtrnmrnm kriili*H, «. In ffiodM KythiilDfEy, OHO ; 
of the iiMDnatioas of tho jpid Vuluta. KiUiii* ' 
wm ■ poclioa of Vialmnt who ooeapMa the second 
pUci in tlw trimnrtd, or Hindoo trinii/. Viilinn ' 
emmatti to bo born of o woman, I>CToki, tlio 
■Ui of ViAultvi. ThroBgb tbo agency of tb? 
JoBfli KsMA, u his biith ul joniunale dhildroD 
«BV oodo wd to bo alaint bat Vamdera giro 
giiifcTM Inin tin boirifn nt i nmrhml. thnitr irif- . 
had * aoa, alia a jMrthm of Ylsfaan, called Bain 
B^iL Kfithiia ^^ii^i^atfd hiauKlf by the d«- 
rtntffaB of ■ n%li^ Mfpcot, wUIa hU brotbcr 
BtniB dcaCtwfod iho dcinoo Dbomikii. He was 
M litt Uhd bf • bnntu' ; aod, in tfae words of 
tbi PibbV * baviog onitod bkudf with his own 
■T*^^*"'. iacxbAutibl«, ioeooeeinUe, miLiORi, an- 
SteMifiaft iflneMlMUe, and uuTcnal spbit, which 
!■ «■• imh ViaBdova, abudoaed Ua mortal body 
■od tbo oaofiiiaa of Um tbndbld qnsStJa.* 

ItaOKIlKttJTK, Ln)k'a>do-lita, s. (Iroiu, wouf^ and 
Mm, o atOM, Gr. fnina tbo tutttrs of a Tarktjr 
iManthlfaiKasbntui.) Aminenilofabivetuicr').luc 
ooioor; BMBUTc aud aibesdfi»tn; opaque; tibrcs 
•kaCk. OoBatitaont*— ^lica, 50.81 ; protoxklo 
«£ ban, ^88; protojuJe of iruDganne, 0.17; 
iMfDiata, £.3S; Ume, l.GO; sods, 5.00; water, 
300; BaiJBcda sod loda waotiiig sometimes: ^.i. H = 4. 

KjkktT, kiDwt, a. CabbR([e. The tcnn la only wtcd 
is F'i^«^ at jMiTt «f the compound word Soar- 

KsimSAt hrfli^ra, j. (\a honom- of John Jntius 
Kraber.) A (anoa of arabelUreroos hetbaocous 
plant* with while fiowen: Suborder, Ortho- 

^■^.f «t»r^ knil'hiri <• (Jraf/ea, DaL) A oJto 
cbM or «ispn1, boiled in fsL 

JEnrfXAtms jcri>'t*-liu, s. A Bamo given b/ 
Unvodaabcii to ■ aallfiabk ban, which l«nn» 

ciTstaline compounds with the sridt, and which 
bo oht;tined fmni naimal empTrenmatie oil. 
KsnATSi, shat'ns ) '• One oftbo mixed claasai of 
KaiiATTA, ftliat'ta, f llio llindooa, which spring 
from tbo mania^ of a K^istrija woman wUb a 
mno of tnfortor rank. His oeeopation is Mid. hj 
tho Jannala, to oooaiat io htOinc and eoo6tdac 
such antmnla u tiro in bolsa. 
KsitATBlTAS, abn-tro'yiis. «. One of tbo (bar 
castes reo^msn) as pun in tlw Hindoo wrilinits. 
AjAofrryus, male and female, spniug from tLe 
arms of Bnlima doriog his fint creation, at thv 
some time that tbo Urabmaoa with tbo Vida 
CHine fnim his mouth, the Sndras &om bis foot, 
and llw Vaisyaa from bis tbigfa. Tbo K&hilriya, 
or militaij class, is ssid ly tlie Bratmiaos to havo 
Iwcome extinct ; but the Bajpuots and Ui<> Naire, 
in tlio Dvcran, is all probabililj belong to this 
class, though the Brabmans assert that ther arc 
only Sndraii Ibe doljr of whom is sernle stt^u- 
dance oo tbo bigtier daasea, eipaeiatl; tbo Brah- 

Kunc, kn'Dk, a. (from Jts/b, a town oo tbs Eu- 
phrates.) An q^Uict applied to the andent 
Arabia characters 

KuHUA, ka'Ie-a, i. (m boooor of Doarf Khal.) 
A gooBB of traea, with oblong aonrated kmves nd 
paalotoaoFflowani Order. BixaoMEk 

Klndmaxkia, knnd-nan'Da-B, a. (in bomwofM. 
Eondmann, a tmtunJst.) A gBonsof nabtUiftrais 
herbnceotu plauta with jellow flowen: SBbordoTi 

KvKTitiA, koD'tlo-B, 9. (lo bonoOT oTC. S. Kwdh, 
a French botaai*!.) A genus of planta : Order, 

KurrEViiCKKL, kiip ftir-nik'el, a. (German.) An 
ort of nickel of a copper colour. 

KL-rrutsciuitrKK, blp-fur-iahocfur, a. (Geim. 
coppv Blale.) A tuuuo gireo hj Gennan geslo- 
gista to the oopper slato ei Tlinringis, a low mem- 
ber of tbc magnesiA limestone senes, onnvspoodtng 
to tho marl slate of Dm-l am and Korthumbw- 

KtKU, kord, s. A native of Kurdistan, a countr7 
comprelifnding tlio Isr^iier portion uf that mountain- 
nns region wbicti dividrs liiu cWvilIo) tnble-lAnd of 
Inu) (Persia) from tlut low ptaioa of UtaopotamiM, 
or Al-Jcsintb, 

KiRiUAH, ku-nlVan, a. RrlAting to th« Korflbn 
Ulea, a chain io the PadCc, extending from tlie 
auuthem exiromity of Knmtsdiatka tu Jnmi. 

Kt:rrus, kur'ta% t. A gantLi of fiah«s with 
kmgtheucd rltomlfuHlal boilies : Kamtlji CoiJ- 

Ki}n:Hruti.v, kmnb-o-be'ft, ». (in honoar af M. 
Konchoubii of St. Petenbun;h.) A genua of 
idsnls, nntlrcs of Guiana : Order, CindlODaCOb 

KuTlBAU, > kii-te'ra, «. A khid of gcon, ooa- 

KL"t£EBAU,r sidered in India b; tbo mtllvs pno- 
titionera of meaioina to be a goad aubitiCoto for 
Tragscantb, the pradnaa^ aoco^Jlng to Dr. BoylC) 
of the tree CodJaaponnnni. 

Kr AKITK, ki'an-ite, s. A mineral found both mas- 
siv« and in regular crystals It is freqiumtly in 
brood or eomptcased nx-<idcd prisms, with bases 
a little indiosd ; or tUz crystal may be viewed as 
a fotu>tidcd prism, truanted on two of its lateral 
nlge*, d)a;;o(ully opposite. Its pn»-ailing colour 
ia blue, bat rarring from a fino PnisMan Uue 
to aky-^o^ or bhitth-wbite. It ooem also of 





Tvtooa ihad«6 of gncti, uid •vtn grtj, or white 
and raddub. 

KTJJttzB, ki'a-oise, v. a. (from Mr. Kyu\, the Inrtn- 
tur.) To pTMerra timber frwii thr dry-rot by llta 
■ppUutloD of omtmU-0 soblimate {pvrcbloride of 
imnmrjr.) Tba Umber taimmerKtl in ttiv solution, 
by which procHs the primiry eleueat uf hnavn- 
tiilion is nntrkliifd, snd the fibre of the wood 
mdtnd indettnictible. 

Xtoia. lcit!'«-«, t. (in meinoij of Colonel Robert 
Krd.) A pmu» of ptnoU, nansting of Lrem, 
nalirM of tht Eiwt ladies: Order, Byttneri- 

KlXOK, kilo, K {Scottish.) The dfln^ition einn 
lo tlw amall biftdc eattk brought from Ibe Islcnd 
of Skye. Tbe word u alM spplied Ur Mgbtand 

bliok vMtlle of any district; — a. of or bdonglRf 
to tL« dncription of oUtle calM Kyloet. 

KnUE, ke're-By, #. {0 Kyrioa, O I.*rd, Or.) A 
word luod in the cdebciitioii of the mam io the 
Roffl.<tn Cslbolie Church, In eonjoDction with 
nnollivr Gmk vord, eleisom (e^U'son), wbkb ^- 
niflca ' O Lord h«vo merry on us.' The JTyne 
cfeitoH ftod Ckritte efeinm form put of thf aernor 
of the mAA, uid are diRntit) or said altemAtely 
by Ibe celelvmit andtboir. 

Kthiolooical, kcr-«-i>-loj'e-k*iI, a. {tyrioi, pro- 
per, and toffoM, a diaoouree, Gr.) An ejntbet 
applied by Warburton to tluit ctus of Ej^ypliin 
lueroglyp hica, in nht^ n part in pnt convmtioiiaUy 
to nprtbenl a wholo, u a pair of armed haiub for 
a bottU, a lealing-lidder for • m^, &a 




L, the twelfth l<.tt*!T of Uie Knglish al[ihabet, ia 
DHttlly daiorarnated a semiTowel, or a liqoid. 
It is formed in tlie voice by iatcrooptini; the 
brcAth bctireen the tip of the tonj^ue and the 
forepart of the paUte; with the mouth open. At 
tbe end of a tMmosyilabhi it is oflen doabl«d, as 
^laU, itiUt /^ hot not after a diphthong or dia- 
graph, as Jbtdy fool, prottl^ ffrovt, /^*ot, &c, 
beinj; written with a nnf;lo L In some wordt / 
is mute, u in half, eid/l v>alk, ckolt, See. In 
Eogluii word*, tbe tcmunating syllable /« is uu- 
Kccnted; tbo « is tUeat, tod / has a feeble 
fioocd, as in oi/p, tagU^ ymavvactd «^ fffL 
As a numenl, L denotes 60, and with a dash, t, 
&0,000. As an abbrsriatioa, in Lstin, il stinds 
fcrLuctoi; nnd L.L.S. fur a sestei-tiom, or two 
Bhr* and a biJf. 

hkt law, imtmj. Look ; see ; behold. 

Lkt lA, to Mtuie, tbo syllable by which Ouido 
denotca tb« last aoond of each bexachord. 

Lam, Uh, «. A great talker; a blabbn-.— Obsolete. 

I am no biM«. 

JIa tto^ I say it, I D'am not Mk Io gabbii.— 


LuuttDM, labVrm, «. (LMto.) In Bomao An- 
ti<|iilty, th« slaBdaid or buncr bonw Wtfre the 
cmpmrv. It onuisted of • long Innce wttli a 
■Uff on the top, cnsaing it at right snglea, from 
which hong n ntk atramer of a purple colour, 
adorned with prrclous stonfs. An e«gle was 
painled on it previeos to the time of Coastantine, 
who added & enm and a cipher, expnanRg the 
name of Jama. 

Labatia, la-ba'sbe-a, «. (in bMOur of J. D«p(ist« 
I^bat, • Duminidtn friar and tnvaDar.) A ge- 
traa of plsnta, coo'irting of eveigrevn trvea ; na- 
tirM of [tfatil mid Hispaniok. 

L^ABHAUisT, luS'a-ilist, f. A follower of John 
LAbbadif , ft Pnocbman, remarkable for lua great 
lUtcmJ eloquence and enlhosiaflm. He was idu- 
caled in th« bowm sf the BoaiAa Oatbolio Chorab, 
■ndentv«ltbsM«ir(rftbiJ«Mrits, hmwldch, 
obtaining hia ditmlmloo hi 1699, he bMant ■ 
nwoibtr of tlie Refonned Chunk, in which he 
jwrfticvMil the minittMisl fnvctloni. Hit opinions 
M* vmfonly tvprcMntcdt nme writers nffirmln;: 

they were of the tnwt obncixiou^ kind, while 
otbera maintatii tbey contained the esaenue of 
sound Christianity, though tiiwtursd with mystt- 
ca) and coatemplatire abitnwtieos. 

Labdakuh, taV<l»-Diua, & Tbe rcstn of the phmt 
Cystus creticQS. 

LABKPACTloit, Ub-a-fak'ihnn, «. (kAtfadio, tat.) 
A weakening or leoummg; ailing; dowsGdIi 
decay ; ruin. 

Larkpy, laVe-fi, v. a. To weaken or Impair.— 

Lahki^ U'bel, «. (Uah, n sLrip, Welidi.) A narrow 
•lip of silk, 'p'P'^i ^ p-irchmeut, oontaining a 
name or title, luid affixed to snythini;, 4*~^g 
its oontMits ; any psper anneied to a will by way 
of additiop, as • cndidl. In Heraldry, a fiUet 
tvoally ^aaed in the middle, along th« chief of 
tbo cost, without toocbing its extremities^ In 
Astronomy, a long thio braaa mW, with a small 
si{;ht St one end, and a or^tn hole at the other, 
oRnntonly ii»ed with a tangent luis on the aigb 
of a dmiiiiffrentiir, to take allitudss, Sec; — 
p. a. to sHix X Ijdiel to. 

Laukllcm, U-bel'liun, i; (Lslio, a tittle lip.) In 
botaay. tlut pait of the flower of ordddtoai 
plants to wbidi the spar is attac h ed. 

Labkrt, lalpeal, a. (Jbims,Lat.) Sliding: gliding 

Labia. lafbe-«, t. (Umm, a lip, Lat.) A genoi 
of Coleopteroos insects, in which tbe aatamm 
are twelra-jwited : Fso^, Fotfienlidak— h 
Anatomy, tly lipa; the rad part of whioh fa 
eallfd prUMmm; the sphincter, Menlmii Ukh* 
ram,- and U» cptJeae, »|iiV*rifiiai. Labia fmilmii, 
the parts fonning the oriiioe of the vagioa, astarior 
to tbo nymphir. l/ibia fcgDorvm, a han-fip, 
which ooiuirt* io a diriidoa of the apper B|k 

Labul, kliaHd, «. (FVaooli, from faMass, a Up, 
LnL) Pettainlng to the lips; formed by tlie 
lipe; — «. a letter or character rspreaaating ao 
■rticnlalioa of the lips, as ^ ^ *«, Pt *■ 

Laboatk, Ub'e^le, I a. (Uenras, ^mI, Lai.) 

Lasiatkd, lab'e-ay<tcd,) u Botsay, pUnli era 
aa dssigoatad whldb have their eegme n ts or di- 
vtiiotis of tbe conOa* feeonbUng lipa, as in the 
order Ijibistm eaf Lamlaeesn. The mint, thyn-a, 
and roMOBary are faouHar etarophfc 




UwoiBA, Ift-WdiVa, «. (in Bumoiy of H. La- 
UdM, n oAoir «r Um Vnoeb sUp Utbdib.) A 
KMM «f UcoBtiooai iJuto, utine of Now 
RdOwt; fl«b«i4«r, Mmdobmb. 

UuDOVBO, Ub-«-do«'ro, a. (b&KJiicM, it pftlr of 
h w w iH^ LU. BOd oars, ■ liO, Gr.) A gcaos of 
OoliDftenat bMMta, lo wlucb the utcaue ban 

t Dirt J JOlOtft 

LfcAiDCB, Ift-Vdu, t. A gBBw of BTHMaopUmii 

imecU: Fiunilv, Hatfrfgjm, 
Ltiux,x, WhU, a. Liabk U m, Ul, or spocUdiei. 
— OWohH. 

Labio^ lr^lM-«i a. (faMM, ft lip, 1^0 A genu 
of fiibet, m wbicli Uw lips in crinalea : the 
Isnr jiwUwihoite-; barb«li Drctni dtber rer; 
•hdrt ar wutiop; donftt nd rcntnl wrry long: 
Fudj, Sftfamnddc 

LutoBAnos, lftb-*-o-bdt^btiB, f. (laimK, ■ lip, 
■Dd krAo, a b«rd, LlL) A pnna of Rdiet, m 
whkh tlw Ii|a an cxovanrct;- tbtcb ; tii« godcr, 
ibMt, fl«b7, ind banciog dowowknla ; uul fin 
WboC : Older, SAlmoddc 

lamODCVTU., lAW-o-den'U), d. (Aififun, ftnd 
dm, « tootli. Lat) Fonsed or pniaousced by 
tli« cxna * 6aa oT Uw lip) iDd teeth, u ^Knd r. 

Ltmo, U'te-om, «. (latici, a 1^) In hntcmo- 
hgy, tht knnT Kp of itUKts- The lower ptir of 
>w* m b^uDd the maodibtes, and the UHam Is 
titaated b«(«wn them. It conrisu of two par1», 
■adi of whkh mn; be coDSidcrad u a Beptratc 
«]pra, oaod;, tb« diin and tongne. In Con- 
dHateff, tbt fnii« lip of the sbeQ. Lahiim mm- 
rii, or % of Vtooa, the PipeacDS sjlrestiis of 

LASt^B, U)1^, a. (Arabic Dame of CodvolTuhia.) 
A gam of twining Aditie Legtunineai borU: 
Subonbr, PipUioBaoec 

LaaouvT, Wbo-rasT, $. A cben^.— Ob>o)et«i 
1 can tHnawmtm a wrt of flud lulphtu^ mada tnr mn 

indBiMMM fafipmi^— &9te. 

LABOftatOBX, labVn-tnr-o, «. (iaftcratonv, Fr.) 
A plaot or knue prcMdad or Sttcd up with He 
mnmrnrf msovhu for lfa« pnfonnaiiM of u- 
p uriaw tt m dwwblry, pharmacy, jTratechny, 
««, Id WBlarj ifEiin, a pUoi wbera fireworiu 
are p teparw l tot aottial nrriceind expcrinent; a 
plan when mA ift pcrfbmfld, or anything !■ 
pivpand for we. 

LAmuna, la-baw/de-a, t. (in honom- of M. t»- 
bon}, a French officer.) A |^qs of plaott^ naUvn 
of tbt Sandwtdi Islaadt ; Ordtr, LogsaiMcai. 

Lasauoca, la-ln're^m, a. (Moriiftnu, LaC) Dili- 
geottnwork; ■Midaou; itqniriflg labour; tiri- 
aamt; not eaaj. 

:K,r, l»-b</ra-iift'le, ad. \Slth lahoor, 
hfl, or difficolty. 

ILaWMUOCOIUB, la-bo^rc-Q»-nea, t. Tbo qtulit; 
of boDslaboriouifOrftttendedwitfatoif; toilaome- 
DcH ; ^ffictilt]' ; diligence ; aafidirit^. 

l^iBOloct.— See Laboriotu. 

LaBOlocaLY.— Sec Uboriposlj. 

LaBOCR, lalntr. «. {labor, Lat.) The act of doin.; 
«tiat reqidna a painfol rxeitJon of fitrcngth, or 
wearisome pcnererance; paint; toil; Irs^iil ; 
work ; toj Wil7 exertion wtitofa b attended with 
Ckt%De ; iotcUectoal exertion ; cxerttoo of mrat«l 
|«««n^Bait«(lwtlbbocbIj employment; work done; 
llMMSCaaDdcflbctaofdiildUrth; tbeavilaoflife; 
irab, penacatJaos. ftt ;— •. n, (faftoro, Lat) to 
l<«] ; t* aGl with pMaJnl cfTort ; to do work ; to 

take {nUu; to more with fffiaoltrt to move 
Imgnhrij with Httla propwa; to pitch end roil 
hcavih ; to be in dintrtM i to be prnMd ; 

Trumpeto end drum* iliall Mabt ber fWaa tbe Oireoe, 
Ai Mondkoir cymbals eid tk* MmHiv BMtoa.— I>ryfab 

tobelntnmil; to mflfar the paagi of ciblldUrth ; 
to joanM7 or mareh ; to enrdw the phjnrical 
and mental powers in the prooecotira of an? de- 
sign ; to pernrm Cfariatian offices ; to be bordeaed 
or dtstrcieed w ith j — », a. to work at ; to till ; to 
cultivftte ; to proaKDta with ciTort | to urge ; to 
form ur labrieate with fxsrtioni to beat; (o be- 
labour. Tie latter tenn li gioendly used for thU 
meaning — 

Telir, abepbcnl. take a fiJsnt oritut.boni ooli. 
And UoMP Mm wUfa man; a Murd; sirohe.— 

Labocscs, la'bor-m-, t, Ono who laboon in a 
loiUome oeaipatkm ; one wbn does work that ro- 
quiru tittle tki!!, u dislbguiabcd ftom an artlsao. 

LjutoLKccsa, la'bnr-lctt, a. Not labonoos. 

Laboub- SATING, la'btur-iay-viDf, a. Adapted to 
dimiDLsfa human toil. 

LaAOliUOMB, lalrar-aim, n. Hade wlU) gwit 
bhonr and dntgOoe.— Seldom luea. 

LaBfta, Iain, i. (Epaoish.) A Up.— ObHiete. 
Word <•( denial in thy lalmu bere ; 
Word of doaUl, froth and fcam tcoo 11—i.- JIaia 

Labbador FET.BrAit. Uti'ra-dorfi fel'apilr, a A 
richly irredescant rari^r of ft-lxpar found on ttie 
cofttt of Labrador, and embedded in a trap rock 
in Deronftbirc 

LABKAXkOBlTR, lab'ra-do-rite, a Labrador felspiir, 
or Labrador atone, the polychromatic felspar of 
Mobs; a bijjiiiy irrwloooot TSiiety of felmar, 
generally of a grey ooloor, with opaline T«f)«ct!ons 
of a bine, jeUow, or brilHimt rrd Imp. U» con- 
Mituenta arc — nUm, 55.00; iJumina, 24.00; 
lime, 10.25; sods, 3.50; oxide of iron, 5.2&\ 
water. 0.60: ap. gr. 2.7- H = 6.CI. 

Labrax, Ub'raks, t. A peniia of (Uhea, dosely 
allied to the Penh: Family, Percidie. 

Ladxida, hib're^e, a. (iobrw, one of thf< graera.) 
A family of Aoamho^tciyKioas 6sbef, having the 
body oUong, and generaUy uvered with large 
■coles; the jawi supplied with thick fieriiy lips; 
the donal fin tnppoited In front by apjoout rsya. 

Luiai!(.K, Inb're-se, r. (laltnu, one of the geoera.) 
A anbrnmily of the Ohsrtodonidie, in wUeh the 
body is oral or fusiform : eolonm brilllut ; Ups 
very thick and flediy ; teeth aharp, and longwl In 
front ( opercalam always amootfai preopereulain 
Bomctimn aerrated. 

Labbiboxus, lal>-re-ao'ma.s Jt. (/o&runp, n Up, md 
fono, a body, Or.) A ^man of ti^hc*, in which 
the front row of the te<?tli airo ntron)*, cc'oic, ind 
pointed; the hinder vehrcty ; bodyorata: Family, 

LanHiBTOMA, lab-rie'to-ma, e (Mnim, a lip, and 
•fomo, amontli.Gr.) A genns of flsbea : Funlly, 

t.AnRon>E«. — Beo LmMAk, 

I.ADR08B, lab'roae, a. (from ftt&nin, a Kp, Lit) 
Hariog thick llf*. 

Labbdh, Inb'nus, «. (Inbrnm, o lip, Tjit) In An- 
tiquity, a great tub wbidi stood at tbe entrance ot 
the temple*. coDtnining water for the priests to 
waab in previously to tliclr oftring sacrilicw ; the 
name aUo of a tob used in tlie biitba of the orcienti. 
In Entomology, the movable jmrt whicli, tor- 





LABfiUS— LA.a 


minAliag tlie fioe ontoriorij', ooron the nwHtb 
from ubma, ind nprcNDtft tlu uppor lip. Tba 
hlmmlitttiuted uon,orrmtbar is Bnnt ^ tbo 
mmiffltVi Zt i« gwenlly in tbt lann of % seg- 
mot oTa dnda, or a tritoguar, or a qnadfugnlar, 
•oaifwbat rooTix, ooTD«cnu ^ate, vbiah ib naited 
^ a menibnuioBa luoge with the drpeoa. Id 
CiiDdioIagj', Um outer lip, or tbat Mgs of tbt 
a part ore wbich is placed at the gnatiat fiataaoi 
fram tbs axil of tbe nhdl. 

Laiem, lab'nu, /. (tatin, a lip.) A gmns of 
fidiM, tjpa of Um funil/ Labridii!. 

LABDMimMt la-lKir'noin, #. (Latin.) TIk oomnion 
namo of the Earopean trOM CjrUsoB alpjniu and 
C. Ubunium. Hi^i Utttr is a wtll-knoirn ottih- 
BmtUi tiT«, nniarkabla for the buut; of its p«n- 
duleoi no«n«s of ]r«I]ow pnpiUonncootu Hoir«n. 

LABTBnmL lab'o-ifolA, #. {hbynrulm, Lat.) A 
maaa; aouMXplieablo difficult j; faRiMriyaDoraa- 
BMQtal fsau or wUderntH in gardaoa. 

DtUglilftil bowert, to toliioe lorcn tnw ; 

FaiM lalyriMtb, rood runners' ejM to d««e.— ^fpetjer. 

Anooff tb« Aodrnts, nn (Niifioo or placv fnll of ia- 
triOBciM, or ioRoad wilh wiDdin}; pustgM, trhkh 
nnd«nd it difficult to Gnd tho way frMn the 
iatarior to tbt antranoo. la MetalloZRy, a atrias 
of tn)Qf;bs Attached to a stamping- mill, tbrougb 
whiefa a comnt pasam for tbo jrarpooa of wwhing 
away tba palraruod ore, and lobaaqtientl; depoait- 
ing it at diS«rcat diaUaCBa, dapandiog npOQ its 
stala of oomnrinotiaa. In Aoatomf, a term ap- 
plied I7 aniXomtsta to tbe internal pirta of the 
aar, from tbe intneacy of their winding paaaogts. 
Labf/riiuKJ\nt, in Ardiitectara, a fret with maoy 
tondogs In tba fonn of a Ubrrirth. 

LABTRiHTntAS, Ub-^-ris'lAa-an,^ a. Pertaimog 

Labtbikthic, lab-e-rinViik, y to, or iwem- 

LAnTSrNTHiKE, Ub-e-ris't&in, } bling a labjr- 
rinlh; winding; intricate-, perpVxed. 

LABTRnCTHic, lab-e-rio'Mik, a. In Aoatomy, per- 
taining to thai assemblage of parta vhicfa ooosli- 
tuta tbe intanul ear cal^ tbo U^irinlk. 

L&BTUKTBiroKM, lab-a-riD'fA»-&wrm, a. Having 
tba form of a labyrtntb ; intricate. 

LAsntncTBODOV, lab-e-rio'Lb-don, «. (Jahyrin- 
tioe, a labyrinth, andodoM, a tooth, Qr.) A name 
giTcn by Pruf. Owm to a gtnus of extinct reptiles, 
anpposad to hara been ^gaolic Batraefaiaai, ehar^ 
adoUed by tba labyriatHne itztttCiui of tba tnaa- 
TCcaa aaction of the taetb. The reaams ai« IboDd 
in tba new Red Sandsloaa fonnation. 

Labtxdb, la-bi'iDikS. (ioftsmc, Or.) In Antiquity, 
a kind of gum «Ucb was used w^ mynh by tbe 
Uags «f Pm^ in their pMfionas. 

Lao, lab, $. A sobaLiDU obtaioad froaa ponetarM 
made by an insect la aartral apadaa tt Ficna, nd 
alao frwi Zicypbos Jababa. It oooors In tbres 
forma — stkk, sned, aod sbell Isc, tbe last being 
tbe poresL It ooDt^u atvoml resins, aLng with 
• paonliar oolonring nutter. It forms an iagra- 
Atnt b tbo batter kinds of wax, and is moeb 
used ia Tamiibaa. Art^laal lacca^ or lacqm^ a 
ooloored sabstanoa obtained from sererftl fioweis, 
as the ycUow fmva the Sower of tbe jaoiper, tbe 
rad from tbe jwppy, and the blue from tbe Iris or 
violet. Tbe tinclures of tbase Aowers are extncted 
by digesting tbem aevend times in aqqj(«it«, or 
l^ boding uiem orer a store-Ere in a ludrlom of 

rash and slam. The great cooaomptioQ of lae 
in tbs msanfJBctan of dyestnfls, sealing-wax, 


HidofDcrtalnranuaheaandlaei{iiafi. jCdo-t^and 
ZtfoJiaAs, tbe name j^nn to two prepanuiaiiB of 
bw fanpocted into tUa country in small cobio odtca, 
and extanatrely oaad in tho prodaai^jo of Nifht 

Lac, )U1c, «. InOommon^nEHfcbdiaalonB 

Lack.) denotii^ 100^000 nrpsai, or £I8»80a 

Laoaaa, la>ka'ra, a. (meaning nnknown.) A genp 
of L^oniDoai ptaota, natiTea of Braiilt Sab- 
order, Cdesalpinieie. 

Lacceuna, Isk-ser'na, a. (Latin.) A totiK I'vek 
woollen military closk worn by the Romans. 

Laccic, lak'sik, a. Pertaining to lae, or prodocad 
from iL 

Laccic Acid, Isk'sik as'sid, «. An acid obtaiood 
from stick Uo. It u yellow and crystalisable. 

Lacs, laaef s. (foao. Span. Jasd, Fr.) A work oom- 
poaed of tbmda ioterwuvea into a net, and worked 
OQ a pillow with apindlea or pins; a string ; a 
ooid; asnaro; a gin] 
Tbe kxxa bed ■oand iMsn in Iotv'b stroMr faos. 


a planted string, with wbich fi^iiuitfi fasten tbsir 
elotbea t~~v. a. to fasten wilb a string throngb 
eyelet boles; to adorn with laoe; to emtjelHsb 
with raries*t>ons <}c stripes ; to beat ; to Isab. 
Lao9-bark, tbe Oiphoe lagetta of Uoncni, now 
Logetta liutearia. 

Lacb-pbaub, hise'frsme, s. A frame or inaAiaa 
for working laoa. 

Lacsvan, Use' man, «. A man who deals In laoa. 

Lackwoman, Uw'wihtt-aa, 1. A wocoaq who msksa 
or sells UiM. 

Lacetbdia, Ua-R-pe'de-ft, s. (in honour of Coont 
do La CejMdo.) A genns of plania, Datirai of 
Hexioo] Order, HippocrstCMaa. 

LaCKKABLB, las'ffr-B-bt, a. That may be torn. 

LjkCKaATC, bia'er-ste, e. a. (Juosro, Lal) To tc»r] 
to rand] to separata by violence. 

LacBBATK, Us'er-atB, > a. Sent ; torn. In 

Laosratbd, hu'flSHiy-tad,) fioUnj, baring llto 
edge Tarioealy cnt into irn^nlar laglDsatai. 

LACS&ATioit, las-sr-a'ahun, r. Tbt act of tearing 
or randbg; the breach made by rooding. 

Lackkatitx, Lu'er-ay-tir, a. Tearing; baring 
tba power to tear. 

LAcnciA, la-ecr'na, ». (Litin.) A sleertleas ooano 
gamont worn bf tbe Bomans over their gowns, 
and faitriMd bwm or mon the sbonkkr by a 

Lagebta, la-ser'ta, «. (Lstin.) In Aatrofumy, a 
ooftblcUation uf ttia uorthem bemi^tbere, nsar 
Oopiiacw and. Casdc^ia. In Zoology, a gooos of 
aleoder-toagned fitards, in which tlio bead ia 
pytamidal, narrow behind ; tail long, almeet alwaya 
rooadad ; and tbe scalea smooth. In Doomaday'- 
book, a lUbom.^^faaaleU in this aignifieatiea. 

Lacertlahs.— See LaoartidieL 

Lacketidx, la-air'ta-da,*. (tooeria, a liiard, Lai.) 
A fiunUy of the order Sauna, iaolading the genera 
Laosrta and llooitor. In those tbe ^g is tcaig^ 
astanatls^ and bifurcate at tbo extremity, aa in 
tbo serpent tribe; tbe ear-drum mernhnmooa, en a 
level with the snrfsce of tho head, or very sli^tly 
■nnk; tbe body elongated] feet with live tosa; 
tbe scales on the back sod toil arraaged in traat' 
vecse and parallel bands. 

LACXBTOrx, la-sei'tine, a. Like a lissid. 

LACKBToa, la-aaKtna, s. Tbe Ginook, a Sab ; aba 
tbe Hxard-fish. 







LicairzvoKD, kse'iriiigd, «. lUring wiogi i«- 
I Mnblbg Uoe. 
■ Lacbb, lull, 1 «. (JiiotflM r, Nocm. Fr.) la 

UcsBS, lMlils,f Lav, iwglect ; oegtigenoe. 

LaCKKKAIJA, k-8be-iis1«-B, I. (in honour of H. 
VviMrasdil«Cben«l,a Swiss boUourt.) AgGsos 
ofpbnts: Ordor, Liliaone. 

LlCHxais, IjJfs-dst M. (tackeiii, to CMunm out t^ 
lot, Gt.) In Urtiuiigj; ose of Um PinaD or 
Vttm. Sb* pranded orn- fotnrity, mid wu rc- 
MMBt«d M Moaamg Uw thresil of life, m-, tocord- 
ia(tool]Mii,MldinjcklMfl]>iadle. Sh« in g«oeml 
afftand cmnd with • tpvmnt Tariegaled «nth 
ibn, and holding WfiaOm in hor huij. In 
Zoologor, • CMuu cf v«aoa»iii Nrptau, allied to 
tbt Tiptf. 
LaCIUCAa, Uk-m'a, i. (taekHe^ woot, Gr. in rafntuce 
to Um woolly bndi of tha flowen.) A genui of 
pUoU; Ordar, TbjnuljMMe. 
X^CBKAvrau, lik-nui'tAk, j. (iodbM, wool, tnd 
oviAox, • flower, G&) AgWKBof pbmt«: Order, 

Z-AcanoLiUiUS, lik-oo-lflViRBB, «. (hofcii, soft 
wool^ baiTt aad biimot, the throat, Gr.) A gratu 
of flahai^ n wUoh tboantsior rqrsof tlie doml 
fins an laqgtIieDed into BexiblefiluDfDtft: Familjr, 

LiCBVOFOBiinc, lak-Do-po'de-am, t. (tachnt, 
bakfav, and jww podat, » foot, Gr. in rcfflmico 
totbtSaHtOBtiorfoai-etmlksof tbe AQtIursbdng 
prdad bjaenwnof bjunittbe base.) A Keoos 
tf plBofli, oatiTN of tha East Indkat Order, 

lacmoeroujL, lalc-noa'to-nia, f. (beXne, wool, and 
Aau, a nooth, Gr. m rvferaooe to tbo corolk 
bdpS baarSod.) A gnoB of pluta, coBiJitfng of 
twiaio^ klinbii MtiriM of Kew GnuadAi Orisr, 

LaCOSTausLs, lak'ra-ma-bl, a. LoDBotahle. 

LacaknUL, U^re-mat, a. (Frsneh, from hukryma, 
ataar^Lat) Genantui^orsMntiagtewat per- 
taiiiiiig to taarv; ooimxiDg tears. 

Lacdbtmait, Uk^rv-iDo-re, a. Cootaintng tears. 

LicaiiTMAnos, Uk-re-ma'ahan, t. Hio act of 
ahwMing taan. 

LACBsnuTOBT, UE'ra-xDay-toC'C, «. A Tcsad 
fooad in andcat aepolchrcB, particolurif Roman, 
ta witich it has baan supposed that tha torn 
(lachrrTtue) of the frieadfl of the doccaaed were 
dropped, and pRearrod with the aibea oontalocd 
in UM on. It was a snAQ giaaa veaael, or phial, 
with a TCTj long bilL 

Lachxtmo&b, lak'rt^Doia, o. Gaoeraticg or ibed- 
ding taaiL 

IiACtviA, la-^Va, i. In Botan/, a jagg, or an;r 
part iato which a tnonopetalloas ooroUa is cat. 
TIm tonn ia aiao applied to mooopb^Uocu calvcta ; 
and a caljx whkii has two or mon Udnin Is 

tjbCXIiUTS, la-ita'o-«tf^ \ a. {ladnia, a fiuigv, 

LACaOAnco, la^M'vniT-Ud.j' IaI.) In Botaaj, 
CtincaKInt appGed to leavaa, petals, kc, when 
Ji0id or ton, aa it wen^ on the ed^. 

iSaxMfJhk, U«o'a4a, t. In Botany, a tenn jpven 
to tba ahraptix-iofl*^ aoman of aaeh ot the 
petah of an MhaHifaroaa flower. 

T.irti, k'aii»<. Asmu of planu: Order. Podo- 

LACimniA, la-ds'tia-na. $. A gMiaa of plaolai 
Tjp* of thi oatund order ~ 

t-icimiiACEJE, Uraifr-te-aia'ia-e, «. (laebleaKr, 
one of the gvosra.) A small otwoart natoral 
order af inoomplete Ezogeaoaa plaota, cotitiinine 
a flrw ar fcoreeecnt spades, aatins of tmpic«l 
America. It is cfaieflj distingoiabed Vj the flmit 
of the Bpvdes being dehiscent and thne-vslred, 
and ila amootaoeoua iDBoreaemoh 

Lack, lak, «. a. {iaig, DnL) To want; to be det- 
lituta ef : not to bare or poaasaa; to blante.— 
Obsolete in the lart 

Ya hBTft illKtrtreD so. 

And loelw «nd pralae It bothfl too.— Otoaerr. 

— «: n. to be lo wont ; to ho wanting ; — i. want ; 

destitution; n«d; failafv. Lack qfmpet* U 

one boodftd thooaand ntpoes, whJdj, at flAj-five 

eenta each, art eqnal to fiur-fl^'e tboaaand dollan. 
IjicKjloaisicai., lak-a-da'ze-knl, a. Afleetedlj 

Lackadat, bk'a-dar, iikrf. An cxdaniatioa of 

sorrow or rK/;nt j alas ! 
Lacebratv, Uk'brane, a One who wants brains, ur 

is ihHideat ia uidentaadlng. 
Lackvr, lak'tir, ( r. (laqite^ Vr.) A kind of vw- 
LaCQUKA, Isk'ur,) Dlfih. 

Laceeb, Isk'ur, r. a. To Tandsb ; to amear over 
with Uckcr, for the pnrpOH of improTing ooloor, or 
prcscr\iug tVom tanushing and decay ; — «. one who 
U wonting. 

XaCKET, lok'ke, A (tdgitaU, FV.) Aa Bttendhg scr- 
▼ant; a footboy; — r. a. to attend Knrilely, — 
r. n. to act as footboy ; to pny senile attendance. 

LACKLiKBir, Uk1in-en, a. Wanting Khirt& — Sel- 
dom BSSd. 
Ton poor, base, raicalljr, cfasatlnf , bKU^ncn 
Hate; sway, yuatnoulU; rogue, awajr.—i^habi 

LAOKLUVTBr, ljk1ns-tur, i. A want of lostn or 
brigbtocas .-—a. wanting lustre or brightness. 

LaDOSIO, la-kon'ik, \ a. (^taoomcmtf LaL Is- 

Lacomical, la-kon'e-kal,f compter Fr.) Short} 
brief; pitfajr : sententious; expreesingiROcbinfew 
words ; rclsting to Sparta, or Lscednnonis. 

Lacokxcally, la-kon'o-kal-le, ad. Briefly; oon- 

LicoKiCB, la-konlks, t. A book of Fauaaniw, 
which treats of Laoedemonia. 

Lacohicvm, la-kon'e-kum, s. (Latin.) In andent 
Arthitcctore, a name girvn to certain apartments 
in the public bathi, so called from its having been 
first nsed in Lsconia. 

Lacomiim, lak'o-nism, \ s. {latumtmui^ Lst) 

Lacomiciim, b-kon'e-siim,)' A codcIm style; a 
brief sententiuos phrase or exprtssiotL 

Lacqubh, Isk'ur, a A varnish spplii^ apon tin, 
brass, and other mirtals, to preeer^-e thrm fVom 
tnntishing, and to impcove llietr ooloor. The basis 
of lacqacr is a solnttoo of the rtviMUi enhetsnoe 
sailed lac Seed in the Rpirit of wins — hence the 

Lactaob, hdc'tj^e, f. The prodac« of snimala yield- 
ing milk. 

Lactakt, Isk'taat, a. (facfoM, lat) SuoUng; 
giving sock. — Seldom used. 

Lactaucm, Isk-ta'ro-om, i. (Ijitin, from lac, milk.) 
In Arcbitectiirr, a dairy-boose. In Antiquity, 
the term was given to a pUcc in the Roman herb- 
markiit, indicated by a column called the Litctsria 
Columns, where foundlings were fed and nourished. 

Lactabt, Isk'ta-re, i. (^lactarius, Lst.) A dairy- 
bouse , — a. milky ; full of white juice like milk. 
— Seldom used. 





Laoeatsi, Ukltnt^ Jt A mbw of adta, in whkh 

tbtthetkaddlitiaiiihhMdwilbftakUBtUe bue. 

In IIm antnl betetai tbe lijdntw water of tbe 

•dd b nplMti fay ow cqidTClMk of nwUUi oxide. 

LiOTATKui, lifc-U ilma, t . TIw act of ghrtng sock, 

tr the tteo of fMUiu. 
Lacisjll, kk'to-Al, a. rcrUiuag to milkt odd- 

LM)TUkU,Uk;'t»4li|i: btADatonj.tbsalMoibaita 
of the nHseotetx. eoiplojtd h ooaTejriog tbe milkj 
fliud, tenned dijla, mim Uw small intwtioBe into 
lb* tliaiacio doBt* 
Lacisav, Uk'te-aot \ a. Milky; haTing the colour 
LACTSOOt, lak'te-ns,) of mlUi t conveying chjrle. 
Lactsbokrgb, lak-tea'teiia, «. (tattmtia, Ut.) 
Knidoan: tbe milky liqiur axnded from aomo 
ykat» vbflo woandad. 
LlCTBSCElfT, Uk-tas'aeot, a. Producing milk or 
wbiUtjoieoi abounding will] athlckcoIoBrodjaioe. 
Lactic, lak'tik, a. (Inc. milk, l^ai.) Ptrtaiofog to 
milk, aa laatia aotd, tbo add of aonr nulk. A 
nmilar aotd ii prucorsd firom the feniMotod juioa 
of beet-nwt. Ito fonDula ia Cc, Ui, Os; its 
eqotTBlent 81. 
LAonrBKOCt, lak-tif'or-m, a, (Jac, milk, Kodfiro, 
I bear, Lat.) Bcanofi or ooaveyiox nulk or wliito 
JBtc«t producing a thick ooloqradjuioeL 
Lactomrtbr, Uk-tom'e-tur, <. {lac, tmlk, and ia«' 
tntm, a measure, LaL) An initmmaot ooowCinjt 
of a glass tabe, for accertaioiag the proportioo 
which tha crtam bear* to the nulk of any portJea- 
W oow, or to the produce of a «hol« dairy. 
Lactooa, tak-talca, t. (be, milk, Lit. from ita 
milky Joice.) The Lettina, a geniu of Componto 
^anta, extoiialv^ naad aa saDada: Sabordar, 
Lactucauom, ltk-ta>ka'ra-tiin, $. Tbe inapia- 
aatad mQW joioe of the Lactoea virtiaa, or ^nten 
lettDca. u ii aometimet aacd aa ka opiate. 
LacTDCIC, lak'la-^ o. P«rt«imn|! to lactaca. 
Lactaeie atii, an acid fumid in tbe jnioe of Lht 
plant Z<aetnca ¥lrasa, or acrid lattnce. 
iJurrnciVK, lak'tn-dn, a. The aetira priiMiple of 
Laotaoarinm, tba inapiaatad Jolaa of I^otaoa aa- 
tiva, L. Tiraaa, and L. •etriola. It fiimi yelloir- 
iifa Indbdnct CTTitala, whkh hat* a aferong pcr- 
slataoi btttar taste. It ia naringly uMtAt in 
water, bvt nry aotoble La aloobol. 
LACtTHA, U-ku'otw f. (Latin, a ptt) One of tbe 
amaQ hoUowa or pita on the oppar aoiCaM of (ha 
tfaaBu in Bchens. The tana la aomotinMS mitA 
to dealpiala an interaal otfao, conmooly ealled 
an aD*-cafJ!, litaated in tbe midat of tbe nllalar 
tiasna of plantl. 
LACcvjt, U-kn'oe, a. pi (Latin.) In Aaatomj. 
email cavJtiea in some of the moooos msmlnaea, 
in wbtob tbe proeeaa of aavrtion ia earried oa. 
LACimAi, la-ka'ndr, t. (Latin) In A rchi! retort, 
the aoder <ur&ce of a member of an erdtf; alio, 
the brmier iir corona of a onmioe ; the under eida 
also of that part of the arcLiitrare betwaea tha 
eapitala of ooramaa. The eeiliag of any part of 
arcbitooton ia called Isoanar, only wh«o it oon- 
aiata of oompartmenta aunk or hollowed without 
apaeesor bands between the panda; if with bands, 
it b oaUad limtaar. 
Lacivobb, la-kn-nosa\ a. (Inciau, a ditch or break, 
l^t.) lo Zootogy, an epitb«t amlisd to a auftoe 
wlilch hu a few oeatt«r*d, tn«gTilar, broadjah, but 
shallow nrarmllons. 

Lagostkutb, la-koa'frin, v. (iiieaa, a lake, Lat) 
Bdonpng to lakes or swampe. jtflenafHws dt- 
pomt,m Oeokigy, applied to certain ftesb-wiler 
beds deposited by lake% oSiiefly oBofinod to On 
newer fbrmations. 

Lad, lad. #. (fitnod, Welsh, iMnf, Sax.) A yonng 
man or boy ) a Btrip&ng. 

LaSArBS, tad-a-ve', #. In Commerar, a rdeMt or 
aaqnittanoe of any kind in India. 

LadDIB, kd'dur, $. (Dntoh, Madder, Sax.) A 
frame of wood, oonaisting of two side-pisdM «s»- 
nested by roonds inserted ia them et snilahla dia- 
tancea, and tbos forming stepe by whkh psaoM 
may aseend ; that by which a person asonds or 
rises ; maana of aaeaodlng, as a Uditr made of 
cords ; gradoal rise ) dovation. 

Moaa tl ng bet toward the top of th« lodJir ocdadas. 

8caiing-la^v, in Military tacttca, a porlioilar 

kind ol laddar made of rapes or flat starta, Ibr 

tbe porpoae of coaling or mounting an enemy's 

Laos, lade, t>. a. {hdan. Sex. hdok, Qtgm.) Patt, 

likdod ; past part. Laded, or Laden. To load ; 

to tivigbt; to burthen; to heave ooti to throw 

lie chldea the sea that lunden him from thcst, 
Sajtag, ' turn Ml U dry lo hav« hU waj.'-^SIMa. 

to draw water; — (oboolrte In the last aeaas;) — 
a. the irtooth of n rivar. — Obsolete as a snbetan- 

Ladift, U'd«-fl, V. a. To make a bidv of. 

Ladtko, la'dinff, a. Th..l which oonst'iCutee a load 
or nrgo; freight; bardtn. 

Ladkin, lad'kin, a. A littki lad; a youUi. — Sel- 
dom used. 

LadlK, la'dl, t. {^UmJlf, Sax.) A large spoon; « 
ressel with a lung b.indl«, uaed in thnwiTig out 
any liqnid from ihi rcasel containing it; the t»- 
cejitiuie of a mill-wheel, into wtiicb the water 
falling tonia it In Gonncrj, a long stafFwith a 
hoUow place at tb« end of it, which will hold aa 
moch as the proper charge of the psaoe of ordnanoa 
it bdonp to. Tbe W/e for a great gnn is a ee^ 
per iustnunent uKd for drawing the charge. 

LADLsrub, la'dl-^, «. The quantity oontabol In 

Lady, U'de. s. (hh/diy, khfUit/a, Uofjaia, Sax.) A 
woman of ht^'h rank. This title was ofi^oally 
r<9trKtcd to thfl wires of earti, knights, &e., bat 
it is now applied to any woman of gealci)) msa»- 
nen and education ; a word of complaisanea, msd 
of woQsa : a nn ai rs as ; the ftmale who 
or baa aolbority onr a manor or a &mily. 
MUpwib, tbe name gtren to aeveral tpeckv 
plants of the genoa GaUnin. LadieiJUigtr, ^ 
common kidnsy retch, AnthyllJa ralnotwia. £a- 
diM* aJMcr, tho Eagtiab nana of tbo Orchtdeeos 
plania or the genDs Qyp rip ed lu in. Ladie^ Owoea, 
tlw OraUdeoaa plant vpinothss oBstiniKa. 
diopd, a nma glran to a small ohapd hi 
ealhaJrala, sitoatsd behind the aomo of kha 
altar, and dedkstad to 'Our Lady,* tbe Vi ^ 
Mary. Lndiaf euntis, the common name of tbe 
phwtaof aseadanofthegaansAkberain^ Ladji 
firn, the plant Aspidiom tbelvptcria. Ladkt' 
hair, ons of tbe many oanaa given to tho graaa 
Briu media. Lady't gmoci, tlie Engltah nuns of 





Of photi of tlw grnu CwdMDiM XdM^ iir^ 
» Ut^ mm^ mm OwpmBi. 

Lu>T-OAT, h'di-di^, « Th« dij of tbs uowaia- 
lioB of Uw B0I7 Virgia, Much SSth. 

liiDTUKSi h'diwikvi A Soft] diluMtoi tlaginl: 
{■iMli mO-bna* 

UDTiBxr, l*'d»-*^ A Tb« titif of • \»A.j. 

Lnuaonnit iMung'toii r. (liimM, Um tkrMt, 
nd ^UpMi 'iv c P«°t Q'* ') A gcQU of Pkp- 
ndMt% «r Igonin lisndg, io itwx tb» alna of 
Ika Imr xtcbn of Ut Bsok kctoB ■ traiwnnal 
WteOifiaUafUMtnMe; atalaa of the bod; 
tahririihil Md CMJafttid: tafl wl pnbwaik: 
uttto tevl nor cKid«l oriffc. 

LjokioSFODji, l»-ia*-^p'o-^ ) i. (diinai. Uit 

Louunrcoat l»-iiud'e-|><Mlat \ Uu««t, vkI/iom, 
ftlbot, Gr.) An Drd«r of Crtiitow^ in nluch U)« 
tMd it canOuDk wiili th« flnt M(ni«oi of Uu 
thwix, Mii mppQiti the Umr ADttriot fwt 1 their 
■!« w mbbIi, Md Uw potMrior Mttnoiit/ of ib« 
M7 viUioat dirtioet branoUa. 

Lni. Vflft, i. la Aotiqaitf , • gomi woni b; the 
Baoua Auj^ni^ uid p«rtieuUr to tbeJr office. 
Ih^ Mnnd Uuir beads with it when th«7 nada 
dMir abMrntioDs on the fli^t of birds, and other 

WM W k 

LeaimTOOyu, l»«tng'o'na8, «. la Ant)()oit7, 
tht none of lh« mast anoiat pMplo of Sidly. 
Jhtf «0e caonibali, utd* aoeaniing to Bomvr, of 
{l^tic lUture. 

Lsm, b'ib»-4^ «. (io hoooor of Jca» da LkC of 
Aitvwp.) AcHraaof T4aDl«,0HutetaDg«f tr«M, 
aidi ^itiih wwan and jaUow anthant Order, 


LsncAUumi. lB-T«-k4r'd^DBi, jl (JWu, Iv^bt, 
nd tardmm^ the heart^hait, Lat.) A nooB of 
Vdinaii. doaelj alBeil to CardiwD, in which tha 
^tO b km^tTidiQaIi;r c*^ iocquilataral, tlM aor- 
bet aatbic ribb«l nor &ptr«d : Subfunily, VJna- 
laut, of the fiunilj Tallioiftie. 

UroBRBiA, U-fi»-ea'sha-«, a. (m honoor of tha 
Ddn of Ta*rr" of UaboD.) A ganoa of pUoU, 
emirttag of tnaa, nathw of Anarica : Order, 

UroBRCA, la-fb-an'ta-a, «■ (nftar ooa La Fnenta, 

aa Bitknown Spuoab botanist.) A gaoM ot 
plaila: Older, ScropliDlariacas. 
Li«,1ag,o.(&w< Swfd.) Coining bohiiid ; biting 
riait; al^g^th; alav; tard;; 

I cm vatn* twrl«« or fuu rtc o o DMcnsltllMi 

lat; }oag ddiiycd ;— (teldoin lued u an lu^fo- 
tm;)— I. ^ loweat dan; the ramp; tbe fa^ 
■d; be that eonea lut or lagabablsd;— (aetdvm 

Tbe laal, Itia 1^ oT allttia raM.—OiyAeii. 

f.ak(aM,Welab,)ta loiter I to awva alowljr ; to 
tMj bdlUkd; not to come tn. 

Uaas, VfBB, I. (KfSKVS to tip, fiax.) In Law, 
padi auk ta tha aa*, and the ri^'ht whioh tlio 
Aaf lord of tiie fee haa to take aooii gooda. 

UoMU, l*iji^ a. A nana uad Igr De BUtn* 
die ftr • 9019 of Echnodanata, {ndndad in 
Uounk^ pern Scutdla. 

UciaCAt la-wlPBt a- (In hoooor of Don Martann 
la OoMBt RrfwBT of Botanr in Uadnd.) A 
Cana of Oompawla phota, nativaa of Mexico and 
Sootli Anurica: floborder, Tubnliliorc^ 

LuD, b'r^ «. (Jajpanm Let.) In AnIiquIlT, a 

wise nKftsore eontaloiiig atx aaxlorii, ptoboblj iba 

origJa of our fiagon. 
Laobhaua, la-}>>oa'r»-a, i. iiagmn^ a boitk, Or.) 

Tbe Befctla-fonrd, a gootu of planu: Order, Ou< 

LAOBsoruoiu, lag-a-noTo-ra, a. (lagmM. a flaik, 

and phoroi^ boaring, Gr.) A gsoaa of Oomporita 

plants, natirea of Now Zealand : Sobocdar, Ttabu- 

LAOBBsimoMu, l^-ar-sba'aifr-a, & (io honour of 
iMgrnttwOf a Swede.) A gantu of bigUj orna- 
■Mtal ptanii, aatlTaa at laiUa and China: Order, 

Laonu, kg-gac'ta, w. (aMBm la Jamaica.) A 
geaoa of planta i Order, Tlijtadaceak 

Laooaru, lai;'gi]rd, o. Badcwaid; vlojt^hf alov, 

LaooEB, bg'gur, f. A loiterer; aa Idler; enawba 
ntOTas ilowt/ and falls behind. 

Laoocepralcs, lag-o-aeTa-lu, a. (J/^ot^ a harv, 
and ixpAab, the head, Gr.) A genua of fiabca, 
is whfoh tbo head ia aboft, the oppar parte uf the 
boilj amooth, and tbe bellj ermed with ROgtddtad 
spines: Fan^y. Blaatidc 

Lag<ECIA, U- je'»h«- a, «. ilapot, a hare, and oiitot, 
a booaa, Gr. : the plaea wfaore a bar* Ilea ; tba 
eeeda in th« bairy eorelope in tba biToiDenini 
baY« been btonei to youoK leveiets in a baraV 
form.) Wild ComiD, a Kentu of UmWUifcnM* 
phrots : SobordcT, Camr^loeponnit. 

Laoomts, lag'o-raiat a. (hgog, a hare, and m^ a 
rat, Gr.) Tbe Ra^banw, n gtma of Bodeota, 
nativoB of Sibeita. Tbo Bat-bane ai« deatibtta 
of a taQ, and baro tbe 1^ oeaH/ eqttxl. 

LAOOWTCRmu, ta-go-nikVam, a. (tiffot, a bare, 
and ongchiom, a tittie nail, Gr. in reff ronco to tbe 
spioea on tbe olirohs.) A genes of Lognminooa 
pbinta : Suborder, Mitnosoa;. 

Lauook, ) la-gooa', a. {laffoat, ItaL laguna. Span.) 

Laouvs, > A tn, moor, marftb, Alitdloir pondf or 
lake ; a afaeet of water formed either b/ tbe *n- 
rroachtnents of tvrvn or aeaa upon tbo land, or hj 
tbo aaparatioo of a pottJoD of tbo aiu by the intur- 
Tention of a bank. 

I^OOPRDE, Ug'o-pada, a. Tba Ptanaigao, or Snow- 
partjidge. — Seo Lagopiu. 

LAOOFBTiULMr, LigH^fJUl-me, f. (^laptm, a bare, 
and opklAabuM, an cjo, Gr.) Tbe Itaro'a-a^of 
a diatwao ol tba eye, in which it eaonot be abut, 
but nmaioB o[>cn doriog ale«[^ aa in tba oaae of 
that of tbe hare. 

LaOortiB, big'o-pBa, 1. (laffoi. a hare, and poui^ a 
foot, Gr.) The FtorTni4;an!i, a genui of birda o( 
the groDH kiad, with tbe tanoa and toca thickly 
carered with feitbrnii Family, Tetraonidai. 

LAooaaau, k-gos'e-Tia, t. (Jlagvf^ a bare, and aena, 
a lettocf, Gr.) A genua of ohacora^ HMdUka, 
Oompoaito plant*; Subovdar, TQbuliflora, 

LAOoaTOMA, la-goo'to-ma, a. (/oi^os, a hare, and 
■tonto, tba moDth, Gr.) The hare-lip. 

LAOOTUftlx, lag'o-Mrika, a. (^.^oa^ a bare, and 
tkras, Itair, Gr.) A gmiu of Soath Amerioto 
monkeys, la which tbe liead i> Mitnd, tbo ooae flat, 
n thumb 00 tbe aolJirior hand, and the laQ partlj 

Laoria, lag'n-a, a. The name ipraa by Fabridoa 
to a gema of OolaeplonBB ineoeta, tba Chmomela 
of linmeus, belonging to the funily Traclialidea 
of Covier. 

LAOBJHUfO, lii|t-re*mo'ao, oH. (Itttllan.) In Muhc, 
to be per f o n aed in a waajiring, plaintive manner. 




Laoukca, la-gn-pe'i, g. (in boDoor of Andreas La- 

pin&, « Spaniab pbTticUn of the uxtoenth nn- 

11117.) A genua of pUnU: Order, MalvMve. 
Laocbcs, b^'nu, «. {taffotf s hafB, «nd <mrn, a 

Uil,<tr.) AgenusorpUnta: Order, QmniMOea. 
LUUTA, la-ba'ya, «. (in liaaoar of M. Lahtga, ■ 

Muicel gu-deoer.) A gcoiu of pUnUt Chdsr, 

Laic, U'ik, ) a. (tateo, laieaU, lUL latjiM, 

LuoAL, la'e-lul,)' Fr.) Belonging to the leitjr or 

people, in distinction from the dmgji — f. • Isj- 

LsiOALiTT. — See Laity. 
LuDb PaM moA pott pari, of the racb 71b Joy. 
Laidlt, Ude'le, a. {laOUic, Sex.) Uglj-; loath- 

■ona; fimL — I^ocaL 
Lajs. Pajtpmrt of tbe Terb Tip ft«. 
Laina, Ia'dj, «. A ganoft of Cokuptsntu Insectd: 

Fwniif, TajdcarnM. 
Lair, Isn, «. {hi$er, Oenn.) A place of nsl ; the 

bed or oooch of ■ boar or wild beasti ptstare ; 


TUf Kjaal^ aonne Uiot Ilea thcTs OB the toirs 
An boadkeso heap.— f ^vhmt. 

LuBD, Ityrd, I. In Sootbnd, a landholder; onder 
the dtgree of a knight (act James L); tlu pro- 
prietor of a bouM, or of cnon hoosca than one. 

LiJrr, la'e-te, s. (from laoa, P^pl*! Gr-) The 
people as distingi^shed from the oergy ; the body 
ef IM people not in orders ; ibe Mate of a laynum. 
—Obsolete ia the last Rnse. 

Lakb, lako, V.M. (/<&ba, S<red.) To pUy; to sport; 
— ^local as a verb;) — t. (Jlodke, Germ. Uk, ¥t. 
loan, LsL) A large collection of inland water, 
baring no direct comrannicatton with tba oooan. 
In Painting, the nunc given to cert^o colours 

firoduccd bj tbe cooibinntion of ve^able coloor- 
ng matter vith the peroxide of tin, and with 
similikr oxid«s, which oro, aa it were, intermcdlute 
between scids and nlluiies. The name is more 
ecpeciallj giren to a light red wster-oolonr. Lalt 
tnnA, the fish Saltno Incaatris. It is marked with 
Uaclc dots, and grows to a groat si«i 

L4KSLIT, lakelet, t. A Uttle lake. 

LakbUKB, bkeliko, a. Boaconbling a lake. 

LjUCT, Ulce, a. Pertaining to a Ulce or lakes. 

Laxaoe, lal'i^c, t. (the name of one of the female 
fnenda whoee charms are sung by Horace.) A 
MMU of LeguuinoQi pUntsi Sabordar, Papi- 

LALZJkTlov, hl-Wibsa, s. (taUatto, LaL) That 
■peelii cf Txioas pttaoooiation, in which the 
letter I b twdered andttlj ^uid, or substitotod 
for an r. 

Lalo, laid, s. Tbe Adaasoola dtgitata.— Sao 

Lama, lam'a, s. Tbe aofwilgn pontiff, or ntber 
god of the Asiatic Tartan. The orthodox opinioa 
u, that he DCTor dies ; the sool merely qoiltiug, 
la old iff^ Ita tnflm habitation, and taking po*> 
■MriBB of tha bo4r «f a child. In Zoologyr-«* 


Lauaism, UimVUm, f. The name glrm to tbe 
lluJuhist reli^oD in MoogeUs and Tibet. 

LAUAsmii, U-ouB'tiB, «. The aame given by 
ftwh natnalhU to Oo UuuCmi «r Sta-oow.— 

LAMAnaBA, hriunb'e-a, a. (in honour of A. M. 
LaBMrabib) A g«ras of ptanta, natires of Iho 
SoodwiiA Undi: Ordor, Myrtaoea. 

Lamahkia. U-mdr1(fr-a, m. (in honour ol J. B. 
M. de Lainark, author of Flore FrsBOaliA.) A 
gmos of plants, satives of Cayaime : OrAcr, So- 

Lamb, lam, «. (Ootb. and Sax.) The yoong of the 
■hoep kind; typioally, the Ssrioar of the world; 
— K Ot to bring (brtii yoong, as sheep. 

LaxdasIBM, lamlM-diun, a. (famftodUvmos, Or.) 
An improper proonndation of tbe letter I, tbe 
lambda of tbo Greeks. 

Lavbaui, Um'ale, «. A feast at the time of sbeuv 
ing lambfc j:iaiiikJa la still oscd at tbe villa^ 
of EirtliBXtOB in OxIbrdlbJn, fat an anooal feast 
or oalebrity at bunb-obaaiiog.— TTotIm. 

LAMmATlTB, Inm'bs-tiT, a. {lamho, I Uck, LaL) 
'lUcea by Uekltig; — #. a medidne taken by Hok- 
Ing with the toiiene. 

Lambuoid, Isni'duyd, > a. (faniMfo, Gr.) 

Lamddoidal, Um-dejd'al.) Ia Anatomy, an 
epithet which JsoMmMt Iran its inon b lsnoe to 
the Greek lettor Tnbda, a, tbo Mitore whlob 
unites tbe oocipital aid pwlctal boBM^ sow nun 
vniovtly termed tbe ftffl^y^^1^-^lnf^^tll ntanw 

Lambkbt, lam'bent, a, PUjiiig ftbont; tooeUng 

Laubkin, Um'kin, s. A little Iamb. 

Clean as TOuof l—iyHw*. or tbe touam\ down. 
And Uke ttie (eUllDCh In her SundnLj fi»yrtk.—Qtft, 

Lambukb, lamllke, a. Mild; humble; nieak, 

innocent as a Umb, 
Lahbrdb, lam'bTus, s. A genos of Decapod Cm^ 

tooeans, differing from Partbenopcs, in the maloi 

hsving only fivo instead of seven segments in tbe 

tail : Family, Brschyura. 
LaMBBWOOL, lambz'wool, s. Ale mixed with m- 

gnr, natmeg, end tbe pulp of roasted apples. 

XossCs AiMwM, oue of tbe EngUab MDW «f tbe 

plsots of tbe genos ValeriaueUa. 
Laub-wool, lam'wool, a. Wool obtained fiom 

Umbs : — a. made of the wool of lambs. 
Lamb, Uok^ a. {tamo or kaaa. Sax.) Ciippbd or 

dtsa li led ia a limb, or etbvwise ii^ared so as to 

bo impnrad ia strsngtb; hobbling} not SBiootb, 

as feet b veivei imMrfed; not astisfiKAofjf 

V. a. to make to ciripiHoj to noder ioiparfsDl asd 

Lamkl, hun'd, s. (Joasfib, Lat) A thin plate or 

LAMBUa, la-mel'lA, «. (latin.) In Botuy, a 
term applied to raiiofU parts or organs of plants, 
as the petaldd tppnum vUdi spring foxn 
tbe tbnut of tbe ooniDa of tbe Bbodoaeodnxi, to 
tbe interior tubs of U» BydropfayDaai, or the 
plaited Bunbcan* wbkb iimista the inferior sor- 
nes of tbo ^Mw of tbe Aniko. 

Lambixab, Mn'al-Jar, & Dispoocd in tbin plalio 
«r ■odis. 

LAMBLI.ABLT, Um'sl-Lilr-Ie, ad. In Ibia pbtoa 
or BCiles. 

Lajcblults, lam'd-late, ) a. Formed hi lUs 

Lakbllatbo, Um'ri-biy-ted,> pistes or icalsa, or 
covered wilbtban. 

LAMStxiBBAmiBUTA, la-oMl-lo-brsax-U-o'ta, ) 

LAMKLLXBRAiroiiUTBa, la-m^-ls-bcwg'kl-ayia, t 
«. (ioeiaUi, a thin pUta, and trawaAw, ^K 
LaL) An order of UoUusca, io whieh tbe 
beaodii* oocur in tlie form of largo ispJe ir eolsf 
Iqwa, dbpesed in a symtDOtrical mauwr, two on 

Lamiixioobits, iMBelVkawms, 1. (IomcUi, a 








lUi pUt«, and ooriMn, * boni, Or.) A BccUon ' 
ir hiiiij vl tbt FmtUDmms Coleopterm, la whicb 
tiM wosmmm n* ioMrtad ioto ■ detp foasola, no- 
te tW btanl aua^ rf ths bmL Tbcj ara 
UHII7 thivlt and consist of nioe of ten Joints, 
Itrannafeiof in ■ dab, nsoallj oompoBed of Ui< 
InI tfarM, winch on Uminor ; EonMtlinea (Ubel- 
Iftnn, ir lEnoanl like Ui« lean* of a book, 
OfniBg and Moifaf ia t dmikr whj; iotnEtimet 
•BMtBttially BOBtertw), and fitting into ucb 
Hkir, tha &ift or iaSmm Mng Mml-infiindibQli- 
fam, and raaBvfog tba otbcra; and aonwtjmea 
WilJtlll pnwdkolar to the aiia, and rormlng 
a aact ti odidK Tbt bodr ii noeraUr onl and 


UuuJnsOCB, Um-rl-tirer<as, a. (inwfla, a 
plaM^ andjfano, I baar, Lat.) ProdQciflg pUtea. 

loVBLUKUui, laa'al-lt-fawnn, o. IlaTm^ tlio 
famof aplatai 

UMBLUBonuS, l»*tDcl-k-raa't0n, > *. (Jo- 

Uvn^JBOCTKALl, la-mal-le-nt'Lrali,]' tne^ a 
tUBplila,adf<«*wa,abnlc,Gr.) A tribe of 
8ii Mn tin-bhd% Iba foortb in tb« PTstem of Cu- 
iiv> It cobAmi of ihosfl in wUicli ttw oiar;pna 
j if fta baika ara ftmkbad with aomannis laminKi 
ordnbil pbtaa, BRaagad In a ngoJar anua* aa 
ia l&a iwan, Cooacv &e. 

UxKLT, Icm^ «(. Ltk« a crippla; wiUuat 
nalvil farea or aetivi^ ; hupeHactl; ; witboot a 
ftl «r OBwplitt aihibtUoo of all th« parte : on- 

T j iiWBW ^ lina oaa, $. An impaired Fiittc of U)« 
badf or Isbi; Ioh of natural aonndneea and 
atnagllit I7 • wound or dbeaaa: impcrrection; 
*«rai^^ M tt« liBuiuii of an argnoiant, or of 

Unn; la-manf , r. a. (baualor, Lat) To trail ; 
ta BOan ; to pirrs ; to axpnaa *orrow j— r. a. 
ta Wvail : to tnoarn ; to bemoan ; to exprtM 
■RBW (or;— J; aoiTuw aodiWy exprened ; lainen- 
ttfin* frtaf oUend in cntoplaiota or trm\ ex- 
p^on af aontnr. 

UnXTAaLMt Um'en-U-bl. a. (Frendu) To be 
loMBdadi caaBng aortpw; nvonrtifttl; soirow- 
Uj umcalug aoTTow; mUctmblc, pitiful, or 
di^UUt^ in a lodicrooa anuc 

UjUDrxABLT, km 'en -la- bl*. ad. Moornfully ; 
*tt u|Niaiuua or toicraa of Knowi ao »■ to 
awaw ipw; fUAiOj; detpicablj. 

Lui^ATloil,laiD<co-tm'«liuii,«. >Upratuanofaor- 
nvi aadibla grii:£ la Um plural, > book of Scrip- 
tan^ OMtdnittg lb* ' Lanaataiiooa of Janniioh.' 

Unnxx, la-m«D'iflr, a. Ouo who mocnu, or 
trm oat arith Hrrow. 

Luimno, la-man'ting, «. Lamentation j aonow 
MfiU/ npnaaad. 

UnansoLT, la-BKn'ibg-U, ad. Witb lameota- 
tioa ; b • bevuluig maooer. 

Uku, UmVa, ». In Antiquitj, an imaginary 
bi^ raprtoaotcd aa a nHMUtrona anunal, a spectra 
m fUDpira. VCtaj ra pr aa ui t* tbo lami* aa ani- 
Mla With tha boa md haad of a woman, and 
uaafaaafpaat. Tba 6m Lamia waa nproaootwl 
tt a dan^lar of Ncptnnci who anaad and do- 
norad nvw-boni chDdran b tbair eradlea. 

ThU iMta HB «Bttalla1 nn bawlteb'd ; Mlaa 00 b«r. 

— Jiwiilycr. 

Ia taiioo* ■ C"™ ^ Colaoptanoa inaMta, ^jrpe 
af tba btdlf LaaidiB. 

LA.KIDJE. UmVdo, f. (^iMw, ona of tha gontra.) 
A fnmilj of Coieoptrrooa inMota^ fonniog a anb- 
diriaion •( tba LamlaB« in wblcli tba aidaa of tba 
thorax ara ailher mootb and roandad, or tobar- 
culata, nigoo^ or apiny, bnt not flunSabad with 
nwntbla tntwitiaa or ^naa. 

Lajuv, lam'io, > a. {Jamma, tal.) A tUa 

L.i.liTirA, Ura'a-na,! pUto or acale; a lajar or 
coat ]/tDg OTCT another, applied to the pUtaa of 
miacrnla, bonaa, &r. 

LuturABLB, laoiVna-bl, a. Capable of betog 
Ibrmed into tblo platcc 

LiiSitir^ Um'a-na, a. ( /lu waa, tbe name of an Ima- 
ginet; bein g aea tbe word.) A tribe of Longi- 
com Coleoptatoos h aa ot a, d'atingn'rabed bj tbeir 
TCrtieal bead and fitt&nn palpL 

LAUtVAB, tam'a-oar, & In plalaa; eonidating of 
tbln plataa or lajcn. 

LjLUIKAIUTU, lare-«*na-ii't«a, a. (ZoMoua, LaL) A 
■pedaaoffaaia] fact, fotmd in aecoodaij strata near 
La RoebtOle. 

LiLMlK^TV, UmVnalo, ) a. Plaladt eooikt- 

LAMlKATUt, Uin'a-nay-tad,^ tog of ^llai, ieal«» 
or Urara, one over aaotber. 

Lamin'atioic, lam-a-na'ahno, «. State ef balog 

LAMiflB, la'mish, a. Not ^[idte lanw t hobbling 

Lamiitv, Unt'e-asi,!. (Jamo$^ tba tbnwt. Or. ao 
caDad frocn tha lii^iaot flowen.) Arehaagi^ a 
ganoa of ^aata, trpe af tbt ordor Lwniaw 

Luut, km, ak a. To beaL^OfaaolatB. 
t Ao m^d TOO sboU \m era w« karc yv : 
You >b«ll be beatra tobar^— Bmih and fM. 

I jkif UAt-DAT, Uun'maa-day, a. -The first of Angnat, 
so called, iceording to iome, becaoie bmba than 
growoatofaaason; others derire it fram a Saxon 
wonl signifying ht^ bum*, beoatua on tbal dajr oar 
fonfxthara tnada aa olbrtag of bread with new 
wlteat. On thia da; tbo tananta of York Cathedral 
ware fcrmortj boond to brinj; a latnb aUro into 
tiie clinnA at hf^ maaa. Dr. Jofanaon lapiNaM 
tbe tonn i-*nimM ga a oomptioo of Ji^ k naio H , a 
smnnd mowing tXmm. 

Launa, latn'na,r. CtbaGraAnaniaof afiabofpi^, 
s kind ai abork.) A gHma of fiafaaa, alliad to tha 
Sharks ; rvMnt, and fonod fuaatl in tbo chalk and 
London cUy. 

LxMOrnocxiA, lam-d-roolt'ae-a, a. (in honour of 
J. V. F. Lanworoax.) A goooa of plants, omaiat- 
ing of ercct-branelted hrrba, with scarlet Dowan: 
OtOer, Scropbolariacnr. 

Lamp, bunp, «. (ftrmpc, Fr, Iffa^po*, Lat.) A Uttk 
rnsel oonstmcted for containing a wick, into 
which oil ia ponrad for tlie parpoae of feeding it 
while it banui figoralivfty, a light of any kind; 
a poetical use of tba term. Lamp-Uadi\(/tiiMf/^> 
ZompoiAaB, Lat) • apeciea of obarooal, of which 
tba finest sort ia prodotcd by ooltecting the amoka 
from a lamp ; bat it is generally obtained by bon- 
ing naiaoaa sobatancoa, as tha dr^ of pitch or 
piaeM of fir-wood. In fnmaoea, and ooUaoing tbe 
•eot prodocad oo cloths in a dose dumber. 
Saf<iif-Ump, a bunp inreoted by Sir Homphny 
Dary to pret'ent the cxplotdon of fire-damp or In* 
flammable air in eoal n^oea. 

LampadakT, lam'pa-da-ro, s. An ofBcwr lo tlia 
anoaot dnrcli 01 Constautinople, ao called from 
bia ampImMit, wbicb was to take can of tha 
lampa, mu cany a taper before tbe emperor or pa- 
triarch wbao tbey araot to draitb or in prooMafon. 





IjkitFADiflT, Um'pa-dnt, r. Ooa who guMd the 
priie ra tlie Lampftdroim. 

XtUTPAXAoUB, Um'i>n-dtTrap, «. (tampat, ft lunis 
Bd Aviiuu, ■ noe. Or.) In todnnt Orv«w, ■ 
QDDipeting net hj joaxig mm frith Ump* Is their 
Imd. Tb« DO* who carrird bU Utnp antztin- 
pihbed to thv goal tru cUclaml rlctor, aud gaEiud 
Cbfl pricr. 

LJLMr^B, lam'pu, a. (Fnoch.) A dlicase In tb« 
pnbtfl or m bone's mooth, oooibtlDg of ft flcftb/ 
•w«lling behind tb* rora-tMtlL 

LiJiPATU, Um'parti, «. A gmia of ftftllA, oooi- 
po«d of Umpic idd tnd ft baw. 

Lawpbrn, lim'pem, #. A flih of tbft Lamprex 

Lampic Acn>, Utn'pik ftt'old, #. Ooe of the names 
of AId«h;dic acid, or Acetaloui add. Tho for- 
mula of thr brdnite b C|, Hs, 0), + aq. 

LAKPtHo, lamp'iop, a. (Jan^nte, Ital) Sbbing; 

qtaikllng. — Obool«tr. 

Bapior ttaaa on wtUdi. with tt»rrf Uahl, 

Thi n l iai|>y eyw wUl <Mgo ■O Bat t mw to look.— 


Lavroov, taai-pooo', a. (darivition Dccertaia, list 
aoppoaod to be from tampont, a dmaken aang, Fr.) 
A penonal satire in vrilinja;; aboM; un«urc 
writtea to raproach and t«x rather than to rcfarcp ; 
— 0. a. to abiue with personal ceosore ; to re- 
proach in written satire. 

LjJirooiniE, Um-poon'ur, «■ Ooe vho nbtuws nith 
penonal Mtli*; tho writer of a lampoon. 

LAxroonniTf laa-poon'rc, <. Abuse. 

Ljuwohmis, lam-pawr'nli, *. (lamprvt, bright, nod 
ornU, a bM, Or.) A gcntii' of Hammlng-birda, 
MttTH of Bnufl: FsniilT, TroehUidB. 

LAmrmMT, lam'pr^, jl liw oomaion name gireo 
|0 flahta of the gBsns PelrooiTMO, — which tee. 

lijucnuiu, latifprt-nia, a. (Mfprvw, brilliant, Gr.) 
A ceou «f Ouaoptiroaf huMtsi Family, Srara- 

Lumus, lam'prii, t. (Iampro$, brOtiont, Gr.) A 
mu of flihM, with oval «d muI; riunnboldal 
MMi^ irfth MUM; head mulli beDrpntnbcnuit ; 
one immH fci ixewri imljr faleated : rmAj^ZAim. 

LuCTMODOiu, lam-prod o-ma, r. (JanproSy bright, 
and dcMUM, • boQK^ Or.) A g«nai of Malluaca 
belonf^tng to the OlivuuD, or Oliro, in wbvcli the 
■tipll u mttriform; apira produced, conic, and ra- 
aemUtag nutra la ilupe, bat the aoton U chan* 
Mfiid, tbe apertan eSiua at the baM, and con- 
tnwM abore; the lower half of the pillar with 
riz or seren pblta : Family, VolntidK. 

LutnioscaPBA, bun-proalu-ra, a. (Ictrnprai^ bril- 
fimt, and t u t pUm , ft little w^ Or.) A gcnna 
9t AaMlont MeBtMca, b which the shell i> not 
wingid; dwjEial*, pod-ahmd ; toeth none : boates 
near the antnn'jr extretnuy— natina of tropical 
America: Family, UntooldK. 

LAxraotTOMA, lain-prDa'to-mii. a. (Jompm, brU- 
Baat, and atomo, a mooth, Gr.) A genns of MoU 
huca, In wtudi the shell is nmbilicatcd; pyruntdal 
ipbvv ftbratcd and acatc ; Uio basal wbwl mtieh 
flattened beoeatli, nnd aligblly oonTcx; pilUr 
Bjoral; the base shnrt, and marked by distinct 
pl«ita ; aperton struted, and tha loo«r lip want- 
ing 1 Family, TrochidK. 

LAMraons, lam-pro'tis, «. (lamprM, bright, and 
OM ofea, the ear. Or) Ageoaiaf birds: Fainil/i 

Lampkotis, lam-pTo'tis, m. (bmptviu, spUndaor, 
Gr. In refoinicc to the shining calyx.) A (Mas 
of small-braoched hnba, oalivia of tha Capt of 
Good Hop* : Ordc, Ericaceio. 

Lavtrotornixje, lam-pro-tawr-nio'*, *. Tb* 
GrackUa, a subfamily of Stnnudja, or Starling 
family, In wbieb tho bill la Ibnuhliko and com- 
p naw d, thi culmon corred from the baM, ftod tb* 
faloral toM oiiaqaaL 

LAMPROTOnNlft, lam-pro-ttwr'nU, t. (^tampret, 
brilliant, and ontis, a bird, Gr.) llie GnwkK a 
genus of birds : type of the aubfiuiuly Lan^ra(or- 

L&Mruac\ lam'pD-gos, i. A genoa of fisbeo, aOiad 
to the Corypbeoa, bat in which tha i-eotral fioft 
are equal to the pectrali. 

LAiiPWiCK,Ianip'wik,i. The plant PhoUi lyehnitifc 

Lavtteide, Um-pi're-de, t. llampgrta^ the glow- 
worm, Gr.) A family of aoA-akianed SerrioonMi^ 
cbaracteritcd by tho aoteonc being dooaly ap- 
proximalod at their base, the head buiog oonooaM 
bonnxth the thorax, or produced in the form of ■ 
•lumt ; the eyes of the QuJa are lar{^ and ^obolar. 

Laxftkis, lam'pa-cia, a. A gcoos of Coleopienoa 
insects, of which the ^owworm, L. imcttLen, b 
the type. The light wfnaed by the glowworm ia 
of a lambent, eltxtric, greenish eotonr, ohLoh tho 
insect can vary or suspend at pleasure ; Fftudly', 

UvNARiouK, U-na're-iia, a. Pertalniflg to wool 

I^XARKITE, lau'dik-ile, >. A ■ulaho-Oftibooftt* of 
load, finmd at LeadblDi in LasftrlEBliIn, Sootlaod. 
It eocnni In kng ftliodir 07«Uli, do^ or ftggro- 

tated into dbrwa nufties ; primair fonn, an ob- 
qne prism ; eoloor greenish, ytlluwiah, or gnyish t 
ap. gr. fi.8— 7. H = 2— 5. 

Lahabt, lan'a-ns, «. A atordunso for wool. 

T.AXATE, U'nate, > a. C&iwUttt, LaL) WooOy. 

LANAirn, la'nay-ted,) In Zoologj, amUoa when 
A part I* eorand widt fine, Tety long, flexUtk, and 
raihi!r curling hair, like wool. 

Lance, lana, i. (French, lattcta, LoL) A *fttBt 
an oflen^TO weapon bi form of ■ huf-piko, Bool 
by tha andenta, and thrown by the bftnd ; — r. d. 
to jnaioa with ft lanco, or with a thftrp-pointod 
inairumoot; to pierce or out; to open with a laneofct 
Lonet-eorponu, OM who acta is a oorporal, bok hoa 
only tbe p>y of ft prirato loldiar. Ltmct-Mrfftamt, 
one who acta aa a oergtant oti oorporal'a fuf. 
ljim»JS^—^n Ammodytn. 

Laxcely, laaslf. a. Suitable to a Isncv. 

Lancboulb, Un sF-o-lar, ) a. In Botan/, 

IJiKCBOl.ATlz, Un'•^-o-Ute, >• abspcd Uko a 

LANCKOLATEDflan'so-o-Uy-ted.) Unco; oblong, 
and grmdnally tapering towaidt each eitremtty; 

Tuw-flhaped. In Coocbology, applied to a imU 
an oblrag shape, and tapering gradoally to each 
end. In Entomoto^, when tne bait ia not oo 
broad as the centre, and tbe laisnl marina 
aligblly, but equally ewolleo, gradaally laparing to 
the apex. 
LA3iCEPaftAj}E, lans'pe-asde, «. (iiwn lite Italian 
loaota ipasaAi, a tMoken or spent lance.) One 
who, harlng brokra his lance opoo tho entmy, 
was entertained aa a rolnotKr-aasstant to a cap* 
tain of tnrantry. — Obsoltte. 
Lasobm, lan'sur, t. One who lanoes or carriei ft 
lance. In Military aflalia, one of a body of c«TaIi7, 
originally in Poland, bat bow omdbmb ia oUmt 









UxcKT, Uo'^ •. i^lanerUf, Fr.) A sbjup-potnt«d 
t«»-«d^.iarpcal instruoieiit, ntd la reoeMC- 
1190, and in optoing tmnoon, sbaoBMsa, &e. ; a 
pafaM lAoiaw. LafKtl-<frA, Is Archhsotore, 
« M^ tlM baad of irlddi is like tin pojnt of 
a IsMtt, sod BfOkl'.y applied to }oog nurtiw win- 

L4XCSWOOD, tan'wood:, f. Tb« Ea^lub name of 
lb* plaol Goatlchi tirgita vf Dtunll. 

laa*«f'*-nts; a. Deariog a Unoe. 
r, iWat^imii, o. Hav^ tbe fbnn of 

Uxcn-kTit, lan'f»-ut*» » a. (fanenio, Lat) To 
tear; to Uorfite. 

LtxciXATlox, lAn-«»-Qa'sbun, r. Teariag; Uoera- 

U](C«inA, l«ii<kr«'fth«-a, v. (protMbl^ from Um 
bama of Mmt botaiuat) A geoiu of pUote: 
Ordpr, ItjpsieaoaB. 

lun>, Uod, I. (Sax. Gfltb. Gmn. Dal. Dail ftmd.) 
£anh, or tha aoAid maUer whkih cnojitilotea tbe 
lad fMflft of tka mttkta of tba globe, in diatinc- 
iIm fmn tba Mt fir othar watcn^ •bieh oonsti- 
ttti tba ftad or Bsvibk part ; a csotintf; ; « 
nsiaB, diitinel litom otbar eoootnea ; ao; nruU 
faitiDB af tba as^arfloial part of tba ruth or 
ptnaii peaad or aeU lo raapaet to fu oMnro 
ar fH&lyi real artatt; tba inbabliaota of a 
flBiitti7«rra^oii; a tudon or people. 

TlNM wmwfrt A ttl* rtlmt nkhl ttctittA, 
Tbt kinc bbDMlf dlTQlg'd. tbeWl b«tieve>L~ 


7» matt Ae bad, «r to nake tamf, among sea- 
no, ii to dnooTcr land firom tea as tha ship 
mnacbw U; to ■*«< it Ou imd, to Ion aigiit 
<i lbs IsBd Wt, ity tlic intcrraitljon or a puiat or 
FnooaCor;; to m CA« land, to ho bjr ih« oMn- 
M bow it bears fxoic tbe ship; — {Aland, or 
wad^ Sax.) urine ; fiom tliU latt4r iiieamRg 
pnbabl; oonMa tlie oM erpreasMm Itrnd-d amn , 
li'Ciiirjrin^ the taking awn/ a nuo'a UW, or, in 
<>tl0 words, to iHef tbe ofdiaaf7 paiaagaa and 
fBDctidoa of natarr. 

WouU 1 knew Ifae TlUjiln, 
I •oald iMiManM hita.—SJmJtM. 

Vmd-ioe, an old law term from tbe Saxon boc, a 
baok, ■i g ni^- in g a cbarter or dead bjr wbicb land 
vai beM. Ltm d eUtgt, a cDstaufj fiM pnd at 
tmjr aKenalion of land J^iag wltUo aocno manor 
er liberty of a borongti. Land-gabtt, or lamd- 
ftnel, a tax or rent iafoing odl of land, according 
to Doonttdaj-book. toHd-matty ona who reaps 
with amtber tra the same er i4faeenl ridge of land. 
I mi d o fi e t , an office in a eolonjr where new landu 
vtiBMaad re^stered, warrantd Urtted for the loca- 
tiaa of tanda, and other botineas transactMl oou- 
nected Uleivwilb. lAnd-rail, the m\g^\otj bird, 
Ktlhu crex ; called aUo the Corncmke, from its 
f iiBai' C17. Lamd'tcuny, an nircction eonkbt- 
iag of droolar tpoia, liripea, and patcbea, seat- 
laad erer the aima, thl^ and tmok ; the 
PSrpofa haMnorrhagfca. Lwi-tpnng$, aonroes 
«f eater, wLid only ooom* into action after beav; 
niaa> tmrn d i frn ' u r rf , a penon who baa the care 
uf a knd estate; — r. 0. to art on ahorei lo dla- 
onlMtk ;— T. a. to go on abore from a ahip or 
UxsAMltA!!, land'am-man, a. 'lite mma giren 
taSwitairiand t« the prendrnl of the llelretlaR 

n^ublic. Tbe aaine title is also glrm lo tba 
bighest mngifttratc of the ten cantons. 
LaitDAU, tan'daw, «. Tbo name giren to a parti- 
cnLu- kind of carriage, wUeb optna and cloaea at 
the top. It ii M aaDod frma baring bean fli« 
made at Landan, a town in Germanj. 

LaND-BliEEze, Uod'brreai, a. A nirrent of tia 
setting from the bnd towarda the ua. 

Larded, Und'ed, a. Itaving an eatata in tud; 
oousisttng in real t^tAte or land. 

LAHorALt., laod'fawl, t. A audden tratuUtlon of 
propertT in land by the dauth of a rich mm; 
among aeasum, the fini land diiODTttvd after a 

Laso Flood, land flud, «. An ovaff t ow i m ef taal 
by water; on innndftlton. 

Lajcd FoKfiB, land for**, ». A mititary ftrce; 
nrmy or troops SFjring on land, aa i&thiguUbad 
from n naral tbtte. 

Lakdoratb, Und'jpnTe, a. (Jamd, earth, and grrffi 
« yniw, judgo or co'^iut, Gtrm.) A natne for- 
merly given to tfaoatt wbo exacolad juftice in 
behalf of tba empmn of Genminy, wilb ragird 
to the internal pukiy of tbe conntry. Tbe t«nn 
b now spiked, by way of eminence, to thoea 
aoraratga princes of tbo emfMra who ponesa, by 
tnberitinee, certun estates, called Landgnivtirt«a. 

KandooatiaTS, Und-gra'TB-ate, t. The territory 
held by a la&dgnnrr, or hb office, jnriediction, or 

Landholdsb, landliolde-nr, r. A huldrr or pro- 
prietor of land. 

I. iNuiiuitB, lan'de-mera, «. An arobaiola^ca] tern 
for moamna of land. — Obsolete. 

LANono, Uadlog, I «. A plaoeeon- 

LAKMSO-rLAOX, Itnd'faifF-phMfi stmcted ftn- 
landii^l paawDMn and goods firom a vessel. In 
ArcbHeiiture, Uw Icrmmatbg floor of a flight of 
atkin, either above or bekw. 

LtsroiSBCTA, tan-di-rek'ta, #. la Law, asrnceB 
and dntlet laid on thooe who held land In the 
Umo of tba Saxons.— Ofaeobrte. 

LAifDJomBS, lind^b-bnr, a. A man who mnkn 
a biuaneaa of buying land on speculation. 

Landlady, landlay-de, >. A woman who bss 
tenants holding from her; tbe mistress of an Inn. 

Lasdij:0S, land'iws a. Withoni property ; with- 
out fortnte. 

Landix>ck, Isnd'Iok, r. a. Tu «n«?lMe or encom- 
paas by land. 

Landlopeb, land'to-pur, 1. A Undman; a oon- 
lemptuons torm used by seamrn to da^gnai« s 
man who pui'Ses liu life on Innd. 

Laxdlord, lanil'lttwrd, 1. {hnd-Mtffvrd, Sax.) 
Tbe lord of n tonnor or of luid ; the owner of 
land who has tenants nnder bim ; tbo maitar of 
an inn or tavem. 

Lakdlordky, Undlawrd-ro, «. Slate of a Und- 
lord.— Obeoleto. 

nif»rln« illpe of petty ImMdlofAj.-Bp. BaO. 

Landman, land'man, r. A man wbo aotres on 

LAlTDMAttK. landWrk, f. A mark to dealcnate 
tbe boandary of Inod ; any mark or fixed ohject. 
In Nnrigation, any elevated object on land that 
serves as a guido to seamen. 

LA^tDotrniA, lan-dol'fe-a, $. (named after M. 
Landolpho, a captain in (he French navy.) A 
genua of .African ptsTiti', cooMFiting of shrubs with 
white flowers. 




LaVDOWVBS, Utu)'o*liur, l. A propcielar of lud. 
LAinannrB, Uad'racr, ». A aDbocmaato oAo«r on 

tQ ntftmra caUU, wbo tcU u no ualsUnt to 

the luid-stofAnL 
LjLHDKJkrc, Uod'tkape, x. (Umdichop^ Dat la*/- 

«tu/>, Swod.) A div«nttied portloa or rcgwa of 

ooODtiy. wliich the evo cao eompnbeiid at » fiogle 

riew ; a [licture, extiiUting the fonn of a liiatriet 

df ooDnli;, with I(wulltaiQ^ rivori, lakes, &c, as 

fu as the c;c cui reach ; the new or pravpect of 

■ dialhct of coiuitfy. Land»ca§M gardemimg^ the 

ait nf lajing out gnnmds so u to produco ibc 

cfTfCt oroaluml IitniJecape. 
LAUDBLIlfE, lani'aliJoJ ». A part of a hill or 
LAUDBLU', iaml'ilip, / monotain, which ftliiles 

or ilips doini, la cooiaqowico of Lciog onder- 

rnhkod md ita lupport impt awaj', to oocurreoco 

firt^twaUy h»p[>«iiiii;; in SuritMrland. 
LutDSMAM, Innji'inin, «. In Kaiilicol language, 

« Mdktr o& board a ahip, «bo ha« noi bofon l^n 

•1 w*. 
LAnnnsEUUtT, Uiid'itrulc, t. A uArraw lUp of 

lud.— Obsoletr. 
LiU(o-TAX. tand'taki, «. A ttx laMMd en land 

ud buUdiofh 
Lasd-tciv, laod'tuni, «. A wtod that btowi In 

the nfght at ctrtab tlmt* in moat hot coutiioB. 
XtASDW-ATtcit, landVii^-tar, «. Ad ofBor of tb« 

cmtonu, KhoH dut; u to wait or attend on tb« 

binding of gooda. 
Ljljiuwaxo, Lmd'mwTd, «<i Towanla tbo land. 
Laxdwebb, land'wer, #. Tbv militM of Aoitria 

■ad Praada. 
LAXDn'iAP, brad'wind, 9, A wind blowing fimn 

th(i land. ' 

LAXDVOKKcn, land'wnrk-iir, «. Ontt vho tills ths 

Lux, law, «. Qaask, Dot.) A naiiow wij or pa»- 

a^i u aUev; ■ piw^ betwMO UncsoC num, 

or people ituding on moi odb 
Laxoaha, Wgv-ba, a. A emm of nooiDoas wr- 

pmts: Familjr, VtpendK. 
Lavouixxiii, IftD'ge-maD'ni, «l In Law, u obso- 

leto word lor Iscdi of nuuion, — Sir Edioard Colt, 

LaxobaoBi laog'gr^f,) «. A fortieolar kind of 
LairoiUU^ InjC^nl, t "IiO* l>*Bd ut rea, formrd 

of bolti^ oaiia, ban, or othor pJMea of inn ti»l 

togjttbir. Vfhta aibotiTel; diachargHl, it woonds 

or oaniai off III* tarraj'a maata, and aoldom fails 

i» tearing his aalk and riggini;. 
LAMlinTt^ lang-oet'tl,*. A long bcich lo sit on. 
Laxqtzsauw, Ung-tor-a-W, «. A gnnw at 


A» old nhi^imf b«nl both wjij* I7 UUjr Uit alna- 
nac^oakcr. Bjr luck at tonpfcnUm,— TaOtr. 

LakOVAOE, lang'prije, s. (iiin<;r<V«. Fr.) Iltunui 
mseh ; tlta capmsion of ideas bj word* or stg- 
mBcant articnlat« sounds, far the ccuuntink&Uoii 
of tboagbt-, word! duly amn^ In aroteac«c, 
writtea, plintad, or cogmred, and exhibited to tha 
ejt ; thv tpMch or exptMatoo of ld«M p«ouUar to 
a paiticolar nation I ttyle; tcanner of cxpresiion ; 
the insrticalatc sounds by which Irratioou animals 
•Xprasi their (telings aud wants ; any uianntr vT 
evprMBOg thonghts^ b» the tangiia^ of tfao eyo ; 
k nation, aa distingtualwd by their spewh;^-«t a. 
to gi\« lonpuge to; to expWM.— Obaolato aa a 

LAKOCAaxo, hmg'ginTJd, a. Knowing Ungnags ; 

BttQg laogaafB pfoperiy or gmoafony; bani^ 

TMiow JanjpugM. 
He. wanfrinf loar. n vldor strcla na4a^ 
And nany I w yiwyil aattoos has aarraj'tl.— rwt* 

LiKoOAOB-MAaTRIt, Iang'gwi^i-ma>-tnr, • On* 
whoM pmCbwHi it to t«ach Ua^Mgos. 

LAKOrxo, lang'gudn, o. In Hnnld^, in vplthit 
AppliwI to such inlmabi wheao Imko*^ epfMariiiK 
our uf the month. U bane of • wfibtMl ooloor 
fium the rest of the body. 

LxvQvam. hw-ga-M'te, aj. (lulian.) In Md- 
sic, a diractioD to the peifmner, dalMtiiig that Ibo 
portion so marked is to be performed ia • mA 
Isngaiabiog manner. 

LAXOtTBT, huig'gwit, «. (iu^iwMe, Pr.) Aay^Mf 
aa in tito form of o toogtM. 

LA^aoBTri; bng-gnt', e. The Fraoeh nana fcr 
tbfl tongM of a jack in a barpalduad ar apiaal ; 
thti ralra whkih opena or afattts the wind-chaM In 
an organ, to admit the air iato the pipaa whan a 
key 1b preaaed down. 

LAXOOni, lan^gwid, a. (trnffuiJatf LaL) VUot; 
woak; tiwbis-, flagipng; indirpoaed to aaartiaa; 
doH; b«ttl«eat wiibont animation. 

LANOtnOLr, lang'gwid-Ir, ad, Waakly; fceUyt 

r^KormxESS, Nns'gwid-DaBfa. WastofalR^tii; 
yteak neiu ; rmhlrniua. 

La^gcisu, biig'gwiBh, r. n. (hmgmr, lamgmlmaKt, 
Fr.) To grow ftehlf; to pine away; to loas 
ctrmgth or animal hpirita; V> wilhor; to bde; 
toloaa tbavii^tjiliiig ]K>wttr; tognnrdnll; to b« 
no longT iiciivc A»d vigurons; to pine or nnk 
nadsr aonvw or any continued ptWoo t to knk 
ffUb BoltDCM or tcodcn»a«; — r. A. to mak« faiUa; 
to mm to droop or pine ; — (a«ldoai Doad aa an 
OBtivn wb;) 

like a Mwlectetl vok*. 
It wtthen 041 itio italk wttk hwyiht'd lioa^— 

— «. net of pining; aln, a aoft ar taadv leak or 

Awd Ou t>lM bHVMU ofeoft AOUls e|%-A^ 

LAXOnsitSR, lang'gwish-ur, «. One who Isn- 

goishes or pines. 
Lak«ui»iiino, tang'gwisb-ing, «. FccbloneMt Isaa 

of slrvogth ;— a. hJtriog a langnld appeannc*^ 
LAHouianrsoLT, lang'gwi«h tng-K odl WeaUy; 

feebly ; slowly ; with tender faftnan. 
Lanovisumkmt, hmg'gwisb-meDti t. The atataof 

pining ; soflneas of look or meln. 
Lakcdob, lang'gwnr, «. (Latin) Fidntntaa; dal- 

nesa; bearincaa; tasstlnde of body ; that state of 

the phyneal system whtdi b hiduoed by exhans- 

tlon of strength ; Ustleanif ss ; Boftoeaa ; Usitv. 
La!(ocoiioi'b, lang'gwnr-us, o. Tedioos; mnaa- 

choly. — Obadrte. 

Dear laAj. Iiow flhall ( ilcolnr* thy ease, 
Whom lat« I left to lo^asraw aonastmtat I— 

Ijlhquub. — See Ijingnlsh. 

LavooUA, laog-gja'ro-o, 1. A geoos of Coleopter- 
ous insects^ belMi^ttg to the family Claripalpt of 

LAKiARn, Ua'ydnl, M. (AsNierr, Fr.) A abort pieea 
of lope or liiu^ oaod for faatening aomathing in 
ship^ It is alto ttsed to extend tba shnmds and 
stays of the masts, by their oammuntcoboD whh 
the dead ryea. 

Laxubt, la'Da-«r><s », A ahamhlaai a plaea of 


LAKIAt£— LAliTAliA. 


fUa^ter; — A. UarinK; rmiliniK. Tn Ziioti^-, 
the UnftriM (ifajitM luMMiru, livtii ItMna, I Inr, 
LflL) w* thoM tong «atun|[ ta«b atu U> Uw in- 
ctaor^ Tbcf a« fikairiM ealiti itaim aami, 
(4<)^. iMih 1 .,.,1 4mIm m^miidl 
Livi 1 1 ''.a. (Amiii, Lat.) To Utr In 

LutUTiuM, Uj-u(^-«'klii)n, «. A taring ia {iwcx. 

UKtIkA,lM'«-4M,J.(&HWM,dBMof iMgnitnL) A 
SmSfy ttt UidB, knam In th* hum of tlw Slirikc-*, 
or Dotchar-MHli. — SooLnuoa. 

LAJcrrciiora, l*>(iiror>iift, a. (Anvt, wool, nni/trv, 
I btor, LaL) Booriof; or produdng wool 

LinnCAL, U-ntf' e-4«t, m. Working in wool. 

LiXtncK, UnVfiii, a. ^Amo, wool, ond Ac<o, I 
Btk^ L«L) TIm act ct a[)uuuDg, cording, anil 
BM^ ««)L— OteoltfA 

iLmWMOCT, k-oti*«r-w, a. (bM^tr, LaL) Bear- 

Lucuioiu, k-Bfr-*-«o'nu, «. (laoiaM, tba botdur- 
binl, ittJ MMH, tba bodj, lir.) A inbgenus uf 

. tUi^ bokiegjlif to the AmpdUdje, or C^tonn. 

LASionaica, lu-«-«J'o-<rai, «. (Inu, vool, luul 
ftfo^ I euiT, lA) A fEDDf of NndlbnuKhktUi 
iHliM GMtaropodi^ m BtlDtd ftxMn thotr being 
pmididonoicfl diiwlth n iiriM uf soft luninw, 
fiMlf !*■*■■"*-*. aii dMdad Into t«u p«rtJL 

Luau, lft4iil't&, 0. (LiCte.) lo Aotiqdtjr, an 
tOBiteav ImI Ban Aooiuulj o raoKor gUdia- 
loi; iffao tMgbi tho 1B0 of un», and bad olirojs 
PmIo lador Urn rtodf to exhibit obowa of that 

UaiCTXSf U-Bift't«i, «. (ilBnarto, a rracing-maf4«r, 
Ijl ?; A enu of Hollnaea, tn wbkh the ab<'ll 
b oral, tfai ia i w aa lf wofaioow ; t)ie onbonw fto- 
BiissBt, with drfor^og clwaind ttriie; bin;^ mnr- 
ffi oot abratad or aocolMed; taeth ooiioi Pu- 
mOf, AricnGdr. 

Luma, U^ni'tea,'. (loaaoing anknown to oa.) A 

ra of MoUoaa, in which tba abcll ia mortod ; 
budj whorl vaoficaaa raljr in tho tniddle ; 
Mar lip fanerallj thin : Patiitljr, Tnrbidm. 

Lunoa, La'no-oa, jl Thit BulcliiT-bird, or Sfarik«s, 
t (Coua of paaaarina binU, w named from tJte 
h^ir aad atmogar bii^ being pmlatiirj opou 
■utQ bSnla, which thay altacfc and devoor : T^pe 
rfthateailj i--**»i» 

LuK, lade, «. (ktmca, Sw.) Loeao or bx, and 
■dy fwUiag to | we wum ; sot dittcodod; not 
■Iff or finn fa; diatcoaioa ; not phimp i lean : 
ik w ig} iiMM^n ; not foil and firm ; langoid | 

l*n.t.T, lankle, otl Tbinljr; louaolr; taxlf. 
UnixBM, Lmk'Ma, t. huity ; flabbuiaaB ; laan- 

d<b; aland ero wa. 
Untr, lanVa, a. A rulgar oipKadoo to denoto 

• unthto pentm. 
Unva, laaWf a. (lamio, I taar, I^.) A aprciaa 
I rf faleaa ucd En bawkliiK— tho Paleo lanaika. 
' h «« wat^tMOj mUod (bo I.eonanl-bawk. 
UanB^ la'asr-ot, f. The mab Lannar, Fako 

Uaagranrr, lu/faa-oot, a. (FreoA.) A oommon 

l>M>laaUlcrt tho Damo of acoruin gamo at cards 

tf Ftndl octgln. 
UiTTAJiA, buKU'oa, a. (oQO of tb« aoaifot names 

af VDraratitii, to vfaVk H bu » IttUa raaamblanot 

b fbl^^} A c"n> oT oluqbsi Ordar, Var- 

LairrAKiFlf. lin-U'iio-ani, >, {lamiMmo, 1 birfc, Or, 
from iu hoTlTig Uln oonooabdhi Ihooraaororrinm.) 
A DaiDO giren bj Moaandcr to a d*w matol, tho 
cropertba of wUoh mn mniUr lo IhoM of oeritim. 
Tba aarhooatcs of both ar« wbita and iBiolat>I« ; 
the solpbateo »ehiblo ond OTTStAlilabb ; BTtnbol, La. 

LairTUDr,Ua'ium,«.(iiM*nir, Ft.) Atramanot 
enae, Tarioualjr abapad. for oafrytng a llntt * 
tiglithottari, or light to dintt tho oonno of ahipa. 
In ArebitMtare, a Ihtb dome tuod error tho roof 
of a buOduir to pvt tt Dgbl, and lo aam as a 
crowning to the fitbcio ; a i^nare em* of oirpoiitry 
pUoed orar tfae ridge of a corridor or ffCOnTf, bo- 
twMn two rows of abopa, to illomlnnto thwi, 
i^anfc lamttfu, ooo with oolj one oju-i.. 
may be closed hj a ibatter, and the li i 
hid. Fiatt itf Uintfmi, ia ChuM, « v«>«,ifiai«u 
fitast liald on the flrat matitb. and an ofttted from 
tha infinite nDmbcr at Laatems bong ont fa tho 
alrotCa on tho oooaaiun. Jtfojpic fimfem, aa optical 
ioatniEnafll, by nbkh little pMotod tmageo »n r«- 
pcaaitad, ao mu^ magnified a» to ba aoooootod 
Iha aAci of magic by tho igaorauL £«MlarM 
toktd^ in Mwhaifea, a kind of puxbn, having, la- 
atoftd of laatra^ oylindriea) laMh or bor^ oallad 
tnmdlea or qjilodba, on whicfa tbo laath of Iba 
main wheat aota^ Lamtamfy^ tha English lunno 
of tba tesecta of tha pnna Fugert. 

LAirrEXir-JAvaf bn'toia-Jain, a. A this riaagt. 

LAircoiNOL's, U-cB^aaB| o. (Im^^fcew, UL) 
Doway ; covarad wwi ifen, or flsa aaft hair. 

Ltant, Ungha, Si. InAjitiqnltj, aklodofbnad^A 
or pbttar wfakh was umhI la lacrifloai; and whoa 
ftind with farioua ftidta ta ho oflkrad to CaMOf or 
any ath«r of tha gods, H was wUcd Sottare, 

Lavtakd.— Saa Laniard. 

Laoooox, b-ok'o-on, a. In Fabuknu Hlitary, Ui« 
prirat of ApoUo or Neptune daring the Tngan 
war, who, wbib engaged io aaurifieing a bolt to 
Ncptona, waa with hb two aona ernahed to death 
br an anornMnaaarpent, aaBt by Mtnarra to roTaoga 
l& ha^ng andaamarcd to ■t*'^^^ the Trofani 
flmm -lit^tttM tha fiuaoaa wooden horae withio 
tboir wi^a. !um antjaet fivma ana of the moa 
bcaatlflil groiQa of eenlpABro in anebnt art. 

LAODioiLut, liy-od-c-oe'an, a. Like the CbriatUoa 
of LAodiwa, lukewann ia roliffian. 

LAODicKAiriaH, lay-od-e-Be'aa-izin,s;. Lakavarm- 
RMBm ratigioiL 

Laojckdha, la-o-ma'do-a, a. (I^omodon, king oF 
Troy.) A genoa of Corali : Family, TiibobriL 

Lap, bp, «. (Ait^m. Sax. Put. Dan.) Tba looao 
part of a coat ; the bwor part of n gamiest that 
pbya looocly; the port of clotbM tbal ilea on tlie 
Icaeaawboti a ptraon niudown. In Arohiteotore, 
tha part of one body which lioa on or oovon 

It ffcv>U eaith Uritig plant with Itqalil up. 

And aiU with Bow«r« fair fhira'a palulM iop.-* 

— •, a. to band and lay orn or en : to wrap or 
twbl roRod : lo tafold i to tnTolva ; — v. a. to lo 
tpreadorUid; tolietariwdinrDr; — (/ipptea,8ax.) 
lo take up litpior or food witli the tongoo; to fHal 
or driok by licking* 

larAKOCBLB, U^pa-ro-wl*, $. (Jmjxtm, tha region 
of thaloina, and ktU, Xwrxiln, (1r.) luimbar bemla. 

I.An>oa, bp'dog, a. A litllf d<tg fondled ia the lap. 

On* orUimi tnada lila wmrt to tlio \afi09, to Unproira 
hb lntcrv«i with ilie lady.— <Mlb^ 


LapKL, U-pel', t. That pant of flie coat wbkli 
vnfm OTtr tbe f»cing. 

X«ArBLLBli, Ik-pold', a. FnmUbcd with Up^ 

LU^YBOUSU, l«-f>iir-n>u'xlit>-tt, I. (iD tlODOOT of 
LAptTTDuas, tiie crlobratrd and unfortnoatc Frmcti 
RftvigMtor.) A genus of plants : Order, Iriilacctc. 

LAPrcL, lap'ful, «. As much u the lap can contain. 

IjirniUA, W'iT-«, f. A mniime of Duda nt 
I'atne, [n Achma, wherr alie had » temple. Thv 
DaBW wu |pv«Q la tlie eoddcsa (nmi LBp1mu^ 
Um 100 of Dalptmi. la /.oolns:^, « genos of Dip- 
tannttfawMU: Family, TanyatoniA. 

IjkriCIDK, tap'e-aiJv, «. (fn/H*, a atoac. and ftnfo, 
I cot, IiBL) a flone-cuttcr.— OlMoletc. 

Lapidaiuods, bp-e-da're-OB, a. (U^idaritu, IjA.") 
Steay ; coaaitdan of itiaoei. 

LtflAJJiT, Up'e>dar-«, *. (b^ndaire, Fr.) Aa 
Ktifloer «ho cota predoiu atones ; a dmler la 
pndoiti itooes; a irirtnoso akilled iu the natnre 
■od luiuU of gemi or predona atoDfla ; — a, reUting 
to tli0 art of ootUog >Umw. Lcgpidary jf^Zc, in 
CwnpositJon, tb« pnpar styla for taoDumentat or 
elbar tnKiipCieu, and tbflDM aoaetiinai tbt pliFue 
I» OMd to aAww a ttne, expranira sQrIa. 

LAnsATEi tap>-dat<-, r. o. To itooa.— -Otwileta. 

LapIDATIOK, lap-e-da'shBQ, «. The act of atoning 
s ptnOD to death.— S«ldon nsmL 

L&riDBOCS, h^pidVut, a. Stoof) of the ruiiuic 
of atona. — Seldom owd. 

LtflDBflCSllOB, la|>^-dfls'aetvi, •■ Ttw proecaa of 
booooiing stone ; a itonj concretion. 

Lafiukscrkt, lap-e-dea'aAit, a. Growing or tam- 
ing to ston«; tbat hia lJi« quality of pOirilying 
bodioa; — a. any sabatanoa which baa the quality 
of pcbi^g a body or convtrtiofi; U to cUoe. 

Ii&ni>l«JCDAlCl,Iap'o^asjUHla'e.oa,«. Anama 
fortnerly given to certain ajune* of foasil Echiniten, 
fbuod in Jade*' 

Lapidific, la{>-cHlirik, o. (Jopu, andyucw, I tnake, 
Lat.) Formitig or converliug into i>t<jtic. 

LiPIIiinCATIOIT, la-pbl-o-fe-ioi'Bhun, m. The 
operaticn nf forming or convorliDg into a atonjr 

LATilJiFr, U-pid'e-R, r. a. To fumi hilo stone; — 
a. a. to lant bto ntono ; to bMOtne atone. 

LAnDlftT. — See LapkUry. 

Latilu, la-pini, a. ^'ulcaoic ctndara, in whkb are 
lobular coDGiationa. 

Ltftt, bip'ii, t. (Latin.) !□ Boimm Aniiqalty, 
Blenlljr ■ Mooe, but cied to algoify a mile — the 
dcipa of m flarto n ea. L. armenms^ Anpoalan 
atom, foond in mbflL TbeoolDorcalM MisiiDa 
it pwp M ld fimcD lb. L. atkm, oagla-atOM, a 
VBM^ of ina en, lonoariy Mppooad to hara btoa 
Ibod b Uw eagWi seat. L. iiiaoar, a o u oawt l o n 
ftwid in tbt atWDwlia of oattain aniaiala; tlw 
orioiftrltf, or eaitare, fouitd io Attacie ptMUea 
and anUtopei, was fonDoriy oouldarad of fpvA 
value ; the ooeUnftiAa^ or wMtam, Ibaod H other 
Komaii, waa much obeaper, and * oaed ioatead of 
tbo fcrnier, by peraaoa who bad fiuth bat oo 
owiwy, or apoUiacariat with won eonadonoa than 
«rdiaary.* — Grey. Tha <qp£r hBoor^^wA'lHM coo- 
drtad dT efioal porta oT AnDenian bole and dried 
blood, with tnncUact of stun tra^aeanlh. q. *. L. 
taimJBtritf (catmimt, a ned,} ctlambe; tm- 
pno CHbeaate of litiB. L. enfaamw, Unwaton'-, 
aoodataef aHfaonoadd and ruse, uailed with argil, 
rfki, "tHI'i and oxide of inn. It i> uiod to 
form lime for phtnnanutkal p ur pow. L. ear- 

.fnoMHB, a qaadrangular fiat bon(>, ydlow, and 
ntbcT cartOai^a*. L. cmlnyrrvm, the Pulvla 
Contrayemc Compoaltna. P. L. before 1600. 
Cuntrayerrn balle. L. iJmtala, Dantaliam. D. 
cntatis. Toolb-aluslL />. i/jemw, Lapta opbtbal- 
miciu, the name given by Beer to n ooaipomd of 
n aubaoetate of copper, nitrata of putaaaa, and 
alom, melted together in cr|njj prapertiima (or 
an eye-Iotion. L. hirmatilu, blood-etone{ an boa 
ore, QBod In barmorrhaftea. /, Attetmicw, Har- 
deria, or Irlah alate ; a hard atone found hi Inland. 
JU it\/h"wlui aire iqaiau, the Fotaaaa com ealcc 
Tbe old name of the CaoaUc Potaaaa. JU bW^ 
L. armlmt, L. cjroaiu, axure-ttooo ; a miotral, 
fnm which tbo blue coloor uttramarima ia (aniaiail. 
Ik %Kfiiia^ lydian-stone ; a gpedas of flinty ilate, 
aoowtfaoee used as a tooidwtone lor aaoart«liitB|C 
the purity of gold and lUrer. It waa aa named 
by tie andcnta flora its being found in the TrnDloa, 
a river of Lydia. Zn manati, inanat'-atooOt Ibo 
tooth of tho aeaH»w, emplnyed for artillcial teeth. 
The Lipu manati tjmriuM la a flat bono, aotiMwhat 
umilar io weight and hardnics. There ara ^wd- 
mana of both of theaa in the Lcmdon Colkfce of 
Phyaidant. L, vudicamfMto9U$, a pnpanlioo of 
atiun, GtJiafge, Armenian bole, ooboChar, litriul, 
iind vinegar, boiltid to a strong coosiatetios. L. 
rujjArtficnx, nephrite, a mineral, of which thtra in 
two kindji: common nephrite;, and axo-stoM, Of 
Amaaonian atona, «o called fntn ita beinf* fbitnd 
on the baaka of the Amaton. L. ol&rru, (oOo, a 
/km;) pot-ntone, n mtnsnil foood on th« ahore* oi 
tlir lake Couto, in Luinbardy. T*. pelrncprmi, 
perigotd-ilODe, found in niinea, and oaed to coloar 
^Mm Mack. Z^ ftnmdla, Sal pruaelle, or lore 
throat aalt, made of melted nitre aod flowers of 
aulphur, jwored into moulds. L. fimncr, pamioe- 
stone; sjiungy, swims upon water; need whole ai 
a kind of file, in powder aa a polishing powder, 
and added to aottto dentriSoes. 

LjLPmuc, lapVcAa, *. In Fabaloas BisCoiy, a 
paopla of Tbeaaaly, chiefly knowo to na frnn tbrir 
oonleata with bbe Cehtaara, deactttied by Haalod 
aod Odd. 

LaPITBTK, lapVtAoH, i. In Fsbolous Kiatory, tlia 
BOB of ApoUo aod titilbio, a brother of Centaonia, 
aad p w y nk or of the I.aphluc 

LjLPLAOKa, tap-k'sa-a, j; (io ho&onr of tbe oak- 
bratod maUMmatidan, the Uangnia da ImUo^) 
A gaous of plaota, oonaiMiag of inna or uc^t 
Order, Tonutramiaee*. 

Laplaxoch, lipland-ur, «. A aatifo of Laolaad. 

LAPLitto, laplmg, ■. A tonn of ooDtRDpt nr aoa 

wr a p p e d Bp in aemoal ddi^ls 

Too moat not itream oat yoor yonlta la wtae, aad tlva 
B lufffiv to tbe allk aad datotfaa.— jft io. 

Lapltsu, lop-Bsb'fr-a, a Tbe Sca-haro, a genoa 

of TeeUbraochiate MuUoaca. 
Lappa, lap'pa, *. Burdock, a giaw of Oeapirfta 

pUota : Subordor, TnbolJdora:. 
Lappaoa, lap-pa'ga, $. (from the flowcra being wei 

tike Lippa or OnrdodL) A genua of plaotat 

Order, Uramioaccx. 
LArren, Up'i>ar, «. Ooetb44lBpa; ooetkatwiapi 

or folds: one tbat takea op with tbe tongue. 
Lappet, Inp'p'^ '■ ^ V*^ <^ ' garment or drta* 

that hann looae. 
Lapbaha. bp-aa'na, ». (lapa:o, I purge. Gr.) Xij»- 

plewort, a i;eiiui i>l Composite pL*nt4: Soburder, 






Ltns, Upi, & (tafm, LbL) A flidiog w dun-ing ; 
1 tawotb oavM; a Uuine or piMng; pettr 
■nr; t iSp; b £ulia^ in osiy; a iB^ dari^ 
&a frniD tnth or nctittide. Id Law, a tl^ or 
mmmaa td a patmo to {inaeat to a diuich wnliln 
n BODtbi aner it beootnw void; in which ctM 
vfl my, tLe bene&cc u in tapie, or Japtai, Lajuc 
k alao denoed to ba a tpecMi of AHetton, wbercb; 
the riflit of fCB—utitioo to a cbonb aconn to 
t)kt or£iui7 fy ocgJect of tlw patron to preaeDC, 
to dio meCropoIitBD b^ Detect of the ordiruiy, 
■ad to tbs )aag \>j ocgI«cC of the metropDlitau. 
Lapteit Itgatf, b where tba k^itte dico bdbre 
Um taitalof; or when a liftaqr u Bfta npoo a 
fitfMi taatingfrnej, am) the >flgBtM omi befon the 
BMrtififfBcy kappcns ; a>, ir a tqttcjr be left to 
•§7 oao, wImd m attaias, or if be attaina, the 
tgB of Iwntty-oaa, and be diea bdora that thne, 
li ii a bfMd legacy, and shall niok into the raidtn 
rf tlw psnoBU aititok In TbeoloKr* the fall or 
tfttUrj of Adam ,< — v, u. to glide slowiji to fall 
t^degnta; to fidl in anjrlhine ; tu ilip; tocuiii- 
mit a fiudt ; to llip •■ bj Unuivcrttiicy ur mutalie; 
to (all bj the tttffifjBatt of aue proprielor to aii- 
c4hier ; to £Ui from a atita of iiuioeenoc, or Aram 
troth, ialtb, ur puik<aiuu. 

UruDBS, Up'N-dcO, a. In a ship, haWa^ one 
iide haanof than llx other. 

lirsxDXK, kp'stoii«, 1. A cobbler'A •tone, oo whicb 
he hantmen b» leather. 

Unci LiVGtTJK, lap'siu Ha^gnt, a. (Latin.) A 
•lip of the taagot-, a Eoiaake iu attcriiig » vrati. 

l^rwisOi lap'wtng, a. The VaocIlLia crUtatu»; ' 
kaowa abo bjr the ca m e of Fefr*trit, or in Soot- ^ 
Uod hj that of I'eAK- weep. 

IrirwoBK, bp'wurk, #. Wurlc io which cite put 
bpt mar at»th«r. i 

Uqcluuos, lak-kw«-«'i»-us, t. la Antttiait;, an | 
xthlii^ who bald a aait of tnan> called a AifacKs i 
i& ODt hand, by whkb be mlnvoured to etitawo 
4bi! abCaogla hia astajpMtsI, and ia the other a 
poRtafd la lUb htm. 

Uomrs OCTTZIua, hiklcnn-us pil'tur-b), M. (La- 
tio.) Literaliy. a aooau of tho tlintat ; a maliK- 
ftaitt iaflammalioo ol the LotuiU, ia which the 
pdSeol apptmn aa If ui(K>cat«il by a ooose. 

Lu, Idt, M. fhtr, XaftZa, (Ulio.) A bouaahold 


On tba I»l7 ttearUi 
The Xara aad Letntnee looao wiib mldnlijlit pluInL 

LuAUL'H, U*ni're-ain, a (Latio.) Ia anoent 
Afthxtetfan, tba apartnant in which the hm or 
knaa foda mwn dipeeltad. It frequently coa- 
tiiaad, baMdaa tbeoe^ atatoes of the pn>pHetar3r. 

Uwomn, IdaKbord^ «. The luunc ^» by aea- 
Ma to Um laft-baod aide of a iliip wheo looklai; 
fcnrard tnm the atam, opnoaed to ttarloard; 
Wieant ttct, ao called wb«a a aliip i« dose 
Uilad, with the wtod oo her Urboanl ^ide : lar- 
hoard toaicA, a dinsoo of a sbipV cuinpany oo 
ih^, whila thfi fltbat ia relieved fntm it ;— a. pctv 
hiiuitg to th« U-il-hand tide of a ship. 

LutBUca, htr'bre-a. f. (in boaour of th« Abbe do 
Larbre.) A geaua of planti : Order, Carywphyl- 

LilouiT, Ui'st-fla, a. (tatroeimtm, LaI. larcut, 
fi.) Ia Law, the orinte of thitft. Stn^e lanxtuf, 
etcouWKtn Uw, i» comioitted by wruitf^fully taking 
the will of tba oWMr, and canying awa/ 

■lie f.'ooda of aniilher, with the fraodiilaot and Ca- 
hmiuub iuioat wlmUy to deprive him of Ills pro* 
perty therein. Contpotmii im-cm^, U wbm tba 
crime of brooDy ia aeoompanied l^ anwmetaoeae 
which the lep^tnn baa ooueidered ae a(p«va> 
ting lb« olTeoce, and nquiring a jpratv deipia «C 
paniahiaaat. Grand larc&igf, te when tba goedt 
atolen euwed the valoa. Ae^ or pttU lanaHg, 
b whan the gooda ara tmdar that aom. Tha ho- 
Car dtatJMthina are bow deitroyed by act 7 and 8 
Geo. IV. c. 39, aiid lareaniaa are now ahaido oc 

Ijleoh, Idrtah, a. Tha Pinna larix of LinjUBU, and 
Ahjea laxix of moden buCanlata, the wood of 
wbieb ia amali oetaemad for Ita tlurability. Tho 
GomiDM kieb fir Is a natira of tba maiuitalaa of 
GMtnl Enropc!, of Raa^ and Sbcria. Ila baric 
ia nearly u TnlsaUe to tbe tannar aa that of tha 

La kd, lihnl, a. (FVowb. tarthm^ LaL) Tba hi of 
Hivjne after baog mdtod and aepnatrd from tlM 
flesh; bacon; tbe flesb ef swine. Larditig mo ntf ^ 
in ArclinioIofT, mooey paid far keeping bo^s in any 
oiie'a wood i^-v. u, (Ainfer, Fr.) iu Cookery, t« 
enneh meatM, poultry, &c, by introducing atripa 
of laid into tbam wHh an implemeot or eori of 
fteadla used fur that purpoae; abo said of iutm- 
dwsng part.l«y, Jicc, in tho aame iftaniwrt— ep. m, 

to KTOW fot. 
LARDACEorf^ Ur-daahiu, a. Of tba nature of 

Uril i con-iinting of lard ; rceembUng Urd. 
La&dko, Idr'dur, *. A room where moot li ktpt 

or tailed. 
iMRnsnKB, Idr'dor-ur, 1. Ooe who baa tlie ebarsi 

of the larder. 
Iu KDlZABal.*, Idr-de-u-ba'lo, «, (in honour of M. 
Lanlimla y UiUm, a Spai^ oatunlist.) A 
gtana of pUnta, natives uf SoBtb America: Ofd|r| 
L\BliO!(, ■(ir'don, a. (Francfa.) A bit of bacon. 
Labdoon, hlr'diia, I, A Atrip of lard uaed in coolt- 

LARiiftr, blr'iln-, *. A Isnlvr. — ObaoUte. 
Labb, Inre, M. {Lire, /larw, S;ix.) Learning; acbo- 

lanihip. — ObM4ot& 
Larkmtalia, lA-nn<t«'le-a, >. In Roman An> 
tiiiaily, a fntlral dedicated to LiurntiB, the wlfv 
of Llia nbepbcrd Fautntlts, and niine of Uomulot 
aad Kcinua. 
Laiikj, U'rts, a. (Latio.) Tba iloiMatie d«i(iea of 
Iht! Rtinmoe, which weiv snppoaod to be the Mola 
ol deceased aocestora. Tl-o Larta/amHiatit pr^- 
siilnl owr the boose and family. 'Die Z^irae 
parti were so called bccauw they ncro amall ia 
UH&, and wocahipped witlioot any pomp. ITbfl 
Larts }yr\titil«* kept everything in order. 
Lauetia, l»-ro'»be-e, «. (Jjiartia^ the vemacnlar 
nnine of the plant.) A genos of UmbelUfimiw 
[ilnnls: Saborilcr, Oflhoepernuo. 
LauOE. Idg, a. (Fnnoh, largut, IjU.) fiigt wldei 
bolky; extemive; liberal; abimdaat} plentifnl; 
eompnbonaire; £reot: cnplooa; diffuue. Among 
seamen, a pbraea applied to tbe wind, when it 
croieea the rioe of a ihip's course in a fkvourahte 
direction, jiariicnbriy on the beojii or (|uartar ; la 
tail larffe, to advaiioa with a large wind, ao aa 
Uiat the aboeta are alackened and Bowing; at 
largct without natraint or oonfiuement ; ^fiisdy ; 
in the fall SAtent^— e. fonnarly a muikal note 
equal te four brevNL. 





■dflr ■ Ibb|{ time ; after tti« propur or nnuU tt*- 
MMit not long Kijft ; Utcly; Esr in tlio iii|;ltt, day, 
wmIe, or pwiicolu- pnriod; o/Uzle, lattfy, in tuiM 
uoi )onj> pHt, or o«u the preaont ; too hu, alter 
tb« iM^>per tinw; not Id due Liue; — c. a. to 
feek ; to wvch.— Obsolete u a rvrii. 
Latcd, U'tnl, a. Belated; iQTprbed by the nijjht 
— ObMltIc 

CviiU abroad waa l«M tn Uu nigfat.— Onnv. 

LaTxev, li-t«en', 0. ZAhai-tatii are triaSigDlarly 
foriDcd, aiul rreqoentljr osad bj xebecs, pAlaorea, 
MttMt, and otlwr reasicla Darij^Uad in tb« Medi- 
terrauuin ma. Lalevt'yard, a long yard uaed 
to exteoJ lbs latoeo-Bail upoo, sluof; woat oaa- 
qaarter from tbe loner end, whicb is bn>Oj;l)t 
dnwn as Ibcy tack, wliUe tbe opijcr md ia raiMd 
ia Ui« air in an DDgle of about 4fi dt^Tvea. 

Latclv, Uie'lc, ad. Nil long a£o ; raoutly. 

L&TKXcr, la't«n-Wf $, Tha state of being ood- 
eealad; abslnucnasa. 

LiTiutui, lata'oM, <. Tuna far adruwcd ; tlie 
itate of Icing odI of tine, or afUr the appointed 

hkTWXCX^ la'ient, a. (latau, Lot.) lUddn; oon- 
ecalcd; aaem; nots&fn; ikX nnbW or appnvat. 
In PatholpCT, an opItLet appliod to diseaaea of 
'dMcnlt or Micai* mipwria, a* ia tbecaHof ill- 
da&Md pDMunosIi; ia Ghtniitiy, vhen m In- 
timatab OHnbhwd witli bodies that its praoaixie is 
notinuoatedbf tbetbennonteter; and, in Botanj, 
to the nsetable embrron wben doreloped only % 
aoadeatu caasas, and glvta rise to ndventitioDa 
boda. Lolmt kaaty Ibat wLich bi tiuenvble to 
the tlurtnomalert opon irhbA tbt lititiid and ani- 
form itatfl of bodies dopeod, wid which beoome 
aenaibla dnriaic tbe oodTcinon of the rapovra into 
Bqoids, and of Itquida into aolida. 

I*aTER,U'lur,a. Compar. d^greaofi(}(r. PoBt«ri9r; 

Latkral, Ut'or-al. a. (Vnacb, frotn lateralis, Lat) 
Ciowi^ out on the side ; b«linigin{ to the »ide ; 
pbesd or acting on tha lidr. Lateral «Ar«njr<A, 
tbt naistaBca which a body will afiord at rigbl 
angles to ita prain. 

LATBRAtiTT, lat-iir-alVte, ». Tbe qoaKty of 
having distinct nldca. 

1.ATBRALI.T, Ut'nr-il-Ie,a(i!. Bytbtslde; Aitm'ae; 
in t)i« dir««th)n of the side. 

[jtntftAV, brt'e-f*n, a. Oriji^nally the oann of n 
person, from nhom it dMomded to the aiident 
palaoe io BooiF, and to lb« buil'linj^s since emted 
w ita place, particularly a diurvb, called St. John 
of Latnmn. CotneUi of tie Lateraot ihem hM 
tetbeUsilieaofthoUtenn. Cammtr^^ihr^ 
lAe coagrefHlom of the lateran, b a emgrega- 
taoa of nguar esoou, of wbkh that dmirb ia the 
pciDcipal laat. 

Latioeb, lat'are, «. A Papers lefptia or evroy, ao 
calM because tent frnm bla aide^ or fmn among 
hie faroaritca and eonnaellan. 

Latubd, la'tonl, a. DeUyed. — Obsolete. 

Xfbm a man t« tobred or tairjed. — dumetr. 

Lateuj>oliou9, Ist-er-e-fole-ai, a. (latia, the side, 
aad^neas a leaf, 1«U) In Botany, growing on 
Ike ddt if • Inf at the baw. 

L&TMunom, lat^er-iah'oa, a. Oateritku, JmL) 
like btkb; of tbe ookmr of bridca; alao, an 

S'tbet ^fiid to the reddiah ledinMot vhidi h 
m hpawliJ by theoriMk 

LATWm, Wtaa, & (fare, broad, Let.) A geooe of 
flibea of the pneral focm of the penfa, but hsvtaK 
tbe body brawler and the bead narroirer: FauSy, 

Latbwakd, tata'irawTil, «. Badcward i—ad. mia»- 
what late. 

Latex, la'trin, «. A pecoliar fluid foand in eir- 
tain Twe l a, diaoorared by Schalts to be preaeot 
in plante. What ia uiually oiUed the mUt of 
planbt, is capposed to be tatex. 

Lath, IaiA, «. (latta^ Gr.) A thin pJeoe of alat- 
iii|;, tiling and ptaatMing. There are l»o kinds, 
douUe and alngbs ; tbe latter being aboot three- 
eighths of an inch thick, and the Ibmier hardy a 
qoarterof an inch ;—(ietk, Sax.) a part or dtviaoa 
oif a connty, containing three or fuar hnndnds ;— 
(local in ttio lA«t sense;) — r. n. to eorer or Une 
with Ulks. ImUi brich, biicka made in aoma parts 
of Engloni], twenty inches long and six iDcbM 
broad. Laik-Jtoated and Ht/afr, three-eoatsd 
plaater-work, in which the first is called prteHag 
npy the aecond jtoatng, and the thn^ or Jt nU Uaff 
is done with fine stuff. Jjath-kdd omJ ael^ two- 
coated pIa)4er-worfc, rxoept that tht firat Is osIM 
laying-, and is exccoted without scratching, Bnkss 
with a bnnm. Laik-fiaatervi, ett, and cchmrti^ 
MXTM ta latli-hiid, act, and eolound. 

Lathk, lathe, w. A nwchine by which pieces of 
wood, ivory, metal, &a, are turned and ent late 
a smooth rotind form. 

LAnmt, Utb'ur, r. n. {kOtrvm, Sax.) To focm a 
foam with water and aonq); to become fralb, ta 
frothy matter; — r. a. to spread over with tbe 
foam of soap ;— 4l foam or frotb made by WMf 
meisteoed with water ; foam or (roth (mn prsfase 
irweat^ u of a herse. 

L.LTUR.KA, la£A-i«'a, J. (faMmioe, danditittne, Oe.) 
Toothwort, a genos of plants, e o n s irtlng of aaC' 
ealont, ieattosa, scaly litrba, paruitioal on the RMta 
of tnea : Order, OrobanduweB. 

LATaRKTK, lalA'rere, \ e. In Aidu^logy, an 

Leidoretc, Iedo''g^^ve,f officer ondor tbe Sjdomi 
goremmeat, who had anthcvity over a third part 
vS tbe county, aod whose tcrntory was tberefnv 
called tr&Aimff, otherwise a kid or leil^m, in wbkh 
manner tbe county of Kmt is still divided. 

LtTURlA, latt'ro-a, t. (lalkraioe, secret, oodomM, 
Or.) A g^os of birds, oatlvea of BraiRl : Order, 

Latut, lari'c,*!. Tbhi ai a Utb ; long utd alcoAsr. 

LATnniCk, laCA'e-nu^ s. (from tathMrca of TImo- 
phnistuA, wbkh is said to be Unm It, •^nenta- 
tJTR, and Utouroe, aoything esittagio nme— a to 
tbe qoahtiea of the seed, (ir.) A groiu of plenty 
cooaistiog chielly of Legaminoas dimbiDg nnba. 
Snborder: Pe^linaarw. 

Latiar, lat'e-ac, a. Zn Soman Antiqaity, a £sast 
or oefouwy laMiMted by Tatqniatas SapeilMa, 
ia booaor of JuKar Utiaib or Latiatia. 

Latiaxis, lat-e-awii, f. (fate, broad, ozw, Lat) 
A ^oa of MoDnaca, ia wUoh the duti ia aab- 
pynfocm, tuifainata, aod tha wborla deUebed, as 
if didtorted, but hariag tbo eptre flatteoed at the 
stnnmit; the wborb angulated, and cari n ated 
with a Bnbriato ondnlated ridge; plUar Boaei 
nmbilicns nrjr large aod deep; afMctvre eagslar i 
Familr, Turt^cUidje. 

lanniTLlZB, la-tib'n-rme, v. n. (from JoiiMam, a 
dan, Lat.} To retire into n den, burrDW, or cavity, 
aati lit donnaut in wialer t to niseat aod tU bid. 

UncL&TB, litVklsTi, J. (bbobtuM, ImL) In 
Boatn AAtNjoitT', an boooamblA dlituKlian p«ca- 
Ib ia tba tsDa of tbe npoblie to the teaitMi 
ad petrinhna, bat wJwtlicr it wm « pirticuUr 
khd of fKment, or oaly in ornuneot, la oot 
Jitinhod. It Im beea sud to lure been ■ 
1 lueiid iMpo worn on the ifaoalder. 

Linm, li'tt-hiN *. A sfnos of onte-^Mdicd 
fialttt btid obtsw; donal fin loo^t moJaI On 

;, UTtn, Uli 

IaIIII* liilta, a. rertaJnisg to tlw Latiiu, • people 
rf Utfon, In Itolj ; Rooiu £o/m C^nii, Uie 
W«l«n diard) : — t. the luigiugv of tin Aodeot 
BonoM: «n exnciM in Kaoob^ oonaiting la 
UvuBC EacJ'wb into ttUa. 

Ijiimm, fafhi-iim, «. A Lfllin Idiou ; a mode 
«ripc«di peculiar to tlio T^tint. 

UzDUT, Utla-Ist, «. Olio sktilvil in Latin. 

Umirr, b-tic e-tr, i. Puritjr of tk- Utin AiyU 

LirmzB, bt'tD'be, p. a. To giva to (br»gn vordi 
Xjim len ni aitJo M , nd Bnuie thent LaUr ; — 
■■■. to ON wonle or phnsM borrowed Iroin tlio 


UiTBOCTsarfi, Ut-»-Toa'tnit, a. (ktiu, broAd, and 
nrt-MM, • buk, Ut) BarUu e btotd beak, at 
Utim, Ulidi, a. Somewhat lata. 

Ist'o-tjjQ-se, r. (dCifam, Lat.) Tile 
«f Ijii^ eoooealed j Ui« state of lurking. 


UnriT, Iai'&-tat, JL (Ulia.) In Law, a writ 
rtoch is0M into all co«atio» eicept Siiddksex, 
■bcnbr all moQ an originally called to anawer in 
Ivmial Mtiona in tbe Sing's Bench, bavins ita 
MBe upon a nppoHtion that the deftndant doth 
Ut HO fie hid, nd cannot be foond in tbe oonoty 
«r ICJiBmh, to be ttkni hy biQ, the oiual pro- 
ttm tfjuaat partlea rcridinj; there, but is sono into 
Kma otiier Donntj, to the abcrifT cf irliich tbts 
tril is dincted to apprrhcnd bitn there. 

LurUTUur, Ut-o-ta'thni), ». Tbe staU of lying 

UnxcxtB, Ut'e-tnde, 9. (Fnmch, from IftJtado, 
Weadtb, Liri.) Breadth; width; extent from 
fide to iiile; rooDi ; epwe ; extent of meaning or 
oaiutnKlioi) : tnde&nita acoeptatJoo ; extent of 
dnistioD from a Settled point ; freedofn from raks 
« Bmiti ; huitjr. In AatrQaomj, the distaoco of 
••tar naitb or eoDth of tbe ecliptic. InOeographj, 
Ike distane* of any placo on tlie globe, Qorth or 
MOlh of tbe eqaolor. 

UnrDonrAi, ba-<Hta'dc-iud, 0. Fortaiiilag to 
ktitide : is the dtrectioo of latitude. 

UxmroutAUAX, hit-»-ta-de-na're-au, a. (foftAi' 
thtm u, FrO Not natrained; oot oanfined by 
(iMiiaGmtta: five; Chinkiag or acting at large;— 
I. too who la ■ modirate thinkor, or not reatrusod 
bypradaaoraatUedlinitatDepiaiMi. loTheoloey, 
m who dMWta in opfoloo from the etnct prm- 
dplii «f MOodo^, or one who iadolgee a latitndo 
tr tUB^ag aad Interjvetatioo. In the ^iaoepnl 
Cbinb, OMwbo drntei nr doubts the divne origtn 
tf IplaeoiMKiy, tboogh he Ailmite its expediency. 

LiTmiDiiiAmiAnsH, bt-e-ta-de-ns're-an-izm, *. 
ffVecdom or h'borality of opinion ; indiflbraoce to 

Utznnmovs, lat-e-tOi'de-Qus, a. Bartng lati- 
tnn or nrge cxteaL 

T«. a a 

— - ■ ■ 

Latrakt, la'trant, a. (frocn &i(ro, I bark, Ut) 

Thf cftrv t« am th" Tariooa cifta to mee. 
The miodi Mid gmiiu of Um mtnat nee.— 

LatraTc, U'trate, p. «. To bark aa a doj(.— Obaobte. 

LATttATioK, U-tm'«han, 9. Tbe act ofbarUBA— 

LiTiiXA, U'ti«.a. $. (Latai.) The Ugbut kind et 
worship, or that paid to God, dtotinniriMd hy 
Roman Catbellca from tlie inferior wvulp paid to 

LATiubira, U-trld'0-01, i. A graui orcoloaytarou 
insects: Funity, Zylophaei 

Latuki:, la-trinV, a. Tbe name etren by the 
Romans tu public- booaei or necouarke. 

LAnOBtTB, bl'ra-bite, 1. A mineral wfaieh ooettn 
both maasire and ci7stalir.c<! -, primary bnil of 
the orystel a double obUiue jMnsm ; deara paralld 
to tbe primary planes ; fncturo ooeren : Intrc 
vitreous; tranelucrnti opaqof. Ita cotutitnonti 
are — silica, 44.53; nlomina, 38.81 ; Hme, 8.19; 
oxide of miingniiusi*, <*l.t6; ma^l^«in, 0.038t 
potash, R.u7;<!r, 2.04: sp. gr. 3.72— S.8, 
Hardncaa =: 5.0 — 6.0. 

Latbociny, Ut'ro-sin-e, i. (tatmdniam, Lat) 
Tboft; larceny. — Obsultte. 

LATmnrcuLATOit, la-tniDg-ba-ta'tur, ». Aa eld 
name for a jodgo uf the asiiset or aesaicfis. 

LATBCirctrLl, la-traDg'ku-li, a. In Antiquity, a 
game amen; the Romass, umHor to tbe nodera 
game of ohcaa. 

Lattkit, lat'ten, t. Iron platea tinned over, of 
which oanisier* nro iiimlr^ 

LjLlTCVSEAflS. lit'lcn-briu'. s. rLiteS of mUkd 
bnua, ndoced to different thtckncsses. 

LATTKit, lat'W, o. (an iTn>^ar coiDpantlve ol 
Uts.) Happening alter iometbing else; modaini 
lately doo« or pa-it ; ntentioni^d Utl of two. 

LxTTtRhY, Uttur-lo, aiL Of late; in t'mie noi 
long past : lately. 

LAmftMATn, Wtttr-mtrt, s. The latter mowing; 
that which is mowed afler a fortnet mowing. 

Lattick, UL'ti«, *. (fattLf, Fr.) A reticnkted win- 
dow : a windan made with trticks or irons crossiDg 
each othur at small distonom ; — a. oonfiisting of 
cross piucea ; furnished with Ullico-woric ; — e. a. 
to form with cross bai« and open work ; to fumish 
with n lattice. 

Lauu, Inwd, 1. (Amu, lan^ Let.) Pralso; com- 
mendation; OB otoDug in words; honoarablo 
mentioo;— (aeUomufldla tbo foregoiiig aenaes;) 

Doubtless^ gout. Rival praise aod lowl were mtns.— 

that part of divine wonblp which coosiata in pniM; 
la tb« book of PsalniL tlie lauds make up avsfjgraat 
partttfIL — Oov. oftka nnffn*. 

moaic, or singing in honour of any one;^^. «. 

(hwfa, Lot.) to [imtse ; to cetebtate. 
LAUi>.^nTMTV.— See LandablooHab 
Lauuablk, law'da-bifO. Rndnwortby ; oonuend- 

ahtfl; healthy: ■alnbrioiu; well digested. 
LAnpABLEirBsa, taw'da-bl-nee, s. The qoaliiy of 

deMrring prsiso ; pndLOworthbon. 
Laudablt, law'da-ble, ad. In a manner deaerring 

Lacdahdv, law'da-muD, a. (said to be a comtption 

of tbe word tmtimAmtt or rather lanJt digtutoL) 

An eitmot or preparation of opium ; the tioctnn 

■od vioum opD. 





LAiiDATi(nr,UiF>dA'aInin,«.(2nKiiiff(i,Liit.) Preue; 
Bonunendatum. Z^uSa&t, in Law, viciently the 
totlnm^ dc&Tend in court to ths good behaTioor 
ad istegrity of 1if« of th« person accused. 

LAUDAmra, Uw'da-tiT, t. llaitdatim, Lat) A 

piiMgrdo ; a tolog^.— Sdaon ined. 

Tbe lint «nu * eontmcndfttlon, or towitHM oTaonar. 
cfa/.— Ampm. 

LAUDATOitT, Uw'dA-tur-e, a, ContAliiing pnlMt 

taiding to pniM ; — «. Uiit wUoh oodUubs pnbe. 
Lunss, Uir dor, >. One who comiDHKb or pnum. 
L&Don, U; V. Ik (AUm, Sax. IooUn, G«nn.) To 

nuJui tint ndn wUeh saddn meciiiiMiit txdUa. 

In Foetij, tA appMr gfty, fimanblo, pkoeant, or 

Thn t«wb the dkildkh jiAr nitli tktm'nu erown'd.— 

To /tfH^ of, to ridicule ; to trant witlk Kniw de- 

grao of coDtempL 7V> latijfh to teom, to deride ( 

to treat witb nuMkerr, poatempt, and acorn ; — s. 

tbe conrobloa caoMd hy fflerTimieQt ; an ioarticu- 

kt* opcaaiett of aoddan mcRinwot. 
LADoiuatB, laf *>bl, «. That may Joatty excite 

LuwHASLzran, laf'a-U-nea, $. TL« ^oalitjr of 

being lanehabtv. 
LAcaiustr, lafVble, ad. Id a Daaoer to excite 

LacgoGH, laT'ur, «. One wtio Is Tosd of oMnimenU 
LADaBlKOLT, Uf 'ing'le, ad. In a tnerry wk; ; with 

Lacciurgstock, liif'ing-etofa, t. An otj««t of 

Lacoutbr, laf 'tur, $. ConvoUIve tncrriinint ; an 

laartiealate expnsnioa ot sudiloa mirtb. 
LADOHTOSmY, Uf'wur<llir, a. Oeaer\-tng to b« 

L&tnrox FlSB or Sand Laukcb.— Sm Annwdj^s. 
LAOroil, taash, V. a. (Iwew^ Ft,) To more » 

vcaad from tbo sbore out to >m ; to canse a Mp 

to a&de from the land into tba water ; to throw na 

a taooe : — r. n. to enter 6tty\y uid extenuTely 

ioloaaoltfcct; to expatiate; — >. the act of putting 

or eliding a a^lp from the Uisd into tlie walur; a 

partioalar klod of kmg boat. 
Laitxi), lamd, $. A Un.— Obaokie. 

That STon far erar Kraan, that oooidoue tomA— 

Laurdsb, lan'diir, i. (from Ztioo, I wub, LaL) A 
waaberwoBMUL la Hetanors;, a name pren in 
Deraoabira and other placosM a long and ibaUoir 
trao^ which reoeirca tbe powdered ore after it 
oonee otit of tbe box or ooReri a aott of merttr, 
1b which it a powdered with Iran peatlea. 

LfccirDntiB, lao'dorHir, c A num who fbUowi tho 
borinaa cf wmhtog dathafc 
He la a I — w J w ir of tmih, and drlce Ibctn, aa men do 

wltdM* by water ^-^Saicr. 

LADirDBSSt,laB'dre»,«.(Fresdk.) A woman whose 

eoiplojmetit ia to wuh clolbea. 
LACHDftY, lao'drr, i. (latsultro. Span.) The place 

or nom where clothea are waabed; tbe aet or itate 

of waahing. 
LfcVtA. lof/ra, B. In EocMutlal ITbImt, a col- 

lectioB of Utile oeDs at eona dUtanee from ora 

aooCher, b whkh tbe bonnata in andeot times 

Itved together b a wOdaRUM or dewrt place. 
L&tJ&AOBJi, law-ra'ae-a,> «. (Amnu, one of tbe 
txwuxM, law-tb'e, f giMra.) A oatuisl 

order td Exogaoi, ooooitbg of ibfube and trees, 

eftao of i^eat rin; learn whhont sUpoUii il- 
ternstCt addom eppoaite^ cotba, or Tcr; maify 
kind; tbe iDflo n e eence nmbcUed or podfM; 
caljz four, lEx-cleft; petaUnooe; atomcosMiiha^ 
Laorzatb, Uw'ra-atc, a. (,lavtaitu, IM.) Flecked 
at innated with lannL 
Soft o» iwr lap ber riiiwafc $cm reeltiiea. -Jye. 

Poet lanrtatet AiiumIj an efflcer of tba rojal 
booaeboU, wboae bniuwB it wai to compoae a 
Initbd^ ode (br the moQnrsh, and anotber (tar 
tbe new-yev; now, bowerer, the faoDOor of tbe 
laoreatediipr wHb a aalarj attached, Is g{na aa 
tbe reward oif hi^ poetio jp>iua» ;— a, a, tobooour 
with a degree b tbe oniTernty, and a pceaBBt af a 
wreatb oflaarel; — #. ooe bonoored with a d^paa^ 
and decked with a wmth of lanrcl. 

LAiiRCATaenir, Uw'ro-atc-ahip, a. Office af a 

Laoeatioh, law-re-a'shDD, $. A name fbr cea- 
ftcring degnca In the Scotch nnirera&Iu, baeanse 
gnbmds wen beatowed on the candidates alter 
tba maaner of the huir«l-crownc nmoDg tbe an- 

Lausbl, biw'ril, f. (_lavnii, Lit) The popnlnr 
tMlM of two BpecJca of CeroffH-i : C. /un/oiu'co, or 
Portugal low^ a weU-koowa elegant ontaiMOtJil 
ehmb, ftnd C lawrc-ceratta. tbe cherry, or eooi- 
moQ Uurtt: Order, AmygiubMeaL llio nama 
also of the various gttncni of tbo geona Loitraik 
ZoureZ-wofcr, a distilled water from tbe laavM of 
Pranos laujo>ccra5os. 

LAtTBBLLED, Isw'rild, o. Cfowned or ileeoratad 
with laorel, or with luirel-wreatb ; tanraate. 

LACXSsnsx, law'rcS'tinr, «. Tlie common name 
of the planta of Uic genu Mbumum : Order, Ca- 

LitniBrnA, taw-re'abo-a, j. (meaning unknown to 
oe.) A genne of pknta, natt\t4 of Mexico : Or- 
der, Solanaccc., taw'ro-da, i. (meftniog nnbnown to oa.) 
A gcnm of fishes, with tho body rather lUietr and 
cyliiulricAl, and covered with nnd someUmes 
coiinated scales : Family, Sutmoiu<iie. 

LAtruvBBOua, Uw-rif 'er-U5, a. iUaatif, and fcro, 
I bear, LU.) rpxhicinc or bringin/i IftDrd. 

Ladsixe, law'tin(>, *, An acrid and bitter prjodpte 
contained to tbo berries of the lanreL Its ametl 
rBaemblcs that of biiu«l-water. 

LArno-cutABca, law'ro-ear'ai-na, e. (banii, a 
Uunil, oi'iJ cumnu, a eheiTy, Lau) 1^ apacifio 
name of ibe oommoo Uum. The name abo 
^von to a eectioo of tiio genui Ccraaua, eooipn- 
Endfaig those ipeeiea in which tba flowtn are 
diapoaea In laoomea rWng (nm the brsoehea. 

LACBomrLLua, law-ro-uloi, e. (ioonu; a Uorel, 
LiL and uJbl/M, a lea^ Gr.) A ganni of pUnta, 
natma or the Cape of Oood Ropa : Otder, Iau- 

Lacnn, laVnts, a. (latin, £iur»at, Tr.) A gnnia 
of erergraen afaruba and ti-ees. Tbe 5«c«t-b«y, 
Aa Dauma tf tha Gnoki^ ia doalgnatod JLflvrw 
aoMRs 17 linnan^ baaaa tt waa ee««ented by 
priiati : Ordr, Lasraoaiiu 

Laittit, Uw'to, f. A band of cotton twisted, and 
worn on tbe head of the tnea of Pern aa a badge 
of royalty. 

Lavxaku, Iftwk-aa'oe-a, t. A gcana ef Dlplenaa 
ioaaeta i Family, Atharioeta. 

Lava, Ur'a, 1. A itrcam of mdted nteetals, whkb 







if nkuni during an enntioiL 
UrAUUt k*n-likik a. dpwitiQglikclan; r»< 

Utasdcla, Ift-nn'dB^ i. (C>i>^ I irub, Lat. 
frgo itiaH^ftncDtatiMiiM)dlMtb&) Lav«o- 
dir, • pom of planta i Ordir, lamiaofr. 

Latai^ia, i^-m'^n, I. (io w owy of two bco- 
A|B «f tht ■>■• of LmtoTf fbjnojuiM »t Zu- 
tliL) AgMuafploBti: Ordfr, UilvuMB^ 

Utaoos;, k-Ts'ihu, k. (firtfti, iat) A vaili- 
hgari l ini d i ^ 

Lataidst, kv'A-tar>«. «. A plaoi fix* wultn^; 
WMb or lotloa for a iUmmwI fxrt ; a ninto 
etna in CbiH sod Pen to eortaiu ploooi wtitni 
|PU ii iHihii boD mrth by mahing. 

Uts, Im, OL ■. (fav^, Fr. faoo. Lal) To with; 
to haltei— ^inor, Fr.) to tluvw op «r ooti to 
lifcoMi— <obHlc«t to the tut two staM;)— 
K & Co baibc ; to wwb ooo'i otK 

L4n-BAaMO* iHo'iod, «. Utfiig Ivfi piaAuit 

Unsa, Ift-TCer', v. a. (Iomwspv. Fr.) In NiubciJ 
kngn^c, to tack; to oiU bick aod forth. 

LimtsvT. Uf^'moDt. r. A washing or bathing. 

Ijltzxdca. lAT*cn-<lnr, a Tbo co8MDon aama of 
tb daata Moaita t« tte gMHH LATsodida,— 
«Un MO. tutmia' coUon, tbt cotnmon iun» 
of the pUnlA of tha fsenia SmtolLoa. 

UmcDCUlt, lA-WD'dn-lJD, 1. Cfrom its bdng of a 
Lfnndn colour.) A nuacrol wtiioh occurs mu- 
tin; lurtn fftuj^ iscUaing to tHroqs ; translu- 
MOL tl OBttidrti of sUka, 44.05 ; alttmioA, 
aUl; Hm^aJS: paUah, 6.ft8; oxide of nun- 
tamt, aiG; ip. sr. 2.72—38. Q = 6.0-C.O. 

lAnsiA* b-vt'oo-a, «. Cnnamng of natno not Rtrao 
h tha Bttthor Slunrd.) A f^ua of Compoaite 
[diiil^oaaiBtingoFiKnAll oadaas annnala, ostlraa 
tf tte EmC «ad Wart Indict: SiUwrdtr, Tobali- 

LtTnif Wrm, ». (fnn ii», I vsab, Lat.) A 
a largo ouin. 

T«H Antnt fimn forth faU brfdkl bowTr 
■lM0K Ota hn tawr tt'tr tfaoir haadt to pow.— 

b Bologr, tba aqoatio plant BrooklioM. 

Urmsr, la'rar-at, $. Tba Owiniiid, the Satmo 
Itmtoa of LiniUEio. 

UmtSA, la-vcr'oa, «. Io Aolii)nity, tb« goddess 
(f tliierea and cbuts amoaK tho Humana, who 
haoDuted her with ptiblui worship baoanat she was 
■ffoaed Io fisTour thosa who wubad that then- 
m^M ndgU not bt diaoonrcd. Vano layt aba 
M n altac near ooa of tba gatrs of Home, which 
•M hcoOB called fiorta Larvntatit. 

UinawcK, Is'Tor-ok, <. (ScotUah.) Tbt SkjUrlc 

UvrnDlLV, lav-v-pe'dt-um, J, (fuoo, abd jm, a 
faot, LaL) A bath tot the fi«L 

Unui, lar'^, o. rnxli^E waslofnl; iodi«- 
oaatly fibwal ; icattciod In wMt«; proAicot un- 
lalnlMd; wQd ^-K a. 10 tcottar with pnftiiAoBi 
to waila : to Bqnaailer. 

Utiuikk, lATlsb-ur, *. A prodigal; a prafbta 

i^viBHiKGLT, IaTlsh-iDg<le,T ad. With profose 

l^ivrsHLT, lav'ish-k, J uprnw ; prwli- 

E«ll7; wastcfollr. 

UTuauKT, lavlab-inaot,) «. Trodi^tr; pro- 

UriRUtUB, larlsh-iMa, C fuawn. 

UrouBA, V^wtf^m, t. (in boooor of U. La- 

foiMar.) A gwna of abowy UmOlan abmbs i 
Ordar, Malaatowiacwfc 
Latolta, la-vol'ta, a (Is tpolto, tha tan, Iial.) 
An old danoe in wbkh waa much tomlog and 

Tb«y Ud H to *a BmUA tewrtoMchooU, 
Aad^uaeb iMkaa U and swiA r 

Law, law, A (laga, la^, lag, or /oA, 8ax. l^, 
6««d. hi, Fr. ^, Span.) In iU nwat ganaral 
and aooBpiohaiaivo anua, aigoi6aa a rule of oc^d ; 
nd la BppUad indiaerininatalT Io all kindi of ao- 
tJoDi WMtlur animata or fauunnata, rational or 
bntiauL Thoa wa aajr, tho lata* of nwtioB, of 
Rnnitation, of optisa, af maefaAnJea, aa w«U ao tho 
bm of anton and of wtlaM! and It ta that 
rola of action wblahtopw itt ad by aotna npotlor, 
and which the inferior la bound Io abiy. Jfiau- 
cipai or dvil lav, ia tho mla by wUak partknlar 
dutricl^ ooBonaniiiH, or natiou ara govomod ; 
bang Um dofinad by JoHinioB— Vw eMb oM 
mtod ^ittqm Mi popukt ooMsMfedt.' Mvmk^ 
una, thu anderstood, is proparly dtfiiwd to Iw a 
nilt of dvil conduct prescribod by ibo snpraoia 
powtr In a stAt£, o o m m andi n g whal ia rigfal) and 
prohibiling wliat is wnm^. Tho mmie^t b» 
of England, or tha rata of dvil ooodoot pftoorlbod 
to the Inhsbitaata of this kingdom, may with m^- 
fldant propriety, says Sir WUIian Blaokatoaa^ bo 
dividod into two kinds — the iex non xr^ta, tho 
nnwritton or oocnmoQ law ; and tba l»se scnpAi, 
the whU«D or ntatuto law. Tb« kx aon Mripftt, 
or unwritten law, inctados not only gananl coa- 
toms, or tlie common law proporly ao eallod, but 
also the portlcalar eostotu of enUia parta of tha ' 
kingdom ; and Ukawiji< tboae particular laws that ' 
are by custom obaarrad only ht ooctain ooorta and | 
jariadletlona. Tha Ugea teripbM, or tho writtan , 
laws of the kiogdom, oon^t of atatutas, acta, or 
adicts, mada by tha kJn^ m^Iaity, Iv and witli 
tbc adric* and cenwtit of the lords spmtaal and 
temporal, and oommooa, in parilamnt aaiemblad. 
Low i^armM, ia a kind of law among aU oatioH^ 
that in cose of a aolemn war, tha prloBa that cod- 
qoers gains a liriit of dominion, aa well as pro- 
perty, over tbe toion and peiaona bt haa anbdnad. 
/vaio-ifey, oaDod dao view of frankptadga, or 
c^mrt'Iett, waa any day in optn oioit; and «om- 
monty osed for tb« cotirts of a coonty or htmditd. 
Lmo a/marqM, ia wbon thoy ibat ara driron to 
il, do take the shipping and goods of that people 
bf whom tlicy hav« raoetvad wroog, and cannot 
fCat ordinary justkie in anothor tenttoiy, wbin 
Ibey can take them withhi their own boooda aud 
prtdncta. Lao waerotani, ia a sperial law diffiw- 
ing fnm tbe oomnMn law of England, pmpv to 
mrrchanta, and part of tha law of the rtaJoL 
IjOu o/uatSouM^ ia a ayatam of nlea dadocihla by 
natural reaaon ftom iha inuimtaUo prtoe^ilai of 
natural juitlca, and wtahBahed by aalTanal oon- 
sent amonpe tha oMlliad lahabHanU of the worid. 
in oite Io daoUo all diapataa, and to enmra tbe 
obMrraneo of Jwties and good faitb, in that inUr- 
oouaa whUi nuut floqnaDtly occur between tliem 
and tha taMttvUnals bakmging to eaeb ; or they 
may dopnd open mnlMl oaopaeti, treatlaa, 
loaguoB, and agnaraenla batoatn tba aepaiate, 
frer, and iBdependent oomronniti^ia. f^aiv ipiri- 
tuul, b the oockaiattical law allowed by our laws 
wbort it ia not against tbe oooimoD Uw, nor tbe 







ItataiM Mill cnstoDs of the Innj^doni. Lniu <{f 
mgatoHim, tbe phnciiile.'; b7 which flmta an pro- 
daoad, nd tbeir ^^twth carried ou till the; urive 
to perfectioD. Aforal tate, * Inw nhkh prucribes 
to men tbeir reti^ooe vai aocial intiaa. The 
morkl Uw b mmiiMnlx cxnitniMil id tbi docalosuu 
or tn oonsiaadiiKDti. f^faw, a law of a ot>, 
towDi or ooqwration. Momic lato, the Uiititu- 
tion of Motot, or tbe code of Un pnteribed to 
tlwJeva,i«dirttngiiialMd firomthaGQi^ Mar. 
tittl tawt Urn rates otdiiood for tbe KOT«niinent of 
M anaj or miUfau; force, J/arrno taws, rules 
for Uw ttCHhtioa of niAigiition, and tbe oominer- 
<fal iDtmMOiM of tiatloM. La» tantfua^, tlie 
lMii;aajto vod id legal writingi and forms, (wrttcu- 
larljr tbe Korman dialect, or Old F^nch, irhicb 
wai DBod in judidiU proocodings from the days of 
WilBatn tbe Cot^Qeror to the tbfrtr-^th yon of 
Edward IIL t — a nile of direcUon ; a dircclorjr, u 
reawu and oatoral conacknoe; that which go- 
Tcms ) an eatabSabod and coiutant mode or yn- 
ccce : n fixed oomspoadenoo of cause and riTcct; 
the word of Ovd ; tb« doctrinea and (iraoepta of 
Ood, or bia revealed n-ill ; a rolo or axiom of 
•donoo or HTt i iwttled priiu»plei jodiua) prooon; 

L&WBKKAKBS, lawlira^-kur, «. One who violatea 

LtiwniL, btw'fOl, a. Aj|;reei»lle to law; ooafonna- 
Ue lo law ; allowed by Uw ; l^Hlmate ; toftal. 

LAWnnULY, Uw'fl^-le, ad. Lc^ly; afffmMy to 

LAWrutmM, law'HI-Dea, /. Logalitj; tha ijaa- 
Htj of bsiog cooformafala to law. 

LAWOnrsB, law'gir-ar, i. O&o who makea a Uw ; 

lAWGtviKG, Uw'gtr-iag, a. Uakiog Uwa; legia- 

L&WlXO, Uwlng, (. la Law, iainy ^ dos$, or 
expodltation of mattiflc, wa« th« oatlioc off tbe 
oUwt ud ball (or p^te) of tbe foie-foot, to pre- 
TBOt tbera from nuiniog alUr daar; and this waa 
dODO in tbo Court of Rt^rd, ur Survey of Doga, 
irbiob VM bolden erery tlunl year. 

LaWLZBS, Imrlat, a. Unrc»tr:iined ly any Uw; 
floC n^rot to law ; contrwytu luw; illegal; oo- 

LawLBSSLT, Uwlei-Ie, acL lo a maaner coolxary 

I^WLBMWBts, UVloa-ncfl, r. Tbe quality or atate 
of being Doratr^od by Uw ; diaordcr. 

IjkW>uiUBi bwlore, t. Anmeol law-Uinung. 

hkWUJMMM, kw'may-knr, ». One wbo onutc or 
ordatu Iswst a legisUtor; a Uwgiver. 

Lawxosoek, Uw'mung-ur, t. A word of con- 
teoipt for a sioatteror in Uw ; a low dealer in U\r ; 

LAWHomTK, Uw'cno-nitu. r. A n&xnl wLioh 
ooeoft both aairin lud oyataKaad; primoiy 
form of oyBtol is obUqnt priua ; c1mv«8 parallel 
to all tbo faoBS of tbe primaiy fonn, and to tlie 
dia^nal planes : fnutture woven; colour white, 
•otBetioMa Totlowiob or redllih ; hut re ptariy mid 
l^trwOS. Ita eorutitUrnU an — tilics, 4&30 ; 
sltuiliDB.fl3.7U; lime, l^.lOi water, 10.00; «p. 
gr. 8.3. Hflffdaess ao soft aa lo be scfslobed l>v 
osfbooate of UnB. 

L&WV, bms, *. (Mdnk «d open dear flaee, Wolah.) 
An o|wn ipMa botwecn winds; orifpnally, a |>Uin 
Mi jMo«g|bod ; — (AriMii, Fr.) a fine variety of lusn, 

oaod fai tbe sleeves of bishops; — a. madfisf lanm; 
reseniUing Uwn, 
L^vntr, Uw'ne, a. Level tike a lawo) madA of 

Wbra a phmi'd fiui mav ahaile thy cbolliail the*, 
And lawifr elripa \hj OBKed traaotn gn w B .— 

Latsovia, Uw-Bo'no-a, *. (in booonr of tsaao Law- 
■oo, M.D., HUtbor of u vajAgt to Carotins.) A 
genu of pUnta, with white Howen dupo«d io 
panicles or coTymba : Order, Lytbracsie;. 

Lawsuit, Uw'tmte, «. A procnsa in Uw, tostitntsd 
bjr one party to compel aaotber to do bloi jiutioe^ 
or for tbe recovery of a nipposod right; a Bti^ 

Lawycr, law'yor, c (oontractovl (rom fatriw, or 
taieiHtm, tbo old ortbognkphy of this word.) One 
versed in tbe Uws, and wbosp proreaiion b to in- 
aiitota suits in courts of low, and to presoco f or 
dofesd the cause of clients ; a Uw pcsctitioOM; 

Lavtebliicb, law'yor-ltkc, a. Like * real bwytti; 

LiWBRLT, lnw'ynr-Irt, o. Judicial. 

Lax, Uks, a. (taxus, Im.) Loose; Dot oonfload; 
dlaunitAd; eUck; not tight or tciiso ; TagDO) Dot 
rigidly exact; oot ttrict; loose in tbo bowdls; 
having too fivquent diachargwt — «. a bMntUBSS • 
diarrbma ;— (i«r, Sax.) a ^eoiw of iak or biI- 

Laxatiov, lak-aa'abuD, g. Tb« set of looseobgi 
the stata of being looMoed or Alackeacd. 

Laxahtk, laka'a-tiv, a. Harbig the power or 
quafity of loosening or opening tbo bowels, and 
relUrinx from conalipition ; — «. a medidas that 
rotaxei tba bowels and relicvsa firom cosLtnnass; 
a gaatle pufgativ& 

LjJUTrrEHB8», Uks^B-tlr-oes, g. The qosUty vi 

LaxUOB, laks'a-tur, s. {taao, I loow, Lat.) A 
nuDO BppBed to mnsclas, tbe o£oea of wld^ ars 
to rdai parte into whidi they aio insertod. 

LaxITT, lalu'e-te, a. Looaeae« ; idacknesa ; 
of exactness or decision ; defect uf caaci 
opeooeas; not doscneu; ooDtraric^' lo 

Laxlt, Uksle, ad. Leosdy; wltboot exaetness. 

LAXHANinA, laka-msn'ne-a, *. (in boMor of E. 
Laxtnan, a traTcller in Sbcria.) A geon of 
pUnts: Order, LilUocie. 

Laxhbm, Uki'nas, r. I^xlt^; •oftoest; Isososai 
sUdoiai^ ss of a cord. 

Lat. Patt of tbe nrb 7b lie. 

Lat, Uy, r. a. {Ucgaa. Ug*tn^ S«ut. legm^ Ottm.f 
fiat and pasi part. Laid. To put or pbwei to 
beat down; topmatratf; tokeep ftom rnfaigt to 
settle ; to still ; to place io order; to dtsposs wkb 
ngnlarily In building ; to spread on n surfimj to 
•pesd or set; to calm] to appease; to allay; to 
ratrain frk-m walking ; to tprsad and set in ordsr; 
to prepare ; to (iIam In the enitli fur RTOWtb ; to 
plaoi at huard ; to wage ; to stake ; lo bring 
forth; toexohldsi to add; to join; to pot; to 
apply; to assess; to impose; to ebarge; to Im- 
ptkto; to impose, as c^il, burden, or ponUumol; 
to eiitoin as a duty; to ulubit; to prwBl «r 
offer; toaUjr; 

Tbe leaden Ant 
He laid aioas^DrjattL 

to aCatloD ; lo set, as to lag an ambnak ; to «SK- 
Irive ; to scheme ; to iiUn ; to toff Me Atnd^ ta 

Kari||itiMittoia«nssstliodi«tsDC»«f BsUp fran 

lbs flMCt, BO M to nukn ft ^pstf loiror and 
HMlWr, M dMinpuibed fnim rmMig tb* Lud, 
■kich i> produflKl bj the approtcb of tbs ship to 
iIm temtt i lobty a eoAfe, to tiriiC at mtla the 
tfmdi ; takjfS^effa yard, to cmn bom tLo 
jtrduiBC famnlc the nwO, to tt t« qnlt It «t tlic 
iiB^; to ^ OMt ifiM a yanf, to {o out towvds 
t^ TantHBB; l0liqp<|}Hiii; to]ia(4«»/; t« ra- 
jitf; to Jbr aiidlei to pot off «r vmy, not to r»* 
toio; la dtteoBllntui to Iqp ow^, to nporit in 
•Iflie; topoCiiblcftr pccMrntion; roJayi^jf&ni) 
M nhBtIt ; ta ihow ; ta praimt to view ; to loy 
1^ to nnm ferrntnn met topntawiy; todu- 
ntoii to pot aff; m i^dnca, to depoiit, m n 
iM^^ ^[iilTdcDt, or Mtbfiution ; to nsiga ; to 
pm Bp; to rntt «r itlbffniBb ; to eurRnilcr the 
■to <f, as ta My dovo ooai urns; to ofht or ad- 
nsna, aa to Jby down a {n^MtMce; to Jbv oae'i 
toyrita— ^ to eonuait to r^oao; to bijfhMtift to 
Mb; io eildi 1 to £ay «, to store ; to trcanire ; 
to |nnde (KriMuijr; to iiijr oa, lo applj with 
tmtm i to iukt ; to iojr <>pc«, to opui ; to m&ke 
ban; tounconr; to show; toupoie; to rereol ; 
frJejr onr, toipread over; to [ocnut; to cover 
tlw MiHaea; ft> toy tttt, to expend; to diepUtT; 
to dbraw; to plao; to di^Mea io order the 
Mtinl pnta; to drcai in graTo-dothev, uid ptaco 
in sdMcn ptttare ; to exert ; to toy to, to charge 
n^; la inntte; to app3y with \igotir ; to fcn- 
tmi toattaw}— (bbaoleteinthelut twoieoMB;) 
—to ebcdc the nKAton of a ihip. and came her to 
halAiocafy; to lap togetker, tocoilect; to bring 
to m place ; also, to briog into ooo ricw ; to iaif 
khtorl, ta pemdt to aflect greatly; to tag under, 
UaobgicttOi to ^jp 19^, to fftore ; totrcanire; to 
RpoBt for fittiin use; to cooCao to the bed or 
tWaUrt toJoynrpe, to lesi8j|:,o; to cnoompttss 
«cth an annv ; to tay toaitt to ktitioa fur private 
Stack; to by Id ambiuh for; to fay wute, to 
iMtnjFt ^ danlat«; to deprive of lobabitants, 
bproTCOKuta, aiwl prudacliona ;— v. n. to bctng or 
pmdacc mp; to contrire; to (brm a idinnc; — 
[uDMal io the last two aeoacs;) 
SHBaaMthtIr eooaovlacuU, m tbcj uttaninfftar 

h tof mbomt, to Btiike or throw the arms on all 
Mmi ta act with Tigoor; tohg at, to slzike, or 
to fndaanxtr to stiUe ; to fay m J^, to icoke 
Otstane for ; to engage or secart the poescasiou 
cfj to fayoa, to s^e; to beat witbout loter- 
Bjiaaos; Io act with vdietneoce, ascd of expenses; 
k fay out, to porpoM ; to ioteod ; to take nnev 
am; to fay Kpon, to imparlane;— (ubsolete m 
the ttst aanae ;) — <. that wtiich Ues or is laid ; a 
nnr; a itiatunit a l&jcr; 00c rank in a eeiies 
reckaned Dpwaids; awi^r; alctt 

Uf fertaac agalMt anj Liy mtrUi oajniof. — 

mtiea; nok j-^obaoleta In the lost twi lenaat) 

Vctooaa aato llwc, niMWBml Tuitt, 

Xol to* Hit te lAU fbr tfay worth lu anna— 

(Ii^, Itoh, Uttft, 6a>.) a meadow ; a plain or plat 


A teft of daUlat OQ a flow^ U^.-~rhyi*t, 

(lift, ar 2ry, Sax.) a aoig, as a load or wfl lay ; 

n* nacbc4 tlie R]nn|4) with Ma hamioiUMia Uf, 
Tbon all bW ch«nni couM not Incline to ftay,— 

~A (W» ft. XMewv Lai.) fntaining to the laity 

or p«>plc<, aa dutfitct ftom the clergy ; not eleri* 

Latclsrx, hlilark, a. A vocal oOdala in a 

Latbh, la'ur, a. A etratam; a bed; one body 
■pnnd amr another ; a aboot or twig of a pbnl, 
■ot detached froai the Btocb, laid oodor groond 
fer gmnh ar propagatkn { a hen that laye eggi ; 
hgnmti me wllo expruida noRey; a ataward; 
tiifer ip, etu who njKnila far tatun vao; a tna- 

Latlaitd, laland, «. Fallow graoad which ttto 

LiTMA^, hi'man, a. One of the people iKsltoct 
from the der^y : aa tmaga os^ tty painten in 
cootrning ittttodrs; a layderk. 

LavATALL, la'fftnwl. r. A Leap of dune or a pfawa 
wbora dong is Inld. 

LaXAV, la'iar, r. (rrom Latana, tuMaro, Spaa.) A 
MTfOD infected with nanseoua and peMikntlal 

Lazaost, Lnz-a-i*t', ^ t. (Inzartto, Bfaa. 

I^AZAAETTO, lai-a-r«l't«, > Itiwrrf, Fr.) ka 

Lazak-iiouse, In'iar-howa, } huspiL-U or buHdloa 
npprDpristeil for tli« r«ccptioQ of pciM>oa aflectea 
with oontagwoa di^empcra ; tilso, as hospital for 

l^utzARiSTt, ba'a-rbta, a. In Ecclesiastical Hlatoiy, 
a body of mintonariea foaodcd by St Vlnoent do 
Faolo in 1R33, ao tenned from occupying tho 
priory of St. Lacanu at Faria. Tbe chief olgoct 
of the body wia to dinense religioua inatmotiaB. 

I.AZAnLrKB, la'tar-like,) o. PoU of aofw; lep- 

Lazarlt, la'xnr-le, > rona. 

LAKJLnoii>i, lat'a-ro-ne, s. A name given la Italy 
to the poor who lire by begging, or haT* Ito per- 
niaficmt haUtatiui. 

Laze, lax*, f. n. To live Idly ; to bc idle j— * 0. 
to waatv in stuth. — Vulj*ar, 

Lazii.t, U'xo-le, dif. In a beavy slogg^ naDcari 

LAXtncss, la'se-nea, a. Niilunil orhaUtual diiuTi- 
cUualion to actba; indolence; sloth; shiggiah- 
ne«; heaviness tn notion; tho state or quality 
of being laxy. 

Laziko, Ui'xing, a. Spending time |p alug^ali 

LAZT7LITE, lai'u lite, a. Lanis-lazull, cr Anrc- 
stone, an anhjdroos dlplMspnote of alumina aud 
magnnia, a tnincral of a beavtifol pale-bhie «o- 
kur of ranooa shaiK>9. It ooeom matrira and 
crystnliied in rhombic ilodeenbedrooi; hutra vi- 
treous; tmnalnccDt ; opnqno. Its constiluoota are 
— plioiiphoric add, 41.81; alumina, 35.73 1 ma»;- 
nesia, ir.34 ; bUJcs, 2.10; protoxide of Inm, 2.G4 j 
water, 6.06 : in. gr. a.0o7. U = 5—0.5. 

Lazv, la'xe, a. (latt, tattig, Gum.) Karumlly or 
babitunlly alotbful, or di^ncUnod to exertion ; in- 
dolent; aTonetolahosr; heavy in motion ; slow; 
moving ahmly, or ippamtly vritb hibuur. 

Our loUllTn, Utw tlie nk>ht.owrt Ion IIL-Iit.— . 


Lsx. CoDtiaction for lord, 

LxA, IsQ, t. In Agrioblture, a term applied to 
lands whid) are kept ander grass or paatiiraf^o 
for a short period. For instance, in a Malioo uf 
fallov, wheat, clover, and rye-gniaa, for three 
years, the groimd, when under tho dover and 
ne-grav, is said in Scotland to be iu lair, and in 
Enguud Id Af^ 





Lbaob, Italib, 0, a. {laia, Swod.) To wuh, u 

ubfli;, \rf perodAtko, or cnouog water to ^am 

tbmgb tlmn, witb a view to separate Uia tikaXi ■, 

— « B qD«atit7 of wood-Asbu, tbrot^fb which 

• wUcr puK*, and tbu imbibes tho oUuli. 

Lkacu-htd, leotib'tob, i. A woodm ntaei or 
tab, ID which ashei ore leacfaecl. 

Lbao, led, «. A metal of a blniab-gny ooioiir, and 
the Jeait ductile, ebslk, and Hooroos of all the 
netaU. It u of oooiidcrable briUianejr when 
freah surfaces ore fomied b^ catting. Sp. f^. 
1L881: cqmr. = I03.C: Bynib. Pb. Tbe fol- 
Jovinx an some of tbe chemical compouada of 

SQtnTlLEXT. roxwiA. 

Dinoihle, 315.2 SPb + 

Protoiide, Pb + O 

Sesqoioude, 231.2 2Fb • - 30 

Peroxide, 119.6 Pb - - 20 

Chloride^ 139.02 Pb--CI 

Iodide 229.9 Pb ■ - I 

BroInid^ 18S.0 Pb--Br 

flanide, 122.28 Fb--F 

Sulplmm, 119.7 Fb + S 

Ltadt or ^ace l^we, la LeUcrpnes Printing are 
pieoesaf tjpe-Dietal cait to speofic thicluMaaea ind 
lengths, lower than the tjpce, so ibet they may 
Dot msko any imprcSRon tii priaUog, bat leave a 
wLilo epaco where placed;— r. a. to ooror with 
leid ; to dc with lead. 
Lkad, leed, n. a. (ZoJan. Sax. Utdea^ Dot) JPlai 
and patt part. Led. To guide ly tbe head ; to 
ooodnot to tay place ; to direct ; to conduct as a 
chief or oommandar, implying aothority ; to direct 
cod govom; t« {tfeccdc; to introduoe b; Coio^ 
firat; to guide ; to nhow the method of atuJning 
aoolyect; to draw; tocntlcei to aUore; to in- 
dooe; to pnvail on; to influcDcc; to piiss; to 
cpend Id any certabi roannn ; to lead aatray, lo 
guide in a wron^ way, or iolo error ; to ecdncc 
from truth or rectitude ; to l«ad ciptife, to caiT>' 
into captivity; — p. «. to go firvt «ud abow Iho 
way ; to oooduct as a oomtuandcr ; to draw ; to 
have a teodsDcy to; to exemee domitiioii ; to 
Uad off or otit, to go flrat; to begio ;— «. precc- 
dflM*: %£oing before; guid-ince. 
LUDEM, Ibd'dn, a. Miidc of lead; heavy; doU; 

IndiqMMd to action. 
IXASBS-UEAKTCi), Wdn-hdrt'od, a. Having an 

unfteling heart ; stupid. 
iJUDW-UBBLKP, led ilD-lieeld, d. Sieving tlowly. 
OunftfTts are UadtmJuehd.—FonL 

LCAOnr-STBrrnra, ted'da-alep'plnf, a. Slow io 

OiU «a dw la«y bvUiMl«f4v boon. 
WTiwia ^mA la bat tti* baavj phnunitt'i pace— 


LSAOsa, W'dur, <. One that kadi or ooodtKti e » 
cbief; % mntnasder ( a gnida or caodnofeor; a 
captain ; one who goes fint ; the chief of a party 
or litctloo ; a paifonBar who leadi abaad or choir 
in mune. 

LuiUxa, Vding, a. PrincipAl; chief; capital; 
aooft lafloaDtial; fihowing tho way fay going fint ; 
—a, nidsnct; the art odT ooadocting; diieotiof). 
l^ m lm g nofa, in Muiic, the sharp of the wala. 

L&aonio-tTKnfafl, U'dioj^-ftrings, », Stnogi by 
which ehOdno ar« nji>poTt«d when '"yni'ffg to 
walk; to be M Imim^-itriiifft^ tw be in • aUla *f 

infeocy or depmdcaoe, or hi pnpil«g» odar kba 
RiiidaoM of olhinL 

Lbadxas, leda'mai), «. One who baghis or Imit ■ 
daaoL-— ObMleto. 

LsAoniAK, Wi'au, t. Tha maa la a v«k1 
that hesvu the lead. 

LuDwoKf.— la Botany, «a Phmbi^ 

Lku)t. lad'*, m, Oftha eoloor oT liad. 

Lkaf, leaf; $. pim: Uuvstt, (Inj^ Sti.) la 
Botany, aa expandoa of tbe banc of a plant, trm 
whose axil a laaf-bod fa darolopad. b Ii 
thin, and traTanad by ooa or mora 
poeed of wood; and Tanoahr tiagna; 
fa flethy, nod oawikeally cjrttndrleal, or 
pa Iba rciaa ban a doable ilnCiUD, •of 
tho Dpper li eoimectod with the atbnroiim, 
the lower with tbe liber of the bark oa 
growB. Wbao Imtbi ban bat ooa bUda, 
are mmph^ aa in tba aji^; hat wban 
more than one Made, eaoh aeatad oo • 
tioa of the petiole, it ia eoa y omA itti^fiui, 
nn orpm conaistiog of Icares lo a radimcntaij 
atatr, arraogod one over aaothor, and osiudly bi ■ 
epiral maDiier, nrotind a odtobir cortical centra 
which baa the power of growing npon the appfi- 
ration of oertain stJBrali— namiJy, ^t nd aoia- 
tore, oombfaied with a rarUUe degiw of 
poraturv; — a part of a book, ooB tidni ng 
pages ; the aide of a double door ; ■omotbii|( 
sembting o leaf in thinneaa and eitanMQ ; aeaey 
thin plate ; tbe movable side of a table ; in dodu 
Hnd witches, no appellation given to the notcbai 
of their piniotu ; Itof-bridrjt, or hoiMt-Mdg«^ « 
drawbridge, ooonstiDg of two opening leavai^ now 
scarcely in nset — v- f*^ to ehoot out le«v«a; lo 
produce leavea. 

LeAt'AOE, lcof'<\)r, $. Abundance of leaves, 

Lkaf-cuowkbd, lecfkrownd, o. CiowDsd with 
leaves or foliage. 

LcArRD, lecft, a. Bearing or having le a ya. 

LKAF11IES9, leTo-nca, $. A Binto of b«Bg MD of 

Lbaflesb, IceTlea, a. Deatitate of laavaa. 

Lbavlbukkss, leerV»4iiB, a. Stat* of bnof da* 
tttttte of leawB. 

Lbatuct, leeTlet, ». A tsnall leaf fbmad 
petiola of a kaf brancbing out and wpi 
eeUolor tiasoo of tho Umiaa into men 
portions thaa on^ each of which fonns a 
loraioa or plate of itaal£ 

Lbav-bvalk, Iwfitawk, a. The peiLole or atalk 
wbidi onppocts a leat 

LmArr, leTa, a. FnU of lowm, a» * the %]r 

Lbaodk, 1c«^ ». (%!«, Fr.) A oanManari b 
oomhinalioD. rittur of Intenat or fiianUupi a 
mtiooal MOtiBci or oooiputi— «. (Am< I*^ 
Ugva^ Spaa.) primarily, a atone ece^ad en tha 
poUie nada, al eartain dhtapcaa, io tho laww 
of tlie modn ndlaitOMB ; a rowaBW of l«(tb, 
eoDtahib^ throe mtlea ;— «. n. to nnlto in a eo»- 
tract of ainl^ fbr motoal aid or daTmoo) to oon- 
frdeiata; to onlto or coofedwiti^ ao privstB pir- 
aoni, fbr nmtiul ofaL 

Leaovbb, b'gBr, a. Ooa who ndtH In a laagBoi 
a ooiJedorBta; riogD; bToitnwat of a town or 
fort by ao army.— (SiJdoai mod to Ibe lait asDas.) 
The* plaiad ttwlr ejuuMM dor and oigbt laia Ifaa 

raamj^ iMfMir* and quanera. — wtodft Amtt^ 

Lbax, Mi. k (U, Ont. iRt. Oem.) A cnftn, 



ma^ tmm, or bole in t TOMil, Out ftdmlu 
««lv, or penmts ■ fluid to sotpt : llu ooiiD|[ ot 
fni^ </ wstar, or otlier fiatd, ilinm|^ b orack 
gr tfmvn ; to qmiptsr <* l^oJk, is to o^ or firock 
a a ba be io water ; to hefpa lo M lO wotor ; — 
«. trnkj t— (otaMlil* «a od a^JMUvot)— 
Aft« My ilttHo mer hi lM*i fWHk draw.— 

-^; •. to Wl -wttm or othw Uqoid into or oat of 

• raari, thnsi^ ft crook or fwun ia Uw tmaol ; 
to Im* 0^ 1« flad vnt t to oxopt perivotclT. 

'"--*■. lolbjt, lb A ImUiiK} ibfl tpuntUy of 

• fifHK €i>U OBtia or Ims bj iMklng. In 
QMBMROi, n dlowiOM lud* m wiMs or loss 
of Uqoora. 

Uuir, U^i a. That odmlto water or othor 
B)Qor to pAM In or oat t loqnidou; aotclow. 

Vo»aft ai« oo iMlp, thu t h&n lunDi iMt with oiM 
•ttaortdMt haUbrtoMMt lM«cr Hiaa alM coold 

U****p. k'nnir, & A ^; a Und of bmtnd. 

lui^ IM, «. a. (UUnt, AfaNdos Su.) To U- 
dktcacBiBA; to not o^ilnstt to dorimla ormoro 
finm aimf^t or porpeiuUetusr Udo ; M pnpnd; 
to loDd tond*; to (m )o a bfodbig pootarc :— 
ao. 10 indlna; to eaaw to leaaj (owt* loeL) 
U tn^mai; — (obaoliie ia tbo b^ ■»«;)—«. 
ikm^ or Una, Sax.) wandag flahj Duaxn; 
Mt bt; not tkh; doBtttote of good <{aalitni 
ban; buna; low; poor, in oppoaiUoD to rich 
or |[iBt ^—(jantMoal in tbo laat two aensa ;) 

Ttol atoeb ceaUu'd as ma ntwl gnat, and let not 
a laiir aetltn tend Q t .—Jfcito. 

)^fB«; not caBpRhaosive: ROt eabelliatwd; — 

A Atf not of fleali wbidi conabtB of noada 


**lfflP*ft. la-ao'dra, a, (m botKrar of Lcandra do 

of Bio Jannre.) A gitiiu of Sovth 

And*, with capitals Bovacs! Order, 

lAUMStni, la-u^o-wn, «• (hJM, iniootb, and ey- 

pfait ayw, a ria i d , Gr.) A ganua of Fongi : 

Oidv, GmonmycctM. 
UAnr, InBlr, ad. Idej^reir; witlout fkt or 

UiinrBill, loea'aaa, >. Want «f flub ; meai^aooss; 

lUaaaMaf body; want of matter; fvrtstji enipti- 

■^ la Scripture, want of grsco and apmUul 

tuno, It-ao'to, a. (Spaniab.) In Aroliite«toiv, n 

^'^'^Wng. wkoae raRMB pilcb a^pdnat or leaa oa 

Mrihar boUding. 
LxArr.Wac^ «. Aimt; aettroi brWi.—ObMibite. 

ru to— afc and aaav knaTOL— 4^««atr. 
Luo^ Wa-o, a. (tLa namo of a rinr In C%ina.) A 

■nnl Mttwio^ mreaabbic to tbo naluro of 

r^irfi ft— y, fcoDd m tbi Baal lodia, and of 

ri OM Is the Chin— mamifiiotwci, ■• it jmUU 
bmt btoa thay nat in otidaliu tUr porteUla. 
Lur, leap, p. n. (Utafom, Sax.) T« f(ae or ipdng 
b— tbo pwad wUb botb feet, a* a man, or witb 
d tfaa M, ai otbor animab ; tojDap( to vault; 
tt— fawor mora aoddanly; lo ru^ mtb vtoteaoe ; 
ll W— 1) to ikip : Vi fljr ; to $tart ;— ^. a. to 
NM onr or isto t^ looping; to compres ;--«. • 
i—p; aHtffOfi; aboirad; act of Wpiog ; spaoe 
f— idbjwapta£; andden trsnattion ; embrweof 
«Imal»i taaaard or atfnt of lea}^ ; a wcel for 
fiabj a baalu!t.->Obaelate in tbo last two terms. 

Lbaybs, k'pnr, a. One tkal loapa; a bona la 
caUad a lEMd &(ipcr. 

LftAP-raoo, kap'-fiog, «. A pbr of cbUdrtn, ia 
whiob tb(7 indicate tbe leap of bog*. 

LsAnvoLT, la'po^a, od Bjr loape, 

LsAr-TUB. lofp';««,f. BI—rHlBi a nar «oft- 
toioing 866 d^ i amy fbnrth jnkr, wudh b^H 
orar a day mon tbao a oommefi yaar. 

LsAUt. Inn, «. a. (famwa. Sax. tentm. Gem.) 
Tb fain knowledge of; to aemlra knowledf:t or 
ideaa of eomittog before oalmevn t to acqnio 
flkiU in aejtUnjt ; to gain by praotlee a fbralty of 
parftradngt Utoaeh; to oonBiuikMibe tbe kmoir- 
laditt or nflMUnOg MnM mknown ;— ^faDproper 
Lft tho kit two Mnaae t>— v- <>• to gaio or rwaw 
knowledge ; to recwTe irutnctioD ; to take pat* 
t«n ; to neiife information or intdlif^ee. 

LSJUtVIO, lar'sed, a. Versed iu science and litem- 
tunt ridUadi skOfoI; knowlog; Tened in ecbo. 
fautie, M dlMfaot ftom otbar knowledge. TAe 
Jlttrwd^ men of erodition ; Utvrati. 

LxjkXSTKDLT, ler'ned-Ie, od. With learning or enidl> 
tloo ; with akni. 

LKjUinonM,Iai'oed-nae,«; StatoofbtinslBamod. 

LsABXxm, ler^nar, a. Ons lAto Is yet In Idi nidi- 
mcQto; one wbo ia aeqoirtog idiM new art or 

LiuaMisa, In^t^c, «■ Uw knowledge orpriocfpha 

knowledgo or id— la any bianeb of adbmea or 
Utenenre; emdMon; Htenton; adeooe; d^ to 

Leahaolk, Icejf'a-til, a. Tbnt may be leased. 

Lkaab, leea, f. (Asiiftv, Fr.) In Law, a conTfyanee 
of laada or teoemeots, (Bsoally in cotieldeniUoQ of 
rant or other Nnnoiit recompcniw,) made for life, 
for yevi, or at will, but alerara Tor a lest time 
than the laeeor bath in tbo premiieai for if It bo 
for the tiAeU inUveat, H b more property an tu^ff»- 
mail than a Uom, — asy tenure by |;ruit or per- 
miuioQ ; — V. a. to lot ; to demise ; to grant tb» 
tampomry poaaesaioa of lands, lenemontB, or bere- 
ilitamenta to anotber for a rent leserirod. 

LeabC, leea,*.a. (leam,8aK.) TeglaHii toga£ber 
what barreatraen bare left. 

LEaSMOU), lecalMlda, a. Held by baie. ' 

LSAiIEK, Wzor, I. A gleaner; a gaiberer after 

LEjuiit, Icesh, r. (taiste, le$»f, fi.) A tbong of 
leather, or long line by which a ^leaner bolda hli 
bawk, or a courier bis dog. Anmic sport—OD, a 
brace and a half; tienx; three; three cnatorei 
of any kind, pcrtkoliriy gniyhonndf , foxes, books, 
and harea ; a band whennrtth to tie aoytbing ;— 
r. a. to bind; to hold by a atrfog. 

tsAsura. lo'xing, s. (tmrnrnfft^ Sis.) FaUehood ; 


O je ■omofnan.liowlonff will je haro fqcbi>lcBmce 
tn vnnlty, and eeek after Immv .'— AoL tv. t. 

Leatimg-matiilff, fai Soottiib Law, Tcrbal MdHlon ; 
the nttetmea of word* tending to cxdte dlteord 
between the aimrsign and the peoplik 
LKJ^,le'so,&C'anaefSax.) A paStare.— Obsolete 

Be adial jro jv. and aehol n trtt ; and be edia] fjade 
tc«n(4(— (la uie prcteot Tcrnoo patbvt.y^W^i, n. 

Least, leeet, a. fsopeitotaTe of Uttie.) Smallastt 
little beyond oUten, diher in rii« or degree ; — ad, 
in tbo smalleet or lowest degroe; (n a degree b*- 
low bH othen; at Uatt, or at tkt katt^ **> "J? '^ 






owe; Dot to dcmaai or dBrm mote than fei barrly 

nffiddit ; ftt the lowest degrM; A* ba$l, in tbo 

aotDoat d^rea : of UashciM, in the mom of at 

batt, Is ont of vm. 
Lbabt, 1e'B«, a. Fliinsj ; of wnk textar*. 
Leat, Icet, t. (iff/, Sax.) An iirttfiml chnnntl for 

conduotiDg water, for the worlung of iraXer-whoeU 

ud othnr pttrpowA. 
^^'^T'"*, iMh'ar, ff. (bUter, Sax.) Th« ikin of an 

ntaHd drtMid and pnparod for nae; diCMod 

Wim b CMUral ; akiii, innicany ; — a. leatbcro ; 

nrmairinft ti kutbor ;— v- a. to beat ; to latU on 

with a tUonii of Iwitlicr. — Vulgar as a ytjii. 
l.MXTUF.n,\ ktli'ur, t-, n. To proeoMlwicli noise or 
Lbthxb, > vlolcoce ; to pu>h forward eaguij.— 

I.BATUBRCOAT, U>th'ur-koto, <. Au appk wltb a 

tough riod. 
LBATaut-OftEss&R, kith'uiMhrfia'cor, i. One who 

pnpana leatluir; ono who roanafactmca bidea 

for 030. 
LeATifER-JACKBT, loth'or-jiik'it, 1^ A onnie eivrn 

to n fish foand in the r.wific Ocean. 
L£iniER-MOCTlIED,lcth'[ir-mowtbd,a. An epithet 

appGad to Sih which h*ve ih«ir toetli in tlitir 


By a Iwftar HOtiAtd fiih, I mean cu^ a* baca tlidr 
Ma In Otdr throat, «• the chub.— ir«te<(. 

LvATBSmt, teth'tmi, a. MjuIo of loatlwrr ; eonaiat- 
ing of k.Alher. 

LbaTIIES-SCLLEU, letb'ur-Kl'Iar, g. Om who 
do&U in kxilhcr nmi vends it. 

LuATll£B-wu<UEO,Ieth'iir-«ingd,ii. Ha?ingtoQ£fa 
wtogi, TGKmbling kAthcr in testore. 

Leatiiekt, ktli'iir-f, a. Of the imturf or appear- 
«oca of leather ; tough. 

LaaTK, ktv,M. (leaf, le/e, SixxJ) Grnnl of Ubcrlr; 
ptrmtiatoo; allowance : fwcwoll; »di«u; ceremony 
of departure ; a funiial paitinj; of fricnda , — v. a. 
(k^m. Sax.) jHut and paal pari, Lcfl ; to quit ; 
to Ibfsake ; to desert : to abAndoo, ; to depart 
Erom without action, aa * I ^ thingv a> I found 
them ;' to lufo retaaioing at death ; to oommit or 
trtut to, BS a dapoait ; to lulTer to cenuin; not to 
oany away ; to n^ject ; not to choose ; to fix as a 
tokim of rcmembnnoe : to beqaeath; to giro by 
iriU ; to give op ; to rcaign ; to commit ^r io- 
oiaioo ;— (lerer, Fr.) to raise; — (obsoleto in tlw 
but iMUo ;>—A> fie fit^ ro omV MJ/; to be dowrtad 
or fonakeo { to be pamuUcd to follow ona'a own 
opinioas or desires; lo leascoff, to desist frtini; 
tafortaar; to oeaae waarinc ; toforaake; toteart 
mUt to BBtlt; — e. n. to dcuit; to oeaao; to lean 
tfft to dn^ai ; to atop. 

I.BATKD, Uevd, a. (from leq/l) Faraiahed with 
AtBagB or leans; haTlng a leaf, or nude with 
lurca or foMi. 

Lbatbh, lev'vn, i. (foaajn, Fr.) A mass of mdt 
doD^ or (erttcnting anhstance mixed with any 
body 10 nuka it Ushl; anytidng which makas a 
fnnl bhnga bi th* miaa; — *. a. to axdte fcr- 
mcntBtiao in ; to nlie and make light, as dough ; 
to taint; to imbue. 

Leatbitiko, )cT\-niog, «. That which karona. 

LKAViofocrs, kr'ni-Qa, a. Containing karmt 

lAATitB,Io'Tar,f. OnewbolaaTw:oiKwhoforM]ccL 

LxATBS, laera, /. Plm^ of Leaf. 

LsATnTBU, le're-nes, a. State of Ictng full of 

Le-WISOB, lo'vingx, «. pL Things left; remnant; 

relics; refoM; ofiaJ. 
Lbatt, 1b' Te, a. Full of baros; corered will) 

leaves, litf/y ia the term igsnansny used. 
Lkobokia, lo-bek'o-a, & (in honour of M. Lebedt.) 

A gvnuj of Logmnioonit pt«Eiti, nativas of the 

Cape of Good Hope : Suborder, Hi^iUooacaK. 
Lkua, klMKo, «. (U>t*, an uni, Gr.) A gonui ti 

Coleoptaroiui inwct«: Family, CmmhidlB. Alao^ 

a genn of flabss, in which the body ia oral; tho 

httd small; cyan largn, and plicad iewardi the 

summit, near the tnout : Family, CobitidiL 
LEoaBTOKU, lo-brp-to'oe-o, «. (in honour of Bf anael 

lo Uretoo, a French botaoiaU) Agcnnaof planta: 

Order, Halraoes. 
LBCAKANTinifl, la-ka-nan'fAa.1, r. (leeane, a bowl, 

and onliot, a flowv, Gr. In nfcmua to the cop- 
like iarolncnun under tbabasdottho flowers.) A 

fleoua ofjdanta, eoniliUng of ahiubs with p«le-nd 

Oowera dHpoaed in dense ^bolar hoato, nalins 

of the East Indies : Order, Ctadionaees. 
LacAKOBA, ht-ka-no'ra, r. (meaning not azplainad.) 

A gtDOa of Licbons: Order, Fann^KOiB. 
LixAKOKiKE, to-kan'o-rine, $. A pMuKar ajt- 

t«Uno substance obtained from the s«utt Lacauora 

Lson.— Sm Lick. 
l^ECnCA, le-ku'a, a. (in bonoar of Prorosmr Tjocbea.) 

A genuH oT North Aoterican plants : Order, Cafj^- 

LrxinCNACLTlA, lek-pn-awl'te-a, a. (in booonr of 

)I. Lochonanit, a Frvnch botxnist aod traveller.) 

A freous of plants : Order, GoodeniacMc 
Leoubs, letah'ur, a. A man givtn to kwdoem; — 

r. a. to practlw tewdnoss ; to [odaUe lust 
LEOitKROUS, l«Ash'ar-us, a. Ad^Kcted to lewdaesa; 

lewd ; lustful : proTDking lust. 
LxcBGnotrsLT, letsili'ur-ua-le, ad. LtntAiDy ; 

LKcnEKousirsssJetah'ur-iM-Qea,!; Luiit, or strong 

propcosilv to indulgo the sexu^ appetite. 
LKCttsnr, Ictsh'ur-p, t. Leivdneas; graas indd- 

gODoo of lost i practice of indulging tbs stdmal 

hzcumA, le-idd'e-a, *. (name not explained.) A 

goQus of lichens : Tribe, IdiothaUmeot. 
LccoiUA, Ic'koVc-a, *. (in honour of [fenry Lsoog.) 

A geotu of U mbelUforooa plants : Suborder, Cbm* 

LscnOA, lek'te-ka, t. (Ijiiin.) A liiier or v^dela, 

mad by the anetent Komoxta for sioiilar ptupoMa 

aa the inodem sodan-cbjir. 
Lscnos, lok'ahun, a. (ketia, Lot.) A reading; • 

diflf<!renoe or rariely In copies of a manusertpt or 

book; ■ liason or pocCion of Scripture read in 

divine asTTkB. 
I^cnoHABT, lak'shnn-ar-e, i. A book eontaSalag 

parts of Scriptnie to b« read in chnrcbas; tfaa 

Buman Catb^ Servk*-book. 
LKOTiBTznnni, Isk-tia-tai'na-mn, a. (kelm, a 

conch, and itumm a, to fstpaw, L*L) AnRgidai 

corsmeoy unong tlie aueieat W^"*— *| eriimalad 

In times of pubtic cahunity. 
LsuToit, hdi'tnr, t. A nader. 
Lbotoai., hk'to-al, a. An ejdthet mHcd lo ndi 

iJHasBi as nquire ooufinenuat to boo. 
LscnncB, Mc'tore, i. (Fkvodi, tttm ketiKm, Lit.) 

A£aoQiinepronoaioadiipMay«il|ject; afonnsil 

or methodical diioeaiae uitendad ft* iutivotiaa ; 

the act or practice of reading: — (sttldamasedintbe 


IhI «rM* :) — ft maguttriAl rcpriininilj a fonoftl 
nfnati — r «. to rawl or deurer t fonnal dis- 
•muk; •ftMMitiMmidlnflectiirasfariutniotioa: 
— fk a; t4 tHmct bj dUworiM ; t« Instiut dag- 
Bttlial^ ar MiihoriUtivTlT ; to nprorcu 

Lmmxn. kk'ta-nr, jl One who reuls or pro- 
SSOMH iKtont; ft proCEMor or inatrwtor wbo 
Ailnn formal Asooimci fifr tli« imtroctian of 
•ckaa; • pruditr in a ehoKli, liiird bj Uie 
jmtA Id ■•■■& ths Rctw, vicar, or CBnit& 

IiCTOUftHiP, Id'tora-iliipi *. The vffice of a 

LRrrDSH, Uk'totD, a. A iMffiag'dnk. — Obwlttt 
Th» McaoA leMoo RoLin Radaltvile taiw. 
&b4 w tiM ttitmm aiDOril; be ipnutg^CMiiw. 

tbtgniera.) AnDalllnitiniportantiialiin] Dnjet 
of Esogmon plaola. vUb magaiiu fraiU, and very 
Wp &bf 6airen, lalubitiag Uit woods of South 
Arairicft. Tber diScr from tlui Mfrtacne, ot 
UjTtlca, In their Itsvcs beii^ aftenutc and not 

Oft OMB aidft In an nnanul numoer into a bn»d 
Mr, viludi cDTfTi over tli« centre of tlM Sower 
Vkt a liood. L. aUaria tiu a fruit aa targe as a 
ddU'i fateid, uid ofwciai^ bj a KJ liVc a jar or unit 

Lkd. Paat and pati part of iho verb To Uatl. 

iKD-caPTAOf, Icd'kap-tio, t. An htnnble itt«Q* 
daat; atartamto tb^ follcm-s as if led bj' ■ string. 

tniDBX, Iftd'dM). I. (Jjfdm, Sax.) Langoagc ; txw 


TtMivto ha waa csperl in tirorhKln, 

And Mold tba ttAsm of Ibc |co4h unroliJ.— Sjmurr. 

lUEBtlKU, k-dc-bD'n-a, 9. (in bonour of kl. Le- 
iibara.) A jmnu of plants : Order, UmbeUiferar. 
LxnoB, k], a. Tlfsrc*. Sax.) A row, laTtr, or Btra- 
tu; a ri^e riung abore tbi nst, or projocHog 
btrrad IJm teat ; an; pranunenca or rmof! part ; 
• nail mooldlng ; a small pitcc of tiinbar placed 
atbirait aldpa, under tbe dcoc between the beams ; 
a )aof rUcD of rocks near tbe aorfsn of the aea. 
LCBOca, Itd^jor. I. In Book-keeping, the principal 
ncerd of a OMRhact'i tnnsKtioni ; the book into 
vUeb tbe account* of iW jonnuil are cnrriad in a 
wtfimary lonn. 
ISDOats, lad'ftnn, «. pf. In Arcbitactnn, bori- 
^ HMal pieces of timber need in ecaSnlding, Ijring 
pmSi) ta tbe wall on wliicb tbe; are erected, 
LD-mnn, kd^wrs, «. A mnpter faww. 
lANKABrcKt la-do-lubr'pBm, «. (ledae, thio, and 
imoe, a frnit, Gr.) A gnias of i^ants: Order, 
UoftA, Vdra, «■ A pniH of HesdptcraiH inawts : 

KsbQ/ , CioeAdiL 
Imcv, le'dnm, a. {ttAm^ tbe name preo b; the 
aeeiaftta to the plsnt produeing the enbotanoe 
IhAmk ao« known \fj the name of dOtu Im h rn n .^ 
laktder Tea, ■ genu of plants, natires of Ane- 
n»: Otdar, RbodoraoeB. 
In, K I. ^ Lbsi.— ^liich a». 
Lci, k «• (fOt Swvd. b, Don.) In a Kleral mow, 
I calm or ibatlored place, or place defended from 
Ibe wiad ; benM, that part of the liemtspbere to 
«likb tbe innd b directed, aa dtBtinguiabod from 
Qm elte part wbanoe H irises ; or, to wndtBoni 
■air Ae iM, hnpTiei, in tbe part dafiinded from 
\\m aiod; w^a- A» Im tff iKe IrihI, nmr tbo 
Aon wbiek bnaks the foroo of the wind ; mttttr 
4« fat ^a alcip, on tbe aide oppoeite to ibot <m 
«HA nt iriM Hem; im Mri^ « frame «{ 
fiCn, a 

planka affiled to ibo side of a dat-boUMud eeeael, 
to prtrent it ftom falling lo keward when dose- 
haolad; Isi gug*, • cnfttar dialiDoe fipom Ihe 
point wlwDOo the wind dIowb than ftaothar nmal i 
<M timk, • aoddon and violent roll of ft ship t* 
teoward in a hl^h eeo. when a laroe wave ttnkei 
her on the weather side; a Cwearvr, a ibip is 
Mud to le on a lee sltore when she is near the 
land, with tbe wind blowing risht npen it; fee 
nir, tbe aide of a aliip or boat farthott from tha 
point wbcDCD the wind hlowi; oppesod to tbe 
woatber dde; lu tide, a tide mnning in tbe same 
dinetion that the wind bIow&; a tide mtdtr At 
fer, is a strcjun in an opposite direction to tbe 

Leka, le'a, a. (in honour of >Ir. Jnmee Lee;.) A 
genna of planu : Order, Meliaccir. 

LeJbOu, leetah, r. (iKcoa, Sax.) In 7/Kilegy, tba 
leedies oonatitata tbe famil/ Hirodtnid*, auo- 
loae animals, or red-blooded worms of Cnrier, and 
trhlcb form tbe foortli order of tbe Auocltda. in 
tbe dawLfieatloD of ilU. Andotun and Miloe Ed- 
wards; — ft pro(<Haor of tbe art of bcidbfi ; a pbj' 

Wise lanlMe wOl uoi T&ln roMtpU ntrmide,— 

Co»4mcJty ooe sJtillitd in curing tbe dieeiaca of 
CflWf . In Nautical langoige, the bordir Or edge 
of a sail, wliidi is atopfng or pwpeodioalar, M 
tbe fart-Utek, the 4tf&rU»dh fe. : leacA-OHf, 
ropes faatenod to tbo middk of t^ leeefaai of tbe 
mainaul and foresail ; Aorftowr leroi-iuias, ropes 
made fast at tbo middle of the topaail-TBrds, than 
I-iseins round the leeches of tbt topaaO^ and 
ttiroo^ bloeb upon tha topsail-tk. tbn avrlog 
to tmee tbe euU cloee np to iho rard; iHol-rqpa, 
that of the bolt-rope lo wliieh the skirt or becder 
of a estl is eewed ; — v. a. to nppl; lecehaa to n 
dtsewed part of tbo body. 

LuKP.— See Lief. 

Leek, ledc, *■ The well-known enllnarj eagataUe^ 
Albam porrani. 

LcEUTB, l«'cl-ita, s. A mineral of n deep fleah- 
red eotiior, compact stracture, iplinLeri end oon- 
cboidal fracture, mtb the troni^irencr of horo. 
It consats of allica, 81.91 ; alumina, fi.rm ; pro- 
toxide of iron, G.42 ; potftsh, &.88: «ii. p. 2.C00. 

1,EFR, leer, #. (Aiwr, Sax.) Complexion; hoe; 
fate ;— (obsolete in the foregoing lettMa ;) 
He hath a BMahiMl nf a heUar bar Ihan yoa.— 

an afiactod cast of coontenaocei tlt« olteck; — 
(obsolete In the ImI sense ;) 

• fCn. tadJe I' ituoUi Uw tarla, wilh a lowd rnr««, and 
tha tmm IrUlinR tlown bit lM«Vf, 'uynoi %•>,'— lUtng. 

— a. (jff/or, Sax.") empty; ftirolooil ; fooll^; — 
(obfotetP aa an ailjrctlTe}) 

Xe¥«r ipc«k* wlthoat a Iwr eenae.— AaUr. 

— v.a. (fffajnew, &<(srAwr«n, Oat.) te liK>k arddj; 

to look obliqaelr;— p. a- ta allure with smitoa. 
Leejuxglt, leer mg-le, ad. With au arch, i^Aiqoe 

look or smiliT. 
LesnsuiA, leer'abc-a, «. (in bonour of J. D. Laen^ 

aatbor of tbe Flora Ilerlomenab.) A genns of 

plants: Order, Graminacem. 
LtEi, loej, «. {lie, Fr.) Drrpi; sediment: the 

grower parts of b Ilqnid vhlcli settle at the bot- 
tom of a TcaseL 




Lrub, Istf, V. a. To lose ; (<nru4, lat.) to hurt ; 
to defttraDr-— Obsotete. 

A onht thMf oonteth not, feqt Ihit h« lUlf, it«, Mid 
Utm^w'iaifft, SI. Joim z. lo. 

Lbkt, l0«t, fl. A ocmn. In Lav, tha oourf-br^ 
or Tkw of frukptodge, b * Mort of noorl Iwld 
otwa in tb« jmv, ud not oftoiur, vltliin t ptf- 
iIcqIu liundnd, Iwdship, or miaor, befora tba 
ktQiianl of the Icct, being tfae kliig'i c(>art, gmatod 
by duuttr to tba lords nf thou liundrods or ma- 
Bocb It> oridoal iDl<nt «iu to Tiew tb« fttok- 
pWeni, that If, tba frecmeii within tho Kbcrt/. 
who, ■ooonlinit to tho iastitoUoa of the gnst 
Al&cd, won ail mstuall/ ple^H for tho good 
btlumosr of eaeli otber. BciiaH tlus, tbo pre- 
•RTCkioa rf th« jMiiw, ud tb* cbaatisement of 
fim ^nato oflnoea ag^ntt the pabfio gow), 
■ra tiw oljjeetf both of tbo 00D(t>lMt ud the 
^atUTatonii, which bare eiaetl;r the lamejam- 
dictton, one betn;; only a laT);er spfcka of the 
other, frxtendiox aver inoro ttrritorr, but not over 
more oaae^— Hauik. PL Cr. 2.' 112. A list 
from whleh a <hotoo b made. Lai-ait, a fcitst 
or merry-Rukln^ in the time of leet 

LeewARD, le'wawrd, a. Pertoialng to tlic part to 
wbich tlo n-LDd blow^ w a Ueward ship;— ait 
toward! the lee, or that part towanU which the 
wind blowi ; opposed to windward. 

LlSWAT, lee'way, «. The latcnl morcment of n 
ship to tbe lc«wari] of h«r cootm, or the anglo 
which tho hso of her naj makes with her Vtt\ 
wheo die U close-hauled. 

LlVT. left, 0. (^Itrtm, Lai.) Past and pott part. 
of thu v«rl; To Uin- Deaoliog the port oppoecd 
to tbe right of the bodj. 

LCFT-BA2tDBD, Icft-hand'ed, a. Uriitg the left 
hand rather thoa tho right ; unlucky ; onseaaon- 
abte; tnaospidouB. — Olidet^ Ln the last three 

Ttejr are cloM hnoerltM^ and walk IB a ta ft taaiflrf 
po«ey:-Sir (?. Ptnl 

LurT-HAKDEDNESS, kft-bfUld'cd-OeS, t. UMblikl 
DM of tho left baod. 

Lxrr-UAKDumsi, left-hand'e-Dcs, *. Awkward 

(•SOi Hb '■ C*?! Djtu.) Tho litnb of an animul, 
uatd iu mpportiog the body, and in walking and 
nranaogi ^perlj, that part of tho limb from 
tbe kMB to tho fwt, Lut in a geoeral aenia the 
whole Hmb, Indudiog the th%h, tha leg, ud tbe 
foot ; the long or akmcr soppoit of aojihing, aa 
the frjp of a table ; an act of obeiiaiice ; a bow 
nilb Uie leg drawn back. 

fie BWde till U<j and winl aw«]r.— AfVi 

7^ Amif on ow'i ovn Ufft, to eoppoit onr'^ self : 

10 tnat to ooe'a own streDgtb or eObna without 

LKuaur, bg'a-w, «. {Itgai^ Spaa.) A bcqueat ; 

« paitieolar thtn^ or cemua lom of mooey, given 

by iMt will or taetatnetit. 
LBOACT-nntTMi, Wg'a-ee'boo'tar, $. A word of 

•oofeHDpt, appUtd to coe who ftatten and eoorts 

for lagacka, 
LcoAit b'gal, ■. (Fmob. from Aysfu, Lat.) In 

oo d bl iflfc y wHb law ; seoording to law ; Unful ; 

•eoen Ki ^ to tbe law of works, aa dialingtuahed 

froai titii grace ; pertaining to law ; oe^ed by 

I.Boaj.iTT, le-pIVte, a. lAwfabMaa; conformtty 

to law. In Theology, • reTianoe oo work* lor 

Lboalizr, le'gal-iie, e. a. To autboriu; to maho 

iMaxtLT, le'gil-le, ad. Lawfully; aooocding to 

LxaATAKT, tag'a-lar-«, f. (lemtiarim, ImL) Otte 
to whom a ligacy b bequeautett; a Iwataa. 

LxoATB, log^ale, a. (Uoalai, LaL) A deiwiy ; an 
ambaHidor, eapeoUl^ applied to the pope'a am- 
buMubr to a foreign prtnee or atatc. 

LaoATKE, log-a-te', t. One to whom a l<iBey b 

LGOATesiiir, log'ate-ehip, i. Tlic office of a legate. 

Leoatlvs, Irg'a-tiDc, o. Pcrtaioing to a UffAoi 
made \ty or proceeding ftom a legate. 

LsoATiotr, le-^'ahno, t. {teffo^, tal) 0«pa- 
tatioo; oonimiHion; emboaay. 

LzoATo, le-eat'o, a. (ItaBan, tied.) In Mviie, a 
term denoting that one aot« b tted to aoother, 
wbich u done by pladag theas moika ^^ ,^ abovo 
or below the notes httcnded to be joined. It b 
also called jyatxpe. 

LsDATOS, le-ga'titr, a. (Latin.) One who beqaeath* 
a I^aey ; a testator. 

Lkgk, M, r. a. To alk^ ; to lighten. — Obeottto. 
To twin her of ber dolOBO.— dttfuetr. 

LaoBHD, le'Jeod, a. (Aysadla, Lat) A chroniala 
or re^ater of tlM Uvea of saints. liBcmerly read at 
matiu, and at the refectories of rellgioos bonaea; 
any menioiial or relation ;--v. a. to tcU or nar- 
rate aa A legend. The term hgend b used, tech- 
nically, to denote the words eodraltng a cob i to 
writhig «i tableta the word iuorwtim h appUed, 
which b Qied instead ofl^fmd, wtitra a Motoice, 
Instead of eneireUog, oceopba the place of a devioa 
on the coin. 

LiasirDAaY,le3en-dar-«,a. Consisting of legends; 
faboloos; strange; — t. a book of l^enda; a re- 
Uter of legends. 

LlOEK, M'ur, a. (ttfftf*'*^ ^°^' JMyn, Sax.) Any* 
tUng that Sea bt a place,- that whteb reata or 
remaias, aotoetiiMS ued a* a tubitatUtrt, but gene- 
rally as an a^eetiM, ae a Ugrr ambftssador, that 
is, resident;— (the term b wldom osed cxo^t in 
puUeoIar pbrases.) Legvr-^ne, in Moile, a Btw 
added to tbe staff of fire Koes when more than 
that namhot b wanted, to deugnate aaomding 
or dcaoBodinf notea. Leffer-beok,'-w» Ledger. 

LsoBiOKMAiir, kj'ar-de-maoo, «. (Itgtr, llgbt or 
n!mblr>, and dtHnain, off-hand, Fr.) Sl^it of 
luud ; juggle ; power of daceiring tbe eye by das- 
terityof hand; trick; deoeption adn^ly petfamud. 

^aoBRirri la-Jar'a-le, >. Hvjtrttt, I-'r.) ugbloeaaj 
olmUeoMi.— Oteolotc. 

LaocB, leg, V. a. (Jsegan, Su.) To by.— Obaelala. 

LaoGBD, Mg'ged, a. llaving legs; foraiabed with 

LsaoBUt lag'gon, i. Hen empbyed in conveying 
a baigo tbreagb a eanal-tnimel, by nMaiis ef piisb- 
iag witl) tbeir lags nj^inst the side-walb. 
LROOUIJltO, Uj-je-ad'rn, ad. (Italian.), In Nosc, 
a term denoting that the moaic to which tbe word 
b attached b to bo perfonneil eaily or Iriakty. 
LcooiN , Icg'^n, f. A CQVer for tbe leg ; a pnMot 

that eocloMt the leg. 

Lcuiuii.iTr, lej-c-Ure-te, a. (from frijro, I read, IjU.) 

The i|noUty vr state of being legibb; liglhleo— , 

LBOiai.1:, lej'o-bia, a. That may be read; eoodst- 

ing of tetters or flguita tlut may ho dbtisgaiabad 





LEfimrjyTWS— iXGUMUit:. 


lTlWt7«: Ibit nuj ba AooTcnd or QOdentootl 
ty ifipigwrti mmk» at indlminwa 
laomrinfm, t^'c-U-Mo^ «. Tbe aBAUt* «r ctau 

IwnwiT. ki VtH Ml Id Mcb ■ BManar h maj 

LsoMS, hJvR, Ik (1^^ L«L) ADHmg Uw andent 
Bmbmb^ ■ body of Infimtrr, «>iuialin|: of diflerent 
■Mtan«f noialdiflannt pnioda. E^cfa legbn 
■« dMM into ten oofaoda. ckIi cnbort into tta 
cMtrpunci^ wu tuA ouinpvijr into two ontoMS ; 
— vauUtaryfoKt; mUlUiVbMMb; •crMtnanlMfe 
XcpMa f^/fflWMr, io ocder of merit in Pnace, 
iatfitatad by Kspcicoo Bonaparto, u a reeooipann 
Car oBttsij a&d eiril aarieaf. The ord«r eon- 
riita of fire dirisoaa~-Gbon&en, of wbcmi Uw 
■■abv ia notknitecj ; Cooimaaden ; Offioen ; 
Gtaad Offiom, and Gtaod Crosaef. 

I IBIOH.IBT, le'jUD-ar-e, n. ficlRtJDf to a If^gwn or 
Co ligtaaBt oofUMting of a Ic^oo «r of h^Di ; 
aaMfll^c a great tkombcr; — a. one of a k^on. 

LMnoarar, la'jsa-n>, «. Ibxly of lapoea. 

LaonLanc, Vjla-ltfe, «. «. (ier, &^ kw, nod ./Qrv, 
i^BM» IA giTCi, paa, or aoact, LaL) To maka or 
■■da Lnror kwK. 

LaoiHianoor, l^-b-la'dtait. a. (Freaofa.) Tba act 
of fSMiBC a tn> or lawa ; the inactiftg of lava, 

IJOMMtnr^ ^fia-laj-tivT a. Oiviog or enattfaift 
Im; CipaUcof aoacttnif Ian; pertaiaiog to tbe 
•HfltiiCflf k«>; Mkdiktslawa; dono by eoact- 

IJHiaLAToa, I^Vhy-tar, «. (LaOn.) A lawgitar; 

coa vbo xaakca law* for a itatc or commnDity. 
LaclBfcaioiiMiir» kj-it-la'tnr-thip, «. Tbe odlco 

LaBmanon, bf i*-lay-trea,> *. A fmiRlv vbo 

Lboulatkix, )ig^Uy-trilai,}' makt-s Uwa. 

LaonLaxiiBB, l^^lay-turc, j. (ftyuJnrnrn, Span.) 
llwbadjcCpanDaainagtati^or Ungdom imtatod 
«3kb pavatDmakaBiHlnptidUwi; Uwiupraiu 
ptnw of a tfatCL 

Lrc t ffT. le'jirt, i. Om ddDed to tbe hwa. 

ILEomiLACT, k-jit'ta-ma-ar, K lAvfiilimiof blrtb ; 
laaixnun;, le-Jift'ta-iiutr, a. (Af^ittee, Fr. le^- 
am; Lit) Bon Jn nuntiaea; lawfbll^ begottco; 
; Botipwlou; rau; prooeedmg from t 
w; — *. o, (JiyMmar, Fr.) to lander 
: to Rtoka hwAil ; to pfocnn to ooa that 
ia Shj^tinata tba rigfau of ■ Ujtitiinita diOdf to 
iimil «ilb tbe riehu of a lawful h«ir. 
Ls«rTTMaTKl,T, k-jil'te-mnU-le, nd. Lawfully; 

MSBiduig lA few ; gMiuiielT ; not fklaoly. 
LMOtnmxteKtam, Ie-J<t't«- mttc- nw, ». L^ality -, 

lawftdaaa; geealoencaa. 
L£OiTnuTiair,lo-jit'te-inii'i>hun,«.(Freiu!b.) Tbe 
act of fcndtdng IcgitiDi&le, or of utvcathig an 
tUe^taaaCa cbild wiUi tbe pri«ilpge3 of one bom 
in wa^edt 
[ LKOimasT, k-jit'te-iDiat, «. One wbo support* 
j laptimite authority. 
I Lacuisi, Icg'ka, a. Uviofi bo l^p. 
LsocMS>, l^o-men, a. ( Lotio, pulw.) In Botany, 
tba pod of a LegmnicouB plant ; s on«-ccI)ed, or 
many — ded, kwo-TBlvod snpcHoc frint, delnsdne 
by a anttif* along both its back aod faco, aod 
biarbg ita aaeda OD tb« vaotral ntan ooly, aa in 
pea ani bean poda. 
I.aArviaK,U^B-ininc,«,(J(^Mua,palH,Ltt) Tht 
IbnMr name for Caarioa, — wbkb aea. 

LccranionTEa, kg-B-ma-ao-ai'laa, a. {ttyimem, m 
pod. L<lC) a gonna of foal) ftoit from tbo lala 
of Sbeppy. 

LBOCMlKOCa, le-pi'me-iitu, a. r^aintni; to polio. 
In BoCiay, baring a Ingtunai aa Um tnut ; par- 
LdniofE to tbt LegnniaoBK. 

LeosiJUiviA, le-nan'iw-a, a. (ia bonoDr of Pnf. 
L f h m ai ia of Hunboqih.) A gaQoa of planti: 
Order, SoUnaoaa. 

LsntnmTB, le-lnm'tit«s i; (bi bonottr of CuAabi 
Lebtutt) Compact aeolita, a mioenl of a flaih- 
red odour, vbiob ^ipean to tbe nakad aye fiko a 
hmp of tucar, bnt, vbea nlgected to tbi mkn- 
•oopo^ to be coBipMBd of NRall anlai. Ita oon- 
aUtaaoU ii»-Hinra, 47.33; alumina, 84.00; 
anU, ISJOt Hna, 1^24; naUr, 13.60: fl».gr. 
I.9&3. IIariaa»=3.75. 

Lkia, Ic'«-«, a. (JUm, Miootb. or beardlesa, Gr.) A 
gentu of Diptanma Iniacts : Family, Keniooirm. 

LKiACAKTiirx, U-a-kan'iiu, «. (kio$, amooib, and 
otoHtha, n EplDQ, Gr.) A gBooa of foudl Ailwa. 

I.ElHaKTIiitH,1o-maa'lie-om,a. (Uhum, aneadow, 
uid mfltof, n Qowtr, Or.) A gODoa of pUnts : 
Order: MebuitbaeaiL 

LnionEfl, l«'o-des. '■ (^Mm, atnootb, Or.) A genua 
of Colfioplorooa iaaieta: Fumity, MelMloma. 

Lkiodom, la'o-dea, a. (Um, amooib, and oikma, m 
tootb, Or.) A giiraa of fiabca, baving tbe body 
oblong and imeoth, and tba bead sliort : Family, 

Lkioljemub, le-o-Ie'maa, a. (Um, amootb, and 
/aimoi; tlie tfanal, Gr.) A aubgenus of Seorian 
reptilea, ^ttd to Tropidnma: Fanuly, Agamidn. 

LsiOLnns, le-oro-pfa, a. (laioa, nnooth, and l^ia, a 
BQile, Gr.) A ceoui of llurda, formlag the oon- 
Bcctinc iJQlc bctwoHi the LacertitbD and tba 

Lnornta, la'o-fii, t. (Mo»^ Moootli, and ofAia^ a 
aerpent, Or.) A gsuos of aerjicnta: Family, 

LKlorilTLLint, le-o-fil'lom, a. {Uiru, amofllb, and 
pWttm, a leaf, Gr.'^ A genoa of pUnta : Order, 

LcioSFEEVrsj, le-0-sper'mum, a. (hies, imootli, 
and l^wrmo, teed, Gr.) A genna of plaDla: Or- 
der, CaooaiaoMO. 

Leio&tomob, lo-oe'to-nnia, a. (^Inoa, amooth, and 
afrNHO, a iDooth, Gr.) A genoa of Sahea, in wfaicli ' 
tbe body ia oblong-oTate ; the aooat tntncate, and 
caudal 6o aligbtly luoato : Family, Cheetodooidir. 

LnoTliaix, leVMrilts, a. (leica, amootb, and (iKr, 
tiair, Gr.) A genos of birda, type of tba nibfamily 
LeiotricbaoB: Family, AmpeUiJs. 

LeioTBICBAITX, le-o-tre-ka'oe, a. {Motoric, on* of 
the genera.) Tbe Silky Cfantt«rpr«, a mibfamily 
of the Atnpelltdie, Frait-eaUra or Cbotteren, in 
which the lege are Uf|^, robutt, and qmdactylei 
the hind toe looger than the outer; llw winga 
abort aod roonded ; the bill atrmig, aiui the gonyi 

LeiOTlJLOa, le-ot'a-lna, t. (kioa, unooth, end out 
otett an enr, Gr. In alluaion to the amootb margin 
of the fnuL) A gentH of Umbdliftroua pUuta : 
Soborder, CampyhiaMiniBi^ 

LciPATimuo, la-pau'e-mik, a. (^t^pe, 1 Icatc, and 
eil^iiioa,tbeiosl,Gr.) Feinling; tending to awoon. 

LBimaiMoa, le-fa'moa, a. (Jeiai, amootb, ami 
pioua, brown, Gr. from the plant being amootli 
and of a brown eoloor.) A gcnna of imratitieal 
bcrba: Order, Gantianaeaa'. 







Lsmu, liMC'tM, «. A ftaoM of biids babnjijng to 

tlw ft^Tiin^. «r UaiMrt : Funtif , StniDidn. 
LnsDiUBLB, lo'shor-A-bl, a. Vkcaot of flmjtlo}-- 

■mti DOl oorapiML 
LnsuiUBLr, Vihurft-ble, ad. A bsium. witbout 

tumult or hurrr. 
ijuBtntE, U'lhuic, ». (Joiitr, Fr.) Ftaadom from 

bunooH ur bttnj ; rocant time ; ttolfl five firom 

■Oployrocnt ; convtnuenct of time ; 

Ha i^fa'il, mad bid no blnirc more to mj.— pFyJm. 

want of Idsurc— 0b9ohrt« io the lut Htise. 

Th»bliiir«nnd(!nfbr«tin«Dt of tbo time 
Ff iriiklt U> (Iwrll an.—Shakt. 

LKiSUSELr, le'ilior-le, a. lYot haslv; deliberate; 

ttooe wUhoot boTTj ; — ad. not in a bony ; olowly; 

Leidkl'S, ]e-u'ni5, J. {laos, (Roootb. aod owu, • 

toB. Gr.) A gonas of fitbea, allied to GaUenu- 

tctn, but bBTiD{< tb« iida nnooth, and twt cortred 

in that pBQBfl with itnbrictttvd Kaln. 
Lmjur, k'mau, a. A sweotbeart ; a gallant., or a 

Ho MM fa* wctOt 
Sim (niM h*, whMhcr iht wolde or h'oUa.— . 

Lkxaxka, le aa'iw-ft, §, (in boooar of H. Lcouui, 

a Fkiboh botuiiL} A gaooa of Fad : Typa of 

Iht tribe Lanaiddae. 
LxxAiriDJK, le-num'e-dei a. A tribo of Foci, in 

wUdi tbo ftond is boflow, and wholly oonvntsd 

into « novptoalcL 
Ijoic, tema, a* (_kann. Sax.) A ray of lifilit ; a 

Tin with red Ima— Ctenerr. 

— r. A. to shiiw. — Obsolete:. 

Luma, lem'Dtt, a ( ? «wio, a tfaing taken or aa- 
■UDod, Gr.) In Uaihetaaties, a pnpintor7|n>- 
pM&ioii bonowed from iiwtber nlijeot, or m>m 
■DOthir jmt vt tbe eame eutgect, and introdnoed 
at the pomt it wfakh It beoomea indiapeniMa. 

LsmuxOi liB'miaK, «. Tb« Laplaod Uannot, the 
GenTflbaa lemntoa of ini|;;tir, a sped« of RodmU 
Tdfy nbuidaat in tbe north of Europe, and on tbe 
^Ncas of tbe Arctic seaa. The LanouoRa are 
abeut the dae of a nt, and are nuidabed with 
bhdk wd jeQow far. Tbvy an nmariiaUe fat 
thw ocnaaoaal migretioiH hi unmcoee nuai^Mn, 
Aioiig iihlA thty maitb iu a atmight line aerwi 
liverB) lakai, Ac, and cnate much deruCatioa. 

Ismux, koi'lia, «. Duokwecd, a gems of iilanti : 
Order, PiBtboaB. 

tXMMtAX, len'oa-aa, a. hrtaiaJng to tbe lale of 
LemnoB. Lmmim earAl, a vamt]i of earth wluch 
oooan b tba file of LeiQDoa, foRMrir used io 
medidoe oadar the name ef Lerra aicUhoa. It 
has a meagre feel ; soft ; «MqiH ; oelow Kreytab- 
white, and Ul* to peeoes woea pnl bto wet*r. 

LsioiibCATA, Irm-flia-ka'tA, a. In Mailmiiatica, a 
corra htaiag tbe fbrta ot$* S, bttt with tite upper 
aad town parte petfeotly symmetrical. 

tetum. Ism 00, t. Tbe fnit of tbe lemon-tm, 
CStna nmSok, a natin of Perna, but now culU- 
Yaled in KoBOpsi. ftj—liiil iii/( ^ Imom, tbe 
liinoialwla of potaah ii 6«<|Mnti7 aoU naitv thte 
Dams. It ie oaed in ranoting moftUs and etaSiu 
fimcB liaea. Imam gmm, the plant AAdrDpogon 

Luohadb, bsHO-nade', t. ( f im e aaA, Fr.) A 
beren^ rottiiHing of water and Umon-jai«F, 
gwisfallj cbaiged wilb carboiie abd. 

LEMoaiA, le-mo'oe-a. a. (in booour tf Sir €. I*- 
mon.) A genua of West lodfam [dlDti: OrSfft 

LEMin, le'mur, *. (I^tia.) A ithost or speetn. 
The Ltmon were mala and female genii, or failer- 
nal godii, believed by tbe andont Romana to bamt 
•oUtuy rooms and dhat plnea& Tbty were »»- 
^tiated by having baua eait to Uwn. llidr 
iMBt wn oelafantcd nnder Iht naou «f Lamria, 
or £■— 'dJini Abo, a kcoui of tpatixvaaunm 
animal* : Typo of tbe fninily Lemnrida'. 

LzML'RiD.'R. l^-^nI'r^-de, i. (fesmr, one of the eo- 
wnu) A family of qoadramanoos animals, eaa- 
meterlaed by grinders 6-6 abore, and 6-6 below ; 
terminal eictrefnitiee free ; fiiet finger of tbe bind- 
(nft anned with recorved daws. 

Lexd, lend, r. a, (fmon, Sax.) Pom! and pott 
paii. Lent. To afTonl or uipply, on ocmditioii of 
repayment; to snAr to be nwd on oonditiui that 
it berartond; toafibrd; to (umiib, in general; 
to permit to nao for another's beosAt ; to let fat 
luTD or oorapensatioo. 

Leitdjiblb, kod'u-bl, o. That may be lent 

LB51IKB, tc&d'ur, X Odo wbo kods; one who 
makes a trado of pattlsK money to interest. 

LSVDHIO, leodlnK, «. Tbe act of loanii^ ; wlat 
ia lent en ooadiiion of lapaymant. 

Lbusa, loodx, «. (Sexon.) Loins.— Ofaeo1et«L 
A temo-elQtli tk» M wblte a« norwa milk 
ITpou ber Iptrfaa— Cleaw. 

Lc::(OTii, Icng^ a. (ImgAe, Sax.) Tbe ejEtont of 
anythhw mittdat (ram end toandi tbe 
line wbMi on be dnwn Ikroi^ a hodfi 
tohn'rideei eotlaoti extennon; oomi 
teut ; a oertvn portion of epaoe or liiiMi in tbu 
•cosa iihMa^wvf; extent of dnratioa or qnoe; 
Lodebutdy; pcotnutloa g reidi oi en^aion of 
anything; dMBce; at faulii, at or u tba fWll 
extent; at 1m(; at the «id or cowlmiom— «■ a. 
to eitimd. — OfaaolBto as n ecrih 

LKNOTUEit, leng'fhn, ei. a. To dmr oat ; to makn 
loogcr; toelorq^te; toprotrjct; teaonlinaB; to 
C9rt«ld; to draw out in ynnunciKtian t— P. il to 
grow longer; to cxtond in length. 

LcsoTHEiniio, leng'fAa-bi;*, a. Conthmatisai 

LEfomvtJi., hmffk'Sd, a. *3f jcreal l8i^||h in 

Ldormikr, leng'eAo-Ics odL In n tengtby BaotMr-, 
not bricfiy. 

LcNOTiiiNESft, lei^'file-nes, s. Tbe etate of hifag 

Lekotuwisb, IsagU'wiae, ad. Aooerding to die 
length ; in a loogitttdbial direction. 

LwioTaT, leog'iikt, a. Being bMg or modcnridy 
long; noti^ort; not briet 

LBKimcr, Vne-fln-ask «. TendenMoi lenity. 

Lsiriiorr, le'n».«at, o. (faueae, LaL) AsBtanifv; 
Mdening; nutigBtiog; Uaativ*; ennUiant;^^ 
in emoltisot or auniuTa appdieatkm. 

LCKirr, ItnVfl, p. a. To aismge; to soften; to 
mitigate. — Seldom aed. 

LsBiMnrr, lon'tMneoi, «; An aasnaaivaj — OhnelMak 

LKSinrm, kn'e-Uv, a. (fanilisv, ItaL IhIiK fr.) 
Hairing tbe qnaBty of »»*>fp*«g or mlli ga tb ife as 
pidnoraorimoay; aawaafve; wwllJent ; — a. any- 
thbg roediobaUy apfAad to ease pain ; that whkh 
■oftens or mltlgiti»i a palttalfos. 

Lnrmm, lai'^fa,a.(fau^genllB, IaL) Gentle 
piugatiTcs; suotbhig medirinfSL 





ho'e-ta, «. (fawicM, IaL) UIUmm of 
taofmi MfttMMi taod«ni8aB| mercy. 

lanocic, la'iiok, a. Slender: pU«Ue.— Load. 

LntOGJXArr, U-iM«'a»-aADt, a. (fenocmoM, cntic- 
tafr Ut) (Kno to IswdBBM. 

Ldi. ksu,c.(<EM,« bMa or lentil, Lst) Pmnrif, 
timall nmH^f^amwbupti like fc lentil k beao. 
U nqr*^*^)*"! iBappliol toKaytnmpinnt 
nafivtt flf ovtao feoa*: tfcats ■ ra--th> eonrex', 
*U(& Biotirgii lbs »]«{ ilto aweoM, whidi 
AytnwitHB: Utopfaii^-cmoeasbanogfloosQr- 
fto* tlaoi^ Mil tbo otluir ooora ; the dwMi em- 
na^hiilagboUfidoaMms; the/ifaaio-eoMmw, 
ln%)g OH ncfcoo pluw^ ud Un oCiw ooooave; 
tibo 4mMi flw oi ofc bMKOc two Mnaira ntrfHM-, 
tki wmmtam, hautg nw UAt oancan^ muI the 
•Aff MaTCE. Ia AaobNn^, t^ term it iippBtd 
Is iht cf7staUae Iionoar of tb« ejn. AJw, « 
tnoipARnI sobsUacB, nnuUjr ((Uiu, ut (onaed 
Ijtfl C171 of ligbt pMslng thfongh it an nwla to 
dm^ ihat diRctiao, ud (0 lujfiiify or diminlsli 
■bjerti aS o evtua dirtmcb In BaUajr, ■ iBe- 
ba of As gBis EmuD, tbs Lsnti]. 

Um-B«ArsD, lesz'ahiTpt, a, Hning a form ro- 
muABag a bos; knSealcr. 

Lcvr, 1^ «. /Vitf jurt. of Um Torb 7b And 
Sim; miU ;— (u1»ukt« :)— -9. ia the Catholic 
ChMicfct a timo o( siiirtificalioD, in cotntDODorKtMQ 
el tha DunKoIotu faatinf of Jeeui Cliriit in tiie 
vtldvaan; Bsed as a prantratMo for Easter. The 
Urm a firuai tha Saxoo (mcfoii toiflying vpring, 
Dm Miaoa when tbt djy incraBBei ia Inigtb, about 
lhKOB«dwaen)»iit of wUcb this fast usually falls. 
U it tho apriae fsat la th« Latta Ohon^', LbdI 
eauimid of only tblrty-ea d^t tho four addi- 
tioBal daja wan added ia Ibe nfaitb ccDtary. 
IcsTiK, ien'tn, A, Pnrtainbg to Loot ; loed ia 

Lait{ aparixie. 
IjentUBUAnMSEM, Ira-te-bo-Ia-pi^a'BG-o,) 
ImtmtBJLamM, lao-i»-tni-la'r«-(-, J ** 

(faMftaWw, dot of the nin» fpx-en to the geaaa 
drittkria.) A oalmml onler of Ei ugen o ua 
pfaata, £f iaf ia walar or manbea; laavCB radical, 
nSrUed, or eom{WDRdf inaeintilinf; roota, and 
turii^ bttle TCddca ; flowtn aingia or in epikra, 
•r h maaj-Amtnd raccnHa, with a nii|:li! bract ; 
tij% ^tmi, yrirtent Inftriar; cofolla mooo- 
petalooa, hfpo^ywNia, iot^lar, UtatHato; ata- 
uma two; aothen oae-oalted; ortry oompoeed 
of Cvo Talrata otrjM'Ilar^ laares j one style, and 

aihortt tUgma btlabiata ; capbole ooe-cclled ; 
; ntoBla* wHbooft albomra. 

Lnnoauja^ l«'cit-«»i-la, «. Lobtioalar glnads. 
Ia B0CU7, a Uem atnphifvd hy Do Oandolle to 
dnote MrtMa nAntf ifwklikt tobctvloi 00 steoia. 

LoTicin.4B. lea-tik'u-kr, 0. (JmD'eaJbm, Lat.) 
Vaawbltng a kotiJ ; having the form of a lea« ; 
ImiftfB. Ia BntMDolaQp, a mmd body with fts 
•PfMll* rfd« aaam, aeetms in a abarp edge. 
la OaoebfBhgf, dooUy coavac aboUfc Lentu^- 
ir era, tba aa«» gtrn by Proftaattr JanKson bo 
Mtabadral amaiato of ooppar; etUad ibo Inui- 
aAr anaaiMb ^cepptr. In Aoatomy, a t«rm 
mABd to— 1. A ganglion of the bead, tituated 
m tba aitanal ilda of the optio ucrvo ; 2. Th* 
ttfiam, diaatad at tba povterior part of tb« 
twgaa; tbar an from ahia lo fifteen in camber, 
of a mad nna, of Uic aiza of a large nuitJird 
Ked ; S. Tba fint variety of trtu) eatanct, noticed 
t; Bceri alao, an loairaaient for rtfooriDg tba 

inegobmtlei of boot fhom tba adp of tbe parf(t»- 
tloo made to the eraniam by tbe trophlnv. 
LesTTiccLAHLT, leQ-tflc'n-ldr-lff, ad. la tbt imd- 

ner of a teoi r irllh a curve. 

Lesticulimjl, IcQ-tik'O-li'na, i. A tnbkattMls; 
nuMoeolar, i^h^ Biiindre; a fceoos of Mm 
nlcmaoDiiie Foraminifara. It b dtetiogt^bad 
fhim tho Naabtus by bariog na ripbon. 

LeimcuLiTE, lentik'n-Ute, «. A (oatU ebell of a 
leotioabr fecm. 

LBsnrDftM, lon'ta-fowrm, <l (lau and finm^ 
fonn. Lab.) Of tba Ibno of a hxu; 

LmiTioniOUS, len-tJiVsaa, a. {JeaUgo, a (tmUo^ 
Lat.) FrecUy; uurfy. 

Ixsnao, boMT^ a EiAaUi^ CMklH w tbi 
Suit yeUaw a^ «b tbe ikia, pmdaMd by tn- 
ponra to Ibe ny» of the ann. 

LsKTttf, ba'liak, a. (Ifafbco, I become stieky, L«l.) 
Tb« nuatio ti«o, Pistada ImtiMoi. 

L aa n tCDB, Iroto-tude, a. Slowceaa; alug^ibMaa. 
— ObnlalA 

Ianto, tofi'to, «. (Italian, alowl^.) In MHto, a 
tann einitvalcnt t« Luxo<~^'u^ "*■ 

tttmtttiWtor, I. (Latin.) TeucHyi Tfaeotarmai 
atownaiB; delay; alnepahaeaat id^oe*; thick- 
neea or floidi \ ywuKuXj^ a tonn tiacd tn bauKml 

LlcirroD0,kn'tM,D.(JinXas,LaL) Viacid ; neoom; 

LBHcnnTS, l^m'te-inte, '■ A minenl, ooo uni ng 
masaJTe, with an rorlby fnctun, aoroetfanea 
eltghtly f»ndiotdal; eolnor white; lustre nther 
graaay; easSyacrstcfaed by o knife; iranslaoeott 
traaspannt on tbe e^es. Ita conetitDonla are — 
Btlica, 87.5 ', a1asitna,8T.5; water, 36.0: 
Lft— 8.10. Hardness = 1.6. 

Lao, k'o, a, (Latin, lion.) In AgtrDnomy^ the Uon, 
om of the Eodaical ooortenations, conunemomtive 
of tbe Kamiean Goo killed by Heroolea. It ia 
pumnrndod by Una Hi^, Leo Minor, Canoer, 
^ydra, Sextans, Virgo, and Coma Bertnicce. It 
GOOBiBta of fifty-nine atan. hn Mhior, a cim~ 
atelbuioD of HoTeliiu, sajrooaded by Uraa Mi^or, 
Lynx, Cani-rr, and Leo. Fbimitod'a catahjgiia 
gives rievet) slan. 

LBOCEPnALUS, U>-o-8cra-)itt, «. {Utot, ameotb, and 
bephale-, hchA, Or.) A gBDoa of Sautbua tepBlve, 
in vrbidi the lirad la pyramidal and short; tho 
body dcpTcaud, with a low-pointed cmt of abort 
spincB exteodiag tbe wbole li>nRtb of tin badi aivd 
tail; ncclc tmnotb, with irrcgnlflr IbUls on the 
ddea, and en obilqoc fold on one of tho thonlden t 
FamUy, Agamidr. 

Lbod, te'dd, t. (Saxon.) Hu poople^ a natioa or 

Lkov, le'of, f. A term denoting love i>fl/Ma, 
a winner of lovs. Leofttan, b^ beloved. 

LEOKruKDiTK, Ic-on'drd-Uc, f. A ntloerdl wTdeb 
ocoore crystaUzcJi ptiuiary form an oblitino prIam; 
deavage perfect and [laraUel to the Utciid planea ; 
colour white, yellowish, rarely brownish ; (Vaetun 
uneven; luatio paarly on the fractoiod sorface; 
vitreona ; traiunieent on the edges. Its «m- 
slituenU are— alUea, 66.1S8; olmnioa, 23.080; 
time, 9.251; water and loia, 11.641: sp. gr. 3.29. 
Hirdncu=3.0— 3.G. Fwud la Bavann. 
L'EO.vtA, le-o'co-a, 1. (In honour of Don F. Loon.) 

A genua of plants : Order, TbeopbraslaoeiB. 
LnONijrE, Wo-uioe, a. (Jtamnm, tat) Belooging 
to a UoB, or partaking of hia qaalitiee; rcwmbUng 



a lloa. Uonina vertea, • oerUtii special ot rerw 
wluofa rivsM at «T«T7 hcmutic, Ui« tiiiddle alwBiM 
ohimiog wiUt Ibi fitwl ayUalile. 

LsoiriKELT, 1«'o-qIdo-I«, ad. la the nutoer of • 

Lbovotbb, l«-o-Do'tu, a. (Jctw, a lion, and om ota, 
U aar, Gr. frotn a faiidod UkBOCM to the liou'd 
aar la Uia eorolUa.) Lion's-eitr, a gcoos of 
|dHlta,coadulia(t of herba or sbbabrnba, witb sbawj 
acariolor jrdlow floware: Onier, Lamiaoo*. 

Leoktiabis, l<M>D-U'a*siB, a. (/acNi, JmwIm, a Uod, 
Gr.) In riitbo1oi;7. a speocs of Lapra, irbamo 
the patleol's f^ce la tliooght to reaambla thai of 
tbc Uon. 

LsosTiCJk, la-oo'ta-ka, a. In Antiqtutjr, fuaU or 
Kacri6cas ookbratad by tita andaata in hoooor of 
tbe ttUQ. Tlie pvietta who offidatad were called 
Laontoa, bacaoaa tbej repraaeoted iho snn under 
ibo flgon of a lioo ndiaat, bearing a tiara, and 
^pping in bia ttro rore-pawa tha borna of a btilL 

Leustici:, la-oD'te-s'', a. (an abridgraaot of Lcoo- 
topctaloin, its aadeat name» from Uom^ a lion, and 
jMtabiH ft petal, the LianVlanf, Gr.) A gmos of 
planti, Mtnea of Nortli Anwrica: Ordor, B«r- 

IjKnnorsTALiJit. — See Lcontke. 

LBOino»>DIUM, laoQ-to-podVttni, i. (iscai, alion, 
and poto, a foot, Gr.) Tb« plant Uoa'a-foot, 
FUago leontopodinm. 

LBOFASO, lap'tfrd, «. The fanna aniinal Pelia 
Leopaidaa. *Tbo laopard,' aa dafincd bj Mi^or 
Sadtb, *wbtn ootnporod witb the tiger and panlber 
of natanllsta, is uniformly o( a pakr yullowudi 
cdkHir, rather iinaUer, and tbo dota roae-formed, 
or ooa^sttDX of ferernl dota, partially united into 
a circolar figure in loina inataQcea, and into a 
qoadraogolai^. triaagatar, or leaa detennloed fono 
■a eCbara. Ilwra are aoveral iaolnted black apota, 
which mora aapadaDj occur on the ootside of tbo 
limba.' L»opvd''$-h(me, the plant Sea«do do- 

LSOFOLDDTA, Ic-o-poMi'no, a. (in honour of tho 
lata Emporor of BnziL) A genua of pUnta: 
Order, Palmaceae. 

LEDSCtntCB, le-o-nn'nu, «. (&»<t, a lion, and oara, a 
tail, Gr. from the spikes of the floncra baring 
been oompated to the end of the lion's tall) 
Hotbenrort, a genusof i^anla: Order, Lomincov. 

LsrADiTJU, lep'aHlitao, a. (tfui, one of the genors.) 
Tha Gooaa Bamadea, a fiunilr of Oiiripedea, the 
•peciea of which aro diatiogaluMd bj a taodonoDS 
oentraesOa, and oftan loqg taba^ flud by ita baaa 
to soma Dttrina nbataaocb— Sae Banada. Also, 
ooa of tbo ttuaj smam of tbi aopfwiad btTalvoUr 
eperoila of unumtm, flrand at Solenboftn, 
tensad TcigaHUitM bj raikinaoo, and Soloahoa 

LsrAU, la'pah, a. la Botany, sterfla itanum.— 

Seldom uasd. 
LBrAXTHM, la-paa'(Aea, «. {lepot, hark, and aaA», 

a flower, Gr.) A gmwt of ptuta : Order, Orchi- 

Lbtas, la'paa. $. (Orsak, a Gmpet.) The Barnacle^ 
■ fMia ef Cfrrlpadae* now diriOM into nuu^ 

LirscnnnA, lop-o-tibin'a-a, a. (in hoooor of John 
Ldpadiln, a Buadan holaxMt.) A B^us of her- 
baeaooi plants : Order, LamJaoag. 

Ltnut, lep'or, a. {t^>ra, Lst hpi^ Fr.) A peraon 
aflbotod with leprooy. 

Lbticxxa, l^■pia'o•aA, a. In Botany, a tatm nead bj 
Rtdiarda to denote two empty braota sitnated at 
the baae of Iha loousta of a graaa, naoally ealM H 

LEPio, lep'id, a. (A^wAtf, LsL) lieaaant ; jeooao; — 
Soldotn used. 

LRMDAaATUia, lcp-e-dag'a-(JUa, a. (i^i», a aoata, 
and offotkitt a ball, Gr.) A gmus of £ast Indian 
plants: Order, Acanthaoea^ 

Lepidixk^ lop-e-diu'e-a, t. (plants agreeing with 
Lepidium.) A tribe of Cmciferoua pluita, cbarae- 
lorixed by tbo dlido hsTiog a very narrow di>- 
aspimeot, and biWng Itcelcd or rery coocanTalm. 

LSPIDloai, lop-c-di'oQ, a. {Upu, a soale, and diea, 
diMt, Doblfi, Gr.) A genus of fisboa: FamOy, 

LsriDlcn, le-pid'o-oot, m. (Ujm, a scale, Gr. In aBo- 
aion to tha form of the pods, whkh reeenibla Uttla 
scaler) A genua of pJonta, oooaiating of smaU 
Crtwifcraua herbs or snbahruhs : Suborder^ Molo- 

Lepidocesdrom, Icp-e-do-daa'dron, t. (Itpi&t a 
scale, and dmdron, a tree, Gr.) A fimm of ftanl 
pUota, tlie atema of whid], oflen of great site, oeoir 
Id the Coal formjitioa. The atema aro ^ohotO' 
motis, and mvhed with rhomboidal anal*; tin 
Umxat tittear. 

LsFnxMjAOTEK, li>p-«-do-i:Bs'tur, >. (Jepis, a scale, 
and saiUr, the b«IIy, Gr.) A genus of fUhes of 
snijil] SM and aleDdor budies: Family, Cyclsp- 


Lepidoids, lep'a-doyds, s. (Jipia, a acale, and aadbs^ 
rsaemblaaca, Gr.) AfiunilyofastioelfeaaMa^ 
found in the O^ita arrlas, roaarkabU fhr tbnr 
Urge rboniboidal aeaka. 

LsFiDOLEraiDA, lop-e-do-lep'ra-de, a. (h^idaltp- 
rif, OBO of the gtoara.) The Bibbonila, ■ fstnily of 
flaM bekn^ngtotbe tr1beCanthilaplOT,or>IaiIca- 
dietki, in wuoh tbo body la angnilfilbnn and 
Dialled; aaoot tvoloo^ed; EBOBth plaeod boneatfa 
tbo boad, annad with aptnea. 

LeriooLEiiui, lep-e-do-Iep^ria, a. (M** •■ Mate, 
end t^>ro$, rongn or leprona, Gr.) A gcooa of 
fisbea : Type of the fiumly Lspidoleptidae; 

LEniK>PUiLLLM, lep-e-do<flllQB,s. (fapu^ aacill^ 
and pkylion, a leaf, Gr.) A name given by Bvoag- 
niart to t<^nvos of certain plants whidi occur ImbII 
ill the Coiol fomution. 

LEPiDOFTEmA, Icp-e-dop'tor-a. «. il^iit, i 
and jtttrtm, a wing, Gr.) An ordar of 
whidi are oomnoolj named Boltarflias and 
poaiasdng four wiags, osnally of larfs 
Dorared wkh a mnltlliida of mionta twa% 
to tha naked aya, appear Uko wnrdar. 

Lkpukiptkbal, lep^-dop'tfr-raJ, ) a. Belonibg 

Lkpiuoptebous, ^ep-^-dup'te•rHa,) to the ordsr 

Lkpiikipcb, lo-i4dVpos, «, (J^pii, a aoala, and 
pom, a foot, Gr.) A gaana li Habm i FamUy, 

Lkpidosaxoojia, lm^-<o ifclto-aM, t. (%M) a 
acak, and anrj^ flaab, Gr.) A iCHly tomonr, nwa- 
tJooed by Serecioas aa ooowring in the cavity of 

Lspiooufl, lep-o-do'iie, r. (Jqtu, Gr.) Scale-akio, 
same aa Ichthyoais. 

LiPiDOBOSU, lap-e-do-ao'ma, «. (^Iqiit, a acaki md 
soma, a body, Or.) A genus uf (Ubas i FaiBfly* 

UtniwerBttMA, lep-a-do-apet'ma, #. iltpif^ a aedl, 



■id ^Mnn*, ■ Med, Or.) A grons of plactli 
Orbr* QrpvnoBB. 
LcnDOTHM. Cm LtpinBtma. 

■od t^vhm, Bk» • tois Gr.) A turn* ^ven hj 
Braig^ul to Ite fbau Anita, BupfOMd to In tlnw 
of tiw luiUoiiiirii wUdi fnitaeatl; oeeor Id tfao 
Owl fartnatiaa. 
LmDOXB, ln^«>date, 1 a. (%u, a MaU, Gr.) 
UniMnn», lrp'c-^ki-«d,f In BvUny, coveivil 
whfa pnmlaank dbU. 

, fep-o-do'lo^ *. (£ip<t, K •cak', Gr.) A 
I of emtliict OtliOB, &and In tba OoUtk foe- 


■UBVS, lip-e-«-oQ'n», «, (/epu, a sculp, oiul 
MTft, ft tail, Gr. ia lUiuioa to tba peodalou 
imUata sfikea of tb« Qovtre.) A gmtift uf 
pbota, Bfttine of Jam t Order, OUcoccsp. 
icnrrEBrs, lo-pip'hir-as, i. (/<|n/, a scale, nnd 
ftfy, a &i or wing, Gr.) A f^ontu of Sabc?, in 
«ladt tfae bed; ia dendor and foatforo), and tlie 
W^ Ka!/ : Familj. CbModooidK. 

SKI, l^Hc-Mn'lAU, *. (i!pir, a tcale, and 
oadhMv * flovvt Gr. ia aDtulm to the acalea oo 
tba pelala.) A gmai of pUnti : Order, ShjAn- 

Ixmu, fap-bbVa, a (%*&, a aoair, Gr.) A 
pu of OoleopterDoa iBMXta : FunU;, I^melli' 

Lbuba, Wpfc/aaa, a. (i^ a aoale, Gr. frotn tlio 
hadr liriDg oarcrad whb anwll aaaliis.) A guau 
cf taHriii, anatltattng tiui famit; LapiBlnB: 
<Ma;Tli7HiMnEa. In Botany, a term wmtiinea 
afffiid 10 Iba em-ahapad diik of PmnSa and 
Afloitun, bot aauBva nwd. 

Ltnaonnm, lap-ia-oi^ta-aiv $. itipU, a acalo, and 
MHi, a booa, Gr.) A ffnm of flabesk, bdongby 
la tba Etarirtna. or Flrlaf{fiib, in wUch tba 
had and ba^ an maflad with p]at«s and Malea 
«f gpaai iMAnMa; Fanfly, SaltDoaldc. 

iMrmwMOB, kp-v-ata'inon, «. (il^w. a aealo, and 
i(ma% a atton, Gr.) A gtmu of plants : Or- 
dv. OonmlralaoaB. 

LBrnsix, kpV-trifca, a. (Itpit, a acalr, and (An>, 
faaiTt Gr.) A genu of Coleopterous insecta : Fit- 
laijt IjoKlUocanea. 

UfOMUn* lep'o-do-Iitp, «. (lepit, a fcale, and 
fika^ a Btem, Gr.) A nunaral wbidi oooars 
taaain^ aad b whVj a am poaa d of amaU Sexibla 
Ubb acaha j usctafa bmvco } colour paarl-icrr}', 
pMcb UaaaoRi, raae aivd purpks rad and greeniah ; 
tba Malaa, whteb ara aooMtisMa hexagooal, are 
baiiteeM. lU cooatUoenta arc— lilica, 60.35 1 
alntaa,l&aO; pot8ah,0.04: Uthia,4.49i oxide 
tf «amiMW, 1.23; flooric acid and water. 5.20: 
tp. cr. S.85. It ia found in gmnlte, near RoMoa 
in Mofam, at Pnrn in Rnauft, at the Isle of Uton 
i) Sweden, and in North Amaricm. 

UronxuK, le-pot'a-do, t. (Ayiw, leporit, a bare, 
Lat.) Harci^ a family of Bodeota or Gtires, dis- 
tinfigUwd by two caltiog teeth in cacli jaw, or 
tau io tba upper one; lower one aublonatp: 
pndan mntMnnia and rootliaa; «an gmerally 
imff, dl un d m ooae; fora-ftetriiort; biodcrones 
faMf; tail nooa, or Ttrf abort ; for aoft. 

UroantB, lapV rine, a. (Jtpormm, Ul) Tertain- 
lag to a ban ; haTiog Iha oalftra or quaQttea of 

ImjtiiA, le-po*'ina, a. (iqiof, a aeala, and omt, 
■xU, Gr. in alliuiam to Ibe smell of tbo baric 

wbao atripped.) A ipouB of pbudai Oidi:r, Aa 

LxFfMTBRVO*, lap-o^er'non, r (ttpot, aacale, and 
Merwoa, the cheat, Gr.) A gmoa of aerpeots t 
Family, AmphisbtraidA 

Lbpu, lo'piB, a. (QnA, acwTifw) An lAoUoo 
of the ikm, of tba tfder Sqaanw, or scaly diaaaaaa, 
of WOlan and Dateman. Ii {a ebaracMriud by 
an araption of dicolar spota of tnllaroad aUn oo- 
vsred with sealai^ ^''llPK ^^"^ tba iIm of a plo^ 
bmd to that of ■ «ISB|rt or avan a half-crown 
pWoo, ocaaaionallT ndiad wflfa bna Inqgutar 
patebaa^ famed by tba ooalcariog af^tfao bordera 
of aerecil OBn Ug D oua ipDta. Tua dlaoaw mnat 
not be ooBfnttndei with the Iranay of tba sacral 
and ancient writm, a teno wtndi ^tpaan to havo 
been osed bo exprsM any loatbsoma affEotim of 
the akbi, or, aa aomo una^Ene, to barn rafinrod to 
tbc disease deaeribed under tbo term Klepbai^IaaiB. 

LlpIURIA, lep-ra'n-a, s. A geans of U<^0Da, so 
named becaoae the plants apoo which these anb- 
tf ances grow hare tbo appaaiuoe of bdng diasaaed 

with lopRMf. 

LepRiAMS, lep-riVni, a. (Uprot, Gr.) Tbe apo- 
ciBc nnme gireo by Dr. Maaon Good to leprosy, 
which be oilb tepttlona lepriasbi. 

LKTBoairr, la-praaVto, j; Sqaamons disease,— 

LBFBom, lop'ru, a. (i^mux, Fr.) lofacted with 
lipnay ; eorered with white aealea. 

LsraoDtLT, kp'nu-le, od In an bil^ottooa de- 
gree; Ib Ib^aoT, bpnms^ wl»i!e^ or Uprotufy 
a fl iw y , oonrad mtb while or sQTefy dota, acab .i, 
or teoaSt loaembUng the leprosy. A^proas^ t,t- 
aientaai^ eorarad wuh ahaggy dcnrs; baring the 
Bpjpauaoca of hpKwy. 

LxraouMMB, bprua-nei^ ». Stite of beins lap* 

Letta, lep'ta, r. (tqitot, nJnnlr, Gr. from its stnall 
fiowert.) A genos of plantti, aativen of Cochin- 
Cbina : Order, CcbatraceaL 

Lkptxleum, lep-ta'le-nm, s. (&7)Ai£idi, alander, Or. 
in rcn^Tvnoe to the aWn Jer and fiTifonn learea.) 
A genos of Cmciferou pUota : Suborder, HoCo- 

LfiPTAKDitA, lep-tan'dra, i. (Jrptoi, slender, and 
ana- andros, a male, Gr. io refoienoe to the kleodar 
Btamcnu.) A ganus of plants, allied to Veronkat 
Order, ScrophulBriaceB. 

LEPTAHSflBSTA, lep-tar-ro'na, a. (irptfit^ atendor, 
and orrAen, strong, Gr. frt>m b^ng strong yat 
slender.) A genns of plants: Order, Saxifra- 

LtrriDKa, lep'to-dea, s. (l^tU, one of tba gOMrfc) 
A BubCuiilIy of J>ipterou« insula, of the ftunll; 
Bnicfaystoiiia, dlitinguiAbed by iba probeadB bdflg 
abort nnd mcnibranon!. 

Lcma, lep'tia, j. {Itptnt, dmJrr, Or.) A gmoa of 
Dipterous insects: Family, TanTtotna. 

Lkptocallis, Icp-to-kal'lis, s. {UptM, slender, and 
tuHot, l)Oauty, Or.) A genos of plaota, eoOfiaUng 
of beaatjfal amall erect horhs : Order, Convolru* 

LkftdCARPAa, lep-lo-lulr-pe'a, a. (bpttu, slender, 
and tarpM, froit, Gr. the pods leiug slender.) 
A iconaa of CrocifenKu plants : Suborder, Pleu- 

LSFTOCARPca, lep-to-lulr'i>tt8, s. (t(yto$, slender, 
and harpo9^ Ault, Gr.) A genus of plants : Or- 
der, RestlaoNS. 


LBIT0CADL»,kp-to-)cii«'lis,f.(i9ilM, Blender, and 
kaaht, m stem, Gr. in ^^i^OIvnoe to its slendtr 
■tern.) A gcaiu of anibellifirroiu, herbaceoue, 
unul pluta, noUros of North AmcricA : Ordfr, 

LKiTOOKPnALiD^ lep-toHw-f&ro-de, 1$. A 

LErroOBrfiAMDAMS, lep'to-eo-fjU'e-diai,) fuailj 
•f 6ib«t, of whiob b^toerpluliu is Uw tjpe. 
Tbo ipKiiM AI-* cbtfuctcnsod by tb« imaUiiiMs of 
the heul., Iep-to-nfii>li», «. (/^itoi, slen- 
der, ami i«/'4<iJle, tbo heftd, Gr.) A gieiiUfi nf 
fitliia: T)*|>c> or Uj« fftinUjr LepiOGsphaUds. 

ItBFTocEiiA, l«p-tOB'e-fa, M. il^iot, iloadcr, sii<] 
ktnu, A bam, Gr.) A geoiu of Colsoptonw io- 
iDcts: Fnmily, LnmvUuwmef. 

Lbptociuriab, lup-tu'ka're-si, «. (/qpfM. ilaDdeTf 
and eUarieu, prcttj, Or.) A geniu of fidiOK, hi 
wbkb tfao Dual vaIto ii utongklad into a otirus ; 
cindil iliDpIc, wantiog ; loiror lobe of tho ttud^l 
fla olsolftfl ; tcoUi Domenui, irilb two gr tbreo 
Iat«ral dniUclea on eodi fide i FunUjTi SqvatidsD; 

LxFTOcnLOA, li5p-to-klo'a, a ikptotf ilonder, and 
oiftxii gnus, Gr.) A gena of plula: Order, 

tsiTDCoxcmis, k|>-to-kons'ko», $. (iivto*, iLin, 
and hmche, a alwll, Gr.) A gonus of Molluac*, 
la wbidi Ui« ehetl ts subglobalar, dcltcalv, fragilo, 
tsti traosluoont. 

LSFTOCOXKrs, lop-tD-kon'ooa, c (liptot, sleodcr, 
and oo$mt, tho eone, Gr.) A gvsua of nuriae 
Mottau^ of whiob ths sliall is conic and striated ; 
Ifafl nun elevated, Mate, aod ccncare ; Uta haul 
wborl carinated, detatbed, ataualed aliora, and 
ooottactcd oeir the ntum. 

Leptodbitta, tep-tiMlo'dft-ii, t. (ftyito, alcodar, and 
oifaii, a ^ad. Or. ia refiinooe to tbo almdar pol- 
len mataaa.) A gonua of plaata, oonNstiBg of 
twiaing ahmba, oalina of tlw Eaat IndiM and 
Jara : Or^, AadepodACaK, 

LErroDRtutis, tep-to-der'inb, i. (%i«p«, ehnder, 
and derma, the skin, Gr. in nfennCD to tbo 
brancbet being eorerad mtb saparatiAe fibrooa 
b«i1c) A gcntu of |4Hnts: Onlt^, CioeboAioeflfi 

LKrroDSl, lep'to-des, «. {tejitos, sl^tiiier, Qr.) A 
geniu of fitbea, In inbieb tbe bead is Urge, obtwsy 
tnoMta^ md tbe bodj lean and wy tUnitr: 
Fantajp, Gadidfi. 

tuTOOLOUCs, kp-to-gWiQs, I. (tepUm, slender, 
and fffotfi, a toHf^DO, Gr.) A f^caoa ef Ufds: 
Fumtly, IMi'liphagidiD. 

LErrooxATiirK, lep-to-na'iAiu, 4. (Itptat, slender. 
atitl gmtlAoi, a jaw, Gr.) A genaa of Gshaa, in 
whicb tits Jawi urc greatly proiontfed, stteoaated, 
tod pobUd : Family, Moridau 

LxnoLEKA. Ifp^to-le'na, «■ (AfKos, «Undcr, and 
Mma, a cloak, Gr. in alluaioQ to tbo namw 
flail^ iavotaaw.) A amw of plaots, naiiraa of 
Uadagascart Order, ^lanace*. 

LBTTOLunnu, bp-to-Um'M-a. b. (kplM, tlatdM', 
Or. and Utmiea, a gonos of tritacoous moUma.) 
A gffout of fraih-wnter Molloaaa, in wbkb tbs 
abell is aearl7 cyUndricM); tbc apiro tbidt, kng- 
tbaaed, koger than tbe apertan. whioJi is aisall : 
SabbmUx, Uinnadoin : Family, HelioUoik 

LspTotoor, lip-tol'o >, s. (J^am, skodsr, and 
Iciffot, a dbc'ww, Gr.) A miimto and tadJom 
doKription of inttiiy things. 

Lsrrotxfi-iiL'j, Wp-tol'o-fua, a. (XyiftM, slvodcr, and 
M>o$, a crtst, Qr.) A genua of Unla, M^gtag 

to the Plitfccrcinir, or Loiicta: Family, Pailt** 

I.£J*To»Eiu, Icp^to-me'ni, a. (Uptoa, alcndtr, aad 
atera^ a part, Gr.) A genua of 
Order, Uemodlpoda. 

LBPiUMEfilA, lep-to-me'te-a, a. (J^ptos, abnder, 
aod aiaru, a pnt, Gr.) A genus of pUnta : Or- 
der, SaotalaoMT. 

LBnoMini^ b^tom'e-ton, s. iUpkut, alendor, and 
■MiM, atlmad, Gr.) A genus of Algat: Order, 

LBTTcantS, bp'to^niks, a. (lepto», and om)ix, a ckw, 
Gr.) A ganna of binla : FamHy, FriagOUda. 

LErtoritntA, lep-toTe-OA, s. (l^iAu, one of tbe 
gonora.) A nama gtvan \^ Mr. T. Bell to « 
diriiion of tbe aarpent Iwiily, (Colubridai,) in 
wUeh tbe head is elongated, bniad behind, Bar> 
rowed before, and tbe aniariur pirt ooreied with 

LErroFinB, top'to-Tts, <. (ttpto^, idendcr, and tpUt, 
a aerpent, Gr.) A p^uui of serpenta: ffft of 
Ibe finnly Leptopbioa. 

Lu-TOPOuiA, lep-to-po'de-a, a. (JqpiM, s lm fci . 
aod pvm$t a foot, Gr.) A genos of Daeifod 
Cnistaoeuia : Faouly, BradiyBni. 

LKPTorrs, lup'to-piu, 9. (Jfpiu, atocder, andpani^ 
a fool, Gr.) A geons of Uaauptvem bwalat 
Family, Geoooris* 

LctTOBnTNCHrs, lop-U>-rtng^ka!«, i. (kplm, tita- 
der, and n^nofau, a beak, Gr.) A genua of Par- 
rots: Family, PaiUadila^ 

LsPTOMAftlW, lep-to-aka'ma, «. (Ifplot, slender, 
and hImiw, tbo Qraah name of a fiab »bidi was 
fuppoead by tbe ancisnu (0 chav tbo cud,) A 
geoui of S>bsa, in vbidi tba body is ^Loof/dti 
and fu^rmi the head bogtbeoed; mosile ob- 
tuse ; scales aabtriaagalar ; pectonb amall- «m1 
roanikd; tb« caudal Innate: Family, CbaitodaDidfl& 

LcnoBirnoir, Iep-to-ri'fi>o, c (ttyHot, staoder, and 
■yiAon, a tube, Gr. in nArsneo to tbs tabt tff tbe 
onralla beifig long aod alendcr.) A gvma of aa* 
onsl barfaaoaooB pbnla : Order, Pbteioaniaosea. 

LspTOiONA, Iep>t«-so'aiA, a. (f^Mkut, ateider, and 
Mmo, a body, Gr.) A gemia of Unli: Fao^yr 

Lu'TOKM(t;s, lcp-t»-so'maa, «. (Afrfu, slendar, 
and ioaai. a body, Gr.) A genua of ColeopttroM 
Insects : Fan^, Lsmellicomfis. 

LcrTOBrsuiUK, lep-to-spcf^mam, e. (kplot, rien* 
dar, and qBema;, a seed, Gr. in reference to tbe 
aiads bong amoll and narrow.) A gtons of 
filaBta: Order, Myrtaean. 

LxnonaulA, )op-to-etrl'ini, #. (Jtfim, alrndsr, 
and rtafcia, aerown, Gr.) A genns of Gaoiporitn 
plant* : Snbordrr, Tubolitiorat. 

LErroBTEHHA, lep-to-fitan'ma, m. (VM^ akndar. 
and ittmma^ a ecown, Gr. in obnaea to Aa 
corona, which la sniaU.) A RHina of ifaDla^ ■»• 
tifBB of Jairat Oidor, AsehplcdaesM. 

LBr ro a t u MA, lap-ta-sfa/ma, s. (I^tot, slender, aad 
a^sato, a inoatb, Gr.) A ganna of birdi, babog- 
ii^ to tho LaptoatosBing. or Loog-btDsd OMkeoa. 

LErTORDiiai.B, lsp-to-itaai'»-Da^ «. (Uptimma, 
one of the gaaera.) Tho Loag-UOad Ouohaai, a 
aubdivUoB of tbo CoealUfl^ or Coskeo bi^. 

LM T omt om, )ap4»-atra'Ba, a. (iMba, riaidBr 
or daficata, and afrosM, a bqm, Qs; in aOaiaii to 
tbe £ak, whkb, when Iba perlUwdom asya r a t afc 
beeaoMB aaksd and fmj tUo.) A gMM at 
Vv^i (Mir, GMtanayaidaa. 





Itp-u'tM^ c (bftti, dfmhr, 6«,) A 
kcfptartt: Order, OnUkUeM^ 
nu. l«KbMU's «. (IpJOf, dflimtis and 
down. Or.) A fRm of Unb: FutHlj. 

^ lip-to-tnkVliu. h (kptot,iitn' 
Jo^ uA frMJiii^ ihi Ihioit, Or.) A gnw oT 
rniii*i: FusilT. Ctftbidc. 
LsFTHor^, l«p-tri'iu, •■ (mcuiing noi ghrcn.) A 
f«m «iF Moctb Amcriua bertiMMaa [lUata: 
Oite, PortalMWL 
xprav, lup/loB, *. Xa AsUqni^, « nuU p^ec* 

of BIHM;f. AeOBfAOff lA HBHi tM tigbth pWl of 

■a ekolna ; Md b]r i&an, h b ^MOMd to har« 
hMBBtflnr «r bfMi dnduni. 

, kp-ta'n, *• (V^Mi ikiid«r, ud oimi, & 

tiB. Or.) A gpni <r CahapUrMH iflneis : Ft- 

tanasa, l^ptn-rai, t. (1^*0$, dtodm, md Mm, 
A 14 Or.) A fwn of birdi : ftmny, Mtud- 

TaLCM, Iv^B-ro^t'k-tum, «. (l^uriatt, 
■ fillb mb, ud ptialom, k peUl, Gr. in nAmiDO 
t* tW aDttt •adt-feniwl pttab.) A (enns of 

b'pw, L (IM-J TiM Bir^ « gum of 
BftilMti. oT wtDdl the eaauDoa kin, L. timidn, 
ia vitt Wwn. Sv^^iawn gtm clmD tpsciea. 
Tb* Ban, in Aitnoomy, b one of th* old (xrastel- 
iBlbo^ irfd b; HTgEmM to be Id the Ml of mn- 
mag fiora Orka^ Dog, wlibh b the gmtw dog 
f™*!"; lo Mme, utd the leieer oeoardbg to 
It b ritiutod dliwUr uMbr Otioa. 
, lep-e-ro'do-a, a (JqpyrMfal, no^, Gr.) 
A pB«e of planis, eonbHriK ef ttUb eoriouB 
•kr^ lutim of N«w Holbnd : Ordtr, B«Miaea>e. 
, kcr, 0. Emptji — f. bamtac; Immd j lore; 
Be ««• lsnUB0»Iil« miute by aigk lm<— ^PmMr. 
— «; a. to bora i to uwh.— ObsoMo. 

A lore r<|WfBU)l 10 Ifa; fuvate' futlL— /'ov/iix. 

LftBU, b'f*-^ K 0" hotumr of M. LeH, * friend 
of Oe CmdeOe) A borm of pUntsi Order, 

Vib'ta.f^ A 

bfroptiba: Fimil;, 

laaiMA^ br-nff'i, *. (Imai§, ■ name of the bjdro, 
Gr.) A liimam pmna of pottutkid Heoutoi- 
dnM, fooad on teboi, mutitnting tbo «Un 
^teaoof BOd«B utunilbta. 

ImiFOBna, Itt-t-Uwfamt $. (brnM, om of 
tta voBa, and .^rma, ebip*, Xai.) A tHbe of 
^ofwUchLnuub the typo: Order, 

Unr, Wn^ a. A nUac; t betDie.— A mstic 

loun, VahoB, $. Cfaife, LaL) A horUng ; hurt ; 

U^SAf bA»«, J. (1ft heaoir of 0. N. Leika, a 
GoBUB boladtt.) A pern of Ura-tneai jdania : 
OfBR, Bf^Mac 

I.cnzinAfbMO-dc'ta, «. 0> boiooraf tamedei, 
ifBTinar of Florida.) A nmtiof Nartli Atneri- 
aaLifi^iHna pbata: Moordsr, PapHbaaoea>. 

Im^ h& A aagatiTe or priTttire tofmbatiun ; 
bl^ Sax. fau^ Gotk jouwd to a nbotantire, 
ft faaflM Iba ibaine or pcinlba ef the thing 
ofNwd \j tbal onhelaiitm ; u a wAbaa naa^ 
a ntaa dmilole of wit : oltH f e w , without ehil- 

T6l^ It. 1 

dren : yb(Wb«,>itiUBH,|MiMfbat,brbM, Aat 
—<tmj. ooleia;— <obialet« tn the b«t etoat;) 
Teu rtwoU Del aek, faw joa kaow tuxw tn Rfve^— 


—a. (fai. Sax.) the MOiparative of tt«b, ifjmi 

tn •fTMtari 

Tb Im to MaqD«r. than i» raak* wwa eeeoe^ 
Am), wttbmil Sfbtloir. awe tbt worid to iwoee.— 

■ntalbri notaobs^or fnaCi — od wt ao mkch t 
m a amallar or lowar d«|Erea ;— x oot ao nadi 1 
an inbriori— V. o. to obbi baL — (AMbta « a 

What ht wUl inaka (oMk IM bHA— Oawr. 

Lembs, ba-ie', «. The jwrun to when a ba« U 

LiHSii, ba'n, «. a. (<na btt.) To make bu; 
to dirohibh in balk; to ^IhnmMi tbt depaa of 
007 atato or qvalltr; to niaka bai lotsoM; to 
desmdo ; to depirrt of power or d^inity \^-9. n, to 
grow kae: to urlnk; to U diminuhcd. 

Lia«E«, ka'ior. a. (liroa, taau^ Sai.) Thb word 
b tanned b; Dr. Johaaoii borhuooa corraption 
of CsM, flrora the vulgar habit of termUiitlni: ooni- 
paratiret [0 er, bat la now too wall oetabUued by 
rcopootablewnitcrstobodbcarded;— las; naaUer; 
— orf. bas. 

LE80BSTIA, bo-aer'nbo-a, g. (in honour of M. Ban- 
jamin Ixlanfit of Paria, smthor of loonei.) A 
{•BU of togamtaooa plMrta, aatiTos of the Capo 
of Good Hope : Sdbordir, PapiBaiioooie. 

LsBSEB, ba'aes, a. (2auw«^ Fr.) Tfat doDg of 
beaata left on the croond. 

Lemon, Wan, a. (lecm, Fr. UcHo^ Lat.) Aiding 
read or repeated to a t«ao!ior bj a pupil (ox im- 
proremaot ; a portion of Scripture n»a in dhine 
aenrioe; noNtnlu aangned hj a pmeptor to be 
learned \j a popu ; precept ; notion JnoDbatcd ; 
eerarelM^me; reproof; rebuke; tone written fbr 
la taatntnwat : instruction or tmth taoght hj 
eiperirnc« j — r. a. \o t*aoh ; to inatmct. 

Err n In kind k>T«*, I do ronjarv thw 
To Uao* ntr.— Ahali. 

LuMB, Ifs'ftnr, $, (from hanS) One who bti 
onything to fioTTi, or otherwise, by lease. 

Lest, bat, eot*j. {ktu. Sax.) That not ; for tar 

LssTiBtTDKBU, ba-t»>ba-do'aba-B, $. (in faowNir of 
Fr. Joa. Laillboadoai, a Fkaneb boCBBiH.) A 
ginnaof phntc: Oite, AanaalbaeaaL 

Lbstita, ba-to'ra, «. A gaaaa ef Ooboptama 
losects: Familj, BracbelyCra. 

LxsnuB, ba'trb, a. f Ia^o, arafabor.) A aahMana 
of Ufda of the Gull famOj, Btp*r«tod fraan Laroa 
piepar, oo aeeouDfcof Odr leaig mambiBiwiii do»- 
trib opo^ naanr the pdnft and edge of the 
baak, ud ttair tdl bafaig poialod. 

Let, be, «. o. (fatea, Maa, fine Mm, Oelh.) 
AMraodfoat^anLcIt leUarfbohMbta. To 
allow ; to iD0iir : to pcrait ) to gba htea or 
power by a poaitire aot, or WBBtbvlj, to wHUiold 
raatfibtt ooC to prtftnl; to baae; to gnBt 
poamatoa aadnaBftra ooaipaoaatbo; tOBuer; 
to pannil, with Ika aiBal npi of the laflnlliTa ; — 
Cobaotota ia the bat two aaBaea.) 

Th«ra*a a latter Ibr yoo. rir, If rotor nimo be 
Noralto, aa I am M w km w H ti^£J»b. 

lu the taiparadre auiod, bf has the following 
usee : FoUewad bj the lint and tlird peronta, tt 
aapraaaia deabo or wish; bUowed by the flnt 



pmon plnrU, It expreiMS exhartslion or entreaty ; 
(gltowed bj tiie thud penon, it implies permlisioa 
or comnuad addnwed to an inferior; — 1« retard ; 
to hinder; tointerpoaQobstmctions;— ^seldom nsed 
io the last three lenseB ;^Co Id alow, to leave ; 
to nffcr to remain witboot btermcddUog ; to ht 
down, to permit to sink or foil ; to loirrr ; to tet 
toon, to free fimn rastnint; to iMmit to irandor 
ut large ; to bf M or Mtot to panmt or nffer to 
enter; to admit; to ItlUooi, to open atmd and 
BoOir the blood to Qow oot ; to M nri; to aafiw 
to escape; alao, to leaae or lei to Urs; to bi of, 
to discnaije; to let fljr, aa an arrow, or canae to 
CKiJoda, aa a gun; — r. m. to forbaar ;— (obaoleta 
ai a neuter tab ;) 

Il« wooM not M to comucl the Un$.— Soeon. 

— A htDdranoe; obatadei obetmotJeai — (aeldom 
naed aa a nbetaottrt ;) 

The Moret !«■ and dUttculHM In paSMe proceedliice 

ar» Innutnentble aud Insvltabto.— /Toobr. 

— </yte. Sax.) abo a termination of diraionttroi^ 

as havAt, a Uttlo house ; rimtel, a small bUdud. 
Letoji, leetsh, «. (eee Leach;)— a long nirrow 

swamp, in which water moves slowU. 
Lrtual, ie'tAsI, a. (JtthaUt, Lat.) Deadly ; mor- 

lid: bital, 
LETTULirr, le-iAol'e-te, 9. Mortalitv. 
LETilAB01c,le-(Adr3ik, > e.(^ktAarfficn*,lAt.) 

LfiTBABOlOALfle-liUtrjO'^,]' PrrtenaturaUjr io- 

cSned to sleep { drowsy; dull; heavy. 
LRnuLBOICALLT, Ie-tl(ir3»-)utt-l«, ad. In a nMr- 

bid sleepiness. 
LmiAaaiOAUiEsaf le-l&ifa'je-kal nei,) $. Morbid 
LsmAaoicvKsa, le-ildi'Jik-ncj, ) aleeiuae»L 
Lbthaboikd, lem'ar-jid, a. taidaaleep) entmnced. 

nis iDSttoB waakneaa, or t^ dlaoaraiaas 
Are WMi jl iii—glato. 

Lktbasot, lei&'ar-j^ ». (Jafibiyio, LaL) A mor- 
bid drowwBMSi eooliansd or prafiHmd sleep, from 
wbichaparaooeaasesMslyboawsksiMdj dulness; 
toaetion ; iasitention ;— «. a. to nalw letbargU) 
or dull. 

LsTfiB, la'iA^ ff. (Qrssk.) Oblivion ; a drtaght of 


The oooaaarlBtt wliM batit Kteep'd onr leiue 
In wft and ddSeote Mk.-6Aai«. 

In Greek UyUuleij, the Bivcr of DblrnoD, one 
of the streams o( the iofemal regioeSi the wators 
of which iMtscsMd the quality of maldog those 
who drank them forget the wbok of their foTRKr 

LcniBAx, Ic-lAe'aB, tr. Inducing forgetfblness or 

LSTmrXKOCS, to-Mifer-tUi, o. (ietkwm, death, and 
/efo, 1 btiiiff, Lat) Deadly ; bringing death. 

LKTtuiKL'A, lefA're-ona, a. (moaning not giren.) A 
farna of Ashes t FanUj, Chatodonld*. 

lKaata%jhA'nM,». AcsmiBfOolMptaroaila- 
BOaMt nnily, UmeKieowss. 

LanSB, lot'tm-, «. (firora id:) One who permits ; 
one who hinders t— {obsolete in the Uit sense;) 
—one who giTco veat;-— <lettP«, Fr. fcMsra, ItaJ. 
tittrtt, Lat.) a maxfc or character written, printed, 
engraved, or p^atod, ucd Si the Mpitoaatatin of 
a sound, or of in artUwlntJen rftbo ImiiiinorgMis 
ef speech; a writlaa er pdnted meHaige; an 
epiitle; the mfasl eipnwoot thoUtsnl nsao- 
ing: type; a ehoHfev torawd af Mid or vood, 
tnaally of mstal, sod Msd io pfialag hook*. 

Ldkrt, In the ploral, leanuog; eroditien. i9M(l 
bUer, tt wiiliog or precept which is wHboot an* 
thority or force. Leiitr miaaimfor tlteliiiff • 
bithop, ii a letter sent by the Uox 00 every Ta< 
caocy of a Inahopric to the dean and dupter, ceo- 
tsinbg the name of lbs person be wonld have 
tlteni elect. Letter mmmmimckoHary: if a peer 
is a deteidant ts a rait ioatitatsd in tbe Ceoit of 
OhMHtiT, tbe lord obanodlor lenda a laltsr mi*- 
sin to Um to request bis appsaraaoi^ logslhcr 
with a copy of the bill ; and ti be n^f^ to ap* 

K, Uhd he may be lemd with a saApona 
en ^ abuJution : abiidratory lettsrs were 
sooh in ferner timest when an abbot rrlaased any 
of his bnthrao, tA own* aai^^flertiefie «f otstfialM^ 
from hia order, and Bado IhemrayaMsofaatsiiot 
into «onu) other order of raHgiock LeUm'^at- 
lonuy, is a writing authorlsag an attorney to do 
any lawful act In tha stead of soother, at to ^n 
asUo of Imb, neahw dobtSi «r ns ft tUrd pocson, 
ftfr, and tboaa may bt dtbar gBnacal or spseial 
LeUgn chat, or cms, art graota of tbe king, »e- 
cially distiaguishsd from httera patent, b that 
the kltan close Uaog wA of poblio eoncem, bat 
dlrtetod to partlenbff psraons, are dosed up and 
sealed with ua kjej^ mgfitt. or privy seal LeOcr 
ofertdk, la whare a iMnhaot or oormpo&dcnt 
writes a htlar to anoUwg, jaqasstiog hfan toeradit 
the boarar with a eart^ svn of money. Lttttr 
ttfUomm, an Initrument or writing msdo by at' 
ditois to a m&n, giving him longer Unw for tbe 
payment of hta debts, and protecting him from 
siTGsta bi going aboot Ua aflUra. LtUer$ 1^ 
SMT^w^ aro extraordtnaiT oonumssions graotod to 
captaioi or merchant* for repritak, ia order to 
raake a reparation for those damaMa they btvo 
sustained, or the goods they have been drarivod 
of by Btrangcfi at u:x. They are osaally Joined 
to those of reprise for the remration of a private 
ii^ory. iMUn paiaUy or diarten, oootnn tba 
king's grants ; they aro called kttert patait, that 
ia, open letters, because they are not sealed op^ 
bat exposed to open view, with the groat aeal 
pendant at the bottom, and are asoally directed 
or addroBsed by tbe long to ill his sa^ectl at 
large ; — e. a. to impress or form lettess on. 

LcTTEHCABE, let'tor-kosc, e. A book or om» Io 
pnt letters in. 

Lbttebbd, let'tord, a. Litentet edooated; versed 
in Gtaratoio or sdenes; beloociag to laaroiog; 
Buiting lettars. 

Lettes-vodiidkb, let'tur-fowo'dur, «. On* who 
casts letters; a typo-founder. 

Lettekless, lat'tor-Ios, a. Illiterate ; unlsttwid ; 
not learned. 

LnrsanuiM, lat'tor-prea, r. Print; lottanand 
words imp raid on paper or other mstTJal by 

LsmoHU, let-so'me-a, s. {in honour of Dr. John 
Coekley Lcttsun, F.aS.) A genns of plants, 
natives of Pern : Order, Temitrqg oi aeewL 

LcrrccK, lot'tos, «. Tbe Lactoea aativa, or Gar- 
dm-kttiioi^ 00a of tbo prindpal kinds of vogstft- 
bUi OMd foraladii. 

LsDOAuniMMf, la-ka-dea'dnn, «. (faafcoi^ wblto, 
aad Jwrihw, a tni^ Gr.) A esooa of plastai 
OrdVf ftatsssMi 

LsccAB, lalias, a. (faaiof, wUta, Or. in allnilaa to 
the downy whrtan— of tba Bowar.) A g«m of 
V, I^miaflHL 

herbs or ondershraba: Ordv, 



Uoom, la'M, A (iMihi. ftm iMtoi, wUie^ 6r.) A 
diiMai antiaaed bj Gnefc wctoant dunotorind 
h* ■HM4k ■*••— '-J HfalMi 00 ItM ikai, on which 
ly hdn tvMd wm» aai aSkj, aod Uw ilua 
Half and Uw •^jaooit wto kK Ibeir BawbiBtjr. 

tMXsauMOWMsm, torm-'kk'hvat 9. (JmCox, wliito, 
nd dblftva, amlw, Or.) A ume girea by 
Mafari to irioU unber. 

bnoBianBiaiTEt Uk-tea-Wjite, «. A miDcnil 
cf * itOBwiifc oolow when in nmia, bot wben in 
AfailiBflH^ white; lubipavfy; tmupanat ia 
■adl Mjitolc Its oraotitonts W9 — iiKca, 
9LSS; ahnniM, 16.81 1 migwebt 35.6; per- 
OBds of ino, &Mt tioKv 1.75; watar, 6.681 
flfb B. S.97-4. BvdBMB nfifa u to be impresavd 

IlDCXaB, Is'n, «. (laiioat whiter Gr.) A aune 
miB bj Braaooott to a aabatiutos obtuned W 
Chtoi nlphork add actluc opw fibrinc, whicu 
tmahm to U wbao gnatlj heated. ' 

UcCUOCt, bi-n'kiii, *. (fnifcuM, I whitea, Gr.) 
A !■»■ of Sahca, iodadine the dton, ([nioti^ 
(U^ bkaJc. aad minnow: l-axniljr, C^pviAids. 

laCCTTK, ht'aite, a. (leniloi, white, Gr.) Amphi- 
gfoa, a niinerml which oocotb emUdiJod in lava in 
I1 niiantilil eryitabi, nod musive; frACttmi oon- 
AitM, oftdnlatiag and ihioing. Its oomtitiie&ts 
«n — dika, fi&lO; alumina, 23.10; potuh, 
SL15| oxide of iron, 0.95 : ip. gr. 2.46. Hiinl- 
n«ai=5JS — CO. 

Uccnic, hi-&t'iit, a. Contiiung lencito ; reaeoi- 

liBDOCABnia. lo-ko-lulc'pQi, I. {I0uko$, wluta, and 
iaqxM^ a fruit, Gr. in reference to the white bac- 
att firuiu) A genoj of plaota : Order, Sciopho- 

IjncocOKTKK, lu-ln-kor'B-na, «. (&ibb«, wliitc, 
ttd korymsr a dub, Gr.) A g«QU« of phuita : 
Oife, LOtaeHD. 

llDCDlXV, klM-doQ, «. (bttlor, wbHc, and ocJ^ 
a ttMhT Or.) A gmoM of Ura-moaa plants ; Or- 
dar, B«7U*iB. 

-Ermonc, la'ko-G-/V^'ik, a. (Imkoi, 

whilr, and ait/nops, aa Ktbiapian, Gr.) Wliite 
Uhl bbdL : daa^rnaling a white animal of a blacJt 
ipMiaa, or tha allnao cf the negro race; 

iKCOonm, ht-ks'jum, a. (AmIm, wbit^, and itm, 
a tUiI, Or.} Snowflalie, a gooaa of plant*: 
Ordr, LOiaoec. 

UccOMA, lo-ko'sia, ff. {leukta, white, Gr.) A 
triitta opacity of th« conwa nf the e^e, arinn;; 
(ran inflaromatioa. In Aiitii^iiitj, a poblio rt- 
|Mv<BMmg tha Atheoiana, in which wai inaertad 
U* BBOtt of afl tha dtiaaoa, ai aooa ai they wvro 
of agf to aotar npOD thw patenal bheritaact. 

LMXXMions, la-b>-tio'tii, a. (/bubu, white, and oiu 
atot, an aar, Gr.) A geniu of plasti; a lactawent 
tiwA with yallaw flowen — a native of Sumatra : 
Calbd jUm MoraJ by the Malaya : Order, Logn- 

iMeoVATirr, la-kopViA^, a. (Ituiioi^ whitt. and 
f»Aott A di«raaF, Gr.) The contlition of an albino, 
cr a miMc person boro of black parcnta. 

LtrcorcTBlAKS, lo'ko-f-et'rt-aoa, 1. A mot of 
Urataau which ajTwig up in tbo Ontk and 
twteni dtanthaa ivtlw tw^fth orntory, with nii 
odhuaiaat of the naina of Lcucopetritu aa itn 
trader. They rejected all oulnard cercmonlea of 
nlii^Oli. and speat their lima io prayer and nip- 

LuroonLUTB, Ui'ko-fiuM:, f. (bMbiHv wbltfl, and 
jRiofao, I appear. Or.) A auacral which ocoan 
etjitoUaed in fbor-aidBd pruma, bat saldom nga- 
ll^amt^tnd; colour pale, dirty-gran, or dasp- 
wJnaydbw: lustra vluwna. lu ooiutitiM&ta ai« 
— oilioa, 47.83; glooina, 11^1; Hmt, 26.00; 
floodfie, 6.17; aodiuni, 7.39; protoxide of man- 
gincH, 1.01; potasBinm, 0.2U: ap. gr. 81.974. 
II = 3.50-a75. FoDod ia Norway. 

LcccornLEovAaiA, hj-ko-flag-ma'abe-a, «. A 
lanoofUegnulic aiato of the body. 

LgoocggLKOMaTic, lu-ko-Bog-mat'ik, a. Having 
■ dnpikal habit of body, with a wldtv hbMUd 

LBOOonmA, la-kof 'ra, j. {Imiot, aod cphryt, tha 
mlmr, Oi;?) A geoua of laToHcia: Ordar, 

Lbdootstllcm, la-ko-filloin, a. (tmbtu, whita^ 
and p^tom^ a leaf, Gr. to aUiuioo to tbo whtta- 
neaa of the laarea.; A geoaa of planta, nativas 
of Hexioo: Ordar, ScrophtdaiiReie. 

Lsoooroowf, la-fco-po'gun, a. {levio*, wbita, and 
jKyoa, a bannlt Gr. fntn the limb of the eonlli 
bitag bttatdad with white hain.) A geana of 
plant! : Order, Epacridaoag. 

Larcomtu, In-ko-pi'ra-a, a. (feufau, and pjrr, a 
StrTet, Or.) Hectic fcu-r. 

LsnoosKaou, lu-hor-ro'n, ». {Umtot, »htl^ aod 
rAao, I flow, Gr.) Fluor albua, irul|>ariy known 
by tliQ name of tha Wbiloa. 

LsDCoai-i, lo-ko'aba-a, *. (_ttUim, white, Gr.) A 
1*81109 ol planta, natins of Mxdigaaoart Ordor, 
ChaiUetiaota^ Also, a gmiu cf Decapod Ooata- 
cenns: Family, Bnchyura. 

LcL'COiPiS. hi-kQs'pia, J. A genua ot Ilymenop- 
tuitKts inaecta : Family, Secarifera. 

Leucospora, ht-kos'po-ra, a. (&tii(w, vhitai and 
j^vnr, a saed, Or. from the whi^eaa of tha laadl.) 
A gcnna of plania, natiraa of Xoith America: 
Oni«r, SibtbrOpiaoot). 

L-xccoaTUUiu, Ia-ko-<t«m'oui, s. (huJcoi, wbito, 
and tUmtmoy a cnnni, Gr. in refcmire to the ec- 
lov aod form uf tha Row«r.) A genua of plaota, 
Dfttivea of Knynooa : Ord^r, CaTyt^yUaoeiD. 

IxncoSTOMA, lu-kofl'to-ma, t. (bwba, wlHla^ and 
aloma, a mouth, Gr.) A gaooa of Mollusea, ahell 
amal), and aabtrochiform ; ^rt obtoeo ; ooter lip 
thickened with an iotental aaigio: Subfamily, 

LSL'COSTOMOK, lo-kos'to-moo, a. (reulm, wUta^ 
ftnd itomn, 3 modth, Gr.) A genus of ahruba^ 
nntirrs of &Icxtco : Order, Chrysobalnnicea?. 

LkucOTIIEA, la-ko-fAe'd.) t. In Fabulous Uiatory, 

LsDComoa, la-ko-tAo'eJ the wife of Athamaa, 
who waa changed Into a sea ddl>'. Sbo waa the 
Malntaof tfaeBomauis and liad a temple at RooM^ 
where all tha poople, particularly tbo wconm, 
oRsred vowe for Iheur brothers' diUdren. 

Lel'oothos, In-ko-Mo'e, a. (a mythnlogioal name.) 
A genRK of c\-orgreen shrtiba, natives of Korla 
I America : Ord«r, Ericaocn. 

IxtooraTnETK, In-ko-^'re-OB, a. (lottMi, whUa, 
and Iktffxos, a bliield, Gr.) A genua of Coleop- 
Irnms imecia : Family, LainelUoomes. 

' LEO0Oxn.oir, lu-koka'e-km, «l (Jbuioa, while, and 
aybn, wood, Gr.) A genna of plants, caoHating 
trt' troea, nativea of Java ; doMtd by Don in tha 
I order Ittconcat, and by Undley Ic Tcrmtrtcmiaceaa. 
' Lkoisia, lu-ts'e-a, j. (in honour of CitptAln 19. 
I Lewb, the trandler with Captain Clcik in North 




Aaniei.) A germs gf tterbtoeous planU: Or- 
dar, FertalMcc 

Imnu, Ift-n'M-o, r. (in lioaoar of M. LflaOM, a 
ftknd of Do Candolle.) A gcntu of Compoiita 
planta: Sobordcr, Tubnliflona. 

LStmuiTz, tnVAciur, ) «. A mmenl n called 

LBDTiaiTE, lule'uite, \ from betog foand at 
Laotln, ta Suumy. U n of a gnllli>]l-«ld^a 
oolour, tinged in ptkoos with u oolms bctWD. 

LETAjfT, le-vut', 0. (iMKBite, It^) IVoparlx, m 
oonstry to tht witwsni, but opNully tpplitd to 
tlu ooantriH of Tatkej, Sjtit, Asia Ulnar, Gnvcf, 
Eg^ Ac, wbkh ara washed bj tbi MadHerTa- 
luan tod iu oonligDoos wat«n. 

lAVAimu, l»>TaB'iiir, t. A term nven by «ea- 
nHB to a rtnmg eaatailjr wtoJ in tbo Mediterra- 
neuL Among sportimcn, a colloquial expreesioo, 
applied to ooe woo b«la at a banu race, and rans 
wmty without pajiag bis wagen. 

lAVABlUtC, ht-van'Uaa, a. Pertaituag tn the L^ 
TUtf— A (lor'an-tiaa,) a paiticoUr kind of tilk 

LltTAlu Faciab, lo-va'ri fa'ibe-is, *. (LAtln.) In 
Iaw, a wril dinctad to tho aheriff br leiTiag a 
Mm of moQtj opoa a mia^ latkdt and teunwate, 
faodi and chattels. 

LSTAToa, la-Ta'iur, a. la Aiutomjrt the legator 
mmbIm an thoie which elertte the ptru to which 
thaf aca attached. Tha priodpal ate: — LeiMor 
tmgidi oris, a miuelB iitiuced oboro the momb, 
vUahdnnn the eonwr of the nuatii u[>irsnliif 
nd nakaa that part of tha eheak eppoiiie t« dta 
Ala g w imn t, as la mtttan. Lmatar md^ a 
nnMckoftbeMetmn. It arian from the aa po- 
fca^ wUUn tha paMi, a fitf ap u the upper i^go 
of tha fticamai thjraidaam and joining of the oa 
pufak with (be oa iechiiiin, from the Ihin tendi- 
DDU nMnbrane that eonn the obturator ialenma 
■od aoucvgMa muaoks. aod fton tha ipinwia 
pneoB of the lachltun. JLaaaHw — i jm iw a, the 
Innmna mnada of the periuBBai la aa eallad 
Itjr BkluL LntOOf eaeeg^ CWper^ naoM for 
the ecBCT g aDa mnada. iJmaor iahU tt^iriarii^ a 
niMBli of tha BODth dtoatod bdow tha Upa. It 
■faoa Aoea tha lower Jaw, at the looti of the 
rinal of two Inolaor teeth, and the ai^datiia, 
Rod k iaiertod hito the mtdar Up and aUn of the 
dda. Luatat iaUi mftmr S eris tta^ mml, a 
moKlc of the mouth and llpa, that rriMS the 
upper lif towud» the oriitl, and a GtUe outwarda ; 
k aema aleo to draw the aUa of the mee op- 
wuda and oalwartU, by whieh tha neatril ie 
dUatad. l^mlor JMfaV nptrioHa pnfrlm^ m 
noade of tbo apper lip. It ariacs ander the edge 
of tha ofhit, and ia iosfrtcd nito tht oMiar lip. 
tmttgr ocaA, the raobu soparlor oeoB. Lamior 
jariiii, a mniole dtaated baiwoeD the lower jnw 
and the aa hjoUiM, latrmti;. fMtOot fotpAnm 
m^mior ut a pnipcr muKlc of the t^fir atdUf 
tut op«a the ayaa by drawing the efoHd i^ 
wirda. tma$or lonjafa, a rnnda litaited on 
tha peatarior part af the neob, that palla tho 
■oapola upwards and * littl* forwards. It la a 
long initame, twnrly tfrn inebn in breadth, and ia 
idlBAad ohUqtKl) uml«r tho aat«iiof edge of tha 

UtvBtlotv, a. (fa^ S«i.) Affrea^k; pttariag: 
dear,— wriUan aLcr Itpf, hf/t, Ktf;~*. a, the eld 

«he iHMt all *ei ever Iu aalih.— Aswn 

LsTBS, itit'a, a. (Fraeoh.) Tbo tbna «r rWag) 
tha oanomilal TiiUa which diatlogi^died ptfoao- 
WHi raodn in the nonriog, or, as the word Im- 
plwS at their rising. The term, bovrcver, la thia 
eoaotiy, b diieflj applied to tbo stated pohUe 
oceaalona on whleh tha aorereigo recvivM *Wt« 
from Kob paraona u en entitle^ bj ranh or fer- 
tnna, to that boaotu. Lmm m awuM, a Fnaoh 
n^Htuy tenn for a nmrena] rising of a naUoa to 
deftitd thsr coQDtt; from invasion. 

LerBL, lov'il, d. (&>/%, Sax.) Horismtal; creo; 
eoiodding with the plane of the horiton ; flat; 
not banag one part hl^er than another; ao( 
■aeaofingordeaoeadtag: even with aaythiogelaai 
of the aaiM hei^t ; on the lame line or pkne ; 
eqoal io rank or degno; baling to dcpta of 
BOpenont/ ;— «. o. to make even ] to free frea 
ineqiuBtieB ; to reduoe to the aamo height with 
aometUng else ; to \*y SM; to bring to cqoalitj 
of ooaditk>o ; to point in taking aim i to aim ; to 
anet to ao ood ; to stut to proportion i—v. m. to 
aim et ; to point a goo or an arrow to the tnaric ; 
to eoD}ectitre; to attempt to guaaa; — (oeUom 
naad In the Is&t two leuea;)— to be iu the aanw 
fraction with a mark; to make aUerapta; to 
aqoue with; — (seldom used to tho loot Uro 

With tuch nccmnmodaUon and basort 
As IsmU trtlb bar breMHof.— AoJha 

—-5. aborisonCal tine, or a plaoo; a anrihoe wlth- 
oot ioeqaalitica ; rate ; staadaid ; cmtomaiy 
heigbt; eqoal eleratioo with aonutUag aliat a 
atataofoqwOitir; tha Una of dfaaetkn ta vhU ■ 
miiBUa weapon ia aimed; role; plao; aihanM, 
borrowed from tho ntetfAowKsi' IffKi. In fivfij* 
ing. &£., an inxtruincnt ivbich shows tha dfaaft- 
txm of a atr^ght hoe parallel to the phute of tha 
bodion. Tho orriffsry JitetUetl, and g mtm^ 
kvti-laider, tha Una and plnaunat of tM eom- 
moQ krd, bare a aoalo tut rinwlng tho taoHift 
tion of a atfilght line to the horiaoo. A i^sMr- 
kixl is a glasa tube filled gencraUjr witt apuit of 
wine, the bubble in which, whra tho tuba la 
placed horixoatallr, oecopie* the upper part. 

LETIUJ.B8, Icv'il-ur, $. One that lirrelf or i 
rven ; one that doBtrojra, or attompti to i 
distliictioai, and radooe to oqoai^. 

Lbtkllerb, lor'il-loia, s. In Eogtiih HlBteqr, m 
party which aroee in the nnny of tbo Long Par- 
liaoMSt, with a detennlnatMo to level all raahar 
and wUbllab an eauallty of tithi and eatitn 
^hnm^oot thaldngdoin. 

ImrmLLmo, lorll-ti^, a. The art of dotaraiafaifc 
the heights or deprcsaioni of polots on tho gro—d 
with raspoet to a apbcntdal itirfltee, eoindAng 
nearir with that of Ibe earth, or whto tha grawM 
b ioeoQiidmible, with respect to a honaontal 
plane paaabig throogb some given fdtA on the 
ground, /.ecefftaj-saatcs, inatnuneata used wMh 
the apirit-level (or aupporthig a mark, and abaw- 
mg, at tho aaroe uine, ila height above Ihl 

LtrKLXKOS, lev'ilucA, 4. Evenness; equality of 
Hurfsoe; c<)ualitv vri:b aomeibiflg else. 

LKTnxBOORU, la-veo-boo'V-et «• (io memory of 
A. VoQ Leeaw ea book.) A geooa of plants, na- 
tives of New Holland : Order, Sl/Hdi»ccse. 

TjcrsB, lew, t. (fener, Fr. /era. ItaL) In Ma* 
chanies, ao io(1ek.ible rod, movable al>oat a fhl* 
cnim or prop, and havbg forcea applied to two 



■r flkon pmkt to it. Caucraaf ttMr, ■ machioe 
fiiwil if B ■fiHiwrhn of tba Imr wiUi the 
«A«j Hid aith tti WB k to pn a anttaned 
•wlbHr notkn to a bMvj bo4j, l>7 nwuu of 
Ik* iMTiiiradliin motkm of tlw Invr. /4»fr- 
|«nK ft at of loarda w bAtaoad tb*« Uuj maj 
W tKMi at any aofle to adnut mart or kaa 
U4 or to lip mo aacfa othar, ao a» to tnlMls 
Jav or ^t Uvoai^ i^wrtana. Lmm-'ieoodt 
■ amm aa aw tig w gina to Um woad of iha tiet 
Qttjra vfa^iiai koowa alao in Anwriea by tha 

af Jm^Ibt/; or JEc^ nun agraaabla; aura pleas- 


tarn abaaib hhI >aiw i^toch y^ to liav. Owm'. 
— 4& nl^ar, ar, aa wa aay, ' 1 bad ratbar ;'— 
0>ibIiIi aa an adjective or advwK) 

INatet *a bMT «Uk aotttaatef^ kal*. 
ThaatoUfalaaiolOTa. »iM «r . 

Levskbt, taVor-U, r. (fitmf, Fr.) A hare in tho 

fint jTMr of ber «e«. 
, Lktct, lorlt. f. A blaft of • Utunpet ; pnAalljr 
that bj wbidi ttMim ar* eaUed b the mornitig. 
— Otoolete. 

Oq wtdch b« Mew ti ■trtm; i tmt— Ai<l«r. 

LxTuautt kr'e^ i-bl, a. Tbit mar b« levied. 

l^viaXBu^ I^Ti'a-fiUn. g. A Bnnw word, ng- 
a^nif a pett fiA. Some bare nppowid, from 
At doBrtica OTtD ia the book of Job, tbat tt 
itthawUet wwa otfaera assert Uvit it is t)i« cro- 
cadD& fa the book of laukli, it ia tenned tUe 
maekmi amj/mt, 

iMfmutM, Wa^t-U, a. Tbat m$j be rubbed 
tr poonl bito Sse powder. 

LKnaai^liT'e-^c,a;a.(EEe(va,Lat.) InlHiar- 
aaqr ■b^ *'***''*t . to nb or grind to a Sue iui- 
pi^ukptirder; to make fim, toft, and smootb ; 
toflBDt; to pobh ;— a. mado unooth. 

LsTvuxsm, WT'C-ga'abvii, j. Tbe act or opera- 
tka af griadinft or nibbing a woSi Bobttaooe to a 
fiaa bi^pabk powder. 

Xxnv, lara, «. (JUjjftm, Sax.) IJgbtaing,— Ob- 

Aa nlMK Ok* flaaUog In4n bap* to llgbt 
ITjpaa taPD atubbom oftka.—£|((HKr, 

I j T M i iC n M , l£-TiA'tc-kiuii, «. (Uto, I amiagc, Lat. 
fi«m ita Uiiig i»JA to reUere flatalcnof.) A 
pmm of TlmbalUfieroDi ptinta : Suborder, Ortbo- 

Lcritxnop, lor-fr^'aboo, i. (ftcm Im«, Ufbtt 

Lat) Tiightw : boorsncyt aclofmakhigllchi. 

LcTTTBtlB'Tito,!. (from Leii) One of tbt tribe of 

LKTmCAL,Ie-Tit'e-fcal,a. Belonpng to tb« LeritM; 
tnaldog put of tba leG^os of the Jewt; juioetly. 
LmncAU.T, lo-Tit'a-fcal-K ad. After tbo mm- 
I nee ol tbe Lcritaa, 

l' Umncui, W-Tit'a^fau^ a. A canonical book of 
tba on TmbmmA, at called from ila containing 
j; At Itn tad rt^datunu fBlttire to Ibo pricata, 

LiRteiL end aaoiGoea. 
Srait W'a-tiv «. (levitas, LaL) 

t«niT, W'e-tiv «. (ienbu, LaL) Li^tn«M ; tbe 
tut of wai^ in a bod; compared with another 
thitklnrart C^lsatBof temper or «odtKt;in- 
aietonyt daoaaUaDeas; anateadfauto; want 
of daa aaoaidaiuaa ; taaity : freak ; pdoty of 
wbAi want of •eriooeeeai ; diipositioo to ttino. 

Un. U«*e, a. a. {lav, Fr.) To raiie; to coUoct i 
ittoQecl bf ■fwiiiiiii; Co Chv mr, to raiM or 

bepnwar; to taka anna for atlaok j lokijfajbiet 
to oommmoe and cany on a suit liir aiBBrii^; tbe 
title to Uoda or teiumaate : — a. tbe ael of ralsag 
taootj or mea; an anoy riiaed; war niaetL— 
ObMlata in Uu laM aaauk 

Traaaon baa doM bit worat i oor etenl aor roteoa. 
Italfoa ilomffitic, brolcn Imr, noUUnB 
Can toQcli blm nirlber.— a&ii«. 

Lsrm, ta'Tina, v. (in honour of Vr. Lory, tbe 

cryeCalognipber.) A mineral wUch oecnn aye- 
tallied; primary form an acoterbocaboid; deavago 
(wraUftl to pluiea; ftactore oondwldal; ooloar 
wbite;lQiCreT{tTeoaB,tiin>l(weDL Ita oonstltwaita 
ai«— siBea, 4^00; ahmiioa, 20.00; limo, M5; 
■oda, 2.7S ; potash, 0.41 ; maenaelo, 0.40; water, 
19.30; 2.15. n = 4.0. 

Lkw, lu, a. (/cuttv, D^.) T«[>ld ; hikewann ; pale ; 
wan.— Obaolde. 

Lewd, lode, a (ttodti;, Welsh.) Gken to tbe fn- 
doleeocc of tost; addicted (o foniicAUon or adol- 
tcry; dlsaolntoj lustfbl; bbtdinons; prooeedtng 
from last; llcentiou; rlto; proflt^Atc; lay; not 
clerical; sroea; ignorant. — (MkuUto Ln tM lait 
four musci. 
9a thrflA i^rioal ckrki thulr liUl« wUdum iibow, 
To tDock ttie Innt, sa luim'O tn Utto U Ihey. — 

Lewdly, lude'le, ad. With the nnlawfal indul* 

gence of lust ; lustMlf- ; widcodly | wantonly. 
LuWDKESS, Indo'nca, e. Tbo nnlawftil tDdol)!ooca 
of lost; Ucantionsoeaai ahamelesiDeaa. In Scrip- 
ture, it ia ftuoently applied to idobrtiy. 
Lewdstes, lodestar, t. A lecher; ow girea to 
QrimioAl plaMDi«B.->SeIdam used. 

AgataM each bm nl tU n and thdr iKherj', 
Twaao Ibal bctny tiM<u du no uxnclicn.— 

Lkx, leks, a. The LAtin word far £iv; a Uw for 
tbe govcmmenC of mflnkind in aocicty. £«z 
0Bi£iiii, or I^cai omtUere, \uu, one who is an in- 
fiunofia,pe^nrad,araitlairodptnoo. LeaoptMa, 
or A^jMBi apoetotora, la to do a tbug contrary to 
Uw. Lex BrrtoMo, tbe Uw of tbe ancwot Britooa, 
or morobci of Wajec Lex kot^ia do Jitrtid^ i 
law anuwgst tbo Bomans, by which it wia pro- 
vided tbat a proteeatioai fat tbe theft of gooda 
belonaing to a pervn unknown, might be earned 
on vuboot tho iiit<n^-ention of lliu owner. Lex 
taUomU, the law of ivtmliHtioTi, as aabwiting 
amongst the ancienl Jaws and E^grpUana, and 
othiT DAliona. Lot tvrit, tbe Uw and custom of 
tba land. Lc* WaJlauka, tbe Britisb Uw, or 
Uv of Walea. 

LkxJCAL, lek^O'kal, a. rrrtaining to a lexicon. 

LGXIOOORArnER, lcka>e-kog'ra-fur, j. (from Uxi- 
ODK, a dicliosory, and grapko, 1 write, Gr.) The 
writer or oomiiilar of a dictknaiy. 

Lsxioograpdic, Itks-e-ko-graf'ik, a. IteUting 
to tbo writtDg or oompilatlan of a dictionary. 

LEXIOOObAfBT, leki-e-kog'ra-fe, a. Tbe ad of 
writing or eompoeing a dictionary ; tba coapo^- 
tioo or comijiUtion of a dictionary. 

Lr.xicoLoov, Icks-e-kol'o-je, s. (Usnccti, and lo^oe, 
a treatise, Gr.) The adenoe of worda} timl 
branch of laamug which troata of tbe proper alg- 
nlAcalioa and jost applicatioD of worda. 

LsxicoK, leka'e*koD, «. A dktionaty or book con- 
taining an alphabetical amneement of tho words 
in a Unfpiflep, with the deflimlon of each. 

Lexicokibt, lek»'o-hoo-Ut, t. A writer of a kaU- 
con.— Seldom oitd. 






LsvosAi-UY, IdcfVgraf-o, «. (Ibzu, m ward, Hod 
fpopiko, I write, Gr.) The Art or practioe of d«> 
nnbg words. 

Lbt, lay, I. (/ezTFtun, LaI.) Tbo Uqaar in wliidi 
bbUdo snd aolubU puticloa of the nsidoes of dis- 
tflktim And oombastioD ace dinalved ; tba sota- 
Uonnutdabjlongaliaguhet which oontalo alkklL 

IxrossTKBU, k7-a»-te'n-«. «. (ia boooor of W. 
UrfOMtMr.) A geaiu of plute : Order, CHocbo- 

LiTDBX, lij'dco, a. The LcTden Ju-, or Leydeo 
Fhbl, the inTcoUOQ of M. Vsalaigh of Leydon, is 
• tmhI ttnplojod in «ltctriosl exporimcnta. It 
k O0it«d oilnd* ind tuid» with tinfiiil to wiibm 
oiM-tbird cC tU t«p, to tbit it nar be m^l; 
ohuyKl ud d l id u Bied hy mmm of t owtalUc 
ndwldeb Ii ta eoanKnim mtb tbo lnt«nar oostiDg. 

Lnnu, Uj-ie'ra, r. (in honour of F. W. Ltper, 
fe 0«nuD bolaniit) A gpam of Compoaito 
pinto: Sabordor, TabaHflana. 

tii 1^ & Aft itbtniT nnann of Cfaioa, eqoal to 

Lust-K, U'A-bl, 0. (%o, L«L) DouDd ; obUnd in 
law or cqtiitj ; nwpoiudblc ; iniwcfftble ; Mot^ ; 
oInoziaH; opoMd. 

iTim.wrtti, U'a-bUMa.) «. The BUtc of boing 

LUBCLZTT, fi-ft-Ul't-to, > obUgod or bound in Uw 
erjutiee; TcqioiuibUltji cspOHdMii; tcodrnej; 
n itito of bdag sotgect. 

Li&oOBAt le-ii{;'o<n, «. (mcflcing unknown to u.) 
A gams of Comls : Family, OcUnlaril. 

LtAUB, li'n-lis, <. A uno pren bjr Mr. Gnr to a 
goiiiB of reptiles neai^ ilfiiNt to wpM. 

LiiB, U'or, t. A penoa wbo knowingly titters 
Maahood ; one wbo dedans to another ta % fact 
whAt he knowi to^be at Tariaooe with truth, and 
with an intention to de«cJ7e. 

LtARO, li'aid, a. Grey. — Obsolrt«. 

Lus, U'as, «. U Geology, the hum of k anlM of 
BiptlaoeoiH Mid calouwooi atnlii, fcmbf the 
baMaftheOoIitiesTstaoa. The tann wu orij^- 
ftiDj given in the sooth of En^lnnd to tho nlea- 
fcons beds which are at the bottom of tho ihiek 
arpllmoas depostta, now ranked in tho Lias for- 
mation. It aboonda in organic marine remains. 

LtATBia, li-«t'ris, «. (moamag unknown.) A i^nai 
of Nortli Annrieaa ImbaOTOoa Composite plants : 
SDhofdar, TnbnliflonB, 

Lib, lib, r. a. (fii66eii, Dot.) To cutrate.— Obso- 

LlBAHOHAimA, li-baa-o-maQ'sbe-a, «. (fiAonoi, 
tbo fnokincenM-treo, and moxteu, dirinatioa, 
Gr.) In Antifinity, a spodes of dirhistJon wlitcb 
waa performed with fninkinoeiiK, which, if it tn- 
Htantly caught fire and sent forth n gntteful odonr, 
was esteemed a happy omen, and nra bw-mt. 

LlBAVOTlS, li-ba-no'tls, $. (Hbmoi, the frankin- 

BotBBMree, Gr. from L. nM^oni being supposed 
to tihafe an odour Kke ituense.) Stone- pniiley, 
■ goms of CmboniferoQB ptaatii : Subnrder, (h-- 
LtUTUW, U-bo'BfaaR, I. (Ubatio, L«t.) The act of 
naii)|aUtMr,asMUy wina; the wine so poured. 
u AaSmity, n Mnnttal pact of sacrifice antone 
tbt Oraks aod Bonuoa. It oons«it«d in tbe of- 
fitrflg op of any liquid to tho gods. BCoaTly wine, 
«stor» «r milk. LUciiim wore also eaid at 
USATcmr. li'ha tore, a. For the parposo of liba- 

LiBATTUS, U<^'tosu, a. The Uooor of Ubarlu is 
the biohloiida of tin, prepared hy dlawMng that 
metal in 071111 r«^ and D«ed b eaUoo-prfattng. 
Tbo proper Aiming liquor of Libarius is prqtartd 
by mixing four parts of corrosivo tnblimate witJk 
one part of tin, preriousty amsljamated with jost 
as rouob morcory as rondcn it pulrerixaUe^ and 
dislillicg it with a gentle best, when a ooJoorlea 
liquid comes over. 

Libel, UImI, s. (^Ubelius, Lat.) A defiunttory writ- 
hig : any book, pamphlet, writing, or picture, eoo- 
taining rcpresemtsUoiu malidously made or pub- 
Uahed, tending to briog a person into ooot^npc, 
or eipoae him to public hatred and derision. In 
the C^ril law, and in ooorts of admiralty, a de- 
olatattoa cor diarge in writing exhibited in court, 
paiticolariy agunat a ship or goods, f<n- rioiating 
the lawa of trado or of roreuuc In Law, the 
printer of a hltd is liable to prosecution as well ai 
tba writer, and so ia tbo person who sells, oraq 
tboogfa ignorant of tta cooteots. By tba S8Cb 
aoetkm of 8$ Gml Ut. c 7^ a bill of dlseov^ 
may be aappoctad agahut the editor of a nav^p*- 
ptr, or other panoo oancorned in tha fuotpupf 
tbcmof, to oompsl a dLsdoaort of tba uaa or tlia 
author of tha llbd, or tho ubm of wuf pataaa 
ooooeetsd with tha pablieatloii, udoit ^wd tka 
paitf Ubolkd may think pnmr to HiiigmMtffaat 
and Baeb ■ bill night aw be DufcOrined agifaut 
any powm ntpected of bdng the aotbor, vUch 
would oompd blm to disoonr on o«th whatlMr ba 
did or did Dst writs tbt Bbal in neatlofL In tba 
SpfaituI Coorto, tbeorigfaul dodmUoo In adrfl 
action r—v. ff. tadofaauora^awfopahllcltBtrad 
and oontempt by a wilting or^atnn; to bm> 
poon; to exhibit a cbargt anaat anything to 
court, particnlarly agatast B wlp or go«| tot a 
Tiolatloo of the Uws of trada or nrame; — b.^ 
to niaad deftmatton, written or printed. — ScUom 
niaa at B nontir vcrtk 
Wbara lUa bat UMHv against tbe seoaio f— 


LiBCLLAWT, li'bd-brat, 9, OBe wbo libeb; one 
who brings a libel, or institutes a huit ia ut ad- 
miralty Donrt. 

LlBKlXEB, Itlel-nr, r, One wbo libcb or dsfittca 
by wii^g or pictoro ; a Uffl|ioonar. 

L1BBIXOC8, SlMl-ua, A. Deraioatory; fon<rir>hvi 
that wbirh exposes a person to pnblto hatred, con- 
tempt, aiid ridicole. 

LiOKiJ.i:i.A. li-bel'lD-U, 1. iHbtttuliu, Ul) Tba 
Dragon-fly, a genoi of Keniopt af O Pi ioieol*, oba- 
racteriied as remaifcable for tlMr basRtj, aslnor- 
dinuy power of fijgbt, and ferocions baHUi Type 
of tbe family Ubellolidv. 

LlDELLL-Lin^, li-bellu-lo-de, ». (/tftlflbh, «B» of 
tbe p-nenL) A family of KouropttroOB haaoti^ 
of which LibeUula, the Dngon-fly, b On tfpa. 
It oonriata of two sobfamilies, tba libolhi^aa Bad | 
tbe Agriooidoa in tbe clasnfieatian of Waatwoad. 

LUBLLUl^BBS, li-bella-liosB, a. Tbe Dngoo-ffirB 
— Sso Libellohi. 

I.tOBB, hlMf, I. rtif inner bark of a plattt, eoB- 
sisting of a lajer of wood; lissoa, Ibaonolar snb- 
staDoa and reaiela of the laiex l^mrdag a tooapnet 
torn iBflMdiataly applied to the wood. iMtr 
Rtgit, aneUm tann for the VtUor EettmtwtHim of 
tha afith Henry VIIL, the book eantainlqg an 
aeooont of tha nlnation of the wbola toeleriMlical 
prepaid of Eaglaod and Wales, ia tha alata ia 


wUcfa II flooil CB tba era of tho ReTontutioo.— In 

Hjtkolocr. OH of tht mraca »f BAeehm. 

LtwtKA, lS'Br>a, iL Id Uytholoer. tba Dame of 

tb* giMMi wbom CSoeroi, io bb book Do Nitan 

DMmm, wpww n ti ■■ tbe danghtar of Jgpfter aod 

Oam. OtU, in bia Faati, aara that tbo name 

ma ptio hj Uaeehin to Ariadna. She is raprc- 

mbM on medak aa a kind of fesiulo BMcnos, 

OMmedirith vioo lerrei. 

Lanu, fib'ci^ a. (Fraoeti, from fiionifit, Lot.) 

Of ft &w, opan, and geamam heart : i«a<^ to giro 

or bdttnr ; not doae or oontracted ; mtuiiSccDt ; 

bovBtwxu; gMog largely; ample; targe; not 

narnrw or ad&it ; oatlioUe; rateosre; embracing 

ikw a ma and tba atMoeai geoeraUyi candid; 

jnbtt I not fitHal or atrict ; nat nuwo or grip- 

■iqg; a«t lev la Hrth or imod ; free to exceie ; 

p— tioiM. Ltbmat arU, tboae arte which depend 

oa intaDaataal exertion aod rsflned taat«, as 

fiam tboM which reqnin great 

■Mual labour, m Iho tnachinkftl irta. 

T— ■ ^ F^»»* »^— 1^ lOi'v^l-b^'ed, & Having 

■ piiiMiaTiiiiil 
Lzan^LU, ib-*-a1a-a, «. In Antiquity, fnit« 
Mlakcitad by the mritnt Xhammn^ fn honoitr of 
l£att,m Baecha, 
* «— "— *^ tti'«r«l-inn, f. Ubnal piteiplw. 
' i^al-itt, & Ono irao Bnem 
■o •dTTwato of libonl amlmmla. 
BMr-«I'o-tc, r. (AbiraKlat. LU.) 
boBBty ; a {Mutinlar at* of gcn^ 
nrily; ateitioB; Apatnity; larscacaofnncHl; 
I cminr; iB|Mrliali^* 
Wer-al-tze, v. a. To render UWml 
t toeohrgD; to fne frooa oorrov vien-a 

V fl^DBBaL 

*^— ■"". fib'ar-al-lo, odL Boontiftailjr ; freely ; 
Indy; With mnnlfloenco; Biagoanhnoasly ; wUb 
eafcipd tiiwi; wUiaaft aaUahiw or roiunm ; 
aol Mikt^ar fitcnDr. 
>i«««aT^ ab'w'tHfc «. 0. (JBimo^ Lit) To tnt : 
to nIaM* lim latfyat oc bondage ; to ict at 
fibe>^; toBiaoDSL 
LimuTKNif Bb'«^'ibim, «. {lilxraHo, l«t.) Tbo 

ask cf Mttng free; daliTerance. 
iJlunnTOa, GD'cr^-tor, $. One who liberates or 

LnnXAnui, Gb-et-tn're-an, o. (fron /t&er, ftcc, 
I Lit) FiftiailQg to libarty, or to tbe doctxino of 
Ij frtv-^rfn, aa oppOMd to tbe doctrine of neoeasty ; 
I — «. «m who melntaoa ths doctrine of the liberty 
1{ of the will, in oppoiMoa to that of iwoeaBity. 
1 iV UuBtAKiAJUUf, lib-«-ta'i«-aD-inn, «. Tbe 
^■H ItMpliB «r doalxfaHa of Ubortartaitt. 

^1 lilMOTH, B'btr^ i. in If ythoktgy, the goddess 
\ <f Uhwtf. She waa re p reatnted aa a woman 
baUag in ooe band a cap, tbe symbol of Qhcrty, 
tad two poDlarda hi the i^her. 
liOEsnciDC, K-bv'te-aide, «. Destncllon of 
^berty; — a. banog a laadaoey to dolroy Uberty. 
[•iUBTiaAa& Sane aa libarthiiam,— which eea. 
UmmfK, llb'tf-tin, a. (Igter^ni, Uu) In an- 
neal Bema, a name preo to a fteedmao, or ooe 
nMMdftmkplterritada; ooe moanftaed ; oqo 
fiw from iwb^nt ; a nro who awrcbri oo coo- 
tfel OQ Ua aolaial paaaJona, aod ^wa nnreatrained 
iadalganealo laat aod Bcwtioa Jio eai ; arake; a 
Maodiee;— 4. Qoantlooa; disK^ote; cot under 
tbe leatraist of lav or reii^oo. In Ecclesiastical 
BhCary, tba Ubartioo, or libertini, formed a re- 

lij^ona ant, vhkb row in tho year lfi2S. Their 
prifloipal taoat waa, that tbe Deity was the sole 
o|tanih)g eaaae in th« mini of man* and the im- 
medlata anthor of aD bnuan adiaast andeooar- 
qaciitly. tba dbthwlloaa of good aod aril vhiob 
bad baen eOabliabad with n^ird to thoa* aotttca 
were fitUe and ponndUai, and tbnt men ootdd 
pot, properly aptritliig, ooBttA am. TbeLibirtiata 
of Genoa were a eahal of takee lallior than of 
f aoatka, for they had no pretenoe to any leligieoa 
lyiten, hot pleaded only for the Uberty of ToJnp- 
tuoQB aod immoral tirnL 

LiBEUTUtUM, in>'cr*tm-tim, e. LtcentioiuneN of 
optmon and practice; an annstnuncii indalgenco 
of last : debandiarT; lewdneaa; itate of a oecd- 
nion. — Seldom naed in the loot two aBDaeB. 

LiBKttTY, Eb'er-ta, a. QAertoa, tat) Fiwdom, aa 
opposed to alavaryi eiemptloa from tyranny, or 
inordiaata goiremmmt; freedom, as oppoeed te 
neoesoity; prinl^ei ea em pti oo; leave; pcxmls- 
noo; immunity ; to Atla ui Shirty, to do or aay 
anything; to dm friadom net ifed^j panted ; 
ioHlatlSbtrlg, toddtm from ooaflnmonft; to 
rrieaaefrom roatralot 

LimcTREitiTB, li-be'iAe-nlte, t. (aaraod from ilaoc- 
corriog at Libctben, in Htmgny.) The pboqibata 
of eomer, a miiKTBl of a daikrgreen oohmr, flooor- 
riog te aDoD oeUbodial eryrtala and radiatad 
moaaea. Ita oooititBaDla are-'pbonpbarie add, 
28 J ; oxide of copper, 63.9 ; water, 7.4 : ^ gr. 
3 6. lIardDe9i = 4,0. 

LiBiDiHiBT. k-bid'e-nUt «• Ona gtren to lewd- 

LiQtDixnus, k-bidVntu, a. (A*&M2uiofai, Lat) 
U<wd| ImtfaL 

UoniraocBLr, le-Ud'c-Qoa-le, ad. l^atAiUy { 

LunrnvocnrKta, lo-bid'c-nn-nea, a. Ilig atate 
or qnallty of bolng hutful ; inordinate appetite fcHr 
^remstal faulalgenoe. 

LtniirA, Ifr-U'oa, & ▲ aanio giroa by Dr. Leacb 
to a nana of Brao^nnoi 0^niUcun^ and plaocd 
by Mr. Bell ondo' the £miUy Uuidie. 

LiDuru, le-binVn, «. A grow of Decapod Cnia- 
taoeaoi: FamPv, Brtofayura. 

LioiTlHA, le<bc-ti'na, a. In Mythology, on ItaEan 
gpddeu, the patinaeia of foaonb and oodertaken, 
eyaooyntoaa with Venn Ififtra of tko Oiveks. 
At her temple in Romo, a amall coin, oalkd fiU- 
fi'fMT rati$, was depothed for erary peraoo who 

Ubiu, li'bra, «. (LaIId, a balance.) In Astronomy, 
the lUUace {£x\ a cooBtcllatioa of the aodbc 
■nrroiindnl hy Soorpios, Opbiueha^, Virfio, Ceo- 
taurus iiDd Lupns. Tbp coostellation is eo named 
becauM tbe san is io tide aiga at the autumnal 
eiiuinox, when tbe days and nigbta ara eqoaL In 
Antiquity, the Boman poBsd, equal to WHO grains 
tioy ; also, a Bamm eoln aqoal to 90 dnaiifi — 
hence our obbrenattoa X br pound ateriing, and 
tb for poood wtig^t 

LiBOAL, li'bnl, o. (Ji6ra£^ Lat) Of a pound 

LiBRA&iAK, li-fara're<«n, u (^iGninus, Lot.) Ono 
who bits Die care of a Gbmry; one who traoacribes 
or copies liBjka. — Obaoletc iti the tost Hnse. 

LiQRAKLiliSUlP, U-brs'ro-AQ-sbip, ». Tbe office of 
a liluiin'im. 

LiBttAftT, li'bra-rD, a. (Ukoruun, Lat) A coneo* 
tioo of books, either tbe property of a prirato 





LlOBT-nEADED, litv'hod-ed, o. Vn&tcMlT; lorwc; 

IhoQcbtlcai: wctk; diKirdcred in iIk ha^ ; dixiy; 

LWBT-HSADBDKUs, lite'lied<ed-Rei,4. D«lirio05- 

■CM; dimnkr of the bead ; ditiintM'. 
Uom-BIARTeD, Ute'b'iTt-ed, a. Gay; ronry; 

olMnAil ; f rw from Krief . 
UonT-llBARTEDLT. lit«'h<Irt-«d-K lid. With a 

light biurt : ohRrrfutl}-. 
LtOIIT-ItMAKTEOMisti, lite'hdrt-«d- nes, a. Tho 

■ttte of betog freo from care or j^riof ; cbeeif nlnnu. 
LloUT-UBBLBO, litc'hecld, n. lAfcly or wtivc in 

wiUdag; brisk. 
LlottT-BoUB, iila'bawrs, $. Li^t-annrd cavain-. 
UouniOVAS) litflliows, «. A towtr or bojlilinj; 

«reded on a rack or poiol of lud, vHb • l^ht or 

mtnbir of lunpi on ibo toi», intemlMl to direct 

aimmea in luvi^ting shipi mt oight; n pbnroa. 
LlonT-LEOO£i>, lit«1fl^, «■ Nimbh; swifl. 
LIOIITI.F.SS, lite'les, n. Wtntioj; light; dirit. 
LiouTLT, liielr, ad. With little wn0it: wilhoai 

dMf impnuton; ruil;; rewUljri without diffi- 

oalljr; oiooorM; witfaoainuoa; without d^jcc- 

tka ; cbMrfbllyt noiolu^jr; wmtoalj; nimbt/; 

whha^lit;; notheanljrortanUljr: gay);; liril;: 

^th mitj; without faced or eire. 
LsOBr-MlROBD, Ktc'minde-ed, n. Unsettled ; nn- 

aUady; volatjlr. 
Liountsu, titc^Dcs, f. Want of weight; iqcdq- 

■tewj) ODitMidiDeas; aDduutlly; lewdncM; wan- 

ttnuMM; aplitr't nimbinwsB. 
LiOBTKiKO, lilo'Bto^ f. An eleotrie pIunoiinMn 

praduovd by tW puuige of ^Mtrictty batwfm on* 

dead and aoolhcrt or bilwMn a clorul sad tb« 

«Htt; — itatUDant; fottigation; alletiattOD. 
LlOB^BOOICt Ste'roorn, «. In n ship of war, a small 

rifmtnt karing doablo-ftlan windows towards 
amgiiina, aad contaloing ^^'St by which tho 

pBOBT fills Oartrtdgcr. 
LnarSt GtWt *• /■'■''- 'Tho htngs-, the organs of 

bnatbtng ia animaU, said to be so eallvd frtim 
f iMr HsMMM bi propoitkn to their built. 
tilWIimillB Dta^smn, a. Lnminoui ; not dark or 

ofaMsn; g»y; airy: cboerinu; azfailaraliiig. 
UODTSOHBirBSS, Bt«'sUfn-B«*, «. LnDinoosnae : 

Um qnilily of bmag li^; cbMifiiliiaM; mcni- 

mtat; iafity. 
UoirT-ai>n»TX&, litV'^iir'iMd, a. Of a cbMHW, 

^ortiv* natorr. 
Luu, 113*-«t '• (^roM, (findiog, Lat. 9) A gtaua 

•rOraMMHua: Ordor, IiapoSi. 

LunOOOB, %'S»^1>,«. (I^^MIH, Ut ) WoodVft; 

ludi of nvod I oouiiMBK of vned j nMuUtng 

wood. Ia Kn t omo to gy, upMsd to « part «bfQ it 

U MBi]M0«d of ■ bard umnlle labiCMiM Uko 

U0H2P1CAT1DX, lig-M-f«-ki'»haa, i. Tha fnotm 

of BOBwrting into wood, or iba hard afthitiuiot of 

Lisnraur, lig'se-f^wrm, «. (lignum, wood, aad 

>%»•, LsL) Like wood ; waMabling wood. 
XJOnFTt Htm-A, c «. (Kpm— i, wood, ond /<to»», 

1 nwka, ut) To eoov«rt Into wood \—p, n. to 

biooBi wood. 
Uonrat B^wiaMt ^ la Chanarirr, wood* ^aM^ 

■tOhtoBBWiMvwhkliAnHtbo borfoof wood. 

Bad of lb« BtauB ind lanni of Wrbaoaoaa pbniB. 

VbodbU, C12. U«i, Os. It funns about 96 for 

MBt. of baked wood, aod is th« chief iogreduot of 

iaiD, fafur, nd cotton. 

LlGKtPBEDOrs, lig-n«-pn'do% n. (Kg n vm, wood, 
and pcnfe, I destroy, Lat.) Wood-deit»ying, 

LlOfClTS, iif^'nito, «. XliffKuin, wood, L*t.) Foosll 
wootl cArUmiaed to a certain d<gTC«, bat rotahiiog 
its »oody teztufp. 

UOKODS. — Sec Ligneous 

hsanvM, lig'nQm, r. The Lstia word fur wood. 
ligmmt eobArimm^ or Smtht^wecd, the wood of 
ikt In* Sbjpobnot oohibrina, so named &om tbo 
niota bnng nsod in curing tbo bite of reoomoo* 

UCNDHTiT^^ tig-nntn-te'eo, $, Tho wood of the 
plant Goalacnm offtcinalr, a tiativo of the West 
Indies, renvarkablfi tor I be dirrction of its fibfvs., 
each by«r of which c r o as ea Uie oreoedioig dittgoo^y. 

UotJjLS, Ug'n-as, J. A wnaa ^T«n by I>» Montlbft 
liir a gaoDs of tcmstrial teataeoooi yiryntf, b»- 
Inngbg to the fsniilr Ht-Itdde. 

Uguijl, lig'u-la, r (Latin, a tie.) In Botany, a 
aufabranouB Bppiodagt oi tbo apes of tho ibMlb- 
tag pstiole of gnrntL Tbo tcna b iho ilfBed 
to oortab bodies pioeeedlnf from tbe baoi^ Bad 
alteniato irith the borna^ of tbe orgaB odlad cr^ 
UcoAtf in plants, belon^ng to Ibe onhr Aadnl*- 
dace*. In Eotoinology, Itio wonl baa been apfmed 
by Lstnille la tbe lower Hp of insects, or lafanini 
of Englisfa entomolo^ats ; — a measare of Ira 
samples ; abo, tbo naaa of a eenos of I^ombl, 
fonning tho Eunily Cestoidea Of Cavier. 

LloruiTe, litr'nOate, \ a. Like a bandage or 

Ltoclated, lig'a-by-lcil,> strap. In Botany, 
l^tdatB JIaictn an saeb as have a mooopetaloas 
sKt OD one side, aod opened Rot, ss in tbe Donde- 
fion tibic. 

UoCBtTR, liK'o-rito, I. (Lignria, tb< aodlDt IBBBO 
of a rfgion in Italy.) A niinoni of a jeUowfah* 
greeRi or apple-green ailonr : tbo pcimittte fbrm 
of tbe oyatal, an obKqua rlmmbic prism. It 
ocean bi a talceea rook on Ibe banks of tbe StfWa, 
in the Appeninto, aad b airid to fcnn a gem avpo- 
rior to dvysolito in colour, transparent, and 
liardofsa. Its DoaatilBoDta are— ^Boa, 57.45 1 
alumins, 7^; lime, 26.S0; n^nosia, 8,66 i 
oxide of iron, 3.00; oxldeof mangaoese, 0.5: afk 
gr. 8.47. Kardbcas = S.O— CO. 

LtODSTfcni, Ia-g)WWfcaiB, *. (so named from awne 
. of tbo ^eielsB crowiflc almndsBlly ia tigBzk.) 
A gtana of UsabSHferom hetWeaens ptuiti: Sob- 
ocdir, OrtboapcfiBK. 

LioOBnt^, la-gua'Inun, «. (Latia oaioe.) Tbe 
Prtcit, a gaau cf ptoata, oodnstfag of shmba or 
low tzoci^ Battras of Eoropo aod Alia: Order, 

Lnx, lOn, a. {lie, Sax. lik, Swod. leih, Gotb.) 
Equal b qaantity, quality, or degree; Btmilar; 
raserablinf;; having rfMrnbtaaoa; pnbaUe; likely; 
giviog reason to expect or babsTt ; — «. elliptieally, 
for n$ Mug, Um jmtsm, aaiD* person or tUng 
r—BbBag onolber; an Bqaali M U*tt ia lbs 
pbraae^ * be Urf libs to be dafealeJ,* is aulborued 
by good usage, bst eNnia a corra|itivn . — ad. in 
tba same masMT ; In a maniMr becoininj; ; likely; 
pnbBbly;— r. a. (/KteoB, JKJaa, Sax. feftaa,ao<b.) 
to flboose nith some dagiee of preference ; to tp- 
pnm»i to view with approbation ; to plaase ; lo bo 
■gWlislile to ; — (obsolete in the laet two ataMS]) 

The BMiue Ulei foa aot.— A«t» 
— r. «k to be plsaiad ; to cboooe, aa * be may go 
or slay as bo Uktt;' leliteo/, le Im pleased. — 
Obsolete b tbe bit sense. 







||.T¥W raOftPy Kkali-bddj * frolMibtlit/ ; rirui- 
■iBladvi i l ft M ioai at tnth or nftlity ; apimr- 
mm: ibav; rMMMtnt — QUoltf In tbo lut 

Tfe«« k M MriUMrf bMwwa pars Ucbl and blKck 

LT, QlBtl^ a. Sueb H oux turn ukwn plus ; 

pnMtk; «eb M a men wmmWb iIum the 

uMliirf; scbMiDajr U Uksd; plauiag;— «d 

|w>i>lyi MBHw tMHBtbhr betbooeht. 

IXo'Kaaas^ Gin nuAde-td, a. BaviDg « Uka dj»- 

, inn, ludL (fitw, Smd) To rtpftMot* u 
bariac nnmbUaoi ; loeompwc 

l^fifai'lMi,*. BipraMnialiooi rHtmhUow; 
itaSMiU; fcni; siipevBiMi: a «apy; » eoon- 
Iffti a pictiui: imi^ar •utoe, taMmbling • 

lissras, ]ft^«iiBt a^ lu like uufloer; abo; 

LnDao, ffkinib a Pfannpt fbll; of a good ap* 
fMOHBt— (flfaBol«taai«oa4;ectJV9i) — t. a good 
liMatfMyi baahltftU appaanuica i plmnpona; 
talni^M; fJaMurtu dali^bft io; eUta of Uiiil. 
^-Otarirta is tba Uat Moae. 

V^itfV sUfc i« i« t Id laavQ bar oat)** aplMn, 
CMBa bak « wblla on M*v tMTv.- ^^ryjta. 

, ffl'ak, a. The ootmDon nane of tbo plaata 
Wa^qj to Uw gmoa Srrings. 

, Va-aiaat 9, A pdndpta dia oortrej bj 

, 1il-«H^d«, a, TTawiiiMIng a-Iilj ; b«- 
hqriai to tba sder liGame ( mlMd libe wba 
IvUk to a eacelli, tba petals « wliicb bara 
nnfr Vg^ naddto^ dBallag into a firob, and 
^afiq( ade ^ nl»»1ml it is aotdpn tucd hi Uus 

iBUSS^ fini, a. EabeHtshed wiZh lifies. 

IjuoM, BlVvni, f. (Latia nanw.) A ganoi of 
lypa of tha aatanl order LUboeiB. 
L LziA.-— Sea LdU. 

||Ji.T. Sh, n a. To afaig or daaee dwerfvlly and 
with TffatAy; to do anTtUqg with dexterity or 
tpacko^^^—iAKu tQ Uw iMft asjiite. 

Lilt, V^^f a. Tbe coramoo nama cf planta of xhv 
MB* liiiaii £% merimtt, the fbesU xocFphyta, 
Eaaridlea mopiBfcnnii, oae of tba nuat Iwaaliful 
It ia ID tcriDed from tbe rcaembluoo It bean to 
tba bead of a Ul; wbeo tba amu ar« folded. Li/tf 
fhkt tbe plant ApbyHanthes monspeliecsii. Lify 
4f Ac MUcgr, tba beantifii) plant CotiTaHaria. £My 
llara, tba ttaoM of tbo planta CatesbKa eptnoaa 
aad Cafaabca panrifloTB. 

I lAT-SAiroao, ia'e-baiid'«d, a. Haring wh'tUi 


OUfcalfatai - ^ 

' ULT-irmu), Bfe-Hr-ard, a. \Vbtte-Uvared ; 
I caaatdiy. Bddoa i med. 

Abaa»ll% Hia at acdoa-taklm !«>««— 5fci»>. 

UilA, Faa, J. (Juaa, a flk, LaL) A paua of 
HJaaea, plaoed by Cavwr in tba IbaiUr Oatrut, 
■ad by Lamaik ia that of PectaoMMk TboLuDf 
dUbr fioB tba Paatena ia tba giaatv kngib of 
ttiaball, in a diiaetJoB yapaedkialaf to tbe bioffi ; 
Ay bava a wUa ofaaisg far ibe paai0e of a 

hjmm, to which thay aia attached ; tha ahall ia 
a kmgHudbial, aawly eqanalved, bmhe, with 
tbe beaha aepaiatod ^ a catity ; tba Uofa toetfa- 
kaa. and tba hh^a pit, wUili mabwOa 1^ 
meat, partly iotanial aad partly astienaL 

LtMAOBLLA, lliii<a-B^1a, V. A genua of a^n 
forniabcd with ao iatenui rudimentary ebdl, or 
adcateoaa oaoorattooa ia tbe lliifkiiaa of tbe 

LtMACUXa, H'tna'abe'aoa, a. (£aw»cwa», Tr.) A 
nana aoder whieh Lanuah oooprelHakde tba daga 
l» «h ntfn c to tha gumm oacbldiam, parmuaUa, 
llmai, tattaoalla, aod ntrina. 

LlMAClu^ Um<a-«e'd(-, a. (Ibmm, ooe of tbe 
goatn.) A family of Gaatanpodeaa MoUoaea, 
aqnWalant to that ef the '^"■'ti «f Lanaih, — 

LufAOiVA, lim-a-aa'na, a. A Jteaai of rtcropodoua 
Mdbuca, tbe abeU of wbkb ie vary daJicate, 
^tneoB, ^inl, aot earinatcd, toniag rather 
oWqoely oo itadf, with a dnnlv apertoia and 
ample borden : Faimly, HyaUdae. 

LaucnrXA, Qm-a-Bio'e-a, a. (Umax, a vnailf 
LaL) BLuoTiDa'a aome for a fattiily of Pahnc- 
cuibraoclnaU MoUiuca, tba aiiimaile of wbieb ate 
btneatrisl siudbT tbay all Ciad oo vegetable enb- 
ataaoea, aad have two pairof tatractile toatoeala; 
the abell variable, rardy attbampaUaeaova; oftaa 
afnna), oTaI,orglohtiUr; aomatlinci Ivrieidatad, 
papaoeoQo, or diaeoid ; tbe aperture ramd, ■aml- 
ionar over, or ancabr, lot never aotdHd. it 
containa the genera ancctaea, balimoa, achiattoa, 
clatuiUa, pupa, aaaatooM, bOax, baliooKmaz, tee- 
tooeUa, paimaoelU, UmaoeUa, lisMx, aod oochi- 

LUCAOOOBB, Um-ak'o-dts, m. A genua of Lepidop- 
tannia ioaacta, balooging tu tbo family Noctoma 
of Cnvicr. 

t.t3tATio>, ti-ma'ahua, «. (Jbwa fine, 1 6h, lat.) 
Tlia aet Lif Uliag or polislnag. 

L[JCJLTuit£, U'ma-ture, a. A Blmg; filings; par- 
Uclaa robbed off by dUuj^ 

Lnux, U'maln, a. (Latia, a in^) A genoa of 
air-ttfeatbittg, naltod MoUoaca, geoerally known 
ander the name of snaila or aloga. 

LtMD, llm, a. (/in, Sax. ttm, Dan. and Swed. Jba- 
bu». Let.) Edge or bonier. In Astrooomy, tbe 
edge of a plaaot ia called ita timbi aa abo tbo 
edge ef may circlo which foma any part of an 
lutroaomloal inatrumeai; — P. a. to aapply with 
Hmba; to divMober; to tear off tbe HauM. 

LwBAT, limW* * Tbe nanie given to a eooliog 
periodical wind la Cypraa. 

LiHBATS, htn'bate, a. Ia Botony, haviag a £Uted 

Lunsc, Um'bdi, «. {eoolracted from olanftic) A 

B«r clieckt, on wblrh tliU •trvaoiliiK neeur hll, 
SUll'il Ihruucb tha liwi>Mk of ber iliunuod t^*,~ 

— r. 0. to stmio aa tbroti^h a itilL — Obaolete. 

Tba Kr«ater do noIhInK I ut IttAte tbdr brain* In (bo 
art of ahduQiy,— SanJjH. 

Limubd, liind, a. Formed with regard to Umba. 
LiMnaa, Itm'bar, a, FlaxIUo} eiaUy bent; jilbnl; 

Tcm majr |iut me vB witfa UMftrr voae.— fltobi 

In a kbJp, a aquaro bol<t cut through tbo towrr 
part of tbe floor thabara, fanniag a channel fv 







WAtcr, and communicatiug with tbe poinp-wcU. 
Xmitr-flo a rJ*, Bhort [MecM of plaok, forming • 
Mzt of A aliip's floor, imuMdutBtjr abort Um lim- 
Hfl. Zwi&flp-i'eiitbolT^ [H0iarLrDaorl8id,outto 
fit io bitwMa tha floor tlniben, or ia U» Ifantxra. 
Xiiitg^ryg, a long rope reUuuod in ttw Umber- 
holH of a iliipk for Um puritose of doanog thciu 
fna ■» obitnMdou ooouieiMd knr mud or other 
nattar, taj wUdi Umj niijr bt olnxed. 

LiMBElMKU, Umtuir-oM, f^ Tbe ^u^ of boiog 
atmij htut ; fieiiblencu; pUEOor. 

LiMSI&S, lim'ban, *. In Artiderr, ■ aort of ftd- 
ratuad tmiu, ta whioli tho carriagv of a caonon ia 
attached in a tnarcfa. It u oomposed of two 
•bafU, wide onoagb apart to admit a bone bc- 
twcvQ tb«n, joioed t^ two ban of wuod, and 
muuuttd 00 A pur of wbeelfl i — thills i shafts vf a 
caniace. — Local in tha last two senHcs. 

LlHOlUTit, Uin'be-Ut«, «. (frooi its being found In 
tha volcanic biU of Limboufg, in Swabia.) A 
Btiunl which oGcun la im^gular Kraios ; ativc- 
tnra compact; saaLdics riaas; oolour, a honey 
yaUow ; melts into a block enamel It is aup- 
posod to be a dwomposed olivine. 

LUCBLBS6, limles, a. Daatttnta of Hmba. 

UVBUSJO, lim'ttMcJ, ad. FiKoineaL 

01 tfaatlbndticrlLenlotMrberUMhnMrf.— 


LuiBO, llm'bo, \ I. (Imbui, a hem or edge, V^) 
Lucaca, lim'btu,} The poii^or; of Uu Aomao 
CatboUa Chorch, aappowd to He oo tha adgs or 
najghhonrfaood of bcU : 

wbat a armpaihj of woo !• this! 

Am Cir fino bdjt a* Umbo ia firutu tiUaa.— iAaka 

anj pUco of mb(J7 and n.-dtntiiit. 

friar, thou art cvata off thnelf. bat poor I am left lo 

Lixiios, hmlms, 9. That portion of tbe potol of a 
fiowar wbieh ia aupportad b^ the ungaii. It oon- 
ititatai kba braid Uub aofcnrGd part which rca- 
itn aaoj flowan ao baautifuL 

Lnu, VmOt «. (fioi, Sax. and Dao.) The oxide of 
eaUain, oonaiatbig of cak;am, 72.00 (iu metiUho 
biaa), ud wygen, 26.00. lime does not «juat iu 
Baton k a pun atatc. Its atnmg affini^-for 
cwbamaflideuiMBit to absorb ifc iaatantajteDDalx 
lipDiD tiw aftiHtirhTTft. and to bo oooTertod into the 
caibosute of liim, oonrtitatinK ^ diSuront kiada 
of UoMataiMi auiUe, and cbiUc, and fonniag no 
amall portioa of the atrata of tbe eartb. lime ia 
a wUtc or grojr cartb, foaihle only bjr tba heat of 
a galvaaio battery or a gaa blow-pipe. U ia ex- 
oaedisglj canstjc, and when water is oast oq It 
great beat ia produced. The water ttuitee with 
Itina, and fonna a hydrate. Limc'trte, the lUia 
Eonipaa ; or otbeiwiae colled the Undca-tree. 
UtM'watar, aa aqncotu aolntioa of lime. limo 
U vtry aoluLle ia water, and Im bO in hot than 
la cold water. /Jau, in Botany, the Cttmi timet- 
la;— V. a. (j/dimom, Sax.) to unear with a ria- 
caitt aubataiicc; to entangle; to eOEaace; to 
naoun wltb bnie ; to cement. 

LiMKBtimxKU, Uuie'bar-uur, a. One who buma 
atooci lo Uue. 

XjMEBDt'JiD, Umeliowad, a. A name ^ven to tba 

LiMKUur, Umeldl, a. A fomace io which Btones 
or ibelb are enhjected lo a atrong heat, and re- 
duced to lima. 

LlHKMTuitit, Uuie'atotn, a. A genaa of niaerala, of 

whiob than are many apodoa. When pwr, it ia 
oampoaod of lima, or o^da of cakino, 67.00; 
and caibook add, 48.00{ fctt many Itmaatoaea 
an lotamdud with magnada, ela^, aUiea, or Inn. 
Tba apadflo ffcaritgr variaa frooi 8.S0 to S.BO. 
All limaatonea may be scratched with a knifes 
and elTenreaoa with the edda. 

LiMRTWiu, lime'twig, i. A twig amoarad wHlii 

LiMt-TH-iaoRu, Eme'twigd, a. Stoaand arttli Bae : 
prepared to entangle. * 

LlMKL'H, h'me-um, a. (&Mnoe, pestileaoa, Gr. freoi 
ita poiaoDoua qualitiaa.) A grniu «f planta, aar- 
tJvoa of tbo Oapa of Good Hope ; Onln-, Per- 

LnticcLA. — See Limoan. 

Uhit. lim'tt, «. (iister, Ldt. Imiltt, VrJ) Baand : 
border: utmost oitent ; tho part or thing which 
tvnninatei ; ititralnt. In the ptitnii, tJie exient 
of tho Ubertiea of a prison; — a. a, lo eoafino 
within oectain limita; to circumaciibat lo t»- 
Btraia ; to reotnuo from a lax or fseoeml clgdfl- 
catko. Id Mnthematioa, the word Smit tmpGM 
a fixed magnitade, to which a Tariable and find 
lioiit may be made aa nearly equal aa wo plaaae ; 
it being impoaeihle, bowevnr, that tlM vanablo 
magnitude cau abaolotaly attain, or be aqaal to, 
the fixed magiiit«de. Method t/Imil$^ the aama 
with tba meihod of prime and ultiroato ratka; a 
peculiar method of analyaiaj employed by Kewtim 
iu the Principia, eqairalaut to fluxiooa, or tha 
diffurenttal calculua, but preserring the funa of 
the andent geometry. 

Umitablb, Umll-a-bl, a. That uuy ba limitad, 
bounded, rtatrained, or circumscribad. 

LiMiTAXBOCS, lim-o-ta'ne-as, b. Peitaiaiag to 

UuiTAHtAK, Um-a-u're-an, a. Ooo who timita; 
ona wbo "•**—*•** tho dootrloe, that only a part 
of tha bBmaa raea at* lo bo latcd; — a. tbai 
fimlta or diCBiBaaSML 

Li»TAJtT, En^ai-e, a. Placed at ibo limit, aa 

LimxATicnr, lim-e-ta'shun, a. (SmitatiA, Lot.) Tbo 
act of ctmtmacribiDg or bounding; raatriettoo; 
rcatr^Qt; oinsmueTiptioo ; eooMaaiei, fima a 
lax, JBdctamdnata Import i a certain prMuett 
vi^ua wUoh fiian were allowed to big or a«c- 
ciae tbeir fonctiooa. 

Stfne puIpUa har* not had iMir* HnoorM iImm <£■ 
tMMte or alxtMDU joatM, lUice frUrt left their UmM^ 
Ocmt-^Bp. Oipk^ 

Limibaiom of aetiom at &tw, tbe period bejood 
wbitih pcraooai actiooa of tmpaaa, or dab^ on 
simple coutracl, must, by etat. 31 Jamea L e. IS, 
be commenced within nx yean after tbe caose of 
action, with tho exception of actions of auaoUf 
menace, and imprisonment, which an limited to 
four. Penal actions for fortcituree, made by 
■tatutc, most, aocerding; to the terms of tbe ata- 
Cotea, be commenced within ose or two yean. 
By etat. S and 4 Wm. IV. c. 27, all proeeaau 
fuc tbe ivcotery of land by entry and distreaa, or 
by action, muat bo commenced within twenty 
yean viler the light ol' action accniei. 

LmtTUii, ]iiii1l-ed, a. Narrow; dreomioribad. 
Limited jtrMem, tu Geometry, a prublam that 
baa but one aotulioo, or wfaieb oan bo aulred but 
in ona way. 

LtMiXBOLT, Iin1t^-le, aJ, 1A~ub btnitation. 



Ijsfcmnrzu, Hm'it-«d-ii«, f. Stotv of Unaf; 

JjUtnsM, limlt-or. B. He or thai which limtt* or 
eDDftofi; ■ frur who via lk«nM>d to Iwfr, or 
Tnw^¥ h\» ftmctunu, witliin eerUiQ defiDol 

Lurrrms, riffilt^lM, o. UDboaodod; having no 

LnaiA, lliii'ina, «. (MnflU, « remahidcr, Gr.) In 
■adnit OtmIc Umie, tbtt whicfa renuihia of Uio 
0Mltr tdoa iriia tlss tpolom« ts taken finotn it. 
Tlw fraitcr toiK, u for iintaoee C D, U dmslbto 
into oil]* annum ; of these, fire constStnte the 
iwrtwrwt fbnr mnaioiog for the limmft ; tmi far 
aB p rM ti oJ pQi pot w it nuj bo cuosidtred as the 
Buur ■unitone of the modem ec«I«. 
I Lncmx, Em'mar, «. Se« limeboand : — a thin or 

•hoft.— LocaL See limber ; — ft thill homo. 
I LofS. lim. r. a. (c»JiMmw«B-, Fr.) To drew or 

paiot; to paint in wsler-eoVmrv. 
I LiMVADU, rnn-na'de->, >. (/time, a manh, or lake, 
Gr.) A f«mu of Eatromoatncani : Order, 

ZjnxA, Sm-ne'a, f. (tmne, a niarvh, pool, or 
lake, Gr.) A gnraa of ftesb-vater MoDuaca, in 
vtnch tha ihdt is deUeatfl^ Tragile, and of an oral 
Maog afaqta, with a tfin more or kaa aharp or 
dflB^ed, and an apntm hapt than It i» wue; 
otal, ■DinellnMa nty Ivgt, wttb t A»rp edge; 
DOC amihuMDi^ as aeoorat of tbi wpTc tlty of 
th* p ra c rt li ig whori ; an obOgiN phdt on tha 

Lnoumut, Um-oc'»-dc, «. (Innaa, om of the 
pDMs.) Tin UnuMin, cr TimM fl w e o# La- 
Oftk, &e.) A &ndl7 of ftMb-intor toitKMni 
Ifatkiaci^ caoaiattDg of the gmtn Unnuea, planor- 
lai^ and phjva. 

Limuxrara, lim-nan'tJka, a. (Kmne, a lake, and 
anfllcM^ a OoKtt, Or.) A gma of planta : Order, 

LncnariTt, Bm-oa^u, a. (Kmne, • numih, and 
Um^ Kb, Or.) A geooa of Colcoptenmi hunts : 

avBUf , pBpHMRMfti 

LmxK, Um'DBT, t. (eUmiinatr, Fr.) A painter; 

na wlu deeoratea oooka with bitial pictarca. 
Ltmmn. — Sat LinnuNL 

Lt mjCHn m. lim-tdkViB, t. (meaning not pTvn.) 

A fBraa of Cokopttnms imeeta, heluiging to the 

trite Dwmlatliii, and familjr On^qDrnn <if Carter. 

Ijumm, tfm'nrnf, «. The act or at! of dnwbg 

or patntinj: in wataT'-ooloont. 
Liioionu, Hra-DolM-a, a. (/rmnr, a monh, and 
ft^ Tife, Gr.) A gmoa of Otpterona inMola: 
Tfaalf, Nenwefra. 
LuaocuABBS, lim-QokVm, «. (hime, a manh, 
■ad cAariM, dear, Gr.) A pmru of AmcliTiidn, 
baloaging to Iba tTib« AeariJc^ and fami);r Koletra 
I LiMKocRamrs, fim-nok'a-Tla, i. (fimw, a marab, 
a&d tJkorit, dear, Or.) A genua of manih plnntu : 
Onler, ITjrdrwbaridaees. 
IJmoraiLA, B»-Dara>la, f. (ftmac, a lake, and 
pJiOto, I lorr, Or. in rvfnvnoe to the planta lorin^' 
vUer.) A emus or plnnti, ccmsiiling of erect 
"i w a«]aatic planta: Order, Scrophilariacec 
u, rifii-no're-a, t. (fivine, a i n a rch , and oroi, 
[Odaij, Gt.) A genus of Crii&tseeana ; Or- 
', laapoda. 

lixoirA, la-BM/na, $. The ipecific name of the 
lenm, Otn* Smona. 

LntniTTA, le-mo'ne-a, t, (^lymomt. Mm Arabic nsnir 
of the Citron, so called from the fhiit of the ipeHm 
huTine the appeanuwo, as well aa tho Mfdity, oi 
IhaCitron.) Af^osof plantatiDcladingahetero- 
jieneoaf maas of spedei ; Order, AuraalMCB. 

LlxoSA, Itm-o'aa, a. (/mnw, mod. Let.) Tba God- 
wita, n gmoa of birda of tho Sotpo kind : Family, 

LncMKLtjL, lim-o-ael'Li, t. (dbn. of Abw, nrad, 
Lat. !a referent to tba plaola growing In moddy 
plncei.) A genos of planta, oooslating of imall 
creeping mai^ sbrotifl or herbs; Order, Scrophn- 

Lutors, ti'mnji, a (A'momf, IaL) Moddjr ; alimjr ; 

Liur, limp, v. n. (from bmp-ieaU, lame. Sax.) 
To halt; to walk lamclj;— e. a halt; aet of 
BmptRg] — a. rapid; we^— -Obsolete aa ao ad- 

LlMPKB, limp'm-, f. One who limps In his walk- 

LiMTtO, lim'ptd, a. (Janpidtu, JaL) Clear; pure; 

LntPiDNeas, tim'pid-scs, «. dcamesi ; puril/. 

LtHriKOLT, Ump'ing'lc, dtf. Lamely', Inahalting 

LutULVB, lim'u-las, i. (Hmu^ mod, tat.) A fcenos 
of Entomottraco, fnmislicd witli six pairs <>f feet, 
beset with amall spinoa, and Are so closely ap- 
pro:Dmated about the mouth as to sem Ul* oflce 
of Jawa. The UmnU areoommonly known onder 
the aamea of Sing Crabs, Shoeor Mottocca Crabs. 
The tikU is long, straijjht, sharp-pointed, and cf 
Htfident strength and size to be atad as a spoar- 
head or arrow-point by aaragH. 

Lmr, B'me, a. ViacouK ; glutinooat ooRtaioing 
Tnne ; reaamblicg lime. 

Lin, lio, r. n. (fiwui, loel.) To yield or eaase; 
Set a bcnar un horMbach, liall nartr Un lUl fas b« a 

— *. (Celtic,) s pool or msreb^Obaolete. 

LiifACB, le-aa'se,> f. (fimiMI om of the genera.) 

LtVEM, le-ne'e, > A nattiml order of Exogonon-i 
pIa^^ eompcaed of herbs or ealubniba, bearing 
yellow, blue, orwbito fbgnreous petals, with entin 
extlpolate leares, and haring the flowers always 
disponed in rscemow corymbs or patiieW ; ridyx 
nsnally with fivr wpxN; the petals et^nal in 
ntunbrr, and Alternating with the tepals, hypo- 
gynons and nrgaienlatc at the base ; rtsmens tire ; 
anthers orate, tnaerted by the base, two-cellod, 
and birimosc ; orary aabglobose ; capirole glolfoae ; 
seeds orate; compressed, shiiung, invcite<l. 

Li^aimiVS, \m-nn'tAa», I, (/uion, fiax, and oittAoi, 
n flower, Gr. fmm tho resemblance of the flowcn 
to screral species of linmn.) A genni of plafits, 
nallres of Caliromla : Order, Polcmonlacoec 

l.ntAlUA, li-na'nt-o, *. (/rmin, flax, Gr. owing to n 
limilarity in tbe loarcs to ttin Linum.) Toad-fiiia, 
a grnns of plants : Order, Scrophalariacese. Abo, 
the name giren by Ray and other omitbologixts 
to a gemU of birds, oomprehendiog certala spedes 
of the Fringdia of Linnsens, the Linnets. 

LiXAniTB, lin'a-rite, a. (so named irnm ocnnring 
at Liniim, in Spsin.) The cupreous sulphate of 
lead, a mineral of a drep sznrp-Wno colfntr, "itli 
a vitreous or sdaronntine lostre; primiliro form 
of the oystnl, a right rhombir priimi; transpa- 
rent; trenalacmt; oonsii<t« of Milpbste of lead, 
74.4; oiido of copper, 18.0; water, 4.7: sp. gr. 




6.3 — 6.4. Hirdn«M = 2.5— 8.0. FounJ ako 
It Uwlhillis in SootUod. 

LiTTCAKU, Iin-k«'iio-*, «. (ui ROajtnini of Caligni, 
til* GuiuM nune of one of tlie ipecic*.) A gnotu 
of pluntB, coimi&ttnj; of inull lne\ aattrn of 
Ouinna anil Brazil : Ordtr, CluTwIwUoAOMe. 

LfKOir, Uash, «. A KCtencaUr pniJeetioQ ; • led^ 

LtHCUFtK, liMh'pin, «. (/ynu, Sax.) A pJa OMd 
to prarant tbe wbwl of a carriage fnea uidiag off 
tbt ■sl»*trae. 

LnoouiQBBEif, Uii{^-koa-greea', $. The ooloor of 
■toff or eloth formarly made at linoolo. 

LtfCuNtA, Uop-ko'iie-a, s. (snppoMd to bo in boooaj 
,of Bumo botooist of the name of Liocola.) A 
'gemu of plant.*, coniistiof; of lieathlilto Bbrnbs, 
oatirea of tbe Cape of Good Hope : Order, Bruai- 

LiMDEJLtiA, ItD<dei'oe4, «. (in horKnr of Beltfaaaar 
a Licdcm, phjakum at Strasbaf]^.) A geoiu of 
alaDderberbaoeaaaplante: Order, Saophatariaoe4r. 

LlVDi^TA, tind'le'a, «. (m boaonr of John IiQdi«]r, 
F.K.a, ProftMor of BoCany, London UaiverBitjr.) 
A i^eoiu of planta, coDsisting of a trM from tirenty 
to tlurt; fuct high, with white Irecteato flowera, 
■ ttattre of Maaioo : Order, RosaecfCi. 

LntB, Iloe^ c (Immi, LaL) LDQptDdiaal cxtenuon ; 
ft ilHidar string; a tbraid, string, or cord, ex- 
tcodad to dfarect anj opnatkn; Uoaament; a 
maifc on iho band or faoo ; dalloMtJon ; sketch ; 
oontoar; ontUne ; exterior limit of a figure. lu 
Writing, Printing, and Engraving, tbe worda and 
i«tta» wbicb itud on a t>ovcJ in one row, betvaon 
ooa inii;^ and BMitbcr ; a abort letter ; a ooti; 
DNtbodi diipodlioo; extenuon; limit; border; 
• itn^ght ejttcnud madt ; a itraight or parallel 
dbicthu; Oficnpoition; impbyinent; dopartntent 
or eooiM of buineca ; oodim; dinctioo ; Uat or 
fiax ;— ^aildfla tuid in the UtL aame.) 
Nar aay marw, which hi* work* doOi boMt 
In diaper, tn dajnaftkt. or in tynf.— J)pi— g. 

In a Scriptanl Mue, a <»rd (or nwaaariDg; tUo, 
iDitnKtioo or doetzine. In Oeomitix, « quntity 
attended in leogtli mix. It U aoinatinwi eoo- 
■idond as gwiented hf tbe flax or tnotioo of a 
pointi rad MOictioMS h tb» limit and tCTminatioa 
of ■ i^«5cHi» wiUumt, bomrer, forauog any 
part of Uh npoifidea ttadt Imm m ggunDy 
AUpgoiilMd mto if^t and enrve linia. KgU 
fiiaa, eonsidered with regard to tbeir poutno, are 
perpaodkubr, oblique, or parsUeL CWiw J£am, 
or amta^ are diatiugniibad into gwnetrical and 
■DocAanloiL lAm ofnisntrw, that Itoe io wbicb 
fiUa tbe diaroetor of mtiy circle tbit is to be pro- 
jected. Lot f^numbtTM, a lino usuall;' pieced oa 
aerpeatete' and otb«r nlee, which, running parallel 
wlu tfaen, ibom tbe lognUbms ; it is aXto called 
(hmier'a Hat, beoanee be wia the inreotor of it. 
In Artronomjr. Gm ffftke (fpeeclee, or <^Aa optt^ 
the lino jotninit the two apace, or the longer axle 
of a planet Fiducial tmt^ the index line, or edge 
of tbQ ruler, which peeaie throngb tbe middle of 
an aitrolabc or other laitnmMlt, on wbicb tbe 
•igbte are fittod, aod the dlirUoni marked. Line 
^lle wNfar, that which joins tbe nodee of the 
enit cf a planet, being tbe common acction of th« 
plane of toe orbit with tbe plaxH of the ecliptic. 
In Foctificalioa, tliat which Ee drawn on tbo groand 
of the field from one point to aoother. Tub m*f 
be either a tinich with a pinqwt, or a row of a- 
\uaa^ 4&, to corcr tbe men fmm the fire, &r. 

Umm are moat coamonlj made to diut np an 
avanoa er eotmce to soma pteoo^ and are di»- 
tlngrfdwd into Jwee tf anH«ao4, tf d0met^ of 
coinHiMwaeatfoa, ooatrwra/Atfion, &c. Is Per- 
iipective, ^geoaMfriaif fuw, a right line drawn in 
any maamr oa tbe gjeametrieal plane. Cr^mvi 
nrjlei Jaw eeiof Vm^ m tbe eommoa JntereeettOB of 
the geometrical plane, and tbe plane of the ^ctv*. 
Imi qf Ike front, env line parallel to tbe poond 
line, fforttontal line, tbe cotntnon eectkm of tbe 
boriiontal plane, and that of the repreMntitloa 
or draoghL Vertical liae, the ioterwctlon ef a 
vertical plane with tbe pictoie paaatng along tbe 
station tiae. Viiuai line, tbe line er raj- coooeiTed 
to pan firam tbo ol^td ta tbe eje. OtmeOiM Em, 
aoj line drawn on the geometrical plaoe, wboee 
reproaentatioo u soo^t for in tbe drAOgbt or pic- 
ture. Linee of tiffkt and efuide, tboao is which 
the light and shade of a hod/ era separeted. 
Thus, oD a cnrred snificc, it is tbe line deter- 
mined bj a tangent to tbe surface in the direetioQ 
of tbo raye ef light In UlUlar}- ailain, L'ac is 
used in dificrent lenses in application to the arm; 
—aa, I. Tbe rogoUr traope, in dtitinctioo fironi 
other tetobliahmeats of a miiitaiy natme^ All 
immbired and manning leglmeate are called tbe 
Nh^ la dletiiutiiu fk«m uemiUtia, Tobrnteem, 
ftndblea, jeominrjr, aaiinei, Ae. The goanlir 
bomffer. Arm an eioqitwD to tbia nle. not behig 
ndoDiied of the line. 2. Line, or Une t^ taOkv 
tba dl^edtioo of on arm;. European armlai ax^ 
eoBmoBly drmwn ap ta tfana lina, wUeh ware 
finoic^ diitingiiiAad bjr kha namia of tbe eas, 
or aidnnoe ^uordli, tbe mxk ioc^ and the rvar 
guard. Tbe tcnn is applied in thu eonae m man/ 
pbrasei — as, ' the /me is well-drceecd,* when no 
part ii oat of tbe atrai^t allgnenwntj to ^rwi 
ttke&ei^ toenanie the man in toe ocdei of baU}i; 
ta fir«a£ C4e Ibe, toebaagetbedlreotkii fttmtbit 
of a Miilgbt Ibo, In order to obtab a flvoH flfa ; 
also, to dastrof the eDem7*s eider of btftla^ and 
to pot thorn into oonfusloa ; * the &h tama eat,' 
when the men are drawn out in a Uoe. Ltees ig 
Mg^poK, the linei of altaok whioh an Anned to 
nppofl one aootber. Um» ijfmart^ li^aSy 
m«r tbe taetloal eoooeanoo of the eompotteot 
parte ef aa anoj that b pat in motion, or the 
nkBoa of anaed meo. lAne <^ morcA ligBiSea 
eleo eoj dJrtaiiee of gmind over wlnoh armed 
bodiea more in regular aocceiBion. £mc ^epe- 
rattan, that line wtdch oonreepooda with ths une 
of eommnnication, and proeecde from tbe beae 
pmnt. Setirinff Hne, a bod; of armed meo that 
bn.1 adrancnl a^tinst an opposing eitemj la order 
of battle, withdrawing itself with regolarit; ftao 
tbo immedinta scene of actioo. Lme-fiinge are 
executed s^Mrntcl; and independent!; hjr each 
battalion. Line ef demarcation, a lias wbiob is 
drawn b; tbe oodhbI of the parties to aeoerteia 
tbe limite of eertdn bnds and territoriee belonging 
to difireat power*. In Xartgatioo, /me Is osed 
in diSereot seoeea and applications at sea, denot- 
ing — 1 . The amogement or order in widch a fleM 
of ships of war are diq*Da»d to er^gage an eoemj. 
3. A general name for tbo small ropee oasd is a 
ship, formed of two or more strands n fine thread; 
M Uie deqp-aaa fiae, a long litw merked at erec; 
fire fatboens with small strands of line knotted ; 
it ia need with tbe deep^ea lead ; vMie tine, that 
which has not been tarred, in distinction front ths 





tonrf itM. A& In Cflachola|3r, llmtt of ffmuiJk 
mm IfcoM eaoMotrie tnwkjnip or linai la » sIk-JI, 
fanii |pf ■nniMiri Iqnra of a theUj matur, 
rtiA nnrk Ik gnnrtb. Tfa* txlonol Ujer is 
ihnr* tha SHtt no«t In Bociny, tboM ooo- 
■■triemnud Lqww ■hMtrtbla in Um cxom leetioo 
flf AtsttaafoiangaMM pliat. InOvneilogXi 
ftKris or «iaeMrioa «f nlitiMii In nrioua d«gr«M, 
■Q JwBMteg finm tbe iinw coamoo fithcr. In 
O w y i yhy nd A it waony, AariMMiaJ Km, > line 
fain pMld to Ow koriMQ on anj put of tl» 
wth. !■ Gioipspkj, ^ mittoetiot Urn, a sreit 
«>di «i Um nrth^ mmoa, flxicttjr it ibe distance 
«f aiMly deg r iM from Mcb of tlM polos, and oon- 
■B9ia% hiwelwiii in tbit part. Mtridtan tme, 
a fmaynfy drde drawn Ihnu^ the two poles 
*f lb* Mrtb and any put of ita rarfiwe. In Goo- 
^7V Am f^diA tbe deeliritjr of ilnta fi«ra a 
kriaDotal fine. Strata almeak alw^ decline or 
Gf bom mne point of Um boricoD, and of connc 
riia tmranla tb« oppoilto point. A line drawn 
tinagh tbaae potnU is called thoir line of dip; a 
ht dhrawn at rigbt aoj^les to tbt lin« of dip is 
olM CIm liaa (fbmrvtg, or Uwti In HeraMrr, 
hat an tha Sgarta naed in arniorial twaringt to 
fifida the ihidd into diAamit parta, and to oom- 
|«a» ififcent figorca. In Meotumici, Hm C(f 
oMlrai^ A line drawn fnHn tbo centra of ono wbe«l 
la tlw oorti* «f BDotber, « bca tbeir droninfcrenGca 
UaA flHdb otbcT. Zmm ffSrectioit, the lioo Iq 
■ttsb nMHkrn is oonunanioated, In Mosic, Bmt 
tn fir* panlld Itnea fanning, together with tbc 
iatenawto ipaoec tlw stafF on which tb« notes 
•ad oUmt chanctere ara pliocxi A ihip nf thf 
Am, a itap vi war laj^e enoogh to have a pkc« 
■ fte Kd* of battle : a •faipcarr]Finj*ceTcnt*-roQr 
pm§ m man i — v. a. to carer on the In^o ; to 
fOt fa the inside ; to place along hy the lide of 
toTtbiDj; for yarding ; to stren^en bf addt- 
tiooal works or men ; to cover; to add acocer- 
iog; t* stnnjiibeQ with anTthing added ; to im- 
pr^gMlt, ap^ted to irratkHiil nnlmala. 
tnK4t fat'a-a, $. (Lntui, a lin«. ) Uiwa alia, a 
alrile Qdc, fbraod bjr the meeting of tts tendons 
af tlia abdominal miudes; it extends from tbo 
VHfortD cartSiige to th« pnbcs. Unea $emieir- 
<«faiv. a Bcmicircolar lints fonncd bf tbe abrupt 
ttam^ao of Qm fibrea of tbe abdominal ma»- 
d^ tmi aUaSag fmn tbe pnbca to tbo rlha, 
Muljr puallel witli tht finmer. iMem tr mii t r - 
mlttf tnar iBCM taacBooiis lines, passing from tl^ 
hta aemkbcBlarfa to tba lioca alba. /,«mo ifMo- 
mimta (m uaaam ad hmy, an alarated Qoo, fiirm- 
iB| a put of Uw bffai of Iha nclvta. 
UiiuaB,lio'Mi[8,«.(lf)wmInr.) Raot; pnigany; 

fiodjr, Meaadng or datotoding. 
ItnAL, HoVal, a. Cotopoiadofllneo; dsUncatsd; 
taHoAiy bi a dbict Bna ftta an aaoMtor; ba- 
idbuy; dttlrad tnm Baceatoft; alDod b/ dinet 
dwnC ; in Um dirvetion of a Una. 
UnuiTT, Un-o-al'e-te, i. The atata of being in 

ibsfam of a Una. 
IJiruuT, Bo'o-al-lr, ad. In a direct Una 
liKKunDrr, Ka'c-a-msot, «. (Franeh.) Feature : 
hm; aaka; tbaeot&Daor esteriar of t bodjor 
IpiB, particolarfj of tbe ftm. 
UnKAi, baVar, a. (ttMoris, bit) Pertaining to 
aha; eonriidngM Unoa; in a atrBlf;bt direction. 
la Batapy, ^pUad to namw loafea wboi th^ are 
■f i^nal bnadib throoKhont, tbe two edgoe being 

ttnight and aquidJsLifit from eacl) other. In 
Kolomologjr, a flgnro hsrinj; the Utrral tnargina 
vary ctoao togatbar uud pirallrl tlin>»i;hfliit. In 
ODadulagy,oBai|MMMl of lictu; niarkeil with linos, 
Llmaar cgaafJOM^ bi tbo intagral ealenlus are 
tboio lit vUafa tba nalBown ytinti^ is mlj of 
llMflnCd«poo. lAMOPMMftm^biMatbmaiJct, 
snch aa km relatloo to length an!/, tikw a num- 
ber wUoh Hpii—ta OM mi* of a plane figarc. 
If tba plaao 6gBn ba t iqun Hnaar flgora (t is 
oaDad a root. Uimr ptnpttHm, ii that which 
ragarda only tbe poattlBaa, nngnttndia, and forma 
ofolgartL linear preMeas that wUeb Is sotrod 
geomacrioally by the inlarMctiaa of two rigbt Unto. 
This k flailed a tmfieproUtm, and is cspabla of 
one aohition only. 

LiirRAB-aitsrcD, lln'e-BrihAypt, a. In tbe form 
of a linn. 

LjKKAni, lin'e-ste, a. In Botany, mstked longi- 
tndinally with deimmed parstlel Imea. 

IjXBATlDit, lin-a.a'8lian, i. Drsugbt; dtlloai- 

LmKM, Ilnln, «. (iMvn, LaL) Cloth made fhMD 
Um fibfCM of the Has phuit, Ibougfa tbe terra la 
now applied to ail kinds of hempen eletbt nn 
under ganoent;— a. (/huw, I«t.) made of flat; 
resembling linen cloth ; wliite ; pale. 

Li!tt:KDllAt'l[lt, linln-dray-pnr, 9. A poraoo wbo 
deals in Itnonsu 

Liao, ling. $. (feitg, Dot.) In Ichtbyologr, tbo 
Oadns mt^TA of Uniucna, and Lota tnolra of 
Varrol. It is a I'lrge flsh, and fonns an Impor- 
tant article of commerce. In Dotnny, n special 
of bent crass, the Scirptts eespitoius nf Linnmii 
ts so c&llnl. Ling htaAer, or conimnn boitb, 
the plant Callono Tnlgsrti, the Erica rntgaris of 
Unmeoa; Order, Krioacec. — A Sixon termbiR* 
tioB, as in dicrliii^. Jintiirtg, Stc., denoting, in its 
primaiy signification, stite, condition, or snljeot. 
In iome words it also denotes the yoting of n 
animal, or a amoll one. 

LlKnciu ling'gar, r. n. {lewj. Sax.) To delny; lo 
luitor ; to remain or wait long ; to be slow ; lo 
li««)tato; to bo slow in deciding; to renvstn long 
in any stnto;— r. a. lo prntmct. — Si^dom osed 
as on actiro rerb. 

Sbo Mug$rt my A»»krm,—Siak$. 

LrNGKRaa, nng'giir-or, i. One wbo pronnstinata 

or dolayiL 
LntOEBlxo, IIng'c;nr-ing, a. Remarntng long; 

protracted; — i. lanlinMB; j>rotr»cHon. 
LmaEBl.voLr, Ung'gnr-ing-le, ad. A^lth delay; 

slowly; tediotuly. 
LixcirT, ling'gct, s. Qing<A^ Fr.) K mnT) maia of 

LufOLB, ling'gl, r. (Hgntvi, Fr.) Sboetnakn»' 
thread. — Obsolete. 

Ilis nule ftOil Ibf^b In a Uionr. 

flu uru-tKix ou ItU tmuid belt hons-— 


Lingo, ling'go, «■ (/''litnio, the tongqe, LaL) Lra. 
gnage; B[MMob, — Vnlnr. 

LntocA, Ibg'gwa, r. (Latin, a toogne.) In Ento- 
raoiogy. the organ attoaled within the Ishinm, or 
emergmg from it, by which insects, in many In- 
itnnocs, collect their food, and psi-s it dnwn th» 
pharynx, which is sitnnted shore iu nwL 

Li!fOUA*^lor!i, ling-ip»ii'»hup, a. Full uf tongn* ; 
loqOAci \\a ; tstkativp, 

LtaotTAJ>EItTAL, ling-gwa.d«i'tal, 0. Fornird Of 






nttared bj tlu joint om of Uw toagM tad teatfa, 
u the letten d and <,*—«. tn Mtkwfttioa brmed 
hy tlie tongoa tud tMlh. 

LiKOOATOUi, Ung'gwi-£Airnn, a. B«nng the fonn 
or ibipB of tbo tongoc. 

LnrouA Fiumca, Ung'gwA fraog'lu, t. A tpecicfl 
cf oorrapt luHui, ftp<^cn chiefly ua the oiwsti of 
the ilediterruieaa. 

LuGUAL, ling'gvi], a. PertAiainf; to tbe tongDe. 
Zn AuAtoeij, iuo*l to dniguU £v«n organs and 
blood fw ii which constitato Uw ■pparatu of 
tba toogOB. 

LnouaLLAt liog-go-eria, «. (Uiv^ua, « tongne, Lai. 
(nxn the ^ipe of the animal.) A geooa of lo- 
ftnbraDofaiate Gaiterapoda, oooaiilerTO by tisax 
a* Uentiaal with tha Dipbjrllidia of Cnner, which 
Dame ia ntaioed. 

LtvouiaT^ Ong'gwiit, t. A penon sldHed to Ian- 

UXOtitji, ling'go-la, «. A g«nas of birRlvnlAr MdI- 
lofoa, in tbe shells of whkh the two rnlrea are 
nearlj equal, and tnincatwl nnt«>riorIy : tbo liiiigc 
vhhoiit teeth; the beak of the valves pointed, 
tod DoUed to a teodinoiu tobe, serving fur a 
t^gamiait It b the only receot biToIre which is 
fadanctUattd. It aboands in the fossil state. 

llKOtTLATi:, ling'gD-lnto, a. Sliaped like the tongue 
or a 6tnp. 

Zjhouuka, llng-ga-li''aa, *. (dim. otlat^vta.) A 
goons of micneooptc Fonuninifcnu b«tongbg to 
ll» fiinulT StyoosteRiu of M. D. Orbignr. 

Lnor, lio'je, o. Umber; tall; B«xible; aetire; 
■tnog ; able to beax fatigae. 

IjmiinrT, Gn'o-meot, *. In Pliinnscy, a rMOedy 
for «xl«nul UM] by means of frictkiD, ordioarily 
eompoied of oil, soap, or camphor and ommoaio. 

lOSiiintTOf, liQ-e-meu'tam, j. A Uninient, or 
tmbrooBtioD ; an externa] applicNtioo, hanng tho 
eooiblMOS sir OD oil or balsun. 

LnOfOi Wtiagt *. Tbe inner ooTCring nf soythin^, 
at of a gannoDi or a box ; that whidi it witliio. 
In AidiiteetDn^ any eovering for an interior lor- 
baa. Immgt t^f Amc*, for window shutters, aro 
pieoaa of framework, toto which the window shut- 
len an fblded back. lAnimfs of a door, those of 
the ridot of apsTtnns of doora called the jambs, or 
)amb-Iininp ; that which coven the bead being 
Ballad the eoflitta. Limmg <M ttuff, tbe drawing 
HoM 00 a {liooe nf board or [dank, lo u to cat it 
bio tUnnar pieces. 

LnrK, Ungfc, «. {3flmk^ Oerrn. faOv, Don.) A 
■inrie ring or dirinion of a rbun; anything 
doulsd and d aaa d like a link ; a cfaaio ; ni^rthing 
aeaaBctiog; mof ^p» oonsiHueot part of a oon- 
oeeled smih ; a oanst; a di^ ; C^ttAatu, Lot.) 
a t4»ich made of tow or hatds, &&, ud pitcli ; 
One that bore a IM, 
On a euddaB dapfM lito ttaming eudnt^ 

the loia or thong with which a cavalry soldier 
Cnks hones tether, tbat tbey nuy not dispere*!. 
A tiitk, in Garner's scoId, extends to a hundred 
Saks, aacb measuring 7>02 inches, the eatirv 
length being 66 feet, or 4 poles : — r. n. to oom- 
pBoata, as Um finks of a ehidn ; to onite ; to ooo- 
julD iooooooidt toj<HQ; to connect;— T. a. to bo 
LIMKUOY, tingklxiy, ) s. A boy or man thnt for- 
DxKMATr, lingk'man,f rie* a Unk or torclt to ligbt 

LimrjEA, lin-ne'o, «. (this little neglected plant 
Lbneos setwtcJ to transmit his own name to 
postaritj.) A genns of plants, oonMtbg of an 
■Isgaafc tniling ibmb, a natiT* of lh« north of 
Empe. It ooonrs in an old fir-wood at In^o- 
tueldia, on the borders of (laimabire, and baa 
beeo dihoovored in se^'enU similar sitnatians in Iha 
Scottish bighhinds : Order, CaprifoBaotit. 

LunrjBAir, Un-ne'an, a. Partaining or aaeoidiog 
to the classification of tbe catehrated ttataraliM^ 

LiniruT, lin'netf a. (ImoCs, FV.) A name girea tA 
birda uf the genns IJiuuia, forming a portion of 
the gonos Frioi^Ia of linunu. Tbe linnets are 
well-known British lords, and modi ostesmad liar 
the awectneis of thair song. 

LiNfKTiBEa, lo-ao-aa^'ra, s. (In honoor of Oenftvjr 
liaoder, phyiridan at Toamon, In the Vlvarsn.) 
A cemu of phsia, MoiisUng*«f evcrgnso tnsa, 
with white or ydlow flowers ; Order, Otoinaflsw. 

LtitsEED, lin'seed, ) s. (to'iuwi; Germ.) The 

Ljxtsged, Uat'soed,! seed of the flax pl»nt Usnin 

LI5SBTWOOL8BT, lin'ss-wool'sc, t. A kind of 
iLn^rMtl, of which the woof only ia composed cf 
wool, the wxrp b«ng tbrsad; — a. made of linen 
and wool mtxnl ; vilo ; mean ; of different and 
unsoilable ports. 

Peefd, patHi'd, Mtd piebald. OM^ywDeterjp brnUMr»- 
Qrare mamnnrs I slaaTalase same, and sUrtlsM otbesa, 

Uhbtook, Kn'stok, s. A pointed staff, «^ a kind 
of fork At one end to hold a lighted match, oiad 
by gnnnen in filing oanaoo. 

LnTT, lint, j^CiiiKd; Sax. fisttm, lid.) Thadnaid 
fibres of tho flax plant linwn mitinaitnwB. In 
Surgery, tho scrapings of Unen dotfa, taed In 
drtttinz wooads, uloon, &c 

UvTEL, Ttn'tel, 9. (Imteam, Tt. imttl^ Spaa.) In 
Architestore, a faotiamrtal pseoe of stone or tin- 
bet orer a door, window, or otbcr opening; to dSa- 
dioT]^ the soporiDcninbeat wv^it 

LixiPfliA, Un-ife-s, «. A nana given by lotnine 
to a sobgeaos of Arachnides. 

Lion, li'oo,s. (bo,JiMMu, Lnt.) The oommon namt 
of Kclis leooia. Tbo tnie Lions beloDg to the old 
world exduainiT, and they were formeri/ widely 
and plentifully diSuaad, bat at present tbey aiv 
coD&ood lo Asia Had Africa, snd am twj day 
becoming more and mors scoroe. Fossil remains 
of the ulinct Bon, Felis spdsea, and olho- cats, 
soma SB large as Uoos, occur in tho tcrtionr fooua* 
tioos of Eorope. Liom f^EmjfUunif la Heraldiy, 
a lion passant, regardant. Zsm's tall, lbs phot 
Lsoootu IsDonnis. iMm-taOtdmtmtti/iiithmom^ 
tbe Umia sCeaus of IlUger, and CerooosbassileQtM 
of liiuianiL Amieriam Uan, — see Puma. 

LloxoBL, li'oa-«el, t, la llonildrr, a Bnoll lion. 

LIOXESS, U'on-as, a. Thi? female of the lion kin^ 

Liox-iuuBTKP, li'un-hdit-ed, a. Bold; dariagt 
ooorsgeous; l»ave. 

LiOHLiKK, li'nn-like,) a. BeaenbGog a fioa fii 

LlOKLT, li'an-le, > courage or ftaraauiB. 

LiUN-HETtutD, li'an*met-tld, a. Haidog tba b- 
domitable qnrit or bnni7 of a UoD. 

Uoit^-BAB. — Sea LMDotia. 

Uon's-LXAV. — See Lsootioe. 

Ijorrhtxciius, li-o-riaglou, s. (&, a lion, snd 
rhyttdtL^t, A oDOnt, Gr.?) A gious of Entosoat 
tm&j, Nematoidea. 

Ltr, bpv i> (Daub, tippa^ Sax. H^m Qann. and 
Du.) Tb* edg* or b«rder of w aooth ; U)« 
«dl^ «t HtTthwc. la B^adj-, appHad to Uw two 
of * nMnopetaloBi oorvlla, wberp oni 
yortka tafcn a Snttiaa opwud* aod tfaa otbor 
Anmvarda. la Ooncbolt^, tbe two pdei of tba 
ipMtarc an termed tbe UjMi thit which joina 
■Bd fra^wotl; folds over Uie oolomeUa is called 
A» imtTf while tlie ofipooite U tensed the omter 
fy. To maVa a I^ to drop the onder lip in sol- 
MiMW wai eaatoq* t—w. a. to kisa, — Obsolete 

A hand, that Idaci 
Bbt« Nf^ and mmUed ktaali«.—fkalM. 

Urutu, fi-fa'ff*-^ «■ (JIvittfW, briUiaDt, Qt. in 
■Qaiim 10 Iba anfaet of tha leam..) A gmm 
id hagnaaoim jUtmtt: Sabarim, Ttfiiioaufit, 

Ltrasxs, G'lia-ria, i. (^^paroa^ (hhiiog wiUi oU, fat, 
Gc) Tba SM-asail, a fCMiiu of Sghea, Uie a}«dea 
<tf vlucih wiBiMa the gobiaa tn form, and an found 
Md« «MH ■! lov water-madt, Tbey an fnr- 
■iAad with ft wa^ aookar, fimoed bj Uk muted 
naczili and patanli : Vtaaly, Diaeoboli. 

LtTABOcsia, G-pi-m-flele, #. (Jv^"* *Dd ^^ * 
Gr.) A IJMtjr toiDoor of tbe 

Tj**—*«t B£'»«ni^ t. (fooTM, brintnot, Gr.) A 
I of Oolaaplanaa tniacts: Fattdljr, Bbfnoo- 


Lxr-DVToncni, Ep-de-vo'ibaa,«. Darotioo nttervd 
bf the Ufa iDWHyi without toodiiog or ematialmg 

Ltr-eooi^ Sp'it^ & Good in ptofcauoD, without 

Ltr>umB, Gp'taT-bBT, & Aetioo of tbi fips 
widuatthaeaDonmoaof tbemiodt wordawiUt- 

Bplaa. m. WHhmtt lips. 
Un.Br. Hpilrt, lu A bttk Ii^ 
LgQCKAW, Eip'o-Knni, «. Ceyo. I leave, and ynni»- 

■^ tt ktUiv Gr.) A wtUuig in wlueb a eiitgle 

bttv fa vfaoOj anitted. 
LiiooHAaiUZlC, lip-o-grsm-niat'ik, a. Relating 

ta UptfTaiB. 
LzrosBAlOUTlfT, Up-a-gram'ina-tiet, «. Oao who 

writei asTthiDit dropping a ringle Utter. 
LironUK*, fip-ctfto-nu, «. (fajpo, I fall from, aad 

Mi«a, ■ Booth, Gr.) A ^na of itlaota, fonned 

of tlwBidjotiacauiipuiuItfiora of Hooker: Order, 

ImmXA, D-pot'e-iu, a. (meaning not giveo.) A 

f j mi u of XNpterou iDHCtB : Fimtl^, Pupipara. 
Lt w> i m MOCg,U-portVoioa,a. Swooning; fCntiiig. 
LirrLD, lipt, a. Harag Upa. Id Botany, labiate. 
LuTtA, ba'pe-a, t. (in beooor of AsgiHlUHi Lippi, 

a French pbj-niaa, bom in Paric of an Italian 

bm^f.} A goooe of planta, natim of Mexico : 

Order, Verticnacas. 
Limu, tip-«'ra, t. {tifiovroi, without a tail, Gr.) A 

baine gina bj lUiger to the tailleM Marmot of 

Lirvxri, Gp'o^ftia, ». {fycwtn, taillcaa, Gr.) A 

CEMTK name, pna I7 Gt^na to a apccici of 

WamlAta, suukcd aa doobtful lijr I>r. rucber. 
Lirwiiuoai, I^'wia-dnm, «. Vflm eajrUvta ottered 

wUbool Uing iwdncad to pnctloa, ok mpportcd 

py upeiienoak 
ljgi:4B(.B, likltwa-blr iL That may be maltod. 
I.114CAIE, liliwata, 9. ML (Sqnot Lat) To malt ; to 

iit^adj ; to bt diaolred. — Seldom uaed. 

LiQDATioK, U-kwa'ibaa, a. Tba aek or apfntioo 
of melting ; the caparity af bcog a eltad. 

LiQncrACTioK, Gfc4w»-fiil^dnKi« «. {Kyu^dh, 
Lat.) The aoC of nahhigi Iho ooavwrn of a 
wild into a liqnid by tbt aala tfiaey of boat or 
cahtrie; the itate of bring malted. 

LlQUcrtABLB, Uk-kw»-fl'a-U, a. That may bo 
melted or dumgtd frtmi • eolid to a liooid atat& 

LiQiETiBB, likllnra-fi-iir, «. That wfakh mdia 
any Mild nbstanoe. 

Liqi:^rT, Uk'kwa-B, p. a. (fiqa^er, Pr.) To mellt 
to dixolre; to ooovart frao a aolid funa to that 
of a liquid; — a. n. to be iDiUad ; to beoono Bqtdd. 

Uqctmobsct, ti-kwca'aeo-ao, a. {UjmtemtJa, Lai.) 
Aptneaa to melt. 

Ll<ttJBacBirT, B-kwea'eent, a. Melting; boeondng 

Lvjonni, ia-kore', a. (FneodL) A ipuitiMas oar- 

LiqrtD, lik'kwid, a, iUjmdut, Lit.) Fluid ; flowing 
orcapable of flowing; notaolid; not formiog oaa 
contiauuuB aobstance ; aofl ; clear; praDOODcad 
witboot any juror honvlineia; KDOOth ; dteohvd, 
■n as not to be atteinabla by fanr ; — (obiolate la 
the Uat eocae ;)— a Bidd or fleiriiig iWtfjUMa; « 
tobatance wboae paita thtagk thw rditm pnU 
tion on the aligbictt Bnaoim^ and iririch flowi on 
an iooUned pkna. u GnfliBMr, a htbgr wUch 
baa a smooth flovbg aoond, or wlndi Bewa 
smoothly altar a ontt, as / and r 10 Mo, 6ni ; at 
and a are alio tacmid UqnidL ti^iud, or Siaim 
Uae, a aelatioD of tbo nuphata of lodigo. 

LiQCXDAMmnt, Uk-kwld-amlmr, t. A ^m of 
plants, so namod f>oia the amberlike raau called 
Storax, yiddsd by aercral of tbt spedea. Il is 
t!)e Aliagta of Nonmha, and eooatitotea the oriar 
ilaliamaeea or fialsamifliuB, tho Allnglaeew of 
tindley. — Sea Balaamaoec 

LiQtniiATK, Itk'kwBMlate, r. a. {liijuith, Lat) To 
clear from all obscurity ; to a^ju&t ; to fcttio; to 
Moertain to precisiaB lo amount; to pwr* M « debt. 

LiQcinATioif, IJk-kwa-da'shun, A Tbo act of 
•ettUng and a^joatlog debt^ or asetrfauuBg thcir 

LtQCiDATOE, Uk1nTc-day-tur, a. He or IJhat which 
UqnidatM or aettlw. 

Uqdujitt, Ic-kwid'c-te. > a. The qoalitr of being 

lUQDlDXKia, lik'wid-neSft liqaid or {liiid; tbin- 
nnw; fluency. Uquidity, that condition of a 
matoiiol subslaoM In which tbo partklea tbtt ocim< 
pose It hive a poiftdly free motiaa, wilhout any 
wnMble tendency to approach to or to recede from 
000 aaotlier, eicept by the action of some external 

LiQCOB, llk'ar. s. Anylbing liquid, eommooly ap> 

^ plied to Aaldaof an iaabriating kind; — r. a. to 

drenoh or moiilcn.— Seldom oasd as a verb. 

Cert^wtieda eiiueak wot whan tbiy "* UffMnri.— 

LlQCOHlTlA, lik-o-riih'e-o, a (a Latiniiod fdnn 
of tbo EugUsh word Uqaonce.) Liquorioe, a 
goousoT Legumlnoua ptanta, oontaiuing one spedBS, 
L, officJaalis, or Common IJquorioo, from tho roota 
of whieb U ptodnMd the Spanlili juico of the 
ahopa. Tho roots an uaed in Dtediaae and brow- 
ing. It baa been long and moiAi eoltiralod in 
Spain, and unco tho time of Etiaabsth has bom 
grown in rariona parts of England. 

LiKA, le'rs, a. An Italian coia, value rather mon 
than cighlpcDoe. 

LuuoovVAiiCT, lo-ra-koo'fui-M, i. A vpucks of 
ItUBti, of tbt gnOB Coanlliuiii. 

LauooBXDEo:*, Iir-e-<Ml«n'dron. «. (MrMn, n Ulj, 
wd dMdhm, a tr«o, Gr. bwauM tli* tne bun 
flowfranMmbUag ttie lily, but mora lik* the tulip.) 
Tb« Tolip-tne, • gcsiu of pUnU : Order, M«g- 

IniFOOP, Ur'e-pMp, «. (Uripipion, Fr.) Tbt hood 

LiftocoirB, KrVkone, a. (Itittm, pale, and itmia^ 
powdir, Or.) Id MineraloQr, mritig Um reMio- 
blanea of ■ wlUtiih povder. 

LuAirmvi, Et-ao'Mna, «. (V"i dinolation, kdA 
mitio$, a Boircr, Gr. on aceotutt of the medical 
lirtoaa po aa ca w d by it of diaaolrioK btuoeoa, be- 
ing a pomriial cathartie.) A pnai of pluit«i 
oatirei of tropical America : Or£r, Oeotuiuee». 

LinoK, liz'bDn, t. A Bpaeiia or wins aiported 
fntn Uabofi. 

Lnn, Sail, a. StDUt; itroog; aetire; niinU«. — 

LiaifBi On, «. A cnvity or bolloir.— Obaolet& 

List, lifp, r. n. {litpmt DuU) To spoalc witli a 
pntkolar artioaUtion of tbo tongu« and tc«tb, 
ncorl; as in [caioaiMiiig A t — r. a. to proDinnct! 
Tith a lisp ; — #. tha aot rf luping, as ia ottariDg 
an aspiratad (A lor t. 

LMPS, Ut>a, t. (Kpw, RnDOlh, poliabed, Or.) A 
goDDB of IHpt«n)D9 inaecta : Familjr, Muidd*. 

Lis Pkhdilns, lis pea'daoa, i. In Lair, a pending 
aait OT action. The phraae is Irequentl; osed ia 
the ^latira caac — pea<fatto lita, i. r. iJurinj; tbe 
aoDttnoaiice of tbe iiiit. Thai, when the riglit of 
admintstmUon, or to an exeentoirahip, ie in ooDtest 
m llv epiriiual ceort, it if omopetant to tlia ordi- 
nal; to appoliit an adminiatnUorfi(fcaft As. 

LiSPBk, lisp or, a. One that liEips. 

LiBPiiroLT, Gitp'ing-le, ad. With a Bap. 

LUFOCKD, lia'pownd, *. A wngbt oscd at Ham- 
borgb, equal to 15 [be. AToirdupoii. 

LUSA, lia'aa, «, (Uttot^ ameotb, Gr.) A genus of 
Dipterooa iaseota; Fimtlr, HoaoidiB. Alan, a 
geDBB of bnudiTiBODB Cnutaoeana : Family, Mai- 

UsSAJrraB, lis-san'flle, a. (tiator, smooth, and antSot, 
a flow, Or.) A RemiB of plante, consiating of 
amaD anat Arabai Order, Epicridaoeie. 

LusoomLtn, Ga-ao-ldlo*, a. (ficaiw, amootb, and 
deftw, a lip, Gr. ia refcreooe to the afaaeooe of 
calloaitjr or cnets from tliat pert of the flower.) 
A genna of beanlifhl plaoto, with tbo Qowcn 
growing in long spikta of a bHgbt jellow ooloiir : 
Order, Orcbidac«r. 

LUSOH, lis'som, a. (pralutU}' from lesnn, I looee, 
Sai.) limbn'; anppte; reluedi kweo; free. — 

LnaoMUfl, Ks-so'inus, «. ('waev, amootb, and aoaaa, 
a bod;, Gr.) A genoa of Colooptenma iosccU : 
Familj, Elslerid*. 

Lmoxonis, lia-ao-nn'tos, i. {lis$os, smooth, and 
mMh, tbo bade, Gr.) A gcous of ColeopterOQs 
inaaeta: Familj, CcninbTciils. 

Lur, list, a. (Saxon and Swedish.) The edge, sal- 
vage, or bonjcrofclochi aMripnfclotb; endoved 
pvmA ia whidi lilu are ran, and oombala fougbt; 
a finit or booBdar; t aioll oroatalegtM; a Wlet. 
Cmt fiif, tbo dril officeri of gorenmeat, asjudgeft, 
ambaasadnfi. aeeretariri, &c ; brace the term u* 
■aod for the rereuiKS ur «ppro[irintions of piiUic 
muuT fai the support of tlic ci^iI ofScets. Among 

Se o m en , an incUnalioD to one sido, aa * tbe ship 
has a Kit to atarboanl ;'^-«. a. to cnBst ; to cnnd 
or ragtater ; to engaf^e in tbo public acr^-tOb, aa a 
Boldisr; to oodoas for combat ; to sew together, 
as stripe of eloth, or to form a border ; to oofs 
with a list, or with strips of doth ; to heaikso ; 
to Attend, oontrarted from Rttan—v.n. toeogagp 
in public Mrvtoe b; enrolling one's nanie ; to so- 
hn -.—(lyttan. Sax.) to dMOfo; todesare; to ba 
disposed ; t4) iudine. 

To Bcht In ftald, or to defrnd thU wall, 
Folnl wliat JOB tilt, 1 nought reftue at alL— 


Listed, Ust'cd, a. Striped; piirticoloored in lone 
etreaks ; eodosuJ for combat ; enroUcd ; woffigm 
for public aervieo. 

LiaTKL, liat'd, #. In Aiebhectiire, a list ; a fillst» 

LiBTBV, lia'sn, r. a. (^ralaM, or A^uAm, Sax.) TV> 
baarkan ; to giro ear; to attewl elaaely with * 
view to bear; to obsj; to jrield to adviee ; to Ibl- 
low admooUloo ; — e. a. to bear ; to attend. 
Lady, rooobsalb to UMtm what I nj.—8hak*. 

UaTEKKE, lis'sB-ttr, ». A heaikeiw; one «Im» 

LiRTKft, Ibt'ar, i. One who makes a list or roll. 

UsTERA, r»-t«'Ri, t. (in honour of Dr. Maitia 
lister, pfayrieian and natoraliat, who died ia 
1711.) Tbo Twaj-blade, a geoiu of plants, »- 
timi of Britain : Order, OrdiidaeoNi 

Lisrrnt., Ust'ful, a. Attentive. — ObooMa 
And to his doomv mlh tL^fiJl attm did botli attaoil— 

LiSHRO, listing, e. Tbe net of cutting tbt a^i- 
wood out troin both tlH> edges of a Imanl ; the act 
of onHeUng in (ho ano;. 

LiSTLRSS, liftt'Ics, a. Without bdination t withoBfc 
an; detcnnioation to one thing moie than another; 
carolesB; beedlces. 

Li6TL£&SLV, listtcs-lc, ad. Without thoaght or 

LurLBSSliESS, lut'les<nos, ». InaUoatba; heed- 
loesneas ; indiS'cr«m» to what may arrest the at- 
tention of othent. 

Ut, lit. Past of Light. 

1 Ut mj pipe with th« (MLpcr.— .tdtHMN. 

LiTAKT. lit'a-ne, a. (/itaats, Fr.) A soleimi form 
of supplicatory prayer. 

LlTGOl, Ut'tsbo, #. A fruit commonly 90k) in Che 
mariuts of China, and oooukoallr TmuRfat to 
Ei^and ; the produce of tbe Enpborbia Ktdn. 
The eatable part b of a pulpy, flesb/ consistenea, 
wbiob noTSTB a siMio encloaod in n bard, dry, ta»> 
eolatod, prickly pericarp. 

LlTB, Hte, 9. A Iittlo ; n smiitl portion ; — a. liKla. 
— ObaolctD. 

> Prom this oaploti tie spar'd nor (rvat nor llbk— 

Lrren.^ li'tcr, s. A French meaaon* of capacity, 
LiTUn:,) c<]iial to orariy 1 { Imperial pints. 
Ijtsbal, lil'er-ol, a. (Pmich, from tiia-n, a letlar, 

Ijd.) According to the primitiTc meaning;: not 

(•gnratirr or mi-tiiphiirical ; followtO}; the letter or 

eioct worda; not frco; ooasijtling of lettera;— a. 

Uteral meaning. — Seldom usvd as a suljetantive. 
UncKALisu, lit'cr-al-izm, «. Tbal which aocot^ 

with the letter. 
LiTKBALiST, Dt'ur-al-isi, t. Otio ttlio Hdhcna la 

the Iritar. 
I.uKBALiTr, llt-erarr |r, a. Ottgiaal or Gtcnl 





LtT>nu.LT, Ut'fT-jd-tt, ad. Aooordlag to the 
prixoitiro import of wonis; oot fijptntively; with 
tkm iillwrcDoi to vranls ; vord b; wmL 

iJxnuiJdH, lii'flr-il-iHi, a; Stata ot beln; 
lilmL ■ 

LlTrnKART, Gt'cr-v-e, a. PisUlnlnir to Wttsn or 
liUraton; nopcding iMznlof: or uanHd mco; 
AK i wJfrom«iidltk>p; nned InlotUfs; eooiut- 
ioc in laturti or wAua or priatcd eompoiitioiifl. 

tjmAT% Ut'araU, a. LMinad; iettortd; ic- 
ttmcxod b laming nd ideooi. 

I^mun, Utrcr-A'li, ». pi, Tbe Icanwd : men of 

UtnuroK, Et'ar-A-tnr, 0. (LoUn.) Apett^Ktuio]- 

LmxATcmz, lit'iiHk-tnn, «. (tteroiww. Lit.) 
Ltunlag; AOfniDtanes with letters or books. 

Lim, 1U&. n (Suoo.) A joint or limh. — Obsolete. 

LmuKiuBAX, Ult-n'fAnks, «. (tiJut, ■ stooc, and 
— dri; eoal, or uluroDal, Gr.) StOM-«wL — 
Not Med. 

UtttABOlW IUCb^i «• {StkiUt * Mono, sod urj^y'Vtf, 
■SvoTf Gr. froiD lb ailTefj ipMwruMN.) A scml' 
vitrifiad oaida of bad, in Um fonn or nnall iluung 
bM«7 mini or n»ora vr leu A£Kl<''^i''-^^ duuma. 
It b Bnalljr prodoced ia Uu> pariScaUdn of silver 
fivD kid, and Iba refining oF gold oud lilrcr by 
mtmtm of tUi nolal. lithftrga is <inploy«d in 
ntdma*, and bjr pottcta, gUuauken, pointers, 
aod otbm. 

Lmn» lillM, a. (tUU, HAe, Sis. UyA, Welib.) 
limber; flaibfe; mA; |>liAat: easily beat; 
Tlie luvwleUr «I«iitiuit. 

T« aMfao lk(9i mirUi. u«'d ul tiU mlglit, w)<] wnsUiM 

Hto MopntWMls^jnhm. 

— «. a. to anootb ; to lofUn ; to palliate \ to 

listm.— Obsolete. 
LiTBEKEsa. lilbo'nn, «. FUxibaHty; titnbemew. 
LllUKM, li'tbor, 0. Suft; tiiMali--(fytkr, &u.) 

bad ; oormpc — OUoIeU*. 
Lasf. Uker, tdb, alotfeAtl, carrksi^ ncgUgvnt.— 

LmiEiii.T, li'tlioi-Ie, ad, E\cm\y • Isiily. — Obso- 

trmxamaa^ li'tbor .ims, >. IdJeoeni liziMBft.— 


LmrawtlfL Btbo'tom, a. I'liut; nimblo; limber. 
Lrnitft, lUIVo, ■. liw oxide uf litbiuto. 
Utbluis, fitA-i's-ds, J. (/ttAoa, a stone, Gr.) The 

diMMB of stone in tlw bliddcr or kidoojB. 
Lmoc, hlklk, <. PttrtAiniog to [far itooe in the 

LmoQ Acio. — Soa Uric odd. 

Lmmntf lid'e-un, «. (JiiAot, s itom, Gr.) A 
BStal, Ikt otido of whtdi was diaeorend by Arf- 
vidHB ia IS17, uocarriDf; in petaJito and nmlu- 
■meia tha tnii miM of Uin, in Sweden. It bas 
dua b«a foaad in amblygoaite and lepidoUte. 
Ito|np«tias ■!• bat fiicle known. 

tnmu m m ^ Ufk-o'be-iia, a. QMott a otono^ and 6ioa, 
B^ft^ Ayraaf ioaeoti, bsloaglu la tba 
■wr SfyiMUudai BDd nnuy ScolopcoondBi 

limOMUA, uA-fr-bole-o, a. (Grc<» word atKnify- 
■ig tetftfiaH.} In AnU<]aity, a festinil ccle- 
IoIh ij tba IVooxcnbns in memory of LamiA 
nd Avmia, two nij^m, wbo, eooiiag from Octo 
to Tnocn in a tfaaa of (lUQuH aod EtililtDa, were 
rtoncd to death. 

LiTnocAap, litla-kifrp, «. {lUhot, a stono, and knv- 
pm^ frail, Or.) Fosttl Ditit i frnil (fctriScd. 

LiTnouMtDnoir, tia-o-deoUnio, s. (/Mo*, a stono, 
and Jmirvm, a tr«e, Gr.) A gefwric oains ipnin 
by Ooldiiis to certain spwie* of corals, iodadiog 
tiiu Cjuyofbylliii and OcuUoa of Lunarck. 

LlTOODEUiA, UM-o-der'ma, t. {htJui*, a stooa, snd 
rfmM, akin, Gr.) A gsnua of EcbiooJennaU ; 
Order. Apoila. 

LlTBODsa, lUA-o'dfis, s. (lilAoi^ a atone, aod odom$, 
a tooth, Gr.) A genus of Decapod Orostaouoa i 
Fandly, Bnwhynra. 

UTHooomn, Bl&'fr-doaaa,) m. (IntAos, a atane, and 

LiTHoDOMi, SfA'o-do-alf > domo*, a bouse, Gr.) 
A name Bppbed to thoao loitaoooas UoUuaoa which 
perforate and lodge b atooea. 

LnnoDOMotn, UtiMd'o-mna, a. Relaiing to tits 

LiraoDoann, IM-odVinaa, a. (fi'tAos, a stone, and 
dmios, a boose. Or. tmm Uvbg In perfbratbna it 
makes b stones.) A ctaos m porforatlng Mol- 
loaca, in whkh tbe shoU 1* oblong, TentrieoM, oud 
nearly cylindrical ; the bingo Buu^ not elevated; 
pmhonca tanuioul, the posterior end somewhat 

iJTaooCNKSr, li/A-o-jen'«-se, a. (KAo*, a atone, 
and gettnao, I produce, Or.) The tcienca which 
tr«(tta of the origin of mineralsi. 

LiTtiooExot'8,uiA-o)'e-nQs,ci. Depositing or form- 
ing stonef. 

ijTUOOLTl'iitc. KM-O'glif'ik, a. (liiko^ypht$, en- 
graven in BtoQo, Gr.) Pertaining to the art of 
ongraring on precious sIodos. 

LxntocLTi'tiiTi:, li/A-oi/Ie-fitc, «. A word that 
baa boon tisfd for Rich fossits as have the appear- 
ance of being engnren or shaped by art. 

LiTiKHiKATUL's, li/A-o na'tAus, a. (/CtAoe, a stone, 
and gmit/toa, a jaw, Cir.) A giuius of fishes, in 
nlUch tho body is Ungtheneil and fiuiform; the 
donol fin divided into two, the first triangular ; 
tbe pMtoral and vvtitrjl fine oqoal; tbe oaodal 
brgo and lonoto ; the jaws liirulahsd with several 
rows of obtnso tccth- 

LtTltuuuouu, U^'o-gog, s. (lithat, a atone, and ago. 
I expel, Gr.) A rctnedy admiiiitttared with a view 
to expel calculi from tbe nricitry passogca. 

LITIIOUILVI'U, liMo-RT-if, P.O. To cngrnvc or troco 
letters or figures ou stono, and tnmafcr them on 

LiTUuuaAPBCR, IJ/A-og'ra-far, a. One who prac* 
tUcs or roUows Etbngraphv as a profession. 

Li-nioGBApaic, ni4-o-gnif'ik, ) a. Portab- 

LrmooRAPtuoAL, lilA-o-graf'o-kal,) bgtolilho- 

LtrnoaRArnioxLLT, IJA-o-graf 'e-kul-1e, ad. Dy 
tho lilhograpbk art. 

LtTHOORATUT, \ithot'ta-fv, a. (litltoi^ a i.ton«, and 
fr^Jb^ I write, Gr.) Tlic art by wlilch Imptvs- 
sion or prbta an obtained by n chcrnical procoM 
from dssigns made #ith a greasy material on 

LiTiioaLTi'H, liiAV^, a, {UU^offlgp^ Or.) Ad 
engninng on a preoiow stone. 

UnioiPAL, Kd-wf'dal, o. QUkot, end cMbs, Hke- 
nesa, Gr.) Beeembling a itono;. 

Tjtiiolabl's, li/A-ol'a-bus, >. (fiVAoi, a stone, aod 
Inbf, MeiEoro, Gr.) A forceps, scoop, or otlHir in- 
etnunent nscd (or gniaping and extracting tho 
stono b tlie operation of lithotomy, 

T.rniOLSPBS, liiA-al'e-[<ii, a. {lUhw, a utone, and 
lepii, a wide, Gr.) A grniis wf lishm, tn whi«^ 
(Im body and boad aro mailed trith plntca and 


LrmoLOGic— Lirnopayxous. 

LITHOimiS— Lmopo. 



■oIm or great tbkkzKiK The nalw «ra •troofc, 

itnpoDotrwle, tod dUoiond-iliftped. The fiib hiui 

the gni«nil ohsncteis of LepWMtetu: Famitr, 

LlTBouwic, lid-o-lajlk, ) a. (IkkoM^ a ttone, 

laTBOLOOlCAL, lUA-o-lojVkal, f and ^i^^, a tna- 

ttBC, Gr.) Pertaining to Uie Bcionco of sUiMe. 
LiTBOLOOiBT, liAb-ol'o-jitit, «. A |MnoD lUllad in 

the soieiKe of itonaa. 
LiTHOLOOT, li/A-o^o-j^ a. Th« adeaoa or oatonl 

hvtMj of ■too** i » tTMliM oa atoDM fnuid In 

the body. 
UraoMAHCT, ti/A'o-man-ee, r. (liOiM^ mi mmUtSa, 

dirioation, Gr.) Divination or pndktkm of naots 

hy maana of atonaa. 
LlTBOiUJtOE, mVo-mlo. a. A mlairal which 

oeean manifc, ^ibenidal, or frUbla^ In acaly, 

^inmariDK particiee; c»lour irlule, grey, yellow, 

or blue; dull, noflf opaque; uneluona to the touch; 

adberoi to the Longue. lu cotuLitacotji aro — 

liEea, 32.00; alumiaa, 2C.W; oilJe of Iroo, 

21.00; chloride of sodium, l.&Oi water, 17.00. 
LRHOKTSimo, UtA-oo-trip'tik, a. (/tMof, and 

OyMi$t wearing away, Gr.) Having the quality of 

SmoMag the stone in tbe bladder or ludocys. 
LlXH(UlXAU>TiC8, lirA-OQ-trip'lika, a. Medtcineaor 

«tlHr nwuii which ore eate-'tncd to pobmbb th« 

power of diaolTiog rteoe or calculus m the nri- 

naiy bladder. 
LnsoKTRirnsT, lifA-on-trip'tist, a. One sldlled 

in breaking and extracting tbe Btoae from the 

LrruoirnurTOn, li/Voa-tHp-tnr,! «. Ad inatni- 
LlTOOTBlTOR, liM'o-tri-tur, f mcnt for trito- 

ntiag tbfl steno in Uie bladder, w lliut it may bo 

axtnotcd without ODtttng: invealed I7 Ehj Civiale. 
Lrraoimirry, Kth'on-trip-i«,l «. The operation 
LmtOTltlTT, licA'o-tri-te, I of tritnniing tbe 

stooo b the Lladder by means of the lithotritor. 
Limoruaoi, UU-of'a-je, ) a. (V^eAoa, ■ atone, 

LXTOOrnAOlDX, U/A-o-fa'jo^> and jAa^cm, to 

dtnmr, Gr.) lo Mature] Hlrtoiy, a nanie appli- 

nUa ta all Condiifera, UoUoaca, Kediata, &&, 

thai paoetrate atoiMSs, tnasH* of madrrpora, and 

otbar bsnl corsU, fomiiajc a niJua Tor thmnarivaa. 

It anbracaa nmre pirticularly the genera Veoetu- 

pb, Petrkiola, Ui)f;uiljna, and Saxtoava. 
iJTnOPBAOOca, li^ of'a-gua, 0. Eating or awal- 

kmiitg atones or gravel, aa tbe ostrich. 
LlTiioniiLA, ti/A-ore-Ia, a. (^u>, a stone, and 

^Um, I lot-o. Or.) A genu of tilanta, oatirca of 

Java: Ordar, Qnehonaoe*. 
LiTBftnuLus, GiA-of'e-liM, a. {IMm, a atoM, and 

■Ufao, I love, Gr.) A ffmu of Colaoptecotta 

taaacta: Faanly, AphidapIifrL 
tiinioniosrsoB, lini'o-foa-^ar, t. A stone whidi 

baoomes pboaphoiic whoi hcatad. 
tsnionUMraoKlO, ^A-4k4at4ar'ik, 0. I'ert^ning 

to titbaplKmhor; beoonunc pboaptiurio by beat. 
LimoruTf., ElA'o-61, a. A fnaml Iraf. 
LmiorifVTA, tilA-oT'o-t*. s. {UtMof, a atooe, and 

pMflMt, a pUnr, Gr.) Uiinjoaa'i uama tat tJie 

third order of bis claai Vmnta. 
Uriiui'inTK, h/A'o-fite, a. {Ndua, a atone, and 

ffigton, a plant, Gr.) A name ibnnariy ^an te 

«m1^ under tlie Uaprmiow that tbay wen pUatm 

— Vol now in oaa. 
LxTtioriiTTic, li/A-o-lii'ik, ) n. Stona aoM' 
LimoruTYUL-H, li(A-of'a-tna,[' darad; pactiilng 

of tba naluft of both wood and itODB. 


LiTBOBXts, UlA-awr'oli, a. {UAog, a ateoo^ mmI 
onrn, • bird, Gr.) A name giren by Prof. Qwva 
to a tbanl bird from the Isle of SJieppey. 

LrrnosiA, EiA-o'aba-a, t. (lUhoiiM, tBisbf Into 
iloae. Or.) A geans of Lepidoplerooa bflMla: 
Family, KoctnniA. 

LnaoBrBttXik, lixA-o-tfper'ma, a. (KAm, a atom, 
ud qterma^ aeed. Or. in reference to tbe hard 
Boada ar and.) A genus of ptantc : Order, Oora- 

LiniMnumov, liU'ca-tro'abno, a. (GOotervk*, 
paved with atoopa, Gr.) A name given by Llwyd, 
and adopted by Flailing, to ouitaia fioesa ocmk 
biebulad in the Oyatlw|diyl]ttm of Goldfbs, aad 
the Columnaria of Blahnille. 

LlTncwTROTOH. Ii£U)a'tro-ton, a. (Hifioilntot, Gr.) 
In andent Aichitaoture, a parement of Mooite 
work, oonaiAing of amall pieooa of maible of dif- 
ferent oolonrs. 

LrraoTOMB, UtA'o-toma, «. A atooa id fonnad 
natitnUy sa ta appear cnt artifidally, 

Liiaoroitic, IkA'o-tom-ik, a. Ftetoklog to «r 
perfbnned by lithotomy. 

LiTBOiointr, lic4-of o-mtft, «. Ona rto pcHbcBU 
the operation of eaulpg ftr tbe etooa !■ Urn 

LiTHOTOMT, GlA-ofo-rae, a. (Hthot, a stooot and 
tanan, I cot, Qr>) The ait or operntioa of «• 
tncting orioary oaledi from the kidncya, arcthn, 
or bladder. 

LtTtiOTKYA, li/A-nt'ro-B, f. A nnne pno lo A 
genoa of Ciiriprds by G. B. Sowsby 1 tba Litt» 
bpua of Lamarck. Tba shell oonsiatB of ai^ 
Tatraa, ia irrsgtilitriy Hulipymnidal, cnmpw—di 
and oUaebed to a tubular tendinous pedicle 

Utboxtlb, lic^oksll, a. (/iVAm, a stone, and xyhm, 
wood, Gr.) Petrified wood. 

LiTHCAinaK, licA-o-a'ne-an, 1. A native of LillMl- 
ania, one of tba extensire provinoea of tbe Rnawo 
empire; — a. produced in or pertatidng Lo lithn- 

Linitniors, lifA-ur'gus, a. (Htkowymtt I worfc b 
aliHie, Gr.) A guaux of h«c«: Funily, AntU^ 

LlTtiT, U'lbe, a. EuiIt bent ; pliable. 

LinaAlTT, lit'e-gant, d. Contending in law; a»- 
caged In a Uwaoit f—a. a pcram ngagiad b ■ 

LincATK, Ut'o-fate, r. a. (Ittigo, Lat) To om> 
teat la law; to debate byjodicial proeesat to 
bring into litigation ; — v. a. to mani^ a BoHt to 
carry on a mnsa. 

UnnATloif, lit-o-ga'ahun, a. Judicial eonteit; Ibo 
act or praoea* of canying en a auit in a eooct of 
law or equity, for the recovery of a right or data. 

LiTioioca, Je-tiJ'ua, a. ijitigionu, Lat.) locUlMd 
to judicial coutoeta ; qoarrelaoioe ; diffntabia [ 
oontenlions; oautrotertule* 

lJTtoioiisi.T, lc-tu'i»4e, Mi In a oanlontioai 

ijnoioDairBU, lo-4'iti*n«^ «. A diapari tiao lo 
rngaaa In or to carry oa Uiwauitat JDoHwiliao (a 
judicial oonteala. 

Lmoro, le.tlVpo, a. (Jitoi, smooth, and fem$^ % 
foot, Gr. 7) A gproa af marine peciinibraaoUita 
HoUiin, mwliMi Uiff^ to thin, sli^itly b>B- 
ponot, md kny, wllfc n slight apUcnni^ and 
cooeoU In shape ; tbe wboris of Um apiro nthsr 
nondad, the laat i^ori longar than all Um othtn; 
Oa apCB poJotad > i^ertareevali ao oparcnliim. 




Lttmcs, lit'miu, \ s. A &09 Uoa^ bat fitgitiro 

LiCMr*, Ltk'mas,) caloor, prodnoail from tiu liahca 

LffttBoni Urtcrw, ft lutm of tba Canny and 

Oif» ds Void UudL It ii OMd «i ■ cb«BucaI 

iHt Ar dttHtiDg tb» pnfCfic* of aoAM, whicti itp- 


Lmrnu, li''t»-tcs, #. (Gmtk.) lo Rh«tonitt » 
Igore b wliich on RffimHtiao i» txpnttMd bj Uw 
utgatin to ti>e cootmy. 

LmLtjMETiLB, lit'iarnVtnr, *. An instrnimmt fn- 
TCBted b; Prof. Hire of PmnfylnDis, to Mcer- 
Uia tbe ipodfio gnrit; of liquids. 

Lnmoii, li'tron. c Aa oM Fmch com mcAiaro, 
equl to fi«e modem Gtm. 

Lueaa, St-te'a, «. (in boDoarof the Doks of Lytm, 
Mw UiluL) A gems of plants, fonnrd of th« 
BonpartM jonoea of Other boUuuU: Order, 

Lim, litlaai, m. (£e«n, Sax.) A pUn for thr 
latermeat of ib« dead. 

Lotkb, liftnr, «. (fiJEterc, Fr.) A Ttliide formed 
«iik ahaA« iiuM t tli ig ft bed bttweo) tlMm, m 
vfaieb ft poMB may M banM by bub at by a 
beraa; tfnfr, Itsy, oreUiar mti tabibmoa, nacd 
■a ft bed fbr banBi aod for other parpoaca; — 
(Aier, IcaL) ft brood of yonag pigi, kUtana, &«. ; 
dnvda, fiRMsanta, and tbo like acatteccd qd a floor 
or ctfcar oou place ; a biitb of pigi or otbcr 
■nan anEoiala;— «.«. to bring forth yovag, is 
irtMadBlbtraBallqBadrapcdi) toantterorer 
OHdHftlj iritt ifandi, fhigmcBtai and the Gke ; 
I* earn vltfa atmr or bay] to aap^ly «Htb bed- 
tt> g; — fc ft. to be ttntptied wHli bedung. — Seldom 
OM aa a aeatcr Terr. 

Wliav to ftpd hla hanm IflWr'rf^-JWiyfcw. 

ttmaiay, Ut'tnrd, a. Orcrepiead or oorend with 

LnnauvoSi Gt'trr-iu^ t. A local term for cer- 
tatc aticka rrqoirvd in the wexriug of some fabrics^ 
to k««p tbe web stnftclied in Uw loom. 

Uttuc, fitll, ft. ib/tti, hfOe, Sax.) Compar. Uo, 
Leaaar; «^xr. Lctat. Smx.ll in rize or extent; 
not KTvat; diiniiiutite ; of Mnall Lulk ; short iii 
AanUioo; of unall dif:nitj, jwirffr, or iciporlince; 
of nuD forca v *E^1; incooMderable ; — a. a 
•man qoaatity or amoont; a tmall apace; any- 
tUaganftll, aligbt, or of Jncon>idn-able imporijince; 
■el maA^~ii. in a brnall ilk-gn>»; lo a unsll 
qaanUty; bi aoine dtgrte, bat not great; oot 

LirtLXsrsu, Bl'll-nea, >. SmaHneuof bulbi want 
af graadear; ■eamcnt ^not o'' dignity; penu- 

LmoKAL, St'lo-ral, o. (KNHrafw, Lat.) B^oo^ig 

to a abora^— Sddom nwd. 
LmoftSLLA, Qt-tor-el'lt, «. (lUtM, liaorU, tbe »»• 

■fcara, Gr.) Plaiitaia ahoro-weed, a genna of 

planta: Order, rUntagioaoeA. 
LiTRMKlSA, fit^o-ri'aa, ». (timt, lit/om, (he sea- 

ibora, Lat) The eoaunoo wbilk, a genoa pf Mol- 

haea, fbnoM by Femuae from tbe Torbo littorcui 

eTLaaMMa: Family, HeUddie. 
Intrms, fit'o-iue, «. (Httnu, * kind of tnunpft, 

LaL) A gnop of ftmU Cephalopoda, fouud in 

tbe Sltuiao aod older ^ttena; lli« ehell ia partly 

atftjglil cad partly eoordoted, aa in Mplrola. 
Lrrmoio, It-tor^ik. > a. Belonging to a 

ItnmoioJa, le-taKje-kolJ funnuUry of public 


' LlTCBor, Kt'ar-je, a. (tituryie, Fr.) Form gf 
I prayen : fomiaUfy of poblio derotiooe. 
LiTcvs, lit'o-oa, «. In Roman AxttiqiiJ^, the cnaiar 
or staff made oae of by the fiotnan aogon in 
i[nartering the bearena; alao, aa matrinaa of 
martial moaic difttingaUed for tbe ibiiOBeM of Ua 
aoooda. In Hathematka, a name given to a 
Bptral, thoa dpscribed: — Let a variable drntlar 
lector alwnys btre its oeetre et one fixed polnlf 
aod aae of its terminal radii in a gtren iKreotioA : 
lat tbe area of the sector alwaya remain tbe nnw] 
thm tbe extremity of tbe other tanninal ladtoa 
dmcribea tbe litoos. 
Ute, lir, r. m. {liban, ho/an, tijtan. Sax.) To b« 
in a itate of aoimatton; to biire the vilal prin- 
dple; to pan Life in any certain manner with 
regard lo luititta or eoo^tion ; to oontintw in life ; 
to lira empbatkftlly : lo be in a stete of happtoeai ; 
to be exempt from death tempora] or spiritual ; 
to remain undeatroyed; to oMdbiue; not lo be 

Iten^ evil muiMre Mm in brass, tbalr rtrtnea 
Wc irrtte la watar^— dJtaAa, 

to feed; to maintain ooo's aetf; to be auppetted; 
to be in a stale at motioii or vegetation ; to be nn- 
extingnifthed ; to be inwardly quickened, nouriibcd, 
and acttuted by divine GiflueDcc or faith ; to 
obide ; to be pennaoent ; to hare settled rcsidcoea 
in any plaoo ; to /ire vU^, to dnell or to be ft 
lodgcriritb; to cohabit; to have interoonna, aa 
male and female ■ to lice down, to live ao a» to 
extinguish or subdue; — v. a. to oootiDoe in oon- 
ttautly or bahttoally ; to act hnbitnally in ooo- 
formity to. 

Live, lire, a. Living ; having the organic fbnctiona 
tn_ healthy operalioo, or in n capacity to operate; 
not dead; haviog vegctoLlc life ; containing fire; 
not extinct; vlnd, as colour. JJm stoclt, in 
Faimiug, the snimala ooceasaiy for tbe stock, and 
cultivation of a faun, and thoae which arc kepi 
on it for pmfit, or for tbo soke of th«v dung, m 
oontradLstiaction from tbe ^tad rfocjfc, which oon- 
eiflts of tlir imiiVments of basbaadry and tbo pro- 
doce Btoced up for oae. 

LivEUEAB.— See Lifeleas. 

LiVEUilooD, live1fr-b^,«. Ifeana of living ; sap- 
port of life; ntainteiunoa. 

Llv£i,uiK«fl, Iirfl1e-ne«, $. The quality or tlate of 
being animated or lively; vivscitr; tprightlincss; 
spirit; animation; nppearance of life ( htiskneaB^ 

LtTKixuiK.— Sea Livallbood. 

LivELOKO, llv'long, fl. Tfldiooii loagln jiaiing. 

Luting ; durable. — Obsolete ta tin laU two aaniM> 

Thou, ID our woockr and utonltliment. 

Unit built UijKlf n \lmetoug moaumeot— ifiZloM, 

LnrxLT, lirele, a. Brisk ; vigorooi ; nvadooa ; 

gay; aiiy; npreseoting hff ( atrong; eBergotio; 

— ad. briskly; vigproiuly. — Seldom ued aa an 

iJTEB, liv'ur, f. One who live*. In Anatomy, a 

large sUionifauiI orgna of a deep-red colour, aitnated 

on the right vda andn* the diaphmgm. Its prin- 

dpal lue is to aeente the bile. Liver ofataimm^^ 

tba onvolpburet of sntrmony. Xirer qfniJpkw, 

Urn nlpbcnet of pot^aHom. 
Lim-COLOITB, liv'nr-kul-ur, a. Dark red; ol 

tlio colour of the liver. 
Litebud, liv'ori*, a. Having a liver, aa wblte- 








LimraaowK, liv'arijrme, a. HaTin^alArnoHver. 

LirsuaTOHK, Ur'ur-«unio, *. Tho lutivo sulplinr«b 
of barium, ao c»lM firm ito rMnabUon to tho 
liver of lolpLur j alao, • aamo jjm to tha an!- 
pharet of polaali, or otbar alkaliu aolphtnvt. 

LiTERwoHTS. — S«e Liohana. 

Ln'EBT, Uv'or-c, A. (Mortnao, trom lurer, Ft.) In 
Lair, tkaaatcf dtliToriiig foneadim of laadi or 
tiMOMib; nlMM fiwn wanUiip; daUrennoe; 
the writ by vhlA pnMMrica b obtabad; tba 
•lAto of bdos kapi at a certain nt«; a form of 
draa bj wbieb aooKiDen and gcntlomen dittlnsoiab 
thdr Mrrafits ; a particular drcM tpprcrpriata to 
ft fwtiailtr oorasion or time ; the MUoonva bod; 
of HrerTmen in LoiuIoq ; — r. a. to cloth« in Iitctt. 

LlvsHTXAir, liT'nr-o-innn, a. One who 
tiTCT^, as a wrvaot. In London^ a frcenifiD of tbe 
eitjr <^ sotno diitinctioD. 

iJTXRT-flTABLB, 1iT'ar-e-st(ijr-b),>. A sUblo wbcni 
bonei in kept for liiro. 

Lzna. Pharat of Life. 

LxnjL, Ur'a-a, a. (lieeo, I am llnck and bluo, I^l.) 
Agenuof HemipterooainaMtH: FamJlf, Apbidii. 

LiTIB, Ur'id, a. (tmtit, Fr. liMa$, Ut.) i>i*- 
ooloored, at tritb n blow ; bUcIc and l>luc. 

LmuiTT, te-vtd'e-te, \ a. A dark colour, like that 

LtTtOKBM, livld-nes,) of bnuMd Oesh. 

Lirino, ttrlog, a. /Nity. Vigorous ; actiro; haviog 
Ufe, or tlio Tttal ftuicliotu iu operation ; oot dead ; 
iaraing oontiooally froni tbe earth; mnaiDg; 
lowing; qnkkeniug; — «. fao or tboso who are 
ali<rc, usuailj nith apiiu«l Blgni6catiDn; support; 
ituinl«uance ; fnrtano on vhJdt one lim ; power 
of oontinuiog life ; livelihood -, the l«ne(ice of a 

LITOOI.T, ItvlDg'te. ad. 1r a Irring st&t«. 
LiroHiJkJt, le-vo'tie-aD, a. Pcrtiiiiung to Livt>nia, 

one of the Baltic prorinces of tbe ItUataan empire ; 

— f . a Dalire of Livonia. 
L1V05ICA, le-von'o-ka, •- (tnoaningnrknowntons.) 

A ^ctias of CrUKtacpatts : Funily, Itapoda. 
LiTOB, lir'or, t. A Hack OF bloisb mark, nieh aa ia 

produced on tb« bodjr by « stroke; lividiMBS. 
UtraiboK, liv-ra'cuD, ». (FroDch.) A part of n 

book or litcmrr compoaitioo, pntitod and daGvered 

bflfoi* the wonc is ootnploted. 
LiTRB, It'vur, 9. (Frtftcb.) A FnoA vwavj of 

■floout, equal to twenty boos, or omrXj ohupenc^- 

btU^mioy sterling ; also, the Fmcb sanie for a 

pound Wfiiitht. 
LiziviAL, l^-u/c-al, \ a. (lixiriia, Lak) Ob- 
Lixivioi-!!!, lik-HT'e-Qi,^ tained hy ILiination ; 

iapR^iuiod vitli alkallna salt; cootaiaing salt 

gtwrtad fron tha aibat of wood ; of the ooloor 

ef It*: ifwintiBi^ ^1 luring tba ^litios of 

alkaHfit) salts inm wood •shea. 
LuiTiATE, lik-iive-ale, ^ a. FtttaicingtolTo 
LnuTUTXO, UE-dr'o<ay-ted,t orlixiriom ; of tKe 

•nS^ flf RlnBae auta ; imprrgoated with oolu 

tan wood Mkflc 
LnurxAn, lik-riv'«-at«, v. a. To fonn Ijo) t« 

impngnale wiib salta from wood ■abc& 
LiXiTiATioN, Uk-ttT-o-a'tlKm, s. fliiiastiwood, Lnt- ) 

Tie process em p to j ad for dinomDK, by means of 

warm water, tba nfiw and BolaUe partidea of 

oadMi, tha niidaai of oombuition, ooaK orta. 

andMitbi. Salt* thus obtained aralenoadiafiiisJ 

LlxiriDX, Uk-rirVam, » C&v asbwood, Lat>) 

The tiqwir obUiiwd by Hxiriatm. 

UxuB, liks'iu, f. (Sjnt, a Ikklnp, Gr.) A Kiam if 
Coleoptrruu^ insMta: Family, KhyocopliarN. 

LlXAKD, lix'<lrd, i. The common name of tlu Sais- 
rinn reptiles of the genoa I^M«ta, — which taik 
I.itard's tttil. In BoUaj, tbe Sums cemna «( 

Llaodnoa, la i^-no'a, a. (in hooonr of Engoaa 
Uafcono, a Spasiah Msatanr botanist.) A fBoni 
of South American Inoa : Order, SapuduNL 

LiaMA. — See Anebenia and Alpaca 

LLD. Lrttos fttaodbg for Doctor nf Laioa^^ 
tillu of An hooonvy degree. 

Lo, lo, tn/ri7'.(b,S^x.) Look; seo; behold; ohiKTC 

Load, lode, s. {hlmi, or Atd^ Sa&.) A bDrdca j a 
fVei^tht; ladiog; weight; pcfasuro; anaUBbranee ; 
weight or violence of bbwi; aiqrtUiig that ife- 
pnases; as much drink aa one oas baar;— «. & 
tobanlen; to frvight; In 1 111 iiiiiliii . I» 1 iiilwiliaMt 
lo ebar]^ a gon ; to make hoary by BOfiHtbillg 
apptrnded or aancxod ; to bestow or confer on la 
(^at abundnnoe. 

LoAi>ER, loMnr, $. One who pots on a load. 

LoADiKO, lo'dlng, s. A oar^ro; a bonkn; atso^ 
anything that makes part of a lo«d. 

LoADUAJiAOc, todo'mao- i^e, & Pilotage; aklUof 
a pilot. — Obtokto. 

LoAOSitAN, lodzo'man, «. A pilot — Obsolete. 

Loadstar, Lode'stdr, $. Tbe Pclo-star ; tho cyo»- 

LoADSTOXS, lodo'stone, t. A magnetic iron, which 
is black, with a slight metallic lustre. It b so 
called from its being a tutuml magnet, oapabds of 
ottruting iroa and t>too1. 

LoAr, lofe, (. pi Loaves, (hl^, or ia/, Sas.) A 
mnw of brcAd whm Iwkeid ; a mass or himp, m 
ofsDgnr; any thick mass. 

LoAVKR, loTar, a. An indolent f<^ow who nas 
about trifling, and pnictuiing mean expodloota. 

LoArsL'OAK, lofe'shlig-ur, «. Ssgar rc6n«d aad 
fonnod into a ooniciu shape. 

Loam, kme, 9. (/iuia, Sax.) A soil eompooed of 
varions earths, of whkb ibo cJiief are nlkiew 
sand, cloy, and carbonataofclislk; — no. tOMV^ 
with loam. 

LOAHT, In'me, a. Consisting of kuun ; pat«»lft^ 
of tho nature of loam, nr rasembUnf; it. 

Loam, looe, «. (fiorn, Aim, Sax.) Anytfalq]! lant; 
anything givtm tu anotlter, on condittoo af nCon 
or lepatment; purmiarion to naa; a fhralihiDgi 
grant of tbe aae. Loim »0Kf, a pubUa oSas in 
wbieb loan are negntlatod for the pabUc, and Um 
intsxeat paid to thv binders. Lo3» f^tear^ an 
offioar intnnted with tho genera] managaacot tt 
a loan office ; — k a. to land ; to deliver to another 
for tcmpomy osa. 

LoABA, lo-a'so, f. (meaning not ^foo.) A gMlOB 
of plants, oonsislind of Wanchod, daeombent, or 
flrwhing berba« wUh stin^Dg bain: Typo of the 
flriir Leaaacwp. 

VoAaxomm, Io-a-aa'a»^ a. (/ooso, one of tbe gene- 
ra.] Tba LoQSads of Lindley, a gemu of carctal 
Excgens,ooni4Stlagofberbaoeons American pUnta^ 
hk^ld, with poagaat bain secreting an acrid jmoe; 
Inrai OMoarte or alternate, eitlpnUte or aimde ; 
flftwm deganl ; five or ten prtals ; calyx fire- 
parted; stamiMis indefinite; ovariwn adnata to 
tho Cttlyx; ntyle one; capsule dry or snooolant, 
crowned by the calyx ; seeds uomerous. 

LOA-m, lolA, a. {lath, lathiitn, Sax.) UnwilUof ; 
disfiUog ; not ready ; not iocUoed. 



lAXTUM, IoUm^ f. a. To bato; to look Ofi trilli 
■UHimMa; to conader wiUi tbs dngiut of ta- 
tN^ : lo MS food wHb dii|;QtU 

Lo&TSKK, lo'ttnir, JL On* Uut losUws or ablion. 

LoAinrrL, lotU'M, 0. Hftting; abhompj; Uirooeb 
dtfCBSt: KbhomJ; hated. 

LoATmsco. lotbelo^ t. ExtroDe dugnit; >libor- 

LOATBIXGLT. lo'thtog-k, od. lo > futtdlon nun* 

Der; frith extreme dbput. 
LoATHUXBU, lutlie^Dea, r. Wl^t eidtas hatred 

er aUMRCQoe. 
IxuTHZ-T, loUiele, t lUtcfuI ; aUwnad ; excit< 

Bfvil In tb* IrMtUf UkM of Tnrtarx 
WUli oiDi->J'n>ui rvTin. — Spirtutr. 

— «£. nniniSiasij ; iriUioot Ekia^ or tadinaUon. 
lauHSBM, kfib'nw, JL UnwilGnpHM; ndae- 

{AanooKS, loihi^inm, a. ALborrol; dHuUbUt 

caoRdgMtifty or fJMtkTfailiiiiaM. 
LaanuomLT, btWmm-le, od So » to excite 

babal or A^iut. 
LBA nM i Mmu M, lotbf'nini-neat #. Tlie qiialit;^ 

of ndiiBclMind, ^^ittt, cr abbormieob 
Lutsk. /<faral of Loth 
Lob, leh, iL (iM, VTOah.) A doU, betry, dtiisuh 

jmoD; wwighhig thick and heavy, aa tn £¥. • 

nnii; ItCa jowrf, ■ priaoo] — (olwWto in tbv 

QftaJnt^ wbam, in Iro«* bnund, 
noa tiiily tbraw*!! Into bt'j fcwxt. — 

—9. «. t» let (all In * iIoTMty or lazy manntr. 

Awl their poor JB^M 

t^ down thcfa- bmilC'Skaj. 

Izaam*. l»-hi'r»-a, a. A gtntu of marine Mol- 
ham, nmMd of the Aurm cvnosa of Uunarck, 
n4 Bali eunon HI Cttrier : Fanuljr, BaUadc 

LoBXTK* lob'ate, ) Q. Oceoning in lobes. In 

LoiuTXD, lobVted,> Eotinnolo;:^, applied wbm 

LoBBD, lobde, ) tfaa nun?n w divided br 

dicp) imdalitiof, and Bocoeuivo dJTifitoas; and, 
is BotasT, «b<9i th> nuuxins of iLe urj^ments are 
i w J kJ . AocnrdiT^ Ui tlii nmnbvr of lobcA, tbo 
baf ia XmomA btlobate, tHlotiil«, &c 

Lorarr, lob'W, c An optning before a nKim, or an 
mtxanee Into a prindpal aputmaot; a •mall hall, 
m wajling-nxnn ; a small apaitimmt Uken frma 
a ball or rntm In a Uilp, a amaU aportmeot 
^.K...r.-,. tliF fort-part of th« bnad-room, and 
-1 to tb* luo of thf itir|*con. In Agri- 
.[ifin-^ plflc«, fonnod I'j heJgoa, tree«, 
i.f . !'T irutlle. 

Lt'BM 'i'b« nwin'bar, «. A man who 

toitm or tiun^a about tba lobby of a hooM of 

Loacocs, l«tA«k. a. A word of contvrript for ft 
alai;^ah, atopid, inactive pcraon. 

I ao« mrt tosTc yoa all. alM I 

ASA tn* wttb aoiiM old UoMt aaa I-AMmi, 

VfOOL, laba, A. (Frenefa.) A part or dirimm of ttt« 
Im^a, liver, «&; the Iffirer aoft part of lb« ear; 
ft diviaon ii • aiinpl* leaf ; tlie «(4jrladon or pla- 
caeta af B aeMl. 

Tifffnm^. lo-bel'« a, «. (in iKmour or MaMij«w Lo- 
hot, pbj^an and boUnlH tu James I. of Eng^ 
Iftoil.) A gnot «f «net or pwimmboiic htrba : 
Type flf Ite «cd«r LiibdJaoe«. 

tKWWIUfftlH l»-hal-i-a'M^ A (HofretM, «m «f llie 

*«A.IL M 

ginera.) A natnni onkr of hrrbaoeona pbatt 
or rtiniba, with alterDAte uttoolata liftna^ and 
axillary or tmninal flowan of Tirio>aa eelnm; 
calyx fire-toothed or firp-partadi aeUom entire, 
with the tobe adnate to the OTariniD at the base; 
corolla nwnopetalow, irrapilar, tBasrtfd in th<i 
caljx, flw-bbad or deeply Gr«-cleft ; itatnen) 
five, inaertad into the caljx aJlemaleljr with the 
lobes of Um enrolla; anthata adhinins: pnllpo 
oral; orariom inferior, from oim to tbre* ««1I«, 
but UMally of two ; ■tj'Ia aimplv ; iti^ma ussally 
two-lobed, and aoTToundad by a cupiike frin|[e; 
buit pi panlar or baoeate, and d«biaeiD|; at tiiq 

Lfi&irBB, lob'e-j«9, a. {Mnu, a lobe, and jh», th« 
foot, LaL*) A pmoa of Wading-bir^ Ibe Pba^ 
laropua of VlrilloL 

LOBLOLLT, lob'lol-le, $. A saafaHog dish. Lq^ 
lotif boy, a nnme fpvnt lo tlia man who atl«nd^ 
tha sorceon and his matra, to nnimoa the akk, 
and ptrform such other aerriora aalbeynuqrnqmNu 

LoBLOLLT-BAT, lob-lol'le-bay, a. Tba nimp gbrn 
in North AnwriflA to tha woolly-flowarod GordiH 
nlo, the OordonU laaUothw of botanists, whlsh 
grows in oedar swimpa Dear the aaa-ooaat. fniin 
Vi^lnia to Florida : Ovdar, Tarnrtr aa i i ao fiy , 

LoDomTLLlA, lob-c-fille-a, «. fbboa, a ktiw, and 
pkfOaat a leaf, Gr ) A nainc given hy BiMarilk 
to a genoi of corals, formioc part of the Caiyo* 
pb;^"'" ^ Lamarck. 

LoBuSTAKO.v, lo-boo-te'inon, s. (lobot, a loba, wd 
Bttmim, a atamvi, Gr. in bUiuioq to tba p r oc aa eea 
of the throat beanog tliB itamona on their back.) 
A geooB of planta, naliroa of tha Caps of (|ood 
Hope : Onlv, Boraginaora'. 

IxiBoTKH, lo-bo'tes, $. A genua of fiabM, in wUdt 
the body is thick, orntc. broAd^ and ootnpnaaad; 
th« boad and tjm Mn&U, with the month optniog 
oUiqoely', tbolower jaw the longer; the preajKr* 
onlum fCranglx lamilod ; pectoral and paodal fio* 
roandod ; dorval enurgjoale, with a ahea^i of 
voalest Family, Clmtodonidsk 

toBSTfttt, lob'sUr, *, (ltygtetlf€, or lopgitro, Sax.) 
A croBtacnma slivIUflah, tfaa Aatacua marinos of 
Fabridui>, nnd Cnnccr gumnanu of Linnjcoa. 

Lxi&rLK, lub'ulc, «, (tob5o. Span.) A little lobe. 

Local, la'kal, a. (Fr. and Spaa) Relating to a 
fixed or limited portion of apaoo; bavisg the pro- 
pertisa of place ; relating to a pbice ; being is a 
particular platw. Loaai ocfioft, in Law, bo ac< 
tioo is ao termed whim all ibe priodpal facts on 
which it is foanded are cooQiMd to a partiralar 
locality. Ifictd act of poriianmil, on act which 
haa for its object the parlicnlar inlcroata or a da- 
floed loulity, aa tha formation of a roml, &«. 

LOCALISH, lo'knl-iun, A Tb« Stat* of Wing looal; 
afTrciion for a plan. 

LocALiTT, to-kal'o-te, a Exiatenco In plaw; re- 
tatioQof plaMordiitonee; limitation to a couoty, 
diatrict, or place; poaition ; silnatioo. 

LocAMZK, lolial-ize, r a. To maka looal. 

LoCAixr, lo'kal-lc, oil With cwpeet loplaot. 

XxiCATE, loitaie, r. a. (Axn, bootw. LaL) To set 
or place in ft partienlar spot ar poBitiDn ; to seWct, 
iorrey. and settle the bovoda of • pBrticalar tnct 

LooATioii, lo-ka'shun, a Sitoation with retpact 
to plaeo; act at placing ; >tate of being placed ; 
that which ia lomtod. In tUe Civil Law, a lou- 
ng on tvnl. 




LMB, U, f. (GmUb.) a kke; » bn; or Ami of 

tlw Mft^Vaed b Soo^knd. 
LooaAflK, 1<*I''W *• iMiagotf Or.) la «Ki«nt 
GrcMo, in oOocr wlbo ooramaDded a kditu or 
cohort. Tbe Bombar of soMien oompoaiiig tttcsc 
bodioa Is not pnviMl;r faiown. 

LocttlA, lolie-B, 4. (JucAcM, Gr.) Tbo bloody uiJ 
Rtrms diaobwg* from tbe innifa orgwn aftor pM- 

LooiiiAL, b'In-nl, a. Btlitliij; to tba pvaoafttiona 
wbtcfa procred frum Iho womb aftn- chiMUrth. 

LociiiOKKfUoiA, to-kvMj^ra'jO'ft, a. (focAew, uid 
rhegmjfmia, 1 Imnt oat, Qr.) A profiiM fk)w uf 
tbo locliiiL. 

LocRMU, lok'mv'ii, A (JctcAmoiM, brlonprij; to ■ 
brako or bndi, Gr.) A gvntu of binls, belonging 
to tbe Trctg)od)iluiw, or Wrens: Faiiiilr, Cerllii- 

Lock, kk, «. (Ji»«^ or Ipm, Sax.) Ao laatmnKnt 
cou^eaad oC sprinei and bolta, uard lo netcn 
ten or dMta; tbe part of tbo ruu bj wliicli 
firalaatraek; abuR; agrapftlR; utv enclosure ; 
tbo woritB of « canal wliWh mnfitie tbo water; a 
tnfl of biir; ti tiuaiititj of hair or wool bnngiojt 
lf>f:(;(b«r; n rieglet of bair. /^vt-bijw, ocio 
who attends tbe lodui or n oinal. Loti-yaddU^ 
« umall hliikn Ihat Kr^-e■ to fiU and Mnptj a 
lock. iM-k-tili, HI an^obir piece of dmbor at 
ibe bottom of a lock^ agaiaat wbich ika gates 
ahul. LacL-tonr, in canale^ an OfCffaU bnlud 
tfaa upper sfttta, by which tlM vaate water of tbe 
^ipw peod it Itt dowB tlu«Dg|i Ih* paddh-Mei 
wlo tlw vhanWr ef tlM lock i—r. «. to dmt or 
Ibtm with a lock; to ifaia np or confine aa with 
a lock ; to cloie fast ; to enbraeo doadri to fvr- 
Toaki with locka, ai aoanal; to eeoAoe; to rt- 
atntis. In KcHcteg, to aria* tiw award ana of 
•n efltagoaUt \—v. il to beoomc tut bjr a lock ; 
to anile by ratitul hMrtioa. 

LoGJUOB, Mt'^joi, A Uatociali omnI in cnnMntct- 
IflU loeka in aanali ; works wbieti furai a lock on 
a caoil; toll pitbl for paeaing the lueks of a 
caul ; Ibo amoont of el«>-utna and dnMol mada 
by the kxks of a caoaL 

Loc'K Ei> Jaw. — See THanu 

LociLBO, kA'ur, a. AaytbhiK Ihat is dnavd with 
a lack; a drawer. In n pliip, n kind of box or 
ofaert, made along the ride of a xbip, to jiut ur 
slow anylhing in. Shr4 loctarr, m stmng fnuiiu 
of ptank, ooor tbe [iunt]>wcll in tbe bold, In winch 
tbe ahol are kept till WMll^d for scrrtoe. 

Locket, )ok"it, *. (A>7wr, !>.) A anaU lock ; any 
eatrh or eprtog to ftuten a iiecklaM or other or- 

LovKJST, lok^ f. Ob* who adhana to the ^- 
koophkal optaJoaa of John Locke. 

L0CK1.ESB, lokles, a. Deatituto of a lock. 

LocKKAM, kkVam, a. A kind of «oar»e doth. 

LoCKSMrm, hk'anki, a. One wlkMa ocrapatioo 
u to maha locka. 

LuCKr, kdt'o, a. Having looki or tnfta. 

LQCODBSCaimTK, bi-ko-de-tkrip'tiv, a. Da- 
Mrlbbv a pafticnlar place or plaeeoL 

LoeoVOOO, fa-ko-fb'ko, t. Tbe naim gircn in Hm! 
Oiiled Slatca of Atncrka to aa uUnt-democnl 

LorositniOM, ki-ko-mi/ihan, t. {btem, a pLiee, 
■Bd aMlip, a uovlngi I^L) Tha act of tnoviiu; 
frUB plaae to pUea; the power of DKhing from 

Locomotive, lo-ko- mo*tir, a. Changing phoat 
having the power of reaioring or cfaangjng place. 
Locomotin emffine, a vtaam-cngioe adapted ta 
more itaelf forward. Tbe tarn b asad In oootn- 
dbrtinctton to a tlatioiiary eajrwr. 

LocoMOTiTiTr, l*-ko-iBo-tiT'»4e, «. Tba p«w« 
of changing place. 

LocuLAHENT, lok'u-Ia-tn*D^ «. (focafaawftniit 
Lat.) A lodstnoDt. in Botany, the coD of a 
pericarp, id which tbe toed ta lD^gi»d. 

IjOCOUCIUAL, lok-D-lb'e-dal, a. In Itotany, ap- 
{Jicd to a spcooa of dohJaceoea, hi «bV:b each 
carpal dividaa at Ua mid rib, ao tliat tbe two db- 
Bppimmta ttiek tacetber, and to two haUii of tna* 
tiKuou* earpella. 

Loii'a, k>'kuis «. (Latin, a place.) A word aaad by 
Ibo fint geooietan lo denote aliaear auriaea, over 
wliicb a pdnt may trat-d eo u alwaya to be ia a 
poaitigo wbidi raqairea aooie girvn cjoditjoo. 

L0CD8T, to'kost, «. l*ba term iooaat and gram- 
hoyj>er u applied to vaiimu lotocU of tba order 
Oitbaplara, belonging to a aectioa of that order 
to wbicb LatreiDa giiraa tbe name of Sal t e t ori*, 
on aocouol uf the great power of laapiac whkb 
tbe diflinvnt Bpeciea poaaua. TIm Qryuoa micra- 
tonu of Lisiueoa ia a hxga a p edw of hicDM, 
wh«^ multipGcH to ansh a depeo la to be tbe 
tbemo of ancient writera, and Ibe wwka of recant 
aulban confirm their ■tatenieota. Barrow man- 
tiotia tbat, in the aouthcm parte of Africa, an area 
of nearly two tlioDiaiid aqoaza mibia imght ba 
aaid, OB oBt occasion, to hare baeo lilaraUy w i u ad 
«iih than. Vlhaa dnvoB by m n«tb*waii wind 
into the sea, they formed apon the ahore, for fifty 
miica, a lAok three or four feet high ] and wImb 
tlw wind Was iuutb-caat, the aleach wia ao gtaat 
■a to bo felt oAc hundred and fifty niUaa dlitaafc. 
In aoino parts of Africa tbla inacct la aatao by the 
iiatlt-ea. — Also, a name proa In Siena Leooa to 
tha troo Parkia oiu^oboM, iinbaUjr tbe Kitte 
mcntioaed by Mmicc Park. Tha ^p witbia tbo 
poda ia swrct aod winaoeoai, ood u aataa by the 
oatirea of A£iica. Loout-trm ia also tha name 
pvoa In America to tbo BasUrd or Camawa 
Acada, Botua pawidflcatia. 

LocuBTA, lo-ktw'la, I. (Latin.) A gmaa cf Or- 
thopterooA iofic-cta, in wbidi the hinder ]e^ era 
about equal to the whole body in length, and the 
anteuoB fiUforji or tcnuioated in a dub: Type 
of the family LoaoMidai. — In Botany, if a s^^ka 
CQOSMta of Uowers d<atitate of calyx aod conDa, 
the place of which is ocaajued by bnK3l<% aad 
the rachb li fleinoee and toothed, and doea boI 
fall to tbe grouod with tbe fiowora, aa bappaoa 
in gnuaca, each part of the ioflonaOBOoe ao ar- 
ranged ia called a bcyalo. 

Loocanc, lo-ku'tik, a. Belaling to kxoili or 

LoccaTlOJt lo-kna't<-d«, a. (Joatrta, a locut, Lrt.) 
A family of OttboptenKU iiiaecta, diattBfpuahed 
by tbti fuDowiflg chanict«ra : — VMuga folded whaa 
mw:ting at an angle ; larai thne-joiotad ; bb- 
tconc ahfotm, or terminatml In a club. 

Locunoir, b>kQ'abnn, & Diioourse; manner of 
speech; pbraar. — Obeolete. 
njiicrlMilkal toeaHou, %ttra of eloqveace^ and avrb 

Ix)Oinnn, )o-ka'aho-ni, «, In BoBian Mytlelagy, 

tlie god of Speech. 
LooMaaai*, tod-da^'sbe-a, a. (» boMBrafOsn- 



nj Lo4i)i«, ft narKrynum at HscknCT, Mir 
Landon, vbo died in 189X) A gentu of I-Cfpi- 
■raimu pboU, nstlra af Uw C*pa of Good Hojpci 
Soibankr, PjqurMmicae; 

lO0B, kdev «• In Uioin^ a «na, wbeUivr ogatahi- 
iQg Mietallic oc or aai, n ao called : bat the tvrm 
i( ptvperiy appCod to tl»t whieh doep, sod is 
ntmUlf m iwtrWrd. TboM rdoi whkih CMiUia 
M on an caned Jead Xm&s. 

LoDQAacK, IflJ'a-bl,!!. CapAbbartflardingatttn- 
foraij atiod& 

LoPMi Inj, «• o. (ItyB*, Fr.) To place In n tam- 
ponry habitatleio ; ta al&rJ a tttftfonrj dwalln^ ; 
ta npp^ vith iurtKKir for a »g;l>t; to pUca,- to 
{ibnt; to fix; to Mltte; to plitco lu tliamoaMl7; 
to lurbmir or onvr; ta afliord plACc to; to jiay 
Sat ; to ttirvw in or on : — ».)htoras«]«; to lurp 
i lmJh kt; to tnic a lempotkfj baUtatioo ; to rmt 
tB a flaee ; — <. a mull Doote in a park or fortst ; 
b tanporaiy habitalioD ; a tmaU lioaso or tooe- 
Bual sppfoded to a Ut;^ ; a ei^'« or dro j an^ 
{dace wherr a wild Ixcaat dwvUa. 

tziDacik, Iqjd, n. la Hcraldjy, appliod t* » bnck 
or bait wbco hinf* on Die |;ronn>l; aavwarinx 
to covdkoal, af»|ilicd to a lioQ or uthar boaat of 

lES, Ig or, a. One who iivra at Ward, or in a 
mmx hired ta tlu> lioaae of anotberi ooo tjiat te- 
ridn ia ttr flacA for a timr. 
naata, kyn^ <■ Tcaiporaij habitation ; roomji 
bhedii tbhognof aoMbw; place of naidatMe ; 
haAoar; eerert; ooaTtnkaos for npota at ug^t. 

LoMiiiisz, kg'wat, «. (JoyesuaX, Fr.) IHi|Mci- 
tiK or eoBocatioa u a atrtain ptaca; AOcnmnU- 
tloo; adkodoa; thcactc/Iod^gjOrtfataof beini; 
lidfffl. Id unitary tSain, ao cneampaient made 
bj iB taajf; « wvMC throwa sp by bauegan in 
ma dngBmw part they ban g^nad, to fare 
(bnualTaa tma m emmft fiic 

LODM^ M, & A oane fyna in Dcogail to tbe tm 
S y mp B co a raennou; as alao to the bark of the 
aama tzae it Calcutta, which ia aseJ aa a roor- 
ilnmi with mangaeC, a moias «f BaUa. 
•Dim I, lod'ra, t. "nia SaDacrit nam of th« troe 

l/>i»r.rctv, lo-do-is't-a, *. (Ijiiidin), tlip dmjhtpr 
of rriatn and Hernba.) A genns (tf plwts. <?nn- 
iMn^liI' an antantental tn-e whir)! attahts iIh; 
haagM af "^tT faat : Order, PHlRUceic. 

LacrtncaiA, la-flhtje-a, r. (b hoormr of Petrr 
Ltfflfaig an« of tha diadpm ct Unnleos, irhM 
trarelhd m Spain and AinFrirn.) A f^m of 
plaala, e eni b tfag of anuli unoal baita ■■ Ordrr, 
laiwau, li-Wl»4^ (Mmad bvliauMaib bonaar 
ari«bBLMal,Mlfaorof nnrftrnuaioa.) AgMWis 
of ptaata, coa^itfaK af aUff bnuliiag abuba, 
■^iwi af Mwfaai Order, r«lonMnlaH«. 
f liOMo, h/», a. (Oannan.) In QaDlojry, ifco aattie 
of m ■■hvlal tatlVT diparil of vkatoaaa Umm, 
~^'Kta MMflB bacvan Cdtoi^a Md Baab. 

^Lorv. Ml, «. (Dauiab.) la ■ biOdtni, tba oWn- 
flsa of aae amy «r floor dwn aaauar i n Batr ; 
the Mk^mA Amt; a \nfih nwm or plane. 
AadMlfiafaMW. ana Iq^i of pUvd thunder.— JtfU ML 

{LovrnT, Wtv^ arf. On biih; tn an elantied 
piMat p Hi rfi / ; haa^tll^; wHltdavaliaaortan- 
gatgt oc aentfatiant ; aBbhiMlr. 
LomUMiv knaHni,«L Bc^ ; hwal idtvatiaD ; 

aobUniily; dnalioaofatntiiMiitt prid«t bai^htl- 

Lorrr, lof'ir, n. Bigh; howriaf;; eWrated (n 
plan; rhrratrd In oooditna of diaracttrt tab- 
limat pferatad ia aantiioent : pnisd; banftbtT^ 

Loo, tqc ». (pnbMf fimtn fef, or J■jly^ hnwry, 
Dot.) A bulky plcoo of timber onhow*^. fn 
Navifiatioo, amactiinr fur racaeunni^ th« rate of 
a ship's reloritj through the «ra(K ;— <H«t.rFW,) 
in Jewish AntMinity, a nwanura wbkh oootabml 
abont rm-nsthn of a pint, ibe aapaeilj of which 
liaa b«en varioody ttatcd br diflrmi vr{«sni; — 
«. n. to naoTa to aod bp, — Ofaaalat* aa a tark 

LooANiA, k(B'o»^ A Oa boMwaf Jaweal^aKan, 
antborof Eapariiiwaitade Pta—mnQlwratiniw.) 
A gniaa «r planta i^ih wbila ootolka. 

LooaKtAGUK, lo-ga-ni-a'ff-a. «, (fymsa, ooa of 
the cMMra.) A natorkl onlrr of INabUmjpdootii 
Exo^^tM, oansiBling af Iwrba, afamb^ and lrPe^ 
with oppoaito learea ^nila antiro, and usaall; 
atipolMe; tho stipnUa DombiMd int« intrapalMar 
laareai the flownv raoMnasa, cofTmbose, or asd- 
Itry, WfOMiXf white, and of aqOAl parts t fialfx 
(n9 and Are-paitrd ; ftaiDOiia five or onf* TUinn; 
froai tba corolla; atigma sitnplat fruit a ^wo- 
r«lled bipartihlo cnpftnip, or a dnipe, 

IxtaxK Sroinak — S«o Qocbinj; StaoM. 
LoBABlTHM, 1^'»»TijAn>,<. (/■cywrf ' rAiiw, Fr.) UagA- 

rithmii am the expontata of a senaa of fmrtn 

and n»ttL 
LOGARITHMETTC, Ioj{;-.i-ri/A-mi-l'ilc, 1 ^ 

LoOARITnHinCAL, tuji-a-ri/A-inrtVkal, i *: .' 

LooAiuTnairo, lo|^*.rii*'mik, f **"*« 

LooARtmJilCAT., la£-«-rilA'ina4cal, J ^° '" 

garithms ; coaotsting of lof;«rithmi. 

LoRATTPR, lo^a-tipff, «. Two or mnro latlet* «aat 
in one i-'icce, aa_^ J^ tr, at, itc 

IxMJIlOAnn, loglwrde, a. la XartpitioD, two boanla 
abnUing togtihar bko a liaab, and dividad hrta 
nighti tht dirtction of tbo vinda, tba aoiaa M Iha 
ahip, with all (ho matorial oceamaata Ibal happen 
dudiig the twenty-four houn, er kam aaao l« 
matt, tafcatbor «itb tbo latHoAa by ub— lalbai 
FWm tUa taMa it cumirikd tha ihipli jonrMk. 

Logbook, log'book, 9. In a aNp, a \iank mtawhkb 
is transcriWd the varntis ohserxiitiona, Ac n- 
cordt-d in ihn loglioard, lifgrthor wilh cfOry cir* 
camstancv of imporiaocfl wLivh inay bi^pM la Iha 
Fhip, etthi^r nt tc» or in hnrbnnr. 

LogOATB, tng'):nli(, g. The old namo giron to n plajr 
or ^mo which wna pmhibilcd aa «nUi«rul by the 
aSatnt.ofUanry VIlL It is tha gam« now caHcd 

LooavaniuLD, Inc'gnr-hol, c A dalt; a llock- 
baad ; a tiiid»knll 1 la JUI $» laff^fcrAmtdt, or t» 

Slo hgtjerhHtdM, to acufflo ; to Cona lO btawa ; 
fighl without WMipana. I^^ftr%tn4 j|ia>. tba 
Anaa Imchrptan^ a«atiT« a( tba Falklaad lihwdii 
and Statoi Laod, in Irngtb aboM tUityinebat, and 
fmm twenty to thirtr [wunda waigbl. 

LoosKiuiEADBO, log'Kur-bed>Hl, «& DnHt stu- 
pid t dollith. JLtffijtrkmdtd sArttf, thr Lattiaa 
caroUaeaaia of WilJon. 

LaaaEAV, kif'hrep, $. A pile of Inga for bmiing 
Id olaaring Uod. 

LoonouHB, log'howa,^ a. A htiue or imt aon- 

LoouuT, k^bn>t ^ atiucttd of lugs lul ni 
each otbar. 

Lor-nc, l<iJ"rk, *. (Itiffi^vt, Fr. logicn^ lt«l.) Tba 






■ct of dfMrlu li^riBiitt ooDdviioai Ann pre- 
misM or priodplM umowd to b« jut; tlM art of 

I nMoniiiKJsstly in the invntigstimi of tnith. 

LOOIOAX^ li^'e-lcdft 0. Pertaiiimg to logic i tiu^bt 
in bgio ; skillpd in 1d^ ; ncoonling to tbc ru!<-9 
vf Ufffc ; rersei in tb« Kit of thinking and rcucn- 

, bg; di>onui)n«liii|;. 

Logically, fc^'o-knl-le, n£ Accohllng to the 

I n]M of kij(ic. 

LOOICIAX, lo-jbh'an, «. A tAMbcr or pfofeuar u( 

: logic ; « peivoD rtratd In logic 

LcraiBTic, lo-jb'tik, a. BeUtldg to ■exageshnji] 
fractloiu. lAigistic lopariihm$, ut certain loga* 
ritkon of Mugraiiiuil nauil>«n or frictunu usod In 
wtninonilcftl oUculalionji. Tbc lo^tic logaritbtn 
of an; Dombnr of McmttU. U tho difikence between 
^Iw cocnmoa logvitlint gf that nmnlMr end the 
kigiritlim of 3600, tho cumber of neoDdi ia « 
IliftftnA. Tlu uae odT oomputbg ttiCM nnmban ld 
nimilei uul io ■eoonds, or boun and miaufiea, 
or otbor SQXBgMUna) dlri^aiM. LoffMo giinil, 
la MatboBMlics, ooa wboM ndii lire in oontiDaed 
^tapcktioa, aoA ta «bkb tbo radij an ■£ eqnn) 


^j; or, iu other wordi, a nml lloo wtioso 

ndS erer^icbiTO initin r<ituit Ul^ with the tna- 

I £nit8a 

LoOLlhB, lofii'lJnei «• A lino or cord, aboat a faiia< 
iitd and fifty fntttonu in lecKtb, futeood to tba 

, kg bjr moBBi of two lafp. 

LooMAx, lo^asB, JL Om wboM boiloNs Id to 

CMTJ k^ 

Vor your kalto 
Am I ttila jMLiivnt favMtn r-SJh«fei. 

toooUjCpALlAT, lag'0-dtd'*-li»t, •; Ao inTontor 

. of Mw ffonU. 

ioOOORAl-H, log'o-graf, 9. A riddle by which bot 

rf" oim word MTcnd nmy be fonaed. 
UKKXlRAFinc^ le^-fr-gnri"ik, } a. (logo*, u 

IXXKwnAFUlCAL, kig-o-grar»-lal,> won^dj^r*- 
. pAo, I write, Gr.) PvrtJiiaiiiK to logogr^by. 
LououuAi'ur, lo-gog'sra-A, «. A modi of pilat- 

ing, io whk^ a typo r*pn«eiitj a word lutaod of 

Twrmisg a letter. 
LOQOUUPUE, logVgrif, *. (i»J/a*, ABd iHpA") ■ 

ciddie, Gr.) A eort of ridOle.— Ohidalo. 
TIr apuo unl rlddl«»t ADd wwivV llfty toBM 
Otl^/oir^t***-^B€n Jl0MOa> 
LooOKACiilAT, lo-fom'A Idit, M. (/cyo*, iind NMcAr, 

« Qgbt, Or.) Om wbo eonteads «boa( wwdi.— 

LOfKUCACUT, lo-gom'A-kB, 9. A COOtOUtiUO ill 

%orio; A ooQltotloo aboot words. 
looownuo, kie-o-inct'rik, a. (Joyos^ and m<*«M, 

a mcAiim, Cr!) Bttating to ao itialmiiMat for 

ttwrlniffifg dieoiifAl equlvalento. LoffomettM 

•teak, m Ittitnnaeot used io oMiiBriBg ^aiaicAl 

LoOBSKt, loK'not, t. A reel to the gallsry of a 

diip, Oo wbich the k^litw ia womd. 
fiOOWOOD.tog'wAd.A. TboWoodofthati»aH«n»- 

loAylon Caaipeehianwii, exCNuttalr and in 4r<^B- 

Hm b«» I* A uHve of Cmpudij aad oCbcr pnti 

vtfb» Spt^tih Weal lodiea, but la dow coltiTBted 

in Jun^CA and other Wot Indiau islaadi; It 

frowa to the boigbt of aboat twenty feet. 
Louie, lo-im'ik. a. (iwW«, fngBe, Gr.) BataliDg 

to the pUgofl or contA^uAdbarders. 
iolMOLoar. lo-o>uiol'o^ *. (fomo«, pUgua. and 

hg«i, A dlatmthtt Or.) Tho doctiitie of ptotilou- 


Ldimoi-tka, lo-o-mop'o-n, f. (Jbtmot, pli^oa, and 
j»yr, fever, Gr.) PflotUeatial frrer. 

Loin, loyn, /. (md, Sax.) Thalohuan the iptwe 
on each aide of tbe rertebrx, between the knroat 
of tho false ribs and the opper jwrtion of tbe ova 
ilium, or baiiodi-bone, or tbe Mtml portiaoa tt 
tbe lumbar rr^oo. 

Lditbk, 10/110-, r. ft. (teuterm, Dut.) To Itogn-; to 
apeiid time earslcwiy: to delay; to bo dibloij] 
to spend time idly. 

LoiTSRBB, lay'tnr-ur, a. A lingerer; an idlflr: OM 
wbo ia angled in ao aetiTO buaioOH ; ooo «M il 
duggi^ and dilatory. 

LoiTEuntoLr, lo/tDr-Ing-te, odL la a Aatarjr, 
idle mapoer. 

Voile, lolta, », In Northern MyUii>lo0, the naaw 
of a maliroIoDt daily, deacribeJ in tbe £cUa, tfao 
great poemof tb« Norwegian natlooa, aa tba gttet 
ftrpent who eodrdca the aarth, au^iposed w W 
etnblematica] of oomiplioD or ain, aud aa liavl&g 
given birth to Hala or Death, the qnren of tbe in- 
fijmal regions; — a close cirruw laadL — Local la 
tbe lastsenso. 

LOLBOOPBIS, lol-0-gop'sw, a. The CalmarelA, a 
gsntia of Ophalopoda, funned of Lapto Totg*ria 
madiom, and I>pio S^gitata, or Great Calmar. 

Louoo, lol'o-go, s. TbA Calmar, a genu of 
oepbalopodooa V\ olloam, distinguiahcd by baviag 10 
•nuform loiniiut in lieu of a shell, and by itt bong 
• provided with a dark d^luuriog oiAttcr lodged in 
tho liver, with which it cad darken the water aad 
•acape ptmoit. 

COUUV, lo'le-uin, a. (/f/wi. tbe Celtic aama.) Dv- 
oal, a gooBi of barbacooni ^lunta. UtUom penoacv 
orGy^raas, ia a well-known liridih gnoa: Or- 
der, Graniinacea. 

Loll, tol, r. n. {/oUn, loA.) To Iraa idly; to 
rest lBx3y agahiit anything; to hang oat tho 
toogoa from tba mouth, aa an ox or dog wbea br 
tigned with heat or exertUm . — ». a. to tfanist gu^ 
ta thetongoe. 

PlcTce tigwn oooeb'd aimiad, aod ktFd tbdr lAwaiiff 
tongwa.— t ' n rim . 

Lollard, lollafd, a. One of a aeet of oaafy 
roformrrB in Qcrmauy, wbo 'flisaented froui many 
of the ductriiiut uf the ICoiiuii Catholic CUord. 
lu England, the followrra of ^VickIif^o were haowa 
by thia nama. 

LuLLAftOY, lol'Idr-dr, a. ThedoHrinei of tha Lol- 
Uria; a luuna o^valoat to baroqr faerora th* 

Dotnfre that tltoa be not o p pr ea aaA 
With AuUchrblo'aleOanlla.— 0<MK-. 

LOHASIA, lo-ma'fe-a, a. (feJM, an odn, Gr. froA 
the maigioal pooitian of tba ndniab) A goua 
of ftrost Order, PolypodioMK, 

L(>l(UAlu^ kuD'bafd, a. Aa aooaitt Daae La Eqg- 
hmd for a basks. It waa dadrad fnan tha Ub- 
gobaidi, or Lombaidi, a oompaay of Italiao mer- 
cbaaU, tha groat moutj-eharngBn and aaanta af 
tba thirteoDth oeototy, wbo WPear tobava MtUad 
in England befora tho yo« 1274, and ta k'tt "p 
their ruidaoce in a atroot of tba dly atill known 
aa Lombard 'Strret ,•— a aatlTe of Lombardy. 

LovftAKDio. kun-bdr'dik, a. Partahihig t» Iha 
Lombaida; an epithet applied to ooa of tha ancieat 
alpfaabeU derired from the Roaao, aad nlMlog 
to the maiitutiriptd of Italy. 

ioMBCBOSA. lom-a-ko'H, t. (bmB, a Bd^glit aad 



; • fKMriDg forth, Gr.) A gtam of OoIm^ 
taroBi inMcU: Taaalj, BnclM^tn. 
laaast, lonMol, c itmaOim, UxJ) A Uad of 
pad wUDh Cdb In piWM, wboo ripe, at tbs joiDti. 

Ut w r a r i, loa^ks'a, <. (/oftda, « Inoe, Gr.) A 
BBosof DiptanMisiaHeU: (^iiia^, HncJdMk 

lomcmmax*. bDg-k«'ns, j. (ig^atinat AMokrw, 
MDed wUa » i^tesr, (ir.) A ginot of Rodnts, 
w t ab li ah ri bj lUagBr, laclnlin|{ tbo Ecliiinyt of 
Gfoffivj, • spedoa of Hyitrix of Schnber, socl a 
•paoM of UjoxQs of ZimmcntMui «iwl otberv. 

LuxCBiTtB, loDg-kt'tis, iL (/(Mtcia, a laaco, Or. on 
aeoooi* of Um laao»-ibapo of the froiuU of loma 
tt At apodK) A genu of iienui : Ordn-, Polj- 

LtwoBoriBftA, lof^-lMpV-ra, *. (JmcAc, « luSi, 
ad ptmm, • wioi:, Gr.) A gmot of Dtpteroiu 
(uMb: FaBiDjr, Uitscidv. 

tuvCBORtBUL loof'kop'tar-U, m. ^loffcU, LineAgt 
4ipawh— darlM>C% oiid eferif, m (em, tir.) A 
§■■ of ibfl0 ftnu^ foooa ia tbA Coal fonxuttou, 
ad is tbo gnsBHnd ud vMUm ditMaU. 

LcoiCSOtJOilAi loas-Vos'tfr-BlA, j: Co^cika, Axae^e, 
• hoca, aod ttema^ the tooalh, Gr. In leftnoca to 
Ika aa^BBitB of Um Knolta, vUcb an iMooaoUde, 
isd lotaMtalad towicdt the Ihnwt of Uu ootoUil) 
AptrasofpUcu: Order, 'CosTolTiiliGMCt. 

T-0«cnuaA, lonit-ko'rm, *. (foydla, Jutw^ a knee, 
and OMrix, KtuI, Gr.) A gcnaa of Urdi : FamUj, 

Lonxa CiaT. too'dan klajr, t. la Geolo^, h 
tertian furmalioo dmlupcd tioJar kvA atvond the 
dty of Loodno. It beli'n;:a to tlw Eooeoe period 
of Lnll, and is dividvd into tbo opper part, or 
B^hn> Man ; mi JdU part, or LoMoa obj ; utd 
Iba tM«r part, or Plaatk cb^s md Modl. 

DiUbOMJCR, lon'dttD'ar, i. A natire or iahabitliiit 
of LAndon. 

XoxDoxiiiM, loo'dna-izm, t. A mode of OKprenioii 
tud to be peculiar to Loodoo. 

Luxxwstzx, Inn 'dun- iac, r. a. T« pve tbo nmntcr 
or cbarvtar which diitinguUhcs tbo peo{il« of 

Lon, Idm, a. (ooBtradad fioni a&m«.) SoCtanr ; 
oafmiaflitcdt haTing oo eompanj; aiiiiglei not 
canjouMd or iw^booring to oihen ; tountrrinj, or 
in vidcmbood. 
HarooTW, lUa Oljnri* ii a Idm tntnan^fti^ 

LoilB, loot, ) . . , , 

Lo»jio.,Iooo'dii,> *- Ahw.-Local. 

lonaLiiiiiM, loiMl»-Dca, r. Holitudv'. MCliuioa 
tnm eooipan;; rvtiremeat; lore vt rvlireinoat; 
dUpodtiao lo aolitnde. 


Tbt 11171IC17 of jaur Itm U ntttt—fhc b. 
IxmLT, koM'la, 0. Solita<7; rettnd ; eeqaeetarad 
fiwnaMllhbeanoreainpaiiT; addicted to mIUikK 
Lbctw, Ima'DMi, A Solitnda; diabka «*!' oom- 

hoxwaaan, lona'iaa, a. Solitary [ eeparaled fna 

I hoaamaMMLT, lou^sun-U, ad. la a diamal or aoU- 

tmf niwiii 
^LtaoMOlODnB^ laoa^aun-Ha, r. Tba itUa of 

bifagnlituyt KdUada^ 
OHO, liae, Oi. C&uoo, IdBfft^ Germ, tumg^ Dot and 

Ottu) Estaoded in a Udv, or In tbe dircctiun of 

]Ht|l% M fl pf t d to alMirt; Mtnidad or diami 

oat in time ; of anv certain rooaiBra in langlb ; 
Itaring ono of its i^ootnetnol dinniiBoai In • 
paator dcfne than aiLbor of tbt otbiri dXateji 
Ndboa in narration ; cootiaiied by iiiuirwilmi tft 
■ tfmt aeriM ; pnttrocted, aa ■ lony oota, a htiff 
lyUi^a; oontiaoed; Uogeriog or Imtciag ; aaton- 
wtft oitandtng far in pmapeet fit into futority; 
ta y4aiM , lb»gimword»ath; — «.AinDOrly,ftDuai- 
cnlnoCaaqnnltotwoUtTM;— od to a great leogth 
in Bpac* ; to a gniat extant in time ; at a point of 
duration far di^aot ; all alMjt 1 throu|;h Ibo whols 
dnratioa of; — (ffftoitff^ S**-) omni^to; by tnewia 
of: by tba fiuiU of;— (obaoUto in tba lut tbroa 


MlBtrao^ aU UUa aoD le tav oTyod.— atellb 
— r. a. (^Lutffian, Sax.) to d«dr« earacatly; t« 
wiab with'taKeraaw contJaaad ; to have an eaf« 
appetite ; lo bdoii(.--0(«oleto b the laat aoMr. 

The clotbea, taA the rannanl all. 

That to the ncrUlM loai^n liiri l^mapT- 
NoTc— ^oHj; u c«rDpO(mded nttb a luv* munbe^ of 
■dJ«^>eeandnartMvUIa<Uecti*M, aa ako aabrtui- 
UT«a. Tbo rcaoar I* ntema to Uw doftatUon of tbo 
word llaalf fbr tho qualiaoatton tt gtxtm to tba tema 
irlih wMeb It la eoBtcrtaw^ ai— -timaJwirtad, IgauMW. 
I aalart. liiaa MlahlMiwI. iiii^ fcnnlli, In^ fcMllail. 
loutJanad, loaffJltad, laocJoal. leeg-lmad. Um^. 

Aaftad. lans-ahaidwd, loac^hi, loat^l(bBel lent, 
apua, lanc-aovtcfatnc Ian lulfcaaw^ liiig iMaiiii, 

LoMOANiMfTT, loBg-gn-oini'a-le, J. (fnnpiaWBiifcii, 
L«t.) ForiiaaiBOca ; pat*«nw; diqiOBtion to 
endnrc iifjuriea wilboot moimarin^. 

LoHO-DOAT, loR|;'bot«, §. Tbe largest and strongasl 
boat beloegin; to a aliip. 

L0KC8, luig, t. (KreODb.) A ttinut wSUi a sword. 

LoMGEB, long'jrnr, a. Compor- of l^img. Mura 
long, orof£nalwlMi{lb;-— mf. foragraatKdnn- 

LuMOKCT, loi^ceet, a. Of tba paataat estooe [ — 
ad, for tba ginataat oonLinuaoco of tinMb . 

LoMOKTAl^ loo-)«'v*l, u. (Junijtu, long, and < ■ — », an 
a^ Lat.) Long'Iired. 

LuNOLTiTi, lon-jfv'c-te, e. Length or duratiMi of 
lift ; grut loDgth of UfiL 

L0KOBTOU8, lun-j«'vua, a. Living to an old age:. 

L0SOICOKKB8, lun-j*-k«vr'niB,> a. A ^mily of 

LoHGKCURNS, Iga'jo-kowrns, ) tetratnetnna Co- 
leoptera, including a vast DumlMrr of larga and 
boautiful Ueliev, all ranarkalile for tbfl loogth of 
their aotenoie. Tbey Inhabit nouda, <rhtr« tlie 
feiuaiia dvpont tbtir«a»bciHaUi tba bark of troas, 
whwb they ■» coaUu to do by msana of a long, 
Btroog, hony aTipfntor, vith wbidi tboy aro fur- 

LoHOiMAJiotis, Ion-Jim 'a-DD9, o. (/oyirt, ud aiaaw, 
a band, LaU) Lftng-handcdt bating long arme. 

LoifOUiKniT, bn-jim'e-tn-, t. (/onyur, Ijtt. and 
aielTDM, amvaaorc, Gr.) Tbo art or pmclice of 
meaiDring distances. 

Lo.iOinO| wDg'ing, i. £arn«at dcnra; coatiaaal, 
nnmiligaled erarirg. 

Ldhoiholt, king'ing-lp, ad. With inoaaMnt eager 
wishes or deaiiv. 

Loiioui4t;iTr, lon-jiogliws-le, «, Offsat distance. 
Idu^knl^/ of reckm doth eauaa ihe axamlnallon of 

trwth to la oTWiWMOf^.— Amtmk 

LosoirAX.n, lon-ja-pal'pi, $. (Am^^ih, bog, and 
palpi^ feelers, Lnt.) A aectiun of tbe family Bra- 
chdytnii in which the maztllajy palpi are nearly 
as loog u tbo hoad. 



JWMM, A W^g. iM.) A DAinC ^TKl bj OuTMr t4> 

« frmUj cf oowaki Imd*, nmarkiiblo fbr iMr hms 

wiB0K M tbi fllbMnMi, petral, &o> 
LoiraimarttSB,! ton'JB-rw Um, «. (Jwiyw , l»ng, 
LoMOIBOtfTiias.f Ami rMlrMn, a bMtk, Lm.) A 

faraUf of Wulinji-birdi, dntingdibtd, m in tho 

Hiip(»(Soolaf)ax }, for the extmiMlMgtliiiflW bill. 
LoNOllR) laoc'ebh, a. Soru«wtnt lOBg; moderitcif 

LoKoissiuca Doom. kMijli'ii»-inai diima, ». 
(LMtin.) In Anatomv, a nisola of the tack whicb 
MiUU (be atJMfB in kMpiig Uh aploil oolnma 

an4 f^iTAM, tantw. Or) A gmat U ColNptcniu 
tnaccU: Fumllr, Lon^eoraoi. 

llie irrMtnt dimranoo | the dltUnoo of in^ jUaw 
on the itlobe from Mothor plau, laMwK^i] or 
WBStwmd, or ttw 4lifituce of ujr plaoa from n 
^v«a mgridikn. In AamaoooT, Um lon|[((iidt nf 
A fcesrenlf bod; is tb« m of the e^ptic, tnter- 
c«pteA between tbe vemiil tqnuMX aod a great 
circfc, peqMnilical«r to tb* odipck, puiing throngh 
tbo \»Ay. It is rcdcmed aaatwnnl alt roond tl)p 
g^faera, frwD to 3O0 (hgrMi. Ceaooalric brngi- 
Mk vtlwlonititadtvr* t£u]Pt M«nfrom tlw Mrtb : 
that b, the point of tbe eoliptic to which it p«T' 
puMlio«M]r oomraonda, n mm fhm Uw Miitra 
of tU wrtb. H«aotmtrie «M^sriMfc, U tbe leAgi- 
tnrlii of X pluM M leen from lh« mn. 
boNOimniXAi^ lan-je-tii'(fa»-THtt, «. RktuinK tn 
loDgitode or (sn^h ; mnnitig fai tbe langMA dlico- 

tioi, M dhrtiniHWWd rim twamv v nmtti 

■M M OWd bj lb* iMglk 
loKomibtMALLT, len-j«-lo'4*-iMM«, Iff. In tbo 

•linrrtion of ten^b. 
LOXOLT, lot^t'lt, ad. TcdioBitIf ; wjtb grMt lonf^ 

in;; m hkin^'. — ObnoUta. 

U wur, ytm Umk'tl to lon^ty «« Oia nkht.— ffXtl*. 
I^xo ^iKtsuKC, long mexli' are, >. Uneai mea- 

ture ; the inntsure of )ni|^h. 
LoKoocASPCi. lon-go-k<tT'[ni«, «. {hnehw, a lanoo. 

■od IvrpM, a frait, Gr. in relvreace to the podi.^ 

A itnos of LflgQininoos ptanta^ oomgtiiu of^treet, 

Mttvea of ttw Waal lndiei: fiuborlor, Fapilioon- 

LoM rmna, long vrim'nr, i, A printing type of 

a tbe between amall ptc^ and baur);eotjL 
I/ntO'VtouTEpfrKaa, klhg-M'tnl-ae^ ff. The power 

or Aunlty of JuwamlflK ot^jeets at a gmt dj^tmco. 
IXJttOSuMit, hmefsmn, a, Tadtona j w»itri»oine bj 

Ha length. —Obaoleli^ 

When rhllN hy advnii* innwa and heaUfic r«tn. 
Wa mad with *raaryal«ri« the tm tf awa plain-— 


LOIMVOMCMBM, IcR^smn-nea. ». l^tdtouarmi; 

LcwMui., hing'lalt, 1. CW mrf JbwTftnJ; a eanttn^ 
ttro) for one or aootber. 

loMS^toRauBD, lonf^anpl, a, Babblng ; ratios. 

IxntOUII Coi.1.1, lon^gn* kul'li, f. < Latin.) TUe 
iNHBt of a pair of mnarlM an th* n(«k. Wbeai 
OB* oHrtnsU 14 tnevaa iba sMk to mm ada, nd 
whaa they botb aet tba neflk ti bvDl fbrmirl 

USBO-WBUD, toDS'Wbd'ad, «L FtlU «f t*diM% 

■■IllllllllltUlk; longhfratbad. 
LoMiwin^ boK'ariu. ait In the diioethia of 
( livAi leoKlfawiMi.— SeUoA 

UxncfiftA, \h-t»^t%, $. On bMMor of \^fat\ Ijoti- 
cfT, A Genfuin botAimL) Ronetmetclr, a gcnoa 
•f aritt ar eltnibifi)* ibnibt. L. jm-jcigmmmm, 
lb* WiMNlbinff, ar Oatmnon n«t»7aaekla, ii Wall 
IcBown Ar tu elegant Saww* aa a tIrHiih afamk. 

LoXiSfl. lo'nUh, a. Sornrwhat solitaiy. — Oteoltbh 

Loo, kio, #. A siune at cal^II;— r 0. to bast tbo 
opponanla by wtonini; cTpry trick at the ganMh 

LooBiLT, kMtWle, fldL In aa awkward, dumiy 

LnonTi IhIm^ a. A eloiaqr, awkward Miowj a 

Wba eeald gtva tbe lor«y nicb otn T - AiVt 

Loor, loof, I. Tlia after-part of a ahip'a bow. or 
the part whire the pknln begin to be iooonralcd 
u Inr; approach the atom. 

Looruv.— S« Aloof. 

Ix^nx, look, p. n, (ionVin, 5.i?c.) To direct lb* tjra 
towarfls an objocc with tl>e intantioa ol aainit U; 
to-bave tho si^ht or view of; to dirml the ivtal- 
lectoal 07c ; to consMer ; to examine ^ to expcckj 
— (seldom a5«l in the lut «n»e \) 

lit miut foot tf rUbl anutlter battle, befara ha otmM 
reach OalbnL— ClannAMi. 

to take oare ; tn watch ; to b« directed witb 1^ 
^rd to anj o1g«?l ; to hare a pariicolar «pp«iaf 
ftnc3«: toarcm; tu appear; to bave anj air, oiiaa, 
or manner ; to have a puticnlar direction or aito- 
attao : to fiico ; to Oont ; 6) ItxA aloal oaf, to ba 
alarmed ; to be rifiilant ; to ba (oarficd ; to look 
ainmi, to look on all siJet, or la AAnot dii«&- 
tiooM ; to look q/ier, to attend ; to take cart ef ; 
to otnem with can, anxiety, or tendermn; to ba 
in a state of expectation ; to aeek ; fo iookjor^ to 
expect ; to nek : to Hirch ; to look ialo, te in- 
flpoet unrrflwlj ; to oUcrro doetl; ; to loik oa, to 
ncnrdi to ectMm; to raapecti to conitdor; t* 
ooacciTa of; to think; to rlcw; to be a moM 
epectator; 10 look oetr, to eiuntne one bjr ooei 
to Oftrioott to pau onr nithont attention or aae* 
log: to look out, to be oa the watch; to loot to, 
to watchi to take cant of; to depend on e* • 
Mood who will aaabt ; to expect to ncrnre frDQ ; 
fr> itok (Arocc^ to penftntfe with the e;e, or with 
the onderttaoding ; to sec or sndrrstand ppcfvctlj) 
— r, A. to vrk ; to search for :>-(obai>Ieto iu tba 
Inat two aemn;) 

too^hfi toy lore, I go Ibam plaea to |ilaic«k~ 

w torn tbe fj* npon ; to mfluente by looki; 
A uMril 111 to (tart int» an ampinv 
AdiI look th« wurt<l to Uw.— fAryim. 

la Ittk vp m tkmg, to eHKh ftr it Mid find R. 

In tbe trnftrnHfm meed ef tbe eeib, took h wed 

toexeile attmtkm, a« 'faobye;'— «. eh of the 

faoe ; mien ; caat of Iba ooontenanoe ; tbe act of 

looking or aeeing ; view; wateh. 
LooKBft, look'ur, $. One who looks ; fl hokor-tm, 

a uiepg apeolator. 
Ldokhto, bMk'tni;, *. f:\peclation ; tbe art of flx- 

inj; the ere on an object. 
LiOOKUro-OLAlA, look'ing-gln, «. A t nl TTOf; a 

glius which rrtlecta an; <>lijc«l plaonl befree it. 

In Botany, tbe Eiut Indian tree Herit^er* Hft^ralb. 
LooK.-ot;T, iook'oMt,!. Anxiona watching; aean-- 

fbl looknif for any ebfiat or ffteet. 
LOOL, I00I. a. In Metallary^, • <tmer\ nsed to re- 

eeive the waabinKa of at** of Mitala. 
Loom, loom, a. (Jbaw, ^ato, Sai.) A ntWldne 

•r Countvailt fiir wiavbit! ^f^ f'*"^ Umadi 






aiBObdaRd {ram anj rnxiatj of 8to0' or faMt \ 
•^tKm, •* bcm, Dan.) » fowl rawmblinjt; tbe 
, of a 4*1^ oilmr, dsppM wltll wbit« an tti« 
Bcd^ fc«di, aod iriDg» : eummotihr fotutd m Fun- 
blftad. £rxMB j^afe, Id Kwrigatioa, • gnth gale 
of wind, in wtucli a ship out earrj her tojMili 
ft-trip. Xoovi ^a» oar, tliH part of *n oar 
vlncb is frtthm board ; — *. «. to apprar targo 
abava Uie ntrftoe ; to ■['pntr liupjr rban th« real 
AJmrntaaim, aod toi&tiDCtly dUter at tea \>r land. 
LOOV, iMMI, J. (pvUblT from Jim, noedj, Sax.) A 
wmxyttDam; anwcal) a MMUidreJ. 

Tboa cffMnaJbcM k>(M<' 
(oU'at ttmo that gooM look 1— Ohafcc 

Umpv Imp, a (Mm^ t» b«Dii or fold, Itiob.) A 
donlili UuDO^ lAitk ft itang vr Uc« may l« 
dwwn ftrft tw i l ut napcftmbiaadratastlee^ 
la Iw -n w lu^ m pvt «C • bkck of cwb-inn, 
■dtad rif far Of fivp v hMUw. 

Looracuji, iMplnle, $. In a merdiaat (hip, a 
MtU aixrtan in tbe bnlkbead atul uUier puts, 
thnv^ ithidt BBail anu ina^ b* firetl at an 
taemji anapcrtmor bdtfafftfding paoM^; a 
ddft; ananatoD. 
P«r Mtt yim tav* a Is^pMlt Ibr a M«B4l-^n]ldifN. 

LoorooLXO, locijt*bolde, a. Full of apertnm or 

Loonm. looping, f. (Joopm, I>nt.) In Mv-taHargj, 
tbt nasbiK together of tbe matter of aa ore Into 
a HH^ wbea Um ore U coij beated for caldsa- 

LooBXk, loonl. ff. (kcr, a doini, Dut. Awnd, Fr.) A 
■bqgd. dnll feOow; a drone.— ObMleea. 
Staer, ihou^ but a las; toonL- £)nmMr. 
Looc, Icna, a. Fniati j naown. — Otwotat^ 

Bgcaltt thai had lb* gnta fa»a-^C1kauar. 

Loo«a, koa, v. a. <4>«s o4f>% 8<u. iweii, Dot.) 
TamlKDd; tonotjaaoythiagfaitflfied; torelu; 
tofiw bmn DtiproDiiBNat; to sot at liberty; to 
fnm fnm nrr obGgation ; to frn* fnm aaytliing 
IkaC abKkka; to frta fnim juivlbtng painiul; lo 
fitnpSi; to opoo; to aboolri; 
WLoiMaiir Ibao «bato toaaon aarth abaU beJoomt In 

— 4b«.loMtBnl; todopKtliylaowtgtbeandwr; 
—4. (iof, DnL mi Conn.) vaboimdi nrtM; 
DoK faftcr fiml; not tighk; not imrdedi not 
doHarNUipaU; oatoonoBet I"! wanton] d»- 
•ohto; »i>eh ii fff ; ugae; b)detentunat«; notao- 
canle ; not stria or ri^pd ; auoornecled ; ran- 
Uag; bxof body; aoCcostrivo; dUeugaged; nut 
stbcbcd or enalavied ; rcndas; not attiDtivo; oon- 
taoDQ^ QQchiste language ; to brtak hone, to g^ia 
VHbtttj : to escape from ooQfiucmerQt; to let loost, 
to »ft ai liberty; to set at large; to (no Itvih any 
raBtndot; — a, liberty; frredotn from restndnL 

OoiML gl'** llv Mml a Icon, and tailo tfaa pleaaum 
orOw foor.— iTrvA*. 

Looasur, looaX otf- Kotfast; notflnnly; ndly 
to In dbn^ifBi ; wltboat union or cMituxtion; 
imialariy; ncgl^^tly; wttlwut diguily; care- 
Ic*^; memly: tmcliaatdyi wantuoly ; diuo- 

LooiBif. ItM/M, •. n. To talax aoytfatnf tied ; to 
mkalHiaolmDt; to flm from restraint; tofrce 
ftOD tHidan ortigbtoeM; to mooTO coativeneas 
fton;— v.m. to part; to tend to Bepaialion; to 
htomm Umut. 

>^**^ffT«i^fi, looa'oes, «■ State contrary to that of 


Mt»K fut, eooipact, or fixad; taxitr; latitude; 
criminal levitv i inrgoUritj ; negicct of laws ; 
lawdB Mi ; ■Mbaatityi tlux of the bowvh; dla- 

LoMK-ffnilVB, iMw'BtrHb, #. Tti* enoinoo naino 
of tbe ]Jant Lynmadiaofia vtil^ria, and other 
plarta of tbe ntno geoita. 

Lor, lop, r. A. Tb col ofT, aa brtadM from a tr«e ; 
to separate, as exaberancea ur eoferSmotu part* ; 
to cat aaytMnj; ; — a. that which is out ham irsM; 
— (lt}ff>e, Saa.) a flra. — luteal in llw laat HBiO: 

LOPB. JhiMpart itt Lean. — Obooltt*. 

LoPKZKA, lo-[M/a«-a, a. (in honoar of Tbomaa Lo- 
pn, a Spuniah botanist) A (cmiu of plaaia, 
oouiKlrif of erect licrba or aubshinba; OnUr, 

LOFOasDKA, tof-an'dra, t. (hphot, a crest, utd 
oner oatfrof, a male, Gr. in reTrranre to tbo in* 
ttatv being ovsced.) A cenns of plantit, eondal- 
ing ol ahfubs, natiraa of toe Csp« of Good Hopet 
Orivr, ErieaoeK. 

LoraurrnL's, luf-an'tAuK, t. (I<iphot, and owtftoa, a 
flower, Gr.) A gmia of ptuiti : Ordtr, LatuU»ee«£. 

LomtAD^Io>fi'a-dc.#.(fo;>A«iM, oneof ibegeiKTa.) 
A bunity of Acanthoptery^oos Bsbpt, coMftiitlng 
of tbe g«s«ra Lopfaius, AolcDoariiu, Malthv, and 
Batracbns. This fiiniiy formii the redomlrs 
pedicolcs of CorKr, nnd is dt»t tnfriiiahed by the 
booes of tb« carpus Mng flongated, nnd fbnnhi^ 
a kbd of arm wliicb mpiMrta tbe peatonl fint>. 
T1i« Bki'I«foti ia iwinicartjiafrinoaa. 

LoPHlMiA, lo-fim'o-a, «. (kpktMot, nsj of dwwti- 
oatioflt Or.) A gmua of planta^ nativM of Brazil : 
Onjer, MalncMe. 

LohHiODcm, b*fiVdoD, *■ (A^iAot, i cmt, and 
cxfoiu, a tootli, Or.) A ganus of extinct ([oadni- 
pcds fonnd In tortiary etnta. 

LofniHA, 1o-6'ni. M. (bp&M, a ortst. Or. in allo^n 
lo ODO of tho scpila bn'ng intended into a lifralafa 
wing or cr«aL) A genun of plants: Order, Dfp- 

LOPiutis, lofViii, a. (ifjpAor, a crest, Gr.) Agiesaa 
of fiahea, in which Uia bead and bodjr are euas- 
uvuly broad, and somotioMS neaily erbitulari Fa- 
mily, Lu|ituadj[L 

LopnocuinH, lof-oi^er-iii, j. (topAos, a emt, and 
imu, a honi, Gr.) A genoe of Mt^ b vldch 
tbe fii^nt of the bead ia fkuni&hud with ao dontod 
pcorAhaped, boni>Uks protnbcraooe : FaiJu)y,Co- 

LoruoKoCEBOfl, lof-0-DOs'e-foa, l. (Jopiua, a cnat, 
and Amu, a l:oni, Gr.) A (;vt)us of Culeoplorous 
in>«ct<: Family, Longicortiof^ 

LopnoRiTtA, Iof-o<ri'nn, #. (AyiAof, a crest, and HUn, 
a beak, Gr.) A gftius of binU, belon^g to tbe 
Paradiaiadie, or Uinls of Pandiae, In vbich the 
intencapuLata are excceaivoly dorelopcd : Family, 

LDI-Uoimfcurs, lof-o-rinj^lnui, t. {inphos, a crat, 
and tynchos, a snoat. Or.) A genus of tiirds, in 
which Lbc nostnU are aunnountctl by a compressed 
and reconrcd ciwl : PatniTy, CoUunWdK. 

LDi'UOBCtADi;!!, lof-o-tt'a-doiTi, <. {lophos, A crt«t, 
and ahadon^ an nmbet, Or. m rcftm)C« to the 
created win^ of tbe pericarps.) A gnus uf \}m- 
belUfennif berbaceooa planta: Snborder, Ortbo- 
LOf>ao8tA« IufK/iite*s, a. (inpAoa, a crest, Or.) A 

RCnus of Dipterous iasMla i Family, MatciilK;. 



wd Jp«nM, a and, Qr.) A gsaiu of pl«nU: 
Older, SeroplmlariaMMD. 

Lomonif lof-o'tw, *. itopko», a emt, nd m» 
Diet, an ear. Or.) A gnms of birds, bclonicing to- 
tba FaksiuBfe, or Falrans i Family, Falcouidir. 

LommorA, lof-e-ra'pa, «. (lop^os, a cmtf and 
rope, ioelinatioD downwan1% Gr.) A ^iviiua of 
tin canaa Monoeolnsi Order, BranchiopodK. 

LopsTiiua, loTa-roi, *. (^taphor, a cmt, aod ovra, 
a tul, Or.) A grona of* SKOritn rtptil«^ ia wbieh 
tlw brad, bodj, and tail are numottaUd iij a •pio'r 
Croat: Pamilj, Agamidas. Aim, a fjeaoa of XIj>- 
n€iwptaroa» Inaecta : Pamilj, S<cari^er.t. 

LorrKK, lop'pur, «. One tbat iops or cuta trees. 

LoPPnio, iopnag, $. Ttiat which is cat off. 

LOQOACIOCft, lo-kwa'^osi, a. {loyuax, Lat.) G'lna 
to kiccBaot talldng; nouir; speaking; apt to 
blab and renal aaLrets ; talkatiTe. 

LOQUAOlotmirBSS, lo-bwa'sbtu-iio,) s.(logtiaeitM 

Ldqdaottt, k>-kwaa'e-le, f Lat.) 'flii^ 

habit of tfilking continaalty or immodoratoly ; 

LoBAKTiucBJt, to-raa-sUWi^ «. (tarmiAitB, one 
aftbaf[CDera.) Anataralordcrafp1uita,oo(w!st- 
Iqg oUofljr of pamttied Eiofowos ufara^ wub 
«pparil» otim Imtcs md bemapbro^te Howan ; 
pilafa fcar or eight; itameiu equal hi ncmber 
to tbe pctaU; style fiUrorm; ovariDm orat* or 
tnriiinatel itif^m* capitate. Tbe order is nvarly 
allied to Caprifoliioece, tram wlucb it ia cjhIjt dia- 
tiopuabed by tba antbata batag Appoaitc the lebei 
of tbe ooralta. 

lAEARTllua, lo-ran'Uiu, m. (/onrni, a Icatbcr tbong, 
and anAo$, a flower, Gr. io reference to ttie [ioear 
ahapt and leathery «itj»tanoo of the petals.) A 
pnui of pUnli : Type of tbe order Lorsntbacoa;:. 

LoKATft, lo rate, a. {btmm, a thong of libber. Or.) 
Shaped like a thonj;. 

LoMJ), lawrd, J. (hln/hni. Sax.) A monarcb, ruler, 
or goTdnor; 

Uu orer nan 

He madr not lonL— VOlcn. 

anaitarorMipraBnpcnon; atjnni; unoppres- 
alranileri a buibaDd; oiw who li at the head 
0f aay bualQeia; an OTeimr; n nobleman; a 
fOMral name for n peer of Eng^nd *, an honorary 
titia applfed t« ontaio official cbaractcn. as lord 
cUcf Jnatioe: brd mayor, Ac. In a Soriptoral 
■ense, the Sapmne Being, Jebovih; — r. h. to 
dotninm; to mle despotically; — r. a. toinrest 
witli the di|£uity and pririlegea of a lord. 
Il« belnc tbtti birrfMt— 5t«lEt. 
tOKDISO, Ia«Td'ing, a. A little lord; a lord in 
eootcmpt or ridicale ; — (•eldoio used ;) 

Ofm; loni'a tricka and joun, wl*ta jou were bof>t 
Toa wem [irDUj lardlmgi tX%wa.—3kaH. 

ao aooent mode of addraa. 

LlilcQ lanKvr, ir j« list to wve< 
The ea um.— OMiiorr. 

CLoBDUKS, Uwrdllke, «. Befitting a lord; haughty; 
pTDod; insolenL 
LoBDLUissa,latrrd1e-iK9,a. Dignity; lugli station; 
pride; bai^tloMs. 
LoftOLlso, laiml'itng, s. A Utile or dimbotivo lord. 
LOBDLT, lawrdle, a. Befitting m lord; haughty; 
prood ; imperious ; insolent ; — ud. imperii»sly ; 
oetpotieBlly; proudly. 
LOBOOftU, iawr-do'siat f. (lordos, bent inwarda, 
Gr.) liat stato of tbe spine io which it is bent 
iananls; opposed to gpjboBS| cr bmap-baokcdi 

LoRoanir, Iswrd'abip, a. A litle of honoor giToa 
to A ooblenuin; dominSun ; power; aatboirity; 
■eigoiory; domain; a titulary nppelljilton of jud^ 
and some other perMnn in nullioHty and offiw; 
the txtent of tcrritury orer whlcb a lord boUa 

Lous, 1or«, a. (br, Swb) Lesson; docirioe; In- 
st ruction. 

Tb> Isw of nallonL ta the ton at war.— 


LORU^ lawrll, M. (Jtonm, Sax.) Aa ab^oiantd 
soooodrel; a ragranL — Obautete. 
Enrjr torwl aliepeth hjrm to Itade Mwe ftvudM.— 

LoRESMJjr, lon'iaan, a. An uwtnictor.— Obsolala. 

Tlw loramam of th» Blieplwrile-R 

Wu uf Arcjde, BOd l>l«m Pun.— figMer. 

LoiUA!t.«, Io-ri'a^^ a. (fonaur, one of the genera.) 
The Lories, a snbfamtly of ihe Paitlncld*. or Par- 
rota, in whicli the bill is aJightly carved; tbo 
marf^ia of the npper mandiMp MnRat«d ; tlia nrttcb 
obsolate ; lower niaadibhi slender, oonic, ranch 
longer tlian high ; tlie gnnys stxaigbL 

LOKICA, kir'c-ka, a. (Utin.) In AnlJi{nity, 1h« 
Cldraaa, lirigaodioe, or Mat of mail vora bj tbe 
BoMAB soldiery. 

LcwiCAUA, lo-rc-ka'ro-a, ». (Jeriea, a ooat «f muL 
LaU) A genus of fitbra, Qrpe of tbo nbfamily 
Loricarinct Family, SiloridK. 

LoRiCAKUt.E, lo^re-ii'ro'ne, ». (hriecrrUtt ons of 
the genera.) A subfamily of the Silare-% or Oat- 
fiah, in wilted the bend ud body an mailed with 
large osseons platw; bead deprened ; (Tvastnall; 
mouth placed beneath : Family, Siloridn. 

LOUCATB, bwr'e-kate, r. a. ilonco, hritMtiu, IjU.) 
To plate over: to Kpread over, or arm one with 
a coat of defence ; Io com- with a enasl, as a 
chemical nsael, for relating fire. • 

LORICATIOV, lawr-c-ka'ahun, «. The act or opera- 
tjun of eonriiig anything with a enut or plate 

IxtRioKRA, lo-ria'rr-a. a. (bmca, a coat of maU, 
LaL and ixnu, a ham, (Jr.?) A gentu of Ool»- 
optonnisiniKcta: Family, Oarabida. 

Loiiict;t.A, lo-rik'Q-la, $. (Latin, a Dttlo ooat of 
mail.) A gcnos of corals: Famth-, CtUubuil 

LociMEK, Uwr'c-niuT. a. (^l a rm i er. Ft.) A aaddtar; 
a bridlemakcr ; a maker of bits, spmi and meUl- 
moanting fer bridles and saddles.— Obielete. 

LoRiXB, kt'ring, a. Inatnutin diaeooraeL— Oboo- 

Thai nil Uiey, a> a jto4dM» tur ikdorta^ 
Uer w ladoaif did »dnitr«, utitl ttcsrkra'd lo )i«r loriw, 


LORsr, lawm, a. (/orfenen, Sax.) Z^ ; foraakia; 

lost. — SeeForioni. 

But Utoo, lor* alraam, whoor sullen tide 

Ho sedge^cnnm'd aitlim now »tUad.—OMlm. 

Jjynr, lore, ». A parrot of the graoa Lortat: 
Subfaniily, Lorian*. 

LOSAOLC, looc'a-bl, a. Tbflt may be ImL — M* 
dom naod. 

LOBK, loos, r. d. {l<m<7n. Sax.) f>ut and pMl 
part Loat. To forfeit bv nuoccMiM eofltssC, 
■■ opposed to win : to forfeit aa a penalty, at oar 
first parents did tbe favour of God by th^ apea- 
lAcr ; to ha deprived of ; to suffer duBiDatka of : 
lo poaseiB BO boger ; to nusa, so M Dot to find ; 
to separate or alienate; to nUn; to and to pcr^ 
diiloQi to bewUderj to deprive of; oat to att- 



ph^ or iDJo; ; to fquuMler ; to tbrow mrnj i to 
■Ar to nniab &on tw«; to destroy bj stup- 
VTKkt to rain : to emplo; iacflectiuUj : to jMit 
viitt, w u Dol to noOTtf-; to bt freed from ; 
la ioM mm'j tti/, to bo beinlderad ; to hxre tbo 
nwoMi; Mid tmma suspoDded; — *• n. not to win ; 
lo diefiiM : to fail ; to forfeit tnytliiiu fat contost. 
Losmi., loa'al, i. (froin iho ivoi of ixwe.) A eoooa- 
dnl ; • wmiteral, wortlttoM feUoir ; 
»oeh Itgit and trjifcrlliy taoaot CMUy ty WQ kbc- 

— ■. wwicAil; dotlifa].— Obioletc. 
liHBMSB, lK*a>jar. a. (frmn Uat, Mae, S«x.) 
A dMrivK— Obwiotd 

AIm! |« kffte, aunjr • IUm Aaldor 

U to |0«r oov^ uid nuoj k Ia«mf(v>— CkaitMr, 

loco, loM^Hr, s. Ont who is Jeprired of aojtUisg 
bf fbrtiltii% Mint, or th« Uke. 

LoKKOt koi'ii^ M. LoH ; diminutioa ; — a. that 
incur* or brings looL 

Ltw% loi^ «• I>otrttDaat ; privation ; dtminQlion of 
pad; ludlB qipGoitioat dartraotion; daprira- 
tioa: MdtBft; mate; to kor b locr, to moB- 
ttt» ■ loM wUiiont ttaking andar it; to moke 
good; to be at a lou, to b« ooablo to detonnint; 
t* bt pDXiM : to be in ■ Btito of aoGArtatntj. 

LoMrut« loo'f&i, a. DetrinHntal i nouooi.^ — Ot>- 

AvtAflWlBlBkl be l»i9W or i«ijuillcUl to us.— 

Kxranpt frona loss. — Obso- 
No lonj^ peroeptible; for- 

I I ^"^ 

fc Ion, kit, o. fort. 

■H Miod: boirildaod; olwnsted; foanJend; aonk 
^^H or dwt w jod I noDcd ; that cannot b« found. 
^^Mhtrtt bt, 9. (Dntd) ud Fnoch.) In ^mlliaj' 
^^^B kiniwim. bund, dance, fortune ; that hf «bidk 
^^H the iHtaM of OM a detenaiood ; tbe partkolar 
^^B fortBOik pnt, or faia daatiDed for a buman bdng; 
H^f » dMnet MrtiOD or paml of good*; to east toU, 
\ tm vaa or tnw a dici or aomo otbor instruoieat, 
tia luiraiwaiii postbo of wliidi is, br [irenoos 
BgnaowDt, allowed to determins nome uarticiilkr 
enrol : todlrwwter, to haurd the MtlJemont of 
IB eranlf bf diawinj; one thing from a namber, a 
particntar mark oa thn thing dnwn detennining 
tbe nalun of tba er«nt ;— o. a. to asngn ; to set 
apart ; lo dittribote into lots ; to cat4logDe ; to 

fouii eoM, and more eaUte, kind Hearvo 
To Ibis miSLioUai peer hath ^Tca._iVfo«>. 

Lota, lo'ta, ». (/oCor, a waabcr, Lat.V) A ecnoi of 
fiah^ m wh^ tba bodv b elongated and somc' 
wbat aactDlUfoan ; tbe fint dorsal fio triangolar : 
TKtnInu amaU and pointed ; Uader donal aa 
a tlie lait{ lower jaw ciirtlad. 

IxFTB-TMBSi lota'tnK, a. Tbo Aftioao ihmb Zirr- 
pluu lotM, th« tine Igtiu of tbe Lotopbajfi, or 
l«tB*-€al«rB. Tbe fruit ia sold in tbe Barbvy 
mstkola to And cattle. It is also oanrerted into 
■ Uod of bread hj the oatires, Mnngo Parle 
ibaad It eoamxin in aQ tbe Afiioan kingooms bo 

tOHL— Sae Loath. 

Lwi tba Loatlifi. 

VBfmMM^—9m Loatber. 

LoTSai^ WiteB. A (ioife, Lat.) A medieiaal oom- 
paaadad EqoU te «i«Uos tbe akdi, to mak* H 

LoToiniMn, Iol-o-l^3o, a. (bfcs, tbe lotos, aad 

jAnffo, I eat, Gr.} In Antiqoity, a people on ttM 
AfricuD coast, near Srnas, wito lived oa the fruit 
of tbe tno Ziijpliua lutoa. Tbe lotus wag mid 
to be so luariaus a food, a* to insko stmngon for- 
girt their natJ^-o ooootr^. 
LoTTEor, lot'tur-fl, t. (toterie. Ft.) A aobsme for 
tbe distribolIciD of prise* bj olianee, or tbo dlstri- 
botiaa itself; aUotmeot.— Obaolete In the bat 

Falntlnc aadar tetaael Iklee lattny.— 

Amu. * na\ 

LoTca, lu'tos, t. (4km, Qr.) A name ^rtn by tbo 
Ancii'iu to several {danta, bat partieuarly to tlio 
waterUlj sf tbe Nile, sacred to Isis. Tba etbcr 
lotoses were tboae of ilippocralos, CcUla sDAtrs- 
U» ; the Italian lotos, Dioaprnu loLoa ; awl Zixy- 
phus lotus, the tnia latoa of tbo Lotopba^ JUk 
bu oIm fomis a fnoa of LeauUnou plants, 
known by tbe conunao name of nrd'trfiiot trefoil t 
SdMwder, PapUiooaeea^' 

Loud, lowd, a. (JUad; or JmI; Sa«.) Ko&<y; stKk- 
iog tbe rar with great fnros; clsmottios; turbu- 
lent; citiphalicnl; fanpTassiTW. 

Loudly, bwil'le, ad Vi'Uh great uproar or noise ; 
olsoiorDualY ; with Tobameot eomplahits w im- 
portunilT; ooisiljr. 

LOL'DKBas, kiwd'nrs, «. Moise ; cIsmonniSDeas ; 
torboleace-, uproar; great sonnd or nproari ve- 
hemenoe of elsiootir. 

LOLOH. — See Loch and Lake. 

Locia-D'OK| looVdor«, a. A Ftrficb f;oId eotn, 
fint struck in IGiO, ia tbo rtign of l^iois X(M., 
value tweDty-8To diilliogs sterling. Knufhtt of 
St, Loidt, the Dsmp of a military order, iostitotol 
by Louis XIV. id 1603. 

LoviroE, lownj. II. H. (kmffi*t Fr.) To Ttre Id idle- 
ness ; to spend timo kiily. 

LousuKKt lown'Jar, a. A Usy, tndoleut penon; 
one who loitora or spends his time b tdleoeaa. 

LoiTREiHA, low-n-i'ra, «, (in booonr of John do 
Lonreiri, a PortognaBa rcnawniary, wbo travailed 
in China and CooMo-China, of wbicb be published 
tbe Flora ia 1790.) A giaaaa of plants: Order, 

LovuAf low're-a, «. (sManiog not knowa.) A 
genus of Leguminous plants: Suborder, Papi1lQ< 

Louos, lows, «, (&M, Sax.') Tbe oonunon name of 
tlM inoeots of tba genos I'ollculus. /.oMie-trfTy, 
ono of tbe Dsmos of tbe Spindts-tree, Kuonynious 
EuropKui i — r. a. to clean or five flmn liec. 

LoosKWOKT. — See Pcdicninria. 

LoDSiLT, low's«>le, od In a sttnt«l, paltry, menn 

LouBiKEM, low'se-Qca, $. The state of abottMbiC 
with lioc. 

LocfiT, Iiiw'm, o. Swarming wilb lioa; ioAatod 
with IJee ; mean; low; conlvmptible. 

Loot, Iirwt, «. (ywrbapa from leuU. people, Oemi.) 
A WMU, swkward fellow ; a clown ,— «. n. (A/«- 
$am. Sax.) to pay obnsance; to bend or bow; lo 
stoop ; — (obaoleto aa a verb ;) 

I warrt, 1 bow, I looke. I loirf, 

Mjrn rie foloneUi hlr abuuW.— Oommt. 

— r. a. to DTcrpowcf. 

1 am levairf hj a irailor tOlaln, 
Aad caBDOt help tba noble eberatlvr.— 

LonnaB, Inrtlih, a. Awkward; downiab; rul- 





LotmaHLT, lowt'iah-le, ai. With tbe air of n 
down ; in a olunuy, awkward maniMT. 

LocmaBXEU, lowtlah-ma, «. Awkwaidocai ; 
fllowtiUb, nidi bthaiiour. 

LoDTSK, loo'Tor, ». (f'owerf, Fr.) An opaniag \3x 
tbo roof of a cottajt* for Btnolu to eacape. 

LocvKK Wncoow, too'vur wia'do, t. An opeiung 
or window in church itaapfet, which an left open 
or CRMBod li]r bars of wood, piaood so e> tocxcloile 
the nin, bnt admit air, and to allow tbs enuaucin 
of amnd. Louvrr, or bJar icard^ the ban of 
wood which cron tho ll^ta of a loanr window ; 
■be, the murow boards Up[Ung orcr each other, 
jot at BotDfl litttc diiitaiioe apart, which arc placed 
ow Iba eoolen in a hrewerr, or which ootnpose 
Ao woQi of ft whitening, and sometimes i doth, 

LOTAOLS, liivVbl, a. Worthr of Ion; amitble. 

LoTAOB, lar'^e, a. The Engluh name of plants of 
the gcDiu ligTuticam. 

LoTB, lav, v.a. (/ujCnn, heeieaty Sax. &wa, Dut.) 
To ngaid with pasBianata affiiction, aa that of one 
aez to arMtbar; to have a atroog i^mrd for, on 
•ODooat of oartaia qnaliUaa wluch axote plea»ng 
oanaatioos or di^n of gnUllicaUon ; \a reganl 
with parental taidanieas ; to hare Leoerolence or 
gpod-will for ; to be pleaatd with ; t>j il<^ij|^t Ui ; 
— a. an afibctioo of the mind «xdl«il t>y sonuthiag 
pleaaing, aa beaaty, amiabtlify, or intaUectual ea- 
otUeoce ; the fen^ieas or attacbmaat aousting be* 
tWMD Uw aBzea; kmdneas; good-will; friend- 
■hip; ooortabtp; tandemeu; patriotina; panalal 
onre ; tbe attachoumt oae baa to hia uiUve land ; 
beocTotenee ; the object beloved ; a word of en- 
learment; inclinatioiu liking; lewdnot; pictu- 
iwiiieTepreBeDtatioTiaf km; eonourd; due rere- 
lenoe to God. Z«e»-4ipgrfe, the plant Sohianm 
iToOpeia i cum, a speciea of nij^tahade. Lor^-graVy 
the oocKDoa name of phu^ of the f^enos Ens- 
gnetb. Lovt-Utu-hiieiUagt the anaual pUat 
Anaraothoa candtftas. Zoee-trra, one of tho 
aamaa of the b«e Cereb liliqaaatnun, the flowers 
of whidi are of a bright porple colour, and the 
wood beaatifuD; ronod with black. It takes an 
excelleot polish. 

LOTE-BHOKEB, lor'bro-knr, <. One who acta as a 
kind of agent between lovrnj. 

LOTEDAT, luv'djiy, a. A day s«t apart in the olden 
time for tlie amicable sdjunttncnt of diScrenow. 
In lee a leie. tlMre eo«de b* mochiil help.— OMM»r. 

LoTKVATOtni, loe'Ay-Tur, f: Something given to 

be worn as a token of bve. 
LoTBUOon, lu/bdd, ». A kind of thin ^ •tnSl 

— Obeokle. 

8ud) a ttatuparetiej as that ef a elcve, a pleee *t cy- 
prese, or ( eerteadl— JH^r. 

LOTBmOT, hiv'aot, e. A compUcatod fignre t»- 

pnMntiBg nratoal afiectJon. 
LoTKLABS, lov'Isa, «. A iweetbeart ; a female bcv 

loved. — StUlom used. 

Po tootle u Tythoo'e JoeeleeM gaa dl^laf 
Ilcr opall coloun In bw eastsen throat 

LoTKUtu, lav'lea, a. WHboot lore : void of tan- 

dsraeaa, radeannent, or kindnew, 
harrm-iMram^ lurlet-tnr, a. An cpiatle eontaiidng 

inefaokoa rfattadnucM ; a tetter of oovtol^ 
LovsLiLT, lavOfr-li^ od In a OMMir to moiU 

altaehmwil or lore WBiaiAj, 

LorBLiKEas, lav'le-uea, I. Amiabteneai ; qoaStiai 

of mmd or bod; teodliig to excite knre^ 
LoTELOCK, hivlok, a. A term for a oori er leek 

of tadr, worn bjr men of fashion In the rsigna of 

EUnbolh and James L 
LorKLOBJi, hr^wni, a. Fomiken bgr ooe^ IIstb. 
LoTELT, Invie, a. AmUble : poasMiing qoaUttsa 

which maij \urtia oflbdiao ; that maj maka \af%. 
LovEMORaBJt, htT* iu ig-g oi, t. One wbe deih In 

affain of lore.— ObaoleCe. 

Ttiou art an old lovemoivn', and ipcakcit KkQAitlj.— 

Lorca, Inv'ur, ». One who is in knre; a friend ; 

one who regards with kindnesa and oAetioa; one 
who likes or la pleaaed with anything. 

LoTE-SBCBST, Inv'se-ltnt, f. A aecret which maj 
not be loosely divnlged ; e secret between hrrera. 

LonuUArr, lur'shaTt, a. Qay^A'a arrow. 

LoVBftlcK, lov'stk, a. Diaordercd with love; lan- 
guishing with amoroua doire. 

or th» rdkh to «aH a toftoM mind, 
rtarla pnscrlbea J^Mpalr— <7rtMM(&. 

LOTSSOXB, luv'eoin, a. Love! p.— Obsolete. 

Or beaoUftil or Unaond can appear.— Z>rfdai. 

LovBSuiT, luv'snto, a. Coortahip; soUoitftliaD ef 

QQloa in miUTiage. 
LovETiiocouT, Inr'fAiwt, a. Amorona &ncy.— 

Awav to swc*! bed* of ftowm, 
iataO>o*j/kU lie r<cb when eanq4ed nttb bowttn.— 

LomoT, hi/tof, a. A small fane; preaent from 

a lover. 
LoTKTUCK. Inv'trik, a. Art or artifioe esporeaiTe 
of love; 

OtbCT di»|>onB than dancinff JoUlties ; 
Othtf touMett ttiaii glancmit with ihe 

Lonxo, hVinb a. part. Khtd; affectioaat* ; OS- 
presBing kin d n ees. 

Lovixg-KiKoiTBSS, luv'ioK-kTnd'aes, a. A eerfp- 
tuml KoTtl, id^nifyiiig tenderness, dsmNir, or mmcf. 

LoTiNOLY, luvlog-k), ad, AfliMtiooaCaljr ; i^ 

LovmoKBU, Invlng-nea, a. tOndneas; atfbetlsa. 

Low, lo, a. {taag, Pat. %, Germ, hk, Sax.) Net 
htf^i ; not riang far upwards ; not elevated ta 
phice or local Bitoatioa ; not rwtng to the oMsl 
height; deHocndlng far ilowDwarda; despt liok 
lo the natoral level of the ooean bj the n^ing of 
the tide; below the osnnl price or rata of falnei 
not load or noiaj ; gnTe ; m latitadsO Mar tbo 
equator; not rinoig to ao grtat a Km aa soma 
other accumnlation of porticalan; late in time; 
modem ; dejected ; depniesed ; impotent ; sub* 
diied; tiot elevated in rank or etatioa; llk|}«ee| 
diahonoDrable ; betokeniog meenMss oif nundf 
not elevated or aabljnw ; not exalted in tbong^ 
or diction; vulgar; common; sabffliaKTe; boa- 
bk; mvcreot; weak; exfaatneted of vital OftWp ; 
fiMfcle; without fine; moderate; ool inBanana- 
tory; faopovorlabed ; in rsdooad ouvwHkaDOB; 
phun; simple; not rich, high seasoned, or aeo^ 
tahing. Lott-pretturt emffimty a at«nm-«ngino^ tka 
motion or force of which ia prodaoed hf Amaingn 
vamntm within the cylinder, hf diwwing off too 
ataim into another vessel eallad Ihe oearinov, 
and there cooOensing it ;— «dL not akA; not on 
high ; under the osoal prioa ; near tbs nomwl ; In 
times approachfaig towarda oar own : in n aom 





i; mith m dt p wMt d Toiw{ to ■ fUX* of 
ponrto, «r &gnc*; — ko. to utik ; 
to oak* W ;— (oWUte •• as Mtir* t«rii ;) 
Bch th^CMlMioiMlth hto tcbri balqwtl; uahtrhMt 
ndDUi fafan kJuI bt UgbwL— irU^ «. £«*• air. 

—1^ a. (UmBOi^ &u.) to htlSow u k& ox or oaw. 
I>«ihlh**dd usteaffwlMo b«hugnMf orloiMtft 
a« OB onr kto fMdff t-JW tt ». 

LowBCLL, lot<cI, L C£»^, Sax. Cmc«, Scot.) A kind 
at lawltDg ta U>* ni^bt, in wbicb the blnlB are 
s»ik«*ad t7 a b^ JUid Inral by b ftame into a 

Am M anw taHu unsMd are 
Wbk Ugh^ aad irilli aBBMML— 

— «. * 10 tan, m wit^ ■ IpMiatf. 

Jjonii, !•'«»-«, I. (b iMMWor of iba Be?. Ur. Liw.) 
AfEMflf plikU: Ordtr. BcMCMC 

iowu, k^v, K. & To «aaM to dCMMil ; to brin<; 
iM« I7 viy bT MbaiiHioa ; to udw to sink 
^■b; Ml kmsi; to iJwhioh . ta maka Ink in 
fdm «r talai;— ikib I0 gnw !«■: to bU; U> 
■■fc; — •. owparativetrf low; Ion hi^orcl^ 
aitaA. Xwwr OMB, ia ht U mv nm Pan6ag, that 
OM «r aHonUifa of boxea ivhkb ii onnat tbs 
oiafaaltar ; tbt nppv-oMa, or tkat fatthicBt &vm 
kH^ oMrtnnB tbe captak, ft«.i tlN type con- 
tHpl m iIh ivsMT la tailed hmeam, ad inarked 

low's;, p. m. To apptar daifc, ifeoraiy, and 
^00017: tobocloodedi tofnmnt telooknlla: 
to panti — i- elditdiiMni gteooibBBi; BaUenneaB 

lo'v-iu, $. A tanti used bj diaUIkn 
taopnto Ike Maaag of dit rtnagth «r 107 
fiqnar, hj nixing ft with watv. 
•Low^DSSLT, low'w-leg-te, mL With cfaodiaaM 

or ^ooray amet ; gtooinQy. 
LovBaovz, la'or-aoBta, «. LowiaL 
iXowKBT, kw'ar^, a. Gkwmj ; doaij, 
'Xtfwxn, lo'ort, (L Si^ariatiTi of km { dttftal ; 
td or dtfiadad ; OMat low. 
. ti^^b i^ ^M 07 u baUowiag of oattl& 
tinrrAUit to'Sild, 4^ Zam winch ia low, ai ro- 
■pacti aiighbooriag Im^iIj or aloraiad ooanb; ; 
a low or BinhT timBL of ooimtij. 
:Z0WijaoaD, lola-kAl, §. fiombla or depRaaad 
tfxik— Otaaalett 
For «to fNOi Mo tn vndar leulBeod, 
Sa&lletbnetloflnaUiigraoaaDil niir fliiMiKi. 

LowtAT, lale-la, otL Hiunhljr; Mitliout pri^; 

iatta)]f ; without dixoitr- 
LotwuVKM, to'WtMi, t. Humtlitj; froedom froni 

prida; ■uMiwii; want of dignity; aljaol de- 

LcnriT, laHc BbdMoi rarvk; ntild; moan: 
wwtinc diiputj « nuk; not groat : not loftj or 
MhfltoBi OOl^tTBtod io local aituation i lowt — 
mt, aat bMri swuiljr; witlMat Rraodenr or 
«lpAy; knilri aadtlys moAmij. 

tows^ — 8m tOBO. 

towKSk kmvd, «. (4r>ph, IcaL) Cahn and mild ; 
««l if Ibo wiadt ondar eof«r or alrdtar.— Loeal. 

Ltjwyua, Vaa^ a. Tbt atala of bung Ioh ele- 
TBicd tbaa aomotbiiic olB^ or imng a anudl way 
ibon tba pond ; imatiinaa of ohanwtar or oon- 
^Edn, whadw awaUl or aalanial ; want of rank 
crSffiljt wtaA of auUiBkity in styker sentj- 
■NOt; onbaiiaMnMBit jipwioo k foTtane, 
atnm|tb, or tntcnrity; d^jntioa; p av enoaa or 
•aftatoi af iMod. 

Low-«nuntD, iMpnTit-ed. a, t>^ce«adi do- 

t>rMBid ; oot riracioaf or liTdy ; not Bprifhtly or 

Low-anstncvBM, l»4|dr1ft-«d-DM^ «. O^ao- 

tMoofarind; atate of b^ng «i!hoai bBpa or •»- 

Low^moi:oiiTSD, t»>«Uwt'ad, a. HarinK Ika 

mind uecnpird with opbcoMnl innaiiliiaiiBM , 

moan of Motitnent ; aaiiaa mhilail 
Luw-wnru, lo'wbu, a. The imor frodDoad fren 

tb« llrat diftillation of fermcDtod liqoon ; tha Sat 

Txm of thostilL 
LoxAimnuu, kkaHui-lAe'ra, «. (feata, obBona, and 

ofrtkra, an anUw. Gr, in roCanMa to tta iU- 

miQta baing oarrad at tha apci.) A gma of 

pknta : Ordar, Lonathaeav. 
LoxiADA, kka-i'»-da, «. (htia, oot of tbt nasra.) 

Tba Ora»-biIla, a fiunily of pifiibiM Hrda, in 

which tbo tdll k toodonto^ rtmi^ and vofjr mmA 

oonpnaad; tba two laandiMai «qtH% cwid, 

b0<A«d, and tba ilungpkJ parti iiiiwina «di 

LoxotKtx, lokit'o-don,a. (hxxM, obllqac, and odloM, a 

tooth, Gr.) A ceoDs of flahea of th* ^nraekd 

Shark kind : Family, Sqoalids. 
lA>xooaoMio, tok»H>Hlraa1k, o. (^mm, obli^oc, 

aod drvmof, oonrae, Gr.) to NaTignitioa, tb« 

lozodnnak ^iral ia tha corra on whkh a ship 

Mill when her eourta ia always on oot point of 

tha eompaak U ia otUad, bi Ci^liab worki^ Iha 

rAomfr Am*. 
LoxoD&oMlOB, laka-o-drtan'Bca, a Tbo art of 

obliqni aalling by Iba tboiab, whkh alwayi buUmb 

an oqaal aq^e with avaiy nwridun. 

LaxoHU, Mu-c'ot-m ». (tooa, obfiquo, Or. Aon 
thocharactarof thaflowfn.7) A grana of boba- 
oeooB pkots: Ordar, CaiiKiaeBik 

LoxonirLLOv, ld»«>fil1an, «. (kdgn^ •U^D^ 
aod pltfliiM, a kaf, Gr.) A now of demy ber- 
baoaooa pUatai Ordcft 8<npniriniBoaM. 

Loxona* kki-o'tia, «. (koea, ofaUqao, and tmi etea^ 
an aar, Gr.) A gnua of planta: Oidar, 0«- 

LOTAL, ky'ol, a. (FtaBch.) Obodkati fiotbAd or 
dntiftil to a aoTvrogn or aopoiar ; o b aari ii ia gnat 
fida&ty in lorai not traaaiacow or dk p oa u d to 
fkkto pUgbtad mk 

LoTALtar, Nj'al-kli & Odo who aAcna odd 
CTcry oppowSoD to Um caan of bii aonnip ; 
oi>« who moJatabw bk allegjaaoa to hk pnoca 
wbea otben |nww lakawarm and rvrolt. 

LoTAtXY, loy'aMo, ad. With fidelity ; with firm 
adbeeMm to a prinea or aovtnign ; with AtkUty 
to a lorer. 

LoTALTY, Ioy'al-t«, a. nrai and lattliAil darotioa 
to tbt QBUH of a princt or aotareigD \ fiddity ta 
a htsband or lovtv. 

LoxAXiA, lo-sa'aoHi, a. (matning not i^tod.) A 
gpnoa of planti, owiktiag of Iftaa, nativaa of 
Kew Granada. 

LOKEHOI, ka'a^ a; (Jbaaw^ F^.) Id Gootnttrr, 
a Bgon with fbnr tqoal ^aa, harioj; two acuta 
and two obtOM an^aa; a rhomb. In Hrraldn-, 
a fi|:nre on which k ivproaanted tho coata of amis of 
maJdana and widows Among JtweUnt, lotangfS 
art coBuoon to brillianto and roaa ^amondiL In 
Confectionary, a small eaka of pfBaarrad fhilt, or of 
HifCar, ao called fmni tta original rfaomboidal form ; 
— a form of mcdtdoe io small piatat, to ba chawed 
or hfid is the month liU maltail 





LOKBltOBD, WoDJd, q. Mjide into tbe e]iai)i> <v 

LoRBNor, loz'en-je, a. In Hentilrv, U\iag it.L 

6eld or cborgo corered with loungM. 
LtTDUASD. — Soo Lubber. 
LuutiliR, lab'bur, t, (Ihb, Welsh.) A eturcl; drone ; 

tn idla, bulkj, clumsy fellow ; i clown. 
I.I)B8ttKtr, lub'bar-lc, a. Bulky ; heavy t nn- 

gunly; vritlioot activity; ctuuuiy ; Ufty; — ud, 

awkwardly ; duDiKly. 
LiTBnnA, lu>tn&'e-a, (. (in bonour of M. do St. 

Labin, ■ Frtndi officer, who travirUed in tbo But 

lodioa.) A genus of cieeping plaut«, iut)\'os of 

the Cipc of Good Hope ; Order, I^iimulaceiB. 
LuBUIC, iu'brik, a. (Uibriout, Lat.) Huviug a smoatli 

»ur{ac«; alippery ; unsteady; wavering; Inacivi- 

oui : loinl ; wanton. — Seldom used. 

ThU tuMc and aduUeratc mg9^I>rydat. 

LOBUCANT, lu'bre-kaiit, t. Tlikt which lubrioates. 

LumuOArs, lu'bre-kate, r. a. (Jubrico, Lat.) To 
make imootb or slippery. 

LuBRlCATun, )u'bro-kAy-tur, s. That which lubti- 

Lddsicity, ]a-brJ5'e-te, «. Slippcrineas ; smooth- 
Bcss of ftorfuce ; aptocss to glide over iiny p&rt, 
or to fncilitato tnatlon ; nncertainty ; instability ; 
lo«rdn«ss; loKivvousness ; lechery-, wantonnesa. 

t«trBaicocs.Ia'br(>-kas,ii.(/y6ncw,LAt) Slippery; 
anooth; unsteady; unoertsun. 

LuBRirACTiOH, lu-bre-£ik'iitiun, i. (/ufrrtctu, and 
/ado, I make, Lat.) The act of making smooth; 
the act or operation of tniJcitig slippery* 

LuCAiti.!, lu-ka'rc-a, «. llio nAmc of a feast cele- 
brated at Borne, on the 18th of July, in memory' 
of the Sight of Ibe Bomaas Into a great wood be- 
tween the T&ttx and Salaria, where they found an 
uylum, and escap<«d >deAmcl)on from the UanU. 
Tbo word is considered as derived from /ucui, a 

Luce, luae, *. A pike full grown. 

lACBANUTit>, lu've-nifits,) t. (from a person of tb« 

LDOAXun, lului-nisU, / luuno of Lucianus or 
Loomus.) A relipous sect of the soouid century, 
who believed In the materiality and dauiad tho 
immortality of the muL Another sect of tlw same 
■ame, some time afterwards, taught that Qod tbe 
Father had always been a fiUber, and that he had 
the oamo mea before be bq^ot tbe Sou. 

LoCEXT, to'icnt, a. (fwnw, Ljit) SbhUlig; bright; 

LdcsrU, lu'ao-rcs, ». In Roman Antiquity, the 
third in urder of the IhrM tribea into which 
fionnhu divided tbe poopte, indudin]; all fui eign- 
on, and so called from the Utcus, or grove, wluru 
ha opeotd an asylum for tfaern. 

LoccmitlB, lu-se'ro-ns, <- (Aroenu, a Ump, LaL) 
Id MytUitucy, a name j^ven to Jupiter, u lAooria 
Wks to Juno, tliaae being eoosiderad as the deltiea 
who gave light to the world. 

Locuuf, lu'aem, a. A name given to oevtaiii apeciea 
oTtnfiiU, belonpng to tfa« geaas Uedioi^ Jtf. 
mIhki is reckoned aa raloule and bulky in cre^ 
M red clover, llio nntTitire property uf lueern 
to tbit uf clover b as 28 to 89. It affords ex- 
odbnt food to oows, whether in a green or dried 
Kau, both in toerMaing milk and batter, and in 
fanpioviag their flavour. 

L|]CElorA,lu-aat'aa,t.(Latui, abunp.) AgmttBoT 
Uulloaca, in which tbe bhoU is diacoid, with Mvorat 
gndiultd wborii} the urfiHt crunlntedi lb* 

-lightly clevntod; droumftmne arinateds 
tb, when present, oa the outer Up only: 
1 ; , -. \j( the nbfamfly Laetmfaw. 

LucuitNA)^ lu-ecr'nal, n. (Jmerwo, a lamp, LiL) 
Pertaining to a lamp or lantsro. Jjnotrnat ■w 'e i" C - 
scope, 001 adapted to exhibit objects of a msgniftrd, 
rin npoo a screen, being iUnuUnated by means of 
a huip, and the rest of the spartaieoe Miag kcfi 

Ldcbknakia, la-««r-na're-a, t. (btoena, • lamp, 
Lat.) A genus of Polypi : Order, Camoii. 

LDCERXBU.A, lu-eer-uol'la, *. (JtM«o, I shine, Gr.) 
A £euas of Uollusca, in wbich the sheU is mall 
and striated ; tbe outer lip with maigioal taeth \ 
inner lip with an elevated toothUke teclli-plata; ' 
umbilicus generally per^'ious: SaUamily, Lnoar- 
niiiie. I 

LcOEaimriB, lu-aer-nJn'a, a. (/tMKrwa, one of the 
genen.) A subfamily of the HeUddiv, or Testa- | 
CBons Saatis, including the Lamp Soails, or Lmd 
Volatoi. TbesfaelbarediMoid; tbo apn MMraely 
raised; the sabstaooo ao&d; the anrfboo eitW 
eninalatod or stiiatud, and tbo aperture generally i 
tootbe.1 I 

Lucii>, In'sid, a. (JwiAta, Lat.) Bri^; aUoin^; 
glittoing ; pvllucid ; trarupnrent ; bright with tbe i 
radiance of tntellMt; not darkened by madiMM: | 
cbarscterixed by the calm operatioDS of reasoa; 
clear; distinct ; eaefly tmdoistood. I 

LL'clDA,Ia'ud-i,o.(/(K'i(iluf, bright, LaL) AppUed ; 
formerly to the bright &tar in any constdLition, j 
OS Lucida Hydra;, Lucida Ljrnc, &c. , 

LuciDBLLA, lu-sc-dolla, 8. (JticUbu, brij^t. Lot) ' 
A genus of Land Volutes, in which the ahetl is , 
BUbCrochiform I tbe spire conic and mddeoly ' 
pointed ; tbe outer lip fomi&bed with marglnat ' 
tubcrculatmi teeth. ' 

LrciDtTY, In-sld'e-te, s. Splendour ; brigblaea.— I 
Obsolete. I 

LtrciDStesB, lu'sid-nes, «. Tnmspamicy; ds«r^ < 

LraiDtiLA, In-sid'u-U, a. (htcidtta^ Irri^t, bit) 
A geons of Land Volotea, in wbicb tbe shdl it 
cbaracterized by its transreree aperture, by both 
lips being much thickened and united ; the ootar I 
with marginal teeth at tbe beee ; the umbUicQB 

LccttCH, luM-fer, a. (kr, &km, ll^bt, and firo^ 1 
bring, Lat.) In Poetical 31ytba|ogy, the aoa of 
Jupitvr and Aurom; tbo moraiug star. Vooaa 
is oatlcd Lucifer when aba rises bcftnv tbt sub in 
tbt moraiog, and Hespenu, or lbs erauig ste^ 
when she sets after the ann. Abo, a name 0vea 
to Sutan. Lucifir ntoCcActf, ilipi of wood dipped 
in socb a comiosition that it will inflame eitlMr 
by finction, or wbio aCghUy touched by eulpboris 
add. ' 

LtciTBRA, lu-aifa-n, t. In Mythology, • mnumo 
j;ivGn to Dinna, under which title »be waaiBTokad 
by thu Greulc Udie6 in cbUdb^. She was rapff*- 
Hentod as oovared wHb s large vdl, inisnpMMd 
with utars, bearing a erasomt on bier bead, and 
holding a lighted tiambeaa in her hand: caUsd 
also Lodno. 

LcTOirERlAir, luw-fe're'Bn, a. Bdati^g to LosUiM-* 
or lu tbe Ludferians. 

Lt»;irBntAlis, lo-ae-fe're-aaa, «. (from Lodfer, tha 
hishwp of Csghsri^.) A w<C of rdigioaists of tbe 
fourth century, who tnught that tlte soul, wludi 
Ibqy cooadsrod to bo ofa cwnal oatnre, was toM" 








mittril to » child from ito Iktikn. Tbcjr m*T9 ri^ 

LiKsnmoKSi lo-iifflr'ai, a. Giving %^ii i «<ltrd- 

iQ| a MM oT diMorar. 
LDCtnaoecLT, ta-MfWiu-K ad. Jlo m to du- 

Ltxinc, la-nTik, a. (Aur, light, lod^eM, I uuIm, 

Lal) Htkng light ; pnxlDcing ligbu 
LcctroBM, Id'm-C»wtid, n. Having tlu lutun or 

fonn of fight ; Itocmbling Ii|;1il. 

LocxMiTSBf Ift-aiinVtar. «. (&>x^ hett^ U^t, and 
■ifl«r, I iMHBrt, L&t.) An ftppantiu appGod 
hj B««gv (or nMatninK tba inleiuilT of %ht pro- 
niiliiif fimiB dlAonnt htwliffL 

LsCDlA, ln-«i'ma, «. lltietOy 1 ahino, Lot.) A geau of 
Unln MoUaick, m wldch tho iifacU b gooonUl; 
nood ar acUedar, aatiilatwl, and tho oat«r tar- 
flwi mlptand, tlie Bgnwats cxlarnat : Family, 
lUlMUflb la Uphdogf^ a name girtn to Diana 
or Jbbo^ ai pntfilng orer ddldblith ; to called 
hinwii ^ OBogbC ehildnn to ttw light (from 
faB^bcu, GgU). 

Lcccr.CA, lo-w-D^a, a. (Ineiu^ ooa of the nantfs 
of Diana.) A genua of planla: (Mer^ CSatho- 

LcciOPEKCA, la-M-e-per'ka, s. (JUceo, I ihiof, and 
/OTO, a pvdtt LaL} A genua of iiibfls i Funil,r, 

Luck, hA,a. OKi;^«fc, DuUpftK^, G«nn.) The 
rmuoe or ^aoocs wlu^ may oocnr to a pereon in 
Ilia intnooBm vith aoctetj; aa ortnt, good or 
ill, aActing a inao^ iatcraet or happiiicas ; casoal 

l4:cxiLT, Itik'«-t«, ad Fortanateljr ; b; good far- 
taw; with ■ fiTottnhk ant, 

IxGMjMMss, Isk't-umf r. Good Attoso; a fiiToar- 
■U* iaat or annt ; tbaitatoof bdng fbitnnate. 

ZJOCMimaa, hk^ & Unfartmutat mbappf; 
meMiagwith Qlaaeoia. 

LccKT, Uk'e, «. FortBUta; toMting irilh good 
bitmm at taoamt pcodndog gMdoMxpeetadljr; 

ZxcaaTTW. lolm-tiT. a. (Iwrsi^ Fir. Aura/Aw, 
ImL) Gaia&d; pivfiublo; tamUng to iocnaM 

LecaMtla'btt. (Fmcb, Jwrwn, LaL) Gain; pro- 
fits f w a i ii r y adwaatagfi, guKralif in an ill 
MMt; — K Ok to Ib*« a iukt of pecaatuy adToo- 
ta^— ObMbU u • wb. 

LooBimotra, In-krU'er-nt, a. (/Mnm, and ./Sro, 
I kfio^ Ul.) Oainful; prafilabk^-StUom 

Opaolng »«ai ui w Wllll Ika k»J at hiartftnjma lOTMi- 

Lctnnnc. lo-kriTlk, a. (fc t raw, Mxti/aeio, 1 make, 

Lit.) I'nxiudDg nin. — OWtltU. 
LcCTAno5, Iiik-U'ifasn4 •. {tmctatio, Ut) Strqg- 

gle; efibct; contest.— Seldom used. 
Lccnaoxoun, Ink-tia'ao-naa, a. (_liicUtomia^ Lat.) 

Raving a moomrDl wtuid. 
tccrcAL, Ink'tn-al, a. (from luittB, gdtt, Lot-) 

TimwifNo; producing gricC—Obaoleto. 
Lcct'BaArK, lulcn-brab!, r. n. (hicwfrns I^t.) To 

Mod/ or WMk hy candle ot a lamp ; to stiuljr bj 

LccvsiuTioir, la-kn-bra'alion, «. Stodjr bj a lamp 
or tr^ candta-U^t; DOctunMl KtadT; ■njthing 
oampaRd Djr ai^, or in oulltJir]- rnir«tn<-iit. 

t/^cvBsaioaT, ialra-bnijr-iar-t, a, Cojii{<nmd \tj 
• iBip at Bt^t, m in rrtlmntoL 

LroiTLautT, la'kn-Init. o. (iMuttntm, LaL) Cleart 
transparent ; locU ; ertilant ; luniioouik 
Tba oKMt faMlMrt imtiaumim Utal tb» Chrtttlui nll- 

(km bath.— Aolw. 

LtrcuLiA, In-kn^^a, a. (^bcB/i «m is the name 
prea to the tna b^ the NtpaulMc.) A grnua nf 
ptanta, comuting of a beantifnl Irre with nreet- 
■oaotad ^mea of ptok-toloarcd dowant Order, 

LccmUf In-kn'ma, f. (the name glTcn to am of the 
ipedea in UrazIL) The Mammae Bapota, a genus 
flf planta, cousiatiDg of laoteacent trees, naltvas 
of Mexico and Sooth Amirica; Order, Sapotaeeff. 

LircTA, In'te-B, e. Qn heooor of Loey Doeal, the 
■ictcrof FrDfeMorODcalof Montpollior.) Ageaot 
of bartwwm pinta : Ordar» CtncbooMeiK. 

Ll'descbkt, In-dei'attl, a. Flajful ; spartlve. 

LrDiA, la'de-a, t, (ladb^ I ipoit. In raltfueeto tba 
Icavea of I^dia IntflnphjDa ipoiting into dlf- 
fwent rcmu.) A ^ani of plafita; Ordrr, Diiaea«. 

Li'Dinaiuct, la-dih're-ox, s. (MtiriMiM, Lal.) 
Wanteo ; qiorti**; 

LtmiOXOOe, ta'de-kma, a, (hdktr, Ut.) Bur- 
lee^ine; mcnj; tending to tsdte buigh tor; epor- 

LimtCKOiTBLT, lo'da-kraa-le, ad ^wrtinlj; In 
barlesquo; in a maaner lo excite laughter. 

Lut>icaoi:flXK88, lu'de-ktua-oea, t. SpOftlTaneai; 
boiiesqiw exblbilioe ; bcrj oast or masnar; the 
quality of exciting bogfatcr. 

LcDiriGAnoN, Itwle-fa-lca'kban, *. The act of 
mocking, or mAkiog aport with attotlirr. 

LtTDirtCAToar, lu•di^o-ka•tar-^ a, Mockljig: 
inkkiog spoit; trifliitg. 

LCDLCW BoCKB, iud'io niks, «. A name pven by 
tlnn-hisoii to the nppcr pertjon of tlw Silurren 
Bjstnm, u dereloped near Ludlow, in Shrop- 

LvtiwioiA, hid-wlg'e-i, t. (in honour of Pn>fn< 
eur C G. Lodwig, eotfaor of Definitionea Plan- 
taram.) A genuagflMriwiwwa planta, naSiveaof 
India t Order, Onapaovh 

LvTF, hif. «. ihfa^ Goth.) The palm of tbo hand ; 
—Hoa\;)—{tff/', Fr.) in Naotical bngnags, the 
Older to tba helmsman to put the tiller towaidB 
the lee-sida oF the alitp, in order to make it eiiil 
nearer in the direction of the wind : alM, the 
roandest part of the bow of the ship ; htffnf a 
tail, the font or wcalbcr part ; hiff roimi/, the 
order to throw the ebip's hoed up in tbe wind, in 
order to tjidc her; to iprmya A*JK to yield to tbo 
eflbrt of th« Iwim, by aaihng nearer to the direc. 
tloo of the wind than the »bip bad lem doing 
before ; hufp f<mr hiff, tlte order to the hclmnmia 
to keep nearer to the wind. L^ff-ktdJe, aujr large 
tackle not destined for any particular plooe, but 
may be rariooaly employed aa oceatlon ttqnirea; 
— «. a. to sail nearer the wind. 

LorPA, loffo, /. ijovff, the Arable name of LuflU 
iEgyptiaea.) A geaue of planta : Order, Cnnir- 

Lra, log, r. o. (afiinm, fft/t^ffitmy Sas.) To haul 
or drag; to pull with forces as eoaiRtiiin^ eum- 
brooa or diHIvult to mora; to carry orooovoy «ith 
labour ; lo tm/ otU, to draw a aword, in a bitrl^squa 
aenae; — r. pl to drag; to move heavily: — e. a 
Miull flab ; the oar ;— (Scottiah in the laat aemr, 
but valgBT}) — a pole or pcrah : a laod mMMurt. 
— Ob«>Iete^ 

LuooAQX, Ing'g'je, a. Atiythlng cumbroiui and 




fauvy to be carried; tnTelliog tamy; ■om*- 

thlng of mora wMgbt tluD Ttlue. 
Ldooek, Ine'^r, «. (JogtTf DuU) A small venel 

cu-ri-ing cttbrr t*ro or Uu«o aaMt ^th a running 

bow^rit, apon wbioli an wfc h4!aaili, and oeca- 

iiaoalljr whh topaub adapted to thnn. 
LvotAiL. loi^Mle, «. A squire laU bent opoa a 

yard wbkh banea ebliqiwi7 to tim maA, at ooa 

third of ita length. 
Looimiuous, lu-Ku'br«-u*, a. (kigtirw, Ial) 6or- 

rowftil; motnfiU. 
LoBBA, U-bo'a, L (in honov of Chartes Van dcr 

Ldto, kGarnaa botaniat) A gmm of pUnta, 

WHHiiating of tna^ luttires of BimuI : Ordar, TUi- 

Ldjdla, lo-ja'la, 4. (fnta the Calabrian nama j'a- 

Uola.) Ooa of tbo namoa of tbe mod SomI, 

Oicalia aortoaella. 
Ldkb, or LsuKE. — Sm Lakawann. 
LOKS, Idu, *. Tba name of one of tfaa four evan- 

gafiM^ toA of tho ptfA vbJoh ht vrotf. 
LuKEWABM, laka'wawnn, a. (laowa, faoiivai, Dat.) 

UoJcrtuJy or nOd^ vmn ; iniiifcrcnt ; not ar- 
dent : not ualooa. 
X.tTKKWAttMLT, luk^wnfrrm-Ic, ad. With tnodo- 

nta warmth ; with Indiflbrenoe. 
LcKSWAunrKU, luke'wawnn-naa, t. Hod«nto 

or plnnag haat ; indifFaronea; want of aidoar. 
Lull, hil, v. a. {hdler^ Dan. AiUM, Oann. and Dut.} 

Toeompoae; to quiet; to pot to rcit; — v.n.X.'i 

OMaa ; to bacooie tranqni] ; to subaide ; — f. povM 

or qoali^ of aoolhuig. 
Lullaby, lol'la-bi, a. A aoiig to aooth or quiet 

babea; that which qoieta. 
LuLiAX, Inl lor, 1. One who foadlei or InUa chit- 

Ltnc, tnm, a. (UamA, Su.) Tb« oliioaiAjr of a oot- 

tigc — LocaL 
LmnAOi^ora, looi-baj^m-iu, a. I'aitaluing to 

LcioiAao, lam-ba'gn, a. ((jitin.) A rhtumatie af- 
fection of tbe Inmber mitadaa. 
LcK&AL, lu.'n'bal, > a. lo AtiatDOitj, partaintog to 
LcMRAK, Ittm'bar,) iba loins. 
LniftER, hunlmr, a. {lumpm^ G«rta.) Aajthing 

unlaw or etBaber«orn« { aiiTtliing ^ mon bulk 

than valna; old atnfft bann-, miachief; — (load 

io tha laat two tenaea ;) — v. a. to be«p Itka uaalesn 

good* imgotariT; — v. n. to mon haaviljr, as if 

opprwad wUb hii own bulk. 
LuMBUi-Kooii, Inui'bur-nwm, ■. A pUee naad for 

kaeping old or o&cImi articlea. 
LtiHBUCAL, lamlirv-kal, a. fiooombHng a worm ; 

ptftaioiag to the lotos. 
LuioiBiciPOBii, hrni-bri^e'fawrm, a. fieMmblicg 

a worm in ihApo. 
LuiiBUODB, hun'bre-kas, a. (Latio, a worm.) Tbe 

Caith-wonna, a gmiit of aeUgeroiia Aniulidca : 

Type of tha family LtirobrldnaB. 
VauMmamMA^ hmi-bnMia'ra, a. (hmbrieut,, a werre, 

Lit.) A gniH of Annelidaa: Order, Darn- 

LtiKisaJiT, Itt'ine-aar-e, a. (AnoAMww, LaL) A 
bodr wbich giraa lights partkohrly apfdled to one 
of tM '^— **-' arte ; ooa who aoUgliians mankind 
kf MUag lildHgwioa, or imputing Inatnic- 

LonBATB, LimiXATioK.— ^ec lUominate, Tlhirai- 

Louatm.^'Sm Qlaabie. 


LDwutiFKnors, In-me-mf'er-iia, ■. (Amm, aod 

/m-), I bring, Ut) ProJodng UfbL 
LcuisoDS, la'uM-Dus, 0. (AmJaMHs, iM,^ SiiD- 

ing: emitting Ug^t; Ulmatoaled; bright; olear. 
LcMDtouBLV, la'Di»*nia4a, «L In a MkIii «r 

■billing ouuuur* 
LcMniooaTMB, hi 'oie-nat-ma, a. BrightoMB; 

omfnioaQf&^l daaniae; pawp fa Jfrf. 
LmMB, hB'BMk«> Oaeoftbapfcrnnolat MOMBaf 

Uia SpeoUed Olrv, or SpacUed Looa ; tha bird 

Colymbos articoa of Unnanu. 
Luju>, tump, a. (tbmp. Germ. Dan. and Swed.) A 

amaO BMiaof mitterof do paiticular ah^w; a 

nuHi of tUags thrown together wiihout order er 

■naQpaMBli (be whole togcth«T ; tha gfvm; 

BUM BBdMBgaliAed i—v. a. to take in tha graaa, 

irithoot attMtion to portieatara ; to throw InSo a 

Ltntnico, lamp'iag, a. Large *, heaTy; bttlky.— 


Hlrk, thoa AhaU bar* a fauMtMMnnjwortti.— 


Lvnnm, lumplab, a. HeaTj; groei; doll; te- 

aetive; bulky. 
LcMPianLT, lump'lsh-l«, od. Wth heaviooH er 

LuMnituxKMt lunplah-DMi a. Ueavlnea; itD- 

piilitji; dalaeaa. 
LtTMrr, lump's, a. Fall of lomiM or eampBd 

Lamr, Inm'c, i. Tha Swaet Lfano-tr«e, Lfandra 
emtHgada of Braxit, om of the variatiaa of Ctatoa 

LtrKAcr, lu'oa-ae, t. (from ftmo, the bwoq, lat) 
A flpeciaa of ioswity or meaneHi, lOppOKd to be 
iofiaeDced by tbe moon, or periodical in tbamonrb; 
madnem in [^oraL 

Lchanba, Io-n«'oa-a, $. (in bonmrof John Loatn, 
author of Hortoa JamaioeoM.) A gmu of 
plants : Order, Tenbistbacee. 

Li:!f AR, hi'nar, > a. (Ivmarif, Lai.) fMatin; to 

LirNARV, Iu'iiau--r,t tin moon; netmblUu; tha 
moon ; orb«d tifca tbe mooci ] aodar the inflnanee 
of the oioon ;— <obaolet» in the Uat aaoaa.) Im- 
nnr emattCy fused nitrate of rilT«r. L mmar oorwae, 
timiiat« of silver. Z^Mor o6a<r*alM«, an oboar- 
muon of t\f moonV diataDOe fiMn a atar, for tbe 
puTpoee uf finding tbe loogitado. Limar ramhoip . 
u rabbow occanoned by tha nflootJoo of tha Egbt 
of tha oMon. It dIAn in no mpeet from tbo 
cummoQ rainbow, eaeept in being exoaecfiBgly 
fnint in colour. Tbe pbeootncna is of mj ran 
oecunenea. /jmar tAtory, the dedoctioB of tbt 
motion of a planet from tbo Ltir of graritation. 

LcniARiA, lo-na're-B, s. {tuna, the moon, Lat. fmo 
rbo reaemUance to U in tbe bmad nlvery dilM|i- 
manta.) Runesty, a gtnus of Cnxtifemu pllBia: 
Subordier, rirumfaiaea!. 

LcKAKiAK, hi-na're-an, i. An Imhatatant of tbe 

LiniATSD, la'nay-ted, o. Shaped tike • halt 

LiTMATic, In'fiA^ a. Aflbetad with a wftdim of 
madnee*, ioppoead to be itUlaatiMd by 1^ no« ; 
— 1. a madman. 

LtVATiox, In-na'thun, a. (AaMdio, Lit) A i«f»- 
Intion of the moun. 

Li.'Kcn, lonsb, la. A portion of bod 

LuMcnEOM, liut'thnn,) between rv^lar 

LrMB, lune, a. (Jbm, lM>) Aeythi^i Id Ifaa 




of • haif-mooa ; ft fit of nudnca or huacy ; « 
btak: — (otafoltU in the lut two mum;) 

• kaib, u Ifcs hnc of ■ kawk. 
Lcvn; ) ta-4«t', «. (/naitfa, Fr.) la Futtifica- 
lOVSm^f tion, ■ work tnniljir to a nTolin or 
iltipiit*'''*, boing gmtnllj of eiuUor dimoMiotu. 
In Opika, a ^pwioa of planes are called hmmat. 
In Arehhectan, acjUiuIrical or spbtfieal apartare 
ia a otUing. In tht Uanegei, a liatf bona abcw, 
or BBob a aboa ai waola tlw iqionKB, that ia, tt>c 
part of Iba bnodi wbieb nioa toirarda the qttar- 
tm» tt tbe foot; alaoi, tb» name of two Binall 
faaOH of ftU made round and boUoir to cUp oi>on 
tba «7«a of a Tieioos bone, Uiat ia iq>t to bita and 
Mrikc fritb bis furefLKt. 
JUmn; fai'Ht, & A Unla moon. 

iBmawn, iMgri, a. Raving lonea, or H»D«lliinR 
nHBfeUns tbiir mada of aetJoa ; drawing in and 
VipnltD^ HT. 

LnnBoiTs, faa'jo-ni, o. UaUmoai spitrfuL — 

X«inwU) lon'jia, * (tongit. Lit.) A tbgem; a 

LrvoSt bap, & Tba oigBs of iMpntieo in rer- 
libi a lid aniMh. Lmig$ fflats, an inatmmont or 
appwalua wad witii the air-pompt to prova the 
dHtiB)l7 0ftbonr. 

Lotswoit, hiog'wDrt, V. Tho conmon name of 
tto plaata bdoai^g to the f[«ntu pDlmonirik 

iJnDVOKM, iB'ne-ftimn, a. Bcoanbling tho moon. 

LmotOLas, In-iW'OD'lBrt a. (fano, and tot, the ran, 
Uib) Ompoiuded of tbe ronton of nm and 
■aaa. Ia Ohnnalogy, a tcmt applied to a poriod 
«f 5tt enmn tchi, Ibmd b^ Bmldphring the 
qpiiof ttana 1^ ditt of the isocaa. 

Lumimutm, loToa-iai, «. !■ AatroTMrai^, t)i« far- 
tlMit potat of tht moon'a ncrthing and aoutliing 
n tti nrciBlMUk 

Lcsr, hot, «. (lent, Dnt. ^nrc Dan.) Tho tnatch- 
cara md fcr finog a cannoii. 

LcvBiAB, b'nii-lar, ) a. In Botany, &liaped like 

LinnrLAXit lii'ini>litc,) a maS creaeent ; tomid- 
Mhf » wmII cmuai t. 

LBjrcfts, ifti'ab, a. In ConchoU^, m eraaoeotlike 
mk orifat, atnatcd near ilie aatcfkr and peile- 
oar ilopts m tbo diffftent apedoa of VeDoa and 
othv b»nh» abella. 

linrUT, Ifn'a-lett ». In Entomolner, a half- 
IPW ihatnj ffpot In ioaacta, of a difTennt colour 
Aaa «ba faal of tbo body. 

LmruLiTBS, l#D-a-G't«a, t. (tmut, tbe moorv and 
IJAoff, a Aooo, Gr.) A pau of eorala: Family, 

Xjiru, K'?''"* '^ ^ £<■)» of DAapod Crartaecami, 
MDarkaNa fbr tbo great transvoraal exloot and 
Hatnmi of Cba camnace: Fanulr, Braebyura. 

I<cmCAt.,1li'p«r-hH,o. RelatuifftetboLnpCTcalia, 
taata of th* Bomans in boncar of Pan \~~4. the 
fcitivml bald b^ tbo aociant Renuna in honoor of 
Fin. TbM* fbaatawara aboQafaod by Pope GeU- 
in» Id Iko yaar 496, on aooount of tbe many 
dBaaid w tbay oceadoood. 

LcTKaoi, ha'por-OB, «. Tba name given to tlio 
priaCa <f tbe god Pan. 

VcraABTEM, lo-pifMii'tar, ». BaatanI Lapine, a 
fgtmit of Lagwninoaa planti, oooobt i ng of one 
■podli^ lb pantspbylkta, a pretty little bcrfa with 
br^ flswm, a native of ai>eria. 

Ltrrivs. — Stre Lupinos. 

LtrriJiiTK, lu'pe-nlte, m. A bitter eubatanoa, «• 
iraetod from tba leavea of tbe Lnpina. 

Lurisun, tu-pi'nni, a. (ttqms, nwolf. Or. on aeemnt 
of iu boiog snppoard to doatroy tbe fertiaty of 
tbe aoU.) Tbe Lnpine, a geona of Legnminons 
plnnta: Sobordcr, PBpilioaaca& fuforrf lapfoa, 
a aaoM g^ren to tbe pUnta TrUblinm Lapinaatar, 
T. p Bf y ua ac ti% Ae.- 

LcTDuif, la'pu-iin, t. Tbo letter and ancBalio 
prifMspla oo n taiaod in the bop. 

LrQCATiOK, lur-ka'ehun, •. (htroo, a glollon, Ut) 
Ealing giredily. 

Ltntcil, lan«h, #. {lirrcy WoUh.) In Naotkol hu- 
gnagD, tlia suddan jerk or roUiof; of a afalp on 
eitber tide, cauwd by a hravy wave striking oilbar 
opon lite rodder or qoaftor ; a ff€ fwrcA, a lolGng 
or hoai^ to tbo loeward wlim r hv^vy aaa alnkoa 
tbo abip on the weatbeiHiidi! ; ft>i!mTC mIWIvvA, 
to leave tn a diffloah or ombarraaaiog ooMfitioo ; 
to leave in a itate wUfaoat hdp; — OMk. tojeik or 
bean voddonly to ooo aide, aa a abip In a bravy 
■eat lo Ho in wat^-(fir)b i* DOW oaod for tbe Wt 
RMnntng ;) to shift ; to pUy tricks ; 
I am fUn to ahnffle, to b«4gc, and to Unk^SI>at»> 

— r. a. to defeat; to diMppotot; 

This is a iutp rule, tiuttwUl sever doeolre or lanAtfae 

^ccro oommuulcfflot.— AwtL 

to etssi ; to (iTcb ; to piirvr ; — (Awvo, a gloCton, 
Lat.) to devoor; to awuUow greedily. — Seldom 
used aa an aotive verb. 

L.UBCHBR. iortsh'ar, a. One who watches to steal 
or pilfvr ; one who lim in wait to betray or entrap ; 
agtntton; agonnaniiiEvr; a Idnd of bunting d<^, 
ffloob like a mongrel greybonnd, with pricked can, 
a aboggcd ooat, sod generally of a yclloirish'Whito 

LuRDAS, lar'dan, a. (lourdiit, old Fr.) BlocUsb ; 

stupid; — «. a blockhead; a clovm.— Obsok-te> 

Lurdam * or «lownet atlired in Ibfir ordinary wority- 
da; clotJic*.— /1or4e, TVoHUtot. c/iliMli^grM. 

Lvjui, tore, *. (Inrrre, Fk.) In Fakwnry, a deviot of 
Wther, ra tbe shape of two nh^ itoflk with 
fcAtfaeni, and baitod wilb a pioee oJF fleah, to sail 
back a liawk when at n oonmderable distanoe; — 
any enticement ; anything that pro mia aa advan- 
tsce : — r. n. to tall hawk»; — v. «. to allrast ; to 
entice; to draw. 

LUKlD, lu'rid, o. (htrithu, IjU.) Dismal; e'oomy. 

LuBK, lurk, r. •. (Urtvutn, Welih.) To lie in wait ; 
to lie bid or imperceivcd ; to keep oat of si^^bt, or 
ndre frotn poblie oboervatioa 

LosKKK, lurlt'ur, a. One who lies to wait, or keepe 
out of light to aooompliab some object. 

LrnKiTco-rLACx, laAting>plase, #. A bidlog- 
plnee; a dvn ; a place to wbicb oso retires for 
safety or coocealment. 

Limcious, lufth'uK, a. Sweet, so as to nauseate or 
cloy; sweet or rich to eiceae; delicious; pleasing; 
delighlfiU; grateful to the tnate ; obscene. — Unn- 
snul in tbe lost sense. 

Ll7ffOloUBLT, luAb'ns-le, ati With sweetness or 
ricbflcss tbot cloys or nausealas ; obscceely. 

LriCiouBKESS, Inab'ns-aes, a. Immoderate sweet- 

hvnn, Ids}], o. Of a daric, deep, fall ooloar. — Ob* 

ll«w liuk and lusty tbe gran looks !— how green !— 




LusiTAMUN, lus-a-u'ne-jui, a. PartfeluBg Is Lu- 

Mlanu, or PutagkL 
LosK, losk, a. (/uk4c, Tr.) Idla; l«ty: wotib- 

ltm—4. ■ lU7 rdlow ; ft lobber.'— Obaoletc. 

Ela hkd wtt iMver bad to tnuiy tectieroiu hwtcj ainons 

LuRKltlt, tunkuli, a. Inclinfld bi tn<]oleno» or 

LVBKl«irt.T. luk'bb-le, A(/. tndolfntlr; Uiil;. 
LirsKUHiiSM, lotkleh-QM,) «. A dnpoutioa to 
LosKiNKtA, loikVnw, I lutDwi or indoloncc. 

Hi ■book offlia lM bii w snd eovntp dilll. 

KindUnj nftvab, gun balUtll to rvnow.— ^pnwr. 

LnsoBlors, In-au'ro-iu,) a. (buorins, L»t.) Uwtl 

LusoRT, lu'&ur-«, ) in pUj ; a^rtivo. — Sel- 

dom luoJ. 

Lpbt, Ia!.t, t. (Saxoo, GHmin, .Swediili.) iljijp^r- 
nus to poueu or enja; ; cnrini; deuro ; CArtini 
appetite; anlawful appetite for [Kliercnii iodul- 
grace ; any TioUtit or irrrj^oUr tlrairo ; evil pro- 
pmsitf ; dcpniTtid affectioru ; vigour ; active 
»ow«r ;— (obwlote in th« last two scbbk ;) — r. n. 
.(AuAni, Su.) to dedra oamillyt to duira TaL«- 
mmtlf tlw pitfifleation of inordimita pleasores ; 
to hare irrejtnlar diipooUoiu ; to list ; to ttka. 

LcsiTUL, lost'fi^l, a. libidinoasi harjnj; irre^br 
denres; proroking to scnmalit; ; inciting to lust 
oreamal indolj^irnce: Ti^^orons; robust; stoat. 

rnTTULLT, luat'fiiMe, ad. W\th mosujI concn- 

LrsTFtTLtTKSft, la^t'ftfl-nr^, s. Tlif stat? of having 
camal or inordinat<> d^'siirs ; tibidinousness, 

LcDTlTiEAD, fas'te-bcd,> f. Vigour; Bprif^htlinns ; 

LrsTinooD, tu9'te-bftl,r robotttnew. — Obm|(-i«. 

A eoodlr penonuv. 
Now t& bi« freabett Sowtr of fi a tB ead.— gpCMW. 

LtTBTttT, loa'te-lc^ ad. Stoatly; with vigtmr of 

LinTiXKBa, hii'te-nei, t. Stoatn«aa; stordineaa ; 

•trtngdi; Tif^oar ofbodjr. 
Lmmto, Instlnir, J. lobrdinatA or Mgor deaira; 

Ul>Uboua cravin;;. 
LoaTLxmi, loatlea, a. Not vigonma; languU^ 

waak; lifclesa. 
LiTtnuL, Itu'uml, e. (^titatraUt, IjiL) Used in 

porffteaCioii ; rebtiDg to purificatiaiL 
LmTMATa, taa'lzato, v. a. (ftntM, LaL) To make 

clear ; to purifj ; to view ; lo Burv«T. 
LcsTRATios,lus-lra'abiia,#. Parificviion by water. 

In Antiijnity, a mode of ptuiAcstion by Mcrificea 

and othn* ceremooiM. 
LUSTUB, lua'tr, s. (French, lustrum, Ut.) Brigbl- 

msi; apIaodDor; glitter; the Kplmdonr of birth, 

•T deeds p erf o n aed. or of 5imfl ; distiiictioo ; r«- 

DOvn ; a econre with lighta ; a boncbed candle- 

itidc of gluts ; the epacc ftf lirp years. 

BoQi ttt at bav« cIoomI th« t«ntli halrf, and It l« ttma 
lo deUrtnlnv luiw «r« Bhall ntajr lbs t««t act of Uia tiuv*. 

LmnSRUiU, Isa'tr-loi, a. Dim; bbacnre; deati- 

tott of Intra. 
LusnuCAt, lua'tro-kal, a. Betttiog to purifieatton. 
Luarano, loa'tring, «. A plain, itODt, ailken 

Lvantoiis, loa'tnia, a. Bri^tt abiniag: laminoaa. 
LvBmrM, Ina'tmm, a. In ancient Rome, a apace 

of fivayr«n,att>wbtgiMitogofwliiohthe Romaoa 

paid tbe tribute laid do tli«ni by tba oenson, 
LiTflTT, loa'to. a. (hutiff^ Dan.) Stout ; vigorous ; 

factltby; able of body; bolkyi l»ge; ef gnat 

t. On« who playa on tbe 


etu; beautirali handaome ;— (obaoleta in tba lasfc 

So loredst Ibou ttw Uulg BjMelact—Spmttr. 
pleasant; atoriy; laooy.— -Obaoletf. 
Tbo coafklent and nver4tu«« Prvncb 
Do tlM) low .rated EnffUah pUy at dice.— Aafta. 

LtrTAKiBT, lu'un-bt, t. One who pbya upon Ibe 

LtfTANJl, In-tan je, t. A ganos of 6sbes: Famty, 

LtTTARlorfl, lu-ta'ro-n>,iT. (iularim, LaL) Bobi- 
ingtomud; living in mod ; of ibe eolouref and. 

Ltn^ATlox, lu-ta'abnn, a. The aot or ntaibod of 
oenieolitig chemical Testeta ckM tO0Dlber. 

LvTtt, lutr. a. (/h/A, Fr. Unto, [laL) A alrin||ad 
lODsical instrumcnL 

Lm:, lute, ^ f. (AtAoa, Lat) In CbHniatry. 

LrTi:«a, Iu'tJng,> a aobituoe tnplojred in Map- 
ping the j tinctures of apparalw, nad ttfUiMf 
for coaucotlng ntorta and rpceiwra, as aa to pia- 
rmt tbe eecaiM either of tbe vapour or gam 
generated dunag diltiUBtion or sublimatMai— 
r. a. to cloaa er coat iritb lute 

LoTRinaT, Iq'ta-nbt, 

LcTER, In'tiir, 

LunsT, lu'tist, 

Lt;TK6TRi.«io, Inte'etring, 9. Tbe stiingof ah(& 

LCTHKRAN, lo'efor-an, a. Relating lo Lntfaar tba 
rurnriner ; — t. one wbo adheres to tbe daoCrbNa 
and discipline of Lnthor. 

LurnBRAHisM, lu'lAetvan-izm, t. The doetifaal 
tooeto proniolgHted by Lather, tbe cbarob le- 

LuTHERX, lu'iAern, «. In Arehiteotora, a kM of 
window 0T«r the mmice, in tbe roof rf nbdldiBC, 
■tanding perpendkmlarly over tbe naked aUi of a 
wall* and aervlng to illuminate the upper $Utrj. 

Lim>SB, lu'tooe, a. (Jutonu, Lat.) Muy; eaniail 
with cUy. 

LuTBARiA, lu-tra'ra-n, #. A gniiiB of Uraln 
Uollaaoa, in wUob die ibdl is thin, traaann^jr 
oral or oblong; oanfiDal leKh ), fbUewed bgr a 
epoon-ahaped lobe oontalning the oaitilaga; oa 
latoral t«eth. Family, Uyadn. 

LtiTBicOLA, In-trik'n ta, a. (hAan, mud, and ca&s 
I dwfll in, Lat.) A f>enas of UoUvaea, of whkb 
the birnire tlieil is oral or elongated, lagobr, 
squtx-ain', more or Uwa fauqmWeral, eomrtimaa 
s&ircvk gaping; the edgea oonatontly umple and 
Irenchnnt ; the nntbonta bat BUle marked ; twa 
emill dtrpTgeot cutting teeth; Ggameat duibla • 
two distint-c nuscQUr impraaaioDS : Family, Pj^ 
rrdoa or MyadiE. 

Lt'TULEST. In tu-lent, a. {hihilmhn, LaL) Mtiddty; 
turbid; thick. 

Lt'VAUUS, lu-va'nu. a; A genna of fishes : FatnSy, 

Lex, luka, ) r. a. (l%ro, LaL Jwrer, Fr.) 

LVXATB, loka'ate, f To dislocate ; to put oat of 
joint : lo nmore from its proper place, aa a joint. 

LrxATlus, Inks-a'sbun, t. (fmolja, iM.) In 
PntboIogT, displacement and Iocs of the natonl 
raUlaonB, partial or total, of tbe artknlar m%- 
Cremitint of tbe bonea, rcralting froin tba infljctioa 
of external vifdenoe, or dostnwt^ of tbe eaftJi- 
lagea or artiinilar ligameola by iDSaaunalMa. 

Lvxs, luka, a. Laxwy'^Obaeletai 
The poH'r of waalUi I UVd, 
AadaU Uw VKrtinMlHatar 00^ pride.— /Xtr. 

LvxBKaoBsa*, luz-«m-bur'g»-a, «. (in bomw of 




j IL L» Odc di LoMnilxnti^) A nous of pUnts, 
I (SMittaf tf dagnt bcaociwd tftntbat Order, 

taaauMGEt k^-n'r^fexu. ) «. (Juturittat^ Lat) 
LramuacjT, hig-m'rfr>u-«o,/ ExubonDcc ; 

-t— J— t or wut40 |il«iU7; ruik grawUi; ax- 

eatdft or uipafloow gtswth< 
LrxmuAjn*, hjg-ia'ie-Mt, lu Ezulienuit in growth 

(ir ykatj ; mprntm n * io plenty ; RbandAnu 
IrirKiAim.T, Icg-iu're-int-le, aii. AbuwUuUjr ; 

v'aii luiocunt gniinb, 
Llxckiate, Iug-iu'r«-ai«, V. tb To grow oxubcr- 

utlT : to fthocit wuh diflbM: ibosJuor. 
LcxCElATlOff, lag-sa'T»-a't»n, r. Tbe pnocn of 

ptmiag cxDbcmiCly, or beyond tbc natnntl 

Lcxsuocs, Ing-n'ie-tM, a. (buranoKr, Fr.) De- 

Bghtiag la lu Ine at onmtnnHtd IndalgniM of 

ifpatile; valnptaiHU ; adminkteriag toToxsiy; 

■Mland to pluAif* : wftealag by plcutin ; Iiut- 

M ; GbidboQs ;^ lunrimnt ; ULubmnL — Obaakto 

IS Uw bit tvo aoms. 
ICXCMOOatT, fag-H/n-«»-Ie, a</. DtliaooBly; 

alniDdaDtlj; Tolaptaotuljr. 
Zx^CTUiT, lalc'tliD-nat, r. One who iwlulges 

Tohiptoaaaly v^ wilbout nstnuoL 
LcxrkT, Ink'sba-iv, *. {Uexvria^ L«t.) Uma- 

rtnoDed indilgeiK* in tbo ploasans of tb» tnbl** ; 

VDiBptKHUDHi m Um» gr3ti6c3iUou of iipi>elil«, 

Mrt^ dniH ar cqntpige ; tliat wlicJi gratifiea s 

i^N aod fiHtifiooa sppatitt: a daiutr; luiy (I4- 

GsiPOi fiwd or drink ; uiytbitig deligbtfal to th« 

■fuw; htutrikocB; hiaL — Obao]«t« ui tba lut 

UtTo 111* hatrful UaitTU, 
lUafciBlUl >p{«tit« In cha.u|« ol^att.—SklUU. 

LcxifLA, hu'tt-U, >. (ibe Gnntm IdziiIk of ■nmro t 
fnCaoirt^i wbeoo tins nuaa bai been ooatrived 
by De CeodoUe to diittnguiah tbfi rutlice witb tlat 
Inna Chxn ttuee whicb ban l«ares mBmbliDg 
the rtaoL) A genns of pUuts: Order, Jnodtcets. 

Lt. a voy fnqoBiit tenmnrntion of adjectirea ud 
■dmlv;, It u a ooBtraetioD of fie, flax. iicA, Genn. 
fj^ DwA. U, Sw«d. tiix^ Eti^ivli— aa in loixly, 
mmif; lIuU is, (n«-Ue, ntun-file. 

Z.TA3I, fi'atn, a. A Idnd of tbong or leosli for 

LiCAlTTHSOr T, B-i:an'£i(n>-pe, a. (Ukantlirofna, Gr.) 
A qieoea of madocaa, tn which ih« patieat tluiiki 
hiwarlf truufonoed into a wolf, lod bowls like 

LlCAOor, U-ka'oo, t. (fybo*, a wolf, and JEyon, a 
do^ Gr.) Tbe by«A»-doe a quotlnijied wkich it 
Boca al^idcr and Boullcr lo fonn and size than 
either tbe fayieoii or tbe woU It ia the Ljoaon 
tnoobr of iinolo, and Hy«oa pieta of Tltnmibck. 

ZflcxoT^ U-aes'ta, ». A nanw ^ren by Sariptj' 
feo A gnaa of Oustaoeaai, eoMidcred by M. 
neHunat aa my oeaily allied, if not Identical, 
with the g^ai Mcr» of Leaob. 

Ltcxcm, f^a'am, m. (Jidtiou^ Gr.) In nnciont 
(ft*fc«, a phee neu the rirer lUssus, where Aii&- 
totle taopit philoeophy; a plaee apprapriAtcd to 
tnalradjan by lectniea or diMiaisitions : a Utcnry 


I.Tciniii>u, Uk-nMVa, >. (^pAtiot, a Unk or lamp, 
and aUba, iiMinlilanfw, Qr. from the pUnta re- 
fp'^j lydwin) The e«nmaa nime of plants 
bataag^ to the gemw Phlox t Older, Pokmo- 


Ltcbvis, lik'ida, «. (fydmot, a link or Ump, Gr. 
probablv in alliuion lo lb« brit;btaesB of the 
tlowcxt.^ A genna of plantit ooouating of herbs 
with briUhut-ooloanhl flowen: Order, Caryo- 

LicuffoiUTE, lik'00-Ute, a. (tyehtM, a lamp, and 
Mm, life, Gr.) One who laboun or atudies 
atcidaoualff by night, and alcepa by day. 

Ltoioicb, U-«U'e-iie, a. A geniu of Ancitlidui 
Order, Dortibtiucblata. 

LlcioasKlUA, U-H-o-ae-ria'aa, a. (^rura*, and 
jeriiM, L & Seriata-likn Lyciuai.) A fianua of 
plants, oatlm of tho Cape of Good Uopo : Older, 

Lrcoooimci, U-ko-don'ttc, a. (fykot^ a wolf, and 
odbnf, a tooth, Gr.) A uaina fonooriy civeo to 
oortaia (iiuil teeth, luppoaod to bo thwo of a 
apceiea of wolf-fiah. 

LTOOOAUk, li-ko-gala, a. CjAtM. & wolf, and fatot 
milk, Gr.) A genua of Fungi, found on roUen 
wood: Order, Gditeroniycetas. 

LTCOPBKlsciai, li-ko-pr'ae-kum, (. ffyior, a wotf, 
and penitoa, a peacli, Gr. i. t. Wolf-peach.) 
LoTO-appls, or Touiata, a genua of plants: 
OrdcT, Solan UMD. 

LtcopoDUCb^ lJ-ko-po-di-a'ae-«,> *. {{ycopodi- 

Lycopodikkjb, li-ko-po-dtn'e-e, j um^ uiw of 
tho genora.) Club-iuooaea, a oataird ordar of 
Acrogena or Aootyledona, eoosistlni; of moaallka 
plants, with craapiag ateDU and imbricated iearca; 
tho axis oonsiatiog of onu aulid cord of ananlar 
^tHBels, or of a retjcnlatod column of sueb veaaola 
intersected by cellular tittu*^, or of itemleaa pUnM 
with oreot snbtdate leaTee. 

Lxcorouiiea, tilw-po-dilse, a. Foasil planta, ba- 
lon^Qg to the genu Lyccpodiani. 

LvoonuiiiTn, li-ko-po'dcum, a. (/^^hw, a wolf, 
and /WHf, a foot, Gr. from the rcsemblnoce which 
tho roota bear to a wotfa foot.) Clab-raosi, a 
geuuaofplints: Type of the order, Lyeofiodinooa). 

Lvcurtu, h-kop'Bia, «. {l^koi, a wol^ and opru, 
iho foco, Gr. Erom llie oppoaraaoe of the fluwars.) 
Wild Bogloss, a genoa of herbaceous pUata; 
Order, BoraginHcexi. 

LYCorus, lilio-pua, #. {Jykos, a wolf, and pvuM^ a 
foot, Gr.) W^ater-borrlwund, a genua of plaota: 
Order, Lamiaoea!. 

Ltcouis, U-ko'ris, t. A name prea by Savlgny 
(0 a f/axa of Durubiaactuate A n n elidea, tbe 
Nar^ of Cnvifir. 

Lyctts, lik'tufl, M. (meaning nnkttown to ns.) A 
genua of Culeoplonnia iucizta : Family, Zylophagi. 

Lrct>8, a'kti", ». {Iffkoa, a wolf, Gr.) A p^-noa of 
Colcoptiroua ioaeots: Family, Berricomos; 

LtDljUt, lidVan, a. (from ti/dia.) Dviiutiag a 
alow, Mit, Uowing nir in anaent mnoiu t 
Sotltj sweet In LfMan mciuurv. 
Soon tie iMMfUi'd Um* fvul u [ileaiura.— I>nx'ta> 
— i. a natiro of Lydia. Lydian maZs, ia an- 
cient Miuic, tbe order of tlie soanda fonubg what 
may, in tnodam hngDaMt be called the dUEtrvut 
aca^cR. /.y rf i a a- rt aw, uManJto, or Qlnty alale, a 
rock of a ereyiih-bUck or TolTet-btack cohnir. 
It cooatata diidHy of quarti. 

Ly&, li, t. Solution of an alkali in water, parti* 
coUrly applied to diaaolvwl potaab. Lyt-trovjK, 
a Bquani trough or box, in which lye \a kept for 
tho prinler'a tuu, that lie may t<o enabled tu watb 
ulT the ink from the types which ha\-e JuAt been 
priuted from* 






Ltqeitw, ll^o-om, 9. (^IjfffM, I brnid, Or. in alTnsiiin 
to its fleiibility.) A grans of plants, used to 
fipnin to make baskKi, ropas, urts, &c : Order. 

LTOOOBTii, li-jQ[>'<]«-iun, 4. (tyifot, a ImnA, iM.) 
SniUcB'a-tonetw, a genai of Fens : Order, Poly- 

Ltoodtropea, li-g<i-Je-i«'(le-a, a. (iy<7w, a twig, 
nod ifyint^, fetid, Gr. all iivts being fetid when 
brutaed.) A genua of pbntii, nativva of Onraeao : 
Ordar, OnchonMOB. 

Ltoosoma, IiHCM'o>ina,r. (Iygt,ijakaim,Kaitemat 
the bodr, Gr.) A gsnoa of Swirian reptlU*: 
Family, iHiJnaiidie. 

Lyivo, U'tnp, pagt pari of lie ; — «. tbe act of 
telUag a lie ; ijmff'im, being in childbirth. Zytn^ 
pantttr tb«M wlimin tbe Bbns of the wood, ur 
the grain of it, lie in a horizontal direction. 

LTtVOLT, U'br'Ie, acL Withovt tnitli ; falaely. 

Ltms Gbam, lime f^ils, «. Tbe p-ass Rlymns 
amianaa, and otlter planta of tli« Bain« genua. 

Ltmnauba, lim-na'de-a, «. A f^nits of riv^r- 
muwlrat, iu which tbe ahell baa tlip poat hin;;e 
mii^n elevat*d and winj^, the valves connate, 
and the surface amoolh : Family, UnionidiP. 

LiKVORiA, Um-no'iT-a, i. A name grron by La- 
mouroox to a genaa of fowil SUwphrtw, and by 
I>e BlainvilV to a gentw of recent Mrtuwj. 

LTMrH, liinf, t. {fympka, water, a Blrenm, LaL) 
A thin, npaliue, whitish Huid, of a Boraewfaat mline 
taate, wlffi;h, in a phort time after it is removed 
fhnn tha body, xeTuimtee into a dear fluid, and a 
anft, white, or pinktah foagalum. 

Ltmpraa, Uin-fe'it, $. (Latin.) In Roman An- 
tiquity, BTlificial grottow and cares, famishwl 
with pipes, canals, &&, throng which water 
pisbed oat Bnexpeetedlyupoo the spectators whilst 
uey wen admini^ tbe beaotifhl airangnnent of 
tin abellt, &c with which the cave or grotto was 

LncpnANOBrres, Hm-ran-je-i'tea, ». (/ynpAd, Lat. 
and on^ion, a vvtatX, Gr.) In Pathology, in- 
flaamatiin] of the lymphatic teasels. 

Ltmphats, Umratc, \ a. Frightened mto mad- 

LnrpMATKD Umray-t«d, (^ tmh; raving. 

ImniATlc, Um-fiitlk, a. Relatmg to lymph; 
lavingi extraragaot; enthnsiastie ;— (acldom tued 
in the last three senses;) — «. a vessel hi tbe animal 
■yitara wUch ceaveya or Mtitatn lympb ; a mad 
tQthusiaat ; a Itmatin — Obaotefa in tba last two 

From Betlilam'a walli the poor \jfmpkiMo Rtr«7M_ 

LncFHEUUSU, lim'fo-rinn, 9* A mvWd dllata- 

tkio of the lymphatic veisels; 
LTKFaocmxiA, lim-fo-ke'afae^ t. Sorans diar- 


LncraooaAnnr, Bm-fog'rs-ro, * (Jywtpha, and 
yn^iAo, I write, Gr.) A tnatiae on the lym- 
ph^ thrIi, 

LnvBT, BnTe, a. BcanobKng lymph ; oontain- 
mg lyni|n> 

Ltkcbak, rm'se-an, a. Bdi^ t« Ibo lynx. 

Ltxch. linsh, r. fl. . To panhh mmaiarity vlthoot 
jodidat toTestigatioD, is by a mob.— An American 

LTHOtra, Ibdc^ §. (J^m^ Ut) Tbe \jnaM, • 
gMQs of feBoe u nadn ipeJa, eaUfaBdied vj Gray, 
of wMdi Tfamntoek ^ne ei^ qwclBi nndor tbe 
nnarie Dame Fdin. 

LnrOBTA, rmg'he-3, *. (in bonoor of IL C. UiifWe, 

a Danish boUnist) A genu of Al^: Otiet^ 

Lntx, Ibka, t. (lAtin.) A getraa of qnadrnjiodi «f 

the Cat kind; Fninlly, Felidc 
Lt)(x-btbd, hnks'idf, a. Having sharp or aevte 

LirODt>!(, li'n-don, «. (Igiot, a wolf, and oJoma, % 

tooth,Gr.) A genns of Ophidian reptiles: FanJly, 

LtoS'Ia, h-o'ne-a. # (in menMrr of Jolm Lyon.) 

A genna of plants, conslsline of ahrnba, natires a 

North America: Order, F,rietoeB. 
Ltonsia, li-on'sfl-a, (b boooor of Mr. J. I^ev, m 

English botanist.) A gwios of plants : Order, 

Lttrkia, li-pe'rr-a, $, (^TMros, sad or sorfowibl, 

Gr. frtrm the doll, heavy esleor of tba flmrtn.) 

A genus of planta: Order, Scrophola ria es g . 
LrroBitrx, U-p.iwr'niks, «. (/i/ten, I grieve, snd 

irmix, a bird, Gr.) A genoa of birds: FamOyt 

LvR*,ii'ni,)r. (Latin.) Thelyre. In Artrooomy.oa* 

of the old consteUationB, repreavnting the lyre of 

Memtfy (Avatos) or of Orpfwas (Hyginiw.) It » 

Borroandad by Gypms, Affailh, Hernihis, and the 

head of Draco. 
Ltrath, li'rile, ) n. In Botany, divided tm*- 
Ltratbo, ii'ray-ted,t" versaly into aereiil rinttaeSi 

the Inwer nn<>4 being smaller and mov niMto ftocn 

each other thiin the npper ones. 
Ltrb, lire, «. {fyrm, Lat-) A mosteal stril^ed bl- 

atnnnnrt, fnqnently uied by tbe anmntst * ^^dA 

of hnrp. 

LTDE-TArL. — Soc Mcnom. 

Ltkic, lir'ik, ) a. {fynca$, Lat) R^Uting to 

Ltbical, G/e-ka1,) a lyre or harp, or to odes or 
poetry tnog to a hup. 

Ltbic, Ur'ik, 9. One who compo«m Krio poem^ 
Lyric poetry, that kind of p^rtry which is ooro- 
poecd to nnisical recitation. 

Lthicisji, lir'e-Minn, t. A lyric cempoeition. 

LratocEriiALcs, U-n>-o-«ef a-los, $. ('ym, a lyre, 
and kepitUe, the head, Gr.) A gesns of Saurian 
Teptilea, having an elevated ridge or ctest wfaiob 
unites in tbe front of the eyetntm in the Ann 
of B lyre: Family, Agamidc. 

Ltribt, li'rist, «. A mtuidan wbo play* vpon tha 
lyro or harp. 

LvRODt, li-ro'de, s. In An^idfy, a nanw gdrao 
to such OS phtyed npoa the lyte, and sooj si tha 
asms dme. 

Ltkops, H'ropa, s. {fyra, a lyre, sad ops, 
blanee, Gr.) A genos of UenipfemiM 
Family, Fbsaoros. 

Ltbobtoma, K-roa'to-ma, s. (I|yna, a lyre, and 
a moQtb, Gr.) A genus of l«nd Velnti^ Iha 
shell of which has the apertore lyfv-ahapad, wy 
eontnicted near tbe body vbari, and WMMMd hi- 
yond : family, Volotidas. 

Ltrckcs, lU-'ru'res. *. (firm, a lyn, and oispai, • 
ataU, Or.) The fiteek Cock, a genus af bMi of 
the ^tmiM kind : Fsinity, Tetraohidab 

Lvfl, li!!. f. A OUneae meaanrs of length, eqwl to 
6a3 yards. 

Ltbuucbia, D -fle-malce-a, «. (Ijfi*, l«ek, airf ssdK 
arrifh. Or. so eaUsd by ths ancieaMi, ftvn tba 
absotd bdJsf thai h bad tba qoalftv of oMag 
eaten when ptit npea thsir yam; m unami 
says it was named after King Lydmachoaef Sefly, 




irbtt Sfit BMd iL IQb »atlwrit7 if itnjti from 
rBojr.} pBTplA LooMathTtii, ■ geotti of |iliat« : 
Onkr, PriianlMea. 

LrsiXKiU, U-w-u'dia, $. (ly*it, t looseninjE, ind 
■wfl, > fiUmrnt , Qt) AgMiu«of|iUnU: Order, 

LTiiovons, Ivie-o-ou'tU, «. (^ I nlutt, mJ 
■MlMi, tlw back, Gr. in raftrtnee to Uw otpCDlc 
■pwii^ with ilMtidlr from the doful gataro.) 
kgmnetfUaltM; Order, OflRitrUe««. 

Ltutomia, lb-*-po'oie-«.t. (t^o, I aolve, uid/NNia, 
A Eid, Or. ia tmn a ct to tlu capuiUi, which opcfu 
\ff a epwoalum xs lb* tpox.) A gooiu of ber- 
biMOQ* plutU: Order, LoUBaog. 

LrcUk i'w, «. (GfMk.^ Zo Mdont ArcUucuin', 
ft pCnth or it^ abon tb« ooniee of Uw podiuoi 
or * uapla, •bkh nnQudid ud ftinlimMd the 
•tjrlobate. la Pttbologj-, the MhitiM) «r » dis«sK 
•jthott ^(iftrait critioJ 9f icuaUoo, 

LtftiUTA, tt'WdU, $. A uow given b; Riu« lo 
t |HH of Owtiotua, iSod to Um ihrimpi: 
Faoifl;, Uionm. 

Lisnu, Ib'tia, t, (iha iuim of » town in uidoet 

Gre^f.) AgniuiofIIeuu]>t«rouioatcU: FaDit|jr, 

Lystbokiohcs. Cft-troD'e-lnii, <■ A ennoB of Co> 
IcoptoroooioMcU: Fonilr, Stcnetrtrt. 

LiTBiuGBJB, G-<An'w-c. I I. {hf'thnm, ddo of 

■.TTSRAUBje, n(A-rK-re'e,i tb« gcnrrm.) L«om- 
•trifM, ft tutonl order ofuxjfrajiBl I%toc«i)ii, oon- 
wtiDg of berW, rarvljr sbmbs, with ofipotilc, rarol/ 
atlenuite Imtn, wttlioiit ciUkt vtiptUea or ^Und^ 
•otnotinioa with glundttUr dots ; flowers taliluy or 
ohutond; aUyx moooMpaloQs; pctati buvrtod 
between t1» lower lobes of ibe culjnc, very de- 
ddnotts, and HmtUtnea wanling; Btunais in- 
terted Uito the ttibo of t)i« ailfx below tbo pctitls; 
iinthon ftdnato luid two-o^Ilfd; qiatj superior; 
ovules rarelj defitiUe; Cftnole roembranouB, oo- 
Tored by the etijrz, and dehiaoent ; loeda oiimtraw 
and f toaD. 

LrruKUH, UM'miD, a. (fyUtmt, blade blood, Or. 
from the purple cvilotir of th4> Qowvra.) Porplo 
Looioalnre, a geniu uf planta: Tvpo of I be 0(>dor 




II, Aa tUrtaenth letter of tbo EngSih alphabet, la 
a fiqaid aad labUl eouoDaiitt fanned b; oomprea- 
aioo ef tha I^ U ia ttimsd a aiimrDwel, M the 
aetinhtlan or cuapm ri ea of the Ufa b accooi' 
ommJ with a bnmanDg •ooitd Ibmifh the ooas;. 
iCa aecad ia saifami, aa to mant Hme^ rim. As 
» mowFal, M eCaods for a tboosaod ; aad wUh a 
Aaih «fv B. it rvpresoota a thoQwnd timea a 
Ibowaod, or a auOioa. Is wttrooominl tablea, 
H itaBda (or awrtdian, mtriAnial, or mid-daj/. 
la ■adiod praecriptioas, H ataoda fof Buuiyiie, 
baattd, or mitot, mix, or niwfaro, a tntitare. 
H ^a» ataikda (or dood ; lience P.M. pott mtri- 
duaa (aftonieoQ), and A.M. anic mmdian (mora- 
ii^X A.1I. or UJi. iUDita hr a r ti mt magitttr. 
Beater af arti ; K.D. for aucfonw doctor, doctor 
•f iDedkioc : A.M. for amto nmmK, the ;aar of 
ttevBild; US. (or mammcript; MSS. Gir Homi- 

«. (Walah.) Id KuitJiera Mjrtbology, 
the ^pmm «l tba fiyriaa;— e. n. to drcos nc^i- 

UAB/k, ma'hfl. a. (the TortMCiilar name of Uaba 
ellijitica in Toajpi Taboo.) A fanns of plante, 
cawaliDgof tneaor fihrobe, oatives uf tho Frieodlj 
Ucodi and K<w HoIUnd : OnUr, Et«Dac««!. 

iiAaoLA Favn, ma-bo'Ia fnot, i. The tree and 
ita fruit, DlcepjrrM djaoolor, a natiTO td the Phi- 

Mac, nih. lo nmiKa of Soot«h and Iriati origin, 

Macacdi, aa-ka'kua, a. The Apo Babooni, wltich 
art dtatiogtuabed hj an olosfffled mutala. 

UACADJtiaXMt fM-kad'ani'tHi, R. o. (from the pro- 
i^au^* aaiae.) To oovw, m a nNuiwa; or p'ltli, 
with miaU atooas of a aaHonn sia«. 

MACAttUUSora, ma-kad'am-i-iaog, i. An im- 
MTod nakbod of makinf; or eovarini; ro«d^ firvt 
Mndacad by Mr. Uacadan, eonidatiog of unall 

broken stones, so that they tbmj bind wUh the 
earth, and fonn a Bo5d mwotb maas. 

MacaxuUl, nw-kA'cB-a, a. (in honour of M. Isr. 
Uaeaire.) A guini of Sooth American ihraba : 
Order, MelaatomaoeA. 

BIacakka, nu-ka'na-a, a. (ifnAioa-Aina, lt> name 
hi Guiana.) A gsnui of cUmUag ahmba, naUrea 
of Golona: Order, ClnalaoMD, or Outlifrcic 

Macakiasb, ma-ka'ra-ani, i. In Chorch Sliton, 
tha fiiUowen of one Macariua, an Egjptlan monk, 
who was diatiogoiahctl for hU piety and rirtuc 
Ho lived abont the dose of toe fourth ceetary. 
Tha name hat abo been glran to a lect or party 
who, towards the eloH of tbe ntntfi osntan-, 
adopted tho aenthDonta of one UaoithMt an Ua- 
nian— namely, thit one bidti'idnal IntaUlgeooe, or 
aoul, pcrfonncd tbo fiuritnal and latHnal An»- 
lions of the hnman raoe. 

UiOUtOKl. mak-B-ro'ne, a. (French.) A Und of 
Uecoit made of Bonr, oggs* engar, and almonds, 
and dreaied with butter and qitoiai a droll or 
fool ; a fop. 

Hacabokic, mak-A-rim'ik, a. RvtaUng to or re- 
naembung a mncarDni ; afirctad; trlRlng; rain; 
cxpty; conaislLDf; of a confused mixturo or Jam- 
bio of Ul-connected wordn ; — a. n kind of bnrleeque 
poetry, in which the words of a modem laiigua^ 
are lodicrooaty distorted Into Greek or Latin in- 

UAOAaooir.~S«e Kacaroni. 

Uao&sbab PoiBOir, ma-koa'sar poy'in, a. Tbo 
gam or a tree wbicb grows in the itlc of Cclebea, 
with which the natirva anoint thm arrows to 
make the wound fatal. 

Macaw, ma-kaw*. i, A bird oF the parrot klod, 
belonging to the sobfamily MitcrocircinR). 

Macoudba, mak-bri'de a, r. (in infmory of James 
Uachride, M.D., of South Carolina/) A geuoa of 
plants I CMer, I«mijcc*. 




IfAcCiLBRES, maklufbHi, 4 Tbe Ofiuie of two 
books b the Apoorpba. 

Ujlccodot, maklLft-bDj, «. A kind ar«nu£ 

Uaos, maae, a. (_maMza, lUlO An oiuij^n of 
■ntboritj bonn bcfbn mtgiatnitfs; {vtacit, Lnt.) 
tfao extomul cnrclope of tbo snd of Uia nntmeg 
nsod in cookciy. 

Uaci^'ALB, mue'alc, I. AIo spicod vitb mnn. 

11aocu£abkb, inA8«-bB;r'nir, «. One who cinufl 
tfao nuoe befora perions iu atitliority. 

If ACBDOMIAH, niu-«-do'nc -ao, t. A DAttTe of Ma- 
oedonia, a country io nncicnt Greece; ooo of a 
BCCt of Cbristbuu who s[ining up In the fotntb 
crntory, and so cAlled from k bishop of Cooslaa- 
tinople, «bo droied tho oxist«Qcc of tbt Hair 
Ghost i^-a. belonging to Maeedonia. 

HaCBRATE, mas'cr-at«, v. a, (macerOf IaL) To 
make lean ; to wmt or pine away ; to mortify ; 
to baraaa with corporoul bATdshipsj to Bt«cp 
almost to soIaLion. 

UAcnATIoy, niM-er-a'ahan, $. The act of wast- 
ing, or making lean by wearing away ; alntinence ; 
mortification; tha prooeas of aoftciuiig and almost 
dttaolving by tlettpag in a flnid. 

Macoxra, n)«-ko'ra,t.' AgenoaoffUhes: Family, 

Machaonia, raak-a^'ng-a, *. (ta numorj of 
Mocbaon, on asdent faero and pbyncian.) A 
genua of ptaota, omuutnig of ahrnbt or tnes, 
Qatirca of Sooth Amtrkii: Ordar, CSaebooooMB. 

UAcnAJRODus, ma-ka'io-dos, «. (iwKAatra« a 
aabn^ and odotu, s tontb, Or.) An extinct 
quadntpedt alTipd to tlis bear. 

MAcnRTKfl, ma-ke'laa, a. (Greek, awarrior.) The 
RnSs ft gums of Wadiag-btrds: Fiunily, Loagt- 

UajOSIAVBLIAX, mak'4-a-Ter7iin, a. (from Mn- 
^■iavid.] It«IiUiag to Machiare), or d«;otiiig his 
prindplea; crafty; sabtle: politically immorml 
and ctinnmg; — «. one who follows or supporta 
the mode of political action adopted by MacbiaTel. 

UAcmAVELiSM, nwtc'c-fc-Tel-ixtn, $. The poJitiaU 
iDoiIe uf action pncti«ed Iiy ^iMhiArt'l ; artifice ; 
conning ezt>Tt«d to favour arbitrary prindples. 

UAcnicOLATlOK, mak-e-ko-Ia'shoii, t. In ancient 
warfaiT, the pouring of hot subeUnoM tbrangli 
•pertacw in tbo upper port of the castle-gate 
vpoii tbe Mauling party. 

MaOIUOOLAXSD, ma-shik'o-lay-ted, a. (_maehi- 
«o«2b, Fr.^ In Gothic and eaatellated Architec- 
tore, D building whoM parapeta projoct beyond Ihc 
waUJ, and arc sapported by atebci sprin^ng Irom 
large ooibeb or oonaok. 

MAcnnrALt auk's-nal, a. EeUtIng to maehlrHia. 

Uaoiuvatb, mak'«-nate, w. a. {maehvior, LaL) 
To plan; toeootriTei toform Rhcmu; topbt; 
looDOfpire Bgaiait 

MAOnniATioir, mak-c-naVboo, a. (Frrach.) 'Ar- 
tilice: contnranee; malicious scheme; an artful 
datign formed with dcliberatioo. 

Haoiuxatdk, Bak'e-Day-tnr, a. Otie who plota 
or (ormssobrnMa. 

Macuixb, OA-abeen*, «. (Frvocb, from modUia, 
IaI.) Any work or inraation, nmpla or oonpli- 
calad, ia whkb one part oontribntea to the motloo 
of another, n as to apply or regnlato mtnisg 
power ; aD eogioft ; an inctnimeot of force ; 
nptroataral agney in potms. 

MACimrERT, ma-abaen'ar-e, t. A combiDation of 
nechankal powers to a work, so coustraeted as 

to regulate or npply motion and force ; maddaea 
in ^neral. In Kpic and DnmatJc Poetry, sopa'- 
natoml agency intiodnood by the pott to aerro 
Mine pnrpoM, or acoonpliah soma ewnt, thit 
would othorwise be improbable by hmiian power, 
or exceed its mcanx of accomplishing. 
Maorixixo, ma-sheening, a. Danoting the ma- 
ohiociy of a poem. — O^eto. 

Of TMina and Jam, Jnpltor asd Uerrary, I aay 
nothing ; far thef fnm all wadKafap worli.— fh^fca. 

MACIU.SIST, ma-sheenlit, a. (macAanUUt Fr.) A 
coDstnictor nf engines and macliioes; one rened 
in tbe principles of mechanics. 

Maoiii^, mak'la, s. (_mncUoi, lewd, Gr.) Ageous 
of Colcopterons insects : Family, McUvomo. 

>Liciniocniut;ii, m^-ro-Id'nu, §, (nvUtm, Ioo^ 
oAear, the hand, Gr.) A genos of fishes : Famlfy, 

MAoauL, maVnl, /. Tbe anno of a mnskat io- 
stmmont among tbe Hebrews, of whidi Klrcbcr 
apprelieods there wvre two kinds— one of tbtlD 
stringed, and the other of the pulsatile lund. 

MaCILBKCT, masVlen-se, s. Leannats. 

Uacilext, masVtoBt, a. (nuci/niriu, LaL) Loan; 

Mackebsl, mnkVr-il, », (mactrtti^ DnL) In 
Ichthyology, — see Scomber. (^Mfaquerel, old FV.) 
a pander; a pimp. Maet^et ffalfy used in Drf> 
den to mcoa a gentle rippling oa tbe snrfaoa of 
tbe sea, or oco whidi li sutablo for catcbir^ 
mackerst, as this fish is caagbt with the bait ta 

Th« wind was fUr, trat blew a saelerst (ala. 

ifacktrtl tly, a sky streaked or mirked llko « 

5TACI.B. — See Cbiastolite. 

MACLitAT.\, ma-kle'e-a, t. (in honoor of A MacLsjtf, 
F.R.S.) A geoas of pUnta, naldves of CUna: 
Order, PJlpe^T»cea^ 

Macluka, umk-ln'ra, «. (in honoar of WtUiam 
Ifaclure, an Amoriran f^lngist) The Oama 
orao}^ a geniin of pUtitJi, natirea of Kattb 
America: Order, UrtJ c aa ? . 

MicviLLANnxs. — See CameroniAoa. 

Xacoma, nin'lto'nia, s. A nama ^vm by Laaeb 
to tbe Veiias toooia of De Bh^rille, and oibar 
sUiod ipeoiet. 

Macocbea, m-i-kowlie-a, «. (Caribbean nana of 
the tree.) A genas nf plaots: Ordor, ClodaeBB. 

Macoauekla, mak-ra-de'De-a, t. (aiolraf; bog, 
and ai/en, n gland, Gr. on accoort of tho long 
subolats process to which tbe po^ masses an 
attached.) A genos of plants: Onlaiv OrcU- 

UAOSAnnuLA, mak-nn-rAe'rB, t, (aulnis, toog, 
nd fliAvu, aa nther, Gr.) A geDin of ^ntav 
natlToa of Kortb Atnorica : Order, Scropbnlanaoaai 

MACRAxmuB. mak-ranVAoB, a. (fw^lroi^ Intf^ 
and mlioe, a flowor, Gr. m rsferenoo to tha long 
flowora.) A genos of Lcgomiaooa plants : Sob- 
order. PapLUonaccr. 

MACRAtmaRXiA, coak-n-ke'ao-a, s. (■nbws^ 
gnat, and a»e>iafa, Uw LtaoH, Or.) A geana 
of eitlnat UaoMudU, rtArrablo to the or4ar 
Pacfaydannata, liot with affinities to tbe Rom^ 
nanUa, apadaDy the CamclidiF. Foaod ia 

Macroobra, mak-ros'«-ra, *. (nuiro«, koA aod 
Affwf, a bora, Gr.) A geotu of " 
loareta: Family, Anthopfttla. 



mcaoonstun, mik-ro-Ire'lc*, j. (wMtrot, toi^ 
aad dbi&M, ft lip, Gr.) A genu of Aracfanides: 
FAoailr. Holjtn. 

MmnoanaucBt nak-ro-ko'ttw, j. (moinu, [ang, 
■nd Mofai^ A lip, Gr.) A gmiu of fomil Qu- 
tMvped «Ml| wnn) ^Mi« of wUeh occnr In 
tlM earfaMtftrooi rorniatioa. 

MxcaocHiLnB.— €m HilbmU. 

MAcooctiiciiiJii, luk-ro-Mr'M-oo, t. (matm*, 
loDf, And JbniM, ft drda, Gr. in iUoimo to (h« 
fi«M haak of ttaft app«r nundiblsi) A talifiunitr 
af tlift Piittfiilf, or FftrroU, diadnpuAhfld for ttio 
«M£BaM cf th^ plnmiige, tho upper mnndiblo 
wag gmtly boolied, the lower nuniliUs mnch 
k^Hbv thfto broftd, mtid tba tail very loeg and 

llACioonccs, raik-n-wrlnii, «. Tlie llaeaw, a 
l^oai of pamU, type of tb« nbfunily Macracir- 
tmmt Family', PutUada. * 

MMCMOOOnt, inBk'r{Kfcotm, t. (mtikrot, Rnat, and 
l«— at, wfirU, Gr.) The great vorU; the nni- 
ica^ w vlHbIt lyMHtt of worlda. 

MicBflaxuimj^ ■ftk-r»*dak'tft-]A, «. (aonw u 
KiaadH^loL) A tribt «r funllf of clAnoom 
OnlaaiptiiuM imatif. 

llAcanDAcrTLX, mak-ro-dak'ti}-!, a. (tnoIrM, 
la^ Md dukyiv, * dlgt^ Gr.) A famil; of 
IMa IhmhhaJ with W7 loss toaa, fitted for 
mlUeK on Uw ptm of nursui^ and oven for 

llACK>Daom.Tni, mak-cD-daVta-hs^ & (aojlra*, 
loBf, ittd ifajh^ha, a %it, Gr.) A genu of 
(MmfUMHu foaeeta : Family, SearalMcldje. 
^MacBODirxsKTX, mak-ro-dlp'tc-riks, i. {makroa, 
laDg, ^ em, and putyat, a winf;, Qr.) A gecan 
4f Mrda: Family, Caprimutgid^. 
IieaOMRRKt, mak-ro-don'tw, *. (mokrm, lon^ 
■ad cJmmt a tOoCh, Qr.) A gmna of Mollosca, 
adfied to Claoailia, bat larjpv, and the apertum 
iimiinn j i a d wiilt large t^tfa : Family, Acba- 

lacsooUMSFW,^aR'sain, t. (mniro*, 
Ina^ and ^Ilimo, a Ungac, Or.) A genus of 
L'indopteroaa t&aertik 
JJicaOLOOT, ma-brvfo-je, t. imakn$f long, and 
Ipyoa, a diaooortef Gr.) Ixng and ledioiu talk ; 
■aperflaona illntlralion of a imliject; rednndant 
eapinninaaa, or acaumilation of words witboQt 


inak-ro-ne'i«-a, i. {maJem^ long, 
aa4 wtmik, % part, Or.) A g«DU of peroDOial 
MctiaiB berbMnoa |ibiits, witii large skowy 
Order, OoragiDaeue. 
^Uacbohstes, raa-kmm'e-tQT. ». (mdinw, great, 
■d aMnWi BMaaniTi Gr.) A uatlHaiatieal io- 
<i—iwl» eoBhiTBd to meainni InaeeiMibla hel|^ 
^ olOMSii by ncaDi of two raflKtcn oa a 

MAdKnacv, mak-ny-oe'inn, a. (aKub^ long, 
and ihiaH^ a Im, Gr. in allniloa to tbe loug 
flfW4ta^) A gooQ* of noalt glabrau treoa: 
Ovte^ GbdMOUMfc 

MAcnonOHUi^ sw-krcm'c-kua, $, (moAroi; long, 
■■d OTfi^ a ekv, Gr.) A genns of Cobopt«n>u3 
teaacta; FsmHy, ClarieoflMt. 

Hacsovtx, Biak'n^aika, ■ {mekn», long, and 
«B|n^ • eUv, Or.) A geans of birds, bdon^ng 
to iIm Ahndina, or Laric tribe: Fanulj, Fringil- 

UacROFvau, mak-rop-na'A, >. (makn», long, and 

jmer^ I brcatbe, Gr.) That state of tba breatb- 
iog in whidi the mpintioa is loiu and deep. 

MACBOroDA, mik-ro-po'da, ^ $. (macro- 

MACHoroDiAXS, mnk-ro-po'de-anB, f* pu$, one of 
tbe gmera.) Soa-Bpideni ; a liibs of Decapod 
Orustareum, remarkable for the kn(;tb of tbair 
feet : Family, Brachyura. 

MaoROPOdiuk, mak-rD-po'da<tmi, a. (moAror, 
king, and pous, a foot, or (botanieally) a italk, 
Or. froo tb' pod being eletatad abova the ivoep- 
tacls by a fttalk.) A genoi of QriHiAnai ^laota, 
notnaa of Siberia : Subordor, OithooparmM. 

Macrotodcb, mak-ro-po'doa. a. {makro$, long, 
and jioBf, a foot, Gr. from the ctodal fin being 
oxoessivety long.) A genoa of flsltea: Family, 

blACROPOMA, mak-ro-po'ma, «. (taolnM, long, aad 
^oaw, a lid or oorer, Or.) A genos of fossil flabM 
whid) oocor in tbe Chtik fomatwn. 

kt ACltOPTlCROMyiUf mak'rop-ttr-o-no'tts, s. (aut- 
rot, long, fCorMl, • wing, and tmt atu, tbe car, 
Gr.) A gtnna of fldies : Family, SiloridaL 

MAcnoPTKKrx, ma-kn^'tor^ki, a. (Moiras; loo^ 
and Mmr, a wing, Or.) A guiu of birdi of tbe 
awaUowkind: FamilT, Hlnn^iddft. 

Maorofziulmos, nAk-rop-xAal'moB, «. (molroe, 
long, and ophtfialmot, the eye. Gr.) A genu of 
Dcoipod Crustaceans : Family, llracbynra. 

MAcnorcs, mak'ro-poa, a. (miUirot, lon^ and jnmh^ 
a foot, Gr.) Hw pnaite baum of tbt kaofBoo, 
and of a geons of MttlM. 

BlacaoFTOiA, mak-ra-ii^'e-a, s. (majtrDt, k>ng, and 
pygckoi, a snont, Gr.) A genus of birds : Fa- 
mily. Columbidie. 

MxcBoMTi^unEjr, nuik-m.««1'»-d«a, s. (matr<a, 
long, and tiuioji, tbe teg and foot, Gr.) An in- 
wctii-omofl mamtiial. which inhabits tbe rocky 
muuntains of tlia weatem part of tbo dUtrict vf 

Macrosceftib, tnak-ro-aep'tis, t. (matrot, hag, 
and akepao, I oorer, Gr. is rrfcrence to tbe calyx 
being lai>,'er than tbe corolla.) A geoas of plants : 
Order, Aaclepiadaoen'. 

SlACitoSRMics, mak-fo-te'roe-ras «. (mairo$, kmg, 
and seuT, a iiinrk. Or.) A genus of foastl flabes 
feand in tho Oolite formation. 

UaCBOSPIRA, [[lak-ro-epi'ra, s. (mrtJbyw, long, Or. 
tpirof a spire, Ijit.) A gCDOS of Oasteropod Uol- 
loaea, tbe shell of wliicb bu tb« spue czcawrely 
bng and anbcylindrioal ; tbe body wborl largoat ; 
onter Itp thin ; tho apertura oral : nearly allied to 
Adiatina: Family, ilobodier 

fifACRoaris, mak-roa'pis, t. (makroi, long, and 
oytii, a shield, Gr.) A gentu of Coleopterooa 
Inseota : Family, Sesr^Mtldc 

Uacrobttub, nak-na't^-lis, a. (maJiro», loog, and 
atj/to»f a style, Gr.]) A geaas of plaata, eonditing 
of small sbrabi with rctMiah Boiran: Order, Ba- 

Haceotracdia, mak-ro-tmlc'e-a, i. In Valaoa- 
logy, a tribe of the order Dytbra, or bivalro shells, 
compri^ng such as have tho animal fumiabed with 
two long respiratory siphona, citJier Astinct er 
onited ; the margins often fnmiBhod with IKtla 
teeth. It oom^iUiends tho families PboH'ljp, 
llyada:, TeUinidv, Cliamidx, and Saxicavids. 

UACROTBOru, ma-knt're-pla, a. (wtakrot, long, 
and tnoit, a ke«l, Gr. from tbo keel of the Bowor 
beiqg ting.) A gcnos of L^mtnoos plants : 
Sobwder, Papitionaecs. 







HacioTTSi nu^kro'tiB, a. (matrroe, longi *oA ous 
olt$, so ev, Gr. iq rofercoac to tb« oaloie of the 
ctpflQlr.) A genua of planta ; Order, Banooca- 

MAC&OtTBA, mak-rtn/ra, \ a. (malcroa, long, 

Uaobocilaxs, mak-iuw'Tan3,f una oura, a tail, 
Gr.) Tbo LoDg-Uilnl Crostaccuja, a UrnHj af 
tho Dceapoda of Caviar. It iuduiloa lh« tolwttn, 
and oil sach ai ban tha end of the tail provided 
with appendogei^ and is ai long at Inut aa Um 

ItAouziox, mak-U'iliun, ». (maeto^ 1 kill, Lat.) 
Id Antiqait;, tlie act of Ictlltog a vidia foraaorifioe. 

Mactra, mak'tra, a. (Cmk, a kneading- troogliO 
A tptum of Molluaca, in wludi tbs aball Ii •qoi- 
valre; tlM valres gaping on on« nda; ligament 
aKtccuI and internal ; tti« othUoal tMlii oompB- 
oat«d : Fanulr, M}'s<itiB. 

UAcn^ inak u-lu, 'a (Latin, spota.) Dark apota 
Ob tho •atfaoet of tho son, ntooo, and oa boom of 
tha pUiMti. Iq Pathology, nnj apottcd disoolora- 
tioni on the lorfaoe of tha body. Smg. Maottla. 

Macclats, mak'U'laie, v. a. To ataln; toapoL 
Tbcj WDoM Dot MOCMlBla tba boooar of tlMto* people 

nteh Mcb a nproaeh. — A'tr T. Bt§ot. 

MACL'LAnoK. mak'U-b'idiun, a. Staio ; spot ; 

Mais mad, a. (yemaatl^ Sax. motto, ItaL) Diaor- 
dered la tbo mind ; diatnotod; delirioua; sxpnea- 
lag dUoeior of miod, or pnwMding frain Hi eo- 
nged; ftrioiu; Inflamed to ognees wUh dwre; 
distracted witli anxiety or trooUe; oxtnaiily pei^ 
ploMd; iufaUialod: prowifmg fiwm taBy. Mad- 
ojffiAr, QT Jwa-f^pU, oHwa of the ^gR-pUst So- 
laatuo roelonggpa ) — k a. to nuke raad ; to make 
fiirions; to «Dngo ,•— «. d, to be mad or furiooa. 
Maor of them eeUoo. be batb a diml. and maddtlA.— 

Had, mad, ) a. (meAm, Sax. and Goth.) An 

Uaok, aiade,r nrthwann. — LooL 

Uadav, mad inn, *. (mo, my, and daaie, Fr,) A 

oomplimeDtary t«nn of adthen, gieasralljr applied 

to manied anjil eblerly ladies. 
^DiBMiB, mad-a-rv'sii, a. (Greek.) TtSHag, off 

of the b»r, e^iecially of the eyebalMi 
ILinaaADi, mad'brue, > a. IKaordand in 
JtADbHAijiKii, mad'brayod, > mind ; Hngovemn- 

ble- hotheaded; raib. 
Uascat, madlMti, l: (aiai^ aod oiptf, tlie bead.). 

An unpetooos, Wbudod CcUow; a rub, violent 

pecKu; a madman. 
ILuKOm, mad'do, r. a. To make mad;— ih h. to 

become mad ; to a«t aa if mad, 
MAooim, mad'der, a. The comnuM name of planta 

of the geoos Bubia. The roota of Bobaa tlocto- 

nun it iu*d ai a stuff for dyeing led. 
IftPC Part nad paat part o( Makf. 
11 Al>Kr ACTION, mad-e-fak'abun, a. (jnai^aeM, I 

moielea, LaL) The act of making wet. 
JIadkty, madVfi, r. a. To nkoiatea; to make 

w«t^-Saldom tuod. 
MAniMU, uift-do'nh a. A lioh moe mado oa the 

UADSMOissLia, mad-m«»-M]', e; (FroMh.) In 

Fmoek a title gtnn to yofwg wamea, e^valent 

to UK 

Madrrasbd, mad'bed-ed, «. HotheadeAi ftiU of 
raib, tdk faneut. 

Uadoodsb. madliowt, a. A Louee where pmoqi 
of diaorderod intalleot are pat for aalety and owe; 
a laoatio aiylom; a bedlam. 

klADts, madid, a. Wot; moist: dropping.-^0<K 

Madlt, mad'le, 04^. In the oianaar of an ioiaM 
person ; roshlv ; wildly. 

Uadman, mad man, «. A raaa eatnveoiuly dl»- 
poied, ariaing lh«a • dUeooed mind ; • man wilh- 
oot ODdantandtag; one Inflamad irith Biln«i|pnt 
paa^Of and acting without the reatnuota of n** 

MADHcaa, mad'nt«, a. Uiitraetioo; loaa of iMMn 
or uodnratandiog; tMadstimg paamMi aod raab- 
nioB, in oppoaition to the dioUtea of naaon; tey; 
rage; mving aaBeveration. 

Haikhia, ma^'oa, > a, (amima, Span, aw- 

MADuififA, ma-doa'na,y dautia, ItaL) A name 
given to pictorial roproicnbatiuDS of tbo Virgia 
Mary ; a complimentaiy term, oqaiTalaot to Mb- 
Two fiialtit, midoiu, tfaat drink and good ooonaat •Ul 

anuind^— JAoib. 

Madokkuia, ma-do-nio'a, a. A aiLvar fioia of 
Geaoa, worth abont 8d. steriing. 

MAD&AtTiuiA, mad-ms-tre'a, a. (moirS, jotted, 
Fr. and asttr, a star, Lat.) A luune ginD by 
De BkinriUc to n sabsectioQ of the Madnpbyt- 
Uka, tLcluiling thv geoera Astnca, Ffhinartifft. 
OcuUna;, anil BrAnchutnva. 

MADRSrurt.UJ:A, ina-dro-liMi'ft*a, a. (madr4,Tt. 
and jiAyfAm, a led; Gr.) BUioTille** flmt aeetkm 
of IbBatooyZoanlharui; the utber aootlMi be oaOa 
Madnpoiva. The spociea era nearly all hirtadiid 
ia tin iil-uiugad ganua Madropora of >^"«— ■ 

KrADBEPOaA, mad-n-po'ra, > a. («KKMi, opotta^ 

Hapkepvjk£8, mad're-poraBif Fr. and ^»ni, a 
poiv, Lat.) A general name for oorala, with 
lam«IIat«, atar-Bhapod cavitiea. 

MAi^KuroBiTB, mad're-po-rita, a. A oolaaBar 
oorUntate of lime, fouad in Norway and G re aal a n d i 

UuuuiB, Dad'ie-«r, $. (French.) A Oat beam af 
wood placed at the bottom of a moat to aoimrt 
a will ; alao, a thick plank oited for tha pbtnrm 
of batteriea, and to eopport the earth in the gal- 
lenaa and obambam or mioesi l^Bmriaa, a pbak 
of mad ovranl with aoma lao um bg a tiMa mrt a rial 
aa a delraae againat fire. 

MAUHiQALf mad'n-gal, #, (Spanish aod FVandi.) 
A little aBumaa poem of a certain aunbv of oa- 
«iual reraoa, not confined to the atdet icgplarity 
of Bonnot, or the aabtiUy of aa epigram. It u 
aometimsa called aiMuforv/poemi—aioednin- 
pQi^ttoa in ftve or aiz parta. 

M^BHAonutiA, ma-inak-te'ia-a, a. Da AatSfai^, 
aacrifieea effsrad to Jnpaler at Athena in the mootb 
Unmaotaiioo, whan tbo god, aumaaMd Mcuaetcs, 
waa entreated to eecd mQd and tempe* etc weaiber, 
aa ba pftaided orer tha aiaacM^ and waa the cod 
of the ah-. 

MJcauKA, me-sn'ra, a. The Lyro Taila, a gaaoa 
of Bingolor binhs placed by Vigora In tho faniDj 

UjtomoM, me-oa'a-4a, a. Oaa of tha aamoafhtaa 
to the UuBia, bccaoae fianar, th«r enatc* and 
worthiest finourlte, waa aamaad to be a aattM 
of Mjmi^ oa which aooaimt oa waa «alM Uso- 

Maiu, me'ni, a. A gcDU of Cniataocana : Vtrnfy, 




P JUtS,«Mi^l 



atf. An kAx d«rir«<] frvm the Saxoa 
A mt\ ftiDMis, gnal; noted ; otoun is a]l-&moo9 ; 
I aAifam, bumw for noUlitr. 
I Will. OM'ra, «. (tbt Anbk luine of J/. mt(tlora.') 
a A gBBU of iowBj ibnilM : Order, Cappatid«M3-. 
Jl JlaftA, me'w, «. (the Anbi« name of OB« of ttic 
I wm^m.) A gams of pUota, oUrrei of Jan: 
I Otdm, iijmoatai^ 

I HabstOSO^ nu-ot-lo'n, §. An ItalUn mndcal 

I tam teakbtf ouiJMtk, aod directing tke part to 

W pb|ed wlu gnodonr aod itrength. 

MuHrmcnr Bbm, ma'atrikl beds, «. In Gml'^, 

Urn ap t w i w j at poop of tba Cntaoooos or Chalk 

ftniiliaB, M tMf oecv noar Uaesbrtdit, • tovn 

*■ tbv x«tbvUi»d& 

H±wnM, maTfl, v. n. To Btammer. — ObsoMo. 

Ba a* atannmnd. or aw^lU In hU tnlkv, that h» wma 
Ml aid* to tartav ftnb a fMdie word— Ai mt 

MArtXSS, maTfl-ar, t. A staminavr.— Obaol«t«. 

MaOada, ma-ga'da, a. In Mythalogj, a title muler 
vbkii VcBiH waa knovn and W(V&hip]icd Ln 
LowoT SsxoDT, whore tht had a temple. 

llAOAtitB, ma-£a'dii,|^ a. (from majadhtim^ t4 aiog 

Xaoaa, aafpUi, ) or pU7 in ontaon, Gr.) The 
OOM of ■ raioal iBatramaot ta ue xannji Iha 
Hcifllta^ <f wtriah Am* wvra two Itinda : aa« a 
Nriagad attntiBMifc fbrmad of twmty chorda ar- 
fugal in pain; the otbfr s kind of flota whicli 
it tbt HOW tiu yialdod vot^ Ugh nd *«f7 low 

ILuiABm, mip-fr-iMn', a. ( n My aaiw , Fr. mo^s- 
wtmtt UaL) A atonbooM for the reception of 
■iBBRtttioD, anca, or prorkiona, or the bnfldinj; 
ta which tber ar» k^. In a ship of war, a c1o«e 
nnin tn ihm )io\d wharv tho gt»p<ranler is kef>t ; a 
fsaqUat panodksUy pobB^kod, eotttatnlng mU- 
oafluadM paipan or aanpiMftioilL 

MaOAnmB, may-s- a awiV, a. Ooo who writos 
Im a wmpaao^^-A had word. 

IUabot*, mag'botr, «. (tMTjT. a kinunan, ntd Aotfe, 
B wuipiMilino, &U.) In Law, a companMAlon 
aodnttJ; mad* ia oMOej for kiUInf; a kiaffnan. 

HiASALUUVA, magHU-lA'ciA, f. (tA hocoQr of the 
oUnted d uutwtt T ie dor, t. Magallan, or Mn- 
plaaM, IB FtortDCiL) A gmva of pUata: Or- 
4v, TkmDolaoaa. 

WlCT. mqs, A A nugirian. — ObaolBta. 

M**Ff^-**^, io»-f«l-liolk, 0. PertAinlnic to rr 
AMsmd by MageUao. Afi^^efltBiic ctoudi. In 
JtilNMaiy, tlkrw ii«b«t» in tiia aoolheni hecni- 
m^an ; two of than aboat 1 3 or 18 drgrwo trom 
n* aoMh polm, and tha third trnm dlatant, 

SlAAOtcms, nad-jo-o'r«, o. (Italbn.) In Moiic, 

Maooot. imc'cBl, 1. Th« commDii buim of the 
l«Tm«f flfaaaad boa*: ■whim ; an odd fWncy. 

XAoaomBM. ini^g«t-»-M(s «> Th* aUtc of 
dbsoaAg with ■nCF>*> : ^H o^ ■trnifi eooeaitjL 

Xaooott^ lu^giA^ a. Fan «f Rnoots; wpri- 
dm; wMmrivL 

MACOOTT-mAznD, CDa^gtit-*-bad'«d, o. Having 
a baad flUl «l iinngi fbociaft. 

lUot, «•}% a; An uoiast nBgioM mc* in P«rria 
■■a Mm tMftam «oaiitrlM^ who miintainod that 
llMn wcr* two ptiBcipW— ana th« oauaa of all 
faod, mi the othar tba oaoae of all oril, and, 
■t— itiiilii|L tte adoratioa of laagH, th«y wor- 
M^mi Ood m\j bj flra, which tkiff ngndad at 
•b* Wigllail aotl meat tgtanmm ajniboTof Oro- 
«r (ii* scod pnncipt«, «■ dirlntwr wot 

the cmblan of lira vrll ona, Abriomm Tba 
priati of Um mact wtn tbt inoit akflfbl mtlbo- 
outidam nd pkihNopfaan of tiidr day; ao mudi 
■o, that a leartwd nan and ■ wa^daa btuoM 
eqiiiralant taniML 

Magiax, ms'je-an, a. (m^^w^ I'll, ^mffot, Gr.) 
Relitiog to tbo maf^ or phfloaBphn* of tb» Mat; 
— «. one of tba tMt of tho magi. 

MAOiAHim, QU'Jo-cn-tim, a. Tba pMhaophy or 
doctruM of tbo tna|tt 

Haoio, maj^ «. (ma^ 1^1.) Tha iriraM of 
ptododiog wondarftil tffrcta tbroaeb tba w p p oaed 
agfloejofaapamatnraJ balnea; wrotfy; mdiant- 
moot JVa<^> ltm$tntj n opUcol htatnnMDt, bj 
meina of wfatcb amall figons, pahitod with traiw- 
parmt Tsniiab on tlidei of glaaa, an repvcaniLod 
on ■ wall or acraan giaatly m^nifled. Jlfi*gic 
npiare^ a torra aMd to dawMS ■ Mrioa of nvmbf n 
in nrithnictkal piu^iMrion, arranged in th« «quiO 
ctflla of a aqnaiv io fudi a manan- llinl tbo rerti- 
eal, horisant«], and (^agonal colomna giro tbo 
ftime mm. 

Magic, mi^jlk. ) a. Aotlog or performing hy 

Magical. mnjVlnl,)' acoret sM hiriaible igcncji 
irUting to inaeio; tned in nupo. 

Maoioally, mii'c-kal-lo, odL Aooordtng to tbo 
rite* of magic ; by enchaotnient ; hj tho arts of 

Maoiciax, ma-jlsVan, s One skilled In mngic; 
one who pmotiaM the ao-oaUed bhKik art, or pro- 
dttecji startling eAwte, by aiqrposed anpeniAtDral 
agency; ■ DeeromnoMr; an enchanter; a lor- 


Maoilas, mtj'e-lna. ». (meaning not explained.) 
A genne of TBtiuIthroncliiste Out^Tnpnds, the 
abell of whirh ia a longitndinal csrinatM tntie, 
which is nt Rrvt regshrly gpirsi, and then oxttnda 
itmU in n lino mora or leao strai^t. 

3lA0lLr, msf^tlp, 9. A nanw pnn to a gebtloons 
composition, produced when CriMed oil and miplic 
ramish ore miied together. It is osed by artsitH. 

Maqivteb, mftj'e-stnr, $, An appdlatioo raren in 
the middle agaa to tboae panoni who had obtained 
■onw denx *>' Ktanvy or adentific nmomoa: 
CBQtnclH lo Mist«r or Mr. Ma^uter t q iQv m, 
■a offieer among the Romans, mbor^nato to' tho 
dictator, by whom ho was UBoally eloeted. 

Maoisteblal, maj-iv-te're-al, a. ReUling to or 
such M toita a master; lofty; aothontative; 
prond; imporioOB; domineering. In Cbemiatry, 
rclnting to roagistwj,— which tee. 

HAOiirreRlALLT, mnj-b-te'ro-al-le, ad. Arro- 
gaallr ; with sn air of aotboritT. 

MAOlSTERIAljrEM, mju-ia-te'ro-kl-rea, 5. Ila^gb- 
tineaa; iinperionvDfltf ; the air and manner of a 
m safer. 

^lAOnnTftT, maj'ia-tw-e, a. (i>iiiyf»lBr, a master, 
Lit) A torn nsed by tho old diemistfl to stg- 
nify n peooEar method of preparing any medicine 
as it wont by a mastery prooees. Tho term was 
also long applied to nil precipttates. 

UaoISTRact, miu'is-tnie, a. The office or dig- 
nity of a mngistmbB ; the body of mn^tnles. 

MAOlSTaAt, maj'is-tnl, o. AntfaoTititive; suiting 
nmagirtratoormaater; utiflctali ensuing; akU- 

UagUmt ■jropa.— Bra .AMDn. 
—4. a ionnxffi mcdinnc or rcmedr.— >ObMleta. 
A cafe and magittr^ osalDSt raelaocbaljr beyond the 







MAfllfiTUALlTY, m:ij-is-traro-tt, f. D6S|iatic na- 

tborit; in opiniuo. — Obsolete. 

TtUHwIio •Mktnitiu^ 011(1 Dot autflftniUtr.— 


HAOiaTTtALLV, nijj'is-tnil-l«, tuL DwpoCiiXilly ; 

DUthoritatirel^. — Olisoleto. 
llAa»TJtATS, tn^i'tt-trnto, «. (mayiftiyUm, iM.} 

A mio pablkly toTeitod wiUi wnbocitjr; ■ oivU 

offioor jodkiaDjr empowerai to exMote ibc ]a«r. 
IfAOmitjkTic, maj'U-traftlc, a. IhriDg ttii an- 

Uumiy of ft mi^KlnUo. 


Ujmhx, nug'oM, $. (moMQ, I tilaod lo^lhor, Gr.) 

A thick oidtnHot or oaafflctivii. 
Uaom* Cuabta, mag'oft kJr'La, a. (I^in, gnmt 

elurtrr.) Tbo great chartor, »o mllei. obUinfU 

bjr thi) Engliab btrons from King John, A.11. 

1315; 11 fuadunimtal coostitatioa which giunmn- 

twa riglits ud pririlega*. 
UuHtALiTr, mig-DAlVt*, «. (magmaJMt LaU) A 

pmt tbiog ; aonMitiiiis nbovA tht comnwo ntc. 

— ObMlAte. 

Too fnwdy aT m-kfmNtin, we malt* but fitroiaitbte 
iBperltDvat coacermn^ wdooma tratlia.— Avun. 

UAGirAitiuiTr, nug-na-mni'e-te, a. (nuj^wtf, gnat, 
and ■ttRHyi, tbe miiul, Lat.) Gnatiuai of mind ; 
Uj^-lMud brmraT' ; davilJoa of kmI which tm- 
oouten htrdibips or dtn^ with oampoNin and 

UjUWAxmoDi, uai-BaaVmoa, a. Grttt of 
mind; cUvatad iaaeatimaDt; honoQnltlo; bnn; 
dkbteMtad ; £ctet«d b; nohU fMling. 

MaoKASIMOUBLY, iQig-OAn'e raiu-le, orf. Bnvtljr; 
with di<LotefutcJ dovotton; with gnAtiuH oS 

Maohatb, mag'aate, A. (magitaiM, Lat.) A -ptr- 
aon of rank ; a distinpiiahed pumm. 

MAOVsaiA, Bu^g-w'abA, A (wBjwwia, Fr.) A 
wUto, tMrnl—, Mrthj aaUtanoe, osmJly obtained 
by atfodLg its hjdrated csrt>on»t« to a red beat. 
It oouiiU of magiieMutn, CL21 [ and ox^gdii, 
S&Td. Magiutia abn»^ • mincnl of • snow> 
wUto ooloar And shining \xittn, Tuund At Capo 
V«d In Southern Afnca, where it co%'«r» Um S>>»r 
of A crotio to the depth of ux inohos. It occors 
both eompAct aixl fibroiu, And oannst« of iDlithxto 
oT abuRidA, S8^ j sulpbAtA of magnoua, 10.tt2 ; 
aulphatA of ciADgaiiw*, i.59; chloride of pot«»- 
aium, 0.205; water, 45.739. 

Uaokeman, nug-na'sbaa, a. BcUting to nug- 
nnia. Magaetiam Um ti lomtj ia 6eolo|j, a urirfl 
of M«oeciimii| in aonM fUett titan thaooal 
mBMori. Magmuia» jakarwuuoliie, a nuaaral 
of ftdbtjrwhitcor boDffjr-Tdhnrcakiar, And wa^ 
lutn : ooeort nuusvo, and ii btUtl&. It consUu 
«f anraic aoid, 58.52 ; Ume, 23.23 ; mA^niNiaf 
16.68; protezkto of uiiiigaiiaaa, 3.1S; iron, « 
true: Ion, 0.30: 1^ gr. 2.52. U= d— 7. 

Uaoxzutb, aiA|-u'atA, 4. MAtire magiwAA, 

ItAOKUniJi, m^na'thamjn, «. Th« lootAllic 
iMa of mignarifc 

1i1ao5BT, mag'nat, «. (Latin.) A mIttUnM oo- 
dowed with tbo propert; of AltnuUiis iron, aud 
•Im of painting itirif In A fiortmdirNtioa. TbiM 
prapaliM U b euafala of ooDuawiioatiag to tmn 
Aoditod fam. UigotiA an of two kinds: ua- 
ttratt and ar^fCctal Tbo Uttar an, aeeordine to 
Ihsir Aqte, known as bar ma(;D»u lod horM^boe 
iM|iitta., To pttatm thet^ it is nt canny to 
eoaiucc togsther tbe ends or pole* with a piaoa of 

EOiooth iron, which is called tbe annatore. If of 
A angla bar. it u a Mingle magost ; if of aercral 
joined togetbfr, n eomfimmd magnit ; and if tbcy 
bo oasod in bnus, it is aald to be armed. Twe 
poiots.At or near the ends are eaUod the ptiet^ 
nod thi) whole power of tba magnet s osmi eon- 
Dentnted in thcae poiuts; one is caliod tbe iwrtl 
pule, and the other the $nah pole, 'fhe line 
which juina the poles is called tbe axis. 
M viinimc, mag-net 'ik, > a. Belatlog la lbs 

Maoitgtical, mag-nct'e-kal,) magnet; havliu; 
powm comsponding with the propertiea of ibe 
magnet t altrutiTo. Jfa^wc^ie anpUwie, an arc 
of tbo boriiMi tniwseptad between tbe sun in kii 
rimig or aettliig, and tbe aait ntul west points of 
the oompaa. MaffmA aitmufk, an an of lbs 
birixon intercepted betwoas tbo maguetlBal mori- 
dian and the nin's aaiinuth drde. Mafnttio 
eompmuaiar, a eootrirance devised by Mr. Baiiev 
tar sHaliaring the influeaoe of a ship's gone Mid 
otfur Imn in donngbg the boarinn of tbe «aRt- 
poas. Magmetie f^rim, iba bteck a«)pteitl«f 
iron. UagmeAc aUtrwm, or men prapeily deetn* 
maffnttio ojamn, a eariou and waplo iutr»- 
mcnt, used to otiike on aloram it a gnat ^ataoce^ 
BO as to givo notice of a tel«gr^ih WHUag^ alact- 
bg of a railway tnin, &«l Mapaellc battuy, 
the aame aa oompaaad magnat, er a airisa of 
Binple msKoets so atuted together as to act ia 
oonoert. ifoffnetic curvti, the position in which 
iron filing oramge Uumaalreo from the 000 pda 
to the €tber of a po««Ad bar magnet over whadi 
thoy ATS sprinkled. Moffudie drelmatiom, aj~ 
nonymons with Iha Tariathm of the *■—]——, 
which indicataa tba deviation of tbo magiMtie 
Doadle from tho tnie geographicAl »"*^t«ft^ 
pointing not to tbe north and sooth pole* of the 
earth, but to points some degrees from them. Tfaa 
amount of this rariAtion ia acoording to the plaoe 
on the earth's surfaoo where the mugnetic nosdls 
is eitaated. Jl/ayneCie dip, a property of iha 
magnetic noodle of incliuing ooe uf ite poles to* 
wuds the earth. It difTera in diAVrent latitndlL 
Tbe dip at London is aboot 69° 12'; over the 
magnetic poles tbe dip is 90*; at a lino aiontid 
tho earth, forming an eqoator to those pdoi^ 
tbcro is no dip. Maffttttie tauator, a liao araoDi 
the earth, everywhere eqoAuy distant firom both 
magnetic poles; here the magnedo nnsdlo does 
Dt>t dip, bnt Btanda horixontal, being equally 
AtlTACteJ to both the temntriAl magDetio poles. 
Magnttie thdrieilif, a soienoa coaipound in dia- 
noter as ia name, being the MplAOAtioo of a««- 
taJn efie«te prodoeed by the Action of ■ magnet, 
which aa resemble tbooa of electricity as to iodoae 
philosopben to beliere tbAt magnetism is bat 
ekctridty in aAotber foon, snd th^ the n^gaotie 
and eleetnoal flnids an identical. Mfa^MtkJfikdf 
tbe pnpetty or the floid whiob prodMas tfasM 
sttractlro, duectire, and otlur «Siol«, owmnonly 
known u magnetic Soom pbikwepken mippam 
it to Im a floid diatiflct fiom all others, yet ura- 
duced DAtarally by tlie same cooaei as thooe wuoh 
occasion the dvTeloproent of the ekctcic flaid; 
others, vrith apparently more reason, imagine it 
to bo identical with tbe elsctiic Uuid iteulf ; and 
modem discoveries ehow that mAny prapertiea Are 
oonuDon to both, llis magDetio Unid will, when 
concentratod and properly cgaducted, gire a lAwek 
and a iparit similar to those which arc olectricAl, 





odalM|ndu»ab«aied dMompodlioQiL Map- 
mSe immeibm, tbt power iridch • ougiut bai oT 
Mamarfettaof Ifat qulUiH wUdi it pMMwies to 
hnifiBBarilMlpuMd dht H, attbon^ not in 
mlHl. Wben twQ nM^Dcta aie 10 pUud u to 
■BieI tba MOH peoo of iron, it ii eiued eemifikae 
JitotiBD, whftber they, \>j their ntetin poadoo, 
■aipire to begbten the e&ct of lbs ■ngls lu^- 
sil V to ooanteiEt it. JA^wIm BKHJiwi, a 
wtkd drel* ia Ibo banoni intaneotbg the 
bcrixuo in tho macoetjo poloi. MajfHelie needle, 
• SBftll actificnl magDet. balaooed on its oeotn 
» tbat It majr dinet Itailf w inBaeDoed bj terres- 
trii) nu£D(iim. nrrettrial moffnetic potBi, tn-a 
Hbta of tbi nrtb to «hidi tb» poles of wi arti- 
mI aagPtl ohrm ttiul ; that fai Hm nortbrrn 
bMlifbgntemUodtbottOrtApote; ntdlbeutl- 
podi to this i9 called tbt jomM pole. Tbe iiortb 
p«U it littuted in the nortb-eiaterti port of Hiid- 
■m'l Bay. *t about 60^ mat loDgitiide and 60° 
flertfa Utitnde. From tha groat irngolarity a( tba 
aiadk io tbt bigb noitbeni Utitodes, it ts tnrcmd 
Ibit ibofa ia a atoood north magtwtic pole, lito* 
alad al 102* eaat looi^tada, wilb tba Rwie Uti- 
tarfa aa tha oClwr pobk If tbti be proved In erUt, 
Urn* win ba a ateeod aootfa magnetu: pott also. 
MagatHe tata^tUiM^ oad ntmtiamHt, tbe 
pOMTiAUi afiOM m^of Iron, and mora oape- 
vbMf itaol, hM of neeiTbg and rtlabiiog mag- 
iMia pnpartloiL 

HuaiKiiCAiXT, mag-nat'o-kal-le, ad. hj Iho 
powar of atcnctioa ; hj nwaaa of tba nugnct. 

lUaaiTiCAMiCM, mag-Dctra-kat«ii^ ) ». Tto 

MacMmciftt, »ag-net'ik-iuo, ) qnaUtj 

of bang ™^r*i*" or ■ttnothre. 

MaOCTfici, mag-oetlka, a. Tba ideoea of mag- 

MaoKTumoiii, mig-Ao-tif 'ar-u, a. Prodncbg 

fif OBHdSCdDff UH^DHtUDIa 

VaoiORms, ma^oet-isMir, m. One who prac- 

ICmivktuji, BBg'Dflt-iiiii, a. The tdoDoo wbiob 
isfoitigitaa tba pbenomeDa pnaeatod by oataral 
and actificiai magDetB, and tbe lawa by which 
ibej an CDOoaetaiL i1ntna/auviH(i(ai,aipeciil 
priiiBph, bjpotbetieally admittedi to expUio coi^ 
tvD oteona and iU-dafined pbonomeDa, which are 
agppi—d to rtatde porticolarty in the nervoos 
■jtT~". and to be toacoptibte of transmicaon from 
ant Irrt^g body to another, by contact, mere ap- 
proach, or CTto an eflbrt of Tolttion.— Seo Me»- 
■Dtrio. TerratrittJ ntaffnetum, that property 
of tba earth from which the magDetiun of tba or- 
dioaiy loaisxCa, the direction of the magnatio 
i>aadla, and other pheoomona are derived, and 
vpoo wUeb tbay ooocaauily depaod. 

llAsmnXATlox, Bu>g-o«-t»-za'&ban, ». Tba pro- 
■ by wfaiofa tba nu^oetie princtpte ia imparted. 
■KTUX, ma^oe-liie, p. a. To oommanieate 
tba wiagneiifl pmdple to anything;— v. a, to ao- 
^paitaagDatiaprapartiea; to bwNna magneda. 

Xaonfo-SLaomciTT, mae-Det!to-*4ck-iiV»-ie, 
«. XlMCridCy prodooed by magnetiam. 

lliMntOlloniBT mag-nat-om'o-tor, a. AroUaic 
MkIm of two or more lafge [4atas, which, produ- 
<iaf a gnat qoaUi^ of electricity of low tendon, 
ia wan adapted to tha ezblbitioo of elactro-m«g- 
naCie pbanornena. 

JUjaxtriAMiM, mac'ofr-ft-a-hl, a. Worthy of betag 
nwpnifttii or estoUad; that nuy ha maguifiod. 

VaCiL » 

S Qtand; great*, do 

' MaoNiric. mag-oif Ik, 
MAOKiriCAl^ mng.Qlf'e-kal,, 
ble ; ipIeDdld.-^Seldoin oaed. 

Opweatr 0ieM«r«UijrHvi4bdaeda: 
Thy tropMai^iniftNL ^*^^ 

UAoamCAlXT, mag-mfa-hal-le, ad. Id a great 

or apleodid manuar. 
MAOVtviCATK, mng-nif'o-katc, v. a. To praiae or 
oornmcnd highly. — OlMolote. 

I coiiDot nitb awoln llaee wMiptilwih 
Mlue uwQ iKMir ii iii tli MwwJim 

MAomFiOKKCE, mag-uif'e-oaiia, a. Oraadeur of 
appcaruiCD ; Bplendoar, 

llAOKipiOBlfT, inag-nif'e-flnit, a. Grand lo ap- 
pearance; aahibilbig gmndaar; apla<odid; pomp- 

MAOKtvionm,T, raag-tdfo-ant-li, ad, Pomp- 
DttUy ; tptmdidly ; with axaltod aeutimentlh I 

Magnitioo, mag-nif'e-ko, a. AgrandoeofVotdea. ' 

U tbe Tenttlant bava tbalr aanaU and wiagiMoote, ' 
thtj (the beta) bave itao eaoir.— J^HUhaatta Smn. 

MAOKiraB, mag'na-fl-or, f; One who anlat^ ot 
ioeraaata ; ooa wbo titxda or axalta In paaJaaa ; a 
gbtaa that magniAta; a taanx learn wbk& in- 
crcaaea the a pp e rant magnitode of objoeia. 

Maokipt, nug^na-R, a. a. (jmagnijioo, Lat) To 
praiM great^; to extol highly; to malu great; 
to axaggorate ; to amjdiiy; to oxatt; loalerate; 
to rabe tn eatimatloo; to hieroaaa tbo apparent 
dimonsiona of any olijoet to tho vjt. 

MacinLOQUKiroB, mag-tdTo-kwena, a; (au^niu, 
great, and Icupteiu, tpeaJdng, Lot.) ^ l<^^i ^"^ 
tnlent mode of apeaiung; pompooa, tbinld atyle, 
or worda. 

UjuiifiUMjuBST, mag-aD'o-kweflt, a. Fl&tulrat; 

Maohixitdb, auc'oe-tnde, a. {nagnitado, Lat.) 
ComporadTo boOt or ilza; extent of diinoudao*; 
grcatnoaa; gniDdear: importasoe. 

)1ao!<olia. mag-no'lc-n, f. (ia hosonr of Profoeaor 
Magnol of Moatpcltier.) A genus of plonta, oon- 
nstiog of highly omameDtal trees: lype of tbe 
order MagnoUaoeav 

Maomoliaoe^ msg-oo-U-a'ae-o, 5j (moffwiiiat ono 
of tba gpaera.) A natoral order of Exogoooas 
plants, ooumting of dagaat treos and afaruba, ro- 
markabte for (ba baan^ and fMmDoa of their 
floweia; ealyxof tbraoor aix aepw; patala three 
to twentj-saraOf diipoaed in a ternary order; 
stamens froe and iodoflnita; aQtheca adoate and 
elongated ; ovaries nunerorui, 

Maunum Bokuh, mng'uum bo'sum, $. (Latin.) 
A particniar kdnd of p«ar. Maguwa oa, the tJiird 
bone of the lower row of the carpal, reokoning 
from the thmnb towarda tba little finger. 

Maoonaa, ma-fj^'oft-fl, I. (name of sonw botaniat 
known to SL Hilure.) A gontu of planta: Or- 
d«r» Sapindac««. 

Uaofis, nag'pi, a. A bird of the crow kind ; tbe 
Ooma inoa of Selby, and farming tbe genua Ple4 
of Bruson. 

Maous, roa'gna, a. (moj^, a teat, from tbe 
little protnberaDeoa on tho month of the corolla.) 
A genoa of plaata; Order, fleropbulariacear. 

Maotdabu, m^-a-da'rie, a. (the IjiUn nama of 
tho harb LauBrlworL) A genua of UmbellifarDU'* 
prreonial harfaa : Saborder, Caoipyloapcnos. 

Mailuuiabatax, ma-ha-baw'nt-tam,f jl (Uin- 

BllAKATAM, ba-raw'tam, ] dooetaueu, 

bdooging to Bbarata and hia deaeendaota.) The 





aoit Ollabntod vpic poem of Uiulus ailcr Bha- 
majmoM, Mid lo ooatun 100,000 disticha or 
doMs, but Uiii u la exaggeniioo. 

Mauaokva, iii»-luw'd^Ta, «. On« of Uu oanHe of 
Sin^— wUoh seo. 

UAUaaiOA, iu>licr'o»<i, t. (an onagrmm or Hcr- 
mxnoia, to which it ia allied.) A gvDtu of planU : 
Order, BjrttiMMcMD. 

tUuoOAsr, ma-bofi'A-iui, i; (mMkogfmi, the 
Amerido niaac of tbe ti«t.) TIm wood of tli« 
inibog»i7-tm ; Swiet«nia m«hogoni of Do Caq- 
itHh, the Cednu mabogoni of iiioar, « natitfl of 
SbOtb AitM>nca, Cobo, Jamaica, 81. DofniilGO, 
bat partictUnri; of tba Bay of HoodurUi mm 
which it iadiie&jttpottfdIothiaMaaUy: Order, 

Hasometak. — Sm Mobmunodoa. 

UxDOHiA, m»-ho'oi*-a, «. (ia tiooour of Bemanl 
Haooiaban of FhiladalphJA.) A g«nu« of plaalA, 
natiTaa of ladiii utd Amtriofti mAliag of degut 
shrabt with jtUsw 6»wan: Ordsr, B crtTMi a fc 

Habodvin ma'bnrDd, «. A ooBtomptoou aaina 
formirly luad for UohamiMd, and tba d«vU, and 
aaewtaw for any nragt ciianKier. 
liks JUWmri In a ptaj, 
Ko mao dan bim wlibia]'.— 9MMh 

Uaxa, ba'tAi «■ A gHuu of Doe^wd OrasUoeaos : 
FamQjr, Bnel^onL In UytholoKjr, tb« dao^itor 
of AUu ud f Itiooa; and mother of Mtnaij by 
Jupiter. Su wu or» of the Pltiadaa, the DMwt 
ItnidiMQSoffcbo BWOQ niters. Alao^ a hudium of 

Maiade, ma'a-de, > t. (maia, ofm of the fieoara.) 

Maianh, ma'o-aas, y 'fbo second tribe of tbo fa- 
mily Oxjrhyociu of M. Mibw Ed^md^ oonipo^ad 
of Unchpirons Decapod Cnutaceans, whoao can-' 
pace ia always rery ipiny, and is witli wmi)« 
ciuiepUoiu much larger thAO it te wide. 

Maid, mado, ) «. (vuurtf, Conn, mta^ Sax.) 

MAl^n, Bui'dn,} Aa oniaaiTied wotnan, or a 
Tooag wnurried womant « vino^i * bmalo 
■emok. In Compoatkui, it b naed to etirnsa 
the femininfl i^der. 

Uaidht, inaMn, ». A mud; Um luuQe of an 
Koeient instniincot, of Die form of tbe guillotinei, 
OMd partially is Ei^|;taBd aod SooUaod ia the 
beheadiag of erimintla. One ia still prvnrrid in 
Ibe tDOMoia of the Royal loatittUion tn Edin- 
bnr^, whicli was iatruduced into Sooilaad W tbe 
BegBot Morton, who at length niffered by it 
hiiDHlf. The oamo alio of a macbiiu for waah- 
fu SatB. Maiin trir hm$i *w^ kba plaDt 
BuiibMb idanliftlia, ■ natiT* of Japan. Maidm 
plum, — am OomoctotoA. Mmdm mU, in onr 
old wii|«t, a aobla paid by tbo tenants of 
lorae maoof* on tbair marria^. ifoidbi aaiw, 
Bn aano in wUeb no porson is oonJemned lo die ; 
^^1. cooiistiog of Tiiipiiai freab; naw] onnnd ; 
nnpottateAt p**(| i>n*gt 
TfaeoU Sanaa eaatle oeiir DoecheeMr, In DoeaetalUrc^ 

O DObla worii, k> c&11«d MiMm OmUo.— H'orUw 

— e^ Ok to epeak and act demurely or inodeetly. 

MaiJtM-hair. — See Adiantam. 
MaiuhkhuoI), ma'dn-bdd,)^ *■ (magtiatAad, So.") 
HxUiiUtiiZXU, ma'dQ-hed.f Virility; virginal 

purity t fraedom from oootamiiuLion ; newneas; 

treahoewt iiMOfltanioalod state. 
Maxdwuxb, ma'dn-Uka, a. Beeoming a mntdeo ; 

■ odattl Bonswimum. 
Mazdmuiuub, ma'da b»<% a Tbe doMetoMit 

or bebavloor beeomlDg a maiden ; modeaty ; gott- 

Uaideklt, ma'dn-)r, a. Lllte a mtld; (T"tW: 

modeit; tfaDorcNis: — o<^ tn a matdcfllike manner. 
Uaidsk PLtw.— fiee Coraorlidie. 
Maiouooo, mads'hdd, a Vinnnity. 

By mtWiooi, bonour, and eterr thtnr. 
I love tbea—AUl*. 

Maidhariaji, madB-mtr'e>an, e. A kind nt Avam, 
so ealloJ from a boflbra dreaaeJ like « mao, who 
played tricks to the populnoe. — (Jb^olete^ 
A Mt oTmotTlrv-diinccn claoce<] a mtUbi^HtH wUha 

tabor and pip*— AchvU 

MAiorAUE, nude'palo. a. Waa or pals: Vk» • 
sick |>irL 

Mail, main, a. (awt/js, Fr.) A coat of Meel act- 
work, fiomerly used Air defending the body fiwn 
aesiiaH ; any armoor MSd fiir daftaBSL In Bepe- 
making, a kind of itHl efaifaMMriE, flat, and 
fiialaaed npon taakhar, abonk afaw btebM long md 
MTm bmad, and ia nbU^;«ff lbs tooM bnop 
Ibat remains on wUia oor&g*] (otoJ^ Sax;) a 
rent; alflo a spot;— <obMlBt« in tbo brtt two 
■enaea;)— (maffU.-, moOs, f>.) a bag fbr tbo 
oonweyanoe of loUon and impm from one pett- 
offioo to another, under pubtie aatborily. Jiaii 
or auHUs, ia oar old writors, is used Ibr a amaU 
s pe a aa of laoiNy. Silver UaJf-peooe arc tenned 
mmUe$ ia atat 9 Boo. V. By indratBie la tbe 
mint a potmd weight of old storiing rilrsr waa to 
be ooined into 3(K> etertinga, or pooniea, er 790 
maiii, or balf-peonies, or 1440 farthlnfp. MaiL 
in Sfxitland, moine an annual rent Blaei-miM, 
rent, or onnnal contribution paid for proteotien lo 
some chieftain or ontUw.— k a, to ann Mbft* 
■iiely ; to oorer, as with arrnonr ; to bvndfa la a 

Uothlnka I thould not thna be M along. 
JfaTd op in abame, wlib papera on my Mok.— 

MAlLcoAcn. lu.tle'kotche, «. A ooach by wbieb Iba 

public mails are ooorsyed. 
Mailed, msyld, a. Spotted! specblod.— (o b s ah ta.) 

— Jo Henldiy, speckled, or full of apeoa, aa tbo 

featliera of faewki sod partridgfw. 
Uaim. mama, «. a, (asaJhsMer, or maXaigmmr^ obi 

Fr.) To deprivo of any aiossaary part; lo vlp- 

fiU by kits of a limb) to dissblci — (writua ia 
sw-Ungna^ noyitfm.)— t. tbo privation of Um 
use of a Umb or member of the body; the priwa- 
tlan af loaa •mniial putt lumwMi Nnyi 
inittfeMi awolU dafccL— OteOtto ia tbs IM 


A oottlc aolbor oeteeas It lo be a i 


Maixedk£»s, na'aiod-iNS, «. State of being 
bune or maimed. 

MAnr, none, a. (as^fS, flai.) Priodpal; diiafi 
leadtag; nighty; boge] vast; Important; povar- 
fdt ooBld^ng tba efalef part;— «. tbe ^«n; 
the bulk ; the greater part ; tbe sum; Um wbole; 
tb« general ; tbe ocean ; tbe greot lea, as didin> 
golabod finua bays or riven; tbe eontlnsot, u 
^■****g"**ht^ from an Isle i a bsmpar i a ooim») 
a dact /br lAe iNaiii, m /Ae moi'i*, for tbe rnnt 
part. (. If unite, tbe band, L«t) A band at <Uee; 
To pSM mar ladloni hoon awav, 
Wo Ibrow ■ ntcnj nwrin.— i«ra X^orSlt. 

a oo<Ugbbog match i^eeUea and la tbs laib 
two aenan.) Maimlmd, tbs MOtlMM) tt« 



|dadp»I ka^ « oppoMd to an iile. Mamitel, 
lbs priadpttl keel, u dbUDgoklMd from tb« f«lM 
imL MauumoMt tbe pflocipal maat In * tl^ 
JMuUri; tbe d>eet Uuu cxteadi utd tutmm 
tbfl HMiwil MmiataoJttt, • Urss jtronc tukli^ 
booked oc cm o fa tllj apoa tbe muo pmdaot, and 
used tat XMoona pmpoieai, partiotikcl; la wearing 
Um muCf bjr aettiog ap Uie rigging, sUyit ^ 
Jfrirty, tfaa top of tb« mainiMrt of a tbip or 
Icig. Jiamford, the /ud on vhich tht miiit- 
40 ii wtonitod soppoitod '^ tbo nuunmaat. 

||juxx.r, ouscIb, ad. Cbiaflj; prtnciitklljr ; to a 
gnatdapM; raigbmjr; greatlj. 

Haokkiii, ma'irar * (noiMrre, old FV.) la 
l«it, dcnotea tbe tbing thtt a thief takea owa; 
or timiti as, to be takea witb the isMiMOfir U 
le be taken wHb tbe tbiog itoleD about him, or 
M if it wtrv io bit hand. 

HaOFJcaiUBl^ maoa-per'iu-bt. a. That maj be 
admltad to ^tc nie^ i baibble. 

MAunsvoft, nane-par'nor, x. in Law, a niretjr 
far a pdMoer'i sppeanfloe at a dar. 

Iftaixrwxs, mane priu, t. {taom. baod, and 
^rii, I take, Pr.) la L«tr, a writ directed to Uie 
abnlfll fwmtnMu<i*i£ Um to take earotiea tar the 
pfaoQcr'a ^paanutoe, and to let bim go at large ; 
diHiwanf of a prieoocr oa tccurit; for hli ap< 
fawkoa Ik a d^;— «i a. to mSn a prijonar to 
|p ift liifi^ on bia tukilng euretiff for lua appoar- 
nm it a ilipalatad tiiii& 

mona'aware, «. m. (monnovwa, Sax.) 
7b iwaai faladj ; to perjure ooe'e self. 

Mautlux, men-taDe', e. a. (maimimir, Fr.) To 
^dhnd; to bold oat{ to nuke good ^ not to re- 
rigBI to pnHrre; to keep; not to fiuifcr to 
WMip; to riodicata; to justifyt to luppart; to 
canHfloa; to keep op; not to sofiin- to oeaae ; to 
i^poii tbe axptnte of; to support with tbe ooq- 
—■'■'"— of life ; to fr eeerra firom failare ; to 
■■port by ■■ertinii or argonieitti to lilinn. 

meo-ta'aa-bl, a. That vaaj be 
-. mpportad, prwirrod, or anataiiiod; 
; ju^bla^ 

VAvnAOMM, men-ta'oor, a. Ooe who nf^orti, 
(nHTTM, nuUiu, or Tiadicat«a. 

MAXMtEKMMaMy aHa'te-Bitta, §. Sopporl; pro- 
liHiiw;diftaMt i^^ef thawifaMirifeof lift; 
MitaHoe; tnrti triwn [ «oatuniiM»; aictiri^ 
fi«a bihiRi. In Lnr, aa odlnioo tbat bears a 
to tarratiy, bnng an offidoos inter- 
_ Id a aoit that in oo way belongs to one, 
I7 outntaiaing or aauating «tb«r pert; with 
■ooff* or otbgnriie, to proaocuto or defeotl U ; a 
MMtioa thai was paatljr eoMnragid bj the lirrt 
bkaiaatioo of asaa. Qtp t^fm amt m an M, a cap 
of £gnilj, famwilj botoogiag to tbe rack of a 
4ak$ ; abo, tbe fuMM of tbo maTor^ far-cap. 

Maub, Bum, a. (aioMf^ food, Iiiu.) Indian corn 
orwbeitf ; aoe of lb* eireal gr uMS , tbo i6ea nia;-is 
tbe ooljr Swedes of eoro eohirited in America 
pretioai to ita djaooverr- hy Columbtu. 

MAinn^—See Master. 

Ma^SSUTIC.— See Hiuettic 

MAjBanc, ma-jce'tik, a. Aogeet; bating dig- 
ni^; grasd; oDpehal; eleratad; atately; splcn- 
ait mUIpmi becoming nuucsty 

Majimical, ma-jes'te-^ 9. M^jeetjc— Seldom 

M*JaaTICAI4.Y,ma-jee'te-kal-1e,adL WiUidtgoily; 
with grasdoor; wUb a lufty air or sppearanoe^ 

MAjBanoAUiBBB, ma-jce'te-kal-Do.1 a. State or 

MAjMnoSBU, ma-ja tik-ooa, ) mannor of 
b^ag imjeatie. — Ssldon oaid. 

Majbstt, miu'ai-tak «. (rnqftUa*, Lat) Digniij ; 
grsndeuri graataeai of appearaacoi the quality 
or state of a penoa or tbmg which Itxfiru awe 
or rerareaca to tbe beholder; power; aovonJgnty; 
akratioo of manner ; a Utk of uopeno, Uap, 
and ilBans. 

U&JO BiTTBas, ma'jo bit'ton, t. (on aeoontt of 
ite great hitti'nieaa.) Tlie nuoe fftTtn ia JoBulea 
to the plant Ficnunniaenlediaaw, aad by beiaalata 
to tbo other spcoae of that gmcr^ — Sh Fknai- 

ILtJDU, ina'jar, a. (Latin.) Greater la aomber, 
quaatily, or extent; greater is dignity; — t. ia 
Miliut7 afloin, an oflioer seat in rank above a 
captain, and below a lieotanaot-aoloaeJ. In Logte, 
the first propoei^oa of a rtgalsr ayUogtsm. It is 
eaQed ouyor becaaae U baa a more iutenitn aaoM 
than the minor pnpoailJoo, at containing tbe 
priodpal term 1 the mvyw ofa totrn. — See Mayor. 
In Law, a paraoa of fall age to mginago hJa own 
eoncema. MaJor~gmavl, a mililuij officer who 
eommaada a division or number of re^owutts ; tlie 
next In rank below a lieatanaDt-gensral. />i-iim- 
mqfer, tbe flnt dnuuncr iu a regimaDt, who liai 
aiUhoti^ erer the etbar dmnuovs. Strgtaui- 
m^for, a aoD-comndaaiiMutd ofBoar, sabordinata la 
aa a4)iitanL Mq/or-^omot a nun who holds 
ocoAiioaally the plaoa of muter of the booao ; a 
■towanl ; ako, a oUef laiaialer. Ia Mosic^ the 
frwater mujor is a tarm applicable to imperbot 
coooordl, Mt chu^j to tba interval of the third. 
It ia alto tued to dittingolsh tlie moda which 
takes a nu^or or sharp tUnl from a minor or ilxt 
ODB. The nuyor note has always a greater third 
—i. a. ooosiitlng of two tonoa ; and ttw mtuor 
mod* haa always a minor thirds— j. «. a third 
coaabtlng of a tone aad aamitoDe. 

UxJiUUT, na'Jo-rat, ». In Iaw, the liglit of me- 
oeediog to property aceording Ia ago. 

UaJ(MUtitUi,nay-jor>«'shaD,«. Incraaae; eolaig^ 
meat — Obeoloto. 

UajOBmr, nuirjor'Q-te, «. (awyorJCi, Fr.) Tba 
state of being greater] the greater aumUr; fhll 
ago I the age at which tbe laws of a oooatry per- 
mit a yoang penoa to manage bis own affinrs; 
the oflice, ninlc, or couiinisfiioii of a mt^or ; aikoea- 
try ; first rank. — Seldom ascd in tb« hut two 

MAKr, make, n a. (fltoetun, Sax. rwicA«n, Qerm. 
nwaJtwi, ZhU.) Past and pott pari. Uad& To 
create ; to form of materials ; to compoio, as 
parte, materiala, or Iflgredieotsi to form by art 
what is not natural; to pradocc an ctrect, a* tho 
agent; tn produce as a cause ; to do; to perform; 
to practise; to oso in iicUon-, to cadso to han 
any qnality ; to bring into onj slate or condition ; 
to eetabll^i to soltlc; to boU; to keep; to 
secure from distress j to Hcaro in richness or bap- 
pincea; to suflor; to meor; to commit; to do; 
— (improiXT in the last two acnses ;} 

t will DcitLer iiJoai] mj an nor Rtrkncta la excuas of 
tbo fiiulta wliicfa t ba*e imJil— nrydn. 

— tooompcl; to force; to oonatrain ; tointand; 
to purpose to do ;— (seldom nsed in tbe last two 
aignifioalioos ; ) 

GoiBea, what nak'm thoo here with a whole biwher- 
boad of et4 balUIb f-AiydMb 




— tondsf, u profit; to gain; to collect i to readij 
lo tend to ; to arrive at, a Ec^inin's pbnuc ; to 
gain br ndmice ; to prorido ; to pnt or pUoo ; to 
torn; to convfirt, u to ue ; torvprrKOt; to con - 
•tituto; to smonat to; to indnctt; to cnneo; to 
]Mlt into ■ tuitablt or re£;a!ar fomi fur oso ; to 
ubricate; tofor)^! tooompoeo; to core; ta diy 
and pnpuB for preMmtioii ; to maH ammdt, 
to nuko good t to girt adaquti «ocDp«iumtion ; 
lo repUoe tlic vdtw or Rmount of loH] to note 
aeeotmtt rtf, to esteem ; to regard ; to mai« owoy, 
to kill; to dostroj-; to ilienatc; to tnnsrer; to 
HMfa fre^ im'flk, to treat wit^ frpedom ; to tnrat 
wbhoat ou«DOD7 ; fo makt good, to muntain; 
lo defrod; to fblfil; lo aooontF^; to mako 
eampmaalinc for; to Hipplj an aqtuTalenti to 
MoAi Sffkt of, to confer aa of na omaaqoiDee ; 
■to tnat with indiArtnce or cootunpt ; to mate 
bte, or to maJte mA, to court ; to attempt to gain 
the farooT or offiMtlon ; lo ntuh nurry, to fuut ; 
to be Jni-fnl or Jovial ; to maJtt mtiek (/, to oberish ; 
to foster ; la mai^ of, to nndwataDd ; to prodooe 
from ; to eScct ; to consider ; to aoooont ; to 
cctMin; to maSat over, to tnniifer tfae tUla ofi 
to coore; ; to alienatt ; to foalx out, to dear ; to 
fzplain ; to laam; lo diaoorer; to obt«ia s clev 
nndaTstanding of; lo jwort; to crinoc; to find 
flriopplj; to fliA<l« novo/; to eooctdcTMcertahi; 
ta BKina to oni'* poaaMdan ; to mak* vp, to ool- 
laet into a mn or maaa; to rioondlo; to com- 
poaa; lo npdr; to supply what is wuitin]:; to 
eompoae, ai ingrcdienta or ]wirla ; to ehape ; to 
aaaaine a particular form of reiitiim; lo «otn- 
panaate: to make good ; tosettla; to adjust; to 
Drtaf[ to a definite codcIuiod ; to makt tnif, 
UMOg ammcn, to incroase Iha ijuBntity of Bail 
atroadr eateadod; to Msilc ttBrwcoy, lo more 
with the itent furcmoat ; to wde» voter, to leak ; 
— r. fi. to tend ; to proceed ; lo mora ; to con- 
Iribotc; to ban efliect; to riin; to Aow towards 
land ; to make ai i^ to show ; to appear ; to cany 
appcoraace; toinai«^r,toiiiovetowanl»;to direct 
a course towards ; to tend to niv&ntage ; to bvour ; 
to maix againai, to tend to injury ; to makt ootf to 
neoeed ; to baro snccesa ut lust ; to make up, to 
apfvmKh ; to malt up/or, to compensate ; to aap- 
ply by OD eqmvftk'ut; to nwJtv ifi vitk, to aettle 
differences; to become fnendst to noite tpitk, to 
mocor; — 9. form; Ntractarc; nature; — (fluov, 
ptmatu, Saa.) a oompaniou ; a mate ; a cooioft; 
— {obadBta in tba last three mnaa.) 

Th« ntaldi and their makm 

At daoeea and wakca.— Ita Jamom. 

Certea,iBadan. I aboli^e baro great Jol*. r( ja had 
meh a ptinwa to jour molw.— jniy Apjntfm t/Tfrt. 

Mai*4tinek, in Faleoiuy, an old staunch hawk, 

whk^ baing tiatd to 67, l> fit to instruct a jouiig 

MUCBBATB, mikdMle, 1. {makt, and Aofe, eon- 

lantioa, Sax.) Oda who fomrata quarreti and 

JMlonda anunft otfaco. 
MaxklxUi maki'lN, a. Matchlna; not lo ho 

In butule flni so itodo abs MafalMn—aUiwfr. 

wttliout a imta.— Obaololc. 
The wvrld nlil mU Ibaiu Hki ■ makdm wih^Oaku 
BlASBpaaca, nuka'poia, >. One who aoothaa ^own 

dlARww Hd twoBcQea pcnooa at aiimUy. 
Maxitx, nu'knr, a. Tha Osstor; ow who nakoi 

anything : ooa who sets snj^thing ia Its prap« 
Btatet a poet. 

Here bH )• Uft and raottMi ; bore w« bobolil the tr«t 
post or mtfar.— Z>r. WJiartm. 

Mak kwxio fiT, make' watt, *. That which is throws 
into a scale to mako up wn^L 

MAKt:fO, ma'kinj;, a. Composition ; stractore; 
form ; workmanatiip ; a poem. ifitUmg-inm, a 
Icind of chisel oaed try calkera fcr drinng oaksm 
Into tfae seatM of aliipa. 

KlAiEiKa-ijr, msltine-np, a. Tlie rodDctioo of 
spirita to a standanl of atrongth, nsoally eallad 

&faL, > mal, a. (mnt, Fr. malus, eril, LaL) In 

Male,) Compositian, a proRx, denoting IH or tmL 

MALADATnarM, mal-a-bafA'rtiin, 1. (aiaMalAroa, 
Gr.) In AnliiuitT, the nomo of a leaf fanportad 
from India, nod used as n modicina and paifiuu a. 

MALACAirmns, Dul-a-kan'fAoa, a. (awitofai, aoft, 
and akoKiha, a aptne, Gr.) A genoa of nshai : 
Order, ChRtodonid«». 

Malacca Bsan, inn-laklEa been, a. The fruH of 
the Anacardinm Indinun or Orientale. It n- 
aetnblaa the Cashew nnU Malacca root, Urn not 
of the SOffittaria akxipharmactt. Or A n m d o 
Indica, a Weat Indinn plant, ctdtjvalod it* an ao- 
tidotv lo aervnil kindji of potsoiia. 

MalacHI, mal'a-k's ». (Holwnw.) The nam* of 
oaa of tha books of Dm (>M Testament, being th« 
list of that part of the Scriptures. 

Malaciiitr, inal'a-kite, a. (md/ooU, moont^ 
green, (ir.) Tbe nfttiva green carbonataof copper. 

MAi.Acinos, m«-Uk', a. (aiolacAuHt, a womao^ 
garment of a mallow colour, Or.?) A genoa of 
Culeopterooa insects : Family, Serricomea. 

MAl.ACnoDH5DROlT, mnl-a-ko.d«n'dron, a. (mm&i- 
ko», soil, and dtndron, a tree, Or.) A genua of 
bexutifol deciduons shrubs and trees, natlrea of 
Aua and America : Order, Tematrtsauaoee. 

Halaoiika, ma-ta'kra, a. (a name under whiob 
Pliny speaks of a Pendaa tree which pndnees ■ 
gum. The genos, howercr, has connectioa with 
ibat plant.) A ^^ns of plantai Ordt^r, Ual- 

Malacobdclla, mal-B-kob'del-la, a. (mofAboa, 
sod, hddla^ a leech, Gr.) A genos of Abnncfaiat* 
Annelides of the leeob kbd i Family, Asettgene^ 

MaimColooist, mol-a-kol'o-jist, «. Doe who 
etudics uialiocdo0. 

Malacoloot, mol-a-koro-jt, a. (moAbIo*, mA, 
and ioffot, a discomae, Gr.) The acianoo «f mA- 
bodied aniaiala, vboUMr proteotad by ^cUa m 
cntMy naked ; and their ^aferihatkn into daasca, 
wMiMtm, tmUkmj pntK% sad mdnk It in- 
dodfli CoMbolofy In this ostsodea rigniflnlioa, 
OS it treats of or deaoibea the Molbaci. 

MALACOLornvs, mal-a-ko1Vfoe» a. (^mahhit^ 
aeft, and topAoa, a crest, LaL) A i^ecma of bbdi^ 
dlatngolahad bj tbs hind bead havii^ a a«k of 
very soft fastheni Fsmlly, Pieidak 

MalaCOHOTOB, mal-arkth-no'tos, a. (aaolsAos, mO, 
aiid fifltoa, tbe back, Gr.) A geana of tbe Ean- 
nopbiUnjp, or Bunh Shrikes ; Family, LaaiaitaK 

MALACOPTBXYOtAxa, mol-a-kop-tar-^'eHM^l 

MALACOPTltSTOti, mal-a-kop-tar^'a-4, ) 

Tfae anme giren by Cai4ar to tho teeond gnat 
divinon of Oawon fishes, tha qiedai of which nra 
. distinguiabad by all tha rays of tbe fina being aoft 
and eartflaginoua, axbibiUng minute artlcalatioaik 
and often (Urided Into email fibcN st thdr cx> 







fenttiflB. IieaDiittsoftlirMsictlou: the Ab- 
ittoSaaam, Snbbndiuiai^ and Apodv. 

' lUi.AOOFnwTaiocTa,inal-ft-kop-t«r>^Vwtff> B«- 
boginii to the ordnr Uilaoopttaypi; lunring Uw 
fajBof tb« fia« Mrtibfi^DiiM.. 

ItALAOcniHTVcar*, tnAl-a-ko-riDglcni, «. (mnAi- 
Ki^ toft, fimeiM, * uoat or bill, Gt.) A 
fMW <f tt« Anattoa, or Bivw Docks: Family, 

MALkOoanmooa, lul-a-ko^to-miii, o. {ntalakoi^ 
mt^ md Moto, ■ Booth, Gr.) In Icbthjrologjr, 
datihiU tf taa^ er, nlgarij, tutbitr^iDoUhtd, 
ai ift tbe teocb, carp, lod bgvam. 

MiTJOomucA, nul-a-lua'trm-Iu, j; (uMlaJhu, 
■oft, mA ««»ailfNi, « ihdl, Or.) lo tba imngo- 
■«! if <hTMr, Ae firat BHtSm of the OnutKoa, 
ffiARBolwd b7 thdr Mnk oyH; tho toUd into- 
SBBBiBli of > «!«■«»■ lutiini nid bavtiiK fifon 
taa t» faurteoi IM, laaDf mudeolated. It 
ooBlaina llu five ordvi, IlMapoda, Sfeonapoda, 
ZjBBopoda, Ampbipadft, tnd lupodi. 

MkLAomju — SeeOtMM). 

MjOJlOoaEOA, nial-a-ko-zo'i, «. (ma&ubWt loft, ami 
■aoM, ao tnininl, Gr.) Tba nairut a<lopt«d for 
ihfl word Molhsca in Ibe dasaificatloQ of Da 

MiULDT, mal'»-de^ a. (moladu, Fr.) Any akk- 
ii«B or diseaie of the baraan body; n linf^mig 
cr decfKieated dlsarder or indupoHtton ; de^ct or 
eampdoa of Ibe heart ; Aemritj ; tnoral dia- 
oidcr, or comption of mora! priociiJoa ; nvental 

MaljbiC Acid, tna-lelk as'sid, $. An acid formtd 
wbao tbt mafie add h diadlkd nt a beat of 400°. 
Its nlti an called BfaJntcsL 

HaLAOA, BioFk^ga, «. A apoeia of win« unportod 

Maljioiia, Bw-te^oa, ». (iwiAuwrn, to loflen, Gr.) 

A pOolCiOB;. 
llai.A]aiKBS, ma-^Bn'dorz, ». (nmlaodn^ old Fr.) 

A dix anb on the paeterB of a heme. 
ItAX-iPCKT, mal'a-pait, a. ^mtd, anApcrt.) Snucy; 

^ock with iiDpudeoet ; nni^btly nitbont resf«ct 

trdecaiMj; fonrar^i bold. 
llALAPKBll.Tt inaIVp«rt-le, ad, Inpodnitly: 

MALAPCBme8&, mal'a-pert'nu, «. Livoliness of 

rvply wHbost decencj ; qoick Impudmoc ; saud- 

ooh; frrwardMai. 
MAL&rtOrm, mal-ap-ro-po', ad {mqI, ovil, and 

fliprapoa, to tbfi purpoac, Fr.) I'osaitatjly. 
MAi-AmsiiBos, inal-«|p>ter-i)'raa, i. (nwJblM, 

•aft, ftaron, a wiogoc fin, nod o«ra, a tail, Gr.) 

A gmw of 6alwa t TamDy, SUnrid*. 
Malas, malar, a. (mabt, the otiaek, Lat) Bo- 

lating to the cheek. 
Malaua, ma-la'ra-a, I. (maroria, bad air, ItaL) 

tha a^balatiao of monby diatricts, which prodooas 

lolerBlttank brara. 
llAZjhAIoot, ni»-Ia'io-iu, a. Infected with mala- 
ria: anbadttj. 
If AtatM^ BUl'ayti^ a. A gana of Salta, fi)TTii<>d 

by the Bmoo of tbo malic acid wttb salifiable) 

MkUXATE, mal'aka-ate, v. a, (maba»o, I doRfd, 
Gr.) To aoftoo ; to knead to softnara.— Ob•olet4^ 

MaLjlxatiov, mal-aks-a'sbao, a. Tbo act of aof- 
tildog and mfllat«nin{:, or tlie proem of KHming 
a piMtia ooinpoattiim of mriona in«T«dienta, lur 
Iba iMmrfbrtBW of pllb «c plaatan. 

Mjajt.TAK, aui<la'yaa, «. Pertainini; tA tho tfaUy 
peninsoU, which oonstitotea tba KmtlMm ex- 
tremity of tbo eoDthieot of Aaia. 

KlALBanOB, mal-ber'je, s. Id ArehaiokigT, a hall 
where tba people oaaemUed at a cooit like oar 

Malcomia. inal-ko'me-a, «. (named after William 
Maloom, P.LS.) A gmoa of aimutl or perauud 
berbaoeoiu cractfenraa plinta : Suborder, Ftraro- 

Maldavtaivs, mal-da'oe-ana,) g. A nam* Klren 

bfALDAlODX, mal-da'ae-de, > by I^nuuck to 
hla aeeond family of oedantary Annelldea, iadod* 
log tho ftcnera Clymeoe and DentalEom. 

Malb, mj^, o. (Fk«neh.) ll»Ming to the aex 
that proeraatea young, and applied to animala of 
aU kiada. In Botany, a wd<» jCotnar, one which 
haa otamaoa bu no piatibL Mate ctrmtl, or 
Carmelbn cAcpry, the plant Comua maa. 

Malaimgbtuent, mal-adjast'ment, «. An eril 
or wrang adjiutrueati iiDpropor adaptation or 

MALADMintRTRATioy, mal-ad-tntn-is-tra'ebnn, «. 
Bad mttQB{*i!tneut of public affairs; Tidons or de- 
fective oooduct in adminiatration. 

MALADROITNRSa, mal-a-droyt'nca, a. Awkwaid- 
ncas ill [lerformaoee ; want nf dnlerity. 

MAtcoHnmuATlow, mal-lton-fur-ma'ahun, «. De- 
fective itrocton : diaproportion of parte. 

Malcokthxt, mal'kon-teot, a. A tfiaaatiafled aub- 
jcct of goremmcnt; one who mnnnan at the 
taws and sdininistrttion. 

Malcontcmt, mal'koQ-tent, > a. Diaconlenk- 

MALOOsrTKTTED, mA)-kon-ten'ted,J ed with the 
lowi or the adtniniistratiort of goTCmrndnt ; lin- 
oAsy ; diasntufied witli tha govenmumt. 

MALco5-TBKTSDi.r, mal-kon-too'ted-la, od, WUb 
murmuring and dijcootent. 

MAtcosTENTEt>MS5!i, mal-kon-lon'M-nes,*. Dia- 
contoDtedncas ; waist of olTiMAiuB to gpirom- 

MALBCBSDtTua, mul-fikrodl-tua, a. An old Uw 
t<rm for ono in bad credit, or not to be Irualed. 

MALKDiCEsar, mal-o-dia'cn-ec, «. (mo/e, ill, and 
dico, I epoak, Lat.) EvU-spcaking ; pronencas 
lo reproadi. — Seldom msed. 
Wn nm now to hnvn k t)uu> of thp mitofbvMjr of 

lArthtn-'H Btitrit from hka book asalait Utaty tbo Elgntb. 


MALEDtOiin*, mal-e-dia'ent, a. Speaking t*- 

proflcbfully; aUndmraa. — Obeoltfte. 
Malcuicted, mal-c-dik'ted, a, AecunoL— Ob- 

Maledictiox, mal-o-dik'abno, a. Corae; exeen- 

tion; denanciation. 
llALErAOTioif, mal-Q-fak'abnn, t. (ma/e, eril, and 
/hcio, I do, Lai.) A (rime; an oflvnce against 

the laws. — Seldom uatd. 
Malkpactox, mal-c-fak'lnr, a. A crimioil ; a 

guilty pereon ; nn offender n^inst the laws. 
MAt.BriC, ma-laf'ik, a. MischleTous; burtfbl. — 

Mai.efio£, mtdVfin, a. (Frencb.) Any wicked 

net; artiBoo; enrhantment. — Obnololo. 
Malkpiciatb, mal-^fish'o-atc, v. a. To bowitfb. 

— Obsolete 
ftlALBnciATiON, nuJ-o-flah-o-a'abun, a. Villcb- 

craft. — Obaelita. 

Inrmedlabie Impotcnry. wtwUicr by waj of perpetual 
wubfeiitian or taaaal^^^ iWL 



£2" "'"■■•' "*»"■' I 

'" J 




UxLlPtoiBNOB, nul-o-fiab'efis, #. (molificitMtia^ 

Lol) The doing of «vil, binn, or tniiohMf. 
llA.LeHOD(B,mft>lm*jiii, I. (MofoHjw, Fr.) Oulet 
deoait. — ObMlalic. 

Tbs mdBlnL tfarouich prtvMa nalie* and mm^ tm ff^m. 
WM to lOM bU IUId,— JtfiUON. 

ILkLuniBKBiA, nul-«-«lMrV-«, «. (bi mnnory of 
0. W. do LuiMijpum M«lMb«rter of Parik.) A 
genua of pluU: Type of the nrdir JldMharbJaceap. 

UALE«nEiuuAC£.«, iiuU-e-«h«r-biHi'8*-0i, «. (ma- 
luSuii^ oaa of tiwnnua.) A natanl erdcrof 
Kxamoaa pkoti, slUad to PiwifltriuM oo the 
«M und, ind TimMMM oa IIh otW. Tbe 
order ooodrti of WbMMm or bdXtfcnibby 
ptuli, viUi itteruto «xli|nUt8 Ihtm, mi bItM 
« jpiQirw Qomn; caljx membranoni, inflated, 
taboler, and 6ve-lobect; peUls firej lUauiu 
An or tn ; onciBni nperior, and omhmIUi] ; 
itylai tkiM, nd fififcnn i frnU oapnlar. 

Il*, iiial'«t» & (iMfatts, Fr.) A bodgflt; ■ 

bttle blfCt « pNtDMOtHB.— ObMleU-. 
Th* klilgfal wu poatOMfdwHh a miUTvUoiu doaln to 
know «bo wu the ovnor of the «MtoL— AMUo. 

Ualstbxt, maTe-Uotf $. to Law^ a toll of 40i. 

■ncicntly paid for evcrj- luck of wool — StaL 25, 
Ed. L c. 7. 

Ualevol&scb, tna-leVo-loos, t. (maiey ill, md 
fQl[>, I wub, L«t) ID-will; ioqliiuitioD toiiOur* 
others ; eDtnity of Iwort ; panooal lutnd. 

UiXBroLKin-, nu-Wf'o-kot, a. lll^dupoMd to- 
ward otlwni o&faToarablei iioprD|iitto<ia; brine- 
ui); ciliunitj. 

llAU£VOl.Rim.T, mA-tev'o-leat-ta, ad. With ill- 
will or Kuiiitjr; with the wtah or deeign to Li\)ure. 

MAi.RTBU)ua. — See MalnoUaU 

Ualbxecrtioii, aaal-ik-afr-kn'ahBn, i. Wrong 
axecoUon ; bad admiobtrttiaa. 

UAtniSAHOB, nul-fe'iana, i. (Frencb.) Eiil- 
doiug; wroogi ilUgil daed. 

Ualforuatios, m^-Tor-ma'ahun, a. Otfaolivc 
furmation ; irrcguUr or anomalooa itructnrB oT 

Mauc. na'Jik, a. (moAot, an apple, L»t.) Relat- 
ion; to applet; drawn from tbe juioo of apples. 

IdAUCB, tM^iM, A. (Fmch.) Bfldaifi of dosign ; 

cxtnmo enmity, or motevoknoe against anotber ; 

daina of burting: dolibcrate miacbicf;^-r. a. to 

ngaid with extmne ill* will.— Dbaokte as a rerb. 

W« moUm tbem oot ; we aro ooi imt-mic* onto thftm,— 


Mauciods, raa-Jiah'oa, a. Ill-dtipoMd to tay 
ana; barboofing ill-will or enmitj withoat pco- 
Tooatka ; pcvoeading from exlramo hatrad or ill- 

MAUCiotTStr, ma-liihWla, oA With «xtrDm« 
eanih or lU-wil); irilb doUbanite inteatioa to 


HAU0IOUSVB8S, toA-Eab'ua-ilia, a. TIm qtuUty of 
biilg tnaUeiotu ; extrene onmitjr or dispoalion to 

MALiair, ma-liM', a. (imK^m, Fr. ma%*iM. LaU) 
Unfaroarable; iU-<lispoaollo:inyoiw; BMlMfooa 
iMvii^ a nry tril dtspoaiUoa towwdi otben 
pmiiciooa:-~fL a. to reprd wHb oovr «r malioe 
to tioat wllb OKtnma enmitj ; to tnoMO; to do- 
fkaie : — n. ». to entcrtahi maliea. 

UauoKAiiCf, BA-Hg^niD-ie,*. lUorolaim; bii- 
tir enmity ; oullee; oofaToorab ho w ; vimlmee ; 
trndcncjr to morttticatioD, or to a fatal laane. 

UjatoiA^n*, oa-Ug'oaat, o. Ualkioai; htvbxc 

extTMne malcroleooe or •amity; oopropitiaQi; 
rnrlin^ penudoos icSMaoa ; vit^eot; exInnMly 
hHnotu; — f. afflan maleroteptly diapooe d ; amia 
of ill intimtjoa.— Seldom oaad aa a nibataativi. 

Hauokaktlt. nu-Uft'oADt-le, ad. Wttb Bl la- 
tontion ; maHoiotuty ; miacUinooaly. 

HAUOMBa, ma-li'Qlir, «. One who re;;anla uhUmt 
with enmity; a traiiooer; a defamer. 

SIaliokitt, ma-IiR'ne-te, m. Estreme enmity, or 
malffTolent dtapoMtion erinoed towards anotbir; 
inalioa without provoeatioo ; Tinileooe • d«tiiie- 
tlvo toodeecyt txtrame vvibioia of natnni Mor- 
mily or hcinonaiMaa. 

Uauohly, ma-Unole, ud. Eavkn^ly; with ID- 
will; mUchieromly. 

Ualimoebrii, ma-lin'jnr-nr, $. A military tann 
fiir A soldier who fe<^4 biniMlf nick. 

HAUiraEBT, ma-lia'JQf-re, a. Feigned iiilmwi 

Uausos, mal'e-fuin, «. A maladietioB. — OhaolMa. 

Ood win jwwm hli maUum to ^wirtio let d ertilppoi aa 
nulebu the whAedoeat of their MrraalB.~Cft«Miar. 

Halkim, maw'kio, t. A kbtd of mop niada of 091; 

a low mald-aerrant.— Obsolete. 

Her ricbael tueiuam 'bout bor reacbj aedc. 

Thg kitchfn wrfJHw plas 

It luekAin 'bout bor reac *^ 

ClamberloK the walls to «je btm.- 

JllALi^ mal, c (vutS, Fr. maUo, Span-) A woodn 
beetle ; ao initnunent for driring anytbiiig vitb 
foreej a blow ; — (aeldom naed in the laat eaoaa ;) 
01?e tbei rvnrend Iteftd a miU, 
Of two or three afaUut a walL— ^Ubr. 

— (Icelandic,) a poblio walk ; a lerel, ibaded walk; 
Thit the twui mond* 4liall from tb* mM ntmqr, 
Antl hail with nmcui Its propittuna nij.^J'tpt. 

— V. a. to beat or atiiko with a mall. 

llALtrAKC, mallard, s. The drake of the wild dock. 

Mallkabilitt, mal-lo4-bil'o-te, «. That qaalily 
of bodtia whkik nodan than miiaptaUa of as- 
tMulon by beating. 

Hallbabls, mAl'lo-a-b), 0. (FraooL) OipaUe af 
beiog drawn out or oxtonded by beallag. 

MALLHADLSintM, mallo-ft-bl-nM, a. UalMUBtf; 

ilALLKACRA, mal-]o-a'a»-a,l «. A famll/ of nM>- 

UALmmiV, mal-le'da, t samyanui Molhaaa, 
in th« system of Lamarck, moat of tlM nun *( 
which occur in tho Uacgaritaoea of D« ffiaintilkk 
It indadoB tbe genem Poaidooiai Oiwubtii 
Pema, HaUeos, GvfaUia, Cotitloa, ud AncnU. 

Uallkatk, mal'le-ata, a. & Tohatomtrt to draw 
into a pl^ or leaf 1^ beatir^g. 

UaLUUnoir, mal-lo-afBluiii, «. Tha aot of boa^ 
irg; extennoQ by beatii)g. In Patboloiy. a kind 
of cboTBa, in which tbe peroon infected baa a ooo- 
%tilBcd action of ooo or both bands, aod atdkaa 
t^ kneea aa with a bammifr. 

llALUDlDBlia, mal-Ioa'duTK, t. In Faniery, « 
aooify emptioa of tbe back part or bead of tho 

Mallbolj, mal-Ie'o-U, r. (auMiii, a boodle, Ut.) 
In tJie andent Art of War, btudleo of oombartiWa 
Biateriala aet on fin in tbe night to p«a Ugbt| « 
to amray tbe enemr. 

Mallxt, mal'lit, t. (mailltt, Fr.^ A woodoa \am- 
mer or instromeot fur beaiuig, or foe drbrniK 

MAI.I.BVS, mallo-oi, a (Latin, a hamroar.) lo 
Anatomy, ooa of iba Umea oooaeolad wttb tha 
orgaaofbeariag. Abo, a Raoas of IIoBmob, iho 
abell of whtah hai tba Ui^ aaijiia Hwl n^ i 




Idq^ aod Corrabg two Attfidat; nnbaoM mtnuu 
tad diffWHd, w^ a null di^ ibr ibt lifament, 
Md Ml «LlnMl gpMm fiv Um csrtili^ : F111UI7, 

lUtunk, Bul-WU, «. (Moliw, ■ look of wool, ud 

oM oM^ u MT, Gr.) A pDOt of l>i|it«rou ia- 

■Bti: FknOy, AtlMriotra. 
MUbonil^ aul-lo'tus, «. (sioUemi, a lo^ of mol, 

«d «■! MM, ui nu-, Or.) A geotii of ftihM : 

F^bDjTi rhlmiin'Mlii 
ILuufW, nul'lo, «. Tbe eimiinoa wudb of pUats 

*"'"^r^ l« tbi genut Ujin. 
M'"^™t ■•nnD, fc Iki pabUe iMtmUy of the 

faphk iMHCflgCe tbe BHfliof tlw old Teatonio 

Ibumr, wmfaa, », (malmHe, Fr.) The ume 
rfaeyeMeoTgnpei eleo, a loidoae end higUjr- 
fleeaMdwiH^MdeioUMiiUiidof Uedeira and 

Xauira, nal'o-pe, «. (ftalot, leodv, Fr. lb* karcs 
Wag nft.) A geant ef plaaU reeemblJDK HoWt. 
vtohlargiinnplkibvaBuIl white Qoware: Order, 

liivuoaom nutreak'tla, *. XUtffd or tnunonU 
fnttitm cr coodsct; praotioe coatnry to equity 
aad ■tublidied rnlei. 

IUlt, aawli, a. (tMoA; Bme. Swed. and Dan.) 
Gnn, oraaOy barl^, whish bas beoettw aweetenrd 
nd inade a^dehle in water fnm tbe wnf eiii on of 
ia tfareh htto fogar I7 artifieU) giRntoatioo, to 
a cvtaia exioot, )^ tbe application of bmt. JfaU 
Htkj or ii^i»or, a Ilqtur prepand For drink by an 
bkfbioo of tnalt, aa beer, ala, poittr, £<a Jlali 
Sm, tbe gmioe or twaaSaa of inalt. ifaJ!t /oor, 
I Boor flo whkb malfc Is dried. Malt lio^ a oer- 
tiia dsty paid in BBoieat tbnee br nm U rg ouUt ; 
—ft. & ta make into Bait, u to moA bailey ; — 
. t. a. fee baeooM malL 

lULULBarT, mawlfc'a-bnli, a. (old F^aodi.) III- 
kiBaw; aplaan. Ofaaoleto. 

Her Malice eJid her welto f tu t -CUmrtcr. 

Halisi^ aawl-teee', t. A natire of Malta ;— a. 

pat alnlag to, or poduoed in Malta. 
M"-Tf%4 loal'Aa, t. (Greek.) Hmoml pitch 1 n 

aeft dotiooaa sabetaoee which snioUa Iiko pitch, 

esd MolTea tn akoboL 
Maltsb, mal'd^ «. (Greek, a aoft animal) A 

gnm of fiabae: Family, ddnuectidoL 
Muv-BOBn, mawUluwtt, & A haai emplofed 

ta gitallag malt, llut l«nn seem to baTs been 

fciBMrif floysd to deatgnste a doll, ttopld 


Tea poaaaot cwalo— jou mnU-horm drudge— fAofai 

Hu-nmuui, mal-^Ao'te-ai], o. Acoorduig to the 
■Ntttical dociriDes of Malthoa, §• laid down in hu 
Eaa^ 00 the Frioofplw of Popnlation ( — t. a Tol- 
loww of Iba priaai]ijaa of HaUhu. 

Matmuji, BuwU'aao, I « A man enploTed tn 

KjxnnB, mawlt'stBr,) making mah. 

ILu.n8AT« nuJ-tRte', w.a. To oae with rong^neea 
«r OBktndiMMi to abuea. 

IfALTUUxmarr, oal-iPite'Dient, «. m-lraatiDent j 
roofb or unkiodly naage. 

Mauwobm, attwU'wonn, 9. A tippler : 

SaaeeCtfMiema^wiBalaGlik^ purpla- h >ie*l mtOltoorau. 

an ioeeet that mftsia malt i also, a caoeeraoa sore 
aboBA tbe beola «f a becaa. 
Ualubg^ nalHi'niib a. (— /fc e , a lock of wool, aad 

cmrc. % uit. Or.) A Reima ef bfadi belOBgiag t» 
Ut«fiylTianB,orTnioWart)Jani Faai%, SylfMv. 
Malva, mafra, s. (I^tln n«ne^ (Vom mmlotiot, 
Qr. to altoBea le lbs midHgboM qoaiitles of tbs 
plaota.) Tbe Mallsw, a gaaoa of plaolei Tjppa 
of the order BlalvaceK. 
HLkLYAomm, mal-Ta'oe-a^ 1. (weAm, one o# tbe 
gaum.) A natoral order of Exofjeooiie ptaota, 
B— silting ef berfae, idinibe, and treea, with a)fes». 
nala laaraa, all tbe aaesiea ef wbidi abenikd io 
imtrtllf* nwilvi osjjrx BasalK of flee aipala ; 
pelab afoal Id Mmbsr to the aspakt atmntna 
QomeroBa; flwiiaBtB winanled Into a oDtanm; 
ovary nsa^grmanfgaRMJaiAaTioasd to a wborl 
round tbe aaisi aatbera ndner-ebaped and oae- 
X&LVACBOrB, inal-7a'«bas, a. (maJeoeeua, X^l.) 

Pertaining to the plant mallowe. 
>f ALVAVIBCD8, mal-Ta-rialtiw, *. (nMhw, a mallow, 
and rwcw, gloe, Lot.) A genot of nadlow-fllce 
ahrabs, oao^y with eoorlet oowponoUto flowsfs.' 
Order, Malveoecr. 
M-ILVCRBATIOS, loal-vef^^a'BhTm, a. (■>«/, 01, and 
eweor, T bcbarv, Let) Improper oondoct or b^ 
havioor ; man artific«8 or firaadiileot trieks* 
Mam, man, > a. (Moai, Welsh, mamma, 

IfAmiA, men-ma',) Lat.) A fiftmiHar word for 

motbar, aeed by yennK children. 
Kamalukks, niam'a-hSae, i. The fimaer mllitaiy 
force of modem Egy^ Thij wars eiigJaaUy 
TurU^ and GfrcaarioQ sUtcs, bctt altenratds 
became masters of tbe country. Their power was 
anulhUatcd by All Mcbomct, in 1811, by the 
daatnietfoii of the Beya. 
]ilAXlu^ nam'mti t. (aioasna, a breait, bit.) 

In Anatomy, tba brsasta or tosta of a Amils. 
MAXMAt^ mam'nal, a A msmmlftroos animal ; 

one of ihs mammalia. 

Havmalu, ma-ma'laH^ a (smnnui, a tealt LiL) 

Iha flnfc mod dMaloG of vrntabnitad aafanals, 

tadading aO that nuUalbiir jMiK.— See Anhnal. 

MaMHAfjaai, maiiHDa1»-aD, a. Betangfa^ to the 

clsai UiBUDaBa. 
Mammalooist, mam-mal'n-jiet, «, One wbo 

studies or profeeees to t«w;h ttsmmalofQr. 
Majouiamt, Diam-mal'o-ji^ «; {mamma, breast, 
Let and logtt, a diaooansy Gr.) Tbe seleoee or 
doctrine of mammiAsooa aolmala. 
Maumast, mam'ma-r«, a. Kelitloj; to tbe breast 
ur papi; pertaimog to the mammat, as the 
mommar*/ glands. 
&1ah>ika, mam-me'a, 9. (mamm/, its Tcrennilar 
name in Sootb America.} The Mnmmee-apple, 
a genoi of plants, tbo fruit of whieli is large, and 
of agreaable taete and nmolL It ie eaten alone, 
or oat into slices, and preuerred with wine or 
sugar. Tbe fruit of M. Amtrieana ti of the 
UM of a common ounon-balL "Ru trees atlun 
a gnat hdght, and an veiy elegant 1 Order, 
Cltuuecs, or Gnttllhrv. 
MjUSHKB-aj^lb. — See Mammce. 
KIamheb &a]>ota. — S«o Lnooiufl. 
UAHitBB, mam'mu, a. a. To stand in aiupenac ; 

to hmllata. 
MAMnMiHS, nuun'mor-bg, t. Hesitation ; eoo- 

MAiuunr, mam'met, a. A poppet; a figure dressed 


A wreirbMl puUng fool, 
A ntiioliiy mmmtt^~aum. 


ILuniirBU, mam'tne-far, «. (tHOHHtv, tMt*, »q>1 
faro, I bear, L«t.) An ammal, Um remalq of 
vhkh racUn tur yoanf^ 

MAJl]llFBttOoa,iiuuiH-ini?'er-aa,a Having bnuU, 
and noorisbuig the yoong bj Uib milk aeetetiod b; 

UunuroRU, marn'mi^fawnn, a. (mmmo, and 
yvnnci, LaU) Having the ahapa or form of [mpa. 

UAiaai.LA, mam-aiU'u, *. (moximalitnt, a stom- 
■eb«r, LaL) A geou of MoUoMat in wliicli tbo 
ahoU li oval and heavy ; tlie spiro sniall and 
poioUd ; Inntf Up couidiltTabl; Uiickencd at the 
kf^ Ubd fllUnff np a largo ambUicun placed near 
tlu but ofuM tpMrtlini the sr^rttin! efToso: 
Faoitjr, NatiddjiL Abo, a little bnwiti tJie nip- 
ple of tile male and female bmst. 

llAi^mii.AniA, mmi-Dul-U're-a, t, (maiMina, a 
nipple, Lat. from tfae plants boiiig oovond with 
naammiform tuberclev.) A gCDM of pUutti: 
OrdM-, CaetMCiQ. 

Uammillast, raim'iuU-U-ni, a, (mammUta, Lat.) 
Relating to the papsi In Miticnlogy, having tbo 
euriace atnddod ynth msmnulhtcd prDtabentooc& 

Uamhillatei), maWmil-lay-tod, a. Uaviogaoull 
oipplea, w little globe* tike iiippleiL 

IIamjioc, mam 'mole, «■ A sbafwlesi piece ;— r. a. 
to tear ; to pall to pteoM* — Obioletr. 
rbaanvfUted prieetaonuideaDOttaimwand Mommoa 

the aicraiiMBtal Dreads— JflHoih 

Uammodis, nuun'mo-dis, §. Couw, plain tndioii 

Uamhon, raarn'moD, r. (Sjriar.) Weallb; ricbesj 
tbo god of RidiBt. 

MAUMOioaT, mAui'man-iat, c. A woridlf-cniudud 

HAUifOTR, Buui/tnotli, «. Tbo EI«[Ouie priimgo- 
RinA, or Primilivo Elephaat, a vmy targe ipecies 
of the elephant, tbe bouca of which ve found 
bmdi, and ■ vbole eareue preaerved in ioe waa 
dlmoTttcd in tbe north of Rtusia towanli lbs end 
•f iMt <WDtai7, tbe BkeletOD of whtcb is preaervad 
in Ae nnasatn of St. I^etcrabarf^b. 

Max, WMBt *. (Dntch, Daotab, G«iman, Strediab, 
Siinoorit, monn, Ic«L hum, man, Su. maima, 
Goth.) />iwr. Men. The efauKtir of tUa ipeeio 
giren hy Blameobacb, and geaaralljr received, 
are: — 'Eraot, two-jkanded, iinarnicd, rational, ca- 
dowed with gpaedi i a prominunt chin : four iaci- 
aor teeth above and below ; all thv twtb e<]ualJ]r 
Bppraximatedi tho canine teeth of thi' uum; Ivogth 
uthaotbeia; tbe lower incisors enct.' TbeHoie 
Htbor dlvidae tba netdea into fira varieties, wfaoee 
<harac<«ni aiei— 1. The Cinica«an variety: awbite 
■Itin, either with a fair n*y tintf or inclining to 
brown ; red cboeks ; hair block, or of the variotu 
lighter ooloora, ooivoua, eoft, and geoeralljr oorred 
or waving. Iridoe dark in tboee with brown skin ; 
Ughi iu the (air or roqr eoaiplexMned. Large 
onalain with unall faoe ; the npper and anterior 
n^a/OM at the former partieaUrljr developed, and 
the latter falling pcrpendieoUrly undv tbom. 
Face oval aod straight, with dietiutt featurea ; 
apuded fbnhead, narrow and mtfaer aquiline 
iKMa^ and Hnall mootb ; limit teeth of both Jaws 
perpeodknlar; Itpa, partienlaily tbe lower, notly 
tnniad onl ; chin full nod roonded. McvjI fed- 
ingeand intellectual powen mott enerectic, and 
luaoeptiMe of tbe bi^ert devdopmeot and ooltore. 
This varietj Inclodee all tfae aonent and modem 
EuoMaiM euept the Fiuu^ tbe fonuK toA 

present inliabtuata of W«t«m Am, as far ae llie 
River Obj, tbo Caapiaa Sea, and tbe Oangee 
(that te, the Aaejrians, Meden, and duddewta; 
the Sarmatiana, Sejrthians, and Farthiaae; the 
Pbilistinea, Pbtsnleiaai, Jrnvii, and the inhabitanta 
of Syrin gonerallj'; the Tartara, pvoperl/ ao 
called ; tbe tribes actuilly oocuj^ing the ehaio of 
Cancaias; tbe Geoi^gioru, Ciraaiciiiii, Miogrdi«a% 
and AnMoiiDi; tbo Torioi, Pmiaiii, 'AiaUau, 
Afghanni, and Hindoos of U^ CMtes ;) kk) tba 
northern Africaiu, tbe Egj-ptlaos, Abjwblaas, 
end Gnvicbejt. 2. Tbe Moneoliaa VBrie^: — 
ohonictcrised by olirv onloar, wbich in manjr oues 
is TCT7 lifibt, and black tyen Uack, itiai^t, 
itroDgt and Ihin hair; little or no beerd^ 
of a aquare fonn, witb small and low ~ 
broad and flattened face, with tba feotaiw 
oi&g together; the glabella Eai and very hiMd; 
ooH small and Oat; nnuidod cheeks, pcojeoting 
estemally; rtamw and linear aperture of 
ejtr-lids; cyea ^lieed very obljqaely; ifigbl 
jcctionof tbecfam; largeean; toicklipof sM 
partioolarly iu the countries near tbe north pole;, 
■ tnfetior to that of Europeans. It inclodee the 
tribes of Ceutral and Northern Asae, as tbe Mea- 
g»l<i, Calmucks, and Boriats; tbe Maatobooe, 
Da-urijnu, Tangoooes, and Co««aaa; tbe 
iedue, Yokagere, Koriaos, TacbuktsoU, amd 
tcbadalee; tbe Chinese and Japaaeae, Uw 
tnnta of Tibet and Bootaa, of Tooquin, Codibi- 
Cbinj, Ava, Pegu, Cambodia, Laea, and Siam ; 
tbe Finnish moes of Mortbcrn Europe, as Ibe 
Laplanders and tbe tribes of Esqaimanx. 8> The 
Ethiopian variety:— skin and ejes black; bair 
block and woolly ; skull comprosMd Laterally, aod 
elongated towards tbe front; forehead low, nar- 
row, and slanting; cboek-bean pramineot] jaws 
narrow and prqjoetlng ; nppir teooi testli obSqae ; 
chin receding. Tba ^M (MMmlocnt; tba ooaa 
broad, thick, flat, tod taatamA mth Uh nliadad 
jaw; tbe lips, and ptitieolarly tba vppu ton, 
thick. All the natires of Afiios, not hiMiidad in 
the first Toiioty, belong to tliia. 4. The Ameri- 
can variety :— skin dvk, and men or kai af a 
red tint ; black, stnugbt, and itmw Iwir ; mtaD 
beard ; and a coanteoanoe and skau vaij findlar 
to the Mongolian. Tbe fonliead bw, tba tfm 
deep, tbe face broad, paitioalsily acroM Iha 
cheeks, bat not so flnttcned as m tbe MoogolL 
Month large ; and lips rather thick. This variety 
tooladea all the nativo Americaas cuapi the 
Ssquhniox. 6. Tbe Malay variety:— brown 
colour, from a light tawny to a deep brown. 
Iluir black, more or less curled, aod aonndaot ; 
bead Ritber currow ; bonoB of tlie fwe large ssd 
prominent ; nose fall, and broad towards tlw 
apex : mi^ath Ur^e. In this are tododed tbe 
inbobttoau of MaUeea, Somalra, Java, Boroeo, 
Cetobes, and iba aiUaeaol AwOio blonde ; of tba 
Molooca, LadrwM, Philippine, Uarian, md Oar«> 
line groape; of New UoUand, Van Dieaan^ 
Land. New Guinea, New Zealand, and of all Iba 
islands of the Sonlh Sco. Caiier diUufvlabeB 
only three prindpol dirinoiks — lbs Caoeanoa, tba 
Mongolian, and tba Ethiopian; lemsiatag JoabI 
ful as to the Malay and Amcikm vacietiea. Ih, 
Priduud, on tbe other hand, (and bis aotborUry 
sbonU bava tba grcateat welf^i hi aviiTlJuDg 
relatiog to the sutiJeet,) divides tbe tpecha hlo 
avoa pcincipsl varistiea:— 1. Tho IiajilaiUf iH» 






ia Ui« lunn of tlipir sknll* vxl utbcr ph^ncal 
ehanttm mcmbis Eniopeaiu, in wbidi are io- 
dadad, w htfan deUilod, all the Cancuiu 
nrntj'. 3. Tlw Tunniui, who are nearly the 
mw vitli Uw Mongolian* of otbrrwrilcn. 3. 
Jht natin Aaiaicana, «xc«pt tli« EaquiiBaax 
nd MBW other* rteentbliss Ibem. 4. Tbe Hot- 
MMe Md Biuhmeo. 5. The Ne^rnrs. C. The 
PiMii, or wooU;>baired notjonf of Pnlrncsaa. 
7. Ab AlbOTDO and Autralian nr 8. — Ptii. Ci/oL 
Thtkaaaao noe; mankind; a rru'e in<liTidiial of 
Uw hoBuai ne^, of adult ^nmUi or 7. -an ; a male 
•f tlw baouui race, oaid often in oinip intid worJa, 
or aa an adjective, aa a moA-cbild, Jtr. ; a sct- 
TUlt an attcndanl; a depeiulaftt; n n-onl of 
faniKar addrMa ; tbe unn is aomrtiRin cmpIoW 
to diaott a nule adult of dijtiDgaiab<<d qualific.i- 
UmM, M raacnaniinit;, brarorj, atrengtb, A«.; 
I dai« 4o all ihat maj baraow a taoH.— fiJtatoi. 
aa nUndMil of tbe hntnan ii]KdeB; man t^ 
MBMttaiai ^ipooed to bo^ or child, and Kometimps 
to faaaf; one vho can apply bia mental powers 
(a a jofidoas mj, and frbo coodncts htins^ir 
wilhpraprictT: aomotinua oaed in a looeettfpiifi- 
Mrin, without nEfotenM to ■ particular person; 
k wmm ta aa Inatent maa dli eo» « r the auarflon to tw 

ia ■ popolir aesae, a boslsod. Ia Feadal Law, 
a meal, a lieip ml ject or tenant Afan't Ftumf^ 
ibi Falro aotillortim nf IJnnams, a bird of tM 
Wirt Indsa. Man of war, a sliip of war ; ID 
amed alup>. Man lA« enpaian^ the order to place 
Ibtman to t^ bum in readinen to heare roand 
tbenapeUn. Man th« tnpaail thettf^ the diree- 
Ijon te let tbe men lay hold of, and be rtfldy to 
pall np tbe tapaatl ibeets. Man lh« jforilM^ tbe 
■dtr to go npon tbe rarde to reef or furl tbe 
•3l Ahn-^rnhpt/h, a man wto practbes otr- 
tfftrics; — p. o. t<> fnmiah witli men; to giurd 
«ith Rten; to fnrlify ; tn stieo^heo; to tame a 
liattk ; — (obeoMje in tlie Ust eenn yf—to attend ; 
to am ; to wait on oa a semmt ; to direct in 
WiR^i 10 pnst: to aim. — Obeolete, 

Jfaa Dot a nrii agalnat Otfadlu'i breast, 
And b« ntfnBL— Jttoix. 

Uaiaclk, in«i'n-kl, #. (manichs, Fr.) An iron 
lutnnnrst for kveptn^faMl Iho hamls; sbnckles : 
liRodrnffi; — r. a. to sharkle; to onuSne tbe 
bndj by means of nn iron instnraieiit or otber 
to rettrain tbe nac of tbe limbi or 

iDati'ij, «. a. (nMme^wr, Er.) To cotw 

fccl; IA cany on; to train a borM to graoefnl 
■tiwn; to BOTetH] (0 mnke tractable ; to wield; 
M man or aaa aoaily ; to hunband ; to mnke ttie 
«il^ of caotioai to treat willi c.iutlon or jadg< 
BOtt ; tD girrtm witfa adtlreaa ; — r. n. to luper- 
lllnd affiurv; to txanuct; — A coodoct; admin- 

To btm put 
The ■wMi^ tif 107 •ute.— flaAiL 

iMt imCllUDcntality ; diw-iplifw; direcltan; — ' 

(vmAj ehaoWta In all ibe foragung aenaea as a 

■hCMtiee: MaaagonMnt is sow oacd;) — gu- 

lemnent of a butae:. 
JKauoeadls; nuo'fi-a-bl, a. £aij la tbe me ; 

aatdiAcalt to be wielded or tnoecd; gOTeraablE; 

tractable; Ibat nay be made enbBerrieot foe tbe 

atlaiinneat uf ao cod. 
iUvAOEABLKifUB, mBn*rJ-a.b1-ncB, t. Tbeqnality 
lociL a 


of beioft eaiily laad or appliad to ita proper par- 
pone; tvactabtaoeM ; eaBneae to be gorvmed. 

&UKAaKAiu.T, man'^-a-Ue, odL In a maiui^Babltt 
manner: traetaUy. 

Makaosmiiitt, maa'y-ment, «. Caodact; admin* 
iaintion: piiideoee; conning pntctioe; Iraniac- 
tton: dealing I modalatioo; rarlatioti. 

Uakaoer, manlj-or, $. One who hai thoceadort 
or directioR of anything; one wbo condocta Ua 
aflkirs witb frueaKly; a good baebaad. 

M.vSAOEnr.— Sro ManigamenL 

MA.XAiu?:e, man'a-kioa. ». Tb« oonnnan imutm df 
a ftnnip of amaQ birtla, mnarkable for tli^ir rich- 
colonrnl plumage, belonging to thf> genus Pipra i 
Family, Amp«lidw. 

>rAKATEE, man-a-lo', e. (eiaiM*, tbe band, froin 
Te>ti;;fs nf naila being «aa on tbe edgea of tlte 
■wimmlDgpawa.) Tbeoommeo Muoeof OMaoauM 
of tbe geons Manatna. 

IIanation, man-a'hbnn, r. (mamatii), Lat.) Tbo 
uct of tMuing or flowing out. — S«Uom neod. 

MjUTATtTt, ma-na'toa, m, A f^onui of beilitTorou) 
Cetaeesi, in wlikb tlie body U oblong, and termi- 
nated by an elongated otaI fin ; tbe grindeni ban 
a aqnare crown, marked with two iraflarena 
cleeaticai, and aro ctgfat In aumbcr tbrongbont. 
They now tire in tlie torrid aoaa, but tbeir re- 
main! are found in tbe atrata of the JUoeaM and 
fllooaw periodjL * 

Uasbok, smn'bote, «. (eun, ind hcta, a reeam- 
pOHMt Sai.) In Law, a conpeimdoii lor kjlUng 
a man. — Obsolete. 

Makoii, manab. «. In Jewlafa ABtlqnity, a nBieli 
of f;old = 100 ib^ela, or £75 iterling ; miOMfa 
of liWer = 75 ibelnlaf or £7 1(k. 

MANcnE, nunab,*. (Fhrnehjaeleera.) loHcmldfj, 
an old-faabioDed tlecrc with loag baa^era to iL 

HjjfCHKT, man'tihet, «. A naaQ loafof Abo bread. 

Takfi a muill totit of tMMob^ dipped tn-oU of eweat 
A Imnnda,— 0ami. 

&lAKcnnrBn.-TiutK. miir-«!ie-nccrtivc, a. Tbe 
large Wist Indian tree Ulppomane mantfanilla. 

^Iancipate, mnn'ee-pote, v. s. (mancip&t I^L) 
To anfilBTo ; to bind; to restrict.— Seldom oaed. 

Makcipatio?*, man-Be- pa'slion, «. SlaTeryj io- 
Tolnntflry eerritudp. — Seldom used. 

Mahcipi.e, man'se-pl, s. (matters, Lat) Tbo 
ateward of a comintmity ; u .purveyor, paiticularljr 
of a college. 

Makoamus, man-da'miis, «. y^mando, I order, lAt) 
In Law, a command or writ, iecolnj; from tba 
King'a Beneb in Etmlaad, and in America from 
eome of tbo bjgber oomta, directed to any jierfoa, 
ctcporationt or inferior court, nN^uiring Uuni to do 
■omo act tbertio ipedfied whidi appertallM t» 
tbeir ofEoe and duty. 

Hahdarim, raan'da-rm, «. The general name gjeen 
to a atata officer in China. Tbo manilarina ore 
clicaen from tbo men of letlen or erbdaia from 
orery part of the emplia, wbo, baring obtdoad 
tbeir degreca and paaaed thoir aramlaattcm, bare 
their aamea InacribeJ, kept by a oonrt or board 
ealiUiIiAbed for tbat parpoee. Mandarin ihet, 
the DeDilroneaaa galeriralata, a native of tbe 
I>occan, in Irnlin. 

MAtrcATART,) man'dB>tTir-ef I. Ooetowbom the 

MAiroAToar,) pope han, by bW prerogatiTe, gtreo 
a mandate or order for hie bene6ce; one to whom 
a eommaod or charge ia ipnn. In I^w, one who 



iwdartaltM, witboBt « rtootnpnw, to ia aona tet 
for looUier, in rMptet to tba thiog txitled to him. 

llAliDATB, sun'daU, «. A eommanil; ira order; 
preospt or iojonciion ; a cofninistlon. la Cftnoo 
Lftw, • maript of the popo, commftDdlng ui or- 
Attrjr solbtar to got the person tticrcin nuned Id 
MMMMloaof the nnt VftMot benetic« in bis colla- 

Mavdatok, man-ds'tar, i. (Latin.) A director. 

Mahpatort, auui'd»-tiir-e,a. ProMptivoi direo- 

MiMDlOLB, nMQ'd*-b1, «. (mandifmtum, » jaw, LnU) 
The apper jaw of an insect : the andor are caUod 

MAJiDlouLAii, man-dib'a-Iur, a. B«loDgiog to tti* 

Mandibdlata, man-oib-a-U't«, ) & A section 

UAMDiBOLArEB, nuQ-dib'n-laxts, f of inMcU, 
isdudiog all thoM which prwwrre tMr orpms of 
masticabon la tbcir bat and pMfKt m»gb of 

Makoil, man'dU, «. (^mtrndUh, Kr.) A tort of 


QralUyter Ihim with a borM, a ii»«nl, a mtmiU, nr 
ttie UkK.— .Hfr- 7*. f/nfiert. 

Makdilion, man-dil^an,*. A aoldiar^ eo»t) a 
bow ^anncDt. 

Uaxddkioss, nun'ding-goM, t. A nqgra utioD, 
iahabUisg tbA ooantry on the banka of tbe ScbokbI 
■nd Gambia, and that wbiDh ezteiMb fartber 
■Mtwaid aloDg tb« opper coutw of tb« Joliba or 

MAiroaBKT. — Soe OomnuDdrnfat. 

ILuiDOLDnii maa'do-ltn, «. A tnoakal itutromvnt 
of the lule kind, haviagfour RtriojiB, which am tanud 
as thoM of tte rioliti. It faaa dllrn into ditUM, 
but is Btill to bt met with in sixne parts of Italy. 

Hajidkakb, ni»a'drak«, s. (fnm) taamtrofftirat, tbo 
Greek naiue campoumJitd of nandra, ao os>9tiill, 
aod agamrot, eniel, bom its affifots oa aattia when 
loized with their fodder in the eoanbics when 
tin plaols aboiuid.) The eonunoD name of plftnti 
btka^KtoibogennsUasdragora. Ji.atUvmatit 
ia SQppoeed to bt tbe mandrake of Scriptore. 

Uaxdsbl, OHa'dnl, s. That part of a Utbe to 
whkb tba work to be turned is fastened, and 
wbkb rtoeiTca motion from th4 great or flj-wbcct 
hf imaoi of a cord. 

llANOKtt., maa'dril, «. (man, and drill. En;;.) Ttie 
common nanie of monkerE. of th« ^cnos Papio, t\K 
larjiest, most bmtai, and fcnxaonaof tbo baboons. 

KanouCAULB, min'dn-ka-bl, a. That nuj be 
•also ; fit to bo oaton. 

Kakdi'Catb, mao'do-fcalc^ v. a. (mmAiea^ LaL) 
To chew ; to cat. 

Uaiomjcatior, man-dn-ka'shnn, *. The soC of 
ehewiog or eating. 

IIaxb, naoa, «. (imm, Dnt. fMoisAe, Oarm.) Tbe 
hdriddah hn^ doim oa the neck of a borw 
■nd oter aaimala;. 

MAnATKK, nan'eat-nr, f. A oanoibal ; an anihm- 
aopibafitei a bomaa being who feeds i<n haimin 

MAVaj*, majTid, a. Having a mana. 

ICunus, nao-B^ib', a. (Fnnoh.) A place mhfrv 

hscSM ar* iraioad, or bonan aa aliip taught; a 

i M N g sAosl. 
Mavkss mavni, X. (Utln.) Tbe ghoM, duid*, or 

Mvlof auoeaaedpcraoo; tbsnmalnsof tbadaad. 

Aamw tba aaoistti Psgm. tbt Mstm) daicJss. 

llAXmBBBT, mnM'ibMC f. Tin conring far tb* 

upper part of a boiWa kand. 
ILutnTA, ma-net'ts, *, (in booonr of Xarisr lU- 

netts, FlorefMs.) AgemuofparMniallHTWoMat 
or nftntioosa plants r Order, ^leboiiaeeat. 

VikWTXTU, nun'fiit, a. Bold ; ttoot ; daring ; noils [ 

HAKm.LT, man'fM-e, ad, BoIJW; ikot/Aj\ 

MAjrpi7L:fEBS, manTiJl-Dcs,*. Stontnesa; liiiTilnins 

MaMO AST, man'gi-bf, s. The nanw of tin spedei 
of the monkpjr bribo belonging to QneBODi, 

Makoalis, man'ga-lis, *. A small Indian coin of 
neartjr fi^o gndoa, tuod in wr igbiog diamonds oolj . 

Maitoaxkbb, niang'ga-iM?«c, a. (sitcrad &om wmj^ws- 
thUHt its originol namo.) A metal of a grvyiab- 
wbleo cotoor and gramilar t«xtare ; H is mrd and 
hrittla. It exists ouly in Datora in the stale of an 
oakla. Its srinbol is Ma; •qoJTaleot ?7.7. 

IklAKOAlTHiUir, mang-ga-DS'ahas, a. BslatiQic to 
tnaQKADoss t oooststiog of, or partaking of its 

Havoaxb&ic, manc-ga-os'sik, d. Obtainsd (mm 

Makuakic Acod, muif'-gaolk ss'sid, a. An arid 
fonned bj tbe unioa of 1 e-^uivoleot of msngnnwr 
and 3 of oxygen. 

MASOAnts, nun^i^tuiMte, s. TW hydntad mi|iit- 
ozido of mangamse, a minenl of a liUi^islmmj 
ooloor ; occura orystaUzod or miaai^'c ; prioitoiTa 
form a right rbomlnc prism ; histn "™*^*i" \ 
opaqoo ; Btreak reddiab-browo. Its oonatitMBto 
are — ^mao^aneae, 62.95 { o'TB'Oi 30.97 1 wster, 
la 10 : sp. gr. 4.326. Scratobes gts« sKgbUr. 

HAveooUf, maog'kawn), a. (nepyaa, I mix, Siut. 
and onrik} Coni of sevsnlUodsnased^aairbsat 
nod T7«. 

Mamue, mvijo, a. Tbo itcb or scab in catUs. 

Mabobl-wukzkl, nuug'gl-wiir'ul, *. (aiwyafJ- 
WK%«k scarot; root, Germ.) Tbs Beta ml^iiiL, 
or Fieid-bosi, a plut extSDanljr coUnisd far 
fradiiig cattla. 

Manoer, uum«3ur, «. (moaspssiric^ Fr.) Tba plaoe 
or vessel bi whkb aiaioab an ftd wUfa fiidder. 
In a ship of war, a apaoa aersss tbs daek wUbin 
tbe bawssbuica, aaparatad from the aft«p«ttaf 
tbe deck, to irernnt IIm water which eotsei tbs 
bawsebolo frorn nmaiag over the deck. Manffo^ 
board, tbe bolkhoad on a abip's dedc that 
fieparttes tbe manner from tbo other part of Urn 

Makoii r.QA, man-jiTer-n, a. (mamgo, tbt nama «f 
tbo froit, and /4m, I bear, Lai.) TIm UaDgo 
trees, a goaua of £ut loiUiin tiws, tba tnut of 
wbkb is very highly uHtoautod, a&d is wad in 
jtlli«B,taita,|w«B8rTa^&c.t Qrdir, Tersbbihacw. 

MAii6ivsis,ma08'js*iMs,«. SoaUHoeas; JafcctJ— 
witb tbs mange. 

Hakglb, moo/gl, r.a. (mangttm, Dot.) Ta h'- 
oente; to ont or laar piaccmM); to butebrr; — 
(nuB^KJk, G«no.) tn smooth rloth with a monclr; 
to cahnder. — a. a rolling prea Cur smoolbiitg 
fltotb; a calender. 

MAiroLim, raang'gl-ur, «. 0ns wba tasav and de- 
stroys bungling^; a ha<l«r; oos wb« wsa a 

MAKOLirriA, Bian^-gla-o'abs-^ a. (sMw^yto. tbs 
JsraDsao nun* of M, y&iMea.) A fswu of alo- 
nnt trma, with beantUiil ttapmA jmkm dowers: 
Osdor, MafcnoUaesm. 




Ann^ Fh) A gnus «f pUoU: Order, Sapfr- 

Muwo^ ntu^pV 4^ The frut of lh« Uaago-ttMi 
lIuKO-oisoHM, alaiig'sfK-jla'Jitr. n Tfas {tUot 

kuraantL, maat^g^-^nA, «; (bhi^ohmi, Fr.) An 
■rtni fanDflrif Md for ttrawfng iteoM wd but- 

SiBOOnaii, wngf go-fdia, «. The irt ofaettiDg 
flff oyOag to adnoti^— ObMlete. 

XAiiOOnsit nuig'gD-Bix^ v. a. To poliib for 
Mttlog off to adnnta^— -ObsoleU^ 
Sok MO mmanitrnta •!■*«, I will not rart frum 'em ; 

IMlloril Uww. Ac^An Amok. 

VAJteOBTAV, mia-goo'tui, s. (^mmfffottottOf or ncm- 

tlw MitlaTUi tuTtic.) Tlw Uv« Qaninik 

Uo Inut of ntiitih to esteemed tbe 

of the Eut Indiesk It is about 

(k dbi if IB onace, and bjs « rind Like Ibet of 

Ae |ioaieEEiiiet% m tUcktr and foUar of jaioe : 

Ordtr, CSaaaoMr, or OaktOerv. 

MAaooovn, oun'pMst, «. Th» Iduuamon of Uie 

Xae, Vi*-«nB idmeoDMCt. 
MiSOEOn, aun'grorr, «. Tlie common ruune of 
jinta bdoojcii^ to iIm geooe: Onlor, EhiM- 
UXST, moo/}*, a. loftrtod iikb Um BSOge; 

gjii.T— uDYcM-tir, f. A rakuUm^t ou 

ikd hefei fni ffV*o di 
lUUBlM GoLDk nun'blm golde, 1. An aH-jv. 

oooririSof of thm perls a copper and ooe of 

' Wawoop, iniiA»4 *■ ntmun DSbirc; tbc stjte 
flf no «b» k edmoed btToad pnber^. bojrbood, 

I or dfldhopa; an adnlt; ■ man ; vinlit;; rortt- 

' tabi emmft; RMlatiaiL. — Seldom osed In tbe 
last tkire kokl 

Hiau, tna'oe-e, i. (Ljitin end Greek.) Modnan. 

Majoabu^ iin'e-a-bl, a. UuienUei tnotable, 

M*MsO, nu'iM-ok, & A mid pecson. 

MaWHOi mK'DS-«k, 1 a. Ajfected wirb tn*d< 

JLlSaCAU HM-iu'ft-kAl,) new; r«i;iii£ wiiii dis 
onbnd inteOect ; m«d. 

lUnCABIA, naD-«-k*'r»-a, «. (manuw, A glare, 
Lflt. from tbe oeton of tbe ipjUfae.) TV Wine- 
pain, m gmm of plants, tuUivea of tbe Eut In- 
4t«: Ordac. Falnuoec 

iicoxAJi, wan t Ifn'an. a. rertoimng to tlw 

ictLSAStfl, auD-*-ke'eiie, s. (.Voiu^ e o ppMod 
to katv boas « oattre of Penu.) A Cbfurtim 
aeel «be, Kka llw Usj^ beUered in t<ra etanud 
Icioe^loearpMdiadeTil: that our firrt puentd 
w«o cftatad bjr tba God of dariniea, bat ib^t 
ifattr wola brmti part of tbat li^t wlticb was 
salge<l to tl)« God of B^t- IV; bdiered thit 
tbe p«t ^gool of Ike God of H^i was to dclWer 
tW Oil'fin Mob of men from their car|M)naI 
|«tiowit and that with ibb view ho cruted two 
a»fa&m bai^E% Cbrte aod tbit Uolr ffluMt, dotbed 
wtah a abaAow; fonn, to teach moitals bow to 
the nttooal aool fiom tbe oornipt body, 
to OIVOODM the power of milipiant mottrr. 
_ bimadf ont as *tbe Comforter' pro- 
ndaedle be wot iato tba world bjr Cbrut efter 
hb death. Tbe Manieb«ina do not appear to 
hare eurtod before the end of tbe third ccntBi7. 

MaincHoui, man'e-kairrd, \ «. (utaaMtfr 

KLuocoKiMut, mao-e-kawr'dua, > diew,^.) A 

mubcal iartTomecit to the fignn of a opaet. 
MAmcOH, inao'e-koo, t, A Kpmim U tdgUdiade. 
MAxinn, man'e-fert, > •. (""mifiulm, iiL) 
Maxitbcto, nuoi-o-fBe'to,) A daiwalien iaaaed 

from a pciaea ar Bovaraipi, pRMlaiminK Us o^DJoaa 

or motma m roftrciMe to aomo pnbUo giwatioa 
UAnmrMiianVfaBt,a.(Mai^fbAu,Lat.) PUb; 

opooi not coooeakd; not doabtfuJ; appai«(( 

detected, with </; 

OoUnlio Oicrv >looJ tai^ft^ Y»b«OK;.— fVjuliOL 

— r. in iavojce of a cargo of goods, inserted or 
laden for export, to be i£>wn it the coilom-hease 
by the master of tbe Teasel, or tbe owner or ship- 
per; — r. a. to nuke appear; to make pabUc; to 
show plats)/ ; to diKlose ; to dtsooTcr. 

Makifsbtabls, man-o-fes'ia-bl, a. Tint inajr bo 
made endooL 

Mafifebtattos, mitn-<--fpf-ta'sbun, t. Thu act 
of milking known n^bat In r^^cret or oLacart ; db- 
oorerr ; clear eridcnce ; pabltcatioa. 

MAViPEtrrLT, incio'e-fc»t-l(>, ad, dOuifi «i4- 
ilentljf; plsiaty. 

ilA?npRST7iE69, mun'c-fcst-nw. » devrkesa to 
t3ie u^t or mind ; (|}lYiou^^ess. 

SlATCTVOi-n, manVfiild*-, a. Of different kiiid»| 
miui/ in ncunber ; mnltiplieit; complicated. 

MAXirALDCD, man'e-foldo-cd, a. Hating maaj 
romplieatioas or donblas. — Obsolete. 
And madfolttfi ahMi ha bouBd sbout Us wrtit^ 

MANIFOLXII.T, roanVfbUe-le, ad, la m niraiibid 

MAinTOLTixESB, DianVfelde-nes, a SUlc oT be- 

ing manifold : moltiplicity. 
MANlCLloys, ma-iul'jrunz, g. In Guooery, two 

bsndin 00 the badt of a pieeo of otdoance, afler 

tbe German mode of ciuttn;;. 
MAWn^ ma-nil', \ t. (wmitia. Span.) A ong 
MAWn.t^, ma-nilla,f or braoelet worn by penona 

in Africa. 
Mavioc, manVok, $. Tb« Indian name of the 

emylaceooa prodacts of tba abnib Jalnpba mas- 

Maniplc, min'e-pV '■ (nontptJtu, Lat.) A liand- 

fU ; a small band of soldiers ; a bnon, or kind of 

onunient worn ebotit the ann of n miss pricsL, 

<r a garetent worn b^ tbr priest ivbon be ofHoistes. 
HAirmruiK, ma-Qip'u'Uir, a. rertoining to tbe 

HAVtrtTLATB, ma-nip'u-late, t.a. To opcrato or 

worii wHb toa handa. 
HATOtTLATiov, nu-nlp-^la'sbun, a. (French.) 

Wnrk by hand; mairaal opemtioa, as tbe manitcr 

of diggiflg ore In toiniflg. 
MA^tirtTLDS, ma-nip'o-lDB, r. (suune, tbe faasd, 

Let.) In Romac Military Antiquities, a Kubdiv]- 

rion of the robort, so nnmed from the bandfdl of 

pYSS or straw which formed tbdr original ftan- 

MAXitt, mnfniii, r. Tbe Pangolins, a genaa of Edeo- 

tHta, hi which tbe body b corered with tain 

strong, imbricated, homy scale*, like tbe tACertme 

reptiba, and hence they liave been called Senly 

AlAJtiauEU, man-b-u'ris, «. (msMS, looae, aod onts, 

o t«i], Gr. fixHn the sptkce biiag looM and not 

compact.) A geous of {•UntOJ Order, Gsavil- 





iLufiTKOKK, iiuu'c-truiik, $. (mamlrmnaUt lew 
Lat.) In EDtotnolo(7, tbe Interior sogmnt of 
the tnink in which tha heni] fn<wcDlJU«s, or oo 
wUeh it tumt. 

Makkilleb, oian'kil-ltir, t, A murdirer; oaf 
who 5l)TB I nuo. 

Uamkillixg, nun'kil-liiLe, a, Umi] to kill men. 

Onwd be the poMwbo flnl taotiourod with Um OMtam 
Ufa bero, * IDIN AjaM, » tawMHfcy idM.— i>rydni. 

IfjUTKnCD, nun'kjnd, «. Tbe noe or >ped«s or 
hDnuU) bcingn ; > malo, or the males of the bumeti 
rue; — a. rasemUiuj; nuu in form, uot womui: 
often spplitd bjr our old fio«l» to frofneo ia a had 

A wWi J irttcbl U«Kc wich her. out o'door^ 

tlAttLEKfl, niin'Us, o. Without men; oottiuuiiud. 
— St'Idnta used. 

Uanlulb, tDulike, a. Uuving the pro^r quiJitlet 
at n nao ; beocuniog k inao. 

UjHtUKUM, manle-OM, i. Dignity ; bolJnoBi ; 
bmery ; itu- quolilin of a mui. 

UxirLafO, manlibg, <. A Utile iiun. 

Maklt, manle, a. lUnllke; beoonuitg ■ mant 
flm; Intra; dlgoifiad; aUtaljr; nlaiing to the 
adolt age of man; — ad. viih conr^ tike a mau. 

tfAiniA, natt'*!, «. A natural eindatton from tbe 
lecTetaodbraiMibetoftlw phmt Alhagt manomm. 
It wu believed bj Arebiiu writers that maoaa 
fell from heaTcD oa the pluit. At ^t the mansa 
neembles dnn of hooax* but aooa thickens into 
aoUd piiBB et tbe aiie of a ooriaoder eeed. Tbe 
tnaaaa of the riiope ie the prodnoe of the Mauaa- 
•ftb, Oniua rutundifblia, wbich abounds to Cnla- 
bria. Tbe nuuinn dutila from indMons mido in 
tbe bnrk. It is a ooncnto raudtajpooae juice, 
mild, and iligbtljr dbuuoih. Mtama umU^ tbe 
eeeds of the aquatic plant Gljoern fimtaaa. 

tLunrsB, tiian'our, r. (monierf, Fr. nKDiieru, ItaL) 
Fonn; tiwtbod; aotoro; bAbit; fiebioa; oatain 
degnxt; habitual pnictjoe; rimhi; cast of look; 
tnodi ; peculiar war or cania^ ; way ; — r. a. to 
Instnict 111 tnannen. 

SfAKKURiSK, nun'Dur-ixm, «. Adherraoe to the 
aame manner ; unifvniiitjr ef luanner. 

Makkeiust, mau'nur-ist, a. Ati uitint wbo per- 
(bnoa all lilt works iu uno unrnncd metiiHir. 

HaiotKltLUtBBi, man'DDr-le-aca, «. Civility: coin- 
ylaieaao e ; the qualily gf bclog courteoua in be- 

UAWUtLT, man'onr-le, a. OiT3i rMpMtlol} 
ceBpUikajit ; deosnt in external deportnwot] not 
rude or Tolgar; — ad. dviUj ; wiLhont ludaoeM; 

KaniBft*, tnaa'anra,!.!^. Dtportmeot; cafriage; 
babaviour; oondoct; coorte of life; oeremonioaa 
behaviour ; drility ; morals ; a low or conrtesj. 

KAnmuv, nun'ao-kin, j. A little mau; alao, an 

?tratu made ia rueinblaooe of this human 
!«, or tUKAj of tbe faoale abdomen and Mtl' 
fiir the iutraetioa of •tndenta b the appuoa- 
Ikn of baadaxes and praotlea of obvtBtriML 
HaxxibB( man nkb, a. Uaviog the appoaniMe of 
Ann; boldt maaouline. 
A wwiuiD imimlanl anil niwW yrowtti— JIaH. 

MAimrc, man'iiita, ». Tbe peculiar kind of mgnr 
coQtalncxI in manna, the nrodace of Cimiu Kuro- 
Mcuh It b eompMed «f bjdcegan)*i; cacboo, 
4<X03s oxjrgea, 83.90. 

llAi(csinnta,> id-I'Do'it, t. (nofKenfn; FV.) Dex- 

Mjuricrrax, > terooa moveowot : management ; 
■wnigeroeBl with addreea or artful dcM^ 

MLutcBtmtX, nia-Bu'Tr, v. n. To more or dumgp 
pontiMa among troops or ililpe lo obtain nom 
adrauti^B, or in militiiry cxerd« fnr the purpoaa 
of diidpliiw ; to cony on any operation adroi^; 
— r. o. to rbange tbe poritioiii of troop* or liiipa. 

MAXtEUTEER, Dia-iiu'vr-iLr, I. One who ma- 

Maxohbtcb, ma-nom'e-lur,) a. (miM«, rara, and 

MAXoscnre, nun'o-akope, \ awfrow, a meant*, 
Ur.) An ioatmment intended to meantre the 
rarefaction and oondenaation of ekctrio fiidda. 

MANOMmuCAt., min-iKinet're-kal, a. Pertainbig 
to tbe manometer. 

MAltOR, mnn'nr, #. (manotr, Fr. moner, Armor.) 
The land poaecBsed by a lord or ttobleman, or tbe 
quantity of land formerly kept by a lord or |p«at 
pcTBonajte for tbe nee and nibsi>t«u» of Us bmily. 

Mavox-iiocre, nuiD'ur-hoWA,1 a. The houM of 

iLufott'iSAT, toAn'nt-Mct, f the tord or owner 
of tbe manor. 

Mabokul, ma-no^re-al, a. Pertainbft t« a manor. 

Haxplbamm, man'pb-Mtr, «. Om who mm 
vttrj effort to gdo the Amor of moo. 

MAitQiTELLEit, nian'kwe)*lar, *. A arardenr] a 
maoelayer. —ObsoletA 

lie Mat a ■UM^pHllcr, and eoenmaondU thai Jone^ 
bMd w«m broosM hi a fttMh^ irUtfli, 8L Mark. *L ». 

Maksb, mans, «. (bmiuw, Lat) A hovM or habi- 
tation ; a paraooage-bQuae. Mataio, In Arthal- 
olo|7, a term naud in tbe aane aenae ae AeJo, 
that ia, an nmcb land aa one plough oould till tn a 
year. In Antwpiity, an inn on a pubKe road, 
osuallj at tbe dlsienoe of elgbteea miles from 
another. In the Alodicral ages it wsa used to 
expna an encaaipment for one night. Manmt 
Pra^eri^ In Law, a paraonage or tkang* Ac 
the parwn to renJe in. 

Maxakb, man'scr, e. A bastard. — Obaolet*. 

MAVttfoN, man 'shun, «. (eunwio, Let) A plaoe 
uf restJence; a house; a habitation} tha lovdli 
house iu n manor ; -fwdeootj abode; — r. a. M 
dwell ; to reside. 

M.i?(sio:fjLRr, man'»bun-sr-e, a. Bs>»dcnt; ml- 

Hanbiox-uocsb, inanMiun>bt,v.-^ s. The booai 
in which one raudca ; an iobalirnd hoxtse. 

ILAStBlointT, man'thun-re, 5. A i<l.ioe of miJaoea, 

llAHBLADOHTEit, Diao'sUw-tiir, «. In a geawnl 
■enae, the killing of a mnn nr of men ; dartmfrttwi 
of the bumjio spedea ; murder. In Law, aad a 
Itillinic of a man ae h*ppens either on a anddw 
qoarrd or in tlie c«mml«^on of an nnUwfnl aet, 
witbont any ddtbtrat* intention of doing any 
miicbief at alL There la oo difTemioe brtween 
rnirder and mttmioMghter, but that mmrder la 
npon malice fixetboagbt, and iwoaslaH^hr Upon 
a sudden occasion. Aa if two meet together, and 
striving for the well, the ono kills lite other, this 
la moiuiaw}hUr and fcluny. Aiid »o it ia, If tb«jr 
had u)>oti that sodden occufton ertoa intu tbe tiekl 
and foa;j;ht, ^nd the otw had kllWd the other. Ibis 
had been bnt mamdtnw^ttr and no mitr4ir^ be- 
cause all tbst fullowed was but a ooatiniiaAee «f 
thp first saclden occadoo, and tbe blood was n«Mr 
cooled till tlw blow was gWen. 

MAJrftLATiit, tnwi'alsy-ur, a. One wba baa dali 
a human bein^ 



IU>fV«Af.KB, nuui'ftfr-liir, r. On« who vtMb or 
tanicf off bomui bongs ; a tnfficker in the ikrc 

ItAinRmAXJliO, man'itte-luif:, «. The ict of iteal- 

iag famtMD b«tT>e>i u tn llw uiraoKNu sluve tnid». 
Mfc5»prTK,inm'iw*tgii o. (wM n wiiBiif*, laU) Slild; 

pntlft t«n>«; nofc witd or f f Wcfci B fc — Stldoin 

tUnrvrroB, owi'iwv-twk, r. (wdwwftwft^ Lat.) 

M l lJ n wi ; fentlmwM; t«inauM. 

1 u* All aiUAieai or mtimMttdt in «liiK>f>lf hlnc— 

JUimLCT, Dftn't«-1el,7 «. A wnsll clnnk worn 

MAXTLrr, ountX, f bf fTocnni. In Kirtiti- 
alkn, ft k' !>■ parapet tnnde of pUnk*, 

•loot ibcvp lui'od oso ovrr anothrr 

l» tbe briij..:. ... ........ nix f«i^l; (^nenllj caimI 

■ilb tin, an<l «rt on little wtweb, ao that in a 
ififl thty miiT bo driren beforo tb« pioneer*, atid 
Krre to ali«ltcT tbeni from the shot of the mKiny. 

NtSTUJ-l-V, irAa-tel'i«-4, 1, (hi hoooarof Or, Mnn- 
fid) A pane of fopsil Akyoon, frnn the IJhalk 
fa n n t l o * . Alai^ a gooos of C)rcadifoTtn plantJt, 
fiom tb« ooBtv of tin Islo of Portland. 

Mmmn, nun'tia, g, (nwniAw, a propltet, Or. in 
Mmne* to the pD4t:on of iLn annt., which »nm 
n in til* net bf s:ipi>Ii cation.) A gvnos of 
OttboptoniiM traecti: Family, Curwrii. 

lUntaiAf mas-tia'tf-a, a, (from th« tluwvrs bearing 
a ifanlar membUnee to certain inaceta ea1)e<(l 
■wfft.) Agenruorplinta: CJrder. iUngibcncco:. 

MurnBSji, mao'tift'sa, t. The decimal part of a 
hfuiUua ; tb« integral fart is called tbo chaiBc- 

Nima, manti, i. (mantel, vtmtel. Sax.) A 
liod of cloak or lowe gai ment to b« worn over 
riW gamicnts : a oorcr; (]iat which nmcenls ;— 
^ a. to cloak; to oorcr; to dU;;;ut»e; — r. a. to 
9mid: to eipandi to jojr; to rerd ; to be ex- 
jtadti : to gntbcr orer and fonn a cover i to 
aAett an the anrface aa a covering; to m^ to 
6m 1km ^ti oonr H with a aim>on coloor. In 
Valndo]^, tbo cataneons and fleali; envekipa 
afakli iDnistia tbo iotorior of tha ahell of tji« 

Jlutut, rosn'tl, > «. The piece of tim- 

MiirTUnKK, nian'tMre,} 1«t or ntnno in funn 

tf a i ti B La ay over tb« ftreplaca, rottidg on tbe 

UArnJsrtWcZt\ tnan'ilpeve, *. Tbe work ortr a 

MA)rnxrnE<:i, f firvpUre, in front of the chiinne;r- 

Jf jmrujio, manfHnf, f. In nertldrT, tho onta- 

■Mita Rproanited roani duclda — in imitation, it 

■ ■ tp paaoi, of the toantles or eloaka worn hj 

, OMD'to, D. (ItATiin.) A rol>o; a clonic. 
3r, nan'tolVjr, «. (manhifi, divination, 
' loyo9. • diaeoatse, Or.) The ncl or art of 
Hti>TV*, mwi'td-a. t. (mantem, Fr.) A Indy'a 

MAaTVAM-iBEB, inan'tQHi-mair-kQr, «. One who 
DiaJcaa gnwiu for laJica ; a dr«an)3ker. 

MjDrv, om'si, '■ (tMOMi to aiid«ratnnd, Sooscrit.) 
lo UindoD Mjlhuloicj, Ibe aon or grandson of tho 
araiUBC dr*l7 Braboia, tjia Srvt of rational being*, 
mA tbo ptogenitnr of mankind, who am tbeoce 
called Hsoavaa or Manupu, (o^priiigof Manu.) 
TW loHttutea 01 Manu ara tho okW, aiMl os- 
iKuiad tka bdieat beaX after Ibe Vediw. 

M.viniAL, man'a-al, a. (wtamaBt, LeU) l^ir* 
fornHid bv tbe bond; uwd by the band; — i. a 
fmatl book, nch u may ho earned in Um hend ; 
tbe aernec-book of tbe Boman CatboUi Cburrh. 
ifamnt ercrriK, the uarciao or praetke bj wUeb 
soldirra are tanitht the dk of mna. 

MANCAi.t!iT, man'a-ol-iit, t. An artifioer. 

Mamvakt, min'a-are, a, Perfonned bjr tte 
band. — ObfoLote. « 

MAHimtAL, nu-na'bo-nl, a. (manuUnUi, tjti.) 
Balonj^inj; to apoHa; taken in war. — Seldom used. 

tlAKUBJlint, tna-iiulnv-ani. f. A handle. 

MAVlTXiircnoir, nan- n-duk 'shoo, #. fiwwu, tbo 
hand, and dWstJo, a leading, Let.) QaldaMe bj 
the hand. 

Manudcctoe, man-o-dak'titr, «. (mamu, and 
dvctar, a leader, Lnt) A cuaductor; a Jpllde; 
an BncitTit tfiiwr in Iba church, who frutn tbe 
middle of the choir, wbuiv bv bud bis place, gave 
the ■i;:nal for the oliorislere tt) sinf;, and mariceil 
tho measure, beat lime, and rvgulaled tbe mtiaie, 
Lov«i bu jruur mamudtular .- naj tbe lean 
Of pcnitcBce tnm joa from all ftUnre taua.— Jorrfaa. 

MASurACTORT, man>a-fsk'tQr-e, f. (mamva, mi 
Jitcio, I dn, Lat.) A house nr plnoe whtfTO goodl 
are manufuctnrrd : tlui practlu of m.iktng any 
piirce of workionuiliip ; — a. en^^ed m uiuaafae- 

Makup ACTTRAl., mao*Q-fak'ta-r&1, a. BcUtlsg 
lo manufactnni. 

SlASt-FACTfitK, man-Q-fnk'ture, ». (French.) Tbe 
operation of mladng raw mdteriala of any Und 
into a form saitable for use ; anything made from 
tbe raw mnttrruil by art, macbinerr, or the head ; 
— F. a. to make by nrt and labour, or tbe aid of 
mnchincnr, itnything fitted for ase; to work nw 
materials into suitallo forms for use; — p. n. to be 
occupied in mimuhicture. 

SdAKurACli'KER, man-D-fak'tn-nir, k One wh'j 
work* raw imteriaU into fonna auita' le for ose ; 
ooo who employ? workmen for manulJtcttiriag ; 
tho owner of a manufactory. 

MaruLRA, ma-nu'le-a, a. (nwinira, tlio hand, Lnt. 
in allnsion to the divuBoni of t)ie rorolla-) A 
gcntm (if SiKiib AiVirsn herbti, r^uiily aabsbnibe: 
Order, ScrwphnlariiiCfm. 

MtMiuiSR. — .See ilanuiniL 

MAMiuif>iiio.T, nian-Q-miab'iin, «. The actof fhr- 
iitg liberty to slare?. 

MiKL'ViT, man-a-mit't v.a. (manmuUo, LaL) To 
releano from slavery : to libcrKte Ircm bondage or 
aervitnde ; to free, aa a slave. 

Maschottte, man'a-mo-tiv, a. (nwrwa, and ma- 
fee, I more, Lnt.) Movable by Iho liuid. 

Masi'MOTOh, man'o-mo-tur, a. A small wheeled 
vehicle, wbidi may bu moved ia any direotivo by 
the person In it. 

MAyrnADtK, ma-au'm-^1, a. CupuUe of caltiva- 

MakcbAOC, ma-nu'rnjt-, > «. CiiltivsUoiL — Ob- 

>lA:ctraAHCir, ma-ou'nuu,) solete. 

SIam'rc, ma-nnni', v. a. (tnaamurtr, Fr.) To 
apply to land any fcrUUiuug multcr; to enrich 
with nntritJvc sobstaneea; to feitUize; to cnlli- 
vate by rnanoal laboar; to till;— (obeolete in the 
hut two aeitaei;) — ji. a eub^tance or mbstancea 
added to the aoil, with a view to accolnrating the 
ve{;etatiQn and incrrauipf; the production of cntpa. 

iUnuttBVKirr, ma-nura'ment, a. Cultivation; 
iniprDvemeiil. — Seldom nied. 





MAKrasR, int-na'ittr, «. One wIib ippliei mamm 

UAirvRnro, nu-on'rioKi i. A dfoi^ng or iprMil- 
ing of nuuiura on Uod. 

MAKCsoRirr, iniui'u-«lLrtpt, «. (immm, the lumd, 
ud fcryiAM, writtcii, ImL) A boolc or paper 
writt«a with the huiJ or pen ; — ii. written witb 
the bud ; not priatcd. 

Uaxutcxct, nuo-u-ten'se, s. Muntnuuioe. — 

Uamworsdit, mut'irur-ehip, 4 Undue rarrrtnra 
or adalAtiaD paid to k nun. 

Makwostu, tnnn'wurti, a. Id Archfliolog;, Uw 
piioi of • tnmn'i life or bead, which vnu paid to 
tke lord of ttio manor for having slaio OM of hu 

Mant, mra'ne, a. (mawi^, manof, or meniff, Sax.) 
Confuting of a great nninber ; nunjcrwu ; — «. » 
mnllitude; a oompan;; a grvat number of iuJi- 
VMloala; tlM people ;—(mM/RM, Fr.) a rrtiooe of 
MiTuita; MiaBiiold. — ObK>l«t« in th« la&t two 

The kiBfi bdbra fhidr noay rodn— i>r|idm. 
IfonL— JMtay U IVcqtietitlT aOlzed to eAeotlY«a and par. 
Ilcfplal a^eoUvM, la wMcta eaaei It cmanlljrfpuftw 
II II HIM una, or n srval mnatwr, as in n>an.<r-«l«ft, 
niaax«>lMii«d, manx-corncrvil, Rtanr-Aowcrea, ma^ 
nyJioaded, nian}-Unj(UB|(i>d, numj-lcatci), luany-lef- 
Kvd, manj-lettmd, RiaTtj-TOaMvml, manj^-purtmi, 
niauy-p«o|4«<l, oianj-pouJod, manj^aldMl. manjr- 
loovd, man; .mbtvl, nMDj-twisklUif. maoj.ralved. 

Ha7(VTUib9, niMi'n«-tiinx«. An adTerbwI phraao 

eij^tufjiog often ; frf<iinuUjr. 
Idar, map, #. (nx^po, Span, mappa, Pari.) A de- 
lineation of tlui fturfjoe of the eartli on paper or 
other material, in which the linea of Utituoo and 
lobgitttde, and the reUtire poaitioo* of ooootrin, 
lungilaiiia, states, tnountaiiu, riren, leaa. See., 
are rvpreacnted. A inap ia properl; a repreaenla- 
tioD of lend, as distinguUlied from a cAortl, which 
rejiTMents the ocean onl/, or anjr portioa of it ;— > 
V. a. ia draw or dcliiwate, as the figure and posi- 
tion of ajiT portion of land. 

MAfLB, ma';^ s. Tbe En^ish name of tlie trcoe 
and ilirttba belonging to th« Keons ^c«r. Aosr 
Mocbarisum, wbea of ordiQacT* sUo, j-ieUs in a 
iptod aeaaon from iweotj to lb>r^ gaOooi of «ap, 
front which five or nx poonds of eagar is obtained. 
It ia a native of Kortb AineriuL 

Mappa, map'pa, a. In Roman Anii<|uit]r, the oatne 
of the napkio liong out by the pnator aa a tfijgnal 
that tho race ahonld start. 

MAPPKBTt maffpax-*, «. Tbe art of plaooiitg kbd 
dorigiriag nift, 

llAMf nAr, w. a. (mflran, atirrm, Sax. norror, 
Span.) To injore by cutting off a pait* or by 
woimdtnf; and mekinp; defective ; to hnrtt to im- 
pair llie strength and purity of; to daformi to 
damage; to spoil ; — /. a blot ; an injurv ; a Islto. 
' See Mere.— Obeolele aa a aobatantive. 

MABfcUA, niN*ra'le-a, s. (altend from ttraiia,) A 
genoa of plaala, nalirea of Madagaaear; Ordsr, 

MakakatIU, mar-a-nal4'a, «. (Sjrriae.) Tbo Lord 
oooKS, or baa coom : a w«rd oaod bj iba ApoatJe 
I'aul in eapnasag a curah 

ILaaaxta, na-nui ta, «. (bi numocy of Bartbolo- 
meo Maranli, a VeneUan physiciiin, who died in 
ISM.) Arrowroot, a geous of (danta: Tjrpe of 
the Older Marantaosn. 

UAftAirrACE^ ma-ran-ta'se-e, s, (auraailff, one of 
tba tfotn.') A utaral osder of Eadagaoooa 


plants, oouistinff of trofrical berfaa t ibiaoBM aftiB 
tobcnKii, and dwaodinK ia Ntorab] aUB «Aeo 

bnucblBg; caljx miperior, with tbtvo >if*la; 
oarolbi taholsT, irregular, with tbo eegmanta to 
two wborta, tlie outer tltree-partad, bm aaarlj 
equal ; stamens three, patatoid and diattort ; 
ovorr ooe or tlireo-celled ; antbera oae-cdM ; 
fniJt capsular. 
MjiaAvrac*, nu-ran'Mus, m. (wMraaia, I Aida, aad 
anAot, a flower, Gr. tbe wiUwred leavea bauig per- 
manent.) A geoos of plaota: Order, BjrttovU* 


Maaaci>, ttia-T«wd', r. n. (Freoob.) To ro*a to 
qoeat of plandor ; to make an excorsion for bootyi 
lo plunder. 

MaeaL'DKR, ma-rawd'or, «. A rover to queat ef 
booty or pinndcr; a plunderer. 

Maraiidiko, ma-rawdlng, a. Boring b qoaal of 
plurkder; robUag; destroying. 

Mauu^ nvlr'bl, a. (aurArs, Fr.) A cakataoin 
rook of oompaiEt taxtura, baaottfol appaaraiM^ 
and iuacaptibla of rtrj bjgb pottib, mon uad Ibr 
stataso, bogta, wantlyooai. aoDnmoBta, pflbn, 
and other ar^Hootural adonaaoU. Than tn, 
three grand divinoaa of mari^Hi — L M a i tlea of 
ooe plva ooloor, otmprinng tin Tariem diades 
fmn white to Uaok. 2. Maibha of two oolaara, 
which an very vmad. d> Marblet variegsitod 
with many eobnnx, aeveisl of which are vary 
beauUfcd; abella, oonla, and other axtianeooa 
bodies being barmoniously iuteruiiogled with tbn 
compact limestons. The most celefantad atatan 
marbles of ancient tioiea were tboae of Uw latona 
of Taros, Nuoe, and Tcnoa, in the ArahipetagBL 
Parian marble is white, lari^e -grained, sod tnua- 
laocnt. The marble of Crfrrnra has a &o<r (ram 
and closer texture, and is now onulty eroplojed 
by statTuries. In BogUnd, marbles aboood in 
the oDiittties of Derby, Devon, aod Aaf:leae«; tbe 
Isttor is of a green colour. In Scotland, tbey an 
foaud in Suthcrlaadshtre, Ar^gyleabire, aod m tint 
iAltnds of Tin?c, Skye, and Jura. In InlaDd, at 
lulkenay and other places. KiUienay nuublea are 
black, aodosing shells of a vbitiab oolour; — 3 
little ball of marble or other stooa, aaad tj dtul- 
drsa in play; a atoue remarkable ftr the aoalptoiv 
or inscri])tion ; — a. made of marble ; rarii^atad 
in coloar ; stained or votoed like maibW ; hard ; 
inHen!ul>]e; — r. a. lovariaateio cc^or; toabwd: 
to stain or vein Uka niMwak 
1Lluilk-kdoiu>, mir'U-afili o- Havtog feha 

adgas TODod 10 tmitatiiNi of aarble 
Uaksle-bkabted, Drfr14>kbi-ed, a. Cr«e1; 

uaensible; hardhearted. 
Marbuhq, mdr'bl-ing, a. Tlie art or fracaB of 

vnriegatiog in colour, in imitatioD of wartlfc 

Mabolt, mdr'bl-a, ad. In tba Diannar of worth. 

Uarcak, mdr'kDr, $, Tbe atata of whlMri^ ar 

wasting ; leaoooas ; waste of Qeah. — Seldea aaa^ 

Makcklut^ mAi'aa-Uoa, «. (from its boing fenri 

at St. Marea), tn Ffednwnt.) A minend «f a 

groeai«}i - blaok anions and slightly mitiJIie or 

vitreous loatTfc Its oanatitiientB ar«— aOioa, 

15.17: oxida of mai^psa^ 75.80 ; oxideof imi, 

4.14 : alumiM, SlSOl 

NAacELUAXR, raar-salle-ans, s. A *Ki foaadad 

by one MaroeUus of Anc^ra, towards tha doaa of 

tbe second centory, who tangbt that tbe Son and 

Holy Oboot weia taro oaaaMBens (rem tbe Dtvine 

oataro, whioh, aftar parfomtog tbair tfaativa 




, wm to ntHB i^ain inlo the flnbstsoM of 

Ia) b BalaB7, wtak whhend, not fAJliog; 

mJr-Ms'tfr-bt, a. That maj wHheri 

KabcRU, mdt-mfJtf-tt^ «. (la bonoor of Tr. Mu^ 
M, a fitcDd of D* Candolle.) A f[«)tu of Bn- 
iBan afanifca: Order, Hdutomaetfe. 

maosKATU, niiirk-cn'r»^, t. (in homor of 
— p Marcgnn^ m G«nnu) who pobliilMd a ua- 
tanl ihtmj of BfaxO ia 1718.) A genu of 
pbnti: Tjpa of the order AUreirniviaoer. 

NAXOaftATlAOajK, mark-gn-ti-a'M-e, «. (nuirc- 
^r—ia, oBa ef iba ganera.) A lutonil order of 
EzogencMiB pluta, nsttilly asoeiuUnt ahnilM, with 
ahenate laavM, nai "■*""**■ or ipicate BoWen ; 
ea)jsflf fram twotoarttnMpali, whteli areorat*, 
mudiif eoriaeeoaa iikd Imbricated; eoroUa hypo- 
gjBMiit bood-abaped; atasma namennui orvry 
QM, nmaiOy ftnrowed ; rtyb ose [ csponb ooris- 
anvj laaos ounate and nonBTOiK 

HaBOB, mortal), «. (ftom Sttm.') The tfaird nontb 
if tbe jvkt: — (mmxk^y Fr) mQitarj moronait; 
jomnaj of aoMsn; grave «u) aoletrm walk ; de- 
Santa or Unriom walk; ngnal to more ; apar- 
bgotarbestof tbedntm; movemeat; prog:rosson: 
■dtanee ; — r. n. (nutrvker, Tr.) to more ia inilj- 
taj fomt to walk bi a grave, deliberate, or 
Milf Bwmiar ; — r. a. to |mt in niiIitaT7 more- 

KiscKAWnA, mth'-Aan'te-a, 9. (m bonoar of Mr. 
Jdts Muvfasnt of Paris.^ A genus of L iv erworta: 
Tjpe of tba ottaral otdtf Manhantiace*. 
XucBAVTlACKj!, nuEr-disii-ti-a's»^,(; (morr&im- 
Ik, one or tlw genera.') liTrrworte, a nntnml or- 
te 4f pUnta^ ooDOBting of the Hepaticea) of Job- 
mi, planta growing on tbe earth or trees in damp 
|faei% and co m poaed ostircly of eeTlnUr ttaeue, 
■Sittinc roota from tluor uidensidF^ and con«ieliog 
«f a itm wbidi ta hFafless, but bordered with 
Mnbcaoona expansiona. 
Mutam, nulrlabat, ■; tn Aidujiology, a pecunixry 
laii Samaij psd by tba tenant to faia lord fvr 
tbe eoamagt ofona if tbe ttnutnt'i daughters. 
ViBCHKB, tnditjb'ttr, >. Fonnerly, Ibe lord or 
dfiev who defeoded the marcbea or borders of a 

lljUMHfta, tndrtah'bE, «. pL (frenrh.) Bordrra; 
SBiita; conftiwa betwrcii ooe conntrj or cQatrict 
md BnotflB^ 

iiiifatih*tDg, «. MilUaij iDoremeDti 
ftttuffi w boopa. 

lUmaaamsm, mtrlabaii-ea, a. Tbe wife or widow 
fi m mttqiuit or a feiBala having the rank and 
SgpStj of a mar^uta. 

UAiatrAn, mdrtab'pana, i. (mofMpam, Fr.) A 
Uod of fwcet bread or bteoit — Obsolete. 

IfABcni^ aAr'dd, a. (aurckdai, Lat.) Lata ; ^- 
i^t ■■■*■»; wllbarad. 

JCuunmrr, mdr-^'e-to, «. Lcannni. 

MAMCto m T KB , mdr'ftboa-itM^ «. An indent and 
popolar leet, founded b^ ono Maroon, who denied 
tba rui birtb, iDcanatKO, and posskni of Christ, 
and held tbcXD to ba ippaRiit oolj. Us denied 
alio tbe ilKfuc tiQP of tbe bodj. 

KAlCimi BUb'ritae, a. A sect of beretica of tbe 
■■aBdonfeary, whocaTUd themselves the Perfieti, 
wai jnftMad the r^gbt ot great Tibertjr of action, 

and to bv ^'otd of fmr. UarciUt tbeir leader, eou- 
ferred tbe prieatbood and tbe adminiatntioa of ibc 
sacrameats opon women. 

M-AKCOS1 Ajrs, nidrV>-ahaDa, «. A oeet of Cfaristbui 
heretical foondtd in tbo mcodJ oeutory bjr otic 
Marms, who taoj^bt tbivt tlie Dciljr mnsiats of a 
fniateniitj', namelj- — tbe laeSabU, Gilvnoo, tbo 
FsLber, and Truth. 

Make, mare, «. (myn, Sai. amJuVj Qtrm.) Tho 
fcmalo of the horse;— ^wont, Sax.) i Uod of 
torpor or atognatioa wlucfa seeou to prcH tbe 
stamacli with welj;bt. — See Mtghtmare. 

Makkrchal, > milr'sbal, i. (mar^Aat, Fr.) Tbo 

Makkmiial, >' chief OMnmaoder of an trmj. — 
See Uambat 

Mark*»<tail, majn'tale, a. Tbe oommoo oaiDo 
of llippuiia ml^uu, and other planta of tbe hum 
gen OS. 

MaroaSamidb, mdi'gar-a-tnide, a. A sobstance 
obtained wbaa ammentil soap U prepared cither 
from aidmal fat or oUre oil, and treated with 
boiliag water. It is erjitaUne and wbUa;. For- 
mnla, Cw, II«, NOs. 

Uarqauxtes, ni(lr'|^<rct«, s. A getnu of salta, 
obtained from t]i9 combination of maigaric tcld 
and saliflablo basis. 

Maroaoic, mar-gflr^Lk, a. Fertaintng to pud. 

Maroauikb, mdrgtv-tin, a. A pccaliar fatty mat- 
ter contained in rcccuble oils sod aninial btc 

MARQARia, nulr'ga-ni« s. (^mori/anm, a pearl, Gr. 
the berries are white and iluBiag in Jf. am^/kfna, 
tind in Mexioo called pmHisu^ mpearU.') A ginna 
of Mexicnn Bbroba: Order, Rotdacev. 

Maruarit Acii>, uuir'pa-rct bsVkI, «. (moryanfeBi 
a pearl, Gr. on account of its pccoUinr Toatre.) 
A fat^ add pmpared firom soap made with oUto 
oil and poUsb. ltd fbnnnh » Bxi, Cas, Ojl 

Makuarite, mdr'gu--ite, t. {mmyarita^ a poari, 
Gr.) Fearl-micA, a thinlj-lsminat«d nunoil of 
n greyish, reddish, or yeHowUh-wbito oolonr: tp. 
fj. 8.0. Hardnes» = &5 — i.5. It oocnrs at 
Sterling, in the TyioL 

MARnARITic, ni^r-gn.nt'ik, ra, RvwinVIing pearK 

MARGAnmc Acid, tmlr-ga-rifik us'iiid, $, Au 
ucid obtninoJ from ctuitor ia\ when sapumCcd wilb 
t}ia bydrAte of potash. FonauU, C35, Hsi, Os. 

Maroarox, niiir'ga-ron. *. A solid, white, fatty 
matter, which crystollzcs !n pearly scalea, nod is 
obtuned by diatilUog morgoric acid with cxoen 
of lime, 

MARG:UtTCAJtrcs, mar-gAT-e-ktfr'pus, ». (mnryB- 
roi*, a penrl, and korpot, fMH, Gr. from tho PMriy 
appearance of tbe fn\t) A ganns of WKItll 
Anwican ^niba : Order, SangaborbaecK. 

Karoat, nidr'gny, t. An Anuricon ^uadraped of 

the cat kind. 
&f ARonr, mdr'jio, a. {margot Lat. marge^ Fr.) Tbo 
bonltx, brink, or edge ; the verge ; &e edge of n 
leaf, or po^e of a bwk, left blank or BUM with 
ootiie; the edge of o wound; — r. a. to furnish 
with a fflAT^ ; to border : to enler h tbo margin. 
In CoDcbolooy, tbe wbobi oiraunferraoo or ooUliui 
of tbo ahdt m UtiItol ifargiai ufa omtm, In 
AreUtactore, tbo Rpper ddo of ■ coono of ilatoa 
which appears covered by the neit saperior 
MAKdi.tAl., mdrjin-al, a. Delating to a huu^ld} 
written or printed tn tba marcin. 

Maroinallt, mdKjln-al-lo, ad. In tbe mai;^ of 
a book. 




MAJtoutATE, milr jo-nntc, *. a. To niitin bniaa or 

mvgiiu. — OlMoIotn. 
Uaboixate, miir'jc-iute, ) a, luCaiiclioIog;, 
Uaroixateo, oi'ir^e-nay-tticl, I ha*iti|; a pro- 

cniDeot nurjEiu or border. In Knu>iiiolo£v, wlien 

tb« sbani edge U niorginited on the ouUulo, uid 

satTOQDcu ILd amftict nitli a nurow border, 
HAKGlKoroRA, mdr-jin-op'D-ni, tf. (uoryi, a mnr- 

gin, Lat. aud pomt, a pote, Gr,) A genus of 

oorala: FattiUj', MiUeporidie. 
MaIUIOT, indi^got, ff. A Bsb of the perch k'lDd. 
Maxoravk, tcdr'gravc, «. (marh/rap', Dot.) A 

title of oobiUtjr in Germanjr, &c, 
MAltniu%*UTK, mdr'j^rn'i-o-ate, i, Tbo toritory 

or jurisdiction of a mirf^re. 
llARgitAViKE, niilr-gra-vioe', & The wife of a 

Ha RICA, mar'a-lta,*. (rappowd to bo from maraiao, 
1 Imcodio plaad, Gr. in aUiision to tbo anture of 
tboflowcrA.} Agfrnuofplnnte: Ordor, Iridaecn!;. 

M.utlETB, mftr'fr-«tf, i. A kind of violet. 

Mariukkouh, ma-rij'e-DUa. a. (mart, the sea, and 
ffiffno, I briog fortl), Lat) PrcKtuccd in or hy the 

MauoKUt niB-ng'ao-a, «. (meaning anknon-n.) A 
pMitu of bilMmtreroas trees: Order, KurHraccJc. 

MAKiaOLD. — See MafT^M. 

Makikik, toar'e-kin, j. A afwdet of iDonkey with 
a tnanc 

MaXtlU, ma-ri'ln, I. (marilt, lire fmbcn or sparks, 
Gr. in alliuion to the sparkling yeWon fiisge 
nmnd the seed, or the transpmat doU aud Hnei oo 
tholearM.) A genu!) of plants I Ort!«,T«natnD- 

UAiEntATB. mar'e-nate, r. a. (nwrincr, Fr.) Tn 
salt or pickle flsh, ud theo pnsenro in oil or 
rinegar. — Seldom osed. 

Whj am 1 *tjl*d a cook, if I am <0 lutb 

To mariaaie uif fi«b. nr oouon brotli T— /ITtiQ. 

MaBCTB, ma-reen', a. (innrma, Ul) Relating to 
tbo sea; traouctod at cm; done oa tba owan; 
doiog intj on Ibe sea ;— «. a soldier wbo aerres 
on board of a aliip in naval eogigcmeata; the 
ttaty of a country; the whole eooDomy of naval 
aOaa*. Marins mnvyor, a machino for meaiur- 
ine Uw way of a ship at sea, and for registering 
tbc same on a sort of diil-plate. Marme cAair, 
a nwchitie ootitrired for rtuibling the spectator to 
ritw the satcUilea of JupUor at set. 

MARnncD, tnu-mind', a. tn IJeritldry, an epUbct 
applied to an animal in an annorial beirinc, wbicli 
luu tb« loirer pact of its t>ody Uko a fi£, as a 

Uariker, mar'«»Qiir,«.Ciiiarmi«r, Fr.) As»iman; 
a sailor. 

UARntORAMA, mar-e-DO-ra'ma, t. (autre, the bmi, 
Latv and Aonto, I tee, Or.) A view of tbc mo. 

MARira^ ma^ri'pa, >. (the Caribbcwi namo of tlie 
tfTCi, Gr.) A KeniM of i^anta, conMStingcf trw* 
with HDootb aUentalM Imvcs xnd whit* [uuiiclu 
•f Beweta, nativaa of Guiana and Braul : Order, 

MarIfdt, ma/o-pot, #. The Zoril, an animsl of 
the aknok Uad. 

Maaiscra, ma-rialou, a. (mar, a Buuah, Galtic, 
fnm the Htoatiiin in whiui It powa.) A geaut 
of plants : Order, Graminaeev. 

MUUSB, raainab, >. (marait, Pr.) Watery groond ; 
nionsi; atwampt abog: uow wnttcoUarsb; 
nHxvy; femiy; bony. 

Maritai., mar'a-tal, a. (Frencb, fnim maritus^ a 
biubnnd, I^t.) Pcrlaining to a hutbaod. 

&1abitatr», mar'e-tay-t«d, a. Having a hnsband. 

MARtnitE, mnr'e-Citn, a. (maritumts, LaL) Re- 
lating In tlio Hcii or cpoean; perforimd on the atn i 
naval; bordering rn tin SM; ^tuatcd near tbt 
sea ; having a navy and oommerce by sen. 

Mabjorau. mIlr}o-nlIn.l^ (altered from the Arabie 
name mctryomyrA.) The oammoo name of iKe 
ptuits beloogtog to the geaos OrigauiuD : Onter, 

Marjoraxa, mdr-ju-ra'ao, $. (from Its mentUaooe 
to the marjorams.) A gunos of pLut* : Otder, 

Uarh, mdrk, #. (marc^ mearc, Sox. mart. Dot. 
tnarc, Welsh, manjuA, Fr.) A stamp; an int- 
prasion ; a t«ken by which anfthtng is known ; 
a vtBiblo line, depnssion, or incison ; any vasble 
edect of force or agency ; pronf; evidenoe ; notice 
taken ; anything to which a miAiiU wmaor may 
he directed; nny ul^uct ased as a giuda, Or ta 
which the mind may he directed; anytblag vliible 
by which Bocnotbiiig eUo may be known or indi- 
cated ; indication : a character mado by lluM wh» 
cannot write their names, as a mascHito;^^ 
(marc, Fr. maroo. Span.) the name ginn to a 
Qioiu^ of acooont In llAmburj;, Labec, Deamark, 
and Norway ; alio, ta a weif^ht, osad chtoBy ibr 
gold and iitver, in didioreni part^ of (ho oootnent, 
varying ftwn aboat 3300 to 8700 troy gndvi Rod 
to an ancient RKmey of £ogluul aad SoodRod : 
a license of reprisals; the name of one of the 
hooka of the New TeaUment ; — r. a. (meareiau. 
Sax. Htarbat, Germ.) to iropreea with a token or 
affidenee; to notify, as by a mark; tonoto; to 
laka notice of; to hood; to ng,*ri as vaBd or 
Importaal ; to make a visible line or character ; 
to pidnt out; to desigaato; — r. «. to noto; to 
observe critically; to take particolar RoUoa; to 
mark. Order of St. Start, a Venetian oidsr of 

MARKAitbR, mdrk'a-bl, a. Remarkohta. — Oboo- 

UARKeR, mirit'or, r. On* who puta a mark on 
anything; one that notes, or talua notice 

Markbt, mdfOttt, s. (oumb, Dot and Germ.) A 
place aet apart for public conveaiertoe in a city or 
towa, for Uie sale of previsioos or cattle ; a publie 
bnildbg, in which prorisiona, &c are expoNd to 
sale; pQn:bii9«, or rata of purchiM and sale ; the 
BxciioTij^e of provisii ns or goods for moneys filBoe 
of sale ; the privilege of keeping a public tnaricet ; 
— 0. M. to deal in moiiet ; to buy or seU ; to nuka 
bargain* for pruvisioas or giXMla. Uatkd croai, 
a croH set op wImw a madtot la to be bald. 
Marktt priet or rale, the oomnt prfoe of eommo- 
ditie* at any given Umit. 

MAftKLrAHLC, toar'kH-a-bl, o. Fit for the mar^ 
ket ; Ihal may be sold ; that iti Hkely to obtMO R 
porchaaer ; corrcnt in market. 

Markktarlk^tkjis, milrHiit-a-bl-nea, t, Tlte stata 
uf being maH(i>t.iblf. 

UA.RKIKO, mirk'ing, a. TIaWng tbo ijuali^ ta 
produce R mark. Mttrting'irom^ an iroo 
for making A mnrk. MartmgJntU, the 
Setneoarpos anacardltun, so collcii from beh^ 
in marking cotton dothi with a deep blsck 
ifarking ink, an indelible ink for marluaj( liocst. 
A good morkiug bk is made by disaohiac a 
drachm of fbsed lutlRte of sOw hi batf RB 

ility ta 
m lued 1 






MuKOiut, mdiii'iuu], «. Om wfca cm liit ft 
oKk with imoMD) CM thM abovta «iH( ow 
vhoDMa ftiuik £Br htonnai^ hmg uaaUi to 

Mm, mdrl, a. A ■paoia of oa^cwcoos wi^ of 
Aftj ta t nnrapoaJDaa, b«iag u&it«d wMi day or 
/oOe^ Mitb. JfaF i fgrM^ oob «f Ite daiim of 
nMdotr-danr or eow-jMi^ the TrifeUoai me- 
dnm of TinfMBo^;— 1^ o. to wnenptwd or (Maun 
vith mui 

M*«i*C»op», inar-ls'tluii, a. CcMmblieg mul,- 
putaking of tb« t^oalitiM of mvl. 

Ma»i.«*. mArla-a, it (tbe hum «f Um tiM la 
SQwL) a g|BOB> of plintt, oomistiiig of imaU 
AaucicM or AnaUo tnut Ordn, BunooKli- 

[ Haaumm^ mdrlio, «. (wrtti, SpM.) A tmiH 

HH» lillHt Ittiod or wUlo, OMd for winding naad 

■'^' XBpH udl eoblo^ to pretat their bring finttod hy 

I tbi blocfa^ A& i~t^ o. to wind nurUnft ssond a 

' ^*"«»— -^^igK, aJfTiPHtiAf, «. A muU bwi 
liko ft la^ 'pifce, OMd to c^m tht bolMDiw wha 
Iko ail i» to U wnM to lb 
Xabubo, nAr'liog, A TbiMtefwifldiaf oimtll 
( bo akot ft nf^ 10 prmot ks being gaiUid. 
^*— "»t ndr^ i^ A vuifltj of n vL 
IbBUDC, aulrJit'ik, a. Puukiog of tbe qnali- 

MftBLnx, ■ddTfiCi «, A pit ftom wUah Bud It 

M*«TJWMn,Mid'itMi» ft. IaOftolflg7^tluuady, 
ud iroDj iferolft, wbieb dlvido the 
frooi tbo lowor liat dMj%, m davoloped Is 
orinhiro ftod f liniliinhini 

■At'H & AbaawUng *Ub ouri; par- 
tftkiB( €f nail; rcttatbling marL 

l^flM beiJad iato a oooiitfoiio* with 
«ifi^ K ■ CBBfccitioe of pbuu, && boilsd witb 

m^ma-Uto, f. (from being fband at 

jnviMD of PM^TftD, in £oith Ano- 

iMk) A ndMral of a famllw iliu itwo and 

falMk eakoE. It oppon to bo hfaak blMdo^ or 

alpfavM of mm outod witb ralpfeont of Ino. 

mdi'iDO-lilf, «. TboaOioatoflfmBg- 

ft aioarftl of ft fpv^Uh or g row i bh cokmr, 

ima4 aft BanUb, noar BdtiBKm, and «l Uobc- 

In, How JMqr, Uaitod titatM It coosisu of 

atm, MjOOi ftMyiMJa. 40.00; Ibno, 2.00; w»- 

l«,l&00: •p.p.MT. H = 8Ui. 

MftUwmAOSOCB, ndr-tno-ra'sbai, «. Poctoinlng 

to « Uko narUfl. 
ILftftiiOBATU), mir'mo-nj'todf o. (niannor, mar- 
Ui, Ltt.) OoTored witb marble.— i>«1<loni uud. 
HftJDUUtuios, iDdr-ao-i«'AbuD, A loenutatiou 

«Ui oiaiUaL— -Mdum luod. 
MAXMOBftZCM, mAr-mo-rm'tBiD, ft. (Latin.) A 
otnMDft wad b; tba aneimta, fonoad af potiudad 
■aUft aod Bna w«S bastM togotber. 
Vajdkabax, mdr-nta're-iD, a. Mad* of marUei 
niMtiag to flurtlo. 

a^rHBO^i'tM, ft. ( iMriagrw, whit«, 

Gb. ift aDoaon to Ibe plania being dutbed witli 

>) A gwM of pMOlfti Order, 

Humor. — Sn Arctomys. 

MAnoMiTus, mat -i-nitB^ «. A oununnQitjoTOreoh 
ObfirtioBo, wbo faUMAB a diakrici uf coootry olxmt 
Hoant Ubftooo. If It iM Ibe KOt dniTt Ui«ir 
MOM ftODi John Uimn. or Uarot wbo ciUod hiin- 
aitf Patrtn«h of Aatiotb, fai tbs ailxth onitnr;. 
ThEt aval b«M tli* aopreiiifter af tbt Pofw to bo 
amlj Dondaal. aa tlivj elect tb?ir own cUefi, 
■ftd dimgnrd Ibo law of f«]fbM7. 

Makoo*, ino-r««a', t. A lume gimi to free blocks 
tlTlng on tba BMrairtafati in tbe Wcot lodia Idea ; 
— «. a. to pot ■ salkr on shore spon a destdatc 
island, ondtr preleooe of lis bariiig commlUod 
■OHM deqMTate erIiM. 

MABqcv, iDilrk, «. (F^mcfa.) A IdUr <^ flurjoa, 
ia a power fluted b^ a Mate to Its iubj«eta, to 
make ropriaals at sea on the 80tr}ect3 of anoUMr, 
BDder ptvlctuw of indemnificatioD for bijories le- 
cdnd ; tbe ship oommiatkmed for making npri- 


MAftgriEi, TTitlr-ke', «. Aa offlcez'i Celd-teol: ilao 

writtwi Markae. 
MAB<lUF.Sft,) mdi^wis, r, (mor^b, Fr. marjtta, 
MAItQCift, ) Spto.) A title of honour cf the 
HKGood wdir of Mfauity, Qozt In ratik to n dnkei 
a laarebioniaa.— Obaoiete in the lut aense. 

The flnt and lut woomn thst was created a mat' 
t>iaK was the lad; Ann Bolejo. — 9 f4im mk. 

Makqubtrt, mdrlcet-re, s. (ntfrgooStrils, FV.) 

Inlkidwork; work inlaid with Tarif^aUoOft of fino 
wood, as ]f or7, sbelU, and the likr. 

Marquisatc, indflEW)z<ate, a. The aeEgalorj, dig- 
nitj', or lordship of ft maninis. 

HABijinsiA, ndr-kw^ae^ t. (aAer wmB penoa of 
the name of Manjoli.) A gemu of pUnti, nfttlres 
of Van tKeman'a Land: Oraer, ClnchonuMB. 

Marrrb, mdr'rnr, r. Ono wbo spoUi Of horta 

Marsuoc, mir'r^, «. {narxaQt^ Fr.) Tlie act of 
tufifng ft roiui and wotnan for life in uedlocJc; 
tbo kfal unm of a naa and woman for life ; a 
least nude on tbe occstfon of a roArriage. In 
Scripture, the union between Christ and his chnrcb 
br tbe corenant of gnoe. 

MAKftiAOItAnLE, mar', a. Fit for wedlock ; 
of an age auitable for coftrriago ; capftblo of anUdL 

Makriaqkaolenkss, mar'rp-a-bl ncft, «. Tbo 
atate dt being fit to be manud. 

Mabkisd, mar'rld, o. CoDjugal; oonmiljIaL 

HAmtuut, mn're-QT, r. Ono wbo pcrfonr^a tbo 
'oennooy of orating a aura and woman in mar- 

Mabkow, m&r'ro, $. (hmto, meorA, 5uu mor^, 
Diit.) Till! ffsBcncc; tbeoMt port; the fat kuI>- 
■tsace Kcrcted bj the iraaD srteriM of its propar 
membrane, acd cootirined In tbe medullarr carlllee 
of tbe lone cjlindrical bone*. It dilTora x'cry tittle 
from the fst of the cHlulor mombraiM. In the 
ScoUbh dialect, a companion or aasoci.'vtei a 
match ; 

WiCi thief or hli Morroip for ftrar of 01 eud.— 


— 1>. d. to fin with marrow or with fiil ; to ;^at. 
MAaaovDo:(£, raar'ro-bone, x. A bono containUit; 

marrow, or boiled for its marrow \ In burl«^M 

Isnpiage, the knee. 
MabbowtaT, mar'row-fat, I. A kind of j^a. 
Mabbowuii, mai'ro'bb, a. Of the natara of loir- 

Mabrowlua, mar'ro-lea, a. Toid of marrow. 





Uarsowt, mar'rO'C', o. Htliy; fall of stiwigtb 
or atip. 

Marrum, mir'nini, i. A ouae ftiren on ttw OMut 
of Norfolk to th« Peamma onniriuoi. 

Mjutnr, ma/re, f. o. (oiorKr, I^V.) To QtuU in 
wedlock or matrimoD^ ; lo join r nian and wocdui 
for life; to diipou of in wedlock; to take for 
busband or wife In Seriptare, t» nniu in oore- 
naot, or In th« de>wt ooBMCtion ;— «> *. to iDlar 
into tin oama^ itata ; lo take a lnuband or a 
wife ; — inlmy, a tonu of aMBvaratioa anci«ntly in 
oat, aiM to hare been dortTed firem Uta praciioe 
of iwaarinK by the Virgin Mary. 
Marry will I ; knenl aod repeat It , I will stand, and 

W ihall Trine uU>.—£Aat«. 

Mass, mdn, «. In Rt^mso Mytbolojiy, tbe god of 
War. Ho wu alao called Maron, Uanpatcr, or 
Ifanpltar. In AAtninotny, tlie |>U»ot wfaioh oocdm 
MXt to tiu «arlli iu order of diftaoca fnKn tba 
no. Itf otMO djimeter is 4*898 milee : diftuoa 
fimnthaiaa, 143,000,000 Btilae I pflriodofrero- 
lation roond tb« nn. CSfi day*, 38 h. 30* 39"; 
period of rotation, 1 day, h. SS' 21". In Al* 
cbeniy, tbe term nuirt wu naed for iWm, because 
warliko inttrameoU were made of it. 

UanSDENiA, RidnMlo'nc-a, t. (otined in bonoor 
of WUliam Handen, late tccretary to tbe Admi- 
ralty, and author of a bUtory of Sninaln.) A 
genu of pUnla, niUtnea of New Hollaadt Order, 

MASiiit, milrsh, r. (mtnc, Saa. flurou, Fr.) A 
tnct of low land osoalty covered witb water, or 
TWy wet and miry, and ovwgrown wJtb coar«o 
gmsa; a fen ; a swamp; a bog. Marth cmqw- 
Jbil, the plnot Comaruin pnlmtre. Afnrth mal- 
hte, tbe common name of tbe plants of a section 
of tho genos Altliita. A. oficmalu is a woU- 
knowD Britisb i^>edcfl. ifarah vtuum, infectioux 
vapoora arising from inarsbes, or maraby soils. 
Marti mar/fgold, tbe Englisb name of planta of 
tlu) geans Caltba. Tbe commoD tnanb nuiygold, 
Caltha paluatris, abound;) tlirongboat altnott tba 
vbol« of Eaiope. Tbe flowors ar« goblet-sbaped, 
and of a licb yoUow colour. Marth tr^'oU, old 
name of tbe bockbeaa, Menyantbos trifoUntum. 
Mm-*k pmi^fwori, tfaa plant Uydrocotyte iidgaris. 

Uahshai^ m^abal, §. (vtancAal, Fr.) Tbo chief 
officer of anuB, wbow dnty it is to re^Ut« com- 
bats ID tlw lists; oo« who ngnlataa rank aod 
ordtf at a feast, or any other aMambly; a har- 
binger; a pomiiTant; ono iriio goal htton a 
priaoa to dcdare hla ooinlog, «Dd prarida antv- 
tainniaDt. In Pranoa, tbe highest inllltaqr ottoir. 
la America, a title eqoiraleot to tbt atmiS vl a 
cootitY. Iu ^tititary afiiira, a cbiaf ooamModar; 
■a offiuer of any priyate society appointed to exc- 
Oll* their orders, and rt^golate ibeir ceremonies ; 
•^fl. to amngt; to nak inordir; tffdj^ioae 
Itt du drier tbt aefflnl urti of aaeHatobwoi to 
lead as a baibingier.— Owalet* in Uk last ooMe. 
Tboa ■a r ala f u me tbe way that I was foiur— 

llAMtULLsa, mdr'sbal-ur, $. Que who atranges 
or disposes in doe order. 

Mauballia, iodr<ahal'le-s, a. (in bonoor of Henry 
IfarabaD, aatbor of a treatise on the tnmi and 
•hmba of North Ametkn, pobUahod in 1778.) 
A pooi of planta : Sobonler, Tabobdorat. 

Mabbualumo, mdr'sbal-Iing,f. In Heraldry, tbe 
dtowal ef aevtral ooata of anns boloo^g to dis- 

tinct famiHes in one and tba MiM wetrtdMOB or 
riiielil, together witb their ontaiDMla, pnltf^ and 

If Aa8aAi.UA, mdi'ibal-so, «. A Hinm la SeoUi- 
watfc, beton^o]; to Ibo manbal ef tbo hbcW 
hooaebold. Af«r«Aal!Ma Cota% a ooort origiaujjr 
batitatad to hear and determine cooaia bttwWD 
tbe srrranta of the royal honsehobl sad otban 
witbin the reri:e of the oonit, which eztandB twaha 
nules round WliitobalL It aits every wedt; and 
tbe jodgea an tba atenanls of the booacbeld and 
knifht-msrshal for tbe time Iciog. 

MABsnAumr, mdr'abal-ihi]i, $. The office ef a 
manbaL | 

Habshy, mAr&b'e, a. Boge?; wrt, fenny; pnn 
ducnl in iDsrahea. 

JiABarriAL, mdr-id'po-al, a. Fertaimas^ a bag 
or pouch : having a lack or pooeb. In Aaafeootj, 
appHed to the obtarator bttcmai, ftwaiti p ar ae 
like ibape; b Zoolon, to Htmals wUgd aro 
tumithed wiib a poiu£^ fawed by a nflectiaB of 
tbo itlcin of tliu abdoman, in wWcfi tha yoone are 
nooriabed for some time after their cxeladon fnm 
tbo uterus, as in tbe opossum and kangaroo. 

MAHflcriALiA, milr-sa-pl-a'lc-a, > #. (mtrmtpimm, 

MABSortATA, mdr-su-pt-a'ta, ( a pooch, Lat.) 
A Rronp of JIamnmlia, the IcaJinj; pecaHarity ef 
wbicb is ttm prematnre lirth of their yoang;, whi^ 
aro bom in a aLsIc of development, not much be- 
yond that of tbo foctos in tbe other groapa, at a 
very early age of pregnancy, and attach them- 
sekca by tbe moutb to tbe teats of the aiotlMr; 
which are sitaated in the marsoptnm or ponek 
After boinx brouKlit to maturity in tbe powi. It 
bccomoi afterwords tbe rofnge of tbe yoang OBM 
from danger or fatigue. 

MARHuriocBiKiTEa, mdr-s0-pc-o-kn-Bi't<a, a. 
{nartnpiuM, a pooch. Lat and krintmy a lily, Gr.) 
A genos of fossil Crinoideuis from the dhniaa 

MAasuFllce, mdr-si-p'tes, f.Cmarvtfnwn, apoocli, 
Lat) AfoMUgenosof the Eohinodertnata, wbicb 
in many respects resembles tbe Crinotdeans, bat 
is vtithont a stem. It is ftrand in the CbaHc fgfw 

UAiiaL-i-tuM.nidr^pe-Bm,a.(tjitia,ap«ita.) la 
Omitbology, tba dark-ociloored nMB^nme litaatad 
in tbe Tftreetta bomoor of tbe eye of bMs. 

MABSrriANTircs, Diffr-«tp-»4n'iAns, «. ( a i iars yft s , 
a poreo, and amtkoa, a tiawer, Gr. in refscaaoe to 
tbo shape of the lloweia.) A gBOOa of plaat^ 
nttiras of tnipieat Amarioa : Order, Ijwtiacwtfc 

Masx, mdrt, s. (eentroBtad from aair^cf ) A plaoo 
ef pnhliotiaSe; b«|abt parcbase and sale:— 
(uMolete in IbalaiktiroMnaHi)— r. o. touaffiej 
to buy or sell ; 

Do sen and aurt jow olBcw Ibr KoU.^AataL 

— p. n. to trade dishonourably, — ObsolaCa aa a 

A laury ■tmnfcer, In hk court, l» eisi 

A> Lu a »tdw.— JtAiOa. 

Maktaqok, mdr'ta-eor, s. Tbe epecifie naaw of 

the hiy Torit's-cap. 
&tARTEL, tndr'lel, r. a. (morfefrr, Fr.) Tg itrikb 
— Obeolsca, 

Her draodM mapoB *e to Um MUr«^ 
Wfaieb ea Mi balnet aiereiBerf ao bard^ 


Mahtello, mdr-tello, a. (from Martdio 
CeciiciL) An epitbit appKed to eircalar i 



Mvtdte tawtn wcra «net«l alang diOamt parts 
«f tlM Bfitab eowto it Uu conuHacmunt of tlut 
priMOt oeotuiy, bainie tntraiM u a ddeaoe 
afatet Um nvditatad Fmeb inTuiou. 
llAnvsr,) raii'Ua, «. Tba UaitcU swrtb of Ua- 
HAaxor, f tnrai, • canUTorgos qudnipcd of tiu 

llABnu, mdr'alul, a. (FMieb.) Wnriike; fixtit. 
infii pTMi to wu; br<v«; h«mf; a wariike 
ihgw: intod to bstUe; beioogio^ to war; do! 
diit « >oeardiii( to U» nlM itf paaoeable gorani- 
■■Ij h«i o» k^ quBtica 6«n lli« plaoct Mars, 
la Iba H^am Medka, nlaUog to iron, or iin- 
pmpatad therawitb, ■• tike nwtia] rv^loa of an- 
Onoay, martiat aalta, &c. Siortiat dhiopt, tha 
pntosid* of iroo, obtained bj moUtenioc iron fil- 
ing kli^htlj vith water, and njwtinfl wem for a 
4ttf m two in Uw air, a qnantitjr of Uaci or pro- 
tandc fomu apoo the snrfaoek Marlial nymlta, 
an aOn fiicmed by nHltiDg toecthn ooa ftrX of 
ina flno with two part* of aniimoo;. 

HlBmuJSif, ndi'alial-izm, «. Beamy; ^Tib; ; 
wacfika aurciMa — Oba-^lrta. 

llAiauxiax, B&'abal-ut, a. A wairior; a 
l^ttr.— Otaolata. 

M» waa > awab, wtmii all fha DracM klft : 
A bran. hKDlc, wtwtlqr MiftiaUjL— Atohn*. 

HunantT, faAr'tia-«t,> «. tn Miliiarr Ud^uir*, 
ilAWLar, (DdXtlct, f a pRcisa or stiict dlaci- 

pUncrko, ao oaOed bom aa officer of tbt nama of 

Iturmma, fD^ta-uoto, t. In a sliip, antall line* 

faaTrrfnt lo Ike loach of a sail, to bring it doea to 

Iks yard wiMO the cail it foiled. 
MAamvAi, mA'tiag'gil, ». («ar(Mj^ Fr.) A 

bread aCnp made fait to the girth oiider the belt; 

of a hen*, aud numkc bKwaeo the two le^ to faa- 

taa tba ether and oadcr the noeebuid of the bridle. 

la a aluyk a ivpo e gte nd ia g from the jib-boom to 

Iha and ef a bomplda under tbe cap of tbe boW' 

MMMxamta, taA'Cn-maa, f. (J/ortm, and vuu$.) 
Tfcaiaiil o{ St. Martin ; the elereolb of Novprnber. 

Huasvax, ^lA^4*-n'zb^•a, ju (in honour of Pro- 
itmm MartitB of Unnieb.) A genu of Le^rai- 
Maa pUota : Suborder, Piipiliwactac. 

KutnJTT, mdn'leC, «. In Un-^Idrj, a bird without 
hp ar beak, added to tbe frunil; anna bj tbe 
tmith of tba jantor brancbaa of a (amily, oa tbe 
mark of tkair cadency. 

HAamriA. lo^-Ua'a-a, «. (in boooor of John 
Uait/n, F.B.S., anther of Iliatoria Plantamm 
VsiuaB.) A gunaf heibacceaa plants i Or- 
4m^ Prfatfww 

MABrrm, nAt'tar, lb (OiB^ a witmaa.) Oaewhe, 
kyUi daath, baaw a lUi M to the troth ; one who 
aaflaa daalb in dcfcaoi <rf aaj oaoie t — v. a. to 

Ci to datfk fer adhwiog to what one beUtvea to 
Ibatntbi toannder; to daitroj. 
MAsnuMi^ n^tnr-dani «. The death of a 
■s^; talaNBT bonw to truth by votuntarj 
ntetaiaa to daatk 
ILumstiB, aAr'tnr-iie, r. a. To ofi»r la a aio- 

To tm ■; ^aart I nlfbtiy murtgrt^'-^^fmm. 
UABTrmoLooiCAXs tadr-tar-«-lrj'e-kal, & (eaort^, 

aad kfot, a traatiaa, Or.) R^i^triDg or rwi^ 

taiad ia a oatologoa of maitTr*. 
IfAMTXJLOoisr, aJMar-ol o-jist, ». A wrilar of 

mmtjniogj, or ao aeeettni of manm. 

Marttholoot, mdr-ttirHjt'o-jc, a. A ro^tar or ' 
hiitarj of mart]'!*, (letailiog Itieir safforings. I 

MARonnnf, ma-m'be-nio, t. (marob, a bitter juice, ' 
Heb. the ^ledca belog axtranel)' bitter.) Hore- 
boond, a genof of planta, eooiietijig of pereDnU), 
ttnuilt; tumcDtoee, or voollj berba : (Mar, La- 

Makcmix, ma-rd'iae-a, a. (In boooor of Martin Van 
Manim.) A genu of Aaiatie planta: Order, 

MabTO^ tnA^vel, «. (eiorrn//^, Fr.) AflTthiog 
astoni^dngi a wonder; that which acreeta tbo 
attmtloa, and caoaea a perwra to pante or gaaa. 
AfarveiijfPent, — see Hlrabilia; — v. a. to weodcr; 
Ui be ulaniabed. 

MARVELLOua, mdr'Tel-liu, a. {meneSioLt, FV.) 
Wonderful ; straiiga ; aetooisbiog ; snipassiDg 
credit; tnoredlble. Tlte marv^hut la wrttuigtt 
tfl used to ngni^ anything czoeedhg oatoral 
power ; formcrlj, a»«l adrerljtaily for wimderfblljr, 

MAmrxLLOCrsLT, roAr'vtl-lui'le, ad. Wonderfbllj-; 
ttrongelj; in a manocr to cxdto wonder or aur- 

MAsrKixommH, mAr'fcI-loi-oei, «. Woodtr- 
falneu; ■tranfaMML 

Maiitgold, nui^e^gbMe, i. The common naiaa of 
tlje pLanti of the genos Calrndnla. 

Mahvgold WtKUOW.— See Bos* Wlsdnr. 

Mascaghut, tniia-kag'niii, s, Tba oatm ilphita 
of ammonia faand in voleanio ^rtricti, and flnt 
diaooverad by MawagnL It consists of aulphuzie 
add. 58.29; ammoDta, 22.80; wai«r, 23.9. 

Mascle, mosld, I. Id Honldiv, a bearing ia tbe 
form of a hxcoga perfimtod. It is lappoted to 
repvDjWDt the maaoai of a aeL 

Habculatk, maa'kii-lftta^ tr. a. (aiofcaAia, Lat) 
To mtk« ttroog.— Obaoleto. 

MABCtTLtKK, miu'ka-lln, a. (aiaaeaiin, Fr.) Hav- 
ing Lha (]nikllti«s of a mm; ttracg; robnatt re- 
■DbUng man ; bold ; brave. In Granmur, the 
gonte appcopnated to ntalca, tlicogh not alwaya 
e ii pita al ag the male aex. In Avtrologf, the epi- 
thet miaciiline is applied to the San, Uan, and 
Japiter. The maacnHno ugni aro Aries, Genuai, 
Libra, Sa^ittarina, nnd Aquarioa. 

li(ASCCl.tNF:t.T, mayku-lia-ie, ad, Liho a nun. 

MAKVU.tBRSss, maa'ku-lia-Rua, a. Tbe qoalitj 
or state of being manljr { reseoiblauoe of man ia 

Masdetalia, maK-dc-va'Ic-B, i. (in honoor of 
Joavph UnsderaJ, a Spanioh botanUL) A geiius 
of plentf, natires of the United Statee of America: 
Order, Ofdudaowe. 

Mash, ma&h, a. (neucAea, Germ.) A mass or 
mixtore of ingredleots beaten or bUodcd toccU>er 
in a proaiiscooas manner; a mixture for a bone; 
a meah ; — r. a. to beat into a oonfuMd moss ; to 
bruise : to crush bj boating or prsasure ; to mix 
malt aiid water together in brewuig. 

Masuixo-tdb, maut^ing-tub, «. A tab for ood- 
taioing the mash \a bnweriis. 

BlASirr, mosh'Si a, Prodoced bj crushing or bniis^ 

Mask, mask. *. (auajas, FV.) A etn-tt to dtsgoise 
the face; avifijir; ao; pntenee or Qibterfuge; a 
festiro vntertatnment in which the cffnpanj is 
masked ; a rori>l ; a piece of muinmtuy ; a wild 
bnatlc ; a dramatic perfbrin«nce written in a trs^ 
stjle, without attentioQ to riiles or probahlHif. 



Id ArcbUeetiira, a pitec of Kalptnn npraMoting 
■omi grotewiae fcrni, to fill uid nloni TKant 
pIuH;— «. fi. to ddgulM with A muk or ritat; 
tttODW; to blda; — P.*. to rarol; lo pla/ Um 
ft»l la muqiMnidfl ; to be d^rulMd uy wa; 

Uasxbb, muk'nr, t. Odc who rareU (a » mult , 
000 tbit wean a muk. 

kUsKKKf, mask'ur-c, «. Tltc drcM or Aqgaiw of 

Mauc-docss, maftk'liowB, «, A pUco fomorly 
mucli in vonic. io which mi«t(i wen p<!rfuniwl. 

Masliw, tnullo, a. Compooed of dlilimt kinds 


Xaboit, ma'in, a. A baitdcr with itoooi a turn 
bor or (he fhttrmity of freeinuoas. 

lUsovllD, m&'snd, a. In UtralJ^, applied to 
tlio ^D stoooi which Ttprewnt tbo oiinent in 
itoao building* — signifyiru:, ioa9 In fttoncwork. 

llASonc, iDR-Mo'ik, a. Itelating to the fntemit;^ 
of frwniasoti& 

Mjhovit, nu'iD-re, *. (moooimene, Fr.) Tho 
craft or porfonnnoee of a mawD ; the work of a 

M Asosjt, rnM'o-ni, *. Tn ITobnw TSooIoj^, a woHt 
on the Bible, wriltsn by sereral Inravtt rabbins, 
to scenre It from anj altfrations which might 
otherwise bappsn. The a|;« of the MasaritWi or 
oompOen of tb« Haaon, b much dispotod. 

MAOOHina, mas-o-rtt'lk, a. (Hebiew.) Btlating 
to the StasoHtea, who intorpreted the Scriptaroa 
bjr tradition, and inTooted the Hebrew pointa to 
ftt the true nailing and pronnncittion. 

If jtaouTE, ttua'o-rito, «. One of tho writern of tlie 

)lAS<]L-xiUD&, maa-kur-ade', i. (^matcAtrtOa, Ittii) 
Ab aMombl; of pertona wearing nttska, and auus- 
iag tbamaolTM with dancinx And othci divetiiout; 
BttgnlM; a Spanitb ^reraion on horwluck;'— 
0.11. to go in ilisgnjae ; to assemble la maaki ;—■ 
V. a. lo put to difguiae. 

UABQtriuD&it, Bus-knr-^'dur, «. A ftnan wev- 
Ing A mnsk ; one disguised. 

Mas^ mai, i. (iwiAie, Fr.) A bod;; a lump; a 
continuous qnantltjr ; a large <}uanlll/ ; bulk ; 
Tait bodj : congeries ; aMembUge indiftioct ; 
gron bodr ; the general ; the balk ; (himm, Lat. 
«WJM. Sax. matt, Pr.) in Utc Chondi of Borne, 
the offloe or praj«n naod at the celebration of tba 
floobaikt; or, in otlier words, the oeremon/ of 
eo w o cia tlng the bread and wine into the body 
■nd blood of Cbristt and oBerin;; tbom, to aab- 
•tantlated, aa an txpiating aaerifioe for the qotck 
■od dead. IVrs to oooaidenU* difFereooe of 
flpTOkn aa to tho on^n of the tenn. JJiffh mait, 
or {frond tmut, that sung by choristna, and oala- 
bnled with the aasUtaitee of a deaeoD and wh* 
daaoDO. Loie muM, tbM whemla the priien an 
simply rehearsed whboiit wopnc, Ac Mau fir 
tmr La^, ofltaad to God by tha intemwaan of 
fhi hiaaiod Vhpa. Maajvr iAa dkoi, perfociMd 
■t tha nqpaal of the dacaaaad^ bynning with tbs 
mrd 'nqnlom.' and tboDea eaUod a Beqiaeii. 
iTnat^r «bi Uofy Gkoai, oelebrated at ths bo- 
j^onlng of any aoWnudty , and conuDonciDg with 
the invDoitua of the Holy Ghost, ffekdmf mmat, 
flvtala pnjcn nitablo to a paitkular Uilival. 
Volkt matt, an oslraordiniiy nuMS kaiidaa that 
for a day. OomumM mau, a nuua for Ihe ooov- 
munlty in ■ nwDaatrrr. I>ry mast, one wbeniD 
lb«* ia HO cooiKntMm. if«M-/ri«r 


I'friM WIS tn- 

CMatty •tory aMolar pnart, aa ^athigidalMd fron 
the rofkUnt bat tba wsni waa all«wai4i «aa- 
flnod to IhoM kifl in obaatri— , or at |>aitkalar 
aliata, to a«j ao mmf aaaM ftr Oa ««Ib of the 
dtaaaasd. la ibf Raa Attt, a log* quastlly of 
mattar of U^bt and abada. In BoUny, tka fe«H 
of tbe beach or oak ; an aoom ; — p. m. to oaMnto 
iuub;'*. a, to flU-. u stuff; to itreagtbia^— 
Ghaolste «• a wb. 

MAStA, Biaa'aa, «. A Beogalcae weight at 32 gV^H. 

MASSAoam mas'as'kT, «. (FirsMb.) OanWRit 
alMftbtaT) batobav;; irufiaoriiBiMlt Jiitniliarit 
lBtiiw;-~«. a. to murder Iroman betiqfi aClh 
otRiiiiMUBeai of anialty ; to kill man witb hiM»- 
erimbma tiokoaa. 

Mabaacksb. maa'aa-knr, a. Ous who kUk hnnan 
bcinp Indiaonmiaataly. 

SIassadbta, maa-aa'ja-ta, r. ia Aaoisoi Hiftotj, 
a people of Ctntril Aaia, deaoribod by Hawtataa 
aa nomadio aod pewtfAiL 

Mashai-iass, inB»-«i'l»-ana, t. A aeti of nHflau 
entboniuU), wldeb spntng up about tba year Ml. 
They maintained that lasB hnv fcws mtth a 
calaatial aud a diabolical ; tbe IdUsr of wtdA CM 
only b« ntpfllecl by prBjer, 

tUasimuH, muu'ntiik, a. Tb* gaDtrie name 
giritt by Blftinville for the Aleyoi riu m naasa of 

MaaaKS, mas'sDr, a. A priest who criabralsft omhk 
— Obaoloto. 
A rood mmmr, and ao tbrib ; tot no trwe gwa)^al. 


MaMBTHI, OMB'fSt-tvr, M. (aKKMOiaM, I «k»le, 
Gr.) A short thidi nnwde, wbicb rriM» Hm 
lower jaw, and aMisU m norutg it badnoHi 
and ibrwanla. 

MaASICOT, maa'at-kot, «. Tb* yellow oxida of tnd, 
oaod aa a pigment. 

MABsiKsaa, nvaa-aea, > «. Tbe atata of bat«c 

MAWivBirBMtiDn^aiT-aM,! massy t i iii rt iia— 
ness ; great weight, or wmght with ballc. 

MABfilvs. nuu'arr,) a. imam/, Fr.) PiiiiMlwi | 

MAasi, naa'ea. j wmtrbty ; he«Ty ; bulky. 

Uamitb, TTiaaViT, a. In Minerauigy, ie 
bariog a cryatalioe struetoiv, bat net ■ 

MassITXLT, aaaa'MV-k, od. lo a maaa. 

MaBSOITBA, mas-so'oa-a, a. {ia honoor of Fi 
MaasoB, astbor af Eupelis Novm.) A 
plant* : Order, Iilia»K>. 

MavT, maat, a. («mM; Sax.) In M aT Tpt t«. lb* 
upright timber on tbe dook. to whkk yaod^ aik, 
Ac an nada &at( beneo tbs pfcuM ' to apoisi % 
mait,' to break a mut in fbnl weather. Then 
an tbi«e pnodpal awats fal a ship, namely — tbe 
moimwrit, tbs Lirg«t aast in a ship, ataodiag 
m-arly in midsUips, between the stem aftd Mm; 
lbs .^rsKMsl, tbi Bast in aia* to tbe mainni ra, 
which standi asar tba «I«B of a ibip, aad avriaa 
tho ftnaallandfontofMlUyard] tba i iri m i n iwfc 
lb* MMllaat naat, wUeh ataada abeot b i lf aay 
between the nunamst and tba itanu A SM^ 
io rsipaet to tbileogtb, in aitber foraad of an 
piece called a jwlonasf. or it U uma p u aii *f mw- 
ral ptaeaa jotoad Iwstber, wbiob h*«« each tba 
name <4 aoastt aoaorAim to tbdr aiiaattoa j a* tba 
ilMPsrowul, whioh u tbs lowest part of tba ma*. 
TopmaM, that whtob h raised at tba bead, «r Uf 
of tbs lowemtaat, tbrtn^b a cap, aad mffoitM 
by treaale-lnaa. It ia eosiposad of two 


iri5TACG!&— MAST£a. 


Ian «f tifflbar, npported by two proroioeoMi, 
wtUk V* U tboQlden, on tbo eppMils atdas of 
Ibt MMt ; illiwtrt thtM bwi are njud the cras>- 
tnai^ BfOB wUdi |hi fiMnt of Qm top u «op- 
povfal TeppaDambmaJi, *maJUscmMAiiiMtilh9 
piMpdk^ to wbich H b ruMd and Kcond u the 
•(btr. 7l9yanmf»K9o£n«(, a still smaHcr nuut, 
thai b WUMUW dented Uiroagb iroos at Lhc 
hmi af ^ KMinantniaat. Uasta an moreovR 
&tia|iMMd M» mtnit-maat, » mast made vf 
man tkan om tn« ; Jurffuut, a yiuxl Kt up 
faitleid of B mast wbtdi has been broken down 
by a ftann ; iwnrf— ni^ a maat compoecd of Bcro- 
nl united ptecea of Iba Maodcst trees, in contn- 
Stdattin from one tbst consists of a single tree, 
or fieee; ronjgkmatt, a spar that is fit for maUng 
ft mail ; wuMt-^ortimgt, larxe carlings at tb« nde 
«f tba nuiiC-n>onia; mntt-cloUty th« Gnisg In tho 
BMlAe of tbe aA-Etdo of the topcalla, to pnrrent 
Ik* taS faring chafed by tlie mwti majf-eoolf, 
OMBOap mads of weU-tarred canraa, to yofttsA 
tbawitv from gring down the ci3«t-)Kile. To 
mmi a akjp^ is baiit bar maaU utto her Itj mcana 
tf A ritMr-lmlk. 
IQiTACZxat tnac't»-aina, c A soft eliultc iiib- 
lUaet, mhkh aefnatet when masUc ii diiaolved 
fat deatad. U baa all Um dianetnistka of 
■nntrhnnr wImd raotai, bat beeoncs lafttls wlea 

KAnrns^ OMil'ed, a. Fandahed irith ■ matt or 

MAJTkLUi, maa-tdlo, a. A wio« mMCore of Fcr- 
no, •qui to about 21 ^ En^iih gallona. 

***■**■_ mtf tw. <; A tmn uipl£d to nuwj offi- 
OBB ^w iralde onr partkoar dtnartioaiu^ u 
— Iflty ^<fce o r wo iuy , ooa who £ai tbachifca 
wt th* Uo^a flmour. Matitr qf the tuiay^ do 
wl«M borincK It b to BM tkat the gold and slrsr, 
Aft, Va aeBonfiac to the itandBrd. Mattv i^Ac 
cvwuaim, Ibt Us^ latcrpRter, whose ba^msa 
ir ■!■ fitrnrTifln rlw UntL all imhiMaiinfi. it r . 
Mt ftai IbnigB poDOM or ititM. Maattn lyF 
Ummm^ aHmnti to th« knrd dumwlkf, or 
baocr, m maXbta of Jidgmat, of wbich there are 
timv ia Bonbv, ufiof; the niait«i of the roUa 
■t &A hmL Masttr ^{Jtefaa^tia, aa o£oer 
■ate the AKbUabop of Cnterburx, who xnnti 
BoHiats ibI figpwaatMnu. Matttr ^/Ae iorvc, 
ciw wlw Ixas tDB nilr and charge of the kln^'a 
i*>btw Matttr f^ (/m l-tMg't hotueioid, »a bSifxt 
vadcr the lord ateward, niuM btuiaeis it ia to 
sarr^ tbs aeemutta of tbo houiehold. JfiuUr t(f 
€Ltjm^-hmit, an t&otr who baa the car* of all 
Ika nU aod aQver plata need at the king'* tablo ; 
aa alao of all ifat plata la tlie Tower of Londn, 
aa the looac jemw, £c. Mtuler^worltr nf the 
mmi, an officer who rec«ivn tba bolUon from tbe 
BBMtCT of tbe mint, and after caiuiug it tu be 
mdicd, delinrs it to tbe niooejeis. Master t^ 
dupMit^ an officer who baa tlw appainlmeiit of 
mca aa pfDvide poft-tHynei for carrjring mesaagiea, 
&C. MmtUr Iff tht roIU, the chief aaiistant of 
tbe Iflfd cbaoodlar, or lord keeper, ifodtcr t^ 
artM, aUoBTiatad A-Jii^ the seotmd degree taken 
bj atadnila at oor nntTcattiea> In Military 
aUi% an epithet applied to aoow officara ia the 
anny, aa — Sfatter-jpnmer, an offioer whose boai- 
feMa it ia lo jnetrart all socb aa have to leom tbe 
art of gnoDery. Jftulet t^flkt orJmanee, an o(B- 
Oar «te baa the flBM of u Ibe kiag'a ordBanct 

Bsd artlllaiy. Smracimaelm' f&uraJ^ m «Accr 
witit ibe rank of a ouuar-gaaaeaL MotltrmMm 
tiant, aa uAoir b the royal dwjt-yard, wte aees 
to the ^iqg oat of aaas-of-war. Mtutr ^ a 
thip, an officer wboae buKOiaa it is (o hav* tbe 
geoaral maaageoiaot of a al^ at aaa, JfMbp- 
jneoe, an azcelUoi ptaec of worknatMhip ia any 
art ;— « man who gsracu or diraeta eiuiar men 
or bniineaa , — «l a. to eooqtiar; to bring ooder 
eoatrol } to exeenia witb aluU ; lo oretpower; lo 
rale ; to goTom , — (obaolete in tbe laac two laiiM,) 
Andntthcr htlMr ilice, ''— r -rifrr Ihira Itftala 

— r, n. lo be akiWhl ; to eoiad. — Obaolele. 

Hots.— In tbe MlowlBf aompoimdi, ■■■■■i ■■imm 
ehkf or priodpal ; $ae Uia dattnltton of Am ottwr 
lenna ihe readw if raAerred to tlMlr aptmaiiau pUmb 
In the DicUonap :— Mawap birildir, m*mmSm4, 
nuataHeal, naeierJuy. miaiw tat% BMaHMMai. 
rnaMer-iMU. tnajtcr-Mriiifi, vaaUruaanlnk Mialaf 
tooita, Diaater-tonch. muter>wortL 

UuiSftDCMi, maa'tuc-dum, a. Dominion; nila.— 

Mastcsvol, loJa'tnr-riil, a. Itnprriaiu; having 
tbe ftkill of a maittar ; arliitnuy.— ObeoUte. 

Maxtejuiakd, nula'tnr-band, «. The band of a 
inon rminaotly akilftiL 

MASTXRI.SM, mis'tar-Iea, a. I>Mlittiti> of a mas- 
tar or owner ; DagOT«ra«d ; uiuabdued. 

MABTKRUNLfis, iTu^'tnr-lo-tK«, «. EmlDcnt lUil. 

MABTSftLY, mi]*'tar-lc^ a. Suitable to a maator; 
artful; akilfol; liDpariotu; wiib the iWay of ■ 
mastar j — aJ. with the skill of a master. 

MASTSBSBtr, nkb'tnr^blp, a. Dominion; rule; 
power; auperiority; pre-ouinanee ; skill; kaow- 
led|re ; the oCBca of pnaident of a etillegir or other 
iMtitDtioo ; cJiief work ; — (obaoleio ia tba laA 
aenw ;) — title of re^et, ia irony. 

Uaxtcrwort, mda'tur-wnrt, a. Tbe atnbeUi(i>r- 
oiLs plitnb Imperiiona o■trvthiD^^ a natire of 

UAlTSftY, nub'tnr-c, a. Dooiinion; rale; sope. 
riarilT : pre-cinlncncc ; skill ; dbxterily ; attain- 
nxwt cf uuU or power. 

MASTTCLf mast'fal, a. AboQDdlog vith naalii or 
fmit of oak, boeob, and other &rait tnai. 

Mastic, maa'tik, a. (moMtih, a opeeiao of gom, Or.) 
A rrsin whtob ocadea firom tbo Mastictne, I'iii- 
tacia lentisena, wed chiefly m a varnish. In Ar- 
ehiloctuiv, a cameot employed in pinsteiing walK 
It ia need with a ronwUrable quality of Uxuecd 
ml, nod aela hard in a few days. 

MAsnOAJBLB, aa^te-ka-U, o. That may bo ana- 
ticatad or ohairad. 

UA|-nCAi>oa, mas-to-ka'dur, a. Tha slavering bit 
irf a bridle^ 

Mastiuate, mas'te-kale, p. o. (ouittuo, Ljit.) To 
chew: to i^inil wiLb the teeth, and prepare for 
swstkiwiDg and dtKr&tion. 

Masticatiok, maa-te-ka'shuD, «. The act of 
chewing food. 

^Iastioatost, maa'te-kar-tur^ a. Ciiewing ; 
ndapled lo pcrrorm the c^oe of obewing food :— 
«. n eabstancc to bo citcwcd to iccroAse ibc silira. 

UAaniW, inu'tii; s. («Na«e, CAe/eM, Sax. trtcanie it 
was sappoecd to teniiy tbierus by ite deep low! 
bvk.) The oame of a variety of tl*« dog, ui a 
vejy olJ EogUab breed, now seldont mot with in 
ita originil paii^. Tbe Iroe maatitf la of oanai- 




dmUa dMi ud tcc; itoatly boUt; tb« hwd 
IsT^I tin lips d08p ud pnidaloQs on each sid« 
«f dw iDcml!), and the whole aspect nobK It u 
■ fiutUU watchdog, and capable of great attttcb- 
ntat to its ownsr. 

MAmoAPOUB, maa-lf-ga'dar, $. In ttie &tanof||c, 
tfao ■labbtring bit, a saaffio of iron compoMd of 
tturettbaKs of great ringiB, maito inUi deml-orals of 
QlMqiial bigncu; tb« leiaer bring mcIomJ within 
tb« greattr, which oDght to be about eigliteeo 
iaebu b height. 

Uaititu, maa-tl'tia, f. (mattos, the bruul, Gr.) 
Isflanunation of the breast ia womea, ofUa ter- 
minatiog in auppnration. 

H&inxiA, nas-tik'ee'a, i. (meanuig not ktioiro.) 
A geoQi of plaots, conalaUng of tall ines, tuttJTBS 
oTJaTa: Order, Comaoeie. 

UABTI.U8, mutles, «. HariDg oo mast ; beiiing 

UaSTOOOK, mas'to-dofl, *. (nuufM, the brcut, and 
odkfw, a tooth, Gr from the munmiJIitAd projec- 
tiooa of i3ta t«etb.) An extinct pana* af Pro- 
baaetdaaa quadmpcdj, alli«d to iHc dcpliant, nnd 
azOMding it tn aae. Ita remaina arp cbictly found 
ia itrata of the pitiooene, and lei4 frequently \a 
the mlocetU! period of tertiary fonnatiotu. Ttiers 
■ra fliereo or breke ipecica luiown to havo existed. 

MjinoooiraAtritus, nuu-to-don-aaw'ros, «. (mtuto- 
Jom, and aainu, a saurian, Gr.) The name giren 
bf I>r. J«0tr to an oxtJiict fouU aauriAn, the rc- 
nulai of whldi are from the alum ilatc of Wur- 

MAMOm, mu'to^'d, a. (mattoa, a breut, and eida, 
fbnn, Gr.) Havlog nlpplelUe protabcnue*!, u 
m the mBdoid prooetiea of the warn, 

Maitoidejil, maa-tO'id'o-«t, a. SHaitfld ia or 
ootULcoted with the maotoid prwMi. 

IfAatOLoaT, maa-tol'o-jfl, t. (mmIm, «ed h^M, s 
dtaooorae, Gr.) A traatioe on anhnals that aacide 
tbdr jDoog. 

XA0TOTBBCA, nuH-ttMftaltii, «. (mHtof, a nippir, 
and tMx, m Keeptoebi Or.) The mampiam, or 
abdominal poodh «f nunopial animab u s^me- 
tioNB ao ttnncd. 

lUtTOSOOLOOY, nia»-to-xiM>ro-je, «. (muA», a 
taat) ornippls, and >mm, on animal, Gr.) Same 
aa Hammilagjr. 

Habit, aat'te, a. Fall of masts; abounding with 

llAKra, oia'aiM, §. (mattot, or mmoTf a woman's 
bnaiA, Or. ia nfereoce to the tuberclea oo the 
ekalag Btoolih of tbt eoroUa.) A genus of berba- 
ceotia plaota : Order, Scraphuhuiinfe. 

Hat, laat, a. (Welah, mm/bt, Sax.) A t«xtine of 
••dgt, fltga, ur niahes; a ueb of npt-vam, oaed 
ia wlpa M iecore the rtaodine Hf^ging from tbe 
ftirtioB of the yards, Sic Mat-gran^ the plant 
Mardna itrkia:— r. a. to conx with inatii) to 
Iwiat together; to jtnn together; to Uy flit ; to 

HaXACUIM, mat'»-alilB, t. (Spaauh.) An old 

Hatax>oke, mat-A-dore*, a. (mofadbr, SpM.) One 
of Ibe three priodpal card* in th« gatot of onibre 
aad qoadiille. 

HaTatha, ma-ta'b«, j; {mataha'Aa^ the name of 
H. gghroeoaa in Guiana.) A geaua of traM, with 
abruptly pinnate teavM, and noKDoaa paniclaa of 
wUte fiowcn, native* of Gidaoa and St wrauago: 
<Mir, Sapiodaeev. 

Match, matsh, r (m«ei<, Fr.) A cmaboatibb 
enbstaaoe oaed fbr catching fiiv from a pparlc ; a 
tov or hempea cord, oonpoaed of tbrw itranda 
alichtly iwioted, and ngain oonnd witli tow, and 
boUnl to the Ices of old wine, itaad io firing aitil- 
lery, &c ; — {maat, and gtmaoa^ Sax.) one equal 
to another [ one able to cootcBt with aaotfaar t om 
that niila or tallica with aoother; a narra^: 
one to be married i — (made, Gr.) a oanlast ; ■ 
gimti anything in wbtcb there u competitioa or 
Oppoaition: — w. a. to be equal to; to Aim m 
equal; to oppose aa eqtud; to miH; to propor^ 
tion ; to mnrnr ; to ^vo in marriage ; — v. n. to ba 
united In uiairiage ; to salt ; to bo pi«p»rtieoate; 
to tally. 

Matchadle, rtiatabVbl, a Suitable; equals ftl 
to be joined. 

Matcblkss, matshloa, a. Harine DO eqnaL 

MATomxaaLT, matsh ice-In, nd. In a maaaer not 
to be equalled. 

MATCftLKSSKCSB, matah'les-nes, t. State of beiog 
without an oqoal. 

BIatciilook, matshlulE, «. Fomeiiy, the lock of a 
inotkot which was flred by a match. 

Matcruakkr, mjtiKh'mMT-kor, a. Cm who ooa- 
trirM or effltcti a union by marriage ; ooe who 
makea Rittchea for bunting. 

Mate, mate, a. (moot, Uut) A hnsbaad or vib; 
a oompaoion, mole or fomate ; the male or femaU 
of animals ; a KhooUiiDow ; one that cats at the 
aacne table ; an officer in a roercbaaC slLp, or ahip 
of war, whose duty U to assist the master or com- 
mauder; — (Spaniih, I'orlnffucsp, mat^ Fr,) in 
Cbesa, the state of tbe king so mtoatcd thiUt fen 
oaoDot eaottpa; tbe name pra In PanM^ogr Io 
the Hex parapienab of botanUa, where lt« meea 
am nsod as a aobedtnte for tea \—9. a. to nutcii ; 
to many; to beeqealto; to oppoaei toeqital; — 
(matsr, F^.) to sabdue ; to omsL — Obadeta in ibn 
taottwo asfiaea. 
Uy lense Sb* Iiai aurtad* aad atnar'il iny tlrliL^-SkakL 

Matklka, ina-lo'lfl-a, ». (meaning not explained by 
the author Aubiet.) A genua of pUnte, natjrea 
of OuLini : Order, AadepinJaoeat. 

Matelus, uiate'les, a. Without a oomptaka: 
waatJng a mate. 

Matblotk, mat'e-lotc, I. (French.) A SA of 
food, eonsbiting of mi eral varieties of fiah. 

MATCOtXKiT, mat-e-ol'o-Je, «. {nataiot. vain, aod 
bjToa, a dtsoouree, Or.) An unprofitiible, empty 
Oisoonne or deaoription. 

Matxotkciixt, mat'e-o-tek'oe, a. (nuftiMa, aad 
ttdmt, art, tir.) Any unprotitiAla seiaueeb 

Matxb, ma'lur, a. In Anatomy, a term appBed E» 
the membranos of the brain, aa the Ama wMv, 
a strong membrane next the skull, cnoompaMiag 
the brain and oerebcUom ; and tbe pia mrtir, a 
fine thin membrane tmnicdiitely inveatiog tiM 
brain and osrabeDnm. 

Matbhia Ukdica, ma-tu'rr-a med'c-lo, «. CLatin.) 
That brnnoh of medical sciooee which trSBta of tlhe 
artkte employed in the practice ef mefidne, aad 
embraooa an exptanation of the nature and moda 
of action of those aubitaaocs which are had i*- 
couiae to., to maCore the healthy state of the hnnaii 
frame when iu functions or atmctare are iiapatied 
by diaraae. 

Matekial, ms-te'nr-at, a. (maftn'afe, ItaL malrryt^ 
Fr.) Consisting of matter; not spiritual; iio- 
poftaat ; momantoni ; ciaratiAl ; laving inflaene* 




UA'l ItAUA— XAl 1 h. 

sr A&ol ; not fomul ; niUtuituI ; fumixhing 

BiatnUi; — >^ Ui« snbataiK* or mMter of which 

IIUSSIALXSH, OM-to'n-ftMuD, «. A doctrine 

wbkh iaaim Um nulaoc* of » *[)iritiu) or im- 

Balciul pdndpk in Duin, oUed tiw m*Md or imt^ 

iBllinfi from nutUtf; or whkb, in other word*, 
tha iouDMetuHtj td the foul{ — initter; 
' wihrtMioee in the iggrtgale. 
Masbbuubt, m^-le'n-Al-iit, $, One who deniM 

tlu — <^'*** of cpiritiul labctuiOM. 
HuasuuTT. inft-t*-n-fll'«-ttt, «. Ualeri«l osis- 

iMei ; corporvitj ; not ipiritiuUljr. 
HjblXBULurE, nift>te're-«l-U«, r. n. To redoco to 

e alata d aattar ; to ngird u matter. 
Munuz.t.T, mi-te'n-ftl'le, ad. lo the state of 

■Mttar: net fanoaUyi importaatl;; cMcntiaUy. 
lUsuuurssST ■a-tc're-at-oaa, a. The itate of 

WocBBlcnal; tmpoitaaob 
MaTEHLart, roa-te're-ate, > a. (nuUeiattu, 

UAjmntLnt*, ma-t<'-n-i7-t«d,> L«.) Coaibt- 

iof at iDnUer. — Seldom oaed. 
lUnaaAtnar, ma^e^e-a'ahufl, m. The act «f 

fafxning otatlcr. — Obsolete^ 
Hatbioiai^ ma - ter'onl, a. (tnaltnais, ImU) 

Mocfacctj ; twfilUng or pectaiuD^ lo a mother, 
MATsnnTT, ma-tcr'De-te, «. (ma^nutty fr,) The 

ehaaelcr or ndatun of a mollier. 
MuTB, maM, a. (ewlA, Sax.) A raowloc; dmiI to 

CompQMtioDf as qfiermath^ hUematk. 
>UTltziu.r)C, ma^-e-ioat ik, ) a. (malie- 

MATlt3cxxTlCAL,nialAc-E[U)t'e-ltat,> inafrcf)«,LaL) 

Beladsg to matbematks; uooordlng to the jirin- 

dplfl* ef mathematical. 
MATHKiLiTiCJUXT, inAt&-«>iEutVkal-1e, ad. Ac- 

eer&S to the lawa or mlee of mallwaialica] 

aocaei; wiU» malhematkal ontaintr; d«mon- 

MATiiKMATiCTAit,ma/4-e>ma-tiah'aii,j. OiwTened 

lUmniATics, maiA-*-tnat1lu, a. (mKAcM, ictm- 

lof, Or.) the flcaenee which iaveBtlgatea the eon- 

■yeaeea which an Ic^^all; dedocihle from any 

gma at admitted reUtions batween Qombm or 

fWgnltnJtfc Fvre moAematict, U where goomet- 

riod BegaitDda or ntunbeis are the aubject of 

! Jwm^tarieo. Mixed wtatAenotk*^ wh^ the 

I Wftctiwia ttnta made are from relations obtalneii 

I \f e b s ma tian and experimeiit, and oonatitiite 

•hat la ealkd pht/dcM^ at pS^tieal idtace. 

UimcsxB, mwCAe'da, j. (Graett, learning.) The 

iocttine of matbematica. 
MiTBiOLA, mac4-l'o-la, i. (in konoor of P. A. 
Uathioli, an ItaUan pbTndan, who died in 1577. 
A fcnas of berttaawoa enidfennu plants, witli 
ytoflm or white flowers: Soborder, PleuiVThisen!. 
HuBCBlKf mBlA'Q-rin,& Onaof ardigioQaonler, 
foBoded t^ Inaoeent liL, Alt redeeming Christians 
tram ToikfT. 
Uinv, mAln, a. (Freoch.) Btlating to the morn- 
isg; wmA in the nooiing ; — «. monibg. — Obao- 
Ms ■ a nlvtaotlTB. 
n» glowfrunu i&oin Um mmMk to 1m near, 
Aai V* *o pair tU* umdbotnal tn.—ilkaks. 

Vixzxt, Bot'mi, I. Monune worship or KTvice; 

moraing jmjnan or foogs; tone of muming sendee. 
UAnaiA, ma-tc'abe-a, i. (in inemorfofM. Maiia.) 

A genu of treee, natives of Mew Granada and 

ratti Order, Bomtwoec. 
MiXotmu, ■•-tow'ft-a, a. fousabgDot czpUbcd 

b; Aobltit.) A geons of herbaceooe plauta: Or- 
der, ScropliolariacoiF. 

Mateaua, ma-tre'Ie-a, i. A Bomaa Aetiral, 
celebnted bj the matrons, in honoor of tlie god- 
dess Mater klatala, on Ibe third of the idea of Jooc. 

Matrass, met'ras, t. (motrof, Fr.) A chemioaJ 
vaael in the shujw of an tgg, or with a tapering 
neck, ofien at the top. 

Uatsbu, mat'res, a. imairat, Welsh.) A qoHlcd 
bod } n bed atoilM with hair, SMas, or otbir soft 
material, and quilted. Alio written ilattraaa. 

tlAiiucB, ma'tris,) a. (moA*tx, Let) Thewoab[ 

>1atiux, ma'trilia,) the cavity iu which tba fcetus 
of on animal is formod and nouriabed till ita 
birth ; a raodd. In Idlocralogjr, tbe earthy mat- 
ter in whloh mineral ore or erganie remains is em- 
bedded. In Djrcing, a term ^»iUad to the mother 
eolouis, or theoe not fennod bjr mixture; — a 
iDoald or ftrm In whkb prlaten* types are out ; 
alsf>, tbe raoold osed In coining. 

Matsicidal, roat're-ri-dal, a. (mater, a nother, 
and cixdo, I kill, Lat.) B«lating to matricide. 

Hatsicidb, mat're-side, >. The killing or mtuder 
of a mother ; the inmdercr of a mother. 

Matkictij^, ma-trikVla, a. (Latin.) A raster 
of pnwMu admitted into a society. 

MATRion.ATX, ma-trik'n-Ute, r. a. To enter or 
admit to membership in a body or itoctety, par- 
ticukrly in a cuUego or unif-er»ity, by enrolling 
tie fiiune in, a register;^, one enrolled in a r^»- 
tcr, and thoa admitted to membenhip tn a todetr ; 
— a. admilted Into, or enrolled In any aodoty, by 
setting down the name. — Obsolete as an elective. 

MATUcrLATtox, ma-trik-o-lfl'sbun. a. The act 
of registering a Dame and admitting to membtr^ 

MATKniOHlAi., mat-rs-mo'ne-al, a. lUatiag to 
marriMge ; connubial ; nuplbl ; bymeaeal ; de- 
rived frora marriage. 

Uatsiuonially, mat-re-mo^ne-al le, ad. Accord- 
ing to tho maonrr or l^wa of marriage. 

IIatrimokiocs. — See Alatfimonia). 

Matiuuokt, mat're-miui*e, *. (naJrcmeniHSi, 
Let.) Uarr)i{i:c; the nuptial state; tbe contract 
of man and wife for life ; wedlock. 

Matsok, ma'tmo, r. (motrtme, Fr. matrono. Let.) 
Au elderly married woman, or an ddwly lady. 

Matuokage, ma'tniQ-ij, >^ a. Tbe state of a 

I1IATR0MK.K1D, iTia'trtiD-boDd,f matron. 

MATH05AL, mst'ru-nal, a. (mo/roaoVu, LaL) Be- 
biting to a matron ; Miilable to ao elderly lady or 
to a married woman ; grave ; motherly. 

Uatkoitalia, ma-tro-na'kt-a, t. (Latin.) A Uo- 
mao fbsUval eelobrated on the kalends of Mareb, 
In hononr of Man : so called from bung parti- 
cularly obseiwd by matruna. Bachelors were 
cntiroly excluded from any part of the oentmoqy, 

Hatsokize, ma'tro-niie, v. a. To render matnuL- 

MATnoxLtKB, ma'tmn-Iikc, a. Having tbe man- 
ners of an elderly woman; grave; acdiite; be- 
coming a nialron. 

ilATno»LY, ma'tna-Ie, a. Elderly; adeanoed In 

Matrosus, mat'troo-OBB, «. Soldiers in the 
artiUnry who aaiist the gunners iu loading, iiriog, 
and sponging the great guns. 

Mattamosb, mat'ta-more, a. A name given in 
the £a*t to a sohtorranesn leposilory for whcait. 

Maits, mat'te, a. Crude copper ndneo), bnt 


Bot rtfined, tmm tbe solpborttt or other eitnaoona 
mm t«r. 

MATTKAf oaat'te-a, ». (moutiof; wt »xpUhMd.) 
A gma of pkotei Order, BurA^nicMr. 

Mattis, ma'tor, «. (Lathi, Spiuiu4i.) Bod^; 
•obaUaea exUaded ; tbit wl>M) u vfadM* or Un> 
^bkt loliiect: thing treited; that abonC wblch 
we write or imkIc ; tho my thing sappoaed or 
blended; affiur; banoeH; events thing; coorM 
«f things] oMiH ol' anr «Tcnt— ej of any dis- 
tvfauwe, dJftuMv or difficnltj; 0Qtij««t of eom- 
pUiot ; Boh ; demand ; import ; ooaeequeace ] 
linportMOoa ; nMinent ; sptoo of time ; k porthm 
of dbtuoe ; 
Awaj h» gOM a maOer ottevm atUct.—L'£ilm>gc 

fanitat raaniog; that vbkb U fonnetl bjr nj)- 
pBMti»n. In * Pbiloeophieel eenaa, the oame 
flna to the nbatAooe ootapoiiax tin uatvene, 
oodtf all iu didiBreat nedificabaM, eic^ttnx 
oalf thftl Doe which fa bunm bj tka bum ef 
wwJi g. «. ta be of impottaooe ; t« unpertt wwd 
with t< <iw, cio^ nr what; to gooetiU DUttcr 
hj HippmnitiaB. MaOgr^'fo^ man, a t«m of 
Bodcni tiaiee Ibr a ?jxt% oad pr«ciae ttarrator, 
mnaHcer, or iaqairer ; — «. ooa wh» atanits to tho 
■Wttir of ay fuct; one who azabdea id«U 
iheUMmmrt fnXD tunTatioa.-^obaolet« in the 

Eaefc aliglit aew aiMw , 11 liny. 

— r. o. to rtgird ; not to Dcgjcct. — Ohaoloto a« a 

Denter verb. 

Law« mjr Pindaric parcoia inilbi-'if uot.— Amuta., mat'tor-lcs, a. Void C)f oiutcr. 
Uattbbt, mat'tur-o, a. I^tilcnt ; i;a!ionittng 

lUrrnmr, maM'jm, r. Tbe Qame of the Rnt 

book of the Now TeetamcoL 
lUnoto, iDBt'tiag, •. llMorial ft«ed Id tnahing 

mata ; a kind of »traw earpcHof;. 
Uaitocr, mat'tnk, ». {mattm:, fiiix.) An tftatm- 

tnent of hnsbsodry naed to grub up weadi or 

roots; A gmbbtng-bee. 
Hatukant, mat'n-rant, a (from mtiAm), I ripen. 

Let.) In Pbaniuc/, aa applioatioa to a twnoar 

to cauM lopptiratMn. 
MiTtTKATE, mat'o-ratc, ». a. To ripen ; to bring 

to pertntioo; — r. a. to become ripe; to nppu- 

rate ai a tantonr, and form pun. 
MATtnAXioif, mac-o-ra'ahuii, <. The Btale of 

pDwhigripe; the Mot of ripening; tlM prMMi of 

•appaimtiiigt eappDmtioD. 
Mato&atitb, marn-ray-tiT, 0. Riperaag; «oa- 

dodng to ripeocsi ; oonducing to nipporalion of 

matter in a ttunoar or abtoaai. 
IIatqRX, ma-tnT*', n. (MOtarw, LaC.) BIpe; 

Mrfaeied br tSM ; broogfat to eompletio* i wiH 

^spoeed \ fit for txeeotioo ; ready ; come to rap- 

imtleoi— Hh a. to ripent to adraaee bo rip«- 

BMi; to idrans towaodi peHMthm)— « «. to 

become ripe ; to be perfectod. 
MATTTmsLT, m»-tar«'ie, odL Bpalft eompUtoly; 

with coTUuel w«ll-dig«otod 1 early t MM- A 

f^tMiwm. Hili^ii m yiid is th« 1%lt CWO eeOMA 

IfATimMfl^n^ wak % r w ^ ott «. AppnoeUsg 

to notanty. 
Matukitt, ma-tu'rfr-te, \ a TKpeiWM ; a >Ut« 
llAtmsKKSS, ma-tare'iMa,J of ptrieelioo or 

MiTTmNAi^ nint'n-t«-nal,T a. (wnfiih'oitf, lit.^ 
Hatttikb, mai'n-tin, ) Bctetlag to tho 

Matwtud GbASR.— See Kunla*. 
MAirDUN, mawd'lio, o. (ooimpted from Uagdalea, 

w4m fa dniwn by paioten with swobi eyt« and a 

dlnrdered louk.) Dranit; faddlcd; approtehbig 

to intaxioatioa \ stopid. 
Maucuk,^ roaw'gr, ad. (aiaiyre, Pr.) In »plte 
MAtiass,) ofi in opposidoQ to; notwithstuui- 


ThU, watgn ail tbe world, will I keep aaHe.— MoA*. 

U-iCt, mnirl, ». (^ataUem, LaU) A heafT woodtfO 
bsinmu': olao writlaa Ualli— «. a. tOMal; to 
hniiM ; to wotuid in a ooacae muiter. 

Macutick, ouwl'atik, r. (woUaw-Jteot, Gna.) 
The itiak oied by uunten whaa woriiiag, to 
keep thab bindi ataaay* 

Macmco, mawuk, a (naaofce, Fr.) A kind of 
looM ^eewa;— (oboaUtci)— the 6^ir« of aa a»* 
cisnt coat-Mere bene oa an Mcuicheua. 

Uauxd, aawnd, «. A woi^l uaed Ja the Eaal 
Indira. It tkHm in differant pnma«M, but the 
factory maouj is about SO Ite. aToirdupota ;-« 
(iiMn^ Sax.) alio, a tiaitd-baakat. 

Uaci^o, Buud, ) c. a. or a. a. To mattcv t 

Mai.'xder, man'dor,) to monnur; togramhte; 
to t«K;--(oUioleto;>~arogDa. 
ATH7eaatai^atri one tliat aiaanA n^oo llie fod— 


&fACNDAY Tduiudat, mAwn'day tbnn'digr* a. 
Tbe Thundiy preceding Eutcr, when the wve- 
rrigo of England ditfribatea i^Bie to a oBrt^ 
Dumber of poor penoos nt WhiMhiU: ao UMd 
from tho mionds or baskets lo which tho ^Ai 
were fonacily cootauud. 

SlAiixDrn. Diao'dnr, 1. A beggar. -'ObMldto. 

AlAUM>Ea£ii, maa'dur-ur, t. A gramblor.— Ob- 

MAWDxaxxo, mao'dur-ing, «. Compliint. — Oh- 

BlAttKDBn., mawD'dril, *. A aaaing pick with 
two handlo*. 

MAUOAXDrA, maw-ran'de-i. t. Qn howrar of Dr. 
Mauraoily, profeiwr of Botany at Caithagoo^) 
A genus of plaau, eooiuiting of erecpoaa olU^ 
log herbs, with laig* showy Bowcn: Ofdar, 

Mauusqcb, miw-reak', s. In Architecture, the 
stylo of balldiDg peeulUr to tbe Moon and Arafat 

Mai:kia, maw're-a. 1. (ia honour of Antooia 
Uaori) A genu of plants, ooiafatJng of F«i»* 
\ian treei : Order, TereblothaoeeL 

MAORtTlA, msw-ii^'e-a, «. Qa hoooor of I*tiace 
Matnioe of Niasao.) A gmm of pUota^ aatina 
of Sarinam : Order, Falmaoea^ 

UAirtoucAK. maw-so-le'ao, o. ItcUling to a 
matuoleum ; monnmcntAl. 

Madbou:l'h, maw-ao-lo'cun, 1. A Mpnldnt 
building; so called from Hausolen, kiiic of 
Caria, to whose memoty it wsa rusK, if Ida 
wife Artemisia, aboot the year 853 ILO. ; MWS 
all the sepulchral stnictuns of impottanflt hart 
obtaiaed tbe name of Uauioleuma. From ila 
extraordinary ou^ini&ocooe, it was o st ouoad Ibo 
eereuth wonder of the worid. 

MAt-niES, mxw'fAor, >. A fooGah jvatf ^A— 

fas.— Away. TDu uik like a IboUah wioflir. 
~V, aU u trath slie amyt^Bm JtMen> 




Haw, aunr, «. (aiapfn, Ckrm.) The craw of 
fo«ii; tba itaoMdi of bniles. JVainrvrm, the 
Anrti rtmSBBime, ■ ipedvs of iotcsUiuil wunn : 
(Mir, EDtoHM. 

Hjlwk, Buwk, I. A nuggpt; e alitlecn. — Obeo- 

Mawuvolt, nuw'luog-K otL Slttttmly; slui- 

lUwstso, OMvlttifa, IT. Aiit to |>nhluoe MtiHy; 

■pi to cuiK loatlttnf^ 
Vawkuolt, iMwIcish-le, ad. In h moKkUh 

.wioiBiass, miwldtb-iiei, ». AptMas to owh 

SUwKT, iMnvV, «. Uaggotj.— Local. 
Mjiwian', ■aw'met, «. ((ram Mubotnot.) A pfli>- 

y«tt ftucieoU;. *n Uol.— Obwlvlo. 
Xawuktiit, mifr'nct-re, «. Tbe nlij^us of 

II«lkDai«t: also, idoUtry. — Obsokt*. 
XAwmitn, maw'tmsb, a. Fittvoking dbgust : 

Mjlx, nitks, <L Tlie Sp«nlab nune of fbo kulncy- 

lani Pbueoliu n um . 

Math .LA, in«fc»-inii, «. (LaUn.) Maxilla in/mcr, 

the tair«r jaw ; mujriUa mperior, ttw uppur jaw. 

la EatviDido^. tb« lower jaws of inicets iu« called 

miitflfiii l^ejr tre placrd bebind tbc miindible«, 

u)d betiteen Is 9)t(ut«d tbe kblnm or loirer lip. 

MaxilijUI, mika'd-ar. ) n. (^iMxU.'nru, iM.) 

UtULLAur. iEiks-il'-ar-«,f PtrtaituDg to, tn* 

Mtait«d in, Um U«. 
MauiXAKiA, nuks-O'U'K'A, «. (fiom tbe Utwllu^n 
nsonbSng tb« auixiUn of cntain tn&ectA) A 
gstm of pUoU : Onler, Ordiidimv. 
Ktzoxiroitai, malu-lllo-fawni], a. ttt (he fonn 

of I ebwk'bgne. 
Haum, aukyUn. *. (monW, Pr.) Au uioto; » 

(mam] principle ; a Icadirg tnith. 
tUxxaa.lA»A, Riaks-e-mil-c-tk'aa, «. (lo bononr of 
MaximiliaQ, PriQce Wetd-Ncuwlcd.) A );«nus of 
BmOiaa pluts : Ord<>r, roilcniKcr. 
M^Xtsim, maksVmtun, «. (Latin.) TIn pnUft 
ftimne as dutin^iabod bum uunununi ; tha 
mttoa qtuuitit; alUiMble in a g^vro cmc 
Voina et mimma, (Latin,) in Aoaljiis ami 
OmiiillJ. tfa« Krv't'^l *^ t^ \eMat qnantitic* uf 
a T«iiU« qniiiiUt;. Tbo tnetliiMl of nnding thrta 
nhw b bj whit is tenn«d Mtlhodw dt noximu 
Hit. isi;, «. TIm fiAb monU) of oar jear, bot tbe 
tldjd of tb« Boman. It dcrired it« namo from 
Maia, tbe moUur of Mercoij. Atas-da^f, tbe Itit 
if >l»7, on which fottyitks were cotnTnon in tnan]r 
pot^ AlMt OM of tbo Dunw of th« hawtboni 
Cntf^i amntbA ;— (main, GoLb.) a jrouuj 
VRUB ; — (omlote in the kit MriM ;) 
lln Bloi} •l'«MDaiili«od, tlion falro Uvy.- Ctaueir. 

'-^ airilf p«t of Vrfe ; — p. a, to gather flowers 
M Mm inefntDg; — (najroia, Sax. anxiliary rerb,) 
pari;Uig|bt; to W aC liberty; to be permitted; 
tl W poaftle ; to bo bj dunoe ; to bare power; 

I won MfiMiiiig laiira ; finaarljr need for cww. 
Tbrir awnaing mlitii nqr eat be toU.— Jfinwr. 

Jfty h$t H mop W. capwrinni eqaivaUal to per- 
^li b^ dUBOt, pcradrntitn, tr, il ia roisible 

II W Aflvir-asppM, tbe plant Chrpantucmuni 
■Mdntoni. ATMHUipnai, tbe bawtboni. Afaf- 
^w, tlw dew «f (be l«t of Ha/, cooAdend eflica- ■ 

cioQs in preaening beantr bj tbe sapontltiona of 
auDM places. Moj/-jtjf, tiie Cockchafer, tba 6j of 
iba grab-wonn. .Viiv-^bw, dhwtiaii at iport, 
sDcb ai an naed oo Um iat of Uu. ifiqHtftf, 
tbe pbnit CaoTaDaria ou^alia, caUod abo tlie Uly 
of tbe Valley. Afa^-pi5&, a long pole, fomwrly 
ended in May, round nhicb mstic daocea ncre 
perfortned. ifay-la4j[i the ijoeon or bdy of Hay, 
in tbe old May-games. 

A chvtr of brtoht baantka in apHny did appear. 
To diuoM a Aig-tadf to forttn tlw y««r.— /AqpcfM 

Mat-hoiui. Du'inawni, «. Fruluieaai trfgeur, 

Hatka, ma'oa, r. (tbo asme of Jf. odoraia In 
Ctuana,) A geinia of abmba, with large-rtalkwl 
Icafca aod smidl Axjlbuj flowan, luthea of South 
AmencAi Older, Scbbaiidncen. 

Uatdm, ma 'or, a. Tlia chtof magbtnto of ■ dty. 

UAroiiALTT, tua'or-al-te. «. TtioofHoQ of a mayor. 

UATonASOO, inay-o-nis^o, #. (Spsniah.) Tbe 
riglil u( tlio cldt'st-bom in nolle families to ialierit 
ct>rtiunpru|)citiits,anccnditiQnof trinsmittingtbcm 
entire to those poaaeaaed of the aame right m bU 

Matoksu, ma'ar-ea, a; The wife of a mayor. 

MAYoiitBtF, ma'cr-abip, «, Same a* Maydmlly. 

Maytexui, auy-to'noj, «. (ataitcn, tbe Chilian 
oamo of OQC of tba fpcciot.) A gonos of plapta, 
nitires of Chili and Potq : Order, Celastracfr. 

MA7.AUt), maz'ilrd, f. (^macioire, Fr<) The j«w; 
— (obsobte ;) — V. a. to knock on tbe bead.— Ob- 

M.viCAltlT'E, maz-a-roen', «. A d(«p Um oolQur; 
u mode of drcsaing fowls. 

Makk, maM-, f. (moic, Sax.) AUbyrintb; n phwe 
uf perplexity and winding paisiU£ea ; cciifuBioii of 
thought; UDCsrlmnty: pcqileiity ; — e. a. to be- 
wilder; to confuse; — V. ». to bo bewildered' — 
Obstilcto in the ln»t scnK. 

MAZUbKKSs, ma'icd-ucq, «. ConfLuion; aBtwiUh- 
pient. — Obaolcto. 

Mazkr, ma'iur, i. A mapb cnp. — Obsolfbe. 

Mazilt, ma'zo-K<, ad, With perplexity 

fiJ.UEixt:!)!, m.i'M-ne«, f. Perplexity. 

Mazolovical, max-o-lojVkal, a. Relating to 

Uazolouut, ma-toro-jtat, t. Ooe who haaatuilied 
the nature nnd huliila uf muiniiiiferoua nniinab. 

Masoluut, mA-aoro-je,a. (^mtma, tha breaat, and 
kj/ot, a treatise, Gr.) Tlio biitory or dodrim of 
nuiumifuroua aniuiab. 

Uazt, u]a'xo,ii. Pcrptexedwithwindini^; confoMd. 

M.U. liaiicma Doctor, doctor of rnvdidne. 

Me, ma, for. pnm. (Sox. mo», Pr. »«, 8pm. and 
ItaL) 'Sha uUcctivB maa of /, Hnawering to the 
obli(|tH oaiea g? tgo, m Latin. 

MpAcocE, ueluk, t. (perhaps from tnni, and 
ooci-.) AouxorioaaoraiTenutuitamiu; aooward; 

A* ctuut as a itovUiah, aa meek ni a waeeoeh 

^fMowl Ktrytato. 

—a. lame; thnorooa; oowanlly.— OlMokt*. 
Mead, meda, $. (nKtilo, tactfti, Sax. mcnb, Out.) 

A kind of drink, made of water and boooy. 
Hkau, mede, \ a.(«iar<te, inocfetHvSax.)^ HotsV 
Mbadow, m«d'o,> bud oorcred with gmwt pas- 

tDTo or grua bad annually mowa far b.iy. 

iftaJoto ^rer, one of tbo names cf th« pbnt 

Trifttbum uwdiam. Moadoto ticftt, — aeo Spine*. 

Mtadov grau,~-V!« Poa. Meadow me, — «e 

TlialirtruiiT. Mtadovt iaffr<m, — e«a Colchium. 

Mtathw taxi/rage, — Geo Saauli. 



HiAixnrT, moi'o-*, a. CooUitung mcidow. 

MbaoBK,) tMfga, a, (mature, Fr. macer, Lil.) 

Mbaokb, f L»n ; wuitiDg fivsb, or having little 
fledi; thin; poor; barnm; witboDt fertility, rich- 
QMS, or laxnrUaca : haogr? ; TOJd of Btrength or 
dicUoD, or prafosion of ideu or imagery \~-i/, a. 
to make loao. — Obsolete as ■ wrK 

A wmh muagtrtd with long walrlilDf and painful labour. 

Meaobklt, me'gar-le, nd, Poorly; boirvnly j 

HsAOBurssB, m'gnr-nrs, #. Leanneu; wmt nf 
fle^} bamniMM: soBntiDesa. 

Hbak, m«k«, a. A book vHtli a InnR bandle. 

Ukal, mele, a. (oiar/, Sax. mao/, Dot.) The act 
of Bating at a eertaiD ttoiv; a portion of food 
taken at one time ; anpast; apart-, a fragment, 
H jMKOMaf ,- — (ntooinM, Sax. meMl, Germ. dkW, 
Dot. and Dan.) tbo flower or edible part of cum ; 
the finer part of palvariwd grain ; — v. a. to 
sprinlclo with meal; to mJugW.— Seldom a-vA as 
a verK 

MKii.iXE69, mele-iua, t. The qviality of being 
maaly ; sofloeaa or tmnootbiiaM to tbo toticli. 

MsAtv, me'le, a. Ha%ing tfad tnte or nft io^pidity 
of meal; hariagthequlitieisof med; fniaaoeoira; 
QTflnprvad mth Bomotblnf; that mcmblH mesJ. 

MKALT-Mormtn, mele-mowthd, a. tTwng ooft 
words; oonocflllng the real intration ; speaking 

IfuLT-HOcrmtDXftBB, nw'IeHaQirtli'ed-oeB, a. 
Hypoflriay ia apeaking; nloetsoee to givo ex- 
preaiontotlw tmthin a straightfonvard manner. 

Hba», moen, a. (fflim*, tfrmtme^ Sax.) Wjinting 
^giiity : of low rank or birth ; low-minded ; bu« ; 
mgeneraat; ipiri'^ust oontemptible ; despic^iblu; 
kwtaworttaoiflBtiiiULtion; of little ralav; bumUt^ 
poort low in the dograe of any good ijiialily ; — 
(Mayen, Fr. otedium, Lat.) mtddlo ; modrrale; 
it an equal dl&tance froiii the ntlmiirR : ititerme- 
^oto; coming bvtwcan;— 4. mnliocrity; middle 
rste ; giediom ; inlarvoning time; interral of 
time ; interitn ; maaDtirue ; mtasurt; tegutatioD ; 
(obsolete in tbo last two sensei;)— instniraent; 
that which is uaed to eRiicl an object ; the meditun 
ihnnigh which somelhing is done — in the latter 
tsBso^ Hsanw Is genamlly used; meaoM, in the 
pbrol, incoinn; revsoua; tesoiirecj; substance 
or eatatt*, coasiiicm) as tha iixktniment of effecting 
any poipoee ; ty "^^ awoni, witboat donbt ; witli- 
OBk fail ; by no meaiu, not in any decree; not at 
all; bfiM maimer of meant, \>j no moans ; not 
tbetoast; iydaymraM, potmbly; stall; neOA- 
(M, or HMdmrAtie, in the Intorrnbg time. In 
Afltnoomy, nMoii aimmaUg of a fUoet, an anKle 
whibh is ahrays ptepoclioQal to tba time of tba 
plaaet'a raodoa from the aph^oo to the perih*- 
Uon. Jfco« ewyw cf to»t or oppogiticm, t» when 
the moan ptaoe of the fan \i in conjunction or 
oppodlioD. Mta» ^tttomee of a planet frum tba 
m, is an arithmelicnl mean between tlir [tlniiPl'a 
BVataM and least diataocc .Veon mofiV^n, a tlmt 
B^ which a planet is supposed to mora eqoably 
fa) &■ orUt. Mran pfaee vt the sun or a planet, 
is fovnd by the moan anomally, and i* distin- 
gniibed from tba trao pLiee. J/eon fiiwe, that 
w!iirh it tnra-ored by an e'piable motion. In 
Onngiog, the mean between diamet«c* at the brad 
aod at the bang. In Mathematics, that qtuintity 
whlcb has an iKtennedlats vain* between several 

otbera, foruiid ■aoordioK to any ai signed Uw of 
neceiHion ; the arUMmetioal mcoji, i» farmed by 
dividing all the quntitlea by tbcir oambor ; the 
ytomtmeai swuii, or a aiMiii p reportiamait \» tha 
middle term of a duplicate ntxOt or oontiQMd prt^ 
'portion, and thiee terms ; the Aarsionfe MfdM, is 
a Domber soch, that the fint and tbtnl terms 
being givoo, the first is to the third as the dif- 
ferewie of the first sod second is to th« didonnc* 
of (he second and third ; — r. a. (maeAon, mnmn. 
Sax.) PoMt and pait /Mrrf. Meant; to ha*e , 
in the mind, risw, or rcinteni]>lati»n ; lo por- 
poso ; to intvnd ; to dnjgn ; to liiut covertly ; to 
idgnify; to indicate; — r.n. to think; to have the ' 
poxrer of thuiiglit. 

MtiKDER, me-an'dar, a. (the nnme of a wlodteg 
river in Plirfgia.) A mate or Ubynoth; aopca- 
ttne winding; a winding course; perplexity;— 
r. a. to wind; to turn round; to moke 6exiKMu; 
— r. a. to run witli a sespcctire course; to bt 
winding or intricate. 

Mkaxdbbiko, me-an'dur-iog, a. WInJtne in a 
eoorse, paragn, or nirrent. 

Meaitduan, lutt-an'dre-an, a. Winding; flexnoci& 

U RANDKiXA, tne-nn-drp'na, s. Brain cwal, a gsoBS 
of bemispharical TAmcltiferoiu corals: sOBamad 
from tlw labyrinthine Tom of tits cavities sad 
ridgei, which resemble the cunvolDtioos of tbt 

)I[u.:fT>RT, niD-an'dre, > o. Hariiig mooy wini- 

Meaxdoods, me-an'drua, t iags. — Ofasoute. 

Meaitiho, BM'oing, t. Piupoos; iBlsBtbn; that 
which exists in the soind ; ahn, wUh nfcROot to 
a futnn act; dgnUeatioo; the aenso; the thine 
understood: aenH; power of thinking. — Obaelila 
in the last two utoua. 

MeAMMGLEsa, me'iiing-lcs, a. Witlumt defioifea 

Mbaxlv, meenV, ad. Slodcratcly ; not in a great 
degree ; without dignity ; poorly : witboat grwi- 
ness of uijjid ; un^ocroualy ; witbont hoaoon 
with a low mind or nsirow news; withowt 

Msjutiriiss, meen'oes, <r. Want of «xadleiws) 
want of dlfnity ; low rank ; poverty ; lowosis of 
mind; sordidncn; Bigganfiinea : want of ^arit 
or honour. 

MiiAX-B PI KITED, mren'spir-it-ed, a. D isp asa d la 
perfdnii mean scttoiu. 

MUAKT.— /'tu( liod jtaal jtart. of kleAU. 

MUASC, tiiees, >. Tbfl qnantily of 600, aa • 
fivMTM of herrings. 

MEJ19I.E, me'zl, s. A leper.— Obsolete. 

tUue n ilede men, cJeaow) ** mmmCx'— 

Ubaslrd, mo'ald, a. In&ctcd or spottod with 

Ukaslbs, ma' ale, a. Tba disease Rnbeob, knenn 

by intUminatory fvver, boanMWs, dry-ooi^^ dai^ 

ing tba firat three days, wbcD to craptioo of rrd 

•pota, diaeamible by ibc tooab, ^paan and tcr* 

miuatca is mealy disqnamaltoB. 
Mkaslt, me'tle, a. lafoctcd with mnales v 

MEJiat:ttABt.e, mrxVur-a-bl, a. Tlut may ba 

measured ; that admit* of menmration or 

compatatioa ; moderate ; in small qaaatUy or 

Hsasceablrcvbs, m«th'ar-ft-bl-nes^ s. Tlw 

qoality of admining mouontion. 







McAaT!ftAM.r, aeih'nr>B-bl(>, ad. UoJanUely ; 

iu • limited degree. 
MeaSVWI, raeih'nTC, «. (metnrv, Fr.) Tlut by 
whidi aajtUag u measomi; the enlire exUnt 
cr diincanoBs of a thing, indudin^' leagtli, 
bnadth, aod tbickocsa; tbs role br which any 
liking is Bdjosted or proportioMd : « limited or 
(lefioite qtuuitity ; det<n&iiiMl e^«nt or leugtb ; 
limit; niffiarot tjaontity; proportion; qcunLity 
Mtaled; exteot of power or office; portion 
alkitM; extent of ability; degree; qoaiiUty 
indefiiute; meins Ut aa end; an act, atep, or 
piomd iog towanb tb« acoompli&hmott of an 
oh^ect. Aoy detomiiuto quantity, used as a 
■tandanL, with which others mar b« compared ia 
span, time, qaaotity. velocity, Ac. The metuurr 
ff am omgie is Uw Dumber of degreei, nuoutcs, 
oc OBDtained in the arc of a circle comprised 
betwcMi tbe two Ie|^ which form the angle, the 
■Bgolcr point being the centre. Oammem MMonirs, 
to TBigxr firaclions, ia any number that wUl (tiri^ 
Mb tarma cf the fracUm withoot a remainder. 
Tha ■■iwni of a tmt is ita laoglh compared with 
Mnw detacminata line, aoob a« a miioi foot, iach, 
fa. The Ruomre a/ a twftt» it tbs Dumber of 
•par* tttloa, feet, iochaa, Ac eootained oa ii. 
tita Moonrre of a »dUd is tlw aamber of cubic 
ieebaa, feet^ Ac. it contains. Jl/conovf, in com- 
Bsita, are of certain dsnorainatioaa ; those chiefly 
QMd m thi* ooaat«7 are tooit, lead, or aqoara, and 
abie ar aolid meaaora. Ooe for Uqaids, called 
HIM i D eawif T ; dry tneamro for dry goods; that of 
time; aul oaa for angoUr tiiea(mr«meDt, in degrees, 
"*™'**. &£. J/ttuicrw ofwelocitt/, space uniformly 
fatted o««r by a morinj* body ia a giren \xmt. 
WldoHt naotwie, witlwut limits ; Tery largely or 
opooly, 7b Kam hard eiecuHrs, to be hanhly 
trailed; — p. «. to ooinpBte tl» extent orquiiitity 
tf aoytiiin;; by aome settled nib} to aeontain 
tte dqpve «f anything; to pass thrwf;h or over; 
la judge of qoantity or extent; to a<1JQxt or pro- 
portioa; to mark ont in eUt«d quauUtles; to 
iflet or distribole by measure ; — P. n. to bo oi* a 
Oftun emtent, or to have a certwn Umgth, 
ttiadth, or thidtiiesa. 
UEAirBSL.!*!, aeah'ur-W, o. Immcasarable ; 

mlimhed ; wilhatd measonL 
UtattTRKiinrT, msah'sr-meotT *. The act of 

mmnci ■eonmtMn. 
U&uirBBB, nnh'ar-ar, t. One whose occapxtiuu 
<r ds^ Sa to mcaaon oommodities; one who 

HxucBora, mcili'ar-big, a. Applied to a cast 
not to be diithigitulMd in its leoeth from another, 
bat 1^ ■iwauring; the art fif uidiag the exact 
qwiti^,arizt«QtDfaa}tliiaB. Jf aowrfaj jl«w, 
4 gU« T— 1 BMd to meaaon nnaU qnaatitlM of 
l^id, lass tlutt the nsoat commercial tDoavaree 
can annlaia. Meiutmi.t^-("pe^ a piece of tape, 
of from 10 to 100 feet in length, marked on one 
ads «^h f^t and iachn, and on the other 
with tinka and rods. It b roUed ap to a box 
lor tha QOQvcaieata tii oaniage. Used in land 
•ad hoosa measilring. Meatmrit^-v^l, — aee 

Vi IT, moat, M. (eioia, nmIo, Ssx.) food io geiM- 
rtJi anytlui^t Mtao for oourishuMot, eilbcr by 
nan or beiM ; tha fleali of animab need aa food. 
In a flariptwal amie^ irpiritoal food U that which 
sMauu pwilj and hvUnati; spiritaal eomfofi; 

that which driigfata tha MoL TV sit of aHOi; t» 

sit or recUne at the table. 
Mbatbd, me't«d, a. Fed ; faltcaed. — Obaolctc 
Meathv, methe, s. (rnelA, hydromal. Genu.) Liqaor 

or drink b which honey b miied^— Obaobte. 

JIMb made of honey, or Uqaortat wMen la water. 

UBAt-onnnimOf mMt'of-foMng^ s. An ofKiriag 
coQMtuv of maat or food. 

H&iTus, flM-«'eaa, a. (hsks I flow, Let) In 
Aaatony, « pnesaga, aa that leading to tbe ear, 
eaUed the auotei MtditorMi. 

MsATT, me'te, a. Fbahy, bat not AL—Looal. 

MBXtLnro. — See Uule. 

ilEOAJUwiTTA, me-kdr-do'ne-a, #. (in bonoor of 
Antoaio Meca y Cardooa, a Spaobh botanbt.) 
A geDn of plants, nattvas of Bnuil: Onbr 

MEcnoKic, mt-fcaa'Ik, \ a. (imcAomciw, tat 

AbccBAKlCAL, mo-kanVkat,) mtckamgiK, ?t.) 
Rclatinj; to macbiaw, or to the art of constnut' 
iog tbeiD; pvt4UDing to tbe art of maklnR instni- 
moDta, furniture, wares, &c.; coustnirted or per- 
formed by tbe Uwa or nloa of mechooias ; 
akillod in the art of making maclnoos | brod to 
maonal laboor; prrlsiniog to actinus or me- 
ohantcA; vulgar; pertvniiig to the princspba of 
mechanics in pliiloaopby ; acting by physical powar. 
Mt^ameal pmetrt, at ttgrneiutry mackmm, 
are tha lever, tba wlieel and axle, tbe polley, tha 
inclined plane, the wedge, and the Krew: to 
trliich flomo writeni hare added the rope-madune 
and the bslance. All theso, however, may be 
minced to Oitm — the Icrer, th« iodioed plane, 
and tho fnoicubr or ro^-oiacbino; tbe polby, 
and wheel aiid axk, being obviously an aaaeai- 
lliip; of levers. The baUnoe, a lover wHh eqnol 
arm.1 ; the eorew, either a wed^e or an toomud 
pline wrapped n»nd n cylinder. Jiechanual 
earpmby, that port of tlie art of oonstnialion in 
timber, which tioats of the [>Toper disposition of 
framings w OS to msbU) it to reelst its own 
weight, or any aflditional load or pressoro that 
may be bid np<ia it. SfteAamcal cnroe, a curve 
of aoch a nature tlut ^ relation between the 
abscbaa and nnlinate cannot be expceaaad by an 
algebraic uqnadon: such ottrvat are now gansrolly 
called traaaoendanlal cnrraa. MetAanieat Jvrte^ 
the power of km machiae or meoha&ieal oootrir- 
ance. It may be eoid to be tbe measure of all 
olher forc«, ns it bcani reference to the eflbct pro- 
daccd : tbtu stram, water, nuin, and bon»-po<wer 
are all represented by the ainoant of meefaaDieal 
force they can exert. Mechanical pk i hmi p i]/, 
the eoienoe of racchnnics; applied to phywal 
inqaines, or, on the otlier hand, the appliostiao 
of the bwa of geoerd adenoe to the improvement 
and DODstroction of machinery. 

MECHA.f 10, me-kanlk, r. Ooe who follows soom 
meclianical occiipatioit or art, as the construction 
of machtnee, fumitnir, instnimeats, ivans, &c. ; 
one akilbd in mecbanica. 

MeCHAKlCAl.LT, me-ksn'e-kal-le, ad, Aooording 
to the laws of mediaoinn ; by phydcal foroe or 
power ; acting by the laws of motipn, witfaont 
intelligeoce or design; tmpeilcd by the force of 

MccilAHIOAUZK, mp-kan'e-kal-ixe, n a. To 
raiider mean or low. — ScMom used. 

MEcyAKiCAtREM, me-koaVkal-nes, t. Tbe 


lUte of buDg AgtiMbte to, or govuued by, tlio 
law* of mMbuUm. 

UeoJuMioiAV, gM!fc>ji-DUh'«n, m. One trbo coc- 
iCnicU imthtoM; on* vened in mvehuicf. 

UeciiavicSi DM-lun'Uu^ r. (mtt/timo, raMfaitie, 
Gr.) 'lltit Mieooe to uitunU iJiilMopby trliicb 
treat* uf (meaa and (wwvts, mn.l thdr Actions on 
bodies, eithw dinctljr, or hj tht intvtvention of 
maduaery. Tbs tertn mceAonin wu origtnalljr 
■rT>Hed to tlia dootrinv of oqaiUbriwn. U km 
Imo, hy Mm« Ut* writen, attndsd lo the 
motioa and njtiilitiriDdi of all bodho, WiNther 
■olid, floiil, or arHfiiriii; and liM iMSm ecap1oy»d 
to conipnilicud tlic adeacm tf hjnJrod^vnomlca and 

MiOBAmstt, iMk'»-Bixn, t. Hw ooMtraetion 
iad adi^tiilon of th« ■n-oral part* of a madilne, 
BO as to [iroduo) unifomi actioQ and ImpelUrg 
pdwer, aeeording to tho Un of mwhooles. 

HBtaoxilT, mdc'ii-nUt, a. Tbt makn of ma- 
diuwt ov ooo skilled in mcehanlo. 

MKOAnOORAi'llIST, tnak-K-DOIt'ra-flst, $. An 

artist wko mnltipU^ coplos of any work of kit 

hf iDoduutioal B^nckv. 
SIccaAKooiuruT, mek-a-noK'n-pli*, t. {met^ane^ 

■ macluno, and grvpiif, 1 writis ^r.) Tb« art 

of ntaltipljrmg copies of a wr^tingt or any woric of 

Mt, by mtckavAai agvnoy . 
Ubciilih, mcklifi, «. A kind of Uoe, tnonufkc- 

tursd at Mechlin. 
HficuLOio AoiD, mc-Uo'ik aa'sid, «. An Mid 

fbrmsd along with a minou nntter. when 

clilorina ptt is niftdo to act ca Auad HMcot^oe. 

Fbnoula, Cu Ut Oi9. 
UbOOXaTIS, nwlco-DaTts, *. A g«ni» of salts, 

in irhioh (be meoonSe acid is ooinbined with 

iilifitbks basis. 
JtlCOMlc Aou>, nw'koa'ik S«'«id, #. A tabctancc 

found irt opium, In which it exists with tll<^ -ilkoli 

tnoqihio. Formnl*. Hj C: O7 ; tc^mv. ^ 100. 
MscoHiRB, mok'D-nine, «. A n«atnil priaciplo 

nciRtm;; in opiuoi. Fonnula, Hi Cm Oi • Muir. 

= 00. 
HacoDluil, nm<ko'Do>tun, <. (moton, a poppy, Gr.) 

Optumi aim, the excnmeQls of the lowvr part 

of Ihe fmUl jotestine. 
MBconoPtu, ma-ko-oop'sia. r. (McAon, a poppy, 

and tf^ T^asabtoncw, (h-.) A gema tX plants : 

Ordsr, Papannuasit 
Mfenu., nsd'al, t. (mcMIi, Pr.) An andrnt 

eab; nfimor natal ftamfiaAli) koaBttrofaomo 

dirtliiguisfcirf panoD, or to onnitMBnnta sotno 

Rmortiable emtit. 
Mkdallio, loe-dal'lik, a, Pirdduog to a msdal 

or tOBMiiala> 
MaDALUCNt, Be-dBl'jm, t. (Franch.) A large 

aolliaa atamp or nadalt an enboased nprasea* 

(atian on a oircolar tablet. In Arsh'rtaotnre, any 

aiiadar oral UUet, bearing on Et otyects repra- 

OTnt«d to nlitf, in Agnros, boada^ anfawiK Bcwsrs, 

Mkdallist, incd'al-l«t, s. A petaan wfaoia akflltd 

MutAlXUHOT, med'al-nr-j«, a. (miirib/, and inynn, 

wovfc, Gr.) TIm art of itriking lUfdola and Mlitcr 

Ukodlb, nwd'dl, r. n. (inuMMm, DuL) To bare 

M do| ta intarpoas aad sat in tba aoaeams at 

atbcTB^or in cflUrs wbsn anr InMrttManes is not 

«aats4 ; to ail sAdaasly' anl witboat oonenr- 


nnee;— r. a. to raU; to minsle.— ^bookts aa an 
active rerb. 

Madduib, ntoJ'dl-nr, «. Ooo who busiea hlmaetf 
wttb thinp in which he bns no concarn ; on offi- 
cious persoa ; a bnsy-body. 

Hkddlkboiib, ntfd'dl-aam, a. Internwddlhig { 
offidoQHty btnisfre. 

MBUDLKsouBKass, medMl-fum'nrs, Sk forward- 
ness; ofBclons intirfnvDcc with other people's 

MioDLryn, mod'dl-Io^, o. DflUfons and importi- 
uent iiilerpo^tioti. 

McDKruira, mod-e-t^i'nu. *. A {•enoi of Dip- 
terxms \tiMCiM : FtinJlr, TnnyMnta. 

Mbdia, nic'd9-e, «. (nir/fai* middle, Or.) The 
tbnn lettnrs, 6, o, H, (^beta, (i^mi, delta, of the 
Greek alphiltel,) an so trnnvd, as bolfing Ta- 
spoctircly a middle pUon betwoen thetr astvral 
tenaoa, y\ k, t, (pi, kappn, tua,) and ai[Aml«s, 
f>A, e*. (A, (phi, cJiI. thdta.) ~~^ 

UkI>I;«val, tne-do-e'TBl, a. (nirdiw, the mldAe, 
and (mm, an a^, Lat.) Relating to thn talddla 

Mkdial, me'de-nl, a. (m&!iM, Lat.) Mean ; not- 
ing a mean or svtyragc. 

Median, tne'd«-an, o. Intennedilte. Median 
cetroH, tho Cetrus medic*. 

MSDiAVr, nw'dnnnt, 9. (niAJms, Lat) La Moiift, 
the choni which is a major Ot minor third higher 
than the key-note, aocnrdtng as Ibe noto Is m:^or 
or minor. 

MKDueTiKi'M, roe-do-iu'tui-mn, t. (Latin.) Is 
Anatomy, tho duplicaturv of tfas plrara, whtcfa 
dividf* tlw cavity of the thorax inln two partfc 

MriilABTl«ATloy, mc-dc-as-te-ia'ahan, $. In 
PoUtlos tJic noneution of tbe amaUar Gntnan 
Borereigntiee to laiger ooat^uooi atatOi, whicfa 
took place on a Uiie acale afW tbe d u ao Cati sn 
of the German empire In 1806. 

Mbdiatb, me'do-at«, a. (medurU Fr.) Tol«rpOsad; 
iat«jrTming; middle; hptwrrn two eitrwus; 
acting by an inttTvriiin:^ aKent; — r. n. to intsr- 
noen aa in et]n.-J frimd to both parties ; to act 
udiCerently betwoon ronteadfog parthtt to In- 
terctde: to be bet«re«n two; — (aeldoai oaod in 
the last s^'tiM;) — r. a. In trffert by raedlatiEB; ^M 
to Emit by fiomethtnc ui the middle. — Qbsolets fl 
in the last osnaeL 

Mbdutklt, me'd*-ate-le. urf. By a Beeondaiy^ 
eonss: aodng bstwera iho lint ooaia and tbc^ ~ 
efft^L M 

Mbdiatjox, me-de-a'shoo, s, (French.) Intarpo — -^ 
sltion ; interrmlicn ; friendly interKenlire between 

two oontanding portiw. with a riew to recoocHia 

two; ogaacy inu-rpwed; interraoient potrert iit— — 
l«taeiaion; entn-nty fir nnolhw. 

BlKPtAlTis, me-'1>va'tnr, w. (siaJSatar, FV'.) 
that iatervenes Urtwrni two portiM; an 
oessor; am who intrrpoeca brtwvan partias 
vartanee, with a rtaw to their raoondlialion ; t 
oOcw undertakan by Chriit on bakalf af ni 

Meoutoiual, mo'4a4>to'r»4l, n. Dstaiiflag 
a medial or. 

Mediatoiisiiih, me-de-a'tur-siiip, s. Tba 
of a mrdiator. 

MiniATOBT, ne'da-a-tur-«, 0. R<'lating ta ntsAa 

MKniArsBSB, mo-do-a'trss) $. A r<nnale med*"" 

HBT>fATiux. me-de-Atrika.j' t«C 



McDrcABLC, n»re-k»>bl, a. That may be iMokd 

or nmd. 
MnnCAOO, nMJ-g- l a'go, ». (Oom netft'Jte, b nmo* 

fmn bj DioKortdM to a mediATi grsM-) )fe£k, 

or Laeera, ■ ^team of Legnmiamu |>lantA, c4d- 

iMiac ef berU or ihrnls, witb t^Uow Sowtn ; 

Sobof^, PkpnioRiiceie. 
Mkdital, mrd'e-k*!. «. Reliiting to th« irt of 

Ifcaltns dtfUSM; medicinal; teodiog to core; 

rautdiuBg tbal wliicb bMls. 
HeoacaLLT. ued'c-lul-le^ od. Acconimc to the 

rahs rS tlw beating ui, ot for tb« purpotwi nf 

hnliog ; In nblknt to the admlnistnUJoa or incdl- 

Mcltit. (WVXT, ai»-dtk'»>menU «^ (Fr«DQh, rmm 

MA&kmmftaa, IjtU; Ai^vtliing usod in tictiHng 

dt*e«se; tt bcftlio^ fll'pltmtioo. 
MoiCAHmtTAL, ineJ-p-kii-Di»nt'a1. t*. BHntitig 

to beaDag ap[>UaittoD3 ; having the qnaiities of 

SCuic-uicirrALLr, nieJ-«-ka-Bw*t'fll-lfi, ad. Af- 
ter tha mafioer of medidoe; w!tli the power of 

Bialicuia. , 

Mwno'iT.p '^»^#.lcii'tQr, «. A ijuadc 
Medi. :ii«, f. a. (««/iVm, LaL) To 

titt:: jnnte will) anjtlitng Rwdjcinal; 

t6 :,. . in WkL 

Itsiir . -ka'khtm, t. Th« net oT tJnc- 

tnTiDg c:f uripr^ruUiog witb medicinal bl^Rdleots; 

l&K Qa» sf DMfioDr. 
HnfCaTTTC, mnlVkaj-tir, a. Coring; tmdiiig 

la cams. 
HniirrraHMi, m«-£»'b-«-1i1, a. Hating Hit pm- 

firrtJB* of mMietn« ; wOnUry. 

Hnirnsu-, mc-dis'e-nal, a. (me^kinGlU, Lnt) 
Hanog tlie power of Imlini;; ndaptcd to core 
tf * Wi . «r mriatc bodiljr diiordvn; pertaiiiitig 

Hu ic:>»LtT, ir»-^*isV tuWe, arf. WIA tnedfei- 
&a) qT>*Tifir9 ; witli a ricw U> bealinp. 

HnMi ' -rti, t. (metUdMo, haL) Any 

ab" ir solid, that baa tlw property 

af '- ."vtinf; diflc-tiao io aaimftns or is 

Sk^i -]>oiw. The aciedoe of ttw piv- 

wn . ::, nnd tL« cdrf of disuses. It 

b if: trtica], tIl«m'^^cllI, and fortnstc 

/V; is .iirtiM into four limrrhw — 

■rjrrr, pbywr^ thiilwifiefy, and th(fa[iinil)m. 

TlnntibAf ' m rffe uw la (QvidfJ into annlomy, 
patliolcffy, lud pbjaiology. Fortune mn/iciNf, 
or mtmtal Arfiijgruawe, (called * atate mo'It- 
do»* Id Ibuy, and ' legnl mcdieJop' in Franc*,) 
ilw eoaiUBtioB between nMdIdco and ll^{;islation, 
■a flmaM oa Uie taUIJimi which oa^bt to anb- 
■i* b d waaa Inuiiin ifaton and soelal institDtionii, 
mi eoorirtia^ in the appQciition of the priDciph» 
•f luMbd MMDee to the adtniniatraiioa of jos- 
tloe and the prrsrrvition of tfao pntilic bealtb. 
It baa been diridcd Into two prat fmnchcs; — 
The firti, JyreoMie m<dkmt^ c^lrin^ ijuoationi. 
lAitiBf dvfi ri{|>ts and the Hdal dnlin of indl- 
rMoah — Iriariea ta property, ud injuries to the 
P«aao. Tae aeoood, mtiieal poUee^ embndng 
foetfau alfte^ the praafrrratiDD of ibdiTiduals. 
v4 whai Rlates to ttie health of mm cotlectej 
Ma cDamnnuties; — a phy^Scian ;— (obsolete In 
Ika but aenae:) — v. a. to rcaton or cotr hy 
DMMdtatf to apply medidae to. — Obaolete as a 

^aui«.Tr& Lnracx, nH-deVtut Uog'^ay, f. In 

Law, a jory, on»*half of wbidi are mtins, and 

the ntber half run'ijricni, [mptuinelled in cans 

where the j'Mty to be trird la a foruijtner. 
aiKlMirrr, me-diVte, t. (mfdUint, Lsrt.) The 

iomUIo Btate or part; half; moioty.— SeMom 

Mbi>1X, me'dln, il A aioAlI coin. 
Methni, me'diae, «. An Ffvptisn piece of tnoiwj 

m»Aa a( troo, silroml orrr, and about the aiae 

of a nlver threepenny piece. 
MEDixBLUk, me-db-efLi, $, (meaning not gtren.) 

A smua of planLi : Order, MelastomaceiP. 
MF.ntoCRAL, me-de-nlcTBl, o. (MetKocWi), LaL) 

Urine of a middle ijoality ; iodiffetent; onlinary. 

— SfUlum used. 
MKntiKBK. me-<if^oT[r, a. (rnmeli, (Vnm moffo- 

crit, Ijil) Of nwdemte degree; middle rale; 

McDiocHieT, me'de-o-krifit, t. A person oT mode- 
rate or miiltllltis aMlity.-^hsrilete. 

tie (nu{t1i») !■ too srnvf ■ pcnvt fbr m^ nnd I thtnk 
Mau»K tlie mmUpcriAla proa* a» Wall Ma vrm.— Aafl; ^ 

Ml!T)TO0BnT, mo'de-olt're tv, t. Moderate degree; 
middle rate; moderation; trmpeRincv. 

McniTATE, rted'e-tflt?, V, n. (tnrditor, Lat.) To 
think nn; to re^'olve in t)ie raitul; to contain* 
plat« ; to study : to intend ; to iutre in contcm- 
plaliim ; — r. a. In plan by irvotring in the ttUnd ; 
to mntrivw ; \n inlrnd ; tn ibinlc on. 

MF.niTATiaX, mwi-e-la'dbno, n. (mnfi'AtC^ Lat) 
Depp thouglit; clow nlltiitian ; lerioai OCKBteiu- 
platjRn; th« tnrtiinp or ffrolving of a ealiiect in 
the misd. XMitutio fttija warrant, in t&O law 
of SootUnd, a writ by wbjrh n dcMnr, Buppoaed 
to be oboQt to make bis cecape from the cooiitrr, 
is nrmtcd and kept in cnatody until lie pay tlio 
debt, or fiad security to pay it, if he aball bo 
jodirinlly ftmnd liable to do so. 

MEDiTATlvt:, mod'e-tay-tlv, «. Addicted to medi- 
tation ; expnasiug intention or doaign. 

Mp.DTTBRKJiirE. — See ModiterranciLn. 

MbditkkbjlHBAK, nied-«-ter-ra'rio-an, 1 a. (me- 

McDtTBUUirBOt'S, med-«-tM--ni*ne-U5,r diut, 
middle, and frrrtr, land, Lat.) Enclosed or nearly 
nadoseid with hmd; inland; temotc fVom the 
ncran or sea. 

HET»tTi, nn-'de-om, a. (1.atJn. Ptur. Medioms; 
tttedin nut bring (vnomlly tijiod.) The tpace or 
mbataRoe thrDa{;li wldch n body moveft or posea 
to any pc^t ; tlie means or instnimcot by which 
anythin{> is accomplished, convey?d, or carried on ; 
the mldille place cr degree ; the mean ; a kind of 
printing pfiper of middle size. la Logic, the 
medium or mean tcmi of a syllogism, being kq 
amoment, reaaon, or eonaideratioo, by whldi we 
nmmi or deny anj-thing; or it ia the canse why a 
tbiug ta affirmed or denied. In Optics, any mb- 
stance tbnnjgh which light is transmitted. In 
Fencing, the preparntory guard of iLe bruadaword, 
or tnbre, wbicli conwata in prtaenting the sword 
in a pcrcrrdiniliir lino with the centre of the ob- 
jert opposed. Medhm mtu/nt, a kind of mnstia 
between tht jaeonet and lawn. 

MrriLAR, modlnf, a. The oommoQ name of the 
fniil and plants of the prrmt Mispllns. 

Meulb, med'.^l, \ r. a. To inlngl«*; to ttifc— 

>lBnLT, med'dfc,) Obsolete. 

M».i>[.bT, meille, «. A nrilxlnre; n mingled and 
roofosed mass of ingredients; — a. mingled ; coo- 
foaed. — Seldom wad aS an adjaetire. 


Uedolla, iito-dol'la, a. ((^tln, narrow.) la 
Amtatay, tli« murov in tbe cairitics of the booet. 
to BoUaj, Uie pitb oT pluU. 

SfcocLLAS, nw'dul-tar, la. PerUtDlngtoinar- 

l(llDin.LAnT, med'nl-Ur-H!,! row; oonnstinK of 
nurrow; resorobliag inarrow, ifedtillarg ratft, 
la Botuij. tlie T«rticml pUtcs of cellular titsae 
which radute from (be stem of exogcoooa pUcti 
through the wood to the bark. 

IIbddlun, me-dal'liQ, *. 1'ho nftmo gircQ ly Dr. 
John to th« porotu pith of Lb« iimBower. 

ItuocSA, ia«-doo'u, i. lo Fkbnlotu History, one 
of tbo tbroo Gor^oDs, daughter of Phoiris iind 
Oto. She wu Iho onlj one of the three Btibjcct 
to mortaUt;, and was oelebritcd for her perKnul 
cbanni and tbt bcaotjr of Iter locks. Hnviug 
Iwm rbblcd bjKeptOMin Ute Mmpleof Kioerr*, 
the hitter deitj, in roreoge, changed tbe lock* of 
llrdosa bto serpents. Pctmku oonijnend MeJou 
aod eat off ber bead, and tbt Uood sM en tlu 
oecMDoa prodnoid tbt iniiamenbk Mcpiots which 
, Inftit Afiica. Tbt oonqtuuror plicad the bead 
upon tha m^ at Mlnarra, which h« had tued in 
hit expadUkm, and It rotainad tb« petrifpng power 
at Ufure. Sonie snppoes tha Uednac wen a 
tMioa of women whom Peractit couqoend. JV0- 
diaa'iiuad. In Botany, tbo pUnt Etqrharhia eapu 
meduB. la Zoology, a genna of Aealephc 

UsDCin)^ me-dii'H-de, «. (NMthMi, one of the 
genera.) A funiil; of Acalophaoa, known eom- 
mool; \sy tbo come of Sea-notUos or Scn-Uobbtn. 

Ukkd, nued, & {mtd^ Sax.) Beward ; ncooipenee ; 
■ pHMDt or citl.~ObMMte la the last lenie. 

Hmck, meek, a {mink^ Swcd. rngg, Don.) Mild 
of temper ; not casdly prorokc-J ; soft ; gentle ; 
rinn to ferbcamnce nnder L-ijurira; expnaatnj 
bnmllity and gcatlcnna; not prood, ocIf-5uffidcnt, 
or refract«7;— p. <l (nwwAa, Goth.) to bnmble. 
— Obtoleteai arerb. 

n«lh«tl»belbUiindf achHlIbciMHcl; andbcUul 
«mUM Umtelf adiaU he eobaunild.— irigf^c, St. MatL 

Mbsmdi, nolcn. r. a. To make me^ ; to tolten ; 
to render mild. 

Mkeklt, mreklc, ad, Mililj ; geotlj ; abmls- 
■ivdy; hambtj; not proodly or RMgbl^. 

MfiBXJiJUR, meek'net, «. MDtlenai; mlldneai; 
Mftmai of temper; forbearuee tmlar liyiuies 
«ad proTocationB ; humility; mijnation; nb- 
mttrion to the divine will witboot peerbbntM. 

MVCB, MtEHKD. — See MecB. 

UECBacnACM, mccr'tbawm, «. (Oonnan, the foam 
of tbt aea.) A magnerian minenli found in tbe 
Mand* of Samoa and Negrapontb tbo ArcUptii^ 
It la emplojrad as fnlkr't earth in tlie TurkMb 
doouoIonB, and in the maaafdcture of tubocoo- 
IHMfl, wbirh, from the material eiDp!uy«d, ar« 
called wtcmdutmUt or mter$dHiiam pipu. 

Uekt, meat, «. (^and; Sax.) Fit ; uiitabk ; pro- 
per; oonTenUnt; — r. a. patt tad paU pjti, 
Ifc-t; {ntftiin, SHctoM, ffemttan, Sai.) to come 
face to fMs; to enoontiter hy trarelUng in ofv. 
post* dhectiooi ; tu c»ine together in bcvtiiity; 
to aiootmtcr oncxpect«dIy ; to come together In 
aimoBoa ; to oome in contact ; to jgln ; to cnnie 
|«; to find; to light on; lo coocci^-e ; — r. n. to 
aneonoter ; to dusc face to lace ; to cacoonttr iii 
hottinif ; to anaeinble ; to como t>>getber ; to «m» 
In ooniaet ; to join ; to ttifcf teitA, to light on ; to 
find ; to onmt Id ; to join ; lo unite in compunj ; 

to tufler naeipeetadlj; to eooovnter; toengnga 
in opponltion ; to oliTiate — a Latiniam i to mtaet 
Aalj-vaff, to approach from equal diatanoet and 
meet; mctapborioallr, to make mutual and equal 

Mekteu, meet'nr, §. One who mceta or aececta 

Mkltixo, meet'ing, a. An; ataemblr; a oonvoa- 
tion; a colloctioa of people; an intcrriew; a 
coming to::other. Metting-kouae^ a placeof w«r> 
ahip; a church. 

ME£TLr, meetle, otf. Fitlyi ptoparij; aoHablj. 

MBBTiTus,metfnea,«. Fltnats; propriety; aait- 

ilsOACAKFSA, UMg-a-kdr-pa'a, a. (aMyw, Eraat, 
and karpMt froit, Or.) A genna of OwiNrMa 
pbuita,natiroa of Siberia: Sobordar, Fbararinaan. 

MBOAontLE, meg-a-ke1e, «. (oMynt, graatt nod 
<A4^o$t a hp, Gr.) A genus of HymtBoptenM* 
inaeotat Family, Antltopbila. 

MiOAcuxiiiM, meg-a-klln'e-um,i. (ne^oa, great, 
and klino, I bend, Gr.) A gcnui of pUnta: Or- 
der, OrohiJnoec. 

MuoicosH, nx^a-kozm, a. (mtgtu, pent, aaA 
kotmoM. the mlfetM or world, Gr.) A mat 
world, as diatingniabad ftocD mieroeotm, or mi; 
the univote, aa dlttiaguished from the epitoaw 
of the world bduded in man, is called tha 

MuoAOBiics, me^-a-de'ru, «. (atyg y , gnat, rod 
rfcPM, lon^, Gr.) A genos of CoteopUmoi !»• 
accti : Fdmity, Ceraml^dd*. 

Mlcvueuu, meg-a-des ma, «. (ai^^M^ gnat* and 
dc$ma, a hinge or bond, Or.) A genu of binhv 
hlollnaca, in wbich the ahall ia thidc, tnasnaiif 
OTato, and nearly eqiuhiteral; cardinal teeth |i 
lateral teeth wanting ; bingo very thick; fig»- 
mcnt external : Family, TclUnlds. 

MsoADOMCS, cDt j-irdo mna, a. (mc^ui, gnat| wd 
(fojRos, a honae, Or.) A gffiiu of frnh-wikr 
MolluMM, of which tha duU la 1nTalTt» with om 
lateral tooth in each vain; two oardlnal toeth ; 
the poateiior mar|^ wbgtd: Family, TmUdBh 

Mko-ieiu, mo-jc'ra, 1. In Mythology, one of tha 
Furica, tbe dangbter of Nox and Acberaa. 

IklsoAi.urTaBoi'oaKRBBiA, iDW4-tai-(Anp-o-j*- 
ne'ah»-a, ». (wuqtu^ S**^ aattrqpoa, • nan, m 
jaarit, iwocrcaiwn, Gr.) Tbo prataodod ait of 
procraatiog men of gonl 05, aa tangbt by tha ririos^ 
ary Bohcrt. 

Msaai.A«rLA5onu, meg-o-las-plank'e-a, «. (aia- 
gai, great, and aploncAi'on, a Tiaeoa, Or.) A 
tanonr, fonnad by 000 uf tlie viteera. 

MuALEauir, iMgHi-W'aliai], a. Applied to oaitaia 
wagnifioant games, eAbibtted in the droot at 
Rome, in bonoor of Cybele. 

llEOALiCBTnTS, neg-a-lik'tAk, a. A iwnif «f 
foatil Ganoid flshe*, tbe remaloa of which at* 
found abundantly In the Coal fonnation of £ag> 
land and Sootland. 

Meoalochildb, mcg-a-lo-kilna, «. (mtgm, gnat, 
and cAtiYoa, a lip, Gr.) A geniu of Saorlan cep- 
tilcs : Family, Agnmidie. 

Mbcau>uox, meg-alcp'd'A, a. (ffMjraa. great, and 
odtmt, a tooth, Gr.) A geuiu i4 foaul CoiwJli- 
(«ra, found in tbe Deronlan or old Dod Sandatuno 

MKOALODomxt. me;;-a-lo-don'ta, a. (aewot,graal, 
MoJocfouf, atootb, Gr.) A&milyofCueoptcnMtt 
iniecla: Family, Si-cuifenL 




XKOAX<ovo«OMA,neg-Ji-lo-iBOs'to-nK,r. (m«r;a*, 
fRst. BbJ slMiB, > moolli, Gr.) A gCDUs nf t«r- 
RsUiiU MalloMa, m wkick the ftbell i» crltDdriciJ, 
■Dd It— n bh» pQpB, bnt has « bontj mierculuTn ; 
■pa« oat ttiiekaiMl ; witbont tsctb or full) oo iim 
jnDiz: Tanaij, Tarindn. 

UaoALOSTX, mqt-s-Io'niks, t. (truffoi^ gnat, ftiul 
•a^c, • claw, Gr.) A huge extinct iioidnipedf 
■f tba onder Edfcitata, the mnKins of wliicb were 
JhaetareJ ta the floor of a ravcm b the iinie- 
rtau if ViipftM, ia Amrrica. 

MsOALOVA, CMit-a-lo'pa, ». (iw^inr, and t^, an rrr. 
Gr. from tbr bitmen of tha *jet.) A geotu of 
Decapod CraiUCMnt: Familj, Macnun. Tbr 
MaovfA of Lamarek. 

lliiULorBOStoiii, ai^s-loT-o-nuji, a. (mMffot, 
gma,aDdplM»«tBTDiw,Gr.) HaTiiij;ali»dv»kc 

MlOALOms, tpoe-a-lo'fof, ». (mffftu, great, ami 
itfiof, a crnt, Gr.) A geuu of birda : FainilT, 

MnuLorouB, ii)cg-ft-l«{/fr-lii, «. (meffaU, great, 
nd^eJil^adt]r,Qr.) A pnacipal dtjr ; ametn- 


HBOALon^ iDCg'»-lepa, « (m<ya«, gmt^ and c;p«, 
Iba bea^ Gc) A genua of fiaties t Katmlj, Sal- 
— ■'"**i 

KBtALonrcsT, mcc->-lap''Hk-«, #. (ai/$«A ([^reat, 
■ri j q w llb IIn Bom, Gr.) Greatnaos of mind. 

UMULormu, mes-a-liip'ter-a, > «. (mrj/n.*, 

Ihn&LOtTKEASrs, nMg-a-lop'tvr-aoi,)' grvat, and 
ftom, a mac Gr.) A nacie 0vm by I^tmiV 
lo a £ra>3j of Nraroptcmii insecta, coniprvltend- 
tag Kieb aa kara Uit wtnga folded borixontAll)*. 

MuALorca, mw-alVpua, a. (mf^roa, gmtti and 
fa0,aibaC,Gr.) A gecina of Decapod CmntacBaiia: 
Faaiifj', MacTOon. Alao, a genus cf Coleoptcroua 
imcta: Fanil;, Locj^cornri, 

■ad aaMTDC, a aaorian, Gr.) An ut'mct geoaa of 
Senriana of ncnnooii tixa, tha rvmaios of wlucfa 
vt fooad in tin Oo&la forraationt of Enflaod. 

XcoaUMPUtKiA, nt^a-loa-pliit'De-a, a. (aHgrc;, 
paat, and apfas Iba apkan, Gr.) TuuNfiKrtion of 

llwAVTCTUU, tn^-a-aik'tar-s, ) *. (m^tn, 

NccAKTcrxKAXA, mcc-K-DQi'tar-aQS,) gnut.aad 
*»yata-u, a let.) A Iriba of Uia wlar Cbcirop- 
loa, ii*-l.^j;n£ tbe larteat 8(mc1«s of bat a, or fiTiiig- 
6mm, thtj an phjloptweow, aod are uatn-m 
•f iW irannar fvU of >Uia, Africa, and the 
Palynaiiwi iataa. 

ilBaAPO»DlJB, ou^ft-po'da-nr. ) a. (ae^^po- 

UwaroDniUl, nwg'a-po-di'e-de.) (lutf, one of 
tke ftBcnk) The Great-fDOta, a Utaily of Ro. 
•nvuT bMl, of cnat naa, and with tijc feet rer}- 
)|i..,.niDltri, meg-a-po'de-oa, «. (srf^tir, great, 
aaapcmf, a foot, Gr.) TUe Gre:it>rDotA, a gaouii 
af Inrda: Tjpe of tba faoiilj M<vHp-'>'^>na>. 
MltoaMAM, ma-ga'ftt-aaj a. lieloupag to Ue- 
MaaABIC, ma^gvlk, > gara, as tba M^guian 
wAodK to wbidi a tDajurU; of tlie diiit^aa of 
SwTita rttirrd after his di'alU. 
MccASCEUa, mag-aa'ie-lU, j. (megaty gnat, and 
aAatti^ Ik k; and foot, Gr.) A famQ^r uf Cdeop- 
bnoa liUKia : FamU/, Eapoda. 
HBOAaoorm, meg'a-ikopa, «. (mt^at, great, and 
aljipeB, X Tlnr, Or.) A modifieatloa of tba solar 
p. Mad lor tte cnniDBtian of bodies of 

ilcGji^rniA, mvg-a-«|ii'r«, «. {mrffot, ffvat, and 
tpajra, a spire, Gr.) A ^ntu of oniralva ter- 
ratrtal Molltuea, in wUcb tb« iball u elaratei 
apiTtun) niKarty oral, rounded batow ; marc^ re- 
flected, dugoiDod abovo; colnnNUa maojr-fbUad, 
below aatirc ; oot effaae. 

Ueoastsosi, mt{-a>-t«-jffV '• ("MSra*< brga, and 
tttffas, a roverisg, Gr. id rdercoce to the largo 
bracteaa wbtcb escloae tbc Qawer before expan- 
■ioo.) A genua of LegwBioooa plantai Sab- 
onler, PapiluiDan-SF, 

UsiQAbTKiUA, me/i-ta tD-tna, a. (aw^aj, great, and 
ttomot a tnontb, Gr.) A gmus of birds, be- 
longing to tba T}-nnnJna>, or Tyrant Sbiikea: 
Famllr, l^r/uida. 

>feaATHiiRli:H,Rie{;-a-6(u'ie-um, «. (aiiyoi, girat, 
and UuriiMf a Ueaat, Gr.) Aa extioct Edentata 
qoadruped of enormona Aa»-^ eoniudered lo be nrnro 
nesrl; alliod lo Ant-eatan amd Sloths titau lii tb« 
ArmadiUoa, with U>a gaaara UagsIonpE, GIoks- 
toLhcmiD, iljrlodDA, and SoeBdotberiun), all of 
which ara peculiar to AnwrtciL It fonni the ex- 
tinct family Uegntberiklc, or Ucgatberoida of 

Ubqitosa, me-gnt'o-ma, #. {megnn, pntiit And 
tomtt ui indooD, Gr.) A gruus of Colwptenaa 
insrvta: Family, ClavirTmes. 

MEOATKr^MA, niif-a-tn'ina, «. {megaat gnat, and 
trtma, a boU, Gr.) A gmos cf Cirripeds, tba 
»];cll of which bare n liirgv aperture. 

MitOKiM, niH'[:rim, a. (m^yrrme, Fr. probably from 
enjiy bslf, Qud knnion, tlw skull, Gr.) A riolmt 
inlimiiittiRg pain affrctiiig ud« nido of llie haad. 

ilEIOI-YrTEa, UW'glip'ttm, a. {meion, IrM, pf^pta, 
a car%'er, Gr.) A pfata of tirds of tb« \Vood- 
peoker kiitd : Family, I^cidir. 

Mbixb, inean, v. a, (aianjram, Siu.) To nu'ngla, — 

or lova. Iha ilfltaBMia 
Is auiat wilh awrta aud iiJ tiam m i ■ flaanrr 

MciXT, nie'na, #. A fnmily; a retiniM: domcstie 
semmta. — Obsolete. 

Ukiohitb, me'a-iitte, t. (ineKin, leoF, Gr. from its 
terminating pyraitiid>« being lower than thim of 
aimiUr fgnos in utlirr crystals.) A miaenl, m 
priamato-pynuiidal feUpRr of a grn-isb-wbito 
fXtlour; tnnsluccnt and IransprcsU. It la fouud 
at Meaut Suttma, n«ar Uouot Vosuriua. 

Mciosi^, uii'o-sb, «. (Grwk.) DiaiinDtiOQ ; ail(»< 
torical figon, a species of liyperbola, reprasanting 
a thing leaa than it is. 

Mkisneua, mtt'na'iv-a, ». (in bonoar of O. F. 
MeiuifT.) A genns of planli: Order, U«1aat»- 

MtlwEt-L, loi'wel, I, A small fpedes of Ibe «od- 


>lKiiHiTABi8T, meblt-a-rist, a. Ont of ibe coa- 
grogattona of Amoaian mouka, founded by Fotar 
MeUiilar, who live on i1m ialand of Son Laxare, in 
Vetuotf and publish vrorlu ea tbetdogy, Htentiira, 
and geiwea] sciancc. 

Ueladbuia, mtl-a-dtr'ata, a. (indGas, black, and 
iJo-md, the skin, Gr.) Aganuaof flriuM: Family, 

Mbukna* rod-ft'oa, ». (mtlaMt black, Gr.) The 
black rtaaii; a dliehargn of bladt blood in eon- 
seqamre of the pnamce of add. 

>(Kt.AFrsua, mcl-a-fu'siu, s, (meZaiMo, nAJLmUt 
two gesera of sbelli.) A genua of MoUnaos, b»- 
loug^ to tha MakniiQK, in wbicb the slid] ia 



•Dbfnnfann, tk* baai 0ontrAd«d, and tha a\>n- 
tnn ftod f pi(« marl; eqajil i Family, TtirbiJjci. 

MlLAlif, ou^'aim, «. (maAiiW, I btMlifln, Gr.) Tb« 
Aolonring muttor of the ink of Uia cnltle-Htib. 

MxLAtBrOA, Bul-i-Jn'kk, ff. (mtlatt ULuk, snil 
Uukoi, white, Gr. tho tnuik b«in^ bUck ud llto 
brinehw wbitr.) A gunu of pbnU: Onlw, 

UsLAM, moliim, f. A proiluction of the daoompo- 
ution of MlpboennidtAf anunoiuaiii, dbeovoTvd by 
Lnbjg. Formula, C13 Ku H«: M|iitr.=828.0t>. 

UujkMDni, init'i-ttin*, «. A Hjlna baie, dl«- 
ooftfod bj Uebig, n prMJoct of tbo docompodtion 
of nuUin bj ftllcAlics aad dilute acidi. Forroolflf 
Ca Nfl Ha; eqal*. = liiI.G2. 

Uki.ahpodil-11, mcl-imipo'(lB-Din. i. («wJ!Bi, blaelt, 
■ud pouM, B foot, Gr,) A Bonoi of OomixiMte 
planUt Bntocder, TataliHone. 

llKLAiircs, neOui'piu, ». (mtia*, blidi, utd 
|xnu, ft foot. Or.) A genus of MolloNa, boloag- 
ing to tbo TnrbhuE, or TurtMW, in wbldi tho sliell 
U ovml, SBbeonironn; th« tplra very Mlimrt Aitd 
oblaw; apriuro narrow; lonn- lip ihiu, nnd 
ttriated inteniallv ; pillw pbutcJ : FaTai!j, Tur- 

MSLAMPTRIKB, lUV-tMn'pe-rlM, f. A BubstAOC* 
obUoed, in wliieb an OMtml m-stali, fioin tbo 
pbutl HdMBpTittn iMinoroaum. 

Unxicmtrv, md-xm-in'niin, *■ (maJiw, black, 
and jiyrof, whrat, Or.) Cow-wb«ttt, a B«fn» 
of ptoats : Onlcr, RliioanUiacea. 

Mkla3(aooottei, me-toD'a-xog, m. (mciM, black, 
and offo, I drive, Gr.) A nwdkebou jira|)aratk>D, 
mppMcd to havo the quality of expolUng black 
bilo or tholrr.— Obaolale. 

UsLAJJCAXniA, iiMl-aD-kaa'Uia, $, (nwJiair, black, 
Md atnartg, a splnev Or.) A gaon of Molliuca, 
bdoni^ to the MebuiUtuc, in wUicb tho tliell 
has the spiro nnd apertoro of nearly oqaul length ; 
Iha wborls cimatrd with tpinoa, and the innvr 
Up very thin : Family, TarbiJic. 

Mut-vscjiOLiAN.— Se< Molancholjc 

Uci:.A!icitot.tu, incl-an-kol'ik, a. (mdtmtAeHa, 
lat. from mtiat, blade, aod cMe, bllo, Or.) 
AAocted «ilh gloom; doproflsed in ■pirits; di;- 
jeetcdt hypochondriac; cxprc«d?eof melaacholy; 
ntoomfal; anfortonHtc ; onhappy; canring Bor- 
row; — J. ono aSeottd with a gloomy state of 
miad ; a gloomy state of mind. 

Uai.Ascuoi.iLT, nd'on-kol-e-l*, od la a m«- 
loncfaoly mannrr. 

UKUkHOBOLniftfta, mal'an-kol-a-nca, #. Stolo ef 
boiag mebncholy; diapaiitlan to gloonlMaa of 

MBUUfcnoLiotrs, mcl-io-ku'Ift-aa, a. Ualanehaly; 
ghmny; dlamoL— Ob>alet«. 

MuaacaoLUT, mal'aB-koMat, a. Ooa aflbetod 
with naU«holy. 

llBLAaoaousx, nMl'as»*lM-Ua«, 9, n. To baoMDo 
gbany or ■alaaakoly ^— t, a. to nalw Md or 
mahucboly, — SeMom uaed. 

MsuuiCBOLT, ad'aiHlGal*«i m. A d^aolad or 
^oany atata of tha miDd, aaaoaipaniad with grtat 
daapoodoDcy aod da praBsi oo of i[arits ; a gloomy, 
ptDHva, diaoontaalnj temper ; — a. gloonny ; dk- 
nal; baUtoally di^aclsd ; calamitous; that mar 
«r does pfoduea gtaat ovil and grief. 

XsuhirsaTA, ntat-an-driV a. (mtlat, black, and 
drp$^ tha oak, or aqy olhcr trao liko it, Gr.) A 
gum of OolBOftarDH h iaaBli, brianging to Um 

triho £«m>palp*ulra, and Hid faatOy Stctwlytra at 

UBttAimrM, ma-laa-cr'pes, *. (weftfi. black, a^iJ 
trfutem^ a craopcr, Gr.) A ganus of biida of tbf 
Woodpeeker klod : Family, Pkldr. 

)[|u.ANOK, malongxh, s. (I'roDeh.) A miatora. 

IklELAHrA, mcl-a'oe-a, a. (aulai, black, Or.) A 
ganoa of tmiralra frath-watar MollBaeik, Um iImII 
of whloh haa ao tpUeroiU • a paioled apln^ wl^cli 
b often elongated or turriealatad : aperlni* wal, 
and widanod anteriorly, and luu a ray ahsrf 

MKlJUlust^ mel-an-«-a'ne, ». (■Mlaaii, ow of 
tbo gsoera.) Tba Block Snaiti, tbo name gjren 
Iff Swalnwa to a aabfatnlly of the TWbite, or 
Tarboi, In which the iheUs an spiral ; the aptrv 
as long, and gcDcraOy ranch hmger, than the 
apcrlon ; and tbr body wLorl small 

Mb[.a>la5IS, mfl^a'DC-ans, $. A family of lloQnea, 
inclnding the genrra Melaiitit. Melanopats, dca 

McLAKlTE, QKiran-ite^ a. A ve>et-bbck opaqas 
variety uf the Ramol, occurring in dodecabedraoa 
with tniaeat«<d edgoa. Its censtiloants wa — 
ailios, 86.5; lima, 83.5; oxida of iron, S&.6; 
alujDtna, 6.0; coide of maogaaaae, 0.4: w^ gr. 

MELAMinrcg, m*l>a-iu'cAt]i, «. A genua of tha 
HrliiiiiAnr, in witich Uic nhcll is fbnaed like 
Melaiiia, but llio kpiro ia obtucc, aod the aotUfv 
prominent: Family, Turbido:. 

Mbi.a.mtic, mrUa-nil'ik, a. Relating to Bielanita. 

Hblaxnklla, mel-sR-aetla, t. (tneJoa, black, Ge.) 
A geoaa of Uolloaca, beloa^Dg to the Helaniao*; 
tho shell of wlilcli U oTxte, at^ th« ^rs acartalj 
longer than the aprrtunv wbkh *i CDtirt: the 
inner Up much thickened tfaroogh Its whbk 

Melandciiroitb, tne-Ian-ok'io>it«; a. (laafawo 
cAro»y of a dark colonr, Gr.) A ^!ibcriaIl miaera) 
of a byitdnthioe or oraoge-rcd colour, nearly 
opaqna, with a lesiitoos loaire. It oondata of 
oiide of lead, 47.G9; chromic acid, 23^81 1 ffk 
(jr. 5.75. 

.Mi'-t-AKorglDimi, nMl-an-op<Md'c-nui, «. (aiefru, 
black, and ptUitM, the gtiarji, Gr.) A geoDs of 
plants: Order, Cinefaooaocr. 

HLLAKorsia, mcl-o-nop'sis, $. (netuma, aod e;psi*, 
rearniblADce, Gr.) A g«niu of the Melanianc, Is 
which the abell has the general fonn of MeAama, 
hot the it^n thorter, and tbe baae of the aportorc 
notohed ; Family, Torbidc 

MBLAirouurxA, nwl-ao-ar-nX a. (aMfao, blaefc, 
and rifo, I flow, Or. b TeftrsDoe lo tha Mack 
juies wldch llowa from tlM tna whan woatSaiL) 
A genus of |iUats : Order, TeraUathsMK 

MiaAicoBis, mel-an-o'sii^ 9. A diaoaaa dkUa- 
gnished by the depoahkm of a peoalhar tafUllur- 
Ud subataaoa, of a deep brewB or blade oeloar. 
The depesitiaa of ndaootie matter t^aa place 
aaoeosalvfly In nnmsnns jwfta af the body, po- 
dadng all the iiijmiooa e6eeli rf oBBiBmrisw aorf 
iirftatioQ, till it provaa &tal, etlbar fey ita dbecl 
iotiucDce on aome important orvau, or by Ib9 
ezbaufttioo which it gradually prodnoaiL 

Melahobticta, me-laa-o-BtikHa, & (asefat, Uack, 
nnd ttilto*, maricad, Gr. to l eft ran ea to the laav«a 
and Dftlroca bciog beaet wHh hUtk glanda* whkh 
havo tba appeaiaaee of black dots or marka.) 
A gcnns of ttgmiaotm phula 1 SubaHari On^ 



VcUJNmo, BtlHm-ot'ik, a. P«tl«iinQg to, or 
■Acted I7 HduMis. 

MausoxnxMr, iiM*kii-«lts'9-l«i, f. (na&w, Uatk, 
•od i j j fcjw , vood, Gr.} A geoos of Lt{;Qiniaoq» 
phal*, Mthm of BnzS: Sobonlcr, CcmpniieiB. 

MLAVtSLCMCIC, iM-lwwI-i'lnn, f; («Mbil^ 
UMfc. nd MfiwM, pmU^, <3r.) BlMk Parde^, 
a MM •< UabtlHAim plutet SbIooIm-, 

ItKUinXlttTB, BMl-«l't«Mta^ J. Om of tb* 

■Mm W Ita nkiiv* —Iphaf of iroB, or gneo 

ItaLAimuCBM, iM-)an>rVM-«,) <. Ad onttr of 

MlUlXTHAa, no-Uo'lAa-o, J lilUotow Kn- 

4SCMM, Ik* plntB of wfeioh hftT« in mom mm* 
tiM ciMiaMo of cncwM, in etbtn thkt of 
laaD E&M; ta\y% and conlla both «Bk», ftve, 
paiilaid, ia lix pieoM, or, b oomqiMfiM of tbs 
wliB^Mi of tb* ckwff tabakr; Aamm kx; 
aroiy Ibm oJlaJ and Buiny 0Md»d ) ftjrtearao- 
ftittd; capHilegcfMTaajr^ndcdfBtothrMi^MH. 

MiLAsnucBom, ■ut-ao-tU'ihoai a. ratab- 
JBf CO tb* ordiff UelMrtbuHfc 

MKJiviaaKA, — Im Hmh%t «• (wrfw^ blHk, md 
wtfiiw, om utdMri Gr.) A guw of Cocoptnte 
|iUnli: SuberiH^ TabvliflooB. 
Vuvmvs, iMl-WiAa-Qm, 1. (JVWaixAeoM, 
lb»Gi^DUMofih»KleeUaoftb«LitiDi.) A 
pmm af |laM^ l^ «f tb* Mrdor HelaotbAoen. 

I Hbjvhnu, fMMa'tfr-na, «. A ganu of tbe 
¥ilwliM. fa whiob tba AoD te ftutftrm, 
ha^ladlnally ribbad ; a dnp ainos it the top of 
tta Mtv Hp ; btM ooBtnctDd ; cbtnstl wide : 

ViuBia, mal-M^ a (aulai, llaclr, Or.) A 
|Baa of Co h optetmia Inatcti: Funlly, £am- 

Hiunti, ad-aa'ma, <. (mdtu^ Usck, Gr.) A 
IBM af plmta: Oidor, SeropbiilMiftccB. Alto, 
■ iJMaam of Kg«d pcnou, in which a bUek ipot 
imsn on tba aldn, which uoa pMiM biU a nm) 

Xkuoha, nia-l»-«o'ina, ». (aidba, blaek, and 
ia«a, a todj, Or.) The nara« gtvin ^ Otritr 
to a bniW of UeuntMrooa ColooptOfm, oouifrt- 
bg «f Uaek or ciaenoa-^cdoutad bartlea, mostly 
^tanaa, and 6«qDBitCly wUb aoMertd elytra. 
iim, ft CMB* of Uida, bikaging to th« Dioirinip, 
« DmafD Skfibii : FuaHj, LaoUda. 

NlUaFCLaKULA, mel-ai-re^ni-lB, «. (mtiaa, black, 
lad Mirani, a riobo, Gr. b annami to the colmir 
Hd era* af m ba&wts.) A gaoB of pbme : 
Oidv, bUatciik 

MttUKMU, mel-as'to-ina, «. (mda$^ bhufc, aod 
Ana, a mantb, Gr. frnn tbe Uwk btrrlea of 
aiaa of tba mam.) A gaaaa of planta : Order, 

MlLAannuc&B, met-aft-to-ma'ie-e, t. (yuJat- 
taM^ ena ef the geocra,) A natural order uf 
riiifiiiinw pbata, wnriatiag of tnea, tbniba, or 
bala^ Willi omsta bana and terminal Aowen; 
wif% £vide4 mlo fcur, fin, or rix Isbta ; potAls 
■qui b nmnbcr to the eegiacDts of tb« caljrx; 
■tencM taKallj hrioe M tnuy ; one st^ ; 
rtigma oDipIv ; Kt>J« inntnnenble and minute. 

MlLAaTOMjiOKoov, mal-a-eto-ma'khiu, a. Bol«tig- 

iog to the natartl order Hdaatomeeeat. 
MELAXaomr, me)'a*tR>f-«, §. (wmIm^ a metnbcf, 
waMlDib Qr.) Atrojihy of tbe 

McLOfiiBBDiotAjtti, mel-fciz-4-de'sbu*, «, A nana 
giren to certain sects, b the eartf eta^ of the 
chttrcb, who reganled Uelchliedeo aa a dlTbe 

WateHITB, mellnte, e. {mtSOt^ kitig, Syrian.) Id 
Boderiaatieal HIetsry, a rorilist and imperial- 
itf I a oaine gheo br the EntychUns to thoao 
wbo, after tbe oonncU of Cbaloedon, mdeBTouied 
to pat the order uF ibe Empenc Manaaa Wo 
eaaeotioB agabat than ; the same Is ddw given 
b tha aaalam chwrfua to tbe Matonites, Cauolb 
Grcaha, and VaBcaOoSo Gmka. 

Mblbaorxs, nw-le-ag'rii, «. (fram Jfebo^rif, 
wboae Riten were fabled to liaro tamed bto thia 
bird.) Tbe Toriiey, a geani of Boaorial Uida : 
Family, Pannudau 

HKLnoTA, ma-lrk'ta, §. (ne)^ bonfY, aad bdw, 
fine or choice, LaU) A genaa of Hymeon>taitiua 
ineeeta of the Bee land ; Family, AntbiopbyU. 

UBlJXmTl>, me-le-ti'tus, i. {mdi, boaey, and 
hjto*, a eerity, tir.) A genus of f^ta: Order, 


Mnxa, Bol-W, a. 0>cnefa.) A fl^^t or acnflle. 

SAkum, nenai, «. *t^ Badger, a genus of qoad- 
mpeda — a gam npantod bj Storr from L nos. 
The habiti of Ibi Mdgv an socturDal, inoffeo- 
nve, lod alothfal ; it Srea OD nots, eaith-inits, 
froita, and cgga ; it dwells m b ui rowa, aod is pos- 
Beased of great maaaular stroaglfa. 

HELHAyu, mel-ha'no-a, «. (from Houot Udfain, 
b Arabia, the hafaitatioB of one of theipeoes, Af. 
aeJaflbM.) A gsDna of plants: Order, Byttnri- 

&IBLU, melfr-a, «. (the Or«ek Dono of tbe ash.) 
A gania of plaoti, typa of tbe order MdiiKK. Id 
Zoology, n genoiof Cnistaceans, allied to OnoB. 

Melucbjc, me-U-a'u-e, t. (mtUa, ons of tbe 
eeT>cra.) A natorml orOer of Exopncns pfanti^ 
cosii<lii)g of trees or BhnibB, with ext^olats 
alternate leaTca; wniit three, fbnr, or fire, nan 
or Ims nnibdt petab the sum b amiber, l^po- 
fjnoaa; ftanaas twice aa nuniy la tbs pamat 
imtbefs seaille wHIdn tha arifloe of tba taba t 
orary tingle ; fruit berried or oapeolar. 

Mkliacbocb, mel-i-a'shtts, u. Belonpng to tho 
order Meliacew. 

MeUAUiilNA, me-Ie-B-grfna, s. Tlw Pearl Oyster, 
a gvmu of NoUttBca, from tho abella of which 
psarh an obtained. 

MsLLiUlTnuB, mel-«-aD'/Aas, 1. (me(^ honey, and 
(TfiMof, a Rower, Gr. from the flowers being foil 
of hooey.) A grnos of plants : Order, Zygt^yl- 

MEI.10A, niel'e-ka, a. (a name giren b Italy to tbe 
plant Uolcns sargbuR of IJnnieus, the pith of 
which resembles boney; met, Lat.) Mcltc grws, 
a graos of plants : Order, GraminnniD. 

MELtCEKia, mel-e-se'res, ». (mdi, bone}*, and Itvroa, 
was, Gr.) Is Pathology, an encysted ttimoor, 
Ibe eoateats of which reaemUe hooey and wax. 

yiKUCitzVB, mel-ilcms, s. (mefi^krsa, honey 
coloured, Gr. b referrnoe to the coloars of the 
gloftda of the Bowers.) A genos of plants : Order, 

hlELiciiTnTB, me-lik'rik, 1. (mtUu, bUdc, and 
Mthyt, a fiab, Gr.) A grnofi of fi^ies: Family, 

Meucocca, mtl-e-kok'ka, a. {meO, honey, and 
*okioe^ a b«iy, Or.) Honey-beny, a genna of 
planta: Ordv, Saplodaeor. 



Ubuoofb, md-ik'o-po, $. (mc/i, hoaej, md ItopCt 
■ dirlilon, Or. in iJltuioQ U> the foar didjmoiui 

, bouy-gludi at tbo bus of the arorics.) A 
gnu « pluti : Order, BoUcmt. 

Ubuojutobt, md-ik-ra'to-ra, t. (meli, honey, 
Gr.) A land of metd, a miitore of buoey, &c 

Ukuoo, [iicl-)'go,«. (aw/i, honey. Or.) The nib- 
itaOM wbidi bMt ootlect bofan il la oonTortcd 
into hotaj; alao, tho juic« of tho uoripo gnf^. 

Hblilite, nifiHltte, «. {wttii, kiMf, mm! UAot, ■ 
itoiMi Gb-.) A niloinl of a boa^ oolear, wUoh 
oooan 01^ io miaou grain bt th» flHan* tod 
onltiM of kn. It eonticts of ^Uch, 38; Ume, 
1&.G| wapwda, 19.4; alomiaa, 2.9; osido of 
boo, 12.1 ; oxide of mttwaitnit, 2.0; oxide of 
tilaiimm, 4.0 : sp. gr. S^C 

BIlULOTus, md-e-lo^iu, «. (mti, honey, and /dAtf, 
a plunti Lat. the plnnu bein^ fliiailu to tlw Lotiu, 
and tbe faroaritc retort of htcs.) >telilot, a geatu 
of Legntninoaa plaota i Sabordcr, PaptlioQioaai. 

Meuxl'h, mo-li'nnm, x. A naiii* ^ren by Urn 
aDcicDta to the only wliito tlwir great painters 
oaed. It aeema to bun b«ca a pore aluminooa 
oartb fa) a itate of fine powder. 

Ueuoiutk, meel'yo-rate, r. a. (Lalh.) To mitlce 
better ; to tmprovo ; — v. n. to grow better. 

HKUOlLLTiOK, mecl-yo-ra'sbon, «. The act of 
mUing, imprDriog, or bettorioj; ; itnprot-emeat. 

Ukliouitt. roeel-yor'o-te, c Tho atato o£ b^ng 
better.— Obsolete. 

tlEiaruiGA, mel-ira-gi, a. (m«U, bonoy, and ^- 
tfo, I eat, Gr.) Tbe Uoncy-auckeni, a genos of 
oirda: Type of tbe Gitnily Slfliphagidae. 

UsuPUAOtujs, mel-G-fa'je-do, «. (meJ^affa, one 
of the genera.) Honoy>iacken, a goaiu of Teoni- 
ixwtral birds. 

UsLtroMA, mel-Ip'o-na, ji. (nteli^ boMry, mApemtu, 
vork, Gr.) A goniu o( HyiucuoMwooa uaacis 
of tbe Bee kind : Family, Antbiopbyla. 

IfzLlssA, mel-ui'u, $. (^me/ota, a bee, Or. from 
bees being said to pitbcr hooey from the pkota.) 
Balm,, a genoa of pUnta : Order, Laxniaooa. 

a kind of singing-birJ, Gr.) A genua of Hymen- 
optcTous ioscoLs of tbe Bee kind : Family, Anlbio- 

Mklita, tnel'e-ta, *. (me^ boiiey, l«(.) Honey- 
cake, a genoa of Ecbinites. Alao,agei]DaofCnia- 
tacoons, found on tbe sea-sfaora beoeath ctooaa. 

Ubutju, mel-^-te's, a. A oamo gino by Blaaa- 
Tilla to a groop of tlie Medandia, and by lAinarck 

. tD Polpyparia; aaaloKaua to Lna and Qorgouia. 

IIeutk, mel'ttp, s. Honey-atone, a tnJQeral of a 
booey coluur, di^tinguiabed from amber by it4 weak 
oledricily lud double refraction. U oooaiati of 
mcUlie acid, 41.0; alumina, 14.10; water, 44.0; 
oocon aaaoculed with brown ooal in Thoriogia : 
tf. gr. 1.597. Hanliieaa= 2.0—2.5. 

ItfuJtUUEPTOI, niel-e-firep'lua, a. (eielt, hooey, 
aad Ar^ilOt £n1, Or.) A geoos of birda : Family, 

UeLrruil, ne-le'ihan, a. A follower of Melilina, 
a bishop, depoMd ia tbe year S06, on a cbargo uf 
Laving aaorifioad t« idols. 

HltrmB, OMl-it'tia, f, (ne/ina, a baa; a wonl 
Died by Fliny, aa syooRymoos wUb Malfaaa.) 
Baatard-balm, A gennsof plants: Order, LandaccB. 

Ubuttcbga, roel-lit-tur^a, i. (meli^ honey, aod 
towyon attic, for trytm, a worker, Gr.) A geuos 
of Hymenopterous insects : Order, AntblopbyU. 


MEL1ZDPHU.DS, mel'e-zofe-laa, a. A 

Inseesorial birds : Fiuiutj, Merulidja, 
BlXLL, md, v. *. (aiefer, Fr.) To mix ; to i 

— ObMtleta. 
lUaoa^ya pralkii% omB oof with holy thtmn—^ && 
Mellates, mdlayta, «. A geotu of Salt% m mUA 

tbe nMtiitic acid is cumbLned with aalifi^ila baaia. 
UbujxbbodIi, inel-Ufer-rus, o. (mel^ boiMy, and 

^rOf Ipraduce, LaL) rroducing hooey. 
MBLLinoAZXOS, mal-la4»-ka'abaa, a. Tbe ail 

urprsctioaofiBBUBgboaflgri prndootiosi of booay. 
HELLirLUBXCB, meMiPfio-ans, s. (ai^ moijiin, 

I dow, Lat.) A flow of nreetneoB, or a swasl* 

unootb flow. 
Ui:LLirLL-n.vr. mel-lifflQ-cDt,} a. Flowing villi 
McLLiFLLOL's. mel-UTda-Ds, j* tyaatnaii; flnr- 

Ih;; with honey. 
Uelugenols, mcl-l^'e-nos, a. (md, aad pttm$, 

kind, Lat.) UaTios tbo qnaSttea of boao/. 
UsLLrr, mei'lit, i. ui Fartkiy, a dry scab oo Um 

bwl of a bone's fora-foot. 
Mbllitic, mat-lit'ik, a. Pertaining to booey-«toiie. 
MBLLtTic ACTD, mol-lil'ik u'kid, a. An aeU 

diaouvcml by KUproth in mdiite, Fonnnli^ 

Hi Ct Oi; «iiuv. = r.7.0. 
Mblloh, incrioii, a. A oomponnd radical, ^- 

coreradbyLiebig. Foniiula,C« Ml ;e<iair.=93jOL 
Mellow, mello, a. (majnoa, Sax. me£A Genu.) 

Soft with ripanaaa; full ripe; eaaily yielding to 

inasKore; soft in sound; soft; well pnlveriaadt 

Dot iadaratod or eompact ; soft and aaMOtb t« the 

taste; intoxicatMl; soft with Uqaor; ineny;— 

T.a. to ri[wu: to mature; to soften by ripeneaa; 

to rip«n I7 age ; to softea; to raatora to pedh»« 

tioii : — V. o. to ba matand ; to ripao. 
AtELUtWLT, oiello-le, ad. In a meUow maiiiiar. 
MelLOWHBSS, roellu'tica,!. The qaabty ofbdug 

ripe or yielding eowly to prtaaura^ as of frait; 

maturity ; softman or amootbneaa firara age^ as of 

Mkixowt, mclTo-e, a. Soft ; unctuous. 
MELOBE9IA, tnel-u-bo'zbe-a, a. A genu* of Polypi, 

tbe Bmnll i>oroua platus of which are attadiod U 

the lea^'w of marioB pUata. 
Mblocactds, mo-lo-kak'tua, t. (mtio% a wuim, 

and kuteot, a spiny pUot, Gr.) Meloa-cUalli^ m 

gsnos of plants: Order, Cactawc. 
Melocahka, uicl-o-kan'na, «. (ow&m, an f^ 

and £oima, a ned, Gr.) A geoos of planta : Or- 
der, Gnuninsceai. 
Melocuia, me-IolRi-a, t. (a name altacad tmm 

ftlelochich, the Arabic name of the plaol Corcbcnia 

olitarios.) A geousof planta: OnW.ByUoariMatK. 
Uelocb»cs, mft-li^''t«-nna, a. (nelna, an appK 

and trawn, a Illy, Gr.) A goaiia of Crinoideana, 

found in transition Uinealooaa. 
UfLODi.HL's, me-lo-di'nOB, a. (mhIom, an applet and 

dineo, I turn round, Gr. in refbreooa to iba finiK 

being like au apple, und th« stenu twiui^^) A 

genus of plantat Otdar, Apooynaeeea. 
Mbj>odiodb, na-lo'd«-M, «. Manealt i^widMa 

to the ear by a iwaat aqonawion of aaiBidai W- 

Hbix>i)iou6lt, ma-lo'da-aa-lf, a<£ Hvnuadamly; 

with a raoucal flow. 
Mblodiovbhub, Ma-Vda-B»-MB, * Tba ^mMkf 

of bung lineal la to ibe aar by B twoM I 

ofaoonda; muDcalness. 
Melodut, mri'o-diat, a. On* wbo eiapoBM 1 

nnga malodiea. 



MsLODiZBt rori'o-dii*, «. ol To makt mdodkms. 
Khlodsama, nwro-druiMi,) «. (ib«Im, « aong, 
Mklopjumb, md'e-dnm, > Or. md dhima.) 
A dlWDatio p erfcc ui moce in nhidi Mngi are irtro- 


HsLODKUUTSO, inel-o.^ra-iDaftk, a. FfertwDlDg 

to BOMlMlnmM. 

MnoDT, nd'o-de, $, (mcJbdui, Gr) An tfiro^blc 

meomdam of nond*, lo n^gaUted tod modulated 

ai to {ikaaa the eir. 
MstOt, melo-e, a (awfa, o probe, Gr.) A genua 

vt Oolcopteratifl insects : Fftmilj, CwiLhuidaeL 
McLOLorrniDX, iDe-lo-lon'iit»-de, ) «.(ine- 

HsLOLOinttniLUfa, me-lo-toD-iUd'c-AnB, t Mon- 

IhSf aaeoT tbi genen.) A fKaHy of Coleoptoroas 

tnacl^ at trld^ the Ooekdiifer (Helolocthft vnl- 

fnlB)btlM typo. 
Utum, meron, «. The fruit of tbfl pUnt Cacomls 

Bidsv of wluch tlinv are s grent maaj Tarietiiis. 

tPditr-indoM, th« ftmt of Caeamis dtnitlax. 

JfirfiM-dUide,— «■ MtloottCtns. Afdon-sheils^ 

Um iImU* of th* gMQS Valuta, — wLkb aeo. 
MnoowsvA, ms-Iatv-jo'na, a (Arabic, alttrod from 

B7da»4fsat *!>■ Arabic name of lb* Egg plant) 

n* E0 idantf Solaoara mttcngena. 
lCILoatftJ^ mo-lo-oa'ra, a. (M«iai, a mnnbrane:, 

md «f«^ a chain, Gr. in itfertDct to tba farm of 

tkaflkmnU.) A genu of Alg» : Ovdor, IKato- 

XiLOoa, mo-Wdi, a. (Gtwlc.) Tbe act of prob- 
ing a wound, or tetxodadng libe ctth«tcr. 

HnxmittLif fn»-Ioll'n-«, §. (aufMJkrtM, tho name 
flf a plant in Tboc^bnutoi, nMOMd to be hry- 
aqr.) A genai of pUots: Order, CooBrbltaceic. 

MuromTK, ncl-po'mo-m, i. (fhiia wu^xmai, 
I ia^ Gr.) In Pabolotu Hiftory, ooa of the 
Htmrn, daBg|hi£r of Japit«r and BfnrmoaTna, wbo 
fMBdad over trtgadjr. Uoran haaaddranad U» 
BBitf of Ida odaa to ber at tbo patnuieot of iTric 
fBtbf, Sba ma gcnenllj npnnontcd aa a 
j png wonaa villi a aeifoas copntnunee ; her 
uiMUti ^nn tpkodid ; iht nan a bu&lcin, and 
' nU a dacpr in om band, and a tccptrc aai 
cnva in the oAar. 

Mju,so«% nafme, «. (ttet, and rou, tat.) Ho- 

IbU; wait, at. s. (noBoii, Sox. fiutde, Gr.) To 
dunh«; to mke Uqnid ; to redoce to a doiring 
or fiqnd itate fc; boat; to ndooe to first prind- 
pm-t to oeftan to love or teodemoas; to waMe 
wwMfi todillipate; — o. n. to become Yu\tui; to 
fiaolTa ; to bo made llaid ; to be aoflened to 

S, or anj gentle paasloo; to g^wr tandar, 
t, or gentle; to m dtsaolTod; to loao ad^ 

riuoa ; to bo aabdoed by ifilictloo ; to bo dlH 

ooongad or disfacarteoed. 
KiLTlK, raelt'or, ». One who redooes anything 

6m a aolid to a floid state. 
MtLtxira, meh'ing, it. Softecin); iato tenderness; 

toftog to soften . — $. tbc act of eoftening \ the 

ael of rendering tender. 
IbLHSOLT, meltlog-le, ad. la a manner to 

■Am to tendonoaa; like aomotfaing meldag, 
MSLTDIcrass, mcUlng-Des, «. DispositioB to be 

arfkBsd Vj lore or teodcmess. 
<MLCM3t% BB»*la-Be'nB, a. In the mediairol Mr- 

ttalagy of Frnnet, tlie name g^n to n beAotif'ul 

aympb or furj, wbo was doocned to a periodical 

nttaaiarpliosia, daring which tbe lower part of 

bs body afloaed tba Ann of a 6ah or aeipent. 

Her name is mnch mixed ap with the popular 
nperstitioiu of France of tboH times. 
Mbltiub, Dc-U'ria, «, (mefeans, an ioaeet wan 
tioDod by Nieander.) A geoos of Sairtean (Mo- 
optenus ioMota, ooaatitotiiig the (aniilj lltljfUa 
of LmicIi. 
MxMBER, mem'bor, a. (wmatrt, IV. namfcwi, 
Lat.) A Qmb of aoimil bodies ; ■ psrt of a 
diaoootio or period ; ■ head or cUose ) any part 
of an intagral ; one of a commnnity or aodety. 
In a Scriptnnl teoae, oooaidtred as tcmpCing to 
Mkmdkred, mem'bBrd, a. Harin^ limbe. In 
Ueraldiy, np[4ied to the bcik and wings of a bird 
wbeo of a lUOcRat tinoton or coluor from thai of 
the body. 
MutBEiuntP, mem'bar-abip, a. The state of be- 
ing a member; comtDunlty; aodety. 
MEiiBmACXR, mcm-bm'sia, «. A gouusof Hoial^ 

teroos insects : Family', Cicadidac 
MsmntANK, mem'brane, «. {mtmbrona, I^t.) Tla 
expansion uf any of the ttssoea of the body. 
Tho mtmbranes srs dirided into thnw Idoda— 
the mscona, the serosa, and tbe flbroiK Jtfan- 
bmna ad^pofo, the meinltrane which oontaJns th« 
fut, and aerras as one of the iotfi^menta of the 
body. J/ismfirana h/aloidaa, or araehneidea, 
tba transparent membrans which ioclDdea the 
vitreou brnnonr of tha eya. iianbnma uicHtan», 
a thin membrane which aema to defimd tbe eyes 
of birds and beasts from dost, && Mnubrana 
pupUtaris, tbo membrane which covers the popU 
of tbc cyo of the fmtoa beTors tba sixth month. 
Mtmtiratka tym p am^ the dnrni of tbe ear; tbe 
membrane which loparitai tbe internal from the 
exttvnal «sr. Umbraaa wmspia, tbo oiinaiy 
ooat belonging to the fcBtaa in tbe wcnib. 
HKWBSAjrKoro, mein-bra'nft-Qs, \ a. Coo- 

MEunHAKOt'ft, meni'bra-ni3s, v si Sting 

UEUDBAXACKorfi, meni-bn-na'sboa, j ofmem- 
brai}ca; belonging to a membrane. In Botany, a 
mombranaceooa leaf has bo distjngiiiduble palp 
between the two smfoces. 
MEMBOAKiroKU, mcm-bra'no-fawrm, a. Bavfag 

the form of a membnuio or of parchrneot. 
MKHBRAViroKA, BMn-btB-nlp'o-ra, s. (atem- 
hnata, a monbcano, IaL and porat, a pore, Or.) 
A gcnoB of ConUt, belonging to the Polypiaria 
^fEMBRAKOLOOT, mem*bntD-oro-Je, «. (mgmhrma^ 
n momlirane, Lat. and togot^ a dlsotraraa, Gr.) 
Tl»t part uf anatomy wliuh trtata of mcmbranea. 
klBlUKlTl.BJk— 6oB Uelastomaccii*. 
Hxmtonxnr, mao-e'se-Ian, ». (the Greek mune of 
tlw Ihatt of the arbntua.) A gvoos of ptanli: 
Order, MelaatomaceB. 
Miatnro, me-mm'to, «. (Latb.) A bint «r sm- 
gestloa to awakeo mcmoty; that which rcmioA. 
MxuBBTOBXA, mem-es-to'ro-a, s. (^Matntlor, • 
physician inentioned by Theophraatos.) A p;enns 
of plants, natives of Ntpaol : Order, Cinchonjicea», 
MBMnrRA, mem-in'ns, t. A name given by Gray 
to a genos of Damionnt quadrupeds, formerly 
known as the Miuk Deer : Family, Muscbids. 
Meuispkrviha, mem-e-«per'me-na, t. A vege- 
table alkali, extracted by Pelletier and Courve 
from the Itlemispermam coccnlos, or Cocculos 
iudicns, la the shells of the fridt of which it 
IIbmsos, mem'oOD, «. In Greek tfylbology, a 




AbuloM Uh of fiiUopU, ion of £o9 nd 
TUhonai. JJio, a iMim »t Theb« Id Upper 
Egfpt, vhkk pDHONd tbo ml or ima^jiatf 
p ro p ai t; «f unlttiug a uond Ukt « harp nl Uw 
rlnng of tba hd. Tbt hnl e( tlM mIombI 
McmooD la the Britkh Mucom hu no aUm to 
W wMMiifwfl. M tiwTCoil ICMOMat tbt Mate 
of tbt igan to vrhicb tJbt beri btlMgt mi iboat 
81 fetC wbta endno. Tlim w oko an totire 
talwiil Manaon ia tbe taine moMam. 9 foct C^ 
iadM^ vhith i» • copj of Iha grank Mcnooo at 

HBMOCBf ■MHBOjrr'i or nem'nMirr, «. (wnw w ir t, Fr.} 
A Uttaiy dctaifiog tbo lih hhI lnnnotitM of 
A ptciiodUc ptnoai « biografildtBl swntim, 
writlrn bj a pcnnn who huA some ehim in tlic 
putimkn dttkilBd ; tbe luttsrj of t Bociotj, or 
tbt Jovnwlt tad promdiogi of b lOGbt;. 

UuoDuar, tat-noTrlBt, «. Oto wbt writ** me* 

MmoSASlLIA, iO«n-»-rft-bilV*, t. pi< CiKum- 
■tanoH Korthjr of being OM^uJly noteil iumI n>- 

USMOBASIUTT, in«iA-«-rft^ir*-t«, *. 17)* »tato 
of baag oMMMnble. 

HKHOSABlb* medi'ur-ft-bl, a. (French, from 
mtm«t^Uit,hat.') Worthjr of being r«tncmb«r*d; 
lIloAtriotu ; ot*lebrato(l ; distingui»bed. 

Ubmohandl^m, roetn-nr-ATi'dmn, «. (M«BMna- 
duut or UotttoRind*. plm.) A aot« of • ptrtiea- 
kr linuutanco to k&sist tlte ineinor]r. 

MBKOBAnt, n)»m'o-nit«, r. a. (ncnioro, L«t.) To 
■tin nwnlicm of a tliinjc. — Obookt*. 

llaiOEATlTF., incfu'o-ni-tiv, a. Tentling to prc- 
ttm th« tttm»tj of ■nythiog. 

limoUALt nt-awt'ro-al, a, (rrencb, from mtmo- 
rioCi^ IihL) PreMiratin of tntmorj; ootitoim-il 
)■ manoiy; — f. HitMihbg that atrre» to k«ep in 
■wntMy I ftny note or bint to aaust tb« cmmorj ; 
t written rcproMitttMfi of facts nu>la to a leci*^" 
ti*« or otltPT bodj to tb« gixniod of t potiUoit, or 
■ocb B d«tBil of fatta Moompaflied with t petition. 

MsMOBtALlST, me-mo'ro-tl-iBt, a. On* who writes 
A meniodil, or pfoaeoU uw t* « la^abMire bod/, 
or to Bnj oihar bod/ or ptrato. 

MCMOKIAI.IZB, »»-moWail-ia*, v, «. To preaeDi 
t maoonal | to pAtUon bf iDemom). 

HutORin', iMai'o-rift, «. Oa* who aiuan to bt 

reroembend. — Obsoletf. 
OWMciaoea, Uio fmnotual mtmoritt within ua.— Srawa. 

HUOIUKB, nwa'o-rial^ i>. a. To caoaa to be 
k«pl in tn«inor7i to rMarA., 

Mbuohv, uum'f»-ra« a. (iBAw^, Fr. maamrtiif 
Lat.) That family of ll» brain, or of lU indi- 
vidual or^oa, whereby past impreaioaa ara n- 
eaUad to mind; rccolkcUun; tb« powir of feldo- 
im tr ncolteciiiig tilings past; ramtmbtatoat 
•■Httptita fniai obliTion i u« Un* wMiln wbkb 
pan avatta on ba nm w n bate d or raeoUactcd; 
numdrial; tummamiii raomli tbal whtub aalb 
It remtinbraBflti raJtalitii; itleoliani — *.a. to 
lajr up in tbt amuorj. — ObtoWta aa a mb. 
ifataaria laaMba^ ttohnioal or trtiOoial manMry. 
Tim ^mtmmjit la Law, b ddbod to BCMianca 
turn the nigb of Biobard I.t and tmj cuakim 
n^ ba findwd toid wbieb ia prtnd att to 
htm tatatad fitn Ibat period. 

IbngyiDAJV, raam'l«-an, a. (ftom UmiM»t kba 
itcapHalofEcTiit.) Relating to Uaonbia ; 


M», man. /VarW of Mas. Two or mart t-*-| 

ladlvlduak tf tha Immta rattt aaaklad in am 

[DdeAnltaatDM} pMplat ptntna. 
Um A, rao'ba, a. (Latin namt of a Itttla wUtt flak) 

A gcDoi of Ikbn with (baifono bodha, iiiaamliMiig 

that of the atiarwi Fanllj, CbntodanUab 
McKAQE, mm asfl, r. a (oHnaeer, Fr.) To abtw 

or maaiieat tho probaMU^ of htun erfl ar da»> 

pr to : to azhibit tbt apptinaoo of aor oataa- 

troptw to come ; to tbnttM t-*^. a tonal or 

tbi«at«ninf[ ; tba abow of a probabb aril or aata** 

tropha to oomo. 
MuTAOHR, men'aat-or. a. Ona that thitatitk 
MmAoajuiiTM, maD-ak'a-Dit«, «. (from btlu kmni 

IB tbt Valo of Htaaolian, in ConiiraU.) tHiafrr* 

rugiooiw oxidt of titaoiom. 
MEKAcuAKrnc, men-a-ka-nit'tk, a. Btbtif|| to 

MsKAOiKo, men'qr-aiqg, «. Itilianling tppittili* 

Ing dan^. 
MBXACllt«i,T, man'ayaing-le, od. Id a thrMtw- 

Mkrace, me-naab'. a. (Francb.) A otJlattion af 

Mbkaobub, nt-Baab'nr-a, a. (Freocb.) A eol- 

laoUaaofwDdiabimU; tba yard or plaoa 1h wbieb 

tbay an k«pt> 
KBMAOoauB, men'a-gog, a. (iMMt, tfa« noutnal 

diacbargc, and i^o^oa, that wbieb eicdtt^ Gr.) 

A noitdy naed in uxotiog tbo raaattraal dit- 

McMAtP, moa'ald,^ a. A t«rm deoixinK tba baaa» 
UsxiLD, man'ild, > tifully vui«gaU(l colatm ttft 

d«ar*a akin. 
Mend, mmd, v. a. {aatnda, Lai. ovmider, Fn) 

To repair from broach or daoay ] to oorrect ; to 

niter tor ibe btttar; to batpi to tdvancO} t« rt> 

»t«ro Ui a aoDsd atatO| to make bettarr~K *• to 

fcrow Utt«r( to adranca in any goodt to bt 

o}uinxi>d f»r th« better. 
MKNUABLB,inoa'dii-bl,a. Capable of baiiigfmaJtf. 
UENbACioia, meik^'aboB, a. (iwwtfaif, LA) 

F«Wi lying. 
Mb;>daCitt, men-du'a-ta, «. Faladieod. 
Mendf-b, maod'ort a. Os<n who maada or np«Mik 
MEKDiCAlfCr, mon'do-knn-M, a. (mtM^oamt^ Lafc.) 

Bemiji tfatalal«ar»Dl»iikting od pub&o cbarilp 

bjT btgpB^ 

Mehxhoajit, nian'dt-fcanb, a. D«gglo/{: radtockl 
to a ilaU of btggary; daotting one of a buflnfc 
frmtemtty ;—$, a b^garf one who l!vea oo okatSty 
doled out by otben ) qm tf tbe ti^ng fnttni^ 
of the Roinkh Cliareb. 

Merdicats, tnea'da-kata, t>. a. To beg; tt Ilk 

Mkhdicitt, msD-dia'a-ta, a. (uMadlnfai, lat.) 
Tba Btato of bagging ; tbe life of a beggar. 

McxdiOlNT. — See Araan^rrtenk 

Memob. — 5e« Amanda. 

UanarrB, mm 'jit, a. (called alao J/anoxila mA 
EdteardaU.') A mineral of a hyaontti or bridt- 
rad eoloar and Titreona luatre ; primal? Girm tf 
tbo oryatal, an obD^o* rhombto prism. H fa 
feand at Miaafc. in Siberia, tu ooiNtitMata an 
— pboepbofk acid, Sd.60i peraaido tf ctifami 
80.00 i oxide of lantlianium. 23.40; tboria% 
]7.0&t peroxtdoof tin, 2.10; prottxido of IHB- 
ooaa^LM; lime, 1.6S: i.9Si. Us 

UnuL, at'aa-al| u. (Bla^pao( "KpM Vonn ) 





umLiTK -MKSoronY. 


Bihliiig n iTmiili, ir il'iirrl'n r " -fj idmiii 

k/wt InlaiipaKtoUMntiaMartniaof •cmolii; 

■■ & ft doBMiio nmtit- 
Mk7IUI«( BunVliM^ a. A tcind of tenl-opnl, 

htad *k M«dQ Modtanl, nrnx I'waia, 
lEavlMUili BdMO^'jtnr, f. A tmaa flpjilM I7 

OhMnriir to lb« ptA nutof of Uw bnin, in «mi- 

jiuialiim vitli tlw •ncbnoid. 
iUmamiM, nun-bft-jt'tw, a laliuiMtliMi tt 

tb« «aafcnDaa «f ilw bniiii «i mora m^whUj 

■ Um don iDMtnc^ 
XnasQO-CBra^LtTM, naalaf-fB-aif-ft-U'lM, #. 

Tn flinm iit i fm of Um nUBbfan* at Um bnin. 

MMIL—U ■A»IBAmiA» IMQ'illg>|^gM-lnl>-«, «. 

Nfvfalpa of Um sloBiadtu 
Mmowo wiAfciya, ■m'iup-ffft^lMAb, «. In 
SaiipMr* M iBrtnuiwat far Um protcnkn of tli« 
lailnl 11— III ■MM iirinf Um opanUon of the 
InyhiM as ■ tiitaMA o« fricturuJ tkull. 
MmxooKUUKA, inca^iiie-gft4a'«, i. (mMtjrsp, the 
tf Uu btatot wd n^^), I (km, Or.) 
of Ifat bload OD or bftnrvn tlie 

HncQiaonB, iiwo-tai;-go*Mt & la Aiutoftij'i Uw 
amoa of o w<b m ptcea h^ Uto intmrniUaii Af 
nMnibnor, u ezhiUtcd in tli« cnnt&l bgnw of 

3lEnoC0flt meo-^^ilcin, «. (mw, Uw tnoon, and 
•Um^ SB eyo, Qr.) A itentu of CraciCennU 
plvM, nith maa white flowtra: Saborder, Or- 


Msirncal^ fD»-aU1cnI, a. P»rtitning ta Um me- 

VonaootrA, tnm-ta-bMta, <. (mtmwfaw, ■ lUtle 
taaaa, Gr. ia aDoko to tbs «■[>• vf tbt senl.) 
A psH d* sbtabo, nHtitN«f J>r»; Ordo, M«- 

Or.) A IcDx, coRTrx on oa« «idi, nail tUtmvt 
OB UttoUtv. 

VuiiU'CurArE.K, fn«n-e^er-mii'i)«^ i. (mmi- 
afmrammtt 0(» of ih« i;twn.) A natufal ontar *f 
Sugoooa plniU, caiHUi4ins of twitlini; or dlmb- 
lag ifarakB, tBOotl; ultiw of trop^val nf^s, 
wiUi «]tnBAte Imtm, irnd im&ll ooisciiml Itowcra. 

MMjnamtauMi hmm |.«ptr'grtun, «. (in«M. the 
MMn, Md ^enmty Hed, Gr. in KlluMon lo the 
hilff Wiow or kUsiy ihain of Uia fruit.) A genus 
of pUoti : Onltr, UealipemiMaB. 

Mnnrstt, tten't-rer, <. A miaU wtonl, a mUtc 
ttWmaa, Itic Tar of whkli in mwh Tftla<^. 

Mfcagumn, ISM'OD-Site, ■. A follower of Simon 
Mwatott, M ABoUpliit nfanncr of tha lixtMOtb 
•■dMj. Boidlt ooadmnring infiuit bnpUnn, 
Ibt MMUOidlta ndodfd ill dvil aatliorily in the 
drnfotu Ihej iTgiirdoil o«Uit u unfnl, ■&<! 
■llhildniH kU wars bi b« unlawfuL They inn 
mM^w^fu^M^ lod eapoetod Um paioiuU r%d of 
OUit apm (fat oarUi for a Ihaound THNi. Ttw^ 
Rgarded all human ktrnlng u umImi and per- 

MdosKAXOKin, n)ea-o*bnBR'kiwt «. A ganu of 
liurdt: U)« Rfloteraa af fiaAuMM. ft U nn 
BO iahihltaut of Um ylJalin of north Anurlca. 

HammxmA, iMA-*Hl^fai & (www, ooungis and 
*r«a^ a gjft, Gr.) A fifetakla wbieli ^-es 
ttaafOi ta MtealB. AIm, ■ fttatu of planto, 
villi jallaw flvmn, Mthto af M«3ioo t Order, 

HnrotoOT, tM-naH'ajt, t. (mm, a mmtb, and 

tOffM, m trtabaot Gr.) A reglator of moatba. lu 
Uw Qmk Cbttnih, martTnk^, or a briaf aalon- 
dir of Uio Uvea of the uioU for Mcb iaif in Uie 

Menonvillea. iMn-oB-Til'Iff-a, *. (io botMor of 
K. C TbietT d* klenoDrillo.) A iptnnt of Omd- 
Araaa plant! : fiabonlcr, OrtboapvmaoMa. 

MaitorLaiiu, nca-o-pto'MH^ «. (mmmw, Um 
llMoaai^ aad pima, dcTutwo, Or.) Flow of 
bbod at Um mtailnal period, Cradi oUut parts 
or T^pou of tba bodjr than Um atama. 

MBKOPOmi, oM-flo-po'me, a. (maaa, I maiia, and 
pmid, a UJ, Gr.) TIm gnat Salaaiaadar, a gBnoa 
of »]iHlia BaEndhiaoB, which nitaiia Um opr- 
eaWap«tara,baiao*llMM4emal|^: FamSfr 

&(EXORRHAOU, loon-o-ra^a^ «• («»■> a iadatb, 
and ntoo, I floir, Or.) Ploading bMaon-lufB fntu 
Um n|«iu) immoderat* a » iialm al diachai^ 

UsirPUUftBit, tneu'ple-uir, c Oaa n anuoaal; 
abaorbod by •oikaToun lo plesM ■<% tkM all 
rcTcrenoe to Ood ii n^glcoted. -> 

MuiaALf DKn'aal, <l (mmtaOs, frnm mmta, a tabl«^ 
Lat) BclonpDg to the Ubla) traoaactad at 
toUa.— MdoB ased. 

Oaanttatfon oMmt ncatal ar mnuA-* 

Ubki% aaaa, «. (imnmm, Sax.) Pniprial7 ; da* 
cene/ ; inaftaan>-~SoIdia& oocd. 

UsHaErirz., maaa'fiU, a. Qrftctfal; mMtutiji— 

I^lEKSELEfls, mook'lc!!, a. WiUiont civililf, de- 
cency, ot pnprieif, p^ic»les*. — Ob«olrt«. 

UtMiaa, OMb'ias a (faaw«i tir.) lo I'hfiiold^, 
tb« periodical iow of bload wbidi take* plaoa iii 
woaMOf aod o(bar of Um fouala Matamifirj, 
arory l&nir maMh, hf tba organi of QaoeraCion, 
fittin tba dwalopDMnt till tlia extlticUan of tho 
procrealivc dculty. 

>IlurBTBUA.L, tncna'trv-al, 0. (French, from mcA- 
ttnutit, Lat.) ll^rDtlilT ; lutiiif; a month ; hjip< 
pening oaca a UodUi ; per^iiiiriit to a monstroaai. 

MKNflTRtTANT, nwoW^aot, a. Sub}act t« moothljT 

UaKstuuATioji, nwD-itrtf-a'abilD, $. (nMiuAwif*^ 
Lot.) Tbo Bawhtm of the nMnao*. 

UKKsmuouBt mooatrf-iw, a. KeUlian to tiM 
roootUj flow of brailas : baTing Uh awmUily 
Bow or (fisoharga, as a femal*. 

UaxaTSOrM, men-ttni'BD), «. (a mm r—at, tnm 
nMfuu, a month, Lat.) A tonn oaod hy iba old 
ofannbAa for a prtparatiau or drug which could 
only operate al a pirtioular period of Iha nuoa 
or nwntb. It ia now naed for any fluid aub- 
Kaoce which dluolvei in a solid body. 

MuTBtrMABiLrrr, toan-ao-ra-UilVta, a. GapMttjr 
of bring aoaaand. 

MntitiMABLe, oMo'su-r^bl, (I. (ffMnnm, a tnca- 
mttt, Lot.) MoamraUe ; e&pahia of bdug nK>a- 

MsnaraAl., mun'so-rat, a. rertaining ta maaaare. 

UirNariuTa, cnen'so-Tato, ». a. To mcaaaia. — 

SfldoCD uhI. 

MsiritjaATioii, man-m-T«'alian, «. (ahMMro, I 
in«wantlj»>) Uaannnoalt Ibat brandi of jmik:- 
tiad flntutn aUbli taaabaa Ula mMhoda af tal- 
cuUt£g Um MMiDriaiia aad anw of flfpm, Uie 
mtemH af MtUdt, Aft, (torn Uib measnmnctt of 
Mftala lioaa and an^u, vhiah inpply the laqui- 




IbartAOKA, niin-Ug'ra, t. {mentmm, Uw obbt Lai. 
ud agra. Kianrp, Gr.) An «rpetic tn^tioQ which 
kiTadM til* chin. 

UknTAL, tiMn'Ul, a. (moM, menfw, the muid, LaU) 
lBt«Ueet(ial ; nliting to the mind. 

Ucin'Atx.T, moa'UKI^ ad. Int«l]fctiul1j ; b the 
mind; notextonuilljr, butin tboui;htorine)lilation. 

iimsraji, mec'tAn, «. {AfmAa of Pliny, MhOhe of 
Theophnuiu, from & n^inph of that lUUDe, the 
dftogbter et Cocytus, who wu «ud to bare been 
changed Into mist bj Proaerpine In a fit of jea- 
loDij.) A gsnaa of plants : Order, LamtBccie. 

MnmotrLTCiLU., cacn-te-kol'ta-nl, a. Relating 
to tba colCnre or improvement of the mtnd. 

llBirmULTUas, men- tfl'kol 'tore, «. (metu, tbo 
mind, and eW/o, I caltirate, LaU) Coltivatioa 
af the meotal facnldes. 

MB^rnoN, mui'dhan, 9. (French, from taentto, LaL) 
Oral or written expirssion, ur recital of anything; 
m hint ; • mfg^stioii ; — v. a. to pre expreuion 
to in wordj or writing ; to ottar a brnf remark ; 
to apcdE : to name. 

HBMTioifABLK, BMa'afaoa-ft-bl, a. that can or 
may be mcntioaed. 

Xeittoiual, rocR-to'rc-al, a. (from Mfntar, tho 
fiieod and advUer of Uljruea.) Cootaining ad- 

Mbhtuljuora, mcntu-ltit'ra, f. (menttUoy penU, 
Lai. and o^tv, pun, Gr.) A morbid rtato of the 
■MMiftn virHU ret ditoridU, in which the ereotor 
nnaoha nn either coatrectvd or oonTobed, ao as 
to csu»« tmputnnoe. 

IfETiTrM, in«i]'tum, a. (Latin, tho chin.) In 
Uamnialu^, lbs t«nn ia restricted to the anterior 
•Dd iDferier inai^n of tlie mandible, or lower jaw. 
JfanAm i^vminvAun, that it)iwit axtcnda beyond 
tb« perpendicalar line; dropped from the opper 
mar);in of t^ie lower jaw] the mrnfum oaocnditeai 
U ttiat which caunot be distinKuialied. 

llE:n'ZEU.\, iiieut-se'le-a, «. (in honour of Chrie- 
tlan MentMltiu, a Gennsu botanical writer, and 
physician to the Elector of Bnuid«ibai]^) A 
genns of plaDta; Ord«r, Loaaaewr. 

Ubku, 'I me'aoo, «. In Hindoo Mytbolt^, tho 

Uuitr, > son of Brthma, the inititatca of wbora 

ilXKOV,} constitute the moat oelobratod code of 
Indian dvil and religious law. Tha iDtUtute* of 
ileno arc of a most oosnprdienaive oature, cm- 
bnuriogall that relates to bnmaolife; tb« creation 
af tha world and of man ; tb« nature of God and 
spirila; and a eomplete systeoi of mood gewii- 
Dunt aad taSffau. Thongfa a syitam of de^o- 
lln Bad nrifolciift. many of its moral w^TtfT 
km dl loa Mibttmity, and bear a eloae Raaa- 
bhnaa to thooa of ChrtAtiaiuty. 

VsmmA, man-a'n, t. (mmm, atnogth, and mm, 
m tail, Gr.) Tha Lyra-taU FkomoM, i smia of 
Urda paonUar to AaatnHa: Funay, Parotddtt. 

UMaxiMTBAOKM, meo-e-ao-iAa'w-c, «. (wsyi 
CAm, ooe of the eenera.) A nnall natonl ordar 
of floatinKi nqaatk, or manh Ezoxenoaa herfaa* 
osooa plant*, with simple or trifoliate learMt 
6owna aubiunbeUate and aiiUary; calyx and 
oonAa ported, tfai lattar with a aprsading limb ; 
itatBflOafirtt; Hylft ons; M^;ma two-lobed ; cap- 
atdis osa-oeOsd, many sasded, and two-valrodi 
bat* io tbo aqoatio apaeiM, vatrtteas. 

Mbittaittmbb, men-«-an'<Aea, a. (vien, a month, 
and ffiiifcw, a dowar, Ur. becaoae the flower 
aodana about that tune.) Dofikbeao. or ManU 

Trefoil, a geotia of planti^ oaoiisriBg of riibmw 
aqoattchsrbe: Typa of th* order HoDfUUneaA, 

MENrvGES. mon-in'jea, «. (mmtiffXy « nambrnM^ 
Or.) The membranes which corer Ihe bnin. 

MxifEiKMA, meo-u'aho-a, «. (in booour of Anhl- 
bald Meozjea, F.L.S.) A genus of doeUneo* 
ahrubs, oatirea of North Aioerioa: Onkc^ Et^ 

MxpBrnca, me-fl'toa, a. (LUin.) Any nozion 
exhalatioQ ; applied more particalarly to cari>onte 
add gaa. In Mytholo^, the name of a LaXln 
goddesa, who was invoiced by the Romans a> 
their protectreaa against noxious vopoon, la 
Zoology, the Sfamk, a gcnns of qnadropeds allied 
t) the badger. 

Mbphitio, mo-fit'ik, 1 a. (mqMtig, u HI 

Mbpuitical, mo-6t'D-ka1, ) anMll, Isu) Of- 
feasire to the amell ; fbuli DoxJoui; peatileiitial;, 
destmctire of life. MqMtic add^ carhooio aoad. 
IfepAiVw otr, utrogoo gaa. 

ilBHimcu, mef-o^id'o-n, *. (M^pM^ an III 
amcU, LaL In rsferonoo to tba dJaagratobb araeU 
of tba abrabs.) A genoa d plinls: Ordart 

IIkxaciods, me-ra'shus, a. (merociw, Lat) Ra^; 

Mrroadlb, merlca-bl, a. (taereor, I bii;f, LaL) 
To ba boi^t or sold. — Oboolet*. 

MxBOiirrAXTK, mer-kan-tant', §. (wureatamU, 
liaL) A foreign trader; a merohaitt,— ObnlotBi 
Uaitor, a manamkudi. or a Mdaot, 
1 know not what, but roraal In appawl, fflfcahb 

Mbrcantile, mer'kan-til, a, (Italian and VmaA.} 
Comiiicniiil ; tradisi:; carrying on OOOUMnO; 
ralating to eommnee ur trade. 

Mbbcaptidb, mer-kap'tide, «. A ebsBacd oom- 
poimd of the sulpborets of a metal with othatsk, 

HBftCAT, nter'kNt, a. (atercsfus, Lit) Harkati; 
trade. — Ol»otet«. 

Mbbcatitb, mer'ka-tir, a. That may be booght 
or sold. 

Ubbcatokiitm, mcr-ka-to'ra-um, a. In Antlquifcf, 
a featiral kept by the Roman merchanta oo Iho 
15th of May, in honour of Horcnrr, on wbidi 
oeekaion a eow wjd jincriliixd. 

Hbbcatob's Ciiabt, mer-ka'tur'a tachirt, «l A 
pRJeotton of the globe <^ tho earth m yfawy 
wbeseia the degrees opon the meridian incvean 
towarda the poles, in the same praportMui that 
tba parallel circlea decrease towards tbem; so 
called from Qcrard UcreaLor, a German goe- 
grapher, itx invi-ntor. Mtrealer'* Mililff, Ib 
Nai^gation, the art of finding npon a plana tha 
w^ of a aUp on a course osaigned, the nuridiana 
being all parallel, and the parallela of lalitudaa 
beii^ Mia^t Uaoa 

UBBflATinw. Burln-tnm, a. Tbe praetloo of haj* 
log and ariHng. — Obaoleia. 

MsaanABtLT, mer'se-na-re-le, a<L In a mano- 
BUjr mujner. 

llBBcnAniKEAS, mcr'ae-aa-ro-nai, *. Veftili^; 
ngivd to hire or nward. 

MERCEXAnv, mer'se-na-fo, a. (mmmmn, IV.) 
Greedy of ffia; wall hind; gold br smojrt 
moved or actoatad by bopo of money or nwanlj 
acting only for hire ; mean ; oelfiah : oontnefcod 
from motirea of gain ; — s. ono who ia lUrod ; OM 
retained or serring for pay ; a birring. 

Mkbcbb, mer'siir, *. {merrier, Fr.) Ooe who 






Mkeukmbit, iiMr*Mir-«hJp, ». Tli« buiiicM vt ■ 

UnositT, oMr'fnr-f, «. The goods which • mcr- 

mthUb; Ind* of ntPTtcn. 
MaxcfUSO, BMr'triiud, r. ■. To tnd&— Ohso* 


KnoiAninB, m«r'^iAm-£M, «. (Fnocfa.) 
TViflte; co ma mw; trad*; goods; wbtcs; com- 
iDoJiria; whatever it hsdkU; booslit or kiU in 
tada;— «. ». to lnd«| to tnffie; to b«To oooh 
■vdal dMEngk 

MnoBJJTDBT.— 5m Umbudue. 

MmcSAJTT, mcr'tMhul, «. (nfrcAandl, Fr. m«r- 
atfrt. Span.) On* who Inffics and cairini on 
T?BTPTf^^ daaliM with foreign countriM, or 
wba wMrta and UDportl goodi, and aelU tbatn 
W yfcalaaala, lo a popoUratBaa, an; trader who 
mil in tbA pgahaaa and aaU of good*; a ahip 
m mdfcr— Obaolata In t^ laat asnaa. JVcrcAaul 
Mrviev, tha nwrlna atrvlM of Britain, ti iliatia- 
gokhcd bviD bb or ber HaJNtj'a Mnrice ; — v. a. 
to tradt [ to tnS(L — Obeokta as n rerb. 

VncUAjlTABLB, DiBr'tahant-a-bl, a. lit to be 
baogbt or aold ; nrh as ma; briag tlie market 

HKBCOAirruJCB, mer'tabant-Iiha,) a. LQniamer- 

Vuc8JLJm.T, iDcr'tsbaDt-le, > chant. 

HncHijmiAfr, nwr'isfaBnt-min, a. A trading 
I Alp CBplojrvd IB importing and exportiog goods 
I to ain froD nnvipi CDiiBtri*& 

XnoUT, SMT^ab^ <- In Uw, tbo Haidan'a 
Fft^ a fisa anriaotly paid hj iaOirior tenacta to 
thi hud of tha aunwr to dlspoM of their daoghWrs 
ni mnna^eu 

HxacuxLB.— See Heitifal 

HiaoruLi ma'aa-W, a. CoDpaarioutei tni- 
dv; UdI; ■BwxDing to poaiabt fi^OMd to 
|i^ oAndoii and to forpn thdr oObDOBii net 

lIeBcann.LT, mer^av-ffl-le, odL TesdHjr; iri;fa 
ptt^orcompanoa; milillir. 

Vactrcuina, nwr'se-M-nce, a. Tandemees 
towards ofirsden; wtUiogiMea to foriiear poatab- 
Dmt and wr|iTB> 

Uacirr, nwr'ss-fi, fi. a. To ptty.— Oboolatv. 

MnciLXSa, tnar'as-laa, a. Vwd of vmicj ; piti- 
tna; bard' hearted ; cmal; tevanu 

HnciLEaSLT, acr'ae-lefr-le, 4idl In a tnwiRrr 
viA of pity or matey | cmdly. 

MnciLBMXue, mer'aa-Iea-Des, «. Want of mercy 
*r eompasioa. 

Unci^UAi., mcr-kn're-al, a. (mtrcvrialii, Lat.) 
Fonncd ander the infloeoce of mvtcarr ; active ; 
iprisfatly; fa]] of rigour and fire; itUting to 
^oiduflrcr; conatitingof qaicltciKer, otountaioiDg 
^ Mtrtmri al atpy a CDp-abaped piece of wood, 
«ith a irii« throogh tbo lowsr part of it ; osed to 
kid a BmaB qnantity of merony, and tbos to 
famkb the mrau of a completa metallio com- 
fcaritaaion betWMO ea» part and aooiber of ao 
tetUHBacDatieal apparatto. J/arcvrto/ trtmgh, 
m toitnnneot oaad for tbo eoUaetioo of aooh 
■MB M ara abmtehla by water, and to wltidi, 
mnfcra^ the ocdbuoy (oaomatio trough ia bap- 

lIllci7niAl.B, Dcr-Im-rt-a'Vf a. Tlw nanw giran 
bi Franei^ tvdar tha old n^iioa, to the firit 
WadMaday aflv Uh put fiwatiM of tba parlia- 

MoODSXAUlT, ■er-kn'ro-al-iit, a. One andcr 

the ioJiuenca of merrary, or ana maiiitiBin av- 
cory b varirty of ehanietrr. 

MuocftlAUZR, tner-ka'ra-ia-ize, v. n. To be 
boniemia, n«wfmi|[lcd, or fintaMieal ; to praUie 
overmoeh.— Obaoltta in the fbregotnj; auuac In 
Medicine, to affect tho ayatom with tnaroDiy. 

MziBODBincATioii, ner-ko-iv-fb-lta'ahan, r. The 
act of Diixbg Boything with maRury. 

MBBCununr. aer-ku'n-tj, v. a. To obtab aar^ 
nuy Iram meUilie minerala. 

HucuBT, mar'k»<ti, a. In Botaaa Mythology, 
the Latin name of tho Greek ddty Hennaa, nid 
to hare beea the soo of Jopiter Had ilaia. U« 
had constant employmeot day and night as tl:« 
meiarn^er nf the goda, particularly of his father 
Jnpiter. Part of bia doty wu to cor^duct the 
ahodea of tbo dcoeMod into the bfemal rcfpoosL 
Ho waa tba patron of trada, (bonoe, probably, bia 
name finun aaar ^ andiBsdiat,) also of than and 
fnod, at wUab be i* rtpntad m haviog baw ax- 
ccedingly exptrt. B« bad n moat magnifleant 
irmplt ipoa MoanI OyleM, In Arcadia. Ua 
ia doooribad bgr tba poeli u n youb with fiaxen 
bair, hrraly Mna ^ea, and « nuHng eovnto- 
nanee. He bad ningi fixed on bia en and 
aandals, and bolda the caducmi^ or ataflf nr- 
riHindBd with two lerpeotak iritb two wing* on tbo 
top tnhk hand, and ufreqaaatlyrepnocaUd with 
a pone lo abow bo ww the god of pun. In 
Astronomy ( {f ), tbo planet neanat tba avn^ fnm 
wbicb be is distant aboot 36.000.000 roUea. 
His mean sidereal rsrolotioo is peiftraad In 
78.069258 mcu solir days. Bia dbuneter is 
aboat 3,140 milsi. Ho revolrca on bis axis in 
24 boun G mis. SBaee. In Umtnilopy, a tnetal 
found cbirfly ra tbo state of a tnlpboret. It ia 
nbo fonDd nntive. It is liquid at ntmrnon tem- 
peratoiM, and is white and very briUiaut. It 
frreses bikI assamea a oiyataUne appearaace at 
400 below aero. Its ■peebOo gmvi^ la 18^ ; its 
eqaiTaleot ia 200. FormnU, U(^, ffom the Latm 
AyrfhargyrMia, a water, signiQdng wtter-siKer. 
In BcTBldty, a term naed io blasouing by plaoeta 
for the purple colour in amw of eovereii^ princn. 
In Botany, (from tbo idea that iterciuy diaoorend 
tbo pTOpeTlies of the plant,) a gcuus of planla: 
Order, EupburbiacaaL Mtrevrhu diiteit, an old 
njiine for calomnl, or ttie protochloridf of tnf rcury. 
Mtrcurius riia, hjdrated protoiide of mercury^ 
orAlgnrottii'jionder; — heatof conalitulional km- 
porameot; ajioiti apiigbtly qoalilica; the iiuno 
of a newspaper or periodioal pablicaUou, ao cuUcd, 
it ia said, from Mercury, the btelligcncer of tbo 
goda ; applied, to cant pbnw, to tba carrier of a 
newapnper or poropbloi; — r. a. to waab with a 
pr*p«ratM)n of nMrnuy. 

HBBCT.mef'ae.a. (mmaL,Fr.) TeadcnflSS) good- 
nem; ply; wiltingneaa to apart and laTO) dem* 
cDCy ; mildneie ; unwillingness to ponlsb ; an act 
or exercise of favuur; companion exerclaed to- 
wards an offender or penua in distress ; charity, 
or the duties uf cliarily and benevolcfwe ; par- 
don : tlie aot of aparing; lo &a, or le f»e at (Ao 
mercy of, lo bars no means of self-dafisDOO, but 
to be dependent on tho oompianan of anotlior. 
Af any aart,, tha eovering of tse ark of tbo cove- 
nani among tbe Jews, in wbicb the tables of the 
law were depoaltod. It was of gold, and jobed 
at oac^ and by two cberaba with eitended winjs, 
fbrming a kind of throne for tbe miueaty of GoS, 


wIm b n wmt a tui in Seriptm u attiag bctmeo 
Um dwnitN. It wu from Un tut tkai a«d 8»v b 
hit cnolM to Mwni or to Uw Ugb-friart whs aoBb* 

MwUMrsBOOi, merilif nrvu, a. Pradodng dimj;. 

HzuMt men. a. (n^nu, Lvt.) TbiC or thia onl;- ; 
•Dch and ni>Uiiii;{ <>l*e; thU oni;r{ slMDltitet es- 
tixe; — «. (mar8,ur •Mrs.flAX.) * peolarlaket — 
(Mora, gemaniy Sfts.) ■ boondnyt ■ ndge of 
tend; MM in Um eonpaiuid mw-^loiu ;-^n, a. 
to dbidt, K»it, or botuul. — Obwiitc ti a vork 

That bMv* bononr at the L*lUn tiam% 
Whldh mtnd tier role with AlHrn Sp«tmr, 

MiKKLT, tnenlr, fff/. S:nipl;ri onlfi tbnondno 
odiR way I for this and far oo otlwr rad or par- 

lIlKBtmEDJi, meF'Ta-d/iB, «. (a nam« Rivvn to 
OokhicDm hj the Spaniards.) A gtnns of plants : 
Oidar, kfeUnthiLccac 

lIxiurriucioir<t. mer-e'Ui>b'aB, a. (mattriehm, 
LtL) SqcIi as i* pnutu«d \iy f>roaUtnta> ; alhir- 
In^ bjr false abow ; Likis s liarlot ; worn for du> 

SIM ; having a rfunr; bat dcoiltfal appouaoce ; 
ilBUtnitoiODSLT, ner-e-tmh'ot-Ir, ad. In the 

maniMr c^prosUtntaa ; witli deceitful anticemonu. 
MuumuciOtiSKfist, mcr-e'trub'tu-ncs. t. I'aUe 

and deccitftil alloraniaDt, tike tbo acta pnctiaed by 

IIbroamidjb, iiior-gaD'«-d«, «. Tbo Mvrganaen, ■ 

■ubfomU}- of tbi* A^atidi», or Chick f'imily, of which 

Um Margoa i» tba tjpc aixj onl; f^ua. 
llRBOJUiSia, iieiwgati's«r, «. The aqoatlo fbwl 

U orgna merguuar of liooaiua. 
UsBOB, Rwrj, V. a. (nwri^, Lat.) To unmeno; 

to OCDM to be swallowed up ; — 9. n. to bo sank, 

loot, or swallowod np. 
HsBOn, mer'jur, t. In Law, a tartn deootlng s 

mtiguig of a l«a aaCala io a gioatar. 
M nOTrs, aof'gu, i. (kb« Latin natna of % bird, np- 

paaad to bar* bom tba carmonuit.) A fganiu of 

AnHiiui biids, of wbkti tbo Oooauder, Veiigas 

aeirala, and tbo Mrrgina«r am tiamplM : familr, 

UsUAVAf mrr-«-a'na,a. (in boBoorof M. & Marian, 

a lad; who writaa en Cntomologf.) A gnui» of 

pteata : Ordor, If olMtoauottt. 
Mbkluidka, inr-«-an'4fa, «. (awru, a pait, and 

MMP oadrvf^ • niide, Gr. In ulubn to the anpe- 

bor ■tamm being abortive, rsraly one of them 

fatUa.) A funm of jdanla, lutiTai rf tbo Bait 

Indka; Orlor, Lawtecai 
Mbeluu, iiMr-*-a^M4, *. (ia bnoor of Maria 

Sjrbjlla UKko, or Gneflfl, nOona of Do If eta- 

BMrfboriboi iBSMlonno SnnwiMMtinDij Ja« 
Roii^ a gmu of pUnta : Order, llelaato- 

MntmAir, ni»-rid'o-«n, i. (merUim, Fr. wm%diaiiOy 
Ital. wari'iffar, Lat.) Ia Aitmooaj, a gnat drde 
of tba oateitUI aphoro, pawog tbroofh ^o potca 
«f tba mrld, aa alae throu^ tba wniUi and nadir, 
and onaaing tha aquioootial at right anglM. It 
ibM» Um ipbora Into two homiapbave, eoatfrn 
awdwa rt ara, and \m etOai meridHm from tin Latin 
maridSmt raid-diqr, or noon, bocans^ whan thaaon 
OOHMt to Uda dtcla^ tt ia than mid-da; or noon to 
' all oadar it. !■ Ooogmpb;, a grant cinU on the 
* torrtstrial ophai*, M«iBg thnrngb Uw aortb and 

aouth polaa and aoj |ri^o plaea: tbu ibo aad* 
dian of London is thai cirdft whirh paasa Umn^ 
liiadaD and Um poka of Uu oartb. TkMi ami* 
dtem an aa nmneniM ai Ubo f bav o« tha «arth| 
aad thi Anfe SMiidiaa ia tiul from wUch Ika 
reckoning oon u penc pa . llus ia fixed diftnaUf 
hy dtAraot oatianB, tba oajata] of aach MonfeiT 
being hooU; Aoaan aa Um fiial OMndiaii fat tb«r 
l a H i tU i m ^obea. Maidim nf m f^Uh^ Uw 
braoD ctrele onwUeb tbo globa baogii and tvraa. 
Sfcridian altitmU of lAo Ma or n «/<ir, is tbo 
ICraateat hviglit of tbotn whip thej an ia tba 
nwiidlaii of tbo plaoa whara tb«y att efaianwl. 
A/isrK&ui lou, an arch, port cf tbo mcndim of 
the plaoa tenolnatod tacb ■mvj by tb« boriao^ la 
DiaUkfT, a right Una arisiog ftxn Uia iatanaaliw of 
Iho meridian of tiM ptefiowilb Un pteMOf Uw^taL 
ifoffl n Hia n l w aw f tf aw , a giMtcinla pMBteghkraagb 
or b; tbo nagDatioal poloa; — ndd-digri PMo] 
the hixheat point i th* particular plan or MaAa 
with rogard to local oircuDiBlanoes or tbillgl ibal 
distiiigaisb it from others :^-o. being on Ibo Hkf^ 
dian, or at mid- day; relating to Ibo umidiaB m 
to mid-diij-' reUtiog to tbv bi^Hot i*oiat; tK* 
tctidod from north to wuth. 

UfiitmuKi, mo'rid'»4'o«, ». (aforwlMf, ooos, Ijt, 
in To&r«ooo to th« timt of tbtir oxbibiCioQ^) fai 
Bonuo Antiquii;, a kind of Rladiatora who tatarv4 
tb« arena, and Uni^t aword in hand abpat noon, 
nS^t th« btstlira (who fout(ht with boaata in tbo 
morning) had letitod. 

MiiBioioNAi^ mo-ridV-o-nnl, a. (French.) SooUi- 
«mt Botith«r1y; kavioft a southern appoct; nlat- 
inK to thu invHOian. Mtrit^onai rfutaaOTi tbt 
difierenw of the lim^tude beiwwa U» mvifioa 
under which th« tbip to at pntsntt, and aa; otfaar 
ebo was und«r Wforv. Iftrrvaiynnt parU^ tbo 
parts by whkb tho meridians in Mrroator^ or 
wright'tf charts incroase, aa the pandlolt «f lati- 
tnde dacnaae. 

Mebioiuxalitt, in«-rid-o-»'aalVta, a. PoaltaoB 
in Um south; Agpivt towaidathe aonthf Unilato 
of being tn t1i« mt^ridUan. 

MBUDlOKAi4.T,Tne.rid'o-o-QaU]o,a(i. loUwdire»- 
tioa of tba racridiaa. 

Meriu, tnatlla, $. (mer«(/'es, Fr.) A bogmb CMb 
callitd fifppean; morria. — Saa Mocria. 

MsHiviu, sio-rim'o.a, «, (in hoaov of .ft<ip>r> 
llerimof, as ancieat botaoiit.) Agimaaf plu*^ 
aatiTos of Brasil i Order, CaryophjUaeeA 

Mkbu(0, me-re'no, n. (Spontsb.) Appfiod to aherp 
tnoTiDgfrompastarBtopaatttrei dstu^gaTaii*^ 
of iheap from Spw, nmarkaUo (or Un finaaeao 
ofthair wcolj thty irt tttt nrnrd H KngTinJ titil 
oUMr amtrios \ — a. a fioo kind of wooUaa bfario. 

MaananMi Ber-e-o'Dw. a. Tbo Cansdiaa jum|iiag 
nioBt a gpoM of Korth American Hodenti. 

UiiKiB, ni?fia, «i (aMroa, Um tbigb, Gr.) A ima 
of HjBoaairtanaa iosaota: Famil;. Fosama. 

Ujnn. neilt, a. jmm tm m, Uu) UoMrti axcol- 
lanoe deaanring faonoar or rewardt wortk; any 
pcrfbrmaDoo or voitb aaUUad to djatiortioa or 
oompcTiBtian ; ralue ; reward daaerrtd ; Uial 
which ia eamad or owritod ; — «. Ot imnrUar, W.) 
to deaanre ; to bnro a right to claim anything aa 
daaamdi to kare a jost tItU to; to dsasn^ in 
an ill saoaa, as * tnry riolatioA of doty j^«rito 

Ukritabls, merlt-a-bl, a. DoaerrtPg of i«wvd( 
fit to bo Tvwnded.— Obaalit* 


MEBnomors— MERors. 



Ibtliroiiocs, iD«r-«-to't«-ui, a. (ma-iioHo, lul.) 
DugYJag of Trw«rd, or of notice, rtgirJ, fame, or 

KKEnononLT, mcr-c-to're-as-le^ ad. la such a 

mtnov H to doerrt tcwanJ. 
Kn U TO M QcnfBft*, tucr-»-to'r«-iu-cos, a. Tlie 

■titc or qoklily of deserriog a rewird or be6lliiig 


ICbutokt, laer'e-tDr-*, a. Deferring of rewud. — 

UnuTOT. nttr'e-tot, *. A Idad of plaj or BiiiQte- 
BKikt wed hj children, b swio^njit tbemselrM on 
ropes or ibe like till thej are giddj. 

UiSKAPTA^, DieT'lup'Uo, #. A compound of 1it< 
jrognt, cuboo, nd nlpbur, discovered bj Zdso, 
■od io called from it* actum on biooxido of mcr- 
any. Farnmla, Ut dt S-j ; fqoiv. := 61. 

Uexkia, merlie^a, f. (in bononr of Dr. 3(erk, who 
travelicd in Eastrm Ass.) A gcnos of planU: 
Older, CaijopibjUaoeie. 

Ibuuir, mffrloa, j. In Gonnen-, a mop oaed ia 
dmnagptal. gniu. 

HnxaXGCS, Bo'laD-gtia, /. A genns of cod- fiaJ^e*, 
niBibGl^ Gadu, Imt without «irri : Fauilj, 

Mnia, nuri, «. (Fiancfa, fram wurula, LaL on« of 
Ibi BamM of the blackbird.) Tbo Tnrdoa taenia 
af UBBftiH^ and Uenila Tt^irii of Rajr. 

Ifaxux, mer^ JL Tb« Falooualonof Linnaua, 
a ^edta of haiwk fbnnerly oaad in faloooiy. 

IntuaiA, merltng, m. Tbe Whiting, a small fiah, 
the Gadua marlasgOB of Limucna. 

HntuuTf merlon, a. (Frendi.) In Fortification, 
Ibat part af a parapet which iiei Iwtiroen two 

Kmrccorx, mer-lak'tp-ne, t. (merbterw, one uf 
the gaotra.) A; of the Gediilse, or Cod- 
fidUM, dielingBlibed by two donal Rns *, tb« finit 
BottRiDaed of fleahj lilatncnta, and acaiteljr per- 
orpOik; anal 6d one ; \-entre] fins Qittt. 

l(m.roCT7tt mcr-lnk^ebc-ua, f. A genns of fisbca, 
ia wbicb the fhvt donal fhi Is triangular, the 
tKond la long aa the anal; candnt fin Innate; 
ctrri none; rential finii orate: trpe of the sub- 
hnttf Herlncdn* : Family, Gadida:. 

Mnai&m, mer'm^d, i. (our, the sat, Lat. and 
rneit, En£.) A fictitlooa animal, imapned to 
bbkbii t^ ocean, baring the upper part of tlie 
bod; that of a woman, acd the ondcr that of a 
ftdk The idea of monuuda and mermen pro- 
Ubij cnpnated ia the ceticeooa dadong and 
iBWtai,irtich han tbeJr fore-dnamdeb fit^Ionod 
Aa haadi^and terminate behind in a DBhlike tail 
Tha BifplH an pectoral. They trfteo aicend to 
tka aBmcB ta breathe, when they are fireqoently 
mm cbuping their ymng to the breast. 

Knocuje, inpr-»-B^, «, (mtros, tb« thigh, and 
Ml, a tumour, Gr.] Femoral or cniral liem'ui. 

Kiaovox, mer'o-dcn, e. (neru, a part, end odaut, 
I tooth, Gr. '0 A praus of Dtpicroux innate of 
ihi C^iiCTtan tribe Lyrphidoi ; Family, Athericeira. 

IfnKirx, mer'o-pc, >. In Faboloua Hutory, one of 
Ike Atiaatidea, who aniried Slsyphua, tb« son of 
Xdai, and, Eke ha nst«fa» wis changed into a 
i<— a11>liiiii at btr dMth. 

KnonxuR, tDBF-opV-da^ 9. Tb« Bco-aaten, a 
taSlj of FiaalnatrBl birda» of which Meropa ia 

Klaopi, otof'bpi^ A In Fabulona History, a king 
of ibe lahod of Cot*, who married ona oC tba 

OceonHlea. Ho was changed into an oacta, and 
placf<d among tike ronetella^oiu. In OinlthoiogT, 
the Be»-eatara, a genos of birde. 

UXUMXT, met'iv-K nd Cheerfnllyt pUj; with 
mirth and laagfaler ; jorially. 

MmnniAJCB, mer're-makQ, «. A mectins; a foe- 
tivat; me^ypT«nka;^-f^«. tofrast; tobejoriaL 

HSMunxT, meKre-ment, «. Hilarity: frolle; 
gnety, with lunaf apart and bincbtcr. 

UcRxtirxSB, mor^K-nee, a. Mirtb; gaiety, frith 

MEHltr, mer're, n. (mtr^, "tyriff. Sax.) Jorial; 
exhilarated to lauf^ter; gay of baartt aanria^ 
Itngbter or mirth ; cbrerfol i plraeant : egroeablai 
d^htfnl ; to make merry, to be jovial ; to in- 
dulge hi hilarity ; to feast with mirth. 

MBKnT AyDREW, mer're an'droo, a. A boflboo ; 
D aany; one wboae basineaa ii to make spoft bgr 
groteequo GxhlbitioBa and lodioroas antiea. 

Meaar-UAKtico, mcr're-nuy-king, a. ['roJodng 

HKRRT-3fEr.TniO, mer're-meet-ing, c. A noeking 
for mirlb ; a (MtiraL 

MERRT-TnocGTiT, mer'r»-(Aa«t, $. The forfceil 
boneof afowl'afaKaat, whiobboyaand giria break 
by pulling eaoh ana side, the longest part brokao 
betokening priority of marriage. 

Meksiox, owr'ahnn, x. (nMraio, LaL) The act of 
ainking or plmi^ng under water. 

Mbstekha, mar-tiio'abe-a, a. (in bonoor of Pnf. 
Mertena of Bremen, anLhor of a work on Marina 
A]gie.) A genu of planta : Order, fiocaglnaeeia. 

UsRULiDJt, mer^alo-de, \ a. (flumbr, ooa of 

KEKUi.n)ANfi, mcf-nle-dana,) tho genetiL) A 
fiimilr of Dentirmtral birds, 

MBRiTLirs, iiier'nle-tui, a. (a namn giren by the 
ancients to the common mnn^l. KlMahella «sca- 
lenta.) Dry rot; a genua of panritio fiinip, 
natives of rotten wood, which they soden and 
finally daatmy. 

lifEtiTX, me'rika, «. (Greek name of a nmiioattD|; 
lish, Ilka Scania.) AgeouKuf Coteo(iteraDBinaeets: 
Family, Xylophagi. 

Mesa&aic. — See Hasentaric. 

MCAEEMm Du-seama', Mfperaon. rerfr. 1 think; tfc 
FMMna to tn«. 

MESKunuTAXTnEifru, mea-em-bre-an'iAe-miunf 
J. (mcMtmbria, mid-day, and authemoHj a flower, 
Gr.) Fig-morygold, a genus of planti: Order, 

UEasKiSBiO, mex-eik-ter'ik, a. (me»e§, middle, 
and cnfarDn, the boweb, Or.) Behiting to the 

HssxKTKST, mee'en-tcr-e, «. (m ea enf er ww, from 
aiejoe, ihe mkldle, nod eaterea, an intestine, Gr.) 
In Anatomy, the memhmno in the middle of the 
intestinoe, by which Ihcy are attached to the 
spine. It is formed by a daplicatuv of tbt 
peritoneum, and contains the membrana adipoea, 
lacleaU, lymplu, laotenl gUndSf arteries, Teini, 
and tjcrrw. 

Mkbii, nicah, a, (aiatdWs Germ.) Tbli intaratfe* 
of a net; the tpaoo between the threads of a tait; 
— r. a. to catch ia a net; to ensDoni. 

31cainr, mdsb'e, a, Foiuied like net-work { ret^ 

llBSim.EiTs, fflc-alt'e-Icne, r. An oily eokntrleas 
liquid, with a faint and eomewbat alliaoeouf 
snirll; lighter tEsn water, end inftanunable. 
Fonnula, C« H4L 


diftmt aoru of tji^ 

HSSMBSIO, m«»*iDer'ik, a. iU«timii to or alfcot«d 
by m M Wi ofwn, or utnuU auyi eUiw . 

Mrakchiih, meit'tner-iitni, m. (\n bnoaw of Anton jr 
Mniiner of Mmiiu, wbo wroti od Uw aubjwt In 
1770.) Ad ftgait (suppoMd \y Its mlTocntes) 
hf wli'udi aO0 porvu am connnunlcaM onljmi 
infloenccA nl will to tbn atiud of Iko ponan 
pienaoiMd, or put laVj a stat« of t4e«[>, tii which 
qttntioiia mn answered, fixidity or limb, and 
other pbeiuiniooo prodottd. 

tluuEBlZB, mea'iner-ize, 0.0. To [lut n porson 
bto stste of roeaDiencoi, or aninml iiiacMllini ; 
aommoal7 performed "by lb« opcntion of mzing 
fiicill;r on tb« e^cs of the paticpt, by whieb olcvp, 
•r aanioambolijm, U producct'K 

MsttKH, meco, a. (old Frencli.) In Livr. middto ; 
{ntorreoini;, as a ntme lord— thai is, a lord who 
hoUa land of a sop«nor, hot graota part of it to 
another ponon. Meaae jtroctjm, is gunrralty xttvA 
h centraduiiiMtioa to J»ai proaw * , and aigoiBw 
any writ ur pnceaa [■nird betwaan tbe ttaminMCc- 
iDMt of tho action, aiid tba aolog mAjbtal proe wa 
or uaeoltoa b andi aotion; and ioolodea alao tb« 
■lit of nuninon^ ootwithrtaaJing tliia ia tho 
proceaa by which panowtl aetimta am onrnmoneod, 
ifill ttterefbn cannoi ba ntcafiM nov as mttme 
or iatermodiata proe— k Afama P"*^ ars iii> 
HinajiMu prafiU; that li, proAta whfcli hav« 
bttn acBfiring bctwaan two pvon period*. Tbax, 
•ftar a party has noovated tho land itaelf in au 
action of elaolount, he frequeotly briof^ another 
action fur tho purpose nf reeovaring the proRtK 
vhich biirA been arcniin); or ariiiing onl of the 
]|ind, between Iho penoda of hU tJUo to the po»- 
iaeiwai and hU raosvory b tba action of q}«ct- 
Bunt; and aacb an action i» tli«not ttmed an 
tdion br wum» jtmJUs, Writ n/ ni«#i«r, (tie 
euttio,) a writ in tho antorv nf a writ of ripfat, 
which I^ when, npoo a labJii&iuUUon, lb* bmrm 
nr middle lord kaiFitrod bi« uodor tonoot, or tonant 
pAraruil, to be dittrained u^ion by tbe btrd parit- 
momu for tha rent dua to bin by iIm Besne 

Mmocsphri-tth, n»»-o-«rro-lum, 9. (mtta*, mid- 
Ala, and hip k ut *, the bead, Or.) A nam* ^wvn 
by ChauMiifr to tbe tiUier atraufaRV, aa altuMlcd 
b iLu middle of tb« Wad. 

UEsocnoHVtuutc, meo-o-koo'dro^ 0. (mmu, 
ndMle^ nd aloadrM, oMiilaMt Or.) An apitltvt 
mliei kf BoarbuTa la tkofawkutt d muaoaliir 
lluta whufa oooneet tha cartila^ooa rin^ uf the 

ttMOOBOBOS, linn fco'tna, a. la Aa4iqi^Sy, tUa 
BUBd rfwB to th* y WMD who, hi pybUn ■■■rilia, 
ItfN a» ligial nr acahmariw. 

UMOOOMn, ma-o-kolon, a. (aioiM, the middle, 
aad kotom, tba oeioo, O.) Tha oManntary of tho 
•nbo, bong ao aatcaiive dnplkatnn of tit« pari- 

IfMAoaAiTkic, nica-o>f(a>'tiik, a. (auaaa, tba inM- 
dla, Md ^oafer, lbs boHy, Or.^ Ooeapyfaig the 
Dnibi&al ngioR, or tniMle of th* biOy. 
, UBtooun*, BMa^o*f!lo'«-a, a. («M«M, tb« mlddlr, 
and ghia, viadiL) A gvuna of Algst Onkr, 
ti ml mwaoem. 

Ummn. i»t, naaVbba, «. (rwimw, middle, and 
lamiam, I taks, Or.) An luitroniefit which wh 
mad by tfca nnciMita (or finding two moan jito- 

portioniils betwwn two ^ren Unas, m{alnil ta 
the dnplication of the cob«. 

Mkbolb, me'iole, r. FUbellifonn kunpbons tpar, 
a ntinenil ooonnfng in gbhulee of n flat, columnar, 
or lamellar atractare, ndiatinj; from the centre ; 
of a greyish -vrfaite or yellow oolour, and altfcy or 
pearly hutrv. It consista of aodn. 9 fo 10 par 
cent ; ^ca, 42 ; alamma, 27 to 38 1 Gtno, It it 
II; water, 10 to IS. 

Mrbolite, mce'o-lite, t. (*Mwe», loiddla, andlltto*, 
a stone, Gr.) XeoiBoetaae, ■ mhirral wbkh 
Doanm mamlTo, and alao la long slender priami, 
ttrsdnaled by qnndrititrral pyramids, which ara 
treaalncent or Inuitjianpat, and oulourbMs, or of 
h cvvylah colour: »p. p. •JSB. H = 5.0— SJw 

Ur^OLOnB, mea'o-lobe, «. (auior, letwecn, jod 
A>6a«, a lobe, Gr.) A term appllod by Cbnuaaicr 
to tbe eorpua colloauni, aa altuutcd |M(weni the 
lobas of tbe bntio. 

?klE!>oux)ARmiu, me»-o-loc;'a-riMm, «. (aMw, 
Or. ruid lotjoritAm.) A 1o;;arHhiii of tba CO*«iiMi 
nod co-taDfiMtj. 

MseoiTA, Tno-«o'o», «. (atonw, middle, bcOHttv I3M 
ICnras waa Boppooed, liy tbe authur of tlM Mm. 
to be btormediate belwuen ocynum and actrtal 
laria.) A gnra» of planta: Onjer, Lamlaoe*. 

SfesOPHTt.LLnW, niiia^-€l'bni, ». (mcMxr, ipiihlle, 
and jAifilnn, a tfjif. Gi".) In Botany, t!ic [laren- 
ohymetooa tUane wfairh forma the llc»hy part of 
a leaf belweea tbo lower and tho upper bl^gi)- 

MesofuiON, njea-o-prt'ao, a. («««u, middlr, and 
pritim, A SMw, Or.) A genua of (Ikbca : Pantly, 

MES4jFtBCT(TU, nwA-o-rvlc'tum, «. (auM«, nASdle, 
Or. and reehan. tat.) The tnnseorao (bid of tho 
peritoBeum, whicli conne<;to tbe pattarfor vattot 
of tbe reotum with the anterior cr tbe aacmtB, 

MnaoBA, me-ao'ta^ «. (auena, uiiddK Or.) A „^ 
of Coleopteroas inaocta : rjrnily, l^ooeioamaa,^ 

Me90i»CELocui.B, tpe»-o-8el-o-»e'W, t. (aaenw, ■ 
die, ttfhf, tbe thijth, and Mb, bembi, Or.) 
nia of the perttoneom. 

MbsoWBLOPBTUA, ities-o-eftl-oTe-ma, #. (Nh^ac, 
middle, sM'f, thi^h, and phymn, an abaoaea, Qr.j 
An abscoM iu tba pcritooe«l region. 

MbsotsoKax, mee-o-Mt/raka, t. (■■Mi^ mUd^ 
and (Aoruz, cheat, Or.) In Eatomology, tbal 
part of the body of ao tne«ct irhtch j^na «riria 
to tbe aeooud pair of lags, and alan to tba flnt 
pair of wbgi ; or to tbe elyim or wini*-ooo«n. 

Mbaotttb, raea'o-ttiic, «. (»»«n#, middle, and fj^ine, 
fbm, Gr.) rriraiatie lootila, a ntnpir r 
eocvrinf tn tnp rodn. It i* oi n k : 
yaUow, oryelluwnb-brown oolour, and i» it-^' 
cmUUaed in 6ne netidln. It oooaiala of 
54.40; almuBa. 19.73; wda, lfi.OS; 
l.GO; water, 0.90: ap. gr. B.i. 

Mcirii.r*, mes'pe^hu, a. (meatw, liatC and. 
bnUet, Or. in raferenco to tho abap* of Ibc 
Medlar, a genaa of plnU : Order, Itoaaeem. 

UaanUBit, meo-priio', a. OontMnpt; noa,— 

AaJabawward tite wioldi Bicliie ■■ n ii^ii. Sfmmr^ 

Mo3B, mrs, i. (na, Goth.) A diah; a qonnUty o( 
food prepared and set on the la^lc at ont tinar; 
■ mixad tana; a qoantity; aa mw& fWWttder 
or grain aa ia preo to a bwt at once. A«of|( 
•eamao nod aolfienii a nnmbtr af penow wIm 
•al together;— *. n. l«Mt[ tofwd; to UMclaU 





M tba mtm uhUf to aak in coapaoj, u Asatncn ; 

M»M*aK, mai'i^ * (nene^) An emuMl ; tay- 
Oi^ «fi«mri>tfii to asMhir lo bt lold Is ■ third ; 
■I tdkttl (vottn 0* Twtal) oon reran ieation 
inn tm Imueh «f a lw>l>lon t* ^* o^lwr. 

MnftWOW, nc^Mft^or, a (flMcn^, ^O One 
«ht hMna IBHHBC one wIm bfing* mn Moount 
rfu/tlrinjtt •kferaiagw; ■ fvrrninncr. 

imnstU. iae»-«(r-An)d'>b*-i, t. (ia 

of Uuiiil CattBeb Mcncrwiimiiit, a tr*- 

vAir k Sibwia.) A gMU nT phwta: Unlv, 

MMBUa; MB-ri'a. «. (B«bi««r.) Tbt aooiiitml ; 

•ppOad hy the Jaws to tbt pnpbfU, kin};s, and 

pmria, Md, by way of anintoet^ bjr CbriMiaos, 

IP J«Mi Chrut) as Chs BDointad of bti Kalbv, 

md kiDK «f Ua «faiucli. 
MMsuasmr, MaB-ai'*4lup, «. Tb« chanctn-, 

riale, ar uOee of th« Sirioar. 
HintSDXS, mm^jvrBy *. (Frtndi, ph. of J/Mnetr, 

n^lord.) Sba: (jealieiiMa. 
Mmhbutt, DMS'lnate, •> Ad aModalv in atitiiig. 
IUmvaok, fD««'a^ «. (oMMuq^MM, modmi Lat.) 

la Li«. a diralUM'boaaa witfa a Mall fMrtion of 

taod t^Jaecsit, of u» ill* of tbe maiwr; a dwell- 

iqg*lKiB*t wiiJb laod ottudied to it. 
UtntSA, ina-l«'iia, «. In J^panUh AmvHea, tbo 

iiia« ^n& W tin ddld of a Spaniiml or Onolv, 

tal a mUn lodian. 
Huva* nw-au'a, «. (Id hoaowof Mwna, fatb«r and 

•a^ l^lieUii* at DamasoQBi'wlio flourisbod in th« 

■^A iHd nintii oectaricK) A fvoaa of plaats: 

Mb; Cihuiaow. 
Hit, Mt, i: J\ai mtd jMut pari, of Meat. 
UltA, nw'ta, ». Id Airtiqnitjr, a ^alo of atoas of a 

f^attriJal fonu, ratondwl on tbe boandAry «f th« 

uadiam or dtaribt coaiM Wbtn it was paaeed 

«Mi tkka»t ttt« met ^m enncluiitik 
MiTijbUt»,Be-tatj'ii>4la,jL (QrMk.) In flbMoric, 

Uaanliini ; • paaan; tnm om itiiog to anoUii>r. 
HrriaoLA, fa^-iabVU. «. (Awn llult(^Ml!, clmrg?, 

Or.) In Mwliri—. a eban^ of Bir» tuna, or 

Jiwm. SeMiMnniL 
UitTuouAya, ntet<a-bo1>-*aMi^ (laeAi&olBttbitnga, 

Or^ lu Eat«Dulog7, a aobelMs of inaacts, in- 

rlitdiiig all aocb a* undergo a mctamorpbDaia. 
UnAaoLoe, (Dc^aib'D-loa. «. (Gnok, diangtnUo.) 

A Ktuaa ef pUiiU, n«tire« of Jara and of tlu 

PURypaa laiaadai Ordar, (JiucbvAacub 
HnACAarAi.t nwt-a-kJr'pil. a. Balotigiiis to lb« 

MiTiCAlirrs, tnet-ii-lutr'pUK, «. (metaf wftb, mid 
Avpw. tba arUt> Ur.) Thai pnrt vt the si<}:ct1br 
olniriily wtueb amnecta ibo wrlat wkb tb« 
ia^Kt ; wlal il MBtlMmlj known aa tba band, 
bat aat iMAndhiiE ahbcr tin mbt mr tha fingcn. 

KaffM^vrmB, ntt-a-wa'ttr, «. C»Mla, brtwoco, 
aid tmtrom^ a ««ilra, Gr.) That paliit of a 
0<a|i^c ifO&j ia nlikb, v^he-., lie body ■ dtatnrivcil 
Imi |I« Mdri'ia nf f(|uIUbriiiui, the rertica] lln<, 
J lain, tH«H^ Ui« taiilra of bwajuoBj, moeU 
Um Km vUob, wIwq iha body ta tt mt, paaiaa 
ttma^ tba eentra uf IrnajraMy and oeotrt of 

uniccvovB, aa-taa'a-ton*, a (nwifrr, dr. ind dm* 
Aan) A aDb4anto olrtiritwd bv ifi- 

tiaaia oiixtur* of aba part of ^ >. 'it 

fMU of Aaaly-powdarad (luiaVnni.-. i -t..,.).., 
C< U] 0; acetona bciug Cs U3 0.> 

METACimoinBH, ma-takWrnun, 4. (nain, buyond^ 
mid chroHos, time, CJr.) An f rmr h> ohnaolagy j 
a mitiaka Ju the computaUon of titna. 

UcTAClsM, Diet'a-ium, j. A dafvct in pconovDCfiig 
t4a letter if. 

]deTACu»irLB,nMt-a-k(m'd>Ka. (fNaAi,an«r, and 
ADa^rfMtthaknacUpfOr.) Tbe but |>haIanA of tha 
fliinn. Tba ndddle phaluMa an aiUed eoH^K, 
and tkr Snt (tba BHtMrtpaJ) tba^avwxw^'. 

UsTAOiU.Lic Acid, loet-a-eal'lik aa tJd, t. An acid 
obtained wlim gallic acid ia rapidly licjitfti to 480% 
and carbooie add and watar are evolTad. For- 
inala, Oif Ot BC; m)r.= 99. 

Mbtaob* me'ti^e, a MMavmUt of coal j priea 
of awHariiig;'iDa'tEim, A (ai«(a, 
and ynmmta, a letter, Or.; IIm trainpoalllsfl of 
tbe Mien of a aaoM tnta SDch a eentHctien aa to 
expreai Mane perfect aniM appRcaUe lo the par- 
aoD named. AIm> written ABapmntnaUatn. 

MsTAnu, nHHtA'lM, *. (tlw name ia FVnidi Qalana.) 
A ganoa of planta i Order, Sapindaven. 

ilutxi See Matali. 

Mbtxuisia, met-a-la'tbe-a, t. (m«M, aad btUA, I 
cbange or alter, Gr.) A gttmt of Cotapedte 
pUuta : Sobordcr, TubaHllorff. 

McTTAt^EUTDK, mct-ftl'dc-bido, a. (nuto, and a&fc. 
fiyJe.) When aldehyde is Itept at tbe ordbiai; 
t)-tDpcratare, it 15 parliiilly c«arart«d into crtflall^ 
wtiich ire tcnned metaldeh>f4a. 

MKTALEPCI8, mc^n-]op'fiia, a. (Or«*k.) In ArlB- 
totle'tk Logic, the uttcr-ition of a t«rni fnxn U^iitg 
the anbjwt of a hypothotical, to being X\\t aabjeet 
bfaoatf-gurical propodtlon. In Rboloric, tbe tak- 
ing or kMuming nno thing iiutend of anollicr. 

MKTAUUfTiO, met a-Icp'tik, a. Kalntiiij; to i 
tnetalepsB or putidpaUun; tnoelaLive; trua- 

^Iktalkitioallt, mac-a-Iop'la-kal-le, oi. $y 

lltTALUC, me-tal'lUt, a. (aulaUicns, IM.) P*- 
tJiking of metal; oontaiaiii^ irivtat; rotiRr«rm|f 
of HMlal] Ue« a nwtaU Melaltie hftrt, ttj 
Mineralogy, » loabv er brilllaooy reaeiAbling that 
of metdbi. MetiitHc OTV, a meUl exbting ill the 
state of an o&id<s a bait, or Rnltcd with n eoni* 
btutlbl*!!, 3ftbit!ie o^iik, a mtlal cotnNded wilt) 
oxyj^en in any proport)o«, bat not poaawaing the 
properties of on acul. MtilaUie talu, aaltt wbicb 
bare a metalllo sidAa aa their bast. MtlotHe 
trMj, a mineral rtia oontaJiiing mctalBc oi«l 

MtTALUOAL.— Saa Metallic. 

MtiTALLirBBOua, met-al-lirfa--iui, a. (mel9Kia% 
andjero, 1 bear, Lu.) IVodncing metalA. 

]iIi-:tau.i1''obji, me~tal'le-r«wnn, o. IlnTlitg tfca 
iomi of metal ; liko mi-tid. 

Metai.lixe, met'xl-lino, a. Retntinx to ifiAal; 
cnnsieting of inptal ; impTvgna(*d with mctnl. 

MUTALMlT, met'id-It4t, a A worker In inelala) 
one fikillnl in metalf. 

>lETAi.LtX.\ri(>N, met-n-le-xa'sbnn, «. A changti^ 
into a metal; a t«nn p.irilculKrly Hp|>lird to am- 
moma, comUnod nirli mafMiry by ckdriail ta-* 

M bTALUZS, inet'al-0w>, f^ a. To form Into nx-tal ; 
to givi to a Mbatance tta propur m^lanic pre- 

MKTAt.LoaaAi>irr, mpt-at-log'ni-f^, i. (mttathm, 
metal, and grapha, I draoribe, Qr.) A tTNtba 
on, or deeeriptlon eif inetala. 




Koown to th« ATicieiits. 
Gold aad silver are termed 
nobli netali : thcfonnerof 
these wu eotuiJered u the 
metallic clement; the ntt 
ven called base metaU. 

llETALLOtDAL, met-al-loj'dul, a. Ilaring tbe rmm 
or mppaanuice of a stotaL 

HBTAttOlDS, met'al-lojda, a. (^mdaltot, a metal, 
and eidM, resainblancff^ Ur.) A name ^ivcn to 
cvrtala^mpU bodies— namely, stUpbiir, pliaEphc>- 
rua, boron, carbou, and silicon. 

Mbtallcooio, met-al-lur'jik, a. Rclatuig to mvt- 
nllargy, or the ait of woiiunit metils. 

Mbti.lluboi»T, tiid'al-lur-jiRt, «. A worte in 

Metalluugt. mct-uriur-ji^, f. {metalloa^, 
ami ciyon, worit, Gr.) The working of mrtali, 
yo as to fit tlicm for the oscful purposes of \\(a. 

Uktauixn, roct'al-nuiD, t. Ou« wIkim occupation 
is to fasbioQ metals into tbe variout useful pnr- 
poMS rniaircid in »ocietT. 

IIbtALS, met'als, «. pX. {metat^ Fr. from iMeAiZ/iin, 
Lat.) A eloia of compact, tieaTj, opaqut bodies, 
diatiDKliisbed, io diflccvnt deigraes b; tbe follow* 
bg ceneral propertiaa: — Mallaabilltr, duotilitj, 
fiMbuitT, tenadtiTt elaitieit/, and erjitijiline tex> 
tnn^ Tbe fdlowiDg b a table of tbe meCab, 
aorrADged aocordlng to tho order in which tbey 
\)Cn wen diiconred, with Lho names of tbe per- 
ioos who dlscorered or first described them : — 

1. Gold, 1 

3. Silxer, 

3. IroDt. 

4. OoppcTr 

6, McnwT,. 

6. Lead 

7. Tio 

8. Antimony, .',. B. Valeotioa, ... lotb cent. 

9. ffiof Apioola^ 1520. 

10. Bismuth, Poraoelsus, ItifhcsnL 

li: ^::::::::::} ^'^^ '™ 

13. Plaliouro Wood, 1741. 

14. Nidrel, CraoBtoiU, 1751. 

\h. MsMj^auPse, Scbael^ ftc, ... 1774. 

le. Tiu^Meu D*En]ayart, 1781. 

17. TaUurium Mttllcr, 1782. 

I& Holybdeniun, Hithn 1782. 

ID. Uranio, KUproth^ 178S. 

50. Titanitirnr Ungor...... 17U1. 

SI- Ckraniium, Vatwoatta, 17d7. 

SS. Colitmbloro, Haldutt, 1803. 

if: S^:?;:::::::} '^»^. >«<»• 

55. IridiiiTiv DeaootilSi&e.,.. 1808. 

56. Osmium, S. Tennaat...... 1803. 

27. Ccr'oov BerMliaa, &«.,.. 1801. 

S& Potasaium, 1 

29 lodimn, I 

aa Barium V SirH. Dary,... 1807. 

51. Strontium [ 

82. Caldum, J 

88. OadQiigm,...«. Strotoejor....... 1818. 

84. LilblBm, Arfwadrnv 1818. 

85. Selanlmn, Beruliai, Ac, . . 1818. 

IS: SSSi;.:.::::} »««--. '»^- 

S& AlaiiiEaliini,....,.i 

39. GlDdiiiwn, y Wsblcr, 1838. 

40. yariimi. ) 

iL ThoriOB, HctuUiUh 18^. 

43. M^nwinm Boujr.Ac, 1821). 

TboM miildi an diitiaf[Di>h<<l Into tbe foUtiwlnc 
diMN, TUbi— I. tftioBie boat* <if tht nttutitx, 
Tfi.: potaBrinm, aodium, and lithium. Tbcbc 


poiverfallf attract oxyp» ; tbe oxid 
alkalicM; nod tliemetallie baMa,4 ~ 
GgtMous metals. 2. MetatSc fraa«t ^ 
liw eardki, vii., barium, atrentiam, caM 
magnesium. These also powerfully sUi 
Ken, and tbolr oxidos arc lomwd alt-tlim 
3. Metallic I/omm of the firUtt, viz., mIe 
lircoTiimn, ^lanniTim, (■ilkiom, jttriii 
tlioriom. llic oxides of tbei« metab 
pure eorlAs. 4. Metals yielding oxide 
are nentrnl taJifinile batet, vix>, gold, sili 
ciir;, copper, load, iron, tin, platiomn, pi 
nickel, cjidinlnm, unc, bismuth, aotjmeoj 
and manf^nese. A. Metals which are (M 
by combination with oxygvn, viz., ti 
unienic, chn^nium, molybdonom, tongaM 
biuni, and aelrnimn. Of the oxides of 
liitlo is known. (!. AfttnU mapaHie, v 
nickel, and oobnUi cliroinium baa ad 
aiHrmed to ba Daaenelic. Metals 
native, whca ftmna m aa 
miMnUuij wbea oonUnad vilib i 
ocB^oindi of tiro or inofi Bctohi SBoapt I 
wn oalled oZloini^ and wwmh m olwn 
properties of para metua i thorn olmen 
other metab an called cau^oau. T 
of tbe oxidation of metalsi, when heated ii 
was formorly called a caU, and the n 
foming it cakimition ; when mixed wi^ 
or chlorate of potaalx, and pnijected into i 
crveiUe, tfaev are a^ to be d^ffcyrrt| 
oxides are redoced to the ntetalBe al^J 
iwd to BoSvr rtduetioii, Hatsla m^ 
reflectors of caloric, and the wont rM 
Uohlyn, In Ucraldr)-, there are bat tin 
CBed in coats of arnia — namely, gold, or, an 
orgmt. In Gnaoery, wbea tha moath e 
of ordnauoe, in disparting it, Bea In^r 
breecb, it is said to oivr-nMtol, or to bo 
meU^; vnder mtttd, is when the moulii 
than the breoeh ; ri^hi meUilf b tbe (■ 
wlien the piece Uea truly leval; aapc 
mvtal, the Hirfnoe or outside of a piece c ~ 

MErAMOKpmc, loet-a-mxwr'fic 

METAMORPHoatc, m«t-a-m.'iwr'fb-«ifc,{ 
and moTj'ht^ funn, Gr.) Clianginf'] 

UETAMORPnoaE, met-«-mawr'fr«e, r.a. -^ 
the fono or shape uf auy thing; to traaa) 
chauf^ the form of insects, aa Irosn th^ 
winged animal. 

MErAJHOltfoueEB, met-a-mawr'fo'Rir,! 
duingas tbe shape of anything. 

UBr&MOKmoBlt, roet-amawr'fo-ss, ■. J 
tDBtion ; (dianga of ahape; a cbange f 
ofbaaiig: anycbaogewfom or i~ 

UBTAMOitrnofiifTB, metHMaawi^fii 
Ecclosiastical Hlatory, a (mne ) ' 
affirni that Uu My ofCbriat i 
frbolly deified. 

METAJioitraosncAi;., nalHMU* 
Bolatiiig to or offircted by aieCamoepb 

UKTATnOK, mot'a-fur. /. (N«Ur^Wit,C 
of speiKb, by wbioh [)ia aanw and 
000 ubject an ai»cnb«d to atutbar : a i 
tude; a aimilitudo rodnccd to a anglt w 

MeTArnouo, met-a-fur'ik, \i». lb 

METArilolticAL, mct-a-for'«-ka],y meU| 
liteml ; not according to tbe primilin I 
lho word. 




)liTAmoucALLT,tnet**-fore-kAl-le,i»/. Figjin- 

ti\<iij I net Uunlljr. 
URATBOlUffT, nwt'a-for-kt, «. One tliat makea 

•r WM BMUpbofiL 
JIcTAraofrBATKa, m^-^-f^fmyt*, i. A genu 
of tielU, ta »bkb tli« phospboric add ii eMn- 
Used witli lodA, bsrjrU, oxid« of tWvpr, && 
XRAnKwmoKic Acid, ii)»4-rLi»-ror'ik s«'M<i, «. 
Tbe ^ Makj Kid «buin«I Uf Uimiag (iliMpbo- 
ras HBder a baU-glMi tf lir or otygen- 
MvunuASB, imi's-fraxc, «. (ndo, change, end 
^fM, a wpeaidag. Or.) A rerbal tna»lalivD 
tram DOS laaftiajp into asotherj 4 close iolerpte^ 
HrrAniRAST, md'tk-kut, ». A Irannlator. 
U£TAriUL4STic, md-A-fns'tik, n. Clooe in intec- 
■ ■ lileral. 

mel-a-fiz'it, ) a, RcUtinj; to 

: vL, mit-a-fiz'e-kal,) ntctapliruc* ; 
fe»Ml ut nwtapbTsks ; sopcnuCtiral * prctenin- 
btnl. — OlMulde i& tlie last two atoMtt, 
Wliirh fmim and mttafkgtiaat alil ilnth aean 
Ta bara cratm'd Umb wUhaJ.— jriUJU. 

XcurSTMCAU.T, oiec-*-fix'e-kal-fc^ ad. In the 

aaner «f mstapbTHca] aaiencft. 
Vtt&raTatcXAV. UMt-i-fc-Mh'on, a Ooe veraed 

HnAniTiiCB, met-a-fizlka, c (laifa, afkcr, pAfria, 
bU^ Gr.) The edoice of tbe prindples and 
aoM* of aU thinxB existiog, or that which r^ 
pada tbe ahunate gnKtndi of biaog, as dUtin- 
fWlMi 6md ita pfaesomeoolu inodificatioiia. Th« 
■iam baa Iwas divided into aix part* — uoto- 
hfff wiolBgy, antbroiiopfaagr, fajtitiagj, pnea- 
wtfilmy, nd iMt^lijiiod theohcr* 

NtTtfLABM, oeffr-plutn, A (melopfajMOf, Gr.) 
b Qnami; ■ trumtatatioa «r cluinge inade in 
• w«ri| bj* trsBipovog «r letrtaelung a eyOalik 

kcTAToau, mtt-arfo'dSf t. (Greek, obanga.) In 
Piibak|gri tbe dqgBnentiDg of eoa diwuie ititi) 

UflAtraat*, me-taa'ta-eia, «■ (mria, and <taw, a 
^-TiiTtnc Gr.) The rrniava] of a diooaH from 
<aw port to aaotb«r, cr siieb an alteroCioa aa is 
uarwd by a eoluliun. 

)ltiiittU.UA, mtt-a-Atel'ma, e. (meftt, instesd, 
ind akjeui, a cniwn, Gr. the tbroiU beans, ■ u 
II we, erawDed by Ave cierted teotb instead of a 
oatena.) A genoaof West Indlao |>laaU: Order, 

UnATAMftAL, metHi-td/eat, a. Balusgipg to tbe 

METATAKen, meC-a-ldr'aua, i. (mmM, and farwM. 
tb aole of tbe fcot, Gr.) The tniJdie of tbe 
fuut, or part between iIm aocle and tbe toesk. 

HcTiTllMK, met-alA'c-Mi, t. (Gre<^, cbangn.) 
la KbrtofSe, a %uns of epeeiJi, iu wbirb wocda 
wi Irvotfpoaed en as to odiivej a milahlo moejl- 
%i a^ ' we abooLl oec live to eat, but eat to 

UnkXtMCB, net'a-tfiine, «. (huAi, and fntno, 1 
OS, Gr.) In ArchUeoCure, lb« ipaoe bttwnn 
<Be dealet and anvLlier, 

Vcumri.— See >IcLupr. 

lUuTotu, ■wi-a-te'rto, a. jib. (IJiLln.) In An- 
ti^ehj. oAcen io the Uonun aim;, wbo verv 
^ lonrarl to nark ont graand luiL^blo for an 

Mng^ meet, tt. a. (mrton, Saa. mtelam, OoL mtf* 

liar, LaL) To tneaaorv; to aaontaia quanlitj, 
duneuaiufu, ur capacitr, b/ aoj rule or ataodatd ; 
— fl. (miaa, Sax.) ineafiurc ; tlcnil t bouodarj. 

Mkteooiui, nettlBwrD, a. In AitbaiolAi^, a ear- 
tain nteaanre or qnontitj of com, formerly gbria 
bj tbe lord of a manor aa a reward for bibenr. 

MSTBairatCBi. nto-temp'ae-ki, a. In Eosloriaitical 
Hiatorj', a name pren to a aeet of bcavtiei, wbo, 
in imitation of PitliagDne and Flato, bettvnd in 
tbe tiaoBuigratMN) of aoali* 

yiKTEurSTcaoSB. nie-t«mp'ae*lceae, n a. To 
tnuubile from ooe body to another, aa tbe Boul. 

Ueteupsychoub, mo-t«oip-ae-ko'<ai. a. (Gnek.) 
Tlie doctrine of Clia traaemigration of eonla tnm 
one body tDt« anotber. 

MfrrcMPixJCls, me-tamp'te-^ «. {m«ta, and pipto^ 

I drop, Gr.) la Obivoology, tbe aolar equation 
Dcceuoty to prarcut the tww moon fmn Inppea- 
in^ a dty loo late, or the eoj^reauott of tbe bb< 
acxtile one in 134 yean. 

UiCTKOic, ine'te-or, *. A tnm applied by some 
autbon to dsaoto all ibe varions pbi^nomeoa of 
tbe alinoq>bent, whllu utlien Mpply it t-xcltLsirely 
to denote tbeaa lumlnona bodiai which appear at 
a eooaidenible beifhl abon the eartb. Tbey 
aametiiaaa proeead In ibia bemkphero from nortb 
to aootb irilb vait Tdodty. fnqwally faraakli^ 
into ■ercral unatfer onee, ■omMimca mdabtitg 
with a rtport, iDd MoietbiMa oot. OofuUnlng 
meteor la ita eatanded aeaact m laohidiag aQ 
atmospherio tnuuitaiy phaBamtna, it ia Deeaaaaf; 
10 dhide tbom into rliaiw. aoeordinj; to tbdr 
orifia or natoroi. Hiua winda, whirlwioda, &a 
are aerial metoon; dawa. fc^, rab, snow, and 
other depadtiiiiui or diitarbaDeca of the water of 
tbaatiDoafbeiC;,araoaUado]fMWiainatoarB. Uany 
■in Aom Iba nftactbn er nflection of light from 
tbe amMma parttdaa BaapaBdad Io tbe al^tboM 
are eallad JyaaiaoM HMtaon; aneh are balo, ki- 
rage, nbboir, Aa; vhllo tboaa thai praaent tbe 
aKiciMBaD ud pheiMmena of comlwitioa are 
VweMBrtm*— amk an falling ataiv, lightning, 
tba lontB bereoG^ A«. 

IklgTKOltiC', mo-to-orlk, a. Relating to meteors; 
ooasiating of meteorat proceeding from a meteor. 
Meteoric iron, a miwiral of a pale Rttvl.grey 
coltmr, occurring ramose^ and diaaeiniDated In 
MMKoark stunee or aanlitea. N«ti\-e or meteoric 
iron u oonipoaed of iron uad nickd, ' tbo bitter 
rarying fixa one to nearly ten per cent. Pallua 
found a tnaaa of native iron to Siberia, whicli 
weij;1t«) IGSOlba., and which tradlliun etali-d had 
fallen from tbe atrooapbare. Ueteorio Inm ia un- 
Ul(« any of tbe ores we moet with oo oarth. Nn- 
turaliata am not agreed aa to tbe orl^ uf tbeiw 
itODea. — See AeniUlea. 

UnmoBiTB, me'te-o-rita, a. A ootid nifaatKnOB or 
body lalliag from Iba lil|^ ngiena of Ibe atinu- 

Uktsokub, ne'te.«>fla^ 9. n. To aaesnd io 
evaporation.— Seldom and. 

MBTxaBOLiTi^ me'lo*,^ «. (neleer, and 

MBTi:ROLtTl£, me'te-io-[ltc, ) /it/joa, a itone, 
Gr.) A meteoric atoae; a compound of earthy 
nod uwtalUD mattar, which falla to the earth from 
aa derated pnat to tho atmoapherr. 

MKTBOROt<OOtO,m»-ta-o-ro-1nj'ik, } a.(nEetaor, 

)1i:TCOitoi.ooiCAL,m«-te-ro-Ioj'e-k.-il,)' and/n^nw, 

II diacounw, Gr.) Itclnting to the ditctrine of 







Hkzzotimo, mpt-ro-tin'to, $. (luIUm.) A pir- 
timlar mode of cngrairing on copper. Th« iheet 
of copper is first scrttcbei] orer and orsr in ttvaty 
dirNtim, witli an iRxtnunent mwle Ibr the par- 
piM, till tb« fsco of it b« «h[>llv carcr«d witli 
lioat or Bcnttcheis sndoso lo mcIi otbcr, tliat if an 
imnrcsAion w«r« Uken \wm tt. it would bo one 
mttferm blot or smut. Tliis Xmnf, done, Ibo de- 
sign b marked on it; iinpr wbich the engraver 
ync«ria witli bomtiliera, acrapera, &&, to t^ke 
oat the fotrows » tJioie placaa where the luhla 
are to be, le«vhig more or leu blade tbom ptirta 
that are to nuruin Ea ahailcw. It ia tbo mo^t 
ixpeditioDs mode oT enj^ravlng. 

Mush, mi'atm, \ *. (Greek, pollolion or cor- 

UlABHA, mi-aa'ma,) niption.') A oerUin vola- 
tile deletorioiu principli!, uriiing cithiu* from ito 
liodtea of the aick, fi-otn animal Bubstiiiwa, or rrora 
tbo earth, and capable of exerting a moibid ta- 
floenoo on thoae expowd to ita action. 

MUSMAL, Rii-ax'mAJ, 4. Bclatiflgtomlaunai im- 
prcjinated with miasmn. 

MuBMATlCj ini-ai-mntlk, a. Partaking of tto 
nnKinoa qiulilies of pMtUential cffinriA. 

Mica, milca, ». (macfl, ihiinBg, Or.} A nliMral, 
one uf thn ingredieati of granite, gneUa, and mka 
■laite. It occarv tn regular or oblique rboinbic 
prinna, diviKible in tbin flexible taminie. The 
xarietiea differ mocb tn their compOtritioa. A 
species of lUck mica fr«n Siberia, according to 
Klaprotb, conlatned— potash, 10.0; silica, 42.6; 
nlutnino, 11. S ; maj^ma, 9.0| oiida of manga- 
nese, 2.0 i oxide of iron, 2S. Acooidtng to Kior, 
the laijge variety, called Mttsoory-glus, which 
oocora in plates of mor% than a jaid in diameter, 
in veins of granite and mica alate, in some psrto 
uf Rossia, mfiy be diriiW into Utnitise no thicker 
tlt^ TniAasii*b **^ All iiicli, It ta lucd for the 
solar microacope, and, inalend of gUta, En the 
BoBBion afaips of war, being lem liable to be broken 
by the ooncoseion of air duHng the diaeharge of 
bearj- artillen-. 

MfCAceois, mi-ka'ehns, a. Conttlmng mica, re- 
KmbUng mim. Miaaxoiu iron ore, a rariet; of 
oxide m iron, ooemring generally In amorpUoua 
naMea, and composed of thin lax'sided lamins; 
eoloor iroD-black or steel-grey; opnqao, with a 
natalliB hwti* and grea^fceL It is said to con- 
tMS iMtd^ ?0 par eenL of iron. 

UiCAn, mna, a. The boeV af Micah, a ouionl- 
eil book of tba Old Testament, written br the 
pnpbeC Mica, tbo alxtb at the Inscr Hebrcv 

Mica Sciiist, milu ahiat, jl One of tlie oldeat 
pnaps of stratifiad rocks known to geokgistB, and 
cttndvctj dielrnnil«d throaghaii^ tbe innonlaln 
rt^oBs of tbe gloU, oAen in contact with granitv, 
bttt mora fiw|nontly snperimpoeed npon, or Inter- 
itratifiad with, gncin and other primttry iocIcf. 
It k prnpcrij a »Uta, oonaiali'ig of mica and qnarta. 
U la akw oalled mka a&rfA— See SchiA. 

UlOB, nisa, a. Hmrai of Moom; 

UtonASbMAi, miklccl-maa, or eolloqnially. mikl- 
maa, a. Tbe feast of the Arehangcl Michael, 
eeiabraled on the 29th of Septvmbrr. 

MlcnACSlA, mi-kaw'tthe-a, «. (in hongnr of Andrew 
Mkbaus, boUnint to the King of Kranee.) A 
pnos pf handsonie biennial herbs, natives tk the 
l^riDt: Order, CatnpanuUnie. 

MionK. ndtab, ft a. To lit Ud; to aknlk; to 

retire or ahrink fhun nevt lo fnUtr. — SeUooi 

JfUUfV or mlglitle UlUtm.— £a«I«ni: 

UicnsLiA, nti-ke'Wii, a. (in brnwDr of P. M. 
ftlidteli, a oelebrjded Florentine botanist, wbo died 
in 1737.) AgennaofBlegnntludianautJaraiMaa 
trees, celebrated by tbo Indian poela^ u»d T«aantc4 
by the modoofi Order, Magnoliaoec 

MicUKn, niitah'ur, t. On* who akniks aboat fat 

eornem luiJ hy-pUcva, and keeps miC of ai^; 

a thieC— Oh*DWl^- 

VaiiUHi wonclica, and alM midbn^ 

With mun otbcr of ttiedov}U*«oncen. — 

MiCMQRT, mitsh'or-e, «. Tbsft; dteatii^— Ob- 

Micnu, miltea, $. In Archaiokigjr, white b>avci^ 

paid lu a rent to some tnanora. 
MiCKLF^ niik'kl, a. (au'ceJ!, Sax.) Mndi; greaL 

In the Swtiish langoage, Muckle.— Oboolcte. 
Uanjr m liitl« makd a micUc— Omdm. 

Mico, nii'ko, B. Fair Monkey, one of tbe common 
names of tbat ^foolei of Oiusttti — the Uapale of 
niiger, ktwwn to conlogista a* the Jaccliua argen< 
tine, or Simla argentata of LinnaE^tu. The head 
is small and round, the face and bands of a dt«p 
flesh-coloar, and the body eorerod with long nlver- 
white hair. 

MicoMiA, ms-ko'ne-n, f. (in honoar of P. Mioon, a 
Spanish botantsi.) A genus of b«ri)«c«oaB pUnlSt 
natives of America: Order, Uelastomaocia. 

MicoBELLE. — See Pintle. 

MicofiT. mi-kow'pe,) t. lu HTnMry, an ancient 

MifAliTCir, mi-piSr te,) term, when tite half of tbe 
ahield ia divided per fe^s and per palck 

MlcoocAXK, mi-kro-ka'Ie, $. (mVtrm, smalt, and 
kalet, pretty, Gr.) A geons of smatl ptvtiy borba- 
ce-ius pbnts, with rose-oolonirid or y^w Aovcn ; 
Order, Gentianaceie. 

MionoCAHTlics, mi-kro-Vm'A&tus*. {mhro^ fmaTl, 
and ckanlha, a spine.) A genus of fotml ftabes. 

MioHOCAmPAA, uii-kro-kdr-pe"a, a. (tniJTiw, nnall, 
and harpot^ a fnit, Or.) A genns uf amall looaqr 
beibaoKRu plants : Order, KanpliQlariacea*. 

MiCBOCEBlTB, mi-kro-an'bti.f, ■^(miJh-of, and kiAoM, 
a long-tailed monkey. Or.) A. genu of quadni- 
mnnona aniinaln : F:tniily, LemaridjF. 

>IlOBOCOUO!(, till kro-kn'don, 9. (nibwf, im^ 
and iotfen, a bell, Or. in refcreooe to tbo ahajM 
and smalloeas of the flowci*.) A gentu of bor- 
baocoot plants, natlvea of the Cape of Good Rope : 
Order, CampmnDUcer. 

UiOBOConrs, nU-km-ko'ria, $. {mtkrot^ email, an4 
iorys, a Iwlmot, Gr.) A genns of plania, oonais»- 
big of abmlia witb small white or purple Bowoi: 
Orier, Lamlaoam. 

MtoRoooB, mi'kro-koo, a. (wiUro$, small, and ^ob- 
int, a berry, Ur.) A gentu of Asiatic &br«ba: 
Order, Tiliaeeic. 

MtcnncosM, mi'kro-koim, a. (ni4ro4oa«io«. Or.) 
Literally, a httle world, or world in odaiataro; 
and bmce applied by some pbQosoplien ts man, 
OS the epitntnc of rrrr^^tliing tdmirahla la the 
nnivBTw, or world. 

MrcROCOSMlOAL, nti-kro>koa'ino-kal,a; BelvtlBg 
to the microcoiiBi. 

MlcaoooSMOCItAPnY, mi-kro-kos-mog'tn-fe, t. 
(imtnw, Utile, ionso*, world, gru/i^a, I descrilM^ 
Gr.) TbedeaeriptionofmuMallUlo WflridL 





,]lic«icorrno,mi-kn»-kaws'tik.#. Anuu>tniii'i 
(rlturiitc lew Muds with. S«ineat Jlicruph' i 

licaoDACTTUia, mi-kro-daL'U'bis, i. (mii-ros, 
uA Jahfbtt A SA Or.) Tbo CuriuM, or 
hiMWi, ■ (noi er SniUi Ainrricui Utii, fcrined 
frui IKdMloylna critUtu of U&get, hj Geufoy. 

IbcBOOOV, nri'kTV-dini, a (mHirot, imaU, and 
8«Umt Icctb, Gr.) A gfnos of utloct -fiabeg^ t>»- 
lunpKf f the lluck-tootlied or rTcootloat {mioUj 

HlCBMLOeMia, mi-fcTD-BJoe'sos, I. (mihvi, unall, 
and oblM, B toncuo, Gr.) A ^ouu of rATrvU i 
Fnd/. IVlUddK. 

XiCBOci-kniT, Q.ikTng'ia-rc, «. (miiiTXMi, mftll, 
«od $rtjtiio, I doMvibc, Qr.) Tb* durripClM of 
w i am oQ f iai oUecU. 

ViOMtfJa-tf ni'luo-WaU-ji, ». (nubKW, Hn»U, 
lod tUtiA, nUlurp, Gr.) A cenus «f *niaU herla 
cr ivMntAa, iiatires of Bnul Aiut Guuuu : Or- 
■Iff, kldsttamacob. 

UtcKouTE, milan- lite, «. (mXrw, wnkll, md JVfAai, 
a rfooc, Gr,} A Bowfj] fuvBtl in mioult cryiUls 
tl ClxMterfield, id MusadiUMta, of ft tlraw- 
jtna*|ttwng into a ntbliab-brewn colour) luatn 
iciiBat*. Il« cbicf ii^grrdtent U nippoiad to tM 
aid* of ceriuiu : »p. gr. 4.76. U := >i.Q. 

HlciQUKlT, wi-krolo-je, Ji. (^atikroij aiud, lod 
Ii|^ « dboMuar. Or.; A irutiM en miccfljeepie 
■niikata and pluiu. 

VlctDaKLL-it, im-kro-me'liun, «. (iBOiraif null, 
ad MeitM, as ■[•['Ic, Gr. froia lU* snalloHi of 
tk (nuL) A |;eou of pUali: Order, Auran- 

HKtancBiA, ml-kro-me'rc-B, i. (miirM^ mull, 
ud M^, ■ {WTt, Gr.) A {:ciiTu of pIuiU, taa- 
miSltgm tadenhrvi* or LertA, with amAlt par- 
yU or wtdle flowcn: Ordar, Lamkecc. 

iKMomxa, mi-krom'o-tur, «. (mubtw, until, 
ud ■M^wiii, ■ iDMMrv, Gr.) A nim* gjrcn to 

ID i™* »■—■■" ». geDCTkU^ Bpplud to tclMOOpM Atul 

ftr moMBnog louiU ngnlv dittuoM 
field of Urn former, or tbe ii» of ■noil 
vitUo tliil of the IaUct. 
ItcimiirnucAt, nu-lao-nirt'n-kal,*. Priwgiig 
toihe miavButcr. 

KtoomjxocA, mi-Jrio-pe'tft-loQiv a, (niMw, 
oiul^ cod /eidft))!, ■ petal, Gr.) la fioUnj, 
■noil 1mtc«, •■ in DiinulliBB isicropetvlaB. 

llu:karBO»K, un'kTQ-fo&e, t, (juikrM, ttn»\\ and 
t^nmt, a roke, Gr.) An butntmeot for incnsfr- 
iiig tjbe iatensitj a{ lew K-unds, bjr Bubjutiug • 
■Kit aosaroa hnij than that which «aiUi the 
tumd to be aflrrt«'d hj the vibmUou of that 
kffiti/, aod tlicrebj aUo sguadini; ittelf. 

UKlMmOKICB, Bu-kjD-fon'iks, «. piu. (mUroi, 
liUJe, a&d jnIom:, Moad, Or.) The actcMii of 
axghityuig woods. 

UidiirnoST, mt-krofo-M, «. (wtUrott eaaCC u>d 
^Imm, toiir, Ur.) WcaIliuw vf vmca 

UtLtomiHAUir. R>i'krofMai>«ii-, 5. (m£l»««, 
■HtD, iD^ apAlAaiwM, an cjr, Gr.) A pretcr- 
Hlml or noriid tniAilucH of iho tyr*. 

Ira, Ki-kr^-Srius, a. (miir*n, tatall, 
nd jVfaw, a leaf. Or.) Stuall-lrtvcU, ac in 
Utii ibieraf hjUoa. 

IbatoTLSciu, ini-kn>-[>lu'n, t. (nubu^ mviU, 
oAflmm^ a rfb. Gr. in refcnnea to the malkKW 
nd ofJlUry sattvo of lite fivit.) A ceuoa of 
atafam hfrbaeeoaa plaoti, natlvot of CtuU: 
"t m ii i, OitlMfptnBn> 

T'OGoy, mi- kro-p</^>on, «. (muJtkk, email, and 

>. abeifd, Gr,) A goaua of Scausorial Unb: 

r.nuiil7, Pioida. 

MiCBoriBBOvs, mt-kcop'tor-ua, $, (uujKiw, and 

|i<erys, a wing, Gr.) A|[eBtuori>iKki,tvruark«ble 

(at i\\e ^iiMT\ihmifif iiuax "tim^; Familjr, AimUiln. 

Micsurua, mitre-pos, #. (miiiiu, ah'')!, and ^tiM, 

• foot, Ur.) A puma of Urda, beknipDg to 
BrnciijTMNliniDi FaoiiJ;, UeruUilxb 

Micuoi'tLt:, niniro-pile, «. (milwa, HinU, /yfae, 
n fMe. Or.) In Botanj, the fbruMB ti ibe par- 
frcJ wed, aa ririblo in the pea aod bMo. 

JdlCiloscofT-, mi'kro-akope, s. {mikn*. sgall, and 
aixpro, 1 viBW, Gr,^ A wall-known optical ia- 
•traant for enmnlnc and nagntfyiBg niante 
otjeota, or Uic griautt parte of kijp oook 

Uicaotourto, n^kro-akop'ik. \ a. If ado b; 

UlCKtMCortCAt., mi-kro-akop'e-kalj the aid of 
a Diicroaoope ; awtaicd ij a DiteroMope ; r t i n - 
bUuj a iiikcroscgpe; very mall; vlMUe onl; \>j 
the aid of a iuieroMO(i(L 

IIICROSCOI'ICALLT, mi-kTo-ekoj/e-kal-le, ad. By 
Ibe aid of a tttictaecope; with minute iitspeotion. 

MiCVOACOPIftT, mi-kroa'ko-pist, «. One ikilled io 

iticHLWioriUH, tni'kro-ako'pf-un, t. In Astro- 
iMxny, the Ulenacopa, a eotkatellstioo of Laaaallc^ 
illtuled ^ow Gma uul Indaa, at the jnoctiaoa of 
Caprioomua and SaiiHtariDa. 

Micjiu»tiOPr. ml-krua'ko-pe, #. The naa ef the 

and ip^yria, the profav, Gr.) Weakoeaa of polaa. 

itiCKuoTikiiiiA, tnikro-iitem'ma, a. (aaOroe, null, 
and Jtonnui, • crown, Gr. in refrmm to the nudl* 
ntas of the atamenifafaoa cecvna.) A gmoa of 
■ttt berbaoeooa planla, aiOiraa of Kew UeUafid : 
Order, AicIepiadaceK. 

MiowmKK, Mltro-tin, a. Uavlng or eetuhtiag 
of muU cr^atala. 

UiCKOToiiA, ffii-kn-to'nu, a. (mih-ot, null, and 
toma, a fringr, (Jr. io rvfcfc-oce to the fueidat of 
kain io the tube oi the nvitlU.) A geaut of 
IwiningMibabniWi Order, ABebpudaresi. AIm, 

• BOWS cf WDUaaca, tb0 ^ell of wUeli hm a 
fMUV TWjr bnwd and earring (nwards ; af crtiire 
etfoBB; Uw BOtdi at Ibe baae email and nearly 
otiiDletei apire Tcry abort : Kionil;, Minicidw. 

UlCRoTUB, mi-kru'tus, r. (utiirfrt, email, and ova 
oUi, en ear, Gr.) A name gircn bj Shrank to 
a genus of m&rioc Rodinta, unliruoinR oar Enf^isb 
Water-rBt, >Ina nmphlbiaa uf LinnRua, &«.: 
Family, Mnrida. 

HlCB<>Z4ijkaiA, (tii-kro-te-a're-B, e. (tnJJh^mt^ 
and coMi, an auiionJ, Gr.) The name gieaa tqr 
I>e Blainville to Hut annnalcDla inAuoria of a«^ 
natDnlistf. Thtj ore thua ohwaad iota two di- 
viaioos:— 1. M. Hfttrvpodot oooaiatkig af two 
eMtinns the liutirt-ne and CilUfprai. 3. The Jf. 
Apoi/a, ntiic^t liav* no oxterual apFpendageK. 

Ilicut-'BA, mi'kroo'n, t. (miiro$^ nniftll, and Mim, 
a leil, Gr.) A genu of £erp«<ila: Family, Vi- 

3tliD, mid, o. (midd^ wadde, fiax.) Ulddb ; at 
vf^ual distance frain axtrcmca ; iuterrcnlng. 

Mllh-AOK, mld'eje, t. The middle age of tjfti; 
pCTiooa In that stutL*. 

UlVAS, nt'daa, jl la Fabtdoua Ubtory, a kla^ «f 
J'hr^-gia, oo whoa UacdiBa eooferred the glfti 
at hia awn drsirc, of coDTertbg CTCiythtna; be 




toodnd into go\A ; )mt u lili food no tonmr 
cotoTDd bu moutb tbkn it wnt trannfonned into 
lb* prceioiu metal, lie wna compGlEed to solicit 
the nd to rmtora him to hii (brmrr Btftte : upon 
wbmi Bacehoa ordemd bim to batbo in th« river 
Paclotiu, which bMWBflnth had eindB of fpfld. 
In Zoology, A nbgentu of tbc imiall AnHtrican 
monki^ called OnlttltM (Jsccbui), known b^ 
Um eomiDOB saiM e( Ae Tumerin. yfidat' ear, 
B spedm of mioBlt. 

Uiim:oubsb, nid'hon*, ■. The middli bf lbs 
onirMor vnj. 

M[I>-DAT, miil'dny, a. Mctidtonal; being at noon [ 
— a. the middlp of the liar ; noon. 

lIlSDBX, tnUfden, r, A dtingtiilL— Local. 

UlODLB, raid'dl, a. (midM, Sax. and Put) 
Eqaally dbtaiit frotn theeitreinu; int«rnM>Uale; 
iotorrcn'mj;; — $. the part or point «qiul1y d'ttant 
from the extmnities; tin tmt that paax^, <>r 
•vmtB that happen, between the beginning and 
md. Miildif- (tQt*, in HiKtorr, a term OMnl to 
d«iioto aneral eenturiea of Kuropean annala, in* 
twening between what an called tho andent 
and modem historical periods of hbtor^ — com- 
prebending the ninth to the fifteenth c«DtUfi(^ 
ir>diiHT& Dr. Uallam commcntca hb hiMory «f 
iba middia agM about a d. 500. when Oaul wax 
oonqntrad by the FmukB. Middh hate. In 
HervMry, tit* middle part of the baie «f an 
eacutchcfin, Yvpmented h; the Icttn- IT. Mid-lie 
ekiff, the middle pnrt of the chief, reprMented h/ 
the letter D. Uiddfe rail, in Arrbitectnre, the 
nul of a door lerel with the iiand, in which tbe 
kwk u oroally fixed. 

Middle- AQBD, mid'dl-ayjd, a. Bring aboot the 
niddle of the ordmary aiie of man. 

UlPDLB SAltTn,mid'di-erf4,«.(mi«M(ri«-mr4Sas ) 
The worid.— Ob-oWte. 
FaMn! I iiiMli a man ufnUib rariA.— ^Aota. 

MiDDLUioeT, miii'dt-TQOste, a. Being in the 
middle, or nearest tho middle, of a nntnb^r of 
tUngs that are near the middle. 

>llIiDt.ETO!ilTR, mtd'dlln-nite, ^ (ttecanse ftmnd 
b) tbo Middleton oolHerieK.) A mineral which 
occun in roniided tnau>?«, or in plates a tuxteenth 
sT an inrh or leM in thieknoa, between )xt«tb of 
eoal; eolDoref a nddiah-bnmB bj rvflected iifbt, 
and deep nid hj txaaamitlad; -hard and brittle, 
with a rcsiuoua Inatre. Ita conMitQeota, accord- 
ibfC to .lohnston, are — carbon, 8^.487; bydrogen, 
8.007 ; oxTgcn, SfiCS. 

kflDbLB-wfrTEn, miil'dl-wtt'ted, o. Of moderata 

MlODLIltQ, inid'ling, o. (wwffrm, Sax.) Of middle 
imnk ; af oondition rqmlly remote from hi^h and 
low; of modemleaiM; having moderate qoaliliea 
of aaj kiad. 

If iDDLIKflLT, m'id1ing-le^ ad. Paaaublr ; indif- 

MiODtOKOR, mid'dlingi, ». The coiraer part of (tour. 

llnwB, tnO, a. (aqoix, Bax.) A goat.— Obtokte. 

Min-nSATKir, nidlMVD, «. In Aationomy, tbe 
colrainatiiig point of the adiptlc, or that in which 
H eata tbi marUbui. 

UiDunTB, midVA-alta^ a. (midinim^ Heh.) A 
4ea08odut of Midim, tbe aon of Abraham by 

MnHJkUD, Md'laod, «. Bemote fron tbe coast ; 
bdog ia the intcrivt ootmlry t aDrroandod by the 
Mii mditenanMB. 

Slil>LEO, midle.', «. Middle of the leif;. 

MtD-LrNT, mid'Uint, «. (nucfiWfn, Six.) Tt« 
middle of fject. 

MlULKKTiXG, a. Going about to vialC {MfWti rt 
Slid- lent 

Midmost, mid'mobtc, a. Middle. 

MlDKianr, mid'nite, «. The niMdIf of tha ntfllt } 
—a. beini; i» the middle of the nigbt; dark al 
midoight ; very dark. | 

Mldhid, mid nh, i. In Bntanv. the rachia, t^t 
nun Dom or middle rib of a Ipaf, ixinnlng from 
tba baae or petiole to the apps, and from vbicb 
itte Teina of tlie Inf tn eaogenooa planla ariu 
nnd ramify. 

MlDRiry. — See Diaphracm. 

MtiiflSA, mid'ae, a. Tbe Mediterranean Sei. 

Mtnsitip, mid'sliip, a. Belonghig to the middW of 
a ftbip, aa a vudthip beam. 

MiDKBltniAK, mtd'iblp-man, a. Tn a ahlp of wtr. 
a kind of naval cadet, wboAt duty i« to i>e<>oo<l 
tbe ordera of the niperior officent, and assist in 
tbe nereaaary bou'neaa of the vewel etlhar aboard 
or aahore. 

MlDBSiPA, mid'ahipi, ad. In tha middle of a aihip. 

MtOST, midM, a. fcontnuilMl from itn'ddSki^ tba 
KUperLatire of mut.) The middle: this lam ta^ 
oltcn UArd to ilgnify InnlTcd in, or aUTUUudod 
by :— oit ia the miJdlt -.—prqK aometiliMl fsakU 
cdlly iLwd for amidtt, in aD ita nftaei. 

MtDftTRE-iit, ntU'slreem, f. Mhldkr oftlw itiMBL 

MiDsi-MHEH, mid'iam-mur. a. Tbe aamncr Ml- 
itice, reckoned to fall on lbs 21at M 3vaM, 
Midtvmmtr'M-eret the ere of the nalivity of Sb 
John the Bftptiet, or nudnniimerV-day, od wfaidt 
It woa bmx ■ nuCoio to bndlB firwiva At hUb 
at midnight, in honour of tlw mmmflr aobtiei^ 
a practice obaerred among tbe ancient nalMOi^ 
and, till latetr, in some places in Irriand. 

MiDWABV, mid wawrd, ad. Mwlst; bong la tlw 

MiDwar, mid'way, /, Tlie middle of the wsy er 
di'4«noB ; — a. beins in the middle of tbe wa^ ar 
diatonoe ; — ad, in tbe middle of tbe paaaag*. 

MiDVirE, mid'wife, m. (mid and vtji.) A wosntt 
that aanata other women In cfailduitb; — r. a. t» 
aarist in diildUrlh ,- — et. n. to perform tbe oBlot of 
a midwifr. 

Mli>«'irElir, mid'wife.rei, $. Tbe art ar practjoo 
of iMiating women in childbirth ; obatetria ; 
anriitanea ot childbirth ; help or WM^ertthto ia 

MiuwiiTTan, mid'win-tnr, t. Tba wtntar lelitit^ 
nc<<ember SlaL 

MlKUiTK, mi'em-ita, 9. (frvtra Its being fMmd nl 
Miemo, in Tnacany.) A green raricty of Del»> 
mite, occoninf; ia crystals and in maaaDS wUb a 
radiated elructure. 

Mten, mean, a. (hmh, Fr.) Air ; lo<ik : mnnscr; 
rxumal t^pouHKO ; cairTiace. 

MirF, mif, a. Diqitearare; ill'hamoor. — JjoaiL 

Might, tnite, past of Mar. To have bad power to; 
to bare been poeaible; — j. (nij^t, mcAi, Sax.) 
power ; atreoglb ; ftiroe ; ability ; cA««ir« appli- 
eatioa of means; ^leodoor; effolgioaa. Jf^&f 
and maw, ntmoat force; higbmt dfipco of 

UlotlTtLT, mi'te-le, ad. Wltb gMM poirir ; 
efficACJously ; forcibly ; rehenMntly ; vigonmaly j 
violenLly ; witfa ^reat energy or iinaiatlUe (bnt ; 
fai • groat dtgroa; vary amdb 







VlCRTmSft od'tO-DCS, «. Pdww; gTMtnVU; 
tkrii^ht of <iigmt7; a title of dignitj, u ttrair 
High MigbtiacMem. 

HlftiTTT, mi'tc, a. (Mulfi^, Sax.) Strong; vallint; 
powerfnl; liaviiig graat cormatnd; very itmng 
IB aombM*; Ttrj ttnmg or great in corporeal or 
taUUfctaal power ( impetDoos ; Tioknt ; ratt ; 
caemaaii soil?; ezoellaot; of nperior eml- 
iMMi{ fricAlfl; tffioaCMiu; fanportant; momen- 
l«wi mj amra and dutnsnng; raj gnat, 
larp^ «r pOftoIoM r~<xL >■ ' KTM* dcgrae ; 

VmnAUD, nioTird, a. (M^^Mrd; Fr.) Soft; 
dabtj; fnttji ila&caU. 

llMinoXEiTX,iidn-]ro-oet',r.(Prtneh.) Thonuno 
of thi awMt-acaolAd pUnU of tlN gODU Bmcda. 

llMBaxa, ai'pau, oi «. (myrDt L«L) To n>- 
■Ma Cim AM flace to anatbor ; to ebange resj- 

lliOMAnQtf, i^^rrn'obm, a. (ffiJfrnil«o. Lat.) Tbe 
act of changing raddneo; rcnwral rrom one 
ba b i l i tir io to aotfaer : ehaogo of place ; imiOTnL 
la Zoolosy, tba tnust of a Qtmiea of animals 
fnm ant toolity to snolfair. 

^ItORaTOKT, mi'gnj-tur-*, a. Pispnod to remore 
from oa« plw* la anoUior ; cbanpng cnideoce. 

Muck, nOib, a. (meiet. Sax.) Gmag milk ; tvn- 
d» : OMccilU.— OhaoM* ia ifa« list two kubco. 
TtetniCaatbiimafetaBiOQrUiai ihr made, 
W«aM han made ariM tbe bumjog or« of Iicatud, 
Am* piMlan In tha tod».-g>ato. 

MiLXs iiilUt, a (Sax. Dan. Oerm. Dnt. Swri).) 
KbhI; tender; good; uululgont; tneiriful; com- 
paariooMc; dcincnt; not teraro or cruol; ioft; 
gtstle; not nolent ; not aoid, oorrouvo, or acri- 
moaiMia^ aflfua>tT«; mollifjrlfig ; laiitira ; uot 
«hup: iDeUow; aweet ; luTiag 09 mislttrv of 

Mildew, mil'ds, a. A diteaw wbidi attacks both 
living aod dead T^ctahle nuilter, occuiooed bjr 
tlw powth of paratttical ftmgi, and beltOTed hj 
tbm vrUgar to be owing to fogi, daws, meteors, or 
Boxioiu axhaluiaaa. MUdtuf moriitkation. Qui* 
gtcoa jotOspnej, a dtscuc snppMod to otik from 
tlM net or grain filiated b; tbe grc>irth of para- 
sitic planta In tbe interior of the culm or Uruw, 
cbietty the * usriligo.' fiiight or mildew, the 
argot of the Frdtdi. 

lilUiLT. miJdele, ad. Tciiderljr; not wi-ereljr; 
gcntir ; not noleotlj. 

UoAKEM, ndlda'acft, a. Gentknetti ; Iciidcrneu ; 
BCRiy; duDOKj; tfimperstoncu; moderate 

Mils, mile, a. (frora niMiirw, th« mQk vcmob, or 
tboQHUid Mapt of tbo Romana.) In Englud, a 
siatota diitaoee of 1,760 yaids. or 5,2S0 fast, 
= 8 fttrloDfi, aadi of 220 jirdi, or 40 pdw, 
&1 jirdi or 19} foot etch, or SO mrrvrbg dulni 
of 2S jaida taoli. Tbe tqmare miU contiks 
6,400 iqnaiv eluuaa, or 640 acres. The follow- 
iog tabli ^TM tbe itia(r«7 roessorM of virioai 
ea m tria^ u thiy sn osnaJlr oompnled ut Eng- 
Bab 7»ds nd sUtaU niilea:— 

BCodm fioman mils ..» l,eS8 925 

fig^ slatalo Bile 1,760 1000 

Toon nib 1.806 1.027 

Asdnt Sootcb mUe 1,984 1.127 

Imhmfle. 2,340 1.277 

FkncfcpMliaglMSDa 4,SSS 2.423 


8piut'uib judicial tesgae ....4,635 S.eS4 

PortogJ iMgoe «,760 8.841 

Gonnaa sliort mill .„ 6,859 3.897 

FUodersIoign 6,864 &600 

Spamsh oonunon Ingoe 7,416 4.214 

rruHlaa mils 8,237 4.680 

Dtiiiabmilo 8,444 4.684 

Dsntxio mUe 8,475 4.815 

nungarian mile 9,115 .5.178 

Swiss mile 9,168 5.201 

German long mile 10,126 S.76S 

Huwraiac mile 11,559 6.568 

Swfdiihmile 11,700 6.648 

Anbian mUe 2,148 — 

rersiu parsaug ^ 6,086 ;an)a ; Raatan went 
= 1,167 ynnU; Tnrkuh berri = 1,826 jarda; 
English goographical mild, 1.60lh of a dogive of 
latitude, = :d,02fi jrsrOi nosHy ; Qeographiesl 
l«agne of Eof^d Uld Fmc« = 6,075 yuds ; 
tiennao eHi|{raphkaI leagoa = 8,100 jards. 

UiLEaOK, mile'Bj^ a. Fees ptdd lur tratet b; the 

UitxsiA, mi-le'thoHi, t, (J/JfatJiM, • eitj of Osbi- 
bria.) A getms of DiptavDB faieeta: Fsmllj, 

Mtt-ESTOMB, milo'ptone, s. A atone art to mirk 
LIm distance of a mile. 

UiLFOiL, uiilTujI, », (_milky a thonssnd, tndyofiNis, 
a leaf, L^.) The rommoa name of the plants 
betoD^Ag to the gemu AchiUra, but porticttlsHy 
tlmt oir Achillea millrrolinni, or Yarrow. 

HlUABli, tnil-e-a'ro-a, ) a. (wu/mhi, millet, LaL) 

Hit.iABY, mil'^a r«, f Aeoompantid with an 
eru[>Uait liko uiiliet-sevde; rwnpbling millet- 

MlLtcit.— Sfec Militia, 

AhuoLA, inil-r-ol:!, g. (miGun, a nullet-aced, Lat) 
A family of FuDnnisi^m, embndog the Agattii- 
Ktigua of Do Orbtgn;. Tbo Hilioln consist of 
mioostt^ic mDllilooibr nnJTalvw, not larger than 
a mUlet-seed, wUb tnumrnw chambers, iDvolrntg 
tlie axis aUomstclj, and in thre« direelioni; the 
opening small, tnd circular or oblong at Iho base 
ot the last chamber. 

MiLiouTE, minc-o-tile, t. {miUuM, a millot-seed, 
Lat. and IUho«, a btonp, Cr.) A foeeil Hiliota. 
Tbejr form the priodpal part of musses of stooa 
in Bomo of the qmunes In tbe neighbourhood of 

Uiuoimc, mil-le-o-Iil'ik, o. Pn-tainlng to 
milk) lite. 

MiLruacT, mH'e-tan-M, i. Waifare. — Soldom 

UlLlTAXT, mQ'o-ttnt, a. Fighting; proMcuting 
tha business of a soldier. 7'As cAarcA mtfiliHtl, 
Iho Christian cliurcli on earth, which Is sopposed 
to bo eogsged in a constant wsrfaTO sgaicut Its 

MiLiTAB. — See MiHtaiy. 

MiMTAHiLT, mil'e-ta-re-le, odl lo a soldiwlj 

MlUTARV, mire-ta-iT. a, (miUtaire, Fr. miUtaridt 
Lat.) Engaged in the life of a coldieT ; warlike ; 
Euitiog a soldier I pertaining t« 1 soldier; dvived 
from the enricca or exploits of • lolfiert eou- 
furmsble to the customs or rules of anniai or 
mililis ; performed or irnde hy soldicrsi mUUurtf 
tamrrs, a tenure of land on ronditioa of perform- 





ing milittfj Mrricc; — 9. the wbolo body of aol- 
dlnii RO nnnr; militia. 

UiLTTATC, mil'e-Utf, r, n. (miJito, Lti,) To op- 
pose; toinjnrBj to opf mte iifiiiiKt 

MiMTlA., Did-liili'j'm t. (LMtin.) A iMxly or forMs 
GORilliKl for disdplitiF, but tut «igast>d In adiut 
atrv'iM except in cmt-rf^wt. 

HlucM, mi! O'DRi, *. {miltf, a tliotLuiid, TaL Troin 
iU iiumcrotM grninii ; or mil, lUe Celtic for a 
Ikeblile, in rtfcrencr to the lioril eJiininf tialiir* of 
Um Kniiu.) UiUat-K^li^ a genob of pUnU: 
OrJor, GnmicuiatiB. 

Milk, millc, «. (mefce, Six. mUcA, Gtrm.) Ao 
optque flaid, acc^reted bj Ifaa nummkiy f[lud« of 
tht ItDU^ uf llie Bnimnb belnaging to Uu eUu 
MtntiiaHa, md adtpttd to tb« noarlibmoat of 
Ibdr ymuig o&pring. WomBn'i mltk oonUim— 
bDtt«r or tatty DultM*, 4.5 per wnX. ; lucor of 
milk, fi.6. Oow*s mnit— cnmtn, 4.t>f butter or 
futtTtnslter, 3.G8; cAseum, S.Oil ; BOjpir of milk, 
fl.OO, — the whit« juice of (crt&ln pUnti; hiid)- 
•ion nude bj- bniisinE 8»edE. In Holanj, thoK 
■DMlmia^g tubes IviuK in bark, or ti««r Die 
mr&ot of plints ill Mhicli a wbito Inrbid Ituld ia 
Mcrolrd. Milk'ttiik, Ih* fintt Rt of tarth in 
rtulilren, wbich sm sbed Ln ebildhood; nUo, those 
KRoIl ttcCh whieli coone farlh befon a {Ml is 
Ibne mDOtlH old, and wUdi lie bej[ioB to cut 
when abont two y«an and a batf, Mitk-lAMe, 
Iho [Juit Cirdutu MarUoui, coiled aIbo LadyV 
tbittle end 6U MaryVthltrtle. Milt-^maiz^ a 
wn'otjr of qoArtf of r milk-wbito ootoor, fonnd 
io Norway, Spiin, Franc*, Sec. ; — e. a. (_^m«lcan, 
tMD&iMH, Snx.) to dnw milk from ihe bruA hf 
(b* iModf to euck. — Seldom nsod io tlM Uet 

I beve lacli, nnd know 
llow teodcr tla to lore tlte Iwbe tbAt «Sfci roe.— 


Jfift->t«r, — M9 PnerpenL M3k-tfm,-^»M 

GolactodandrDD. MOt-rrbA, — am OxytiDph- 
HlLKKM, tnllk'kn, a. CoDualinf; of tnilk. 
MlUUU, Qiilk'ur, M. One Uut miUa Rniuuds. 
UlLKimM, milk'e-aflB, «. Softiuae, like that of 

aiUc; aoniatliiag raiambtiog tba quHttM and 

utsn of milk. 
UtLKumiD, DiUkliv-ard, a. Contdlf ; fafau- 

bwrtedi timonMML 
HlLKHAiD, milk'nude, t. A woniM) emptoj'od in 

lb« d«irT. 
Milkman, milk'min, r A men viho tellf inUk. 
MlLKPAiL, niiUc'pale, j. A vwael into which M«r« 

ore mllknt. 
MiutfAif. imlk^pRti, «. A TOMtl ID whidi nllk !■ 

k«pt ia the dairy. 
Mlt.KroRnitmR, milk'pornja,) t. Food made by 
MiucroTTAar, inilk'pot-tnjp, / botLlog mUk with 

WMltr uhJ MUrwai. 
MiLsior. nilk'top, iL A soft, wM, •f«aUaal«, 

feable-minded mui. — A ren old wonl. 
* AUaV >bo aaUh, ' Uiit enr I n»» jnhnO 
To wwd • MtUaoii, or ■ eowmrd mfr.'—Cmmttr. 

MlLKWinnt, raiikliwite, a. RescmMing milk in 

•ppMUaaot; white u milk. 
MlLKWOMAN, milk'wfoi-uo, A A womu wlio 

•rill miUc 
MiiAWtiuD, niTVwMif. A spades of the Bread* 

oat, BroMouuil vpuriaio, oammoa la woods In IIm 

MiLKwcMtf, ■Ok'inut, «. Om of tbo namaa of 

tbo Dlwbell, C^nipaouU ratudilbll«i alM^ and 
more proporiy, of Uto pUnto belon^^f Is the 
(CenuB P'tlypila. 

MiLKT, niilk'e, a. Made of milk ; ii w n bliog nflkr 
yielding milk; mild; ocrft; K"*^^ > ihmmoa. 
MiUy-tpaif, in AflnMiomj, * that grait lamlnOiu 
bkod wlikh atretiibea, ovoiy ovtn'mji, all acfoiB iba 
•ky, ftviin hofiua to horiKoa, OM wUeli« «b*n 
tnnd «lth dlUgKtoB and maf»ped down, la Ikand 
to iunn a tone oompletoly lumKiodine tb« wbota 
epberc, ■hnoet in a groat ctrclo. This mnarfcahle 
belt bu mj^nUinod, tnm 'Ak e«Hicst sgao^ Iho 
mmcnlativopoiltlaaBnoogtlM atari} a^wbaa 
Rinmiaod tbiongb ttlwnpMi Is t»taA to aanalifc 
ratMy of itan, nattcnd by milBosSr Ilka gttUtr- 
iog dtut OD the gnmnd of the ffaoaral bwffMfr' 

lliLi., oiU, 4. (in»k, Sax. mdm, Webb.) Ab MflBB, 
or cooipliostod msohine, fbr priodiog and rstatag 
to fine psrticles, grfaa, froit, or olhor unbatmra. 
or for perfcnaiag ottaer opa ri dous by aaans o4 
wboilaaiidaeinnUriiiotiooi tlie ksM or boild- 
fng tbst oontmins the tnaohinery for giitdiatgt tte. ; 
— (ni/k, Lat.) in the I'liit^ States of Anieriea, s 
money of account, Ttdae the tenth of a coM, or 
the thousandth of s dollar. Mitt wo— taisi, or 
Ptxrging Jla^ the plant Liniun oathsrtiaaai | — 
r. a. to grind; to coorniODicatei to nduoe to fine 
parades ; to beat up cboooUte ; to stamp aria ; 
to lull, as clotb. 

BfiLix^OO, mil'koE, ». The deotlcolattou oa tb« 
circamfereoce of wherU, by wluch they lock late 
other wbceti. 

MlLLDAii, Diil'dam, a. The raoatid ly which wstor 
ta tumA to s lofiictent altitodo to turn a tniU- 

2IilleA| mOlo-a, «. (m honour of JoUas Unis, 
chiof gardener at the nyal Rardeos, Hadlid.) A 
BtODS of plants : Order. LiUac«a\ 

Mlt.LRNA&JAN, DiO-le-na r«-an, a. (miUemmrt^ Fr.) 
Oinsisting <rf a tlioosand yeaiv; relatin* to the 
>f illenniom ; — *. one who be11«*et that Cltriat «bal| 
reign vuuUy on earth a tbooaand years ; a CbiBart. 

MtLLKXARIANiSV, niil-le-aa'ro-an-iam, t. Th« 
diictrias held by Millensriana. 

Slii.f.KaABr,mir)a-na-ro^a. (jmritn^^Fc) C»- 
nsting of a tbonsaod. 

MiLLERinAL, injl-h>i>'c-al, a. Relating to tlw VS^- 
lunolam, or to a thousand years. 

>(ti.LKXKUUfrr, mll-lea'c-al-is, k A Ohialiatv— 
See Millcnari^ui. 

Mir.i.Ei(Nr«T, mil'len-Ut, t. One >*ho maintatM 
tlie doctrine of the Millonnium. 

MiLLSiixinM, mil-len'De-am, i. [mHU, n tiHMMDd, 
and ammtu, a year, IjiI.) A thouMnd ycartt a 
tenn snppoMMl to kignily the tbotoud y««rt in 
which Qiriat will rtign on earth with the futhftil, 
when the power of 8aUo will he extln^i«faeil, sjid 
ooanitnity and happiness prevail. Thii opiiuoo is 
foonded on the Interprrtolioo of the text, Jtorola- 
tlona XX. ^ 

Mil.LKFenE,| mille-prdr, «. (m)17«, a UkOoMSd, 

Mti-Ui-KDK, ) and pes, a foot, Lat.) A |:eDaral 
name gtveo to itumHs, the body of whiiA la g«D»> 
rally cylindricsl, the aogmeots half membraeeoui 
and half fiTBStaoeoDB, owdi bidf beariog a p^ of 
tegs ; antsoiue stvso 'jointed, filifbns, sod often ■ 
Sttlo thicker towards the end. They bihMg to 
the Uicropha^ or deroarcrs of dead animal mat- 

MnXBPOllA, mil-Io-po'ra, a. (avJTfe, a thooawid, Lat 




snd ^nw, a fQr% Gr.) A pmu gf PDljpurii, 
t/p* of Uio fcmD; MOwparidB. 

H Ttutroas, aul'U-panp, #. A oonBM of ibo gooos 
)niIc]Kin.— ^S(« Unhpoddw. 

MlLLSFOBio^ Qiil-W-po'nMlo, «. ('"•Uvo'V, one 
of Um geuen.) The lutuo cir«u bjr Lituooieox 
to VQ oraer of foraniiULtMl Poljrpuru, ineltMltiiK 
di^tcen niinm; potjrp«n» ttoncf : pulrmorpbti* 
■oGd Bnd uterniU/ oomp*ct{ cdU small u J pori- 
finn, Mmend oo in Mriea ; never UiDelUfenmn, 
thoogh the puietes tt« socDelimts ItgbUj 9tiuu<(I. 

yiLLErouix, tni]-lep'o-hte, ». A fossil nuUepon>. 

V*' **•''. miliar, t. One wboM Imsineu is to at- 
teod « (rTut-mSt) aa ioiect. MiUerg- thumb, or 
Binr-hmBiuad, the Cattoi goUo, a email JmtIc- 
ooloorad fish, ftw^Dcoting stnams. 

UlLLniA, mU-I«'re-a, ». A cooas of CompoeitA 
plaala, aatmt of Soalli Amorica ; Subonler, Tu- 

UlLLMULtC, inil<lM'e>nal, a. (mkf/e*uMu«, LaL) 
Tbwaaodtb ; ooaaut'iog of Uwiuaodtli parte. 

HiLLST. — Soa MQJam. 

UnxvoaiE, mil'luwii, ■. A bont that tarns a 

MiUJAatt, mil jilH, a. CFrcDoh.) A thotuand mD- 

UiujAttx, mil'ja-re, & (mUUarimit^ a tnilasdxip, 

LiL^ Bdjling U) a urns ; dwotiDg ■ tnila. 
lfiLLiQKAMiijc,t_ millft-gnm, r. The Iboasnndth 
UnuoJUJi, / part of tbo Frencli ^nirno ; the 

tlvxtsuKhli part of tho metn; oenl; e()Diiralent to 

IvQ-fiftha of the tioe. 
I MttuitTEK, nuFlv-Ut-or, *. A Fraoch mMean of 
I capadtf, coDtaiiuii^ the Ihoosantltfa paitof a liter. 
I UoumTSa, mii-lini'e-titr, #. (mUU, and nwCrvm, 

aoMaiuv, Lat.) A Fmicli lineal ntewan^ con- 

(uottig the tbmuaoilth part of a meter. 
HOLIXES. Bnl'Io-ntir, *. (Dr. Johnwin traoee tliU 

■ord t0 Milaaer, ftntn UiUn, In Italj. ) One who 

nafcw aod adia baad-dreaan, batis booaata, Ac, 

Uoujf&Br, nnlla-nor-a, «. The artidaa mida or 

Bold bf iniltiaen, aa b<»d-dfMaeu, bata, or bnonets, 

lioas riUwoa, and the like. 
UnxniQTtfSiA, ^u]-ling-to'tl*H^ *. (in honour of 

ThoDua MtlEngton, lo EU:j;li>b botanbt.) A 

pom of East Indian treee, wilb largr, white, aod 

&«;;ratit flmntn : L^er, Bi|pioaUoeie. 
UiLLioJC, aulyan, «. (J-niich, milioae, IiaL) Tbo 

itimlMV of ten bandrvd tbooBund, or a thooand 

tbvBMBd ; R pnFrcrfaUl Doaie for aoj roiy |^t 

UlLUoyAXRB, mil'jaa-ai*, & (Fnnch.) A nan 

wrtha BuUioa. 
UnxUMAKT, mO'jua>sr-ft, a, Pertaininf; lo mil- 

lioM ; cDOMftiae of miUiiiiuL 
UlLLIOVZU^ Bul jund, a. UBlli{ilied t^ miUMOC 

— Obwlate. 
HuxiavTH, mn'/muA, a. The toa boodced 

MiLLPOKD^ mil'pood, J. A natnrdr of water, 

i^ted fnt drivtag a miU-wbniL 
UtUKAOB, mil'raaat a. The eamnt of water tb&t 

MvM tb>B nall-wbeol, or Lbo oauat in which it id 

KiLLKKa,! mil'r% (^ A PoitogiuM ooin, Tshw 
HaLKSSit' about ai. 7^ 
>hUf<ixnaK:«» jnU'«k»- paoa, «. An old Eaglbh 

tola, tet odUid io IMl. 
HiLLDova, mil'itMO^ c A aiono uaod for grind- 

ing gnin. MiUttMmt ^rit, is Qniogf, a groap of 
atnla which, when praeat, ooonn batman tba 
BiDontain nmestotw and the eoal fbnnatloa, of 
wbicbiliiatBboidbatainMiber. It la a coane- 

gndoed qaartanaa aanditoaOb 

Utu-TOOTH, mil'tooM, «. nt, >flll-t«Gth. A 
(rioder, dmu moiarig. 

MiLLWiUonT, mil'rito, $. Ono wbo oonstnicts 

KliLKKA, mtl'DO-a. f. (in lionoor of Colin Milne, 
LL.D.) A gontu of plant*, ooaniUng of East 
lodtan tne>: Order, MeNMen. 

Milt, milt, «. (Sax. U«a. Dui.) In Anatotnr, the 
epleen t a Tiaooa iltaaled in ttie l«ft tirpocbon'driam 
noder the diaphragm ; tbo eoft roe of fiahea, or 
the spermatic part of the males; — v. a. to Edh 
pregDAbi the roe or apawn nf the female fiab. 

MlLrER, milt'ur, «. A malo Oab. 

^Ultohu, mU-to'ot-a, ». (m memorr of imton. ?) 
A genus of planta : Ordur, Orrhid»ee». 

MlLtra, mLl'tu«, t. (^mifiot, vrnnirion, in rcfneneo 

- to the deep rihl coloar of the entire ploiiL) A 
gamu of AMean pUnta : Order. Fieotdeoc 

MlLTUS, mil'viu, s. (Latin.) The Kite, a gmi 
of bird« : Family, Fakonidc 

MixE, mhne, a. {minot, an iniiiator, Or.) In 
Drajnatio Utoratoro, a pCTftnrmanoe of imjtokr 
form anoog the Gredts, in which oct u r i wiow of 
real HA) wde dothed in n poetical droBB. It 
gcMnllf ooogtsted of ■ tangle wene, mostly 
oomio, with nob dialofEne introdnced as tbo 
axcatemont of the mgmcot prompted ; a haffbon ; 
—9, n. to mimic, or play the bnflncm. — Obsolete. 

SriHBMTorTOMS. — See Ftoamptaais. 

MiHBk. — See llinnc. 

MtHuais, ml-me'aia, a. In Rbetorio, imUatioB of 
the Toieo and (cevtnrH of uotbrr person. 

MiM enc, me-met'ik, \e. (mmt^tot. Or.) 

MlMBncAi^ me-niet'e-ki], f DIspDeedtoimHiito; 
apt to imitato. 

Mimic, mim'ik, $. A IndtorooB imitator; a baflbon 
who oopiHS the charsctoriBtica of another, in a 
burlesque manner, with a riew to czrite lanshter; 
a maaa or arrvile imitaCar; — v. a. lo iinlLite as 
n bulToon; la ridicule by n biirlraque imitiition. 

HtMio, mim'ik, ) a. (miimciu, I-it.) Iniita- 

SliHiCAL, iiiiiu'e-kal,) tive; tnciincil to Imitato; 
baring the pmottce or habit of imitating; oon- 
liitiug of imitation, 

M1MICAU.T, mim'e-1»I-!e, ad. Td a mimicml 

MuflOKBBf nimlk-ttri a. Ono wlm imitate* or 
hurieKiuef another. 

Miuicsr, mlmlk-re, a. Onrlcaqtifi bnlbatun. 

Miunoo-ii'iiKlt, me-rogg'ra-fur,*. (mintM, amimie, 
and ffrapho, I write, Or.) A writer of fircn. 

Miuoa.!, mim-o'aa, a. (munof, a mimic. Or. from 
ibo laarai of nuDj of tbe ipecles, paitlenlarly in 
the ainiHiv* pUnta, n^miAiiig animal tcnaibtUiy.) 
Ageauofplairta: typtof tbenbonJerMtRiMer- 
MiMt.vaRjs, mim-o'ae-«, a. (im'moM, ono of Uie 
gvuera.) A tDborder of Legnminuus plants, 
■pwing with raimon to inpodaDt cbanietcr&: 
nnbiTO itriixbti flowers nfCoUr, tuoally poly- 
nmnoe, rarely all bemnphrodite ; tepah four or 
nre; petals fnur or fire, osnally bypogynou, 
niniy iaerrted at th« boUonri of the calyx t 
BtamoDB inserted with the petals, free or niooo- 

Minutes, mim'tt-hu, i. (inimo, an ape or Mlor, 




MiKA— um^ 



Gr. M named rrom tli« Hngeat c«roIUs of llie 
SMclei.) ilonkey-flower, b ^aixa uf bofbic«ou9 
ptuita: Order, ScruiibuUiiacec. 

lliXA, [oi'n*, s. (Greek.) A moatj of andeot 
Grcecev cqail to 100 draditoi, or tiacnt £2 1 7a. 
Tlirro was a Ic«s muta rmlDed At 75 drachms. 
The ITcbrrw ntiwi, men, or mowA, m^iiHoned id 
tlw Olil TesUunrnt, is Titued «t (JO sbeknis, or 
about £&4 in gold, and nearlj £7 \a »h«T. 
In old Kn;:ltih Law, a com mr-aaure which varied 
with tbo difTerent tbJnei auauored l>j it — tbo 
toll or dutjr, paid for aelUng oora by this maastin), 
WH eallad minaffe. 

UntACBOOI, me-na'abuB, a. (muuiz, Lit.) Meiu- 
fling; tliRMtmiing. 

UntAOiTT, me-BM'e-ta, f. ZKapOBltlaa to two 
tfanwts. — Seldom nseif. 

MiKAGE. — Sk Mina. 

HI5ARET, min'a'p-t, g. A small oraamcutal spira 
or slfrple iu SArncen nrchitKCim. 

Ui:>AToiuALLr, min-K-to're-al-Ie, ad. With 
threats.— Ob»olet«. 

HiMATOBT, minVttu^c, a. TbrcaNoinK) tsetift- 

MtxcB, mina, o. a. (mmsion. Sax. mintt, Fr.) To 
cut intoTcrf Knall parts; to mcnUon anytbioK 
•cmiioIotMlj, bj a tittle at a time ; to palliate ; 
to ext«nuntc; to apeak Kith affected KoftoeM; to 
clip words : — 0. n. to walk nicely \>y abort step«; 
to act with an appearance of bcrDpaloaanesa and 
Uelicac; ; to epeak softl;, or with affected nicct j. 

MuiCft-riE, mina'pi, \ 4, A pie made of meat 

MISCBD-Eie, minst'pi, t tniuccd or cut kto %-er^- 
amall piccm, with other ingredients. 

Mo>Ci»OLT, miD'aing-le, ad. In stnaU part*; not 

MiKD, minde, t. (fftmind. Sax. mmdt., Dan.) Tfie 
intellectual or int^'liignnt power in man; tb« 
poK«r that ounrejvfn, jod^es, or reasoos; (b< 
heart, or Mat of affection ; intentian i pm'pose ; 
dccifrn; inclination; will; dews; reeinorj'; r«< 
inembTacco ; — v. 0. to aUend to; to fix tli» 
tluugbta on; to regard with attention; to put 
in mind; to retnllid; to iiitend; to mean; — 
(obaulcte in tlto Ia«t ftfur senses ;) 

Aa fjT nic, be lure I mind no barm 
To thy KraTC perauo.— Ckapnaik 

— r. fl. to tndinei to b« dJRpoHd. — Obaokta *s 
A ncufer \"erb, 

Dclike ibe nindt to |iLh} the Amaaon.— Aola. 

UlNDCD, minJo'etl. a. Uiipoaed; jndined; affcct«d. 
lUsDBDVBftS, niittde'cd-nea, «. iacUsaliOD ; dia- 

Ml3iDrilXlvo, mindo'Sl-Bng, it. Abaorhuig tlie 

mind anllrelj. 
Mi:«nrru mimle'ful, a. Attentive ; heedful; 

ticariiig in mind ; obttr^ant. 
Ul»DrtJLLT, tniode'fil-le, <!«'. AtlcnliTeljr ; hee^- 


UtKt>FL'U(BU, miade'f-H-iKS, a. HoedfuUieas ; 
alteotiaat regard. 

MuTDLUa, mindalas, a. Inattentive; re:anl)e8s; 
nrglt^t ; Mrelc«* ; not endued with a mind, or 
intrlloctual fM>wer4) stupid; untbinkiaz. 

MiXD-ftTUicKEK, mibdv'Mrik-kn, a. Affvct«i in 
miod; raoTid. 

UlXB, mine, pnm., pooaearin eai* of /; (mni, 
Su. find, and Dan. mem. Gam.) Uy, be- 
loi^;ln( U int. It was aridcntl^ the practiro t<» 
■M mf bsbn a oooMoaat, and mine ketbre * 

TOwM ; attM ifl atlll Dsod wtwn the sabitaotiTa 
precede!, as 'tlusbaiybotdi;' 'tUsbookiamnc;* 
— f. (Frenefa,) a ftTstoin of nhtamoeaui worln 
or excavatious, formed in or going down l^oa 
■njr mineral or mctailifcroas deposit, for tlw 
parp<ise uf exploring tta oonteots, and extraeUng 
snch portions of them aa ma;r be of sofflcteot 
VAlti*. MiTUaty nwM<, escavmtiotDs made in ths 
nmpttrt ef • fottresa, er under gnmnd, in order to 
contMa gunpowder, which, being espluded, the 
rampart may bo bniached, or nny works of tbe 
enemy abore the mine, or near it, may be 
doatroynd ; a rich ■ooroa of wealth or other 
good ; — V. «, to dig a mine or pit Id the aarth ; 
to form a flubterraneoiu canal or hole by aeratdu 
Ing ; to farm a borraw er lodge lo the ainh, ae 
the miuiDg oooey; to pnct£i lenet meani ef 
injary ; — r. a. to sap ; to tmdcrmine ; to rt^ or 
destroy b? slow degrees, or secret mesas. 

Mi5ER, mi onr, a. Ono that digs for metals ; OM 
who dtjca canals or paassges oader the walls of ■ 
fort, &C. 

ilrNBRAf., niiu'ar-al, a. (Fr. Span, araneneit, '. 
Lat.) Tho deai^ation of auy inorganic 
■tance foitnd in the earth: minerals ioereaaal 
addition externally, not by intnnasa^itiovl 
their constitoent molecules ; — a. partaking 1 ~ 
nature of a mineral ; consbttoj; of ioeaU 

stances. Mintral kingdom, the third 

division of natural ol<jeot«, ombradnf; alt inorgHlv 
sabstonoes wbatever, .ittncrol oci'iit, the saU 
[ibntic, nitric, and bjdrocfaloric acids bare 
80 called, btit it miglit bo more appr 
applied to chromic, tuogitic, molybedto, 
ilinrrat adipoctrt, a fjitty bitntruaooa sobetaMt 
which occum in tbo nrgillaceoas Iron on of ller> 
thyr, in Wales. Mm&-ai catmtekoftCt * tt^ttj 
of bitomwi, ioternwiHate between the harder and 
softer kind*, ifnteral ckareoolj s fibroos wie^ 
of non-ltituininoua mineral 001I. JtfcMnrf j nww, 
Cftrbonale of mppcr. Mimerat $ah»^ salla fowid 
nalire, being forniL-d by the mineral acida with 
baaia. Miatral vaten, waters impragnatod with 
mineral Bubataouea. AftMrn/ jftilote, a compoBBd 
of oxide sad ohlorids of lead, obtiiiied by digest 
ing powder. 

MiavmAuaT, min'nr-al-iit, il One skiDed or 
employed In toioeraU. 

UisenAUZATioff, miD-Dr-al-e-za'ibno, «. Tha 
proeeas of oooveiting iiito a mineral lome bo^jr 
not prorionsly such ; tbe act of impr<<gDatiag 
with a mineral, as wator. 

UtMBiui.l7.a, tmn'or-al-ise, e^ e. To ceovert lobe 
a misenl; to impregnate with a miocral aoh- 

MlxERALiZEH, min'ur-al-t-cQr, a. A sobeteoee 
nUicli mtncnditea another, or combines with it hi 
an ore. 

UiMEKALoniCAL, min-nr-s-loj'o'fcal, a. Belatiiig 
to tbe KJence of minerals. 

MUEnALooiCALLT, min-ar-«-lo)VksI-le, tfdL 
According to tbe ectrace of mioermlogy. 

MiXBEALOGlBT, min-iir-aro-jiat, r. Ooe who is 
rersed in the acioDOe of mrnerala, or one who 
Irtats er discoan>M on Heir pn>pTtto«. 

MiRUULoar, min-nr-sro-je, r. (aiiMrof, an) 
Jo^, s trvaliae, Or.) Tbe eciencv which has 
for its object a fcaowladge of tlw pmpartiaa and 
relaiiooi of miacrala^ and eoabtea no to dieHa- 
gnisb, arratifi, and deacilbe tlwm. 



UiwxBTA. me-ncr^T*, *. In kl^tholof^, tha god- 
tei of f^lidam, umI cf tlie tibenl irtA. 

llDn■f1n^ Mk-M'nr,«. A daim gmo in the mid- 
dh •(■ It a lyipiw vT Sqinn*}, tb* fur of wlri?h 
«H ia bi^ npnto — luppoMd to haw beta tlM 
gny •qtdnvl of tba river Obj. 

UilimTAS, omoVm, «. (in Fable, tht sanw of n 
Thlhan. vbon dughtin wen toned into UstA.) 
A fVBt of Apodpoi EebinodennAta. 

1Iex«ls, wSo^rUt r. d. (niMjraa, or maugan, Sul') 
To Bb; to join; to eotapeond; to unite mth 
•roMtlitsg BO u to Duke one mui ; to JMO in 
matofel totercoOTK or in Mxartjr ; to contatninAte ; 
to raider tmpttre ; to debue b; mUtare ; to con- 
ftne-,— «. «. to be mijwd ; to be oniled wiLb ; — ■. 
■War*; aiadUej; vm hmd nuua. — Obtoleteun 

Xaka mImgU with oar ntttUuff Uboorinc*^— 5%ai«. 
MiB«LSOLT, miog'gld-le, ad. Confiutdty ; wUb- 


MnsLB-MAVeu^ ming'gl-aiMtg:'^ t. A medlojr ; 

MBSLmaR, ndn^f^V-ment', «• Tbo act of inin^- 
Bw: I)h lUto of being mixed ur compooDiled 
vu nawlbiDK fllnk 

|*T1HinFi mbi^^-ar, «. One who oompoundi or 
■BBS vith fifleraot inpedicnla. 

MmAKS. — See Ui|jii«nl. 

VmAKmcs, oria'jdt-diM, r. a. To mider suft, 
ddkabs, or daint;. 

HiKUTm, min'jate, e. a. (^miniart, Ital.) To paint 

V tin^ witb Temitliun. 
UlXLkTCRE, min'(snT-ture, t. (^mimatvra, ItaL and 
Spaa.) A KRoll paintiiif; in WKier-oclonrt, on 
MM BMotk material, oansasting of little dots or 
poialiiBelaftdof lioea; a pictore oc representation 
)^ thaa tbe r^alitj ; red letter; rubrio distinction. 
HnriBCB, inia'o-t)Q9, ». {fnta mmor, losa, LoL) A 
Uc etrerad reblde, oonstmcted tor tiie <3ip^' 
DBM csBT^ance of paesenxen for abort dataaoN. 
VniKn, nJnVkio, a. (deriration naoertain.) 
SutaD; dlMkinntiTe, oaed in aG^t oantempt; — *. 
■ datlingi afBTomito; a loiaU aort u( pn. 
Vimt, min'im, «. (mMunina, laBStf 1^.) In 
MnB«, a ooto half m long aa a aemibreTe, and' 
doobietbatoftbecrotdiet; alw,lheoao-«izliethor 
a flaid dracbm, aDmcriog to ibe old drop, taking 
rata- as ifaa >taa(lard ; a dwarf ; a Uttla man ; 
ena of a certain rafDrntad order of Fnmdaema, or 
Xbimi ; a little mmg or peem t — (ebsoleto in the 
ImK acaie ;>— a small fisli : a ■mall aort of priot- 
iig latter, now wiitlen mmon. 

Hnmnrr, Din'eHoaiit, a. ProoTt imUkauay. — 

IfauciK, iniB'a-miDB, «. (Latin.) Tba ImiI, a> 
CrtingaiBbtd fimi tbe pvalest. 

KnaiDit mb'a-DiDa, a. (^Latio.) A bdng of the 

UmcMr, nun'^nn, a. Fine; trinii dainty ; — (obao- 
lilat)— a. {mif/mm^ Tr.) a ranmrite; one who 
>Wf faroniiby Uyiahiogdatteryootbe patron; 
ft dmndanL In Uturnny, a pieise of ordnance, 
iha wan of which ia 3} locbca in diunrter. In 
l«ttarpraH Ftinting. a oat of type Un than 

Mmoitisa, ada'jnni-iog. a. Kind treatment. 
IbiriOiiLlKX, fnin'jun^tike, ) ad. Fineljr; daiuUly; 
MimuJiLr, minyan-le, ) affectrdlj. 
UiTHnxnuir, niln'fDn-khip, «. SUto of being a 


Blmocs, mtn'yns, a. (from mimiuM, Lat) Of tbo 

coloar of rrd lead or Termilioa. 
MnnSH, minlsb, r. a. (mmo, Lat.) To Uneoi 

to im()ur. — Obsolrte, 

Xa khkU Dot nOntift angbt from joar brieki of vow 
daQ; Uak.— iCnd. *. I». 

MiNltrTEk, mtn'ia-tnr, a. (Latin.) An agfott OM 
who ia emplored to any end ; one who aoto not 
by any inlwint aothorily, hat ondar another; 
one who la nnployad in the adiidnbtratioa of 
gomnmcDt; an eaocntife officer; a ma^iatnito; 
on* who tenre* at the altar, or perfonni SKerdotal 
fimetioni; a delrgate; an antbaaaador; tbe iv 
pmcntati^ii of a Mvcrcign at a forpign coort ;^ 
r. a. ^miitistro, Lat.) to gire; to enpply; to 
afford ; — r. n. to altrnd ; to fterre in any office ; 
te ffxt enppltM <if tbinp oeedfol ; to give aad^ 
tance; tooontributo; toafiord; to give nN^cinaa i 
to attend on the terrice of Ood. 

3llKMTBaiAL,min-i*-le're-ft1,a. Attcndaai: actbg 
at cnUMBd; acUng unilcr •upetior aatlMii^; 
eaeerdeCal; pertaining to nuiiaten of the povpel ; 
rrlat'o^ to owUatan « ltolfl» or penooi in tab- 
ordioate ukbority. 

MiMSTV.itiAt.LT, RiiD-t>-ta'r»-al'la,adL luaminU- 
terial mannor. 

SIiMHTEBY. — S« Minlrtry. 

MlMiiTKAl.. — Snr MiniateriuL 

>IihisYkakt, niiu'ta-trant, a. Engaged wtth ler- 
not as a miniatcr; attandant on ttrtiot; aeUog 
nodtr cocnmaDd. 

MiMSTRATtos, mln-ia-tra'ahun, a. (atMifrafio^ 
l^t.) Agency ; iatcircntian ; office of an agent 
dclecated or commifliotied by anotltcr ; office of 
a minister; aerricc; ecdcsAatical functioo. 

lli!ii4TBBfl»,min'ii-trea,e. A female that miolsten. 

MixiSTttT,min'ift-trc,i.(mmti/«rnffW,LBt.) Offios} 
MfTJce; ofllcc of one set apart to prcaoh ; eotde- 
aiastiulfaQCtiua; agency; interpoaitioo ; bosineM; 
etDployiDent; time of miaistration ; pcntons who 
eompoae tbe exeentire goTcmmcnt or the conocil 
of a supreme magistrate; the body of ministen of 

SliMSTRTfuiu*. — See Minirtry. 

Minium, minVum, *. R*d lead, or dentoxJde of 
kuid, a cotnpound subetHDce procnrad by azpoaiug 
tb« protoxide of lead to the Itmg-^ontionad acdoa 
of boat and ur, by wfakh it aeqturea mort Myigon, 
and br<-(iiiua oF a fine red colour. It coiudatl of 
4 equiralenta of oxygen, and 3 of lead. 

Mi.tK, mink. #. Tbe Miutella luteola, on ampU- 
bioos qnadmpcd, a nattw of the north of Karope 
and Amerioa. Ite for ia mudi esteemciL 

llnn(liHorE,min-ne-ho'fe, f. ((^ennan.) Uourtaof 
I<ove: the Gorman name of tito Cottrt d'Amot^, 
M famous in the liialory of diivalry. 

KlDnrBStVOBBB, min-ue'Sing'uiB, t. Tbo ancient 
aefaool of German poet^ whoee name ia derived 
from tbe tierman word ntNiic, lore. 

MiKHiM, min'nin, a. A Hebrew mniical stringed 
tastnuncntf irith three or Ibm' chords. 

KliKMHU Days, mto'nbg days, a. Anturenary 
feasts, on which tbo aonla of tht deoeaied wmt 
to be had in special ntDembranoe. — CrabU. 

MiBNOC, mio'nok, s. A word of donbtfiil meanings 
sappoeed by Dr. Johnson to be the tame as MinZf 
— wfajob eee. 

MniilOW, min'no, t. (awaMM, GaeHc.) Tha welt- 
known anMll rivt>r Gab, Laoctscui phoxinus. 

UlBlOI^ nPaw; fl. (Latin.) Petty; ioooBsiileraUe; 






MusBUvmro, mU-be-Wrinfc, a. Believing cm- 
doomIj; invlifturus. I 

lllSBESCCM, miB-bfr-Beem', r. o. To suit Ul; not | 
to become. 

MlUtEflBEMliro, mis-be-Mrm'in^, a. Vaaeom]; ; 

MlfiUEdTOw, nu»-b«'«to', V. u To OaMow iinpro- 

MlSBoiiv, mb-biwni , a. Borm U nuMfcrtiUM; 
unlockiljr boni. 

UISCALCULATV, nuA-lullcu-labt, V. a. To raekao 

llnoALODiaTioH, mift-kol-ko-U'thun, §. Bno- 
BMIH GtkubtioD. 

MifWAi >.^ mi^Juwl', p. a. To nsme iiti(H«perl]r. 

MHWAKRIAOP, mio-kar'nije, $. Vnfortooato raralt 
of an nndcrUking [ ill oondaot ; enl or tmpfoper 
belnnoor. la Palliolou, ttie fxpuUon of tbe 
CntoB from the ntens within six w««ks after oon- 
oiptkn. If it oocvr between six weoki cod ilx 
inoatlia, it u clUed abertiM; u»d tf dafiii| uij 
{wrt of tlie throa moDtlw before t^ coD|detloa of 
tbe ontani t<rni premotow tatoar. 

MlSCAHBY, mu-ker'n, p. «. To fail of tJie in- 
teadodevimt) to be aaenceee eft il ; to eofler defeat ; 
to bliiu forth joang before the ^eoftt time ; to 
infler aooitiiMi. 

Miscast, mis-kast', r. a. To cut or redcoa itro- 
DeoDsl;; — t, an emmeooi cait or wdtooing. 

HncsB, inte^^f *. Aa lodiin daotifrke, which 
prodooM a black jut qmq the toeth, bat leafet th« 
taaani HikKi^ed, wbile It dcetrof* the tstar 
aod birdHU tb« guv. 

HiaCBLLAiiAKiur, iiiie-«l-lft-iu'r»>iii. a. He- 
lming to DMMlkoieB) of miBoalUoiee; — ir. a 
Trritar of mfaQeUniiM. 

UlBCKLL&xB, rais'sel-ane, i; (miioellmm u , IaL) 
A mixture of two or more aorte ot gnuo | also 
writteo Meilii). 

UlSOBLLuUfBAUS, tnie-flel-Ia'no-as, a. Hinged j 
eenpoeed of TarkMU Uadi. 

M»CELI.A]rEOD8t.T, nde-<el-U'iie-tia-le, od. With 
rarictj of mlatore. 

UjWin.LAWEOCSKE5»,mifi-wl-la'lM-II»*D««,«. Tbe 

ilale of being mixri; oempoatioa of vaiiou 

UlBCBlXAlTT, mt6'Kl-Un-«^ «. (eHMettnuea, Fr.) 
A BUM fibrmed bj the oompodtioo of refioos 
thin^ ; • book or pamphlet, oont^niog a variety 
of oompoiitkriueaTaiiaiii SDbjeete; — a. aixad (rf* 
TaHeu kiodi.— ObaoMo m aa ai^eotlvtt. 

IfiBCsnx^ ■!■ ■m'tr, «. c. To nbu uUh. — 

MiAcuAKCE, mis-tahiM', «. ID look] ill fortmia} 
misfgrtano; misbap. 

HttoajutACTiutUB, mii-kn'ak-le-nie, v. a. To 
ohBMtariao ertoneeoeljr ; to give awrtMigcbmo- 

MuaUBOB, tnis-tahdij', v. a. To anstaka id 
changing, aa an aceoDDt ; — c. an envoeoBB entry 
in on aeeoonl ; a oteake in dunging, m aa ac- 

Uiaouzr. nm't^hiA j. (mM^, old, IV.) Hannt 
hurt! wbaterer ia Ul and iqjnrioMljr deoej ill- 
oMueqaeuoc; evil; vuatJoas a£Ur; l^orj^'— 
V. a. to hart ; to bann ; to injoic 

ll»cinxrwi.KKK, nnst«bif-nu1air, i. One who 
caaaea miachief ; one who iostigxtce bad foding. 

HiMBw-HAKtiro, mii'babif-aM'ldo^ a. Cauuig 
bun] eKdtiag aiiButj- or ijuamlL 

MllOUtKTora, nm'tihe-viia. a. IlannAd) btut- 

ftU ; dertntotive : noxJooB ; pcmloiouB; inJarioDf; 

MUCBXETOOBLT, inia'tdie-vs»-Io, od. With in- 

jurjr, Imb, er damage ; with evil intvatioa or die- 

poeitioD: noxiooaly; widcedlr. 
MiaOHiSTocanM, mit'tehinvtM-iMe, a. Huilii]- 

tuM; p«iuaiMUDe»; w i eke da iai ; iKipeiritiiwte 

Miaoaoocs, ode-edioo^, v. a. Te aake a wwg 

MiSQiBiLirr, nue-B»-bll'e-te. t. Oaf ilBhy of hriog 

Mia4JUiLB, inii'aB-bl, a. (French.) That nu^ be 

KiaorUTian, inia>ii<la'ihitn, e. Unfiiir or Gibe 

^ootalioa ; a wrung dt&tion. 
MtnocTB) wi-ote', r. a. To quote gfTOoegaely w 

Misci^iM, mia-klxme', t. A miatakea dnhn fr 

MuGOMi-i'TATiuit, mu-kom-pa-ta'shon, a. Faba 

UiscoHFtTB, tnii-koin-pnte', t>. o. To coaylw 

or reokgn errooeoofly. 
MiSCOKCXrr, mis-kon-eete', ) *. Pake 

Miflcoircai'Tioif, nw-kon-aep'ihQn, > apiaiai % 

Mirong noliiiu ur unikntandliig of a tblag. 
HiscoxcEiTE, mift-kon-cevc', r. a. To lidlJiMl(l . 

to have a fttlan notion of ; — r. a. to eatactafat a 

miitaken notion ; to have a wnaw idea. 
MncKWDKn^ nia-kao'dakt, §, ID bchaviow; 3) 

UifotnnHiOT, nlaJtOD^akt^, vi a. To ariwimge] 

to eoadnet arMw;— «. a. to behara ibum. 
XiaooHJwnnsB, mla-kea-Jek'tore, ». A wrooR 

ooftjaonire or gDHi ^-«L a. to ^ooM vnng r**«t Ik 

to make a wfaag goe« «r w^jectBiih 
MidooWOTPcnog, mie kao ■tn ik'ihBB, a. Wm^ 

iatafpoMioa of woidi or tbingL 
MltOOxatBtlBi Bda-koB^Btn, a. a. To istarpret 

emneoimj ewMr words or tUagL 
UiacomrstrsR, mie-koD'atra-ar, c Om «]m 

makes a wraog inteqintatioo. 
MucoKravxmcm, sus-ken-tin'o-aae, a. Obm^ 

tion; ioteniiitaon. 
MtBConim, mt»'kD>fua, >. A genu of lljtamof- 

tcroos tneeets : Familj, Foeains. 
MiBCuaazoT, mis-kor-r^t', e. a. To anatak* in 

attempting to oorvccC another ; to coriaet cno- 

MiBOODKAEt., mie-kown'til, r. u. ToadfbtvnK 
Miaoouitr.mie-kuwnt', v.o. To ladcoo arraniiarijt 

-'^. a. to make a false reposing ; — #. sa Hl^ 

ocoUB caknlation. 
MaMBBaacs, ois'kia-aBB, \ r Unbelief) fths 
WWOWIWCT, ■ds'kf»«n-ae,> iulh; edbmosa 

to a fUse rdigioa*— Obn>Uc«. 
Mtflcaaairr, aiklna-wt, a (eMansoat, ft,) Oat 

who helds a Gdsa fintb; s vile wnrtalii sa aa* 

prindplad Mlow. 
HiSDira, mii'date^ f. A wiwg dsbe;— « a. to 

date vrronoooilj. 
UuDaRo, inie-deed', a. A ^Kickai action | an sffU 

MuDKBM, mis-detn', «. a. To jadp IH tf « to 

mistake in jodgjog. 
MiSDunia, mls-da-neen', v. a. To bahan QL 
MuD£MaA.HOcrB,mif-de-me'uar,«. Bad behevionr; 

evil caadaet} fiiaU; iBbaianiyDSDU la 




t niiaiaBaMoar is no act wimmittw) at omittrd 
h mlitioa of • mblio Uw, eUbcr forUddiog or 
BHUBaoding it. Thu gsaenl defiaitun, liowevfr, 
ttmfnhtoBM bwth erimu tad mi» d emta$iotm-6, 
w^Ay pf«p«ly speaJdog, on nicro «7iKnijnK>tu 
tBRM, thoaig^ in oomnKra )»■£« the word ' cnmM* 
k made ta denote nich oAoM at «« ef a deqMr 
■■d mora BlnXBtHB dy« ; whils smaller fxalla and 
-rir'^Tn of im» ooiueqiieiMe are oompriaed mulcr 
ike mflder term of ontr&iMtfiMWri oal;r. la tbe 
^ofjUx lav the woetl mbdwnearKnif b gpatmtiy 
uad !a eontradJMineUoa to / U o wff, and niado- 
iniiiinii aeapnlMnd all indictable effanccs wfakk 
da Dot juDoank to reloaj-, as poijiir)'( bittcry, 
Ibd% coMpiridi, atterapia and aoUdtaUom lo 

IbuinuTB, iidb-de-ii?t', r. a. To tora or applj 

la pro p c riy ; to deihe from a wnng aottroe. 
KoDMnrr, iBl«*^iPrt', * BMeaect 
MiiDETonoK, mk-dr-To'alraD, m. Mistaken piot/. 
UiioiKT. mU-dJ'et, t. Imptoper diet or food.— 

MmiJUEOT, raii-di-nia', v. a. To give a vroog 

faction to ; to dinet to a wToog person or place. 
UiwisrosiTioir, mis-dia-po-aahan, a. Dispoai- 

tioo to etiL— Obeoletew 
MteMBTUTOuun. mis-dia-ting'girlBb. r. a. To 

uike wiQQg dntinctiDiaL 
kUDOi au»>doo^, r. o. To do wnofi ; to commit 

■ aime or Aalt. 
UUDOEB, iDi»*doo'ur, <■ AnotTonder; a criminil; 

toe who dow wrong. 
MintoiKO, mta-doo'tng, j:. An otbmn , a wnng 

dooa; « fsolt or crime. 
IfarooCBt, Ki»-doivt\ a. SuapidoB of (.Time W 

Aagar; inwDlotioQ ; bestation;^^, a. toraeprct 

tfdioi^vr dut^. 
HnxirBtrCL, a»-de«t'fDt, a. Mia^viag.— Ob- 

Udoskad, mie-dred', m. Dnad of Rril.— Obeo- 

UiM, vanm, a (Xcknnan, aim, pot, laid, ¥i.) In 

law, a tmn Kgaifyjxtf; (ijpiiiiaia. diabonenMnt3, 

Ab, and in thia aeiua it waa ordiuarily used In 

Mr eommoa law praceedioes ; in the other acBaa 

il i^ifics Smut, aa applied to the prooMdinp on 

I writ of ddA; tkn^ fautead of aiTia^ that the 

pntiaa (in Uw pnoaadinn on a writ of nf^t) join 

■01^ they «n mi bo Jmi the mm. 
Mimur, wia-«ae, t. Unoaaioeaa; waotofenaa. — 

VnsDinoii, mtf-e-dikh'iui, f. Kot A genuine 

rfkioD.— Otaolabe. 
HumrcATiD, oiia-ed'a-kaj-'tod, o. Impcrfeetly 

, odaVha, $. A gt dus of Fotamioifcra. 
OT, ana-cm-plo;', r. a. To employ to no 
. , K, or to a b»<l purpoac. 
I weainArHUrT, mia^nn-pto^'iDent, «. Improper 
VticaTRY, rnts cs'tn, *. A wrong entry. 
VitKU, Bii'mr, «. (Latin, iBiaerable.) A vmtcbed 
pooo : ooe owwhafaaed witli calainitj ; a wreicb ; 
a naan perwu; — (ohaolete in tbe forvgoing 

Dernt4l wMir ■ hace lxnot>l« «nTli-h '■ 
I tm ilraw)i1ed tit a p'oUcr blood.— fifc*b; 

—m eKtnmetji oorelooB poraon ; a aordtd wretch ; 
* i^Bard ; one wbo In wcaltb makes lutoarif 
wiwalla bj the fear orf ponrtjr. 

MisEainLE, tiux'ur-»-ble, a. (Prendi, &om aaHiawa- 
bilu, Lat.) Unluippjr; oalamUow) wntehed; 
wertbleaa; very poor; OMiilif aablppiilMi or 
iDiaei7l verjr poor or naaoi vary bamit wwrj 
lew or daapiewle. 
HtuuuBUWKSA, iiili'or-»-bl<aea, #. Slnto of 


MtdiiRiBLr, toii'nr-a-bbstni Unbjipi<i1j; calami- 

twoaly ; wnldiadly i Oioanl; ; raj poorly ; lA 

na*ery or antiappioeaaL 

aJ iSEBlcoitDiA, mijKcr-e-krlvr'de-a, ». In Lew, kq 

aiUtrarjr fine, impoaed on anj pcraon (or an oAbnea 

MiBKatr, tni'turle, a. Very ooretooa; sordid; 

n^[gardljr ; perumoniaD*. 
MlSEKT, miz-nr-c, «. {mueria, Lat.) Great mltap- 
piooHi; cxtromo pain of body or mind) eaLmdtyt 
mlafortuoo; natural eviU which an the oumh of 
inlaery; eovctoaaaoaa. — Obaolete in the hnt aeaM. 
KuESTEEit, tnia-o-BtcotD', a. XXaropird; eliglit. 

— Seldom ojed. 
MiHBSTnfATE, mis-M'tc-inato, v. u. To eaUiiutc 

MlSBXTRMSlOi*, mta-Bka-preBh'aa, «■ A wrong 

MlgPALL, mi^ranl', r. a. To bcrall, u 111 lock; 

to happen to aniucldlf. 
MtsrASK, mlfr-faro', c. lU fiu«; miifortane ;— 

p. H. to be in on Ql stat^ 
UtarAbaiON, mia-foah'ttn, e. n. To lonn wrong. 
UlBFElGK, mis-fane', 9.». To feign witb an Uf* 

MisFEABAjiCB, mia-fe'sana, «. (FkmcK) In biw, 

a miBderd or troepaaa. 
MiSFOSM, ini-i-rawnn', v. a. To put In iin ill fbnn ; 

to tnike uf on iH fiTtn. 
Ml»FOBTUNATB, mis- fawr'to -niilv, n. Unfra- 

(tinate; |m}dadog miifoilane. 
MlsrOBTUSE, tDU-u«T'taoc,9. CnUmity; ininek; 

ill fortune. 
Misroim^ED, niia-Ciwr'tande, a. rnfortiniato. 
Mieuive, tuia-giv', v. a. To fill with doebti to 
J<'pTiTe of f an5ilt>non ; to (ail ; lunally appKad to 
tlia hffiirt-, t» givo tie gmut oittiaL — ObaoWto in 
the hut B«iH. 
Mitomxn, nila-giv'ln;, t. A hiHag orconfldeoc4i 

donbC; dlatnut. 
BluHKvmtir, mia-got'tn, a. Vojastly obtuoad. 
IfisooTaax, mt-gat'orv, r. a. To Rorvm ill ; l« 

admioiater mtmhtaHy. 
HiaoorxANAXOK, mia^v'ar-nana, «. Ill gorern- 

inent ; diiOrder ; irrcguUiity. 
MiBOOTEOiteP, mis-guT'omd, a. Rude; Qitr^ 

MuoOTBR], mis-gnv'oro mrnl^ a. Ill ad- 
BtiflUtntion of public nITairs ; defeclivp inaa«|^- 
meat of private aSain ; trrYRvitarity ; diaonler. 
AIiJw.RArr, niis-gnifl', r. fi. Ta grafX amlM. 
MlBORnuND, mis-grownil', K o. To ftiand eiTO- 

>[lsoi'i»Al(CB, nispyi'daos, «. Witmg direelfen; 

l(uidanco in i-rror. 
MtfiOL'ini:, inis-^idr', r. a. To had or gulda into 

error; lo dirMt the wrong way. 
MiiOt!ti>i!io, orM-gyi'ding, ». Th« nr( of mia- 

MiMiL-iDiKOLT, mia-g]ri'dttig-lo, aii. In a way to 

Bliaiiar, DUK-hn|>',«. Ill tbanc^i ill lock; Mlainlly 
AllsilArritH, mu-hapiin, r. u. To bappra ill. 
HunSAK, mla-beor', r. ■. To mialake in hearing. 




Uisiuijtsn, mish'inasli, a. (tnUck vuts^ Trabon.) 

A minglff or botclipotdi. 
Ifisiuci, miih'na,) «. That part of tlie .TemrUli 
IdtSNA, mu'na. j TaJmnd which cgntAiiu tlio 

text ; iho Genuni, whidi is the kkmi] part, con- 

Uine thi ootmnaotariet. Th« book cocuUtx of 

TKrioDB Irulilions of the Jcwf, uut exjJanitioiu 

of MiTcnil puawos of Scriptont. 
Uismrio, miab'a£, a. ItclAting to tbo Blitlma. 
lIuiMraoTK, mls-tin-proov', r. o. To Iioprovo to 

• btd poipoM ; to abwe. 
Uiaou'TOnuiBiiT, mis'ini-praov'awnt, #. tU uae 

or onplojiDent ; improTemeat to n IiaJ purpose. 
UlSUfmn, mis-io-rvr', v. a. To drdw n wrong m- 


ICtantvoiUKt mb-in-fa«rro', c a. To docdvc t; 

hlM Mcomila. 
MlftlXFOlUunoK, mb-in-faviT-uiii'Bhun. $. Fslse 

iDt«lli£f noe ; fuLu Mxounts. 
UfSiXFOBHKK, mi»-in-l«wnii'ur, f. Onowboeivu 

wranK infomut'iotL 
HiBiKSTRUCT, mis-iu'Stnict', f. n. To tnstract 

improiwrly ; to t«*cfa to n wruii^ |>iirpo«v. 
UuiNATKCCnov, itiu-in-Blruk'flhDD, s. Wrong 

UiAiNTKLl-lOEKCB, inis-ia-t«t1e-j«iM> $. WrOBg 

infixTiMlion ; disagreemcot. 
HlinmtRrRET, mu-in-tcr'pret, r. a. To ioterprrt 

emamusly: to nnderitaiid, or to ex[iUJii in a 

UuraTKarnxTjiTiOK, mlsin-ter-pro-ta'tJiun, t. 

Thfl Mt of ioterpnting crroneoiHtj. 
HuQnxBFBxnu>, miit-in-ter'pniC-ed, a. Erro- 

Beradj nndontooil or intcrpntAl. 
UunmftrBBnEH, mu-ia-t^r'prc-Uir, f. One who 

intepniU eBmumuly. 
Uiuoix, tnU-j<^', r. a. To Join onfltJj or Em- 

UiSJUDOE, iiu»-jtij', r. a. To mbtako in Judglog 

of; to judgo erraieoiuljr ; — r. n, to err in juilg- 

DMOt; to funn falso opinions or ootkMU. 
UiRJUZMjXENT, mis-jig'iDent, «, A wrong or on- 

Jtut dot«nntuatton. 
MlMKtit, ni'w'kin, 8. A littlo bagpipe.— Obsctcle. 
Xow wuuld I tuu« my nUiUm on Uil* gtren^AnajftlM. 

lIiSKnn>LB, inis-kin'dl, Vt a. To iBfiaoo nBlUy; 
to anJioat« to wi il] porpoo^ 

If IBLAT, uis-b', r. a. To luj hi a wrong pbc« ; 
to laj in a place not rcooUeded ; to Vme. 

MlBUiVBB, mis-la'ar, «. One that Ibjb in a wrong 
place ; onr that loMfl. 

Umlb, mia'il, r. w. (rrom mist) To nun in im- 
porcfptibU dropa, Iik« n thick mist. 

HiBLKAD, iiiiileMl, v. A. (past Kod paM port His- 
bd.) To kid ioto a wnogwny or paUt ; to lead 
astray; to gntda into emr ; to eaiwa to miatake ; 

UULSADBB, mia-lo'dDr, t. Oat who loada in a 
wrmg disectioa. 

UltUUfiOiO, ntkle-dbie, a. Mi^idaoea. 

HilLKADUtBD, mia-lenid', a. Not nally or fn^erly 
Iw ra ad. 

VUUED. pate part, of HUead. 

MULVros, tdiTto^ lb T^ eoramou nanui of 
idaati of tha genoa Vwom t Um tUiIctoc Vixum 
fiBTDfiaaa wn lenl nmnd hf thi Draidtf, in the 
buidi of tbor atlcodaot jmUi^ to aonMinee the 
B&tranea of tho new jtair^ ud bnDehn of it 
oontinoe to be huo;; op ia hooiH i> EngUod at 
Owiilin— aloDg wiu other eTagR«a& 

MtStttiB, mi»-Iike', v. a. To dialik* ; to di«- 
appron; to han avenion to; — a. dislike; dia- 
approbAtion ; amnion. 

Mist.iKEit, mis-Ulnir, «. Ooe that dia a pprona. 

MiSLtVB, miB-liv', 0. n. To livo ami*.— OI)«4«t«. 

MlflLDCK, mis-luk*, t. lll-ltick ; miidortuna. 

kllsLT, inlz'te, a. Rairiiug lo vmy small droi«. 

MtsiLUtAQE, mil-man'u, e. a. To tnanagB Ql; to 
admlaiitcr Impropariy; — v. n. to behave DI; to 
coDdoot aminb 

MlMUXAOBHSirT, mis-man'tj -00111, a. ni or In- 
proper Duutagemenl. 

HisnAyAOKB, ints-niin''^-ar, $. One that manage* 



MiasiABX, mis-mArk', r «. To mark with 

wrong tolcen : lo mark erroacon»ly. 
HiSMATCR, mia-tnalcb', v. a. To match Dnaoil- 

MiSKAMB, rniv-iuimir', v. a. To call It; the wrwig 

MtBHOHElt, uiis-no'mur, $. (ma, wrong, and m»m- 

mfTf to niune, old Fr.) In law, nrisunbf k 

pofoD, or mistaking bis name. 
MisonKDiCNOK, mia-o-bo'de-ens, t. OtnobCtk— 

Same as diaobodienoo. 
MisoBSBRTis, mia-ob-zorv', p. a. To obsrrrt ia- 

ocrarately ; to itiistalio in oWrviog. 
MiFk>CAMPi:, mia-o-kuiii'pr, a. {mttot, htdm, and 

ianpe, a bending, Gr.) A genoa of H y meuop- 

tarooa iDSoeta : Family, Pti[ttvora. 
MnoonmBon, mi-so-deo'dron, * (mt«w, dbdalo, 

and liswfron, a tree, Gr.) A geaus of imeoth 

pars^tical i^ba, witbont bennty or cbowy a^ 

peanmcc : Order. I/irantfaaoeie. 
BfiBOGAiiisT, mc-sog'a-ndat( r (laiiai, I hatt, aal 

jTOmon, marriigc, Or.) A bator of tauAagu 
MlsoGTHlST, me-toj'c-fiifit, a. (muro, I haU.fffatt 

a woman. Or.) A woman hater. 
MiftooTHr, me-soj'e-ns, a. Hatrad of Uie femab 


MisoLAHPUB, mis-o-Iam'pas, a. (miwa, bitral, 

imtfWf, brilliaot, Or.) A goDvs of GoleapliniB 

inaeeta : Family, Hrnsamn. 
HiBOriNlOIf, mi»-o-pin'yan, a, Errnnroos opanon. 
Ml»0F8TClll, intK-op'BP-k#, r. {miaro, I kite, and 

/uycAft, lirn, Rr.) Mt'buH-liolr with iiagqXt of 

lIlfiORDCR, mix-anr'dur, r. o. To evodoet 3; lo 

maanpi irrrguWIr; — a. trrfigularily ; diSMdcrl/ 

HliSDitDKHLY, isis-awr'dnr-le. d. Irregolart/; di»- 

StifioiiMVATiOK, mia-awT-do-na'ifann, a. Wroof; 

UiflrcRHtTAOB, mis-per-awadf', r a. 

a wmog oonclunoa ; to peiMido 
UiarKnaCASio!t, mia-per-ava'abin, 

notion I blse oplaioQ. 
UisricxRL, mkjiik-el, a, Prlamatlo i 

fnrritsa, a ffliaaral of a tin-white ooloor, 

tunes with a tbgi af jaUow. It atxun 

adcnbr, and OTitaUasd, In the form of a 

rhombic priam. lU constitoents, 

Dr. ThonuoD, are — mm, SCI { anenkv 

BOlpliDr, 15.1. 
Misi-LACB. mit-pWe, v. a. To pot io ft vrsag 

plucp; to pluoe oil an improper oujed. 
MiarLEAD, niis-plecd'. v. n. To nr in plaaBng. 
UtafLEADiHO, mia-ple'diag, f. A miatake in 


To bring to 




UtWOim; ab-pojnl*, v. a. To paint imprDperlj' ; 
lo cnr to poactaatloD. 

Misnuirr, mit-phnt', p. a. To mifiUke id prm< 
tiog : to print wnuig ; — i. n jnistako in printing ; 
a dniKticB rrem tha cop;. 

MuruBE, mts-priu', r. a. (mef/ritet, Ft.") To 
nuatAlu ; to sJigbt or undonitliiP. 

Humftov, nut-friab'nii, «. (NWfru, n^^sct or 
coitoBpt, Fr.) Ib L«w, mU aoeh bich •ffimeca 
M >n ooder the tltgraa of npUal, hut oeu-ly 
befdcring tfcavon : uid it U said, that » miapri- 
mm is WKiUin>J ia aver; tnaaoa and felony 
•Ikaiaaenr; and thil, if tha Idng M plaaM, ihic 
eflnider au j ba ja o caadad ogMiut for the «d»- 
jviMi ooljr. JfiyinrilBM u* (mmlt^ divided 
oip two aorta: Mgalhr*, widen oooriat in tbc 
MNaaloMat «f HOictUu wbieth oogbt to b« re- 
mledi aod poaUive, w&cb oonBi^t io tlic com- 
flMMO «f amwlhiflg which ouRht not to be dune. 
L Of tha flnt, or n^ativa kind, is what ia called 
■qrwKH ^ tnaaom, woiialing in tha b^re 
kmrledga and oooccatniMit of Lratson, without 
BW degrea of aaaeut thereto. Mi*pris{o» i^f 
Ji&mf, is also the conoeftlmcnt of a (clonj which 
a man knows, but nervr asBeQt«d to. There is 
iko another species of DcgsUvo mitpntums ; 
mmUj tha cooocaling of tnaMin-tnive, wbicli 
Ungs to the king or bis gnotwa by preroeatlTe 
Ofri. 8. Miquimomf, whicb ara owely ponttiTe, 
M g/amniUj doiamtnated coutunpta or titgli 

VaPBOCmmo, mia-^fo-Monng, a. Wiong or 
imfolar pnoaadiitg. 

MofBomu;, in»-|)n-f«r', a. a. To nuhe a fitlu 
[fifiwinii i to maka lattonaiona lo skill wLicb is 

KnFKOXorVCBt mis-pio-tiowtia', e. a. To pro> 
Dsiaaa myarpaAj ^— *■ a. to tiptak luaoeuratiJj. 

Kupunrcxcunnir, mla-pro-nDO-abe-a'shuti, i. 
i wronc or impropar proaondatioo. 

XuraoroBXiOK, Bus-|iro-pan>'shun, r. a. To err 
in nn i po rti o ni ag ooo thing to another ; to join 
aiUiaat doa proportioo. 

Muraocs, BU»-pnmd', a. Vidoari^ fwoad. 

MuQcouxioit, nja-kwo-ta'sliun, «, Mbapraper 
i[ia>tKiiiii ; Iha aet of r^xutXinn wrong. 

UaoGOIK, mia'kwote', v. a. To qoote errutoouiJjr ; 
ta cita JDDORaotljr. 

KiBaATB, mb-nte', r. a. To rat« nmieousl; ; to 
irt i t M i* fUaaly. 

UUctTAL, mia-re-ai'tal, «. A wrong recital. 
'IbuKlTB, Rua>i»-aHe', w. a. To rante erroDeoo&ly. 
l^buusCKuH, mia-tck'o, r. a. To raolcoa or impale 

KliutJtTB, iiu>-re*liit«', V. a. To rvlale lolaely 
at BucGDrKlelj. 

KiiKELAnoH, tDis-t»-la'ihuu, «. FiUm or iiuw- 
OUita nairatire. 

IbianraiaiEB, Du»>n'm8m'bar, w. a. To mistodEa 
it iMUOilMring ; not to ramember wr recUy . 

IbftUFont; mi»-t«- porta', v. a. To giro a Talae 
■agnnt tif; U> nport erroneoosly; — j. an 
nport; fiiie and maliooiu ropresen- 

VtnaPBSscirr, m's-ra-pra-xeat', «. o. To nepn- 
mk ian wi Tttl y or talselj' ; lo giro an omneaus 
aooaBBt* ailher thrDni;h ignoranca or malioe. 

MunrmnmrATioir, iiua-rap-ro-uD-ta'tbni), *. 
TIb aet of auarvpriEM-oLiag; a fidio or iocORcet 
MBpni prcn. 

MuKBpauumtR, rma-rep-rr-aeot'ur, i; Ooa 
who girea a falM or erroopoDs noxniut. 

UlsKKFOTS, mit-re-pate', ■>. a. To hava lu wnHig 

MlSKi'LE, mis-rool' «. IKaonler; ooofuaioai iu- 
mtdt fiwn iosobordinatioa ; ui^'nat dominitJoiL 
M<uter of munle, the cbicf among rtveUtrv ; 
Ifaa managar of a reTeUing club. 

UlSBinr, mis-roole, o. Vamlj; nugorernakle ; 

Ums, mia. «l (snpiioem] to be oootncted (htm 
miatna$.) The tithi of a young woman or girl ; 
a kspc miatraaj a proititate rttatnad; a eon* 
cnbioo; — r. a. Httufim, Sac auwcw, Dut, and 
Qorm.) to fail of leaehing tbo objact ; not lo hit ; 
to fail or flndbg tho right way; to err m ■tteiDp* 
ting to find; to 61II of obtaining; to diaeovor 
MQifLhing to ba oncipoeledly wanting ; to b« 
witboDt; to omit; to pcroein tlio want of; — 
r. a. to flj wide ; not to bit ; noC to foceood i 
to fail; totnifitaka; to be lost; to be wanting ; 
to iaiMAn7 as bj accident ; to fail to obtain, 
lean), or find; — a. Iom ; want ; mistake; error; 
hart; burn. — Obsoleta in the last four Mosai. 

MtssjLL, mis'sal, a. The book which contains the 
scTonil nuueos whicb are aoid oa particular duys 
in the Romao Catholic church. It it derived 
&om tW Latin word mCcaa, which, ia the aoctaift 
chriatiitD chord], ngnificd every part of dtvioa 

MisiUT, mia-aay', m. a. To any wrong; lo almdn' ; 
— (seidoin used ;) — p. n. to Mpcak ilL 

?kIif;sATlNO, mia-BAlii^, *. Wrong wtprnaaion. 

MlilSBUt, tma-aeefn', r. a. To aiake a falae ap- 
pcatanco; to ausbesomc. — Obsoleto in the Uwt 

BIiflAEF.. — See Minlrtos. 

lIlHSKLlilRD. — See TlirusK 

MiASKMnLANCB, mis-asni'hLin.t, f. Faloo Tuaem- 

AflssERTr., nuSHmrr', n a. To serve unfaithltall/. 

MlRSilATB, mia-ahapo, m. a. To ahape or Sotm Bi ; 
to defonn. 

MiMaiTEnygM, nda^a'pa-ncs, ». Tha state of 
bdog badly ihaped. 

UuBiLE, tnis'ail, a. (mimHt, Lai.) Thrown by the 
hand ; thrown or Bent; — «. a weapon Ihrvwn, or 
intended to bo thrown, for doinj; oxecntton. In 
nniddry, n inisturc of Mrunl ootourv. 

UtMiKO, mia'sing, a. {.oat; alseot from the plaoo 
whcra it WAS expected to be found; wnnthig. 

Uissio. miflti'e-o, u. In Aatt^juitj, a Tull dJscliargo 
pren to a Bomon soldier ufter twenty yean* 

BIlBSluN, mish'on, >. (niiwib, Lot.) Comtntimnt 
the atato of bntog wnl by raprenM aotliotity, wUh 
certain iiowerfl for tmnsoclttg biunaat; ptraona 
Mot; paraoos appointed by antbority to perfbrai 
toy Mcvke^ parUculariy thoaa aeot lo pntpagato 
n^oD; deninion; dtscharge from sernos ; foo- 
tion : party. — Obsolete in tlio but four aenaea. 

MiMloN.VRT, mish'nn-ar«, s. (mistwtmirtf Fr.) 
Une flcal to propagato religion ; — a. pertaJol^g to 

MisaioHEU.— Sea STtfiioniiiy. 

UlUITK, nus'slv, a. (I'reuch.) Thrown or sent, or 
nob ai may be sent; — «. a lettor aeut, or a mca- 

MusrEAK, mls-fpeek', w. a. To «rr or mistnke in 
apeakiLg ;— «;. a. lo ntlar wrong. 

Mmr— MOB 


into finoOaer court, ifiiiimtu U nl«> a prooepC 
in writings wider the band and acal of a jtuUce 
of pace, directed to Um ffto^tr, for the rcoeinog 
and tatt kcefdng of an olnader until be u de- 
li vend by Uiw. 

JJiTT, m't'tc, a. (froni mite.') Coataloiug mitM, or 
abrandhij^ with mites. 

UlXf miks, r, o. (mifcaa, Sax.) Tu bVnd, nr tniit« 
liminiscuoasly, tiro or more Jn^^rrJiculs into a 
nuiMl or cinnjioiind ; to juio ; to associato ; to 
unite witli iu caispanj ; to minj^; — v. n. to 
bocomo anitcd, or Uecjed jiroiDUcuauilr, in n 
iiuui or oornpotind ; to be joined or aiaociatAL 

IIesbi^ mlkit, a. CoosiaCinj of Tariosa kjods or 
diffonint tbiogi ; promlaeoona. Mixed tuigU, an 
angle of wbldi ooo aide ia a corre, and tbe olber 
■ straight lloo. Mixed figw^ ooe comjiosed of 
itnigbt lines and eoTTM, b«i^g lutUiM entirely 
tbo MCtor Dor the K^iHBt of a cifcle, dot tlw 
sector oor scgmcDt of an dSpns, cor a [laraboU 
nor n b^pcrboln. 

UixnM, mik'sn, «. A dangbill ; a Ia>-Bttill. 

Mix.i:r, mjks'or, ». One vho mixes or mbglea. 

UiXTiLIXEAi., mikvtc-le-tlQ'c-al, > a. (murfitf, 

MixTtLiKBAfi, miks-te-liD'e-ar, \ mixed, and 
lined, a Uo^ LaU] Coutaimog a niixtare uf linos. 

MtXTJOH, miks'tshun, s. (FKOcb, from nixtitt, 
LaV) Mixture ; ooofuncd biendiag of one thing 
wiUi xnoUier. 

lliXTLT, ToiJut^ wL With ooolition of diffennt 
jKirts into ona. 

MlxmKB, niik<^atv, (, (mfzfum, I^t) T)io act 
of mixh^j tbe stato of Ixnng mixed ; a uaaa 
Ibnued br mingled ingrodicota} tbat which ia 
added aoa mixed. 

M|»M*«M^ mi&'uia&e, x. A mau ; a labvrintlt. — 
A etotttfin. 

MlZBEir, mil 'an, j. In Kautkal langaa^te, the 
aftennost of the flxAd ulli of a ibip. Miistm- 
mati, tlie mast wUdi ittpporta tlie after-taO^ 
and Btandii ncamt to tlie Btcrtk 

MiJtzLB, mis'i), f. To jain in nunnte dnpi. 

MlZ2T, miz'xo, a. A bog oc qoagniinL 

Mnemonic, ne-DHm'ik, a. Aansting tbe memoiy. 

M^EMoncs, De-moD'ilu, $, (trmemc, m e mo r y, Gr.) 
TEteart arnfiMbisgmemofjof puticalar things 
by artifii-ial aids. 

Mkkuostkb, co-inoe'«-ae, «■ (Greek.) In Ciasn- 
oal Mythok^, tbe gpddeM oF Lbu mi-inunr, a 
daqghttr of Uranus and Guia, (IIchtch and 
Euu) and mother, by Jupiter, uf tbe ninu 
Moaaa. Her itatuea b-iTo Ibe fi^re eni'eki|ieJ 
in long anil ample robca, and Ltw right band 
miaed towards the diin. 

Mkiaausi, ne-a'mm, r. (nuHdroa, moasy, Gi:) A 
genua of plants : Order, CbeoopodlacuMi. 

ilouuTB, DM'a-UUa, Jk Oa« at the dnewiJanti of 
Maab, the ton of Lot by bk eUir daodiler. 

MOAV, mono, ». a. (mamm^ Sax. ) Tolamaot ; to 
daplon; — p.* togriare; to tniko lamitatioa : 
— f; lameBtalioiii aOidiUBaonowj grief s^reosed 
Id words or crioa. 

MouiFtn., mooe'fbl, a. Sorrawlal ; eipiuaing 

MoAJmrLLT, moDa'fal-le, ad. With lamcotatton. 

Moxr, mote, t. (ntotte, Pr.) In KoctJficAtian, a dciip 
trench or ditcb dng round the ramparts of a for- 
tified place to premt surprises from the enemy ; 
— r. n. to smTDund with a moat for dofoDOC 

Mod, mob, s. (jnobSiMf mot-cabI», I^L) A jTon^- 

coons erowd or mnltitude of paople, mda ami £•- 
ordoriy ; a disorderly aaaemUy ; a kind of fcmak 
Dodreas for tbe bead ; — v. a. to hanus or orerbanr 
by ttunolt sod vociremtioo i to attack in a dia- 
orderly crowd ; to wrap up in a cowl ur TaiL 

MoiitUBB, mob'liiah, a. Ukaamobj tsmDhoooa; 
maan: vulgar. 

MoitCAT, mob'kap, «. (jtmyt. Dot.) A plaia ci^ or 
lietd<drtaa for Icmalea. 

MoiiiM^mo-bci!!', ft. (French.) Movrable;— (ofaaft- 
letc;)-^s. the mob; tbe popnlaoo. Mottabtt 
mobile, auytbiog susceptible of motun. frimum 
moUlet in anoieat Aatranomy, a ninth ha w an or 
sphorc, im^oad In eiiat abon tboae ol tba piaoeu 
and flxod itan. Tbis was inppoaed to be tbe 
first mover, and to cnny rDQiia all tba Iwer 
spheres along with iU I\rpetMiam mtAtlt, per- 
P'*tanl motion. 

Mt.itin.iTV, nobil'e-te, «. (amuo^ I now, LaL) 
In Slecliuucs, one of Lfaa pfofartias of wrtUr, in 
Ttrtita of which ertry body at lot can bs pvt It 
motion by tbe oction of a form adoq»al» to Mtr- 
como its inertia; — activity ; readiness to ato^ro; 
fickleness i incoiuUincy. In cant langnagi^ the 

UuBLE, mob'bt, v- a. To wrap np. as in a bond. 
The nooo doia nuMc up bDndt.— ffJkKif . 

MocOABOM, mok'ka-sun, «. A shoe or oonr for 
the foot intboat asole, worn by the natire In dia a f. 

MoCBA-fttOHB, mok'a-stona, a. (auaiff, a oly m 
Arabia.) A specias of stone. Afocftn O^aa, ft 
name given to a superior- flavonred oafiee. 

HOCR) niok, v.a. (MOyucr, fr.) To deride; to 
laugh at; to ridicule; to lonitnto in eonla»]ii or 
dnrUioa ; to deride by mimiciy ; to defeat ; to 
ctodat to disappoint; to deoura; to fool; 1^ 
tantalize ; to pLiy on oontemptnoualy ; — e. m. in 
make cootamptuons sport: — e. ridicule; act efcoo- 
tempt; drri^n; sneer; iautation; mimktjf^ 
(obeoletaintbeUuttwoscnsea;)— «k false ;eoBH 
laiMt; not rtol aanmed. Jfo«l; oroi^ or ^ 
rA^, — MO I'hilad^pbas; 

Mockahlc, mok'a-bl, a. Exposed to deriaion. — 
SeUoa used. 

MoOKAOB.— See Mockery. 

MocUER, Bok'or, «. Onewbomadn; asrorairi 
a eoodhr; a derider; a deevivpr; no impostor. 
J/ooter-av^ theoommoo ur Wbite-heaitad Uit- 
tory, tbe tm Jiiglans tumentoea. 

MocKBBT, fflok'ur-c, a. Ii<fiMon i acorn; spartfUi 
innilt; riilictile; conlciiiptuoiui nicrriinent ; sport; 
sobjert vT laughter ; vain imitation or eSbrt ; tbat 
wtiicb doM-ivea, duutppointa, or fraitrates; imita- 
tion ; counterfeit appsaraooe ; bias show* 

MocKino, mok'king, a: 6com; dtrideo; ittaulL, 

MocKiKOLT, nuk'iflg-lt, ad. By wsy of derision ; 
in oootenipL 

MooKUfo-nocK, moklng-stok. #. A bail tor 

Modal, mo'dftl, m. Rettting to tbe form or node; 
baring tbe fnnn witbont eseenoe or reaCty. 

MoDALrrr, rno-d«lVlo, a. Tbe quality of being 
modal, or bdog in form only. 

MODDES, mod'dor, a. A wench or girt — l^otL 

Mode, niode^ a. (Franch, modm, Lat) MMbsd; 
funn; (aahion ; manner; CDStom; wny; mamisr 
of existing or beiog; degree; elate; qtialterj 
gradation. In ancient Muaio, the orlir «f oa 
•ound Anaing what Is vailed the acn/aa in medtfa 
tiiDQft In lio^ tbo fonn of a syD^^m^ ' ta 




nsp>gt ta Uie qoutit; and qualitjr ol' profiositioD^. 
la Mtt^fajBioi, aimfd emodo, k vuiition or dif- 
fannt conbioBtMn ik' tb« sunt siinpk ides, witb- 
•oi Um odxttiR of haj othtr, &s a dozen, ■ soort. 
Mutdmoi*t • ootDpooad of MiQpk id«u of soront 
fciadi pai tsgKbcr 1o dmIm * com p lex ono^ u 
th« word ' bMbty,* wtuoli bu bean d^nad m con- 
ssdng of • cotDposJlion of coloor «ad figure, and 
ftntifig • d«li|[ht in tb« keliukler. 

*Ud« BDd bue liarrnunlna* hlmdhifri 
InpalMiUil QoK' ftWM;tni-w lending' 

In Mancv tb« RMlodious oooAitaUoa of tbt oetan, 
*• MMtftiac of MTMi fliNDtiil ud Mtonl Mooda, 
baudM the key w fuaJiMntd. Jfod; vtfirma^ 
in Law, in tbc nuntker and form u dcclired hy 
Um tiliialiffi In Grtmmir, — are Hood. 
M<»«cc*t no-dek'JoL, «. (Eut liidUa nuns of om 
of Uh ipadH.) A gtfiuu of pUnba : Order, Paa- 


McuiBL, BKid'cl, a. (mo'ltlin, Fr.) A smiill or mitiU- 
tvn reywptiitioo of lb« structnre of a nutchiite 
bat]diii|C, bidge, &c., so as to nbitit tlio mode ot 
ooiMtmctiao or woriiui^ In tbe Fine Arti, that 
wbicb b the object of imiution; tbo mdjndaul 
wbum aa artist procons for getttog ap hii pro- 
portkna. detaiU, playof moBcfei^ ttc ; — a pattern 
of aomcibing to ht made ; anjthmg of a particular 
fiaciii, abapr, or oonatnudon, iateoded for iinita- 
tioo; a mould; sometbing intended to pre afaapo 
to catting; etandard; thi^ by whidi a Uiliig is to 
be measored ; a pattern ; a copy ; rFpnaentotioD ; 
— r. a. (modtSer, Fr.) to plaoi to shape ; to 
moald : to form : to deltneatet. 

VoDELLES, mM'el-ur,f. A planner : a contriver. 

MoDKLLUG, mod'el-io)!:, >. Tbe act of forming 
m tmitAtioD oS ■ model Id the Fine Arte, the 
let tt making a mould, from wbicli woika in 
plMt« an ast ; aim foming in clay the design 


NODOiA, m»-de'na, t, A crimeonlike ook>ar. 
MoDKB, mo'dnr, f . Tbe matrix, or principal pUco 

of an artiolabf, into wliicb Ike other pvta ar« 

MoBXttABLB, mod'cr'a-bl, a. (modero, I gorern, 

Lat) Teoiperate; measoiabk; governable. 
HoKEBATB, inod'er-«te-,(i. (m«frro(<i«, Lat.) - Tem- 

penit": cut exoeMive; reatninedtopasnon^ardosr, 

a* Umpar; not riolent ; not extreme in opinion; 

fibdrf ke^Mn extremea; boldlag ti>(> mean or 

middle plaot; of iba middle rate; uot swift; — 

v.a. loregntate; to restrain; taatill; to pacify; to 

ijoiet \ to npnm ; to mike temperate \ to qLiaUfy ; 

— «. ak 10 beeome les violent, eereie, rigorooa, or 

IfoOEKiTCLr, mod'cr-ate-te, ad. Temperately; 

miidl* : without rioleooa; in a middle di^roe ; BOt 

lluitLbJLTt'«i fti^ mad'»r-iile-a<8, «. State of beioK 

tao&cnXe; lemptnloaAs: a middle etate between 

UoDliaATlox, ntod-ar-a'aban, m. (nodertUio, iM,) 
Feitabraiwa of aatnnnity; reatraiot of violent 
- indnlgenee of appetila ; tbe eute of 
• do* mean between extiemea of enooas or 
: calmDeMof mind; Hjoaiiimity; fnigaSty 
in cssme^ 
MoneaiTOB, nod«-ay'ttir, a. He or that which 
eakaa «r rertraloi : tbe penoa who preiides orer 
• maattng or aaaanbly of people Lo pmerve order 
and regidaU the prwceedlngi ; tbe bum gjrea to 


tie president vi Ibe umual aa ee m blj of tbe Ukuniib 

MooJtKATOMHir,mod*er-a'tur-Bl)ip,«. The oAea 

of m moderator. 
HoDBMl, mod'oni, a, (mookriHt, Fr. inodl*r«o, Span. 

and ItaL) RaUting to Ibe preeaul time, or time 

not long paat; neent; lata; not ancteut; not 

antii^oe; vul|car; mean; osmmen. — Seldem (Med 

Id the kilt ibree aenfea. 

Trillai ancb ai «u f rVMnt mcdtr m ftteada wMiaL — 

MoDBSxiui, mod'nm-iun, a. Medam pcaetjce; 

•omethiog recently formal, particularly ta wrilmg. 

MoDERinsT, tnod'oni-lit, a. One wko ffeotly •£• 

mirea the modont. 

MoDKOMZE, mod'om-taA, «. o. To reader modern ; 
to adapt andont oompoaitkui to awdam pemna 
or thiop, or rather to adapt tke aooiaot style or 
idiom to tatfe. 

UoDKBXUtKn, mod'oTD-i-iar, «. One who rvadsra 
Bodeol eompoaitioiia a^^reKable to modora teate^ 

UoDEBXLT, mod'um-le, odL In moden timi fc 

UODBRNXKSS, mod'um-ne«, e. Tbo qtulity of 
being modem ; oorelty ; reccntnesi. 

UoDERNS, mod'orox, t. pla. The prceont genera- 
tion, or those ivlio have lired iu times reoeatly 
post, opposed to the ancients. 

Mot>KftT, mod'cst, a. {modute, Fr. modeMUta, Lat.) 
Not arrogant or prnmnptuous ; not boastful ; not 
forward or impadent ; not bold or ibrward ; not 
loose : not tewd ; not exoessve or extreme ; not 

Modestly, modlst-Ic, ad. Not arrogantly or pre- 
somptQoaaly : mth doe respect; not loosely or 
wantonly; decently; not impodently ; notexoes- 
avdy ; with moderation. 

MooBBTr, mDd'is-tf, *. Moderation and onusom- 
ing deportment; cocdoct or behaviour void of 
arrogance^ presamption, forwai-dneas, or impD- 
denoe ; lowly temper which accompaoies a moderate 
estimate of ono'e own worth nod impurtanoe ; de- 
cency ; chastity ■, purity of maimers. 

iluOEBTi-i'iECE, m[)d'i3-t»>pe«a:, a. A nairow 
lace worn by females orer the bocom. 

MoDlATloK, mo-de-a'«bun, a. A maaaoie. — Ob- 

MuiMCiTT. mo-dia'e-te, c. Maderaleiteaii ; ntenn- 
nese; litlloocai.-~CHiaolat«. 

MoDiCDU, mod'e-knm, i. (Latin.) A Hnall qoao- 
tity or portion ; a tittle. 

MoDiriABUt, mod'e-0'a-bl, a. (hioAh, a meamre^ 
andYbeivi I makii Lot.) Tbut may be modified, 
or mtwiifted, kj Tuimi forma and differenoeL, mo-dif e-ka-bl, a. Direrstfiable by 
rarioBs modra. — Obsoleti?. 

MoDinCATluK, mod-e-fr-ka'akon, r. The act of 
modifying, or giving tt any thing new forms, or 
d:fl«raioes of external qnalitsea or modes ; parti- 
cular form or manner. In Sootlieb Law, ascer- 
lainiai; by commisaioa of t«iod^ tbe amount of 
the stipend due to Ibe nuniater of a paiiik. 

Mot>iFi&R, mud'e-fi-ur, a. Be or that whkh 

(touirr, mod'e-G, p. a. To alter the form or 
external qoalitlea of a thing ; to skape ; to gire 
a new form of being to ; Iu vary ; to give a new 
form to any thin^ ; to moderate ; to qualify ; to 
rcdues in extent cr d^ree; — v. n. to extenuate. 

Uiwituox, nu-dtl'yiist «■ In Arobitoettun, aa 







onuuMDUl nMmhar of tbe Corinlhiftn ovrnice, 
memblins & smAll bracket plac«<l burisimUDv. 
MoDloLA, inod-«-!o'a, «. (moJIo/m, tba Ufttbe or ft 
wheel, Ijit. in bIIum^ii to the wborlod pocitUn of 
Ih* «npilB.) A gam x4 pknM t OH«r, Md- 

MoDUH, aw'dkh, a. FMbtseaUat ^inMl Moor- 

dlng to Um prrruling custom. 
HoDiAiiLT, tno'ctisb-lp, mA. FMhlooAblft to tbs 

oiutoouuy nuon«r. 
MoDiAiiNLSs, mo'Jub-Des, *. Tlia Btite of Wing 

rHhnii!U)le ; ■ffcctaCMn of tho ftMbian. 

VooiuH, (no'dtr-^M, r. In Antfiiutir, • Vommkirf 
niwura f^ ftll sorts of puit, co«ildtii*e dttoM 
Mxterii, or ono-tlilnl of tba jonpboift, tcfoll to tn 
Easliili peck. 

MoDVUUK, laod'D-Uta, *. a. (modUir, Ut.) To 
te« loud to n MrtaJo It*/, or to eartaln «ot«s ; 
to Tary or inScct sound in a naturtl, flostoiMry, 
or oummI aBOner. 

Mooofci33<w, mod-o-lft'Blnifi, «. (Freocb, modtt- 
lalia, IM,) Tba uk of Anuag an; Uiiag to 
cartaio proportionBi the tot of inAcoting (lio 
TMM ia rauing cr ■pMkia);; ■ riobig or Mting 
of tlie Toioti WOMA nodaUtMd; anM/. Ia 
U IWB, tba nt of cocBprntiif; BteMy, or hanimijr, 
Kgwa bly to tb« Uws ["^M^bsd hj mj paitfOolu' 
Icp/. Ia ArcliitcctBre, ttw proportion of tJw 4if- 
(emtt parte of .ui ottlcr. 

MODri'lTOS, HKl'll-lM-tUr, t. H« or th&t whtch 

XooDCE, BMl'iilo, I. (Fniiieh, front ««rfwlur, Lit) 
A model or t«prc»onliiliuii. In At^ItMtwe, a 
■ w aaow wUch ma; ba takan at p1«QBm« to 
w fkU Hm praportioiia of aa ordirr, or tho dis- 
fmiiiKm of tba w bala building ; the diiwetw, or 
Mml-dtaoMtar of the «atamn at tba boMsm «f 
tha abaft, baa aauaUr htm aaliotad (7 avvUtaate 
aa their moJmte. VigDola cbom twelve pnlA 
af th« Tnaoan and Dork, and •iglitom of tbe 
«lbBr afdoi. Tbe w ada lt of aibtra ia dMdci 
kta tUr^ paiti or ninatas; Kant, «a tbe other 
baiul, taka tmarly Mta for tba Dmc, and 
t>Matj*t«o and a aalf Ur the Ionic, Corintbian, 
&a MoAdm of Blastkitf, a tenn io rdition to 
lIutiB bodha, wbicb espnaaat tho weight of 
IbanadTOS ooatiaacd which would draw tb«m to 
a tartaia laaigtb, wttbout dcatrojiag thtir ahstio 
power ; — a. a. lo tnodri ; te abapa ; lo modolate. 
— Obaolate aa a rarb. 

MoDDa, mo'doa, x. (Latin, taodoi) A diBcharge 
itan tbm pajinant of litbai, by niitom or pre> 
■oriptioB, la aaid to be eitbar dt m/ulo decitaatdi, 
^ a. bi Iba nuuinor of titlong ar payiag tithn,) 
ar<fc«oa<hfltain««fa, (i. a. la f^'mg no lithn.) 
A wtoAu dscMMMdi, aBMiadjr «Aad b^ the 
tImfU aama of aiiJaa avljr, la a^Ha tberv ia bf 
OiriaB a parttortar Baanor at tithing ullowed, 
diftnol MB tba gaaaail maanar of taking tith«« 
ia UdA; aad Aia la aomalbMa tOMad by a 
fmmimf Diipwaatlua, aa twepanea an acn for 
tin titfaa vf kad • MMulinaa it b a eompeDts- 
IMD ia work and labour, aa that lh« paraon aball 
hava onlj Hw tnelJth cock uf hikj, and not the 
Walk, In aanwdnatton of ttie owaan tiuking it 
ttt Km, and the Uka • ia abort, aoy roaans 
wb aahy tha pnaBa) law af tUbfaw ia altarad, and 
a Mw aalbod wt tridfl« Umb b lntiodnfiad, b 
oallad a ma d m dMiataarii, ar tpaolal maanar of 
ikkima, A dJacfaarigo fron tba pajrmeot of Mm 

hj a eaatoni or pfaacription, 4i mam ik e imm mi t a ^ 
ailaea tltlwr fram aeme p«PMinal pritibfea wbkh 
tha paitj' anjojra who u ao fiaAtf^id, or bgr taal 
aempaahton Inada in Ibo of payneol of thbaa, or 
ftram aaoia other Uka drtuiMtaBea. Tina tba 
kbc, by Ma pcafagatlra, Ia dtMhai^ Aon aO 
ttdiaai aa a vtear b dkebar^ (Van pajbg 
titbea to lbs rvetor, and the rerlor te tha vicar. 
A real conipoatloo id made h; an agiaanant 
betweOQ the owner of landa and tbe panoa or 
i^car^ with tho coueal of tbe ordinary aad tba 
patron, that such laoUa ahall fbr tbe ftrtun la 
dbAarged from payment of tldna, in caiMar a - 
tlon of Boma Uod or other real i te o npa m a briqg 
V.iTeD to tbe paraee in lien aad MlidbdfiMt 

KoB, mo, «. A dbtorted moatb. — See Mew :— 
a. morr. — Obaolota. 

llauuMoiA, tne-rin^I-a, $. (in hoaonr of Paal 
Henry Gerard MahiJng a Gomaa [ilijiahdM ) 
A gmoB of plants ; Order, Carya p b yfla wia. 

MAKcnu, l]lan'kl^4^ t. (m honntir af Oonrad 
M*acb, profnaor «f botany, at Harimijb.) A 
genu af pbata : Ordrr, CuTOpliyMjre*. 

MooiraAXKa, no-je-fu'na, 1. (meaning not t>s- 
pWaod.) A gUMS of ptanta : Order, Amarna- 

MoaSABUiTB, Ttio-gm'bfr-aiia, r. Stan of tba weai, 
a nm wbtdi was fiiracrly ginn to a portloa of 
the Ttilrish lofantTy, eorapoa«d of peaainte ftva 
the nortli of Afriea. 

MoctTL, tno^', a. Tba title of Qraat Mogul wa> 
girtrn to Ibo vliivf of the Mogul EntjMia, niBadad 
in Hrndoftisfi, by Kiber, in tbe Aftcentb oeotnrT'. 
The Ust who held tba title was Sbah Alhim, tba 
Hflgitl Empin t<rnnin^tJng at Itia daa^ is 1806, 
and fUUng cbiefly into tba baadi of Iht Ea* 
India Coaipanr. 

UOHAIR, tno-bare', «■ (mah; Gamt laofra, F^ 
ntoerrv, Ital.) Tbe bair gf a nrif ^ of tbe con- 
mon goat, lamarfcabla for ita^fia<ae«a and boaa^i 
it is bmogfat from Angiira, in Aaia Minor. 

MouAHiteDAN, mo-bani'iu»-dan, a. Relatioc to 
Hobamtned or Maboraot ; — t. a follower of M«- 
hanmed, tba fooadrr of tbe rrii^on of Arabia 
and Prrma. 

MonAXMVDAKtsx, mo-han/mt-dia-tiTn,) a. Tho 

MoiiAilMennv, no-faaiii'med-iiin, > rvGgi* 

oaa lyston of Mohammed, dcsgnated also tiy 
lalam, or Salrntion. It ooQSbcti of two porta— 
Inian, or, tbe dogmatical fiiitli ; and I>in, prjcti- 
oal Tatt^un. The first indudes tbo belief in om 
eternal, omniputont, moat mcrciral, and all-wba 
(jod) Ibo existrncc or Angvb ; the doctiioa ef 
pt«de«t:nat)on ; rennration to tbe propbata of tbi 
Old Taaument, and to Joaoa CfariK aa to oM 
who approachea neu- to tbe prtaenoa of God- 
but not as ttie Son oT God — and that Mohammed 
ia tbo last and true prophet ; immertabty ; tba 
mairectun of tha dead ; tbat UuUttra and mk> 
baBtvan iban be hnried into hell, but that ibi 
tdou Moahmil ahall ba nwardrd with everlaaliaf 
h ap p l ni a a ia a pandlae, aoliTined by beavealy 
vagiD^ aliady gnnrea, and delidooa fhiia. Tba 
Ueidem'a datirs are, pnyera at fira ttaltd tlnwa 
a-day, with tho face directed towardi Masoa; 
bating daring the numtb of Ranadbn} aad 
abni, to whiiA tbe fhctlatfi nut «f a venw^a 
proparty moat be appropt^atao, and wbiA iBttat 
be beatowed on fooa, and oa Ibt bmta oaatloti* 




M veU m tbfl fiulbful, «ba required j cljarity 
and bearreleooe m dtKoM m tbe rbta«a by 
wiAdk tbe SDpnoie Bong ii beet wonhipped, kod, 
wicbooC Uta ptsctiot of irhicli, lultbw fauiag nor 
frtjm ma pin •dontUaoi into heaven. AtUn- 
duMt St iDcaqoe b cnjotned oq Fr)daj«, wid a 
kelj pQ^^inMita to Mecca ooce to tb« wnrw of n 
mui's iir«t. Tba deadly nm aro, wUfol murdtr, 
aduUaxy, eaJomo}', pcgtiTj, and false tcstiinOdT ; 
amuy, gamiog, and tbe tue of wioe and pork, are 
atrictl; Torbiddea. 

MoWAMMBDAJimt, mo^bam'me-daa-lie,) n a. To 

MoKUiKKDizs, mo-bam 'oM-ditts / modcr 

eoofonnaUe to th» prinoipileii, rilM, aad docLrioai 
of tha HobammadansL 

VoiuwK, raoliawk,^ $, Tha appeUatfoa fpTtB to 

MOHOCK, moliok, i MTtsin rnffiaiit who tn- 
l«l«d Um stnets of Londoo, so oalM fnn Uw 
ladiaBi of that aami ta Amorka. 

HomsMM, Dw-^air', t, A gold omh of Brittsb 
India, rakM ftfUin nipae«i or atMQt £1 l&a. 

MoBsm^ me^aiu^ a. (aftor Molii, bbo edchnted 
ip^nt— 'fH) Oryiti^iud Utanito oT irODf oeecrt 
ia attodicd and macklcd OTStola, tha p^oarj 
torn d whkt ia a Tbdmboid ; brifetla, bladk, 
opa^aa, meUlUa butre : Foood ia Daapbioy. 

MooiMMt mfffiBTt 9,0, To paixls ; t« perplox t 
to n»feuM ; to diltiaei.— ObMlctft. 

Wffn^^F^ ■avHloc*', 4l A gold ooia of Portngil, 
TClMd it XL 7i. atvlbig. 

MoiMTT, msj'e-t^ *. (mottiey Fr.) Tbo half i one 
of twocqui pvtiL 

Hon., nMsi, ■. a. (MMiflBr, FV.) To danhi to 
make dirly ; to wearr ; — (aildoa) aaad ;)-'«. tr. 
(■aiinr, Lat) t9 lahour; tA toQ; toworlc with 
paiaAU cffiarta;— «. akpou — Obtejcte as a lub- 

MonsACt Boy'no, a. (FrMtih.) In ForliiicilloD, 
a Itttk flat bwtioo imkasd In tbo middle of an 
onrlaj cortaln. 

Mont, Bioptt '»' ifiunte, wtoiaU, Fr.) Moderitcly 
«rt; daon ; cwitaiaing vaier, at other liqmd, io 
a J— [ mI b deem ;— v. a to make damp. — 

Tlw fnnmda dolh mcftt Itr— Dp, Htkr. 
Mounu. moy'ao. «. a. To mtka damp i to iret 

ia a aaiall dasnn. 
MosfliauB. mofn-vr, «, K« or that wbicli 

MottmL, iDojat,'ffl, a. Foil of owiatan. 
MoisnrmsK, roojA'aes, $. DanpooM; • Msall 

dagt** «f VftaNMb 
Motsnms, moy/torc, «. (••oAnr, Fr.) filate of 

h«iK moiat; modmU wttaeaa; small qoantiQr 

<f aioid. 
IfoHTT, Boyi^t*, 0. Drlnllng.— Obtolote. 
UoKSft, Bc^ f. In the forminj; a net, iLc mnhes. 
Mou,ao1a,) «. (««/«, Or.) Tbe kneepan. 
Hou^ Bol«» i Mala patMa, a abapeloM mass 

«f flaah on the oteroi. 
HoucuifniDBT no-Ia-kaa't&Qf, i. (moio», uproar, 

aad ■haif^iu. a spina, Ur.) A geuna of fisbcs 

talnaglng lo th« Ccphalina:, or Snn-fiabes, b 

which the ^pe ts globular, and onoed with 

s pi aw: Family, Bali»tidie. 
MoLam, mo'lar, a. (tnohrU, grinding.') Uavipg 

power to jrtod ; griodiogt— '■ • griadioj; tooth. 
MoitJLAES, mo-la'nji^ $. In Aaatomy, the molar 

piadiog, or doable te«th< Molarit glandakf. 

mohir ghuds, Iwa lalivary glandi, iltuatAd