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gH By way of Supplement » Sj 

^ ONTHE- ' -kj 

ijh Fourth, fifth, fixth, fcrenth', eighth atldl^ 
& ninth Chapters of the Prophecy ^ 

T^ Where you have the Text fully cxplained,othcr ^ 

^ Texts occafionally cleared, many Ca fes Stated^ ma* ^ - 
|1L| n; VtzQkd Obfervactons raifed, and many Poletnical ^ 

3v Points debated: Together '^ 

— *S! 



By THO.HALLy B J), and Paftor of Kings^m^iin^ •*?{ 

^^ O tbof I hdd $M the wildtrwefs a. lodffng flace $f wAy-fariffg mtiy that t might ^ 
JJ>fr kave mypipple^and gafr$m tbeWy for they be all Adi^terers^ an. affcmbly of ^K^ 
{S^ tftaeherdus met^ }er. 9. i. « K^ . 

I^a^ Tfcy bef^ their tmtgue lil^e their bow fir lyes^ htu they are not valiant for the truth S 
'^V* , upontbe earthyfortbey proceed from evil toivil^ and they know mtmcey faith ^^ 
?J* tbetm*. Vfstk i. ^^a 

SM* LONl!>ON, Printed for Henry Morthch , at chc Phoenix in St. ^j* 
1^ l^^ni/i Churcl>yard7ncar the Little Norch-door. \66x. ^j jj 

Omatipmo Viro,amico amicijlimq, Ec 

cUfitt Piiftirumii;fiiiiUua Patrem mtijiiim. 
Orthodox* fidei i>rfipu£i$atMi aeemm«3 

Geryaju Pigg/>t it Thrimpton in Comitntn 
liottii^htim, jfrmigent 

TAm i Romaoiflarum {xce ac Scabic; qaam 
i Faniticorum Spuma ac rabie, libernmo : 

Qui Natales ernditiane, Erudiuaaem virtate, Virtu- 
temmoribos nfcLoe quique nobilibus adornavic : 

Cnimedulla meftScQajntefTentiaPieatis, Poefio» 
Philofophia? ac Tbeologue : 

Lucubrationes hafce quales, quales, Amoris & Ho- 
Boris ergo, B.B.D. 




j^ *'"N 



^^ ?. • 

d r;^' 


« /» • ♦ 

« I 

• * I* 

•- ••* ■,<.\ 


'• 4 

a. > 


•• n 




^ ■■ 

14 J 





*4 - -» ^ 

■« _ * 

.< ' * >. J 

'i ' ''»', 


; .J 

V * 

y *. 

f ' 


,1- - r ' "' ' 

<.. .i 


. V 


> I 

. V 




H my ExpoftiM on Hofca, Ibad 
occi^on f nnfuh the Prophet A- 
•^mo6^»ho»4i Hofea's Contempo^ 

'^^n-y ^nd Ming that Dr. Bene- 

field, trfd^i-Margartt-^ro^^or in Oxford, W 
commented on that Prophe0. upon pera/al Ifomd 
that heehad expounded onely the three fir ft ChapB 
ters^ whereupon, 1 finding the fourth to bee *vefy 
Juitahfeto pur times, I onefy/et upon that, not «»» 
tending togoanxfurthtf; for the clouds thichied 
[if aft oyer us , that IdefpMred of proceeding to a* 
nother Chapter.', ht'heing inchuraged iyjome to 
' gow with fit ufeful a wark. begun, I made a fur' 
rfe«r BJfay, and by dgood hand ofprofvidencejha^e 
brought the mork(totaSy beyond n^ own expe3a- . 
tion )toa total petfeiHon, halving fini/kt the Sie* 
ffofoion of the T»hoie Prophecy, t., 

ManyPofthumout wwks^ have' had S^ppl^ 
mentators furpaj^ing their Predeceffors, this can- 
n^bet txpeBed here. JUihat 1 cmpromil/thei 
vM, ^at Ihaye mt IfaMt any doubter dif^ 
■' "'""''" A3 /i«%> 


. The Epiftlfttp the R^^dcr^ 

fcuhy, htt hiipe as fkUy 4nd fmhfkSf ixfidnti 
the Text 4s ftfiUy IcM^ I haVe Ip0td fw no 
coH or pains f Iharuejpent both ^urfe and Per f on 
freely in the »*rk» 'TU for the Lord, and I ha^ve 
not ojftred to him of that ftfhith coft meenihing* 

I ha-ve Budted hfvityy the times wiBftot bear 
long di/conrftMy hftdfs l n^raUyageB krtyitf , 
and lo^veto/ee much matter cqmf^Si ^tther in 4 

Here thou haft; PraSicals, Folemkals^^t^ei 
rtnces^dTifhat ever eljem^htcon^kat the nfmk* 

Mere wee hc»^ 4 Glaft 'if her tin me m/effei thi 
! Mijery ofSefurity^ the Vomnfall ofSetifuatity and 
JdoliUry^tbe Smord^Pl^ue aifd ^^ne pfiff^ing 
an ohfiinati and inci^ahk fiople ,t^ deffrMSuuu 
, Here "^et hame the fins ^hat ruine4 Z/oel, viZf 
.Oppj:efiion and Ciuelty;, Jmas 2.S. ^md S.5,f . 
Bribery>^MO^ 4. i . and $, 1 2. ^o(osrim'Lufft^'- 

13. Wi//it/ IgnoraQce, JmQs^,\o. Hating of 
Ktproof, v/iMi 5« 10,1). Foitxulity, and 4 
Ceremomus Beli^fn^Amjo^ %2i,%2* Uarigbr 
teoufne&'in dealing^ Axqo& 3. |^ ..^ Wc|u-i- 
nefs of Gods ttmrfijip, Amos^. 5. jiniifthtjeht 
E»gUnd5^)I«M, tJb^itiUh likewifif England* 
r«iiK. ^antypf fin wi^ bring parii^itt/ftjferiKg^ 
'JU ^Symptoms of Judgements approaching art 




The EpiiUe to tbe Reader. 

tipM the hmtU i GoQd men ftS, P£i. tiZ i < 
1(2.57; >• 1 lU men rife, iChrob. i^7a.Pral. 
!i2.ule« ; (/odj Vint^^ChurthjtgrtmntMUe 
gadlwcHrigntforwant^f pruning- Pfofejfors me 

titmei Slafpbemers, and iafieadtf the Grapei of 
OktHeHee, tbty iring firth the wildt Grapes of 
j^ofhcfi Utlatry, Secniruy,Pndeand Bfptcri^ei^ 
Wngnmweary ofMatmah^ andkt^torbeat out 
Garlickdnd Lnh^ and Onions migf ^td^l 
Jr mas dtegreatfin ^l&s^, that mhen ^Lftri^ 
had hoi^ht them out of Egyptian bondap intd 
Canaao, yet then they eryedj Cotneieciif make 
iita GipuiD, that fo wee it;tay letorn inciy^ 
Egypt agata, Nafli^.14. 4. Such horrid Apo^acjr- 
aimaies ends in mfety^Sk, 1*4,7. ^^1^ 9*9* ^^^' 
icv|S. ^fi^tfthtfad dirotfimtandfiAdfiv'ffM^ 
whkh are amongfl ns fon-tti (owe appro^Jm^, 
Judgement. Wee eamHgratiJie jhetitbn/i mart 4 
thantoweakenourfd'TfeshjUmrdi^fims^. Eng^J^ 
laadis like a great Animal {as thei>i^»olh^p^x 
han hath well <ihjer<ved) and aanmt dye mUfs{f>t 
hilptokiBberfdf, Like a Piamond^ flfejfnot fo 
eafily koken $>ith hammtxsandfi^9rdi,0s.(he is cut 
in peeces with her (Htf^n duji, 'Twos om m^ijim 
at firfi that hr ought in the Romans, Noymaas^ 
and Saxons into this Land-, what they may A ^-^ 
gm^ a little time vnUfffm* 


Ihe'Epiftic to tViillcaclerJ 

. J^anyamon^ us have run round to Popery} 

4nd therefore *tis jufl with Ged to nuke that the 

Jcoutgt^ Mch fo many have made th^r refuge* and 

after the Rod hath done its work,then het'l btarn Hi 

God4s Iming AntkhriH lo9fe once more, to ha/hat 

UsfoB' the more Hood he Jheds^the greater miU the 

xiyheagdnfihm, Thenteafurtuf'SabylofOsfiMs 

m8 he made np in hlood before her. final rmne^ and^ 

mbtHjhe JhaU have once more fiiedhir felf.wiib 

. the hkod of the Samisijhe fhallhteifeikod^iroen 

her to Mnk, for {he is worthy* 

The good Lord ^mahn us f dndhtmldeucallftr 
. oiff own finSf and for the /ins of the times we Ivvt 
ht^and'mikems to mourn for the things wee cannot 
mind^ and jnahle nsto reemvc the Truth m the 
hfpeifit^.and make us atUfl tofefve him with, 
^adnefs ^ heart ^ in the abundance of ^ things, 
that wee may notproVoke him to make us ferweosir 
enemies inwant andmifery. This st^ andfhattbee 
thepftayer^f r 

Kingfn. July » 5^ Thy Servant ia thtf 

i6$u • Lord, 

• *' . • ' ■...-, . ' 

THo^ mjLi: . 



* t • . . 


t - 


Ifraels Obftinacy^ 


,;'..•■ . - O'N . " ■•■' 

The^ fourth Gnapterofij^^ 

j(P ^u'. ' .; V :•*•:; n.^!:* 

t .. • . •/ !/' L '•• V -^ J ^ • ' '* ' ^' ^ '■ ■ 

•;. ,AM.QS 4*-fi' :. V •;: ■•'• .-: 
.Hw Jhis .nmijfet XMe of Bafiian,, i|iS>i» '4r/ i»' Hiie 

■ - <rtijh £ (»■ ditpfij '\ihi:needj , *5!wi5 ftjii 'mir'Utifeti^ 

him and let us drink, , . . ,.,.•. "t 

riR Chapter contains the fu^rf^9f.t^e Third 
' S^rwr^ which the Projifet '%^mos made to 
//r#if/, wherein he e^orcs' dieffi to Re 
and becauf(; by nature vve are very averfe and 
2S^ . backward CO this duty, 
' I He fees before them their hamoiisand hideous Sins, 
which for number* and nature were yery great, ahd gne^ 

vottS* ' ^: . • ■ ■ ! . • * .- ....' ' . . . 

. 9 He^reheatfcththe Judgi^ments vvhlcH they ha^ already 
endured, and tells tbemof greater Judgements which vyould 
followj unlefs by fpcedy repentance they rdid prevent ttiim. 
' J He fets fefor;e them the G^^odmfs^ and the Greatwfs^ot 
God, tht better to draw and d;ive theni^home unto hita.. ', '' .. ' 
' f He fccs before tHcm his Godintfi^ viz. he was their God- 
in Cowhanc ftill, ready to receive them to mercy :upon their 
leturning to him* ^*fr'> .r>- ""••^'^ 

' 1 Ffis {jtmnefi ( t/rr/, 1 3 . ) he form? the Mountain^ an2. 

3; tfrdels Oi^inaey^ hxdi^t^ 

creates the WukI$> 8cc. and can with, eafe dd[)ix>y Aicii as re* 
lieU<igaiiift bin.* 

: lttePt<)pb€«M^M»»^ fefrovSd'the.Ralers,. ind f^opie 
in general For dieir Idolatry, Carnal recurity» Ii^adcude, 
and Aptrftacyj now he (©^mti «o reftov? thi Counfellows 
and Rulers, of th^'Xafl^A of {ftaeltk paitkikr j {kx theii 
oppreflion and cruelty, for tkfetr Epicurifm, suid beaftly kind 
of life, virf* I. He^rthii v4r4jree Ki»e of B^^Mt. Thil is ^e 
»tgftieip-p«^^^>P«t Ptt^e* tvhfreift hkc^ls toNxftU" 

ter he treats <rf, w«. cheSinf^f^jt Rulers and People^ 
% We have the Judgements denounced againft fbam for 

thofe^^Cortltf)|r3:)|«iA¥MGi^t>Ui:,rMi>-ii^ . 
- J Hereistbe eonfiniuti6nof this threacnii^. ^' By the 

OaA of-God, / Imie /jw» i^-n^ iM»i^fitb-4l»hmiy 
that I will bring evil upon rfiem ^ and fecondly, their Sins 
have juftly deferved it': f^ i . 'Vm\ *te; a People mven up to 
jilotokryj' av«i>typ(»intkil i|m:fl^ ^^jr, ^, f, 

f, Hje^ wwtc^'ipdyMWf ifl^pwP&tj wrf; hicwrigibite wider 

vv»?ty 6f-#ir««c. H^^a^ra^ wA ^^ f9^'i«« TM , BiMhct 
hamesSut. ^ " ^ , ^ 

J FsmtiCyl gavethem cl^nne^s of teeth, ice, ww. Si- 

'■ ^The Sword^yit'.to. . . „• i j 

. 4. Here i« the unhapoy^ fucocis.of alltfefe di^nfarions of 
God t9l|i^tds,ihem,wniich is anACXt taevery paracuiar Wfe- 
metlt, i& tV€if$tiintercdl4W^ tlic burden of this moiirnftiifc 
con^laiiic, T<r *wr//<? wf retHrncdrntfi imc/faup, 4hf L^d^ 

5 Secirij^ their inciori^blenefs, cheJ>r(^c goeth oq;to^ 
denduiicc ztoves mi Kbaiper Judgemetoc tban^a^ijr yech^dbc^ 

The JudgcrriQW Wasioare^utihac^the. '^(^fki&t.iQpm^ una- 
ble to expreft it, and tftercfer€be,doth'asJtweci8.<fr^^ Vait 
cW'ftir what he c6uld hotin words exprds: mi^^ :j:h$u mH I 
do^unto thee ; q. d# fince^ nothing, will move the?, I vyilL- 
teing upoii thee.Tojoaeidirduit def^^ and utter de- 


d^Ami^um^ for f^ k f<iU>w«^ (b0p, {}« i^. Th^jfJh^UfitlUnd 

MCVir rife 1^ ^gain^ 

6 He concludes the Chapter with an • Exhortation |o Ka*- 
petttaoce, cabling upoq mk tojirepafe to w?rtfae J^rA by 
wifeijgned MOmilwKm^aud Jjl^fbrmatlon^ cbg; (9 chey ii^g^ 
.prevent thofe Judgeoaents which were yet coouiig iipoq 
thcm,t^/, xa* 

7 The better xo awaken them he ufeth two Mwivies^' 1^ 
firft is drawn from the dreadfiUoefs pf t^ iaipQpdipg Jii^- 
iinems, which fince they were n^. ajhje to r^fift, hee exhorts 
xheantoprevenCf .confioeiru^ alio the advantis^ thpy ha4 of 
a Coveaant yet in bei^g betwuoc God and d)effi» v^r. ^ a« tli$ 
fccond is drawn £rona ihe Maj^ an^ Pow^ of Qo^i, wtpp 
was marching itt wrath againft tbeW)-.. •:' ^ , 

InAi^ 6rfl Verie th^ Pro{^ prol^qitaj the Charge > Wbicji 
^hee had begun {Chap.i. 99 to.) againtt ths' Rulers . a^ 
Judges of //riirf^ foTttieir criieky ia i^ppce^^ ih^ poorimd 
^33cedy.* XbefeuAiaUyare nn^Ujkd^& inCwy their :^)[i»i)^ 
incoura^ oihsfs m wicksdoe&> and tb^nefose the ^1*9^)^ 
Isiegms Ihs Q\pg^ ag^inft; th^ip ; apd after d^c^ads (q the 
Prieft> and People, who we>ie confederate widbi t^iain the^r 
wickedncfs. IHfcre we haye \^ 

i who^ ^mSi hear ? The Rulers of Ifrad^ whom for their 
*>ffeminacy be calU, Km^fS^i^mh 

I Where4o? they dwell? In th,^afM4m of^Mmi^^ 
This waa the Metropolis and duef City of //r^^/, iitu^ce . i/ipr 
tua a Jidou9taia i here wastbe Kings l^alace wl^re thefe Cour^ 
ri«srefided, . 
4 Wbat4op^cy.dx>e.tBere,? 

^ ^ . ^ ./ ! M*. :lcOpprd[sthe Poor. ■ 
; \ Why rfiey <Tbey aulfe the Needy# 
^ r • : tTlicy caUfotdrink. 

^ Before he haddclfcril;)ejdjtbem!dajkly, and fi^ cat- 

jiuig tWm unruly idne,- but now be teMs them plainly and 
pun^ually what they ^e » they are JFuU fed fieafts, that 
goared their fisUows« and tramf4ed the "{'oor under their 
-feet; • ' ' - 

B a 5 But 

4 IfrMh 0$pimy. Amos 4. 

5 Bat whatftid the Lord to ail rfiis f Why fee* fwcars */ 
his Hollmfs that they (hall . dearly pay for this their cruelty, 

^ Somuchfljatl futficeforthe iwW Ahaly{is,;and refolu- 
tion of the vVordsr,! come novv tothe Grammatical explication 
ofxhem. - •* . . / ^ 

Hear, this y99rd^ vlz^ oi the Lord, as it is explained, ri^/i^, 
5, lu':^, W. i c6me not to you inminc own name, or in the 
Mmo^cX mdh, but- 1 come to yoiiin Gods name, it is hi5 
shlmgnu, tftt-Meflagfe that i bring to* you, a:nd therefore juftly calls for 
dita, a JhA' thQiT beft attetttion and obedience, the Original impUetb 
f^^n^^!*^^'^' bothy- Hear this war J J 'tis emphatical in the Original,for the 
5f™^'"' Article is doubled, f.W.^ wordwhi^h themoft true 

Hadddvaer^ and eternal God ( all whofe words are works ) hath ^qktn 
Ha^eb^ b»c againft you, and hear what bee. hath decreed to bring upoa 

fpfum. V . Yer Klw of B^an. Thus he calls thefe Wrckcd, wealthy, 

* wanton Rulers, • who managed the affairs of die Kingdom for 
the King, arid did abiife their power to the oppreffing of the . 

I poor; tnofe fe^fted 5ncl fatted themfelves with thefpoyls of * 

• die pbbt whom diey bpprefl: in judgettient ; and therefore the 
■ Prophet calls them not men, hut Beafts, and fat Bawfons*, 

whofe heaas vyere fat as greafe: and their eyes ftar'd out with 

fatnefs; they were ftupid, and therefore he ufctb (harp ex- 

preflions,;he D.etter to avyaken th'em^ he fpeaks to them mtha. 

feminine Gehdej ( riot becaufe tfcey Were Wonien, as f6«is 

conceive, forthefin^ which he reproves are more proper to 

' irien, efpeciaH y the Rulef s of a -People ) but becfaufe of thett 

... effeminate^ wanton condition^ !fe-' 

^^fiZllhJ^^^^ ''i '""' '^'^^' t ^•' ing given to their beHies-, therefore 

pueanfiiiarn^ fHdiies, pr^fen). faraia^ he calls them m his Herdf-mans Di- 

inioam. • ' ' ateftr* -Ce^wtf/ ; not Oxen or Horfes 

"^ Hoc ftomcfire^e in, eos convtmti quonidm which Plovv and labour for US) but 
veittritantfim& dclhiishduigebanLqmfg^ - l^^y lafcivious Cowes and Heifers 
mpcdteosnonagnculturte^redimmilatiofii „,u;^l ,,,^-^ „,,,. ;*^^^ m^U T>,n»-.»« 
^' efui efeprlfamtos, l^^. occ^fim . & . Wf ^^TJ\ ^^ xl) '^ V 
iVtlvhati. Hterom. ' •^- fill and fit tjieinthe fooner for 

* * • • * •^ the flaughter/ They were like to 

fot, unruly, fefradlopy Heifers which could endiirerio yoke* 

'Tis ufual in Scripture to call fuch idle,clfeminatei loofe per- 

fons, by the name of Femalpsj Ifa. 3, la. Revel. i7# 3i 4, ^ 


7, 9, iS.rucb. wealthy wicked men arc elfewhere calbd, fat . 
BhUs^ zvABhIIs 9fB^sut^ fbc their fiercenefs aiid cruelty, 
Tf4l.%%. 12, Jer. $0. II. Hi/. 4. 16. & 10. 11. 

% He calls them Kine of Ba(hai9\, becaufe of the plenty of . 
fat Cowes, and rich Paftures in that Country ; h^nce we read 
of tte f atUngs of B^an^ Ezek, 3 9. 1 8. and Rams of the brood 
oi Ba^an^DzMi. IX* 14. now the Rulers of Samarta were 
like die Kine oiBt^an^ loaded with fatncfs, fecure and drun- - 
ken with ;worldly wealth and pleafures, inlbmuch as they ' - 
fleighted the Word of God, and contemned the Prophet? 
vvh^hpubliJlit it unto them, and fo became like fat Beafts / 
fitted for the (laughter. * 

Caution. The Lord dodi not here (imply condemn them 
for their Rkhes ( which are bleffings fimply confidered in • 
thcmfelvcs ) but for the abufe,. of their nches and power. 
I. In getting ^wealth by extortion and indire^ pradife^. 
%. For abufing diem to the Oppreflion of the poor. 

J^ Any^^ not fvrkiddtn to rtvile the Rulers of the PeepUj 
4mi commdniei to give no offence to onj^ a*td therefore Paul ie- 
came all things to sil mentb^ hee might win them^ % Cor. ro, 

Anf. I. W(J are forbidden reviling of Rulers, ( Exod. ai, 
ft8# Ecclef% lo, %o. A3s i ^ 5O hut never re f roving of thenr, 
neither is this an offehce given^ but unjuflly t^ken by them. 
». We muft diftinguiili between private reproac he^ , a nd Pro* 
phocical reproofs ; for a Mmiftcr in the name of the Lord to 
reprove men for their open enormities is no ray ling, nor reyi-^ 
ling, but a faithful difcharge of that duty which God hath in»- 
trufted them wyi, and ftriaiy under fever6 pegalties enjoy- 
ncdthemi //4, 58. 2. Ez^k^ 3. 3?. i Tim. 5.*5?o. and all 
die Prophets, with Chrift and hts Apoftles, dixi pratlice it. 
Now-^jj^x.wasa Prophet pf God, and fo by vertue of his 
O/fice might doe that which a private perfon who wants that 
Call, may not doe ; befides , he being called exitaordinarily, 
he had an extraordinary meafure of the Spirit, Iiee knjfw the 
projeas and praftifes of thefe ungodly great ones,-snd fo 
might the more boldly reprove them. Hence David calls / 

wicked men Dp/^/, Lionsy BtUlsy Kal.^i. ii^ij.iiiiiu / 

and Solomon his Son c allt wicked Princes hungry Jears, Prov. 
^Z^^S. ^nd PoHl c^lls Nero z Liony and CbrilVcalU//^''<'rfa 

B 3 Fo^y 

Fav, and Amas here calls them faoed C0wn. Thi^ down** 
right Propbecbeixig not bred ac >Courc» not cooiiiig £rom the 
HaIIj where men ufe filken words, and JoRy titles of Ho- 
^Aoirr ; hue coining from die SfdU^ according to bts blunt and 
ruftick lax^uagei he calls a Spade a Spade, and fucb sui neg- 
l^ed their duties to pamper thek Carka&s, he calls Beaft^ 
not m^n ; q. d. their Saaeters look upon them zs fo many 
Heroes, and Gods one arch, hue I that have feendbeir loadi^ 
{ooie Idls, doe look upon them as fo nany fat Bulls, filtli^ 
Swine, and unruly Heifers, that will not bear the yoke c£ 

God. ' . . , 

3 To that of the Apoftle, in becoming all thbgsto aH. 

f men ; i. It was m all lawful things, and fucb as tended to 

the edification, and not to the deflruAioa of any, £. It was 

odily in fiich things as are le£ibindi£fereiit iiy the Wordof Ggad^ 

and in this fence only theApofile bex:ame all tbis^ to al^ibei^ 

( I Cor. 9* 19, 20, ax, %%• ) anion^dieGBBpleshBewalfes 
2B one dut ?vas not under the Cecdunonial Law, chat he u^hc 
win them, ABs iS« if ,M« andamoogft the Jn$ts lie «Bk»r* 
. ved the Cereoionial Law, that hee mtghcupt o&nd thasij 
AUi%6.i. &18. 18. 

. 4 It is tlie favour of men whkhis -gained by flattering and 
unlawful means, which die Scripture condemns, 6jit*ui^. 
Doe ffeekM flcMfemtn f thin jhrn^d- J not hte thf Serootut if 
Chfifi ; the Interrogadbh is a ^ong M^atbn, q^ sL when 
I was a Phari&e I pdei£sd men, and folbwed thek Ix^^im^ 
cions, but now I dence in fit^ene& of lieart to approve fof 
felf toGod. ^ 

5 When tli^ favour of «sn isibttj^t k diefiift{)(ace,'thHt 
cannot Aand wjthfincericy, but w^nit is caQ ia iifi^n >iis af- 
'ter a faidi&il difchaige of our dttty^ wse may ^thatlkf ally and^ 
foyfully receive it, Itisfaidof Cbrift.tbat be grew in favmr 
firftwith<J^i, and then widi »ir»^ lokei« 51. and it was 
Demetrlm bis Honour; tbat^ hsdjigopd repsrt tf 0II men 
fea and tf the trmbitfelf^ ^ joh. i^z. It isipcdfibt'e fof a Chri- 
flian fo to live that he may ajyrovje himfidf bodi 00 God jstbd 
tnm ; Chrift walked £0 convindndy, .ttiiat che Ph»rifee$ com- 
plained, that dhbeswwld mm Afttrhtmy f Jisik 1 1. ij;. ) and 
na wonder, fince all the worid was miie fey him ; it is 
prudence therefore/or a Miiufier fo40 live, and fo to a£k, that 



if k bfe ^lAflfeble ( widiout dctfittient t6 cbe vcv^i and a gdod 
«M»Rtence ) he ittty hav4 peacft with all men. A free, fin- 
«&te^ atid iKtid^nt difc&a^ of his dury 1$ the 6iily way to ob- 
tain thiiit 

»*tf tfpftfjt^pfttt M»d ir»^ 0t Ifrktfe the nttiy ; f d. By * Cw/Ew^ l^ 
.*. force and frtnd you ojjprefs them , and by your might and ^f' *',<?•. 
fmtt Jfoa btcak and bfuife thofe thattjave no helper. This is tSlic'l'st » 
lflidi:daUyptaaicie,artdcoii(hnt trade, a^rhe i ?ATdd^e of f oppr^imiuet 
tlie Prelbnt TenTe, tni|iiliM. Great Men ' futperet, atti- 

Watty, tltttes ait great Ofptcfftttt of the *"««* egentt. lamta*. 
«6dt, ^i<!hcatth6thel0tbemfelves againft Ji^fiiti^iHitK «c e^quaf,. 

K.N^t but ^abuTeddil rich 'iSr^XiS^lcilS^Z 

nchhavesuny friend^ bucchepboris hu fobreinfriyCoti^niencon p/^/mt 
ted Wblly bjr his flisarfcft telidoflsr, rhere- **• *-P- io5,io^,io«. 
f dte they exctcife their <?ruclty oti them wh6 

H%tchfii) Uf thfT Mdfier^, hhtg^M^d IH us drinkj Thofe cor- ^^j frlfuipeg 
^tuptRuWrStfiikightfelitttmbiiofithat themfelves oppreft the JiJJJ;^^^^ 
j^dr, but they ihcbtiraged fuch as had authority over the ^^^ , ^j^^^^ ^^ 
|Beo|)lt to fleece and flay the*, that they might make mtttymeritp Domw 
together witktteir fpoyls. They call on their Comrades to w** /to, 
I addc. affiiAion-io the affliaecf, and coopprefs the oppreffed,***^**^'^** 
Which is fttcb^rofs inhumanity, and horrid cruelty, that ^texLrmt la 
tj&si fWears in the next verfe^ that he Will not paraon it. fp0riefu popn* 

lumi M if ft 
kOenntfuiirmMrimentit'Vokipmmr-iJtfsniit »»»Wrw cAmMoCop^^ itffHUti i. ^.fa^ 

Ttey fay totheit Mnfiersj (>r lprdso( the ^GC^ that ir, ^^•^^^'^J*. 

I tofuchaff have the maftery ©ver them, W*. their rich Credi- P^"^^'^^^ 

f tors, and Ufurers, who haveanc keep them under as thciTt\u'qu$ fum. 
Safes and Vaffals $ theffeRuters fay untotbextt, Br'wg^tluarymmpMft^ 
mm$gidmk^; thtt'% bring in Money and I^efents, bring ''*«'•, 

( brUtes and rewatds that ne may make merry, drink wine, and^JJ^^^'^ f* . 

\*fcaftwiihthcpi«yafldl'poyUof th^ Thus diey claw^ffj^^,^ ^^^^^ 

* ' * fcit, foupetes • 

pi. . StmmMmimpudfMsmn^af^ fHpifun^vwb ptwvis mmtr* JPMn^kiatarec'ipiaHt'y 
^truM ttlaw iUiptegirri peftuknt^ & qMfdmSff^iM uUmufm futm ^t posanJi & v«- 

' ^ " one 


Ifnels Ob^hacj, Amos 4^ 

one anoch3r in their wickcdncfs, faying. Bring bit Money 
and yce (hall have what yee will, efpecially againftiii?jp«?or-. 
and needy, we will deliver them into your hands, doc you 
pick their bones, fuck their blood, and ufe them as you plcaifej 
r \ only bring and bribe )prell and you may have any thing at our 

hands againft them. Atfeafts they were wont to drink, freely. 
Ad hilar it atem nonad ebrletatcm^ for cheerfulncfsi not ex- 
cefs, ( Gen. 4 J. 34. Cant. $. i. job. 2. 10, ) anji therefore 
by a Synecdoche, t>rlnkjngi% p»t here (ot Fe/iftlfi^t Vjfhere 
, there is bodi eating and drinking, yet becaufe :drmjdng ojf 
\ Wine was much uled in feafting, therefore in Scripture it is 
ofe put for feafting ; as Ifa. ^. 11.' Joetx. 5, An»fs 6. 6. 
hence the Greeks cailed.their Feafts^ Symfs^fia^ coffMfotiafwftcs^ 
not eatings, butdrihkings. ' . ^ ' r r , './ ;/ ';; 

* * .. I God wants not Infirnmenit to doe hismorkj if he vyiUhflvc 

a people taught, he can raife up Amos m Herdfnian to re- 
prove a bruitifli people; yea by an 4(r<? Hce can reprove the 
' madnefs of xBaiaam^ iPet. a. i6#. Hee ufually:chufeth the 
things that are not y viz. of any .efteem -ig, the jeyes of >jarnal 
men,'^t0 confound the things which, .arp"^ of Hgh efteem a- 
mongft them, 1 Cor. i. 27,28,29. i Sam. 2*^6 jj^Mf^Pfal. 
8.2. & 78.70, 7t. M^tth. 4. 16. . " / 

Catitiony not that this gives liberty for every .one that.fup* 
pofeth himfelf Gifted to Preach without any Call ; for though 
^ • Amos s^tzt an Herdfman, yet he vVas both gifted and called 
extraordinarily by God, as appears, -^ww 7.1 %.The tori to^k^ 
me as I followed thefieel^andfaid to me^ Coe^ Prophf fie unto my 
people IfraeL Here is his Call, and he fticwed his extraordinary 
Call, by his extraordinary gifts ; whereas thofe Enthufiaftsa- 
mongft us,who pretend toanextraordinaryCallvupontriail are 
found not to have ordinary gifts 5 the;y can hardly write j)nc 
line of true Englifli. ■ , ; . ' . : .-^ —v 

2 OSfy It ts lawful fometlme t0.u[e a Preface ^ the better , to 
quicken attention. We are by nature dull and flow to .belecve^ 
^ or prafticc the trudies of God, and tber^forefw had need of 

c^raracn?. on all good means to quicken us. Butofi;his*^Kevyb.ere... ,. .. ' 
pfal.a*. i.p.9> ? Clf* Minift'ers mufl Preach the IfordofGod to the feofkm 
xo. They muft not preach their own Faincics^, or men's Inventi-^* 

dns> but they. muft publifti Gods Counfeh, teaching men 
... toobferve- vVhacfocver he commands them, Afstth. 28. 20 1 

X Cor. 

Verfiii Ijtaels Ohstinacj. p 

1 Cw. i 1 . 1?. m Vio ml fine Vi9y we muft doe nothing in 
GbdsWoriliipwitHoucchevvarrantofhis Word; ali mutt be . 
done according to Gods pattern, wichout adding or detraiV ^ ^^^* ^«&* , 
rnc,Df#Ma./»/f. Prov.iO.6. Hence it is th^t all the Pror^Sr^Jd^l 
gncts ( as Amifs doch here ) came with a I^ixlt Domiftm^ rupcrftV.cms 
7hm fdlth the Loriyandi^ Hcmt the Wori #/ the LerdyEtck- 1 .3. cavils anfwc- 
Hof. I. I. Jonah 1. 1. Micahi. 1. Zech. U %. Mai i, i/j*^> byMaftcr 
Hee that preacheth to Gois people muft publilli his Oracles -J|2v^ 
CO them, i Pet. ^.11. fuch a man may preach with power p. 137' to 143. 
and authority. It is this Word of God which Gods people ac p. 167 
mudreMdy Deur.6.6,7. this they muft /<r4rrA into, ph. y. 
3 p. this tney muft meditate on, Ffal. 1 . 2. and this they muft 
fraEllfej Joh. ij-i?. and therefore great^reafon that this, 
and this Word only they ihould hear. 

I Away then with thofe Atheiftical Sectaries who contemn 
Gods Word, and prefer their own brainfick Revelations. 
Raptures, N«w Lights, and Satanical deWions before the 
fart and perfcft Word of God, Thefc ara not of God, be- 
caufe they rejeft his Word, i J^b. 4* tf. tbeic follow lying 
Vanities, and fo forfake their own Meacies ; they rcjeft tte 
taw, which ^ewes they have no light in themf /j^. 8* 2 o. 
Thofe Minifters then are to be blamed^that inftcad of fajing 
ymhAtn^s^Henrthe Wvrd tftbeLerd^ they cry. Hear what 
Arifiotle'j TM/y Plat9y Plmarch, find^nsy Senec^i fay ; how 
oft doc they cry, thus faith A«/K»., and thus faith hmhrofe^ 
wlfen it inay be rfiey never onee fawj much Irfs perufed thofe 
Aothors, only they flame them to get a name for Learned 
men, when indeed it is \ very poor peice .of learning to get a 
few fragments, and fcrips of Latinc in that kind togeber. 
Wee are Gods Embaffaddi«:s> and muft keep dofe to our 
Com^ffion 5 and though vve>aay * occafionally C as the ♦ s^e my 
Apoftledid) and fparinglycite Heathens to convince them Schools 
out of theirown Writers, or clfe to fhame Chriftians that ^"^'*- 3* 
come ftiort of them ; yet we may in no wife make it our con-/ ^ • 

ftant pra£Hfe. 
4 dbd Gods Mi^ijlers vpho dre fent ty hrmy mf^fUinly tell 

even ffyMtHKH of their fins jfo doth Aiw^/4icre, hefleights the : 

{rbhX grcHtnefs of men, and emboldens himfelf upon his • 3 

aiitH<^ity and callings Though they, were fat aiid full, high 

and laughtyi yet he tells them to their faces, that they afted 

' C • ^*^^J? 


rio " ^ ljr4ieh Chpnacy^ Amos 4« 

tachec like Beafls,tbanmeQ^ and (kouid dearly pay for cbeic 
cruelty. It is truej^joorinciiimiftbi reproved when tbey fin, 
but rich men efpeaaUy, becaufc the hns of great men are 
Sea more in gc^t fins, and by their example they doe much hurt to others* 
my Comment, Hence Samuel reproves SMly tod the man of God reproves 
«\PW.>82.. *. J^r^^^^icwforufurping, andintermedling with the Priefts Of^ 
ow. I. p.^^, fice, which belonged not unco him, iX/wg, ij. i, 2,&c« 
^^' Their falls are not only Pcrfpnul^ but EflJ^nmcd^ andteacb 

general difobedience, as they complainea of Queen K^fy 
that her difloyalcy would make others difloyaI,Hf ff . Ui6^i 7. 
It is in the body Politick, as in die body Natural, if the Vi- 
tals be pevfoned, die inferiour parts cannot bee fSree 5. each 
Vein, and Nerve, and Anery, like the flowing fircams oi 
fonxe polluted Springs, are receptacles of their infcftion^ as 
well as nature. Let j«r#^^4i»bucfetiipCaIve^^ andall//r4r/ 
is piefencl y upon their knees to them. How many filty people 
by following their Rulers have run themfelvci into deftrudi- 
Co motrr h ^ * ^^^^ the Prince of Frifland, who asking what became of 
iuF^iflmd, ^ Progenitors and Friends that were deadm their ignorance 

and error ? Anfwer was made, That they were in tfcll i^bec 
defperately replied, thil. then hee. would goe thither ^^ 
them* Subjects; are wibitious to follow their Prittcess.'ft^ 
naius their Landlords,, imd Servants thcic Maffejis^ thou^ 
they f orfake God to doe it» It was none of ihe worft cottnfel 
which the good Juc^ in Ludan^zn to Steams whea be re* 
leafedhim ; Bmgf^d (fakb bee) wtdfce thu nack nnf tig 
af^enceto others,; for there are fome who db^ at once,ih. tke 
very faine ai3)>«boiii commit and teach fin, arvd Qxtp.w^ mmrf 
berlefs nus^ of dicir own tr^girellioas^ adie. the. iWoC 

5 Qbf* Wicked^mcn^tirmjh »«»• Their. profoerity[ axui 
poaiphefocsthem,J^. J.J, M. it fiUsthiMn.witn ibtbUnt* 

beneath the beails that perifh, Pfdl. 49. 10 . boctuie the|^. 

In my Com- jiApSii^ chattjf/u^ tkt(^r^ficji^at:n<it &ut; bpc^wfe.db^y ar^' 

mem.onprai. |)Q(Qn3pci()dfronavdrelxo v^eU buttbey live (eovft and - 
'^/* m^*^' at cafc,thetefow their fcent abides vvithiatfeqt^ J^r^:^,. iu. 
81 robfc^j Hewe; it is that ttev/ ace (b (^ compajicd iu. Scri^WJ»;(;a 
XXI * ' B¥tt«, BearsiQo^^Swiw^^CtasIiuiMeL d& wh)^ 

A 1 

«ikeoelus cncottcs dffeH> Ot^diiib^. tndhc kaom where hb 
fcopiediwdlU fc^^^tf, Zeth.^.j. iRw/.i^ij. 1>- knows -Sec this roinc 
cfut ^ jMme«t outMcittcs, ou; callings and conctition^ Aa. lai^dy hand- 
i£. 14, i^, yea not only our incegrai pares, but even the ^c^>*« i<mr/</, 
liaiB^oiirhcAdaresiindbredbyhifii, M$u.^o. 90. He rees^Jf^^*'-^* 
•Khoadi wef cc not him> Jolm 1. 47. and lmft»vc$ us W our ^ ^^'-P*^'^ 
jufim .befoce ws btve a ^ing ; J^yiydS^ was called by faii 
name three hundred years before hec. was born, x XiW^; 

<iodharh « paicicitlar and diftinft kMwledge of every man . 
osd wemanin cbe world : hee perfefily icnowei all Things 
l^iftyptefiBOt^ and to come^ (^ASfs ly iB.) and chat not 
ikcceflively and by dUcourfe, by debating and fearciung out 
tbejcaafes nf chiags, but in a mooient^ by one eternal at\ of 
Mude c ftan dii^ he knaweth ,all things, with their caufes and 
cpo&ion.^ m fatfltfelf, and of himfelf, without any realbning 
mMp ftomochers, what was d^te, oris cx) bedoneathou- 
Cud 3peass faeace^ is as prcfent with him as athing that is 
ft&^ffd, gv*^ Hee caUsthe things that ate not as if they 
ftcsBj Rom* i4«l7» and knew J^rrfli; before he was formed * 

lathe Wonb^ and^rdainedbimtobea Preset, Jrr.i« f« 
Gods&Mwledbe is infinite, and etcmaU Xiiit himfclf ; our 
kMwIedge is &Ay inkperfioft, mieertani, confiifed ; barGods 
Jboniec^of nsf^^and ouri; is an aiifdiiite, perfed^clear^ cer« 
taioidifraft knowledge ; we know the oiithde and foperfioes 
ofdxngSy tnOod fearcheebtbelieafit, andktiowes nftt enlv 
wrCaces, bu^^MrXpiots (.1 Sam^ s6* j. Jer. 17. p, io«) 
tf t ibmgsace ndeed and aaatDmmd bdioce liim, Jk^ |4« 2 x, 

a«. J5W*4. §?• 
li0W careful then^fhonldinre be, to walk in the nudft of 

onrtottfesmthperfefk hearts, (P/W^ toi« a*) fince God$ 

OKs ape iipod our habtutions, anahe fees our walkut^ there, 

'm fliottld sadie usdedkatetmr k)ut^ 

(PfiU*%Oy cbetidebfthe Pfaloi, %Sm$. 4. ao») that fo 

riKy may be Arkb; hwfeaof God, and not Snh^^v^^ bon* 

Jiaaof vamtyandiniqiiky* Wee fiiould put away fin farrc 

fromourlbtfaaodTdbecnadies, that the eyes of Gods jea- 

kmficmay fecnodiing amongfttis todifptei&ium, J(^ aa.?} 

C a fee 

fccthcDencfit,v.24.co3o, Lee the name of our dwellings 
be^ Jehffvsh Shdmm^ihj thfL$rdhthert:TSzdiHh.ultAttnac 
idlencfs, ryot, and or^hanenefs dwell there, but let the 
glory of the Lord, and his fear dwell there ; let it bee faid of 
your^houfes as Hagar faid of her VVell (Gen^ t6. iJ>.) 
Beer-la-'hai-roi, the Well ef him that iivts ani fw me. So fay 
' thou, Beth-la- hai-roi. The houfe anddwelling.of him chac 
lives and fees me. Wee (hall never bee lincere till wee can 
walk as in Gods eye condnually, "^^ Enoch and Abraham dxd^ 
j(jf». j#r24.& 17. !• 8c 24«.40» • 

7 Obf. Great men many times are freat Opp^Jfoiki It i$ 
thcfe fat Cowes of 545^ that goar their fellows. Riches ac- 
cidental ly make men cruel and infolent ; it wjer^rich men 
that oppreft the poor, and drew ^^bem by vicldnce before 
Judgement Seats, 7^»t 2. 6. 

8 Obf. jMxary heeds epprejpen. As covetoufnefs. is never . 
fatisfied, fo neither is intemperance \ when great men are 
wedded to their lufts, then to maintaiti them diey fall to op- 
fTzffxoxiiCtyin^y Give^ givey that we may drink^ Nkn devoted 

^ to their lufts are infatiable, tbougl^ they have enou^, yet^like 

fat.bei;^fts they miift drink more; they make their bellies 

their gbds^ and therefore; it i$ no wonder to fee them a^lve in 

promoting its ifitereft to the utmoft, ffa. 22* i^« i €V. 1%. 

_ 3 2. this rtdnes Perfons and Nations. The Cseriiy ■ and FahritH^ 

^ by their contentation and temperance advanced the Homem 

Empire, when their Succeffors by Covetoufnefs jmd Liixary 

deftroyed it. . . . : • 

^ Obf. wicked Rulers nfaaUy are great Bribers • They ate 

A^amft Bribe. ^".^^^^gif^ and rewards crying, Hab Hob, Giyci give, 

17, fee my ' Brwgi brmg. Hi/. 4. 18. they ftirre up Lawyers, Attomies^ 

Comment, on and Other inferiour Officers^ to bring in Grieft to- tbdr Mills,, X. tliat they may divide the fpoyl, andmak'eaprey of their poor 

p.t,89. Clients. Greac men want not inftruments to aflGft-thcmin 

- ^hcir wickednefs be it' never fo vile ; let Jrf^el but <;pna:ive 

the Tragedy of Naboths death*, ^nd ihe will fihde £lders that 

will zSt it fdf her. If Amn^n be fick of Luft, there is a J^M- 

dab ready to adde fuel to the flaaie- Did hot the Lord biml 

Kings in chains, :at)d great ones in feaers of iron, .(ewiig 

cbem their bounds which they cannot pafs* there wi^uid be nd 

living for good men in the world. 

10 Obf. 

lo • Obf. It is tbt frofertj vf wkkf^ men t$ tnc»Hr*ft out 
mother in $Mrwiekfd>ufs. They cry, Ow^ let us dnnk, and ; 
be mccry wkh the fpoyls of the pooc Hws Ferfccfttm fay, , 
Outlet us lay oor beads together, and workwiCply, that we 
may deftroy Gods people, Exed. i. lo. Prcv. i. ii. The 
unclean Perfon alfo hath his C«wf , let us take our fiU of luft, 
Pf9v. 7.18. The liUlMtr hath his, Comty let us jojn togediet . 

to make our Idols, Jfa* 4^ 7- 1^ ^f^^* ^*^» .9"*^ 
let us fetch Wine, and fill our felves with^ftrong druik, to 
morrow Ihall be as to day, and touch more abundant, Ifi.%6, 
ii. f . d. diough w? drink dll we be drunk, and ftark mad, 
TCCwefearnopunilhmcHt, we (hjJl fare no worfe to morrow 1 
than we have done to day ; God t^ards not fiich things as 
Aefc; and if tht meted have th«r C#wr/, Gen. ii.^ w6y 
ftwuldnoc Gods people have tbeirvC«»*i ? wee ihould in- 
courage each other in goodncfe, ana call one another to the 
publici? Affemblics, fayii^ Cntte^ltt m geeto the heufe of the, - 
Lard, Ifa. 1. 3, 5. Zech, 8. au wee fliould call jnen to 
Ghrift as die Prophet doth, faying. Com, «»»*, come. If*. 
f 5. 1. 3. Pinlifciiki N4tbMtel to come to Chrifl» and the . 
y Voman of SantarU calls her Neighbours, JaA. i, 4«# 8c 4. 
39* this duty of Aitting one another up to the befl things is ofi^ ' 
commandedf aSa fpecial prefervative againft (in, 1 Thtf,. J. 
1 1. Het. 3. 1 «, I J. & 10. 34. it is not fuffident that we^ 
praftife the Truth our felvesi- but wee muft encourage thofe 
about us alfo fo to doe, Gett. it, 19. wee are dull and 
backward po the beft diii^ Itnd have n^od of quickau^, 
'?»*». 17.17. , ; ' 

The L(^d hatb Jmtn bj his Hdinersy that ice the Anjn 
jhdBcpme ufM jotli that he will take ym dtifdj pith 
hfioks^dndjOHrpJferhymhfip^ , . , 

IN the precedent Verfe we hadtlic JfiVof the Rulers olS^ 
marUy now comes their Pmfhme'nu The Prophet here tells 
tksm^ that the time is even now at hand when the Lord mil 
irifit for all thek Idolatry^ QppreHionv 8cc«. and to procure th^ 
more credit and audiocicy to wnat he &^, heo brings in the 

C 3 t-ord 


14 f^4ttt oifwMp AiaoK4« 

tord JvmTetf fiveam^ -finr deflrufgofi ) Go^ ba^e Wdrd 
baSbeen fitdiciiettr, intt d«: better *eo iwr^^en ebsft fe^ 
SibnerSy and^uct them <tf TtMne appiwdiUig JiidgQtBQQCj 
Becodjh$, i« hecdisthem» thattbe^d%td^ivem ^ ^ir i(^»^H^;*tinc 
fof^iutifua, is^ brhimflfcl^, for «olmef54s4bdfene«il«o^OoiU A« tee 
weiT^^^^^ «sccifet<>6e-fiWfva«^ Go^. 

HeK fiwL Bert, Man wicnhe fwcars njtift &reat by a sreattr than -hinritStf,. 
i. c.'iv, e^ r^ou but iince there t^none grcacenhati God, tJierelfore ^ Lec€ 
jmnta.. fwetts by Wmfclf, fitt.Sk ij. it»i$ himJMrthac fS^in«iiit- 

vvheniieftvearsby htifrc^ nmm^ Jer. '44* ttf. Hy )fc/ Sfrf,- 
Jcr.5 1. i4», Amos «. 8. ani ^7 feV H^^ « tee;;, for 
vtharfoever is in^God> is<5od bimfelf. 
i»'thwV«fetvclrwfciwo^am^^ ^ 

X yf C^flMPi iMfid^ df a dfeadfitl Judgement. 
H A if ^jSrfflar/#* ^this Ciaaiimnaticm vfit^ 
}i|dgefpenc_thrcatnedf$^ in Aefc ^ord$i I»#f , fj&# d^i 'ptOt 
Mne^p^^0y ( i. e, )dimfciJ| difiad dayeis, -fiffl 0f milfery^ 
andc^mkyfeaH^ertaiifdyandftKidentyfiarpn^^ ^l^hen 
you iNllWcarrtedavyay captive by die A^nm^ {Am$s % 
t S, If, ae. ) Astnen Have their dayes ^ finningy* To <jod 
badit^apgetneied times when lie w^t^lkfor Im, f^tm^ 

im0j } 

Amf. Ricto avayl noc m the day ^ Godk vna^^ ^ 
iSeJ^?MA ^J^^ fl»an aj cftffly carry y^awayas^ I$flhlerdoi)ilhfei 
M^ «»x iMf wkl^lhifvhtcbhexaidhcth'mch i»s (b^dk^ortfaom^ <ii5ptit»^ 
alhiraefifit' intoliis ba^e ; they ihaUnoc need Carts to carry yor^a^ 
cHlnfikntTlf-^z^^ Flfihbo^j^ fiatldie ihr It is a Metaphor frequent in- 
i?S2SJ! Scripture, asaJ%.i^a8. 3f^4^.i>2. £«*.ip. 4. & 

^ Her« us the ^ravaoon of cbcir iquery, they fhaU 001: 

mdy perifli tbemf^eg: but their pdlerity (hall fuifej: wkh 

tbem ; Toh^M kttakjfH ^^ wimtidtf^/ tiif * 7W^/, ^md 

*J^^\. ywrtffimtjwMb^Iijh'kQi^ki^ %i^ youftialibe like Fitt«& 

Vi 'uiib' which are indufWoufb caught, cahWwdfcd up,^ and fudd^nlf 

criiids.mi. c^arricd away on a TboKi;^ or Pifh-iiook, yec ihall bee 09 

b^m§sinllm$mm^mim0^9mfiafi»fih^^ ' 


more like fiiclCtne whkb ^bide incbw PaOiirei but f vintl 
rooc upt you and ^fours, yoa £b^I be carried iiic<> Capdvicy. 
Attbc Fiiher davetb^ coc Fifli otic ^ his bc^ds, and chen 
catcfaeth and killetb ic ; fo (hall cbe Jtjfj^rims vioUndy poll 
yttu out ofyoui: holds and babitacioas foe the flaogbcec* 


1 Obf. Smaring m kfilfjs mt ««f«iSiir^«God himfclC vvfae 
isannoc fin^ yec f^earg by ids Hbiuidfs ; iolfa. 45^ i}« c!^ 
^2.8. Jtr. jf, i4« Hih.6. II. buc o£ chis at large clfe* In my Com. 

where* on 1 Tim. 4.x. 

% Obf. G^duSToGnefsU ff^. It is cflctptial tahiiivandp'^J- PS\- 
^<hef^foieicis hercput for himfelf. The tord.badi fwoin by T^l'tttio 
hi« Holiriefr? that i*, by hirnftlf* Holiacft in foigi^^ ^nd^k. 
Men is Accidencar, they may l^fe their HotioeTs aad yjet b49 
Creatttces^ftill' ; but HoUnefs is foxbn^nacural to God^ tba( 3^^ ^p j^^ 
hee may as foes ceafe to bee Qod, as: to ba bo^f* But cl this linels/chap. x. 
dfiwhcrer ^ . , ^ . 

3 Obf, liriiM V9rji bitrd thing t§ cotmif&i ff^^- $»f^n^ #f 
^Mffr^Mtbing fudgcmMt, God is conftramed^cot iWeac )mct 
CO aflure them e^he certainty and Iqf aUii^iiry .of his Thoeat'* 
ningn As in timi-s of Adverficy and TemptaMa wm are 

hardly Bron^ tobeleeve the Promifes^ (P/^ n6* 1 1. ) fp ^^J^^ ^ 
, ifr tiffKrof Profpjericy: it is hard taconviiia meaof tbetrudi e xck xz T 
©f Gods^Breatnings 5 J^Aftp t^ei^ ^frfSffrkj^ W lA«r obf. i. p,*4j3. 

4 OW; Sin MM^ l^umffjmifit^ irfi hffif^^lfU^ lath^i fofl^oa Jcnai.n 
V)erfe'v?e had their SlHy and in cbiis iecond, their f^im^mtm s^ ' 

99 men H ave their daies of (Inning, To GodJuth^ bi^ daye?^ oS 
puailhii^fbrfin, JJ^kt. xjf. i(^, Vi^&c^Pf^U^l^^i. Jer^. 

4** 2f. d* 50. ly. 3r, fo<i u 15^ -Msf !»• *3' i?«w/, 

Nofbbiierbad^ AiiM'ldlJed'ACi^^^ ai»d i;ak<wpa(re(rion of 
Ws Vineyard, hue ' prcfenrly ibe- tfiw fends. \&K/4* wchr aj 
wkolet volley of Ju(%ement$ agw^ft^ l^ia^,. 1 ,K%; a i. 1 6* 
to 15. . ^ . * . '. . 

• y Skck^ ^fP^ f^heriy ff?)i^ '^: hSt ke^. pffffipd- th^ 
fi^. Eortc: yfhaf mfeafiire men 'met«^ to ^PS God wiU 
raifc npXojwc thar^flialt mete die lite to theta; ag^iij. Tfefe 


1.^ , ^ Jfraels^ O^jfhaiy. Amos 4^ 

Hi BeaAs did g(AT tbe-poor, and ^et their efl'acc from them ; 
now the Lord raifeth up the h^jrtdn againft them, who with 
their Hooks (houljl puif theai put of their eftaces . and habiciT ^ 
tiotis, as FiiTics6ut of the'warer. God loves to pay Sinners ia 
their own <^yn, and to retaliate the wrong? which* diey have . 
done to others. Thus Adonlhyk cQQfelfeth,that as he had done 
to others, fo God had rcqiiited bioi, Jfid£. 1^7. Aichas flicw 
no mercy to.otbers, (hall have nonathemfelves, .Jam..2^. i j, 
J!i*;*/r, that hacffprtur«d and abufcd the Saincs, muft.havc, 
double given her, Rev'eh t2»6: the .S^i^jwuVrx that burnt vvitk' 
' I c iftfty Were biarnc with fire from heaven. Getf. 19. ?• 24* fpf- 
' fepbs Brethren that foldhipa into diftrefs,were at Uft diftrel|j;d 
' thdmfelves, and acknowledge Gods Juftice in it, Ge»,4J.. 
' . ] ■ 3fi . Ddvids Stn in nunAering the people, was puniiht with di- 
- flunjiftiing of the people. Hereby God doth more fcnfibly con- 
vince men of dieir Sin, wheir jiiey m ay read it in the pumlh- 
joent. ' :" ' 

Thus thofe who are difobcdienrto their Parents, God rai- 
feth up of their Children that (hall rebel againft them, Thofe 
that aoufc their firft Wives, arc oft-times puni(ht by the fe- 
coarf i andthofe Servants that werd" falfe to their Maftcrs,. 
fhiiil b* puhifht wirfi^Servants that wiU.bc perfidious go them. 
I« us thefrefore by. the^ putii(hmeht labour to finde oiit the 
Sin that brought it, 4nd jil%e our fetves for it, and we fhalli - ^ 
not be judged of diie Lord,- 1 Cor. 1 1# 3 z.. 
, 4 Obf. pyhffta Pidpliare 'rffff^rrmnefhej^afnidinl^ 
snii^lj 1^ deftr^nd. God ftajes out tilf the fins of a P^opjc 
be full, aikl thcniefuddenly brings them downi.<Jo!i*x5#^ 
iboktewcMily the Fiftier pulls up his Jittle Eifti with hi^. 
Hook, and carries it away j fo eanly did the Af^ian c;arryj 
away this Idolatrous people ifito Captivity, riovy. that thcir|l 
Sec more iii^ diy was come* There is no poweY or policy againft Godii hec 
jQtttMt on can dcBroy the ftouteft en?my with the greaceft;fai;ility, /p. 
Eick.29..4. 25,ii» ifhe be ai^ry with. a People, he wants not Fifhcrs,. 
p. 5 5 3 . and in {^ooks^ Huntcrs, to purfuc them, and carry thcih away, J^r.: 
^^ ^tT?« »6. 1 6. H0b. 1; I4V ry, i(f- - . ' 

r j^l 7 > ^^^' ^^'^"^^^ ^^y. times(4re the w^fe for tbcir,mc\td 

P^reffis* TheParents^afe;uken away Yvifa hobl^^,^ apd xhev 
Fofterity lyith Fifh-hooiks ;. root ind branch i»uft be.ilocktpfn 
It is-juft with God to i:ut off: the wicked vVitfi their feed. 

as we tali the Wdlf widi hsr Lmeri and the Tox wicb het^n fnyCom* 
.Cubs,P^#»8«4<* ifojCxj.itf* Bwojf this at hifie cife-^ "^«- ^*L?J8^ 
wieic. ix.p. So»to 

Yves a \^ on Numb. 14. 

ijtni)tt%altg0e M dt thehidihes, every Cem a thM ^^' ^' 
^bicbk before ber^ Md ja JhsB cdji them intQ the 

TUe Prof^eciD*ntuiuesi^llice«miig9 ^ tfati 

copulative^ -^^^'i ntpsUgoc m^ the Bttstcku. tfcc 
Miplifieschfcir cilasnty oythacfeaf and conftcmadon which 
fliould furprize them; the walls olT SmuktU being bt^eh 
down^ tbofe Grandees whidi befoce wentin goeac ftaee and 
orders itealldDovy conftiicdly, like fo many frightsd.Beii^; 
fleitoiicateverytireacb to Tave theit^elves ; & dsat in'diisr 
Vetfe we bavci as m the iomcu i* ^' C>MMaur^, ^r 
^vsj^:s3tEe^:^tt^^ %. A 

co^maeUnof this Oinmination^ fm$b the Urd. Tbe bet- 
ger^oawakeijidsemihe adds this again, tliac they hid n^. t»i 
doewithman^batwichtbeAimij^y, wh^ will nocte nnidk- 

cd,nor dallied mthalU • - ; 

. , The Prophet goes on in direaing^birTildech to die Nobles^ 
Jud^s^andCotinfelloiirsofthe Landf though he fpare nee 
the tnfenour (bifcy ybi bccaufe die Ruierf wese the ring- 
leaders in fin J ther^oie he bends i» %ieedi ]Mmcit>ally a-- 
gaii^'die-Bu V... \ :• -/.^ •^-'•' '■.'■,.."; i* .■ • ... ^ 
I Heitii die Tide w^nda^ he ghrestbeoi^vzz.'fi'dir^/, a: 
^lunt ternif but a fit one ; tkusis implied in die fismintDe. 
Gendet^i>ir4 fi^i'fcil.tutccay as/veiTe the fiift,Ny/dL jim 

hanijzYMg^ 17. 20. i 

a Her6i&.tiiennSery^tatQelids!^the(e;^^^^ 
BeaftSytfaey (hall be f6 full ifittif^^^tify^fBM ae tik > 

trtiuhfiftb^ ir40JFyteavin|^ d^:ncfabs.bdiindthem. 
The words admit of foirieSflficultyi and dierefore I dufil i 

Tnjh§ll^mpftbikmh»^vU». Wfaicfa the enemy hariit 

D made 


• » 

■ J f'^ J 


\ •• 

dc wtucn chey atceimKed to run out and fave theiiirel«es bf 
Piighc, even as Beafts when they are frighted run out at a 

any' way, for they ^had neuih^r Gates "nor waljs whole* 
VrfliancTxien k^^ iheir ranb-andfilts b dcfciiht of all op-^ 
pofirion, J^f/ 1. 7, 8. butfaint-hetrcdd; fctrfiit finncrs Aiift 
for themfelves, and uke the next gap to run out at. As beafe 

't^t^€mp^akm$ ; feetiag MAyxoYaJte tiuifid^ 1^ 

|lyit«ayAciM^erf 7et iliali ^itJuGDiimy fOw^iiluAnr '^^ 
pne^iottstfatt^e^ aad (bfltt;.%3)^d.)fiaD»70iir aiemy;o Die 
JU^wAd caMebe'cberc may :bn an' £tfc%&r/ia tkb vMnh^ 
ftikcb maffceilNislttMlitd'^ yoefliill aiftamy<Me.cb^ 
[nUchjieeliawebrouj^^^^ T«ea«* 

ftr^;JciMl$^ iani^pqacmthii^ wtecfa imu jfooughr i^ 
c^IWae^ {b^iiccumy ^(bct/'^i&tyiit (im' m^ yet 

/hall now in your fear caft them all aiMav/Hkis S^^dHcei^ 

SoflkKflderdie^Gdttiiis^' Yee^Aalfcbtt icaft^ Cap* 

itu^J^fM^ 4fkikx^U^ (fade nifyte 

the original yaxOy- B4m'mmsA i where /f^rmiiitf vis: h^ a[ 

isHamion, pwi»rto»aie^htt 

vul^ in A9^' Hi|^4iiMtfei « Toikfft too* **»> ^«ir> lict/jfari ^ : 

C*^^ f^. toittde jKwiioisMef tlMk^tMBi-^^ ftiif 4df tte K^^iml 

• i&erc. "■'^^- ^* :.^ '•• : / - > 

ottsh» Mact, linr iir ^ye? AaU fly ^ y^is^ lives , and"^ 
l^ave . attyauf fkafno tbfiBf l^sbvii ^ in ^yoib i^ocf«hm«% 

4 The Pivrcift Annocaaoitis thus, Yee'ilufttiitbioi^iwM^^ 


vidfli ' ' '' t- - 

'you gathered into your Palaces by violence and robbery^ you Yce (hail cafk 
iliall now throw k away, ,allu4i|ii lo fjpic of Kmos j , i o. r^^ ^way the 

. 5* • .» • « . . -' . . thin2«ot the 


ycecattfrrcybuflivfefj^ Tothat IftAcfertyb^erfes w^BavcBi*^^' 
a tbree-fdd puni(hmen[t thinned agaihft |j^4rf, t . Tfikilifhm 
«rvr,, Md t£a«tfpta«cacion ^^IR of. cj»c owk^ lacid,^ V)mO ji ^ 

» • 

OBSfikVAtifcyNS.*"'^ . "*'"*'*' 

V • • • 

<^^ i 


Tl^fe dotfear ooc Gpd^vit cauile ro fear crenj *d^|,^W^ 

ii,^^ tkljb iac? Bpre^ m^Somt^i^'^^j,.^ 

^ay i ope ram out ofxbcCityl. an^'anoqbec.fiw uiff^'^ri^ 
FalsMce^ but aum vaia^ lot there ts. no d^fipi^g wheii ,43a4 
pukues, A»!^/ 9'« Hi 9 ij 4* tBou^ wicieo^ ipen qaiaj i^ts^ 
Cullc^uragp.aQdc)Cux&deiicein;tiiaps o£ j^eacftr ]fo: ^iien 

TiK^a)«ntfliaU.arxf ff them, non^^fo a;^. and. aovwd.^ ]^ i^X C<*»- 
large ieHewnefc*,:- . . ... . ,. • : - ' ^j. ; • ^ v- *• / -.- It :..Numh.»i. j, 

^ Ob£. Wld^i men ttn tie Pefii ifih flacii ^^b; t^jfa^^^ a^f 
'wJL By their iuis 'cbey bring down the walU of CUie^i : « - 

and mak^ tehca in them .f oa ?l^r^ 

9sa^i^m^jS^ycviVI^%^ fof^ ^^dgcineat }^^ Com. cm »/: 
§junft.t&cii^Z«dBf.^.4*, ..; ,..^^ ,. .: -v ;.: ^.. .^,.ij.-u.obf.7. 

Tlk)fe that Jwerq^' uaiiftJ' .before^ ya wbcfv' jHdgemm 

chey k>Qk£brtheJieare0i)Breacatoiu]ikoi^ not. ftajylhg-for 

others. Wtch fi^^iwwastfouJMcd.ia^i^ 

11:^ bis Ix>rd andM^lQer^^b^s^^th^^^ ieave tun^ co 

&i£L£ochi»f^ ^ ' .^::i.,, 

. ' 4 :dbf- Trei«fr^^<»W V, «^^* . • . 

Pr0v. xujj^ Stteea m4 Gwd will notthciL avayl^ ^f-^tL?.*. W;. 
aILJew4s^an^.l!jri^are^fa^ ^ ^aSoem^Com. 

a - —V ygj^^ 

1^ tfr^df offinmy, iiaai4^ 


. ■ €00eti3s^Vmtd~tr4iifj^rtjsil4tG^§9^ 

gr<fssi»y 40id^^iri»gy«iirS4tr^cet^eryLmrwttg, 
. ytmrfitia »[tfr three j<ars^ ^ 

. . frkW»MUfit(UfitkeBre^^nngSff»r.thubke/k 


THe Pnophec goes on mth his Charge againft Ifrael^ and' 
tbitthc juftnefs of Cod§ Jadgemenc^, whidf he threacnefi 
^ to brine ttpon cius people sn^ bee made apparenc to the 

WotkL'ne comes - w fct forth' their p;rofe Id^Hifiy^ together' 
Mtbmelr obfilnacv^and inchiration thettin) infomiiciras no 
Fbmflunen^i^^dufd workt^h them ; tht!s makes the Loi^ be.4 
gin With a moft btmig andmtter Sarcafin, (iiyii^, G^ to Bf* 
i^t 4ftd trifrfgrtfji 

^ -The Prophet had befc^e charged them with crMeitjy now he 

fcfehofh thei^ foft King, aiigmciiced by many of the* fuc-' 
ceeding King^> a ndfnduced fo long as the Kingdom endured t 
UmfCm.^ rill at Tjrfl it brought them into Captivity^ as I have ftiewed ac 
B^.ii.i6 ijtfge-clfcwhere. 

"ThePto^bct ber^ 
^ whwas they might thiiricto dc3^ 
■ / * Sacri^ces, .and IdolatroQS.fervicps ; thePtt^idr tells themy 
thtt this is'fb farrefj^moacifying Gods wrath^ tiiceiiC- 
e^ him the more againft tbem^ and therefore to expre& his 
great indignation agaihf): dbem> heer farcafticatiy U^' diemi 
e0ittoBcrBei49$d tr4iitf^rrfs^&^^ ! '" ' / '.'f 

* !ii the words wete^e,; i** Uti fro|iicat^onc^ni ^t Sar- 
cafficalexhoitatibn,^ ^v^^^iJf^^ 
tif V9X m^g^t^ht^ P^ccift^ butfe indeed a ftrphg^pAiJ/nV, asap^ars^ 
ftotfif, Jrtui- 1^4*^%. ^m9s (. 5. at, %i. ^e^ofittht^ mtrnot^in,* 
fl-qriMem^^ uGitgkty ar>d^>rtAeOlaldfeeParaphraft i^^ it cf^Wtt 
J^'Uff*^ p^fitively 4>y way if zStttkn/rn iuMce^t^^^ 

thMmpmT Aipf^i the gdlden Calves out of a good intention, conceit* 
caim. i^ that they WocJ:ii{fed God^liraB^ 

Jj unco.- 

unto Dentf ( tChrm. if, 15* ) and dietefone the Lord 
here in an holy ind^adon Ircmicaily upbraids them vvith 
their Idotacry^ f • d. SiMce ty tto memis jm wlU h recIiumeJ^ 
tarnrediffirMfyfet MjfMr cwn wdju^ fin€$ there is ne rente-' 
dj^ gee em. tekfi jeiir evm hemrts lufis^ and fill i$f the imeafmre 9f 
jemr udefrnty. Hee gives them toe reins in wrath, apd fince 
they will 4)e filthy, hebidschem be filthy ftill. AsangryPa- 
lenti are wont go fay to their defperace ChUdreny I fee you 
wilt have your own wayes> why fince there is no remedy, goe" 
onandperi(b« The tike Sarcaftical, tauncii^ fpeeches, te(H- 
fpxg Gods incBenation againft £n,we have in other pi aces ; %s 
fer. J*:%U Ezsk. «<>•• 39. Gee At$d ferve every ene bis Idols ^ 
^.\d. follow your Idds if you pleafc, I had rather yee did foi 
chaa diffembte ii^ you doe, to my diihonour. 

% What muftthey doe, or rather what muft they not do^ 
u Sethi } vrhy, i. They mufttranfgrefs, vU^ the Law of 
God concermng his WorAiip. 2; Multiply^ tranTgreiHons^. 
3^ Bring their SacriHoes every mormng. 4. their Tithes at 
dkflce years end 5« Yet morei ofter a Sacrifice of Thankf* 
giving; and 6. Proclaim the Fiee-wiil-o^ngs. 

3 Ffere is the ground of aU their Idolatry, fuperliition, and 
WiU-W<M:llup, foe this ftedfeth yen. Oyer ebildrem ef Ifrsel f 
q. d% it is not I that coounand you fo to doe, but it is your 
own rebellious wills that let you on work, you love and de« 
fire to hive it (b. ' 

Cemete'B^eXi VM>rj Beth/I^ Giti^l/yftTt the three chief 
places in which the /Jraelhis did worftiip their Idols' j 

T Ddn wjs defiled with the Idohtry of the golden Calve^i 
C'i^^ 10: Amos 8. x^:) 

2 iJ^/fimifies the Houfe of God, it v?as the place where 
God appeared to Jacet^ and after appcrinted it for the place 
of his Worfhip, Gen. 38. 17. &3^.l. Sif* 11^4. but Je» 
r<>*^Yc(!tingup the golden Calves here, turned J^Arf, the 
Houfe of iGod,imo Beth-avcn,, the houfe of Vanity and ini- , 
gwty, -of cbnfufion and mifery, ^'V* 4. ij.& 5» •?<:$• 
10. 5. Tfafeteopie bad a |ood conceit of the'Honnefs of Br* 
^V whctejQ(5d appeared ro ^fcot^ tWs m^dt feroieaif^ to • 
fer ufka CiAt tJiere.- This place formcfly wsks called isw, hue 
npon Gods ectraordinary appearii^ to Jaeob there, when hee 
fled from his brother £/m, he changed the name^and called it 
'nAr/|tbehoufi:ofCoa( ^3 i @%^ ^ 

and Jmckoy. xKvs^ ptace in^ fraMnis £er *iaiii<d«]t femcM 

(here perfbnned m GoAy: tberevvtedK tdbemai^te^ft^ 

Saicniices vferc offetisd moi God. But acwv^ii beisalm^ cfe^ 

generate atidiniiBimoie^ inCoinudirhfitc^ fiheXordcoaiiiUinS). 

H^. 9* r^- -^^ ^An^ n^hkitkefi if in Gilgdy, cbac was the 

eomoion fink and fewer whete all cbeiir Idedairy met^ atsl 

therefore cbe Losd £oii»ds itis People, to ^c^e ta G«^4f) cban 

tte.y fnigbcKOC he Dumed with the Xd<Aaity of thr placi» 

Thofe idatacrotts: //r^sfirr/, daot^ knoit ftl0iaenc ta Tior-* 

ihip the GoldenCaiTes at Dm aod ^Si^/^ but :tte)i^ ymiiA 

vvurftiip AW', and other IdbU^ «; Gfl({4[f CQo f fo dangpcoits 

it is to giw^miy to fiip^riHttoHi and ialfeFV?of:Aiipv clere i&iv^ 

end nor meafiire wtdi fiochfieiicuas i: dte]^ a^ 

Idolacry^o idofta(or)r,.tiHfcbef comee^ rwiCr : \ i 

AAdt'^y * trwt^npkm y leheUions^ pr^Mttic^icttv.bir 

^ v^nmg^ yaurfcesc^m Sacribces^ q^ d.. Gbc:oo^fl»ll aod pecfevere' io 

t^anfzrtgioy your psitvecfe, malicious; pradiics, adding &A to in^anAott( 

^d^^h^^ebei' pcavocatiottfioasiother^thatt adAfsfce^wrldsmajiipe ysansrand^ 

///, imfimplel nefs, and chc jirfte&dtfGo* JidpMlfi^ o* yook ; ; . *^ 

t^ qualifeuMqi '..'./ ''.'•. '': •.•"•..:: 

/tif mdidofa^MufmUiA. Ifrtfnit. A^)^ lEfj^-f «lr «jGfifi JBfrf^liAAP >(Ur a!9iK!^«|9- 
tio fic.Ming, , ... ,- i .. 

* Magna fm ^rlng your Sacrifices tverj monitHgy ; for fo the . *,Law co^ 
T^fphetr^^'^ jayncddiettitooffficaiawc with»c.bUn[ufl\in*Sa^ti£cc^c^ 
ffTLVX*^ ^"y "i"^*^* » and^^et ac^evemng, ^f ^ >j^y 
& optima in NMrnb-.i^* ^,.4^ under tb&Mormng Sacrmce is incLud 
fpedem ^l>era, fo the Eveiung Sacrifice, but tfie Proj^het expiie(&th , only the 
m^£ vee viri Morning, Sacrifice ta note their diligence^ and gr'«t pain* 
ver^tm X wtuch thcyt<¥)k;in.obfiwdng t&ere.jcxtwnat Kioc^i^tEex were 
Hamnare & acit asdulja^ theoBormn^caaie*. .^ '/-^ /. 
tejieere.Lmhfr.^ . Ani jtm* titbu f^tcttbrtA jeari ;; or,, in» tn^. rfurd^yeat.: la 
Shi' (htth r ^^^^^ ci$i^i^\iv^a^n tfarit ds/c^i; it is an uBial Bt« 
mJh tribit fcff^i&tt t«P« dayeafoK j^ars^ as ^m*.%^ t. Niimi^s^^M^ 
diebuhi. c. 1^^290 29. xffnK. x7« 7*. fofse undbfiand.ifiTofjhqip. 
mWtf 4Mi#. threefQk;a»i fieaAs,ap|K^nie£8D he obfer^eirenyoi^ ^ t^ 

lam^yhb. cheSalTeoitefiirPcncecoft^^aiid^feaQ^^^ 

-. ? 

m which acne mig&t appear empcy^Mciei^ iMit cssam lansi 
ofTipbcs wefeiihen^obcfpcnc, EicU.%^^ «4»i^V^ *^« «7* 
Z^s'i^. i }• n^M/ii 1^. J>uc the p»^ ^eouiae feafek vcbac whick 
^ attudes CO the Law, Veut.i^. lii »igu C^ t^ «^. Cmr ffae pight 
undcrftandihgofthisLavy, we muft know chat there was a 
threefold Tithe paid :>byrfic: jewe% i#>e iii?ft . were the yearly 
Ti(bes ^y^Ovto xbe I^vtte& ; a, ^eCMd Tiche was ice «part by 
the O^nersior xb^ lourdic^, r^oafi^ces^ Aod^feaftWigf ac ]t - 
r4|(/4/(ew thdce LH xhe year I aiKl yec clibe wai a thirtl Ticbc 
laid j^p m ^^'re^'whijcbw^ <jli(kit»itod anwig thcLevitesj^^^j^j^ ^j 
thepoor,jieiatMrle& atid this is the third Mr. Axt.jack^ 

ycicsTyxbebQreinenticned.«K Nowdiete ]doi»rous ifr^diuiftifC % hnvmsm 
c1^ beast CO cc>loQr cfaetr Hypooifie, Uke Apes did feem co^^"^t4*^B>^9 
iittitace dtts L^^ chat ibihey la^ Jioe be wantiag iu any ex« 
ttsmat duty rf piety or cbarky^ > 

D^ im fame mfr Ifraetioes did wk4f €^ t^mwumdei U 

Jb/; .1. Tbe; fayled in fact^^f^ lo Icbls, and hoc co 
God. a.ObibS^vvii^illofeTidiesonfalfePrQpisrs^in^^^ 
ivercdrdainedfordteaiiaimcnaBtice ofthec]tee« ^ Though 
feme of tbem.did o&r fudi Sacdiiioes ts: were xMamande^f) 
aod^JDOtlie tn!c<jQd^ yet they Caylod in the fUcty for 
theyihbt^&aii(eofferedcheir:Sic£ii^ J^utfiilrmy vvfaere 
Godlud fetbis Temple ( Z)««r..i ». 5^^^. ) and «hey goc t^ 
Jl^ltf 9nd ^%4ii^ where UoU were lee up. 

Tt&iuai of all is tiris^ T*w /iirfc sh^ Lml im gr^a 
hfdigifi^fi^ ^^M^ J^^%0 i^tft tfJfi^df f^r y§9r finvf-- 
idtms^ fifueyu ^fiin^^ refuft t9 bmtkpt ^ i^^ Mfd^my 
ProfheU^ Gee too , frocetd in jowf Idobntify shd finer jom 
mrf fohJHttdbfSMlum^ mtdJiUjtgeM^ nr tQww^lf Cdv/s 
infi^d ^fim^ goewt ^Mhfour.^igki^ jmrfduifwbh 

emt nm fm x^ the^ m^rmi^^ ^d jmct y^d rtfuft u pen 

Jer^tm ^ W^h ^^^ » £^^ ittJhfin^m'^ ^'^^^ 
DeviU. Coe m ^^o m "jont l^^foenh % md '$he '^Woip^ 
y^Hch I bavt 4iffomtU ^ my People^ thM dft jti imitm^ 
hlngj^nr Mm^vg $acrlfcts wbkltm^iiii r» mi^ jmd egtt 
thomto jo$tr iMi \ ^ tk^ whlcA tbt L^ tnp^ 4j^y 
/«r. tbejiMi^Mnu ^fmj-LiOfk^ymdth^ jPW, irw- t» tsfia^ 

j^ sic tJtkk4mV^^7^ f^ pm ^i^ obmtdti 0f$9 ^ 


^4 iptiuli Chfiiimcf. Amos 4. 

dte yet gkie that «^» r» /Mr Idab. Cu fn t^a md Hyfterl- 
ticsHy imuai mj p»fU in StKrtfim ff Tbfd(/£mtitt md 
Free-^m>»ftt for m r6f|i exunuU CertmmitSf jtt tteUibt^ 
' mare thm lit inurmU uteattncf. 

I /nmeal Mid SurcdHUiiL tMKtbig biting fftteba mm 
UvfttUj ht mfed m Ksti^o* rt^mmt ^Muft wiekfd mtn. Thofc 
Scoical flocks the Qiukiert are agiinft all hunter, and againft 
tiAoi ebe Be(h , vrtien ic is clear from manyplaces of Scnp-' 
cure chac [hey majT' lawfully be uTed ; for, i. Wefindetluc 
^ God bimf^u&d them, Gim. 3. S2. Tht mm'it 'hnumt like 

- •)u.9fm\ i.e. fee how unlike to us be is bscome; So JndgT^ 
10. 14.. Cm erf ft 'theg»i$ itbieb fee hmt chfrni ■■ e. jec 
-youi Idotsbelpyoaiftheycatiinyourdiftrefs. So Ifii,9i'^, 
10. & 47. II. E*.ekf »?■ 3» .4»-5' »• Chrift ufoithem, 
^<tiii. a?,i2<-8c 26* 4f. ?• the Prophets ufed dietn>Thu^ 
£/t)4&dericfedche worlHppersof SmmI^ t ffifr^. 18; 17. and . 
M'fAJab toAktdt^ t %xc%, ii; if. and^«^ii.t.|Bc %S.z, 
% .and Salawit to the youi^ man, &ir/r/. 1 1 .,9. and the Chacdi ' 
Kfi^ZV^vcmves^l'MH.^xX.-Rt'ieyetOEdam m4 frmth^yi 
but knotvthai thy fearing (ball be turned into falHng, andthy 
miich into mourning. So Jtr.ti.%o.&j^6 9, it. C^5i. 8. 
>....;^f).»;^. ' If. Z«fA. at. 11. P«k/ ufed ihem, iC«r. 4. B. 10.. d^' 
!, 1 3. yei the Scnpcare affords many 
ing tauntf, riiey are fomewtiat like an 
: fomewhat more hitter ; as ffM,)7.ip.' 

iMtheftfUeetwhertidtlMryttfetuf. If- 
10 Sethety and GilgMl^ wtere Idols are, 
J. what ^•/flBiwKftj'cs of th^Corporal 
ipliedto the Spirimal one, Prw. s.f^' 
rem hir^ e»m* »« nfgh the dtor af'Ber 
l-houfes, fo ihould we fbuti thofe in- 
as partake with the vfickcdin their fins,' 
r in their plagues, £eveLxB. 4. not only 
IHrMmt out their followers alfo pcriftic 
i. It is dangerous for men to hear jgw*. 
: by youp euinple you d«e not only ifl- 

to iheir fin i,nd.pi»pij^menC 5 whgc .4f/»/wo»faig5 of: sdl cte ^ . . ^ 
wicked in- general,, holds triie io tbis.particulw (/yfl,«'1.4. Sefrmwe-itv.., 


_ f ' 

and all to $n^ke the martec fink deeper into pur hearts, 

formerly famous for the Worfliip of God, yet.^<iw;bec6rfic 
infamous -for Idolwry> Gdds- peppje muft oac qncc/come 
there. As fin debafcch perfons, . jind^akes chem thac tlicy caa 
never excel ( Gcff- 49-4) & it del^feth places tido^afld tumj 
-Sf r^ir/, the Houfe. of God, into Bgth-fV^y die houfc of Y^nity 
and iniquity, H^,4. i^- vvh^t -*f<^Wfaid pf JP/cv'^'falfl;^^ 

jnoft true of ^li sinners, they make themfelvesi, an4 the pUcc5 
wheretbey live, vile and concemptible. , / .. 

4 0\i{% There Un9inhir em hdkef sin ft^€s '^ if there had, 
Bjethtl 1ia4 not been Bftlyspf^^ nor /5m^ 
Places are RQt holy ferfe, dr/mplUlfAr% ]>w:.on|y pr^/r^^r i^r 
ftm, by reafonof <^yieg>, preaching, ^^id difpQafing of 
thc'hi^iy siicraoaentsthere-.Theplacedothnof commend the s^c this pornt 
Trayers, but the ftncere affeaion of him thatprayerh; nei- laxgdy difcuft 
iber doth lie place fanaifie the Prayers, ^but the Prayers the by D. mUet, 
place ; Churches ^e made pf Woocj an^^S^Qnc,- ^nd- fd are 5>wi^-Pa?|^«J|- 
:uncapablcof«6linefe.5 GhriO cafla^,tp,.redeemi«idfahftifie^^^^^^^^^ 
Souls^noE feais.. The I^tgal^CcremomaK Typical HdUnefe of p:^8o.cdir.ult. 
places is by the comir^ of Chrift ftpqliflied^now, the fubftaJftdc & Hiidojba^ 
Lcomc, and the fhsidows are gone; in Gpfpel times- there jn>fe» 4. 13 

Churchj^ yea Poland SiU^, pr?^; in Pnfoniand are-heardi 4M^ 
-^ffj 16. a?, fo thaf Churches , in themselves ar^ -no more 
holy than other places; but itistheOjfdinaneesofGod, and ' 
the Membly of Gods P^iiplc met there, to'fc<iJebriate thofc, , 
Ordinances,! . wb ich for th^^c prf^feijf make it m^rft holy, andr 
more to be eifteepicd by us than all other places . pr peece^of • ' 
^oundwhatfoever, Pfat,%j^ ,10, and theref ore, they fliould 
bckejpcfwcct and^cjcccnc, though noc po«poi|S ^d gaudy. # ' 

B, The 

xe ^ tfrseh otpinopfl Atom 4; 

tciti9^ Tile Hettben Poet could itj^ Ic is vanity to have gold in 

Vj^^f^^ Ttvoa^X^. Hc»thcnwthc<liftbcnccbctVvccnus andchePa- 

im~??€rS^ ^* the^naakc Charch^ to be hcJy ^rr/i^ innefpeft of the 

ground 4md bttUdings but we in rerped of cbc end and holy 
life for wbtcb^hey ferve, vk^* for the Ser?ice of God^ and the 
AiTemblies of ^s* People; buttheexerctfes of Religion be- 
ing ended, and the Congregation diilblved, there is na 
HSore inherent Holinefs remaining in it, more than in a« 
nocher place. 

% 0\£. HJfAgredt fr$vHMi^ to{et mf> iJUti there ^ where 
line Leve reeeived fifrntl merries. God had done great 
dungs for his people at Betkeli^ it was the place where bee 
*-$«€ »:.thmp appeared to his people j and Giigai wzs very * famous for 
which made many Ktercies, at dlgal they were ^frrmRMr/}!ri^ there God 
W^j/famotw^^rolteaaway the repioicb oCt^jrjft from them, dbcrc they 
mB*rr««*ioojj^ the Psfee^m-y and there was Sacrificiig, &c. now to- 
E^^at iL multiply tranfgrerfions at GilgMt; and to have aU their viliany 

aftcd there ( H</. 9. 15* ) muft needs be a greUt aggravati* 
on of their fin, ^ndhaften wrath. To fin againft fignal Mer- 
ges doth double the ^. ittsfaidof the I^Meikesi that iher^ 
frevoked^^tim ^ the Sea^ iven at the red Se^ ( Pfal. i o0. 7.) 
where God (hewed them a lemarkabfe Mercy, in leading 
them fafely thorow the Sea, and drowning their cruel cne- 
mies, yet <berfe they provoked him, atmeSea^evenactbe. 
ted Seaj it i^ipoken Emphatically, eveti at that Sea which 
; God had carried themfafelyAorow- Thus thy made a.Qa^e 
' >» Herein (t*fel. i©^. ijh ) where th* Lord appeared nnto 
/ t?httn, gave them his Law, and Made a Covenant with tbcm, 

yet bete they provoked hiki to math to dieir ow» deftruftion, 

IX^at^ 9. 8* tt greatly aggravates fin when it is committed in a 

CU^Mfy, and iti a la»d'df lUghteoufnefs to deal iinju/Uy, 

/fd. ai^i la. Wee of this Lai^ baVereoeived many figpal 

, ^ Mercies, if wee goe onto abuft them, as wee hive done of 

^ms fkit 1^^ y^fg^ what can we e^peft but fignal judgement?. 

TJIZZT 6 Obf. Wieksdfmnrr00warJeaHiwarfei They fall away 

gnu adtrare, tbotb^^i OiSSt^ ttK^dde not ovij fit}, buc tatfmaltf^ £n; 

vAytf tptfif- Dm atri IhtMi hat they maft to Gilg4 afib, and there 
S/? SS*** VVoriWp «4*«f,-viflilicfewM tfe vitefi anfhiglieft Iddlacfy, for 
•^intt. thofeibu Woi$bi{iifidd»QU«C9;»ivorA^ 'OodM is t falfe 


, . ^ -J 

wayt but thofe utterly (brfook the true God to woriHp 2^ 
fihmi they made their God^ as appears by that of Elijdh^^ If 
SaMi fc ^:^^ implybg that they eileem^ him fo.. When 
^ickedmenb^n to fell they know ^ where they ihail retl^ 
they haveno ifomidation^ but run irom error to error, till at In my Com. 
lattthey end in Atheifrnt^ffioTof this at large clfe where. ).^"* Tim. |. ^ 
^ Evil men and deceivers grow worfe and worfe> tfiough they be ^^^'^^^ .***• 
wearied in their wicked wayes yet they will goe on, Jer^m.. f. NuS. x^" 
3.5. they are in thislike the lewd VVoman, Lajfafa^ ^fin$j4^^.^^i, 
tUta ; ^they never come to their Jktaxlmum ^nUfc^ in (iqfui. 
waye5| Prov* 23. ult. Sin and lErijor is qidleft, it knovyes not- 
when, nor where to flop, fiof^ to ji • &! i j. a^ ylA^^ t^awc 
firft burnt Incende to Idolsj at lai^ burnt his Children to tb^ 
7 Chr0M. 1^8. i^Emr mlmmmmfrinciflo^ fit sn4xmm in finely 
The cloud that at firft ibewesbutlike a mans ban^^^ayfud'^ 
denly over fpread the whole Heavens. ^ *^r 

7 Obf* Go^d intf^tio^ aif^ hq W4rrinttt for c^ jdlipm i -" ^ ■< 
Jir^am pretended Weil when f)ee {et Mp the gol^eQ Calvet 
at Dm and inbel^ ftyi»g» JichoU thj Gods^ IJraei^ which v 

itrMgk thci om Qf the Ijmd pf vSgjft ( % King* ii. a8.) hi» 
meaning was not to caft off the tme God, but to fet him forth 
l)y tome viiible refemblance^ thinking that this might beeas 
goodawayoflUligion, asthcArk and Cherubims ^tjeru" 
fsUm^i but the Lord tells theal) that fince cbey bad Tet xxj^^ 
wor&ijp(^ their own inventing, bee abhorred both them and 
tbeir ferviceSf ( Ames %» U , a z« ) and calU it a wqrfliipping 
of Devils, a C^^^v 1 1^ iji T^usf Aar9H a^d the Ifr^im 
^pretended well when they fet up die gpidcn Calf, Ex^i. 3 >.''■'_ ' 
^^\. M^^k Mti bis Modier ha4 a good meaniqg wfa^p, t^y 
ereded the Epbod» ^ndTeraphiimfortbe fervice of the jrutf 
God, f^dg-^v^ \^^,Pm4 bad a|;oodmead'ne when hee 
perfe<;ui£d th&^Sjtints, AUs 16^ g^ ^^ a^d; many that Jdll 
them diinkdtey:^ God fi90d ftryici^, J4^x6^ ?, 3. fUf:^ 
it i^ concelvod^v^as a good mai)^ anc^-^ of a gpqd intev 
vvoujd Iwve kept the Ark ftoBi fajUig^ yet/or .mcdiing, wiA- 
that which belonged to the Priefts, God (mote him deid, 

. Tb^^ g^^<l i39en amoiigft us that prefum^ to Preachjpth* 
out a CaU, no douk b|4( mutpy ^ tfaemh^v^g^od qlfieotionsy » 
a«4 ^V rfiqr:<*^.<^fi9pd fe^ |w.b5^^;?hcy btye I 

h % no 

2^ IfrMls'bbfrnaij. Ainos4\ 

i\oi:<iixii\\^A nor comiriiirion from God fo to doe, it is an abo*- 
minatioritphim, and he will one day ask them, Hho reqnireit 
thts at jotrr hands f^Saitt^ out of a good incenr^ v/*. that hec 
migfit Sacrifice, fparcd the fat Cattpl j zncl GiiUo» madciiin 
■'' \ * Ephdd'for Gods Worfhtp, Which God . had not. commanded^ 
' ' '] but this ruined both them and then: Pamilii?, ?^^- ?• zj.- 
%- Sam. 1 5 . 5i i*. Nadah and Ailhfi had no ^vil' intent m offer- 
ing ftrange Firc^ yet were fmittendead fox tHetr pains, Levk. 
: ro# « j*3 ^ So the Papifts,, and the VYorft of "men have their good 
aieanirigisy which at laft brings them toevilcnds. It cannot 
aicufe&eir evil dealing with God and his people. WhatSinr 
ft> vilc^thatii not coveircci with the vayl of' a good meaning ? 
How many wayes ire there which feeme good in mens bwnc- 
eyes, yet cbeitfucsthereofarc'the wayes of death, Praz;, I4^v 
ri. wemaynotthercforedoeeverymanwhatfeemeth good 
in his own eyes, .but wh at' is good in Gods eye, Dmr. i i . & - 
VMBa »^^- ; f hofe things^ which in thertifelVes are evil,, may not foi* any, 
^tTtfil^qMie- ff^ ends, or praufible ihtenti6n(s be praftired. None may. 
gemtlcbrmo aoe evil^that good may come there^, Rom*$}9. wee muft" 
Utmevtrtm have a command froni God for what we doe, elfeourownt- 
noscogatynam g^^^ minds and meanings' will doe os-iiorgobd; yea this* 
m^S^fsr^^^^^ open agap'toaH manner (?fvill antes ; the-Mtirddrer, ' 
tas, Tiums ' die Drunkard^ theTrayror, 8fc,- * tHby ' all prepertd they have r 
* Sec more m gboid -meanings in Vvhat they doe^ bbt filch vaiii conceics'and ^ . 
>4r. r9M^5 crooked Rules ofmukitudes,.CHftom,gocd meaning, &c. hath^ 
Ctettate bt ought thoufands to deffifu(9ti6n ; we muft to the Law, and to • 
scA *^ o\o6dteT^<tifnoiiy, and walk accorcUng to 'that rule if eveif wee 

c*pea peacci C^/. <>. t6z . . 

'8 Oof. Idihe mrfhlf af]Ged wrnn^jt kgef tlofe h the Rtde^ 
fir mlmery manner^ ttme^ smd pjact ; I/rael failed here in 
tbefe'particulafs,and'thei!cforc God rooted them up. i They 
changed tbe^ placer of Obds Worftiip, i XiW, ir* ^9^/ 
^ Tlite rime, verfi ja* - j. The nianner, tfftf. af. 4^ The 
Ricfts, t/tfr/l 31, J J, ^nd this ruined them, , i King. 1 3 . 3 3> 
3'4 . it is not the Tradiribns of men^ or 'Cuftomes oF Fore- 
fathers, Antiquity, or Succeffion that is oiicmle; thtJfrae^ 
/iVw here mighthavc pleaded. Prefcription for their Idolatry 
for above wo bdnctc'd yeajps, all their' ttvcney Kings fuc- 
c^Vtly were Idol^tfouiJ ftom^firft to laft*, and thfe people^ 
gen^»Uy foHow^ i:Bc^><'^^ malic dicirpraaice*^ 

* ~ ^ " '' <Rond ; 


Vtrf J^; Ifrael^ ohphuj. " apt 

good ; jrVF r^iH-mrfhif is nMin jvorfhif^ -Mar, 15 . 9. io is a Siii* 
equafeed to Murder, Levk. 17. 3 74. it is catlad tere /r^w/- ^ 
frffiiW and multiflj'ng trurJgrefsloKS in Gilgal^ Itr Godj^ 
Worfmp we muft doe nothing without the warrant of his Sec mote in 
Word, Ntmb. 15. 39. Dem.i%.%.\i.ihl^*^t. Ez^l^.lAv. strtng 
ao.19. M^t.%%. 10. Col, 2. ult. his VVor/hip muft bee ^^^^^^^^^^^ 
fimple and pure, agreeable to his own will, not ours. The^^^^. 14/ 9. 
Head of the Sacrifice was to bc^aft away, implying,"that inp. 46J. Mr. 
tnactcrs Divine and heavenlyr wc muft caft away our own fan- ^^g^fi, «* ^• 
den and devices, keeping clofe to Gods Word, as ^^A^ J|;. Jjj'^^i 
and Gods people did, Bxod. 39. 2. 5. 7. 21. 26. 29, 3*»Seimoiiic^, 

42^43, II. 3. Drunk- 

ards Chara- 
ftcr,5ca. 54.p. !• ii.&c. Mr. C^rfryaj;ain(lDoa.Ha»iWi»AinaTrcacife of hif againft 
SuperfticioD and Will«wor(hip» Mr. Crpfi0fi agtinft. Aicais. > 

p Obf, ReligUui dmlts mufi be oht daify task} We muft 
notbrinsour Sacrifices once a month, or* once 4 year^ but as - 
the Lorn renewes his Mercies every morning, fo muft we rej- \ 
new our f^crificcs of Prayer and Praifcsi ( Exod. 29. 38, 39«» 
Vj^mb^ 2i' 3,4») our daily wants, our daily dangers, oujc 
daily temptations, call upon us for daily Prayer ; fuch ^on« . 

ftant Cuftomersihail be fooner and better ferv^, than fucb' 
as are ftrangers to tboTe duties* D^n^id was a ccmftant Trader 
ihPrayer Momii^ and Evening, andfee what follows ? Thm 
(Balhedr me^ Pfalm 55. 1 7- As thePricft was every^ mor- 
ning to renew the Fire on the Altar, and to lay thereon the. 
Morning Sacrifice, fo (hould we vhen we swukf beeflitt with 
tf#/l,Pfah J39, i8. all; things are bleft unto us by Prayer ; 
As tl^ Ark when it came to the hou£^ of Obed-Edom k broughc 
a bleflmg with it ; fo when duties are fet up intheir power^* 
thp:e God comes and bleifeth his people, . we fliould therefore 
dedicate our boufes to God by Prayer as J)AvidSd^ P/k/. 30 • 
title, and 2Sdm»6.2o. It was an High commendation of- 
Atirelian the Emperours JFamiiy, ihitif^zs refertabim»sy d^Scc'at large'- 
Eicctefia Veifit was fuU of good people.,, and was a little-^rrer/©/ on 
Churc(). So were die iioufes of the faitmul in the Primitive •^^'^*'**:j*-' 
timesi hence we read fo oft, To the Church in thy bonfcj Rom.^^^^/ 
if«S« I Gor. !<?• 19. Col; 4. 1 $■• Philemon 2.' the words alfc, p. 87.;* 
will bear!a4iottble iionftru^ion. i. Zc implies, tbat^the pea- Edit. i^. . 

^}0 ^Ifrdtls O^pHi^j. AfflOS4« 

pie of God metin thofe houfes co bear bis Word preadbed, 

> to cdebrace cbe Sacraments, and Pray^ for publick places 

were not tben allowed cbem* i. Or elfe ic notes unto vf 

cbat tbeir, private Families were now fopioufly ordered^and i£« 

. * ligioufly inftrufted, tbat they feemed to be tittle Charches xkr 

tber than ordinary houfes, becaufe of the Praying, Reading of 

Gods Word, iing^ng of Pfahnes, and other religious Exer- 

.cifes that were pradKedtbere#i So Joflma refol vcd, cbat hee 

andVis boufe would ferve the Lord, J^jh.x^. if« Heli^an 

: makes the beft Fanailics, it breeds the beft CbiJdieni and 

^ makes die moft obedient Subje&s,^ and Servanpsi as ijvee £ee 'm 

jihrahdms Family. Sad is the condition then of thofe Chri^« 

ans that take no care of their Families) but let Luxury^ Riott 

and diforder debate tbem ; fuch houfes may batcr bee cafldl 

Taverns, br Tap- hoirfes, rather than Churches of God. 

That daily duties ought to be performed in Families, fee 

Mt.Rob.BoHUonsT^t^.fot Walking, p. a 44. T^y.Fem^g 

Catechifm,p. ^6^ Coihet on Prayer, f, 88. Mr. Jer. Dyl^ 

his Epiftle Dedicatory to Philem9n. %/imbr^fe his Mcdita. y# 

»99,&c, Mr. Philip g^adwin bis Fanrily Dutie^.v 

10 Obf. Itisnfftfnf^eientthMweberetigiomtvmardiG^iy 

bm r^e mnflalfB be right esut and merciful tQWMrdr men* It is 

not enough that we bring our Sacrifices t© him every momii^, 

but we muft alfo bring our Tithes to maintam hrs Meffcngers, 

and to fuccour the poor, the Fathedefs, and the widow. Many 

will fceme religious towards <3od,yec are unrighteouf towards 

n)en;and others cherc are diat wil feem righteous towardsmcn^ 

tnd yet arc irrtligtoiistowards God ; both tbefc niSfcarry and 

<30ineftiortofHtaveh, the one for his religious unri^tcouf- 

liefs, and the odier for bis rightcous-irrcligiotrfnefs^the one for 

his Hipocrifie, the other for his mecr Morality and civility. 

God hates Holiticfs when it is not joyned with i^itcoafnefs. ' 

He bath redeemed us, that we might ferve him in belmefs^d* 

rrghMufifefs ; not in holinefs or tignteoufnefs,the Holy Ghoft * 

. hath jbymrf thetn,and we may not feparate them, tn\. i/yt* 

a Pf, j.PfaA f.i.Tiir.2.T2.we muft praailcreyieV/ as well 

•* S^mme in aspi^^p, remembring that * mtntkemifnefs is an abomination 

^T^tTt T ^^ ^^^^ ^* Mnpdltnefs. Mnrifters have a ri^t to their maiptc- . 

p. « t » i i, ' nance bo^h infm pH^ & in fmfrR^ both by Gods Law, alid 

SiU Tenm.cgf^.% mans Law'( as I haveclfewherc proved at large )JXodiic that 

rcbs diem> robs not men, \m, God. 2 For 

s For Mercy to the f^^ there is iicirce any Duty- mort 
prefied upon us in the Scripture) vvicb precepts and prelidentSy 
f D^ti. If. 7* lo. IJiks ^•^6.) Whatpromifes and rewards 
are made to the merciful } and 
i^t beavic curies are denounced He that mxamacf of meny (hall mlfi, 

sgainft the unmercifol and cruel 5t j^lJ^JVJS^^ '** 

man? Hce (hall have judgement tTtgit JLuk J^iituik. ^'^"' 
without mercy drat fliewes^ no OYid.Meta.ubw 13. 
ttKTcy, J4m^%- 13« as he flops his 
ears at die cry of th^fiML he alfo Aiall cry, and ihall not be 
he^, Frov. at. 1 J« Divif tbac (hewed no mercy to L^za^ OctidifUfntn 
' mty at 1 aft bad none himfclf i and if they be accounted Mur*/^?/^*- ^f^r§. 
deters who doe notreleeve th'epoor, what arc thofe that op- 
'pre& dbem^ and grmd their faces ? the Lord hath a quarrel 
tnd c^troverfie with fuch as (hew no mncjy Hof. 4. i. Amos 
%. 6 J 7. fucbpenurioufnefsisthe way to Poverty, Prw. \w 
34^ Tlfcre Is ttuit ^arcs m9re than is mtet^ sind h tends to fw^ 
vefty. /The way to increafe Com is not to keep it in the Bag^ 
but t(i fow it. The curfe of the Poor lights upon the cruel, 
^Pj^t a8. ay,) and brings a curfe upon their Children, 
( ffal. 109, 1 2 . 16.) iff none fit) his fatherUJs Children^ why 
(o ? hecas^e he remembred not tojhtjp mercy to the poor. 

Let Sodomites be cruel and mercilefs ( £«^a tf* 4^.) and f^^^^^ *f- 
Heathens that know not God ( Romans, i. 30. > but IctJ^^^J^^^^^^^ 
usthat are ChriftiansrerembleChnft oar Head, and be mer^ in Mr.G««V 
cifiil as he is merciful, Who went up and down doing good, to^^/onEzck.i^, 
rie fouls and bodies of men, arvi whofe ufua I faying was, /r.4^-P-»p7ji9*' 
if d mare tie fed thing to give than to receive^ ASis ao. 3 5 . He* *^' 
was even compounded of love and com^flfion, and became 
poor, that wee thofow his poverty might bee made rich. 

To mco»rage you to a merciful frame of (pirit, in a rime 
when mercy is alinolt fled out of the world, take thefc fol^ 
lowii^ Confidcrations. 

I By this we (hall evidence our EleSionandSMsiBificatlon^ 
Col* 3* t^^ Pm on as the eicS of God^ holj and Moved^ 
hmelsef mercies I Doe not only give anAlmes, but give it 
with a cofepaflionate heart, and tender affe6lion ; this Will 
anake^^s like the elcft children of G^d, who gre all in their 
gener^tdon Uber^> bofmcxfuituen, accordingto^iftir feveral 


^ rlfrdels obfthacj. Amosif. 

-ablticies,, thcyarefuch ^sdevife lUferaLthi^s.KzY* 3** 8*' Job 
Wd6 eyes^$^ the hiind^ and feet 19 the lame^ job 2 p. he never 

kli4^j:e hU morfel alone, 7^^ ?*• ^^ U^WW del'cribii^ the 
godly man, makes this one CharaAcr of him: that he is graci- 
/ . x>\iSy full ofcompafiiori, <lifpccfech to the poor, Ihewcs favour^ 
and lends, Pfahi 1 2. 4. 5. p. Paul how oft doth hexommand, 
andcommcndfuch asdid adminifterto thenccei&ies of^thc 
poor Saints? 'Dircas jcloathcd the pooc with tholt panneflts 
vvhijH (lie made of her own coft in her life time ; Z^hem> 
when he vyas<onverced,' gave thfe one half of his goodsto the. 
' poor, Lnkje i p. 8. it is not / mil give at mf dcceafc,\wbcn I 
can keep them no longer^ but* it is- in frefenriy I daeglw. , 
^. Noc of another maas goods, hut o£ mine tnpg. 5. Notxo 
jtherich,buttor^ff«#r. 4. Not a penny, but the •ne^alf.of 
jmjf^eodst do I give to the poor. See how grace enlargcrh dig 
})^art, and loofeneth it from earthly things 5 yea I have, read' 
of the lurkjj that once a year the Bajhaws and great men have 
their whole cftates caft up by their Stewards, and they give 
the tenthpart yearly to charitable ufes; if this be trtte, now 
will thefc Inhdels rife in Judgement againft moft Chtiflir 
ans. ' . 

2 Confider that it is afervice and frcrlfice well picafing un-, 
to God, f ^i7. 4^ I 8* Heh 13. 16. Hence it is that the Lord 
fo oft calls for it, and in fome cafes> prefers Mercj before Sa- 
crifice, jEftjC 6. 6. Learning and Valour may make a man ad*' 
mired, but it is humility and bounty that^makes us.heft be*» 
•loved. ^ ., • ' ' I : u 

' Homines nnUi i This will make us like unto God, then are vye men after 
repYopii^f ad his own heart, whenwe arc merciful ?s pur heavenly Earfier 
'Deos medunt is merciful, and good as he is good 5 noc by way of E^u^Uty^ 
Tu^o but by way of -4»4/#jj7 and fimilitudc, according to iour dc» 

Keglai crede grce andmeafurc,A/4t. 5. 45^.' now the more Uke.untoGod 
nuhhreseftfue- we are, the more he loves us, for iimilitude is the -ground 
eitrnre la^s^ of Jove. . 

imi d^vifia res , 

e^TantCi Wi« 

m!M ^Ytus ef wHlierf quinu f$clt Ummm De§ fimilmim. Aqntiae feeimia fteidddi 

q» 39. ^ft, 4. - ^ • *r ■ ' A 

4 Hereby wee bring muft glory to God, job.^$. 8* A$ 

bee that q^preffeththe poor, aefpifcth him that made hi mj 

fo bee that pittiedi the poor, honours him thac made bim^ 

/ . for 

J * 


* • • • » 

for G0deak^tbel»iii^ls<^e'(6 dic««s:4Q|)(:fECf U^^^ 

ihtc.woe BUg^tJbeWs /i|0WMers jp Onajoiif «!)*• poor^^ he<oBld '' 
fceitbem.andcl6ath£hem wkhoa£.ovr>elp» >v« he hati^^ ocr 
daiiwd that tbeje fliall be Poor ialWay?;Witb ftsi to try -©la:- 
lyojinw, lote, .ap4 W^ ^^^- >^° wa^ife/t k unco- the yvorld, 
?rtb. I a., ft. .ii;isjes>45 Cocft^Jld Wilw.Ji;bH wp«,njo5!,k is.hif 
blelTmg and free bounty that bath made us rich, when.otheB 

arcdoor^ iM.^»vit\)Ay^em^J'iom him: and h is ofr his 
own that wegive. unto him," t Qhreu. up, i4,i<5* if bee have 
aiven ^afimndsi w« may well give fence by way of thanjcful- 
nefe tohispoop.afB^d .c*ieS4 elfe, hp that hxi)\ raUedjus.ojn 
as eafily'£in»5 ** «nd ftniprt^s ,Bafced x m. the. day. th« wee 
wejebar»..vLctW5p«:ouf;fclv§sviphc.{>oor»nans cafej Mm 

our felvcs were pootwdaj diftreftj weewould think itrihe 
rich mans duty to fuocoarius. As yee would have others fttould 
doe to you,fp to t.h^m j f(fr with what flaeafiire. you 
■mstSiUi oAm, it &« me^o y<^ agauu ^ - ,;,,: . .., 
6 ■ All:Frofcfm, P*i?w, Gtfts^ Mfd Qrms^ ftfk>ut,th^^^it 
V iotmterfeit. ; Bjace.Sf, J^wifUpedi all religwa ^ la wet? 
in chisdutMi£Mewy»J*»?- If ^^f i^ that this »s the life or 
form of other Graces ( as Papifts vainly.) bus u is a fign find 
evidence of ^ truth ittf other graces,- evenas breatningand 
adingisafigaofUving. I^;t|^i«.ftitb.iie,hath allQifts, i|nd r - 
yet hath not Love, isibuc a^ f(a«n4i««fBta&, or a cmcklipi 
Cymbal, aoeetnQyfeand.nothujg^li^, iC«r. 13. i..behcc 
Chrift commands u« rather to fell what we have and ^iv© to 
the poor, dum be wanting to our fclves or others m this duty, 
-idf-ta, j$. fodid»4K«^4«, tbat-Soa of confolaj^on, whcii . . 
theCI»urch>vame<i,hefolcll^Laijdtofuccour it {AUt 4. 
j6 yj, ) not that we arc bowdalwaycs tofcll ouriawi .r, 
for mbus ufa^ but if the Church of God {hould«ott» toibat ■ 
diftrefs, ii»at eitberwc awft fuccour it, or elfe it win fink, . 
cbcntsa time to part with all. As L<a would have parted / 
wiebhis Daugfciprs- 1* f^ivc.his Guefts j fo (bould wee part,.-., 
wkfaoutcftai^cco faye.Gods people from peri(hing; and if 
Dnnkards to.Ca(i66tf tbelriuftt mil fell^theirUnds; in the De* 
vUsitbrvice. mudb iiK>re (hould wetogl(»ifie God, part with 
•ur.l40claodcftM««»glorificG«itJK£W«f of^em. _ . 


e#fflfStf.on brance, whereinher^gMtef attvvedoefor^Mdfai^^ 

Mat .^ 7. p. ^ ,0.5. lyi^^. itfw i». tvettlo A tt^ 6^tidl(iivii8ery aU (hall bee 

1? MK ''^ Kimided, MMfk to. i**. Hee canMfc bc& a lofer^luch 

^' made Godlu^ Debtor, B^ H^ ghttb utlnfmr Irnds tv tkt 

L$ri^ MJttk0 which hi huhgiutHJii wiUf^ him Mg4um^ Prov. 

S9# 17; Hee i% tile beft I^y-mader, none taore able, none 

more wiltti^ to recompefice atty (etvtce chat iadooerfor iiijD^ 

I lie fliall b^ve T9t$f^d rtwdrif^ Vt<fif. 1 1 • t^\ There it 
thai ffsttetttb dod is mete htcndfkd^ 4M he that wamnh ethers ^ 
jhaBhe watered himfrff. ^bii is the beit mttms to prefitrve mt 
eftarei, Ifa. )9. 9. lieMeratmdH^vifeth Ukerd thmgj^ and 
1i^iiMis€fiat£fk.lit t\m^}^^ 
ihaii bave his Bams filMd With pleitey, P^fvf^. ^^ 9, %m^ Mercy 
and Truth (ball be to them, Fr^. i^^ 1^. jGodmli bids 
bi^ Trade and Calling, Dem. 15. to. and makebia liaije^ in* 
€S^zSt tinco i thoitfand. Charify is the heft PeUcy^ for by faelpw 
ing odiersfvve benefit our fdw^i Jv^ a^ ti- AircmBMr 
trad^ Alttiea, fo he had tll<^ benteffit df .tbcif Ppaye»i>and 
U^tA the bdxer fdr them.^ tliat Which i^vreil laid our> fspbeft 
laid uf| ; a diligent handy and adiftfibiitive heaiMsake a%an 
truly rich, fiich giving ii getting,, fiicfe bounty is die Wtty.t6 
ptemy, and a godly Hbchfalicy i# a |«r*V6tl!ion'o£ poverty ; be 
miiutri^^ ^ that ^ive^ to tnfe Poot bath Geds brottMfe (^hkb fe^&te 

ms. , ^ ^_ , ^ , . ^ ^._ 

fioft^die Holy Ghdl here afttb, taalfe»elis <^« ftiU refvard 
» ^eimptex -^^^ ©4^ labour of love* Hef feith;n«c ba«ilyy **<Srfe«; kiwf 1^ 

Dto, I. B#a4 fmia^mji^tiai h^aiU'hti¥ii(^M metfm. iit. $uft m«- 
ciwtfiw' few ««^r*»^<: as *w hj<5^ foifeaccoWihg^VOtti^^giv^iftd 

gm't^yquil^eSntm^^^^ R j^J^ *;. J^.***l^have tC ' 

«tf f/*ri*f, qHo f/ettfii mehjfkji Merfl^ *>l^»rl^nt iBltl^ WCO-life 

SiMmleufm.^ 'I ^r// ;.'oTH^ ;;w:^ prery''MdWn''-:e»^;tttt4::igd6d 

€)^Qc> Waddly ydiilb^tt^bd^irr^^iiMb^ 

. '^ iiiic 

^fure-mil xim ov^r as loDg as yoa|K)uc .^ tbi^^ 
>boimd? t;o that gift, which ihallbp given fimmngpircr. A 
Vc&i will rim 9ver continuafUys pour as ioqgju jiKmvviII. 
%. yet more, all this ftall be given y9u. imoyaur ^f/i^# jcljati 
is » you ilaaU be made fenfiblc of rbe fwcctncis^ • and CJ^peri* ' 
jHK^caUx findAqgoo'Juefs and greaojc^ of your reward, j)^^ 
work is wages, and like S^mffm Lion,lt'carries Hotiy in the 

bdiy ofk ; kisnofpending^buclendingjiia laying ouc^Im^ 
* laying up (rf trealiirc in tfcjaVen, 

iMkf i6i>90 Hence the ^^paltle wli mtpaitfimm Imt gfuui ^, ferdm 
the Ji^€4pnldf$s -Al«ne^ by thename . »^ ^^'^^^r^ .<^^>*^ ; 
<tfPi^,.?^oax» «S* ;i8.. Pha;4^ 17^ , ;. 

l"^ik6» pot agifcJbHt I defire/rwiuc may iurtber .your ac^ 
COM^* Vy^ee ^eafure not the poor To ipfich j^ w(£jvin<[yzi wc 
profic mir felves bj/ {heir recuvJng. Hence iii /i^/ their^ ocdir 

IWy &to Pf B^^ /^^ *r« (r. w> » k'^^^fr^oHf s„eh doc gool 

•wHjsikss. Cbrift that fed five 4Wfifanai^f¥^^ , aICo .^avc to their own 
ifi^ hiaftlf aqd . his foUowers, iyiijiout ^c^ ■ |}ek) ;! )^t ^zi M^ ^^*|f« 
would be i»IeevQdby<^er^ithatfot^ ^7; / . . 

be^adcmoie^gypafeacaxiarelplet^^ . .1.1 

s Thou uiati; be bleft lathy J?p^ vyicbiiealthy or 11 fick^ 
neftdeei«rpd9e.chee;(as fi^ things comc^:4like to all ) yef JJj* ^^^ 
God will B^kcthy bed 11^ rhy ficlg^s, and cpaiforttbee upon mmtm^^ 

«hybeddfl«?guia)il?g,^i^^ , um,qm nSenter 

I la thy NameyHauikyA and ms loAdndfles are commenr ^fera cbmmk 
dcdiDpoflcMy, %Chrw0i%. i%. Pbf^e ^vd Ongfifhrm are '^^^^ J ^**^^ 
comoiended lOn this accounts {uch. ire an ornamcnL to •* * ^^^•^ • 
Atirftoiieffian,rand^U3^ 7»^or^a/r#^tf</y^- 

f^iSiMwrjPMiit 09tei9jmUjemflf, dj^Jmtf^r M^gAoi mam wte wmi P^tm. 
eviftdareto dje. A Man of a fcvcre lunocqj^ is hated,7w,r 
ther chatrlPvedl, but agoodsndbounri/ul nun wins fo apon 
the beaxtfl of men^ that they would even dye for Aim; fcarcelv 
inili.a<^numrfi^Qfor^ rri£^ mm^., who is oolvfair and 

juft jbi his 4^^p^^r}^^ 

metdf^^ W :|?W|^ ^;(()tberf^ and .hath, done ^mufpi 

3$ Ifrsels Ohfilfidcj. A8iof4# 

^d in li& life y fomc • may vcfature ibcir lives for • him, 
' 4*IrftK^ fdfienijy fuch ^ have (hewed mercy to othew,- 
God wilUwe up feme that fl^ll be mcrd^^ 
C;}>r«i<»\yaswont>ofay, T'ifrr i»^f children the^ more thirhf, 
fhonldbeufed^ for as* Wells by drawingi fprtr^ more frtfely, 
ft)*our fubftante incrcafeth by bounty, and- is bleft to our* 
ftoftejnty* ' - ' 

5 BlcftiniS^^/i tve ftiall-have light in xJarkciefs^ peace iar- 

pouble, audience \^ Praver, &c. //i# <8i 7, </ fo^ 1 1, if 

* ' '^;, thou deal thy br^tadtp the mws^ wenpaktMc^ll^aftd' 

. \, the Ifrd (h^ ii^fuferibeei ahtl drouth Wc'befidpand fUenr^ 

* yec viFpriES of niercy cry aloud in God^eatt^f for us, they have:: 

ftvertual'andvitaUthou^ not a vocal call; Jpb^i.%o* The- 

* ; very l$jni Iff the foor^a&hhfs HSy even when we are fieepln^ 

in our beds, yet then are they pleading for us. Herdbywee^ 

evidence pur .election, ancf Uf^op a'gobd ((kfndarioh for the- 

tftne to coine y t ncw|h CSirift- il one be the fomfdkthh fmi^^ 

mntalf yet good works may be a fomidtim evlimUl^ 1 Hm^ 

^» t^. I jf^^« 3* ^4* Okadikb proved that hee truly feared 

Cj0(L becaufe he hid the perfecated Ptcq^ets of God) zttii 

' '■ fedthfeciin^ttme^fd^fi^er/ ' . -• ./ • ^ 

sit lAr.ji. ' 6 T^dji fltMt bc><r;»45^//^ 

tombs Scr, 611 Mat. 5* 7- &.*5'. 34i ? 5.itrs the ify^y to the lfibgdom[>^*'^"~'' 

iQofeoour aflfe^ions fron^ the e^irth) wee mail (h^rtlypait 
with all ihefe things below, novy cJur parting with thiim fcfore 
. . hand to pious:uCiS| 'will mafe;CBif iaft paflijag with chcta mof^* 
' eafie to us/ as tKe Apoftlc^faid,' /• djie d^ilji his ^ily' trial* 
were as fo manj^ pepty 4^tK5 tiA:o hiiiyf6our aaSygivrngwitl 
make us. daitjpfee the vanity of thefe things, and make our af- 
feftions dye to themj .The way to Heaven, it is an hlgh|6aird^> 
\tn^ way, it is up-Bill,^ and, wee h^d n^ tounburacn oui? 
jliplves^ofthtsdiickcla^/ V(^efi'6neaskt^ agood manw6y be 
jgave, iaway his ntoney' To fretlyj^ liiir anfwer was, Ut leviu$^ 
dpenJeremfit^mJacePL^ •' ' 

Thus we fee there is no Ibfs in Wdrksof Mercy, » the 
finmercifuljunbeteeving world imaginetb,' for one penny we 
^tve we fhalttavef that; as wiU^be equivalent to* maiiy. (fence . 
ooiintycothePo®]:i5caM^>rt^«^^f/iv^ aGor.'j^. 10. the 
Musbiarid-'man' for one-Se^ that be ^<mti hath l#0ncy> Aixtfi 
fcrty^ &c. ormore, againr ^ *' a Tb^ugi * 

VaC4 iJfdtU ohfiinttj. . ' V 

X liioogh the^Seed be ittdden with Clods for the prdeot) . , ]' 
amdrfcemeiadye, yet ac * laftti arifcth agkin widj great in- ^"'^'f*'* 

5 Ai men £ow fo ftiall they reap, if they lowipanngly they good worb 
ihallfc»^fparinglv,lFliberaUytheynidlre^^ will foiioNv 

4 .llie Husband-man doth not fow all his Seed in one^"«<>*^«avcnj 
placCybutfomehere,*fome there ; fo wee muft di^tfe our ^' **• *J' 
dbarity, and give a portion to feven , and alfo nnto eight. 

5- The only way to preferve our Corn is to fow it, for if ic 
helcepciin our Barm, and Gamers, it rots and periihech ; but 
if it bacafl into a fit ground it multiplies. Riches are loft by 
keeping) and kept by fpending on the poor ; and if Idolaters Hahtoqu^Jit^ 
willla^fti gold out of the Bagge, ana fpend theif choyfeft^ ^rdidi 
orcafures on Idols and Images, and if the Ifraelitucoixld part ^i^ifirvavK 
yykbcBbirGold and Ear-rings, to an Idol Aat could not help*'*^**- 
cbefl\ nor thank cfaem ( Exo^L^q^ }« ) then furely we fliould. - 
tead freely on the living Images of Chrift) efpecially iince - 
tbey can help us by their Prayers, and glprifie God in the uTe 
of that we give them ; let us dierefore abound in this work • 
of cteLord, for ^ much as wee know our labour is not in 
vtei in the L(>rd« Hhw abundantly was the SnuM^mltes kind^ 
Befetache Prcc^ Elifhit recompenfed ? u By the gift of a 
Soii afc^r kmg oarrennefs. i. By reftorir^ he:r Son to life 
again (a Km^.* 4. i 5. ) 3 • By fore-warning h er of a famine 
approaching ( a King^%* i* 4O 4* By direfiing her to the 
Kuig, infuch a feafon that (he recovered her Land ; fo, good 
it is to have an incereft in the Prayers, and a£fe(ft ions of GodsL 

This Duty choiigb excellent) yet meets with much oppodti 
on ; though it be well-plea(ii^ to God> yet it is unpleafant ta > 
snoft men ^ which hath made them invent fo many lUfts and 
excufes to fave their purTes. As, 

1 Obj; lh0^a Familjy ^ Wift^ ChUdrtn^ ScrvMHSy and 
KinJbred i9 frovidefar^ drc. 

' >£«jfir .4/ Wicked nien are called abfurdjunreafonable men ^ 
( a Tlfcp/. ?• aO and not without rcafon,for fee what illogic^ > 
io^cfc thpy here produce ; becaufeinen have IFamilies to » 
gl|oyide ior, thecefoi;e they cannot, or radaer, tbey will not do - \ 
gf9d x%%xxf other? We read of many that had great Families^ ' . , 
waff ynr^-vwy merciful men, as Aht4imn^1^hyVavid:^ 

\]Fhe Mde^trndm bad F«niiiief «o profule £dir^ t^ thqr tdee* 
ved ot^ters beyond cbetr «bilicf ( % Cmr. 8« }» | cboiigli da|r. 
faadbuc licde cbemfdves, yec wt^ due Ijbde^ifaqhveieiiA. 
ling to give fomewhir. .. , 

I havereadof one Miftris Otm ic£ JjBif(gi9H limlad tind 
tnd twenty Children, yetin ber life*tiiBer (heelioik an Hat- 

S'lti^ and gave fifty poitndf a^ jmutm to ic ; ihe bidlt a Fise- 
diooli andxaveagoodftipeiidtoici andgave ttvothovfind 
and £ve hunored pounds to ocher pious ofes. Hie Lord ff^r • 
rnyj^fM bad but one dioufand pound^ jummmh {which ivasbuc 
a mean eftate to maintain a Lord and his fiotlomn ) yet ou 
of diat bee ^ared one hundred pound fer m m m tot pioitt 

1 BydtfcreetgiviAg) you provide Gods hldfitig for yMir 
Children, tybich h tfe bdl poaion# ffM.tiu 2,^5.1^, 
as you have fuccoured others^ fo- <i6d vntt raife iip. fime m 
fuccour yours ; D09U ff^cddngoJFhis own experience, oetto^ 
us, rfiac DC never fm^ ike TfghttPm ferf^im^ mr iri^ feed ^• 
: ing their htdd^ Pfal. Jy. a$. fuch giving is no htodrittce w 
lis or our^ butl>rings abiefSngoti what wehave. : Henceifae* 
Lord commands bis people, to U0Oe /Mi glemAtge fet^ebf 
f4therlefsiindthmd(nei VOiy fo? ThetiSed emU^ Mefs the 
enthewerk^if thy iands^ Deut. ^4. 14, acK alt di^ carfdi^^ 
and caringis but loft, if God gwe not bis bldfing ^ «iaiiv4i«v6 
fcraped Aundance of pelf togerfier for a prodigal Heir, dnc 
bach in a trice conTumedalL Men know not who (ball bee 
rdieir Heirs, the riebetefebewi€%fdMrehidMf^fee4fe^j^^ yea 
many times a mans enemies have been his heirs. 

3 Many are fingle, and liave no fJamilicis to provide for, 
and yet are as hide-bound to any pious ufes «s ^ay others 1 
and diereFore this is but a meer pretenccand lig-leaf to Ufe 
their mifcrablc nundes withall. 

» pb> I hdffe nething to^t bm ^hat 1 >gH bj\mjU- 
hwr f . 

Jt^f^ The Apoflle exprefly commands fucfa to givfe, ^^[^ 
SeeM^er/tf. 4« 28. Haftbutafarthtitg? gtve that; the poofWiddwthtt 
t$ mbs Scrnuon had but two nrites, which inafe a farthif^, is ^onxaended ^ 
Mat.5, 7.p, %f, ^i^^ ^^ 1^^ jjQ^ foTrttwh at tfce gift , ^ ^at ^hc |[ood iriH 
^^' 6f the giver, M4r^.*IV4I^ 4^,4 ^ 'tf'v^bmb^ 

fuiof Meal^ and-aliofeOy^ yetGod$&ij4eiaiMnt^^ 

- - ' ved 

vedwtcbity iXiV* 17^ 1%. JB thtif in mt ncihi ffoM 

^vei the Servant >uie Dary-laboroiir, tbe Ard&er^ Uc. flKwld 

%ZTt fomewbacfbr the poor, the Servant that huh none to 

maincaitt but himielfy miy betoer fpare ibomrii^tlbrifaepoor 

' ikan many Houfe-keepers. 

^ If God have not given thee alxlicyto doe good, yet if p^^, ^^.^^ 
thou hadft means vvouidft tbou bee liberal ? niiy then know, v^imaiem ^ 
diat if there be in thee a willing fnind, God wHl accej^ of the uH noti invtiAt 
will forchedeed, and of the Af^ipn^ where there is no tr f^Mkattm.AMt 
faAlicy for preCent A&hn ; and if thou haft nothing elfei yet 

3 Obj» TbtPmhave mmjrfimltsy thymrelewdjOmd Ufky 
HffmnhiMnd nnthmk^ulj and c49ffcMrec^9rd $u a go^ wcfd - 
f0r aU th^ wi doe fpr^them f 

.Anf. And. haft thou non^ ? Poor folks faults are eafily 
feen» but men may fee greater ( if they will ) in their Ac« 
cufers^ as Pride, I^rodigaltty, Malice, Cruelty, Hard-hearted- 
nefs, &c. It is the Poor, and not die fins of the Poor that 
they hate, fortheycanioveRichmenthathave worfe fins in 
them than the poor have* l4ow» true hatred is again/l the 
^ole kind) hs^ that truly hates (itt as (ia, hates it where^ever 
ht^ fees it, be it in the rich as well as m the poor, fo that 
this is but a pretence to fave thdr money, 

2 Grant that they be unthantful,difooedient,i&c. yet are 
not. we fo unto Goa ? nowifGodfeed us, though wee walk ^ 
dif-insenioufly tt>wards him> why Ibooldrv^ harocn our heart i 
againw o|ir pcor brother i 

S We givei Not$ kammi ffd fnmunitMh mm teecMtpri fed 
fmf0ri^ Wegive not to the wicked man, touphold him in his 
wickedncfs, but tofup^y his prefent wamcs. 
' . 4. Though their tpngjkie^ ibeuldcurfe thee/ yd: their toyns : . 
!iyiIlMefsthee,Jf«* jU2€f€-i. : : li • ' 

^ 5 Itisformrifeestbi^forxhe^aifsand thankes <tf 

men herei Cods ^ople muft look for dieir leward in heayem • 
This is our Seedtime, and cboo^ our Seed bet now buried, 
vet tb«n it will ai:tfc; ; ^ chou^ men tjiank us not noW) yet 
then we (liallliave thatd(» befpffeMenland Aiig^Is, xw ftdet 
love andt^dienc^fiiall have open*acknowlbd2;ei»int and 
Teconppence, Cbrift himfelf will b^ to Hnconuaft thei^ 

♦ 6 Thei« 

,40 Ifrdels O^fUnacj, 5^11108 4^ 

. *U Their -^unthAWkfulncft • burcs tfemfelves, not^ us j ; ic^ is 
-theii fin, not thine. Ww^inuft noc fayl'iftoqrduty bd^^ 
^vthey doc inttheirs : Anothfer tnans Siii vyijl not exciifc ftune. 
-..We may ijot Be* uncfaaricatlebecaiHe they be uhchanfefuK ; 

7 It is a good fignthat our charity is Sincere, when wee 
'. cj^vgiyVe CO diofe chat revile us, and behave thcmfelves ua- 
' thankfully towards us. To give to thofe that give to us, HeaV 
. •.thfens,wiUdoe.fo5 but te blcTs fuch as curie us, and fee4 

fucb as hate us, andfo overcome evil wfth ^ood, this is truly 
5ChrilUan,i?w/ia/2i. .^ - .\ " / 

8 Suppofe they be wicked, -yec giving niay better them, 
•and thy kindnefs may melt them, arid heap coals' of fire upon 
-jtheir hcads^ The w^y to bj»ak a Flmt is to lay it upon a foft 

pillovV, /Jo». I a. 20. ' . 

/ 9 Tboi^hfomepo3rpeople be wicked add unthankfulj'yec 
. all. arc. not fo, we may not therefore puhilK all f of thd fault , 
-of ft)me. 

^ : . 4 Ob j. . J fee mmj rich men give little or mthing^ mi rhere-^ 
fore why jheinld I give} * ^ 

^ Anf. I. Few rich men are f«vecL|Yfotipany mighty, not 
many noWe;:/<w!rf, but ^noD»«^4/!rf great- men, Are gtuc)d*^men. 
We mutt therefore live by Rnkj ' not by Example^ efj^cially 
of rich cormudgeons, who had as leive part with their blood as 
fart -with a4)enny to a pious ufe. Now the rule is,* chat all 
Arvho are of ability IboaldgivC) andihevv compailfon to their 
|)rethren, Zecb^.7.'9*^Ccr,t6^ t. Let roery one Uy afiie 
famemhat far the peoTj as God (hall f^^f per him^ tht cotkmoftd 
is Hftiverfd^ wichottt exception or reliiiftiom Bichmenin^ 
deed, who abound with worldly goods, and have not only for 
.^^^^^jy^;^^^ n^ceffity, but variety and fuperfluity yth6fe have a ftrift 
fY^peJdimri' wd fevctc charge given them, to be rich in good works/rei'dy. 
ri<i, Com* todiftribute,willing tocommunicace(l 7Vi?».(J..x7, i8,)rioW 
niand and fomc rich men ace rich in good vv6AiSyZS%/thrJthkmJokiZacher 
charge them ^^ CerMlius^ &c^ andif yoii^ll needs follow rich tnen, fol- 
Sc mS S, Iw the belV and hcmour the Lord with thy riches, Ind doe 
&c. good with <by goods, remembring how uncertain the^ beef^ 

/ 1 T««f* 6, 17. ) they have' wings, not of a Sparrow,^ put of 
anEltgte to fly aloft /from u5,;Fr#v. 23. 5, improve them 
jibetefore to fpirituat advantage^^lAft you have them, Tor as 
the ungodly poor arc the moft mifenUej becaufe. ^y ark 



'Memoft happy, becaufe they are doujbly fUh,:W«i<iq.vv65lchi?''*/'^/^2^*. 

. aiKi.goodWorlss. Befides, Godhach ^^^rixb^po^t.^.^Moi^^^^^ 
interett in the rich mans ttere, N'on j w mprjfiansyfe^ chm: ?w i(lA tenet . 
ta$isy tfce hath a fbare in them though he may not be hiaovvn AugJnVf. x4r 
cajver, Prov^ ^w ^^t ^8. With-hold^ iiot. good fr0m. him t* 

« whom due ; that is, i;qm |hy poor Brodier* Wlich • tboU 
feeft any in greatej: ncceflity than thy /elf, thoa» muft to thy 
powet fuccour them. The Miiced$ma»s themfelVes were buc 
poor, yet when the Church was in diftrefe. they gave beyond 

: their ability. Many have been poor in gooQ^; yet.ricb in good 
works ; Chrift hiinfelf in rel'peit of Te mpor al riches wis poor, 

^teha^not 4 houfe of his oWn to* dwell in ( Matth. 5. io. J 
no Lands nor Livings, yet yy a? he mindful of the poor, itd 
gave bountifully to them,for he had a bag to fuccour the poor 
mthillyph. 1.3. 2p. The poor Widow gave all he: ixxb- in dandoy atii^ 
ftance, and is highly commended Jfor it, for God looks not^'^^^'^^f^- 

-fo the gift as the fincerity of the giver ; hence (hee is ^'%2fj!Tk 
faid tohaycgiven the giQateft gift, becaufe (he gave ic out of Jf J^^^^^ 
an enlarged, liberal heart.; others gave out of their fuperflui- 
ty, but ftie out ofher penury gave all that fhee had, and & 
refted folely and fingly upon the Promife 5 J9hn Bapttft com- 
mandeth him that hath two Coats,not only be that hath foucor . 
five, to part with one to the poor, Luke 3 . 1 1 .. yea our Savi- 

^ our calls fometimes for a cup of cold water, which puts us to . 

no coft of heating ( M4t\ 10. 41. ) which takes off all ex- ^ 
cufes whereby men would exempt themfelves from gi- 
ving. \ 

5 Ob. / paj^ mj AjfiffHeuPs tP the ^oor^ $Md iphat would 
jouhaveme doemore? ..... 

Anf.' The vileft of men pay what the Law eompells them 
to give, but Gods people muft do more than others. There arc 
many nipd^ poor Houfc-keeper^ which have more need then 
many which tlie Law provides forj, we muft not therefore con- 
fine our felves to die Law, but as^ccafionv requires, we muft 
lend freely* help to redeem Capfives, to raife poor men that 
have loffes by fire, ftiipwrack, or t|Mt have a great charge of 
children; wc muft help to train, up , poor iiigemous Chil- 
dren in teaming^' and bonjsft; 'poor Couples that marry in ^ • 

the Lord, &c.., . : • .'/. * . ..' .:-.lj 

G 6 Ob; 

..".t^- ^ 

'^^ ^ Hf4ds otjUtuef. Amos 4; 

ti^thji* I muft frHfid^ ^^^ ^dsgi^ A^^A ^f* 
A»f. Tmty in a moderace way vou muft do fo, as jf#ppA in 
the years of ^enty did lay up agaiaft cimes of fcarcicy. Buc co 
provide cxceflffdy by Ufury, cmef cy, and usme rcifnlodfa to 
the poor, tlus 15 co provide a Curfe for thy felf, and not a- 
tiiefltngi By this means di6u depriveft thy felf of Gods prcm - 
itoo ; ftt as when we revengei our fe! vcs, God will noc plead 
our Caufe, fo when we cark and care, an<i think by our ow ti 
excdfive, diffidencial providing to help our felves, ¥ve uncbe 
^ our fclves, for God will leave us to our felves. 


Afff. Dnviwhoisnowin^Hdidid not rob Z«Mrb, buc 
becaufeheedid not reteevehim he was damned} fotbofe re- 
probates^ c4/4r. a 5 42, 43. 
mairv more * ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ». ^^ tyrannize over them, and 
OvS^w^^ beams, how comes lb little 

e4 in ^dr. 8^' CO appear in their lives. He diat hath a loving heart will have 
ndrdoim- a boundful band, for love is boundful^ i ^pt. 15, 4. it is ki 
cwifrfjTrU- vaintoboaftofloveunlefs weftewitinonrworfcs, Jnnif^.a^ 

li chip ir ^ « 7^- 3- ^7^ !«• 

p.* 434. and Now (W men but confider w)io it is tbac aAcs, and what 

Mr. ctf/«/ on an honour it is to be bis AlmoneSs, and what pro^ comes by doing, tbey Would never excufe tbemfelvcs as tbey doe^ . 
JfV-'l*'^* from this leminent duty. ^ ^ ' . 

We^rcfoi^thataretbe il^w/jfcrr of Cirift, obfetving . 
tbeb(^War<hefsofottrpeof4^ flioukl - 

£;ec thii-vvords of the wifc^ which are as Goads to roiifemeti - 
out of liifek fecurity ; neither is it fuffideiic that wee only 
prcach:and prefs the duty, biit we muft ( in our (jpberes and. 
fiaccs )feexbat rfiofe precepts be put in prsiftice aocordingto ^ 
the mind of Chrift ; Sie Deacons andCofleftors mttft^goacf 
if^ yen^c^Mimiter by counfet and advice ^vHild iet to life* 
dghtdi^ibutingbfit* Hfen^tbe ApoftlesoaM upon P#^ to . 
reitteftAertbe ppor, wttA tWf^ X fe^ be) 1 was •diligent 
todoe^ GiH: a. io* uekbetisitfufikient thutweedwBfit <nxt 
pec^e, but by our PraSfke-iftb we oiuft lead them Ac way - 
fo^^ FMfyhifiS^^d mml^tt to theSa-ifits at J^r^d^^,^ 
f Rqm.% y. •5. sB. ) benJoth no^puc-offche duty tb others, 
xkt himfelf leads them the vyay . People look more "what wee 

tkSf cMn wb«t wefav^ Then we iqpry pseach tnttgnrftk mth 
aiQCC2eai>ad confidence on ochecs, whenvyc our ftl>^ <ioe 
goebeifacediemintbe duDy, ei&e: tbey viitt quickly upbtaid 
us, wub a ThoM $hat teachefi Motl^er $o h mtrnful^ mn $b$tt 
mmmerclftUt Hence the bed of men onty have fo^eii tbe grei: 
ceii preiTorf and promoters a£ this duty. Hgnv of c doch S^ 

^ iv^« (he vyiTeiloi mem, by Precepcs and Promifesi quicken uf 
tothisduty, frw, n. a4^c^isui';* & >i# 9# <^ >8. %y. 
EccUJ. It. I, 2' W Chriilt bimfetf, a greater cbaii 5^km0ft^ 
ctidbothby Precepts, Pcomife^; and Praifticcf> incite bia Difct^ 
ptoto Jbiaducy, Matth. J- 7.-42. c^ ij* *?; & ^$^^4^ jf, 
X^fe 1*. 42» ^ ^ *• Hr -^^ »o» J f • H«y ofi did Paul pTt& 
lhisdttf;yup9n the People mail hlsEpitUes, i C«r. i6« i, 2# 
C^ 2. 8* 7, (^ ^. f i/tf^» 6. io,r (^ I J. i5. ? and give* z 
Arid cbargc to Trmoth ( i T/«^ 5r 17, ig« ) that he charge 
xbpfe that are rich, K) be rich in^good vvorte^ Add £he ancienp 
Faphcrs the better to e)^ite their peoj^e ijo worb of Mercy^ 
have written whole Books in the i^aife of ic. 
But fince God look^ m<K'e ac the mamH/r than m^ttr oE 

y&ixt duties^ and loves Adverbs (a^ jiMftif^ bt^b it) betcet 
than Adrje^ives, hee bokes notfoaaicb ^mm kmrn^ bour 

flood ciierlungii?, as *^iK^^^^ doe ic< I ihalt 

^leiefore give fome directions for the right perfofiBance of k f 
Ua^ M§dHtfel cadhfui frmifpo^ God bach preficribed the 
wN mr ry asvyettastheiiMsrirofQHiditiies> accordiilg tocfali; 

old fayingf 

Now he that will give -Rig*rfy,muft 

^i Bcrcevindy. 

I Cheerfulh* 

{ Jtighteouflyt ., 

f Sincerely. 

Give <5 Speecfily^ ^ - 

i Senfibiy. 

f Largely. 

} Difcreqtiy. 

9 C<>nftat!tlyJ 

1 yve 2kiuJ9i give heUmngly^ kx without fM:h ie i^ impc^*^^ ' 
Uto i^cafe.C^V mi perfons^muft j^fe before our per« 

G a formances 

v. ^ ■ 


44 Tfrdtls Olifih^jl Amos 41W 

l^nuncet on beifcctptsble, God bad firft re(^ to ^fc/; 
and then to bU Otfering. A wicked man may give an Almes^ 
and dM an aS which ismateriaUy good, but as ic comes (tota 
hmwbois in rebellion againft Gpa^ it is odious tahim f for 
thif Menaces pf the wicked ire m$ abominrnvn f^ the Lord. To 
iRake an a£iion Morally gpod, three circumlhnces muft con* 
tuc. I. The man muft be Kigheouiy he muft have both a^- 
imputed and imparted Righteoufnefs;- 1. He muft doe rigq^ 
teous things, j. He muft doe them righteoufly, Heemnfihe 
Oi Bekevery that jdU hd right Almef-giver:, for it is not the ' 
* S«« Mr. JTtf^.: Almcs of every one, but of a * Weeving A^^A^w, J^^,. . 
^ fills Pica for ZacheMSf Barndhu^ 8cc* that is pkafing unto God. fflu Gee 
' Ali^iSj ?• ^x f^^b to beleeve the Promjeu God hath made many precious 
\ Promifes to the merciful, ic is meer unbelief chat hiakes men 

queftion the truth of them, and this diftrufting of God is the*, 
very root of all that atimcrcifulhers that is in the world i iP 
men did but beleeve diat^f or one com which they Tow they 
ihould have anhuridred, aijdibac if they give rightly to th» 
poox^ they fliouid never lafek, men would na fow to fparingly 
as they aoe ; get faich in che. Promifes^ and this, will loofeif ' 
yiiar hearts ftoftichefe low en;oyn)cnts. Hee is rich who hath^ 
iritercrtin^li^Rromlfes) -'tHoeigh' bce.hath noobing elfe- in the- 
wotld> * for they ^re \Artuatty every thing, they are better chad ^ 
monfty ineur PurfeS) or bread fe but Cu^bards. Shall thfc* 
Husband-man PI0W5 and Sow, in hope of a doubtftil- Gt^, 
and the Merchant venture thorow many dangeri ac'Sea, i^i** 
uncertai]>v{Uch^s • andihtltumcWeq v&niure'to^ive^ to.i:> are 

. promifeda fure reward ^?,. '.. ', *^ : - ' •. ' •• '♦" 

• 2 Givt cheerfully ; (^od loves a cheerful giver, Kec prefers 

the willingnefs of the mind, 'before the Avorminefs of the gifc> 

a Cor. 8. 1 1^ 1 a. we muft bere^dpo dtfli^SbHie^ wWng to com- >■ 

mnmcAte , Rom. i2, 8. 1 Tim., 5. 18^ Free-will-ofleriiigs - 

" are moft pleafing to God. that is t^e bel^ H6ncy wbkh flowes 

from the Comb without crufliing,. and die bcft Wirie which v 

comes from the Grape with Icaft'pfeffing, We (hould rejoyc^ 

when God.callstis to works of Mercy>,^nd honours us fo farre 

asto be his Almoners upon eatc^ V \vhen meh give grudgingly, 

fit mil & ^"^ unwillindjf , and oxyc'P4uepi'lafIdoJitm\ a bit and a . 

fonem&pri' kttoick^'diey rorfe tbii? alm«sl: linw^Uii^ o6fedien^ 
tmumiefMt^'Xk^^^w^'^ ic4nuft^('be iorced frgm^as: bj» Lawy but flows 

- • - - ' ' gpai,-. 

Mi&6. 9. Love is ^ txMindful affe£l;ioni ic chinks it can never 
doe enough for the party beloved V it is the weighc which fet^ 
all the wheels of cne Soiil on going* Whqi David hstd fee 
his a^fiion!^ on God^ (hen he cmnks all the choufands that he 
' gives CO be asnothing, i C^^^^i ^9» 3* Many give/ but it is # 

with muchf calling u^n, and importunity, it (hould come 
like water from a Spring, fredy and fluently* and it comes 
like fire from a flint, with much knocking; it comes ftom 
themes if you pliickc a Rib, a Leg> or an Arm fnom tbem« 
7*beyfbould fpea'k comfortably to the poor, and they 'give 
^diem bard words, and ugly looks, and fo marre all« 
» 5 , Give RighteoHJlj ; as we muft love Mercy, fo wee inuft 
(Joe juftly, , Micha'6. 8. we muft give of our own goods jullly 
gotten, not by oppreffion, theft, ufury, &c; it muft bee 7hj 
oread ( Ecclef.u.t.) and notftoUen frbm others by any 
indire^k coorfes, G^d .hdtes * rohbny fw hurnt^offtrings ^ Ifa. * Sec T>^\t on • 
tf !• 8, wee may not rob Ptter to cloath fanU but if thou wilt *« Dccckf. of 
honour the Lord, let it be with thyjOYfn riches, Tr^ v. j •9*^^^ Hcm^ 
fp did Zacheuiy the. one half of /w; ^W/, not ^oF another J^^'.T^ii'^^^^ 
aians, doe. I give to. the. poor, Lnkf ip. 8. J#* warmes the Scr.on Mac.5.7 
pbdr with the fleece oihis 9wne flock,: Job 7^ !• 20, Goods, ill p« 33- & ^i^- 
gotten call. for Reftkmiw^ not for dlflrilu-ion. Our Almes*^-*^'*M'3** 
giyft be not only Works of Mercy, but alfo of * Righceouf- ^^" '^' 
flefs. Hence works of mercy are fre- 
quently called R-igbtVMf^fsj • ( PJaU * Mtmdtm' cenftfSy^td augetUr ju^'ak ; 
4 ^ ?. 9f Pr9V<^X% iSt P4W. 4. *f . ) ImdAtm^rcatorem qui vtiidit plumbumi^ 
noGonlv heGaufeitis juft Jind rigbte- acqu}rip amum, & noi iaudds mercato^ 

ouschatwe &ould pare with forne of • J^.^ . 7&S 'J.^r^JK 
our wealth to the poor, but alfo be- gs.iUud augetur quod m Armm pofeffi,. 
caufe it muft be given of goods rightly rw «* Aug . in i ial. 1 1 1. 
gotten>r and therefore thofe cruel men 
that rack* Tenaiits, and incJiofe Commons to themfelves, 
that opprefs the Poor,^ and then when they dye build them an 
Almefhoufe ; jchatfteal the.Goofe,- and then flick down a 
Feather; both they and their gifts are an abomination to- 
the Lord." . - • 

; 4 Sitfcwelj-i not for or bafeends, of Pride, Vaii)- 
glory^ Meric^ jor. .to be fcen of men, but fingly and fincerely 
chat God may be glorified, Matth. 5 . 16, c^ 6. x. to jr it is 
Y. '; ^ ' G i the ,: 

Anaathac'is cfeen(lcbatmakiesar siarsan J&ftofo^ k iitbh datdoikdi^ 

^^^''""^y^ nomawti Ictthcworkbc never fogoo4^ yet iT the end bee 

/^«5^^?. if Sdf, att u lofc The l^A-r/jllr/ did miicfa, yet becaufe A^ 

hoc rightly dr. foug^ cbemfdveai, and fioc Gpdr glqry^ dK» loft xfae. cme le^^ 

cumfgrnuated. ward.^ dvckctulf^ lec HOC tfa^ iefit haskd know what thy 

♦ rigbc hand dodi ; die more rre conceal oac ahnes bero^ jbe 

more appasent will they be made at chat great Dajr. Let us 

cake no notke ivtiat we have ^eiu hov inudi^ how bfk^ta 

whQiii;let k content u$, that diough we foi^ our good wpriu^ 

yet God doth ti6c> but ouc Father who fees m.fecret hee witl 

reward us openly. Lec vs tberefcnr/nv m fimflmt]^ ^If^if^ 

( Kqm. 1 2. 8« ) without any cbougbcs of merk, for whdt wee 

S:c^///^ftSy- ^veisGockynotouFS) \i.\^ •f kis n^n that wt riw mgt§ ^^, 

nopfix, Pap. iChrotu 20. ^4\t6. Hetvoi is Chrifis Purdiafi:, and nor 

contrax9 xja ^^.^^ ^g^^ 6^utt. ic i$ a ^fc, axvlwbat moce free tbanrgift ? 

«/f!^^^ J Sp^fy. Alittlegiveii in time maydoeiitee good rfaM. 

l/i jiuih tAv^h ^ven ^erwards ; d^{ay is aklnd of demat, rod tbere^ 
gioriandm efl f ore we ai%t commanded to be ready to diftiibute^ and if mrce 
fja»«w4« nihil ^^ fefeeve our Brother now< we may not Uy to him,. Goe> 
tfl^nofirum. cj^ and come i^ai» tomorrow^ Prw. g.iS, »c knoi^not whae 

Mm ttutint * ^y ®*y ^^^% ^^^ ^ ®^py *^^ ®** ^^ Jwween chtf ^ 
i)f rrr ciAc9m and the (ip ; the man may be dead) or we?nuiy be difabtea 
ff^im^q, U' fcr giving. Crafm to day, may bee Jlrm t^ nxsrrowf of the 
^^^ man may be put i^n fome^defFcrace €MtCt c£ fieaKn^ Ite^ 

when by feafonablc giving we aright have previra»i fab mine«r 

We ihoutd peevenc mens futei with oinr seadinef it and nee 

caufe the eycsof the Widcrw to fayl with wairit^i^ }t • t tf • 

as the Sun communicate^its L^hK freely, and G^ prev^em^ 

us with his blefiSngs, often giving us befont we ask (^r/Si/« 2u 

13. ) fo thodld we deal with our poor brother 

Gratia ab of- It ts ifkfomc to aningenuous nactire to (hnd crating tnif 

fi€i$^uod mo-' beting, and the Gift loofeth ^ great parr of i^ gmce v^ea 

r6 tofdat abeft. ^^ ^^^ tKe Supplant wJtbdfelayes, ftich dcfen*gjt(»toenc»* 

the fouf , and ihakcs it fidt, Fr^tu i^# M- 

They alfo datput offgiving tilhbey dft^ are mnchf to^ bee 
blamed, thofe are menof ^od mlh^mthAdiUids^ wheo^^ 
«diey can keep their riches no longer, then they ml# gifi^' 
fomewhat, not out of love to God, but for fcarof MKft ; ;-as 
the Merchant dod!i aft tnsrGMd^iuto j^ Seft^ ina doib^:ic^ 
fear of dcoy^ning, - ^ 

a How 

yerC4^ iifMls oifimcj. 47 

% HcMT (kft tjbou Im^ vrhecher thou (h^ ha^ 
riw^ many thac bave wanted a hand in their lifC'-tiiDe^ wane 
hearts when chey come co dyC) as we fee in cbujiifti^ faar4'- 
htm&iNsik^t^ I SaflLdf. yj^ 3 87 

Jc win be our wirdoiae cbeiefocein our healthy and wealth, 
^Ift wchaive cim^ and opponumcy to doe goodto ail, Vr§v. 
3« 27) i8« (?4/. 6. to. ic is good to make our own hands our 
own Eacqctttora^^ our own eyes oitr own Over •ieers; and 
Mot leave our fiibfiance co be c&^fed of by dk^fe who may fell 
k) mirplaceit, and abiiTe it* 

X Bverytbuigisbeattdfulinicsfeaibn, but oUr life-time 
• is the BmRfiafht fyc gtiSng, whUft wee are full, and have 
fomewHat <<> ^«e,and wlulft our brother miit& Almes is com* 
pared toy^Mr; (Pfdl. 11 a. 9.) now die Husband man '^ SttiAx.H^atr^m > 
very careful co obferve d^e ftteft feafon for the Seeding oUntbat rex?, 
hisground. He tbat pats otfUs works of charity tilt deatb^ U 
like cbemanthac puts off bis fowtngiili Hanfctt-dmei when 
he fliould reap* 

3 k is more pleaHug to God, and a more infallible* evin 
dence of a flrong faith and affiance in him- God loves thofe 
beA that truft in him moft ; now when a man can in bis life- 
time part <vit h^tis Goodb to gjorifie God> it is a good %i - . 
itfaac b? refts only upon Gods FnomiCbs and Proviidence^ aiid , 
not upon Creature-ciMQeifjorts. Lee us then imitate the righce^ . . 
0U8 man,: wh6i$ ever merciful, and lendoth ( ff^* i 7# t6.) 
f, wicked man may be rometjmes meidfiily or doean aiStof 
iuaercy, but he is not conftant in the duty, but uTually put^s it 
", ijtf tiU-death ; jaowtsht^ -'repcfit^ncc is ".fi 
tbeir life-time,. I (ball fetdovvn a.iaotable pcciidentin our 
C^mietimes» of one Mf^ J^a^x a Qttzen of X^^it^Ubk, who in 
iM Uft-iinH %9yt ab6v&feven choufand px»ind amon^ft im 
poor Kindred^ and fikf pound ftr jmxkmjiO a ^ach« 9c 
Monmmfhf wbere he was bom, and cauibd a houfe to bee 
buikditerewiibAUcoQvehiencnecdlairies fir for a^xiiy Mi^ 
^e& Heibreded a Free-£cbool there in bis life-time, and 
alfb bulk a fak jiottfe for .die Schpol-mafter, gbring fii&y 
^pou^ yearly to the bead Schodl-JBiafier, aiaddiirtypoiund/fr 
4^«f«q» to 4ie Uiber f or ever. 

HeeaUp^iiikiaftldo^vcal^w \ 

twenty y 

,4* ifraels Oiftlii^^. Amos<4J 

• iwent]^ poor people, allowing every ohef a Gdwn yearly, and 
two fhillings fix pence wfefckly^ and" gaVfe^about two thoufand 
'. . pound more co finifli the work. ' 

By his laft Will and Teftattient -h^e gave five thoufand 
.poun45 to be disburfed for the mainrinance pT a Preacher . ac 
■ Tij^Md in 'Gloceft€r-(hir4^^ and eertafei^jpoor tri' that Pi- 
rifli* ' '•< ' .*'•■' • 

• He gave to thfe Company of H^^dajkers in LMdon^'onc 
thoufand four hundred pound for the fupport of the; Poor of 
that company. He left fix hundred pound, and a fair boufe 
iti the City of London^ ^o bee dift[HXited • amongft the poor 
• Preachers in Eftghmd* ' He gave > to rhe Hofpi tails in England 
five hundred pofitid» To the poor in Stoadc^ two^hundred 
pound. " r 

To the poor In Hanhrough one Hundred pound, 
^ .To the Company of Hai^erdafhers by way of thankful nefs 

, for their care tateQ, and tpbe taken,, in the right managing of 

chefe afts of charity, he gave a confiderable fuaL - 

'I have mentioned this 'at large, to (T>ame the ridi men pf 
this age for their caldriefs, and avcrfnefsxp works of Piety. 
-Where, obwhere (hallwe find fuch J^^i^ir/i/ as this ! He gave 
rj^ ^^ wtf?^^^^ ^^^ give not pence ; he gave tboufanicfe, we give not 
fSnopfor-^^^^^^i heeereaed Schools, afldHofpitalls, he promoted 
pap. p. I z 10. -Preachers, and Piety.; when we are ready to pull down all. 
Edh.uU. The zeal and piety of this good man will rife in Judge- 
ment againft the Luke-warmnefs, and impiety of the men of 
this GetKtration. ' 

6. Sfn^ly and ^omfajfmately^p with a t3ender> pittiful- 
Sec Mr. Jd- fympjtthizing-heartrWe muft not only pour out our riches^but 
^ow^ehisSer. pur foulsto thcpoor, //i. 58. I o. vve muft haviva fight and 
on Mat^< 7 ^^"^^ of their miferies within our felves, confidcring that they 
p. 5.6. '^r^ flc*^ ^f our fle(h> we are all of one and the fame bloira, 

^ ifai^^^7.AS:s 1 7.2*.as good hands made them as made thee, 
.5nd as g'reac a price ^as paid for their Redemption r and 
though thou mayeft be his fiiperiour in Temporals^ yet he may 
excel thee ill Spirituals, in faith, obedience, humility. Great 
reafon theretore that we (hould put on bowets df mercy > /. r. 
dl forts of mercy, to. foul, :body, eftate; give, lend? vific^ 
cldath) counfeU comfort, anddoeallthatinuslyesfofthenr, 
Cfhp. 3; < ^. Tb^g9^d (fMKHfiW whefi.he faW diemifery of 


thcmaqdiailsU amongft Tteeyev^ee tpot ^oiw^i&osi'M^ 
Uini, ^jLf «% !?■• f W vvpgt fof ihofe ih« were m troui?lc, 
aSfjhis feuhyas.>n)»ay»ncfs |or ch^^poor^ ^ok 30^ ,2<i. l^.^a, 
raan. give nevcg ^ much, if-he doe^cjVWA an upl)rai.dmg> in- . 
• - ivixj^ an^ ao^ivwih a cooopaflioaaee fpyjij:,' it ia"aB6ipin,able/ 
itUagreateti^ja^ytibaveacorijpalfi^^ it isO 

tQ awe an Alices; A' ■wi;<;ked nijn may give fome of Ws 
(Goods, bitt a cbpip^{fioniu«. man. gives Coqae To 

.ff^vecompjii«io4^us. ';7,.t,a; W 
cafesiaml mike thc«n pur,oyv;u . ; a. _ iMake *»fe of thin? £rai;h4C 
fe xiifc great means to work ,iipoh tb?, he^ri; j, obferve tlieir poor 
fart their tattered clo?aivng,,.,i;heir cold lodging," ^nd feeble. ^ - 
bo&/ The SamaritanZ-wflie Wounded man, apdthenhee 
H^mpaific«». oV.bi5.;,ChriftV:.^^ Pecyle as^SheepJ«^^ ^ 
without a Shephepjl, «\d had cpmpaffion on them. By this by m. j^eiQ. 
ineank we ftiaUtlie -better know "the ncqpliii;!^ of, the f^ot-x^trsM *e 
and how to fiut.our alracs tb-thek vyancs. . Thl's , will make tis'Good samiri- . 
thankful wbcfivvatec how odiersl,ye on Stfaw,; drink Water, «»>?•<"'**• 
want Cloathcs. to their ba:ck$,>nd bread for .their Belr 

7 targeli, and Ul^r*U;,M.ArMt>i4h, .ga^ to thfe Kin|^ 
A mean, man ,mwft be frugaay /»W< d m^hof an ordiriary 
cftate niiift be mderatetjltper^ii but a rich ipan muff b^ mag- 
nXemh liter^t^ ei^i\ly ip ^cat and extraordind^y cafes, 
A Cbrifti'an.muft .bee .a, man of ia :mQr6 .^e^llent fpirit;, 
(7«iw^;i4^»*.) not.orafor,f4l6w,ign.®M^ 
is Wa^dl to iiying; whiifi.ufuallV'f il6nfe with a full 
hwid J to encourage' lis, ^he Apoftle adds a gracious Pr omifiSj 
that if We fow liberally .vveffiatlfeap liberkBy, iCer.9, 6, 

we (bould jAereforc, abound ip this vvork of the Lord, and *« 
• mtrc^ttU n(X.islAbrJ^m .OF. MWete merciful buf m 0itr 

l>eiimhfath«r is'mrcltd. Now'tiie Ldrd abounds,in mercy. 
' to ns, and fo (l^ould we in out degree t6 orfiers. We {houM 

act confiasout Almes jo an Eafler-dayi or a Chriftmas-Eeve, 

or a PoramumonHjay, but be ready on.all occafionsfor the . 

duty:; we ftoiiW nw,gtX" Pf nn> >« ^ P°^|?° ^*^«.P?'^":> y^u,^ p,,. 
Ecclef,:ii,U tX4ft:tljkreMd}t1ait is, 'all things neceffai^'^jgwS^ 
mo> €ellk,*fmi^. Ad' cvrfiu. caifat,c^gM,,/»ltrt, rmmtyftn trtt. Ai unimm 

rtftrmm^Aqitmafttii'^^tfi^''^* 9-i''''^^'''*^^^'f^'*^''' 

• H foe 

for thy f«Ktflfe6tHers Support, cldftkfranc^^ 

out grudgtng or repintng at him ; but then it muft bee Thy 

^ bread, got DY thy Uwfal labour i caftitoti the Waters, ijcttt 

is upci> the poor; atid though it may fcc« to be. 16ft,- as that 

^gjA\fiidii5thtovynd(T^ the River, yet aftef matty <layes wee 

^hall ^ndir* i.Somctimesinthisiife we ftiafl have an hundred 

fold, itie Simamit^ that entertained the Prophet had a Son* 

iThe Widow dSS^rtftah^ fuiccouitng the l^rodhet had an m- 

Crcafe of her Oyl. ^- i^omctimesto tfeie'Pofterity, Whcn'Att 

fatheri d^ad,then ^e Child* haCth favour fticwed him, If^ 

J 1 2; 3 . .^ Sometimes n6t till the Refutr et^ion, Lm}^ i ^i j 

Weliiouid therefore give apordon to feven, and alto tinto 

eight J. that is, Hfit9 fn^nj^ fot -*d«i^««f tpibcommmim th UwfcW, 

;ithe'm9irecbmmuhicadveQttrjj66Jnbftfe ' ^ 

'. , ' 6t>i. Jfl^/*^>tf knw n9t )y&«( ^t/iVf ^i«7 cimi vf^ #y, 4«i 

' M l^laythcrfeforepive (firith5«fm^») whilftthou hulk 
ftny thing to giive, bctorc all be gone, for tbiu kpwefi pt^t 
Whdt evils jhaUU uf on the e/&ih. Sad times may cofliQ, and 
then, tbofe, that; have been bountiful to others, fliall,ifittde 
fcunty^rom^^ii^trs j ' and as diey have meted to acbers> (b God 
tviirraife up tpme; to mete unto fTicm agahi. Wee fee die 
WHecr tiirns roiindi 'atid thofe that have1>eien on the top, a^' 
JRji/Wr'ancl mtjariusy have been brought to the bottOM j 
♦ve fhotdd therefore improve our patent while we ftkve it,. ta 
61ir Mafters^raife; God Jiidi mujrh difndndur'tlcfia6 him \if " 
fcterabfo, onme^ciftif, m^n i V^e fhoiiltl help t(f taikft xjff thofe 
Sihohqiirs by pur pious, meratut, ifld munificent waftiii^j, 
they fnffead of , giving bouiirifulty, :giyfe hafelyro the poor^ 
tnGuIdy-brcad,'jftirikixiemeat;that6nfe would ftttce give te 
i^^^s ,; yea their hott^^ .njany Jiixi^^^ mpre^ aiid :bettetf' 
Cbrn than ffoor wanting GhriR??!**? Tf baTe olfermgs.|^$fe ab^ 
borfed of I)4t;;^/rouI, ho?v i^uch'mo^^ ar^ tutli;TirdW'gif^^ ' 
abhorred of Gods foul* " ' . ./ 

" ' 8 Vtfcreettyy according to pur feftate and ififtties, and' 
proportionable to bur nei^bufs ntceffities^ Itich men muff ^ 
. - ' . ^giVe like rich mcn> and poor men muft doe a$ thfey can, ^ thti^' ^ 
^/'^%fMsU.2o. vvheri thegodly vterc in dlftrefs^the Chtrdi rs- ^ 
gJJX ifeTief a'cc6rain|'to\Iiefe abtHtv-^^muft: 

lirof. • fo give 16 one,, tliac we doe itot dTfaDle our Telves Rom gi^ng 

to others, Tho»«h ^ offendtin this hand, ycf icubctter ju>4 
fafcr ofending m the ekcefs and grving too mach, than tpo 
little. The i»/4ic«<i»*»*»'ace,<:ommg^ded for aiving beyond 
their«bilitXi.«C»r.?'3. t^'.p!">rJ^i4<>P M rj^thcr want 
ficr felf, *an ^ vvarai«)g 59 'ddiersijfid m f.he. Piunifivc ^ > . 
times tfa?y fold aij that ;hcy iii4 to. fupply flic Churchss m? ♦ 
icdritics,-^S* j. 45. <^ 4« j4. Bur ofdinarily the ni^afure of 
our ^mesnlutthe related according to our eftateij thisK 

toor4etouraft»UfWth.<JJf<;r«P^P»>//f/v ' 

to the ability; mmi^ G<)4 V^A WeM ^ *ye m&U^ ^Mf 
lojjwhattotjthejpopr* t,Of',li5.-» y^jftii<i?cpnc^de^;.fh>f 
;ttie tenth ^ir£ of oiir coanngS irt ought to be fet ?iparc, b/ my 
ofthaakfulo(;rsfor.,pipg^s4jf<5s; i^popthi?. account jfacehvow- 

tn -llu^^fi^^A /7.« *ft.W#: M^bVp wf^fean nrtt pnlvof 


f^ts who had .fo wanv: Sacrifices^r, ^n6. feqtt^ tt 
pay Vettnuft give another Tehth to the Poor ; .Ml tv^tj^cc 
&» awfteed froro. tiiof^jpe^wpnia^ bur4^,«,tje mu<;h ipore 

'jrwjfiw J Swugh'We arcbouHdtb givfe to iU th4t,kfc w; f^J^- J,«^„ ^;. 

tf hetctrulVmoeed, ahd thou art. r^leevc m-.-h^p&temportr 
'SpcciaUy We ttuft fuccour the W/yi'-r, anfl .cpmtn,^^tc "^J^S; 
^^^aks.nefefficies. !P4 .^ ic v,^ (nuft gtVe uneo^em ^/;^i^- 

S wV5n l»^%v^,W a-^^^^^^ «pft-, Thofe- i^e »Wr 
iSario g<>d/ydro they;;iiouWbe,tous. they oft m^^ 

^ai» l.what in^isMips) rf,.eit. wce^tsi??, |^. 

jr«i, .tho^gb they1?cFAfte shaapt^ ^^-*--»'?- 7^^ r«'«' '^ 

aey be in want muftbc fed^jy us, 4 X/»|. 6. ai ) ^ a.^f-?^- J. - 

• myfucHasare lufly, vxandrufgBe^ecs, that are ablp 

to mL J)Htar*;la*ie anji vvilUoj, .w?p, inuft .^4e he<^ oj 

ito^Jih,,:,^lQ&/h*pg W^p^KJifm iie,ce©3r, ^^^ 

^ Ijfaelsohfttffdcf., Amos4i. 

that with adinOnUion. There. vc tmioks of Poqr iaic : 

world,. '" ;'■.' . " -7 .. • 

'1. liijpotcQt Poor, pf, Gods, making.^ , 

* .1 Impudent Poorj_cffch?*JEteyi|?aiaK^^ 
Vafttfamw^ " ^ lApoccpt poof,wh^nOo(J>f Sjclm^ Shipwracfc, . 

ilentemjqm perfccucioa, great chajge , of Coildren, .Old age, &c. Tuch 
pnonpaverii p^^j yvhbfe wqrk is doncmUft bee. (u'^coured by us. L^ 

^* a But Impudent poor^'wbo are,' talkative^ 

idle, diflblute, ' and difordcripd 5 cmcdifm is ibc b^^ >ilmcs , 
forri^hascan'workindvVUUpf. Arodisyn^^ bacfc^ 

of fuch' fools, *. ', ' ^ .. '•,'..^ ' .. 

I God hatb exprefl^ (aid,. He thdt wUl }t0t UiofirfhMBnot 

eate ; it is not, h^ that is fick anid jcanhot^ but. hd' that is at)16 

^ 'ind. 'vvUf.not labour ibaJKro^ an^l pcrilH, ifkcT. ^ 3.' io* 

' ' > Suoi as maintain tbeinaip. tpik liflg^efs fin ^iinft 'the 
i;o6dL^wesoftheI,an<i.: ,' .:. /. yy y ^. . , 
* 9 AgainftthcLaw of Nature, wliich teachethpyery matt -- 
^ ,.^ byiiisipduftrytp provide for bipwp. .,:...,:; \. ' 

.1 . . V " 4; They afcTb^'eyies^ andpa?? tipth?tt^^^ 
K^] ..V tain tne-true poor* .... „'_•-. , ;-«•- • ^' '. •' < - • • 
' ' '^ \ *. 5 ! By a conSanc' reloevij^.pf th^'ni^ 'y^ii nftiiitalif th^in ien • 

/. .. their iidtetrade^.;bartlcn them in th^xr^^^^ 
.'*> * ceffary' toall their abojofrinatic^ns. . ^ ' '^ .". V . , ' 

.^ .V : 6 tte Godjy that;!} jiye^b^en very. tendex' to c*her kind of 

^^^.^ :- j>pol,'' yet hafe,t)ecn very tem^ 

to the blihdey yet made .tlje.fe jo run aiicl 1^dt th^felvbsv 
jf#i 50. 3, ^ J'. P4^/ condemns/ them fcjr^ theii^^ diforderly 
waliangj ana comn^nds us to with-draWfrfiim fiicbr * Tbcffi 
3.^.10. X4, They are the H evils -NUrfety^ dndSet^ittdrjt^ o\it 
>£ which hee cMlifeth foUjefor tlieft,^ Ibnle for Mkirds foDte 
"Vdr Murderers,' and all manijeftof vil|^fty, ^^fence FUh ^bite 
: ef^the vVifeft HeathcnV) allQvvecl nof kfay Be^^ ifi his con- 
ceited Common-wealchj as being, a great W?mifh and dit: 

honour to itt - ' ' ' 

.3 Wemuflbe4ifcreettnJliunnin£tbecaufes/of pDVcfty^ . 
.A whichdifableusfromvYorksof/MercyV'. 7" '•- '^ ;-'^ ■' 

'; Theiirftis/^/f»^i/>, this y^^^ fa 

'' \ ■ that in a fliort. tinie a inari canfto^help* himfeKi much lefe i5- 

'' : , thcrsw 

ther^. Idtlenefi ifid uncfaaricablenefs were ^^i^iw/ Sins, £^ 
«upit*l^* 49« thevercuous Woman is commended for her li*- . ^ ^ 
berality to the poor^ but what inabted her for it, why fliee 
fcteb for Wool, and *la}c, and workcdi willingly Vich her 
faaaids, Pr^. 31. 1 3, 14, »<>•'.. 

J' 2 IntemfetimQty in eatings drinkiQgt pleafures^ and paf- 
times; 80:. when men (hall give five pound for. a Dogge, 
ten pound for a Hawk> twentv pound for a Horfe, and forty. * 
poandfpenconaWhorCj-atia hundreds in Drink and To* 
bacco,, when men ihali. thus make provifion for the fleftito 
folfilltheluftspfit, no wonder if fuch cannot help others, 
when they have be^ered themfelves, Frov,. 21. 17. (^ 

3J* *r. .... 

3 Familiarity with lewd Women:, the Harlot will bring a 
man to a morfel of bread, and will quickly root out all ^ 
Bahs incres^e, 5^i( ji* 12. 

4 PriVi^ ; when ordinary building will not ferve, fump- 
tuous bidlcHng breeds forry-houfe-keeping ; So pride in Ap- 
parel eates up diarity ; when men have fuch large hems for 

-, Silk, for Satteni for taces, for Ribbands^ &c. wheti men 
ihall caJty Woods andlordihips on theit* backs, 410 wonder 
liBthcJt have npthii^fw: the poors bellies. As Bi J^ w/ com-- 
plaimd fomedmes, that he had no Benefices to bdbw on i 

good men, for C^^^^rhis Predeceflbr had devoured them atl t 

.fo tbefe have nothing for the Poor, for Dr* Tride hadi de- 

' . 5 iRi^ SamU^lf hathdifaMed many, and therefore 5p- 
UmoaCo oft cautions us againft it, frPv-6« i, 1, 3. j^ - 

9 Ckn tmfiantlj. InthemormngletusfowourSeed, and 
in the evening let us not hold our hand. Let us never bee 
weary of well-doing, for in due time we (hall reap if we faint 
not; folohgas thetearepqortobe ireleeved, and we have 
gppdstoreleevethemwidiall, weftiould be diftributing a- 
mongft them; now the poor wc fliall have alwaieswith 
us, fo long as the world endures, fo long the poor Aall 
ciidufc, and therefore we muft (till be fowii^. As God is al- 
' wayrt ftccouiing us, fo ftouldivc alwaies be f|icc<^ring our 
Brethren. As he rencwes.hi^ mercy _ to. us every mprrnng, fo 
^ould we renew our bounty j * we mullevw be following that 
. " - Hi which ^ 




vvhich'ti good, t Theff.^.\%. J^h was iddiacd^ ic.ftom 
jiis y ouch, and in his otd age he praftifed ic, J^k 3 1 • 1 8. Al 
^ Husband-man chinks ic not fulfkiem: cbac hee haib fowen 
his'gto\ind in former years, but ht condnncs hi|/fowinf j» 
che ei)d of hisdayes \ fo muft wee ip ttits. Spiricwl fpSTM^; 
Our laft dayes muflt be our bed <iayes, and our vycrk^ nore at 
the laft than at the firft, RiveK 2. 19* Confidpcf is oae vagtt^ 
dient chat helps to make an adi<m Morally good ; Ic muft bee 
done 5c/f /ym*, VoUnm^ CmfiMmtti^s&^^jmA know quo 
duty, and then {perform it cfaoeafuUy and cociftaiMy; asj 
thlsfecvestodiftingmih becwten the cbaricy.oftte Hi^v 
crice and the godly, iiteone ^Tes by flatts.and &s$ wbeii 
the wind of praife, and che weight of profit moves cbetr ; 
but the righteous dods righceoufiy atali cimes, imdihatiram a 
"Principle of lifcr and habit of grace wixMn- . 

Hee chat, would fee more, may fcatfe Drfxt&m JV Mktt 

'Thofbg.' Diffm. :p, p. 47i- Tfmfjnot . cbe edd vi ifais! Coia- 
thenc on J^^T.p. to^JoliihCM^ Ivlnibtir/ibap. tp^ p.<S j. 
folVQ^yLtJVhemf^s Poor man| Advocace,th:«0«iii ^is MatiS. 
[. 7. feflqfa Cafes^of CMc. fib^ c»5« ip. ft4^« &c^ fblib, 
r^^^htsTreafoty^-p. i&«3« 9c tmtdlbsueijfi 9^ fjifykU 
Marrow^ p. '584.</^r/^n Tdsa;$i:f^Tivf.,i6im'fJmJho^^ 
Heafotthe'I^oor. iAt.B^mar^^ Bsum^ Wuy m Good 
V VorkSy^lw/Myj %rm. <oti fV'al* tix. §. -GtrmMt ao Ezdr. 
itf.49. & infi^^mmmm Blnchtm melUficium ThesJtg.lxK^i^^ 

INthfts^^rfentihelProplst oomntm htsSart^l^i and-^ids 
che#/!w»/fif;^gc^oninthekfupi^ffft^ fffa&icqs, imica- 
ting Odds peidpie m dKiix x^hcffeft Sae^fiee^ rui«. ia ^hcir 
!Eticbttdfii€«fl,yoct«e, IFree-^iwill-jQefefitogs f iMiitvficMliME Hn^ 
'^hemkiidw, thou^itlMifi plecde chem^^et it ^^fh^M^^^^t^f 
^ appears by tbMte fevenl judgBiiMWtjf ^iiii^ii'iitt 4^ 



Verf jJ l[raels Obftindcj. ^ ff 

already li^ upo& themj axid yec further direacens agaiiift 

tbcm. ^ . , . ' .y 

Offiera Sdcrifice ^fTbdMksgivm^ v^Ub Umtn ; q. d* imkace 

0^peoDle» who mcheix Sacrifices of praife did offer leaveor 
Ded breaa accordiqg CO die Law CUvH.n.xi^) fodoe yee ^ 
in Ae Worftiipof your Idol^; what Gods people did holily 
ztJinrnfiUem to the true God^ that doe yee hypocritically tc 
i^r/k/ and GiV^W, CO your falfe gods* 

Of Bm here 4 .d$Hbt arlfeth^ vfhther thU pe$fU did fin in ' 
tfferkg IcMcnju^hb their. Sacrificed of Xhtnkwving ? • ^ 

u A. Sbmelearned men conceive they didan, and that their 
Sacrificit^ here mth leaven was contrary to the Law, Levk. 
s. tt. But as learned men on the other 6cfe fay, they did 
HOC fin in fo doing; for thotagh the Lord did forbid leaven in 
other Saaiiices (^Leviu 2. ti« ) yec in^Eucharifli^al aid 
Tliahk'^ofieringSy as here, they might brii^ leavened bread, 
Levitt 7« x3« The Lord therefore doch not blame them here 
far ofering with leaven) for himfelf had fo appointed ky and K^ ^^^^ 
in thefc external circumftantials they were very diligent ; but xlmT ^im 
the Lord blames them becaufe chev offered tkofe Sacrifices of sehotiis. ^ 
praife which were due to faun^ to their IdolSj and that in the 
Temple of Idols. 

Q. Bmwbjdif^ Lerd ferM leMfen w tber Sacrificci} 
emd yee eemmemd it in EnebsinfiicM ones t 

A. Sundry Reafons ffl^t be given. 
^ X The Lord mi^t enjoyn it, eo intimate unto us the due 
preparation of our hearts before we praife him ; for fo vvee 
finae jAMeu to be ufed , fomecimes in Scripture in good part. 
For the fecret worlds^ preparing, and fittix^ of i£e Dough 
forbaldngi making it rife and heave, which elfe would btt 
fad and heavie ^ Mati 13. )j; ) fo docbi^ods Sppc orepare 
and raife our fpuics in love and chaxikfulaeis to God for hit 
inercics, Pfd. io8* !• to & 

2 To teach us to temper our joyswith forrow, and in all 
our a^oachestoGod in tins duty , to rejoyce with ti^embling, 
TS^t 7^ XE< Hqpce the PafTeover was co^beeeacea witbfower 
herbs. - • 

3 Or elfe to fi^ine to us his gracious acceptation of ^m ' 
pcaifes, thoug|h mixt with the lea^n of many iminBities. 

4 Tommdthem (tay fome) of their deUyeiance frooi 

. thofe 

;f6 - Jfraels oBfihacj. *Amos'4J 

5thofe things, vtfnch -arc fee -forth by leaven, wV.' ftilfc Doftf ill, 

Hypocrifie,ProDhannefs, andthejike» ; ./ 

: ' Proclaiime kha fnbllflj the Frei-offkrift^Sy q. d* though you 

bring your Sacnficcs to mc every morning an3 evening, aV:- 

^ icorAngtomy Commandcmenc, and though iee offer other 

'Sacrifices on your Feaftival-dayes, yea and diough ycc adde 

to rhem all VoIuntary-oM wons^ folcmnized vyich greatpomp 

and Majefty ; yet all tjiis is but adding fin toiin^ it is a Jiiur- 

•clen, and an abomination to me» becauCe xht done in-.that 

place, and by thofe Priefts which I have ordained for thai 

vvorkt^Tbofe Voluntary-free-will-otfcrings^.we read ofi;X<- 

vh. y.i6.& It. 1 8j /Virw^. 1 5, 3. Dfm. i a. 17. tJi^fe were 

commanded by Law, and thefe the /^/«f/iW did imitate. 

j^nh voeata Thefe xhey did fMjh ok A froctatme by puMkk authority ,wtHi 

ecciefiam & ^eat^pomp and' folenrni^y, being very curious in C^^cmor 

Td^erlndm ^^' but carclets in fubftandals ; yet For the better clearing 

vimmns & of this Poiitti Wee muftknpWj that thofe Free-wtll -offerings 

aRas dbl{ttiones:vietc a kind of P^acc-oflferings for foqae -Bleffings receivcdi of 

•wbichwefiode thpfee forts : - ^' ' :::.. ..^i.: 

• ^i EuchanfticaL .;.:.'. r -irl m 'r • 
Soime weresa Votive. ■ n . i r" \ 

, : ^^ Voluntary. r^, 

1 Some were 5iiw)Sc// of Thanl^sglvifig and |)raifc,;f6r 
fomeBieflings already received, as recovery ifrom Sickileft, 
viftory over Enemies, fuccefs in a Journey- forblelfin^ of 
tbeFeild,6fthcWombe, ice. they werctocblipctotlicHo' 
ly place, ahdbring a Biillock, orthe like> atid offer it as a 
Sacrifice of Thanksgivii^ to God% for thofe merdes received^ 

a TTiere tvete rmve-Sdcrificesy' which were joyned wtK 
Prayer for a bjeffing upon their undertakings ;^or' as others 
fay, for the performance of fomeVowmade upon the obtax-* 
Aingpf folne fpecial bleffing from God, Jjcv. J.idi* 
r 3^i!htFree*will-9fering was of meer Devotion, when a 
m^n was not ticdeitheir by general or fpecial obfigjttioii, ( Le* 
vlt.j^ 16,) cither of Mercies received, ^r. of the want oF 
any bleflkig ; but of Devotion in general, by Vvay of acl^oow- 
leoging Gods goodhefs to them in the^eheral, and tefti^ying 
liieir defire of the continuance of his love and favour to 

^ ihem> 

them; fat ihlsyUafnh j9i^^ 9rythUyetl^0»OyieCiii{dre9i df Ahahttmy H^ 
Jfr4cljaith the L^J. What the Prophcc had fpokcn before I-^^^^^M f'<»pn 
ronwri4ynK>w he fpcalcs plainly without a Kgure, . and ftiews ^^Ji'l!j 
that he did not exhort chem to doe fiich things, but (hew:^ '^'^f^''^^^' 
^hat things they delighted to doc, and therefore bee bid* 
diem goe on, and take what they get 5 you love to have it fo, '* 
but you confider not what will be the end thereof, Jer. $. uk. 
q. d. 7 his kind cf /aerifies may phafe joHy ^ who .have tnadtyowr 
ownmHsyoHrrulcy dyHghingjattrf elves in OHtward fhewes jifid 
Ceremonies ; ii^ it is aijf leafing mto me^. thongh yea love t^ 
>have itfo^ yet. I hate your doings y and require no fuch things stt 
joter hands. UHy Sacrifices J expcEl at Jerufalem, yet you thi^ 
any frophane f lace will ferve turn ; yonfkonld have confultedmy 
JLaw^andmyMefcngcrSy and obferved whatpleafed me; km 
jon have defpifed mjLarp^md defpited my MefiengersyondfolUw^, 
edyonr awn inventions toyom awn confnfiQn i go on therefore in- the fie 
fonr retellloHS pra£licesj and perijK 



- - - - *♦ 

X Hipacrites are very fir iB in obfery^ng outward Ceremonies 
4md Circnmfiances^ hut very negligent in fundamentals and [uh^ 
fiantials. Tbey -ftrain at a Gnac, yet fwallow a Camel ; they 
have a form of godlinefsj but diey have not the power of it ; . 

they nuy have <beir morning and evening Sacrifices, they 
may pay Tithes, bring Euchariftical and Free-»vvill-offerings , 
ana goe asfarrein outward perfomwnces as ( if not further ^^^^ jyuon 
iben) die people of God^ .and yet for vyant of fmcericy bee the Hc^,p^j 
nothing* Ignorance and impudence, gain, and applaufe of & p. no/ 
men, will arry men agrear way. Moftlnens religion no\Ya- 
daies lies in cenfurin© of others, in holding fome feemingl^ 
ftrift Opinipri^, ind nigh- flown Notions beyond the rule j iu. 
difputing and queftioning every thing, but belceving nothing; 
ThcScnhesandPharifees^ what ^doc did they make about 
Tything of Mint, and Cummin, and Annife ; buc the vveighry 
matters of the Law lay unregarded y thefe forget that obedi- " ^^ 

€tK» is better: than facrifice. Thus our perfeA Pharifees the 
i^^^ff.9 h0W prccilfe feeme theyan their words; even beyond 
the rule; What adoe doe they jnake about Pulpits^ JHoht^ 

I . • . glajfex. 

j^ -jfrM^ olifhMtf. Amos 4: 

en i? meet Icreligion, matenoboneiof BU^bcmyt Herc&v 
♦ Ly^ng> EcyiivdcMiiig, Rayling, Wkch-craft, fcc, God wiil 
finiceAcbgrofsHipocrites. , ^ 

m Obf. Sserifices^frmft 4»4 dm odj p9 £jmL The tord 
was here greatly difpleafed wich //r^/, foe ofibni^ their St^ 
crifices of praife to their Idols, v^^ch ivcrc due to faua. Af it 
was their Sin that theyfoenc the fUver and the gdd friakk 
God had given them, in the ferviceof Bdoi ( lief »« 8* ) & 
to giivc the calves of their lips ( as PtaMcs arc called, Hmf^ 
14. tO lis well as the calves ci dieir ftalis to idot$, tm& 
needs be a God-provolang fin; A; all our Blcffingt come 
from him, fait is great rcafonthat all our Fr«uies 0ioii|d bee 
given to him* This hath ever teox the praaicc of the Stinei» 
Ffall ^6. 12. & 9^.i0.ii% &i<y;.n^ J^tuik %. 9. nd is 
©ft commanded, Pp/. 50. 14,* 5* -Ef*^/* 5- ao. 
. 3 Obf. Gad delighttth m Free^mll ^crings. The Prayers 
and Praifes that we offer unto God muft be voluntary, inge* 
Huous, free, Extid. 25 s. 1 Chr^tt. 18. 9. £^. 1. 19. * Or. 
8. 12. cAri>f favcd us wUingly ( '/4/.4«.^7-) aadthew* 
fore^we ftoold fervc him willingly % ,yca the Angels wUcb 
. «»more noble Creatures than we, ykTerve God willir-^ 
jp^.103. io. wenmftrefefl^ledieai, yea the uMtafiir 
creatures ddight to ferve God, lyirf. 19^5, 

Compulfive<^ience is no obedieiH% 1 die. ^brinise — 
{lerform to God mud have iJiree ingredients vck k, it mA faee: 
done Scienter^ VtitnUr & C99ifi^n$€r. 

X Ourfiwviceinttftbereafonablefervuje, forbtindl obedi^ 

ence is no dbedience, K#i». m. f . — 
2 It nwft be performed dif^rf^f and willingly^fi^ 

fcwes a cheerful Giver, fii be toves a cheerful Hea«r> a chqer* 

ful Prayer, and achecrful obfervcr of bis Sabbaths, Ifd.^9. 

X.5. It was Prophcfitd, thai; in Gofpel times Gods people 

^1^ A.«- fliftuld be wrHhimefes in- the abftraa and Plural NmiAer. 

fummem [pon^ conteofed as it were of willingne&i fo ready feouW they 

. 3 Ic iQuft be * confiof^^ we muft not only doe fighceouDi * See more ia 
tie& at fotficdmes) but at all cimesi tM. xo6* 3. .^f • ^^1^^ 

' "^ • Spi. I^Cefahing 

* '• ^ ^. , . I Pair, 5enn. 

91. p. f4»- See ten Qua^^cloMof Qbodkace )sk}Af^wU^Si^i^is Treax.of Sin- 
<fxvcfj p. X9S. &C. V ' 

4 (^^. Idolatry is nuirwlhmfieafng to 9Ur c^rruftfiatHris,, 
Men love to have it fo, i«r. J. «&r Corrupt Principles fuit 
wdl with our cortupt beans* Hence it b that men are faid to . 
be wedded to their Idols> H^# 4. 1 7* thofe rife/ A^i^^ andferve^ j^, mtms ^m 
^uulfeelit$w^(hipy]tx.%.20 tiMta^kcs multitudes goe after che fecond 
the Whore withnct bewifichinjg» alluxii^ golden Cup, XeveL ^^- *V* ^* 
i^ )*.onchi$iide Heli tfaereis not a ioier judgement, than ^ '^* 
thus to be gi^en iip to our own corrupt affe^ions. 

VfiicsB 6^ / 

Cities, MdiPi^nt ifbreadinaUjm'itUcesijctMtft 
^ jet n»t returned ufftome^fahhtbiLifrd. 

WHentJod Would convert a ^e<3i)fe, !ie afeth Mef- "-^ 
ftngs And Ciirfes, Mercies and Judgements, one of 
\)odi of which ufuaiiy work upon ^11 ingenuous natures, X^r. 
^6. bctit. jft. 6c 30. 1, 1. God had tried ^1 conclufions up* 
«n this people, hi had tried to teclaime them tnrMercies> 
( Amtis 2. a, 10^ 1 1, Zci*t.) hat thefe being inefieftual> be 
now tries wW Judgements wtXl doe • and therefore fends hit 
three AcroWes of Famine, t^efiilence, and Sword amongft 
ihcm to coxrvert them ( if it iiught be ) and not to deftroy 
ifaem> as fppeafs by that £d)phaticar£piftfophe annext to 
every punimment ; yet have jee net rtrurntd untc me^ faith th 
Lord. Noconi)P his Mercies, but his^ Menaces; not only his 
favours, but his frownes and tods Were atl ineffeftual upon 
the hearts of this imgenitent people. As arender father will 
life all means to rectaime his rebellious Son, fo God had ufed 
ail means to reclaim this People from their Idolatry, and A- 
(oftacy^ but all i* vain, for, they vyere fo wedded to their 
ra^ tnat they had rather lofe their Land and Lives than 
|>ast wdii them ; ib that this is the third S^ vVhich theXord 

I'a • - ■ bf / 



Ity lib Prophet chargech them wicbalL vix. OhSthucy and in- 
wrriglUenifs^, nocords of love could draw cbem, norjudge'-^ 
meats drive chem. Hie Lordbad wafted all bis r^ii on cbeai4 
ihvain, fiveor fix be mentions faete^ Wi«. 

r Famine. 
^ Drougbtn 

3 Biaftii^i^ 

4 Mildew». 
. 5r Plague,. 

6 Swords.. 

But they were fo farre from returning, that they grew worfc 
andworfe, and therefore the Lord refolves to make a. final 
end with them* Itt riiis Vcrfe we havci 

I A Judgement . executed^ and that is famine^ which Is - 
Ejl Tr^fhrajh Paraphrafticall jT fet forth by clUnnefsofteethy and is exegeti- 
fatms & Ml- cally ei^laihed in thecnexc Claufeiby w^nt of Bread, and pro^ 
f^^^- vifion, Ihavegivmpfichdnncfs of tieth^ What is that? why 

foUovvin^ rfic ^^^ (flnriad In alLf laces ; . when men have norfiirig to ear, their 
Scpcuaginc teeth are clean, nothing adheres to them to foul them* In 
reader It Sti^- thepfei:edent'Verfe the Loid.tells us what- pleafed Jfr^e^ viz. 
/»rm i<wfij*«, ^Jn, and now hee tells us what.plcafed him,t^/«». to puniiK 
fo^tinrrJ is^^^^^^ their fm; as they had abufcdxheir food like fat: 
i\r}|i«i, & Hi- Bcafts, to luxury aiid. riot* Ifo novv^they fhould faft f6r ic j and 
nificAt mun'di' I KdfohdV^ glvcu joHy or. therefore hkve I given -j4M' cleannefs 
tiem & vMui^ of ieeth?y it js a fuitable. Judgement that ynclean hearts and 
Tmd^es^vL ^^ ^^"1^ ^^ puniflii: vvi^ch, cleannefs of te^ib. This Jddgfe- 
tiiiQnt:l /ifc^/ ment vVas in pair fulfilled jn Elijah and ElifhaeT'diytSy when 
* in j^ktts reign there was a three years famine; i JC/»f. 17; 
& 1 8. &, 2 King. &. ay. &\i. .1 . and in the dayss of King 
Joramy for the.Idolatrv that then rdigned, 2 iC/Vfj. 4. j8j 
yet feme conceive thattoe Prophet here fpcaks* of foine litter • 
^ famine wbich'was then frefli io their memorie?. 
^^y^ 2 Hereisthe.iB;rr/i»/^j or Univerfality of this Jiidgcmenr; 

•^ dii famine was nQt in one or two^ but in. alt their Cittesy and^ 

ftt ail' places. *' 

$ Here is th^ eficft which* this Judgement had upon thenii 

^ - yi2« It was inefifeftual j 7<r have jee hot retkrned to^me^fauH 

X^rd: Their hearts were fo bardhed, arid they fo indurate in 

. 7 fin^fbat liiey were become incorrigible, anel incurable ; -diqr 



W€re Judgeimnt-proof > no cEsfitting could work upon cbeoi* 
Tethave jeenvt^&c. Tlus yet ihevve^ that chere was great 
reafbn v^y.Gpd (hould^cp^cbeir return » and that bee had 
done that which m all probability might have caufed them to 
recurQ) when he (ent thefe Judgements on them ; therefore 
G^ tnculcateSy^ and oft repeats this fencence^ Tet have jee 
mt-retiirttei inno mfjfakh the Lord ; as being greatly troubled 
that hts corre^oiis had no better operations on them; wh^n 
WtTk Phrygians zvA BaKiariatfi are bettered by blows, yea 
the dull AiTe is quicknedby the Rod^. and the heaviev Oxe by 
the Goad> 


X famifie iipn^ Judgement vphkh ^od fends upon Imfenltent 
Sinnersi When God is greatly incenfed againtt a .People, 
ebon be fends the Famine^ which he calls one of his four fore ^ 
Judgements, Ezel^. I4r*^- '^^'^ an Arrow which be ftioots a- 
gaiiS a People of his wrath, Efekj 5. 1 5. The Lord can no ^ 
fooner call for a. Famine, . but like a faithful Servant it pre- 
fently obeys, a King* 8, i. bee called for a Famine, and i;: 
came upon the Land Icyen years, Pfah 105. iduwhen it 
comes in extremity it^is very fad ; hence it is called dic^r^*- . 
He Famine^ Lam. 5^ to., TW will appear m feven pards? 
cttlars^ . 

\ It makes men iMr^^r^^yand cruel ^- even to their n^er . 
reft Relations, zs Wife and Children. Nature bindes a inan 
to tender and pitry^ thefe, yet in tiraeof Famine, we.ieadof 
Mothers eating their own Children, 2 J^iW 6* 28, 29^ Jer^ 
14. 9. Lam. 4. lo^ this Cur&>the. Lord threatens againft 
difobedient oncs^ Deut. 28. s ^. ^<J. 57* ^ 

2. Ij: is a lingrtngi i^mfhing, deoib^ other Judgements cut 
men otf fuddenly, but tnisconfumes a man as it were peece? 
Jneal^ Lam*i\>^9. 1 hey that or e^jlainvaithJthe Sword are better 
tbanthfif thafareflain mthJsftnger \ Why fo hfoK thefe fine #^- 

3 It makes men faint and (eeblC) and fo unfits men for 
the Service of.God in their calling, Gen^^j. 1 3- they faint by 
rcafohof the famine. Hence Bread is called the fiafe^ fiay^ 
sttdfirength of omi natures {Levit. 26$ 26. Pfal. 10 J., I5t 

Jfd. fi u Euk: 4. 16.) tike a Staft fiEorn ft vntek mm 
and te fall? to the gr<Jutei, 
4 It mtkes men howl and lantdm {Hrf^ i. 14* Jnl 2^ f i> 

$ Hunger ^/»i Itkf ^ priy vfhich ir a Hioft ccmble eie^ 
ment, irvraftjthe radical moyftarc^ Dem. j». 14. Jirmir^ de- 
fcrtbtn«; the Famine in Jerufiiiemy tells tts,tbac rboir face uras 
black like a Coal, and tb&r skin v^as black like an C>vei!> be* 
caufeof the terrible Famine ( L^m^^ ii*&^. 10. ) vvhm 
the C4/(^r MnVMr hath nothing CO fttdi^oniii coafinma the 
HHrnidumradicMe, and fo the man dyes* . . 

6 It brings Poverty with it, now extream Poverty is a fore 

Judgement) and puts men upMdeCper ate tempts, as>^ob- 
ingi killing, &c. Tray. 6. 30, cf 30.8,9. it thit^ ilch 
men poor , and forceth them to felt thm: Land, Glcrel 
Goods, Coath, &c. i^n for skjn^ and Ml tim ir num kmk 
-mil hghuofor hh V^e. • The t/E^fftiMs fold all tb«t they had 
to Ji^Joph(ot bread, and wben all Was g(Hie they fiotd dyeo^- 
felves,G«f. 47, 18, * * ^ 

•r tt is ufuaA V attended With other Jodgettiencs; 9s Sword 
ana Pitgue, fnch great Jtidgemenc$fefd(^gM.aflooe, jf^# 
H- ^y> i^.<^ 14. 10. E^j. i^^ & 14^21. 
' : Let tts ifren fly {rbm fmi wfnd) turm tbac God, who is 
mercy and pitty tt &IF, into fke and &ry, ^ fi;q^fdks8 htm 
to fend fuch terrible Judgements ^n his people. EfpceiaUy 
tale heed of fonr fin?, 

t Ifft^mper^otty ^fitktnrs^3xAC^^ 

mine on a Land^ Abufe dT ^enty Icrfeth ^entyi when men 
rifeearfy to follow ftrdng dmik, theii tbinr bonodcabte sien 
are fainifhed, ypr.^. II, ta, I jt >#/ !♦ 

a C^e^^'^f^kp^ ; w^n there waa a cfaree yens Fjk 
mine in rfie dayes iof 1;^^^^, hee imqtiifed ,of the Lord what 
vras die .ground of it j the anfvter wns^ ctent it wte ftr 
Ym/, and for hts bfotfdy houfe; becaufte he flew thar fShmliw^ 
contrary to Covenant coirfifwed by an oaih> 'ft^0 f^^j* if. 

x8. 2 Sam^ti.i' Jer. 344 17, i8. 

J IfhH men ffend flat Jhengthvfhkb fhj f$cmi ffom the 
Creattirey httfjefefvwe ^tbo Vevilj aOfffttfinilgcheRt i^fttbdr 
fufts, or m facrrfkingtoIdofS) as ^Ifi^mlit$sdtiimCj diey 
fetved J^W with the Corn and VfifK wbicii Cod had gjww 
tbemi therefore God cook it from them. , 4 C#iy- 

4 Q^tm^^fthtmfi^ thw4]i^miWwjh9f^C$JL God 
ofc punUhed)our ^reof Spukual fopd mch (be ^a>u: cf 
Corporal, Thcjf thac bate bs Meffcngers (bail dy$ by tbcs,;„^, gj^ 
raroioci Jcr, i !• 2 1, »x. fo wm men pccferie ui»r own 10- in Meu^. rbc§^ 
tereft$ licfore Gods, andean dwell cheoifelves in fidied bou^ z^;, fi/ftciiri;^) 
f C5, but rhc Houfe of cbc Lord xouft lye waftt Ais brii^gs a ^«^- ' *• P- »• 
Curfe upon tbar Crops and Labours, /:?4if, i,d.9. lo. i^ & G^irf his 

i SijQcckis the lord cbac ^end* cie^one&and wane <^f p 139, &c. 
bread amongft iu# lecusbefitfir/ffunderii:, lptu$ be dwwl^^'^/'A^^n f^^ 
and filcnt bccaufe the Lord nadi don« it. Tb ve in no cvU in ^'^ J ^;ff ^^^* 

the City of this kind (!ffwuay,ViJ^ is tbe Ai*f hor SSJ/^^J''''^' 

^oroer^rpfkt it comes not by AccidcaC) bui: by Divioe 

appointmcb:, it is the Lord that fends Faioines co Cu;ics and 

Kingdoms; and the rather we (hould bee pacienc.^ vvben 

we conlider that our Famines are notbing to wbac our fim 

^/cr/e* a Noting comparatively^wbenwecontider the f^^ 

years Famine in t^j^f^ when for five years togeiber thcfc 

was neither Earing nor Harveft > <im» 4i#4P# & 4f • ^. In ' 

.^ three years Siege of SamiofUy the people mim M eat 

their own Cbildtea^ and fed uponlSung, (% KfWgi ^ a.5* %9. 

ao;) an AS& head tvas fold for eidsty peeces of Silver^. 

woioiisienpouadinoarcoynv andd^fouitb'partofa Kai> 

€f Doves dung for five peeces of SiWer, now a Kab contained 

£»ir pound and five otinces^ and tberfourtbi^n; was tbif teen 

ounces , and for tbis^- cney gave sen AutUfigs and upr 

ward. But no £anine was like JtmfMmH^. famiua r ^ iftclie$icg;eo( 

wee may (ee in i^L0mm4Mns^J^mjij wbentbeChilv K$thtu 1618. 

4ren cried for bread and there was nomw ^^ theeii tboCe ^^^^ ^^^ ^ 

riiatwere doathcd in 5arlet embraced the Pu<^'hilJ, thev p ^*™^^ 

UautifuliViiiMrittrwcr^blai^ «d^d^ P^tifuJi (S5r&^ 

Mothers became Butchers of their own Children, i^ tae Lord an E^e was 
fkid tohis peade, GO0U Shilfi$, (» fay 7^ Ga to Gemkuij find kid ^r s s. a 
w^M^Uf anaco«fiderwhacGodbatbdoiie wtbemfor tteir piwof Milk 
55ns, there you fliall fee 0<«g^ Cats* and-Rats fold in the ^/wKc« ?o i- 
Jilarfeets, and men and women ngbting ht dbern* Tfaero ^ou a pound of Buc- 
IhaU fee Women^atic^ thekmn CbM4reo» .the liwi^ feedt cer 30 s,8^c.$ee 
Hig ypondie dead^> and <Ugging ^ ^ead Cofpa <»t ctf thor Book of War- 
Craves that ;hcy m^bt Iced upon tzbem, Beggw commg^ ^ ^ Vt^ 'Z 
<fc«S5l»vc-hpen kiUed and i;aKn». y«i the aWaoC Horfc$,£aiJ.\aJ/'^** 



I • 

Af IffAclsObfinaej. Amos 4; 

Sbeepf and Oxen> ba^e been their food; lee us cake heed 
left Germsmies Herefies^ Btafphemies^ Apoflacies, Drunken- 
nefs, 6cc. be found in England, left Germanits Plagues come 
biclier alfo* O let ur be an obedient people^ let us not f^hc a- 
gaitift God wich his own bleflings, nor abufe his plenty to \ns 
difhonour^ butferve htm with gladnefs of heart in the abun- 
dance of all dungs,for it is Piety that breeds plenty, Pfa. 8 1 1 2, 
13. If a. 1 .1 p.if there bee but a fincere will and defire to obey, 
we ftiall eate the good of the Land^and in titat of famine wee 

(hallbefed, fp/* 3?.ip. 8c J4- 1®- &37»iS^. j^^S-^o. 

Ttw). 10. 3. \fa. 35. if, 16. 

Fides- fsmm ^ ^^^^ tjfairbj^znd then in an holy fecurity at deftn^- 

n^n, fgmidat3 on and famine you maystau^, fob 5.22. Faith anfweretfian 

Bi:T$9. diftrnftful cares and feares, as Ahraham did in another cafe^ 

God wilt fravidftr ^ , '• ^ 

• Obj. Bnf thou majefl djt by the famine f 
A. True faith faith^ and that is beft of all for me, for that 
wiUfree me from (in, and frpm all the miferies tbat attenjd it. 
' He cannot dye ill tbatiiveswdl, let him dye by Famine,. 
-Sword| Pe(HIence, or t^atever Difeafe,' jetif he dye in the 
.Lord, in his fear and favour, be is bleifed, Revel. 14. ij. 
Though the Fig-tree (hotfld not bloflbm, yet a beleever'cati 
rejoycein the Lord in tbcwant of all (Hab» 3. ij.) hec 
knowes that the Lord can blefs a little, and make the Wid- 
dows nieal to increafe by fpending, t Km.ij. j 7. hcknowsr 
^ that God can put vertuc and nourilbmetit into die Cxeature, 
and- make iis walke in the ftrength of obi meaj^for many 
dayes t^etbcr ; as h^ did £/v^A, who went' forty dayc? to- 
gether in the ftrength of one dinner ; or if he take awajj ^r 
meat (^ as th^ Martyr f aid) he will take away olir appetite- 
oTllli'?* ? -^^^^5 ManHves not if bread onl;^ bm 4j every voti of Cod^ 

1 Obf, GoAfapstlnnefiniany titnei ti» their 0T»n e9jn. A? 
men cfeal with Others, f6 God deals with them. Thefe Ido- 
latrous Jfraolltes kept Gods faithful Minifters hungry, and 
fpentall on Idols, and'falfe Prophets,, and' novy God keeps 
: t^em hpjrtgfy-'; ' they like ?at Beafts were fujcurious, and ibu- 
fed' their fo6dv '^dnd tf^ fbfey'fliall :be kept ffiort, Vnd want 
food ; they ^tHifed th^ir^iftei and noW they^nnall wint ^a- 
tcr; ahd':thott^-Ordat:mettm4ny daw efcapc in times of 
, • famine. 

fantfnc, yet God can finite them wich^fiich DifcafeSs tliat'. 
they iHall neither eiace nor drink^ J^qftoquisfm^t^ineoftmU * 
tur. ^^/3^/w that was ptoud of his hair, atlaft it bccaiwatt 
Halter thitMpr tohai^ him; Dmid that abufed anochers 
bed, hath hkp»vrt bed defiled by Abfolony who lay with his 
ConculAi^s ; tvhen iic proudly numbrcd the people, hrc loft 
riiem by the Pestilence j fo ^Hezxf^ that was lifted up widi . 
bis TrcafiKjcs, loft them, Ifa^ljf. y. Such is our corruption 
chat vwfeldbme know the wordi of Mercies till we want them, 
Car'md9f^i^s)^^^iV^^^3 when wee want food, hcaltb„ 
wcalth;peific?, and the GoTpet of Peace, then wee begin to 
kno^rdicprice of thefe mercies. 

. J *Chu the frtHcipal end that Gffd dimes, Mt in 40rc9ne^ 
^jf/, is out cfnverpM. Hf correftsus for our profit, that wee 
inight bepartakers of his Holihefs, ffei. 12. ip, he fent the r.e %!. ©.i- 
Fain'nfe onthisiPeo^le, Azt fo diey taight retjirn unto hiiir. on AffllaitM, 
Thimhisfpecial end, J«* jj* ip.tb i8.&3^.8;9.. PpiV J4*.&cac 
944 la.&lrp. ^i^ Lnl^e if. iij. to jc^. wee ftiotild no^*^*^««^o^ hi* 
therefore lofe the benefit of our Affliaions, nor fhiftrate (Sodsf °"- ^ ^^^ 
end in conreftinff lis, but fay with the Martyr, L&rd dse then "* 
tiiui and I willhnd. As the Apoltte faies of Padence ( Jam. 
I ; 4^ ) 'Ij€t fdsience have its ferfe^ w&tl^ ; chat is, let it be fin- - ^ 
cere, and endure to the end 5 fpfay I of Repentance, let it 
not be a hairturn, or mfake you howl as the Famine did thofe 
Israelites ( Hof, 7. i^, ) but let his rods bring us home fully 
to himfclf, that we may return to him with all our hearts, arid 
then ive ft\all be bapfiy. / ' " ; . 'i 

- ^Oh^*Sf^hastismtrMlj^nmfttHr9t^G0diT)A$isim^ '■- '^ 

in that the LordcQjnplairti, Tet bavejeetm reemrnei um mee^ v ' *- ^ 
faith the Lord. Many turn from fin to fin, they turn from 
Drunkennsfs to Covetoufncfs , from Idolatry to Liber- 
timftn, &c. This is a changmg of one fin for another, but ; ' ^ 

ttueconverfionisatufmngfrom ail fin toGod^ it is atur* ' ^ \ " 
ntngfrdmfin which is the gfcattft evil, unto G^ whoifft^ 
chicfeft good^ Dr^. 4. 50. Jcr.j.i. a». Lam.l.j^o.H0f^ ., v 
14. l^^^a. 12* . • 

5 cfef. Hardned Sinners ^e incerrigU^le 4nd tncarahte^ . \ .• 
IJ^henineuhavegocacuftomofiinmi^ jand 4i^fe.|pite re- 
jeaed tkft Word of Gody then it is n<k a^U that Moun^ maij ' ^ 
or Mount i»tf» can alford. nocaU'^dceadfotCufrej/ci xbe\ 
* • K onb. 

fl,fic» m «ai£lK.gMci0yS;Pj;ofOJfi»so£ the <>A«r. d»^.caB. ^otk 

ubod cfi2oa i as wc fee «i c*«*> ^*^««?o> . ?-«/> aji4. ^rs j 

ettbeLordibend ajl his Arrows vjop t^em, y« thcy^rcQico 

op unto.hifn tnat {mUes tbcm", //#. jt l j. buc ihc mqce 

ftttft& Ser. sire fpiitten, t^e yyorfe the^ afCj, Iffy i. Sj ^xe. 

*".% V- ftithK» . toe mQtc,it.i& ffrofenitbetoclcric isj leL.^.^.. ™^ 

SiJ£:I"^^ thcq? ycdthcy'rte&ktp ^K^^^^ 

Chauft.p, »4j theBeJUovifs are bpmt ( the Pioph^K Ungs^arc 

i»pi» c^j^-rfgva It. TBe^/aye.. as, ftiSjB^S.^^ 

(heyifc upon ; fo ttuta^anv n^u fOX^moTc oFui^.i^fa^ 
c^ IJeyilsy fo;3^they Uleevf^cbefeisaCiad,^^ ^ all «i£ilcil 
he hath ^P^^n io; h^ Wopd » traej rt?)^ bclejvf^^fKc i^WfiCi 
Jliftice^d W£9tb .of God JTo far as to. tfoofid^^ U>aj3^ ^W^ 
tbpy gpc^yond mcft w^ . wHq wycr^p^fo f^^%ajj 

, t<>qi,iaKe and tremSie at, Gods threaqiii^gSr y^^; tbe^ be^i 

^ach t aught them a le^ which he catvioc liam iUiBr^y t;»;^ 
i^ ipockac Gocjs thKjatnings^ fayij^in th?irh^arp5 they (haft ^ 
See AUT6iiit tt^yer cobb upon tis. the Devil quake^i and fcais, whrlft.djefe; 
Tcry well OK ^^ fen(lefs and^ncQPS^blf?.- I4»w iiwqy .arc.corj«iacd<bttp,nqt - 
lafpredjby Mr» afldcnded i Bcifccn, but not b^teqcd i this doujl^I^s m^ Hnst 
^*r>»on janv ahd abates them cue of o^ftire ^ firfMlgVyhen hcithcr the Wp^d \ 
' JirSiS^L "^r';he Sv^rd^ neither, Macraes jioc Me|W^cc?,niMtbcr Proarif^ ' 

//»««wr fii lijong for thj^t Oceans whichQqdb^ lE^xeift it^ 

»f» ftaimm. they are i^gb to .uttc?.qeftfti^i^ ThUplaioIy appe^isby tltts 

cSnSS5^^^'^^^tfGod,chey never Profpe'red butJia^ oneWgHwst . 
fj.i|.|;xi after anpt!ietuUtb«vVer©;quite.deibip|e4 Wfi are apt » 
- wpndera^//riftf4rindMration>«wJycttb^^^ 
,>f* Jone^s^piufii tq jceejaim «»S;a5.6v?thcJM|(« >[^^^ 

. 1 Tbcliard htth fiumftit oar ndgfabout Kaciotij tfe wste 
"US fear, ive have feen what he hath d<Ki^. cd Omffki^ I^^if^ 
Savojyicc. he expc6lcd that their defolatioD ftiould have been 
aur Inftruftion ( Zcph. 3« j^, 7. ) hut'jfec we have not recur* 
nedtotheLord. ^* 

i He hath fcnt ambhgft as mariy li^/il^ifo and eii^k\ d 
^^wooe u$, and to warn us, and ytt we have ii6t rttomcd to 
'thelord. . / - 

f He hath chrawnttSrWtthcfae cods (tflovc^a^ / 

'Mercy upon Merc^, Ddivarance iiix>n DeliVei^-ance; Vl&o« 
ry upon ViAory, and yet yee have not returned to nae f^tli 
^theLprd.V . ; . 

• 4 VVehaVe frad Swordi PI'iguc, and ,f atmne aiiiongft 
us, and yetf ee have not returned ixiM ke faith the L&rd: 
y And now the Lord feeins to threatep ^eatct Judgs: 
HMSi arid to dfeal moifefcverely ♦vidi us ftf our ot)feiacyi 
ittd ifi^ttitfency, add yet we arc as f^pid ^d ftiBbom ' 
-ev6r, and »evftr once thiift of teturinng to fafm thatTrfucci us; 
*P Aat tfie topflwdtttd awaken every toul df fe mt, 6F tbli 
4i^4hddfeaAyflcep! 06 thateVcry one would rioW eoe 
U^ Ms Ctofiit^ and there fi^oUfly ask bB fo(if» frhM mi \ 
^dhe I A^aifitt wfiat lighk arid love, agaihft what wooings aha 

*#armngs, agatnft what Mercies kpd Jtid^inents have I re- 
Ki^Hed I None fo beloved of hts God as I, and none that bath 
fo abu^his fove as 1 have done. Oh that we could novv take 
fiiadietbonrfelves for our ftubborh ftahding out fo long ^ 
gaif^fo gboci and ^acieos a God ! oh tliat we co^d ju^^ 
1^ Selves for our rebeilioh, arid loa^ our (elves for. out 
great provocations, then would the lord repent ^ the evii 
Se tnte^ded againif us^ and wt tn^' hope to. fee better day$ 
than yet We have feeri. 

Tliis People did fometimes hoWl in thcitfiiftry, and fatt ancf 
-fitf ( mf. 7. 14^ ) but it was but cbuhteffiSt, and therefore 
the Jf-ord chargcai Aetoifill with thtsi retbavejfei mi returnii 
f$ m^jfukhthe tcrd^ Fdfc things in Scnptura are counted as 
tiodiings.^ A wifckcd man is accounted as ri6^ man, /(B^. 5. i^ 
'•^1 (tr^ts of fef^fdemfYfttQ full of men, fefbt becaitfe they 
k gbodmen^God caHs thenar no meti« thus the ^dced 

K 2 . ztc 

,K' , 

tfr^tts otfiiiUey, AfilbS4^ 

He^wkohave noheant, i»e, nt% good beitty imd foas good 


tbtn mrt jet thee fm»tAs utbc Hsrvt^ } snd I cdi^m 
jtd it f fsiM nffn itu Cith and CMJed it net tp rsinB 

rn dmther Citf j ' Mt face vtss rutted ttfait^ snd 
fU€e whtrtifdtt itrsmedntti mthered^ 
S^twi^r three Cities wandred map me City to drink 
water^ ht tAey, mere mtfftisfied^ jet hofue jee mi 
retttmedMtotttJtffdith the L^d^ , 

npHe Prophcc deCcciids co the entimeradon of new Ju(%rit 
^ /I. foOEKSy two ofwhich. were the Canfes cf the Fsmw. The 

jfoftwat DroMg^ and wane of Rain^ verf. j^ 8« The (econd 
was BLaftix^,, MUrdew^ and cbe Palsier'-wotiD) t«r^^^^ 

This Peopejwere like Qouds wu;hoiic water, and yeeidedi 
na obcdieocc to Cod, but folbwed Idok ; .and now bis cloudy 
have no watet foLxbcm* .When God is agaiinfl us all are a^ 
gainft u$ ; . fo that here we bavca fecond Scottrge,. wbec&-widi' 
the Lord chafitTed tHis^pcople that be.misbt bnngjthembofne» 
. '%o hia)rdf> t/i^ Dcou^tand Barreoneis ; b^ bad before pu« 
xu(bt tbeip witb Fanune^and wancof Bread, now he punidi- 
eth them witb Thirft, and want of Water« Thus the Lord tried 
allconcluiioas to bettec cbem, bucin vain, as v^U appear by; 
tbcfcQucU - ^ 
In cnis VeA we hav^vThcefficicm caufe of this J^ 
^*^*^*^ •*• incnt, v/i. the Lord, jn^nfewkh^halden the . rain fsmf. ym$^ 

«ai^f'r ^^^ ^ lattttrain, jvhicb th;tt hocCountry had moft needof^ 

Ibave forbidden &: to fall upoay.ol^faichGod^ ./ 
; 1 Here is the.continiuncez)f the Judgement, it was not for* 
a wee}^ ortwo, but for diree ^nonths, even till the fruics oC 
ibc earrb widieced and were deftroyed^ and this the Lord did, 
the jnojredeeply to ,9&6l tbem with cbeir fins^ . OneaQonth& 
want of rain, in • that hot Country efpecially, (hoitld have 
$IPditd tbeii^ ^ two! jnonths ihouLd have aftonUObc . tbein,. buc 


Voir. 7/ * IJhelt Okfimj. d^ 

three inoothi .finM^ ham ' fiiUy awakenpd tb^sif 7^- fiicb . 
was cheir grofsjcnfleftiefs and ftupidicy^ chac they laid it not 
to heart. And therefore die Lord the pett^r to kt forth his: 
patienc!5| and dtt!» peocAes iqqpemceocy^ fets forch hk deal* 
ii^^ardcularly with tfa^oh' ^ndpdls 4s bow/he hr^^c tbC; 
Famue^ the Drmgkj the fdmr-wmn^ and the t^itenee^ 
&c*^, upon^hem. He canoe not XuddenW upon diem> bat gave 
^on fpace to r^fici and time to coiner their wayes, and 
the tokens of bis <UfpJ[earure ags^nft, theou But fuch was their . 
ob^acy and jmtice, that ii^u^ - 

thdr Difeafe was too ftroi^ for the Phyiick, and tbelr Mala- 
dies for Godsrremedies^isTabour^vas loft uppn them*.' 

3 Here, is the junfture of tiine when this rain w ^ wich*held- 
£toavthein)t^i«« dir^B months before Harvi^^ which vyas; ar 
\>(m Jl^^b^' icx ahout (he latter end otMajf^ ^n that hot 
Country was tteir Harveft *, this was called the Isttfr^ ra^ffyMd 
was very needful to fit, fiU| and ripenthp, (Com for Harveft. 
Foi^ tbehetter underftandngof thiS) we^ muft know that the 
I^ndof C4M«;»wasnotlii%didLandofe^j^ forinv£* 
gfpt they feldome or never had ajiy rain *( Zecf^. 1 4^ 1 8 . ) for^ 
the River Nilm did once a year over-flow the grea tcft part of 
cheir Country, and fo $d; tpdUow vvd ff^fsv^ the earth for all ^ 
the year after. But CauMH was a mountanous place, and 
iiouldnatbefo watered, ixA therefore the Lord took more 
foecial care of it, and wateied it mth rain froqi (^aven^ 
( Dem^ II. lo^ii*,/ In this Land tberCfWcre two; more e*^ 
Q>ecial feafons i(>vizmyvi^iki,tf^^ 
i^hen the Seedwa? fownj thwit mtghfc cake the better rpot*= 
iflg ; and the Imerraln in. the S^ng h«]mb, . wjiea the Corn 
was grpwfliiip and earii^^ itrfo^the .Harveft ;, anid this 
was called tbe^^r^ r^iV^ vvhich is faid to fall in the firft 
inotKh, that4s,in-W4^i. wlvchwithther^ 
of the yeaty Jw/ 1. %i. H^icearethprC' frequent expreflipni? 

in Scn^TQpi^f(nf9f& ^ the Idtterr^^ J V.€Ht^ 11':^^ 
f. 24, Ilof. 6.^9 Ze$b 10, a. J 4m* J.?, for in Harveft it 
feldome or never taiiysd in tbo(is hot Countries^ and -therefore 
^en Simfel biy Prayer , had pbtMned rain, in . Harveft, tbey 
loc^^ppnit as Jigwi'^ipiBihiiigi,! .^^«^ 1^.^ ^^tVli \^% 
1?/Bpw.tjie7«ant ofei^pr i^^|tef|?.raifis,vips fad^;Ui|:fp?d^ 
aUyi^^^jWcTi 'Wjwji.,* j«M» teil;<J?e)i^,igpr5» foafn^capwof • 


wnK«f ram cd ha«e k «mhe$ iancU j'e We^ tii«€^»dtt ^UIA ■ 
needs be ^iSevoustollia.' „ • • - - - - • 

4 Hereis the tecurttendi «ir<G^ |a^«Mett8,^ ^->. 
< aingHiOiechb^nveen Ckj^ttdCkyi Fdld Uid WlA^ Iim^' 
: ftd tt to rdtHtftn one Qhy^ *hdtik t^H m t t i t r, hH liee cdtt- 
Ne futtmi litandedthe Son to iHne on Gtjhmi jUic( lioe od «^|^, fo lift 
ir«; /<^f 7df w« cotnmands die rain to f atl on fotoe, and not oti%w^» Hi^ 
fieri, & ajirf thti^s caoicnotby chance, but feypwirtdtncc ? It k I ( faitfc 
rumeurfiiy/k^ the Lord) that €«inm«Mted kytb "tt&i ueoft^iM! fei»al df' 

Mttrmim 5 Here U the ctted of this JiMlgemeiat. it make^ cbeM httt 
f /»!• XiJirA from City to City for water \verf* »rH»it JtiPM^, for rffcy 

could not get enougli to fttisfie their titMflfiiie(ri • Thtj if^erd 
fimfiUe of bodily vMntSy but \ki/^i\At^ ^riAHtf wait^^ 
tnd therefore • 

6 The Lord cohclude^ frith the ullirf C^o^^^, TW £«be 
jetnkrttfirnedHmmejfmththeLttdM itiough ttey Vla^ thui 
fiidly afAiaed^ yetivtrd they docllecnf^i t»ut ftSh^4 ftt 
ciirwleebdeitatl fJoffeftioW* • 


• . ' / 


<■ • • 

U angry i^th a People, then bc!6 wkhrboMs^eb^ ^oi'aier 
ahdtc^ latter rain from thtm. God hath rAh eftougk in* 
ftorc, but tc 19 our ^9 which k0bp»n:#roA f^lSfigutK)ti u^i 
his hand is not ihofthed chat it ^ftfitiot ti^tf \iixtkkmc klU 
^ity that ifamis aiAfay good tMf^ ft^m mt thdfe fii^t t&e^ 
Heavens^ and make them hard a&kon, focbat (ifey cannot 
heare the eardi, when ( in its kind) it |[a^s' and cries f<a! 
tain, D^t. 28. tjy^. ?%.«i.p,ta< it irt^dvebai^ae- 
hrit^rain. ThofeCidei^^tW^M^indd >i[tott ia tie 4&at^ 
fon^ctoncewe to have foe^ godty Criittf whi^ hftti^ Tddl^ 
tryj and worfhippedthtf fine God, tboiigti rtle telt will net 
hear fitch a gtoflle, f^rGodm^s bi^ Raiir, Wfeich-is but • 
common^ BlelTingy to f^ in the Wild^rneis / ^*)8« 2 tf^ 
t7;)'^afldnpon^ttferttnj«ft'a^wtnftS*ii^ jAft^; yctt'ii^^ 
ftiofTc^tsliii'thiitmetyhitil^ pi^iiiiK even ^f t^ethjpbMl 
blefi^ ^lid ftcb^mliitbM MA G<lditf'SpMcteI^)ffiair 



£01 may fcetteg«)^]i)gcattfe.oC^^ Judge«ient> J%^ avt 
havt Uvea t^ wOnicTr ^ftjtr id^nj^^ j^;thi^Wi$' J|/r4r/A Sia 

•1 <Ml^^fd9fhm^^ 

ctnprecwefalqci bij^itfe,^^ JLcmSs I^rcfog^weii^jri'W 
^vc and WflSr f^ih^ if isMtktt mjkff itrmn, #/» ^^/f^ 4«< 
nit $m ^her. t>p Cfo^; ajDe Gqds. Serva#t^:, ilpga. bidi - 
(bem.goe ra& here and noccbeccvj^ tl^ef exa&iby:oSic^ Ih$ 
commands f ^* i7f Hi n, k.) hence tqey ai?e:CfiUeqjy// 
<3S^> ( }»• 26r8^ ) t; In r?%eft of £jjffiV^^ cm^ 
fedi cbst Sun to Mvv Jip.^noyf^ Vappiu^^ aii4 <^9 cuns flbimr ' 
iflCo tj&ti'^zt^]^^^ C9:b^ iff Meofift 

Go4»caHedtbeFattic^rfti^ 5** j8. a^9, &}jfti ^7* W- 
^7« tf« 2#^ .iTbey ar^ tiis Qoiias inre^tift <>^ SMifJm^ii^yyt\i&f 
are no /(boner jproduoed-buc cbey are prdencly a^in^ in theic . 
^lejand r^Qnfoj;cbe^If0cdai^*Ma^r)One wbflorai^^ : 
on this Country, ^QA,mM(x^^ix^ \^^\^^ 
pots witb Which bee waters the Wod^, dbe-JSwte'^/ Hiov^f, . 
( J^b 38. J7.). ou^<>f which God fcpds r^n la refrefli the 
earth |tnc{ make itfraitfid $ ^*e4:rownsiiiQyear#hbhia good^ 
«(s^v when hemaj^esbtsjplot^c^codrop dc^vn^f atqqfif 6^ 119/ 
'M ^5 1 » *i The c^c#ts as. it were God? Gaf);Jan,vtl)feSw, 
IiK CiQernv and the Clouds hl^ Bot^es tch t^f^ik th$ -^^ffh^t^ 
an^ihpUifieic,;. and niato? it, fkj6a?-;0ttr 'fervicet This is a 
^eatmercy> let not the< comq^onn^s of^k taka^away the:: 
^nfebCity Wjicii: us fear to offeni hiin vrtio-pvcs us rain; 
God takes it ili lyh^n yve flight hw. Pt^vidfence in^ thi? patp-^ 
cA^ty^ere^.%..%/^.^ neither f^y they ji^ let us felirthe Lord,* 
v4!o gyret^ ihe/orwer and rt^e lap:ep raiHrif^r^/c* vyhafc a filirnge/ 
ttogis this ^tha; il^f W»?)^A<»^<8i^^rf^W^6«*«^^^ 

-» . r 

See more 'm' 
.Job,f. 10. 

•TOUT hard b^rts, and qsa^e yoa feaf to oflfend 1dm ; wee 
■ihould fi^r him who hach hoc ody Fife, but Seas of wa- 
i ' tfcr t<j pouroh fiich as cUfpleafe him. CXvc not ^qu Go^A^ 

, Tyco'ittotb6r, mJmy afcriBcrsfixr;as the Philiffii^^ 
yeftruAie*^ to»Atejff ;. (i^ iJ4w.<S, p. ) fo fay many, chi^ 
*atbbrought us raw, or tKs M««, or \AU Planet," ot this. 
Jdblgod ; the Prophet confutes all thefe in the toct, Jth 1 
tbM mtfid ittt r*t», faidi the lord, ihfence the rain-is called 
Tiugifh Job J. ip,mutb^^ij^st M7v!«,jo. »}. 
whieb M given fometimcs m iu&9jn VSkt. 6t. p. Affi i^' ji 
and fomedajcs m y^^emeiaf Ezra i o, jj. -Jdb-JT. i-ji-l^rov' 
28:.3. EJ*k. j8i»ar»o Kfch ri6r Creatures, ho' JckA-goJk! 
fio-nortfcte' Heivens tbfemfdves .can ave a" (hoyrac of Mm- 
»vith»ilt *wc*f of conjmahd Irbm God (.J#r. 14;' 2a. i and 
^**ft>«i the Lord cohunan* nsiiii the Want of rain to ask ic 
df-himi,^»A. io.Yi-fc tra^^/v^*;^^^^ 
I»fbmfeih<o heareuf.PrayeK jhtks.pkrtlcular^itwi.S.: 

Atwythcinvyith diofe vain A-fgiiflUcMirx^'^ji take upoa 

whtth Gibd htth concealed.rKtotbe fon^ of oHin/ Ra^h 
fiitwecMrif^ent'thihgi and therefore no jxen cap pofitivcly ■» 

SeeMrP<ri^i«r{^ic(haUramohfuch ;t dkV^ bat npt on hfch-a day* be-. 

IJ.SfS2r^ ^'*''''' J^*^*^ '^''^' "'? **^ *^ may rain on one City; anS: yW 
tnSuSZ: notr«n«thefametimeortahothef.^Tbe folly otfuch p^- 

vingituttedy fens fefuffiaemly knowp "toevery obfcrvaflt eye, ,A«ia« dies 
unlawful to fit* erratff^ let. a man wrici f^ir weather wheh they write foul, ' 
buyorufeour and-hemav hit as triie-'as thcy. '' . "','.' 

ToSa^S' \^^"*'^li: "*^. ^'^S <>? .^% i^>i/ig>/whbn men" 
Vol.j.p,6«. take upon them to Calculate mjfns Nativities, to. fote-tell. 

Waires, Plagues, Famines, ihd chains In Stajc« and Itiag-. 
rtHdm imr .*>"«» ■««<* «W t^s by the Sij^a ; ibis^ pka^ical chetc,^'. 
reritit h$mi»i' is^etcfdlyand h»driefe; if you will bele^v^'iSt, i^iitfj«t," 
but mfirtbi- f • .• iv . . . • : They brine pebpie imomtferableTS ' 

WJ«re } oMcstff mw> .o- m/iiM ichtM- ^ ™f ^taf res, the manners of men, . 
ti*. Aug. de D$a: ihrift. I. i. Ztu together wirfi jbc aft? and events of 

— \r L '' a' \;^'^* ThisjudiciaiyMrorogyisthe' 
^y Key ttotVwAthccfoorto Witch-craft and fiofatnS ' 
Hsnce m m Sowh-ftyiw,- Afedogers,' «Bd Idolater^ mi^ 

cunec ] 

ycrf.7. Jjmels Otliiifuy. ^^ 

times yoked cog^dier, as Da». 2. i. ii. jfms 5, i6* The 
PcvU del^hts to have men ftudy this Arc* 

I Becaufe it robs G^^of Us glory, ahd afcribes the fore* 
xjtlimg of things contingent to the Scar^, which is proper only 

^ It is injurious r^w^^, ar\d keeps them in perpetual fear j 
and flavery, cdling them, that if they be.born under fucb or 
,fuch a Planet, then they muft be burnt, drowned, or hangedg 
&C. When people belecve not Gods Word, then hee give« 
them up to thefe delufions, ifd. 66. 4.^ have nodjing therefore 
to doc with thofe Pandm of the DevUg oftd Brokers for HeHi 
buy not their Lying, Juding, ambiguous Books, but burn 
them, Ails 19.19. if iuch Bodes as derogate from great men 
muftt>e burnt, how much oOre fuch as draw mens hearts - 
-from trufting in the living God ? TheAftrologer (faith tbe^*^^.^*»- 
learned BwchiHs ) fins a§ainft God^ againft«fr«, and againS '^*^^- ^ P*^- 
Inmfo^i becaufe this Art isfullofPeftilcntcuriofity, of tor- 
menting fear, and deadly flavery* The learned and hborious Sir H«i. UvU 
Knight hath long fmce condemned this Devillifli Art ; take ^ ^^^^^^ 
it in his own words, AfhologU evontHfalkx, 4^fnp€rfiitk^'^3'^^\ 
/4, k B^trbaris tnUmlbM ImfortatOy bonis ^ temforiim Grms imer/ubt]uf* 
igiMs; etum malii Rof»f^ ff^l/^* Ars^ quod in arte turfifftmumfMuo: bos nu- 
off. m&is text a frindfiis^ nulla fubjmx demon ffratione^ nuUo t^4im, mfi 
vonS^s hlkvfmo. rujbns efest 

Agtinft this cur/'ed Art, fee Arch-BiQiop Abbots Thefts ''*^'^«^*'^ 
tertJA.. FtiUeri Mi^^Un* 1- 1. c. 1 5. p* 99. Spanteim. Dub* 
35.P..a,p. ilU Bkpchman. Caf^^nfc. p. §8. folio. Gdtd- 
kerzo^n&Lilfy^ loM f^ri«/4w>-;Rdvancement of Learning, 
p. 147. fVeemfe Vp]«4« p, 21, 8<c^ Sarctdies ArgQiisy chap. 
1 7. C^/viii Opufcula, Traft. adverfus Aftrolc^am, p* 8of« 
Ficar^ againft Heyden. Wdterhonfe Defence of Humane Loar- 
mng,p.3o,&c. ^ 

Verss 8. * 

S^twq $r three Cities wandred unto we City t$ drink n>4' 
ter^ hmthefmrenrtJAtisfied*^ jet have yee n$t f r- * 
tmeed unto'mejdth the Urd; ^ 


Ain ifl the Land of C^^^*^ where Ifrael dwelt, it being a 
very hot Eaftern Country, was very neceffary, not only 

t for 


» »- 


f^ the. Mtes of die eanb« but atfo for the quendnn^ of tbirft 
b<ih of Man and Beaftf cipccially if it be true which fomc 
learned men affirm, vtz.. VoAt there were bot few Springs, 
herei md nocoofiderablerivetsbutqnlyj#r<4<'«; this made 
them glad to keep Rain-water in Cifterns ft>r alt ufes^ being, 
ttiofr affliaed with Thirft arid' I>rought if it rained not. 

This made theto run from one City to another to feck w«n 
ter ; for ashunger^ fo Airft breaks, thorow all dtj&fibfcs^ 
Thofe Cities, that had no watery did rati to duofe CUits 
Aat had either Sjwring-Watcr , or Kain-waiet ,, im 
(hty tme not ffifficed , faith the text , fo great was ' ifae 
Droughty and fomany that wanted, that theycotiW not get 
Kraterenoagh to relieve theknefceffities) noMcin diofe p(a> 
ees where they had heard tbta it had raindd. Ibis dievvte dm 
greatfttaigbtthattheywere irn nodiging nor delving for 
Water at home could help them, no new nor old Springy 
could fupply thenijbttt they were forced to leave their houfev 
and to gee from G«y toCky toffcek water, and yu they could 
not be fatisfied ; for the Well^, ot Water which m^ht ft»- 
ply one City, yet cpuld ndt (vtpj^y fo many. This one would 
tbnk ihoirid have awakened them^ and brdugbc tbem to Rc> 
l^entance^ noA)ufar did afrkbt them, and made the» 
fad, but yet they were not bettewd by their fadntfs^ for they 
went on Hill in their fins and fuperftitions dangercufly, and 
def^ately, without any retttrning, and therefore the Lord 
upbraids them once more wkh- a^/vv have yu wk rumWfi^ 
mhme^fahhth Ijnpd.^ 


• ■ < , 

ir Sln-^ md ffeei^the ;pn ^tJUtmpy hrings s Fe^fk mt9 

^f^4ry?rW^fej. The Earth here languiftiedi, the Corn wicher- 
ech, and men run up and down for- water to quench their 
thirft, and - yet cannot get it, and why isall. this ? why 
for- the fin- arid Apoftacy of diis people, x King^ 8. 35.. 

a Obf. God hath iforietf^ J^dgfrnsnts U jhre^ v4iu^e^ 
nith io fmijha rebelliom pofU^i want of B^ead will not- mend 
them, ne will try what want of Water will doe, and if :nci- 
dkiof dbefe wll. work, jet he hath the Jeftilehce and Sword 

• CO 

» follow. Great Judgements are like great men, they feldoih 
goc alone, they havemany attcndaius. Hence when the Lord 
had threat ned many fore judgements againtt his People, hce 
tdls them that if thejf will not be reformed bf chcfe dnngs, he 
will yet plague chem f^ven cimes-inQreyacco'cciifig to thou: fins, 
yea aiid ieven (Q tlut) and.feveoro tbaj: (^Lmt. %6. lit^^i.r; Bgbingtn 
24.2^8.) fevenumeSf tbatis, many times, and more ex-^nExojl.ii. i, 
treamly than formerly ; if one Judgement Will not work upon P* * * ^' f^^i<>* 
Tharaoh^z hath nine more that (hall ^and iFlefTer will not llir 
and menid him, he hath greater that (hall end hinty ^xod^i i^ 
&r%. God hath npt only writteto Judgements, but alfo mtify 
unwritten ones to fend lipon a reDcllious people, Dekm 
%%. 61. ^ 

* 3 Obf. TrHerifentmiceisaverjdifficulttblni. It is not fd 
eamy wrought as inany imagine. This people here had line 
upon Lin^, Sermon upon Sermon, Prophet upon Propheti 
and Plague upon Plague, anti yet you fee the charge lies &• 
gaioft them ftill, that thcj hid mjet reUimed t6 the %ord. The 
change of nature is no ea(ie thing, it is an idi oC Omnipo- 
tency; now true repentanceis no lefs than the changing of 
the'natur.e> it is not only, a change of the words, or of^thc 
Works, but of the heart and inward man ; it is the changing 
of a Lion into a Lamb, of a Wolf into a Sheep^ of Fire mto . 
Water, and (rf Darknefs into L^ht^ //^. 1 1 • 8. Efhef. 5 . 8. 5^ y^^ ^^j^ 
None can change Nature,but the God of Nature, no rods or his Morning 
affli&ionsofthemfelvescandoeic; they rather ftupifie men)Ltauie,f«tfrr« 
or elfe giake them fret, and fo drive them further from God,*P-^^7« 
rill he by his grace doe fanftifie them, andfetthem^homeup- • - 
on our hearts) they mil never better us ; how many are cor- ^ 
rcAed. but are never taught ; but when the Lord * teacheth j^^ ^ Jp*" 
Mortincation, Sah£^iHcation, Humiliation, and obecfiftncebyrmdof Mn 
our fuflfering^, then happy are we, /y"^/# ^4. 1 X c^ffs^ on PlaL- ' 

Bar/ke$s Oot^ . 
- Trofft Love 






f$ . ifrdtls Ol^itMtj, . Amos4b 

' j0itr^Mrdemy d04lyomt^iM€j4ras, ondywrFi^^iries, 
4ni pnr oUvt -trees ificreafeJi the Fil0$cr^tHf^m 
devtntred them^ yet have jee net returned nitt§w$eei 

; fdith the Lerd. 

WE are.nowcometo tte third Scourge whVK God 
ufed for tbeamendmem: of this People, and that is, 
the fmiMg of their frmivfKichgrcrt in cheif Fields, Gardens,. 
and vine-yards. They had abufei them to Luxury and Ido- 
latry, and now tbey lofethem.. God had riven: them Corai 
to fiipply dieir ^fejfitjy and Vines, and Figgs, and OHves . 
(or deligh ; but their finis deprived them both of th? one . and 
the other. In the words vyc have, 

I The Perfon fmiung, and that is the ]Lord; it is I, your 
Creator^ Pr^ferver, Deliverer, that iiath Weft you fo long,^ 
that now doch blaft you, It is I that hkve [mivtcnyoH» ' 

% Here is the Rc4 with whifh hec fmites them,' confifling;^ 
of thresXaihes.. , , ^ 

I- Btaftlnga'.. 

^i Mildew.. - 

J; The Palmer-worm.- 

Hue dad & 9- > BUfting ?nd Mildew^ that may have relation to th'ec^rn,. 
finer t merhl & and be one c aiile of the Famine. t>cfoi;e . mentioned, Verf. 61 
vhU jegeum ( and the Palmer-worm may have relacion to the fruit. God 
/*''^» *^/^ . ufed variety of Judgemenes that they mtgh't the betce^ fee; 

fc^!fflr#^- ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^'^^ ^^^ "^^ attiibute. things to Fate, or Fortune,. 
jj^sakemgl to Stars, ptfeeond caufes. ^ / ' 

dkmtur\effi--- . Blafti^gis a Curfe threatned againft a difobedient People; , 
eeitfkmptk. ^ . ^ Vm. a«. a*. ) itufuallv comes from an * Eaft-wind, which > 
S cSl* «,v *^s ^ fcorching drying Witid, withering theCom, and naaking .. 

CoS^aa:itl0QlCyeU0W, Gen.^l.K 

Hof.gk: 15. 

SkddJmon, ift UYtdOi arUitas & fereufftoy fegetum^ quafkd$ vtvtus mtmds ingttdi^- 

'"^ /geaSy nil «•» m£tkrejcant. 

^i/^;?jp b^excefilv^ moyfture^ 


sMkbgiciook *paies ^ ttut ic never camef tb man^it)(^'^>'4itfiv^r«. 
for che natural green^ is gon^ before ic bee ripe, and ^^Sfi^'ft^^fcat 
ibe colour is fadld. ff'^m.jcr. ^ 

Th^ PMmir*wprmis a noyfome, 
devouring Wbrm, ic is one of Gods •^'f *• * /^'^^w t^H^rm efi tsi$fg. 
great Armi^ which he femls againft a ^Xrs^A^^^^^ £ 

rebellious People, «> dc^oy; their JfU iJtasLk^ L/etTttfi^it 
Vuie-yards and Fig-trees, that is, die ins viiiifkt & hhfutmy oieritm itHinfyi 
fwites of their Vines^ Fig-trees, and ^ arb0ribtu. SwUim^ -^ 

Olives, bya Metooimy.of: the.fub* . 

je^ft.. Tbefe. atc.v^fethad Locuft?, for that, feeds oiily on the 
topsofthc-cars of Corn, as 4ve flies; but the Palmcf-yvorm 
ftieks clofc to'-dic Fruites and Floors they light on, and will. 
DDc off till they ' have confpmedthein^ It mates clean work, 
leaving nothing behind ic. Thpfe (/>»f//V«,thac.negle»fted their 
^uls, yet vfed gris^tcire 4nd[ pains-, ahowc their Vines, O- • 
lives, Ckirdetis, rand Orchards, but alf your coft and care faith 
the Lord fball be loft, and become a prey to the Palmer-^ 
worm- . ' 

3 Hereis the hW when the Lord fmotc them, and that. ^^^^ ^ .^ 
was in the -very flower ^ prime, when Gardens, and ;„ J^j^^^^^^, 
Vineyards^ &Ci were increafed, andloadenwi6 fruit, wbtni c . augentibus 
d}ey were muldplyii^g^ihen be^blafted them ; or the. multitude ^^^ veftris, 
of your Gardens and Vin«ards did the Palmer •Worm devour; ^*^^«» f *^** ' 
fothc'Margin of our Bible. ,^ • ' - (^ 

. 4 H^re are. the - Ptrfoptt -whofe fruites were fmitren, v/*. 
the rebellious Ifr^ftk^s^ .in^^d^d ip the' Pronoun :Pp(feflive> 
ypursj yours, yours ^; your Gardens, your Vine -j-ards. your 
Fig-trees, your Olive-trees,, j it is ^rydur- fins, and your 
fakes that tbefe arc fmitCcn. 

% Here * is the unfuccefsfaU^of thefe r^ds upon them, 

jet hdyejte n'of r^mrn$d 'Uhtq $hfi^ ffifk ^ Aft ^^4.^ Qfl? . Jodg^* 
Baent/houjd bare wrcHigte'upest.^^jni. ,9P^ fecond at k?ft, but 
when a third and fourth flkall g<)0€,- a^ad ycc a peopje (hall 
fiot be wtough): uponi it a!i^e&' the bei^ of ODftinacy and 
malice^ and that fu<h Perfon$ are^exceeaingly i)linded^ and 
befotted by the Deyil t<> liieii; ovvj3<d^ftru<aion v it is a God- 
provciiilg:Sw, thu$ ftiU tp fia :%gi^^/he min^ f^fl-th^c 
recovery ; an^ther^fore tjhe tord-iliilfJUyeshis.ixs^vj^ 
ii>re> smrf ofe c(»apUi»es of it,:as,hgr^^ foelfcw 
\ " / L J • • T<r.^ 

See more be- ofcdoch'he require the ataendrnqnc of chts faulC) malongma* 
forfe dhvcrrc ^y promifes to incourage them, Jcr.^. i.y^i^, %z. and 
^. Obf, 5, threatens them if they will f nor, y#r^ 15. 7# and yei fliU diey 

. cohtiijue impenitent.*; 


I Gvd wants not Wafts and Armks of Criotmei to ^uH$i$ 
aftnbhorn andrebelllous feopU. He bath the Hoft of Health 
and^the Hofts of tlie'£arch acfakbedc, knd if be bac bifs,. or 
ftamp^ofgivecheleaftink:imatk>ntotbem> cbey are prefemly 
up in armes againfl us, Ifs. ^. t6. & j^i%. Froft and Sflov^, 
Hayl and Tempefts, are aU-^is^fervants, ready pceil ta doe iis 
m]lXExod.9. »§• Pfat^ 14^ i6i 17, 18. 0aj[^2:. 17) 
with tbefe bee can defeey 6ur;Frukes in the bud^or iia che 
Uade, or wbent^y ar^ come tomatutky > yea when cbey are 

- in the Barn he can.feQdLighHEng and cgtifume cbem. If bee 
be an^ry with us, he can call for an Army of Infedls, and con- 
cemptible Animals, and by thefebe caadeftroyus. When 

• Pharaoh rebelled againft hioi, the Lord fent an Arftiy <^ 
Fro^s, Flie^) and Lice agafinft bim, atid by cfade bee vest 
bim ( Exod.i. b. 16. 2i. ) the Lotd hadi Hoih of Men and 
Angels atcomoiand, but bee chufetb rather to confound hisr 
enemies by thefe contemptible Creatures, that he. miv^exalc 
bis own power,and abafe prbud man ; bee %adi thz Canker- 
worm, die Palttier^worm, tifie Locuft, ncid tbd Caiieipiner,^ 
thefe ai«<:alledbisjjfr#4^4niy7,^w^ a dif* 

obedient people, Joel 2. it. 25,, 

Ob|. STo are not troniUd with an Armj ^f Locafis^ Talnoif 
worms J &c. thofe were frffcr r# ^fo EafterfO OmorUs f 

jfnf. It IS true^, HiorMfi^ octt cdd Southern Climate fenoc' 
rub)e£i^the annoyance tiiftheife | y^et jf die L6rd bee angrf 
with usj be can fend.eyfen tb^ tip^n us^ for South and ^ Eaft 
are alike to bim« Mffiicattji md Adet^Kj^waUy^ liee iiai^ 
troubled us with ati Army of L6ciiftsy Caterpillars , Canker- 
wormsi 6td. yeainldnd, befetitafirillgeGtabw|hichdevott• 
re4onIy the Btatley < wt»dbis moft maStA by DmiskeMeTs ) 
mm£\7paftsortheLKkl,iiithe year otie tfawfand fiir ^Htn* 
kc^fyttfmsA^ y«Ljiiidte caix^mdwilt <i UEfogimfd goe on 


to fin afcer ;he racerthatic hach done of lace year* y bring in 
*Jfn Artay pf Forrcigncrs, fierce Md favagc men, whofe ^.an- 
guage weundcrfiaud jioi;,^.yybQ iball fliew no osercy^to the 
Old,' n^r piccy to tlie^ybiu^; vrhj^t is faid of tiie . NzuOslU is 
Hioft true of thefe Metaphorical Palmar-worms, tbijr are the 
lUfiAndthc wQrfiofeviis ^ %bcy fweep all- awJiy .bcfote them, 
and make clean work where they goe J Joei a^ j. and this k 
that JudgS^ment which die Lor^iecmp. at tW^ to tee |h»- 

S ting for En^landy, andyec \sk are notatfe(%&d wtthic* The 
lurches ei;x9aii^^ are ftrpngljF Edited, , and iian made ji kind 
of Univeifal peace amoagft ch^pifelves, ^et£ and Amman ^ 
and AmaUci^ thi MosiiUn ^ ^tfat Jfmdiusy the U^armt^. 
%g,c. Trance^ S^m^ Itafy^ Cmrlaud^ H^lbrnd^ D€»$»4rkc &t* , 
are an confederate and umced ; and the. Ourcfaei of Chrift , 
i^ ftiould jo^n to rbeit. Pove-li^ fimpltcityj Seiiptadne : 
'wifdome, when inchls ju^ure of dmethejiihoddbc moft 
firohgly umted, thby are moft fadiy divided, both within and* 
without, ths King of Z>Airflf4riti with the Beftors of Sdxany 
tnd Brsffdcfiimrgj joyn with Papiflsagainfl the ProteAanc i»- 
tereft, and fo dorb thz Hot fsttdir. What fad Ma&cres hav« 
been in Smoj and Poland is well known to the wotld ; and ' 
Iftots are preparing for the deftro^tion of the Proceftants b^th 
in Frawf and Swipzerland; and Englimd that was alwaies 
wont to preferve the Proreftant intereft, and aifift it in all 
Nations, yet is fofadly divided, and crumbled into fomany 
F^onS) and Fra£iiens, into fotnany Divifinis, and Sui>- 
divifions, that without a Miracle of Mercys we arc Ukcxobee : 
tnade a prey to the Common adverfary, who labours with all/ 
his nught to divide us, that fo be may deftfoy us. Let us then . 
fcrve the Lord with one flioulder, and with ohe confent ; lec * . ' 
• tts not provoke this great God >. who. hath fo' many Armies id 
ftore ready taexecutehi? Judgements on u$i j^* i ?i ?. Hee 
is the beft friend, and the faddeft foe ; if hb be for us, alius 
for us, but if he be agatnllrus^all creatures are againft us. We 
fliould therefore make pea^e with this great Lord-General of 
all Araues, aiid then they will all be at peace with usj when 
our wayes pleafe the Lord, he will make even our enemies 
to be at peace with us, Prov.tS.j. the men of T/r^ and Ji- 
it^defired to be at peace with Herod y becaufe their Land 
wasnouriiht by the Kings Land; A£ls 1 2. ^o. all we have, we 


<8o 'Jfrdels Oifiwdcj. Ainos 4J 

iiive it from God, ?rc are Tenants at wHl co him, and there- 
fore fiiould be careful co preferve his favour, Man^ vvhen . 
Bulling and Mikte^s are abroad y ^oe not co God, buc 
CO a:Bu(h tor ayd ; Tliey will /i^/tbeirCora, and fiickup a 
Buihr. thinking by^this means to keep ic from BlalHt^; a 
Heatbeni(hcuA<»n,^ be abhorred of all fuch as acknowledge 
the Pro>ddence of GM. Such Acheiftical pra^ices may juftly 
provol^ the Lord to blaft chy Com indeed. little better is tbac 
of die Popi(h Procefltons about the FteldS) with Flaggs, and 
Banners) and Babies. The beft atid only remedy in this cafe, i$ 
humble penitential Prayer^i ^wg-S.jy, $8,59, to fuch the Pro- 
xnife runs, IfBUfttng^ MttdcwyLocift^ or CMterptUars h in the 
X^iy if Gods feopUfinUifrdyj and kjfow everj 9»an the fUgjH€ 
^fhis 9T9M hesfty tnatis, bis Ski, which is the ciufeofallo- 
tfaer Plagues , theft wUI the Lord hem" in heaveaj and'fer^ 
gwe^ emdheAthe Land^ 2Chron.6/a8. ap, 30. & »« tv 

a Obf. L^fs of frmt h ^$t»$pymetrt fer fitg and a p^ ef 

4Sods Mffleafnresgainft 4 feofli^ Fruic, Com, Cattel, Trees, 

•all fare the worfe for finful man, God turns a fruitful Land 

into a.Wilderncfs for the wickcdn^efs of fheiri that dwell 

dierdn, Pfal. toy. ^ and therefore when the Lord is angry 

with a;Pcople, we read how he brake ^Hpir trees vvuh hayl, 

and deftroycd their Vine& and Fig-trees', £ltod. 5^. 25. c^ 10, 

5. Deut.zi. 16, i7» i'*- J9*4^ ffdl^ 7*- 48. & 105. }:j. 

we (hould therefore over-look fecond caufes, and fee Gods 

band afHi£luigus in thefe lofTes. Manv impute that to Winds, 

Frofts, Blafts, &c. which are indeed the finger of God, point - 

ingto our abufeof the Creatures, which provokes him to tak« 

See »^ *" W. jjj^jjj fjQij, Qs^ i^ yyiii bgr Qyf v^dome therefore when ever the 

Trm^ of ^^^^ &^^^s ^^ plenty, to take notice of Gods hand, ana 
fruit-trees, p. praife nipi ; and when we want them, 50 be hunlbled before 
x6.17.thc beft bixn, and to beg thereftoringofthcmathis hand, who gives 
on *»« ^^^ IP all that ask mf aitb, liberally, and upbraidcth no man. 

indThcolos. ^.^ \^ 


that 1 have * ^ . .. - 

fcen. ♦ • V ^; - ' . %r 

^' VIA. 

I • • 

• • • '-, 

^nfti jfMT jPM«r^ me» turn I jjUtfie wnh thefwtrA 
4U$dbsve tdkett 4i»4j jm borfts, and I havi made the 
Siiwk tfjnir Cm^ t$ emu «p int& ynir nejhils % yet , 
: hsvtfeenttrittirneiiuittmeJMththeJLerd^. 

IN this Vcrfe wc haven Eburtii and 'fifth l^^od, whcre-wirfj, 
die Lord chaftncd liiis fhibborn >p2Qple^ vlx^ ti>t*PefiiIcffce^ 
.and the Svpvrd. Befocc they Were fmucen vyich die P^iim^ 
which rich men many times feel not; now Follows die PUgife , : 
an4 ^ii^«rif» as ufual Cpncomicanci on cheiormef; hence ^tt 
tbefethiee are forftjoyned together in Scripnirc/TO T 

withthcrich^aswellasthepoorj ^a the Sword ^yhjsipnn- 
-cipally at rich men ; Souldiers doe hot ufe to enquire^ whete 
4welisthe poor man> but where dwells the Vfurej:! the rich 
Oppreflbr, &c« the poor fcapc beft many times in fuc|i com- , . ^ 
i)uttioos, J^* 3p. ao* V. 'i. V 

.^f M^v^ ifraci ? ^ ; .: ; \... . ; :, -^ ; ^ 

-rf. 1. It is conceived that the PeKUehccoF «^^^ tele . 
meantt wasnotany one particular Plague, but a complicat- 
ion of Plagues ; and fpecially the Fifth and Tcndi Plague of - 

onmiH. Firft, there was fo great and fo grievous a deftruftion 
xif Cattel,. that all the Horfes» iJSzh Camels, and all the . 
CattelofotfjTptdyed (£w4l. p,tf, p.) a AlldieirfiWl- 
bom dyed, t&re was not a hbufe in which there was not pne 
dead, Ek^d. i%. ap/ ff4•^^%o^ 5*- fo it waJ ^rnofl^ 
cius people, chere^msa fore daughter both oFnoien and bor- 
fes. TaS Prophet feems to allude to ibedayes of Kii^ j^- 
Jfcr4A^Kii^;of //r4rf; when die King of S>ri4 made fo great sec my Com. 
^ flaugbter amongft them, A?t of the whole Army of //S-^r/onHoC ij.i^. 
rtbere were left- bitt fifty Horfe-men^ t;en.Chariots, and ten p. !«• 
choufandFoot , all the reft were ,de0rbye|i .'and made like 
the duft- ^y tlirelWng ( a' King. ' J* j* ) Hereupon the Air • 
ff^as corrupted, ana the loatnfomc itencli l!>t' fo n»ny dead ' '^ 
:Boies, bclpt tobring the Peftilcnce amongft them* 

M In 

lii tittJ Vetfe wee have thcfe pare? coafidetible. 
X The Ju(%ei9ents infltSftedj.whieb'areiWOr 

' t. The P^fi^'^,^** * • ; 

> Hsrek tbeyiaoircjof this. Pefijtfjicty. it & hot an oTiSna- 
ite*«r. P^flir,' tyone,Buckrs4mort noyfome, grievous, deadly Peffilencci;. 
fee this word (uch a oBois God infilled" upon ftir profcfletf ciKtisei', the- 
ftdly expbinal^£Mf Mwk whsn Maji .and Beaft- fuddeqlv dyed. Jeroboam- 
by M«. «««>hertfewas, m </%?« fitaft* .the Wotffi^ of «6e gofden 
».T 4«^* Calves* this be taught to i^f*/; and haviMflittde diem Khe. 
TuUniinftti. liiit/^tnttMs h Idolatrjr and Sim thcf-. Lo«l' rvfi^ am&es 
/.i.ft«?.7,<;fieaj alike in Jat^ement, i' h»vtfrite Mtoifgfi jmtki fefif*- 

tidtm\i m- ajg: i'ba*fetaittenyouWitfrmafeittew-/^»4^ •^W*5^ 
«tf'^'Kr«: « *» Hcfrraitoiifedin <Jditt"praceff,'«fTjQ»*ip. «4^, t^.. 
ru^xinlUr Biek. i<^ ?0. andfa asttmch xf after ti» mmerofiMj^ 

w, ve'iftciM^ a$our Tranflaribn-nefldfetsit weli, f ; <<.;AsIfetii;f««Pljgues 
dmwmfue. upijif, th«r. i^mti^\ in- Irke- feveriiy mtf 1 dteit vwth> 

/?««*«? If it YOU, vvh6 have vTJflkedindwiroHt'PWJ^ 

ALafldf. Swofd, and thcfe aretheit-yowg and ftrong manV; TogrjfHug 

/e«w ^/ffi^M ^org fic^ for, fervvce-rhanOd iaenr< , fey reafoh^ ^t flningtRL . 
SS^V ^ri£, Jioldneft, aadaaiviky rOWmeoaw£©rceSHnfel</ and 
dtuau^qiud ybuflg men tof aiftidii^ Tcurtg nnten ihthehci^bof tbcit 
ad btuim ^ Moud.foiwirfi ttoitrhcatafld'violencp, an^ fb* i6eir;fih*- art 
ntgttu dti^ ff^ff, <fifplealingJin56 God; aaftheteforc bereft dits'riitta'oiF 

/?^*''^'*^-ihthe-height of their, fin. " • -; • ' . '■ 

. 4 Hfere are tm> AdjutoSs. and doncomitants w^iclr ufuaHy 

itten4 \ip6R Wdtre'; • theii?fi itftljcldft -of fcrffi^ • / hkpi 

i^pt4Pi0f^parhbf>^Sf and carocd'ttiem i'nco-fapiwtyj wit6 

yottr baui^iy'y6ttt^^dien wfeo truftcd ihtheor. TRefe' a^ xi^ 

- ' firet^t^ of the'Bdttailj but the Kiifets being takeny At Ho^ 

' Inuft. needs be t ak4n wieh tKem. 

1 Loarfifome ft6rtc!f, ^nd noylbine ffiiSfs, thiive made 

the (tench o^youtCait^s )o'cme .*jr itito pmr-thfhi^:^ parti/ 

- * .- % fuch as dyedof tfter Rl^jae, atrd panly % Ae multuudfenrf: 

cJmrSn men and hotfes that were flarn«.ar4lJiy.^nBarie<f, autf ftr in^ 

'^r«R; fe^cdthe.air.. . . . -v... - T 

y He«- 

rniwrwsd mfpmt l^'h *f» ^^* Thcngb y^ ibave been thitt 
{adly Jiwctea nub ill my £i:e>c H^j vn^»U mlHsmtb but 
it(A upoo^oib for you m\ ^ontovn R« ceoiedy «f yotv r«^ 
.<aveiy, and liave not yeKxetUroed juotojine faftthxhe Locd. 


I w^ /^. if«<fc wUtnH m»i * ffof/fy (Sod mfi0sitjf cm» 
witbrrmer. Blaffii«, MUdpwi Palmer- woots .did 4»t wp* see »ore Sn 
npon iHiJ People, »nd npw comes PeftUence ipd Swow, my Cob. en 
CpdiJ great Eods to deftroythoputtejly.'. • .H9r.ij.if. 

Sword, Pl5guc.JiU'iiime, often goetogecKcr« As men muldply 
Sins, foGodxnwitipliesPla^ws^ and wthev have vaiaetyrf 
iins, fo.he hath varrety<)fi|M»OMnents^. a^ J nave Ibcwcd% 

foreoQyerCB.OKJ.j. . » .j -v^ t «* *;" 

a Obt pjirUftf.SinytrtHgi^mtpfjHdgfimm, Ihep^* 

^jpU»s were (inlUnate Molacets» no PlagMCS could work upo» 

tbem, dwtefore God "deffroyed them.. And this was tfr*tlf 

<:afe, fliey wcreobftmaw Idplaters lil» chc MiTf^iaiu^ and 

now G^ follows them ^ith Plague \moi Vhi^ a^. hee j^ 

cbem, . Ilum fruity loufeftpUnce ^ttr dot nMmr ^ e/*; 
fM*. iljeyw««inc»i»ok«Klmc«:n^bletaf« tbe p^iJifftf 
"5m, and now God Onites fhcm wUh •jBgypfum PWs, a^ 
cording to that tbreatning, T)tm, »8, 6*. / wtUetdetbiAif- 
tti^t ^ilsjpi. tt elemit «»« mu Sm hardetts Gods heatc, •>• 
<7ainftbispecjpl)e, ;indma)ces lumdeal witb tbem, as bee 
ufethtodoewlthbis enemies, "It turns hinuwbo ^ our teft 
fticnd, into the faddeft fee. Ihat power whi<fb be ufed w de- 
ftroyingfais peoples enemies, if his people forfaltB bun, an<l 
rebel againff him, bee will excct .that power in dearoymg 
tbem- Thus Ac Lord ufed here the Came wej^pons ofhjs wcath 
againft his people, as before bee ufed in deftroyiag the *^- 

^n/mty not EntltLni now fear, left that power* which ffap 
Lotdiwth (hewed in the faying of ,u$ &om the bands of ua- 
teafonablemen, ftiould howT)ee turned againft us for our 
aUfBbem^cs,and^^»aaci!es?and?^s we have partaken with Qet- 
fMum f«j, aad i***^ fins» and Irdwdt fins.? fo w^c 

M' 2 inouici 

84 ip4eli otiftirnKj, PiBohs'^i 

/liouldWrnadeKketbemfor pfagues. Wee haie ^ven cbe 
Lctfd joft cai\f(i'by our provocations to tur^ hUband again^ 
us, and to confume us after he hath doiie us good. ( J^|*«i4«. 
so.) And jis hee hath made us the head, (opcm m» might 
make us the tayl ; and as be bath made us the terrcMT^^the 
Nations, fo now be^mayjulUymakeLtheoLa terror tous for our 
tingrateful)dif*if^nuous walking^ towards him 

4 Obr« . Th fefiUence comas tnora. immcdiatefy from God ; 
ItishisMeffenger,, it is commanded and coinmiflioned* bjr 
God, tofeoc to fucKandfuch Families, Tomis, and P^rfonsj ' 
that fo if mf one ask, H6w came the Peftilence here, why 
//ofT hjaid God ; it is a feryant of his fending, 2 Saf».\^. 1 5^ 
ajid ah Arrow of his fliootirig^ Pf^. pi. 5. with this bee- 
Wounds, lulls, and confumes his enemies, Bxjtk^. y itf, 17; . 
The Plague is not CdfiuU^ hut ProvidtHtiat^ there is a IXvine 
feihd of immediate Provideuce in this Jfti^gement ; as there is 
np eviUf affliiaioo in the City, fo. mutb: lefs thi^ fimal evil; 
btttit comes frbm God, jtm^s $. 6: it is he .chat decrees itji^ 
fefe increafetbi(^;an4 he remoyes it,, hm and when he pleaf-^ 
cch^ Henceicis taWedhis iSword^ t Chron, 2rii»/r; it is not 
the fword of ¥ weak inah^ bdc .of ah • !Alwighty. .Cod, .whicK 
npnecanrefiii or fl)^ from J .jt&hii>fir»i^ 
can deliver us, xMf». 24. 14^ !Mifys\tlh. Hif4of)^thi^^ i^ 
1ft refrifc to let JfidiL^csCy bfehold rhi hM of the tord^ u ci.- 
thfc ^lague'fliall light oh thy Cartel,' Exod.y. 3., this ba^nd of 
Ws will findepac ^}ci\itttv(iit%^ -PJ^.* *^. ^' tWs if a %n of 
ifeodsgreit:Wiyi; God brfflgs riot out th!^ preatrRjw, till 
jij^have greatFjr provoked himby^ fV^iti. 

%J.& i^. 4tf,47.i^«'iK2tf.S5.^ ti/^g/ ;* - ' 

; - As 1 . Idolatry. Tftiis is a Gc^-^rovoking, and a.tand-dc- 
/ftroying Sin,. and brings th^ Plague upon a Land, Tfd, i66i 

2 'C6nteii:5)t of Xkdi Wbcd ' iiid waycs, Dettti 2$: « r^. 

, 3 Fornication and uncleannc^. For jhis Sin God^cut off 
twenty fotir thbufa'nd of the IfrkoHw with the Pfeflilence j > 
'N$mk. 2$. 9. men will not judge and punifh'fttcbj but -God 

wail,/ff^.ij.4. ;; ' " 

4 Miirmmng and tfittHiifi v^^icn men repine it^ Gods 
<&r«;Qfati(Xff, and will teach imn^how^ to - rule the- Wofl^, , 

^M hrinjgy tberPUgitef Nm$ii i^ %. ^ ii« !%• j&, if: 

5 ferftcming Cods UlilmBers skJifeofle. /W^^^tbab 
^^\)XsAIfwly)izii^^^ iaidpp b^ God 
flioots.diis Arrow cfpcdally ac fucb, tfd. 7^^ j. J^r. 2p. 18.^ 
^. jS^.i; TbeC HbmfaiBii> Empercurs whicb pe^ecuced i^e 
ChrlftiM^^werepimibtwkh gi«a 

6 Vr^fhoMtion of My thingt. This brought the PefiUence- 
Casritis cooicetycd ) upon the CfrimblaifSy i Cor. 1 1. jo.^ 
wil^ fatifttfied of all cha& ikanrii^ugb unco him; i^m^rc;^ if • 
chey come preparedly : in yudgemmy if they come ifceyer 
xodf^ .. - - • 

Wee ihoutd cher^fotebe^arefut by unfeigned Repentance 
send Humtliacion co remove Sin which is the caufe^ and then 
the Plague wincb is buc the dkSt will foon ceafe ; but yiu^z 
ouc this, allPhyfick, ftying, waAin^y burning, &rc. are but 
vain#' Tilt God bee appealed, cbePl^ue ^ivill never bee apr 
peafed ; eiikweiiumble our felves befoie faim^henviH not heal • 
us,. 2 Chrw. 7* 1 h 14* ^^^ hyf^itlHNcBy unco.tum, be will 
^ not hide us from the Peftilence,' /yW* 9 1* x^ to 8^. . 
• I Tins Tpeakfi Terhr to : the wicked and iospen^ient } they 
faftveSQtco doewith meii in this Judgpoiex^) out witii Qod| 
who 4$ acbn&idsmg iire^ and frbm whom there isrix^ flyingi 
iAmttSi IV to 5 . when men bppofe men, they ina;y ^make fi^mf 
feflfiaiice; but when Omnifotaicj comes againft Imfiofpuy^ and 
cbejQr^^^ :^infi: the Cr^ieri^i whbfe heart tank; ft^ong^ 
or whofc tends endure ? E^ieki^ ^.^ 14- The Bi#«i ?¥H^ tt 
finzGch upon a tnaii in wrath, i&is a Tt^iH^- }uAs^ijsmik^ and 
tfaac in many re^pe^a . ( - :>1 

1 IftrefpeS^of^^iV, it ronnents men with terribly burning^ 
ia(b much that many run mad^ and make ^way tbetQfelv^ ; 
yeaand the ftrmger men are,-ufually the ficoner tb$y a^e ^uc 
off by the Peftitence. It is a noyfompy loathiSimvDifeaie^ 
hmce^c^lod^Thit^ffme^FtBUmie^ Vi^.9ti ?» and.if any 
4oe recover, yofrare diey feldome well ; fomeloTe their Hear^ 
h^ foine their S^gbt, fometbdc Meibor/i moft carry »the 
prints ofit with them to their Graves. Itts a woful Juc^ 
jwnr,aad brings with it wo&ll fears, woeful forrpws^ wo* 
ful.defolaiaon 9 imd woful cercoKSj, eve& th^ ietfours: ^ 

ttf ffr^s^Olfiiutu'* AD0C4. 

- '^ded Tiidi f anfloe, poverty, depopidwooi mine, Jtr, «t. 6, ^ 

^^ftS.«. fui^. 14. M. 

3 Itdeprivesu of atu>7 <li«]r& Mi^i, «bk&ia odnr 
diRre^es men d£i)c«niof ■ 

I It deptiPtf w «f the UM7 .<f Gufa Hm^;m4 C^^MM^ 
«/. A fad aStiaian, much laneixcd by thnU^ PGitin 4s> 
(J* 84. 

ft IcdoptivsiHSofiw CnSiw^x, focbtt W caaooc ^^rve 
Godiaitem> iriiidiisooegrckeiKL»liya^aadaitn dcAec 
■ to IWc. ' ; 1 

3 Ofthe comToct of Frwnifr, whidi in other Difeafex cboy 
.ftnjoy. Tfvo aie betxei diaa one, xaA nee to Imi dac ic 

4l1ie&ddemefi(^Lt addecniKti>tetrer;'it flayec 

dioufands Aiddenly ; we read of feventy theufiuid flaine . ik 

tbfeedayes, ftJtfM.s4-i$. ici^atiAcrovrchatfliei Ipcedily, 

F/U. 9 1. 5. Ill SMMdbrSfif tioft ift n^^-tbece df ed cf <ac 

Pltgue (tsfiMiK-concttve) one hBndcedf«u]tfc<iK aod fiw 

di6ufandmeii,»^'»^. If, 35- 

See1I.H<0f ft Ic iwr ««)i»/<rf the GMly,- cbac thoy hue ]MC '» doe 

Bilmpff^ ivkh uweifoaable •ks, svIh^ ocnder oierciu ^de ^nud* 

^P- >fJ' dest bucmthagradousOod, wb»iiicbemyft.irf)n3}udse- 

ffients remembers mercy. Ic is the Cup ffhidi liimi: Faraer 

^^vedthem, ic is his Hand, bi< AfMw, )as MoSei^et { hee 

AoJIb, be orders, he moderates, tnd mict^ceiici Ht bid» 

fl»y, andtcftaiest ^S^m.%^^, t^^ z6.' 

Ik Lord correal us binfttf, and dmi not 

nd of Slaves who Jiave no WKScy. This 

le Plague racherthantfea Sword, ft SJim. 

his people fafe in cbe very midA of the 

Mfapds, cndttn cfaoul^ds (alt roiuid«r 

. 7. many a (ricked mm flies^ and &e 

nj many a^oodnan ftay«, ood God 

I ic uneily unljMfiil, bec*u& mt day«g 
tS'TKC'CUiaot puikK^ourd^j fowec 
h /•* 7* I«^^4.J5. Iliisreafoo triN 


nrfhuds atitt pre(umpcion co run intynktsgits becMfe oac db^ 

i^f into che Waco:, wgg^ os^tta Xi<» w a Setr, bctamfe ^'^ "^jf^^ 

ou i4wt '^^^^'^^^fhiuky quia pet 
„ _-_ ._ .-„, ^ - 4^.5) 7^ AS' God eas deerna. fka 

bath ordained the cnd^^ fabe bach ardiainedtths. jncansroxbnng ^xequitur. 
u5 CO that end; as God hath determined our dayes, fo be taaA ^^'^f f^- .. 
determined that wee (hall fly daiigpr^ittdhuitful things ^''^ 
i^hich may (hoitenoucdajes. ^When SmlihrwM' a ^telin s^tdivms frovi^ 
David he fled from bim, ^ i Siam^ r^. f o. wee S» men ffy ^mtia^ftd ti 
from Sword and FaQine,aiul wbyMtfroiarfttrPiftilence vfhen^'^^^****^ 
God gives. Vs an opportuiwy) , ^ 'Swxi«2?* 

Nanireteachecb every Creature eo i^trve ic £df fr<»n ^m^ Imy^ 
d^ngeri and if tjbe Lord llK>uid reveal it caus, thn vte flioufid mi ^auri k 
btl^ fromtbe Plague, ;et\ve flnniitife the meam* J^fsifMura^ tfibm^ 
knew be (hoold not be drovraed" in the FUiid, and yet bee ^!!!!^Z ^* 
builds an Ark ; PaulktiM tbac God vfould fave him> and bis STS^jT" 
Partners^ in the Ship, yet tbe^ mmfl ufis che taimSf a^ fow ri^#. « ' 
towards the (hpre^i^i/ ^7.;34,.38^ ;9,4P. 

z Obi. Cbarhf commfnds m(^ viSi tbe^ SJcl^ ^md t0 kif 
9mr Nd^hBoHriintheiriifireff. 

Anf. Charity be^ns ac home, I may not fioTirfp my Nei^ 
bourlallmy felf, and my fami^^ by: raib and ptsfiimpciious : 
niBini^ imo imeded placesr wifbouc a c^v Hee* rfaac com- 
maods tbac I (houl d not; kill aoQciier ,. itDmrntiKb alTa that \ 
(houIdnotlaUmyfdf- The*Pla|iieft^efGddfam:tsrribl«,a!iid' 
HOC to be playedwitbalU In^ibe c»Be oC the: ILaw we fee \ixm 
caocM the totd^ was of the fafccy of his peopl)e,:Xmr.^ 1 5* 4.5* 
hocjMnpaan&dthftt the; tqper flioiild we fc^aied fRAQ d* 
iKerft' J« lets db)j(n %» . how they^ ihould* know^ it, . bee muft : ' 

Wcara^itercnt^saririenc^ and ipttflL<>ry, i amtmckM^ nn^- 
c/iM«;now^if 10 the Leprofie wbicbtwa; ai left kfediaus difeaf^i 
and notdeadTy/incbrcar^ wa$£obe'Uiie43 hew^^ mdre In^ 
the Pieftilence. "^ 

% We may;>ni& tbeb ij otbirfy and &td on cfairicy b^ 

fuch as are appointed to tend theol i and dK»tgh iniiody w6e 

ai^ abfencfromchem,. yist we tnay.and muft fyaipatbize with 

tbett^ .^usi by^ wiicU)& fi^a^yiq^ duBsfifngy ^grovioisg of food 


^idlPttTfidfordiein) wemayatKlfimfticcoidii^tpbur^* 
^esand abiHdeshdp cfaenw 

jbj. Apiousufe of the means, which God hath ordained 
for our fafecy, doch noc de^y but eftabli(h f at^ I bekeve^ 
due God will pcefenre. nay life, yec I eacc and diink, and ms& 
4ifc means Dowidiftanding, elfe I ftiould noc cruft^ bBtcempc 
^a We mnft diftinguifti. ^^ 

I There is^a jtif» of Diffiienct^ and contempt of Gkxk 
Juc^emencst as if we wouM fly from his hand and prefencc^ 
that it fliould not over- cake us, .^and this is AtheifttcaL 
Shm VH9 a There is a PriUcntUl^ pr^wdmiil^ rett^lous fil^ht^ v^hen 

rocks, I. »«!• God gives us a way to efcape, and to proTide for our fetws 
JJJ ^f^iL and our families, and this muft thanl^ftflly be cnibraced; for 
mtlwmm. 1>m/^ had ftrong f a^tht .and yet he was 0fr4iAoi theTeffi- 
5/Pe/}if fsiiir* lence,^! Cibr^ik ii« ff/^. 
mt,f agist fd 4 Qbj. Tet DzvidMdmJfyfromte. 
^l ^iid ^^' *• * w*5 * Magiftrate, and fo bound by his {4atc 
fmtfJ^idi. ^^ *^^^ amongfthis pe^e* a. It conrinued but a (hort 
Lk^. * cune, butthree days. ;« It was his fault more efpedally 

that procured ic« j^ Hee could noc fly out of his Ku^doo^ • 
vnldfsbewouldflyinto his enemies hands. . ; 

. :% We mufl dwefore j/iji^^iw^ ff Prv/^ 
. /X SomeacefeebyGodinj^aceof PuUtckcmft^ as Magi* 
' ilraces, MiniflerS) Over-ieecs o^ the PDor/:&c« idieTe muft 
not fly, but muft keep cheir ^accS) chat they itnay fiippreCs dif- 
orders, and by their Govtimment, CounfeU and Prayers: they 
mulHye in the breach, ^s Moffs^nd jtdrM.did^ Nmmb^rS. 
"- 46,47« nowwhenaman Kach this Cal^^'faee may keep bis^ 
4iacion: wi(h comfm and courage; for the Lord hath protnifed 
tp k^ep us whilft we kecpour wayesi «^ appeal in tnat pre- 
cious ninety firft Pfalm , the mdft comfortable of ill the 

Faljncs in times of pgftikncc ; God can ifeftroy the t/^X??* 
tians by ic, and yet prefervc his people. Hw mahy Midtvives, 
Phyfirians , and tenders of infefted pctfons(, fome 6f ' which 
have laine in the fame bed with infeded perfcms,' yet being 
galled by God to the ferwce,'hftve been pocferved f rbm in- 
fcaion. Or, if a good man ikonld dye ^ die Tteftilence. yet 


^fth^d^d which dye imfifil^rd^ w>ce^r riiey dye of the 
H^gWt cjT by the Sw&rd^^ot' Fwa^inc^ xt ^jnat^m, Xq they 
4ycio(hefcaJca»dfj^oui;6^rGq(4i r. ; ;. J, . - 

Cs^i^Hf Nptjh$t.a.M^*l^f«eorMinUter^.^oundip.^^ 
fon K) goc vifit infeacd Perfons, for then he makes himfclf 
uncafameqf PubUck imfdoymentr and the Minifters Atuli- 
toi:s vvMlbre jiffwl '^o ^ Qojg.hpar tiim,; -So that io this cafe the 
Pirblicl^W/wftljepr?i"ensedJ?^o a,priyace^d j> gccacer. 
good befpW a Hft, That good mnjufimg^r gping to , viSe ^^^j^^^^ 
one infcatd with the Pl^iguf ^ Woi^ ghy c boim to his family^ t^do, nwifa^ 
&> d&at bis Wife and two pai^tcjs dyed o£jt, .jTbe Cburth of a^m, zanehim 
God, and our own Faxnilies^ are to be .preferoe^ bcfcke. a^y '•/'*^- *• 5^* 
private pftfcMi; PubIkkpecfoHa!afe./ct,-OYer ub$piw^ 

notgovcr ©neor pfvo, .Hp^ vyh^ Pf^/^ y^oljitd 'have gone . 
out with his Souldiers tobactlct th<£ people artfwer^ T%mj9al^ 
n9t goe^ for tho» art worth ten fhfffa^d ^fnf^jl iSam.'it/ g'. 
But private perfons who are fre?, and have no-publiek 
duty or chanty to ftay, they are free) and may for a tiine ab-^ 
- it tfaemfelv<»if ,th$H>lcafejr ^ .^ : , r^nc;;; v-.- ; / " 

•5 Obj.. / 4m 4go4ij moH^rOifd Qod hsth^fr^t/ed tbafrpieh 

Mlmdjf,efth,fUg4ii^V^,9ih^^^^^^^ ^^v>;V.^ . V V. r 

. Anf. God hath no where promif^d an abfolute, freeoome 
to bis peoplefrom the Peftilencei but only conditipnaily, vl:^,. 
f^farreasic (hall begoodjfp'rdiem ; ii|deed.he:alvYaye^.prer 
fctw&his people from the eyil of it, * fo that Jc ili'ill ne^er .be 
aPlaguei or j^Cuirfe, butf faf^dyjCorreaion?^,tbem-, arid 
fo dbe f romifeU fulfilled. TAirr/^*^^^ rferi w/^ 

^li^Jhattth Pl^tie come nigh thy dwctlw^^^ as an evil or 
ourfiev fi^lf 9 1 . i o. ^bj evil is al wayes taken away from the 
godw/aafgitbeftfflgpuUcdouc, andGbdpakesitoptofh^^^ 
in fome better kind. By it: hi takes, them awajr from greater 
evab,riiid nwJw.thc 1?e^enccUi^ vE«j4^ fiery Chariot^ to 
conycigb them more fpeedily to heaven,. In refpeil: of outward 
aflftStbn5,:liU i^ngs coaoe,aUke-to sM.pclef* • 9- *• the fame 
Sytbe ciutsdown g^cqm and weeds, but for a different end 
ami piirpc^' Wc wy notrfierefore <:enfpr€ them all as vyic-r 
iiedincni*«arftvifiteiivwiththe Pli^/for- l3od my trj^ 
iis 4eareft^rv?gitsii) this kind. Z)<fw</,J^^^ and 

^<immHm* ^re cdnceivqd tp have been viSted all in thi^ 

N . ' kind 

hh^bus Wife dyed ^«i ttid a choiiftfid bbly ftftn tod V9^ 
mcifdjt:d<if ittfr€'^Aii»i'rime*^Wluc is fw owr profit fvee 
padentl]^ bear^ rhisjs fent for g6dd co'Mod Me^ ^ ^ .afl 
otbet ' diiifes, fd tW^ Akfl ^ turn • to their awkttiflg good, 

' [^'c more of the Hague In River ori PfaL 91, IX M^mU 
m P(d; icr. m^if ^rfW on Kumb. i4« 1 1 ip^ 5*7* ^olta Dr^ 
^>%i?'tts' ArrovVi, J>.":t, fee. *(^w^ on » Ghiotti 7; 14^ 

kifici^ni Thevkpcmny f*%f^tg. 142, &c^ ] 

5 Obr. Itts^pdthMtfend$Hkrrt$iif(ma dif^hdfinu fnfle. 
l^sis'hislaftitttd wbrft R6d, which hee brings forth agmnft 

' Tilts may itflforih us that Wirre is laWul. 
r It is that ^Hch God cbiEntnanded^ I>)wr» to • i ^^iim, 

, i Itis^oi»men()ed.inthe,Satiiits. 'iiiifhiji^^ 
.fBuf ittftgs;kn^"^quertd^ ten^: -M^d»/W .wan«d afaiailethe 
^vuildkjffs^znd prevailed ^iftiflttiiim yf^^s foa^t agaii^ 
ih^Cofufdnhk' and fubdued them f (r^^dvi fought ^gdiiift ti^ 


tvho f eicihetSh* )S& peoples trahdisHto vfarrej iy»A ¥44^* X;. and- 
aite<as thcta itf the battlfe, lf#. tS.**, 3, 4. hfeeistbeir^Capi- 
tairi, >]&. 5. 14. begivenbemTacccfSji P/i^; if44. io.Het^, 
tt; 33, 54, ^«/p/: 17. i4» fothfapthe ii<«**4f rijfer vha* con*- 
^emn Wacre as feftiL doc chtrrg^MSod with ^ aftd fo we 
gbiltyofindirefikbUfeftprtiyfHc^^^^ . .,- . 

! , t/4»/. this 15 ©r^r^/ *?Mr^, itisftM,4uiit« ^ved,.. 
yea f he cqYitr^y appear* by Chrift Mmielf; Who-'ddttuiend^ 

the CenturiMs faith t^^^J!'- 'J'^^* ) without Mytbidcfinr 
him K4Ve hH$,>tiliut^'''m^^ 

have d6nc hadk bee^ Uriftil ;i)y this wte {k€j tbat-ifaraag 
dn4beleevifig mity weU lubfift-togethet ki''ich«.<bRe*didfiv 


tbemC^vesbtb^rftations, whidifw; woujd not iuive clone 
Jw4 the calling i{f?rf.bccnttnUwfii^iC'?«% i. Ji},' i*..joei4»c 
$(i-P/w<W3Mja4e.r>r«*/««« fwmius .Miiitarv kind of.iifo^ 
but B»ppwd W;WihpW?iny4jij4hai9p^f I ; Ws 'Mv- 

fiiwji /lat^?o* wwcl^ . W it, beeji unlawful*; 0e^ woHld. havp . 
ctonc, ->i^/. to. i", », i^. Befides. iii the Nevv . Teftamcm:, thfi 
Mag^ftrate'w*/? wt J«^<ir tBefwqrd.itt v^v^ tt^ natfi kf a, ifr- 
par utbcfttlMdittviJ i and cbis l)^ could 'nbc bie, if h&did . 
x\©p j:»fe Arinif^ Ipnjctuncs againt^^be Sons^ of -Pf/wcb^ afp 

wl^en tbey ImuJ pncc got pawet into tbeic h^s, jhev, 4efer(- 
ded f bcmr4ves by Armes, and .mfdf tjpul fpoflH v^^herf 
ch?y- c^fQS'. ^ - ' ( * / ^ w ^ 

' jirf:. The TcQiple wasto be f Type orrfieCftWJi'cbe ()xpptt 
fiibjca of peace, and therefiprc 5<?Z^w^iprmc;eoi^ peace muij: 
tuttd itiwhoiVf as alfo aType of Chcift the Pari(;«jof beaccia^ 

f^#4 tor ngoasi^ D^ ii>auies, SOT ^ oau vjpg^ ^oii^ng»aitut- 
ance, and approbation for wjiat {ie did; but l?ecaufe the Teimpic 
was to he a Type and F^rc oi the Church, ^hereof Cbrift 
is bejid, .'therefore sHomn a man of Peaaeaiuftj{)iuld it* • ^ 

^/.- Sufh places f^^^k .a^ainftpdv«^r^vi^e,:ajad not a-, 
gainft the.MagiftratesPowg:». ,wto 15 awomtedby God to be j^ „ c^_„ 
a cerroupaud punUberofflurb as doe evil ) as IJuve ac latge ]2ral.8t.i.p. 

fl^eyvedjilfewhere. . , ' * ' . 

Obi. ^^ ^i^ frmffivetimestUCJ^^^ Pfrfccutm^ 

^Itbm MjiMf^fig ^f^hemfelvfs ^j , ^j .^Ur ^mct than 

4n(, Tbofi8i4mes>f»^f(>ur.ti3»s;diftex; for in thole, Paaii- 
tlVe times; che^ Magifiracc; that il>ould have dipfended the 
Chttccb, was*r»<utcpr ^^ncfwy to it, and they might not take 
jdieiSfvoi^iout-of.his hw4y.^t^ muli,,patiendy.fuffer. But 
jwefl U>P iuiid«.A.tCa»rifti»n^^agite^ our 

.9fift«ice sigaipft. fh» 4nemw .of dif,.gbur(;h> wjiicb call, 
. , r N 1 ( when 


Xy/^ t^ly Cir<:umftanciatfid ) vvec arc :b<miri to obey^ 
[See the rawfulncfs of Warrc proved in thirteen panicti* 
hrs, bv Dr. ^^j(f ^ his Arro\YS> p. to9. ^ P« &nd in^M. Lef 

$har^usLocJCow.toc.4J. Q^io- p. ^4/. Ti^ftica Sacriui 
' c; p. 1639104. fee fifteen Anabapciftfcat CaviliTC**' 
felled by P^rrr Martjr on i^^im. 2. 54. iw/Ai' p; rpj; and 
Dr. 6<^vj^his Artows, p, no. ] 

a Thismuft d^fpty ^r^p^/r us when even die Sword lies bn 
'US, ^nce we have not only to-docivith men, t»uc wicli the 
'great God in tr; it is heithat raifeth^ Warre againft us, and 
layerh this fot^ Jud|eftie]rtt on us,* atid is therefore calldi the 
imrifftl' Sw^rd^ Pfal. l4i4.iD. ^yotferfiilSmrdyJchS'iOi 
the offrefftvi Sv«r^i Jer. 46. l*. \hs^ievoitrht^ $weriy which 
defltoyes frdm one end of a Land unto anothci*, • Jfr. ti. 1 a. 
•Wafrcfeth^feddeft of Jf^dgeoiencs, a? haying hfiialiy alt o^ 
thcr Jfudgejpcnt^. attending; onr ir, with cbhfilfiph, Ribbbii^, 
l^apes, ftdndrii5>\Firinig of towncs^ de^/aftatitonof Coun- 
tries, Imprifonmeot of men5 Perfons, drfefii!^ OUt^cryes^ 
and conf ufed Noy feff, vvith Garments rolled in bloud; ( ya.g% 
5.^ when there is meaforlngTrfClbth By thfelpng eUvuV.tbe 
1^, and nbiawes caitbe .heard for •Oi^tn^.-r'niis turns a. 
Garden of £rf?^ into* a defotitc Waderhcf^--( J^H a. y; )*as 

Sec revcnteen, ' Let us therefore bevsore of provoldng dfe Hord by our fin*. 
Sins vvhich ^ to bring this dircf til Judgement on us. Let us judgef ourfelve^ 
Vring Warrc andfo prevent thfe Juagertjenr,^ Jridg.ttr.t^ and piic our 
"f>«^? ^^"^ "mouthes rntfe'dttft if there may fe-h^Cj-trfw; jV 16. lat us 
firSoW '^y ^"^ Pf ayers: andTdars M^coiiquekSod, and theh We ihall 
Loc.HLi.P.*. quickly conquer alt, Pfdl*ii. tg, x-4« TcisheonlYthat rai- 
p. 134. fedour Wacfe$rthat, them c^afe-j k isJiee that 
. . - gives the Sword its comniifltonj and;^ tilt bee tate- away its 
r^gxS!'&. ^o^oriflton, it Will not ciafe. kis 1^ thit iiiateth|W*fe9 te 
egreffum i W ceafe jiQt .home,. .but alfo abrpad, even it \\it end^of 
^h'm. the earth, pfil. 45. 51. It is not mdi that put mt end to War, 

for if fome nii ght have their way we (hould never have peaeei- 
like SstamoH^f thev love^to live intbe Rr^of warre andcon-^ 
tentidn, thcfe are Nwnftcrs, *not Men;' P^it^iWy' Player fhaH 
benime, Scatfer tht peofU thit delimit m^drre. It isthti Loftl 
th V n^bduesL our enenue^, ; a^d create peace ^fofe his peopl«» 

'^ ' * ^ H:nce. 

Henoe tiofava tteit exeeUttit Sd^ afcribcs all to God^. 
( Ex9d. 15. x« to 14. ) Thf Lfrd bacn criumpbed glorioufly, . 
Bi ( tiot we ) hath chromi the Hot fe and bis Rider into the 
Sea» Hf is oar ftrengtb^ H€i% our Salvation, tW Lord hall 
ov^mhrown tfaem> TA0«i haft deRroyed ^^ TAaif baft deli- 
vcredthy.pcoplc^ &c. when ever i;bei:efore we want Peace^ 
let us goe to this God of peace^ and by Prayer and patience. 
wait on bim» who can with a word of bis moucfa fpeak us 
iaco peace, andmake all warrestoceafe atnongft us. 

[ See more CQncemi£ig;Warret, in^^^r^OLoc. Com. de 
Magtfiram, Tom. a. foUo,' p. 41^. in fine libri. Dr. Gpnge 
his Arrows, p. 177. Ort' Mirror, chap; i94#B. HalU Cafes 
o£ Confc, Decadf s. cha.« 9^ Grocius de Jure belli. B. Babirg^ 
unov^ Exod. 17. k Bmctim lAdXit. Theology Loc. 12, p. 
f l^fP. a. fee iixteen excellent Sermons in Latine on this 
fii(;^e£tt by Stbtl^my on Exod. 1 7* V &^ & VoL folio, p, 
•fj»,ifci7,8cc.] . 

meg. TcMry^mg minhdvi IjUine wuhtbe [word. Their Sins 
are adedwicb more impetuous violence, and fo are more 
difpleadng unco God. As God is much delighted with the o^ 
bedtenceofyoung^men, when they can break through many 
diffici|kiescorerve,him {Jtr^ a. 2. ) fo he i& greatly difplea- 
fed with the heady, haughty, oucrag^U)us.couries ot young noen; 
whom Qocoui^lwill r^cl4ime, nor warning, amenfl. That 
ags vybich is moft prone to fm, is ne^rell to Judgement ; and 
when God (ball avyaken Confcience> arid fee the. (ins of thy 
youth in order before tbeei then thy mirth will be turned into 
mourning, and thy joy into heavinefs, Ecclef. 1 1 . 9. When 
young men diftionour God, and preferrc the Devil his pro- 
feftenemy before him, giving the wine and flower of their 
dayes CO tne Devil, and the dreggsto Godj hee will give 
fiicb up to fpiritual Judgements, and take no pleafure in 
them, //i. jj. 17, JwULnpt jof in^ jom joting^men 5 implying^ 
that when younjpinen walk in Gods way, they are Gods jey 
and delight, biit when they are proud, 'propbane, idtei un- 
clean, &c. tbsn comes the Feaver, the PI ague, the Sword,and • 
cunxhemoflFf fucb ruderebdl1ioaspetfoiis<&aH tist^ Uve one - 
half dieirckyes. When IfrMelitW to iiddnrjTt Zibets a fre 
cmfmmJi^ m^ jmig nK»^ Pfalia i%,ii&^ jaod wijfiti xh^ 

grow ^obftinatC' and infe&rrigible, 'as in cUe tcxt^ ihen ife 
Sword dcftroye^ them. . 

Ofi that Young men then wouI4 be perfiraded. ito^ frwm 

See more m tht l^fts of jomhj deny themfetm Dednaes, and itnAfe tlie 

my Coia on toj-j ^Ije God of their y bulfa, linc^ Lhen toc . witt bee; • the Qwi 

*.Tim.j..i5. of their old age, hee witl nevfer' leave^cfem, nor fcrfate 

them. - 

7 Obf* 5i;> r^/ m of ^ur CrtMir^-comfvrts* Before they 

• . loft their Young men, and now they lofe ihc.Horfef^ and 

f^^^^eqw' A« Riders too; jomr Horfes ate gme im xdftmtj.'mA arc 

Yum, Heb. taken from you. A Horfe in k -felf is a.aCefidi creature^ it 

Fights for my Draws for U5, and Carried us up* and down y bat 
fin robs us of them, and makes them un^ccefs&t and vaine, 17. Thtit Ifraelites had. trulted m their Horfts, 
( Hof. 14. J. ) and nr/w God makes them fenfible of tlitit 
iolJy, intruftingjtacrcfaiaristhat^c^imcx pr66t 'them, iMc 
fave them in a oine of trouble. God had left theA^ and noiW 
Peace leaves tnem, Horfes leave them^ Plenty leaves them, 
and their Young men which were the ftiengdi <rf tbck Battle, 
leave them'; fo fad it is with people wheft God departs from 

themiW. 7.^?- ' ' ' * ■'^' ' 

g *C;(bf^' JSrojfomefienishhafe^fmiflmii9$fcrfinj Ifa. H»3*' 

Joel «t 20; As we have abufed all our Scnfes, f<^ God liia;^ 
juftly ppiiifti us in them aH. . . ^ 

Blefs the Lord then for the Winds, thofe Vam eftU w^rld^ 
which are a means to keep the Air pure from infe£Hon^ which 
btherwife withJDamp$ ^ ill fents w6utd poyfon us every 
momehc. - • '• * - 

VfiHSB Jt. 

I hxve tytr-thrmn ( ftme ) *f jm [ er Jtme dmtf^^ 
' y^» 1 Mf Gfd [oveMhew Sodom a»M Gamnrdh^ tnd 
- . ', juwiH 4S afri'irdni fliieh futsfths hf/fh^y yep 
. Sdw ju not. r(titr»cito mh Uith theJ^ord, 


E br« nqjwcqme to tfaeSixtba94 laft VtM wfaicii 

God^wMed en this (faibbom People in vis^ uA 

ftio^iesfidntfjDheir Cme^ / hmi0tp^^0mfme 

V/^ji^^-' Where we lwu«,&ft^.rbc Juclgerofli|: .ettciilecl, 
-^2, d^fftherfum ^fimc 4 ^^ir €stUs^ ^&sat reid tke words ^ 
I^o^ecically, as if . chey werie a Pinpb^ ^of .{bins J««^e* 
jn^tcacQfloej. 9. i/« iwill(rai(e4ip<^4&ifKii^ the Kmg of 
'-<*j/)ri4^vvboj(haUbcfic^ Samiorii^ and take it, and &aH^^^^. y.^^^ 
fubdue the ffiii^dame of y/riir/. But this is clear a^init the verti,i;f/n^r 
cexc and context , for the word is in the Present Tenfe , tiys^ j. e. cu 
andnocin tlje Fuoirc; it is not I will, l)at I have over- ^^^^^' ^f/^''-^'* 
iJirown your Cities; and yet yec have nop returned unco me \ftWmfp'(9^ 
whicbclearly £bevvs diat he fpeaks of Judgements paft, ^pma. 
fuch as had ^n ineffefkual upon theonand therefore he goes 
on to dveaten more grievous things againft them. But now, 

1 Here is the Anth«r of this fubverfiorv viz. th Lard^ I 
bave overthrown feme of you ^sXjod overiihrew SnUm^ q. d* - 
As I overdrew S^dom and Gomarrab^ fo have I overthrown 
yourQtids« God fpeaks of himfelf according to the Hebrew 
Dialed in the third Perfon, fetdng forth theoeb/ his Honour, 
andlus power in this %Qal Jui^emeot. The like exprt^on 
we have» (?<if • 15^, z^.Th^ Lard rained firf ¥w^ irlmftw 
ufan Sfdffm from the Lttrd; thac is, frdOfbimfeif. Jt is an 
Tfehrailin, when a Noun is put for a Pronout\ the more em* 
phatically to exprefs that it was noc by Aceidenr, or any or- 
dinary courfe of Nature;^ but by the immediate and almigh- 
ty Power *ot God, that fuch (howers of Fire came upon 
pern* t 

^.Hcre i^the dreadfulnefs of this fubverSoni it was like 
the deftrui^ion olSad^m and GonmrAh. As God made cbern^ 
examplesof terrour toali the wicked in fucceedbig Genera- 
tions, by confuitung diem with fiipe from Heaven ( a Pet- 3. 
^.JfUe 7^ ) ib the Lord brought th^fe Ifr^ltes, to the very 
brinkpf utter ruiheand deftru£tiofi« .^ 

Q. fVeertdd •fno CUUs im mU $h& Serif trn^^ ttm cverr ibc 
Zerd deftrhed wish fire tmd hrsmftene immudioHlf frm * Ues^ , 
WHj htt emy Sodim 4md Gbmorrah> f^fon whom be ^nromght the 
faddefi and^$ofi Jhfendtom defirkSiom thit overawe rtmd ^f i ' ' 
how theukrtiheje Cine^JftU tote defiroyed lUftbem ? • :. '^ 

jin/^ It is an UyperbbUcal fpeech> firequent}^ 
Scripture, to ^ f <^ the moft tenlble tlefolation* and 
dreadfuUeftdevaftatioatltttcaiiiMfaUa Ptople) aadtbere^ 



^ 4frdits oiftinaej. / Amos 4. 

fore tvfaen i^e Holy Ghoft would fct forth chel^aal Wracb oF 
God againft a place^ he cells us k was like the dej^ruaioi^ of 
^tUm and G^Mi^mi^. Tbu^ it fees forch die deftme^ion of Ba^ 
hjhn^ ira.a3« 19. & Jer. 50. 40. and to of MoiAtH^ Am^ 
. . moH^ JScph. 1. o. fo that it is a Figurative fpcech, and muft 
Sj^l^M.ffe^ 0dt be taken licerally, butAllufwdy; Sadoms deftruAion is 
^* put for dreadful and exitream defol ation, and doth denote ra- 

ther the meafureof GodscfifpleaTure/ thab the .manner of che 
punifcment> fo Ifa^ i. 9. Jer^ 49. I8. Hof. ixrt* tfract 
here was brought fo low, and to fiich extreamity'by then: ene- 
. mies, that their deftruAion feemed like that '4f S^dm$ and 
, Gomorrah^ and thofe that efcaped out of chofe great trials v^ere 
fo few, that they feemed like, a brand pulled out of die fire. 
iThis feems to relate to that time when God raifed up Ha^ael^ 
andkhe S/riansy «vvho fmore Ifrael in all their Coalls, 1>urnt 
. their Cities, daid waft Gtkad and Bajhoff^ killed their youi^ 
men, flew their Children, riptnip their VVomcn with ChilcC 
opprcft them in their Eftatesand ¥erfons> ft) that they be- 
came liketheduftby threfliing, that is, very wcik and con- 
temptible i their ftr(»ig Holds were Idl, and they had no 
Humane helper ; they had but fifty Horie-men left, and ten 
Chariot?, and tM thoufand Foot, a poor G^ard for a 
Kingdome. To fo low an ebbe were tfiey brought, as ap« 
pears a Ki»g. lo. 311 3J. & a Khg. 13^ 3. 7, to, 12. 

4 Her^ is Gods mercy to Jfrael^ fet forth by. a kind of cor- 
re^ion or mitigation ; yee were indeed like ^dame^ jet not 
altogether like S^itfwr, for all their Oities wetc burnt and 
none efcaped ; but the Lord bath fpared your Metropdlis, and 
chief City S4MMr/4, attd tuiledfimffprn 4s m h^ om i/f 
tbefiriy q. d. when you wetef in a very low and loft ronditioh> 
being lite a peece of Timber half burrit* yet then hadi pitty 
on you, aiid nemembred myCoVehant, and refcned* you out 
of youf prefentmifefy byrhe hand 6S feroifoam the fecond, 
the Son of f#^, even as a brand out of thcffiame, and faved 
Ttrrit rf w- aremaantofyott from the fvford {tKin^. 14.2^:) Topult 
^^** ****• one IS a brand out of the fice is a Proverbial fpeecbi ;an(J (igni- 
'^^ fics the sreat danger which a man b in. This ]i(hti4 die. High 

Prieft^wbom tbel^d delivered out of the BdM^inan Hety Fur- 
nace> is called) AhandflmkifHt $f ttefriy Zaduj. a. 

,5 Here 

VerCri. ,, Jh^^^ otainacj. grf 

5 Mere i$ cbeir horrid ob(Hnacy (till under c^is Udcous^nd 
ftupcndioiS Judgement, Tn hrue jet not retnmei mttomt^fMth Vtrfki mtr^ 
tin^rd. This IS r€rf$u men^laris, the ufual burden of Gods ^^fj.' ^^ri^r. 
iad complaint, thpug^h he bad fent amongft xbcr^t/S^ptia^ ^^^^ 
Plagues, ^tASffdomttical dtmu&\oTiSy yet la obdurate were y /«f^r^0«r>n» 
they,that neither the one norjihe odicr could work uponrfiem. verfiu. 

The fum of all is this, ThMlmigbt4cM€HotiH^fsn»aJfaj* t 

^i (JsUhthiLard) t0 mlaim jon^ Ihavi^addcd this to all 
the nft of my Jsdj^emotttSj that I have overthrown fome of jowr 
cities^ md bronght joitfo low^ that jou were alma/i like Sodonjie 
4«i Gomorrah, andjoitofSzmzmvferelcfpom of the common 
deflruSioff^ as a hand takfn omof the, fir e^ yet all thit Jmb net 
ff§0y odyot^ to return unto wte^ faith the CerM 

.t tffhe Werd of God ^wrk uot upon mens heasttt^ •4miher viH 
ftidrements work. upon them, thefe people had ^lljab'y Elljha^ 
J^nahj Jeel^Mieahf Hofea^ Amsy to preach to them, but 
their Miniftery was ineffcftual, and now wee fee that no 
Judgement can work upon them, Thofe that arc Sermon^ 
.fraefy and will not beleeve the Wad of God, will quickly 
he JndMment-prpof^ and contemn Gods Sword. Thofe that 
have Mofei and the Prophets^ and yet will not bclccve them> . 
jicitbcr will diey beleeve though one fhould arife from the 
d^ad, luke i6. ult. If (houldcomc roaringfrom Hell, 
it would affrigh;; menybut it is eafier to fright men out of their 
.witSf thffn out of their fins* i^i^rm rofe from the dead, yet 
the -Pharifees were fo farre from beii^ bettered therfeby, 
that they grew madder againftChrift, So at the Rcfurreftion 
ofChrift,many aijofe, and appeared tomJtny,'and no doubt 
but they told them,how it was widi thofe that were dead, and 
yet it coidd not work upon them. He that cavils at the Word, 
will alib-cavil at Miracles, as the Pharifees did at the Mira- 
cles, of C^hrift. He that will not beleeve the Spint of God ^A adei /«- 
fpeakir« in the Prorfiets, will not beleeve a man pretendii^ duratus e)?, ut 
that, he xameiromAe Dead, and tellins what the Damned ^^y;[«^^ 
fufferdiere. How (hould he beleeve a Creature, thar will not ^^^^%e>yg* 
belecvcxheinfallible teftimonyof hisCrcacort ^ gentibm trtdst^ 

The Scriptures ace a furer ground for us to buildtipon, than 5re//tf. \ . 

an Angpls voyce ( a /?^. x. ip. ) No revelations arc to be 
compared to them, Gad will never fet in wich way& of ^ 

O , mens 

inem invencton, when cbey defpife the waies 6f his ^ivn Or- 
dination. Theblbd nprtd which is wcai7 of true Do^ 
IS apt to think, that if an Angel from Heaven, or a Gteft 
. from (fell would come and teadi them, tbetf they (hoidd btt 
converted* Tbefc are like SatUy who'<»fecmnea the cout^^l 
oi Samuel living, yet dcfired to fpcak with him wfen he 
was dead. But, 1. why doe you not bdeevc ^C%ift vvho- 
dyed, and is rifenfrom the dead, and fpcate daily toyou l^ *• 
hisMihifters? ». Why doe you not oeleeve the ftophets 
who bring dead yet fpeak to you,'and have left us a moie fure 
word of Prophefic? 3. Suppofe one fhould come From Htll 
trll In flames, and tell you what the Dnnned fuflfer there, ya 
how is it probable that this fhould doe you a>od, when - God ' 
tells you the fame thing in his Word, ana yet you will not 
beleeve him > It is moft certain, that thofe who^efeife Gods^ 
Ordinance, will never belceve a report front a doubtful and 
erring «uAority. Defire not therefore Mbacles, or Revelati- 
ons and Enthufiafms, this is a tempdng of God ;^t iafkt 
Cod to teach thee in his own way, by his Wbrd and Sacra- 
ments ; fadid * Lmher^ and thi^ * 
^^iinmanumif m ijfa, tm veUem^Dem is the' defire of afl the Sabts, that 

urn viiim & auoaJSttrtm, m m hiimt ^^^ J^^J« g«iae them with hi& 
ditn$ bdbeam verpum & SucramntAXtahtr. counier ncre , tnat IS , with faV 

L . «, , YVoxd and Spirit, and fo bring 

ihcmtogtery, Vjni.jj.t^, The converfioh of a Sinner is 
not fo much from the excellency of the ftcans, or the abilities 
of the Speaker, as from tfje power of Gods Grace, which 
Kacbctfa us to-profe, andmalcth the means cffea^al^ to us 
Great thenis thefolW^ thofe, who take upon them to teacfa^ 
God,.b6W he (hould teach die World; they would have Mi- 
rodcs and Aii^h to&K5 it, when^ God faies they Aali iave 
Minifters, andPreachuigbymentodoeir. k is a Satanical 
ddufion £hr men to rfrink of bcii^ converted, or comfbrted 
by any other way,tban that which God hinrfelf bath prcfcribcd 

fi^'y fl^ptitmmuttmMht£^miiBd(t,c(m^ cannpt convert thee, then- 

ar.; QjfoMonfiu affur^ thy fdf 7f m Angel ftom 

> A. %A , ' Hcaverii. or a Ghoft from 'fBr 

. Aoiitdcomeindpreachevery. Sabbath^t^^ 


DOG he converced. Sad is die condition dien of ij^any a^ 
mpjjgft us^ vyhe viUfi^ and contemn, who mock and fcorne 
at tjji Preaching of the Word, accounting the jmbliflicrs of * 
it che.Pefti of a,placc» and the troublers of Ifrael ( i Kiff^. 
%9.}1*^%^^&P& at theicciaintcnance^ and flaying their 
p^erCons, .this is^igp of rep^dHefs nunc to a Nation,. 
% Cbron^^e. IS, j6. LpM.%6. 14, 1 5, 16. Jer. %^. 4f 7f * 
8,9. Prav.ii* *^' . . 

% ObC» T'htre is a Diviif9 b^md p/ Pnniidenee^tb^ governs 
thfw^rli.^ Tbbbfings plenty and poverty, rain en one City, 
aod iv>t c»i another ; one Oty is^nred, and anot&er is refcued,^ 
as « bf;^nd ou; of the fire« Thefe tbangs comf^ not by chance, 
or fortune* buft there is a fignal providence of God in them 
m^ Hee feeds the Sparrows, dpath^the lillies, niynbers, 
oui? Hatr$9 aod takes fpedai care of liis pec^le. Hee- hath a 
dire^ngv ptQie^ii^ cooipailionate, vindicating i^are over, 
all his, be tendeK them as the apple of his eye,; s^ad writes ^f«M*/f*^iw- 
them up(»i the; primes of lis bapd^, they are ever in his.(^c, ^ . ^^- ^: 



rt-i Watcbfof. '■■■''' u, r 
This Providences* Diflina. S"j m^ 

ofQodis' 5) J Strong. ^ ^cd in Mr, 

• 0.4 Wife m working. ^ xohmforustt. 

We fliould therefore comfort our felves in this fpecial Provi- p. 15. pJcachc 
deace 9f God,and caft all out burdens of cares & fe ars on \x\m.^^ & Funeral, 
Hcs thatpriovidcs for the m^neft creatures, will not ftifer hi&^^54« 
noMeftGrevuresto want, He that j^bvides for §parrows,f(.f»d 
c'ood Mr. Heme when be was dying^ to his fad wife ) will not 
f ufe Hems to want. Yea he that proVi^ fo liberally for his \ 
cncmic$>what will he not doe for his friends ? Away then with 
alt c«^kiia, diftraftful care, only comayt thy way unco tbcr, G9doiphif 
liord, and bee (hall direft thy paths* Bee patim under all hu Holy Lim- 
wrangs andmjuttes, remembring that Gods eye takes fpecialNc^> P* ^^7 
nocbce of all the wrongs that are done to bis people, to avenae * 
them> Ex9d. j* 9* %Chren. i6. 8,9* Letourmoderaticp ber 
xtede known to aU, (ince the Lord is at handiP^V. 4f $• . ' -^ \ 
[.Sec more of the Provideppe of Cod in Mr. iV</»i on|hc - 
deed, Aidc^ u p. JCJ4t foUo^ Vol, Jtt Peur d^artyroxi: 

02 iSam, 

loo Jfrsels ptfihacf. ' Amos 4^ 

X Sam. lo. p. 5 6f 57; LeiTms de Acmbuds^ p.i6i5. Dt Gpitge • 
hisMows>p. 37). RmheffardLoSt Larine. CtX€*p, t)x 
O^r Faft 5cr« on i Cor. r« 2ji p. ^ , 8cc« D/kf on Macch^4v 
4i p. i6o> &c. Strong-^ i fclcft Set. p, 657. Mdwmrtb J^^bs • 
Ladder, p. 5) fcc. B. AnJrtm CatficBf. cha{v 7* foUo^ mihr ^ 
p. 29. Herberts P6cfn5,p« I07, fee Wiwfer, /olio. p. a6j. to * 
179. Minutiits felt X per tauim; fser h^ Grounds of Divimcy^ 
p-33»&cO . . ' 

3 Obf. C$i k the iejh^er^JhifM Cities. I| you wenrd 
know, whoic is diat overchrows year Cities, It is I faith the; 
Lord, that in juftice for your provocatbns h aire mad^ ywr Ci* 
ties a de(dlation; I fired ^cu^w, deftroyed iVi^, NMveh^ So*- 
m^U^ Babylon^ Jeh^falem. M the Lord raifeth Citief?, and 
defends the good (^2 Ki^g. 1 y% 34. & 20. &^) 4b be -ruinet 
and layc^wafte tht bJid,A^«/.^ 1 3. 16; Iri^^jf ipt 44* keep fin 
then out of your Cities, if you defire to keep chem fcom firci 

5w my <:rom. plunder, ruine* Take heed <rf6ffendiiig God, who is a confu** 
«o.Hof. 13. 1^- mir^ Fire, and can in a trice confume US| and tarnour dwel-^ 
p-. 7«» 7 K ; lings into-aflies. . 

4 Obf. In 4he midfi of Juigementi Cod remembers mercf.^ 
• Hee doth notftirre up all hi5»wradj,^noE fuflfer his vvhble dif- 

pieafure to arife, but lets fallonlj^fome drops upp^ us, when 
- he mightpour a whole Sea of wrath upon our heads, Pfalm 
7^. 38. God might' juftly have deftroyed all tbzCt ffraelhes 
for their Idolatry arid Apoftafie, yet he remembred his Cove-' 
nanc^ though they hid foul y forgot it^ and tranfgreft ir( fi^ 
6. jw ) i^nd faves a remndnt^ he deftroycd buc foflie, not all* 
their ^Cities. ' So oft elfcwhere we read of -a^'remnant that 
were laved, % King. 19. %l* & Jf^t I.* pv & 10. 1^1* Rom^^ 

5 Obr,' Nehh0r J^igemems kdr Mercies <dn ipork^ Hfou • 
htrdnoyl Simers.^ iSome ot thefe Israelites were deftrojied like , 
• SododyivA others in mercy were puUfedlike a Brand out of* 
the fire; yet nothing works upon themi but they zxt Ifreut 
' ' ftill, as Idolatrous and obflinate as ever; V Vh«n the heart is 

once hardned by a long cuftom of finning^ it is noc aH ihat^ 
Mount £i^4(, or -Mount GmjtJm^ Mount Sinatf or Mount - 
S On can afford ; not all the dreadful Curfes of the ^cne^ nordit 
the gracious Proixufes of the other^ that can wo-k upon mens 
hc^ixs, jP.r4l'# Z). 7^ 34, 35. M'^ekc ao.*5,i6-,7,;^ i&>i^, 

' neither 

Vcrf.ij, Jfroih oh^figfj. »| 

iieitber /(^/^-auftericy, ndr Cbriftstiimcy could iivbrk upon 
hard-hearted J^w. IfGodbyfats %mt fee notin wfth thai 
watins^ nocbing works tandly uponu$} yea we^ Oiall- bee^ the 
worfe for beating, zsxhtft/fraelkeft a)t'the(b fit ^ Rods do$ 
but ftupifie-chem, and ibake them ficti^r for a greater Judges 
mentr Ot^ rod bein^ fait^fitfd may bring a- man hom^ to 
God, as the Prifondid Manaff^es^ want the Prodigal, ind the; 
Earth-quake' the J^I^5 they had Gods Spirit, thac taught 
tbem to profit by afiuftiom, ^nd fo were blelTed, Pf^l. 94. tt. 
biic a tbottfand Itripes on a Ph^a$hy SatttiUc. doe hut make* 
then the more kmtCi anct ini^ate ; and^ is not this Eftg^ 
iMds Sin? any mt we beheld oih/ownrfaces iir this Glafs?may 
not the Lord juftly coiiifrfsine ofii^, as he doth here of Ifracl f 
Ifaavefmitcen fn^/^vW with Sf^^d, Plague, and Famine; 
fomeof their Towns atad Ciciis^ I h^^ fired, and the reft* 
wereasabrand{>ulledout ofthefitet Many a time have t 
broken and blafted the Pt>wer aitdPotiby of many great Achi^ 
t^fhrisy and delivered them from matiy eounent imminent 
dangers; and yet fuch'id their incorrigtMeneffs, andbcura*' 
blcnefs, thac<hey bave n6t remrned unto^ me, faith the tord. 
If'anythii^deftroy this Nation, it is our obAinacy and impe- 
niteKy, utader att thofe various Difpenfadons^ of .Meraes^' 
and means ivhtch we b^:v^ fo tohg' enjoyed. God like a good 
Pbyfician, bath long ftudied our Difeafe, and given us many 
Purgative draughts todrink; > he hath vifited us vvich vaoecy of 
Judgements, ud hath let us bloud feveral times, the better 
to^cObtaixi our Cute, and yet he may dbmpl aine- <X vti i% * he'e^ 
dorii of IfraetbtK^y that we have not fon^ aU^ t\k% returned to- 
him^^ . '..--•• . .. '^ '- ;."-'/:••■- 

.*■ . 'i-\: _ " . •'. 

Tfiirefm thus wUl i dee t^tflo tjufi 1^r^tly*ndUf{ii4* 
IwiUM thiu..itiif«,tkeh,fjt«farc t»,ime(itjkj<ggdf 

V7 V/^^ hivft heard :*)ef ore of Ifraelt^ Sin^ ^nd JJraeis 
y y . Puaiftjmentfor their fim We v6^iK)\\come to.the . . 
thlr^ a^d I att(p^r4 <rf tbis^ chicdScrtnon 6f the Prdpbet, w&ich . ; 
conjcaiJaS: anh.^JChttrwtSoo, :oxi^' Invitation to ' Rcpeqfance; 
wbecc w& have, ^ O 3 i The 

» • » 


»w \V-il 

-»r r Jf^h Ohfiiiiicf , A1OOS4'. 

■: I This lUativftParcicte. ^Fthe note oC Infereaoc, TliW* 
^p ;. The Lord draws 4 c^ndufitjn agauift ^laem frwn die fo*- 
nwt Efcttufes, j.„ 4. rtn«. pone of, my . foaner Jw^ccoeota 
wtllcecUinuToti, lamnow.xefotvo^c^jit y()u fhtU reap the 
I fBWof;ytn«(&f<Wieoce,;yfiftft>iU noioiigerbeinyPeopie^ 
■) bticXwilLcAftyououcofCovenitnei aodfetiayouiwoan ton 
puce Land; fo chai: y?e fliall noc only loie your Land,, bw 
yO(ir Religion too s notonlyybucSoylbqcyiour Soufewbooc} 
DotoBlyyourgoodsbutyowQod. I have feac que my Fooc* 
inen,<fauIiGod >.aSii.ypu,h»f9,coi[iteiffl»ithtBii mkLco*. 
tended vnih . thorn ; I wUl ,90«f . fee« «rl»t ; you avKl : to wick 
Bocfisrmfcn (Jw; i»,St) .^royftifwiU-flWwife w tcme» 
agwnft you,- « igaii^t a pa«lf of refeds. ■■ 

£ B^eif the Lc44s:CoBnuiiMi<w'<3if fome^grottcr Jedgs- 
imQt^fiied^«Div;b9dipg9ner»l x»mhTh¥iwHt'r^iw» 
. f^«.Iht Lord feeii^ cbejt Joc$^^tene^A« dOtodenoBiuw 
a f«er ,»adfadd«f JudgOT«K-a©«il*tb*nl,tlwftaarT«th«i 
beCatlsn dienit - HB^do^ hpq lell tton hovv^^ is! Pthac kud^ 
mU pu«i£b thetti, bik le«VKtbem C$ in^e ttw ivocftithereby 
imiiQdmig thx ho wovld biiflg vpm ih«» fstddertvUs^an 
tbsjf cDilId imagine.TAjw KrTiWy.,«w' fcv^relyjiil^a fflaraftnt- 
ousjaaflriec ihMtwma/yiwUJwalvyftbth^s.'SteJudgemBnt 
. w«,-fo4rff»dfidyi:tl«: cne. Pt(»ha: 

^i^ftt faSM^^tmt-,. M 4m ad. fnfiU* ■CecBBW^crloidi,, wJt fcafluB- 

' '^;.- : * ■•: ■ jwdothaf IE .weiK ^OM X Vail 

(^ ,|«hMrh«: cottld ftotin vprds, fiMfordi^Ymb a Tbui 

" ' defoiation, and uctcr deftrudion, forfoUfol^ows, Am»i- 
[4. TTk; (hall fail and never rife again. Since they be im- 

, „ , d you Qiall be tarried Capcivein- 

I'ftrJtf^^tJtfid.'- ThertfjfcdiiKtoWih ^tht?- worife a kind 'of 

Paihetical Apofi(^fisV*wberf % 

6*m afjw tffatft mmis man for anger and indj^tion. 

M mm-^/mt^mhiM' *WsoffifamewMd,.6rp»rf of^a 

/',-^.- . •> i ftntttoce ffhkh is ^ bee! under-' 

■;'*. : ' ■■ r:''-'^''"fioafc;^fltthkiadW,fi^tediis 

■ -, I '-' ' - ' very 

' verjr freqoeac ])od% ia>&cr^ and propb^He : Wdtete . Thui, 

»; r$l9! f fHey ih^Il n^ver,w«r inpoAiy, r^j if ttey come ^'jjf f ^^'" 
'there, )fwht Gipiioi^lpi toe i^ b» tfut-lljus'cjic *fc- („^A 4^^^^ 
brews id cbeir execradoa Oafiii^s wei?e Wontlti fpe:$k,TbMsmi pnefiat tomp$^ 
thus lee God.(loejto (OP (l^Mi. a;>f9^Xwlcbout ei(u»fling »^^^ ^«^«tf . 
the iaqprecwott, jit fearijig to naflnie: tltofe dcitoktil cyils. ^f^l^otmidd.i 

'. ^ . Ike 4^a^>^^ ^^^ 

fyyeec <Ari^MrM^ £i4i<>C<J^eBcy 11^4 conAdation^ teiUhg yideutn tui 
thcWdbatheisy?ccb«r (^;aiC:eveiiaW>;ieady to warn '^*^^^^»j^ 'J* 
thcm,if tbey wUbutcridy itpCAMtKi^:^^ teuntohiin| ^Dlimfmm 
ktiereforehe counr6ls:chcmipe^ily.f;o prepare ( for ^NbtYtcm nondm 
DO tiiae^ is expseS;^ rWc, ac . (h^ Peht^ Ciy Lawyers, fo : the fiani te abdi^ 
pwfyiitSlfy^^ t*bee perfiomiea) xo «tect ^^^» »'^^^^^^'''>> 

w%/A- 21, 13. feij#a,jy!idi;«i»i biK when? .why P«^«firat- J^S'L'!^^^ 
ly, xh^Uisiffiphed^ JSp:l»re.^:frf;i^^^ .« 

whdi? whyprefen4y, before die .decree bring fercfa> and ft 
^coblate, Z#/»^8i«^. The Lord banng toldcbexn wbiit 
be would d^ to tbemy XLp^ ( fucb ^ his.^odasfs ) tbatbai 
ndiewa {begi what 4:hey &K>iild doe, . to preyemr biid Judge-*- 
mepts^t//^. prep^€<o4ae((bun* SiiiceJbe wait rieady ta caft 
^bem (^f .beadvUisdi tbeiq to <afl tbemfelvts dowm^ ' ^nd* to 
implore Bs fficrcy^ and fliake peace with hifli. 
^/ B0tt7fIkitismeai9^txprif^9fgp»»U€tC9dt 

jifffi To oiee;! one hath various oKanisgs. in Scripttite ^ 
J •\SoiBetb9e$ Wf;g06 tO;q(ieQtPecfom9cbarwe. may htrvm 
dk^ thus j^^MMffiiandX^wtnt to meetthe Adgeb,i04fl 
i%.2^& 15k !♦ ^ SoBvatimes we goeto oicct; Bedons, tiiac 
'we may feoff and jear at.them^ as.M^iViki/ tfae^Daugfa^rof 
Saiil did . J^wuL % Sam. .6« ^o« jf Somociines we goe. to 

vx&i^iifmyiQ^^^ arJ9^^ dtdwidl €«/aiftV 

J^5am,J7«48«Ai^tbu^fometake.t^^ . 

an Ir^cal^ tauntkigfpeecb^: as k! the. : Lord Jiid laidi ^inot r 
I am coming ag^Vtlwfi> pre- . 

pare your fcl ves ov meet iijei : «nd .^« ^^^ *^ /<^« »rfi«r ^rti«a *»*- tf r* jf 
fceif yee b^.-aWe;to^5nce»mer.:..t^J^^^^ y^^ rtffifiiima & 

me, and keep meback> who am . "' - ' i 

coming agf|nft^«,a,S::^^(^octkyilcetoev^ aM oiittt tfiee 
.wi^ybuchardq^d b^9i:cs>ulnuA(M: up^^otk ^AnAics^vivci^tieft 
jgMu: lorcest , call 1^ c^ your ^^e^tt ]Ppiir;CreaaHierCiOttfideil«^ 


ce$^ aod-^ fee if they cM d<!ltver you from tny hab4, and 
.. fave yott fcdm my wracb, w-hidiis even teady to feiisetipoti 

I ^ ' yoa. BuccbUrfenfe is very bsirfli, ^d'concrary totbe &^e 

V . ^ of rfie j^acc ; for ali along the Lord calls upon dvsm, xicc to 
" i(ianddi)Ltagainfthim> buctbfttbmtt unto' turn, and ther^ore 
he fooft complaines, even five cimes; Ttt hmfc jte not renimA^fmb the lot A. Beiides,: there is rio meeting of God 
with Armes and Armies or any watlike Forces ; what can all 
. \ the faofts in the wol^ld doe agamft the Lord of HoQs, or who 
- I "- ever hardned himfelf agamft him and pto^r^it ^^b 9. 4« 
lee the Potfiieatds fttive with the Pot(hear<fi of the earth, but 
^ woe be to him that ftri^^ with his Maker. 

4 Sometimes ^l^^^fioe out to * meet Perfons to humble our 
fidves before them, and to fuhmit to them, as 5ibiW/didco 
^.^ D^rf, a^Sam. 19.I6. aiid tferaitii^in thetcixr^ /^^e^^ 
v^i^m^tlr *^*^ ^^y God^vk* by Prajers and ttars, by humWc fupplicati- 
um. stftuag. on, and real humiliation for fif), by fbrfaktng your Idols, and 
Syria. Arabic. cie«wng to Gods true Worfttip, ind;by amendment of your 
Virf. ji^jpes run to meet him, that you ntay prevent the execution of 

Us. wciath ufion you, &c. This \i the mbft {proper meeting of 
God whicfa^ishere<^ted for) this^is^iiiegdnttweandtrue^ 
of the place * for the wotds are not a challenge, Come out and 
meet me ; buc a precious dirtUion^ what we miift 
doe to appeafe and paci^e God, W^.^not meec him in a 
^ri tiPfpfiuon zxd rebellion^ for this \vere to fee Bryers 
and Thorns inJ>attle agatnft a cotifumiig ^H jC ^^^ *7- 4.* J 
but meet himiii a way bf fiftmijfton; as AH^ait met Davidy 
when he was coming co deftroy liaM and his houfe r x S^m. 
2f. 32. So here, (ince the 'Lord bath takein lip this determi- 
nation to punifh thee, O^Ifr^ly and is refol vw to bring fome , 
greater Judgetnbnt on thee, therefore prepare tfajr fclf { ftith 
cmAt pmni* the prophet^ by aafeigfied hiflntliation and rcpAitahcc^ 
tinttdynt ffd' lbthoa/mtti{lpceve»tlteexecueiohof'the fentcnce. Put bd 
cmdt fenten^ thy mourning weeds, ^ke up a labientation, make ready thy 
tiA. GbYyfQi9giif. Petition., goe forth upoh thy knee, fend befeedi Wm to fpare 
. thee, that fo chou maift preventJtisy tutet dfeflruSion whrchls 
nowathand: ' rif; ^-V/ ^^r.;-:, .;- .^• ■ ." ^ 

: >QV,'Jba wh^ iKh'itkt lsP¥d(fM'9»fmHis "ftpfle to' frepari 
ibeidf€bfis^ T^lM^their^kiM^ts v^ei^e hardmd^ dnd he fUli hs that 
$be KMf^f mm 4S ^nolifi hwi^elf^ 49$d fksi th prepdratiott af 
/ " th 

• ^ .♦ N 

the ie4f* it hit fM^it «ii^i»« fff/. ( Pf4-. « O. «7«> AjW^V 
^ hsi decreed hire te eArrjtbem mte cfftivUjy Md.bee ettU 

tiem 4i mi^kt ^ thertffft *U fheir refem^f^- w*t. hm 

.' Jn^: f ^ Tbe Lprd had -(ome deft and hi«kwa, oqe# 1^ 
called, aMcobMtcalledamos^tbsin, andcotheieheptiiH 
dpaUy Tpeaks; for all Gods-.coaunands'tre eli^ftual inlieifie- 
vers: t^ are nee an empcy found, as they are in,^ ears t£ 
crnbdeevers, biv t^re goes fbj:!ch a power fropti Qod kiabte* 
uigck^n CO obey ;< if he command them to bdfieye) >«$ tna- 
bles diepi To ?q doe. If Ije conwand ^ co prep^rr. w 
meet him by repentance, rfwregoes forth a power ftoju^im 
which iniUes oiem.fp codoe. As when:ouc SaykMfU-coaunan- 
ded lAuutrm to.wiie,. ther*. went forth ,a power- from bim 

that r ^f«d hiflai .-^ff "•"'^"W*. ^i/*Smmi ^^^ the- ttitt 
is r^qiewfegnd made plj^W^ *ea if .rea*ly ob?]^.^ 
Gods cmnipands,, be they,i|«fCX,fQ^ai:4 6f,J»«!(h tacfloOi 
and bloud ; yet thty can do© alt dungs Evangdually efarpiiigh 
Chrift that ilrengdiens thegi.. Goi gives^diem his. prevgih; 
ting,) afiiaii^ co-ogerari^, perfevcpqg grate, 3fi iu 

.. ■ .»."iSuAfloipm0d$ as tbefe Qaeff M^t duty, noc-o*}? .i,i 
bility'. aBdmuftnwlse usir difr.Cgqfeof o^jt- own iwt^lity^ 

3 . Such copMninfte., |i«J« ajewvked moiic inexwfabl?^ 
I^bob^ pows!^ ip,f^<^w aUiM Gate cownands, feuc 

grand ApoftJW.-<rf<»V<^f^*'^^W5?.'; )• v '' , •'• ■ 

%. Thcrf)r¥9t»i«Si^QQrif»tiPJW»aJvY#ye8aKplutea^:jf-scemore bi 
rev^qiblq J?i^(« ^iffi9ft P«tljj^. *r« 5»iwi.tiqnal, ^ndifo Ucxatyi <« 
te iindctftood with tWs cftcccp&on, ws. except they repent «4 J* 13. 13. p. 
amf nd; and ^,-4ips^ipf^] «, f^iijj^^^njtt 9cpre^d , .as ^fr. «*• 
»8. lA'-mMli^ f t ^ foi»?SH9«.fiiBgrcff€d^ 

dffixfxei i VMfi is,^.if thejTirppen^^Jot* Saheie, d^Dqgb.-i^H 
iS4f/f cafefcanpddcfperatciijyetjdje LRj^dJMcjf ^,iyip,^od 

oni# potMthftandingtheirTepentarvggyHgf ,f;;ipt»vc? 0,^^ 

^.'^4 •> 

^^Mtti ^ThdrfopenoMeelncI hoc fseeft Cnuctd^ (o^ 
thty A)ould 43«re eftftped aemar mifeiy. • 
~ '2 lA ckirLtfc; die- punifliAeikt of fudi^ Pmiiietnji it oft 
micigated , cboi^h noc coeally removed. Hence we rtial^ 
r4Mf^ctMitm<iiBes <^t'"^UckGal«inicy k>£iQc^lboft witb the 
facQiineii; to chem.(iiere -ut but fattedly C6tfiireaient« 
when to die ividced they Me fere^ramiets of graKcr wradi. 
A J*rrt»r, £«^rf, !)«»«/ may goe into Cipcmcy» hoc. 
teu^good, as the Lord fad 'fomemnefr of ht& PebpU. I 
wftl fend ihuniitto the land oTCc&ifM for good, f^^ *^%, 
imdk teourner^ firalifoeimrked-fbr'^efty wheii JiKfe«oienc ^ 

4. Here are ^Pttfont^ to whoiti this fidtoctation k applnd 
■ndcfireaedy and tbatiJjto^ ten Tribe*, wfaoate 'ofteo 
«lted by tbe«miie'of://r«/l^ » tjeinghii otfiftrin*, -t jr^-, 

•M -ii^efltfRates tfiis otfiQ, idife-foctef to ' a'Xri&eA^Km, md 

Sidien thor ateeadbq, ts alfe eo Aewi» great ■■ a0«^ion to 
Sm, isDwid naaled Mf9kH Mce^wbos he loved, 5o oar 
Savour fpeaking m Jirt^nlem , . ^dbubles thoa title/ CF.9#^- 
r«!^«/fi», JtrmftiUmy Mat. ag..^?., to awaken them, to fliew 
hk tender love tndi^fli^afiton 'ttP^tem,^ and td'^w hisrao- 
')sr'a^rtnftd)eir'fiifs,'he-Patbenicjaiyieil«$otit;; O'f^mfiihm 

Jetn tititkueirhick Gfdbiitb-ttmirfdii^hitfpetuaprtfiiue. 

bhndmetlmi ir*ibom4ee6miM:Me!t\ifBe^m'Mm'iern>, t 
Se-Ac-Lofd hehf;thc-betf« mwiMnaHife ©f 

djcif fecuriiy and impemtafcy, W fth^tWfe^ Jjoublej 
dieif name, ffiyin^, thk^4d»fm tiikyO'-ffmifj ^ih- 

/'^ $Snce we -ire b^ekw^ a))d^>avt^«>i^ ducyt)f 
fi6>)«gi:hel)aclt$t^s^£Stbbt^t^^tl - 

don; oT'Go^ rtadin^tpj^irdoh mtttenti. Hee m ij^ €!«/ 
ppepare'%toettihy<j6d-^4jeis'is>JtlBne^'by Profefl«», thouffl 
thou haft wdkt unanftyerablytQFltr -AArf *«. Hi ^ Tib <M » 
€c*ajliitl»i&. «See-.' «ri9 <ft?^dwfy"tt t»^l^^^ 
•nkbdtthlyffl»=^l««*:i ''''i' — -.;' • ^' ^ TT?. 

- - '^ ^: The 

T^ tbcond is- * Ariwig iMttipti and i^ drlMn ftMn.'tlie 
eonffderatwnoFGocUAlinighw^Power (vrr/.'xj.) wfa«iWa* 

.kcttthcm)Wfct«foiih,byfixI^« " 
l^ foeoKcH thf& MoMflcaios,- 

a KnowmenjThbttgbtfj. r 

( Tfea<U4i{icotbefa 

Creaces Ac M^uida. 


ftilcnce andSword an doe no good, aenlocjt f(5«,§ 7^*«i»<>ri^ - 

wtnowexpca, but that rfi^V^: i)»M cofae i^rjtb- a r*w*y««K>rtiii 
»« i (^ motbct, O JEngland, *4if*m* ^ m4»*: ?*« . «)«% SKT*,^ 

ftvtrth^h^ *hfir^'>^4f4 *W.?W5>a» lj^i>^ W.;b«««»- 
teftPriwiled^ th^rcfa?ini9i^i|!hc gwatsft Jijdgqnaijls* H» 
WCmxxx mth diemthaii wijt Hothens, bwauf<t= theyice 
ncjKec to Wm, and f» «b^ fip*<ip^ !»«? difli«i?M?ur I^m?. Tk 

nij>b onis, {Levit. lo. i. ) "C dwells ?mongft h«»,fc<0fe, ■ \ 
andc«n««ndi«6rteir^ovoc*wip» We-*Wcodfti:?dui^ ■■ '•; 
bout6eld«, butnotiaouEhouC^j :W^««ibw wAbrttt* \ 

and Aorns in the; Wtfderpd[8» .wb^h^we e/«pjfi enditf^ m «i^ . 

lov^, .and- ijisreforr wU; bee f^Jy «« .ftiBi0)J ptto«Wi3.i^obf.3. 
t« tWr auqoity (.Aw«r j. ». ) as wee fee m MU , X>^-4p. fS w jj. 

lot ^^deisdtjlhkiij. jftmos4t 

wi^ HiM^di^ ZiiebkrUA^ Jitt^dem% ijU^ %i. r; J>4». 

J^; It. • ♦• 

will 1 doc cochee O'/frml. Itiis is the onty wijt6 cbn^^pte 
la «iy Com. ^ coQverc men $ wbac is fpoktnin general co alf,- fcH will 
Milik.13.1tf. apply cotbemfelves. Icischis Soul-feafcbiog Preachh^ dbc 
OUa.P^. isthcbcltteacbii^.Btttofthis.elfewbere. ' 

• 4 Obf. Vi^d^ffMlfy w^irneshffe be Tmltes. In mercy here 
be wames bis people t)f appcbatning jadgifmehtSy and bids 
tbem prepare to meet btmt He Ltghcem beforc^be Tfrnhdirs, » 
^^'*"*^*^"andfl!ioocsoffhisWjriuj^-we<^^^ .befo;« be Ihoocsc^bis 

tfmnrMJKtaT Murdering-peeces; He^ntfgfeliawcomielWdenlyupon tbem;^^ 
pmitlSdm and fffepc d)em aw^y like dung from the face of cbe eartb for 
Mi vmtt. their ofiniiiacj^^ bat Teebis tranrcehdent cf emencjrjntd ^ay^ 
^^•«- • h^VarncstliOTbeffire-bideftmycsth^ itndx6unfcls Aeni 
j!:S»«!*ybeft^ irtrientrtr them: ;• - '' : '^ • /- 

^ Jt^edientjfj but; tfitball • he,tell5 thdn pf mcVcy-upon- re*^ 
pentince ; ,¥ritbtibc^bne hedrawQS us as with cbrcfedPiott, 
and^vttb^die otlferht dHvcs lu homeW^bftnfdf^ Hfe.b^' 
bisr&4lttcki'oFI)Cfrf!^ ^M• b^ve all neect c6 "bear-of Jniginkaitfi^ 
tti\b^iisft6mm^ olMeriy^ Xfhtn humbled/ 

to kec^us^i^m atft>aif. Hence God fo oft joyns both coge* 
. . ifecf , 4s L»iV. 1 tf .^ Dekt. %%. ; and the Prophets dc)cufualty ^ 
/ "' r^Uay the terrours oftbe;|JtW,Vitfrthe'ComWitsof the<5of* 

pel; f^t.ti. •'^•' •>••"■• '• .-•'.• I 4- 

' ' 6 ObC Gid^mn IXsfhftt£^enifUH tter^ffir/^'if^ 
^.M^y&ir^. Hets Gody Md not like Man^ that cafts off 'men 
for every light otfence. Hee cells chem here^ F nri ftyjr^od 
ftill by profei&on^ diougb thou RaA hot w^lkc* up ^ to that |ict« 
viledge.l^m tdihe by Covenant, andthou aft mme f/rM (tilt; 
tfoersfore* prepare^ to thedt me, and ftand ho^Iqi^^dut' a« 

SflatMr^ id* 8ain0 flSCr • - ' "^ •-'-/•.■ .w ^ f ttf * 

mfCfm.tar jo^.frhef^th^li0rd^cfmhfg^kg^ 

tki9tt^ iifbemt^fiJBs tbdt tk^flf^dfrffii^tffrifMi^h$fftct 
him iy In^mit^ fiiffitc4iti^^ irndtHdrkfrnafice^ 

X , We mud' meerGod whb s'^Fetmrn m '4firlmkdsi^tiS 

$A;;e£UiiAiaKy addbtfs tfaemPtlves«>ih^tS€v«rafigi% efpeei** 

Hoi. 1]. 1} 

Vcrf.Mi Ifrditt Obfffiiij. top. 

Mjffhm^ceim ttudsr cbe nodoti<^ Oflfeodeif ^ or M4-» 
lefiAors CO Ik^ a pardon. We fliould difpaccb tiiefe our Am- . 
btfl^tdDurs^ W FrafiTJ mrdf$ar$s^ €0 meet Mm in the myt 
( X«iit« 14 ? *. ) tvfiile he is yec afarr^off;- that we may pre- MiMmus fN^ 
venrdie Wrathtbatis comity uponntf • TImis did Mtfuj when m &h€ffymat 
be p6rcetved that Gods Wr^uhwayUndledagaiafi. ifr^t,. he ^^^^!^ ^^f^f* 
foi^hc by tnmble and fervent Fcayer coftopiti ExQd. ja. 1 1 » 0'^''«« 
») tf, fo when the Plague was new broke fordi, hee com^ 
muiAiA^ir^ preTently to mediate and iiuercedeibtchem^and 
foftayedthePlaguer AAm^, 16. 4^$, 47, 48. Yda God cakes 
it illj when in pablkk calamicies th^re is no incerceflbr to^^ 
meet him dms, and mediate for a Nation, Efrj 59. i tf; £. 
ftd^ 2»; 30. Tbefe Ambatfadours in all ages have prcvatled-See my Com. 
wmidecfttlly with God, APrayer rigbcl y quaiiHed^aiui ctrcisnri*' on pfai. 9tMu 
Amtkitd for man, matier, manRer, wnac cannot it doe witb^* '^^ 
God? . •^ . 

> < Ithadiaii IKurJurr^/ power in removing Jtidgemenoi o^ 
procurh^ Mercies, the mofii^nal providenaal changes chat 
ever were made in che world^have been made by the Rrayer^ 
oCGods ^eo^«Prayer is as it were the Midwife to bring great 
Blcirin»incathewdrid,aiiid remove great Judgementtfrom 
OS fr and tbereforeL when the Lord wouid defl&oy a, peopfe, he 
Commands his Jirmitt to forbear praying for them, cbey mnii 
not meethim in this land comediate or intercede .f or. chemt 
(tj9r.%i6. ^i4«ii.) therebyimplyii^> chat he cannot 
deny tlie layers of Itts people. 

a Thefo^ Ambaffadonrs Jiave^ an- itwMkjning f^wen 6o4 ^ 
feems to deep and takeno nociceW the mifdries of fais^ p<;o-- 
pie many times, bnt then by their Prayers they muft awaken '. 
imn» 3^^. fi 6i There are two things which dee more ^ 
f^^edaUy awahm God, r » The ttagetfmckgA men ( Kal. i )• 
%^ & 78. 6^^66%) and iv The Prayers of Gods people, V{4m 
%x* Mif.: & XJ^ii i. 9* , . 

a Hiey have a bmiingmd *d 

bindsGods hands thar hee cannot ^jST'. «:??•*. /5' ?'^ unemt& ilgni^ 

ftlta^ Oll-heaj^ ^tm^tw-iumat niprtmijftrMiff.Lu^ 

e£ M^y mi bidtim let goe ^ 

thar bee n^y fnyte* them, Ex^da ^» 10/ JUisw^. 14. if, 
^ lf,^2o• And Prayer bath a toofoungc powcs^ fin ties 

P 3 Gods. 

^ GocbhasKifi tfaactteycaimM beip^ ^ Pn^ec w^ dm. 

4 Tbev bavea $mnifmim fw^r^SvtdBk n Gock grot oaa«- ' 
defcendon^ chat though be be j3ie Coiiui^ 
.^ fitfers binirdf tpJM comtftanded by tfae^Prtjifersi^/bis mo^ 
plC) Ok. 4$.^ XI. Gods people have often expedeaced the 
powec of Prayer, and cherefocein all chiiic dilkdBGei tbqr fly 
cotbeirPrayers, and have venmieditbdrlive^t retbWing' r^* 
cber tolooTe th^^dian th^braybgr'opporcu^^^ 
<KO. yea and this bath made them fo earneftly bo^ Hbe Peiy^ 
ecs of Gods pcx>ple» Rnmsm IS* i^^ they wR tec jforc 
with their ineereft in chem for a^Kingdbme* rVea^* fiidi is cbe 
poMerof che Prayers of the godly^ that evedl wicked meiv 
. .:\ . : - wh» cl»y areindiftrefe, have bqg^ ion xbem* Urns ?A#«r 
-' > 9i«0i^beieeches M^fix^ prafibrfat8i» Jnd. i^M!^ .calls £t»>did 
: Prayers of a Samuel. Tbecime^wotild fayl me, co tell of ftbe^ 
gEeaceiq^oits> wbUhcbePrayer of fkitb badi doni? ndCen* 
quetdr can ibew fiwh fomousTropbics a^ Tnim^f asiccatt 
doe. Prayer aauacad^ add tnti^«)ed b^ Jfaich, hath ftikAst^ 
ed Kingooms^^ ftoppedthetnouches^ IioW»* qgieflphedt ifiie 
. violentfeiy^fiie, efcai^the.edgQo^d)tSm)^,&c«l^ iKX 
3t,^f, 94> 35y^£. andhadi dcioc d» €&ttr£faa:.^B6miMr 
more iwci»Bf^ than all the^Acmies in the world ( ffi^jA^ry 
how * lighdy' foever wido^ men efteeme /6f * cbtsi. \3Ur is 

O^i Otdkisn^^ and hec evefc 

* VMl iejieium tft n,Uanicum domare C^- love^.tabefoimdm hiftWll 1\ 

farm, Ni veo^i^AitwK llf'^r c^'-^A Tr. *. The^-Prayefs «£ <5ads. tifeople 

iW.jjhi$Hiftory.Qf th^ Padiaaiciit M-Eiig. , foic hcft Wch:Gj>driliflewft-a«l 

land.i.3.c.f.p.po,pi.folio. . -cadsj dcyfeek cheadvawwcnc 

o(Gods:glory^ cfae good of fata Chucdiy the ivicr^afe^ of Hs^ 
graces in tbeis foslsf all which are vet^ taktn^ lUth-Godi: 
h Th^irPrayecsmtifi needs bep^WerfuVxf yoit costiitdpr^ 

SccAcprcvalcncycfPriycr, in }Ar,Kih. Re ;f^>^^^ 

{W his fiicnd at midnight* Mr. Lcve on Luke oeos and.UaughtefSy rhflT-Tiacuwr 

IT. H. and Mr. Tiimer on Luke rt. 9. p. t^^. P^^^j ^bef SpOttfe ofCfanfkNtWI^ 

foHo. Mr.y^ff.S^ii^irf hisPaft^dr.on tfs.^t. iftdJcioflScandDe SBIIcK $^ ffid'if 

2 p. *«;& 4 J. prcaeht i£4i.D.H^his FM, ^wC,.who .att eWt wttfeiW m^ 

.8er.en,^.p.43>«rcp.3.prcachtr.4». tb^to0W<|j»dte«,^Sf 

o-y fQ us, macb mow nwll Goi^fiipply ibe www rf «s> 
iwrbeu ch^^aU upon timf Mmh, j. m, ^ 1% «e ptt 



ViiM* J^MlsOlbfimiuy iff 

u^ |fl Cbiiftiiuiaej l^ iw&ed by luc ^tkj tviA Cod ctii'- - 
HOC deny CbriA chic imbof tiic^ce»tonf or ^i^ wad hii Sjpkki 
C^tauke$incqvcfbm vai»% Mitb ii^ and groatu. 
. % We.auifi: ttieec cfan liDrd Am^// a^ As > 

i(#«64^4^ fmanu mec cfae Ktes ef '^^ rcpes abonc 
cheic Aecli%. bttauife tbac chey hadiieardi chat che Kiagc of i/- 
Tvar/ vveceiyiaiafid Kingfk So 1^ tti piic co^ 

' gos of qMC aickAowtedgemcm^ae wc are worchy of deach; 

\\\i a wilde Bull in a nec« when men are £uU of diiK fmy of 
. f^lMAi lEfiif%i»A^.} th» is die way CO prowkeGod,co ' 
^ on w ivimb againft ife> and CO dbuUetiB ftrd^ . 

x^evh. 2^t <ik4f If it Pocenc Pimce ifaould raifea gr«tc Arniy 
aff^nft n^ anfi!^yv$badi\o'ftrdbgchdcoroppofirht8 ftrengtb, che * 
Qialy wayisco^OKCp Urn wkh batabie, f nbntii&re SoppUcaci- 
on^ ana4>m^k( peace wickhim.r£o, ivben ever vrr£t^^ 
die greac Godis angry vyicb ii$ for ouf fins, lee as lav dovra 
cbe weapons of ouf iebeUton^ fubtnit unco Mm; judge omr 
feJyeSyaii^dMifthewUlnocjud^^ss; acoifeourfelves» and 
ho «nll ac9iicHi|S $ be Aiasp^ and fevere wicfa our felv€S> and 
be wUl be OMvci&l to i^ ; let us accepc of die funilhnm of 
mr iolq^iiy^ and juiftifie him» in all diac he teub dbne unco u^^ 
andchen we have bis promife for pardon, Lmt^ s6« 40, 41^ , 
4;af woe Vaw^ it if A^ ^ Gods honour cocrample iipon 
iV4Vms». Tbii Iiiort wll noc feae on^.a yeelcfing Prey, the 
Mafii^wiU mt foil on cbd Uctk DogK> cbac lyes oh its back, . 
turns lap^aUf OUT) aiid<riea cpiaicer. Tne bending Rded is pre* 
toc^^ iiyiwfidie (biJtoi^Ote iapludcup by che k>ocs. Ic 
is cneproudaad haugbty,vihMi Gcd refifls; he fees bioifidf ib > 
Bdjckarrw^nft^chm^ anddd^bcstofiianUi^hbpowei^ 
mj^ii^imm^ x.%itoi& But the buinble u^k 

Iwhabicacicm and detigbL Let .us;^chere£oD6i meet bim^fixb^ 
flo^SralfK <miidmxi% utee^aiiei mc a diacch. for biai# SvtM • 
NapMsaff^ too^iveali; feriGod, how »achiii(M:e a<e ^le 
PdTowr^ ll^^ i^>'ii»lrf*/ W4a8;i^Ittt God^tbat over^ 
turns Ibi^staod Kiflgdtaa^at birfiea^, bee bach rmx-^ ; 

bex^bdkw,i«er<:ottlifcMmlft4:heif|^ef^* a( 

fiofi^ fi:«iH iBfiwhUBriM^^^ 


'4bd« (Dm. %. fs, 33«) whereby isfneant the B^i$fam^ 

^FerJfOih CrectSM^ tod R^mm M^iarcbies, the four greaeeft 

Monarchs of the World, yet diree of chefe the Lord teich al^- 

:re«dy<Iadu.uvpeeGes, and the Ifoft '6ne of Rfme[ only re* 

iii»!is;^w&ich God will ftiordy Uy indie duft« - - * 

3 VfctXiiAwcetGodmtbff^i in^^ irweegoe 

iomeecGod, ourbufindsis to make our peace wtdi God^ 
.irvhich we cxnnotiioe wicbout ^ce^ for to the wicked there 
jis no peace./Now grace di ^ugjh it hath many other, yet^ it i$ 
chiefly woven up, and compofed of theft tvyo ^den dnreads^ 

V Mc ti/e * ^ L0tf€t^G9d. We muftlove him MffrfUMi& iwtin/he^ 
hisMotning with highefl intention ofaflFisftton. LovetfOurbeftafifeSdoiH 
Led. in f »Aiif :Md therefore moft fit for God who is our beft . friend. 
p.54>55* a HMred rf Jin^ Thoe ate two AflSsftiotto cfpecitlly 

which fet diemfelves againft lin, which are, Hatttd and Grief. 
Hatred refpefts the naturt of fin ; and Grief xtfpefts the 
Aeamefs of fin» If we had no fin we (hotttdiiate it, but if it 
A^ere not near us, we ftuxild not gn^e for it. There are many, 
that bate fin but never grieve for it^^ but we mu0 ^meec God 
with boch chefe afifei^ons in us ; vr^s muft hate fin as^to its 
iwnenature, and grieveforitas it is 6ur owne fin, and ^ 
we •tfend God thereby } and tlus is to meet God with grace 
" inourhearcs. 

4 We muft-meet God iriiiCM)? m mt mwiSB There is 
no feeing his face, unlefs we bring thii our elder kotbor^VRtli 
usw G^i^holy, andwe are uaMly,fo that be will ndttresTD 
with us without. Chrift, nor can weis tbitik of G6d ixit - of 
Chrifti but with ettreambocrouribefides^ God will bavef fa-- 
tisfadiofi for fin paft, before he^ trcu: for the tiliie to cctaie ; 
now ChrifiJ& our Atonement^ and our Mediator, and' wee 

can expefit no good firomGod^without him, tbereftMre it^ u^ 

cwtJbimv5fithCteia-tn!our:tacmes.. >; V: ' .' - * 

. i 5< WeiiitiftineetGodwiih^trneJBi^iiMr/; Sdrrtofi^ befit^ 
ft Sinnec^.a$ » garment dodi tbe ik>dJ4 The garwe^t^ ^ Re- 
pencanc^fCls^mack&riSnnetB. Hadaw€l*ilever finned, i«e bad 
never forrpw^ Hs^esfcincd iB:@ods;det%ht^^it is bis^'Fii' 
yourite» iwl^ch JiejCcfticSidciwn-irb^ 

. t from 

.f«)mjJw.f>e««£«M:,:his.pronttfe hath given ftpentiflce ^ovwjt . 
ItQrifcvaii-wiiJjhinij i« is the ^a,y of his owne prcfcribii^ 
.wb«»bcWQul4%y&te,pe9iHeto.findmqrcyinbis eyes, hee 
-W^efljBkie^fpurfe, //«. I. i^j 17,. & tl- 7- C,«»/. 6, 

-i 9. Zefk aVi, »,}. ^Si 17, 30. Jam./^^^, 9., 10. This is a 
never failing isam^i it 'S^vyaies obcaines either ttie tdeffisg 
foi^tfor, otfomcixjEqrthii^; as.wefe^in.4^/^^ • 

Nimi>itfSr AUryM4gd4lefiy t^ Bi;oSgal^ P^y.^ Ifrae- 

. Yea, toe very Ihadow of repentance cjin doe fpajethiqg fpr 
*he rcmovat of a ceniforal Judgement; as we fee in Ababt 
hybocridcal humiliaaon, and -8*As^«»/, 2Chron. 11.^,7. 
Tnc Ifraetim that cped unto the Lord only in thpir trouble, . 
yet vtere delivered o^t of thdx diftrefs .; arid, if the fli^dow ' 
!<:aw doe fo omch, w^aj: will not tlje /ul^a'nce do© ? . Repen- 
tance qualifies the foul, and fits ic for Merfie? Temporal, 
and Spiritual. Itmakesthe heart fofr, tender, flexible, and 
/eady to receive any impreffjon from God, AUs 9. 6. This, is 
jhat PmticeAy that C^lietn^ that Uiuvcrf al- remedy againft 
allirialadies, a Chren. 7. 14. 3*^* 18. 7, 8. Tbefc tears and 
.waters of repentance ve very medicinal , and can prevail 
iwitbGod, when no others can, toextinguifti the fire of his 
wtath which is now goneforth againft us. Engird is now up- 
on her $u;k:ieiy and we have |reat caufe to fear, that fliee 
is upon bee -Owi-^^ and M fcarccly recover j wee fhall 
■flimly fee «h«ftherftic will live or.dye, her criacal hour is 
«ow at har^cl, iand we may juftly^fufpea her death ; and that 
becaufe God bath caft bis dealings wich us into fo many 
moulds and forms, and tried us every way.and yet we do noc- 
prepare to meet him; God bath been pleadii^ with England, 
this huindred' years by \ds,fF(>rd,f(f \is Worffiip, for his Day, 
fot>« pifcipliwe, andfor diepcwetof godfinefs, and yet wa 
haveflotpffeparedtoxneetbim. , ■ •• ; ^< 

Cod ba& of late years been pleading with Ftrt mA Sword,. 
and though thcfp'bloudy Arguments have fpread. abroad, ard 
theteis fcarcclya Town where ^loud h«:h not been- (hed ; , 
Vethive.we.notpreparedtpBieathe;Urd* Tha Rod hath a ^ 
Vftwc, but. weijivcnot b^rd it, -W<f4* <J. j?.,It is a fad 
SvmPtaBiQfdeftsuftibn»whenweChaU.fcethe Rod, but ncq 
^ '^ \Q^ ' ■ ■ heat' 


114 ^h iiBfliuef, 'Mmi^ 

bettfiti ltis« iighthftt we tie tidier tletfj ^ ^aiil. X^^^ft 
badifpoSflencous with ang^r inliis eounccmiice^ and -tbiAi^ 
<)eriii Us^ofce , wiflyeeftiUpfoplnxienirli^^ 
fift in y6UF formality? and goe oi^ in -yotir tefeRiem- agwtft 
Ai? iinct yec we turn the deaf -care to bim, haciiig ' to1)e.refot« 
^ «©dl. An4 now virhAiiVe drought all Gods Jfudgeweiw wfcpc 
buried^ and che-^memory <^ cheA ivaa z\md& (^Itccf atied^ 
yet they fecme to revive, and to be raifed otft «F their Gfaveis 
again. We<arc now dying and know it itot, gfty^ hatrr are 
here and there upon ais, and we take -no notice ofit .(1RR/. 
7. pt ) God cries to usliy h» JudgemMts, 'T^^i/^^wVf 
hear his vrftt^ hardxn wnyottr hsarts } wlwle it » caHed to 
<toy make your peace, with mee, before the higfit of warre, 
dearth, and death furpriie you. God hath fet forth -vTUrJi 
EAitum diVftixz^ he bach {wrihtcd his Wrath in' Capita! let- 
ters, - his ' Spurr -ftick deqp in our fidtt, and oiir laftie^ are : 
iieard over aM parts of Cteiflendome; arid^ct iow lirtte are 
we afeSed therewith, - and how cardeft ate we to prepafe to 
meet the IwdrWidi what a horrid ftupidity are wee be*- 
imthined ? the P! ague of t^t Wffeharh fallen upon us; and 
we are tuiitied into6tonc? and PHtars 5 fo that as ottr Saviour 
Wept oiver Jw^fi/rwr, Toftiouldwewccjjp^verB^^/if/w^fo^ 
induration, ' and not knowing rhe:dayof her Vifitation. There 
is a dark and diftnal cloud of wrath hangs ovtr our (heads^ 
there is but one way left to prevent its fali^on u^, and 
that is, 1. Ptrfmal ittpekta99ify every bne to amend^bn^ 
.5. J)0mefittMt kefmanvty every Faitniy apart miffl:^hdn^le. 
ihemfelveis for their fatnily 6i!s, Z4ek i»2. iJ. „- 5. Ifdsfdniil 
leftmance^ whenrfie Magtftrace YhaU command the wfide 
Nationto numble tbemfetvcrs,' Forthe crying fihf ^ and 'gn»t 
provocations, wKchhavebcendaify commirtedih^the lifflltt ~ 
rfus. tSl w 'be done,.! ftiall never cxpeft ihk 'tM&\r%t 
^ — peace ftibuld abidc'Iong^amongft us. let u? then €Vtiry '6tie. 

fall heanily to thisifyork, ..whichinnfrorncceffty be^^^ 
qffe we are undone, tfike^t^Jji* J^i^*3-t* l^iii ^humble 
our fdves, a:ndthen<3od*\Vill taife us up, JH^ ^^r/i^, ;yii^ . 
4« TO. tet us weep nff^x, and we-fhill have joy whcntriSubfes 
<ome, 7^-5. 24.. jy^J* ?• 1^. Ourfinsarctfie -rfcfejirwhrcb 
have troubled bur /yj'/r^/i mr^tlf^vctht'^ffnrtSi sif^ 

fetifed thefe.flormi? andtcm6efis araongpus j-tntt-'lte^a^ 


mJgUi- j^^otftwje theCe ^*:«/w»and pur aoutrips, wUj 

a^feox Qut maligpantfins,. .an4 G^vvUl foon dbftroy out xa^, 
^fieitta weaves. If mea wodd buc judge thenaCel ves, thcj 

ui»niyASc>ul-UWcWpg-V/orkof5</f-*«4»tt«tfW«, ««i SelfrSec^ Point 

ffi^lT^^^ f^ivc^ -a fec;«.W glp^^^^ 

M^eqce, beft>r?b>sbtt. L^t us-wnHne,.and take a^^.a«,|i/i, 
idewSour fe^s. -in the Glafr of.G6ds Law, -and when wee in his Treatife 
bavefound m m 9orrw«ons, let us withib«ne,and fo^ow of Self- judging 
coa£efot|uan, ai^iiprefd them Vow «« Lord^ tomowchm 
to flMjW pittyw us, Xo? ttB judgi^Mf feivw wordiy w be 46r 

^weiforTthew, hua^blywlonnS I«?on» ^;P'*^ 
ai3Wj*«w>ri|^£ieftis Chrift.; I^peSutib^ fo^y,M»A% 
cerciy, anA^wai<}aalifi»chee,.£or-Bvercies Temporal, ^^v- 
ri»iali*ndEceiaal.j. and give thae title a«l inReceft uimwiji . 
«raciott»Pj-o»i(e6 j. as X^*f. *^. 4o?;4«» 4*« ^''f^V *8' . M» 
* J* X . 9w 1J» Lftr^AS ^«* ujpoB his march agaujft re.. 4ft w 
cuas tjftercfttfe fot« toweethimwitii oiurmv^rs, aodmoli 
ij&a. him wiib pur. teacs> conficjliering out .ovvn mabilwy^ta 
mapple with him j . C»n duft and afljcs contend w«h die Gp4 
of Heaven arid Eanli? Can we with ten thoufand Lufts,meet 
tb^Lpcd w«h, twenty; thoufand of Angels ?, Canimpqtency 

vi5withOm«w>«i«i«y? 9«»; ^^ i r hn :. » j' 
' t x:oafid6f^we^a^aot,r«i from God . ( /W, i J9« 7- -^l 

-fall into his hancls.Let u? tbaefote ?un from hinyo him,/4* 
tfVfP 4<{ pUeitMfin frpm him as an angry God, mm-** f ^: 
amai&i Father. BloucH«tdng:w the cure o^»Ming; an4 
-«o4afcwi|ijancnemyisthewaytaavoydibe Wow. . - 

i%&, ff^S^. «?»f ««* G.I, he mli fetch m. Ife 
?»iUci5hafi4lour fouls ivithtetrours, or clCe fend outward 
^iSaeoaOi to «r?ft us. When 3<^ would not come to .-<{/*- 
•jrETcofflmands fii^ field of Corn to bee fired* and tbeil 
3-,!;/p^and.camc25-ii».:i4f i«? *«• PhyfioaM ^om^- 
ttmeicocucc ibe l*Aatgy» doe caft into a Feaver ; fo doth 
]^|:^«S?4^^1^>^g^ U^eW^rdcannov 

tbeSwordfiiallfetthusin, or'elfedoe chat whi^ is worTe,* 
fcndustoHeiL Lee us then learn to prevent Mows; bearketi 
to coonrel and you may be fafe, elfe rods ate prepared for the 
, backs of fooISjFmf, m jJf wecowe not mof purfdves, let' 
us expeft Ibme fad Meffenger to fetch us ; thotefofe wUfe 
thefca is calm, and the weather fiiifi let us fct out to meet 
our God. What the Lord (aid of Hczj^ki^^ is too true of Eng-^ 
lA»dj that he rendred not according to what he had received ; 
fo we are much behind hand with God, we- receive much,' but 

- we return little ; the Chriftian World as turned ^anloittpti 
and God is now i0uihg forth Procefs to Teiae upon jBody, 
Goods, and Life. Bfee cannot have what he' would hivfej he 
yfiil therefore have what he (hould have. He is now fettii^ us 
aslow> as we have hitherto fet his love. Long-'folfering is 
now at in etuij God will baVe atl paid now, w elfe Jiiftlce 
*rill fet abroach our btoiid; O B^lititi^ then -repent; and' 
prepare eo meet thy God ; and to incouritgetis^ know, thW 

^ rf wee will goe to meet God ^ he wilf come to meet us ; he 
♦vill meet our forrow wthbis fenfe of it ; 6ut Ffaycrs Mth his* 
prefence,^ and propitious anfwers ; and our tears with bi^ 
hamlkgrchief. Nayj he will meet uswith Wibratfes/ as the 
father of the Prodigal ^ did ; Ms retunnftg Son,- hf^ 1 5I ' ip^ 
Jlctusthengoetb him>^ with, humble ackntiWltidgefnent^ iir 
our nwuthes,' and fayto him, Father,'we bavie finned agairift 
Heaven, and before thee 5 >ve have* abufcd' thy Mefete?,- de-- 
Ipifed thy Judgements, debited thy Spirit, and have not re- 
turned unto thee. Let us thus irihfamiliky fiin\.d6i*h atGod-^ 
feet, -'and • he vyili fall on our hec&j^ and -enibrdce lis ih fhe 
armes of His love. Seeing tberefbte'God WiH d6e tbits -ilmto it^J-'^' 
Tet us prepare our felves to meet our God.- ^ • ^ 

. C^agMll^cemihg the nec^Tfliy,, and excdlency of Ri&~ 
penunceTi^pil^er Perkjm; Uu rjfcf , and D66f * Tha^T^f^ 
lory theirparticular Treatifes o^ Repentances^ Mrv^^%r# 
Sonls^preparation JFor Chrift, Mr. Bridge otiflA^tth^^/^ i. 
1>. Trtftotfsjfiias Repentance, and Fimls comcT&ofi{-Mri 
Tenners Danger of deferring Repefttt Many Treadfcfs of Mr. 
Buxter about Converfion, Mr. ' Smrmock^s - Key to Re^d^ati* 
<5n- on J^A*3* ?• Bffichxui Ws^MeHific.^Tbcfelogi Lck^'^^Y^, 
P. 4. p?6. Jte VbSt. Hblifw^ih oxxi^i. tyi^'^. Dpk} on 
Confciencc, p. 4 jf.' and on die 'Sacramentyp,. J7» T^kffim 


Doft. L*w< Ser,oii Ifa. t», M* Ddft. ^*r^*'h»s Eaft Semu 

Qiag U&iasfi in<i7«i«r«r* ^,3185. to-^^r Jiifl Puccepcs fori 

Pi;aa««^>4»..J-.l-i-'' ■■ ' -:• i •• ■' ■ •'• •■■ ■'■•■';•■ -• ■ ' 

= ■ ■ .:'■ • ■ VHRSB.rj. . ; . ■; 

^^^Cfhe thdt f$rmth ' tin jHuntahtsi atfd tnmth 

.the Wind»^ knd deHd^lffh 'mMv )miti^^ ^ xi^hni ' U hti ^ ^ ^ 

ire3eth ^od the bt^l^^^^ emh\ fh Lindl the 

Ciiof Hepishii n'f^e'^] '/' . r : / 

IR ihfir pre^d^c y csrTertte iuDrcticelQS : ta dtaw^* his People 
to himfelf, by .Mercl4s ^iie nmudhsdmkof his. Covenanc^J^ 
tells diemd^ey yrerehis: //ir#c/^ftill): and therefore ttey ought 
not toftatid it out againft binii but fpeedity Aibmit tbe^> 
felves, axid ixpetib4^<$od wUhimtieaties of peace, /who was 
jftilf ready to receive them. But leaft this iheuld^ not: vv^ork 
tip(^Xiich^»KiHr^Siiin^^ t^;Pr^et*<it>iiics4ntbisvVirfe 
CO .^rodaiiop <^^ .Mtjefty > . Omnipotence ) Oxmufcleii66', 
flee. Tbe jbet^r. to aSfedr. arid ;iwa^n tbdfe drbvvfie: otie^, 
dndto n^ke.themfear ^W^have here amulcipficity andVheap 
of excellent T^^t^pi.given) io God ; £t>r bhe ixare: na«iii^. jc£ 
God jlislittle reg^^^d by m^ men, /fcnt.iyhbn the Tsmfcen^ 
dcn^xceUen^iei^fa^*^ vqciety df v^ordsiv^e ;ftt 

fortp to the lifi^ HUfo. usi .€bi$'^dJKe&ai)t':abve'and teveKV^ 
oiir hearts. In the words weAayja,> . .^ .' .. 
.1 Anef^^ntd^Icription.^ ibe gbripus 
fee jfotch in^^atf aiid f<?lejnj|it]^,, ty Six Rt.^fL r^ 
; % ,lkii%^\& x^^ at behiDld:, q*[d. 

doe notrllg^tiy pa^s over t^^ b4tr.deeplyponderv:anG( dili- 
gently conifideri the Powftrt a»d M^fje^ oCthis*.^reat.God, 
with whom thou hajft to doe. v" t o;'* " 

. . 3 I4ere is ; the reafon of jthis glpfioaft (fefcripoon jof God^ 

» »i 

Q, 3 '"** 

.09 .-y.-^^fkh'S^iuey', !j^ai^\p 

foe i2^ifiin^^ mir*- ;natt ci)e& iTitksiabd flo^e^-jU;^ -^a 

turn unto him. AsfirO, It is he chat formitbtijf i^gtft^ abtf 

< ibe malTte Mountains; therefore fear him, andiumuntohim. 

3, It is he that by fus Almightj! povyer creates the fierce and 

terrible Winds, thereforcfear hrni, and turn unco him. 3. It 

, is.heifctt fearphechihe.hewt, 'jiloidi:tri«h;thc ions, dereflsr^ 

' ^ge^nbl^jOpi; witti lMn>, ^ ^^ i^XrW^ ta^\\y eftff u9ca him. 

Adiuf M«(i- a^,i^c6J^^cu^^tEJe.ligk,inm aarfuidi,,andcl^ joyiwofct- 

mtiipim, |.Q ■ y^crefore feKT to irffeniJliin^ and pcapare .to-meet Hm. 

r,5^"'^^^.H&irthen»ftHi^gh,-h»Tin^ife- Heaven foe his Tlwiic. 

patf^ii, aufmt and the Earth for his foot-ftoolT therefore bevwte df provo- 

vabU fotffl i king him, and return unto him. 6. He is the Lord of Hpfe, 

Lutbtr. . ^(^n aitaratl thei!oidcbs>-ti Hc3*be>aifi$'^ijnh;'ai4l Hel 

' ag«ipftiteB;::theccfoittibfifthiiiiawt(^btitJft^ 

jitecbhini, nitltimrebtiesiE^daceV-bi^dffiW'nfr^A'Etirpn^ 

difievanditbeiooto?. -r ■■- ..- il-i'-i^e -^i ■' i'-mI-- 

i -niij/VediEisa Mii»&illo£ rith-TaafttfM,- I-Aifl thi^ici 

.j(OTedi&foftli«m,^;.h u:.-A'\ -. .;.j^(:r jv:-.-..] m '■'!.".i ,;il' 

,ai(»*b;Hoi6l ( asribmcwCTHj-h^iteiiAigNrtd^ ^Weitti ler? 
-cspoeBji £Bt6ta be fomnfed^ aikl:fciii^t)f the A^ mf^ Qod, 
fof iUff boieflc'atadiorDament of the Univt^&'^M mide 
iban^tfiof-'tbc tndc.Mafs^.afid'^Cftnfulied^iJ^aos ot* e^. 
«hetBbega«Hai«d]riiei1Vae» fti»: ona «itei, arid t& ^r? 
cbBd*WP*i«dy"fi«n^P'i ■ana^«llsi^»pattflt, '^atthi'Molin- 
'b being 'hefeejU"*!** fload,^'ife' it'ijftRf.'rbac 

» bt-ficcd, and 
!d ?(r ireigfit and 
Sfc Pus Wrtidoryj 

Mare breken, aiw 


BfrficW^^ <Vai- 

^f are^WJtttfed 


.914. ,9, t^^P^r Wii^ '(^ m9xm Ibctflteloet and 

.Co^ aggfunftcbfaf^iKitKK^ ;ii^ Hhsto gmvis 

Grafsf(^ cbeiflwep, and beafts of the- HelO) and iKiv tfaq^ 
f«ed« Jfi* Wi.8. iP/iif.:50, M,<J' 14?.^; ^ST*. tfe 6: Here 
many Tp^r^ 4 ^etp»ls^ >tiaefi4«»^ri««4 iiM^BndGib 
i&oc«j,SjiLter,($d4,.j5ec. v<iM4 i^^ ■' ■ ^ ' ' 

.V » I ' • t - 

cucioiipy .Cbcmodvai^ &ai$S(i jtfae Univ^cfe £of tbe good * 
ofixun«; J . ^<«^\ 

A Ic ibould fia^doe ufli^r co offeod bifli| ^wh6 by his At 
myicy iV>tvfii; :hacb cr^fuiatbe(€[ oiigter)^ mftiSe >toanxii*fy 

ifcbe Lord cifthefe Mountains be againft us, no Monncaiae 
an icnce oc iheker i^ Jrr* )< >34.J^«><ly^8. M.rAdue . 

appr«:ben(ion oCCkds Mft je%v will flo^kc us ferform ^1 Qilr 
I>utie« wiicli^»fcAr,f^ind'TWr<?K€^ JJ/'^.:a*'w».fi>^.;ia.;»^ - 
^e-<A]|Oul£budce .(b^Qie to^ i<)ur. felyes, for .our jiardbcft .tf 
Jieart^ ^d^eai:in&nfit^eiai9&^ wboi we cicmlidec,^ hcnnr dai: 
.MpttPiams> and^nanJVkaceiGreacufes trral^te at !hi» intfiiotfe ; ^ 
iK^aiiKb.Baorewbcahgiswgt';!; ^ifctefe be ovetthrbwh ' 
K;|f Godinii^^mger^ j^« 9> 5«.iG^ ^^* 9w mucjiinatfe Jhall ^ 
.vvicked 2 naeS) >(bcfe metiipbofi)9a| |kf ouaciin^ ^witfeh «x0lc« 
kbeinfeliioe^ ^ygainfl Gcd^ ae4!iHSrWayc(;: bwaoMicutmdiiy 

1 Heecre^cth the Wind. This is the fecond Vikxtiffmt \ 
Royal of thereat God. By creating the Mountains and the<-' 
Vtiii4 twoir^yithings^ ( An&^wbkli^SiViiecihxtdcdly^^a^^^ 
4«)tolMi««te* of ^6d^^er ?rophcx ;fi^;\' 

forth <jods Ooinipotency, forifwduldhaVfe^ieeh too mucli '* 
tofaaveenanierated allthe reftof Qods glorious^Vorks^and 
^»efore he piccbcthdn fome thfrf^^ to ^ 

-CQSKlllde ^rftnc reft. /Before he tedTpdkcn of the creating tf 

> r: 

».:!k • and- 

t )l S^mi readlccbuJi he ctcafetbBtelSoiiI or Spirit.] CMlk 

^on^i^ttbat tte'iPropbec i^i^<Xth6 foirit tX feati,^ thou^ 

he excludes not the' Witid, ^^^ ^ tetffott iis bccayfe cf rfiait 

whlch'foliisXvs, t//*l ^he ^em»^ te fkam-Bif*^ f A^Aff kr./'But if 

*^^^''^'»^^*ihisway-r)f.reafomng vvefevilWi^'We'itiaycbetter iay^'ti^ifci 

i7!iJS revermla tarn viro dignljfms ) that h^ fpeaJc^;of the 

* iJfetutalyvinds^becattfe immeducely before he ff^ike 

Jtyioonctth^ from^ wtehce^Phaifp^ew ieonceivc th^ii thdTc 
iV:^d$ pVoccext^ ahtiihe WbEdi^WcA isofc piit Torthc Na-^ 

. .T^.Ths Socmms-md theif foUowefe tsflce this vyord. for a 

Spirhy :andtb«jc Spifi(!t<> be the lately Ghoftjchbthey doe cp 

^alhroyth^Deiiy of ^the Holy Ghollr^ee here 'what 'ifyiiidi, 

idle, aiddlt C6tJc<5it« Befeticks haVi^- and vyhkV fe^lei'faiffly 

:founda(tiotts' the^ baild lifxin 5 'thc^' i^a'tch it- any chfotchcc 

tvvhichinjiy pleafe'their hum6U« : Porleis plainiehere that'Sftc 

Prophet fpeaks of the cfreated'. Wind, 6r Jf they 'will neecb 

ieaaic Spirit^ yeiit;4s a^rre^ted Spiric^ Hce xr^kteth^ Xtuurh 

the Windy $r mSfmt. .fiut tfet Holy Ghdft 'is 'riot -made or 

C^efiuftdj-bttc^iweerfethftotti^ the Father^ arid 

*'^^*^hcTn-^^.^^^ ^^^P^ f^^ ^^''i ^^ J^ * abundaflt;ly^ phived by oi 

nitytchap. 4. ^^^^ 

and £]hwct aja^Vii^/f,i4 aj^^^ ijamg mtte|i,iii:h Ui||J«:rgoin>Thc 

Blafph:inCT flame mA thc;|V<?r#^^M*P^^^^ > ..^,;.,f q- • .^^. / ,. , . * 

, - • » 

As for the Natural caufias pf the Yy i|^» pbiloft>pfeor$ dif- 
fer; Some conceive th«rtl)e Sun dravymg^ip^Y^P^^r^'aod Ex- 
,halaaoiK, :afld they/f ailiig* dpwn ^ai^i^y.-yiojeli^^; bftcome 

, .li ,0thflti.c:9nccwe^jcM(;,rf^^ ^ije^ll^g peflt-Hp/m^tlte 
VaukiaoaCavc^ ofrChi^^n,,^]^i)g. a y^Qt^jipe br^^foffli. 

• and 

and^; /^^diato Wiiids,and/oj? this tbcy briag Pfdl. rx %. y. 

Jer. lo. XJ. (2^ 5 X . itf • Heeinnfeth the VafokrstoafccKdfrm 
the cuds fif the earth/he makfth Llghnlng for^tk ral^^ anJi 
htf9geth[th»t^^M^f:i^is'^eMfrnts 5Tliitt«j;&y<&cy; out of ^fpembui^^ 
his Vaults and Gdi!WVitl<s>herfc!ft im kep» as in a Treafury. loch gbdUis, 
Bui^^d Wmfdf,. whah?di.fpadc the AViqd,.tdU us. plaiiv !« fj;^;' r^^'« 
Iy,.\h'ac wc.knovY hot whence it comes, .nor whither ic goes^''J^(^^^^ 
fob. ^. 7. . vvc^ay therefore well be ignorant of xhar, which f<,f. ^^^vgu*. 
paim.^Vs vvWp^^h? Jiidden From us, Aa bumble i^r^^Syntag. /. ^ . e. 
ranocini'deep My%li;s,yvvhedier'Nwur?!'I, or Supern^curar^ *7- Robinfon 
whc^hir la die vVorks, ' or!the Word of God, is Utter and fafec JX^a ^ . 
than pfoud curiohty. ^. - tfnd cfpcciaily 

. yVehfve manyRsafonscoMcfs Cod for the fvind. It is Mr. car;/ on 
incfe^d a common BlclTing, butyet vve could notUve with-. J<^l>a8. r^ 

OUC^t» . r, » ; j .,..', . , , . . I J'^ 

. x'. ti we Aire, Be thick; darki and unvyhpl(othe^the;VViii(i 
clearctli and fifr^eih the are for thfe health 'of our Bodies, aijd ' 
f orlhe prefcrvatioh of theCrearures.Tb^y difpjsl noyfoma Va- 
po|ps, iand therefore are ci\l^d^c9fd muxd!^ xh?AVQrlds.Bee-r 
rpms vvvitti vvhich Godfvyeeps his great Houfe, th^ vVodd. - * , : ; 
a ICwe.waiit /f^^iche Winds cai:rj' th^ Qoiids^ and bring 
us rairi J at the ttayers of Ellj^^ after thr^e. years droiighc, 
the Heavens were aarkned with Clouds and Wind,, whence! 
came a great rain, i i^^»?»^x8. 45. 

? .THey.r^^/?A^-<^/''f intheheatof Siinypcr^ and help, to 

refrefti.usi ; ^ • .. ' - ,. - • -. ^.- - .' ,- - ^. ^. f 

^ 4. Tbeyi' help. pur Shfs tofajly arid bring CommoStiei, 

from ^l TNauons. to us j and help oar i/lilU to ^rind our 
5 fheyjcfvejor ;|^f*cM(w«/tf^^ . 

lEaft-wind,~,anci made th? Scarry tanjlfd; ,tts j>epple tif>^a6 

<5 They belp to **'f 

boppef§ fin .v^i^M ?Q dcvburtbeir yru\I; CX^a^.'r^^^xlr 
19.)- ahdi^ a^Wtft-vVirid- het dtove' thehi aWrfyiprJJ 
ri&<«<fe&»* prayii« ag«nlV feis enemies, . .the whujs, brdu ^ ht 

" Afcrife ttdt rfJdr erdat VVindir oaCorijttKrf, Wiecba, Ife^ 

Vit^, <ct: the Wmcf s «re ddds YeiirMitf ; aiil dbe readil;. «« 

%hi^ CQiminanc(tf (Pfd, t^^^> Mkett. ti;i6,) ani not 

'. . tKe Devik. SftanvnthoutGock leave caniloi: riifefa' ttxuM 

. . ' vvlttdl as wHI; cotsa feadrer; Ife cootd doe nosbrn^m tHis kind 

ag»nft^yo*i rih he had * Cottdfiir«>n firani Gd4 7**^ '^^ 

^ iliisUnotaM, fortterPrcfptercfeftendsr to inao, and 
cdls us; that dtice 6^4 trtade Ums h& slftf caii tett km 
Us tbtHgkt, raedicati^is, and purpofes. He can telf ti^at 
lafiguige fi^en haveiti their b^afts. and what the/ntlfc nibh- 
in theifiTel^d, as the rich fdol d!4t«% 11.Y7. Oar vmr^&xK 
hoffointeiligibJet6ifletf> as 6urthou»htsafe to Oodi'Chrift 
knesv what was in mart, hee kwtw ttdf i;houghts '(: J«&»2. 
«*. ) and theteftsehfeih'fivared teis-crtfeiatesrrtiany ■ riDfjc's; nofr 
atcor<fift^ to tHrff Words; but accdi^<!BiK; to.t'hwV tWjteftt^ 
MMtb.S.2<i. yttCoi'kmm our tftottgtts-beiPore^ we' tfiink 

ateffl, anioutcofUfdts hefoTe We conceive diem^ be^onder- 

^ands them afarre off, PfiiltiP. t'.fyf\x^t:^ ikrimer ntfht" 
<■ ihtimw^ flttisitf to u« than ouf ftefti \^ ta mi i)enes ; hee, 
ktaowes Qur thpHghts-»» fofe from all etprntty; ib,gfeat i^ hiff- 
<3wmifcieH£el As a man that kuoweth what Roots Hc'tiatlTin- 
Ks Garden, diough there be ftO flower appeafitig, yer he can • 
fay,.wben<cbe.Sprii^.coB)es».this and tbUvyiU comeup. So ie 
kWt^ Godknowes ourframcssi 6uirPHt*ci|>|es;ouj-#<^j©fts_ 
sind what the Iffue will bc» tiOttfiiiglsTjid^^frbm mk iU^feei/i* 
eye. Thewonis ate diVcrtly feJd,' .;-'-; - ; •' ' **' 

r Some refer the ^* to tJerf, t1tttvN*fi<Je^^i^^ 
: man Nsowne mind andmocUtationj and tdfs film whit hee 

iSten3stod6Q,<JE7« 41* i^.>f«#*ij.70 thmr hereveaJed. 

. ht$ mjnd'.'tQ -iW&-^&«Ji!tlJefore hefc %uld ^ftroy %0d»m*i 

m. asti^ re»ear§'.hiffTe«rte:i;'6 iis„Mdpla- >*» 

t.tte.Sep^u^ific if^tyafigtheOHghii^v^i^i; i^«» 

^<bOHght..ButiWC|psQpfif fcflpfe x>f^ 

rselitex, .tfakcfey bad «>c CO <lQ,e l^^'T/T' !f ** .^'^'*'^;'^ Z^'^** ^'^*^^ 
vvithmeiHMcmth.d»cQiimifd. ^tr, ..r/ /.^.^^. .5^^. 

cnt Co4» ^vtbo ;&drcbccb :dae ]hcsft^ and cxie^b the .romsj 
iiad:l^U)V^.i;b&mddca.tbings oCman, 4»resi\che .aqA lieiaKc - 
pniyir^md^^h^^ pf cAe Soul, 

To iis be jcajuux biieceivedt 'iieithisr-wHl /b^ be' inocked. .^ 
'fna» mayJwowinuch by.himfelf, but Qodknowes jpiotc ; qut 
X^onfcii^cicsdQi^icciuiiSe jusof fp diipgs^.buc pAd is gccatjer 
xb4nourOmrciieiiccS);apdlu&owethaI v)i{igs« 

>Q. Bkihw da& XStd ^niar.f unto man his Xh^gkr i 
AnJ. Divers wayes, . i.* Sometimes he .difcov^rX j^ri dif- - 
app(^nc$ the moft fecrec4ymes, and inrencions oT men, and fo 
cmakescheircbQi>jbss%iiit?tecad3c.w^^ ' - '" 

1 By hi^ Minifiers, cbey opening che Word of God^ which 
Jls.a.Soiil:ir4Qacdhii^>W5)o4> .di^diiico!k^&S>q)«ii^he thpughcs, 

^i»i«Ms^Qfjebeic:be#Wi.Ja^rf4. *.»• 

\ ::^^edaae$»mtboatib$ \Voi^, Cjoid'by fbis^S^it i^<^ 
mejQ, «4i coiiytneedtehe'CenfcienfiC <ff cheVaiucy, .aod .^pful 

3Phfee«^t ©ocaiinriM ift^^w^tbe/A^roighty Po«v?r 9f 

f^^T «^aa tus^^dbn^bc^.iawii^^'wgi.di^dluld^^^ 
01^ r tfd^msA ^^imSi dayrinCQ ^iUin^l nighc. , |f bi& be 

it felf in the Abttraft ; that is^^exceeding dark* ' ^ Smem L 

r/^c>^i^jEt|thadUibft^fl^ i«^$ 6e my Sthook ' 

Aing tbdW^^eoiKfe dE :N»IR^^«^mL»iiiy^:S?(#&y ^4?^* ^^' 
ing the Viciificude and change of Day and Night. It is he that 
makes the Li^ at^fcfaODfiUieilf v^ttt^eiinprnin^ he makes . 
the light to arife out of darknefs ; and in the evening be makes 
cbeadadoiefno M^iv>theb'j^'£Biis fQiife9is\^gi)Qt(4.&it she. 
£tft liook iifioaasnuA geiinbe fi^ 

R a I Take 

\ I, Take the -words Luer^Uy for the^hig^eft Hifis • -aiid tbe 
Ibftjr'thirtgi' of the *Wdrld/.cVen thefe' arc'ftibje^ imto iGocL 
and^lye at his f^cc; he tread's upon all Worldly glory aftd exeel- 
lenay. As Heaven is hi^ Jhrone, fo the tarth, 'cv'en the 
higheft places of the earth afehis'^fotx-ftooUHee treads i^n 

liigh Mountains, btgh BaMiias 
OmMfrBftcUqtfmmykmmt^ exce^a, . hidf Fortificatfeni and Walled Ci' 

under the name oSHi^hpHu^ef (^Tktit. 32« i^.) tfaefc hee 

* turns upfide doira , when ever pteafethJitm. Tliis is the moft 

proper fenfe. But take it MetafhricMtliy either for the hig^ 

^ places of the earth, where * Altars were erefted to Idots (^s 

cmlfrvei a -E^^,^*^- 16.) even thefe Will God treatf upon and^e- 

ai^tudiiu ^ ftroy,/>t//V.26. 3D.. . \\^' 'i " y 

mcntwrn in * " - ','"'.' 

i^uT 4r4 ad facrtpfiondm c$>^'UHer€ntnr\vttAbfffi Mfif q^ 

» ' I * * ■ * ♦ • * 

" • ''|.»*'»v.'. m - 

2 Ifyotitakcitforriie highland l<Jfty. of the^^artif, even 
^^^vfiteb'm thefe Gods hand doth r6acb>'yetf and hisfcecrrcadBpon. Hee 
i^- ^^V^* makes die !proud of the earth his foot-ftoolv PM ^lO^ x. 

though they be higbi yet he will make them knofw^ that there 
is an higher than they, EcfUf. j. 8. thoi^ they iiec m!ght^^ 
yet they (haU know, that titere i9omml^it^%;44tipigif^ ^Vyho 
pulls downthe tnigky from chetr feats; and is tonrible even to -, 
the Kings of thfreaaffj Pfif'. 7^. i » 'Efdy%^ xp^. Luk$ i / 5 »i * 
. Now though thfe literal; fcnfe bcc heiic priacipally • inten^ 
ded^ yet the IvfyfHcal and l^af^oncatfenfew^idnos^b^ 
- ^_ excluc[ed« / - .:..:;.:. v. u.:,. v.. 

A. The Prophet tfeits you, •> i^Jtlmtmb m: 6§i'tf'JH0p^ 
tkat is bis nafl^e^ a niune full of Power^ Majefty, and £xcel^ 
teflcy^ and dierefoie to berevetracedof all tt^ 

~ l.0^^ii^OiByM/witf; Creatiohisaw^^ Omt^tency; 
but that is here afcrU)ed tb '»God; it is he tbacfonnfetbcfac 
Moumfaimy and :^6ieacetb.cbe Wiiids^^ and oirb L%bc into 
fbrkoefs> alid.batkaUi^atiiigs at las ci^^m^pdy and thr^ 

. • - '- '. fore 

{t)^1ie mdft^feeds bis Almighty; M^ti 'x(»t iRlkeromecbihg 
oat pt&ittftl^'s' bte tb create th« tIwl\aafcvotit ^ noehii^, 
«nd i^a(rb|y>thecwo{dJo(^tts^outh ^ ^hls* ijpe^tu fair wonderful 

<dtottipoe8neyi'^P/ifc^5 J ^»i?i P- He ii ; abk ee doe^iviw^focver 
h^ Willi /yirf. 1 15. 3; yea his Power iti beyond, his Wili, foe 
of-fioaes be-icdiM ral^e up Chikirea unco jlkrah^hat hcc 
will: nor, Mattk 3. 9. There is nothing too hard for him, ,119 , * 
dii&ilkiek ^^ti hiacfet him Uf his vvcHktt^ J^: ^i {pk .Matth. # 

. 19. aS^ Lfdif u 59. Thefe^ hnpilfibilitierriii' ?itacarc vinch 
ire the icppoach of Pbyfi^ians, yic arc rbey Gods Cure, The 

. povverthas irin the Creaoireis mitklcrivativi^ and. by pan;ici« 
pation^; but all Povvei; is in God perf^ly, eminen^^ 
ly^:an.donginaUy^^ ..:•-•, ;;!* . ;. ^ .. . 

F<4r then lb offend bfajy chdfc rather co difiplcafe .all thesccMr. cafe 
wictflddban t<> dfpleafehim: ( f^^ 5: 2i, tz.) they can but l^^ Moming 
iill the body, hm he can kill both body and fouU Mat. 10. ^8. ^^^ «> f'w^« 
A* Tenancy especially if he be a Tenant at will, is afraid of P* ^^* 
dtfplea&ig hi9*l>indlord,v.w^ c^n Avhen ciet he pleafetbtaA 
himouc cf all. The men of tyre and .5iVak nude peace wicl^ ^ . 

i^^^y bci^uife^ cheii: Landwas'nourrOiedby the. Kings Land, 
aadhemi|be^oechem a dif(46afurey^>^£l^' iX ao. Bekev^ 
and fear biS'Powef^ now; elfe you ar&like ere long to feel it, 
Sovsimfb i0^ p0 1^ 4hpr^ Ti^hbegrfikiHf9Wtryaf$dypiity 

: ;ji 'SQivrbiib''wicb.^ii''j andvidoe.^^^ that viree doe . to him 
v^tdi'cbe greac!eft r«ef4hi;e.Sp did'JW, ch; 4cy. 44 & 4.2. 5. & 
Icinj tfi f .v 1^ us leadily doe b(s commands. If be doe but call 
to anyi^f lbs CMat4Ke^r fhfirycliand uptc^gethec^ a^*^^ to 
ci^etttie J«ri)3t^d(» tbctr gieat £6rd and^. Ma^r xiommands 
)ikasi.^.Bfu!f.^^M^4 veiid(v piifosiate tfc«:'.co doc bis will,* 
thacdbeyjdomiladtft cneir owRe natdres.^ (erVe hisi. Fire der 
iteiidsir<»m tdkivenac^^^ and the fiuent Waters 

ftand as a wall co defend hi^* pe^l?, and deftroy their ene- 
r9M\\. ifUich isdiy (hasKtid? tm.e&tm .t^xXam^ and dif- 
loiialmijwfaenwefee hbw^ nbeinfesibar Cicatnres ! ferve him 

.» k lik^ife fecves for.'iit^ar iMwfc^r^ anddiacmany 

' \ leJsaY be cteuliaft grek enemies, coming Ag^nft thee, 

ynswcmKr l^li tfaacmese is a 1^ 

-.; ; Kf Naci- 

red tteCod^ tbcy ittft'bw *i ^ir«^ V '^«b*i^fWA%, ^ 

. aniaime d£ite(ht buc'mcbiif is tbe Aio^i^; HdCcas ja koBt 
SpQ^ater^ 4)at as an:A(&fia:,iiadifiglifierJfer^^ 

^ : ^ . It m^y be thou m tmaUod vitt(i»(kMgrjpA:fl^ 

. gbeuncD cl]tf:ftrbagi^G<Mir daece isiu)^i^ Mcd fcAshtQfti 
Though chy 'fins ;fa3vt been rbabicitt^^ 
fins» yeciie is th&God of l^ure, utml .Ocmcbaqge (Natuoe* 
:T£K>agb : w€ cmnot imke. ja ;SUi^more:wJMc»i^j)9$:oQtn,' 
Jifr. 1 3. 2 J .thoush cby fias have been of a Cd9A&m$lye>i]»&Ctfart 
isablexomtket^Qm ^(hieasrfiibvfv^i/t^ii* ^8^ ^ : : 

ri Alt chouicmabhd md):greacMdiMm/ 
ye;treaiemberXSQdisrM!liig^ Mbdidmsiof 

dvc&iPoifons; ndiEviU b ofhacoadiifiDnitmnMlkoti^jgdod^ 

)i4/^ «fid Doa. 4 Ie OBay. cQttforc us ag0td& m^tfrnji^fie. ^ITtoudSatfefti^iiMrt 
G#^£f on £ph. thou (hale :fie»£ be3able!CD;liQlkl out; matte JiM«ib|f(iricii itby 
^. 10. God, atod dm chouBoa^ not £ehr y»fcttiMmi't>riE>cw!tt 6m 

dc^ itheatboe;! ^^. ftroc^tsii? chati& miisv ^^ bodtttiiti 
iHtefiAs & in the world, i Jbh^^.(i%dSi&)H!&^k»ii^hf^ 
n9itfiiis. Mg. wevxereomdotl^ ixx iiiiib^Mtex .fV^^oog^ bee 

ftiong,; imtvveaii^keptbytclteingbeyreo^ 
f aidr untaiahrauonf n P^. x. ^,» JboMgb. ive rjbe i weak^ xjFet 
oar Redeemenurflroi^ 9tt«i5fL^3<, 14* :m£^ dsie gaoss^.^ 
Heii Stiiilxmlfm 

vil roas, asbiootti^pobmffiet^iijitti God^? ^finxA^ixii^V^^t^ 
He dsat hadUalidd lisiiankproam&dcd keep Wt 4ieijfibocfa;a«« 
Wcfand wiliingajo doe vh i^/*^ 4*» n4^^' ' - - * ' ^ - ., , ^ . 
. 5 ilofn^;aiafimw)^oftnriin^ tjieogh 

dayiBcdyil?e:D9Coiig b/dieOtai^ 

fle(li> yet God is Almi^V ^^d can raife UvfirVxik^ibeiBs?, 
Mdnmissxhfiin U^ AAfic/. 9« «x« 

ifhough for a cifne we may lye in the dud, yec (he time bis i»at 
Imitt, ^lm!wqrikiH:>ai»akdn^^ ^yi^^n^i^iUak chat 

t v^ ' riling. 

> •< < A 

ixt)a:ff, ^.)amrTlt^^ yw$ h9k^ itftbgi^ hock air niai^ 

6 ttM^<x>xsJi^ tn<i ^re •n^ diM thp Jbuwrln^ Godi ^cemorc ufc 
iSae' dte OalibeoIkKi Tfaough »o^*tli«ym ^ fotcerecL in Mr. ferku 
cujifixl^comeiirp^ fee tJlw mjeftui^Cbtia^ yet the f 'h/Crecd 

Ajpoftleai^&fcoth Gods-Powers Mid comforcsas withicbtt, i vdp n^, 
tiutGodisahleta ruit tbesi ttp again, ^•nnii^ i^ 141, ikc ' 

fmvi us t0 mat him If; refentanee^ No wife man will ijbuadi( 
4Bir aeuaft z poam easm^, chac is' far eo6/ftroiig:£6r tim. We 
ase a&bf nasuro TrayrcMrs^L ^ Rebels' agiunit GocL hee is , 
a^chu^^aniaft tts-in wratb, ^d wee have no way^ to help 
our fdves, Duc CO meet biiir, an^:hMiE[(rie.ou£ felvi$£ before 
Um (iPit. f^ 6,) ii|n>lonBg. hb: fvcty:^ and his pardon* 
Henceic i^ cbacthe Lor^ fe oft ini&ripcttiey doch fist forth to 
die life his florious Ma^v, wA ccinicendent Sowra^nrf, 
Cpt 9; & 3«w^a4* to 35» crrfcs. i^k& 38* # 39. dr 40. ft 
/^ 40. X9* 10 !?• J(rr. f (^ 6j 7. ^iii^/ f. 8,.t^ 9. 6. ) Wq 
iHouid^ioc oAly treipble 4t Gods Wordr (.f^ftT; 9k)' but 
alfo^^at ther coa(ideracion of lus^orioM Ma^yiy appearing 
iiocli in bis Works ef Creaciont am Pflovidenpoi 

3 Obr» hi$G^tl^nraga$hi R^fdta hthc.k$att^ftarchii^\ 
00d. None canqcaSUy and d)ot<»i|^ly know the heart hit fae^ 
albne^ h^toAy ia tbac wokftid^f a^t?^- -Pa^ tmi^aiimyjifk 
Heairt^feeliig, and the Htta^t-feafcUog.'Gddv^ t £Ar4*«a£» 9^ 
l^t/e 27^}* JrK* 17V 9( lOi* jHHi U t4,^iit ti^iii Smi^ L 
ij^ Heeknowes all the fe^re&pldtS'andpmreiSte^ ^Ucthenitw 
iiings and windingsof owdeceicful (ods^ Bbe loitWs not on-* 
ly miacisin-our beans a^ ^refenr, hacal!fo what hack l»uv 
and wharwUI be diere, fjiik' tigi i^^.,Kj^^6i.t^- The 
lord Cfieth the hearc, as the furnace trtech tbe*goki ;*when - 
Mettals axK to bee put incd the Airtike, there' is a great 
deal ofdtofs in dtton, fo that theMetcal^fmicdines «an^haid^ 
I; b? decerned ^rdM^Mificeryk^tfacFurhacehathfeparai' 
cedtbe drc& frofntbefiwetttir ^ die j^fedug ejte* of God^ 
Tybucb jsconapaced tOia^flfftul^JStd 4 ftfvHt u i^) ibttb^ 

I QodliatKHmdff all heari^> an^^ 
Itwm fimif m tinsk ihty.ter Mb,, aed hsuiiiihr sbaa 
V ^ mil 

1x8 .vyj*i^:ip#/?«yt;. ^ Afiil^/^; 

wll hot acEji(kvteclg(itfc#,' Pfni: 5(4. S,>,^ 1 b] Vi ! tvcry lAr- ( 

dficer knowesrbdft :tJie chmg thak be htiftk: irfidp;/^ slun chac 
makes a Watch, knowcs every wheel of the Watch, an4* cvc* i' 

. ry Pini \vhidi:^ftWhgd'4ai&mc'tiifc«rii;-KA» tbCSSH^^rcaU 
' : ■ ' his- Works/ dttiH ji'M«. ^Utr --the -thvef^^of ^CSbds Wotl^- i4 i 

'Jttan, . and thcrcifoit M^iVs heaftinaiift nefcii b^ ktioVra' tp himi 
and i£ th« fpirit of m'aiv'knovves wHit is \in ■ man :( '1^9Vm zo: \ 

3. «<V 

; . z HeltafcstteWfo in thelt cyWri^^WStCWfiicft hctt^c^utd' 
riot doe if he didnoc kuKWtheAF-hcarts, Joh %: -iy; If'w. T- . 
1-9. Of all men God- delights tobefool the^grand'Pi/^VWro? j 

the Wortdj .he .oakes-ihdm ifl tteir 'o?<^ •trap^j'^aHd' Wowesl 
i:hcm up/', as itip$ece witt ttidir dmi Gtfn*^poWdfer/*':& 'a ■ man; 
thatvviHgoe^bcyOTiia^idaAiTftidhe^^ kf](ovv the 

AfguflKiicfi which he^wiltitihgy thaWo liee'^way brittg other 
AFgumerics beyond-^tb^';- fo^^Gbd 6utiil)oas<ifie Jl^to^ 
pfof/of ch^WDrld^;<efceip ovfii^ h^ff^'Aumm'^tLi ^ fiibcllc 
man, aiidthoiig8t)hfchdy ma^^JtlftifeV 6nc Tve know ho^V 
thcIjDrd'iHtiiodf his Hot fii^orfi hts? 8TV1ie fate/ In-tF^e .riJpng 
wheccin he dodrfiibttM|| krid pfbudlyi the Lord* was' ateVi 
him, £i^. 18. ^Ir f;- Fi&W& was 4 TwSttle ?>erfecut6f, ycc 
fee bo«vGod '-takes Hiin'in hisovvne Net, Bv^^, i. to.'hed 
wbuld^wck^fctf < vaiid^ili kill m the -MaFe-ChtMrtn of tt^e^ 
ijebfem,- ^yct fee hoiv: Oid'blafts -fik ^Proiea,':f^ 
dientkS fa»c**fi^^ yci *Ai^<*©Sughtef iliall l?S% liint 
vtp:ZtQ(Mn9^yfh(>fhMbt Haraoh^^^ Marry Poli- 

tittans-walkintte GloudSt'-'as if thfe Lord {Kbiild -riot feq 
them, P/»i p4t.'7». but they muftknovV,^ that thej^trerdi a' 
' GoA of know.ted^r ^^tfd aliJtbci^'a^ioH^-^ Hvel^id'BrJiiirf^ 

: .J' Goddsite,|adg^iaf »rt:theW^rtdr^nd WsTiee: 

ROt bfey if be did nor ^khw V6d hearts, as ^1 as the ' aflfs ^f 

dihiigbts i^Ekhcir hkartsft Jf GdcfcdtdJife^ feifcb tlte"1?eaii l^ow 
many fecret fins wo(<l(f "j^ot AinpiWllrtied; *aha ni^J' fcAet 
v^frongsdonc ed the godly andiwiocetti htaii; gbc unrevchgfedjt 
The Lord dicoefore leascfacdiv the tee^), 'thi^^ ^e m^y 
- < , give 

^«fc t»i «««rf -W^: wordiijs to hU worki, hr.iT^Pit^ 

\ ;-^^ ifc/|«al9|tti^^ to 

en^a^ y^cctgeKJ|c$ ..wuh f&cb . Ottpth ,o)f mfdafiM:, dbac ic • 
fivptttfw) tpfi oidisfMty |u4geMetc of Sttbie«^ cb fii^e them 
put ; buc it do^oc (urptfii God$ Imowledge; God could not 
com Kin^ hearts if he tacw them na^ Irn/. %i. i. \yhen. 
f»^m t» diua«v^b ^ AfB 'Whqfe dlCpofidon wee aic ooc jic- 
qiuio^^Syithal^, vWe Vqow pot vvhat 'Motives will pcrlWadCj 
^ I' whereas' if we have to deal vvicb one that we knqw,d)ea ; 
iv!e know #iac Motives will.perfwade him ; fo the tord that 
madcthe beard cf Kii^>^he knows how to p^fwade theu^ 

an^ ffifuuppx) thdoi.. -^ ' ; ' r '^ ' 

fll Thiy fcar^wg muft ofit be takcn.propdJy,;bui figuta-* 
mclji iS i(X oxMxk mull icarcfjV and by difcouife aad ga» , 
i|iE ftofii ptie thing co another, iabour to hnde out a matter 4 
buc it is not fo WiS God ^ who is pcrf^aiy wife, and knowes 
cpomt^f^ Cstf withow di£courung. God is all eye« Sup-^ 
po(^|Lfian^ whole body Were an eye, be ae^ not thep to^ ' 

i;^mMtmf9lf tofee tltti^>foi:he would fee on cve^ Tide ( but, 
bMhat bath but one^ye mudturn Jilfnieif about to ke^d^^p^ 
Btti^SodwhoU aiUye, and feeth mto the nature of tlpings^^ 
^Mdf 0pptriur% about to difa>urfe,andfo to fearch out thi^, 
49 w^ooe ; and therefore o|;ie..fafd welU Things that are 60^ 
Icen 169: f^evmiiin^ of mec^^niull be 4m4erftoo4. apcordinig 
ij^ die iilajefty of i0ed. . 

. 3 Ttl^ Metaphor of fearchii^, is taken, i. Echer from, 
S$0dem. who when they come to a h ^d point^diey axe put to 
asE9t^ealofpains-co fearch put tbetmatter beForct^ev xaa 
kaow fhe<fc^of ,15. Otf V,:^m^ Maries, 

^be bca?t {^rovi !?• i^J^^oi qrfy as a LoAc-Rone, bu^ • 
l&e a Furnace %o feparate .tl|^ gold, from the droft ; when, • 

(3od comes JO feari:h th^ heart of J^is Eleft, Ijebath a. power 
b«ywdalH>ther refiners, forsook what is good, hisc >makes it 
h^ctati and what w nciigpt hee takes avyay, and makes it 
^ood. He turns the vileft earth jnto the pureft Gold, and the - 
^left* Mettal, a pr6ud beast, he turns into anbumUe heaix. 
Hee cafts a Cbtift-dcfjifing-roul into the Furnace, and it 
comes out a high^»n§ fi^J of Chrift, _ 

• 1 

tiehmirif if men X t Kttig.'S. ^6. ) 'm:e>k aUpM, ^ulUt a 
^ num huvs his *»p bfm ( i fmr) » * i r;T»«r \5lMMl mU 

' • ' '^•"-^ *• • * • -.GieiftttM*- 

iif th^ 
thttodrs'b nftthmgiacOTWarffoti'oPhis.''- ■ ■-•! ,";'^ m.. 
--i ^ther differ Vtfeft>^6e^rt^<*i>«»»/V^M*HoWf 
de-l^eartWtTifetf, and ke^cii^ tu^t'tltarltiy lAii^AtMiktiMll 
Wtt, >*» i.-«»/f.' But Ahgdfs''stnd:'Miitr kn*<!«if ISf •wffetedd* 
from G(xf, or itveixttoif frctm odior^; flhi$ dod i«fvi!^ed -m 
^iMMvrf/wfaicfr Wis Jkii/; that flioiild' bee- Kil$ 6f<.:i9^ 
I S«in> 9 1,7. Thus £/»(^« knew, the cbvennfi^W 1?;^ 
Icfer,and -^r*r 'die HC^rifie^ J^f^f^as 3}t)tF A^iE^id' Itms 
tte gooS iALti^ets know wfiac « ih as b j Rc^skwa/ ^' -dl* 
d^ft and by nie'worlcmgof oorfancies-, tbey loiow'^fAdt^VM 
i5*e whtrtisi iJTm/. a4»2«. ' ' -''.'.'-" '^' J' - '■* 

otirfeWcsfj Chrift'knevv /'tf w irearr,* when hec IcfteW %'i*c 
l^el? ^^'and^^bd knew ffataeff .Heatf! ^ ^n --D^iAir 
««ild riot bdeeve rfte'vYi"cfeedttefswWfcfi-tV'S*dfere.''TWIS-lll« 

break ouc^apfi bewray tbemferves in the dietattdiikfltQlHidt^ 

ilie jSKfcfptes tob^ p/i^tdb^tllib r^ienJfe^W^ ^a«d-'«iki«ft»« 
when Chfrrft- faidj One if .yoii pxlf htrfii -mt^^ evm 6h€ 
isked, ^/c^, »V /> i > feir ^ dol ddPtcrtatnly kwd^f:**!. 

ry;' M out thod^w there is rite;.blyj&a^,whra 
rhei tthprefs of it, as ir Heth in oftrEancjr.; ami thi the Angefs 
BerngSprnts-niayftnovv, aiuj fee vybar i^ m rhfe Fawcy, Boti 
ntxw CO make up a^ f ul^ ch^ugbt^ there nioflyjt^ti ^'^a#^ttf^ 
• • ' ^ feth 

*jC(ft; the 'Angels cjihiiot certainly tnbW tHc hearcs of jaaa^ 

:6r49ribqratc^j)aft, Br^e%^rc(>com^, (?«.^.* ^l-^f ♦>•-?• 

they fefve .aaoy.Do{t?s foul te?,::/2^ifi^ jf i,'??^. ««\ !^d 
tak^ noacfif of. every wwtosx tbo!Uglpc- wiu<iv i^ (a^pui; he^^, 
Wliicb iiudc y^if (ch^f t/l.),cqjpa^ 
ch^^e injghc iiot .lb auieh ai thui](;f>n/a M^M> I^p^ft ?!^/ A>f^ 
^' agv;^ , God,; a^d' diijpleaf^ fe .>.!j?'^S-. SPf^f# , 

Tore'hijQy.bc; tPQUfflt cp lu^ murdered :higi \ -aodofr; F^U bjis 
.cpii^etQustkk^i^ v^nWemfopfcfo^fi^ rfiij^ingnd^t 
'^^bh^y ilibuldnAYe be^n given bin;\, :^v^f<^od itv^tpodneff m / 

SV.hwbiopte JffI theiieAc^s of men froaa, ttr^J^nQVYlejig^ of- 
^ ienV-fer ^Dp prefe?vauon oi Humane fociecy> fof ^gv"?^ « ^a 
YocK^bl^iCreittura; jf^owif^^icfe were a window madei in tfcie / 
/Soul of every niah, to know vvhatis in him, there would bpe 
no living onel>y. another, fa vile and fierce we aye by^natuf ^, 
,l( 7 7/^ 2* 3#^ evcfy onq baibfeyer;il emj^j ^nd if ,we. could 
fee Vi^efe bpttoptwietb u^tn tbejiarri^t'Ot wr (l^W 

hatKtheint' Befides^ ever y.m^n ^^^^' fectet »fin?i; which \£^^\ . 
the world (hourdknow, we fnouyij^^^^ • 

notherintheiac^j'anqafwidjOne of^ •. 

: t Woe'thsncO.^^ii^iriY'vy}^ 3t^^«a^,6<fi>it^felY!e$ ,Gods 

.?f5rog?tivjtKoyal, ©^^0^^^ 

'told'ns^'thjat5hey kncjw mens hpart^ ; ( .whenf ic- a}ay M-^hey 
inow not theic jjiamc^ ) fo ibonas ev^r^hey fee tpeir^faceF^ 
^hey know who arc Hypocrite^y pr pf opfeane, :ac firft fights ^-.Buc 
it is i]bwopdcr>. ^ac «o£e who have . primed tbec they, ace 
*^^ciualtaG94,,,a» holy as. ^3a4 ^ lj»ft>.*» X5o4«'« goc>d ^ 

,^1 Jftdils ohjNmej^ 

Cod; if ^ alib fajf, they ate as toowtng as Cod/Th^ 
Mg^'^owq /Ubeiftical'obes afiuoie mc^ to them&tyeSy thao 
the Ver^ dd(ifed' Saints or An^ls dare doe; Sutb 'i^nkiia- 
ous fndcj and Blafphetny: wU^ bit putiiflicltiiii foiiic fe- 

naH fa1.' • '^ * ^^" ^- ":' ^ 
a Ttesmuftfciwrf/r us in all "ourippro^ 

Ommfciem, Hc^rt-fcarching God. We htire nqt to doewiA 

~ men, hut witbrfic AH^ftdnj God, who caiiaoti' and will nojp 

* tjt mocked. We arc apt to ttfnkl^Iy dfoiif felvcs, but God 

Imowcs that by us wntdr wo know not by our felves* Wee 

know but in pirr, but be knowcs urdiorowly; and if our 

CcmTcience doc^ccufc us of fpmething, yet he is greater than 

our Gonfciencc, and knowcth all' rhn^. Men may fecretfy 

n^fkkllfy hide their fwk ft onunen, butt noditng is hid ffoip 

Gdd,' be fees ourfccrct fins inthe Jtj^t of his countenance. 

It is dangerous to plot any dlrng rftheragaiiai him, ot iny 

chli^wlttcb relates untp him ; for as he fees mens ilhs^ to hee 

lath powerto punt(h them* Woe then to ftichas ort>ofe C^s . 

Truth, thcfcoppofcG6d,.ahdi:xAli[fi5K^^ rfibyceft 

Sirchafe. ti Such as oppofetns ^moafladours do^^ i^Ppofe 
m, he accounts the indignities doiic to them as 3one tbiijni- 
ftif* $• Suchas abufe his people, and de(fbe them fqcthetr 
purity, ;defpife<jod who made them f^^^ 

3 It muft make us ferious it)Sfvcere in a! 1 ftat vve ddeifiri^e ^ 
we havef todoc with a God that ftarcfaeth the heart, and pbtf- 
cfers the fpirits of mem and if they be Wc a-^airie too ligh?^, 
tts beam will foondifcovcr it, Prefv: |6. i* Did we but fct^ 
r the Lord alwaies before us, it would keep u<? from falling, ci- 
thfcrohthe right hand, or on the left, /yi/. it6. 8. D4vid 
kept ^H Gods PrcceptSi becaufe he knew that air his waycs 
wefebcforohim, Pjdl, tip. i68, So3r^^54*ai aa, Ttefc 
is^nilchin the eye of mento kceo us from fiin;. ana quicken its 
toducy, howmuch mote inG6as^Alf-fechigeye, ?»* 24. ty. 
'He looks upon Snncrs with 'a Vindi^ve eye. Ir is faid of 
Htrdiks^ and feme others, that tbcyhad fuch fparMinge^es 
that they terrified ttieiy, fo that they durl^ft©t look upon thcrrt, 
iThis is mort true of God in a Spiritual fcnfe \ if he but look on 
Pbma^hy and his Hoft; it Jmts them all into tenot^ JBt^4. 
14; 24. yeaif he but look upon the earth, which never firi- 
Md, kittsMtsbeicfs^^im^ l^i ^.^^^ 

" V wi^ 

*l • 

mkvcn^ hfxt tbett H tmt cm dooave Gbd# No Smntr » 
itt^ hated of God chm the Ffypocritef bccaufe no & if lb 

: di)t^y cmoAte to bis Namrc :Jiim bii deal W^ , to ieitle 

' fi^y^lf itt kiM^f lIurMeviM Ood ira 
a^^, ahd faye^ to fitch; as tlie Prophet CiUfC^the Wife of 

tkyfelft^h^Mihir thm tbm ^tPP fGod wtt one day finite 
fiicb p^Qted walls^ £Jsm^t cutmitig Hunter, may get the Ve- 
. Mfon cf this WdAd, biit tc is plaine, fincere^ fin^e^bearted 
^scu^tihsii gets^ the bleffuig* Lee tts ilxerefote altvaies walk as ' 

in the pr^ence of God, as EM9fb ( Gem. ^. 14;^ jihdbam^ 

' 4 This (honld malBe us to teep a ftrid. watch cfver our ^ 
Tt^^kf* God is a Spirit, and be moce efpcdaUy eyes the 
'bent^.t)urftSnts< It isiiotfo mkhourworc^i and worjees; as 
oitrheaitsivmich ch« L6rd*pondets. So that what the ^poftle 
laicb'oft>iir iMTi/f, ismoft true of our Tlbfu^ir/ ; he that oe-sutof chis n 
fendetbnot in diougbt^ the fame is a perfe^ man* H^ is right Urge, in my 
indeed, who is right within. When the lord coBies to feareh CooMnenc. on 
snen> be ranfiicks the heart, and obfecves what iibagtfiati- ^g^^* ^ ^* ^ 
ens and- thoughts loc^e there, and ju<%eth of men accor* ^ ^^'* 
tling|y,Ci».tf. 5# 

f It may inform u$i that the holy Scriptures arethe Word 
oF God, becaufe of that lively, powerftii, heiut^feafching 
e:sceItetKy ^at is in them, H^k 4^ i a, ^ )• Btfens wotds ait 
deid, / but belt is living water $ djSitp and quick, dUcovern^ 
rbe very thoughts and intehcs of 1^ heart ; wee (Koutd jux 
tbeh-quarrel with the Word, wbeti it nakedly difcovers our 
fel vesuntp oui' felves^ but fait on our facea and wocOiip God* 
conft fling that be is in his MiniRecs of a truth ( 1 r «r. 14; 24^ 
>f . ) We muft ble&, and not blafpheaM, as fiuie ibatiiay, 
Tl»Bevtlu in the Minificr, he hum fmHf4mUim]^>i^hm ^. - -^ <-: 
^d he kp9mmftb$nghi t when it ir not tit that tmowyoutr ' 
thottg^tr, but it is God who (earcheth your beans, <and by Us 
Word dodi difcover the fecrets of your bean^ though wee 
Iriow not ^r faces. Itis tbeLofdwhox&c^.tbeWoixi (b 
the hearts of his people* Anftin reports c€ i^mfelf ^ thin^wben 
lie had been Preaching to bis owne ^pw^tf^ be fell from, the 
fubjeft be intended, to confute the Manifheet. r\Kttien bee 
camebome^ be kid to ihofe at dnoes with £m, Did youiiot 

S 3 obfervc : 

»4 .,v.i;.^##«fc?¥'»*7. - .f^ww* 

/>i«b*li«>pi)r<(V«. JSoi^tis^tJ^B, . ... ,, , 

wMd. G^ik-a fiee' itai*it> -wd wrl«<wliijj!,li«.wiU, on 

whoinlieniU, Ji»(. Iw .wbpin ts »riu, „ - 

• ■ « itfervejforCei/W'ywDynioBi ■::.,.; 
: I Jcmliycoipfoinjl ?lBWfttlK:fW«*«,wc(.( 
tbehicked, Tlw ecinGiK(tl:J*^, wtioi Mf^&ieni 

lo.q.d. Tliouglni^ftiai4l.flf«itja»f<»,iW|NBW j^-<^ j;fv^c^ iHJ^e, .j 
. ]clioKeltd;evo7.wayi;tnt-Jl:Ulf<^i )i^)Kitffm. ^if^ 
.SobU, W!nUTOT«ni«(«iiaC!ii«i|[s5-,T|p(5jijjijy^ _ 

4. 1,it,f. TbijodljhBK biiWtni-^^iwK*. witAfW 

-fhemagBlnCkdiecaliinniesDfihcwoclil; a)p<l 4; wi^fl^ ft^t 
.Rhuti.ainncbenla^aiiiftibe Mack .:^i^es'EVfi^l^..JKe j'l^ia^ 

. 2 I[ may comfort us in aH our troubles, t^3t;l!u(^^ie<;s 
Hnjift; Sjwi*. .J. ». -^R' 7e 54- C»"»«M»ng» «s ioc hid 
ftomlwn, F&l. .jB. ». •j"ll»IBb!vt«Ss»>i! Cfoiji J«<J*i 
j»tb%wfaeel ittt th«»l£ wK^s 1 Tho^ ^($, l^W;ns(,-Rfli^ 
Tcc.ka-JoionJQitiofr^.juul vyheft if w lifft 'F^r;<^livei ^ 

■»ii/'tllai.'5i,v. ■:..'ri : :: . > ,-■ ■ ■ ,,-. .-. 

,i}:ii!.iaiyTOiil£bn:i« iftiwinp'nf iTfljfey*/*, .Ii;ii);iybedutt 

4mStnolcsfnhtkym9dinwo:dBi IbwthQLoEd-lqiowspur 

,^bDught9,4ind4le6m^«f«i«joff, .«vca Before .vi^tbmk thefn^ 

(^iid»diwonls>heEMew^f|S0lf.diiaab^ Before w^ca|the^i|- 

-fffedt^-.apiif WKiiyabdt.&kic«):e^<^ef; be-bjitbproivred^ 

171 It Buy bee thtf tl^ .»cc u^dcc..^ 

Cm Jio Ahi nor kiwijithy hwit-S 

«eisGodshaijdH(v*iw«sini*WK |ienif» 


Dwil by m; fetfa-yv Ml {pot diordty 

«rf»y, IIoi(i»n«i<i«t*yiiiafcli,j« 


. : fccKc 

is a pleafiuit ching, buttbeligbcofcbeGoT^U thatSttpema^and^piritwaU 
tural Light, oh how.^IcaXant an<J precious is thic ! Wc may in my Com. on 
bctncr want thcSw mthc Hrmawe^^ is but a com- ^^*^- **• f- 

monbleflTuic) than thcgl'crfWiis^lig^oft^eGofpj^ . 

ftcwcs us the way to cternaf Bfcv "^^ ^6niiHMe(btt hcc 
th^kj^ to God for afi matfaicr x£}S^y and take heed of of- 
fending him, who can at race depriv^ us both of Natural and 
SH|pe{liiOMifil^'':J4e)it^>fmd^<^ and 

&<^ ^eikiicl Sta tm^si^^^^ffm^ iMd Vb%A\'Mt be#rami^ 

^ Obf. If wc cake the words in^AcftaoailAnftf rtj«ni^©l^ ^ e ^^ ': c 
(mi%f>^.(f9^^il^M0l^:l^^^ Hee' 

c8e0|t<s£^t9^v4Uid7|q^(jr^e9^Jda^^ j|^> 

ina^^Mdibe£v4md&s she liftf^ aa^berftAtn^ StM :gt«t 
fk^launco'bltr t ^cn^) lU 5 ^ )• aiidlwr ailtbmiyrrtor^h 
Mcb i t$ ThMh$ barikgiyentits ;tbe;Day Wbdreim ed ftarv^ 
iuri f iml itp^ia^ ^t bf /bl:hi^vtt> u^dMrl^gh€i«iltt^4:tA 
wdfel^htovyftirfg^ - * -A ! ' - 

. r'<j Gbfc Cmt'isibe. mo^ High. -Tbiyappearrfn^thAt.*! bi]^ 5^^ rtyCona. 
-plasfis *re f«bj6ft «) -Hrtf wbecheryoa^iike: them'Lwitfal^ onHal. gi. 7. 
or Metaphorically, he treads upon all the high plaier "^/tte 
«Mb^^ Mbisniaiba^j albidpis^: all bigbsao^i^idfch', rand 
\ .,0 .what- 

I3# lf^«ts9hfliiuej: Ainos'4.' 

^•icfiM vrydSba cxabt icfelf agaiiA ^ Kin^Qai^ - he InUlrii^ itf 
"■^P^t* ifomi. U^ tiiadNUiy of dieft Momttaim d>q^ Mtififiilitlf 

God, and cherefore is (bfnifoemfy given t6i^lft'{te 
1?Bftaaiem* S* f r^^wiMhobTetves, diac 0id!e ate cea Naate*^- 
«en to 6od in Sa^ie,5 of . wbtdi }ehQ^ah^ the; dti^ aliki 
moftpraper, add 
ftcsfonh his ecbffwl 

•ndTervcs to^Aiiigfislh biof from Tdof< Mrl^^ 
or betog in dieai. :Hence ie if c^^ed, Gixb ^^tiiAdaniadttu- 
ful Name, Vm^ «9, f$< To tec paft thoTe Jet^Ai and lUb- 
bimcal nidtiec,' and ouiddcifts aMitc ddsNimie, Weli^uve the 
{ ' fitotaiKl fab^nce«f it in ■lM4.$j^4i'&'if4t^.^iiit>tl:*. 

.'■'.' ] 4, 8; fhM ^ili^, MidQimg^ Hrttki iHkiU0i'^imd¥tm it 

fi ttevcrj^ivm to^iflf bttiorfv-^O'Gftd.'Ie 
tML iahnitftV incefti|^i«h«lfibi^'^^-tlcitigi 
bi&Ailh hint from Idoffti Wltt£|ptiveik>life 



I, Godk Self cx^«g<3r,. 

.Till* Ntme implied/ J Sovpraigpty." /.r,7;^:t 

y 4 lmmutabUxcy> > > - \ 

4^i huaTclf; ndfroAiKx^theni He is m tmktt4 fMiiW^ iii^ 

U>4i tifi > bticiie tMdsncmt ofusy 'J«^ i V3i:^d^^1^* 6, ^i 
4(aw4itfN^ lUlhavei^r thdi^, and cheif welt^KJii^^fMm^btttt^a^ 
fimth on lohtt therefore great reafcn vre (Imild^liveunco hiipr«fe, Awail^ 

: ^>?i Hit is ftH.fiKmal/$elfUMilg,^i/vi]^Mt^)«^ 

•of all G6d9 ISbutitt ibis docbiMft folly ferforib Coda ecemal 
£0ence« This mtift cotnforciis InaH' oitr diftftrffes, wben d| 
other bei^s £n}v yet God is an eternal bdngl Wben tbe 
CiSsxas arelnoken, yet this Foimcain'aUdef;^whwFathers 
and Mpdiers dye^ yec be lives (or evei^^ 'Ffdl. t §• 46* & 1 09. 
ity, i<« Our Fathers where are they ? and the Prophets doe 
, mt livefor ever ; but the God of the Piropbecs liv0 for e- 

: 3 Hebachfi^pcwint abfoiiice, and unHiaiced^SovtQiigacf 
•:: . . over 

VerCrjI. ifruk byfiintif. t^y 

0ver4dU Hee Is IQng of ifings,ahd Lord of Lords« Alf have 
^eir de^nidaqce on tttm, but hee draeiids oniione* 
¥■ 4 ImmmiMlijy' hee is I Am , (Ml the tiime , there is nee 
iniiiin foamcbas-t ftiadcnv of changing, kf£i/i^5« f^mu 

. 5/ FldtlUfyht is mcflft true both m his Threacnings and " x 

VimMes. They are ^U Tea^ ^dJmtny and ilhaU certainly be 
littfitted fiifioflaftcoGodspecjde. 

{See more 6f ttos Name Jebovaji,' in Zegedms^ lie. enii% 
p %99. iQ«ri on Exod. 3.1}. Doft.C^^^his^rraWr/, on 
Exod.i?. 15.P.317, &€. Kt Wilfans Via^ & Rmmmt.m 
V. Jthm^ & Pr€ dlU C€r0rd.Lfc.€om.hH:%. Vol.i.f*%t%. 
0d f; %j f • Edkuik. Um cnm Ittyricf^ In calce davit Scrifi* f . 
3 54» adf. 560. Bincbw Mil. The^Ug, t^. a. ^# 50. l^A 
/iff/ MtlctL lib^ a. r^^« ^* f* aOi. & l*^. caf^ f|*f« 

Concerning Gods other Attributes, fee Doftj JV^#» ott 

ihe Attributes^ Sfoc\^ Lmi^sm^ Chi*rch his Mifcelan. Zff^ 

€hln$^ & Lijftm dcAttrllmis^ Mr. Lehhs Body of Divinity^ 

* /i^.a. r* 2. M* iR^^^/his Treact of GoCandChrift,f. lj|)5^^^^ 

ISfr.i^m^lus Orthodox Evangil. pr4. 1 o. 

This Title is oft given to God,as i SM^ii.l.&J[*^.&^ Sam. 
$• xo. Ffal.%^ lo.God is thcfovcraign Lord of all Crcajures, 
whether vifible or invifible, teafonable or unreafonabie, living ^ ^^. ^^^ ,^^^^ 
or livelefs, Aey are all his,not qflly * becaufc he created chMi, ^^ ^ \^^^ ' 
andfpiefervfeth tl5cm,but becaufc he governs tbcm,fo that they xhic* in the 
ftandc^ontinually ready pre(rfor his fervicc, when eveffie fliall Te«, -^ a ccn- 
commandthcm,fM 103. ai. /A45. "• GodhathiU ^^'^^,flZ^^ 
.mics in Heaven, Earth, andliell at his command. ral number 

mohivh thi$isoncpfifceiiK>ft frcqucBtNamcsof Go^InSCTiv^W and^d^^ «™J> « 
fhac God is Ac'Crc^r, Govemejir, and Jqdgc of the World. On thUTklcUtmyCotn. 

' 1 He bath tU hfi s of Heaven at his beck: The Angels itz 
mady to execntc his will, Gen^ 32. Nttmb. 2 i. i2^]^^ aS. 3. 
The Stars of Heaven fight for his people, Judg. 5 • ^^- //^•40. 
«6. Thtinder and Lightning, Wind and Hayl obfcrve his com- 
mands, 3<fb 37. 4, & 38. 14. P/ii?. 1.8. i4- C^ ^9* 3« ^ * ?• 

T .a He 


men whether gpod or ba4 hecaajnatGetbcmesecuce hSisv^' 
9rc;nagainftcb(^ t The Beads of the field^XiiPtiV^ ttfl^ 
^%^ y^ifig.%.2^& 1 7«H» 9 He hach Atnp^ p£ InfedU^smd 
infenour Animais to vexe ks enemies wichaii, as F{^oggi> 
FUes JUce, CaccerptU^ Locufls«^^8cc« Ex§d. &. .^iir. a8« 
a8» j«rl,x.4. ^ a. ai«yiiiptfi7, i> jan^ifcbefewilliiotqDQ 
he hach the Sea co drowii maxi-GeB* 7*. xi. £4t;^i/« X4« t^. and 
;iip (ice 60 bumthem, Oet^ 1 94 and i£e eatch to fwallow ihenu 

..-a Ail^brPivilf UHeIUrt> Gods Serjeants to arfcft th^ 
mcked) > and his Jaylors t;o keep them f aft till th^ Juc^^ment 
<$ thereat Day. But of this fee more at large befQr£i>n PirX^^ 

^k^\0hj,%i . : ^^ ,;. \- . • * . / . { ■ 

• • • I 




» - 



fc I 


• -. 




t . ^ 

» .'\» 


. UPON ^ 

The Fifth Ghapta: oft^mot. 



fi a $ B I« 

£^iir yeithum^i which I fakt ff ngmfiyw^^ ewnk 
l4W^ntano^^Ob00ftp/ JffdcL 

t « • • 

N dibChapfet we ti|ve tfait ftt^me ibdTub- 

' jR^iiicfe of the'fbunh Scfmoin ai tbe Pro(>bdc 

w#M^j^ wfakh<;ot|Eaitis «i Lainencttioii fbtr thb 

Captiv!cy> and utter defolatidti ^ i^hich *wi$ 

€ofimig i^c»itbe ktj^^cf of l/nr^/ for their 

Wbac iwiitiiJte T A/Huxt ExorAium't^ qukteh attc»- 
tion, verfe l . He^nrthis tMi a^lch I t»kg ftf ^ait^-ydui ' * 

i ybciit a Gc^mttHiidtioA and denoimcing of Oods Judge- 
•mciifa^tigilftft -ttteafc: '^- 1^ M^w 4vriefly ;. 'Wtft 'a, ?. i M6ife 

' 3 Here is a Catalogue of tb^e •^b^miticS *ftd tty^ 
fins which brought thefe judgements upon them : As 

1 Mnrigheoftfpifs^vci^j. 
V jS^ ^ftihdcj anJL hating if Refr^of^ verf . i o, 

3 Qfmkjm$AXiffr€jfmgofthcfQ9r^v^xi.\t. ^ 

t % .4 ^rth^^'l^ 


fpmiHtM jmyfgp tti^imrfMrificis and fyp^crmcat fervJces^ 
p^mfi^S ih^f^fn^M^ ^gh ikjlhid in 

The ivmtBC of toe Ptopb^ Argument b chis^ Thit 
fMle tdncb it mftrighe^m;^ obfiinate\ €rnH , hjfHermcsl W 
JdSatwfs^jhmpenJhi BHtfyfbarij^\ pjeHmfnaflfraet: 

. Jl Here & ati esrortauon ro Repentance i repeated again 
and again , to make the deeper imprtflion upon their hearts^ 
that fo they might prevent the Judgements approachbg, and 
cbis if ^one pmly for the Elcfts fake thff they might not pe^ 
hOi mth die vvicked^^and patdy for tbe Mckeosfidce that they 
fi^r bee left widiout excuie^ - 

. Here wee have the two parts of Repentance* x The ter* - 
mmu i fv^ftom what they mtUlxum, vi^ from Idols, which 
cannot help in a day of Wrath, verf.j. and from the evil of 
fin, which brings with ic the evil of punifhment, vecf. 

2 The termmm 4d fuem^ to whom they muft return, tr/a^ .to 
God , which is oft repeated to (hew the great necefltty of it, 
:veif.4,6,8,i4)f ;i24. Seek yee the Lord, fe6k g6ock)ers>fedc 
rightcoufnefs# ... 

1 Here are Motives to iofotct the dury[. The firft is a 

' drftp^ing M^ive taken fromefae. benefit WmcH afoSMls Rier- 

pentance, «/«• life and falvadon^ verfk^c* SeH^jee me^ and jut 

jhaHlivt^ and widi all cbe gracious favour and pre&nce of 

.God,vcrtx4,i5*\ ^ •:•. ^ ' • > ; ./ -. ^ ' 

^ The,(<€Qnd is.a driimgM^hen drawn frqm tneevitivfaldi 
WiU neceffarily follow the negleft oFit, Gcid vTiU:beefo.the» 
. a coafumiiH fim, • . Scftiyetf fhf Ijrdi^ kfiha hnJ^fortb 

A third Motive is drawn &om Gods pMver \ iriiicb is fieen 
in tjhe wffrkii^Crmm. Hee mateth tbeftven &ars and Oci»^ 


• • 

IN this Cha{)cer thie Lord ^oes pd wuhlu^ chai^p ag^n^ 
//r^/ 1 anti c(ie Ptophei; as his Acturney-generai doch man- - 
^ the chailge againu them* Hee o^ns the cafe , ilie;ws 
C&effl ibeir fins ^ and Gods Judgemencs coming on ch»n for 
ifibfe fins ; yet withall puts them m a way to prevent them, by 
perfyyadtng them to teformxhe things ami(s aniongiftthto^^ 

In tltts firft Verfc the Prqphcc nukes as it were an o yes, 
calfii^ for filewc and attehtion. Hear jec\thU w^d wbick-X 
fs!^ ttfi, ^q^sin^jon. H^e had catted for audience twice before > 
Am$s 3 .1 .& 4*1 .bttc this people b^ ftopt their ears,ahd hard* 
iK^i thdr hearts ,, they were become Sermon-proof, and ^ / 
Tudgeanent-proof , nocking could work upon them , yet the 
PrDpfaet^caliS a third time , if by any means b?e mi|^t work 

iiponthem. . ^jl ; . • 

^ TidsVerfetsasitwCreth6PtefacetotheS6rmon)andisfe&^ 

in the from to quicken attention; where we have, i The mat- ^ 

ter to be attoided, and that is die word of the Lord puUilhed- . 

by the Prophet Amos. Hear this word which I takg. uf agalnft . ^ 

>^i orasirisintheOrigiiial, which 1 lift up againft yqu, ^^aJmif\ 

dm is , which I utter agamft you by Gods command j motcjUm/^^ * 

dearly, and more fuHy,with more fpirit and life than former^ 


1 Here are the perfons againft whom ttes Sermon is in- 
tended, andthat hth^ ten Tribes, here called^, Tfe houfe of 
Ifr^ly n*d. I fpcak nocagainft ^angerr, but agairiftyou , .O'^ 
hcitfe of //r4f/,and therefore it conccrns^you to attend. 

J Here is the natuteof the Sermon , it is a LkmenmUn ,! 
« ijttnefltaWc Prophefie of Ac utter deftruftion of .//r^^' ^ 
^.^« KfbH kid Ho(eaf, ^d other fr^hn have for 4 Ung time' 
y^atnodjon tf afpro^elAtf jsidimenisi ' h^Jmc'e joh jUighf out •; 
^brekningf^ ^tdgivopt^Jeives to mirth dndmerfiment'^ t wit 
n^fAg ttf 4 Lmnet&mmforjoso , md wH monrnforjOH th^ 
^Ulmi^in^ftmfirjoHTfehesk r 


ippreheniton^hich the Prophet had of that mifcry which was 
^ L r..-/:..; coming upon Ifracl for their kfeblry, Incredulity, Security, 

amm$mm. liuibncaaoQ; stscbe vttxdiin^rcs> ££«^mi«. and.ij|.l,«(/r. 
T<ti«a vi/w. and fttch lamencttion the Dord efxpei^ ^om ms people, *£s^. 
^, J. «. i<5-i7. and iS-i.*. and }a.?. T^s Davii;ivax.m,^ kic ind 

. :..i 

» ■ '» 

£2:0 tmpifer * ^^andly). ThisXamentatiotiifl}^^ 
^0sfirmofKm Sxtf'^ a butdenfome. and lamfjitable Pxophdae of difinaU 
l^r/JjiJl?'" iudierttent* agiinft //r^f/; thac which AePrqplieteaUs f La- 
^tffer, */^»^ mentation tiercels oft caUcd a Burden, as //i,x j.i,aftd ^aa^ 

/rtf<^i ro»/K/i - yJ. Toh toHwh at mj "thrtainmg^. nfiw„y bulym ipltt .j^nite 
De^m^calvi^ themanhe^itm^Jki^fhortlj^^itbiawli^ 
Mad.i I. fSfUfjpftttOmprth it» ^ . ^ 

* Qieft. But wfy dtffh the Pro0fet '/amfa'/fir t^ 
finhtrs'lhi^ muU hoi tame^t^ar tl^tmfehes} heejhoftlf rafter. 
havere\ojce4 i» Godfjiifijtid^emems^ on th€pf^acf9riii^t9'4^^ 
Wal. 5 8fio. TJJtf righteous Jhall r^vyc^ itlifn b^fie^xh ven* 

' "-^^/if/-Wecmuftdlftinguiflio^ . /, ; . . i 

4 > « 

5* ' '.tetntiititof eVe^a , ones 'mingled .c\m9ngft tlieiB/ Now Goa$ 
jadgem'ent§ either imnuntat or prefent (A thefe,bav« 'been in 
all ages lamented bj.ti^Sain2s4^ey*lnv<p.aW 
atfftSled With thVmiferyif i^on*h^^ 
It juRiy upon tbein^j^ea and tb^ro^^yi;) wwels do j(ernpvet 
tiieih'; even ^Keniajufiic^^heca^dttt^^^ 
^6.i^ and 1 1^.^ ^^^des W£ ,9iui^4»]gL9^^ 

when ^ wee ^dore Gods. |iii^ judjgq^enis 'oaxhemia«4'9^'d^ 
fiountj his theacpTggs -^5^^^ ;hcm-^'^{vKii^f3'|^^ 

»re rn^H^^ 

^6G6ihrs wayes^ K? wor4iip^4u^^>^^ 
ttruSltoh of fuch we may^and miift xepy^^ -v^ ^ji^Mgiff^^^ 

' . jt:^/^;# Not tnat wee 4na^ fcjpy^^e m their aeftruaion 


Iher. are wicKQd^ reMkpus vtfaxfx^ aiKl loipl^brc enowes 


(Sii^gt'he nudUnce. Burof^tMs i^oifeof) ^m^sf^y 4.1^ ^"^ * 

1 Obft Minlfiers m»ft mt preach their otm iHventkmr y 4ui' 
-nfbat GodcomnMnii them. Hear the word which "God com- 

olAided fhet co^diver to you. !Bnc cf thi^ at I^ige befdre 09 

Ji weft asiGoTpel"^ ^ laihemacbn as wett as Coatfdttdofu 

^Tkomr £hj te^tfdled wtthtbe mftrkjefCadjfeppiiy 
niiechertHey be unninenc; or pce&mptt imttmccp mh chettrr 
that weep} Mdd^ftltovY a ks chu t ti tfheiiune aiyftioii Wy^ 
wee /hoald hsiVt^^anf^aS^ fym*it.t^^ 

r A^ig.g* fifpscially thy concerns Gods Mimflers to-^com-Seembrcar 
miferate the fad cmdicion of Gods^eopie r and to ipcercecfe ^^^^ <» Anhs^ 

for S^)1i^^«i 5<** jetkmf writ a WEhote fadok of Xwacn- 
catioBs for Jerefalem^ and CbriR wept^ bver u:,£#t^ 1947^4^. 
Hence the Lord fo oft commands the Prophets to take up 9, 
lamentation tor rfie Princesof //r^', E2ck.i^\x. jiea £gc> 

7^^,Eiek^ii7i»/«ndtor£jfyj*fEKk->^.«%^ 1 

fuchasneglefted this duty, .£**i^.t;-^. and 2 z, 30, 5 r. Ifcw j 

great tbetfis die fin of thofe miMwcft wb6 mock ac iuch 
ts itoim for them > who h Jte thofe snrhidb beip to beep off - 

'/od^emett^ fro» tbem^^ tnfao feck die deOruj^bon of thofe 
w^ichfi^ic thelf felyidoai ' a^d defirc tfaeir dea^^ wboiCe^i ' 
me^ fXkhciit^^m t6lfSe(i fitcfa hotrnt it^rac&uck fludll sk« ! ^ 

paft)Wch6lttftittcfignil'VF0geattc«^.\ -. v:: , 
5 pbf. SuchascmemnCodsJtediemeift$ ^ fhaUMbiSibi^ 

mif^.ibeirfi^, - | 

* Ttiefei^ucatsft im^ 


V. 'i 

f itA a^,«Affnimll die day of die Eotti conef why ic ihatf 

eomeaponyoAina day chacyou looknoc for ic, and (hail 
bee a lamentation and a burden diac (hall iinke yoit : Pa- 
.SeeaqrOoa. deaaa^ufedtatns^kitofitti* tboMgh Cod bear loiigj]>^ bee 
«» '*^»J»»' will not alwaycs bear. . 

VsRs a a. < 

T^v i^i''^ <f (/?''f^^ ¥ r^^Tf ^ /&<< M p^' «^^ y^} /^' 

» — 

INtiiepceoedctit Verfe theiProphat ce^i? us^f t LgmetM^ 
Mff^ven turn by God to publUh zg^itA Ifraeli In this 
Verfe oe comes co cell us eKcgetically imtk is^Wx^tbe facai 
and final, overchrovv of ibe whole Kingdcuile of Ifrael > fee 
forth in eoq^aocal cermes , and variety of words co aflTurc 
this unbeleeving people of the certainty of tbofe Judgements 
wUch they fliotila Aiordyfeel. in: tK words wee have the 
fumiifie of this Fnneral i:fiiavffr4riBr i vor Af^ 

1 A Jut^ement threatned, and tharis>falt Ifrmi is 
fallen, t/^ mto the hands of die Jfyrianu 

2 Here atc^ die per fins upon whom this jtu^ement (hall 
fall, and that it f^o» the Virgin of IftMcl^ or die ten Tribes. 

i Here is the certanty of it, IsfnUfn ^ that is % cb^ Cb^i 
H furdy come down, as if they weire this day m the 
duft. v- 

<^^. Hw u IfiM cdHed MFiriin^ wAertasjhee bad fUid 
fhcHitdst-p^itbliUs^ mtdistbtttfvr^ ^MkdmH^lot} Hof. 

jtf«^« Kingdomesand Cidcs are called Vi^ws in Scrip- 
ture on feverat accounts : As t when they flouriih in riches 
yirz^jffOitisi ^^ 'f^nown , andremaittunconqueced^ and unaccuftomed 
c.ref»i«i/AW^^^^yy®^^^^^"^*^^ fiowlkchinSoipariS, ?h6ughthey 
qu$dfimileeft bee Heatbenilh^Tid Idolacroiis., yec^arq ealH^. Vifg^s : - ^ 

fuUhraVirsiniTyre , Ifa, 23. xa. Batjhn ^ Mta^A* wAi^^Pt^l^. 

ff^pter $pesi& j^^^^^ ^ .\ 

fimm&m ^ Inrefpeft of their Effeminacy, Delicacy, and Won- 

connef»> priding' |hemfidv«s In j^qij: jBf anty and B^ayery > 


« . * 

' ' is 

yerC^; tffht fr<^if*f Ajnoil 14) 

iAd cnckkig fbeaMvesw like Virgiiis f and eM ffrMtmi'l^^^'**^ 
IBBbmnate,Uvingduadlyaaddeliciouay, ^ving themfclvwS'fflK?' 
upco fea^g, nunh, and taaSicki jimu tf.4^jf|tf.-pctdti^MM , fidfnf^ 
um£<dvc$ in meir wcdth, and OfiuuMncs, ma in this te^cStt*f tnutm & 

dieyiniglhc be called ykj^ne. ^ ,v . ^^^'^f"^^' 


i In refpeft o£ chetr weakfieft^ and tmaUenefii to help 
ilinircives ; fo Ifrsiel fliall fill, 0IM Wlike a poe^^liei^fs^ 
fbribm Virgin, chaclics' alone in diftreft wichout any Itt^r ; 
.ihe ihall now^ defiowred^and waAed by the Affyruh. 
- 4 J/r^tf/ts4ietecaUed a Vit^^nafter her Apodicy, Sue 
dtts is in relation to former times, before they were Idola« 
ti<m^ as in Dmndt rime (before the di^on of the ten 
Tribes ) when they ferved God hv ptttity, wicbout the'lnix- 
tutepfhumane inventions I andltkewifein relation t» their 
dm/y (hewing wh^ they (hotdd have been, and not wbitt now 
they were ; and in this ferdfe J^dah is alfocalled a Virgin af* 
ter their Apoftafie, J^r. 1 8. i}. d* j i* it • they bad bom the 
name of Virgins, but were indeed Idobters, and by con* 
fequence Awlcere0ei, tbat broke the Covenant ^of tb^ 
God. .^ 

^5 The City of 5iiiimW4 was a tandtn City, it Was n)strer 
fubdued or cohqnered by any Nation, before the Afyri^ 
King SMlm^efer brongbt ic under the yoke of Servitnde, and 
4:arried the ren Tribeicapcive into AfjrU and M$dU ; and in 
tbi$refpe^4t,nughtbe€^lled a Virgin* 
/ 3 Heire is che^^n»iW7 of this Judgenient fet f6fch fn the 
Prcfent Tcnfe, 9hcyirgln vf Ifrael is f^Uni that is, flhce . =^ 
fliall as:furcly fall asif it^werc alreadyxlonei and this is ^^--^li^^^^^^ 
ail with tiJCrPrdphets, to iignifie the certainty of a rhii^, by majJtm ni 
putdng^itin thc;Prefent, or praetcrit Tehfe. Thus the ScAi^ emitnimm. \ 
Wre.(paate of Eaftcrn and Wcftem B/Ajhn in the VttOtnt^^^^ 
ItvSc^B^lonis fatten^ hfalleniAzt is^it ftall fuddcnly,furc- Cieidtt^tgnii^ 
ly,.aiid irrecoverably fall, Ifa.'%t. 9. jer. 51. 8. Xev. 14, 8. cat Malm »- 
& i %ft* So Jnde \ 4» Tbt. Lard kame^y that is> be will zsfJMem ^ fn^p 
lurely comc,as if he were now coming to Judgpmcnc. This^was '^mhtmumft^ 
abouttorty ypars before the final overthrow of S^ar/^yebat fy ? |^^^^^ 
the- Prophet foce-told this ; yet iince God had decked their j'^^Jp^^^^ ^^^^i 
falU he tells them, it ihall asfurely beeffe<ftedasif itweref/09#r<ry)» ea- 
done this day-| and it is i}fiiai with all the Prophets to fpeak f^^t Babyloa^ A 
thusaffertivcly,notorfybecaufcof'ihe certainty of what his^'^'^* 

' V denoun- 

demufwci^ but Ugaiife hm the. fiift jetinttiriawdie ^ajpit . 
b^uis^ though iiociiifc;^^^ nor fqaiettiacyacmppiiai^itt 

X She(haUfalirocbacflK(haniisvernfeflg»ii^ 
» SheQiftHbeibrfilniiniier0iiiiL3iidl» 

Ji^^iV uU but tbey j;x(c ag^ia, btic wbev a Kaqgdomeilidl; 
fall from k&focQitt ^E4^dor ttKrd^vcyy and never be i^^fto^ 
sed again^. chat is vei f fabd ; yetcrns was IjS'^^fr cafe, tkey^ 
vvem^am^^ Cai^iveiino Afyri^^ aod die body of the Kin^ 
dome^ and gpieratisy of che Peo^^eisever temrnei again \ nor 
badcbey ever the face-oC a Kingdommorei s King. 17. jKfi/* 
4« S« c^ 5* S* Wbooi cberemauKlets of 7/iAiib recurned ^ off 
^ Batfkfuff^ Ocgdwf to '3 &nfdfmy fome few* of ^1^/ joy* 
ned chemfetves mcb dbems and are reckoned fikhjudMhyWit 
seftof cbe ten Ttibes being- fcaitered, and difper&d^ip and 
^f0tk f^sn^iljty dcgenetaocd into GmttiUi^ andlgbittie of ehaTe. 
^perfiid wcK wwerted in the J^bdpHcal cimeS) as appear^ 
fey the infcriptions of the Epijftles of Jfmci^d Peten 

Objt Bat Wittid m mr Sav$9nrM tnm tfthe Uft (hiip ifth$ ' 
' hMfc of Krael» MMb to. 6.&^t%.ti^4 MJLth^ Nicodemo^ 

jiftf.. Tht word //rW hath ittaxi^r.figiufiicacbns inrScrip!- 
cure^ bun tiiac in Matthm hacb fetation ito she KingdMae of 
JudiAy for in Chriflsdiiiethere was no other Kin^doaie of Ip^ 
rtf^/excancbuccbaCy and that aifo was very Ibvv whmOirilt 
^ came, as I have fnewed aojimpjo^^t^tfier in 
ijl^^/ is ineano no more but a Teacher la cfae Church of Go^ 
for the C^fcb is ofc calkd HjmU JfsU it-fk^ tt^Cdtm^ 

Obj« It wasfm-tMy that the ten TtlSa fimld h mddt 
^ . n^^Judab, 0Hip90ftU nmrnt wkhihem^ tsask^yf. i^ 

A^ This is fpoken^of Gofpei umes > and iniplief a S^rituat ,* 

not a Corporal returniqg.of>a remnanc of tbde deifified aqd 

. difperfed chics in the dayes of dae MefiSab^ ivfao (haa\d be a^ 

nkedcoJiMU!^, aodbytfaefceacbin§ofihkQc%d^bei>n>iig^ 

. intone unity of th^ CShwSibt . 




Shtiffnf^ikpf/^9H her Ltmd. . 
SheehadforfakenGodi,andaovYaIldcfcrcandfbif^^ . . 

{he bad laid Piety and Jufticc in theduft, and now God re- fatiSSL. 
ibliFfesc6 lay bet in the duft, Ae (hall be fimctcn to the earth, J^e^^b^^ 
anditlifiit ag^nft it by die j^fynan mth fuch force, diat jike ^'ojffir*. .1 
an earthen pot it ihall ndver tic fodrcd together again. 
- And which greatly aggravates thcifmifery, all this ftiouM 
hapfien to ^bem in their own Landj they (hould want men to. 
fael^ chem in dieir owne Land^ as appears in the next verfei 
Ibey (hould be afRi£ted and brougt^ Im^tiot m an enemi^ 
Country, but even in their owne j theyll^uJd be flai^ered 
andenuaved mtbe fight of their oin^fe Country, which had 
'been like a Mother and Nurfe unto them, and wa^rdearlv b^ , 

loved of them. It aggravates a ;^rg^ nrife ry > to be uainft 
in the fight of her owne Mother. 

. There is n^nt to raljfe h99\up» 
God will qpt) and then Creatures cannot* Sbee fliall (elA 
mdiottt any help or hope of refiauration, no\ieighbour Kati-^ 
on (hall once reach our an helping hand to raife her out c£ 
; the duft, but there let her lye, like one that ii felled to the 
ground, and not able to rife of himfelf j and forfaken of all 
others mull needs remaine as he fell ; fo Jfrnel {hould never 
recover lus priltineif4endor, and Houriihing condition,though 
{atnc remnants fhomdtemainef or as it foUowes in the next 


^ - - - / 

1 Shl^e$fM$oHS and fi^nrl^ln^ Kingdoms mihe duft. 

Thofc Mardcn-Cities and Kingdoms which were neyer 
toucbt, nor taken, yet if fin raign m theoi ( as it did in Sih 
nfarUy it will mine them- Where are the Bdjhntany Per ft-- 
4ifh CrectdH lAon^rchic^y which were Yomecimes famous atid 
•flourifbing,' and the terrour of the world ? they are long fince 
l*Udiarfie4uft, . . 

» imfeihfeniJtnHers (haU ceftd/nlf fcrl^* .^ 

Tbcugl) th^^ may flourilh for a time,* yec when their fin is 
ripe, they VbiXLcocoit dchvri ; alid therefore i;heJ?rophct fpeaW 
in die Refent Tenfc, Ifrael is f4len ; that is, be fhall as cer- 
tainly fallaif If heWeredownalreadyt So P^/w that fives 

y % ■ y , in- 


in littiKy and fccttrity, Ibail at lift .be rbitmt^ JEetdkrt s8« 

$ 9ttl<r.^i«ift- Jfr^\& fprfaken inhU owne tand^ andfo iadTy focfaken^ 
MMiEvk. 9. that there is act one co raUeiiim up. The Land did fomeriyt 
».r.ftH. abobtdWictimetkyec turn cb^haveiiQaecabdpc^ 

ftifery; c^che duAcbeyHmft, and there tbey lye* As. God 

(vilI.s)Qt caft away the righceoiis man, ,buc will am^ him. in tisr ^ 

troubles ; fobe will noc cake a wicked man by .die band, J0& 

S.aOtbuca$hebring$tbemincotroublef:fone leaves dftsa 

^ . chece,£<.^.a2.2p.T^29,5.hisownebewilLnodeave,a^ 

if men willnotfuccour cbem, vet he will» }ft%i 9. Jcr.xc^ 

17. be wUlgivejiis not only the grace,, but alCothebleOing 

of peace, JP/4/. i9« it»Z<oit. t6. 6. wben our wayes j^eafe 

' hidi^ then all are ac peace widi^ Tnv^ %6. lA Cbr^i 3<^ P« 

4 G^i 9ft TttiUkMs fmcrs^ a»d f^s tmrn In their 9wn9 

Iffiul that forfook Cod, is now forfaken of \lf, and chofie 
' chat .overthrew Juftice, and oppreft the pQor, atcjiow. overt 
thrown chemfelves, and oppreft by others. JSuit of diisi fee A^ 
ms6,\xVi. Obf.8. 

Vbesi 3i. " . 

jifiT tbusfahb the Lor J God^ the City -fhdt went MP hj is 

V thoufAttd fb^l leave an hundred, and that whhh went 

forth hy. an hundred^ JbaU leave ten t§ the hmfe of; 



• V 

mT THacdie Prophet had fpoken befocein general) now he - 
VV comes CO exprefs more plainly and particularly, vlxsm 
That cbe Kingdome oitfratl Hiould jperifh ; yetnocfo cocalfy^ 
bitt^at a remnant fhould be fpared ; thought cbe body of t^ 
people (hould be cue otf,yeca aecimadoa Ihoiild lore to praife 
Gcdc - ' 

So ch ac in chis vecfe we .have ibe. reafon of the^ Prophets la^ 
mencacion and doleful dicey, and- that is the ^eachavock 
which God would make amoagift this petf>le 1 be would cut oflE 
taine parts, and leave but^a tench. When the RMitfn Arones 
didcmutiny^ the Commandtts did uiCe to decimate tbea^,.|^ 

4^^ fHfl^ 9/ Amosi 14^ 

rf(hi«c«ty tenth in«i3Btttet«d goes fi^ 

iJLttSd agitna /fr4</ » beecclU4ein,th*t by the Sword , by 

CcSd,:flio3b«e btoBghttdali buikked va«^ 

J^ Sttch a. vofiirdeciaai^Km th«c AonW bee amongft > 
SShatvBcyfew fljoolcWcafie. TheWte Thrt^nnng wee 

sSkSa-dTii. as a Sbephctd wbeo a Li6nh«h beende-; . 
vS£floS,findesfonietBangledrciwm?^a^,<)^ * . 

r% -Citytft-f *«* •***; " *«w*; tfaw u , The City 
whichhadathoufand Inhabban^ pafllngco and fro through' 
ScS^tbercof J oc-aore geomndy , The Cuy Wbch font . 
fo|S^& a^Ieipento a« Wats, otthat could furnifh^ 

S^^Si thoofand men fit to.bear AriflJ, (hall have bjt an « 
%«Zj^A\tZ The Ptoohetfeems to allude to that of ^•/«, 

rCL f.«/i« ««flC4otatns over hundreds. 
^SrrWniMwas partly fulfilled in the three years 
fieJ^^of^'SS-irJ^^io.and^t^^^^ ' 

^ was a awatdevaftation oemenainoogft than. - 

lIS? T^ttrethemoftherc^ty airftrndi oMI that 
K^J'ffiooto.- heebtings mtbe Lord affetting it, TbrnfMO, 
tA* wS* ^'ik^y^ hive n« to do wA^ 

with an Qmmpocent^uoa, 



tbeubimd;e4»u>t$ol..'W o£ fiich asim- 

pcoric Towsaod ViJfagps ; *« « dife Att:Wicp6ppfatkai:<tf 
Tpwng'Wfl Cifies tJdkmt)gs cbe 5ffo>rd> £bgii6 faad FasiAk 

^aceWcipli^ amdpte , and makes them tik^mtiaad of 
{be Sea f or multkuac^ r iCi9ig»jf.2tK Sb difobedietkcemadgeB 
sneofew inouflober^ ;wbich wtfotefteeat the Scmt£.beaetk 
to o&ttldtvdc^Z^^MO&^a^'Ws (boidbdcbendfof e imanimoafljf 

corner ta Towa that bad Jdited oac f^eriyXDot^^ fvTfes »4 
duldceataildiobbedaSiQf aUowfikafantthiagi, vidmlnc 

iodigciatioa and fiui^.Mroutd nie^ wweitaivlcUldien joffmif 
i^e co^rwM&cb anjuieiEqr f Sbls dits^adyecfaty^ ItrccmSo* 
vereims cf dieir fubjeSteyPaftora flC;lh^ 
our (kair^ ce|awMS«Vi^e (bottldchenBfioiedo By it iU tbe Jems 
4idby JP^Mf (wiMQthey lookcupoa aii their adfltrfarv^ AS^t^ 

4hisfiefii$md0g^t^ fbc Ldw^j^mM^tUsftscuSo fbc\M 
we encoora^B each odiec aganfifin^ipdiUppctfsi^^ 
giftrateSt MiniOera, men and faiedinm belp, cbisis chat vAoA 
deftroyes our people, walks ourCides,unpeopleaour Towna y 
^ppofetb the LajvS) and briiigs confiifion e^oery wfam* 
; > ObC Iff tie maJfi ef jmdgem^ ^ Qed nmemhrs'mertp 

Spares z Temb^and^ieaves areno^Cyii^ t,9^m^W.%t^i »,i |. 
*Ti$t)»lj>rdi6agfji3tvktcjdiK and k is 

i»s ovcrflomngflDodnefs diac wee ar^ not aK ticce^iy cmfii-' 

midft of tbefe devaflatiGib^esciia f^beaoUig teft|So praife b^i 

fi/fifitA Thiiifiiniitbeixird^ tbeCkyifaarwenrdurb^atboB^ 
i^^ ODiLkl^rfeiaftiiilidded liinotr (iaitb^^4 .bscttut 

' Ambafladoi^for Cb«fi^) i;dMi<r;bav'I«$ir< t^,tiHbidfc\lB(«aft 
AmbalTador are efteemed as tbe words of bim chat fenc bin, 
yhhrnzd^CerneOa^Me^ Coxxunander) 

yet to fet himTdf as in Gods prefence, and fo co bear as if Gbd 

; /; t f iThcff. 

> 4 0-^ A « 

«. -i 

*\ ' ■*' 

jS^to beeefconaf te tbewMd o£ Gad ii^ 
jgfejtiBftyy t^ cbe wotd AanmaftnoW ttoe . 

" - * . , ' ' ' \ .^ '. ' ' :- 

' . ■ s ■ • ... 

• Viw» 4.- 

I-'Hft PMphtt bavins ftewedAbpcipple;^^ aad, 

^£SS^ Acffla ^<s them forne glunpfe 6f mercy,. 
?;:^^^ *?t :ib they 

uiSS!ffirbt tSoiitfophet,bthc firft^fea)nd,third,. 

• y > • • ,< 

3 HcKis*Piecept,M7'««V'» ^ 
Vflwre wcch«ve \^ .j^ Objeftj^fei*: p,, -,-.' ^ ^ > 


ts tfd.1 i. SMietiiMS to fix V ^ //^'Sf*! f • tnS £M.6^f ^s; 

Somdtimes cotiueey t^A^. Juffiice^ Mercy^aittl immblemlkiii^ 
^khQod. ^iV4&tf.S. OunSiTiwr bach nkoliuasQtl tfaeni^ 
and reduced cbem all iimociyoit^/«:» Thm pndt Uve the t^4 
thj Ged with dl thy hcMrty^thj nelgbbrntr 4$ thy felf. But otic 
Propbethere coines andfiimsnes ihem all up m pne > foyii^ 

isMcBiij^At Tbev^ord5f4ri$eii^acicdiandn^fiesnocabaremlh« 
vrimtftiiiti bg or wouldingi or Tome cold vellbicies, butaaeamel^, ac- 
^^^ri^^' curate^ cxquificc, inquiring after God, and his wayes j and 
^Si^Sm^ therefore the Sqptua^nc render itby a conapound wordwhich 
i9Ua^4f«<* fi^fiescoteek Qutwicfa earneftnefs and ailigence till wee 
ttrt. finde the Lord, the Apoftle ufcdrthc fame ivord, Jht.i i.dw 

Til not ^i^ i^d is a T€0^dirofthemthMtdiK^mtyfnklnm. 

^virifsd-n^ The ♦vord inif lies labour v'indtkflrv , . and coaftancy , wee 

^^a^^^i^^n ^"^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^*^* ^^^^ ^"^ ^^^ » ^^^ ' woman 
mSS!^'^ that had toft her groat , conriiuied feektnp till fliee hadfound 

chhtdthW" ' 5 ^^^ i5.the caiifttivepardcle, if t^r, whtch fitiy bfeft rciw 

dred^ rikrrfi^rr, and d)M the fenfe will bee ^^^ 
f«^. Since the terd'hith ihreatMedt^ md^Jiiii^ 
pHy therefore feek, himfitcerely thatpe may Jive ^ fer bee iejkei 
mi ymrulfsey^^m yeter retHming^ 

; Yet foihe make the paixicle redujidam^tiere 'i^aHMI/^^ 

•nit^nelvas^ane^ctivep^ oft^fo-uredbytln He^ 

*rwj;^TfiefenfeisVJ«cntife'witho^^^^ '^ . . - , . 

4 Hetfe is thp object of buriccVing , ix^ fhat fe ff«rf y Seel^ 

ytemee , Excellent things ai:c the dbjcft-bfour dcfires : now 


IWeet Keiaddnr^'bwr^Acr; Husband^^lord,- k^ and 

therefore to bee fought and ferved by us in an e{|)ecial mannerS 
One of diefe obligatiori^ call for obfervance -and duty , tut 
.when all (hail concdbcei*, axidmeet 8i?(Spe, |iovy great ihould 
our obfervance h«^'- t'V'VJJ vT : > ^ *' ' - ^ ''^^ - ' - 

a This fceking of God jespj^ss -a fincere turning toMm.^ a 
lovli^1iiofwieh4*.<>^rM«^-af^c^nghi'm fiinpiyfor bim- 
ielf>.it noceiacru^ioginhim, afear to.offendfaim, alforfaking 
of aU Idals and falfe vvajes (asit fiollpws inthe next verfi^ 
,ddighuj?g only in bU pure>V9f d ^ 

- * ' and 


t&d pniying to him > ffd.i^. 4. Mstth^ 7. 7, Ic knplidi 
alfo ^ an ooeying his Commands , 2 6£r^fl[. 14. 4. ' and 
ieeking bis face and favour ac all dmes , Pfal. 27. lo. //4, 
% ^. 6^ Thefe are chofe things above^wbich v\re are commanded 
cofedc, C^/tf/l 3. z«. • 

Thus we fee^whac a Magazuse of matter is comprelicnded in ^ 
this little. Precept >5rfii^>wi«v^ ^ KGirftir/ 

' Obj. Thli command to feek^ God (fdj Papifis and jfrmim* iH^tom. deHb. 
Mm) imfljfcj^ that we have Free-wiU of owf elves tofcekjhm^ and ^b^tr.rom. 2. 
«r» to4fim^ elftwhyd^ththe Lord command ns to to dofi^ ifwe^' ^J* jM.p. 
hadnofowertodoeiii V ^*5-e*M^. 

Anf. ItdochnoFfoUoWfthatbecaurethc lord commands 
us ta feek him^ therefore we have, power of our felves to doe 
k. For, 

1 Tl^cfe commands (hew as cur duty, but not our ability; 
they flieW what we ou^t to be, but not what we are. 

« Yet thefe Exhortations are hot in vain, for the Lord 
nukes them efie6iual in the hearts of his pe6ple ; what he bids 
them doe,- he enables them in foinc meafure to doe. 
^ i TheLordbada remnant of his Ele(9t minded amongff 
fliisfaeap of chaff, and their wills being changed, and made ^ . 
conformable to Gods will, are willing and ready tofeek andgj^^^*^ 

fcrvehim. ' ^ .. . - . .. ^ linc4.^,7.&c 

4 Hereby ohe wicked are made mote ;nexcufable , and 
their malice and obftinacy made more a^arent to die 
world^ fince they ftand out againft fo many invitations t6 

[ /l^ainft Free-wiU> fee Davepiants Determ. Q» p.p. 45* 
p. Slm^ Concio ad cternmy p. 69. Laurtm. in Apoc. 2. 5« pt 
tz^.CameroThefesdeCrat.&Likarh^.^J'i^ad 296. Pa- 
r40s coffira Bellar* Tom. i. TotalUer. AitUgy hoc. com. P. 2. 
/• 46DV& Hornbec. contra S$cin.L 3. c. $.f. 6\ i. Brochmand 
(^af.Conf.dehominefrimOj cap.l. p, 1^^. folio. Walasu Lo\ 
. com. P.i,f,i6.&p. 43 7. Mr. Bm-gefs againft Orig. fin. I. 2. 
ch. 4. p; 28p. Rollocixi Rom. 8* p. 1 5 ^^ 8^c. Dr. Arrotpjmhh 
orv John z. i a. p. 189. & xoS, Mr. Cafe Morn. Lei^. qt^drro; 

. 5 Here is a promife to incourage them to feek the Lord, ^ 
^ drawn tAuiili^ from the benefit they flioutd reapthercby, Tee\ 
ff'^S livi^ or live ye5^ the Imperative Mood is put fox the Fu- - 

X ture" 

fcerx^dkyork'tUi^^ashere^ Seekt&etardanOflixreith^ 
jcc fliallccmioly livc^ , , ,\\ 

You ftiall havc.a > Spiritual v life*-? / - ^ . 

' cBreomal J- 

* . * • 

' 1- If you-feefcdbftiojd, and return toJum^ 
j<Hir7V&rir4/;3% pronged; whcreas-youarcindaj^Lofdyn . 
. ingbytbcihandofthe:-^]^/^^^ 
! . fcTgrieffly, and you fliall experimentally find tb^ 

Uaall he mven you for a-prcy ; at leafl jce. iOiaU not be.uojerly 
cjcffroyed,. butinffc3^d o£ Warre," you ihafl' have piwpe. ana 
profperity in your borders* This fecms to be the moft^emiinci 
fcnfo of this pj[ax:e. (r thou^ yft may not exclude. the.t«bcr,| for 
k'is aknovYnKule> tbatj) Isfafe raklftg the warMintbeUr^ 
^nh if neither jnalter, phsafe, nor fcopehindex.) forriiwbc 
forc-goir^ vcrfe,- the^lird tells them what flatidjccr.bowo^l*' 
make amongd' them»,therefo]?e he. bidsu them^liere;^ xecumci 
wdlive^ . , * . 

Yet wc^mtynotlolelyjconfineit to a Natusallife, becanfis^ 
SgbjKfiiu»e>^ it is a LcgaLpronufe? ^ and they ufually doe comprehend SffA^ 
uB^^m^^j^^l jjj^j.^igg j[jj j.jjgjjj^ 'fUg Hebrews frequently uadc^ the 

l^tmm^oiL^'^^ d(» comprehend aU. manner, of profperity and 

fum f$iem^ fdicity;, hoih Temporal, Spiritual, and Ercrnaly Z7w. 4. rjjt^ 

life expreflion we ufe at this day, at the Inauguration of Ki^jS^ 
when we cry, Fit/M Re^?^ let the King livei thac-is, all h^alch, 
' proiperity, and happinefs attend bim,' 

a You (hall Jive nfplrhttMllife of Gracehecc, your foult 
fhall enjoy coramunion with Gc^i, they.ffiail liye^cp him here, >. 
and atlaft ftiall live with hixn\for ever y for Gracc^is /fhe^ufciT 
urbsof glory# ' ^ ". '• : 

3 YouihaIl/iVr^Afrif^//7,E2ek. ) 

Obi« . Bui had not the Lard decreU the defirilSilon of^kif fem^ 
jfcfe, hjv then doth heMd them retnrn md live ? . , ■ . 
,/ -/<. Such threajinings of Temporal' judgemedtij are not/.alr 

wayesabfolute> butcondicional, wV- if they repentnoc, Iwill 
d^ftroy them ; and though this condition be not. alwayes. ta- 
preftj. yet icis underftoodj .,as appears by that nonablc.piacpi. 

Jrr.f«.7,«,,9, "fo'.. To that ^henpat^fe repent of their fin,' 
God«»irMtepeotrf ^epuntftimenci andrfay the exocutimlJmMwtMU' 
■<£'tixtieiaxxn<)ilribii^\^ them, asJbc*^«/"<«'*«»- ' 

^b¥-£hei'?/»M«if;ttiei(ihangeisinus.aiidHOtinCod. *m,fiMtMye^ 

• . Timiumutare 

' t)<B'S1ERVATI0NS. ■ ""^"•^"f' 

- k ^ 

I fay, ftich as fec^ God rightly, which cuts off mahy ptc* 
tendersco rclig^oii,\Yho feem tafeck ami ferve the Lord, but 
it is feignedly, and hypocritically; they halt between God 
and Baai^ -between Chrift a<nd Belial.; hke -^grippa^ they are 
almoft, but not altogether Chi^ans ; fthey have a name to 
live> but they are dead indeed. 

ft Others feek for the livibg- Imotigft the dead. They feefc 
cbeLord amongflhthe traditions and cufloois of men. Such' 

lxiCttsrc!igionisvain,i'<4r^iS*9*i^»^^^i 5v , ' 

- V Others Teefk, but it^is^cop Jate ; like^^jCw, rfiat tOever cifiei? 
. m hehadloft the Blefluig. So thofe^X^ i j* ^4, « 5. . v 
4 jbdiers inflead'of feekihg theLprd,6t all the da^y We^fhdy 
foi^et the Lord da^fsvyithout number^ hels not in any of their 
thoughts, JVr. 2. -jxit It is ndt the fomnolent, but the violent 
that get'hcavcn^ Mitt. ti. 12» where then will thoT^ Idle,Agalnft Acft * 
^^cillual J/^i^/of 'our, time appear, who are mecr Scepf fee m Ge^-^ 
ttcks in religion, that quefiion every thing, but beleevc and^'^ Ijftfocl* 
praftice nothing? fome of them have been Profeflfors this for* *: *®* *^' * 
ty years, yet now they are .to feek tbeir religion. Thefemen 
hayelaid good foundationSrrfiqwhilc, that are going out oftbc 
tWrId;i before ft^y knbwhovv'i^^ when.tlie^ 

I-ord hath fo clearly ilif wed ^*s what Be requires of us, Mi^ah 
fe f. ^ what madnefs i? it to Be *ftiil xunning after New Lights^ 
which" are no I-ights foj: dirctStions? 
• 5 • tJttcrs inftead orTeeWng God,, tbey perCecu te thoie that 
lofe fihcerety teek Wm, life^ tfte Scrib^ aad Pharifees, that 
^drfdjneither follow ^Hf^ft themlislviesjinbf fuffer others fo 
tbtlo^,' Stripes arc prepared toffcorricrs, and fuch mockers 
ihall have therr4)onds made fttoiig, Jfa.xi^ ai. ; * 

• 6 ^Odicr^ feck^'but it is'^suls ; for they foek richesj^ionouri 
lAeaflftM, Inftead 6t Go4 andftbings above. Tbofc three aic 
the Worlds Triffcy, they are the grand ^HT^^evpt of our times. 

*> * ' 

/«», who vlUjhtwm goodt t i'-w/gocs fli|ier,and tells us, ^U 

' Mco feeV their owrie cafe, weakh, ends/^refpcas J thatis^ 

All comfttrmvttjy tjjey ate but few thj^fefek the tbingji oE 

Cbrtft,PA'V.».*«' ^ , , ,- 

Q^ 5»r* there 4r*/« w*»/ J«<«r/,*»rf ffpwgwd tmsy htm 

mitfi I Set\,4rigbt 1 , /. , 

-«<♦ That you roaj fcdttheLord and find mm, you onift 



It Early. 

3 2^aIoufly.. 
4. Scnfibly. 

5 Conftantty# 

6 RegWarly*. 

^ t Thofe that will find the Lord when they feck him, muft 
feek him early^ in the morning of their youth, whilft ;he d?iy 
of their Vifitarion lafts. Tofuch thePromiferuns,iPr<>«^.8;i7. 
Tkf^tb^feek^n^e fdrtjfh^l find me. If vvas JoJUbs commen- 
dation, that when he was youngs and but fixteen years old, he 
began to feek and fi^csre the Lord, 1 ChjroffT^^. 1 , j . and TV; 
pmhjf knevY the Scriptures from a Chi tde, % Tim, 3 . 15, ' 

S^^ight Rea- We inuftalfo feeV hifrt ordefij^ fi^eS his Kingdome in the 
^vforihisin gj.jj j^^^ ^^^fj before, and above.all other things, Mattb. 

p, 43. folio, and * Sinccrelj AudcordUUfy not hollpwty and complementalr 

fedrcbfor me mth alljonrhem. Ttlu^ D^wV fought him, and 
flfound him,Pyi. 1 1 9.1 o. never any mrft that ever fought hin^ in 
. truth, PfiU. I4S. ^*« If we be the genuiiie Seed of plaine, fih- 
etx^Jacei^ we ft^all nevcrXeek his face in vaiif, 2/4, 4^. 7^ 
before they call, be will anfwer fuch, ' and will run to- inJoec 
them, as he <3id the Prodigali )J/i; 6$. 24^ ^^^ iX« 1 8, 

Yea> a wicked Ahak (hall not akpgcther feeik to God in 
vatn ; and if the fhadow can doe fo :much, what wilt the fub? 
ftanceandrcalfcekingofGodd6e.?^ I ' . 

*. -<'. 


J We tnuft feekUd zeal^Jfy^ and e^mfity ; Mamm^^ 
m^ fttcfa great things muft be ibugfat with fi^nt affefltion^ 
Dim; 1:5. ^ ^e^fittekiog Ibfeci^ all. Bfeciou^ things aje not 

eaiUy attained. B^ the Wdrlds ivcalth comes hot with z^Mtfimdi m$^ 
wfti, ii»ch.lcfs heavenly trcafures. They that will have them/**^* '^*»' 

feek as men doe for filver^ and gold, with utmoft diligence, ^f»^'>'"'«w- 
Prw^ 2; 4* let not the children of d)is world be wifcr,and more ^*^* ^*^'**'« 
induftrious for their tfcaflr, than we for true:treafurc. Remem^ /*"*' 
&er>that none (haH be rewarded fuUy, but fuclias feek him ^1- 
%^^fyvHcb. XI.6, 

4 SenfiUj. See how We are undone widiout /him, though 
we were Lords t)f all the world> yet wichout rhc favour of 
God,who is Lord of air,wc are nothing. Senfe of our wants will 
(barpen xiurdelires after him,and m^e us refolve with P^niid^ 
togivc nordi to our eyes, nor flumb^ to oiiteye-Uds^ tiU wee 
have fouridhim,/!/4if. 131.4. ; 

• 5 dnfiantlf: i Chtoh. i6. 1'l . We muff riev^r ifeft {ill wee 
havefoundhim; perfevcfein the ufe of all pood means, as 
Prayer^ Meditation, Re. rcfoWc to take no denial, importu- 
nity will doe m^ich. Gomfort wi W conne in the end; and will 
abundaiitiy recompencc all our vvaicing>though hppe deferred 
may make the hektrrck,yet whenitcOniesit Vvitl be as a tre6 

-6. KfgHtarlj. We* muft tnquirc for die g^ood old way of 
Parity and Peace and walk therein 5 Jer^ 6. i(5. vve muft not 
walk according to the luperftitiotts Cuftoms and Canons of 
men, but iccordiiig to- the- (Saftoii of Gods Word- ^ GaUt, 

6. 16. ^ .'/. -^ • "■ 

- Qi. Bm what ienefit (hall I have kjffeeking Gadt\ , 
jti Thoii 111 aft have liife^'SLnd that is a very powerful mo- 


Now piety hath the proimfe. . i. O^.Lifi Tmforal, fo fiffc See lay Beiuty 
as {hatt)«g6cki foi'th* ri^BS,'P/i/. ;|4, ii, &}7'J, frov. «f ^*JJf^ ;^ 

f:> X 3 which .,, 


S B Cif^g HOftt 

sUgiPkkvii J TftB&'been©t^q^hK:yw:)fcsiilha«ii?Mn«^ 

l^^l^i3.3^;^-a^5^,^x,4v;l. : : k: ,r 


and l^cij:\e\J}iall erne Hnof^bf^ •,.. i; :■.':• 

'l^ue itepcnjance coiifms of tvyopan?, iTbQiicisiJer-^ 
,^ w/»w, ^. f i^o^f jom what «ce m«ft cwp ^5 * ttrmnm y^ 
qutm^ towhomwetnuftcwn* Jn ^hie^f^rfg^W-V^ftiv^te 
Probhct fets*<loVn poficively "and atfv^n94^ycly;!WbQm iv«c 
muftXcek^ ^^Mfpf vxhojuwce^wj^l tfjfni^an4\(J^ t(?;rAtf 

riot do, and vyb^it'wee K)uft nop feek ,^^ witti« /Wii!r. ifeick 
ite Lord , biic Teekn^ Idols;. <iod {m^s^ But aad Atock in 
their vvay to ke^^tl|Sfnftppiv,thc^. .Brnfe^^^tiethpl^ God 
^>h do all thif«5, Bi^c jtcfci^ c^n^dp npthjng i g:cac.f«ifo|iri?ca 
wee ftibuld forfake Aem , arid cleave o&flystp.Ci^y.vvtk> 
would have us firft Xabk-iiien to^vorflnphUnsi^^wd^S to 
bis own will j:eveal§d "y? liis word j .and pben feccpd Tabic-. 
4nen» In rigbteoufoeTs to^ax4s our ije^gbbpu^ yerfi-^^^. . >. . 

:^n the words. wef \m^ x rA ; i?eJx>rta^^if»»vIdoMt^^ to 
this end ihey muft , , 

at Ui'ge on jiSej 4.4. £«r«r/ was the pface vjthv^cf^^tVMrii 

^■\: . '^ /."jSt/jfWvvjsaCityfulIofldof^ ; . 

•V , ; . 1, " Btetfheianis a City ill f4»/t4w where ^^^b^^jifioff 

in this^ace chani9a)(lbi»f^ii$b^^i0iaaBidkU:ha'.'thi9t<»i^ 
when God had ordained them to go to Jen^ahm. 
This Citv was iH&i^l^ imsidki 9^ Tribe of jMdnh, 

Tcibe!0»i**»4?»>, Jbffib; t>-«." It*- Y»«^- feitm^. «»thk:ikimft sec 

Ssoth^MderofitlJiefXAMd «f (e4Mim^»<2Xte\^)ak)th^J4o6ctMAm 

- .• .'.jy 

Hith-flttett and IdoUmm Abttrtiltf&Xi^'iMt^tat^^sa^, 

Jgingcfoaieof IJrMiWii d*vfeJedlft6ffl tfte-Kbilgd«nc 

S ,: yet fi>"mad wet* iihbt>dd^bflfl«tetev^<^^*«y' 
I over the Country of T«iw#\aft^^l»ffl'',-wh«nchey 

7 Tb'ftrenjgfflda cbfeTJehonatioo 1 h«ei« aittrfon adde^ 
dht^ftotti tlie'<Iim^f ^M<:h would fotfe^tf tt^v&lJowed 
fdoHi BioKtlisr-anid theiit IdoB (houW Mf ilfe. = f«»r Gilgal 

rowltiK (?>ftvi?UTart rewl to ifuintfj 'ot rowUhg-bw fliall ffCC' fr««f«r, vti 
dtty it^UrtwC^ptiVtty.: T!K^»^e:ftff M<ttyi^«^^««»*^^ 

. Il^rt*/%flffi«s «hft hoOfc of God, but by reafon'^'its Ido- ggurc p«rano- 
latfy tfecalfed 'Bttb-m>tm, »>f^.ft^\ a* houfc of vanity *nd mafia, 

.. !^J,«fi|hifieVih-Idol' i'- ya»«ty, feamcy', -asjd noaght^ and Avm^mtniA- 
thereforeth^ruiiTfe'of Btffe/i^'fetfdrthHy.thisiTute. -BetMtiumvmtaty 
ftafl'be ^i^/w, or-befebrougHt'Eo noUghti j'that-is,-»t-fttaU be©«««r«, 
totally'. htt«ed V'and-noth^ng'fball semaife-ef Wrboc^thcpriW* 

of <3fad$ indignaxioH againft it. " ex " 

' aO • 

f : 

» X 

S«dttcitisgis«c(btty. fora&jr to'nin't»'0idi -Idfilatraii) 
l^aces foe fiidcer , tviuacan nuto defend .di(»iielves fron 

1 r » . 

'r>f:! :. 

O B $ E R V ft T X/OthT St / 

It IdoUtmti fUees nm^ htfmnei. M thfty mt^c hoc » 

bdjJEnm^^c. »»tfc>ibcteali ,bai|k<»ag ^f:fer |:hek Mols, 

if you doSatab wilLqnicWy ngi^k? ?.ptt?y/6f j^jT for Jin, t(pc- 

cially che (in of Idol aery >i$ like Qird-lime «, if ^tjtBan go once 

to touch it > hec will bee ft> Uuangled in it , that hec cannot 

In my Cosuob ciiily be (hut of ic. HenCelt is due the Lord f6 ofc coxnniaads 

»Tiin.}.^.p. us to fhun wicked foocLty for fear if infcfltio© , as I f«iye> 

>5**&«- ilKwedae large; etfevyhere. .. f . • m ,\ . : " ^ : 

i^ainft fuch. How great then is the* fc of. thofe> rfjat dp fRorwiocoiufly 

fee "^MMz trMvelitito Idolaerous Counrxies ncfedlefl^? Tuch ofc-eitaaes re* 

^ivddis} p. cum infefled both in body and fouh Jeroboam thac travelled 

^3 9*tti». into ^p>^,bi)oiight boipe the IdoLatry of-^^^f with tiini,widi 

which nee vait&M^X^Sr^k 7 ' > i .• .. ^ - - : - \. 

. a Obf, True cofnferts mUfif4rfMk:^liLiu Th6y lauft fay, 
witii repenting Epbrkim y/fVha^ b^wltod^dfymirt with 
Idflsi Hof. 14. 8. Many would fain ierv« the .I:9rd and theic 
Idols too, but that will not be, if jfoij will bee inine, you muft 
renouncryour. Jdols^ faith God, 'T<?* \n^^i9r)^epjftir kjitdrcd^ 

all thofe cortvpeitii^'whie^ wee are i^rqngly iwrfi^cd unco. by 
nature ; and thofe Idolatr^ws , and fuperfl^ou^ paftifes, 
which wee were brougbihup in 5 wee muftrenoijuice them all, 
and ^ve up our felve^ iqeirely^o.Cbrift our ^r^yai Husband,; 
then, and not till chen will heetal^ pleaf^r^ in us, anddefire 
our beauty. Such tf de&ft 50 have b^mflnunionVittiGod^auift 
firft pue away their Idol?, (?^#* ^5,1,2. JoJh.z^;2Zyi^, I'^^g. 
to.i6, i X^fw.y, 3 . : P/k/. it&4,^.. True converts turn from 
thofe vanities to the living God ^ -<iS.i.4a J^aijdbj^^a.lpe- 
cial command given tb^ no?4ffp themjeivf$f$^g fofn Jmsy 
% Joh.y .21. :Tbey krtow.iiat fhe |*orcli^ a jealous God, 'and . 
cannot endure corrivals, nor to have his worihipmixt withchc 
inventions and fanciest n^n* As Xhavcfl^^ at large be« 


f9PC on Amsj!^.y God cannot abide halting and halving il^^lSmft 
between two opinions^ i King. li. ii. if we will Wor(bipf^/ii dum vi^ 
God).WeBuitl abhor Idols, for We cannot ferve^botb, Jiffh.dettt nmpoffi 
%4. 14^ K 5#No man can fcrve two fuch contrary ]VIafters» ihzi^^P^'^^j^'' 
have contrary commands, wayes, and ends; There can be no j^J^^^^^^ 
conimunion oetween chrift and Belial, % Cmntb. 6. 1 5. and nquidmslium 
therefore they that will goe to * Mafs with their bodies, ^rc-fit^gen^.e. vu- 
tending thar they keep their hearts for God, are mecr ^i^^^^ntrecmUiire 
fcmbtets. They partake with Idolaters m their fin, harden J^gJ^ '^7 
cheoi in (Jieir Jdo}atry, and fin againft the Prophets counfel vanienh& 
here, that forbids men tb^goe after Idols* Vr9ph€ta ofien- 

dit talem mix- 
tufdm ninpaff'eferri ^ B£$, Caivin. in locum* * Againft going to Mafs, fee fViUeu Synopf. 
Cofltroverl. ^98. D. Ceo. Abbots Thcfis, Quaef. 4. p. 139, Ttrl^i^s Caf, Confe. p. 
tf, B. HaUs €aC Cbhft. Dec. 3 . caf. 1 3«-*p. xSj. Edit. ulc. 

' % OH. Sftferfiitionisat^ylfomething. 

Ic makesmenthat they cannot reft, butthev muft run up 
ind down, now to Bethel^ anon to ^Ugal^ ana then travcrfe 
the Country, and goe a Perigrinarion to Seerflfcba \ fo mad 
are men upon Idols, that dicy are not content with thofc at 
home, but they muft be gadding abroad after more. Thus the 
Papifts at this day, though they have Idols more than a good Sec more on 
many at home, yetmnftgoe a Perigrination after more ; and ^^^^ «• "^f- 
here fee the perverfe nature of man. how diredly oppofite iti?^^* V^ ^' 
IS to God, he bids us poe one way, and we goe quite another. ;^^^ ^^^ 
He bidsiis goe tx^Jermfdlem^ and they goe one toDan^ ajnocher.Qbf.4 p.S/isi, 
to BethcL another to Gtlgali and a fourth to B^erfljcia. So ^ 
. true is uiatj Homo efitfruerfus decfUgw^ Man is a perverfe, 
$To£s*grained-pecce to all Gods holy commands. 

4 Obf» laotdfryhrings dtfol^ion and mine f^f on Cities dnd^ 

G/i^4/ ftiall goe into Captivity, and Bethel (hall come to 
nought, and the Virginof Ifrael&ixW fall. When BethelGodi 
Houfe, ftiall become Beth-aven^ a houfeof Idol^ and Vanity, 
then follows Betb^any^ an houfe pf mif(bry and affluS^ion*^ They 
that follow fuch lying vanities forfake their ownc mercies. I- — 
dels themfelves are moft vain^ Vanity, and things of nought, 
and nochii^ doe theyMng but nought widithenu Hence the 
Scripture calls them, Etilim^ things of nought> L^it. ip«4» 
xCmn^i6.%6.VfiU*96, %.. 

€«pavity,and mifcry, i» ^nan 3 1». jl*^^^/^ *^' 4- ^J i%^A^ 

\ Gittdim^ filthy dung, aud Qxcr^wems*^ bciaufexh^ are : 
loa difomc xb God,. Z^i* a& y>. Hmf,!^. ij^c £*Mu <^« 

4«i Si ^ 

4 Shicmpm^ deteftablj^ loachTomd^ atxttoimtion^ fiM^ 7« 

5 S^gmrim^ De>pls ;, fu^h a§rWorfl)ip Idblft areTaidfifet^Qj ^ 
WorftupGodj, but- Deyils* Tbeyv for&kc. die Xord'atid 'Ifis 
Wor(hipr to worAiip Devite,. l^epU. 17^ 7*. D^i^i ^J^* VJ^ . 
2 Chron. i \.\%%i C<xr. \<h ao, 2:i<. Bfiu. p^iO. 

Great rcafonthcn that wc lliould abominate Idols^, which 
bring fiicb forrow and mifery upon placets, inccnfii^ tfe Ljar^ « 
tofct fire up<^ theai, as icfoUov\(S in th^ next vcpfe 

VfiKvsa 6b 

fre in the hpnfe cfjokiphy AndMvmit^, 4»d4kaxi6b 
noHCtpqufneh i/wBcxhel. 

GOpd things are. hardly beleeved, and, {lowly praj^iited^ 
and therefore the Pfophet here renewes bist Exhofcatiotr . 
of feeking God by true Ilep<^ntaoce> , atid: that be im^i the 
better prevail wkn them, he ufetha double: Motive. , , 

The firft^is^ drawn, from the.danger which would enfue if* . 
they refufed ; the , Wrath of God. would break forth opo^'t 
them like a confumingiire, fo > chat all theit fuperflitious Sa* - 
crifices at Bethel ftiould notibe ablexo quench it^ 

ibe fecond isdfawnVfrom the .glorioi^ and- tremendous 
Majefty of God, with whom they had to doe j and tins is afe-^ 
^uracel^ feofopth^ ver^- 8, p. . .^ 

In this VerCe weJhave a Repjetition of tbc/orc*gaing Exhor-- 
tacionto feek the Lord> that wey migbtlive, q» d. .// everym" 
difire, totetrnly haff^^ jmmu^ firfaksf^jour Idrii^ s/td 1 falfh- 

X ftereis, a JBeafon to inforce the ^^y. Id^jtktiV^mh^ ^f 
th L9rd kreak,pHt lik£ fire in the hnffofjoit^^ aeuL^v^m^- 
k^.Misherehmvetoq^ejicbk.ifk^^ihd^ ^ 

H^re the. Holy Ghofifeems topreveim anvevtfiaiu ^Jf^ 


: ri<*«rr^/'iAfehtttfy,irtheLor(i be thus angry wich'tis;vvcvvil g6e 
tbcter^GoHs ^c 'iP^f^/^ -and they fliall fuoeour affid flieltcr us. ' 
HayrfisStbthc Lio*d, you d«5'buc fhake lyes'yctir i^uge tvheti 
you goe thither for^ayd, for Pone of your Tcloh ftAirbc *M€ 
toquenahihefircoftnyvVrathjiionotiQFr/*^/. . * 

• By JiiV^ here is meant the Wrath of God, tvbich ffiouId/fw,i.e.7^- 
^ break forth like fire, in fuddcn, terrible> -and irrefiftible Judo* ^'iF»^ ^-^^ «4ir 
:riidiei, ^Vtouiing all before it, fothat none ftould bcaBfeto *'*^- ^"^^^^ 
quench it;, fo muchthe.wordinthc Original impprts.'lft iir/a/^rJ ^^r- 
^afcaTtfr fhfc cirryitig on of a thing againll aTl diflSculcy, or a runipttey ^ Ji. 
fiiccefsful breaking through m defpight of all b{)po6tion. All ^^yMdur 
the -world compared vvithGod is but as fo much dry ftubble/^''^''^^' A- 

I Literally, and ftri^ly, for the Element of Fire^ orfor or- 
dinary fire. 

ifc Figuratively, aqd Metaphorically, for the Wrath of 
God, or any effojAsof hi^wr^h, iatxy JodgiooteAt which hce 
fends upon the wicked, belt Siyord, Plague, Famine^or what- 
ever diftrdsi j^a the very tldud which drowned the world 
may in this fetife be called Fire. Thus it is ufually put in 
^Sttiptttte for all manner of dreadful Judgements ; as PJaL 1 8« . 
*yi «.//«• -66.15. J&f 4!9. *7- ^^^^ !• 4. from this fire qf ' 
•Gods wrath comes fire from Heaven and corifumes the wicl^- 
<eii, Gi^. 19. 14. lEx4fd.9. i4« Vevh.iO.^. Nmnb. ix. i. 
't King. t. to. and atfaftthey muft lye in unquenchable firef, 
J[/**-3o.33. Mat: 1. 12. & »$• 4r- 

UthehoMftofJtffiphi thatis,amon^ftthe Jj^wZ/Vw, ort^h 
*Tribfc5)V\*o are oft called ^^^^/^tf/r/^ios EthraOn^ S amor in. 
Bf^dfepiihctciirmztittfhraimy f OT J^f/i fs oft put for £- 
ytraim his Son, Jims (J. 6. Ikevtl. 7. 8, and Epkralm is ofc 
put for the ten Tribes, becaufe J^^^^w the firft King of if- 
• rael { after the 4ivifion 6f the ttn Tribts ) was of die Ttibe pf 

^ Y 2 Hence 

,^ jlnExfofithh ChaprifJ 

See M. BHfgefi Hcocc it *« that he fends his ,Minifl«rt, rifit^ early, axxj 
fpu Refiab^ coBitrffi late unto them; cxbwtii^ thei» agdn and.^ain to 
1 p. Sana. 66. ^^^ ^^ andturnio him, diat dieymay Uye atjdnot dyc.See 

SrlSkitf S«r. vetf.4, $,^,I4» '5« ^, ^ ... ,. ' - ... 

onReT.t».i7. 2 OhU Thm^Mb tf the Urdu exc<ed»^tmtiU., 

^ 14 J. Henccit is centred to j?r*, which u the moft terncac, t<«- 

Ktjuurs Vte- ingncing, and afi&ighting Heincnc. •, ; 

vdW". Anger and Wrath are afctibed to God in^c^erly, 
and Metaphorically, by an Andiropopadix ; not as a pertut* 
bationy and troubleof nundj as it us ; but as an ^a of re- 

vendng Juttice, which Jufticc as it funply burns a|aii# fin, > 
called anger, but when xt dodi tmxe. fiercely wax hot ^ga^ 
&i, and Singers, it is called Wrath and IndignacioiP} //a 

Thi$ Wrath of God is, <5 Inevitable, - ' . 

Irrefifiiblei • , 

1 ItisfirmidatJe Oftdterriile ; Fire of all Creatures is the 

: moft dreadful. Hcpcc the doleful Toro^cnt? of. Hell «rc f0t 

forth by fire, Mat.^. i a. and Gods W;:atli is yailc4> ^ w<5- 

S^mjngfre^ Deut.4^a4; which burns up ^1 that (^ap^ in itf 

•way. This iriade him caA out Angels^ hurl eucy^4^, drown 

theold"world,fire 5o<i*«if,ro^t outtheCfejiM^ii'^/, Lev.i8..aS. 

and deftroj J^afMem., As all ia<5od is.iHfij^itCy. his Mercy, 

SccO. Pr^<^ Juftice,,&:€> fois his Wrath, which makesicfo,i?^<:cccjingter- 

<»nRoiii. I. iSJ xible and ihtplerabte. Should, all the Qcaf ures feft to/theic 

F* 1J49 9i<* help, yet they we^e not able, tai^phold a man lusder the buih 

den of Gods wrath. ' 

Hence the deareft of Gods Serivants . ( ^hough they have had 

Gods Spirit to uphold them ) yet ha^ crjedput^of dijisjv xwa 

"'Tjurdeii too heavie for ihem to bear '; arid have chofen rather 

to endure any toruires^ tha|) to lyQ:Uibd6( t^ie wrath of an an* 

gry God, They fear not him who can but iiJl the body, ^but 

. they Cay with the Prophet^ /y^/.jg. 7;, tk^y,^^t»^tihm art t0 

* ^ ' Gods 


Vferf># oftke Priphecj of Amosl i^f 

Gods wwth is like a ereat Bell, it is long in railing, but when 
it is up, it makes a hideous noyfe. ' Or iikc'liad, which is cold 
of it fclfi but when once mdted, ndthiiigFc^as iSiore terribly. 
What calmer and fnaoodier than the^cajl-yet when ftirrcd 
what more ten^ftuous ? 

1 It is Dmratle. It is not for a diy Dr two, but'it is an a^l^ 
ding wvirA, Joh.3.3d, it is a fire that HeVer goes out>but fliall 
abide on the bodies and f(^tds lof-die ' R(ipf cfcitdstd alf ctcN 
hity,^*^^^A**8.8.anda544t. :. ;v :\ r 

3 It ii wwiV4^/(p,d3dre is no %ing from it> ^iw^^^^^ 
jCing bee angry with us, we may flyc dut of htS'Dominions,bat 
if c£ King of Kings bee againft us there is ho flying oiit of his 
Territories.- '. '. 'r> \^\^ -^ >- ?' ^ .^^ ••■ -*-^-- ^ 

4 Itis irreJilHtU J it is like a violent wind » ora.ftiighty 
flood , wRcb cartitA'do^^tt' all Ijifw'e ity/P^^^^ ^ 
Siould.all the world rife in <jppo(k!orr agaiiifl God , they 
would bee no more before^ the fire of his v^ath V .than z little 

dry iftubble , or^ a f!^«ri£kling ch^WiJ^ ^ Wobd^is ' longer ii» ' 

burning , and leaves fome coals behinde , but ftabBJe ind 
ibom^are; AidrtoiiIy^n^^HttWly «ji[^^^ Wt' (citct Any ^ 
aihes left, Excd.iS,^* /A*.?-M' and^9.i 8. aud 47, 1*4. -pire 
anAwatcr have no mercy, ttere5swiAtiteiKiiJg^^^^^ fuithis 
Gods wrarfi in reference to the .v^if ked;, sfe gbod" Tpeak t o the 
lire not to bufti^i or-the waterdot tof^ow^^'' *'f tf the Wrath ©f 
God iibt totbtofiknewicM werti .4t»&ftaaS<^^^^^ Barn them, 
and none thalliiucncb it , »ri>.aji,4* - Tfi^iigh AAfesztid 
Samaet ftood before the lord to intreat4>yfet'tfee fenfcen<e can- 
not be reverfed , wratH muft devour and confume ^he wjcfcedj* 
^er:i i.u, Though- prayer 'jh«di -iA 't^Af cafes; auSchched ..^. 
wrafh , yet fomttiintSL^fae wr«^ tff <5&d 'danhot tttN^^ T 

by prayeir\ flor itm^m^d^m <'^^^6%%if(]^k\i^^ " '^ ^' ^ 

5 ltii^Hhexfu0;lK'-lt'^^^^^ i'kkd^fo 'beyond the , ! , / 
toi^iles ^xpreflRolil '6rtfe*ia?tJ ima^niaSbni^ ^^Ffence MJ'es w^ f^^J^ [ 


but wee 

of God# irn hthtrfihisf.bitt like p!iintied or ihiagimt]f' i 

compated'wbii thts.-^"' Herice the^ mif Glfefl is'fairr'^tb' uie 

X i wafte 

,m^&^^oxdkt^Js^^ Sometimes fldnMrirn, W^^ 

'thread by thread all the whole peece b^ ctfoSmtsA^ J^ <^** 

iClvg, and if cbac b^. as cbe Kld&nger of dtAtKy Oh wbac 

I then cake heed of provoking' liittcoiaQ^r^bekter'iiay^ M 
cbe:w:ocldiiV4jed-ligaijd^ u^vthen Godst^^inft iis^Their wrath 
Is but Sxiii& |ind,liinii^ :» hods in i0(jp(^ 6ftfine^afldf>teoe^ 
but Cods wrath, is inimhe!(Wtrbcoeenbc^iz)Mk'i)r 

Take heed of all fin > efpecially of chofe Godtfrovokix^ 

• r /iiaii^^/j^ei^tg^ «:i<apr-loi5,7U 

aWfollowipg^Ekh^ift^ ... . . 

io^t w 54f|?ftrd,pi^eii8«iibjii«tf 

lal)pi\r {ii^depf^^ A fireitbejler^er 

it bu/m^ ;ffa? J»p5? {<|ieft^ ii: .U / aod th& hlirder .« is ta 

/?( jBif?^^- ?w^j afWWc^cs Hcoiltbk^grejit and • mighty God, 
T^J^f y^f fS^^hfi **cwji*rMi[ftt?»-^oine wjih .^^ 

, ^ . . . , - ^..r— . . • .^; .^ -«•« vp^ »,,.p^r that hee frayed, witfc 

2%^«2 ^^'*<^^ fear and ^ev«;f^c€^^^f*tiw^ with 

pitre a- amid: ^ i^^^M'M^ :^wb/tfl5wc^ Jtild ^t)hfid«fll»^ 0^ rm* 4 

^^^^ « 4 Bc^ ^W/«/ /«»• ^*^(^>v^hathdetiYcrfed tt$f root wrath 
viiMi»tb. tocome* Th?: Anfeb fell and lye under tbis.wtarfi, but 

Cbrifl was >curf€Ki<that ffee inigbc bee bte(&d ^ tad jb^ un- 

^ . *.• . » 

ItttuneofceiitAclon-, fit Akaaa skroen bctwecii ihcrfire of 
GodsmsKb) and chj^foui. Hcd6«c% £elf injchc ckftg of chi^* 
Hock 9 atid^tthy ft^tcjpwredvvkh^ Rigbceoufr 

tiers, and then .thou maveft (land with com^pcn ^^pg^dence ; 

■gnr^--' -• ' , . '• , , 

• . • # 

4 J. 

TJfc Pifdphet bawng calkdonr/jfrirf to repentih^c comes 
now to- ftc Ibcfpre tijem cbeir fins -which they (liould rc^ 
pent of* . Hee^ h^ <:aUai i^on thembefore, to forfake their I- 
dolatry and fins againft the firftXabWy.e]f^5^^ rtowbecatlion 
d»in to repent pf' their fio$' againft the ftcfift^ t^/;^- 

thwpervirtiffg ^ fndiemetU and Jkfflc^y their cruelty]^ ani 
9ftre0»g^ ^f t&fp^y verfc 1 1. and their JJrtfrr/^erfe 1 2^ 
Sf^k^jeith iffrd^ fU^i»bo hweiMrmd JMdgem^M into warm* 

1: Hena^fiS aifin repfovcd,' and that is perv^rtin* of Judge- 

mentv^forthby aaetegant Mctaphlorand Ailuhbn of turnnS 
i^ Judge ment into wormwood, ' 

% Hcrcis an cxcgefis w&Ulcr explication t>fthUiin,, 73^ 
Um^ ^rtghemfnef^'inthe tmbm* It is ufual in Scripture to 
make thelattercla^e explain tbeiprtner*/ '; 

3^' Here are the Ww^whi^^ of this;fin:, and 

thofc are the Princes, Jidgcs, and Rulers rf IfrMt > included 
in the Pronoun 7*^* 

4 Here is their duty fet down inthe next verfe, They muft 
turn fromtb^ (tn , anjifeei^biXoM^who^s tt^ greit.Crea-. 
torandGoveiBnourofaU: '*;'''.' 

f c^. O yee Ruhris ^ Ifrael , whhave not oneh provpk£dmco ■ 
ijhJ^m^lM^ry' hnth^vitdj^.caji sway att c/iro of Si^ '/ 

and E€iHU,j^^,ffy$t^ your fjchti^fto all manner of [cmelnJirU 
hgrfy raping 'Aminlfiiihj^^a^i hav^ theirth tttftt'edthe (weetefi 
Jfyltce,int^the(hturelt'Vfionfnr90od i pop^ repent ^nnd Jeek the 
J^ra^tljat yfemay^wvefprevev. ; ,: ,. >,- 

. Tfaej^ropbet tiefi: prii^ipAtiyx^^cth'tbe^eat one^^^^ 
Rulers of the people, who hVd the deepeft fharein this guik/. 
tliey-30f»ftld have been patterns of Juftice^aud Rig&ccoufneft 

' -« 'to 


to thdir ihfcriGUM ; but they beii^ evil tlica^^ 
the rcftjis bad humdurs iifc wMn bom the head to, the body,' 
atnd therefore the Prophet f aHsiieaYj& apptt them , i .as^he^ did 
bcfope,-Chap^iit^..: .-;;/.', \ : :.;; :- .- \/: , ; • ; .[^W 

Thefe corrupted Jatece , and made jchar wbic^ j^ jii it ' felf 
. moft profitable and pleafant , to become bitter and diftafieful 
by opprefling die poor and heiplefs. \This is called fVarmmod 
here, and.g*ll anapoyfon,-^«w/ <?.! 2. 
'i Becaufe fuch unrighteoufnels* and oppteffioh f^ very dif-* 
^ . pleafing and bitter to God. - /* J'^ 

. a. It is bitter to the ppof and ^pprejfcd. . ^ 
jj |n the end it will oee bitter to th&Oppreprf dicmfelvcj. 
- ^ Thisis/f;»i^ptfritf,thcHighnoty?»*r^ In the<:oriclu'fion 

it wiU bee ^U and wornisvood , yea deacftj'p^on cothcir. 
'fouls, thou^they'i^tebdirnat.^ * . ' " 
': Juftice a^d Equity Is .a ^inbift fvVeet and precious thing, and 
dotli wondeifully help to preferve the peace^ and pfrofperity 
of a Eand« This is a fan£hiary and flielttr for the . innocent 
and the opprefled ;' but thefe oppreffings felf-feekingKulers 
b;id made a|>oyCQt\ of a remedy , and turned that which 'was 
ordained for the.f?fety of tbe iaffliiaed'i ^to his' Vuin^ - Thefe 
kulcrs bad turned JuliiceMo Wormwood 'manyw^yeil.^ '' * 
. I By Bribery, y^»«/ 4.1. ^ 

/I By Partiality, juftifyingthewiAedriehman, favouring 
rfiekinfman, the friend, the briber^ bur- cotidemning the poor 
aid inncHjent, ^^0 had^nof bnbei to'giye them 
- J-j BydeUyes tytihg oii 'the jbor J ;itad f6 
give lip his caufe. ^ ' . 

4 . By wrefting and perverting the Law to their bwn endsf^ 
contrary to thjpphujnefebfe of it. ^ •. 

Sccrav Com. S By hittdrj^ fgtch evidctice asmi^t clear the caufe* 

on P/i.82.4. ?• , . . jipfd leave off^ ^ighteonfnef^ in the earths 

"^^»"3'"4» TTieylctirlyetg^th^cfuft; and^ under /ooc. That 

*^*'?'*^*^ which was their duA,7e^ w*. the exccurionof 

Juftice, that they Jlglefted and flcig^ted as ^a^ 
pblethiik : They ioufed if he rig^^ the 

faces oftficp66r/-^^ijr 8.4, 5,6i There was no place left for 
any rjgt^oufnefs amonpft them; their feai^ of juftice , were 
];4aces <^ injuftice i and thdr Courts of equity , Courts of 


<3iBSERVATtONS. : , 

Look bow iiifiaftfolr Gall ^nd VVoi^mwopdis cp % fp4i|> 
taft&l is unrigbceouriiers co thcri^cousGcKl i Icis as poy-^ 
fon ^d heinlQck CO hioiy jdrM/j 6. m \ ; ^ 

^iQiRie be (o^ofcco^n^ains of ic^ and denoitnce^b;, Co many s^ g,^ .^ 
woes ag^inft ic, as in Pfaim 82. a> )• and in ^fffJ:^,^Cm.^v^ 
2b, 2j. d^ 10. I. & 59. 4/ !?• andiiw/j. 35,i6. As'i-vObC^. 

— "^^"-^ '•" ^^'dclightM AaniniinpartiaUdmi.^ •-^^' 

)ih{ng is more bitter and difpUa- jj^^ 
Ltnrij^teoufnefs. It is a fin to omit i % l^ 
righceonfnefs} but it is afafre gr^iiter aggravation of the fin 
to coo!;«mB4r, «idtr*a^pte 4cr«9dq^ |i6ot^^ astbefi^ 1^ hei»^ 
Great i^ the nuniber of wicked men, and weretu not for ' Ju<« 
(Ike that did xeflraine them) every mafi$ luft would be a law* 
and the reins would be4ecloofet4> ail manner of yillany ; fa 
that it would btifaf^rliyiBg ^ainon^ fo ^many .|^Me JBisdlsp 
(bnan amc^ft meiji. Jufiiceis RulerMuty^ Ji^i^^. ^^ glo- 
ry, as I bavp (bcwcd atJar^c on/.^yJi/^^ 
III, ijp. , . . 

;,, VlEl*-:'. »♦ !; -71. • :..'•• ;. 

." maketh thd^f ^ark wit^mhi^ Udtcamifertffe »«- 
4m if tht Se4S. . Md patireth ihim fitt ^P»n thtfuct .<f 

_ ; Zht t4rm m L^pM94mt .:- : ; -\- ; ; : L . , ' 

bertcxtaawakeadBfc fcnfilit ioJ %Hre finoq* be few 
befaetbemibeAsadfiil &igJcriott« ^ajefty of that God with, 
whoin they dad to doe, f. A. yoiii;b^Q>.<>m t^ doe witn a dea4 

andtinpo«ac:ido|,adbe iwiBjk* ^?l«»fe4 V»d><i«j4 ^^ 
fervices,andf adfied widi chil<tifh tojres and trifles $ piiit yojt, 
have CO doe *itb die Itviag and OttuvpoieotGod, «Aois the 
Cceacoc and Govemoat of all ching«, «ri)».«pp»uxs (he viaC* 

Z . ocudes 

L _ 

Ctude5 of bay and Night, o£ Summer and Winter ; whA^ 
numbers the Starrest! 'He*r7n(^ifi4^I^^ their 

names j pho waD 

^iktGlo^, tiitthe]^ tfKgtM tftSb&tefe^ffd^kiipoa'ftdr Hear- 
ers* Se^.Aff$cs 4» t J ^ c^ rf. f 4: e?* ^./ »^. 

.1 i . , - . I," 'J 

N-.' •.::-• .••WtftWV<JflfewchiV€a^a§hiHl^.--de^ 

.-. 'TA 

■..? <j t.tTh .cfac r.*^-.^ ■•■--. ;i .>,.. 

;;.':-:-.: :■. I Abe PUppfsrQf.the:TfijnM, , ;-, • 

» ' -I 

r<«k t!Ms.<5ifeatt,-iflfeJptv''8IWv:T!toS'6^^ t>f this duty 

ridt^^-cHti hdceffity, Eite@(l£ii(fy««M immrafiuJtis not 

Seek, jet him* ■ .« 1 ' t 

Thde wocds arc not in tfac Otigtiialvbiic are fieceSPiniy un< 
(derftood,and to be fupplra^ frStfi <TVrf^, 6i 

1^fiX!Md^yyiii^^ , 

•^n,QJqM, mqldqidij and niagnitudfe/ tlftocr thefe.tvvo Con- 
Ifeiliofti&J aft the red offheitarfe^irejcbrnpreheiKfed^fey n Sy- 
necdoche of the pare for.^!n^^Ili}fdrhd^^>iiMi^^ Jne-iaikde 
A\avA the Jeaft are.ordered by bim as wei as the greateft.^uc : 
^^ '^ i\m^ f«»«>d3»li^disoifQei&dWlrn{nis;!'aQdt6A& 

^ '1%l flfik<^^'fe^<M9i«^>^Ml Ofit)B^^ftfe}oppafice one 

tad fttiadeSs-ifil^'WKiii :.:.;- . •- :. ;., .. . . 

•m ^ - » , « 

•^•3 r ..V. • 

JNbtkmier^ 'm^bmg^^ fVi&t^iV^iar^ J 

fltimitf^^ '^^ < - -'^ ■". '- ,-/':.:: of' .^ . i : t /. > .•*'*iv•^'•• 
f T'hsf asife in ottiHeimi^cre'' about "afhe/Spiirgv »d ^« 
Aeiifore:caltcd*^V^//ii,f /M^'Zi^r^ nigiks. Hence weeimd 

the PUIM9S , becaufe they brin^ in the fw^ec afnd ptoaCfiDC ^ 
Spriag vvitb theav>' ^fi^He^ ^a^^poar^i^t]^^^ be- 

topuc cdSea. Th^-Chiinahprfevett^ «»4vi||4)ubi 

l^r ^bout cbe midA.df bea vtQy tfaey aris^ Qonjpaotil? IntQar^nly 
Shepherds and Rufticks • jim9s^ being an HerdCman^iiadci^n 

' 'conceof iheafi;;- -^ vr ; ' '- • ' -"^ ^•"■''"'^- ^' '-'^^ •>'^' v.- - u; a • 

. .O^is a. G6i#*d4Aaon^ffetMsvrfift f^roducechtoldi Wien q^-^^ t^uit^^ 
ic appears then Winter comes. Ic arifech in our tfeipil^ere vmiremex$' ' 

' 4iboift: Nctfemier: Kit^J^k fades d6iof^c the eirth and fet it fient^c^m *} 
. .^ toiiteiftyJthaf ft fat^in^*onb<J#ltgtafubf iu\t 4 rfo Oifinjjfby %Xff Jrifal 
his frofty bands \s faid to pinde up the earth, Jet 3^.]; t. 4tea f^t^ ^Jturi 

J-'bf^gin ^tartety^im3<fcai^^ ©f WfcJ(*he^i^W^h':m3w^ ' 

and tempefls-: Wence the wMt^effit^ a*, k^fi^mlfie^-al foo!, 

»' and 0^ Whb is ufnconftant , now of toe niifide y wdatioriof 

. * ado&l^e*;fo tW^fa¥il^<falfed4^5?thtelffarf!e i»fedfdirof the un- 

• '' Thiefe wdrd^ are t^kcn Bf ffotffie -lltef SJly i ^attd'^bj^-otbers 
^lnet^h©ricM^y,' IIBalltakeM^bb^f-^HSw^ 

Hioft genuine;, ^. ^. Jt is this^rcar and mighty Lord i^^P^^ineilcei \ " ^ : "^ 

gital\*4nge?titlhe AfrV^sMbViH^^ 

^•^0fpi5ritv>,aiiapni*c-<o^ ' ' ' 

iIturfi6terkfe)Hnto^^r^*l5^&^^ ^ 

•-%c&'««iyte«gi -^- -^ t::d ,c c;:-a:::?i:> ^iit;Va-.v--./ 

|7^ V^J^S^pjitiMi 

mwtmmnit .dayof.hisbirtb^ J«*S#4,?^ and J7>it^>V ^c the w<^ft of ^hts ' 
iwrw ji5jfi«r..cafc, -and the bcft of his f aidi > when lice faid > 7*<«!f ^ /»-»/^ 

inthevaUej if the )*4i/w^<fairlr ,:^«tt/#^ ^r m/, ffaU 

; 97.41 thtt id I tnfibcig|»a£bft of cv»l.s » I:wiU i^n note evil. 

' fci the very^dai^er of dangers,- inexi^ii^igrcat dangcK,hec 

would coatfort . lumCsif in his Cod. It 4uy alfa ftgnifie 

. fnmh^dB^MuJi met^hmmlfy great dai^cra, aqd deep di- 

- « - T^VtciiOfiaide^iE^day'jiQdmgbtarea^^ 

dendaU Itistlml^rdwboi^ the great difpcrfk and difpe^^ 
,4^. ^ of rtinetrfiat by hbAbnighty power hath appomied the ^^^^ 
\ \ \ facceed^£aght> and thd^igbc the day 9 wbicbno^ods oor 
^ :/jaoIs%findap /. •. '•. ..,'i.u^.:.... . ;i .. -— ' - 

■ Wh9hfitth^or thewMters §fthc Sea [by vapors and doudr] 
- md pofirretb^bemem0f$n fie face of theemtb [byfliowersoC 

... Hce calls fot the wtfcrsx^f the Sea viV beyond its ordi- 
;' ]w«ytbaund9:>tb^tjt.rt*y Qiwjf^w^t^^ 

. \ . ' * 7fcf(|me;;-v ;,..\. tJ? K.: ./.'''«;i-. • •■• '•'' i.!-.- 

- ^ > r Bucawre genijiij^W ihu$ , Iti&ihe jLord^tbit appoints w^d 

* orders che waters (asay/i^xpreis command) p rife u^ from the 
Seas, andtwn into rain V which afcewards^cj^powfcs fpHii 
upon the eaini^ Th^ S¥%/<b;ifvs^ vapours oitt of,. ^^^ S«a, 

^^^ 9^^' ^ : »in,*ndi;betof^i)i do«» Hpoqxhe,jw«h.,;,XWfi waters which 

come fait and bitter from die Sea , and fo in all probability 

ihoutd'in)ke chif^ barren ^oyer ace fa firaioed and purifiei 

• : by tihc;Aliffgbfiy ha^ 0^. <Jod p shsLt : tfiijy becoaje fvveet and 

hit raum *«- ■^«/«','. Why -it is Jebovah, The tord is hit jume^ bee is qo 

V^M^liiit. crcaturesj rramhm),,.bytomt anditfbunacf^:a)lj;l^ 

. The fumine of all is this , Scek^yeeUm wh hmhfrrmUMi 
' frdmtJL 4)i IStm^s rdffdAUihe Stars therein^ wko tiiriMh tht 
^Mckffiwgl^^ if^^ ^ cl^^ mornings Ofid CM^eth the brighceft day 
to tnd in a dkrl^Mght^ who waters the earth with rsuHy the Lord - 


i t 


~ . - " * 

y tit is toifpfalfrr d Mimfier to frejs the fame truths again anJC 
itgah fifon bis fooflo, Thncc in this Chapter doth the Pro- 

• phec call on^//r4*/ CO feck the Lofde^ Thrice in one, Pfatai is 
Gods Alinighty.powcr repeated^ that the Xhurch -might cid- 
irmphinit,^4/t46.i,7,ii. CJinft prel&th that Precept, ||fw 
that bath ait ear to hear let him hear , again and again , Rev* 

' »h 1. Patfl oft put his hearers in mincte-of what tee had de- 
livered tachem, Rom.i^.Jj^^i^, So feter purhi? hearers in 
: reinembrahcd of the fame things^ i Tot.r.Uyi^. Tea jo long 
ms I liifjg lj9ill futjfiu alpajes in rensemhrdoce. Ttt&i$ profitable Sec Mf. ^ohim^ 
*andfafeforour people^ Phil.^.i: To write the ffimtthingstoM ^ ^-P^A 

• me is not grievous^ bat for you it is fafo^>' Ahtndans catttela non ^' * *'^'* ^^ - 

igr^rf^ This is a means to h^lp the meiaory, wee are naturaHy - 

fdrgetfol of the beft things , and therefore had need to have. 

-' iifte upon line s and precept upon pisccept, -^.i«. 10,13/ 
efpecialty fundafiiental^ praftical'precepts,fucbas Faith, Re« 
pentance,^ Obedience, Death, fidq/^vacatjio:. Should oft * 
Beepreft; When theU3^»^>'&/ heard ?W preach Chrlft, they 

' deiiiraitahear the iUlk thiiigs againtfae nm Sabbath d»y>' 

This belps to ftwngchentjtfr graces j to qiackcnrus ta out , 
' dutie^;asthefotodix^of theTrumpetqaickemtheipintofa 
' vitia|F Sbttldier , and itconfirms us in the truth of the things 
^ddhrered; iBthe.d<>ubUngofjfi4r4#i^^ turn of 

the certainty of the thing. * ,. ^, s^. - ^ 

Tmi; Yet fli MihiA^ ttmft' not preach the fiirnethb one 
' ef idieneCH fpending alt the week m an Alehoufe, or in r9me 

fecular atfiiirs , aiid^then coioe with a cramberecoEta , fomc 
^ criMfe,*i<)le'f addto^ undigeftedftufi^^^ d^ 

a^s work o(^ Locd b^Ugendy. An idle Minimis tike 

buchisFamQy) an idle Xinifier hiitcs a whole Cqa^^- 

. SuCswhdawjserQpetc.andincttlcaiKeC^s^aMt^iCO 
xnce^ andfor che;goodofourpotopje) iibi^^sacimmendaibjt^. 
..Bdidesjihefieistio Miiufter^rbac isjftu^us, buc if: tio?4<> 
come CO prefs the fame {K)int a^aini .heej^ach iofsn^pssiyx^gf^ 
'■i ments or^^nlargemcnts; for DiviniEy is fuch*a depth, thac wee 
'are alwayes leacoi^gi W tosiy jimde out ^mewnac winch wee 
iiievv not before. 

Bee nee che&«fi6enckd when you iiear aecelHii?^ tml^s o£c 
' preft^ diis is fafe for tes ^ and good, for yoiu tK^qy bavp it^- 

^ -vdcy V they cannot: endure whotefomei, ^ain pteachbg; 
*¥i|^ereasiFvee havt buc c wo things co: preach ^ criJkirdia & ^««* 
/i/i, faith and good .works. 

% Qhi.Thc nmnes vpblcb 4re ^mm^fgiv^t^ Staffs tmfjt 

r bee-mfcd fymv /. ^'-^ ^\ : ^- ' . ^ 

:-. ;tachore Scftrs.bymen, and.yet.the HoIyGhoft ufetfa i;he|n 

• 4iere9 and fpeaks with the imlgar in their own language* Sait 

"* ufetfa He atbeniih names in the Niew Teftament^ .AS. 2i«x i • 

Wfeercad ofv^a Ship in which tP#wr/fayIed^;caUedvC4y?fr,a5d 

i r^lfi^j two.Pagan-featgods. .Sq f pr dayes an^ PWW^^ ^:v?c 

. ina^yicali tbcin by Cupb nances 9$ are beft knovyn to to^ ,p^Pp|fe 

. ^tb wbomwieeiivBp. lf*wfeeUyeamongft:apeoplctbac.ufii- 

^ r. dIly:fay.the&fi>:f(Xoti4y 4hirdmomhordayj weemufl^fayfo 

too. . £at if wee; live in a. land wheauhey fay .f ^i^^ri^ 1^ tf-^ 

tooy elfehow fhall wee underftand one another j' ^JiuSjU^ 
: ^icwx oalied. ihclr iqontbs i(mi&^mc$.rbjlC^ld^fii\t\^v^^\^^ 
i Tiifan^ jhlmfi CJflmy .and T^mM^jt. f cow: the Jd9l^tr<ip$ 
; feiafis of Tarnnoiz,', wibicb they celebriTced y^arl j^n;£l^foan:h 

3; - fc isiDue,, '3)4fifi^&yed,;.faee5vittn.€f 'Qrtw giajcf incntion of 
. ^dotgods,iP/4/.>i d44.bucthat wasfbf way $^ #prjw^ ?"*! 4^- 
' verencc, ttt to > ihem>, but ink<iAal.Be^¥ft todift^ 
c guifliida^esy' and (x>ii)idce Jm(kwnt«ir-im^ li^ee 

-£peafct»^di(H dlel>a^ewjiiwfelw 

•^ -J 

- Hee that IIl3d«lkefe^m^'C(M]flUbdun»,(ffia(^ 41 1% 

Sun, Moon, and Star?, Jo* 45'. 1 3. Much o£ Chds'Povtex)^ Stella /mt Lh. 
Wiwomc tsfeen in the Stariroir htaven * eveiTy flower oT the **/'**'*''* • 
fiitd-ifew fdrrfi to psiCe , bat chsfe dedare- his glory in a ff.^ *"^.' '^* 
flK»d-em<nftiit Minner , Pfiii,v9'U and thar^ore. tl^ Lord 

*9^icterii5^ Stji^ ;-<lftd tf tlfeAwr of heayentjcc fo adim- 
rable,what is the infide > 

>iVfee^ iTiould t&erfefore dafyly acfmireiand pniifehim> fvho * 
hath^^de the Ain^td rule tte day !/ andtbcMocxi and Stars 
^'hilithe ni^hc, fotbi^OKrcy. endures for -everv PJ^*ii6^ - 

» • • "• - - - _ - ' . • •« ' 

'. Mi»<4 ^, G?^3^'^»^«'(Vof.tht Stars " . ' ' 

t^^ht^^^ foMttimberiminberfcft, none but ' 
^od^^hat made t^ttm^n-iuunber tfaem>PA.i47<4..^i^ /W:r- th& ^ 

ffmrntd^fffthe Stars^ and calk them ^k7th»lrl^4me4^ h^ knovvs 
them as exa^ly and parcicularly as we know thoic men^ whom 
vVBte can-prefemly upon (i/^wz\X by their names. Men can 
re^koij foifie ,^ and, count to about a tbouf and three hundred, ^ , , 
but ^fee calls them all by tbctr names; ' 

of that God which made them. M5ft men look upon xh^j 
St^^W-fpttieftftaltllg^^^ tbe.fatoe og^a candle ,• but- 

f^feh ft fliaff te6 ittadt ajp^ar by reafixt t&at one , JStat is 
biggef thai^'diewboMeartb, it ma:y weii moVc admijfiiu^i^ 

,1 Th$lrfwlffandrtgnlar motion. Thar thcfe-jwgbcy bor 
^esftp^ld b^earK^abott&iti«^^ 
ets^iy inot^f > not; bnb^'dsewbiKor cdiirie> ;dKmg)itbey 
teve (hone abo^ five chcrfand ycbi r, ycc ' ftH dtey continue 
their Former vigour andbrij^Mfs. The fixed Stats keep tfeif 
offtt Ocbs tyo&m\^ I foL jlKmlit ff<fr bee cosfenc in/Gods 

v •. ' -'1 • • • • vn% 

m^, and HOC bee lite Pianecs or wandriflg Statt » caflrie4.c» 
aad fro tynh every wind of doftfiac, 7^ 1 !• 

4 They have great Infmenet upoin cfic fcr^i(ttre^ tfaougb 

noc fo great a$ jadidal Afirologets wouldmaketbe ^rerld be« 

^ iccve. ••• ' : ' • ' • .. - ' ' - : , • ^* , .^ ' 

4 OWl RmIh isthe gift $f <^0d. 

Ic is bee that rails for the waters of ^be Sea (by wfaoTe ^va* 
pours tbe clouds and rain aretnade) and pottretb.theai due 
upon the earchj ]ob ^.vp. Stac of this at la^ on 49$^$ 4.7. 


5 Obf. T%Mt fec9xd cMfis mnB li4d.m t0t6i J!r0 sm& 

$fall. ^ 

The Prwhet here defcribing the >PhyficaI original of tBe 
rain | ane^ ftiewing that the waters ^f tteSea were^ tbe ttmi^ 
rfdicMftfe of it/^ndthe Suatbeinftrumentalcaule to draw up 
thofe vapours j yethee tells us that God is tbe efficient canfe 
.of all> it is \ft that callsfer tbe waters of tbe Sea , and un- 
lefs bee move, the other cak do nothing , <NilJifrimavetat 
eaHfafecHuiavdln. Afany ralkbfT!ature,andfiucfynatufefo 
long till they forget the God of nature , and pore fo much 
, upon the creature, that they forget their Creator* 

6 TTiec^Jiderdfiaf$4fO0Js(SH»^i$e9fCfjb^ 

This is the reafpn why sbeProptec fo jsmh infifts on this 
* Ipoint, /lm0SJ^j$latidp.6B 

Vbiisb p. 

» .*«•» 

ThAt firenphene'th the [foiled i^^dtnfi the ftrettgifo that 
theSfojledflidBetmedgMnfitlH fohrels, 

THePrapb^ haying fi» (PakGodt Qfmpotpicy ia^hi^ 
worksof CFeacion^ comes new to dew it ftmhcr by hie' 
work«6f,Guberoation «nd Pr^videns:*?, lice can with cafe 
• firengchen the Weak and dcftroy the ftrong j there is nothina 
tboh«<|farhiia.i , . ' • • »»r*» 

O***^'^^**'*^?'*^^* *«: preventing of aailK 
j«iS««t\, wneceasthe/^AwBiight^y, Wce'dwcU in S4^ 
m>!rtay a,ftsQhg:faciftKi Gity«b>i;%h floo^^itout laaava 
^bine fuceeftfully againfti^s enemies, weehave likwiifca pa- 
t^t4fld-fucce6ftiLKin5, J*!:,^.^ t^ tccoad, aad there£k 
K^ttiiocforuscofcar. ■' - "!"««wj 

: * To cfiis cfae Pmphec aniWers , thac cbdy h^^ 

truft in chcfc erBaturc-confidences, for eh^ Lord could eafily 

raifc upchs-i^jjjr/^ thel^ 

'Kii^omc. ^ • 

>: ObjoSt. Jf Im da CQmc^ we0 wiB fijfi to 0Mryhpft£ HsUs4»d 
Fartrefcf9 • * 

. -^/v; And / wiSfend the Defirpytr (faicfa thcLord), Mgalnfi 
jth Fj^freff. Tfacrc is no power nor ^icy againil chc Lord, ^ 
all Fores and Forcificadoas are but vain if hee be our enemy* n 
God can fend, mighty Adverfaries againft us vvbo fliall de- 
ftroy oiir Forts, ana usinihem* 

In the words wee have i APoficion orPropoficion. God 
firtitgtheneih thet fp0ylcd agmnfi the ftrong, 

z. An Inference) Thcreforgthc gw^jhsU came ^g^nfi the ^^^^^^^^. 
Fmrejf^t/utd tal^e U. \ The vidigar Latme , and all the P(^ilh etmfortansy \or^ 
gang, diat leave the Original, and follow the Lacine Tranfla- rdborans^ from 
cxon^ render it fnirUct vafiatorem^ God laughs acthe dcftru- ^^Ug^roburs- 
aion of wicked men.. But the word fignifies to corroborate^'^'^^/^'^^'^- 
and firengthen, and not co 1 augb or fmile. r^ . 

:- Othocs. i^oncciveitbat tHe'Lord Here threatens that if chey 
did >noc feeHim; but wopkl truft in thdrtlrength, and crea^ 
tu£e-cpnfidetiixs, andAill went onto concemn his war nings^ 
be would fend ^ome weak, fpoyled^ contemptible eneoiy, and ^ viret <«- 
ftrei^thenbim with the fpoyl which hee fliould get , fo that ^^^ infirms 
:bee ^oalddcftroychem , for hee gives viaory;to whom hee ^"'^^/j^J^J^^. 
pleafeh, andean make the weak to prevail againft the 1^^^^ /uperprepugM^^ 
ry ;.and therefore //r4i/ ought to ftand in awe of him , and cuta fortljpm* 
fiie unto him for mercy. This way ^t-ChaUee Vzxzi^iTi^rwnjmperiMm 

goes* - r ^ ^nMVhaid. 

' But^the .Original favours the Gr^w^ Tranflation , which ^^^' 
' l'luiS|:tius , Hee firerigxhenith the d^rojer againfi the f^ghtji 

4ftd the defirejfer ^all ceme agaJnfithe Fertreft^ 

< The origmal word 5W which our Tranfladoa renders^. . ^^ 
fpoyled, is ufually rendred a Deftroycr, a^Wafter. aSpoyler,^^^^'J^'^y^* 
a Plunderer,i/iMS.4w Let mine aHt-cafts dwelt with thee Meab^ fij^j 
Hthf^a^edvertaothemfrem (Shed) the ffoyler^f^the Ext^v- 
th«er is 4A 4« end^ the ffejfler ceafethr znd fubftanti vety it is piu: . 
for devaftation, wafte, and fpoyl, 7/4.22.4. and ^9*7 • Hefi 
7.13. So that wee may take the words ckhot gefferaUp ^ 
that the Lord is hee that ftrengtheneth the Deftroyer a« 

A a gainft 

17* -^ f^J^fthn Cbap. f 

cmffu^yU- Againft tiic Mighty , when they fin ag^unft Urn ^ tod provoke 

fortm^v^lin' Qrf^i^i^ij , as fpokcn lo i(/^4r/ , k is AeLord that 

ftrengthcnsthc Ajfjriim (who is called the Spoylec by way of 
'eBtti]eticy)agaiii(l ^ItldcXuitmlfme^u wm tbou^ tfaemr 
felves ftroag and mighty* . ^ ^ . . ^ ^ 

jind tht Isfri will hmi inm^£sh^ tU Btrtnefs : diac is, 
againft the fortified City of Smt$mk , aod che oc[ier Oiits 
and Towns d^nduig.Qftit, //^•i7*3, . 

andfortifiedy and thereon ynjUight my Thrca$m$fgs^ jmdft0^ 

. tmfe yamr fclves fcact » 4ind rhink^fJjsfMmgcfifaUi^iHgym dih»Wy 

not ottcc confidtTtng thatyw have u d^ wkh 6ad y Md mn mth 

many Dcftrpyers su^md riadyU9XMff€jM^mgum^Mfm m 
TihiUiom f99ftg^ 


n If weetakrthe words according to our Tranfladbii, the 
Ohfervation is , Thit G^d am ftn^^tbentbe wtak^^ md makg 
tiifmrvmuH^tktJhrm^. It isbee tbatJBcengtboiffone) ami^^ 
i^nfeeUes another) EMl^.^ChZj^. and can imke woundedfliett^ 
to fulxlue fats enetoies^jPrr^^yao. He can mak^ one ^^^ 
urithhis family to conquer four King$, Gm i4«9»iS. hecm 
make a J^^m coiby uimahki^i^i^ttj^ JkHManhts^Mi foW 
due Cammnhesy Nuffl^ J i;^. We flK>iild noi ibe&l8& dur ovm 
baiKk, or facri&e %0k>ixx own nets> bur afcctbe the^asife of alt 
• . our viftories to the Lord, who ftrengchens die wafted and the 
&o^d agaifA daefpo^kt , and can: isiAz Jaioh a worm to 
tlKeiH mighty Mou«tains^/ii^ 

from dfHrnitiw. . 

Though they Ihoott} buitd walk as tngfa as faeasrcn > and 
Horf ^J?'*'' dig ditches as deep as hell, yet if fin^ within, altForrifica- 
Obf./Vy i. tioBSWttbotic are v;wnj as Ihave flawed at laj^clfewbepc. 


They hsu bim thMrtbuktib h the g4fte , 4inl$kf ihhtr- 
him tiatffesketh »f rightly, 

THere are two great iinpedimentsdiacbesp men from Re^ 
peaooice. The one is a iow concek of God ; The ocher is 
an bi^lb conceit of cbeaifelves. Tbe firft the 9sophet removed 
Vecle 8.^ by fening before cbem the glorious Majefty of 
God. ^Tbe feoond teecom^to r^nove in this and che fol- 
lowing veries^ by fecdng beforexhem cbeir fin and mifery, that 
fo (if poBible) hce might fit them fo? mercy. - 

in tfai^ Verfe wee tKive a fecond fin atid caufe of Ifraelt - 
xm^y and chat isobftinacy and hating o^ r<^^of« ^^ This was 
their (uiBing fin which helptco mine them with a witnefs; the 
lord in great m^c^ fent I4iyfitia«s to them > bfit they abufed 
them, and like frantick Patients threw the phyfick to the walk, 
£hey hated to bee ceformed^ an4 call Gods words behinde 

tiieiD* ; 

. Tijc words admit of fome difCiculcy. The queftion is, Of 
i9bom doth the Pr^fhethtn c0mfUm^ wbethr tf the Rukrs^gr 

Afffw. Of both. I Of tbe people, they hate him th^i re^ 
frtvah in the gate; chat is, they hate the Judges who executed ^ 
judgement in the gate ; they hate him who thas cenfureth and 
judgethjchem for their fin; for.thcre is a double reproof , i A 
^vilrepreof Qiytn by the Magiftrfte^his ju&fentcnce upon the 
vvtcked is a real reproof of his wickednefs , and that Magi- 
Aratewhich.faitlrfully and impartially thus reproves men in 
che gate , mwft look to bee haped by the wicked of the world, 
fowas^Jtf^.thatrcnownedM^^giftrate,y^^ 30.1,^10. . •« 

a And moft genuinely /icisjaken for /jwV/fiWrijT^^^ by 
the Prophets who vvere wont to reprove open fins openly : 
They hate^hlm that refr^es in the gate , that is , ' in the publick 
and open A&mblies; for the gates of tbe City were places 
where uftiaJly was muchcoiKOurfe of people, Prey. 4^ . and 
$.?. There the Judges kept their Coprts of Ju;i|Knre, and 
cre^ftcd cbetr feats of Judgement for the atiifci juration 
of Juffioe I an4 detarimning- dP caufes^ a^ appeareth, <Sen. 

A a a 34-10. 

- I#*2^ AM^.ai.xp. and 2%.i$^BMi 4;.x« J^f }.4liUEid 29.7. . 

Pfdl.l^^4Ut. Tbcy MjHfticcia die gates. > 
^ X. For tfie eafe and convemeQce of cbe CtU2eii$> chat cbey; 
nwhc follow iheir ftuts wubouc iBapedimenc to^ their other 
a That Cottmr^tnen nughc have, juftice eafily and freely 
• bef<»reibey emrea the City- 

3 'Hiac the Judges ought tahe^beed of dom^ unjiiftlyy iince 
dttey had fo many to feeand hear. what they dicU 

4 To ftiew. thCiequaUty and indiferency of Juftice .ffMa 
which none were excluded , but as th&gates of the City were 
open to a^/o go in and outat pleafure f fo (hould the Coims 
of Juftice. ^ . 

5s To intimate that the chiefeft ftrength of Cities , and 

f afety of States dodi condft in the due execution of Juftice ^ 

which is as^ates and bars againft fin and wickednefs. Take 

\jmyi})m% anfl gace$ of bra& i:annot pireferve a City from de- 


Here fomedmes the Prophets did preach Gods word , and 
publifh their Prophefies to the people ^ either in the gates of 
the Temple^ as7Vr.7«2. cu:^ in tne bates of the City> as fer» 
17a 9f ao* and i ga. and 2 1. a.^aod 2.6.^ o«. 

a Here is an Aggravation' of their fin , Thn ^Im him that 
tf^gYumab^- ff^^h Mfri^ktjf^x that fpeaketh what is hncere and right ; 
muMuY vet' diat isiti plain Englitli^ they abominite tha^ m^n, and^ abhor 
yf*t»' that Minifter th tc faithful ly declares tha counfe 1 of God unco. 

. them without hairing or halvii^, and tlrisismade a Peri- 
^^Titr&^ phr^fisofafaithfiil Mintlter, hee is one that doth notblcni 
%ptad]Uh "^r "1^ ^be word of God ^ but hee delivers his vyill plainly 
^nimftdm-zvA finccrely to his people^ They bated the Jnigt , but th4y 
iesyodetant, abhorred ix^MimBfr I now abhorrency is the height oC 
w»/ermexf^ hatred. . J. i - 

»if. Pari ijtfanJipejrfcfH l0qMnt€m^.f.v0r$s?r0f betas qui fokm & ptrfeSfjpmm Ddfir' 

' The^eople could not bearthfe cenfures of their Rul^^,. 
b)it iwber Princes nor people could indure tb& plaict and 
poweift UyroQfs of the Prophets ; and therefore the Pro*- 
phet hercKargeth the Judges, and the great onei|iiorcerpe^ 
cially (a»appear*bytbci;omcxt,vcrfe7ai,ia^i5i) for £*• 

-ring die I'tofihett which reproveddicinin die gates. Thefe 
«»r«totjes hadaaed their unjufticeopeiilym the gate v and ^*«««r"*» 
|>r any oneto bee fo-boldas to cdone there andreprove thfei? 'SSSl"^ 
uorighteoufiiefs, thfey cauJd not fear ir. • ^Mitiome>if 

Great men love to live a« they lift , they leve not bands of 
reftraint > they muft do what pleafe thcmfelves with a »«*- 
#*/f«»«*vwithoutc6nrrole. Though Aisy-dounjuWyi yet n6n«fn*kAf,eS» 
muft teirthcm of it, for they have eyes, but they neither^i"> & ?«»- 
nor will fee, they haveears, but dscyv^jl not hear ^-for their STrXf'*' 
hearts are hardened to their own deftraftion, ij^.6 ^,10. a6\»efr*m 

fiittt, vt Gnt tlftfum -faneii^t Milam adimttaHt. rtfrthei^mm. ctlvlitt 



. I Oftn fmtrs mtfiHe oftntjrefrovfd' , ..» . v 

Thofe that fin before aU,mnft bee reproved before alr,thjlt 
others may fear, iTim.yio. Thefe JudKS who >i^«i u"- <5,, „, c«« 
righteouQy in the gate,: muft bee rt^roved by the Prophets m ^'J,„ ^^;^ 

2 ObU /^ ^ ^/^^ aggravation of 'mei^sfins to kate ihofe^whom 
GoJrhath'afuhWffed and cvmmljfmed iorcfroU ^hemfoT thtir 
6nF. To hy fnates for him that rcDTovcth in the gates, Ifa. 
29^21. To dcvife devices againft plains-dealing /wwwrx/ 
and with -^A^ to hate Gods faithful Mcaiah^ and to feek 
their death and deftruaion, who labour to bring U5 to life 
and falvation, is the height^ of wickedncfs,ff^«.i 9.9.x King. 
22.24^16. 3er.ii^6. i»AirrA.i4,3./fffl.7.54»and9.29* 

Tf utfi breeds hatied , and light i«irkfoi)ne'to the fore eyes 
of'Wtcked men. They draw the Curtainj-^' and cannot endure ' 
the light that reproves them'; andit i$ worth obferving ^bat^J^J*^;^^ 
the viler men have been, the more they have hated plain re^'J,^ redargt^- 
proofes, .as- the Sodomites*^ : Pharaoky ^hak^ H&odi&c. they tern. 
were all tseprchenfioa-proof. But the better pen have been^ 
the more fubmiflive toreproofr^asPw/^, wheaLrf%i/7 ftopt 
him on one hand , and Nattfan<m the other , hee bkfleth the 
otic , and lovcs.the othec* So IlUekJ^h v\rticn 'the Pfophec 
IJai^ told him that bee muff lofe all, hee receives it meek! y, 
^^ Z Good is thiv^ord of the Lord which thffHhafifj^ok^n,^ If a. 

Aa 3 39. 


. , miiriv&.vvere (hey ta the MiBifte£$ of Chfil^ y .Tvb^ tbe^ iU«Mi» 
. . <^ . .C<pW (maft of che;in) |!exiftcuc«4j?» cbe itmH^^ufk vs^pgo^ 
fed chem m cbeir Tyratimcal pi^ 
-/ : 1^ fedidous andcrcmblers of cbe $u(e» ct»c 4id iu i^e leaft 

'^ ' ' trouble them for their fins. 
See Hiider/ham ^dcfais is the great 6n of E^glMd , aod bodes fome 
on pfat 5:1. iudgetn^ncapproftc]^, ch^t we cannot <9durc a |^aiii<*fi>u^ 
Lcd.^.p.p. fol^-^cacchiJig-MiniJtery : wee njuft bave.4« ocibe thiap , oc 
^* ./ noihiofi;, i(j(k.:}OriQ« Tl^ Idoiat^ llH^n(<^dofbisI•»- 

doIs9 ck CuftttMonsmm <^ bi$ ceremoBiaufoerss sor cbe in** 
continent mail of bis Hmduu^icc. Men lov« liich as will daub 
over their vices, andgivc them fucb fervice or ftarvis as will 
not bite them, Mt^anonmoriet^ It is obferved chat the 
French Reformed C^rchcs foooe years 4>cforethjrt Moody 
maffacre, did affeia a frothy, fialKy kinde of preaching» not 
regarding that which touched the coikcicnc^ Wbetbet this be 
' not our cafe, 4et the Reader judge. . 

lorajmnch therefore as pur treadiiig k ufofk tbepmy and 
jef take f rem him burde9sof wheat ^ yee^ave^ih 
bfiufes of het&nfione 9 hut jee (ball net dsucB in ihemy 
ju k^ve fUMedfUafMt FiiQeyards y hmjie^fbaH mft 
drink fi/them^ . > . I 


WEe are now come to a thirfl fin, f<Mr which the Prophet 
reproves thk. people ^ and chat is for OpfrtU^g the 
fo9r , and this was more peculiarly the fin of th^ Rulers and 
Grandees. They that Aould bavc been the keeper? of the 
Law, they were the greateft breakers of it; tbeyAat (hould 
have been the Vmdicators ,they were the Violat(M« of it: The 
Prophet theteforc ftrikes not at the foot , t^*^. the comoaon^ 
peo^e ; buc ijs firikes air the head, from whence atidi£«!dcr 
descended u||pr the bodya 

'^^*Vcifcwcha?4', ThSrPttiuhmcnt. 


X TMrfiti ms Oppt^ton,rtTWytr«dup(mchBf^ 
which appeared by two cruel ^s\% Hiey cook away hiscoriv 

• » InchePuniihmcnt fi Their Pfojea^; 

' / ^ 'we have, \t Vit frtiftrattdnbfthofeprojc^^ 

Pr.v«^« werp ^ ^ Budding of finpljoufes^ 
Ptojeas were ^^ p^^^ oF Vineyards. 

^ Thw fruftra- Pji .TTiey (hall oot <i\V6U i ijthe, one, 
tiottfpUom^ til. They featt/notiliinkofiihp Qtiw^^ •. ._ l' ^.v ; 

feodlypoorefpecially, Am^^ 17,8. where the hedge t$ loweft, ' 

there rbefe beafls ^ei cwerivtfMPi 4^^ Thefe che^ tread upon 

in a moft co!ite!nf>£ible ifltanner 9 as the dici; and mst in tile / 

fireecs f gnM^ them witb<:rudim^b&ioQ8, a^ 

e}iemwbhgdei^(^ vexations, keeping cbcnhr under iaemeaiQ 

ftivery, and kying thecKt ^ low as thedufh^ tiow to lye in tte 

daft implies^ a very low , bafe , tfnd de^^icabfe condicio% 

* The Word in the Origjbal %nifes;/^^/2«rfy to stefpife or «V'«^i «fi^^««'- 
tfaiBjteuodcr fdet by way otcoateo^ //*ir4t!a^i aadi 1 ^.j. ^^'^ w/ a iui 
and (5-}; rt. ftit MtaMtalb it -figmfiro cet opprefisi. and ^^iS '/'?*" 

Wine* ^;^^ J SosJe. 

TfitdA^fr^m Km ittrdent of Whom v that is (Cayfbme) concuicarepe- 
yxMi exiofc fuch great b(ibe$ , and lay &idi. great imrdens on ^^^^^^ <»i wi^ 
ii«ria, thattbey »e foct^ed tcrfeil their ucteffary food lafced "** 'j^^^^j 

ryouwun money* ^ , ^. ^ dan^ diriPfte, 

Odiei^'referitiothegcea^men, whoienct^ 
till their harvcft came in , and then were fo rigid and fevere 
in exa6li^ their 4ek$x^thai: they :made tfaeiin being their very 
COCII vVhkh^(b6ul<ifi^ 

' . Others tefcr it to the cmel Ufinrers^^^ nsFho werenot content 
wt^ money for thet f monoy 9 bin: they sndft have' cocft toe^ 
which after they fold at dear radesto the p<»r,.4F«Mw >8.4«5V 

But v^at ever O^eifion it Wa« fpeicttitiaily , yet k gene- 
ral the Prokiet reprover it as « crying fni'^uhat tfae^ dealt fe^ 
harlhly and cruelly widf tbeiktott asfirflr bo v^fkem of their 
mcoiy^and thent^ fbrce pi^ fraud to inahethttnMiig^d^ 
upon their own moQtdetisi that Utths which they had left to 
fi^in themfiMVeis, and tbdyr famiHes. ' To take away mem 

goods anicati€tia^*d' , iQ4»chif 

. : .: / ^ the ' 



184 * '4».ifixf^tlfm Glutp«5; 

ihe ftaffe and fl^y t)f their houihold , and c<y;aaake diem c^rry 
k chemfeiv^s^atid become cheir own execucioner^m c^i'rying 
away the livelihood of ch^'r Families, is fucb a frying fio^jb^ 

^ ,cte;Lordfweai« diachee will hcjar no longer with fuch Can- 
iiibals chat deV'ourche poor alive, !^i0y9/ 4.1,2, ^ 

- . Wee have feen their Sin, now follows the Puniflimcnt Thef 
fhMbmldhoufesofhiWHfionCy but [haU not dweU in tbim.^ Qc- 

• dittary houfes will not content cbcfe Earth-worms , tbcymuft 
EeS?^ have cnrious Palaces builr with hewn ,^fguared, pJiihcd 

doktiiafjdiff ftOftes,diattheymightbcebeauttful, firm and diirable. . 
Mtrcer. This was their projcft, by rape aril rapine^ by bribery and 

excotdon, they built fine houfes , ^t$t theyfhaU not dwell in 

them. This iJntffpoyls all, either they (liall go into Captivity, 
^r be cut oiaf by untimely death, ^s.toe rich fool, t^i^ 

ordieir6oaTeslhall be burnt, or qlfc^cbeir enemies (hall W^ 
fe& them^ occonfeig to daat tbreattung, Demt.a^j^ o, J9« Thm 
fi)Alt hnUd ahoufe andnit dwell injt^ jhw (halt plant 4 f^tnepard 
and not eat the grapes thereof. But who then ihall enjoy them ? 
jwby thine enemy. I As thou (halt betroth a:wife, »nd thb# 

• enemy <halUyewith her, fothe Ukemifery^i^^^ 

in thy building? and planting-i . It is-, mtfay ,euoui^ to tevQ. 
thefe things tafen away by enemies , but it is a great aggra- 
, ^ varion of this onfery , when after webavc'tSiken much pains 
to get them, and have fet' our hearts upon them » and ace fil- 
led.withiiopesand:cxpeaaii'Qnsiof wipyij^tbffiffukof out 
labours, then on a fudden to have them all fnatched fromtis, 
and fdouf hoi>es tobefrullrated ^ and otters to eqjoy ourla- 
feour^, this is bitter, i . ; :, / '/• 

Or if they fliould efcape thefei miferies , , yet the Lord can 
fmite them withrficfencfs, fo rfiac they fl>gU not eijjoy whac 
th^y IdQlited;-or elfetheyhave:a:prodigMMr,<>p/oi)ac other 
warationbefalkthcm; To that! infl^eweryf^^t^tbeir fuf. 
fici^n^ythey{halUeeinilrnit/y]oh20nt2.jc^^^^^ / 

- a Ihey fhonld plant pleafant Vinejards , bm noe drink the 
mine^ihem* -GiJejit was their <:ace and c<>tt to build;' houfes^ 
andplaiic Viftevaids ; ( junder tkfc : tjy^fxq€?d<H:bic4Hy. urre. 
, coippt'ebendeaiaU other creacureHJQlight^(b^t.'€hey';wei:e<lc-' 
ceiveri in thcii^faopes , for' they ihouldnekher lenjoyilhe one, 
nor the other ; and . w? . fee by daily cxperi^ioe; how thefe 
tranficQty ttottgsaxe tofediikea fe^t-b^frj^monp 


- ^ _ 

flb6ri[700Vf.4lieffUm ha&Jc'xmhttT^ and anonahdcbery 
ac lad comes one and trips np his heels, and getsicirom 
chem bodi,and aclafl comesxleath and ftiipsdiem o£al(. - 
: : lOMiofrydwtlltngrand plain Vineyards content not tbefe 
JsQciii. they nmft have the choyfidl ftone buildings, . and eke '-"^ 
<inoft«exqDifite\anddeflnabie Vineyards, fe naoch. the Ongi'^ 
nal io»x>rc5, P^tng^ds^fMfirje^i. e, taoft .defirabjc an4 dell- chdmi dftmeJ^ 
cate vineyards. The Hebrews have no fuperlarive degree, vineatdeide. ' 
andl tterefore tfiey ufe w cxprefs itby putting the Siibftantive ^*^ «*/*r«- 
ih the iGeniave Cafe;. feelO^ j^. aj. he is caMedz/jf* ( *^-'£S^;/^' 
,m^4^h^ a mm afdcfiris^U €• ^ nioft.Fecioiis and-dcftfabfc^i„^i^'^^ 
»ir|an.: So a pleafant Land is called^ a La»d.i^' dtfiriiy i. e. a bcc more in my 
iQoftdefirable Land, Jrr. 9* I ?• . Com.onHof. 

Yetcheir fin deprived them of all thcfe temporal delights, *3- M- P- 45. 
(be Lord didretaliate them in their dwne kind^ as they had 
-f^ylcd thc^cr; and taken aU from thcmy fo now.the j^fj^ 
^ riM fhould comt and call them ofut of all. . 

• * • 


, 1 , Qpfr€,ffi§n md tramfli^ fipa» the fmisti crying fit. 

'^ :It.yvilIn6t:let the Lord reft till he bris^ Judgements upon Sec more in my 

the beads of the t^preffors, Tf4 lop, 1 6. E^C ^ 6.49. j^ri ^®"* ^ ^^■ 

Thefe (hould have honoured the Lordj/vlth their riche^^ and 
fpent them in works of Piery and pity to the pcor ; but they 
fpent them in building fumptuous^ houfes, and pleafant Vine- 
yards ; all of the bcft fave the beft religion ; they Idolized 
the Creature, and loved it above the Creator, wis ruined 
them. Like Swine they fed upon the maft, but forgot the 
d<Mior» '."';■<':. 

3 pbf. Luxury ireeds cruelty ^^ 
/ ^Vhen ordinary building cannot content, nor necfefl)rieSj 
pleafe, but thiyrriuft have all of the fineft ; then fdlovys 
trampling- upon the -podrv wracking of rents, and inventing 
all bafc meam^fehnotiiBjf ; Srcb great fins feldome' go aloni'^ 
but; like gr'eit Hteeii tnfcy have-'many attendants, Ani99^ 
*.7,8^ .: ..: =/• - •.- : • ' :• , ' 

4 Sm and pmijlmeu^ ^e lufefdrMc. 
^^ ■ B b V. .Ttiey 


Tbqf nnftiifie««lft tndfe itpiiKiM<tiMifeV>ild<(<aac 
In ay Com Vkne/iois^ batiUfabvilettAbMfts^iU. fiiMitft. ^* iM^ 
on HflT' >3 • If • 6. i^. SBtfL I. « |v Asnccffedi^ fli^i Jfiii'^h ««v lb 

'tf <!bil4^i9i4&MriMm^ mw < yy them imtkirwmiiffd. 

^B*0^wium$tbiitjp9^ft^ mi im^wn fi ^ ;. mi 4m^ 
iefi^titachermfyymd^hef^dsi^ ; 4ii4lli 

thufh^cidfitoJIftjilitbmfhiAtbmhp^iL Uefpubrbm^ 
of the <Tiiel ^j[jrri4WyWlM^Qmrled GocbpeoplecaifiieAy^atid 
nnprombed ; atKldarttcnaKJieiroaflf tm^ ifaofeilM: «IGnMl 
no fucb neafiire uarohtm. Gbd fvill tecaliacc ftfcb w rhm 
cwne Idnd^' and when chey baw done ^yiingxidieci^ Oo4 
will raife up the Cbaldems who (hall Tpoyl them, God ufual- 
ly raifech op fome to deal hasdly widi thoft chat deal hardly 
with bis people Thefe Rulers here trod upon the poor, tna 
now die Lord raitohf «p die jifyrim to !ar»^ ^m chenu 
They bntlc their hsuSos lapM ute bones and cMm- 6f the 
^poor, and now diey toTetlicm^ So tnie iff cba^ ^^^.%%. 
Thbufti rf the wicked jhoB h upon bim^viz. to ^of»piseft and 
fpoylhim whohadfpoyiedodiers bdEbre. *B«cof A^aliation 

Vms.i 1*1 

T^ Ilcn*»^9i$r fMnifditrwfgfifsmSyind nour mighty 
fins 9 they dffit0 the juft, mj takf dhrm^ mdihej 
turn dfidc the pot^r in the gaejrpm their right. 

IN/U&Verfe we.bave aReafoawby (be Loi?l would bear 
iio lonfier mA cbis people, vaa. becaufe of tbair •ot Ahiacjic^ 
cr-iiel^^^nbery) and unn^^oufneCs, and becaufe cherii^ 
and fo^yonesof fihewortdarefpc to a)ateoin(bepo«r.plMi 
1^o(4iec< of £Ik Lord, and (oite'f he chcir Mcflage, aqd' fiy to 
Gods Amofesy you wrong us, for we are not the meft tliac 

you take us fof^ cbctefon^^hc Aiqphci; bwigiiaikjLaini iym- 

ii?lf,feying. / 

BUM e^ I iHidefftiiid ^oiir ch#i^^ ^ dl^ m#1(mm 
tbunboMNi yte dll»nk tMib jMl'WMdi^ befeic yeu^ ^tl 

^4« Somic howev^ ydu i»«iy 4teeeive flMA mcbyeuf ffre*^ 
qittctf ^Law^and B^jbdcyiyea^ Wit<i<ecetv«y(Hirfttv«s t<My, fee 
yoacmMcieceivQ me/op aH tiiiin^ a^fefia|»4ieo ii^e eye. 

Ti)e f fophec him^ i<^ doe yvit h ftablom^SiUMrr^ eo- matis 
tliecbeamiiigcbe*ilM>reMiidcMii6 andfdf^^fi^ali, he brii^s 
IB ibe l4|Kl faimMf; faytiig^ I^knovv yovti^ei) atidiyckir wic- 
^kedoefs, you chiidc your felves Lords Paramdiiiic>- 9ii4 none 
iiiayqudftionyoii9 or fay um* j^i wiuc doe you? Buc you 
muft know chat there is a LQi;diiatx>w you^ (aodra greater than 
youj (owhom you muft (;q;9ai|nljf 4<MiIii^ give an ac« 

^ "Ihe ftoffhet fecrdbitn tbc/Sfcr of thcfe great one^ efpe- 

I ^«v»mi//^afidfitttie1iinip. '- . 

Tbdr fins were noc fecrec inBrmicies^ buf great ancf cryit^ 
CAidiMttliesi fo hidiBous diat Uvsy were 90 Ibnger to be endured 
^kNteii) and^tliftiefbre the Ht^y*Qb6ft mulbpHe$ wcd^^ the 
iMxer (^ w<3frl^ «p*n tbemv ft^ Were gtfHty;olf Tra^j^efsS^ 
•M^ mdi^ld traf$fgref^i$ni \ Stiff i ^d m^hifflfttm The Word 

ivmb we render Tranfgreffion, i%nifics a ptoud twnfgref- ^'Af**'^*^^ 
«w of Godt Law, and a maUcious rebeHin^ againft Goi^fy$^!^^ 

•v/'*'* '• ^®' * . ■ " ritatiiftbtUia. 

iaaiiy w-irt m beri'Such w^ thei&iroF'cMs^«i{)le; tft^treif W)««»> m- 
formifliib^ nuitjberiiBft/'aiid' f6r.ii.Tfeirc, ^atid'. aijd'grTcvbus, *""/«*> j^ 
l»«b«aar, chr<inl^fl|i9. Thty Vrcre ftch '«*«linittca of aU [""?;*£♦ . 
aiMiner of attravarion?. i tliey vvere mW/fhiMfcs tb«y were |rM«tf« erwfe- 
riMaecran^t^t^t^. fcnS^cnx^^ oiii^ cilM, 4<^i^f' «. ^. $A ^ c«,«^«KtM. 
ihwv*ci«^«lc^^g^tmnyanii bamfoW, f^ir Co tbo^ Tiainb<^r 5!; ^^'r 
>««» Uiife Afed'itt Scripture ferixiaay, aj ^rtr/*. 7iS. i^,^^"*^^*^ 

B b 2 £ff/<f. 

iH JhSxfofitim : QhifLfi 

ji^ci^ SecurUyi -SEc^ » Ml che^wc^ a^ in k^waaxp 
when God was pcMfvriiq^s^^w upmcl^m/^vingiiiemb 
luiid <£jtr^0m the iiDecpdy. ^nd giving cbetn Vidory overt 
their.^iiBme^) »K/ii^. 14* ^ft ^7>^re ^u^ calkdU 
/rfNTj 5w, ^^utiet beciiufe diev oied ftr^ngty for pyniOoinent:*: 
and<ii4 a^ U wcreiMKlQods .bands dut tie^wU ibew thesii 
no mercy ; oc'racber becaufe they weFercooimkc^ mdi^ 
illiif and ftubbont mindA^fty bene u^im^LndvYtckedoefs^ 
clawing on iniquicy mdichecords of vanity^ and fin as tc were* 
vwh .Cart-r«pesi //n* ?. 1 8 . they were wiUhlJy fet on fin, and 
did ufeall ,«ean$ to draw ic lo^ tbemCplvef.: r . . . ' > 

3 He leis dowt^ doeijrjfin^ fKftcicuUrly^ i^ifically^iand M 
it were by reiailv ^ 

•I Tbcyaffliatfce juft; 

ti' They take bribes. * - 

V'*n»yopprefsthe^r;* ' . :' ' * " • 

H^s i»th veL I. Thi ^^ f%;«^ivyvhamxtey flioiad have drfendci 
^gemis jti^ This Sin was written in Capital Letters, as it were on thai 
fim, VataH. fore-heads, and therefore tl\ey ajiero/fc cha^eAwidj'it, Jbc 

word 7forer (ignifies tp.bind m^ hard together as,wc doc an 
enemy, andWwefii ve*(?,'l»prefs and^ffl^ ^Pfml^ 
lap. i4.Mif$ny drethejthit'iifflia^rom^m;)^^ hub 

^ their. pords. ' ,.: •, •'. - ,. . . . - "^ -i- * v 

\% ihejf takf d hrlbi^ viz^ to jJCijvect Juftice, qonctary t<^ 

• " - • V » 

folved the wicked ntK man that^xould bribe wcll^- T^b.^s^.t^^ 
juftified jcbe .wicked, and condcuined the iuft^ tx^h wjiiifh arc 

an abomination to ihe Lord, Br#W 1 7. i jl 

.^ ^ \. ^ . - - . - 

nW . paeh^d killed <Limti^i,c was out payii)g^9)B^ 

' tawfay, noRanConv^i^aUbeiKcepKdtpr-^ 

■ s ...,;.; / they wercpiefsncly Kxmr^W.^awffi<Simpoi9^i thus. 

^jBrCiiu , rfthiPrfphecj of Amos. ^h . 

bfteidtf puin(hmg them. with deatb fdr (heir {int$ diey one- 
1y fined wdiiicrcai them. '" ' 

' llie Judges face mine gate to do Juftice (as I harvefl^evv^^ 
licfore, vcrT. iOt> ydt even there they perverted !«%«• /- ^^^ / - ^ 
Ihejiffrefstben^mthgMy i.c. in the publick judgement ^i^^y^)^^ 
which was cxtrcifcd in the gate. In ojioi Court rficy per- m.fobi. 
verted the caufe of the poor, either by a corrupt gating of 
thc-cafe,or concealing the merit of the caiife,br by dclays,&c. 
Tbegoorf man tru(ting to the equity of his caufe, is caft^ and 
forwant of a bribe (which the rich m»n brings) is non-fuced. 
Thus their fountains did run Poyfbn, their Courts of Jufticc 
wereCdurcs of In jufticc; and their Courts of Equity , courts 
of Iniquity^ and therefore the Lord is new refolVcd to bear no 
longer witn them J but even to deftroy dicm^ 


1 Harineiy inc^rrigittefinners are not v^orihy of k reproof: 
And therefore the ' Lord here ' turns his fpecch from thcfe Etu - 
lers, and complains tohimfelf and to his people, hying^'Tbe/ 
ijpiS tbejufly tdke bribes ^&c. We do but wafti a Blactanote, In my Connon 
and labour in vain>whcn we fpeak to fuch pofts and ftoncs, as P&l.a»- 5«©^t 
rbavefriewcdeKewhere. ^' , • ' . ^«.p.i.SQ. 

•' a Qbf» Ji8 the w4yes and work^ of men are under the wj^e^ , . 
Bmtffdn AB-ffeing God. ' / - ^ * ' ' 

• An things are naked and anatomi?ed before die eyes of 
iim^^withwhomwehavctodo, /Vij/.94-9,io. Hf^.4:l3. Hcc 
know? not bhly anaftion or wo, bUt hee knows ill the vvaycs 
(hatmehtakc, ?tf^aj.ip. Men may dsiccivc others, and ' 

ftemfelvcstooVbottliey cannot deceive ^Q4^he fees through 
their projefts, andfayes to them as die I^ophet faid to tne 
wife of ^eroboami Come in thou wife of Jeroboam , why fame fir 
ibouttyfelf to bfanotJjer than thorn arf i Tjie .fccret plotpngs ^ccHiWfl;/^^** 
and contrivcmcnts of mens hearts are not hid from'ttjii , Pfal^<xi fob.j^.t^. 
CA 1?. fifttfi^.ii.S. The great ones oF the world may. vail Lc^.i4^p.^4,- 
thefr vitlanies, andhidfetbem from the eyes^^ of men , and«f. f-^*^ ?* -^•***' 
cape their hands ; but there is a greater than they wbofe eyes ^^ ^' ^ 
benoW alhhcir doings > and yvbofe hind will bring them untp 
lijiice^- Art their poApfhall'ftidrflyly^ 
mndilript and naWd^tfofe<56ds dreadful 2fta^^ 

Bb J We 

SZ^bu P'*^«°* » and ttkehced of piovo%j»oi.>s Mc£8i» w^> 
aftMt^tarfMt cannot iMki^^oB iJiMabttcwiia «> vuaidjwa^, and one 
stautit^u look of bk e^ fuu «U iMO-csrsotui^ i( :k«t»iK4fio)( ttkx\t^ 
mtu tneiat.^ cai^ {wtndxsewr finned a»M(i bMn;)4( tKMiil^ff^il»io^ 

_ * gju lUavc«««lof ft)a»,&«;ki^Wl(Wvl«|ljii^ 
I. trestidr«ycic<uw«re(i^thGo<kJ, 

As iagoodndJs die rcpetUio^of lie a^ tttteadfttbebaMrt 
and the £>os of ^on £p on In, Gods «wy«s so pv^cdim^ 
J'bjSfu^^ii^i^HeitS^i' Sotitefons off ^/;«t cpac^ifC (vn^ 
(ravel with ic > and «ben hdq§ in cofwfliei^jticn ^ jE«w«r xa s« 
As men when they come (a tbeK fvU£r;»vy)ib^ aigftioi^ «M 
men of might; fowben iinners a re come to their full growth* 
chey become great ^dflju^Kf (iitia^i:%«&vv( f^y £rr/r/ 8.1 1, 
3tr^t4. and 44^ <^, ijM«i-7^, l^y k^ Jtbev bcatOk af<m 
- hn|cMrjceedine(iaft:g;it,,lb(ew«tbi$Ar(Uie^9fih^ 

9m mv43am. ^ ^''^ ^"^ juc|gj;nsnc 9{>p(oa<;hi«g t wbui q)en»r«ii$ 
•ii«^t.itf. xceforiunnber maiiyi and for iwu;vf « h^noii$ %ni iubmialf: 
f.io9.te«, Astbereisawoebafe^overtbebeadj ^ fiuft-af^^gamiikjtff 

fmtt&ftrt- 5.ii» So judgements ate prepared iJK ^l obdufateiit t»^tl 
'^f!^'"*/^ Soiaets^'fiQ^ lit U ^ai^ Nim«4nhH be wjis « 
i'rX^Srfw w»8*«y H«w«f» a«».xq.f. fp.W9cmay fay «)C «iw.«»ffir» to 
ttscetigigsmtt are oughty Qnpteffors , mtghty W^rWl»p«. ^ ^^vflf ^"^ 
na» ad h Uat- c^res, Qccaod toBfeijore w« qm^iooj; fpr ji^^t y t^i'^v^, M" 

*SSbm '" ^^ '^ * man to be much a«i m^ ly in tfe»,fej:we nf C3od, 

tMki 94, tp. jtBj^n** So i£ i» mfiOtf ^sw di^bafement, 
, wbw tbey.ate mu«h a»d. ^ughxy «>.** ftww^ <>C «6r . wlSa* 

ny €oitt,on « btindcs. nhc,eye5» E)?wRfit»i)id9st8fiW » <piidsRW.ibc Jn- 

BribcryjMxionintoaiwd. IhcfewKM mctt S|^ ^Rigi»if,aH4«.6* 

• I J Wf. NominJKivq 5?js ibS! (SfiliMfe* tiMKtItt ^Wfffffly^ Jj| A* 

Gniete fay ftmidttNB. bodttpirioiti 9aAwMt4i Mmu 
7,4. Ja tacOAcme b/ BcibsrffA la the Amiuivie by <!<•. 
ci«5lin^«nifl«adeing«fth3ngboe«a. I»«be Vocative by 
iMrc ir wg, wdaaitbe Abhd<id)y Mbfatag* Mr.RMjciJa 

TfatttdbcbbcM^ iSfrirf <nd>MUia»> Ctvmvicy* w»I«m^cfa_ 
noie eTpectally cbetr fins of lajuftlos and Csuekr » as Uon p£a.iu?! 
fully proved by a learned Bon. j*4-p.t9o>*ftc. 

Viisft 13. 

THe fHrcpberftef 4mco(hc«vtbefa^4ttddep^ 
dicion of diu obftinace peeple ^ wbdm iidirner God fioc 
flHii cMld work upon. The Lord oettscboiBia die {a^oedem: 
verfC) cbac fte knew aU tbeir wocb^ and ^ Propb^ cold ) 
cfaem of juJgemencs cpnaing upon them for thcHbi Clicked ] 

worics; biic tiiey imfafed tbsPropliecs df die l^rd y and hated 
htm diat Mproi^d di^miindie gate y nd iwere lo re(bl\ttdi]^ 
fee upo9>(iii , diac dse Prudent fefehrod cofacftoif ii» aoce 
counfel in vam upon dmn. ; 

£ft (be wofds «ve faufc 1 The pr^ettjf^ihePlQua^ thev • 

afep;udenc,mie,iAcelli98nttneib Tme.betoewi:s» aodfudi 
arfearGodi aiedie nrnywie^aetiof thf^w^ Thwdo 
nodringraiMy Mid infcanltderacety , buc do itt mh eofidTad^ 
vice. Tbeywtfelyconpaoediin^ together, dievy obfervexbc 
myOertous wayes of providence, and fo become meaof jnucb 
fiigacicys <aiid^oao gu6& at ibe cosif equences of af&us. Tbefe 
are caliedprudenc men.i Sdm.\6.i%.Pr9v 1 j.i tf.and ii$.2u 
J^' ^ . 9« Tbcy £^* ca{ft» mid cmfider wb^t isxo. be done and 
^Mketi, how. when, wbece* A<s his wofid; arefpobeti (uptr t^tis 
p&t^ Bi0^mm. Prair.a'9*i a< in felfon, wttha due coocunrence 
rf dl cificttflfiflaaces^ ib,hia)W«hs ate.dme vivdue feaCtuj^ fidjr' 

The Oci^*Mliiii0KliSg0Hie«^*ci»icW«^rM 
^nr widetimiMfing man x henqe they are o& called virile 
npii^ imll^acnia ^ jodMsitof ated^w ndc tfti p din g t^y a ^ 


idnfiieravlt] IJ^tn^iVccachia* in<tgm«g Eb^cinM mflruaum*. |< St>me- 
pr<FfJrffar/fi«r-' tims^ by a M-cotiymy of cne cflFiia. ic is put for profp^ricy. and 
tum/ftxit. happiaeft, bacaufe cbey ufuaUy 'attend upon Prudeoo^r^So 

x^nwf. i8; 30. 1^4; si.xij*: i . • \ 

Prudence is threc-fold.<2 Ethical and Moral. 

■ • c$' Theological. 

i •niereis4C4r»4/fFi/ii?w^andPradencet wbensnenari 

wife only for themfelveS| feeking their owne ends, eafe, and 

advancement, L^ks \^* *• this is f® farre from wifdomc, that 

' it iscailed and counted folly inGods Dk^ionary^ iMtfXa.ic* 

1 There is a M0tal Ptndewe^ which is found , in t6c ci^l 
wife men of the world, Ifr. ip. 14.^ 4 ?• 7 Matth^ 1 j% 15. 

sec more in 3 There: is a TheoUgi$al and Divine wifdowc^f vrfiich U 
DcB/iKjff his converfant about • Divine ^nd Spiritual things y aad in fhis 
SzvMAmt 5. fenfc tl^ fairfrful and regenerate are called Wife and Pru- 

cd. 1 660. ^^^^ Criticks make Wrfdome to be^the . fpefuUtive part, 

andPrudenpe-tbc praaicafc, Wifdomc jto be .infwfed , and 
M^Jii% Prudence acquired. But thefe are fo involveione in another, 
9i,ubipC4rT thatone cannot fee without theother ; and tbe!reft>rewe finde 

diem oft confounded in Scripture, and ufed promifcuoully one 

for another.. 

'" 2 * Here is the effeft ctf their prudence ,- Tbey jhaU ^^p 

i Her^istfietimewheh they (hall keep. filence, ieis In 
that ime» viz,, in f hat time of Ifratls obftiijacy, ^i in that 
time whe#. God fhall puniflv them ifoT: their: obftinacy , and 
give them up into the hand of /the.ty£ji5r/f>f>for k prey, fte te 
fpeaks not of prefcnt, but future evils , and therefore it is noc 
In W, but mtj?<» r^iw^tfrir, it is not inahftijl»miri diat-«ne<' •* 
• 4 Here is the, reafpn of theip (Sence ^ . andihaij is , becaufe 
it is am-tviitimt ; lfli|w refpeft of the evil of fia » abd c^ 

^ ' the 

CO chat hd^bcoiiBMeft dmtt'tto^k m^^«^^<Sui«t^ i^>e;ik 
tafodi uKo^n ^; yei^ cheyctiiMbdd tbe^^Od ^Propliiiiis , ' and 

Goanindat cite j/mt tiv b^' goie /- andntdteft tbem tto 
.OKMn^ Us^preadui^; Thof faatffld rcprMf^^chaiy afHided 
.cbr^i%4md«^eft tfae]^oor;^er^ Ice^ 

t 71^ tunearvvaeevil in ]«£^)e£^ 
#ftt.wfiere chC'ieviiof '(in goesbefdre^ tiieevit of {Hifii(hm6Qc 
slmjcs Ml^ms. The S!?o(d; ^Piagoe,' Famine, fliould all 
iHirfuectKtn^ andifcbBy^£capcdoneof;iii^ 
j(fae& jh^d "aneftUnnifiwr/i t ^ IbbR}|fardiefeii(efpie^%iines 

?• !•' chwigb cheiati» fecms here fofoirie tote the^^^ 
ratline, uiia-daxro6e«il,vist« affn^flouioit^ ^ gct^t iftifcry*;;^/'*'^^ 
•ndtfefoUcionvfo the word isxtfcuftdfarthi^^^ 
nem^dPyUL ;r> ^ j^-Jlrr, tijvr«»i- *fc4* i^fj* ithetefore tHcfiiur;^, 11. 
^mdnicih^aliK film befi0Ee^^^Vatad<9o^ once cm^ 
^iiodftj»s:'juft.cKfpenfactom> '- : ., ^ V 

S Ochers but ixc fo properly, mate the words CO be a^c^ 
^isnoadoh <^ a putttfliment, f . «. Since yoa mil not hear&en to 

4mtoysot^*lttrf;xo.theiiefoK;l|^^ lilence . 

af chetrue Prophto, £«rit^ 3;; 2tf« and other pioitf men ; they 
ihail beftovv n6 morecounfel ih vaine liport you, (ince you are ^ 
^^^^^1% poggs^y bdy lihii^^^U not be given to ybu, Mm^ 
% ^6^ :mui I wiiileave you €•« SycMhantil and Ft attbrers, that 
Ifa^ll ahufe dvdrjfoor ioist andtew . .^ 

jftiiDttk. They could not endure ibuad Do^ne,^ and the^tfore ' ^ 

tbejr Aouid he fed with lies. foi^tlMirriea^xthem heffu There 
hk Mpeiof goodiwfaengiml men fpeak, their lbs wilt dilWrfe 
JoiMitec^/Vnciif.^. brfk mefl>eppdpl«^ltfiaHr delight in 
BOMclaicf o<4'5 imiflattereriyiiw • iw.,*-^^^ 

; 4! Odnfi tUntif^fattt eockans ihan be, fo Tynmnfeal and^;^^ 

-i;it»>Aailr /fvj^ ii0i(»rMmr iii^rfdr) yeedftfiRi MnHtter^^* &' fiiffym fieitrii 

t^.j \'j ' * C c" ■ cruel. 

• "r 

Himm£0f(Uyii$ M k&xjid} of dij ifl^l, b cc i 

tr&DffexW/ir^' tiffi^^ by at M*conymy of the 

Prudence is three-fol 

I ' . • . . • • • 

I *t\tittt\saCarnal§Vi 

wife only for themfelvcSj 
advanc^menc^ Ufks \6. 
ic is <;alled and c^nced 
t'Con li 19.^3. 19* 
1 There is a A6r4/ 
' wife men of ^he world, 

sec more in . 3 There is a Th 
l>t.Bi4rget his converfant about » D 
Scr.oii^»wf 5. fenfc tbe faithful ar 

cd' u'/o^'^" dent, D€iu.^.6.M4t 

S'omeCfiticfcs nr 
mtrd ^^^ Prudenpe - the^'^.p. Prudence acquired. 
9 1 .ubi ptkra. that one cannot be 

cbeni oft confound^ 
for another.. 
^' 2 'Here is the 

fliHel : ---'-: 

. .3 Her^istficr 
that time % viz,.} 
time whe* Goc 
give them up in' 
(peaks notpf pr 
mh9c:^ biit m if\ 
4 Here is tb 


iScifjl^fi^Sc:\9ievlkfp apd corti^ bach in doAoLneramt am^ 
mors* Th%f iTKse ^roWaHb fiolenc ^ vimieac^ thunl^f 

Who fought their life s and threw dirt in bis face, wha&fliiiBd 

;tb««i this ^% ;«f a^ fiq^i^vfid thiOiy sbef m«fibdild«)if- 

kicerpreiM ati i^k Uppg^ denfiogi deyiceg :ag4inftdiBriiM%> 

deftmy ihein» They W€teco«ieiti»cbfttibt^bt ^*^ 1^ 

ii^lady wMiM finmg foctb&aiQ^^ and ^mMl.oMiBAgi 

^cqiildao^ tibettt itor good^ i£ waihuirneil&ig^^PJ^^ 

jSnfinei fAi(k f^f^d .ba iSanpfed* «m^ft)ot ; udiUtL:^ tfak 

* AQi^ d?^ ir^0ved them tocheirfiiihBryi Qi^fbad^ Liolt* 

^MMk^tffij^ i^4iid<mdtyi tbr«oie tihey aaoNigai cbe»» jas^i ihadSaie 

^*^^]^ di6 ffudent iballkcep itieiKc, finer, it is 6tc^Mh ifi^Jmt. 

bri»gwg themfthis mt9 danger j nmJfN^^ikfil^ei^iwibiif^ 

^ jf^f. MintAcrt aas: bGiind Jby^cbm-0&«7 t&vmmA » 

j^ets, fo^dxhe:A]go^toi.c AlMt^^ 
^ ever his MhiUbefiy^' cttifiMl^ fomr^ 

jpr^aqhu^iiaiieer^ faAm loiy be J^hA and 'fiiihia£it£^ixicl^ 

&hw^pcfft«t)^^ t^laiidaMdn»e^&if^^ 4«lbdfaoh 

trt^jlM cm pi(iiMii'iiieJ(^t£fe}^ 
^»<^^^- this thatts nddM^fm :(Qami(il?fetifk^ 
^;;jj^^ UnifecfreSiv^ o£ fimaewBifM flidiltiiiUfiag^^ qiver 
«^m«Mi»M oaa;b4trkiiig4ia^i|ifttb«iIdcaacjfcgHi^ 
Mv^ tmr prDpfataneoefis o&the &fl»Bs» foa icttr ^^dilfilMMS the Go» 
^MKT. ^Ai^JM. dees okbe timiu^tii^^ ^ Mt^^ifilyw^w Itmi W»^pt^% 

• '^ ' defence. 

U^fih^i^lttpreaie.ntty'&iit ft ti. ue grtiateS imraudence' in 
tte«otMftrlih^^i>';'fof fekof mltii wriaftb run into ■ 

^senuit cliHft Will- be ^m^'YtffycWa te tEus'^fhamed 
o^nmt and his thtdii, Before Stnf adutcdiroag ^nisa,<doa, Mttii 

Wdl asdoefbrhiirii .' ; \ ' * ''/ ^ '\ - ; ^^ - 'fm eUadmilk 
'. Ewr IVfiniflet 1*; 6f ac teafif^dngbtltotfe a.SouIdScr (if 
CaKiHs;;.il6# a S6rfai<?r muft Jiottea !vhimtii^Mak-fop.buc a ^^^* 

iif ;' a«lw«etb iii If w' preach ^ 
WlatoCiddcpmmahd^ustaprcach, i^^^ 

poftlc m thisyery cafe tcUsf us, tiiac h ts better xo obey Gcxi 
than man, J^s^. 19. <^'5#,j^f.Ii; isnp diil^onour to the 
Kings on earth, to fee the Kti^of Heavfett i^trtrved before them; 
yea the worfe the times are, the more (hould the zeal fo; Gods 
glory confume us. V^en Lt^^fthv.theYWAcS^ • 

Biftnghceousfbdv^as Vexed from <iay t6 day^vftSi thdr aW ^ 
mbaaonff. No'prtidehtman catibel;ota!^'6feiit^>^e^ 
fees hk C5od bpenTy difhonoured, as n^ fec'ixi 0^?4 '^^^¥^ 

lWyw46^/^iw;«cc.• : - . ••:*^ y'<} ■■-' "^ ^j"'^ '^'^ ■- ] 

..^TAePtq&h^. therefore f^awt^^^ v "^. 

/irffoT; not what met! Should ' ^ ^ 
ludmate^; ( Aichwas'tbe inu 
c£diolfei» authority ) that 

ibeoito' fpeak 'teainft the i .^ , - ., . . ,. - -, 

cbeyfliouldbef ent hotf^AftiVet/i^^htt^^t^nedi^^ 
Paffively,^ by *eafon of thcrage of vWcked Wch^Vaftd tfepr'oti- quJ^afai^. 
ftinacy ih thefir Idolatry, Superftitic^, a^d unrighrcolilhcf^. tur^ sdqusd 
They would not fuffer "any to {pe^kigairiflrtljefe'therr bdioved^^'^^ fi^^^* 
fins .of k 8hey did, *ey w^nlcf caff fe mtio ^f rlbris, pr^Ba; J ^^^^^^ 
wflyncm?/ br bfefl rfi^ with flaaidfet<^> ^or jTomb^vvay c^' Mier^,y^rf^^. 
tadret|}em<onccmptftie,ahdThen(layttteih/ '" '^^ ^ . ' riitfrj^towwi 
tf And lafty, the moft genuine fenfe of tlie jilacc i^ thi5*; »« lUmfavi- 
Ilsl^cphi^t had tol^ them, that for their mightv fnd xdzri^-^'!^'^^"^^ 
ftri4.fiiMi;tbef ftiouM lofe their -Hoiifes and Lands, theit 

C c » Orchards 

Orchardf andViii^^i and at( tfadr]4(etrait(lni^:(aibiv> 

hfetilU t^ tfa^, M «(M foM n .ffu; J^Kfeiwitnotfte.^^ 

siitbH it.m ^]of fpir^.j^flora aii4,a.iiiiii« ^ Juftjc^ ^ Qod-^mda;) 
mmmurdbit fKubniC any.&£cqkf^ Of mntsnurifig acthsm j ebaitglnbetweier 

,». „.,„, , . , ^ canpanng Godi dffpf^m^i^^inhi 

tam.Pifiat. "ihcir provocattoos, tbejr could tK^iw:Si^\I{t£i,tta»:fli the 

«>»fJ 10. judgethar^ of fin antfMs^oojComt^aijs^ 

' qiiidcieiathe evils of Pumfiinient» whicn God ^lljbriim 


Ddjkdm #fia.»wtmte;tW»pfof.ri^^^ 

''"•^'■~— fe0 efpeciiaiUy 'did flvarpiy r^rove! thofe wicked inea> tnddl^ 

R0un(%4 !^<^(^ Ju^igi^iKnts s^abf^ cBem to the ialU 

• < ■» r « » 

• • • ; ♦ > . ' 

*/ Hctbax;;9^yi<iars God is.fhetrue.^^ww^i^il^lie uma 
<«4y w?9» JI?^SS<W«K prudent man. When v^e walk exaallt 
accordtnsvtarRule. cnac IS true, mfdoojie, ^P^A'^^ts* 

irSs the gbdly^nuwii^iaUei "^ 

" ^! t- ^ 44--.'We )wbrId.lQpl^i upon Wmen asa pack^: l!o<)kjfcarc« 
fit toliys »n tJtw.v^jwld,, ,b^l fepjiow the.i^oly G^^ 

nifieMhem ,w«htW ritle .<£ ^4"^/jiw», wljofc Mo^^ 
din*s>ce y^elJinUgbpiediWt^e Jcnoivyleijige of their ^y, and 
Unui-tMim: vybac is,ficxo bftdooc^ jiiefpca <>f.«ney pfajjcTj'^iivMOTer. 'e* 

CSl^' y'"''?^^ •^'=^*^^^"^"'° ^'^'^^^y bottom of tW8|{,, W 
w«»r.fww». fees them mwaoUy. , T r. 

. . . I . Their prudence appears, in a jcnfe Hftovii^ af timet mid 

y^l^/i^v/. Il«re js a fit dme forevei^ [civ^ 

*• * - '"••'■- :w 

Varolii ^ftbeM^ . IP7 

1» chic ftiifiMiifk ttttucifiilt ' Now the i>tode& mill dbCetvti 
cbe fea(bn, he bach tfingulir skilt in mam t wprd J/4 50 4i 
Ht liftoWft ^ *W|icak, fo did ^fc^i^ SaaL 15.3 6- and 

flefiBftytii^Mii^hfi^ t^. was tQ 

h*gnKC<«ilin^ilfcu<^ the meij t)F'/jyir£r , th:t chey Werc?^ Dr.itf«w/5r 
mM0fundcfftandi!!gali*lmW'4Ketu^ and i^hac /^W^f^i^iiiTS 

- * Hir|>*udett^4ppea:srinPW6rk5 of Wr^/^ he readSjOfayes, 
iftedbit*M'^<i.-Wi*-^^d^nic?'^a^ . . . 

fecittl«s^6 4ieafi%idhe'i^^^ Jdmesx.if. He . 

yatcbeib^^tikofrayer^ and obferves chc fitteiWmes for chac 
exercifCi^ £f A?/. 6. 1 8, 

I ]^^pi\s^iHhrcji,i 'T5the/«if, he pwdcntfy times ^^c ^«)f on 
iHS.fpedbh V ^M wiftf)^ cottfidcreth the parcy .which be Jjppal^Mj'^Waot 
td^w4«vhafh»eohdida»teqfiires//7ir.w^ _. 

% To the outward man , he |;ivc5 difcreetjy accordThgt^)- be fore oa 
tlM^ known riituttiJfences^Tcquired in gtv^ -^*'« 44.p«j«* 

^^^'Infxmaing'^nJUgcy be welgb^ and ponders all cvtcm^ st^^Q^ 

^ "5 In the difcbarge of bis particular ^aiingy he orders his »»»- 
affairs vrtth difcrcri<m, ff^l.i 1 1.< • l^rw. i4.«f,i ?. 

^ 6 IteforeHfees datigers, and prepares f<>r them before they 
come, J^k 3.a9» Prov^ltiiJ and (tt^ troubled in die begin* 
WD%^i5€ft.l l,ii9i.k Ma is qHiclffighted, and wife as a Serpent, 
though haiblers as a Dtw, Manhno. 1 6. Religion docn noc 
deftrofour wifdome, but rti^lifies it, and makes it moreiblid. 
I^nce Jae^ ufed all pmdenc means to pacifie Efm^ Gen. 3 8. 
4, j^&c* and WMf *o deliver himfclP, pleads that be was a * 
j(i^49y^ and fee the Pbarifees and Sadduces ar vari<?nce about, 
the Rtfurrcftioh, the better to cfcapchimfelf, jIHx 6.?7,38; 
and 2^*15 »and39.7« and Chriftbiinfelf ulMit ; it/^.^i«a4. . 
Menoc he i« f jud to^d prudcntl v,;/A. 5 aT? . 
ty lis Pnidenee appears in m PpMnn chokV. A mans^ 
irA. — appears iff iiothing io much as in cb*. He patfcch by 

f€4id^(&bftamid^urabletii^)i^ from him^ 

£mV iOt4i,4i. and itf.p. He? (eeks Gods face atid favour;: 
and mates him hi^rolclmace and du^eft good. Hence to be 
wife, uiSsfkiSmQi^m^^ He 

CCJ •is 

19% , J»Mxf$^:y Ghai%S* 

hmDfl^foUdly.fftfe;, i4»4a(iiiiy)IUM knkikdi^Qi^^ 
: 9 Tbey ad fo m^iioufly;^!^ cli^JVew m4o #U Amir 

indfe^k unco bim bf. prayer akif lii^ 

"9 2*7«to 1 1 • and 4 3^ip. CO i^.v2y^^ 
2^/»^«)y» xMiff e» S^ ^^^ prudence you fee is a Orqiii^. VOGtue;, . oC <all ftr- 
akefi^fiptfrn- cues ic is:4ine of thQ moftesiUKQcaad e»jdk« » ai^ 'maj^es 
dtma.^wvtm. us moft liUunt^jQod. Wbi^re chfc ,¥»rcwiainiduikyj n(> 
f'^'i^- . ^ ^ y^"c ii \yancing, tlis 15 oorjfoedil tiiMQt uolraije iKti to 

M^lfiftitt^n Toatcamif,,! We auft^f^i>^/*r.6^af^f^^ 

Prudcfici^ who Is thfe ^rue dQi^>ef k^,! Cibr^. *M ^ '^>!^%* 

of your counfcU cc^uk wicb k inaU y<^r d^Qlis aiad iiii^^ 

callings. This vi^lt make you wilpr than ifae Aoaeof ^^w^er 

than your enemies (cbpu^ db^y may be de^ P^liiifM^)and: 

• ' wifer than your Tcacbers,F/i/.i i^.$8,9j^io(>,»04,,; -r -^ 

rmtKtns ift ^ Treafure uf exferimms 2 As in all orhcr Arts W Sa- 

fmwtis £utis^^^^^ ^ man can never exceU, till be bach hy \m^ jpcadjkie 

frudentiafifu^ gained es^perieckre : fo ic4^btre, We fee chat ypiicbitis heidy 

MHtls,cm9. and ra£h',, buc Pjrudence is ufiially yyicb skutjufffi^ ji^.r^ris* 

with the ^eiekp k wifiame^ \ - 1 ^r J ?». ? ^ : 

[See More Balit Paum of Co4linefsy L 1 .€.$4^4^ co 2 j^« ^/^^ 

on £f ir. 5« i f • HieHn on P/^Af i .^« t^kks *My n( J)tvim$f^ 

. 2 Obf. Thtt it Us feint <f fr$tdme<,f$mitim€i ^ kftf 
fiance. : '- , -. - :«■•■.■.*'! *i 

As chereis acio^ DofpejikyE^/r/«9.70 «fWwbcn^G<»dmfty. 
be gf orified, and mr brethren edified) ;fo chert i$ a tbie to b^ 
filenc, S'i«». when we baw n4^ <:an co i^ak, ccwderQatidjpH^ 
che de^^Sf ,chesfl;acceri0q^^^n$.<^ wfa^ii our 0mi|^aflSbn% 
or che paffions tS tbofe,we (fK^ to ar« 4ip i aod^nape in Hk 
beat, chen ic is^good co be ^nc*' A mim that «^U gt-vte; c6iui^ 
iel, or talie counfel msft have ai:D!iqpofed)C^^ 
ric, before he can profit himiel^ or ocfasrs^efi^K&tft bimfelf $ 
though he^^ni^y f^safs ^^^ 

.^ ' ' t 'x.^ could 


rabie^Vhett chey ^4og^lxiAfkiiac^ fiybg io the £sce of a 
Tcpiovtty 4nd crampliiig Gods (Fuchs under dn^tir fieot, wace 
i3ma ccrtiimttcfed toTo^e*? IVW.^,7 >8^ i&^4 4. 1 7^' ;^iif, . 
y.*;^ atKf ' 1 Jii*;. leff they abtt(^,iidt obdy-tbotrUth, ib*|CrtbQfe • 
that j^Bttiti it bo I % G^ ifii cdider as of his po(^i} ft> df 
^Rofe tnar ^ubltlJi li^iKb. "-So tvheri cbofe fwa w^ re{N*6ve have 
bben iiiiSciencty wihielfed againft alreacfy ^ fo ihac men 60 
fiotfor fni^of l^/l^direfil:iy againft ligh^t jafucba cafe * 
rtt t^e tid' dbKgsttibftt^,fimx)arj(bhMinco^d^ i (6 i;Mbqi 
tirere ttiio probabUit^lia^tbt tfiLvrkicb we bring eur felvts 
tni:0| thili i)e'bklfoh^ed wieh ' aiiy fr<:>poruimaldie good co a- 
tfaers ; for ihU i$ an a(Hrmad^ pre^pc > and bmdei /^^^aj^, 
^ iiotf 4^femf^ \ it tmi<fe& ae^ffi tmies^ hat co( to all ^ 
times )' iMt loijty l^d)<iod ritlay be^oriliedy bia peo^ edi- 
fied . and his eqemtes tnouchs ttopped a and dierefoie ic is 
wdf obfeJvSd |>yilll?t*itttf A^^ ifhrn i^bttims are /# , . 

a • 

'ni^i$ffk kit 'iUMy'&i:: JSAtfK tkriel clieic may ic , rwhcn k 
will be oftt,Wa^2>toe.!tJbp;'fild5tf ^(W fora pja^} jaa Ma- 
Tine^ bfe t6' ta^'^ncftiD^ itti ifio)rM ^ atti«ft£or.d .dme till 
tt be over,^ and Wacw-inet!hvA^ if ainft dieiA} 

tlitfy'i^^^ :bV tbfe BSfnTrtidle? ^1 t&*ing.adi«aiicage ofi the 
'Tidi'm'^^^^^ ^fii»rf*aiafcal6iis againll 

a>r^it Wi^-yer H^ bfyencefo:ii^«dmt«dhi^ teal, that ^^^^^^ 
he r^ake nb^ parfif ulatly agaii»D;4iiii , iwc/qnely dctyeod^^j!;'*'^-'' 
jthf 5 general t)6arme, !7W t%«^ «»fl^ adM a^^rt mm^ ^'^ 
^jphhishds, yiTie pnw^nt'toate ^rnifidi^f nbc otiIj(«v)»c he 
ougt^/to d6j W^iFo.WHat 4iecaA.«tai ^hd -^pmtnwM giv^ 
j^acte'to^b^llortf,tef(Uvin^^^ ivsttef tm^i^ EiifdiA 

did when be fled from y^.^'^i^f MdJ^nnaiet idowil io a 

Baskets ••-*'■, '^' ' - •• 

*;..Many cry outtiie^tiHieS'afefaal > 9i^bfABtMn^^(td 
*•' fjpeecbe5«v y^-^ 

• • r 

^vf &9.2.1. befm^ethttkeepfi 

«vilQ«n(B;y tiiendi(;yare ibolf 

5ee B4tfx Pow-^ «6ti » 4tid4ite^^qBpwkS:4^yr ih^ CO ni.9r^. wfaich: vye 

?^^^w«ftMd today » aridfo.havea otiiftnious f^,:*tunring Wli 

iJc;*'^' * 'every wind, thacfowtf inayileqpinawholc^Kn^ Ka^'iri 

Ag^nil step- niuft be rootipdand groundca mw cruch .^atoayes readv co 

ticb Gtiafpies make an open'» glath^.and bc4d confe(Ik3a whqi ever f^od 

KifccUup, ftiall call as co it }BfjiaA^ty^,M^fb.ioA^^ Mnm, (o«{)^ 10,* 

^^^ % Ttm*%.\t. 1 Ar.j«i5. W otoft/texcadynoc.cwlfjf ^!^^^ 

ftir^Re^nVybut ▼(dr ava\i^av)^o make an anfWdf^hiit to ^^o^ 

. gi Wirt defence of^cbe tnidt^ie vre (hal he accounted as eoe« 

mie$ , HetkaSt ma wkhmi i ^i ^^ux;/^ *iwr , Mattb«t^ 

Vsrmuittxt^ There J$ no triie faith witWn, whai no true loye wuW 

time/. ■■. .'. ' • • /' •••■', ^ /,. 

The]r nnift not fretfflor fume, bu^klfs the faand chat fctuce^ 
them, judging cbemfelves , ^ly^jt^ftifyipg. Cc^ln^llusdif^ 
penfacionsjco us, fuch a hdyfi^i^e ftm^'^^n^t^ 

]0.and40.s<andtnCbnft,ii|tf5.8.;^«,t pifrrt.ii. ' 

* The pendent man can fte a £ood Itaadof piondeoce in alL 

file can fee light in darknefs^ comfort m (tifcoiqi^d^» rifing in 

ruiningyaHtBn^ioirxgpqc^i?iMJB^.^S^ andthi^]kee{K.bim 

Tilenn H6 feesftk abfolucQ/Soyec^^ymi^o^ 

Lord mav ctke amy ^altl^^w^i^t'irJifCy^*^* ai^ .ngnr may 

fay unto him , what doli tbp»? y«^ 9.11.^ Th^. prudent 

fee? aH Gods d^l^eniadons, Ofder^ ^lA'mpiiie jifjfihme^ 

^Job9.4;^igli^ all che affli^ioni which be dif- 

penfechfol»pe<4>le,J^.i 8^^,11; .>iid fram«*^ch^ e^^ ivWci 

he brii^ iqpon- tbenl^ Lsif^M 7. . yea be delihef a(3ts;and de* 

-vifetb einl even againft SsijIfsiiJtT^^ 1 .1 4. Ijelikewlfc fecth 

jMfiicf in all , and chat iie is punfflied lefs ch^n bts (ins db* 

^ferve; tndcfaisnidfietfliimlaylnshaadypoo)^ mbud). aoJ 

YerC 14. 0fihi ff$fhHj 0f Amos*. 90s 

U?fi chou^tkelorcbdifpeoracions feeoibirdi and bard, vat 
the I/xrd is righteous in all bb wayos, aiad faoly in all his 

•: :Lafl|y> he confides thac all is done, ky 0m infiMM UMchhqr Moclres to p«« 
frmdimiif^ which looks- at many thin^ at once f the Cuat jl^"' ^^^ "J 
WarceflialliiuinblcthcChurch/dcftroy B^kjlm^ and fct J«p»Tj.r,2u, 
fv^i^fiee ; God hadi Plots above the plots of Poltutians, and Mr. Sym^ 
;ends^batthey.tbinknot.of ; hismiyes iaredeep and myfterir ^r. on Ldlcti. 
6US, above our reads, //W. 45« i5* The fame pillar of Cloud *^* P- fi^ &^ 
iObril Isiedark to ^g7ff% yet give light to IfrMel, The fao^ 
£re- (hall refine the Bieteal, and confume the droTs ; let patb> 
Cttce then have its perfect work, Jam. i« 4* To fliall we keep 
tbe poiTeffion of our Awne fouls, and it may be get the poflef- 
fion of other mens too. 



ViRSE 14. > 

Seek^ieidjul not evily tbst yee may live^ dmdfa the Lird 
the God ofHoftifhdU ke with j§Uy as yet havefpitn. : 

T He Prophet once morereriewcs his &hortati6n to Re- 
pentance^ he had called on them thrice before, SteJ^'^ 
feek^ fecii; he conies now with a fourth Qmtrite ( if by ahy 
means be might work upon them ) Seek^^oaand not evil. 

ri APrecept. 
In the words we have <i A Prohibici6n. 

c} A Promife. 

I We have a Precept, Snksood^ra. fuchasisprefcribed 
by God in his Word >• q. d. TpHhin^ef^rmirljfolkwed evil, and 
tie Devil the father efit^ in teorjhifpiftg Idols which a^e oft cd^. 
led; Devils ; 6nin$m retnrn to the Lordy feek good^ efpeciaiy 
feekjiod who is thefonfOain . ofgeodnefsj that jon may live in^ 
deed. ' :' ■ -^ 

* Judicious Cahdn following the Chalde Paraphrafe, ren- ^„,.^. ., 
oers It, Seekf benepctnce^ {^'jdtva reverenna tamo vtro dtg* ^ ^,yi ^/^ 
tiiffima ) I ^conceive this Expofition to be too ftrait, for byudefi qumdd* 
feekingof good is here properly meanf^ feeking-of God, tsreoperm benem 
iippears I^ €oii^iiig ths place with verf. 4, 6. ToittkGodf^^^**j|J^^^^ 
- . ♦ D d is * * * 


fltce of Scriprare, bock ktendred good^ fkaf «ic»' prolica- 
MCifur^fwoecTpyoOT; aH vibtchare "wtf ddiralblejdib<5 
Md clMSi^orefliouldcMclDBn^ 

• J ¥ec I den^ notlbur h cne fi ije ii ce intey.fac oac: btaiadi cf 
thu good vihtcb IS bececalted for; ibeing tbcT kid been gw 
ventoviolenotartdraftiie, iK)tfvhecillsiipon.iiieiiitoreain^ 
and by beoeSccnce and wrocks of onsccy tabreak otf thasr 
trade of cmolry, andco feek God, and ait manntrof good 
l^m »#- <concauied b6cb in the itift and fecond Table: diac fo tbqr 

, % Heteisa ff^^aAitUn^ &$Atm€^iwpf fiioger^ro Wiudi* 

yottbave been adc^ed foe: fo many ycarS) ^nmr a. 4* If you 

will be m'me ( faith the Lord; you muA give your (ins a Bill oH 

Tifnis maim^ divorce /or no man <can ferve two fucbcontrary Hzf^^is^Sbnf^ 

vi^q*midMr n^//; it c all manner of iinvyithoutexeeptionj. for Sm and E» 

rw». vil are Synonyma's m Scripture^ R^m. 7. i^^ ao, dbac wbicb;^ 

cbeApofilecallsevilinoneverre^ faecaHs ic fin in the hetc- 
Sin is truly called evil, i. FprmdRier&firfe.^ 2 EffeOivi. 
1. IcisevilinicsownenaCHie, ic is a cranfgreifion of Gods 
La^, * and is dir^ftty oppofte to btm w6o k chc diic&fl^ood* 
%; Ic is the caufe of *^4|h^^^1 #f punillimenc both in cbis life 
Mdcbenpct, i^^"** 6,i||g|Ui is cb^osnfe'fof Godf Wrarb, 
ttid Gods VVratb beings deArnddoD and imfivy ivUb ic ; fo 
(Ittt fin being C4M/it €Aif4y twft Cm{4ttmf4^L |. It 
comes from the Deviti (lucHsyiUne^ .and kads'xo Jiifla^l and 
fo may well be caHcd w/^ 4 J'ob. Jt SL v . .. u . 

3 Here is a double procnife cb inconragecbem^co fee- upoA 

^ Lmi tf HofitmUM mtkjmi '^joa yviU bttc mvAiy and brbg 
fotcbfruits meet for ctpencaiiqef yfon filtait-bcieauKdftom 
wracb to ccoie, and received huoGod;^ favour^b^mlldia^dl 
mitendft.o£|oa,d»ihk&yaii« Ibrre iea attJ£i[i||iia&Md 

. weight 

•(i^lAllH^ ^^ Mek gddl ^ nK ««$f ^ itA 

mbetk you are foqualified> ficttsd,^ ^ pt^pttrtdby haliriefii fbt . 
conunufuon vvidi an holy God, 4nd your j\rills are made con^" 
fermable to<kKlsvfUlf itiAn he Witt be wtt% yw, by his WiT- 
dome ca diced you, by his Power to proceed you^ by his Met" 
cf&fKtimf^y t»y1u^g6odhdrs to ptbvtde fdr you, fo as 
you (hall want liochit^ that m^iy be for your good, ^ accoMiiig 

i^itf' <4* 1 1 .^ t bui irvlieniiie people were tailed £6 £e Pafle^* 
«««r» they trt cbklniasided tof repatechemfdvtSs aitd/<r to 

4 JHeteb the miltiMr how die Lord will be wtth them, and - 
diac is, Evsft Hi^wbiMJfAf^i <{• d. yon boaifl atid brag rhst 
you are my people^ my peculiar, my inheritance, my Chil- 
drco, ana that I vviliditeft you, defend yon, and provide for 
ybor fitfety, but chde ate but your owne vaine dreamt and 
ddtriiottt , for you eannot be iny ptopfe, fe lom as ymx walk 
t»f tr^ry to my commands, |crijecuring my Pr6pnct«, traifiq^^ 
liii|f apM my Poor, hating nghttoi^iefs, md ioting im<}uity« 
Buctf you Will be my pe^e indeed, then walk a$ becomes 
stiypec^, Se€l(go0df am n^ ewli retutne ftncefely tiiito 
me, mi then ihf L&f'd mil h i^ithj^ indeed^ mjtm havefp « 
^pf. You ^tiiSk finde him really prdbnt with you , to afltft and 
tiomfbft you,- buttiH this be done you cannot exped his fa* 
vcur, two cannot walk together all they be agrted, ^moif 

Ocfaers read it dius ; 89 th terdfhdtt h mthywaf j^tm 
^tif^^ f . d. It is your defire and prayer ibat God (hould abide . 
iviib you, doe you feek and fetve him (aithfuHy, and dien y(m 
(ball findb it true that yee h ave (jpoken.But the former readmg 
k moft gemrine*. The (urn of all is this,^ Bhhnto j9Mfr tife^ O 
ytimen «f Ifrael, h^^hiicn 4 feriet tf imq$nff , yM bdPoe jW- 

fpifed hh Prpphetsy ^defflted^his Spirit^ opfrefithefooty f^u^U 
ftiidpi ; mijetjmpromift yowjehes peact and fr(ffirlty^ lift 
smdt^pbtifij t§aStUfg thn tbeL^td is fomr Gody dndjoaart 
kkC^UHmt'ffopkj andth^ftffrtji^0fieedjfdtfe0ir. Bmifjm 
i4U %f^0d liwy tbeH h/tr^eH » ifff CHinftt^ Ttif^efrom jounr /- 
dtk^ H^ip^lp ih Jincitny^ amend yo^r lively and 

ghcHpjfmrftfvfSU^vd, i^alkjng tft f^tks &ffleff and ohM- 


»D4 * \ JHixfofithn 

* " * % 


. 1 Thcj defirMS$9M of mc^ed metf $s from tUmfilves^WSk 

See Mr. OM. The fault Is not in God, for he call^ upon them here again,. 
^fdpoick wi ind a^'ain, to return and live, and fwearsthac be defircs n« 
T^iV^llL ^t^ death of finners,£«^^ 

IVtVoMY on themhopcsof pardon If they Will but come m, and Uy^n 
Wilful iropc- the armes of their rebeilicn; God is not 'to be blanked) it is 
Moxy. incns owne wilful impcnitency that mines them. . . 

Before he called upon them to feek God, andnowrhe ex* 
plaines himfelf, and tells diem what that is, it is to feek good* 
Good is the objeft of our dcfires, now there is iione %Qoi but 
pod, he only is Effcntially, infinitely, ahfolutely,- atd inde- 
pendently good ; allthegood that is in the Creature itisfi* 
nite, dependent, derivative, and is found eminently only in 
God. All the goodnefs that is fcattered \3^^ and down in the 
Creature meets eminently in him, fotfaac have him, and have 
ail. The Devil, the World, and iSin promifc o^ gpod, but 
there is no rea lity in thofe promifes. They, make goldertpro* 
mife% but leaden performances ; they promife joy, but bring 
forth forrow ; they prpmife liberty, but they bring men into 
thraldome.- But God is better dian^ his .word to his peop!^^ and 
dodi for theio above all that they can ^k or think. - Seek 
e^l rS ^'^^if ^5^ ^^i"* 1?^ X?" ^f finde allmanner of goodfor foui 
Mr.o W.!9f i/g.^"^ I^y^ ">f th>s life and a better; and after all changes 
wirij on ifa 55- you lliall experimentally conclude widi D^guld^ It isgoodfor 
%.c\\'U.^.j^^i'metodrf0fjcarfoC0djVt[2il/7$.uit. * ' . 

3 pbll Itl'sH0tf9$§tientJbitfmlcck,gM^^^ tjitroe^mnlk ^a 
ttirnfroa^tvU, . . 

God hath oft joy ned them tcgetbcfj and we. niay not fepc- 
racethem, Pfd^ 54-14. d- $.7. 271 Ifa^i. 16^17; WrA. 

3. luifki U.J.J, w. 4.21, 23; cv/./;,, 9, 10,1 Pit. 

J. \u It IS not lufficient that we turnefrom eVil^but wemuft 

doe good. A negative Chriftian-is no ChKlftian. Z>/wxdid not 

rob LaMTHs.^ yet is condenuied. for not releeving him, . So 

. rbofe, 

tb9^^b^^^^^ Maw f <?4d,haye MnfiA 

cheir luis coo, UkcxhQSkmdruims thit lerve^ ji^y.,(^ cMf 

Wobcoo, ? Kifi .174 3f a^l- K J^ Jlb*t'tat^.lP (^i muft^ 
rave a biU of divorce CO ius/oFmecuiiSyi\e rnuiUoj^. ihif,^ 
Endred and hift fathers faoiifey /^/4A45«io^ii. vv^e chat w^re 
fome^iflV^ Aay^5P.%i inuftnoyvJ)eq>ine feryaiii^ to.Qody' 
and ic imf^ pe ^natural and delig^ful tpmxo (ziy^^mr ^ 
eveir \t ya^ 'co fiq ' againft loAm. . Af a yeS^ c^ac .is • fuU':^^ 
poyfon muft bi^ cmpded of it , before ic/cap bee filled' 
with bctcer liqiipr ; fo our hcarcs muft be jnirgpd froci wr- 
rupcioo, before chey can be filled with grace. Moftprccendr 
^hac they arc th? Lords ^pcc^le. and thacxbcy bdi^g to fumi, 
bufcif we be his* He faies to us;.as j[^ik/aid ijadie inpn p^^ 
putria wbep chey (c6fi|iplemjented ^iViiKhim^! andxbld him ibey. 
were lus fefvants y and would do^U chac be (hpuld bidcheg)* 

ifjoHwill hmlfit^ {{zitUJchiy) thn 0if,ifiihehads(^2^itr' 
M^ftersfons^ 4ndfend them ti mi , a Ifcihg. idi 53^.' So it we 
be die Lords real fervancs ^ .we npuft ciic off noc cbe beads of 
our/ons>buc of our fins; nbr facrifice ojir children , bucoiir 
fdves to God , mortifying our beloved co;ruprionsV and their 
he will be our .God, and we (hall be hi^^o^Ie. ■ ' « . 


. Hencethe Ghujrthfo oft glories in tfeisi PiMj^x^fat.^ 

7ke L$rd 9f hfis U mtb m^ and thtGodpfjicick k mr rifujrii 

and fadly Umencs the want of it , J^r. 14.8,9 ti che iii^Iet 

\m>M mifery, Z)«»^«3i»l7. 3^*6 •^f Gods fpeaalpfefence 

iscfee^glioryofariace^ Znck%.%, G^bimfifirwUl bean'imrr 

pregnable :W4H of fire to; defend Jus peopli^:, Undf to o&odt 

their adverfaries^ and their glory in tbe^nidft of tbpiDi Wlierji 

God comeS) peace and plentyYConfol^tion and protcdioQ^and 

all good comes. Hence chey are pronounced bleffedaml 

happy, that have the Lord for their God , i ff^^^^^^as I 

have (bewed at large clfe where. As the refidence of: a iKing j^ Coolch 

iS: the glory of a place, faQpds prefence. amongrt J»s peif^lcF/a/.Li.. 

makes them glorious. Hence the naifie of Gods Church , 19 

Jehvdi-Shdmmah i 7 A« I^^^ii ^^, Ezek. 4^ n^^ hee is , 

Aerc. is fbe founder-^ favpHrer:,;,and:.preferver of it?:* Jim * : 

moretofay, Th Lord isture^ thaptp:ia)ji?c^k:e aflcl|sk^ 

ttd ali creitturerCQinf^ts ^re ;{^Q ,. ycm may m^ke^mc you ^ 

Dd 3 ^ lyiU 



ftwflSdf idbhcteded thk ^ podTO^nid thcrii , aiidr wodd ncWtr 
B«taiiWth<Sttrf«r £hcw WomryiWbery,cruc!t^.' Buttfccy cwi- 

raJM} ftid t ^t die tonf tdfs c&enr ^ Thkc he dl^brred boift 

ffi^fb^'ViefCi^ 1^42,11?./^ it was 111 Jj;^ Jttt%» 

fW5fcc6rnt^,-'irtrft!ieh:^^ yet they teitiiip^ 

citrdidlotd^ ffldtoncfndc charts Was imoiigQ^^ aoA 
jB(Mrcfaem^ftitUi^fr4i|;it»4hitiretr.t^ chty f oaiid dtart be 
#as aikciffiihhemto mqir fortow^ 

lin .. V; ♦'<»'. . • " . " ■ •• •' . , • - 

cmcev hefaad cod^ wictr an btfdenedipdq^iupoi! -mskk 
floi^ * Bictorttciofitf urould xsakt M iiB|^]t»«ofl ^ fncb bard 
koocs aftd kttatlis ftwft have liard beetles MklrWMgBSfiiiuli 
fOBgh'hMioiift muft faave Wronger y^i(\(k ^ ftlld tfiqiefofleiiiei 
fn^ec ihkt he migbt ddve ct^ nait cb the iiead^ fausm i»^ 
Sxmtaciotti add c«y[t$ u^n them a fifth titue tc^^fbifaletketr 
evit «raye&^ «kd«6 turn to the Lord vrho waiie^idy €0 ^lowct 
Aem^ •■'••■ 

' Hepkmiace <«n(ifts ^f tVMO pa^ra t The (kftifi a: dy im m 
fio^iUlie fe6MdttialMiig%o I&i!ci$^&ie&; ^ We km wAi 

.]» the- Titter % ^^mm tkub ^t\ cheer U dying to fin^ 

^jg^ii t^ik JiMs^!lyt\m ii, hfie fewhicbis the ©wl rtF evifc^ It t$ 
hiUfite & fr$^ Qsritiaittetf^ andthek^ufeoF atl the evUs m tbeltorld^ Do 
feqwHrn MM^ Mit(tid^ff^\Mm(fUikM^t^i^ a tiine^ <atidibn 

^^- rocuTtf vncb ^he dog k) hi^^^Mxiit; bw Ikiieit ^ fioc intb ti 

at dcM^fe CO bive agatnft chetr dncttf ctemks % wiiofli ;{iqf 
pporecuce wicb the gteicaeft violence. 

ttfodogb^; WeiBttft^twdypiittupw^ 
brii^fbrcb good fruic, ft>rm2ti,tt«xertadfMiHin# W^mj^kemmeniM. 
do good ROC comptiliiyet/ and forcedtyv buc^iii^^Pjral^ i i^j^I^reiM^M, 
fifc^flj ouc of Iwe to goodnefe, cbetrpi^^ I>^u^8«47. wd -^ - 
«w/^^^5Liike i.5,tf,7. ^4^*^^ aiid£fc«-ite* Uy«d in the JX^^JL^. 

dayei? of IfifriM* i knowa Tyramv y^^t^^ 

kepct^rrfghteoufnefsttioconelyiath^^ buc:ip cheuf^^^^'<«^«wi^ 

old age 9 tbe Text faich they were well llricken in years , )^^9ibu§ ft fr§m 
Aeycaatinttcdrigbccoiis before God. tf* ^^'^'^ 

J Becaufe dmir Maftei>fin wm mjaaicc, ihertfoie hecaHi SJ;;^''^" 
•^ cbem to teftifie the cmdi ^ cbetr repentaiQce by pamiw 
wdi' ctieir betbtred fin , eftablitliftg fuftinopealyili ^^ gap^s, 
^ feed t^ up fuch ya/^ ^dges a^ (hould csecucQ jn^ice. faittv^ 
fully and impartial ly wirbout refpeft of ferfouft, ^d^Bi^iirtf 
y^bavtnegie^iinfike^kmfi 4*1. and 5* 1 1* 4m iytit$ modi 
y^mr lulix yo$^ LdwSy Mnd have rt^fd ac€$rdiffg f^jpttr 0mf iy^ 
^Mdmt^C9rdifrgtoikjimtt\ kit; n§i» tifemy 0ifAi»fifi9f^ii^Ui^ 
'- 4 The l>erttr to encatrage tbctn , here \& »• promife of 
mercy.' The Ifiri mil ht grachns t^ thnmns^ $f JoTepb^ 
Tfie ^fffrianhzA made great (laughters amongftdism > and 
Ibfttfiembut a rfemmnr, i Ki^^t^26ij)^h^\^^ t^mr 
nantreturft; for Acn hew^U i^ grMeiom0tliff4rfmfum$ ^ 
feTegh^tbat i* to the rerpnint of ifrdel^ as beftwti Wf ic 4^ HP * 
had told them before ^ verf. 3 . that God woq14 ded»a«i 
diem , and here he tells tbem cbat God wonkt be oierdful 
CO diir dedtnated Remnant if they wmld but t^xin i»^ s 

' ' y To %ccp Acm^ from fccwi ty ^ '- the Pfopbee cjcho^ rin.wkb 
Xffrddvef^Hrey the tord wHF bee gracious to "pad : Hq^faf«|5 
nor p^fitmfy,tnd aifdmefy y The lord mii:m^<^^^ fipT 
thenhee hid made diem <lefpmce ; »«! |ie£ aueniv^^ 
Ait God would Aqfiver rhem , ffiflr 'lAat ura^ , k^m m^ 
tfiempreftitn|icuoa^ and canilcft; bwteufcdi *>pri«bi*» ff«ii 
tcmperedfpeech^^ wWchontheone band mi^t tecp i}»m 
from piefumpdmii aadoatbe<ii^&€mdef|««ttim. C^w 


io8 .''^^t^:'^A»Mnftptk0y Oa^^f/ 

'aiittle crevUe of light and hepe , .afid comss m^ a f^sdven^ 

ture die Lord may yec be gracious corhe^m. He (]peaks fome* 

wfeat iloubcftdliy CO (hew the diifif uky of the ivprk , and ^che 

*^^ bditewo cxckc'dieir induftry V aad.a«^al«n thenj out of th^ 

• ^ ifecttrky. Such^^^^ |^erji*r>W/#w«<'<, fuch hints of hope, arc 

very frequent in Scripture , i Sama^.S^ znd a. 1 2,1 a, aid 
t6.i 2. Lsm.^.tg. ffcl i»f 4. Jonah ^.p. Zefki.i. 
, ' <y^. The Pdfifis tQkfXf their paffAls in d^nefs jmd dp»h^ 
9ngydmief^Beth& Scrifheres they bring h ehi$ eoprt^vethu w. 

'man cm be affmed ef his EleSiien an4 SMvdMn 4m this 

• ■ ^ 9^ ■■ ' 

Anf0. But the Anfwer is eafie ; i The Lorddotfa not Tpeak 
. . here of the Efeaion , or eternal fal vation of fuch as truly re? 
pent J butof their deliverance from outward^ afifUaions and 
calamities fyhichwere threatned againift them for their fe^ 
-yetCfi: Tbefe fometimbs the LQrd iafli^s upon bis people 
notwithftanding their repentance (as we feeinp4t//4fyan5l 
this he doth either fot: chaftifcment to make them flyc from 
iin for the future, or clfe for trial. 
^ - i f hfe Lord fomctimes after he hath ibrpathed jjudgemcnts 
upon the wicked , yet upon their feigned hunulviaupti hcl{^ 
hand (that the world njay fee how highly he elteems the true 
repentance of his people) a^ we fee in j*h/^Md the* iVJWV 
W^r/. Confiderii^ therefore tfaefe various cjifpenfatipns of 
God, the Prophet fpieaks doubtfully here^ and $xhort$ them to 
itpeut , refcning the event to Gods \(vife and grac;ious!^ provif 
dencci So that fuch places fpeakii^ of temporary chiaftife- 
; ments,mrice nothing againftttecertamty of our Eleftioil. 
' ; The particle U/ai^ peradventure, is not alwayes dnbiuf^ 
iTit/^f bucfometimesL^rjI^n^, f .//. fcek the Lord fincerefy, arrf 
^en vvithout doubt, he will receive ycii gracioufly , and fo the 
Wordisiffedi>/K.l4.ia* PfradventUfre the Ler4 wiil he with 
'me^ and! (hM drive them;em, Caleb fpeafa.npt'licredubi- 
tatively, but beleevingly, q-i. Though the work be difficult, 
ytet the Lord will be with ;iJe , and by his help I (hall drive? 
-out theftf formidable Oiamts piip, df Ca*^ \ fo tiefte^ 4^4* 
Cohere the Prophet ^oth not cjueftion whether God wiirrer 
'ceive a penitent (inner to <nercy , for that the Scripture proves 
)i^ttndancly,fiu^. 3 3 .x x .^uc the Prophet by tUs feradventHre^ 
" ' gives 

tgiveschemfome hopes chat it.f^.vVaiilibciira;a>(SMiiie viv^ /'. t 

But tt is to be Tcfcrrcd to thofc fccMre finncrs , of vvbdfe l^r '' ' ' •' * 
penttteeibe.I!tapii(fta4gl^rJrt^ kOtfiffapr.ic VquU * ' '^ ' ; ; 

te how at 3tti( ortdife Jems lidgi^ 
: Ycar:fildily ^ ShoKliitim gr^ >ibtfiic.i5 ^^di^&i . /p^qii^ 

CMrAnbrnyadoiibd^ . r - . ^ 

cfinmetyxhdrdiaaers^il^ • 

fiitc«amp(disQidy0''asKb£dUft ,, bifc^^dB['t<> ^ ^ 

doubted whether tlse Lord would forgive them or no » t;bf p^to v ^ ' ' ! 

che^beiKt^^bdaiidbifii^^ .. ',' 

becsufiMtangsLthac arc .hasdfy f^onc by aie mqr<i ^acneiUy 
fc^Ofitf iM^rQthevfirQpte c1k;|ei ^ xha(.^4 

ws'<i0ia^e:<m«itix)ficn^.{o^ b^QO|U^^ 

peiicaflceyaikicr]rii^f6r4iiercy<:. 7 . r f 


than had To oefetced them, that they took darkneCs for hghc^ 

.J ^^ 

and trd)ie his Exhortations to them and^ tq^^tve. tpeoi: ane . j,!,| 

bcxtts^EeeUf.i2.ii WearcUkeadullltnife, whidfiimMft ". T-^* 
«bc«lMtceddvet and 6!rcB.ciU.atbibt6ugltno,?nie^^"kU ', rVr?'a 
t«hcVwjw«apbK5pf4lK«6ly;C^li6ft»» C*««« t<t7i...33!ii* M» ,. , w»i ^ 

wxfA ( M whet ; no; wr4,<»«« «V.<^4ir«P|^j;heSJ?Juft^**^^ 

t^w^ . J <i • • Obf. - 



TftTr,^: allQcher (bgucs andeviUait naacbb« cQapaMimbciM* 
DMiu&r! AilM«IMft)«tM^fitUfii4ki«nB, aoricy«eiM'u^ 

fiispic vctb iM MiM' li/Mi «1«ttniiBf «)ite^^ 
ihc«>i«^* - 4'Wciiiffti|ftn:k<ibrf|ifi](4ft4.K^ 

defire is, tbtt the very Taxs»'<jSilfnttftaj^\ii hit4'*»oam 
in iieiiiembraoce> Pf*h 8)^< and thetef<M:e chey feek c<^raze 
it CO the very fouiidactoa^l!f«IUil^y.>v iiMKfo flvMild we deal 
,\wiA fin. . ^ • 

;?"S!*^;*' eWaltyv' '■ ■■' ■' ■'■'''• ^ .■^' -c ■ ' ■. '; .■• - • •• 

jpQcb toMtl Aconbttces to be Gmcltmy aad 'Co^ tove 

^^(jj(^. .1- '.::■■■;: r. " <.: ,^'!'' D , f ; •': 

tepentimce;* Tim. s.i{,M&»-c*n tell,-aM'mio bitri^^^ 
Wt^Onlm; bMJxpK tflliewii^lll^tci^cnds agiinft 

nudle fuccdscoGod. TaK i^iqr.4«ptk;Md foucakemay 
cndeavout ;impofltbUity of ofaciiiiiQg btealtsdie oeatt. Ihougti 
thyrn*(aVrtJengx:at ti)d«n5yo!!«,.j{S'[jyr«*J#^ 
«ieim,)pCT!te*ttre4eyttsrybej^t(l(>il«aj a^ S-'JW»?J> 
aiifc ttvitM doiojEt «ni far V witttulff^' '"^-' *^ ""■"' 

tMiiia ttifi wairamMti-V-tMlSllt a 
firat»i^liii»i» a < t»l «>^«<i»»i<«»>ft<i 
ilKi»fiin<ilcjiaeii-wtleli>airitr#j W«K 

cntolllBllpb^^rariMl <9 itid'LfMM 
tUnflmhtnulmip! i[ <Ufi^lift)ii t 

.riiyJUt.:.-.-- ,: '■■} '■■-■'■■ ".-...■.'=!■, •■•. 

■■ mtmaim^tmHm "■, ■*"""'"" %:' t" '.'?'^v!: 

■■■fmtmt.jiiltthl Uril. .ra n:nlM,,.i, 

*T*He1>topbet haj oftoi fore-narined ti)iiL*U>iii^ 
K- fl?^fl¥^WWEW!*ifBJ:,«iit«*W«ii««tl«a« fly 
Bom tne wiub CD comi i b|ttXiRiKllt|lsi«tH(d^tlE j^a 
. . , E c ■» , and 

A • >- 

• > .4 4 «ibul4cop8 and qittttumioff j ^a%ti|^h9a»i9MgtlK»r 
raUybotli in City and Country, fo now tney flwuld be pttn 
nUhcgcnccaUjv fcn^allf^acesOnuld^iitfcd wubrffeepipg 

ThePr^tt'baviiigiWtobUSdiOrtttiiMo' B«pcBtai>«: 
now ;|C«^^ms,to hUThrcaenu^ agaw J wbprcrWchawvfh? fad 
CaUmi<»Ayhicb were foioOig 1^0^ /^lap/s. < .. .- 

; . ri BycbeWaUtngwluchfhouIdbein^UftreecsJ 

•/i.Sti£oR!ii><s ^.(be weep^'wUd) Aould bee in all . 

ftrisivhicB ihoiadc a^thc' , . . CVimtor. 

«f:iirtag,aiKl ^^tsJfi^^iaig^wftBfaf, aod«itipebA(K or chofii 
warnitg* i«^b< GoA ,gaifC:.»Jicm'iiiF jthe >Pfophett.-"n»cf 

)r^Vm%iP'#r «iif<lUfe^ '.•:^f.'.T.iv-.v.:.v :-' 

tnem tney had notco doe witb a dead Idol,, or widftan Itg^ 
tencnun, but widi an Oo^upqcent God, who vyaii able c^ in* 
^ whatever be had i;^icie^|^)ed<jig$a)fM)em, "as a[ 
the majefttck Tides wbtib are mven cq nini. who is tiie LonL 

'wHds. ttnevtasinb ^^) aM VH^tefor^^die 

^ bids i^iea^ndc f^ktec 
^, [qrjt (ipr.fhcir. atufr Aauld 

yea fuch .fad calamines, (hould co^ -jipon tfafB. fflac^ 

tifiaal moumeis. ♦ ■ '- ' ' • ' "^ - "^^ '^ 

' — J. The 

#/*M/!«i«lf(yi/ Alios; %iic 

neSi tBftcdfes wttcb QmM «oin« woorwicw* W^fe :A»« ^ mmk&fk»-' 

t ilietf cal»muyih«iwkc<rg»«•^t(u^ thofc wfeichyvcr^;?J^'»•«*»- 
wMMobe hiredin an liUlnoatci»U«n«n»*«l a*°f /°J.*"*°5 ' 

fiii,»ik«««r<*W,.thatthcy may weep, tpffjcbcr. Mmaturn 

SSl call tte Citizen , the H«sbandman,, the Vimtor and 
^Amfioal moupwr »: bear th««-part*fn this doleful 

iTKs tliecuflbme df Aofeamesm thofe Eaftcm Couns. 
r«« inrisMS of greatmourflingto. fend, fot ^ng-anen *k1 
ffiS° £t.could ff^^^^^ 
vX Sen to weeping. •» CAj^.js^f?. 7?f ?-.8- £*f^A ».T" 
ThriSrics heTe IhouW be fo great that they could noj 
SKfybevTail'^mthemgves, »«^ f^;.^«^f9:«bey ?^^ 
SS^ttefe toWp liiem. T^c J«w? ?f ; V'^er time? bor* 

^^ ^t^^M$k wHich whh their mournful tones and 
f »a f«n« miUncd the »ffai6ns of the people to mourning foe 
rSS^fSea&e were two forts, i Some played on 
tiwdead. """T -Mndcd Trumpets^ At tha Funerals otcmaUtm*- 
Pipes. » ?H2i5SA«W^ at the Funerals of in- ff«riW./-««. 
great men they founded-r»J«»f ««, f • i^l „i -ad t'lac «»*».ovA 
?*ribai: ocffoa^ thCT foimded Ptfes. Hem.c. w< readi^ut 



SiS^^H **^^ «Ifo » >vhcrc to 4nency^ die. vHeft of ofin tbUt fctft 

^'^* agrtttfiemfing when xbecc ii no teabqr* ^turctoly rftti WSm 

not ap|pt<)vc of thcleiij^ricicil fsoW^gi . and ardfioAffe'' 
nentacions to' get axneyt but oadhf irtem^ tfiat tBbir^fojS 
; row (houici bie £b ffekt that ic Ihoutd sfied fidfipc tX^^ 

HI Via K# . • » J ' • • -\ * f » . . 



^ i . « •. M , 

• ¥iift;<>ia iib^s M(;n:dbWiiby^ 
6, 5. an3 Aph cuts tbcin pfr lijr' sw etoefcies fword, ' 'H&;1f 
(^iQfuatincdiod.^ aslla^l^ti .exfiefienctd bi 'iSi'^^k 
t"Srticn men wftl ttdc hcrffch ta^ 

rets a cdtArfigh]t!rac<^ mttti& ^St^dnSeiri^--i SMb.; 

, We rea^ before of tbkpcople$Idplairyj.'Vlbciy,'i^^ 
ftow idoone J Wepitg;^ waJlti^'^aftR 

iiiiTAcndm fflQotmitt. See taore oV^i/fui^r^lii**' ': '"7 -^r 

bevV^utel .never leak: i!i^ -^o V«^^ '6<WM«^ 

c ' '^ among 

— «i 

wmb^iiim* iBcbe cWe «f Viaugjs tiicBe inras ^nvn ijob^ 
atak m^ aiid jbiUky, ffiit4^» wf fom; AMnilx > ^nd <li4 
uMmHtf9ftlpi.t6,t9.j9ritK.'to* Tea out ^r ^Qs bad 
mned-dietr'tijtntt)' fa ^ »Mf ttcf^AwUl have vrappinfiiAr 

tbco»|Bf>»c«k»wow aittes> viuilY«mci«l r '"W ^ w«W S /S^' 

raoKroiV Mffff vvheff'te r«»S -«iv Ittigd (afiniie aUtbe. iyft?; 

la^iencattop , £cnl.f 1.4. ^md l«.f 9»<i»iwiUf*& f 
]^' Wicif elasiesf. iHs&i^ tm!k^ d tfluwiuK taawy 

*- '• 1 ^' • • ^ OBS^^V'AiTl ©US.- « . 

fMj^fndi vv^i^«^r%e'«k^^ Sot c^#b 

; •!) .ly If 

• -^ t '.: ■■ ji' 

-< » -111 

• • • I • . 

;tTTE ate now cosoe to cite third pxt of tb» Cb^pNf » 

fMM. ~^'1%e ;liHl 4I& nidoJRrt aafl 4$«49^ 

'- ■•-'-■• 


fwrsin auufttiog i;faroatH<*l^^M^ tfac iPi9rfwC:vyftpftAis 
Vf ould be, f^. r^i^B^fktis. m^f ^P * MK.^i WflWA.^J^i 

* diricy'irrenfiidlnrv^ndcaalftl4e^ 

and jeft arGods judsc!iiMits»^aeu;bq: ifm^^^om, »$*«^ 
peaUig the other, hut eft««itstg ^Jfi^mj^vx. ^l^^ib^ af 
«?iftd,arrilibxf«*amawmasa^aj^^ ^ r. r- -;;', 

Xordstong-fuffcring, thcj«|lw«fw!cr|5.f,i«^^ 
fire At iMytfthiUri , 4jt mil come too Toon upots ycta mm« 
'Oiitwilhingfor, di^yoaw Vp<)M!!ibe lenw of it, you woiHd 
never defirc it. 7> ^at tfd u i> /(rr;«» thm r# jj^fid^ f Did 
you hue know what kinde oS:.i^ kil t^ k b^J&ungfg^ y¥>j^ 
yOQwmild nhi lb.iimchidefofti(;^.you jwill diix^ it mite^foo 
(oW Mrhdn ^t comes (jA^t Dcyil& t}ioag^c fgu j4^4^)^?ib)^ 
When Godcoinesbe vtaU come «f aUvaufic^^^gdii^r^^^ 
ybu CO your lictet deftmAioQ s fo that y^oi^ .bav(^g|f at x^uTc to 
fe^r, andby rqKociQce xfi pEtyefit , cacbec than to detae^c 
day I ycwhefeii|f«t^ ^f ^^^ *ctf^!jwkv? 

nocency^ land confiding in their pnviledges, dc^qdj^tf^ 
c^ die in mockery andfcom, tbev cry , When will that aay 
xome, which Afms fo^ttchrtal^xif » we would fain fee iu 
»i^you (hall, (faith theProphet) tune enough xo your fooow; 
F^rit if^dofof isrkffefs^ ani,nc^^R±hii tnd'rRectfbise woe 
be to you chat dius fcbflSngfy ddiiafe-thediiff diF ^h( lMi:d*,^^<iu 
will hndeic no jefiing matter when it comes t itvlHUw a 
dark and difpi^d day to you, though now you make your felvef 
merry withtt.' ** '""- * -': .: -:. : . 't:,.;. "*** v «.* 

pbec&hati Fore-t^>ld AtXtgm$diji. aadatliifi^iy t] 

of the day of J[udgement « it wilk fa£ a day:i>f jdajrkifejSs^ an* 

terror to' all wicked men ; but ixin^//;iibU d«y of darj^efe 

^^ and 

Mdn* oMtghfc,*th«wv Ais d^y of txcccdiiig^darlAicfc f«f. 
the ikbtt^jMm imports) as vM sozfkt Am9s 9.^ J nUl ^ 
fitrmMc^^ppon them fir evtt^ imi mfngfod. The denial 
0^ die contrary hath a ^at emj^afis 10 tt« f .nE* I fvUl bring' 
upon diem allWmier^i^fMcncf^Socx^ It^M 

,h(^ddyjffd^kmft^.^mp9fHihti thacis> it&ril&Ji vcrf> 
dark and difmal day in wUch diey iliall finde no li^ 
fort from the Lord, but wrath (hall come ilp6athem to the utr. 
nioft* In that day the Lord will exert Us power in executing 
btsVengeance on die Kuigdomeof Ifr^ioi aU dieir Idote 
try, Apoftacy,SQcurity,lteK)crific,86:. Tljt various aedin^ 
evtuUecakmiciesofthtsday V areclegandy fetfoftb in the 
next^erCe » where the Prophet fhews^how tnq judgements of 
God (houldbefet them round, fo that if they <(c|^)ed fjrom 
oneevil, yet another (hould afpprehend th^n, tad if d)ev ^ 
fiooi a uon, yet a Bear (which is morefavi^e) (hoala det 
vourthem* ; 

It is ufual in Scripture to call dddy^ Adverfkj^ mtfery 
an^ diftrels,by the name of DsAff^s^ zsj^k io.\6. and zju 
S7«and }o.ttf«^5«30iand M<ia«J(te/ i.i.Z^^«i.t44o 1^8. 
Hence die doleful condtttoti of the; damned is called nct^c 
darknefs. As light lignifies profpenty , ;oy and comfort^ 
He/Ki:t6. f0liii.6. and 38.1S. 'y^.97.ii*andli24« So^ 
^i^//.(igni6es calamity andforrow, as I have (hewed on ■.- 

Qsf^i Bm}4tfd9ihih§rr9fhtd€H9mtc€4W9cagAinJi4i»fi ^ 
^$Mt dispM tkf i^ 0fih,C9rd^ ii4»m h h tbi e^mft dufiu pftlif 
S^lmt ui Svfiymt thu the JUfvf the Lvrd wetUd come , an4 
the J dkjljPr^y^ Thy Kingdome come t ^nd it is made a kindg 
#/4 Peri^knti/is efs hleevet^ ^Mt he h eke that lengt fer the day 
iftheLerd^%Tiin.^.t. . 

. Afifp^. We muft dt^Ki^iili, t Of d^yes; t Of perfons^. 
x There is a double di»y of jfucbeottnc ; i^ There is a day 
of ten|iporat judgeaient when ^ die Lord arifedi to execute 
judgement uoon the heads of incorrigible finners , fuch as 
the old worta, Sed^m^ Jernf^tem % and tbefe dayes have ii^ 
cfaem a gltmpfe aiid (btdow of that great day ^f the lordf 
and therefore they arecaUed.a day^of blacktiefs,and darknefs^ 
a great and terrible day which none can abide*, when th^ 
etfthiiiailt'treinblei and the Sun and Moon be dark > and the 

^ JFf Stars 

fldlr ttpoD th&ificlRdi»tliu1Uiew Ait liuf trsiictin* dif 

11itda7wU€k tbe gtf tyiSo' iriiich defise aod loag fin k^ . 
it« &KU ioidigMif itl diiy 0f J^^ 
Ml RadflflopdM iMbm tMy fliitt eajof boibin iiodf Md ibtt 

a We maft diftttgai(ki>f fMrybtr; foioe «e hsicevtrrMi 

kcM «f bttietiVier%< luc ciMi^^mcslived^^^ 

pofcttp wi^b^iidilttitt^ctfilie^^ Mrtrinttoeeiity^^tlMi^ir 

jtdglt k\mm f#^b^^c4^h*diQ{MMtedtBemix^^ ^«# 

weit^ie^^M: v^pAi ^ bayrwHt yoneadksreliis Imuv^ iuttArl^ 
)te tAiht ils'lion^, ahd thtijbfofetyou %e ftMfmir isifj^ but 
tkih^ay^f etie U^mt &fc » i8e^> whidiiiftilt osa? -aitf 
ditmcrtybu Wolfe. ' * ' ' -' ' - 

vJMh $4 coming $n you^ fi^f^^jf dfkj^tgwhin wiliip^^mit 

pJi thttUhi$^a4kjiffmmliJ^ md 

mtfvm p9im^fijifrim dXi^ymd^BiMt'Piofad'mm i^MK, 

OB^fiRV ATI 0*«V 
~ ^ ]( Jir fltara then have btenfymifroj^U ^c^kfirr^dffd^d^ - 

wicked'of the. burden ifm £^tfd^> «t»c is of Cods i«racb 

their jStiS; //he^i^.i; ^fidia.r/tk^ Vvxtity isbdo^iriMiifbr 
ti>e^t>aih$,%ilc^, Wha^iiGT'i^^ Lord^ imd ivbm 

mil it cb{h<s 1^ ^u h^^^d^iiijbki^ift'^irv bne nmedo net 
ibilk , fo f^ db HM lwle^6^u< v'^mt ^thotefim lot ir mke 

^ L 

• ♦ » « 

prophane ones, when be fayes . Preceft mull be mpon frectft^ 

m^ Ji^boch (^oUcoll lo^ i H^d Wehdtvi fSuM fc6o trtie tn our 

old they mockd^^s^^tlMr ^ftu^^; f «^ ^P|^fent i^di 

imi ff^th^gmi^h ^ t^e it^orlkl; Becaufi: CAwirj hisScr. 

*ta^eteetheiii««^.^o . ir.v ;i Pii ^ '..111 . noa ... ;f^;- -7^ 

w:v . <> 

their forrows multiplicdj-i^.a8.i4,iS, 15,17.12. •IrriJ^ tv.,u->i ^ ,\ 
dreadful , ana a dirtn4 ^^Xr V/lf4' » they will not be able 

tive,they ftiall appear no whHl^i! Wm rodifift^^'fiorVu con- 

-rift via ftfl*yttf()**ii^^ 'pa- 

^' p^<»Vi$R4itbta:tfceMar(^itfthe»imck«d!(^^^^ 

]P f a coinf orcs> 

,.* • 

f(^r«iirofmiade>J(XrM»Mfr;^ibeikliK^ pc»m&- 

^4^3,1^ fottewck^ibftnbeovowbehnedmth amaae* 
neiicaadliotrwv* n^fluUji^Ute wU<k Bidlsm a net, 

« ^iSyfliTO' \ « Tte d«y of dwh is » cBftaO^Uy to tfae fytckd j evea 

ifoanwrSf '"^ ??«f./^»?!r'.» M '8' '^^ thc.«>oft.tenil»le of a|l 
(^o9u£^ ^ tembles faut ArtjhtU wboi became lo dye. The thoi^ics o0 

ei^T«m. >cvfftttiiiakeaBiii|2r4M4rjk»es$toknodKoticag^aiK^ 

.3 BMrfricpUUyiUgBC».djqfvbfAe(L«td, wbe»fe 
come as^Thiefvin tlie.rijgte/iiKHenlyi.tefribty/jddiuM 
cxpeacdly upon the , wicked 0f . the ftodd ^ t Tkf.f. », j, 
» P« that will hie t4*A and.teiribli day to tbetov 
wteacvcnrfwKngs^and-Qf^ (ball cry t«» 

''■■'■ . , rWh«5 w wiM ?fa<f«rbla(p|Kwiers.'of txiKf tmte affceiBr 

thaticofTacGods Thceacmiigf »v a^ defimtfatiroWii'dafniiai- 

' »PteyiJU,th«m(aWdareBO£do/foif%i«&wr 

Whoaiethefeth«tproir<^tbe loidto amec? 
, . . atetiijWitrcMec tha|ihe? wbp«a9L.»l*ieJik-wi^ 

d»e Ijon , die day «s Pater , o^Ae. o«M«wi«s Citte 

SiZi ^ ^»y.?^^i!«i»«!« te 4(^f^ nhdmiigtt^ijf, fill of 
#i«i/*i^«»A^B??RWMr: W9rtp#e?i«o*Wf%;«llTO:lfl>i4.<^^ oc 

fmaMi»tfitmai9t^pt*9^ **^«»fWi^i*»w< wfijf^/t iife4tkt.' Ait. 

*^ "• * ' I- > «'« •» • ^ ■ 

M /• 'f t /■ 

* Lord «?ar4 teog Wtt^thcm ,. Aertfowther condflded he 

£1^1 anocha;^ 

jtyait chem in ti{e4^of (M wrttb*. for «U placie»ftoaldlie 
fillip fnires and daqgen » fft'Chac there .(bowl be Ao, fafojr 
at b««ie <MS j^)roa4i for God -would aultipiy e«b tqpoDtbeiH 
Sothv>£.cheyefcj^ed«oe,.vvc aootber jBaotAi apprebend' 
tbem$. tf if a mai^ beii^ in me Field or Wooi ilK»ld flye 
IrofaalA^t atKl;iAiFioiisfi»6ar(boii|dpieei:i»m,.op flytt^ 
£r^a^;> aS^rpeocibpttid l)ite him*. Ici^alrnideof^nc) 
i{«r»w, where chefpeecfaiifeth, and the Prophft (hews tfaac '^ 
i£. they, ef<:a{«daae evil t yet chey ihould faH into a irarfe. 
l^bavea L>oiivp|irrue a mm 'u very.dMgerot^ . hue -co £atlt 
im^^ iiaottch ofi an but^ry Jear that is worfe, - W v^tCca^ 
Jm^ aadflyuig into anb^ufe fo» (heiiec ^ndi fuccjour ,■ and- 
Uyutg his band itf»on cbe w4l to eafe-aod ofiiold htmfeif > -cor 
iM«s a Setpsnc ftii^ hm cb^^ yvbere he lowed (<x moft fecu- 
]^y,ij|Ui^Moi;frof al|. The Li^ is a mor» v^\A:-t ge(|»rou> 
creaBM?*;tt fpw^ f, yielding ppsy ». «»d P»*a!bi«ibndf ad[f •»?*««««*- 

SwW^S«Wfp<|reinopwH>^o^ T»^"~S&1 

andr^rcy cha4t«n«hk^ iiw:k<5d.£/i<fr* iww**^ 
«nE by Iieas>Vt byj(VVo>be(:rb;»CS« * KMig,x.ii. when z»tmttsiHSMe 
B»ieifavai[eandcruel4 H^nce eookss ch^ Proverb) LiMimmtntiu'Am 
^mmnii^ U't^6mM aed,from*.iton^4n4idl wS&ff f «^^^^ 
mmkf^ a^aar, ^is , h^flqdffQBi^4aii«rv^indfeH*§.^ «;J; 
into a worfo. T3wB**n» cfl«a»tt«{ n^or«»ercQ■.swfl totttl^an a tr«w«tf v, «jf 
Bear 1 cfpecially when (he is robbed of her Whelps, and«»«/irtiir}fe» ■ 
therefore when Ae I^ chrww wc^againft £^Ar4.V»«2^^^^^ 
in -a dreadful manner, he tells them hewiU «ane againft^^^]^'/;;;^. 

them as aarongUonv^as^^jWl l^aidj. yea t*a *aginSA,,*r4/4»»r. 
Bftir dM*i»>vWt4'tf V:»HP' *HQr.i$,y^ Tht likft-ex-iiw^r. 

Awiita. Thtfehypociitisi cojiceited tbit cbaa{« would 3\r*^«ttf.V 

cafe;tbcin.if the I^wtw^t ^^* ^^^^ ^f ftiould^ HSC 


fiw5 but tb«f ftwl^ be fijtrottnd, To ihatwfen tbeytcboujto ,,^, ^ ,^/. 
idr£ftftb«i<fl*Ko»W9 ♦ :fheyftioy|d &» wtola worlc j and lamcuftns vi- 

holes aad wail»tlii^ HioHld i$ite dKm , «nd Oing thfem' M 
deadu Tfauswhen Ac^tf thshbtdihwid comt ; ^bef 
ihouldaocbe iMe cd efeftpe, ^e flyiegfroin onfc cruel aoKHf^ 
{hc!j( ihoold ^ tetd thdiunds'^a l«*oif«k one oufet^' ftididtf 
fbUoKvia^tfae netkeC/iUio^ier ^tt-^tey. tietc qdne' Ison^ 
fuflied*-- •■ " ' ' 

Att who foanerty^i>»refife<l/)J-«l,*Sdfcy< Wi^V SMmmtfeti 

Aiitter Itiae of^j|J!)«'ii»>«Aikli d&^ iiM>re'fta(|Jy i^nijl^fti^ere^ 

* «tcb Vm(^ «nd/wlloPat'M petftriid x'flSii^ j[irjitf»»«6cfai^' 

whenbebefiegcd andvtitffli<<ked ^ini»«ri«v pebble a!^ //W 

j^;t j;^,8. *!!)« CMd Ifadbeei^a^a teodef'Nurf^^iiflto' cUs 

"^ VI faane;d|pfii Ja&4«iMrt^ het^ai,- «nd <be'(itkfit&irfth« tiidli 

': . ' .tfyoitinayftcv J?)M(^Jl»l«» ce^-^.liut they aboA^^^ilfe 

: amcisi co the dUluttiour cf thit<SM tli«c gaVeth^Vix^f^ 

• t 

•o.. - ' '■ « 

,.; ............ i- ♦. »• *. »•.''..<.-... .^.*i..'..: u .... .. X ... 

.v::v' •:.^4eid»(iVeWbTK8:4iodlbtd»h-^tir'^Iif^t»a!}iJii)ftaii 

^ ifttfae boi^pMM <tf ilk&fek)')(e{* dwre^ttte eye dbthc fttf tt i w^ 
aodhtsbaiidrwitt fthde t^tiHRoUtT;- i^l^am^ff^inemeA ailargk 

\'r^ ^ ,':v. eftbe {juiil, yeBr())«8iaJb<^iftdtilli^5erpktic^^lli^ii«W diMU 

- ' ' yetidipallse:^ «ildfi]r>'«^^'d&e^, J <ui(Hbdrv llitlt: rffe 
-> c \ >vi< iiAi'«nd«*il»poA' tivit', <lSa(^ «p3ii icfyi and tnenji mn 
; •, X tob)y:yiiMtifchehkdl^dite'ddlt%^tti'J''^^MMMrf^iftl^ 

1 i 14, 


«4^it»Y<^ tjdl iett^ l^tt'Aft i»«^)^^ 

fieel (hail fimce cbem tborovr, J«j ao,»4* ^tAf^ ^^^^yfi^t 


§t^fi\^mtfii^^it^ Aval 


Btt$f.t%.ti^ wicked meittKitik e<x cT*»e l^ftiildflj> #r^^ 
itrhetit&eybe mcroubie of coitfdcitieft ttiai ttef:dfc(te ta 

ingof dha word'dd ftafdeptdpfe, chci5^ tMtft th4t Goi'wmitd^ 
deat iit6re geiitity mAthctniandtlief^^ dkdf iMealt^ hiin^ 
iiov? what is this but co fl^e ouc oT cbe ftnoak into me^i^ 4lid^ 
to aroid akfler, to runinco a greater jsttchief ? 

Sb/dl m the tUf tf the hmi ke dtrkmf^y 4mdM4$ light I 

^,i^ t^fdpfest havi!§ ^^A ^^^^ ^wwaw, and 

k litixvoidabtttli^i t>i that ^tt diy ef *ii^li6rd which was 

i:iQ»Aig iip6Q i^ttifor tfaetr lih', xrotelu^ ^H mcbchtsfliarp 

iild facred Epiphotiema ^hmthe dajt^ffh SMd ibriifcpi 

' The I^niftrtogammtsa fttoi^ AflflrtnKtfen, f irf/ T* iwfc* C 

ImT it^jmiipe tUiifegdftH Maj(fthe Ur^^ Uojm not kjam 

Jtvis mi liierties > jonr goods and jour rtl^t^m t j«*I* ;««• fb^ 
jhailit tm^ftcd tfit9 [0fM J jont pofbmtj into d4»erfof^ mni 
joi^ tight into rhefhaiotP if d^h It is^ m( thi^4^M for fnch 
it^tiuao Jlhfkri ^ y^H\ titikX *^ fh ddf of the Lord jkotUd 
fyiryec/kymof^ V^k or comfort , for the Lord t^IB ^^me ai m 
drmed ejtethj 4pti^yoH , wnohavo keen fo k^g ofen enemies n 

" % To Vfcif fi AfeoJ 6f the truth 'of what he-%afe , Re doubles 

ii^hying^ It fk^Uhddijofd^^ even ^ryA^^ fj^ . 

"^te it 'for a tmii cert aki tru A,that jm (brf feave nil fefts tM • 
itf£ AiUksui^ amongft yotTi you fliall Mlis^ontw^ »n4 



r\ • ''' 

iKtLii, '■■■-..■■ I •• ■ ■ .' ^'.y 

Bpaift tfi im ^ ; To make the vrocds looce woglbty ami i»n{^UKical^ tber^ 
gfim^M \ acUed a idsoiat of <be c<y)infyxo the Afficmacibn, which W 
^!!S***" in ttfu*lHebllUi9^Jln4 intends the f^^ 
'^'"'' rbmih4lt4ji,^mtUp,, M. thdu.fhilt furcly aye.: ^ 

live* S» J!«&* he confefied and dented noc. >'*#., he 
pl«nlyand<^^ycoa{efledtbathev«a6nocthe Chrifl^ tak 
AiaU be a 4i(;' «/ dtrkfi^yMui mUgit^ brightnels in tie;' chac. 
is^uflt^be^t^^e^m^^^^^yt-^hidiwiU bniigwichic 
- manysevUs, but a&sbbd ; . niudi' focrew , buc<no jbyi audi 
darkneOr, hue no^UgKof comfotc, eafe , dire^Hon , <x fjatA 
cenniel* * . , 

• < 




* - ^ •• 

X %4 d^trk and Ji»ltfmt ddj wiUcerUmlj anifrddenfy ftwi 

Therefore die Prophet doubles and trdblesic > (^ppgr ^^ 
igf^fthiLfrdmllbidsti^fs^iimimlighi dietiM asksche 
ijueftioo, ^doiibtaKthe Incerrogauon » and all to afltu^ 
' them of checnicb-of 4vba( fae &ake 9 and to haftcn cheir Rc« 
pencance- The daricneb of un brought upon chdn datlotiefs 
^forfoirV and provoked the Lord to cake away his corn and 
wine, and oyl , and to ftrip tbem naked > as in the da v when 
they were born.' Since chey would noc &rve htth wicpglad- 
nefs of heart in theabnndance of all chti^s^; nowf-th^y Ihould 
ferve the A^yrum in woe and ndUery » and bche\vanc of aljf 
thills, DiMT. 18, 47^48« 

i A ^ood nun if hef all into trouble ^ yet he 6CdS^ again, buc 
. thejyicked fluall fall^ . and never rife more, Prnf. 14^1 6. If a 
good man fit tadarknefs^ yet the Lord will be a light unto 
bim,/'/4/« and turn all to bis §ood in the 
conclufion. As the wicked man mtbeftUnrfstfhufn^iciiHcji 
utnftrMtts^ Jdb lo.ii. So the good man in the fulnefs of 
ftf aits hadi an All*f«i&ciency of comfott » fo that he cannot 
but fay, the Lord hath done all things wdt, and it is good fo( 
him that ever the Lord afflided him ; yea that great and ter- 
fibtedayofcbeijocdi whenCbrift(baU come in his dory to 

YetC t u tfiU Br^hiCj of^ Amos. «i| 

judge the world^^atl be a day of joy afid refreO:iing t& alt the 
*Saims,iV.98, 9J^e 2 1 •) 8. Buc to the wicked, who have 
•Chrift the Judge for their enemy, bow dark %vd jdreadfut will 
all his dayes of Judgeoieni: be } When be fliall lay his Vindi* 
€lLve hand upon thein here » how foil af def^dency and de- 
spair will cheybe) when they ifaall be touHy forfaken/of all 
^iieir hwes and coasts ? So that if they look ai/ir^rii God 
As agjdnittheai ; i£ d^mn^ard^ Hell aiadthe Grave wait for 
them; i£in0Mrdy a guilty Cotifcience accufetb tbetn; if^^i:- 
Wi^dy all the Creatures are ceady as fo osany Serjeants co ar- 
Kft them, on the behalf of tb^r Lord and Mafter^ Thus wee 
feehow theDayof theLordifvtllbedarkn^s^and no li^tnor 
.brighcnefsin it to the wicked^ 

Vfiiai SX>13^1JI« 
I hdteinddiffife jdurfM^-dajts^ and I mJtnct fmeUfh 

Thiu^h jee iff^ me Bmnt-iffmngs, W f0wt UtUt^ 
* offtmgs^ I will not dcapt them, neither mil IregMrd 
. the Peace-offerings of p^^ 
' Tskf thoff may from me the nejfe of thj Songs ^ for 1 will 
itot henr the melody of ehyVioU. 

'EE are now come to the Fiwrth and laft patt dT this 
Chapter, which <qritains, - 

I A Reproof.' i» A <>>mn[unation of thefe hypocridt^l 
Jfraehtes^ whoconHded in their Services, and Saenficd^ in 
cheir Feftivals and Songs^ conceitinc that , the bafc perfor- 
mance (^thofe external Rites ( diiougb feparated from intet^ '^ 
ml obexlience ) ifvese highly pleafing uhto God ; and that be 
would never ddftroy a People that ferved him as they did* 
Thisf their foHy- tte Prophet confutes inthc fcjllowingjV^fes, 
where be teltrthem^ that all theit fecvices were odious unto 
God), ind fofarr6 from appealing him, that they incenfed 
him the mcfre againfbthem $ and that becaufeydiey were uii* 
fottod ' ' : 

cMan, ' 
:/ z For < Matter. 


G 2 I The 


■' i -Tfte S^miJUm ^9ft grand Af6Airts ftad idobtten; 
Tiky refled in die m)rk d(»e, a^ ob* 

fei^ jrices^ and bodily vforihip;^ ckvoyd of M^ fabii or time o* 
tk!di?tice/ and ib4gmiiK aboikb^ . ^ 

; a. Theyfdtlidiiltlkil^iirroft^ 
iif B^ine inAkud^n, but tf cbeir Mineinvemtbn^ addtheie ^^ 
fbre ic i^ fov&ft £tiit:4}itica% toilecl, ygms^ I We^tiir J^i. 
They wefic dk e6Hy cMtrary to Gods oommind^ for be comf 
inanded tbeti) t^#6rA»p ^ at j0rMfM&m^ in ^ T«tnple rben^ 
Init they I^D^Teftpl^ ^ndWMC a^whtfficg^er OrlMs 
'atrd Idols VLti^iHet^ ^^S^i ^> mid iSa^PfiiM. Tins: ihey 
thange^ (he pbke oT GMSiWdnftOp,.! je^|f« »^:^ Itlien 
they changed the ri/«if> verf. 3i..&nd^e::Ar«^x^ 9rerT» ji, ,f8« 
no wonderthen if God reje£^ their fervtces. 
, ^ They failed in die 4^ii^«^)tbe]r.i(licMild have performed 
%Jlt ^die^eUtttliaiiikigfy and * ikcerelV, 4n <^e<^\^vC4 \Q((4s 
command, but they meerly' fought aidD^Tetveiin^U tbe)^did> 
Jhiyf^rkicall)^ refting in^beir ^external obfervadons of Feafls 
vand SafrrificeSy vof ^ongs, and Mufick^in their Temples,, phink* 
. * iiig by this means to ewi ate tbeir fiiis. In this Verietherfeforc 
. we bav({.a Prol^ll;, dr prwehtjbg and anrfcipating oT an Ob.- 
* Jfeafoh, WHcfeas tfcfey ' boiBftd**atthtf* Weifed!^ ^doplc if 
God, and did fervice taUm* i^'o ithts mc. Pxophec octt^^ in " 
; *I^IfWl, frying,;! hate andabhor your Services, fince they 
come froth fucli wickedperfons, who are jeny profcft eota^y 
j^<]7V]^at youdoH^Ji^b i^offound^ij^^ my;^Wor4, 4bus; is a i 

-• I*.tlMsarii:thejtwo*DCxt yeyfes we baye,- . ' , . • ; 



■ » Herds Gods jbh<wren(iy J 551f«ll??^i rh.n, 
.of all tbcfc Sewces,ttgrcft m-^ J , ^.^^ ^ ,^^ ^j^^ . , . 
variety of w«ds, u | j yyiU nocr^i>khem. 

[ 6 Away:mtlr tlxtn, 

3 Heoeisthefeafonofchuc X Vourteafts. 
abwrrcncy,. and thac is bc-<a YourSacrifi^^ 
<aufe they aire, c^ YourSoags. 

They are none df mine) either for matter ov tfianiser, but \ 
cbey are 0f your owne invtntiT^ and appoincir^^ atvi tbere-j 
fore i abbot them. 

. / bftej I deffiff jmr Va^-ixj^t ; ot, I hate aft4 rc;ea your j^^ ^ ^^^ 
Feaftivalswithmuch dtfdain^as vile and contemptible tbingit, ^ ^jp^^j^', reputu 
yoQ think you highly pleafe me with them, and think to raciiie em fafild$o 
meby them, 4)ut your thoughts and mine differ mucn, -foitanqurnv'tte 
I tea you • {)lilnly, I hate and abhor both pm pecfomi^.J*^'^'^*^ 
and performances; till you mend your manners, and exe^^* 
cues -Juftice and .Rtghteoufnefs in the earth^'all you do^ is 
odious to me, and I look upon it with the grcateft difplicency f^gpy^t,avi fefii^ 
imaginable* you think that I ihould ddti^tin y^urfotemtu^x^i^^ffv^^ 
lies as you dt>e, but my ftomagk^loaihes th^m, and tur^is at e^ 0>Mi.Vax4^. 
very didv^fid duty. The Stomack ttdTeth-^dl wholfiome food 
aniturns k6 it, but diit which is unwhdMtne die fiomack 
tticas at the very fight and^ fcnt' of it^ When people f caft fin* 
merely, God uferii (in a fenfe ) to feaft widi them, and^theic 
.ifHnecbeersbim, J«^^.^. t3* it ie an hyt^tbc^ical f|)eeeh, 
raMimpoh^^ that God 4^ delighftd f^it^thbfaccittiies 0^4)1$ 
Servants, and highly approves of theif i)1kdience in th^it). Bat 
rdbehypocrifie of thefe IfrMillHs^ like C6l6quittrida'in the pot, 
ipoyted their feafts, and made the L^cdco loathe them, as 
ivt d^m^at which is-bifreIknCoflMwto^i!he ftod»«i, ^ih . .' " 

makes us fide till we h^ve nd oiff fk^ma^ks of 4t ^ a$ .Ch4(l ^ :^ 

.|iifta\iiedtodoe vtith lUkb^Warmi^^ 

:/^'d!/'p//Sr, the doublirijg'eC the word K'Cf^^ ^ « 

tfaegreatneft ^iPGods ihdigndtion sigainft di^m 'foP their hypo • 
.erifie, 'fei;6F aR fin^ God' ^bft abhofd t^at^ as beiflgmofft dir '-y 

-jreatyo^t^litoeoftls Nardil^ whois a <^6^ ;v 

ceoufnefs, I hate your feafts, orfeaftival Saci^fic^theiwofid.u ? 

G g a which 

9^1 JiiSxfofith}^ ^ Ctiap«l« 

.fAic\i we render; l^iM^s, figpifies bocb a Feifti and the 
chtwdkB Sacrifices which were oflFcred on chofc Fcaft-dayes# Hence 
ftftwitatisvi'' iomzitifydcvii^IlMi yam^fticrifices^ fOkthe word'is ufcdifx*^. 
(troiyichagag^ I). i8.?/.xi8i.27.//4. ap. U TbefMl^fmyftsft^i.^ clE the 
jAimhfmm Ladbc wlach was facrifized atmy Feaft,^4/f not h kfpt mniithr 

Tai£!sfl£s ^^"""^i ; to dm k imports, that God h wed both the feaftivab, 
^ f^^^!,^* and the lacrifices which dicyoflfered at thofefeafts. . 
hmnus edmr^ But our readirgis good, I hate your Feafts, for the dcfpifitig 
Muns&fd' of their Sacrifices fdlovvsin the next verfe. Hie Je^es had 
Ti'^^l"!^^' many Feafts, they had Sabbaths, New Moons, die Feaft of 
J^';'2, S"* "labernacles, Pentecoft, Trumpets, anitbe lubilee, But tlic 
§ffcrthMtwt Lord ceUs diem^ Thu be will n^t fmitt in thlr {•Umn ^tm^ 

hlles. It is a Meiofis,q. d* I greatly loathe them ; meet as ofc 
. as you will, but 1 will not; meet ybit there, nor once fmcU in 
your aiTeinblies. To fmell a fweet favour, (ignifies Gods fa* 
vourable acceptatioU'and approbadon ; thus when TVir^A of« 
feced a Burnc-offcring to the lord, it is faid, the Lord fmelt ai 
(Weet favour which pleafed him weU, Cen. 8. ax» fo tevit^ 
2iJ«.3i^ ; ;/ . , ' ^ 

n^thiu vuer* / will nH [null in jour idja of reftr^nt or frobitkUn, fo tba 
^i vefirii. Ywords are in the fountain ; that is, I delight noc in jrour FeafH-^ 
' valdayes, wherein people are reftrained and prohibited their 

ordinary labours, lit^ilr. a ?• 7, 8, jtf. Joel i . 1 4. when rhey 
<^redfacrificein.a right maimer, then God efteemed th^ 
asafvteec fmetlilg facrifice, Exod. a^. ig. ^^evk. 1. p^ tr> 
»7. Ez^kj ao. 40. they were very grateful and acceptable t^ 
Kim, beii^ tfpts of Cnrift, in whom he is^ell pleafed. The 
burmng^of tjbe Sacrifice iotit fel£ yeelded no fuch fweet fmeH, 
but the.f aitb and obedieqce. of the perfon being in-Chrifty this 
made it fadeligbtfttl to God. ^ . 

The people when they brought their OtferingSytbey broi^ht 
pr, i/ufhm^ Frankinceafe wi(b tbem,. 10^ burn for a fweet favour to the 
^ailcd.i£i9.p. Lord, fofi^ 3o» ;;4« lJfvlt.%. i ,a. dr i<^« i a. Nnmb^ itf.14. 
v^'xMOett ^'*^* *?->o: PfM. 66^1^4 E^el^%6 18.. the .better to rc- 
^^9yMex^ pcefenttbefvyeer odours of oiir Saviours Sacrifice, Efbef y^a* 
^i§permHy3^t thefe Formalifts refting in die bare doing of the wodc 
m^ fx mrito^ without ; faith and obedience, their fwceteft incenfe waikas 
#fe.f»/if, nee noyfem© dungin tU. noftrils of God, 7/4.1^1}^ ^^/, %. 9, 
iKSS*^^ majrbe mow ituly faid of aU EopWi I^ceo&igiQ dfciisJh. 

^. ^ c : Ob}. 

Veif.ait §fthiPnfhisj of hmou i*^ 

Obj. But Md nHtbit^riinfilmi Md^tff^ii^ SaerifkOy 

^. Ic is cnie> the Lord f<^ fiood cads did commdnd ibem, 
as i« To keep up the publkk aflembl^ of the ftichfui in their 
meecings^ to ferve the Lord» vftttcb elfe would cukkly have 
decayed* 2« Tx> xiind them of Cfarift and his Sacrifice) of 
which diefe were (hadows. 3. Hereby ^ey made an open con* 
fetfionof dieir faicb to the world> teftifymg what God they 

ferved,and in whom they belcevcd. 4. Hereby tfey ccftificd ^cc BiwiW** 
their thankfulneft for merctes received. 5. They ft^rved for Mcllif. jhco- 
the maintenance of theMiniftery, and by consequence to ^& Pan 3. p. 
further the Woriliip of God, i C^, g. 1 1. *3> &<^- 

y\\t Lordtherefbre doth not. (imply condeom Sacr iHces^and 
rdigioUi fervices, but the format and jiypocrtticar perfor- 
mance of them) when men fail both in man^inatter, and man* 
ner» as thefe did«So diat when the Scripture feems to condemn 
Sacrifices, and fayes> I require n§t Sacrijkes • this muft no^ be z^^^ij^ u^ 
taken Abfolmeljy but comparattveFfy q. d. It is not. fo much the a7rA&, M 
Outward Tacrifice, as the facrifice of an humble and contrite. KdcTdcT/, & 
heart which God requires, ffal.^i.i6^ rj. fo Mdtthig: li.ficmdmqwd. 
I will have mercy and wtfacrtfice^ u e. mercy rather than facri- Sec Dr. Gt^uge 
fice, God requires both inward and outward obedience,- butj?^^!^ ^^'•^• 
that which he chiefly delights inj is the inward. ^ 'j^ ?dMdt 

OBSERVATION& . ^ccmvSchooifi 

15' Gaard,RBc3i 

1 Exterffdl Sacrifices^ Md Services feformedr from InternAl^ 
otedlewe^mre^dioMstB Ged. 

Many think they highly pleafe hid by lucfr h^poc^itica^^ i^/HfcriUfud/ 
out fide fervices, when tne^ never more difpitafe.him. *0f tht A/^^ ^y«^» 
Hypocritical Jewes ( who did yet paitake of the Sacramcfnts 'j ^^F^o'^^J^ifam' 
it is faid, that widi many of them God was not wcl| pleafed; yJsS^^^r. 
.i\^. hcvvas^highlydifpleafcd. It is aMeiofis, i Cor.iO. %:caivin* 
Circumcifionwimout obedience, is uncircumcifion,* Xm. t. 

There is fcarce'any fin inall the .Scripturi that hath harder. 
t<gpis ^ven it than this. See (fa.t. 1 1 . to 1 tf»'c^ 57: ♦• & y«. See D. Wfw 

%&c%Prov.7.l^', 1 5. 7'r. 6f 20. (^ 7. 8,9,10, it.d'li*onlfa.5«- a. 
. »^^«^ib ^a.28; 39, J^^/. 8- 13. M£^V(J. (J^ ^, 8. ^ 
IP* fee what an heap of diflflung exprciTions are here. . 1 

G s ? 1 To 




*»3o . :i^9,^yfffitif0 '^ Chan. ' 

1^ Tq vyh^t purpofe are yoiir S^rifif ^s >. . . 

4.ftripg n9.fe|^rd^iVpblatipds., 
y They are. anibomiiuaon come. 
6. Your Feaftivais; 1 cannot ^way wi cK 

2Thcyare.miqoityi ...'. ,; ;i-\- 
My foul hates tbeoj* ;. - / . • . 

^ 9 Tmyar^'attoubletbinc^ 

10 I am weary of them. ' . 

11 I will bide mine eyes from yott« . 

i» Iwiil iiothe^ryourP-rayers, . , , 

Sec more be- All their Sacrifice wefe is the ofiterlrig of ,a Doggcj Qi z ' 
forc^ Amos Swine,in Sacrifice^which'iiack teen:a haiAoUs/crime in the 
tna in my time of the Liw; yea the Lord accounts it as Idolatry and 
- Com.on xTiro. Murder, Ifa. 66. 3- It is toriopuqpofc for Ifroilto cry^ :My 
3. J. GocI we know thee, junjcfschey doe the thing tnat is, good,' 

. H<!/1 g. Zy J • The §cribe^ ind Pfiarifoesjweju f arre in e?cternals^ 
Hencpi wp r^Kf'Of .tfcf 0rua^ acflurv^ exqulfiteSe^ i)f thelHia- 
. ^ rifees j Mii26.. 5. bu^ our.nghteoutoefs muB: exceed fhcirs. It 
, ds obediencexhat <Sp4 pr^ferres tef(»«^ll the Sierilicain the 
world, ffal. $0.8,^ 14,^ iy\&^ui6^ 17; hence S^tmuct 
. 'tel Is 5iMi/, that obemence iis oetter than farcrincei i Sam. 1 f • 

Sci^-Vis t^aSit > at.ic is more Spiritual, andjfo Wgr^^Bkjrfp^to God. A wick- 
tullv anci:ic^-:)cd man may facrifice a Bcatt, out a good man offers himfelf 
by Mr^^I^iit ^'J/^^^^?^! *^^ M. ^- now ^he inorf difficult the fcrv^ce, 
on Mkah 6. 8. the more acceptable it is to God, and aIl>^Qoa men. . A x^a- 
p, 9? > to i^y l<>us ^I^^^'^Joyernotfc^efj^jf oujtfide fer^ic^s* J^- will npt oF* 
a^^*.'",,*!*? • Jerto^His CkA of tijftt v\dicb coft him rioiiiig*; .the. jfcrvicc 
St>^: wljicbCSoa deligMn^^^^ ferv5k ^hi, 4 (4^ M 

tioli' eximfi'- r^^ Gock'fecvancs.deliggt to give mm, acw^ K p. As tbsy dc* 
Vw ptcw^ 'at$' fife t{j?t Qod ^fliould np^ ppc thcra oft with.fhewes and {ha* 
r*»i, tfrirfw dbwe%[j«ndil^jl$§j&f4^^^^ 
V^^'^^'5''*'' nalvcs, but to doe wbat they doc for himV arid Whim, wiph 'ill 

cHfii0f^wUi tjiat*<^o4 pr^fejr^^lif Adverps ipefore Aaj^^ and loved foirtf 





• 4}€tcer Airi Mmmi s be iMki 10 iht m«;(S)er <ifr vwll u 1^ 
natter of our fervices* Itisinaj^cmvi^Heaiiyfoberma^:^ 
4iht t^fifh XiligUftihz ftUere]^ks>n» t^^ufe it lis fuch a ;Ce- . 

. cemomouSy ouc-fide religion ; all for Bowing, Ringiog, $uig« 
it^/Stybg^ KiUM^lrik^ md |be traditions of aienand in chefe "- 
Qucdde performances they em^icdcbe godly ;, as an Harlot ^ 

' inf>Mntinjg and oatvvard aiiiiunay esqc^l. an honeft Wopian ; 

^buc^)ieKing»I>a4i^r^ach aninc6finale}K:fUency, iheisall 
j^i-dirtbu&Mr'n^i benig' adorned wichidichf graces of the Svi- 

.(.'• ' ' 

T^His-people confided me^lt in 4pr hypogricical Services, 
and. mttoiplicity t)P Sarm-oosrin^, M 

-IRsaiBe-^ering8yift(Vtbey/«ho9g^by . .v 

-irfstere'duti#8.t*pi)cii^ <3^ 
: finsr;tbePi»pb^r.)fhiwQ&W:gop^ 

Aistheirfblly/aiKlt^btJiew^l^^ ^at'God deirher re- 
garded them, nor their Sacrifices. * ' • -; 
' In tlie timc'oEtbe lailv lyc read of fivers Oblations and Sec niHcMut 

' j-.Pcace-ofiferings. • r ' \ 

4 TS^turm^mtigi y«as oneof the. nioft excellent, and ' 
tte''«^l^yfi<ffi*«Uj!heSMrifK^ . . . 

• Me to Gold ; it'is ciilcd an fUapanStfiv .vvbole Burncibffcriog, ^^ '^j^ 
"^aufe it- vvtts wholly confuinccl by, fire,' there was no pare f»r»;, c^ jtau- 
'nrferved for the Prfeft, tor for die, Peo^c, but all was. burnt 5-eor ere. 
and offered up to God. It hath its name frorndfcendw^y be-wj»rfJs. 
«ufe by bur^iiig':6rf^ itnfvjeat « foipke and va- Gmiah^tLfcm^ 
66ut. It^asaxTaily^airifi^fl^ Numkiii^: U-^^^^.^^fvav^, 

vh.r.^. Mt. 5. ^ 4V«^ and was ufed both at ordinary f^S'^oii 
€fi4ettraor4&iarylieatUYal9f Jk^onfified either of Fowls, as job i. 5. 


^«c how it Turtle* tnd Kgcmis, lor fhe4>^^^''^o*» tipk. t.^^4^ tz 
Ti^^f^ff^tViZ of Lambs, Rams, Qcrats, andBuUocks,&«i for the.ndicr 
'l^etmsL foi^'.T'^e end of ic waf to make ah acotiemeoc for Sifl«e», Levlt.x.^. -^ '^ - •: . , -_, . _ 

xx6. Ohj. Mm the bm^niffg^MBcf^jf 4 p0^H^^^ 

mftfinfrefrefgf^f^grcstarnnjfuz- \ . / :^' : 

ilnr/. We muft hoc look upon Gods Ordinances wlch car- 
nal, but fpirimal eyes, elfe co an cyq of fef^e^ Xircumcifion 
(which was an honourdiie leal of ciie Coy^anc ) irouid 
feeme concempctbie and dillionourable^ yea a^t^lpocly giK^ ^ 
cruel thing, as it did co carnal Zifporaky raod. 4. t$. 

So in our Sacramencs^ how coQtempcible to a carnal eyCf 

is the fprinklii^ of a little water ^ a bit of Bread, or a fupof 

W^ne, but cenuder cbem as Gods Ordinances. v^<fabebaib 

ordained, co fealand auureius of owreconciltaciim wicbbioi 

in the Bloud of Chrift,and fotfiey^ftce weighty mjpx^Mb A lit- 

^ tie VVax and Paper are fpiall niatcers to look upon, yet cbey 

may be a means to convey Inarcefs of great wocchttntous. 

Alnfmrtb m * Meai-iferings^Mifichah^ in i laigc fcofe i^ cakeh for any 

tcvit. 1. 1, fewgift, bfithcrcitistaken^iS/ifforan Obla^ made of - 0fie 

downnincforcsflovyer, Xmr.a. ij a, Nnmy* 6^ 17. &i\%*^ ^Vf*i9. 

of Meat-offer- % Qbr^n. 7. j.Ejuk, ^3. ^7« ^c Waif alwaycs jojracd to the 

^^cbth,pr§. Burnt-pfftting, or daily Sfwrifiite; only die yoUincary Me^- 

f^iifgmfcat offering was not. .. , / 

muttHi farinx- ' The^end of ic was co acknowledge thit they had all their 
cemy&erat food and proVifioh from Ae^bcWfttyoiirfbteflii^ ,^ 

i'^ctV?' 5 Pi^ce-o^erings ; Thqfo: Were l^cbarlftical for Mercies 
Sec mfes iln- received, and refembjedour faccificcs of Praifc and Thankf- 
vailed.fl*. 56. giving,//^^. ig.s* .'/■'■■ 
p. iij^, &c. It: 19, Called Shclem,, biccaufethis facrifice was offered for 

alrea<|y cecel- 
^. .. . . , %orparticu- 

2nd Mofesun- ^^rly; and thfs diey didcithcrvolottcariiyofrthttrowiieiju:- 
railcd. ch. 3 7 cord, or as bound by vow, Lev >• 7. 1 5. iChrmti x^.i, ^.. (j^ 

P- J i *•' z ClfTOff. 7. 7. but me other Sacrifice? we're nccelfaryiad com- 
, ...; ['/ njabdea.;, , ^' '- '" ''.•■'•.--:.- r .. .; . , . 
. ^ 2 Here is God? AiKftati^of^allfthdr f^tcj^j^siJ^U 

n^t accept them:; nefrhh-^i^^^ 

yea chooghl yee bring the fitttefi :^ y^w ff^^y I . will not 
Voutfhfafe them a look. They wc» wonit to fe?d>tfaeit px^n 


viry f at^ th« fb ttefr Sac$'gfc& rtlght bee tfte mort icccpt^^^ 
blc. Bncthe Lord tells them, thatnnce the'perfQn; thacoflfci'^ 
ed them were fo lewd, and lean in obedience, nhat he took no. 
pleafure m fuch factifices^ and chererdre he bids them defift 
till they had mended their manners, and reforxned the abufes 
8baj/eig5ed'^iiKJagft them. '» ^ :. ; ^^ * - > '* » 

But &re BeBarmifte ( that great AihiBes of the AmiiJfaMftiaii neUatm. dief^ 
CaaHs) cotbes in widi hi$ Sopbifby, and would ipiosttfi^mfeauSucram 
faeocc^ the ineflScacy of the S^ccifices of the- Old T^^liibn.eap.i^. 
0Unc«' • • ■•'-"■ ''-' ' ■ '• •• - -' * ■ ■--- •' '.••'•• ."?;.': ') 
f «ilr the ^Afifwef is eafie. r ^14 Legal Sacrifices are tob^ 
eoJiTtdered,eit&er dtJf^aSJy^if^utj ^ii y&i^ inthjemfel ves^ 
tnd (b the bloud of Bullocks and ilams could not expiate ftii ; ' ~ « 

But fecondly, con^der them Rthtlvefy^ and Ttfif^y^ as rd a^ *: 
riiigGbChrift, vyhoms the Lambe flaine torn thrb^^^ ^ . 

oHk^^tAdit^m9Mlly^x\t^^ %; and 

^^thbjr^re 6f gieat Wdght and ivonb^ afluiii^ 'beleeve» 
that by tbd B16ttdof Chrift alt tbeo: fins-were Uotced buc !in£i 
patA>n«di- ■^' -^■•'.jj :.♦■ ■ -^ ' •:':/'-•' 

2 We mtiftdiftinguiili of Sacrifices* ^ 

^^ ^^ ' Sdftw are iomnianded'by^-God, and of&red-iollim by 
bdeevttftS) in'a rigbttnatiner,;a»d'tbef&tipe hyUy f^eafing un^ 
to God, and beneficial to beleevers ; as we fee irijiM, Hdx 
1 1*4. attd Levitf^ i. God neverfaidi to the fe^d of Jdcob^S^y, 
iny fti^in vain.^ The (inccre fervices ^ and facrifi^BC^ of fudi, 
are a fweet fifieiUn|favoui^nt;o God. ^ i V- i t 

211% Th^e'are l&etifices whifch"are«tteer -^Wiil-vyotftip, offer- . 
^ up by 4;tficked men,' in af al&imaiufier^ without f aicb $ and 
of thefis ^pMfs here fpeaks, and fafyesjtbat their Sacrifices were 
6diaU9 iifito God. ^: ^^ ':*:*' ' • 

- i l*>w, let'i^ fee what JetWti<:ai and Sopbifficafrai^uiri^^ ^^^ 

'feV .^, Betaufe Sacrifices ido*ft<^c'^<piate fins y^r/i'v ^ttb- ftcnndum quid^ 
ft«ii^y doe «(io bariao^ fi^ *<i!i<^«*/>,Ari*. by the inccfts of ^^ ii^umfir 
Chrift typified fey them. ' -;.\ .; . . v ,%• -^ f//mer. 

« i BtfcaufeGod abbcxrrestlielfo^ifices^ men^there- 

forei)e abhorres^ die facrifices of alt men« Now, wh^ i^owes 

:nbitf tbac A^piirtifula^^^JHnnkff^ 

^ikd^iik fdmcttan^v^ Sbp^Re^s, therefoteaH islennaTeSJbii^ 

^*p6ifleti]^ ifidrbeciti&f'Tdiii^ fHven tifp^itlk crucH againft Ifghi 


(togettrlKf^aFCudtads Cap) cr^Ml «a»4gr£^i 


* < • • 

L ^ 


1 ITiViL^^ mCM msj perform 0A ih Mttamd 4mnjffi£gm 

DoditbcgM mm q0«( Bornc^flkHog^ ? £»^ tf)efi:# 

they. YcaiddethcyofFcr AeFat ? fo didthcfe. CaintiSdx^ 

Faft, Pray» ^ivc Aknes i" 2^fti<fid 6id3^fU^^ 
See 2>xi(f on t be Uypocnce ttaycxcd ibc child of Qod in <SK0^nil9> as M^* 
che HeaiC)p.i^ itdixiciuctteif Ji^akc a gntater 11^^ 
«( p* i<i- LecM mao jtea isftin ext»0iiU|4Qd chft^ bocaufe face : 

tuoely dorh foch^luiies; i^i^ttCai)^ he 19 in^iods Inmir^. aU^ 
thefe . tod more may he doite^ by it Mttucii^ Ma%; tftieiec w - 
fincerely Hve ^r Braym, aad liite i^f p OttS 2>im^ iu»d Piit 
viiedges, fofliallvvedb^jaaorechanany Hypocrite; ffbttfi^ 
' ever.- . «• . ' ' *•**?• /. .• . / • ' 

; Jf the peribirpli^^ aot^ Mkk^^^i/^ki^n /G6d bad mo cqr 

5 V The Sacri(iceo£the vwk^d 4«.^a aibiK^ui^^ Id§b0tt<>^ ;» 
•i?nnri,i,i;8.i^''it.V27M the .tr(temuftibe&^ l>rf«iW(tliejfruic 
sm be'good^ .W« (lumld fihdiefareU^Vwi! fiticffakhr^qd tftr 
'{^jicancis tbar our msfo^ i«it ^^afe^ and ;thw ail AiU^i«e ^ 
pleafing, Tfic Lord had firft refpe^ co JlteJ^ . ^nd jrtenrfio iis 

^ <>Skmg^if^ 4. 4«. TlimiebifiP^ ttaijceri^ &iQEifi^e$ msnf, be r 

Abel tfjf^r^i 4 Vv^r^ acceptaiie Sacri^ci tPMt pifeb * ; - r ri . 

I obf* Site Simfff4^4^n^fstt i^4m9^t(:jm!i 0U^ 

{flipi64»rd^abb(»8ed f>f Jbm 

kvuffem^uch aft -bring Xufdhpisunied racrifice$t9 Bm* We- 

nkaj'iMofl^rWtoGodofchat^hichcdft ui nou^. Buc«f: 
fe rt Ae Jbeft of beings,, fo^^ «wft ^?e bwi the bcft ©f our 
dxycs, our youth ; . trti the bcft of our ftrvfees, thanVfoHy 
idnio^tdgtng that all our facnefi^ rix^, tomforcs, and pro- ' 
fpcrhy comes from God. ItiffaidoflV#iwfr*eiRf,thacbunfdf 
did eit tbe fiefh of bis Sacrifice^ boc die ^n and the bones he 
pL^ToJ^iteri etinfo deal toa manf with the Mnughiy, 
dneylteep the fle(h khd the fat to dtemrelves, they fpend their 
yoirth and health in their cwne paftimcs and pleafures, offer- 
ing the sl5n and the bones of their dotage tp God ; If they 
have a Son.amongft all libeir thildien diai is weA and (kkly, 
Wiy fet hhn to the lifiniftery. So m thdr TyAes and dues 
thiylecepAe fat to themfelTes^ andgiyethe ftarvditigs tp 
their fcfiinfters. The worfris chou^ too good for God, the 
word Com. the worft Calfe> the worft Lamb, &c« bis Mtdi^ 
flert fliatt ooe fore to have, yea it may bee none at all of 

* • - • . 

Tdii ihpMmmtffrim $Be$bem$jft 9f thy S^s^ fir IwiM 

T>He ^opbet goes on In re^o^g dtem for th«tr irypocrl- 
del! remices; ivh^sviAdi ihey tiiotight to ^l^tje and 
fuifit God« T^ w$$^frHtim9ibem)fe (eriiKacicvde) ^ 

Wt>chey had their mifldnides of foigs^ Kyfocritei «tiat<le'- 
l^iii toys and )mmaitli)fent>M$, aad'a GeMlMtu#uil,e9^- 
te^nal,pompouswor(hip, knownobounds, they fpareforilf 
cod or pains , but eveii tire out themfelves m wilihworfiup ; - 
mormng, noon, night, mtdmght) ill too little Idols, but 
lioching for God, he is not in any of tbeir thoughts. J bey pU- PmAmtJkfk* 
. ctd ag!«ati«rt6fthefrlleBgk>nttSh^ 
external fervices, they thought .diat God was lilteibemfdteif^ 
»«fd*f biildbe ;|^eafed wi* &ch.iWngs'«^eafedf heoi j ind d^i irtii mui- 
9X<Wtketi arc ffiltedwWh tardea fo theytiiou^ topacifie «re, tumque 

•' «ui atraywiAiyourSangjattd5«iffick <^tk<5(*>a!ey*^^^^^ 
«ft^fe««yetttb me, -^ dwimttitt fehtsiitidiRetooi 
-* ' . . H h a to 

t0 no purpofe. Doe not think iC:pte»fc in« mUche Mw/kal,,- 
b^rmopy of your ^rmal dcvgpons, vvbilft I tear; *nd .^jb^or ' 
^ tbcdifcocdousnoyfepfypuriipjand^nQf^^^ ,'"'*'.:; 
, In che tim? of the Ceremonial Law God di^ indulge ihci 
Jeaes theufc of . many Mt|fical ^nftrumcnts in Us Worihb^ 
which are now a^Uflit ( as I have proved at large^n Jimos 
f. 5. ) Vocal. a^jdlnftrumomaijMM^^ at that rimq a 
piirt of Gods infticuted Worftup, as f^ars,'' t Chr^. 25. <J*. 
a ( hron.%'i* 18I h(»v the ten Tribes dicf imitate J^k^^ ia 
their Songs, but. abufedJiera to thcAVorftiip of rfieir Jdols* 
.and polluted them with their Ir^piccy^Jdolatry, and Hwpo^ 
crifie, vvhen cb:y (bpuld have Worilupped CkAAnSiony they 
.Worlhipped J?44/«» j with iht Calves at JK» and.B<fi6^/,HMca : 
(he Lord direatens. to turn tkeii nuiHck Inco mournings Am^ 

Ham^9 fhifi* v The word which we rendec, N#ip y in the OriginaI%i|fies 

2!I/^2r*^«S^ ^ clamour, a trouble, a tumult; a multitude 5 whicKbeii^ . all 

ikiM.* united make a complcat'Periphraiis of a Pcpifli Quire. It isr : 

Tmubm «#. a clamjorout, troublefom^^ tumulttio^s multitude^ when they ? 

catynmifni meettogethetiheyihakftahomdj hideous lioyfe, wAich takes : 

itSVifJ- ?^**P*i»^|n<>^^tftanthcgmmttigofa 

UHt.Biereer. *"8 ^^ *» Affe, a$ Stfmm€\l(x^hC\hcii::b:iih^^ . 

if Deo MeflMj . Tbe.J^d/is bert put Synec^tochicallyfor all kkidi of Mitw 
fffirtimtrnp-Cv^ltiRj^fOitnts^ which Dwihad prepared in great afaim- 
J^X dMcefortbe.praifiog of Gpd; which thefe abufcdto the 
^ praife^f Idol?4 The^wqrd Nii^t which we render a A?^/,. is 

5eemGu:eooA*B]^f0i]iecall^<a PTajltecyy a Harp, an O^an; the Inftru^ 
2^ M*f /I. 4Knt i^*now<»t 9f iUfc,^f«d itisnotfertainly known what 

tiesiMsefi^ OBSERVATIONS.^ 

Away with rficmX CaiA Goi^ they are aburden to msy your 

, Vocal aid Inftrumental Mufick, your Viols^;^Harps^ and Or* 

; 8^^ 19^ ^"8^ *"^ Sonnets are m mine ears but as theJiow- 

T**gof aDog- ppaifcisnoccomely in. the moudbesL of Sn- 

' ncr$« As|orth$;;«ridKd9Xai^^^ 


lake my oaine itto thy mouth ^ C^hfift wpuld not be praifed 
nor publi{ht by Devils. The bellowing pf'thofc Bulls of B4* 
jMft, znd roaring Sccntorsin the Papacy , ( many of them being 
clespin'tbe QpxtCy anddeepecinthe Me-hbufe ) with all cheir 
Theatrical Mufick is an abominadoi\co the Lord, his foul 
toadies fuch fwili> and diat one Qyere* Hiw hath rejmred thefe 
$bih£s m f0mr hat^ i is dstxtek to fweeo both th^ workman 
aad cheir worlc, ouc 6f ch 

Ijim ; yet this is the greateft part rf their WorfWp ( as €mai^ - 

t4r hath v?ell obfetvcd J Ringing of Bells, and roaring of Or%2,^2I*' ^'' 

gww, isa greatpartof PapiftsDivine Seryicew j^^^ ^^ 


. I^isdiemuikkoftbeHeart, and not of die Tongue that 
QoddeU^ts in, it is this wBch makes us'like the Angels in see more ca A^ 
H^vent when in oor degree we praife that God on eanh>mf d, f« 
which the Angels continually adore and praife in heaven* We 
flioiild therefore be much in this duty of praifing Gpd> for 
though the Ceremony be vaniflit, , yet the fubftance abides 
iiillt . 

Away then with dut l£(lnonical and confufed cbaunttn^,. 
which even die Learned and wifer fort of Papi(b liave con** 
deomed, as AepiinM^ Alnim an Abbot; CajtMt^ and otherSf 
aslhaveprov^ atIargeon^iiM/6f.5«:Ac^refenthear what 
A LafiJU the Jefuitfa^res againiVthbfe) Qih incwduif &c§H^,Alifiili in 

n^ Mdm PfalUttii divrtmcm colbcenf in wcc CMftarSy infmlnU 
Ihdte mpiutandi^ in agllltatt t^itos mltmendi^&d Dum Infinr 
4vimm mhmlmnj m emrhfixnm anres tUiUint^ ' & ad ft rapir 
OHiy at^miiant a D^^yjii^ftr a wh tftmbmm canticwtm ii»- 


»i» An tx^^falm Ctetp.^ • 

. • ..... 

'.' ''■ ;V««c« 24. .' ". 

• . - " * 

W&KiktvefeeA before wittt G^ didiMBmrccfthi^ 
I^p((S and tbac v<ra§ SactiJiM^ wkhouc &i«b afid (^^^ 
dicnce* 1, Wm afe Moid ic6 tbtt Awtfkh hee 4kt requiie^ o^ 

ttoiH V'*^ M ^ive tiv^ty ft^f Ai<swrffig k &Kmii«iili<% atkl 

^ ri|titeoiifflefli tiprwtrdB din:neig|A)Mr j C^ dkic if dieylbMld 

fay, SinctttQ^ fftfeAii «ut Smke^ aiid Ceva«dttktt9 ivhat 

would he have iii ^ ? why die I^Sdphet «iiOMtf!^. Jlr 1^ 
. fl:ewed thee O man what hf leafing to hlm^ smd what be defireth 

thji God. , , . . 

Iticet^etecs n()F about tf^e feiife t^ d« Wttttd«> t. The 
^ R^bbtfn ^d thof^ that j^oHtm dio», ttiaW it « cMMdmdon 
of GcKk Juctectaentt *giiiift fffdtt forthtitiihs j they read 
it thus^ jOMjudfrneiitpdlfm 4#m^ ^ i^ tmiAti ^ wir. 
rt^i» f . idf. Dk^ji^ ^u ^/boatid with Cttt ffi6me«. atid Satrtfi^ 
<»«»-attdtlMtbflTOudyoatMvtttm(k^ yet 

I will caufe oiy Judgements ta bceak in MPon you like wateis 

in abtmdaticel ^uyHght&btiiS^fi'geatte^te 

(haft bear tiwttallbttfbfe it, 1)fe«i& hi yowr woiiny and 


' 1 flutthet^dU4re jitt^«tly afl iahdrtanefi ttt.attttftd- 

. ^ > aim uuriguLCUuiiicis^^ siiiu Liia^ioic vjou i^aii> wuii iiiwui aiqvt 

1 rrr, j4rr«erf . cmuient as evertneir nn .Daa oeen, jLet jiK^mcm cncrciorc 

The vulvar L%.fuitabWft,wi^»/»dowBiikewatct§^ f,e. be dv»ay« ft^ td 

^JJ^^'J^^^^^ let it abound a»d extend itfd* 

lu^eUhitury ^^ ^^U doc not fupprcft it as formerly you have done, Amos 4^ 
and TCBder k^tm X • & 5;. 7, 1 a. but let It run fully and freUy to every one that 
by &i when hath need ; concent not your fel ve5 wkh a drop or two, but 
'\ "a^- "S^^ S<S:ftV*rs of righceoufnefs, vlhidh nuy shMndantly refreOi all 

( a«^it«hc/c')^^?^PP^^'**"^"^^^y^'^ ^^ Land} fo much the phrafc iip- 
hy fed. pores, as you may fee, Ifd. 48. 18. O ^A^r thoH htdfi bdrkfMkd 


as me waves ot cbe fea^ vyhkh are abundanc and perp^Fual* 
cure aiid thread of che difcourfe ; the former TenC: is Rab()i;ii- 

e)cecuti6!t6f }uftice« 

• % under Kigheoufnefs they compfebend all the duties of 
the firft and fecond Table, relating Mth to God and man. So 
the word rtghteouihefs is fpinecifnes ufe^ in Scripcure>as Rom. 

Bnt with rubmiinoH to beirter fiK^ebients, I <ionceive that 
Jiidgement and RigbceoufittTs here ar^ Synonima's^ fignifyt 
ipg 9«e; mA tte ftmc<bi»g » wJ Aat rfw Ukw daiife is ^xe- 
gfificrt iind iUnftr^tcs tjiplwnp V, ^ ;ic doch fxc^uwjy in ^tb? 

-Sfiriptwsi :K^}^mfmm9 f^W4f^ ^^fKf^y- yvfcac j^ ^iit ^^ciucba K- 

thing binder you from a conftaac ana vigorous .^ecMcion <4^!!!^^ 
Jiftic^ ft.t|4 Hqwicy, and this ^x*c«rio» <>f JiUHc^ is jpft <;aUed kemntJ^ ^^ 


I 4 » 

- I 


trlfiieu . '- < ) ; . -r ' • , ' 

cr have Jumc^j 


Got! haci tather havc^uSic^Wi^loWf A ja<:(i&«,^filp Sacci^c 


4»hkhGod>equire!f 6f us, MicA6. 8; fo ^4. f^t^. Ztsyyt 
. t9 doe ma^feekjui^emeia^ rcteeoe the ^ffti^ed^ ^udge the /^i 
iherkfi^ f lead for the wldeif \ widioitt tftU all our rdfeion i? 
vairi. Let men ptofefs Angelica! Sanfticy, yet if dtty doc 
not what is jiift ancj righteous. alKis but hypicrifie, If^iwri 

I. Hit. . . A - .. . 

a Obf. ttskrs'mnfi kteHffd^*h ptdgemeftt ^d rt^emf- 

tit I ' ^' 

AB'e wuMt They muft no^^y doe an aft or tjyo of r^MuTnefr; for 
deumnnh9^ one aft^bdi nocipiomiTiatc ; btethcy muft be nWi alvra^s 
tfiinm. Tunning with righceoulpeft. Thi$ elegant Metaphprdf a^i* 

ver may giv^ us iteme h'mc how Jufttce fli wid b^tPedicedL 

1 Opetily.' 

% Fully\ 

Viz. 4 Univerfally. _^ 
: / UConftamlyv. Z' 

: 1^ Zealoufly. 

t J«;ifr»ff/»fmuftbe executed #;r«^, that all tri!^y4ee the 

equity of thtf-fentcnce* Rivets run openly » yrfio fo will' may 

, tee diem. So dourcs of Jiiftlcc (hbi^ld be open; hence the 

s Judges of oW fate in the Gates, wkcre ^11 might fee anci heat 

what tkey cfid. ' ' \ . 

'2 Fif//)", Jufticenluff ma vvirh a pleiiciful and an abundant 
. ftream. They muft oot^ confine J(iftiei,\nor ii^prffonhit) bur 9^ 
occafion requires rhey muft abundantly diipenfe and difperfe 
it abroad. They muft not concent i£em(e Wes with a few drops 
or aSts of Juftice^ tvit it muft run down with a mighty ftreaoo. 
Goodnefsis of a <fitfuiive^^ nature ; now Jnfttcc is*-a-^fl^ar 
good,andthetefore(hoiddbec<>mtnunicated toalK ' 

J Freely^ the rtfctoffecs it felf fredy to all, wtioeirdris 
athttft,may'drirtkdf it freely; Men fliould notteMJ^dand 
hirecfto doe jii^idc, but it fliould ifow aJ freclyjihd fpohta- 
TieouflyfromaRuler.j arf>ater f toiii a l^pritg^The Iigfr"6f 
the Sun, and the libcrty^f die; Air (Hould not fee more cbcaa 

twbwt ^ftfgeSa of ipefToh^fi 
itld%eahi&>'lArhi€h/rurr^^ dhe pter' flUM^^do^^ ts-tfveH as 


fi -^ 

l?yj:h©dch ; arid by the poorcft Cottage^ as well as by die 

fiawHcft Palace. ^: • '' . ' 

5. Cmftmtfy^ Ekers mn concinuafiy, theftf^am is al^^es 
foiling doi^A : fo (hould Magiftratcs be c6nftant pre re nata^ 
as occalion requires in the ^ecucion of Juftice, in the phces 

ofcbe'»r:abode. '> 

'6. ZcaUhJIj aptd vlgoroftjlj^ A msgRcy ftream c4fHes down ^^i/>i^ m^^rtaM 

. all before it ? So a good Ruler breaks thorowalIimp«Jimentsj<J^^^ J j;^«^? 
ciifcouragemenrs, and temptations tba><fiighc hmdcr the frccy^/j^*^ /"om 7i- 
courfeof Jtifiice. No friends nor foes, no gifts nor bribes rtf,ir0/^ff,^/tf. 
<rtn binder him from a faithful difcharge of tne duties of his^^c^. ^^r^. t^ 
place. As we fee in MpfeSy Job^ SMmutl^ NehemUh. This^'^^^ *\ 

' L6odsw0rk, andhcis ciirfed that dochit negligently. When r!ir^'''^r7 

..* f i»i« \-«ui. on rial* 

^Pien are goodi it is a joy to them to do judgement, Prov. 21 . g ^ ,^.p. x i », ftc 
»$• and this is the way to fafety and fetttement, l/^. ^t,'i6jSctUT,FatfU^ 

1.7^1 8. Dsft^^%lJ» Jcwi(h Hypoc. 

♦ ^chapa4p. 12^. 

VfiRSfi «f, 

)ff4veyee offered nnto^ me f facrifces ind offerings in the «:>: 

' 'mldernefs forty ye ^rs^ hoyfe oflfrdcl? 

T'HcProphct comes now to conclude the Chapter vvith an 
Amplification of the Superftition and Idolatry which from 
firft to laft did abide in Ifrael. Their Fcre-fathers of old were 
Idolaters in the wildcrnefs, there they wor (hipped the golden 
Calf/a^d *44/-Pw, Numb. 25. 1, 2, 3. No fooner were 
they c^ohie to Coffsany but they were on their knees to BomI and 
jphtar^hj ][xd^'. 2. i ?• 

Yea: and then their' Poftcrity ( faidi the Pjrophet ) ha\^e 
juftificd them In their Idolatries^ and fliewed that tlje evil is 
hereditary, and fo the more to be abhorred ; in.that yoii have 
added Calves to Calves, and Idols to Idols, left they (hould 
boaftoCtbcir Anceftors, the Lord upbraids them with th^^r 
Fore-f«beK, iand tells them that they were Idolaters 
before them, and were pumftit for their Idolatry > and fo 
iliould they \ as they had been like them in fiii, fo they iltould 
be like them in futferii^. * 

In the words we have^ 1 • Ifraels fin, Thy faqripced not t4^ 
GU\ but to Idols, aa iarfhe next verfe* 

I i 2 Here 

% Hes^ii trouble •ggctvafioa of their fi6> faothin re()peft- 
o£ Time and Place. { • ^ • 

K Herei$cfaeTi«ivb€WlMlgdiBygri<^ 
not forty daies, bwfotty yeat^, efcn the whole time of their 
abode in the wUde!iie&« . 

% The Phice^it was in the:Wildecncfs, where Aey lay un- 
der the K«t: a«d y^ft. 1»pt under feifere^Gifcipbne j^ a;nd ' 
' where ci3^>eH)d lead tbem.xai^cttloDfly, antl M^tbem miren 
culoufly, witiii ; Maflnah (hm Heaven^ giving cbein wacer^^ 
from the Rock, and with a m^ty hand protefting chem, and:- 
arryipgthemuponEai^s wing$^ ahove the reach of many 
dangers and diftrclfe|f, ^.^nwi J.I y2» 

Tl»s is lisi0$f fU^Ulim^s ((zithMerper) ch» v^fei and e— 
fpcciaUy tb& next arecwo of the: haidcft . ^rfes in the whole 
Prophecy* Many doubts do here arife, 

Qjeft. i.JVkfd^ththe Prephet charge this f£»plkm$h n$y 
nffgring fdcrijice Inthe wtldernefsy when ttjej niver lived in the 
wildernefsy but lived man^ s^et after iheir Fore-fathers came - 
eufof the mldsrnefs ? ai^vear^ hy the feries of thofe Judges 
and Kings which governed them.fince the time tha^ thej^ came - 
/^tfi» Egypt. 
♦ " jinfvp9 Thou^ the fame ntimerical ' men were not in the - 
.^ wildernef$, yet the houfc o£ IfroHvizt there, and what- thdr - 

^ 5ore-f « tbef ^did; is iinpueed to the poftcrity who madfe up one . 

body with th^m^ and were bound up in the fame bundle wHib : 

. Tbefe walking in the Idolatrous fteps ofcdieir'^PMO-ftithet^,% 
jiij^fied their Idolatry, and aj& d»y worshipped- the golden 
Galf in ^g^f^y fo thefe worftiipped the golden Caltea ac ^^^^r ■ 
and Bethak l%ii9 they b^ng heirs of thdio Radliers>guik^and 
i«iicator« of riiemin their Idolatry, the Lorid cbargetb them 
here ivich tb#t fin alfo, faying^ Manmyte ofere'd r* a^ee facri^ 
fif^f^injh0Hdfim^^ HwdoBhno&fey, Hive youo Fore- fa- 
thers, offered facj^feevto mi^K bitthe cbargeththem vvidi the • 
iin^ and fhiiisufualrth $i;»^uiQ> iThen the'dnldr^n walk in- 
iheAniceftor$^iVtdc^i^4thftcbLHren'with th^ (ins alfo, 
^ M^f^ ^h ?5. Ouir Saykwl^ chargeth the lews witb«thc blood ' 
of Abel and Zdcharias^ whom theyjli^. How. could^hey flay 
tfapfe chia^ tv^ ^^A Iqng bdori they wcce .bom? — 

^njw^ By imitating: their andtsf^ ibe^ apprwed^tdfthe. 

1 ' like 

Ve4.%%s »f^b^Jhii^i^f4f Amos, a^l 

like <^(iid¥i«ttelr|>r«gefiitoft) Mdibtec^ht^^akbitfWi^ 

rbeia ifi th«iK 6Ai im itetiM pkttvklt vHth tkm in their 
pligaen (MkoHtfyfdf cte fitUt^AgeT JtJ^thfe SaMtR, and 

ibor««^li»<rtUn(d$ btit6«t&f«(rtfaebl(M>dt^ illdieSaiftci 
thw cv($r »» ^^ i!6 etKI dl^, tiv^ti fifiiiihite blb6d^tee^ 
oas Jihd^ Kte iKti^«Vf<rWii$iI«li», tb tht 1>lo6d df g6dd 
Z^lutr4mt «»hd W<ft fd tobttbtKly (IMa iMitW^ the Teitipii 
ftitdtbe Akdtj f . 4l. God Witt irife i}ie iitis of the fitktti v^- 
tatycMttt^ ihildttn, tiiiteNv««riitlt«Klintb<iitMdced fte^^, 

. ■ •»itht'dl6gfe«6ftf(4!*eAyy becAftfe ye hkvb fijtefed againft ri«i 
gr«io^4«ght^i «idtfthe1A5od<»r 6m hmtid^ ii#^/ liv jf6 
h»rftif«fk Gii^^thitt he ctifcd, V^ {unMfent vrii greater 
than he could bear; liiow fad is your condition thac areoai^ 
Wiiit^the blodd d^ fi» Mihy t^ottf*«i4 of introceot, holy nvsn > 

. Ibi^Vis irtl Efcleevet^ ilt6 the t^ildreii -of Abn^/im:^ iti4 
iiiwe IfltereA ft> aU ^ PrdthH'e^ rhic^ were mkdi to Inih : $o 
aH ^rr#^6» «i^ diefeed iX Ctii*^ ' and hittt iutereft in all 
itetfi»fi»whi«bfiiilu|>ohMm* / 

itit fMe^^ funepoA «M« Mtmt^ thm thtf fa&ijM**. Gird, 
*Hd uBt tt Idols } ai Mofes, Ehsaitr/JcKhiiUjO^ld), PKitaeiij 
mlka&A^tbi §^*f tht Ltrdy its^the Pfitl»iji ttiHs hlm^ 

Mufi», The Ptofbet confdettms the body of this people It** ^i major 
^Utfy, tfldttOttUsiftd every iodWda^l perfon, fingly; \^miiitkiiAKib. 
I^ateagalnft the*t<fked AiieeftoSof wieked children, and a- [^i^S^*- 
gainft thofe wicked children wW<^ walked to tbfc ftejjs f^ ^ts meritiim- 
thofeWick6dAO(^dhn:sj God had hti^reritnattt ^niongftaien},iMWr. Calvin. 
and fome graii» . t£ wheat in . i^ hea];> of nibbtllt and , 
chaff; ^ 

' :C^«ft. 3 . Hwe )tef*etificti tttineti The Inrerfosttfon 

isa j^rtg Negation. So J*«i-.».;^.<'.T«*'^'**P"''^^ . ' 
mite tit thattimy httjiu birve difcovtred j*0r /mrjifufs frm 

ptety ■and fo»t frmenrfs to . iddtntrj tH dll- «cc*fhm. Btit hovy 
ciugidH^ be ttoe, when tve read thatthe I.ft"aelites did facrifice 
tarGcrfifithewftdernefsT' wfefi thdCdvt,naiitvyas ratified, ■ 
tIwy-t>feredfmff«Hft'lcalra'crHiceito7>Jw«*fc; f.tW.J4.4, 
%iikA afttt thedeeRc^ittdft t>f % Tabtmkfe, a^ the ccttt'* 
fbir«ti<i« df -rf *m* fetis; ailfd at' the ^febtatian-of the feaft of 

^_ III Anfw, 

i44t 'dHSi^fofijiw- Chap.f; 

Amfwi Though chey cUd dGfer feme facrificef the firA andr 
fecond year that chey were in the wildernefs^ yet after cbeyi 
did net fo qrctinarily and fo frequendy* as when tbcy cane «& 
Ca944in^ fbf in the wildernefs tbey lived in wAnt> and bad not 
tbacplencyof Sheep and Oxen, as cbev bad When i;b^ camo 
into CaniuiH^ Tbey bad fcarccany flefhco eac, much- leTs xx% 
facrificey therefore the Lord fed them with Mannafa and ^ 
Quails. Befides, they wcreJn a fleeting condition, and fo 
nniSt for facrificing, or for circumcifion ? and therefore 'twa^ 
omitted in the wildernefs for a time. THey were not fettled 
nor fixed, but as the Tabernacle remowd^ fo they removed^ 
anAill tbey came to fix and fettle, thay cculd noi fo wel 

. z The AnfwerXyesmoftgenuinely in thtt little Em^adcal 
word McjCy Hmjeyee offer ihifdcrtficiHmi$i q.4» 'Tiscruo^ . 
I granr , you have offered facrifice (faith the Lord) hut 'twas 
to your Idols, and to Devils,D^itf.32»i 6,174 and na to mee, 
both vou and your Fathers worihipped Calves and Creatures^ 
aadtheboftpf Heaven (asin the nextverfe) and not mee» 
and therefore J will puniih you as I did them. Eitk;, 20. i ^ 

Tis true^ they thought they .worfhipped God,, and did him 
goodfervicc, butfince chey "kept not to the Role, butwor^. 
Ihippedoihe Lord according ta their own inventions,- with ^ 
rotten he;g^rts,and unhallowed lives , therefore the Lord dif« 
ovyns alUhat they did^ and telU^^us, that they did not fa<*^- 
crifice to him at all. ^ 

Qucft. 4* Hm is hfaid tha^f^^foitj^feaiss fyace in tlkwil^ 
dfrffcff thcjdldjiopjacrlfce^ whends *t$s apparejtt thai the ewet 
firfijears 4t teaji tbey did effjer facrijice ? , 
scrtfft4ifd K'- TTje.Anfwer is eafie; ^Tis ufual in Scripture^for- roundnefs 
num ac intt- of number (^though ^vo^ few years may be under or over) i<^ 
gmm nmirttik nameafulLand coo^leat number, as here forty yeait ^fof 
mftftpasyniC' thirty eight, .that is,vnot forty^precifely, but welL nigh forty. 
t^r*2j.«. so Ahimleab is faidto kill his fevcnty Brethren, when be kii* 
iHim q'Aiddm'^^^^^ fixty nine^for Jotham^czj^d, Judg. 9^, Sa^tbe 


yer(»at» pfthtFr^hesyofAoios, a4J 

So the Lord threatned to ponilh //r«/. forty years in the wll- f • ?/«'«« ^.■ 
dcrncfs, whereas rficy were noc jnmijtt forty years compleat, Jg^ «;f' 
fftc the puttJhment began to bcinfUaed on them ^^ooatthci/ffj/^^p, 
fecond year pf their, departure out ciEgjift^ as appears by ii88,&c. 
comaarins, DIumk. i. ^.with 14. jj. and g», ij.. See mo^e See the large 

I, Teachlpt iy Qinfii»ns4»i Imtrregatiom is vtr'y Empha-i 

Have yec offered facrificeto mee ? did 7c© fcrvc mee? or 
rather, did yee not ferveyoutfdves. in the wildcmefe? The 
Scripture abounds with fuch^Qucftions, hdam where art th»t 
Gca. 3. 9* So faid Chrift, How readejl theft-? whM think?"'} 
Mat. i8.|a..andai.»8. I4>ke 7, 41. James 4. 5«: Th« 
qmckens and^wakens men, it nwkej them heed things bet- 
ter and confider what to anfwer. Be not then ©fended when 
Gods Minifters ranfack thy foul, and queftion and quicken 
th^e out of thy Lethargy, and deep fecurity. 
. 2,GUharslefSWithJtm>ers, ■,. . .,.-.: 

Forty years he was gneved with /fraeJy m the wddernefs. 
He bore withthofe ten Tribes well nigh three hundred years 
before he deftroyed them; He bore with the old world a 
hundred and twenty years; He bore with the Ammtes four 
hundred years. 'Tisone of his Royal Attributes, that he is a 
God o£infinite Padence, and Ung-fufering, Exed. 34- <?. gf^"*"* J? "7 
jyi/. loj. 8j«M)i4^2. We have-all daily expenence of Com.^«Hof.^ 
thishiffgoodnefetous. • lu 

3. 7orm*r*infimrejaggrMatetfim 

For thiapeople to fin agarnft God m the wildernefe. wber« Se« more in my 
bcledthcmV^andfedtheromiraculouay, and upheld tbemC^nr,.<« 
ia the midftoffo many dangers,, doth greatly heighten theirp^^.^^^^^^'*- 


i. 4^ Lent antmmee Infm u very dlffUdfrnt titite Ged, 

' fc ^ Lord, fo often mentions tbis^%y years, obftijl'-^. » i'' 

nacy of //r^/» as that which exceedinsly offended.andgriejred^'^^ » [;"•. 

-* ' » li g He 

I^ danooticedi a woe aguiift than for theb hy{KMftk^ dal« 
^ . V lyif^ and delayii^ Woe vncD cfaeei n^^ Am Hdc be Mkk 

2 iSi^ clean? 'tis not* cawfi thou Hoc ? koc wic d»u tt>t> ttcy 
{/zMm, i^«« weccwHfiitty inpettioent;Us4to)«b6Ui(mtvviU<tfib<iidiai 
fpema eJiM dellroyc9 tbcm.Fji/.?*- tc^//^* 30%!^ 15^^ 41. 44^ J»* ji 

coneWo, (m. 3. gC 6. l5, & 8. 5.8c 44. 17% Z«*» 7.11/.*ak».7^ 

^m^.Hicron. ^^^^^ You dobut <i«&diMc r^ai* God) wichmec. If &» 

(haB h once hec} what? noc after foxnany woobgs and war- 
niitgs ? v^iac? hoc after £0 mittf ftiti pui|ryi»g StnnMa ? 
nor (o many meidng mercies? nor (o many awAififkig jii^e^ 
mencs ? nor after fo many SablMtha Mid Sacmmeiiii^ ftuRt imd 
feafls.' wttt nothing d«nfe^heefit»»tfayi4diil«d^ali«M^ 
(^ when Aiall ic once be r This obftinaee pei[«sM^(ittg J^ 
contkuung iA fm^ tasStiA the Lofd fio oft to Upbraid ttien- wkli 
k^ as that vvhicb WiU be tbehr b!alie> £x^d.t)6.i^ Nek.^ 

30. P/if/. 78. 40. -tuii^i. I ji 44. 

{., ChlUnn AbsnT ii9f jH^r r£€;/r f^^uthri h jky fi^M hit 

See my Com. God will vifit cbe fin$ Off ^ F^b^t^ iipdn didTe ^dftti 
onHof. i}-i^- that tread in their fleps, £Ar5<i/H)*5* Hence th< Lord To ofc 
p,8i.& 14^- forbids OS to fbltow fiiiful FbrtJ-fathttg, f/i/.75. jr^^j?. 

£«/<;. ^a 18. Z/db.t«4. And^^i^&^iiaagt^atateithdlktt^^ 
die Ifraelices, fayii^ ^ 7^tr 4/ yoMr JPMWrx 4idy fr ^ f^y 

Aa^7-5«* . . . • '"r 

6< j0kl4tr9m^N^Jpifcti$r^lfgf^MyUH^/frviciw 

Have ye offered &^ifi^e to^ me^? <faitl0itt ImA co th($fe 
HypDcrices) nOiyouhtfVe^hobferfed mee al^al^v 

I • Since you do not worihip mee acdi^dit^ to Rilfe^ but 
accord'ng to your own invdiH^S^ I ibhbr it, Md a^coiuft it 

• aanbll. --^- , - ■ • , 

Gaard. Riilc Counts as not do«B^ //n. 43; ia$ .2).t44v thoy^ Afey a-» 
%i. bounded with facrifices» yet God faith there, They brougW 

him n6ne) '»i^ irk l^th^eticy. A^ ftnowtedge ^fthttit (mtio*- is 
^ . no faiowtedgd^ 1 Si$m^. 1; I a. fo dtkle^iifoi^ «i^iibd'ate no 

i? »«Y »ffrf. . eo:>, Md mcefbre God di^hfi M ihtf Sd^ ^ Mt 4Mit to 

*tf«. Mariana. 6i« ^ f^ fi^.^^ tofttV«dtrUly Mld^ tMtllJS V^jSMHI' Iflllllllg 

;74yA» X. 5* 

Vbksi t6, 

But^tt k4ve htn tbi Tabemule $f j$t§r Moloch , and * 

Chitm^ yiWf Images^ thejlar of y^i^ g$d^ tphick yu 
. m^foyourfthes. 

TiJI^e Hj^ocriccs were ever and anoa boafting of tbeic 
SiCfLftceSt CO them the Prophet in the perfon of the Lord 
her^furtberaafwers^and ccUthcpi^it is true, Your fore-farhers 
imdet t focw of ferving me^ carrying my Tabernacle, and aft 
t^iflg^ belonging to it, in the * Wildcrncfs ; but their hearts 
vv^pe fet uponi their Idols, and they Woriliipped their Mohch^ 
and the o^f linages of diofe Planetary gods^ and not me. 


The better to convince them oF their Idolatry, the prophet 
bereinftmceth in three oF their chief Idolsr^ 

Mohchf . 

C hmff y:Zni 

The Hofi of JH^avept, 

1 The Prophet inftanceth in thefe Heathen Idols to fliame 

t Here are#te. fetters wp of tbefe Idots,and thofe are, thefe 
wicked m^n themfelves, which yet maifi ^ pnrf elves • 

3 H^e is their love and aflf^^lion to tbofe'Idols, they bare * 
tb^m, and carried their Images about with rheoa. 

This is, iMm difft^ilu & valde perflexte ( hy Interpret ^ 
tets ) it is a difficulty knotty ^ per jrfexcd Text> I ne^oer yet met 
with its feUow> Qjmverlfay mmjfien^y it hadi more myfte* 
riea, and vaaouis incerprottatioos^ than words'. I (hail endea- 
vour to clear w>alU 

* Ql Tjhi'prfi.Qf^re is^ ff*4r h meavt by Mobch hexe T 

ji. Under this grand Idol are Synccdocbically compreben* / 
dei the reft of their Idols^ This iWii.W/^vVaran old abomtna-* 
bte Wol, which ihe Amw^nites^ and other- Heathcns.vvor(hip- 
ed- Hewe itisoft called>^iifo»wWr^»^ ^ ^Ae 4^iw»f9« 
WW, I king* XI..7.*. Sc'tKins. 2 j. i}i in other ^acesic is . 


2^% ^ ^ An ExppfnhB Chap.yJ 

Zeph. I . S • and by y^vi^/ and Sc. Stefhcn ic4s calkd iMUoih^ 
Ai\s 7. 43. they bo:h upbraid the ^^*rtf/ for wcrfhjpping this 
abominable Idol, and that in the Wiidernefs, where the Ldrd 
ihevYcd them fo many fignil Miracles and Mercies ; there thcjy 
began to praftife this foul Idolatry. The -^;»»^^»/V« had aia- 
ny gods, but one among the reft was their Patron, and tutelar 
god, which they called their King, Jer. 49: 1,3. An^si. 15. 
( as they did diis Moloch ) but the Holy Ghoft calls it an abo- 
, mination , for that which is hi^ly cftecmed in the fight 6f men, 
is an abomination in* the fight of God. This Idol not only 
Ammony but J[/r4^/trultedin,as their Guide, and Leader in 
their travels ; which ihcwcs their horrid ingratitude in cafiing 
off God, who had been fo long their Prote^or and their Kti^, 
and now to chufe an Idol, and a Moloch for their God and 
Guide, and therefore it is emphatically -called /wrr/, Tokr 
Moloch^ which you chofe for your God aiw King- To this Jdol 
iht Ifraelites moft' inhumanely, and barbaroufly offered their 
' Sons and Daughters m Sacrifice, l^ zt.<^to. U 
zKing, 23. 10. 

What this Idol fhould be, is hard to determine, 1. Some 
fay, it was an hollow Idol ihaped like a man. 

2. Others make it an hollow Image made of Brafs, having 
the face of a Bullock, aiid hands fpread abroad like a man, 
that ope'ieth his hands to receive fomewhat. There were 
feven Cfaappels buih for it, before which the'^ciagd was fet, 
jjvho fo offered a Fowl or Dove, went into the firft Chappel ; 
if he brought a Lamb, he went into the fecond • if a Ram, 
into the third ; if a Qalf, into the fourth ; if a Rillock, into 
the fifth ; if an Oxe, into the fixt ;• and if. he offered his Son, 
into the feventh, and he kifled Moloch % as the Sacrificers in 
Hofea kifled the Cajves, Hof,^^, 2. The Son was fet before 
Moloch, the Imige having fir© put under it was made burning 
hot, then the Prieft taking the Child, puthtminto A/^/^rA/ 
^. faHjit in his burning armes, and to the end that the father might not hei r 
jj;,^^^'^;,,''" the cry of the Child, they did beat' uoon Tabers, whence the 

place was called Tophetrof T^^A, vvbich is a Taber. 
/^. Tertui. ApQ - ? Others conceive that it was . the ftar of th^f god^ i^t6<' 
loge:. c. 9. baSly Saturn^ the higfa^ft of the Phnets, to viJhbni the PhoHtcl* 

ant facrificcd their Children, i^^^mulli^. : .' - , 

4 Many 

y 4 ^ Mfay tlttnkit \v«'the'Cam6 Idol Wtfch we c^Il •54W^ .td 
Whoto they facrificcd jteir Sbns'^nd • Dauj^tcrs, pr. 7. j i / 

5 A^d moft genuinely,} ( is conceived that this Milifch vvhom 
tbeywoffluppedwastheiSii»: whieh is «tng of Plariet$, and^ r <^a » 
chi^fiofStarsMjhevirioft oper^itive of them all, ana/iAlett of ^;;^^';;, g!* 
fplenilor'; which fome did wor(hipby the name oiBtcl^fameH^i ^. c^y\ 
Lard cf Heavers ; for as the Moon is called Melacb^h^ die 
QieenofHeaven, Jfr.7.i«. (t44. 17. a$. So the^- ^/'If.Jf ^ 
called il/f^*A, the King of Heaven; whtnnthsl>^r^>/ Wor-. ^' •'!' -^ 
fluTOedas theit <5od* ' V 

-Their JCecood Idol was GA/m^as\d here again Inc&ipTeters are 
4iv>ded^. and though, ic be not much material to -know what .._• 
Gh\$A](dolHfVjas:Cthe 'fin reproved'. boing 0otm the name, but r ' - , '\ 
in the diiqg, whi^ was an: labpnuhaUe Ido^ howei^r^aUed )^ . 
yet X. Some fay t:his. Qhmn'Hts Acldgl Hercntesy which in 
the c>!%/fri^ Language was. called t'ib^M,! but varied into a* 
Hotkey Lilnguage might eafily make Ciftiiiff. St. Lfi^kfcilUihis 
iuppofcd J>cicy,*^i5f4^, Aft^ Bepha^ irvhicb frgi^ 

aifics^lGyant, afta« rfiereupba foihe havc/thofa^t' it wasr; i^i^ Aft.^ 
B^vit»hii wbof was w5nt. to Ite'tHJurttiicd^in 4 Gyant^liK^; 4i* ;> - . -^ 
£priO* The Evangelift ufeth this name rather Afah Chiuvi 

•i Bccaufe he followed the 'RaAflftion oT the ■Sevcntvi 
iftHovb^ii^ ^i^inted hffi^hmj Kirigof e^^gjrpf co'ttarfflare 
ch€^^e»iiiay ufe the^^j;/^/^^ liainS SemptAH in the^Gre^ 

» /A, 

* ' . •* 

• • 


« •• 

) .*! f J . * *t* 

f: •.: ''•' 

< I > 
• • •♦ •« 

a :Ti»e name ^mo^/^ bdtig bacttelcnowh tothe Jeipis in 
c}ic^-<l&ye8»- Cvfboi^iifiKle great life of the Siptuadnc/than' 
ch^i; orC^Mf^-tiMaiibCote tbe'EvAn^lUt ineBdons tniat -t^cheH' 

.«i) p^coitcdf^lliae- kygh6'i$e'r<<t»<',-6r/«Mv]bm>fiy!r' 
ef^cioilyi. vHnchetan^b Itey WMnlrtj>p6d ^ dieii%lufde and; 
l^K^r.ihJche'Witifaniefit ;' t< ttein^che Leader 'of ^e Mot> 
ning, andfoi3e*atnier<srtiw S«nVirftdWca1Iecl Ludfer, YvHicfar 
'vt^9i4(i<tJi>^tHdci^tk6ioit^iHrM>lifh, 'becaufbiE |o. 

*tf j» ••ak*l • ^» — ^^X* m I _..^*%'\ isti- >•' i«- '1/4*' ^ 

11* < • 

Kk , wHkb 

»$1 4»SMfiftim Ciii^f. 

and AoMT ffxaldiig of cfaac OfM wocteTpediUy ivlMa .^S^Mtf 
vtiiai(edviiMitt^aktae& c£ hrMd, mtgictmtfcoaxakitcA 
cUslbulrldbtocj, calls ^HMthes ^td after d» Arn^Mi^ 
l4ngdag6,Cimtv,«cCAtt'4i». Sefidcsbthec^lTfcuttie cMs> 

I'm &tfvf A»m lift; 7*4f^4dtr ^juMT Mbtocb^ 

Ji#V«"> «<r Or, yOM ham cKded a TabenucU c^twa. as nyoae Idag; 

*'^" Soflse read ic, you bave bom clie TaberqaclQ «£ Hcttakywe 

King, whicbcney conceive to be tte oaoie offome Idol; in- 
deed Sieemb may (tnt to bave fbme affoicy *i^ Smcuthi a 
^ „Q«dd«fii of the Mjl^mmy lilCMf. 17. 9«i Bue e^ tiiir 

TW «uiwT»Qj^^^i^ tfcebeftinfcopreats 5it«^bjSt. JWf ^»b«> 

Jf*^»- «WiloWH»fttbft5«p««»lg!fflivwbkbf«d«3«B«*; ftoc^KeMft)! 

^SSSksm. ^f"^' k Jki;ab«rmdev aiMl fb jaffifietev^nMifltiioiii ^ ^ 

>rM/4«e% ;tr. Here »s iee (be towR i«d iti!«aK«i^ e( i^iefe Idolaters m^ 
f<^if,i. c «. tbcir Idpis db«: beac^^eoift-and cfcc; deiajan tbbtr4t«tf^ 
2^' /"^ dew ( fay ftww 3 by «ray «C P«W- w hw»itt» a^ -IdMiMirs< 
2f*^jT^* aiewoix:codoe;j//<;.4i{. 7>tbel^$plwr.ip^ 
w. iwr<iiv ^1^ ^^^^j^ ^1^ ^1, 1^^ ^ q,^ (heiddBK ca «hi jjifti^ 

v«bQiehcinuftftand»tob«$(«n4^<)Md^ r' 

a Qd)^ «Qac«ve:<tkic:dif tausei 06 this iBM-Sod^ffn*- 

of i7Mii»had us ihrtnesjliidefaoul^ <» cadKn>ti»|Hifcit^. 
.4^iifk.34») vvlH«^cJheMQ^4<tiiJUl)(ArthaB»im^ 
Heivv>^ddbo|, earned aoooii wdi^dM» uaBa% tber lfa«R» 
Sa/K4(;|^AQleherfe^l9S(^ api biwHsIc i£eB» «4tl»' her 

^ffe into C*4wiM», Gen^ 31. 34^ As goodmen bfSraytf tttke* 

^^9. AM^ai. $, <$« p>.|dofoum i^«bcMt!lwi»tfa^ 
a)if»«aa3^(uielac894><i<riiWiK9i4$etaiidjanra^ " ' 
; o3 -H^fi i<^ theiQftfe(tniijb^:^<btteMcbi.itr f<a^ 

ereat number (^tbem, andoouUes tmr fiok. i* iMM^mMM 

Ka»C8dit a* jaiqmtlw lii^^q^of «hiir4iW»»goaifa>o- 

» .,> ■ -^ ;. now.- 

imt «f theni) cbntftf; «6 Gods tx^teft Cbmmaxidl} BmA^ i . 

So* 4« 

OrOMMryotttlmM^^t is (ftyibtiv:) your notable I- 
mag€> ifae {ihiril itaiiTCr forchefitiguUr (as o6t) dpeciatly in 
names o£ dignity. 

Hence we nuy ^fecve igamft tbcP^iftf^ that the Sctip- traiptshtm^ 
cure condemns noc only Idols ( which themfelves confeCs un* ''^^ '^I^m, 
\§mSA )lMC aHa AMMT tbr fdigloas Wotftitp j God will tioc'^^^'l'^ 
btWatOif^bfi^mmcmvh, ^andthcrcfoitrfieP/o-^^*'^'''^^ 
pfaec toad^uies bodi JM^ch and Ci&im with their Images, ^ ^ 

Tea cfae EtfingdillcoQdemnesthe very Figures of cboTe ]d6U^^7/'^,^^ 
Miichdicymaket6fhemrd«ei» A3i7«4). iA.jpoerypb. 

Utt. xio. d^ 
ib/dMiU(MLBedt(.Lt^c. s.Seft^4#'I^4^2« ft Xhnfiiilfer. 8. 4.«iMiabm all^« 
PM^tan in bit flalMatt C«tt» mRcvcL 9. f. 4t4. 

Oti ^ftair «^d) J9 yotxTf od, ot^ tidter ttie Imaged which cocabeit^^ 
you worfliip are lite i Scar, either like (he Sun^ or Si^um y for ^^»> M^^^ 
mir gcids were norfttnghut Wincts, ot Stars which they wot- ^'^fi^^^^ ^^*' 
£hipped,in, or by Images rc^ffentlng them, -/fS/y, 41, ^i/'*^' 
flgmis iMchyte itmJkt9w9f^ thorn ( faith St,^r</{£^;i ) eYca 
che^Hoftdf Heavohi asriie ^ftsareoft called^ DcMt. 17. ^ 
r/Mt, 55* 6.ffa. 34.4. & 45« ti« Jm gj* aa.Z>MM«35*' 

The Headm Idolaters vtere^eacworfliippers of t^ ^ 

of Heaven, aYidchis|eece of laolacry riie jewH bad leartic 
from thms J^* 6. 1 »aiid with this St. 5f^i|<b/» chargeth ttiemt 
-/ififi 7. 42. thjit they worihi^d the Hoft of Heavefv h '^ 
SuD) Moon, and Scars, asic is written In the Book' of the 
Prophets, vkm of the leffer l^otftim, ( of which A^s tg one,^ 
out of which this text is t]uotedf ) all die twdve being bound 
.cogetbe^m one Book, leftdieyftiould^fcaccered,orloft,by « 

i^afonofthdrftnallneTs; ; ^ ' 

Many of the Jnr^ conceited diat all the Stars vvere Gbds, 
ahd that there was feme Ddcy in them, and therefore th^ 
wof^^>{ied them, as appears % King, a;, 1 1. Jer.j. x8. d^ 8. 

••«J^<9*tJ.(5*44.t7,f9^iy- %*.i.5* , 

Wkh tlie tike $int6e Prdpbet here cha^etfa them, ^iz>. with 

Idtoli^in^dieftar of their gpd, ^ ih par f^&r^ads, Hee 
%eaks%^ucaRicaHy and tauiftii^, q. d. fee what goodly 

K k a gods 

»5^ Ah^^tpfitiw \^ Gbap.f** 

Thcli:i/yiefifw*goc[sycebive|pt«en^ tbcfc arcrtJtygodsO-^^^/j Staj» anch 
***<* j!^^][ ^ Plapcts, Idols and Imagb ; you have forfaken the livingiGocL 
aid\SS> for dead ones*, and fo have changed yqm glory in^i (bamc ; 
if wc maybe- and havelcft the God tHat proccftcd you, for; Idols jhac i:an-^ ' 
Iccrc pf^- not proccft thfemfclves. . . , . . 

. • 

. Al! thefe feigned Deities with their Ima^s are^your ovvne* 
inycniions, and figments 8f your, owne brain, I never com-^ 
ipanded any fuch^dnd of worfhip from you. (j^nce Idols are 
• cdled Ae work .of m<¥is owue hands^ . Pfal. « i j . 4. .. ^nd the 
Lord threatens Tucfa. as. .worftiippcd the .vyork .of A^icown 
hands, becaufe they t>roVoked him to anger thereby, J^.a* I ^g 
di* aS*^r^i44f- f.^AUi^.^i. to (hew the vanity ami no* 
thingnefs that is in Idols, ^ the fol(y of Idolaters in wor« 
(hipping fuch things as themfelves had made, they are ok 
ciXXcA^ Th6workjfm$iMmiihMnds\^ and their owne inventi- 
ons.! with which thfs^y (leafe themfdveS) though they dif^ 

Q^ Butwhrn doth the TrofbiHluirj^e here with M this groft 
IdolMf jy whether the Affccitors^ w the Pofierity f 

A., Bothv X. Hee begins with. t heir fbrer/athers in. the 

Wildernef^, and the better to humble, th^ who (0 much 

,p^^^^fl|^^^bo3fted of their fore -.fathers, belabours to coiwince them of 

J^MtJim ^^^^^ $^^^ ^^^* ^^^y* ^^ fliwes how early they began to pr a- 
jW0/afi!»,ffr/iW;ftifc this Sin, . when they vvorfhippcd the. Golden nCalf, and 
0d 40. aHMs in. Mohchy as appears by the prohibitions againft the worfliijppiBgr 

T>efert9, cum pf i^^ Levlt.lZ. 2 r. & 20. 2. . • 

^iroTTi '/i 'tfe chargcth t)ie Ppfterity, and brings down, this Ido- 
miocb&Jdo^ latry^along-co their times, ftewmg^ow they had juftificd their 
ill, Aa. 7.43.ianceftoj:s in their Idolatry, by worftiipping tbo Calves ae 

Dkn and Bethel^ ahd.foUpwing #441/,; yea and 

The tumixie of alt is this. . IttsfrMtyOyee chSAren ^f Iffael j 

thaf jfoMr Progefglt'qrs h$4de a ^re^.^ew of fervlngMndhenoHr-* 

irtg me^ carryi^mj Ti^bernAflf ^bptn mflhthemy fnthef^tU 

i^r»chy Pretendm^' it .was'tj}{ir jfhrj io havemiprefef^ 4- 

^min^Jt theni \ nfhsn indeed ihftr he^trU we^e fet ttpim their Hetr^ 

^4H4ialfe t>eme\as Molocb,^/*^ . Chiiiui, the Stm^Abf 4(Wfci% t£» 

. . - . , St^rres. 


, .. . . • -'- ' - < V. . , - . - - ^ 


die Loixi fo dft.tppwcd. i?*?*. ^I*' ^t rJr fcW. ways - .?. ? . 
of Judgement, and of* Mercy. To then* the Law was given^ 
and to them were comnu<ted the Ora<;l« of -God, Pfd, 147. 

fearfully did dKy:a»4 tb^i}f?jibeisi»ll uwo rfasfiw «ad itUfcaryi en Tob 
wa?iiotoaiy*bet<tipp9.^ thefe.|»ii'«» bbtdf^w e«rtt/eal--^i. i«.oW.i. 
f^Wareeafily reduced, an<i:U»d, away<*ithdufflbIdol5»: 

a ■ whin mtn, kgatfGtJL, jtt vdh- wu nf^ K *Mr hgh^ ht^^^ ^.^ j„ „y 

wiituihji ««J-f»V *fv f**" ^'5'' i^« fAnw'jtf W" >» tTm. 

ret, Of theft Md btrtf A^& 'ji^tK .: . >: ■ " 

Thus it was with the <3ennles, R»m. i. 74* »*f, «<, «cc. 
lijofe that will not beleevc and-obeyAh©.-Trnth,.God will 
•nve them up to ftrong deln^Qm tp belecve lyes, a Thefi a.. 
10, If* falfc prophets (hall arife and cry doWb Ordkiances, 
aBdY«ufliallbelecTetbem; they (hatt cry! up Siipcrftition, . . 
Id^tBj,' Libertinifmj «tc. and you (hall foW«v them. This 
is-aftd Ju^ment, yet ufiwlly God thus puniiheth iin with 
Sin,as blindnefs with blindnefs, ignorance with greater. igiKH 
ranee, and idolatry with groffer idolatryi when men be^- . 
^^o'falrfrom4d,d.ef fall to wor|hfpjGalves,.St^si^J^;j«»y • 
»0cks aad /mage$. They, never rpft till tbey come- 1» de^'„j^;^^;J. 

flruftion, nnsexMMtt» 

As^U Sin» fo efpeciaily this of /<k4atfy is very prollfical. ©a ju«k <».?.> 

th(j Cloud that at firft is Ukea mans Mn4 will fuddenly o-4ji-«w^ipy 
^^3tbp Whole Heavens. %Me^ei f«S'thegrtat^--tSr 
cderftSjpiS- A4tttl^ Ppfc« j»!ci»r0 i»ayi)ecwifc a t«3l Bout |tc. Gr««&/ 
Itiifiimif^itrdsd jttltHyAV^ fin ^A>it>^cflI»}KS way for4aE»ek l.i<. 
' K k ^3 . another', . 


XiS«««ri «r cotKcrwwtiwitoteepdofeMtheRule, for if wcc fw»rvc 
/«p«r#i»?#wih new fol^«ric from Att,we Jul 

Hi /■«««««« Labynoidi <^ Supetftidao, fin and error 

S«emy C«m. 1 ttefo:lfi«dttetlfallfiBOk tfab Knit v^M^^^^ B>|e- 

oaHof.i3.i«.fiKfac»iudKirJdaUay^ Mlii^irtlieywitiflifvididMitt. &uc 

p. «4«. ofcfo'beforo. .... ^"^ 

Th^hogihanjfhey cairf dieob Aevklfstheiii, ^ it, 
4^n ?w. S- t.i«ejwra fyn wfttlRa»tbt^ ftirdb^ ftro^ 

teM«cftttp »«* w«»k «*» tlxtti, «^^y cAigtf Mvtr d» 
enongh for them. TJey had as licve part witl| theif Vetcf; $a 

f fa«b ^Aedi) Ofd mk» hnie ./ «Mr/t », rf. .70U liMtf evto 

> - > taken aU,fino»yM,limtaIieR Mw jrdilhe' M«fS,- tl^ «« 

fo near and dear to mee. TTiey ircStoafffcd to iim\m Won. 

of chetr oWttiaitanft vE*«rf, ji. x, and Vfe natuftf to "ew 
one toio« its«i^ «vorktttnihip» ; ,.. / - ' 

lybfAi^Portsatid IWahiifet, 

: Dogff imdCai^', -OHlkia 

twiih '"»^^«l»,«nydmigfaveGdii* AsAote 

«4. «jr «re gwen op to c<»<poral undawncfe, ctre 

2j«^«» "ftf/** MA-i- ing,aeai-pleafing.fin, vlrhich fteals a»«y ^: 
Hmf^c^^. cmi«. : 'teait,3ttidAfcr^reist«ripirtafefefnt«ttlon, 

Jr.2*S23"!S^ V^ Whoteor>»**>/i* hAh dUHttlbs 

• ' ' ■* 1,3, 

kofto^ fka(ir«nt waviA kMe c aanaad itaaof cbeM^dG^ 
wdGUcy ^disttCiNanec, tadhnieindMadthein'toiNir* 
Ch^iwa^ Wthevlioins beidatoiatKl bttaded^lm ^ 

Befides, ffb«ialmclKuUtweUriiihUwtts««ULciy(nioad 
gods for Itieiy, as omaoc £i«e dRnfehrerfoooifire anl ipni h 

AU cbp«i4ali,ibc CdnrttAMiatti,.^* >oi 9« ^ tir8ft.Qtt<- 
ned «iv«| Jiyitbe Gon^Mera^ A^riiu^. ac^cdngto .ifaa at*, 

6. Goibath $iM»)r H^s Md Armiet 0t'€$mm4mi. 

Hee hadi cbe Hoft oT.Ucavsibr I* . A^tlty i King, t s<^ 19. 

ift ilpeir ttihde {halt ^^ againU 5iW, Juc^; f ^o. . Thde 
5iot}A^dI^ die WBt df H^aveiu 3. Alt cteacures kre his 
Hoftt and Anmes, ready co execute woac evet he commitids, 
J»b %%, 3. ^bmi 9. 6, Fear dbnefoce co o&nd chis Lord of '^"x" 4 »^« 

Hence the Loci >^.<i4s tMr ^y*!^' ^^ fathers and 
<Hldreii witli tfaut &i, a^ threaten; to fend them into cap- 
vmettok'tito TtvltiwlMd(bftf6i!fafardetfcem^2)m#.4.i'j>.tind 
bijdKlitfa^for ki » Kmr. if. 1 <=». ft'Cfirwi, 3)<')', f , j(rrk 

%«V9^«'^J^'U'«ft44i^. £«»<&' 9r'ffil»Md06aiM*iids'ebt^ - 
ie-Adid <^« iftac ^ i»^ ' 0M». i7«^^, 4»:}r J»^hm dns 
UKie «r]lMiMry « €k^iiig<#G^»'»n« » fm-to^ f^mit^ 

ScMie, Crcites, CtUfC^&tes, Im^, &^< HAi #)^(!H ^(^r^ 
«|ia4Me«i« i!*fekij6d^ WdteirVMtarhiiids%^i-rt^ ^a 

^ n^i; iHte iWM^ <>f tofafcoftcki^ 

tlw Mtiatrj ^ €^«^*e-J«&tteVKM|'tell-ybufr irffanh'*'^^^ ««^ 

^, r^.|B8tt^i»l»CodsMtlleotfclv«»,^hey■^aicRodlf^i*«*»'*»•»». 

- • • * ' thein* 

^4 . .^0:^AX^.i^yS«fk^ J^i\iy 

See mote c^ni ^j^iip fhc #liKUtiee Of jMAko^\ Tbo Iftasliccftirf dd 

Com. on Hof. ">™s, buticcoft many of tfacoiTljcirUte*^ ifiwrf.- 58;*7. 'Tb 
I3-P- 8j» itoi agood lUtey ite:i>(vi «///«* IV*, :In Gals wwftiijjlwe muft 

ddnotl&iig widiiMR: the warrant of this Word, , jW.:j^«A^. 
Afiir.:28mov- aM iB<ft^id<yW(a^6fidti^t6therPaacni^en 
wj» Bm,pi^f»a; 47^3 9#»lJeA;fc/tB fiud ^nfte . dijies - in ^^^ 

1 . ^ 

\ '\ ■ 

WEE have all along fcen >M/«^rWftfiVfCin»v.d^i6e 
CO th?ijf fttflffong; -.-x^u^o ^ ,v\ ...\-. v., -sv^-i .- 

-Thc:L9r4 had fridy -.given tbe'cB.tlisijiiy;.^ th<»r. 
Jnf cwa»<<i> toibe«nd|hitt lMy;nMfcj>i^ fri9n«Hlh«Ud.; 

i^TBd tond,che;J^»94,^d}«vad;«i*«^v^« 

xwty beyond I)-«»Mfejfe>^AiFfwv^^ f#»i*/S^ 

wok ^4|»«rf^, ^nd:f"'w^M?4i«JjC/KJflfi^!<^-4'''''''^ 


-therefow^I wai rbrtng^,Mpoit<ypu,tKiM(teipcnt-^rijtn«dv 
dnving-jfou. ,<9it;:9f;Xonr: OVTO ■ Uii4 i^d/derjwriiflg vfeft in, 

V « bamfliincnt and ca«t^jr, .v^^«i#,«fSp^7^^ff^f«.ijiw^g 


.&; '(--.> »j.'ra;.\4 

r .^ 1 

. * ,^..Here is; chie;ine];i(ori€M; a&dprocuiing cauie of tijis fuf- 

/eriQg, and tfaacis their fin, implied in the lUaeive parcicte 

t?]%^^«^^i ywbave'imsn IdoUcrous, Aijperftidous, bypocria- 

x-a^^&c, tbexefore you fliall go inco cs^pdvicy. 

: * j^.. tfece is 4^hQ qqafi^l^ado^^j^ ch^ 'Coqi^nt|iaddEi( 'as not 

-T^'OUf the to^»' whefepiiaaie i^^G^^^ff-H^Jr c^c h^^ faid 

.it, anJ hebpch-ica^i aof:) willdb ^^ lunlefs-l^y-cmAdy r^p^uiKf'e 

lyc-prwntit* . • • • 

f# d. I will fend you packing farther than the pe6pi«* of !&- 
mMjcm^ for the SmzB^^BMffof^ captives but 

CO Kir J 2 King* lo. p. but you (Sail be carried capdves far be- 
yond them, even to F<?^4>*andtheRcgionjof the Cnffians^ 

goo(iXy,weAldBy, ftnoiqg Qtyj7ji.v7*^,;& 8.4, ^rr^..^ 5^) a$; . 

aniinprcgiiaBfe fortrcfs, and fronder defence for. all t^r 

CoAificr ^r^ ^ tb^y ot^hcthinl^co^et il^eiter^tbere^ the£ing 

|iqr^q)f bplpg itieurrf oftf^^eraK 

^Vd^^^ciis^^Cj^^ i|pCrCaj[^ tJbeo^ £0^ tb^y fnquLd be .<:arridl 
* capdveib^ondUlilB^ ey9i»iacQ<tbe'£ard)eJ^^and^:eivoce^ 

- Qi^pft* iB«r j&a)i^4//)v«r«f«r()/!f Amo^fM^'S^^^ ? Amos 

.- . - ^j.heJVnfjwerKeA(s^»tteji^^ 

4«iWQJB»4i«bWJW^kiyk 4»|f writing i n Greek, ' 

LI" follew- 






* • 



- # 



> . 



■ i 











Pradtical O B SE RVAf IONS 


(The Sissth Chapter of «;>/m0f. 

• « 

'■ff' .. . . ^ 

T - . ' , . • >l 

- . * ' . - » '■ 

Vers a L ^ ■ 

10^ f^: *hem that Are dt ufc tn S ion , and trufi in tljf ^ 
Mmnt^n 0fS2jxizmywhich arc pam<d chief eftke, 

Nf this Gbapter the blunt Pifoj^c r«ifcch his ftile, ^^ w^^^, 
^ grows ^Rhecorical^ and is very eloquent; (as ^^^^^^ 
SCf -^»/?/» from this very CihaDtcrhtch longCincc^uoddmmu 
obfcrvcdi) hoc with a faniamck, frotii/^affe<aed/<?i»»aM« ad 
^^liSP^ cloqueoce; bac wdi a grave and decent elegarr- *y^*> ^^'^ 
cy of fpeech, fuitable to the dknity of the matter which hee l^^^^^yj^^ 
treats of^ I^ee that mabes the dun^D to fpeak^ and out of the^^^^;, ^^^^ ^^ 
niouth of babes and fucklings^hach ordained firengthto con^Voa/cMfM, 
found his enemies><:an by his Wori and Spirit make a ft^m- f ^V* 7* 
meringv?/^4f/^arufl:ical Amasy and filly fi{her*menj^4uenc ' 
of ^cb'. No matter what the Inftrument is, if God be but - 
the Teacher.. 

, In this Chapter is contained the Sumof Av^^ his fifth Ser- , 
mon^ where wehavei^ and Cofrow, feoitity andmifery at* 
temttiig each otheff Pp. lifcre.* 

I ^-ferC' Is' ;. rep rehenfion of Jad,^h and Jfr^el^ for - their c^r^ 

by di« example of their riah. atid pq)iil«iK 'ddghbour Gi^esj' 
which God had deftroycd for cheir fins. Vcrf.i. 

3 For their contempt ofGodt Threatntngf^ whieb brought 
forth cppreflfion and ty r anny. r^r/.j^ ... .;...,. - , 

4» Vor Ptlde J LHMfftjfymd J/(?f>,ifgedattj?iitKheir'Ruicri 
afidrichpien. V'irpj\^%,6. . , ^.:' \ ;•. ' •.. 
^ For hhumanitj\ wanrof ^mpathyj^andb'rothcrljtcom* 
paffion towards fuch as-wgre iti cfiftrcfe. Though the whole . 
Liand was depopulated j and all the open Country was ex^- 
fed tx> the fWiy oFthe merdfeft qnyn/, y«t becalije thdr im^ 
ced Cities^Cwh^eof J^#i/4fe»^ and SamairfA wcl:e' the chief JT 
were atprefentfree^ they llVect at 4|fe, and never regarded 
the nitferics of pthec5# Verf.6. 

?. J«ftice. rirr/: 1 1._ 
Carnal confidence^and gloriacion in that which could not 
help them. Tir/ ij. ; 

"XheLord.bad born Idugwitb thefe their gcc^t pr^voca-- 
wns/and ufed all means to amend' them^ but all iii vaiii^ iind • 
tferefcftc tiow^ollows t&ir vvoeati4'pani<hmetit» Af firfr^ii^ -- 
tivltj^^ banifbiiaenc and' departatitm but of theif own tand* 

• 1. Dete(fetton<5f them aiid their ^rivilec^s. f^f 8s 
- . • 3 Deflation »nd'dcfbd6ttoM of tlrdrGitier^^ 

C0nfinned^by-Gods Oathk P^erfBy ^ - \ . -> 

TBeyftcMxIdbefo^tcmfiedv that 'dft 

'f The f^ifrfre^flioutd rage fo terribly^ that if 'amumerousr • 
family be reduced tattn", tb<tfe ten (hairdycj and for want ^^^ 
^ othcrSjiimans^UncIeflialfbtiryhim,/^^ / 

d 'J!b*'EmBemicalandgericral^defeuftk^^ 
PSlicesrahd^lIotta^, none feall' cfcapc-' Bite a» aUbad-fia- 
ned, fo. all fhould nowbe puniftit for . their finr, from 
©ne erld of tbev land to' the ochfctt A fbrcin enemy like a 
violent flood ftscrufd overbrim rf«-wh(Ste^Iind frm^ North to^'^ 
SouthUnd froffl one fidcti^tlieotber^ - -"^ ^^ " ' '- Wv - 

In ^his firft Verfe, ibd Prophet thunders agatinltthe fetatc,. 

* Mid {bnfaat tebabicawi €£ jtidiAmA ^JrJopi^md c^ially a- • 

V cgainftxbtgiwt onefy , HmTttidivHikrh vkiis frinn ^re ;« ias • " 

• ttey abcundod isiwvcalth, fodnvviokedricfs' alfo; ifiriio gave 
.diofi^lves- B> J»a&ineB,^id McRriaOTu:, io defpighciof 
'«te ©iopbatf Jtfaneatnings, 4md thw: in a .drae wten Godj 

Judgcineis«P-\VB;» roupd kbait them. . Though Jmas were 
^ riaiimaEiiy lfiiifcio.//n^^v S«c jwM being p^ccaker tbcui 
^ inSSu,- he^. dwi^ to this -Chaprer -iayos them togecber in 

reproof. ' ^'V , j J • 

In the words we have^ x. %A jHdg^ment denmncedy in- 

-duded ih the Particle, ^oi, Wi^, Which is ufed three -fr^es 

1 Byway olComnitferAmny when we ^are grieved at the 
; calamities which we foe are i:mnmg upon a people, fm 6.^. 

a By my o£ imMcauat^ when we pray for the jxeftrutti- 
; on ro£ the' incurable. cne«^es^pf Qeds , Church,. f{£/^^0. 

S Tbeje is a, woe of Prc2Ui]«n^ ind diNHi^mm^ which is P'^t'^heer: 
ihe WoekK in«aot, whcie *l« Prophet, loce^tfells,. iod <lc-/>«ij;,{»2!! 
■ n9iurceai>4iements ttmgoral.«nde««flal, ^4 tb»s ob- J^SC* 
. flintte^w^ ba«?k^ding people,, aee-chreatajs. Aem with .a^,^ .j^,^^, 
"WoepfOijtivity, ancl ge«ci;4acfql«ion Jjck, .which vus rm fgnrfiem- 
UcnIcxe^M^tof their ctecftal diiftrMalon herenfter. Addat»«rt. '• 
ils*wc«f^«»u»iiiig4niferiesagaip0aa iu^iMencl>aopI|, . - ; 

is VMv&aquBOC in ^ctiftures 4S./f««..^ M. p:,?.^*! «rjf - 

'tHe^Wfeapwhitawil^«cjli^eb]^,;l?utPm^ ^ 

^le ftia lay fecure, and fung'a r^memXo themfelves, puc- 

ang the evil day Tajre -from thcm>; ; Acrefsre die ,Pf ophec . . * 

falls to denouncing Woes wft^«f».j!«,^«<^^^ to_a. 

waken, them out oii\m]fl^^^y^^^^J'J^ 

- W^ .«iftfitt- tii Ae«k<toe*8tt«s^ •^«db, Si to-iwruflderRood 

in «ti« tftft ^^ Vferfe*it^s *«& ^ ^»W» -** rbm (hdtfkt 

t »- > • - 

/ a Here 

% Here iarecbe Pit/i^m againft whom duis Jud^emenc t» 
denounced, and tfaote are, 
thfscaanM* i 5/rivr^ wealthy (inner^, who lived quiecly^ and care 

mi^muias'* ciaUy concerned tticgreas.(mcs of thofe. times, whp.eook'no 
fm)» i&«)n/}irr noticeofGods hand on their inferiours; though the Re^ns^ 
fieuros& Ml- roundabout lay waft, yet they lay. fnorting, and fecure, in 
^R^^"sh^^^* their fenced Cides, making their guts their God, andfleigh- 
videttircZfla- ted all his threatniogs ; diey were full themfelves, and they; 
rtf «*jif«,i. c. little regarded who elfe wanted. 

^ nihil ti'' > . 

mnt^ cwranu agMir ; f€diMfiifmafMce&. firm affumiat ftturmi- 9^49h tN^ffit- 
ianh & ielicatam agwu vitam, i Lafidi, The Sepcuagiiic niftaking tbe twt Sbaacj foe 
5haa% docrettda:iccoizupclx> ^«e j>rr9ra/iiMi 5j0».. . ^ 

2 Hi thunders agaihft r*<^^^**«5fi^^^ 

the Mountaine of SsmkrU^; that^is, they tnifti^ in the 
ftrength and riches of Ssmma^ their chief Oty, as if it were 
bivincS>l6 ; and by reafon of its fituadon impregnable. Tbtj 
crufted not in God, but in their wealth and Walls. * 

3 ttngrntefiU M€tt I God had made them tbe Head of tbe 
. Nations, and broug^ them jhto C4»4^, a Eand flowing wi A 

MiUc and Honey } and by his owne Almighty Power he plan- 
tod them rfiere, and drove out the CoMitnkts before nietn> 
• . . . . ^, iPfiil^ 44- ?• ^ 78. 5 5- ) but they forgot the God of their 
Si&w ^^^^^^* atid fell to Luxury and Riot. He made them thfe 
J^cit,fgmfi' chieffjtj tDpA £^mouSy and renowned of alt the Nations, be 
€Mtipr:mitiasy had fcparatcd tbofc twelve Tribes from all the reft of the 
^ fmeii^m Worlds to be bis ownc peculiar pcopte ( Expdi 19. 5- J^ 
^^^^'!!!^ «; 3 . -) they were to him as tbe flower and firft fruits of tbfc : 
IfZir!^ NationsrWWtohcpri»d and preferred bcfw^^ 


•,. . ^ • .. . , . 

' Thisisinodier Priidio^Jgai itefc wo Ckl^ih^fif^f 

and Samma. were the cmef Seats, and refldence of chw 

Kings, and therefore here was-a giseat coiifluoncelof people,' 

; botb for Givil and Ecclefiaftical affabs, JimUifr and Bmjnmm 

wcsit to jfflr^jSi/iw^^nd-rficxen Trib^ 


X Ueteitej^PAf^f/wbeie thoTe Sinners isn^i, and cbac 


isiti JerufaUm, of wnu:h Mount Sip» was an emincnc part, 
and therefore is.oft put for 7(^/y/^^ 
ti&rt fit^ dtwmltuttio y cbU was the Metropolis of JwUhyM 
Sam^ia was cf the Ten Ttiixs.S4mfri4 is principally threat-- . 
0ed,. yet bccaufe the other two Tribes were their brethren in • 
; (in, therefore be threatens them with parity of puniih- 


The inhabitants of thcfe. two chief Cities were more fecure 
andTenfual in the midft of Gods Judgements than other pacts 
of the Land, and therefore the Prophet deals more Dbarply and 

' roundly widi them, and by a F^olepfis prevents a cavil,wnere- 
as they might ob;^» that they, were the chief of the Nations^ ; 

* and all the people reforrtd to their Cities foi; Juflice, and fpcc 
iheWojrftiipof God^ and therefore they concluded, that 
God would not deftroy themi Jea^ therefore faith the Prophet, 
C^imUdeflrPjjm^^ hcMfej9tifn dgalnH fuch McrcUs atti- 
PrivUidies. , 


'i '.•... "t ..... 

Carnal- yrorlHty- wife-men jo<& upon the Bible < as St. A*- Aug . Ctt^ 
fUioA fcefore hi$ converfiony asalxxAofalovvfincotnpt,/. j. e.^. ' 
unlearnetl ftilfe, this. very fixth of Aiw/ Will in parf coflfutc _ 
■ fuch'. Tlie Prophecie of Efsj abounds with' fuch- a fluent,., df- ^^ j^J/" 
'^he,gravc,"and lofty ftile, that all the elaquenceof Ci«r#,),.,j.g):jt,;^, 
and ail the flowets of Dtm»fibem^ with the reft of ihofe ad- ift^tgi nd 
imred Heathens, UbutasChaff to Whfeati andDrofs to tt^striftmh cm. 
fined Gold. Hence the. Scripture is, coni^fed tp j^ j4eafant^V:"»*'M 
Gai^enbedfickwdiiWbvwrSj.aridiirich.Garmetrt^^ " ' . 

Pearls; whd> the d^pd) of i^suiiitig that there fyes hid ^b ) . 

coveted, then thie $6ry of Ae Word doi(i aflfea as, and 
leayds a deep impref«>»,rfits excellency jupori [our 
y.V^ee ihii^ld, n6c iclfefetere bi^^^^^^ 

^' ir<*h t^eS«»«ifei;^>M^ik'.th^;^^ tt^ w<^'. my 

:bStteVfilid?^t4He Golfc bifeJ*i&»:xr3V yVe4 

- ttmvrncing, as >*;«&/, Aft. rt. 14, i?. SofrieurS" teSU^ and 

•v«« ■ ( w'Sc*tI=>5s :S<ir»;**<w, others morctierce ain3 PerVBtKj a Jff n- 

X, }>(*Kan(t ^/.■■Sfinj? cxc^l jnPjofe, ocJicr$in"I>ifctrtj" as'i?*K/i"(/, 

fitavit, talcs t-Vihoh'&ltz&^^ffifeiffi^tr if ^r^iiii.mlnytpiritual rpngs 

"•^ /"« P^f- are fcwreced upland rfown the Scripnire , biriotte excsllcd 

"VJ^/^^^'^ in that gift, like 04xif'<(, who was more efpecifll^ inTpiitd by 

»«SV f "^^^ "°'y *^°f*' '"'^ finguUrty qiralified for that purpoTe, A31 

i*piA, ' theCe hath Godgifccdfor the good of bis Church, I ■Cor.Vi'z; 

Obfcrr. 1. Thfe That are hifhe^t, in' FryviUires may bet 

neareihtajnif frits. " , ,', '' ' '' ,' . . \' 

WsetoS/M firft,^ aad thea' to J/wiir;V; "SoJTffw'. i^. 

5ecmotcininy WrathfaUsiiponthe]Jf»firft, atidtheni^on th4 Centite, 10 

Cora, on Hof. (jg fecure in oiher.^t3ces>Vas ,l«ifiil, 'tut'to be dead and tare- 

,ij.iI.p,48,4S-ieirein pruf^kpt 'tihi.t;itv of ;tte-livi^ig.i:j64,;wii?fciii3 

■ Temple and WonTiipWas, thtsddiit^ed'cUeic'fin,. arid' tberc- ' 

iforathePrc^'hetEmphai'icatly ftts a' 'VKcie uptiii tbeix. 'faead^. 

. Weetot%:mthAtiireAtf»Je'ia>StaM.- '•' • ■ 

3 . Gods Minlfttrs mnfi dtumnet H^oet ^gAtvfi Ax wlc^d. 

As they mull pK>c(aioi. fyomi^?. (9 ^be penitent,* fo they 

mutt denounce jutfgem'e'ntsagiiDl^th^ obftinate. They mutt 

•inakcadifercnc€,.torQipc,they*Buftfbew l^Tyty^., aaatp o- 

thersfeverity> 7*a* .2 ?, ij. WhacdreailEVl -woef d6 ill, the 

■^Prophets denounce igainft; iiiroemiebt rinaars. ' 'Chjtijftv'WbD 

- •W4?Ic>TCicrel^, jtfi^ihwhoip.iWe vy.asnpigairi;n$6^'Ue«.jct 

_, ... ■'■ ■bOWjmaflydri^^nJwiKs'^ia fie' S^^tiouA^^ 

critical Wiiriresv evca'tfght ww fco»etha:,.l^*f.>j. x ji 

' ■ ^,i5jt(^ j|,s5»fl52p/.5fiBenvviil5)eTo;bold as.topr'6- 

daimtheitwiclcedpefe,,^tiwil■,^rsIi^^tilKl*ob9ldJ; astppro- 

■. dumiheirvi^QeS. .. 1 . . ;- . . ■, ..... ■ ^ ^ ._^. 

" ■rfier 

See my Com. ^^■ 

nnH^jj^ij^' nfers' I 

: i . llpm.6.'2i. Ag^Hthej»r9n^e,Sof,t^tacft W^lfeftSBaqg 
wcrtbCheauSoftKe go^Py, "ird iop tteffinls 'upaHtVin 

whicb way foever they go; fo clouds of wrath bang over the - 
heads of' the wicked, draj^ing:j|dg^tnencs upon them even in 
^l^ii:.hi§hiftp:c^^<5ric};,. v^ mpft fre^ 

frbm^miferyr^vThe mirt& of evcrj^ fecifre fiiifler-that. ^oe^ fiag- 
ing to- hell, fe no; beeper' i:han madfasife; Yof vvHer c* feoiricy . ^ 
goes- brfore, .dfefliiiftion. ever follows; W6f« m^crjfhice^ ^ 

Piocey thn camesfrddm ^d^frvifrd^^iofif^Lvik. 12. ip^. 20* 
I Tbef. 5; J, Secure Laljh became a booty to its enemies, , , 

fudgii^i^j. C^rkitSk Ethlspiafts flialt be Jtnofe otfl-aid, 
Ex^^ 90rf^yAA^Mrel«feDatight€C5 (halLbe:cDOiibted» J fa. . 
^2^i9t)i o, ri^-Godf iff mucfcdi%l'\^Ce4 wicb apeople, when the 
fttc of htg^wm6 (hair bef^ chem ]^oundabfflut,.and yet they. re« 
ta^anui^umU^and^i^eniibk^'/p. 22. ^^y%^^^vd\^^.fil^ . 

Heb fir ft cuts men down with the fword ofiliia: mbftith-^ bc-^ 
fore he cuts them oflF with the fword of his hand, Hee delights 
not to take finners at an advantage, but loves to cxercife his 

Eatience towards thdm^ that tbef ji^gha refpesac,: as:wiecrei in • 
oth the deftruftions of J^i<^^ the'oncby the C4/^«?4»/, 
which was fofe-toldby the Prophets, and the other by the 
M^mnn^ wWch Wis ^orc-totd m Gbj:iftA Bbt^thisat large if «y€«m^ on 
cSfcwheie. ... f^J^- ^^^ ' 

4.Carn4K^nf^kc0rll4m4^IM^* _ e4^ac 

M%» mMForfyie and) tiuft> ia menafft^ rnoim*^ 

tains> in Kings and^ Kingciomes, in Guards and Garrifim^:, 
k^^hey ahd cheb cre^^fea^^l^ 
ttee kiM) policy, fo chdrels nd pdwer or-fonracafiions than ' 

may^buewe mufi not IddVize €hem;frepare armies^ui(bflroag«- 
hd*^ bat tiot tr uft itt^Aanlt; TH<^ 

5,^: •• * ' ■•. ': .'i^ >^>^ '< *. :.■'■ "-. i--.::- . \- ■ 

q , Ingrmlmit is fk G^A-poviklng^ wA v« Lmi-iit^jing * 

- God \aA ffiact»^'cbis^fdo^leiidib'fa^(w:<)f vt^'NniMS^ «id 
c^I^dAmfofkmireif fcbm daiMief)^ tbe l^bnr^ ijuc cbe^Seemjr Com. 
foughcagamft God with his ow]>oldnti^>"awi>aa4b|£y'Wttex)nH6i;i).j«. 

iocffeifcd , to'tftcy fihaed agawii Him, Mwfeig'^ tte^ good P* "»> »?*: 
landvvhieb hee bad^vtthchetn, toid6l(Kry,n6rf aod'OKcef^, : 

t^lailaftUnUfldfpeffcdihemtM*^ - .' 



•Tdfsyee on f^ Cdneh, and JecU^d fr^m ihencep t9 
HeHvath the grcar^ then go diwn t4 G^th ef the 
Shiliftimsj bee theyhetterthdnihefe Kingdpmes / qt 
iheir borders grUHr than your borders? 

•T^HE Prophet goes on to awibken IfrMl md J itdiA out oi 
JL their fccarity , and to drive tbem from their, cijnftal confi- 
dence in their Mountains, Ammunition, and fortified Cities^ 
to this end hee fcts before them Gods Judgements on the 
Afjruins^ Cdde^Hs^ and PhUifiim/^ thofe Idolatrous zpd 
HeathcnifliNations, whoCc bounds wercl^rgefiapdthekCfeies 
ftrongcr than theifs* / . . -. ^ 

SX^alnehy ... . .-- . 

Heeinftanccch in threeXwifft^^r*, and ; 

^' ' • ' - . '■ - , • ..... I J 1 . J ~ » 1 • » • 

Fmiufbtm--- i^ iC4/»«6».dib wia« au ancient, wealthy, -greifiCity, builc 
^t€m^& •»? jjy ;yjrf;^<,^ aftgc the Plood.w the Territories (^BatjldM, Gen. 

{^iSftS: It was afterwardSMwged W *e P^^r**.., indcal- 
rfeWiwr^* led af/fA#», arulwiesmaictheMPtrojoUsoif thcIiUag^ 

aflwiM /■«< «!^ 'dome. ; . . '. '. ^ . b- 1 : :.''.- 

f'/^'r' ^f^'*' ; «• "K«'*««* »' «aHoi - het6 AegteiM; aod ttoghtyrCity to di- 
n ftiiiguiftt it from a'lCicy^ , chat name in the Land of IfrMlf 

Ktht^ttHStA ?e/fe.i9.3a»$S. Itlay.oathc North Cde of //r-w/, ^ndwasa 
ejl ciuiiut»i.e. boundaiJy.of rfiC/PfwniiiedJLand, N$tmbpii,iu & J4.8, 
fai^ddqu^ ^/&^3,r Trtsas bttUtby v<«*/v**»». an4 :thereup(m called 
^1T,!SfJL h^/^'-**--**^ w«s, tbeiMorr^li^-^of^ ^A*< 'Twas dc- 
ritiLm. fttoyed"by the JjfjrfMt for all its power and greatncfe, 

J^4.-tp2ol. '. >. vl '.. .. 3» 

•» • 1 

3 J d4ri&,aftrong City of the l>hiliftims, well known to 

... .:;.-i , . :i^t^t^\i{swiiHs:W«-cbrQten4wn) ariditn^^ 

Oi:hd?Sjra Cm4mi1^6.^ ;v :rj f:.-.. ; ! ;.;,, - .. 

Thef(p:tx)rdi$tJwgfam<tosCtics were well kn^^ to tbein, 
and therefore (be Lord inftanceck inthem^ though under 
cbem fynccdodiically otbsi ftoiuifhuig Otiies jnrlu^ii i were 

* _ made 

Ycrf. i» . of the Prifijity if Aabs. , J^7 

^adeadcfolacionj miy alfo bee included. Hce buls them 
Se^y and dillgentlj confider the downfall of chofc places ,* that *^'^ ^^ ^^*^» 
tbcir falls might makethcm fear, and ffye from fccurity, o^^^tl'^ahT^^ 
'predion, ana carnal-confidence> left they bee ruined as tbercytr"^ t^if^^^ '/,^ 
were, and diey bee made an example unto, others fincc tiKyfeln/pexit. 
-will not bee warned by others. . ' 

Bec^thej better thdu theft Kingdames , 4>rxh€ herders of thif 
It^mdgreatftjkmyokr.lHMcrS'i' ; . 

^de words- kdmit o(<foaifiL dif&(;:u]ty. Some-' make -chi^ 
Interrogation a N^ation^ . f .i^; Are .thefis: Nations becter th au * 
TOurs? in no wife , for do but compare your Kingdomc of 
Jmdah znd //^'^r/ with thpfc .Kbgdomcs'-) jour Qcies vvich 
dieir Cities^ and your borders with theirs ; and it vvitl eaiily 
appealr,that noneofihofeNjttbds are^ bettdr'e!^ 
for either they are Tributary to others', or ruined ; God bath 
done inore for you> than for tbcmin many tefp^, the grea- 
ter is your fin, and the forerwill your putudi^qt bee, if yoii 
abufe fo pleafant a Land ^ and foch Hen mercies to the^ diiha- 
«our of him that^ye them. Thus -^ey bring io the tord^ up^ 
tiding them for their ingr atitudk; that they had not rendred ' 
accori£ng to themercies hee had iKevved chem/ i 

. This iSnfe is good , and miriy learned men go this way, 
anithough it muft bee ackiowlcded , that if wee look on Ca- 
naan^ Ifraels Land with all its priviledges , i> j^a^ the ghry of 
oB L0fd^ Euk»%o A ii. yet ottier NatiQQS might furpafs it for 
ftrei^,and ^eatndsof Cities ) ibr largenefs of borders, 
and/or amenity and fruitfulnefs of foil,as Bakjhn did. 

But with fttbmifficm to better judgonents , I conceive the >r s^^ooj^. 
Interrogarion to bee here aaAflertian.^ and the genuine Gaard,RuIc $• 
ijanfe of the place to i)eie this ^ jThatk^as in yaiaf^r chem to 
tn^ in their Moujataiji$,iliche5f and Ar^fig Cities,(ince other 
Ntoons with their Metropolies which were greater and ftron-, 
^gerthantfaeii^yiYere how decayed and rui^ Tha^ Almighty 
hand which brought them downy boiwithftanding all tneir; 
Ammunition and Fortifications j wiUi alf6.brmg Ifir^l daWi|> . 
nocwitliftanding aU •dneirfiifacs.iaid»iltcngth.» J8eb6ld therj^-, ' 
fore as in a glals, whither Luxuryi Qpprellion, Secucityj and 
abufe of Mercies hath brought thofe Cities , a^'do you feax . 
by their Bcamples* 
The iimime of all is thi^^ O y$e liMitms ef Jenafateoi) 

CLq ^d 

Aif SaHfuria, thaf gl^rf U Jiimitc^vmy tind truft In the Motm- 
tmrn e/^Sasn^ria.; Go mA Jh nh^l h/tve dopieu ^ Galneb^ . 
Hemacb and^ Gach, tl»€t :fotanyfofnhmy fmmtffChiesyfitand 
- M^erdifermt Ktffgdoma,^^ BabyloD^^Syruij^^fPalefti- 
na; C9i^der hn^' I hamemaJ^ them a defeiatki/f^ftr their fii^i 
and have brought their borders ijotoia Mtr^wer- cemMfy ihwgk 
bj Art itnd Nature \ Bee i^gf^edll^efein hf A^ 
^nd pnmt^M^'joHt Idaliitrf, Lfutierpy Secmritf^ mti Ol^imcj^y 
ikfljmalfirbtt4me ^LH^l^iUon tU^tofpknu. . : ' 


Judgememt opGieAejt^othrii ^ .. 1 :.. . /:. . 

' Weat(>tildQat1ecajudgemfiticpa£(et^ 

M wee (hcfid^UdnlttieDfais ms0c!es co maSce iis^ kcric hbD,. f<i 
Wfc flv>ttldrdiifidie« his JQc^ 

^AsAu God bidkbU pebflcbercy Gd* Go^ Go; iGspit^Cdhtiri^ 
Go CO Jiemath^Go t6 GaAi^ aiidriconfidd: * wiac X b^aiv^ <&>«: ^o 
. them for diek fow* Go noc with your f ee t^ but wridi your af- 
f^ion^ gandcinbbdycoTtew'cbe rutxses of thofcplaceSy 
( for thar yo» may 6xx and be uevei Ae. bedcex.) bw . iu - yMc 
Mcdicaei^nst go thitheri, and obferve Gods hand i4x>nfibtili » 
avv^keciyotf. Ma man ihay gp to^ Beamtue««;B ^bilftlos^o 
dyisonearch^ yeebyHfeditationheema^a&end cbicberf fo 
b^ M^dkacion we mayfQco Getm^yiSwio^inhmd'iP^Jtkdj 
i ^ ftte G^ds Judgeotencs^here^ ..Do nbt^bscetyi thbikr^ Gods 
Jud^m&nt9»' but pondftneTtri^ circiocmfisitAce^juadj nfi mitsU^ 

atf&Sed with them. .;•:..:!:. -:..]•'>. 
t- * Wicked men ne^ oncstimkicf Ginbor hvs judgeoienrr, 
tkey for^t him. daieC' wriiQuc munbec^: andj»& is: not in 'asiji 

kit you ttui&k0Ow^cli'atii&er»itetbree:AftB of tfairSoal, tj€e^ 
^gitatiofk 1* MeditHMfC -3^ .. Coftjfkleritim^l Ce^Jtio^ M-x 
thought and^aWay. Medltatiomir^ dwelHng longsr. upoii ^ 
e6je& Bucv <riNjf!^2«^^ ^locfe ^whd. ab^ur ^ Md:w^bs 

: -• all 

alt CtrcumfiaiKcs of Judgementi and Mercies, thatclw^ 
may take a deeper ifl^refion upon w^h^aa^^ and this is thac 
which tfc* Lord fo oft c'alli for ; '^^^^(iLrtd Wve iis c(f.ifiier vur 
WdieSy to hiu^lc tis, Hj^.^ < . *5S 7. <HB'7W^<?»!r^»^/to fear U5^ 
/^•*i# lif. flfe*frww td-'alltirtfii^, <5«r«i. 12. 2j. Hb 
/fW, chat wee mayactdlH cHe^vaicil lcnbvYledo;c of ir, 
% Tim. %.ji Thwconfidcration fortiHenbe foul agamft fin, $cc ^^m in mt 

. itlaye$t)erQre iistfte loffeandhurt which attends upon fin^ Car.on * Tim. 

• ft) that weecinript riiili Wto k'wich^chit bqldneffe.'a^ the l- 4 P- "8# . 
wicked aad JncbnfideratH^tt.^fr* 8. «. '- 

'2. GodsJndgemtnts'm^Phers mnflatvMks^Hs. 
Their dcftndition maft be our inftrail:ion. As Gods people 
lifere muft go to Cdkihy Hem^h^ and GMb, . fo he bids them - 
go to 56//^, 'aiid conMer Vvhac bee ;dtd to riiat privQedged - ' 
1^4ce,.^ndbewa*nea/by^their.vv^^^^^ ^feagreac o^rS P^f 

favour when the Lbrdteadiedi'us our IcffOTSon other meii ^j. /^f. oK 1*. 
1>oote, and bacfo, making them examples unto us, when bee 
inighc hivfe'triadfr us examples urito them. ^ \ . 

' ; .-Weclfij'e here 'titfie! tamoas "^Ciittes with all their itt «tor<?ift my 
•TerckcHrics made a defoiariori f or thetrfiii?, let men make^'°»^*^^o''- 
^4H$ as bigh as heaven, andditchesasdeefpasHell, yetif fin ^3- J^* P* 7^* 
•^reign withm,, it VYillrmne aH, BeHtji%. 9,1 z. This brou^c 
^Kft 'KingdQmfr- of y/r^/. into- tte; W^ of the ^jljfyrians^ 
mKifi^.^^*jv;'ko'%g.'iTA^fd%^^ the CA^/- *. 

deoHf. Sins^ efpecially cryiqg fin5, do emafculace mens fpirits, 
and weaken th? hearts and hands of a people , Co that they 
tcc6»e at! cafieprey b Vcruel adyerf^ 

< > < 

Tie« thafiitf4rgk»>i fhtivitMy !; (i«»;il finite' the 'fita •/ 
vUieHcet0 draw near* * *' ' - 

Heechara:tli tt^^^lfi i;his yecCevyith xvvq-finsa which wore 
^ ^S^^ ^X^ftvi^r^c^ ftftbeit ie^ty before mentioned, 

Verfe i. thcfirft is the oinrtmpfof <3od«Threatntngsv 

Qjj % God 


3PO ^An S^oftiiin C hap.<. 

(Jodoftforetddtfacmbyhb Prophets thit JucJ^ments^ wer* 

coming upon cheiXH but ibey would not beleeve ir, hucfftt th 

ml dsj far from tiem ; Slc^cii^ Gods Tbr^cnings as if 

they had been but fj^lcs, and woutd never furprize thca 

Though they walkr in wayes of wickedaeflb, addmg iin ca iin, 

and daily provoked the Lord to anger , yet they Ue0 them- 

felvesintheit evil Wayes, prominng tbemfelves peace and 

lity for all chat. They vy.ere fetlcd upon their lo^y anc 

\vid)ouc any fear or though^ of dai^er , giving cbem^ 

felves up to Idleneffe > Wantonnefle , Ftixfe; Lumry, Vio* 

lence, and all manner of Iniqnicy ; not oncethinking of the 

deftcu^lbn which was coming upon cSemfel ves, and the Kirg- 

C do met Yea they counted ic a Lpathfome thing (as the worn 

^^/^^hyhom in the Original fignifies) onceto^nenciontheeviLday^ They 

^^SS- "^^^^ f^S^"^? "i^ "". miith^and' jollity. , • thao they would not 
mficat rm9ti§- ^nce hear ot forrow. They thought themfelves prxviledged 
nem^fifiqm- by haying the Temple, and.Gods worflaip amongft .tbena , a- gainft all ftorms andtempefts. But the.further they put away 
^^^Ld^}^ ^^i\ Jay. the ncareric w^ p them; and though^y could 
^mmfupmii b^ve wvined ;here. had been nafiich day, yet tbeirwi/hes 
& fva^iir^ vyere biit vaiiiis for tbe Lord had decreed to bring a difmil 
. . day upon them ^ and it is not the cpunfels of men, but the 
counfek of tbelordchacJbal ftand>and the thoughcs'of bi^heart 
unco all gencracions, Pj^;i.i^ -Asxhey harfthey evii 
'day of. finning -^ fo God wis- determined \p bring upon cbecp un 
evil day of fufiiering. / * . . • ' '*' " .'• ' . ..,* 
. . C^Bktwh^twasthit'tVild'ajil 
SSt' '• '•' ^-^ Theevirday here reant%- was more efpeciaUy thMj 
fym.Ga^' ^f^hsirCaptmtyy when tbe Ajfjnam {I\duld come and carry 

away Ifr^t^ and the Babjbnian (hqi^d come and carty away 

Juiiah Out of their q^n Laiii iftco'Ca^ivity and banifhmcnt. 

Thi^-evilvday*.the,I^Ofhct*cdUS.befoifeb a40;ofAmrkftfs, Mni 

^ m pfl!gh\ Amos j.i8,i .^. ;; ^ . ; - 

Stpmtt ipif The words are read by fome fafslvely, thus, Yee are fepa- 

1 houcjij the tn Mm^ir . W fccunPj ^ .45^1; Mit bjfd hinfdr hm a» ml 

here primarily nvm of fofne piireicMar jjxlfircmcnt coming iip^ itracivyef it maji^fc ex. 
terd-d onto die dayjof the ecnerariu^iMtienri^hlch Will btumMhc mcWfti^^ayoftf- 
wincnciJAccyJiAyoiradand^olrfiiltyina^^il^fife -^r.. -c! •. - .'^ .' 

. .--• 

;Vcrf.3» ' o/thePy^hecy of A^moi^ joj 

f Jkh daif ii>iditt]i»it are matksi ont^ and fft uprnfirM ml daj. 
\zi\r- hlitht evU di^tvhithj9» hAvt tniherto efcapedi do hut le*i 

ll-ca >* ^* <** **"' ''^Z f^"* ^^'^ ^^* mtiyetnt efc4piȣ^ 
'■ ' ■ Bat the words art better tad aiiivfl/ f according to oat Menaidim,t. 
Tranflation) fctting forth the danger that attends voluptuous 'Mmiupmui 
and fenfual men , whofe belly is their God , who lye upon SS^J 
beds of Ivory , and fii^ to the foundof the Viol , yet Pur the ^^j^m &■ 
evil day far aWay. Their work alt the day long was to do evil, tmtempt» i 
and yet they put the evil day far from them with abOndancc**' «/•««»' 

offcom and contempt. ■ / . tScSf*"' 

lifid CMtfe-tht feat of viaieHceio draw neoK, 

• Here is a fecond eJfea and fruit of their fecurii^, and that . , 
is TjramjyWii Iftjuftice, Cruelty and OpprefHon. Thej caaft 
the fiat of Violence to dram near. This ffn doth neceflarily fol- 
low fhe former, for when men are hardened in fin ^nd iecu- ' ~ 
rity, putting ofif the Threatnings of God , and' driving ,away 
all fear of danger fVom thiemfelVes, luch muft needs grow out- 
raeious and crueli tecrifyihg others with their Violence , Op- f *^»«» r*^; 
ptIffionvRapme, and Unrighteoufneffe, ^«« jJio ^'S^Xmi- 
much ihe word in the Qngmal impliesj Iniquity, aaed by^ijVw^yfcsr.- 
fbrce, and violauon of Juftice. -^ * 
<^z&.B»f0bathmatitl>jTaHfmg the Seat ^ar Throne of Vt' ■ 

eUace to dfavmeer i ,. l ./r • ' 

A«/». I . Negatively; it cannot be meant of the KSjrian^ 
or any other enemies pbwer that was conung neer; Tee caafe 
thifeatof ploUtice to draw neer; thatis, /fay fome), by your « 

fins yeexaufe .the violent Ag;W<«» and BtibjUman to draw ■ 
neer, and eome againft you to your own deftru6tion. This is a 
truth, but not from this Text. ' c ^r c a. 

a. M^cAle(fecanitbe meant of caufing .any ialfe.fe^s^j^j^^jjj^, 

ot^SittathitQ draw neerj as ; the Septu^nt Huftatang the jfcrtw, std*H • 
Orieinar{ a^ they do very often ).. do render ic, affrofwqtfon^ 'w not $b«M>- 
tes Saktaa mUdicia, as if they had fet up falfe Sabbaths ,««'/«**. 
which God abhorred. But far from the fcope of the 

-' a/l!IfettfcetisitpiitAncith?ticaUy,'by wayofoppofition 
to the • fbrtiier claufe," ^.d. a;eeyoUmuj aadfemrefmnersi 
lee pat the evil day far fromjoa, and jet bj jomr fms jee fM it 
0p!n io»,perfeveri»i fi'S i» jo^r. offrefm and croeb;-, joa. - 
>W<f fatn fw of the jad^ement from .jo», jet joa m!L 

t) it 

mt remove jour fitfs^ tftncb caufe tie JadgcmtnK 
- But the meamiig briefly is chi^ Tli^ Pro^et cbargetH ihein 
wiih iheic going en in their\ luxury. ^.n^'Iiib^ 
• preffing^ and vexing the poor afid iieeqy/Avhich ^^ 

Tliey were fo hardned in their fid, that novV nothing -bat un- 
^sedjsso I c. righceoufnefs,, and violence reigned amongft them.' They had 
iribM^. ( sy turned the - * Seat of Juftice into the ; StSit of InjwHice^ md 
ncc.O^yf/if- i^he Throne of-Majefty into the throne of IhigMicy^. ettabfif&in^ 

'S2iii'"^'^^*^^^^^y^ ^^^^ ^^■^'''- 9"^- ^^-^ fufliip^ violently into 
% vhientss ' "^"j 3s ^^^ Horiz into the battle ; abufing their power to the 
fentmias, fei^' abafingof their brethren* Sb much is implied -by the Seac,' 
in qua vkientl' and Thronc of violence, as appeats \yju^^,Ai^^, CXprefHonj 
aT STvcr *^^'* ^* ^ ' • ^"^ commends the Chuf cji \cf ' -P<rg:^a?/i?^ for 
t%[ mai- , hfer conftancy to the truth, and that in ZT^hciwhere S^dHip^U 
^Htiki. ' hh ihrone^^ i. e. in a place where Her^Q^ijpeffikioi>jTd61acry;» 

ahd att iind of wickednefs prevailed, and , bare fivay wirhottc 
controul : f6r wher>3' fin reigns, there Sathan mJej^!and there 
siCim Ki^ ^^ eredjts fii^ throne* So thefe fenfual and feciueiipn^s, ha^ 
tins j^gnipcat fcc u^ a Afonc 6f viplence* find a Xc^ V^ W^'ity* jciut^i^, 
fiuvtimymi'. ^y ^^^ . come to the belgbt of opprdfiori, (md'cnielty. n^ 
t£St bcingmonttcrs, racber^an^cn, ''^ • / ,' V:V ' 

' - . - OBSERViVTiQN.S./: \ ,, 

' .. . . »• •rj*^«'**'i^. 1.**'"" 

' Three ObfeTvations do NawraltyflovVfrp^ 
t ThatGoihdthane'iAldajytQi>rw^Hfb^^ 

■ % ThattvUmeitfm this evU day farreppqmihfJ^^ - 

, J ThdtiPhen they defo^ then tkej rm intrv^dhnce atri ^m^ 

. ^i Ofthcfifft, TBftt c^d hdtb ^ w/;^V»^>?:J^% 

evltmetr^ As they have had their qme oF^ grovoldug hi«^ with 

* ,^,^ the c*il of fin, fo he will fiijd a rime cp-veKe fl^ip^ m^ tl^ 

^i^rCto.^i evil of puiriflimenr. Such viclencopprifflpr^ are the proper «b- 

Fui. 8*. 1, jcas of Gods hatred, tP/^/. ri. ji and though For a dmedicy 

may efcape trouble,^ yet ^y gre oot ^divcred frpm-ft ; ^all 
their prefervations froca evil, ; arq bijt iefervafions tp-^ greacejc 
evils. TheIordhatbmatiyvYayest6d^iYer.t^gQdIy^ wthc 
Tjatfa no way .to deliver the wicked,i dicy havit^ reCnfcd all 
ivayes offjis appointment for tbe^ owjaei deliverapc«, tbcxc- 
fprc as M Acini Jic tow^dfei manyivaycrto referve tHem cb 


tfac Day of Judgement, to be puni/bcdx^ ^^•i' s^WKen Bcaffs 
hwe been, fatted in'pleafant Paflares, then they are brought 
foxtkto ihsf flaugbcer, J^r. 1 1. 1^ 5. As God hath made all 
things f or hinlfclf, . fo he hath dcftiaated dje wicked for wrath, 

% Jf is the frvfeny fff wUkfd mtn^ t^fut tU evil day f<^rn 
frmmthem. They lopk upon GcyJs Judgeaients ac a diftanco 
n«t fo muc^ as once dseaoung d tbem^ cill they light upon 
cbeai. Tbeyctji, Pea«^ pctccj when^ ftidden aiid iiyift de- 
fim&iM'is at iiand. ThUb nfit^ vyUked naet^ thagoj 
of thi$^ Woffd iath^ blinded thevf- eyes, and they wiifuiiy 
fm: out dietr owneefea ^ left they (hould C^e that / 
fviiich wi»uhi but troime them , axid hinder their carnal 
nsrch^ 'Ebey dy^^ ii^'\» sat .and ^drisnk ( even when Judge-^ 
meiKSiaire teadyi to. fallmpanr their heads ) sfnd if wee mud 
df e to manmr, let V: be mettyibefm: we dye^^V/c^ 22^ ij^ 
dms chey are jeeiiog^ when they daould be fearing ; they take 
nanoeiceof Gods Judgeoaents, they 9tz farre. above out of 
Us fiebc, tfd.xo. 5« Let ^(^^warn the Old World one 
bmwed aM twenty years together, c^ ati approaching Judgef> 
limit, yeedfiey knew nodi'mg: till the floud came, and fwept 
them' aH' j^way j tnd ask was then, fo faith ous Saviour it WiU ' 
beacthe endof die world, M^. 24., 3^7, ^8^ 39. x Pet, ^« . 
^<4;, Hurbtfftearwraefa, ^i^n men cry, the daves are pro- 
longed, andbecaufe Judgements, are a&fer^^ecerpce they 
'wilfciieverctaaMftiii^UnakesikeliOfdcQaiefudd^^^ ^ 

'(iane£s,£«ij^ t2«i2, tj^ jlmihs 9^ i^Or Seniualiry andfe-^ 
cnncy <Mtmtnt eyeij, that rbey^anmE fee an evil day apr 
pn^S^^ ai.)4«it mak^ men fed tro^Uebefore they ' 
{ip«^f ,.and CO be pa£bhope befeoe they b^d^atty^ fear of hurt. > 
,■ ^ikod-' inenvWbpn they ate in profpentyj; they dreaij? 
they ihall fo contsnoc to eternity ; baace the Prophet brings 
ibsmin, maJngComaancs wkK Deaths and ag^ffle^ts-wi^ 
Hell) and comnaifts with all other troubles, that they (liould 
not come nigh tnern. Thus they foolifbly conceit, arid fpeak, 
Jfit. a^» 15. If the over-pwmgfc9Urgrfafsther<^w^ yet it fh^ 
mt come nigh m. Thus they make lyes their refuge, and under 
faifl!K)od doe they hide themfeWes. NotWithftanding all ths 
Judgements threatncd againft them fbr their fins^ jet they 
vainlyj^omifedthemfelvesfafcty, and impuxuty, as if they 


had been k a fee with the Divil, and Hdl ,and therea poh catt 
tor- Wine, and ftrong drink, pampering and flattering thcm- 
felves in their (in, confidently concluding ( as if all the 
.Wo^W, and Time it felf were at dieir dtfpolc ) that tpmor^ 
rowJhoHidhMsthisdnyi and mftchmtfrf Mhttfid4ftttX[.i. Thofe 

Fad Prediaions, of the Prophet will never cotoc, but we ftall 

fcape as well for the future as we have done hitherto^ yea bec^ 

ter, and more happilv, If^- 5 ^ • *^^ But let as be moved with 

fear a$^ N^h was, Hct.-g i. 7. and get iflco the Ark of Gods 

favour and protcftion, and men we may. fweedy ling, T*r 

'Lord u mj light a»d mj .fMvatUny phm fl»uld I fear f 

. . at famine arid dcftruftion in^an holy: fccurity thou mayeii 

lau^h, for infix tronbtis the Lord will ie with thee^ md in, the 

(^ojg©-' ffventbhewiUnot leavithee^ Job^ & i^P>^a^jt ^^9 ^a* get an 

jg»\4uT<K.«s iioly^ prudential, providenualfc^ri to prepare for trembles be-? 

TToiGri, t' w fore tney come, and then you Will not be dJfmayed at them, 

facU con^ati^ ^fhtn they doe come ; Darts fore-feen are dinttcfe. Job j^^a j. 

voi^AnStMtVp^^l^^^^ (^ 11^. 6, ?• IM, 3. id.:Reali3ie dangers as if 

I* **^« ^- . :^^^ ^^^^ prefenc, that will hdp to awaken us ;.♦ but. when 

^ ^i men look upon Judgements at a great diflancc; and chink it 

SM^*»w ttiay be -niany years hence ere they come,, or dicy . m%y niot 

Mttmmws fit* come in their dayes, or they may not come at all ; this' breeds 

wuenimomnis feoirity, and fecurity breeds tyranny and oppreflfion, for fo 

ftaliqua^do j^ j.^^ Thejttu the evil dav farre avfau 49d ih9 disiffi the 

Iropeepvidt- -3 Obf. Inhere ca^Ml fec$iri$fy SHdrAmffbejd cefgumft ef 
tuYiideoeam ^ods Judgements goeth bef&e^ there cruelty ^:mhnce\ ami 'all 
nihil eMroMt. ^^^^ ofwiekeduefs foUoW;. Wjjere health, wealdi, peace, 
yr#^^fc«.f.x. ^j fecudty goes bef(»e • there, pride, opprcffion, blafphcmjr, 

and cfueliy ufually fbllbwsi ffM. 7^.4, ^, 6^7, 8) p. ^ ^4, 
4,5,6,7. efpeciaUy when wickednefs\geis into the Thrdn 
and fits on the feat of Judicature, havii^ all power in its 
hand to opprefs the poor, and ve^ the tieedy> chto it becomtt 
exceeding tyrannical arid ^ue!« 


-(. , r ^ . 

'^ . ' "'• 

*■» * r 


■{ . 

yytC^il^tfthePnphtcy tf Atadi, jcy 


• . " ' • Vbr-sh 4. 
- . - ^ 

T64t lye ufon fieds of Ivory y and ftf etch themfelves upon 
their Comhest and cAt the Lambs out 0/ the Aick, and 
, theCahesMtftbemidftofthe fiall, 

, ■ 

THe^Proptet goe& on with his Cbai^c^gainft the Rdlew of 
f^dahvoAlfrMdU Ihihiffverfebee^ chargerh them with 
^f^mb Smy which was an cffeft and^evidence o£ their Tecu- 
rity, and that is JMcmry ani Scnfndityx they fpept their cinic 
iaearing, dwddng, deeping, in^ mirch «id mufick, wichbuc 
^ an^ fenfc or foifaw.fof rficafiKaiflpsrof ^4^. ilikeSwinidi^ 
l^curiss, they ntoded nothing but their pleafures^ flretchka < 
^emfelyes on their.Ivory-bedSj eatifc j rffe fatteft of the floc^ 
inventing variety of Mufick.and Mdod^,v and new waies^ to 
increafc their mirth; drinking wine in^ de^p caroufirig cups , 
and anointingtheir bodies with the principal and inoft pre* 
cious oyntments which thofe times and pi aces aiBForded. And 
that wnichhighly aggravates their fin was.tlus, thatyailthis was 
done in a time ofltiourningj when C^s hand was upon the 
. Regions round about them,"^ and they fliould have humbled 
themfelves in duft andadies, and lay on the very ground for 
ihcir great provocations^ yetdienweretbey lying on beds of 
Ivor^, 'and gave thcmfclves^up to iM manner df paftimes and 
mernmwt. The Prophet therefore rfie better to awaken them, 
doth raife his ftile, and in a moft. curious Rhetorical drain 
doth fet before them their luft and 'luxury « their fin and 
mlfery. . ^ , - , • ' ,• . 

Quijft. The quejfhn the^ mH ieg^ vfhc$htt this cuti^is \f4rf, * 

x^jllyhdf^ and^thercre^Hre-Mirhsbefifftfly untat^ 

hnf. Theyaren6c^»-y>> ancfin the^felves limply Unlaw- 
f6l. God allows great mento lye better, and fere betteti and 
go finer than inferiour perfons, provided they ufe them fober- '\ 
Iv, feafona'bly, and xhankftiUy. The Lord hd$b ghen mM 
tUngs^ richtito enjoy^ iTim.^T. lyt But then vvemuftnoc a- 
bufe them to Sot and exeeffet efpedally in a rime of mourn- ^ ^ ^^ ^^ 
ing, for tbfc is u God-provoking fin, //^.i2i II, 13, M» So^yj^ '^. 
that It is not the fober ufe, but the piopharie abufe of the crea- 8^, ^o. * * 
cure ffl^ohdifpleafeth God; ufe them we may, but not Mu-. 
- ^ ■ . Rr riofifly 

rioufly and unfeafonably. Twas the fin of this pe»lc; that 
they were ' riotous in a rime of OKHiriiixig, and did indulge 
themfelvcs in thefe lenfual delights,, even when the fire of 
Gods wr^th was kindled againlt thcm> and the Prophets wew- 
tjenouneing the otter deftruftion Borfi.of King and Kingddme- 
when they {houldbavc abated, rather thah- abounded, and 
have abridged tbemfelves of their lawful liberties,feeing Gods 
jiand 00 their Breibfien round about tbem; bqt tfac^, IJke fottifti 
£fkHrtSf IM not to hearc the afBi^toi of f^fofm^ii^ itketbe 
riipbglutcon, they faredd^licioufiy every day. Hoc once ^i^ 
ing of die txuTery of ^o(kr Z^MTiM^ Luin 
^Q that here wee.have» t:. The Sin served, aiyi dnr is^ 

^feurfold^; . '' ;r ;. 


In^effly Oyntsaenc^ r^/» tf is 

tiave coftly, curious b<d» wadfe^thefineftlvory^ jiMwith 

cbe foEtefi featberf f and w dmht but they were adorned \»adb' 

gold and fiiv^r, a^ oih^s ba^ bisfii before ttem>. ^V"* *»' ^« 

They wene fo proi^^biit even their beds, whicb-ihi^ld ha^e^ 

qimdedtkem o£ i^k p^S^ pfoeiaMnod ^h pcwqfi aodi 


They lyeiipon Ivwy bed-^fteedsj or as the words iu:e in the 

GmU Mhtpth fountain, they lycupoii ^^^•y?f^iiii of the Toothy viz, fucb as 

sherhft^er tt- y/ete made .of the El^witsTootb^ which we caH Iv^ry. Not 

:i^rfwf*f.i)i#r. that die ^ed'-flcftds* were vAolly ra#d«> of Ivory>.but fonie 

^^] prineipai pam of them were adorned with this ra«?y, which 

came fiom /wfr>, and res^oie pare, Ez^k^ 27- 3i5* Ttey wece^ 
^ not /(^« okw^tm^ but timrmf no; totally oiacle, but checkered 
or^cwei^d with lvery$ 69 herewith ftarely thin^ weire wodc 
|tobQgariii£bedbecaHfQofitswhiaiiie(fe ^vd 4caf9e€<$^ £dr 
if far fei»shedi and dear boi^^ d^l^brs ^hc. wanaons o£ 
be world*. In^tbofe.Eai^orn pan:5 tbei( deii^ted much in 
I«ory; hence in S^Bpwe w^ r€^ 9f /t^*ik^af> aKingsf 


whichcbeylavfl«ping,,aiid fteacbing shemfel^^^ idly and ^hbir aaify 
lafictyioicfly, torfo it fallovvs, "J^fa^c fo w do, 

, :thkyfimch tbmifilims^pom fhtJrCmhts. Wbtzn tbcy iliould ?* ''l^ P*«»^^r*^ 
bc-fiaPviogGodib Aciri pUoei afli iiallittgs, ihej^in a. lazy, '"^^ ^"* 
4ialafli, l«ft£iil xnanHCr^ iyc .yawfiiflg- ^ flfctchihg tbeit 
j^aaiperedcarkaflresttpondaeirCoticb^. - 

StM&ecead (he words ihus^ Thy drf l$fxm'i9Hs Hf$n thei^ 
Cmkkts^ cbici^ tiieYii<:c!€d) titesQft[V6$ IntmoaOytnd laf^ 
iiii<piOy tojion chbirbedS; -yr?/; 7. . timmtd is ufed','^'if. 

cbcy-fccddaiiitily; ordinary lar& witt-ndc dorvtt vrtch^etfi^ 
cfaeymfi iuive die i^cteft and fi»eft thac ^ahbd ptekt out of the 
flacky' aad^moft fatrung fol4 They': -cbuffe cM f attdS out of ^^*^^ Af /- 
tbejpkKswhefetheywottkept tobefatned, be it fetd ot^'^JT'-*^ ^'^ 
fold. Great bcafts are fed in Pafturesi but Calves ai« Fed in J''^'^'^'^^ 
Sc*IIs^ wj&etc they ate fed raife their Bamms ntJIkgufetly and ^S^^f^ ^ f^-^fc 
^*&tttdy^ fffafckiidf>^'C(m(Xiabft;andfattc^^ ^ 

Thus chey gave tfcmfelves up^to eafe aiid ddicaW, pamper^ ^i i/f^: 
ingtbefltfcbcsmtbthetinettfarc.- ", ^ v;im//f^- 


J • ^^ ianyj^.fghfi&d^Eficm'eAH lift that isffe^t in eatmg anU 
drufkpgg^ Jb^m^^ Mdpi^timif^ if vtry Jtififltdfihg knttfGoL ' 

This mate temfera woe upoii the head of thofe that are at 
eafein^iim, lying on beds of Ivory, ftretcfaing thcmfelves 
upon their Goodies, and feeding on the fineft fare, fatting,and 

fcafting tb«rfelves^ry4ayr lite the rich glttttoH^L'^it 16.19. 

1^ r i Such. 

3c8 fAnnscpfitUn ; , Cbap^tf* 

Such Scnfualilbrthat live in rifeafurc . aivd watitonttafii Sa 
3mf$ci rebukes, J^^^/ 5. 5. Thefc are fins iWli/«-fir adU^ 

refitU^ chqf iare. hardly ihaken o&j^ jd^fe. 
See Ae Tiienefs of Epkitm y ill fenfoal Edlciirdan lufts 4o e(lcange cheisearc 
Jt#/jf ag^inft «r WW vulgar Errors, ffomGod^d^fevUfpche eyeofche. foul, c- 
D. 15^ and ciUifimeUf Light of gij^culacetKcfpiflt,, and unfit men for the 
Katurcch, 17. f. 185^ ferviceof Godosflttn. Hence theScopture 

Againft tuxuryand Gluttony. S« foottCOndcfflnsA^^^ 

dbl. 1. p..iS3.»iid 14. 49. p.i8o« :Wiee ihouldcherfcfpre capy weaned alfeftt-^ 

ons CO (hefe creacure^njoyments^ and ufe 

tbefecbmgs, as though we ufed them nac* He cl&t bach beds 

of Ivory, and lives in a Princely Palace ^ yet (Kould carry ftich 

mordiicd atfe^ons iotheffl> .mat if the Lord ihaai^ call him 

to lye on a pad of ftraW in prtfon, he nuift be ready iidieacfuUy 

to do it* Grace it bumbles a man> and makes him know his 

deferts; a good man that goes in Silks and Saedns, yet can be 

thankful for Raggs (when God calls him to them) knowit^ 

that t^ is ief^ phan the Ji^ft of all Gods mercies. We. fiiould 

^ xberef o^e ke^ a watch oyer our hearts in our e^ing, drh^ng, 

\ ' fleepingt cli;>athing, f or feai: of excefs* Lieifis fermtu ommcs* 

f(;end to forth^laru . 

. ;; ! When the Pgpphetihaddenoimc^ 

vvcre/^t cafe in General:, \ ^rf, i ^ ^novv he ddcend? to Parri- 

cdars, andte.Usthe»i?pfj:hQfii|9 of their -beds andbaacds, rf 

. ^ their g^llupny^ dmnkennefii> fenfiiality^ inhumanity, ta^ , 

particul ar applying of the Word to the fouls of people, is the 

. ondy >vay to convince itid convert them; {(x What is fpokcd in 

. . '. geneml toatlifew will apply^articularly to thetnfclfes. TThis 

Stcie^oreirt . made the.Prophcts and ApolUcs -to deal fo yHainty Widi dicif 

my Com. on people, Jfa.~$S. u Ez,fkj 1^. i.M^u II. 4 1, a 3. j^. 4, 

'*^ Be not then offended at the plain and powerful preaching 

o£ tbc Word. '. YopAvilt.fu^r the Ldt^^xb «jI|\yoa * of die 
/• . flawes in your eftatesy i\if!i.Phffif^4ntoi&^ym 

- fes- in your bodies, tfae'J^^^rAfl^ to tell you'dF an approach* 
;ingcneuiv; and will you not fuffer the Mmilter to tdl yoir 
J . '}. '' of eternal dangers, that fo you mi y.prevent them4* . - 

J., $jfis ( specially. gj;eac oce^) ^el^me, gM done; ;r . • - 
.'/: ; ' . .' . .y S€CU% 

: Secitticy went before, now fbllowes Luxury, Senfuatity^ ' 
Drunkcnncf$f and Inhumanity. As great men have great at- 
tendance, fo great Sins have many followers; ^and as there i$ 
acooeatenatiottofyertues, 2 P^m. y , 6, 7, g. fo iiiere is a ^cc myO>i«.©n 
conMCcnation of Vicesalfo, 2 Tim j. i, 3^ 4> 5, % Tim. 3, z. p. 

Vbrsh- j# 

that cBaunfU the found of the Fhl^ and invent ti^ 
themfehes in^ruments of MHjick,like D^vid. 

♦ ■ . ■ 

1!« He Prophet ^8 on, in aggravating the Sins of-thefe -' 
. loofe, luxunous Rulers, who gjive themfelves up to 
iriirthandinerriment, tofcaftii^, finging, andMufick, as if 
cbey had been ccintinually at fome Weddings or celebrating 
fome Feaft to Bacehm ; and diat in a dme of mourning, when 
Gods Wrath was upon the reaions round about them, die in- - 

feriour people were in deep cliftrefs, and S/tmapa it fdf was^ 
► ready to be made a prey by the cru,el Jlfyrtai^i yet in ,this 
" jun5);ure of time, when they fliould have fallen to Pra yers and 
Tears, they fall to mirth and merry-making, not bating an 
a^ of their wonted pomp and pleafure; and therefore fhe 
Prqjiietgoes on, iii denouncing Gods Judgements againft 
them^ fayii^^ ^^^ ^^ ^hem tb»cbama^ or cj^aver,as it is iii the ^ ^ 

margin , tp thtJuHni of t^n VhLi They joyn *their voyce to 
che laftrumiint, they j4ay and fing*. 

Before they pleafed their Palates, and now they delighr 
their cars with Mufical Inftrumems, that nothing might bee^^^^^^^.^ . 
wanting to complect their pl^afures. Thcj^ng to the momh of q^i\,art'mari^ 
t&tf^^/ (foitisinthe fountain) they curioufly quaver, ^na '^m ad ^t^na- 
fin*' their part in Conforc ; they form and frame their Tone?, ^'^h q-** pnpm 
riling and falling according to die Tune, and Harmony of the JjJ J'^^-^ 
; Viol, or Pfaltery, the wor(l will beat bo:h. It was an Inffirii- ^,^ ^^;-^ 
- ment that was rottpd and hollow J muuch like a bottle; znd^juxtavarim 
i?i^^/.figmfiea a B^le as^wdl^as a Viol; The< Seventy call it concmum na. 
PfokerioO', andfpttoordisrendrcd. Pfal. J j.'^.' Sihg >^ Jj^'vf.f/^it:.. 
tbe^Lordr^^thePfaltcrjf or. Viol. .Before they had bxuri-f J^;^^^^^ 
ousfeaftsrandnowriiey adde lafcivious mufick. ^ 'tim,p\i9^.fot. 

iWbetter to Patronw^e their prophage Mufick, they \yning.^uUHmvitiMm 

\ViJ)^iik>t tb^ir.pattetBrf The J kveat Infimnem of M^fifW^^f^^^'^^^* 

Rr 3 % 

pJi/cX 'r"^,^"^'"^ Inflruments, which hee ufed ^ia SpSuaS 

fang of God, and raifmg of his^Spittt in hu Wotftb,-. i ^fe^ 

their finful lulls and plcafwes, and rfwc in. aa ttof^A^bfo 
time 1 as ifthey would out-face God, and his judRements. 
and their pofpemylhould never change. Und« t&Vid 

then m are, as Harps, Sackbuts, Orgaw, runbrcTs, Tf umpcK 
S'ttl'*^' ««fer<>nekindthe^ft/recomprii^difS 

the text, They tm,ent t, themfelvct Infimntnts ^ MuScL 
lliey were Hot content or xmtoeti of loftftfttwiK, 

but thg invent variety of them, tl« b^r togrSriSr 

lufts, PUme Mufick pleafeth noc ciKn,4Mt t4«| -*«« ^ 

brains to gee the- molt curious Oftant uad laftfuflteUM dwt 

c6./ife.e^«|i.can be gained for love, ornjoney. they U th^K Sd 

• • i. 

• ■■ r 


ftunsyaagog. f^ Mufick, for raiging, feafting ,'^^ dancfflg, and dS. 
•'•'•'*^* l!!fVther! ^^^P°"'°° « ^ lift, >S'i*^iji fe 

^ Now MufickisabufedSa jUnfeafonabie. 

When It IS, « "An incentive to Luft. ' 

. .^4 Aptomoterofldolatry. ' 
. 1 Mufick is finful when it i* £*•*</&,# w1«»m -,-« • 

. ♦Whefairis mtttittiuAUi fAh*i*. ;-- • \^ 

«& taeywu to MKfek, aad drove the fe«<jf G(Ki ftn«»ftoB 


di$m« A woa b'denoaitced ^aitia fuchi (/)i. 5« 'i i^ i •; . 

3 Whenk k made an Incentive unto Luft^ ai^i-i? ufed 
wii^ drinldt)^, daocit^^ feafling, dalliance and lilfhy So^Sj 
jcaring zt Piecv and pious men. Thus the DmtAards made 
Songs of Dw/i^P/i/. 69^ 12. and the Churches mifery \y^ s»ieiit rerpeyy< 
their enemies mufickj. Lam.'^. dj, fuch kind of .cormpc mur ^f^ficammri ' 
fickliach a great influence in corrupting mens manner?. V^^^ * ^<2i^. 

4 Whctticisi»fcdt;o|vv»^^r,/fl(«Airrf, Exod. l^* X^ I>4h. !^J^' 
^. S. Amo5 5. 23, In Popery, the greateftpart of their Di- syni^np^^l^ 
vine Service is fpent in Theatrical Mufick, and finging of Edh.Hit. ^' 
Anthems, where the peoples ears are tickled, but their hearts . 
arei^evcrcoiched. St. Ai^m complains, that in bis time hee ^H^ CoufcC 
was more tafen with the Mufick, thw with the matter that ^- ^^•^^ 33* 
wasfung. Idolatry h«bnpany props to uphold ic,,»s the An* 
thority of great sse«, glitteni^g PiSures of Gdld .and Silver 
CO pkaCe^arnal^yes^ and variory of Mufkk to ticlde jnens 
earesy andaUu];ed>eigQOfanty who have their minds in their 
eares, and are ape to adawe what they never underftand. 
They were Idolaeefs^i who had the Ownct, Flutes Harp, . . 
Sackbut, Pfaltery, Dulcimer^ and all kmd of Muikk in thei/ 
Worlfeip, J>an. gi 5* 
Apoftolical fimpLicity Cuites beft with Go^Uwor^ip. It * 

'a !!^' '^/"^T ^/"^ L^if" ^ ^""'^L >/*^ ^^- ^>^^- ^^^^ i 

Jufim Mftjr )t^fini mr Mteters mth Qerttiim p^arm. ^^L -107. 

mtffi$chkini^InSti(UmM^s^ bm their mm^ f*^^6. 5cc morcin an excellent 

ne^isenh Flm»^bi^s\ a»d gives very good fafwWc 5«»o» of Mr. FmI en 

Iteafonsin the fame placefor ic. :teh.4.*4.K«chc at f^/^x, i^^o, 

Q^ Mmdetey^M>iCeMdem9^dlmam9^ofWifi€K,f. . 

' v^, No, for M&fick it felf is n^t unlawful, but the abufe 
ofitu We muft therefore diftii^l|i of Mufick. 

X. There is.a^4W3 c^mpefea^ fivtu Mujick,% bv wUch con>* 
teu^ationis promoccd, the affeftions are movea, fadiaefs is^ cajpod^j,^ 
esqpelled, iheljpmts aBeraife<t and revivc^d,^ coaipofed^ndEpift.4»^Kf- ' 
fitted for Gods Service and piaife ; and to this end the moft^'''- *" I^;lj 
pk)u$ aid noble fpiticed men have ufed ic ; ^sMo[esy. Exod. g l]^\%%Jp\ 

t5. Ife*flr4iAi Ju4* 5» «?^?i^y4&> Ka. J*. aO- phf^ph^^ Dialog. ^.^ ' 

aClKon»**«i7,a8. theLcvites/iVafc^ a> i^Chro^u 
%yi. and the Saints^ iJe-jv^. 14^ a, ?• Thus f/ij/^/t called far* 
a. MmfeeU 2> Xwjf.^^. t ^ the better tx) qvt^ 

ijitit, wtecb h»d OBm^ifqttie^^ by a wicked King j and r© 
-^ ftir: 


ftir It up in praying and praifing God, th« fo he might be the 
, fitter for Prophecy, and the duties of his calling, and to re- 
ceive what God ihould reveai^tinto him ; and For this end 
the Prophets alfo ufed it, i S^^. lo. 5/ Thus David ufcd 
it, and commanded it to be ufed in praifing God, 2 Sam, 6. 
5.2 Cbr0n. $• X a- Pfal* 15 o» As prophanc Mufick delights the 
Devil, and lets him into the foul, fo h(Jly Mufick and finging 
is lite a fcourge to drive Satan out of our hearts and faoufcs. 
When the evil fpirit vexed Saul witli fadncfs and melancho- 
ly, David With his Harp helpt to drive ic away, i Sam. 
i6.a3« . ^ * - . • * 

%. There is a tigh^ leofe^ If^ful^ frephane^ emafcnlatin^ 

Mufick^ whereby the corruptions which are in the heart are 
excited, and the fear of God is expelled, f^h ' Mngs in the- 
wicked with their Timbrel and Harp, rejoydns at :the found 
. of the Organ, Jot 2 T« x a, 1 3 • Againft'fuch -^e Prophet de- 
, nounceth a Woe, ^a. 5* 1 1 , t a. and a4. 8, 9. . . 

The Philofophcr told the Fidlers, that be could be merry 
without fuch mufick, touch more may Chriftians fey-Toi Sr. 
vCmm. ^pif. Jerom faith. Let the finger be thruft (ktt if tbyhoufe ki M^iit$u 
10. ^i^'Mim. expel m ofrhji dam aU Fidlersy Singing^wbmen , with alt thu 

QnircMfttk Devil, as the deadly fengs «f Syrens. Sb Qhryfofim^ 

Cymbals y and Pipes^ and filthy fongSy are the very Famfs and 

^i..ra^^ -Hi?%-;^^^A^/rAf DevU. Amgonusy ^ Matter to Alexander the 

f/ftST" P'"'> hearipg:his Scholar fing, he broke his Harp, and threw 

• It avyay, faying, t^tatrtua jamregnore cenveHity noh vancre* 

Tis time for you now to reign, and not to fing. The former 

fort of mufickin private may be ufeful, but this latter fort is 

©dioils and^abommable. > ^ ' 

mentiefmHpckjtfedbjthe-Ja^sinthirpuhlickw&jhip of God. 
as appears brth: Titles of many Pfalmsy Pfah 4. ^ s- ^nd 6. 
^» 8> 4 5. 54>^^i^^ ^7> ^9» 70,80, ««, 150, 4»fd therefore 
> vfeemayufeMufick^nowtnGofpeUtmes. - \ \ . 

^ \^»fT^. It doth not foUoWi for therfe were nfthy Geremokial 
=r^i/^i ufed in^ the tme oftfielai*, which are ibofiflit in the 
. , : ume of the Gqfpef, of which this is one. . The Gbur^h was in 
kits mfancy m Old Teftament^times, and th'erefore the Lord 
I ailnred them to his worftiip by external Rites and Ceremo- 
nies, which >y the conring c^f Chrift . are aboliflied^ the Snb^ 

' fintnoOf 

^4«c< being cpmc^di? ^ha/ktvs^ziC: gone,. Jlj^ G<^l^ci«$ 

. , As Jot tftc MafickjOf fi^^ Tj^Ie^ ^t.w^sypiAZjtl,, ^nd^fre? . > ' 
^'ligurcH the joy of Go3s people in die rerhiflTjon^f }-^r fii>s ig 
Gofpel-timcs. ~ *" ^^ • 

-There was4>o^hPrecewta'n4 Pfieiidenc . i», the OldTefta-i 
mtnt for Mudck in rhe.pttolick wciirfti^ of God,w xChrfu^ ^^ 
25> . and a. 7i (?. But.there is no Precept nor Prefident in all 
the. N^y T?ilamei^for dj p yfevoif Organs, (^ atyf^ufical Jn- 
ilrunien^ i^ the , publick wor {hip; of: -God in ' trofc Gofpelf 
tjnics^that 6vcr I could £ee; They: were not ufed in publicfc 
WorfKip in the l?rinutiv^ times, a^ I have (Jhevved before oat 
P^Jfifl^^^^^^J^f Ofgans vvere brdughcinto the Church (fay ^^^•.^^^. 
Joixie) bv Pqp^ J^^^f^^oi ncUim, aljput ,f he year 660. Utif^rm:!. cbaf. " 
Wasalufty Sij^geryandg^at ijluficiany heWughtPrick-fong, i6./^ 6^. 
IJefcanci and all iiridt of gleafant Melody inco the Church; Alexmd.ahA^ 
and thc,better to delight vain people) h^joyncd Organs i(^^x,iii.^,c.v7* 
his finging.. ; Thus Avas^P^i's Pre*uiiingt and f^w's Praying ■- * / ' 
•turned mtoVamiij^^g, and chil4irt? :P).aying>; to the grfeit ' 
Jofs of time, ^1^ ut^ef uj;jdoihg^of niany;.n:^ns fouls. 

. Mrcdus an Ahbot in Tork(kire, about.the year .<i6o» i0-lnhiss;p^^^^ 
yeys hotabfy a^ainff P^flfh Muficians] AlLtypes and figures ^^^^^*''^«;«, 
novv cejifing (uithhe I vyhence hath., the Church. fo many p^^],^^*^^^^^^ 
pr<gans,.a9d,Mu(ical][nfc^^ Towhjtpurppf^ is ^%t()rgam&2^ 

terrible blowing of Bellows,' exprefling rather the ^cracks o(W'^Mriibus 
Thunder, ih^Lq. the, fwfetnefe of a voicei ;To\v\hat purpofeA^^'^'A*"^' ^'^ 
ferves that contrition and inflexion of the .voice ? This ^^^^^il^^^j^'^^j 
fings a bafe, th?L 4 toall tuney thi^ a,treble, :that ar diyid, &c. 
So chat poor ^(^plpcpme. not ^ ai\Orar^y,.b^faa.Tlieater; 
iiotxopray^^jbAttOjgrzea^^^^ is-'tfiat dreadful 

.>Iaj.<?^ft^/.re?fe5be^^^ l-V • • 

CBrnelltfi ^^viffd compj[alnit^ 9? the men of his time, tells in Hh. de Vam^ 
us, That K.wAsmarillkf thcltwhig of biafis^ than the voice ^^'^^^^^-^-^r* 

Ther}biUoT»ati^mr^li^^^ of.Qxeny^ otfiers IfdrK ^ ^^^"Vtt, Martyr, 

''H^^iliyal^nnelofJioiist otm 

ierfiooi. "IThushe. 

Tisdcar againft the ^ Rule, which compaandsj '^at jUl 
-,.,'• S f thwgs 

5f45 %s^f( Ekf$Jitm ^^ 

1 9i biic {nth tmitM^ i^dft breeds cdDftiSniL as 

. ,^ - -rr iftPopery, and itico»dd»ncd by all oar Ifeamcd 

plii tehantes , ., 

/ - •^ . X V 

• V. TheCJ^^m^ttMbyiTiit^J^t^^ murfr from ours ; 
T^hsifS ivere uj^i'3t iPii«^4^7ifV^f^^ 

which they plaid upon witir tte Qu^l;^ ^ 
Qrii^nm Jf^n }^}»fl^i ^ - with the finger^r they were mc if4M:m^Xi 

vSm *fri dtudetim/Us habtHs, ^f^ bf ♦v.ind. ' >*4/ was catle4 the I^a- 

4iutMni^t»i & nifqHa. Mm thtt of fuch as handle the Qtgati, (^«. 4. 

•frftifw* i^ ifimflHt* o^fi* tt. hec Was the firft Inventor, of MuScal 

^Tlt'^/Ji J^&^flt InftrumencJ: where by thiOrgan is-noc 

^J\tm^t^'^af!:,^m. T=?n^f«J 6rgma..r^ufed,ifleut dale?, 

^ -1. ; vraicb niK inyeaced fome • thoufaads d 

• years-afier, but'twasanlfl^rumenc otjoy 

^ ttotiht^, a9iippeafs. J»f 2iti». and io^.7X*. fftd. i jo. 

e4»t^«/"^">4. i)rC»>fetcheth ehe Original ofChurch-Mufick fromthe 

'luSfZmbat He««^' »t^^« pra&ifcd inhhrna Hifpf^ H^voa^ jvhicli . 

m^ft'stibiitfu'y^^ aoo^ oneithoufand years bbfore Pdpe PhMlikti^ ip- 

pe,ibtt4. Ovid, ptztshf Qvid.' ' •..:'•- i 

Faff. ?. «. ^'pf Grt>jc4lt. 2T!lif/>w AK^/Mifr «>«;*/ tfpmha ^ivke tftcife per^ 

•*:<&. t«. ><*^i». .Such kinde of Chorch-Mttfick wis- not nfed laths 

, Church,! in f^f^k-Mttrtyri-Atitti who Kved*itt^Ae::firft Cen- 
■li ;: wry;'ifSlkr«»««>,confci(yfJ^^^ iSjo 
jtflirw. dtbomsifir^ia /«*.i.f. ■^•rj after Chrift, the Ctkjttli'Wahttd it"; 
,>. • yif^*:^^fi^f^*<^ - Had fu<* Organicat Wuficlc been neq^ffary 
S:^%SiS"/JSi : andufefiJ^naHproBabUityi?,v^^^ ?.«t«. foiio. 'Mtjibiith foona * ^dter admi^pn mtb thejCnurch. 
Syiui r- T^J" " ■' '' ' ,' ' 'Henc«,^;s that Aevvifijt fort of Papif{s.bave 

condemriedttj.asrjirdaiziftg. ^Sa Sd A- 
' if Ki'ww^'artd^^Udthal OfjetoftM^qMitiM^ inim Bis t^ooimen* 
tar y on V Ori^i 4.- 1';^. and the Jfefmt Satmtron 'oc the fame . 
pl ace». Yea. the ijefuit 4t. VtlmU^, telU. lis ex^efly," jbjit in 
J#^«^ift* Ms^tisoe,, which was-; about raf>-yani' 'after 
•- • • * " , ' chaft, 

- V 1 

fi«r leaft *ey .ft«iKi feeyv t(.T^dai«. ^.„^„ ^^,^ JT^Sm. 

Tim curic*ty <*«l!g«lg ted qissvenrtg, fo ^aiinanea fomtm inums btta 
cbac the SAtcec Wi^«h lB^Hi% ckh»$t be ' tdOi^th. ta vettri tuttm Tepor 

imd^ood^is'«w*ani««lby the teamfei' ~*am«»fuitm utimin^rmmf 
49. aiM by the «©miiy «f die Place and ^g itfirmntu frovoeanduh ftcut 

'^'tCOH rf ■P'rarer, ^te !*» tw 1 5 1 . Wtete J8wr (fr-frt- mmi&am ■tentnas, turn t- 

^aAit^i^^^^ii^fK:^ ^of ^hfoliiw ticcefftty, then not oncly 
lOarfwdrfi^ but dl dwrchcs tttd-Ghap^s-were bound to 
qg|Ct k ta^n -fernde,' I foppoFei 9s ^?bhofl:e(!,fey all^ 5>iic rfiw 

idncte <sf ^diwmtti^ w ^ 

isrMcfi^ \itewinisitfecttw , ^ . -. . ; 

_ Ctttti(»i'3fettli« nwft noctfAe Hway ^e^f a^^^ 
isAitt t6 be^f>raa;ife4 by :Q6ds,p€)^^ 
-^itsi* • Th6tado<iy lofthcJSfeih: fed Vcfii^ls dic^fw^ctcftlrar-^ 
many ip God? ear. This is Apoftolical^ and is oft ^pmriandea 

4»iaiftd^ <3hria H&nfdf , Mir.- aS.^o: '^Jmdl bV Ac ftiira- 
«ve<airakattsin '^r^theEmpcfours/tkn^ wtnlftSt;.>fe 

any figpal mercy, they. prefei);Iy. ftainea 'it -inti^' a fong ^dT^attheymigtttfee' bfectertbi^mter ' ': ' '^ -^'^ -' '*' 

Y«a many poaions of^Sonptuate werc^uc^ • .^ * '^ 

into fongsi as riicbook.ttf.ftf^jI^^'J^^^'^^^ * ^ 

Ec6!efi^fiesy Solomons Song. . \SingM^i;o^*Pfalms is an anttenc 
Ordinance pra6^fed l?y Saiflts,.,lTOib unhe. ')$ip^i^^^mcogitatl(mirmaiasa. 
Old and New teftamchc. Holyfingmg^is mlitw^mtnt^m^dfru^tficatlmm 
an' exceitent iqcans to fcatter the Devils divimuinYiiixt^vUt^'is decenm-^ 
tcmptSrions/^y Wffioris^ andxo^ekf re^jW.. tJ^rfX/'!^^ 

ire dml Ah«("teavy^ .this is ^ m^ans. j<> i^^^, j^/^, fifi^t medimm Jfift- 
qaickeh ctoT atfeSSons, andielrelb 6ur l^pi- jui/^r. ^^.'uAionM.ioi. 

mthihc.Sptriu How ? by fihging offpiritual fongs in a fpi^ 
c ' Sf i ritual- 

rituarmaatiw, Efhefr's^ ti, 19. Fiml:AniSU4s (he fectterco* 
quicSen and comfort chemfelvesrin Erifoa, fing'Pfaia»s,rfierc,- 
JUs 16. 15. In tte,Pfttaift;ibacJsrmatwlc4 forttbe Sab- 
bath, ?/<i/;9viv;frt the Efaliwlltel^^^ 
the Lord^ ^^Jmg t^fbi ngms^of tbf^^n^ tn^ht GbA dqligJitSf 
tx> fee his people pr s^e.thU .QtdjuaQcp, be is HQtKml^ plei'^ 
' fed with die .Pfiycr^, :b^tJ^lfo wich.die.Praifes o£ jhL? people j 
arid gives themyi^ry ooc only iqi Pr ^e;s9 buc for PMfis aL- 
fo, %Chr9H.%o. 2i,aa>;>y^e»t(9A(k;Was'br0^^ 
Temple with fitoging^ Uii fold, .^^:^^ 
jbaii/>,2Ghron;5. t?:. v,.\ \. ■] .-.^ -' -^ v I \,-;-..A 10 

Woerficn cothofetbafgbry.inxbeK,fc|m^^t^^^ 
iagprophane^ filtb}[9 obfcene Songs ^Jbucate albaqif^of' tbe^ 
jglory , t/*c. of fin^ the SongS:0f Siatf, ^ vyHifih isniot:io«ily 
our duty, buccmr gtocy^nocalwdcan* :bttt a biejftig^ijioc 
only f fervicct but ia» ^f!^\W4'jp^^^^ tow iisiany 

dare not fing a Pfalm in their FamiIies/o^f<iar pf^^ 
fof&ringPx Chrift-will be a(hamed ofv £acb aSrafe a/hamed 
of him^rand his Worfl>ip94nd jiyiU.fliutirbegfi^ ou£.6C Heai^i, 
that, feat ipef>,pin^fr^.,thw.bia^.j^ 

, . We m^fl; begiiit)ur Heaven tferc, , if ever we^will$Dg.wit4i 
jtlK 'Saints in ^ory bc«after,"je«^^^ 14- ^Vt^- ly, 3^ i^jey 
dtat wili noLlin^lK^ jnufl howl hereafter. -Ouf-Tonguiesare 
caUed our oipr y^ ^^^d^e^aanoiiife them be^, ib^ » oi<^ 

That we may peif<>ffn thi^^ ..;- . 

pi Underftandingly.* 


;.^ neljgUxifiy 

9 - \ «.^.i<ij J 

, ..... .. •. - 4'1^6ntly. - vi •.. tv.. >-;•.......•■. -•■- 

-t^Wcmuft'fiag' with tfie Spirit, itiid w'ii MnJirfiAifdiMr: 
?M4t'7« iCof« 14.11; M4n/fing, bataiid^rftahd nota 
wordof what i^ Sung. God abhbrs fuch blind fac' is 
K«fonable(emcetnatheK«iuiits^ komJiui,.' ':' ' ''■''' 

isV we mttftexercifethe*gnc6sx>( |C^"Sf)jtfit m ftigii^;;' Wee 
ffluft fingwiAjoy,faitbJear,'We; niuQaia the graces of the 
Spiritio fin^^ng}^ yvbett We fitig otJiid^fmf»tst\yt aauft'crem- 

■ ' -•-■-. = •-■.■. -bie; 


hH- when of: frmlftSi rbcle^ve j . wfa'cri of CmmoftdemenN^ 

ob^y. This U tofing P^vidf VCzlmzs mth Davuds Spirit* 

G?f your fpirits .tuned,, vatid; framed tb. what is Sungy'jthac !t?/^« ailudcdgfj^ 

may not Ije a Carnal, but ^Spiritual. Song. Bznc^Dmd ufed ^^^v^ ^^^^ 

to $Ifne> and prepare his,heatt before I'M 57- «^ 9. ^^»^^''- ^^'^»- 

Heart and yoyce muft goe together. Singmg with Mufick in 

i?ubUck was Cgremonial, and Tyincal^ it is no.w gone ; but 

finding vyith Heart and VoVce is Moraly and perpetual . / We e 

ihould tteiofore labQur rathci to gee our hearts, aife^ed with 

the raai^r, than our eaBs. land ienCes with the. manner of . 

(inging* . . 

3' RdigUHJlj. To tl^ Lord> .and. not. to Saints muft we fihg 

I^aife, and it muft be done . { as all orficr Duties ) vvich reve-p 

•• ^Dcemly. As all pther ©uties OHiftbeddacxIeccmlyj^nd 
xn-or4er,fo muft this, iCar.ii.ulf. As alUuriofity, Q^z-^vpit^^refim 
vcring and Vain-dcfeants muft^be avoyded $ fo rtfdenefs>'7J,A^/«^i/w 
difotSr. and^confufion inuft be ihunned. We flmfNbfervc;^^^^^^^^ 
thcTune, and joyn all t^gjerfier a» one rtan m the :Duty, as.,^ mmsgau^ 
thofe Singers did, 2 Chmh 5- ij* with the voyce all together diorm-y voim^ 
muft we fang unto God, £/^ 51- >. tatum,nmv$^ 

. [ Sec mire aboiicBngine of Pftlmes, and all Cavils anfwe- Jff ^^^ 
red, by Maftef Com»^ in his Treatife for fingmg of Pfalmes:"''' '^ ^ ' 
and Mr. 5;iMs in his Treatife vof Infants Bapiilm^ p. 165. 
Mr. MaHt9H on fiimes 5. i?. Dw«^/ Guide to GodUncfs, 
1 h c. !?• P* ^4^* ^^* -^^^^f^ ^^ Media, p. 259^ M, Eaton ' 

aiairift the Quakers, p. aS-'C/^pi^againft the Quakers, in 
tJje end ofhisTreatifeagainft them. Mx.PhnpGoodwi»,U}his ' 
Family-Religion, p. 269, &c. Mr. Sam. Craiockj Know- 
ledge and Praaife, Part a. Cha. -6. p. 340. Zanchim E- 

a Obf. ff'ifksdmf^arcafftosiMfnbf FfdUtcesy and tx- 

^mi^tslSyt^^^^^ ftufflble at their ujfi^fftffi'''" 

"iiiries,and falls, which ftould be. aiaean^^ 

f alliiig^Someumes they inutate fiieir gopd a^^ions^ut then they j ^^. ^is peceat, 
jdokinanevilmanner,andtoaneviIr^d;if P^t^^^^ dknceh^qm txempio 
fore the Ark, then the wicked will ^ani^^xfoi^ ^-«/''' >?^'S^^ ^^ 
weft that* purely zealous aa; of J^fi^^^^^^^ 
dancing* If XW^fctupMuficktopraifcG&^j they.wiw i^ tmyqiuim pug- 

S f 3 7 up t^mm.Ont 

lAtks 7* 4^t And anbcher that pouj^da bix'ofpr6cictt«' Oynt- 
ment upon his head. Mat. 26. 7. to 1 3. -Twas ufed mx^hj 
the Jews at their Feafts and Funerals, L9^.ii^ V6* (but nim 
in Ciofpel-timcsy and eipcciaUy in our cold CoutftSes, -'tis 
outofufe. ,, * * 

'» \/»^riiin ThethinginitfeIfwasgobd,fotGodgi>res*Wtne 

peiiendusj ftd >thefefoce the- Prophet doth not here fimply c<M&demft &e ufe , 
unguentv ttn- but the abufe of thefe things^Heblames them for *their rfot-and 
qitm mjdfCA' exceffe; they muft have Wine in great bowls; ' Mi the * firf^ 

"nl^imfm^^^^^^^ that Is, they ttmft have the beft and coftlicft 

ad virei Ian* Oyntment, hot for neceflky, but for luxury and liift,' -and that 
giierktet exci' in a tinie when Gods judgements were oft the^egions round 
tiudas. TwiFiJi. j^^out theii, and mlny were gone into caprivityj ^etthe^ arc 
^eapT^ '** ^^^ *^ ^^^ moved with it, but go on fecurely in iheir mifth and 
'{ n I. /f ^ m^in^wc, without any fympathyof theiaffliaionSdf ?f/rpk 
'j^ofcaf^) for fo ir follows. •. •: . ..; : •^.• 

wiw oleartmHitguntfefe^ nfiifi'tff^flr'.fianintifS^Mgimt(BrM^ 
' m Ad mmdinm akt fdnitatem. ., .-^ .; ^. ,/ . '..;•. . ;; .; ^ y 

f ' ^- 

/ • . 

^ But they are net grieved fer the afiiSten if Jofe^; -^ . 

•This Mt is a for^'blot upon them, let Jofifmv^ or fvyim, 

^yet they arc nor broken in fpirit for the Drea(?hes?-of Jojefhs 

VecUUi itotn they have no pain, fellow-feeling, or hcarc-grief f<>r:the op- 

chjUb, dolmty preiiion of xheir bretBreh, or tot thofe caJ«iiltieS'p^aA w pre- 

me tnjfhs [m . . ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^fBiaion to be that -^p^rticulair breach, and 

greaurupcure which dieSjftlans made atnongft daetti, wlicn 
4:hey ha^d broken them to fhrvers ( as tfe vvonl ' imports ) as 

GfkdSheber ^PP^^^^-^*-*^%«^^ ^4' ^*« andi4. a5/ thfen: affliaion was 
prTcef^fremene,^^ttQt'jioTth^^ up, nor a\iy help; lift j many 

fefeifhi u e. f fl-Avere {lain, and many carrtedinto captivity^ \. ^ ' - - 
p}tii ifraeiiiicL . Thot^h this be a truth, yet 'tis better traldftg the words-in 
Met. effic. & a larg^ fenfe,^;*; for all;thofe affii^tibnsi which the bouTe of 
Sfn.piirtts. Ji,/^;,6ftffer«l (/vvliit^ 

<Orj?upt' Judges athame, and by the cruel i[;;'iat»>,- and inerci- 
_ Uk Jfjrioffs^ ^hroad. They had endiite* much already, and 
^«ere like to fuffer more; yet thefe- fccu^, vitious, volmjtiious 
Rulers laid it nocta-hcaa... : * % • 

ycr£^i $f the JPr^iicy 9f Amdil ^tT 

By J^/e]pA h^rci is more efpeciaUy meant die Tea Trlbe&^ t 
ct the whole Kingjdoaie of Jfr^l^ fo the vv6rd is ufisdU ^ i^/^/- 
77. ly, and 8«. I#v<«w/. J. i5, 1$. Hear Otht$ Sb^fberd of 
Ifrael)/. ^# of the Xenc Tr&es^ whicb are Cynecdbchically 
calledj^/^j;i&. B# lAf^pe^of JD^ alqilthe ri^cofPri*- 
mogenitur^t vvhkh vvas taken from i^M^f^i arid given to J^^ 
/f^ the be^ Qf Jacobs Cons^ ajxi t principal Patriarchs C€n» 
48. 15? aa. iCbr^n. 5,11 . ». BpCjJufe of J^-^^^w^ thefirJi 
Kixffl of the Ten Tftbcs^ who was of tbe ' policriiy^ of Jofefk 
5* Tnc Prqphet feem? to 4Me to che Inftory of j^/^i^, vvhq /•/'^^ > ^'^ 
vyas caftincp apit by his brciiir«n, andifterfoid to the MUm* ^^J^H^^ 
nuM for a flave, his brethren in tbs m^an tuney eating, drink^. ^i^^ /g^^f. ^^^. 
ing, feaftin^, and little regarding the miC^ry and^ ai^fh chat ms fifepbfuit 

Kr/A)vasin^<?«r..37.i3,H;a5>«7<: . . Zfi^'mZ^ 

Thefumipe of all is tkAs/Fhuib j^mr Brttbrehjtbefeed of)o^ 
feph,-^ in grcst difirefsi mtd even broken In feeces with VleUnce 
nndepfrejft^nywbhbmgbtb^e made tbem even fiffl^whhfo^^ 
jeefnch k pnr inhi^mifttty^ tbat yen bnve ghen upyenr fehfes te, s 
aU Imemper4nce andf^fnid delights^ fenrtrig dewh wine't^tef 
yenrivnronpng^cnpt^ and afieming yonrfelvee with the m9fi pre* 
ciom and fragrant .Ointments ^ withent any minding ef jenr 
brethrens miferies ^ er once regarding their dolefnl eondition, 


I* ybluptmns men {pare for no coit-er pains to gratifie their 
Iftfis. - . 

Thcfe mcirent to India for Ivory, to the folds for the fat* 
tcft; they provided mufick to pleafe the ear, odoriferous 
perfumes land oyntxnents for xhe.rineli; the fat and ' 
fyveiet for their palats, and Hne beds for their lufts. tfere i/ 
all for (elf, nothing for God that gives all, he is not in any of 
thdr thoughts, Ifa. 57. ^ 9, When the Kingdome of Ifea- 
ven fhouldfuflfer violence by them, they ate vidci^. for fin ; 
tbeylayifli gold out of the bag for itvi^^. 46. 6. every one . 
0^ }n his fphear for Idols; The Children gather vMdy the fof- 
ther^bpUlethefire^ and the IFomen knead tbe donj^^ Jtt.j.^tio/Ufnm$m 

iSt'fogreatisdieitaflfeaionto Idolatry^ that eveiry one in 5"^ ^*'% 

turope(hB»r iimj; 'tis for Cfailcfitm to js^^ ^cks^.fpr men to 
ms^e t^K &r^)ak^Wol»cn K^hake^Fhe Hka induftfy • for Mols, 
fit siay^ee, //< 4t>. 7» and 4i^t%^ I'S^M*' Wicked met) de^ 

iightady^fisnfiMd'cbk^v^ ^ 

them^ The; xleligbc uieadiig^dtiiddligr anaincmg^ in fitk, fat- 
* dn6> pucple» marts, mtrbU^tiPc^ &Bd what a (Hojk cf fiscfa 
wares ^yflical Ai^/i» hacb) i?#z^. i^« ^ ?t <?^'4.* Grek men 
Iwy^ loany great advantages' good edocatioii) wealcb, citnei 
power -tn^epiu^acibii^ ^^^y^iouldidfiproveto^chedo^ 
Mfsgtoryt ^ndik^t fi^agai^i^ Godyvkbhk cms. Tresfure. 
AsiisexcelieQclf ftt fbtchitMteatfdaborace Trad^/fttled,, The 
Gemleimns Calli)}g» - '' '\ 

* See how^thcPropbct here chargeth this pc^le vvyrcheir 
e9(fe(nvc an<|^i^^4iMle«al^% dtinjeiair ataoindi^ mtt&ki 
S(^« Xf a Mwift^r^o biK coucb.iipoii£befe cfaingSy boW a{x: am 
l^opleico^y^ wbai^ mayweAot^aeidriol^ aadplayaswe 
fd^fe ^ ^Oi you ma^^ mi;i. foF7on 0^y!fittifl:t by^ toe ufe of 

9D.npt aftray in ipaiioi^r&i aa well aftia^do^rme; amfctbeccfere* 
whQQrtbe Pfppb^ i^jf^^ badi:q»^^ chotr iim, 

tec then fees forth his Looking-glafs for women, Ifa.Ji. i6y 
&c; and gives us al>.lHlve;ilotyx'of Jtbi fei»a[Ies;Vanity, fetting 
them forth in their colours from top to toe. ' - 

Woe to them that drink Wine in bowls, tilldiey havebe- 

fotted theEaielve]$>^ndiir^ made iafeh(y)ley3£GcRs judgemonts- 

0^ thegaCelves ^ onbefs*. ^EverjaBrophct hatha; ffoe :againft' 

fttcb* W>^i faith //*.:r^/vj\. rt>i*i And^ /W^ipj fakfr f^ef^ 

Sec mv Com ^^^* **-5*- '^'^^^ - fTif^^A, fakh:- Jl^«4iWu^ £tmpi:%^ I<y,: itf-. 

OB I Tkn. }. a. I)^ujA.eiJ:ja^ft .blw$?rbfe name^ -conBimts Jtlj5- body, ^vd de- 
P- 9^y ^sUtc. ' ftroyep the fwl,^ as Ihavi? (bew^at Jirg? etfiewiierc. v 

Sec my Com. . ^^aftijfjg iwt felf «; 'j^wifuli but fcafiing ina itime of itK)itffl- 
«f\ iTim.j.'3. itftis.unlJtw&lii; Wine.abdOyle «fc thqags-.iaiicfacmfeivejJ' 
F>99t>^« laifvCuU ai^4auy4sf& ufed ihodefately Ifoi^jsec^I^f >W 

CQ-re^r^ aiv4^tuftfor tb$u£^rvicQoC(^4 .bubnbS' f<cl^:$ii« 


tfik f^i^kty if Amos, laj 

\yh(erc riot ^ntfcKcefe go ^ beloc«, ttftce wuidfy^ kiiwmi- 
iwy, MEi^p«;fl1ia," ind contempt df ^ock pdot4e ft*[6?vs. "f hfc 

^eod ^iielK ^r^ catlbi Ohafidimi': m^f^rkst^^r ktefrcift^l men ; 
i^chm^D^U^ J^l^j Zkchcw^ See. fo iftipl^ty^breeds cruel- 
ty^ aS'W^ fee in WiM^ 0ives^ S^c* So »ue * tb^c irf Fyth^^n 
rat) ^ ^ X" ftirii bei^ ) 'MsfMrn^ f^9fk^ tre^ kh CkteSy , 

•in Gi»« oifei, ' as cbft vvlAch. mdfkesttefti f€frv«ert judgemetit, 

I ;Hcm%ci'#oelk upoa'th«1i€a«Jsf ^^ ihit Ufigh whett v 

5 W7« wisep^, io^ this woe 08ft be apl^tidd c^ att that went be* 
:forc; t^. t^ iA^f^i^ f^oe^tkmth^ar'c ^4^4 in Sion, 
hft^^^drem^ru^li^ptr fh sfii&ttms of Joteph. VTotto 

thi^dffim^n'^Jck^hi This » th« tjufdeti- of to doleftif Bfe- 
ty, thattbeydQnotnioummk'tiiTC mourning; irioif' onct 
take notice 6( Gdcfe anger, which yet they could not bttt fee 
was kindled rouhd about them, ^nd ready to feize updn theai, - 
aft k didffidetefiy^cer,. Many ia^ fo flupid^Ak'tb^ Will liot 
baisa'UiA'oraplciriii:fe,th6ughGods peopie^be'ifl nerer fo ■ 
deep diftrqfs^tike the. King ^iW^a^t^hit face fottirtg .and ci- 

VukyArdi}^^ 'tep^pthif^ore ^ef^izveii^^ati Heave to thety 

healrhss co'ranl, CO dSne*^' and roar, vvhc'ti t her Church Of 
God,lifte 7<>/i*j^;i&Told;lih^^^ and murder- 

ed ? wilt not the Lord' Vifice for thefe chin^/ and ihall not 

TTz hi$ > / 



< * 

Ui i^otti^^ltee- av^i^ on ftt^ a. N^OA ^ 

•Tis not fulficient tbac we'd6,ndt.oppr«& orfpaUGodf 
people, bat *6s our fin^ aiKJ vte muft aoiifwer. for it, :if nve be 
110^ grieved ti^hen thc3r:grieve,.and wcepnot vrfieti chey weep. 

lieyii^ hia>i. J^ib f^* *jf>8*:v aod aj^tb^ laft day.inen muft ^ 

anfyver, not otiQly foe o^preffigg chts pooir^ bucfor noc fucooiir* 

u^tbem, and fyixj^atbi^ing widh cb^^ ^^4t. 25* 4x942. No 

' praying) no reading, no hearing, iiiay> bring a man coHelK as 

, well as an irreverene itnd fonnai performance of tbefe. dndefZ 

. God bates al}oKall^a^y;he;COinii^«Qi^ ^ 

'^ cbofe diat ar^ in> bondsi as bound with cbein, Hik. xj, 3.. And 

CO weep with/ fbem tb^ weep^tasvveU a$^ to^rejaycewith 
^ them that re joycei Rom^ i « . 1 5. /And to ihew pity .and . com- 

paffidn to our Brftbreii^ ZMch: 7* 8^9* l^ ^ ^^^ 3 • 8. . And 

as ^is nmmji^^^i'i fo 'fi? ^^iww wi<?4 ?o us by the Example of 
SccmorcinMr. Goasfcrvanrs, who have ovcr-lookt tfieir perf<^nai ,cotefbrcs, 
BfiMpscx. on .wbenihe^iWiik b'atb*fa«c iftfowoW., 'IbuS:-4/^,.tbQ¥^^^ 
J^^V^^ lived at CoMrt aitudft 9II the deligtes of- E^if^ yet bearing 
Pfai. 94. 11. that Gods people were indiftrefs>.bcc . Jeaves^ all, aad joy^ns 
V'S'^>7i9cc. .himfelftonie pe6^lepf,God, ^/b^mkirtoji^^ 

>^, ^5. Wif^^:$3.fa|-/ya^>atbi?edwitbG^^ 
WhciTtheEm-^inifecy, that (he ventured bet life for their prefervation* Good 
pcrorbidfti u^/^jr^fcf^fwas very frfucb troubifidrat tfeei^ trouWe5ii?f^,4i 
whadic^ka- ^' ^' ^^^ gracious A7fA#?»i4is though h?;Was cup-bearer to 
fd, and hec" the Kiijg^liyed fttCoufti ao^jwanfcd f^ nothj«Tg> y?t jfee bow 
ftiouldfjavc itj^deeplyhepw^sa^^edvyith.jche affli<^ioT^ 0* God? people, 
'Temprm pern .^Vri^ i . .4, gfc.^ ^9 bply JDiwirf fearchrng the Prophiecies of 
f¥ Offhodixif. jg^g^l^f^ and ^thereby fope-f€eing.\the.caUn)itie?t{iat were 
• ' cfifning-on the G^^urcb , thpvgh birafelf w^rc advanced to 
. ihoHQur^ andiQ^e^^hi^fPie^om^ff- ihc.wM^^^ 
be.VQjiM PAt t>uc,|fl(^:nj ,et(!f^.(;iJ^ 6-j, f atticed?g*ip^. viitfa: ^6r* 
. W, ?ndvvai6ckj,!p^..?,t7;^Bd9*3.,5^ 
boneft-heaited /l^r/^Menied Wmfelf inipqin^^ 
xies, ind cannot reft norflecP' at home in pifo^^eV whcq the 
A^k it4 Hr^el are, in ;dang6i:, . x J^ibh. I i . I i . Jiremy^Nts a 
; • •:."'': man 

nan 6f large atftAtom this way, Jrr. 9. i« and 13. tj. and 

30. 7v^ ^^^^^ ^ ^M^ hook o(.L4mM4^U»s for the 
Choreb. l>4viWy chough bimfelf bad nany croubles, yec in 
the j»idft of cbeltn all hee defires the Lord to redeem Ifracl oat 
c^ all its troubles, Pfdl. 2 5. n/r. And defires an heavy imptt- 
eatioh agai^ft bimfelf , if be prefer not fert^akm to his chief- 
eft joy, '//^ 1 37* 5, ^. Hee ornis Gods Church, andfidej 

. ynva. ner, and prayes for her, chough ihe were in B^htt^ verf. 
X, 7. Pf0ihta^ care of all the Churches, wd wiAech rficic 
profpisrity in every place, and could be concent to be accur- 
fed> fachey mi^c be blefled , Rom. !• p, 10. a Cor. 1 1. 26* 
We bave two notable inftances for this purpofe in £//, a^dthc . 
wifevfVhinth^y i Sam.^Ai^ Ifrkel is fled before the Phili- 

, ftimsjthatwasoneftab. t. There is a great (laughter among|ft' . 
die people,thac is a feteond. )• Thy two fons are tlain, that is a 
riitrd. But when he heard that the Ark of God- was taken, it 
broke his hearty and his neck tc^ecber« So the wife of V\a^ 
nebas, the death .of her Fatber-in-Law; -, apd die death 

* of her Husband, touft needs aflFcft her, but the lofs of the Arl; ;^ 
afife^s her more neerly, andthepefore Hie doubles that,' Tho 
^rj is defortedfrom tfraely and the jArk,of God is tdkfn; and 
(hciiamcsherclurde/^iE^i, chat is, >te?^iV»f^&r^^ 
the Ark, which was the glory (rf Ifrdei^^ and a fign of Gods fpc- 

' cial prefence amoi^ft t^ people, was gone, (he tck>k pleafure 
innothing, f . d. A& the^erjimdexeeSency cjf Iftael ts norou^ 
4» away from us^Jhteethc Ari{isg9ite\ which brofsgh' fnch gU^ 
, rj and renown to Kr^tU 

Chrift himfelf, hovr tender was he over Ks' Church an<l 
People? he comforts them, he counfcls thenivandbcfbTe 
he dyes, he makes an ^celtenc prayer forthemi >)&/ 14. 15 , 
16, ly.'Many mil be companions vvichGckls People in their 
Exakacibn, but St. John was their codipaiiioB- and brorfjer e-?' 
vcn in affli6kion, fov. !/?• ' 

iSods People are men of pub&k fpirits; thfey ferve not 
theaitelvffs> but God and Itts Cburdi ift tteir.Generitidn: 
.^ff.ig, 3^6/ PM fpenc himfelf fdrth«rPfeOT)|c. of Goct 
nrtiey can paftdiotow honour' andtdiflwnpur , profit and dif-^ 
«ofit,'be any thing or nothings fo^God ipay be glorified," and 
te People edified. They arc Uviflg^ meifabefc of Chrifts my- 
ffe;al body; tow '^ nawral foji the members of chebody to 
;'/. Tt 3 fcek^ ^ 

re^ (yaipiiluze* a ^, / .. : .7 :. • -', 'a-'.-V • - - 

ought to b^ precu)\ls in puc ^psj} it U hB:> *»;>itMr, ;^({/i^ 

lovftd ell his Brethren, but he ioyed i?<4y4;^»;wkhdi»ote i*fc^ 

tenfivc love, and provides a Rouble Mef?. for bktu God loves 

^lihijip-eatureir? but hi? d?i/i,p?h;i^^^is Sfpi^^ibk Lo^y Ibk 

<ilorhJbe affU dJbU cje j 'be- C?provp5 JWBgJ 6>r fibejr £aj»^ 

and pUgmes Na^icn^ for opEpCjpg rf^w»:^5 %^g3iPi M^h 

Jimmpff^E^om'^ Tjre^ &c. In gU cheir 46li^c«i3:hcis;afflia^t 

and if Che .pqpreft $^in? f4ffer, xtbeir h^4 is pcefenrfjr. fenfjUle 

of ii. Saul) SauT, whj pcrfe<:f$ut/f^h^ ^0^ ? ,Nwvia».tteChitfcb ' 

is. de<irr c^God, ft> >. is to thr P^^p^.^f iGPfli shw^ 

de^ee ,indnieafvfe/doeignik,ai».ch?ir^^ Facb^t, fynapir • 

' thizin§ vvid?/his peopk iajchei.r.diftreCfe«* We.^H prize wcsl^ 

iefjtthinh^ npvv the godly are iheopiy e?y?eUem cms. of the 

earth, Pf^. itf. 3. They are of t^Blmi fy^Ai Cfaeift i« 

i^efla pf th^ir flefhy be iiitb made ft^rn. Kings^ ami : IJrkfe 1 ^ 

ho(!)^^ and^sthe^,149ther th»c|iu;fferb:tn4:'fefi4etb.m3 jll wdcb 

^ :chc'EteA49f I^fe^<iW,4. i<f. .T,hay\irft the ^il^ of tbe 

eai:th, xhe ft?y aQd.A«?ng!;^i of .NauoJis',;, .^.SfmpfinfsJk^itt^k. 

lay in hi^ hair, fo the ftrengi^.of Km^(»«]^iieS{i» ih^. . £0$ 

Vas a^eanShto preferve, ^i?^», and tiU i^wasr. gone out of 

it, it cou^jdnof ?« dpftrpy«i> Qh^^ >y, 1Ehe\voddfe»itt:efl for 

^eirfal^,, a»dfv?stheJ?e^ttf« ^tewi^^vetyAiy,' So l<teg 

as the Chaff is mixt with the Wheat, itJsiprefefiwafaMirbur^ 

«wig? butwh^nthe Wheitisgone^ tb% Tare* are fo&n (COn- t 

♦ fiuned* Tbefe'are frww iia Qods eyei ih^ :>R<fr/«*^ are 

^xi^donSyMdyi^jj.. ?beir i^7^M».preci^<)«%C^?^ >. 14. 

their Te^rs arq pre<?iQi»5> Pid..i6^ 8. their J^^jSirrt^laref pre* 
Clous i PfaU iot, . 17, their; ^<iivr4 are pr«ifipi> arid «iieir 

"=- Dedth isprecious, Pfat. 112.. $. C^'.il^. J$. ,f .; - 

. Npw tf WQ, inMft|r»y/oi: ail oienv even f©r'p4g5^«*, jthen 
mucti nwc/oF^f«pi;<^ioiiis.'o»e* ; if vYeijnttft pca^ f^ .our 
e^tjqnates, '-A^4.S* *4' ,#ndrwliftbMfifeited vyHl) their. ffii: 

If the propt^ef w«I^fer^4^i ^nd Mshjhny what (houW .we« 
4oc.for Ziop tBfay i<f. i:i#. and if ^^n^A^w?, werefo impoft^ 
QHxao; fo£ m\^ih49mt Md aiiiehcittoplje «wft losoo^fac 

Madaky and: Atihf^ two notonoui? wicked men^c. wfeo^ pctiftitf 
fi)r their Sii^ Levh*^ lo. tf . baw cinder, fhoukl wc be of Slon \ 

and ff wemuft/ympadibe, aqd be fenfible of the fofrovvesof 
^pamcuIargpoelQ^fl^. Jtf^?« ij. how muchmopc; vvten 4 

' comqiunrty of g(>od mQ^ fuflfer^ ? And if Gods. .&rv?,ms have - » 
iieeaaffe^cdvvidi Jiqpendentjudgemem^ that were but in '• 
the Cl0ud% and^afarre off, how ftiquld vve bee affefted with 
theprefencmiferies of Gods people? vyheti- Etifli^a fore-£aw 
the evil : thit Hauiei would doe to Ifr^d^ fome pars after, ; he 
wept i aad VdaUlychf S* 1 1 ,-, 12, 1 ?• foj^j-feeing thq niifery 
which wouldxome upoa ^erufalem two biindre4 years afrci; 
bis death? he waseven fek widiforrow, wrf. 27. Howfvouid 
thofe Saints hafVe wept in our dayes^ to have feen tb^fe pre-r 

• fei»t,. rpal ^vilsi^ which prefe, and of^rcflfe* -thetpeopie of 

- .God.-. ■•*.••;:'■ 

To iiicour^ iif) let u$ know tbattbis work; never goes un- 
i^ewatd^ 0od takes cheJktndnefs we Oiew to bU people as 
donpe eoi himfeif, be is fed, when they arefed^ MaHh^\$. 

- 35»3^i The X^^/^fi kindnefs iimo 7)fr^/ was rewarded four 
hundred years after, r- S4m.\%. 6. Wee 'never plcafe God 
Ijeti^. ciwn when we feek xhe good ^^f his people ; though we 
forget fuichiabour of Ipve^ yetbe will not, H^^ff, 10. J^abm^ 

- was bteft for JJ^oU fajse, and Phardoh-fot Joftfh ; Rahab 
that hid the Spies, 'was bid her fetf ; Q^^#6,- jchat (heltrcd 
the Prophets of the Lord, was biinfelf/heltredj hyQod.JE- 
teidrntUctiiox thciindnefs which He; {he,wed to 'ierenpfs had htsi 
life for a prey. God.harfi a Book of remembraacei vyberein he^ 
records all that vve doe for him? or his, MaU 3. id. . / , >^. 

, How fad then is the condition of thofe that are fenflefs, and Aot^ft, fuch 
regardlefs of 5/W miferfes ? So themfelves caa but live in fee fix iR^cK^ 
wealth and (Safe, they never regard the afffiitions of Joffphi'^^'^^JS^ataieVs 
. Wk^'^aHioj they carefor no fuch matters. Chrtft looks upon ^^^^ ®" ^^^ 
fuchLuke-warnrNewters as his profcft enemies, be that is ^'p^^' fofio."^' 
iiot with him is againft him, Mmh i2. 30.. and Meroz, was Aad yi.Tnn^t^ 
chried, not for!hiirting,* but iot not holpMUgiGodS peojli ijfhis ren on pfa. 
their troubles^, jWi; $• i ?• and fo was J?4fc>w^ Obad. it, I^M- 4- p- *i> 

« fittb misA faid is:tiRPConditionb£ thbrei, tbatimfi^addfpray'^y 

iogifor'Gods^reople; ^Kyp^ 

totiie:«fi}iA]<i]iro£tWe wi)om^h6hatbwooiided;»: TNc^i>^ 

' ' forget - ^ 

jjf An %xf$pthit ^ Chap. <;: 

fbrgd chdf ovme cnidcy, but God iviil not \ te bath not m^ 
iy faid) but fworo ic, cbac he will not forget their cruelty. A* 
m9S 8. 7. He punilhc AtfuUciliioat hundred years after, for 
his inhumanicy towards Ifrsuly x Sam. 1 {• ay). In all Ages 
5ccmy C«m.«i God hath (hewed himfelf-caniUe to fuch, he will fooyl the 
*'^^i: "' fpoylers^of his People. If PAnr^^A purfue //w/, GodViil 

if9i»/ btoudj £;&f if;^ 3 5. 

Letiis then every one fympathiEewirh Sivnii and givfe the 
Lord no reft, till he make oar JtrffMcm the praifeof,thc 
eardi, Jpt.62* i« Everyone in his pUceimuft help, and doe 
fomething for Gods affliaed J^fepL Th6fe diat can pray, muft 
pray ; thofe that arc in Power and Aurfiority, and have parrs, 
muft afiift in their pi aces; Souldiers chac canfishc> muft 6^ 
forGodi Church. At the building of the Tabernacle. every 
one did fomctteng. In the body Natural, each partis fendce- 
able to the head. The Church ef Cbrift throughout the Chri- 
flian World is in deep diftrefs, and cryes as the men of ' A/^- 
cedanU did^ Comey^dhelfms. Let us therefore by our Pray- 
ers, and Tears, come forth to the help of the Lord againft the 
Sec four Duties mighty. Inquire how it fares with Sion ( as EU and Nhirmtab 
which God re- jj^ , Sam. A, i^i. Nth. 1. 2.) andthenpray for dicm ac- 
ITJL cordingly, //./. \i2.6. I[a. 4?, 11. jVr. 51. 50. Get ^- 
troubles. Gata^fcSlionatedeJfrffy Pfal. t^ ult« If a. 64. l. AffeflhHMtfrajfmj 
j^ronAmoi^. Pfal. 2;5«ult.& ^I. 1 8. and AffeSloMte endeavonrt in your 
^.p. ^3j ^4» places, as Magiftrates, Minifters, fcc. for the good ofS/w 

here, and then you (hah rejoyce with Sim hereafcert 

♦ • 

Vbrsb 7. . 
Therefore Jhall thejgoe C^tive with the frii that gee 
Csftive^ and. the hanqaet $f thim that fr etched thiwh 
[elves jhall ii re?mved. 

T7 T 7 Ehave before feen the Sin of the Riileri of Jfrodf 
^ ^ V V wearenowcometo the leyeral-branches of their 

I . THmjhment^ Whereof tfic firft is Captivity, and dd^rtatioa 

' out of their owne Land. The Lord had bc»ne long mth rficm, 

and waited many years for their returne, but they abufed his 

jPaticncc, and turned lus grace into wa»tonne&> and tfacrc- 

• ^ fore 


; llQ.i^w Vcrip we^^ ,«^-^if-i??^^*^^ 

that is CaptiViot, Tee Jhall he tnt^ ^0pi$piip ^ w '. .- 

. ft*Hece9reti^r^^!yhicb:inuft^^ 

(hofe are (lie ^ure Qrandces, and Vdifciioi|s'RMl^9 of Jf^ v 


tile rhfaabiancs of c^ . 

and ina^gf of chcm capcwfcedfb^^ ^i; the Idlers ii^iv^ 
&e prime oflfeiKiors, and liad bten lirfi in (tfi« (hould lioyr boe 
£rft m puniihmeni:. . They Aiali bare die prifl^ 
C^prive^ chey diall goe in the. front oC chen^ and le«d cli^ 
the waj/ into Capcivity^ As in Digni^ a^dX^xurj^tlieyvyeQC 
before4)diecs9 i^ ipovY tbey AuU have precedency, in Pttni^V- 
menc ; a$ you inay fee, 2 Kiiig* ij. Mfiy^ 4»f were all for 
the head x>f c^ O^ncments^ and now cbey (hetddhave tb^ 
bead in Piinifhrnent they muft have che head and chief ^ 
delights, and now they ftiall have the head and phief of foiw . 

J ffcrci^ the 7w»^, when they ft^wldjgjje-inco Capthriry^. , . . 

d that is fuddeniy* J^m ihali chey gpe> i e. ic (h^ not be ' - 
long, bdc die A/5rrA« fliall carry them out of their pw]w Land f'S^L^ 
into Captivity4 in Gods due dme it (hall <;ome copafsJt ^«f 2i^[,^^ 
about (ixty years after that the^ap^vitycamet which vyas bMcV«t^i»e^ 
a fhort dme comparatively, it is faid even now to come vpon nm^mMei 
them^ becaufc Gods decrees are:(ure j and- wha^hedeecimines f"^* : 
codoe^ is as furc as if it were already done. Ihus^to ^Wr • / 
thecertainty iXB^bylms downfall, it is faid. Mybm k faltm, ^' rSW^ 
Bcv9U,i^.%. that is, Itfeallasicertvaly 4<te^^^ 
it were already done • Hex fall is dccceed;% Q<^ ;|tKt U at^ 
ready begun m the hearts of Gods peoptjCf and 6^ik\\ f coni 
heno^orth be more and more advanced^ . tUlic be utterly fie- 
ifa'py^d* So the I^dhiad. decreed the Capdvicy of );hisPe<^ 
pie, and jcxercifed cbem with variety, of A99iftIO^^s, by chc 
SjrUns^ and '^jfyri^ns^ Slatiaft.^y.j^recairied^^^C 
their owne Land* * .• • ' ....r^ ^\^ \ ] v....nT . 

4 Hcreisan£w^(f/x, or further illultririon ot their mi* 
fery^ apid tbebmqun ifthemflMSr^h'thMfilves ^ath rf* 

movM^ Tfae Prophet wad^it6tbef(^.be£vc;^'c^ who 
wamonly ftr(iC^ themlblves upon tn^r ti^ 

V V. Th6fc 


;tMBt\\mtn^ikt^ to 

fesi{bng and banqueting^to ryoc and lafciviournds^ fliaft mte 
dttisiu^turMdnkoinottf^^ aAd cbetr Orga» mm tbe 
voyccof cheinih<twe«|^. 

' rbiirB»hpt^il^k^ fct«aMetofi»»r.r. M dietr 

^tik^vpnde^Mclflei^ttrd and in- 

< '^fteckl tikectof ^emuAion and mtTery IhaR {xirfoe them ; (b 
tteif^ tbejf ' fh<ll^h«v* ^riaiAr ^f^n^^ nor Money to make 
^mat^, 't4hd' ^m! «l^c ^ rp^ iH upb^ ijb^ir badts ai^ 

t thewbrdjarcfdidrtdby-foi^ ^^l/^^ tbe fwr^w if 

ittrtbttS'^adringbrtivow^d^iiitheOrigmai; ^firilb th« 

^)id/;Mi(^«4^»^' V^biclitte Vulgar iSdndei Fik«^; bdt with- 

, ^^^c iu«y ^Mfmd ft til i ochefSi Sdr^mi iHit f^^^rtlpf^o^ieify 

' li^e^ al^uneral^f^ft^ Tor ifi choTetiiaycs they had feafi^ at 

Buriat^y asr^ell a« at 'Bridals, Jm t6, 7; The T«brd is ufcd 

MSm/a- *^ ^ <Hic f4ace morfe ki ill the Scri|)turc, and Aac is, Jtrm. 

Miht Piixefi' ^^^ 5* f/yf^xrtfr iVir« r£r ib^^/ir ofmoftrnmg \ or as the Mar^n 

jYimrtwrMyttfttefideri ib/g^e^ ete * Mournihg^feaAfy orBatiquets 

€$tfriadim ^hich i^t woftcto ht kept tfkh aTmpdadce of riot, pomp, 

SaSl^m!!' attd jdftity. Thtfe Fftneral.|?eaHs were fit* ^wsdafeed for-the 

^55 jti^ «otafoftii$ of fikh asglrieyecl for the Ibfir of elicn* friends by 

K£tigKm9. deiidii but theft here ifba!ed«hem'to wancomxers^and ei^ 

J^-^^-^w* . tte^otter i*ofd which Wjtefetb' ffifsr dtv^tfey, tr the word 
^S^^^ijtoe,- **% whieh!%nifest6apt>toiH^ 6rcodbparr,.it?sberetakta 
fi^^ro^ ifi the httef ftfiTe^ aecording to our Ttanfiattdn i Tie ^mh- 
vireiV ^ ifM^^MmehitJhtfeh ikemfeh^$pAB h rmived^^^^ alt 
^ yilirfcw^h and mdrriwene^idl irieafer andyw ftrafl fc carri- 
«*€!aii6velittb.a:togctaiH!.-^ '" '<.'' 
• ^SHWeistbeg^ndoflfflthferr^i^ 
ijftd'inthenrif ive^iHrdcTe, TSrir^rf , Aeiefore fhafl tbcf goe 
Ca^crrc **nth the • fiW, wSc, for thdr fecwityi oppreffibn , 
ilbik^^arid'irfitemtHty.' /•' '- ^ •'' -' * . ' -^ - 
. 1})? iBVords being j^itfcleared^theObfervxpomfi^^ ' 


» • «~ . ' 

'Or V^^7ga»y Soferaigns or Servanc^ that fad agtu^ trim, die^ 
ikalt ncictfcape; if Kingtf /etfbid, they^ave a ifeing'afa^^ 
d^m^iac ^iM noc (jparel^beiib \P/i^. 6 1. 1^4. .and ^i 1 3. ati4 

MaAerll^ Heaten chat vnll tfghc thpqrf, Jfe^ 

ibrtarferittndrcdatid{&ih,t K/^^^ t}^.^ attdi5.*2cs 

11 , a*;i jrt'v jpi .to. Vrhcnfthbfe thap^Abui^ feec.^acctrns rf 
Piety, be^ome^Pkwnitf tthj^ctf f ;ff dph^hiheft, aiid ftfxttfy, 
i;o!»g*icforethcjrnih ^,itis jiiftwtb€6a tfeat^cjrttc^ 

4xA flsaiiy iHeatlKin^parbuts^' ir^l^ cti^ 

Itmtf y aatf «fue|t jr.* ^ ^ 


; • «. .. • '. ■ » 

fcalb, * whftre <fe?cis, 6r acicaft^vync \b«ight to Ife,- weeping 
ana nkmrmag* • •-'•■** '.'''■'..'. **". 

^ l^nyinwdttve away^'forfovv and tjbuHc'tif iiiHid^ ao^ 
cannot endure cheitKoii|gw dtov^ they % 

ad. fewHvbji ttfr wfdbter^b^ jimcfy; ^ freely t* 
alffift eurfclvcs, towfep aft4ma»^^ ftur fixte; jp4j#f/4. 
«,*.^ Bfe^feflTd^lfehttfliblcd B^tvgfyj agaiqa'wr;wHl5,'and 
G6d4nfl%inig'rofliiepi^e:«i^ tiUie^e ett£et:i)e^^ 
,vx --.• - V V 1 td 



/ r 

tlid jiwroin& of r^^ 

0^ boROmr 4iid diibcmomi. o^.^^^lch^ and i]|^mrm^ iif 
SeeOoa.^/M^ heaidi andl^knefS) of living and dvii^ 4lilt^'fi0m4nr im, 
^^^^^i^60dskmd9V£9i.iui^. Alld/l»!nrq}U9)^^SFb$ya0(fo, for if 
^ *^ *3j* 3^' cbcy f¥crc wochcr hands wc were undone. , Wee fee Jofis 
F. ^7j? J7^«c^l^^ ^^p^ bi«,a IMefpwfrin iljePcv^s hand^; aftd^how.ftif 

was icvvubtttop* H; dncfatt co4^ lite a Kigg,, bo;^ Tiidd^^ 
lyifihepii.cbepitngbiU I^Caccel arc taken froqabifo, bis 
OUdren {bin, bis Body, fiitt o£ boyls^ and bis Soul fiiH; o£ 
ccrroiirs« And dm it v^cxdd be.jmh us all, and vvor(e, if w$ lay 
. aitbe mercy of Sathab^ who ragedi moi:e now chao c^ver^ be? 
.caufe Us (woeisJHfc {hjm, AwA ia«^ is^ ';^ Ic WQuld beiad 
« f^bm>if^ottr:Tiinesw$reinn^ wbofe inercies>afe 

cn^kdiieii; . ^ev ^ would d^al wicK V ^ ifi&^ir^cUd mh JJz 

) Itwouldbcill with us^.,if our dflsics were, in our owflr 

wbo knowes w,bacjs ^G(er for: ^.^^? ^^ doe fpr pur. felve^. 

p Tbcy are hi ^e hands ^AiMr^^^lGoixJ^ V^VW ^\ ^o 

. SDodcobispeopt^ia^^^badij^r^ apd.f]^» 

asainaxUj^uxs^b^ #.hif 

tbcmi, ly4 i$, ?i)w.^ *► 3%J arc in Aur^( Aa*^^ bee. is 
aiblc cpke^ wbat we ! bav^. cominitced. to ms cruft, 7^^ •< ^ 
28/29. 4v Tfiey arc in /4iViyW Mni trmfiy hsmA^^ friends 
may deceive uSy^JM^ 7« S. bw be Ji( ccuph ic felf ^ lie cannot 
^de^vp,ttv>rbedcceivi9dt;'' , ., ., * ...:.:.' 

^ . . Z It m^f:9mfoct lis i^ af&S^ive.tuneSi:'tiM allo^ 
Lions ^c in Cods hand, for matter, nuniier, time^ and 
jafarc./qHT^ a: lo, beihall c^fimi of .ypu^ not all. vHe. 
4^aU ca^ y(}uinto ^rij&ii^ not incotnegraye^ / ^ ,, : . 
^5 It 1$ tut ^. rWj^r/, not ten Yc^r^ (^.^tS/tbem 
;6?ir*0tt0jif, f^diaycsto rAcfe Mq;aBb<W^^^ 
^^^.#,Naw4,^i?/fW Hfe 

;neifu|^ out: cite dayes and njpts^ .am monec^ 
tbac our'Xnaisfhalt conunve, [ fit 'j^'i. As wc ameimo chs 
jyorldJbyPjovidcncc^ Jo«|rc^ wt^o^^ 


deuce, Go^hathfecttS our botiods vdu<^ wee canoK ft&i 
pij^ i.C^ 14* 5<Mi^tteii nor DevQs can cake away our 
livesfiom us qIIaoIv .work be done, Jph^j.^^ w^ ftotOd:' 
iheftfore be couragiottsin 4uty » and rut) Imtdi for G»dy^ in 
wbbie band i^ our life, and Wi be afraid of man wbp tnuft 
dye^ ffiu%Ult^ We have our day and co inortowco wbrk,^ 
ind till we have fitiUhc our courfe none can hurt us, X«^i^ i j. 
3^: taGod checLord . bdong rbe Ufiies from deaib^ Pf^.i%^ 
90«;we>ftKwlddMrefoverutokourwiUs coQ bed' 

wiuir^ro live So long as he would have^* us live, and to dye . 
wi»^ he fium<:alLfor usi 

3 WSftiOttld blefs God» who hash Ijroughs^iis foiecb, inro * 
thei)eS.i:Utt^tbacisver cbc Natiotr.iaw^ our : |xc is fallen jn ^ 
pleafamfe^ons s they areh^ydmes|^ of meansy 
cl:^ugb we have made them unhappy for wancof bearts'to im^ 
prove cban» We (hou^ nouberefcm <]^iairel tt the Proviw^^ 
dcnc^^ aiKi vaaous; difpenf^ions of d^e. c^ 

niire an4 adore the. wKdoof and g6(D<&ie£i of' pod in them,' 

4 We flioultd impioveilie ntat which we Jaave fVom Cod,«^ 
i»Ao his pn^fe*. Who planta a Vineyaro'^aod doth not eat the ^ 
fiaiit <^it i^ Our time i^ Godb, ;and liiereJEbre great reafon we ^ ^ 
(houldfpmdittohiapraife, AUi i}. ifi. Ic.was the great c , 
conimcuiditbn'Of themes of J/^Air^ thac^. dieyunderlkKxl 
the cimesiand knew Vvhat IfrMl ought to^oe^ in dieoii % Cbr^^ 

I a.jii Ids the*gj^eace{l wifiidmein the Worlds to obferve the 
epportumcies an*feaibnir of grace, Sfhef. s* i ^^v x6. Ffencei- - . 
our Sfsmf chargBth ic ^s a greac M upon jex^Mi^m chat heeu 
gave her fpace:co letTem, but fl« repence^d noti iBrw/;i^ %o. , 
moftlive^sifdiiieweceacthdrowhedifporet they are very^' 
IfceraHCvanotfaers tight, promifing. chcmfirfyes.many daye^ / 
and yearsi wten they wwe noc^urancc of one day^ Jfi^ jtf; . 

nub i:^#^t2..2o» Aswccamibcaddeonccubittoourftafture, , 
fo we cannot aci<fcaday to our daiesi^ How fad then is the con-^ . 

' dkidn of vvi^tei nien^ who daily ili^hono^ 
bandisth^lifit?Confider, your times are in the hands of ' 
jhac God lowbomtyou are pr0feft enemies, and with whom- be . 

fe amryewyday, P/4»7*;"i ! 3- A^g*^ be^bcarlong, yec 
he sMl notajbd^ feecihall fitfeiirdae time,; 

\ \ 

••D«jf», j».-3 *••- . ■■>•■. »!■•-' 


vivt i vmz. 

. ^ -^m -^ » « .M^w>-«r> ' . •* 


314. Jbt 1Sxf9pk» Clttp«<^ 

. . . . > ' • '' • 

• . VsttM *r- ■ ■ • ••;:"'■■•', - 

Ideett ihtrefm mil tJiUvtr pf tpe CU^^ wfti *U that 
' istheriin, . 

HjiM Y^sfewehaw i^FnUfff, or ptierehcnig. cf a Pica 
>wblcli /^jWLiiodit make finrjBeoirehieSr %ine; AVte are 
clie pMffe^^GdPy in . Cbvenanc nidt him; and have fern- 
ved Circumcifion, chefealof the Covaunr, ,and ac dibdaj 
v^ <£o^ ^jp]f ouny gtbrious |miled^^ and figad fovoucs 
fLambwu 9fiati)eccforeuisaociik&tfaac beintt 4i^6y us, 
i^^vm ibe haih 1^ die 

tiibe^9 aa^the gbrjr of tbetiorldU To dna the PToibdc an- 
fiverss Oeceiire floc|our fetvts wida any T:sua coofidcnce in 
your 0omp» andj^kdgesi as if yourgl<iryaa(d aicdtenqf 
cjtmta fi^cttis yott finm dcnne Juftbe ; Ibr | tmft idt T«u 

irom che Lord, that fince you have dbu£ed*hia!MdI^^ 
a^jh^ youtBcoeflcncy^ iiiter your 9^aia09» ttd ^t-dleftroy 

j$tti Cttiestvfaercin you tmfti i^W*» x« a^dihe'bccter ^ aifoce 

you of diecrndiof ali thi% lie badt (wocn it)^ TAi tird M 

«tj» iUCity^ widf A thtt u 4mHn i <W «(•' yM-gltey iaTOur 

tiro fom^ Ciiiesi viz. SM^miLzm^mifd^ yioii ouR in 

. tberiche^ jftrengtln, and fuLneft of ciieiii, initHliOiij^ Acy be 

tm\tpm- Kverfoftrfl of men, lOdAey, and all manner of Aore; yet 

tiUbiimejHs. * (oc^oaiAm I wil dcltYer ^lem, and atl 4ieirTiciK$j wttb alt 

^ff. i]bainbabic9«s imb the baiKis of d)^ ^^^ 

bte, Jny xeafooi of the multitude of men and amnMinition, yer 
Saidu ciauBu I ^^^ empty them., and witi fend an ene&qrtobdiese^iem, 
•£W«/(), c9ir/!i-U|c^»bf£eittodtI wTU.^^ ' ' ' ^ - 

ft^t^ercmt^ut -. fly;Ci(y here ktfieafit, the Cimen$aiid^w^ 
mdium 4tt tf- jH .fibcaildbecoaiea pwy to d« mewl«fton^*y^ ^both in S^ 

G^tmas^ ^^^^ ^"^ ^^ foe by a Sj^didoisheboili Wt here 

tivitates. sJiii thceamed 4 bochiiadifiinned, and therdkrei8>iy bdilift^tf^^ 

$»b. b^ the Cbaldennu It u true, tnat in tins Chapter^ {^^ iWde 


w^ole Ftopbeeft lit Frophec fpMktjmmttily^ aod priacif j^U 

5Ftcithetefi7)nbe$i boclecoMafily) wd cotKomiuiicly to 
'^0km^ wd the <i(ber tfvo Tnbesy a^ I h»it Akcmif 

%' Hmi^'the'grofmdof cUisdeibiiftiGtt. atid tbafc tt^Gods 

^ aAdtbeRdS»(eIwi(ltdc^iK^<bsirCkiesin^^ 
^Ks^aiemifes. Smic itndectfae wcndt cbu^ I aUidrjhe Pridi 
^fsci^ Am:um]e,f^t$thet<^d Jd)borsAridemtit« fa 
€i]^dtfiyinhis ^^M«^i a i^^ buou The word 

fi^^ wb Pride and Exc^ttetscf^ but buattfe this ^cfile 
conBdbd to their Priviliedgeir» ana i)oafted of (heir I>^nity9 
jAta^fore die ^<^d » m^ft pr^rly rendr«i exceUeiicy« The omy exaHifu 
ivo{4i${Qmet»nestakeniiievil pair, iarpade^ aild anx^aiicy» tia^ gMa^fy- 
Ek^. 15*7. and fometftzie^ mg^pnt) for magtii&enoe ^^^^^ J^fob'h. 
attSe^tcellency, fo here ; for the Prophet ifl this Vecfc dodi I'lr^'^r^^ 
ni* ieweigh againft their pnde, ( be tod done that before ), but • ^^^'^^'^ 
he labouxs to remove tBeir carnal confidence ^tich they 
0ac(id, t^ initirTcmpU^ Which ia called in Scripture by^SSTif*^ 
the name of Bvaflewy and Gloty, hccaiifcic was^hat^'vtece-^/^'J^ , 
in they glocie^yM 4V^^ -£*<• 24* *^. iwwJw^T^ . 

ft In thdr Richeti X^^tieS; Ptmledgef, land Pttrog»- x'ir. 
tfYe$> ffhetcwith diat Nkion was adorned abovciall the peo?* ^ / 

0e of the wodd, JP^iw. )• i, i* d* 9* 4i 5* dtey dwu^ ihic 
thcbare hahiing of tbdis.woirfd Iheker theih^ f rom wni^ 
Titew, but the Lord telk tbemi t^^*^ hcalAorred banthej^^ 
and dieit privilei^es, and Hnce they had abufed diem^ ani^ 
fo forfeited them all, they were now fo much the raore^faace- 
fiil and aboounable to God ; q. dw T^ t^ok^apon your f elves as 
thimlyhij^handhljifnis of the mrUy tut I teU jcs$^(^ faith 
Goi\ pttcepH^iki^femybUJfmgsH 

jfris MS M ffc^^ frofhmney nng$dlf mm^ mi wiUdisd mth^ < 
jwncet^dtiiglf • dnd therefore^ uUnst ns^^ (f pftr TempSfi S^t^ 
trffiiiSy dtgnUjysmi rhhksy fer I tiilym to ymtr fMeetj tkm* I - 
deteft-hthyoHdmlfntr ixeii Uncles^ aid atk^jaar Jhu^fy Pa^^rmin^Afi.t. 
ia^s, whiehjetthavthUt if mr^fSofs and€;ntikn; assd b»^^f^^\^ ^-^ 

al^dt^myd^mtmr.. Tash/dejidera^ 

^ 3 H«re^ 


Ill 'A^SMf^B/ Chapttfw 

I tieie IS the coofirmacicQ of tbu CdOEioiifMiMft^y Tie 

jJmhMhfmrn it^ $mn ihc Lord of Hoftst wt«>.is Oimiipo- 

lent, and ^ack all power in tua band co cxecwe bx?|)urtK>res. 

The Lord docb aoc only fay ic> but fwear it; che Jewf^s^tsc 

hard of belief, and (leigbced die threatning^ 4^ the PQcjp^, 

ihereCbce die Lord confiips it with an Oatht i^V^ / iktiv 

j^<^ ijmffdfy or as the words tte in the foumainj 1 have 

UfWi ( BtnJmhjh^^ mdmmsfi$4^) by mySool, or Life> the 

Lord (Wears byhimfelfi becatife jchece if.noiie jpeacer than ' 

he. The font is^the- mafi^ and be chaofWMfs by his^bid (Weats 

by hifflfelf, and therefore the fottl (^Koordidg to the Ijehcew 

Idiom ) is oft put for armans fdfi as'P/i/. $. 2, Jeri$x. 6. 

}i/4rr|p. a 5/16. It is an^Amhropopathy*6eqiienc m 

GiH. %%:i6. J#n %ui4. it is fpQlQeni>f Gbd afcertbe man* 

Vtr MfiimmvUi^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ Hand, an Bye^a f^tc^ a Foot. Is oft afcri^ 

iorDei imiUiiU bed to God ; fo hereand elfewbm, a 5<mi1 is afctibed to Cod, 

tMrii.c.iffmetjf4^.i^ 14. fir,$. o, zp. which is God himfelf- f«f wbacfo- 

SSS'p^'^ver isinGod,is God. 

i^M/SifSr Qjid. //«^/ Mttvtmtnwh /«v4r */ >Ai/r M, *• /#/^ 
I a»x. )f « { ifA^hyH is sh tmbkg ) A^ir weighty 9$gh mj Ostbes u tct 

with fou {foiih the jJrd ) when Ifm^ ^J^^f^^f^^i ^^ ^ 

ju i$UlMCt hUtvtw^ Pr^M^ yet Metvf me^ vfhfi Decrtes 

mrt hmmumhU^ whft Jffd^emiHts nier Ufehr^Ue^ wh. €4uam 

Jwftfua i.e. hih ^cthe^ mr be deceived ; wSe^am Ommf0um^ dmd Me hfrndU 

puiUkmr di'f^ Threstmtngs im exeemlen Mg^ffft ye% fitee 1 4m the L^rd elf 

erevit. H^ij whem M CrtieMres elee ^hy m tb€tr -f/fnmeXi 



God bimfelf who cAot fin» yet fwears by bimfelf, 1/4 ^^ 
Seemy Com. 23. (^, £2. 8* Het. C 1 3* The Lord to ftrengdien our faith 
oiaTiiR.4.1. Jq j(,g truth cf bis hwfifes^ fomctimcs fwqrrsj Ce$t. 2a, x& 
f-i^^ /yk/. I ja. !!• Hey.6^ X7. and foroetimc? ^he confirmcs,the 

truth of bis Thieacnings with aw O^h, tojxi^keusfeaj^ Ffd. 

9 f . 1 X • HeB. 3« 1 1 . thrice happy rhey for whofe f ^e (be Lprd 

fwears, and mofl unhappy they that bcleeve him not when 
. . he (Wears; fince he that beleeves not Gb4 makes him a 

Lyar^ 1 Jeh. %. la not by any tranf)iiunijloii »of pbcC 
. V : - * but 

Vcrf. 8, 'if the tuj/hicj ef Atribi. W ^ 

but becaufe bee efteemes ius Word and Tromifes ias a 
falfc dibg. • * ^ 

a WickfJL men an hdrdly krongbt to hleeve the Threat" 
fiingLtff God. 

^ The Lord muft fvvear here to awaken rfiem out of their ftu- 
pidity, fofotti(h are men by nature, efpecially wbenhardned 
•in a Way of fiti ; and if Gods ownc people in whom there is a 
Ponciple of Grace, be flow of heart to bdeeve the Doftriri of 
tbeGofpel, Luk£ 24. 25, 2^. how hard is it to work thofe f ^^^1- V'*? 
truths upon thofe who have neither ^yes to fee, nor ears ^OfoUownSL**. 
hear, 1 C Vr. »• 9. 5«-p.iA, 

3 Gpi is the Lord ofHoJfu 

He hath ad Power in his handsy and atl Creatuits at liis 
command, ready to execute hisvvrath upon wicked men. This ^cc more si ^y 
Title is given to God above two Hundred times in the dd Commence ^ 
Teftament, andbutonceintheNew, J^m.^.^. the reafon ^*»^ 4- f }« 
is, becaufe this is a name of M^jefty and Terror, fuitable to 
• Old Teftament times • but in rhe MevvTeflament he hach 
more fweet and mild Tit ks, as Father ofMercies, God of alt 
confolat^on, the Saviour of all men> &c. We (h6Uld there- 
•fore fear to difpleafe himj who hath the higher Hott of Hea- 
ven, Myriads of Angela, and the lower Hoft of Creatures ^« MeHd^a m 
on earth, all ready ac the leaft beck of dieir Lord and Maftet * ^'^- '• 3-^*- 
' to deftroy his enemies. . * ^^'%fil^ 

- 4 " iVi> FrivUedgercAn preferve d fitful feofje from rutne. 

Let them be exalted to Heaven in excellency and glory, and 
bc4oaded with riches, nobility, dignity, and prehemiftcfice, - 
yet if they abufe thofe Priviled^es they iIiaII be thrown down^^^^^^^^ 
to Hell j Mdttk. ii. 2j. God is no refpe<^er of Perfons, Wt x^./^^obtii. 
in every Nation fuch as work rigbtdoufnefs are accepted ofp. j#. 
bim,. and fuch, as work Unrighteoufnefs, h^ihtyJerpesofXjeia^ 
fUeSy are rejeited of him* Wh^n God fliall chufe a people to 
be art holy people to himfelf, and they Hiail yvalk unholily, ^ 

and live like th^prophanc of the world, it is juft with God 
that they ftibiild perilli with them. Many boatt that they are . 
Chriftians,; they are- Baptized, they heat the Word,- and fe- . 
ceivc the Sacrament, Aye, but do you walk up co thofe Pri- ' '. 
viledges, and anfwer them with obedience ; if aot, you are 
but baptized Heathens ; yea a drunken TVi^ is nearer Hea- 
ven than a drunken and dilTolute Cbriftiaxi. Meer Titular* ^ 
• X X Chrifti- 

jjj %^»Exfpfitm Chap. 5. 

CbrK&ani, are ao chritt«n$» As be b &p( a Jew chat is gk 
outmrdly, fo lie is not a Cbriftian^hac is one otdy nbminaUy ; 
wemttftbeimemalonesin fpirkandincruth^ anfwering our 
Gofpefc- Priviledges v\(idi Gofpel-Pradifcs, and .then wc ihall 

be bappy, i?«wb «• »5, »8, aj. 

Heloatbesthehibitacions of wicked men, and looks upon 
~ ehem asfo many Swine-ftyes, and iinksof fin* The. haborad- 
onsoftbewicked&rectirfedofGod^ J^^ ii. 6. & \%^i^ 
Zdcb. 5:«4. As we (hould keep our bodies pure, as b^^omes 
the Temples <;>f the Holy Ghoft^ fo wee ftiould ke^ our Hou- 
fes pure from fin, and put away iniquity fanre' from our Ta- 
bernacles, that they ma^r be SeWkf/i) boufesofGod, and not 
j^^jb-^f^^tf^i^hoi^esofvanicyaxid ihiquityy j^^i^ if« 14^ e^*^^ 
^% diis is the way to keep ourbeufesin peacc^ J A f^S4«. 
JVvv. I. nit. &%. 6. andsCd make our Families flouri/li, 
Jrw. 14. If. 

• .We (hould rather defire with thpfebflty Patritrcks, M^ 
k^mylfMc^zodjMcot^ to live in Tc|(nts, and mean houfes^ 
where we may ferve God ( remembring that we are biit Strait- 
^rs and pilgrims here, but Citizens of Heaven ) ^nto^lWe 
C ^ cbefe il^cures in the Tessc ) in ftately Palaees^ abound* 
ing wid) fenfual luxuryr and all manner of jiot, till they be 
- deftroyed. - ^ ' - . 

6 U^he» mm mU x^ idewt the Thre^mngs^ thtf^ (bail 
^Vfhi pmtijhmeftf.. 

' . The righteous doe hear end fear, but the wicked neverfear,. 
till they feel the Sword and Peftilence upon them. When nb 
watnings can mend a Pebpl^ then Judgements end them $ » 
we fee in die^d World,^ ^rufaUff^^ and oihers ; l^s Sons 
in hsm would tax, beleeve till they were buria:> Cftfi 19, .i4* 
nor Pharaoh till he was drowned 

7 /r *r Sitf that immesCitks. 

.5«c my Com, ifrad finned, and now City and alHs cakem It is this,- that , 
ObC^^lnd M ^^^ brought fire and fword,, d^folatton aiid ddftru^^ion upon 
^taghXs «th/^ moft glorious Cities. Many complaineof Inftrumencs 
Scr.p. 1 ji,. ' that have betrayaid>em, btititisour fins that have betrayed 

us into their hands j and therefore MagiRrates, Nfiniflers,. 
and Governoutsfliould iiiptove their inceredforthe'ftopping 
of fin,that fa th^ mgy'pceYent the ruine of thpfe places where 
they dwell. *VER. 

-> . , ' . ' * ' 

YfiR'sb pi '" ; ^ 

And itjbdl ceme updjsy i/tk^ririmmi tmm^uin mii 

: imjtl tbgi they jhJdl dj€. 

have hctfdrf/yr^r/rCaptivitf before, butiincc 
tha^coulddoc no g6eKl,novv coipwchc Pfcffilencq^ 
i^ml tbat no ordinary one, which ufiiallykavcs Yomb^n- 
*tou€hi 5 But fuch a cerribicj deftru6liivc Pcftikncc ', * that 

^ ihould fw^qvaway alt before it j infomucb that if tcxj men . 
remaine alive, they (hall all dye, and they (hall be buried not 
iii-an ordinary way, but they (hall be burnt, and* lliat by the 

^ nwrcft reUttoDS, which was ufedljy the .pcople^fi|^4f/,6ri^ - 
lyiacafesofexrreaffincccflRty, r iJ/iar. ji. x2i . 

lii this Verfe we have, r A Jndgemtnt thteatneA^ vizi 
4eatb, Te^fhalUye^i. e. by the Peftilcncc. Tbofe chat efca- 
ped the Sword, ^ndweceno^ killed, or carried away by the 
enemy, thePcftflence, of foaie odier Judgement jthaUflay 
tbcni, as appears by the next Verfe. ^ : - 

2 Httt \s the percentfsaf this Fefiilence^K £hall fweep a|l 
before it, this is more than the Pcftilencc ufually doth ; God 
had conrct^ed them before with lighter rods, yet helcfcfomc 
Mive; \m now if ten. men reipaine in fome very nunrcroas 
Faintly, they (l\all all dye together. This fcts'forth die dread- 
fulnefs of Gods vyrath againft.jhis people, for when die Piaguc 
ra^ech very fiercely, yetitufually flares fome, if there bee 
four or five in an houfe, ufually one is (J>ared, or if eight in a 
Faiirily> ip may be two are (i)ared ; but wh^ tbere ure ten 
in a Tamily, and they tm^ aH dye, this is dreadful iijdeed.^ 
By X^ the Prophpt (igmfies'»4fi^, becatrfe ten is tbe titmofl: 
orfingle 'number; Icisa certain ihd dtftiniJl number put for ^ ^ j 
an uncertain, the like we find, JY«w^. 14. 21. XmV. ii5. %6. j^^ il!^ 
1 S4m* 1, 8« JoIk t p. 3 . ffal. pi. 7. EccUf. 7. ip. /fa. 5, tp. 

^ 3 Here isthe certainty of this dreadful deflruftiom It (hall Hdjah erh^et. 
ctme Ufafs ; that is, it fhall certainly come to pafsr, fqr God a/eib, the 
hath fo decreed \t% and there is no reCfcfting. nm^ of OoJ, 

Mfhkh denotes 

X^ ^ -/Nn his immtic^bi- 

. ^ * . OS''licy,c«m«5fron> 

. hcncCi 



See more on iC^ When Gcxlbegm^ co catteSt a pzoflc he ukes chemupibr 
m§s 4.iObf.». all together, and fpends one rod upon them afcer anocber, 

tiU.he bach eidier mended er ended xbasu God v^ancr not va^' 
necy o£ wayes to cut oCrebelUous finners, iftbey efcape ooe 
Ju^emenCy^yetbebacbaiioEhertoarreft theoiv Jlm0t %• 19, 
(Sr 9. 1, 8, ^.Mtt. 14« 7*^ be bach modis, tbieves>,raft^ and 
caxikers to rob us of our comforcs, Jam. % • a^.g. 

See my Com. When gentler corrections will noc^ work on a (>eQpIe9 dien: 
coHoLxj.ii. comedirefulplagues and end tbein. TfaoTe (Inners werebe* 
p< ^. come defperace and incurable, and now the Lord fees upon 

them with direfut judgements and confumes chem ; that fo all 
theNauons round about-mi|^ hear and fear, and doena 
more fo wickedly, 
. , a IftearrigitUfiffffers are cm ^ by the. fefiUewe^ 

God had ufed all means to recUime this People, but ail 
in vainc, therefore now chey muft dye for ic So true is that of 
theApoftle, The wages of finis death^-R^ 1.31. & 6. 25* 
^ and Death came into the worl^ together,v^^«. i« 1 7. Dm. 
p. It. R^m,^. 12. How blind then are. the Spclm^ms^ that 
can ( place in Scripture. where it is faid^ that death is 
tbp putn(hment of^ fin.. s , 

4 Wba^ ^od bath decrad jhUlcertamfy hej^tSted. 
Though we cannot bring it to pafs, yet he can and will| 
Whether icbe for the overthrow rf theiVYickcdj as here ; or for 
the comfort of thegodlvt Thecounfelof tbeLordihall^and, 
' and tb^ thoughis of his neart .unto.^jttpeneration|«. Men may 
pjor, and contrive wayes to overrfirowt^ Dpanne and Di- 
ftipUne of Chrifl, but thefe devices and^counfels of men fliall 
'': not (land, itis rhe.coiinfels pf tlxe Lord only that iTiatUbido, 

c .- 

.1 , , , t V 

• / 


VcrCio. fifth fripiecyaf Amos, 541 

V»it* 10, 

/ . - . . • 

Ajfd^A mdm Uncle fhdl take him ,$tp% ^ni he that bur^eth 
him, tokrjpg w^ thebone^ (M of, the h$ufe^ andj^H • 
fdy Mto him that ii bj t hi fides of the houfe^ U there yet 
4^mth thee < and he jhanfajyNo j then fhall hefaj^ 
- Hold thj tongkey . for wt ^aj not ptaie mentio/i of the. 
mm of the Lord^ . 

'Hat tte Prophet bacf exprclt lomewfaatcfcfcurply in 
V drc precedent Verfe, hcfets down more fully and ' 

ctearly in this, vii. That the i?eftilence ftiould be fo ^readfjil^ 
^at it (houid deltipy whole TamtUe$» infomuch t^at there 
ihoutd not be living men enough to biiry the dead.There ihonld 
ncicber be Fisither tior Mother, Brother nor Sifter, Son nor 
Daughter teft alive to doe the. laft office of Burial. . for. them ; «. . 
but a mans Uncte, or Kinfman mulldoe. it. for himi. elfc hee ^a^vis^'pS. 
maylyeandrot abov^ gt-pund ^ \ ...,,", . quus .Tatrims^ 

This (hews what great defolation thei^dRilence had miizh^pcatieue^ 

amongftthem, that the tfnclc, or neareft Kinfman ( co whom ''''^^ ^*^^^^^ 
the right of iucceffion to the Inheritance belongs) muft bee^J^^ '^' 
conftt^hed to bum th? Body, that fo he. pight carry xhe bones sinel Sp/p4- 

outof thehoufe with' more eafe. This yyas/f^rvile .work, and rr«^w. 
belonged co mercenas'y men appointed for that pjiirpofe, EjUk:^ 
39.14. butfonwant of fuch, ordinary Officers to, the: 
Kinfman muft doe it. ' . \ 

Sothafiiu this Verfe we have,. I. An Amplification of, 
ihit .great defolation which the Peftilence. fboutd make. a- ^ ^ 

inoiigft diem, ^ it (hould be fo terrible that it Aould^ deflroy! 
whole Families^ andcut off thofe ordinary Officrcrs which were 
appointed to bury the. dead 3 infbmuch that the next Kinfmaiv 
.muffbeforcedtodocit; neither fhall he doe it in ah ordina- 
ry way, but he muft bur ne his bpnej, , ^^W;* and others majke^^^^^^'^ 
tkqticfe J^lonetobe bpth th§ burner of .the ^cid, and riie^'fS^'SiJ^ 
burieT of hisbpftcs^ thcj( read, the word? f|ius,.jH//]Sfw/^j^//r^ 
takfiiitmHp and Imrne hifn^ that he mdf carrj the hnei trnt ofUxUndjiin <^ e 
Aw/f. This . reading feemsf# be moft genuine and agreeable ***'-^^^^"'- 
t0tbe-Ta{t;aAd context, ^fettihgitorth the. dreadful hand of 

God upon them, in chac the PefHlence (hould be fo fierce, 
^ that th6y (hould wane ordijt^fy QfRccrtf to biiry the dead. 

Q^ Bm how Oife they f aid to ^nrtte th^irjU^d^ wbc9t h off ears 
^ , hib ^U^Qtd^d New TtfiiMHk^ that ^h]zsfk did 

df4d? Gcn,i}«4'd^49«3t. ^^o.^yt^^i6. Mac/S. .21^ 

' ^^» Itistruei ufuaUy (bey did bury their dead in times of 

Peace> bucintiQies.of Warrethey.Cweuinesdidb|^ 

dead, as they did Sa$U.mA his Sons, to^ prevent fwrtbcr abufe 

which might oe offeree! to their bodies by the PhUidhns, i Sam. 

31. Iff 1 3^ fo in times of great comagiou t;o preveoc fleacby 

and furdier tnfeAion> they narnc their deac)^ as i^ dbt xsssx ; 

Theyinight alfo burne them to^cleaitre the hpule ( winch was 

fallen to the Kinfman ) froift lpg;al uncleinn^rs by tfje .dcad^ 

j^ Nfmib.\9* ^4* Hence we readr of ^iTn^flttonef^'zssA Fol- 

bstcidnXai^ iwrSwx^ their buriers and theif burners *6f the dead^ and fo 

c^ more gmi^ had the Gottttlcs^ and the RomAnt^ they burnt theic dea4. to 

o^hnrtbH a(he«, and pat their afbes inpo llrn§ ( as tepears by ^JTkg}^^ 

-a£mka.t ,o^u, irtid odiers)' and Pitchers of Gold^ Silver, i^raft, or 

n^^lhm,% H^rblct, with great care and deremoniouTnefs. TTjefe Jews 

Zfbteld^ 6. , bein^'themfehres idblaters, did fymbofize too much with Hm- 

K Godwins thens and Idolatersin this thing. "' 

R(nn;*n Antiq. 2 Here is the rcafon why thty burne the dead, dnd tJjat is, 

l.i.cap. ii,^. j.jjjj^{^^y mtghc the cafier^iarry the bones' out of the boufei 

fcwift^ A^Siq. when the fleih was burnt ofl? before. 

1- ^. Ci 5- , ? . Here is a Conference between the KiriQnan,an<! hfrn^thac 

lies in the h<mfe, and h^ JhsB faj unto him that is bj theRdes 
of the hoHJe ; that is, to bim that is. v?ithin the hojufe, as jou^h 
WJfsfaidtodefcend.intothe(ide8oftheShip^.fdirifi5i, ^^ fo 
thcf<? for fear did nn into fome corner of ttie hqufe^ M) hide 
tbemfehres from the infe^libn; ; , . 

The QjJeftion which he asks is tbis> Is there dnj jet with theet 
<inz,. left alive ixi the family, or dead> tl^t I may burne jthem^ 
and bury their bones, 
i Hferc is the Parties artlwer in the.Negative,^ I^o, there \& 
* npbts K^ii**.^*^^"^^^^'* there is not * ohe; left,, they ^le ill .wad and 
hijy nemo, fimsiS^T^^ accorcfing to that, virfe nine, Ifte9f mien ietu one tonfe^ . 
eonfkmptio'y at theypaUaUdjef* 

Apasj di/tt^ &- %he Piropbec inhrgetb himfetf in this difcourC^^ aboiif Qods 
^^^'^' Jut^gemeacs^ dte better to awaten thefe fotuih) fenfufl/toite 

finaWfe ' 3 Here 




•> V 

' 3 vHere if die iitfeteoce iipo&riils j^ 
S^d thf toMgnti' be fifeoc, be patient, doe laoc £rcc, nor fume, 
^oe^not mixccer nor^murmcare agftinfl: God^ ^f^^ h^ had wfori<- 
ged yoU| bocaufe be lalls ^ii; W accptteCce in lus juft Judge- 
ments, ivA filently fubmic unto his vvillj for it is bis vvorki, 
. Amos 5 . 1 3 • A s for us, our fihs are io git ai;, and grievous, that 
wc dare not oncecall on the Name of tbe Lord, for a releafe^ 
or mitigation of his Judgements. , * ' ^ 

• 4 Idkre is idle reaion^v|s4iy tfaey mdlk 
caufe the Lord ms juft iti all that hee did uqt6 them, and 
tfaei^fore diey mighc not once make menpionof the Name of 
the Lord by way bf complaint, thusfome. interpreters fweati 
and arc much perplexc with the vasjious Verfions of this Texr,^ 
infomuch that there are ahxvoft as many Ince^remdens of it as 
there be Interpreters. ; 

i Sayfome, Itfcdnstopointat thefetwo, who agree to 5ce more to this 
be filent in-wbat they hid done* left they fliould bee feque^ Po«t, m Hut^ 
feed as uncleane by the Law, being legally polluted by touch- ^^^^ ^ *« 
ingtbedcad,iV«»*vi9- 14< " ^ . ^^^^' 

% Others give this glofe, IhlJi 4/ m^^^ f^'^ »^/ «»/ 
MMkf meiftion $f th9 nume ofth^.^ Lardy q* d* fie |i|ear, • lame&t Tact, quia hm. 
not for them: for they arcnot^ worthy lamentation, they zv^^mcommmd- 
Xo wicked, ttwt they wfll not once remember God: nor cry to ^f^^ ^^.^ 
h«n,diougb behind them with the cords of affliaion. ., . ph.v^mftat. 

i Others make ittbc vtiycc of ctefperaste perlons (jccor* - ^ 
iding tp tbe Mai^in of our Bibles) Vf^e hnvi H^^ or yt;^ mU^fJ^^atmilh^ 
i0tmMke mnmiom^thenam^ofth Urd^ f . d. it is bpottefs to ^^T"^^^^^ 
pray, for God is fet to plague us, and will not be pacified; let i^^^^^^^^^^^ 
us therefore eat and drink, fince to morrow vye muft dye. Ne- imitates j>n 
ver cell us of Gods name^.for he is our enemy,, and vye can- ^nm agfutuu 
not endure to hear of him, for neither he nor his* MiivftefS*"''*^'^**^'^. 
^ ever Prophefie good unto us. If wc Aould «II ^^tiT,_ZZZ' 
mm we may mind him of us, and fo bring new plagues up-iocm. ^ 
on our felves# This agrees beft vyiih vterfe efeve^, which 
follows immediately* 

4 Others thujvi Tbefe Hypocritical . onqs,^ that jFeoncrly 
gloried that they were Gods peojrfc, bis peculiar, hiiitsieri- 
tanoe, his holy ones, &c. Gods wrath (lull lye foheavy upati - 
thctn, thaotbey fti^llboaft no more* of this,, for tfaey (hall bee 
dumbewiien tliej; bear God^ nami^ and abhor k as defpe^ 


344 - JiM E^fifitfon .Ciiap.R 

rate teprobates life to doe. He mil not fuflEer. them any longer 
CO cake his name in ^aine> tus wcacb ihall burne fo fiercely a- 
gatnftcheni) chat ibeyfl\ali not dare oooe^to make, meodon 

of his name, or CO come neerhim v?bo is a confitmii^ fice. 

» _ . ' _ ■ 


1 Decent burial is a mere J. 

Ic is reck^ded as a Judgement here; chat chefe wicked men 
ihould wane the honour and rokmnicy of ordinary burial. It \s 
a mercy co have a Grave, and therefore when die Kings of 
Jndah aretecorded, their burials are aifo mentioned; and 
thofe of highcft merit were buried in the upper part of the Se- 
pulchersof the Sons oFD^izoV, .t Chron. ^2m 33* ji[a a good 
King was honourably buried, wich great folcmnity, 3 Cbron. 
16. 14, and fowasKmgZritoy^, |cr. 24.5- But favvas 
not wicked ^th&r^imy 1 Chron. 2 1 , 1 ^ and it was a cnrfe Mip- 
onlebojakj^y that he ffipdd be buried with the buri^ of an 
Afie, and be conccnmtibly caft into z ditch, sjer. z>. 18, 1 9. 
it is rcckoftcd as a Juc^ement, when men have rio burial, 

ffal. 79* ?• I?^*^ 28. 2(5. 1 King. 2i, %^^%^^ fer. 14; 1^, 

<T 16.^. and therefore r^f/^ commends the burial of SohI^ 
. he bleffeth and rewardech the men of J^bejh for it>. 2 Sam. 

The Body is a peice of God^ Workmanfliip, curioufly 
ifvroughc, J-ob lo. 8. <ir j^^ 4, Pfal. ijp, y. and therefore 
maft not be carelefly thrown away ^ it was redeemed with the 
precious bloud of Cteift, and is the Temple of the Holy 
' Ghoft, I Cer. 3, 16, I7. cf (5 15, 2p. and ihall he raifed up 

atthe4aftday, and bee made like co Chrifts ' glorious Body, 

It is one of the laft offices that we can doe for our Relati* 
•ons, we (hould therefore decencly commit their bodies co the 
grave, as to aWd, of reft, '//^. ^7* 2. there to rcmaine till 
the general Refurreftion of us all. So they did1>yir^z«», Aiil. 
8. 2. and the Patriarchs, '^Ss^^i 5, i6*, 
- Cami»n^ Yet we muft beware, l» Qf tfeefof^ricsofthe 
?^i/?/, who keep the bones of Saints (fuppofed Saints moft 
of them ) unbuned, chat they m:!ywor(liip them^ kifs them, 
and offer to them, i Bones are a part of mens bodies, and 

. " ought 

,^^rfl3o'. . fifth P;ip]{riij3r\J5|&AArt. , J45 

Jo\h.t^. jt.ltis reckoned as a punifhment to have the b^nes 
Jf^d^, ifeatjepmmmckrf otoi Wi(Jrfllif>^ nve a* tbe^ ta^^ lifrtirel f • ^ 

St^sinjuriab JltJ(fctht&a&Miwh»^^ gfavw^whejre:/>«f. CMivin^Q^ 

jc^|ly:of $4pprftici4ni:')0^ ^fee^if- : ^ - 

.Qr*?e^ of cbeSaiijU^. they ite^i^^ 

liftsmay f^e^tiu vWirr/W BQDM,-'Srt' Qe&ge^Oit Sjyord, S. Cri/^ UHlins Buckler 

^as bis Shpocr'the Milk:.o£ ^M^, tbe Swadfing^Jou^ ^lui^r^comde 

jCbfift, d«d tfeeAflfes fieadithat te i^ on* rSoc&ac ^^^i? if'ii.EccUf. trimfh. 

iijburcbwh^ri&Relioto andlMagK^^ewarfliappedl- God AUcmra. 3.P. i. 

«dghry piftured^v [Vflwei frirfatBd, •Prophin^nef s iounretiaiP^ P- 34^ 

xjed, hatf CooimliruDtis ad^iimfired,' iiuman^ traditions ^« 

^^alized v\^£h Scripcttre». ind Ce^ 

' .^x CMftp: lC»^ur^neacaftc?re:ihbiddbefQt6ur5i?i^^ 

mil ^]2y^^^$.t^o^h9vcliimh fpced^ 'artdiemJ^*" ^ '^^''®- -♦• ^» 

t)^iipo^,-vvb^the5oul;\rfhichw * 1 

peDi|l| ? ^ Look CO yoitr Sioul^i sind' cheh<^ God mil ordvlde foi^ 
yo^rpodi^ss ^HKheritbe Midrwbres.feaied.tfae Loia/ he midt 

> :^'% 

l?pwk of nHf a^eiij iyi/i 7!?; s^/jw ftdch: fiwM»s fidt flicWlhiiig«. r. Jtug. t>^ 0, 
Hetbat number^tbphairs of our betuls^ wiU not tofe our bones^'^'V. ^ei^ /. f. 
he thaus fo4;:ar9ful of our cxcccimntitious^patt^ wiU tiot fuf-'^V- »>^- 
fecouc^i^ncU and iotegr^l^paits to perifti; Sotemfl ImHal 
a^s',tiotbe (•Bifonof tbilt«Qigy.bur]3pcbftbe^ XiM^^-' 
rM^; ba4 noFjMvral fQlemnitii(s^>.i»oc JMatble Moaudottilt)' ^(r$. 
wa^ M.^sirriod?ivio ^h4fi0msheifoms.z '. r . > • ^ 

Y y » Obf. 

• « ^ .<» 


They muft hoc be iliipi4ly' lilcilj ^f oc Ck^ct tioib wit ratfi^ 
hot wk^ iU!dteSSSajmiA£dM$^ W4 my fprtadoiir di* 
ftrds before Gdd^ andiiitiii»mMeiMai»cqioAttfo 
lua } ts J^Ji^n^ft md odbeir Siiots b«iie done. It is «n . 

IVheh Gods hand l](e$beavie upon.»».jiotorfy out Tongyes 

f^ 8, ^wi 5« xs» J7<yiu i«7^ but our -S^nmift teigp filencc 
r4^to1ebov%.?/ii4tft«k A^>WMteiliii^<3W,foivveret^ 
I. ii;, biicocb^iccottSngcocfae.<>riginfti»t^ foul is fi- 

l«c, . quieti (ubmiff i anifJUbjeft xo Gad^ iny^ alfeftbns are 
(idxluedtoiuffuMAay mens Ti^igiies aiedteK^biicttetf betrcs 
are full of rage andfitfy.) yta mint mens words ate ftnooch 
as oyly. wben tbeic hearts arcltloe drawn fw6rds» But a gnitci^ 
ous foul in all humility, ado&es the; jnft Judgements of God 
ujpon himfitlfY ax)dochers» without any murmuri]:^ 6r contra^ 
4ugipnr HfcdothnoEiiaipaKnlv fly JA Gods face^ norcfaa^ 
Qod fiooUih!y> J^t^att. but te peaoeaUr iidigns hiii^^^ . 
«ad|dlhefaathfracx>G(klsdifpofe } Godk the Potter, and be 
b the CUy« ready cob^ fmoad and frasnd, raifod or ruined, . 
9ideoriaaffed> as h^ A^aii pieafis^ >fee.g(»i^ the totd a 
Uaok as ic werc^ iodbiik hroiipvm&iybat ptelfe htotdlf) and 
;i»{iuiU{ieareimi« Idonmdbagfdodi but double our Rrokes,. 
Ills a flafidcfing oCOody iand a chisu^ Qfiftin^cKMty>^ 
W&khhejf^iiot]xacttiOttrJxiads and tberefote when ev^ 
/j^4f/fell to nmrmurin^, a Tudgeoienc prefenely IFedlowed ; 

SwtOAf 01 Sbdf flecks, htt thtfcmn^f^istt^'&i^^^^i 

; Wil4 Mli h).« ^4et4 by toifing«id iuif)tUi9B:^6tiutinea^^^ 

UiemAtlves ilhe more^ (/^1M» lad^ ac is F^er and Patience 

that wiU inend aU ; feet noD dKu ^ Gods di^^atio^> net- ^ 

S^UnMrngifi^^^^^'^^ ^j^g^j^fif^fj amf 

fm seif-judp- juOffifebun, ib'ihaliyiouhhve peace, Lewi, li^i ifi^4}i^)^%: 

*«*3V ?i-4^cJ' ii9.ii7/I>^9'%^<^*^t^ jii iLot us not: life 

Sons of AJ^u^ kmat our fetees, and lay the fault upon God, 
but let us kifs tne hand that fwtes ui» mA ftfi iSgb^^m ^ 

' - - ' ' '. . -^ , 3^0bu, 

\ V 


'^mstt in Mftcad iff a day •f wrath. " '-^ ' 'J ^^ • . • - — 

^he&fie^ual Idoiacerscried^ The Teopiple 6f che^ Lord^ 
the Temple of cbe Loid i chey^botftAkl^c God was cbeir Fa- 

of mm j^bote ail the people of mo earuj, Jiff 8> »• But now 
the dzf of majdi h coinC) ' they Hare noc once make mendon of 
the name of God^chey are fo oc^reft wiih diie guile of cheir fins* 
It is noc crying Lord, Lprd^ Due doing Go|ds willfinccrcly^ 
cbatHiU yeeU tt^teotfi^^^ 

^. sOv^q^ t^^ Adead'IMltittfi^ti^ h<y(l^(f:<^, anddea(r 
QfadeswttlllMdu^iii 110 A^ tis not dien ch$ae o)ir 
{elrcs«iidiA«p9eslBiate^ atkt wldr cbtmteb in- 

Qcadofsold^itarvUft M^^ atnMft^, btic aliJt^ediet Clffiftt* 
flit;;!lio^i^^Miift^od^t4^^^^^ tS five htdced; . 

diac we may be Natbattiels^ Uraelkes iodeed^^ in wh^ Aere is . 

: 4 Wid^if$^jmiaiktm$9m iifi^is m^f0f^defpondefffjt W 
4^ir.^r -'' '^■■-' *'' :!'' - 

-r tbou^ifi tMM<^^ t^ace- d^ may b^R^hpw 0)d lovesr 
tem^ yctiv#^ff God lAfva^nd th^Co^^ f^ his Judffi- 

itats, the «i^ naifae of God i^ter^bfc co th^, ^4 tney 
could wifh he were not : Then either they ht^ ehentfUves 
wich Ad^mfy or run from him as Cam^ Gtn^^. if. Of hang 
them&lvniiiaifa fttddiy or crv with chofe widked 'ant^^ 5^H i* 
Utt' ^BefM- p9d m. Or, 4c^ braf|)ieme be<^atire of tbdr" 
pntty andlikiSi»pemsfiy in the ftce of bim that couchetfr' ' 

tbohiy £#tur^ ff^. andlilie He^|i9> Who in their calamir 
act cuiie daeir «ods> and beacthettti as tte Auciiors of atl chett . 
Wferys and at lalUheyAi^U cry to the; Rodks and Mountains - ^ * 
CDl^otpoii ^ito and hide i^iem^ if^ 23.^. Xrc^. 6. 7^. 

Mwih the thou^cs of God o»t of ipietf hearcs> 774/. 10- 4. his Spi. Rcfi- 

Md mfltnoc once tmke mendon of hi m iir their ^roubles«Tbeifc ning9 1 Fan, 

?tebcawn,bitcnocbectefcdjccrre^ted,but n6t amendedjaftd In P- 4^9Lca t» 

faracwfpeftwoffetlwfllfeathens/ofivt^ 5^fr4 obfelrves, ^///jf w/w p» 

m^diffb^d. But nfc have thofe*ac fly from Oqd when he ^' 

drms nigh to i^m>i»e«igbts of God ire never more 0^ 

y y 2 to 


CO zffmaas foul; iiic^xieytt mgre^l^u^^fp V(iid^ 
tfianwhcntlieyarclntrouWei. ,^ . ,aS..\v\(!r. . . 

grett'hfife idth 'treM^es'y dndihi Utftt 'Uujfemtb 

tl^ ibis y«fc,we^avc.^:4toplifi^^ -awl iSoo^rtttdonL 
of the prece4e}iccoiB<Bki«ieOi v^. S«, IXia Pr opliet aeUsc 
tbeiDf chac dbe deftm^iK fl^aiyi be 'tt«9s«fr%b and iivv 
tlcb and pQor, gr^ac and i^oiaU^ none ihoul^ cioafiii bit asaU« 

* hadixnQe4foaU.(bouldn{$f^|.t^aff6f(^ 

lent floud^Qi^j^ oYfWW^ iaii^oriBrtfh^o: ^m:itaoiil4^ 
'nocfcapbg.. ;.. -i J..:,; i .'^ i.: .-.f :':M::a\V/.:>c: Htm y/v jrJj 
There Sinners were lecure. anot cajnjyil^fip|ifi«emi tmftm 
mgih dicir wo^i^rioij^ ^n4rw^eftfpl\ j(ingr^v5|^#M4w the 
fecond |Cing of Jjrael^ and Uzx^iah King of ^n^A^i^rd^yk 
fleighteddip ,wpf 4 of . thp Hfo^tt. .ai!4 tfe refiwe nM;^di:e- 
{olves t;o prea<;h CO dieoj 19^^^ 

of the AffjriMtty and CbafisU^i tvho: ftK^d make ihenpi^ feei^ 

what they would not bd^ t ,.^i'i .: ... i. .. i. - 

' inthewordswe hav(;,^ ' ; : ,: f •. r.* >,:?.;; 

1 Hie caufal Particlei f^ wbidi Mh^rclatiott/tortfacr 

' e%btb and ninth Verfesi) ^ ;VTt}ei^ ^^ 1-otd.: t^e^ netk^vto d^ 

jdtt^aweky ftroy the City with its fuji^r%^ and t0;^)dej^ Pjti&ilfince jjd 

mimdaviuBYdl* the.Sword, and gives you tjhe re^fqn of it in this^^ verfe, J^ttm^ 

^i' ''a '^'^^ '^ jDww/jM^, Ac Lord'h^xoflinaodc(J:aDd doar€edir,and 

ZVfil&'Zl none mall be able to.iev^rfi^ >^ , ... . , .. /r . . ; ^* 

^«e//»r. 2 Here ecce, *^A^ ^w.ioj:y?e:pot/i<)sr AtittocioiJ and 

Intention, it caUs for ouwfirsaitidey?^, .»,■ \ ., > ' 

9 Here ^ the matce]> to be marked^ .and chac is che^ com^* 
snand and oiarge of God to deftrjc^ his pappje for. their pco« 
vocations. The L^ifd-commtMls^hj and he wlU fmite the City^ 
q^ d. yoi| have not4^4oe with an impocchpman^ b<it with an 

Omnipotent God, who as he hath made all tbiligs, fo ii^ bath 

• th^m. all at his beck, jto* help or hurt us ^s pleafetb him. Hee 
needs not Armies, he n^ds not Inftrum'^nts to confound hi^ 

' advcr- 

k • 


attvecfaries^ tc is buc fpealdng and ic is done^ Pf4i.. 44. 49 & 
Q. li^w J^h the Lord'fmke the Chjy when hee onlj cem^ 

0f9S'tp^d^Rr^yiiPerf^ 14. heis feid w do2 it' himfetf, becau^ 

r 4. ,Jfcrc is thcUmverfalicy of this ddftruaion>- he will briftg[ 

i^i4»/ w /iwirf the great honfe with ireaehesy and the^ittU haufi . . , , 

droppings, which by little aiKiliitlewtthe* hwfe , aiKl'f4^M,f^^^^ 
itiakebifi;sKh^a|i^ riiptui^in it^ bjicmAis' place- ie properly ^hus^'on diflii^ 
figmfieRruptures^andbieachc*. • : • ''[Tiu'^^^^^^ 

: iJiey were all inccfrrigiblcf and incurable, both great ^ridj^^^aietquod 
fnMSU^^- xRereforeaow tibcy (haHbe jJiinUhcj and*pcrij(h^Xtff^, i. c. 
toge(tov>bc^l^^^^^ ^ inhabitants.* -T^irPaia<:e$^d gre at frggimna. 
Hwfwio S Aw, and S^mMrisj ihould have a gt^aC ^Wti-fall - ; V 
andthelefferhoufesfhonlddtSbpj and chink, and moulder a- 
v^i^,* By Aefe cxpreffions the Pr<^het imimaies, tbat both • 
n«bl€-jt!id.ignoblc ftiould pecifli together*; a^ they had over- 
tfewwiifth^JUv*, andiraiLequ'rtyi; t«^r/; 1 a» ftf ftoW'God ever- 

tfefoiffS'Aem.^r-'. ■'. '.•. ■•-:•-■;' 'y^ ''-;'^ - '^-;' 
<^ 5pind: coincewc,f that the Prophet tenff'^ 
Eartb-qu ake, which fliould make mreacte^ijd clefts in their . 
howfes,biitthc Prophet confutes thcfej and'liieJls us, that it 
Aailbedonebyttehandofan-cnemy^ v<r/.xk Others A1-; , 
Ifg^^^and appty ^is to the two Kingdom* of %atl and Ju- - 
difbr which arc cilledtWo hottfes» />i* 8. t^.T^^^'grear 
boufe (fay they) is meant the Ten Tribes, which di^^ccll 

kin«doaLo£//ri^/ -fliould be fi> ruined by the^ AffyiUnsy tbacj*«^>?'^*^d«^ 

it /Kid never be repaired ;but cbc Kingdom of JiiiiA ^^^^SS'S^ 
only have fome clefts and cfaawns made by the Balfy/(m^ahs^:^^^.^^ig^l 

which were in part made Up again,after thsr feventy years O^chaU Tar a. 

tivity mB^ftPffy^y £«^ zniNehemiah, \. ^ 

Y y 3 * OB- 


# <k 

X.ocd by an £civ, Jfejb^/W^ laboinsi ca>aankea skem^^ tb« eoiH 
ikierauoja ^€bem« Tbe bircb o( Ori^ is. 9 nufcftr W' ^mn: 
foosieni^ aod tliei^forei&e Aagete xoa^ 
a*! 19, tbe feafoos^^ grace aremacn« 6fi grc^jnomcnr^ nA 
tberefore a double BeboU is fee upon cbem, t C9rj6. 2. Oox <>• 
riginalSkiitfa imtcerfleeply to w ihougk afd tbefctoHis ic 
$cc irorc til , tittban i^ fisupQ!iit9iy'iS.$i«9«aiid'(b0BcbcDay«? fudge- 

As aU Cteacttses an his Setvane^ Wiadst ani Sets, iiaj 

•Sun obey bim, Job 9* 7. fo all Annief ace itii^ he it Lm c( 

Hofts, and if tehucftftmp erbifsfor an Basmf^ of call for a 

^/ 1?tftii;e]K^ot)tbeland>€beyread^t^ 

X V ^% atf* i.5«5<r«47.i^ 7» ike caftdelmydbearicft)^ pooefk-c 

oepvy by cbe inbft importist and oomeix^ctblc flieaW| as 

Ero^$ Hieu I-ice^ P/W. i t>f • 31^ ^ ! i 

If he% CO fucb and fitch Difeafes, Go, feixe XA^ 
(X fudi awoman^ they go; if be bid tfaemceife^ tfaer-ceife. 
We ikould not ^re^e htibe the. Saogeant, ; bt^ ^ornipdniifd * 
With die Creditor* Run not in your licknefs and^^iiibrefiMo 
Pbyfick er Friendf,.bttc make peace *mth <2bdr|K ^r jgrft 
place, and then aU ihall be at peace with youu 

We {hottld aifo be f4rie»r under ail Dsfpenbtncns, lo(^fig 
at CodsfaaodioaHy feeivgriom ordering anddi^^efix^ dl foe 
the gc^od of his. -Tiwiitlli fl^ 

you Use it IS the Lord that dotbit, fl SMm. 1 6. 1 o. PJQtf. ^ ^ 9* 
J#fci8. It. ■ • . • • " • . / '"^ ■ ' / • 

Sec my Com. 5 Ohl^^i/mvnfalkjmfrh^gJMm 

j^dj^r. ij^f^ The gener^alicybfzfaisfeopie were .cacrapc,,\8f«i noi^tfaey 
p.>o^. are^gene^tUyniiocii. A^flcfaandiioormfe^idijl^^ 

Ba(es,and Propbaine { fa adv shcy Aiould be xmiacfcc md 
ruined t<agcther*^ ''"'.' 

4 Obf» Sof Ar»^/ 4 vmrft49 vm'dmdlUgSy jmd imfuimmm 


Vbb. i%. - ■ - 
S^j// fipfiif»» th§n thei^h > ffsf// mt^/oji^ thin mht > 
Qxi»ifirj€chMvctffrMed jtd^emcnt hfttgalh^nd 
: tb9 fruit pfrigktf^m^Om^htmhckf •' _ ^ 

.IH«i>6 pceccdem V^ttfe the Lord tlue^oiecl a^genecal Judg* 
«aKiic igmft ibdb ttneral Sinijiers, but dbey trdlmg coiheir 
^MMiftt^gKb tad gftry, feared iio Ju^geonencs, but concei* 
icdchkiiielrai iirbo Iu4 taken cbem inca Cbvemnc wub 
iuoifelft todadoptedtbemfot \fis dwne peculiar DcoplCi and 
ad<>rned diemiiitiiaiany Ttivikdges abovetbe reftof d)eN4* 
siojiis. f (MttxIltbotttiJbenu. woold not deal (b (harply vimb cheftii ^ 
as tbe Prophet thceacned^ but vvoutd take fqiaeg^^^ ' . 

ptoRrtiQgtbefli 9oiX by bts Pxopbets» atKHaboudng to rei^aime. 
diem by dieii^ Mintflery • 

Tauwtbel^rdaiifimrsiQtbbVerref by a Prolepiis, te 
,f)ie«eaDs tfais evafion and v^n conceit^ i^Xtog cbenip that ic «. 
was t^norporpofe to'taiiaeany itioi^paiiismth tbeoi^^^^^^ * \« 
iCiSltiieaLwiifa gentler rods, for obey renamed i&ill bbltioare /< 
4nd perverfe» falling awtY more and niorey gromng Frprfe >^ 
«ndffotfei i0dutKdk{Ducpli(»PVKher<Ktetandrok^ 
Plows without any incteafe ; and fow the fands, lofing hi? Ja^ - 

toar OB them; «c^^ •- ,-u, 

ihottldna longericoflDend wid} (u^b f dd^^n^bff Uiou3 5inner% . , 
lutf his ^ente jwak atiy a)0re upon cheai. ^^ 
is a fifOng Negation< SbS Ji0rfa rm »f^ theml^, pr Q^nt ' 
ikmthtrt^ No> rfJcywiUnot, tbeyajrtfswfitpla^ ' ^. ^ 

fiufpofes ; anddoeyou chinfc tl»C;I will atw^ies iing. (q ^^y 
men, and beftow my coft and care upgn Qjicbf |?octey ^ii}d^u;;fjp 
ncd Sinners, that will bring forth no fruit ? • 

It is a Proverbial Jpeecrfi, v^i figfljjfips l^lahour^and there- ^^.^ - ^ 
fore we ufe to fay of fucb as I abouf in vaine, They ^oe^^bout ilbm^aietlffLu 

■<■'', *l , * 

bra^^ of ' the Vdfib Sea i^ tjfti(k# ttaifes «*« 

fcc in our large Annotaiions ; that which I have given ( vvith 
fubmirtion to better judgCDjencs ) ^conceive to be moft ge- 

L ai)a foundeu vyay oF expounding . ocnpcure, and is ot more 
weigfit tba'h in hunclrccP/(5 ^'i:u/'€lf tbi^ in(l iKak ^ ' /^ . 

So thaifin this Vcrfe Wc have, • i Tbe,- Ji^r^i>f/^/V» to 
ploy ihefc rock^ no longer. 
•* ;iiHerci$'.theReifonandgbuflcr'(*'&i»^R^ 
Hor lh3ic i^pcty G^frc0t(hi^ •7>;ii«ij9:|nd:(jll Wild 4f ^ttiefcy 
'tbwatd^ the poor/ -llieTe was no f^tefioufn^ft rt(>^to^iftid'»- 
Vmongft them,, they had turned Judgement into tkill^ j$f P^ 
V^> (W the word alf6 fignifi« ) becaufe poyfoa fethe Jbitt^i-eft 
-r ri, /?^«;r.-f ' P^«^^ of povforious^afisj <b wic, the galL flJte tta^tii i^fo iig- 
SyS^^ H^^^y aftd J^ P"* for ^-oyfotjjrtJebwfe^chfc^PoyfoD ^ 

r^e«w m W-- ^4l rightfoufnefs int9 Ijemi^kj^^ ir worftwfed, fo the Word 
pitegeftm. properly figmfies, and it is forendred in otbei' 'places, SL^Jtf, 
fy^S!S' ^.n^am. ^ is. -i«wW 5. 7. They al^olwd. tte. notrenr, 
^y^ti/^ritofpyy, -arid condemned the 'inri6Gem:';Uhcy acquitted ttie jwid^ed, 
yis he.lfA', Me- ^nd tiittdcihned ttte juft j t1iey favouied the ricb^ who could 
tjtphariiirn feibcwell, and oppTcft the poor wboiad nothing topve^ J*- 
2£^^*'^''-^''''w^4. t. fothatttHnrCourtsof Jttftifce vyereascfivecras Ho- 

'ney to the wicked, but ^ Wneful and bitter as gall, to the 

^ Jgddly.. '' ; ;•. -^ -.:•};: • - •:•'. ,„ .y-^i.^^; . 

Frucimjiffli^ ^ Jaftice in it Tclf is A moft fw^eet and pledEattt thi^lb ic is^the 

ti^tHtmpaeeiHxtT'yafyhMivtdJiilBiv^^ but ' 

^/icj», ^ ^jj^^ luxurious ohcs bad turfledthi^foveraign *fe*cine itta> a 
Sir25iri» * And toade that which isin'it.lclf fwccr^fao- 

objytMfm :ney» to become bitter as gall unto the opprefled, land as. hem* 
degi9crat^OuMi.\(kltl6Ac^t^y^K^^^ vcneiiacuis weed^ kil- 

InjghinrthattaBSdfiti r> - 'jv.: 

•V i •» - '%J*-\ 


'''^■.- ■■':;.' tffitffwcrs,. . : . 

S«Vi.y ci«iu ^ ***** ««* alw4ytt^©vv tte focfe, ahdfow tbe Hinds, ndf 
OR Hoft). II. take puns^di fuch gniulid a^ brit^ forth nocliing but- Kyars 
p. 4> i* tiR| ItoAfitctTbaneirgfoimdis ngb cpcur6n|^)tf«^.<;.8«y/^ 

5* I ti^ 99l|ttt Jj^rd badp i aotcj to Vuteyai^dftQ an- HoiaM 

YcrCii, ^ the Pr§fhi€f ^f Amaii / jjl 

Oyl) i* ^ in i iretjr fmitfat foyl^ from wfaeooelie fnSjgjht nrffff ^ 
expoftctRr:^eneixusfrinc6f&H:^eob^ befehcedica^ 

boot wid) his gracious Prbceftioii tfnd good Laws ( be remiy' 
yed all impediments of growc^and fifiiicfiilQds f W^vf^NSh^^^ 
caoie xolook for ^rape$ of obedienire^ bjcbold die Witde^rapes 
of cmelcy, in juftice^ and difobedience \ be therefore iefdvef . . < ^ 
CO cake away ijhe'bec%ey breakdown cbe wall, lay ic w:^,' aad ' , 
expofc it to cbe fury of every wildbcaft, BaiTe» trees are gbqid 5^ lufai^m, 
for nothing but feweI>iktirrA ^. xo. J^^kjti^}^. TMf ii:K$g^soa^m,, 
6. to ID. when the Lord by his Word and Spirit hath long PataUe* 
driven with inen^ labouring to bring them to Repencaa^a^ ^ 
fhey will not be. wrought upon) but are like the Cyprefs tree^' 
themoreitiswatered) the mbre it withers : the Lord^tl^ft . 
isefoli^s to make a final endwitb rheos, and utterly to deAcof ^ Mr. £#ve 

. . a PrwethlMlffiiches ^commcnJMti. - par foUa. 

The Lord himfelfufeth them mScriptute« AUI^oveibsaft^^ 
comQiendable,efpeciallyfacced^nes. Itiey^art (hotr^ witty^on Numi^. tu 
pitby>concife fpeechcs, like JeWels d)at cotitaii^ tnudi t(vbrt||i *^ ^»>W«* 
iii a little ropni. they prove theaifelves, and will have n6^^ 
nayncfaeyfave many words, and help the memory* amancah* 
natell how welt to foqget them, or gain-fay them. Hence' 
S9t$mm abounded with them 9 and Chnft a greater than S^h^ ^ ^^ 
moH occafiohally ufed them ; as^ N^ m^can f€rv§ tw§ ^^j^^st^iJfy- 
fiirs. \d tree U kj^n by bis ftVit. Nethft tttml^bsbimftJfjhaKJrttUg^ 
teexaked. It is tetttr t^give than ti receive^ &t* Aiid it is ob- wm^ its q^4mt^ 
ibrved^hat the more learned any men are>the more {fitby>ftii*f^»MM> ^ 
centiotts. and Proverbial they are ; as we fee m Plm^^ fitttarfh^ P^fi^t ^ 
SfMeca,l4rifi.tU,&c. , . -^ ^V^"^ Z^fS^^^ 

i Ohf:. PehftrMifW/fiu^ fk^laim 

^ : There is hot-a tobrfc tnfailible foretru;(uicr^ a Nations ju- 7^(01 i(i6i'<fVi- 
ine, than when Courts of Juflice ^re turned irito Courts 6t^%^ov9 Ari^ 
JMjftiiie 5 and Courts of Bjiiity become • Courts of iniquity. /fflff/w [wit *^ 

1* a, cold fire, a cbfk Suh> a dry Sea. A * falfc Tiiacher that 

poyfons Souls, an unskilful Pbyfician that dcftr<^8 '^^cs,^^^*^^ 

JufltVe aret^ 
tarn of ftitj^ fke other dc^I^lZ^ 
Iz % . feoycs^**^^** 

A * • * 

and a corrupt Judge that perverts 

«ils ;• thcotic deftroyes the fountain4if fiity, ^e ochcr <fc<S^^ 

3f* ii^-fs^pftk^ . - €li#^,#. 

£Qun9w« jof CkMJM^jS' ' If * aan b«6 oppeA^ beet fi^es. » 
C^lioi^is^ JuQimto. k6«q, and if tiKy (ball g^ fain i: 
4r«u)g^<^poy{k% for fwni^k to loll ym> dus ctjfai doni 
lof ■ jufii^ agawftiiui;bi//4i.5>7. Jo*. 5.i8,»9. Execndoaof Jiii» 
fl-Majuiai^*^ Js^ iBoftiw««t aoj {^eafoac cbiag eo God>no Hoi^fo <&»>' 

^omr. <» fGct' f^^iqiff ediaiiMa? $«e fthac (jqd £uch,to fiicb* Amu 4. u. - 

**«*•'.'.' .■.;■;.. ..':., •."i..-.. -.-.v •• vtks.B i}» ' ■• :■ 

^ ..;,.. ^/fraeikes mh cbeir camal icoafidepf q ; and in idbUvVcdft'ffe 
: J9i»ia.flMPC^ ^ KQH^ and glory ia yoift ^ l^^jigiijj'ta 

»/««ij*r,4«>4i»cbqJH»vwf«w??.pave,thqff ■ 

»^^ Qfav^t^of! jooiigi|i;t. I.. $009$' f;oiic«iyji van Idef ift 

- » ». r »r. " vji'iQg^ WW>» oiled -Ji l*<n|?6(f PO|*gN:» «»; *»«*!wif> <«» jWfl/':iifc 

''^,^' !*: ,;:>(#^if>p«fbiPg^T*oughicnijiy.M^op^^ oe^ 

,<agg?.v,^ift(?*^i|ft^fiJ«iftpoiiMfig,uirrf^ pWiw. 

>« rtMre, i«V»Goc!s. WraA^ for. they were but rttet^ :pMj?i»sfec4 ;«^ tnecc ' 
ibi/d» };r rr«ff/7i- nothing coBxpzxei with God; and tn- no wUig; p^ b$: refied kh 
usmmeiiiiyU^. j And moft gMuincly, TorfiPjcsift^^tlw^^ff^H^t^is'v^ 
'noMm^-uiy rejoycc U»vaajwnvo£4c%to AFwiR5^t3:Mgtlf,yic-' 


^«ies, «iASocoeffd v idfio it fbiims m rht iaeett patr 6f Ac BifrntOimy 

tit^f^^ons^m-HsHfj p^^^ It v^as their confl:adtfxff«/i/ip«r, 

en^fifetorejoyc^uVd^ ofjioiight, aud to pruft in cheir i^^f i^^w m«- 
^iwffr^ngi/: • ^ . ; . ' tiMmsdmtttnt. 

Byiffiiw hcrcxs-ttieafttrfie power, dottuftion, gJOry* and|^*J^7- ^^ 
excellency of a peofie, . It is a Metaphor taken from horned s^hoob^uati, 
Scafte, tvhofej^chgch and l^aucylye;s iil their hbtm. So' PW^ Rule ^6. 
^i. i7«f Sam.2.i. lO. ph le.X^JPlAU SlUl6l & li i:^^SeimHscormta 

Thus rAgr /kiV, vfe. in their be attS,' and thoughts at Icaft, forfJ^^f^S- 
^hat words ate to us, that' dioughts are to God, bis Word and „e, &'qMaffbit 
"Sfitit fcarch the inward parts of th^ Soul, 7^. 17. lo^ . 1 fo^.fr^vXaitd^ thought thfey had made themfelf^.ftrohg^nd'im- 
^anable by tteir own power. The . Propha: reenfe te alkde, ... 

CO rbe power and (Uccelk which jo'tf^tfMi the d:(^on4 
the Kings of lfr4el\izd^ in whofe reign Amai PropTnefied. thii 
Tfing was ver jf fucp^id ind profperous, he Uilatged the W- • ' 
4^15 of the Kingdom, and took divecs Cides from the SyrUnii V ' 
• a ^in^. ^4^ »5i ^7f ^S. SoJudMh was very tuccetful under . ; 

King 1tif0;iJah ) as appears^ 1 Chron. 1 5. i • to 1 7« thtfe Vi^orie^ ' 
and Succeflfes made th^cn proud, and lift up their horns, is if 
bv their owne power and policy they had.gpt the vi^aory. Tbiis 
^mj rcjayctd in ajfjif^ ofmugBt^ as if by their owne ftrength 
they had jidarged their borders, and could jioVy. i&fend tb^m- . 
felvcs againftf of reign envafions. : ^ * 

The Interrogation is a jftroi^ Affirmatiofl, Uaye w not uk^n t^, ^rhpolf- . , 
to pifrfetveshorps by oHr owne JtrengtH^ See What impidus Arro-^"*'^^> "W^* V^' 
gance, and Vain -^oriousbpa/ting here isy^yery.w .- 

crake, HaVc not >rft taken. Have not we taken tiuty have not \ ' ' 

; wfe taken to u5 riW^x^jyet morie. Have not we taken to us Horjw * ' ' 
'i/«iiir^»'»rj|?rf«Fri5? They did alI,G6d.didnoth^^ heisnct 
4n any of their modghrs. IhavercadofPope^^r/^;*, who ha- 
ying built a ftately CpUodge at i;9M«rf ><aufed tfaisi to be writ- 
'ten in golden letters over the gate, tiretch jfiante^ hiai,iabcrc 
was he born ; Lovaim watred bim, there he got Learning ; and 
Cdfar gave the increafe, for be made him a Cardinal ? one 
Wittily comes after and fubfcribes, tttc Detu nihil ftcU^Goi hti 
mri&^r«iip^ifrr.SothefcmenafciibedatUothemrelves, and 

Z z % ftiut 

35< '^ . ^f^^fUffi^ Ch«^tf* 

IfaiKoiitGocl. llxNigttbel^id by ao^AIoucIxy i^ 
tMToughtdiemotttof ^^af^ into the Land of Cmmv^ and 

feived theminthat good Land ; yet foproud^ ut«ateful> and 
^f^ingettotts were they ^rowfl, that they theic 
cywne Net> and afliuribd m to themfelve$,raying. Have we noc 
gotten tbefe Viderics by our jomie ftrengdb ? The Lordsan 
now no longer bear with this Sacril^bos robbing biaiy of the 

X hbnour whid) was due to hi$ Nan^e : and therefore in cbe next 
Veife hetelbthefflf th^ be wilt raife up a Nation again^ 
. tlieoL that iball ucterly deftrby chenu 

1 TbiCmumft exceJUney ii M hitvknitj, ^ 

Take cbe.Qainteflence of all the Riches, Power, Pofflp> 

Beauty, Morality, and delights of the World^^and puc chem in 

one fcale, and put Vaniqf in the ocher,. arid chey wilLprove 

iirii9C«D.ooligbcer than vanicyj and thefefore they may wellbecaUecL 

J^h^' \^if^g^ (fwmfk. BUt of this at large elfewhcrc 

€:ti:& uSk^ ^ ^: ^^^ ^ ^""^ cmr$ft!0f9 and mubuj(sy tbm hi nj^, 

ft. Numb. 3^ Hb diflSes what is truly goodt and delight^ in vaidty,;Py2i/. 
AoAQc. 15, p. A 6;7. Hence Solomon {^nds the whole Book of Etctifii^is m 
^^^* diffwadit^ men from ch^s fotfy and madnefs. Str€bryfoJfom 

tells us, cnac if he bad a voyce- life Thunder, and a m^y 
,^ Mountain for his Pul^Cj and all the Men and Women inthe 

World (or hts Auditory,be would chute rharf exc to pieach on, 

PJal. 4. % . OjoofoHS of mMfhmo long wittjoo lovo vmtj l . 
J CodsWordhiO crimiU'ward. 
ir, TrMff True . It difcovcrs the thoughts and intents of mens hearts, and 
Sa '^^^'^l* laycs their infidc open , fo great is its power and efficacy. Gods 
GhfiiPhiliT- "^^^^ refembres God, as he is the only HeaFt-feai:ching.God, 
ib^j.hb^i.Tr.a, ^9^^ Wordisiheonly Hfeart-feafchihg Word^ It piecccth to 
s.3^W.'p.a*^iVthe very Marrow, arid difcovetsio us our moft fecret thpugks 

and ageiliDns, Hoi^4. t»» andean tell us, whether wedelight 

* in things of nought- ^^ 

' ^ Wicked ^ monafcriie that to their opme powir and poUcj^ 

which is dtHeto God's Pojoeri and Graco. 

- If they have fuccefs and viftory, they pmfently lift up their 
Horns and pufli at God, that they may the betcetJSacrmce to 
tttelr own Net, andb^rn incenfe to their drag. flMf^x. if^ 1 6« 


Tims SMMkfSa%dJI^ ptmtt inifnccOi^ 

MS if be coidd ccraier noc ooly ^nmffUem^ hntitn God aKo, Jfd. 

3 tiJ!bM that Heaoien diat weoc forck co Batde^ng admomfii- ' 

«ii(o oil ttj^n the Gods^atofweredyilMr ift tNnf^s^tmirdfiofrigf^ 

.14 fot UnfdC; be was refoliMsd cocnr lus^^mr ftroigih in Biictlct 

be <fid fo» aiid was flaine* Let €cber» kifs cbdr CM^n hands, jb^3t« " 

S7. and afcribe ail to Idols and chenfelves • but let us, with all 

the Servams of God> afcribeihe glory of all we are, or have, co 

God alone, for what ba«c nc that we have noc loceived from •feemvrd« 

itisl^che£ra€eofGodtbatwearcvvl»cfveare^i^C#r«iS;io«: p^4rb; ^ 

VER. 14. 

fmtb th Lord th God 0fja0fts}frdfheyjbaisffli^^ 
Mmwgintf HtnMhj m^otbirlv&ofmlfMfrmfrk 

^Hde words conuin die Cooclu(ton of the fifdi Sermoiif 
__ v^ich^ffM^xmadetodnsPec^le^We have fecnrheir Sin b(>> ^ 
fore, we are now come todieir Sufiering^ Vm people gloried in ^ ^ 

dimgs of nought, and would not belecve cb^ Prcf>kib w<M:ds> l:m 
no\y cbey ^ould be caught by blow^, and be^ madeto^feel what 

diey would nocfeaf,aiM[chereforechePr<^hecbc^ns wkb a ht^ 

Bm hhotdy q. d« jm thinkjfyjmt omfireHgth Mdpomef to f$dfdni 

Jim enemiis^ Bm I will rdife up agMnfijoi^ th Auyrian^ii ^^iHtf 

mufm^lkii, ^dl cb^e. torn from ofti tndoftlm Lmd t$ Mother. 

The Lord bad cold ci^em before of Judgements in general that 

(hould come upon diem forcheu iins, iH>vy becomes co^nictt^ 

larize die Judgemenc;be tells them who, fliall in6ii£t .4t,on whon^ 

and how farre« They iud forfaken God^and caft him o|f,and now 

heforbokcheta,.chey crufted co their own ftrengdi butdod 

fends agaiiift them a monger than.tbey,chat ihouJhdfubdue them. 

S$l twill ralfe ^f^dlnfiyou s NmU^^ &c. ^ 

In the words we nave, i. The AdyerfaciveParcidejJfcii, '/ 

a The Note of Attention, iJ«A^/4/. . 

) The matter to be attended, I wHlrslfi p/^sntfi ^ 4 
N^ion^viz. the A^m^ againft Ifr^^y and the Bakf/etrt^m^-- 
gainft fml4k\ forcK Wnds hexefet fprthe.promif^:i ik> 
iingly both TSioo^owSimtn^tiiYlfr^ 
i^tAj^MdahzMjerMfilmy is Ihayt^^ ^1 

Ik Kix^om of Jfrnd was ovetchrown by S/Unm^[or Ki ng of 

y» / 

^il^t*' « 'We«^ ^ thecwentof thisiaffli^wi^diowr ftwiafit 4b«CI go, 

Weftvvard, and parting thej.aad of //r4ir/ from the Land of «/£- 


fomc rfiinkitvv^f the 4yff N}{ifif\>]t{ che,boi«i4sof.C««4^ iie^ 
jcxtcndied fo'^rreJ 3^iPW4»iTia4 rc-gainWchpfe^^^^ to (^^, 
.tfaey wercprou^oPfhe l^rti^ 5^t)ut ttbbuc tbitty years after Tig* 
40ih^fikfertt^^wtA k allfrdm /^^^A and laid re t6^ ^^n- 
(4011 ^ aadflot long Ahectomt^SiimmteJar^t King bi h^jri4j 

Wirte ar ifc yec focrtc ufe ta ?ft|p$^ '^^^^ ^^^ ^^ lof Athreatcns, 
{bat they thall be 6pprtft frop^^^ of. cbt twd to another. 
- thoug^j the Gduiitry were: ^fgfe/tthd r{fec)K:;ns, add *^re vyere 
* inin^ way* t<6' cfcap*vi?*tahi^tJ6^ fhould btfec thttifi t? ftria- 
<t^^dnr thcre^ftidHla^bfe 116 rfca^> tet al jf {HouH' gbe iticb Cap- 
nvitjr. A? aU had fift^&yfo'aiP^ So that 

tWs vcrfe fccms tb be a land of Aw?^&>af^^ their Car- 

nal confidence in their own ftr^n|th atid focce&/^,.y;itis true, 
.your Kitig Jmhsm b^ifeobv6f^ yoMp^ fend 

one that ihall recover -al^fi*itt yftir abator He f eftSredairftom 
HfiWicrtcKitfae'Sck of theP|^i\j ind ^ mff ftnd the ^jrm who 
fliail waft IfriUl frpm Hema£h to the Sei{, f\'^.^ffom;i3orrh to 
fSouth^ftdJrdtti Baft'to W^ft; an(f then fti^l yoii.feeHovViiifion 
-f oar fiwflrtrfs was «; ilyh^ytwr Vsjlalrr fli^ff j^dhi^d jhto weak- 
iiefii, yoiJ•'^I6I^infe6^^iI^^ \^i6 h^buYiamg. 

*•r^->t \lW»rfe it that^^ wbyiii^ ohe,tBitcaii a^ will 

perform k, A l^ht^lirrd^^h G^i afw^fl^i* who hatfa the Army of 
'the Afyrimffi nad ail ojEhcr Amues^ hlr beck and command, 
wrf..8. ^ '•/ ^ OB- 


by his own ftrei^cb (hai no manpi£!vaflii«$fii0f;a«j?^^^2S«9. 
i^.«E oft cbat^ bftiikcbr fobjGtei^ii^ B^ 

t^MtttodcciEend ilieiAS^iirics^agaiafi }«^4ilH^aiDd cbey ^me. ac 

l^tAc • • • .-. r » t { \ •...." v. . 

fyioq^c cbem ail ain»y,ilf4^^ 

i)c>ariIii]»sflaae»aoddierettf|iftt;Ui3gb^^ '^^ 

n»iy.<feAri)fti0irite ao^edod^^^ 

•«|Bc&fucfcteaandfifiriftdcftra&iw^^^ ,. c) , J v * 

;;A h iientwbarnfJM Hpme^H^g4i0 ^v^Uict^^^^^ /, >i 
nmf0ff9'mfMj^}m agoing jtm^^^^^ 

men© .wbich.'hefenpl«tigaihft aj«o^ ^^hif ^wwW^fillb^ ^t 

iW^isii iMtt y^! her ferre G©d >*iihf gladatf^ya^^jfl^Pf eiijy^ Jin .a-i '\ 

they afe but loftVwnemvt is Q^tKat i^dw ^^? . > \ // 

[w4fbestdiUQd^omJbome^iD.«i^^ Com. 

ic {hoii[dbeiianfimrafal^» fUlcd ^k^F^flum^fliiV^ x'^/ 

bring Naeional Pt;^ues^£a:^4 94^^ i v. Wfie^^ttcjbf o|d Wp^d P- '^f '.^^"» 
ivas-corrapti then came the Hofid«d fw*pfe tbpn:\ aU;.aw4yi:|f^^^^^ 
W-hen;aH Sod^im^ rod all Jemfitfem wwr* gjifca i|€>i vvi^tei^tti'^j, Exod/^j;*.^ 
tbeh^c^ilie: jadgemetitisfanddbftroy^ cb€!9>^Miiid^eJkfn 6q a^^'i^-at the enaoC 
fo far friaft Patronizing the finntf fsr^ tbas^kbiftens ww/h^, ■ • - ^j' Expeftion 

6 Sbt hringfn peo fie into u defperate con Jtilon. It brings them ir- r^^^'** 
to fuch ftraks, that they knovV.n6t W^^vay to turn chemfel vcs.The 
land of CAff^an was fpacious, and there were many ways of efca- 
ping^bvt (heir fins had brought things to that pafsj that Vhey were 



roiiiicled wttfa eiieiiites» and diere vrts hone to defiver dieiii* 

'7 Xi Kingdoms hMVtfhiir timts 4 fi9i$rifinngj9^icfihmtfe their 
imis rffadhrg m.t(rdel iouri(ht,and wa^&ccetfid vudet Jwr^ti- 
Sec GruMlon ^M^^but cfaey fodc tnd falf in the reign of iCit^ H^es'Jth^ Crcci- 
obf^ *^* '^' ^> B^hmfMj and ^rr/^jf Majtiarchica which were fometiffie; 
• J'P-^^** famous cl^^ the world, are now mouldiid away, and come to 
nod3ing,andfofl)ailcbe^#ii»M. . r 

^^ '8 G^df^MlfyrttMtisUs S9fmers,jikdpdjtrihmiff dmr^mnf c^jn. 

rxmyion Tob Tb^pwplc^lwd for a long dmc pre&d the Lord wirfkcheir Ais' 
I J. ly, pbc 1. A«^' a.i J.and now dieinfi^ves are ptft and opprcft with Judg- 
p. i^ i^Grmi^i/ mencs. Sodw^ and Gmw^h^ that burnt in lufi, weft burm; with 
wi Ezrk.7. ij. fire.Aki<#^,and Ai/fci,chat offered (Irange fire,Y>eriflic by ftran^^e 
tS^cwisoiic ft^fi^tbcLotd, -rf/^,chatfet^i^^ St^icks, hala 

JiirtjgaTac difeafe in his feet/ Birfj^^ that ihcdthp^^y hath 

mam thac ' bibud |iYtn her to drink. Fk^thaconeardsdemsi acrumb of 
*wincd w Bread,tn Hell flia! hot haveadrop of water, toi^. 1^14,^ j.They 
^i£m[(e **^ ^^^ in left-handblcflirigs,? fWtj.i tf. flia I b? placed with 
in Fiedmottfir, ^ Goats <^ the feft band,iWit. 25. i J. and thofiS thac delight in 
chat wasaffau^darkmKi^<htf be(^t<f4arlc^ 17. They that £ay unto 

ccd bv a Woolf» QoA^Dtpm nowjoit vf lit fay unto d)em,I>€]fMrr at the laft Day. He 
S*i?f ^ Aat wiliw^ bwne Chrifts tiuA now, Ihall not be owned by him 
hc4)Sdi^*«^ They that trampld uooo the Saiaslicre, the^aints fliaU 
mad. F«;r Book tread idiein under their feet hereaftO'^it^iV^i 4^ i^ X3.t^7. 
of Mai^^ to. fo that all the wicked hi laft fbalt be compelled to fay witfi 
a yolp.»©i. Ad0ntcKd(j,}vA^t,hsJI^^ tkeUrdnw^^deime. 

The «>£j^/^M»i chaf W^^ 
vi^ Frog^»and other cre^if^ thi»gs.0^jMj^b«^ 
were proud of their ^oqucncC) peritlit by it. Mih^ that gloried 
in his ftrength, was ruined by it* h^f^m^ that wai pniud of his 
«air, itheipttohang hiin> xSmm.t^, P» Lcc c^ery oncdien 
, takehptice of his fin by the flifering, and fiiicnce munnuring. 
We have howiccn the Siits that ruined //riiW, viz* Idolatry, 
Superfficion^ Apoftafier Oppreffion , Luxury , Tyranny , Inju- 
ffice,and Carndl«coii(idence:» &c. IfthefeSinsreigninfarj^/W, 
, irfiit^ari wecxpeft but that the turd fliould fend fomc Affrian 
; 4Jpon us, to avengt che^uarn^ Of his Covenant on u^PiScc* 

L' • . • . ' ■ 

:» * .« 




The Sevemh Chapter oittAmos, 


»<M*— — — if* —— ^M^M I I ■■■■i^rfU**^^^»— *fc 

.' V .... -. • 

• I 

T'hMS hath the Lord God jhwed unto int, andbehlir^h^ 
folrfbed Grdjboff^irs in the begmnin^ of thejimting up 
' ^the isittr growth 5^ Md lot it was the latttr growth 
f^f^ff^be Kings mfwings. 
'%^wiit cAmetofdfs after thej had mude an endofeaftng 

thegrdfs oftheLand^ ihen^ ifiidy Lar/i^ forgive t 
befeech ihee^ by whom Jbali ficqh arifei'fir hee \is 

The lordrjefemedfor^^iijhaiin^ 

!!p^!^^M His Chapter contains the Sixth Sermon oi M 

"*'^l5^ «^^/t wherein ^ce three Viiions^ to whicb^arc 

T ^^ ^i^^the if^ veff. 

iQdnigbi'Jcov^latm b(^^obfcikrir)f ^TeniooiVcliee 

A a a comes 

• .•■<» 


3#9 KjMExpifittlm ^ <!l9eK 

«fitteK»fpeakmoiemyfficaUr, in five Types and Vifion^ if 
hywf autasbt milJK wwk ngm dMn* Tfr« Vifiom ivoe 

VtrM 4f Itis 0«^> «liOt« ft>« toe pacicMsi«(| IM^ 
rtiferiii«o(Gedc<wvatdltbis rebeUlous Peo^e. 

The tl^ee Types «cSii(iUies are of 

• k 

The firft Judgemei* jfikidi fimai fm was an aimy of 
Gr aflioppers, Locufts, A: Graien-IVQn^d^ wfaicfa fhould devour 
fltst Or^ andCoTOy fod ^fOtadcrwed ^ucciie jmac pf att 

» That of Fin^ devourigg (he «»t deep, denotes Warre, 
with the liberies chat attenajt;W/r4. Both thefehad ruined 
Jfrs^fki^ cktrfkc i^«*MtJj* a^c^ljpf loefl^ of^ tfe l^ro- 
phetdBay wcretept oft roc kbmc, v^jT a, J, 5>^» the duty 
c^ a faithful Pai^rtstoPrav and Preachy y^ftr^i dodi both 
thefe ; he (Hewes them their Sins, and Gods Judgements due 
vitothem for tbem> y^ ^hall iije ^i^cases f or the arerting of 
ttoq, and was heard foe that tiiqejtiU at laft the malady was 

tfMi^Mesi)»m t>Qdi qI che O^coiioviicaly l^dc^itxiiEteie- 
fiaftic^eftat«of the iQngdom. .God bad ^o^eilu^ ^Mvixtime 
for^thes^Do iqpent iiu,*buc t^^.wer^ b^co^e i^^ and 
^erdfoit^the Lpr^h^.'^^i^'^^c^ tdi^afethem no.|oi|gef^nd 
te ptferiiythem hd W»e,^^. IS, tiot^t w>iicceipt' of «y more 
ttedi^onfottkAi ;isEndctett¥brtwe4oe not read tj^ik ever 
the Prophet incerced»I for the averting of this JudgMktt^.as 
he<faad^doiie^bc!^ fukti^yi^iims<9^^^^ 
prayed for them, butfince they were^incorri^ble tie for- 
Ibarin- '.../••;'. J* • 'y y" '•''.: ' - •' 

4 We .iuw the ftmdermtf rtibns^^ 
]Meft<o£(i^i^/'(wfao4i^if»Qe^ and 

freedomc of fpeech ufed oy this UvniD aqd dora^rigjbt Pro- 
fihet kg^nft b^tkl^^tod Ktifaddifi>f ftiiklm Kmg ferohmm 
Act^iifAlii^l^^ fediti* 

Mft» wdbslni ntfStia^^Md mm Uit -had jon^rimd 


^ King, verf. lo, ii. Amos b^^h confflni agMmfi tht 

King. . ; . ;i ' 'J 

,yr^ts^in,s^(^idipfi^^ afk^4 this trcaron, hot fc- 

crctlyi but openly/,. fU bmk cptffirtldgdnft tbcc Utfie midjl 

% That cte People were inudtcrotibkd ^ U& Dodtrinov to 
itbe hazard of the Kbgdome: The Kingdome U not ablt to iear 

i Hereis AiMMJif&j^audi^ ttader pftcence tt 

love and Idndnefs, he would noc have lmo$ come any AKVi) la^ 
^X^ibr^ kft hb (hoidd Attthimfdififitb danger ; lOli ^vefore 
he adviftth titmto paek oue oF the fCin^oo^ wkh lUl rp9«I» 
^asd to feclnto j^iM^^ftusowtte CQuiiay» and £0 ficc^l^ 
dm?e« rcrf. lit 

4 Wcl!aVeAAMi{tt«%oldfe{Cf4EOtfaiffjdfe?i^^ 
lufmuatiom, tr^/, ^4, x5, «htte lie affims tnd |iimi«l h^ 
ctlliig, dewing, ' :• " 

I Nttuvelyichathe wasMl^ophflCyiior P£Qpb(:t($oti# 

9 Howlie was called to be t Piophet, he c«»ciiot «f his 
mrae accord to the wod^ but the Lord l!aM . 

pfc^ »tf. 15. * "* 

4 Here is Ams Hs Charge^ co wHch he ^» pnm^l 
ibiic> and that was tothe toiTribes, inrf. 15« ^^ frnii^ 
$0 //r4^; bedurft not theivfoi» foi&S&bis Charge aOkoed 
UimbyGod^ and flee 'mtojMdes^0^ hmuidi would baite 
had hun ) but he rtfolvedtolfaaid Us gcoiind, jmd toep0 his 
C(HmmSbn, andpreachto//Kif/thiDu^bed^ \^ . 
ifid9bdi%fl^e<ny fonie) by AiMft^^ 

5 Here is a five-fiold Judgenent'lksacned by JSmoos a- 
gainftcl^sP^rfeami^Prelace, verf. tj. he Jhouid fiiigbriii 
his Wife, in his Children, m his PoflelTiotis, iiitliU owne (^ 
lbI^ and in the whole Kix^o{B^ wbiidi he ih^^ 
to Captivity# 

Aaaa Vurs* 


Vit. I. 

7^ hath the Lord G$jjhemd untc me, snd behold be 
fmned Grsfhoppers fh the beginntHi^ k the footing up 
of the Utter growth ^andUe it v^mhe Uitef jp:oi^^ 
AJtet the Kiftgs mmings. 

.■•.*■ •' - ■ •:• ■. :-,' ■ ";• /.■;••■.■;;■' .". . 

IN this Chapter we have three Vifioris, the firin whereof is 
that ofdev9t$ring ImU&s^ which left iitdcof nothing-be- 
tiind fbefli^ Where w6 have, . ..^r\ :* f- • ^ 
I The Perfon reveaiipg liiC: Y ifion %<>, the ^Prp^^t, . Md 
that is, the Lord, ThmhmhfheUrdGUJhp^mfi^insiPto^ 
?ke Di.l*#«f/« phetical Vifion, the Judgements whitbbe is abo6t to brinff 

Wyftr on Amos .„^^« f/L^^/ tu:^ U^^^^^-:^^ .^ 1 Jl^ ' ' • .* " 

Here is the Vifion it felf, or what'the Lord^flieWed ibpii 
and that is Gr^fhofverf^ ' and;Mcld he farmed Gr^Jh^fperL, He 

**• *• ^ ready m4d5.- ' ^ ' ' : , . . ^ ' • ^ .^ .; . .; ; ^ 

Obj. But mafhcall theje Gr^e^eys Lsct^its^ ondfo the very 
fdme win'd Is fendfedy Ifa. j I. ^^fo thai v^hat^^M i^e^allthem 

Grajhippersy^Locofisi . c. ri. ; '.' / - ' 

• I anrwcr, febth ;. that is, they: ar^ Q^afihpppgr-totfuftg. fTo 

'cfeat tbii, yoa muft' k^ow thkt thir^ w^f e feter^l ^ forts: of Lo?- 

cijftsmentionedindieScripture» Tome'werefile^^^^^ and-foffie 

, vocal ; fome g^od, andforfood,yWil^^3!*4. Ochers werelob- 

. ; **>«ibi« and hurcfiil^ as here in -xh? tcxc^: and. of tbef^ there 

- ■ *wefe^re^ fores : "^ ..; '-^ -.:,.... '.^.:..;;^'.... '. 

SctAlnfworth '' ' " : "-• --'' i -'U^p^Sb'tyfS^' r y -^ . ., "-' - -' \ ■ ... 
< J LocHfl'Horgel, (Levit. ir. 22. • 

7!<llle%tai^ the text. It was;r 

erMtavit, q'aa PQvoucpg Infea) that weiic 10 great multitudes together, eat- ' 
iievmt &exai: mg Up all before. chem> and fo bringing a Famine on the pi aces 

ant oedcs. " ^ , 


.VdllO '^hfKt^ofAxaos: 16%. 

.t.f ^ .nn.^. •«w««/k/» raVpti lirArAllv fnran Armv of In 


"fe^s, whic^jdcvout the fruices of the earth, a^i fo.<:ij*^ aftr 
4nine.:f!clii$' b->inoit:g<^numeiheee, a^^ft^jf, Aote 

.hefceaksof,tba«, •»»/. 4. but this cfpeaaUy ^elates tofamtne, 
andloi»iJudg«nents bcgup^bcfore ^le tiiiie.of J«-9W 

» Others take them Metaphorically, for ,457 . W .of .dc- 
vaftat»ri.or"wafting^whaffoevsH;.oc clfe^r the A^^w, 
which Uke fo many loculte . fnoqld overjrun the Land of //r*r 
■rf» aridde^wur all heforeihem., j^pce the Aj!5w</^^^^^^ 
rSio ;t Razor, whi«:l»..ftiW^<*il»?ve.thc3}.c^xo th^ ston, 

'7/4.7.10. ' „ .{{i:ij •-> .ji^ - ''■ V 

a Here is the Time thefe Locuffs were formed, and that 1?, 
1. Generally,** »**.%«"% f^;*'.)^""''^ *^ «f rA* W 
rrwti^. ». More particularly. It was the latter growth after 
the KiflM^wing*. After t.^e,-%ft.fieece;Vvas mow«^d off for 
tfaeufft6f.*elfiing^harfcs> iWM4»JWf wowto bofoopcr tha» 
the cotnmbn saom^^^m^ ioj» *W tft fped ?P j;ipe-an<qurd 
things: their delightis ih young and tender thtqgs j andthere- 
foteJhey-atc veryideftruaive to Immanths, and newrfowen 
-field*. Tliefe butifta Verpnine God fenc m. a^undapce a- 

; • jEd .her<i flgaioP' I;»teipr««K d^V '■ i Some „fakc this .,....- 

Kings (beep, wholeteedingiscwicaacroupi^ui u.c 5»*i>.wr»Mfwtf«r- 
luuhiffh^Bo^rcxJtiflg. in Ae text ; for tbougli the vvord doe ^j i^^^c, 
fignifieai?arings,yecitisufedf6rmowengrafs.PM72.<?. ,*^^^^ 
,■ i.dthers.takeiti, ^or theovovyme notoplypf Graf?, but t,^^,^,,^;^^^^ 
Af ComialftiintfeeEieldsjfoiHusbandinen (efpecjairy in ttioJe,«,f«w». «g*f, 
ftdtfulTcgioBS ;. uCed to mow, their luxuriant Corn, that it ««»|»'i«. 
tuietit thicken and iland the better i and if .this latter blade 
wSeeatenbylnCeas or Locufts, the Harveft.was oft, and 
Farainecnfued. The .vulgar La^ne niU)aking.:i^a^0r'gUi2U •-. • 
render U, Ser»tii>MS imher.tht Utter.fai^jrbj^^iiie W^rdis; / ' - 

conceiyethat rUs mpwing Mbmkrs^esit^ devaftadon of ^mt 
by the Af;fn^i n fidds wheft t^ trejmMi«at^^<4^il^ 
fleece vgohe, aieiiftked wideformed^ fi» GodtW<]iikrraiie 


diem'f c)r cfaeir fins. '••^--^ ' ^' ■-:..- -ii. ,...->(: ; •.;,-, ■ 

^ li^eflcmitftiii^ Ond$ noKf die flottiiibiogmiKfitioaQC ^o 

riirfsbttCtfaN.abttfi^thac eotxItiddisdieWdiiiaiv^ 

X. UotthffAftndtstv^ Chra 

affliStec| chemvery foce^ and liaised amch of cbeirLaadaod 
riches frcnnclknu -« < l / 

I Itierelras a latter jgrodrch in the dayef of fm$tmm the 
fecoodyvvben ij/^4f/begaii to floud(^ end tecawer iu loffi»» 
« X&if « T4. M« hut after this they etew wotfe aadivoifi:^ dm 
Ae I^ f wep t i fac m ottcef dtcl4M0| aad woutdheat aomoee 
prayen for tbenu 

did kerenMicayh Tjfit md y^msjjct^tm 2k» 4c af^i* 

Set D. H§mss ^ ^ he that forms die Locuftsi fends Vht^ imef one tie 
TdyttrcaAwM very Time, Q{Uttctt7><)Eiaiicy, and Diiir«ciDift <af idlour lof- 
s. ii» II. p. fedn^ ; whatever it be^ it is he that forms ic^ f«r. 1& iii^ 
^^^ foU«. ^g^ is no evil "of this Idnd in the Ckfj but the Lend dodi it, 

jfni^i^.d* Tius flliR tiakew(tedefit'and£icttit^«(i^ 

the torn that doth it, //</• 19^9^ 
% (jodhmb%/ltmm^1n(i9s^m$dlfiU9(9mi^ 

He needs not men toddfaoy usg he miWVwm and^^e^ 

lice and Loctffls, and t;hefe ihall doe it, iMoTioi ti^Dtm. 

i6. 38^ 41^ ^ChrUB. 7. 13. Pfit^S.^ f«#/ i. 4. tttidi<f 

NH m uiid ma. Cods mtghc IS feenin tfaefe Iktk Armies, they, all fidfiU die 

_gis quam m ^^ord (^Gods command. Let nonethen mutmupe as fecond 

Hi/l ii% € t troubles, we double them. 

1lhffuK> ifi*rJ^(^^4f Amos. ^§f^ 

l/3.jamd though his 1ift»i 1)e llf(edu|f agkmltt!^^ vve Wift 

^diey lift(l Mc eyei c^ fte k ;yca chM^ ibe ^^obcc Jbeld 
icfordicathernbyaronfflAeType, wdufech axlotme^rrr^ 
( Beholdtloe) co excii* them and qotcken.accention* No 

CO 0^1 

ikeve ifvlNtc God hMkiiN(Qti ^ jUS' ,^ocd^ and. Wogcsi 

. 5 When P4^kjtM msfi fT'^ffcrmiffM^^^i^ m^vf^i^ 
m idIL . . 

(4ency forty one years, cheyWere grown neb, prbvil^ n^lJKr 
ciice».^.uipB 491965 i^it I.(^i|i^4i^<jlj3V0Hfs^ fbem ; no Soo- 
ner had they goccea a. Utcie-gi»60ne(k,ibHC^e^j^W 01^0119 
iif,.A8M«l!b9,<*bw.ws8oomfwiJ<W^,^^^^ or 

am^vt. b^ ^icfta»( U4^Qg«^ Yaiimr 

ill|u$4onai9uiig«ia«oft pcoTferaMS ;coaaui«o^ iman ii ouca 
««aft<Ui«g.£e^Mt9M itbefli<v«r y«t|c felvi^wM^-XPK ^bouull 
^ ihol^ Ocacnfp^qtifons, t»,iil« l^ietjo^* r"*"" '**"" 
iN^bcfttliey M«/fD(# fearful* fti|<£o«4tPibia| 

«^^ 4«o^ri ib GMts^r^M <ft iill pMnMhaN;iV\>f ictt, 
Sank^pmt^i Vid {ia^«}ea l^of^n :(p|(9f mc^e fiA;pG«qB 

k> -^'4 


♦ .1 

I * . •« 

I « 

3<t rcii:rJ:Jit,j^pfilkk\\i Ou^.^ 

*- f 

Vbksb S. 

• givt I iffet€h thth h*''^^lkiij?iCQk^tff% jor hee 

T He Prophet un^rftisirtdlfl^^ Myfteryoftte Vffion,and 
feeing now things grdw to fextremity, and obfeWing that 
all the fruics of the earcb both Corn and Grafs wefe Itk^ to be 
fudderily confumedby the devouring Locufts, and To -{fear- 
ful Famine would co(iie upon the Land ; he betakes bimielf 
to his Prayerft as tbe &feft remedy againft fuch a malady, 
I'Klf/^. 8. i7. he aeprfecitcs tlie Judgement, and ptevaiU. So 
thatficre isr, '- '' ' ' '- • , :- / \.r' . 

' 1 The Judgement threatned, and that4s th6 IPWiifi^^^^ 
of Gods fore Judgemehtsi-£«^. i^^u / 

t iiere ii the means that was iifed for the flbpping of the 

Vity,butfttll of fairTr/-as**ppfe'ars'b^ the ftfegdy^afifweri-afli 
-the ^ood effeft v\*icb it hsid/ Gotf delights'66tih-babllrfeV<>^ 
:mvllAjpl\ikfcf^o^^ .sr^tyk is%he?eiith ftid-ferVoar 

fbew mercy co tbeib. Jhe firft ti acMftftt 'from' t^'iGdvdiiiinc 
of Free:;graGe, wWcfedddfeljae vyich -his fjasple^i' j^^^ ' 

-fevif iff mm;->9f miiiy'fhJiirjicSfitf^i^rpm |4ead 

made with A^r<r£«m> //Mr, >««^<Mi^ l)MMiJ^?ld|li^M' 

xbine inheritance ; there is nothing works molrfr upon God 

' clnit ch? remembtancc of the Coveaanc of Frcfr-grace which 


I'a. arf therefore the Sainfsfo oft ufgc ityEx6d.'^%. i}-'M« " * 
74.. ao. ' ^ ' " • ' ; '■•■^ •'•,«•- . 

By Jacob hzri is prittiarily meant the ten Tribes^ 6r the 
Jfracfftes which were the pqftarlty of laeoi ; thougjj Jiiddh be 
not totally dccludted^ for Amos c>ft glancedi at thetn alfo> A^ 

A fecond Argument is drawn from tJte Ihatt?red, fad con- 
iKcionfl^this People were in, they were'lialc, very little 
and lov^^ Lord forgive I befeech thee, Jjfjr-Wh^m: (hail 74- Jdcr^f /»«t/«. 
rf^aiife^ fopbe'isTmalljHejsrmafiaiidW^m /" ' ^/ ^f, Ac word « 

.. . . - »' ' 4 

' * ^ i itfedfer rmall 

' / ''5^?^> • .^ C' i?^'^^^- S^o7 Church '''. r;; ; 1' ; tilif 
*;Money^ oij^ and; .XmV.and . to. 

Strength, c Temporals,^ JState, 

I'^l tljqy.wSre: tittle, and lowinT^miJortls, borfi in Nuan- 
bbr^'Hiches, and ^ower, th^ weSEfi jnuch impairedandwaAed^ « 
by various cal amities of Sword^^ l^amine^ and Peftiie&ce, as 
appears by cb^. 4. &: 2 X/W* i4« 2 tf« when Jeroboam the fe* 
cond cansq to theTliKme, tbt IMd faw^ thai the affiiUUn of. 
ltntltoJsvcrjrbit$^,y fottiuw v^pofte {hmufoniefi^ 9tora»f(' 
Ac/jp^^VIfracIv:""> f'.r ' ^» '•'■'•' /' ..^..v 

^2 : They vve):ig lowid Spitimals, in Ahabs time the Wor(]%» ; 
of God was<3ei)erally. corrupted, hi^ Truths defpifisd, m ' 
Minifters pei^ciited'y i King, ti:^ and fuch a'^esierM face 
of. Idolatry b4d<Mei>f[»ead the Land, t\at Eiijah complains 
he was lefi^ alooci a J^^r^/ ^9* ^^ ^nd in the ninth verfe of 
this Chapter, the Lord threatens to lay their San^tuarieswaft^ 
and that they (hould have 9 ffdiine not of Bread, but of the 
Wordof God, ^i&4/j. 8. 1 r, i3# 

! Tfau# the Prophet pleads*, hot Jacohwmtj Tsut Gods mer- 
cy;and f?ee-g*ace, ' t(bTOuch\thc' original Hvprd imports, to be 
f ivourabie j and' piw^ ^(^tdsaUch pepet^ 

i^bftdn^fed m for fiirgivciiefi?, upon oblation and nt^p^tm 
imaercefiibn made by*the Prieft, Nuf^b. 14' 15^. tevit. 4. 20 Jm^ coIuIohm^ 
«6, 8cu ffal. 25# X t , We firft'bcggs for pardon of ehfeir fin, for ^'^' 
haJcheir r^t welUifjthe raiife were removed the effefl w;ould 
^iwtkl^rttfbafe. • Neithtrdotli jie^plearf Jacob ftxcAltncy^ t)uc 
hienaifcy, t6 mov6 ;tHtf )U»<J to fl^^ 

q.d. xUfi^ierO'l^HMoi^imlfad^t^^^ 

•r. Bbb they . 

ier^JtBd iff.rW fiiJliot in thuiy9iiht\j Jftd^emcnU^ altmf^/^ 
ferl^; atfJtSete wlUk nom left to prdijfh thic • if thou (hfin/d/i ' 
enter \int9 ]Hdgemvit ,wl^ thy Servants ^thert w^e^im ^uitidimg. 
B iftiM ii^^bc i(orj ef a ^ man to f^fsbi^^ ^J&»Kf > S? ^ ^^^^ 
mi^ mtcHfiik^gt^r f»> fdr^9n.andp4j bjf thefm mJI, tr^- 
grejfions of tliy foor abided peopie\ It mal(es not for tiieK ^pnomr^- 
Hor Jotb ipffik wifb^ thy nature -to aj^iSl ihe a^Oedy fm to m- 
frrfstheofmjfed ; Bdd tbeu thf band^ /i^c^tbj Pjj^ eJed t 
. \}tfy$byJ:^jeffedfipck^ ^T 

. thus diis good Pcqjhat M coiamiicrate jbciE coodicion, . 
and intercedes fpr the life of thpfe who fought his dcteh • it is 
' true, he^had pi al oty and powerfiilly reproved them for' their 
fins, according to his ptace^and callii^j ycc chat they might 
fee be did nothing oucof hatredy. but by office and command ^ 
froiitiQbdi not b^t;of paffioftj^Wout ofconipaffion tothem • ; 
he iiMr.pra]£ themi tuiAptcvails*. , . . / . ^ ' 

-''^Bywb^mfhalfjicch'arife? ^ ' 

Or, v*o £hafl raife Jacokloi how ihould he fubfift, Ktbovt 
ftili purfuc him with thy Judgements? The Original' word 
Xtem bath many fignifications, which hath-caufcii tl^fe vari- • 
tui leOkmi it feoi&sfo arifei to ffiUid, t6 eiftablifh, and a- 
biis. Seme render tshe wojrd.Tcanfidvely,;f<» to raife ^b^^ 
jhall raifjehcch ? i< e; who. {hall raife^. aBd:r<eftore him* and * 
make httohappy iti the enjoyment bodiof Tca^raW and Spi- 
rrtual;? ?. Tbes the; fenfeis theifamc,: tafe it: whkh^way wo., 
willi ' ' ' 

u ^^ 

Syi9hom(halibeatifer^ ]' * 

the Prophet could not fee who fliould eflfea thii^ an*^ 
therefore he astetb'the queftion^. ty v^hom (haltbemfe Ihff 
could dtfeerne no. yjf^c means bow the weakaeftxif '^4^*4* 
.fiouldbe ftrengchejjied-, aiid thelovraefsof ^4r#^ becxalced. 
and therefore he goes unto Obd by Prayerr As vvhen thfe ene- 
my is high we are apt to oueRion, Who fliall .bring dowoe, 
thefe Gyants, thefc fons of ^«4i^, tbefe great ZanzMmmim^ 
of the world, for -t;hey arc. high ap4fnig^^ ? So when tbr- 
Church IS fow^ and lies in the <Iuftjj»,oai unbcUefis »t€o'quc- 

ftH««sa»togV^/^A^ . 


' i.ih .0*. '*>; »*. »i?fir .rf .). .i ' .. ■ ■. ... -.. 

.J « 

A' AMAoifiaH Aicfrukciftftc-tjtmm a!ihoft'<Jev6ured, *ow 
s«tf»dR-ifyfegfi JSJp^frr Z»*^a^M^ear€afl topUkc jfp^f in this, 
^'JlbfdQW^mvfnc^ idt him,' baHic would not come, kt laft be 
!'fictfifao|^his -Gorn ficWsj and then Joab arffjc *4tnd cdme^ 
:m.5&«iM. 14. 30, 3 1. 'Mcnce the Lord takes it for granted) tbic 
rdmpf^'dffligihn wewUlftjpl^ him dltkentif^ ' Hof/S. «^fr# and fo 

2' . lH<Jsds Minifiers thhre mfihea dnc nm)eratHre ofpdt^f-^ 

-w/i i^A [rveetnefs^ of [tveritj And mtrci. 
They mufthave a holy atigeV agji jift hh, "^ 

^e a holy atigeV agjijift hh; ''yet moiftn wifchall 
Eor ebel^at^neft KE niehs hearts i iodidmir Sa^ouf, yW4>.3.5, 
4b l^t reproved tfe -ytfi^;wiw, yet' cafls them brcthfth, G^th 
*i9» 7. and i^yiar in his zeal wis angry at the people for their 
• idolatry, yet ptayci for chem^ P/41/. lotf . So Arms here (harp^ 
^iyinveighsdigflinft the fins of thispeople^-^et takds up Jt La- 
•inencation fortbemj.A^^w y. i, arid here intercedes fibrthem* 
Ourxtal muft be mtxt with love, though we 'may andmuft 
fometiiftes reprove men fliarply> Titus 1. 1 3. yet muft wc not 
forbear praying for them, 1 St^m. ia.23. fo did the Vinitof 
inte^cede^for Ae barren, Fig*tree, L%Vf 13.^5 7, 8, p.-eyety 
Miriifter muft bi fidamas & mngncsy hemuftharden hfeiface 
4ike aCinc, and have browes of brafs to oppofe the wicked; 
yet;mufthewithallbc^aLoad*ftone, by his amiable^ tender, 
>and compiflionate carriage to win them to Chrift i. lying ift 
*he breach for th^m/ and running hazards to fave them from 
^ dcftriAaibn, £«^ a 2. ' 3 o. 

3 As b Is the duty, of^l the £^1/^ fo effecUUj of Gods MU 
^tfiersto fy^fathlzjC with ^ods Peofle in their nHfery^ and to in" 
itr cede for them at the Throne of grace. 

We muft no; oiily preach, but alfo pray for our,people ; as 

!t is; jfteir; duty to pray for us, 1 Ihef 5. 2, j. fo it is pur duty 

;^to fi^ray f or them> ci^^^ci^lly in th^ir troubles j iris' both rtf«»- 

f» Wi^i// Joel-i . !?/&: ai..i7* Ephef.ft 18. and commended 

to us by the examples of the Saints. j<^*A4»iiltercede5fbr 

. - Bbba Sodom^ 




Sidom^ Mo[esi^t Ifritd^ £xod, ja.^i, J|2i Jtremy for the 
jf cwes^ Jer. 1 8. 2o<!)^fp^aedoiifii?w he iji praying for cheiB# 
that cbe Lord is faine to bid nim hola, Jer, j. 1 6. Hov? ear* 
neftly did Tdmlfv^y for the 7^^^)diough c^ey Wi^ (Hs dfyid-- 

, . r. 1. JVs Naturaf f^tbers^o ^piricuaLofies ( m a fpukuai i^a) 

iJboi4dlayup a ftock of prayer$fbr.their Peogte* iW dieli** 

ving arexomtnanded to pvzyiot the living^ fam.^ i6< buc 

v^e bave neidier Precepc nor BreHdent of 4ny cbac ^r prayed 

^ for. cbe dead, dow v^atfbever is nocx>f faub is fin j], bue (\sA 

Pratyers bave no foiUidacioain die V^d o& God>. cHeitfore 

H^iUetfSfMr. tbcyoiwiux be. of faith. Such, grayers doe ndthei'avayl the 

p4pi/]«^#v.Sainc$ih Heaven^ nor the Damhed in Hell, becaufeboch 

^. <$.x.f* 4x5* bave anirrecoverable doome gaftupon cbem>^. as is fullypro^ 

^^arphts vod by a Learned Pen- ./.../ 

%TZy&c. . Wem»ftfti^^HPq"rfelve$diatvve^^^^^ God; 

* ufing. Arguments; tpimove thb Lord to pucy us. So docb turns 

bere^ |ind £0 did hbrdh^m^ Gen. iS^ 2, ^y6cc. and J^r^^, 

. Gen-jil 11, t> and Mofeiy Exod. ja» ix, 12, 13. 8c£«.r4 

Sccmy Com.- 9f >-^^ ^*- 9- & ^^^. 9- tiHavid^ Pfal. 7.9, 5, 7* & 88|^. 

on KaU 8i. «^ c^ l3^& ^i 3> i4« Sc I }o. ^ 4* .efpeciaily we ihouid prefe 

pi 7«. the Covenant ;ii> doth hntfs here, and D4vifij Pfal, 74^ ao.: 

. 5, /;» jrr VrMjtrJ vte mufi flead mercjy and jm merit. 
The PropHcc bere beggs for pardon and forgivencfe ba- 
caufe they were kw, fo doth David^ Pfal. 7^ 8, 9. our Me- 
rle is Gods IVletcy ; it mufl needs be. fo, iince all our righte* 
oufnsfsis as filthy raggs. .HenceJVrAf«wV«i when he had doae 
great things for God, yet being cohfcious to himfelf of many 
.infirmities, he. befeecheth the Lord tofpare him, accotdbg 
. toxhe greatnefs of his mercy, Neh. i ;• 23. So DMiel^,z vana 
highly beloved, yet b^gs for mercy and f^rpardon^ Datt^ 9. 

6 VV'e muji he eamefi^ yvith God far. the farden efear pu. 

So is the Prophet here, O Lord I befecch thee, pardontbe 

fin of this People.He knew right well that fin was cbecaufe oi 

. all tlfieir forrow,, and when tnis peccant humour was once re- 

mqvcd, the %StSt .would^ ceafe ; and therefore the Church 

prayes, Tid^ away enr iniqmtj imd reielve its grachfifi}^ HoC 

. I4.2ttb2: godly can bear any fuffering) but niKfiQf Whentiie 

'^' ' Plague 

Plague lay upon the people, Vavld cries, T^l^ m^j tht fm 9f ^ ^ 


. 7^ Gi^t owni feofle by frojefiion may be brought t9 n very hm 

nndhioH^ bath in TemfonlsMi SprittMls • 

Soic was with Ifratlhtxty which made the Prophet queffi- 

" tOij Bjivtbomjhdll be drife ? He was b rough v (b ]ow that hce 

' cbttid deither raife himfeif, neither was there any other tbac 
ceruld help him up ; their ftrengih was fo exh aufted thac there 
wasnovihblee£te^almeansof their reftauratlont We may 

' fay of all Creatnre^canforts as J^^ faid of Wifdome, Job a 8. 

•'i», 13, 14, Where ftiaH' Wilcdome be found? the Earrh 

' fairh) ir is not in me ; ami the Pej^th faith, it is not in me,&;c. 
fo, where Hiall ayd in tronbloas tifises be found? The Earth 
faithj Ic is not in me ; Friends fay> It is Hoc in us ; and Riches 

* fayi Ic is not in us, ice. Ic is only to be foundin the Almighty | 
ive are never fo iiccle or low but he can help us', ^ there is no* 
daingtoohighortoobardfor himr; chough Salvacion be not 
in our Hills, yet it is inGodshandj Jer^i^ a}* he is the Lord 
df Hofts, and hath all power at command ; and cherefore the 
ftophet betakes himfcif to his Prayers as his befi refuge, Osccmorcin 

' Lordi befeceb thee ff^re thy feofle. This is one reafon why the M. Coai his 

'lord lets things run to extremity, thac be may drive us to our ^^* ^cr. «>n 
Pray«s, as we may fee in Hefiers^uic Now if ever we would ^^ 7- ^. 
raifeaLandoutoftheduft,. Scc^^efn^' 

, I We muft raife our VrayerSy be fervent in diem, it isCoiD.o^iTTO^ 
none but wraflling jF^iftf^j thac (hall become prevaflbg i/*-3« 9p. 182, 
f 4r//>Hof. 1 1. 4. . 45^j45^. 

2 Raife your F^^rib, this layes hold on God, and ingageth 

' him in theQuarrel, whUft. Creatures oppofc. Creatures tfaey 
may make fome reHftance, but when Omnipotency comes a* 
gainft inipocency, there is no^biding. See what greac^hings 
ftfkh hath done, Heb, 1 1 • 

'} Raife your //o/iirr//, grow therein, be holy in all man- 
ner of coiiverfacion ; God never yet deAroyed an holy, obedi- 
etic l^eople, fuch holy ones are the glory of a Land> and upon 
all (bis glory there (hall bca (k^nct,Ifa.Ji^ $» 

Verse 3. 
The L0rJrep:ntedf4r this, lt,fk^Br»rtk^f4thtbe JU9rd^ 

ute'$Pl^ffe TT ^J^ ^ have-the fucccfs and good.dffeaibf the iPajpheis 
miirum?Y€fhe> 'JTlPraycr, he praycsin-faithiand isbeardf thc.'Lc>rd hald$ 
u, Mf ^t^e^^/tff his hand, and faich it Hiall nocbe ; fo mltifig is the Lord to be 
imn Dehyper- intrcaced for tofpare his Church and Pcopk 1 fTfe Ltrdr^en- 
frlfi^lmh ^^^f^ '^^- He changed not his etecnal &ectee> but f^fpen- 
ejtis. Luther, dcd the full and final exccutionf of ky accordrag to his;jeterndl 

Decree. When-God is faid to rcpdnc, ic is an lifual Anthfopo- 

. pathy, and fpeakingaftcf the manner of men according to our 

/ capacity, Gen. 6. 6. '^xod. 32. 14. Jer. its, ip. for God is not 

as man that he (hpuid repent, 1 S4m^ 1 ^..sp. ayid therefore 

it is added exegeftfc-tily) This fhall fiot ir, it .ab%nge 

in God, burotify*^ ♦ftoRMng of the execution of the Jyn^^^ 

' V4tmHtat)o Jwenc threathed," according to Gods Decree, fuch threatrui^s 

m, non^Dti 5 being conditional ( ^^ I haveihewed before ) what injiiftice 

fa€ii^ noncoH' he tti'ight have done, and have done them no wrottg, -yet fuch 

^W. . J is-bis Mercy arid Glemency that he will not docit> but ^aits 

-yetlonger Tor their return; It fhall not ^f.(faidi ttieiLojc^) 

whofe word is good 'Cccuricy,^ the Locufts^ihailbe trailed, 

they ftiall not devour Ifrad j I will at thy intcrceffion /pjif c 

Vtitm Vet a little longer. 

* ... ; , . 


1* The Prajers ^f the fahlful atc^ vtrf fwerfkl ofd fiic^ 

The Prophet can but fpcak here, attdhtprefendy i}^eds. 
Cofuimhic u. What is itxhac Prayer hath not doi^e ? .It'is a kind.of Omu^ 
cm inftgnm pocenc e.ngine that iaVes ail flat beli)i«it ; . if ^.tljips can 
7^UtSel heIpaca'dca4lift,icisthisorrtotbing- Uldnpp/m^^Ut 
em^ium, qaim to faith, no Mountains t>f dangsri, foars,>or dilfic^jyes, butic 
^t efficaxj & removes them, Mark, 9*^?.-this binds* asiit/VVftf? the hasajfe of 
^i^hn muUtim qqJ^ ^nd commands the Commmder of all things, /yii.4 5.1 1. 
^Sl^Sfr' ^^^ eflfeaual fervent prayer of one righteous man (how 

much more of many ) avayls much, Jam. y. 16. to thefe the 
Promlf^runs,P/^/. 34^ 17/ J^elt. 17, 18. God never fayc:« 



t<5 the fe^ of ^4^*6, Seek mfHct ^tvvaine , //^r; 4^^. i jr, llie 
Prayer of an holy Mafgs^ Samful^ Vofilet^ &c. \yhxt luth it not 
done? If there had bceftbut ten righteous perfon; in chofe 
iiwS6ddmi»cai Cities, that is but two in a Ocy> thsy had 
biMrtifpired. AVe (hould therefore love tbi godly, and valu« 
them according tp their true worth, who can doe fuch greac 
t hliigs bf their prayersi It is tbd happitiefs of a Nacion trf have 
fuch men in it 5 praying Saints are tb^ PiUars and Supporters 
(Crf the world, andthebleflfingsof a'Land^ If a, 19. 14. tbey 
ase fuch a bleflSng as preferves all other bleflings amongil: 
a people; they are the ftrengthofa Land, Zacb. 12. $. the 
walls and bulwarks of a place ; to fave fuch praying holy ones, 
God will deftroy both Kings and Kingdoms, //4.4}« ;, 4. the 
Lord is alwayes nighta help and to deliver them, De^. 4. 7. 
they advance Gocfi Name, and fet the Crown upon Gods 
head, giving the glory of all they have, or can doe to him a* . 
lone^ and therefore the Lord delights to make chem glorious. 
So that the prayers of good men are very precious things, Ccff. 
ao.7. jF#*4i, 8. 

Ob|*^ Tbf Pfajert ^ m My AmoS mig\it prtvml mftch^ but 
79e^ are ff^Pr^f bets P ^ 

t yii '.Ames Yftfi z mzn fubjefl: to infirmities us weare,' and 
bewaf not heard us a Prophet, but for- the Prortttfes which all 
bdeevers have intereft in, as well as Prophet*. 

Vfi^SB 4, T5J!?. 

^ifuJ hkih the L$rdjl\ewei^me^ and behold the %erd God 
called to contend by firfy and it devoured the great 
Thenjdidl^ O Lord oid^ ceafe 1 befeech thee^ by whom 
7 fM Jacob arife J«t he is^^fmaS i 
The Lord repentedjir thisy This alfi [hall not he^ faith - 
" the Lord Gcd. 


WE.E are now come to die fecond Vifioh,' and that is 
of f /r#, denoting a greater Judgement than the for^ 
m^.; Locuils devour hut the blade and bioifoms, but Hre . 
confuipes both roots and fruit$« The Lord had watted many 


* Hods in vame upon them,, he now ca& th^ lAtb the fire^ to 
fee whether chat will melt or mend them. Thdfe three Viii^ 
ons are a kind of Gradation ; that of the Locals wa$ fad^ 
that of Fire was worfe, and that of a Plumb-line was vvor^t 
of all. This Vifion though itdiffet in mattef> yet foraiecbod 
It is alike. • - 

I Here is the Preamble, or Preface to the Vifion, Ti&M^ 

Imb the lArd God (kewed mi. 

1 Here is the Vifion it fclf, with an Eca in the fronf of ic^ 

Eeboldy th Lord God eallcdto eontend by fre ; that is, by W^t^ 

\ which the King of hjfjrU a fierce ^enemy fhould bring upoa 

them. . ' , ; 

3 Here is the ftuic and effedJ of -tins fire. 

I It devoured thegrfa deef^ or it devoured 4 great abyfs^ 
TihomrMay and depth of waters. This fire devoured not only wopd and 
KukipiicUy of waters above the earth, but alfo the waters inclofed in the 

SO. i.c. vopuii, isy tnis aevounng nre moit unaeritana tne .JMngdome oc 
dgmn urn & Sjria^ which was laid waft and totally devoured by liilath- 

\TwZl& f^'^i"^ ^^"g ^^ ^^y''""' 'i'^^^S- ^^•^- the abyfe;of 
^ * waters is herecmeant-muldtudes of .people, as £aunt- 3 f^ 4. 

Retrl. 1 7. 1 . the Whore fits upon-xnany waters ^ - that .4si r ^ 
hath rule and power over many peopki 
cheUch^Pars, * After this, itjid cote ftp a fart, and had devoured all 
Verth.Voffti^ but that the Prophet iixteraded for the^n; or it confumed a 
/tf>loih.i5,i^.pceceof the.Land, or a part of thp portion and poffeffion of 
Ffal. \6. 5. Gods peoplet By this is under ftcod fotae part of IJrael, viz^ 

tWo Tribes and a half, vVhichTif/4f^Pi/r/fr carried away 
Captive into ^Jfjfrtaj and thefeupon is faid to eate up ^ft part 
of //r*f /, a Kirg. 1 $ . 2^. iChron^^. %6. Ifai^. I, a. . 

3 Here is the Proj)hets fjcbp^hy,ajtld ftnf? ofrht) ju<ige. 
nient,t/r»/, 5. itputbim upon Pr^yi, and-madebi^i-deprev 
cate the averting of it. Then faid I, O Lord CodciajeJ^ht^ 
[ceck tkecy bjwtomfhall Jacob arifejor h ufmalli Tt fs the 
very fame Prayer,and the fame Argin:.eiirs that he uCed before, 
^•rj/.2, cnly^iii the place of forgiving, he pijbcf^/^^ 
Lord this tbmeangeragainihfay people;; ^rd the ftfeepiif thy 
paflure^ Md thy hand, forif thou thusgoron to zm\&'tif 
people, who fliall rcmaine ofjucoh? furely noreat all. This 



VerCSatf^ rftbe Pr^buy of Amdt. I77 

orbejirmg being i »ifible effeft of pardoq^ he defirestbat God 
would manifeft It ; and fo ic is the fams Prayer in cffeft wich 
the former. ^ . 

I Otf. Hence note, tkM it is linfful {as occafion r^qntrcs ) 
t$ p'ay the fam^ VrayttyOnd nfe the fame Argumints as farmerlj 
webdfvedoHe^ , - 

jtmos doth fo here, aha fpeeds. So did Chrift, Mat. a7;44« 
he prayed the third time, faying the fame -Words, ibis he did ' 
out of fervency of fprit. 

a 0^/. fVtnmfiterfiViKe in Prayer for the feafU of God. 

As. their mifery doth renew, fo muft our Prayers for them 
be renewed. Thus did Amdt^ God t h'r^a tens a Iccond Judge- 
ment, and Am9s by a fecond Prayer avercSxha ^al fo, The work ' 
is good, and no difficulties {houlddifcourage'.us.; The r.hurcj3g,;;^^;;;[?^JJ5^ 
is neat and dear to God, tis his BeuUh and Hefh^hahy If a, 62. g^. g p. , g^/ 
4.hisbeIovedSpoufef andvye never pleafe him better than 
when we are impormnate with him for Sioks good., Hence he , 
fi) oft commands us to pray for the peace 6(JerMfaUmy and, 
promir€th*ihatthey,iQiaU.profperwfaoloveitj'yc;ahc bids us. 
command him Iwhen it is for the good of his Sons* and Daiigh- 

cers,ijf^45. u. ^ ' .w- 

4 Here is the good fuccefs and happy iffue of his Prayer^ 

he obtains his requdl^ fincc it is for I/raelihu he prayes, it is 

but as^ijind have. By jh^ Prayeh and .Jcars he e^'tingui(beth > ,.. . . 

ihis fire when qotbi^g elfe could doe it, ;and gets the Judge- 

mMtfufpbndedforatime, to lee if their hard hearrs would 

at length relent and return, this n:my incourage us much ii^ v; 

this duty of Prayer. ... 

The Lord, repeated ^tf^ /<^ this : tpU alfo JbaU nof ie^ yef C. S^ ^ 
I wiU h^ld Vy hand ( faidh God ) the fire wbi<h I.thfeatiiei 
Aiall not yet c^mc, the Land iChati not be deftrbyedit this; 
time* So gracious is the Lord, and readv to forgive, and fo 
quickly he repents him of ithe evil which he intends againft his 
peoide, efpecially when tes Minifters intercede for them, 
Joei X. 1 3. he ^ffUa.s not willingly. Judgement is his ftrange 
work, ahartiryisn6tinhim>//4/ii7.,4. . ^ \^ 

But though the Lord at the interccffion of h]s Servants may 
fufpend his fiery Judgements here (though oft-times hee 
pleads with them here by fire. Sword, Fammcs Hc^Ifa.66, 
i<, \6.JExxl^. 38, 22. ) yet without rcpentaace the fire of the 

Ccc hi\ 

378 ': Kjin Exfofitiop: \,\ ^ Chap. 7. 

laft Day will cettahily devour thfem j' God WjittHfen c dmcnd 
with fire, and execute the lierc^nefs of hisr:.fury upon the 
workers of iniquity. 

3 Ohf. Hence note, Th^ fbort Prayers full of fauh a ftd fer- 

bet. Aretm. '^ is not the loudnefc, or ,th.e length, or the jieac (bfpreflions 

which take with tSod", i King.i%. ad. Eccltf^ 5/2. MktltS. 7. 
& 7* 21, But it is the faith and fincerity of hiin thatpraycs; 
poor broken Prayers coming from a broken heart are of grear 
vyarth in. the fight of God, MMb^ 1 5/2?. Ellidji Prayer was 
ilhorc afiid pithy, and prevailed* 1 King. 18. 36. fo ffal.S. j. 
My [(ml U fne viXid^ Imt thou O Lordhoi» t^ng^ viz*, wiit iboi$ 
I Mfay t0 helf me I It is an abrupt broken fpeecb,r bilt God'can 

pickfenfc out of our iion-fenfe. 

Prayer is ^ work of thg Heart, and not of the Tongiiei 
wofds^re but the out-fid^ of Prayer, it is the Hearts defire 
which God'eyes and refpe^ls^, and if thy affeftions fly aJofr, 
though thy words doe bwt creep, yer thy faith ftiall get what 
thy wplrds cadnot ; yea if thoucanft not ipclik^yec if thou canft 
weepi God wil 1 hear the voyce of thy \^eping;',Tears have a. 
voyce^ /7/i/. 6. 8. as well as words. . * 

Thtl/erdededtocmetdmfkf^e^i ,. , 1 


K^tAivew^y, Or, the ]Lord/^^^W/«w«fthat he contend v^bftrc, or 

pomuigfviu^ pleaidj that is^ puni'fli them with fire. Thus Hi/. 4; i.Tbe 
dtfw<i«if.Frw;. tordhadi a Controverfiei that is> aPIea or Procefy, not only 
!*• ?• •^•^vcrbal^ but real; that is, te had Judgements ready to execute 
VeuswridUl on them. This cmej^d $/9g^n(xc$ i/r4r/x obflinacy 5 we ufe not 
^m€dt ^* ^^ contend, br gbeiJt'ofuif,' "^ill we bf ve tried alt" other means 
^mut^avit^^ get our ri^;: yet eahhpt getit; ^hen we are cbhftriined to 
terram ^rdei^ contends As War, foLaw*, is, oi: ought tot)e 6af hft refuge. 
fm$cajuad Godhad ufed all means to win this People, but in vaine, and 
{gn^i ^Ptem ^^^(oTthtis mnconl}n\ntdtOjci»r€Hdwub FircaitdSwerd 
Mtagereteam ^^™ cnem. , . 

ream'tgnk.Mariane. l^r\bbAefhi'edlitigafidii(jiin.\. c. imjgflf. Tfib figmficdfM:judici^-^ 

^igarfyCMeiuterif & iai^famag^rey IfaVx^' 18, uL 13. 

f ...... ^ . ^ 

A, rmerprctcrs vary. i.. Some take it Liieralty^ for fane 
f^raotdinary fire which Aiould fail . from Heaven and con* 

r fume 

. jtwiyi? thetn^ai.k didSgdm and ^o^vrrfih^ and Jtami S^iii^, 
%mt. I o. .2* and rj^^i Sheep and S^erywt^ J(?^ 1. 1^^ So ( Cjy 
fome) CJk>d called bU Angels to execute judgement on tbefe • 
wicked men, and. to comend or plead for him)>y fire in chair 

^^'^^^/(^t^yiVid^ when ihe vio- 

lent heat of the Sunrbean^ (bould ptjerce the d^epeft parts of i 

Ithc earth,. below tfic Toots, of the Goro and Tfces,^ affd fo ^ 
jhoiild inake a {>erfe(^ famine* litis ext!;eam beat and fcorch* 
ing of the Sun is called a Fire, Joel i. j 9, :to. Apr^ ha^ cofh- 
fnmed the Pafimes of the WiUernefsy and aflame hath iurnt »f 
all the troef of the field ; chat i$^ the .great heat of the Sun Uk^ 
j^o a fire bach confumed al|. 

j By Fire may be meant the Wrath of God, which was 
now inflamed againft this fiubborn People, and this is the 
kindler of all Penal fires, and is oft in Scripture called f iV^, 
jfolf ^i. iz.Ifd. 26. 11. An$os$. 6. fiek ^2.ult4 r- 

4 And mofl genuinely:F^^ is here taken Me(aphor!caUF, for 
fome direful and dreadful Judgement ( for Fire^of all the Ele- 
ments is ffloft terrible ) which ihould confume their men, 
money, health, ftrength, J^ 15. 3 1 , J4. More efpecially, 
here it adumbrates War, which (bould be managed by fome 
fiery, furious ene^y, who like fire fhould waft and confume 
all before it. io Exit^. m« 48f Behold^ 1 will kindle a fire in 
tbee^ wbUb fhalldevoftr everjf green tree^ and evtrj^ dry tree; 
that is, all forts of pec^Ie, both old and youtig, rich and poor; 
the fire (^ War fhall confume them all. So Numb. ai» 28* 
Ifa. 66y iS, 16. Jer. 48. 45. Lam. a. 3. ^mot j. 4, 7, 

10. 8ca#5« ■ • . V .r 



1 When le for Judgements rejU not mend a Feofle^ Godufw 

alljf comes with greater^ 

The devouring Lociffts cpuld tioc flir this peoplei God .wU 
how (ee what the Fve^ wiU do^/, Great, impenitency calls for 
great pumidiment) poji//. 26*; 1 8«'Buc of this elfewhere. r see m^ Com.^, 

1 Sin is the great maksrhatebetween God and his feople. QnHol.x3a6. 
. It bfceds contention and diffenrion between them,God hath ^^^' ^' P*-^*- 
a Suic^^cid an Aftion againft fuch, Hof. 4, x , God had a Coi\- 
^ . . ^ Ccci troverfie 

3^0 An Expfifition^ , C^ap.T* 

crovetfie againft Ifraelj and cites tbem to anIWer the Plea 
whicb he had againft them for their ignorance, cruelty, fv\rear- 
ing, lying. Sec. God loves his Creature, as it is bis Creature, 
but when ic becomes a finfol^ rebellious Creature,be abhors ic> 
and delights in its deftru£kion, Prov. i. z6^ This bred che 
Quarrel between God and the Old world, Gch. 6. a, 3. and 
between him and Jerufalem^ Jer. 30. i «y. Hrf. 1 2. %. Mich^ 
*6. aj 3* Sin bred the firft Cbntroveriie a^id Quarrel between 
God and the Angels, and between God and Aiam. This 
turns him who is fweanefs it felf, and mercy it felf, into 
wrath and fury, /p. 64.5. it is fin that warrcs againft Gocf, 
and therefore no wonder if he warre agatnft it ; it \% dirc&ly 
oppofite^tohis hdy Nature, P/i/,^* y. and drfhonours him in 
all his Attributes. Sinners deny^ his OmwfcteMe^ as if be 
^ccDr.Ciwi- did iiocfee what they Joe ; and his Omnipotence^ asif he were 
Sftn^^* unable to punifti 5 afed his Ufiice, as if he would never call 
^ la^Tpj&c' them to an account, Sccib wonder thext if God have a quar- 

rel With fuch^ 

' Sin warrcs againft the X^vf/ oflGod, againft the Spirit of 

God, I fa. 7. 13. Efhef. 4.30. againft the Sal^^s of God, a- 

pAX^&ihitwAjes and ii^(>rlhtf6iG yea againft n/Z.that is 

: Gods. No wonder then if he contend hj Fire^ againft that 

- which f6 fiercely contends; and fights againft-him and his^ 

' • 3 jf^arre ii 4 ireadfnl JtUgement. ' 

It is one of Gods laft andfofc Rods, Ez^K: i4- ^.lr# hence 
Set more on ><-icis compared hereto fire, which is ogepf the moft rerrifcfe 
mos 4- 1^* - element^ that are* If the Lord (hould contend with Water, 

and fend a fioud upon the world, that werefad,' but Fire, Fire 
' is farre niore terrible to the nature of man. As Peaeeis one of 
the choycert Mercies, fo War is the faddeft Judgement. Peace 
fweetensourbleflings, and makes them bleflings indeed. To 
have Houfes, Goods, Lands, and be in continual danger of 
lofing by enemies, imbitters all to ns. Hence when the Lord 
would promjfe a choyce Mercyi he teHs his People thathec 
will break the Bow and the Sword, ahd make them p lye 
dowta in fafety, fl5e/. a. 1 8;^ Zivk.iG: 5^ 6. joi 1 1. rj. jfa, 
a.4,& 35.^ o» Hence the Pfalmift calls upon Gods People 
to praife him for this mercy of mercies, in^naking our batres 
ffrong) ahd fetUng peace in our borders, PjaL 147. 12^ 13, 
j4« It is in times of PeacerthatFields are tilled, tteGof^l 

/ fpreads, 

Verf. 7, oftht Fr^htcj 4f Amos. 381 

fpreads^ Ltanung bcreafetb, and the Cfaurdi i$ edified, £* ^ ^ 

[ Sec more for Peace, SikeL i Twn. p. 576, &c. D. Tmk: ' 
n*;^* Good day well improved, Mr. Harvey his Olive Branch, 
D, Stmghf^ns Scr. on Pfah 144. is. D. J'ibtf. Tajtm Scr. fol. 
on Heb. 1 2. 14. p. 4 1 8. 8c. Y>JSaHda$. on the fame text. Chnrih 
teTccafttry,pt joift Air&ron a Tijtaj 2, 13; p; i(?0i.3 : 

« . ' • . .. . ... 

T&w ^< jhemed me, smd hehold, the Ler^ fiotd Mfo» 4- 
.. wdUmideilya Hun^'Unei mth * Flum^int in' hit 

jt^d the Lord jaii unU mt^ Amos i^hasj^^ff thokf 
and ifdid 4 Plumb line. 'Then fdid the Lofd^ behotdl 
mllfet up a Tlumb-lm inthemdji of mj^ Peofle If- 
rael, / mil not again fdfs hj thei^:an% more. » 

^EE are now i6me t6 tbe Third Vifidn, JvKerein the- 
Lord fets forth the utter deftruftioh of Ifraelj God bad 
bpmtong with their provscarions, and waited long for their 
letUrfiy but fince they \Were incorrigible andinciirable, he^ 
idblvef now tom^ke a final eiid withtheih, andto pais by 
and|^idonthemndlQDore, but to deftroy.themby icbe Sword 
of Salmofgifir King of AJfyrU ; which is here typified by a 
Ptumb-lifii. Where vye have, i. lhcy^fionitfel£,f/^/. 7. 
2. The explication of it, vprf^ ^%% . 

This is the ufual Preface aB before, t'rt/*) 1,4. ' 

Jindbeholdy the Lordfioed ufonawMmade by a PlHmb4lno^ GnMl ibmat 
or <m thp wall <rf a Plumb-line { it isan iifual Hebraifm) tbai^»^«*i M** 
is, the Lord flood OH: apcipcndicular wall, fuch a one as was ?*^*^'^' 
«5iouflymade,aiulfg[aftIyfquaredbythe amu. 

, Tfe wftrd jiMch wtech i^fics a Plitmb;line, is varioufly 

I. . I 

1 Some call U * MafonsTruel ( fothe vulgar Latin ) with Tvrf* tmmr 
wbdcb they buUd aodpatgec walls, for ftret^b and elegancy ; t»r», 
iq God had bcQichs ftrcngth and glocy of 7/rM/; 

Cccj a The 

*«y^*r r5?^S?S^ oiy mWs teat y ge. 

omnely figfhes a *^fTX^» . n^^^^ ,^4 even. Thus -Z** 
«fe foe the kccpmg^f fSd thetffle, is faid to have a 
^-**/whtnhe v^» tobmld^^^«JP is* a Meafuriog-tine, 

"• "TSadTll^aolt^rSd, :or^^^^^ 

cute : ' ,*, • 

1 Eor Building, andReanyS;. ... 
• » for Sung, and'DemoUfliing. 

The Plunanct is trfedin UqiWing, f b«^^^^* 


fclfisfaidtoworkoyiv.u« ^ ^^ j^^^^^^^^ 

1^- -^ V Kvfm^tl? ay the^^«ud? of the Sa #ure, and 

on tnal any pl»* ^° *"„r,„ ,u, t.otd threatned to ruine t' 
andpullsdown; thw when tte Lord tM^^^^ ^/^rfc^;,^ 

iiw/countty,hetdU 'f » 2S«Jf/ iSf.?*. it. thai Is, the 

^qf.y^ cfthe PripbicyofAttios. 583 

% I will deal mihjetfffalem as I Jiavq ^tflt with S4maria^ 
and with the houfc^^4i^^/eAa's^'wk& the houfe of AM ; 
as I deftroycd thofe for their fins, fo will I deftroy thpfe. Thus 
the Lord flooduponthe- Wall with a Phimb-line in fiis hand, 
as ready to execute his juft and r^hteous ji!dgcmen:s.iip6n jy*- 

r^/,:i£T|iisAs*iwi EtefeilenSe 6f G'od^jAe¥cfy*itid Jullic^, Who is 
thciMafteriwi|ddrbfh?rfailirch7 - '•^^ '"' ^'^' '■ r.?;- ;\ 

% jfc denotes ^i^'M^^e'fy ifrthat be ttiidethis Church Hg{ic 
arid firihe like a- perpendiculat wall, made exactly by Line 
tod Rjute) he had curioufly'builc ir, and as carefully defen- 
ded-iu •■•■ ' -' - * : ; '^ ' ' \ .\ 

r^..asK,iraaiEnilieffieofT^ ft^^dk upon t1ie wall of '/{U%t%eLh , 

\\ViCkmdsky: coheimiaflj^fcrying^^andexatainm^ ddindi^ 

ebnee ri^c ornot, bearing with its defcasf^'untill like^a wall ^'*»^'/'"f'^»f« 
quite beiWing and belching our, it can n6 more be mended, or "^^^^ »''/«^*^'«- 
fet uprtg^ a^ it wis at the firft, fpr ttiett he reforves to throw 
downall,//4*'3t>J^^iji •: • /■ •• •?;''^^.. .;';-• .- ._ 

.Uiis Walt (by fonic ) is made n Type of anchjs; people of 
Jfrael^. y^hom thevLord of old had built for a peculiar people, 
to bimfetf; Thefc fefcmbled a wall; For , 

'i IfM/icCanhot raife thcmfelvesJ)ut are built by fome skil- 
hl ArcUte^ ; io this people of Jjrael did lipt r.^ife thcm- 
felves, but.God of his owne free love and grace choTe them 
f^his oHntotttAliri and exalted tBeid aboye all the. I*4ktioris^ 

^ jVallshvft foundationss and fo bad this people many 
aracious Promifes to build upon, which the Lord made to A^ 
irsbsm and his Seed, vyhich they contemnii^ canie to ruine. 
: 3 An Arcbiteft: buiMsthevValls by Lii^^^^ and Rule .;, fp Qod 
didal! ftethttP^opi^ whh'tHegrea^^ jiid^eaient andlexadt* 
neffeima^mable. They had all of tl^bfeft, the feft. Church, 
ihe beft Sate, the beft Lawes, the beft Riilers, and the nioft 
fiiccef$ful Judges and Kings.' The Lord himfelf was for walls 
and bulwarks to them, he w^s Salvation round about them, 
and. thdr glory' in the rfiidft of t3i8in'j fo great iva^ .his care 
rad.seadefijcuc-crv^t thidm, t{diiiSiiu^&^ 5* 

But fince iflckhcr Merdfes hbf Jii^gemehts could mefad them, 
tb; Lord refolvcs to forbear 'them no longer^ but as he had 
built tiiem up in mercy, fo now be woiildtuine them in juftice, . 
and punifb xfacm exai^yaccotding^to their demeritSt 




t ThcM^h the Lord ie^r lemg with the Sims of a feefU^y et he 
wti not Mlwaief hiOr* 

Thougli the Praycr$ cf bis People may keep off Juc^^nencff 
for a time, yet the Sins of a People may be fo great^.thac the 
Lord will hear no more prayers for them, jfer.i 5 • i. JSz>etij 14. 
16, 1 8, 20* and therefore the Pro{)het here fedhg this People 
werfeincurablcj and Gods decennmatioh fully fet to dcteoy 
them for their Idolatry and Apoftacy^ he forbears any further 
intercedit^ for them, quiedy acquicfcing in thcrigbtdwis 
Judgements of God .uponthemi^ ; Theri^ is a icima when the 
Lord will (Kcw a People no more favour, j^?-. 16^ ij^anevil 
day, an only and extreme evil day^in which the Lord forbids 
Prayer, J^r. 7. li, 14. and reftraines afpirit of prayer, and 
telenting from his people, ^x^k: H- * 3 • -p^tpiP.: 1 3, 
a , Goas JudgemMs ftfon vpickfd Pte» 4r< iuft 4nd righteoHim 
They ate all exaiaiy framed as it wexe by lirie and meafure, 
Van. 5. 27. Juftice is eflcntial toXjod, he may as &oii ceafe 
to be God, as ceafe to be juft ; hence he is called, '"^W^/^r^ 
om JftdgCj Gen. 18. ^5.^andt*f juiit Lord^whowjffdoeno iki^ 
^Wf^,Z.epb#}. 5# heis juilinandof hiiqfcif, andtjufltinhis 
f^tfes^ juft in his DecrffSyjufk ipjrh^./AYfM^/tf/irof thofe^Dc* 
crecs, jurt in the Government of the Worldy iuftihihb.Rcwar(i^ 
and juft in his Judgements ; he is noMnly righteous iin fome, 
butin all his wayes,P/4A 145.17. 1 ^ 

Doe not then fret or murmure at his Difpcn&tions towards 
thee or thine, his Judgements may. be. feicret, biic thcyircf al- 
' Waycs juft ; whatever therefore Gofj dothto jhpe or t<hiric, yet 
fay with David^ . Rightep/f^ i^'tl^ Urid^ a)d l^ 
f»ents^PU.i I9.U7. and with Hex^kJ^hyYfhtn he was told that 
he muft lofe all, Good is the.ff'ordofth LordwhicHthfihah 
^ ff oken, 1^^.39.2. ( . . .> 

Wefl^ouldthen /?wiV^e,<7«<^ (as h?i^^ in 

all hU'wayes, fpiKpuld wcbe.; ouj-xJegrec ^ d^ifto all 
cxaaiy, accolrditig to tlie'fquare ancljrule: of <iods VVorl. As 
we muft be merciful, as our heavenly Father is merciful* fo 
we muft be juft) as he is juft ; though we vrannot be foby mi 
of Equality, yet by way of Analogy and Similitude wemuflbc 
i' , ^ fo. 

V^rf. $. nf the Frofbecy of Amo%. |gj 

fo« Lee us be juft in our rewards^ juft in our punifbmhnts^ juft . 
in our weights, words, and worksi 5cc . that fo Gbd may de- ' 
Ugbc in MS ; (or the righteous 4Lord lovecb rigbceoui&ieirei . 
Pfafm ii. 7. . . 

* i ';. . - Vb&sb 8. 

4 >•» « 

I • 

Ifaid, 4 PhmtMne, Then ftiui the Lotd^ beheld / mil 
fetd Fhmb-Une i» the midft of mj feeble Ifrael, / wiH 
ntt agdin faf^ hj them snj Pfore^ 

THe Lord cotoes now co threaten not a pvnid^ntent^ ( as 
formerly ) but a total delttuftion cf this impenitent Peo- 
ple 5 and (h^reforc this not barely propounded, but 
by a Dialogue is focl^i|4y ^Xpom4cd» that •berwho ruias may 
read it. The better to qujcjien Ixjth.PrQphpt anil Pcoplevfco 
attention, the Lord begins ^k\^ii<)^X\(^vL^^ jimof mhm [tifi 
thni The Prophet could more eafly difcerne the 'meaning 
of the two former Vifions, viz,, tbar. of the Locufts, and of die 
Fire ; but God Ifanding upon a wall wkh a Plumb-line in his 
hand,*as bardertoimderfti^nd^f^nd therefore Ue Lord goes 
on to explained fo the P^rophct,^ . ^ . 

/ will fit a Plfimt-lifte Im the midfl of^ n^j f(9pU Ifrael; that 
is, I will noyv aSually cxejcu^e toy Juftice on them, which I 
have bithertpiufpeiid^d , W pafftng by thfcir nufdcjeds; as I 
baveformttly built them sp^ by Line ancj Levels fpwUl Inow- 
make an utttr 4eftriiaioi\^of them, a.^d^vUl Jay tbem-inrbc 
duft.. I have,exami^6djcheirw>iJc»-andjrayes.bythe.Rule.an4 
fquare of my Word, and I fincje^^heto fd exceeding irregular^ 
that I can no longer forbear them, • neither will Ifajfe bj thm^ 
gr f or i9n them anymore. Tt^isl^tter^cjfaufeis^exegetical, apd 
expounds the forme? ; I have fipar^ tqem twic^a.lready,\but 
now I will niatea'final end with tncm'; T\^ill'rpend no more 
adtoonitions of correi\io"hf iii vaine upon them,'i)uc I will 
deal with themasmeri ufe to do6 V^fth ruinous habfes, ivhofe 
breaches grow wider and worfe every day than other, they pull 

thcmdwnraiWi*y«6fitti*i^^ft» ^^ ^^ \ .^ 4 

.1 » . 

-.1 . 

^Z6 , K^iit Eicfofithtf Chap. 7, 

5?S2' 5m Tiiac is, I will fhcw thcito to more nlcrtjr, 1 m\\ t^rdon 
^iwire e*». them no longer 5 I have long winkt at their Sins, aid let them 

goe unpuniflit ; but I will ode fo no longer, I will fjirely and 

feverely punifh them for.all together, as it follows in the next 

vcrfe. Thq like expreffion wc have, Am^s 8. a, & Frw. ip, 

%ttAmt^.%. IX. Uiobcglfufam4nt9fajft fym iff^a ; that «• to 

{pare a man that hach offended, and noc t((^ ptmiih bi|n> or 
cake revenge on bim» So M$c4} 7, 18. 


1 0$ttr rifitg s$id ^tfir riMiftg f^mes fr0m G^V 
He bittlds us by Rule, and if we fwcrve from the Rule, be 
will fet iqp the Ptumb* fine aad mine us by Rirfe. Alt ou^ titees 
beiii of rifioeaiid falling aidifiOod$ hahdS) lY^A lU if* our 
tdvei#ry aiid profpej^ty is:»(^ctfilal,bul{)ro^^ As the 

tprd gt^s, fonisbe'tbai;t^6^roo> J<^ i. tt. k is h€ that 
fent the Locufts and the Fire, and now the Plumb-line of ut* 
terdeftruftioiHi^n this people* .../:. 

:. Asineiis:ltns ard gr^^aly arid rife to tb^ir m^^lmMm r^tt^d 
ficy to the higheft afcent by degrees ifo doe Gods Judge! Ipents. 
Thejudgemenc of thetocufts was fad,tha^ of l^ire Was worfe, 
but nowcomes tbefatal Plumb*line and endktfaicm^God doth 
not ptcfently punifli menfd foon disi evet theyfirt^^W hi^pa-* 
ttence waits, and allots meti fpafilee^t^nf; Jtitm.%^j^^ ^, 
8c XttfeL %*%t. which they abufi%^ Gcdki lift fieckons with 
Stnnds for all togeeber ; a^^We feein the jitt^wktsy the old 


«.»•■• ' ■ » 

And the UlhfUc^yf li^iifidB ke ileJhUUykfiJ the 
Ssn^udries ^fJXnAf^^^l^^/ laiUmfi y and 1 mi rife 
ag4infi $hi hnje of jctoh^ 

^7 f 7EE have in thig: Vierfe a: Adter ex^ikatiaft:.o£cbfi 
,V. V Vifion of the Pltodb'Jine, and what it typified,^ 

a total 

z total fubvcrfitfi both of ^ l^lefi^c^t And CiviKUtd of 

IfrscL . 

They were vvpnj: to boaft mach of their fore-fathers : when 
our Saviour talked with the Woman of S^wi^r/^, (he prefently 
tsIlsbilQ> Cii(fr JP^herswjnrflfiff v^ this Mtfmtamy John 4* 20. 
fohere5ourfore-fathcrsworlhiptinileffc//5ffrjfef^/i, (jUgal^ 
&c. and therefore tbey conclude diat they mud needs pieafe 
God by fQllowag their exutqdes. . Thus they flattered thcm- 
.felves as the PapiKtsdoe at this ciay^ preferring the fdltible 
Fathers before the infallible Word>of Godi But the Pt'optiet 
plainly tells thcan, thtt the h'gh piaees rf Ifa^c (vvherethey 
committed their Idolatry ) p»fdd ie defot^e. By Tjfi/^c here 15 
meant the houfe oSIfrael^ who were dcfcended from Ifaac and 
Jacob. So Ve^f. x6. the Septu^intj^ the Syrlac^ and the Ara- ^ 
hick Verfions, make the word ifuic an Appellation, and not a 
proper nami^they render itj'Laughter, or Joy; the High ph-, Ard rifih vet 
ces of Laughter, or the ridiculous High place?, and^ the Altars fa»a rudcftUi 
of DerifiM ( for what is more ridiculous than for men to 
worfliip a Stocjk, or a Stone which themfeltes have car- : 
▼ed?) rhallbedef(rfate» But this is a ridiculous verfion of 
this tcKc; for though there be a change of one Letter in the. 
name^f Ifaay Scm inftead rf rM> yccthe Learned inthatB.^,, j/,^,;>. 
Language obferve, thatthefeXettersare ufed ptomifcuonfly^ ejetf/yi i/itf^/, 
the one for the other, and it is the fame T/'^^r here fpoken it is not wf?//* 
of, which is mentioned, ^w.iy. t9.& Pf^L 105, 9. ^ ^^oih as the 

By high places btr^j are meant Temples and Altars, ere5l:cd ^^^' 
oil Mountains and Hilh for the hbnour of their Idols, jdmos 
4J»/^ Though God had confined them by a ftria command to ]J|^^ ^^^ 
WorlViip JU Jerufaietn^ yet diey muft have fomewhat of their were, ^btUt. 
owneinventing, they niuft be facrificing on their owne high Grcenm on E- 
Hills, high Altars, and high PI aces, though they dye forit, ^sk,^,3.p.4,y. 

Thefe are called the' High-places of Jfaacyhy feme ; 
• X Becaufe as Abraham was ready to otfer ifaac in Sacrifice 
at GQd<; command ; fo thefe offered their Sons and Daugh- 
ters f in imitation of Abraham) to Mehcbj mdBaaiy but 
there is no ground for this in th^text. ^ 

» They gamiflit their Idolatry with the names and exam- 
ples of //iwc and J^j becaufe ih their times they had fet 
up fecret iUtars, and offered Sacrifices there to the God of 

Ddda Heaven* 

>teaven. Thus cRd //-Mt at Veer^fbat^ Gen. itf ; li 5. and J^f * 
ac Brribr/) Gen. 3 5. 7. 


That IS, t^c Idolatrous Temples, Altars, and Grove« in 
DdH and Bethel^ and other Cities, confec^rated to the golden 
Calves fiiall be deftroyed by the Jiffirl^m. - 
Mtedejbejdit. t^q^c places are called S^tnOmries^ and Holy places ( not 
^"^* diat they are fo icideed ) but. the Scripture fpeaks according 

to mens opinions of icbem, aahere it calls thefe Idols Tem- 
ples, sanftuaries, when indeed they were dens of Detrils, and 
great provocations of Gods wrath againft this people* 

jtni I wiUrlfe againfi the hf^fe of Jerobo^im with 

the Sword. 


This Jeroham\vzsnot Jeroham the Son of Nekat which 

made//r4f/to(m,thefirftMthorofSchifm and Idolatry in 
I ' the Kingdome of ifrael ; but this is Jeroboam the fecond, one 
of die fame name, and of the fame religion, a chip of the old 
block, he was Son to J^mff)^ Nephew to Jehti^ and Father to 
ZachtrUh ; m his dayes the Kingdom flouri/ht, they recove- 
red many Cities, and inlarged their borders, bur they afeufing 
thefe Mercies,^ C5od threatens to deftroy both the Kingdome 
J and the Kings pofterity j as he did when ZacharUh the Son 

of 7tfr*itf4»^ was flaine openly in the fight of the people, by 
Shallfim ( after he had reigned fix moneths ) who ^ranflated 
the Kingdome to his "owne family, 2 Ring. i>f. 10. and this 
put an end, to 7 eh§fi Stock>according to the threatning, % Ki»g^ 
iQ. 3 o. TvVo vaine props this People fefted on, i# In their 
external, Idolatrous fervices, 2. In .the power of their 
Kings, Both thefe the lord tells them (hould faile them ; for 
their San£tuaries {hould be laid waft, and the hroufe of tlie 
King cut oft", and this made wayfor their utter ruinc by the 

Q^. But why doth the Lord threaten the houfe ^ Jerobo^im 
rather than any other family ? 

A. Becaufe the Leaders of f^eople ( efpecially if they be 
wjcked ) lead them into Sin with the|A||es, and fo have the 
^Peoples fins to ^nfwer for, as well a^lPMbwnet The twenty 


Vcr£^^ ef thi Trffhi£j of Kmos^. ^^ 

Kit^iof /yJ*>i^'iwfereallof them Idolatecsi and drcwthc peo- 
ple into Id6latry wieh tbeft^ and therefore the Lord threatens 
t;o begin with the houfe of fer^^oam firft ; both Princes, 
Prtefts9 and People had finned together, and now the' Lord 
tfiUis tteip they (hall perifh cogethec. So SdmnelxxM d)e peo- ' 
pie, that if they perfcvered b their wickednefs, both they, and 
their Kii^ (hould perifti, i Sam. \t.Hlt. 

A '^ 


For Church and Comipon- wealth are like, cbe Vine and 
the Elme> or like thofc twins which are faid to weep and 
laugh together ; fo long as purity in religion is preferved, the 
State profpers, and hath peace, 2Ckro^.ij, 5, lo. /fn. 60, 
1 2, 1 5, 18. God will preferve that people which preferves his 
truth, SevfL2. 10. buc he will depart from thofe that deparc 
from the purity of his vyfiyes ; and when God departs, peace, 
plenty, comfort, glory, &:c. all goes with him, and all mi(ery 
comes in like a floud, £>et$t. 3 1, 17, Jrr. 6. 8. H^f. g. 1 2. 

% God mil deftroj IdoldtroHsf laces. 

The Sanftuaries and high places of Idolators llull be rui- 
ned; if Magiftrateswill not deftroythem, God wiji, Lcvlt.sctmdx in 

l5. 3 O. Dem^ 1 2, a 3 . Ez^k: ^* i • Aw^X 4. l^/^- C^ y , 5 Mr. Greenhit, 

Sin^i^iffeciallj the Sin of Jdolatrj) rmnes great men ^^^^tfJ^'^* ^' 
as others. ^' *' 

God i^ no refpefter of perfbns, but if great men be greic 
offenders, they muft look for great punifhment. God is ter- 
rible not only to inferiour wicked men, but even to the Kings 
of the earth; if J^^^^^wr will worihip golden Calves, thofe 
Calves (hall behisruine. idolatry is a God-provoking) and a 
Land-deftroying fin, PJaL 1 06. 1^ J^oti.'/^^ 5. 

d^ 0$is Mwlfters 9ii$ufi denonnce Jndgements ^g^^pfi guat , 

mm when they fin^ as well as again ft inferiour f erf 4ns . ^ff ^^^^ Ti^fbt- 

Yea, rather againft them, becaufe by tbeir ex;^mplc ihcy 6a argument 
doe more hurt. This makes hmos as it were threaten the ^^'Wj^^w*/*- 
houfe of the King. Thus JBiij^A reproves Pihat; NathanrVa-'^^^.^'S^'^^ 
vid,znd John Baptifi HerodsiS^Q moreintny'Coml^iW ^AfSS^K 

8i* ». Obf. I. p.9<J,p7* . luftremi Amos 

5 Go^dtransferres Kingdoms from one fatmlf to another^ asAftttimminat, 


j9b Kjt»Bitf^k» Chap«7« 

He pttftf domi oae md facf up anochet a^ die' ItanMe, and 
none may fay to him, what <bft cbou i Afoer che diirifioa of i^ 
Kingdom of J/r4r/ from ^md^th^ d)ey hod twenty Kfigs of tea 
feveral Scocb, whereof one deflroyed aiiocKr* jtrft^mmt 
Stock was cat 6tf by £4i^^aiidi'44^)^t>y 2/iiirr/y^and TilmL 
by Oi9w-s and Onnrir/ by Jir&s ^<i ^^ibV by Sh^tm^ atd 
ShMltums by Mcfuihemty and Mmfahems by FekiA^txui Pck^^i 
by f/f/{^^4. All chcfe Kings were Iddacers^ and the ii:oft of 
them cruel Tyrants, and Perfecutors; and therefore God cut 
them off) that they did ik>i; live out half their dayes. 

VfiK. lO, If. 

Then Amaziah the Prie^ of Bethel, ^ent to Jeroboam 
King of Ifrael^ f^yng^ Amos hath cw^firei dgainfi 
thee in the midft efthe honfe vf Ifrael> the iMidis n§t 

F0r thus Amos fdith^ Jeroboam jbaU dye by the Stpord^ 
and KraQlfiaSfarelj he led awaj Cdftive ont ef their 
mne Land. 

WEE have feen Amos his fidelity and love to this 
People, in the faithful difcharge of his duty to 
them. We are now come to die iffue andcve||^of J^is Ser- 
mons, and to fee how he is requited for his pains, ^and this., 
makes the fecond part of this Chapter, where we have a nota- 
ble Hiftoryof the Perfecution and ^r^^^/r^r; of Amaziab the 
Idolatrous Pricft of 5^rAf/; and the ^^«^4»f/ of Amos in af- 
fercing the truth, ma ugre the malice of all ad verfe power 
whatfoever, ♦ 

This prophane Prieft being netled with the plaine and 
povxerfirt .^reaching of Amos at Bethel^ (zzntj^ left the people 
tliould fee the truth, and be wrought upon by /imos his Se»" 
monstocaft away their Idols^ and return to the Wor(Kip of 
Godat.7^^«;/ii!w», and fo hisgaines which he had by the Sa- 
crifides and Oblations at 5^W might be lofl; yea if Amos 
and his Pajrcy fliould prevail, he might fear not only the lok 
of his Prieftbood and autboriry^ but the lofi of his life alfa» as 
a falfe I^ophet ; be therefore fstolves to^doe aU he can. both 

Vcrf.lCfc pf$bi Fnfbicy of Amos. j^l 

. hjr f^ce^ftmd e5 rid Ac Land of chts tuibutene and fedi^ 
C0UH 4Nif^ TWUi3diiA( «ire (zy ) b^^cfa buc one fhitr^ but the ^ 
Box hii^t^ mainf ; wd fo bach Ammtiab here* 

.f Hp getsi^ cbe 'i^Mi&r^4/ir, and acculbch jinM ca cbe 
Vwg iiOftt (eaycaaotm Coofprator againl) bim> and a fedicious 
Difhtfber of the peace of cbe Kingdom^. -^Thits he: pr^ends^ 
g^t kindfldBfc cothse Kingv' and tetis bim the cauie was hi9» 
w^ksn in cruch felf was in cbe boctom of the deftgn; for he knew 
if wtfnr^ prcr^iled, he (hodd iofe hi? fat morfels at Bethel^ 
bocb be and hitr Idols xnigik ftar v^ cegecher ; 'jerufalem would 
haYeiili&ecuflomfiroa} htm. 

% Since chiswaydid not take, be now gets on the Foxes 
jkj»y and asafeemmg friend, counfels him to leave the King- 
dome of i/iW, and goe to Juiea^ his o>vne Country,and Pro- ; 
phecy there, where he might avoydthe King<? fury. q. d. h is 
n^f^ffffirtbeiyOAxs^f^ ta Pr^fhecj here ag^lnfi thr Kiisg 
dftdX^itfgdemej Im g^e to ]ndtz^ and tell fhemvf the davpnfatt 
^fVxisXythsretbmwiltkejafe aidwelcome 5 bf^ tf^h is Bcrhd> 
and it is no dtfcretlon fvr thee to freach ag^injl the KtPig and 
Ki^domr hore^ 

To this Charge and crafty counfel of AmazSah^ hmos pi* 
onfty, ^rudeody^ and peace^ly anfwers, with much courage 
and conAancy) r <r/^ 14, i y. proving his extraordinary call cc^ 
the Work^dcxuDcincing Gods Judgem ^nts againft AxxrW«ib,and 
H^Mi ycrf, idi 17. 

In this Verfewehave an Accufationj or Charge drawn up 
tgainft Vfwii';, where wc have,' 1. The Varty accfijtftg, and 
chat is «4«Msi«ibtbe Idolatrous Prieft o( Bethei, fo called to 
diftingui{h him homAmofudb King of Jndahyt Kin^. i a. u It. 
he was Succefforto thofc idolatrous Pricfts which jerohosm 
had fet ujp at J?eirAr/ ^ fome great man he was at Court in. all • 
jprobabiJkjr, andneerto the King, which made bim fend fo 
boldly to hiffly to incenfe him againft Amos ; the Je&it czWs Amdr^as-fuit 
Urn the rtgh Brieft of the Idds at Botbel^ thttt Jeroboam hidPontifex idofo^ 
placed a Colledgfrof Priefts, 1 JCinf[ 12. a J. AmaKiak might f»«^> *-«• '^^>»- 
fcthePr«fca,orGovemouroHt. ' ZVSL 

The WKd (SwAwr, is ufcd promifcueufly for a Pricft or a^ upide.- 

r:', .' r '*\ ..\ . - ' ' . -- . Vrntillmletl 

^4^^t£gu^fTomovim CmfMOitiotmnMnitiWtvklgaYemneqs infimun(mdit:tf 

ntmigire^ ftdmnr 060$ it^fpem^ vtUttf^ifi^m UtH fr'mtipem. p/o'ieus. ■- i 

Pfincei — 

J91 ^An ExfojiiUn . Chap«7# 

PrLVice> for atiBccldiaftical or a Civil Goveroonlti thofe days 
( except ic were in Jttdea ) ininy perlbiH Wereboch Priefts aiKi 
Pdnces, and ruled in Church and Sure. Hence the word is 
ufed for a Counfellor of State, or a great mani Jot x a. i p . fbr 
Sec Mr. Caryl ^ P^^ Levii^ X . 1 1. and for Idolacroas PfieflSi as hercj and 

OoJobxi.i^.G^f».4l«45» <^47-2*« '^ 

. % Here is the Farn ^spfad^ , and that is dnM^ a poor» 
pi dine^pious, harmiels Propter. 

9 Here is ^Vtiiontowh^mheU diccnfed^ and that is the 
idffgyAmzuzhfeffft^theKing^ he could not ffcll fuppreflfe 
him bimfelf) and therefore he fends to the .Secular Power for 
^yd, defiring he may be either filenced^ or baniftit) or put to 

death. * 

4 Here is the Matter for which he is accufed, vix,. for S6« 
didon) Rebeliion^ Confpipacy, and Treafon ; this he fpeaks 
CO exafpera re the King againft hi m : . the good Prophet did on- 
ly difcbarge his duty faithfully^ and perform that ofiftcie ^bich 
God had called him to> yet this is called SidithHy and '^^on- 

5 He aggravates the Crime from the PUce where all this 
treafon was aSed, and that was not priyily in a. corner^ or in 
another Kingdomr but openly in thy Kingd6m, and ^» ^i^ 
midfi of thy \eefle tfraet^ tv&i 2Lt Btthel, where was the Court 
und greareft confluence of all the fub;efts.i fo that' thou hadft 
beft.look to it> O King, for inteAine commotions are very 

6 Here is the Peoples ill rcfentmeht of all this, The Land 
is not ablt to bur all kU w^^ds* j4mos Bgniiies i grievous bur- 
den, and he had no^:his name for nought, for he came loaded 
with many fad burdens and conuniaations againft Ijrael^ 
whi<bmadethisftubborn people fo unable to bear his words, 
.q.d^ Such a feditious^ dangerous ftUow is .tfaiis Nevy-found A* 
. . . nfof, that if thou, ,0 King^ doe: iiot fuK)refshim>*the:piople 
will ; for tU Landy tha( is,, the peofJe of xhel Land cannot 
brook^no.r bear his blunc and dpwn-right^pBtaching, for rhcy 
hate him that reproves them in tbe Gate,; and ^bhor Himthat 
. fpeaVs_uprightly,^w*;,5, io«|thQ5they,<5Cimpl^tife^^^ 

(without a caufe ) for confpiring againft the King^ when 
. themfelves confpijred and cdnw>incdtog€*thcr agai|ift^ftt King 

y . • 

of Kfings vvith^c contKHil, 


The Landdfumt heitr bis words ^ much lefs can I» or any 
©ne that is devoted to the fcrvicc of the King. His Prophcfie* 
are intolerable, for he diflieartens the people by making chem 
dcCpair of their ownc fafety, fp that he is no longer to be en- 
dured, O King, by thcei or thine, for the Land will never bee ^ rid of him, either by banifliment or death ; 
there will be nothing but tumults and factions To long as be is 
tolerated to feduce the people. 

Thus we fee how this malicious falfe Prophet layes on 
load,' thinkiig that fomewhat would, ftick ; every word ha;ch 
its weighty j^^ t/w'^ii, m verier 4j fo many words, fomany 
daggers to ftab this go<^ Prophet. Had the charge been true, ^ 
as it was notorioufly falfe, ^Iffir^i had beenamanofdeatb 

indeed, - 

To deac up aH, let us lookinto che Charge more cxaaiy. 
] Shcff Atea^uh JPwy?^Bethel, fcta to Jeroboam King ef 


T^», when the Prophet had made known to the people 

the Vifions of God, concerning the ruinc of the Kings houfe, 

andpftheKingdomc, then JmaxJah the Prieft can hold no CiYnaiibJts ver^ 

loneer,but he muftpftrfecutc and profecute che Prophet- Thus ^*» ^^* /« 

perfecWonever attVnds thefeithful difpenfing of the truth CS!::^ 

flattery C we fay ) fihdes friends, but truth hatred. vmtms cr^^x. 

He fent to Ktng Jeroboam ; that is, he fenc Letters or Mef- Mttcer. 
fcngcrs to the King, to incenfe him againft Anm^ and that 
dancuUrly and unknown to Amos^ th* fo he might be con» 
detoned^ unheard. No doubt but this High Ptieft had his 
Spies and Intelfigcftccrs about him, to obferve what •4mos 
pjcached, and now bawig got matter enough ( as he cwicei- 
ved ) againft him, to root him out, he fpit his poyfon, faying, 
Amos^^kconffirtdapiinfitbee. . ^ .^ 

The wool which we render to conffarc, properly fignifies Ku kar^ lisa- 
to bind, or to be compaaiy bound together in a body ; hnt'^Jt^^oiiigAvit^ • 
MecaphoricallY it fignifies to confpire, to rebel/to conjure^^J^^^ 
and band tc^ther agamft one, fo the word is ufed, i Sam. 22.;^-^^ .^^jj^y^^ 

g, 1}. I Kiffg. I ?• 27. & 16.9. & « Klrg. 10. p. &'2i. 2i.^it,ribeUavit. 

fo*^ that this confpiring implies that Ames had.iomc confede* 
lates withhim, that helped to carry on this confpiracy againtt 
th^ King ; when alto, -4.WX was fo fatre from ra^/fiVi^^^ ' 

he was now confideting how he najg^t prevent the rujnefborhof 

E e e King 

King and Koigdmni ftod avtttt^ iyff6taimg jfnA^sia^ts. 
By Hb^ Prfcyers he bad premnced mo pigmemii and ikivV 
coitnfets chcm to ptevcnc the third } yet jtfMi^^ ia t €<»ii%i« 
ratocandcrottbitrof //rvo/> wbea xc 9^2»i ffaeir owot I^bHTy 
aadApoftatT^aodliotitilM/, fhatuoidstod]^ ^ . 

a ^ffflif/didiiotvecltbikPjffioiH or rpoakhUdwadiffti^iKe 
ojpiitton ; but he tetis them ebb Bud and Meffagb ^ G^ 
which he had iliewed him in a Vtfioo, and commanded Umt 
to pubiifh, couching (bit deftraJStiion ( not of the Ming htm* 
ffelf, forwe read noc that f4f§b9Mm dyed by riiefwoid ) but o# 
the Kings Poftemyti^f.p. ^T^iUr^etipmifit^ifHtfk ^fjc^ 
roboamtriT/A #ibr )iii0ri. But jrfaiK^Mift (pittceivite diattbtf 
King would be more inriged a^ainft AmiSfx Prorae^ing a^ 
gainft him, than for Prophecymg againfliiis Childrenf ilieie* 
upohTo(gecsd»iaaccdCisicion> andfaitL jtmu^ bath c^fi^ed 
tgainR thee) and bach f^, the King 4all dye by ebb Svt^d. 
Ama&nonU Not a word oftruch, for jfmos did notconfpire againti the 
mcfH^fediB King, neitherdkifaeraydiacheAioidddye%cfaeS^ 
Si'irZ:: thisSatbbe|?i>etet(rfallO^^ 

m^attmsfe' caimedSeditioa^^aadtbetrwibkBrfaaiaie,;foldyf«dff- 

btUtviuMtr^ diargingtbedttty oftbeir^acesfidchfidly.: . 

«^ Nwoytfai$bighCharg^w«.iittyfeeit6atdw 

phec fought tbelife df tbetnte one, as will appear if wd frame 
his AcoifadoQ intoan Aiguoienty thitS) 

He thstt bacb <:onfj%md the ^oinc both of Sang and Xii^- 

dom ougbt to dye ; But j^tm bath done ib. Bfg0. A»cte 

pleafed the Lord ( in wfa6& band is the heart ^t^ King ) co 

make the King (b fajrre to favtur the Prtapbet, as ^t bfee 

Weighted this Priefte actufacion, and tfaerefonc JlimmMnz' 

A great man ^^^t friendlhip to ths Propba, as we ihall fee hcreafterti 

counfeiled B. Now let US ^cw the Tranfa^ions of this Higb*Ptt«ft, mi 

hmherv^Xm weftall Bnde a compteat Charafkrofafal&s^il^ or 

hccamcirfttotbeperfedpifturectfaPolititian* ^^ 

£Sd'in^no^ ; J^y "P^ ^^ *^^ and delude gieat ones, makingihem 
wife concn^ia^^ betee^ that none are cheir fnends bot fucb^K fiiy as they 
iheKiBgt but 'fay, and doe whatever tbey would bafe tfacmdpe, andbu. 
let him havehismourdiefn in their (ins; and that they ar^ their fees dmtlite 
K^c/S ^«^^tere, dealfaitb&Uy and plainiy widi diem, and du is 
hint ttttimr nofmail part of great mcnsnafery, thatthey have few about 
S€i^*7.p.83. b. tliemtba(dare^oc wiUdeal faitbCutty, vmb dm, iliey may 


ufe dve Lci^^ny (in this fenffi) with that alcemton whidt 
the poor Curacp ul^, when he tm his Lord come in(o the 
' Church, 6 C^d tk0 fsbir $fHiMn^ hmx9 merej ufOH ms Ri^Jht 
Ji^nmr^ik Simmh Their ftace (in this o^ffie^) is farre * 
worfe than that of inferiour perfans^ who are plainly apd truly See Uufmer^ 
told of their iin?, when thefe are ibodicd upta their dcftru-^^^*P^^fp^^'*- 

2 They caluftimate and bdye die true Prophets^ they ob- 
Xerye Mfchisv^U rule, Otbmm^rt Mddiir^ fnkem a^md 
*4dharebity Lye lui^Iyi fomewhat will ftick though it be never 
fo falfe. $0 1( vy^s wuh jitmi hssi^ 
* 3 They labour with might and Qiaine to fupprefs i^nd ii- 
lence the true Pfopbecs, they know that their Kingdom can- ' 

noc long ftand, if once the faithful Minifters of Chrif^ bee 
cooncenanced , Light and Daxknefs^ the Ark and Dagon, e:^,-^^»^ ^e/^ 
Cfarift and Belial can never fubfift together. This made p^-a^umfiaptuL 
MMA/^heretoufeboth force apd fraud to rid the Land olP^^^^P^^ 

. - ' . ventatifottn* 

' ^ . tifflm mfctn^fiare mendmim.^ nc momft9.iuidtni. Mercer i« locm. 

4 ^; f49ifr f9fffffw0£h£$ad wm tefire $hf f4tf 6c beard. 
I!l39y Rm^ opt fpea^^ nor mv^ta t^e cafe. Thuf Anuuiab 
Jlero clanoiMy ?cfpfe|b 4fms o the King, when he cpjuld 
make no defence for himfelf. 

dpe ffiafc foipc Wh^at wh their Chaff, t^ catch the Birds 
die foon^r^ ^o i\A4w¥^H4l h^i^e, he mixed tome tr^th with 
Jus lyes. r4^^.^^ fr^i tpf9bp0m fhall dye by the Svyord, 
[ (h^ w^ f fl<Ce ]r f n4 //r#f ' ibail ftirely goe i^a Capdvity, 
[thatw«*?u«?]. ' 

«• • ^ 

• i . ' • . . . . 

i % fy^0fffib^eba^ihepf4ife \ 

: jrho»c wa? a $aif^cf i^^ t^mW to refift 4^j5r/,» Tim.^scc niQtt i»m? 
fi, ana f^Ht hJLiqdBe4^K? 'Pf(flhm fgtm& ooe'gopd 4/iVcom- «i 
f4'4it J a /(#*r ai)d ^ fi^m^4^ ageii^ tfee Prophet Jf- »Tim. 3. «. 
r^WI ?]fl4 b^ 4j»^^^ fgainft ^;^0/. ^ in the New 9^*- !•' 
Tsfta^^nc, h/om fewt«r:WeRe .tfie HighPriefts againft Chiift, . 
ipb»s%%. 47>49f ft^Riing ^iiim as an enemy tocheStke, and ^ . 

-I E e c 2 no - 

3^* ^^ £xj^i>j5/A?ii Cbap.^. 

BO friend to Cdfgr. How did the Scribes and Pbirifees oppoQl 
the Apoftles, and fincc Antichrifts Kingdom hath been Tec up , 
hoyv have Gods faithful witneflcs been perfecuted and flainc ? 
Perfcciition hach ever been the lot, cfpecially of Gods zealous 
Mcffengers, Alis 7. Si. let a manfaithfuliydifchargcthe du- 
ties of his places and then let him look for fome Idolatrous 
• hnAzJiah to oppofc him. When we have opportunicics of cio- 
^ . ing any good, we muft look for many adverfarics, i Car. 1 5*9, 

flStSim^^^^'^^ not then be oflfcndcd,whcn.wc meet v^ith the like ufagc 

>w»i J Ptfi«i/f-f rom the world. 

% It is the frefcrty of Pcrfecutors to ttmUrminc Gods^ Sfr^ 

vanti clAncHlarly% 

jinutzSah fends to the King privily, unknown to kmosj and 
_. accufeth him for a Traytor, that fo he might be condenmed 

without hearing, or anfwerii^ for himfelf.. Thus tfaw deal 
with 7fr/j»;>wben they could finde nothing juftly againft Hm, 
then they fecretly devifc devices againft him, Jer. 
.11. tf . i^ 1 8. 1 8. where we may dbferve^the vile ingratitude 
of men; this Prophet had by his Prayers 'averted two Judge- 
ments frwn Ifraely yet now they fcek his death, who favcd 
their life • and accufe him ef Rebellion) who faved them &om 

Valiant men charge their adverfariesjin die face, k is for 

Cowards to creep behind* Truth feeks no (hifts nor comers, 

it loves the light, as true gold fears neither the Toucb-ftonc, 

. nor the ballancc; bit fallhood being a tvork of dafkneffe, 

loves daflmetfe, and is not able to ftand bare-faced before 

truth ; and therefore it makes lyes and fallKobd itsrefiige. 

3 fVtckfd men vfhut ever thej fretend^ jet intend Self. 

H^man pretended the Kings profit, when his owne ambi- 

VrnVoiZi ^^^"^ ^"^'*^' ^"^ revenge was that h(? realty fought, Hefi. 3. 8. 

cmmdum. So this Idolatrous Pricfrhcre pretended great love and fervicc 

f€Hth$dtevi totheKing,when5^W/vvitsinfbe.bat<3tti of the.defigit Hce 

dimm C^rdl- , ^vas the Prieft oiBethet^ and got muiehi profit by tbeplace,.and 

^^^^1%IpI^^ ^^^^^^ A»<^/ heartily^ who forbad die people to 

riiirr^i^.tm anlas occupant, noit freferre qupdhabem in anmo -, ifldenttnlm impifefi^tre 

. %amr(ini^^dtvi tiip uboleatur t.VAngt&um, Fident doeirmamu$Jlram mnrnffigns^ velfo* 

tim iiaticmfuU^9io9Uy *'»* vidcntfimUosfm in mundo ntfinos t^fprefefint. CaMu m 

inmn^ ' * coaie 

Vcrf. 10, tf tU Prefhtcj of Amos. 3*7 

come any more at Bethel^ but to (bun ic ai? a place infe£^ed 
with Superftition and Idolatry, jimos 5.$. and fo all the fad 
of this-fclf-feeking Prieft of Bethel ran info the fire. This he 
could not bear, for it ftruck at'his dignity and livelihood. Such 
men make their bellies their gods, and little regard what be- 
comes of truth, medo hie fit hene^ ( as the Monk faid ) when 
beftrokedhis fat paunch. Wee read of low ahd ordinary 
Priefts that were obedient to the faith, jiHi &. 7. when the 
High-ones were enemies to the Gofpel. The Apoftle com- 
plaines that all men feek their owne cafe, profit^ praife, but stt an acuts 
few or none feek the things of Tefus Chrift, PhtL 2. 21.>!?. 
many plead for the Papacy and Prelacy for their bellies izVzy^y^^^^i on 
rather than out of conviftion, or jin good earneft. ^^^' *• y • 

4 It is4H M trlck^af Satan and his agents, faljlj t0 accufe P'^''^^^ ^^^'• 
thefervants efGod of Sedition^ Treafon^and B eheUion. 

%^mos that was the glory and Saviour of Ifrael^ that by his 
Prayers kept off many Judgements from them, yet now is 
called^^tbe Troubler of Ifrael^ and commanded to pack out 
of theLand^ which he not hafttng to doe, he vyas knockt 'itiSecBin^otigks 
the iead with a Club by i*Mi4«,Mfo Son, as Eflphamue^ J^. Mofo^i Choycc, 
ron$ and 4>thers affirm. Thus £///^, who was called, the Cha- ^^^' '-^ ^- * 7- 
riots and Horfemen of i(jpj4^/, is called by vvicked j4hah thd ^^^^^^^ ^^-^ 
Troublerof Ifraet^ i King. 18* 17^ i8« iJiw^ accufed thz mina sedith- 
Jww for arPaopIe thatj kept not the Kings Lawes, and tiiitnigy& Ufa 
It was not for nis profit to fuffer them to live in the Land, ^^^^^tis^ 
Hefi. J. 8. Thus Jerem) Aat wept in fecret for the fins of ihejg™ 
Land, and by his Prayers did keep off many Judgements, yet ^^m tamn 
Is called a -m^n ^f contention, and one that weakn^d ihznanpntobHoxii. 
hearts andiiandsof the Pedple^ arid Aat^^ed with the Chal- <^^nm. Uag- 
iftf4ffx againft -his owne Country-men, Jer.i'y. io#c^ 37. 1 j^^'^.a^?*^. 4*<>* 
»4> 15, » 8. t^ ^8:4. Mofes one of the meekeft men in the 
world,yet is accufed of ambuibti, Undone that t^kes too much 
upon him, A^ij»^; 1(5. 

Yea Ghrift biinfelf'svas coifed and.counted an enemy to 
CxfoTf a Eanatick, a Mad-manV and one that had a Devil. The ' 
u^fefiles were counted troublers of the Land, and the Pefts of ohtndm 
die places where they <:amc, walking contrary to the Decrees l^^^gfpfJI'* 

YtctfH qiin toms trbis mmetwiqmd tottu orde peUtUmpereat^ qmn feiesff$lmmfuVp$tC}^ 
tiaf<ensiUd»tfibifa^v$re9j^$bliqms artibns, Culuinin i$c/tm. 

' ■ ;. • ' -' • ' Eeej' ' of ' 

oiCdfsr^ and.fetcitig the world 911 a flame, Ms 16. 20^ my 4 
^ 17- ^9 7* So P4«/ was cQunced a peftUe&c \11ce11diary9 
fifis a I . iS^ 39, 9 !• d* »4» f • and fi« l^^imar ia his Sermons 
See L^im^rf ofcen tdls US) that when bts eneimes couldfinde ho fa(k ex- 
fcr.p. 43-^-Pcepdpnsagamftltts maccer> yoc cfaey would accule Mm for a 
71 • ^' ?r^o$.b. 5c(Uti<»us and turMem fellow* Tr^ly ( faicb he ) the Preach- 
£^/r. */^ j^g ^f Q^^ ^^j.^ j^ (hccaufeof Sedition and RebelUon, as 

T«»irrrro;f-Scecple wa; (be caufe that Smiwbh-Have$$ was 
ftopc up vyiih G^odrnw Sand$» 

The Devil began his Kingdom wich a Lye* attd by Lyes b^ 

ftlll uphold^ it ; he was a Lyar and a Murderer from ene be-- 

ginning, but firft^ a tyar^ aod i;ben;t Mtii:derer ; he ^^nnoc 

handromely q^r^er uncill he.{Uad$r fir&; hee mufipuc a 

Bear*^in uppn o^r ba<;k$ befoce he can wel bak tt9#$o they did 

SiTiberiffHfn iwxht Primitive timu^ and if any calamity bcfcl rheLandy 

afcendit ad they prcfently cried) Awi^y mthjh Chrifiimi fo tkf LUms^ as 

mMs.rtN't' if they had been the caiifepf its whereas the. world was full 

du TJ^ ^^^%' ^^ miferies before tt^.w^re bort3i, and will be When they are 

timc^mT ^^^ ^^^ §^^^* ^1^ P^ans in diofc time§ gave 0ut» i4»c the 

4die$iies. Ter^ Chriftians did wor^b^p tin Ades Hoad , ufed pcomi&uous 

ti4.Afo!0t.ei LuftS) and drunk the Uood ^ In£anti>9(£. HieTe and many 

^°-;^?;^^^^^ wore Siancfcr? they iflvenied, mCfiriy to wttethem odiousj 

^j^ i*//;\hactheygii^^ A$a ipan that wiU 

Comfort it{- 'han^ hi? Neighbour's T^ogg^ ^«ft jirft gjiye out xhat be k 

ma. Confckn- mad. T his made? foJiMnyt^earijedinw to Apologiec fior the 

^^\^A^' ^ • ^'^^ ChrUlianf » *i^ to wp? off tbpfc ^alumoje^ wnicb mali^pe bad 

i*io k/*&' caftuponthcqx. Tksk^ d\4 J$^fJm ^mjr^ tiffd^g. ad ^mU. 

his focond«<r. p. H- T^Hil^4» Vff^^t ,4^iWti^ir Jp^/^ir, Ip? Ma- iii^ 
^ ^ifKW, p. {]^^. -^ Qrigep I^iKi • ^^'^^ C^lff$mXpm.^ p. lfi8ri. O'/trAM 
S^' ^*^- p(m\74 T>efmni4!m^J?xHl'Am^lib.l^^ 

gmfidfiCivpt.Pfiffr ?^«i«t.H9 Writ i^ofc twenty two jBookf 

to clear the Chriltian Religion from vilpj|^rfi6iig. 

The wi:ls«^ Ute. 4<Jb*lK/f j^ «ry TceifoniTioifoii, wbenAee 

• her fclf wap th^ Jraytof Ihewftsted.powplaine of^e ^o^y . 

' for troMblitig /jfw/, wb^jc 1% ihei»felVe5. :that a» the pvc 

• • Re(hagnHBs a|id goi^ters ^oq^ pi Ch*«:ch iW)d Staw. As they 

have fxo peace in tbewftl ve?, . fo they hinder k, ifl <»6w. If is 

the covetous A^,^ |h§ I^Uter, jw^, .^trfc^ the ^ireaw, 

jf^r. aj. lo. the Sabbath-prcpbfner, £;uit/ ao. i g.'the Cove- 

' ' ^ nant-breakcr, 

Vcrf. xo* cftii Frpfbf^y ff Amos. . 399 

laaqc-bretker^ bvh, ^6i2i. ^btdebaischc Druflksrd, cbe un- 
clean Zimri and CozJ^iy chefe, chefe are they that trouble 

Touching the wrpulcncy of 7//iipV/ and Mafe-pricfts, and King Jtf«« 
what Incendiaries di6y are, and toiiching their fedicious Do-^JJ. J^^ 
dirine, leading to dlfobedience and rebellion, what a Cztz- ubi cunoj fe- 
kguie of about forty King^ and ?t\nt^t deftroyed , oifmtAyibuj^re^ 
vfcxcd by the Pope and his Clergy, fee this clearly ptoved by «»» prodUvr. 
Mr. jf#fcf WlAtt^ in Ai$ Way to the true Church, chap. 6pM^^Z[7^^ 
toA Mr. $Mtgr^ \Ai Ktj toOttbolickS, chap. 48^ p. 3481 & - * 
3S5. See iVatfoHs Qgdlibct^ p. 6pj &c. 7$, Sec, n 2^, fcc 
Ik. Mhi Aatiii(S^^^ (^4 ii p. )$. p. 115. they teach King* 
killing, &ft9^ Comfort Afflia^ 0^/r. Preface, p.3,4> $.0. 
^9t^ Drfmeft. i^£i^ S. J. and Mr* P^^, The Treachery 
MdiDiiloyaltyofFjqpii^cO dieirS<n^faigns, printed i^4^< 
and Romes Ma(ter«<peece« Yet to come nearer our times, 
what notorious (landers and lyes have the^Papifts raifed a- 

' " our Reformers ? eo ittftanc* but in three : 


I Lmber was loadedrwith Pap^cat Lyes, he was accufto* ^^^ ^)^^, 
bed CO them, TayiHg, Mitn maximepf^funey ^ui de me feffir- co the true 
i»r k^uitntHTj LuthfrnffifcitMr 6wmntifg^ They gave our, chat^i^^^^*^^ 
goine merry to^bed artd drunk, he was found next t£iQtn\T^^*^^j^^9$ 
dead in his bed. &ci irfteiiXA^farwas alWe, andteftified die^^l^jjjj^^ 
{'aift^ood of chid T^onmiMef-^iijiotvneiiand. The lik^ they of L«/ib/r« 
did by C^/e^Hi, and ^ir«.ii. 

a C^fo/iii, dicy were not behind hand m^ him, th^^ccu^^^^^^^^ Ca- 
fed him of Ambition, Covetoufmfs, Incontinency, &cT thitthoL Ortho- 
he was/f br^ndedi i^i«f#iV^ canTttmed of Lice, and'dy^d(io3^QLX'F-i2> 
i)lafphefBiHg, al4 which calummes are fet off by the- Writer* ^ 3 > «4. &^- 
cif his lifct His eofariiesifinde it farre more eafie to calumniate ^ ^ oA^ 
him, than to instate htaii Moft of our Modern Writers doe ikb, chap. 3 x. 
but ikfcant upon. C^^fc^/PIain+fong; yea the Jefriit^ them- p. 1391 &c, ^ 
ielues are very IHagianes, whotdw fuft ?ob him, and then 
railatbim^ r ' v .; 

i JBfjWjj.Tfaeyigavc otttthat he wsK^dead, and h^ recan- 
tedt and Qirned Papifi, when be was alive, and did confute 
tbeAandec* It 

b were eafie toureche Reader with fuch inftances^- but 
thefc may fuffice. 
This may ferve, 

I For Comfort. 
% For Cautiatu 

• • 1 For C#«/irr, if chc like befall hSj remember the Difci- 

Sff^n- P^^ ^^ ^^^ ^"^^ ^^? Matter, nor the Servant above his Lord. 

ders. 5ee my' Let US be patient tjll the comii^ of the Lord, for then there 

Com.Qn iTim. yvUl be a B^efurre^ion of Names, as well ias of Bodies> and 

3. |. p. 88% Chriftbimfelf will be our Compurgator. 

^ ^f^*' . *. 'For Caution, It mull niake us wary and caatious :^hK 

"**^*^'^^*reports we receive ^ainft the ^odly ;and not to beleeve every 

Idolatrous bloud-thirftyAm4;a46> when they revile andca« 

lumniate Gods faithful Minifters and People ; if bare accufa^ 

tions were fuifici^nt to condemn men, Chrift him&lf had nx 

been innocent* ^ _ * 

As for d^ godly>they are of thofe who are peaceable in Ifrael^ 
they are enduea with the wifdome which is from above, which 
is firft Pt^Cy and then Peaceahle^Jsim. 3. 17. they are peace- 
able in thcmfelves, and arc Peace-makers, ana Peace-pre- 
fervers,; they are for Peace Ecclefiaftical, Political, Domefti- 
Fax cum hernia cAi ; they ate for all manner of Peace, fave pfeaccmh fin. 
nibMy fed cum Peace and Piety% Peace and Truth is their heans defire, 
vititscomnHT Zsch. 8. i9- Hii. 12* 14. the GofpeMike a Sword divides 
t^mtR^^' between n>en and their fins, and fo breafcs worldly wicked 
•' ' . peace, Mat^ 10. 34, 35. buceftabiifttcthimefnal, real, folid 
A J P!??^8> I came nt tf ftnd Petiee^ km m Sword^ Chrift fpcak^ 
- not of the effefl^ but of the fvent of theGofpel ; not what the 
. . Cofpel procures properly £rf^/r, but Accidentally, when it 
;. ; :^^ meets with wicked mens corruptions ; not what it works in 
. o ^ , :. the foiihful, the; unfaithful. The Gofpel in it felf brings 
'^ • * that peace all uhderftanding, to fuch as fubfflit 
unto it, but wicked men oppofing it make the ttimcilt and 
divifion? and dierefore it is they, and not the Gofpehhat 
muft be blamed. Real godly men that walk up to their Prin* 
fee c^i on ci pies and Pf iyilecfee?^ are the: Ble/fings-cif it Lajik, the Pillars 
lob 9. 13. of a Nation, the Beauty and Bulwark of the places ^Ifcre 
P 2^44^- they live. They keep Iflands frocrl deftruftion, 3^b ^2. #/^ and 

therefore they cannot ' truly be called the deftroyers of tbcm, 
• X 'As 

^erfVio^ ofthePn^hicj^^hmo%^ 401 

It IS ignptance and pw^pha^encTs wiuch mate^^ 
rude and rebellious, but where Religion coinc$ in ^thc power 
P^ ^^. ?^|ne« o^Q^fttOD for fear, bik' foir comfeiehce f ake ^here 
^!? ^S ^ter $8|^|(||hfl5>»d Subjeias in the. vvorlid ';;0oncv«iofc 
f aitlv^I to thc<r ct#^ m 
nor pay their 4«e^ore fte^Iy ahdfuUy to. thdea; Tbcfe are 
they ^hat vyill venture their lives and Eftatesrfor their ho- 
nour, when fii^'h as ferve them for their owne qadsy wilrHeavc 
xhcmjand.for/igtothcm.' ',* ' . v' -^'i 

^5^ l?^^:*J^^ftoald:think)niefi^ 
pneCthat ^t4«time$:gcie)iniTy paflc farmaiiy^.iJr tendt^P^^^^^^^^^ 
overgo^d men{f4ith DoRor Gauden ) thefe arc thfe that /hall f^^^^^"" 
fee Cods faef ih ghryy snd ft are mere fittpenjophe farjeUr of Cmrx^ 1641. 
Kings o»earfh. Thefe are the j that kefikpimthi dHt^^.htmeur^oAilch n. 14. 
^ndfidelm they e^:te:Majefh,,andjmak! a^^^i^m:e4^ifdf P- 35> &«• 
i^l heoHf^.k k a f!HHt ^Mmefefd iter Waf ;- ' 'V.lmfi are, the Pro*- 
piigp:uia ^ munimehta regni & Ecclefiae (a^y^asfuid^Su ^ 

Ambf ofe ) the Jhepithy hof^eury and fecnritj of Chterch And 
State wtdergad^ andhisMayefttes care and ftom^revidenee^ 
^H^^f: ^^fm^fert the ( ■, Ttitelarea genii) TreteOors efUs 
^fjfff^s ffrfeft\:he4M9J»^aJfh^ Hfe^Qmien^Crmen^audfPo* 
y?<''i7j .|«^V^;4^ hlyiieam to 

y^eyod:(f.Hejp;eH, for. his ' Ma)eftles faf&x W happhteffe. 
Thefe are Ukg Mofes and Elias, the Chariots md Herfe-men of 
Ifrael. ihefe heve fmer ivithGodj hj their Trayettycomfd^ and 
lood camples they If ei»thet Of ymdhindtr the infmtition sf 
Sm an^ Jfi^geme^t:: To ibefom meinKAerGfd^tht^^jiyment 
^f,^^^^^rfteKtyifafifty^'andr^^ ^fth&klefittgofbief^ 

sw^s temforal^a pioM andgrAcioHs Prince^ Thus fully and truly 
the Dofliorjfo that it appears on all hands^that Gods peopleare 
not thp TroHf^lersy\i\xji the Pjilars and pttoqablc dnes in Jfraely 
th^wilfye{;fwtl)er;aBpcari if weccmfi^^ 

-"• >••' ^'''^- -■;'' r^'T^Wr Principled- - ' '" ' - ''" '- • :-'^' 
' :•!:> /. ' ; ^^ '-i Tlicir Titles.- -''■•.- v ■•-- '- " 

', . g Their Prayers, . 
• . • \ '^ .4 Their ftaaicds, ' 

Fff I Sedi- 

40^ 4i^ ExfifitioM Chap- 7- 

ti;^S2Sui^ so:fear God fiifi,indrDen iso^h^notir tte^Kin^. 
bis Vice-|ercnt on earths They obey nacibt ftat { a!?m<^<a 
men <ioe; but for caxkiatostisisc \ t$ they give linto <3od 
what is Codsifo-they gjkre i^co C4^ what is C^<irj» A iV the 

tmrs scr. p. ^ RcheUm^ if there- wcm good3ifliopii(5ftiA l»< ; iibcr^ tibbld 
ii4.b; , * be j[iofebeUb% it is Ignorance tiiatbce«d^ru(^ 

beilion* as v« have feenin die »dcbr trt{hy i^c. ^Ugbt and 
Grace take awayr that ferity, cru€h:y, andl^ui^lency thatis 
in our nati^res^ ic fluake^ the Hon and die Lainb to dwelt to- 
gedier in peace, Ifa. ii. d, 7, 8. Inord^^t^' low dfjclie 
W^dd is the gceiw: make^wte-'of the World V'novt ^tace 
' . l<)aCa8s mens hi^rcs h6BX^^yioi\AySC^)oi%^ P^^ to part 
wuh hi$ cM/!iie dght ta I'kU chou^ h$ w^e Aifk^iour cohim in 
age undplace^yec he ^eW«^ bim for peace £ikt,(7^i} .8,9. 
' ^Chri^hiinftlf ieil be>{kuild ^^ 
lifl^uGe t^CMfm^ tboogkAfae conid have fttld^i:i immunity^ 

?J.-}^ ifhiff.,i. riSi Chiift their Sawdur :i8 th^ ,IVihcfe'of 
l^ace, Jffd. 9' ^' the%i#it th^t dwells in them i^ a Dbre? the 
cfipiilem of peace ; ' riie Gt>fpet v^khthcy bcle^i^ die Gof- 
Scc more in pfel *«f ^cace ; th^y ace aJoued wtb ifee-Vliyome v^btcb is 
UT.BMrrHghs fr^^tft above^' which W^pui«,andpted6eaMev^thttpfcade of Go^ 
ch!'i?'rS; r4iiQft<ii:*eb*«ras,ttodtaodera«es:d*8r pafeL^C^f.3.i ^.fe 
&c. and his i-that wq Beed«>ttfaar xhou ©tfehdin^ who »e foffri^l^b^BMl 
rmfir/»,ch.3i,againftofendiiig* - •' 

?^»3J;an^ihc -J l^Tiiir^Jwhkktiie^vefiihemritt&pri^^ that 

/Tiin tS^" t^^^ ©f peace; l^i#. Mtnio b dteir^, f^fcr 

Querics^jp'. 4I,;»^,*i*<.^-^JQ.^^boik:•eli1^ are^^stted^ Do^«s^;!not 'Kites : 

& 48? &c. t^imbsf ij^'^ti^^ ;^ <Sheep^^^ni?t Wol^w^^^ aHtl-ihfe 'Cfiiircli it 

opnipaced to a Vine, nocto a Ttioirr 5 »9 « Viiigin, to a Wi- 

(kwr, toa Woria, Ipi.j^ut^^ alt which we harmicfr, iniKy- 

(Jtet^ inoffatrfiwd cieacii|e«; . &bje6l to TWt&ngt ^wt doq inorie, . 

>nd#sniiei€htiff^$weiines)ktibv^^>'i^^ vnilh Which m^s ' 

" them fo ready to abufei^jiMa^ <f bp -€Jfo^ will pull wool off 

a Sheieps back^ it dares not Ip^ fo. bflAwicb a Wolf, or a 

3 It is againft their i^r^^rirpfc-fur^ulcnt, they pray for 
tb^peacc of ]trf^[^cm\ apd for the^peace of the places where 

Vctf. lU gfrhlrifibeif^Amqs. ^oj 

^ and bccaVing cheldii^lAWtfs^^fihw^ aM 

bf tfaeir meaiB^ we uta; live In gckttinris Hftdpieaee) fit 
fe£ifire ace cbcy km cmamg^ tf ouUes^ ehat by^ theit Vawy^ts^ 
caaxAij and godd exjoifle,- nBe; loeqp Aaoy ti^^^ubte^ and 
(fifiDvdm^oocofalra^. - ^''.^ .. v 

4 Icis agai«ffttb«sr P^iVtu«'lt)eirM^ t^'i^ft 

die^trdiac ofife di^dxi^ i vo}ft9^lwthtmwM peufebt^ th£m ; 
CO doe good to* dieitt that haie ehein, and to prefervie cbdr 
liivesyivbofedkttefrdbM^^ Ifebeir 

eaeayi be bu^¥y^ d^^y f^ed him { if naked^ dnieyict^ttb^ ^in> ^ 
and fp beao cbtils of we tipoft 1ft9head> Mc^^tu^^ : ! : - 
. r Befide^, in the ^kces vfbore' dicf dmli, ^y kbour to 
fiit)prefirSin) add to promote iMety, and this cbndiicedi'Vbfy 
much to the ^acc and profpcrity of a Naooni Where tte 
faIt;<£Grace is^ diere is ^^^tCt^M^X ^. «*♦ It vfu Pr opbfefied, 
ifaaciQGofpet-dhnesdhey iliou^^ notlKirtiin aliGbd^lsoIy 
Mouncain, and- why Wf fir th i^mi fndiifijkd vritk^ 
kfmfiedgi $fthr Lardy ^nd- that'tvili^ (f^ake nien pioti^ ^ 
peaceable, It^. 11.9* Ig^norant men are brad(h mereilefs 
toenr the dark places fiP thjJ earth aW hi(tttttri«dS of crtieluy, f^^ Mr- ^O'* 

JTi^r iifrw fii//^ Amps,'jeroboj^m iji /A^ /jwr^i primcdTJ^^j?'^ 

. ; TinJ iTrael ^10^ fmdjybt led arn^y f ^f^ ^i^f ^ ^i^^^ ^ 

IN this Verfe jim^iAthc Arieft laSdiiirsto make good his 
Charge againft Airi^/, to this end he ptoduceth a double 
aceufacioit agaiftftiiiin; « : 

dtou^iite dttnot read thar^ft^i* hihtfelf dyedljy thefivord, 
xetZa^h^iidf las Son was flaine by ShMlnm in the Hghc of 

Fffa the 

4e4 luin Bxpfition^^ .. Chap.7# 

th^ Ipe^plci whicb put ancod td icbe/Sf^k of J^^^ 
ter.whacxhe Lotd bad -thtaon^^agakift^ ho^fe of J^y ^nos. 
th4c in (beioun^ gehefimm/biilSco^k iho|d.d ce^fe ;,.fb dm 
hm0xj^ reports iVvi'i.hisDio^ine ta the .Kii^^ not itilty, 
buc fraudulently, upp^g cbaf c6 cbe lather, which Aimt 

ic Pijfterity* Tb4Si wicked men, like, thbir Fa* 
, adde and dctra^l from .Godl Hood^aadinais 
words, fo is jmybcftfuitiWitbJcheirftwiKtdd^^ :i ■ ^. 

2 HechargecbhifliiWitbdiftKajtm^ 

ing,tbat Ifriut^^i [urdyh UH aw^j csfiive out ofthirowne 

Land. Tbis Was true, but fafarre from being a Crime, tbat ic 

' was! : -4w« Jn^gfcory^ tbdthf faithfully a$d frjfclyi ileKvered 

the Mefl[age. that^God cooamimded hm iC0v^tyerfiQ>ib'^ peo- 

. pk J and her^ wemay o^^ferve, that wlW9 tfe faffe^Ffopbet 

recites ^i«f^/;his wowb ,co . tfteL Kingj tftete hie altars the 

yvords, andtuakes thiog^.^orre ; but wfa^fi be comes to ipeak 

' ofthepcoj^^jtheniiccanfpeakKath.' : . 

i.tte had ufed.all bi$. Qtmi^m perffflade^th* Kingtopunifii 

:Afiifis^i)amj0:^bhm kncwwttne v«s a M*vjof God, aiid 

ihcr^fpredvtrft pc« doe l|ii3/Propbet.a^y barn? i, and tbe radiety 

•bepauC^he had cbfervcd- char <Jod had Aaipiy.pimiflbyed fcra^ 

ham the firft witha withered arrne, and ^M, .and odiqr hia 

^ Predeceffors that had oppof^d his ^Pfe3fte?R;;Vjjbi5v. bgacms 

. made hm wife. The context ihcwcs that the King was cold 

fnthecaufe, for we read of t)c^apfv\)¥r that the King gave to 

. ^maz^iahy peradyentufc he ni|^ht*c!ifcerne. hi? falihood and 

. his flattery, and fo flei^t Him ; ' this is 'Vefy probable by- that 

♦ilhich follovses in fhe next verfe, where^^it^i^W^A falls to Hat- 

\ (texing An§oSy fince by forcehe could not hurt him^' .^.. - 

mif-rfcit«tb( wards of Godtferv/mti^ i:. , t 

When Aey can finde nothing lu^ly, againft thqpi ^^ 
th^y fall to/bclyipg cbe<n,^t9 dpyife, d,e)ac(;^; agfioft 

€«m.o» »Tkn. wen huB*eca<fe hi? i? a yioie^ a^ y^rulenc, CWAijiiwj^wr, ^ 
^.^.1. beijfec qC tjtt Saux^>, .ajiq j[9. gj^^imQUoyn^s^Ja^ 

/ \' I • ,. I *. i ' • '^ ~i^ 

* ■ *" c '■' 1 -I 

ycjrf. ig, of the Profhecj of Amos. - 40y 

tKcy alfo are cz{{tA{S<iOi^oKoLjC^umnUt(fres) by their Father? 
name> falfe-accufers. JSo M i^affAHsC. n^ij* ^^w'* 

a hU:fh^pr9f€rtMf fsdfe Prophets to wihgle fomttrmb^ 
with thek^ix^h ^^^ f^^^^T to deceive the fimfie. . 

So doth this Prieft of SetkcL here, and fd doe Mafs'Pricfts. 
As th(? Fovyier ipjixeth fome Whea^ with his Chaff, and fticks 
{otxk Cdrn lipon his Linie-twiggs to catch the fooner ; fq Sa- 
tan puts a fine glofs apon his f alfc vVare^ that they ma/fell 
the better. He and his can produce Scripture for a need, they ^ 
cah transforme themfelvcs into Atigels of Lighr^ and can cite }^I^V^^ 
Scripture CO draw you from Scripture, and tempt you to irreK-y^,^ mmulsl 
gicm by tetigious Arguments mif-appfied. Eflcwm that was^ m}^^^^^^ p^iix^ 
H<^titbus in bis Life, and lewd in'hw Opimohs, ^ holding that wh© lived in. 
thereiV*eretK>G<xiSj6rcIfethatthey'vvereidte,and cared not jjc third Cen-; 
for governirig the World, • yer fometimes he commends the ^'^^j^-, 
plealures of the mind, that fo be might vend his Epicurean CoBtut. of 
fleafurcs the better. * • . irj-ww vulgar 

,3 That Priffc^t^aify art motfmittlgent'ta Cods Pr<?/rA<r/errours,cH.x«, 
thdmldolMroHsPtieftf,'"'^ ^ ' ^ -. / ?' *f^ 

-^iw4«;»^6 the Prid*vvould have -4i»w put to deati for a\ ^' 

Traytor, but the King fpares him. It is obferved, that the F/^f «« ^«?'/'^ 
grcf teft hatred is ufually amongft men of the fame profeffibn; g^' «^'^^^ 
it is not rfwKingj'butthe Prieft of l^Af/that profecutes A*' ' 
moti ' Thus it was'with Jirffhyj when the Pciefts were inraged 
aj^aintl jjhn, Wnd fbpght^his hfe^ then the Princes plead for 
him, arid favehim, feri a6. 8j i(S; and after when the Prin- 
ces caft him into the Dungeon, then the King releafed himy 
Jer. 38. I o. So our King Edward the Third preferved H^icl^ 
life from the fury of Simon Sudbury Arch-Bifliop of Caftter-^ 
i$0r)y aoi after the Duke of tmcs^eir became his great Pa?- 
tton a^ntt Ae gcrfecudi^Pf elates of thofe ti*es. -^ • 

V 1 1 - . 

Fff 3 • ■'■'■'■■ ^ ■ ■ VERi 


ris^ buE muft preadi when and' iivbcre Ins^Ldrd afad, MaAcf 
coitunands bim. -• 

4 There eaae head ^ chat is, Get cby living there, Gmr. ^t 
19 for if chtm ft ayel^ here thou mayeft ft arve, here is no bo- 
dy will fuccour or fupport thee j fpr thou artJi burden both to 
Prince and people. Here is nothing for thee to eate,- tiere is 
no profit to be had, and by thy preadhing fo openly zt Bethel^ 
againft the Calves of Bethely thou marrcft our markets too. 
But goe to Judxhy there thou wilt be maintained like a Pro- 
phet indeed: there thcxi wib live more fecurely. and be main- 
rained more plentifully • there is King VzAiah^ alias ^«4- 
rlahy that loves iuchprecife ones as thou ar(,-iXi^j^«\t«$. 1,3. 
and a people that prizemen of thy ftraine, and will not fuBStr 
cheetovvant. Thusthis mercenary falfe Prophet meafure$'A* 
mos by htmfelf, thinking that gsdne would mtice him away, 
as if Amos had been one of thofe who Prophefied for a little 
Lucre, for a handfulofBarky,-'or amouthful of Bread, ^Abrl;, 
1 3« 19. Mtcha ;• 1 1 . fo that this is an Argument 4^ ntUi^ 
^ ' 5 PrefhefietheYe. Here this fubrtte Prieft ProI^ipdiSlily jJie- 
vents an Obje6kion ; whereas \^«w/' might h^jvelfaid, what? 
would you have me idle, and leave that eipploymetit to which 
God fofignally, and extraordinarily call^ ff^e ? Not fo,Xfeidi 
9>fnM&iah ) I doe ncfe bid f thee flefe, * that thou -iniy^- fee 1- 
dleorfilent ( for if he had done fo, his fraud had beenSoo 
• - apparent ) but Ibid thee goe^ tcT^^aby and PJoptefie cbfre, 
wherethou vvilt have double honouT •, that is, both counte-* 
nance and maintenance, bolh which thou vyanceft here. Thou 
loveft to be plaine artd^free againft ft^ why gcit'^ thee to Jn- 
'^4fr,thefe th iy wilt1)e iglad ofah^e^ -'and thct^/ife^u mayeft 
dedaitneftedfy I againft the-, fiht' dt^'Jira^^ adti ^'threaten u$ 
. , without fear. 'Here thou arc ftiolefted with' AU^fJiftd Calves, 
with Idols and Images, Amw j. i4>» but get th^ to JerkfM-^ 
Umy and there thou wilt be free from chefe Tujjierffirious fop:? 
<- peries, andlying^vanittes.: Thefeexercifeitfay igif% of preach- 
itig, and g^t thy living by it, a? I -'doe by/ iiiiy :Pri^fth()ood at 
BetUU where I live- peaceably;'Ob- 
lations atid' Sacrifices ; I (hall nof <tttvie^''eMete''^get what 
thou canft at ^nidh ) doe not thou eiivie me^ «iy Morfels at 

6 He argues adamne^ and tells faioi that It wais ' dange* 

' . ' reus 

Verftta. oftbePnpkecy^' Amos. 40^ 

.roiisfor him M Dr^h ^y more ztB^l^ as for what U p^ 
thac is pardoned, provided thou come no more? amongft w at 
Sftkili fioc it is^che Kings Courts sad. die Kings^ Cbappel, and 
he wiii not endujre to be affronted cfaete. ^ 



^ » 

1 That mckfd mtn kt^ve^ f^iii^m \h ^f^g f^efrnthful 

What jndiftry and aahncydotb this Pridk of &r*rfufew 
root «tf 4vpf out of Jfraet. He fends to the King, and accufeth 
Aww for a Traytor ; and when foccc wilt not doe, be pJayes 
the Fox, and under prcttenceoE friendfliip prfwades hinn t4 
feavehi&ftAtion^ auad taflbc the tind. SoPh4raohj how in- 
duQrioiis was heeo dcftroy Ifraeh how i^ivt-was flmm t6 
have, the J^n^/ deftrwcd, and vfb^ a great ftmi doth he pt€h 
wife tothe King: to cfteft it, B<!>lefo€han ten thoufand talents 
oE'fil vej^, JSi;/?. 4. jfc Sa Nekemkhs e«ffKCSi vidiat f or<e and '^ • 
£rauddid they ufe co hinder his repairing of the Temple, how 
faine would tbej^ have had him flee ; as Amuisb would 
havehAdy|fi?iwhere5thatlfehe night have reproached him fof" 
a Fugiijive, $^ orie that was confdbus to himfelf of his own 
guilt, smd therefore he fled for it. 

^ Q:, tbe:QgefiidnthtHyf^le^ y^tberh k Imi^ HfUe In 
time of ptrf&cmw t »^> 

; -^« I«{onie Ca&s tr may, a», i If amanbe butayoungf 
beginner^ aod' Had not flv^ei^di to bear tbe brunc latid beat 
of the davjbe miay with-draw for a time. «. 

2 If cbeperfecudonbe perfonal) againft a particular many 
or Minifter, and not agabfl: the whole Church, he may ufe his 
liberty. So did Mofis^ E^ah^ Dswid^ Chrift, Tanl: 

But when Gods time is come, that he calls usr co' feal to his 
truth even wich our deareft lives,, weinuft not love them to the • 
dcath^ ievet. 12, ir, but rejoyce that we have any thit^ of 
wortb to lay down for Chrift f like the valiant Horfe, we muft 
goc forth to meet the armed man, J ok 1^9. %u fo did that ac-» 
compliflic, coutagious Martyr, Mr. Frjthy when fome thatlo- 
ved hifp bad :«j(Mitci«d biff efcape, h t^td them It mnfi n&tbe ; 
for ( faiih he yifyfnfhdntd Imte m here oftd got to Croydon, 
dfcUrmgt^^ Bi^tfthat f 00 had lofi Frytb, / v^mtd Jurilj 

Ggg folloi^ ' 

^10 An Exfoftthn Chap.7, 

5ecMr. cUrkj folhtP sfterasf^flas IciMld^ and iring them nemo that /had 
LiYcsi X Vol. 'inf^^4 and brought Fryth again* 

Jie Life of Mr. ^ j- ^^ ^^ q^^ ^^^ fujjy handled xn Ut. Perkins C. Conf. 

'^ ' lib. ii.Ci^j.andon Heh. 11. jj.p. 191. and T>.Cc9. 

MiotyThefis 5. p, itfp. and in my Com. on 2 Tim. 5. Ii. 

Obf. 5. p. aoi. J^o^^The. Tajlorow Self-denial, p. aj. follo^ 

in fine. 'I 

a fVickfd men mahj times are fuhite men^ 

The Devil chuTech Serpents for his Inftrument^, Cttfie ok 

« bis arnart Diahlmy he chinks ic an ornament to his-Caufe and 

Kingdom to get wits about him, howfubtilly here>doth this 

Pried ad his part ; his words are fmoother than oyt, and yec 

are they very fvvords, ff4. 5 ?• * ?• Satans Inftruments ( like 

their Father the Devil ) can transform themfelves into Angels 

iniMtl indu&oillv^^ 2 Car. xi.iiy 1 4. when fucb fpcak f air^ beleeve 

fAclii ciYcm- them not, for there arc fevcn abominations in their hearts, 

vmmtmab p^^^ 26 • 2%. we had need then to be wife as Serpents, and 

mateiimMi''^^ watch not only againft a raging, but againft a fawning cnc- 

m^FoRx^f.^^.^y 5 ^^ ^'y ^S^inft the Lion Rampant, but alfo againft the 

' Lion Gouchant. The worlds flatteries arc more tone feared 

than its frowns, its courtefies, than its injurie?,^ - Many that 

have flood it out manfully againft open hoftility,' yet have 

been infnaredby flattery. Take heed of thofe Jaats and ' Ju- 

dafesrhzt kifs andklU^ 1 Sam. 3o« 9, 10. watch not only a- 

gainft open, but alfo againft fecret inHnuating enemfes,wcich 

under pretence of friendChip feck thy rulne ; the Devil gains 

^ thoufands, and ten thoufands this way. Wee ftiotild obfcrvc 

his depths, and not be igtior ant of his methods and deuces,' 

but ftopour ears againfthis Syrens, when they feck to uhder* 

mine us. 

5ec my Com. 3 T^hot titles ofbaneUr may be given to Gods Mimfiers. 

•a i Tim.3 . 17. O thou Seery ic is not, O thou Lyar,- thou Vipelr,thou Wolf, 

Obf.i.p.i^^. thou Robber^ thou Murderer, thou Conjurer, thou Juggfcr, 

Devil, thofe black blalphemous Devils the inkers call 
us. ^»/i*mA ( chough an Iclolacrous Prieft) yet had karnt 
' better 1 anguage than fo. 

j^ The Ministers rf God jhonld be Seers^ 

They muft not be blindGuides, nor Seers that can fee no- 
thing but what tends to their ownc gain ; nor Seers, of Lyes 
' and Vanities, f as it i§ faid of falfe Prophets ) Eiu\. xj. 7, 8, 

9y }«• 

• * 

Verf. f ;. 9ft,he Prophecy of Amos. 41 if 

p, 13. Sc 12. 18. but they muft be men of knowledge, MdL * 
a. 7« and have the Tongue of the Learricd, to fpcak a word in 
feafon to him that is weary. Look what ebc eye is t;6 the body, 
that arc (or at leaft-wife that /hould be) PaftorS to tne 
Church, to watch over the Flock for good, and to direct it in 
paths of Piecyt Hence Minifters are called the Eye, i Cer^ 
II. 17. Stars, and the Light of the World, Mat. 5, 14. bur- 
ning and ihining Lights, 7<^*« ?• 3 ^. which help to inlighcen 
the World with the light of found Do£trin. Hence it is that the 
Prophets of ol^ were fo oft called Seers ^ «^^^^, was called a 
Seer, 2 Sam. 15, 27* and Gad^ 2 Sam, 24. 1 1, ahd hema^^ 

Zni frefhefic net MgAtne any wore at Bethel, /?r it is the 
Ki»gs chaff d^ and the Kings Court. 

• , . , . 

\ 7 T T EE have feen this Bethetlan Priefts counfel, Theci- 
I'V V cally and Pofitively fct down. verf. li^ln^ *!' 

verfe we. have his advice Antitnetically fet down, B$u Prtffhejic 
980 more at Bethel^ come not within my Diocefs and Jurifdi- 
^on. where I and ahers are bound to attend, and officiate, 
by the Kings Mani^mtu. In the words we havc^ i A Prohi- 
bition, Profhejie no more at Bethel, q. d. Thou haft preached 
fix Sermons already againft the State, the King bath pardo- 
ned thee for them all, and paflcd an Aft of Oblivion^ provi- 
ded diQu preach no more fo ; but if thou be like to new Wine, 
which muft have vent ( for filenc^ is painful to a real Prophet ) 
yet come not to Bethely but rather goe to Jttdah thine ownc 
Country^forlamrefoivedtofufpend and (ilence thee from 
preaching here, and that for two Reafon. 

I Becaufe it is tie Kfnes Sanftuary, and the Courtiers will ^^^ ?w^^ ^r^ 
notbeieeve thee, nor abide thee. , gufHemupug^ 

' nanty qm vert" 

tati advirfantHT, afiuti qmdem aliquot rationefj & interdttm Seriptms agunty fed maxima. 
fidueia ifik inregum acfrmifum ataboritate refofita efi. Gualter in locum. 

^ 2 The Kings Ceurt is there, and they cannot have w hile to 
attend thee ; it is in vain therefore for thee to abide in fuch a 
p]ace>\Nhere thou canft have neither Credence,nor Audience* 

Ggga We 

thU H^h-Pricfts ptciubicioaf and that was ^cauTe Am^zjt^ 
ihi urgenn Pro- ^hs gain lay there, f . d. Come not here wchthy New-H^ , 
fhetd & dura decUime oot hcce agaicft our Idolatry, loft thou marre* our 
(;;ST«/T ma&et5, andbindetcheftlcof^urfalfewaK^. This was the 
f7/«»i /#tfw», rruchpf ihcbufiaeft^ chough fomewhac elfe was precended^airf 
fpes nulla reiia^ theKiog ^ iUn^doms iotereft pleaded.. 
quebatifr copjgfi S^hd vvas a City in die -Kbgdoo^ ^ Ifrsel^ though ^ro- 
•^^^'•^^''^'^vperlyit belonged to the Trifee ^ Benjamin i but Jtrob^/im 
bcc^0tfr4. 4. ^ijp^jftfg^ng up one of the golden Calves there, 1 JC/W. 

i2»>9.eurncdthif*«<Ar/'Cwhi<rfTwa8 fiMnetimestbe Hoi^, 
of God ) into Beth-avenytbt houfe of vanity and imquity j Sm- 
' ii;4r/4 was dae more populous place, but the Calves werc^ 
in moft requeft ac Rethe/y and therefore the Prophet teltifies 
againft the Idolatry of that pUc e efpeci^ly. 
kchfl^ **'*- ^^ ^^ ^A^ JC/#?^/ ChapfeU pr a^ the word moft genuinely j%ni- 
um vetsacYM" ^^^> ^^ ^^ ^^^ Kings SanAuary 5 /. e. it is a place confecraced 
urn regis. The by the Kings Predeceffors for the wprftiip of the Calves, tatbe 
wordisalwaic* which-beteacs a Itflgulardevotioh, and where be often keeps 
ufed for a San- ^js Royal refidence, and doth celebrate hi? folenm Worftiip, 
iT^z'V' and Divine S0rviceJt is ^iiefefore dangerous (or thce,Oudf»w/, 
iiais/iV. & toprib^ckagainftthe'Kingsreligionin the'Ifi^ Chagpel, in 
16, li. Ezek. the face otdae Couft,af!dtteflower of the Land, To doe foin 
5« 1 1 • -any piart of ite Land is not tolerable, but to preach thus at 

/Sftf vBrfi&r/is mofl iiitokrabte. Jsroh^m tbe^rft fet lip a Calf ac 
qJplteAfra" 'i^*** as Well asat5eri&d/; btitthis at'^rtA^/wasmoftfrequent- 
yw^fr^*. od both by King and People. i» Becaufe tt was nearer to 

S^mpirtaAm i>4«i which wasfituaeeintfie North part of the 
LantL »* For its Ap$tiqHtiy\, becaufe it was the place Where 
}4Goh of old did Worflhip God. It was of greater Anti- 
in D^'t cHitt* ngii^^t^ than the T^m^t^femfalem^ yet for all tbefe fped- 
ypp.';o> rath- ous reafons they finned in forfaking the 'Rule, and not Wor- 
Tri d'^'^^^if' ^W^g3t^^*/*^^.GodM^0pokM!cd. Sotbat whereas 
•!2/;rr "^^ thisisfff#Ar;ite«iB^Cha|)peI, we fay 

fo coo, yet tbatis nopr/^j'tt^fice'CoGads Pcenagative. 

Uisthp Kings Comty oiy it is thcJEiags *io«fe, forhis Pa^ 
lace was there. Though the Kicgs prime Palai;e wasin Smmt-^ 
ria^ yet he had other Palaces in other plax:e$, as tc fcKreel 
and Bt thel^ vv here he ufed to refide for a time, that he flight 
be a Pat:ern of Worfhip to the people.' Or, k is the Houfeof 



Verf.lJ.- cftiePre^efy^f Amos. 413 

rhpKiqgdomc (as it is in the Fountain) diac is, tbz Royal *^^^^ mam/a.. 
Court, or the Soveraign Court of Judicature for the King- J J^^^^^'^ 
dom is at JJ^tAe/^.whicher cornea great confluence of people, 
and \yjiieite Civil atfairs, and matters of State are debated, and 
th^fsforc it is aot f afe nc^ fefeinly foe thy rude r u^liciry, • - 
which knowes no Royalty, 1:0 abide there. The Ki-ng hath 
ChapUines enough of his om)e (chat are compledt Courtiers}^ 
CO pceach befbse ti^m ; be CQeds no fuch ruiijcai Pro^ts,and 
blunt Anti-Courtiers as thou arc ^ he hath Natives enoughjbtH: ' 

thau>art a Straoget, aijd conseft ftom another Councr y : -Hec 
hath Prelates and Priefts of eminent parts, every way ac- 
cog^iiht foe the worJc ; whet«a« thou arc apoorobfcurc -Pro- 
phet, .that.cameft-4^ Ajirij, mn sb^r^y iiom the Herds, not 
from ihe Schodls, and fo arc altogether unfit for the Court. 
Wouldeft thou but Propbefie fmooth a^id pteaf ant chings, thou 
mighteft abide here ftill* but tbbu art fo rough and rugged, fo 
plain and dow>»right, that out Courtief s ears ca«not abide thy , 
words.; fo that there is no flaying for thee here buc with a- 
bundancc of danger. Thus thi^ stand Impoflor would have 
frighted the true Prophet &om his duty, that fo hee might 
keep up the reputation of his Idolatrous Priefts at Befhel^ who 
for mchy Lucre, chat they nwght rob the true Prophets of their 
Tyches .and Oflfortngs, did by their preaching fomerK both 
Rebellion in the State, and^chifm in the Church, for the 
San6luary ac F^rfc/ robbed the Temple at Jcrtifalem, 


,1 Wiiil^i f»en doe tbiirmmffft to pence faUhful Mlnl^^ 
They probiirit them Preachin^s^^rfl/Af/fe »<?if. The like com- 
plaint we have, Amoi %. la. M$(4m 2. 6. they fay to the Pro* 
phets, Prophfie tm ; they filence them that they m ay fin with- 
out comroul, andgoe to Hell without any hindrance. Thus 
iheRuIers^theJftw/ forbid *P^*r and John to preach any 
wore in the na^ie olf Jcftt?, Ails /^^ lyyt^iCy.^o. what is 
this but to fight againft God, and to countermand his com* 
;nands ? he l>ids his Amfei preach, the AmazAahs of the 
World fay no. Did ever any man thus harden himfelf againft 
God^ andf rofper ? ifhethat with-holds Corn from the peo- 
ple, hi« flaall iche people ct«:fe,^pAw. 1 1 /a ^t what a fad curfe 

Gggs : ^ will ; 

^^4 jtnExfofiihn Chap. 7 

will ligbc upon tfaofc that vvith-holcl Spiritual com from cheni, 
and deprive them of their faithful Patters which are the ligbc 
of the World, the Guidle^the Fathers, the Phyfitians, the Pil- 
lars ofthe Church ; fuch as forbid men to Preach, pleafe nei- 
ther God nor man, i Thef. 1. I $7 16. Hfrod was a wicked 
man^yec this was his (inning (in, and is (aid to furmounc all 
the reft, that he put John in Prifon, Lh^c 3. 20. he added this 
^bov€ allf that hefhut Hp John in frifon ; and fee what befell 
jimax^iah here for op{>o(ing Amos^ ver . nk. 

Obj» Bmtkt MtmftiT dcnoHncctb 'Jwdgtments agalnfi usy 
which we cannot bemr. 

A. Let him preach Mercies or Menaces, if God have fcnt 
him we may not (ilence him, but mnft thankfully receive 
Threatningsas^ell as Promifes, Judgements as well as Mer- 
cies ; they are both neceflfaryfw us 
^i tft pra- 2 The great ones ofthe world cannot brookjUln Preachers. 
dicart, mfi fh^ Thefe Gallants look upon fuch blunt and bold %/fmo/ej as 
Td^rTZiT apackof Fanaticks, a company of rude, indifcreet Perfons, 
uth:r. ^bat dare venture to reprove fudi as them for their (ins. God 

calls his Minifters Salty Match. 5.13. but thefe would have 
tbena ffonej/, to preach only plea(ing and humerous things on- 
to them. Such were thofe, If a. 30, 10. i'hej fay to the Seersj 
fee not J and to the Prof hets, Profhefie not ttntomrigh things^ 
fpeak^ onto Msfmooth things^ Prophejie deceits. Great men many 
times have great corruptions, which they cannot endure 
iliould be tonched, their tender ears cannot away with found 
Doftrine^ they muft have fmooth and pleafanc things, or no- 
thir^, Courtiers love Verba kjfftna^ foft and (ilken worck. 
^ Though we approve of Prudence in Preaching before great 

mjlnl^hm^^ yet flattery we abhor. Wemay not betray the truth to 

g4sqlmvtrh pleafe men 5 we arc fent to profit, not to pleafe ; to cdifie 
tail. Bern. the heart, not to gratifie-the ^ar. Had AiRf^/ preached hi^ 

flowen Notions, or Doftrine without application, he might 
have been a Prieft for bethel ; he might preach in gencrals,but 
be muft notProphe(ie of Gods Judgements againft them, Prf- 
phefie not. Men can bear with Phy(itians,*and fuffer them to 
tell them of the DifcaTes of their Bodies ; and the Lawyer, to 
4tell them of the flawes in their eftates ; "only the Miniftcr, 
who is for the SouU he muft not fpeak a wora. Propiefie not^ 
whereas great men have moft need of faithful Ptophecs, be- 


V«n 14, of thi Prej^hscj of Amos, 41J 

:aufe they are encompaifed with fo many flatterers. 

J PFickgd men fm fair names Hpon font places and fraU'tces* 
Bethel htrc?f2LS become Beth^aven^ yet they call it a San- 
tuary ; when indeed id was the Devils Brothel-haufe, pbllu- 
id with vile Idolatry and iniquity. So p4/>//?^ put 'fine titles 
pon their foul wares, to vent them the better. The P(^e calls 
limfelf the Servant of the Servants of God, yet makes him- 
elf King of Kings, and is aprofeft enemy to Gods Servacits. 
rhe QuakfTi call aiemfelves the Saints of the moft high, when 
hey are profeft enemies to God, his Wor(hip, wayes, &c. 
The Armtnlans feeme to magnifie Free-grace as much as 
ny of the Orthodox, but defcend to particulars and their er- 
ours will foon appear. It is often prpfeffed by -/^rw wi^/ (fiich « „ , 
I ReverenADivmcJ that he attributes as much to Grace as P* J!!?^Z ^^c 

, ^, yM . i- J r-j L L • his Polition of 

my other ; that tnere iS nothing faid by others concernmg the incfiftibic* 
he ejpficacy of Grace, which is not alfo affirmed by himfeif ,ncfsof convert 
^ea that he acknowledgeth whatfoever ipay be thoughtor imagi ^*ng Grace, 
led for the opening and fetting forth of ^he power of grace,and P* ^' ^^' 
h at he is mif-reporced by thofe that render him injurious to'the 
;race of God,and one tnat attributes too much t6 FreeTwil. We , 
ind in* ^^gf^fih^y thae felagvns profeiTeth as mucb^oncerning 
rimfelf , and yet in the.meane time this is true, that if 
Armlnius his Opinion ftand good, all this efficacy of grace 
vhich he fo magnifies, and amplifies in words, depends on the 
A/ill o^man, in regard that by vcrtue of its native liberty, ic 
cnay receive or rejeft this grace ; ufe it or not ufe it; render ic 
effe£iual or vain, &c» Thus he. 

Then anfmred Amos^ and faid to Amaziab^ 1 r»as no 

Prof bet 9 neither vpas I a Prophets Son^ tut 1 was an 

Hcrdrman^and a gatherer of Sycomoroftuit. 
%4nd the Lord took mee as I follomd the flocks and the 

Lord (aid t$nto me^ Cot Prof he fie nnto mj feople 


WEE have fecn AmazSdhs defign, by force and fraud 
to fupprcfs Amos ; we are now come to %/fmos ht$ 

AnCwer , which confifls of: two pares ; I An jifol^gy fpj^ * 


^15 y^n Exp$fttio» Chap^ 7. 

what he did, gr(Mmded upon GoAs exttarorcfinarycalltng" him 
to the work, 2. His frapbtjtei^ich btyvo-fold. 

1 Partkahr> cantaiiritig ttofc poixicultt Judgements 
' vvhich ihouW befell . 

His. Wife. 
His Children. 

2 Generat, concaLntsig the ttcter defllni^eii cf J^ael^ 
vert ulc. 

In thefe two VerfeJ we have Aiw«r bis ^nfwcr, wherein be 
eonftamly and couragbnfly mainraines. what b&h^ddonc; 
and' isfo fane frt>m defilfiflg orforfaWing of bis Station, chat 
by m holy Antiperiftafis he grower more b^a^l' mfoltjcc, 
confirming what he haci fpokeii againft Tfroit^ an* adding 
moreover a dreadful ComffRnarion againft this Af ch-Prieft. for 
otppDfinghimitttheWctfkoftheLord. He feared not his im- 
perious In junaicwJr and Lordly Prohibition^ bat boldly af- 
ferts his Catting, and goes on in the exercife of it| aiaugre the 
malice of all oppofitionwhatfoever. -"• f^' 

So that here we have an Inapttcite rea^fon, why Ant9s durft 
not defiftfromProphccying to Ifraet^ynz* bccaufe he wascal- 
led extraordinarily by God taPtopbefie iinto-them. He was no 
iqtmder, bus a truly called ana qualified Officer ; be did 
nothing raftdf or feditioufly, buthc ftrrdufly and.S^J^r dif- 
chargedthedii€ies0fthat^acetowhkh God hadfo^ally 
called him. . ^ ^ . . ': • 

Now the betterto clear his Call ( which was the foundati- 
on of his comfort and confidence ) he firft tells us Negatively, 
what he was not, l i^as m Brofhet^ nor Prophets Sc»^ q^ % I 
was no ProjAet either by birth or breedbg, either by Original 
or Succeflion; Some were chofen to be Prophets before tKy 
were bred or born, a^ fer. i. $. others among ^ the I/raelkcs 
were Prophets by fnccefsm j others by prefaration^ , were trai- 
ned up betimes in the knowledge and ftudyof the Sciipturcj 
in Colledges and Seminaries of Learning, to fupply the wants 
of the Church, The Prejphets that taught them^ were called 
their F^Wi. and the Scholars were cillcdy^tke Som efth 
Vrophetsy 2 King- 2. 3, 7, if. &4* j8. & 5. i^ Mar. 10^04. 
APf9s ingenuouflyconfeffech, that he was none of thefe j bee 


VerC i.4* ^ the r rcphe^y of Amoi. 417 

was i|eithcr JV^**, mtteftNati^ ncitKcr Prophet, nor Pro* 
phecsi^oo; he was Hoc broughc up at Bethel^ iKingo* 3. or 
JfriVA^, vcrf. 'y.oiCilg^ly 2King.4. 3 8i nbr at the fcec of any 
learned G4nuUteL 

% pofitivcly, he tells us plain! JL what he w^s,; viz.. an illi- 
terate iJ^^4» of the Tribe oiJntUhy dwiclirng at Tikf^ a 
City in y«i4i&, but extraordinarily called by God, from his 
CQuncry-callingtOffecdingCattel; to fted his people Israel 
with the Bread of Life, (imos ui. 

Thisb^.QienrioOs not toixiake his Mefifage c6ntemi>tible% 
but to procure the more refpeft and authority to his Prcfbe-' 
fie, fiace he was not called aod qualified in an ordinary wiy, 
but immediately, and extraordinarily by God himfelf. 

/ was an Herdmdn ; Such were ufeful ,in their kind, they 
had many of chein its tboCb daycs, becaufe their riches lay 
muck in cattcjU Their lefierCjattcl were tended by Sbepherds^' » - 
jindtheirireaterl^y HcrdirieniG^w* li- S. C^ 24. IT- &.26.^kfr,bi^uiCMs, 
14. Jot I. 3. Sakl himfelf bcfQre.hewa&madeKing, wasanf'*?W*'»J*^» 
Ifcrdman,: i S4». M* 1- q^vd. Btk^Uthwonifrfni ^'^^ffom.^^^ 

GUj that^I »bojMi,0everiredf0ihis implpjimeftt fhonld y^ee 
'oiic to Vr^he^i ^ ^. covf^^iJi Juicbi: karnai Rabbin as jmu . 
t^jourfe^stfh. -, . 

\ Yet iiru)i^ CO magiiviie Gods Free-grace, he im forth his 
mean ^di^ion from yyhkb ib^ Loid had jcalicd -lum. He ti<- 
vcd a folitaryi country life, he was not bred up in .Cities,' or . 
Aca^jlj^eS) t4&?99l48^ Hsrdftund Statis, contentii^ htmiclf 
wkhf!^^hwil4dyetias theiSypjtfpcff^^ afford. Moft t^^sycsmmejt 
die word. Sycanmf ftrj^Iy,. fojT^ a kind of wld Fi^s>' called «r*dr media in- 
^grftian Fig^,o'r Baftardt mulberries, wWch thepoorer ioxf^^fi^^^ ^, 
oflufticks in th^e times ficd upon. .m^ummide 

BMWt,m|iy be wkcnSjnte:flocblcaHy$ . andProirethiaHytfar ^ j^ fcusr, & 

anykvq*t#;i:ouilcayetit)r4)»e/ / wa$ ^g^thna^M-'Sytdmort:^ '^^,^^ 
fruit ; that is, I -was a j)Q0i 9ian, of a low condition, even o£j»i,>jjl^,^. 
the faaie jrank with tljc^e ibatufe tiD feed upon -wild Figgs ; I Amos n$% tic^ 
did not; then tufn Prophet for my b^Uy, for I had -karned totiisca&f;$Pfo-^ 
fitejydjy. . which tho^.O,^*^^^^ 

cinhardlydoc, and therefore you tooth up the Rulers m their syeamoris & 
UiAum that^ou uAf ietve y<mr ortoe uirst% but Sycamore agrtf^hta *iiit 
fnitt will ferve my. turn. ~ . -^ > . < rebus finn*. 

' Hhh' Of /«»'«• 

41 S. K^itSicptfiMm .Cl]ftp.>7. 

^'A ufidt i* ct^jt4m*t-*tieti^teviettffeK abuQCfMceiS'tlitiXaBd 
[."*'*>**'/''*' of C4MK»> as appears,! Kingi lo. vf. If*.^. loi I«^ ^9.4. 

and in 9/Sfft^t PfaU 78- 47. they mm very frukftif, they 
bare fruit three or four times in the year,faith pi*fetrijdtt^ lib* 
I. c. 14^ . This folic utmi iiughc gadtcr fbc himfelf^ «r foe 
: lisf»c»Iy,afecix>fcM. ' - • '• 

* »i • • •% 


, I 4ttkJ>ivUhMthhls hs^BAWk^ 

Haefame day chn PiUgms wa$ bom iii Brii^^ the fafliic 
In my Com^on^^y was Saint A^ftpie born in jifr$Mio oppoft }am, is Jlnyc 
xTiin.3-S. {hewed eilbwliere. - 

Obr.».p.xs$- 2 69dcff€MfbfiffArhv^4^tbSHg^tftb&im^td 

th m^hjj and the cbix^^ac sie not (of any tsfte^me iirdic 
t9oi\A ) ca coafound (he i\iag% that afe of great dleeme a* 
toongift thcfli) I O. t^ t% 18. 

Heufually bai^ the greaceft weigM tii>on die weakeft 
wyrcs^ that fo bis name may btve attt the prtifer iT the Lord 
{hoaldahvay^s vMorirby eMeU^ tdftUflEititts, 'm^fiibuid I* 
dolize the Inftruments aad forget God. -H^Ke ^ ItMt] of- 
ten pafleth by the eloquent Orator; ted the learned ScribCf 
and chufeth an iititerace ./4W0ir^ fending hitti &oJQO tlve Ci9> to 
the Court, to widbeft s^ttnft the Iddlatry of PrSrites, Priiefb, 

awiPcbpto.. ' ''"'i ' '*--•• 

Thus in the Civil Sbtehe dfiidittflithfttrfdtt^of^ldVV* de- 
gree to rule Unpeople, a$ Aft^^ JWi»/;J9MI< iil dAee cat- 
led 6x>in tfaeii^ Fiocksand Herds'td ritie)ds'{)eo^ 

Bcclefiaftical eftate be called f/ifShc from the Mdlir, ' x JT^/ 
X5M x^« Mmhew from the re«eit of CuAoMy all ^^A^bftk^ 
weretlttcerate flKn tilt Chrifl^^iffedd tbettiexM^iaiiqrili^ 
See moKc lon^ fitted them for their m>rk, JdOs^ i^. Gddf6vea to>lfae«f fats 
c«»'^*^*^- power in weahneft that Ae glory may behb^ sCmMt.^k 
4. luObTj. j^^ g J fvebave this Treafure in earthen VblKKl^^ ebat the 
^'^^' excditency of the pwrer may bee ' tf ^^Goc^^ acid nix of 11% 

Obj; Furnhpettie jf0Mi4fe$fi^wmU ivf 4iwi^ % > W;/ ^ 

wbiu M€04 tim this, ftndjmg tmi Sclmli^ f&^* 

Anf. Thefe weie' called €xcraordinftril7f ia 4^tis by 
their excraor^finary gifics} ikKV extrao^mry Cafes camioc 
9uks an ordinary rule ; biseaute the L^td fed the ifrsdUgs 
with Mannah, ic docb not therefore foU^Mv t^We nuiftiit 

ftiU,andthinktobcfof(?d* \ - ^ ^ ; .. 

Ic is true, the AmJ^oftifis^ and fanatlck frantick Qgakirs^ 
doe all pretend to an extraordinary and immediate Call • 
when up>n trial thty arc feund not to have ordinary gifts,they 
can hardly write or read. 

' -« Bxfttipliis in ScfiJ^cuife are not alwaye* Argufhentative> . 
'fteitherkrcwebouhdto follow them ufilefs there bee a ^^^'^i^^^a^ ic^ 
ijall, caMfes, and odier concurrent circumftancef, aslha^'Cguai p. 55J 
fliewtd elfewherc. . . t^. 

' ''' How f ouridly and ,undauhtedly doth Am^s bcre. deal witb 
Ai!M«f4ft/nocWichftahdift'g all his threSts ttii fiitt^rie^, yet ' 
he (lands like a Rock, juftiHes his Calling, and cfenomiceth 
JudgetecTicS agairitt die falfe l?rcj?hec Kiruelf^ and confifpies 
WiarWbJKl^ten before againrf/jrf 4<r/, Tbus t!he rigbceous 
'Kd ah cVf riafitttg foundsrtion, tr^J. to. a 5. Th^ \fvicted fcftic 
♦vhenrtbetfe isjio feround of fbr^ and (ly wb?h none pofftes 
-tfieitt, *uc tfic rigteebus are botdai£iqns;lPr^zr, 28. 1 . M^k^ 

Kjindty ff^ '^ We i^ t'fellmtd th(/t^fir, 4»J the ' 
/;^/ p«</ itnto gu,. CoCf frtjfhe^e mtt. my ptflc 

,, ■ • ^ ' ' r ' ' • , 

''•'•* s 1 v^ ■ • \ • 1 . * » ' " " ' ■ : r • > ■' ' .•. ' I* . • 

AM4im^m3ifStt^ to.^d^th |rom 

wbeOdeiheictflie fta tfti* )/<MNlBQ(diei, I cannoc;t daioe 
jMt fefasIat^teeftemciienceiYDivi ^ 

I have die Uca'):emiiiand ffiomainoi ri^-Unc aajsy. I jdire 

•iifloicttiri;^.-'-' i-. ' '• :.: •' ': ) * »-• . I :;• • • . :.; 
. Jmf^iiimtimshia^^ ftfent of d&ac 

&rii«hicbheiMydffQm<^od, asd.tben$>CQbet€iUsus> hbw 

Hhba r*r 

« » » 

.4»0 .A0 SxftfiHtit rChap.7. 

BccauTe Amtt^ tir, ikm as hee. was feeding and foUomi^ die 
fefi^ * Flocks, W»*» Ltrdfuidnhim (when be lucle thought of 
clKref«S«eanylttcbiaipl<^mcnc)^«r,^*^ I did 

would gather nocxhmft tny fcit uico chework, hue ic pleared the Lord co 
xhaiAmtmi uke me fcom that homely in^oymenc^ aodcoinjoynincc^ 

a Shepherd, but jjjsk of prophcfying. 

thew0rdH4t' „ . . ^ , ,. , . 

/«« is geiwral, and t«l«e« w * fl«*«t F«« Cattd, m well as faaU. 


Si aOuiiuiit AnMxJab bids Amifs bc gone, buc Jimos fayes, the LokI 
lui^ifrtfrr'yrfiiwifcnthim to Ifr^et and he will not ftirre.. Thus he oppofedi 
Dm^ qmd jth Gods Comtnandemenc co Amaxikhs prohibition*. We Azj o» 
dieatm? H^ bevnomanbuc in and f(»rr*rJ#flrij,Ephef..5.x. JJctice the 
m^JSidi'mb Midwvcs are commended for difobcying die wicked com- 
x»0ff!5rm. ^/ mands of p£4r4«i&,who would have had all tl^ male Cbil- 
* drenkilled,jEAr»^. i*i7* 

1 C^d hvest0 appear to MS wBen^Wf are mmrCa^gf^ 

Thus God appeared to Mofts whep he was kequng^Sie^ 

Mxod. ;• I. to i74ft/f^, when he was following the £wes ; to 

. Aii^/,whenhewasfccking Affes J to y#w^ here, .when be was 

following the Herd ; and to the Woman of Smsria^ ?ihcn 

flic was drawing water, Jeb. 4. 7. V 

3 lyhenGed calk ns to f or fakfaUTffem$ifi readily i^ it. 
God commands ^i»^f to leave his Herds^ the Apoftles to 
forfake their Nets, -rf^4wi«i to forfake Ms owne Country 

, and.Kindred, Z^/ii (o come down and follow ChrUl, and 
they imme(fiately diB fo, Mat^ 4. i«, a6» Liakfl9. t, C#;f. 
I a. i^ 4. Thie grace mites men willing to doe or fu&r what- 
ever God commands. ^ ^ . - ' 

4 None maj'taks tipon them the Mmiflery whbom a Cat. 
i^»»tf/.ftirresnot tftlX3odfayef , Cie ; na-maiB may affiime 

: this Office till \mhzct\keAiHeb^ 5. 4» 0^<^\A an imgel frgm 
Heaven come and preach, bemuftifaew-faisCalb be*maynot 
violate, the order miicbGdd bath fet in his Cbupcb, Gal. 1. 1. 
Hence the Lord fo oft ccmplaines of falfe Prophet^ tbaccbcy 
ran and he fentthem^ not, ijbrr. 14* i^^^naoy^hiofroBi their 
Callings vvithottc a^GtUy Zacb. x }«. 5 « let fucb sevei ladk ei- 


VcrC 1^ 0f the trephtcj ef Amos. 411 

cher for prot^ion ^at fuccef^ ; lee them preadinever (b loudy 
orfolongi they (hall never profit people becaureGod is a- 
gamft chem, J^.23«32. I am againft tbem that Prophefie 
f alfe Dreamsy and caufe my people to erre by their lyes and 
llgHtneft, yet If tut them mt^ mark what follovvs^ tberrfcfre 
thcj fhaU ffH profit this ftofU 5 that is, they (hall doe them much 
hurtandmifchief, itis a ilir/^/. 

Be fure then to have a Call for what you doe, this will fup^ 
port you under your burdens, and comfort you in the midft of 
all tentations and trials, P^ir. 3.16,17,1$. ^£?/ 4.19, 20. 
if the Lord have called us he will keep us,//4.42. tf • this is as a 
' brazen wall to fecure us ; this made Amos fo refolute and con* 
. fident againft Amaxiahy and NahM fofree with D^ld y £- ^ 
iHabmOi AM^Jobn Saftifimth Herod, and the ^f^fi^s^^^?^^"" 
with the world ; itwas the warrant of their Calling, that they GLttl.^g. j,^ 
bad it from God, and not from man. .. p-xxixxfi/. ' 

This will make our l^niftery fufcefsful, one Elijah fent by 
.G^, (hall be too hard for two hundrcd'and fifty falfe Pro- 
phets, though King Aiat and Qpeen JexMfcl joyn with thenu 

and ownc them. 

' ■ » ' . ■* . 

NPip therefore hear the Word of the Lord^ >^^^* j^iy^y?, 
\ Frophlte n$t again^ ifraeU ^^ drcfnrt^Hj mrd 4- 

< A 'J^e$ cbmes now to direft his fpeech to Am^ab, who 
X\)i^d forbidden Mm toPr(^efie>:7/!rfii/if;^, Profbefit 
tM iigmwfi IfraeL To this Prohibition Am^s oppofetb Gods 
Injunftion, and is fo farre from defiftit^i that he denouncetb 
Gods Judgements againft turn, and bids him attend to what , 

be bad to fay from the Lord againft him. jq« d. Wh art tkm O 
vaifte and v$le manf tbatdareft tbm^ a^rent aad cofOradiH the 
Almiihtyi So that wben be faitb,Goe,Profbefa to Ifraeli jfet thorn 
fdjefiy Gee not to Ifrael^ neither Pryhefie there, Intgoeto Ju- 
dzhj and frapbefie there. Hear tkeref ore what the Lord hath de* 
termined ngaini thee. Thy W^efltaibe m HsrUtU the Ciij, thy 

Intbe&tWola^Verfes we have a fdur^fold JudgemiBtt 
Enounced agatnfttfaur Periecucino Prieft^ v^rf. 17. . 

HhR3 * a *kfic 


^^2 Kjin Mxfdfition Chap. 7* 

1 HcTcistheProcatarftttalcatiferfdrefeJudgements^arrf 
chat was his oppofing Amos in rhc Work of the Lonij uf^g all 
means to filcncc Win. 

3 Here is a confirmation of the former Comminadon a- 

gainft//rir^/,vcr.XT. fifar tkemrd of the Lord. We have 

Scard tncc l^ak, now doe ^ thou tear God Ipealc^for his Word 

is noclikc thine, a vaine,emptyi inetfeftaal word 5 but a 

:mkhty,gpwefftil, efficacious word, bringiug down dreadful 

things upon the headsr of malicious Perfcctttdrs, iCar. co, 6. 

;Goa is ready to revenge, the difobedienos done to his com- 

' Snands. Gods Word layesliold on wicked men^ Zacb. i. 6. 

and that wh'tch they accohpccd wind, becomes* tikfe fire to de- 

vottfthem, y^r. 5. 13, 14. 

Thotifrjefi^ Prophfi not agalhft ffraet^ ftni drop net tBj 

' ^ord d£^ofi ttttoHfe of Ifa/tvi that is, Prophdfic not of 

^ '•• '• • Cods Judgements againit the ten Tribesi who were defcerf- 

ded from Ahaham by Jfodc the Son of the l^tomitt^GeH. %u 

x a. fee before vcrf.9e 

This dtoffwg here is Metaphorical, and deiiotes thofe 
dreadful Judgements which fliould fall upon the heads of 
wicked menlike a florme.Of Taioe^j^^fi^. lo. ^6. & 2i.< 2, }• 

%■ Dropping in Scripturcis frequently taken in the fwecteft 
fcnte, for gentle and fi^ct fpeaiSng, Dour. it.t. Joilp. 

-i2v J^ dHlrmtfhtt drof m ##r rake, tutd dP^SAS iho dew ; 

that is, it (liall bee as ufeful aiid reffefliing^o mon^ 4S the 
, dw^^and caine is, to the^cajTs; as tliefe Gdfteo i£kf ST^vm, tnd 
' .'^«uiJ0e the SxviwiL to ^mv upifweejtky aod aibiAiiii^Mi4|!j So 
the Wctfd of CoAStiXi^g into an booeOrfand g^ ttcaot be- 
comes effeStaal, makit^ it loore foft and firukfiil in otcy 
good woitk, //«•. 5S^ ^^0 i^h 8,. ^5* 

• «• . .t ...... »t »«» • ; 

- 'i Wfffytdmonm^i.jAaipkUsto^GodtM i :^l 

- Tbdf goe dtre6U]f coiitrary to hk iotasjoAxidh ^6od' bkU i^ 
riMx Pa>pfaefi&.a§ai|ift./jp'^W^ Am^A'nik forMrh^ .G«i 
bids ^iffi#x drop and denounoD Jbc^c^nenrraj^iift Jj^iiWj no 
:ioitkt[,dtb/izM^^ . i/f jfaciu wile df «(>, gcedlrojpi ac fmdai^ foi we 

will none j(£' thy dfoppNag bcse« SD'Uue:iil:th8C {of ZmW) 
itiMmo ifl inverfHs do^^k^t^ Man is a crofs*grai&ed-|ieecd, 


V53ff^.i7i oftktjfnfhicj^fhmos. 4»3 

diroAly jQMH)&€ to aVQqAt cwvaA^oA^. There i$ in our Na- 
ture a deadly eninit): CO God, his Wayes, bis Woribip^ his 
Wwd, )Bas Ordinances) his Prophets^ his People^ and to all 

Tberef^rt thmpkh the Lta^d, thy »ifejballit M; Harht 
inthcCitjy and thySons MdDAUgkersfhJlfallky 

thin fljali dji ikaj^ellutedLand^ and KtadpAllfurC' 
h &^* ^^^ CAftivityf9fth'ofbis (mn Ldnd. 

I\^ this Verfe we have a dreadful Judgement denounced a« 
galnft this High^Prieil of MiPbtl, contifling qf many Bean* 
cheSp : 

'i Conftupration of hi» Wife, and that openly* 
^ LcfsoflusCkildcen* 

3 Lofs of bis Lands* 

4 Lofs of his Liberty > and . . 

5 Lofs odfrdtt. ^^ ' 
. jMSy this is.ti^ fruit of fi(«i6U3g,Preacfaecs, and forbidding 

Gods Minilkrs to Propfaefie. / / . 

2 Here is the coanrflOMdon^ or ratification of all cbis,*^ 
m^U Vommi^K the Lord batb faxd ic. who will cctrcamly 

W It 

• « 

''^J..:: . . - -■:. . :f: 

lie •# •« « ^ V «• •' ^'.< f^l. ''<• 

'Ihtttpretersafe'divided aBbut the meamngof thefc Words \^mhif(Ktmc9>^ 
fome take them A^ively, and the Original fecmsto fkvoUricA*!' ^^*?^^*^ 
viK. that> VVifeWwte^toi^iiHarl^^ ^rA^c^^(,TfS^;^^'^ 
^^m/^^^^mt^ %9ffi^>^ $ouldi?rs^ a&t^UuuaalysoGcii.3«,t4; 

Others^ cake die f^os Pailivdjft tbu.we. Ibouifl hewibr^^^ z3-34- , 
Untly f^pccdjBidjiwLfl^ wbei^^bM^fhowrct^^^* ^J*-^^' 

take the Cicyy according to diat cbrdKning againft. jdiCphedi* 
cnt pscs^ Pfi«5, *«. >39-.> M^Jl* JOrt /ji ij^ \Ci^- 

.. Buc ii^, ft w^rc vicdeoc 4ti^ inwdBDCMjr^ w^« wens t|i» 

4i4 AnExfofuiin Chap.7 

Gt^niis d$l0r impudcncy, (he Should aft kjpt in die-iioure^ or in the fieldsj 
V^tdKbiUfj, orinaforrdanLabd.bucApttybthcacy. 

d9 maritHsi9> media emtate uxms injuriawfHMen w§b f9tefi ^ nm eft tanttui Mmr imftk 
tmi^rufdtd^iliuu^s'ttiuxmt^iitA'^ marit»s mmObattik amt uxwrtmrimtffici^ fmam 

This is the firft Punifhaieni:, tbefecond follows. 

i Thy S9HS uni thy DjmgherrfhaU fsil by the fmrd^ 

^Wicked Parents bring a Curfe uiK)n cheir Children, noc 
only cbeir Cacctl^ bucdllcheir'ReIaci6ns fate che vvorfe for 

them. • 

3 Yet this is not all, Tib; Xm^j^h//^ divided hy J^ine. 

cbikefifmsi Cooquerours were wopt to divide every one his Lot and por* 

MUi99ymyeQt tion by Lines and Cords ; foroFold'tncyufcd Cords ipmad 

^aptturfrdpar- oM^aforing^Rods, to divide their Land. Hence the Lines \n 

re/fii frtf^* Scripture are put for (be. Inheritance, or portion allotted to 

Ji^^JIJJ^^ " every one hy Line, Veni. g». 9. i S^m^ %. %. v]^. 16. tf, 

Michd X. 5. Thus he (hould not only lofe his Heires> Bat his 

Inheritance alfo. 

And tiwi (hdlf dyt Inf filmed Lmd. 

This is die fourth Piihifliincnt, Thou (halt dye a Captive 
in Ail7}r/if) which was polluted with Heathemfm and Idd aery. 
This is reckoned as 'a Judgement, Levit. ^6. 38. againft 
Fii/lirr, Jer. 20.6. ainl Cm^A, Jer, »». ay, ad. TheLandof 
promtfe was called the Holy Land, and in con^arifon of it 
, all other Nj;ri(Mi'iwereialk4 and ^ntcd unclean, anddiey 
looked.upon it as a mifery to be buried in a ftrai^e Landj and 
not in 0«>44»» 

• . * 

Not only thou, but aW TfrdeP'sii\i6m tboti teff help^ to de- 
ceive, arvihaft hardned in theijr Id6latry and.Stn> ^Mdl goe 
into Optivity vvich thee ; aii^this men getby followiiig Ido- , 
laters and Impoftors,' when the blind lead the blind both fall 
into the ditch. * . * 

tfrdei fMl fterety gee'tntd cuptifilni God will no fbnjer 
be^ with thesn, (ince King and Iflit^dom s(re fetlecPup^^cir* 
^^sV^ndfiafd fo long finned i?qgcther, $i6w the Lord tdl5 
|lK^m that they ihould (uffer together, and goe Optives inc^ 



X I i iitice they had abuied that good Latid vAuch tbe Lord ha4; 
given then), now ic ihould ff^dieaMtal: foriiietr ldei«uy. . ^ 

* * - . .... 


TbiS;Vye fee here atcellencly exemplified in Amaxiah. 

I I^ indeed Ifrad to Idolatryv which is Spiricual Utaflcv 
tf j|, theiiifore faif wi& fliaU be aft Harldic. ;...., 

z^ Hahad defcoy^d' rfiofe jfalt-wcrfi Gods:Cliii(icen' bytx-*; 
temal Rrof(^o«H Ehcffdoa^ •: :: 

' } He made hk Goods ihirGod, and was aiifor gain^^cbere* 
fo,D5,nawheflDaU>c>C;aH. / . 

. 4., Hediat hadfwUttCedGods-^Pcflplfe, .ftiall how dye in a. 
TOuwced^Land. Heitto:w<»ild not toUow cbe true, God tcrhis- 
SaAvMiopj'A^^ . fc . 

a- ^ilcnclfif Oifd perfefmmg ofGfds fai^Hi\Mmifiers is s 

.Thou fiay^v prof hefic ooc^ what foUowsi? thercfoje thy 
\'9%,tli5^Chil4fpnythy!Statcytby^f^ andTtbe' Land of:iiby 
Nanwyrihall ftpaa: for it, Now^.if -rfwiWiiipaid ft> dearfoc 
endeaTouring^to-fikQce oa^f aithfui ^4v«>i whai: may they ex- 
pi&wbo. doe aiftiiaUy blow ottc many bucmng and {hining 
Ligjjc3? &:c4 let fuck^rom^mber. P4]Jir, j^. 20. a, 3, 4. and ^^ 
thfjfUK ^ Aqachoth, >>% 11* tii't2h %5»>and Jerchffm che^^^^^ qj^i- ^^ 
fiiiftwifhiuswitherjBdband^.wb^^ • •. • 

it forth a^ainft the Propbei^ i Xwfjf .• itj.'iind £//w4tf the Sor- 
cercr% who was^fmitten blind for oppofing the truth, Afl/ 1 jl 
lOj ii. never any man hardned bimfelf .againft God^^efpe- 
, cially in this kind that ever profpered. Job p, 4, Amaz^iah had 
cVfiiyfptl)er'fiQi93 a j Iddiatry». Siuperi&il:^ j Corecod&ftfS'^ St. 
bucchi&Bcrfecttcing of jimts was flis, fatal> (in^ rod rubi^dr 
bo^bbdm^and his* ' ^ . . * 

, }; Wickfd ?arenfi hrhra Cmff npMthdr Pafierlt/i 

.^C^ Qfi,fwni(beth the fins; of the Father upon^thc Chilrt \ * ' 

drctti CO the third and fourtb Generation of them that bate.^^^ "f ^'^^ ' 

Hf>«|iQ»£jiy^ 34,7, &in my ComiOnHoT. 13. ul(.p«So^andDr>C^«^«on Ht^Uix. x8 

I i i Lam^' 

. -* 

415 AnExfpfum Chappy; 

h0M.^* -f. ehe feed of c\alsiocs ilatt wW be teriownca, //k, 
14- 20. : ^ ^ 

ikJ^lSmm^ Trcafurcs of wickcdncls profit not, Vr^v. 10. a. hmsuAmh 

had {craped oiuch wealth together, but his eneoues becaine 
his heirs. And fo it is with many llfurers, and oppreflingCor- 
morants, who oeafiire q^ riches for thor enemies. - 
5 Mdfridge Is lavffnl m Mimftcrs ds well as ^thfrs^ 
The Apoftle tells us, that Marriage is honourable not only 
in fome, but in all forts and d^rees of men, Heb. 1 3. 4. 
MdrrUgB is hon&drabU fv itSusi in dl mltn^ and God himfclf 
hath appointed it for the comfort of all degrees, Getr. i. %%^ 
&!• 18. and bids him that cannot contain, marry, i Ccr.j^ 3* 
9. none can vow that which is not in his owne power ^ but 
ciMitinency is the gift of God, Mdith. 19.x I. all cannot re- 
ceive this faying, and therefore not only Jlmazj^ here,- hiic 
the Pricfts and Prophets in die Old T^ftaflient had Wiv»; 
Zdchmidh the Prieft hath an Yliz^dheth to Ims Wife, and fhec 
defcended of the Daughters of iAr^ri Luke x. f« Jertmidb 
was the Son of a Prieft, Jer. t • x . and H^^i and P£iW/ dje 
Sons of Eti the Prieft, x Sam. i. 3. and J^bn Baftifi the Sost 
of Zdcbdridh the Prieft ^ yea many of the Apofiles had Wivcsi 
as Pr/fr, Vhilifj Jsmesy and BdTfuAas^ Mat. «, 14. AAs 1 3. %. 
K.. .w T» • ^^^"^ -^i»W^ affirmsj that all the ApoQIes were married fave 
lare5,'rnr ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ *^ Apoftle cxprefty faith, that he bad 
icawicdly dc power to marry as well as CeptdSy i Cor. 9. 5 . ane^he allows 
hpati^ Pr4 & a Biihop to have ofie wife, Titm t. 6. Jt is one marK of 
w,hy Mr uu Antichfiftto maim^iae that Do^rine of Devils, in forbidtfn^'- 

3 Char. ^. p. 1 1 f > &c. Gravius ptteetSucxi^ g MX$rm diuaf^ fuZ^ J d^ii m€i^M» 
favtat. C§per. Emhtrid. up. 17. p^f> 9. 

This Prohibition of Marria^ hath £Iled the World with 

VVhorcdomc, Sodomy, 'Bettiality and Inceft, and there- 

Bi». tripAit. fore Pdfhnmins a famous Primitive Confeflor, though bifti- 

J*^ ^mi'R^ ^^'^ ^^^^ unmarrica, yet mightily pcrfwadcd and prevai- 

iUUiZ\^'^^ ^i* *^ ^'^^'^ Council, that they (hould not decree 

any tbmg agait^ Priefts Marriage. 

The moderate fort of Papifts b:ve allowed' of 'Priefis 

Marriajgcs, • 

VcrC 17, if the Frfipbicj df Amos. 417 

Marriages, t^GrMtmt^ Vdn^rmitoH^tnA others^ eveti tcittr* 
•whimfclfconfcffcth^ that there is no Precept in the O Id ^**'^ Z*^^** 
or new Teflament againft Miriiftcrs marriige j and we in Eng- ^^^""^^^^^^ 
(md are bound toblefsCod for the married Clergy .Hovir xnzn'i a^me ApoR^ 
Vodsy Vykfs^ whtatliesy f^biuksfs^ R^g^rfes^ Byfiilds^Scc and ind mhmMt 
3ther eminent Lights is this Church furniflit withal I, from the/T*^*?*'^-^''^ 
>ious and reverend Clergy-meji of this Land. It is axhoyce^'^^*^^^** 
Mercy to a Land, when ttie Lord fhall raife ufTFrom amongft ricuj.t.e.i9. 
Mir felves NMzjarkes to ferve m the Sanduary^^ffr^i 2 . 1 1 • See Mr. chanq^ 
Cdut. Yet as all perfons^fo young Mim'fiers efpcciallyhi»Scr.oiiA-F 
tould notberafh and hafty in rjieir Marriages, l>"t ^^"^^ '"^.^ Y^ 
;ct a competent Library firft, and force gravity and foli*^**^ ^^* 
licy, that they may be able to walk exemplarily before their 
;Iocks, and tnat they may not didionour this honourable Or« ~ 
inance of God, witn any levity or vaiuty, 
[ For the lawfulnefs of Miitifters Marriage, fee B. Hally E- 
if. 5 . Dec, 2. and his Treatife ftilcd,TA^ tianomr oftke Mnir* 
led Clerg. Zegedin loc. com. p. 444» JDMcnant. Dcterm. 
iucft. 4;« Perkjns %. Vol, Demonftr. of the Problem,p. 574. 
49rit^ dc Miffd.\. I.e. 8* Erafmm Tom. 5,p. 51 ?• D. Wf/- 
t. Synopf. Papif. Error 8 j, p. 7pijtcc. *5a and Mr. Fpx 
lartyrolog. Vol. a. p. 464,&c. See more in the Index of the 
'ool^cf Manyrs^ in the word Afarriage. B» MortfinViotcRm 
PDeal, lib. i.e. 2. Se6t« 3^* P* 3^« ad 4^* jimcf. BelUrm. 
aerviti Tom. a. 1. 3. p. 131. Ofi^d. Enchirid. Controv. 
>ntraPap.Q. atiip.4i7.ad4$6.iP^M/in i Cor.7«Q: 3. 
)1. 448, Gersrd. LocXom. Tom. 6. Col. 369. ad 434* 


Hie frdfiutis Mistmajit $(ftts^ m %AmAjlaSy qui hodie Jibi in 
7ckjia domimmn vtndicanty c^tucamm'^ & cmifiantcr retmea" 
its v€rd fidci ecnfeftiPHfmy qiMm ex Dei verba didiclmns. 

The 4nd tfthc Sewtrtb Chapter. 


. > 

• • ^ ^ ^ 

• » 


\ f I 


■ * f 

• • ♦ 


'I » 

• 4 


» ■ « 

r ' ,. 

- . • A" , .^ ' • 


-♦ I 




• ' « 


VerCh 449 

•I- • • ■ • 



ter.ot tAmos. 

<>. t 


Thinhatb the .lord Cod jhemd «Mo, met. And behold a 
hAshi if. S.ut^mer fruit, . ^ '. , . t 

Attdht faidyJmps-i wb^tfctfi tb»» < andlfdid* s basket 
tffSHmmerfrmt, 7he» Jaidthe: Lord. unto wee^ The 

tnd is come t^on mj fe»flf of Jfi*<h ^ ^*^ "^^ '^i^ 
f/fsiy them any more. 
And the Songs of the 7 emf Us pat be^ewHngs in ihaf 
dajf faitkihe L.ordCod»therejiuiUbeMi»j dead bodies 
in every fdce, thtyjhdS cafi them forth with flence* \ 

* * 

j He Lord having try cd many conduRoOS lipwi 
this p^<^e$ and "fed all jmeam co ceclaim 
them, but in vain; \^ therefore fends the Pfcj- 
phet to them,. to declare .th^ir final tuina, 
which be doth in this Chapter by the vifion of a 

'j^asket of .Summer ftuit, noting thereby, the 

^pepefsof'tljetf {jn%fan4l)i?^^^ t • i-: |^ 

The i^rophet had before fet^rth:«he Jud^ewW whw 

Mnfim ^ were 



were comiiiS upon fhjs ocppjei t>y three Types and yifiops. 

6tft the f arame^ chap; 7, ^. By jSr^^ ricvburiiigtKc sp«cjw:xjccp» 
isf fee forth War, chip. 7. 4,5,6. /^. By a /*&»* X^^", 'is fet 
forcb the overthrow of the Kmyiome^ and the Kixigs houfe, 
chap. 7.7. 4. Wc have heriafourhb Viiion, where by a baf- 
' vof Simime&f rui% ^ Cei^riii^^ 

bet. S« thalbinfthis chapcefl wa^aire chfc.4iju||ine; jFx .^iwitf . 

domeoflfrael, fet forihimdbr&etJjpQrofa basket ©f 

^ 2. Ikpe is an jttm)$ifkMi*t0ftlmtm0i^ itmibcKCfir 
to awaken thefefecure jinaei$> iet ibrth by a particular ena- 
meration of thofe dreadful fti^enents , 60th corporal and 
fpiricuaU which werp^ciwiqg an them j. Md .th<|ni<?idJ?adful 
a manner,that t»e iSlrti ftouid- bc'iterldncdi: Ham -ti& 1^ of 
confoluion appear The Land^hould tremble, and every one 
mourn bicterly, as fortfieJofs oFah onely San, verf-ji Defola- 
tipn like an over-floiWHig flpodftould mn over zllyVerf. |. 

Their feafting ftiool^^e curnelinco fifting, and, jbeir prof- 
l^rityintodeplbrablemifery. Tbisisfecyoftlj^ r.Afet^ho* 
rifalljy verft ^., I vpiUcoHfeth Sun h^ ivtm ^dtjmk 

%^ fJmnfyi *ertr. ^, to 1 3 .1 will rui«ti your feaAsitieo weq»- 
ing, attdyoiifbewitibtrVii^ba and firong youag sea ^fliall 

^ Their Piftors fhoiild be taken, frfw ii^mtr^^d diey 
jJxwldhavea ipuitualfaiiiinecf di>>pre^^gQrtlie \V<ird,ic 

lliouldbeib feared, jtlutk was not to l>e £p'n^^, t/rr^p i^ u. 
They had taarfifed rfits Ma^ti*, andnow they flbould be made 
wknow*the worth oPiis W^hewanrtngofit'.- V - 
4.. Utoar::deftrtiftion, w/i 14. TA«> (hAUfMknd never rife 

3 . 446f* is Aeiywrnfr^ithfeCoftito^ife^ Ir^^temlr^ 
^ve and-feefiti^i^iK^aiifeof. atftibis forrowy Wj^^jfli^ mof 
rJfirMel^m I . Theipoppp^lfion of ^h^ pcfor, <^er/| 4; . . 

V Tbek^owcoMfnefe fliid.greedfn«S Jrfecr faijujc^aMM 
5dl tifBel<)aiAac4fwls4>eflitrn'(fceft^r^^ 
bcpugbt no pteTetit^^wfit;; «her8farfe*'«K^&*i-l*^ iriS/ifc 

^\ - 3*Their 

4^ rtour IdflAiutf) ««/. itfi 

ibcint^iB wftatheffike, bt begins fim kis ufiial preface i 
whiokiie VsdhosbQtatt hid ftMKet yifio»n$y r£4f . j* t.^. p 

^ frib&iiuiiMi isl^itrnfjH^ tbei i^Mly turn G^, iii4^ cMndt de^ 

bBrtbs99tiimiiia8idYbflidkliift^m it (x> you, 

InthcVcrfeWeJp^virfjave, l. AnvE^trAWdrPrefftce, 
ThitbiUhtbeL9rdfl7ewidmfey^.d. I bring you no Vifion of 
mine own brain, but whact^eell y<»u t 'have received from the 
Lord, the yifion I had from him, and cberofoce in his name 
dp^t jvcpitro i^encnnic 

2. Here is a note of Attention, *4t/rf| v^hich is here an of this fee ni« 
^-firrfivthoo^-^ft ift Scrtptdre^ bt ^M£^^Ecce, calling^ ^«*f ^ ^' 
tip»nide&ig^4ieirfk^tnyet t)6rb ^wiin^o^^i and catts up- ^ ^ * 
oirftiem'wiiSed ty\&m^ fiy'dsiifddi jMb* «• 29, 4f . Thb 
fvlMl jibifoAW,!i;k^cheha^dm tbe Margest of a Book, pointt 
tocfiDoos notable t%rtf^, and ia lite ttitfomdlhgof a Ifuimec 
Woid|bme^«M^)0K:Iatihr9ciotty^^ ritigttig of a Ben be- 

that is, ^tiul^tfSiHkmtrfiith. AiJ^J^Ka^? tf^n^ ^j.^. ; . :^/b.^^ 
4rb«te tf 5iititt&fhfl^^ Met aH the Vtfww fiJSim'^^^^^^ tlT^ 
0Mnf 4UidmeitMi»$ «teAr Ae l6td bid gh^ f/^jrfr ^ taw «f «> ^f»« /-^r. 

Ibaoif heaidd« mtttf, • Of 4 ^i^^*^ ^/ SmMer .^^^^^^ '^'^P'^ fro ns 
SbdplKin Vifion,tbe bccnr to atfea both P(Pi^ec a^ 

jt^, AnSxfopitit 

dut the foiDtnc^ chap; T- ^* By J&'^t Avourijigtbc grew: deq?, 
wfctfordiWar,chip.7.4,5,6..'5. By a Pbimfi ttney is fee 
forch tbe overthrow of the Kui§do(ne^ and the Kings houfe, 
chap. 7.7. 4. W« have bcrdafonrbb Viiion, where by a baf- 
kec <^ Siimnaec^rui^ U4;e»rfor«^ 
Tribef. Sp chalbinithisckpceltv^^aii^ecbt.^^^ 
ms fixch5eRDQir>vYiisreinb aJty]iie|ira{KUffdedAn£e)|nLU]ir 
ed, Or !• A Cfmminatim of ibeiouU»{errhrow of the King- 
dome of Ifrael^ fet forihiindbr&et^of a basket of Sum- 
mer f^m%tfcrf. x,2,-^ . * 1 ^ L ^ "^^ i • j-t. 

to awaken tbefefecureiinQQts^fe^ forth by a particular enu- 
meration of tbofe dreadfut f^^nt^nts , both <:orporal and 
fpirituaU wlwh werpf qmicig oatH^v Md lii^lfv^icfrf adful 
a manner,that tke iSUii ftiduid be^irMticC WB irrt)^ J^t of 
confoluion appear. The Land^hould tremble^ and every one 
mourn bitterly, as fortlidlors oran bnely Sen, w//?7»DeroIa- 
tipn like an oyer'Aowmg f^odfljoirfd mn over aIJ,/^^.j. 

Their feafting (hbal^ pe curnec! into fifting, aM ^beir prrf- 
perity into deplbrAle iriclfery. This fefet foftlj^ i.Afet4fi^* 
rifdlljy verf* o» ,/ wlllcMfeth Sunta^dvtm m mkk 

»♦ JNmwfy^ *erf» ^, to 1 g. I w^l rui*cyoiirfeall«%o'ifeq>- 
m^ sni4ycmrbei^i&ihViifb3 nd &ong >youiig'«eA &all 

i. Their Piftors fhould be taken ^frfrfB d^mi,fi»d diey 
ibf^ildbavea Ipirituilfajiiineof tfopimhi^^ W<ird,it 

thouldbe ib fcarcc, clut k was not to l>e fbtaw, '^^^Z i S » « » 
They had Joatfifed AisM^n*, anUnow they ftioutdbc macfe 
t0lflnow*Khe wtwfb oFiis W^hewanringbf is'/ . * - 

' >. Tbek^dw^oiifneifir (Midgree<Sin«f8 'after »W%ji(BBflg 
5dl time ioa chac-w«is fpetit in^the^ f^rvfcd-vif ^^^^ccaufe ic 
bcpught no pteTent^^wfiti »hef8fjjrfe*'«ief &*i'^ j^Jgrfe 

- *, . 3*Tteir 


) '-^iftit^ ifikehtpt^SfAttitiA: 4|f 


• • • 

• • • • 

. ^ * * 

• •' ■* * 

^ icdiksmitibftaiioe^&efVtole SemcM^ by a4ive)y^y|ie 
Urfisbfodbi^^ iHd CO priocuiic the tti6lte au^ 

(rii<»BU7iB viAaiheffiket bt \itpm rAiki Ha ufuat preface i 

9%Ni lMM»Af imdfhiv^m^. Tbtt Loc4«be God 6f IJhtk, 

bnriiltt l^tiiiMill ffid fdflSdk iDftlumeiic to decUre it tK> you, 

IncheVerreic<efi(|VMMtVe, !• An.B.i?#nliWorPiteftKre, 
Ti&«y A4fA theL$rdfl7ewidmfej iy, ^. I bring you no Villon of 
mine own brain, buc whac 1^1 y^u 1 4iave received from the 
Lord, the Vifion Ihad from turn, and therefore in his name 
dp I^rsqittre sitenciGfir 

2. Here is a note of Attention, B^^ld^ ^hich n here anOfthisfccuwre 
JEjrwiBrir^fhoci^^eft ift Scrips ^alling^^!^ ^*^" 

iip*nidMi«^4leirfteftjyct fccri; ''ti* inEfye^£«^j and ca»s up- ** 
«rtHew"iiofe« a Vifitiii^ (b'ci^iifecfj^itoi. 2>,4f. Th« 
Mdd A^/tfl/,i;i^ the ba&lin tiie Margent of a Book, points 
tocfiBODS m)t:^ble ttejt^, andislilte ttefomdlhgof a Ifuimsc 
bcfoidlbaie foM(M8frocIaimaoa> a the tifigtiig of a Ben be- 
ibtB:a»«)e«tle^«Sttinom ^ 

i^« He^istbe^VttdAttybef amended ini ^{ervtki, tmS 

tjte Idtd bttlgJW^ fiaiyHat-fm Htu,pendi fwK. 

fisifbu in Vifien,the ba»r to atfea bocb Pm^et atid People. . 




m w 

■ 'M Xwplkf^ > 




< • • - 

• r ' • 

IN the precedent Verfe we hacf ^ trae propounded tf 
chUVcrf«ic:.a;an?euYiaed.\ y J^^ .v... •••.•.:. .- 

" ». Her^js j&.^r^Jfhtfe MjlV^«,'^^W,:r JWa^irWl^y 

' j:mmtr/r»K^% noii ^:v\tMm^ 9^ tjii^ 'me«»t9 

hrorwl»acdiare ripe £hifcsW(!|pe;wird^ is'lbme 

ifta ortS^f as othefs; ;. or Pe^s j ntM^..<^i[^ i»*. 

lidty w Pib^1>y^t ^^als^eS^Stis^^Ttottedt^af^ W td 
toovv; icUruflfti«Skii4%WflsJ foitteif ffi^;' fe^ftcn^ 
towards the cna of .fiMWiietj V»h«nfhii«iibeti. »iitfa«Si ftH 
intottetends oftbe ^^^^(ii*; • =' ' ' ' > . ' -- 
, 2 .HeceuthfeI(Ora$<xplaiud<mof ehUvifion,.7£fl^/m< 

JC^/lf^, *if^} ii ah elegaht t»afifn5inaf:^tieWccli\t!ht H^B'Wbm'iiM^, 
Kttx, finis. ^;^^ ^ jj ^j,j^.f, fignifij* f fummer iruiu, and that wtictr Bsui- 


incorrigible and incurable, henov^^ ttlBlTttirt^titiU^ 
and bis Pro|^ts no more with tbem^ for now be imends \xtn 
mi%3^ettroy chein> Thtni ffVy^* Hypoctices and pre* 
iumpcuous tinners are woni to "^rtHmfe cbesiielyes a longer 
time ftilt» No ( faith, the Lord ) you are ripe for niine, and * 
there(<»t acve ;<ki (hall reap die fim of your mine wayis, I 

of jdoe ^j^9rf4Kt ssMroc^ deereed ^l3od 

fpr fhdr'&nitt MQftkowiif CQ^ ^ mengttfacrripe Aticcs 
into]ttefi;S«i]m^ and tfaemetfe^thetiu ; ib ^Q^atl the <3riiet m4 

vyl».arcor^9hd MSidf ^lieftru^UN^ ^andoborefom liM 
Lord addes, ^ . 

'li^ciikt.ciiifid^ I will iaoCj-^ . 

ofjhss^fntofk ;ihtt theiie. htdifopnaSrokfid'huh, that he would "^^ mpmUai 
no tongl^ d^fier tbc^pumiSaflicnc iof diet imquity. They \x^i^''^^^^^^** ^^^ 
enjoycda long iAioamec of peace andcq-of^secscy^ wbich inflead^'^' 

fMevAOWF^^Moid rdrolv«S(t6 }Da(li&a final end with 4ihcfii;'a]id 
lined y^t^coitfuiiMth^frcdii t^faee'oftihe^iemlav * 
As ifidie t/u^d hadfatd^ j£vcy/;^t£(tftr^iir/^ 

€9mi with alfaskp^ Md g^ilwiMU^ksif jp^ $ m^ r 

mllm4ksfifch an ewd of. this J[4tbiriitgy that thmfffMht^ > 

ofjChrlJL V. 

' A«rain^ fi jhc; ft^Ay^ Amji^ the Mi- Scefi»re,\moi 

kiccj^ijbte- \vdttfe, thff bet«b»ivic>rii upw the^ai&^o»^f ^^"^^'^^ ^ 
^teifrte^fetocs^ourtalli^^ Weqcc ibe towl bimfetf here u- J^J; , ' , [^ . 
l!4h att^rotfefe, a^PatattomafieJsce* Me^apboes, Sec. . foUo. • 

Himrj^o thorn/ : ■\r\:'- .C:l\. .' /. 

Hclto:thevvIcA«Ififli^p^rfie«^ bftheiriiiiquipfbc* 

4|f^ ^'^^ M^JB^xf^ ' Ohapit. 

)Yicl! cbc fickle of htSiwcath«. xai will recdmpence bis patience 
wich cbe Bercenefs^ o£ht$furf ; aod cbsn chough No^A; ]ffb^ 
)in4 P^viWniouldftasidfbe&rehimibr fucb a pebpte,yecch&y 
%Q\M not pre^ail^. £aLri^.«r44:tky2D^:Tia7'.pix|i^ 

m Com'OT .^' I l^ive ft^vited at largc^ewhcrc, W*» - when the miil- 
*^^*^5j,^, p; Wude, iiiagaitude,:ftrengchi growth . ?in^udency^,and obfti-. 
199, 1 lo. t. '\M<^y ^f peoplies fins are cosie toxhe beigHtf thetvis "a\pe6ples 

dovvnf^li hear ; vvlieh no Pfo^idiif^i^nb-Praying, no^dge- 
inents, no Mercies can better a People, bur they fall away 
• '^iflore and. more, andgro\y worfe and worfe, it is a'moft cer- 
t^aflgortbai; finis.'ripe, and-that poojAcnigh to ruijoe. -. 

Though J/r4ip/. be htsPeopLcy 'a3)f'is£Iovena'ht:^th hta^ 
yet if! they walk not lip tortbc ternas'of Ac Covfenanc, God 
m\\ caft themoff,' .and btifig\^iir V/^^e^ven -^upott ^tyttly for. ib 
faitbahe text; ^The^endit cowa ufunmy Phple 9f, l&aehrPeo-* 
pie Are^ apt tip fboohl^ flbqtnfel^s'^p ^in^ fib^i&«Priviiedge$^vand 
fothbkrtliac(Ch€Sr¥tefic>ga€tves!::fiioiiidra^^ v;^6h| 

btttan tattii a* I have fliewed.elfewherfe. ^ / -'.^ * *••*• 

In my Com. on ^ t^ «-./•";• • 

O bf. 3 . & 4. ^;;^ /^^ 5tf;j?^j ^^| A^ 7^^?^^^^ k^ 4^(lff{^^i^ ^^ *^^* ^^p 

faith the LordGo%' there ^au iV mdky dead bodies in 

x; ' 1 ^ * Aptoachiug^ Ji*^emenc5j itbe:bf^tter xo ^aKentbeiast^ 
- * thiseiMteceSftlw^i: XivThMthe.S3ngSjof^Te»plesufi;4 
\ '^ *ac. their fl<;red Soicriujlties, .(ind^iyjjte^eDvice.ft^^^ 

and be turned to.howling: and I ameiKaciontcy jhe miferies that 
(bould feonae, upon ^m*. This jffv^r/ilwf ^notes tb«.greatncfs of 
the grief, and the height of hbrrour which Aould.fu^rizc 
tbdqi ; they .{h6a1d ncit) Miy ^wecf for '.the caHtnitigs j\hich 
(l^i^uldicofnc ,upbn thcm^ but tbey ihould- weep tiU they howl 
, \% . again 

^iniCor anjg;ttitli oEX^ric. Heace wben fiyre fodgemeatrifghc 
upon a people, ^e- r<?ad of howluig, waylay, and frceping 
joyncd together, J fa. ij. j. Jer.4^.^. Ez^l^.zu 1 1. Jiff, j^ 

Q^Bnt what Is meant kfthTemfUb^l 
-^. The word figniHes both a Palace, and a Tcmpte 5 and 
chereforc fomc render it. The Songp of tkt FttUce fl^alt te -^i^if^iai^^ 
h0wli$igs^q.d. thofe Palaces and great Houfes of the great ri«i^4p«/ki»/. 
ones, wiiidi have been hicfaertb filled with 'Mirth and lAvifick^ymbi. & 
itbM be BOW filled with weeping and howltng. The Septua- ^^^^''"• 
^nt and the Vidgar* tnift akii» tbeword Scirat^ eanticoj tender 
fz^ CarSnts & laqaearia Templi ^ftridthutt , but the word 
iigDifies a temple, as well as a Palace^and by ic here is meant 
jioc fo nittcl) the Temple at JtrufaUm^ ( which was not de- 
ftrayeddli ii:onfiderable time after J but the Idolatrous Tern* 
^^oiBethel^ where the goldp Calves were» and other high 
^aces VI here they bad fet up Idols; for chough this Prophet 
doth fomedmes glance at JuJUA and Jm^akm^ yet the pri- 
mary bent Qf his Prc^ecy is againft Sjmariay and the ten 
bribes, as ^qjpears. verf. H« / wtll fnmfh thi/etbat fwear by 
tbc/mofSamariOf wtttch was not farr« from Btthely againfi 
whofe Idolatry jimot foimnch inveighed, jimas 7. 'i j » 

2 There Should be fo great a Mortality of all forts and 
Sexes, that many ihould dye by the Sword, Plague, Faitnine, 
Captivity, and other Judgements, every word hath its weight, 
There (hall be tU^al Bodies^ manji dead Bodies, 

4n tny dead Bodies iW aUflaea^ and thefe (hall Xf^ happtger^mltititxt eudA- 
bt caii m wkbfiknce^ i. f .thw fliall caft them '^''^ i- f: »??? '''^ ?^^^'- 
mo camion pits, and bury^hem without la- Sa^Sp^^^^^^ ^;c; 
mentaaon, or any funeral folemnity«Tbe wo):d are angry aid troubled, fo 

Mas^ Taeey SiU^ is the fame mtb AmPS tf* Io« thatchev cunail their word^: 

Bjfilefit.SGOift give the fame fcnfe of the word ^^ .^»^, !^i^„? ^^^"^ 
^cbcy ^m.s6^o hechatburics the dead tK^^^^^l^^.^^^ 
fhiXi fty to bim chat helps tarn, Bt ftlenti not my $chooU-Guari on that 
a word, for God is juft in all that he hath figure, 
bronghc upon us for our AfMsChfie and*Idolatry. 

Sd the word is ufed, iSm^s 5* 1 } . i^ d. i o. liah. %.%o ZepL . >• 

z. 7, Zach^ a. 1 3« or elfe thus. Throw thefe dead bodies into . , . ^ * 
fits and fay nothing, left we be fequeftced as unclean by the - /[ 

\ . Nnn 5 Here ^ '-^ 

r Here it ibe done iiAea tU this ini&tf (houki £att ap- 

throw. > . , ,, . . 

4 Here is the cercvncy ot z\\ vcaSyUixu Zftmmmt 7^#- 

Lwi, whocannoclye,*«6/M«* *^* 



Tbey ffiayfeaft^d fidctte^ad hng£c»: a dath^ walk iachti^ 
^tighc of thofefpatks wdi<bGn(elves faaveldndted, but dits xbtf 
fhall have at Gods hands, ^ej ^th^domfiMjvrm^ lia. jp.- 
V^ God hates bosh them and their ungifig» and mil cum ^c 
fiang5 into howiingyA*w«i. 5* ij^^Sapoftttious perfoBS ace 4^, 
CO thit^ chat God is deiighoed as they aie». wax Muiick, Sm^'^ 
ing^a^altHte-focmad £Ett:cifidngmtbeTcaiple,fatR€hePk^ 
p^tetlstheaitiiid^carnai joy ihaU end infaovvling^ The 
liord had given-them a little biccefs^ and cbey concsiced pne* 
fently chat they weiehighlj in Gods favour (f<K widDed aka 
are apt to meafure Go£; tavour ro them by prefenc enj(^« 
ments and outward pro(|)e^ty ) andtberefofealiey goe to fill- 
ing ( as Paptfts novirufe to dM.) in tbetc Temples, yet m6\ 
fdf-'xefpeas ; henoe the Profibet thundecs out vvrarh and 
Judgement again(t them ;. for tfaoTe that mil not imcerety ting 
to God in a timet>f grace^ (hall be forced cofaowi in a dme 
of wradi. Thole that will not fefve God mtfa giadnefs of 
heart itnheabundance of ail things, (hall fetve himia fadneft 
of heart in the VFant of alliiingji Dm. 18* 47, 'V^'Cln }iihe^ 
mlahs time neither Princes, PHefts, nor people »rStl3 ferve : 
God in that fat Land which he had given thdn, therefore cbey 
were made Slaves to their enemies^ ^^^« 9- )4^ ?T» 3 tf> if^ 
So Pf/iLi 06. ^9f 401 4 1 , ^«M.i^ien they leil fiKanGodto K 
dob, hefold them iftto their enemies hand^ for a prey. WAen : 
jhe Gofpel comes, with tcndas of grace to a peopk, and : 
they ree6%'tbem,luch(l)aiibe flain, Luh 19. 14, 27^ 

r* *^^ tt "T ^^ brings^word ^Plague, Famine, E^ i^^ ^u which lay 
Vn* Obt i.heaps upon heaps, and fiiwep mrj tboufands in a (Wt ^tf- 
ac 13. T3^ obfTo that there are «^4if; ^Mdhdktjti allpUcn^ Sin makes tata 
9r& T). u. fail and' fly before God^ JudgemenGS> as leaves before a 
^w; ^ . mighty 

'VerC 4» dftiifnfkicyi^f Amos. 45^ 

-vughc; wiad^ //4u4f^6i SMeipoce befomon <^4biMf 4. 10. tt 

They (hall caft ebon one tti^ (ttence^ Md node Diatt make 
Umencationfocbeaiytsri^J^isfuaUT^^^^ Bae 

o£ciHsacUsge^ooiAl»9/tf^s«^ ^ » 

Vxftsa 4,y; 
Hci^ tUsju thafmi^S^^ uf tkt neeJf^ evtn te make tht . . 

S^irf^^ when »iM the Netih Mom ieg$nt^hdt vfc m^JeU 

THePropl;iahjkVii^(ietfi)i!cifr tcbe c^aiddes wkUtt wert 
coming upon /j^4i^ bee now coicies txy fin fonbthe : 
^oundand caiticoC diefe c^nrnks, and chac w^ 

i« Ibeir (^p^iop, cruelcjr^ covtKou&ds, attd ifiir%bce» 
oufners cowards rnen^wr/. 4, $y<f. 

2. Icfdigioti and Idolttry tovtrwli God^ M^if* 9, ^4*, Tk^y 
{iadbr<^0Q0(b Tables, both Uqi^ and t«vv, anddutwttb aS 
high band, againft gr^ac 1^ and lo^ and cbierefof;;^ cbe 
Xiord refolves now co cmc dmn out. And becaafe tocmi fib« 
ners, (efpecialiy greac men) are apcc6 flatter tbemfelves!, add 
to think cbeaii^lves pdiiiiQdgedy andchsttGod toves. cbembe- 
i:aufe he dorb not prefentiy-punini cbem>( therefore the Pro^ 
pbet by an Apoftrophe tiftns Vts- Tpeecb U^o cbesi, %i!A that 
ne migbc the better awaksit tmm, be b^ns, asoftbefor€> 
vrithan^M^^, HtarAk^f Oyee bniti(h men that fvval* 
low up cbe poor and needy* Hear and fqaradfoTe shreatnin^ 
wiuch I deaouQce againft yon from the: Lord, t^r/. a, p A- 
wakeaacl^> and fee vvliatdreadfol deftfu^ion isdfc yout 
dk)xtfs, ttuc by utifauitd repensance ye fl!»9cy p^^ 

In this Verfe we have i. The Prophets Alarbm t^ro^fie 
"finners, Hear this. 

a. Heire are the parties at^rumed, and tfiefc arc primarily, 
^ tyrannic4» opfmffing-^BidersNjf /jfr^i %. Tte' ihfdSout 
forfi who (inned In their degree, and had dieirpetuli A- ftHE? ae 
^eikai^achci»i ThifecweobuaComioramsiaftbkM fet^forch 

Nnn a Para- 

tluit fii^slUm »f tbt ncidy^ cbacf^nc and gaps as 

hfb af(6r (hem* dtms %.i. gecdng chek goods, eattf^ tbeir 

I flefli) drinkifig their blood, and making cbem live fo flaviflily^* 

itiacchcirttfewftsbisca Itngring deairtir:aiid cMs cheydid by 

^ laying beavy btudens upon cbenr> paidy b^ Bribery and iHti- 

ry, partly by racking their Rents^ and by inhaunttng die race 

of food and other neceflfarie things which they had ir^rofifed 

into their own hands; and fo nude the poor to fpend whac 

I cbey had, and for.iQeer nec^tty to become cbelr {\xveL I 

ShAAfhy abffr-^ The word in the fountain (igtufies .to bap 4ip,^ to ^devou^9 

birtj JegiMtirt, apdcameftly to pant after a ttan* ; As a tlirfty man fwalloiirs 

2^7^; j downdnricwith abundance of eagernefs and delight; eras 

^^ 'the Whale and great beafts fwallow the little ene$ up at a 

bit, Gcff. if. 20. &^i. at. So did thefe cruel, xoyecqus 

.1^ Haipysi difour the poor withwit an^ ^nty or compaffion, /# ^ 

Kflfbfbdfh'm e. 5*^iJ«ic 7. 2. P/mI. ^6.^ 2. 8csy. 4.'* The partieiple of the 

k'kmt ahfirkn-i Prefent Tenfe,^ ncitescbexonftancy of their cruelty, they were 

Ufigtmm. I abvajcs devouring, it was theirs very Trade to preft upon 

the poor. r. 

.|,c Here is the hdghi of their crtieltyi thftyfo oppreft the 

poor, diat they were not able to fubfitt.^ Thy make the vo9r of 

itfr.T ^*^^«^^^M Theyufed^llrmeani^todifpatch anddcftroi 

^mZZ' them out of the Land, that fo they might live alone in the 

EartOt: . 


G9Mvt,maMr ^^^^ No,thcyweretbe afBiAcd,'meeklind lowly of the 

fwttohmaefiSjlAnA^ Theiheekandmodeft pooranecxpofedtomany mifc- 

prnpetis, : . xies and injuries of mij?hty men, drefe cannot rcfifr, and fobc- 

• cornea prey to item, J4wr/ a. d3& y.6^ aslitde firh do to 

thp great onci^ Unrfeafonablc creatures kftow^ Whom they may 

be bold wicball, and fodo oppreffors} A Crov* will ftand on a 

Shecps l)ack,A«ipulloffvvooU, liicydurft not be fo bold with 
a WoolfoiMaftitfa 


, » f . • •• ■ •. 

I / M^ftlHrj dtAfmi hkrd of h^k^^ ^IftiUriy whek 

r MdxlK:i!je/QfcchePrjO[^tbe^^ 


yet tbh^ Tbeytnperedeif>jiiKliMcbto atcendi b&titfe tfaey 
^ad^DodefiraiD aaieod* Sinnets have f<^ outny (Ufts, tnd 
their deceitful betics finde oar fo many evafion^^ cbac cbe 
I^rd is fain to bid bis Prophet cry^and cry aloud, chat all may 
hear and be awakened out of their deep (kep* So /A 58* r. 

a* A4mjkrs mnSt Mt fikk^te refr^v^ grcft n^in when tbij 
^reffyat fifrntrs. ' 

^ TCey muft^cry Widi the PrbjAct, HtarthisOjteRiikrs. 
They do more inifchipf by their evil example^ and therefore c 
the Prophet begins with thcmj befides, they fet their hearts as o^^ aim 
thelieart of God, Em^^ 28. 6. and think themfel ves above k^ 4, i. obf. 4. 

Scoof , and above coocroul, and therefore the Lord will have 
is Prqphets reprove them^tfaaD thay may know tbqrbebuc 

\' 3« Opfrifiifg ^ the fPtnf Um crying^Jin. ... 

, Icprovokes the Lord to a cpntroverfie mch a Land^ Kp/l^^f ^9^ *• 

4. t, 2, J. and makes him fwear their mine, as here, v#r/, ^4•fi^in^vJr 

* Tis an eating upand devouring af men^ ^/^Z. 14. 4. Mkah T:>tntTp9iiL' 

i* 2) 3- and therefore opprefTorf are trailed, Dc^s, Waives, way. p. t^j^^xq 

BeacSf Lions} fcci (as I have fticwed elfcwliere^ Tis a death | ^ J' 

far more merdlefs than prefent flaving, as hanging' b chains ^^^^^,o' 

ahve IS worfe than behcading^ Ohf.^.p.nK 

4. 9fi$kfd mem me Mjer tbemfthesi \x%. 
They devour the^pobr^ they fwallovv up the needy, they 

deftroy their habitations , thef> inclpfe 4tll, that they, may 
dwell alone-in the earth* A woe; is fet upon the head of ^*"^0 ^^*^ 
fttcb, /^t. J. 8» fuch covetous Cormarantsdeftroy all iinrhe^j^^^^^^ 
body natural, if fome members {hould draw ail ob nouri&- ^clfl^exaimnaw 
mene to themfelves, the whole body muftneeds perish. Piety tion.p.13 7^c.« 
makestttenpublick-fpiriced/and to feekthegoodof others as ' 
well as of themfeives^ AS. i ^. 36. Piilif. 2.4, a^, 30. buc 
Iflipiety is aH far/rf/5 A'i/Ai. 11^ 

5 . Pw men ms»y times me meel^ahd Immbk m$ft. 

The wozd ^nam^ which we reivder affliii^ed and poor,- %• > 
nHies alfo.humble and meelc, Z^^^^p.^. As^iches ufiially^ 
makeimeni:tuei and proud^ fo afBi^lions make men humble 
and meek. 'Tis not fufident that men are httai>led paiTively,' 
againft iheirwiUs>. but they muft be humble, a<9:ively; nor 
Iwv^hfit lowly. OuLpovetty i zoA affli&ion ^{hould drive u$ v 

Jinn 3 . out . 


oat K^Ntot ftfves toGod^ PfM, ii; f • ifttiK ^t; liappy ^fC 

thoTe ckac»re noioastf CDrrd9bl4>uc ^ms tn^ ftywcfn* 


54jr/>^ ) when will tht New-Mton be gtne^ ijtttfie mki 
feUCtrni ind the S^b^itky thta wee m^J fet fitrtb 
Whedtt mskii^ the Efhih fasli, 4»d tJkc SUteiei 
gre4Uy*nd fal^fyk^ the kdlMcu hf iee^ t 


N the two (ubfieqneaoc vcribsi the Prof^ faeors hsm Apf 

,devoucedcbepoor»m«i»bychdicuiir^hteouf»dsa^ cove* 

coufn^s^ which appealed inchattfaeywecefior ffosAf of gttiv 

thaE:^y choughc all cuneloft which was fpent m Gods imt" 

{hip^becaufeitbfoughttifrpNfe&tt^vitt^ and 

inten$sit}$ m- cbettfote chcjr airily cry^ ffbot mUttkt NW'Mmm Aesr^ttif, 

digrtMh €^ tbmvmm^feliCmml&c^ God had fet apart mao; £d[&f ais 

^fums^q, d. ^ cheiime o£tfae t«w ferhtf own worihip, but elpecbdly the 

wT/^S! weekly Sabbath, aadthe New-Mooosr hence we findc cfaem 

vifcat. fo otoen joyned togetfaet in SciBpnice, Ifa.x^ t j. ^ M;. ^ j* 

iiir/. 1. J X . C^. 2. t6. Though, their had^iany othor bakcmr 

nities, yet chofe came about but fiddociCt as onot a yeac, dc 

' the like, and therefore chey did hoc fo ofc mdeft cbem w tbefe 

did; hence they exdatm prmcipally^ and by tume- s^auift 

i^.Htf/>i«iif9.'^thefefiequencftafts. lie A^M-il/4ai0»wa9tfaeCda^ ficft 

^ng^^m. ^^day, and beginnin| of every aiomb^ and was coniiccraced co 

^.miktf.i^' theLord« ItiigmaedthacaUtbe&afbnc and months of the 

See more in year are mtfe holy and good unto ns» Osrdiefis New-Moons 

H^emfe m the the Priefts called the people togedier by fotnxl of Trumpet to 

CercmonUw, the holy Aficmblies, J\fi»»*. to.-to- /yi/. gu 4; «KiijpdQC 

c^up.i*. p.ioo ^^ ^i^p relig^oufiy ittPraycr, Hearing Godj Word; and other 

holy exercifes, a ICiftg.^. t^. % Cbrmu 2. 4* 8c8,xi, x). JViiJk 
10.^). EzaNm. j^ y. Mxjik: 4T« X7« Ac this Mernnky was of- 
fered mfacrifice, two yottij^ Bullocks, one RanoaJB^ ifNtn 
Lambs, three teUth deal^of floiire ^ UmA^ ft&^xvtaid. 
. In^ tiiis verfe iKc4ianfe the covetous^ msns chai aterrfet fiordi 
cptbetife, wfaefewrsay fett t*. I&lx«tliajBBim 
Heisai^olarocefGodsSabbatiiSy at km iftlBssi&ftion» 
vriackdenonunaoes: die mnm Tbe^duao. oC Godsc Sikbdi 


Vferf. 5i 0fthtFf^becy^fAmo$. 4^ 

tre a bordeoto him^ he loaa to liave them ovtr, he chinks 
fiich dales come coo chick, anid chac che^ hinder hisprofir^ and 
therefore he^prqpfaanely cryesi, fVhenmllthtjfheg^net 

s« Here is cheir ^reHton and unrighceoufnefs fet forth 
fourvvaics; ^. They cormftedtht meafffrtSy they fold by a " 
fmrfttneafurc, yet made the price great, -Tiyej dlmm^ the 
i^phJf^md maoe-ic fmall) comrary.t9 the Law^ Levit. ip. ; 5, 
3^. It ftiottld have been a juft meafure, neither coo big, nor 
too fmill> E^cekf 4 J* I o. The Ephah was the ccndi pare of an * 
Homer, t^omaining about an EnglifliBuftid, i^t;/f. 5. tl.& 
19. jtfyi S^im. I».a4. &-17. 17; //^..'J. ao. jE^c^)^. 47. 10, 
u» '7ms anu£uat4nc^n meafvreof dry things amongfl the 
Jpnrs; as the Bath was of liquid things, undent by a Synec- 
doche all other meafures are comprehended; for as St.. fams' 
fakhoftbe CommatidementS) he that breaks one, breaks all 
habitually andxiiijpoiitively; fohe that makes nt)^ conTcience 
ofixirrapdiigone meafure, will make do confcience of cof« 
roptiti^ them^atlr^en a cempcadoftcomes. He that will 
fallifie. an Ephah, . I will not truft him with an Hbmer, which a 

was the grcateft nieaftfre of dry things, which the Jews had, 
cdtKaiiihigralk)«cteii Bui1>els, £«^i^^ 

/i Afecond brandi of their Opprefltbn was, Their ma^ ^ 

kimg. if tife^kek^tgrefitej before they curtailed the meafurc^ 
and now they bei^tncd the price; thus they ground the 
1^06t as it were between milftbnes^ the up|)er v^s the fmall^ ' 
fipbab, aiid4he-lewer was tha great Sbekel] tbeyufed great 
weighty to weigh cii^mohy w^h they tecelved for payment, • 
ibr cne SMcel was partly a peece of money, and partly a slcius apud ne> 
wet^, By the 5Ad^rfhere is meant the weight of the Shekel, ^^*' f^jf ^«^?^ 

/L-ii' r pendens. TfavM' 

twtlhilunss mttnct/mpi 

^ . ^ « pence, «f/.;«r.i?/V/w, 

asyou may fee, 6<». t^. \fi jofh.l. 2i. 1 Ssm. 17. ^^j.ubiplwa. 

& a Sitm^ %u \6% t {^^ i^g, - As under^ the Bphapbis^zs • 
con^rehended all Idnde of meafures, foiinder the. 5i&^i^^/ is 
cooyrebendedall kind of, weights by the like * 
Synecdoche; for he that is unfaithful inrfiat . S'ciMs f/ut meuetu eertipen* 
which is little, will be unf airhfiil in. that which ^^'i ^ omnium po$derMmre'' 
is much. Itt tbofe dates che"y did not count 5*/'' 'twas the weighi of all 
their moiiy, butchey weighed it. Now, al- ^^ ^^^^ ^LS^ 

th«a. Sec mmfe VuJ. i. page 141. in fine lib. 


though die meafure was licric» yec the jfnatr6i the Cocn y^^ 
great; they gave light meafurCy but heavy wdghts, when cbcy 
came to pay their ai<xiyi ix>titrary to Gods expels comman- 
dement, Z)e«tt,Z5.L3> 1 4»i5« TbmjhaUnotJMtvcim thy tag 
divers mights ^a great aitd a fmoBj &c. . , 

3» Yec:.moie, ihey'fMfifietbehUawesif; deait^ Ekberia 
Gfuwn^ f&' weighing mony^ or other commck&tteSj or as the Ongbial runs, 
vertki curvitar they pervert toe baliances of deceit, viz,, by making chc^e 
tern qimdam vvhich werc right deceitful. They falfified the weights, the bec- 
Jf ^^'^' ^^ ^^ defraud others. Jhcy raifcd themfclves out of* ocber 
.i7c^/d(moM. fliwaruincs, and got profit by their difprofit. Thus they gain- 

' ed, whether by right or by- wroi:^, they cared da. Rem^ Rewt, 
jjuoeunqne modo rem. They otttfl have ix)OQy> 'tis no matter 

4. They ^ere not ondy deceitful, but«cn^I too, vepf 6* 
they bou^t the poor for tlung$ of nou^, and oiade (laves of 
them; before they gottheirMeoy, Lands and Efbtcs (for 
ui time of famine men will part with all for bkead) and now 
they get the men too; and (which aggravates ebeir fin to the 
^ heightH) they didnotonelycornipt their meafuref) and ftl« 

fifie their weights,- but their wares too. Ihejfold shrefmfeif 
the vybei^i They fold the chaff, refufe and bafe coaunodities, 
yet made them pay for good ones* No wotodctif thc> Lord 
fwear their deftrui^ion, f/r/. 7* 

The fumme of all is this, Hj^eftfhall we hatfe dene whh thefe 
^ , . ' pkmnPeafiSjOfid times 4tll0ttedferpMUfck,w9rfl9ify wherein wf 

are forbidden to buy erf eft i weiUd ta Ged thefi Netff-Moens and 
Sabbaths were once every thas wee might fell emr, Cernk^ am %i^ 
-rate^nuj^ng the meafure ef tht pyhcaifmaltj sind the wights 
{wherewith thejflver is weighed) great and heaujf^ thmfalftfyii^ 
thefale bjdeceitful^weigm* 

'OBS'tJlVATI^N^, . . 

" *t. H^orldlj men are wear jfefGedswerfhif* 

Tbey i:hink every hour teni and everyday a^year, which 

• hinders them in the purfuit of their worldly profits and plea- 

Mr;"ntffijp fures. Their wealth is their tretfure, and < their money their 

c«m. on Amos God; apd therefore Sabbaths to them are tirefonye, tedious 

8« 5 . thingsi^ becaafe they favour not the things of God, but the 

. dungs 

VThac a weacineflc is this i Mid. i. i j'. cbeif bodies im^ ' 
l?c ifi cli?f es«ptejJfeqeA§ir.:^^ S^bfc, or ^rtit 

ploddia« on th^g^W.M increafe. Thcy;.arcfomewbac «. 
kill cptSkHeafii^n, vvhUb<^^ xkk Cbrifiuiis for 

\^^ \ ft?«%?hp*ttqf dicir c'^^ keeping Qods Sabbaths^, 

W a'Play^-or4cbc like pcojiane meeting, a vybolc df jrwchout'^ -^ 
wcarinefle ; When God^ Wor lliip, which ihould be our joy, is- 
Cedious and irkfpqaf, and we can hardly (\t out an hour mihr 
6uc(leeping ; which fiiewes our grojOTe infen^hleniefle of chafe 
iSpificual b^dings.r^eaied m GofpeK But a g^acioiis f^pl^ 
mio knowes wbacit is coM^^y ^communTQi) with .G^d in Us 
Ordinances, fails die Sa6bacn6/i^^^ and looks upon ic 
as the beft day in the Week, and elieems ic an honouraU^ 
day# IJf. T^% ig* becaufc it brings him in greaccrcarttre. 
Thofecimes which bring a man in great prmr^ are. valued 
ipoft. Rich men cbink noc the time iofi in, whtcb chcv arer 
cbuhcingnpu>ney;.f6^ a gracious foul folot^as ic had) in* 
cornea from God is greacly ddighced^ and lon^ to meet with 
God again, and theicfore cries widi Datniy Ob wten p^dtl t 
fQmt mtJUt^tUT hefjmtbf L$rd in 5i9ii fpfaU 43, ^^f|«. : 

' Tber&Muckrwormsace alwaies fe^g afcer gain^ ^ly 
t» 7« &4^4 a. X 3. fo eagerly are they fet upon it, that if my 
fofe but an hour chey chink ic cen. They are n^ver weU 
btttwhencheyarefingerit^of Moneytfer^n^Manimon, and 
laying up Treafttre> Lukf 1 a. 17, 1 9, 19^ and chis brings them , ' - 
inco ceoq^i^^ ac4 (nares, apd «anyiiurt6ii lufts,. which 
drown men in pendition, x Tim. ^.^> to. Luft is a furious 
thing, like J^ it ^ves fiercely and furiokiflv, Jer. a • a }, 24^ 
2$. t C§r^ 13. a. it will not let men reft w(Mdce*day nor 
Holy-day ; . ail is one widi chefe greedy Matnmbnifls, their 
Money is their god, and whatever hindc^ them in tt)e purfuiQ 
of ic,is a great burdbn to tbem.Ttiism^kes them crv hctc^ffhei^ 
wiSticNim $moh te £w$ thu wi mof felt C9rni and this greedy 
luft puts them likewife itpon Lying, fwearin^t UTury, Brib^ 
ry, Perjury, Forgery, and what not? fo fad ic is tobe in thral* 
dome ro a luft ; there is no i^eft nor peacb oa ftich wicked one^ 
faicb the Lord. v . 

O o o ^ 3 Wf 

4^ 'dltSxfffifiiH^ 6ftsp.9^ 

vlbferein to Worfl^p ttm, ^simll .ftsbn^teSiAbiiltP At tiscfe. 

fttfdm cbcy rcfoitcdto tfi Bropbec^ to .b6 4iitt^Aed 5« the 

Sccmorcinmy wtjrcs of Ood, 2.«:%4- i^: £^..4«^ Wtq^air^«*ea 

Gom-oniTim. dfe *P)rHift$ wcrt ^ftttribe attd-idfei ' the ;5ttt)bafdldC>3^-is 

4^ t. p. 5*^ tf^ ctttf rime . to ftek aftiaTriiar^dbB,- 5^^ o* 

ctier feaTotas aifo V ami tf Midifters ^m and: 

oftt 6i fejfoa opibe Lorfs Day, and the Wtdccfay, as oc- 
cafion tcquires^ thprfurely pebrte ought to^ife^r StHSxchrfca- 
fons:iiidthctefort^kt^^mpBdi<y^^ that 

Codfepec^fe ihbuld Aen be wifCr^lA that day tf^ Clirifts 
w^r^'pfal. no. 3. and (halibe cotmant aii^ ftegH^ hz^ 

«*• and'tbertfofe lb oft forbids: kf^Letftt.lxp.iii 5 j^* j^, 
J!)<«r« 1 |i t^i H> i?f r«# -B<^4^ »o, 1 1. airfpatsus?, rfiat 
felfewcjigfeand ftlteballancej arean-a%bmmttk>h «> tmn. 

/ ♦• ,1 

nPHePtopbet goesoii) and fets forth aiiqcheridnd ofcrud- 

Ji^ tjcf^try ^ftdeodc^iUa^ andc^acvvks, /buying of 

, fllte^po{>r:AWs was'che6iKlM.cfaetj^:f^^ fmd aiid*ur«» 

' li^ttOttspraaipcs,TOu ihatHdieyonf^c^lityc the poor rnr«, 

ipofe ftrakfy' tiiat theyiKould be forced to fell tkemTel^s as 

Savei atui®ojKi'»men'for a lictte filv^r and ^^f^ 

gtee(iyt>ne'shad.^ard)eir|^i^e$ber<:^ce) andnow have atdidr 

In this Verfc. vve have^ i • The object of tbofe Coiav>» 
' •• ; ^ ' ^ rants 


P9WnWW^^^W«| MfSAefeAjq^t^JMtgWtbflW**)!*.!, opened at 

biethren, ahdtellow^Ctci^ens, yet having them acaitty vn6(f Ciom, onpuL] 
and tolwy and felfdwiB ac very tow rjcc^/ 

honefi, inaocenc poor 1i^JJMi$,lki» j^refs, JCn^i 2. ^. eSamJS 
Thtjiei the tiibt««mf«r ^ver, Ytrf* Ar*Uf, 

IS baie abdconcenipdble, itieathtU Siltttn «t ttfairvfjlmn, 
^Im^ tb<»n )aadl^« I^g)iie^«c«ttfefor4^^ 


\3Sty 4P. wAkku «b«:(4l4 icUmakntodyihac tbongb' tfawc 
;Po<iu: Aeihrie^viiiQf^f^ 

did wtth Slaves, buc cmUy and tenderly fts m(fa.biedimi>.t1iK [^j, ^ 
buying and feliixtt of. the poor jW^«t^'«f ifawr,^ttdte« die re»«t wfii^f { 
bafc \e< Bmtjt > p |:^cMtldEb4j>,tuiiejft£pdOD <^;6MMts- laen, i. ^•uviif 
in thac th«^ M{ V)d C^tte: atatefarinna,'i{o«4. and fordid T'l?^!!^ 
,'?^f fi- :Sv<»,iW«^tttP«<i?tfi&Mr, :fec. rrpf tM«6 rf»!^*r5^&. 

iwti theMiii ktieum, " - , 

. .,: -. ._ : :*.': ■ •! ' . ', ■ 

>w'dfey corrufit .^OC Wares.' theyl^ll the Qhaff^r f'''*** "'f «» 

f otfof'tg-MdtX «1t i* ^'^ th/fo|M«':?9.).*hat>^^ 

ell CO the poot in thcif^iw^ nttflW-jfeu^WcP ^f».ti er»r» 

^ 'l^tcfiiftwiiM fold; 

I biic is n&kitv given t^Betlb eft' ttrds» yecdi^e Muckworms 
. feUcfais Mffclcfdcpuft Grain to die fN^ofy who ffqtt 

■ goadaxn. . '•"■"-': ^- ' - - -'*''■ '^'** :'"' 

ISiis acocwntihedcfoi^y fhklies die Lbhi'ter Mc 
aein thcncxtvttft;. : - * ' ^ - ^ 

' 1 ! 

(t '•»•. *•') 


- - '♦. 


, ^ u J 'J . • • . . ^ ' ■ 

■ * # • 

jKMVtttey come fay ic, virfidJMt^bf'^^dr'by vnoi^^ 
■I^ds'Da^ 4th(x^ tl|Btf<ii|ftdsiie «^i ife; tbeir (kii 

«, f«ifi»iW«a. fS^ TUifJnhiiiMtli^^fii^ 

a. .Tbiefg^nK.obiydnKpoMktatefW^j MhBPiErf(ttic6a 
Thus t^Kf that riuU be nchr fiitt^iitD aaihf fhxres and cenopta- 
:^f>n^c£d}e.Qttvil,Vvhich dcovvn-itiefi: i& ftt^m^ytim^ '$, 
. «i lot and.if iiaaiit)Bi{Qi!t4ol(HKt)f<^^%wiKitj^^ 

MeawUirdtciieirCaced/tiieff C(eiictei/^'<t^ifren, 
. yea theaifehiej (fs-iaaAio preCerve ttfiii Oem 4^. tb^ ' 1 1. 3 5. 

^titlma tHMhitk,. will ht give for his lijr, lets 'i^Pt^vwuil 
fteech,fonebyskin underftaoda mans cioaiUt^, wh>(ik4c 
fitawasimde of SSoiis, ^: }/it.y,:'ii a ionft^ 
Us Ooacfaes rather than with his Life, for the hody u mote 
jban,rain«nt,iM4r,6. »6- .?• P|J»cxs.hw^j^./ir ii(^Kler. 
■ fi^nd'ttches',g6ods;and att tbi! o^vjrjp^j£g mm^it 
-■ a aiin'lo«o»verand:teftce;tis ffettifj)b^gfi^'aM«i(^"} hiii jife 
is hetctr than atlthefe,' 'ixi^^uh B^n §rdktly pi^d fasrrMuj 
WW, 6ch. 3«. ti. Heft.7» 5. and Wi«r*ir, Oeii,^,a5.^a. 
Heft:7-7«.BixIef.p.4. ■: v- . : ; V / . .'^ 

jA« jttilfera fef?anl, ^i^iif. 

BoyfortlnftiaiidaGictAracttpofWlwy Jnli. )« Smr 

men will cranlgretft for atrhusifuf of Barley, or a irorrcl of 
jBread» £u\« 1 1« f 9« 'Vhus cbepopr alwajres pay for k» efpe- 
cially.die meek and mpdcft poor ; men are ipc co goe orer the 
Hedge where ic is lovireft, and co cacob^ cbe poor by drawing 
chem inco cbeir Necsi f/V/. io« 9. chat is, mco cfaeir Debc* 
books, cbaesbcy may tdo^ag&allunco chem^ and ac iaft be« 
Mmeidieiirfiattes>ndfaond*inefl« As the good man confiders 
diecafeof t^iepoorandosedythacbelnaybetbeiiccerrord^ 
L6eNreimnt^^«4i«i«:^tfatf^ meccUdtemen coniider'tbe 
pnr>ilHitit»ytaiaydfi«D^ ::.: ; :^ i 

4 Aigfi maj n0f dekdft dCommdiijt difriwi^ it jf in frji^ 

* ; Comomaflciamay not cull ouccbBtbeft Grauu nor. ounglcr 
their Grain wldi refufe> and then fell ic j( as tbet did befic )Jor 
i&e<1)d9biWe fflaypftbCen;dQg|e,Wie<:fri^ 
w^*Sikfek,1iiM:iivi»tare];^ we wontfi cbac mM^wl4doe co uc 
vm cqiiicy*vand jiiftice ) evekfo mu 

: :Tbcy Valnedym no moreihail Aeir pig Stl^^^f ^q4 flfere^ ) 
footjihoy fell t&eitgfi&oiierfoc a pair of SbCMs s as if any con? : 
tea^dbleiraceweregoodfisiov^ f$tr'cteAi» SeeJiovrdifferen^, 
4!be Jiiifteb0ieiic:i£cUs. wi^ world ifrfrom£hfr Juete^inenc 4£ : ^^^ 

Ood. The world efteeme cbe godly as cbe drofle and dui^ on t fi^. 3. ) ; 
chefildi and otf-icoQcing pf cbe vy6rl4,:t C^4 44 tin bitt Godp. ii3> &c.*o4 
cfted^thenuur ibegt^ of ibe. worlds //s< 4. $• «^lw orty Mr^^rp^ir 
es^cottolDOBes oftbeeafclv,]^ itf.a* be^nTcecKlNijltopJ^eiS';^^^ 
giDMl CO tivetnr this wicked iifli^acefiut mA^Hi^^it^^iZ.: ^ers sk on ' 


God cht^acens cbde Men*feU^ , apd Men-devcmrers 
?«ch dreadfitt Jiic^emenc% 4m$» a. 6. & 8. 7. lAtkf «^ Mt ^ee mm Jbe- 
jEM«ihb lii .iPbbugh diefKW'bear ic>/,jttc God wi|l|ioc s^hforcontcr. 4.^ 
Mraye^lbearic aca4»i^ha»ds^biic (WeifsU Will be 39^j9@^ 00 Obf. ).. 
tbemifotfoicfollow^. ': 


. \ 

.. '^ 



» --.-_, 


• • • . « 

■\ri[ r IE aie tMr oeme to. de l^tai^tat: <it dH»Oiiip8d'« 
litualare taote fiilytecfoitbpmttuK 

in that die LokI do^not oi^fq^ ha/Hici^ iuukowMl btc 
^HK^p^itititibmL ' .•;■•■-••-'•»«'•■<'. • i- ^,\'v 

» At ilicy bad bc»a3g(ac Siifaeft, lib ift-feet Ibfcb 1^ 
greacfleftoftbdrPinafiiaftnc, hfhM t u npm iHm^Lmd Mkg 

- )-^A«lieJMdftef«sild«ioettaIf|tr^:rttl»€ufi«^ 
^tenatftcf icteirfiKmfft^ Ttair 1^ jbitf farMnwd ^Im 4Mb 

tb^fi,h^ fira^?OTty tiie» & to wi fln i i fiary>\t«rft^ i«k • 
' 4 Asif a)t chbWeimMt tblSacKsbeTWgietulim^. tiid 
diKaten^thtm 'Wieh if aifiJrft;<nQc tf Hr^Ik- bdi ^fvuck tf 

' f iWhicli flrites ^.<kad» He tjelts>dteaudilrcliis their Ml 
ftMkl%e krepattijbiei. T/f«^/64itf)3dUE»:W/iWi(ff^ 

«Sutfean|« 4M4«fllsiiy aiOitfdmid»''thttiaGU«tisivitad-«iiiik 
that thsfe Threatnings fvere but Sca^croiwi^ th^Moh: the 
Pjophec tbe beceer Vb aWSkett di^ Jto^ ^fineOy 'iNsaci in 
the Lord ^aiing-their deftrtti^k^' ^ d;< &. i^hW4Ct> i <&«^ 

*' - ^ gistli'dii^ <iierta(ftty'a«d7tMnudMUc^(.Ga4p<)eii^^ 
Decree to patiiCh //?■<(»/; where we faawi^ljol ji ol x-^ ,ri. 

I Tbe certaurcy dT //ri<<'& mine, The Ltri hmh mt mfy 
fiud, hit fpftm it \ da»tS) he bath moft cerc^y decreed ir, 
for pods Oath is nothing effe but Gods iomiutable Decree, 
iSm^jMi pimifli thefeic9i# .0>ydfi&> add O^reflors of 
the poor. 

% By whom doth the Lotdfmar i lAyit uiji^«xcfK$»j/ 

» r 

' t. •"- 

fliM tbey ^tsicelfM «ti cbiNadons 6^ the yrftld. ' Ochir Ma* 

thcNad,<««i)leAe W<>rW,;rfiM bad the Lord for, thtir - • - '. 

citly4i^ai^rfi6ta&»di^tei^dttod^ •' ^ ' 

rious p*itiledge»^ firotn Wta, t% ft«*l -ytc r^ibfel - agiinft 

him. '" -; '-''.• * 

Sottc tyth$> ^kuUmj »/ Jjr^, underiland the AA, and 
orfieTs the Temple ; h is't^ae, thcfe^re called, 78^ j^hy ^f 
Ifraeti but fince the Lo?d hath no greater cd fvvear- by, thef la*- 
fois he fwcars by bimfelf, who is here called, The Exsdhncj 
p/'/^f^^ji.c.ofhispedpItV/r^/. - 

The Vulgar leaying the -Fountain^ and following the. cor- 
upcftreamsofchcSfeptuagint, render it thus. The Lord bath 
wmtahwt]^ the-p^df^'J^ But lihc. Oaiginal Is exprefle^ 
gainfnt, fot though the word G*^ir fignifie Bride, as well as 
xcdlency, yet thcprefix Beth^ notes Uiat fofta of. * fwearing 
hich is ufud with ih/^ Hfhrerfs^ as appears ^^0^0/ 4.^. &r^2,Bliaonrperix^ 
iditfigtflfies i^tctnftmy but terj and ihereforeis fitly tcn^ cMffti^m, ceh 
•cd,- $7 thttxccmijpfji^, atid not ^ainft the ^^^l^"^'^;^ 

tfrMh ' Ctn.Hebr.p. 

J What doth tfccLordrwear ? why he fweafs A^ mlifor^ ^. uhipiufk. 
f n0n€ iff their mcked war\ej j the words^ in the Original: run ^'h ^ft ma ;« . 
lis, Jflforiet^^ifiheirymh^ lettne TiocZl%fJ^^. 

/e, or let me not be God^ or let me not' be accounted tr^Jc^ew/iririi dtud 
It reputemeforaliarj if ever Ifojf^jtajniniflithi^ grc 
ckednefs of //rW, they ftiall ftrrely J>ajr for it a^^ording to 
eir deincrit^. Sec the fike exprefficwii JOf«r. r; ? 5» i Sami 
14. ^ T414C. Hkh i9. .?6. //4. ^4. 24* d* 62. 8. if«:e<i* 
. 8. Iht Prophet by atiBuphctoifmus onrits thar open fdrm 

horror and drcadfuthcffe of it^and to make us tender ofu- 
; IjBprecauMSithercForeticlIrfyGhdftoft times conceals 

/mpriecationinfwearingk. • '• a 

rhis abrupt manner of fpcalingisitftiarmOatbcs ; it is ^^J^l'^^^^^ 
d of Apoliopefis ufual in Scripture, when we ijut ^^ ^<^^%.urmis. 
'd^ er part of a fefttence whrth ya is underftood ; (Uch 
'b^vmmreticeHU4LzxzstW/kei^ and fee fonii Gods 

^^ greatcft 

47» ,:An E^tint . .^apA 

Jwdr€ m mf mrMk, If ab^tmer 9^0 ^va^i^f^jjii, Tbey ihall 
norer mocr iiiceiny icft ; H ever they eone ijieric Ice rae na 
6e God^orlec ms not becniei k is a wry droiig Negaci on, a 

mmjmmirwm,^^'^^^ ^^^ M Anchropepad^^ 004 fpealolft^.ficti after ibs 
hf0rfittmm. OKUitx^r of met! ; Kfe k (41^10^ ttmomber ibdfe fi^ vvkich hec 

puniihech^and co forget thoTe ^m vifhicb he pardoqpih* 
^47 tfibeir winki ; u t. None of their works, not one (hall 

be foieocten by nic to all eternity > but they ihatt ccicainly 

and fiiddcnly pay for all their crying Crimes coitiinitced a* 

gainft mee. ( 


I Sin 4ndfirr0W an uffiffaratli c^mfanUns. 
FUgaium & pgei/Mm^ttc like the Needle and the Thieadf 
the one goes before^ and the other foUows^ l/d. 63. lO, 
I C^« 10. 8. f* to. weread before of //r^f/r ^^ and now 
we read of his Suffering ; and co afliire them of it. The Loid 
fwears it. If men will fm aeaiiift the Lord, let them be fuie 
at firft or lad their (in will nnde them our, N$im^. ji* aj^ 
Gods Word had been fufHicient to adureus of this, butbc:^ 
caufe we are incredulous^ be confirms it wi^h an Oatlh' that 
none might doubt of it. Ask Men and Ai^els, Houfe^ Cities, 
Kingdoms^ and they will all tell you> that it was ifin that laid 
' Acmin the dijft. _ . .^ 

% AP€0flemay^farmeenfcthtt4rduwraAhj$hiirjm^ 
thi^he may f^Urthftrrftlne^ 

When //r^/haid long hardned their hearts ag»n(l GocU at 
laft he fwears they (hould never enter intohis rd^ I [4. 95. 
I u Patience abufed turns into fury^^and makes rbeXord to 
(wear mens utter rejection, i Sam^ x5. %%y'%tf. this people 
had highly provoked the Lord, and therefore this is the thiid 
rime which the Lord fwears againft tbem,^ J9m9$ 4, 2% & 

3 The favour and frefoM of God with a PiPfk^ it thglorj 
■' < and exceUoncf §f a feofhm 

It is not Com, Wine, Women, Health, W;balth» qr multi- 
tudes of people that make ajjbtion happy, for tl|H:n '7«ri/» 

^ and 

^', pte/fortbey abound with 'cheieexcernai^coi^^ ' ; ' 

V is ti^ people 1^0 fiCa is the Lard, Pfal. 144. uJd. Ffehci cffi See my Com.' 
^ Lord IS called, IM e^eeUency ofjaiot^ and tte^Urj^^^fonmi^yi^. 
.. jr^ri«r/. He was their ineftiinable Treafurc, and true Honour 
J who made them truly glorioiis^i P/ii^.'*'i o^. 20, & I48, i^* 
., Jfnr* ?• II. iJfkti^ i%. Hence,yV«lffj[gloties in this above *w 
J ' other Prtvjjedges, That there wm m . p^ple that b^\ the 
\ Loi-d their God Ja mgh nntethem in all thattpcji ^^Ud^of^him 
'I fory it the tiorioHr God bath keen to them^ peuc.4. y^ g iThe 
^ Wife ftiines with the rayes of her Husband^f^^i^* ^6- i4>thc 
fi;uif ion and enjoyment of Gods, favour is the life of our Jiives 
and tKe honour oC our honours, withouc this wc ma^ vvritc /- ' 


ftriptb^m of tbefe Priviledgcs, and make them nak^d, as in the 
day jyfcrcn'tliey W«c bom. Me will taiW away not only bis 
.'Gorti and Wihe^ butins'Sabb$cfis, atid Sacramefits, which-a^e 
t^'i^ilgli^Ma^bp^^^^ to a pbople Whicli 

r&aflfeelU'htfli Scrter ofc^nce. . \ ' ; 

' 4 • O^athes'iff^t 'ir^niendoHs and dreadful thwp. 

TBey mufVbe taken with abundance of fear and reverence, 
flehceicis.rhactlic Holy Ghoft here conceals the Iniprecatir 
on, im^! jmgtheffebyt that men Ihould tremble ?c tnq yery 
thoughtfe of -Whiit wnl follovv if they fwear faifly, .. " . ' 

%,God refer ds atid nmemhers dU the wichdffefs 'of tHe 

' He forgets none, no not , one of their works, though they 
themfeJves' dd. . As hee hadi a.bodk of remembrance for ail 

V » 

Ihegotod wHich^his people hav^ do which ft) all at the .1 aft 
Day be pubU(h\to their eVerlafting praife^iW^/i 5. i6g. Afai^ 
^5V 34, 35. fohe hudh i book of remembrince for all tb^ 
wielded works of the ut^odlj^^v\^ich fliall be opetied ac' the 
1 aft pay, and tfecin bfder'^bef6rc them to t^eir everiafting 
Ihame, /*/^:.y6.^ irMdU fi'.^iy Jf 2% thetTrfialf th^y giye an • 
acccunt^gf their Stewardftiu)^ and jnuft J^ no longer StevV- 
aixls,'IWtf'rt5i;'^ hiothifi^ c'an'paftfals"AIWeVmg-Byt^ lee 
recor4? not iSmei but Arrtheir^works ; and thouglr he fna^ 

.474 ^ iMpjukm /. Chtp«f. 

s^mi Com. fcem{W^a.eitaefiaMBlitc«&dt|]ceti»Jk«k»,of,iheirfitts,6K 
mHoT.i]. »>len cbem pM^ in cheir wi£lie(lt»&} yet tt lift he wilt 
^^ ^ iMhetlnaJktioiivtMctebaifaaocfo^iiiyiifefadr worin^ 

vrfwafae &4H eMcHK faU JufUce fiUiy iip«a cbttn. 

&&<// Ml fie idmimnMefar^f vidrvnf «m hmwi 
)lMHif, Mi h Putt h (jifi, pm^ 4Mf Jrimt^MS ij tU 

A. - * t ~ • 

Tffe J^rophet hanqg mcheprecedent Vtefe dttwedck 
imdMij of //r^Zf punilhment> in chis VerFc he cmks t» 
iShiQf^ fhej^eaCQ«& and gj^evo^&efs (^^at nai^ windi likei 
fbfkl Wa^ ruling in tipofi ch6cp.^;i;hey<!» earMc^fiurr 
&ine»^ atad ^w he ceih ctem qT, excnabMinaff'*di|fe»^ 
They ha^ their lloiKTroTrm, and-novr fott6«nqSoiids oi^aii. 
, 'I^ePr6phqtAebettii;coavyateBttenib^m^ l. WSrhw 
£&iphatical lnceri:(^adon ^ Whidi is miivaidic to a firois 
AflSrmation, ^^Aim^i. 29;' Shal^/u^W^d tremi&fr 
thht vtK.. ttv this cruelty; cotenii^, MoIfttyV aticl; Ab^S^? 
^« </. I aj^al toyouc Gonfticbces,^ how canic.lic'^jc. wife? 
It is impouible that fuch oien asr have this perveaed alieqmcy 
and btdcr, have brought in c<Mifijfion^ anacKercifed all maih 
mtg%^ i ]r». ^^^ ^ Ty^JHiy an.d cruelcynpoh the. poor, fl)Ould^ver dcapt 

f^r«SirewJW,^^P**^*"^<^ 5 wfacp the very fir^A/rfwi^fe.;^^^ '(^Mll? ^od^ 

fmmw (^ fuck lewd and rebeltious imiabitants. ' '/ . 

I Some make it a ^r propbpeiGaJ fpeecfe, dius,fo great is the 
fin^ and fa great (haft be the forrovv of IfratF^ that the wry 
itifenflWe earth cannot but tremble and be moved at \t ; lor all 
Cteatufes by a Natural inffin^ are feofible of the Voycc aad 
beck oFtbeir Cr^t:<^^bo^ mttchfloore of ^Ms anger. 

a tierft i$ ian' PJxegeit^j or explanation df the precedent 
eUute, the earth (hould To tremble^ and there JTiould be fiicb 
trouble and fears there,, th^ 9fotrf m that JtmUs in h^mU 
murn^ As all had imnedi foaa;mihD^t; es^e^ba ihoidd 
{^jiflFerforlim . Sc "^ ./ ' • 

J\ He iltulkates their Calamity yet fuftfierr hy jtlle fimilN 
e of tt^yverrBowiiig/^ic^ whu^iKuriei db 

l^'vtR^ if *ii Jwj«to5( if Amos. 47^ 

IDreqfuairm Sdsb^^ f . 4* ^te w«tert^ ^ tip Hid rover die ^ 
l^mt t3m kcbdi ttoc appear; fo (hdlt the ^rMfr/ «fifis and 
9V«r*Jri)rci4 dift ivhots Latid ^ /y>4^ and earry avvay bdcti 
tbcmMlddiMrkbtii !i ''-~" *' « 

%<IM:ir^42l Aia^Mi t A^ eheSpa iaftidl Ftouds doie ^Moue 

tf: t*tf|5*ft4idwc i8,'Bytfce V&fti NiUif^ wMcb fey wry of fw* i^^a- 
cnMMiKyit tailed^ TAr^iiwr^ i/e^cbat floced and (zmoas fj^'^^J^^f 
:River which vf aimd itetahd if 4^^^^, «akin& it fat and t^^^,:^^ 

fruitful. . \; agidpii: ' 

//i!4(/!rCapcsiiitiy:ir here compared to anover-ffawm^Rt- 
¥ec>whk^jib bulks Qor bounds can Md. Itkitfual i;n$cnp- 
€Ute (p fist fioAiwreat Catamkie^by tbe nam^ of great Wa«> 
ten ; ftrs^'tC t6w C^3i^.^^i^.i»i5. <i^5fM-4iy. 
(^ 144^ 7« 3^4^ 7^ !• ^iiMi ^t y • So the Lord here, the , 
besef toe3^«fie d»^ greac^Calaontleii ivhicb were c^omik^ 
npui IfradJkuheA < Simtlicude from the l^h^ Nil$tt^w\Am pr^ p^^^ y^^ 
was wont yearly to over-flow the Pl»ift9 of f/f^im ; there ni/i. <. ^!c. ^' 
was no rame ordinarily b MfffU ^ the owr-nowins^ of 
Krim. fufiplted tHat wrand, and ^q/t&tti the Plains for aoouc 
two months; (|p^« {!}owasthe River M/mt ov^^fiow^ aff 
rim Land of ^^gjft% and made ic like a Sea» fo the Xand of 
Iff ml ihootd be (Wift 1y and fud^nly ovewuv vtrkh the Army 
cii^JfjnvoKt^ whi^nlikea fifeeprng floud (bould earry a^ 
way all before them 5 as they did in the reigi\ of H#J&f 4, the 
URtkagci^Jfiriri^ whte they wette carried tnco Captivity out 
of their owne Land, 2 Attrj. 17^ 


» * 

, Wicked taen aije a burden to theijvhole Cvtznody P/!rf.^o. P". Tenners Ur. 
.l^tr»iBiiPfc«/iar4ndcoiM^thqrfoeak (as they doe tacHfyr^ ^^™-^;. "• 
and la di&ifkiiii); thejt,woii!3 tayV ^onf Ifcc tis not be Ser- ^ ^^^' ^^^'^' 
vatits to thofetbaDwiii not be Servants to tbee.The earth cries^ 
tef m devour diem, as I did Carahy Dath4»j a&d Jbiram^ 

Pppl Nnmh. 

47^ ^ A0>ixf$fit$i9^ o Chip. 9. 

JiMmk i6. 3^ i 3 %. Thft Sea'cry^ Lee l»be tkoi^m^ifaeai; the 
AJ{ faith,* La m» chotkchem ^ Kc ; . Tbub all xrtatuios are 
i^y toceflifietbeu: indignation againftiin and iinii^ts^ and 
cbcrefoEc the Lord calls fo ofc upon cbe inamoiate creaoires to 
ibe a&afiipd.aiKl aHomCbed ac ttie cebelUdn of inft people, I/4. 
!• a. J«r» 9. 1 2* As a man, whoTe ftomadiiia &R:hafgiBd, ii 
iick till he bacbypmited ii(»tfaac wbicbburdeni \6s fiookclrf fo 
4be creature, |s even -fick a»dn:niiic have^fpucd oiic ifaofe 
ivicked inhabican»i that burdenk, tcvh. i8« z$. ^ ao# ai. 
Now, (ball the inTenlibk cfieatutesgroanforour ^, aod Aall 
opt we groan for our ((Ives }. fl^ . afifefted wi^ our 
wickednefs, and w^ be4nfi»nfibte t Qod forbid/. . / . 

C' The worldis apt tocharge Gods p<^ple with rebdlkm and 

troubling piiproih As Abab (lid fZf/^^, and MmazJUJh the 

Prieft did A1nm^ ch^f^ 7* 10. and die Jews.cbt,^fties, jdlS/ 

See my Besmcy 17* ^- ^^ ^^^ thq Wicked that ape the tXue HemiltiiiiBs and 

of HoDaeff, troublers of the-places where they dv\tfli,'yABW4» 28* \& 9. u 2, 

dv 7»Pbj. 1 1. , g , j/^y; ^, g, •xis die Idolater^ i:he Oppwrfctfor, thcCheatcr; 

Sec. that are the true troublers pf//r*ir/^ ijaadmake thd Land 
totecmbletfnderche;m. \ ^ / -. 7 

'i. )Elo9is^^finJbringjbodsoffmff0 ^v 

Where floods of I(tolatry^A'theifm>;S^ttrity, antfUni^- 
teouCnefs go before,, there floods of miCery, ever follow. In 
theold vYorld ther^ was a deluge of » fin,* wluch brought upon 
diem a deluge of water, which fwept'-them all away. God 
bath variety of floods to fweep away .impenitenc . finners frosn 
the earth. 

4« whin Jt^gtnwti comr^ fhj [clfbc^ 9^ rkhb^k^ ^ wcM ss 

When the flood of Gods judgements coincs, everjt mMMjhall 
»wi^«,without exception/ <Not •pn^of tbcfe covetous Cormo - 
rants (hall efcape; their filvcr and their gold Hiall not avail 
ttemintheday:c(^Godswr^th.,*/V^^^ i^, 4««vE«^*7^:ip, 17 . 
Zeffs. 1 . utt. The fin of fuch OpprefTors, cryes, and rcfe no c 
•tili. it hath brought plagues upon-the head^of Ach^finncrs, 
£ii^i^. 1 6,49. & a a.7, 1 3* jf^wfi 514, Thft% as ihey h^^ 
uoiverfally, . fo .now^ Cod^ipdiig^ .'Ugjjpi :theto ; univor&l ^e- 

dndit lhAU(lmit0fafih th4td4jlTaiih i fie lit J^ '\hp 

jITEE havc:fccn jiyr^^fin-^d fiw:iiow^ b |)art> liece 
^ . \vyc htye it more fully atopUfied#i i* Tbci4 profpejjity 
CbaH;b$^«iime4iQiaiiufefy^ imd their aurth.ip&«.jmau£iung» 

s: They (hail lofe their Paftors m4 ti^ Pr^i^i^aj^ 
tkalU^lvtve^'a famine ctf fpkk^ai :foHC)4>>rei%rajpn$sgiS m^ 

- '^^WMght^9m^khmmA ^ ._ ,, - ^. . , 

forrow, thei^prpfperity iatoa^M^arfity, th^lf^a^simo mourn-" 
^gt,^4 their fongs into lameijtatioti, aifof aa^lySog, / 

tboughi^^w<>iUd^Kvaie^ id[i)diey.ihQttgbo^,bi.&^^ 

fee, nowhWligjiii^vJw b«i4J»Hc^*J^4 6^ tfee i.s^4 li^Ufi thcq?^ 

he would Mdenly ftnd the Army of the:iitf7rA5f^,i|>oii t^ ' 

when they licde oreamedof itt to that their Sun ^e>m^ fet^ 

^UQopn^ndehelfghti)^ tuined ihto fuddendasjicneCs, ; 

^ ^ Sojooe take^ihe .wordfi litesaUy,. . that tha 9^ural Sm{i AiQuld 

fttc^tfl|()<iinvJl>uc«V9t:^«. fpeiksjhot ,,of -ii^turai, ^but^ mgi^ 

t^hpncaldajtoefe>ii&. of tha (ligJit of .Mvwllt'y^\a{.^ipgafs^ 

by that which fbttovi^, I mll44rksf^^^^cfrfp!^ thej:le^ d^j^, 

what's that ? why I willxumyQur feaftsinco .mpuroii:^^ &c« 

. 9*5?? a|»ply;tbisii;ft»c t^ tb^ .P?^oo pf <;;hr4i wb^ ;the . 

earth. But this is qu4^e.?jgaip^;heTe3tc, arid Contejcti which 
fpeaks of the deftruftiori of the Kingdotoe of //^^^ef, ahd not of 
the fufiferings of Chrift;?; / ^ i ; * ■; ' » 

Inthevcrfeitfelfwehave !• A dreadful judgement threac- 
ncdin metaphorical tfeflpa?! /'w(A^^^<^-Jf^^ ^w» 

3Ppp 3 . " ■ '^ dun^ 


i :^ 

thing ts fee fofdrmvaciMscenns, the better to ztScSt them. 
"Ry Light Mdfb9^ 9m 4UmH% is asaiu great profpemy and 

/W. «. 11. 8c 1 12. f . % «r|»</> is mcanct gtea^ idrtoWf 
tcrrW,capdvity,«idfca5r.^Mt», ?0i rt.-*'//4r.;if5|; p, 

3.%, Hence the doleful condicion of th4 damned in {idi is 
caRedby ttie name rfdarimrfa, Mmi.a^iy^ -^ \ ^ 

«. Here is the tinae when thii ftiili bibj^ that «v t>r rAit 
Ai^,<M. vA» Ae Lord <kiU€«m«c»metktijQdgAi^ 
pn //r^/, for all their provocations, and bring tbe^Anby. rf 
their Wlerhito 4ip^«h«w; '- ' '*^^- ^ - ■-- ^-- -•'-'•• X^'^T •'• 
^ ^^f yb^lrdie 4»fc;diitf of «ti i^ -niftry) Omm^ ZMwAnKf, 
The Lord, who cannot lye, hath fpoken it. Let - the ivicked 
have never fo mviA li^o6^|iiof|pwty|' tot^^ 
iKf £«ti>f)%ri yer a9 iliesan Icrdf; vYltehiir tbci toam^n effjgbc, 

?^ti)s.ligbemtf{bepiit6iM;to«>bfet»Q7/^i^ ihitt«. 

God, the more fiiddenly apdfttft^ Aiatlt chey fun* 

The fttinm^of ^Ibtbk, f,iU ^iatrm O Ji9f^0 «f 

5cc my Com. ^ ^^ ^ ^jj^ r WAf*#^ #W^* >i«^ dfe^^'^M' #i» j|r ^ Jen> 
^ ^ * thift tmy^tfr Xf^im Sitterfsi anJt Amlnim^A MM" 4«iwr t^ 

f^ 0ttme^ tkirff9r€jmc9mMtHm jomf pUgmtmH- wiH nr- 
Uri^ mdfikh i^j^l^hdnitfii^ifii^ if 

firtinii jimfhall kifiri^ ^M by the mmikfs AfTpan; mi • 
jiu thktwett imnop t^ i/edtj fhitlfikldmlfh' wmdt fhtbe^l : 



,, - » J • . . .' r . J vy ' , • . ' : I . . • . 


"^YishethjatBi&esoarSan tofec «t*noo», lifadilfc ire 

. - woft 

moft carelefs and fecuce, and Itcdecfaiiik of night. *TisI,I,I, 
cbac creace ligbc and da^knefs^ //ik4l* ?• There is no evii ol' 
affliAbtiiatbeCkytwciiKl^docliici «^Mir3;,6; ^. ^.^ 

a6. ^ ip^ and he is uid co tuning ipduej^; ^nd fudden fjSfrocsof PaffiveObc* 
"iipOM fats ptAplt it nd6n*day, Jer. i ?. S^ 9. * alienee, 

^ Ic may be noon andclear day wkh ihexn;They may proTper ^ee my c<>m. 
<«wiitaenyy^l;^79wv}»4« ^tr. t^ Jr ^&k^. i. Boc of<>nPfaK7j.i8> 
ilutfacl^ftse^llwvfaBnu ^^' 

Wm pomtt 4w dmnk wUi (roTpemyy *iid(liin9c ttieir ^cc niy Com« 
oaouncain fomang^at it can never be oiovedKhendari ilftra^ ^m^^ '^' ^^* 
^tiiidbaiiiAfaciii abdis^fanrprdbittyittmi^ In ^^' '* 

jNijmtt^ayesi^e'iiaAr.^n :|l«^ iMattaye4H»« apM ^t 
hi^idkpinm€ici£tticBf^n^ fiadd^«lytmaglic4nte 

»r Abyfs of niferp Aefodstbeiday of^dgsttttiTt vvhea ottti 
are oioftftoifie^ctjFiiig^ actrv IteM^ ttoucoctm (Md&a 6adl . 
filfifcifeinsfljAii; ^ttdr cheiy{^uj^i^l«kt^ftiiMe&^^ pcotp^* 
Mti^ux jtx^mjAitmm^ of dM vi/JMosdinfor ^^ tt^ 

Ifaott cooBadoMi^ afidt^mtto 2^^^ JCet^ 

9>8. 7i 9» WalkbniiiUy and diai^lPf inthemidft of ali'^ oA- 
ilriyflaaes. d^tnit fi|^ a^ ntx 

abufe bis Dleidinj^ co bis diflionour ; if you dO) you muft knoil» 

makes it jiAaiiiii^rii ymi; Vwi a^ «mty ftiake it ¥^} h»su 
' d wrfui tt liw i tli &oi^>A^)cii/i«9; 25. ib^ Higiieft )>M]^ty, 
SciirMd fo»-fi0e:a (toy ^TadftifieytL^ tts43ttc<)iM ai lan otic^ rceMr. tr^/-^ 

diem pemle, andlhen our SuniOialt titM ftt, bat tye (kiiH {^;s Sermon « 

\ • 

«' If - 1 

.# 4 

..,?:.:.; ... '^ •• , . > . {)! v.! I J 5:-i''A'. 





• . . . •' , 

• V".-- ;\- ; 



/•T • • • ' . • 1 


^ • .. .t 

. r Sfiff^rmto Lamemdticn , did ^ up SMck- 

' dndihc end thereof ds dbitUrJdj. 

'(.' iiv' 


WHa(dbc Pfopbctiitd fppken mtctphepcally ^ad daft- 
ly in the precedent verfe> be coniBi'aa&eg^ialm iakt 
liHSi. Ibis n«d^tQk(i.cU||MLb&ftto^ ^tkacj^eic^ Sm^ (hooM^fa at 
noon; whac*schaC|niay>fofa&oiiefty^ wlnfinplimEiii^sffliy 

-^ rt :]^$ P^B^M'SMSOD^Oittiff^^ ifau^fiiddob and 

jB^XkU^ flpyv^^]tc&bd«c^e*God9^itoeti^^ 

^^: multiplied, syords^'^di exprei&cbith6iai|»timjsiniyai^ 

tf^fnis^iiW beaerix>.aw)ke&jdk^^ i ' 

*^'j:lp (;|i%<(vyi0fQKitgbinSYe 

.jiii^h^inxQiE Qo&^, jiKJeefo^es: ca^sciieh ::; Jirt^iefasflme^ have 
4:c, Aifi/QL^ec explicacibn of dj^ f^udgcmfenc dioeiarAfcd^' ^«^ ^ 


'Which they fo much oeligmed, and thought that with fuch 
Ceremonious, external worship God was well pleaTedi tbefe 
did but increafe Gods wrath, and blow up the nre of his dif- 

SleafuQ^againft them? and therefore the Lord threatens that 
)i(l fotigs efpecially fliould be turned into bowling, tw/. 5 . 
The Jews had maay feftivals^aad in rhem God commanded 
, them to rejoycej Dem. i iriS* Tt|^y had alfo holy Mufick^ and 

holyfot^sacthofefefiivalsappouvedby274t^i^9 for diepraif- 


iiDgof 06d^ 1 C& B«tdiey;:being IdclittC9i Su^$i^ 
ci<His» and tbypocrhica^ reftbig; io4i' bate wcernal fctiw^ 
maacc. o£ cfaefe Ceremonial Rjices, and placing att: hobncfe ib 
cheoii choqgbthofnfelvcs lived' lewdly, and tii^noMtly^y^n 
79 8, 99 lo^ ti. iaaificbig to c^e Calves, and tat 4x> 'K(A^ 
CbefcfictfethflKdrdthreacenuocumeven tbo(b jeKgious f6a(& 
lind fiai^^^ (for ofcfaefe cfae^ Ptopfaec feems mote erpcoaUy co 
JTpeak) into moanmig and tamencadon, f • d^Hkbert^yoH bavi 
Uv€d]ff€m9amitMrik(iy fcMfiingsmd figging 'Without My ffojf 
^<jM^ Jttth0t^lhts •f^u fuJ^tmanii bmmw ^(/dkhilfldrd) 

%• Here h ifae grbacnefs of dieir focrow, fee forth by- two 
'C^nsmontal Rites^ which fiwe ufed m cfaofe Ea^n Coufv- 

i :f^^^4rltri!^wasacoiQ&mottriu^ 

Qo^csii^r^* botmdwIdia^f^idleabQttcxbci^loy^ 'Twas .t 

^iiga and fyiibofe of nufery and mounmigy a; appeals, G^ti. $ff. See more Ja 

Ac AW^fiineral^^PjiCflMi commandod them to: jhic oh Sadc« 

^l()d9iartdvreepv^^I*^>^^3»3<* i And AA«/r Jiearmg of Oodi 
judgetSems coming on himv he ;htimbled Mmfldf in Sad^jchtk^ 
^ X^^« \ I •)7*:'nie two vvicnefTes were doathedin Sackcloth^ 
mc^urning co fee fo many fall away to Popery, Rev.i x . 3. The 
jLordcifeaceHsco make them puc/off thetr ornaments and 
^oxg9m%imtCiEx9i^^l. 4^ 5; arid pac on fackcix>ih and 
mourning vteeds, as mdft futtaUc to^fijurhinxicnfui timer, f 
They would not humble themfelves nor tttourn in tbdc pro& 
perity, now they flioatd be hund>led^ and made^o mournin 
their advetfitv. ■.,*.:.. r 

'^.^dUmfsiikfo was a(igtt of tfe grqateft^nournii^ a» 
ixiong the Jewb^ andtherefoiexheLordunsatens here that be 
would bring taiJ^fifif^a every hesdi thi^c is, tbeir miftrie^ 
fliould b^ fo grear^ that they fhotild pluck otf ' the very hair of ^ 

their beads for anguifh and forrow: for the Jews, when the^ . 
Wjirein deep^diilreiSif didteftifiei their forrow^ . as by fa<^ci6th 
and rencin their garment ; Co by Baldnefs alCc^ jdrfaet jpuUfag 
the hair on their heads.{br\ vecy anguijih and indignation) as 
£ftr4xyd i^x;r4 9.3. <m: elfediia^ their heads jtndbeafdvy' 

dqq « 

didfiwAiK^taiptckiicctlwiecori^ <£ 

^t^\ak4d£»ibcMttdkn^ Ohutieac, n4 

« }; Here«tiie vimerralttv of ^ flim^ 

4i|IOQ Miff 1^ mi{;lll0l7 i^^ 

fiIUled^Jo^UihottUnov\^f^^ifoc^£^ .::..- . ^ 

fcbefae thainmmt Meonkty .Scoii^uMoverir^ anil t$ 

k becwflethwo, Jioctw^iieyjior ific \be:diisdcd aflKdn^mt^ 

aIliiieifinpetiai»iiiton^ kopefiii irnikfe, ris:imi^^ter) 91^ ^ 
caufed) ^eac lamencacton* Hence great forr«v*4ii ^cr^ 
ttrc:^ tbme^i3ttq9i^e|ji»^ il^^ . 

%t Iii4die^Ttt(c,iteB j!ir;4.i:fi*^4ifaeKike^ cIRnigiip* 
eft tlie'^eopfe» tais^fke sM&^uenIati»n(atiM ^^Ik ^gre^ ^ 
eataoaitkrwlKcHTrete^wiibqttim^t^^ . 

: 4B»J8iiinfr«^nr«iOi iWhtotbe ifliwiftaltsfae eoM^edliriti 

f8tltod,fcis;iEiid-, Thffyill^t^^ 
fkrmijfitfimife «f FiMWiMdWU^:^^ 

• --• ^ .. - "' of.; 


h ittaauuL ( fiQ be) im tli«inir<!r7 «f ttavCMtifiooa-'m^mi^t*/^*'''"'^'"'* 

i tlie.«nd of (Int K w eAjiw dffiwJt «nd ocend iefelf to tfad^ 

« if^in^Mibifimi^iQltheilindtbjr aifrOquemMfeiOAfftijFtif^MiffV* 
. 4w ^ iitf Mr J«r } cbae ifev MAfuierit)(6oCiatftd d»r^Me dief 

Oiall b« 4fracitt»clatt€cuec4«Bfe(tfiroHk idle Vyoird of Gbd; 
\wHch alone can keep -us from petifluns^ ill mi ttbc^e^ 

/>/4/i» I i-j^. 9». ■.:•■.-•./.:''■■■-'■ '- 

-yottr.QtWos.CftitbtfacSnpbet) {toddle VVfMhoF God fliaU 
ab&de^poa you,' andupan-youefriitt!ityeviet)i»dtednd;aiii 
-<wlie9«iM;Wkvekoverk ncirii«A«ll'«MM) oflitbaWi fir 
,y«l» 4U ouc-ef yoof omfe Land. 

"tbc Pr«|ftiecitt«hts Verfe enpoandsMt Ifttcj^oiv afid ^ ^ 
lofiMK, tad naktttlitti plamefor ehe Aeaiitft cspadcyi Bat ^'\^ ^fj* 
ofcMsflilwhcie* ■ . , obt**. ' ' 

WiMt vvti^ohen myflkatty, wr/; 9. i» ekfAaiiMd ««^ f 6i^*^ 
^of iiM<lfewfaccB. ■ ' : ' 

Ai chcy f hac £mi iafodlffocrotr fluHI rcjftp tfl j»)r j fo ebey 
that fow in camai joy mall reap in forrcw. When mea kbuft 
their feafls and lawful libemes, QeA ftHAxxm then %tto 
(aftMhd VB6Msiaa%i Htf, %it%, Jimn f . x^ 17.- iT <(. 5^ -^ 
!.*«>• 8.'3.. . = ' - 

. iHQWvtidthen knar cntffinoQ/I^ if cfa« LotdtumiiivfeiSik 
oi^!t^<)iM B: ^ )y i MM ac i l Biiw t > fcMBefltati«i t6 4i' bttck-aiidtag ^ ■ 

/{4yP«rteMMiJ3AMm>r^«ija^^ ' 

t . •» 

ir •v 

• never miceiiiait(K(#orc0diiBQd 

dally, ud give cbemfelvtt up to all fMimer gf xlf^kucfaerf 
and prc^anenelfe, and that in dayes of fitdi glMotts 1^^, 
as the Nadon never enloytd die lik&&ice it was a Nation; 
(hall not dieXofd idfic for chefe dni^?. lieinllfuddenly: and 
certainly fend; fame ^^/^iVimi or ocner to' twBt%e the diifao* 
fipgtrs doMitojhisnaiiiCf Ifiibe !4>r4vntitiirnii% Feafts and 
Soiigs^imc^iainentacion, wbac mil be doe to tbofe diac nfe 
propbane and fikby Sot^s^. to. die cormpdng bod) of chenr^ 

, iWbon all fin, fben-aU toyns^ and tall beadsiwifttie- made 
l^ld ; Nadoaad Svi$ bfii^Hatbail jm^emems. ^Vhen jlit 
cheOld^VVorld, MSfdmi^ hU^JimfaUm bU cemipced 
tbwr wayesf> dien AUiwRHgcnib. Bttt of this before; 

. Whq)jQodsbatKltie$bea^ei^anapeo{4e,tlK^ 
be ftupid and ftoical, but they mnft hear the Rod, and vi^* 
hatb appdficed ic, Mlc4ih 6. g. Tbev muft bumble themfel ves 
wder Gods nugb(]^.teml,^ laying ahde tbeir<^oflIy acttre, and 
« piK themfelves in mourRing weeds. Icis not fuflficjenc that 
vve grieve inwardly for oue fin^ and Gods Jifdgdnencs upon 
i«forfin ; bite we Biufiialfi>expre(& our forrow by external 
£gns. P4t^M2weptandpiitonSackcloth,P^/.98^iI.andfo 
did, 3er. ch."^. i« and Ncbem. cb. x« 4« yip^ abterred Jufflfelf; 
and rqpentcd in^duft and iifhe% J#^ ^%. ^« . 
£4iMt. Yec a Caveat snuft be here entred, we muft not reft 
^ jirrtvci} iQ bare es^emal wt^^ or wearli^ ofmourhftil VeAaits ; 
eo Maci 1. »9.* but ouroutward huoultation muft expreffit our inward fauni'* 
r. f 5». ana M. liadonof dis heart, elfe hypocritical out-fide fervice is odious 

StttmCcm. I^iS'bitter in it fell^Mid brings CmhMtteiefieAs. It biiiM 
«<itkLi).i#*biQ3Q:dayes, and bitter catannties upon a people; Sin, lii^ 
OU. t* Satbanits Fadier makes larac; pcomifiks> but foory pcAcMian* 
sttBtHk^hk J«- k PtotofaJi pkafure, lutt^^ 
g^medyMaiiOlberty, btttbniigmen inropritonsi irmmnipeki^liiiei' 
^asamikvw brings wancw. Take. hficritbenof^tbcmitfui^^ 

:> . i ..... '• ' 

.dieirtikaltperifli-Mkthetriiitqtttc)^, mil^tU§adl bt « »ir- 
Mny4y. Itie tnaeed ufe to ptmniTe thenfefa«»iight, bHC they 
ahaU.find« daitarfGtj they woanfc diemfd^ef dclwetance 
tfnd jof, bat tbey Owil&iie bsoaiKflcaiid6rro«r owo tocb« 
endoltlieirdajcft . • • 

Vr&SB It) IS; 

. ' •. . •• • . • . »• 

sM^tU <^< emfdkbtU HrJCoJ^thM I tvUlfend^ 

ftr w^ety hm 9f be^riitg tie vmdt ^fthe-Lwd, 
And thei fhaS miider frm ScA^t Ses, 4fidfro0t tie 
Jimhtven tv the Eaf^ihejpaltruHio and/rotfijeek 
iii'iWirdoftbe Itrd, Md}b'All»ot,ftadii. 

^ • ■ • 

Pte^fk Propbet bad before fee forj^ chofeTad Caianncies^ and 
'Jl. exceftal Mifenies which fliould feize upon the ten Tribes; 
hczmt |roc;itcds> ^ad fore-tells tbemo£ f^xre gre^t^r evils 
wUkb iniwld coine Mon tbeiBi^^^ f^% a faaimeo^ bodrly 
bread 4for oC thi^ be lild fpoketi beforei ^nf^s 4. ^. j but a 
.^rfcoal famne of the Wofd o£God, which (houldfe^ cbeir 
fouls CO eternal life. lUs'is the J^^^ment of Judgements^ 
itfually the Uft and foi^fW As the giving of Gods Word to a 
Beople is the cboyfeftJSleSii^i fo the uldi^ of it aWay is the^ 
lleavieft C^fk ; as ba«uig all other Curfes armidingie. It is 
^fign^CGodsrejefting andieprobatingofapeo^^ fvlienhe 
will iiotvoticbfM^t<>$tiik unto them by his Miniftei9* A^ it 
Wztgn d)(^God bs^ fome peppk in that place to which bee 
fcnd^s liei&i^s^^x i9« 9y 1.0^11^ ib. thetf deparriire 
fron^a place anci people is an evident fignrof hts dtrpdleaftiro 

^atnft tbems.^fl^ 1 3< 4^^^« ' cH i4> >5' ' 

In this VetTe we b^ve^ li h note of; Atteiition> Mahfij 
f, i. I (hall now tel) y qck of a mosit diKfiil: .an^ dreadfut 
j^mentjh^n ^{ver, atclrrcbeKtotrit cie|^ 
nmly^ to attend* . • • .^y. :r'-:<' -/^v:,!.:-.. v-:... ':r:'.v 

, « j^i«istti$^Mg«9J^iA;)i(^ 

frbicb U amplifiai andilluftrated by an Anticbefis^ it is jkot m 

Claqi citer- 

< »- I ^ 

but wluch is far wotfe, ciii a fpintnai fanunej a loflc «f fada- 

«Wt|#(>dv itffantolihcbiedrfliMriiibfii9M» IbcMM 
ft kttac^ that jbey flvkilii nmlcwr&idjwSitt^ fii*ma—w>. 
{nhofkbslandiJbaMAet^iMHl.yRAiMaclimiBttyib ik 
LanimgrttacBlfcnyilidfi&or^^ 1^nil4)eaii'j^^ rfiti^ to 
cflU ttgaa oi epaiiiiace^bMtdwti^ Ubs. UifUtdttI :«14 xidM^ 
lious tinners concemned Gods OrdinaBccs,pnBpta wwl tie hHj 
thingSi and perfecuted his Mefiet^rs, till thC'Vvradi of the 
I.^ brolce forth, and chsre was m lemedy. ' 

They loathed Gods llttanna^, and longed eo be a( t^ 
<kcl\ck md Ofliok»&i ^;JM'igMk 9lM^ MB^ 4Aife«^ Mfldtt 
lively Oracl^f aiii:^ banenuAderlifuikMikieltts 'Otgcme^ and 
therefore the LdidwaS now ft^pMd nA Ua^ m plevr fiidi 
Rocks °or fow fu(:h f apds; but fi&ce chey vtouid^ 1I0( ftwt bin 
wi^ gladnd^ of Veat]F in toe abiioattaceol'alVtmn^yctiet^oie 
they ihduld tiotv be ftiade i!o ^erv6 i$ieir en^owes in die ffant 
of all things.' *hey-tlift WailMM:i«!» itttd'fifey-ffltf Pro- 

Ehets of^jod in their own Land, {hould now be caft out of 
\U and te^lAadt t6t)a^ i|Hkt)gfc «)djlfft # AtttfS lUfif. h 
Ood had b«tet« «)(atilfd itemed PR<f(«ftlJMlMJiJ»VtF iflMte, 
ahdgh>»l%hei&MdtArd»9dtdklt PfMh^tha!; (K^f^lf kM 
fiitfafiiUy di()>«ffe Iki Werd-liAft mUH tb «R>Wv<ffl^' !%»• 
phets <(hdubi betlksflf}^ dffiii^^iM >tltftfi(h»HdftW«« S^ 

ritaal fann/iAevind1)6ftiaitet6ihfiN»^eJftetlir<96li{tl«Mes 
by the wintlng jbPdUffiV. tht #lfd i^M8»»,HM^« tW^ib^ 
1. i^fd:s feftS^dtoSfyK t(^G«>9s«^^^i^tk'lhbfiiMttf^ 
foM: LMk wHtetir^ ^^2t|f '!)» ^'|}i&1$bk^ A|li».^ 

* wdid«P6«da(i«(«ti*'inifti 


3. U iai|^«M«h%^ttfMl£Or;af tfae^digtJMffieli): lhllifld%b 
a liVlivimrvhot tf f^fhint Of Isftftds' diK -4 'bMi>i W^tit^ 
mehtvufle»4^tM{ « fttx^iljg ^s^iMMili^^]^ <ib AA^ 'tfAa^ 
ehe^boelily ftniindriiftftl/iiKMfricf^fdl^ iitm^ Wk/kiwaSk ^ 

that{HnGhed)but«(ft<ltt-fldb,'«)!^Ma6« 1^ fl9AHp«£b"ftK 
ik^nWfcy t»tbetUbI i hOi^tnAisAna ^ <tht W«» ft k fltri- 
4ttttiM^fmiitiiB«(i«:AM)«s Cfad TdM*. Md it^ I 

gitik«ibvi»tM8MiiBaflf^pll|iMi4$.Vftftfff it ^^ 

with many other judgements. •"" - ''^ «' ' ".i^-- , 

^^i^mflerviotHs Attb^linMylriltflNkilfi iKit ^»^ i 

I- iaift4^9«iUk%taftf ^«t ic might nee liijtft you^ but j^ ic^^^i/S^aiMM^i. 
i fttUMftMiMefty6a«fid4elifey'7au« 

i «t Widd^-ivlicii youfS^AlhaR 'fee ^ ocpb^ %|id a ijp1(icu<^ f 4* 
i: 5* Herein -cfhe cMca^y t^^fbb^ 'Til noc-map, but rbe 



n • ■ • * i 

V t».^l*r-jpwi(«4^ it th ffirimd food rf tht 

i JM; ^i«ntf^rcCQfe liie mac-tf Icis here righcl; ftM » f a« 

j iM»4»^<ft3.riiebtklirwfci^h^^ i^^ 

f; is\niatiiniMd^'earray«oii»^iiie^ wetbefoui which i> its aiimentm 

fpiricualimuft be fed with the fpiyitual food pf God$ Wordifor?^*^^-?* ^hc 


. *«tH«itf is^'fteillar aiid^ftitf Of mans My, and <h? b<xly can-;^"* «j .^jr" 
> notKv!fei*iih«« it/fa<SP*Wofdistiie Support rftk foul /**'^^''''''^'- 
f andit cannot Uvefvv4tboi«:thAtjhdOi?c it is calkd JPW, J^. SccMp.intf/ 

B 1-15. «e-^H* i^.J 'A*^^-! Jy l7-Aat^©-*8- 'Tis h^c, and^Jj;^^ *;** • 
{ here^mfeJy-tbatCbrift the bread of. life is revealed unto us,r^" ^^Jj'* 
. foU^*^ U Prp»' S*^ • «>T* 'TUm^he Go§«f that vvec bavp • * * ' 
j afeaftfUn taught HF^fpirku<rtd 'PJ/(l6t. ^- 7/^. 

I A^.^.^^^f. '1^ 1. ^tklncejD^oidmA 4aiijenta- 

WnfpvwMto£'itytft/. 42* t^'i* and 84. and 'tts mde ^nc - 
j note of XSads people, ¥b^di^OK)ttrnforvyantpfd!ieh^^ 
j feiiiiUies.^^/9.t8*I<4i»..^ arid:4.;i, and 

, 'J. t8, '^ cSfteemed theH?v:ofd of the L<>rd aiwej)is frecejfar/ 
! JfWj Job I'j^.M.^He^ notortly e(tecmitabpve tapdsand 
i HvH^j^jibeve gold ani! fflver, hup even irt)6\:c h^ appdinr^ 
i f^) 4^ottr wHIdMie^couId not tiye; He did ojore earoiq^y* 
ddkc it^inoie4ieartJly dd^tn tti an^^^ 
l^anhedidhb nec^ry food, withoMt whi#h; he cq^H not 
*ibfift. 'Htf4iadf ithjiiUofe-his iifual nicafe, th?n lofe his op-. • 
{>9rtuiiiites of meditation oQt We^ of <;<>d. t^hce'taf 
^^sibiGods MUlets are trailed Stiwardf^ i Cir^^ z^ u 

.. tBe capacity of tfacir^eararSi Th«y^mttS;:gif^li£ikc#vBa&s^ 
and (Irong meat co ftrqt^ men ; for G(4^ WQtd^J» trnfa Sf- 
men Hr P^Mnm, ic is cbe (ecd by which vt* are - nesuf-bom, 
J[4^. x.x8. iPtf.jraj.aiKj.AQ/W.byvyhiychjwe^arc pou- 
ri^^ afcer^ t ?^ %. /i. by tbisiclx; d^ycl joe uU^V(Cit4» ^^ ^ 
2 ;. the dark inli^cned, Pfat. 19. 8. ao^ the ^^cowfii) com- 
forcedi Ifd. jfi^i » «• - Ilus (h$v^ ehc gt99( neceflk; ati4 be- 
neficofcbe preaching of Qqds \^^r4^ a^ /hOiUd make u$ 
prefer ic unco our chieFeft joy. Buc co M^ point I ba ve fp^ 
54i Tfrrrf. j^^ jj ^ [^^^^ in a fct Trcatifc. 

The Lord here fuites his Judgemencs C6 his Peoples iin). 
He bad in great mercyraifea 4ip for cl^s pedple.of tbeir ome 
Sons for Prophets, . tsA caught. sf^ip< no( j>f jSrailgfMj but 
by Children chac came from their owne loyns^ yeccbeyiii}' 
grate&illyfaid co the Vta^[)ex^^frp^fttn9r^ A^K^.av Mi x^» 
and commanded; this our plain^deiUng Propb$t:t^fi^i^ r» 
more at BethHy but to goe f^ fome ocbtt Gounctics^ Atrnt 7* 

Jiinc M Laehrjm 1 This brwgbt <che famine amoogft 

them. VVhea Oodflul) bettov/tbeprct$cbitt» ,«f.^ y Vord 

upon a peopIeV; which Is the chpyceft gjHit v^k^ be can bcflo5» 

on the Sons of men^ and they fkall loarhe this -Maiii^j aoi 

s-«c more i«my vilific thofe'thac bring It j it is time the; l-ord 0ioitld ceafe ^• 

J^' ^ ^1* ^'^^^ wheafucbgifcs arcfcofped, .and ces>fe teytl^i a^jicn his 

,o!ani dJi loveiscomcmoed t^ kil- 

plain-nuns led (Jie^P^^) ^Pfi ctucLSed Chsift; for chU Sfcac^^pteiDpc, 

Path-way, p. they have been a peo^e of C5ods Curfe this itxteen hundred 

135. to 154. years. When men grow vycaryof .tmth^ if i$ juft with God 

that they fhould be left to error ^aod when f hpy- ar? vcary of a 
faithful Am9Sy th?t'cbey ftioii,l4 have- a flagj^i^ ^axMh ; 
H^ibch men^nili not rccilye tkcfrntk i»' lovfi GoJk wftt^ give tht» 
•vertipr^fig ieU$fio»Sy that tbfyfhsibeUive.lyis. A dreadful 
Curie 1 2 ibef. t^ii. f.d. Sjnce I havQigiv^n them Ligbr, 
and (hewed tbemmy Truth, andthe w^y K^ij^aven, but tbqf 
h^ve^ed it ; therefore there (hall .comO) f^^e Prophets, 
and fliall cry down Ordinance^ , Sabbach^^ ficcf^ atKl yQu (Lall 
beleevc ihem tba^ {hall Xet up humane invention^, tt4 you 
ihall follow, tbem* When Children abofe their Bscad and 


^•«^ iipftona them. To brii^ thefe thwigs 4 X^^^fi^d Hyffbefinj 
^K^o apgly this coatempc of ]ihc Wopg^^c^^lfMr)^^ 
-: tnakeus crcmblc cq think whkhcrwis are* fallen h Since the 

Apoftles times cb^ Gofpel never ih#ne fo boghily as irdotli ac 
Cchis day, and never was it and the MiiaAers of it oiore openty 
''■ vilified^ -and that bymjpy old Profeflbrs ( wbo are- ctirned 
\ blafphemers.) than at this day ; and chef ef ore vvce may juilly 

fear that the Lord will punifti our abufe of Light with tbci; 
/darknefs of Popery 5 and take his Gofpel from us, and give 
' it to a people that mall yeetd bim better fruits of it than )vee 
• baveaone. Sad tidings alwayes follow tbeconeempt of th^ 
^ glad ridings of the Gbfpel ; andtb^ tbstt think they have ^09 

much Preachings Aiall at laft tfive none at all* IVhen jeri^ 
Cidlemh^xvi to abtfe the^rophets, they were quickly n!a<k a 


the hfs •ftbe mrd $fGod is thf^reftj^s. 

\o famne like this famine^ no judgement lite this judge- 

m^2^- !• 4« it is the heavicft that can befall a people on 

this fide Hell ; which made L$uberhjy I wmitd not live k 

, Psr^ife without tboWord^ bm with h I could m^d^ a jhift in 

' Hell it felf. David knew this full wel^and dierefore in the midft 

of all hts wahtSjhe was moft fenfible of this^and begs it t^ that 

] one thir^neceiiary, that he might dwell in the Houfe of ^he 

lord? Ppd. 17. 4. It is true> Corporal famine is very ccrri- -.. ^^ u* 

Die, and bnngs people into taaperplexitieSf and extremities, (^^^Aqm, 

^s you may kCyL4m.i.^i.i9» 0* »• n, «o.c^4. 4,^. & S.^6f 
1 6. but this Spincual famine is farre worfe. For, 
t That and otherjiidgemencs pinch but the^^/^Wcbis pines irk' i^V^ 
"the foul • now as the foulls more noble and ciflfcclletit than rfte *?* ^^'* jP*^ 
bod^, fo its Judgements are farre more dreadftil, ^^^^^^tT^^h^rpi- 
Spiritual.It is fad when men (hall cry for bread,and they have dm^afi!^ 
a Stone ^ven them ^ for meat, and'chey have a Serj^qnt, 1 for rere videdpturt 
drink^ and their Paftors (or, Impofiors racher) give tbem^'^* 

2 That may be a means to bring a man home to Qod, ..but 
this increafedi, and confirms the feparation between God and 
the fonh . 

? Thatkillsbutthe body atwqrft, but this deftroyesi hth , 
iodyuudfoul^ So that as our Saviour faid in ai^ttw^.cajfe, ^ . 

Rrf atcm 

feaf W tbtc^niikei«tRth^c^ toc^n the wdr, tot Niiri^ 
foieH^l^WlwIlltfQiMkouRlfeat ;fek^ t^niM irbicfccMft^ 
icffroybfocbWly aiidftul, yea ITaywito y6if,feictbac« 

4 Here is 'a 7*»r/f added t^<licfaTO«^,4dW?^^f3ri»fir^ 

"though God fomecifnes ^w»i(l%cA.€inc5 wtli faminCi ycc 

irfiey may havt watertodTinlk ; bat if Aey wantboeh bread, 

aiiddj^ccially water, the diftrefs lyes very heavy iJbxTJ^irfi 

Stc HW/:/B««rif it bcin^Kreinky^is oiie<>f the moft pairtfid and ititolcrable 

on Job. 4. 13. V9&(mxh^tisit^ms life.; now tbe Prbpbcc appljcs tins to- 

Led- 9. p- 39> ^fec Spiritual famine and ^anc^fOMte Word^ jy, d. if h bca 

^•^ gitac Judgement to be toroidHed whfc bcrfny ftrmnc aiid 

thtrti; tiov^ great is fhejii^ I dcnbjmee a* 

^tnlVyou,>;Yhofhifll havcbotfcfaminc andthirft, and that not 
'^b6Al^y bread Of water^ fcut of the Wort! of God, which is 
the Bread and Water oF life, and ^s farre jesorells allCoipo^ 
ral bread, a^ the SbirfexceHsifhe bddy.? An4 as ic« f^l'r^ 
-tevechlwitentry ^'bodilvbnead, and^i^^ fs '^(ttit^xi^j^'vj^ 
f*hffln; foicismihrhinbie/^^ 

•bitcid, andAefe i$ none f hat; tatf fet^ifi g^etc ihcmi /* * 
* ^ M riie^i>4ng of Ptteache^rf^to €^)enfe tlie^^Word unco us 
^isradfioii*d^as^Ape6^r^wirrr/i jfflb 3 j: a^, 14. Ira. 50, lO, 
^^.^jbi-Jij't ?.Epheft4, "^^^ becaufeii; Brrn^ i%hc m dailc- 
S«e-'Mfr »^tf-' tiefle/^(^ in (^rowyltfeindeath, health 
Bsr^aptt Jcr^ inwealftifelfe, and brings tisto ati intereft^iniOodjL andhavuig: 
h W^^\i< hiin'we haw thcf Mine, tht Pbuntarn, Aflf So cxx the con- 
.^ ; ira4:y;s:bertflioviltofthe^Wk;>p8from*^p26^^^ 

mongft ' '■'"'' T - J^^^_ . _ ' ^ r. ^ :^. iB:> V 

.,? . f<5vWhfcatbaWdrd goes, the grcneftWcrck^ 

SiS AS t:VVbefttfaeVVt«>ig02S,<5(.i^,^ra^y^ 
Oi\liii;rntei5'3<g*-ail*Woe*t» « Hof.^.xt^ thfin 

I^copks great- men may perfecutetis, ana there, is none. to delivefiis, ^/^. 
l? ^S «??^*?* ' '• ^* ^ll«ihe K g6rie,i*f i/ir; of a l^ople is^one, //i[. 4. 
?aft w -on^ 5r A«<he Ark^chat wa^a Symbol and fign of Gods |>refwe- 

1- Chron. I ^ v.amungft his People,w?s called thcGkrj oil^ra^l^xSzm.iA. 
jj4^5^. priated^vSotte'l^feachingc^tfteGof^ Kj-, 

i^v ^T,^.:4i!i#'itiSe|jaftt,?.weti^ our 0- 


V, u 


tiier eojojtimits, dittis, !rAnf irno^Urf i (at the glory is de- 
parted £coal IfrMd&xkc cbe Ack of God ss rakea Ic U f^id of 
Cjf^tfiiimhm^^^t it bfQnifiied imHUme BtJf^aiks.' f . V Vit/i 
Wo9d,i.:r.withShij^^/ al vVitfeStonMi i.r/ wthliigh 
VVaUs^. 7. VVkhBoim>it rrWictvvatuM mettv Bus icwants 
a fourtb»v»- The preCetrce^f God in hts Oi6iii^c6sy vvichout 
^vbich ail other Forcificadoxis are buc ^atn, I fa. 22. %r Sy fQj 
XX) ^a«\AbAiM };» i s^ i^* Chiiftu- called a Kkig) ffdl. %. 6« 
1^ i,Mi ^^22acbi,9i. 91 tarn clN^picfenre of a lE^ing is the'^gtory 
of a pi ace ; and where he is truly preached, th^d ht i^ituly 
prefenc ; cbouglk the place md people be nmr (o tMan. Vt- 
iiffimm fdgtut^HmnAim PMsn$m^ Mb$ tfifiwernf f^^^ -& 
fideUs stf^K Lmbtr. : . : 

a TbeiVM^MoeapeoplegiM 
tibescaipm^iigreflated^' ^ndesfipofSd to Di^e difpleafiiiris 
and all Gods fore Judgements breaWin i^pcuktbttH ^^« ^ i"^* 
tteicooiteqp of the VVord btfi dite p^cem ttxt ftmirislmig 
KU^ioflSe of i^4r/Lm(he diiflt : 

£0«i«.A^<heGtt^«wK9 HidnpxyhmdedtoaFeeffe^'b^ 

{It^^ 60^ ebtt whole Chapssfi >fo when ^yer c!he Golbel goe^^ 
thefe cooconicamfrgiQie^abMg wit6 k^ A; We fee in j€fftf4lA^ 
wbi^blies ncWindiB didit) mithth^tiChtitcbes^Jtfid.' ^ ^ * : 
, 4r;*4&wlf^goe«ofor ctePwachii^ of thb VV6r* i& tht -^ ; . 
ordijoaryiiteaw ofSiAVaddtf. Tbbtb cbaSitn away the 6!^ '; ^ ' • 
nary olsaitfi ']hufl> never toelk (br e)t6:aofdgffary ; wbocti Godt 
f avem^w^he (kves b^lhreaching, SUm* 1 . r^. r C^^ f . 21 . y 

5 Vi^ithoumthe VVord we cannot jTwwGrJr^^ itisn^t- 
fttfi^gt.^i^nr4bar6bthetrudr(ifGra^ Godlodl^tfeat 
\Vj3 shouldibe^iv irby our %m^ lA gi^ac^, a i^i^. 3f. § S. (^. 
r ^«f »;••?»¥.' J ^i ••'. ' •...' - ^^■' ' -'• '' ; 

6 Wich6te (heVVord 10 ^mfwf^ we sbatf petisk in ouf . . , ^ .. 
afflii^ons^ailefff^aKk Law beour detight, FjfW«*il5^, 92* It . /V 
isdirouglb do^o^oFihe' Si:;rtpaircflthat wefa^v^ h^pei :X#m^# a- - • 

rit^VWiAoUttfleVV^weaMWatedraM^J^^ • 

OHT^fiilves:* itisft ^ tbM fiVOfd of tlitf ^j^itfthaft wed^ei^ . 
our felves againft cbe a^aults of our ^^Mftl sdveifad^^- 

\j *> 

*^ f Rrt» ' 8 If 

^ Ifche Wordbegode^ 1VC "have «• BmUxa walk by, no- 

Star ro dir;^ tf^^ and I'o iMllaitn ioco the bo^ of unwritten t 
Tf adkionsf Rcveladflns^ Kewrtlighes, itnd a chou&Mid old er- 
^ouis. If once vve forfeke the Laif .' and the>Toftimo!iy)^ t<^ 
walk in the light of^oitc own firci .folkmring ous< own iirormpc 
reafon, vve are.fureaE laftr ca lye down, in forrowy Ijm.^ 

^. Wheivche V Votd departs andgoes lonc,^ the» all mipr- 
ties cr^d in. N^n Jbitnr vitcnmth b^ds ^^coe in Dtvinit^ « as* 
well as in Pbilofoph^. : • .: ' . 

!• Then die Devil feu up bis Thcolney Revi i^i^: 4^ 
n^kedneffe jabounds^ . V^Vben Cbrifts Kii^dome goes down ,* 
cben Saram comes up; vvhen cbe Sun fets,ntgbc follows, 

3. YMrcbildfen wHl be /^Ai/^x, and you wiHbrin^fdttb 
.cbildi:en to tbe murderer^vhenpeopkhavuaso^dieffiie'God,^ 
j^y:>viiI'bivj|i»falfe'One^: ;.- / » 

)• Manycecnppr^teues^willlbndwy.^s appears by che * 
two following ^wrfes, verf i ^i^ Where the umiiMUf che- 
*Word gdes before^ ttf^ce SfMtbjMfigue, F^imne^ «ttd ocSer 
judgqiiencsttCually foIIcjnrcrrjb^K^^w^^^ . 

iQft the Word) we bad^lodf ^v Sea^^aiid {oflefibyLtindl, at^d ' 
h^fucb a terrible faiiiine,tbat me people wemfcumd to mate 
bftad of AoHrns* When. Txiid) and Gw Ordinances are g^vne^ 
j^Mr. »^- Vines andJFig-ireeswiJl not bt long after,/i/*/. 2.11, is,-- 
r^ht^ che whefl tievLofd -woqW make wa? S>r bis OEcreanKsft wrath,- to 
pi «c. p. M>> • come upon a people. ^ firft wkus ,way JliSfaitbful Miniftirs,- 

that il>Quld.lye in tbe.breach to iUccTcede 'ftit tbeni.' that So • 
bis wrach may cooae upgn^cbcm cd the: .afmolb^f/4ftlr4. €j 9^ - 
Lam. 7. 7^8w- • - •. ^ ' ' ' 

lAtm iben ufe allinifraiif tiorpn^vertt chis^ Lais!-de(l(«iyfi^ 

J^dgcivent ; . toxbis,«nd» i < ,Qq. bmnbJed/(far tfae-finsi 4)f the * 

times, which call for the removing of our Candiefliek tur of * 

^^ its place, •. Bifiigft Heaven Witbydnr praters,* iMm. p. ^6. 

f^wntw^f$^^^ an Omnipot4n& Enginey whecd)y we^ conqiieK^. To- 

tim4. Lmher. qw^keotypur prayeWi .confider wbati^adteflc the lo&rf^ • 

Word Is, 'as you have feen in nine particulars before, j • Yhlk ' 
1^ hcb ■* k' afci)eo<toewbe;Oofpcl} ijf .any tbieg itnswf she Gotpcii ^ran 
LicriiG^fS ^ongft «w* >ii? our pr<K)bane, ;impMre; /unjgofpcWaar, loofe » 
5«>jtfr. Mw«. cOT^verfarioiitjbatwilldoit. ..,/.. :....: 

ft t\\ nilifili ilfclitiri^ Td rtiJT mrmtft rhr rrft rTim^fffnifn 
Wm. - ,• ' 

1 ^ He fofoe^et fends it immtdUtflf^ when be <ha^ch 
f{»e Pr^ybetsicopcepbfefie no mcszin kk mme;. A( be cosm 
maiEKis^|hecl6ud$comrh-hd^ cfaeir ftainf md fo brii^ 1 
x:orp0ral fattiiiiQ; formrhctt fiimecs grow obDmate, be toKt- 
mands his>(inifta:$ CO wkb-boldc^^ iliower$i and 

CO lee dhcvi abnCi ch^ cbcy inay p'erUH in tbeir iniquity » Hofi 

%• When by death he takes nvf his Mialte*,. vvvi^gifc « /' * -^\ 
people caft dirt upon them, the lord cafts duft upon them, , ' ,, ' 
and hides them in tl»eir graves.from the revilingsof men. 

• a. .Mediately, i^ By a corrupt Md^iifir^cy. Thus ^Jwb 
and Jefdhl pcifeciited the true Prophets, and made the n hide' 
thei|i(felvesi&cavcs'l So tfwx/ that Tyrant cut oijoht Bof^ 
rij9/head« .• . * , . 

a. By a corrupt -^/w]^^/; falfe Prc^hets in all age? have • 
beenthegreareft^^ffecutors of-tbe tru^. Thus Aww here; 
l^ath AmAiUab the high Priellof ^^iftr / againft bim, Amas 7. i o. 
HispuniftimeiK ym mayre^id, v^/if 7. Thu^F^/fc/^ the Ptieft^ 
fmoie^JwtsiHuh^ ^rtd ^ him in the ftocks, 7«^. io. 7. My 
Lord A««*r and C^A45 the' High Priefti with the Scrfbe«1arid» 
Pbarifees were the gteateft. enemies to Chrrft and bis A^ 

pofllesv • 

)• Wh^fii men. afe gi^n up* In judgemenr to cbeirown* 

lieafcstiifl^, fo^thatthey ftoptfaeire^s agaitiftcfae Wordy ^ad^ 
will.iiothea^Z4>ri&r7. xl ; . J 

4. Wbetwrien rttiiziethe JWUths of thcfe laborious^xcn, ^ ^^^^^^^0 
andungratefiifly change theinvagjw, and vvfthdrawtheO>i<^}>, 8. p.nir 
from ckX^hx^ and pick the t^low fr omthe wet k. .. Tis jull * 
widiGodtoftarvefiicbribuls^.a& Wduld ftat^ bis Mimliers 
bb(fies( yon muA the%M(^re:4)uy tba Xriic^; aiidv^with d)e wi(e» 
men, part with your gold and (liver tor Chrlfi, Mjit. a. i r. 
Yoiirinayl)ciy gdd toodbar; bur you cannot buy CHrift and hit ' 
Truth too dear; tbotigb you part witb air your tea^porals for 
cbe. Gnfoet, yoa have made a m^ t^irpaini Afank ^ j . 44f 
: % SpaiiviAcmvffji •andnicenels, when V^en baVe ticlithg^ 
ears, fo chat chey cannot indure IbundDo^lmier j a Ti$m 4*^ • 
Yfhizn nothing wi U down but qKJUls, and pickii^4M4Cvabey. 
ateaU for fioiui0KSy aod Rteto^ical itelu^ 

%ri 3 tlHngSy , . - 

denial will noc down with them. •': '^ 

(hftt 9viil neMMi:^ ctcd^jVi Anit ktiticiK tbeir fofly il£ the 

Sec more on ^^^ thcythac wilUiotfcrtrt Gdd iathD inj^meiie <tf <»di* 
Amos 8 ii,ii.ufndesj^ ll^ttfervrdset^lui^ iirtbe mnt qC Aangf^Ai tt« 
in Dr. Themas therefore walk in the light, whilft we have4i€ l^t^i ^tbedtkt 

!*»«««, in '•■'••-' ^ •'■ ^- ^^ " ■'„^ • ■' ■' '^j^ ■^■: ■ 

10 p^07, ' " V»«.*B Mr 

&c- 431 AftdthnlhaS! Ufander frm ^u u Set , and Jftm tht 

^ the WofirftBe tora^ MdJbaO not fiade it. ' . 

» • 


this verfe Wf h^ve «^ uirther a^ravaiion o£ ebift peqpletf 

mifery,^t;ic« that they fbc^ufd f^^k whn theybaddd|iifed,. 

md mtball ibey' {b<)uid h^ve afrufifapott €^di^i ei^ofibaqieD. 

They.l^d'$§>nteain?uJcbfiWpf4pfd^'l^«t4, ,«^ 

* - ^\^^ Ks. juft. judgepiepp *yiU-4ii«kef thein S»Kw. tbfcrWordi/oEhU 

J' WpEdbythewanpbgoEic. Thj^^Unf^d^fr^mS^spsrSed; 

* They (hall trouble tnemfelvcs without any profit. The}i^teite(( 

'the iigbcy and-i^orefoienov^ tbey (li^'^fi&m^aiiluleft; tliey 

<^dni^miQ«44i<Prof>beti»VM^ b^totubied 

with t hem } formerly God fent his .Pfto^efts>^:sri^Bgri«al^ to 

,. . , ieefcfihcmi hutnctf^finte bj^idwr: ftns :ifiey:lwdrxtei«» toth 

, ^ , jCiad and bis Pr()phet)&fro^Ebfia)>i they fl)auld{ i»iQ:fem< jSea; 

to Sea, thai;is^£rQitk.ihe E443«ar' Sdufhvvf «K tortkft..}fyAwtt^ 

rsneaaSeia ViVeftwird <49^icbtVYerie.ah&1iOiiDd^Qlf:dieaLaiQ^^ 

.Ti - /.j.^v <;Y«athi^flwiiiWrunftom"l^ihNt^^ 
M Aqmt$Jie (idptmy^^^ fiduhrEafty that i^^ inrplaii^EagKfli^idiey 
^^JT'l^'^if^'ft^'^^^ ^fiwtld nmiallthe lapd ovef,-and 6s^^ 

amtr. ..fofit,. f^'^:.^"",^^ ... A^iiabfthe.l^riii.cwy x^^^^^ Midiiiiarnb 

oftt». ahiyi^ tbcqr fl)€liddpflttC& of it» >.lfdiAfdiBiina^^ t|ic 
ifti)fief^it o^ a^iaiiif^X.&fKtiii Aa^yitto oo ^oosjiorpairio^lt for 
ald$*buo)ail»%tlky^ltolLcrjliGDr breladvinialt die:pfltK9Qf chd' 
lahd^raiid ibtrQ isiiiatieii»f^vmfieii)^^ 

kli^itmfiths^ mkpMlhtvt^iiili thl^^mftti^M^d^ and 
^f^^hnng^ W thtrfijhidl ie i^fffiiy ^m thmi h thtn to 
fapj rllf sbiffeoflffick ihiWord'^^ iWj 4ni jrt cmfi^t 

^Worlhip, and coTuchcheProinife runs, that theyfhisrll findtf , 
Frrv. i^ S7« God never faycstd the gcmrthc feed trf 7^^*> 
^kiiiy f^in«^, f/ir,4T. ?^TW3 -Spmc^ and 

fhii«ftkig aftertifc|k»6t« n»ft *t}ie VV5ord^ th?c vite^may grovv 
Aer^,.is liiirfHfiblcfcvtdcnce bf g^ . •^'**' ' * 

z inxmh a ft*flwrt,fc^cdi 'feteft^cking oPCoS Word^, 
Li^i^ 1 3 . »4« only in the time of tfouSli) * \7hen - patn oppref- 
fedi thenr; fuch may feck^ butt bey (Kail never find : and 
rfius it was with Jfraethtttj ^rfiey* foug^ ^ot the Word out of 
any love toi^ noiyef to^be^ converced b^y it, .bitt ieing in 
lT«ilMtf3ltf^%eLt^^^t^^ 'ir,"vV:{si:ao hce^ wh^it aliening 
they R ad loft J tfey now hcvTl ifter it, as AoTe 'did for bodily 
food, Hor^.iA. ^nd^^Efaudid. for the.Birth-righr, wbenf^.^^^ *^'V> 

diflfa£Md nktincf defited to heirthe Wbrd of th? Lord .from j^^^ix, j^^ .^ 
ifheinoirtlf '6fth«l?^r6|Jhccs, . noeto fceinftmSed byir (; for ^ammr nt - 
theyhat^dbljirtrforriied) but to^^iiomztiiz'^Xid'^om-^W^ 
fop: frotnth^min their diftreffe^ for th^rophets were wontj^^'*^^!^*^ 
tfrmftigle^conifirt" with tbclr Ttireatttjn|Sj and' to tell ^^^ ut feipfilVdr^ 
peopler'Ojf Gpd how jon^ thcjir. xrgyubleViribuId cndtiie, 'dnd qteantfine aiL 
vVhen they ftioeW end, ^. yi^..^. But' ritice tlife L6rd'f^a'Hc^«<»#<J?«. c^/. 
to. iiiem;by Ms PropFiets ttx their profpeiity^ jind they would '^^^* 
hot belecve, that 10 the/inighr ny from the wrath to come j 
now Aey fliould fink ander tneirturderi,; and run to and fro 
fbra^rorfie'toftJieLcrfdtoeomfbrcthew^^ \ ' ^ / 

haveit;foris'dieL6rdcalIfedirtdtte^ '.:' ' 

they ftiould ndv cry, and flioiild riot be freatd, fhp. '}'.'t^, 
S5, i€^ 17. fo that it is a ft t{acy tor a^ue thui, Atl that feek * 
fcall find, and allthat hunger and tftirtt are bleii. 
• But diefe did feek, therefore they (^all find 5 artd thefe did ' . 

huhgettdnd ihita'afteffW vVpTfdi therefore thpy M be? 


9f Kjt»B»f>^iw Cha^^^ 

' *>TbeMajoraiufibQjimtced, cbitf s 

AM ifa^t feek arigbc^ aad all diacdM.trufyJiunger'Mdciitfft 
aFcer che Word (|ia|l^bc bleffedt . Buc chcfe 4M ^iAip^z^ 
.anddidcmly bting^r and cbirft afc^r the Word ^, 

Thac is falfe, for by hunger ami tbirft here is noc mcaot 
cheichungrti|g ifcer i^ VVor<^ bu^kiinplie^ a nnt ii che 
Word; as a man due is pined wanes food, fo in Ifrsiel chece 
(bould be a great wane of che Prophets to preach^^ Word 
unco them. . . 

Sometake che words in^an All^rical^ My&i^^^l/edTe. and 
-ajpply it to che J^m/ afcer cbeV bad Ci^ci^ C^^ aiyl (to- 
. ped thePcopheca» thevihoutanm fromjil^k|||opUce cofeek 
the'VVordof the Lpra, and (hould nocfinoir. .Dylthis is too 
lajHtxid goseraiy and is againi^ the<ontext, vW^h appUes it to 
'theten.Tnbe»|V<r/, 14. • 


Umwkilfi he^mdj It founds JfM. 5^5^ tf. ff4U.i%^6m %C§r 

VVe muft walk w the light whilft wehke Ae light, tbe 
ftc twenty Mo- night co&es whenno man can work,.^^ir. i tl j$^ g^ this 

K3iL w P^^P'^^^^ ^^ «1^ forvirantoffceking" in a right m^no^t and 
Com. on fcafon^ they (oughp tie. Word, but it was when ic-was too 

>Tjni.3.-iy. lace. . 

f- »53' a Thejcdrciiypf phi mrd Qm4ftjf times ) mdl^ it t$ in 


, y Vben* this Mannah fed chick aboac chis people chey r^r« 

dedicnot, buc now chcy have ioft chtir "Prppbecs they can 

run from Sea CO Sea CO feck them. Thofe Sermons andOrcfi- 

nance^ which.pcople vilify now, when God removes chem, 

Virtutmpra^ they Will magnific «jQd .praife them. It is wich chofe good 

fmt^ odimm^ vyayes of Qod,. as ic is with good naen, whilft they be alive a- 

fMatam ex 0- jnpngft us we: are ready to ftone chem5but when chey are dead 

SrSri. >^^^^^ ready. to Jdohze chem. Ulually Gods blcfllngs arc 

cmndofotlm more efteemed and valued by us when they are Jtm'e\, and we 

qfimfmnde. Wane chem, chan when we firrfeic and abpund wich them* 

^'»- Thing? chat are very rare arc very pyecious, Jfa. 4. i , .^ i j. 

ra. Hence we read of dayes whcrfeiii the VVord of the Lord 


Verli 1 J» •ftin Pnphicj\f Amos. 497 

wa5 rirc, and'iteh ic "was precious in thofe daye«, and 
why? \iQCzaSttherii»asm'9pen Vtfians there was not a known 
Ppophcc in thofe daycs to teach the pc6plc, and thismade the 
Ordinances fo precious then, i S^m. g , 1 . 

' The Commortnefs rf.tbe Sun, of Water. Food;Raymenr,^cc Mr. cir/«r 
Health, Wealth, Peace, Liberty, Sleep, Senfes, &:c. make^ ^*i^'*^»'' 
ibemliald efteemed •, whereas if the Lbrdihould deprive us ^ ''' '^* *^' 
of aay one of them, we ihould quickly know the worth of 

Lament this thy folly, and befeech the Lord toitiake thee 
know the worth of his bleflings by the enjaptfgy rather than by 
the )r/i»i//*f -of thein. 

3 pyhen poflevMnt the Word pf Cod theyfhonld goefrom fUct 
tofUce^ yoafrom Land to Land^rMherthan fine and peripjfor 

In rimes of Dearth we fee how farre people will travel fcir 
f<^ foe their BocUes ( as Jacoks Sons did From Canaan to e/£- 
gfft) and {hall not we take more paitis for Qur immortal 
iiouls ? If the Queen of Sheba ( a perfori of great wcalthand 
wertb) Went above a dioufand miles to hear the Wifdome 
c£Solomci^^ how farre ftiould Wegoc to hear a greater thali 
Solohon? -Luke ix.ji. How farre will men ride and run ^.'\ 

for the profits and pleafures of their bodies, and fhal 1 not we 5 ^c my Com. 
be at iftore pains to fave our Souls ? In the dayes of Ch rift the jon 1 Tim, 4. i. 
people followed him from City to City on the iVec\*dayes to.p. 31^. 
bear him, aixl he'never-teproved them for it, but fed their 
f3uls andbodies, Z/i^i^ 6. jy^ 


In that day pall the fair f^irgins ^ atid the ymng men^ faim 

IN -the two precedent Verfes the Prophet threatens a Spiri- 
tual famine, liow follows a Corporal famine ix\d deftrudi- 
on, from which none fliouldefcape ; neither the Young mans ♦ 
flrei^th, nor the Virgins BeauCy fliould any whit ay a'jl them ^ 
in that day. - . . * * 

- In this Verfe we hav^^ t Jf Judgement xhreatned, and* 
that is Thlrfi^ fhej jhonld faint for thirflm The queftion will be, - 

S f f ' what 


4^^ AlfSjtftfiim Cbap«S# 

ffbttUmeaacby Tbicft hen ? u Sotie 'c«ht ie liceraUy fot 
corporal cfairfty wlucb in cbefe bcc Coufxxies^wfacre they vf fttic- 
edyvacer) was a very grievous thit^» Poor chit nwat brc»d^ 
yet have water many times to lefrdhthsm^^ivfaea a oeo^e 
. iiave notbef bread 0or water » ic tm^ aeeis gaJurd n^th 


2« This Ti^/f fees f ortk the grteat povmy^ and extreaaf 
wane oi all diing^ wUch cUs people (faoufai be broo^ «ko^ 
(fo die word is ufed> Dm. 18. 48. Ifs. 44. g. for great af- 
fll^om) and dieterrourof thae final judgesnencvmich was 
cooing upon them* Tbey (houki notbave fo nmch as a Hctle 
water to queuch tbdr thirft> but they (hoi^ faint fbr ihirtt, 
(lasmea ufexodoi^b fuch ciks) Bfst. 107, 5* ffs^Sui^^ to. 
This fenfe I take tabe tfaemollgenuine- 

J. Yet others takeTturft Metaphorically; tar Sflrktkit 
Tbirfi^ Gods wiadifliould bum chan» andiracden mn, amd 
yet they (hould have none tofe&:elband comftirt tiusm in 
tbdir trouble. WebaveaCcunaicnt ondmText, inf/v/.a* 
3^ 4^ where tb:; Lord threatens fa fir if thifr Idtftmrms' Ifrm^ 
lites nJkfdy 4S In tbedajf whtmtb^ vferf W«r, miso^$fmki thnm- 
jkwitdtmef/j 4nd fet them' hi nAtj Ldxdy m§d fidy (kfm nith 
^ tkirfi; that is, he would deflroy them wkh the fccrching beat 
oChis wrad^, not oen^iered with any grate &c comfort. So^ 
. great fliouldtheir mtfery be,^ tfatc tbey (hoidd wantbo^ cor«- 
p<»rai and f{uritual refre^him. 

a. Here are the perfooswhich (hould pcrifH, and tbofeare 
the prime and flower of the Land^ the very hope of pofterity*^ 
The hatittfffi plrpw^ and the Tamtg Mem Thefe ufually (in 
with an hi^tkand, in open contempt of God and hisword, 
they fin with more height and violence of aflfeftion^ than el-^ 
derperfonsufetodo, and there£bre the Lordtbreatens them 

y^rglns ufe to be fpared by men for thrir tendernefs and 

beauty^but Godis no refpeder of perfons^aid^young men are 

ftrot^, and can better (hift for^ ti:^mfelvies, yer tbefe:^ even 

thefe, for all their beaucy, vigour and ftremp, (hall f aintand 

9fftiftfnif dye, ibnrow and perplexity (Kail cover and overwhelm: them, 

mmi^ as the word (igniBes; ana if thefe cannot hdd out, i0^t?(hial l 

become of cULdrenand eld pdKbos ?• Tius (hews the genera- 
lity cf the Jtid^a»nt>j||nd that iioaciA^ 

3« Mere 

^YcxOt-ii iftBe^nfheeyifAmcu 74>9 

m^tmtdtij^ «««. when IfrdH ftidl gd mco ctpcfvicy, and ^«e more in 
be carried ottcof his own Land by the cruet Afyrtam\ when*^"^- '*»»ir 
AMiwiir fnbuld be taken , -and Gods' 'Prophets fcattered^]?''''^'"* ^"^^ 
thenfi,mi^fmmf*rtl,kji, iVpii^fcf 



f • ffkeri ffiritnM JiMgemems go kefort^ there edrperat 
Judgements follow after. 

Such as contSmn fpiricual breads (hall wane corporal. Be- , 
fore we read of a fpiricual famine, now follows corporal di- 
•firefs of the choiceft and faireft of both fexes. So true is chat of 
Jolommj Prev. 13. 13, 1 8. ^iefa deffifeth the fVord^ fh4ll h 
dtjtrojfed^ J94 peverty mA fhsme (hall h ^ to lum tfm r^eeh 
infiruEHoft^ . 

2. Beauty is vanityyVrov^i i.^o. Ifa. 3.24. & 40. 5, 7. 
Tis a bride ching, wbac difeafe aimoft doch not make ic 

fadeand wither V however ic may take with vain man, yet ic 
moves not God. If beautiful Virgins will ftn againft God» 
even the fair Virgins fhaU faint. Many have beautv that have 
not piety I Prov. 6. t^.&L 1 1 . %i. Saai and Abfihm were 
goocily pcrfonagcs, yet wicked men. Of the avo, better . , • 
have piety without Beauty^ than Beauty without Piety. An f^^* J^'^^ 
upright) pure foul, in a black decrepit body, is exc^Ui^c. Ood^a^i^em 'ba.. 
many times makes up outward deformities with inward excel- bit. K a u^ 
Jencies. 5#^rfr^i and £/ly were deformed in body, yet wbo^*^' '^ ^ceuf. 
more wife and witty ? 2i'*; ^ ^i^^*' 

lugmofoUtty eul vlmrmwrn mgmt. Cato. 

3. Sin fmeps all before it. 

It deprives us not oneiy of bread, but ilfo of water too, yea 
U deprives usnotonely of corporil, but alfocf j^iritual brea^l. 
It roosus of all our comforts, great reafon then We have to 
hate it. Tis like thac weed which We call Biftiopfvveedj which 
frets away all ibe corn and good grain that grows neer ic. 

4« Tbe^ fins of yoUng perfons provd^ the Lord to ^of them 
if. ... 

Tneir (ins are comnutted with more wilfiilnefs, heat and 
\^olence, and fo are more difpieanng unto God, As I 

Sff a have 

jipa AHExf^im , Chap.8; 

hivc ftiCTwd bctocy on Ami^/ 4. xo. . Obf* 6. • 

5. *iis thi great mifirfrf; wickfdmen^tbat fhey bdvf ko com^ 
fprt ia their mifery. 

V Viien they be,fcorched with the wrath of God,, yet they 
Sttih'sfpiri- faint for thirft. The godly that thirftina right fpiritual man^- 
lual thirft fct ^^^^ jj-^y^ q^3 Sipitxt ana Minifters to comfort thcin, and p:c- 
^"^^'^Xi nounce tfcm bleffed, Mai, 5*. 6. But the wicked faint and 
^^tObAds^i^ fink under their burdens, and have not fo much as one fliower 
't»iK^^ on ifa. ofRain from Heaven^ to quench^ind. allay tbcflaming firoof. 
5^. I. p. 5,jj.& Q^s indignatioQj£»^i^ »i. 14. 

Mr. H/Ufrf&4«i "• .^ 

onJohA 4.13. 

i-«a.f- V«sB i4> 

Thjthat [wear tj the ftn cfS^maria^ dndfij^ Tkj ffoi*^ 
O Daffy livethj and the manner $f Beeryufba livethy r* 
*oen theyjbaBfatt, and never rifenp again. 

THe Prophet having reproved them before for their op^ 
preflton and unrig^teoufnefe towards fne»f comes now to- 
denounce Gods Judgements againft chem, for their- $uper(iiti- 
on and Idolatry ;«)rWx (7^ J. , .. 

In the words vve have i. A Conimination, ot a Jadgeihent 
threatned^ and that is, the irreparable ruine of the Ten Tribe.*^, . 
Ihej (hall fall^ and hevfr rife up again. They iliallTo fall (for 
their cruelty and Idolatry) that they (hall rife no more. If a 
man fall, and yet hath hope of rifing again, it upholds and 
comforts him; but there Ifraelites fell into captivity, and ne- 
ver were reftored- Jiir</ifA, which was the better of the two, 
. after the fcventy years^captivity , returned again into their own 
Land; but the Ten Tribes were carxiedout of their own Land 1 
by Salmanefer King of hffjrla, and jiever returned any more, 
Afe^w 5. 2, , The Lord had tried all gentle means to cure tfaemy 
but all ih-vain, and therefore now he refolves no make a final 
end with them, and to fmite theiir fo as they Jhali fal/ 'irtoco- 
vcrably, and never rife up again, nor return more to their own 
Land, as appears, 2 Kirg.xj. To fall, and never rife, to dye 1 
and not live, to l>e fet below, and not above, to(itindark- 
jiefs,an4 have no light; fuch amplifications in Jcriptureare 
vehement afleveration^, and are notufed in vab by God. 

• a Here 

VerC 14* pfthirnph€4:j^fhmos. joi 

a. Here iscbegfoundorreal^n ofcbisiCotojqciiaMoa|*ajQ(l 
cHac i5^ their Supe^rftidon and Idolatry, 

CI. ^^ rhtfiXi c£ Samaria. 
They fwarc < i. By the God of Vait. 


. -i • ' '' ' • 

That is. They ftvarc by chcMoIten Images, and GoHen- 
Calves 9 which Jerohiam the King of Samaria had fet up at 
Dan and Bethel. Thefe Idols are called. The • 

fin of Samaria, becaufe Samariawzs the Me- X?!!l,S!.T'^ \ deliam, i 
tropoUs, and chief feat of their Kings, and S^ftr^'' ^'"''^ *''- 
they fetting.up Idolatry at i5fr/?r/, which vvasL • 

not far from Samaria^ dreVv Samaria and all ^'^^'^l^ deliei/m SamarU^ quU 
the people of the Land with them,and there- ^[ZfJlL ^fL *^'^' ^'^^ ^ 
fore this fin is properly laid at to doors. ^Jf^^^t^^ 
WhehTbcpeopleofZ/r^rnn A/<!/^/ his^ time . . ^^^' 

did worfliip the golden Calf, it is called their Sin, Dent.g., 
^\ • I took joHr Sin, that is, I took the. Molten Calf, where- 
with you had commicte J that abominable fin of Idolatry, and 
burnt it With fire, a:nd the Scripture frequently calls Iciois by. 
the name of fin. i Ktng.i%. 39, 30. 9, &3'i. 7, . . 
HofJ iQ. 8. ^acL 5« 8: They thought they had done God an 
high' peece of fervice, .in facrificing and. fwearihg. by rbe. 
Calves, but the Lord plainly tells them, that 'twas their great 
fin fo to do. 

5,, .He goes prove their Idolatry, by their forms of 
fwearing then in dfe,; for our oaths are* a kinde of -confeflion 
of our Faith, whereby we 'teftifie, that hee whom we fwear by 
knows iur hearts^ and is able to punifli us if we fwear falfly • 
hence fwearing is frequently put for religious worfliip. This . 
fwearii^ by Idols, and fii^tious Gods (as Idolaters ufe to do) 
asiftheybadnootherGodtoftvcar by, could not but highly 
provoke the Lord to caft them offi Who thus ungratefully and 
dif-ingenaou% forfoot him, the fountain of- all their hap- 

They fay. Thy G9i O Va^t lives\ or they fwear by the. life- 
otDav^ which yet was a dead Idol,, and b^d no iifeinit. 
ThisrWas the ufual form of fwearing in thofe <Iaies^ as you may 
fee, Ceft. 41. i^^Jf^dg. 8. 1 9^ R§ab 3,13. Jer. 12.16. They 
ufed thefamef trm of fwearing by their IdolSj as ;he godly did 

Sffj. by 


furmt kam ^di/t tfueG^* TkyQ4iOl>4nfms^ {i.e.) Lee thy Calf 
vhit Dent qui Hyc O Dm, ot jtsfuTc achyCalf livts, O »4«- 'ftcy fwarc 
inD^cciiiMr. i^y ^.^ y^j^ asifthcawa«fo»c Deity and pmnicyiuHi 

when 'twas a meer 4^m\mMia^ndUoic£dMkimn in^enc- 
ingi H^J. 8.^5»#. J^^4m iR(|M:iifaecaine firft oo the Crown, 
fetup two Golden Calvest a^ tuti^r Qods, the one at Bcthil^ 
not far from Samariai the other m Van^ which was in. the 
North part ciCofuuft, it bcifig one of tb? licoioft coafts j;here« 

4« Yet more, 7 hey pffiftr hj the ffMwifr of BferpjePn. Bfcr^ 
Jhcid was aX;;tty ot Cmiddn, jofb. 15^. a, bei^tbe utmoft 
bounjoftbe boly Land toward the Soutbj as pmsvis^ co- 
ward the North , hence from Dm to Jleirfhik4 arc oft put 
for the whole Land^of Ifraet ^ from one end to the odier » 
they bet)^ die utmoft borders of the whole Land) Jud^^ zo. 
I. I Sam. 3. 2o« 2 Sam. }• iq* i Chrofi^^' 2. 'Twas afa- . 
mous City* where the Judges nted to fit, i Sam. 8« »# yet 
this place was infefted with Idolatry, as well as Bmd 
and Gii^al, and therefore tbey are commanded tD pais 
by it, j^mos 5.5. and yet they fwear, that th mamtgr 0f 
Beer^tha lives. Or thzwaj of Betr^c£a\xv9S (as'ti^inrhe 
fountain j tbat is, they fwear by a ftrange God^ wboTe wayi 
Rites, Ceremonies, and manner of Worftiiptbey had fetup 
at Betrjheta : for ij wa; in Scripture is meant the man- 
ner of divine worftiip and ferving of God* *Tis here taken 
in a bad fenfe. See Ji^. 3a. 39. AB.q^2. Qc.iS. ^« -Uv^. 
I4. Thus we fee how the whole I-anawas. infected wich 'Ido- 
latry^ from one fide to another, rbere was no found part m 
it, which ferves tojuftificGods Juftice in their univerfal 
V ruine. 

T>ett('h J^iM. 


* * • 

1 Idilairy^it is ajtnnwgjin^ 

It is the Sin with an Emphafis, and by way of eminencyj 
which dcftroys a Land, Vesit. o. ai., ic is. a great fin in it fclf, 


adjftvanPes, they helpttotuine//r<if/, but their Idolatry was 


the prwipy caufe of (fanfatal U 

a Tin JmJ^tfmm ^ m»^ ami $h^ Jpdgmm pfG^ddifer 

Tbat which >nad calls here by way^ of honour, ^ f^^i 
that God calls by tiwjf of dishonour ^nd detcftacton, if 
^MT, and abonunabtci Jm t6- i:8«'C^44- 4« Thus the world 
calls Riches^ Subflance, Goods* HappindOfe, Pfai. 4. 6. but cbc 
HolyG&oft call^ che»Vant^s,Tfiormi BiskSs unrigbt^ou^ 
Mamfnonr: die world catlsPrtde^ Decmcji but God calls ic 
aa aboimtacuMi. Tte world caUs Govccoufnefife^ Good-faaf^ 
bftodryy but God calls ic the root of all evik The Ma^> wkb 
all Its Saperf&busriEes^ jl^cbrift calls k Divine Service^ 
hoc God faich, l^^nm dnyn w^flnp mt, teacbhif^ Dt^Ines 
tht fvicifu of miff, Sum loves not to have Sin goe bare- 5^^ j^^^,^ j^j^ 
faced, and therefore beufaally puts a fair Glove upon a foul remcdie« againft 
handy and calls Vice by the name of Vertue« But God hath Sac. Der.p. 1%. 
cocfcdrcbdfe that call c^il good, Ka. 5. 10. maiiy thinlc^^^7* 
chey highly pleafe God, and doe him abnnda^nce offer «• 
vice by t^r Si^xerlUtioQS, Self-conceited wordiip, hut he 
ceils mem he^e, it is tbeir fin and (bame fo to doe ; So 
tme is tbac of our Saviour, ZMf Ytf» 1^ That which k 
hiMf tfitmei iti tht fight ^carnal, fuperftidous ig»r;^, $$ m 

j Mixture m Gods H^^if is 4 Goi-prwoking Sin. 

When we are partly for Gody andpafPily for fiW, partly for ^^ crnt t* 
Cbrift, and partly for Calves at Bm and BHrfheba^ this nrin- gaiqft Hypp- 
^e*-fflang(e,add Lin^-m^oliie-religion is very^difpleafii^ unto crifie. p. i. du 
Godi add ruined Ifr^l^^i^ They jfttrendra that they Woir- "♦ P- m^ 
(hipjMsd the true God» in and b/tbofe Idols which diey fware 
by, but /becaufe God had commanded them no fuch way of 
WorSiip, be utterly difclalm^ it,and feverely puniiheth va&m 
fortheftrpains, a King,rf-^i^ 34, tbifethat are faid to fear 
the Lord, and yet ferve their oWne gotfer, io die very neact 
verfe are faid, NAuftMr the Lehfd^ 

KisaBeifyingofthem; hence the I/)rd!*reatem to pu-^jp)^^jjg^r. 
niflfi thofc that fwear by them that are no gods^ Jer. ?• 7.Zefb. cMfi, /. i. cap. ' 
F.^Wem^tynot fwtfarby Creatures, Mditb. y, 34»3$» a^i^M 13. folio. 
}m. 5« i%, Mtbf any fiaitiM^ godl ac Psm and AtAi/, as 

. many ^ 

J04 ' An Exfpftm €^kpl 

many ^opii'h , ignoranc perfoni ainongiEl us d« • when the^r 
fwcar Ber Ladj^ Ber takjns^hy St. Anthony^ by S Gys, by the 
MaiTe, by Cockj by 'my Pay, by nij F^ks,' by. my Peikins, 'by 
my .Truly, &c. All thcfe are Oacbes, by Idols and by Crea* 
cures, which our jealous God will hoc broc^ ac oor hands ; you 
Sec Mr. Clerks may *mxV men wicfe chem;> but God ^\\\ noc be mocked ;^ his 
Mirror,ch.ii9. Curie will feixe upon the houfes wbcie fiich fwearers dweHi 

Vajh-way, p. ^^ all profeflc our felves to be worftiippers of che tree 
154. to 16 . Q^j^ y^ ^yj. fvvearingby them that are no gods .is a kind of 

fenouncingthe true God> by whom only we flaould fwear, as 
him only we (hould ferve. God is very tender, of his-owne 
Glory, and wiirnoc fuffer vc to be giych to o:hers. Hence wee 
are fo oft commanded vyhen we fwear, to fwear only by the 
name of the true and living God, Dm^ 9. i j, ^.10. 20, F/if. 

> •Caches are one fpecial part rf Divine .Worfhip, wherein 

God is glorified inhis. Attribures of Oinnifciency^ Ooani-pre- 
fence, Omnipotence,' &c. We bekeve that he knowes pur 
hearts, and is able to punifh u5 if we perform notour Oathes, 
or fwear falfly ; and to this end we call upon him when wee 
fwear, Hence/^wfe.Propbefyingof the calling of the i^gff^ 
tiam to the faith, tells us, that in that day 6ve Cities in Agfft 
.{hall fpeak the Language of Canaan^ and (hall fwear hf . the 
Lord of Hofts I that is, they (Kill fliew that ne is Acir God,by 
• theirfwearingbyhisname, //If. ip. 18. 

5 Stsprfilti^n is a Ujtfeme thirg. 

Jet my Com. Tbey goe here to Dan and Beerjf^eba^ from the Nordi to tie 
on Hof. 13.U. Soqtb, all the Land over a&er Idols, 1 King. 1,2. 30. vVhac 
p. 1191 no. & pains andPeregrinfttions doe the Papifls take ^n Journies, 
ckYks Mii^ror, . -^j^^ii^gs ^ and .Other kinds of Will-worrtiip, yet many a- 
chap. I z 8. ly^ongft us vViH fcarce goe out of their doors to bear the Gofpel 

of Salvation. Blind Id|{laters fliall fife -in Judgment a^ainft 
die men of this Genefratjofi^ who take:iQore pains in going to 
Hell, than many do2 for Heaven. • . ••.,..•• ; . 

6 GreatCitiesma«j times are the Semi«ari4s 9f great Sins i 
The Idolatry which over-fpread z\l Ifrael is laid -here at 

Samarlas jiaoty which was thechipf City of the Land, and 
the place of the Kings tefidencc, from ' hence asfr<Mn a foun- 
tain all the Rtcms^i PropbaneQefie, ^upexfticioB> asdldola- 

Land, faereic vvas pra£^tCed, xnwittinecf. 


cbc Coitncry round about choa may (^refle cKmfelves; for fucb 
:as the Modier, fucb uTuaily ajr iMOtou^hcers* 

,n^^be » lift fo|rok4h,^|che|4a|t never iSt^ 

oines in a day, yec be rifiB4> aeun,- fatfc; (^ wicked shall fall ^ 

into mifchief irrecoverably^ av i^yer yCQ» more, as the Anti' ifjz; 5:^ 

aUBiriilj6fe agaitv»d1usaiKftr«id'«aJs b4fti&;^||M 
b^nmng , J»h 4s. 1 1. tnKlch^, s^ked are broken as with 
<an Ir<m Rod, and d^ in petces'lHie« Porters VefTel, which 

heal tiiemj*^ >o. »c» 




>)<«, t IW 


; M i.'!; 

• ■ ♦ 


'A .1 







A A 4 « « 


• -** *' 

« • • 


« .' 


■*■*** »^ 

VbRS B If 

Jfa0tj^i L§rd ftknding nfw tie< Alm^ snd biefMl 
Smite the lintel ef the 4$m^ thdU the fffis nuj Jbdie / 
4»d cut them in the head ^^rfjhem^ and J.mi Am 
the lafi of them mtfthe/tPoraThe tFdfJIatb of tlem 
fhaU^mfiee dWdj:^ ^tf^bethdttfedfetJh^t^ 
ntt he delivered^ 

N this laftCh^er, JiMcb coBcatns the Ijft Vifioiii 

and Prophecy of. cbe dgftruaion of JuiMbr^ fe^ 

rmfdUm^ ivee have clie Aimine and fubftance of the 

/n^^i^SecQBiOD of the Vtt^^ Amsy fAac\kxim^ 

fiftsofchree i»rcsi. 

%i, Ke^j^rtrndeimi of thdt C§mmtndimw'. 

J., A Aiitigdtnm ^^^f^lificdthn ciihis Cojnminatiim vfich . 

Tt»ag(ilifg|i,i¥nmift^l gf I f nnfa^^^^ iHiirr(^Milii"H "^iinliin, 

im\ ^apcer confifb bottr of Lzn and Go^, of ^^menr 
asdmercys nbUhii ihe beftjnixciire diAc a J^rophet rf God.< 

caa : 

a^uifj)fp!pf)^4\ i0gcniiotts.n^ciices >fe»4«r^|kc^iipolbrM- 
cheLby judgemehcs or inereies,and thofe chac neicber ofeche^ 

I . H^cei is #^i>»inMci6tt of Gdd^ €ociminatiaii by.vvay 
^f Ty|«:9r ^\5i(jjQiy ivt«ccin;^iiav«^ 
(fi/, w*. tbtfmumg^ofthe lintel ofs^^ftm^h. 4f^r^iit4tthff/^ 

r^^^y^iv/ j^ac. (halt be 'Cuc .off, ^d tbofii ^se the bod)^ .<if the 

Priefts, both in Ifnu Und jfi^^ ai Reft opt tbkcQy buntJUji 
tbtrefioftb^m wi$k H^vrnd^ ^at iMocotf che inf^^dour fort ; 
^^ J:iisre U t)i^iier«iifiqr ud idbriubiaiers q& (^eiiLiiti^bni^ 
confirimd 1^ Al]g^QiMt»4raf^^6^ (roili:tbe£Hnqiprarsatot 
bfGody noplace what ever can proceft a finful peoploiroai 
hUcevei^g^bnd^ atodrtbisi^&cfotcbfh-GedfmlW^^^ 
fffi€thaff^^{h^'mtfittiiB^ MLhn tim^^fraffity^wk 
tee deiivef^JL, ^ Tliwe is hft fefeaping when ^Sodiwrfnesi. . ; . : ^ 
[ 2.^ $ya ni»ut^i«^.<^uinb^^ .pft^abbcplied^ 

flibuli n»e£cft^iX:diliiiiB^ ■••:,: ' hid v- :• -r '..\"1 , • 

Aough they tudXi.; J\ii*;ayetbL.. ..: mi,:. t:'M :. '• ! .^ .:t . 
^^wSdviSi \. vj|« Iti.tbe t(^$ <if inaocefldbte imoun* 

* \ * . L5. In'Capcivity. though they went. tm# 

cbey were iaScn^\»^^}^^^ dieir owa^ 

l.^^nay nprlflt' wagg^^CWI9tt»«»* ^ri; iK-o ' -.rl -.^ ;•: i,>J .: -• 

^yA^^^^W^.:^^^ ^tber- Hcwfirmcd i^jr Argu** 

me^^ d]i)a\{m j^. Fromc'hi^aqgf^;ofG^»l'^f/.i4yBl iw^fbt 
'mine eif^ufen them fer^ti^ ]Tjs a.lidet;iiphor :frlMn men in 
wBom che^afig^r !of 4k b$9nb:<jiUc«y^ric Mi in che eyes .and 

* Ttc a * Net 

te«MMior%i;.ciid«ndtnn«iiiio^Bq|MGlttM - ' 

oMMfldthctm^MB, and Hi* jMwri \1j^«fMAifl -f^olii of 
ctae Air, ss:lro^flauM^ §kiaOiHMt.ii>om9Mii^mif,^, ' 


^-fbdieMtly ctw«r>iMi^fiKdD^ ibe tentfe; ^iMf^ tf.- 1^ ail 

IKMid;^.' • -<■; ii.'K.. t .;••:. o'fj 'V. •,V/33rr..- a. '.I'; on ,';in.- :.• 

ous and^l^aoelMy /wticren 4ie !^ittd 4»«»jgfat ciJb^ 

iofc as they had been Mce)c»fiMlltoiiii^qnd«^^B[jK)#^ 
i]K>uklbelikecbemrafufiW»Kyi»)f/3.7i$/i' - <- 
■:;s«:.friie;^|Mi«myifec«m- of Gbdiriliftn^ 

wngs, concemiuM ^ winiBtt'«f>6bds Prophets, andth^e-' 
fore the LmiI iHiail«lM94ilft^ M^/«ff 4rri(#/mr/, 

^ t> 'fte J>tt^to^viHsMftire iOffSl 2^^<m»f^tei 
fKtanrike.>iasiBiMm'^>itSM««biidb^if m. 

tmm^ Jibken:jfi»Mtclw QaMtcte!«nd>k^Mi^itaBfe' ^tudM 'd^ 
God. Befwe he had hroughtitettff (ici^cjtBft^^iJ>/c)^''k|^ 

Ml £?^i^witt0d«s,«Hd-<B*atlgdU«l ^^MMi^idHsf " '^ 
r. He cells thein^rhac an elea temnant Should b^ Orv^)ft < 

* V 

body of cbac rd)dlio«is Nadon, yec be would not utterly de- 
Brcff them all^ (nr would ^e&rae^MDe becaofe of his Cove- 
sumcs and thougl} ttiqf wgfac Wfifted, tofifed aad tried wkk 
nany affi£d«B,imdgoinn>-capcificy as i*tll «s e^ers; yec 
not one gtun Ihoidd fall to the ground, nor any one of Gods 

«M«m4ftMiHy,tfwf<^isi» r 

- ' > :^ «BW>ir^WJEf; -RdEkHnciai bF dKxChuobui Gif. 

)r4ip/« «f Z>«vn< iRJkVib w /hAm, verT. lit TuDgfatke faiK£e«f 
JBktttUi 'atid(iie«ieii«f JhhM;andJilSnti«m« foadyibaaier- 
•4,' ind'Attdc««yl«f»4yf Mrfan/dMMir 4»)Ctvit«» 3utd iMhsr 
MJOriiit) #l&h^y Apon^MM: Dfo dunteyivuid Hccta Taieci- 
utilieMltM^daflibv (» \a«aac(iKa;t«Ml icfon, tlie fienosrimi^ 

€Kut^ViMl)kbt«ili«tfA»tti4iyriiie^ and rnflliaxs 

11. > . 

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't> --HetRMfifiMb^thMAcfNtlfcaik^ . under 

ilikAi «M ^e^^Nittflidsiftididd be'iataiiesd^ cadptK//in idl« 
dKtmkS'Miilhdfebeil^'dflH fodi/dttiDi 

a. Great pidity in their fietcbmhrin^K«k/wr/;ir|yB48 
^inc*e^B^*£rig«ftb«kMBtae^bC)u«r^aMi^-t4^ . V— 
4. >Bftciif^g'ftoti(«ifpt<vii^ je^i^- 
lil&Mfc in'mir'i]^%a«!^4n<d(rf{i^Mif oUxbeiirnmi^aiie^ 

• Okiiei% AMi^ ^wH^i aidtmertfiiek^iigtjb«ia44arf4 

fubdi ■'-•■■■ •'.:■ i-. :-■•=. . •■-,:' •: 1.: = 

Jnfp, To men who «c' led> ^by fienfe anoboonvil eeafen * 
iim Ihliigs <ltifty<^tein'iifaj^ibfai{> tnprco'jitberAItriigkty'^aU ^ 
^Hgiiiei>^3llM<ei^Mo#'^c«fae'diac:<mfdBmikdi(^^ and 
%lsH<'th«t'«ritt>dfeEiiietB4JBndiiQif»»: '.Tis ltktttffilir.liiai9 : 
titan ^ain^ -a'nd^-^Wiit'^ancii^Bm in /tte 
^triltieifivew<tf4>^ <i6 cfais.t-cfakhr. kb«4irQEd> MoRgbty i 
wk) am T£'f&»<t in covenant ?rith^tN»^ ! ''i ■ k. . . » 

> t 

510 ij^tt'MJtf^hk Cba^*9^ 

\ ', ""'i I '^ :■ ■ •: v 

4 • 

• t 

THe deftradioir of this people * VHSrfliMkmP^ oiik JbefoK, 
bf fdariviiioQsr Xhbbthe fi6h^aiid'iAl^J>y^ the^Pro* 

pretedencdiapctrs;,; . 

The bener xo confiem the ttucb and vaucheiKy of ^ wh4c he 
jIhoBdd ipeaki! fa&in^gms jStft^wiiiijus ufuii Rprff^i. Am^^ i« 
t £ ^ g,.r» li/iirt^« iwi<; the Kifig ^-Xis^fi^ fHftieaff 
Monirclvof aUf the«iiofld» itimiiTfirW tad. |||4^ baoi^ .*f>re« 
yoked to , wrath wkh :tlcijr'id(iiai8rf; hiiiif 1-%; Ifsmm^ 
trance or Prophedcal ytfioOi //cvMiPf s vbidb J99q^i6$.pvo 

Sec ptftrki, peDpterhisgradiwfaiffftfcti^^f^^ 

jcwiOi ,Hypoc.xnaMff Acini jw£m ^trifl^^^yterQtKk^!^ 

cb^9- A. 8 ' p. thcfqntiraiebce^^iiii^fbtHBi^ ami tO: exeflOce^rifi iJ^Msous 

pofture, Hefisuids. ' 

^. ' Heoeu ile{4ioe Inhere b^'ib^) >^ 
HeremyogtcacX^teQ^iaJN^ iilife,iii>!Hofvjc4|i^ 
G(ui«ivrbea wifaut^; i^jini^<MA 
none can fee him and live, Ex^d. iTi^tb. Jahnx, iS. yciAr 
if«r hif aid to fce'Qodatid'livC:?-i: / -,^ . , . 

06d« ^ ltebei€wbuiBCelf!ia fai^ivailQp^mtent; gt.(^^ 

fenirB; and tbiis:ndnni^|iijian ic^the^Wtb &^(h^moii 

9iee thitDosnc and clogged with humane infirmicieSy can fee God a;^Iive4 

T^^^^ k ^n « would overwHdndiiim,- andHe ccwld nc<t; b^iir, jt Zm* 6. 

Am^S^^^^ f 6. 1 Job 4. 1 i. but in the life to come we (hall fee him c^levr 

ind j^vbcbS)rand^G&Qnariljs»' by-MC%0My rMttornd (^oaricK>n% 
ggosaadtig^; fudh aitoiirjxvfiisQMXie^ wilVl^ 
appealed CO A>h*, to Mnrdhmtf^M^ Jf^idk^iehfp^. i/ Ezek-i^ 
!•'& 4^ f^^Ji^mH and othed^ Th^(^ tb<^ L^d V y i-^ 
fions, but not in his Ei&siceii • v ^: .;:; . /, . : i> -.J.r ^,^ , * 
:A fcif ond Q^re tS| ff'ttu^rtrnm by th fdtarber^ ? * ' 


iitfiij^ iHeit Ihteri^cers am <fii^ ^smit' c^icitini tliii 
^^iw#i living (It %ilMy and being fenc to preach' piincipall^ 
to the ren Trij^es, faw 6e LokI iiandit^ upon {bme Idblacrpui 
Altar, ac Dm^t Bethel ( not bjr way of approhacion, but liv- 
tendioig ics^de^ru^Uon) as ready corda execution there, throvy^ 
iv^ dovim-the Altar, aiid^ But 'tis prdbabte, , 

that ttJb Lbidvvoiild notib far countenance diofe Idbiacrdus 
ptaccf» as to ifaeW' any vifion, or utter any Oracle there^^. 
where die Deinl was wof fhiopJki^' a Ckr&H$ 1 1 . « 5 • 

Others i^on4]ceter giJptthds , do interpret it of Gods ftahd- 

^ng^bti the Brasee^ Alti^,ti4n€h was in SoU^m Temple in jFrt- ^ 

ri^atemf wbikh bein^ WithWt the Tempfe in thejinner Court,' . 

may itKioiatie doisDqgiiinbg to forfake his Temple and peo- 

pl^^ and tbjit^iiierewas no hope of pardon left, feeing the 

place of propitiaoon wasby God converted into a feat oi: Ju^ ^ 

fiticeV he ftiindii^ upon the Mtar ofburnt^oflfeHngs^ as it were 

C6flatth6iheii^^ilb(&timbd, whofc provocadom he could 

fio Idhger bear; - and albeit the Prophet was f>riticipatly fenc 

to //V4f 4' yiet; be many times takes in Jmi^ wi^h tnem (asl 

have (hewed on h^s 6. 1.) Asl^ bad finned, fa both muft - 

Tifffeflk '4iinil be laid ili^che dcul; ndther fli'bnld-t^ir Temple 

tfi^V^^ch'^iU^iKftTd flauch^med, any whit Wail -them in the 

d«y tf 'Gdds wtatb; omen Itcfs -flbould tbofe Idol and prophane 

Temples of Afar and ^M any whb ^ail tfrseli which God 

never commanded cobe buik^ alwaks ^bborred as dens of ^ 

an<l/j^WJixlordi%tbefmk^^ the dbor, 

chat ih^pp(kkhtgkt^lc6r Mdbcfdidj Smite thlimetiftbi 
Jaer^ drc^ Tiie quefliM will be, whom doth^ die Lord bare : 
fpeakto, whcnhefaves,/iiiiVr?; . w . 

*^ \t^fw.u o6me^qn<*ivoaiatbe(lp^ 
' W»Ci0oUAa^dedti^ ddUdiihce ju(^enienc» i^ainft mm^ thatt 
-Hi tsikSiff^^^ Ocbiirs ipbnceive tbarbe means Ifr 

kk M^M i % 0frKih%^ Bitjhk^ who burnt the temf^t) and 

•fmbcecbeAlUr. Others apply it to 5ic/^4w/2rf* the Kinp of 

, ^Jtffji^sin who i^iJtttedGods wrath upon /jf^ir^v ciriiti them 

intocaptitricyi^AidiMfoyed their Xdid'^ttn^eis* - Ihbfe ;are 

•buc?«>nje6l!|irtsi- :- 

. Moft eooceive Attk^as- fodK ii^^Wt ^hich die Lord had 

' appQitited 

nle df Aaj^^ foe duoLendukr' .; > '« ■ 

ottit Jrte9u-*VBr the dooc, fW* U« »2.Tha¥fo«t .*Mft68P»fifls«» Agpte 
^v, 4^ une?9t.Pqo>^Mafc, th»flo<4fcr«i«Boawt«ft]th«(«»^ of .*« 

/tfMi. tbej^ Kckbof sxv 1^1$ xm-dieiroat^ai^. W4oU9{tecMKsto 

The Hebrews ^che dbors, idotix^ Wiriigsofici4lii^^vi^f^-^i>in9- 

fbtlutjtIic.OQftian<fp»il«&o»»v " * 

meant toe duperi^iu^i aoo oy>t] 

'Taferipursi alifliouldbc^i»afta^aacl«ia4e (o-9U^4g«B 
ibr £eiu:^ ' Car j^ctbllowsa cW^£«mv mfi»^tMt^'«f,mmi 
vvhcce ive. tuve iktcPtrfvif fJ^ ^ i/i^ iV^ fifWAPjb :ind 
tl?ofearc^4^ Jht IhtAtdlfrSfl^^WS^^^ItfiiM^^ 
baihcal^CiviL^ Cuctnsmjp[i^f|c«4:#ii)tW W»l>^4^^ 
{ire cB^ head of «U} iE«». «ba chief jp^ ^Iwiptl s;«r in 
. 'Chacch ind State, baibA»u:€S.«ad^Hc^ ^.«i>%lB.the 
body may be cure^, l>uc acuc in diq-j^;^ iM^r^VMl-^-ftOd 

^wM word) xoticler uxhusr $<»<t«i i^ ,^'fl''i^9!!K^%«K iw 
of iheix) alL tat f he ikoc4 .^!i;/<(«%h<^0))^ ^Qii» ^A 

covetous. -! >V.c.>^ ,:;/L.:." <=-'., V-i: ■ 

fm & tbjtSif f 0,-^ }]£ i^eatoed 6c kkado, and aew ^ cqvHS M4be Uitf i 
^' 'irhe Portairwkli'ctie P^emenr^^Unvift ^ fqiiciMk Cut ibfli) 

Uiuviffmrn trombetdtowjIttfyQnfirftjeJ^^I^ .;yj.,v.i 

w/-M«, qmire- Some rendenc thus, I will flay ihs refdtip§itft^ln0fi U' 
qitm^f^ri- dead chs «ocd4t-l»»>»o>iWW»ttifl>tV* Jtoicfc << felMi figjfect* 
'**• ■ - ■ doos 

- - — -I 

yprff I'o ^f*^^ Pfi^Ufhy tf Amos. • j i j 

ind f oiftctimes 'tis put for poftcricy and chiWrcn; . 3it<;idTdrigli 

lorsb€lrer TV&ft/^yf^iAr^^j^-nilatingtd'the infertour fore,; 
$fi4 ^^ tbe ionfe runs cleaTy I wAl (lay both high " and lovvy 

bkOhhaa4fS»d hod* -0 '-f > L ij •'.:•. I ri • . ; ;'• . ;..::!> 

jI . Here is-tbe nssramtiy wijrcbjpod v>}iU deftrcty ^hem; a(nd> 
hm, is^by ihc lafiand forfcft -of bis. ijudgenicntsi *: 'ris- 6y the 
fword. Jfr0fl{hi{lfjaH ^j:thfj9frd ja( ^^'^JfyrUfty and jf«- 

m^l*^i^t4.y'Ani vsnt nutj j^tt tiifthA^ xttfAvA^Tyru tmi 
Chaideai?. ;' -. ' "'^ <'c -.^ ; ^'^ .\:^-':\ vi . -.."o r. ••; ^ ! :.;.. . 

Anly9. The word A//, ^^^ Scripture^ ii eaten 'two vVaies Sec vi/ylwir 
|.iCA6fe6/'«^>ior'allrhcb6dydf ap^^ 2v DifirHtuively^ Didi^n. en cjc 
fpciipmcof all fortsf fomc.rii^i.fpoictp'oop^ fomfc. higb^ and word All. 
ii>n|e4oy\^4;.^/fo ttevirbixfJs^xaken^bferjefo^^^ 
tipcb ipi;^4rMand T^V^^ it. Socbac when 

KefakfiAtf, h^ee/pe'akecb-Hyped^dicaiiyy'ahd/im com-- 
paracivelvs thati3vch6& diac dcape ftati be biit ftsufin com* 
parifon .offhofe{hac.dye« *S<^ thlL i«. ai«. Att^nnenieek theic 
jOWP>fJ>^tisvdiegrtat3elftj3iariddfiftk '4^•^;^ Oa'v^-^ c. 

. • {fe- . W^voiuft diflfitigi^ df jIUjw;^; t; ^Ehcf^ts/aH iaual 

flaying add killing 4ut-ng)ir^andibaU v\<i^etibDflain»r«Ti)er)B 

is a flaying-m a Cw// 5/w/^i v^bcn A man -gt^s into captivity, Servitut hjure 

and is oaniihc f i:o«i boufc andhnrbouTibeing brottghc very low, ^V^^^^^^ ^ 

by affli^ion. .^nd this UgtHcd flayittgiw Scripture, PM; 7* Z^rTS!^!* 

34. and thus all //t^W ai^ J«^i«fr. vre^ 

were carried into captivity,the one by the Afyrlan^ and the o* 

ther by the ^4^7W4», . " ' ':i\\ '''. ^ 

Obj. Bm wbM do jou uUhs ofjlajingy we mU hie eur felves^ 

A»/»'. The Prophet by a Prolepfis flops tbfe gapy and tkHs 
thqni ch# the'judgetrienc is iiK^tabitey;'flying'WHU*n0D>a^vdi ; 
far hetbaf fiyetb fiuU niiflee awaji. [ but ftflrtl be: dWrtflkca'll 
and he th^t efcafethefthem^ (hMlin^t te^ditivered. ^ They «:iy 
attempt wdittdeavourafiefcape) bucic lliallbeiii viinffor 
Ck)d5 Jufti* fliftlltqiiicklybvertate thi^ aftdbwflaittrt<:ebe^*\^^'''*''' ^- 
«ficut^op.tbfeifa. OladDubtiBg <**fae vor*U>^^ ''*'^* 

. Vvv tical, 



514 ddSfcfo/kim, Cfej^.^, 

Wily ittl b morethtfi if hd hftd 6mJillfUMyllaa^ 

. It ag^ivaeea aioMBL mtfdb), to fiff ificbtkeft bt taken 
and wbehhe tjiinks bchadreficsped the dasger, tbeq c<> f^ll 
Into it| or a worfe, w very fad; yet fo 'ilwrw here, ciiey (boif^t 
toiliifcfortbena&ire^ijs.fcMXBer^dleyi^^ t^fiive 

themfelves by flrght, but now the day of thcic eaUwApf^wsa 
come, and rhev :fli61ild faotdcape; cheyciwretipe fbr hiiae 
and cberdforetheL<^d crils themr cfaac tfacrdiiiras now a6 vray 
nor hope (?f dcAping, but they qciuft tijco 4x3ir caemids baikfe* 
and if any ftiould efcape one tYMUe^ yet ■ iie lhiMl4 fiaft^ imi 
tnotiier; thotigbiieefpi^one flit^ 
hot be^eMyend feom aaotbir ;^oka ac anotbtt^ f»iiej i>»t 
fhall be like one cnat fieech from a Lion^ and a Bear flieiik! 
mset bioH' Aiioi 5. tp; . r ... 

The fuiqixle of all i9 tbii?« /v^I^^&nr/Aiiios^;^#ir£^i 

l^ae tmmmmi^ Iks iif^ia fmioeiArljHtd^ ^ JfM^Me^^ ^ 

haw dgcxfiedM^cUiCK them dvmmthnd^dlr^^^ 

fromtof to tofy hth Ltnttl MfikhThnffifiU' ^k^^tfptrhm'i^^iiid 


, thettgh thy jfei; frt-t^)frfln^lvmefM9pif,,M»fma^'y Ho^i^^Agk 


: ': *. Gf4 wiH 4mrtfiifm tkift tbMdeptttt fam hm. 


S4 '0 ;• 

yerC^D rf thttrtpUtf tf Amos. 

■9x4 fdlWodidtiSy txAnm Gdd^flfands upon i^ Altar rei' 
dy |(o,<ki|pagcf(»iiitbeai, aad fcavedieai-iA^eiMhdsdf'i^tt! 
cquHJ^s.; ' ' ristnc, theL^edM toaclii to lettve Mk ^etx)^- 'itid' 

\yhs|i ;iiQ«b{«tteElf rom ^/4f«iitt^4i6(m it ribo m » liibtiiefit,' 
dbeCborttbeothe VbveftAld^'Aiv;^ 5^.^. and io; <(.. Svebii^ 

nu8i'H'PV««c'itvi|^8jV4 )fr4;'//i/.'4«i'\8?^J^. 1.8. jo^ 
$eis«sty<e(^ tiMO chs]i<»f itt ndiie^df ^God, then H^^iWeXr'i chcit 

|4l»^i;Q44»«tgftdi«i)aA| \ifnlm fml^ikti 'm wlU be found ef. 

^Ariiir ^ V!^lC«»ti^a)<; 4l«^fdr-«iyQeid,^ moredo out' 

#«'t.i*iiA/'«Jfc«w:«D^3inf'.^«fu»f,»l8i;^^ The loW; 
£i^#MMy .TJftIV)fi9tiid NUnof ^toflfiilt doordniifl, 
^V NeidbtircdObr di^^ 11 %h}|I-4M^'aorib-td 0>ls '^ 

♦ » If 

- s ) ^ . . ■ J ' V • 

• V'l » 

^% PtltticMl ^Uermre the Headtef a f^fUi' '-> "^ -'-^ 
£«»ii. «. 14. JBc 18. 15. iVim*. i.i5. «f »*iii.¥4^^«. Ifiilg'? 

i. Vvv » As 


As cbe beadif :pkd^4big||«^ .bx>dysi nd i^^ «oiifii^. 
Jind rcalbns for the. prsferviiiw ot th* badyi Id dbU^ word im-- 
piie&boi;^dig^y and^9Cy^9lKl A)9(^l^ ceacbtfaiofe fi^o' are 
fct i» jAacc pf C«siiwi W«?* afcove^jitemv; tQicMTuic- for fclie^ 
^joii oEcteai po9pl§r*4c tb^ 
, ly unider i:l?caf, ^^:7i^ ^^0. M»y^ry.imrfied%tti£^oPPf ra- 
ces, buc tbey (hoiUdrceU tbsai cjf cbetc -aucy jrl A, and fomc 
crychem^pasH^.«f^C4M^ir^j as ffeH as of the Stare; 
Mi. ffars f PppilT^Pri^ipt^ itfj vi^ihi iti Tbat^m^ tskf 
thifS^fruffocjifi^^ P^^^fsApwJt t9tbi \ti49lc$i whir U 
Ip^s €^}0ibU^}ty ^.thele^med XH- ftplle^ kviSA^ -He Su J 
' \ prc^^y ((^tb 1m^ vvbu^yye take frdin cbe 

JecDr. ^gw/^^ againft H^yf,, picyey^AVe givc ic tMU> OMMtaJt crc^ltfC y 

chap, 10. p. <<?^ &c- ^'^'/. Pr^KC o? Other* B«the Bope bating feizcd 

tt was due, .accordiqgcp^a^oC.oiti; SaVioar,' i^iw H dfrnr 
wbstis Csfars] and t9 G^ wIm is G^di^ &c. . The SiipiteiM- 
cy therefore yKl}^|v»*|^^e^;ouf.Bi:if cie iA.tbii^«fi^t^}i^^ 

pre^(bVadqiin^^€:S.^M^^ BHf(ri^iiMf'^ 

(^eCbl«:<i^ t>iu:xof;|Hror^cb^^ chiefs 6fi(vdbn6 .« iiStf 
ougbcr by them^ wbo0 iQoci4)ttb cjtlidd twfso; W^ give ta 

^ii/iMMT 1^- prvicesidadbft^ia^f^^ c^tki^fOE'.heiQ&iialtcii B8«d& cif^ 
f i». Ecdct p. cjm^ whichp?s prpgs^ o^y (tcirQjjiftv m^fttwifawiiifi!^ 
** ^ fclves with cb^V^l!^ ofi^pf wi^ jGiwi^roQursvn'A? Y<ir tte'i^/ 

1^4sio fjfr. fKOo^ being Head:of ibeObof^hi : chat ^fete is hftKof' 
thefTaiV be'm^ jj^eefl not fij jUiich as a^ {Suiidimd»beF of it r 
^ the U^ ^#c.^^aM<»» Faitt% vvMdklwas^foi'e-' 

, b^cgr a.H^ ehaii^ Px|^ bav^^Mes^ Oak bi^chhi^i 
%ztfi Sodonilj^^^j^fgiciam^fM^ fbttb'td 

the DeVilco^gcf^che^Qpeddim 

* cbe Heads arc fuchf ^ t^ ''- -li.-Av i..*. ' -^ v.^^W^^^^''* •• 

\ Cut them in the Head^ of c»t cbem wiucbarethii MeiSof 
^ GpdMa^cefp^ecf^^peri^ buthetheyUBadofflAel; 

' : V » ^ if 

f '^' 

. -^ 

if thqr ini agsraft Um; {hey canhotrfercape* >2*oihf i^ pref^M; 
$fal4 ezf^Bfrr fhi lUi^g* If the j)roud Kiog. of Jj^ rid will ofH 
pre^ and oppoic the pefi|>le ofKlkxi) iie mufi teovy rl»g God 
bathprepatedaplace o£^tini(hx»cntf(!>r (itch cctifil T/raivsi» ^eem<ire in my 
l[a.\cL ^^. ,Godi5ceiribtetd^eiIfi|^s ^cbcxarAj 'jP/i/.;^««« onpai. 
7iJ.iir/r>i ^L - >/;^-''*' ' -'- •-•':•-:- .^. .v-^ '. i:'/.' • .^'- *-P-4f. 

When cbe hg^d and i^ feeci ^cfae bigbeli and cbd lovyeft itn f ^ my. Com. 
together, then flay rfxem all wich «bc fward. But of diU Be*P"^^^* *J*^^- 

* 'Ad Aogd here rnuii finite them in the head. Tlie SpJUmhe^ ' 
that v^iea i^r were fooicceo blibd ^y an Angel > C^n. ip, . 1 1; 
TbeptlteboraafJ%?)>r werefW^ an AfiK!,£j*rir^. i», ij,: 
29. : WiiettL.24li««i wiis.gouig cocurfe Goa$:pe<ipl<, an A»^: 
gel vbobA biiii and fliop^ bimi A:iAm^^« as> >> . |f <3oci\vUl H^odt 
a PefiUeiKer<Mi ^iir/> be batli an Angel xe^dy to do it, i ^4im* 
^i\€k KtewHJb>ye«heAimyof ^hR4f;riW/ 4cft«^»*, 

aij Attg&lja»trf4<biv//4.3^3^«/Prp^^ Wf^«4 W4s fovfien 
by o^JAoiygeH A2?; ii:i./^?lj »IK} ae ijiela^^ 

chfe^klKiAioChritobar^rfhefeioKiceiye^ final <tew^^; 

Jfc/^.!i jv4*'». Wbo.*rouldW)t t^afeai^to offiuiddris^cat 

aiid mt^y Godi.tvMhath fo many glorious Apgels 9eady M> 

the leaftieckof Aeif lordjr to deftroy both us and «», Af ; 

tbeApofilevvouldliawe w/^men covered} and naod^^bec^flfei 

of tbdAKds? foci wwiW haveimjen: |o0d andgi^acio^si be-t 

caiifo:«f mAngebi. (KboiaKg^^ ?o.f(?e the^Jifliuiioart) 

donetocbe^nLondand Mf^ftei^) jbat we may not- provoHc dier, 

Lord to fend thciaagatoft us: for our d^rua^i^Oj but imviSit fik good 

to bc^our Guardians to lalww-:.. ,. :; ^^^ "I**!? 

. I • we Aageif do 

1^1^^ .'\ «, .»i \' .. •* . .\« . .1 * 

obt; tlwll p'\tmhand<thc Sen^cnc tai>ifMHe»> <w/% Hi-, 4» 

Thobgh'thcrfe marbeinanVcietuiflonefs^^^^^ 

prime nwwertrf t(i§m alL • Tk h i^^ kil^ ^d k^Hf^kfs 

{*:'y^ f. nl * 

1. %f« UK(ttercftee.ilie)raie.ti«Hctd Hi* |ik%eoi 
|f«dat pvapaedfi as emiai iteed imnediacdy frtkn An, 
Ifdi fttf . 8,9» ThecodfidsnoioB of dus wiilktepns.fiomaiteo 
ffturing luuUffl^»tacn^tdi k dtdf o^y aod PmM^ we jlli^t ^ 
damb and iilenc when we fee 'cis the tord diar dodi ic. flair 
great then is'Cbi^i^) diaciitfi>rilwtteuIidai^G^,iti^,cM-- 
4it6> &e* to (isoiMidcMtfo) adrer facik»ig.4KnG«d8 band^ te is 
flaiftiiwyofdJditdnioghts;^ / ,.. -..,,, 

■' lichen trauMescoitie xbcytwe alV ihtf^n^y ^UtetAg^ into 
Hell, cttmbing the cops of mountains, geaiHg.iABi»%flUbihtc 
dPibfi Sett) tiiJiBgtlftaifchts b<^atbMi ; cJ^ 
When ftoubtescotnd, thdf (j^tit t» gMtt» 1iig alien ^fr<»|' 
ttek te«rif(iu(Qtht^- httehv ttfld'Ctef .s^e^ttag^.l^ fixate 
fttMtik)Wbl«6i§dM^cdvMt^^<»v lilMyi^iii^SQaeM^faS 
dhey ak«^ii6<K \M. ^Itei^ffM* pprAisy^tof imttfaenrovta 

tli^%««dKi>fhftlli^ K If$6f^Z4(i«c<«6;|^«tbd(iiM6DaiK 

«^^, •t^tK!ttanli« tightd«bd/- ^tlftfv4fcufi/fa9l%iStt t^ 
preHft<l:«w $fei«i»dv «Sj@fM^tnd$6eai<t&kbtiab»tMs 

<tecy bMts M% ffay iflftti^Ad; W4i«|:!|rfaAites>ci)rt(yjriDan Us 

^k<«i:«hfe?t grttt Wk.\& hb**>t6*d'&ii«io«'*c6^ iattd^lioili 

t» e6i9Mti»^»,'^gftid 'mt-mA ihenfiy ifwAMi<ra ^jAfttfaoriB 

^ ««»«fhft%'HstiK5trfifto^frttofly»;Ibff.!»4ar:'lWw 
;^/;|ntohim,ahdfoi5fafe, /Vw.-igiWi--' -..! i:^u.: -..^JfT/. 

Hee that fieeth, ftiall not flee away, iw«» fo as to eTcape by 
bsflight, for*e40Mfl\he twMiftaB; -Ctel£JM^.4fi»t« oiie 

um»«|)Jrtie(i^rf.4BfejJh;jr4;3o;. w^^. vfttirtim^lb- 
fit«) cbe fibi^ <^7e)«f^bfall bm^it^tn^wlnb^ 

*: ^ ^ rancc 

< ^ «i ii 

• ^ n^ 

S9»itfji«A AmfML hko « faosi) «r6icb» «^<^ ^tltiht 
^.^tt hs.tlttt aUsiatd «fit» myma^ fo^ ftife ca gee (j 

ftOifBciiot^lf^ %4.tS^ Tiunitfk imclced, mam cafe 'is- w(^ 
4md WQtfe, *U bir cemedies prove- remedilefs^ tofi alf hij» 1 
lidfxcs<tte «^Abl^cocBfo(icefB. ' 'Qodu agatnft-ctem, and 
ihfffeEMfifMtfttiCivM farfinds tiiea^ jylltf. ^19. lyS. and if 
^^«MiEi^nU>^6nnGAd,iK&4tlfatHix6etie Se|. Ther)^ 
ss'it^dfe^pttigiybcii GodfiiirfueS) whiin htf mil tldboy,-non^ 

id,i7./^'».i4»M,i6. 0*4^.4. He hath. many under^^MW* 

hu hand, J«* 10. 7. No power no: policy can lavc os from fdio. 

feeU^rfi^e, «ef fiBciiire4» {comfav Atl'mi^iMy-tKukl, a? jtp> 
Bcaesuidieaenvprfics* . . 

tW* iti&f» % ifw^ ir?i?i tkmi ^^ mm kMut t$kt , ' 

Tl^fe i^)oftattting'ifrae^es being :pdfc»y wkh iMx ; ' 

f^vil«dw^ <om«vii$^eGoii loin4chf^>becaui:ebe 

• had give» ib«m feme f«>coif» «d >«aeocs j herew^n they 
grew fec«w v^ iq9p«mteoivpw)i»0Bg ihemfciws impumty 
«»lh(^%5, jstech wahad* ftotthet kere » thwidcr out 

pts^i^f, the .ljffW«i 5> 4Vwlv» «bew> »« dtf«e them «hc «f 
disir vam^^eeH?* l!*tte ^ndof shefoBctMangirerfe be B?d 

and this he proves in the three foUomng verfcy , ^ra notobJe ^. 

^ emimer^ckx^ ©C fi*B PRr?icwl.iMr pi«ce$^ «h««Dy Awtoag *«« 

nE>( eicapi^ « J-**- Iri Heaycwv ■ ■ ^ 

though tlGyWV' I»>?t«p6ofhwificellSbteMouiicaias. 

•^ **^^ ' 'rincaptivity.fndbattiftiicKOwatfeeir 


520 . 4* Exfifkiin^: Gfaap«9. 

4^nlfifidt yntbere the Lord «r«iid cdkmmid* the €wtx6^ 

' abdk (houlid (jay cbem. tbey iboulc^be^ifit neuhet achpme, 

jior aWoadi aen^rmcheif owiuCmin in^arftrsnge 

Xand : fo fad U is for a people cobave God f or^ ipheir enemy. 

I , ; The firft iineans wbcteby tbcy thought cd tedc t hcin- 

XelvesfromGock revtBgicig mody was by di^ng^ atyd ra^j/g 

ffrf4t fdins cohidp thcmfeliresiayimvta^Hell. W e havie:cbe fame 

>Y6rd: ufed , jotudi i.i^i where tbb < Maf inscs ace (aid co rocv 

hard) to fa^*^ Jmm([>) the word is Jfrftr^i^ tbeyjdigged'in the 

' Sea by rowing, thatis>:thfcynifed ttK^-uodoft means: to fave 

jr ' . him. f : . :. : ^ .' f-^ .;> w ' 

' '.. v*«/»^- i.\Somc;cakeAcw6rdslftecaIIyi:cbiis> If ic were 
^pbflible for daefc incprrig^bicfinoers co deicetKl into * Hetf > or 
alccnd iip into Heavi^, vet Gods^and of Jofttceihoutd fiadc 
them out in the one » ana c9fl;ch^>Ait of the other. . 

2« Others cake the word9 in iLiLdFlj^perbolicai fenfe, dius. 

By Hell^ they undcrlknd (^he-m6ffal|[lrUfc, diq^ep, feqrct pli- 

Set the vord xfes'of the earth. Trte vv^rd Shiol^ bath many ugnifications. 

sheQi opzntd ^^ Sometimcs *ttsput for tbegrave^ u^*. 37« 35. Pfai. ^6. 

onPfll.^!?iV'?^ relf/asjd* II.8; 8c 

^ \j^€t flmojt as l9V9 as. fi^tt^ jet th^ ^^gg^ng gni dehmgflfeuU net 

'^atfoihhtmy wrh aSleU^Jf1t$r ihcm^it^ak G^dsv^ffuVifor tven 
\tit»GemHti^d\tMl^thi^^ dnddeUv€r^ 
^haidtU brfiaifi:>MHl hii^ t^bimy^^^^^ 'deJfr^^iM hath 
,99 cweriwg^ }obti. &. Pfov. I5>. ix. Eei .i/^iitoliide'Wmfelf 
:.amongft die tree?, jand:^^^//^* lye never f^ clpfe to the fides of 
: the. (tip, yfet Gods 'Ataighty hand found - oat-feoth the one 
UndthcfOtHer.-'''' -' \--^' * - - • *'!:.• ^'y.ovr:.;- .: . 

(Uy thjjm* The like yyperbolieal ffedchesfOf mounting up to 
Heaven,wereadof,6^^ M;4;'l?^i^ft<i,!iJt. jfo^ioi 6* ler. 




■_*-- ^ 

Somg bylfAMMNiuiiderilaiid {^ affid LoQ^ Refu^^s and* 
T(m^ )vh«fii cops^efliMl totouch the Hea^m, ^« if. L^ 

9$Msib^im 5m #f X»4MrW, 7«» rib^^ (hifUnot jicun phem in tbu 
^^^.^f ^M(jf^ Ar/W'i^ M^r «/iy '^iriMi with whom the; Imc/# 


Xf4aen R^ againftcbflt Lor<l, leeifaem g<> wtueher ti^j wil^ 
the pMi&lnecic of chcir &n wlliiiidc cfaesi 6iic» Afv^^. fa. 
^|. Though infolent fW^tv make b» neft in che Scars^ and 

tkitik huBfdf one of Gufi^Aioc/ and freefrom danger^ yec his 
^ wkt bring4iiiii dovM (^^if. 4.^d bad) a fh^ rp eye, and 
t ftroQg handco puU onffl ouc of their ftr^ bolds^ dr to de- 
^7 d^m in then. Himri ^ bco TTrcn^ a fortified Gity^. 
ttid dien ipc^tbe Kuigs Palace» and there he burnt Mmfelf to 
dcath^ I Kiftg. ^4. «, 4Hbd isie all the power and policy of all 
the Kingdomes of the Earth for us, yet if God be againft us, 
thefe cannot help uSy ^liMy a. 14, I$,i6* Thoughthewick'^ 
^d mwni <m bighn y«c ai: dajft b^ caA9 chcm down to the 
ground, />ir/ 147. 6, *Tis nof. te^ «)prdftptiiiSpa or ]Land> 
Heaven or HcU tna,t can (heker usixpin Qp^s fury. Jf Qod 
c^againjftusy ail the dements, arid all cb^ Qt^ajcures are a- 
gainft 4W. As when God is for tis, all are f6r us, R^fh. 8. 3 1 • 
^d we need not fear. PJ0L zj, i» & f6.A^ffit. 43. j^^f 

^ Thecc is no flyii^ from Gods Arrefts, if a man have jio92 
"i^itkcdly in one place, te may efcape rhe Law try flying ic^ .a- 
i)Qther, be may get out of our bounds, and then he is iafe;buc 
vrfjocangctoiKofGodsbouncb? he na^h power tparretl w 
v^rtjciccverhc findes us, arid he can finde us whejre ever we 
s^e. Hetshigherthan Heaven, and deeper than Hell ^ aud 
thtrefpcc Dm>id cryes out, f^bkhtr ihdtl /go from thyfrffo4Cf} . 
Cicely no Mother* ' Neither men nor Devils are able tp^o 
fn>m the <wnmoniftd general prefpnce of God, fjanje fjjtk 
IfcaiiwjBndfiaith. fJM, 13.9. y. tp 13^ is a kiiidf of Com- 
ment OR^liw T«»t> tiM therefore I ihan briefly open k,vrrf.j \ 

Xxx whither 


J J J ' An Sjcfifiiim ' Cb'ap.jf . 

•Whtiher^M t gp from tbfSf kit f vyhat*u-that? wby he tells 
you in cne next claufe, iVhither ^M I fice from tbf frtfenee } 
q.d* Thou art an lufimce Spirit and I can go no wfiere to a- 
void or efcapc thec\ Varf.^. If I MfcenJUnt^f Hcmthy thgu oh 
thir€\ By Heaven is meant tbe^ upper Rc^io^ ^of the \vorld, 
and if^I makti mf ktd- in. Holly andfo d9S»n i# tbthwefi fmrts of 
the earthy heboid thm art there y q,d. Lzt mcc go whicher I mil-, 
thy prefcace mil finde mee out. 

f^erf^g. If I take th^ wings of the mornwgy anJk dwell in the 
utmojl farts of the worldy q. d. ftiould I fly never fo early or 
jCvvifdj^ frotn Eaft to Weft, a&chcl^hcof the morqing dorb, 
verf. to* Evemfhcre (hosUd thj hand lead meOy and thy right haad 
^aldi^td snee^ f « d. I fiiould ftill lye imder thy divine dif- 
poiing and govemmenC) and finde thee efficacioufly pxcfent 
wich mee. 

V'erf. I \. If I &y the darkncfs ftiall cover mec> viz,, fo as 
thou (hale not be able to finde oiee out, then is the wgke light 
aioMt ffuoj chat is, I (hall be as little bid from chine eye% as if 
'twere noon day; why fo ? verf* 1 2. for tbcdarknefs hi'dctfa 
not from thee, but tne night jliinech as the day, darknefs 
and light are both alike to thee, Jok 34. xi,i a,. 

Veksi 3^ 
Jnd tb&0gh they hiJe themfeives in thn^ $fCdrm€ly I 
wiUfearch and take them eat thence^ and ihongh they 
he hid from tnj fight in the hcttom of the Sea^ thence 
0iS I command i he Serpcnt^^ and he jhalUiie them. 

THe men of ^^^rf itidjadkh being fottifli and fenfual 
and drowned in deep fccurity , refting upon rheircarnaf 
confidences, andrefolving to fly to them mfteadof God: 
The holy Ghoft (who knows our indurate frames better tb:in- 
we our felvcsX multiplies words, and as Eilhers when dicy 
would catch Fifh, drive them out of their holds; fo the Lord 
here labours to drive them out of all tb^ir ftrong holds to- 
"^n^f^lf- Havmgthcreforelhewed them that Heaven and hfcll 
could alord them no fecurity* he comes now fo (top a third 
gap,by which they m'ght think to efcape, vi^ by flyineto 
Rocks, and macceffiblc Mountains. 3ttt, tbongi tff]iJk 


Vcrf. 3,, tftht fn^u) ff Amos. 54 j 

thmiifvis ifffkfsttp ^C^mil^ iwlUfiareb and take them out 
thcn€e\ imd deliver tbtm into their enemies bands. 

TJbcrc wcjrc two Cffmels. The one was in J^sdea^ as appears, 
jT^-iiJ. 5J« I Sdm.%%.2. the other in the Text was an 
nigh, pleafanC) fruitful l^untain hACdnaauj good for Pa- 
fiurage, and therefore is ufed in Scripture fometimes Lirgelj^ 
for any fertile place; fo /y4» 29. 17. \^rr. 2.7. Amos i. 2. 1 
brought you into z pkntifnl Country, or as it is in the foun- 
tain 9 I Drought you into ^ Land oftarmeU So C^t, 7* 5* 

2. Tis taken i2^/£E/ir, for that fapious, fruitful Mountain, 
which is joyned with Ba(hdn another fruitful hill, Ifa. 3 3. 9# 
This C^rfflir/ bad a City onic, or joynjng to it, and was (Ituate 
by the Sea , Jer^ 46. i8. Here Ellish vanquillit the wor- 
inippers of Ba^l^i King. 1 8.x 9. and Elijha dwelt here^^ Kin£* 
4. ay. By Carmct htrt is meant Synecdochically, very high 
hills, and inacceflfible Rocks and Mountains, for in'thofe 
times, and in thofe. Countries, when they were in great dan* 
per, chey were wont to run and hide themfelves m Mountains, 
in C^ves, in Rocks,in Pits, and high pi aces, as appears,yi^if . 
6 2. 1 San$.ii. 60 1 fa. 2. lo, 1 9* Jer. 4. %9. But in vain 
do men run toN:befc hills and holds for refugCi for if God be 
not our ftrong hold,they ate but miferable jfhelters,and we may 
fey of them, as ]ok faid of his friends, Aiiferatle comforters are 
yee all. Wt read of five Kings that hid themfelves in a cave, 
yet were they all taken and hanged, Jojh, 10. i6» aj, TUus^ 
and reffattan befieging Jerttfalem^ found many of the Jews 
hid in Vaults and Privy-houfcs, and other obfcure places, 
where they were flain. Thole tliat fin againft the Lord, let 
«hem go to the very head and top of Carmel to hide them- 
felves, yet there Wi/^i5tfiw^pi«rri)/<Tr/^f«r, and bring r hem 
forth to Judgement. Mountains are Gods fervants as well 
as other aeatures, yea they melt like wax at his prefence, fo 
that although wicked men (hould beg of them to fall upon 
tbemt and hide them^ they cannot, they dare not do it. Rev* 6. 

'lis true, David oft made ufc of Mountains and Caves, hut 
he never trufted in them, but made the Lord his Rock and Re- 
fuge,' /yi/j, 18. j. and the 6eft of Saints have hid thepfelve? as 
occafion required. But for i6ipenitent finners to think to hide 
themfelves from Gods hand and eye., is groTsAitieifm and 
madncis*' / Xxx i * . Obj. 

try what tbi inlft niBihi 

Anf. Tottttikytlb fo^ tM k fliirfl llbit^aiii f^^bmgb 

thttU,tfaotighti«yt!ttikkttet h«*i 'froiD «iy 

^fhi^iwfy^ and in hb ^mi t:66<telt: 
' t» an Hypet^/y. i<. fiTtt tffefe f^SSAt fbnMrmclM 
K'^rfrf, Piw- mbntbgd to the very fc6tt6!hc.;a*dl Bmtfmm olPifie Set co 

wwfiwi, fi«i. hiifcflicmfeltesfrbm ttritfctyfe *xA fcti jtt Awt mk* -eye 
dam, film, ^^j fee'ttett^tttodtty trand flwrffl^iadi «beliH *te « htve 

Sstpfents and ^jeatitstven diefe teafly ^ » tfteft tem^ Md 


TtfLAafir ser- ^y*9«^t'he*fe**''n**nt alatit^SttpMtt,/biictiSei* 
j^s.sji^Gm. Serpcnt,as tbcCroco(fite, ott*televiaihaii,Aatis,the Whale, 
/<i»<w« ^^lt>rfoi»ftfch'gi!tarSea-a<»fte^^ forfo^^^Andethfc.Wlntktn 
Jho Mrcui »j^5* »*.i5.caakd'&ecit)oted «t^ieti!^^ Oodtiath. 

fiw, jf/iir/14 Wany'Sferpfcflts atcdflimattd. He Mi SctpentjdWfcur-t/, tobite 
^r^* <s^ iitid devout us, attd Serpents Mettt^Ktd; las tte ©evH and 
'Xmltrayt) Af ^>}5tli^e A/;f*.« anif ifci^fti>itet«6 

n^vmfirt^^t'mftfr^Hgnirudei^simmiitiJinr. pial wr44, ^MfM^. - 

Spa dffiL L^iy ^ni ihe Affyriin j»^ K«ri 4^d Execmtf0rrp9»/t^ 

• f • 

eMfmies where ever thejh^ 

At) thfeKleiiieHcs, and^ai^-djet^eatflres iirfcrtiibflies to 
pbte^t^fejenonitfs-to God. Jte.hatb Attflfes n ifea and 

irtie.Ddtil siiitl ^is lti!fttameii£», '^rt>. ft. p. -jkt' ilfo "wwir-tf 
xxpeats,'jrBd Searfflortftocs Tnauiamlrtfi,-n«dy-tt> .tK<»te^ 

• ' liis 

his cooimancb on bis ^a»£$. God » the beft friend, and the 
faddeft foe* If he be agaioft lii) he k an Omniprefenc ene^ 
my, and can^purfue us by Sea and Land^ for be is every where 
by hi$ Eflence^ P^fence and Power. He is Cod above all, 
rarotigh alli aMintrs a&^ Jd t u 8, 9. Efhef. 4. €. He is »•» 
Wr nKf by bis P^vte^ a» iili^die Stints 'i:^ his Spirit^ aftd ^fcw^ii 
ii// the world by his providence* He is an Omniprefienc E&nce 
andBeingy^Fr^. i{«3« There is no hidbg oar felvesin fc- 
eteJtirtmimi Jfr. t^. ^t^'t^ He is iii fleMw#i» by his ^ory 
and Ma^tifly) in M^^/lyf 4nsipllice,wx«h and powerj in Sea r 

aodJUftdbyttspfovidenderA'. t7.^7<» 

' Tate heed tbM^)f<lirpIeii^ 

flyefromi butthercis no flying from his prefe<ice« Walk^ 

tmrefbmiincerely as in'fais eye , as Exr^rfti iVM^ a<nd fJnr^ 

htmtM^ Sineett cotshfelted hb fchofan to do zW^Untf^hm - 

fi^a^on^j fts if fome fevere Cim 4id lAwaies behdll theni* 

Bftt 99t ftiOuW ratherdo ^^{^ait9umnf00etJ>emi wtnembrihg *«c this ©olnt: 


vWDre igaiiril^in. Tliis kept jFq(5yit diafte^ Cw;. ^39 .> 9^, ^ndc^i^/ «» job 

7^andDifv/W,pure,y^^^i.4. ?/4/. 119.13^.1 havekepcH. n. p. 108; 

aU*hy pFecepc<5,whyfof ^r^ififii/rm ^^w ^i^^^toin «ni Mr. 

neb. 4. 19. i-monxChro. 

*15s meet AtheHm, and die wane of confideratSoti of thac^^ ' ^* 
sMt'feeing eye of Jocfi whidt istbc roocof all the villany chat . ^* 

isafted in the world, F/fc/.94.'5,^8. E^kspyrAsNimr^ii 
W«s fatd to be smlghy fmnter htf&rt the Lord; Jb many may 
be faidjtobe mi^ry dnimkttjds, qfi^cy fwearers,'^ !yarS| diea- 
t»vh dMTemblers, &c. befofedieLord. Butlecinalwaiesbe 
our care tokad a life Wdtthy of fiieh- « ptetettee, paJfing the 
time of OMrfofoii^mgin Gods fear.^^^^^^ (; Afpur to ^ 

dbty, «• Amotive to Siflceriry, j, Acotrofivc to fin, 4, A 
cordial in affli^ons. Renieiriier ni all thy dlftreflesf, bee is 
«A Omhiprefefitfriend/^He was with J«!/ef* in thefnifon,mth - 
^n^imjin Ae^dngpori, wth J^wifclntbe Whales Wly, wifh ^ 
humifi ik ifce Ltom den, wiA ffr^lin EpPi Exvd. ?• 9, and 
With^P^befofe -Mr^, aTfeii4#.i-^. Ffelcflowsour Tenca^ 
tiws,Ouf'advdrrari?s,ottr abilities, and vjfilln^ tob*-- 

' ^cod^bovfebiir*ftithgtW;i^^^ ' 

* • • • • " ' 

VUSB 4. 

\^nitbo$igh theygaJntp €^thfti befpr^ their epemits^ 
thence mil I ciminandthefmrd^ and it^fidUJldy tbem^ 
4ftJ I pillfet mint eye nfan them fat cvi/y and me 


'EE are uovy come to die fiftk and laft Evafioo, where- 
by dsefe incorrigible finoers cboughc u> efcape Gods 
handsi aAd chac was by yeelding cbemfelves up into cbeir ene- 
Viies hands upon quarcer for cbeii lives^ and fp co eHcape the 

edge «f die fword. 

To diis die Lord aufwersby vvay of canceifipn, though thejr 
iliould go into capiivicy berore their enemies^ pth^oto, the 
faces of their enemies (as *tis in the Original) vyhofe , cufiome 
^^ it was to-drivejtheir eneoues like ibeafts Wore diem, young 
and old, naked and barefoot, Ifa, %o.i* Lam.i. 5. yet 
thence will I command and commilTt^n the fvyord of (heir Ene- 
mies to flay them, f, ^ ^ 

t. Here is an Aggravation of all this mifery, vU. that it 

flioiild fall upon them in wrath. God promifed tojend Jmiab 

' into the Land of ( A^/rf^ii for goodv J^« H- 5» ^•.bwt.//r^/ 

Vtiaii9 may Zt '^^^"g ^^^^ &^^y wicked, the Lord threatens here, TV i»atcb 

won in boninr, ^'^^'^ them for evil ^ ofid n$t for goad. The expreflion.iscmpha- 

MagiMm Ijabet cical, the denial of the contrary makes the fpecch mwe weigb- 

v/1f*'-^" I'd ^y* ^^ ^^ * '• *^* ^ 3P* ' *• ^ 44* *?• i'^* I w?!' l>ring up- 
^"^"^ll^iis on l^em all manner of evil, but no good. 1 m\\ afflia ^/lein 
gfferm&im-, everywhere, butl.wiU defend them no wberei»'but yvill ut- 
f%m. itaft^ tcrly confume them. This was true of //r^ who went into 
de. captivity, and never returned again; though many of JtidMt 

did teturn again, as we read in the bopk of Etr^f. - 

As Gods eye wjeis formerly" upon them (or good) and bee bad 
made them the head of the Nations, fo now hi&^ ey^ ihould 
be upon thexxi for evil, and he would make tbemr the Taile and 
it<xitemptil>leiimongft all. He would new deal vyith thctn as 
he threatned to do. with difo|;)edient ones,, Pfufr. »S» 44,,6^, 
Before he had been their Qu^diani and cbeir, S^epejr, jfil. 
X » 1 . 3 ,4. He t h at kecp5 Ifraei neither flumbers'nor (keps; but 
.«w ti<? will be their Judge ax^d ExpcytionerrThough formerly 


Verf;4* pftkTrlifhicjofhiKiOt. ^^y 

Ive fcfrioufly MMhccnfivdy fec^inirdf fiordo diem good , yot 
now wich as much £erioufiie& abd refol^^edbefs he will fee his 
eyes upoh iliemi or a^ainft ihem Ib^ 

By the Ejfe tf Gpd is meant tfiie Providence of God , by art 
Anthrppopathy frequent in Scripcu^c^ jW j 4. a i . Prov, 1 5 . 3 . 
P/4/.3 3*i8. te 34*1!^. x Pet.^a%. w^icbasi): wacchetbovtr 
(be. go6d in mercy v fo ic watchech over the mdced in judge^ 
ment^ v^/8, 

/ willfet mine tj^ Hf»n iH^mfor svUi that is,for puniflimcnr,. 
and for deftruftion, and not far g^d ; that isx not todo them 
any good at all^ nor to blefs them. 


V Sfd^tffifH t9 men is ht vatHy nnlefi mffi^mit mttcGed. 

To yeeld our felves^^ capdv<^ to mtnY ^nd make peace 
wich tbem , and yet to rebet againQ God , is to fee the Ser- 
jeam, and' to lye open to the fury pt the Creditor. Wicked' 
men begin at the wrong end , they ihotiild |tf|l begin wirh 
Qod, itfid bumble chemfelves before him > and make peace 
with htm and cben all vvould be at peace vvith them» Jei%.t^^. 
K«/.a.i8. When once our wayes pleafe God>be makes our e^ 
nesiies tobc at peace with us > JVov.16.7. He can over^rule: 
their hearts y fo that altbougb they hate usj ^et they (hall not 
hurt us ; yea with Mfam y chey fixali kiTs us> infteaoof killing: 


z Thefwerdhgeh iis cemmsnd and commiffien from God^ 
Jer.47.6«Ezek.X4.i7. Iwiileemmandtbe^fwotdy and4tfhM 

War is one of Gods fore Judgements 9 it is the Arrow 
which he (hoots at a rebellious people. But of this at large: 
before on ^mesj^^^io. 

3 The Providence of God mttohothever tbo mekfdfor fheir^ 

As the eyes^ of his Providence run to and fro throu^< 
the whole world for the good of bis people {2Chron.i6.9^. 
P/nA.j^i'S. and 34«»'5. i''^^.3.i»0 f<> where ever the 
wicked %^ his eyeand hishand follow them for evil) J«r.44«' 
1 6, 17a M^. and 24.9. As all works together for good to 
good xbRU^ io all works for evil tae^l ment The Lord doth 


5»i8 AjiiH»f^th» Chap. 9. 

oppontuvcies tocl»tbtai « ouicnief. 

As men d&'obffinatdy fee dieir tuM «^aft Godt Com-* 
nandemeiwiiiDawayof rcbeHUiD) fi> iM wilt dBrbU face a- 
gaiflft cfaem for wA. in a way of cieftraAieit> jb-.44 vx, Hence 
we read fo ofc of Go^t fett'ttif his futtt^difir.mdiei mttt^Ltv 

that is. I am highly o£fended with them, and I will make* 
my WdTK to execute my vtngeaneeoii cbetifc 

V«t. y. 

Aa^the LtrdGodtf Hoftt is hetbdt Uucheth the L/md 
and it Jhall melt , atid all that dwdl therein Jbdll 
tmmrtf., snditfhali tifeuf vhtUy Ukf 4 find i md 
fli4Ukdrm»edMh fhepn^gf, Egypt. 

WE have done with the Ctaaiamm, mt ax nm 
come ^ dielecaid menl foic 4f che Cbapeer 
and that is ttt etiifirmmici, tftie Camammun wdJcfc « 
drawn &on tfas Oamifiocene Maiefly aad Power of Gad, who 
is Lord Paramoom «f aU die ivoild, cheftariotis Cr»H>r and 
Goverooorof ail. ^^d^end opon hin , and :abfer«e fait 
beck, what he fayes it is done (ajmditer* sjtftetrt} sadtAat 
be threatens i#%eafily and i^eediiyetiiBfted. 

The better dierefttre to awaken diefe droufie.fe«w, ami 
make diemfear, the Ptapbet iKfcfetrfonh (faeMa^eftyand 
Power afGod,{faai theyn^ Aedierd wisai0 tannaick^wiyi 
him, and that he was able > and would certainly bringco-pafs 
what ever be bad tkeacned againft them. To this en/we 
often findevW»/o and die Prophets fectingfoRbYfae Maid^ 
of God by Ms Titles & Works, as that he iithe JtH^Hadxtt 
Lord if Hofit^i King tfKittgi^cJSamn Mcliapdly drawn 
to confider the Glory and Majefty of that God with wfeoin 
rfiey have to do; and thetefore the Pfopbet &> oft tondieeb on 
this flraig, ^»« 3.^.8. and 4,«fe.and 5.8,^. 

In rijis Verfe, and thenete, wehare an eleoimtdercriKtoR 
o« Gods Power amK^wy (w^eKcveryTMrdliad) ics-wdthcl 
AndjAat^^ By tus ^iames andTitte, Unk tb, iju^.}^ 
bwab , ch« Gtwitor and . Ptc&ivet «£ <lU«faUigB<{: and 4iw&< 


fioi^^Jrims of<>H8ttv)nii(qd fiateb ^ '€iki«avMdLttiid> as ii 
were,borfe and fi(ioc4d4nifAilkigsaift kiatftetpes* . - .> .-. . .)« 
3 His Almighty ff^ari^ fee forth his Majefty and Povjfcr* 
1 The Earfh YihickU^UMiHiSk folid, firm, hard, 
immoveablc'body., yet acknowlcdpeththe Power and Domi- 

.nion of ilstMimght^'Lbtd IftY^ Cf am 

buc touc*4t -f aticaft mih an/of iii^'l^ 

it prcfenrly melts like wax before the fire.or fnow before: cktr.—* ^.--. -i 

lamlfomourn» byVmging^iifte^^m^hepiniciA^^ refill 

cbaoi'for Jtbeirlins J tiicsm iiiak^ both tHiiigg:a«d pcrfod melt, yh «^ aera ai 
Therefore fear to oflfend him ; this mutt'bcaimcKcd to everyf*^*^'"* ^ 
kan^h (£)&&% difc*fl*idn «f G©d,'f i^\' Me is Jekiovah tbcX^rd* 
of H6(^\^hefbfor#Mr4iitfu'' i^^'t^^ mkc^ 'an£ 

cbeii!itufabliicS(faen»f«^ ^a^mbto 

yet tcffixiK^ he ikt <trovm vM ^^ and^mte^hig iloodi c<y g^ 
fi^d( aU^cIt 4a^d') \ as^b^ didW A/tyclr/ tiin^^> Mdas he dotb 

inmanylflandss and; other places at this xi^y, . See t before /i\ ^..^^ 

V.4 t9i)r0)«4H«<MF{^flf him^(br'ht^Majei[^^ and Porirertbac 
appeS*f 6tHeai|i|l, thetf look-up to the havm^ vtxt6. and fiee 
Mr WM^tM andPoifV^cber^ 5 in c^ati^ :cbe Tevdrat Ele«' 
sicMs pf tiuf af^; 4^ro(;xiatiy ftoriie§ oiie.above anotbor f r^efideri 
ilie'vaMet^ cfF WaHli^ei-'Whlc^ asbfomanyt 

Itoopt'rbad^ pfdlG^doitm^ervide ;' md^^his fendti^f clie> 
mXQt^^i die Sea u^n^tbdliiil^,- etdier by rain , orraandaK 
cion to pinii(h4c. Tbefe alt (hew the Pborer and Glcffy ofi 
ch^cCod wicbWhdm we taive-co do, and therefore iObould: 
mate lisf car toolendbittl , 'atidfpeedilyto maittQur peaces' 
wicbhimv •' ' \^ ^-^ "> ^^' ^^ i ^ -r > ^^'^ ^*' • »n 

: Thefdttifne of aH iistfaiS) Hiih^rt$ ye hnft^ttt/fed nt ;*rr 
pvm ftf^gih and friiriledfiSy m4 hiwfet light hy Ovds Tlfrtm^ : 
iingi^ oi iftbey W hefH^fttfo manjf fcar-crottv ; Aur n9ip 0Mt« I 
fSti¥^Oj& ififrmy-anifHf^d iMftoftd ^s f 4gi&njt ifham dt^jm 
f^H i l^giinfti^oM^yfth^i tkrdeftj^ffOvei 'i Jsitn^'a-c 
gainfi the great and mi^htjf ^^d^itbe^Lord of Jlvi^r^ ibit 

Crcji§ifr9fMfl^s\^hf€\^ jkrA^^ 

Yyy with 

•'4 ( % * I 

4U uAJUidkm^JHmM Ammd mii ^Jfmdi 

* \ 

MaL|.x7. '%. Bf^k m Jh i tg i r/ Otdi See befiacc jfrnt 41 mb^ 

' X The earth. ;\&m«W- q^nioet K GMk iiibteaAvei,. tbi 
Bods nd itilla inek itiw frafimoe, t:£«%ti^« J^i&Ti 
and i44jSvtfi7« Hit oufly. MtowuMMt tNw-ih iniimiinwtaf 
anncaitmom %fKifk^UmfixSiamktmtmik^miiK\k 
iiRttb&k jmfeiioB Bdn chafttKoita it Mowit j!£^^ 

dbteanlvt cbe guHc o^-dntk liafldodl^ («<4«MK!|iieiirdat chey 
«t nocabli ta Atad ia QtM mefeoce 1 Jqwyu i ^ ^i«» 
frittti be hadifiaaed^teto bHilWOtftaBiGitHirwriC^wflatfrow 
his pcdeaoe^ E(i)6cudl)> .a« the djiy of - Jpfdgie|Du»felti^ priJt 

aptiie able CO AanibtfwcjGiif 1i(ibaad« /;^^K 

fta^ totvcKr (ldjf«vattoiwwi)einr^ tchMt^C '(w» cbasadfiili 
fttKence , G^jtengiitd ;. yea wha» thi:]lftd. <q}pian fiw rfaif 
fBOfdehere^thereMap^dm^'MQwai;^ ^fitbt> 

«Bdy.jBidi«Irii(ejnMttbji^i^^ TN: Onwdlea: ene- 
mies <are oft caaxfitcd co-Mouniaint Ipt.6^,u HSm.^* 
$»€0^<ia- n.leeaute > i— wat iw tm1ii|gt>er- ibMl>0d|sr j^MKS:«f the 
j<^s«.i>.p. f«|«b^^X(Kalleli*«^dndpll&1]»»tthfl9M•^vjal^ 
•ofcM^^ fekvFlsghertbaBGod UttTtif, aad dttttfotetlie^fe tbeit 


> MomKaiiftfaMd^BittaLOiiewajh itTh^afifiAma^Kw 
dbefowV«iiey»that iKdfruit&t* 

1hiK3wwAki^giipdbl<A twthriiiBfc Miii»<>W| f«ihM» 

vfvhKtinirf iffbytk Moiintiinf»tiiarit, the9iiiioti umI Po. ^^ ^1 
teoiMw of AwKWld, due how tK^ufr npfridi Aiccdt, op^ £S?£ i. 

.pofii^ and opprefliiigcbe people of God*. fiipiildjQek K^^^JuiAttf- * 
.f«efence,aiidvamfhcoiioctui@. ^mmfifrSfim 

Jhitmitimm*$titt«ti» Tn^ itutti JU «fe & ^nintiitKfHfrm JU^ mum 

• » % ■ 

When God infech^r^en^lie^dk^k of. Bd^f^ tte Mnified^ 
and crembtin^ uliics hold on' the jd^bty bnet, £^<^; ^ i« *< 5f 
t5» Hence 'cisxbac die Church defires uiac God would arife, 

for tbeiiliis enenues (hQPld1)efcact6ncdi Md thofe tUi liice 
htm flioiil4 fl«'bdfcnx hunt and ihr i^rem ami/. jS^f fmi^ 
Cyhidi th^ Ivgher i^ nfeth> cbe more '^i^s fetic^j md tmk 

maybe iMfti^dng for Vwii^ buc noc(brci«Oc^4f iWili 
If be do bite coudi tihde MtHinuttof^ th^ yanifli* *1i< no 
Gr6t|blec4ttsiobrau!bei w!^ God can witn m gteat 6c9icy 
ovetchtavf &e Churches enesniefy^ one:blaR,ti«tetdi» ^mAy >of 
iooiltfrbaihtm/iiitSoeitbemrl^^ i nl^nfef M^jf 

;1|aith oidUnd Mml:li when 
hoWTa4'i$thecon(|i(ion6f^atd*heartedfiniierf,t^ ar^ #it 
ler i;han ehe' Bmtyind more infei^le than thei^fenfddl« 
and thaiiiftiact creattires; yea Wode thin A^ tery l](!:fitt 
cbemfelves) for chey be(^ye.an4 cr^tbblel Jama %. ip 

4. Tbe IJrd cm turucnr Lmd im^ k ^, mA wahe Otflf 
arrable, fatla^le; fo that there (bail be no dwellingtn k{ boc 
it (hall rife uj^ vli^Uy as a flood^ and (li4i^ dromted at hy 
thei Qood of %;;^f. The viTiaceris ttacuralty above the<^h| « 
cl^c.hecajafloatit;afldflpodi(ac^ can eafily 

pu]l4jl^)uifliicts> ajodletincheSeaup^us, iiM %aryiiiB m 
oflc'iiniverfal gwve of w?iters.ttt iis then ftSN: cbprovbke Vm^'^ 
who hach Wind anct Sex at command agmR tts. The Leurd 
wonders that any (hould be fo forcifti* ai not to fear lRiii4if^ 
on this very a^Miint» j^N^. f .af;^l^ir>#^aMflMr,^Vi& the Urdf 

M(##, Whom will ye fear, if yeWiH not fear mcc? 
1^'entbe Sea it felf, that terrible and tumultuous creacdr^ - 

r * 

• boBod thria tt i ^ 9 e* » Wewt'hfliiBid o> Mflft\God diac batfa 
. ' 'thui botftciMWKvnrdy eteqKoc,: and C^ 

K^ . .M '* V £r irir ^< '^* htiildHh hifAmes in thi Beatvensr ^^bath 

fiwuled his trpop mtke tATth'y bee that €aUtthf$r the 


t .• 

._ ^- .. . _ ddfcrijpdoo of "the 

_ V/ifdooi6,Pwer, "MajdJ^i a^id Glory pf the sne^, 7? A*. 

I>aictf<Rj<V<nigl^)!Mbl& at h^^T^^jtnuig?^ ;ind. prepare .ft 
jtectf^im ^ a;»»l& ofchutnilUaoo J who' vyJts pi^m , m whii^ ar 
gvnftrtlKfn Vf^cpSscroops for their deffru^biu.. . 
. . Before he<had f^( f^ -Gods AU-jnij^h.ty Pfizer Th ruling 
tie ^mk ^. *M ^fW*^ ^w h^^pXQceeds tq let. Cor^, bis Ma- 

And fiiKS^di^Wre ^ftinin^orCocl isUcUeK^t^^iy"^^ 
jaen, thqreforievtlusrblAiiit,', ruHick Prt^ir^fetb M ftile, 
grows lUietof teal a^d iPHJb&pbital, ie«i,% (cm pods excel? 


|few^/*•i/•^Illth^s¥ilr4(^feJlava(•^v:% ." :, ". 

;i: I*^-W<>r^S:are 

*,. icivour t3p cj^r t&e , way,, aiid . Uyji goqd ' foundation, tbfe 

,. huildi^ will ftandtbjtbeKer. . ; ' .', ' ^ ' ^ 

V 'i - » - . \ iJip-tmUdith {m.p^ 

^'^^;. ■.•.:::. ;V-.-'. '*•''■' '• '"•'-• ^"' - --^^ 

«:c called vfae fouls of Heaven, aha by Stories arc meant, the 
feedvenly^SpttearsorOrbjV'^icbarediftmft^^^^ (as 'tis Magf^utau, 
in the Original) and Scorics one above another. We read of afcenthnei fu^ 
three Heavens;. • - . 4»i w/ gxadiu 

^' > . ' j^ceiidit* Thp SDVaiB being one aWe aoocbcr, are elegantly called Stories. 

*? tm/ThcTtistht Aerial Beav^^. which rekheth from us 
to che Stars, in which tbereare three Region^, ' 

a. There is the \J'^^rr/ fljf^ww, which hath eight Splieacs Mr; te/g^xBo-i 
<which wholiftsrtif findcfctdowniniknovVnTOthfoh)"^ * a> of D ivinicy> 
r Jf Thfiteisthe,«<lWW i^ffcwwiot, the third «Hcavm/g^^.>^^P*^iJ: 
*C^, ia*2. The firftof thefe i&(o^^mySf^fleftwm^l liveriif.'i, ^.c.gj^. 
gnd breathe in ic. The fecond is Cor my Conumflat'ton^ I fee 
^rid^dmircits^aiid ihc-tterdis^my Expe^atio^^ I i6ng and 
Wairtbrir.'" • -** '^ J--; ; *......^. 

9v this moft *ddinh^blt aiid ixcefient wt)tk of God^^ In 
ttakii^ tfe Heavens; VTOcfa coiifift o^^ Shears, • and . . ^ 

faltve^acercain order witWn Aemfelves, and are as it were 
to many ftcjw and ftairs by which we afcend gradrnm^ tiH we 
come to the Heaven of Heavens, the Prophet labours to a- 
..._i__ . . _r .... '^ ^-.,.^xbis is the' firftGlafe in^which: 

wc may clearly fee jiie.Majcfty ofGod,. J«^t 37. 18. 

. . Ahi huhfoi^dedUs Tr9^^i»tbe Earthi 

Tfic.word which' we render Jr^^^i fignifi?s nor onely; ?' 
Troop,^s appears by that ^^ ^.2^. Tbc 

ikidt&n ({f Bcrijamnl:^^ affer Abrier j 

\pfd becrnne^ VJ^dgkidah C-ehe* vte^y word m' the Text) ' one 
Trflfl^pjor were gathered round tt^echer like a* €lobe: 2. tti^^g^ddayfafc}^ 

"of fire,- Air ,* Water j wbith arealibipuiid jip^s *twere'in one 
'bundle,' and founded 'lipcm the Earthf,* whitb i^ the bafi^ and 

centre, of them Jtll.' .Hence the Getttfm render it, He hath lard 
-the fouhdition of his QI6be of Hcrtfehts in the ^n\u fhok 

three Elements are opppfit^ to theftelvenlyf^kars,^^.^^^^^^ 

* GoJHath Built^tbe |l(/aoii?'fpTKib*.of ' 

• fduttdcd the cerreftrial SphearraiidHenientsinilieiBircfc o^c 

]|4 ^ ■>WM*. 

of lAidilttlttifc foiKd4mdirai^ 
tbem in a due fertes wd onier^ and bk;»&ig idN« 
were m onebimdleiitbe EleoieQcslyu^likei^^ 
oneupon, or over one anodser. 

9« Odiecsconcdve'tdiarby a 7r0if here^ is meaoc all ^As&^ 

of creacureSp wbtch are as fo many Tt^ops pa Eardi co Cctrc 

Godi hencene is fo oft cafied, Tibr Urd tf hoflt, and cfade 

_ TrcsMop^faecaufe 

ri0»7r;.T^'«dcrer^fthek _ ,, ^ u u. u -^ ^ 

HeavenS|fp he hkcb provided 
»« zrii^rft M Armies of jQSacuresco dotes will an Eaidu, 


--'' :"^ . arc caii^u ji ^ _ ,^ ^ _ jf ^' 

wAW«dcrer of their Motion^f .^. AsdieLordtedibwlt the fevieral 

♦ • » ^ c 

|. Others coQodveic CO l}e the ivM^ fjMu^o^^ 
which compared with Gods Immenficy) is but a little Jlmdfi 
or fardel, yea an empirnotbit^t 1/k^^mM^ f . , 
2. Asina«BundktKreAre4nany4ttn^mjmti^ 
iMtS^ci^^ in this teneftrial Qobe^ there areyanei;y of aewopes^ cf 
tffi grUsiii different Hnds and naicures, all, ietoqS ^^ ^^ oeacoff 
nifi fAfdeki»s praife^ . , ..: 

Here is a ditrd tUng vidiereintlie Att^ndigbtyAywer of God 
^ppea^s, and that isin the ^ jeneraiing <>l;irainp 'fiy J^cjiczt 
4>f the JSun he draws up vapours out of ch^iSaJit-'S^a, inco the 
middle Re^on of ;he' Aire^ wbf^ cfa^cbodasfe^intaicilo^ 
, and (hen difTolves tbem into Ihowers«f f tefli water fitfdie ute 
and fervice rfman. 

He calls forthe waters of the Sea, either for Inandanoni 
as (feme conceive) to overfbw a Lai^l^ f . jtf • 'tis tbe Loidy 
4;faatby iHs.comnundJets loofethe waters of die $ea tode^oy 
his enemieSi But moft jepuuiely it is affiled to the j^q^- 
ting of the Ram« He catU for dicwaters out cf the Sea into cbe 
npper R^on of the Ait b^ iie Sun J>eaf^ 
j^cmdpwnt2jun4ipondie&ceof'jte^ JSee^fiwc 

,cxjjre(noinbefpre,:Ai»fi5.8. .... _ ,,_^. .^ .-/'i-. 

of theB^jecbeoiife^ docb coimir' 4mfa> Va- 

.) ' " ' \ i pours 


Mhaimmf nnMkitm tif&6tt.MiM»f ivtm of God it 

feeti4.d}ttcanttabedc«allfdrcbt Riiin^mdipAkik; tbe 
rhiiiir f i i rn li ii fa wif ifii rtwwi i w t w i am h ci ^ nli i fl i w i 
^ItuMfsnltiU Vmm a£ God^ that axi'mM tike S|db 

greac amgtMms daaM 1 wiltv^dk ymiotfimiA, *Ttt ^ 
grt^t JdmoA^^m it m #Mif4Ti|iaUtbciBO(tfiiopef Name 
QfGc4<a$Ih«ve,(lieivei^^6is, ^jtm^yulu^ vcdmcgs 
ly««ganal tfi cmsBi l i w -pWf t|aMg.t»aUi ttogt, aadtoyou, 
OsUbadiMtfv am^lft ^scfl;»taiid tiKrafert m 

1^^. aMliiaih:lliilJKM]^ iatJemrUvEattiiy aad ta the Sea 

u ThtOmmfHeme W Mtjffi/ff CM JUA' imddrftilfy 

As the Heaveni) to ail creacur^odecfateOxkglory, 
F/ii/. X p. X . We {hoiild'therefdre fludy die book of the crca- *« W"*! *- 
mtHi th« wema^Kmi ciy iaar*: ibmr.- eraft»1ov« an! ad- s^tlkfAtM 
iimdMLar^r<iHi(»fnmiRf*»d^oiadiK& «aMkah<J«. 

VVehavebuc cwolKMlK'dBc%tafl|ki^i Tie firft k cbep- ti, tjrftc. 
^Mitf^^ibaMw, orchewotka of Ga4 andallisfK iuife iec jr^^tbCwiffivi 

tiinesr'Mf^'Ti to as* VirbAiMitdiiocl^M7dibkiofiQod»^<>*M*^ 
wdndbrMSvifoflis, lwc4bnoifl^toaftdKtba«;i>iH><t&.&iM ^^^^ 
dM end he bath^ven us our jiK^qiKtK^. iod: air dodlsi^^ 
t%ftArfey:tbacvMiifl^bff«inblad ad aM&lB^faSt tWkrloi , 

Adtj^isdie gtek endwfajdKOMde^cha iv«<d, and^dbms^ ' 
i<^«fidyfiK:bYaritti»of'fldRm«aiit'Mb di|tby< bdKll^ 

Wt mlgtetiiii|uiellH»d t!$;^aife dbglvcr e( dMn^. /Nv-inf.. . ~ 
4. Gbdiffin deiafrfy fitdi as oonfidsrMt his wdckt » ^/Sift. a 8i^ . 

Miiebdr Godlmay hv faan iitithe.annaie): tfs. \Virda»r« ^«ii^ Mi^ 
Power, Goodncfs and Bouncy am all written (as it w«e)S"ff wrftS" 
in'atl*ta!t«ta(«sf<«*to he w^^ aoa^ Mad then , iotZtxpu^ihy.- 
dkiiiWi(?4b iKiiig^itf G^d»<nayt«:ii»dintbsBH .MmI u^m'€ithtr-ma' sfL 
MdidRte iiM'i»»l«-Mka,ib) {facie -SiMa oC^ OBod^o/««V/>i^ 

cellM.p»i6iJBcc, CmtiI oa jqt 14.8. *■«/:«»/ SjH^tHhSt^. 

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• - Yea idU aor/fffeiVj buc'7;^*<fe*»/iw > i«af9ary iittln; bundle. 
ThisthePro{>hec//4f<i/i,cb.40.i«ii ;,i6)i7.fets fotetf^uianoft. 
lively, Rhetorical colours^ he ^aVa fo fully to this point, chac 
I (hall not inlarge upo^ici ^ ipifi^sKjiiiSiS Omnipotency by 
huL\\(orks, he names but xhree,v^rf.i 2. 

•• ^ • ^ ■'■•■'' ' \Thc^eii,- - "."'r^ •• 

,-'■ • ••'•- '•-'' trU^v^ '■■■■■ ■■•j.t t:: i 

< )k \ . : is CO us ^ and cherefom be. ts(^aid fX)raiQd%fe orfvtigti ^ wa« 
* u '- ttts of die{eai614^1iiff9X)imcbcholloifirQ£^ 

iv-;'\>-. . y •aJF«rrfio/S»i?*iir,A^'a8©hMfca^#B^.vw^ 

*'' HeaVei^ li%inacef'oirtlie:;HMteQSJlrk^ 

theiittalWrftteiiitfvith^iiwrfwi -j^ ,./.,, 

4 As f 6rirfas^«Tib,be ouJces f ixxbingpf i|^ iK? Gn^pr^fffftdi 

ry*^SViiP"*"^^^'!^^wbdc fandcoicihttt as.iwe ifveigh fiw»;finall. 
miiutllpmum tnaccer with ttireeiiagerB ,- fo dah b^ do i;bM great wqrk vyich 

pMmdi. He wiight the Mmmim inf^ihi i Mithe^Ulf nr^ i^A 

/«LS-'^^*''r*e^^ MomuaittW; a?e mmtt^vVm^^ w, 
tetm. • or^natyvtei^aatooBeofusrAatb^ 

- i ; ^ nipocency. 

oi^^^ fo:amciiiafdicy ana^ , asif ^bewere but fpaa*^ 

r • X^t heiiatfambc jc&ie'vtirf^ i :5« fae 'gioet 'on to fee forth the 
cra^cencknc CVoty and Majefty of God. M^hU the Nathm 
are tmt sitbc drof tfa hmk^t , .mi srrcawmd^tbe fmaU 

zni ^iiPrr/f^ v^<><>^9'3^^^^^ Ahnigt^ , are. ineef n^f 
thing, they are buutas a dro{rcbat falls frodi a fitlt backet^ <» 
H^a ^aUidto^ that carrtechbehinde in the Jsiidon: wfaen.tbe ~ 
waiinr kfOViw out >^ which dbch notdinbufli the iHoaftire; 
^f^kf^fmUl^diffipftiii Mktmce^ infhtcb reoiatmlff the bal« 
Uppcf; ' 5^& p0wdtt or beaten X^^^ 
whidi is eafily Blovm away with a licde puff of . wind , or ftich 
fsiall diifi a3 hai^ on the fcales., without altering the 

Xetmore, HitiJ^tb upthe IJUs 4i4V09gfAde.Mig^rT^ ' ' - / 
aretq lum but as fo many atomes or mores which fiye up ana 
down in the Sun, or as a iitt|e tbii^'^beaten powder (as the 
WordHgni^qs) wluch. is bilovvn away with ablaft. Iflanders 
tie a(jt to be fecure aitidinColent,^aufe thpf have the Sea to, 
iiinBOaiid a\Ji %eute tbem^, ' biit wkh God xMj are as a very 
|iflik^ii^vAicbiMa13)ot^ '^ ^ 

thtn^fjH^cttfkfvr^ibmm^^tring^ q.i. fo infinicely great IS 

God^ diat if all the <ifees tii Z<<lm9ffwere€iUen fte fiure, and 

all die ii^fdSs iber4.!9fere flaiti ^ a^burotrofioriog) yet WMldic 

hold nop^rc^rdoii W^rbtbe Digmty tsA Jdaie^. of the Loodi 

/ VerC;^r^ As if hecouldmvermagiitfie God, and nttllifiQ 

maa fu&riently beiellsois yet more » Tiisr MUif)iitimhf0r^ \ 

him^Mtbli^^- Ay> tbm mAb^ add fanicy. 6ee whic i 

heappfdimtmA>infite(|im^nshirel Nari^ all Nations 

^^6v^2^tfi^)Nkk<k^ niwbing^ Icftrtfaaanb^^wmorein 

tlung, yamtx ,^»^^^^^^ 

had compared meNAooni t6 a dro^v and a little fi«H'™ft^ J^^;^^^^^^^ 

but^ now. hee goes ftirdiefy and telfl m\ that M Nations ^c, ~ 

Coq(iparo^ witQ .C^ %xt hf^Sf^^^mAlntg^ ) Now if M^ 

Nitciom jCQQipared fti^ Gdd be thOneonaempnUd ^. what is; 

otieNanoh, or one maci snail mtNation> veaocaUtfaar 


ter than Aeji thoHgii dief bee a»g^> jet Gad fis Hf-^ 
ai^hcy , sui^anmkuwad of 1m flMMlL«MMHidthea» 

Jt iihedncttilblte *eiv«m <«^t!tt Sei« mUH Aie va*- 
Mttrsi a m ri M rthttemfapcloadi, irftliwU hu ii m dJUi y' 
d0«n«pttii4» BHtofiUiiKbqB8baCteei^M»4.«» 

f if yoatihft Ab cdfiagfer ih» i wi « m >f.tfat»Miibf «■- 
iiMph a« u Bdii iw wii<i[ | of »findjti»uMsf«E,fqi«i6»ii;i^ 
tM^ tmttmuk trMttmsSm, lMcaiiMng«iMMM6^«i 
ag]geifia<mibeflidliradd. 9tt«f diisbefaii^'MaCi5(CMC4» 

, H|Sf>ii^isdKO»eai)dfi«nsOo^ni»tetbtiktetii^ 
SteMr.i>jy iwddf'hiiDfdf, andaves beoKcoalUieanwes.. BacatcMt 

: Jl ddtaidiM ftoiirifae^aadAdk oC^ tfie^<ondk^ 

MS4C oNccv out «f«fe kad tf J%>pMtibi« cht^, \tf buried 

Md {iBcbliiff Me^« 'Vdctfoj cK^tt^^ 
• "; «w iBwc like Echbpi«i» md ffiiitoi^ , >flwnii«l>eloved 

,^\ . , tiaivclwyJhDlaidbeMei^eibiKfiiflfiett^:^ : 

In ichu Veffb. tlM I>»oiiblw4>y rt^^4e^ pr^^ 
Obje^iai«b' i vylicMas tfaey toaftjd tittp tfer wire Godi 
fBopisiitCMqMae, nddsiMiidwl « fitdtl%yieeiiiten.anil 
iMrdbnr @od vvoddifec dBflWfdMii.^ " i^Vf^^^^^im 

^» , .- •• , / ^ 

• « « • •« Mtmjm 

<cf Grace, and alieni from cbe CooamMMtlcft of 4i<^4);^ dlift f<«^ef mmmv 

}I94 flMfecfamicNe8ci9i» ^ife by dttir ft» , God n^tfded^;^^!^^ 

Tbei?r<M^MMriirert:a'¥iket accmftdNww, dkefymbofcof 
|;Q3fiat4e^ iSmfwsf. Cmt/MAt CN«i| ^ttftmi ^fm^amt^ 

qyMi4i», nrf his brocbcr {^^Mtf^ wwvmi the fatfaer of the £^ 
ii jfci< yi i Wt hatecthcfi<fc^ 

TM l0narc§aii|ooris « lboiieAiiirfl(Mtt»9 >^ }emt m 
the childrfMif th Cduwian t^tmJ ^J.Yc ivefe, cbensiii 
«MWif<Tifain>tfatfiw fA thMg^ys^ cieeU 

ii^c MnJboi m^mtVf^yfiMg^^, wA «M hononrdF try ^ v -^ 

if^ flWKt? all ]pour feiAers i»l f «^^ 
jutdi when I ianre takatmSneaimftoai yoi» t wheioin arc you 
b^cer.fiQrnicjk»A^Mtfr f or tbe ami i^ and concetxip' 
fUitol!)MV»i»«hgr wm?^ t» tc%oft ef OeaooRt ^ h. 
nauffe wraie att atfts, bo(h Smcr attd Scf^M^ Jjii^miket,' 
u^filiS^iMs^ w€aflcome0ufeflltefiune€ormpcflia&^ 
QilC^y fim^'CPkEe fvhkhonkcsthe dHKMneer andefabtfece 
tfaOrttorBGodbad'dDirfeci^Mel jdie more tmisble itid o^- 
bedtenc chey Oiodd have beem Bue fincethey feigie the Gpd? 
. ofthcjif merc&r , di^ediihe cbudTel efhb fttf^es ^ and 
hard«Dttd thoBifelVes iii tbei^ Cms p the tord tdts thoir ttf 
Iji^ t^tOMs ^ that? mM¥ he efleemed t&em no* m^^e liiM the 
WfiEt bafe andMtbarout Nadonr in the iwodd ; and tfats the 
lU^ddotiir^abafirtbem^ andmafe them know^ themfcfvei 
fi^ wete ftufir wkh fuch hi||b conodes of ^pafeltiqs » aiMf 
^ie»r. pidioht^ , • tboH£^ they vyUkfcd cteair contrary t4^ 
t^bem;. ia^wmi M(be£l they were inftiiottrtp Heathens^ 
v^MKT ftihejl againa fticjll^tic ihdicive as tbejf had done^ 
Ql]9i. iit AAicoad EHiEftgon^fVtta diu^ The B^rA mth ebofe^ . . . .< 

mrld^imibMtbMlheridmJhm Ijgjj^^ * 

Zza 1 Canaan 

^tf/* «V Xcddcbnot foilMr^'that beeaufc y<M have beea 
' foryouciUi; IwcdSecoiiKra^, jtoce^ 

' cnc^, TCOKin&ing that chqy .Wbiq|iliiveiimicb,v©f: dtem ftiafl 

be mucbrcqMircoi and if <hey offend,' they. AuKi)e fooMer^ 

and more fcvcrely pumibcd) ^»w }• a^ J>Mm^ i 2 • ' 2. ITie 

Prophet cells cheat, than ch^y }»d iqp rcafoiri^ tepufc u{^wich 

cbiis deltveraxice, for che, Lprd bad\graticed ;cbe Idfie. eiecemal 

deliverances ( chou^ Aoe 4i^Q U> jali jCiK^mftaiKe^ tb that 

of Egypt) to Heacbenidi and Idolatrous, |idople,^ Wtett'tbcy 

look upon a^Pcgs and S9wie. The^Prophec tnftaniSetKin 

tnraExamptes*: : •". /« •. i • • ' *^- ^ 

the fifft is chft of fbe Pk^^^f^ whom, tbe Loi^d^ hrm^ 

5^flic taw ^^^ ^^^ ^sv?ry io CWfjAr^f Jet* 47* 4* The PhHiftims. tud 

Aiifio^ <qi.jer. CaphcoHms-a/e pii£ amongft the poflertsy of MU^sim; Ae 

49^,4, ^ Sotvof^ibfWjG^ sovd^i^'iC^ibrMrtf I. ix«^fi. tbeyexi^ 

ledche jitfitm whicb^d welc in HJMrim^ ffhkhr belongecl> ccr 

the PhififilHis^^ aqdr poll^^ theirxCd^ncxyi^Pisitfw)* ^s^f . 

^ yht fecond inAa^e »i^ of tte4FJ^«<i yvhomtM tdrd 

broi^hc from if ir, , wbwc thejp ferve4 odier 'Nadom; Tbefe 

^called Aramitfs^ from A^am^^t Sont>{ SA^^iroai 

urbotn cbey defcendedt ^r/y« r Or it ^^ tbefewere groKe Idi^«- 

cers, and worshipped many (3oddi J^g^o^ 6^ and tfpee^fly- 

ijiat note4ldol xi^m^u^JSSixiQ^%%^ ;r 

^ There was a doubly JOVy i> l^v^iimKiri^ Cky d^(^« 

^al note ill the land dS^Ma^ }(^i : i j. i • : ^iMir anocber Ci-- 

ly fituatc in M^di^ ctf wbich*wc readf? ^,KiKgi srf. j^ r/^ 

%i.6. jim^iuf. I^s^vwas-imderche^oiolmoo c^tte, J#/- 

ijiriMHs^ fia4 cbiS|is tbjb?^V.ift4h?:Te3«:* Sofflft' ihake Ithig i JTiV 

10 be Cjretfe^ biic ^hert^i^ no-gr^Mrtd .for.chfev ftit iC>t«r Wa^* 

ytuace in :Ljyt0i but Jr«r ii^i^j^^ ifivto ^|^WJ7whlcb 

isfar dt(Uisc froaf>X7^f4. T^^idt\iVcUTUt^^( ^Sfrik^ ti(i^* 

kiih IS mentioned only m ^^ V^ct ; this they ^bail from: the 

In IT f Cori^ tiftorie? of tbofe tiuws wblc^ j^Ferc ihen w^ :toa\yiii; ar t^ey 
men. on 1 1 }ro. ^ad man>\otber tbi^gi^no