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Tourist Fisherman's Gazetteer 

or T&B 


is g ft. s. «., 





C. FARLOW & CO., Lt 




■ split Cane Light Salmon or Grilse Rod in 3 pieces. 

Either 14ft. or 15ft. long, with Steel Oentie. 
Intended for Ladies or for Gentlemen who cannot use heavier roda. 
Bnilt both in balance and in action on the moat approved principle, 
and fitted with cork handles and lock-fast joints. These rods are 
made conBiderably lighter than formerly, bat without reduction in 
their atrength. They have been thoroogblj teated, and fonnd 
quite powerful enough for most salmon rivers. 

Weight of 14ft. Eod, about 22Joz. 
I5ft. „ „ 2.T „ 


Suitable for 14ft. Rod, SJin., weight lOfoz, 

Ditto „ 15ft. „ 4 „ „ 12 „ 

Either reel will hold 100 yards line. 


Of Alloyed Aluminium, and can be regulated to any stiffness at 
will. The alloy naed in these reels so.hardens the aluminium that 
they will stand hard work quite aa well as blias, and, as will bo 

seen liy the weights, they are very much lighter. 

Sizes keirt in stock 3^ 3i 4 4} 4} iuoheB. 

Weight (about) ..-. 9 lOi 13 13i 141 otEooes. 

C, FARLOW &. CO. Ltd.. 191, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. 


MlMstrated Catalogue Grati» tmd Foat Free^ 

A dvertisements. 




Kasnfacturais of FIEST-CLASS HODS and TACKLE. 



Salmon, Trout (Dry and Wet), Loch, 
and Sea Trout Flies. 


Bernard's noted Double Taper Salmon 

and Trout Lines, specially dressed to 

prevent cracking, &c. 

Heavy Tapered Trout Casts for Dry Fly 


New Illustrated Catalogue Post Free. 


n. . A.oogic 



Write for my Illustrated Catalogue of 

SElfr FJREX:, 

Contaming Original Articles on Ply Pishing, 
Worm Fishing, and Minnow Pishing for Trout 
and Salmon. 

With Hints to intending Tourists bound for 
Norway (see page 196) and Canada. 

With Views of Rivers and Lakes in England, 
Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Finland, and 



North of England Rod Works, 

"- A.oogic 



FIEST-C!LASS TEOUT PISHING-. Seaaon, let of Apnl 
till end of September. 
Qentltmai regiding it Cnllfkll Hotel hiTs tlu prlTllcge of flihlog dd Mnnl BrU-nte 
Loaba, uBuior vhicb ue umullr itockHl by tbe hotel keepai wUh the faaoai Loob 
I,atsn ud Fontliulia, or Qttml AmeiiCMi Brook. Trout, rrom Die Howlelaiui Fiiharj, 
SdrHug, wbleb bu grullr ImproTad llw trant Oihlng. Hr. KeVidyea hu Bonta ud 

eonoaeled wlUi *e Hotel wHb YetiUng Balnbov Trout tram WiraediJe Fliliarj. 
OarstuiEi Lanctwblie. 

There le eioellent Deep-se« FUUsg. imd delLghtfnl See-bathing. The Bceoei; unimd li 
Dugolflemt Tte fHaODB Piuh of Helton, which li lerj grend, !■ wllUa ■ tew DUnntee' 
welk ot the HoMl ; elto^ther a tbtt healthy, churning pleee, 


<tDCL«j33tt),hiubeeaedded lo the Hotel, on lbs gTonDd tloor, ud the eld UllUM rooRl 

flODTOrted Into bedi^ieina. 

A. DABK BOOH bea batm added to ihe Hotel tor the eooTenliiiee ot Amttenr 

Pbotoffrepberi for dareloplng negedTei. 

A BIOTO^B BOVaB bee been added Co (he erteblliluneDl tor the coDTenlaniw 

of Orcmia. 
LawB leiuiii, Hot ud Cold Bkthi, uid ftll CosTaninicee conaactid witb Hoteli. 


11 would be u well tor OentlMnen to wrttebelonbuidaoutcseenreraoBiK Lnnobeom 
•nd Teaa ilwe; a read; on urivai of coMlMt >o and from Oban, Ford, and Loehawe. 
Ohargeg attielljF moderate. 


SOUTI :— Per Cftledonian Eailway to Oban, thaooo per Coaoi daily in BeMon i 
or bj BteaineF Colnmlia from Glasgow or Qreenoak to Ardriahai^ , tlienoe 
par Boyal Hail Coacli daily, all the year roand, thronrb nuKiuHitent 
HigUuid aoenery. 

Addbbss !— 

JOHN HcFADTEN, Cnilful Hotel, Eilmallard, 1t(tU*1ui*, IT3. 

T»Ti»«« irw OFKOI, KU.MMU'amo, B* 7a«d> *mP Botol. 





Telegmphlo Addrew— "B»riam, Llttogimmirch WbUj." For lermi applj H> UnDHgtima. 
' Clt7 OfflM, 9, HuDllton Honu, Bliliopigste StrMt, Iinidm, E,C. 


(Cbntbal WjU-bh.) BAKIUM WAXES. (ALTmrcB 600ft.) 

LLANQAUUABOH WELLS, noted for Its oelebrUed Bsrium Spring. Tbta Orat-cUea 
Hole). itiuidlBEbi [IB own omua«iUl groandi, 1b attsated on the slope r« Ihe Eppyal 
Hills, Bod looks down one of tbe most beiullful ikUeyB of Wsles. All tba rooms haTS- 
been ramlBbed with ef arr regard to comfort tor Tislton. The auiltATy dtaltiB^ ud water 

'iBllon sliyliu U 

Ibe Hotel lu.i'e tbe prlTllege of Shaotlng oier Beieral thonBund Hciea ot Uonnuln ud 

Ai n remedial u™t BAXIVIC ranliB Mgh In cbbos oI Btnuaoos dlnMH In Its 

protun fonoB, aiuidnlu' EDUrgemsnlB, ScrotnU, Chronic BbenmiitlBm, EpIlepBj. imd 

DlaeuH ol tlie Hem. It It lita sBeTiiI In other dlieLsH, anch bb lliei demugnnenia, Ao. 

Bztnuit from tba LAlTOaT, Vov. a4tli, 18M : 

" A Bsisple Dl the birlnni water iraa ohtahied, aeiUed, sad deapftCelied to the Lu<onr 
Lsbonuir; for detniled uunluBtloii, utd the reBolta nuT be compared with Uw uuljaU. 
o[ the aunple fiiBl Bnbmltled. In the [ollowing anmlnea Bunpls 1 la the aimpls obUtned 
bf oonaliea. and Sample 1 iha aample Brat aubmltted. TberMOlta iu« e^qmaaed Ingraiu 
per sallon (70,000 gralnB) : 

CUoridB of buinm «»» «-4W Ohlortdeotammonlom.. O-iel ' 0'»t 

Ohloride ot Bodinm leS'JOO ISCKO* Alumina and sUlc* SMft »100 

Chloride ol caldnm W'lM M-47<> ih™„i„. „ kw.™i.i. C DlBthicl DlBtlnct . 

OMorido of Iil.«neilnm ... SOIOO SOW »nomm» " ""»"» "l trac e. ttaoei 

ChloTideDfllthinm 0'H7 l)«l<l Tot*! mineral manen 303(98 ao3-M7 

BABlUJt WATER U tuppUtd. bBthmmaiul AeraM, bji the Lmdan A^ml^— 

INaBAH and BOYLE, 53, Farrmgdon Street, E.C. 

Telafrapldc Addrasa : *^ Ingram Bojie, Londou.*' 

"- ■ A.oogic 


£100, Enright v. The World. £100. 
* Greenheart v. All other Wood. 



Stoot, Mediam, or OUTFIT 

Fine, 3 jtxia. 

28. 6d., 4b., 8b. Compridng food 

per do^en. GreenliflftFt Bod, 

SKBIOHT'S KevolTing 

*• W N D E B " ^''*" ^'' ^^ y^'- 

CASTS. Waterpiwif SOk 

Guaranteed beet t ■ 

6d. eaoli. 15b. the Lot. 

Mr. JOHN BNEIGHT. Champion Ply Caster of the World. 
at the International Tournament, Wimbledon Lake, near 
London, 1896, is open to a Match with any man for the 

sum of £100. 

Send for EmrighVs " Shannon" Salmon Casta, biggest 

record 173 FUih on g CoMb. 



"- ■ A.oogic 



AWABDS. ^ ajid 

ESTAfi. ^ 5 8FEGUL 

1770. * AWABDS. 




Makert of tha Renowned Heavy "Squashed Devim" M initow that ipini with 

a wobble. The moat d«ac(lv bait known. Prices : Soa. 1 and 2, 2a. ; 

Nos. 3 and 4, 2e. Zd. ; So. 5, 2i. 6<1. ; Post fVe>. 



Never-failinK Trout and Salmon Fliei for averj District 




and all kinds of Gear for Sea Fishing at Home and Abroad. 



DomprlAlIif GudHon, Tteoe, Loftch (Oilier), Iflrmowi, i 



(TAME and POWUNG NETTINGS, from 3d. per yard. SALMON and 
VT riSHINQ KETT1NQ3. tor HI md Inluid flBhcrlsi. SABBfT NBTTIHQS.— Oar 
improied Unt-olua FLAX NETS, irith psuat Uuk-prooT nnun, [rom MIg. par IM T*nk 
eomplste. PHEASANT ma FOIJLTBT NETS, (or pm Hud tant, from M, per finL 
LLVnt TENNIS NBTB. ud for Sporu. OABDEtf NETTINOS, for Mad. Cndt inw. 

pkaK fr<i«Mi<rda.ia. par jur± 

KKS. E. BEEKP <Dug]iter of th« l>te J. S. ButMd), 


Tounanw, Kajtra Dtrov. 

SALMON, Peal, and Trant Fliw from the moat nHefal nattariia. Improisd 
Dtftm Hlmunrs. Boas, It«sla. ud Uoai of iha ban mslie. Gat Oollan ud OhHiw 
Lln« of tba BuHt qaallt;. A goad mHortmaDt, whloh hu bean provad dodof aevenl 
■aHODi in Euglud, Inlud, Scotluid. ind WbIbb. SNKk of Fatlhan. Ac. 


MSOBEBTS, PEACTICAL ANQLEE, 83 md 84, High-atrmt, keepatha 
. lu«Hl mod bail ■sBorted stock ot Flatalng Tukle In tba Prlnalpkll^. Bodl ud 
BilM(orH[ra. Ticket depot for Iha UKhweddhaoimdlniTComelprHaTTai. Esubllihed 

tan procure even Boqnlnlla for Blver, Loeta. or Be* riiblng from O. HAHDLEH 
ud 00. {R. D. FroBl), M. Victoria and Temple Slrealt, Brialsl, FIt» mlDnta* from 
Joint SUUoo, Bepain neaUr and promptly eieoatad. 


^d vertiscTnents. 


Is *-J'|'l 

.2S9 fiaJl" 

j: lllll 

Ji 9 Ir 

Inventon and Sola IfurafuIonrB ot "Fleiibta Grip"aaJii>on ud Treat Badi(HaMd 
tiT B. B. MurBlon, Eiq.. Editor KiAint OauOt, MKl lesdlog Aoglen thioncbODt U» 
Slngdoioj; the"Uliier''SllIiLlnci; tho'>SoiiparFladlla"bnndat'fffttsriin»f nstdnc 
OoodH; ilie "PerfMl"BKignM: the "Egert*,"' "Qolclalep," uid "Bhoto'^S™ FUiWi^ 
BHkFta; QufBEilrSeafllei; S«lf-rtMt«iIi>B Drift Luds. 

Q«nanl C^itslagus, IM nges. lllDitnted vllh IKI woodcnta, uid oonUlnlag FUiiog 
O^endu, and now Flih«i7 Map of IieUod apecUlIr dnwo for tUa frork, b; J. Bar- 


Somplii d/ Ihi iut<d ■• VUttr" Wattrvmi! Lm», moiHiUd » urd, P«t Aw. 


Kannfactnrera of Oold Medal Fishing Tackle, 


ThB/Vmir'j0riu«<H]»: "Uutn. Bnddsll (.rs ttas 1arg«it flahing tukls nuken In 
Inluid: tbelrfllsiud baltg unwell known Md deienoUT prized by ■portsnun In all 
parti." T«]egTuni, Bnddell, Bdfait aatsbUahad IBll. TalephoiM Ho. fiU. 



In Three or Fonr Joints, with Boond Cui* Handle, Snti^e Rings, uid 

Sp&re Top; 16ft., 81a.; 17ft., 34tL; ISft., 37a. 
Whole Cone Trent Bod, 10 to 13ft., wltti Landing Handle, Sla. 


Trj our Beit Stoat Salmon Qot Caita, 1 to 3 Tarda, at 8d per jd. 

JTsmey promptiv rtlumed \f poods (jiei?if not approvtii of) 
an Mnt baci; ai imce. 

J. GILLETT i. CO., 40, Fetter Lane, LONDOIT. 

„„.., A.oogic 



JIM HEABNES, Fiaherman, te., BuoosBBor to the late Pat H»mes ; holder 
of TwaDiplomuatHoiioDTrramUiBliiWFiHberTl^iMtaitioii. London— one tot nmO- 
Imca In Salmon md Ttont FUh, and tbe Bfnond tor jirenenl ublblt of Fiibing Tukle. 
nr-lTCT to Us Eicellencj Barl SpeDur, Ac. A apJeidld Aasortmnil or SALMON iDd 
TBObTBODS. Boats and ftttendoDce tor Ukea or ri>Br, Files tied 10 match all nUn. 
Ample BiMrienflB ot Scoleli and WalBh walers. Salmon, Gribs, Sea and Broira Trout, 
and Fika FliUng [ne. For fnrtlisr Inrormatlan write or wire JlH HllXHia. FUheiman. 
Ballina. Oo. Mayo, Ireland. ComTorlalile accommodation on the ihorB of Lsngb Oono. 



son U^g In DerbyeUn : also pacronlsed b^ man; Noblemen uid Oentlemen \a England. 
Scotland. andWalee. One trial Is mrnetllj r^qoeeledtoprove the fact. Price ie. per doi. 
Boda. Keeli. Un«, ol tbs beat quilly: Ciuting Linss, silra One. Orders tvpoK rae^Te 
prompt attention. Tarmi casta. N.B.— All Files drasKd on the premisBS b; Urs. Banlu. 

\^ 10 '■ catch USB ■, ana not merely to cMcn tue eye oi the Ineiperiencei Angler, should 
commnaMau wldi Willuh Bayhss and Son. Fishing Tackle Makers, Cork. 

MATEBIAL8 for FLY DRESSINQ. — Natural Don, Fnroaoe, *o., 
HacklH; BiMsh and Foreign Bird Skins. Feathers; Uohair, Fnrs, Ac. Eyerr 
applUnce end reqidsltc. Prios Elsls Free. — BICHAED T. -WILLIAMS, PiaotlcBl 
ris Dresser and Fjahlog Tackle Uaker, ElogsUnd. Herelordehlre. 


OVA, FEY, YEARLINGS. Two-year-olds, Trent, Cliar, Salmon, Coarse 
Fish, tec. ; hatching tanks, apparains. isnilsb. Hah food. InspecUons. Bshways. water 
plants, aqnarla miDleltes, pond cleaning, batoherj' erecUon. Send for Ihlnf-page 


MESSES. FBOST and BEED, of Bri*tol, are pnblJBbins a Set of Three 
FLY-FtSHINO PRINTS, hj the Sportsman Attist, Mr. Donglaa 
Admaa, entitled "A Likely Pool," "A Dangerous Leap," "An AniionB 
Moment." Now ready. Priw on application. Algo 


A Set ot Three depleting Trent Fishing. Plate 1.— •■ Selaoting the Fly." 

Plato 2.—" Got Him at Last." Plate 3.—" A Good Throe-ponnder." 

Prioe and fnll particnlars from — 

FROST & REED, 8, Clare Street, Bristol; 


English Hotels and Fisheries. 

CABNABVON ASMS HOTEL, Dnlverton Station. 

(Plana of slay of the late Lord Tennyson.) 
inlte In the conntry, near (he rlyera. Oamfortable and contenienl with good Dintiw, 
leading, BilHard. and Prliale Sitting Booms. Mcderale weakly urUf. FlTe honn fio^ 
xiDdon. Tslegruia, NELDEB, I>iil>*rton Station. 


Ad veHiBemertts. 



1300 Acres of Sliootuig Free to Onests. 


In three milea of tlie Atoh. The right bank is reserred 
exclusiTelj for C^uests at the Hotel. £odB limited to four 
at a time. 

Also Iioch Leven, Common, aad Rainbow Trout Fiahiug. 
Good Coarse Pishing. 

The whole of the Fishing and Shooting joins the Hotel, and 
three-quarters of a mile of Fishing is free of charge. 

Boats, Fishermen, Keepers, and Dogs in attendance. 

Three hours from London. Train stopped at private station. 
Book for Eingwood. Eleven miles from Bournemouth. 



KANAGEB, The Avn Csstle Hotel, Bii^wood, New Foreit. 


English Hotels and Fisheries — continued. 






The Fishery Board are lessees of the Salmon Hall Fishery 
belonging to Lord Lonsdale, and are issuing Permits (at very 
reasonable charges) to angle with Bod and Line between the 
sea and Cockermouth, and np to Crommock Lake. Netting 
is iilmost entirely dispensed with at Salmon Hall, the Coop 
being the instrument used, bo that fish have practically a 
free run up the rivers, the adyantages to anglers being thus 
greatly increased. T. CUTHBEBT BURN, 

Clerk to the Derwent Fishery Board. 

Cockermouth, February, 1899. 

^ o XT xt. x<3- e: nx o XT rr ^ . 



Tike, Perch, Chub, Itoa«h, Dace, on Three Miles 

•of the best part of the River Stour, strictly pre. 

served, for Subscribers staying at this Hotel. 
For full particulara apply to the Proprietor, 




English Hotels and Fish eries— co«<w«m<<. 



YACHTS, 3 to 30 Tons, TO LET. Lists Prse. 

Pishing Taokle of every Description. 




FIEST CLASS for Families and Tonriata, fading the Brietol Chumel. Tw» 
mlaaliw' vHk ttum Ibe bSKh, uid oTeilooklsg (he rlTir Ljn. Fitted wlUi ElsoDti 
U^t ud at] modem impToremanta. 



All CKargti rtrM% ISodMrate. Writ* for Tariff with Photo. 

TilacnuD*— " Ltvdau, LiKiioim." S. S. BBTAX, Provlrtar. 

CHEAPEST FISHINO in Great Britain.— BaaHanthwaite Lake, Cumber. 
Und.— The SWAN HOTEL, Thomlhwaite. four mllea from KBawlot. Th. aboTB- 
namad Labi aboimd a with Salmon, Tront, Plka. Perch, Eeis, dec.; dalli permlta, la.; 
•MklT, 9i, M.; monthly, la.: leuon.lOi. Thefia permits Inelude the Oahlni !n all tba 

■ama in tha nalghbourliood, ilao Derwenlwalsr Lak^ t: 
«d. per dBT. The Hotel haa been rebuilt and entirely i 
m the lAfea. Kearesl stLdon. BnJthiralla SCaUon, Tt 



SITUATED at the month of the Biver Exe, ten miles from Exeter, 
Btandlng in Ita owngardana of saTeral acrea. with TaniiiB Gonrta, Croqaat Lawna.Ae. 
Salt Unka adjacent For Salmon and Tioat Flabtcg Is praaarrad nttsr a tingle Ucket 
la granted the Hotd. Flani^ of tree fiehlng. Orand aea-water Bablng. 

Proprietar. B. W. HAYWABD, 


THE LODOBE HOTEL. First class ; sitmtted at the head ot the Lake, 
near the eelebnted rallaot Lodore. II bae been rfr-modeUed, re^decorated, and 
re-fomlBlud I aaoltary arrangameata entirelj renoratad. Trout flablng free; Boating ^ 
StaamTacbt, Tenas moderate. Boarding. TelenraphOtBoe In Hotel. 
EDWASD CEaABI, Proprleior. 

X ebarmlDglj altnatad at the head of Denrenlwaler. hift lusdelled, Be-farr 

lanllary arraflgamenta eDtiralT raDoTatad. FreeTrontQahiDg; Boatings Poatjng; owam 

Yacht. Talegrapb Offlee in HoieL Boarding leima. tram £1 lOi. per treeli; Ubaral 

taMa, — ApiJylo MAmata, 


SWAN HOTEL, Stalluun.— This old-established Hostelry is situated in 
mldit of the ehanniDff Broad dlstriel of Norfolli, ia in eloie proximity to Barton 
Broad, Stalham Broad, and the Blier Ant, where arat-alaaa aogling nan be obtained Cree. 
Tleltora will Qad STarr aocommodatloa at the above Bol«d. combfoed with oomlort and 
moderate obargea. EDWABD GABKBTT, Propilalar. 

„..., .(..oogic 


English Hotels and Fisheries— cow^ima^d. 



Oveitookiiig tlie EDglish Cbannel. Twenty yards from the Bosoh- 
Braoing Climate. 



Torcrosa Ley abonndB with Pike, Peroh, Eoaoh, and Eudd. No ohaige 
to Tiiitore for Boats on tbe Ley. Good Sea FiBhing i eiaellent Bathing. 
FiTo Coaches leare the Hotel duly. Boatders Sa. 6d. per day. 
___^_ W. VlOgg BT, Proprietor. 

Angel Hotel, Abergavenny. 


Three miles Private Water on the Uak for Visitors to the 
Hotel, which is within one and a quarter miles of the Mon- 
mouthshire Golf Links. Charming drives and mountain 
Table d'Hfite. Hacks, Hunters, and every kind of posting 
arrangements. Proprietor, JOHN PEICHAED. 


CBOWN HOTEL, Family and CommeFaial. Billiarda. Foeting. OmnibDa 
m«l9 all tnini. The Proprietor hu the lols rigbt ot grudiig lean to Bah oiar 
two ud ■ half milu of tbe best Trout uid SalmoD FisblDg Id the BiTer EunoiiL 


DnCHT HOTEL ; Annoie, Dnohy Hoiibb. Eioellent Salmon and Tront 

_ AAEON KOWE. Proprielor. 

Irish Hotels and Fisheries. 



yiSITOES to this Hotel have the privilege of Free Fishing on 
two Rivera and three Lakeg, now admitted to be the best Salmon and 
Wliito Tront fishing in Ireland. The Froprietor has leased the fishing righta 
of the well-knowD Cnmmecagh and Inny Bivets. and the well-known Demand 
lAkee, all of which are strictly preserved tor the eiclDsive nse of hie 
TisitoTs. T. GALVIN, Proprietor. 

"- ■ A.oogic 


Irisli Hotels and Fisheries — continued. 



THE above Hotel, whicli is situated within four miles of 
Beoess Bailway Station, will be found most oomfortable. Tidtora 
have the privilege of flahing on Sie famooB Oovla Biver and Lakes, which 
tiie Proprietor has teased ; also tlie Shooting. Sea Fishins and Seal 
Shootdng oonvsnient to Hotel. Sea 100 yards away. Telegraph Office; 
two Posts daily. BallynahiDoh Fisher; also within easj reach of Hotel. 
For partioulMe apply to J. J. O'LOGHLEN, Proprietor. 
Telejcrams : " O'Loghlen, Caetiel, Qalway." 

THE ^ 




the well-known Lough Cumuie. Viai(«rs at this Hotel 
liave also the right to FREE Fishing on the Biver Iney and 
Lake Derriana. Hotel comfortable. Terms moderate. 

P. KcELLIOOTT, Froprietor. 


FREE SALMON, Trout, Pike, and Charr Pishing on tour Longhs— Conn, 
CuLlen, DerrjmAndln, and Loo^h Allck. Board and lodglnga. with boat and two 

the Proprielor. T. CLABKE. 


rpHE Hotel Ib beantitally eitnated, overlooking Blackeod Bay. Two good 

81b.— Apply to JOHN BHEEIDAN. P 
NOTB— B.ltonr*H new rsJi 


fIBBT CLASS for Anglers; obarges moderate. And also the best Private 
Vater on tbe Ho; Bliar attai^lied to tble Uolsl. and Bougr;. Lodge OD tbe 
.•hang at J-ougb OoDu. Splendid Sthnon mid Tiout FlaMog. 

Proprietor, E. MUBTASH. 

■ \J Brown Tront rUiliery, Beat Sulmoo and Troot Flshhigfn Ireluid. Over 100 lakee r 

gObots. Lalie and Biver PlBblng. Modenle (enuB ; good scoommodstlon. SeiiFlshlnci 
Jtgeon Shoottng ; ceobraiwJ caves Airanmore, lao mllea from Finlown EillwiT Stition. 

Full partioolars from S. Hinlob. Hanlon'i Private Hotel, Dnngloe, Oo. Donegal 


Ballynahineh. Salmon and 
)( the river i also In ih* mldet oi 

ANGLE BS' HOTEL, Ballynahineh. Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery, 
eltoated on the bank of th" -' "*"~ '" '^' —■'*'■■ -' ■^~ ^ — " '^ ' 

Flehlng, where there ia hundredB c- - — ,- ,-- -- — , — 

■eiLl ehootlDK In tbe estuary close by Hotel.— WALTEB BLACEADDEB. Proi 
Toombeola P.O., no. Galway. Telegraphic Addteaa : " Blaokadder, ToombwlB," 



Irish Hotels and fisheriea—conHntted. 



TOURISTS aad ANGLERS will find this a most comfortabltt 
Hotel, BitDBted in the centre of the best oliff aoener; in the British, 
lale*. Qood Salmon, Sea Tront, and Brown Trout Fishing, free, on two 
BiT«t«and seTeral Lakeo. For taiS and fnll partioiilars apply Proprietor. 
ConieyanceB wiU meet all trains aX KillfbegB or Qlentias on receipt of 
wire or letter. 

P»lU flrtlng tB M tts boat In Jnno, and t second riia of Ihe Ms^j tr«|nenlly OMUn la 

eiHIbUiAcd BDTiLL HOTBL. B«ll&ble aiharmm and bosu can be BKured on ipplLfatioa 
MUiHHnBLET, BD^H:alal.ElUi]oa. M.B.— Bilman flsUng <m ptsMrrtd waUn l» 
>e hi at lniarT«lB. ^^_ 

'DAMILT tuid COMMEBCIAL, Qalwa;. QEOBQE HACK, Proprietor. 

HTsn-jwuwild Wtalskr, H. FaiBMi' lAn-jHr-^ld ditto, pumntwd. 
Po.Hng in ill LtB branchcB. 


FBEE SALMON and TBODT FISHING on EiTori Monmo, Stmle, De^, 
ud OIctwUt ; aoknowlsdged to ba the b«l Free Fishing In Ireland. Bsaion opaoB 
April 1,— For Cnrthar panicnlara apply to JUIES BOOHE, Piopilelor. 


MEBCEE5' HOTEL, Kilrea, Derr;.— Hodem Honae, re fnrnished and 
dteoraied. Appolntmenla. accommodaOon, cniilne, BrBt^lan. Battu. BUUaida. 
TeUole*, boalB. at commBod. New Flab Hatchery In DpAratlon. Anglers' board and 
Hablng iMve, lis, per day. 


RAILWAY HOTEL, reo(<n% bnUt, opened thia eeaaon; aU modem 
ImproTsmenCa. Cenided uDltaUon. Uaenlflcent acenecr, Sahncai and Tront 
FlBhlDB. SboollDg. BoatlDgi SeaBalhlue. Tariff on appUutlon. 


Oonneeled hj a coieiod way irilh Rallmy StaUan. 

FITTED with Bleetrio Light sad all modem improrements. Splendid 
Salmon FlBUng at Oalway. rree Trout Fishing ud good Pike Fidilng vltbiD a mile 
Dt Hotel, Oolt UntB. Boaling, Tariff on applicacioD to Maui«er. 


HIGH and health; poaition, inclosed grounds, facing river. E. Oraham 
Clarke, Esq., OlaorlloB. Rhayader, Wales, irrilas: " Yonr hoow for eooking, cl 


Scotch Hotels and Fisheries — continued. 








BEj^ZRft Pa>01^vA«4ov* 

il THOUAS OAUEBOM, ProprlMar. 

FEEE to Visitors staying in Hof«l, in EIVEK8 DOUGLAS, 
ARAT, and the DHULOCH (a tidal water). Beautiful Scenery, 
Boating, BiUiS'i^, Golf, and Posting in all its brancliea. EpiscojMJ 
Churcli three minutea from Hotel. Home ComfortB. Moderate 
Chaises. B. B BASTOCE, Proprietor. 


400ft. above sea lerel. Highest situation amidst scenery and braoio^ 
mountain air Dnsnrpassed in the Highlands. Salmon Angling and 
g«od Loeh Fishing free. Salmou Fishing in the Birer Conon, and 
Tront Fishing in Iioch Gaire and Loch Lnichart. 

Ojcling Oourt and Professions! Oycliat. Close to Golf Oomrss. 
Saddle and carriage horses. Excnrsions by foar-in-hand coach. 
TaUgvama, WAXLACE, Strathpoflisr. 


BDCCLEUCH ABMS HOTEL, St. Soairell's. Fleoauitlj sitnated on 
3t. BoawclTa Snni. odb mile from HUllon. nod within thna mlnatu' yitik ol TwMd. 
Four mDH •nwUmu Tioot Flihlng free. Fintclus icodmniodiilon. Oturgu modsnu. 
PiMtlDK In Bll brsDChss. Truing mat bj ord«r. Tgaphons Vo. 910. T. SBINHAH. 

ANGLEBS pnttinit ap at BUNESSAN HOTEL hava the priTilege of 
Fne FIbUos on JdCb AMOindl. wben Mlmoo wd s«a trout tm nrj ^sntlfnl t alau 
Loob Potee (or brown tront. Oh*rgea modente. Hall boU rnm Oban three dari ■ 
WMfe. Steamer from QlMgow wMkI;. JOHN CAMPBELL, Lsih«. 


n. . A.oogic 

Ad vertisem.en.t8 . 

Scotch Hotels a nd Fisher ieB—contiTiued. 



E)N wiU find 
"QUBEN'S," Lerwick, 1. 

rCEISTS and COMMEBCIAIj OBNTLEHEN wiU find this Hotel 
iSjdeM with eyery comlon and eonvmlence. Ths " QUBEt" 
Utg«t Hotel la Sbetluid. vul nitt compue tiiTDnrably with ft 

I, ud Vlslton us BBHnred ot arery ootntarl ud vlentlDa 
fW EaceUent Pithing in RESERVED WATERS, and Bhootins in 

connectton with thin Hotel. 
TH. OOBD, FropriatoT. 


(In oonneotion with King's 
Anne, Oban). 
Ne» nrn-cUes FimU; HoMI uid 
Health Beaon. Iiei feet tban ks 
level . On Driving Boata betwMtl 
Bnamif^ BaIuiot^. end dnnton. 

FiBhmg. Golf. Poitii^. 

A. M'TATISH. rnim TmseMbe. 

TelegrainB, "Hotel, Tomlntonl." 



Bridge of Orchy, Argryllshire. 

OHN CAMEBON be^a to intimate that be has taken a leaae of tliia 
old-eBtablished Hotel, which has ondei^oce eiteosive alterations and 
iprovementa, bavins a light Bathroom added, with hot and cold water, and 
tne aanitary arrangementB oarriod ont on the most improved sjatam. 

The houee has bees entirely re-facniahed thronghout in a BQperior manner, 
and to Visitors and Sportsmen patronising this Hotel it will afford every 
home comfort combined with moderate charges Yisitora are allowed the 
privilege of Free Fishing in the Biver Orohy (one of the best Salmon rivers 
in the Weet of Scotland), the River Baw, and several good troal streamn. 

Eioellent Salmon and Troat fishing on Looh Tnlla, and good Trout 
fishing on varions hill loohH ; good boats, and careful, experienced boatmen 
kept. Lawn Tennis. Poating in all its branches. Bionraions arranged to 
the f&r-famed Fuse of Qlenooe [scene of the masBacre), The Queen's Yiew, 
King'* House, Qlen Btive, Falls of Orohy, Tyndrum, *o. 

In oonneotion wiUi Ballacholish Coaohiug and Boating Establiahment. 

June 1 till Septnmber 30, Daily Coach conveyances between Bridge of 
Orohy, Loch Etive Head, and Ballaohnliab, in connection with David 
MoBrayne's Steamers, from and to Oban and Fortwilliam and Caledonian 
Canal, and Trossaobs and Loch Lomond Coaching Toots. 

Poat and Telegraph Offioe at Bridge of Orohy. Letters and Telegrams 
receive prompt attention. 


Scotch Hotels and fiaheriea—conimtied. 


Near the oelsbrated FtuM or Fotbbs. Be&ntdfnlly aitiwted, and oom- 

maQding Finest Yiewa of Loch Nisa and the Qbiat Qlbn. 

Redecorattd, mori Can^forUAly lUfunUehed. and ELectrif Lighted throughoui. 

Salmon and Txont riaUnr Free to Tlaltora on £a>eh >'•■■, BiTac Fojara, 

XmoIu Oanl>, PaTrallna, and iMch Bran. 

PoTan la tha b«at plue For Faiunearfl down the C&lodUDlmn Cui&l to hntk their 

jODinsf, M SteiiDan tniD InTerneH u-rlTe about J. IS p.m., leailag Foyeri dbootS Lm. 

Poiiiiij. Tolegrinia—" Hoiol, Foyer*." Post utd Tele^rwh QIBc*. 01i»rge« ■trloilj 
moderaH . B. TIMtOiT, Propjltot. 


Under New Management. 
Splendid Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing Free. 


Two hours' sail from Oban. 

MALCOm MACRAE, LesBee gate stromfen? HotBl). 


SUPERB and extensive additiooB aince last season. Excellent 
TEODT and 8ALX0 FEROX FUhing on Looh Awe, Free. Ex- 
perienoed boatmen. Boats towed by Steam Lannab to the best Fishing 
Gronnda. Hagnificent views of monntain, lake, and river scecerj obtamod 
from the HoteL 



.UEST8 have nine milea FREE SALMON FISHING on 

the beantifnl and celebrated Salmon Bivar OBCHY, Fatties wiring 
asoertain pi; of river promptly answered. 

snaCAB IBASXB. Proprietor. 


ELLOW TBOUT, Sea Troot, Salmon, Feroi. Terv eitensive Fiihings. 

EiwIlMit Sea Flahlng, J. MACKENZIE, 



Beddant SuperinuudanC Dr. Suwait. 

PATIENTS andViaitoFs staying at the Deeside Hydropathio Eatablisbment, 
Haathcots near Abertteen, have the prlfUe^ of preaarred Salmon and TroDt Flahine 
In the BiTer Dee. aa It runi through Iha eatatea or Heathcot and Uartla, a dlalance of 
abont two mllei. 


Scotch Hotels and Tishsries— continued. 

Welsh Hotels and Fisheries. 


Commencing— Salmon, YebruBXj ; Trout, KarolL 
QentJemen staying at the FORTH HOTEL, Llandyssil, 

South Wales, have two and a. half miles of the Teifi for Salmon 

And Trout (large) fiahing; strictly reserved ; also about 10 miles 

of other fishing can be had in neighbourhood. 

Splendid scenery; 14 miles from sea. (VitU "Actobb 

England in a Dogcart," p. 280,) 

A. K. S MITH, Proprietor. 

The Castle of Brecon Hotel, 

rpHIS Hotel, which adjoins the ruinB of the Old Castle of 

-L Brecon, and is Bacronnded bj its own ^lonndB, ig replete irith aveiy 
oomfoTt. It conunondB eiteniive viewB of the far.fomed Breoonaliire 
BaaooDB, aa wall ax other baautitnl Boenery ia the locality. It is alsa 
admiiably adapted for Anglsra, being situated within n few yuds of the 
Uek — -one of the best strcamB of Trout &nd Salmon GahiDg — and witliin it 
short distoDce b; rail of Llangorae Lake, BO celebrated for its Pike, Ferob, 
and Eel fiBhing. Foating in all ita branchea, and on the moat moderate 
terma. An omnibas meets all trolna. Misa FOWLES, Hanogeresa. 


flPLENDII) TKOUT FISHING- in the Lake and Kiver^ 
^ fish average Jib., and give grand apoct; eaaj of acoesa; every 
eomfort and laxnr; provided in the Hotel. Good boats and stead; boatmen. 
Splendid Cyole ^ack (twelre miles). Bracing olimste and magnificent 
scenery. Season begins on March 1. 

nnrt-elM* OronM Koon (uUt Bonfrh SliootliigB to XM. 
Station, Uanfyllin. 

Post and Telegraph Addreaa: Lake Ttbnwt Eotkl, Oswestbi. 


GOOD TBOUT and SALMON FiSHIKQ. Tiekets 28. for Tidtora at the 
Hotel. Horeeg and csirligH lor hire. AooBnmDdatian good, with heme oomrarti. 
- Terms modente. B. OWEN, Proprietor. 

r_ .(..OOgIC 

Welsh Hotels and Fisheries— c'w<'<«««<^. 

FunUleatLodTonriste; cIoh lo tbe suilon ; on bioks ot tbe Ckmrnurh. EucUant 

lri«Driaqos scQnarj, bracing uid InvlgarnUng air. Tbs EoUl is npleie iita modeni 
uddle boneg tor faire, ChurmB BIrtclly modenM.— Stdhbt Fuok, CManiHCh HoteL 

TH£ QOAT, Lliuinwahll;ii, BaU, N.W. (20 jmrds from Q.W.B. Statkm.)— 
TBODT Blrancloae by Hotel— Twrcli,injU'di: Dsa, gnuler mile; LU«, bilf mlla; 
uid LUTir. one mile. Bal& Likt, bajr mllF ; and Ama Lake. tHosndaluUmUa. All 
the atieupB and Amm 1-ake an preBened by SJr W. W. Wynn, Bart, from whom V"- 
mlaalon moat be obtained. Bala Lake Frae. C.T.C. QDineri. W. HUOBE^ ProprtHOT. 


GOOD TROUT in preeerved lake> and straunB ; boata kept on lakes. Th* 
■boTe JH tree to TlsitorB sUying in lbs Hotel. Good Bea Flstalsg. Salmon uid 
Smrln Fleblng In neJKhbonrtaood. Boattng, Bathluf . TenolB. OoU, Tenna modarate.— 
ApiJy H.IBBI H. HOEHBi, Arthog Hall Hotel. Dolgolljr. N. W»Ioi. 


BBIQHT, bnaiDf climate ; capital Tront Fishing, lakes and itreams ; Sea 
Flahing. and iptnidld tandi rot -balUng. Oraod Bporting OolC Conne adjokiu 

Proprtelor, T. J, COTTHBLL 

Lion eotal hotel, lahpetes. 

FAHILY and Commeroial Hot«1. Billiarcls. Posting. 'Bna meets all 
iralne. B«venil milei or SalmoD and Trout riBhlag free to VlBltorB staying at the 
Hotel. Hoderaie tarirr. H. A. PUDO-E. MajugeiaaB. 

Continental Hotel an d Fisheries. 

BBUCKHAnS HOT£L ia situated in the BLACK F0BE8T, amid vine- 
yarda and woods, on (he banks ol ths Schlseehl. WaldBbnl, on tlie Bhlne, lbs 
neareal raBway slatloD. is baJF ao honr'a walk and Iwo boura' dlBCant by rail from 
Freiburg. Bale, Lnceme, Znrleli. and ScbaffhaiiMni. EioaDent (root BBbing tMe 10 
TifitoTB, In Btian ull« ot the Bcblnschi, travenlne a romantic Tallay. Qneau may aim 
Aih Id lbs adjacent pordon of Ihe Bhine tor lariN trout, (rayUoc (May T«ry good), salmon 
(OcUber), pike, bubel. The Hoiel has Its own farm and oarrlaces, airliiii^iig aiid otbar 
lH,lha. Bunoles ean be hired. Amalanr pbot«r*Ilhan. artlats, and pedesMaDs all 
appreclaH tbs beastilgl dlBtrlet Two EniUsh aDglsra baTtng sprat Biiiasn monlbs fM-'M) 
■shini tbe tixm watsrs from Bmakhane, HeBsrs. Enrlfbl, of Oaslleoomiell (wtuMS tackle 
Is atoeked), haye learnt trom them all partlcniars as to tackle, reqatrements. Ac Photos 
ot Hotel and water an advaniaed In Chsrlng-cnMs Ballw^ Station, Pension. 1 silneas 
mekh. English, Frsnoh, and Ooman spoken. As Hotel Is small. It is adytsable to 
write m adnnce to FaOFKiaiOii, Bad Bniekhans, Waldshnt, Baden. 

LI April 1.- 

Tor aU partlciilais aboat Hotel aod Fiibing write for the innatrated prospectas. Bent poat 
. — ,_.., — . . ., 2i. a day. Proprietor, A. HEOK. 

Demy 8to. Price 7b. 6d. 


I>ondon: HOBAOI OOK, '-The Field" Ottlc*. WlndaorHoaae, Bream's BoUdliigs, E.C 

"- A.oogic 


Cinnon I2mo., fructmni, 2t. Od. rMl; paper covert. If. Bit. net. 


By "red spinner," 

Author of "Near ud Vu," "Vj SInwu mud Scs." "TnTcl uhI Trout." 
"Wktenlde Skocbai." "NoUble Shlpwnoki,'' "The Tbunes rrom OlTotd 



The Hu with the Bm. 
Hf CoUU SiOdiod. 
Tke DoDOD Tmn. 

A NoiorlODB nke 

1 Tbs Bectori DagghMr. 

Lottie's Omrp. 
1 The AdmlrJs Punt 
, TtaLdnT.Cut. 



Tlw Fim Uonth. 


Pr«id-PI«d April. 

Heaow SepUmlMT. 
Oia October. 


At one twiwme, imperial Stn., cloth, price On« Oninta, by poiC 21t, Gd. 
With TW*hi» ColouTtd Plaiet and many WoadcvU. 


By FSAVCIS OAT, C.I.E., F.L.S., and F.Z.S 

Thia work ii ui exhaimtiTe treatiEe on the SalmKmidai of tbe Britiah 
Iilutda, mod will be interesting to the Sdienniui, m well m a text-book 
to the ■eientifla ictlijologiBt. The redaoed price will pUoe it within 
the iMioh of all. 

A fm Copies to be had, beautifully bound in Whole Calf Full Bitt, 
price SBs. 

London; HeBAflu COX, "Tba neld"Onoa. Windsor Houbs. Breun's 
BnlldbigB. E.O. 


BoUd M»tlBr «1I° F.) tK 

Chlortne. OM 

Ammonia BABE TS&Ot 

NllritM KONa 






The above Hotels are situated in the Dovey TaUej , »b the 
baaks of the Birer Dovey, noted for its Trout, Sewin, and 
Salmon FisMng, and are bounded on the north, east, and 
vest by ranges of mountains which are planted with pines 
and fir trees, and are eminently suited as winter resorts for 
persons affected with weak lungs and who find the sea air 
too strong. 

The Valley is highly recommended by the Medical Pro- 
fession ; it is also noted far and wide for the great pniity 
of the water and the beautiful and natural scenery which 
surrounds the Valley. AboTO please observe the analysis of 
the wat«r at Dinas, as compared with one of the best London 
Water Companies. 

The Hotels are within a few minutes' walk from Telegraph 
and Railway Stations ; they are also within a short distance 
from Arran Mawddwy and Cader Idris, and are situated in 


Gentlemen staying at the Hotels are at liberty to fish in 
the celebrated Sahnon, Sewin, and Trout Rivers — DOVET and 
CLIEFION. The Proprietor, holding the two Hotels, has now 
nearly the whole of the fishing in this neighbourhood. 

Bough ShootiDg over 3000 acres of land. 

lOX 8TEADXAN, Proprietor 

n... A.OOglC 




Boftrd, Lodging, md Attendoaee, from Ootolrar to Hay, eioopt Eaator 
mek, 491. per week. Euter week, and tbe remuning maoths, 63i. per 
Week. " Bi>ati," 3d. per head per daj, the only eitra. 

The flsbing has mnoh improredia the put BiioT seTeD^eora from the rigid 
atMerraiice of the alose time, and the preaervatiaii isBisted apoc b; the 
landed proprietors. (See page 154.) 

Frea Tzimt Fishlmg on the Trewerya riTBZ, which la atrictly 
prMervod for VUitora stftTinff In the Hotel. 

Pleaenre boats are kept for the nee of viaitors to this hotel. 

Bala, from its elevation above sea level (about TOO feet), and ita lake font 
and a half miles long, affords a beneficial ohan^ of air not to be found 
elsewhere in the kingdom. Epidemics are unknown. 

Bala U the ITaareat Station to the 'Vjxnwj lAk«, which ie 
well worth; of a riait. The soenery in tbe neighbonrbood is both baantifol 
and grand. 

An; inqniries reqieoting the Deighhonrhood, priTate lodging aooonuno- 
dation, Aa., wH] receive prompt attention from the Propriet<ir, if etamp i« 








Ss s. «. I. c, 






Mflv*nB r-.'.rc-c inuMtf 





gniEETira pboi m to mi 




F.L.S., F.a.S., F.Z.S., Ao., tie., the Founder of the Howietonn Fidieiy. 



Is DOW the largest piaoicultural establishment in the world, 
producing over twenty millions trout ova yearly. Stocking 
water by means of artificial redds sown with eyed art, haa 
been most successful. For Price List of two year-old and 
yearling trout, and of ova, apply to 

PAMPHLET ON STOCKING, 5th Edition, prlc* 6d. 

,.. .. A.ooglc 






Closk Seasons and Amolimo Licinoib : 
England luid Wklea 


List or Coktbactiohh ... 



tmsaio Stations in A 
Vanisa Stations in A 

Central Ameiioa . 
Dnitad States 
W«at Indira 
FiSHiHO Stations in A 
Asia Minor ... 


Belgium and Lnzembonig 
Daiiabiui PriDoipalitiei ... 
Denmark — loeland 

Oermanr ... 



Norw^ and Sw«den 

Spain and Forti^al 








R. B, MAESTON. Hon. Treasurer of the Ply Fishers' Ciuh, &c. 

Subscription, lOs. 6d. per Anniim. 


THE " FISHING GAZETTE " contains every week- 
Original Articles, often Illustrated, on Angling 

Reports from the Principal Rivers of Great 

Britain and Ireland. Correspondence. 
Notes and News from Angling Associations 

and Societies. 

ADTEBTISEXEHTS of the Leading Fiahiag Tackle Hoiuefl, 

Anglers' Hotels, Waterproof Makers, Fish CnltnristJ, Ac, Ac 

" Uoder the edltonUp of Ur. B. B. Uarston the (l<aetts hae lAuined * Ugh 

Can is ohiained ihnragh all BooketalU and Newaageiiti. 

V LlBt Of Works on Angrling published by the Com- 
pany can be had on application. 



IMH/Imi aat LongPmt 

Inaliiidi .... BsuEosk. 

EthUnBeei .. 

MOIBect .... 


ton, BIslBck, 








ffamtn Bat .. 


Cttllingworlh, BlnglBj 

DoAtPaid '.'. 

ggrd"; Shiptaj 



Cslverls;, Hewok,. 

AMU Beck .. 


Bramlef . Leedi. 







The .Angler's Diary. 

LiHldsiideD Fool. 


'ICiM Edge Dam Luddenden. 

SoTsiby Brtdgs. 

mtoarne .. . KlHtwonh, Soirerii; Biidg« 


\ BUburt Kei. Holmflrtti. 
JBolmrdtflia. Bolmflnh. 
I Hehiu Hei... Hurler. UBlthun. 
\ Holme .... HaddsreSeld. 

Cobit DFjgbuiL 

BmrlmBeci .. Eickhnrton. D^hlon. 


Bivera and their Stations. 

AttcMmt Bcail Unmln, UukttBaHn. 

Itau ^ HotketBuui. 

Oweribg DratH Holion Hoot. 

gorlh KeUef 

Bat Howibui. Sawlr 

Brl«K, AppMiT. 

lltaarliiEflcId, SlTDtald. Rndiwlck, BIIIIoh- 

hunt, Hulsmtro, FalbarDOgb. 
LIH. PtMnBeld, RonEe, Slitud, UpbODk, 

Midhnret, FMBOrtl, Pr" ■- 

Araberls;, Arnnf' """ 

DeTliei, Woodl»nii(fa, Porum, Stllitinrf. 
HumloMer, He7U*bDiT.Co4IOrd,'W]rlTe, 

SiHldir ShaOailHirT, TlibDT7, Dlntoo. Wilton. 


WinltrbeunH GrHelqr, PoctoD. SilMmiy. 

(Aoft Srwm. Tlitary, 

.. _ D<mnton.BrHnon,Fa[dlB|brM(e. Rl 

n (Somnt.) Technrr, MIdm;. Cnwil. Ctiri.lehnr 

DaumUifOnMit n.™>_. 

WoOIIOli BuIHtt. DWDIU)'. 

jBonJm'.'.''.'., 1.'."'.'.''.".'." OlM. Chlpiaiiliuii. 

ItBroet DeilMH, 8»Bde, Wtitboir, Malfc 

W«nniry, Froms, Trowbndg*. 

Frcmt WtlluiD, Frame. 

Uclmtri Vaur mneKir. 

FniltfiirdBntt KrmtilOrd. 

iror(i*5nwt Hullslrow. MJd»mi 

Bnai .... 

til. Whud. TnlvntOD, Kditor . SaltCort 

niMim Bnek MUEOUleld. 
Wnmley, Brilion, 

•1.. CiDtUlD. 

F^Hfi:ird, R«rD"li«ni, 

[i^iilold, WuinItT, Briiion. 
sV. Lad(«Hlll. 

tarrm flpw* WlMmmlie. 

Ulttenoa, Cre'lionio. 

Chard Braok ~ Chard. 

Coljion, ColyHird. 

Honluin, SeiHD Jnnctloii, ColT'oi 

OfatU Breot- ■ Honlton, ColJIOD. 


The Angler's Diary. 

(1. ofW 

WttUn Bretk 


SlokB nammloE. 

WlUim. " ' " ' ' 

Bnlntre*. BvMati, Wlttaiu. 
Wlckhun, LmRltnl. Haldan. 
Dnnmov, Falitef, Okalmifoid 
ChlpplriK Oartiir, IggiCei ~ 

Nsv WglUDEliuD. [Uurbrd. VaMtm 

HalniL«7. L] 


Bndlng, Aim 
Mmtehoe SUtlDti. Br 

Vlctorle, BrtrlcM. 

rlnfrford, HDVclla^cl^ 


Bnma BrulaHK:!. 
Toller, Bridport. 
Ponioek, Bildport 

Cutis Cue]'. 

Emnnaeb. Bnrerwcb JnnctieB, C*Mla 
QlHtmbarr. [OanT- 

" — -ai, OlMUmbDrf. 

Tfmming E 




JUvers and their StaMons. 

BptttBorth Beet 

Wnxhatn Brd. 

[Boveton Broad 

FtbulDghun, Boiton. 

Coltlihill, Wroihui. 

Flat Dyks PfalfMiUDam SilhoaH. 

nViAamBmid SiUignw. 

a-Thumx ,, IfarHamBnad JUrthMi. 

mrtefUerc.. Mortlim. 

.'.""' T«nin)« 


Cullals, DitlMon, HMkMHawiuAM 

Dnrtlsj, Cud. Diuilay timtaan. 

fMwid Walr ... .. Bodoilii. 

The Angler's Diary. 


Sivers and ti^ir Stations. 


Xorvvnifn.. . 






Gl/oilylcilwy, Btnjn. 

Ctfrmg .... 

CkirtPk.l^i Cllrk. 

m&wl Elteimtl*. 

Mm Pond Wbllchnteh. 


The An^^a Diary. 

MattHBattLata Clutter. 

(OuBb.) ......... 

(ToriU AJwarSiwiSul I>l)iig Hall. 

BrlaalhBecli.. Peak. 

LaaOaUt Bteii . 


Blip Dale Beet Htckneai 

Bamfilm Beck >r<nierinf Asm 

Tiarmm Beet t«°lBli*m, 


If HelmSflj. 

J'rodale Bid . . HelmeleT 

WTuai Beet .. HalmHley. 

Blom am Beet Helmstey. 

LadMIl Beit.. Helmalar- 

Ledge Beet.. ,. Beuobi^y. 

,SeiA , . Hehniln. 

HslmalBy. Hnnnit 

Biteal Eslmaler. 

(Bo^ Klrkbj MoorsldB. 

iBodfcBeet .. Klrkbj Hoonids. 

iSoleBect .... aUliiw, HoTlnghs 

I Mam Beet .. Hovingham. 

f Wath Beet..., Horinghwn. 

arlhd^eB^ Sloninglon! 

n'lo/l Beet.. Slnnlngton. 

fCoitaBeck..., Picking. 

I ImPobiI,... Piokering. 

■i (PieterinffBt. Loviaham, 

I iLetrUhata Bt. t^ilabun. 

/ {FieteriTiy ,. FlckerlDg 

\C^a PickeriDg 



Sivers and their Stations. 

MtntchorfeBeek £lnlia»/ninfVidWbuTun, Hnnons Ajnbo. 
Btiit Beet Hnlloiu Ambo 

jna Bit Hnuoiu Ambo. 

CftBlle Eowiud. 
OrtmtBlct Cat UoaardLi^t Qa»■t^B'BBmlti 

BmiaiaSett KoiliigliHii ButonUllI, CtMlsHinntd. 

aihtKr Bed 

ITUu can-Beet CietlB Hoiwd. 

LoppfKgtmBeei OsBtle Bowud. 

WrpmBitt „- 

Sluntord Bride*. 

MttrPondt Slunfoid Brid««. 

FtttBeci FiHiKfoBi ^ottoo-OB-Dmnot. 

Eaat Cuiilagwilli, Bnbwllli, Bnd^too, 

Menlliuroe, w™bb«L 

DittOhBboOB UtatDtm Preauol HayWn Qumtt. 

LoaaoaiMiaDam HnyloD Qnuir 

CMIduaaBnot ChfldwilL 


I>DDliird Bridge HultluMI 

IMIeOm DiiiifardBiidgs,HultbMdBrtds«,Datp 

>i.~i— Deep Car lax. 


WndoelBr BrM(i 

JgiTm Awr WadeBls; Bridg*. 

Uphill Oroo* Wideiley Bridge. 

Storr Brett 'WUIeslej Bridga. 

(iUeeltR Satr Sbeffleld 

■JBimfm WBdealey Bridge. 

Ferny Bmot B"iiocbi«f 

Mill HooHW 
ironcnBallLate MillH<«B»ii 

Jfiwi BravJr HeelB J 

BrigMslde Blsokbnni JonotiaD. 

Bn(i^ Clay OroiB. 

fJIocHey Bnmt Cbeaterfleld 
I Brent Dam ClieBtarBeld. 



%± CbeaterSeld. 
Fmd CheBterBBld 

ftftaltr Brail 
\ Witltanit/torve 
j Pundt CUy Orua. 


The Angler's Diary. 


" * " " 'on. SluwpKbrid^t, 

UiPami.. ChMterllald. 

Uillen Pond BeveruOI. 
Statmls Pond Barerull. 
aettlef Bnoi Severull. 





KUnhont Swtalon KoiboroOgll. 
Denbj Dtde, Wast CU;tOD. 

B^b, Dmrt™. 

BMBalBj, OndwoHh. Dwfleld. 

Dot. Clifl, WombirtU. DtuMA. 



Aekworth, Kirk 8tM»lon, Morton. 

fiilne, Tbonw. 


Sivers and iheir Stations. 

. fformcJt Bro«t WaUneAei Pf 

mmduhiiapoHi .. 

Htndl^ Dlocaiuwn. mitoa, Adllii(lini, 

Btudlali. Bou>a BmUI, Vlfu. 

Appl; Bridge. 

A.ppl; BrU(e. 

t, Bnnconfh, EoSoid. 

LirBrjtool Water- 



I -...'.,... Coppoll. 

£et'IcHd Poad.. Leylurl 

fiu'Det BUDber Brldgs. 

£<kt0 ...... Bambor Btidce. 

talKi ...... LOBlwk H^, FurlnstoD, lOJf* Hall, 

1, CroBlon. 

BrouKbton-in-Fanieu, Orsan 

Appleby. AniMlbwiltB. Bi 
Cvliils, Elrkbr SMpnea, 
Temple SowerltJ, 0B«4bi1df«. 

aSS»?.'.'.'^'.'. '.'.'.'.Z'.'.'.'. 

on BMd,SUc 
[eroft. KlA^. 


ID Croi*, UorebiUli, BmbpIol 

tlfcnline, TlnenoD Jonotlon, OcdlnpMi. 

SmtMvtOrk. CoUninpIoD. 

AaJ^f9T^ BroeA TiTerlon Junction, CeUo] 



The Anglej^s Diary. 

Spretitm Water 



IruipfDid 8p«k4. 


' Bow, Cndltou. 
81. C7i«l 

Bodmin, DoDUaboli 
Llabird, Donblabot 
BadmlD Bcwd. 
BfHtmln Rand. 



^%f^ :;::: 


lolt. Qanthorii^ Thurilord, Hi 

(S« nil, SoMUod.) 


si. Evtll, HlI7l«. 



Rivers and their Stations. 


namBrn .. 
WaUmBtdt .. 

PoUUw Whaltyifai ., Lufwia. 


LodgaLake.- .-„.-,... LuiawlUL 
WfUxd! Pari 

Lata WbltmlL 


Late Woikwp. 

Ctumber Park 

Laka CheckwH 

PiiuUtr Tnilord. 

JTadsi Tgienill. 


Park Mali Late HuDafleld 
msratv Park 

Lakt Ollsiton. 



B*Teri(r. CattlDCtuui, SntMOt 

Mam BalhWimlLak, i 


. llu»ll»1rL 

UuiAelit 'Woodhoni 

Viaiy Watrr .. Uamflald WoodhauH. 
\ FoHl Eeit Brook HaDBflald. 

Honor Pk. Lake Workwp. 

........ ^. Chequer Hoiuet p^mAm, 

I Old Ooalei Dpke Botberus. 

Laofhion Pmd. KlTeton Park. 

Orowie, Altbotp*. 


The Angler's Diary. 

ExmlnaMr, Stasem*. 


Lnlon. Naw U 

buiiwieid, HutAi 

OMtfi Broot 


Eml, Elirpendia. WIihU 

Ltnrford, WeALmUI, Bnngblng. 

Hadham CroH 

Stultead. Bii 

. Takels^HarXi 

Wldlord. Wira 


Mp Stortford, SiwIirUis- 

BadimrthyWIr. Lynmonlb. 

" — ■*>ll8, Bolton. 


Mvert and their Stations. 

BWet.UrD— WRHnnAJ. 
BrTBI *in> TBlfm Thidtiiih. S<^ 

Kbbsit (dnl.) JtMenw WowUuad St- 

tenoir .... WoodfcewL 

wmmai Brl. Waodhstd. 

Ibrti<liB4Hmir Woodhssd, 

J. BrtKi HmBold, 

(Amyloid BroBt HadBBld. 

aiiel/Brodt ,. Olotsap, Hsdfleld. 

. Brotdliottom. Uupla. 


Oreen/lrld Brt. OrMnOeld. 

CvSreot,... MoBilBT 
9itinaa>utwBt, Stalrbnugs. 

Sulybrldgt, Albtoa. 

OoMoa Rair. FilrOeld. 

OAfiif Rtur. 

(Pefiaim Brook 
■jAwnAn Part 

Pcyntoa Broot 

B^dlsh, Stookport . 
H«aun Ueney, Dldsbn 

enden, Scretlord. 

Arfarwll Brook Buead 
Sa^naiPoml WaierTi 
JlWmut™ Sr*. Bury. 


... - LlttleborOD^h. 

Reunoir .. Llttleboroiigh. 

. Shanrorlb, Fuslt, VUtirora, Bbur- 

clonub, Bocbdal*. 
. OMlleton. 

1 :.. Heywood. 

, . C.oogic 

The Anglei^a Diary, 

Lmi/hionli Rti. BolloD-Ca-Uoon. 
Bbmtr*- Bglion-le-Moon. 

( ArodiAou Brt. 

Cheqilerbant, Loelock, BoHob. 

G]iru>D. Uuisheatai. 

f I't Bowlon, MiddleloD. 

< iThreePiaPrtdi. Mlildleton. 

( \Heatmi Lakt.. Ulddleion. 

{Sltdltet Parkbrtdge. 


UrmiHtoB, P»ti 

Olai* Brook.. Alierlm BM 

Lata Ldgb, Partlnnaa. 

TtrnpsTtsy, PnOagtoD. 


" ■ - ■ ■ ibory, VnimMow. 

(fleoB BoUlniSon, idltogloa.' 

") Part Lakt B:>11Id^d. 

(Ifetm ........ Haadfortb, KOmalovr. 


(Birti^ Cbelford, Knntafort, Hobberlw, 

Mobberlev Brk. MobberlBy. ABhlBj. 

\Atl\Ieil Braak.. AHhlsy. 

ILaka KnnUford. 

MiTcHallLata Ennlafcird. 

Rilhcm Mert.. Ashley. 

Ardan Brvot . . Hefttle j. 

Thelwall, Wurlujtoii. 
BalnfoiS, IdoggtHmk, SI. Hahn'a. 


Sivers and their Stations. 





WMIM Bro4 










AttHorp Snet 


Allhorp Pu-k. Bnmptn. 





j. WeUlDgboimnh. Cutla Amby. 
Cutis AiIiliT. 
Gutle AibbT. 


Part Lata.. 



KllRiirah, DHblM'aDc^ SubtOD, <■•«- 
dington. K.BMlng, Burton, ftudom. 



Thorpe, OondS. ^^ 






Klng'a ClUr. 


MU»9 Bract.. 

Moot Fart 

Holm RimuT. 

OMJUmt .... 

WUlm Brott.'. 

The Angler's Diary. 

Xamien Mwt.. Bun 

P«tetl»raiurti, Era Otmii, FnncfeBn 
Fsnr, T^dd St. Kuf*. SatHaSdlcK 
Hwtfotd. HvUMdOD, BraxMiai»41 
hnnE. WilUum, EiifltU^WIi^BM»J 
Wood OrMD, Stmmf, Tonliiflin Fi 

Owl . 

aUuLaka BDcklnctum. 

aiandm Farm) 

Wiadim Latt 

SlouT Stnttnrd. 


Lata SloDBf BtrUlHd. 


HfilraedDD, 'nipp«iilHU 

Blakuits Broot Blikeilej. 

TowesMBr, WolTtrtBB. 

N<i>;ort PvnelL 

OnDatable, Lelabton B 

f Battladm Brk, Woboro, ul|M«D Bu 

Kvihnwri Fcm4 LMfhUu Bniurl. 

Fenny Stntfocd. 

Oiwlqf Brotk Wobmn. 

Newport P>tD«lL 

OIdbt. Tdtt«ii, Bunild, 8fcM»>wio>: 

0*kla7. B*dll>rd, T«ni|nCicd. 

BBlAock, ArlHar. 

Sir BltcMn, ArllMT- 

/IftBfct For* 

\ IGwnpttm Brt Sheffort. 

tamm Broot.. 

' '-' "milium. 

fSoulMa Bnot 


Rivers and their Stations. 


HuUnKdoB, nimfcit. 

St. iTe^ SwMiMr, luia, MrMkiB, 

A<hw«U, MtUtMb. 

VllAlB OCMt CkMtV 


Drain Llttlspcnt. 

OFVfllUttr UUIeport 

'UOtut.... Brdgritte Part 






BwthUtn .. 




IX>WD)|*I>1 HukM. 

r. A'OOglC 


^*» The Angler's Diary. 

Ura^Aa'S— a)n"niwd. 

Ovat.QM(fi>id.) Sar or Letchi Utchniu, BwaSbim, KirbDraoch, Hue's 

OanadSfnr Eini'i Ljim. [Lrna- 

Ona (8a«a) Bmwd. ItBsId, Uokflall LmrM, Qlrn't 

OlIU(Tlsk).. flwili EIrkbT SleiJian. 

Bttidali Tant KeM, 

STDiwiilah JIkI Seld. 


ifiitcrAKl .. Uakar. 

IhowpBtei .. Uokar. 

I OoAtpof Sec*., fieeth. 



"J7«taB»ft fi«* 










iM^tndali Bret 


















Itaul-JI B«t.. 

BnufH Bttt .. 






AotalaAwt .. 

Bardtn Jlotr 



BrdaieBttk .. 

c£^Mble Barton. ringiU. 

EeUerbT, 0«»ttbk Burton. 


BtHaitBtcl .. 



JlTta.™ ftut 




Newby Wliko, PkUmi. 






la*™. Btct 



N, KUTlngloii. 

paused .. 

N. SilYlIlcnm. 


Sivers and their StaUoJis. 

iB/iod Btct . 

IWililaleTara Hiwes. 
- ■oftK 

I, Bnlbr^ 

Tarn Asfcrtge. 
CViqF JVn — Aikdgff, 
tBBtOaltBett Agkrigg. 

\ Tarn AaSrlgg. 

iSgnmar Waltr Agkiigg. 

Aiini! AeBiigg. 

BargillBect.. Astrigg. 

OvMII AkI .. ABkT^. 

1BWuiT<iilcBetl Badmlre. 
WaMni Bui.. Redmtre. 


ST Tom . . AyBKiTl 

iftiale Bids.. Bedmire. 

<ley. lisybimi, UlrUMuini, Oorcr- 

SMisuir il«t . . UasliHii. 

W. aiHDfleld, Wpo 

Laeer Pitelej Bridge. 

XoctBeci.... KkbyViiietiO. 

jjuer EiTbT UaliMrd. 

EuA« Klrb; Hilzurd. 

toHT Blpon. 

■ateU PMeLey Bridge. 

Lakt PalelSfBlUgt. 

Part Lata Blpon. 

£ala Blpon. 

sun B^on. 


T/ie Angler's Diary. 

Robirt Btet . . 'Womuld Qncn, Oi^cm*. 

■ ■ 









l>arl^B«k .. 

laueabaroiu)!. Goldibonngh, UtUa 
]i>Tn>wg&te,Pum»L [BlbMaa. 

JAUerlm Part 
{Allerlm Beet . Utile BIbstOD. 
PoppletoD, Torli. 


(jVoviM'Acct York. 

Strsnull, Hub;, Yoifc. 

SNr/urt Honoa. 

FoxupBtet .. Kalilaoall 

Betledea Bttt . HorUn, EstflBmU. 

OmuMf Beei . . Eettlewdl. 

8Ur/ari EeulewelL 


SOer Btct QraBSin™"- 

Behdat Sect . . BornailT. 

FrietlTam .. QisMiiigtoii. 
"" ■ - "-'^ " — OrBSSington. 

t finroeaJf.' 

\SkrriMmBeet Baruaal]. 

" - lam BaniBiU. 

tek .... BnrnulL 


Rivers and their StaUoru. 

Bolton AbbsT. 
Bolton AJbbej. 

. Bolton Ahl)^. 

Bmftjr, Otloj- 






ItoD Perc;, DUeakelL 

IfOtoumi Brt. UlltKinia Fort, Bberbarnt. 

Fil YBtmlnrtm. 

iMTli JoncUon. 

SmnlKllBraot SolWn Blnghim, iTsnkgtt, Ti 

Sparifori Brt. apitkford, MK«lon Htgiu. 
MmHook, liDCTOit. 

'.'. '.'. .'. .... WlfellKombe, Wallliigton. 

llilvirloa Brait 'WlKJlacombe, UllTBrton. 

//orlBBBroot.. WlTelltconibe, BldiopgL7dlird,llU?« 

Slacl Brook .. TMBlon 



The Angler's Diary. 

Mvers and their StaHont. 


Catilt BUI Pond Buralsy. 

„ .,.,.. .. BDrnler. 

{Don BnnUei. 

\8vrindot Water Burnley. 

(^Bnai Riter . . BurnlST. 

WvettterWalir Coins. 


Scu^lUei Wattr Ooli 

Bfmllmm Brt. AocringloiL 
Churtli Sfvok.. AccTlngtoii. 
Riihlm Raerv. Hlnhlm. 
- ■ - -■ WtuUay. 


WUpaWw, V 


The Angler's Diary. 

,. IMn-fJnigaa.- 



Hswlowa. AMnnnle. 
KnT7, AfaniDiilttp 


, Like Vymwy HeUL 

Lake Vjrniwy KotaL 

. LikeVrrawjHatol.' 

'. Ltle V-jnwj HoMi'. 
, L*ks yjmirj HoMl. 

\liiii^ir Ctma. 

Yiffvthan .. 

DIdiu If nddny. 
Dlnu HBirddirT. 
Dlnu Manddny. 


\ ^PJfddau 

I i'tMi'".'.'. 
I ]Lltclmdti 


Sivers and their Stations. 

Sinwr (cdM.) 

sx":: ;::::: 





B^iieriiv A*. Pom 


et Drtjtjn. 


The Angler's Diary. 









Lomto Broot.. 





Uirket DmMl- 

C™oI H«- 

MirkM Dnitoo. 












eiN« '.■, 


Bamliai Broot 

WMUMetr .. 



Crae liter .. 



Part Latt.. 





Cbureb Slrrttoil, L* Bomod. 


Lmgl^ Bnii 


Le BotwDod. 

Aom fla™» 










WomHf Bnot 


WiUm Part 





■) Fmd .... 



ass ,, 


Bitters and their Stations. 

fStnUfirdBmit Albrlgbtoii, Unla; 

Qt'UiGreenRa. ] 

Bumploii, AlTarltT. 
JiidgeDDTtb, AlTulsj. 
[Jpper Arler, BawUsr- 

fmnilt Cheat 




cnnrclUU, KlddvmlDi 








ITie .Angler's Diary. 

Lv^ftrd Park 

Lata Ludlow. 


BrinVUm art. Wootaim. 

WatBrcot .. 

Oainort Broot B*Mod Court. 

Lt^tta LndlDW. 

a^Br^ct .. 

Kawnbim BHdge. 
ClMtnrr Marttili«r. 


JtanAoU B^ 
Eoplm Breet 

New Bolleri. 
Kamum BrldRB. 


Pma-i Brnet .. 
aun/ori P<^t 


L^hBnot .. 


Layfhm- Brt. 

WaraaUi, Bruufonl 

Uplon-on-Seieni, Rlppla, T«wfe 


iToKOt Ratn. 
r,lr«-u/l Brt. 

HawtiT. El)wanb. SCunftird, U1 


Elb.U. ' 

Marclta Broot. 


Wmt Bnmt., GomitrT. 
{Conmbi Brt. BilnUow. 


Sivers and their StaM&nt. 


oSf^m, Bl«tler. ShlpHo* 



'■a .T' 




Sraaioj-. Conglrtm. A1mM«. 
HurtoD, BwrlBf Croat. 

Wlilorii StUvti PHon. 




SUxiltm Bnct 

SpeldileT, P«ralior«. 



lirl^Bnct .. 


Dtebtrry PaoH 





r ChuiMiralBr.Tniro, 

r .. _ QnuDponnS Bo«a. 

IVekurittAvst OninpoDtid Boid. 

f nils ITonr .. Qmnpouul BomL 


The Angler's Diary, 

SumRiillow, St. Amtell. MMt 

Bpllgtiy, Hilton HoleutA, Thoipl, TllD- 
Llikeu-d, HenhenlDt St uanauu. 


Rivers and their Stations. 

PmpoBi Waler 







^SZZ :::: 








Eut Aniu;, HolUnil. 

Eut AMtej. Kolliill, South NbIMb 

CutlehllL Soiith Molton. 

SwinbrWBB, Cli4p«ll(«. 



:: : : :: :: 

LnUlelgb, BO.BT. 



Igrtoa Brldgn 

aiDckbrldRe. Elni Sombonw, HotUitat, 

Roqik;. Reiltirlilire. 
LyDilliiim, RwllirMg*. 

ZfiiAwM A-t. 



^— ■ 



2S ::::;;: 

Shlplon, Falr«iid, I.«i!tilid& 


AdlMtfop, jOhlppIng^ Mort™^flld|«o». 


ITie Angler's Diary. 





tni«, lUdlett, WiUnrd Juetlan, WatfM, 


worth, DoTklng, Boi Hill, LmUutIumI, 
Eriier, MtmlMT. HuDpum Conrt. 

Wf - 



CT«i _ 





Ewall, EpHtm, Hildm, KlncOon. 

liSaii' ]B^io* 

Eew, MorUika, Birnu, Cblawiek, B*m- 
manioltli, Pnlnsi, 'Wudnrorlti. 







i^j -,.,C00i!lc 


Rivera and their Stationa. 




BUck Bnll, 7oni CFrMn, KUtoo. 
BDCkokU. Btofes. 
Tanaltlljimlem. Hanlar. SMhk 

XouamrK i'OR'l NewcuUa, TieDlliaiii. 

Brl. Sad SaU Part 

LtnttmBroot, Park Sail Lake Looff 

UoMtnhaaBk Ma^diriluill 



(Mime Boiue 
) Pmdi .... 


CItamfiinl Brt. 


CMlUnglm Ft. 

JloMilct Mai . . BasbtnUT- 


T?ie Anger's Diary. 

Tmmm (tnU-i 

{Sandon .... 

Poor Aabea. 


( If hiilm art. 

JffOlM Wow. 




daUr Saer- 





Poim fU- 






wprn'Tpii 'i 

Part Pool .. 




ibigtOm Snwl 





aherbroot Bri. 




B1]'th^ Omwall, JMgtL 


( t^« 

Abbou BiomleT. 


CmtthHI Pmd 


^»ta»r. fl™t 



Stvtmv L<ae 



BwUt Part 







nObnl Auir 










PelMU, W»l»ll, Buoon J 

Bivert and their StaUojts. 

OmnmBiULate Binniaghun. 
Bdgbailan Be- 

tervoir. . „ , ^ BSnnlDghun. 
I TTdri^fle Mili BirmSdghAm. 

I SoHon OaldlMd. 

iWladttiPwil SniiOD ColdfleU. 

tatlBra* Osalle Bromnliih. 



SoUtaDll. Enonle, Hi 


urn SoKlasa. 
Ini/brd an. SolUlolL 

-We BHcWord. 


flion^ev Brcct, 

Sutton CoMOald. 

JBiddnlplis n CHinook. 


The Angler's Diary, 

IKlMI («ri.) 

fl™»lm j^oMT 

B^^ :::::: wK^S: 

j.^;*:;::::.. S^J^ 

flr&r^™*.. Beiwonh. 


Pm-kLate. Slocldngrord. 

Ortf tlamUMo- 

»««■•. Zlri. hS1.«. ■ 

BetiKrlA St. Uirkel BoBworth. 

(7Vf«>I.... SbenloD. 


i B0B»«ft 

( Purl .. Sbenton. 

^"ter Poleaworth. Tunwort 

Frtt/ord Broot 

Laka Llchfleld. 

Prtr/oni BaH 

t*6B LiohfleW. 

leiaie .'.'..'..'.,.. Aihbr-dfr-ls-Zouch, Sn 

waiaitt Pari 


Oier Stal Ra. Over Bui. 

B«ralP«i .. OverSenl. 

<---'..,.. ^.....,.1. CtoxTuJl, Wichnor 


BIOOBf™*.... Longnof. , 

Btoto™ a™* Longoor. 

(Hamp. .... LeeE 

( i^>«/>.... Leek. 

MamifM.... Itam. 

^Bt^rnon. '.'.'... 

( i^ WirkBwoMli. ABhboon 

CaMu'BrMl Norbnryl 

Okunwl i*et. 

««*<rrfi!«aT. L«k. 


.jSIonJi^ inn Endon. 

CA»™« CbeddloiOD, 

WeslBnot.... Ohoddleton. 

Ormall Hall 

£afa FroghiOl. 

IjHtowlMt.. FroghiJl, 

C*MT«( FroghilL 

VtBiUill .,.. FtogbiJI. 

C*t™« Oikunoor, Allon. 



(flroBlwtafa Borbmy. 

ea>™« DBMlon,RocMe.r. 


Rivers and their Stations 


SImettfenI art. Uttoie(«r, 

CaUtf Broct.. Tntbnrj. 

'SBoUeilm Ball 

Ferenvai Brt.. 
Fartmart Eall 

jBradltg Brt. 


En™ll, EgginMn, WilUnjlon. 


Coleonm Pndi.. 

AHhbj-dB-ls^oncb. WorlMnM 

Alhtp AghopUll. 

IfOdf ^url Asboploi 

ipmtiOikfnr CHlleloc 

iHjffleld, OhBpel-m-le Frltb. Oi 


iBroAcea Sroot Casi 



The Angler's Diary. 

Bnilon, UUlers DiJs. Uonul D 

iBgcbtopt Broi- 

'iFlatAHam.... Dt,T]tj. 


BaUlef Bnot.. Matiock. 

Oromrord, WtuMundmll. 

Pavii WbolstandweU. 


(Antia- UitlDcfc. StreHon. 

I Stnllm BroBt . Strellon. 

(NoOrait Biwl! Ellbnni. Coibi 
JSm^let Uai . . Coibeimb. 

{Boanct LlttlsEatoD. 

AltailTfBa'IP'iiL LltUe Elton. 

. , Duffleld, Deibf . 
M Derby. 
tt Spontton. 

Spondon, BoTTDVftflh, DnrODCk 

I Laie Dosford. 

1 XarfamtmHall 

Lake NHTbOrooglL 

yHormmlmBrk NMhorongh. 


Whftkone Brk- Narborougta, 

tBIUaim Bnnik Qleo HagD>. 

I^md 'Wifiaondlne. 
Leettnorpe ntd. WlaEWDdloe. 


Mvert and their StoHona. 


Biookibf, B«nbT 

i Pmd ,,.. Beirshj. 
JQiimlbon'Bi. Syaton. 
%/IMv Broot. SjBlon. 

IRoUUrf Brooi. Dosford, 

J Oofrriel Pocl . . Deiford. 

(Roiliief Baib;, Qkallald. 

Uonnl SomI, Bumw-OD'SOH. 

Quomdim Brt,. Ol6n0»ld, B*mw-OD-SoM. 


WaOon Bri. . . LQUgbbOrOnill. 
Simfara Ilall 

Ittlrlam Brt. .. 






BnieH*tU Ball 

Pye BrWgB, Codnor P«k. 

Bttden Vmt, 

Aldtnar Ball 





Wssl hJiud. aualoD. 


Badford, BwstoD. 


FprtKMUI.. . 


The An0er^8 Diary. 




CoettrStct .. 

Lowdiun, Burton Joioe. 



South WBll. 


HaUmBttk .. 


Si:,^^ St. 

^ a«l"oKI, 


\Oalbt Brook .. 



CtB-Dtti ...- 

BUtgluuii, Cothui. 

Man Fool ^ 



Grow P»rk, Snttoa. 




;: ^igiiii. 

P.itndilev Fainik. Poolw M 




Cnj. DOTjnock. 

IVwnn .... 




Sivers and their StaHona. 




J/aoKia .... 


^lairth. OUw«n. 

S= :::::: 


aiiiiiii :.::.. 

FtrtePaid' . 






OHriol AwH 

luwrM. Cwmbw, CurlMD. 


- - 


DIu'JlB^".'. .. 
Bn Brail.. .. 




Brefbn WaUr 

Man Mire.... 
CafUMin .. 



tOuSnt* ... 



r. ..,,.CooqIc 

The An^ler^s Diary, 

WBiViB(eMK.) Auillem 

Ad^trltn Bn»k Sac Pool .... Adderlej. 
AO^Iet HM 

TUcui^".' Adderiey! 

■--■<■■-'■ ADdlBDl. 

BtrehBaaBrk. WooMia Pool Andlem. 
ArlltSnot .. Uadtliy Mmor 

Pari Lata... K«1. 

AwMtfirWcnd UtdeleT- 

IMadtleg Broot 

BadiUhr Brool BaMilcg itsn 

Pool Brook.,.. Ilarlahm Ijott NanHrtdt 

WUIaKon Brl. BaletMen .. HwleleT. 

UiOeMore Htdeln. 

BtUetMaULala BKtord. 
BMtori, Olw 

SmU Briak . . Bagfoid, Ore' 

/nt/tetmiff Brk. 

Balltrkt Hen BuroM. 

Iltmar, Iferi Onwe. 

oat Mm D«Um«n. 

MlnshuU VamoB, 

. OmldlufftoD. 

foByflnwi .. Boilflj.' 
BoelenBiiervoir Boalar. 

{Cm Allot: 

MuMiBroot Googlaion. 
iiryOrool .. "^ — -'" — 

mfmroof- ^ *" 

DairiiBroet .. 

Holmes Cbftpsl. 

Bof Men — OonglstoD. Bolm«a Ohapg). 

Midtie Broot . . OoDgleun, ExUmet CluptL 

'- A.oogic 

Bivers and their StaUons. 




wimiUKi .... 

AlAltn BrM» 


BauM Brk. 





Baa Late 








BaaOU Brt. 



■) Mill P^ 



mteltct .... 

HluhoU Temon, BIddlewich 

HltoMCli*p.l, Mlddla 





Ptdtoirt Mire 


XudiwrtA Va-c 


nn Sail Lot, 







iArUf Ball 

\ Lite .... 







CMfard Men 








A>Oe Ball Late 
C B«il Broet .. 




JoS- Pe«^ 

i Baa Late 










HufcM Huborongh. 





The .Angler's Diary, 


WBtLliiv<«>>l;) Ovmltf Pmd.. 

SHkin, Wtlurlay, EMCon. 





Corbf , Llnla Bylhus, EBendlne. 


BnMbaraDgh Bp*. 

Bonme, Coanter DrMn. Ptoohbeck, Sor- 

CUphBD. (DM. 











BoHtBeii .... 

Nannby. HumlUoD. 
Hrfahui. Ltucoln. 



L«, Btov Puk. 








Mvers and their Staiions. 

roald, KlrkBUul, TslMnhall, Dog- 

. Woodhull Spa. 
TkttwIuU. iMgdfke. 
Lugriok. BoiUn, 
DonlngUm, SvineliHd, BoHOB. 

OrmttfPt.LtU Abj. 


1 Uffti Otmgy • - 

Lljfn Cemff = 
LIfn Crrrig — 


. Blujwln. 

HnU FlorilL 
, Stnu Flarldt. 

. StnUPIotMa. 

LIrtDier .. 

Doldvwlod, H«a BrU(«. 

■- DBtod ... 

jCT|m»tof .... 

St. Hoiiuii, Pm-j-'kimt. 


I7i6 An£lef'& Diary. 


Dol4owlo«, Ballth. 


Naw Bidaor. 


LlmgantLati Tii.jr-Lljm. 

OmBrMt .. TnMDOD, 

£4(/M TnUnon, Tilgutta. 

Eitlg IWganlL 

jDalali Tilgnrth. 

Thm Coclu J DO 

Wtaltnti, EardUa;. 


Htlf»^IBnok BinJLt%. 

AhneleT, ELmmnlsr. 


u, Credmlitll, Hcr«l«nl. 

ieraltPool Dolia. 
SWAa Bnm* . Lluajnlla 

(.fitaet frsot . . Haw Bidnor. Pmuli 
KlOfilind. Lsomlnit 

fPtmirfBnet . 

iLadl Pooli .. Panbrldce, ElniKluii 

JCnft CatOe 


JUvera and their Stations. 

Slrrl/onl Broot 
CtunceH Brook. LwimlniMT. 

dcmlUaSmol Whitney. 

Arrvv ...... Titlej* PvabriAffi, Laonilnfte 

StrtifVnl Broi* Mmrhunirtira. 

Tlfpi^ Broet . PambHdgs. 

atrafiird .... L*ODlln»l«r. 


iBtmtir Bmit LMmiMtU'. 
jBamplm Part 

iBtaaber Fonl. 

atanlm Bntt Ford. 


Dimdale Brtok Uonton. 

[orecan, HerflfOrd. 

iFromi Ashperwn. 

Liddoa BromTiinl. Asbptnon. 

IfVOTnB Stoke GdLUi. HolDM Luar. 

tPenlelovi Brook Aitapsrton, Holma Lucct. 

JWwoiUmPMl Bob. 

IMiBrook .. Knne STldfe. 

EtOti Bnok ■ . Hit, Fuiij. 

Oltlim Brook.. H»j, Tatir. 

Bmddu".'. '.'... aiBDnVj, Llmflhin, 

I Boutt paiuu Tnm ion. 
i Wwm Brook .. Deroreoi. Ponlrll.r 
Duiai finwl ■■ PontTllv. 


ill Brook.. ,. r.nij, AbM-g-'tniiT 


The Angler's Diary. 





*" S?i^:::: 

KeiuH^ Sou *" 


Btacm Ball 


arum Lcdgt 

RHptaaoi. Ltnwid*. 


(CnlOKr Bntk 


f^S ■■;;;;;;;; 

OM BivttBMLoi 


-. -- -, earn tdkSH luuvDa; 
i)r(Ilii, BoMbelcb. 


Sivers and their Stations. 

Carrick, CuU* GODiull. 
DooiH, Kil1il«, Unwrlek, 
LonKbrd. HMtlck. Sbiii- 


Ojkd BcMia. 

D«lnu.U7, Inv* 

rott .. .. ArdKkf. 
ibr ■■■■ OTkelBrtdie. 
(Abar- Abojna, Bilitai, 

Moffat .... HoSlit. 
Orcitr Dalmilly. In 

Orudtnll;, Kramon, Eil- 
lin, LoilBnlt. Lnlti, Mtlk- 

'. Bnvl CaitJc, Thana. 
EUJ. (See Englind.) 
. KLnlocb Rannooh, Pltloctaitg, 
TqmiBal Brldgg. 


Deny OrmonA. 
Derry OroKint. 
DeTTj Onnond. 



The Angler's Diary. 



Ll<B^fim Broot 

Enthlo. Blww), IjMrt«liidc. 






Rivers and their Stations. 


Clwtd (aW.) ifclaa 




Bammt .... 




LIuitkkr TtUlsUrn. 





Aronfg or BMHrs-y-Ooed. 





<«NWAT .... ^<^- 






Bbnod. BMtWB. 



DolwTiIdelui. FiDt-.T-Pui 






CVq/ttofU ... 





Bstheaili nr Capel Cnrig, 
Cape] Curig. 

BelhBBdi or Oapel Cartg 






The Angler's Dicvry. 

OltW.l (conlj 

i*F. CtaSHp... 






LaurUia .. 



Denrjau Bold, LludyUs. Cm 




^±i' ::::;: 




CrOMlnn, P-ntjffnoa. 

SS? ::::::;; 

Pui.,(r„,o>,, Poiit-u-diil.1.. 

Tnuarcl, .... 

HiwDDicn .. 

D t. 







Pom Se«ydd. 


Kp.^r» .... 




lUvers and their Stations. 

LItnOadr .... 


UynOri Arthog. 



eijn Nb.Ui, 
Crtaiut, Abtrdriiu. 

CrjiiiDiycli Anw. 
Crr™yeli Ami 



Cipsl Corii. 

Capel Cnrlg or BMhsxIi. 

Ctpel CiiTl|. 



^JttAiMdilnuur Daill'i Brid|t«. 

SAwUfou bsTlL'i Bildic. 

Caiias Dn1l|i BrMge. 

Uyheria Ufiaien Jenaa Dsril's Bridge. 


XUpnS/i^ddiiimt DstU'i Brtdg«. 

Ufnlai DtTll's Bridge. 

MOmddKr '^-- 

I aUnSMdatLala 

Bhjmnoj, Pontlotirn, Tjr-Phll, Birgoed. 

Fros-rbln, Durraii, Birgoed. 

Penwm, Hengoed, BBdwu. 

Cwrpbllly, BBdnM. 

CurphlllT. Bedww 

Chnrcb Bold, Bhjiwderlii. Cirdlff 

'- A.oogic 

The Angler's Diary. 


UuA Z^n-durJrddu LIutMrrli. 

Salt*. [Shrdowm. 





Si. Glue. 

DolMMT, PooluUcotll, PMt, C«(n. 
HtrthTr. TY»d-y-ALw, Qoikni- Tmi d. 



Eirvun, Ujndend, AOerdin. Abanunim 

it,W»lnotT«e, Llima««,& 

LIfn fan-faai- Psowfllt. 

Bt/Te PsDwyllt 

Haffif Fenwyllt. 

Tim £l|nn«( --' 

Utnlflir .... 
Tun (anf.) . . Ufti Bgnam . . 



Ltyn-y-Oorlat . Btrttft V\ 

Smii FlorldL 


Rivers and their StaUons. 


The Angler's Diary. 


Tiltay tlokd. 





f*wba«;' ■.".■; 




LUngybi, Oinrtlog, Afon W 

rr<n>i-C«d. Llinrhynjit, 

...... ■ST..:::: 






P. D. MALLOCH, Fishing Tackle Manufacturer, 




in Onn Metal or AlaminiQm ; the greateat boon to Anglera yet inrented 
for Salmon, Mabseer, and Trout, and all kinds of Coarse Fiahiiig, 
CnsnTposaed Cor Long-dietuioe Caating -, simple, and easy to team. 
Bod* MLd Unea sp«olBlly Boltabla for Ulom BMLi. 
KALLOCH'S PATENT FLT CASE for Salmon, Grilse, Sea Tront, and 
!Eyed Fliee of all sizes. Handy and compoot. Eaoh Fly aeonted by 
□eat and effective artangement. 





Prize Medals Awarded National Fiaheri«B' Eibibition, Norvioh, 18B1 ; 
Intemational FigherieB' Exhibition, Edinburgh, 1882. The Higheit Awards 
at the Great Int«matioDal Fiaheries' Exhibition, London, 18B3 ; Gold Medal 
for General Collection of Eods and Taokle ; Gold Medal for Flies; Gold 
Uedal tor Salmon Beela ; Gtold Medal for Tront Reek ; Medal for Troat 
Boda ; Medal for Salmon Bods ; Special Money Frizes for Salmon and Tront 
Beals ; Special Money Prize for Salmon Fliea ] Six Diplomat of Eononr \ 
Silver Medal Bolton. 1S89. for Casts of Fish. 


Ad vertisements. 



Uaaa&cturers of Hrst-Class 


Tor all Parts of the World. 


SALlSwdlOlsr FLIES. 
C3-E/A."Z"LI2srC3- FLIES. 




"- ■ A.oogic 


m, month ; w, week ; 

For all Bn^LBll riTera (eiceijt as beloo) and for Sootoh Eak the c 
for Bilmon ia from Not. 3 to Feb. 1, and tor tront Oct. 2 to Feb. 
Esli from Maroh 15 to June 15. 

KOTI.— The word Silman ineludes ill mlgnlory SAlmonida. 
iVON (Dkv 
dlitric- ' 

cr,n— . - - ,.-, 

^ ^U^^ Lidden, ind other iribmiarieB, aicapi 

Feb. 1; T, ibove Ameibnir Bridge, Oel. IS 
d AmsBbni? Bridge. Oct. lloUarcb 31; OF.dod 

, Btue, PbitoIj^ Irie, Tone. Teo. Wills u 

dlilrlot, Nov. SOioMByl; g^. Offi, 1 B M«roh U; T, Oct. 1 lo Itul d»y ol 

,7b. ed.^T, 2B.6d.; 

ar. Clottlbnt: S. Nov. sa to April SO ; T.0i1l.t 

Ucmca: S, lOB.i T, 28.6d. 

I; T, Oct. ItoMcreblSi Uancas S, aOe. i 4w, 

OAUEL' iDclndW' Hejl and all rtrers on nortb coul or Cornwall. Cfruc limt : S, Deo. 1 

loAprU SO; T.Oct. 1 toMaicblS; C F. Marcb 19 lo June Is. Uanea: S, ins.; T.Si. 

OI£DDT. tndudliig East and Weal Cledd) . Owaen, Cae liraet a. Sox. IloFeb.l;T, 

CLWYD iNn ELWY, including Alsd. Cloir Id ■ ; S. No7. IS to May IS ; T, Oct. 2 to 

Feb. 28; CF, Uarcb l.otoJonelS. Urnca: 8, !0b. ; T, 49, M.: n. is. 
CONWAY, iDcladiDg Lledr, LlwgBj, Uim Conway. Ciost limi: S, Nov. 15to AprilSO; 

n.Noi. 1 to April 3D: T. Oct. -i lo Feb. 1: F. Uarch IS lo Juoe I.^ lActatet: 
1; m.lOB.: w. Ss,;d,U.; T. lB.;d, «d. 
COQIFET. CtuKlimc: B. Nov. 1 to Jan. 31; gatf.Ocl. I to Jan. 31; T. Nov. 1 lo Uaroh 3 ^ 

F, Uarch IS lo Jane 10. Lkemi: S, Ss.; T, above Thmni Mill, Is. 
CDHBldUjAND (Webt|. Inclodltig Calder, Ehea (below Euoerdale Lake). Esk. Irl, 
Wastwater. Bleng, Ulle. Clou lime: 8, Nov. H to March 10; ^taCf, Nov. 2 to JnneSD; 

t'sb. Bd. 1 w. Is, 

DABt, tncliidlngEaatDan,Webbem,BUptoD]>H. Cloaeliiae: 8, Nov. 2 to March 1 : gaS. 
Nov. lloAptfll; T, Oct. i to iBsldBJol Feb.; UP. Miirch IS to Jbiih 16. licmca: 
S,£l; w.Tb.M.; T.IOb.; monthly (alter Msj 1), Sb. ; d, 3s. 

DEB, including Ainen. Alyn. Ceriog. Oalrn, Ulw, Trevetryn, Tivrch, Bala Lake. Clou 
tinn! S,NoT.2toMBrch31;T.Oct.I4taFeb.l4; CF.MarchlStoJunel.^. Licaca: 
8,TOb,; wI08.;ri.68,; T, none. 

DEBWENT (CoMBESLANii), including BaBseolbwaile, Derwentwator and Loweswater. 
Cnunmoakwater, Buttennere, St. John's Beck <belov UillgUI), NaddleBeok {below 
Bonghhov Bridge). Qret&, Cooker, Uarron. Cloie lime : S, Nov. IS to March 10 , gaff. 
Nor. IS to June SO; T, Sept. Is to Uarch 10. CrummODk and Bnttenaere. for char 
only, Nov. l lo June W. OF, Matoli IS to June 15. LUxnca -. S, Mb. ; to S^t 8, 10b, ; 
m, lOat any part of dlslrtcl, except Blver Derwent. between Ouaa Bridge and aea , 
10b.; m, Ss.; w,!b. ed.; T.Sb.; m.2s.6d.; aboveOoseBrldge, d, Is. 


iiTiii The Angler's Diary. 

Sngtutd and. Wiloa— wntinvcd. 

DOVEY, Inolndiu Artio, Dnlu, Dysynnl, Mawdduh. OUslyn, Lery. I^TSor, Bjcluui, Ufa 
aim, Ck^thm: S.Nav.30 to AprllSO; giO, Oct91 loIiIaySO; T, Oct. g u Feb, 38 
0>,]fuBhieUtJimetE. Lkmca- S, 10a.; m.fis.i w. ls.6d;d.lg.; T. none. 

DWYFAOH, InohuUne Dwyfiwr, Erch, Sooh. CTowItm*: 8, Noy. 16 to Mituh 1 : T.Oct* 
to Feb. 1; or, UarcblstoJniielE. £i»ii«i: S. !1h.; T. 7b. ; m. e^. ; w.3b. 

BDEN, Ineloding Eden (betow Klrkby Stephsn), PetterUI (below Wreay Bridge), CaMer 
(below HsiAedale Bridge), Ramont (bflow junctloii with Lowtber). IrtUng (belDW 
boondmij of Camliertindl. tJrodnndJe, Wunpool, Wivar. CTo« (due: S. in Solww 
below Old Sandiaeld, Sepl in to Feb. 10; elKwlwn in district, Xor. 16 u> Feb. IS; 
g»(r, Nov. 16 lo June aUi T, Oct. 16 lo list d»yof Feb.i C F, none. Ltaaca; 9, for 
whole dlatricl. ilB.; BboTe Ann»lhw»ileB»y, 10«.: w.Ss.; dngle-bandad roda In DnlH 

E8K (YOBKB), loelndiug (Jlaisdale. ' CJow ImK : 's. Not. i lo Feb. ) : T, Oct. I to Feb. 1 
C F, Ui.rcti IE to Jane IS. Ucmca: S. lOa. ; m, Se.: d. ia. 6d. ; T, la. M. 

BXE (DhvoN). Including Bade, Culm, Fordlon. Cllat Cfw '(hh: S. Nov.! Io Manthl: 
g^. Oct. 1 to April 3Di T.Ocl. ItoFeb. 1; C F. Uarch IS to lone IE. Ll-mca: S.»a.; 

FOWky, tnctujlng St. NeotB, Fal, Looe, and all Btmuna on soatb coast of Coniwitll. 
~ ■■ " " - ■ - ■-- ■■ "- " "-- ■-- "— h 15; C F, Mareb 16 to June le. 

,. .i.StoFeb. 1; T, Oct. t to Feb. 1 i 

KENT iNO BBLA, IneludinsCrake. Goolaton Water, Duddon, Kent, Uint, Sleddale.Leieo, 
Ealhw^te. Oraameie, windenpere, Troubecli. WioBter. CIom limi- S, Noi. 16 to 
)l4toh 31 : gail, Nov. I to Juoe I : T, Oct 1 to March 1, In Wlndennere and C^onlBlon, 
Oct. Z to Uaicb »U In Bela. Sepl. 1 to Feb. IE; F, Uarcb IS b> Jmie 16. enwE 
tor pike. Lkmat: B, 10b.: w.6b.; T,!B.«d. 

LEA, Inclndlng tribnIarieB. Clou lim: S and T, Sept. ! to Hay 1; pike, Uarcfa 1 to 
Angnat iTC F, April 1 to Jnue I. 

LUXE, IncloAng Ooofcer, Oonder, Keer. WetmlDg, Hlndborn, Orels, Rotker, Wyre. CIom 
M»t: 8,NoT. ItloUarcbl; T, Oct. j to tUrck 1 1 C F. Uarcb 16 to June U. Lianca: 
a,J0a.jl(irWyre,KeBr^oker,Conder,Wenning,Qret«.andtilbnl»rie«,6B.; T,aB.«a. 

MOBFOLK AND BDFFOLK, Inelodlds Ontiaabr Broad, Blver Tbnme, HIcklibg Bnad, 
H<mar Here, Uulbuu Broed. SoiUta 'Wklaham Broad, tpKn Broad, WUttleseunere 
Bnttd, Hl^iam Bnwd, North Valabud and mibani Canal, Banwoitb BnMd, Hov«d 
^oad, Wroiham Broad, Kver Onae. Wlaaey and Nar, Blvef Waveney, Frilton Bnad. 
Lakeljlthlng,mverT»re,BlTer WenBnm.Breydon Water, Surllnghain Bro*i, Eo(" 
land Broad. (TIsk time : S. Nor. I to Feb. 1 ; t, Sept. 10 to Jan. U; V. Utucb 1 

Lakeljlthlng,mverT»re,BlTer WenBHm.Breydon Water, Surllnghain Bro*i, Boch- 

land Broad. ClMtlimi: S.Nov. I loFeb.l; T, Sept. 10toJBn.S6; F, M(-"- - -- 

Jane SO. Lirmat: None. 
OOHOBE. Including Uynvl, Gwenoy. CUitt ilmc: S, Nov. 16 to April 30; T, Sept. 30 to 

laal day of Feb. ; C F, March 16 to June 16. lirmca: S, lOa.Sd.; m. lOa. «d. : T, Je. 
OTTEB. Clou time: S, Nov. i to Feb. 1; T. Got, « to Feb. 1, C F, March IC to Jnoe IB. 

Lianca: S, Wb.: T, none. 
OUSE (SnssKi). CUniHfoi: 8, Not. 1 to April 1; T, Oct I to March SI ; OF,M»rehlSto 

1; T,OctiloF« 

nB.NoT. 210 April30;T,Oct.3laHarchl;CF,llarchI6toJnnel6. UcsiCM: S, Ma. ; 

month (atterJuneaol, 10b.; T 2B.«d. 
BOTHEB (Suasaxj, Including TflUnghun, Brede. CIm lUu : 8, Nov. I to Psb. 1 -. 

T,Oot.2 toFeb.l. ilanwir nono. 
SEIONT, Inclndl^ Bralnt, Cefnl, (])wrfi^, Owm Llyn, Llylnl, Llyn-y-Nulle, Uubarla 

Lakea. Clcitiimi; loMarch I; gtft.Nov.S loUHrchl; T,Oct S toHarebl; 

Bralnl andCelol, Oct 16 to March 1; char. Oct. S2 to March 1; Bralnt and Cefnl, 

Oct. 1! Io March 1 : CF, March IS Io June 15. Lk/nca: S.iU.: m. 10s. «d.; w,6c.: 
■ " Tratnt.«id Llyfnl. - •■ ~ 

SEV^BN, Tnclnding Avon^ceicept In Warwickshire), Llt^ ATon, Frome, Leaden, Tom. 
- ~ - ' - — ■ "den, fern, Mow, Tienj, Vemiew, Tajat, 

log. Tylwch, (3^1o'ster and Berkeley Canal, 
■Caaal (irestDf A" ------ 

. ... . , eicent nlke. the 1 

of Salop, Stoflord, 

Bea, Corre, Clon, Onny, Sloor, Worf, 

Baow, Einlon, Bhiw. Taranon, Giamo, Clwydog. Tylwf 

Birmlnghamand Worceali>rCBjial(ireBtof Alreehnrch). bmeiuK: a, not. iiu cen. ij 

T, Oct! ID March 1; C F,eii»pt pike. the whole district Mou Vemiew month, Id the 

counUea of Salop, Stoflord, Worcesler, and Qloucester, and the Avon, where It llowa 

through Worccater and Qlonceater, March 16 to June 16. Pike tn» he killed aojwhere, 

Liur. CIsKHnu; 3, Nor. } to May 1; T, Oct 2 b> 
Cloit timt : S, Nov. 16 to April 30 ; gaD, Nov. 1 b> 



•Jngling Close Seasons and Licences. 'lix 

BnglMtd Hid Wklaa— cmlinud. 
TAHAB UjD FLYH, InclndJnK Inn^, AtUrj, Cmns, Tsvy, Lynhcr, Tealm, Bnde Ciul. 

Clouljmt! P, Not. J 10 Feb. 1; T, On. i to Feb. 1 ; C F,MBrcb 15 toJnnolB. Licmat: 

e, 7s. Si ; T, nope. 
TAT ADD TOBBIDGE, liicladlng Yoo, Br»y, Lltae D»rl, Otemmt, CJom lime: S, Nor. 1» 

to Murch ai : g*a'Soy. U to M*; 31 ; T, Oet. i to Feb. 1 ; C F, Hsich IS to Jane It. 

UcBtta: S,!ls.; T, nonf, 
TEES,inclndliin (Teee belo™ Maiie Broot) Leien, Sterne, UrelK, Lane. CTnie Hmt: S.Noi. S 

toFsb. 1; T, Oct. 1 toUB.rchI: C F,lbicb IS toJnnelS. Licaica-. S.^Dh.; T, 2b. «i1. 
TBIFI, iocloaing Cvch. Oerj, Nevero, Wirtai. Clote limt , 8, Oct, 2» to Feb. 1 ; T, Oct. 1 

TEION <DlV0N), iDciading Vny.' Oat lime: 9. Not. 1 to tbrcb!i'ff*ff, S«pL S lo 

AiirUSO: T,Oct.l toMirobi; C F.HUreb It lo Jnne IS. Lkmca: S, Wto.; oi.Sa.; 

w^a.6d.; d, 2s.; T,2a. ed. 
THAMES. CIoH Iibk: SBLman,Sept.lloMBrchM; tronlBDdobar.Sept.ll toMarchai: 

■melta, March 25 to July ^5; lunpema, Apritl to Au;. 21; eela, Uhrtb 16 to Junelfi; 

oth er freabwat^r flBtu Mnrcb U to Jma IS. Lietnea: noDa. 
TOWT, Inclnding anili, CothL Oenaen, T>r, Loaftaor, Aounoa, Qwendruib Fach, Qweii- 

dnelhFawr. ClOHtimet S, Not. 2 to lUi^ IS ; T. Oct. 2 to Mareb I : G F, nona. 

LieBKit: S,2U.; T. 58. M. 
TBENT, Incladlog Anoholm, Idle. Soar, Wreak. Darveat. Wve. CbameL Dove, Heue, 

Aobar, Blylh. Tame. Ludd, WUhemeau, ElnnLDgfaam aod Fazelf. Aibby-de-la-Zoucb. 

andEaatngtonandWyolByCBEala. aoutimi: B. Not. 2 to Feb. 1 ; T.OotSioFeb.l; 

weekly. IH, ; MijolhermHtnimBnt,10i.. ' " ' ' 

TYNE, IncliiLllaK Derwent. DoTll'B Water, Allen Water, South Tyna. North Tyne, Bede- 

water. Owf (»« ■ S. Nov. s w Feb. 1 ; T, Sopt ■"■'>• — <.-^.r.-a u — ,.,,.. 

Jime M.. Lianta: S. -Job. -. Soalh Tyae, aboTB 1 

above Bedemoatb, 10b.: T, 2h. «d.; lu, la. 
UBK AHD EBBW. including Alon Llwjd, Hooddu, Yaclr, Bren, Tarrall, Cynrfg. Clint 

ot H'lndduto rJaaTaesBridgo.aloDgE.waUirshed of Tarrall to S. boundary or dlBtrlol. 

Nov. 2 lo April aO: above IhallinB, Sept. 2 to April SO; T. Oct.2toFBh. 14 ; C F (BMOpt 

eela), HarchlS to June IS. Litinrtt: 9,20a.; T. la. 
WEAB. bicludlng Bedbum.Browney. C/iw rtnie ; S, Not. 2 to Feb. 1 ; T, Oct. 2 to Fob, 1 ; 

OF, KarohlSIoJuDcie. ii«iBM: S.Sa.; T,ls. 
WYE, inolodlna Moano™, Trothy, Lugg, Arrow, Ithon. Clote tone: S. Nov. S to Feb. 1; 

Mil, Nov. 2 to MarcbU; T, Oct. J to Mareh I ; OF, none. Licaiai: Sin Wye below 

Llaawntawl Bridge and all watera below Builth Bridge. 2I)b. ; other parla. 10s.; T, It, 
YOBESHIBE (rivera flowing Into Humber). including Aire, Calder, Derwenl, Don, Hall. 

Oai>e,Wb»rfe,N'ldd,Ure, Swale, WiBke-BaroBley Canal. Clotttinu; S, Nor. 16 to laal 

day ot Feb.; gan, Nov. 2 to April W; T.Oct. 2 toUarcblS; O F|ai:ceptplka),Uarchl& 


All dnteB inoluBire. 

The DOiTeraal charge For a Salmou liceoco In Ireland Ib 20e., arallable [or the whols 

BAIXINA— Sept. IS to Jan. 81. ExcepHoia: Blrer FlLKBBaiON or OlJKiNieBNOII, 

flOTE,— AngllDg lor treat la alao prohibited Id Blier Mor doriDg April and Uay, 
eicepi In Longba Conn and Collen. 
BAIJJNABILL— Nov. I to Jan, 31. Bivara LouiBHUBOH, Not. 1 lo May 31, Oab- 

KOWmaKj, Not. I lo Jane au. 
BALLYCASTLE— Not. I toJan. ai. Kvar BnsH, Ocl. 1 loJin. 31. 
BAIXTSHANNON— Oat. 10 lo Feb. 23. Blver BUNDUFF, Oct. 1 lo Jan. Ml. Blver 

BlINDBOWIB, Oct. 1 10 Jan. 31; Blvar EUNE, Oct. ! !□ last da; of Febcuary. 
BANOOB— Oct. 1 to April 30. Klvera Oibnamoy and OWKNOARTE, Not. 1 lo April SO. 

BlTara Bubbiehoole. OwsNonFF, Ballytbeky, and Billyoboy, and Aobil Island, 

Not 1 to Jan. 31 ; BlverB OWSNMOBE and Munhiu, Oct. I lo Jan. ai. 
BANTBY— Nov. I to March 16. 
COLERAINB— Oct. 1 lo Feb, 28; cross llnea, Aug, 20 to Feb, 3. Blvera Uaihe and 

Blackwatkb. Not. 1 to Feb. 28. 
CONNSMABA— Oct. 16 to Jazi. 31. Bivers Cashla. DooHELLi, Ballinahinch, Sobiib 

•nd INTBK, Nov. I to Jan, ai. 
OOBK— Oct. 13 lo Feb. IS. BiTersbetweenBalli' 
DrBLIN— Nov. I to Jan. 31, Broadmeadow and Ward Blvew, Oct 14 to Feb, 1. 


The Angler's Diary. 

lr»lKid— owMnBifrf. 
SI lo Murch 1. B«ewe™cloBher Head and N. boundary of Hirer Aniu 
und^ o[ Blier AjinB«KaB>>n and siuU^hui Point, Sepl. M lo ii*3 l. 

" - "an. 31, Klver Ov'ohtek'abd, S^t BO U 

KlLi^BNEY— Nov 

eon utngloas I^>uiliuu1 BolDS ueiM. Hepl. leiol 
b Head. Oct. 16 to Jan. 31 Bivers Ladne Hud U 

KiNA, Not. I to lasl dtT of Feb. BiTei 

LieUOBE— Smi 

e Qlbmcis, Oct. K 

Sept. 3' 



All dates iQcIasive. 

For oil TlTora (except bb Iw1ow)-Nov. 1 to F«b. 10. 

ADD, ABAY, EOKAia, N. ESE, S. E3E, FTNE, KHEL, SHIKA— Not. I lo Feb. 10. 

ANNAN— Nov. le to Feb. 24. 


Oct. M to Feb. ID. 


YTHAN, Bcd Bll liven In HlBBie. Bekbecula, and S. and S. UlST and or 

Oeenby— Nov. J to Feb. M. 
DBDMMACHIXIY (Boig), OLENMOBE (Butb)-Ool M to Fob, J6. 
E6E (DUMFEIBB)— Nov. ! to Feb. 1 ; T. Oct. 2 to Feb. 1 . 
FINDHOBN— Oct. IJ lo Feb. 10. 

NITH— Nov. le to Feb, 34. 
8HETLANI> ISLANDS— Nov. u to Jto. 31. 
STDJCHAB-Nov. IB lo Feb. 24. 
TAY— Asglins, Got. 16 to Jul. 14. 
mpBS O— Sept. IS to Jbd. ID. 
■ITraKD— Dec. 1 lolui. ai. 
OBB— Not. 30 to Feb. 24. 

KoTE^-Tbeie is do close time for i 

fOT either s&lmou f 



.. Muntblj llck«l. 

.. NortlL 

.. Kortta-EUal. 

'.'.'. WsM. 

... WMkly Uckst 


.. BIriisnIiud R' 

.. BlihDiiaCinle 

CbMhIn Una Ry. 

oar. uti Midland 

Q.AE.K QanBniiindEnstBnd 

G.V.R. OoldoQ VmlBT Ry. 

<3.C.R. Ort^Oentnl B;. 

e.E.11. QnM Butnn Kj. 

G.E. AO.S.J.S. Qnat Euleni nod 

G.K. « L. A Orel 

rtbem and Loodiln 


Q^l W«un, »nd R<,Tm. 
OBJ Jolnl Rf. 

London ud SooHi-Wertoni 




L. 4 N.W.R .. 

U A 8.W.R, .. 


I«Bd'on Br(rtton.™dSon(li 

L.C. A DR. ... LoDdDD, Cbittiun, 

.. London. TilbDiT, and SoaUi- 

.. London dofTf Ej. 

ft a.N.J.lL... Uldlandr 
Joint 1 

Aaw.J.B... Midland. 
Joint F 

ftS.iV.J.R... Midl.Ddi 

fte.R NuUian 

.E.B. Nonli.E! 

Bad Altducha 

Flilignard Ry. 

L ...,. North ScaOOrdibire R, 

« L. bl. ... Nortli Wala and Uierpool 

H.Q.B. Horcb Walw Narrow OauiK 


il.R Otlonl ud ATlutinry R;. 

T.H Pembrolto and Tenlij R; 

Cuarplilllr. » 
Id LanRTldiie R] 

.. Rliyninor Rj. 
'.'. 3br«rili0T7 am 



The Angler's Diary. 

S. A C.L.E.R 

... SoMhport ind Chuhire P.J.B. pool, Smihpoit, 
UnH EifDiton Ry. 1 PrtuoD JngciU Rr 

S. A KJ.R. .. 


I. of H.R ».. lale o( Med Ry. 


.. LleofWUhtHy. 


.. W.<.fWi«h.CBnlr.lB7. 

0. k S.W.B. 

. QlMgow«nd3oulli-WMiarn 

P. & »,J.R. . 

■■'aK«. "'■""■ 




.. Clo«her V»llei Rj. 

.. Dou.K.I Ry. 


.. War CKra &j. 






1. (SMffordl.— L. A N.W.E. Bronilej brook. 
invW. Pnrt tiTook, a m. S,E. Swirboanie 
tflitr: Bugoti P«rfc, 2 m. N. Like by New- 

AlMTflUsry (HanmDnUi).— 

AbwAsrd < fork), ili. Oarftrtb or MloMUld, 3 n.— Cock beck. |.%i! Fsnt.) 
AbaxMVannr (Honmoalti), — a.' U<k; Hlman. trool; preMrred bj Ui» n>k 
ud^Mn ConHmtora, tbe United Uek Flshirg Amclwlon (w tU), ud ttas Aber- 

ttme, Si.; Udl» ind bojt under IS lulf price. SabMx ilihlig beglni Manli I, aqdlUE 
Not. 3; trtmUitg F«b, IE, aDd ending Ocl. I. The cell tnuil not be nted before Mtj I. 
Ulnoow tMblag tor trgni bsRliu April s, and no artiOcUil mlDnow muat exceed liln. a 
Isogtb. Trout aibermen must hiTe a biK or buket (Or tbelr flab; nodoti, (8m Uit: 
A-ia»). (f.i.) GteTeony; tront. (See JfetBparl.} (e.i. Utl.) Kjnactadr broek, 3 ol 
Trotbey,;* m.; trout <c.i. Wye). Pnll brouk. i m. Hooddn, t m.: tronL Hoanaw 6«.; 
trool i both ro«bed by telL (S« C4(jijlo».) Grwjne, 8 m.; plenty of imall tront. (fiu 
JTfippDrf.) Boteitt Aagel (f« JiJrffr1ueni«nO. Greybonnd. Tbe proprietor of Anffal bMft 
tnnitaralileBalmoa ticket tor Iberrwnao of tilivlBlIon In Uak. end Sta. at prtTVe waEar. 

Ab9i*raium(iloamoatti).—a.'WX.;l,. AS.'W.B, Llwyd : tront, etlmoa. (Ste Iftitprrl.) 

AMncdon (Betki).— Q.W. 
BbIiU: Qneen'i. Crown u 
Lamm. M.T.) 

Ato' (Uncolb).— a.K.R. Wllhorn. Calceby beck, 2 m. Lata : Ormtij Pwi. s tn. (Bei 


2 The tinkler's Diary. 

A«t«n(Clwahln).— L.ARW.B. Wwnr. Cnddloiton brook. Baottirook, I n. W. 

AUaAW (Okaddr*).— O.W.R.! h A H.W.B. Addetlaj brMik. Lata: AOderlarHiU 
liko. TtasMan. HiapoolatSluTlnRUD, I ulS-W. Hbii pool. Old pool, (iKI Bta pool 

^" — --BCTWk).— ILB. Whirte (c.i. rant.) (&. J-orJ.) 

_.jn(li«SM.)— I>kT.B.i L.ft H.W.B. DodeIu {e.i. RIMt.1 Binden bioofc, 

In. 8. !*(•• I BlTtacton rMn-TOIr. iBtt Umrpool. Bciinh Bant.) 

■ MKLuia.)— L. * Do«D. iBuRmuom.i 

7 ^ort).— N.E.B. Bwalr, In-W. {cj.Tgri.-j Slelt, In. H.W., at IdnKton, 

Jlntt** (L.UH 

.,,. _. — .- .- ... .. Laltl! PiWhBll L*ke (3 m. S.) Chil- 
impuiD pqoi (a M; nood fUMnf). Snowdon pool (3i fn. S.W^) (fitt fftotuetUr.) (ci. 

AloaStar (Wuviek).— ILB.; O.W.B. Arrows pike, ptrcb, ebnb, due. rouh, braun, 

few troDt; [ood flitaiof bslow. belontlns to Mr. Scotli ix. !>., frmn the nib Hotel. 

Wlxford. fOr < m. Aloe. Bo« brook (T m. N.W.) iMttr. Biglar Puk like (9 m. S,} (5h 

/nllwTOH.' ObtuftiUr.) Boltl: Snn. 
Aldabiircli (Soffolk), — d.E.B. Aldr. 

whlUnJ from the bvMtii OcloMr »nd 

Brudanill, WtalU Uod. 
AUaxmUltaa (Barka).— O.W.R. Sennetii roacb, dace, percb, pike. Iront; pTeaemd 

bTC. KsM*r,Eiq.,ol AldemutionPirk. Embiinie: troal. {Stt Lm^n. JI.T.} 
AUaznW-— Mr. WUooeka aafi: "Baa flita of all kloda mar be Uk«o tma mj itav 

tock. laallaiil pollack and othar BihlDE onMde tbe barbonr, atnogari ibanld not 
- 'lealooa. Corbelii an •■nElteDt atberman. With tkerod, ?rom tbe braak- 

mMr, maf ba Ukao wUUng. pollai . . _ . 

braam; lUi latter alio fnm Itae aiaep rocki ander tbe fort The poUuk and poat 

an lb* chief flab oanfht from (ha raeka m pier In tbe "intei, and thaj are to be taken. 

Jl tba raar rautd, the poot more paMcDUrlr, b^ tfarowlDg odC a cnniid 
A witb a ll|tailT-]ead»] line, with or wlihoni a float, aceordlng to local 
The breakwater rnni ont Into vater lOOIL deep or mors. The otbar 
flab to ba taken li tbe atkeitiiBor aand ameltwhlcb mar be otngbt with a Baternoatar 
iDd ■ ioi. or loa. lead, hooki No. B and 9, and a place ol rai worm for ball, |1D. losg, on 
each book. It ii aapaeiallf a irlDter-fMdln* flab, bal take* beat after dark, nsdei ■ laisp. 
Under the fort dnrlnt a flna aommei oTenlnn;, tonlns a eaitUw Due «ltta tlirea or toot fliM, 
■Dd Mjdaot line oat 1 or ■ line wllb rock or Id( worm bait, with ■ lib. lead, or «Twi vttboU 
taj lead at all. Mil ba oiccaaifDl lo taklni polliek. Ton woold alio catdi eongara h« 
throwlni oat a croand Uno, ballad with n piece or a meker lOtttpia nlirarii), or a ■mall 
past, plMttotpoBaoki or other Ireah Sab. On aandr bcttoma, lo the bafi. Id roocb weathar 
la nma«TaBdBatBmii,when there lea KDodanrf. a throw-oat or lodger lioa halted wWi 
•ackar(liera«alladnMMn),sllli iqnld (tanned taiM), or sottle flih (Hejka),wlll oeoaidoiially 
takelargacroaBdMai,th>m<ilb. to Ulb. Bim are HimatlDKi plentlfnt, and ara tonndln 
thaNnastMaaottheSiBitepaaaan.irberatbaT are whiffed or trailed m with aimall atf 
oiMharflahbaU. There Ij a nood hotel hare.'' 
Aldw»r» (Tort), n.e. Sollmton, * m.— Onie. (ci.rart.) (3» Fort.) 
UftMMk (Darhr^.-H-B. NonniaioD brook. Weeiwood brook. In. H.E. Amber. 1«.W.; 
treat. grarUnc. Erawaih.S m. S.B.alP7aBrldffa. totu.- Batterlerresanolr.Sm. 3. 

(iSH OMutOTHWlk) 

All^tOB (Tork).— S.E.B, AUerton beck, 1 n. W. Nleld. 3 m. B. (&(. Tori.) I^iln: 
AUertonParkUkea. 3n. W. (SeeTort.') 

Alnaln (Hereford). — Q.W.B. npeoii brook. Lettan lake brook. Lattt : Hewpart 
Park, npcolt. (See CTgWo".) 

Ala* (T^).— H.B.B, Ible. Hawkhlll heck. Daringibecfc. (&> Font.) 

AlSWlOk {Northland.).— 'N.E.B. On AIn; tront and aaa Iront: lauon (or laa troot, 
FM.aioNoT. I; troat. Marsh I to Oct 1 The Doke of HortliDnberlaad preaama tha 
walar nnnlnc Hiroajh Hnlne Park. Dairy Gronnda, and the paMora* to DamrlA 
BrIdRa. LaaTe maj aometlmea be obtaltipd. Prom Denwick Bridge to Ahimooth Brldga 
la In Um baudi of the Blver Aln Antdlni AaaotiatloB, aieapt a email portton oa lb* 
aOBtli rid* ot Deswtck Bridie, and that part rvnnlag tbroua Iba RToaDdi at Iiaalnij 
Hona*. TUUon itaTtaf (rlthtn the AaioclHtlan radiai an sharged b. M. par da^. IM. 

II. p«T month ; tlcketi naj h* oblnlned from tbe hen. aee., John Je C. 

■-■- -be rliera (>igwet, Breamiah, Till, and 9!on i 

LrmlDK epot lor an angUng hoUdar. BttOt ; 1 

Farnler, Eaq.. Alnwick. Tbe rliera (^igwet, Breamiah, Till, and Slen are wlChln can 
..^ . .... - .,. ^ n^.,. -wrl^ 

_ .. ... d will tront, hi_. 

tbe water la ahrletlr pTaeerred hr C. J. Wrlam. Esq.. end Earl KaTenawonh. 
Alrasfbid (kiania).— L. A 9.W.R. ICehun: troat; preaarred. (Sh flwaaipton.) Tba 

n, Into which the pond dialna. 

'- A.ooglc 

England. 3 

AbawMCSUffoTd).— L.AN.W.B. Tisnt; jwota. bnim. cUbD, «UtM, roMh, pike, (ej.) 
Alniiu brook. Bwirteuniebnink. In. H.w. Tuss, 9 in. 8.E. ; ehnb, dice (o. Trnr.) 
Ueua, 3 m. 3.E. (<.f. IVoU.) Pswa brook, ( «. S.E. (Ah OwuiorvivJI.) 

tHamttvc (CbMhln).— L. « H.W.R. BumU brook. Union brook. 1 ■>. H.E. LaXti: 
Alunr ixnid. Liwton HaLL. a m. E. Liston men, 1 m. N.E. Sod« H*1l, 1 m. N.E. 
(£« nvdiAon.) 

JUtou; (Linci.). — W.L. A L.S A P.J.B. All; iHcli. pike, fa* trout. DownbolUnd 
brook. Alt Tliei In tbe Urea lika Id Knowiler Puk, 9 m. S-V. at r I Mil 111, and, 
rnnnlDc tbianib ■ iinillar oond In ihe F*rk, rani^m., to I m. N.B.o(WMtI>arfe7. 
* m. domi, 1 m. S. of Xixkby, Flnkan brook, 3 n. lonf. join* on rifbl bank, and ic 
tba lama plana and onlha hibo iMa SlmoDairood brook Jobu Alt. TUa brook la Bm, 
long, ud runt daae to Xlrkbyt 1 Rl on from Ha jnnctlOD wltta Alt. AU rana 1 m. tu 
Atmtfu, S«n0B 3 m.. and B m. boW la Joloed on right bank bf LidlaM brook. 
Lfdlata rlaaa 6 m. abore ^dlkta, and jolni Alt S m. below. Alt toni U AUiur 1 «., 

and Joina Alt at Altoiir, 6 : 


■ - 'IV 

_ jwlthLodga. 4n>. down Poolier tbo'ontSow oMbolaiieoTii 

k Park, | np and 3 m. S.E. from WUtwall, lolna on Ml bank. I n. bdoo 
■attiialaria lakeatCaibnrtoii Foria, ■■■. S. of WocJuKip. ndlm. dowDlt 

/lordBrLdeelnSta. Meden ilaei abore CararMdl, and, ] m. down, 

lafolnadonloFt bank bra brook dralnlnKlbo Oar PoDdabrAalt Uncknalt, 3 «. H.W. 
from TavaiiklL Uedanronal PlaailaTand 4w. to Sookhan CbipaL, i in.&E. 
' from MhixttltVOlc. Hera ■ tirook JoIna on rifbt bank, draining Uia lake at Paft Hall. 
B «. K.B. from Muikllald WooUotta*. MedeDmnsl n. to Wanop, and. 3 m. dovn, 
«ataraIb«Ur|BLake at TtioroibjPatk, 3 m. N.W. of OllMtoiL (dj. nxfind, Gm.). 

("urn rwToi^ 1 tI°H.E. from'antton, and 
■all brook. 3 n. long, Jolaa on right baok. IUdd, 

. .. jmUtoiua, and. 4 m. dovn, 1 m. E. ttma Kana. 

flald WoodhoilB*, lijoinad od right bank bl Vlcaji water, 4 m. long, sttau roDI 


tlgbtbank brFool 

vatare Rnfford dam. I m. 3, from OUarton, 

to Hanghton, 1 «. tl.W. of Tuxfoxd, and hare BoTarcatat bock. 3 m. long. Jolui on ligjn 
bank. OlOM to tha Janction on left bank ars Hangbton Deeoj and Ihe lowor pondi. 
Mann nna to TwyfOrd Brldga, 1 1». Th« nnitad alraama. taking tbe Denw of Idle, mna s m. 
ta ■•UMrA, and. 1 m. down, la joined on left bank 1^ * back, A m. long, vbloh watere 
Babworth Hall laka, I n. W. of Battord. Idla mna T «. to Matlamr, 3 n. E, of 
•■■TiwVlllBrrTnttrT t m., and aawtty 3 m. Hera Rrton Jolni on Ian bank. Ryton 

riaaa abore Wotfcaos, where the ontflow of tbe lake at Manor Fart* ■ — ° '" '-' 

ilgbtbank. Bjton rnnait m. to Ohaanar MonBa,and Bl^th. J 
G n. Hon Oldeoitaa djrke lolna on lalt bank. Oldeoatea rliBi abo' 
■oUl*rlwm, and l m. down, al Roche Abba;. recelTee the dialnl 
< m. N.E.orXlTaton Park. Oldooataa lana T in. to Blytb. H 
OMoDita* on right bank. Spootrlaaaln Uoor MlUdam, In. 8.^. o( 
Uiat Btatlon, and, S m. down, watan the lake at CaiKon, S n. M. V. 
down Spont, the oniflow. 1 m. long, of the laka at Langoldi b «. H. 
Spont on left bank. Spoot Jolni Oldooataa joit below, and Oldcoa 
down, at Blitb. Erton mna to SAtoObTJ ">■ ud Idle and SkWtl 
Mtlow et the lake In Serlbj Park. 1 n. STV. of Bamsklll mldwaj. 
'**' le oflti watan In tha Uaillwr drain, tm. long, omnei 

■ittldal est. oiUad Haw Idla drain. 3 tn. down Idle, Tone rlTar Joint on left bank. 
T«fiw rlMS la Un lakoa In Sindbeck Park, 3 ffl. 9. of Vl^UU (oj. Bawtij, 4 m.), tone 
taSH,, lii.B.of nokblll,andGin.dawn,BMMlaffton,MDgln.offonrlghtbank, 
KCUhatlne'tWallatra*m,orWanntwoTthbeek.ialn onMtbank. St. CatharlDa rteea 
in ae pond at Crookhlll Hall, br EdUagton, I n. S.W. of Oanlaboconrt, udkiia. 
long. Torn* rana to ■oaslsrbm 3 tn., 3 n. to Aaeklerln.a. TtaadaSimy, laa,),aBd 
}alnalaia 7 «. down. At tbit point Idle li dlTldad Into thraa atraana. Idla north dr^n, 
•BiftUleialent,mni4 flLtoDnrtnaaa Bridge, Ozowla atatlen I «., aid lolna Tmit4ia. 
balow, 1 m. balow Altbogpa. The new Idle rlTor. another arttOcUl aot, lakea a ilnllar 
«onrao. joining the north drain at Kewbtldga. The original atream oT the Idle, alter a 
winding eonrae, joint the Horth Idle drain at DnrtneiaBrldgF, (e.i. IVnK.) 

AlthorpPkik (Horthton).— L. AN.'W.B. Althorp brook. £a±«i: AlthHpPaik. (Btt 

Alton (aanti).—L. .<: S.W.R. Wey;trant. (3a londtn, l.T.) Holaf, Sjian.. 

'- A.oogic 

The Angler's Diary. 

Alton (Stafford).— H.B.; U AH. W.R., and O.H.B. Cbniseti tront, snjllDc; fli 
•pollt bf I-aek dnlDace. (e.i. TrtnU) Lata: Alkin Puk leku, I n. H. ISa a 

Altrl&olLUll(Cllubire).— O.H.R.; U.K., and L. A N.W.B. Clms to the itiliaD li HI 
Pool, prsKTTed b; ■ dnti at HioBtaeitsr. 

Altraohoxob. (Worcuter).— M.B. Acraw. Lola: Qrcal Blltla BiHriolr (U >" ^' 

Aiab«>C>ito (Darbf).— M.R. DsrwBPt; giajUng, trcDt. pike, couia Sib. (ci. J* 
Amber; eime Bill. Latet -. Alderwariey ponili, a m, N.W. Baltarley reeerTDlr, « i 

AmtMilaj (Siuiei).— L.B. & S.G.R. Arao; plka, bieun, ruck, ctrp. Ac (Sh J 

Ban^m.) Flekinc good. 
AmUaaUU (on Wiadanuce),— L. * N.W.B. Pike, percb, and a fe« luge tmnt In 

lako. Than ua a few troat In tka Rother Rlier. tuddIsh Into the lake here. We be 

In tbs •trttm JoialiiE ItTdal and araimeTe ; 
a fn plka and plen^ of percb, and a few iron 
ThNt ara planl)' of email troDl In tha stream it 

.Jl(York}.— N.E.H. Holabeck. Lata: Gilllni: Park Ul 

AmpthUi (Bedil.— M.B. and L. & N.W.R. Tod 

(3m. a.) WreitParkLHfcf)(6tn.S.E,) (SuKing'i ,. __ , 

AILdom (Banti).— L. & a.W.R. Ou tbe Anton: tront and urayllng. (Ae i 

ffaUU: Swr end Garter, WbllB Hart. JnnMlod. Hr.W. Fowleowpitheriiar below thatown 

(01 orer a mile, and the water ia preeened brthe Antoo Flihlng Clnb dT five memtwra. 

Fljhlng beirtnsAiirll I, and endi Oct 1. Fiy onlj". No doge. Apply W. Fowla. Eaq,, 

Acdocar. Below Ur. Fowle'a water cornea Mr. E. L;wood'a, then Mr. T. Footer'a, tha 

VlcarolQaodworthClatrord. Mr. J. Symonde.and Hr. IronrnDnger. At TeatcombeBrldn 

tha Anton Joini the Teat. Ta^tieta. £. Cbamberlaln. 
Anrel B^okO. (lllddx.).— G.E.R. (S« Park.) Oo Lea; dace, roach. cbBb, parcb. Jadt. 

barbel, bream, carp. (Se< UlnUfcriL) Mr. Jackun preurrea tbe water. TtckeCi, lit. 

wllb trollicji ; loi. 6i/. withoDt. and 11, a dar witbont trolling. The next flihlng ttatloo 

(bore la et Poadar'm Bud and BulLald (O.E,R.). 
AngSMxlitg ISuitei).— L.B. & S.C.R. On trlbntary of Arnn and Fatcblag pond, {^a 

^mlalir (Lincoln).— G.C3. Aneholme. 3 m, 3.E. Lata; Bronghton Decoy, 3 ui. S.E. 

A]miia1IT(WeBtland.).— H.R.; N.E:.R. OnEdan. Sainton, trout. Vlallori et tbe Tanini 
^mt Itm IS fn. o[ good water open to them, and there le a (air amonnC oT hea 
Sihlns- From Wanap to Appleby tha riipr la atrlctly prcaaried. Three miles of Kavd 
fliUng nan be had balwean Appleby and Eirbyltaora. at. Ij.«d. (e.i.) A trlbnCary ofTeae, 
HalMbeek, not mu; mllaa avay, gliea nood traniinK early In the aeuon. There are a 
DBDberef trlbntarleaortbeEden affordlnir lood iport, tree. 

... -1, Dbtoo).— Very good base flihlng at llmea In tommar, on flowing tide. 

r. Altboufb there li excellent tea fl^lnK In Bldgfbid Bay, oul^da Appledon 
uw, »uB »n,B- are ao strong, and tbe bar often bo dangarons, that It It mnch batter to llali 
tbe bay from Clovalljr. (Set Banland.i 

Apply BrldM (Lanes.).— L. ft Y.B. I>odk1bs. (ci. Sfbtli.) Laka ; Wtifhtlniton Hall 
Iaka,lfn.Nrk (jSa Batdh Bani.) 

Axsoad (Monmonth).— B.R. Sirhoaar; tront. (iSa yMporu) 

Axl«HT (Bed9).~G.H.B. IraL HIr; trout. (Sa SUv't Lmm)- 

Arlar (Warwick).— U.K. Arisy brook. (Sa Oabuborovf'^) 

■ ■« (Cnmland.).-! 4 C.B. Eden ; salmon and tront. (Ste CarHifc.) tre- 
. . Carlisle Auodatlon. J?ii{rf: Bed Lion. Fishing free to iltltore. (cj.) 
. J«(Slsffara).—L.fc N.W.B. Trent: roach, ebnb, pike, tront. (ci.) Sowbrook, 
Bonrne Brook. 9 m. SE. Sen brook, im. S.E. Blytbf-.Sm. H.E. (r.i. IVcni,) Swaibonrna 
brook, e n. H.E. at Toiall. Lata: Beaadesert Park lake, 4 m. S.W. ISa Baliubiiniiilh.) 

Arram (Tork).— S.E.R. Hnll. (SeiBuH.) (ej. Fort) 

ArtUnrton (rork).— H.KB. Wharfe; trout, nrafliDg; preserred hence np to Oilay b* 
the Otiay Angling Clab. {Sti Ollts.) (c(. For^.) Addle beck, 31 m. a.W. Lata: 
Bnshe. Farm pond, al B). 8.W. Alwoodly raieMijir. a m. S.E. BlackhlU dam. aj m. S.W. 
Addle dam, i m. H.W. (Sti Ravxiiffe. rbri.} 

AmndaKSassai).— L.B.AS.CR. Amn. (Set LUtle Hangilan.) For Ashing go to Ambarlar 
or Polborongb. 

Amoot (Barks).— L. AS, W.R. {Set LaUbm. L.T.i In 3 in. are Ball brook, Harmsns, Engla- 
"—lingblll Park, SlUwood Park, Virginia Water, Broomblll, Chartcch Hall GroTO, 



JU^x&hf (Lalceilar),— If.B. Wrsik; rmeh. br««m. (e,t. lyeiU.) Lata: Wclbr pc 
2 m, H. StiAlbj pood, i rn- K. iSa (faiiuhorouffli>) 
■'-• (I>«rtij>.— L. * S.W.B.; Q.N.R-i N.S.R.,»ndM.R. Hnunoori ttoot, gp 

ling. JfMilboorDB brook. Doys, 1 m, W.; Irout, jraylioj 
BlrdinroTB FUhLng Clob of 30 momberi; enLnnce U. U.: Lt. 

poti'a Vt Bnidley.' s'm!'£" TalierslVj pmd'mil SWrley P«k"likeV V m. s;E~{Bi» 

Qaiiuivroui/K.) TarkUi^t, Moan. Foatflr. 
ABltbiirton (DsTon].— G.W.R. On Du-C; trout ind mIidod. BaUU: QOtate Don tnil 

Uiodoii. (Bii Darhrmah). FlitaEoit for ■ gllgbt !«. Apply to ludlordi of Iiotcli. 

ridUng eitend from Holua BTidge Awn la Tolim, ud from No BridgB up to Dart- 

mttt. ni)ilaKprlntebstir(enBoln<BrldmuidNair Bridce. (c.i.) 
AsHlqr-da-U-Konoli (Lel«ler).— M.R. i L. A H.W.R. M*us. 

WIllegleT Pirk lik«, 1 m. S.W. jUby Wolda laenolr. Am. VI. Bmu pool, « in. S.V. 
Aabfbxd Bakawdl {Derby), n.i. LoltfatoBS, 1 m..— UB. W;e: tranC, gnyllDRi 

AaUfbrd (Kaut),— S.i:k On Stonr: plks. n 

by tbe rallwiy. Hers *ie Bonic Ji^ Ac. ; but it'll modi flshAd. In Eutvatl Park 
(IiOrdOenldJ tbsra la s luge liks ; plks, teach, roacb. ptrcli. Lent may aometlmi* 
l» oblHlnsd. Good flahlag cin bs bad ilan »t HDtbBeM-plios (Lord HoltafleldJ. (Ste 
BaHdmAI (e.i.i Sstel: Stitcaa'tBeta. 
AsUbrdlMlddi.)— L. JbS.W.R. On braocb of Coloa. ThimeXlm.) fSu LoHUm, L.T.) 

' brook. 1 m. 9. laiei: t 
— L.AN,W.R. Melimnr 

Eiq., Tbe Fin. Dore, Sheffield) Mlliii ((« Ballunagi). Aahoplon Ino lela abors lor 
■ome dliUDFe. thsnca lo lu loarce praurved by tbe Dake ol Norlnlk. <e.t. TVoif.} Altiop ; 
troot. L»dy bower brook. Mill brook. 2 ni N. Now.Sm. S, Alport 5 m,N.W. Abbey brook, 

■ecomrnDdailanaiidBiblnE for ISmllncin ba hVd botta la Derweni undAihos: i.t 91i.. 

d.t. ii. M. (Bee GainitontivliA 
JLaltperton (HarelOrd).— G.W.B, Fiome (>! m.). Laddon (3i n.). r.aia: Daiaceni 

Par^ lakei (1 m.) (Sffi ClWSIOK.) 
A8liton(Lana.).— L.AN.W.B.1 G.C.B.; L.&Y.R.; U.R. Tame. £iilei: EnoU Hill. Sni. 

N.E. (&( ^uncsni.) 
AjAw*U (Herts).— O.NJt. Bhae. {Sit King'i L^m.) 
AakzlKK aork).— S.E.E, Ure; liooi, RrJiyling; preserred by Wenaleydalo Anglmg 

AaaociaUoa lor i m.; a.I. 10(. fid., d.t. li. «d. (ci. Iwi.) Balui tiooti preHrved la 

Vn lor 4 m. Lata : Sammarlsdgs tarn, 3 m. N. SeamErnater taro. 4 si, S. i (roat ; 

preaerTod ai Cra. MiddlatongoB laro. IO_ra.S.W. Cray tara, lOnr. S. OoMIahaw OUTi, 

Aalocton (Notu).— O.K.B, Sialte. WhlpUiiK rivar. Car dyka, 1 m. H.'W. I>eTon,4rn. 

E. at flottilord. (See Oafmbemitih,) 
Arton <Warwlck).-L. ± N.W.R. Tame (ci. IVml.) Baa, 1 ra. S.E. £o*0: Alton Park, 

AUuIser (Somarse'l).— O.W.R. Parrel. Tone, (See Sriil^iniler,) (e.1. Avon.) 
Atll»rrtoa»(Watwlck).— L.AtJ.W.B. Anker (t... IVaiM Seneo, 1 m. N. E. Tweed, a m. 
■"':. ioia: AbbtypoodindBlackpool.lm. W. The reservoir, am. S. (Set OaiiaiiiriHiBM 

■- ' — " ' ■- — ™- = Croil, Zat« : Hiaion Park lake. 4 m. N. (See^iuKom) 

rsDli Mimoe. abnb, roacb. pike, percb, bream, barbel. 
ATCiQpruiffe inonoiEj. — iji.t-K. vTenaani, (ftfcJV. and5,) Costeiaey brook, 4 m, S, Lotaz 
HiiorlngUnd, 3i m, N, Hopgrnoiid lake, UotnlnghaiD, 4 m. S. (Set rarmoulh.i let. 

Aodlani (Chesblre),— a.W.R. Weaver. Addarlay brook. Sirchall biook, t m. N.E. 
Laiet: Woodtall pool, im, N.E. (Set Fi-odiham.) 

AWT* (aionceiCer),— H.W.R. Bldeford droak, which riaai io Abbot'a Wood, ram 4 m, to 
Blakanay (d.s. Anre, li m.). wbara Blackpoal brook joloa on rl^t bank. Blackpool 
rlsHB 1 !>•. E. of Speaolilioaa*, and la G tn. long. Bldelord brook nmi a m. to Awra, 

AxbrlOse {aomerset). — G.W.B. Aii tronl and coi 
(O.vr.K.), I) m. froai'W'*Ua(0,W,R,). ruutiO&ikU 

I) m. down, a atraam joidb on right back, which draioa Lna nacuj lanea a> aujaa in.a. 
Vrkjoot, II m,), 3 m. down, at Barllett's Bridge, a load leada to a decoy on right bank 
Imavay. Sn-down AiiChadderWaiarJolnaonrlghCbank. Chedderrlaeabytnisadsc, 

Attanboronfli INati 


The Angler's Diary. 

AilaCnd]sBridBa.uidAxl>TldfaIl'«-<»'«>rtibCbuili. Ai niB>lDl| LowB 
WursBridE*, uid Im. down Is Joined on rlibl bulk bj Loiloa Brook, *bkb il*M abors 
Hu HUl BMr WbuoomlM, ind \iim. lone. To 9 n. down Ai tin tlds tlon Blspdoa 
111 oLdowD on rl|btbuik.UFbUUD.LWsaton Juration, ltin.}4in.,iuidtb«M>l m. 

T (D«Ton). — I.. A S.W.S. Od Au ud Tartr; treat ud hIdidd, aoiOi 
TToa. AboTo and iMlow AimlnMar trDnUng Ii noDd, balow wpaolallf In April and 
; ■trictlj prtwrrsd by 0. Llnidon. E>q. Below Aimloitar ulmoD Biblni la teir: 
.... .. ™. . — — -—'—« portion of the wittr from Kr. G. Hirilfc Tba 

-.1 coouneBOH on P»b. 9, and cipirn on Oct. I, uiil 

in lUr I and anda on Nor. 19. Tba dlatrlet la nndu 

— It elBik ef tba board, *ltb Wbi. Forvaid, 

parntialon or tba TJparlaa 

it Ueaaaa, tt. td.\ rod and 

rmtj, IV*- uopo aenmratDoauOD, botb paUlc anid pflTatai 

— Tbe bait lllet ais Ibe dnni and Harcli broini. {Bu 

Beaum.) (u) 
A9lMbiirT(BBelu)^HaE.B.;L.ft>r.W.B. Tbana; coanaOgb. lSitUiidM,ll.T.} Thar* 

la aoma fur coaraa llabliu Ln the Aylflabarf Brancb Canal. 
Arlasfind (Kant).— 8.E.£ (SnRoAaltr.) On Uadway. 
Ajlsltun (NorfoUi).— O.E.B> and O.N.B. Bsra: tronlt awraa Bebj praianad abor^ 

at ralmiiuAajii. Zaiei : Appla Trea Plaatathm Bonda, 4 m. H.IV. Aldbormub MUI 
mud, em. N. BleeUlnEitka,lin.N.W. {See FannmUh.) 
Aynlio (Oiford). ~- 0.17.R. Cherwell ; Eroot. Swara. ZoJUi : Aatrgp Hoaae. <8« 
Zunion, M.T.) 

" ~ark).— H.E.R. Urn trout. jtra^Ilni; leara nay often ba obtalaedi aiwlr 
I botaL (C.I. rnrt.) BlahopadalB beck. I n. S.E. Valdan baok, I ai, S.E. 

ArtMt'obrk). n-a. '■ourboxonvh, Am.— N.E.K.; O.K.R.i L. A K.W.B.; 8.AZ.J.R.: 
L. * T.B. Darvant; inHl, cayUaf abore, blka and coaraa Oib balaw. Tb» 
rtrer la preaarred by tba I>enreBt Anilara' Club of 40 mamben. at fiOi. a year ; 
aotranea (aa, SBt. -, alaa to atrangan day tloketa ara lanisd at At and a>, 6dL, is be obtained 
lit Mr. OlaikeX 44, Hantreaa-row, SoarbonnRb, fin mllaa off. TrantlnE beglna on latb 
April and enda Septambei SOtb -, graylLnc Jnne IStb and enda Uareh ]4tb. No Sab to 
be Ulkd nidar atn.. or mora tban ten braoe killed In ono day. No wading or doga 
allowed. Iliaia us Dany parob, grayllbg. and otmb below Ayton. Ttig npiNr part of tba 
pnaem fa oaed tor flr odIJi tbe lowac put (or minnow and worm. (cj. nrt.) (^w 

BaowtfLaoct.)— 4I.H.B.; L. «N,W.R. ; M.S. Irwall. (5wXunesnt.) 
BalM&nCToTka).— M.R. Alra. {c.i, Tork). ajU beck, 1 tn. N.E. {.Sf Rau^ift.^ 

aetj.— 3. A D.K. Stoui; 

FlaberrAsadatlDii. iKM: Obnndilll Arau. _... _ 

d^alWilaebrclTUKtlireasrfasTdaja'notleB. (AHOMtfchircAJ (>.a.Araia.) 

BakmrBll OMrliy). — M.R. Wye; troat grayling ; preaerrad otaw BakawaU Bridge by tua 
Doka of Deronablra, Mow to Xowb1«t; tbe landlord or tba Hnllaad Anns baa tlie 
prtTllegaof 4 fieketa per day, free to Tjaltora at hotel; no bottom Bahlng or wadiag. 
(cj. IVnt) Deiwant, 9 m. H.E. at SOuiaar- <f.'- Trmt.) (Sm Bailoin Gnaa- 

BalduBby (TorkJ.— N.E.B. Swale, [ n. E. (i.i. rirl.) {Sei SHpUm Bridge, Ttrk.y 
■alOook (Harts).— O.N.B.IraL (SH Klngi Liim.) 
Bilma (Torks).— O.M.B- Want. Lake Drain, 1 m. W. (Set Ocolt.} 
BaavWn (Oun). — Q.W.R. On Tbamee and Charaey brook, iStt iMtdim, U.T.I 
■ Baiiljfliill (Deron). — (}.W,B. Eia (9 m W.). iront and atlman; praierred by the 

TiTerton Association; i,t only. 9^ BeLbrook; preaerrcd. Batberham brook i tront ; fraa. 

HMd : Thita Hone. (See TIttrun and txiler.) 
BkabnzT <Oidd).— G.W.R.; L. A H.W.B. ; N. a B.J.R. Cberwell. Labi: WroitDB 

Abbey, im. (8u londsn. ll.T.) 
BATOombe (Snuei),— L.B. A S.CK. Onaai trout, pike, perch} d.C. Ii. ItHn tbe miliar. 

(Stt irmhattH.) (e.i.) 
■arOaar (Uncaln).— Wltbun. Tile Bonie beck, ] m. H. StalnOald brook, 

S m, N. (Stt Bmait.) 
SkxdMr (Tork).— M.E.B. CoHlnKbui beck. Wliarfe, 3 m. N. (ct. Tor*.) Harawood 

bock, 4 n. S.W. Bceup beck, 4 m. S, Lata : Alwoodley retarrolr, 4 m. B. Harawood 

Paik lakee, 1 «. 5.E. (AuFort) 
Backing (SiBn).—fl.B,R. On Roding. Thliitreainrlaeg4> I)iuunow,and In 

3 fli, eroHea the railway, l)>n. weUol Tkk«lay, and nma ISm.toOl^plaK Cfngar. 

Cripaay brook, IS nh loag. bere jomi Rodtngantbe right bank. The Rodlngneit mni Im 

ll«.to OUgwtfU Zmm, bmrlitoa It m.. BnoUiiust Kill 1 tn., WeodDira. 

Ii m., Ovorn Kmne Station It m.. Wanatead 1| m. (u.a. Kavtonstone, i m.}, ZUbrd 

1 nL. and BarElng li 9 m. Tba Budiog bare mna Into Barking Creek. 
BarkMon <Lbicoln),'-O.N.B. Wliham. Honnlngtonbeck, 1 m. N, Zotei: SyilonFark. 


England. 7 

-o '!!^'^>— ^' * "■■'^■H- ■^""^ ' "■■ *■ (") i"*"' BirlMWn Puk. 

"--"-■Oorhun).— N.B.B. OnTee», Oreu, B»lder,Mnliinnjbn»ki; tront (ti.) 

J.C.B. : [(.E.K. Don. (cj. Terii**™.) («« ffwit) 

■ (Ulddx).— L. A S.W.R. TbuDM. uiil JakH Is Slelimond ud Wlnibltdon Futu. 
t3a Lcnibm. L.T.) 
tbr Jniwtton (TDtk},-a,C.B. in tbs lirie pondi sHr ban !• uiae Kooi 

BaxnOUawlok TaBoUon (Torki)'.— M.K EliUck. Stock bsoli. (£^ Saacliffi ud 

r (YtikiK— H.B.1 G.CB. ; I. * T.K ; H. A B.W.J.B. Dcarnt. (Sh (TrMte.) 
• -—- ., nmo —..r ^»TD« ■^■i«lnioB,triHit (tt.) Ts«ilKa«ld« 
akampton, t m.}, mu I n. ta Sontli 
olwalar. SnLbDg.jolillMrtelilbuk. 
' m. don (u. btpbz^ RDTb, 3 m. 
M rI(M 8. of Bow 4p. * C.B.), nuM 
1 on rlcbt buk Ity BndWnd bnwk. 

d on dght bank. iMtOiinBatm^to 
Fox ud Honnda HoMl), ud 1 n. 

. ,_. .- J , inwr, S «. laofi on lelt bank, ud 

UtUi Dan on Tlgbl bank. Lltlla Dart rim S n. S. of Bast JuurtCT (!>■ A B.B.) 
on Biskenlocd Moor, rnni 9 m. to Rackenlord, ud S m. down 1> jolntd OB TlEbl 

bulk by SCnnomb riier, wblch tIhi 1 m. S. of P — ■ • — — 

Dart, ud li t SL long. Ljttla Dan rr~ - - - •» 

VBfbxd (M.D.R.), 1 m.}, ud Tair i m. in. uuitu i». uHia iiDujntBr, 
. lont, Jolna on lalt buk. a m. down Ta-, M BoBtll MoltOU BwUf 
StaUon (tlckMa), T«o rKer Jolng oa rlakt back. Tto riMi b; But Aa«t«, ud 
6 m. down, at Mallaad (D. & 8.B), Ig Joined on rlibt buk br Holland waur, 3 n. lon(. 
(nkdownYca. Hole jolni on right buk. Mole Mihj n, N.O[KoithllolIon,and 3 n. 
MlD<rUutplaca,atl:beSaatlLKoltaii Btktion (D.«aB.),lg Jolotd on rlckt bub 
bTFUItonwaMi. tin. long. Hole ram lo Sontli Moltoa i bl. and Tao I «. asLdowD 
Ten la Knowitona ntar. whlcb rllH 4 a. S-W. ol BMit AnMar. rnna 7 m. la Bldumn 
NjntploBi (o.t, MoIIksd, 3 m.}. and 3 m. dovn joir 
brook, 7 m. long, jolna on lolt hank, 4 n. do»n I« 
BrayrlawMChallaBonbeclr— — " '- — 

-_„. jnlaftbuk. T«olilro.on,andrBno»o TawinSm. Tawi^ 

to BnniiUple) rang to Fortamoatli Aimm (N.D.R.>3 tn., Dmbarto^A {H.D.S.) fi m. 
3 m. on, Cblttlabampton brook, uhlcb riHa by Cblttlabamplon ud la 4 n. long, Jolna om 
ilclitbuk. 1 in. down Taw l> Clutp«Uoit (N.D.R.), and bare Yarnacombe brook Joint an 
Ittt bank. Yamacomtio riaaa br Sign Bickiogton (n.a. Foctsmoatli AzBiS, 4 in.), and 
If 6 m, long. Taw rani 3 m. to Tawtoa, wbars Swimbrldge wslar jolnaon rigbtbuk. Swln- 
I)TldKelii«>b7Bwlm.I>rIdn(S.&S.R.).andli6fn.loDg. Bwnatapl* 
(&(. est. np v> Cbapelton). Bttt a ttraam Joint un rlgbt buk, wbtcb rlM) by Kantlabnrj, 
tind 3 m. down I* Jolixd on right bank by a atraani worUng a mill I m. np. i «. down, a 
■tream 3 m. loni Jolna on lalt bank, nmning b; Brattan Flainniing. 1 in. dowi, a atraam 
Jolna on leTI buk, working a mill S m. np. 3 fn. down la Bunalapia. 1 n. balow Bam- 
■I^Ia. IbdJdllord brook, whioh rtaea \iy Blttadon ud la 3 fn. long, Jolna Taw on rtgbt buk, 
Tha aitnaiT la now laaebed. Oood fliUng for bsai ud grer mollat Trout Sablng In 

In qnantlUoa until Angnit and September, wben tba neta are off, ud OnUb Not. Is. 
Tbera are no llcanoaa reanlTOd for trout on tba Taw and Toirldga boniidailaa, bnt 3lt. lOr 
anlmOD. Tha Lrnn rlTara at Lynmoutb are open earlier tbu In jraaia paat, and pannlaakin 
la not granted. TIekat* by tbe day, week, ud laar ara tianad on tba TlTtn. Tba 
Badgarr water on tba Eimoor it a irlbatary of tba Lynn, ud ntra ticket* are liaoed -. 
the owner opena late, and cloaea tba cod of October. The itream called Haddon. wblcb 
Tlaei np tba iiUef towards Eim 

Itaelf betwaon two hlgb rocka In . 

good accommodatian. nnOiU, J. Rowe, «1, Ulgb-at- — 
Bamgton* (LalceatetJ.— L. A N.W.R.1 a.K.H. Whlpllng rlier. Smlta 1 m. W. (Am 

~ iL.Boar[Leicettar).'-U.Et. Soar; ebnb. dace, roacli, pike, percb, brum, carp, 

,_j. IWai.) Qnorndon brook; trooti atrteily pteaaired br tbe ownan of Bradgaia 

Park. Walton brook. 9 m. N. (iSh OafnttenwpA.) 

B>rrM(WaKlud.>— N.E.B. AngellBecki iront, 

Sarton (Lanca.)— W.L. ft L.S. ft P.J.B. DownhoMud brook. (See AUcar.) 

Barton Hm(irork),—N,E.B. Spittle bcek. Detwcnt, a m.E. Thltfcarr beck, 4 m. 8.E. 
Lopplngloa beck, t m. 3.E. SwallowplH beck, 6 m. S.E. at Sorajingbani. (Srt Wnuil.) 

BamaOhTlWlll (aalop).-G.W.a. Perry (1 m. W.). 8erern(6™.S,)i cbnb.daea, irfka,troiit. 


The Angler's Diary. 

I. N.e.). MantDD pOBl (3in. H.B.) Lhtb lomMimM (In 

ill lake, 3 fn. tl.Vt 

TTHa gprinffp. ■ BBTlvB ol ponda. tbo aonrca of 

H.R. Darwenl- tronl. gnTllDC PMIBTTB* bj 
[Idga talw. iToMZ: Wbal- 
lulheV pleueid.t, aj,M 

r, Boflimr: unattwortn. saanaov: or ma " ^ * 

(See GaiTUbofOft^h.) 
BuMOUff (Uoumoatli).— P.C. ±N.B.;L. &N.W.B.;G.W.B.^ B. AU.B. Ebw;; troBl, 

Hlison. (c.l, Ull.) {See Xevpon.) 
9t(Ol (Sooietiet).— O.W.B. Od Anon; mch, pike, ftteii, ehob, var; lugs gadReon; 

flailing fna. Some flna Iiaat may be taken at Sbavtoid, belwaao Batk and Fromc, ind 

•laolD abroi>kwhIcli|aliiitbsrlierb*rei IheBitilDg li, wBbelleie, fret. Fair tnalinK tn 

tUm. (BaBriilol.) (e.i.) lIoUU: R071I wid Tork. ' 
B>th*llipto» (aometaet).— a.W.R. tSa BritUL) Atod; goodall-ranndllibinEi preaancd 

bf Col.tJkTlne. Boibrooki troat.raac1ii pnMrrsdbyHr. BannettofBathforl. StCathi- 

TlH'a bnwk ; tronl; atrlctlf preieried bf Hr. Fuller, wine oMTEluuit, Broad-Mttel. Btih. 
BktUa ISniau).->S.E.R. On Brade and laia at Beeota UIU, Battle Abbaj, Catafleld 

Oren, Fepperlnit Po*d«Hilla. (Am Rti'i Bt. leanariti.) At UonntSeld, t m. off, la a 

Bnrtnr (Totk).— a.N.B. I'dle. (a. nmt.i SjU>d. {Sa AWwrpe.) 

BazaBAan(Lanoa.)— L. A Y.B. Swin nail bi 00k. (See Rmaam.) 

~"'— «■ (Siiffolk)^-3.E.R. Fjn. OIley brookj tnint; preierTed. (c.i. Hyaon ana 

7 Oroa* (Warwick).— Q.W.R. {Sa Benlii/ ia Ardm. aimuila:) EdUone bmik. 

Lattt: LWM lako U Woollen Wurwen <^1 m. N.), 
B— waMaf (DerkJ).— O.C.B. Chief. Vtnny brook. I n. S. (Oh ff«>;<.) 
S«kafDrt(MaBoU10.— L. ffiN.W.B. Ebuj; imni. (cj. 17it.} (;S« iTAqwrt) 

BallboKk <YDrk)— M.B. Aire; 
rsiklhlTB An«:len' Clnb, alia 
In|l< beck, a m, N.W. Hirkii 

by W. Uorriaon, Esq. {3fe Rat 
BWllDAaai (Honbland.).-N, 

B«lpar (Detbyl^H.R. Dsrire 



Beatii»T'(8aSjiii).'— a.E.B."HlJbriwt brook, 
■bove Bentlsjr, where \t witen the tiltas In 1 

3. ChAifleld, ■! m.) joini on rigbt bant. 3 m. dovn. Oilewoith joiDt 

Okwor by Croinhill, ind I m, dovn iritari tbelike In Toriwonli Puk 
rp. lend!. bre»in; leaie from BsrlDnclo in the abwneo or thB tumnr}; 
von i» 3 m. Atod runs 4 m. to Borkslsr, wbero Wawrloy brook joins 

he Serern estinrj. Tb'e flihlnB bel "" '° ' " """ "»-*"" 

W.Tt. (Sa Lonibm. M.T.) In tb« Onnd JuDcUon Canal 

Y-re. WaTeney, 1 m aE. (5« Yaniuinlli.) 
{italop).— a.'W.R. Severn (Lni.H,)!<:bab,dii!e,plke, trmi, Hlman. Coond'i 

, .._8.W.); Irani; prWilt Tern (JJ m. N.), Bell brook(3 m. N.E.). Rowbrook 

(3 m. &). Acton brook (3 nt. S.). (3a aioucaler.) {ci.Steim.) 
Barwiok (Soswi).— L.B. *S.C.R. OnCBi^kinme rLner. Carp. Ac, Thit slreim rlHitu 
«Mrt«ofpodd>inH8atlifleldParkiiid ocighboorhood, and In 1 tn. roni Inlo ilugBlkke 
U Kettlaiworth. doie to Warbleton village, where II Isjoined by a aniall brook, whicbdralna 
BOmopondelnBitklngton Wood, cloee lo HeatheelA; ii m. on, a atream -2 m. long Jolm 

HelllEly yidtta (n.s, HolUHam, II. n„ a m."), pre.erved by Hailaham, ' Belllnly, 'and 
EaalbQurHfl Anglini Club, a stream jolne on riglil bank, which rises 1 m. eut of WaWron 

pond 1 m. op al Horeham. li'm. down, a stream Joins on rlgbl bank; wblch rlaes iS 

B»rwlok-on-Twe»a. — N.B.R. Wbltadder Joins Tweeil li in. from hme. Trool, 
asa and brown, Holrl : King's Arms; very comlortable. The Wblladdor from 
EdInKion Ml)), II IN. from tbe Tweed, ap tc Ohlxnaids BrlAfra rallwsy sUiiOD, 
or AUanlon Brlilge (callod Indlflerenily), Is good. The lower waieri of the Whlt- 
adder may be flibail frem the lollonlnjt sutions : Hntton, 7 m. from Berwick, amall 

at the bridge. The Dpper waters, froin Abbey St. Batham's, ( m. (rom Orant'a Katue 
Station, and 7 m. from Prcilon Bridge, and tbe Collage, «in. from Dnnse. There are 

lower water. Till enters Tweed Si m. above Borlum <B. & K.R.), 3 m. from Borwlok. 

Tuit. of Sbellacrea. \ m. on the opposite side, and the Earl ot Erroll, 4 tn. of tbe upper 
part. The whole la ilrlctly preaened. bnt ■ day's flahlng may aometlmea he obtained. 
Jn»t below tbe tII1s|b of Btal la The FokI. good (or aalmon and whilllng. Mr. lAlng 
preeervea the water at Etal. There ta very good pike flshing la the lower part of Till at 
Ford. The bHl fllei are— ko Iroal, wing, grey mallard; hackle and body, black; red 

1 partridEH wing (good In [he end ol April). In 

___„„ BTcSUffOrd).—' L 4 N,w!r. Tame. (cj. JVmt) Sneyd brook. Ford 

brook. iot«i Pond by railway. (See Gaiitsb<msg\) 
Bttoliwortli ISncrey),— S.E.R. Mole, and latiu al Traniull Dale and Fanchford P1«e«. 

(Salop).— L. iS.W.B, iolM; Betllsfield Park, iini.K. Lljo Eedydd, 2 
nanmer mere, ii m. N. Hanroer Hall lake, t ra. H. {See Chester.) 
:tay(rork).— N.E.B. Hull. (SeelTull.) (ai. Fort,) 
ft«Qa (Cnmland.).— On Ihe Lyne. Sea trouc, whiting, Itc 

„, .., A.ooglc 

27^e Angler's Diary. 

(iroreuur).— T.V.U. SeTero \ ulmcni, iront, (nTlUw, cbab, di 

jatV.m%,im. LuBb Abbar.llm. PrMcrTedbT UwUndooiien. 

Bllnur (QlnimMir), n.i. rmlrtOrO, 6 <■,— Calna \ itnnt; pmurtd Ira I) n. by tha 
SvuBoMi <.I.».«<Li [DdillDilud. {,Stt tandea, U.T.I 

■loMtor (Oilord).— L. A M.W.B. Bay. Zofe HMdlaten Park, 3 «. (SMlowfut, Jf.r.) 

WlfrWrlgt (DarOB).— Q.W.K. Eie: troot, lalaDD, die*. «e.; prwaiTed aten by IM 
TlnrtOB AKKllDi AMOcUtlon, and Mm bf tba Up. Eia FlaUas AModatloo and Iba 
LaDdownan' Balnioa Flikair AwxUtioii (o TlMTVcrton. (CJ.) (Su Thanenm, 
TbtrlMA Daiti trent JWel: SlckLslth Brid^a. (iSHjSnur.) 

BUaftnalDaron).— L.A8.W.B. Torrldiia. Tront, aalmoo. (c.i.Ilw.) TorrtiI(e rUai imllia 
DUcUnHlltsSm.tramHutlanddi.i. Sld«fera,IIm.),rDDa S >m uii] ka Joined oa ildt 
bank br Sasklniitan wMar, im. loni. 6 n. dovu TorrUge, F]»odDead w*l«. wblab niaa 
if WoodlUdlnronlir and li 4 m. loDg. IdIbi on laft bank. Tontdie rnna la Palloid 1 m^ 
Bilkwoittj 1 ».. Nairtoa FaCrock 3 n. S m. dowD, at Bradford. Waldra ilT«r iolna on 
lUUbaak. WaUon rlMa by BmilarorUir, mm 4 ffl. to SnleoiDba, HlltiHi DuDsnllaL, 
■Bd ToitUis S m. TDTild|s mna t m., ud la jirinad on rUbt bank by WhllaM|b bno^ 
dm. k)B(. Tanidge niDi 4 m. to Sbaepwaah, irbara Bni^land lirook,! m.1anf, Jollli oo 
Mt bu£. ToiTldge rang 7 m., aad la {olnad on lh« tigbl bank by L>aiir riTsr. Lev riaaa 

(b (ita. ObUiaiiipton, 9 m.), and 1 m. down l> lolned on l«R bank by 
•oHvu invD>,i n. lone I nLdDva, Lav jaloa TocTldi*, HMbatlaIgh being 1 «. diaMn^ 
3 n. don Torridga. Oakmeut rirer joiai on jiipbt bank. Oaknant rbaa cloae to tbe Ont, 
IntluoaiitnafDaitiaoorfa.a.BrldMtOWiD. ACB^ im.), rant 9 m. lo OaUuUBq^tMtr 
irtMteKaatOakiBantlDlaionilgbtbank. E»l Oakmont rlae> doaa to Uw parent amam, 
nma 4 tn., and la Joloed by a branch on Jeft bank 4 m. long. 9 m. down la OaUtMnptos. 
OakoMal ninad in. to EibanniB on right bank, and Jacobitow on leUbanfe, and 4 m. dovn 
■tllonk(OaUiBmptan<D.s. Tmwton, O. 4( C.R., d m.), Hatbarlalib belnglin. oBoolaft 
bank, Eibonmewatiriolnaonrlgbtbiiok. Eiboume rtaei near Sw&ploid Oonztnaj 
■Utlou (N.D.B.), nuB 3 m, lo EilonniB. and I m. down i> Joined on tigbt bank by ■ 
bnwk wblcb rona Uirongh ■unpford Ooiurtaiiay and 1b 4 m. long. Eiboime nna In 
Sm. toOkement. 3 m. town, Okement jolni Tortldge. B m. down Torrldge, at Herton 
(9n.oir ibarlrerj, Herton brock jolna on lalt bank. Uerton rlaea on Merton Hoora, rana 
'nkJong, which riwa In Berry Hoot. Merlon ii I ei. down. 

and Torrldge im. Jm. down Torrldge, Woolln water Jolna on right bank. WoeOw tlaaa 
>._ o. nii^>,_ ,^„„ J ^_ „j I, joiggj oQ ,,;, ,,„^ t,y a brook 4 >i>. long, rifiic by 

r-. 1 in. down ia Torrldge. TarTtnffton{N.D.B.) Ii 1 ffl.on. BerelAnttre* 

brook, 4 n. long, and wblch rises by Langireo. Julni on left bank. Torrldge raiuain.ta 


.. .__g,Jolm on right b; 

water lidn* on left bank. Laldland rlaea e m. W. al Torrlnfton, mni 6 «, ud la 
(oliud on left bank by Alwlngion brook, 6 m. long. Laldland rtrai 3 m. to Torridga, wfaUi 
nma to SUetblft 3 nt. Hare t*o itreams join Torrldge— one on leK bank, I m. Ioie. 
and one on right banlc. War vater, b nt. long. Torrldge 1> moatly prlTale, ; Bon. Marfc 
BoUaandLordCllntOD grant penolaalon, but tJGketa mut be applied for before tlieodot 
April. Baa) may be canght In the tidal paitof the Tlrerby alargared patnar. BoM: 
Boyal. (^1 Bartlaml.) 

SlCKl**Mda (Bedi).— G.H.R. Ireli coarse Bili eieept barbel : a good centre Ibr BalilBg. 
Sntton brook (1 m). (Su King'i £jn».) l\ictleUt. H. W. Uorgao. Bridge Honge Inu. 

■tnwalX {konmooth). — O.W.B. Wye; chnb. dace, pike, perch, aalmen. Olway 
(ffm.); troBl! preeorred. (See Chepilaa, Ifeicport.) (cj.) 

~"" — ™iirthlDn.)— L. J! N.W.R. Nan; nike. pereh. breani, tencb. ftc. : proaerred by 
g Society. (See Northamplm: WMeoih.} 
mi (Snaaei).— L.B. ft S.C.B. Amn and Adur. (Sat LIUIt Mamphmt Sm 

(Sonunat).— S. a D.B. ISa Brtitol.) Li^u: Leehmera water; pike, eaif, 
ehi preaerved. 
^_^ (NottaJ.-G.N.B. Car dyke. 8inUe,3ni.B. Trent, 3 m. M.W.; ehob. roaiA. 
Ike. perch, barbaL (cL) Whlpllng rirer, 4 m. B. (Ste eolnihirougA.) 
~~^tr (York),— U.K. Aire; troni, grayling, percb, chnb, roaehj the rlror benee 
— - to n^lar la preeaTTed by the Bradibrd AniUng AuociallODj clnbhoiue. Market 
Tanrn, Oodvlnitteet. Bradford; prnerTed Mow by the Saltaire Club. Ici. Torti 
Harden b«ik. If onllon beck, i m. N.W, (See RawUfft.) 

WrdinrtuiytWarwIclil.— L.J[N,W.R. Le— '-' " 

SlzawSU(Tork>).— O.C.B. Lois: Buckley 
BlxmlwIumcWarvIck).— L.« N.W.R. ; U.It.;0.w.B, 
Edgbaaten reierrolr. Thimble Hill pond. Smethwlck r« 
(atieabuiormfiii,) Taetleiil, S. B. Allport. ED. Wlilttill-at 

BlalLop Anoklutd (Dnrham).— N.E.R. Vfeir; wlmon, troot. Tactlelil,Vf.J.C 

aiKhops CMtU (Salop). — B.C. it. Onny (4 m. S.); troot, chnb; preaerTed by Ibo 

Hen Agglli 



England. 11 

I ElitalDB Clab o[ fOurtisn mnnbrn Itom Baton aiB" ■» Vi»ia>«t« bb_ 

CiiDlad (3m. N.W'.li tnmt, gnjrlliMi. (Sa> /Imnlsi. cnmiautr.) 

u->. •_. . ,» It).— O.W.B. [an Bridgwaur.) Mb . 

,— O.E.R. (Set SinufBrd.) OaStorl; plia; prMengd rrom > 

■Uliopa Xo^MTd (Somenat).— a.W.R. [Sit Bhdgieaur.) Norton brMki trout. 

UAinB Stertfbrd. (HBiti}.— O.E.R. <3« SfniciW'd.} OaStorl; piha; nrwr- 

n^UUDU below Stlnglod to Stortloril ij Sir J. bljlb. jJiiM: BtllvBr- 

BllilOV>tok« (HiDta).— L. « S.W.R. Itcbaii; tnot, Enjllofi ; Mr. TuHierrl 
Itym, of CrSDbDr; Park, ImH ■ Umltad nnmbor al ticlieti for hli nt«r. Sj m,; m.nir 
troDt Huon, 101. for EnrllDg: tnmt Biblnn from April lOUSeiil. IC; arijlliil Stpt in 
to Fell. 10. Tbemuugei, Spier* sod Pond. Junctioa Hotel, Euilelgb. Soutlisinptan, bu 
tometloet i f^w de; tickets bBt not on tbo miilii atrBioi. (Su SmiOumpim and 

ir»ltham(H«iil)).— L. AS.W.R. Hunble; trost. (SaBatUt-t Hoicl: Civma. 
Golden VoUej pond ; rtMrred. 

Blttos (Glo'iler.)— L. A SiW.B. BoTdj't"!! 
" roll i leave froiD Undowne 

*1B^ (Lel«eter).-L. A M.W.B. BUlaaden brwk. Sou', 1 m. W. 

aiMMnill (SUtTord).— I. ft N.W.B. Foilor brook. Tieot, I -a. 1 

BsuriDlr. I m, N. Beeerralr, 1 m. E. (Ste Oaintteraig^.) 
BlBaklniia(IJuio).).— L..1^T.B,; L. AN.W,B.i H.R. RlbMe. Hoddai: 

Ibct;™!. J. Greuion, Penoy-jlroet. fSa MOl Bill, iVMlon.) Datweii. 
BUekbnm Jouotlon (Luica.}_)(.B. Don. (cj. FtrtiMrc.) Cur t 

Inwil:. (See ffpole.) 
XIaiBkloi (Luiu.).— L. & T.R. : L. A N.W.B. Daoslu. Ir.i. ROilei 

Lalei ■ Blickrod poodi. Rl 

1 a. E, {3ie HaLelh Bani:, 
BlMkwood (UDnraonih}.— L. * N.W.S. Slrhoner; tronl: trout rod llconcei of Ur. 

Ednrdi. <^h Jfnqwrf.) (cj. OU.) 
Hms lib« (Uonmonthj.— G.W.R. Llnrdi trolt {cj. Uik.} (Sa Siufort.) 
■iBlaB(HDnniDnib).— O.W.B.; L. AN.W.B. Ebw;lubi troDt. Ici. Hit.) iBtSniport.t 
lalar (Warwick). -L. A N.W.B. Blukeala)' brook. (An Kli^V Lyim.') 
UOril (DoTMl).— L. A a.W.B.; H.B. SConraDdlwerDei plkB,perc]i, ^. Fllkldt 

VKB. (CI. Avon.) (Sa Chrulchitrch and Wanham.) 
Blauto' (Notta).— K.K. Trent, 1 in.9.E. itHule-oad; porcb. toacb, dace, barbel, cbob, 

pikt; JTeeoa bDlb atdei, batUr.Coi, ttae landlord of Ihe Inn. charfiH Gd . fur S^lnc 

fmn tlie iiliod. wbance there la good bubellDg. |c,i,) ISa Gaiwboriiugh.) 
noEWloh (Stafford). — L. A N.W.B. Snayd btuoli. Laia-.eimjijfoal. ISre Gabubsrovai,) 
UngklaT' (WDrecBter).-G.W.B. Knaebrook. (Set eiouaiUr.) 
Kail]UHn(Beda).— L.AH.W.R. Onee (l m. W.) i coaraeaabeioept barbel; goodjacklni; 

Hr. Elnjc, of BoitOD, owns tbe wort ilile, and Mr, W. L. Hajden, of Blonham, ctae •ontn. 

I'd! coano floti except barbel : prtwr'od tij Hr. W. L. Ha;don. ISrr Kinf'i Lutm.) 
aWll* (SlalTOTd).— L. *N,W.R.; Q.N.B.i M.a. Blythe. (ti. jWnt.) Tean brook, 4 «, 

S,E, at Vyjftt Tun. laia: Wb/mpnej wood pondg, 1 n. HtJE, by Dllborne. (Sa Gaiiu- 

Bota'u Xaad (Laura-)— L. A N.W.B. Donrtlaa. (ej. XOtU.) (See Batetli Bani.) 
Bodmin (CoTDWall).— O.W.R.! L. A S.W,B. Gameli trost, aea tront, aaltDon; fliUni 
moniTtrea. ElrUod naier. Ujihrn in,tet. (SaWa^bridi/t.) Fowey (3 in.) ; aaa trent, 
V . _., ^.1. ,m^]^ bajik> wooded; — " ....... i... .. ., *..- j.^.-.i. 

B(Vii°i [anaaei).— L, a. A S.C.B. Tbere la good Ma-fliblng from (harocka at low water 
forwbltlnf, coal flab, /to. In Jnlj and Angoat there 1< good iport with the "braian.** 
Ortj nmllet aboitad In ttae ihallow water between Felpham and Little Hampton Harboni. 
The Bahlna weatward la not an good for an amateor. BoleU: Bofal Norfolk, Bedford, 

■oninBton ICbeihIre).— L. ft N.W.R. Daan. Zaia: Stypbeiion Faik lake, 1 m. N. 

Benton AVhir (York).— M.R. Wharfet tront, grarliiigt by ataylng at the Seronihlre 
Anna, Bolton Bridie, Sklpton. lablng ean be bad tret Irom Boltou Bridge np the drer 
for em., both banka; alio minnow, warm, or fly in three large reaarrolro. Tbaiory 
Bnut taekle mnat be used. (Sa Kilnttf and lltlly,^ Fly flablng only penoltted from 
Aprill toOet.l. (ij. Tcri.) B.rden beck,Sm. N.W. ierbeek.Sm.aE. Waahbnm, 

inge. Croal. Bradihaw 
inoir. 4 m. N.W. Two 
n. N.W. (3ee Swuorn.) 


The Angler's Diary. 

lb, v.: lo 

e Dwbr 
9. (S« 



BDd btram 


Sodar (Caeshlrtj.-M-R. Bsne; (root, dica, roieh, chnl 
Lata: KaiiBj nttntAi. {Su Frsdiham.'} 

'B«rtaB<UDa>In).--Q,N.B. WtDiam; iiika, parch, chnb, 

TiMHinslOm. atwTs Oxekt Ponton, ind 9 m. iliovs >uac i>.ii:d iBjainsa oa mii wf>i 
br Cringle brook, S n. JonR. At Vontcoi, Stoke drmk. whjeb rliei Id loms poiidi abow 
W^TlO, ni» 4 m. U Sloks Hill pond, nod Joins Witbim ? in. below, on left bmk. 
WlUitii nmito annUlunAni. im. belov. ibe drtlnege ol tbe liikei In Beltan Put, 
1 m-npiiMnloIingbcbink. Wilhsmmni to Bkrkston 2 m., aod hers li SyiCon Fnk 
tako on the ilfht benk. i m. celow, BonlmiOD beck, 5 m. long. Joins on rlgbl bulk. 
Wlttaui mu 1 m. to Bonirllklll, and 1 m. belov It jolneA on leti baok by Foaton beck. 

OrMitluan, mm 1 m. lo tbe C^nil rewrrolr and tgidies Bad^brook In 9 iit., jolnlnc 
'Wltbara B fli. belOH. Wliham rsn< e in. to OlaTPol*. BeeklDgliain 6 m.. Saulngbim 
6 IN., and 6 m. dawn at Flililiongr. KumMoa being 3 m. oft on rigbt buk, Brant loliu 
on rlgbl bank. Brant riaea bj Branoon, J m. W. of OlBTtllOCp*, and J m. dowB, at 
Stngslelhorrr, ll lolntd on the rlgbt bank bji • brook draining aoms ponda at Leadenban 
Bail bT Kauankun, 9 tn. up I m. down Brani, b; Brooghton on Brant, 1 m, W. of 
- — * — •■ •--- ■ Hck. 6 m long, ji>lna on left bsuli. Brant rnna to Sklnnand, 2 m. 

1 Hykahiun S m.. and t,)wj>j.i» 

wID7 Till Joint It nu theN. bank. 

dn. H«n FOM D;k* nailRallon, joining Trenl «1 
TallwiT mnaaloogdde tbla w.isrway. and 3 m. E. of t 

iijidned ■ -■- 

Witham rnna to WuUncbroiqrlt ^ '^' ■"'' > ™' below Ig joined on tigbt 
'Vuhlnibrmiit brook, wtaleta tiaei hy BrKBSton In Branston Hall ponda. anu n d rn. 
long. WlOiani rnna U Flttsrton or riTO Mil* Eonae I'lt, and 3 m. dovn. at BarUng'g 
Lock, la JMn«d on left bank by Unawonb. Laogwoiih rises In Hacttbotne Hall pond, 
7 m. N.*. of AUKWOrtlL, and d id. -lown. Joat balow Snarfbrd Bridge, 3 ni. N.W. 
of SnsllMU), ll joined on left bank by Fhslhorpe brook. S rn. Ions. Langwortb rnna 
-3 m. to Sulnioo. wbote Snelland brook, which rliej 5 m. abore BnellKsd and la 8 m. 
loDg, Joins OB lafi bank. 1 m. down Lanewonb, at ZAngwortli, Clay brook, lo m. 
long, tolni on left bank. Langworib rnnstm. to Barlinga Abbey, jail below wblcb. on 
left bank. StainSeld brook. 6 m. ianrt. Joins on Itft bank. Langwortta Joins Wltbam I m. 

BurdnsT l m., ind Sontbxr 3 m.' H^re Tupholmo brook joins on left bank. Top- 
■tolme rises In Sroorlon Hall poDdi b m. N.W. from Eomowitl*, moa 3 jn. lo Qlnnt^ 
Hall lakes, G in. N.W. of HomcMitla, and Joins Wiibam 9 m. down. Wltbam riina to 
Btlxwonld I m.. KickstHd t m.. TatMnlutU <1 m. E.| 3 m.. Doffdrks 3 «. 
Hera B^ Joins on lefi Oaok. Biln rises sbove Broigh on BalD, 7 m. W. of fontll, and 
'- —'"- —" — ' i.-.i— — -i—. I.— I- 1.-.^. ..-.-■ . = — — onli pool 

SoDlsbT 1 ni.. Heminib)' 3 m.. Horn 
WcMriOMll M]», Haitbam beck. S m 
ball 1 tn., and Bogota and Wlit 

Soalnffton, rnna * m. lo 

dea into two pacta. Old and 


,„ BoBton ind Wilham in 

3 m. below. The Boston A 


. adjacent fen dr^os; nbT 

acrlpllona Tolnntarr. ^ o's 

Kb-ff, irm.) 


Hamble rises In a large pond 

(gnod piking) by BlBhopi 


tliun Station (aj.B.). and 

nl ™.i. Joined on left bank 

by the sUll-aReam from th 
ponda holding pike in Bat 


aiI"e."6''".'bSow J'siolb 

sBcrtbT. Here«eM« 
mpton ffaCer, Tbe aataiiw 

somatlmes be obtained. 

SottlafOrd <Lelce>[er.)~0 


De™n. 3ffllte,3 «i. N.W, 

tOrston, Carrdyke, Sm. 

■Bonrn (t.lnenln).-G. N.B. 

ban. brook, S m. S.-W, Gle 

.3m.S. (S„ Spalding.) 

Bonni* Bnd (Bnck.).-G 

TbamMi roadi. pike, pa 

rcb. Wye; pollnled, (StI 

aw. Hatil: Railway Hotel, 


W.B, Stonr (3 m,)i salmon 

troot, grayling, plke^ perch, 
d from Iford to tbe f errr at 

barbel, bream. ctiDb, roscb 

,carp. Therlierlspreeerv 
1 and^mperlai Eieier Hotel 



flabing very good. eap«llllr 


England. 13 

Bonrton ISomsnet). — G.W.R. Keon, (8ei <3rvrdot.i 

Sanrton-on-the-WateT {Olomer).— aW.K. On Wnmnuh ud Dlekler. {Sb LtnOan, 

Bo«j (DevmD—a.W.B. (3u nignmimt*.} Botbt •nd Tfln.. The llahlnc la Bonr It 

only to F. Btx, Eh).. Town Clerk, Torqo 
Sow (DatDii).— L.&S.W.B. SprejtoD < 


Bos [WJ)B).'-O.W.R. (Sti Brittel.) Boibioak; tronti sra 
Sox HUl <Samy).— L. & S.1V.E HDd L.B. A S.C.B. Uolc 

BnMboro' Spa (Uocotii) O.N.B. EdeotiuD brook, Qisn. i m. S.E. Wellul, 

M.T.} H.ranin-.pondi8near. ^ 

Bndibrd-OIl-Avoik < Wilts) .—O.W.R. (5u ft'Ulof.) On Aion; perch, roicli, dace, 

BndfbEd. (loik).— «ji.R.; M.B.; N.B.K.; L. ft y.R. ; L. A N.W.R.; N.E.B. firadlDTd 

ln«iiuira(Huiu).— L.AS.W.R. Aion. <&r CAriifcAurcA.) Sir E. Halia preHiiea tk« 

-'-iil{Vork>.— B.E.B. Sw»le. (c.i. rtri.) Sonbeck. («« rwt.) " 
..« (EMei). — O.E.R. {Sa liabiim) On Bmn and Blackwater. The Brain 
la etriitly preaorred; pike, pcrcb, Sace, reacii, tench. In both rliara. 4 m. off la SllUed 
Htnpgnd; ptte, carp,iuidtsDch. Lean From J. N, Paiman, Esq.. SUaled Sail, Bralnlree. 
Qotlleld lake, a in, ; lotfe frnm Hri. Taflor Love, Ooafleld Hall. Qoadeld Flace pond; 
lea™ ftoiB E«T. B, aparro"', OoiBeld Plica, floly I : Horn. 
BrMiilMrlSaBel).— L.B.ft S.C.R. On Adur. ISa JItie alurdUm,} 

m ^_^ (Snffolk),— a,E,R. Qlpping; roach, porch, pike, lench; preaervei from 

_ s S ni. above lo Bos Hill a m. belov bj Olpplnn Antllnir Soclti;. i,See IptwHA.) 

•mnl« (Torlt|,— a.N.B.) L.4T.R. Farm Icy back. '(See Raicclifft.} 

Bnunpfbrd Speka IDetdh).— O.W.B. Eie; ttont, ulmoo, dace; preiened beloir to 

atimpton (Cnmland,).— N.E.R. On Irthlngand Qell; tront. Presarvod by iho Brampton 
Angllnji ABweUtlon ; esc.. C. CheeabrDOiih. Eaq. ; . B.t,, Si. Qood accoiDmodBtlen at the 
Hoirard's Arma Hotel and Wblis Lion, Brampton. The rltmueabont I m. from the Inn, 
llDdBleTamiaGfn., TalkloTam I m., off, holdiaEpika. parch, and trout 

BrmmBton (Norlhlon).— L. 4 N.W.R. Nen. Moollon brook. Allhorp brook, im.a.W, 
{Set Witteac/i.) 

Biandon (SnffolkJ,— aE-R. Utile Ontat pike and coarae flab: there la a goad atisteh 
ortreewater.andolaewhoreSahiSE euilrobliloed. £aiei; Toffe meTe<£ m. N.E,). Bnckgn- 
bun HDiueP*rkpond(SnL H.E,). (Stt Siag't Ltmtt). (ct. Norfii/l.) ffoftl: Bam. 

Brandon (Warwick).— L.&H.W.R. Avon; chub, aaoe. roach, pibe, perch, bream; preteried 
t^ R. J. Beecb. Eaq.. on rl|ht bank lor 4 m.; lei to the CoTenlrj AngUnc Club. (Sa 

O.W.B. Tame; chob, dace, roacta. pike, percb, irajllnK. 

« Broadwu Cbnrcb bj Bnniford Angllnf Socletj. Lt tOt., 
aier.) (e r. Severn.) 
G.N.B. WaihlBgbrongh brook. WItham, I m. N. £at« : Brnnitoa 

BninrlllDg' (Elsrta). — Q.E.R. <Su Sh-at/ord.) On Rib ud Qnlni Iroat, coarta flah. 

Bxannston (KorlhCon).— N.i, Oviok. i m. Leim. BiUn's brook (1 m. N.W.) (3b 

BTaiiiitoiL(De>oo).— L.ftS.m.R. Brannton water, Brannton riaei I n. S. of HsrtMbOa 

Station (M.D.R), mm 1 m. to Weet Down, and S m. down i> joined on len bank by 

Fnllabtook. 3 n. long. Brannton Is 3 rl on . 1 m, bslow, Knowle water. 6 n. long, 

Icdoi on left bank. 
*>1fm<l««n (Derby),— O.K. R. Ferrjby brook. Berwent, I m.W. fe.i.iytnl.) Lata: 

AUeitrr Hall lake, 1 m. N.W. KedlpBlon Park likp, 3 m. W, (S« OoftuftoroapA.) 
Br«do»(Worefflior).-M.E. Aion; chnb, daoe, roich, pike, percb, bream. Severn 4 m.) 

reacb, piks, percb, bream. Jcc ISee aioueetur.t <cj. Secern.) 


14 The AngleT^a Diary. 

Stalflktoii (Vork). ILL MMitbOtp* OsU, I fn.— EWmteiit: cbnb.Oue. pike, &e.i 
O^gtna. («.j. roM:.) (SwITraBl,) 

__ — t. ,r. 1 imrTi 1 „i 1 — .. —.J ^j iytin „a Elm* Flihliw 

— • ' ■ ; t.t. 40<. (limlnd 
ler. Eiq., uUcLior, 

BnntfiirdWliiai.).— L. O.W..B. Tbimei ua Brmt. (Sti LoaOtM, L.T.1 

Br*&t XboU (SoooMI) G.W.R. Lata: EuL Bienl poadi. a lerks of pondi IioUUb( 

pike, prreb. eirp, leocb. raddi penclulou rromllia autlan muMr. 

~ • " — - n " -^tie tit lome panili Id Thnmtfon Hil] P»rk kelon^of 

n nuad UilL Tba Iitkb liks of FltiwiUr li hhi 

BxUwtow <I>eT0ii^-O.W3. 

_J« (CornwiU).— Q.W.E. Bnum. Limi!lMi bnioli. (Set Par.) (c.t. Fomir.) 
north (BbroH.)— O.W.R. SeTern; d-«. Eront, ebub, pitc. petcb, ulmoo; Dihii 
_.__■ Worf{l n. W!). Mor bronk (S m, 3.W.). ClivBriey hrmk {t m. E,). Borla tir« 
UM.S.). Stntlbid brook (SnLH.E.) (Sa gionealcr.) (e.i.) 
BxUfWatar (BoDMrHU^G.W.R. Firret; rouh, uliDoii,reii [loat. Cire^. FBrretrli 
br (Mwkonw, inm 10 WMtChlcnoc*. where a «io»ip3m. lonR join* Dnri«htbul 
1 m. on UlnUn Brook joins od left bank. Hiotoa rtua In <i pund !□ HlnUn ^hm Fk 
<I«rd Fanlct), br Hlolon St. Oeorgs In.). Ciawknna, 3 <^1, and 3 n. doiru, at Herrii 
liJoliKd DO rl(ht bank by a iirsiim irorking i mill I m. op. Hence to Puiot li S i 

HtnLon Houa Pirk. uid«nI 
la 4 m. toag. wotkl 

leftbink. Iilerl* ,_ „. 

lown. sod worklDZ Uirea mlllt in tint, ((joined U Pncklncton. on iME Dink. Dj ■ straiB 
Tblcb rliM 3 m. W. ot Xlmlustoi, and Is 5 m. long. li\t ToBt Id 1 m. to Itic Abbot, at 

6ni.lon». 4 m. onlilBJoliuFarret. l^rrol rnni In S m. to X«»lun»ort (fl.W.B.).' Him 
Tag S<ABik on rlKht bink. Yea rlisi a or 4 m. N. o' Sftarlionu (fCw.R.), and la joiiud ai 
that plaoa bf Ullbome brook irblcb riua by Wlbonw Port (S.W.R.), and in 3 m. nttn 
Ilia large lake in aiierbome Park. Yeo rnna In 4 m. to Bradftird Abbae. vkara Y« jDlH 
onlafi bank. YetrUoi 4 m. S. oCTMrnlnaMr (S, &W.R.), irhereastraaniDliuoDTltkt 
busk am. long. Yeol*3ni.dom. Yeo ooir ranalnl(nL toTeovUJnneUonf&WJi.). 
Hera ETorabot brook joins on IoH bank. Evenbot rlaaa 4 rn. 3. of SuttOn ***lfTlfm 
ra.W.R.1. 1 171. beta* which a stream lolni on TlgtiE bank vhlcb rliM lu alaka at 

DLBP.' Teo li i m. on.' feo nuu'ln I m. 
im jolna od rigliE bjmk irorking ■ mill i m. 
ie on rlgbt bank Sparktsrd riaes Id a bIH 

(iDall btook vorkbtg ■ mill. Sparltlbrd It 1 m. on. Sparklord rons 
In., and3ni.dowDlaJoln«don ths left baak Dj a aErearn wbleh rin 
MWUft (Q.W.R.) ud la » fuloDg. ) m. on Bparkftird ioins Yeo. 
i..i._._./. . » — '— \, O.W.B.. Sm.). LoiiK Sntton 4 

BeroaamallrtiaamJainaYeoonriRbtbank lialaE la Paradlaa mill pond Ilokop. Ptmt 
no* TDDi Uiiongb tlM moon, ud Mm. down li>^sd on left bank 1^ a Mraam wUA 
dralnaanon DralctitlarBaiKMidalaweitSviEel'iwr. I n. davD Farrat, Hiudi brook jnlu 
on Ml bank. Batcbrtaeafm. M.of Katoh StatUn {Q. V.B.). Tana 4 nt. when It iwa« 
1 m. S. of NoMti Cnrrr. 1 m. down, a itream JolDi on richE bank, draining a large p«i4 1 ■. 
mponSedffe Hoor, and jolna Farret4 m. on. Parret rnna In am. loCbapel and Bonub 
BtldBi(n.9.AUialn«^.W.B., Ijm.). Hera Tone joins on loft bank. Tone rlaat abOTC 
Clatworth; i m. from tTtvallBOomlM (D. A S.B.), and S m. doan pauea a m. W. ol 
WlvaUaoomba, rnnatoWellliifftoiL (i " 

Biadlord, * imall ■tream join* on rlsbt 

HE. of WivallMMnnb*. and In 1 1 n>. !■ jidnod on rlgliE bank bjr a itn 
"—-'-'-'■" -" — — ' ^ long. rfUverto 

bank, boldlng tront, 1 m. 

In -fflniorWBh MQI U 

1} n. to miTCrtOK (D. A 8.B.), and Tona to.) mile down Tona, a ■(roam, wnuD raM 
at'WenBDOklamdIni.iip, Jolnaon rlihtbank. I n dovn Tone, HorUn brook Jolna on Mt 
bank. Norton rlaea In TollaDd Hill 3 m. H B. nf WlvalUMOmb*. nui 31 m. to HA* 
(B.a. Blahop* IgrOeaid, o.W.r., i i m., or HUTarton a m.), xorttm nte>wmn«i 
(G.W.R.) 4 m.. and Tone 1 ?n. I m. down Tone, at Blabopa Hull. Elniiton brook jolna OB 
loft bank. Elniaton brook rIaes 3 m. H. of Klngalon (di. Taxiatan, G.W.R. u m.)i 
a m. below Kingston a etream Joini on right bank, which ileei bj BlMlOpa J^davril 
»ndli4ni.long. Tone Is Urn. below the Jnnotloo. Tgnaruna In sm. Id Taimton, *Joa 



nr. Black brook jolDi oDrlgblbuk, Bluk tin»k liMa b; Trull (c 
ii B nLlODg. Smdoini Torn, itOitKb 9L Mkliul. ■ Umiii jgln 
iTWauUaiikCoii{n.i.BiiXBtos,G.W.B.,3 - 

Ebdiois Cutis PMk 4 in. tii._ 
la dtbt biok. wblch worka ■ mil! 
1 1 m. ud BrldmMr S m, AI 
kta Tliot G n. S.W. at CMmlnctoii. 
u ataan S ">■ bala*. At Oltacbimpton, 4i m. (lom 
n joloitbaPamtHliiATj, itblcb rUta ia > mill Fond U Flddbi[toa 

m. vltbiD i 

tcr.S*d«a Moor, .lien It Joliu 
'IjEbC bulk 3 m. below 

ttaa pItT, n 

~icjrA!a.) 'Btin riaea la ■ mlirpoDd bj Beunln>t«r (n.a. VoUiiri wTs. A W.R., fi m.) 
0»m.dowii, ■atTMmjolna on right buk.wDrklDg ■mill or two by Sioks Abbott, l}n. 
op. Six m. down la Srldport. Bar* Aak«r JMna on loft buk. Aiku He« bjr 
rcMtato«k (W^. A W.a). ud i* e h. iod«. Bfict lolna tb< ica i «. btiow Bridpoit. 
Bilt la pmarved by tba UndowiMn ud fUmara, wba fraqnantlr jtra leaTe. Aikac l» 
prtaemd by tba fUmera. nabtng good. But Bibliif from tba ptar bawl vllh aqnld or 
csttlfl balk A lod iBd BoitM Una nlglit b« OMd Miaatlinaa *IUi abccwa is iktbar rongb 
iraiiMr. llackarol.pclluk. and poDt ara cBDght nair tba Polluk-itona. Bold ; Boll. 
vtwiMOi. J. QnndrT aod Co. 

T HUKSUffbrd).— a.W.B. Stour {J m. S.). Smanair (5 m. W.). Laka-.YKotan 

» Baaenolr. Old Park Ponda (9 m. W.). Ankew Brld||e Pond (3 m. N.W.). Hbnlay 
Park Iikea aod Common Foot <t m. H.W). (5m CSoucuhr.} (ci, Snirn,) 
"BrlfflT (LlncolD). — O.C.B. Ancbolme. Aochaloi* tlwa In a pond at Ajubalne Hmd, 
B fn.ll. or Unooln, moi 6 m. to PillOrd Bridge, t m. W. of MaCkM BMMn, rnaa i m. 
to UlabopB Bridga, wbeie Rate Jolna on rigbt bank. Btae ilaat 4 m. E. o[ HaiIeK 
Jtassa, and joina ADchoime T m. down. At Biibopi BrldM commenut Anebolme 
nadKatlon, and 1 m down, Oweraby drain, whiob riHa b; BonOB Koor and It s n. 
long, julna oa rlxbt bank. E m. down Ancbolma at Bedcar Bridge, 3 m. SI.B, of UOKiftir, 
Nortb EaljsT buk. which riaet by XowAam sad Ig 4 m. long, jolna on rlibt baA. 
Ancbolma mna lo Briffff 3 m., and 3 m. down, at Brooghton Bridge, It Brongblon Decoy 
nn lattbank. 3 n. 3.B. of AppI«I>r- Anebolme jolDi Hombei 3 m. balow. Ancbolma ia 
_, .je Flaharj cr>aiiiilaMonflrti i.t. 3i„d.i. 4rf. 

_!• (ToflO.— I' * T-B. Calder, (s.i. Zwt.) ISa Ravxifffcl 

■rlffhtOIXSnaHi).— I.B.ftS.O,I(, Sea bream and other Utb may be canfbt oil hero, 
and bau eomatlmea fnm the pier. In the Odw, not far from Bircomlia, foTieTeral nillei 
np, tbera li talr flablng lorroieh, ebob, parcb, uidaeli, aod (oodplke Sihlng. 
Sriirh«daa (Torkt).~U.B. ; G.C B. Don. (S« iTooIe.) 
BrlnMOomlM {(HoBcailv). — a. W. B. Fromai eoareefUh. ^Sa BtoniJaaM.) 
BzlnUow (Warwick).— L. ft N.'W.R. Combe brook. Lakit: Bnrdnn Foal (S m.). <Stc 

BrlnaoaU (Lana.l-L A XR, ; L. ft N.W.R. Roddlaiwortb. (^Sie Praton.) 
■llallniton <Somora«l>. — Q.W.E. iSaBrUtol.) On Avon, (ci.l 

JlrlBtoL— O.W.R.; H.B. OdAtod. Aiun rites In ShlplonUlll Head 1m.S. of TvtmUT 
(G.W.B.), rontsm, to Malmetbnry (n.s, Mlnaty, S m. ; jnck, poreb, roaohi pretarrod). 
Hsteattreamjolni on right bank, wblcti rlM> In a mill pool by Great Sbanton, la 8 m. 

Tlaea In Saren Itland Pond S m. rrom Mlnetr, and la 9 m. long. 1 «. np from Ita JnnoUon 
vlttl Ann a ttraam )oina It on right bank, whlcb rltag lo Bradon pond, 3 n. from Mlnatr, 
nntlK, wbere the ontBow from tba ponda In Charlton Park {pika, paroh. caip; laan 
from Ur Soiheron Eateoort), 3 m. from HtloifsbiuT, Joint oa rlgbt bank, and I fl>, on joint 
tba main atream. Avon now tlowa to DutBtMv * M- Hare Thnnder brook Joina on 
left bank. Thnnder rieet In a mill pool 4 n. S. of Wootton BaaBatt. paitat by Ibat 
town, and In 1) m. la lolnod by a ilream on left bank i m. long, riting In a pond at Toclian- 
bam Wlek, I m. tram Davntav tttaUoa. l m. on a atream Joloa on right bank, rMnt 
ID ■pond 11 m-in. From banca to ATonltCn. Aron mna to OUppanliaaa 10 m., 
eaadw Cbriatlan ttalfbrd midway (good fiablng; nraHrrad by Sir H. Bern). Ac CUjt- 
MAam, Harden ilTar Joina Aion. Harden riiai at Calnons Wllllngton. 9 m. S.E. of 
Sals*, and In II «. 1* Joined on right hank by Blyor brook, which warkt a mill 1 m. up. 
I m. down Harden ■ atream 1) m. long Jolna on laft bank, working a mill. I «. below 
^falllt la the outflow on laft bank of Ih* large lake In BowooA Park Iplka, perch, carp, 
tancta, roach ; leave from Lord LaDBdowne). I m. below, Flaber'i brook Joint on right 
bank, wbleh rltea 1 m. H. from Omlna, and 3 n. down lajolnedonrlfbtbank by aetream 
4 n. Ions, riting la Whiicomha Mill 4 in. N. of ChOBS. I m. down, Harden la reaebod, 


The Angler's Diary. 

a. Anm rMWIiea oa riRht 
-i). l»i.on,MUmct 
n C. U. Tinnl, Eaq^ 
rkiOirM or lotir milli: 
iXtt lo Spy Pirk (n.s. 

__n Jolni on ilgbl buk. 

Bolt a alreiim joIni on left bink, irhicb rlKi by UrchfoDt 

ipch flaliiiiif) |n.s. WsBtbnrj, h 

.. in Ian biiDk b7 ( itreim vhlch rtmlnBarUar Honia 

Firk like (n.i. FronM), lad li i m. long. At the janEilan of tha ibOTa witb Ott 

Hilf * milB down, a brook joins on rljtht bmk. -hicb ran. from WeatbnTy, worklait two 
or thrao nillli, and Is » m. long. Hence lo TTOWbrldKe >9 3 ™- He™ ■nreunlaiu 
on Ian bank. wbLeli iLlee In h poiiil3m. np, Avon li lint down [mm ViowbrUC*. 

Aton nine In i m. to Bradftird, Viealifoid am. He™ Fromr "— — 

liti) jolni an left Iwnk, Frome tIkb In Ihe luka at New Hitchllnn 

B. of Uildan BrwJlB)', und ia 3 m. long. Froma mns j'p s m. [a n 
onriabttaank by tbs brook iibleta dralne the lake [u Looitleat E 
parcb, pike; Lord Balb). 5 ni- tram Fronxe* and also tba m]ll[ 
Frome. i m. below Fxoms Cile Joini Fromo on leftbant. T 
■■ ■ - -iBIm. lUolnefl on right 

WDTki a mill 1 m. u| 
lejt bank. Cats In 

tbB Frame. 1 m. down Frame [ha autflaw or tba large lake al Orebaidleigb. 8 m. from 
Frame, jolni an Ian bank, Fromeroai toBecklnBton11iii.,Boaa8in.[pre8eTTedbT ATonand 
TrIbnIariM Angling AMOdatbn, and then By t\.e owner of Farleigh CmIIb), Farlelgb a •■. 
(prawned bence to Atod My Aran and TrIO. A. A). Praaliford and Avon 3 m. ATon 

riiea In tha lake In SLona Euion Faik |n,i. RallatTOW), roni aj m. id mOaomar 
■orton. where t strosm Jolni on riglit " 

bank, whlrb riiei by HallAtrow, rnns 6 m. to Combe Hay (n.t. Tellow, If m.), and 
Kld&rd21n>. Aroo 13 11 m. down. Aion rana In 3t m. to BatHuapton. Hera 

worka eeveral mllia. Box la midway. »L GttharlDe'a (trant) wDrki aoma mlim ud I* 
tor Bin. loon. Atou maalnlim. to Bkth, WaatoD and Twlvarton Ifn. Jnitabore 

to Swaniwlck (Wonl, leave (ram H.G. Diuli,Eiq.,aoliclMr.Batb),Wooll8y (Iroui, laaiB from 

Balb. Newton brook jDini Avon on ]en bank, which rlaei In Frliton mill, and li 4 m. long 

rani In 1 m, to Xalaton and Saltford. 3 m. down.' Bayd liier jelna en rlgb't bank. 
Boyd ilBW by Dodlngion (n.B.TBte, 7 ir.I, and In 4 m. at Daynton (trout; prlTata), ia 
Joined an ri([hl bank by Fellbam break, which rliea al— - ■>-——- — - '- - •--- 
aot«a«ld, t m.). and liSm.lang. Uayd. in 11 n.. wite 
W»rinlaT.ain-)i»ndflo«>ll>Bitton,3in„ and Avon, I m. Aianraninm) 
a m. Here Cbew rliar Jalni on left bank. Chew Maea at Chewion Kandip (n.i. mnittr 
trow, *1 nt.), rona to Wert Harptree i m. (n.i. Clutton. 5 m.) (filr Irantlne; pr». 
lemd), Cbea Stoke dm, (KOOdtronllnii: preearrrd). Here a alream jolni on rig htlaek, 
«blehilHlbySt(iwayHlll,3in.oir(n.i. Clnnon, 91m.). Cbew mneto Chewton Hanna 
2 m, (roaeb. troni, pereh ! privilei IheEtrlgb,) WaUrworka Cn. bere own i reiervolr boldlne 
pereb, roacli, trool; d.t. li. S<f,. limited Iraue); and bcrsaatreim jolni on left hank, whleb 
wocka lb* powder mllla at WInfard 3 m. np. Chew 3 m. dawn la joined on lelt bank by a 
■tioamirorkingBiaiO am. up, I m. down Ciiaw li Paiuilbid, I m. down, tbe ontflow 

of thelakeiln Honnd-itreet Park, Hm. np, jolni on rlshl hmk. Hence to" ■" 

"' Ion brook jolna on right bank. Slslont 


England, 17 

BxlBUiutDa i m. up, Aioo reacUe 


PROMii rlrorhsra JoLin Avon on righl bank. Frnms titrt bj CblpplDE 
■-*. » ■„. . ™ ., ■»_»_ » _ ,. T .... — '— ajTisl t 


re BxlBUiutDa i m. up, Aion reacUu Srlatol <D 

'-'- M&oucAalitan Station on 

, Frome nie» bj Cblppir- "-' 

Tkt«, i ™.), rnn« s tn, to Tate, S m. lo Iron Auton (prejonsl ,, 

AnBllnjT SoclBlj], 1 ra. aawn, ^an riier jiltnonilghl b^nk. Lsden riteihy Wlokwir, 
and In 4 m. pasflu 1 m- E. af TytbariUtfton* and 4 m. dowo Jolna Frome- 4 ni. down, 

FromeCD.p.PUton, am.) Bradley bruokJSlns on ~ 

aebiTlHS l>r AlveBioD(n.!. Tluinlnin', 3nL). ri 

Stoka brant 3 m- loot BradlSf Jolni Frame 4 ni, aown. a m. doirn Frome ine d»lnLn|[i 
I- PUli Ponda, 
iown In BrlMaL 

n tbe bar, pollack along the rock; ihorc to Bur; Head, and bsiond, eapMidl/ at ud 
iioDDd Itia Cnd Rock^ enormoua aboali ot Aau are Dften leea hers, from bigh wUer and 
during tho Bbb. Bream and conger alia ronnd this rock. (5m alw/'nijulmandnrjiUHr.) 

-— 'i(Nortliton.)— L. iN.W.R. Sen. Calender bmilt. |a« JFufaocA.) 

' — (Clieihlre).— G.C.B. Etherow. (Sm Swicom.) 

levon).— L. A S.W.R. CUit. 9ootii brook. Halbrook bnwk. (^I« flwtAoin,) 

. (Hanlil— L. ft S.W.R. (Am Eymfnaran.) 

Brookloaby (Lincolii).— a.C.B. Ulcebj- beck. 7-ois» , Neiteham Abbor. (8« PJejJir.) 

SrmnlLaia < Salop) .—s. A U.B, Teme; grifllnK, troat, chuli. pike; permitalen from Lord 

Windsor, ol Oaklrj Park. Onnyi troni, urarlliiK, cbnh, pike; airlctlf pmerred. Cons 

(lJm.E.); treat, Krayllng. Pyr lirook (4 m. N.). Iota: D«oj Pool (IJ m, S.WJ (S« 

GlovcaUr,') (ej, Smrn.), 

BromlaT' (Eeni).— UC&D.R. On Baienabourne. (8a LtitUliam.) 

Bromler Craaa (Lanc<.)-L.Ar.B. BradaliaiT brook. Tania, I lu. W. iSeeRancvn.) 

BromptDU (Tarli).~N.E,B. Brompton beck. Wlnton bock. Cod beck, 4 m. E., u 

Fouon. Hewell beck. 4 m. E. at Fnilon. (See York,) 
SzomaBzov* (Worceater),— M.S. Sulwatp; irout. Spadibonme brook. Laiti: Tardl- 
begge renarrolr; pike, perch; dl. Ii., inclndlnE boat, horn the keeper. (Su (RdueaiUr.) 
Bir4^yaf d (Bereford).— G.W.B. Froma. lukilone brook. Union brook <3 m.). Leddon 

SvoonbT' (I^ceater)-— U.B. Wreak; roach- taream. ehnb^ prMerved tar the owner AT 
DobabjBali. (u. IVoBf.) £<ilei: Bagdale 
— ■ (Salop).- 1. AN. W.E. Clnni troi 
._!«■.) (t.i. aaenL) 

^h (Weatland.)— Sf.B.E. The river Eden rona Bear. Salmon and tront (ta) 

Bronffltton-lii-Fiixiiaaa (Lanea.).— L. A N.W.R. and U.IE. Og DuddoD. Trout, lalmao 
Tbls atraam tliea on tbe Weatmorelanll border. After 3 m.. Oaltrcale GUI Jolni 
on tbe rlRhl bank. 1 n, ou a loull atream rune In an Ibe left bank which flnws ont o: 
a small hill lam, Uoaiilale Beck, Im, en, Jolna on tbe right bank. Cackle; Beck. jm. 
farther on, JoLio on Uio left bank. Some 4 m. on a contlderable bum Joins on Ibe right 
bank, and \\ m. berona that Tam Beck jelee on the left bank. Tarn Beck rliea on the 


nckle joint Dnddon on tbe left bank. Thit river rliea In the elopEi el Dnncerdale, and, 
kfter paHlni: thriiugb a smell tarn In acoune ol 11 m., 1> Joined on tbe left bank bjr Apple 
Trae Worth »ecki 1 in.beyoDdtliliKinctloD aftlrtaeckjolni on the right bank. Thiabeek, 

wblch dniniaamall tarn lyliigDader Stickle FIke From the Junction at thla Mream vlth 
TIcklatottaajnnclloD of Stickle with Dnddon at BroDRhlon-ln-FumeBaliacmeglni. Leave 
mar be lomeUmel had for the lower portion of the liver. At Ulpht, 1 m. or. Is a 
i-nmrnriihla Inn. The Travaller't Rut. Leave to flab In freely gtanleil on application lo tbe 
waite Urn (trout and cbar) and Devoke water (large trout)lcan alK be 

>rd).— L.ftM.W.I).i U.R. Crane, 1 m. N.E. £a.tu : Cannock Chaae 

{Sea OB^toroivA.) 

ta). — O.E.!t. (S« S<ni(/brd; ChtAimi; Londaa.') New River. Lea; 
trout, piKB, oaroBi. percb, dace, ehnh, roach, tench, Mtpi prfietved from Currant Troa 
Island. Bolll: Crown, where UckeU can be bad t a.t., 41a., bottom and Jack SlhtDg ; 111., 
trODtlDi. D.t., bottom, lai Jack, ti.; trout, fi.; trout fishing commencCBOa April lat, enda 
Angnat slat. No person miy ilali with more than one rod ud line. From the let of 
Uanb ID tAe 1st of Angnat no lodger flailing with vorma It allowsd, nor muat any lob- 
worm or Bab bait be need except by trout aubscribers dnrlog that time. No llthinv for 


The Angler's Diary. 

be liUl«d b«tn«i Harcta 3lit ud Jun. 
inniuinct Look St BroilHinni e li prtva 

in (CheihlTdl.— I. & N.W.B. 

lU (NortOli).-G.E.K. Y»rej 

) Cimbe. [Stt Bighbridge.^ 

■lllHrtth (Tort , , , . 

. Tba montli ef HuilnKhiiD Dyk« Ig a good BDoI. (cs. If. tmi 3.) Lakei: 
aininpiDiw BrHd. I ni. N.W. BdrkKntaim Brnad init Huiii(b»a Broad, 1 m. 5.E., 
^eurTFd bfT. Tnck, Esq., mid Sir £. Beaqchsnip, Bocbl and Broad, lint. S.W. on othar 
tankotrlTor, frea. (ci. N. and S.^ {Set Yarmmuh.) 
BnOklhatlalffh (Denin).— G.W.R. Dirt; Irani, ulmon; Oablnc piHerred Scata Totnci 
(7 m. oae bapli and t m. tbe otherj by DUI Angling Anociatlon Iram ona ae)d beiaw tb* 

(tt) (S« flarjHWBfll,) 
BoOkhBzat Kill (Eaati).— CI.E.R. OnKadiOE. {.Bn Barlciiit.) Flabinf very poor. 

idiX) CUrdmi. 6in, £atiti: A[3tDwe(4m 
_. ,, ... notlee, can Moally be obulnafl. SoteJ : Wblta Han. iBte 

KiHg'i Ltm). 

BoOklMll (Salop).— L. AH.W^. Temei iroat, grayUDic, cbnb; proMTved by tbe Und- 
ovncTB. Bedl^ bcook ; trout. (Sa Olc-ucaler.} (e.i. Setent.l 

Bnoksall (Staffotd).— N.S.B. Trent, (c.i.) £alu; Brookboua mlU i>oo1. (Sh Oirfiu- 
' bomvffh-} 

■nAa (GDrnvall), — (IT.l XolawOitlky, [0 m.)— Balel; Falcon. On Bnle. Bnda Msca 
by Week St. Mary (n.9. HolBWOrthj-i >l •"•). nins 3 m, and li joiaed by LoDrfbrd 
brook on ilghlbanli, 3 m. lun( Bade inoa 3 th. to Uirbamcbnrch (d.i. Hounrortlur. 
7 m.), and 1 m. dovn. StraCton brnok Joint on rigbt bank. Stratlon rlaes a mOs 
■boTO Stralton (D.a, Holsworthy, » m.). and li A ni. loni. Bade raaa to Bnda 1 m., 

■one eaa flablne. 
BndlalCh »l^rtoii (DeToo).— L. a aW.B. Good aea-flibLng. wmiing, poUack. 

mmiHi at Ottarton Ledge and at tba Foot Cloal Ruck, and. U not too rongb. In breaiy 

friifa-witar eel> Ibr pdlaek eshtiE are proonrabla wlib ■ flnoly-meihed ahiimp not nnder 

sliniea iaalde Iba OUar month. Hany » bItlDK are cangbt laie Jn autnon In Ladram Bajr 

toward! Sldmotitb. Tbere li 1 m. of free Irotulnir In the Oiler, and seieral mllai of 

.. . ^_ .... ,.__..^|ug gj „,g j(^l,g jju,^^ ^y^jj jjj, ^^ trtunftraWa 

k brook. Goyt or Hsnej, I m. W. (Set BtoKom.) 

a; pike, perch. ehab, troat, grayling, dace, talmoDt 

ibrook(2|in. W.). Ox^: Abbey. (S« OJousMr.) (ej.) 

« brook. iStiMalim.) 

Ls: FartEO Hdt pond, 2 m. N. {Ba Caintbcnmifh.} 

ij. (c.(.jr.and&) £at«i DltcblngtonElall.aim. K. 

(3h BIraVerd.) On Rib; tront fldiing vary good 

Bnnlar (Linci.).— Line, A TorkR. WeatCalder; pollnted. Don. Lineibaw. 1 
water, I m. K.E. Bran, Ini. H.B. Bougtalee water, 3ni, N.W. laiei : Cialt I 
S «. S. (See Ptdiham, PreMon.) 

' 7 (Torfc).— L, A T.B. Eait Calder, 4 m. B. E. (cj. Fort.) (Sec Baadiffe.) 


England. 19 

BoniuU (Vi 

Bnnu^l Aj^lloi CInb, of SO uombi'nr^Qi B.rd'OT~Brt!l|Ji''w' ai'^i!Ls!w. 
5«^ «t Red lAmi^ nthh. m r n^t^ iin /±iit ? « u v ^_i >.■. ^-.t? . ■ 

ararllajii pnttrred 

-- -'„ — rL » --"' -«.«v" ^.luiHn w Orukina-lar " 

., „ „. ™?^""-E- 0»t9 Up Gill, a m. N.E. Grimwiai tact S „ „„. 

K,^ (i^r^.f'"*""' Th™ " • <=h«p «>„v„« from BDlWnA^^io 
(5« atralfardi 

. (Seel 

m (Honbton.) 

oirl« brook. iSte Qalmioroiiiili.) 

Snrbm BraArto^ <""""'■ "■■■ "ridport, » m.-On Br^j. Brady rlM « 

>a. (SHc.l.Axt.t 
•nrtoa-oB-Txent (staffbra),— U.K. ; g.n.r.iI 

pike, percb, ctanb, btrbel; flihlnK (res rrom Bl 

Dmr, S m. N.E. ; mute fljh, plko, tranl, Krajlind 

DOTB ■hlch hold! graTllBg, IroBt. and cosrse fl«h, ji pniervod br the Bnrtou-Dn-Trenl 

Ant IDE AMOdsHob: bod. «c.. Mr, B. Cl.rko; ..I. 40.. Mr. J. 0. PsrisM Iudh bIt™ 

Mi Iront llcencoi. (c.i. IVeu,) Rolleston btwk, 4m,N. Za*M; TaWDbUl Irte, 3 m. S.W. 

KoUMtonH.ll like, 3 m, K. Dnkelav Ball lake,;3 m. s. Sli lake. In Brelby Pwk 

Baplon Park lake, fi m. N.E. on S. aide of Troiil. Foremark ponds. 6 m. N.E. flUUi 
ra™ <ln«o., While Hart, Station, l(ld!md, George, ud Saracen'a H»d. CSh Oote.. 

Biuton Joyoe (Notta).— M.R. Trrali plka, chob, roach, utrntia. (tiJ Cocker beck 
^Sk Oofiutonm^A.) 

«IUT(LanM.)~.M.R,; L. AN.W.R.; G.N.H. IrwelL TotllOElon brook Roch 1 m, E 
Blackljroofc, 3 m. S.E. Naden WMer, 3 m. E. Za*ei; Mill poods by Elton Ira. E 

io MlldcDbdl Gu Home pool (s.i, all tlfh, sic«pl [rout and pike, Man 
cloitTe; iront, Sepl.IOtoU>reh«l incliulrei plke.Dooe). Tnmtiuiile 

(Stafford).— L. 4 N.W.R. Zeiti; HorHler Mill pood, 1 m.N.E. (Sti 

aUowed. (m. IVorf,) G(», 4 m. N.W. Dune, « m aW. ; troot ; pri™io (we /VodiJom) 

Oojt or Uene;, 4 m. N.'W. (■« Atmami). Hoontone brook, 4 m. N.W. (lu Aiacsrn) 
. l>o'e.Gni. 3.E.,aIGlattoninlll. {ci. Trent. Mainiyfold, fi m. S.L,,al:£oiinoT. ffolcfi- 

Crefc^eot, George. Lee Wood, Shaksapeare. (Sw OoftirtoroivA.) 
Xnzton (Norfolk).— OE.R. Bnre; bream, roach, perch; leave freely glTtn. Laie: 

Seottonpond, ara. N.E. (See Fammiih.-, 
■rflald (Warwloli).- £. A W.J.K. On Cherwell. (3h Lmavn, U.T.} There are t»o 

OMrlMn (HonmontbX— G.W.B. Uik j «lmon, (rant. " Llwyil. (SuNaiiwI.) (cj.) 
«la> (WUta)— O.W.R, (Sti BrUloQ On Harden (coins flah). Rlrer brook. Fliher'i 
hrook. XotilD Bowood Pirk;plke, perch, carp, 'ench, roach; lEtTefrom Lord Idnidonne 
CjlTBTl«y (Tork).- M.B. Aire, (tt. Zwi.) (Set Saaeltffe.) 

^(ak,-War),-M.R. Cam Brook. 



n rliei by OamlMncn*, 

which rlea 3 m. S,E. o} 

^hi«2i' SUtlm (a! 

l> i m. long. 



OuabEiOK*— Q-N.R. "id O.E.R. 

CwBi ioa™. 

1 flah; pi 

eierfed heoce to UWflPOtt on 

the Onw helsw Ely bj Ibe Cambrtdtte iind Kli 


^ty, a.I,; hon. gee. 

Dr. lloore, Unlaport, from whom 



Beloir Balubite Locka the Bihlng 

lor pike, *a, <i 

. the tlrtherdown yon go 

the better. Good flatUng for pi&o 

in the Sooth 

1 two 

< d*yg a week. BaiUfrom 

D. Btnham , Jama SInlee. or J, Uoi 

ley. Dlttnn. T 

here la trc 

iHTe mnrt be obuln^d from ■ F> 

alloW e( Pemb. 

roke ColleBB. 

(ateKmaSI^) HMels't 

Cattle, Hoop. Bnll, Red Lion, 

^mpOM (Glonceeter),-G.W,H. 

laetSh^m, eiavaiter. 

ae» brook: ' 

Ounook (9i.(rord).-L. * s.w.b. 

Satedon brw.1 

i. Pent,,. 


nkrldge.5ffl.N.W, iat«: 

fiiUienon Hill take, 1 m. W. Glddnlpha pool, 3 

>i>.E. M 

^xWood Bonfla, »Bi.N,W. 

--.-.,™..„jantlPottali«o(i,8m.S, <3«ley rewrroir, * m, W, Sorw^ .,»i,>.„u, ,„ 
S,E, Cannock Cbase reKrrolT, < m. 3.E. Eai k pool and Keepere' pool, TeddealeyTarl 
an N,w, Upper. middle, and lower Sherbrnok poola, 6 in, N. Uoaeley Conrt pond, G» 


The Angler's Diary, 


E.R. Hol 


, near de 

Lis, FoonUlD, 

n'l Hud, >na The Filixff. USttaai 



Btoor; tm 

t. pike, parcfa. 

piwnM Mj Uia Mobt FUbtrj Au« 





b«chn April 1 ud tnd 

1 SBptemlnr is. 

ite flrtiiDK 

Bt anr tloM; 

MUraoutUcUI Bj li >U 

He dc 

uml or »rt 

ncl.1 miDDDir. 

ba killed udsrlUp. IMIE 

or I'slnmi 

31b. Nodo«t 

bHlUieatkkaU for trie 



om WlUteh 

11 dyka abna 

D mmri mtnuce Mi 

H. 841.; 

April 1 m a-n 

tember 3D. tj 

BtaM-i do doi.: Hon 

tec, F, C 



(, ThB P 


tan. TtaFocdwiohudGnraFaiTji AnillDg Club pruenei the Slonr from Fardirleli 
Bildca to Plndi Onttar, Stoansonih! boD. aec. Mr. F. C, Null, H ibaie! trout huob 
(tan April I ta Sept. M; pike and rouh, leod) tnmt to be killed b; ij or mlnniw 
oib; a-t bnb) tli., lOrBciana flili, d.l. If. 

OkbSImw (Nerlolkl. — a.B.R. Tarat pike, roach, bream, percbi braumiug good: flahhic 
tree, hn: Bed Houm. (8m ronwMlA.^ (,e.t. Sarfiia.) 

0»p«l (SolMk).— a.EB. Oapel brook. (S« jr<nirtno(r«.> 

OuUala (CDBlud.).~L. « KW.R. and H.R. On Edao, Caldev. ud FetlerU. Salmaii, 
treat, cbib. HiiUU: CoontTWid Station, Oreat Centnl, Bnih, Vioterla. and Bad Un. 
Eden rlaea in tbe E. of Waatmereland. and l> fit m. long, ptaring XItMt StMhaB, 
btlovwUcb SoDlbT. Bala. andBronEb Bec)u]oln. Eden nor don put HnagriTe (Bibtac 
bee), Wiriop {fliblOK free), ta Applelir, Tnavla-Bowarbr, and CirHil*. Ben 

. (aalmon) ITa*. 19, 
No Sandar flahlnc. 
It Ibe Crown bm. 

en Angilni Sucietr (ik Sorllamploii). ajvell 

. Lata: Culls Aahlij Park. Sm. S. (Lord HorHamptOB) ; Jack, *c ; 

, _,..jllMll1,3iii. N.W. StwbII Park. B Bi N.W. Aw: JUllwaj. (BaWUitaA-i 

Oftatla Bromwiah iWuwlck).— U.K. Tama. (ci. TVmi.) £aat brook, ^ate: PUsk- 

bnot ForiB pond, 1 m. S, (Sh OaiaiborBa^) 
OMtto 0«MT CSomenol).— O.W.B, Brae ; tronl, roieb ; praaerred. (f... Jmb.) Etw. 

oweb brook. {Su BltHbrtdgt-t 
OkBtla Bontdarton (Lelcsiter).-liI.R. Trent, 1 n. N. at Sbardloa ; pike, neroh, roadi, 

dace, barbel, aalmon-. pruened; 9.t. 49i„ rrom Mr. Wood. Cbapel Bar, Noitlagliim. 

AiMit Cattle Anpa,wberetleketB can be bad, and RdlwBT. (».| {Sa WaUmA Detw 
I. H. (CI. ntERf.) Breedon brook. 1 m. S.W. at Tou'. (Ah C'ofailvrviuil.) 
dtTork).— O.IT.K.t N.B.R.i L.AT.R. Aire. ItJ-Yori.^ Calder. (e.i. rant.> 

i^ix — ijtf a.) 

OasllaUU (DeTOD).— L. AS.W.R. BraT:lnniL (u. nut.) (Sm ABinita|iI&) 
OMtl* XOWUA <TerH.-H.E.R. Dsrwenti Dreaerred. Crun b«d^ Zoteti Caatla 

Howavd Park lake, 1 RL H.'W. (ti. Fsrt.) (Am ITrariil.) 
OwrtU BlBlnff (NorrolliV.— D.l. Mortb Woottoa, i m. BablDEler rlTer, whlcb rina 

in the lake at anUogCon Hall, and It 9 til Innp. 
OftSOatvn (Derb;). n.a. Obw^-an-le-ndtk, fi «. — 1-. 4 N.'W.R. and H.R. Peda 

Holewatei. Hnw.ln. E.; irooi.frafllBg. Bradwell bnw^ I m. S.E. Dervent, 4 M. E. 

(bt. IVsM.) iSte fl e fai texajfc.) 
OaatUton (Lann^L. A N.W.B.; G.N.B,; H.R. Boch, Sadden brook. Lana-. Hai- 

land mere, 1 tn. W. (<Sm Swwini.) 
OwrtOC (Nortbton.V-U A N.W.B.; O.H.R. Nen; pike, perch, bream, chnb. fa.; nt*. 

•erred by Lotda Hantler and FIlawllllaTB, who will give an occailonal day. BUlng biiiok. 

lata: Old Field pond, lni.N.E.: teneb; free. Hilton Park, In.It.E; preMrred. ^ 

OktBald (Norfolk).— 3.E.R. Ant. Barton Broad, I m. W. ; Bahlng by ptymeni, VonnaA 

Braed. 1 «. 8. b; Lndbam. Catdetd Broad, g n. 3.W. <3« TarmoML) (ej. StrfitB.) 
OKtftwd SzUga (Kent).-S.B.B. On RaTeDibonrne. (S« LaiWum). 

attal (Tork).— N.kR. Hidd. (ej. Fort.) (Bee Fert.) 
TUUIlBb (SaSolk).— O.E.R. Stoar^ pike, perch, roach, carp, dace, bream, tenata. 
Sleoitfird Brook, 1 tn. E. ; name fish; proTred (rom OlsmiTord dowB by the Sttdburr 
AngltaiE Scdatr. (ej. If. and S.i {Set Xamtlnelru.} 
OkWMia(Teik),n.a.UUwa«ilft''».-S«lli7,4n: or Wooall, 3 ffl. Ow: eiwBa 

flab 1 meaiiy free. <ci. r«*.) Vbirfe, I m. H. (cj. Font.) (Sta rirt.) 
OMntOil(Nortnik>— 0.e.R. Blickwater brook. £ati; BUckwaMr, 11 eLK. HaTerlBglum 
lake,l>n.S. (3m rai-n*yM.) 

r_ .(..OOglc 

Ch&p^-an-lfl-Vrlttt (Dubf). — U.B.; L. ft N.W.R. Bluk brook. (See Emmm.) 

<SteB< ... . 
Cliapaltom. (Yoiks).— Q.C.B, Blwkbnrn brook, Naw beet, 9 m. H.G. Cat«i: B 

CartluiriM (Unwln).— G.ti.B. Brant.S m. W, (ISMAitfon.) 
Carton (Tark>.—ir.E.R. Hsirord, I m. a.i coith Biti. Uh VrawL) 
tOuuDOawatarCConiwiill).— a.W.B. Sateeock wum-. (Sh n-Hrv.) 
— ■ -—..-—-. _iia; L. * B.W.R. Bluk b 

,- ffoOuhircnvA.) Lata : Tomis 

HnbeTr'uofc'.' ciiTtll 

own (Yoiks).- 

.nN.E. (8rMtfL__.. 

Cliupla<EaHi).~G.E.R, Coloe. (5h C«2cAei(cr.) 
Ollszd(§0inaHt).~L tkS.W.R. (iS«5H(on.l 

Ohard JUUitIitn<SDiaenst).— L. A3,W,II. OaAia. MrLugdoo. PirrockLodEB.Chud, 

preHrvei the llihiDt, Hid uxuaUffiu Ri'sa lenva. (9m Smioii.) (cj. J».) fioCd: 

IVthsrlclih Aims. 

ChuaeliKaiouceiter).— U.K. LlllleAiDn; trout *nd eoiru am t preHrved br Ur. Long. 

Blewoith brook. Oileworth biook. 3 m.; troot; pmetved. (See Berittt).) (t^Seeem:) 

CIULnnoiitlL (Doraet).— O.W.B, OnChiri IioDt. Cbir h Kme 7 m, loni, ind wdiIu two 

orthresnllla. (Smcj. Jn.) Qantnl mk BablDi- 
QuunmzT (Oilord).— O.n.B. OnEienlodF; tiout. (SteUmiM.V.T.') 
Obaztluun (Kern). — S.E.R. Un Stonr; Uonl. (Sf SaadsfeA.) Here MglDI tbe 

aS.Hiirdj,B>q.. wbspreaarTogitTlcily. /«■: BitimTTarem. (5n C^ier^ury.) (CJ.) 
Obafbnm (LaaeLl.—LBDc. ft York B. nibble. I m. W. i tront, iilmon ; praHmd by 
GUiheroe AngtlnE AiiDCliIlon,- hon. aec. ). L. Bnk'od, Etq., Klng-ilieet, Glllberoe. 
1"-"— llBion bsck, 1 m. W, (5« PrltiK.'i 

La (Cheabtre).— a.N.R Poynion brook. Uenajr. 1 m. N. (iSm Bibmwii.) 
La, n.a, Blirtlia, B m. (StiSord).— Tean. BIr'be, 3 m. 3.W. ChDrnet, S m. N.E. 

laillaKiililie(Cliaalilte).— L. AN.W.R. 'pointoo bTank. (Set Rmearn.'i 

Hoa» (NolB}.— M.R. Rjton. Poulter 2 m, 8. tai« : aumbar Park. S m. 

. (Bee AUIurpe.) 

■- ariBtl.— Q.W.a. Ail Cheddar walor. Laket, 4 


.- AeltoHtll 

. and itaen the Kl 

Cheimafiiid (Euei).— G.B.R. Cenn. Chsinier: pliie, 

J/aldon.) There li a larie pood at the Nun'ner!'. Boreha 

"om' Chetaaford l> Mu'l Pond, belonglnit u> Col. Tatoel 

toanhCKnbaobtalned. Betels: 3iira»D'eHe>d, Wblte 

CHaltaiiluwn (Oioooesler),— O.W3. Chelt! coans " 

i(b, qoeBD'a, Lamb. {See Oiaaceiter.t Tackleltt,I.Oti'«. 

iCh).~O.W.B. W7e:tiaat,salnion,chab,plke,dace. Monnton brook. 
'78 rlsBa on the alopaa ot Plymlomon, 10 m. ■ — "- 

long. VAm ai 

Wje r1«ta oa the alopaa ot FlymlomDo, 10 tn. above Uaaffor! 
. n. ,_ ._ . .-,_. ,-... ■.„ 1. i_ .> 1 Wye.^di 

■t. Xumon (K.W3.) 3 in.,'ejid 'Wye 4 ni. Wya roDs 3 n. lo UuLyader <il. 

(1I.W3.). 4 m. down, TaTBDig, B m. longjoina on right bank 

"- ' — =-' ilflftbank. 1 m. aownWya ia tlantfupl*. Wya 

ik by Marteg. whlob riaea 4 m. aboiePoilt-7-dwz (N.W.B.), 

Hare a atieam joloa on laftbank, wMch rons oat ot fllan Llyn, Um. np. S m. down Wye, 
EUn Jolna on right bank. Elan rlaea In Llyn Helygen <n.B. ti^agnxlg, d m. croas 
connm^, and 4 m. down la Jofaied on right bank tv uwng;, wUoli rlaea in a lake (Llyn 
Ghangy) S ai. op, 1 «. B.W. of LWn Helygen. In.downEQa,mrln jolna on right bank, 
Hiiln Tleea In llju Cmig Uwydlon tJohat (n^ XharaAar, t mj, nma in 11 m. to 
Lljn CeiTlg tihgydlon Iw, and i m. down jidni Elan. 8 n. down Elan. Clearwen jolna 
HI right bank. Clsarwen rlaea e m. K. of St»t» noxUa (H. & U.B,), rann '2 m., 
and ia jolnad on left l>*nk In Ilgan, which rlaea in Llyn Fyi4(^-faoh (n.e. StZKtK 
noTld*. 7 m.), mna 1 m, to Llyn ?y[ddyti-favr. | nl. below tbfa lake a atream 1 n. 
long Jolna onrtehtbBDk,rieiDKlnLl!a-do,l>n.9.E.otLlynryrditNi-ts«r. Flgennina 
fu 1 in. to IJyn Flgen-Ielan (n.e. BtTKte norldk, S nt.), and 3 n. down j^ns OlMrwaa. 
1 ID. down Clearwen, Brwyoog, which rlaea in Llyn Glynon (tLa. StTBta TlaTlda, i «>.) 

„..., .(..oogic 

22 The Angler's Diary, 

■si li > iL long, ii^DB on right biDk. CiMnieD tniiB 3 m., ajid is joined ou ilgbt buk 
brArlu, I m.lcnw(na. SolOolrlAd. H.W3., S m,), 3 m. down Ctearweu. Qaw, 
i!UBhtttniDUjtiQmrw(iLa.l>oiAoifloi,»n.)iii3iiin^]\na on risbt buk. 
Jm.dawnOlMrv(iiLMOK>alH>Dl-nTUi.laEI>n.»b>ch rans 4 n. lo Wye. Wyanma 
t m. to SoUtniaoa, ■ n. to M*w BrUf a <1I.W.B.). 1 m. bsloir, Hlnunt, 1 fn. tons, 
jDlDB on rifhl buk. and Ithon u left buk. llhod riM* Id Llyn Dfrr (« m. S. of Vnr- 
town(O.AM.B.),niiuein. toAberfwenlulDD (n-i. Pen.T.bont, C. V.Bm 10 ><■-. or 
at-Samon, H.W.B., S DL), LIuDO 4 m.. Uubtiur 11 n. 1 m. down, Ou-ddwl 
ioJu OB Mt bank. TUi nnui rlMi tbm* Uu poond ud (Itbowie I ts. W. from 
UMVyMlla (0. VJl.). wd is « in. long. Iibon nna to PaD-r-bont (CW.B.), ud 
henAiTUjDiuoBlatt buk. Anu ibai3|w.'W. ol UkOCnUo, on tiis nad W 
ll»ilfhoBMabOTSBUntiansd,ranitaD()bMi(O.W,a)Tni.,uilIUuia9m. 2m.di)n 
IUi(m,Lludecl*r brook, 4 m.laai. Joins on laft buk. udfim. down Itbon, at Uu- 
badsra, I m. /rom Pan-T-Boat, CJlTwsdog loina on left bank. Cljwsdog rises In Fiill 
iBOl 4 M. E. mm at. ■urmon (M.WJt.).aod 4 m. down Ib jidnad on Islt bank b; 
Crrdi bioiA. C m. loBg. I n. down Oljindog Is Ithon and Pen-7-Bont. 1 n. down 

..t -_ . . — ._. ,_.....,_. .. . — '" jn again, Dnias Jtrins SB 

m, and 4 m. down, at 
-"-g Lljn Qwyn a m. 

, ., , ibon nmsloIJKk- 

trlsdod (O.V.B.)> m-, and t H. down, at Dtssanb, ii jdiMd on lad bank b; Havddn, 
>M.Iona. SiK.dows.IttaonMos'WnbjVawBrldira. 4 in. down Vje, at BnllU 
■oBdTlLW.B.), Dnla*, E m. long, ]dna on left buk. Wfe nuii lo Bnllth S m. Han 
Irfon Mns on Ti)^t bank. trfOD lisa on Iho Brrn Qarw range, rune B m. to Uanl- 
baaco* AbeigTsssln. wbsce Qweaaln, t m, long, joins on lell bank, 1 m. down, Oalan^ 
I M. lug. iolBs on iWU bank. Irion runs to XJaaL-arrty d 4 m., and 3 m. down br lb* 
rallw0ls]alnadb7gsnfln,tn.loDg.aal<IIbank. 1 m. down, Cledan, 3 n.laag, loin 
on right bank. Irfon rang > m. to '-'^"g**"'™*''^'' (prenrved by tha Uangui- 
nai^ Wglla AngSng AesodatloD). Here Diilaa, 8 m. long, joins on right bank. 
11 m- down, Annsll, 3 m. long, joins on rigbt bank, and Oamddnr, 4 n. loos, 
on left bank. Oammureh joinH 1 m. down on left bank. Oammareh risea on Ooimlnn- 
daon, niu S «., and is jolnsd on right bank bjp OnTDad, 4 m. long. 3 h. dowa 
Oammarch, E^on. S in- long. Joint on right bank, and 3 m- down Oanunarch Jolna 
Irfon. IifoB mnit 2 m. to OktUl Hers Dolat ji^na on leftbank. Dnlas rises B w. K. 
from Saitb. and 4 m. down la joined on left bank by Qwenwest, 4 m. long. IrlOD ram 
taOllnMH4m. (0.'W.B.),]aw,oloaeto Bnlltk, is joined on right bank by 
Cuelddon. > m. long. 1 m. down Irfon. Cbwefm joins on left bank. Cbwetm rises 4 m. 
8.W. of Baldowlod (H.W.B,), nma 4 ». to Uanafui-fawr, ud 5 «, lo Irfon, which 
joins Vjt just below at Bulth. 2 m. dom Wye, at Uantaredd, Dlhcaiv loin* 
Wye on right bank. Dihonw risee 3 m. S.W. ol Omxth (O.W.RJ at Ftrwd-««a, 
ud la e ni. long. Wye nma 3 m. lo AbaKsdw (U. W.B.I. Here Edw joins on left 
bank. Edw rises at Rowton S m. 8. of LJande«ley. 3 m. from Pan.-T*BOB.t 
lU.VJL). and I m. down, at Bboi-mae^ is joined on left bank by a etmm 3 «. 
long, Mioh drains Llyn Helu, 4 m, S.W, of Mvw Kkdnor (L, Ji E.B.). at LlaD- 
■hangsl-nut-llelan, Edw nma 1 m. to Bettws Diaaerlh, ud 3 m. below, at Oa 
BinSttd Honaa, CsBUUutt. which ritat 4 n, H.E. of Snlltli, and la 4 m. long, jotna 
on right bank, i m. down Edw is Oreplna, and 1 m. down, at Glan Edw, BhBlea 

TL long, whloh riaeg In the Llyn poola G m. N.£, from Atwredw. joins on rlgba 
bank. Edw rani lo Llanbadaen-y-Oarreg !m., aodl m. downle joined on right bank b» 
Battlbrook, which rises by Pen.blaen, 21 m. from Bullti, and 3 m. down isjohiedoa 
rigfatbankbyaatleBm^m long, which drains Llyn Ca,nT, and another tsm 3 m. H. Iron 
Abaradir. l m. down la Edw, wbleh mne In 2 m. lo AbazadT and Wye, Wye mna 
to Brwoad (M .W3.) 3 m. Here Llogin jama on right bank, mnninc ont of Uyn Uogln, 
«m. np, IdLdown Wje.Bacb-boweybrookjolneon left bank. Tus hrook risen near 
Put, e m. from Abaradw, and D m. down at Llanddsvi-faeb is iohied on light bank br 
a stream whiDh rises In « small pools on Llubedr Bill J) «. B. M Abcradw, nms 1 si. 
toLIynLlanl^hllyDfn.i.AlMradworarwooaSin j,andln.downJ<dnsBBoh-howeTi 
WyeiaS m. down. Wye rnna I n>. and la joined on right bank by Cnnrlg, S n. kiu 
WyamnstoBaukraod (M.Wja.) 2 ni, ud OlubnTy (H.B. &B,B,)4)fi>. Hoa 
Uytnl johia on right bank. Ll;rm riaoe at Mlddlenood 2 m. E. of Llans^ntSracd or 
Tal^-lHmt (B. A II.T.T.B.), and nma 2 m. to Llyn SaHada or LlB,ngorw, 1 n. E. of 
Tal-y-U^ TimoUaiL (JLW.B.), a m. down at LlandevBllof:. Cwm brook. S m- long 
joina on left bank, and Trafslnoii (M.W,B.) Is i m. on. Llytul mna to TalnK^ 
(iLW.B,) 1 HI. Enig hers loins Lljrfnl on right bank Bud Dolals brook on Mt bank. 
Enjlg Is 4 m. lone, and Is joined close lo the town In 3 short bnniAes. Dnlals ta 7 «. long, 
aBd2m.fiomn]ganhlsjolnedonleltbaakby Ti«llrwdbr«>k,9 ni.long. I^pfnlnms 
3 m. to Vhr*« Ooeka Jnsattoii IBM. A BJU. ud 1 m. down joins Wya at 
OlubnzT. WyenuntDKBrm.B.&B3,)Ssi.(wluTsI>nlaabrook.4«.lon«.lolnsi]a 
right banl^, ud WUtMy (H,H. tt B Jt.) » m, tm. down, at Wmsraley (N.KSudJa- 
lif 1 m), Dpeot brook joins, which rises In Ibe lakea in Mswpon Honio Pa A and TTpooi, 
It Almalar (H.H. * BB.), mnBln..aud Is JotnsdonriAi bank near Safdlilav 
{B.H, * BB.), by Harwell brook, 2 m. long, TJpcol Inns to Wye 2) m. 1 m. down Wja, 
br Letton, Letlon Lake, which rises by Almalay, nme ? m. to Elvwrmlay 

'- A.ooglc 

England. 28 

■nd Wye, S m jolDg gn l«rt tank Wjo niDs to UDuUnglon 4 m.. 
» nB ih. ri.« Un».nniB_ n,„ flo^,,^ n^ir Eaton Mihdp, Ctags 

t bank. Sage rtsea by Klngaloi 

H«I*tovd4 m. 

IB Solme ImI 

S m. flown Wje, B«d brook, 3 m. long, joins on rtaht 
De Amt, Mifl 1 ■>. below, LnnlDlna on left bank at 
FoolHiirilm.abovsUAiu]rwo (O.W.B.). atiil 3 m. 
.^^vT. .^.««p^»„ ID juium. k/u iif^iikbaQk by Oiiiie brook, which rlBes la Gralg Pools Vk. 
E. of Dolnir (C.W.B.), runs S in. to Bleddla,]n(t below which BleddU brook jolni on 
lelt 1iaiik,wlilohriaeBiiiapoDl!m-S.W. ol UangTnlla, and la S n.kmg. Ortd«rm 
to Lnglin. Lug mas e m, to PcaaMl^l, where BoaUlbKwk.a m. loaf, joinaon 1«R 
bank. 2 m. down Lug. Summerglll broA joina on right bank. SununnigOl Mhi bj 


.*. long. Bmnmeit 

Vr«aMiffn (l n. off on H. bank), and 3 m. down ]c4na Log. 

bank b; Black bro^ ■ m. lopf- BummeiflLI miu 4 m. to Kniu, s'nt. to 
-• — „ _ _• __ IT > — i.. .... » _ J — ,.>-. . — j_^g mnatoKliiiliaMi 

Srlingi pnacmd by Shobdon Conn Olubor 
if. sio. ShoMon, BereToRI) ; UnnOuid 
Hen nniloT brook jcrina on right buk, Blogemore 
etl bank. Piiuler riiea alwTe the Ladj h ' ' 
n), 1 n. from PemtetdfO. nme S m. to fc 
landi and Lug 4 m, Bldgemore riaea in a ■eri« of ponoa Of Croft Caatle, r 

„ MorUmWa Croai S m. 

■ r'^Uln^ 

,.. bank. Piiul 

Shobdon marsh«a (Lord Batomaa), 1 m- from ^ 

landi and Lug 4 m, Bldgemore riaea in a ser ,^ ^ _^ 

■ye 3 IB-, and Jaaomlmatax 4 m, Stretford brook lieea hy Con .. 

dralDi the late at Podluton 3 m. np. Streiford rona 4 m. to tamniilBtn, 
where Cogirell brook, which rieea above Simbolloa, and la 3 m. long, jolna od right 


bank. 2 m. down Lng, Arrow Jolna on right bank. Arrow rieee In Uann pocJa. 

._,_-,._ UT. if thBLljnpools,Sm.N.E.otAl>Madw,ranB3irt.,whflrBliiBJolniid 

' n fefl bank. 3 n. down Arrow, at Newchnrch, 4 m. tniB 


B m- long, jolna on right bank. Arrow m 

Kluton. where Oilwem brook Joins on left bank. OUwem rlaea t 
BOIUar, where It la joined by Cynon brook. 3 m. long, on left bank. 
brook, 2 n. long, on right bank. QUwrm mna to Bt^uaai ~ 
3 m. Arrow runs to TlUer 2 n.. PembHdn t m.. : 
are eoatw flab below here), Monkland a m. (DaEing poor, bn 

Btxlotly preeoTTOd by OapL Cartla>, and Broadvard Bridgia, I _ _ 

— " '-- 2 m. Here Strettord brook jolna on right bank. Stretlord rlug 1 

. Moorlujupton, 3^ "t). aod fi ol down, at Stretford, la joined on it 
I — .. t. — t, —i-i.i; j^g 2 m. s. of Pambzldfa, and 1* « m, loo 

roia -L m., Hiu u HI, wjyiu, Hb mimplon Court, la joined on left bank by Qomb 
fanwk, which rites 4 tn. abow B»ene Bridge, 3 m. from £«<imimrter, mni 4 i . 
to the Uko In Hampton Park, aud 1 m. to Lug. I m. down Lug, Uaralon brook, which 
rioaa by Manlon Cbapel, 4 m, from PoTd, and la 4 m. loog, joina on lelt bank. Liw 
nmB to Bodenham 1 m,, Dimnore 1 m., Maiden 3 m. Here Demdole brook, whlob 

rlHa by KInga Plon and U " - ' ■- '-■- '■— ■■ ' " -* — 

on-IiOM 1 m-. and * m. „ „-, - .,-. 

left bank by Sutlon brook, which rlaea by UllLngawlok, 
'■> «. MoEMoa-on-Lnf , 2} <a.l. and Log 3 ra. ■ - 
e. Xolma Ii'toy, ^ '"0. Frome jolna on left ban 

f DL, and la joined on left banli by Liotoi 
Frame 3 m. and Btretton Qrandlson 
Leddon jidna on right bank. Leddon rlM . , _ 
yaxd,mnBloStokelAiy dm. (n.B. BromTftrf 

m, and Btretton Qrandlggn 4 m. (n.a, JuApartoii. 2) m.) 

'-M bank. Leddon rlaee by Orendon Bishop 4 m. W. from 

Laoy t m. (n.a. BTOmT^rO. 4 n.), aiic" 
fn,B, atoka BauH, 1 m.), and^ng i m, . . 
llnM_]jkcr, * m.), and beroPentolow brook Jolna on [eft hanfc, riatag 

right bank. Leddon rlaee by Orendon Blehop 4 i 

, loke I*oy S m. (n.a. Bromnrll. 4 n.), andFroi 

TarfchUl fn,B, atoka BauH, 1 m.), and^ng ft m, Lng runs to Mordltord 

_. — .J . . _, —^ ^„ Pentolow brook Jolna on [eft hanfc, riatag 

__ _.. ,1. Aabparton, 4 ni.], and Is * m. long. Jut 

bslow Mordlford Lng jolna Wye. (The Best fliea for Log and Irlbnlarlei an 

Uarch brown, dnne of rerions ahedaa, grannam. and willow fly.) 

Fownhope 3 m., P»wlay(H,B. * OS.), to the N., S m., and - 

brook, 4 171. long, jolna on right bank. Wye mna to Sallook Ken, _ ... ... _ .. 

totheS.2m, 1 ™. down, Sollera brook, 4 m. long. JoiiiB on left hank, -Wye rw « 
■OM <H.B, &O.B.} S m. Eere Budhall brook Joini on left bank. Budhall rl»a by 
XltClieldaBB Bond nation (H. A a.B.). and la S m, long. Wye mna to Kanta 
Bridtfa (B. * Ma.) 6 m., when Caatle brook, rlalng In aome ponds at Wealon-nnder- 
Penrard, 2 m. from MltobeldaKD Xa»d Btatloit, and la 5 m.long, jolna on left bank. 
WyemnBio •immonds Q»ta(B, AU.K,). Her«iherlTermake»a1argehonK«hoe,and 
at the head of the curve, 2 m. down (n.B. Zarna BrUhra, 2 m.), Oarroo jolna on right 
bank. Oarron rlaea by Occop<n.B. PontlUUI (N.H. £H.B., 6fn.l, aod C m, down la 

Slned on left bank by Llanwame brook, which rteea by Llanwame (n.a. Pwwlay, 
B. fc O.E,, B tn.), 3 m. Sow*, the ootflow of Trewarlhan pool, j m. up, jotaa on left 


24 The Angler's Diary. 

fcrook, 2 ni. longjolns on rtgh't hint <n... Bom orXaru«'Bild«e, o ra.)' 3 m- down 
Garrgn- Lnlie brook, whloh rises bj Bisrslon, 1 »i. from Boam, ond li 4 m. long, joina 
■ ^-8. Tnne MtUgt, r -■ "* "" ^ 

uiln i m. m BlnUBOUda Oats, uid HuhBs Xonmoattk la 6 m. Uocnotr . 
■ftolhy hsro jolni Wja. Monnow rlBee bj CrMwell Chipel, 8 m. S.E. rrom Kw, r 
_ wa D.B,_ BSI^^ ■_ „ ^ -J •"■_!_ o ™ 4 m7io Mtcluwlchnreb Bee 

7. trom Pand7, Olchon bi 

now runs lo Pandy 4 m. ' Hi 
slope ot Ihe Blick MonnUJ 

Eatdsy Hses on Cnsop^dl, Sm. S.E. trom KkJ, mns4m. lo Mlcbulchnrcb Bseley, 

and Longlown 4 m. 1 m. down Monnow, hI Olodook, 4 m. from Pandr, Olch™ "■ — ■■ 

■ ■ ■ ■ Olchon rises on Iha N.E. slopes o' -■-- " " — — — ' 

f «'^"*oi 

m Trolby, Hj-na 

.„ hen KowlsWn brook, 2 m. 

1 m. down Uonnow. St PODtrllaa, Dora joins on laft 
ve DotstoD, Gm. E. from Hay, nins to FeterchuTch 3 m.. uid 
9rm Brook Joins on ittt bulk, mnd Dalsa brook on right bunk, 
londs al Allenmore Honse, 1 m, N, trom the Tiom Iiw 
na 10 Demrsiix tN.A. A H.B.) 4 rn. ; hera a stream joins on 
i-im.ap. 4 m. down la Ponlrlltw and Dore. Dulas brook la 
low insi below. Uonnowrons Skenfrlth (fair flshtuc, 
wkere Black brook, whicb rlnee In some ponds ntBlMl-bTaok 
UiM, and <a 3 in. long, joins on right l»nk. Monnow rtuu lo 
mtham. HereTroUi; Joins Wyeoorlghlbank. TrotbrriM* 
i m. N.K trom AbaiMTSniiT, and Is beis jt^ned on right 
- — S m. S.E. ot PantolJy araai Can; — - - 

S.E. ot Pandy V araal Campalone, and is 
' brook (irool), i^lcb rises byLlanddewl Sklrrld, 

AbMffa.venu', d 

bsnk, Trothy mna 1 m.. sjid Is joliwd on right be 

1, Mynechdy Joins Trolhy. Trothy n 
-'- In.a.Dingeat — '- " 

i„ Llaofflumgel latum Llewerlta m. |n.a. DlngeBtow, 4 ra.|. Here Llun 

mctum. S m. lonit (n.s. DitLpaatow), Trothy runs lo Dluceatow 3 

BumUi >nd Wye e III. Wja runs to aeflbrook S ni. Hlffawaix * ... . 

8 m., Mid cnupatow S III. Thi: bust fllea for trout In Wya era MayBy, Carahalton 
oookUll, March brown, oooh-y.bonddhn, and duns of ia.rioM shajesi orle, or»n» 
palmer, s^er, and rough red palmer. The Wye salmon fUas are chlmy made with 
Mtlem backla wing, with a, groenlsh yellow (bine don dyed yellow) liAokle from haad 

.... .... . _ _. . ... . ^i^j^ pheasant topping oTOT 

nr ihle. nlied with a like 
oloOTBd bodies with the same wlnfs atKI 

— _ the body and hackle are vnriad from tbB 

hackle and tawny body to bright yellow or red with claret body; 

>w commonly need. IJottt: Beat fort Acme. 

--•- — tUnCj.V— L. & N.W.R. Croil. ioiet: Hullon Part lake. 1 m. S.E. {See 

(L«nds.>.— (L. 4 V.It 1 L.&N.W.B. Dsrwtn. (SetPreilm.) 
rey).— L A a.W.R. {Sn Londim. L.T.) Thnmei -. pike, percli, chnb, roach, 

L. HBck«u and Vickery. Good Bslilng il'so in Abbey River. •WaDcb wblch runs oat ot 
Thanat at Lalabaw, and rnns In it Cheriiay. 

Ohaakiat (Herts).— O.E. It. (S« Siraiford.) On Lea end NewHiver. The Kin«'tWelr 
nshery cm the old rivir Lea Irnm the end ot the Government Powder >IHI streem, 
WalUum, to the Sioxtioiima Fishery, Is ireserreil. It ii very Rood. <S« ^lOitifea, 
ValAaia, and Brexbounu.) 

Ch««Ur.— L.AN.W.B.; O.W,E.; M,E. Dee. Dee, nndcr the name ot Lllw, rises in 
the Merioneth hills, S m. above ^UhswoIiUtii. and 4 m. from Its eourco (4 n. 
above UanmroUlTii) ie joined on left bant 1,y Aton-yr-Wynt, 3 m. long. At 
UaanwoUlyn, Dwfrdwy, a m. long, joins Lllw on right bank. ) m. below, Twrch, 
6 m. long, joins Ulw on right bank. 3 fii. np Twrch, above the rail way, a stream jolnaon 
Wtbank.drBinlngLlynCiwbranSni.S, oftlannwchUyn. lm.da»n,Lllwn.nBlnlo 
BalaUke. 1 n.. down thelake.a -n. fromUaiinwolllljni, Lfatar.S m.long. joins on 
lettbanb, and on the opposite side of the lake, 2 nt. from Uannwohlln, Bhydweo, 
4 m. long, runs !:■ '"'- '-'--■—■■ '— - — ' " "■- ■ ' '--- — — -— •• 

n U jn Try we 


"ook draining Llyn Arenlg 1 rtt. up. i m. below, at Pont-a-Oelyn, Oelyn. 
m Llyn Arenig-baeb, li m. N. of Aianl* station, and is 3 m. long, joina 

'- A.ooglc 


Corgnuit, 3 m. long. Joins on left baDk, ind 1 m. fnrlhsraa. on ume side, y beliKh. 4 m. 
long. On the oppoalw aids ot D«, 3 m. from Balft, Hlcnu]!, fi m. long, Joins ths mala 
nreun. ! m. op Irmn Ihe joncdon ot Hlrnut ind I>«, GnnnieriB, I m. long, Jalna 
Him»atonlettb»nk. Dm nmaS m., wfion CfOeltwr, 8 m. long, joini on right buk. 
Dm noi 1 «. to ZlUuddufU, and Uuidioma 3 m. Hem Cend<og, 9 m. long, JoIni 
onclglitbiink. im. down De« m glmun joins on Isit bank, 3 n. long, dnli^ Uin 
lImylloa,am,N.otia»IldicUK«, AllheaBnieBpDt,bqtonrightb»nkofD™.lni.N.E. 
ot UMi dlelllo, Lljuor. 1 m. long, rem In. Dea nina i m. lo Oynwyd, irhste begtna 
ffc. -„er prawrved by Oonran PlaWng AaBoctillon, «nd bare T^jaUoa, s - '-- 
m rigbt banli. I n down Dee, at Llingar, Alnen jaina on latl bul 

hj outflow ot Llyn-dnu-Tcben i m. up, 3 m. N. oF Onrltf-T-OmKUoa, uid s vi, 
rnrtherdownla joined on latt bull by Brenlg, wblcb rlaealii Llyn Llynbon B nk S.W. 
fmn DnMcb, mnd Is 6 m. long. Alwen nma lo AUsflhuiffal Olyn. Myfyr, S m. 
W. of Derwen.. Here Derwydd, 3 m. long. Joins on lafl bank. AJwen rnnj to Betlwa 
Owertul Ooct, a in. W, of OwTddalwarn. 3 m. down Alwen, at Itmtxej, 6 m. W, 
<riO0TW*n, OelrwJolnBOD right b»nk. Geb-w riaea G m. W. of 0«n:iC-7-Drnldloa. 
Urn. N.W. of Oox win, runs to I m. S. ot Ibe pine, and S m. downla joined on tbe 
light bink by s, brook 5 m. loag. which rnns down by Llaogwln, S m, N.W. trom 
OnrwOL 3 m, down Qelrw. Ifcrddwi, which riaee In Uya Grwjnl, 3 m. N. trom 
UutdMtAl Hid la *m. long. Joins on right bank. 1 m. down, Gelrw Jolna Alnen >1 
Saardy. Alwen nms 9 m., when Ffranan, i m. long, jolna on right buik 1 m. below 
the Druid Inn. udlm. down, Alwen jolna Dee at Llingar. i m. donn Deo, Dwr, which 
rlKB aJwre OWTddBlWom end la A m. long, joioa on latt bank. Dee runa lo 
OoTwanlni. Hera Trewyn.Sni. long, Jolni 00 left hank, and Camladd. 3 lu. long, on 
Tight bank. Dee runa 1 m. to LlansantlTrald, and here Llechog, 3 m. long, joins ou 
right bank. Dee rons to Oamw 1 '«-, where (he C.P, Aaaoclatlon ends and the 
OlyndwT Society beglna, and hero Morwynloa, 1 m, long, jolna on left bank. Dee runs 
to atndjtrOwy 3 tn., BarwTB and KUntlaUio S tii. ) m. below, Berwyn, 4 m. 
long, joloe on let! bank. Dee rena to Uuinllen 1 ™. <ann 2 m. above the town (he 
O. Socielr'a Hahlcg ends, and Iha Llangollen front and Qrayllng PnaerrallDa Society 
heglnl), TnroC 1 m,. 0«fll 3 m. (here esda theL.T. and a.F. Asaoolatlon'a Biking), and 
3 n, down Is Joined on left bank by a atream draining the lake al WynnaWy Park by 
Bnalmi I m. np. l) m. down Dee. 3 m. from Oatta sUUon, Celrlog joins on right 
bank. Ceirtog rjaea In the hllla 4 n. S. ot OKnoB- <a bridle path leads to !t), nina lo 
LlanarmoQ I m., Llanaantfrald Olyn Ctirlog. 3 m, S. ot Xd&nKoUen, S m., and a m, 
down, at Caatle iUB. la joined on left hank by the ootflow, Tm. long, ot the lake In 
OUA Park. Oelrlog runa to Ohlzk 3 m., and 3 m. down is jotaied on right bank by 
Xorlaa, whloh rieea by Selsttyn, Jin. S.W. of Pr y gwxn, runs by Fry^waui, 
•Bd jdiia Ceirioi 3 m. below, I m. down, Celrlog jolna Dee. S m. down Dee, Shell 

ahthankby Saddle brook, B m. loog. I m. down Olywedog, 1 
'eiham brook, i m. long, joins on left bank. Clywedf 

I m.. when Worthenhnry brook joins on right bsnL , — — ^_ 

Bedydd, 2 m. M.E. ol Bettbrfleld. 1 m. below, the ontflow of Hanmer Hall la^, S m. 

M. of B«ttl«llBld, Jolna on lelt bank, 3 m. down Worlbenbury the o— " • ° 

■iMe,aiBi,N.of Brttl^Jl^W.JoiDaon left bank. Im.downWort 
Mnonlatt bank, dnOnlni; the lakes at BelHsfield Park, 14 m. ». 

WorOiBnbnrj runs Sm. toHalghton Mill and ponda, 8 m. N.W. trom . 

Hen Halghton brook, which rieea ■! m. ahure Penley, 4 m. N. of BUaimara, and li 
i m. long, icdna on left hank. 3 m. down Worthenhory, at WortbeDbnty. Barn Johie on 
right bai^ Sam rlaes in WolTeaacre UllI pond, i m. N.W. ot WlkltOlLanill, nuii 
1 n, to DIrtwieh Mill pond, 3 m. N.W. ot WUtoniixali, and Jokis Wonbenbory I ra. 

down. Worthenbnry mna 1 m, to Dee. Dee rnne7in. to F'" ~ " " - ' 

and t «. down Alys joins on left bank. A)yn riaea above U 
N. of U»nnU*n, or « m. E. ot Xyaartb. Here Bhys. 

bank. S mTdown, at LlBnarmon, G m. E. of Byaurth, or u m. emj. ui sabuui, ■ 
brookSiB-long joins on tight bank, which lTsioaIJynCy<rynny,7in.8.E. of Butllta, 
or T n. E. of EjaKTtli. Alyn rena 9 ni. to Llanferree, S ra. E. ot Xutlllll, and 
Bhjd-r<Kw7> 8 1". Here Faohlaa brook, 3 m. long, Jolna on Ifltl bank. Alyn runa 
toHold 3 m., blonsSm. HereTerrlg jolna on right bank. Terrig riaea in Llyn-y- 
Mynydd-dn, and Llyn Nayn, J N. ot It. runs 3 m, to Nerquis. and Uooff and Alyn 
1 m. Alyn nuu to Hope E m., and 2 m. below, at Qwaatad Bridge, Is Joined on rlg^' 
bank by Qadyn, wUoh brook rnna down in two branchea, each t m. long, to within 1 
.-„ .. _ 1_ __.. J ^ g^,^ jolj,, 4|jj| ^^ ,^m, ,0 Qt*UtOtA, + ■ 

„..., .(..oogic 

26 The Angler's Diary. 

»OBMtt, 2rn., uidDco, ini, Deo rana tu BidJej, 3 m., and here Pultordbrook, whiob 

rl909 4 m. above Pnltord. 1 fn. N.E. of BoBiatt, uid U 7 in. long, joina on left bank. 

Dee now witarsBalon Hall Park for 3 m,, rewlTiog the dralnings oF Ibe lakes tbers. 

■- ->- ■-"■-' '"- — ■-'-' irtrfitbBnk. Holywell rises in Edgr 

,„[, , ,—, .B, *. otSroxton, and 4 m. down in 

lined on clfht Itank by Keys brook, wlilab riaea aboTe Tntt«nluU and la 4 m. long. 
, . ... ._ .....__., »_ .^. r>.. , _ ■->! leaving Eaton Hall Park. Dee nma 

. . poof- (St(Barl*ijJ 

JKTuocB.y-fT * C.L.E. CkiidwiTl brook. "(5« Bi 

eUlbaia (Kent).— 8.E.It. On Stonr. Flahlng prcHrvtd b/ Col. Hirdy. (5w Saai 
'wu: Alma and Woolpack. (u.) 

tppMOtUu (Wilu)— O.n.R. iShBtuM.) On Atod and Harden : cosrae Sail. . 
lamlll ttaareli good pike, parcb, andiAab Aatalng in the deepoater; and b«law ili 

-G.W.R, On a tribnUrj dI 

^ " " - "TSDlode. iStt Londitn, B._., 

m Cripaar 

JbtnudO*— N.B.B. Tweed and Whlteadder^troBt and nlmoo. 

I.W.It. Tfaimei. (9M£oiiifDn, £.T.) imbelikelnLDrdMoilej'a 

3 m. V^- {Sa Liverpool, Preston, anu a»<4»'> tniiii,-f 
Chrlstohnzoli (Hanti].— L. AS.W.R. Avon and SConr. Salmon, plka. percb, ctaab, igaeb, 

Knch, dace. Vary Uiictly preserved. Note!: King's Ann). Fliblng tree to Tliltora 
at tba boCel. except ioi ulmon and petcti. Avon riaea In Wllti, at Blubopi Gannlnga, 

4 n. from Darliea. la" G n. to Baacblngitoke (n.e. Woodlrarontrlii I >"<). Hera 

)oiai on IlKlll baid^ working Iwomllll I tn-np, * m. down Avon li Dpavon; Enlorcl. 4 m.; 
NattMrAvoB, 1 n. (goad iroollng, pnurrad by the farmen); Amerbnn fn.i. Vortan), 
T aa. (tnmt and grayling atrtetly preaerved by Sir E. Anlrobna) ; Wllaford, 'i m, ; Qreat 
D>nfai4. l|n>.l SEratford. Sm.; BallsblUT, am. Hrre Cbe Wyljaand Wlnterbonrna 
join, one on the left bank, the oihar on li,^ righc bank. 'Wylye rliea by Hill Deierlll Mill, 

. _ . .. ^. .. — L nd in S m. ii joined on left bank by cbe outflow of the Shdro 

on Wylje tonchea Vuinillistai, I m. off: rnna i m. ta 

beyood'ChUWin St-'Miry! md ia 4 m -.-.- .-.- 

beilni Ibe Wilton FlyfUhlng Clab waiei.) 4 m. below, 'Winterboania, Gm. Ionic, jolna 
snleltbank. Wylye runs to WliMora, 1 m.; WUton, 3 <n. (Here ^di the W.F.C. 
wsLer.) Madder hen jolna Wy lye. Nidder rlieaat Nadder jfeadLake, by ShnftaabniT. 
In. on, Idde. jolnaonlBltbank, Nadder runsin l( m. lo TUboiv^ 
BPfR ihi ™t(.ll fmn. ih.- iBri'a lake at Fnnlbill GIffard, I m. np. jolni on tlfhl bank. 
., and Wylya. 1 ni. Wylye jotna the Avon 
yond Cbolertoa (n.a. OirdtalTl. 3 m . nini 
ni„ Porton. 4 

Chalk Stream risei near Alvedlsion (a.i. Tlabnn-, 9 at 


Blkamot*, 4 m., ToiiintbrlOte, i m. Here a alceam (tiont, grayling; leave rrom 
Eha owner or West Park) rona down ^om Demarham, 4 m. long, working two milli, joina 
Avon on rlibl bank. Avon rnna to Ibbealey. 4 m.. ElllnRbam, I m. He<e black 
Water, » n. long, joins on right bank. Avon rnns to Xlnffwood, & m. Uera tw« 
atreama join on left bank, rising in tbe Haw Forest, and are 8_ m. long and 3 n. 

can hu bid at IQi. per day, Inclnding boat and man, (Seic.1. Aton). The local SIta on Uu 
Avon are the slarcU brown, grannam. aand-fly, alder, green and (ley drakes, orange Ilea; 
an aninclal granbopper for graylinc ((.j) 


England. 2? 

' XTOUR tlna tn Stonr BuUt pondi < 

. (>ire,4>>i.lnniiaUUagh>m,indwarki 

5 miUi. I m. b«loir, st AccUS MUl. Lcdden julni> Stour. Ltdden [Wn » «. E. ol Ollllur- 
taftm, and 3 m. down (■ joined on left bulk bj Faro bnwk, wfalcli rktw In LubDMrs poda, 
1 n.N.'W. ofSkHftMlnixr, ind la t «, long. Lfddeu nownuilD Im.toSionr. Slonr 
rnni to fifclmd lUgdilen 4 m.. a n. bclaw C4la Tlnr jolu Ml clichl bufc. Cila rlna 
bjinnOMrtOB, nuufi n. to TMIipl* OontlH^li m. off, and as. down !• iOeti 
OB tart boak bjr nw brook, wblcb Dim a n. N. a( T«aiq)l« OowlM, ind ta G ■>. Ions, 

worUacimttlSiiLap, ibln on Afit bank. 1 m. dottn SCoor Ltddan rlTor jolDi on il^t 
kuk. LIMan rlw« samo S «. SM. <•! Stnvmliurtar Vawton, In swka MiQ. and 

long Joiu OB loft lunk, wlikb works a milt or Ewo. 3 n^ down, IJddon reacboa StODT. I tn. 
down Btoor. DKallabrlisrjolnaaiinfbtbMik. MTollab rlaaa al Fifebead Neiille, H m. 
Horn BtazmlBaMr, and la tn. loni. I m. down Sioar la StDzmlnster, >m. down 
Stonr, at ManKan, a alraam Jolna on loft bauk, wtalcb riaea at Helbory Abbai, ! m. S. Iron 
■hBttoAnzr, rnna G m. to Wegt Orcbird, wboro a abort atraam jolna on dubt bank. 
Henes to Slour li 1) m. I m. down Slonr t atretm. wblcb riMi by Fontmrll Uaiina. n. 
np, worklnK aome mllK. jolua on Itit bank. Stonr rum In 3 m. to Shmiantiui. 

6 m. down, al SlowerDalne, Iwerna river jolna Sluor on loft bank. Iwonio ilsea bjlwerae 
Hloater, andlaaDnis5m.lon(,tnrnlnKaniillaT two, Sloar ronaintin, toSIUldfbid, 
• m. [0 Sp»tti«bTlxy. HerBTsn-anlrirerjoinaonloft bank. Tarrant rtaea by Tarrant 
ODnrUio.iuns tm. to Tarrant IfanlElon, anO Stonr s fn. Sloor ran* to BkU*)rOata, 
a DL, Wlmbozne Klnatar, » tn. Here Alien rlTar j'Ina on laft bank. Alien rlua In 
St. Gltaa'a Park. 3 m. from Craobonn (n.a. VnrwooAt. and 3 m. down, after worklBB 
,-.-... j^,, „, ju, ,,jj,, igj, ,j „gj„ Critcheir. 

tour. Blackwatar, tm. lonKjalaaonrigbt 
naiiE owui- rnna in i to. n nuiosuiium (u.a. Harn BtUi^ 3 m.). Hare Hoora 
Itrer jolna on left bank. Uoorg rlaei bj Cranborne. rnns ID m.. and ii jnlned on rJibt 
bank byaatmrn which rlaea In a lake b; Qneen'a Wmd (n.a, Tmrwood. il'>>>)andl( 
1m.l0OR. UoonmnatoB*TiiBriaco,4>n..ind3[DiiT I fn. in. on, Stonr Joln> Atom 

inea In tba Bay la Jnly and Aognit, on the Brat or Che ebb 
uudni orei tbe CbrlaCcbnreh Real aaai and wan. where poUaek may abo be takoa 
IntbaMaaon. BiualnthBhathanr'a mouth. TtiBStanrianowmMtrlgldlj'pruertod. 
b (Unce.).— Lane, ft York R. Cbnrch brook. HTnllbnrn brook, I m. N. (SM 

n (York).— GJ).B. : N.R.B. ; S. A K.B. Cook hack, a m. W., al Saxton. 

(St Fart.} 
OknmUn (WoTceater).— Q-.WJl. Obnreblll brook, taediog niuieront mill pondi. Ho* 

brook {I m. 8.) (See aiottaltr.) 
Ohnxtih Boaia (Honoiouth).— P.C. A H.B. Rninneyi troot. aalmon; pratetrod. (c.i.) 

iBee OtrdV, Waia.i 
Ohnrolt BtrottOU (Salor).— 8. * H.B. Connd'sbrook: tront; priTate. Qnennybrook 

(am.S.). H0Bthbnuk(4jin.E) (SaObmcaUr.i 
OtxVBMmUx (Qlonceiter).— O.W.R.; U. A B.W.J.B. Bold: Klnt'eHeid. On Cham; 

ftw tront below, above more plemlfnl. There are many truot atraami near, moatly prliatn. 

At Cricklade la pike flahlnft- (SiiLaidai, U.T.) In Lord Batbnnt'a park la a largo lake; 

pike, pareb, Ac. 
01moton.(EaHi}.-Q.E.B. (S« Iftorps.) .ffsteli; Boyal, Oabome, Towera. 
OlaplUWI (Tork).— U.R. Bsul: Flying Honealioe, eloee by the aCaUon ; accommodation 

inwd. The Wanning and aevaral other atroami are In tha Inmedlate oelghbonrhood. to 

flab wblota tha tandlord can obtain leiTC. (u. Luni.) 
OUra (SnBblk).— a.E.B. 3loor. (tt H. and S.) OSae Jfonmnjlreir.) 
fllamtHMB (Doebi^— ILE. Koiher. ioitj: Wiliiamtborpe ])ond^ 2 m. H.E. Wloiwr- 

worthHllllako>(»,N">->''^- Great dam. 3J m. N.W. (3te Goele.) 
OardoB (Buck!).— L. A N.W.R. Claydon brook. Laiis : Claydon Farm and Jflddia 

Claydon ponda {8 m. 3.). {S« Kiag'i Lsirn.} 
Cl«rAail<Snl!to1kX— O.E'R. Gipplni: roach, perch, pike, leocbi praierved Irom ahoreat 

Blakenham to Boaa Hall, E in. down, by OipPlng ADKllng Society. (Sa Iptvritll.) 
OUypoIOJLlncoln).— a.N.E. Wilham. Band becfe. am. E. (Sa BeiUn.) 
Cnuloii BrlOff* (Lino.)-L. A T.B. Medlock. (S« fiunmrB.) 
OUwe (Oloncoaier).— M.B. Sxilgaro. (SeeWoBoaWr.) 
Olaobnry Horttmor (Salop).— G.W.B. Kea; trout, grayling; private. (Sa Olomultr.i 

aiaredtm (Someraot).— Q.W.R. Kenn. Konn rlaea In a mill pond on Bakewell 
Common, near Battrton Station (G.W.R.), rnai 2 m. lo Mkllaaa (G.W.R,}, Kenn S m., 

SunBeB™o*h^. ThBdM'nragt of Nallm Moo''r'her''e''joln"ho aaa. Thla^wiler conru 
rlasi by rUi Bourton (O. W.B.J, and roo- 3 m. to Jacklanda Bridge, where the iwo main 
dralnacomnKuca. called Middle Veo and Land I«o, which run to dewedon In B m. 
Btttl: Walton Palk. 


The Angler's Diary- 

Clifton (Ittrbr).-M. EL 

Dots J tront, gr«jrlin(. 

Honmoon troni, grbyllJU. 

(S« OofaiSm™^*-) 

aunoB (Una.^U ft 

V-K. Irw«l 


Ollfton Min (W.r- 


W.E. Ato 

i cbnb, d» 

roMh, pik., pen 

B-in(im.w.) (aw 


«. S,«™.1 

K. Klbbl 

: troQt. ulmoD. invllnE. Uk 

below; prtwrrad bT 

e ATiKllTii AuDcUllon ; 

boD. •«., J. Bulcock, Eiq., 

Klii(-.tnet, Clitheroe 


rook. Cllmeroe beiik. 

Wuiaiagton beck 

1 BtS, 


t, uloen ; a 


. Laka: fiuhi'lT' Uoor' 

N.W. ffc 

p. <&» JTAcUn 


Fratm.-) (cj. miU. 


mnn (S^i>p^-(N.t. Broome, 8 ™. 

II«,11-k; p 


bid. Lower BedUksb 

rook 01 m. 8 

:. (A< 

fli-ir' '^ 

.tfl : Acton P 

ol(«m.W.) (,Sk 

: L. A 


roub. ebub. d.c«. hIdob. 


w.) (SmO(. 


ay bi.iok, 


bM b^k 


e; iront, gi 

.yllng; praM 

Yrod by tlie owDe 


,. — M.R. ; 

&.N.R. E. 

-ub. LakttQoMm V.I1W 

. ButwrlyrewrvQlr,3m 

w. {Sua 

Ooda»U (SUITDrd).-a. 

W,E. Pa-k. 

im.H. £<ita:Tb«)Hol,Chl11lDgtanPiirk, 


^ „, ^Jte Ottintbwougli.) 

0<deIlMtaz (Gwii).— Q.E.K, Colne. Crock]?. I m. E. Romu River, am, S. Colnertw* 

Sm. (bove TaUkun, runt tm. u HnllnKliuiii Xalatomd 3 m. a m. dowp, QaeAeld 

btook, 6 m long, whtcb dr-ln. ittB ttke ii O.^leHi H»ll, » m. a.W. of KftlBtMd, joina 

nn rlgbt bank, t ffl.ilawn CDliiB,>10oIn«, Patiin>rih DrDi>k,(in, laag, jolnioii left buk. 

GalnerDa>loCliBppl«am,,end OolotLOBtar m ra. I m. below. Crookle btoak, 4>ii. 

iDDgJoioiODleltbidk. iSi Sattand.1 ^ii(«li: GeDrsa. Old Ued Lion Cdih. 
Ool* (SoiiiarHt).^L. k 8.W.R.: M.R. tirni: trimt; prwervid. Sbuilon btoob. laa 

Biol^rU^,) fe.: A cm.} 
OolOBUll(W»rwlck).— L.AN.W.B. Blylh ; brtam, roieb. (cJ. Trail). ColB. UlTerlej 

brook. S m, 3.W. Tmw, S m. N. (c.i. Trent). Alley btmjk, a m. N.E. inte: Maitote 

Fmrk likeL a in. W. Coleablilpool, Stb. S. Chelmalsy WDDdpoDdi,a m.S.W. Ptcklngton 

Fuk Ukao, 4 m. S.B <5« Oaliabonmeh.} 
OolUurluun ( TreDt,a m. w.; plke.roub, du».cbitb,EnyUaE. 

ColllnKbaaiponda.Conrtbpool, Muni poo:, and Blukpool. I n. K.W. (8u ' 
OolUnglWm (York)— U.B. Whsrrs. (c.l. Tart.) Collin Ih am beck. (Sk •vrii.i 
Oolllna ax«aa (Linia.)— L. & N.W.R. Sinkey brook. fSte Bwuom.) 
OOIb* (Eiaui.— «.E.R. Colne. Pebin«nli brngk. (3ie Ooldialtr.} 
Oolne (Lanu.)— M.B. Luiegbaw. Trawdrn brook, I m. E. Ronfblee wuer. 9 m. W, at 

Lawerwood. Wyonller water, 3 m. E. Catloo brook. 3 m. S. (Sti Praiim. JUKititft.i 
ftoltlaludl (Horloik),— O.E.B.~BDra ! roncb, bream, pFrch. pike; lene triMj ^nn. 

Spiliworlh beck, s m. S. (*m Farmimlh.j 
Oolwall (Worceiter).— O.W.K Lelgb bioak (or Cnidley). Good troDtlng: lean CnmHr. 

Cook, ol Leigb Court, (Ste OlaiKeila:) 
Colwloh (Slafford).— L. & H.W.R. Trent; roacb, cbnb. pike, tronl; Babing Tory good; 

preeerred by Ur. L, Morgan, (u.) Slierbrook brook, s m. W. Coluiii brook, 3ni. K.E. 

»w,4nLW,; roacb, pike, ehab. BLjLli.QnLE. {e.tTYtni.} Laka: Oakedge Park lak«a 

OolWlDk (Kolti).— M.R. Trent; pike, perch, roicli, chnb, aalmoD. {tt) [5m GnfiulorOK^.) 
Oolrford (SoourHt).— L. k S.W.R, <&e Beaton.) Aie and Coly i trout, aalmoii, (f.i.j 
Ocdytoii |Soinenet),~-L. ft S.W.R, (,att Stalon.l Axsi tronl. ulmon ; piUBrvedby^ W. E. 

ComlM Bow (SomeracI).— O.W.R. {Ste iFolcAcf.) 

CondoTBi (Saiop),-L. AH.vrJt.,0,'W,B. 

Oonffinon (Clieabire).— L. AN.W.B. Dane; Ironi. dace, roach, cboti; priiale. Blddulph 
brwik. Dairy brook, I m. W, WneclDCt, a m. 8,W. Hidiie brook, S m. N. at Uarntn. 
Laka: MotetOD H*ll,a ni. S.W. Bag mere, 4 tn. W, {Set Fradiham.) 

_ ...„ „ .. ..„., ,„ ,, __. _)warda,£B(i,af Tha 

Conn, AibrldRc. lo Iwood), and OongreabnzT' a) m. The tide flows to tbla point. 

The aea la 6 m. down. The Aablog (ironc, eelg. and flat fisb) ia preaerred by Bar. J. C. 



onlibin Lae. Citm 

B iboDi 1 nt. h-om the T[|laice, C1d» to Ctautch B«ck, 
•tniuD rl'ts Jd Ihe Sllbenbwtlle HJgb Fgllg, ind flowi 

KW, of LairTam, Alter IwiinK HIgb Tew Dale ■ 

Oonatantlaa (Coninll).-~{B.e. V«n«rB, Sn). CiHuUnHne bnwk ; uont. Thi* brook 
[lea eoma S m. ibora Conetiutlin, wlien It )■ Joined by i brook S m. loni. 3 m. down 
CenMuitliie joIdi lb« eatuij or Halldrd rinr <cj. nxHtr). ijm. W. rune Helford ilnr. 
HILFORDrtoulifPoriireiin, nin<l)m. to PiiikIih Hill (the neareat point to Ooaatu- 
tUM). uni] I) ID. il«i>n ii joined on loft banb bj TrOFooe brook, whlcb ciHe br Trsaioa 
l|in.W.o(danataatln*, ind Din loni. 1 n>. down Helford, Gmek ntn M"' on 
rtithi bank. Ghnet rlteiS m. H.E. of Xelaton, and li « m. loon. 1 m. down la tba 
tdtmrr- tront In Botrord abois GwBok. 

OOOUMB (Barta).— O.W.R. Tfaunaa. (Sh Lmdom, It.T.) Lord BostoD prcaoriM 
ono ot tbe back wntare below tho bridi^i lean ma; eometlniei b« obCalned rrom Mr. 
Hopworth, Hadaor. Btiai: Fan)' and King"! Armi. nrtmnm: Goddon, H. WlldCT, nod 

0»mar Brtdg* (Toik).— L. A T.B. Caldar, (o. Fort.) ColdOi poUnMd. (&> Boo- 

OopSTOT* CTork.)— N.E.R Bobertbeck. Talt or UlniUp back. Cre, 3 m. ». (el. rori.) 

(SF«: BldwvUonkloTipond, 3m.H. {»» rdr:t,) 
Oawnmathnp* (Tork).— N.E.B. ; Q.K.B.; S. * K. Jirint R OBae,tni.W. (o. Fgnt.V 

ZSta ; Ancram dam, S tn. KW. (SM ran.) 
Oimviill (lanca.). — L. & H.W.B. Tarrow. £>t«: BIrkana panda, I m. H. (9m 

~ " . Qiao. Edenbam broot, 3 m. K. Lata: Grlmthonia Park, 

u (Deton).— 9.W.R. Lid; good tronUnE, bntpraHrred, Lew. Uaryiton 
a n. i treat. ISu Itimmih.) 
JoUum (Hotti).— Q.N.R. DsTon. Car dyke, 1 m. N.W. Smite, t m. S. at Shelton. 
Trant, alin.HW., atEaU aiokaCcj.) WItliam, 3 nL S.G., at BoDnlDgtoD. (S» Oa*u- 

I. E. (aee EuU.t (CI, Tort.-) 

row. (&« OloKeiWr.) 

CD. Connler Drain. (&) AuKtoif.) 

arbnme. Low (S m. H.E,). Wltbybnwk (9 m. 

.E.); roach, plha, pOTcb, braam fprlTate}; Lord 

* - Tore; Ironl, gtajUngj praMTrad 

It, gnjtiBf, pnurrad u Ura (br 

; free. (Bei SpaliUrt.) 


30 The Mngler's Diary. 

Oowton (roik).— O.N.B. Wiike; [rirllnE, troot, ctiab, ftta: prmerred-, le4ie 

(Derb;).— M.R. Holbrook brook, lata: ScDillsj UtU pond, t m. E. (Au 

1 (York).— N.E.B. Hole beek. (Ah Fort.) Laia: Moor Finn rejanoiH (»), 

3n.S.&. OHrort.) 
Oc»iU«r<Wurcnt«).-O.W.B. indL. A N.W.B. Haw Pool. iSee Oloucaler.) 
OnkMilUdKTork)— N.E.B. Bedils beck. ISa Fort.) 
OrwUv 'Snrrey).— L.H.*e.C.R. (S« Umdaii. L.T.) Vtj. 

Qoennr brook (9 «. if.). E.ton brook (4 n. N,E.). £ita; Wkittleloo Fool (1 tn. E.) 

- (SbikiI.— L.B.A3.(1R. Uo1«. (SKZoiKfox.^?'.) 'NearberetretlioBuctauiHin 
lout; leiiefroiD Hr. P. Salllu-d^ tUe ISeU U111 pODd, fres^ BavbDib Mill pond, 
imUr. Brown; Thr*6 BrIiiKH pond, loia fram Mig-HonllBorl: Buolaiek HUl 
— ' "Ir-Caffrn. Haul: f 

gwiibrMk.' -WjB'(r.i^)Tohiili, pike, ulmon, dM«, 

|n:it;ii, iiuui. tij.) (S« CAffUlOW.) 

CrMUton (Dotod), — L. & 8.W.R. Creedyi trout; prewrroil b^ Sir J. Dirio and Sir 

Aeun Bnrnell Park liku (( m. S.vvJ, <&» fffnuculrr.) 
Oxaawell (Derb;).— L. &N.W.R. Blytae. (t.i. IVioU.) Tein bmok. a tn. E., it Cppa 

Tbad. (jftH 0abuAorDiiaA.1 
Omra (Cbiitaire).— L. A N.'W.B.; O.W.B. ImlenriT brook. WliUMon brook, I m. EI.W. 

Foul Hrook, I m. N.K S«U1 nrook, ain.S.W., itWIttuIOD. 'Wearer, 1 m. W. i oosrM 

flsb. £iita: CreaeHaU.3tn.aB. Wlnmlty mill, 1 ni. N.G. (Six nvdAam.) 
Orawkame (Samerael).— L.AS.W.n. (SKSulm.) fisul: Osortte. Aie (( m. off) ; trout. 

Ollok (Hcirtbtan.).~L. A N.w.s. aimk, 9 tn, S. Lata: Hiddleiaor* and Doniland 

TBierroln (pika. tc), 3 m. S.W. {Su WUbeadii Bramilon.) 
Oromar (Norfolk).— a.E.R. Aldborooih bai'k, AmS.W.; prlvale. Lain: Felbrtig Park, 

Im.S.yi. annlon Park lake. G m. {Bbc TarmuWC) ffofali: BUb, Tneker'i, WntClUT. 
Onuaford (Derbrl-— M.It. Dsmant; trcmt. KnrlloKi preHrred b; Matlock Batli k,k. 

(lee MalUiA). (c.i. TVaiO {Sx Oabubartni^.i 
Orwprato (Oxford ).— a. W.R. cnerweM. (S«ioiulr™,*.I'.) raattertntroierroirlieeiiear. 
Ozoaby BaTanBVOrtIi(Weii(laiid).— Lrrauiet; IronC. 
Oroam Kara (UonrnDaih). — O.'W.B, Ebnj. troot, ulmoa. Slitowof; troot. <u. Ci*.) 

(5« ycHport.) 
OToaton (Lido.).— !„ A Y.B. Ywtow. Loitock, I m. H. DodcIbb, 3 m. W. (c.i.AiWa.) 

(S» ^otctA Sml.) 
Orowland (Uncoln}, ii.a, Potttland, 3 n.— Welland; plks, percb. daae; free. Ncd, 

1 n-S-Kal Black HoreeUllli. (&» ^poliHtv.) 
Orowla (Lloepln).— O.N.R. Idle Norlh Drain. Tbe new Idle rlvar. ISee AUIarfi.1 Old 
jvs Orowle. rone S m. to Lnddlngtoa aod Iront ertnary 


Ebwj! tronl, Balmoni Iront rod llcencea, 1l, from tka 
Vnnd-T-CoedCaelSin.) iSitSaipen.) 
K.W.B. Wbliiate briiok, 3 m. S. Laia: CDddinftan 
in pondg, 1 m. 8. Petty pool in New Park, t dl 8.K {Stt 

I.B. Deame. (SteOeole.) 

w. {Sa Lmubt, tf.T.y 

I. Hirdinbeck. {SaJtamiUfft.) 

Cnlnii trout. Bolil: Mailwiy. Tbe rlrer i> preeerred 

ilm FlihloK AMOCiailOB. Sauoa befliu Feb. IB, and endi 

,. ..,^b. I... otnuKera iKinii ISm. off ean act m.t.. lOf. M. No wading. Sac, 

Unthewi, Railway Hotel. i4ftoH II li prlrate. TbeCelm Is tbe earllert rlier in Deran. 

ieH(«-.l (tj.Blre.) Kenllnliarelir-.ok. Aihfhrd liniok. FnlfpM waler. 

(Deron).— Q.W.R. (Se> ArcM-.). £(M.- Billaay, Cnim; tronti tbe fiiblnt 
ireeaned up to Kamrook br the Cilni PishinR Clnb. S-t,, 3lj.-, w,t„ u. ; 



Owm (Uonnumth),— O.W.K. Eburt I 

"— MAtoaHi' ■■' '""•• - 

"ran (Ml ,. _ 

(York).— N.E.E. Nidd, 
m (Camliind).— H. & C-R. IM me u^ldflw. Troat. 

Mtmnvw WlBks (T«k>— U.EE. Slell, a m. W. Wiike; gnrllof, tront, chnb, nlkc; 
prenrTedi iHTaHnfllliDH. (cl Furl.) t > f . i - 

Dazflald (Tcirki).~U.S. Dnn». Dots. Inn dyke. 1 m. E. (Sec OaoJe.) 

nrnxluj (Darli;}.— U.K. Derweot; tmnt, grayilnn: prsHTTsd bsn« down to Matlook 
brtdEaliT ttas Dulej Dils inglini Club, tntwmn egi., >.|. aOu, t.U 3i. fOr ■ ponlon of itrn 
waMr, flroDlr. (u. TVw(.) Sydnopa brook. £<>*«! MUl pondi (9), l m. H.E. Flaih 
dnn, I H. N'E- <Ssa (JatfruAorpu^A.) 

IhtrteT (rork). — N.E.E. Nidil, (cj. rort.) Ditley btck. (Snt Ttri.) Wuhborn, 
S «., at Blabberlioutei. SplnkibsTD beck, T m. 3.W. (:%e rtrt.) 

SarUbrd (KwD.-aE.R. On Direntb i troaT, pcnh, roich, J». Tbe Darcnth rtHa by 
WeatHtaam, and In 6 a. mat bf Diutan Oraaa, ■•raiioftks slatlan. I m. (io« 
irODtlDK, pragerred bj Lord Stutaope) ; OtfoxA. 3 m. ; llionlwm. It n. ; Bnaa- 
ftnd,* m.. MMnit LBlllnjHtone (preHTTan b; Sir W. Han Dyka, wbo often glTa^aire) ; 
II n. on la VBTBlnKlum, and Oaitlbrd 1> fi «. A nill« bflow Darirord tbe Cray 
j^i Dareotll. Gray tIhi near Oivinrton. ■"' 1° > •»- r™' *'y *t. Mhct*! Orur: 
Bau*r, 4 «.. piraliiK SI. Paol'i Cray and Foot'i Cray. From Braley to OraTfOTd 
la If flLi (rom whanca to tba JancUon of Cray and Darantb la 1 m. 1 tn. below thli 
JnictloD Darenth Jolna Tbamea. Braam are in tb» lake of tbe Fhanlx Paper Hilli M 
Suttnrd, doH by wblcb li tta Dartrord Creek. eoiiTeftn( tba Darsotb watar to tbe Tbamea. 
Id tba eruk are larie daea, g(lDDder^ pike, aod ona^onally aalmon (rant. Tbere It a 
peoDllar Mneroaobtoba lonndtn a gmall pond on tbe Oartford manbea. Ttaero are many 
larRe carp In tba pond of Heian. Piioa and Wllkei' powdar mllli. Bold; Bull. 
IHtrtoumUi (Deion).— G.W.R. On Dart; lalmon and troni. Dan rUea In the eeotra 

bilnga tbe Eait Dan 10 Post Brldce. vbere flibennin'a leCDrnmodatlOTi an be bad al Ibe 
IDD, and It tomB lodKlnRi la the village. < m. iiown. Wallabrook Jolni DarL Tblt 
ttream rlagi In Merrlplt Hill. Jt m frnm P<i>i Hrlilci- .nil h» m nrnru nF n n Thum 

tbe Poat Bridge Bond 3 n. from Tvo Brld( 

bank. Thia itream la 3 n. Ions, and iror 
meet. Good accommodation can be had 
SmlibHUl.naarPrlocetown, Deion. Fi.h 

and (arnwHb. Frotn Dartmcat Bridge In ^ 
baokbyDr.Bla(!kaU,of Spttchwlck. and o 

Tbe Weat Webbem ltiin.long; Ibe flibl 
tbe propeitletDt Mr. Bulsrd, ol Bncklac 
IlSbt, nnlU Bolne Brldfa la reaebed. 

to Dartmeet, -bar* It 

< Bridges l9 \\ m.tnna 

we«. AtT-oBridaea 


Blu^k brook jolna Dart 


Priaon, tloie lo Prlnea 

Wen Uart, and paeiea 

from Po.1 Bridge. The 


lie polnl Ihe two Darla 

nent witb Mra Frencb, 

Ined In IH 

, river, and Ibeit 

■nd flowi tbrongh that town, t >"' below a brook enten E 

luTlDf a csnne ol 6 m. From bence to SteTaTtoB li 4 m, 

a brook, 6 m. long, Jolni on tbe right bank. 1 n. below, • nmam, e m. mug. 

Blue on tba left bank, t tn. below thii again TotneB la reaebed. From benea to 
artmonth tbe tide flowe. s m. below Totnaa, on the right bank, a eonilderibla Uream 
JoloB Dart OB right bank. Tbii stream. It m. long, after mnnlng for 4 n., panea I tn, 
■anlliof tbe iHlace of Ratlary. tbence to Btrberton 3ni.. and tbencoim. to Aib^rtnglon 

lent wMHBg 

orally rery fair wbltlni fliblng lut 

„»..... „_'i»nr. BDreaji ni Diacaoooi DBr"*" *" •" '-'•'—— — »-<■ *».*"• i — 

Pollack as 

aihlu 7 n. from land. In Angnii 
otilalde Dartnuinib Harboor, ebreait of 
from ahore. Pollack and ba» are to be 
At neap lido*, in lAli Inner ground, uyi 

.. .... .. .. 

upOHlbl& WblUcg flihing not good nntll after mldinmmor. (ti.) (SttSli 

udSfopfon^O Bttil : Cntle. 
'I>*tioK(Torfe)).— L. A Y.B, Dearne, Darton brook. 1 m. S. (SttBeoU.) 
jtt/tOtMit (Bnokat.— L. A S.W.EL Thamei. (3u Lunden, If.T.) Fliktrmm: . 

Lomiden. Houb : Manor Ronee and Boyal Stag. 


The Angler's Diary. 

1 pU», IMnh, Ac. Ulddlomon naarroir. II ">- V. 1 pike, p«roli, As. (^WlthtoA,} 
(DeTon).— Q.W.R. Hkldun wrUt! tnmt. fistel; London, ind otban. llHbniA 

luig uu Iba iloDH or EdldcD, and ti 6 to. Inui- LuTC (mm tb« nu-mo* and inlll-awiun. 

Mr. Hoare, of Lu wiolw, pmHrrea BOme pordoa. DbIm, maekere], pollack, pout, barring 

and sprau, art euwhl off ban Is modarMe wwiibar. A Huil-ml aalns la kept A tt>s 

ttarown off Uie breakwatn pier at tba monlh of Uig bnok, and balled with aqnid or mttlai 

TlU takB large bua In rooRb weathar. Tbe aqnld niiul be obCalnid from Ibe maekenl nab. 

PolUuk lowuda and eloaa 10 Paraoa and Clerk rock*, alao ^ ">- off abore, haV-iH)' W. 
Baal (Kent),-^E.B. aod L.C. A D.B, A (a* Toaeb aid perch in Itae CUchboro' atraaa, 

Baodwleb. Tktra It aond llitilnK Id the eminf oB tba irier (gr pollack, mackanU 4c., In 

•ntann. {Stt MmyaU.'i 
BebanhUD 'SnOolk), n.a. Bts, B m. S,— Deben. (5« Wiiodbridgi.1 
Bijy OM (Yoika).— G,C.B. Don. {c.t. ToriMrt.) UltleDon. (AMSMIa.) 
ItaSbrll (OlDacMMr).— U.S. Aian: ebnb. dua, roach, plk*. pctcb, braam; Ira«. Bam 

brook. Laka: Croome Park lakea (3 ni. N.W.). iSu OlaneaUe.t (cl. SarvTi,) 
IMfbt(>n(T<i[ki).— L. AK.W.B. Cnlne; potlnted. BDrtonbeck. ISh Baadtirt.} 
X»duima<Cbeablr«}.— L. AX.W.Ria.W.R BranI toook, 1 n. N.E. Aah brmi. « a. 

S.K Oolton brook. 1 m. S. fslei: Flax mere. I m.N. Oak nan, 2 n. S.E. Plata po^ 

. (Torki).- 

_(Totk>.-O.N _ . , _ 

(tttaSord). — L. & N.W.B.; Q.N.K.; M.R. Chnmal; front, KiajUngj flatalRi 

--■-'—' . U^.Trat.) (ffn Qaiiaimmithi 

N.w.H. Tam*. XiLla: Oodler raaenoli. a«.E. (See Rimeorn.t 

R.; L. St N.W^R. Dervant; pike, ovaraa data, jrrajllDg, treat; tba borongh 

lo Ilie mimth of Ohaddaadm brook, praaarrad Hlme to BorrowMh b* a 

TnmL) Cattle brook. Otaaddaadao tmok. * «- E. £ata : Alleatrj Hall lake, 

' ~ k lakei, 1 m. N.W. EBdlCMon Park lake, 4 ni. H,W. Lw^o Park 

~ "DtftiliutaratWL) ffoMiilfidland.SI.JaaMa. 

>t mitarwA.) TaOilM. T. aimpaon. U. Caf 

■ (Wllu).— G.W.R. Kennet and A>on Canal! i , 

tovni a.L if. M., m.L li. AFon,8ni.; tront and (nyllDK; preaarrsi] bj lan«- 
, (&> OArlHeAHrcA,) AlaoBareral brookiand Dnn'iponl; Sibleaa. [,3ti Britut.) 

_. . Tba lake ia pieHrred. /m i Ttaa Sine of Pnurfa, 

. oV. Tbere ue eenral lakn nanr. Bamnraro lam contalna Uria Cronl and pUa^ 

r (Torkt).— G.N.B.;L.*N.'W.B.; L.AT.B. Calder. (ej. rort.) (See Saw 

. Beraden brook. (iSit NaieUi Bant.) 
er. Pornton brook. (5» Annum.) 

-^ , ,. Jt Trothj! ironli proaened. Nanl-y-toclian (* «.} 

J. ir)wO ISee (Amtae.} 

UHOre (Herelord).— L. A S.TTS, ; O.W, R. Lojck ; tronl, irajUnc. pike, perch, cbnk, 

* 'Ins dseent: ncaHrrad b; Ibe Bodenhara Club, of 30 membera, fram 

Uoraton. (a. Wye.) btaralon brook (3 fn.) (See Clivtim.i 

Dodwoith (Torka) 

,E.B. Wa>- 

itoD.). — Ik ft N.TC.tu; a.a'. £ieD| p^sa, percn, oream, [snei 

'Ulngbunraib and UlKham Ferrera AnttUng Aaaoelatlon t 

— igte Wiiteat/i. Welliitfl>entii/h.i 

.C.B. Dore. 1 n. a.B. laHi: Lowa Mill resarrolr, I m. 

ItaKdrka {Lincoln).— O.M.B. Wilbam. Sain. (SwSoUon.) 

SoMWrtW (Torka). — Q.E.B.i Q.S.K; U.B.; H.E.B.; G.CB.! L.4T.B. Don. (ct, 

rrrteht^) IBee Boole.} 
Donincton (Lincoln),— G.N. B. Hammond beck. 1 m. W. IBtiBoilm.) 
SoKOlieBtM (Doraet).— O.W.R. and L, A S.W.B. Fromo! trnnti pTeaorvad lor 1 fH. abor* 
- ■ "■ ■ ■'■ -^ - t, Capt. Uaoitf. 

lut, dace, leacb. pUa. (&c Tf 
— L.B. A B.C..R, and S.E.B. 

1. EeieU: WbCta Hone, Bed 

icDtitlng, wbicb ■■ 


England, Z\ 

DatTl&ffton(Si]»p).-L.AH.'W.R.; G.W^ Coond briMk: Uonti pniervedbTtlieowu 

o( UnflBrhill UalL Raw brook (3 m. E.) (S« aimailir.l 
^!^Vl^AmlCi>rB.'Win).-G.^.K. Fo-ej: IronL SL Naoti Irout. {(.«,) (a«fnM».) 
IkAvn waitr IV^,V,\ a r- -a n^^o f *t», d..„^.i.. i « -or <crA ^_-pA ' ' 

or (Ksni). 

t«1r, i m.W. lSteOiKli.i 



H. OLnilHl 


'"° " '"■"■■'■'■ '' 


Downtoii(H«iiti.)-L. AB.W.R. Atoi 

'«!. Tha 

Inmiord of tba Boll Inn flTM |M<S fcr 


prlDetpill; piks ud rouli. <Su 

OHMhwA) (M.) 

lecoTLakiu. (Sa 

SiVeott (Derby).— M.R. DemeDt; 


[rayling, (ej. TVoU 

) TiMt. 

JnS.W., .t«»wl«T. (ti.) (S«a 
SlvtuAfNorlblk).— a.CK. Wcntnm 




r.E. laa 

DrtaSd (Vork.-N.K.E. Hull. fc<. 


.) Very K«»l i 

irooUDK on Hull re 

la 10 (OliH 

>.t. 10 cuinni. wlU 

1 til day 

artS"or frlBD'at" ■ni. ri^ZTl^i 

B Lord Lon 


orooih.'vum^t D 

one. S^ 

Tilton S;k», .nil Mr. Rayiurd, oisli 


nrt.i-rtisil.kmli. propwiloB 

and iluallKbt sudBy. Siifflembeck. ISte Bull.) 
IMn (Canil>Dd.).-F>.R. Filr fitblnc in Wutwater. 7 n. off, ind In the rlnn lit 
um^Ik. Treat, ulmoo, BAlmon tront. S.C., lOa BoUi: Drlff HoIeL (Sh Jtown- 

I>iaitwloli (W. , _ — -., 

He lindownma. Body brook. Hamplon brook (a m. N.W.). Dovcdale brook (» n. W.). 

Henbtook (4 m. N.E.). Strera (< m. W.) ; pike, percb, cbob. dace, maeb, troit, nlnon. 

Dnn brook (6 m. B.). La*a: Weaiirood Park lakii (I m. W.). (Su OIowaMr.) (u. 

aMTTi.) BdIiJj: RaTto. The WoreoiUrtWre. 
DiooKald (Derby).— U^ Drone. (Age Ooofe.) 
1htaiaT_(Stam>rd). G.W.S. Lata: eade> Qrean reumlr (3 m. Sx Old Park pnid 

(1 n.V.). Fenanel Fvk lakea (3 m. S.W.). Hlmlsi Park lakee, ud Common Fool 

« at W.). (Su aUMuaUr.) 
Iniflaia (Detbj). — M.B. Derwent; pike, coane Dth. Erayllnc, Iront; preierted by tba 

DolHeldAOEllaECinhi ra-LTi. Git, w.t. M., d.t «•.; hen. •«., E. Darnel, Biq., 1, Rallny- 

tenacB, Doffleld. (u. 7V«(.) Eeeleabonme; praMned u Derwent. Holbrook brook. 

IhlE. Cutler brook. 3 m.3.W. £ata: AllpMry Parklake, t n.9. Eedleatooe Park lake. 

I ra. S.V, Bolil: 'While Han. (3h Oabu&sniiipA.) 
Aolmton (SomeraetJ.-G.W.B. Eie, H.ddeo (rMarTed), Barlo, Dane* 

Bruhtord brook (preaerTed), Trent, lalmon. iTouli : Camarroa Arms (i 

Red Lion, and I^mli. TbetronllDEin Eieand Barle liTery good. S tu .u. .lus uiuiua 

ii vreiarteil on both rtdea («' 8 m.; Kawn camnienEeB Feb. M. Salmon from June, 

•ODKtImee later. Fortnmt only— «.[,. loi. Si; m.i, 6«.; w.t., d.l,, li.j iCu. M. 

utra tor lalmon. TlekMi It liotela. and (rom Ihe aeorolary, who will inpplj e'erj Inftrma- 

Uoi. There are abont « m. of good (res aehlng. Tbs landlord or ibe Camanon Arma 

baa the liftat ef fliblng Lord Carnanon'a water G m. IBu Bxtler aad Ttitrlai.> Eie, 

aboTB and below Ext bridge, la preHrved by landlord of GainarTon Arma. TatiUirli 

Hgalh, HIib-atreeL 
]>alwicli (Surrey).— Tfaere la a pond bare, by the loadilde, containing great rtandanceal 

carp, bni It belongs to Dnlvlch College, and it la Tery dUBcnlt to obtain leave. £blil: 

]>iUiA>ra Bridg* (Torka).— a.CB. Don. (c.i. FerlAin.) Little Don, 1 ffl. 9. Lmta: 

Dnnlord Bridge rtisnolr. (Am OecU.) 

' — ■— m (Norfblfc).— O.E.R, (Ba LilcluBn, Kinf-i Lfm). 

iwls, and Mm by Ur, 


iwtb, wtaan Attain finn be had (imBatloit.) (CJ. TVvnC-) Bvf brook/ 
IdwBlton (doIU).— M.B. ThDtbwk. Latft; RoclsTnloa Maniic, I m. S.G. 
Ulnrton <3omenst). -O.W.B. Brnei roneti, urp, percli, pike; fres. ISn 

loCet vldtor^i 
9t. &f. ■! U» 

la-Trant. <cj.| Zotiti: EulnWo Hall like, 
MST«moil't(Giiml>iid.)-— OaF.beD. Se&tront. ulmon, \ 

(I, lOi. M. : the witer li moch dlieoloarwl by nitnn, hi ii> uuiiuk h i^mji. ii^i.i 
niuldCYodi).— L. AT.R, GJilder. «.i. Kirl.) Dean. tSia Raipcttfi.') 
iUaamar* (Silop). ~ C.B. SheU brook, 1 m. N.W. HelitbloD brook, 4 m. N. (;S« 

CAHtar.) Rodan. Gni.S.E. Lata: Elleimere mere; piks. porch, rDach. bream, daea; 

Ik (Tork).- 

II (York), noareit .uiLon Oximau^. 

Elsltek. {Set ItamOfft,') 

- ■• "vUMiBamplm.) 

ilebar, Biq., Lejtbani 

U.R. <S« Lmuiiin, It.T.). I 
te be bad I tlcketg'hvm "vf. Btrnt, Fliher] 


England. 35 

in (HniitA^L. a K.W.B. Ne 

(OmmbrlAii).— a.E.B. Onie: eouw lih, uoopt IwrMi pMMrradbr U» Cunbridn 
■ Eljr AagUnB ■- -- — - "—- ''— •-— "^ ■ " • " - - 

H* CmOrldafi fram tin fanoHon ot Cud S «. abiHc, id 
•d&) CAwOnnirMM. 0uitM.8iMn»<l>bM>nMrTeil 
iibontoltiJaiittloBwittiOaM. iriMr-tilllD; V. BeutDn, 

..MDtlbli. VSm K^t Hmt). AMItt Lub, Ball. 

tt).— L.B.*S.O.R. Imi; UMt. Ba» rtaM abna Buton, ultan li (iwd 

UtU^Htn,Tn,b«lair. (ci.N. 

bj titan KdaljItmaCtm^nii. ,. , 

U WUpoit. Lirk ; a w. S.E. j »MD« Jib. VSm K^t Hmt). AMItt Lub, 

Dtrbf).— KJI. KndoBbiovk. XataiStuileTMUlp«ad,lm.N. (Sa OMiutgim^) 
B (Wuwlcifc).-~aiW.B. Atoo; efaiib.piks, perch, bieim, nwlh, due. Iiborati 
nw itvmt, but mach poUiUed. (5m (KwcmMt.) (ei. AiMm.} 

SHlddKaakMaA VondBT'BlbadlMdi.).— R-E-R. (SMiStratftrd*D4£«iKl«.) ob 
Jlsw Rlrar uid Laa; romoli, due, obnb, bubal. )uk. penb, brwni. JSMiIti ABahor and 
Flka, Snn mad PIka. Karal SauU Atmt HMal, EnBaM Loik. S.l^ lOi. *d ; d.t, la, 
Tba Oidnados iriMr, eonWPlnf mem sood Sib, MpsoUl^ ekob, omnptiMa tba rliv 
batwaan Um Snent HUI •Imm apd tfaa uii^animdat baBBAuT ot tba War Dc wtnant^ 
npartrt a.L> lit.; d.t., It.; Jacking W Lt. baldtta 011I7. Abora tblt li (ba Old Kln^'a 
tla»d vatar.wblcbcommaiMaaatUu^BnibllnB Bar ud andi at QUDibtd llMnh,MDled 
Vr Ut Oxentrr. Cbnb ud bubal ara ptantltnl. B.t. lOi. M TnlU^ baglni Sapl. lit. 
lODDinr llablDB lUowed to aeatmi tlckata aolr. 

fcl ■ iBn* (Lanct.)— L. k T.B. BtadBbav brook. LtOa: EntwliUa r«MTiair, <Sh 

■patnu (Snrror). L. A 3.W.R. and L.B. A S.CB. (Sh iMidn, ^.P.) Ttaert anisiDa pondi 
moD ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ 

-—■'-— -I (At£«iHlm,I.r.) 

(5m itpllkUlv.) 

, (8iu»a»).^ (iSMSjrt) OnBotbar. (tt) 

<DeTlry).-'4}.N.R. Elmll brook. Longford brook. 3 m. 8.W., at HllCon. Trant, 
„ ..__... — .. — .,., Do.e, i a. B.W, at TBtbMiy. (ti. JVmi) ($■ 

Jl (ijmci.)— I^t N.W.R.; L. AT.R. Tarrow, I m. B. (AtAtMASbnt) 

avanaaaoli (Somanat) — O.W.R. Btsrcneeht cup, parch, roacb, iroot, pita. iSu 

BrCTOmMiIi JnnotloB (Somenet),— O.W.B. Erarcrf eeb. (fkt S1gMrUf.i 
mrm iMhot (Donel).— O.W.B. [3» Wanlam and BrUfuaur.i 

praHTTsd bi Erciham Ftib PreHiratloii SoclelT (or 10 n. ; at. li,, d.L U.; wllb (ralUnc 
a-l. ti. SAi Ucancea fmm Mr. Wblllbrd. Bridce-itreet, Flib and Anchor Inn, LlttlelDn, 
Bra^ianl, Boat Ida. Offenbam. E?€aham. for fflihlng from Norton brook U> notice board 
idioia Obadbarr Wair, or from Fladborj Wair to Kr. Finlkna'i vatar; a.!., allowing oae 
Of boata and llihlBf In Mr. Fanlknar't vaiar, IDi,; leaion begbuJnna IS, andi Karch 
14; notraUlDcfcoiD boaU; bon. •*«.. A. H.Sharp, Eaq., Eraham. BtUXt: Croirn. Hortb- 
-wlck Anna, Cio» Kari, Boh anil Croan. let, Staern.) 
' — '1 (3amf).— L. & aw.B. Hog'i MUI River; tront; iHTa froco Undownera !9h 

n. S.W. (8h Jiuuom.) 
roue, plki, daoa, perch. 
BitOrd (IroBlIn J very 
- Kme piiiUe BihlDf. ] 


.. atMmal m. G. of Eiton, and In aim, )• |cdnad on laftliaBk bjr a 

■ asLlODi. Itm down, a Mream joint Baddeo on lafl bank, vkieh la aoma 1 ai-lrai, 

__ .- . . _ui.i ^gj, „ gtjrt Brid(o, Baddeo lolna Eza t ■. dowa. 

. Eieraiiilnltm.toB»Bcldfa BBd Solmtos 
TB oarui laini uc on dghi bank. Barla rliaa In tba oentre o( Exmoor, 
BBB nna m ■ m. to SlmoodebaUi (o.i. SnlTartoA. Un,). Tront nnmeroaa bat amall. 
LaSTo from Mr. Kaigbt. or aimondibath; (a gond Ina, bnt no beat or tidilt IMnca). 
>1 HL domi at Laodacie Bridge, Sbaardonn Watar, * m. long, Jolna on rlgbt^adk (lablng 
larj good, and freo). Barla flowa In 3 n. M Witbjpool (n.a. 9nlT*>ton, > a. (laaia 
from Landura ram). Tbare It a deotnt llttia Inn ban, and tba' trontlDi tarj inod. 
and tint. (Bxibrd and Rlier Eia le B in. oror ths bllla irnm hera.) A ■traani 4 m. long 
JMne Barla ban on lalt bank, d m. down Barla, Dana brook, t m, long, Joint on 
ilEht bank <Ihi> brook It pre-erred by the owrer of the property, but laave It ofian 


The Angler's Diary. 

Ismptonlm. . 

Calm, Aftbrord brook jdIdi on rli; 

Tlvaiton JtmoUDii, im.). i. — ,... 

-'-- ^rSslbwion (D^. nraTtos Jnnotlaii. ^ 

.... iVMdg«.~<¥i» 

theLomrlizaflifalnc-nidLiBd uotbar Huclulon eolafl to Exeter baglni; HlraoB^ptkB.' 
4*M,uvl nlTtniut S.t.>Ai.) OrudjlolDi onrlEbtlianli. CreedyrlHiSor tm.iboTB'Wiiod- 
hrdHmrtliT (ili. OzadUotl, KJ>.K.), ind 11 m. down la jolDSd on left buk by T«o bn*. 
* M. iDBg. I n. down OfsMIr at Sudiord, Sudlbrd brook, t m. Ioba Jotni ob il(ht talc' 
GradUoB b SI m. . down Cnedr. Hart Spttyion waUr ji^ni Cratd; on rl^t bank 
apnjFloa rlMi it SprsTton (n.i. Bow, CJt., S »,), rau S m., whan It la joined il Colbrook 
bTtwothartMrtUMDn dthar bank. Sprajtan rnna in 1 m. to OxMUton, iriiare a ahnrt 
mn*m |<Miia.on liitM kaoki anil 1 «■ down, Sorertai l<4na CraedT' Graadrmna t m. I» 
•t.QiT«B<H.D.It.),wtaeraShobTaokbn»k. 4n,]oB(,jDluon left bank. ProBihaaoatB 
■taa lonoUon o( CrMd^ witb E» la ( m. ■satai !• 1 "•. down £ia. There ara ploitr 
of dace. JBc. oloia lo tba clti, 

ni roach, dace, pike, parcb, carp, taneh, eali, and 
half beyopd Caantaag Weir, beglnalnc oppoilta tiM 

— . — „, — ,- -arp and tpnoh hive been takan taera. The roach an 

_._. ._. .. Topehaid Lock and tbo noireat drawbridge lis larTeoodopoti Urn. 

ookJolDiEia Eataarx on i1(ht bank at AlphlnRUn. 3 n. B. or EioMr. 
VeaL Town, and In 1 iiLlaloined b; Adder Watar on left bank. whM 
and It 3 n. long. Alphloftoa nuu to Ida i fn. and Alphlngtaa I m. 

L.aA.V.B. Sow. Bmeh brook. (Sn Ohaatur.) 
^^.V.K. Towelnstoa brook; faw tronL Thia brook rlaaa by 

l-dE&W.B. Baaaan 

Floondan and aali 

Ovtdda tha bar. daba B»; k* takao with ni 

ball, offBtralfEhEPf^rtWhara pant, braam,anaoon|en areauo lonoo. aaoioraJ nantajr ia 

IllparUl {tee AdeerlUaotnO. RutiI Rsavin. ntfMU. HIai Ellla. 18, Danbr-tarraoe. 
■ gy (Bar alord).— I,,* N.WJ.jQ.^.a. Sldgmora brook. £iils.-Gron CaiUa(Iin.) (&• 

■n(SaSillk)^-SE.R. Erabnnk. Wmner, 4 n. H. (Stt rarmmei,) 

■l«Sx«aB(Camba).— O.E.R. Knical BItbt. Fan dnti«. fi» mitowt.) 

SnMfbSd (XentX~S.R. (B— Oarffiird.) On Darenth; troat, roach, oarch, eela, Ac.; 

labina KOOd ; iMf » mar ba had oceaalonallT fmin 3<r W, Hart Djka, of LoUinfatona Faifc. 

SoBM fldUnc can be had at ihaPlooab Hotel; fly only. 
■rnakaBi ((hrfi>H)^-Q,V.B. Thamea; ehub, parch, plka, *e. Boltli: Bad Uon and 

Bwan.i <Sm XovCm, U.T.) 
Vaett aaneh>^L. A N.W.B. ; O.H.B. ; 113. Dodd. (Ah itwtcgni.) 
yallflaU(Laaca.)— O.N3.; M.K. £ata>: Gorton marrolr {Ste ltimceni.i 
TalxlteA (fllo'Biar).— O.W.B. On Colna; troaC. D.L. u. M. Gvnd tihhic. beglnnini 

*--"'-■. FiTonlT. Flahlntgood. ffoW: Boll. TaaUU, B. Emm. (Oh Londm, IT.T., 
- "-nr.) 


England. 37 

. f61k).-O.E.H. -Wemoni. (m, jr. onf A.) (Ai rortoMtfit.) 

TBlniDiith (Ooniwail). — a.ff.K. (Sh St. JfaawK etitrrt, MaitaaaK, mi at. X—tnu) 
a m. a.W. >t Kodock null Bodock wuti, » m. long. (ej. F/rMf.} HaMi, Borat, 

Pui^oM (Tork).— (iSHfu)*, /M(gii-«-£(rHMil.) Fsaback. (BteWrma.i 
TaxStuan (HinD.).— U A S.W.S. Hsob) troat, rouh. Xwa rtu la > mUl pmid ai 
But tlsoti [n.t. V*t«rafldd, P.D.B„ S m.), nun to Dmlordt ) hl, Wlckhuo 4 m 
TltchflBld, <iB.,>nd 9 m. on jolDj tbc HL From lu wDrce la ■ mUs balow Wlckhun tba 
straun li prtnta. Beocs tontcbBeld <?eMI, Bd|I() 11 !• prtMTTed br B. Oobis, Eh., 
■olldtor, Firehim; s.t., II. T>. Local tllaa are Mirob brown, InwifaDni, nd liar Bj. 
Cloie to the ttaora li BTomwlcta Fsnd, preiamd. A itreun not hilo PortamanUi 
Hartwnr bun, irhleh riwi In Bndlar Hill, and In 1| m. la lolnsd on left bank bj tba 
dninaga tt Creech Pond | m. up. I m. on U Sontlmlck, wbet* la a iugt laka at tba 
Prlorj. 1 m. below a alream |Dlni on right bank, dnlolai a poDd 1 tn. Dp. PazoIlRiB 

r>fii«ton (Idjicr.l.— L. klT.W.B.; L. A T R. Loaiock. (MuBatilh Ami.) 

H n. oO are tba Fleet Fonda. Flablnf good, hat raurred for Ihe man at Aldanhot. 
SeM: qaeaa'a. (5h ioiuba, M.T.i 
Vunlum (3iirrey).-L. ftS.W.R. War; Itoot. *n. S.onFnachimCinninDnuetbaOraat 

Hjool^. nioowoar of Franks also preeerraa a portloo -. « ...,..,.. 

Tkciuflald (Notia).-U.B. BilniwDilh brook. Lattt: Inkanall dam, t m. H.W. igtt 

r>TBWortb(LancL)— L.*H.WB.; 0.N3. Inrell. Tanso. £al«>: Black Leech pond. 

Vanrlaj (Hun.),— I m. off, onFleldiHaaIb,aTeaomeiinallpandi,andaoetaivSDne. In. 
tM rnna tba Dark Water. Thia itreinl rlin In FUih Fond on BeanUen Haatb, mBs I nt. to 
■notbarpond. HerajQloaoa rliht tiank the ontflow from (ouiponda on tba beatb. In-np. 

brook (In.). Wrlml< brook (Im.). Uanwarne 
f aUzMow (SoSOIk).— O.EJt. The Klog'a Flee 

about a m.. belondm loCapt. E. G. Fretjman, 1 

Ipawtoh. whofivea leaTaon parment of a amall I 
r*lmlnfflUUn(Nor(Dlk).— a anion beck, 
rrtirtiia (EBBn.-0,E.R. OnCbelmer; coar«fl.h, (,3it tlaldon.-) 

I london, L.T.) 

(Kortbland.). — On Coqnet; trout. 7nn ; NortbDmlierland Arma, comfortable 

preaerrea by Northooibecland Anilera* FadenllOD. Laare Is Bah Cbe water at 

I Bridncan be bad for a email inm; ball trant In aprtng and aatamn. Neaiut 

iBirtOD.. TackleM, W. Dobeon, Veit Thoralon. {Sti WarkimrtK) U.!,} 

ii(tino.).— L.ftN.W.H.;L. *Y.B. Dorwei). Roddlcaworili, lSaFrttlm.-i 

»jli(8»lop>.-L.*N.W.R. Wonhonborjbrook, 6 HI. N.W, BalgbtoD brook, 

SnkN.W. £af«:BalihtaDlIil]poDde,6ni.N.w: (Sit CUtttr.) 
rannr OomptOB (Warwick). — S.W.B. Ham bioek <2| m. N.), Itcbeie (I m. N.>. 

Lata: Stonsion HoDia Lake (]| m. N.E.) (St4 Lmiion. If .T., toi Gleuealcr, L^.) 
VasnrStzli'tAirtKBncks).— L. AN.W.B. OaieL (Six K6ig-t Lfm.i 
Vautoil (SCalIord).~L.AH.'W.B. Trent <c,i.) Xiita : Fond hr iallw*y> > ™> E. (Sn 

v«i^iTJneDln),-.-«.H.B. Han. Fan dralna. (Sa WiOvKh.} 

(Deroo).— G.W.R. Braj; iront i preaened tnoetlr b]r Sir T. AdaBdaid Lord 

); eleawnera free, except at Caatio Hill Park, Lord Forteaene. ' 

TUay CTork).— N.E.B. Hellbiit. 3fn, W.i coaiaellih, (iSIh ITreaKl.) 

PUtoa (flto'ater).— Frome. »m.: coaree iih. Bradlej hrook, J m, j [root, coaraa 

flataj laare from tba landovnera. (Set BrUUl atni LmlHOi.) 
VliMdora (Northt^n,).— H.R. laa. ^dte: Fladorn Hill, Sm.3.E. (Sa WUitach.) 
rinoaU (Tark},~-N,E.1t. Bedale. 9 m, N. (3a Furt.) 
— — InBliy (Mottt).-a,N.K. Tome, Im.N.E.atAiickler. (&< ^(Marfw.) 

._ ,^,.. _M.B. Frome. lata: Sloka Fark. Frenohajr pond on Frcncbay 

a froni W. Perry. Eaq., Bimbrook. Dncheaa pond; carp, percb, 
sppllcatloa u Dnke at Beaufort or Admlrd Cloae. Stoke Park. 

.__ , carp; Coal PIE Heath Co. ; leave Horn Ur. O. 0. Hewitt, Serridie 

Coa^lt Heath, near Briglo). (SetBriiltt.) 

•— (Notta).— H.R. Trent; pike, ctaab. roacb, dace, perch, barbel; pieaaried below 
IhbT adnb; a.!. lOi.; Sir 11. BrooitoT preaerrea the oppotita aide, and la liberal 
permlaalon. (ci.) Oreal. ^eMi BromliT Aime, vhara ticketa eaa be ka<. 

< Monme or Flakerton (Lincoln).— G.N.K Wlthan. Langwortb, a «. E. (Sa 


TheAngler'a Diary. 

._lk (VMk).-».B.B, , 

that i^ Jtood fly flihlDt (torn off tlii 
rti BcMXtOn (SMnsnaO.— O.ff. 

_^. _. troBt.tnyiioji, ^i. piisb, dun; Hr. 

I, oi nmmpHm i,Mnnt pnnrTH a m. armn roxu ut oganLQun : pn 
i» LKnulMtar CXab (wt iMMtuMr). (u, Wfi^ HimilMr brook it : 
'). Zots: HuiftaiPuk(tn.). {SNOIiqiMM.) 
4.~L.B. « Ann. (Su LUii Bm^im,) 

n(BiiirorcL).— L.AN.W.R. Foile^bniok. Tnnl. I n. E. (ij.) (Ah 

VsrUvcilcUfra (HwM.— S. * D.K. On tha Atdu : Inmt, ■ 
QnThounil. Mr. Oonntrr'i Bihinf li nov let; sliawbare pi 
Awgwn. <^-— '— ■ — ■■ 

JWB Wt qrarMk^— a B.1I. Lm». <«h rmKHiM.) 

_ —Tuimll).— V«l«neT, * m. long, «nd Tre 

I: Wdlinpoo; tJckstiBthsleL ShDi 


l)— £*t«: SraHTTdln. ( 

{Suaord).— L. « K.W.B. Suradon bnwk. Panfc. I w. W. (3» gainiliraflj 

(Cornnll). — a.W.B. Fower rlTsc; trmit, »> tront. ulmon i prcHTCd lit 

Foat; rlHi »■!.>(. E. or Teiaple (n.i. BodnlB. T ikJ, 
— - -— '■ ■ ■ — — '- —- k bj 6L HcM 

FortCKD*, siq.. ud Loid BobMtei, 

•fc- \.^-* •«-.. /- . I D..—.W ^.^ » — H. It oi ir_^^ ^„.„ 

__ .... __ __ _ , ._! right bulk by 

<DA UakMOd, » «.) SI. Hsot TlH on Bodmin Moor, 4 m. fna laps, 
1 m. down li Joined on left bink by tb« wtflow of Doimen pool 11 m. m. 
XcoL mni « n. to Sk Soot (n.1. Uaknud, S n>, ud Ftwey, a m FmNf 
> ifk, jind !■ jDlntd on right ba^k by TompLfi brook. Temple rleci by Templi, 

TompLfi brook 
D ^1. »i><lmlTi Bom, S <■>.), uid Foway, . 
n Soad itnUm, >r— — "-- ' — ■- - - '- 

_ .._ .. _. . , . ..J. long, iolu ■ 

ilgbt buk. Foway rani 4 n. to leMrtw""-'*' '"" " ~ * — '" ' '"■ 

buk by Bsl brook, vblch rlM> In mhhc po. 

« IB. down foweyon laft bank la tha Lalgn, ■__ 

—•"■•'■• ^ and li I B. long, holdliv tront 1 n.down Foway onMtbaBklaPoapM* 

••twttUai. and I m. down la johiad on ilffet 
ic pODdi on Bod Moor and Crook, and li 4 m. loiw. 
Ign, whieh rioat * m. ibo*» Boeoonock (nj. Imot- 

ONok, Into * Uob tut Trabuit water, aiileh rUMtm, I. or Booonnack, and liT Bkloiic 
boldlng iTont, IWiIbi traa. Foweymni to Vowaj, and tbaaaa In Im. InCotba IsTt M* 
Bt tb« karboareppMdM tba (owDflowaFont bro^, I ~ 

ig ofaUUndr BoUli: Foway, Bt. Calbarlna'i. 
. ,,. ).— a.E.R. Ore. Dabm, 4 m. a.W. tote: Framllngham poll. 

VkMUb IHvwa (Ounb«i-~<}.E.B. HoKalrlTar. Fan dralni. (Sst mcboniA.) 
■MaUbrd (BomanBt).— O.W.R. (SnA-WoI.) Atod i roach, parch, triml, Ac Preearrat 

SIha Atod and TrUmtarlea Anglint Axodatlini (ban. iec, J. JutlDB, E>q., Carltaa 
ambaia, Baldwln-ureat. Briatol), a.t. v.; obtaluablo at the New Inn. (cj.) FroBa; 
muh. troat; taaarrad. 

(Lelwalert.— M.B. WTeaki roaiA. bream. {cJ.TratL) 0te Qainibtmfh.} 
tbMm.-^.CJt. Botlurord becki roaeh.dace. 

-~ ■!«).— L. 4 N.W.B. and — — ... 

iLsy Park, t n. H.B. of M 

Hum (OhaaUra).— L. & N.W.B. and O.V.R. Weai 
in OhiitmOBlMej Park, t n. H.B. of MalMS, ~ ~ 
' ' hlnad on right bank 1^ 

|mBp,4ai.N.W.otWxntliBn. Snide 

rightMDk. Uubni; riBM Id wat'a mero, 4 m, W. of MaJpka, rtma . , 

UUnond. and tnat bslow watenBarinaTo,3tB.S.E. of Mk^wi. I m. down, Uailran 
n andOhaater oanil. 1 m. down, Obb brook joins on right liuik, irU» 

Bi mon, S m. SJL oC WUtcAn'OlL. and 1 m. down is jolnsd OB loft hart 

bftha DBtnowtf Uarbnr; men and Harbor; Hill pond, } m. up. 3 tn. tI.E. i^^~-"' 
•ttnxob. X n. down la Hatbnr;, which nua I n. to WeaT«r, Whtot 

itnowtf Uarbnr; men and Harbor; Hill pond, } m. up. 3 tn. tI.E. of^ 
' n. down la Hatbnr;, which nua I n. to WeaT«r, Whtot ram •* 
1 m., and S m. down la joined on rteht bank by Salesbrook, nhleh riaaa k 

Wtndnrr 1 m., and S m. down la joined on right bank by Salesbrook 
OoabMmcm aura at Oombarmera Ahbn, 9 n. S. from WxanlnuTi ai 
Waanr nau t m. to AuOhh. B»n Aaitntj brook Jolna on right b 

lie iBLlo 

zaav- ami ± n. uonn m jouhq ob 
Mght bank by tho DOtOow 1 Addarlay ^all lake, t ta. mi, aad atoao to AMaclW itatloa. 
t aa dawn Addariar la tbo otOllaw tf anotbar-'paad In tba park, and 1 hl dowa, a 
ainaa), l m. long, jMna on idght bankdralnlng " the mare " eloia t? tha rallwu atadoa 
toAaN. In. 3aini,AddarIa*jaliiaWeaTor. 4 m. balaw Andlam Birab Hall brook, 
*U*h rlaei la Woodtall pool, 2 m, V.'E. of AoUMn. ud la I m. long, Jolna on rl^ 
bank. 1 m. down 'WaaTor, Anle brook Joina on right bank. Anl« rlsw in two laikaa Im 
Hadaley Manor Park, 1 m. V. ot XmI. and 1 m. down walers Boweey Hill pond, 1 m. 

„, .., .(..oogic 

England. S9 

M. o[ TKuAxUmj. 1 m. down Anle, tUdeler biook. wUab rises In Uadelsj Ulllpand b* 
VadalCT, ud !■ 3 m. long, Joint OD left bimk. Olose to Um lanctlon la Wri^iim 
UU pond, 2 m. N.W, of MkdaUr. Anla mna im. to Howbeok tariff 3 m. S.K, 0( 
Wkntwleli, u>d her* Joins Hoirbeck, whlcb dnlni tha Ukeg In Doddlnglon Park, 1 m. 
>ip.1iR. S^ of WkBtwleliorS m.S.W.oI BatfbcA. Wwtst rane Skmr 
brfdoe, vliara BtddUar briMk, wUoh rim In Biddiln man. a n. H. ol WzanlnuT, 
sod » 4 in. low, jolni on Mt bank. WM*ar nina to Bkntwioli, 1 m.. mai 3 m. dam 
ti jolnadoni<^buikIirOIi«Tl>KKik,Sm.loBS.In.E.omuitwleh. Wmtctruu 
M WMl««tOK,9n„uid ben Pod brook Jobuon left tauik uid WiaUitoD brook on 
tlcbtbink. PoolbToak rlaulnsUka bjIlDrlenon,! m. N.W. ot Mantwleh, ud I* 
SiKkniE. WlBt«loDrlBBinBBtlBjinBre,liii.Iir.W.DfHa4M«r,riuu toUtitonen 
idln-doira ItJcdnMlanrlsbtbsnk b; the oDtflov or%lln Hkll l&ks,In. 
■ftnd. Wlituli>Driinilin.toBa>tbrd, VUtMlOD Old Hill,lii>.8.w.of 
k.aud 1«. down Ujidned on 1^ buk bj BirOI brook, oUch HHaW, •( 
■nd ta A ■■. low. 1 n. down WlMuton.InclMwmT brook Jalnj m rhdtt bank. 
rlBOB in Bilteiitr mora, 1 <■. E. or B»ribia, rmn 1 m-io Uomielt; mwo, 
. ... n. .^..ite Houm IftkM. Omr* 1 rl, ud Jirine Wiituton 3 s. down. WlMMten 
iobuWHTor liLdown. WmT«r run* to Ohoreli MlnibnH, » m. 8.17. of — " ~ 
▼•xaoB tutlon a >i>.offan E.bu^lnL,aiid ti barojidncd on Itft bi 
H ui Oftk mare In DolaoMN ranit, 3 ». S.E. of IMm 

4 IB. down ij Joined on ri^it bmnk bj Oiilton brook, wbk^ zi»e Id Plah pool bt l>aluiMn 
roreat,3Di.S.of D«lMn«<*, ram 1| m. to Onllon UlU. ( a, to OaKon Hell lakih 4 w. 
NJL ot Baartom, and S «. down fomi Aib. At lb* Jmwtlon * Mnun Jcdni on Mt 
bank, woAlng ■ lun mill knd pond 1 m. np at Uttle Bodiwortb, 4 n. W. at WlaafbiC 

5 m. dawsAish, VMUodUl] brook, wb^ rlBMi In TDston Hill Uke, 1 m. N.E. ot 
»Mrton, end la a <■■ long, lirini on right hmk. &ih Jirioe Weam 1 m. down. Sit, 
Amrn, WeeTOr wMm a lake at Btoeka HOI, 1 at. B. or WlnalteA and I a. V. tf 
NOMlMrlak. nmi to WlaaSaxA, 1 ■., and 1 n. belo* la ]<rin*d on left baok bjr 
Vbltnte brook, whiob ^ea in aome ponda on Newahnrota Comnoaii I m. 6. « 
qaflflingHfll, "■"* * ».ta PotQpo<d In Now Park, 3 n. 8.Z. of OBdttwtOn, and 
j«In> wanarl m. down. Waaiar nma • m. to Vorthwtob. Bon Dan* Joku oa 
li^ bank. Dane riaaa on tha waat ihrne ot Aie Edse, 1 m. B.V. of Baxhrn. and B m. 
down la Joiued on right bank b; Follf brook, 4 tB-Mug. t n. K.E. ot BOfllay. Daa* 
. _ _u_ u ■ — .1 M . i>„i 1. i_ 'loalw. Dana raa* fn 

3ollnIIlll la jidnadOB 
m. N. ot MMto 01 S IB. 

, _ _ ^. ! Jolna Dan* 1 f». down. 

Dan* rnna 3 m. to OnaClatOm, and here Blddn^h brook, 4 m. longjobu onlettbaak. 
4 at. down Dane, Dalnbrook ]<dni on Mt beak, whlcb mn* 1 m. W. of O0BjirlatMI> 
vbara It wMara a mill pcoid. and |crins Dane 3 n. below. Dane nma 3 tn. to wlQiiB I bl 
B- ot MolBUa Ohapd, when two atraam* job) on either bank: the left wat«r* Bag 
mer&ln. W. ot OoMlMOB or t m. &E. of Xolmaa Obapal, and tbe olbarllldga 
brook, on right bank, Haaa bj Uarton. t m. IT. ot Oonolatas, and la C m. long, ttan* 
nma I BL to HMmas OhUMd, and MtMlawlOb, t m. Bare Vbaolook Joloa on Wl 
bank. WbeetoCk rlaa* fai Honton Hall laka. 3 n. ELW. ol Oonglatos, mmdng to 
■anabaoh, 4 at. l bl below, at Wheelock, Betohton brook, % n. long, and HaiUiB 
hrook iDtn on UK bank. Hanall riaea la Alsiger wmd bT Alaacar, and 3 n. dawn la 
k bj IiawtOB brook, whli£ rlaea in Lawton Hall lake, 3 at, E. irf 

■aMz, and 1 bl below la jotnad bj the ontflaw of Lawton mora and Bode BaU lak 
I one on th* right bank and Ihaotbn oo tba left bank, l m. down, Lawton joti 

asall, wUahli3naWh«*loak>».down. Wbadook nma 3 «.. when Fonl brook. wU. _ 

rima In Vinterler mil pond, 3 m. N.E. ot Cmw« or It rl & at Baadbaab. and la 4 n. 
kmg, ]<^B on left bank. Wbaaloek mn* to Forga mil, l «. E. of ?"■--*"" Tamos, 
anaMlddlawlchi 4 «. Bar* Oroco Joini 'Whaelook on rUit bank. Crooo rlB*B B m. 
above HOlnaa ffllHJ*!, and jtdna Wbeelock 4 m. bakm. At tha JonoUon Sanderaon'a 
brook^enLlong, lotnt Orooo onlaft bank. Dane mna to WozthwbA andWeaTer, 
• m Hataatuia aalt worka, Moroot brook, Bodworlh brook, and Kinebam brook johi 
oo right bank. Noroot la 7 bl long, watertng the lake at Oogaball, 3 «. np. BndWOTlh 
riaealnnekmeranieTa,3BLK.E.atW«TtIlwlab,ninalBLto Bndworth niarak 3 bl N. 
at Vvrtbwtnha and jolna 'W«Ter 1 n. down, «'"-'■«■' rlaea In tha lake at Tott HaU, 
> n. E. ot nnmav, and S m. down la iolDed aa right bank br th* ontflow ol Netbir 

m.u_ ,.^ . _ M J « 1— . _ A nralerloBB brook Join* on right f-*- 

■Wh, and hare Krch brook,4 m. 
lake InArlar HaU Pirbekiae 
InabanL 1 bl down KInoham, Pwiw 
imili pood br QawBwortb.lBLS.'W'.ot 

„. , la jidnad OB right bank by the diBlnaca 

. S.'W. at Maoola«flaM. IsLdawn PeoT«rl*n* OliaUaxd 3 bl down Peorar, 

a brook, l bl long. Joins, whleh dntna Baeda mve and Capcethome Hall lake, 4 bl W, 
of ■CaoolaaSMd or 3 m. S.E. ot Ollalfovd. Pooler mn* 1 m. to Obalfoxd and 

._.,.. . . .. ._ ....._. _. ^. . . ^ ■» . -j^ijotjHall 



The Angler's Diary. 

Netlisr Psoinr, ud hen a brook, 3 hl long. joioB on right bonk, draiDiDg the l*ln tX 
Orer Peover HiUI, Sm. S.W.otOliaUbrd. Footer nma i n. to pitunlCT ud ElDCham 
. _ . _ ^^„ Kliiclum, Bt I.aMaak OlwMl, Orow brook, wi&h rfs« ibon 
a. K.E. ot BMbu> Obtpal, and la 10 tn. long, joins on left baok. Klncham 

- *— ' — — ^ " ■ - - Acton Bridge by AoMo, tm-Ua 

«rtbsDk. Benl rfs« InFlu uere, 
4 171. down, la jolnea on righl buk 

IB 4 m. to rcoda)i»m. 

,StliA>nl). — L. * N.W.a inA G.N.R. Chnrneli troaC, v^jWag. OMn* flak; 

[ ipiUl br L«k drainage, (ci. TVail.) Lakti: Dail Mill. L m. N. Conaatl Hall 

le dlfflroll. Uarstoo Park Uke: peich. carp, roach; Lord Coi 

a (Cunba)— a.E.B. BoIIe^am Load ; p«nib, rouh. Ac. (SM £(»;'( Lfnii.) 
.Jga (Euei), a.B, Xaiaon.— Lanirnrd waieri vriHrrcd hj a Bocieiy; si 
>. Been, 3C. Spilal-roid. Haldon: it. bi. Bout: White Uoi. 
VnllartOB BrlOVa (Hanu).— L. A 9.^.6. OnTaii hwEi proetTed to the owners 

Wherwell Prioiy. {S« iSmlAiiinpton.) 
lUwood (Lanisi.).— L. A N.W.R. i Luw. « Voifc B. Blbbla. Tnn brook. Uellor bro 

WfUni BklKTorkl.— H.E.R. Jouer Howe beck i IroDt; free. (Sit Wnud.} 
•klnAoroa^ {Llsoohi).— O.N.B. Tnat; pike, peicl - - ■ - 

ilHB In ■ reaenolr by the rallwaj, I n. N . from naol 

large naenolr I m. E. from Black Bull ' 

on rlgktbank, Foiley riiieB 1 m. aba 

ud ftoni and Hilton, 1 m. Trent . 

m lettbank, (uid gtokt, : 

a to BsT^nn, 1 m., MbbIit. 3 
Mm, is the dmlDlngi on letl bank ot i 

.'l^me rtaei in m Goiuile of ponds on the raefleooTse, 3 m. N-W. frcun MawcuU*, 

nmi throngb that place and joins Trent 1 n. down. Trent mni 1 n. to Trentliam Fi , 

*• "Mibolnglm.offonlBMbMiK! bore Nonbwood brook joins on right 

dminlngs on left bank of a large pood W the railway, ] m. up. Trent 

* — ' " — N.W. from TrMttuan, and here Lyme joins on right bank. 

' m N.W.from MMnimrtto,uid 

Trent 1 n. down. Trent mni 1 n. to Trentham Park, 

_ . IT on tefl buiK; bore Mortbwood brook joins on right 

Northwood liBSB In Keel Hall Park lakea, Im. 8.W.from>nrcm>tl*,andSn. 
aowu iralers s lake in Trenibam PbtIi ; JnBt hdow this lake a Btream IdIdb tlw oottlow 
Od the right bank, draining Home pondi at Hanchnrch farm, 1 m. up. i rn. down, 
HoithiTood joins Trent. Jnst here Longton brook joins Trent on left hank, Longton 
daes In Part Hall lake, 1 m. above I«n|rton. and 2 m. down ia joined on left hank bjr 
a brook ? m. long, working several mills- Longton mns to TTViitliKin sfAtlon, 2 hl, 
and T^ent, t m. Trent DOW waters the large lake, 1 m. long. In Trenth&m Park. 1 m. 
down Trent. BKrlaatan being Itn. on on left bank, abrook Joioa on left bank droning 
Btilasion Park Ukoa, 1 m. np. Trent nma to Btoiu, * m. Hero FUly brook, 4 m. long, 
lolna on right bank, and Moddershall brook, which rises tn Uoddershall Mill ponds. 2 1 
B.B. from Htona, and Is Sm. long, working mme mUls, loins on right bank. TreL. 
- ■ ■ ■ '■ ■ - -^ m.down. 

rved below by 

down, Ueose brook joini on left bank. Ifeeae rises In tia ti^e in Whltmoro park tQ 
«... ._ --'•-'-™im]lpond,l(ni.N. lromBt«n«On,mnBtoS6i— ■— 

the two lane mUl ponile at Bn^uey and ht Po^oti 
Ueese nuu I m., when ■ strc 

, ,-, _„._,-_- .'sSudaiL 

Ined on right bank by Bromley brook, t m. long, whloh rises In 
le at Broiuey and In Podmore pool, 3 hl W. from Staudoia- 

.... stream jolnB on left bank, drstntng the Iskee at Meese Hoose, 

. IB. S.W. from BtamdMii, on the banks of Ileese, and also the lakes at Swlnnertou 
park, Sin. W. from Btoaa. Meese mns S m. to Vorton Bridm, andl si. down joins 
Sow. Sow nina 1 m. to Orwtt BKUBSfOrd, and S n. downls joined on right bank 
by Ohmford brook, S tn, long. Sow runs to BtkSbrd, 1 tn. 1 tn. down Bow, Penk Jolna 
on right bank. Penk rises b The PoolinObUllDBtimFark, 2>>i. N.W.fiom OodMll, 
nins In 3 tn., 1 m. N. from thai place, and 4 n. down Is joined on right bank by i 
brook, 3 m. long, rising In the large Moaeley mill pond, 1 m. N.E, from BQBh1i1». 
1 m, down Penk, Fotir Aall«B being 1 m. off on right bank. Saredon brook Jous 
on right bank. Saredon rises In Upper Brindley pool, I) m.N. f rom ■•ONaiftxd, 
Rina thence to Lower Brindley pool, and thence to Furnace pool, and | tn. doits 
waters Hedneaford pool. Saredon runs > n. to OuuMOk, and 1 m. down la 
joined on right bank by the ontOow of the lake In Hathenon Ball, I in. W. of 

r_ .(..OOgIC 


lins iu the nppcr, midiUo, and loner Sberbrook pnols, 9J m. W. at KoMley, ourl I9 
* m. long, joins on ri^t bulk. Suit mna M Trent 1 fn. Ttml nme to Oolwlah. S ni.. 
iglian Ihe outflow ot 3 ponde la Oikedge Park. 1 m. up, joins on ligia batiti. Trcnl 
mnB to B-ngVlay, * m. Here Colton brook, m. long, joins on left bank, uni Elsing 
brook, which rlBBS In BiluidB pool, a m. N.E. from K*dn*>foEd, cnns 1 m. to New 
Copplee pool, 3 n. S.W. from KogialaTi Joins Trent 3 m, belon- on rlKbt bank. 
Tnnt rnns to AmiltA^r ^ ™-> ^^'^ itete How brook runs in, which rise^t in ibe Uke At 
Bwndeaen, 4ni.S.W.tromArroit»g«, Hud joins TrenHm. down. 8 m. down Trent, 
BlTttae ]oln8 on left bunk, Blyihe rises 3 tn. abore Blltbe, rans 1 m. to Oraawall, 

In ^tffood Park, 2 m, f^.W, atroas oonntrj- from KelglL. BIythe mnB 4 ni, to 
OriiidUr. and 6 m. down, Abl>ota Bromlar <n.B. SasalaT, * m.) belnj: 1 m. off 

brook, which rises in the Ukea In Sagots Park, runs !! m. to Abbot! Bromlar. ^^^ 
BIythe, 3 tn„ joins on left bank. 1 m. down Blytho, at Hamslall Eldwaro, 3 m. N.K. 
from Armitua, Part brook, 7 ra. long, joins on left bank. I n.. down, BIjlho joins 
Trent. 3 m.^wn Trent, at Orgreave, Bourne brook joins on rtghl bank. Bonnie, 

-wiOll. and 6 m. down la joiood on right bank by Aslunora brook, 3 m. lotig, and which 
mns 2 m. N.W.from UohHeia. 1 m. below, at Seedy mill, i m. S.T.. from ArmltaeB, 

on left bank, 

Trent, 2 m. N.W. from Alravftl, Swarboorne brook joins on left bank. SwarbanmB 
risea in a lake by Newborougb, 4 m. N.E. from Abbota Bromlaj, and 4 m. down is 
ialned on left bank by Lin brook, whieh rises In the lake In tbo donr park at Bjrkley 

■ha drainage nf Lace pool, 1 m, np, and * m. K.W. from Walton, Joins 
an right bank. 3 m. down, awarbonme Joins Trent, wWch ^",^0 ■*^?**'^' } "■ 

joina on right bank. Trent runs S m. to Wlolmor, and here Tamo jolna on right ban! 

Tame rises In r-—" '- - ' '— " — .. = _ j .— .- .. . 


Titf ord reservoir at KuiEler Or»ai, and 3 m. down waters the pond at 
to Wadnaabuzr, and 1 m. down receives on right bank 

by tbe foundry. Im. up. Im. down Tamest BaBOottJniuttlOll 
u Biane on me ivii uank, and here Sneyd brook and Ford brook join on left bank. 
Sneyd riaea in Sneyd pool 1 m. N'.W. of Bloxwloli, mns. In S in., 1 m.W, of Walaall, 
»nd joins Tame 3 m. down. Ford brook rises above l^alaall, runs to ValnOl » m., and 
Tame 2 m. Tame mns 3 m. to Wawton B'lftd, and here the ontfow or Ibe poDd at Bed 
HoneoHsU, I, joins on left bank; there is also a considerable lBka<FoT:ge pood) on 
tbe riglit bank. Tame rona to Tkcij Ban 4 m., and here a stream joins on left bank 
wbioh riaea in the Ukes at BarrFark. 2 m. E. of Bewton Boad. Tame runs I0 
JLfltfm, naar BlTTiiin tf Tlti*** , 2 m., where the outflow of the late InAsfon Park joins on 
tlis dsht bank. Here aiSD joins on left bank the brook which rises In Lodge pool Im. 14. 
trom Vnzr B*" atatton, runs 1 m. lo 0nper WItton pool, 3m.H. from Aaton,. and 
tlwnoB in Im. to Lower Wilton pool, I m. N. from Aaton. 1 m. down Tame, Bea joins 
OB rlrtll bank. Be* rises above UffocO, where it waters two mm dams, and 3 m, down 
ia Joined on left bank by Bonnie brook, which rises !n a pond by Prankley, S ni. S.E. from 
ITalaanwcnii mil n m down waters the laige mill pond at Harbome mill. Sm. N. from 
Uflbrd. Joi.down.BonmejoinsBea. 2 m, down, EcawaterslhelakealCannonHill, 
and tho reaerrolr at Edgbaston on the oulskirta of BlnnlM g liain, and running ihtongh 
-i ■-■ — T— .. .< a_*-B, Before dolof; bo, however. It Is joined by the onUlow 

BuiKi>h«i'j>"B _,. of Binnlngliaai. Tame mna 3 m. to OaWle Brom- 

wlok, anil here Bast brook jobis on loft bank. East brook rises Id Bracebridge pool 2 m. 


The Angler's Diary. 

M, »nd \ in. balow tttt 

.._ , Jon, uid here Hjlhe, , - 

roiren-W. ITOIn KuiwU ■tatlon. orfln.S.'W. o 

3 m, to Zn«wla (1 «. off on ri«ht buk), KMVVtan e n.. uid t n. down it 

>« tin 00(1*1] olUwlkku la FMkliur>oiiP*rk on rlghiliuik, 1 m. down BIythe on 
Mtnk ia the ontflow at ColeshUlpool f in. np (a n. 8. at Oolwddll). *ii<l OelMUO 

a, down Births. 1 at. below. Cole ]<^> (n left bMik. Cole rlia aoms a n. E. ot 

UfRod, Hid at TItMcford mill pond, 4 H. W. or SoUhnU, la jidned on ttebl btnk bj 
Inhford bnok i m. img. Oole nma < n. to fltlOllIMra, and 4 m. down, 2 n. B.T. ot 
OMtttlll, i* ioinai] on rl«ht bank b; UtratleT bnwk. whioh riaea In Kioeton 
TeBOTToIr, i H. N.W. ol aoUknll. mna a m. K> KMBtait Otmh. uHI CX^ S m.. 
raoalTlng Jnst sbaTe Ibe jancUon the ontflov ot the pondi In Ohdnulcy Vood, > hi. 

n ColaaUll. Oole nuu to Colwhm, i m., and 1 m. down johit B 
■ni Tame 1 m on at WUtaWM Jtt — "" " — '-'" *■ — ■■ - 
« IMMf, nuia 2 m. to BlmstckB, ft 

which Jofaii Tame 1 ai on at WUtaWM JOUOtlmt. Hen Arle; brook, ^iM 
^-11 aDora IMMf, nuia 2 m. to BlmstckB, and miUaex* 1 in., joins Tama ia 

Il|htb*Bk. TameninaliB.toZiMfalnixr,aiidJni. down li Jolnadon lettbankbll 
Lander brook, wUcli, rUInc Id the panda at Lanile; Hall and mill. I m. K ot flattOB 
Osl&MU. nuu S Bi. to SddMon Hall and lake, and 1 m, down joloH Tame. I «. 
down Tame. O&Uows brook, whloh liaaa In a pond bj- OannBll HaU, 4 m. TSS-tX 
■attoa OoUSaU, aod la S n. long, joina on left bank. Tame rone S m. to 
WOaaMote, where Bonme brook lohnonlen bank. Bourne rUeB In Bourne pool, 
1 n. V.yr. or U. OOUflald, nma 4 m. to SheniKwe, where Onme biook, whleb rlBss In 
Biddnlpha pool. 1 m. E. of OaanOok, runs 1 n. to the Urn reBerroir. I n. N. ot 
BmntUUa, and « m. down JoIdb Bourno. -hlcli nun to Weefoid, 3 m. and » ™, 
bcdow waten the lakea at Drajton Uanor, I m. below which It joins Tune, which mna 
1 n. to TkBLWortl^ and here Aoksr juloa on ri«ht bank. Anker ilaea by Wolnr, 
S n. above XanaBtoa, and here OriB brook jolos on left bank. OrllT liBeabjBM- 

.._.. . . . .w itaea aboTO ■nevl«BO«ta, MMISm.bdow, at MMrtfeMCia 

Jflined on risht bank by B1owar*a brook, i m. Itmg. Sonce runs 3 fB. to Sb^arvtOB^- 
■od 2 m. down 1> Joined on tett bank by BooworUi brook. wUoh runa 1 ■. N. of 
Mkzkat BoBWorUi, and Is * m. lonjt. t m. down Saoee. Tw«d iolne on Mt bank. 
Tweed ilaea above WiMiton, where the onlflow from the dnckery In Boaworth Park, 
2 m. np, jolua on right bank. Tweed Joins Senoe t n. down. S«aieo joins Anker 1 at 
below. Anker mna to Polanrortli B «., Tkiuwoktli and Tsme, t m. In. down 
TiBH Freetoid brook, which rises in the lakea at Swlnfln and Freetord Halls, 2 m. 8.B. 
ot H^'**'t'1*, and <B 4 m. long. Joins on iBtt bank, 4 m. down. Tame joins Trent. Hen 
also Heaae Jolna on right bank. Ueaee rlaes by AalLbr-Oa-lA-Xonolu nuu ■>. to 

_ . — ... — t n _ ._,i 1 „, i^io, 1, Joined on rtghtbank by a brook t m. 

-—■"—'- •- S.W. from Aakby, Im. below at 

, J __ ..„_. — oh rises in the laqfl raatnolr bj 

0»«mM«tJ, runs I m, to Barrat pool, and Mease* m. Uease runs C m. to Harlealon, 
OnohBll 3m., and Trent Im. Trent mns S m, to Waltoa, and ) m. down, the oat- 
Bow, 3 m. long, of Tatenhill lake, 3 m. S.W. of atirtoB, Joins on left bank. Ti^t 
nms toBaTtOB4H,, and 3 m, domi. Dove joins on left bank. Doiorisese «. alM>*« 
&MUpWf,riins4in. toS»rtlstftan(n.B. FkTalarMBT,3ni.).AlBtoa<leld, laLott 
on rSht bank, 4 «., Tbarp,lm. Heis Mgjmyfold joins on right bank. Uani^M 
rises 4 m. above bmnoT, and 3 m. down is jnined on right bank by BlacktHook, 
f n. long. Uamiy told mns s n, to Eotoa bridge, where EJkstone brook. 3ni. long, 
joins on right bank. Mannyfold rans to Welton (1 m. oB on left bank). 2 m., and 1 at. 

&««k. sjid is there joined b; a, brcok, I m. long, draining two ponds at its luad at 

below. Mannyfold nms lo Ham (n.s, Aahbonm*. t>m.|.4m.. and 1 m. down joina 
Dove. DoT8 nms 2 m. lo Mappleton [good Irontlng). and a m. to Blnlsgrove, Mjlh- 
bonxna being 1 m. oir on left bank (preserved tor 4 m. by the BirdSRrove Bashing Club 
otWmembera; s.t.4(.4i.: eao., O. H. Bond. Esq., AlrewasHonse, Ashbonrue}, and her* 
I brook. T IN. long, joins on left bank. 1 m. below, si OllftoB, Henmoor 
Dove on left bank. Henmoor rises In the lake at Hopton HaUTl si. S.W. ot 

where Oolwick brook, 6 m, long, jolna on right bi 

and Im below is joined brOhnntet on right bank. Ohnmei rises i n>. auuis wvsk. am 
I m. down Is joined on rirfit bank bj the ooUlovi of Bndyerd reservoir. 3 m. N.W. at 
^••k.KOTtOllslaliDn, bdng close on the banks. 4 m. downChomet. Endon brook J(4aB 
on right bgjik. Endoniisesin Stanley Ulll pond, 1 m. above ■ndon.aud ttm. below la 
joined on right bank by a brook 4 m. Jong, which drains a iwnd W, of Wotley, A m. B. 
from OtuAolatou. Eodon joint Ohnrnet 1 m. down, .which runs 1 in. to ObMdlatim. 

ontflow oo right bi _ ,_ 

1 m. down Chumet the ontdow ot the lake W. ot Ipslone. 3 1 


England. 4S 

« left buk. Ohumat tuu to TttiffiuU. 1 n., uid hera & broDb joins on left buik, 
wbichriaeala Du'kHUlhMd.lBi.K. olVziWIukU. OharnelnmiloOmkaiuoox.tiii., 
Alton, 3 «.. ud 1 m. don it Joined on lalt buik b; Hnlford brook. 3 m. lone 
wMcIt iMdg the Ikke U Woolum Oraige, lisU-waj down. 1 n. N.W. rrom VaVbUV. 
•^ — lat rmu 1 m. to DanMoB, BoOMtaz. > «., aoll a m. down jobu Ddtb. *«. 
Dore Teanbiookjc^B on right buk, Tns rbei ■'■"—ffhunlt. mnii Iff nr la 
>«t«r<l m. on on rlghlbukhudioln* Dora In. iMlov. Dots nins to Don- 

VtMMtwa in. on on rlghlbuk). 
'—'''—I Vttozatar l)Mag 1 >■>. off on _^_ 
>t Stonytord bnok, wbtoh rlw* t m. i 

brtdga, Vttozatar l)Mag 1 >■>. off on lisht btnk, and S «. below le tokned on rUht 
^--^..-o. .._.. u _,...vj — . .._.-~. — t,»ndJolMDoTO»B>.*«6w. 

S ML down DoT« br HMMMOftOM HUIon SomenhiU bn»k. t m. Ions, Join* on I 
bank, ud HknUncUD brook. tfgbtbuk. Dotb nni to ■UUmH', 1 i 

(pneemi by ButtuHUi-Tnnt Angling Soetoo), and ban Sodbtaj brook, i^ebrii 

In ■ Urge pond tin.abOTsaitaimxrrt""*™""^™^ 1 ■>. dawn Doro, at 8or«taa, 
Cnbler biiwk,) bl long, joini on Isttbaiik. Dora nna (o g a Wwry i I H.,andSM. 
down by BoQmton la iaatA on right bank by FIhud or Uttle Dore, an lAahoot ot th* 
— ._ .. ...... ^_ m,:^^^ ,0 BoUaalon^her- " ■- ' --— •^- " — - 

Dore nma to Wagiiilim 3 m., aod here Longford brook jolna on Wt bank. Longtoid 
liiH InTaldsrdaypoDd,lii.aX.froni AmMmram, and 1 n. down watere ths I&kai 1b 
Sldrley Park. Longford rana lo Longtord. « si., and hare Bradl^ brook jrAm on right 
bank. Bradley rlua In two lakes hy Bradlsy, S m.%. rrom JMibonnM, and ioiim 
Longford B m, down. Longford ntnB to Satton, t m.. where it walen a pond, and 
I ^ hAlnw Is joined on right bank by Umbenitch bnok. c m. long, I m. H. troot' 
Longford nms to Hilton, 3 m.. and Dove, i m., nnlarhig tt ' ' 

._ . -Jt Dan*, ana Bmtoai 

EtwaU rlaes In a pond by Badbom. 1 n. N.W. ^m 

n. down waiera anoihet large pond. KtwaJl nms a m, to 

>tw>ll, Bmrlston S ID., and I m. down Jolna Trent at WllUnirtoni- Beplon 
riseg Id two ponds by Hwtshom, 3 m. N.B. ot KWMdIlnOoto, nma 1 m. to Screw Taiir 
pood. 1 HI. to ffloTeri Mill, 2 in. SJE. ■wadllaoot^ and I n. down at Bepton mill, Ir 

^Ined on loft bank by t^ ootflow of the ill pondi In Bretby Park. S m. V. from 
iVWkdUjioota ; 1 m. down, Bepton waten the lake In Bepton Park, 1 m. B.E. ot 
WUllnftoB. nmi 1 m. to Bepton, and Trent 1 m. In. down-Trent, by Tnyford, 
Fonmark brook Jolna on right bank, wbleb rleea In a pond by Bepton rr-*-- ' ~ " " 

hvm Siradilaoota, and, 2 tn. down, waten foorpondi by Foranaik, t m. B.E. InM 
WUliiiStan, 1 m, down, Foremarklcdni Trent. (Trenlta preaarredhanaeloSwatk- 
nane; b.'£ IIb., from Mr. Nenbold, of Xing'! Kewton.) 1 ndown Trent on right bank la- 
«tw oTedow of FoTainark Ball pond. • n. 8.C. from WUUiurtail. Trent mns to 
awarkalone (n.a. OhaUaston, 1 n.). where begjni the King's UIl fishery (oa Watmi, 
and 1 tn. down lajolned on rlgbt bank by a brook draining four ponda on the moor, 
by Stantln. S m. aw. from ObaUaBton. I tn, down Trent, by Weston rerry, Breedon 
brook Joins on right bank- Breedon riaee In thne ponds, by Colcorton, 8m-S- from 
Jwhlv-da-Uk-IOiuA, niDB lo WortUsfftoa, 4 m., Touj' a m., Kalbotima 3 n.. 
aod here Carr brook johia on left bank. Obit rlsea In Dog Sennal pool, and two ponda 
a lotiB aboTe It. 3 m. *. of WorUDlurtciIl, nma to Slaunlon HaU pnnflB, and 1 m. down 
is (Dined on left bank by the anlBow Trom soTen ponds In Oalke Park, 3 m. N.W. from 
frortUaiston. Carr mns lo MMhoum* and Breedon, s m. Breedon jnlna Treat 
1 fn. down. Tront nms lo King*! Hille. I «.. WSBton being 1 m. off dd left bank, and 
here OD rlgbt bank [a the lake in Donnlngton Park. 1 m. down, where the railway 
eroaaea, the Slng'a UlU gahery enda, aod the Sbardlow flshlog begloa. Trent rnsa 3 m. 
to Oarendiah bridge and Shardlow (n.e. OftStla Souuluyton, 1 m.; salmon, pike, 
barbel, dace, roaeh, perch : flahlnggood; preaorred; a.C. 4?a.. from Caatle Hotel, O.D.; 
Kr. Wood. Chapel Bar, Notttngbsni. leasee of fhe riier from Ontltn brook 
including Weaton-on-Trent, Kings Milla, and Shardlow; salmon begins Feb. 1. 
Trent ntns I m,. where Derwent joloa on left bank. Deinent risea In the hllla 
■ome 11 m. above Aslioiitail, and 6 in. from lie sonive is jalDed on left bank by 
Littlo Howdcn brook, 2 m. long, and on right bank by the river Weslenfl. S m. 
down Derwenl, Abbey brook, 3 m. long, joins on left bank. Derwent rana to Derwenl 
Chapel, ) iTL, and here Mill brook, i m. long. Joins on left bank. Derwent nma 9 m. 
to Aabqpton (a.a, BliaSaJd, lim.); here Aahop Joins on right bank. Ashoprlaea 
on the NT edge ot The Peak, and S n. down la Joined on left bank by Lady Ctongh 
brook, 3 m. long, which rises on Alport moor, fi m. S.E. of OloBaop. I n>. down 
Ashop. Fair brook, 2 m. long, jolna on right bank. Aahop mns to Alport bridge 
1 m.. and here Alport Joins on lell bank. Alport rises on Alport Moor, 6 m. E. of 
SloaBOO, and Is 7 m. long. Ashop runs E n. lo Aaliopton, The high road between 
aioMWT, AaltapMn, and SktAsld runs np the Ashop Vallpy, At Aaltoptoil, 
I^ybrook brook, a m.long. joins on left bank. 1 m. down Derwant Is Totkshire 
bridge, where the Derwenl Fly-Bshlng Oluh water beglna. thence lo Mytham bridge 
3 inirand here Now jolna on right bank. Now rises la the Peak, 4 m. E. of MtjSmlA, 
nms 3 m, to Barber Booth, * n. N.E. trom Obapal-eu-le-rrltli, and 7 n. down al 
Hope, 3 m. B. of OaMlMon (nj. Oliapal-Ml-la-Frit]^ S m.) (presaned by thv 
Peak Forest Angling 01nb),lB joined on right bank by Peaks Hole Water, wblob 


The •Angler's Diary. 

, I 

, JoIhb di> left bank, 1 m. dona IKment at Lei^ mill, HigUow brook, S m. loug. 

nmnln^S m. W. of DronltoldT JoIds on leflbaut, DerweuC mns to Nc.wbrld^, Srl 
(here onde tbe Derwenl F.P, Club water, and Iho Duke of DEvonahire's anil Snbactlp«M 
waler heginal. tbenee 3 m. to Bwaow (n.i. BkkewsU, am.) 1 m. bnlow. Bar brook, 

jolnH Bar OS laft bank. DerwsntruDs I m. to Edansor (h.b. Bkkawall, 2 m.}, aj3 
StnrBlV. * m- Here ends the Dnko'a anbacripHoa waler, and Wye jotaa DEnseot 
Wye rieoB above Soxtou, from whence It ii preeerred for (our niUes dam 
bj the Burton Anffling AssocUtion; from bence Wyo ruai i m. tn Miner'* 
DkI* (private), Koiual Dkla, 3 m. (Duka of DevonsUra), ABhfbrd (h.b. 
iMOKtioaM, 1 m.) (Duke ot Deronablie) n m, BalMwell 2 m. (here boelni 
■he Bntiand Anna water). FUlyrord bridge 8 m. (here ends tbo ButUnd Arm! 
mler), uid 1 m. down Wje reachee Bowalv and DerwenL Derwent moa u 
Duncgr. Sm. (here baglni the Darlcy Dale Olnb water), and bore Sydnopo brook, wbiah 
Ilies InFluh dun, S, Joins on left bank; there are alsotwo Urge mm poDdsapHill 
DaJe. 1 «. op (rom the lUtlon. Derwent rans to Kktlock Bath, 3 m. Ibere Ihe D.D. 
IJ\ub water endB and the Halloch Angling Allocation begins), and hen Bentla; Brook, 
3 m. lOTig, joins on light bank. Derweatnus toOromfordiStR. (preserved by U.A-A.). 
WhatmuiAvall Brttea, 3 DL (here the M.AA. water ends), and 2 m. down iaiolosd 
4n right bank by a brook, Ifn. long, draining Alderwaaleypozidfl. 2m- S.W. from wlimt* 
MuuiweU. Derwent nme 1 m. to AmlMEgata. Here Arabi:r joins on left bank. 
Amber rises 4 n. N.E. ot MatlCMlk, above AehoTer, end S iti. down at Ogston Bridge, 
• — S. ot UVc^Wm, ia joined on left bank by Si—" — >■-—'- — i.i-v - — . > 

on left bank and rlithil.^ . 

w] -Tcii.nuuu uiuui^ niuohriBea I'm. abOTS W«aOL0tUia, and joins Horraanlon I 
down. Normanion JDbiB Amber 3 in. below Alfiraton. Krchea brook is 4 tii.Ii 
Amber nms 4 m.. when a brook joins on left bank, draining Batlerliy reservalr, 2 m. 
1 ni. N. of Klplay. Amber nma 3 n. (o AmlMrnte and Derwent, Scrweni rnn 
Balpaz, i m., and here Blaek Imwk, S m. long, joEna on right bank. Derwent rani i 
to Dnluia. and bera Ecdeabonm jolni on right bank. EccTeBbonmo rineB 

Wirkawortli, runs 4 m. to Idrldoniu', Kaulawood, 4 ' 

Derwent, 2 m. 2m.down DerwentlalUttt* Batan.Hnd ^ — 
onlellbank. Holbrook rlaes above XUbnr 
brook jDlaa on left bank, dralnbig Sntolley 

Derwent, 2 m- Here alpo the draini^ I fn. lou^, u, miuaiij unu i ^.ib. p-jim, juwb vm 
right bank. 3 tn. down Derwent. at Dariey Abbey, Ferryby brook joins on left bank, 
«tlch rleea above Brekdmi, and joins Derwent i m. down. DerwEnl reaches DnbT 
InS «. Here Caller brooli, whlf^brisei nm. above Kedleeton Park, where it watara Ihs 
large lake (n.s. DoOald, s m.), rnns H m., when H receives on right bank a brook 

I m. down Derwent, where the angling c1nbwat«r begins, Chaddesden brook, wblek 
rises in the lake atLocko Park, 2 m. N. from Bpondou, and is3ni, long, joins on left 
bank. Derwent runs to Bpoudon, 3 m.. BoTTOwuh, -2 m. (here the elub water endi), 
Orayoott, 8 m.. and bora ihe drainings of Elvaston Park lake, 1 m. S. of Snvoott, 

£e., from Frogatt bridge, are ash duo, straw dun, dotterel dun, and their ai^tmaa, 
^bmary red, little chap, red clock, fomace, com crake, April black, wren tail, 
cUret and orange bumbles. Trent runs lo Bmwloy, I ™., Trant, 1 ni. Hera 

S. of SlnoUar. * "•- down, at Sbar 

S.W. from Saaford, waters the lake In Normanlon Hall] 4 m. ff.W. from ir»r^ 
lioraagb, Joins Soar 4 m. down on right bank. Soar rona i hi to Baiboronsh. 
HereWlielel«nebrook,4m.loiig,jolnson rightbank. 1 m. down Soar, Blllcadon bro<4 
jolne on right bank. Blllasdon rises 8 m. above Olui Kwu. 1 m. below Is Ikl 

Ingeraby brook, 7 m. long, joins on right bank, and s m. down at Bothlcy Paper MIU, 
'Wreak joins on right bank. Wreak, palled also Eye, hi its upper parts, risoa aboia 
WlflM&dlna, where It is Joined on the left bank by tbe onlflow of Edmunthorpe Halt 

Wreak, next waters the lake at StapleTord Park. 1 m. 3. of Bazta, to which pbwa 
Wreak rone, and here Saiby brook. T m. long, joins an right bank. Wreak nms Sm. to 
Maltan KmwhTKy, here Helton Brook, which rises hi the lake at Goadby Marwood 


England, 4& 

bure Soalfard, runs thrnce to Uelion. i'm.. ioins on right bu 
> AallfaTdb7, aiOdbereaBtreuii joliu on rigbt Iwal 
p. Wreak mna lo Frlab^, 2 m,, imd I m. beloir, ■ ( 
sg a pond 1 m.&baveSaielbrCn.B. OvlinMon, 1 m.). 
^ (H. (pnseired by the Dtmer or Brooksby HtU). ud 1 m. 

A«lfOTdb7, *QdberOftBtreMii]oinj on right bunk dnj&iiiw « pond bv'welbT 
. w-„^ ■,2m„«dln.below, .fln«^j3n>^ln^rigtitb.nt 

_ . .. _,. . — ^ to Frlaby, - ««. . --,. w^^.^^ - ^^^^.w. jr,uiB uu j^u^ nuB, 

dniniiig a pond 1 uLahoveSaielby (h.b. OvlinMon, 1 m.). Wreak nmH to Brooksto 
:! Bi. (pnseired by the Dtmer or Brooksby Hall), and 1 m. beli>w at Bauwby BUtlon 
(pregerred by H. C. Woodcock, Esq.). is joined on right bank by Oi brook, ■hlcb rtm 
in Bagdale Ball pond and ia 4 m. long. 3 tn. down Wre»t . Qqeniborongh brook, S m. lonit. 
]otna onletlbank. 1 from Its junation with Wreak, Aabby hrook, 7 ra. long, joins 
Queenlboroogh on left bank. Wr™k mnn lo Bytoa 1 m.. and here Barkhy brook, 
T»ueD rlBBB In a pond by Hnngerlon and U H tn. lenff, join? on left bank. 1 m- down 
Wreak Joina Soar. 1 n. below, Bothley brook jolna Soar on left bank. BolUey rises In 
two branebea above I>«afbrd, where It Is Joined on right bank by tbe dnlnan oiaabrial 
pool!m.ap.runBtoaatb7S>n..01«nfl«lAIin., iRLbftow, tha oniflow of a Ume mill 
poolaB.H.W.orO'UnAtadjloinBonleftbank! BolblaynmBtoSoar 7m. Soarnmsto 
MORBt Borral S SL, and naxKni-im-ao9S * m: and here Onomdon brook (ttonit 
atricUy preserrsd by tbe owner of firadgaie Park), whlcfa rtaea abore Newtown Llntord, 
Sm.N.W. of OlenltoW, and ie Dm, long, Jolni on right bank. Soar nme toLmwli. 
boEOSffli, S m. Here Walters brook, E m. long. jolnB on right bank. I m. down Boar at 
Slanfont, a brook jolne on ri^ht bank, which drains the lake at Stanford Hall 2 m. ap, 
n m N.E. of XiOnalIb0VOII«Il. 'i m, down Soar, wbere tbe naviftatlon joins, Dlshl^ 
brook joins on leJt bank. DIsIUct rises shove Whltwick 2 m. N. ot CobItUIs, and G tn 
down Is joined on right bank by Carr bnok. which rises In the Old BeeerToir4in.N.Rot 
gWiTiTilngtoii, and Is 3 «. lone. Dtahlef ruw 1 n,, when UwonlDowot tbeUeln 
aarendon Park, iiTi.W, of £oiiAaov(nL^,]olnsoarIiAi bank. DlaUaymiu 
~ ~ ~ uns 2 n. to aanehBTe[g«andKatlMr&. Hers Osgathorpa brook 

.. joinedODleftbankbjDlHwoTth brook, wUchTtsesInLanslsr 

Priory pond Im.E. of Tonf, >ndlB4iiLlon^ Oegalborpe joins Soar, 3 m. below. Sou 
nuu to K^gWOrOL, 3 m.. and here Eingiton brook. » m. loufr. Joins on right bank 
Soar runs 3 m. to Trant. Trent mas 2 m. to SatOB Jnaonon, and here Erwufa 

Elna on left bank. Erwash rises some S m. above nnzton, where is tha uitllow ot Ihs 
keatBrooksbll] Halt In, N. Erwaah iub to Pn BridM, 1 «., OodKor V»rk, 
3 m,, where Is the oatdow of tbe reservoir in tbe QoHen Valley 1 tn. up. Erwash mna to 
XastWood. 3 III., and ben loin the dralningiior IhelakaiatAlderoarHall, iKLK., and 
o Idscoe dam, a m. N.W. Erwaih nmaloirawtlLOrp.lni.,! m. W.oT whlchaietiie 
ihna reservoirs at ShlpIeyHaO, and Im.rurtberW.UappaijevreMrvoir. Im. down Erwash, 
dilt brook, 3 tn- long, joins on left bank, and] tiLbdow Is llkflvton, and StuitonaSm- 
Hsre Hat brook, which rises abovs WMtt BallMD. 1 a. N. ot which la Happerlay 
reBBTTCdr, andisSm. long, joins on right bank. Krwiabrnns to Sukdlaera, In, an<f 
Trent,4m. Trent runs to Att»nl»oroBrtt. 1 m., and B«« rt om, a m. (here begins the t 
water on the left bank, but the right Bank la preaened). Hero Totlle brook, wh 
drains BUhorough Cut. 2 m. W. or Badford,_and Is 4 m. long, joins on lert hank. 2 

down Trent, Pairham Brook, which riwabyWl- 

right bank. Trenl mna to Trenl-hridge (where 

Fopplewick, 1 m.E. of tdBby. Lean runs Sn. to Forge Uill dam, Bq1w«U, 3 tn., 
'~— ' — I a ~ Qgrg ^ brook iotna on light bank draining a bike br Nnthall » tn. np, 
— •- *-"'-i. Dar brook. S m. long, here joins Leen on left 

ana joTitPffnam, > n. ireni mns to uaiWKW,, 

Luia, on rlgbt banii. fi in., and here Thorbeck river, which 
the lake at Boclaveston Manor, 1 m. 8.E. of Sdwalton, 
ann nms a m. lo ireni. joms on right tMiDk. Trent nma to Barton Jojo*, 3 tn., and 
hereOockerBeckjoinsonlenbank. Ooidier rises 3 m. above b<nrdhjun, and Jains 
Trent 4 tn. below. Two mHea down Trent. Dover back, which risee 7 n. above towdtum, 
aadjobiaTrent2 m. below joins on left ban'i TrentruDB toBlMSby onleltbank,4n., 
and nakerton. 3n>. Hera Oreet Joins on left bank. Greet rises in two ponda on 
Klrklingtnn Mocr, 4 m. N.W. ol B<mt]>w«Il. 1 m. down it la Joined on right bank by 
the ontflow ol Edingley Cotton kliil pond by TuuBliaid, 3 m. np, and on lett Iwnk by 
Hie oulSow of tbe lake In Kirkllnpon Ball, t m. N.W. ol B«nt]>W«U. 1 n. down, 
Halam Beek, 3 m. long, joins <)reet on right bank. Oreet nms to ■ovtliwaU, 1 m., 
Moll— tnni 3 tn.. and Treat, at Fiskerlon UlU. 1 m, Trent runs 1> n., wlien It dltldaa 
Into two partt. The right hand stream mna throng VtWktk In I n., and Joins tha 
larger atrcsm 3 «. below. The larger stream nms to Kelham and Hwskham bridge. 
ench 3 m. trom aamtrk, and joins llie right branch. 1 «. below. Just where Uw 
wacen BOparale, Rngley Dyke. 8 in. long, joins on left bank, and at Hamtzk, DeroD- 
rirar jidns on right bank. Devon rlsei In Enlpton mervoir, by Eidpton, 4 «. 8.E. ot 
jMltnUB, where ■ brook Joins on rlgbt bank, oialning the lakea in Oroilon Park. I m. 
np, 6 m. N.k ot Sokltoxd. Davon In 1 ». waters the lake at Woolathoiva. 3 n. S.S. ot 
^•dmlle. DaTonransSni.ioBott*stoTd,anden.downbySbelionlsJalnedoaIeft 
bankbySmlta. SnilterisaBbyKeiherBroug1iton<n.B.DpVarBroa^toii,ln.).andSm 
downisjoinedonlertbankbyDalbybrook, which rises by 1Tpp«z Bronghton, and la 
c m, long. Smite ruoi to Bnmaton (1 «. off m right bank), 4 nt., AMlmeton, 4 n. 

'- A.ooglc 

The Angler's Diary. 

ea below Wawuk the 'two firancb™ of Trent reunite, «na run 

to OarltOD, on IcM b&nb, 7 m. Here OtOBby Dyke, 9 m. long, joioa on left bunk. Jult 
below. Ike outflow of Cowtrth pool and Mens pool, «na a pond by OoUlluAun joim 
on right bunb. Treat mna to Button (d.b. OXOV Fuk, 3 m), and beraQlrlon brook 
Joins on rlgM bank. Qfrlon risee In Stelmtre'a pond on Thnrlbj Moor, 2 m. 8S. of 
■wlndarlVi i»i^ '» ^ n- lanK> Whore Olrlon joins Trent is the outflow of tlie FleM 
uid Bl&ek Pool. 1 Tn^ np, I m. down Trent, QneBthorpe brook, G m. lon|^. and srhteti 
rmH jnat N. of Orow mrk Btatlon, jolna on leh bonk. Trent runs e m. to 
TorkMr (wbere Pohb Dyke Navdgiitlon, joining Trent ud Wllhain, joins on rtebt 
b*nk>. M&rton, ! m., QaliiaboroiiKli, .7 m. There are & tew Sab to 3 m. be%w 
Onlsaborongli . 
<hd«y (SWfford).— L. i N.W.B. Peak, 1 m. W. iaia: Oils/ resetioir. I m. E. (Sw 

to lUreli 14. In iddltlon to the iiboTB 
can flah fnm GarltoD itona bridge to 
nt, Eaq.. Sklpton, (ci. Jgrt.) Cihtop 

[.a lie. (&« mfbencA.) 

R. On Boding. ' FlgblDf veiy poor. (5« BarUiie.t 

Bibble ; iront. aalmon, pike, etmb. iDuh. {Sa PrMBn.} 
le beck (A« Fa-t.i 
3.W.R. Stonr. Slireen. Ledden. {Set t^HilAureh.) Tronllng 

orkB. KIbtila; tTont, wlmoa. Etotk htek. Cnddj beck. 

(Hwlran' (HeTelDrd),— O.W.R. Bondda (T m.) i tront. (Am CJUjuWh.) 
"'ftatonfinn (SomerMi).— O.W.R. Brne; roaeh. dace, ironi; ptMened abote br B. M. 
, ,._ rf_.,.._.. ^ — . .. — -ip^rtok, WooCtoD brook. (Jhi 

OrenTllle, Batleigh Oonrt; preaerrad below to Bhspwlak. 

aifUrldgl.} (c.i. iBOn.) 
aiasfleld (Lali:eat(r)._M.R. Rolbley Brook. Qionide: 

■eriod by owners of Bradgale Park, iufct! Thepoo!,GrD[,-^ . 

e]«]l]Ca01in(I.eiceater).~H.R. Bi Head on brook Lata- ■WlmmU 


•lo»»op (Darbr).— O.N.R. and M.R. Shelf brook. Lady Cloogh brook, ! m. K. 



the town Broehan joins on right bank. Brochm riaes 1 m. N. from J^amkai 


4 ts. down Is joined on right bank by DuMb brook, which rlsea IJ m. E.otllkni 
aod 3 fn.down la ji^ed on right bank bj Trlwoh, which riaea t m. above Zylwi 



jpina Snlas ^ n. below. Dolaa mni 2 m. to Broctaan, which joim Sstm 1 m 


li polNBed from Its soorce, is Joined 6 m. from its aonrce, on right bank, b^^rTd, 

Olb. U 


n, long (lu. Uuildloaa, S m.). 1 m. down, Blga, 4 
. 1-1. -.« , _, . _ ..,_T, oiTwedog. - ° 

rains Lhn Derw-llwydion I m. np (n.a. UailUUcMa, « m.). CTyvredot 
Xianluoai^ud Severn, aerora rnna _lo Dolw«II 4 m., and here 

"tbjTj whleh rlsea in Lljn Bbyr z m, up, joins on loft bank. 1 m. down Severn, 

AberBerthln, Berthln,4 m. long, joins on right bank. Severn rona to T' — *' 

1 m., and Oaamws, 3 m. Here Tarannon and Oamo joinon left ban' 
rlaea in Tiya Qlojw (4 n. W. (rom Ckmo), nma 8 m. lo Tretoglwya, I m. balo* 
wUcb, Belar, 4 m. long, Jolna on left bank (n.a. Ofternrw, S m.). \ m. down TarannoB, 
Oeryst joins on right hank. Oeryet risaa 1 m. N. riom IJuiiaioaa, and la 1 m. lon^. 
It 1« polBoned. 1 m. down Tarannon la Oaaxawm and Severn. Qamo riaesfm. above 
Otumo. under tho name or Llvrfd^alOamo II Is jolnedon right banfctayPwU-Ujdan.Sm. 

jainB on right bank. Oarno nina Bm., when a atnam Joina Im. long, which drains ijjii Da 
^.e.Poiit-7.ddol«i>oh, S Til.). O-amorana 1 m. to Font-T-ddcdirooli, and Ssvam 1 nt 
Severn mns * m., when Tarw jolna on letl bank. TaTw tltss in Llyo Tarw, which Ilea 
4 m. N. from Pont-7-4dolKocll, and 1 a. B. (rom Lljn Mawr and IJyn Dn, and maa 


England. 47 

S m. lo Bareni. i m. down Bevem, •( AberhsToap (n.i. flo»Ml. t m.) n tli¥>m <olu 
on latt buk, wUcb inim Ftcbwcu pool i m. ap. Sflvara nrnTT™., wW Hmf™ '» • 
Joog.iotiBpnrighlbmt Severn nmiitoM«rtOira,lBi. B m. doira Serem ntPB«ai 
10 m. long lalDt on latt bmt, ud 1 in. down Sorem, it ADMmnla, Hnle. which rtH> 
4m.aboTeXeTrj,uid rods thence em. to Severn, JoioB on TlcU buk. Snem rau 
*™.«>'moMgom»writ.aao,ndlm.dowtH»i<^M on left buh br n itiHm wUoh 
ri»« in two or three smeU ponds S n. up. i m. down Severn, U Qlm Seran <a.i. 
VonWomaiT. > mOi Bhiw jolni on leK taulr. BUw rlHc hi lln-y-benil T n H 
from «bnu>, mui S n. to Tre-guol, nti here Uawr loliie on rMtWik. Uurr rlMe 
In Ujn M»wr }) m, N. (imn Pont-j-ddolmoll, and eloM to LljrnneB Da and Tanr, 
nuuSeLtoUuilliiggaD. uidBhlwin. Bhiw nne to Manaron 9 la., Berilew S m , ud 
Scnemlm. Severn mna I n. to rarOm, vrtiere OamlaS i^ue to right bank. Cemlad 
Ah* In a pond M Lower Bent If m. N. (nun ^OImbI, waten a pond at J^ yJ'K-Tn rmu 
to Snead 1 IB., Ohnrch Stoke 4 iH. HereCaerbCttajolnionleltbank. Oae^lra riiee 1 n 
S. ttcm XntT, and ta a m. long. Close to IM Junction with OunlML Lacks brook, 4 m. 
long, Jidns on Istt bank. Oamlad rana lo Chlrbnrr 4 m. Z) m. below, BMleitord brook, 
vlilcti rises In Manon poo! (o,s. ForOan, 6 m. W.), and la S m. long, joins on 
Tight bank. Cuulid runs to TorOaii sod Bevem In a in. Severn mns to WaullMOl 

I m.jind S m. down,b8loi where tho raflwaycrossBB the rlrer (Tael OxUifbSagfn^^ 
on left benkj.Trewem joins on right bank. Trowem rieee by MUlfll»tiin, sod Is 4 m. 

long. Sm. down Severn, CHlnlos bdnr ■ ~ — i-i-.i— w n™^_.- - . 

iBlt bank. Bete rises In a lake 1 m. sbore 
dovrn Is Joined nn right bank by a stn 
iralakBOOl to Onlleslleia, 2 m. From tbe 
rool Ql>>r> ! ">'< uid Severn, 3 m. ( tn. 

on left BanS, pasBing Jjleon CT TOuto. L 

ro Vym«7 Joins on left bank. Vyrdwy rii 

SX. trom Bal», runs 3 m. to Lake Vjmwy. 1} m. down tbe lake, Ennant (tronUng 
preserved by landlurd nl Ls.kfl Vymny Hotel), 4 m. long, joins on right bank, and 
1 m. on, Hirddn (preserved as abnvel, * m. long, joins on right bank. 2 m. down the 
lake, OedlgvS m.long, joins on left bank (preserved as above In the lower part, and by 
Sir W. W. Wynne In the opper). i m. down the lake, Ownlon, S m. long, loinn on iSl 
hank, i m. below Is the dam and lakaV ytuivy Hotal. 11 m. beloiv tbe dun, 
■arclinanl, 8 m. long, joins Vymwy river on left bank. 3 m. down Vymwy, 
Oowny, 6 m, long, joins on right banti and 1 m, down Vymwy, Dyfnanl, 3 m. long, 
joins on lett bank. S m. down Vymwy, Llwyfllarth loins on left bank, liUi 
brook rises 2 m. N.E. above Llanflhangel (n.s. UMtQrlUn, t ni.), and t ,„. down 
ifl jiMned on left bank by a brook 1 m. long, droning a pond by Llwydiartb. Tbe 
brook mns to Vymwy !n !{ m. Vymwy mns » m., when Orlngae, J m. long, join* mi 
rlgltt bank. 8 m. down Vymwy, EInion Joins on ri^l bank. Elnlon rlaeelD LlyD-Ur 
t m. SJE. from Oarao. 1 <n. down, tbe ootOowof Llya Qnhwyddan | m. iqi](&B on 
lert bank (n.B. Oumo, 10 m.) S m. down Elnlon, a brook 4 n. long Joins on rlglil bank. 
t m. down Etnlon^Banw Joins on left bank. Banw rises on the elopea ot Moet-y-Urn 
8 n. rrom IHnMt ilBwWry, and a n. down ie johied OB right bank by Tognlhan, 1 at. 
long. 3fii.downBanw,atawthbIMo(n.s,IHna>ll., lltR.),Twroh](rinsonlenbaak. 
Twreh (good troattng, bat pnserved tor tbe moat part by Sir W. Wynne and Hr. Price) 
riws on the elopea of Carcg-y-fran, Int. E. from Lhu-r-Howddwy nj. Jtttitm M., 4 tx.). 
4 in. down, Uecbog, 2 m. long, joins m right bank. 1 m. down Twreh, Calhan, wUcb 
rlaee In Llyn-y-bngall {tront; preserved, bnt leave mu someUmee be bad) a m. npjjolns 
on right bank (a.9. Dbm IC., Dm, orcanbeOelndman Ouui-OttM,7 m.). Twitih 
mns 4 m. to (Jartbbiblo and Banw. Banw nana 9 fB. to LlangadFan and OutB-Oflo* 
(n.a.Dlluu K., 12 ni.). Here £in Joins on right bank. EIr* decs » m. N.E, from 
UsnlirTmuft^, T m, down, Cannon, wUch rises In Llyu Qnyildiar (perch, tront). 3 m, 
np J<^nB on left bank (n.s. TilTH^rTTI TlltllT) ^ra mns 3 m., vhm Cledan joins on 
r^ibt bank. Oledan rises i mTtt. from OwBO, and la t n. long. ISrs nus 3 m., wlien 
Njdwydd, 9ni. long, joins on left bank. Im.downElrsIs Ouut-OfltoaandLIangsdfaa. 
WDwmnB^'N.tolJanerrT]. Int. down, OwylFiyn.Sni. long, which drains LlynnGwyifrrn 
1 «, from aum-<Wo«, Joins on left hank, Banw rang 4 m^ when Einlon joins on right 
bank. Elnlon rises In Ilyn-her (IronBng presancd, bot leave may bo bad somsllmoB) 
4 ffl. 8. from Cftlut-OftM, and 1 m.down Is joined on left bank by the outflow of Uyn 
Clriuirjddui {good tronang, bnt pteaervedi leave BOmcttaes), i m. op, Elnlon rnns 
3 m. »nd Is jobied on rigtl bank by a brook 4 m. long, I m, down Elnlon Is Banw, 
Banw nma } n, to Tr''"'^''' <n.s. WblBlipool, » m.), and S n, down, at Hathynafal 
Park,iiJohied on right ban k by a atraiin 3 in, long, dralnhig a pond al Miesmawr. » Bt, 
H-W. from Wtlsttpool. Banw joins Vymwj 1 m. down, 1 m. down Vymwy, at 
Keltod, a brook joins onrlgbt bank, dinning Uyado,s, Uutmajittfrfttd, 
t m., or Wolsliiroal, t tn,). From HeUord down to Uaa7in]ni««Ii the river Is 
Breserved by the landowners ; leave freely given, (Stt Umtrmm'c/i)- Vymwy mns 
10 n, (o Tilfilt r* -***" ' ' whers Gain iolns on left tunk. Oain rises 6 m, above 
HuTliyinw, 1 IK, above irtiich place Llechwedd, II n, long, johis on right bank, (Mn 
rtins lo Uutibottwii A fn-. aod I m, down is ji^sd on right bank by Brogan, S m, long, 
- -' IntflriJfl and Vymwy, 2 m, lm,doira Vymwy, Tanal joins on 

r_ .(..OOgIC 

48 The Afigler's Diary. 

kboTS tbe jimctloii b; a inook dninlns Ujin Fennui 1 ?n. np. At Uuinanofl, 
EiacUi, 5 m. long, joins TuuHt on letl bank ; 11 nuiB by tlia ildo ot the blgb nwd *» 
lUaaAarfei. S w. down Tannst, Blnumc, 4 m, long, JoIdb on rl«)it bank. * m. dowa 
Taniiat,M»nTll»ilfl«r-]f11-Mootouu>t brinj 1 w. off on laK bank.Moeh (good tronH^, 
tree) jdnB on left bank, llooh rises In Llja Llri>ec«wB S m. N.W. rrom UamxIuaUat- 
ni-ll., and 2 m. doim is Joined on right bank bjr Disgynfk, 3 tn. long. Uoch runs ( ■. 

*.». t.j* M., and 1«. down jotosTanat. TanatmnBim,, whsaTwrchJolnB 

..._. > ■■ -in« I m, E. of ia«iilhalfl«r-ya-ll. Im.flown 

to M»nrh*l a«rTa-M., < 

srTil^htdD °- 

Tlutldai. tOood tUes for all these Btmams are light dona. Bimda;, rod dipper, alder. 

yellow Vool mlied; Ir^s, freckled don, with reddish tips. .Agdgf, mole''B fnr; uiing, two 
small fe&tberfl. tipped reddish, takeo rrom tbe outnlda at & conk Bparrow's wing. Bodf, 
hare^e ea.T; legi, feather rrom a partiidge^B back.) Tannat i-cne to Llangedvyti 8 m, 
|n.B. Uuiyblodnal or LJtmfaoIlul 4 in.). Itm: Oreen; camtortablo ; 3 in. ot nrer 
presBnedby Ihs landlord, all the rest retained by Sir W. Wynne: BiUmon, trout, pike, 
RtayUng.) 3 m. down Tamiftl, Cynllalth Joins. 0)Tillaltliriae8 4 m.W. tromO awtgy , 
and after monliLg 5 m. is joined at (few Mill by a brook on right bank 4 m. long, 
I m. down, near LUnnllin, a Btream jobis on left bank, drslnlng Llyn Bbyddwyn 1 m. 
apm.s. » w> atiy , 5. m. E.), 3 m. down Oynllalth a stream Joins, on right *---■- 
(he ontBoB of Lljn Moclln 3 m. np. Moell 

., .- .lodwatL L 

Vjniwy 3 m. down. Vymwy rans 3 m. lo ZJ«ii7iiirii*CIl, 

Oynllaith joinH Taonat, which mnB to Uut-7-blodwatL I m- 
" ' ^ " lo ZJ«ii7iiirii*CIl, and 

S m. W. from Orwaatry, runs E m.'. when it paese's again 1 m. 9. ot Uiat 'town, 

AstOD 3 m. SX. from Onraatry. Morda mna S m. to Vymwy, which joinB SBYBra t m. 

■end t m. aboT« XliikanilaT, and JolnB Seiem 3 ni. down. Sevom rans to Shrawai- 
dine Gin„ when Is a large lake at Sbrawaidlne Oastle <n.s. Blumirilmn-). HndSm. 
down at Uoonttord Bridge a Blream joins 00 right bank, dralnbig a lake by Onsloir Han 
Sio.Bp(nj. Hanwood, 3 m,). 1 m. down Severn, Perry joinB on Intt bank. Perry 
TtooB by OobowBD, and 3 ra. down, near WUttlSfrtoIl, the outflow of Ibe lakn at 
HalstOD Hall jotaiB on left bank. Ferry mnB 3 n, to Bednall Mill. Bsdiudl bring 3b>. 
off onrighlbank. 4m.down.Bl Wykej, setream joins on right bank, drataing a lake 
at Shelyocke <d.b. BMlliaU, 3 nt. N.W.). Perry nme 5m. to BuoHaMh, and In. 
down la joined on left bank by War brook, wbleh rlacs in £orth pool 4 m. N. from 

■- ■- •"—on, mna thenca In J m. to Bueh Grove pool, in ^ m to Marlon pool 

annlng throogh Fennymere pool, jolna Perry 3 m. down. Peny joins 

i m. reaches ShzawiilnuT. Here Bsddle brook, which rlaes in Onaiow Hall lake 3 m. 

" wood, and Is 4 m long, Ji^na on left bank. Just below Raddle, and on 

jobia. Bea rises T m. above KiiuitarlBy, where it Is joined on left 
pfej brook, 6 m. long. Bea Bows 3 m. to FonteBbmy (1 in, off on right 

jcklBioa brook JobiB, which rises 3 m. above Wvrtbnry, runs 4 n. to 

„ , _ id Bea am. Sm.down Bea, at Hooka Que, Longden brook, 4 tn. long, 

joins on right bank. 1 m, down Bea, at Meole Brace, Meole brook, which rises in Bomar 
pool 1 fli. N. from CoBdOTar, and is 3 m. long, joins on right bank. Bea nma lo 
■hxawabozy 3 m. Ctoae by the etation mn« a stream draining Almond pool, Blaek 
pool, and Heniwtl pool, 3 m. N. from BIirMnlmET. 
LOWER SEVEBN.—i m. dovro Severn, Snndom brook jouia on left hank. Snndom rises 
In k pond by TAiton, runs 4 n. to Xadnall, and 3 m. down waters the lakes at Son- 
dom Oastle, Jobilng Severn i m. below. Serem nms 8 n. lo Atcham, where ■ stnam 
joins on rigbtbanl^ watering two lakes near BarriiiBtoii, and is S m. long. 1 m.down 
Severn, Tern JelDS on left bank. Tem rises in Maer Hall lake 3 m. 8. from WUt- 
mora, rwu e «. to Horton, and S m. down is joined an left bank by Hemp Mill brook, 
3 m. Vmg, and which waters, n*It-my down, Daisy lake, near AndHiy CroBB 8 n. KX 
from MMrkM Dnrton. Tem nma 10 KarlMt Snqrtoll 3 m., where Ooal bn»k, 
g m, long. Joins on left bank, after watering some lakes by Peats Wood oloaa lo Oh 
jancHon. 3 m. down Tem is tbe ontOow of tbe BontlngBdale Hall lake, 1 n. ^ 3 bl 
downjlaUe brook Jidni Tem on right bank. Balls risea in a pool at Sandfofd H^ S m. 
S. ol FiaoB. and fi m, down la joined on left bank by a brook which rises In Big pool, 
3 m S.W. tn»n AMmXlaj. 1 n. down, tbe oatflow of Old pool at Titlay Park, 4 m. np, 
ioinaon left bank. Sm-down, MarlcM I>nvt<m being J m. off on left ba^ la the 
onUa* ot a pond at 8ty<A Farm, f ol np. A little lower down, on the same side, a 
stream jolna, which rises In Oloreiln pond B m. from KaxkM Brayton, runs 3 n. lo 
Hordoa Mlllpond, and 9 m. down j<^na the main stream, whleb jouu BaLle 3 n, down. 
Batle loins Tem 1 n. down. Tem runs to 3toke-npon-Tem 4 m. (n.a. Kodnat, I m.). 
" -o Saltern brook, whioh rises bi two pooda by Wsrdale 4 m. S. from Ibrluit 
19 tbe mill-pond at Base Hill, thence ! m. to Seller's Mill, and Stoka 


Faplow, loins on rlRhl bank, Bnd Ueesi on left bunk. 1 



m Kawport. 


on le 

rtgl.1 b»nk. ! m. do« 


E. Ii^ 

owls Joined OD 


Mm pond, and 


4 in. T 


1 m.W 


Hmt in 

WDdmoor po 

I m., jomi on ioft bmk. Teni rani »o Psplow » m., josi sboTs which ia ih* oalflow ol 
k (kind on the righi h«nt. 2 m. below Paplow. Allfort brook, S m. lone, folna onTsH 
bitak^ ^Tarn nini s m. to Ora»l Boles, where Polfori brook, «m. long; and which IriOS 


IS, EUenon brook Join, on right hiink. EUenin rlMi la 
1 Karkat DraTton, runs Dm CoEUeiioD Ulll pond, Ua 

^. From Maikat Dr^-ton. Ellfrlon passes throuk 
leesB 1 m. down. Mmbb mns 6 m. to Tlbberton, and Tern 
idfflnffton. where Strine Joins on left benk. Slrina rlBM 

of LiDieklln pool Jolria on left bank, Thoee lakes are dose logether 3 m, S. ot Vawmrt. 

tolas on left bsnk. Presloa rises In a lake bj Hadley, and Is'b™, Inng, Im.dowo. 
Strino joins Tom at Crndglngtoii. 1 m.down Tera. BeanhlUbraok.S m. loi^g, joins 
BE left bank. Tem rans to Waloott 6 m., and here Eoden joins oo liglil bank. Bodan 
rises In White Ueer 3 m. Irnm EUBsmara, mns ) n. to Blsf kmere, uid 1 m. on to 
Dolemera, and 1 m. below it Joined on right bank by a brook 3 m. long, draining Ores* 
Here 4 m. S.E. from EUaamaTe. Hoden mns 8 m. to Warn, and 8 m. down Is joined 
en left bank tj Frees brook, which rises In Preaa mill-pool, and Is 4 m. long^ 1 m. down 

mm Wam. Boden mns e m. to ^Unton, 3 m. lo Sh&wsbDr7 in.s. HbdsaU, Im.) (good 

Hng, Mpedally InMajflyseasoni preserved by Sir V.Corlwt and SirT.Mejrlekl.and 

down Joins Tem at Valcott. Teni runs to Seiem i n. Severn runs I m. to 
iieter(n.s.BerEiiLKtoll, Sim.), a short disUnce above which Bell brook, 4 n. long, 
sonledbank. 5 m, down Severn, Connd brook Joins on rigW band. Coond rises 
le CliiircbBtratttis,nuisSin.tcI^Batw«ad,I><iTTlnKtOii,4ni,,waiertngths 
1 at Longnor Eorge midway, OoudovaE 4 m., Barrlnfftoii (1 m. oil on lett baakt 
, and 3 m- down is joined on right bank bj Bow brook 7 m. long, | rn. on Acton 
brook Joins on right bank. Acton rises in a pond at HohilOT C^pice 1 m. E. 0* 
Frodesler (n.B. ta Botwood, 4 m.), and Is 4 m. long. 1 m. down Coand, Langley brook 
' ■ - - right bank. Lsnglcy riaes hi Langleypond by langley (n.s.Z« BJltwood, 

left bank. 1 m. down the ontflcw of Hamage Grange Pond (o.a. Craaakffa, 

Tenlook (Ij m. off on right bank)! and johis Severn 4',™. ^u,... .™.=,u ,uur, w 

Beveni fnns 3 Iti. to BoUdwaa. whore Farley brook Joins on right bank. Farley risaa 
In two ponds In the HarBh 1 m. E. of Muoli Wanlooi, and is 6 m. long, workdri (otir 
■lills. SevBtnrans tolronBrldg8,a™.,Coalport,Sfli.,Miiley,3m. Heretinloy 
brook Johis on right bank, Linley rises hi tbo laree Ukes in Willey Park S m. W. frem 
Unlar, and Is 4 «. long. 4ni. down Severn, Worf joins on left bank. Worf rises in a 
pond In the mareh S m- N. from BhlfinBl, Tana | iti. lo Bnrlington Pool, | m. to New 

Eklrnlng brook, wh&h rises' In "tho Uo'at aud two othor pondB at Veston°Park ; ^^m. 
down Is jolnad 00 right bank by Tong brook, whlch,rlslng in Cowley Wood pond and 
Weaton Mill pond, waters Norton Meer (n.s. SMflhal 31 ni.) and Johis Nomhig I n. 
down. Wort mns Sn.loByton.wbereabrook, which rises by SMflnnl Em. dp, and works 
•arenl mlBs, Joins on rWit bank. Wort mne to St«blototd4 m., where Badger brook^S m. 
longjolna on left bank. BadgsrilseslnSnowdon pool 3|S.W. from AUniehton. WorT 
nuH4in.toWorfl«Id(D.e.Brid8Ui>Ttb,4>n,),andh<re Siraifonl brook jolns.which rise* 
■d the large lake at PalshoU (n.s. Allrurlltoil, m.), and running 4 m., is joined on left 

' " ~-\atpuyith 1 yn.. and 6 m down at Slermtord Is joined aa 

Oraaaua, and 1 m. down is joined on right bank by Hnghler 
-iboveTlBghloy (n,e. PpartBorpe, 5 m.), mns *»ioi 

«b( bank by 1 
anlook, whereltlsjolnod on left bank by BeggarhUl brook, a m. Ic 
MoPrtlle 3 m.-whare the notflowot three ponds, 1 to 3 m. to the N_ johis 
■rl^north, SJ m.>. Mor (tronl) joins 8evem s m. down. Severn mns 3 m. to 

Ilaea by Onion OresseU, fi m. W. from Brll^n^arth, and Is II m. long. Bevem nns to 
Vppac Kulay i fB., Bawdlay 4 m. Jnst above, at DowleB,I>oifloa brack joins on 
tUM bank. Doirles rises in a sories of ponds at Elniet, 3 m. S.w. from Alvalaj, mna 
» m. to wyra, uid Sevara 3 m. Jnst below Bawdlay the outHow of • large lake close 
to Bawdln on the W, joins on left hank. Sevam runs to Btetiniart a m., wh«n 
CHadder brook, 4 m. long, joins on right bank, and Btonr on left bank. SConr rises 1^ 
Mklaaowan in Orange kllU pond. 3in. down, the ontflow from Lntley UUl pond joins 
SB tgft bank, i >»- down, at Cradlay, a brook joins on right bank, mnnlng oat «t 

„, .., A.ooglc 

50 The Angler's Diary. 

OadH Onen B«MrTcilr, 3 m. B, or Dndle;,, and feeding the New pool close lo Or>dl«7 
on 111* W. SloarnuB loStOTIzlirldffVSm., when > brook joIdb on letl bulk, dnlnliis 
Gig Kill pond ind anoili«r pnnd clnBB to SlonrbrWge on Oifl a. 1 m. down Slonr 

by Brlarlay Sui. S n. down Stoor, •> Devil's Den. Smealow joins od rl«lit 
working aevemi mUlB, I m. down Smeslow, •! He 


pool by Himley. 

Smeitow. Pbille; brool 

wbicb rlHee by Gbuxolllll, and Feeds nnmerons Iftrge mill ponds, jo. . 

i m. ibove Bell Bmnghlon (n.a. Olmrclllll, 3 m.), ami la 8 m. long. Slonr rnna to 
StOTtrport uid Severn In 3 m. t m. down Sarem, Dick brook, rising above Edgbdngton, 
» m. W. from Stonrport, »nd » m. long, joins on right b«nk ; 1 m. above the junction, 
the oDtflow of Sharpley Pool, 4 m. S. o( Stotirport, joins T>lck on right h&nk, JnHt 
below Weir Ferry, Im. down Severn, the ootflow of Frog pool, »nd another pondlm.nn, 
joins on right bank, 1 m. down Severn, Shrawley brook, 4 m. long, and which drains tha 
iRkBsii Witlej Court (LordDndley), 7 m. from Btonrport, Joins on right hank. S m. 
down Severn, at Hawtoid, 4 m. N. trom WoroeataT, Salwarp joins on lert bank. 
Salwaip rises in Fockbnry mill pond, 5 m. N. from Br<iiiiairrav*r where epadsbonmB 

Warren, Han biiwk, 4 m- long, joins on leti hank, Salwarp rans lo DrolHWoh, i m., 
whan Body brook, 3 m. lung, joins on left bank. 9 m. down Salwarp. Hampton brook, 

10 m. long, joins on right bank. I m. down Salwarp, Doverdale joins on right bank. 
Doverdale runs s m. E, of Tlmrtlabiiry, and is 14 m. lour. Salwam loins Severn 4 m. 
down. Severn rnna 6 in. to WoroutSE. '■ 
rises aome is m. above Xnncklaa, mm 

11 fn, above dsB (n.e. Broome, 8 m.). 

Knlfflitoii, , 

mjo&is on left bank. ClonriBsa 

Olnn rruis S m. to Clnngnnford, Mopton^Batli, '■ 

below, Olnn rans to IMlntwaidbka and Tama. 1 m, Tama rnna i ui., woen auoox 
brook. S m. long, joins on right bank. 1 m. down Tame at Borrington tba ontflow of 
Barrington pool, I m. up, jofnff oa right bank. Teme flows to BEomJLold, fl ft. &^r« 
Onnyjoins on loft bank, Onnyrlsea In Marah pool, 8 m. np f rom lydhiuu, aiid4in. 
down la joined on left bank bj a brook draining Shelve pool, ! m. 14. (n.a, IiyOlUMl, 

Xrdluan, 4 m,, and Baton, l m. Sere Baton brook, which rises by Bobln Hood'a 
baths, 4 m. S.W. trom Tit Botwood, and la 10 m. long, joins on left bank. Onny ran* 
lonowdMt, Itn.,and« m. down^y SlteOord blidge, Qnenny brook Jolna on left bank. 
Qntany risaa 4 ra. above Ilaxali Bzoak alation. and 4 m. down la joined on Mt bank 
^ Baton brook, whloh riaee by Oardlngton, S m. 17.7. Crom KwvvUla, nni S ft. to 
MartOU BokA, and 4n. down jidna Qnanny, wUah Joins Onny 1 m. below. Onny nnu 
toOnnru ArmB, li'i.,Onl1nuj,4m.,BromflaldandTanie,4in. Here the ontflow 
at the DeooT pools, lying t m. to the 8,W. of BxomSvld, ioina on right bank, Teme 
rnna S m. to ftndlow. and bar« Oorve JMna on left bank, Oorve riaea 1 m. S. of Bniton, 
». rrem Pr*>tllorp«, and 2 n. down la joined on right hank by a atream rlalng Id 
Lalwtaba mHI pond 3 m. up (aj. biniprllla, i ni). Corre rnna S m., when Tbong- 
laoda brook, Bn.long,JolnaoDlett bank. Oorve rena Sm., when Togford brook, S n. 
long, Joins on left binik. S m. doim Corve, at Onlmlcgton, Pye brook, 7 m. hmg, 
lotna on left bank. Oorve Jolna Teme at KvAlow, 8 m. down (Corve is praaerred 
by privala owners Ihronghonl iU langlh), I m. down Teme the dndnage o( t^ 
Ukea In Lndford Park, I m. a. from LnOlow, joins on right bank. Tfaoa nut to 

Woolftrton'statlon, and 8 m. lone. Joins on right tank. J m. down Tame, a( I 

Woolftrton, 4 m., and l^m. down, Brimfield brook^riaing in two ponda, an 

e, Oadmore brook, 

.thank. Lad 

,. - m Xindlow, and is joined on right bank at 

plB«* by the outflow of the Ukea at Downlon Hall, I m. np. DogiUioh brook, m. kms, 
joins alBO on the Ml bank. B m. down Iwlwyoh, S m. S j:. of Kudlow, Oay brook, I n. 
long, jaina on left hank I ft. doim Ledwycta tha onlflow of Vooton pool, in. np, J<rfna 
onfeftbankpLs-tnaiOirorTaabtttT-, »«.). Tm.down, I^wyoh jolna T«B»B, wbiab 
rnna to Taaborj, 1 m. Here Eyre brook j<4nB on right bank. Eyre rlsst 3 ft. abo** 
Zyre Magna, rnna tlirongbKyr* Park jnstb6low,reoelTingtbeootflowotK]T:» pool 4ft. «p. 

toIanbnryiaBm. 3 m. down Teme, Corn br 


Jd, »nd 3 m. down, lit Powlok BrMgB, la 

lolc, vbloh la 14 m. lou^. uid puaee elon on tho 

England. 51 

*"■ '™«- ^™™ " OlMlmry '» 1» m-. He«i BoItezB 6 ra, Jnsi iboys whii* 

lank. Hoploii'™naSni,,whmHopperbrook, Jm.long-,io&iBonriglilb»nk. Thmosto 
Bm 1b 4 m.^ Bes runs lo WawahiUn Brldff*. 2 m, whore the ouiflow of Bidder 
pools,Sin.up,jolnonrighlb»afc; thence lo Terns Ib 1 m. Teme rrma to EmtHim, « >n_ 
Trtiere Pipera brook (tronl) joins on right bsnk. e m. down Terns, u SUmrori 
Bridgo, ths oatDow of Stanford Pirk lake, ) m. up, Joins on right bank. Tsma 
ranB IS m. to Eniehiaford Bridge, Xnlrktnrlak being 1 n. off on right buk 
(ths landlord of the Tilbot hM a m. ot good flBhlDg)^ and here Sape. brook, 
7 m.loDg, jolHH oo right bank. Teme mns S m. to Broadwas and LalrlL Ooiut, 
brColmU, ranE '"" '""'"" ° '" ° "" " °"*"-'' ~ — — 

blob [a 14 m. long, an^ paaaea e] 

joins Terns, whlol jolni Serem 

SevernnmB toEemnBeT,4in.; Uptoson-SsTam, Sm.; lUppla, 4 m. ; Tawkaa- 
1ninr,4in, H8reBlpplebrook,i.EididrainB tbo lakes in Oroome Park, 3 m. N.W. froni 
DeSbTd, jeina on left bank. Hen alao ATon Join? on left bank. Avon riset In the 
iweryolibj VuabT (n.>. KUwortli, o ™), «°d 3 tn. down at Weltord, i m. from 
XllwortlL, 1b joln^onrlghtbankhjlheoutflonfrom another reservoir 1 in. np. Atod 
maim, to Xllwortli i Staiifi>id, 4 m.; Ulbonma, 2 m. Here Yelvertoft brook, 
-6 m, long, joloB on tell hank Aion runs to Clinon., 3 in. ; BoB'^, 3 m. Here SwUt 
joins on right bank. Swift rlaea by Elmcote, 4 m. N.W. from W. Kllworth, 
rnns 4 m. to Knttenroitli <n.s. Ullaatliorp*, 4 m.), and XuffliT i m. Aion 
TODB JO m. to Bnuillon, and » m below, at Stonelatrli (n.s. Xenllworth, 
S m.), IB joined on right baok by Sow. Sow riaes S m. abate Badwor^ runs 
a m- to BzliaU, where Breach brook, B m. long, jctas on right bank. Sow tnna , 
S tn. to rolsBhhl, where Uarches Brook, ! fn. long, joins on left bank. 3ow 
mns 3 m. lo Sow, 3 m, from Oovantrr, where Withy brook, 6 m. long, johia on 
left bank. 1 m. down Sow, Coomb brook johie, which riees in Burden pool E m. ahoTS 
BrlaUow, runs thence In 3 m, to the lake in Coomb Park, and Join Sow j m. on. m. 

joins aow '3 m. below, s m. down Sow, a atroam joins on right bank 6 m. long, rislIiK in 
soma ponds on Wee twood Heath <n.e. niaXUl, Im., or XanUwortli, S m.). Im. down. 
Sow Joins Avon, which runB S n. to bounllirton. Bare Leam Joins on left bank. 
LeuD rises « m. aboie BTaaaMon (n.B. Crick, 6 ">.) and 4 m. down la joined on right 
■bank by Bains brook, T m. long, which rnns 3 m. a. of BukIV' Leam rnns lo BlEd- 
InKlnuT 6m,,and3m, down, at Martin's, Ib joined on left hank bylcheno, Ichene lisea 
In a lake al Stonslon Honae, by Wormleighton (n.s. Tanny ComptOxt, 

SUCion, and la 4 in. long. Itohene rona 3 >n. to KarboTT 

liB. down IB Joined by a brook on left bank, which riaes in amUl pond at Cbeslerlon'sm. 

bank. Avon nms 3 m. to Baif ord and Hampton Lacey S m. <n.e. Btmtlbrd-os-AvoB, 
t m.). Here Thelesf ord brook, 7 ni, long, joins onleft bank A little below, rsnnlog 

Aiwn^a Joined on right bank'by''a brook which" ses In /ponds on PoorPM"'s,*2 m. H 
from Klnffton, and waters the large lakes by Ooombrooke, 3ni. N.W. from KlnstOB, 

J m. below. StoorjoiEB on left bank. Slonr rises 13 m. above SMpMOB (n.s. Oai^ldan. 
7 m.), and V m, down, at Hilford Bridg^ la Joined on left bankliy Oompton brook, 8 «. 

im. to Blooklay and 8 m. u, 'stoor, johps on left bank. Stonr rnns b' m. to 
■hlpaton, Halfcrd S m., a in, below which the ontfiow of Ealington Park 
.1.1,. 1 ^ np, jitoe on right bank. 9 m, down, Stonr joins Avon, Avon mna 10 
- ~ - ™':~' " nt (lieu: Plaasnro Boat and While lion; fishing Ter7 

m. Here Arrow joins on right bank. Arrow rises ^ 

to Xaddltok, Inst above which placfl a stream jitoa 

«n light ban^, draining the lake at Hewell Qrange 2j m. SM. from Raddltall, 
1 m. down Arrow a brook Joins on right bank, droning the pond at IpsleJ Lodge, 1 m. 
-- ■- ^ ' ° ■—- i._a,n.:Af«W— '-- 

good). ■alfOrll Prior* 
AlTaobTirali, ' " 

aular <Jro««i6 m.), 
rrom Baazl«7' Croaa. 

., b, -■'■ 

^uu, '■udtone brook, wl.».» ..... — j ^—^z—'-^~-~^ 

Alas, joins on left bank. Alae nms to Aloaatai T r 
UiThke In Bagley Park, 1 in. N.W. orwixford.ji 
Wiafcrd 1 m., and (Ulfard Frlora uid Avon . .... ------ - 

j3j7^n right bank. Avon nms ! m. to KarvliWtOii, and a m. dow 

Wlckham brook joins on left bank. Wickham rt— "■■'■■•■■ 

MlaMa, S m.1, nms to Badsej 4 m., and OTtenhs 

t. 8. ot 


S2 The Angler's Diary. 

■Bd ben Iiboms joliu on left tua't. Isbonie ri«B b^ Wluoliooinba (n-i. Olial- 
»—■»■"■ B m.,B.'w.),riiiii 11 n. to Klnton, uul BrMIIUinSfn. Avonnme 7 m. to 
Anptbom, Paraliora t fn. HereWyrejolnilm.iiliovethetownonrigblbsnk, Wy» 
ii»Hbr liiM>»rrow(n.i-Alo«rt«T, «»!.), nmaBm-io nylordriiivBU.wiii Bra. down 
la jolrieil on lef t bvik by WUtHim brock, whicbrlaea abovoBlBbmnploa fa.a. Poriluntt, 
• •.hmd 1> Sm-long. WyTe rtms to F«r»lior« »ntt Avon B m. 8 m. down Aion, bj 
Oadbtd, Bow brooE joins on right bunk. Bow rtiiw 7 tn. N.W. of Alcestor, sbora 
FMkenbun. »nd B m. down i» joined on right bink by Dean brook, 3 m. long. Bow raiu 
10 HlmbtetoD I m., I m. to White Lddlea' Aehion, 3 m. from 8p*tobl«7, Paraliar* 
ItkUont in.,uid Sm, down U jMned on right bsnk by Slonlton brook, which dnins the 
bke In Spslchiey Park. « m. np b^r BpetoUsr. Bow Joins Avon 4 m. down at DefltnO. 
ATon mni 4 m. to BraAon, and Severn, at CawkeBlinTy, 4 m. Here Canal 
break. 7 m. long, johia on left bank. 1 m. down fierflm SwUgarejoin* on left bank. 

B«llg«reri»eaat»r»«tl>IlCT,*"iN,E.(r— ~--'^ — •- " ■"" "— 

and It n. down close b; TeirtaabiiTj, la 
1 m. down, SnIIgam Johi> SeTem. bm.ii 

I, Jul (bais wMcb Longtonl brook, 

. .. ._. iwtth Serem, Broadboapd brook, T Bi. 

on right bank. At aiDiUMatai, Leaden jolni Severn on rlgltt 
' m. above L«dl9TirT, a mile abcvt which plaee a etnam Jolna on 
raining Ibe Dogberry pooli. iin.down Leadon the dr^ninge of th* 

bnry, s tn.), where Preston river Joiua, & m. long, on right 
Paontley, Sm, andS m, downatnplsiUlon |n.a. OloaOBBMr, 
" ' k by Clynch brook, which Hees In Eastnnr Caatle lake. 

e Kawant (n.s, Oloncaatai, 10 m.), imd ie 
■ tn. iuhk, jou"' XII iw". UIU11. ±i»uuu nuii S m. to aiauoaater. Hera ^eo TwItst 
C n, long, joins Severn nn IsTt bank. {3tt Ujiltadtn. Seumt.) (ti.) Close to ttia 

e plH holding perob, te 

Bell, and Spread^ 

•noBBlKSwOordl.—L, * N.W.k; O.H.R. E-lon waMr. {Sm Oofaiftoreiw*,) 

•olM»w«n{3ai0D).— O.W.H. Pern, iStsOlouceiUr.) <ej. Btwm.) 

— . . — ,- T ^<. T-T. ™_.. ,1^ ^j, J ,|.j|„tj (s„ imdoii, I.r.» 

by Ibe Knareibnrough Angllni Cinb 

hsi.cs «,. i7)Upla7, d,^ hen 

•oola (YDrks). — N.E.B. 1 O.C.B-i L. ft Y.B. Don or Dnn. <ej. FdntiMt^) 
Donriiea hi Dnnford Bridge nservolr at Dnnfiira MriAga, rnns to BBialtMM 
BrlAgtim., PenlMona *m.: here Sconl dylte, 4 m. lone. Joins on lefl bank. Dou 
nns to De«p Car I m. Here Little Dun, which rises In Cloudberry Uoor, a m. S. 
aerots the hills from Dnsford. Biidp, rnns 4 m. to the post mad 2 m. S. of BaMl> 
bMMl BtIO^, Joins Don 7 m. down on right hank 2 m. down Don Irom Daap 
Cai, Ewden river, 8 m. long, jolna on right bank. Don runs 1 is., whereTlnkera 
lirook(rnnnbiglm, S.'W. otOaghUbrlSga], 3 m, long, Joina an right hank, Don 
isacbes (higlitllirldn, and here [oina on right bank a brook drahiing a pond 1 m. 
Dp, Don mns to WiZealeT' VxUge 3 m. 3 m. helow WKdaaler Bridn Bonl 
lini on right hank. Bowel riaea In a large raaervolr In the hills, and 1 m. down In 

jXa on right bank. S ra. down llowol, Elvelhi joina on rtghl^b&nk"^ ffiveUn rii" "-' 
Ike HalUm Uoori, and 3 m. down forma a large reiervolr 7 >n. W. of Shetteld. 1 
itfeam jolna on right bank, drahihig another reBBrvolr I m. up, 7 ra. W. ot ~" 

tdw^e Fenny brook. 4 m. long, jolos on left bank. Sheaf runs I tn, to Mill XonMS. 
vrtien a strsam Joins on right bank, draining the laks at Norton Hall, 3 tn, up. Shear 

niaflLald and Don la 1 m. Don mns to Brl^tsiae, g m., and BlKakbnm 
Jnnctloii 1 m. Here Oar brook. 4 m. long, Joina on right bank, and Blaehbam brook 
on left bank. Blackburn daea4ni. above Oliapaltoini, runs 3 m. to BoeleBlMfl, 
Oirmstn XdjiB 1 in., andlolna Don S m. below. Don mna to Kotbarlubm ini. Hara 
ive OUyaroBB, and 1 m. below la 
}real dam4in. B.W. at OkMUi- 
Hockley InL. where us two lakia 



kt Wlnganrorth HiU, 11 •>. K.V. ol tnuorou; Uudm to BotlHr li I n. 
nnnito ObMrtaclWtd 4 m. Hm^ HIppar Join* on fert buk, Blpp« rtHi In liro 
br iha Snlii Ooiuga on the borderi of Eut Uoor, S n. N.E. oT Boiralej, niDi 
whsre Llnun brook, wblch rlgei la s pond bj Bkrl^, t m. H.'W. at OlWBMI 
*cd Ji « m. long, joint on left bulk. Froio tbig jnncHon to OlMaW:fi*ld I 
UniHr brook, wblch riH* In Hme pondi at WUllunthorpB-S m. H.K. of Oaji 
■nd iB » •». long, alio iDlna on rlghl bank. Botlier mni to WUttiaston a il wn 
DrOBs jDiD» on lB(t bulk. Drono rlHi rto™ DranlMd, nun J m. to Vucton, uat 
BlwapbrldKa 2 m. Hera Utiltborpe brook, t m, long, JolnB on ligbt buik. IWh 
rnni S m. to Kolher. Bother mm B ni. lo RtavalBT. Here ■ brook joine on tkU 

,, join* on tbtU 

buk, dnlDlng All FIta pond ta Oldfieldi. 1 m. N.E. of ObaMctftdd, tnA inniriT 
___. ■ihBother, Bother mm lo BoUactoa * m. HBaDoatw 

ponflu. Gnat pond uul MfflBr* pond. 

- ... - of Tavarwll, ind hsU ■ mile belon the Iabi named rcoelna the ontfaU «t 

StiJnibT pond \ m. np, t m. N.W. of TbtbtbkU. Doe Lea mne % m.. vben StooUeT 
krook, i m. long, clalng In ■ pond, jolni on right bank. B m. down Doa Lea a Mraaai. 
1 dt. long, irhleh drains the lake Ln the Deer Park at Sntton Bcaradale, 4 m. B.K. at 
OlMStexIMd, joins on left bank. I m. down Doe Lea a brook joint on right bank, 
draining Woodthorpe UlU dun 1 m. on, 3 m. 8.W. of SUveler. Hence to Bother In 
> m. At ■oUnfton a brook foina Bother on right bank, draining Qaarrr dam 1 n. 
np, and 1 in. W. of tha atatlon. Bother mna 3 m., nbere Hon brook, 4 m. long, jolaa 
OB left bank, and I m. down Bother la XULunkrab. Here Sbcrt brook, Z m. bng, 
Jolia OB left bank, and Im. down Botbw, PeUe; brook joint on right bank. Pahl*; 
riHI In Barlboron^ Hall lake. S m. S.B. of UUuuurBh, nuu 1 m. to Febler dan, 
■■d I m. belDw li jolaed on right bank br tlw oatflow at HanhOl reaerrolr and Woodhafl 
poWflBunedlate^ belov. l m, down f • the ootOoir o{ WoodhtU Uoor dami, cloie to tte 
brook oo tha right bank, and 1 n. balow again la Bother, Botbat rona3ni-,ivberoPlgaoA 
Bildgebrook.irhtcbriMtlnapond in Sicker 'Wood, Sm. E. of Woodlionu lUll, i^ 
1* 1 m. long. Joins on right bank. Baif a mile down Bothet, Shire brook, 4 m. Iodk 
Joint on left bank. Bother mni 1 m. to Wood&oiua, Traaton 1 m., "-*■• — »■— 
and Don 4 m, Don rnni to Paxk OM« 3 m. Hen Dalton brook, S m. 
right bank, and Morle^ brook on left bank. Uorier rltea > or S m. abo 
Park, when It waten the llorle; pondi. --■ ''-- -■- - 

- " "j^'S^i" 

l; tha iain ii 1 a. I^f^ 

_ . . ._. - ^BTtOIt im 1 nLdo — 

Daiton brook, nblcb riaea la a pond hj Qamlltw^te HiH, I «. N. ol Panlvton*, 

Ja * m. long, Joina on right bank. Dearae i •- ~ ' — ' - "— • — -*■■ ' 

Sufleld 4 n. Here Dots joint on right bi 

boTB DanbT Dala, ud nuia tbenee i r, 
etton Park^ke, Im. W. of KkliA; I 
10 KAlffk. Deania now mna (oDBz 

Dodwortll. 1 m. down, Doto walert anolhtr Urge reaerrolr 1 m. *,,o( 
JlliT. This latter lake recelres In an arm on right bank the ouUlow, 1) m. Isac. 
Bock1«T dam, I rn. N,W. of BlrdwaU. Do<e rnna 3 m. to Dora QUIT, Wom& 

W*U S m., and Deame i m! Deame mna 5 m., when New beck which rleet In a larga 
feaerrolr ^ing S m. N.E, of Chapaltown and Is 6 m. long. Joint on right hank, i a. 
down Deame, Inga dyke, which mna 1 fn. S. of DarHald and ia S m. long, Jo^na oa 
'-" ■— ik. Deame nma 1 m. lo Bolton-on-Dntna, and joint Don 8 in. below. Dob 
n. to Conlalioroa^, Donewrtar fi n., BaEn't>7 S m,, ItalnfOrth ( aa, 
latnv 4m.down, Wont jolna on left bank. Went tlaet In Ibe mill pood M 
down it joined on right bank by a itraam 7 m. long, draining tha 
at NoaieU Prior; b; VoMaU. Went mna to A^iwortkl K, 
■orton 1 ffl. 3 m. down. Lake Drain joint on led bank, wtileh 
pli>ton Park 1 m. W, of Womaraley, and it S n. long. Vent 

-^eteTc a*an' and Ball. niAoinaii: J, Sinndcra (&• 

*9,C.R. (aaLuaiaan^umJi 

, -l.AN.W.R. Uik; treat, tibnon, (ta) Wenarth. Laliu: Forge 

Paoa 1 n, {Sa Smporl.} 

t, .. !,„, lor).— O.W.R. Hopo brook (11 Bi.) <&• IPitewv.) 

O-.C.B. Blackburn brook. {5h Ooei&) 

amunpoiuia ibomwanf.— 0,V3, Fal, Fal riaei on Ibe E, aide of Ci>t1* Down (bj^ 

■t. Oobimb, i m), mna 3 m., and igj.iined on tlKht bank bi Cbe ooMow of a large laka 

St. HaphenV and 3 m down (n.a, Orunpound KOkd, O.W.B, \\ n.) It joined oi 
lalt bank br Owendra Water, S m. loni;, paaalna St. Strpheo't midway. Fal mna 1 n. to 
flrkinpoTUld, Treiony J m, and 6 m, down mna Into Fataoolh Harbonr. (jj. Ftmmi 

«mnpoiU>d «oad (Comwam.-O.W.R, Treillllan wtteri Wont, grllte, Trelautrk 
brook. (Sm Trvra, iVm Qaav, Trmnn. Vtiyvi.) 

W l 'iml'*'"'" (LineolB). — S.H.B. Wltham; good trontljic, bnt ttrlctlj preaertad. OM 
bMk, 4 m. W., at SadyabMOk. Deron, « n. W., at aottastoTa. £ata: Bellon 


The Angler's Dianj. 

lOtauTfoir, 3 m. S.W.; pilu. perch, biMm. S^lon Pufc liksi, 
DenEoD HoDH liken, 4 m. S.'W. BelTSIr CuUr lake. 7 m. 
Sn.S.'W. (Jroiion Park Itku. 8 m. S.W. (AhAMoii,) Tba 

arant'mKonaaBUitlonlNDrtblBDd,).— (aHAtrlric*,) WhltMdder: trout 
OnuiiuaTa,— (3h Am^aidi.) 

Orualiutott (York), n-i. Bolton Abb«r, 9 m Whulk; tront, gnxUiE; prtHTved 

V- .1.. ,^. — 1__... .,_ii — .i.,k. — u7 [i-.i... n i,_„. skipton; i-t. lOl . At. 

rldgford (SladonJ).— L. i 
IhMX (HiMrMrfota (GueE),— 0,E. 

» fli, W. Laka : -RiM Park pool. 3 m. H.W. Oiksdgi Puk like-, a m. S.E 

Orut KkTlow (BnekJl.-O.W.E. Thimesj psrch. rmch, trout, pike, ohob. 1 
ADKlen. Grsno, Rullni;, OreyhDiinil, aeorie ind DriEoq. Fahtmun: E. R 
W. lod G. CMter. A, Coi. ind H. Oroie. {Btt Loadon, U.T.) 

OrMrt Ponton (LIqcdId).— O.N.B. Wltlnni. Sloks brook. Crtngla brook. 1 

OTHnflaia (Torke.).— L. A nIw.B. Tanif. 'or«DBeid brook. Cbav brook. 1 
Oreas Bokd.— Fi-R- 

OilmoldliT (Uncoln),— O.H.B. Gnr[l«< 
Qrlmwu^^ (Lmi " ' 

OrlmabrtUocota).— Q.K.B.I a.C.B. I ni. N.W. rani Liceby bock. 6 n. Iodi. 
OxlinBton <Le>ceat«[).— U.K. £a:te: S«Blby pood, ] m. E. (8m Galnibtniiigh,) 
Brimstone (Dorset). -O.W.R. Frome. Piddle. Salnmn. tront. (;Sk ITantiiin.) (ct) 
acln4liKr<'''*V°ril).— L. ft K.W.R.; Q.H.R. Bl^tba. (ej. IVsU.) IM bK»k, 9 m. S.E. 

(9eB ffa^borvb^A.) 
OxtDstaKd, Wmrt (Snneil.— L.B. AS.C.It. On Adnr. (Sm Sat B/umlam.) 
•riatluinMCfori).— N.B.K. Eeirordi cOBiwfleb. {Sm TTrewJ.) 
Oroombrldff«(KFai}.— L.B. ASC.R. (&i RnAoKr.) On Uedwir, 
Oro»«PoiTy(Kenl).~S.E.R, On Sloor; trout, pereb, breim.roii*, tench,|ick! preHrTKl 
b; Fordwith indGroiB Ferry Angling Olnb to PlockiGallsr; Son. aet, Mr, F. C. Saih, 
Piriil9,Clntetbnty;l.t. Jli.; d.l., ™.n« Bsh. Ii. (cm.) flood locomnloilallnn 11 Slllp Inn, 

OnllUOrd (Surrey]-!., i S. W.R.I L.B. ft S.O.R. 

ISie L-xiHoK I~T.). Wej: pike. roub, breum i Beoingimtna oecent, nni pre>i>r>ea •!»?• 

In pirn. AtClindnn Ptrk ire »iiia liku. ilao on Btoid Street ind Whltemore Conunoni. 
OnlMl«v(YDTk),— M.R.4 f.E.B. UIre beck. ' Teidon beck, I m. S. AlrB,3in,S. (cl 

Tert.i ioiei : Teiilon Moor pend, » in, E, (Sie Baicc!ifi.y 
Snnton (Norlnlk).— O.E.B. GantoDbeck. Lata: a In Ouaton Puk (Lara Suffleld); pika, 

A«, (Set yamimlh.) 
ChlTlllTiiB (Cimbt.)— O.H.R. ; O.E.R. Neo ; pike, percb. brsem. ihob, Ac. {Sa WiOmli.) 
Owinev (Cornwall).— O.W.B. Heile; trout. QwlDear water. (Srt BatU.i (cj. Cimtl.> 
awlllMur BoMl (Corpwall). G.W.B. Qwlnair water. (Set Cambaami.) (c.i. Camt.) 
Maoknaai (York}, n.e. BonrlMio'. em — Derwent; trout and griytlui ; preaened irom 

Club ol '0 neinberi; enlrince. 63i. ; a. I., 901-: atrangari a.t., Mt: d.l.. Si.; uppar water, 

March l'. Fly only in tbe upper*'part (oo'd.t. lo^Mij and* Ju.'Le*no^ilog% no widin»), 
belaw ATton all lurej. Ticket! from Mr. W. J. Clarke. Hanlrietrow. Scirboro'. Oapt 



B»nwood (SdDp).— L. Ic H.W.B.i O.W.R Rm\ ronch, due 
TMklcbin bcDoh. Li)DKit«a brook (11 nl. &). latat: Oaslow Hi 
Bbutaltr.) ((J. Settn.) 

Bulottla <NoiUilBDd.).-OD Cofuli tiiiiit. {Su Wariimlh.1 ( 


rolfel.— O.E.R. Tirs. ( 

[e.i.jr.onds:) Blicka 

riTBr. (S«I-«nHM.) 


,.-G.R.E. W^MBY, ; 

I IB. 9. {6^S^fi>m 

(Ste rarmaM.i 

■uli«g<^.EH. Th«, Prt«l. 

. IfcrMt.) 

BuUn^n (Bedt). 

-M.B, Tod.amN.W.; tew™r.8fl.h. &.*« 

, TiBgriA Bow Lake 

ihing, itrictly ptiiitc. 

(fl« Jt*Wi t,™.) 

■uTn^ (Eiif"r-«: 

Oustorl; fi.h(„K o 

. towlnip>tblifr»i 

IHTB !> freelj KHen 

iDd mill UU.; pl»=, 


,, HDcb, r«Kh, elmb. 

(nTllnK. mdd. carp 

fioiti; R.llifiy. (. 

Bkimstoii {LIncoli: 

,).-a.l^,E. wi.h.™: 

(3u Bclm.) 

.— M.n.&a.N.R. On 

L«; flibldiun M 
BDd Kmwlmei let 11 


fronlba mlUsnimd 

ihlnj. [5h «ro(rtirrf 

tai° Ionian' M.t:) 


11 b< 

Buzlnffworth (NorUilaD).-U.K. ' Wellud. (Am jlpaUiiv.) 

The Anglei^s Diary. 

H.ia.S.R-l L.iN.W 
out: pr«Br(Mi tqi iu hi. hj.lhs.HMTOgmta A 
jneiiltoPiiLDf HlddfDjlfA nrOiK b«cki i 
Tba HtrraiiEiU C'>DtemtlTa ClDb pmerTU ■ iDort Uoclb ol Ujiper NliM at Uid*, uid 
■!■» 1 iKinlon ot CrIiopLe «>d 0>k beck: «iitriiiF> 4U., >.t lOi. Sd. (du rn-*.) 
■■rroU (B«]»).— H.I. Sbkmbzook. « « — Osh; mne flab ticapi birbeli IrtiiDK 

.nrw.iB. (e J. Jir. oni a) («« i*wi irmi ■-...,.. 

■irston (Csmbt). Q.S.K. Rtm ; conrie flab. Cam, 1 m ; eoaraa Sib. (S« T^iv*! Ifiiii.) 

SKrtlLald(Keat).— 1.B.&a,C.B. On Mad-a;. (au AoeAaite-.) 
ftitlsyton, Dj. Paxaley XBTf ■ n- (Herb;).— H.B. Dote; trant, grarltai. (ti. 
nvif.) Uiiul: CbvleiCatioD {iBT comlbruiile). sbare neaOiblDa: ua ba bad bjtBwIa 

br«i,.lm.B.W.,beTondMiiinrMd. BaiDM,T m.S.W,«lbiiei»t8. (Sm Oaduto™**,) 
K»rtU=iHimnn).--<NB. Bldotord, 3-WA. IS m.) HanUnd Abbey aiieim. aMkal 

^d Biipteiallr. Souli : Se<i Inn "d King's' Arnia. Hartiacd' Abbej elretm liaea « at. 

Mil U » m. loDK, Wdcomba rHe. l m, S. nf Hartland, mna 4 m., and la joined on JU» 
bM.kbjiaiMam3m.long. blinhlaDd ritut n.S. ol HarUtnd. and la* m. long, jstaioc 
tbe aea clow to Welco/nbe atream. n>h or all blodi mar be killed ofT tbB enau and la tta* 
tiaiiroi ot Iba rock! al lair tide. Capital bau Bihlng wllb ladlmbber aand-eal at Hmaa 

Butoa Boftd (Salnp),— a.W.B. Eaton brook. Qnennr brook () at. W.). Zataa: 

Lnlirllch mill pond (9 m. N.E.). <S« GloataUr.') 
MtxylBrtOK (Wnrwick).— Q.W.B. Aion: ehnb, pita, perab, roaeh, dwM, braunL>n- 

lerred vj ETHhtm riih PnuemtloD Socletr. Tba two aUeUbea ot the Avon knovD aa 

Wlckh-m bnwk (t In. 8.). {8« Olouattet.) {cj. Sntrni 

■arwlob (Enai)— Q.E.R. . A'DoTeminrt rnna Raiieaj brook, Tm. Iose. 

B»rwaad Dkls (Torki).— 9 m. (mm BoulMiangb, Jogiar Howe Beck and Danrani 

I'roni and grayling; free. (Su fioclnui.) -- 

■MOaman (Sntrej).— L. « S.W,R. (5« ^mdon, C.r.i LUHt Eamplm.) Beitl: Whin 
~ "" " " - - — ,1 brook. Irwell. a m E. al " " 

„ ., .^ladykoopli ,. 

HudHaad Brtdffa (Toiki). — Q.C.B. 

■aadawood (Darby).- H.R. ECGlfaboDTne. 
fSm OaimlmiiBh.) JTold : ^tat and Oartsr. 

England, 57 

II.W.R. SatkM. Bbvar'i linuk. (»• OOiiuiomvt.) 

(Sm BalM Bml.) 

Ytn. i ni. N.E. £atM: KefionDuhiin Uil], 1 m. 8. 
~ " lik«.4m,3.E. (Sm Fonwurt.) 

CI.)— U.R. U«[HT. (i9te fiMHTIl.) 

H«»tiUilf«r««y<L.iiHi, J. , , 

K»lid«ii(Tort),— t. « Y.B. CiWar. (c.i. Kn-t.) HabdcL. , 

brWge broot. 2 m, N. WiuHworth tir(»k,«m. N. Oorple wmr,» m. N.W. VUtm 
i™tar,6fB.N.W. latUi Nodaledim, 4«.N.W. (Bet aamlfffe.) 

a»dlng^ain (Ssiiei) CoLdS! pike, percb, roictt', permlulan rr»glT ilvan bj 

HednoBfiiTd (Stiff. 

HMlBjr (lorks).— O.CB. Sb«f Moon brook. 
BaU (DeiDD).— a.ff.B Bia (S m. off), uloii., .. 
Dp Eie FlihliiK AsKdKtioD. Catm ud Lugford bi 


58 The Angler's Diary. 

'Wjt Brldia ■nd Blgu Billway Bridge. Hmnplon nien, silendlng from the InHriBirr 
toLocf HoDtb, BOtlb lids or Tirer— ulmon, i.i. u 1 Mriaii raniiai (bs whole of tba 

fanble [IckeUi ifsponple, 1 lt»o*t8r»6le tleksl. In cus Ibu waur l> not uksoap bj 

d. MchsU lor fliti other IbiiD uliaOD are lunod; ■.!. II. li.,'in.t, 11U,, it.t. !•■ Sd. 
Bothsniu itmUrB, ottendlnii rrom Hanrord to Dloedor brook. Hntb tide of Iha Vje— 
HimoD, i.t. to 1 periDD renllnK (hevho^e aibsrj.uL; 1 perioni. Itlcadi! a.Tl.cadi! 
Ud4. 5f. eacb. Tbareolerof tbo ivbole water mar ^"do 3 tranplbribte lloketa ; If fflnUd 
bj 3 people^ 1 traDftfArable Cicfaelt; 3 p&ople, one tianeferable lEckut- In oue tbo watar 

Wllhy brook. SuRwaa 

brook (am). LM(a™.); plka, pereh, a few trow 

and grarllng. and coaraa 

■•b. SoltOE 

brook (a m.). Ca«oliraoi(3Bi). (c.i.) Salmon an 

iroat ilcfnoe. horn Dr. 

W. WlB]67 

6, St PotetVilraet Hererord. <,S« CMpiloa.) 

diy Ami' 

Taciltut. T. Cooke. 111. If ulerd-Itraot. 

HwnbcUfe lDQr«i)— I. *S.«:ii. Stonr. Hoora; t«t)> held 



rred. (Ba ChHutHureli.t icL Aftn.1 

M«ni« Bbj (Kapl).-S,E.R, Fme mdd maj to lak«a In Ui< dykea ■>«[ bN*. BMt: 


w River. Jo(.d.-S.llihliryArm»,blinadalaArnisWl 


lie Hvl. SutlDD. Troa^ 

laei. parcb 

chub. Aboia HarHorH, W. R. Baker. Em)., preKri« 

«»na a m. or good troU 

waur. Tba 

tlahlDg Id HIiDram 1. From Lnwn dowr 

ihera Is good trontln^- 

flib mnmni) 

tream; If proporly Ibbo- 

ducad, laaT 

Cowperbuttaarlgbt ts 

Iba ].DClLen 

or Mlmram with Ls»i [hli Sihlng lilealomlT goarc 

d. Thefl.blDgniiIk.0. 

la good— Ira 

or water bal°w Vatarfort 


nod by R. Smllb. t^, Tba old rlier Laa 1> preia 

Ted by Berllord AngllnB 

Society. ..t. 

tba KI«K'a Head; Iroot. 

ly ChaH.A.S.; ban. eec. 

Mr. 7. Cliydoa.'o.E 
Kokatli Bftnk (Lu 

SlaUoo Ho 

el. wbo luoaa a.t. It., d.t. li. TaMHn'. Simeon and Ce.', 

where Uorwich Urook 

which rl<e 

in eome poncle al Wallrache^ 3 m. op. -Ina on tigbt 

bank. Hare alio are 

right bank. Dom[l>. run. to Adllnffton 3 m., and 
b; Barsden brook. Bariden tliea by ftlnOlar, ran* 

im below iilolnado 

D left bank 


m., aod ]oin> Dsnglw 3 m. down by StudlaH, ) ok 

down DoaglM, Idlln 

Domlag roD> 1 m. 10 

Baar'B Head 1 ■>., Wlgaji 3 m. Hera Clarenden 

brookiSn. long. Join 

nk. DoDglai riiii> 1 m. to Grouk. where a alreani Jolna 

OB rlgbl Hank, dralD 

U1I1 pond a m. op. a m. N. of ChiUmrBt. Donglat 

traam joina on left bank. driilnKig Hoby Mill pond and 

wiotber pond 1 m. up 


oe 1 m. to ABiOT Bridge. Here .he outflow of the 


E„ Juln. on rlBtii b«nk. Donglaa mn. lo Parboia 

JilneiJ on 1 

a to SkalmuMdole s m . ■oscu: Hou i m.. and 

toiB. DoBgia. 1 m. <io 
bank. DoaBl«raT.a 

own Douglai. Heolej brook, t m. long, Joint on rlgbl 


im. Here Eller brook jolnB ™ left bank. Ellar naea 

1 m. E. of OrmBUxk. moi n 

right bank, r.rrow riaet on Asgleiuk Moor. 

Dong).., Yarrow t1. 

ar lolne on 

4 >n. E. of Ohoiler 

near whlc 

On l«avlDE Ihe reur 

doei on the rijibt bank. oppoUte Rlmington, rarrow 


rlaea tome 1 n. abo 


■alen a pond at thai place, roni I m, to Oluirler, 


Ibe Print Workt, rao 

4 m. to 1 m. S, ot Sniton. Oio.toa S" m, 1 m. talow. Lo.tock 


LoitockriteaalWhlttk-le-Woodi, 3 m. E,ori.«yUB4, 

, . ._ . . jo Buuber Brldsa, » . -_ _ .__ 

11 1 m., FurrlllKtOK l m., Uunklrh ll.ll l m. E. ol Midge BbU Sm.. 

AoBton. 9 m. Ha'O Wymoil brook, 8 m. long. Join. Do rigbl bank. T.oit ck ]ainl 


■■Ttaalnu, , ... 

■^WlKMl (Luu.).— L. I 

in,)— L. * N 

p^serred by WpllLiiibarDiigb Had HlKbaa 

■moratolk Jimctloii !• 

Itoc ron> in 4 «. to OlastonburT. Brns rnns In dlierH cbuiii*!* 
M lor 4 01. to Maue, where QoOnej brook Jolnn on rl«hi benli. GodiMj 
be (iLi. Shntoii ]KaUat,2i».), niQitoWells a «.. Polaliun i n., 
IrDentuia ijm. to TCeatluT Bridge (n.i. ShKpwiok, InOi«ii 
EdlDBlum SMUon. li m. all tna r\i8r. Bru* nuw in 1 m. lo 
a u>d CoBBiiiKtou BtattoD ton Hlghbrldga l( m. Brae join 

_„ , ia>— U°4'l.B.i L.«N.W3. Alt (SaeAUair.i 

Blah Trooiuba (Buoki).— O-.n.R. wick ; trout. fTiMeli -. Lion >nd WhlM Hirt. A 
lorUaD ol tbirWarbeloirtlittoirnlipreBsiTscI by tbe Hl||b Wycomba AdkIIhe Auocu- 
tiuni entruee 84f„ e.t. Ui. Hon. KCnlirlflh Umn. J. TtaarlM and i. C. Ftrksr. 

■llAT (Nolfolkl.-G.E.R. Outt; mu«< flsh Mcepl bacba 
sigke Rlier (c,j. JV. and 3.): 3»inj Cot Druln; plko, pmb, 4 

Xnton Hena* ILeoct.)— L. & T.R. BarKlm brook. (Se. 

— L.4N.W3. SOM, a m. 3. E, (CJ. Jrenij. jiiikct. im-o."., 

Laiet: Leloulsr Oiuge lake, 9 m. S. <Sm 9auuftDriHi;A.) 

, ; W.J.R, B*na«ii brook. (&« S«a<iA am*,) 

a.E.R. Bnra; Iront: prlial«. Zol': Helton Park, I «, H. 

Unrham (Nonbik).-N.>. Ximb«rl»7, » "i.Hwkford brook. _B'»"^-'"^.* ";^- 
Y>m. i m. N. iat«; Se» mere, 1 ni. S.E. Heath mere, a ra. W. (im KiHti if™)- 
WlTklewmd mere. 3 ^ E. Klmberlej Park lake. 4 ™. N.R ^/^,'^';",'^J;,hl'^lf;';^^ 

Mltehla (Herta).— 0,N3. Hlr. (Sju «b»'i ty™.) fflKrii: Cock. Eailway. 

SdftMOU (Uneole).-G.N.B. WhepMe, a m. W, Tble waterconiM rlie. ahore 

.„„,. owej; tront. (Sei ycaparl.) 

Jme brook. Lata: Holme CotllDgi, I m- S. i jack, lenoh: 
pieHrreil Caldeeot pona, 4 m. V, (Set WiibtaA.) 
■olmn (Yoikl.—L. A T.B. Calder. (e.i. Tort.) {3u RaiccU^e.) 
Molaw HbU (Norfolk).— G.E. ft. Emeiord brook. (Sai Sing'' I^r^) 
Bolme iaoy (Bere(ord).-G.W.B. Wye; plenty o( ocarH fl«i, ani a few troiit, grajr mg, 
■ndiiLniM Lng(l ni,|i DlkeandeoarBBflfli. Frome (Sm). Pentelow brook (1 Bl) (eJ.) 
/«».• Qrpsii Draaon end'Mttre. (Sit ClupiUiK ; Htri/ord.) 

^^^ S ™. i.-W. (5« Raadiff^.} Holmslje. rojerrolr. 8t m.j lro«; P"*?^ 
t7a"ddmfleld ^''S'^ *^«''"BV-rh™i"«nolr 91*^''tS- pr«"^ o"^' 

Ji-^-^A^.J^r™ on ^"\'Z''>i^^mtT^>.Tk^«^ 

!?f'!(I^iD*Wn."'Anoth9r "etrflarrijeS by tbe "TtHlBg Snn,'' by WootonI 
r_ .(..OOglc 

The Angler's Diary, 


[Bet tymfn^fo* J 

..__.., _ . ,_ MHO.) 

Volt (^llta).— O.W.R. (ShA-MsI.) ATon; Kiub.MKli,plk«| lunlroni'inwn («jj 
_ ,. „„,. ™ "iiwBiirl.M- " ■■ - ■- 

lit, «oa 1 . 

. S.B. or ] 

Kolt (Noriolk).— O.B.B. OUtui. . CUuan rlna In Salknn pond 1 m. E. ar Molt, roni 1 ■> 
to Bolt tun pond, 1n.S.B.(irKalt,aDdlH. itown I1 jOiaai on Hfl tank *7 1 jgiiH 
rlniotDK .1 paDd U Pond lilUi, S m. S.B. or Bolt. OliTen nni • is., t ik 8, of Bait, 

foEd BPil 1> 4 m. loDE, Jolni on lalC bank. Qlinii mm to Bolt 1 : 
Bolton Bc4 

Bolton Bc4Mt« (L 
Boltan-l»^Ol» (Lii 

tank bV tlu 

Jolni ih* Lai 

It Klnnonl-lMidnw 

Croib; pood, t «. bd, S m. E. uf KooEtown Biutnn. TaOir 
m. lo Brl(il«T- »iil Wiltb, Im.S.oTBoltOB-lO'OUT, >">. < m. bolow, IMMr 
'-■'—■■— --—10, 

— O.O.B- Owcnb; dnln. {SiiBrttg'i 

.— Coqoel 1 tnmt. AaxHDnoduion an be hitd. <iu) 

■O.E.B. W«r ■""" ■'■ '-- "-■ — 

.n-.onu-u-n brook. {3h OlHTI' :SI. VOfV W< Aalni. 

Bonlor (Ifork) — L. A Y.K. Boimfl. (Bet Raacliffi.. 
■opton BMtll (Salap).-Ii. A ir.W.B. Clnai tront. KTmrllni 

.». SmMiTi.) (Sm PfeHdm, SJoneadr.l 

' ' PT, pLke, porch, car^ 

WlCluin. T m, bT ml 

Tnvliolaio brook, T m. N.W. It 

OannlDf Hull, Cm. N.W, SBniDwgrthpooli. «in. K. .<.Su Aulai.) 

BonunK (NDTfalk).-0'.£.R. Bor*; plko, perch, bnun, roKb. Ant. ba» : inioim »■• 
(irnataw W. H, 'Wlndbim, Eh.j. SbIIiijoh Broid. BoUt: Boniint Fenj. iStt 

Born— (Tork).— M.E.R. HonuumoTB: pike, parch, rush. 

Bomsay (Ulddi.) O.H.EL Do New RlTer. (Sm tmdiiii.) 

Boznkbrldo'a (DerOD).— a.W.B, Valcooibe: Iront. Tan, sm.i troni. (<j. rnurj (.Sa 

Koraluua (SsHei).— L.B, A !>,C.R. Aran; ptrcli, roach, lack. Cbanncl brook; trmt. 

(Set LUUt Hamplanl BMtlt: Bedford, KInjt'a Head. 
Boxtom (NonhHiii.),— a.N.B. Lata : Raajeit memt 
Bortoa (Tork).— U.B. Bibblei tront; preaened fi< 

Hoaour Mom (Lanisi.).— L. &T3. Tiwd. 1 

Koiuluun (LIneoln).— O.N.B. Wltham. Fo«i 
Bovliigliun (TD[k).-N.E.B. Marro beck. 

■UnKabv. Rie. at BalmBln ; tront, 1 

«n>ilini club o< M. Thare li mme Tree water b< 

Z^>*<!i: OotloD Mill pond. 3 m. S.W. Park lake, a m. o. mere areuTem iTruoiniBnn 

.— O.C.R. North Kelaey beck. (SttOrin-} 

1 (York).— L. Ie N.W.B.- L. A YM.; Q.N.B-i Q.C.K. Colne: polMad. 

(&a RowrW'e.) Lata: Woodalda raaerrolr. a m. ; Irenti pHrala. Laa«- 
wDod CompanMtion marrolr, 3 n. ; pccch. roacb. Ac : pmerrad by Uu Boddn^' 

"HiVClaaoota ILeiceatsr).— U,a I L. A N.W.R. Sacoe. (Sh OahfMMv^.) 
BnIl(Tork).-N.ER.: aCH.; H.B. A W.R.J.B.; G.H.B.; L. AN.W B.; U.B.: 

'- A.ooglc 

Sngland. 61 

HalL (cj. rart.) Hull Dhi abore SontllbtlTa, tniu to DxUl«ld 1 n. Her*. 
DKn<]d b«k, a HI. loni. iDlni on Irft b-nlt. Hall mm UtWinifonl t m., I «. S. ol 

aubrtan, on IsfE tmok 

Ommrlok tai USm. long. lotBn on liilit bank. 3 m. down Hnll, Frodinghiai ^ 
JoUn on le'I b.nk. Frodlnghim, nndor mo name of KBik beck, Tltu » Klllim 4 m. ibiiTa 
lAwt^ip*, runt S m, to Frodlnttasni, ind joint Ball 9 m. beloir. «. down Hnll, 
Wiiloo bmk. which riiet by 'Walura, 3 m, N. o( IrDokilvtoii, >nd Is 6 m. iaag, join* 

LscUigton, and 1 m. below, b; tbe lUtlnn. It jolnod on rlRbt bank by Scarborauib 
back, 1 m. Lonn 1 m. down, Pike joini Hqll. Hull runi I m. to AirutL, Bavsrlay 
■ I, Oatttaiiluun (a m. off on riaht bank) tm.. ■nttoa-on-JitiU (1 m. oir on lA 
buk)lin.. .na BnUSm. nvtlfU. H. Uoolb. 11, ParHKon-Hrsal. 
"^ —"- -^».-G.'W.R. Kenneti tronl, graillog; flabodbjIlekM. Hofrfi: Baar. 

leri; B.t KM lOi.', in.t. 31. »t., w.1. II. li., d.t sj., (rom F. N. Cboich, Threelwen' 

ifToik).— a'.B.i L. AT.'a. Air*, (ct. r«-»,) Killing beck, J m.E. (3ie XamcUfi.) 
fdon.— G.N.K. Onie I ooir» fl'h eiMpt berbeL (s.), ilf. and S: ) Alconbuiy brook, 
irnok, aim. K.E. j?oW: Oeorge. (Sa KtTig'i Lfm: WUIitiuh.! 
•IMiTork' "-~ =-■--— ."--—-. 

^ (Tork).— N'.E.S, Skema back.' Hnll. 3 m. E. (Ah BvU.) (e.i 

iBttoni AmDa (York).— N.E.B, Derweni i ^teMn-nod. Uaoetborpe beck. Howl beck. 

In. a. Hill beck. 1 m. S. (c.i. For*.) (Sa Wrt—tl.} 
I^oil QaiUTT<LBnci.)— L. AN.W.B. DUlan brook. Lain: Logwood Mill. 1 a. S. 

■rkahun. (Lincoln).— Q.N. B- Withim. {Set fioftan.) 

Iith« (Kant).— S.E.B. In the mlllMr; canal an bream, roeeb, percb. aod a tern pike. 
(MiIdk fair; m.t. li. Boltl: Swan. In aammer, whlllng pont era eaughl amongu ibe 
nckaaanarisroramllefroni tbe toll bar nn ttae lower Sandgat* road. ThaBablngat m 

celeabonrnB. (Sh tfainjtanHvA.) 
I. AaJkHoimio, 5 m. (Derby). — Hannirbld; Iront. gra;llnci tlckMi lor 

iteiaghinilar 3 m. can M bad In Uanojiold and Dore; ,w,t. Ti. U., 
Ii frM to bolgl Tltiton. ((J, lymti Hamgu. 4 m. W, , prlraia. (Am 

IliWr4 (£»«)'— 6. E.R, On Rodlng. (Bu BarUlv.) 

lltortmMfDorbi).— U.R.; O.N.R. Erewaab. OUt brook. J m. N. Not brook. 1 lit S. 
Aabe: Sblnler HaUroMrioIr, 3 m. N,W. Uapperic; reaerteli, » m. N.W. (Aa( Ssina- 

nUay (Tork) H.B.I N.E.B. Wliarla; tront, graylingi prwerml from Addlngkam (o 

Bn RbrdiilnR (or fi m. by tbe IlkioT AngUne CInb or U raildont mambenj ".t »0»,, 
1.1, ti., fromKr. J.T. Crltdiley, Bn>«. llkley ; taon. tee., A. Liptoo. Btq.; aMtoii— 
lmt,froin March is to Oct. 1; grayling Jnna IS to Feb. IS; coarae Dtb.Oct. t toHanh l», 
nodagi. iro(eI>;CrB»eont, Blridleton, and Mawlnn. (c.i. Fori.) <S« For*.) 

Dnlutar ISomenet).— K AS.W,R. Tarty, (ex Ati.} (fiaStaUn.) I(l« : trent, pike, and 

laffKUstan* (Ebhi).— O.E.B. OnCann. <S« iUoUm.) About! m. (rom bar* ■> lb* 

bnatr* (SU(rord).~d.N.R. Trent (ti.) Oaytoo brook. Sow st ■tklCiEa. 9 DL 8.W. 
^nk at Baawleb. i m. B.W. Lain: Iniaatrs Park pool tat Hoplon poola, 1 k S.W, 

HibII Park pool, t m. B. {5h 0alrtbaroiii;h.) 
tiifii»m (Snfltolk). — O.B.R. Lark. am. ... ... 

Imriiiere Park and Ampun Park (1 m. E.). Gnllonl Park (1 

Imdatra (Tork).— tr.B. Oreta; tront; prenrred by Inglelon Angling AvDClattoa Mr 
lii.; HC, Ur. S.'Wonblngton, Wbealabeaf Hotel; >.I. It., I.t. li. M.. d.L U; naas*. 
Hareb 1 to Oct. 1; do doga. Dne; tront; preeerred ae abuye. SeM; 'WhaMihaat, 
Ud Fonch Bowl Hotel. Bnrton-ln-Ix>ni>dale, wbere ticketi can be bad. 
Immr (Tork).— a.N.B. ; U.R, Worth (Sa Baadift.) 
taSinrow CWirwick).— in.i Aloaatax, e m.) Wyre. (St aitacultr.) 
iBgtow (D8Tan).-L,4S.W.R. flood teaflthlog. and aalinnn In Torrldge; prs«rrBdbya 

■odHr Tickets are to be obtained. (Sn BidtfBrd.) (<.i. nui.) 
Ipnrlob (3dttolk)— G.K.R. GlpplDK; roaob. pIkMenoh, perch, carp, Flowlon brook, I ■». S. 
latm: BlIlrTDBco.pond^aim.S.E,l ilrlcllj prl-ale. Glpplng d«M In a lake at WelbM- 
<_ I - H,#. of BancUaw, mng to Jt^agJilBr 9 m, Btownwrkat t m. Hen 
brook, 7 n. long, )oin> on right bank. Qlppinc nuiB N VaaUam |purk*t 


m The Angler's Diary. 

< IK. I IB. down, Ih« ir-lnois ot Bmrners doK to ths tinr'a buk jolai no left buk. 
•Jlpplni ram 4 m, to OlajSin, Brunfnrd B tn., mnd IpBwlalk 4 m. Flthlnn It fna 
from Ipnrioli up a Horn Hill. 2 m.; tbsnn ta BlafeSDliiin (cIoh to dKyOan) tk* 
rivsr l> prsHnwl b; IbsOlpptngADfllngaocletr i nimily tioksti 3J(..d.t. ]i.,pikeU. «d..«l 
HC, Mr. A.T. CDbbDiil; or Mr. F. A. Kiln, Ipiwlch; ittheCbsqDarB Inn ud Foii-oIBb^ 
ClMfdon 1 aod F. O. Biamford. SpiODRbloa. FlontDo tirook Jolni OrwsU 1 m. balos Iba 
tavD. Tbij brook ilHa 9 m. Bboia BanulL Bridge. 4 m. W. of Ipawlcll, and rana 

Xrabr {'CDDilind.).— On ibo Ellen; trouL 

Iilam<Luic>.>—C. Lines B. Uinej. irwelL (SuAoiuarn.) 

Iron Acton (GlooMiter).— Mi. Fiwme; rweh, due, perdi, Iront; prmrisd telMP to 

TimmploD ColMnU bj tbe Clifton ADaUni AuocUUon of 90 menibsn M IK. ■ r*"- 

(Sk BrlilBl.) 
XronBKUffa (Silop).— O.W.R. Sar«mi pike, psrob. obnb, due, mat, ulmoD,&c. LaUt: 

Wlllu; pin Food! <3 tn. 8.) {3a dlouceiler.) (<.j. Stum.-) 
talL«ldlSa>Hi>.— L.B. AS.C.R. OnOu»: troni, plks, psrcb. (S« JTiuAohii.) (m.1 
!■!• of K&n.— Tbe ■» Balling la eicelleut ftir polluk, itaeie ulled " tilockln." ouekerel, 

ilnnilbe tockrcaut, "bolliog" <wnM4 
noiD the Qneen'g Pier. The mkll Wbila 
d fill lulu tbe Hk 11 DwRlu Htia*: 
d other atreuna e( Ibe Ideiid. Tb«n It 
te I roDi tbo eeuoo befflDeaaFebnurrSth, 
The rlTera are nurlf alt tne, uDd Mra 
re. HtUiit Mitrf,Albert,Prlncei>tW«l«t 
] etrauD i llie rlier Bolliy (tiout, uhU; 
1 free, only i nntU portion o< it bdia 

b tbow mnclng itirongbOtieninoot, BBlliDgb, L 

Ha of WlAht: 


C0WK3— t. oCW.r!' On'uedrni." Med^iTrlgMt m. abonOaUflnibe uill and Pai^ 
I SI. [rom BUokWktoT Brldra, rnni 1 «. to SUdB, 1 ™. to Mewport, W 

wklcb the tide flcrire sod Jnlni the hi at Cooei e m, below. Unllet ma; be caoJlAt 
vlth a email fly on the ebb tide. Eotiii -. Uarlne, Oln'ater, and Fanntaln. 

HOBRINOFORD (i. of V!.tL.).-{aMBradMs.) 

MEnCHnRCa (i,(,lVI.R.).—fSaBnuang.) 

MEWPORT <I. of W.K.)— (^ Ciwti.)— There are eome luce pondi near Ctfitbioak 
iHldlDR rery fine (rent i ieaTe may Hmetlmai he bad. 

NEWTOWN.— On Newtown Itlrer. which ilaea la Cambonrne Mill, riai la Oreen VIU, 

RTDB (I. of W. It).— There la tbtj good pom and wbtUng aelllDg here. Verj fair 

Bahlni tram the Jetty; the largeat flah are nnder tbe llmhan, 
8AHD0WN H.afVi.KA—iattBrtMnt.) Sradlng (1 n.N.); Iront, roaell ; preaarvadby 

Lady Oilinder. There la aoroe free a ahlng below tha bridge due.Toieta. Tharalaa 

reaeiTalt here holding roach, flihlng tree. 
SHIDB a. ef W.R.).— (Sw CMeaJ 
VENTHOB (I- of W3.). Fair flahinf from the pier when the tide la np i there an 

plaa^ of rock tench and flonnden. 
WOOTON,— Toeloa Brook here lolai the (M ; it la S «. long. 
WBOXHALL (I.ofW.R.). ISu BraMit,) 
TARUOGTH.-On Tare, wbleh rlaea In the large lake at Freahmter, 3 n. off. At H* la 

goodjout and wBllIng llehlng. 
lAamrt&CHIiUi.).— KAS.W.B. Thamei and Tedding Brvok. (Sa LiMlm, L-T., laa 

Xitiiwmut, Ottrnr.) ruitinium: W.daAe. 
lal^ (Ollord).-l. * M.W.B. Cberwell and Ray. Oood chnb, reuh, perel^ and plk* 



i).'-O.W^ Erme ; IroulDnmeroiu, bntiiDill. 

m.t. 10*. w.t. 7i. Si.. d.t.ii. M.. It ihB hotel « iVybrtdKa, or j _„._ 

i) ; magBni. to nybttdKa, Ermlngtnn 3 m. Here U^hnrnugh brook jolci on Isft 

UitborDggb rtiea Bf DulMraugh (d.i. Wruugton, a.WM., ! mx uiAim. down 

Dsd OD ilihc biDk br Wood brook, 1 m. Ioqje, jVaown li ih* Erm?. Eime nmi 

md her* Moaiiarj hrook jolni on Left hunt. Moflbnrj riioe l ui. E. of Hodburr (ii,» 
nUUra, t nj, snd Ii4 m. loni. 1 m. down Enoe li tlis lea. (cl An?n.i Bcul: 

irth Rlnr. Latei: StowlugtoR Hill 

tor earji. tencb, esli, ix. Ttie hi flehlog li veiy gwrf. The rock npon wblcta Ellia- 

Tti«n IB aliors Bsblng for pont, poUuk. Ac. The rock) abont Bouley Gay, Roul Bit. 
SL Brslids'e, uS St, Anliln'i lira lood epotm, mi red mnllet, Kles, plaice, Ac. ou Ih 

doH to bII lb 

enaalit, hare eaiiBd ■bHing. Uis figooDeUiBi 

■•ArKnaT- (K«il)— L.C. A D.R. On Donr ; ironE. Id KMnDsy Abbej lake tbsrs ara lODie 

tronl ; Iwre rram tbs oecnpler. iSa Dtmr^ 
X»d* (Cheahlre).— L. A N.^^B. Artl*. I n. W. £«ki; Hadalsf Uanor, I m. W. (Aw 

Kufarartli(liel«ater).— M.R. Soir; chnb, TOack. plka. psich, hrtam, oarp. Moeh. (ti. 

TmiU.} KlngBtoD bmok, {Set Oainlborovgh.} 
KslfftOvr (Toik).— Q.N.B.! M.a Aire; EtddC, Kt^iiiag, pareb, cbub, roaob; ponnted 

iMlDw. bolpreMrred (rom hence ujJ to Etillionnn brook hy tba KBlghlaj Club i hon. hc. 

]>., irilhin a mtis of tbe town. Thars li'iome fair ttet roach tlihlni, with an oecadonal 

troat. In theLeadi and LIrerpwI Canal. (See KUdaU*). (tj. Vort.) Wortb. (Stt BaiccUfft) 
XaUinrark),n.a. XlfkbrBtapben. Il™— M.B. and ».E.B. Swale; traut. irajlUiK. 

(u. ror*.) StoneBdale tieck; Iront. after > flood. Whitiandale beck, 1 m. W.; tronl. 

Great Sleddale back. 2in. W.; tronti free. Little Steddala beak, (fn. W.; troolj tree. 

Lake: Blrkdala lam. 3 m. W. /nniCalEale. (^ Tori,} 
■•latOB (Samanat),— M.R. (au BrUUI.) anAion; rnacb, daea. pika, pareb, tioDt i free; 

peTmltalon ; pika, perch, carp, tench, and roacb. 
K«aA»L-Kent Troat, mort.aprod, ulmoD. The Kent baa two Irlbniarlea— the Hint and 
SprUili and theae. with tha Kant, are nndar tbe prolactlon af the Eonl Anvlliw Roalatv 
(rolniitWTBObKTtpUans). flofcli: Ballwaj and Coonty, 
flahlnc Din tie had In tbe canal and Id WhlnteU and 
trout, rndd, roooh, pike. eela. aod perck. A ticket la 

Kant below Hawet bridga Ih more or leaa prlvala. exec, „ -.- , 

Brtlcalo Force Bridge. Below ibe latter on ihi E. ilde U tbe Ideate, far wbkb iMia la 

_.,,. — , , .,...,.. J — ., 1 ■■•— utlntheanlnnin. TheliUnfi 

Ibe W. ildalitke WateriHf PL 

ileUiii free. Below li tbe Low 

Kaad*] li KU1ln(tan reearrolr; uuui, jniiiui. uuiiuu »» <iui> out m un imnuui 

mat; Lord Baetlta'a acanl will (Ire leart, 4 m. oSliPoltec Fall lami fall of tront; 

preetrnd, bat laara eaowtlniaa pna. Stanton beck I m. ; tront. 
XMdlirorth (Warwlek).— L * N.V.S. (Aae dtcneMpA.) Latm : Pondi on Weatwood Haalh 

(» m. H.) (Sh <n«icat<r.) 
Xanaat (Oambt.}— O.E.K. Kant. (Sei King'i Lrnn.} 
Kara* BrUifa (Saraloid). — Q.W.B. Wva: etob. daea, pike, perob, aaliDiHi, tront. 

(u.) Ciaila brook. Oarran (t m.) ; trout Lnke brook (9 fn,). Ijiniinereh brook (B a.). 

rMWlHl (GDDiland.).— L. AN.W.B. and HB. Qreta; tront, Mhnon (lata In aatnmi 

_ -_ ~ itatclot Board; aeo,, T. C. Bum. En) --"-■■--'■"■- 

e> and rlrara abora Ohm Bridge: > 

The Angler's Diary. 

, U.; m.l.. li. &j:, or ibDrtar p«[Io«, FtrmUi Mg* Marrm; 
otoH jramnii.1. lOf.. Coduri *.!. li., 
d! to ba obUlDdl FrsiB If r. a. P.QribiiB.IUhlai tuklsmikw, 

lwuiBoi^TlioniUiiialu(iHJil(l,)!«>rHlIitilDKlrHi ILcenm 

,^.-1 r-— -B' ^* HuuftHUt uoTDO'Uion. WHO MDfl tictflU. LJerwant' — ~ ~' 

pardi, troutf u 

uMlhlloUU. Der 

M ahnni HflalBiuka IMPKi iritnt pomwOUV BKk; ITOni- ^/OUJ: 'I'f 

liHUt Corpo'Ulon, wbo liiDfl tlck«u. 
cbmr; gwd fly Aihlav; boau tad i 

1. E«., WAIIeOtld 
[. Tini-oi-LHTH: 

XMtlnnU <Toik),n.>. Bolton Abtwr, 14 m.— U.K. Whirle. (e.i. Fort.) Bkirtirt, 

Z«tton(BuUaiid).— O.NJB.; U.B.1 L.AK.W.B. Vtiumd. Chatar. (Ah^uUIIw.) 

Kott (Sarrej).— S.W.R. Unmet. {SuLimdiM. L.t.) 

KaxbrCTork). B.i.ruurfM>.a>n.~H,E.B. Darwaot i plka. slinti. *c., tna. (cj. rar*,} 

mat).— Q.V.B. (aHBrUUl.) OnAnmL chnb. plka, parch, urp; he& 


^Sdarnillktter (Woraailar).— G.W.& auHU; eoaraa flab and troui ■)»<«, pollotai) 
bdew; pnTaK. Chordilll brook, taadlni nDmarona mill ponila. SoTarn. 1 «. W. ; plka, 

I <Oarby>.— M.R. HultHvok broot. {Sm OadabonvdK) 

k (Tork).— U.B, Ut»: troot, kTiitIIdc, perch, cbnb, roachi praaarrad brUrt 

"' ' TrDmO»xffTkT*atowutha]nBGtloiiorEuIbournabr«>kal[|il>i>lua. (ite 

'loiD BulSoarae brook don, the rlTsr Ji premrted br Lha aiockhridga ud 

.nKilDf CLob M far ai KW^blaT: a.t ICU.. d.t. Ij.^ hon. tm.. S. Town. Eaq.. 

I. rork) Eaatboorna. £a±ai: CawluogbisD dam; T m. S.W. {St RaaOliffL) 

(Derby), — M.H.i O.C.E. Bothar. ""- — •- — "- '-'" "■--—-■■ 

a. I. Feb! 

WkarfB; tront; praaerrad bv 

_. .1 .. 1 ^ batow SUmar; 

d.t 91., tram Ibe knpiri. (u. Tarl,'! SUrfara, I in. N.; tioDt; pteHnad u Whirr* IP 
tn Bawkantck. fotd; TaonaDb Ami. <«m rort.) 
Kllmirtll (Warwick).— U AN. W.B. Ann; daea.niaok, parah. (flMirat*gBiiWllMt,i 

Xlmbarlar rNutli).— e.N.R. i<a«: Nnlball lake. (5« OaffutonHuA.) 

KlmbarlST (Hnrfnik).— Q.SLR. Hackhird brook. Bua, I m. E. Dyke back, ) oi. IE. 
Tare, 1 m. N.'W. Latt: KLmbwIaT Park. 1 n. Wlcklawood man^ 1 m. S. Su nan. 
lin.3.W. brHlngham. {Bm TarmaUK.) 

Ximbolton (Hanu).— H.R. Kfm, £i>tai .- Wuren flihpond. (See Kiiv'' ^vxn). 

Kla|«l>rU«« (Deroa).— Q.n.B. Klnnbrlilfabroak: eahlsK. ThI* brwk U • m. Iodr, aid 
lonna la addUlon a long eatoary. npirbUb thatidaB[i» to KloiiabrldRa. Im. btloir Klnfa- 
brldRa, at GbarltOD, BnckleDd brook, StH. loDg.'lDliia on left bank; tivori prlTita. tai 
down, CbUllngton wiiar, vbteh rlaaa 1 m. N.W, af Tonroai, and la 6 fn. km;. Jcdna oa rMi 
baak; tront Capital eeaddiiDi In the aatnary. Oood ban d^lng at Sililoni Rock, half- 
■« balwean KingibridgB and Saicomba. Atod, t «. N.; tion^ aalmon. (S— LtttU- 
■xt.) Sold: Ilng'i Anna. I^idWiI, 9. Penolt. IN. ForHtreal. 

KlnyabnrT (Suflord)^ — H.R. lama. (ej. Trent.) Linglay bmok. 1 n. H.W. 
MlddltlDn Ball lake, » tn, N.W. (Ah GMnitonnvA.) 

KlUf'* OlUfo (Norlhloo.- """ ■"■■ ■- ■"-■'—•--"— --- 

Lab: Blatberiryck Park 
preanrad. iS64 irMaiieft.') 


»IH gtf» n d (Haralord).— O.V.R. Ld( ind Pmilej' brook! tnnt, gnrllEK. (ej. Wf.y 
The Oibmii li pre«iT«l hj th» tudawnen; Ihsn «Hn« tb« tlrateh preMrrsfl bi 
ludlard. Royal Oak, taamiiiatar, ind than ti n. or rr«e WKitr to taomlimar. 
■«. . Ki lod^ngi MO bi bid. [Au (A^idHi,) IbetMK, E. T. WlUlsm», 

jirMflsborill klodi Bieept bubBl, OnMrtiwln 

. -- - -h SnMklv, mm toBrBOUar 4 m.. WitsT 

' StIMfoid Cm. atn. be1o>. i (trHm jolmoD tbe left blot, drilnlDi thslikei d Stowe 3 m. 
up, I n. H.W. from BueUnffbua. OnH ram to BnoUnBhajs, 3 m. a. m. down Oii*e, 
Dwr Uild'i Uorton Mill, Claraan riTsr jotas on ilxbt bank, rliliig In ColIlBtord ixnid, 9 m. 
S. fnm Bracklay, rum 12 m to Ol&rAOB, wbere a itreun Jolni no rlntit bulk, drulnlDg 

dralsbiR a lake at wtaaddoD, a m. N. rrom Bwanbotum. Ooh rnni 4 m. to Btanr 
BtrntlarA In, a. Wolvarton. 3 ml. Rate i ilreBm jolaa on left bmnk, dnlnlng tbe 
Uk« io Whiitlowood Foreit, * m. K.W. from Stoar Stratford, a m. down Onia, ii 
Wolverton, Toie Jnlng on loft bink. Tois tIbbi by HBliiiado&, ruae 4 m. to 
Wacpanliaiit, >nd t itl dnwn 1> joined by Klikeile* brook on left bunk, sblcli rUa 
iboie Blakaalar, ud l> 7 m. ions. Tore nma to Towoeatar 3 m., Bloke lock 3 m. 
S. or Boada, 7™.. and Ohh s «, Onie mns to Bawport Fk^aal 9 m.. ind bsreOueel 
Jolna on riEht bant. Onsol rlaei bT Eddlertorough 4 m. S.W. from Diuutkbla, nuii 
S m. to Xieisbton Buuard, where Baitleaden brook joins on rlfiit bank. Battleadcn 

Battlesdsn Park and lakes, 4 m. N.E, (roiD lallslltoii Bnxiard, and Jolna OiiKl 4 m. 
down. S m. down Onsel the outflow. I m-lonn, DfBnshniDrE pond, am. N. from XAlgbton. 
jolm OD rlilit bank. Ooael rnns 7 m to FMU17 StratfOTd, and a m. down Is Joioed on 

Oiuel mne 3 m. to Vewport Fuaal and Ooh. Otuo mns 10 Oluaf » m,. Tarwa^ 
» ID.. Haxrald (n.e. Shwrnbiook, 4 m), 3 m., ShaiiibToak I m. (tlchoie), OaUer 

5 m. Here Onie makes a bond of 4 fiL, returning to O&Uaj, mne to Glipbiun 3 m. 
ftreaeiTed by Hon. MIssTreior, or Bronibani Hsll), Badfordim.; Bnrford Bridge, 1 m. 

tha 3,), and 3 ?n. down at Tampaford Is joined on tlgbt bank by lieL Ivet rltei by 
Baldook, runs b m. to Arlaaay, wbere HIr jolm on left bank. Elr rlva by SltoUn, 
uid tg 9 HI. long. 3 ni. down liel, at Ungferd, Tod joina DO left bank. Tod rlKa In tha 
lakea ai Tingrith Honsc, 3 m. N.W. from HarUurtDii, rnna a m. to Flllwiek Park and 
Ukea, 3 m. S. from AmpthlU, r^ins 9 m, to Bhefford, wbere OnlL brook, 4 m. Ian(, 
lama on >fi bank, and CoDiptnn brook. E rn. loDg. wbicb rlsea In tbe lakes or WreK Puk, 

6 m. S.G, from AmptHlll, on right bank. Tod joins hel t m. down. Irel mna to 
Blncleawada 3 m. 3 m. down, SnUon brook, wblch rlaei In tbe lake in Oamllngay Old 
Puk. eloee to Qamliugky, mm a m, to Potton. and Iiel, 4 m.. jotns on right bank. Irel 

near Bontt^, reVelres the drunlngt of Old Warden Park lake 3 m. down, ud I m! 
ftirtlisrjoinsliel on left bank. Iielrnnsto Blnuliuiia m., and Onse Im. OgaerDoa to 
St. Beota s fn., and I ni. down ia joined on rlHbt bank by Eym. Kym riaaa aboia 
JClmboltoIi, where It Is joined by tbe onttlDW from tbe Satipond at the Warren, and t m. 

rnni 4 m. to QlTord and 4 m. to Biuitlnffdoa (tbe Sihing mostly In prliate banda). 
Here Alconbnrj brook, 14 m. long, Jolm on left bank. Onae rnnt 6 m. to St, ItsI, 
SwvraaeT', 3 m.. Ea^tli, 4 m. (and bere the Bedford level or Bedford rlier leiTea the 

down) Strattiuu, 10 m., and X]utfoTd(o,'. Stratliun, 3 in.) 3m. Here Cam joins 
on tliitat bank. Cam riaai In tbe Iskas at Debden. a m. £. of Be«port, paseei Waw* 

Krt, and mns 4 m. to SaAon Woldan, where It mm thiongn Andley End Park, 
'eat 01iaat«TroTd, 4 m.. WMttlaafocd, 4 m., SlialAnrd, 3 m. Here Beora 
joins on right bank. Bonm rises 3 m. above fiartiow, runa a m. to Unton, Fampla- 
ford, 3 m.. and Bbalfold, 4 m. 3 m. down Cam. at Tromplngton, llhee jolna on left 
bulc Rhoe rlsea et AalKrell, runs 10 m. to KeldTatk (I m.' off on rigbt bank). 
Bere a itnam joins on left bank, draining a lake In Wimpole Park 4 m. np, a m. 3, from Old 
Kortll Bond aiatlon.. Kheerans4m. to HaivtOD, and Cam 3 m, I m. down Cam at 
TTDDiplnitan Bonm brook joina on left bank. This stream rlaea by Boom, mns B m. to 
Eord> Brldgw, and Cam 3 m. Quo not to Cnmbiidga 3 m. (preserred by Cam- 
bridge snd Ely AnElicg Asiodatlon, hence to below Ely), W»t«rb«u>li 6 m, and ben 
Bottilhara Load, which rnns down from rnlbonirB 9 «.. j<^nt on right bank. 1 m. down 
Cam Swalfhain Load. Etti. looK, Joins DO rtghlbank Cam mna toUpware. IfMloodflsbing. 
An : Fiia UUes from An;whsre), and 1 m. dowB Joins Oiue. Onse mns to Blj S ffl.. 4 to. 
below. Lark jolna on right bank. Lark rlies sbore BnT7 St. Bdnumda, andlshereji^ad 
by Linnet, wbicb rises In the laKBlnlckwotth Park, am. S, (mm Sazluua, and III m, long. 
udAm. down at West Slow Is Joined on right Innk by a brook liring Id the lake In Llier- 
mere Park, rnna thence In I m. to tha lake In Amnion Park. 1 m. W. of Ingliam, 
and i m. down waiersthe lakes In Cnltdrd Park Im. W. of Inrbaut, and jcdnsLark I m. 

down. Lark mns 3 m. to Ickllngbam where CaTsubai ~ ' 

and ta 1 m, long, lolni on left bank. Lark tuns 4 m. b 


66 TJie Angler'a Diary, 

JatBtd on Wt kuk hj Kiot, wbicb, rtilnit nt. iboTa XnUMt, nuu Uiea« 4 M. M 
Fnekntum (n.s. WoxAhaax, • m.), nod 3 n. down lolni Lkrk dmt laltbun a* 
— — - 1. Lukj(ilniOiua>ni.dawB,IUlA«ib^SUtioalwlnf In.offoarifkt 

I 3 fB. lo U.tUaport, Hera Mtiaaclimll driJn anlan on rlcbt bank, ml 
( n. IDDC, Jnliii DD un bulk, a TB. down OoH. ■! Brudon Craek brldn 
Oiua joU( on ri^bt iMok, LlUle OnH rlHi [a Ilie like tn RcdiriTa Pwk 

-^ (n.g. Hallla, tm.l, nngto DoptoD, t n,, Boablord, 9™., wdlm. dowi 

Iiwortli litar lolnt on laft buk. Iiwortb riiw in Iba lika Ln CiLnkitooa FaA, 
4 m S.E. ^m TbUCtou. rnni Sm. to thanllwsT ] n. V. of Blmiwill; 3 m. down at 
StowlUKtott Uu onlflDir (ram Iba liko In Slowbuigtoft Hall, I m. up Jolni on rl^bt buk. 1 
m. 00 liXnrortll (nj. TIWrctOB, 4 «.). Tha itraim now nmt to Fakanbam, J rn^ai, 
Jutbalow, Itwutan lta«Uks[n Enilon Park, and Sm. down j ulna Ouh. Odh nina«iii,M 
Shatfcrd. HaraThetjolnianriKbtbank. That rUsa B m. abon Malllsr. UHl rant 
InlDsi. toTbatftrd. UttlsOoH nuu B n. Eo BtmiAMI, b^anllWttE, ■lA.aai 
Orut Out. 9 n. Oaaa mna to XUskj s n., and bara Sam'i Cm Drain, boldlng ptkstod 
paccb. and Wliaay or Stoke rtier ioiii on rlfbt bank. Wl«aaTn<ealnHakthMare,lin.X.(c«B 
WkltiWj.niniem. ta Walton, vban Uie oatllow ot Saham Vara, I m. KJolna onilclit 
btak, innaj mna to Hllboroafti. T flt., vbeca Inaford Brook, wblcb daat abint Kate- 
Mali, and la 10 ■■■ lone Joina sn rlglit bank, t m. down KTIaaaT. at lekborangh, Uh 
dialnlnB*of(tao1ak«alm BiKkonbuo Honaa F«k loUia 00 th* laft bank, baint I iilHX. 
from Bnndoa. 1 m. down Wtaaar. at Uondftird, ■ atnam )olna on left bank, dnlnttt 
TolTa Mare. > K. up. aad i m. H.E. from ■ntaAOB. 3 n. down, Wliaar reedTaa Ua 
dralDlngaortbalakalnDldUnKtonHal], wUehllat alDoat on tba taak of tho rinr, B aL 
S.E. from Stoka Xtxj. Wlaaar nma 4 •■. to fltolu TatET, wtaare Banan brook, 
drainbiK tba lake In Buadaat Hall, I m. np, Mna on rtflit bank. TUa lake la 4 n. H.E. tm 
DawslUUD MarkM. Wlaaer rmu Co BUfar, and Oua In B at. Oow ruu 1 «. 
to DenTer ilnlca. Hera Uie Hnndrod Foot riTsr jolna tba Ooia Immadlately bdow Iba 
ainica. and eontalna all Unda of eoaraa tlib aiogpl barboL SooIU «» eancbt In lar|B 
U Onae botwean 'Wlaaaraiid tba DenTer ilalea la oood. Oon 
- - - - L^ Mafdalan, 1 m.. and Xlar'a StraM, 

(.Smwim,. _ 

or Saicber jolna on right bank. Nar(a(oodiroatatr«an)lnlU>ipparra 

ar li jmaorad by Slnc'a L^nn Aaaofllation; tnnCinv boffint April 
— .... — "ng^,^, Adc. I. anda No».30i pikaif'-— - 

(h, S m..ud Xb^ii Xvsm, 
in; tnnUns baiin) April 1 and 

SwuChaa^ Vaibozoniih, S 1 

J — W.—.I — . — ....... ^ ._ _. 

plka nahlnf bailna An^ 1, 

anai oopt. 10; gnjiios naung oaguH ad^- i. anoa nor. av^ puananuf aaiina An^ t, 
and! laat dn oF Feb., aioept In Nar and Qajwood, wbato Ctaara ii do oloaa Ums. G^wood 
TlTar (tioat). T m. hmf, alao )alnt Onaa on tistat bank: praaorrod br tba Klns'a Lni 
Anfllnf AaaoeUUooi Eon. aea., W. I. King, Baq., M, Hl(b-atTaet; a-L lOt. id. TU 
aiaoeUtloii Mm praaarraa 7 m. of Iba Wddla Laral Main Dialn. The Walka rInM, 
Long pond, and Ldke are fro*, tbooah nndar Iba cbarm af tha laaodatlon. f sMi 1 QbrtM. 
Beat AnRllao. Duktfa Head. (cj. S. and 9.) 

Kli« fl<>mlMmn*(Haiibi}.— I.AS.W.R. TbeTeat; largetroat. (3u aouOampf't.i 

Xlnffa IiaaglMr (Harta).— L. k N.W.R. (Am Lombm. il,r.1 Oada. 

XlamFtOn ^nrrar).— L. * 9.W.B. Thamaa and HoR'a HDl Bliat. (Su LuiAm, Ui 
LoEhs BuaboT Park. Dome Park lakea. fialeli; San. arJlBn. FiAtmuK: J. Johnaoo. 
B. Fopa, E. Slaphena, J. Wllks and Enlgbt Tacklcitt, J. B. KlchatdMn. 6T. Hlgb'-atraat 

KlatftMl (Baraftird).— G.'WJB. Arrow; troul; pTeaomd br ■ olDb balow to TlOtT, 
Bbo«a br tba l>ndownen._(iu. ITirc.) Qllwam bnuk. Uai CAaptiw.) 

Uatfton (Warwick).— O.W3. Dana. Uita : Caombroke lake (3 in. N.W.). Pondt In Poal 
Fldda ra n. N.) (At Gktaailir.} 

g-ttr'tr (SalopX— L. A K.W.B. Waar bnnk. Uoida (i m. W.) Senm (1 m. &); 
drab. dKia, trent, plka, Hlmon. Vymwy (1 m. S.W.) ; tront, aalnion, ohnb. At latmi 
Bandll>rdHalIlake(3m.HJ (S«01iHi«i(«-.) (ej. Amth.) 

K<>">MtBl«T (Baralard).— Cf.W.S. Latlon leka brook. (&> (n^itw.) 

nu^(Berka).— a.W.R. KeDnelti pike, pereb, roacli, dace. Ifiu Zandott, Jt.T.) 

■IxkiCT|laai>U«(Tork),— N.E.B. DoTe, in Famdale. ]•>.£.; troot, (ratline; pr»- 
aarrad br Lord Peiar>tiuD; i.[. lii.. ( moacbi7i.. tweekilc,. I week If.; fl^and mlnmaw 

onlri applrtoHr, UoLaniiblln, DonoombeFaikEsUtaOfflce, Halmilar. Hod) 
.i.i.i..k.i — ¥1... ' -1, w, j tioBt, grajlhm ; preaanod aa Dova («• H«IiwJ()i). maiani 
slow Harama. foMtt WbltaBorae. Klng'i Hand. (BfWrita.} 
-L.AN.W.R Bartoa brook. (&• ibwdtfa.) 
T.S. Blmonawood brook. Alt, I m. 8. Flnheia brook, I m. 8. 

t (Weatland.).— On Lnna; troot: laara aas ba had bf tlckat (nlaM 

li. BtUlt ! Roral and Oreen Dragon. (Bt u.) i 

1 (Tork). n.i.TAnllaU,4i7k— Kepbeok. Larar. l«.a Stock balk. ' 

(York),— H.E. i , , 

. . m. B.i.; nont; tree. Onat Bteddale beck, T 

taU: Blrkdila Un, J m. BE. (Sea Tort.i 
Zirkbr Bteplian (WoMland,).— Edan and AngUl Beak ; Iront Letva to Bah fran 
luOownart. AniUl Sank can ba flihed with laaTa Irom Iha oienplsn o( Anglll Caillai (1 


England. 67 

Zlik kuMaton (T«ki).— Q.C^ Went. Ltkt Dnln, S m. N.I., at W«mwA«r. 

a (Lincoln).— G.N. 

ton (NorthiMia,).- 


rtoapitart).— G.W.R. ramrmll. (AM lomtom Jf.r.) 

_ — , . N.K. LatH: LutfitoD BOBd.S*. N.B. 

u Rocb* Abbey, (Sa Alllarpe.} 

XunalMTaiifll (Tork).— K.E.a. HLdd; trgnt, (nrllac, cbak, bArbtl; piwamd kr 
llie EnuHboTOBih ADgllni Glob it W meaitini, rrom BIjiIeT ta RlbMon t m. btfov 
Knuoborooib; <i]truesUta.t.SOi. ; ■ clnb tkkst (Or Mandi ot mnnben ; Muonbwju 
Hucli i«. tDdi SnUnbCT IB; hol. J. O. Broira ud F. WolMmholna. (u. r^rtj 
Crlmpla, a m. S. «&» Kirt.) 

Knlglitwlok CWorcnter).— O.W.R. T«gi«; tront, gtarUdg, (bB», pMib. plkt. Baptylvook. 
('^i OAwHiro-.) (fj.Anem.) ffffU: Tilboc, which bu a n. <rf IiIiIde hm to tlilton. 

gr (Torki).— G.N.B. i L.HT.B-i RB.AW.aj.E. Am. {u rsrt.) {St 

Knovla (WiriHek).— G.W.R. Birth, 1 m. E. (u. IVaU.) Xats i Earlamwd reHTTOlr, 

«ia.W. (3te eatniitroa^y 
Xnntafinrd {Cbtatain).— L. Jt N.'W.B. BIrUn, I m. N. Zalai : Tittoo Fuk lU*. Mm 

am Uka, a m. a.'W. ^Sh Xmosni.) 
I<ik«nh*M& (9d8DUi).-<}.E.B. LHlltOoHi plk* ud eauHOatai flililiis (ullr oMiliMd 

(S» Sinei lym.) (e.i. !/ortlII^^_ 
linvort (NunbtoDj— L. A N.W.B. Nan. £afM; Lamport Rill, U^iiall Dais aat 

Mnid-rllBall, 1 in. W. Futon Hall.lm. E. ISee WMiaiA.) 
luiourtar.— On Lnne: lalmon and troat. Fiihlnit lo ba bad by faTonr of tha rlparlu 

lindavnsri. Tha rlvar floiri Ihrongb Haltoo, Hombj, Klrkby Loudala, Mlddlatos. tod 

SilboroDKb. Daar which II liiu (ci.) 
LuWfcrd (Ehsx).— a.E.R. on Gbalmar. (Stt VoUM.) 
LuuRar (Bilcka).~O.W.R. Id Black Ftrk (Dnko at gonotaat), and LuiiiIbt Park (Wr 

B. HUraj) ara aoma ImrcelakMi pike, paicb, udcbnb. (SttLmdtM, M.r.y 
liHVlW (Chetblrc).— Trent and parch Sablng can ba bad In the Macdeaflald CorporaUoD 

Waterworka raHTToiri ; u llckali ara Iwnad ai Hi., and 18 at 1<U; Ad., d.t. 3i., halt dn 

It Flihlnt commencea oa April lit, and endi Oet Stta. Apply tn «ata>balllft 

XU|^' Okmb (SUOkin!).— O.W.B.; i:.A>T.W.B. Tim*, (ej. JYml.) Lain Tltioia 

r«erTL]Tr. iSee Oainabortfoij^^) 
bunort (SomarMt).— a.W.R. Parret and Yw. {3it BHdgmalr.i ((j.J(flO 
Laaixlek (Uncoln).— O.N.B. Wllbam. (Ax Auion.) 
Luifwltll (Nolta).— H.B. Poallar LaJui: Langwlth Lodga. Whalajr Kill, I m. M. 

(8« JIHorw.) 
Kaarwortll (Llncolo.) — O.N.B. Lanjtwortta. CI17 brook. Saalland brook, 1 m. N. 

Lafe: HaekEhom Hall, T m. S.W. (SwSmWb.) 
Luttanas, (ManmoDth).— O.'W.R. Iiowiaa brook 1 tn. (Sit Ifiipon.) 
Lutbrd (Dnonl.— L A S.W.R.— Taw. Liptard water. Waihfiird bcook. (cj.) (Sta 


T >__ -"-TiwalO.-G.W.B. Tamori tronl; preaertod bj Mr. Cooda, Patiplt 

I Kr.BrKlBhi»,LiltonPatk,Laiinonton; Mr. Kollr Kelly. Tailatoet : 

lOihT- Cowdery wiler, t m. Liaddo water, a m. Innj, 4 m. ; trral j 
char, Eaij., Trolaike. Lanicoalon, who will (rlTealBwdaji after April let 
.itmnt (ciJ^mr.) (AtP/rmoulAaDdSf. Samwu.) ffetab: While 

nbkm^Snilolk).— a.E.R. LaTeohain brook. Bret. S m. E.J pike, pareb, raaab, 
>. tench, daca Latu: LaTenhamPark pond, 4 n. N.E. tSie MamtiHflrH.) 

b*k (Lincoln).— O.N.B. Trent. I in. &,; chnb. pika, perch, barbel, (ct.) (B- Oatf 
bmigh.) TI)C,3m,S.B. .£at«; Fllllngbam lake, am, W, (SHSatlai.) 

laa Brlte* (E«ei).— O.E.Et (Scai!llni(/Ord.> On Laa; pike, barbel, roieli. braun, cuf. 

him Hall. (Stt SEVIen.} 
LnllLOlsi* BrUr* (Torki) N,E.R. Near Whitby. Decant ti 

at'tbaKoyal Oak Hotel _. 

[Sorray).— L. Si S.W.B. fSa LondiM. L. 

tMton (Salop).— G.WJa. BeTara (I m. W.); ehnb, dace, pike, troal, aalnon. Lalfi 

Almond Pool Blaoh Pool. »nd Heneot Pool p. m. 8.) (BuOlamaUr.) (tj.Sttrm.) 
^ BotWOM ^alop).— L. AH.W3,; O.V.B. Connd brook ;tn>nt: print*. Bow brook 

III m N.K,). Acton biook (i m. E.). Eaton brook (4 m. B.W.). (Sm OJauemur.) 
itt^laA* (Oion). — O.W.R. On Thame^ Colne, and Laaeh ; chnb, tront, dao*, plka. 

r_ .(..OOglc 

The Angler^s Diary. 

■ Laach nrr saoi \ itrlcUr pnurrAd b/ Etae lindovntn- 

Lwdon. LatM: Kutnor Cutia Uke(ln.B.). DoikdTT 
-— . ^- -^ . , ■n-^' {Smlhfmat^, Glwtattef.) ffi*- 5lHm.) 

mM (iHtV— 8.E.S. On SaiuiilxHirDa. (Sh lAfMan.) 
TaillB (TarU.)— O.N.B.i U.R,; H.E.B.; LAT.R.; S.CJt Kin. (t.i, rort.] FanBlw 

knS. AOdlaback. Killing back, " - " '— -- " — .— - "— i- -i-- . _ .. . 

BwWfA.) (Stt CI<if>*M.) I-A&IM . 
TtlT (Bli«rai. - M.R.; L. * M.W.R.1 Q.N.a Cban , . . .„..,._, 

ynmnM br Unlownsn, [M TmO- Hampa, E tn. E, at OoMotc. £atai: Radyanl 

rvarrolr. SfB.H.W. Lmrar Aars pondi, 6 «. E. (Ah OatRito-wsA.) 
Ti»»llltn(r (Ti)rk).~N.E R. Badals bach. Swala, 3 m. N.E. (c.i. tori.) (3h rart.) 

Bidipalliladiiiiinailiaulrbalow; praHrrad by tbe L^saiter AocllaV BaelW; kl. Ifr' 
■anV- (ti JV»(.) Wll loir brook. A;leaConebri»k, im. 3.; troul: prtaam^uSMr. 
lactratiT braok. 3 m. N.E. Botblar brook. 3 in. N.W., *> Olanfleld. BlIiHdan brook, 
takS. BatkbT brook. 6 m. N.B. qBonHan brook, fl m. N.W., al Bradgate Park ^ IroBLj 
oraaarrad b) DiriiBr. LaUi : BraasiloD Eall laha, I fn. B.W. Tha Pool, s m. N.W.. at 
Oroalir. QuatDbi Hill laka, T m. E, u Hanianon. (Sh <7a<rular9ivh.) TtaoraUn 
' louli : Ball, Boyi], Oaorfa, Stac and Pbaawnt, and WalllaitoD. TacUeiH, 
Waal Bridta. 
>.).— L. & H.V.B. aia» brook. Lata: AttiartoD Hall Jakr, I m. N. (Oh 

(Sh ffiiv'i ^™') 

Zatai.' Biuhmc 

Moiiton ManUi, i m.) Temt; gn;Uif, tr»Di: 

preismd bj Iba Lalntwardins AcgllOK aub a( li mamb 
Knight. Ea^.), aluKbara by tha laDdownari ; fiiblog flnt-i 

<Harro)k).— 0, Wannio. (ti, 9. and A.) Blackwatrr bnwk. (8m 

(HanIbrd).-L.AKW,R.;O.W.B. fiolal : Royal Oik. Lngi trontgnyllDR, 

FlahlnE Clob of ilinlcail namben (aac, Mr. V.- W. Hotaaa, Nallonal and Proiioclal 
- ■■ r, d^Mlowibaiowd. (it»>t) Final., brook; troatgrmjlUig: pre- 

^ — ■'in. Bldgamora brook. Cogwell brook. Arrow (l|m.); tront, graTlingp 
irrad by Eaton CInb, aboie by landowncra. (ci. Wye.) StretfOrd tiiook 
{11 m.). Hnnibar brook (3 m.). Fnddleaton brook (1 m.). ISu C^qaloti.) 
- — ■— -- 1 (Toik).— N.ER. Plekartng beck. UTtibam beck, THoro ton book. |Aa* 

u jTaic/ioaan.) On Onae; piba, pare} 

■ ■ ■ - - M^^ri^ ., 

&Mlnu9(Tatk].— M.E.B, Ure; iraylbm, tront; laiisat Corsr Brldgalan. (ij. Tort.) 
KoDiDlier back, I m. H.W. Ballaiby back. 3 m. N. Corer, ) m. S.E.; Iront, gnylins; 
praiarted a. nra. Oil! back, Sm, N.; trout; proMrrod: leaieKonietlinea Sowdanbaii. 
4 m. B.E. Stalnlon Uoor beck, 6 m. K. Snle. T m. N. : Kriyllng, coaraa flab. Botd, 
Bolton Armi. 11.1. Fnrt.) (Stt ItiiaitAim. Tori.) Tae»lcm, J. F. Ltoq, Poit Oflce. 

y-L. A N.W.B. ; L. * T.B. Loatock, 9 m. E. tSee Htitttlx Bani.) 

iwil.-Q.E.R.; H.B. On Etodlng. {Six Barkitig.) 

ord).— L. A K W.B. Altaaai brook. Blackbrook at Sbanlonc. Aabmon 

id) at^Llcbflald. Bwicfen H^l 'and Fraalord Hall. 1 aa. S.E. ' (Sh BaHit- 
tront; praaarradbalow. TaTy. 1 m. ; troat ; 

lDKton(Bed(.).— L. AH.W.B. Tbam 

pnaorrad by tba Tan 

u2IS»ton (Beda.).- 

— ■ M.R. Raa. Bonroe brook. 3 m. N. CDla,3m.K. 

'.B. Ud. Thlalle brook; tront. (Sh npmoulA.) 


._,.. _„ -.-. Bonroe brook. 3 m. N. CDla,3m.K. Laia 

. 3 «!. N. (daa Oaliuboroveh.-) 

« (IMTaa>^-«.W.B. Ud. Thlalle brook; tront. (Sh npmoulA.) 


Ulbonnu (NDrthron).— L. AN.'W.B. Atuu: ctrnb. aue. lOBeh, pike, perch. brHm. T^ 

rerloft brnik. <S« Oleiiaurr.) (cj, Smn.} 
XlmplaTStaka<W!lu).— O.V.K. (Sn Bruua.) On ATon; Bood ill-raand lihlat; tnot, 

»c, J. J. jB.iite,BtQ., Ciirlr™cii.mli(m,B«li]wiii-iirMil, Bilrtol. (.j.) Mi«Ori htook- 
UaliX (Norti).— M.'r.; GJJ.B. Lflcn. iaiar PippHwiek llUlpqnd^ Iw, B. M<ml«t4 

AbbBj Ukd, 9 m. N. (Ba (lalmionnijli., 
Zdnools.— O.N.&. ; 8.E.B, ; U.S.; O.C 

ADdnx ind PtrkinioD. 36, ll«l>ill<.iitm.. 
Xdnlar <B(lap>.— a.WJB, StTern ; v<ko. P<kIi. °>>ab. dMe, HlniDD, 
WtHajr Park (1 m. W.). (Sh OhyealT-i (CJ. Snarn.) 

U]pI>M>k(Hiilif).— L AS.W.R. £iltM: RlplsrPonil 9 m. 

!; good UiIdc. 

^iBkaud (Cmiiwdll.-O.W.R. 
- - Xilakurd,rD 

■-'■--^'" ^•— 1j«B,W.K. tdlM: HlDlsiPond 9 m. 

b; Manhmlot surlon, 

in flihing. lincdedlntBlr untalde the hirtinDr pnllick ere unnht whLfflnK. 
k lowerdi ihe tilinrl, u rh« anchurue. ipd whltliK, Ac. In tba oBdc 
(, OmMiu, sDd JfmiCTjai.) fflilil.' *ebli-i. 
— L. SS.W.R. Weslem RoMiar; trout {Sa LillU HamplM.) 

.. . jrtolki,— (D.i. Dimluun, liB). N»r. (Sm Jtino'i Irin.) (c~i. If mat S.) 

.KlttlaltoroilflL (Lbdci.}--!.. & K.W.B. ; G.N.B.i M.S. Booh. Latet: HolUngimrtk 
nBerroli, 1 m. S. Spoddlt HlJl ind uolhsr rEterroIr, 9 tji N, BLicketona rH«nalr, 
i m. H.B. Luver Wblte Uolme reeenolr, 4 m. S.E, (Sei Ruaam.) 
UttlaBrtlumtUiicolii).— Q.N.B. Qlea. t,Sa Spatdlnv.) 

UtUa Ibton (DarbT),— M.a Demcnli plkt, c»ne fUh, grvlliiB. troat {ci. IVwU). 
Uolbnwk bmuk. Ecoleebonme, 1 m. S.'W. CoUat brook, 4 m W. Zola; Allutry BU 
lakB, I m. S.W. Smillaj Kill poud, 3 m. N.E. KedleMoa Park Itke^ 4 n. W. (5m Oa<w- 

XlttO* auuptoa (SnBei),-L.B. A S.C.R. Ann cIhi Id ConlhDM pond ID Si. Leonud'a 

pond (pike, 'percb. [oKh 'dux; lene from P. 3allvd, Eeq., Crawley) ud Hawklna' 
pond (ironl; leaie from CoL Aldrldge, Hontaam). t m. on li a pond od Uie rlibt buik. 

' " ' • • ,d, and wBlerlDjr lakaa at Hew Lad|e and BIgtiluid Farm, amt 

cb GhaniiQl brook, i m. Iode. Irani Wambam Hilf Pond, joine on right 
1 m. 10 ttohlnlLaia, 9 m. u SUafifld, 91 fn. to Bad — ''" 

BmillgllM^t. lm,bek,-. 

a large > 

Igbtbanfe. Tl 

In Bto or ila larga laHea Id 

Sblllinglee 1 

iterton) (n.e^ 

4 Di.). ruDi 3 in. lo EioniDU, > 


ing joins on left 



Ash Park and East End F.rm, 

lllirglee Park. 

Ltaa Wuldaara 


, pike 

. percb. and te; 

ScS.) Tbe ma 

mni 9 m. to Kndlard wbere li 

1 a lake, 

1 m. below 1. )< 

lined by the o 

pond! on right bank. 1 m. on li 

I Wlebor 


Green, and An 

in H m. am. down Amn la 



,k. Rotherri, 

les u HawUay 



apendiin. n 


buk. i m. dowD, at Shaet Hi 

,nk, rletng In 
dralnaee of 

Sleep MUl 1 In. 

Iho larga poDd 

on' PetsreflBld'"He>lh. a m! o 

at Down Pai 

rk, 1 BL iTif 

Boffkt* Station. RDtber nm 

9 91 m. 

to HlMMd. wber 

e th. emnant 

of three lake* 

lying alonnlde the road from 


In. on rJchl be 

ink. 1 m. on 

.irMm jolni on left bank drain 


9 )ake> in Halting Ci 

mba. Cook'e P 

end OD Kewlck 

Common, MUlaDd Mlllpool. an. 


lakes, all wUhin S m. o( ea 

cb other (n.o. 

llpllO0k).run, 3>n, lo Hami 
Roiher li Ihs drainage, 3 m : 

d, by 

Chilhont, and 

er. 9 IB. down 


lo"lliaiTirrt md recBivK 

> the diainac* 

If a lake on Uidhoi^ Comm' 

, on rlghl bat 

ik, a gtteam ; 

lOlDi. riling IB 

Ba Mlii,a"vS.o[IIiaimrrt.and i, 


r. tha dralu.. 

tram Iho lakea in Cowdry Pa 

!n ba 

nt'-n^l"* i. 

iHam Cemmon 

on ^..k. li ™ on a «re 


on If 

(t hank, riling g 

It Cook's Ulil. 

near Famhocit 

I. an Ul< left bank, li tha dralnifa ol a pond on Rlyer Cominon (tront) (i 

'- A.oogic 

ITie Angler's Diary. 

m, PatwoEtiL), 9 III. DO chla brook YAat Roiiuc. Tiaat in t 

Mru on righl Iwak, wMcb riwi In ■ poud br Oriphsn 

b^Patwotlli Puk (Lord LeconSeld), 

In* UkH In Burton Puk (pike, ptrcb. cirp, hdiI lench). 1 m. oi 
OnliHga. I n. Isnf, of ■ lake b; ERdsan, 1 m. (lom Pstworth, e 

S n. down Anu 
■od fSsdlni lootb 

, . ., _ , .-.moderate. ffoUl: Beich. 

XlWaport (Cunba.).— G.E.B. fiMtli : Sillway, Blmck Horse. Oruiby. Onie^ coanefUh, 

fram Hr. H. BfMId, Uttlsparti'^urRHB T. Soiilb. Suidblll BrldgF. («e< Can»rMre-> 
(et. S, «l i3.) TboDU Sonth, Sandblll Bridge, lJttLBpor^ will alTOrd all Inlonnatiail 
ud iDppI; >1< rttinleliei. Tbs Oreat Que below tb« Or»k li pretmad bv Capt. 
T«j1or, .ffcKt/i: Granby, Bailwij Tavern. Black Hone. GlobB. Brandon Creak 
(C«pl. Lnddlnglon); Am, Ship (1 pont and flihini altached). A floa siratoh of Oq», 
i m. lone. connMllnE IbF C, and E.A.3, Sihlng wltb Mr. II, T. LaddldgTon'i xaler, irblch 
aiMndi from Capt. TarloT'*. EKrenont Houae, to 1 m. toward) LItlleport. !■ aow belns 
prrBBtted bf Onae and Neu Flpberj District BoBTd, nho have stopped all netting. Uildon- 

UllloOiue or Braadon {3m. N.); prweried by W. Lnddlngton, Biq. Mr. W. C FaaciHik 
(Tancaallinlt«dnnniberD(tlckeu, Iim-, 3blp, comfortable. {SctSing-iLmn.^ 

Uttla Blbaton (York), nj. WatbeEby, 4 m.— NIdd. (f.i. Tort.i Crlmpla Ii«d& 
Allorton beck. 1 m. E. (Sm ror*.} 

Uraipool (Lena.). ~ L. & N.W.B.; U.K.; L. A T.B.; ; C. Llaei. FlabiDs 
can be bad In Blilngton lakca. nrlonnlDg to tbe Corporation— noD-retidents' %.x. 
2L SI.. d.L Hj. l reEldenti — at. R 1j., d.L if. 6d, on appUcallon to Ebo WateE-enRtnefiT,. 
Unnloipal Ofllcea Fly onl^. except In TTpper and Lower RIvlDRton reearvolra, and 
tbe Lower Boddlcgwortb and Bake brook reaerToIra, LocbleTen tront leuoo from 
Uarcb li to Sept 13; no wading; no doll; no Sunday tMag. Tbe LIVBipDOI AasUna 
AtsDidaUoD |R. Woolfill, Son. MC.. Clnb Honic, Bee Hotel, Qoaen-sinare) baa priTKte 

There ig Kme g'ood Bebing abont St. H 

lena, onder the 

t, Helena Angling 


hon. lec., Ur. H. U. Oreer. T. 13a;dock 

BlltBCotham Ami Hotel. The A nod 

ation alio bu flebini In two Corpo 

(St Ann'i dam and Leu of Mntlon dam 

Eccleiton mere 

(Sir D. Gamble, 

)!'. Of per- 

m, Stanley Ulll 

am, Eccleeton H 

il dam. "Z. 

Swtft-idam, atd.t. 1», Carr Mill dam 

eleni, ]■ now eloaal br CoL 

Gamble. Abont VortbwlolL Is som 

ihing; applj to U 

r. O. Sanm. 

Boltnn A»oeUtloii 

Milni!; memban onlyj let, Mr. T. 1 

a. TactttU, 

Idn^O, Tie (Coraw^i-Qood ba»ai 

d pollack flrtlng rrom the make bar 

time, Wltb .almon tod and lldlit artlflcia 


ad. aaglan brook. PU1 brook. 

IjMUlbMK*! (IIoniumth).-O.W.B. 
ld»Ilgllri^(Mmim<™ih).-Wye; troa 
Hal7Bm(««i)- 0«n«j(lfl..) (Su C^ 

Honddn: tronl; 

prewTTod by tbe 


(ei.) Bldno ( 

m.), Tavenlg (6 

<"■)■ £*(»«. 

■ont, grayling, ch 

b, Ac. Cynlllal 

la m. -w.). 

VymVy (3 m. 9.); trout, aalmon, cbnb. 


the landownera. 

(Sea Um. 

re«Bt»ea as Vymw 

. 1-S«ffl«,cawr.) 


andownero, leaTO 


Honi, aalman, grayling, roacb, percb. 

pike. cbnb. *c, ; 

b.« 1.^. goM^rtretcb if t™ 

yling, ebnb, pike 

free. MonU 

(1 m. E.>; pike, obnb, troat; a portion 



pwob: .___. 

BoM: OoagKaya. 
KooUnctOA CTork>.-lf.E, 



I fn. to Btcktaun BrldR*, KcwhoDH 9 m.. IMUlswaU 1 n. H«r« WoodlOjib bnok, 

T «. loQB, aim on left bMik. 3 m, itoirn Atod l» Aieton GlliUri, to irtaleli Ib« Hte flawi. 

(e.t.) ATDn Is piueiTBd tr the ATon and Erma FUiIdi AwxsUUod beneo to tnood 

Sbtpler Gridge^ •.!. (limited lo so) «u, m.t 30i., w.t. lOi., d.t. li. ii.,: hc^ C. S. 

trom Eh* PlfdiDDtli tukleliti. Solil: Turk'i H(4i1. ' - • • 

Xroddon (Norfolk), a.s. Baoolis, Tm.. a.E.B.— That. Tan, Sni.N.B. (Sm TonnMtlA.) 

Ko<n HUl (SomeiHt.)— O.W.B. Ai. (SMJiVi^iM (cj.Jnn.l 

KondOB.— On Tbumea and Heir RJTer. Hew Blier rim b; HartfbKd, und flon w 

HoddaBdont BrozlMmme, 9 n. i OIiMllnuit, Em.; Walthaju. Itm.i SnAtld, 

em.: tnnolunoT* Bill, aitn.! Wood Oram, e m.-. Horaiar, i( n.j Tor> 

xlnffton Fork, 3) ni. Han it Stoke HawlcgloD ire Die New Rlier Dutapmiif '■ wUar. 

wsrtaud leienuln. wbere tha flahlog l> tbtt nwd (pike, perch. Ac), bnl •tiicll; forblddati. 

UPPER TRAIIES. — Tbtmtt rlw at Huma B>ud, neu T*tlniX7-rcwd BtaUon. 

It flows tbrauKb Fool Keyne^ Somerftrd Kainei liood preterred trootliut depandiaf 

on tha wetnau or drjneu or lAe Huoni), Albion Kernel (piks, chnb, 4«), wbera 

it bjobied on left bank by Swtll brook. B m. lone, * m. on, at Cilcklade (pike aebloi ie 

nn EOOd and free. HalrU : Wbila Bart and White Horee), Chnrn Jnini Ttaamea ob left 

— ■- n b7 CqObBTly (Qlo'Ker), and In Uro.nuH ta draiUMitor, pudsg 

. jonib,and KoffmCeniaj, where tba troatljiglt good and preia-T«d. Tba 

■r ol Rwideonib Park wmsUmM glvee leare. 13 m. nn Tbamei Ie raacbed. paialiit 
■" " Iway. 4oi.dowiiTliainB>,DMicjbrook,l m. long, join! on rlgbtbank, aad 

# m. an Kaj Jiriiu do rigbt bank. Raj rl 

0, and 6 «. on, a brook (oln* ol , „ ,_. _„ ^ 

aTW(oa,>ti'i,np>treaiii. I m. down Ray Pnrtou li raicbed. I m. from Ibe nrer, TbamBila 
■ m. on. 8 fn. down Thamea Bjde Mill bnwk joini on rlibt bank, Tbli brook rana 
oat of a large lake at Wamford Place; nearest atatlen. Sludwanlujii, and !■ 8 il 
lOBfl. 1 m. down Ttaainei, Cole Joins on rljfbl bank (ooana aih and a few troat). 
Oola ri«s Id Cola Rsaoriolr, s m. irom Bwlndos, and In t m. li Joinad bj a 
Mraam on right bank, wblch bai a large mlU hsid a m. op, *i m. on a itream tolnt 

!• 9 «.. paHlng Coleihill. I) m. dowo 

., —t bank. Tba Qto'eter Colna rliH is • 

BUI pono It WL », of Bh^toii, mni to Wlibtaiglon, 3 m., Tanaorth t m., Coin 
St DmuiIi 3 n. Coin Bogare I dl, ttimn 3 m.. Coin St. Aldwin'i I) m.. Halberow I n., 
(loaahiston I m^ TkllfOId 91 ><>„ tacUMto 6 m. 1 m. balow. Leach Joini Tbainoi 
OB left bank. Leacb rlsee al Sortb Lpacli, and runs Id 13 m, to Eut Leach TnrrUk, 
IJ »». to Sonthroii, and Tbamee 4 m, paadDi Little FaringdoD, 1 m. frr- • --•-■■--- 

rlaaa In a mill pond 'at Black Bonrlon. I m. VI. of Bsmpton, and mnolng Ibnmgb tbat 

btfew), WIndmah JoIni tbimei oo left biDk. Wlndriiili rta« In a mUl pond at OnlCing 
Ponr (Olo'ater). and rnni In 1 m. to Boartoii'Oii-tlia-Watar. 11 m. below, DloUer 
rirollolne'Wlndrneb on the left bank. Dlckler rlaes la DonnlDgt™ Mill, a m. M-^.ofBtow, 
BaailSm.lon|{. It <n, down Wlndrnah lg Rls^nglon, and ] fn, on a etream tolna on tha 
fMt bank, wblcb rlaea hi a mill pond at Sherboma, 9 fn. dp. 1} m. down Wladroah U 
inadnttti and Bamngton, Talnton 1 n>., Butfotd I) m., Wltnw II fn.. DnckUngton 
I m, Staodlike 4 tn. (large tiool). and 3 n, on tba Ibamei, f m down Tbamea li 
Myiiglmm. ^olal: RedLIODandBwan. I m. below, Eranlode rlierjolna Tbamea oa left 
If AdlaMrop. t>"- to*iif *l^vleiA>rd, lealarga 

DMid. ■ )iL down, at Oh^plBff Vortmt Inncttmi, a etream Jdu oa left bant, wbleb 
itaaa Is a mUl pond bjr Uttla R^wilght, nun to Balford, It fn., Ohteplnc Norton 
(l^m. off) t «., ChnrchHlll 1 rl, BTanloda t m. Kranloda next raaa In if n-loSUpton, 
!%•■. to Aaoott. S m. on, at Sbortbampton. a atrtam loina on left bank, wblch dratna 
a Bill pond 1 in. ns. From ban to CDiarlbiirj It 1 m. I fn. balow, the ocerflow from 
■amal large ponde (tront) In OoraharT Park Joint Eienlode on the rliht bank, t m. 
oa li ftouaflald, and 6 aa. on. at XMAronrh, Olrme Bl'er Joint on left bank. Q\ja» 

_._. at XMAronfii, fliji 

rsaw la iinii* lakea la Hayttart^ Park, 1 fn. aboic •.iiauiuc. nusn 
right bank bj a atraam 3 fn. long, wbiah worke some mllli. OJyi 
l^mnton 6 fn,, and WoottOD 1 f». Hera Darna Rlrer Jobia on the 

Woodatoek la 1 tn. on down Qljme. Hore lb* rlrar watsn the large 1 
Park (piko, itrtctlj priaerTBd). and In 9 fn. nacbaa Eranloda, and A at. 
Tbamea (Lord Abingdon preaeneg tba left bank of Tbamea fOr some dlsta 

UIDOLB TBAMSa^-At Ozfiird Cbarwell Jolni Thame* on left bank 
to Korthtmpton 1 tn. abore Woodlbrd (neareit etatlon Bjrflald), and 
Oopcodj. Than are elEht milla. At OroriradT a ttream Joins on i 
TtoMlntworaaarrcdrabf Oroprodj, Stn. balow which a ttraam joiiu on 


72 The Angler's Diary. 

tn WonDlalilitDD nwnDlr (nureit sUtloD Tuuir Oompton) ; ■ n. down Ibia iRiMm 
Ok ixirflDB Irom ClitlercDtc reHmilr. 1 m. off ud I m. Irom i:liiyilon TllUEe, Jn1» A 
ligbl bulk. 3 m, down, Gropredr 1b rswhril. 4 n. down CLerirell, puaion fonr mllli, a 
■tre*iD]nliii DD rigbt buk. wblcb rlHi by Finiboroiib In ilirEe liks, and !■ 7 n. lonf; 
puilBs UoniDKUn Hid Humeli, 9 m. doHo CherwsU BaiibnrT' ia rEBche<i, ud EIdk 

ltin.dowDCb'am]1liia>treiiDtHnoi>rlBbib>iik, Tbe Ant ilwilaapiMlljy CbtrrlnRtoa, 

.WTMBUjoln, onemingblbink «nd one on left ban t Thsflnt riien by Hurley, In tp»l, 

dnlDlDf tbclakain Wrniton Abber- Tbs "Iber titer, tn t pool by Epw^ll. and li 51 A 
kiai. puslDi Tadmscloii Tjl1i«e, From Brongbton to ttae JuBetion at dier-ell li Isl, 

{bfTioij mill pool by Grem Rollwrlghk nm'j to l"™. lo Swe'?(..rfl Pirk, where II num ■ 
llige like, mid III m. down Joins Cbi^rnBll, puslcji Sonlh Nowlnpon ud B.Tfori, soil 
tour m»i>. a m. down Cberwill, Aynlio 1> nubecl (DeddiuEton li 1) m. oft), uid a m. oa 
■ HrMiDJoIni on rtgbl tiank,wblcb orntDS soina lakei bj Cfreat Tew end Lower WutoB, 

tbli atream wlib Cberwell, Bomerton li reicheD ; H 
llafton t 3 oL. WooflBtook ■oad, ud Isllp. 4 

Bit iliei by Bloaitar, nd li B m. loni. Atlillpi itinuijuim nmj um hhi.. i.<iu>, niuoi 
[iw In 1 large teke In Ulddleton Perk, 3 in, ftein BlOMtei, iiid li S m. long. Tba 
Cherwell new nmi In e n. lo Oxford. The Tbunei neit flowi In 1 m, to Ifflaj. 
Unn: Iili TuTern.), EsDnlDglon 1 m.. Sudfoid I m. (Imt: Elug'i Anui). *ul 
AMo^en H m. Dck bare Jolni ThiniBi. Ook riiei weal ol Okinray Bait, 

riilDg In B dUI pool tt Leleombe Keffle. uid. paaiing WuiU«e and Eut Husaj, 
feadi tliree mllla, Tba Oek now flon In t m. lo AMufflloil- ^ m- down Thunei a ttreui 

flowi to 8t«vanton m 4 m., tbenoe t m. to Sction Coarteocy-oD-Tluunea, winklDc 
HI mlUi. Onlhaan. la on the oppuUte itda of rlTer. ThamcB dow Bant ID Applstanl, 
1 «., Long Wltienbam, l| m. (Inn. Tbe Viae Cottage): Clifton Hampdan, 1 n. (/arui 
Parley Mow and Plongb; good flildng}! Utile Wbittanbun, 9i dl; 1 hi. below 

aoma S n, aboTa ArlaNbTUT- B •»■ down ti Coddlnglon. and Cbeargley I m. I n. 
balew, el Knlley Abbey, a siream Joint on iVbt bank, wblota tlMi In a larg« lake at WotUn. 
I ». down B ilream Joint on rijiQl bank, I m. long, wbloh dralni the lake In Sorton. 
( m. on Hume ilier ia reachad; 2 m, on Tluun* la reaehedi im., LAdUngtOBi 
Wtaeatlay, « «,; Addeiden, 1 m.; Stadtaamplon, 4 m. i m. below, Baldon 'brook, 
( n. looi. Joint on ilKhl b„nk. 9 m. down Tbame la Drayton, and Dorcheater 1 a^ 

BmarngtHi It m. (a [aw tronl, pike, and peieb). and WamagtOxi U tn. Seia a itnara 

tutna on liglit ba 

3 m. to WalUnKfbrd. 11 m. below Watitngferd, a 

■oTtunai ol . - ,. ,... .... _ 

MotlatOri; Btreatle^ (/nn, Swan. Fu/ieraan, SanndenJ. and Oorlnr 3 m. (Hobl, 

preiarTed), tome II fn. lonE, Jnlni on rlKbt bank. Tbimat nan rung In 3 m. to Xapla- 
dnitaam and Farley (o.a. Tllehnrrt. Bout: BnabBek. Carertham Am: Crown ant Weit Oreiloo, T;fl*l a m., 

mabury € in., Hnll^arfblA 4 nv. Here Dnnn JoIob en rlntLt oana, .i nt. uv^ 
iwi ont of two ponoa Bi Froifleld. Sennet next runa lo KlatbiUT 4 m., and 
DW tba mat nini Ihrongb Sampataad Park {Lord Craren), where tba draining* 

>1, good perching, u presarred by Lord Criien) ; Wtrwbaij 31 n, I m. down 

meet DOW llowi In 3 m. to Tli&toliuii, Mld^uun i m., Aldtrmaatoix » n 
low, EmbBrne rl'ei Joint Kannel on rlnhi bant Embnrna rlaea In a pond on Holt 
.and in Ij n. la )oin«1 by a brook on riant bank, wbloh draina tome pondalm. 
.-. -- (5 ^ 5 of Hstrliiirr, and 4 m. on li Joined by a 

rmiDu uuiiip oDiiQ^^oi^ ujunb m ucq/ubvu jjum R«Ading. Good for pike abo^e. ThA nlu 

Sblplaka look ; hon. aec, F. brown, IJaq , G.W, Hotel) ; SI m. Id BUplaka, and 1% m. to 
WartrH<(n.t. Shiplak* or TwiClEd, 3™.}. Loadon bare Joint Tbamaa (good trontlBA 
atrlctly preaaned In Iha Dpper part, pike, peich. and eoane fiiblng). Loddan riaea iB 
Nawram Bprlngt. a tarlu of pondt dote to Badililgatokdt and T m. down ia joined on 

J Bramlay. 



StmhflcUny. Ui« Dnkg of WelllngUin'i plus, U r« 
tb* Dnks. Im: WbIUdeIsii Arma, Pike, iwich. & 

bj FamboronKlif 'od rDiig m 9 

WhiiiwuIerlolnjBlsckw.tBroo iBfit 

down w.ter. > lurgo Igke at bj Oi _ . 

'i m. off). 8 m. down, at Hwliaelit. s uttua JoIdi on riglit buk, which riMt la ■ lu|* 
Ukt, F)Ht Fond, br ibeL. AS.R, itfii.(RiiaV>xn:baniTWli •uiIod. and It ri m. lao» 

ta TwytbTd uktDK up iwo briaeli^ down to TnjAird Mill. Pint, tbg n»lo itrum oil ot 
HanU St SvillowOeld, Aiborfleld. ud Eirl; (£oddon Brtd^) I m, r*]li In. 9«andlr. 
■ •tnna rrom Euthimpiieiid Park md Woklnihim. tbene* I m. by llnnl ud Wbl>U*y m 
VwTlbzd (III prlTUe). Thirdly, ha!a Cnuri Cnnip. Bigihol, by Eutbimpletid itllim 
to BzaeknaU (l m.) | m. mxliet * tmill ittMin from Aacot Place by ^arlleld, ud 

ca tay Barkluunpiteftll, lud la i m. li 
- — •■ ■■'-• rortli 6 ™. Hbtb C 

.) 3 m, to Hanlay, RBmenhin. 

ovnKDtL) drant Karlow, 

- , - . . . Wjoriw. In a largs mill p«) 

br W*Bt l^oomlM, rnng Is 1( m. lo HlEh l^roomb*, H ■"- ■" ^ondwktar. 
a Bi. to Wobnm, »nd Jolna IbucoBi a) m. belbw. fhamai runi to OcKikham 11 M, 
MaidanlMBa 4 m.. Um. toBtay; (tfold: Gi^orge. Bra; mill tall la pHvara.) Honkw 
Itlud, 3 m. (ffofal: Unnkay laland. FUhtrmati i FlumTntr.) DoroBy 1) m., and 4 m. la 
Clavsr, EtoD. and Wlndaox. Hara a iltFim julni on Ian back. 4 m, long, draining a 
Ur>a lake Id Stoka Park t m. Irom Slooffh. 1 m. balow Wlodaor a aHeini 4t m. lone 
)olni Tbamei on lelt bank, wblch risei in Uw larRt laka In Black Park, and in the 1ak« 
In Laoglay Park, I m. on. naareu tialloa Luigln, I fli. off. Tbamei roDi 1 m. to 
IMrtoIiat, 4 m. to Old Wlndior (nFareu itition WrarabiUTi 11 ">' Bout-. Bella of 
OoaBiBi). aim. outbeHetltoraColncjolPiTham.i Colna londer Ibeummaof Vbf) rlM 
br Kedbum (oeamt elillon Karpandm. 3t m,), ram lo Bt. Albon'a « m.. F»Tk- 

and Id 3 m. la Jiilned by a iirB«m on Ion bank, which ciua In Elitree leienolr, Blatzaa,' 
■ t m. off, and iddb In 3 m. to Badlett, 1 m. bBlow Jolalng the psrBDt brook. wbIcA jolna 
Coloa I m. bBlDW. ColDC lani to Watftird Jtuatlon. 3 m. Hbtb a stroaoi i m. looc 

is Watford, ahd Xlekaiftnan'ortli 4t m. 

Koor, Is joined by a 'brook 


!dtord to Sarratt Mill, and below by 
and bBlow Londwalar IhB ilraam la 

Klokmaiinrartli s m. 6 m. dovn Coloe. Uliboune etream 
tIsboDrdB paiaaa Gieai MitisudBD (oapjial tninMoE In tiie laiiaa at 

1 3 n. lo Little Uluenden, and I m. od itatert the laiga lake M 

.. , . . 1 St. PBlar'a 1) m., and Colne B m. CoIqb, In numaroni Uraaoi, 

nrna to Uzbrldga i m.. Wait Siajton 3 m. Hare aairBam jolna an left bank, 
rWDiE In Knlahp reaerrolr (aiblng itTlctly preserTed ; u.i. Fliuiar, 3t m.), tnna u> 
■loknuUUFWOrtll, * <•>., 1o Rnlatip 1 m., TTZbrldse 3 hl. Hilllngiian I »., W«at 
SrKrton. 3 n., Oolnbrook It m. Wraribnxj 3 m., and joint TbamBi, with laraial 
ontlkflB, I m. on. 
LOWSa TBAME3.-»Uiu»» la 1 m. down Thamea, Lilebui 3) m. (/im; Horaeaboa. 
ruitrma: A. W. and O. Qarrla.) Oharttsy l\ m., WaybrUff* 3tn. UoDrna brook 
■nd Wey bera Join TUmea on tight bank. llonTno brook dlTidei Into two pmrta Iloee to IM 

autlOB jLBOOt, ram 11 m. lo Vlrirlnla Water and the other poDda In TClndaor Farli (naantt 
atation, Virrtal* W»toi, 3 in, to Cbertaty. and if m. to theiBDOllon, The right atraam 
rIaeabT Chobham , rnnn s m.. and li joined dd left taaok by a atretm i| m. long, rlilac la 
OlOTBrV, Qraclooh and other pondt (good Uncb BahlnjO, and In \ m. waten tba lake 
In Otterabaw Park (aood tench Bahlog, naareat atation VoUng Comnioa, and If m. 
onJolDaTbaaea. The Wey riaailij JUtOU, Hauta, and tnualnLto Holybonroe. Fteyla 

„, .., .(..oogic 

Jolni on right bank. 
Hlstnden Abbey), r 

U bj Aider Bait Wood, 3 m. trim Famhrnm.. a| m. down ffa; ■ atreun Jolu on 
^ ■' " ' - la Ripiler pond, im, W. olUpliook. 1 nkcn iitTHm joliiiom 

74 The AnSlet^s Diary. 

II m.. rnrtOiAm 61ni. »m. down, .«rwio imloneJol 

e( ilaka br Aider BDit Wood, Jul fton Famhrnm.. a%in 

Tigtat bank, nblcb rtiea la Rlpilef pond, i m, W. o! Xdplioo-. 

il(hl bunk, dninlng a pond elOM to tba lUUon. 1 m, on Firkel pond U roKbed. I m. 

don, t itrsun I m. long joliii dd Itftbink, dtalRjngWnolinerlWQdind two ottaeri dais bT. 

Qrutliuo Tllliigo 1> 1 til. OS, and Uphook l\vx. I fo. an ■ ttruni jolni on right bank, 

rWngby MialanMra, In iome pondi! roni J m. to Brsmibot. •hare it li joined bjra 

wbleli ninal flL,'<rhenltl>]i]liierlDn Isrt bank by a slrum'dr&inlDg tb* laka lu H«dlar 
Puk. 1 m. on, tie dr^nbigs o[ two Uku on WisbanK Down (one holding trout, tbe otb«r 
□Ika and pnoh ! ]«■•« from tbe owner °r Orej-ibot Hall) jotnion right bank. I m. Da tbe 

nacbed, 1) m. down Wej tbe DntSow ot Abbot's Fond end two lakes on Hinklay Cannaon 
loin on rigSt bank. Tbeae pondi are I m. ftom Fransham Little Pond. IJ m. down, at 
Elitwd. a itream 3 m. long dnlne a pond on Thnnley Common, abant E m, from Abbot'i 
Pond. I fn, below Elalead the draining! of the lakes on Fottenbaia Coninian Joio OD 
latt bank (neareit itatlon, loDfluua. 3 m.). II n>. down ITe; a itrcam 3 m. long 
Joini on TlKht bank draining Hammer'! Pond on Wltley Gominon (nearsit atatloa, 
HlUbrd, 31 m.), 31 m. down way ig OodalmliiK. Hare ■ atreim joint on rl«tat 
bank, rising In Hme poudi by WltOar. rnna 3 m. lo KUfora, uHere a alream jolaa 
on rlgiit bank, dralnloe ipond I m. np. i m. on )e the draining or a lak« at Bnabbrtdga, 
I m. dp. i| m. on Is OoMlmlnff. 1 m. down Way tba dralnaga of New and Old Pod 
jolna on lelt bank. I m. on a atream jolni on right bank riling la a large Uk* I M. 
troro Orkwlslcb, rnna 1 m. to Bxamlajr, where tba drainage ol aome pmida. 
Il^m. op, on Biaa^H»ihj_joIna_on^rtgbl bank. i\ m. on la Way wWcb tnnt to flll«lfor« 

wbe'ra it laoda the likee In Albory Park I n on. 
d SbaUbra 1> « m. on. Wey mni to OuUd- 

, at Ripley, two itreama Join on right oank and 
len nana. i^ie one araina ine ponda la Clandon Park, 3 m. Irom OnildenrC, 
and la t m. long; Ibo other riaea in lome punda cloas to the railway (Plfbrlshti. 

tialng In a pond os Broad Street Common, 3 m. ft-om QuUdfocd. tnna 3 m. to 
Wbltamore Comman, wbera It walere a lake, and t m. on lolna Whiunore pond, raacbing 
Uie main brook 1 m. on. Tlie atream neat Wokliur, and 3 n. on reaibH 
Wey, wbleb mni (o WlCley. I m.; Bydeet, 1 m. : and Warliild!r«> -1 >»• ^en * atttram 
Jolna on right bank, rlaiog In two ponda on Bortley Common ; runi 4 m. la Wlaley. where 
the drainage ol Bnt Pond (carp, pike, roach ; d.t. U„ at tba Inn next tba pond), and MTtnl 

-- .- — "... .■"-'■- --. ■-'it bank, and lim-oo. on right bank, 

ta WaTlirlOsa. Hera the onUkU 
.a right bank close to the Thames. Thamaa dewa 

to Siui1>ar7, \ m,; Hampton, 3 m, ; MonI 
W. of itkwlar, and In 1 tn. la jalnad by the drabilage of a lake cli 

" ■ ° ' - " -• Ar»wi 

TUgBteForeat.andtnin. jolna another large pond. OmrlHle I 
I _ !.«. Brld(Ml; H'"-' — ' - "■ ' '■' — ' 

I m-H-ofliiTaa BrUniiy l) <n. below Horl^ i''tmwn']olna'Ha1e~~oB rigbCbank. 
wblob rlaei In aome pools by Kowfuit, and I m. on It joined by the oTerdow of takot M 
Baahford Cuitle Dn tba right bank, and two lakn by WUeham'a Oreeo on lb* left buk. 
BowAuit sutlon la Im-N.E. and H.w.ftom each or those lakai. Tbia itream now nna M 
■orlar. S IB., and Hole, 1 nv. I m. on. a Rream Joioa Uole. rising In tbe larsa lake in 
OattoD Park, by ICnBthailk, and In a amallar lake 1 m. E. of HecatbaBi, nina tt 
mad Kill, 21 m., and Hole, S m. 3 m. down Uole ■ atream S m. bng jolna on Idt baak, 
draining Ewood PoDd. i\ m. from Holmawood SUtlon. Hole rans next to Batoh- 
worth, 4 Bi.^ Dorklnr, it n. Here Pip brook joins on Ian bank, dralnhig (OEoe Modi 
belonglai to R. Fnller. Eaq,, of Ui* Kookery, * m, on np by Woottou. Uole rana to Mm 
Xm, llm.;£Mtliazbaaa,4«ii Cobbam,4m.; Ba]m,l)n.| MovIbct, Tbamaa, 
Mm. Tbamee nniloT&«lIxwPltloil,lM.| Xiltfiiton, a m. Here BogTa Um 
^i^olns on Tignt bank. The atream rlsea by Bwalf, aad 1} m. below la lomad M 

and la a m. long. Hogg's Ml" mn^io'MalS^, l''^^V'rtanrtOn, TUmo* i\^ 


m.; ben iliniicliffi 

-. ^ : — ^,- -.— aT«aaiijton,4m. „__„___.™, 

It m.: Rlohmond, Jl m.-. talawortli, I m. Tsddlng bcook ben jolna TAiidh^ 
THldtnE rim wma milcB N. of Cnsford (nnu-cit atnlliii, ■oirtlLaU, it tn.) rani M m to 
tlwlokaaluun, «bere ■ bnncb cf Colne Jalnt it, uid puiIng isranl powder >nd otbar 
mllto, s m. on Jiilp» Thamet Tb.on. rnntneil to Brmtfiird, I m. H«re Brent jotai 

Huidh tlowt b3 SAddlntfton^ 1 

■ortli JoUil on loft bank. Tl pHHt , ..,„,„„_, ,„„„„, «»».>,i^ , „n r.„i 

fi«dlOai, liii„Fdt)uuii,lm.,uidT*UliWtcin,4ni. ThvuH rune la TwlokuHum. 

VliltatteiL Jniuitloa, i m.) ; 

irch, roicb— at tliDH. Tho a 

Mortlftka, li m,: Saraaa, 1 m.; OhlawlDk, i m.; Huumaiamltli I m.; 
rntnejr, H n. Hero a slnam Jotsa on rlKhtbuik, rlBlm; at Lovar Uoiden. I m. E. ol 
IbHUn, mna In S m. to taxnta, mil joloi Thimes It m. on. Tbunea mnt to 
Vuidswortki I M^ wbara WKndls lolna on rlgbt bask. WatuUs rlaea by OrordoB, 

SiBirillllB): Oui&alton, 1 m.; Mttoluun, ])fn.i Kaiton, I m,; Tbunai."t nk 

From Wudawnrtb to WutmlDalor BrIdKO la bl m. 
LnfAshtODtSomaneQ.-G.W.R. Aibton Brook; ttoat; pnHrnd by Sir a. SmylliBt 

iililon Gonn. t_Bei Sriitol.} 
Koa^kop* iSla'aHr).— S.W.B. Hoiwbnok. (SmITaAwt.) D«in(lin.1 
LoBJrnor, n.i. BtlxtaB, 7 m, (Darby).— Hannylold i trmil. myllnf. udt*. 

tronl. nrKyHns. (ci. 7V»it.) BIsckbrook, 9 m. 8, iOn Saiiiibinueli.) 
Itaug Praatoa (Liau.)~L. A r.B. Hlbble; tronc, aaJmon. plka, cbab. (nrlli.,. , 

lib. Loni Pnaton b«k. WlEglaawonh beck. Rnlkmflll back, 1 tn. N, £akea : Tin ' 

LoodwRtra (Bncka,).— O.W.H. Wyo. tSH iBnAm, If.T.). ,. 

KoB^bozongh (Lalewter).— U.R.. Q.aR.. ud L. A tI.W.R. Sou; pike, nub. porch, 

Kr. w!e. Parkoe, LonRbborODgli ; g.I. ii.; Inclndlnit pike, T(. Si.! d.L II.; do Sunday 
Mblar: piking bgglag Ann. 1, andi Usrab 14. (ej.Trmt.) VilMn brook. Dtahleybc- *- 
1 m. N.W. <Joomdon brook, Jb"' -■ .-... 

L,R.A.S. : i.t. 311, ; d.L. bnrgSHH, ». ; atranfon, U. (d. Oarandoa Fark Isko, 1 

il Bndfite Park. 
u roacb* carp, and teacb ; preaorred br 

. , ,— _,>t«,»«,M. Garondoa Park l»ke, » m. w. 

Btamlbrd lake, i m. N.E. Blifkbtook reaerrolr {In courao of eonalruetlon), 4 m. S. W. 

Salil: Klna'a Held. (Bte QabuAoroiKrA.) 
CjwitfiUMTi fRnmt'i -ii.'S.K-'. 8.E.R, On Boding; fliblng very poor. (344 Bartinff,) 
LO^^ lUBCDln).— O.If3. Lodd; tront. Lndd riaaa aboro B»liWton> rone 3 n. ■» 

£aut&, AlTlDgCon ( m., md Jolni the lu 8 n. beloir. Oriyfleet, I m. B. (flee BM- 

/M(.) Bain. 7 tn, W. (Ste Batm.) 
iow»r D»rw»n(L»ni».).— L, *T.K. Darwon. (Ste Pratm.} 
LmrMtoft (BnSolk).— a.E.R. i m. S-W., ai RuliTiiore HiJl, rant Benaere brook (rmh. 

dosa, brsnm. pirob), ablsb rlaaa In tlw pond tn SotCarlsy Hall Park, 1 n, S.B. from 

Baoalaa. rant 4 m. to Bnihmaro Hall, add Jolba the au it Boaacro ililc* 4 m. doim. 

Wneon. 3 n. W. ; broun, nxob, pfroh, pike, toncb, cup r trtt. Latii : Onltan Broad. 

*m.M.w. i aunt Bah; l«a*» ud boMs at ^berry HoM (iM ItalMd). Flliton Daeoy, 

t n. «■ Lake at Tha TilU, I m. N.W. prltton Dacoy, 1 m. N.W. floMi: BoytL 


76 The Anglers Diary. 

HsTboni, and Suflblh. {a— rarmiHUA.) (ci. Sor/naii. Fiihinf iK 
tf Ui4 team: BMBlii, Qidic-- "^ " ' 

, ll.Wl.ltUBgli™. Hi. ... _ . 

XowtllOTp* (Tork).— N.EA. Kilk or FrodiSKhaai IjHk ; plka, « 

b-BUauOan-foot (Tiiiki}'_L. A T.B. C^dir. (ci. Ttrk.) Lnddnidu. Xoto: Call 
EdsB dun. t m. N, fSa SaitiMff:) 

taiOam (SiiJop>.— L. AN.W.B,; O.W.R. Teaei CninC. gnrUiiK, chab, due, niA, 
p«reli,plko;leiT»([OnilheUiiiloiin8ri. Lorfl Wlniior glT« occiifoiiia 1c«»b for Uw Oiklv 
Pu-knalar. Corra^ umaBab; pHumd for I m, op, (roiniUjancIlDii wltbTama,b;Li>l4 
Wlnflior, who gftan glif i iaana, and sbOT* bjf Bil»ta ownari. Flahmora hraok. Ladwrak 
01 HI tJ); ttaax, (njJlDg, Dbib, ia.; laiTa rrom tba ludownan. Cay brook (1 m. L). 
Onof ^ m. H.W.); tnnil,KrajUDji; praHrrad, Dogdltcb biwk tlm.). Xata: LndArt 
ParkL*ka>(lfn.9.). DowDton Hall Lakaa ((in. N.). WoottoD Pool (t m. E,). BaiTtDcHB 
Fool (»t m. a.W.). fioldi; Fulbara (otiieh liaa I m. of Biblnf frna to Tliltan), Aag4 
Ball. EltpbanI aod Caatle. and Roag and CroBn. l,Sa Sltutatir.) (<j. iirer%.i 

XmninlUtmCBoUaDd).— O.H.B.1 L. AN.W.Ri H.B. Cbatar. Walltod, 1 m. B. (At 

b2wor&.-(s« w-nmotitt.) 

bwaalali<9. DaroB.).— u.w.B. On BaTay. (Su IWmmnM.) 

XntoB (llada.).-H.B. ; Q.N.R. (Su AnHnu-d) On Lea; lb* rinr i> praaarrod oDan 

It niD) IbroMb tba Ukaa In Lnton Park b; tba Uidumy da Filba. Parmltiton la aonotliiiaa 

■raiilad. ThapJka Oiblng ta amODial tlie baat In Enilind. SeUti: Oaorga. Bad Lloa, 

Kattorwortb (Lalaaatar).— (&a VUtsthoipa, 4 m.) Swift. Ann (S m. S.B.) i obak, 

diaa, roaeli. plka, parcb, braam. (dat UloiKalr.) (ej. S«<ni i 
teOllUB (Salop)— B.C.K. Onnr; trnnt, grayling, i 

Camlad ; Iront, graTUng, abnb, to. Black brook (4 m. S 

Uarata Pool (8 m. N.) (As ffbucurar.) (cj. Smn.) 
^dikta (Lanci.).— S. AC.L.E.B. Lfdlatn brook. Alt. Im. KW. (flu iUear.) 
IrdnV (Qloocaalar),— O.W.B. Lydnay brook. Lydnay rliaa 1b tha cantra of IboForart 

Inie 9i»pM.—f m, from' Aimlnater and from Iba Ata. Tba Coiy and tba Oltar an itBI 

■nd tba Oltar ua suily reacbad by ritlway. <.Stt Smim and Ollcf^ St. Mari.i Bia 
may be cangbt In rongb waathar by tbrawlng oat a line ballad wlUi aqnld or cntlla froa 
tba plar. on Iba flowing tide. Unilar tba gama oonilltloiia a tod and floatad line mlckt ba 

Knalnftou (Hant>>,— S.W,R, Eaitli-. Londaiboi 

SUTVt fltatlOll. A m. down a atraaTn 4 m. lOL. j_... ..., ,, „ ^.„ 

Laebmoro pond. i| m. Ironi BrookanlmiM. i m. on ta LTiiilnf^ton. Tba I'm k 

&. o' Lymlnvton !■ Sowl^ Pond ; good pike and perch Qablng. Bau and aalmoD paal 
aamatlDU at moalta of Lymlngton oreekj aanndat*. pUlca, and grey mullat np tM 

X^aun. (Ctiailib:a).— L. AN.W.B. Uaney. Sow brook. Ziots : Lymm lake, {Sh Kumam.) 

■(ndhiixat (HBata).^9.'W.B, (Su SeuOamputi i L^ingion.) Bold: Crown. 

XiraaHda.-H.B.B. On Line; lalmoD, tronl, lalmun tronl. whltlnn: free np to CUI. 

InmonUi (Damn). — (n.i. BarnatRipla or Ktnaluad, 18 in. off). Eaaf aal 

^W«t Lyni tront, aalinon. Bolil: Lyodila Hotel <iib AdrirtUanmli. Ea>( Ltb rlHa 

by Oara Oak. and iB a n. la jolnad by a aboil itrauB on lall bank, 1 m. down Ltb, 

OatawMnrlolnianrlgbtbanb. Oare (preaarrtd by Hr. Snow, of Oarr) tlaei on Lncotl Hill 

i m. fromForloek, rona b m., and la Jalaad on loft bank by Badgwonhy Water, * m. loBf. 

LynmoBlli ia 1 m. on. Waal Lyn 1> xinie 6 m. long, and bill-way down li joined on MI 
bankbya abort atraam. Waat and Eait Lyo Join cloae to the aaa. 3. licence, lOi. U.: 

UKCbaahln),— L AN.W.B.i 1L2.1 a.N.B. Bolllni troati print*. Paont 

. B.iV., at BiddloElon. D«a, 3 m. H. XotM: Qraal Oak raaarnlr. a m. ft 

Oaw.worib Mlllpond, S m. 8.W. Tbomyoroft Ball, S m. B.W. Henbnr. Hall. I n, W. 
Old Sill. 3 Di. v. Reed'a mera and Capaaihotnc Hall lake, 4 n. N.W. WlckaabaO 
«<T4 » IB. B.W,, at BiddlnrloB. Aatle Hall, t m. W., at Cbribrd. {4« AvdlAal; 
LanffUf: Jtmuam.) Taetuiti, J. B. Fpam, A3, Clioatar-gata. 
JlBABley (SulTordV—L. * N.'W.B. Uadalay brook. Artie, 1 m. H. Zotai.' Hadatar WU, 
B.'waFy urn, I in. M. WDnabiU Wll, 3<7>. H,W. Beilay nMTe, 3 m. N.W. UtU* b««, 
1 m. S.V. (daa rnxUlnn.) 

„..., .(..oogic 


XaaroTCHon^ontb).— L. &S.W.R. PbdIioi 

. . . It.T.-). ThuiMi roncta. tnm^ pik*. 

p«et, cbsb. barbrt. dmq*. Bitai-.SUnHeXR^jtat^.liiuau. niAvnuii ; E. Andn-i, H. 
Wtldtr, O. ninn. U. ADdrawi. C. Aadrewi. 
bia« ITlwtaii (DoriBli.— Q.W.B. Froint (A( ITartAan.) «.j.) 

— Hedwij; Cliob, p\k>. peroli, ro«li, biMm. 
, ind irh«« e.en- InflnfflitLim can ba oMalni* 
, op ma riTBr to TonbrWae, mUDit fraa. ^im 

. . , -1. and ptndlailon la dlBcolt to obUln. Tti« 

p<isdait LsadiCailla, «m. Dfl, and t!ia"Hota" (Lady Howard ds Walrten) hnU plka, Tba 
on the Lan «ra lary good i bat 

iHlon li raralr (iTaQ. 13h RmtiaUr.') 
in(3niTej).— L. Aa.W.R. Hoie'a Mill 

[See London, L.T-} 
On Blmckwatfri pike, p 
or floffion Waldu, u 

UDB of PsDi, in Som. rona to Bnlntcae ■( — , . — . 

and Son. lolleiiora, GoRieahsll). Prom Bralntrae the nier rotia, in g m., to CoEiai<hall; 
■•iTaOon, * m.: ftum llencs to iBo JnncHan ■"-■----■- - -.-.-.. -. 

BUekwoior .t Witlinnia em. Podi brooK i _ .. 

llien roiioni ihe miiwaj In BnUbrfl, i m. : tmm BnUbrfl lo WlUuun ta 

If Podj brook with Ihr Blacknatar to 
Idou In. From KaUoa to tlie Jnn 

Ihuunmr i 

FiMad tbe Ghalmer rnna. I 

>T a brook wblcta TiHa 6 m. aait of ChlDVlnf OllKKT, and. In e m., flovi to lBKKt«- 

Cun. Tbe Chelmer now bBcomes oartjiaiila. 6 m. boiow ClMliaifOid t brook Jolna on 

•ow TDDB S m. [0 taniilbTd, then I m. to Hiddon, anil tbsnca to Ita JnoctloD with 
Ibe Btackwaler. 3 mTTnat oolaMe tHe ontranca or lbs Blackvater ilTer, wbltliig. cod, llns, 

Malpu IChoahlr*).— L.aN.W.a. Holywall brnok, 1 m, K.E. Waaler. 3 m. N.E. Mar- 

(CliolnioBd.!ley Part), a'm. N.E.. Blctle^ Mill pond 'and Bar lona. 3 m. a.B.' Breta mora, 
1 m. IT. {See nMdiAam, C/leiler.) 
■bltos (York).— N.E.B. Darwent. Rr«,gm.N. Sellrlnctonbsck.lm. E. CoMa beck. 

Park lake, 5 ra. W. (c.i. TerlL.i (Sm BV-bmI.) 

~ rcaaleD.-G.W.H. Tame (rill S m to BzKBribTd). {*» Snmvlw*) 

.); obob. dice, roach, pike, perch, uiman, trout. Lel«h brook (4 m. W,); 
leaTB from Ur. Coiik. ol Lelib Court (Am fflouuifar.) (u. Snani). 

(Cornwall).— In. >. Palmonth). Hanaccan brook, * m. Iook. (*j. ^tomji.) 
iz (Lancs.l— L 4 N;W.E.; M.R.; G.RK.i Q.W.E. IrwalL Irk. ll9dlo<k. 

■Id (Oloacn.).~U.'R. ISte BriiM.) Follbam brook. Sliton brook. 

;•• (Eieei>.-O.E.R Sioari pike, parcb, roacb, da«, carp, braam, tcncb. 

«• s or 6 m. iBdvo QlemKord, and Jolna Stour 1 m. dowi 

'rdfla" bniok' 5 f^ Knirjo'ln. ™ rig^'l bant^Btoni 

tainittoa Vlill pond 3tn. op. stonrmns to Wliion Hill Im., Barlknd 

(n.a. Budbnxy, 6 m.), and jolni StonrTm. down } m, down ^- - 
left bank, flralt riiei In Ibe Breltonbam Park pond 1 in. N.E.froi 

Stonr ai klKham. SioarrDMl m. to Munlitftraa, and ttaoeatDarjiiJBL N.E.oii tl 
other dda at Slonr rnna Capal brook. Clafel rSea i3nm Omfil, rnna G m. lo wltb 


The .Angler's Diary. 

anol Bwrtlar Stetloni uid in. balowinMn Uia laiv* mill pond of 3 

tn lnlnnnUnn Willi Smiir, « m W.g. irf » ».iint«y «j««. Stlti: WlllW But 

Kuullald {Kotti). — US.. Ifann. Caldwell bcook. BiLnwDrtl) waMr, I 
Blldswarth. Uedn, tm.K.W. M Pl«ub7. £a^ : Klm-i Mill r»irTi>li 
BUb WiHd liJu, I n. S.W. tH auttOB. Four 

Kwu^dd Woodhonaa (NolEi).— H^. Minn, I m. E. H*deii,gm.N. Vlur wUar, 
SulS. lota: PukHill.lm.N.E. (S« ^UAcnv.) 

JIftUtoll(BDtlud).— U.B.; a.K.B. Owuh. Cbster, I m. 8. (5« f^wHUrv.) 

M&ruloil (Comviai).— O.W.B. HsrulDn witet. 6 n> lanR. 

Hazah <Cimbs.)._O.EJt.; Q.N.B. Old idierHeni pike, peccb, breno, Ac. InnBinmM* 
f«D drelu. (A« )T<i(wicA.) 

MifoUoKtOB (SUfford). L. AK.W.B.i &.H.R.; ILK. Dotc ; obob. bvbel. bmn, pOn, 
iront. (CI. 2VsU.) SorasTiball bnxik. MirclilngUa bn»k. (S« ffirfnihinmiiA.) 

llazpit*.— Ttaade«p-11ii«aililiigiiirU>rgiitsl(good; tbevblilDgi roalugE. Tli« bM*— 
allsd locillir ttaa ulman due— li ttkfD doae In it hlgta niter wltb i ipoon biit. Ttan 
■n oftni Ukm Dfftliejelty nlih rod id1 line, u ilHwbllIng imd flonnden, the hook 
bttWd wilh m plSM of D;>l«r. Flih from ■ boil wbare the (dUi barer; 7D11 will uke um* 

Ind hooka IhonoB, bolted wUh ipcLii » rreib u It l> ponlble K> obuln tbem. A putloa of 

u 1 belt Fleblng off Remigite li better tban that off Uetgile, end there li good dlk 
Oablng Id tba Downi ofl Deal. Bub ire fDnnd In itas entnnaa of Swdwlcb Baion, and oa 
IhaNonb Forelind ledge. 
Haikat Bonrartb (L«b!eiteT).-M£. ; L.AN.W.B, BoaworUi bmok, 1 «. N-i Iroat; 
prwarred by tbe owner of Bonorth Hill. Sence.3m. W. Tweed,am.S.W. lA^mitbrn 
bnckerr, Boawonb Pirk, 1 m. 5.: plks, te. Gabilel pool, a m. N.E. (3« Oatiit- 

Mukat Dsapliif (LIdcoId).— n.i. D««plnK St. Jama*, S m. Wolland ; f^s, penk, 
ebab, dace, roicb; preHtiedb; Market Ueeplog Angling Society bonce down to Kenol^ 

j.; flablag good, Btpeelally flj 

).— G.W.B. Tern ; a fa* trou 
S.). BiUe brook (4 m. fLW.), 

jee Hill ponds (4 m. S,). Heywood ponda (4 'm, S.Ea' Mordea 

,___ . jrdila pond! (4 m. S.). Oiororley jond (S m. K.V.). Cual 

reserrMn, Groat Sanndley (Tm. S.E.). (S» Oloucoterv) (c>. iStnm) 

-Mackat Haxboro^rb (UlcHtar).— M.B.; L.icN.V.B. WeUand. Saddlogton brook, 
1IR.N. Hardwhskbrook, tm. H.B. alTborooLaniton. Zota .- Gnmley Hill lakea, 4 il 
N.W. SiddlBgioofetmijIr, 3m,N.W. (S«^>a(i»ij.) 

Markat Bkaan (Lincoln).— a, C.S. Bus. Ancbolme. e «. W. (fiw .Sn^.) (See 

Mark* Car (&iiei}.—G.E.R. BominriTer. Lata: Blreli HiU liko. ( Aoi ITirKnAai.) 
KaHeafiwa <3u0blk).~O.B.R. On. Aide. 3 m. N.E. (SHOrA-nl) 
.Marlboxoncll (Wllta).— O.W.B. KenDocti trogt (Su I/ntdm, KT.) fWali: AHotbuj 

■axpla (Ctaa^lroi.— HJ:. Ooyt or Uency. Etborow, 1 n. N. (See Anurn.) 
Jtaradan (Tork).^ A N.W.B. Colooi pollntod. Lata: Wluanden reaerrolr, a 

March HUIrewrTDk,l>n.W, (att SamUfi.) 
Ma»liBrm>k(Bilop).— L.&K.W.R. quenDybnok. Baton brook (an. E.}. Clnn(IiL 

8,W.}i InratigrayUDg. (3» SlHicuMr.) (ci.Anem.) 
Kaxak MUta (P**on).— O.W.R. Plym ; troni, eea trout ; proaotTOd. Tory brook. (5h 

J%iwWI.) ((J. nmur.) 
■Kacaten (TDrk).-N.E.B. Hldd,)m.N.W. (e.i. rort.) Oiuo.a m. N., itHanMonktM. 

(tt. Jir*.) (Sh 7oi4J 
Marabin OraMl (Wirwlckv— L. * N.'W.R. Ulyarlv brook. Colo, 1 n. N. Latmi 

GbBlniley Wood pondit 1 n. H.E. Coleablll pool, t m. W. (3m OaiiUlmniiiilt.') 
Jlazaton MafUt (Snnaraet). — Q.W.B. iSa BrtdpKUr.} 
■axtkam (Norfolk).— a.E-B. Bnndred alream or Tboma. Loliu; Martbim Broad (Mr. 

Tbiln, SomertoD), HorHy men, 4 in. N. (R. Kiting. Eiq.) (Set TamwUh.) bm : Klu'l 

Anna. (ci. JT. and iS) 
JfartoOk (SomenetV— G.^.R. (3a BHdfitaltr.) (ej. AtaL) 
JCartOA (Totk).— On LOTOL LtnDrlaei at tbo baadof Roaadala, racsira eaieral imaK 

atraaiu, Bowi piat Boaadalo Abbey, Cropton, Llnalngtoii, UartoD. Sormuby, and Ban^ 

InIO the Rye. Laran la a rery good tront atraim, from XJantngtoa Milt npwarda itilear 

preierradt hoin tbaro downward! laaio maygomatlmanbagati below Marlon moatly ttoai 

zrtyling, pika, obnb. dace, and a few trout. Oood Inn at Uarton, 
Sfaxirport(Giimland,)./-4hi Ellen: trout. 

bon. lec, S. B. Sliarpa, Btq. ; aiblog good, eapeeially fly flatalng for dace. Glon, 4 m, H 
at Katea Bridga. (Sti Botlim.) 
■arkat DzartoB (Salop).— Q.W.B. Ten ; a few tram, piko, roacb, da«. Coal broidt 
Hamp UlUbtaok (SfR.RE.). BiUe brook (4 m. aJVf.). Laia: Feata Wood lika (In 

S.E.). BBnUaiedala Hall lake (3 m, -"■■ - ' -■■• " ~..---. -j 

Bl« pool H m. N.W.J. Roee Hill 
U pond (4 m. W.). Wirdila p 

England. t9 

Ibar T»T7 {DB'onj.-Q.W.E- T«ji irool; preunni by Tioiir ud FIjm FUcty 
Boud, KboJiBS* Ucketii ■.(. aiaH HvrTiTy, 9<L Banui;lrDDl, Wolmer brook (1 hl). 
■W«lcoinbB(6 m,); tronl. (c. ». ronHT.) {S« Plfnumlh.} 

MmmhMm (Torli),— N.E.B. Ura; mat, injllDgi tay itijIBK «t Iho Klna'i Betd ItnL 
of flihliEEUi ba bad. (r.i. Jbrl.) Born, awlnner back. Stla back, 9 m. S.W, OrlmH 
QUI beck, 4 in. 8. w. Gpute Gill beck, S m. W. Balk Oil) back. T ffl. 'W. Zdtu:8BlntaD 
Puklakw. im. S.W. SofeJ: Klng'tQend. (S« fnnt.) 

MKtloak Bktll IDarbr). — U.S. Darwanl ; [rool, gnjUiiK ; pnaanad from Ciwdor 
BtldRa ai«T( Katlook, to iba Saw UlUi, WliatBtuiawall, 6 ni., bj tba Uitloak ud 
CTomhinl Angling AsiodntloD; boo. see.. Hcnr; Coopar. Eiq,; entnooa faa llf.; i.t SOi, 
v.t.Tj. M., d.t, 3>., lo itajlDK vlillon ODly, Tronllng bBEloi bUrcb ii, andi Sept. (0: 

WatT; rrom Ciwdor Billing up lo ibOTt BowBlaf, Tlnr pratcrred br tba Bultj !>■)• 
CiDb. BeDIle:^ brook; trout. Ambar, G m E., >t Ambariile. Lgmidile duni; trout 
AMifi: N«w Btlh, Boyil, and DeTomhlra at UaClock Batb, ud QraflioDnd at Croiaterd. 

Xaax* (Somaraei).— aW.R. Braa; roacli, da(»,earp,pLka: ptoMnad iborB, ud balow to 

ShUirlOk, Qodoey brook. ISte Biohbriitt,] {ci.AKKt,} 
MTii«li«m {LaLcaaiar).— I^ ft K.W.R. Heaaa. (tj. nwu.) (Bu aatatonmg*.) 
MallMllull* (J)»Tbji.-~llH. Breedon. Oan brook. Traot, 9 m. N., at Weaton Fairj <im 

Waton. OainitarMt^.) (SJ.) 
Xaldzctli <Caiaba).-Q.N.R. Bbae. ] m.; good coangflihlii. iSee Sinfi Ltm.} 
—^.^_. ,=_-_,._. lE^K. Sloor; pike, pereb,roacb, ioni!h,f>w carp and di«. Halltotd 
oDk; umaaibai scour, (u. .y. ud £.) (Smi IteBuhf "«) 

KiiUbrd fSulfoLk).-a,E.R. aioor 

■a ISr aa UonkcoD (down ■Cream), and tbea on one iLde only uaarlf to Holt lUtton ; 
■.t U. M., m.t li., d.l. id.. Inclndlnc troot <c.i. Aiaii Tbo Wllti ud Barki Oasal luu 
throBRb Uelkltaam (d.t. id.), and Joini tba KennaC ud A>sa Canal ai SMnlnctoa abont 

BaUl: ElDg'* Anna. LadgUmi eio alwujibaDbulnad. Abore bridia tbarali plentrol 

l£ma(3nm>Ik),— (Sa Bi>la<la!t. Sinf-i L^m.) 

KelUlSDi (Tork).-O.N.B. ; L. & N.W.R.i ILR.; t. ft T.R Lain: Raaarrolr. I m.X. 

(Stt BavcUffi.) Deerblll T«erToir, 6 m.; roach i praaarrad bf Huddarafleld Ati|Hbi 

AiaocUllou. (Stt BuddariMd.) 
Malton (Suffolk). -O.E^B. IMban. (S- WtaOridgi.) 
Valton. HowlirkJ (Lclualar).— U.R. ; G.K.R.i L. * H.W.S. Wraaki maah, braamt 

poUDtad near tba lovn (ej. Tnaf,. Hatton brook, lata -. Welbr poBd, I m. N.V. 

Sualbf pood. 4 m. N.W. Stiplaftird Park pond, 4 m. S.B, Laeitliotpe pond, 4 m. SX 

Oiiadbf Uarwoodlake, 6 n.N, Oroiton Park lak». t m. N.I. KolpMn reatrrolr, »m. 

H-, ftt Brauaton. (As Gaititbofoagh.'i 

' — •- — 'Tt (Ooniwall).— fl.W.R. St. Qarmam j trout. {Bm Bi. Qtrmimi Sealon rlT«r. 
Td.\ SaalonciH> UakMwd, rana 1 n. B, of tba town, and raaaliM 

lotSIatlonlnaBi.; Ibancoto theaoalaBwi. lfi.Fatnt.i LoiK^ a n. i tiOBt. 

VnrtlLarpa (Tork).— N.E.B. [St Bnifhian, Wna^.) 

KMUaraoiki).— Q.N.B,: U.B.1 L.AT.B. Aire. <i,i. r«-t.) Eotlln brook. (Sm Xov- 

ICsTkSlBBar (Camwall).— Kioallent aea-llahlnB, eapedallj In mmDier, Than la, bowsrei, 
hard^ uj IliblnR froiD the ihore. Off Cbapel Point, aod ronnd ttaa Owtoaaa BoAi, art 
KMd plaoaa lor pidlick. Sboala of larera baaa freqaant tba Gwlnaaa darinc Uaj ud Jwcl 
Ttaare are two Hnall Inni at Mevaglaaer, and lodgtogB sin alio be bad. Small trout In tba 
brook. 4 m. off, >t St. Ewe, fraa irootlna ean ba bad In Ewe ; «n>od. (c j. Fmtai.) 

Ka>bo>on^(Tork>).— a.O.BiU.B. Don. (ti. TarkiMn.) Daame, 3 m. N. [BuOttl*.) 

]Ilokfl«U(ToA).-jr.B.B. iattAUrfar^.Tirt.i 

Mlekl«om (I>ert>n.— O.K.B. idte; fiulbBRip<ind.3m.N.W. (Sm OiAutorotv*.) 

»"**■-'—- (York), n.a. tMlftiaxA, i «.~Ura: trout, irarlinR. {c.i. Tart.) Cone; 
■nrat, sraTHng! preaerred aa Ura. i?eM: TChlteSwau. (floa byburn, ror*.) 
Baking, fraa fbr 4 m. { leaie obtainable alaawtaara. (fiu UtiMn.i 

— ,. T ^.-™,. ..„ „^T. jj^^ io*«! Throe Ptta Bridge ponda. 

b, dae^ roacb, tf 

eaver, 3 m. W. idla; Stooka 

nit miTlUa, 


80 The Angler^s Diary. 

VlUiuat iaiiiHi).-L. AS,«.B.i L.B. 
arD, Toich. PLthinE free from heiicg M ] 

ICldwjinar VoKtoa (SomBTMt),— u.R, ._ 

■llbOTB* Fort (Si>izisrHt).~L. A S.W.R, (Sh Sr<dpMt<r.) 
KtUenhaU {SatTolk).— Q.E.R. Lirk; duo.muh, rudd, i 

XUloote (Wirwick,.— O.V.R. AiOD ; fltmli, dup, roich. pike, peidi. biun. IBk 

Mmmr'«BBj»'iDflrbj).— M.a Wro; (rant. ([Ti7l1agi prHerrad br ■ olDb or Umlted 

Mill KUl(Lana.)-t.AT.R.; I 
Xm Hoiuei (Yaiki).-O.0.B. t 
WIukow (York).— L. a T.R. 8u 
KUatlioTp* (WHiliud).— On BbIi 

_, ... ; JftimiTi^, 

bW" ^eb. letnd endi Aug, 91. Tli« dahlni li tsft (ood li 

KUtOB (SMtTDrd).— L. * N.W.R. Trent, (c i.) Foxier brook. {S« 0a«iHtemi;A. 

WlTarton (Sciinenol).— a.W.H. MllrBTlon brOQ"- ~" ■■ -— ■- ■"-- "-"- 

Kinaluaa (Snnereetl.— O.W.R. {Sh Union.) 
]Uuet7 (Wiiti).— O.W.R. tan BrutoL) On Brrdon Pond. 

HlBBhiiU Varnoa (Chuhlre).~L. ft K.W.B. WeiTer, I m. W. nueeloek, I bl E. 
■ • ■ ■ im W. (3w /VodlAom.) 

onll.— B.a.R. OnSloor; ([ood MtrMtWilM. Preserved by Ihfl FordwlEh «« 

/mt: N^w Ian. {c-i.i {Mm Sanibtieh.) 

■rl«y (Silop).— L. ft N.W.R.; O.W.B. Bm; troot, ir»jllng. WnUarlar btm*. 

irlsTbroi>k(«m.8.E.). £al(r: Uu-tonpooMTm.a.w.) (jIh fffdumtor.) (e.i. Smm.) 
(Totk!),— L. ftN.W.B.; L. *T.B. CnWot. (c. Tort.i (Sk BaaOiffe.) 
m (Holti).— Uirtber dreln. Trent. Idle. 6 m. V. (c.i. IVwil.) (AM 

L. ft S-W.R. (Ah AhAiii.) j 

■Dd A>pl> 

i>bl>*Tl« |CheihlrF).-U A H. 
M W. iatei: - - - - - 

k Ilka, a DL S.'W. 



pollDtad b.1o«. 


n aibblo «. 



n..K Birkta. 




(eir plk.. 

Croot, BTVlfns; 

ID FBnOir. (cj, ITyf.) Trotl^; tioBt; preHrred. (c.i. Wye.1 SeUl: BeanflM 
,Slt ChfptUM.i 
KossalDsle (Derb;).— H.R. Wje; Dont, etijUbc ; teava from tha Dnke ol DaTondilm 

oak (I m.) Btietlord brook (Urn.} 

.. TatB>7 rtnln, 9 m. E. LalHi: CnxbJ pond, S m. E. 

(8h BsOmJi-Clat-) Soma troatlni eu ba had In tha beck raDnlDE near ttaa italliBii 

)[[•, taoaerer, mnctt woodad. Ttaa flitalDBat BtTeiheid liopgn 111 Ui«Taui d.b It. ■.(, tt, 

or Mr. Sei>», SUpwonb Anna. 
)IOioliArdBaad(t}aTon).— L, AS.W.R. BraddlKird brook. {Sh SanuUpU.} 
Morabktli (SoniFrael).— Q.W.R. Bampton brook, (Sti Bxlir.) 
MOMtoa KUDpsUkd (DaioD).-O.W.I(. Httil: Whlta Hart (5h TVenmaiM.} Os 

ttkif and Bonri troob The rlrar Telgn li preurred from Stapabrldga toLeaaTaiRn II m. 

nekauit ebB Wtalta Hirt and it Slepa Inn. SCapa Bridge. Tbaludlordof tb« WblM Bart 

gnati tIckeCa alfo tor tlia nppar part of ttaa BO'^. (ci.) 
MoeMou (DorMt).— L. ft B.V.R. Froma, nddla; tnnit. aalm<iD. (St WarAam.'} UM 
Hoiatan-on-^aK (Hereford).— L. * H.W.R.: O.W.B. Lni; tront, grarUn|[, pika, 

iwrcb, roicb. dace (m. ITirt) ; preaerrad aboia bj tbe Bodantaam Clab. JS— Liamtn.} 

Darodiln brook (] m.). SBIton brook (1( m.) (S« Chelan.} 

Il (NonhlMid.).-Oo WanabMk ; tront. Thsra ara S m. or 6 m. of opan mar 

rer, are liberal to aCranjtar EroUemen. Tbera are Btraral fMdani of tli* Wuiabedk 
) aport la KOod at tlmei, and leare eaillr obtained. 



W.B. latl Braamlani 

^ - SuuliBalilHT )• niv. (ibi ZondM, Jtr.) 

MortUk«(3nrnr}.— L. AS.W.R. TliuiH. VUtLndcm. L.T.) 

Koalbauk (Lu(9.),— L. AN.W.a; L. 4 T JL Sufeaj brook. KnrtoD bnmk, lln. E. 

£a^: CuTMiUdim. I|in. E, ViSh Ximoni,) 
Koaalar (TorkL)-L. i N.W.B, Tuns. Cir brook. Lata: KngU HHI, 1 k S.W. 
Lurniibiir dun. a m. N. (SMAunnrn.) 

it&)— I. AS.W.R. OnTHti plntrot tniat,biitii]owlTi>raHn*d. (fli. 
(SerkL).— a.W.R. Ob ThuoM. /mi BhUi ud Wodft. Artntati J. 

'{Silop).-Q.W.B. Hortler brook (H «. N.W.). BeMirUU brook 

Mor brook (it m. a.E,); tnnt. BsTani(4iii.K.): ohob, plka. dic^ulmen, troit. 
lb pondaOiin.E.). ■Wm8jParkpondi(Sm. B.). •"--'■■ - -• - >■ 

,, __ proHmd. IBHTtrt.i 

, ^vm]])^<nj. PmwJK, I> ■>.) Hslllon brook. VnUlni rU« In Harlo 

r uul DHT Bum Unlor. ud ■• t m. loo*. Good poUiKk, COUK, Ac. Oilibi* « ml 
JbanrnTa (W«ilud.)^-H.I.B. Edon; trooL Anilll B«k rou dht ; troit. 
HvUnrd Brldf* (LoiraMfij (SaOblk).— a.K.R. Winaar. Ij in. M.W. i bwu, roidi, 
poreh. ^o; FrM- Laku: Oulioa Brud; hom Bik; boau at Itao Wbanr BMoL 
Hotbrd Brides (tK^dwMMBunl). Hilton Doht, U m. M. L^t ■! tba TlUi, H nTH 
rJi" rbnnwM.) (ti. Xi>r.ftU ud AlfbU.) 

~ (York).— O.N.B. Ooh; nub. duo, elinb. brMn; ■gtuamt as loft bMk. 
kfbiliuk. (i.i. Ki*.) (a«r»*J ^^ 

- (York),— H.E.B. HoU, I iil 8., it Wuuronl. akonio back. 1 n, 0. (fca 

imiiut).— a.W.B. StDn; tront,coUMll>h. Am: BbttloAM. LatatV^lmi, 

r (York), n.i. AskrlWf 10 >n.— Swde ; tront, Kri;UDg. 

Thwmw bMk, InOff. ; Iront; (ro., Omop bwk, 1 . .. _. , 

In.!.; voUlbJ ■■■diiiUiu. Bamnor Ledto b«k. bm. B. : tnnl i proHmd. {BfTtrt.) 

: Imfs froni O. Plijoe^ Eiq., TboKoniba Boue, or Hob. Un. 
uk lak*; plke^ l»Ta dlfflnli to obMio. 
ITklltwllIll fGta«bite).-'G).W.B, ; L J> N.TC.S. Wunr; hmtm nib, treat BiddUar 
.____ , _ i -.. — . — >. . ^B. Arile brook, a n. aE-.M HowbeckBrldBS. Ho*- 
aok,3fii.N,W. lata; HulaMon Lake, IhlN.W, Dod- 

I, WoodchnterFuklak*; pike 

" Kbits).— G. W.B. ; L 4- _ , , .,. „ 

ChMrbrook,! m. B. Arilo brook, a m. aE-.M HowbeckBrldaa 

dlnRlonPirk, 4in.8.E. (tH ^roiliAiini.) 
X'ULtjrdarxT (Honmontb),— O.W.B, Uikj hIdiodi tronl. Lluult brook 3 n. (;Ih 

araxbOTini^CUlEHter).— L. &N.W.B. Sou- (cJ. IVi<iO> Wbotrtang brook. NonDiMOD 

brook, i niW. Bllludon brook. 1 m. N.E. Lalut ; Nonouitatt Hall lake. 4 m. H.W. (Am 

jrartoxonarli (NorfDlk). — Q.E.B. Nar; BiullBnltrODtliig; itrletlTprsaerTsd. rfiMfAw*! 

Z«n>i.) (cj.JV. onJS) 
MwMlT (NarUiainpKiil.J — ii.a. Xllworth, t m.) ATon riiai In tha largo rtoerroic V. of 

Ihs towD. (5k aiovatlar.) 
Vualiirtoii (NorCbton.)— L.ft N.W.B. Kan; pika, paiok, braun, cbab,laiah, Aa. ((m 

JTaTanbJ <LLD<»ln).— ■3.H.B. Brant, 3 m. V., at BUniand. intbaiD, « m. 'W. at Baa- 

Vafland (Safrolk), n j. Oola&«Star, < m.— Stosr: piko, parch, roacb. carp, daca, braam. 

n.N.11. (CL a. and S) |5h J> 
t (Suffolk).— Q.K." 

Winrtliiiii Kazkat (Suffolk).— a.B.B. Olpplnc raadi, poroli, plki^ tODeh. lain: 

Bwmara, I m.3.E. {Ba IptuteA.) 
Jttan. BOUaEB (Salop).— Q.W.B. Baa; troM; prlrato. BanliaU brook. HoptOB bncat, 

Unnior hro«k(3t «. K'W.). (A« OlOSOBiUr.) {u. i!I»(r».) 

1 (Tork).-L, A H.W.B. Liikei: Blackmoortoot r«aar»o[ri plka, parob; pro- 
->- --••larrtleld Angling Aaaodatlon. (3m Hudd,r^)ltld.i "^ 

,— On WMtwatar Laka; tront. Tba tliblng on both Uka and rhor 

irae. ^rt la good Id Hay and Jnoa. Than are iIh HTarit nnill tama in lb* hllla 

and ODtololMbla. Tba Scln ■tBUon (W.R.) la dlaunl « m. Ona ol tba beat flla^ 
ta a rad and orango bodj. gold tirlat, and woodcock'a wing. Tha bank! nr the riTor 
ara hnTilj' woodad. Brown and don fllaiararar^ killing. Tbechargo lor boat*, lnchidln( 
boatman, 41. par day. Bed and black haaklaa ribbed are good fllai ; alas ona with black 
^Ik bod;, black hackla, and erow'a wing. Tba dolteral haeUo and a fi^ with paacoek'i 
bill, bod; tipped with gold, hackla black or red, wlnga mallard, ate alao Rood and ao 
la I ho cooh-T-bonddhn. Sprinkling Tam bolda large tront. Bnmmoor Tarn large pike 
and oela. Aftar haaTj flooda good aport In t*-- -• — "■-' ' ■ 

Hw»rk-oa-Traat(Sotta,).-^.N.B.;L.*N.W.R.;M.E. Trei 
chub barbel, braami preaamd balow b; Kawark and "~^■- 
dt-from D. Slater, llBhtacklain, Newark; tbi 

I^e .Angler's Diary. 

. OroMBy djkB, S m. N. ( 
00utll,)~().W.R, Ebwj; tr 

ulTili: Brxbicdt.) O^; NewbrUge UateL 

bUT Dlitrl 

t AnglLnc A 





In L 

la Keonrt. 

U) an 

only on Lsis 


1 only 


a ICU.) 

sJ. V.f.=l, 

Kawbr Wl»k« (T"rk),-N 


=1 ' 







N.W.R.; U 

R. Lym 

e. Fo 

a«k. Im. a. F 

Pgna. on ncedOnrM. 2 m. if.W. Keel Hsl 

rk lOei, 3 



4 III S.E. 'Wbltmo 

aP«,k,4m.S.W. <S« 

m.y Nswac 


).-L.B, * S.C.R. On 

8. Omer 


ink, whteh ris 

« Btlcombe. 2 m. 

m Join", on 

tlir»poDd9l)«> u 

""l"™. nSJlW, Oal 

m. ion 

on l.(n»nk, 4) ™ 

looB, wblcb rlips In 


keby Hirs 

»d Knyr 

Hi. ; 

Unw Ukes ueir Mnle Wiiod. OnM neii flnwi Id iwn branches to Baioomb* a m,, ib<>na 
to LawBI, s m. 1 m. belnw a, 1 m. long, Jolni on l«tt bank, OlTiid li In the 
Bsntre ol li. Tkanco to X'awIUTeu (N.R.) Ii 6 m., pajslri Rodmlll. Tarring Klialle, 
PiddinBhoe, Ekinth HDlEtilon, und Dentun. 1 tn, frcin Vawllftvaii Ouae ]Dlni Ihe tea. 

Qbnd fitblDg rrom the pisr. Ici.) 

WmrUr (T"'k»-M-K. Atr 

Wowmill Knd IHeris.). -U- 

Vaw KUla (ChBitilra).-M,: 
brook, I «. tl. (S« Rbmwt 

Mewnlkuii Bcld^ (Won 

MWh.nUtB! prBBWTed iMx ., ....,„.. ._.. . , ,. 

TaitiHT/.y S»: trant,|[nfUDg(bFlo»),otanb. Plpur'i brook (t m. E.). ^Ato: Mckley pixin 
nm-N,); trant, pLka, pereh, roach, carp; oreMned by LotdDnaley. Slamford Pwklata 
(Tm.S.E.) /an: T4lboti coniforHMe. {See gincal^.) (e.i. Snwm.) 

_' . ., «=,, = .._w ^,„|pg ri™ S m. HE. erf 

DaTTBOOk. Here Sennl Jotni oo right bmk. Sennl li G «. loni, and reaili 
lelt blnk Tre^eren, 1 tn. long, clMO to Ihn ton. 9 m. down Uik, CIIIbdI JoIni < 
buk. Oillenl la ft m. long, and li jolnetl by Llandsllor brook oa ilglK bank m 
ivn. Uik rani 1 m. to AMrbrma- Hon Bran, II m. long, l<rin> on 1«(t bank, 
down n>k. It Abarjaalr, Tidr jolui on Un bank. 4 m. abois ths jnncUDn TaolF il 



Into two pirU, Taclr-fMhui uid TKti-tur, euta «mB 8 m. laag. tTik ruM In >t m. to 
BHoknook <N. A B.B.) i than UonAdn jolni od taft Iwok. ud Tuttt on ilaht 

i— 1. u..^^ . — . _ -v— p c»p«l Djflrrn, rDm < nt to LIUflbugsl-tHhui, ud 

_ on 111* BflKoni, uid 8 m. do»o I. joined oo right buk by 

A HalaR [n Llyn-cwm-Llwch, 4 m. np. Tuett ruoa 3 n-to Dak. at m, dova UdL 
Cinrln. S m. loiii, joins an right bank. lod 3 a. down Usk. it Lluihamtnth (n.i. TkUy- 
IVnJtmottoIl, N.AB.R., a tn.), MBliiKii.Bm.lDiii!. jolna on rl«lil bant STB-down 
ttak.i>l Lbuiulntltcd or Tll-jSoat (B. A H.T.J.K) (pr«Hr'«d b) ttu, UnllKI CA 

~ )■ Mi. .nd li.), AlwjBd JDlna OB rtfhl 

an, ind li 8 m. lonn. g m. dotra OA, 

iBiii.. p.™ui(.,.imi„ii.ui 1 :-~-y ..-^ ■MoJuncllonfproHrTtdtiy b.U.F.A. VoMI. 
>, wliere llcRncuQ&n M had, Krfirar^iu^). 1 m. dowcUik, Rhiuigoll Owmdii j^U* 
ink, ShiiauollrtBeitm. S.W. of TolBurtli. innoSm. to LlanBliuiEcl Cwmda, 
■rslowBT. and Dik 1 m. Dakronttn 5 m. WCrickiowel (n.e CHlw»rii, 4 m.) Tha 
la T0I7 Eood both iboTS aod balow lbs town. The Sahlng (or the moat p~n belong 
a oirnert ind the Unltod Uik Flahertei AuocliUon ; ulman ud tront ntd UaanoM 
li., IVmn Ur. Hirrls, chcmlac. March and April ire beat fur trout; HlmoD 
irl» with Ihe water. SoUl: Bt<^. a m. down. Orw;ne (troDt) jolna Uakonriftal 

>e' where it la jolnod on rlnlit bank by Orwjne-(«hBn, J m. long. 3 m. diwn 1> Uik. 
II Uak. Clydacb, which rlsei4 m. iboie CHlw«m SlalloD and la 5 m. long. JolDa on 
ik. Dak mna to OOTtion « m.. where Wenarih jolna 00 right hank. Waoarlh rlw 

vency jolna on left bank. Garennj ilies nur XJanUuuigal, and la » m. long, Fenperffwm. 3 m., below which Uano'er Brook, which rliu Id a imall 
I la 6 m. long, jolna on right hank, and I m. down Uek, Llugattock brook, whlcb 
D. E.ot PanperaTmi and ItBm. long, Jolna on led bank, jm, down Uak, Llaoarth 
. m. long, Juinaon left bank. Uak rona > m. to MuitTderiT, and TT A Sol 
way mm close lo Iha town, and joint Uak on leli bank 9 ra. down. Olw^ 
Trellech (n.a. BlnwelT, a m, EX anil 5 m. flown le Joinsd on right bank bj 
4m.loiiK. I III. down Olwa;, at Zl|uia«uiri Raglan brook, which rla«a t^ 
1 and Is 4 m. long, jolne on right bank. 1 m. down 01w»r- Pi" brook, 4 m. kiog, 
left bank. Olway mna a m, to TTsk, and Uik riTer 1 m, Uak mna to Kemari 
» n. (praaened by the Untied Uak Flaherlca AaaDclatlon ; tront rod llcanosa Ij.. 
Inll-houaa. Font Kemcya), and 3 m. on la joined on right bank by a brook whisb 
FaJlt«i' and la ^ m. long. Uak mna to Ca«Il«Oa. 1 m. Here Llwyd jolni on 
Ilk Llwrd riaea s m. ibuTs Blaau-Afbu, mna to Dwhl Afon S m., Abai- 
I., FantTpoolam, FautaK '"■'i^OB^'VdTTftii 1 nt., Fontuvwyad 

ind April aro the beat trouting lnonlh^ and April to October lor aalmon. Fllea tar Udl 
ira March brown, wltb mora yellow In tha body ; bine and yellow dnna; ooch-y-bonddbD ; 
■pidtr fly, iedv. dark glile blna; Tiatklt. long, black; trtnu. ben pheuanCi ; Hsffland'a Fasn 
and ttas aclonara. At the end of May the " lUlle pnrpla" cornea on (Dodf, daik 
molai SoaWs, dark gtliily bine; «*!», dirk alarltng}. At tha aame time i luga 

with gold; hacHt. amokjr, golden tiptwd ^ uW, light itarlhigl. 
dr^wd bnu sra tha bait general fllei. Tha black gnat, atone lly, tha t 
red body. Ilgbt blue hackle, and ban pheaaint wing), and tha larga Htm 
■lea. Tba Urgar tUea. aa tha oob, aldu, lug* >plniia[. ud l*rg« diui, D 
Ho. 9 hooka, tba other* on id, and Uw pnrpla and inata on II and II, 

■nandBllieaB aalmon fliaa la good fanard Watah paltami : 1. Gold tip, pals 1 ,.._. „ 

IniUu jay asd aaolngo, or ihli, or ni laMaw dbrw Ihr UH, Kanga wool body, btoB 
hai^«,h>ngandfollallIhawaynpi |P)M Uniel aparlngly. and bivwn nwttM tnrkv iriwu 
kiu-h hull u. Tip and till u batara; light orange illk boSf, yellow hMkIa kng ud 

'--■- Id dirty red hackle at ahonldar; mottled tnrkay wing. 1, Tall 

How wool body; golden ollie backla; gold twlal flne^ large 

toning lor tall; dark brown woolbody ; golden olive (rather IngUnlag tootanga) haAla, 
wtti blMk tlnta to the Bhtei, apare gold twiat. turkey wing, b. Gold ^aaauc tlppM t^ 
diA brown vatl body, brooied ollre hackle, with darUah dirly grean tlpa, tirkcy wing, na 
UmsL & Sold tip, hocy tiU ol two aprlgi or blaa maaav, light yaUnir taaan ImUmi 
Mid imall graan parrot leathai (thla Call la not indl^eiuable), tva twlit* of Mtttoh hirl 
(Mack), OT«r yellow allk body, gold tlnaal. ud llgU moky tdnahacfclewllkgidiMtlMi 
Mag. two blitem's hacklea. All the bicklea an draaied Tary niU ud lagg, and bdM at the 
kaUa are AUHih. Hooka, abont Ho. 7 or Ho. 8, lalnHn alia. Anethar good Clk By bil a Mt 
of yallDW floae allk lOr tall, a pale yellow or lemon body, pale bine or don hackla. and man tt 
HOv tba atiipad feathera nodar a hawk'h or tnlpa'*, or Koodcock'a wing, dyad pate 

BBWT rlaaa a or 3 m. abora Baknfiirt, ud paring there nuia to Sbbw Tala 


84 The Angler's Biary. 

d BL), TlotoxU (1 m.). Own (1 nt.), Ab«rtM«a 9 m.}. Here Ebtrr-tHh, irhlch tIm 
rtboTi BUlBB, mill IbisDce to Abarflllarr (S m.) ui) AbaEbMf (t «>.), Joiu on loft 
buk. t HI. do*n Bbwj, b)r ammlln, ■ itrBun joins on lighl buik 11 m. loni. whlcli 
IniuipoDil— FaDnd-T-Ca«d-Cu,ltn.8,W.irom Ab«rlw«. EbirynuuioHawbtldn 
(I m}. AlMXoaxiM (1 m,), Oioia Xaja (i m.), Hera Slrbover Jolni on rl|[bt bank. 

*.... . — ,_ . . >.„ , ^ [J ^ frg„ !fr«fll, «nil 3 m. down Ig iolaed od laft 

and I m. op. \ m. down ^itmirer, Nint-y-Uubi jolm aa 
..„-. . . . . t BL Dp. BIrhowoj runt lo TraOanr (3 n.). HoUj 

Basil (B m.). Argvod (3 m-), BlM^Vood (1 n.), Vxotenr JiuutUon (a «.), 
Tsjaddn (9 m.). and Oiosa Kara << ™->' Ebuj lang toSlaoa (1 m.), Trdos 

Sn.). Ba CT alagjt m. from Vawport) II m. Ebirr ]oliu Oik Einurj e m, dim. 
t. 7(t,) J7aW : WutgKte. 
Kawvort PacnaKBncki),— L. ftN.W.B. Oiue. (e j. JT. and A) Oual. (Asriiv'f^fm-) 
VawpoTt (Siilop).— Q.T.S.! L. A N.W.R Hbsm (1 m. N.); ttonl; prt«la. Stdna 
(Im. W.h pniile. Lorneo brook (a m. N|. Brockton bnwk (3 m. S.}. Ellarton brook 
(tffl.N.W.)- £<tto: CbstWfnd Park pond dm. H.). Aqiudile mers (3 n. N.E.); piks, 
bTMin; Sir J. Boicbsr. who »mstlEiei glTH lure. HInton'i, LimtkUn ind Wlldmoor 
pocdi (1 m. B.). «H fitrnicater-.) (cj. Snwm.) Betit: VksIorU. 
■aw Out (Ooniinll).-G.W.B. Kenle wiCar. EosUe riwi I n. S.V. htnn It, OalimD 
SCaUoD.mnat Ok, udii joined on left bank bj Tredlalck nter. TredLnlck ili«liii.N. 
If St.lIlshiwl'a<a.«.OiuiipOTiiia,0.W.B, «in.) 3 n. do>n, NchItd witsr, vltlch ilKa 

00 N«w]yn Down, nuii by Nawljn, aDdi«8m.loiiE. jolnionleltbuit Tredinlck mniaDL 
to Kcdle. I m. ian Emtio. Stitngcr'i water. vMcIl rlna a ikon dliUnee S. of Nswlrn 
«nd la 1( m. long. ]i>iDi on left buik. KeitlB rnoa Co tba lea and X'aw Qnar la 1 m. 
^j. Oawl.) im. H, trom Haw Quar rnna HelllncooK naler, wblebrlieal m. H. Irnm 

1 nt long, una rnni lo the »sa In 1 m'. a m. S.W. frim W#w Qr~ '" 

Traroaa water, ■ m. lont. 4 m. W. down tba eoaal from Haw ft 
nma Boljwell brook, fi m, Iodk. Fair aea flahlsR. 

Vawafeolma (YorU.— L. AT.a Blbblei trool^ •almon. Forot back, t 
bwk.Bm.H.W. pMft--- 

.-■rUunaliam ('3iiaMi).~L,B. AB.O.B. OnAdi.. 

lUkW-orBBxyaaaKm. In 9t «. a itream } n. loot loli 

in, and li It iB.lDnK, mpplTlnt tlira* mllla. 1 m. down Ador, at Skermanbniy, a 

n jolnaon rlglilb>nk,whkh rlaeainaomolakMln. off. Cnirfbld Tttlage la balCwv 

op thli Btream. S n. down Adnr. wbeie tbe railway eroMsa (n.a. KanflalAK a •Ireamjolna 

on Mt bank, wblcli rlaa In Mine ponilt at strode Garden, 1 

Station, and In 6 m. li Jidned bj a atreun on the left bank, 9 nt. long, wbldi ri 
liise lake at Woodmancola 4o3. HanflaU, 3 tn.J 1} m. on, IhJi •Cream Jolna Adni , ( w^ 
down, at Hanfltlfl a larjce itream f otna on rlgbt bank, which rlaea 1 m. eaat of Bllllaif- 
linzst, and after 7 m. la Joined by a stream on ilgbt bank, whlob mna ont of a larse 
lake It m. oK | m. down a (Cream joins on left bank, wblofa dnlna Knaiiji pond (n..i. 
QfxixMtmtA, 11 m. otr.) II m. down strum. I tn, »nth-weiC of VartrlUa Oraan 
BCatlop, t. stioim loloi on tbe rlgbt bank, which drains eome pondi near AahUigloii. and 
l( St ■>. Ions- If "■- down. Ador Ii reached. Adnr nina to ataTnluff, G «., where ■ 
•tceam jolna on tbe right bank, wblch dralna two pond* at Wlstoo, It m, otTi Adnr mna 
to Sxambai ■ •>■, and Blioraluuii I m., naaaUig Boiolphs and Combe*. Bait M har- 
bour'* month, end aTartetTOf aea flsh ontnde and m tbe efllBC- 

Bawtbona (Nolti^— O.N.B. Krewaah. Zoiler; Bblpl^HallreaerTalr, im. V. IIippatiT 
reaenolr,^ m. W. (fiet OoAutoroivA.) 

Varwton <Gheiblre).~-<3'.H.B. £aita> : Oodlej [eatrrolr. (Ssa Bmoni.) 

MawtoM <tanos.), o.a. OUtharoa, Bm.— Hoddar; tront. Eatlngiiin brook. WMtendal* 
IlT*r, IflL W. Langden rtier, 4 m, W. Brennand riTer, 6 m. N.W. MMl: Parker'a 
Anna, where flsUng In 9t m. otHodder for two days can be had. (SttPratea.) 

BawtOBAblKrt(S.I>eTon),— Q.W.a. OnTelgnjt — ~ --' — "- 

I* Lower Tticn Flahhig AasocUtion bence a;i to DoaafOTd. BottU : Olobi 
id OonuDBteiaj. (Sm IWpHWaA.) There are ■ taw troat In tbe actoam i 

tHwn him W\A »btmm thn tAVfi Irj \ 

rati.) (awror*.} 

twton Back mna near; Croat 

^ ,_ ...... _ LnKawtondam; leare from 1 

agent at Hewton-le-Wlltowa 

rawtoa Soad (Stafford).— L. & H.W.H. Tame, (r.t. TVwI.) £ala] Forge Pond. Bed 
HOBM Ball. let. N.B. Bar Park, 3 m. B. (Bt» Oainilxrrovth.) 

law WaUlMliMIl (Norfolk) — Qjes. Blakener rirer. Blakener rlsea 10 n. ahore 
tbiB placOi ana t a- down la joined on right bank bj a stream 4 m. long, wbloh rliaa 
'-. a pond on Iningham Common, i m. US. from B. WklalnKlfuo- Blakaney join* the 
r (Derb)!).— U.S. Don: Iront, crayUng. <u. IVtM.) Calwiek hrook. £tm ■■ 



jrortlwUarbm (Tork).— N,E,_, , „._,.,... 

"--- '1, rorl.) Brompton beck. {SmToA 

BB ADRlIng Sad«t7 bmes to Daddlngton Ulllt; 1.1. lli„ (ran tha Hiwr 
olUi to Wbliton Mill: Vu. (Or uliul* »tcr : uch inbwrlbtf or 41i. Iiu 8 ds^ UckMJ ftir 
Mendi; BOnA tmder 16 eui Bib free, but not troll; noSandftjflablDB: Vd^VpLklDf b 
■ht one week OBlj ■lloved; hOD. eeo., J. B, Hemoiiin. Eh]. Wootton bnx^ > in. S. 
Blflmg brook, 4 tn. N.E. Zobii : AtingtDii Firk. 1 m. N.E. DelUniton HUI, KuM-V. 
OrerituDe Puk, « m. N.E. Althorp Puk, 1 «. M.W. J-fiA^ Saltgiu «ttUn nort: 
Beads. WalTtrton, Afl^ibDrr. Boimore, Tovceiter. WappeDbun, Helmdon, Bubniy, 
Weedoo, Altborp Park, Bagby, Bnmnton, Briiworth, Lamport. Kelminb, HukM Bu- 
bORHfh, &ooklii«luii]. CuUe Aibb;, 'WelllDEbennKb. Hl(taua Farrsn, Tbnpitaii. Ouril*, 
Vawftsd. PMeilMTOBgb. Olney, Bedford. (&• mdwat.) Etleti : PIodoIl flnnd, Oiorn. 
ItelMlt. a. TlBDu, S. The QrMD. 
Hortai Mmliaw (Neifiilk).— Q.K-R. Wenmiii. (cj. JT. ml &) Zot*: Elmhun Hril 

Lake. (SM ranBgiM.) 
■orthMldaa (Chtabbe). — Q.N.B. Heraer. {Ba Bnntan.) 
Voxth Sawton(I>aTeii).— L&S.W3. Taw. (c.i.) (Sm BanuUplt.) 
aiortli WBl^tuu (NorlDlK).— O.E.R. Ant. I n. £. Qonton back, 1 m. W. Latm: 
Pereb pond, HIU pond, Haatb PUnUUoB (i m. S.). Aatichtio poodt (Lord Sofflald). 1 h. 
K.W. (Sm TanmM.) 
■orAwloh (Chaablie).— L. & N.W3. WeaT«r. Dane. Norcot brook. Budwortb break. 
'Wiieluua brook Birch broak, 4 m. N. Watsrltai biook, s m. RX. Lain: Plckmera. 
mtre, a m. NJL Bidnerlb meta. 1 m. N. CoRitaall lake. * m. N.W. Arler 
"-" • - "■" intormaaoB applj to Mr. Q. Scalei, Wincbam, Sonbwloli. (At 

m, BrundaU, Bockenbun 

Vortb Woottoa (Norfolk )— (5« CaMh XMv.) 

Varton(Cbeiblre).— L.AN.W.B.i Q.W.B. Eikwlck brook. (%lAini»ni.l 

WOItim (Salop).— O.W.R. Tsrn; rewtrout, plka,Toaob.daN. (Bte eioBctiur.) {tj-Smrtt.) 

»ortoIl(TDrk.).— G.N.B.i L.4Y.B. WenL Lake Drain. 9 n. N. (AHOonk.) 

Vorton Brldf* (3uffi>rd},— L A K.W.R. HeeH. (u. IVnl.) Sot, 3 «. W. (Sw 

VoTton Fitnrarzsn (aomeraet). — Q.W.R. Nortoo brook and Tone t tronC. (Am 

VorwlObfl^orfalk).— (}.E.R Tare^plke, perch, roacb.brevn, tanch, carp; free. (u.y. 
a«d&) Tane; laniB Hih. Weoannii hid« Bab. (rj. jf. and A) All lakga and pond* 
ligld the aaraa flab ; leaTe from the owoen, Hoteli : Bnjal. m-ih'i n>..<r< am R>ii 
^(i»fBffjfeirton»w«**nt»oAow. ii/l?a cOji, WblHlngr- — " — '■ 

Baedham, HaddlKoo, 3l. Olaio'a, SomerlBjIon. UiiKoi_, 

OeUegton, Bocelea. Dl». Eye, Salbooae. Wroibam, North Walabam, Goltlal 
ATbham, Aele. (Sa FarmouUi,} TactMil. A, J. Rodd, U, LondoD-ureat 

Vorwood <SDrrey).~LB.AS.CR. The Soath Noriroad Park Lake ; Jack, carp, porch, raacb. 
aabicriptlon 31<. Sd. per aonnm ; d.t, li. Sd.; United to SO membera. 

Voatoll (Torkt).-.a.N,B. l-ale$: Hoatsll Prlorj lake*, 1 m. If. Cold Hlndlaj raieci'oir, 
3 n B.V. (3ti dotit.) 

— ... .-.._. ,, .. ., ^»> «L__. __, — u^ porch, roaeh, plke.ahnb. barbolj free o> 

. praserrad on tbe right bank, a-t lOt. tfJ-i 

i,eani. lairuam oruui. ) IB. 8.7. Toula brook. 4 m. W. Tbnrbcck, 4 «, S.S. Zoiaii 
BUborongta (^t, 4 ffl. N.W. (&e OnhiigrmirA.) Filhmg rtoMotu viHfn too Ann : Ambo- 
Kata, Aalaclon. Attenboroogh, Barroir, Bannon, Baibrard, Beaaton, Belpar. Blaatbr, 
BotTOwaah, BotteifOrd, Braadaall, Balwell. Barton, BnrtoD Jorce, Oarlton, Caatle Don. 
nlngton, Cballailon. Codaor Park, Colwlck. Cotbam. DajbrDok. Darby, Drayeotl, DuOeld, 
laat Nortoo. EaatffuDd, Egvington. FaTDafleld, Flgkertoc, Oranlhaio, Hara^, Harrlng- 
worlh, Halhem. Hykeham, Huckall. Ukaton, Eegnunta, KimberloT, KIrkllaKton, Lclcealer, 
LtmbT. LtncolD, Long Ealon, Longbborongb, LowdbacD, MansOeld. UaotoD, Uarkat 
Barboroogb, Ifalloa Moshray, Newark. Newttaorpe, Ploilon, P;e Bridge, RadcU^ 
BoUeatoo, Sandlacre, Si'tsj, Bazby, Sileby, SanthirBll, Spoodoo, Siaoloo, Button, 
STBIOn. Ireut, Weiion, Wliaeadlne. tOctleiil. B. Dale. T, St. Jobn-alraet. 

Vamaton (Wamlck).-L, A N.W.R.; M.R. Anker (ej. Ttml.} OrlS Brook. Latm! 
Bedawood pool, a n. 8.W, Arbnn Park ponda, 4 «. S.'w. (8a Galnitirmgh.} 

XvnldiWtOIi (Terk).— N.E.B. By* ; tiont, grayling ; preaarred. Blceal, I n. H. : trait, 
grayling. ISt triwiel.) 

Vnn MonktoK (Terk), n.a. MaUttm, 1 m.-(SM rent.) 

Oak]Uun.(Bailand).— U.B.i B.N.B. Qwaib,ain.S. Ctaater,4m,B. £(da ; Bniley Park, 
I ■>. E. Elton Park, 8 n. N.E. RiMv W«A^ Hm AMTt: UentoD, Barrlngwortli, 
GaddiDCtoo, Kettering, WUaeDdlD*, Saxby, Helton Uoabray, Upper Brongbtoi, 
~ a, Edvalton, Nottliigluiai. iSte BpalMit.) flicHsU, J, E. WbUahoua, gnu and 

(Danm).— Ii. A 9.W.R. On ' 


Ortttrd (Suffolk).— H.I. ■nap*, e m. On or AMe. «li 
1 m. W, frsa SkznLluidJlun, Bod E m. down lg Jotns 
rUM In ■ lugw pond hy FzunllnKluun, rtina 4 m -- ' 

■bOT* ■•xmnBdluua, runa tliauce Sm. to Biuip« iiad Aide, joiog on loft baxik. Alda 

mna 8 m. >o Aldboroiufli, and Orfbrd It n. (tJ. A. and £.} 
OnuAr {Norfolk).— O.CB. Latei: Omiib; (o.s,), RoilatiT. uid FUb^ Broad! latn 

required. (Sw rarmxah.} Im: Sporlimiui'e Anna, Rolleab; BtidRF, when flablneunlM bad. 
Qnasklzk (Lmno.].— L. A T.R. i Eller broek, ■ m. E. (fi« .ffuteM On^.) 
OrxlnftOM iEeDt|.~S.G.R. OnCnj. (S« Cor^/brd.) fo«ii[; Muirsll Arnu. 
OmrMtry (Bulop).— O.W.B. OynJWth. Mord«(Hn. S.). Tmii (flm. S.W.. »t law-y- 

blodwaU). V^rnirr (8 m. B., at UuuravnaalL); good tranllng, flab iTenigtaifh. 

Bolil: LakB VrrnFj^^ £al«r: AatoD lake <S m. S,E.). Bb^ddirTn <* "■ W.). Hdnon 

OtfcrdlKint}.— 8.E.R. Daranth ;" IrooL (i 
WIU7(Tork).-H.R.;N.B.B. WtairrS; Uoq 

kaptfoTDemban; aw., Ur.'PriU. Otler. 3ea*oii, April I la Jan, SI, (e.i. rsrl.) (Am 

n<(.) Hollln beiik. pollDUd. Mlra beck, t m. 8.W. Waibbotn, 3m. S.: aoati pih 

lerTed. (St Tori.) 
OttMdavton (Tork).— N.E.B. Viike. (e.i. riiri.t Cod bMk, * m. E. Brod «Mk, 

9 n. E. Sornv b«k, 4 m, B. (Stt Tert.) 
OtUz7B(»d(DeFi»i).~L.AS.V.[t, OlMT and TillvMcr brook. <SM0IMr|iA.Afarti4 fcJ.) 
OtterjSt. KUTIDBtan).-L. AS.W.R. OlteraudTaUnter brooki tront,atiinoiL OtMr 

■ itr«iiD]DiDionleft bsak, »orklDK aRiiU I m. op. Ottocrnni to Upotterr t ">., and am 
aBlaJolnedoDiiKhtbankbyPennyUiaraBTiMk.4ni. long. Otur mniln 1 m. le Koaliol 

brook joica on rtgbt bank, t m. longaDd xorklngamllL lt<n, down Oiior Is Ottery *amA 
■tatloa (S.'W.R.). 1 m. off Ibe rlier on right bank, and 3m. doon laOtMrr St. MwT- 
SanTsUWIter Brook loloionrlibl bank. Tatlnaur riastHl Broadbembnrf (n.a. OHOT 
BoML 4 fit.), rnna In S| m. to ttaat autlon, worklDK Ibree mllU, and Ottar^, 3 m. Otter 
nni In 1) m. to nptoa <lt« iraMr sboi^ hers la priTate; from bonce down to ClUMm^ 
biUg* II la iirOMriod hj Hon. Mark RoUa. A alnnle UckM tor Tliltara can be bad U tb* 
tmpnial Hotal. Eiinontb. and Bnllo Hotel. Badldgh Saltorton), Newton PnpplalOrd 1 nh. 
Otnrlmi In. i m. doiro a amail airuni joina on rtital bank, corklnK a mill aban lud- 
ld«b 1 m. no, Tbe tide flowa >o Ikti Jnnctlon, to vbick Bahlng la Ars. (At u.i 

OlwMlbTlte* (Torke).— G.C.B. Don. (t.t. TortiMn.) linkBC brook, 1 m H.V. Intal, 
IM.S. Dpmii brook, im. 8.W. Sion brouk am. 8. £iitei: Baaarrolr, bn. W. Ogriu 
rusTTolr, 4 m, W. (5« Owla.) 

OaltOuBsoiA (Morfo:k).— a.B.B. (Sa UMifiird BriOft.) 

Owidl* (K«nhtoii.)-L, * N.W.R, Neninlka. peiM, breui, diab. 1«^ Ac. AMaii 
BiKiln, I m. W. SonthwiFkiaiie, an. H.W. /m: Tilbot. (S« TTMaocA.) 

Otm Ssrwrn iLanu.)— L. A T R. Dinren. iSttPrMm-i 

OT*r ■*>! (Leicester) — L. * H.W.R. Seal bn»k. lots : Aabbj Volda reaeiri^, I n. K. 
Barral pool, 1 m S, <S« 9ii«uMn>ii(A.i 

OraKtm (Ktnti.). — L. a a.W.R. on Teat; tiimt and grijiingi Ibe flablDg belM^ to 
Oapt. BTTdEH. (Su iSmuAamplHi.) Good aeuminodatlon. 

Orwton (Mortliion.).-L. A N.W.R.; O.N.a Noo; piko, porch, breun, aksta, Ac.! 
tn-MtrTHl br Lord Hontioy. ISii mikaeH.) 
kapa (Tork).~lLB. OionbopabfRk. (A 
4.-a.W.a; L. AN.W.B.: fl.S. Thama 


England. 87 

. nikirm«: J. BonMii.P.aiid A. 

.. i (Torki-J, n.i. BUTSlar, < m.— W«t CiMer i poUatad, Lodga rli«r. Sh»w 
_.(K>k, im.S, (SHiVutDfl.) 
Fadstow (Cornndl), d.i. WkdM BrUca, B n.-pBth«rtck Waur; tnniC. Tbb Mnnio 

. _ .. _. _. — ^. .. ,nwn, — >. . _ ._^^^ jjj ffinml.) Id tnnniv 

d tlig ihise ol Stapper Poii't, 
Fklffnton (DeTon).— G.W.R, Polluk ■< iHUdc of plu. niK^rel, bus, K&; lud eel 

Pwnpirford (Oioibt).— O.B.a. Boora i co«™ flth, («- tronl. {So, Kfi^l Ifm.) 
rmaSj (Mumnonlli).— G.W.B. HoUi: Pandj Inn. Mannow; trout, grMllnH! prltil* 
from Iti morcei tfl Cloddock. Pram aoddocb (ot alHiit S m. pruurad b7 Ihe F>D*r 
Flshina C]nb; bon. tec.. L. F, Allvlxid, Ek].. Puidy, near AbariaruDT. HondduD ; 

wKb 'the Unnnow, vbenu It la prewrred bj Ibe Pandy n>bis|t Clnh. (Ai. ITtit.) >- ull 
brock, 1 m, Olehan bfook. 4 n. Eacle^, ftin, 
Tmuibonxna (Betki).— G.n.B. (&t ZAum. ir.I'.> Tliamee and Pan[. Few Ir'>ut, 
peiSi. pike. &c /■«: OecTRe. ElepbantiadCiutle.udSiTaii. ntkemun:'ii., 

fIdilDg In tbe weir la rented by Mr. Hull, or tlia Oecrfo! at. t!i. Tbe Pans li [di vT 
tTDDt, egpeciaUr near Tidmanh, bnt la prlTaic. and balaniii la B. BopkUu, Etq. 

FsnnaKTDik).— N.E.B. cnrnp^e. Nor beak. (SKront.) 

PULtBg' (MDnmoDtli). — Q.'W.K. ISuSttcport.) Llwyd. (cJ. I7it.) 

Par (Carnw^J) — O.W.It. Bream. Bream rlaai i m. 8.W. at Ttotoilk itatlDn, eloM 

Bream TreveTb^n Waiar. 4 in. lung, lolna on right bank. Bream maa 1 m. 10 Brldgaa, 

,— jek,congw. *a, In tbaolB«» 

. Douglai. (cj. £<Ula.) Tavd.lm.W. iStt BeitM, ami.) 

, ,. Ora. (a«Or*ri) 

P*fk (EiHi).— a.E.R. (S« Amtfbrd.) On Laa; dasa, nuh, chab, perek, barbel, 

. 'Riani 

, ia Iha nearam, 

El)TldK«(LaDce.)— O.G.B.I L.&H.W.2. Uedlock. Cold ; EsoU BUI lake, 1 m. S. E. 

Park 0*ta iTD[kB).—a.CB.; M.B. Don. paltonbrook. Uoiln brook. Zotd: Iforlar 

pondB.lfn. H.W. (8u0do1<.) 
Puk ■tIMt(Herto.).-0J4.EL Cclne. (&i ZondM, JCr.) 
Panlair K» (Derbf).— (An JTorMvlan.) 

Partdnftsn (CbHhlre),— C. Linea B. Uaruir. Olaea brook. 1 m. W. (&a/Eiiwan.) 
P«TtzldgaQ>**n<SDHei).— UG, AB.C.R. (Ba Stu BAtreham,) On Ador; tronl, Aa. 
Pktalar Briair* (York.) — N.B.B. HIdd ; tront, RnvUnft ; prcaarrod br a dak. (««. 

Fort.) Qreanbrov beck. Aiktordalda beck, 1 m, SM. Far beck. I m. S.E. Skell, 

Crown. iSii Romitill, Fori.) 
VMriomA (Lmci.)— t. * H.W.S. Irwell. Wonley brook, ] nt. W. {A« Rrnamt.) 
Pktterdala (Waatland.).— Tbaia l> > capital koWL Brotlien Water can be flaked from 

bence; licnnialni IroDt. Alio Ulliwater. Boata and man can be kad. Anglo Tarn la I nt. 

off: fair tmuUnii In a wind. 
Vuk (fork).— N.E.K Halwortb becki troDl; ftae. JatgeT How back, I at. LW.; 

troDIi rrse. Bloody beck, 3 m. S.V.; troDI; fre«. (Sm WthmI.) 
PmI irjrka.— Oo Baiaenltiwalle ; pike and larga tront. Sood mn on lb* lake. 
P*lsall<Staaord),— UAH.W.R. Ford brook. fJSee Oaiaaeiviigh.) 
Paial>TUga {Bereftird). — O-IT-R. Arrow; iront, grayllnHi prcHrrel by laBlowiara, 

(t.i.Wti.) Tluley brook (t m.); prteariedtT landownan. Ilppota brook (1 m.). Itim 

"'"-'■■•— "-rkprn.) <8M(nn(MU;) 

-".— L. AH.W.E.; B. * U.K. Bomoaj i trout, Hlmoni praNned. 

pollack bT Orlbben Etsad and aaar Iha liarboor. laria pollack, ccnceT. Ai 
~~*— *(l«inei.)— L. AT.R. Douglai. (cj. ROble.) Tawd.lm.TT. ( 
(SoffolkJ.-Q.E.R Ore. (SteOr/^) 


Tmagtau (UonmootM.— l. t 
(cjTi (Set Car«f, Waltt.) 

..... ..-ltCar«f, n ., 

VauJatoiM (Toiki.).— Q.C^B. ; L.AT.B. Don. (tt. raioMrt. 

brook. Im-V ■ ■ - - ■■ ■■ .. .. - 

TankrUca (_ — , — 

bntak. Ealon Water. Sm. W. Lain: Pottal 

ma (ToriE..,. , ,_ , — 

■lm.yf. £ata; QamlkwaltaUlllpond. tn-K. (StiaaiU.) 
(Sl'ffard)— L. A H.W.R. Peak. WtalatoD brook, daley 

bntak. Ealon Water. S m. W. £iili> : Pottal reeeriolr. ■ n. W. Hanitaf Wood pooda, 

laaaE. BaDKley Hill pond, 1 m. W. Koapar'a poaU and Park pool, Teddaalar Park 1 ib 

M.E. ISa Oainiborsmgh.) 
Pnm&rd (Somenei).~O.W.B. Woottoa Brook. ISit BIghMdft.) 
Panparrwm (klonmouth). — a.W3, Dakj aalmon, troni; prtaarrad by Unltat U<k 

HikaiT AeBclaUoD, tronl d.t.ll.ed., from aUtloa maatar. Uanoiar brook, lai. Llaa- 

gattoct brook, im. ISm fftapon. nit, Brtcbuct.) {tj.) 
PaurlUi (Cnniland.).--irslel>; TkeCrown(»a.Adtl.)*iidUiaaaorge. Tront, pike, skol^ and 


88 Tfie Angler's Diary. 

parata llihlDB to b« hWI La Lika Ullnriur ; ud the rlTsn Eden, EimODt, u 
MlBon. tno^ oliub. Dure Back Jolni Eimont ibon Pcmlth. ud coduId 
«r tront The fiehlnt Id tbon atreiuiii preHned b; ludownen, 
P«U|™(Coniir»ll).-Q.W3. Penrjn Blrer. Penrjn river li 6 m. long, «nd nin.into the 
huo ot FilmoDtti aartxni - — _ .. 

aartxnir. (c.i. ^otnii.) (Sie M 

.■••tt.— OW.R. <Sh StMdI) On Chowi perch, roKh.ttgat; preeerre* 

. Pophtni, oT Honnd-itrflat Puk, wbo oft«n fivei leave, (e j. .^vat) Xc&tflj : Hound- 
Perk l»r .... - . 

UnlTiUl brook, wi 

from Femuiaa, ii 4 m. long. 

>«i-B>hini l*. 

liahl bunk. I in. dova Pi 
pood by Civerlock, II in. 

PamuualralO* (GoniwiU.), n.i. Tmio, 

I n do>n weten ■ like by ~- ' 

lolne on Ml bunk. 1 m. down ii lds >«. {6j. roaif.} 
V«ri7B>r (SUBoil).-!. AH.W.R. Tune (f.(. nwt.) Laka: Lodge pool, t n. N. {Bm 

(noRaler).— G.W.R. Avonj |ilke.peRb,rauh,dac9,chnbi free. W;re(lnLlI.). 

---•- <iin.N.W.>. WhIUon brook (S IB. tJ.). (Sse OTtuMttr.) (M.5m™> 
__^_l(NotlhloB).— G.N.R.;G.B.R.iL.AN.W.E.;M.a Neo ■, pike, perch, hiMaw 

J.1 paorBeblDRiwer. OldrlTerNen. UdkiI river or CUi Water. £atei; UlUoa 

Park, Bm. w.{ stiiotiv proMrvod. fisMi: Great Northern, AdmI, Ooldflo Ltod. OnML 
PMwsllaU (Hind}.— L. A B.W.It. Weatem Bothar; tront, parsb. (Su FanHan, IMk 

P«tWOrth (Snaea) L.B. * S.C.II. iSa LUOt Bampun.) Flka, percb, roidh. carp, al4 

■OBOh In Chlnglord lake, Bnrtoo Park. Rother: pike, perch, roacb. carp, tront j pl»- 

Fnwuar (SniHiI.— L.B. A a.C.R, On Feveniey river; roach, parob. ftc. Thleatreua 
rlaia to iiro or three large pondi il Ponibarst, and then IId» In 1 in. to Aihbnrtan, Hhars 
(here an bohib large lakea. im. doim. a alraam Joint on rlihtbaak, t| m. long, rleliigta 
Bnekiteep Mill Pond. I m. dowo, u Boreham Bridge, a ttream it m. long |olnI on Cha 
right bank. 6m.daiin, Favaiue7 la reuhcd. Hero a icroamjoini oo the tight bank, 

loiuE etch, lo Pamnaar. 

WUkm^g (TorK)-~'S-E.S. Pickering beck; tront. graylliiKi private above, preeerrad 
below by a loolc^; aec.. J. 3. OnlBek, Croft Home, Flkcerlag. Costa beck, 1 al W. i 
trani, gtaTllngl preaetved by IhcCoau Anglen'Clnli of M; •»c. E. Kitchen. Baq.. O-ran- 
TlUa Lodge, Belmont-road, Scarborongh; aotrance it. bt., a.L Ui.; no Sundaj flihlng. 
M davi' flahlng la the tront aeaicn; no limit for grayling Sihlng after Oct, I; flehhw 
opena April 1«. Thornton beck, 1 m. E. at Thornton Dale. Zata ; Klrkby UUportoa HaU 
lata. BoliU: Black Swan, While Swan. (Bm Wnad.) 

VUAUll (Totk).— N.E.B. Svale. I m. E. (c.i. rorl.) Wlaka^ I m. E. ; grayling, tnxU, 
ctanb,blke: pretervod, (o, Tllr^^ (Sw rort.) 

rUaiagtaa,Otori)iton.)-il.R. Wootion brook. (BaWitttaAi 

nnm BtUk« (York)-Teea: ItoDt and aalmon; the owner of CUffe Hall preaernt 

PUlmoC* <Tork) N.E.S. Bnn'beck, Swale, 1 m. W, (e.,. Ttrk.} <fiee Turk.t 

VllHlnrilOloaceater).— 0.vr.B. PllnLnit Brook. {Si* StvPamf.l 

Mnbo^^uie (Latica.)— L. A T.R. Tawd. (&a HciHOi Asnt.) 

Plimar (HIddi;).— L. « N.W.R. Rolallp rBeervolr la at m- off (He London, M.T.) flka, 

■ama ironUng 1 m. off. Leave may Kimeilm*! ba 

ny ; trool, chnb ; ttriotly preserved from Batoa above la 
u mhing aob of 14. with 13 tranaferable day tlekatai 
. ; hon. aac, P. J. Ward, Eaq.. The Qardeni, Sydbnrr North. 


England. 99- 

niuill«7 (Chtdiire). — L, A tT.WJL Peorer. EEnchun brook, ] m. K.'W. Witarlaa 

brook, [ m. N. Idta : NeEksi TaUoy, I m. N. Toft HaU. 3 n E. IJMAMiUlan.) 
FlnmptTsa (Kotta).— U.K. Tbnrback. Lata: BocUirtMoo Uuui lika. I dl N. (Sir 

Ptaunpton (Cumlind.).— OnthsPetteiit; Hlmoa uid iranC (u. £d«.} 
Tbnunitli (Da>on).— O.W.S. Fl/m, TsDHr; Ironi. Btanon. SiKdt; B0711I ud Duke ot 
CoininlL Pljm liteaS «■ H.E. ol BloU«(O.W.R.)onDartiiiinr, ud G«i. dom, HuTj 
jolni on loft bank. HuTy tIim n. E. o( KoiriibxUn (aW.R,). rani » m. to Uurr, 
aod Fl;m Z m. Fljm nma to Blokl*^ 1 m., IhxBh MUla (G.W.R. S m^ lud ) «. 
down !• jtrined on left buk bj ToTf Brook, vblch rIsM 1 n. B. o( BloUar, nmi G m. t» 
nrmptOD (Q.W.a.), »na Firm l m. Tbli brook li polsoood with c1«t ir«l«r. Pljn 
nuu 10 PlTmastli In 1 m. Flfm i> M pdTita. <ej. TVnur.) Tlia Tuy ud Fljm 
nib«7 Board gtani tlekoufOrUurjud Cul. 

TitUAB liHa 4 n, N.E. ol Kllkhimpton. rnni 4 hl. nheii IE Fnrmi tbo r«arT0ir (or 
Itae Bnds Cioil ^ good flBblDR. 1 m. bolow it Hoiton Hill, 3[ntton beloE 4 n. oS od right 
bank. FoiwUer brook, wblch rnsi 1 m. E. of EUkbirBpton, ind li 1 m. long, joing od 
riflit buk ; 4 m. down Tunir k brook Jolng od left bank, i m. loni, Holiwortbr iTiDg 4 m. 
oBoD leR tank. 8 fit down Tamir, Holiworthj wilsr (a<hln( frH) Ji^i on lett buk. 
Holiwortbj rim 4 m. N. ol Holeworlli j town. {Boltl: Sunliope), atirlildi plaaa Dta, tm. 
lOBI.JDliuoa )Bftbiiik(tTDnli free), Gm. down, HoliwortkyjolngTsiiiu'. 1 m, down Tiniu, 
Claw riTsr jolni on left bank. Claw ritei on Claw Uoor. 4 m. S.B. of Eolaworthr, nmi 4 in. 

Warbllow betng 3 m. off oa rJKht ban 

Teolm rnni to Teolm Bridge. 9 m. (n.i. ^TUUMatou, i m,>, where It mns for 1 ■■■ 
throntfa the park at Wernncton Houh and waters lbs lake Ihare. and I m. down Joint 
Tainar. I m. down Tamer, Garej joing on left tMub. Caiey riea 6 m. S.E. ol Rolaworth]' 

«aMo&, ud ramai'l n. Tamar mniltn. and'lt jotnedon left bank bfL^drlTer. Lfd 
TilSi i m. N.E. ot UdloTd, rnni s m, to Coiyton, where Law water Jotai on 

Lmr Hill. IdUOrd bolng a'm.'off, end a m. ^own'jolntLrd. 3 •». down Ljd, MarrStow 
brook lolna on left back. Mary 3tow rlaeg » m, S. o( Oonton, anfl la S m. long. 1 «. 
town Lrd et UAan, llilitle bronk Joint on right buk. Thlitle rleee 1 m. N. ol 
BrUMUnr, mna to dlowlord T m. <n.t. Zdftos, a m.). i m. down, Bradwood water folna 

I en right benk. mni Id Bradwood Wlger 1 m. and Ttaiitle I 

a ol Xdflos, juing on left bank. 9 m. down. Tamar. Leui 
if KftiuioeBton, a 

itoiiilnnT river Joins on right bank. Inny rlaee hy 
DnTldatow. 4in. N.E. Iioin CameUord (aoM: Elex'a Armi. Flablng free.) BQDt4tn,to 
B*. Clotker, and E m. down et Two Brldgei. 4 <n. from Lanmoaatolt, Penpont watM, 
7 •>. long, Jolni on tlgbt bank. Innj mna 10 m. to Temar, 4 m. down Teour a 
brook 3 m. long Jolne on left bank, end 1 n>. on uotber thort alream working a mill 
iObu on right hank. Temar mm G m. to Haw Biidge, VawlBtook being S m, o9 on 

aarigbtbank. To tble point the tide flam. T m. down, Te»j jalna Tamar. TiTy rii«« 
•n DiulniooT, Im. E. of LldJIbrd. Im. down. Battle water, 3 n.long.joini on right bank. 
T»TT mne » m. 10 ]Ckt7 1!>iT7i and 9 m. down ie Joined bj Bnm brook, which riBM 
i»i.lI.W.otM»rTT»T7,nini by thataiallon,and]oln.Tayja m. down. TaTymnata 
CKVlatook, S m., and i m. down 1> Joined on right hank by Lombern "'"^ *2 

•m'sn'B.of'Mur'TaTr.cnt"^ 'n-to UeirlvlllaBildge.TKTlrt4M)kbelDg4m.aS 
a rtght bank; rung a m. 10 aampford Splney, 4 m. lo aombrl^*, and Ta»7, 
^_. . _ ., a- 1. .,.,. • ,_ , Blckl«7, 4 m.' '- •■ '^— '"'— 

i( uani, Ur. Wm. Haardt 
I., InilsdlnK •■' 

it Howg (n.a. Blckl«7, 4 m.), 3 m. down, Taiy Jolna 
et. Ha troDt, aalmon, end It prnerrad by the Taij lol 
laticketii). TbeTary and Plym Aaaoclatlon laaae tkkeu 

_„, . , , „^ , }a (fH AihtrUiaaaiiy, 

Saa SitaiDgmciinant—bati, pollack mackerel, bake, confer. Baag flahlngolf Bam* Elaad 
ftom Itae rooka with a rod. and plano-eoBTOi minnow, or ifdcnlng (and wl, eonal to aalnoo 
aihlng. Ftih ran from lib. fi> lOIb. In weight. In Ibe Sound, wblfflng fbr pr"-*- — 
maeknol. Bottom r ' ' ' ' ' "" "'" "-■-'■ - " - 

and tnelds tbe t 

r chad, poutlngi wbtling. near tbe Cobblar B 
andaot Breakwater. Urge whlllng, o ~ 

Inlbe DlSn( near the Eddjitone. Bod flahlng 


«,' Unlon-Mraat, PlrnoUh. 

M Th^ Angler'a Diary. 

FtmptMi (EWOK)-— *3-W'R- Tory brook-, milts wlUi cl^ nleciuv. (fltt HmuMU 

■olMnr^hCWirwIcI:).— L. AM.W.R. Aokar. (u. IV«(.) (Hie Oatubonufii^t 
rolpaiio (Coniirill), B.I. Xdo*, fi m.-Oii Polpwro broo^ 6 m. Iodk. Qood m Sililai 

for pollBck. uuckerol. vhiUiiK, vya^tr. Bad bmun i atfl pllohurd bolt. 
PoIiAum (SnoiHut}.— G.'W.R. Ond DO! brook. {Sta BightrU^t 
Po«tMlnuT(3»'«|i)-— L.*N.W,B.! aW.E. Re«{H>i. S.); tront Ji'jllnn- Hibttohr 

brook (1 IK. E.). (Sh ^lawwltr.) (M. Angm.) 
VoKtnaw7dA(H<Hinionth.)— Uvyd. (S« XA»«rt) (ej. [7(;t.) 
»ontrlmfrT»n{l!oiinionih.)-O.W.R Uwji. (.Bit fftaftn.i ('A Utt.) 
poutrllka (HonMrd.) — S.IT.S. UanDon! trout, irmjllngi pTSHriiid by tenut of 

{Set Fcmdy.) (cf. HV<0 I>on. Worm brook, Dnlu brook, BoTlUon brook (I ■.). 

OuTOn <G in.}; UDni. Blick brook (t m.) 1 ttODt ; prMOtTod. Iiots: BUck brook How 

(em.) tSHCheptum.) 
rontrpool (U»Dini>nUi}-S,V3.; L. A K.W.K Llufdi trosi rod lleencai li;. ul 

w.t. l<u., ind d.t. u. 6<f., trout, from Mr. Foi, hilidreiHr. Lata: Tiomuit BiMiaa 

r« M,}; ironl. {Sn Ntwport, Uit.1 (cj. nit) 
P««l (Tork),— N.B.B. Whirtn; troul. Kmllnc, cliub, bi|jb«li prMBmd up tO OUoT ta 

Ib« Ollof AngllDK Club ((« OfKv) ; tbe landlorn of Ibe Wblta Hut iHoei d.t. tor ■ lamth; 

Lord Hanwond DreurrNfOrS m. bslov! leave may Kunetliiwa bo bad (mm hia utBt 

(oj. ror».) (*M 7ort.) 
VocJa (DoTHt).— L. A S.W.R.i M.B. On Rock] a. SsUI; LoodoD. Rockle rltea In a nlU pool 

■bare Harden Paikfim-N. (tdid Wuralujii.rnnilnlni. lotbe large like In UordanPuk, 

mot. Corfe rliea 1 m. W. ot Corte Cutle '" • ITB-raliBTn. iitii.i •nd ii'hV 
byBjlebiDok DD rlgbl bank. Gorfe ran> : 

nb, roaeb, pike; tree on lalt buk, preaarrWI on 

i! Tbe Ship. 1 to. S. ruDi Allsr; tcoat AUer rim od Iha alopM 

IT Locktum, run. to Hollneote (Sir T. Ackliacl), 1 m.. and AUer 
ent; ol trout, leave from Sir T. AcklaDd'abilllff Aller join* tk* 
ureim runs throogb Porlock, nith a biuicta at Wait Porlock 
mall troDl. Kama > m. aeroai tba hlllf mna Oare vatar, pre- 
imre. wbu will iIts loir*. (Si UaHm.i There fi do *M-lkUnK 

-O.W3, Here the dralnlaEa of Clapton moor, fi m. loif, loUs 

'(Wllle.).— L.*S.W.a J 
.-nera. 0S« ~ ' ' ' 

- . dace; Icara from Mr. Le»K St, Pierre Par^ 

I m, iowa In the Serem eatnarj. I bi. W. of Povt«k«Wat nm 
dden rlaea In Went WchhI under the name oT Caa Troigy Brook, m 
•"■< 'laerwent a m., FoTtBka«*t 1 ". 

>-„ ™ ,.__ ,......., -- ~a,fCHfft.-i 

ID and trout; prlTata. (c*.> 

'Ott«x Bll^um (NDrfoii:).^,E.BL HandredatreamorTtaim, liiLa: irood bank (AlBC. 
Zaia: Hl^ug, Chapman, and WbllBilaj Broirl. (Sn TarmoulA.} Jtn: WataiiMA 
Amni boate at Applagate'i, bT Iha brtdge. '- - ■'—■''■ 
«wbiim (Northland.).— (Sai Wotltr.) 

Vowarstook (Doreat),— 0.W.B, (Bit BHi^itn.} On Aaker; tront; (ood Uilni.prnvnd 

Pognton (CheaUre).— L. A N.W.B. Fointon brook. Lattl: Ponlon Faik, 1 n. ■. 

(Aw SuiMm.) 
~ !■ (Salop).— L. k S.WJa. Saadbird Hall lake (1 m. E.) (Set GlmnMir.} 

■eat (Lanca.).— L. & H.WA. Dliton brook. Alt, I m. W. Lota: Hluy duk. 

Vrastlmzy (Cheahlre).— L. AN.w.R. Builln; Croat, roach, dace, pike; priTata. Dcu, 
Mtlnuy rWDrceiier).— H.R. BwllKare. (iha einKwUr.) 

isUton* (Salop). — a.'W.R. HnihlT brook (I m. hM.). Corra (11 hl Sj: taoM. 
B7ling.Sc, (Ba Oloutaw.) (ej.Smm.) 

VCMNok (Lu«.) — L. A N.W.B.; L. A Y.R.; O.W.B.; Jt.K; N.l 
O.B. Bibbla. Blbbla rtiei lonie ■ <n. above BI^Um MMd (Druemd bi 
llBiuheiter Anglen' AaBoclatlaD). and li here joined by Otle Vkier 1 m. 
ftinHrred u Blbble). I m, balow, Osm beck, < m. long (preeerred ■■ Blbble], 

m. down Blbble la & tern Immedl&Hly en 
lallbuk. 'Bltibls mm la Hclwlib Brldgt 

BreiMTBdMmbhle).^ Bibble runs w Horton 

on Wl bank bj Oowilde or Binlnfonh bwk, 3 m, long 
4HMl*Bwl<^ I tn. , uid 3 m. down la Joined on righi 

BIbbkniiiHtoXiangPxastonlm.: ben Loo* Preeioo beck joiaa on lettbenk. ud 
Winleewonh beok on tigbl blok. Long Preettoi beck, under (ha nune or Suleber 
bsItE, ileei (boTe Suleber BrMga 1 m. E, of SatOa, ud jolui Kibble 4 m. Oowd. 
WtsgleewOTlb beok It 4 tn, long, mnd dr^ni Tepa Urn by TCigt * " ~ — ~ 

«. — _« 1„_ BIbblenineioH»llon BfWgelin., end ■- — * 

ibore RMU*, Wbbte Is joined 
. Bibble nma lo Battla a ~ 
bulk bj Battamall beck, a m, lo 

OoAds beak, 3 171. long, 
To»ido wllh Blbbla, FbI 

irusK, HDU IB B m. long, juujB on lbii duui, a m. aowD moDie, Lc D0J1DD ru-k, 
BlmlDgtOB being 9 n. o9 on left bulk, Toaalde beak jolna oa rlgbt benk. Toaalda 
MTn. long, and! m. ttom Iti aouiiH la joined on ligkt bank bj Bond beck, Stn. long, 
down Toartde. loreal beck, t m. long, joins on lad bojit » m. down ToaaldB, 
' ' ' ' ' joint OD right beak. 1 m. below, cloae to the jnnaUon of 

I brook, 4 m. long, joins on rigbl br ■- '■■■- 

uuv V9CK. jolna on loft bank. Swajiaide back rii 

>w la joined on left bank by Inge beck. 4 m. Ion 
tbs water of Ibe Olltberoe Angling Aaaocletlon.j 1 m. uu«n uudm. n 

:m, 1 m. N.W. of CbatboTD, Qrlndlaton beok, i m. long, joins on right 

e mna 1 m. to West Bradford 1 tn. N, from OUtbeio*, and bare Biad- 

- m. long. Jolna on right bank. 1™. belo*. Waddlnglon beck, I tn. long, 

lolna Kibble on right hsnk. Bibble mne Co Bungerley Bridge 1 fn. (ture endt the 
mtar of tbe O.A.A.), and 011thero« 1 fn. Here Bsehell brook, wbieb rlaea !n 
BwtaaU Uoor pond S m. N.V/. from CllthariM, and la 6 m, long, jolna on right 
bank. Bibble mna 1 m.. where OUtheroe beck, which rliet aboTe Cllthazo*. 
ud la t m. long, joins on left bank. <Here beclnt the water of ttie Bed Lion 
Ina, aiiOitroe, Three Flsbet Ion, wi AtpiDatl'a Arms. Ktttou.) Bibble nina 
1 m. to Mltton. (Here enda the hotel walers.l Hodiler here joins on right 
■auk, Hodder riiet on the alopet of Lamb Fell, and 4 m. down la joined on 
uft bank by HaaglU beck, t m. lone. 3 m. down, Bridge Honae beck, f wt. 
long, loina on Uft bank. 1 m. down Hodder, Barm OIH, ) «. long, joins on left 
bank. Hodder mna 1 m. to Sl&ldbllTll, n.B. Chatblini. 7 m. (priiale al»*e)i 
ban Dnntop riyer joint on right bank. Dnnaop rlaea on Oroaidala Tell, and 
gm. down It joined on right bank by Oroaadale beck, 4 m. long. Jnst below, Ellar beck 

elna Dnnaop on right bank. IRinBop joins Hodder 1 m. down. Hodder mna lo 
nrton (n.e. OllUwrDa, S m.) 3 m., and hero Baalngion brook, 4 m. long, Joint 
Hodder on letl bank. Hodder mns Im., where WhlUndde river joint on right bank. 
'Whltendakt ritea on Whlleodate Fell, and 4 m. down Is joined on right bank by Bren- 
naild river, 4 m, long. Whltondale jolna Hodder 9 m. below. 1 m. down Hoddat, 
I*ngden rivsr, 6 m. long, jolot on tight hank. Hodder m.n 2 m. to WUtnraU, n.t. 
CUUiaroe, 7 m. i m. below, QrejBtonaleT beck, S m. long, johia Hodder on rigbt 
bank. 1 m, below, at Doeford Bridge (here beglne the water of the Bed Lion Inn, 
OUtheroe). Lond river joint on right bank. Lend rlsaa 4 m. above Derby Anns, which 
It tm. N. of IiOagxiAn, and 3 m. below It joined on left bank by Chipping beck. 
tm. long. Land nmt rm., wher- •--->---'- ■ - • — ' ,....--._ r ._. . 

long. Load rimt Tvl, where lieea beak, 4 m. long, jobia on left bank. Load Jolna 

- ■ - Bibble S 


"(Waai Sld^ra 

k, There Mill bed^ 1 n, long, joins oi 
Boooer jams luDDw V TO. iwuw luuicd by tickat from hotala at Qlltliai 
down Bibble, Weet Oalder (polhitad) jolna on left bank. Watt Calder rite* on OliTeia 
Moor by Holma, 4 m. S.E. of Bonutv. One portioo (BaalOaldat) mna B,. and JiAii 
Alrt; u» odierportlou CWaal Oatdsr) mna v.. and Jolna Bibble. 1 m. fromlla aoDra 

• brook Jolna Waat Oaldar on left bank, drahilng a pond on Caalle Bill I m. np. Oalder 

._ »_ — 4 — a ... . !.-._- lA^- j™.. i^i..- «. .i.h* k..k Tfc«.. ^.... f ^ aboiro 

1 m. long. 

BnrnlaT i •»■ ■■ hare Soo tlver jolna on right bank. 
\ay, and f m. above that town It joined on lettliau' ~ 

■ud Bran rlTer, 4 m. long. Laneahaw river hare jolna Oaldar on right bank, 
rlaea fn. above OolnAi and 1 m, from ita^aonrce, at Laneahaw Bridge, la joined on 
laft bank by Wyooller water, a m. long. 1 m. below, Trawdan brook, s m. long, jolna 
LMiathaw on left bank. Laneehaw runa to Oolna t m.. and 1 m. below la joined on the 
llcbt bank by a brook t m, long, draining tbe three reeenoiil by Tonlfi^T*- 1 "■■ 
dmni Lanethaw, Oatlow bmok, |4 m. long. Joint on laft bank. Lanaahaw nma to 
Bumltf In I •»- OaldarmnaSm., where Bonghlee water, whloh rlaea on FendlaHill, 
ruu 8 m, to Lawerwood, S^ W. of Oolna, thence to Oalder * m., Jolna on right bank. 
OaUer mna to Pkdllum (n.a. Bnmlcr). 4 m., and here Lodge river jolna on ktt 
took. Lodge rlaea 9 m. above Boa* GroTS, where Tower brook, t m. long, jolna on 
Wt bank. 1 m. down Lodga, Bbaw brook, a m. long, joins on left bank. Lodge mna 
to Oaldar In 1 m. Oaldar mnt lo Altham 1 hl, and 1 m. doim It Joined on laft book by 


92 The Angler's Diary. 

BjtiiOmta brooki thla l>rook ntu 3 n. tbOT* AoorlnKtoa. uid ) m. down {■ loliiBd 
on left bank ^ OhDioh brook. 3 m. lone. Im. talow, Um ontOow (3 tn. long) oF lUahtnn 
(•HTToIr br XlahtDn, Join* an leH buik ! hmoa lo Oildu It 1 m. OtlO'T run* 1 «., 
when S>bdm brook, t m. Iodc. IoIdi on right bmnk. Oildu' miu to Wlullar > m., 
•ad Jolna BIbbIs I m. balov. 1 «. down, BibbI* Park brook, irtiloh ilM> In WUp- 
■hlM, tsd li * n. lao(, jobu on lalt bmnk. 1 m. down BlbblB, Dsin broi^ iririA 
rlHi in & pond al Uoor GIsnw Ball, ud In > m, long, folni on light bank. 1 m. abOT* 
tbti louctton a atiaun jolBi Dean on right bank, draining Orowihaw rcaanolr 1 m. i^ 
Sn.M.W. rrominuUay. mbblsmns lin.,wliarsStH«ngteoak, In. long.KdMom 
rigblbsnk. Bibtalt mna to Mibiih«rta> 3 "t H«r* D^m'i brook, t ot. b^. Jolaa 
on right bank. Olois abon tha joncUon, Dntton brook. 9 hi, long, jolna Boroo on left 
bank Kibble nmi I m. to Pnlwood, Im. oS rai right buk: and iiert Tan brook, 
whleh rlaei above flrlTniwrgll, and la 4 m. long, jolna on right bank. L m. dDwm 
BlbbHUsllor brook. 4|m. long, loin* on Mt bank. Kibble nni to PiMrton, 4 ■<>. Han 
Darwoi Joins BJbble on left luBk. Duwau riaea abon Ovar Suwui, nuu a m. to 
bnrar Saxwan, Mill BlU I m. S. oC BI«akb1Ui>, 3 m., Ohtrr^ Tro* 1 n.. 
Tanslaoowlaa 1 «. Here Boddlaaivorthio'nB on left buik. BoddleBworth riaea In 
like BiTington reaerrotra of the Urarpool Walerworks 3 m. £. ot ObOTlaj, ions S aL 
to ftrlfiiimll. and t n. dowa br WltlUMll waterH another Llrerpool naerrolr. 
t m. down, Boddleawortli jolna Darwen. Darwen mns. In !1 in., 1 m. E. of Hoarlitai. 
and I m. down rona 3 m. S.V. ol HmTUoh, joining BlbblB 3 m. belc 
PrlBOWtOwn <DeTon).— O.W.H. E. Dart, S m. W. Dart, H m. Tn 
brook, i m. ; CowalE, 1 m, ; Cherry brook, 3 m. ; Swinoombe, 9 m. ; bul 
atreuna nsir. Upper paiu ot Firm, t m- Wukbani, li m. ; preierred. 

aHmoD licence cor „ .... 

Pnlbonmyll (Snaeil. — UB. A S.C.K. Aran aod Weiism Bolber. Flabing free In 

Roibflt, trura beoM lo UidbDnc. Fliblntt itoiid on Aran. Flka. bream, iDacb. peich, oaip, 

ulinoD. [ram, As. flolil: Anm. (Srt LUlk Bm^lon.) 
Pnrflsat (BtauiX-L.T. AS.R. On Hardik*. Thl> iiream riau b; Eaet Hondoe, and la 

4 n. In Joined on lb* right bank bj a atream vhlch rlHa bj IMOt Warlaj. 1/nm (Idi 


Fnxton ISomertet).— a.W.R. Lakn: PoxUin jwiiu^ ioud, nuco. <mv-. u.k ik, lacmomi 

boat, ft-on O'Hasillen. Bab-tacklelit, Vlotorli-ilreel, Briitol. 
Pja Brldn (NotU|.— U.B. Enwaih, (SH aoAubanuaA.) 
am Havan,— (8« uafar^) 
■ttdoUff* (Lonn.)— L. ft N.W.B. ; O.M.R.; H.B. Irwell. Booh. Lalm: Raaamlr, 

U fn N. iacc Sunwm.) 
SkdolUb (Notta). — O.N.B. TreDt! pike, percli, loaeli, chub, talmon. (e.i.1 Tbniback. 

Xadfoid (Horn).— H.R. Leen. ^ata: BUboroogh snt, Itn. 'W. iSa Oaiiuionusk.) 
"-"•-** (Horta.),— M.a OidM. cbab, Toaeh, irik;, parcb ; preearrod. (Sm Lombm, M.T., 
k (Somenetl.— Q.TC.Et.! S. ft D.R. (Sti BriiM.t 
(Uomnonth.). — C.M.i P.B. Kagian btooki tront rod liesncei iL. From the 

<Linai.)— L. A N.W.B. Sukej brook. (3nBmia>rn.) 
'" — i),— G.K.R. On Ingrobiini Brook. Tbta etieam rliea 4 h. S.W. at 

m. on tbs brook Jolna Ttaamea. 
gn* Beam brook. TUa atnam 
- m. on la Beam Bridge, 

O.N.B. IrwelL (SaRmam.) 
rlTer Nen; pike, perch, bream 
uere, 1 «. N.E. (St IFMhcA.) 

iigjll Beck. I 

" (Natli).-Q.N.B Oldcoaiea djke. Idle, 3 m. B. BTton, 3 

Serlb; Park. 
B»tI)T (Lelceater.) -kLB. Bothlay brook. Lata: The Pool, Onabj, 3 n. N. (Aaa Oatu- 


XawanglKaa (Cnmland).— Ft.R. A^: Elng'a Armi. On Ert, Bleng, Btk, and Mite; 

trcnt, ailiDOn treat, aalmon. Preaetred bf a oonBerraney. TIekel, tUi. a asaton llir all. 

and ABEoat, and •abBon 

Car, and lathe beat OaUng 


England. 98 

or MhHo Iront ran np Ulta, bot liontlDg !• good. Small into, browu, uid i«d pilraan 
■n b«it Oood ueoniiiwditlon «ui Im hud at Stisni'i BovsrhouM Inn, on UIU, wtaktl li 
■1b ibont t in. from lit ud Eik. Tbers It a guiloa on Uis Eikd^le Bullwir sloia W. 
Ikt WooliiMk Inn, Eikdile, conulni quneii foi two. Tlili ki eimt to Eak ud nur ftmr 
n In tuoL Kins of PnuMi, Eakdila, Smith's. SErudi Inn, dmt th* (dot of HaUMr 
Wulnter, an good ; buIi on tbs laks. Lntwldgs Anns Hole], Holmrnok, Is good, ud 
llMe lo In 1 mlM Foi Uld Eonndi. Wsitdile Head, and 11 tn, froni Itxigg StAtloo. (u 
BswclinxYark).— L.AY.B. Airs. Aim Hhi In Malham 
b4.),7B.N.E. or Battle, org m.N. or BvUlmsk. 3i 

(trout), S rn, long, joins on Mt bank^ a pDrttoo rrea. am rraa vo Ainoa U in {ban 
bigAu the mMf of (hs ToiktUn Anglen'Olnb). Aira nini 1 m. to KirkbjlUliui (n.a. 
■illlraik, 4 mv Bare Elrkfillb«k,gnL long, JoIhh on right bask. Hm.downAln, > 
ftnam johia on toft bank, dimlniDg Eabton iam 1 m. np. Aire nuifl 1 al to B«llbiwk 1 
km Otlnboni beck Joint on tight bank. Ollerbnrn riaei on OtterbDra Uoor, 3 m. 
annwa the hills N.B. Irom £a>nc Txaston, 3 m. [town, lugle beok, S m. long, fotis 
fliliftbank, hence to B*Ubn.ik,lBB m. Jaet below BsUbnsk, Uw ontflow of tto 
lake at CkjanlAtoD Bouaa, 1 m. up, Jplna on rrgblbuik. Aln nmB to GmxRftVW, 4 st^ 
(Hm beglni the water of the Aire Fishing Olnb). 1 m. below, Xetaton beeklobu on laT 
bank. Eabtonrtassonlheiloposof "-"■ — " '"- ■-■"-'-'—'-- — 

3<KBIa^ok, 1 in. Aire, 3 tn. Alranma Im. to aUpton, 1 . . . 

EDat heck, ■ m. long, ]olna on the left bank. Aire rans I «. to ConsBlw, Wt „ 
itUkiim. BeraEMIbanraabrookJolnaoDrlghtbuik. (Bei«aadallMwMar^A.F.CI.). 
laaihoonui risa in Oowlonghton dam. S «. E. of OtAam, or T «. 8. V. of XlUwlek, 
and la « n. bmg. (Hsn be|^ the vster of the SKickbrlilce aitd EHtbonnie AngUnf 
OlBb). Aire tuna ton*aton,3m.; hen SUadau bsok.4in, long, lolna on Mtbank. 
Alt* mna to XalgUar, 1 ra. off on right bank. 4 n. (Hare anda Oia mier of S. and 
I.A. Olab). Hera Worth riret iolna Aire on right baak. Worth rlaea i m. than 
fhkwoTth. Station, and there Oxenhope beok, whlcb rtsea aboTe Oxnnlunw, *nil ^s 
IM. long, Joins on right bunk. Worth ranaim, to lagrow, SnlirUari >•■' Ban 
■beek, wblob riaaa Id a pond on Eelgblej Hoor, i m. np, Jolna on left bulk. Wonk 
nna to Aire. 1 m. (Here beglna the water of the Single; «"e'i"p Clob). 1 «. down 
lit*, HoDlton beck, S n. long, jolna on loft bank. Aire ran* to UBglajr^l ■■. (Han 
enda the w*ter ot B.F. Olob). Heie Harden beok folna on right buk. HaidonrifH 

OnniBCwortll, ud jolnB Aire, 1 m. down at BUi^», ^ora baajoa 'tbo waMr ot 
the Saltalre Olub). Aire mna 1 m. to Bhtplar. >i«^BTadfDrd beck Joins on right bank. 
Btadford beok riaee 1 m. N. ot Vhonrtoia, and 3 n. down la Joined on the tigbt bank 
br Clayton beok. 1 m. below, ■ brook Mna on left bank, droning a pond 1 bl np br 
Dnb:r< 2 n. down la BmdCotit and Bh^lay and Aire 4 m. below. AiramuSat, 
to BnlUoB. 1 m. below, 0111 beok, which wateri a pond 3 m. np, jolna Aira on Ml 
kMik. Aire nun to BalloU, 1 m. 1 m, below, Teadon b«V wUeh riiee In ■ pond In 
Tendon Uoor, I m. E. of Chiliwl«r, ond it a n. long, Jolna on left bank. Atr* nuu to 
tMTWXlmj,im.,WtmUr,im. flereOld UiU beok.» ■>. long.jolns on lett buik. 
ttm rnna In IiMiln. I "■ Bare FamlsT beok jtdna anrlghlbanki beto rnnlf^tiaea 
4 M. above Sruday, ud mn* to X>»Ma, t m. AddlebeokhareJtdnaAltaanMtbNik. 
AddlebMkrisealnapoodat Buh'irann,Um.B.W.otAitUlI(taK. Addle rnn* 
1 at. to Blwik Bill dam, thence to Addle dam, paatingibo Tillage rfAddl* tintnartlatalT 
Mow, ud johia Aire < m. down. Aire luna I m. to KnuOat, and 1 m. down, on left 
buk, la joined bT Killing beck, which ilaaa In the lake In Boondhar Park, i in. K.X. of 
LmOk, and Is t m. long. Aire rnna to WooOlMlbKd, 1 n. i 1 n. below, Bothwril 
beok, £ n. long, Jolna on rigbt buk. 1 m. down Atoa, b; Mathlar, EoUin beok, S ai. 
Icmg. jchia on left buk. Aln mna to OasUctbrd, 3 n. Han OtMtt Jotns on right 
bank. Oklder risea on OUrlger Hoor, 4 n. B.B. ot WarBlmT, brMolnw, rOns thanDa 
»«!, to Portamvutb. 9 m. down, t. brook Jolna on left Uat, 1 n. lonK dr^ntng 
Bedmlrea dam, I n. W. of Vodnwston, (jalder nmi I n. to TodBtOKdm. !*>■ 
Mow, the outlet ot aome ponda, 1 m. up at X«*, Jokia on right bank. Theae pomla sre 
1 m. S.E. ot Codmoi4«B. Oalder rona 3 m. to BkrtWOOd ud B*MM1, 1 M. 
Hen two atreama Join on left bank. The Bret np^atream, OaldanloDgh, ttae* In nodals 
4*m,4n. t4.W, of KabdMi. The other atream la the river Hebden. Habden ilaas on 
Wlddop Moor, 1 «L down It la Joined on right bank bf Wtddop wdtet, t m. long. 1 m. 
down Eebden, Gorple water, S m. long, Jotna on right buk. 1 bl down Hebdan, 
Wadsworth beok, 3 tn. long, jolna on left bank 3 m. down Bebden, Hi»s*bridge beck 
1 SI. long. Joins on left bank. Hebdea nms lo Xabdn and Oalder, In. In. down 
Oalder. nt taOdanilm Voot. Lnddenden beok fidns on lett bank. Lnddsnden rieea 
in the two Cold Edge dams In Saltenslall Uoor, In N. ot XnddanAan, and I* t m. 
kng. Cnlder runs 3 m. to Sowailir BlldV*! "id ^"Blbonme Jolna on right bank. 
KIbonTneriBM!ntwobrucbessome4f>i. abore BlahwOTth, rona tm. to rappenden 
ud ji^s Oalder at SovarbT Brldn, 4 ■■. down. Oalder runs to aila^d, t m. 
XaUftz being 3 m, on on letlbank. EeiB Ooaa, wbloh riaee In a amall reaarrdr, lit. 

'- A.ooglc 

94 The Angler'a Diary. 

8. ol Blalnrortli, rnni i m. to Stsinluill, uid Blland, Sn., Joins on right bank. 

"-" " -n. to arlBlioiiM >nd ooopar BrlOfs, tm. Here Oolns Jolua on Il|b> 

iui In Weuendui THenolr. 1 m. ftbom HkTBdan, ukd ban • itrHS 
ink. draining the Vt-mb Bill reasnolr, a n. ap. Ootns nuu to BUUk- 

lett bulk, draining the Vt-mb Bill reaBnoIr, a n. ap. Oob 

. wbera tba dralsa» of a pood and 

waits. 1 in., and ben a etnam Jolni on left banfc. draliAia a ^d 

in^wood, B m^ wbera tha dral 

HoV^''jaln9'an°riEb'tTuikr Hoime riaei in BllbnirnaerTolr. I n. aboTS^Koinin^S 
and bare a ■trssin joini on right bank, dralnlns HobnetleT ceaerKiIi' a m. up. Hotaw 
nni to Konlar. 3 m. Here a itnam jolna onleR bank, dr^^ng a raaerrolr, ln.K. 
of MBltlum, Holme reus to Bnddatsltold and Oa1n«, 1 m. Oolne two* to 
DalffllMll, 9 m., and here Bnrton beck, whiohriaei abors Xlrktarton, nuu tbaaaa 
t m. to Kirkheaton aad IMcbMn, 3 m,, jolag on right bank. Colna nuu to OOOMC 
Brldff*, a n. Calder rnnilo Klrltold, 3 n., DmmraTT, > in., KorbnTT', * ■. 
)ffl. donn, ABlreaiD joins ODrl^t bank, droning the large lake In Oharal Park, Im. BaBdkl,or4f».S.atWmkafl^d. Oalder nuu 1 <». to Waks- 
llald, and, 1 m. be)ow, l< ji^M oa right (wnk b; Walton beck, which riaea In Uh 
resertolr at Cold Bbidley hi ByUU. rnne to Walton, 3 m. wbara the untflow of 
Walton Park lake. 1 in. S.E. <3 Suidnl. join" on right back. Walton flowa to 
^*<^«.i^ 7 m. Bed Oalder I fTi. Calder nma to fltuilsy, 4 m. and the Alrv at rnatl* 
ford, I m. Aire rnne to XnottinalaT, S m. Tiaaiim Xniat, 7 m. Bnaltli, I m. 
XKWcUffk, 4 m. and Jolne Onee a m. below. 
XawtsnataU (Lun.).— O.M.B. : L. A M.W.R. Inren. Lam^ Water. (&m Aiah 

maadlng iRerka.). - O.W.R.; U A 3.W.R.; a.E.R. ffe 

W.B. Wtb! cbnli. dace, pike, perch, ialmon. (ba) ( 
R.; a.H.B.; M.B. Tains. (a« Rwuwrn.) 
p»eeTTed Bbove bj Mr, J. Qeiniiilr.g, of Beddlteh. LaXa: Ipala^ Lodge pi 

'• irnTkJ.—N.E.Et. Urei tronb grafllng; preHrret beloir bj Lord Bolton, wha 
,«..., .„.iinitiniilea>eihrooghbli>tawerd. Bilden Heck. Apedole beck. (SHfort.) 
Bllllfll (Salop). — O-.W^. Perrr (t m. N.). Lata : Shalroeke lake (* m. &.E.) (Jh 

(Cornwall).— a.W.S. ITeiUllan. Tble brook ri 
. tet.F0Htf} 
(Norfolk).— O.E.B. Tare; bream (Tarf good), ._. 
Tbat,lfn.S.W. {an TaruBvlK) (CJ. KtrfiM.^ 

^- '•"'■ ^- ■- ■ "" -La (Sh 

. ,-- - -. , --,- ..Kir*.) Aekla 

lis. HwlaHfk beck. mW.i tiont. Uanks beoki Iront 
" "—-i. Est., and J. Holton, Ebq.. I m. N.B. Throstla 

same deb. Tbat.lin. S.W. (Sat fiawNiU.) v:j. HiirfM.) 

BilLliiin C' ' T """ '"'-■'- •■ 1 ■- -■■■n Weonu 

KmU (Tork). n.L BlOklttaild, Itn.— Swale; trout, grayling. 

S.E. Str>wbeck,»in.N.W. Uoonlala beck, Im. N. Roabaek,;m. 
. (Sm Fori.) 

-' (Holts).— O.N.B. Idle. <ca IVnt.) PODlter, I na 8. UedM. 4 : 
' ' BabwDTtb Hal). 1 m. W. (BsiJMBrjiti 
lib)— L.4N.W.R. Bnmnaji (I m.); 

BbinUTln (Hnnmunt 

iEtt Cardtf, W^a.} 
Wbbto BNMI (Tnrk).- 

iblei tront; preaerrfd hj the IL ._ ... __, 

i loiirgF, ioolndlDg all trtbntariea, to Halwlth BiMga; 
.nir.u«...,.,..i. ,i^i ».nuir<>~. Mareb fl BSspt. Ml no Sandar AihlDg I hon. tec. 

lT'int;.preK'rT(d a'l Rlbbie. Cam beck, 3 kl &£,; troDCi pniarTed as BIbhl*. Htm'. 
(^intone Inn. {Set Prettrntrt 
BlboliaBtoE (Lascs.). n.i. liOBtiUt*, fi m.— Rlbble, Boyce brgak. Dnltmi break. 
-^arclnc brook, Im. H.I. Dean brook, ■«, N.B. Latti: Crowihiwnienolr, «■>. B.S. 
Hear Oams Hall pond, »«.■. E The Da Tablej Ami, RIbehaHer Bridga, ka a iMd 
hole^ud glTH ieata to fldi. TMkela are alio granted to Tialton at the WbltowaU EaML 

Blom>U~(Tork)— O.R.R. ((9si Oamr * , JbrtO 


tt ud auter, SuMoo. 
DDQ. iDvnefl- nfumm: r^mia v. oroim^ G. *o4 B. Howard, B, 
, H. WbMlflT, J, Biubniill. ud T. Tonng. From ben to III*. 
J i:ood fl; flsblng for dmce. la Richmond Park Lh« P«nD paodt 
Hill cup. Lens tiam tbs deputy •iiDger. The atrtt pond liolila 
«, Q»ynor uid Son. «, Bridgo-elreel. 

.. ..-H.ER. Swde; trDat.giH;1inE. SiodtMck, Im.B. Aikebeetlut 

n beck, 3 fn- S, ClopffAte beok, 4 m. W, Smellmill beck. 4 m. N. Hftnke 

^.; troat, pHHriod. Eller or Uanlck beck, 6 m. W.; favirosl. id*M: 

k Uke. Cill Hole tun. t m., 3. iSet Tori.i TaciltUt, C. Spaneu, TJiikle- 

Il(Herti).— Hat. R.i I^ AN.ff.R. Coins; trout. cbnli. due, roKb.plks, 
i™.cu,i™ui. .119 Tms WnllMiUn" prossris Sm., iDclndloK tlie HuBfleld fliberj. Mr. 
I. HntchJan, the Uodlord it (he Rallwair Hole! It Rlckminiwonb, ud obtain leiie to 

UtblLi. Qsdei IcoDl. Cbeeg; Ironl. (Sa lenion, X.T.) Knlillii rcBorroir IsSltn.oSi 
pfti, wrth. tench. tSaHamtci 
lUtng MIU (NortbliDd)— N.E.K. Od Tyne. At Ulniteracies 4 m. oS, ta •om* Rood 

BDUuffton (Tork).— N.E.B, Der>snt, L m. W. ; coarie flib, Ssunpaton b«ck. I n. E. 
Kra. I m.^. Coala keck, 3 m. W. £alsj : Sumpiloo Perk laks, I m. N.E. HewtsB 

KMJWtoa (York).— L.«Y.a.' a-sn-ide keck. Inj[> beck. I m, 8. BlbMs. Im. W.: 
Kmt. HiniDn. Toisjde back, a m. N.W. Fei) twck, 1 «. K.W. Orlndlsion be^ i m. 

^ntM4 (Nottbton.)—!- A H.W.B. Neo^ pike, parch, chDb, breun, teach. iat$ 

-1 — , .„ , • (SuChrUUIiiiTe)!}. Atdd; aalmsa, plka. ro»(:h,|(r»ylln(^ 

>n Cutis Hotel, wi 
til Whit* But. « 

. ., J ,- _. (Sm SofcuftoTOivft.) 

WjlV (Inrkl.— M.a. Nlddiiront; nreaerted by the Knarailioroiuh Adgilna Clnb 

■ ■- ^ ■- - "— 1 • ■"- ■■-- >- n-ti—t aio.s.E. I 

Upiar ( Derby). — U.S. Amlisr, S m N.V. £atll: 

nreuric ^^JJ^^"^^^!^ Oai bed 
Lola: Klpla; Patk lake. (Sh Fori.) 
:tt. nrei^tront, (jrajUni, pike, pareh, chnb; 

sn. £atei: Stndlcy Fuk, a 
^)pU (Worceater).— H.R. SeTern : ulmoa, plka. perch, chub, dacs. 

., jaoh.plke,i 

'. (f J. ^i.t.> tSee Ifftmrt.) 

mi (Lano.)— li. & TCA HjcUbnm 

ook. ■ m. B, 

{Tork).— L. *T.B. Elboorne. ZotM: Beiatroll, Im. 8. (dai fiowl^i.) 

Slu Bvt.} On Ri 
8. J. ballud. El 

,..,,..,. ^ „ __,,._...._. ,_** Sinff'i 

MfAintai (SomeneD.-a.Vr.R. ■Waahrord; itout. {attWauW.) 
Kotetabrli^ (SnaaM),— S.E.R. (Su fiyt.) On Rothsr. the itTer ii praHrrad to 
ux Raihir Fiahei; Auocletion i aac, 8. J. Uallud. Eaq., tOU-atrMl. BanaDdan, Stula- 
hont. (tj.) /nn ; Old OaorKS. 
SOMrtar (SUSord).— <}K.B.t L.AN.W.B.: U.R. l>STe; tront, imylinc otea* th* tonn, 
pajUng, chnb, pike, barbel, few ironl halow ; prseerrad aboTO (or 8 m. by th* Doie Flablni 
Otab; a.t,. »I,; hon. ise, A. F. Dawaon, San,. Barrow Hill, Uttoialar. ((j. n«a.> 
Chnniet; tront. ajtfMaa. bol flihUut rnlnad by poUnthma Ima Latk and Oikamoor. 

»"Tl^ll1t CLaHH-)— ^ A H.W.B. ; H.B.; O.H.X. Booh. Dedd. Bui, I m. N.E. 

■Mdon brook. 1 n. S. Madsn 'Water. 1 m. N-W. Iota: BoIdaraUiae pimd. I aa. S. 

WHBEvoTtli rsHrrair, 3 m. N.E. {Stt Raiam.'i 
•MkMtor tKont). - Lc. A D.R. On Msdway. The rlTcr rlaea 3 m, veat of But 

MaiiUKd, and Boira In II fn. to H&xt&ald, and then to WlthrbuL 1 «. 

bMi* vbich ■ atreim Jolni on the rUht buik whloh rlaea at SontariOrs Walla and 

ki4ai. paaaaa Oiciai>i1>rlAfa> and JolnaUedway Ilia, bslow. In. bsloir tbla Jnnetliin 

.. .l.oogic 

56 The Angler's Diary. 

MedviT !• red br > itnuo A ». long so tbs Mt buk ; rmn hsnea to the Jnnetloi of Edaa 
*ltta lted»T >I Passhimt ti 4 n. The Hedn; !> preisrred rrom Penetannt Park 
Id TonbTldf • tr T«Dbrtd«« AdiUdk Society. A bhiIL cherca Ig mida ror Hihtn^ 
Qsod pike, tireua. ud chnb. Aecommodulan mt the 6«t'e Head, L^fb. Edsn rMM 
BMT UmpeBeld, Snrrer, enit, ifter puelng Oitead uid Growbnnt, la 10 m. lajolned b) 
B brueti wblcb iliM > m. Mntb of LiniOsId iSartsfi, uUI bu ■ iMuRb of 7 «. Ftom tlili 
jDuttooto BdmbzldMtilii. From Bdenbrldn Is aiiUdlng>ton«l>8i>L. tluoM 
toHtdmr l*4iB. neUsdnTrtUH nowUTonteUg* Id 1 11. 6 n. below, > bcoA 
lolna on the left buk, biiliiK > caon* of 9 n„ psMiut Hadloir Id ite wnf ; wd » m. below 
ttala ■c*ln. It Tkldlnf , TelH Md Bnlt Join tltinj. ToUe riNe netr TonbzUC* 
Talft, ud ie IG m. loiif. povIdr LembeitaDnt. GoDdhont, and HoriemODdni. BenU 
ileH I n. eaal ot HakAootn. thmog mne lo BtuilalLnxat I al, and Taldlnc ID ■. 
MednT neit Bows to WatralaJTIniXT > ">:■ Bast Pulal^ t m. Kaia>taaa 
t m., Arlaalbrd 4 m., 8aodl»nd<m^ aod KQOlwatat 8 n.. paeelog Lower UalUoi 
and Cn HOD, BotOt: KIiir'i Head. Royal TIctorim, 

XoeUMluunCNortbloo,).— L.AN.W3. ;GI.N3. Wsllaod. Eye brook. {Stt Spalding.} 

HoA* (l^aiblre),— L. A N.W.B. Ca> tirook Dana, 1 m. S. Laim : Bode raHrrolT. 
Oraat Oak reeorralr, a m. N. (S« FmMam.) 

BoitKta(Siueei).— L-A3.W.R. Wietera Botbsr. («■ Udle flonvteii.) 

Somlind (Eaeai).— O.E.It. {Ah fioiaAom.} 

Wmvumj (Btnu.)— L. A3.W.R. On the Teat; graTltaig and tnnt flebinf aood; ealnoB 
■italnc pwd below Ibe town, almoit ill prewnBd, Hod. Ralpb Dolton, Hon. ETalrm 
Aehlay, Ura-Vaodcej, (ndCol. H. C. Bmee own tb* principal parla ot the wslsr. Kidil^ 
rlkhCealeo 1*ttoBiindliiat«orbotal proprletcre; lorlnformalioii apply loBobt. LUILnftDB, 
Bed Lion Bote). AootberKood hotel la tbe While Horw. (8k 8IDC*»fii«t, SmuAonvMa.] 

■o»tOro*B (lork).— L. AT.E. Lodge. Towot hrook. {Sh R 

■oma (Berarord). — a.W Jl. Wje; pike, perib. ulDoii. chab. dace, iroui: naoiof 
botpoor. (£1.) Liika broot (i n.>. Lammereh- brook (Shl). Lain-. Trawarth«a 
(gm.) (Bh Clu^aaK.) Axd: Boyal. 

»omKto«toIl(rork).-a.N.K. Tome 

■irthlHUTCNorihland.J.-NiuirCoqaei , ._. 

TeiTffOod; froe for am. (3« WarkiMrih.) i, , ., _. __,. 

BotharhKin (Torki).— H.B.; a.C.B. I>ao. (ti. FontiMn.) Botbar (us Ox^ ). Oldcoatoa 

XOWfkBt(aniaBi).— L. AS.' (:Sh ZondM, Z.r.) 

Xoinlar (DeibT).— H.B. Derweot; [rent. Eraylini ; preeerred rrom CawderBridta Dp 
to abora SoiruaT by ihc Doha ai Deronabire {tee Bailotr), and below bj tbe Dailev Dale 
anb; d.tai.(iaiBiu{ou,lra(foet). Wye: troat. graylJaR. (Sa Bat$Kia.) (At OsAm. 
lwnmt\) (u.nwj.) Hipper. 3 «. N.E. Lota: Swlu Cottage pooda, J ni. M.B. tfim 

Boj4nL(Baaei),— O.E.II. /ana ; Nfw Inn and Templo. (Bh Slratfird! Kft Baatti Od 
3li>rl ; pika, roacb. fee ; pieeerred Itom hence to Hnnadon Kill, below Ibat by tlu 
Bya Hooee, (See Rf Bbbu:) 
SOTtan (I^na.)— L. A T.B. Irk. (Ste Aunam.) 

Bnam lUsitt tCornwall).— (n-e. rannn, ta m.) Caerlson water Jdne tbe tea I m. M. 
naerleon rinea In Croft Panooe Fool dd Qaonkllly Down, and I m. down Ie Joined on ■<»*■' 
ikl^aalreamwlilcb draloe Leech Pool 1 n. np. Casrleon ibdb Inv to the eea. 

■-•-•^-MI).— L.B.A3.C.B. Aran. {Ste UIOi Ban^tim.) 

I,).— L. A T.R. DoDglBa. (n. seiblt.) Eller brook. Yairow, » nN. 

_(Sai BeMh Bank.] 

I; BoyalGeorg' 

Ingiw (Warwick);— L.^kH,W.B. Aioni (*nb, flac^ roacb. plke^ psrah. Swift 1 

ik BIytbe, > ». N.E. (ej. TWnlo £^ ; New Coppice pool. 9 m. S.W. Ubmt 
id Lower Btaerbronk fn.W. (Bm aoiniionnigh.y 
(OheaUn).— LAN.W.B. OnUeney. Ueney, ondai the nana ctf GhiTt, ilaea 

0»e Gim Bridge. * m. N.W. from Btutott. 1 „^ 

* m. long. lolna OD rtgbt bank. (Joyt r^ni 4 m. to Tftl* StattoD. where a bnok tolu 
on ttaht bank, dralnlDg Tnnatead naarrolr J m. np, I «. H. from duapal-aBij^ 
FzlUi. Tbat« la ban alio a oooaldarabla naerroir on Ml bank, 1 ^down Oon, 
Blank bco^Jolo* on right baok.wblob rlsea by Ohuml-aD-Ia-Vtlth, rnsagBLH 
■vMwortk, and JobuOoTtlflL down. Oa;! nma jm, to >aw Mills. Hate SMt 
brook jolna on rislil bank. Sett riaea aome t m. abon KuSalO, and a m. beknr la 

ejplnea OD ilAI bank InLadrQata bn»k,3«.loDg. Bett rang to a«w MUla a^ 
Ooyt,laL Oojt rani to nrlna* Station I «.,Mkrpl« tin. 1 ta. below, EtlMroir 
oD tIAt bank. SttitiTOW rlwB In Woodbead naarvolr, 1 n long, at WooAhaad. 
wiV down tlwnasmilT.'Witharow brook, Sm. long, lolna oDrigbt bank. Etheiow 
null opt ofWDoahaadnBerToli Into ToraldanaerTotrlDinwAatal; below. HairamHa 
down Toialde leiaTTolr, Qiaat OrowdOD brook iobii aa rlglit bank, Thla bnwk la 4 ai. 
long, and l a. ip from Ita jmntlon wttt the roaatroli It li Joined im left bank by Utlla 
Crowdon brook, 9 m. loDg. Tonlda neerrolr la a m. long, and drains into anothar 
TCaerroIr taunediatolj below. Thia reaerTolr la 1 m. long. Etberow from <*<<■ reae r T olr 
Tana 3 m. to lIa<m#Hl. Her* HolllngwDrth brook.T n. long, JMna on right bank. 

'- A.ooglc 

. England. 97 

HoIUngTiorth is joined, 1 m. op from lis (nneUon wltb Elherow. by ArmflBld brook. S m. 
long. luLdonnEUierow, Sbetr bnwk. which rnoe down from aiammOB, Im toiw 
JoiDB on left bink. Etberoir nms to Brokdbottom 2 m., uid joins Uenay I m. down 
aXMaxjflm. Hereer nmi to Stootpozt, 7 HI. Here Tune joins on right bank. Tune 
liBSB 7 m. abore BadOlewortll SCfttton. and ti here Joined on telC bank br Dinte 
brook, 4 m. long. Tame rune 2 m. to OxvanlUia, wbsie Greenfleld brook. 4 m. lone. 
Joins on left bank. Cbaw brook, a m. long, joins QreenOatd h»l(-w«y op. Tsjne rnns 
» m. to Momalei', vben Car brook, » m, long, joins on left buk, ! m. down Ttune 
SwInHHhiw brook, 3 m. long, joins on left bank. Tune runs to KijTkrMca I m., 
AMbXotL t <n. 3 m. dowo^ a brook joins on right bai^ drahUng the OortoD reserrolr 
bT F*lTfl*ia, 3 m. Dp. Tame runs la Dailton 1 m. Here a brook joins on rlghl bunk 
draining Ood]er reservoir by W»wton. Im. ap. Tame rnna to S*dUlII B m., and 
Stockport 2 ni, Meru; rune to Heliton M«rMT 2 m.. SUsbiiTJ 1 in. Here 
VojnVm brook joins on left bank. PoynWn riaea 1 or a m. above Foyuton, and a 
mile below waters tbo lake In Pomton Park ; thenee to Clie&dl».Salma la 1 n 
OhOBdl* 3 m., and Heree;? t in. Ulerse; rons 1 m. to Morthuiaui, and StEMfOrfl 
e n., where Gore brook. « nt. long, joins on right bank, Heisey runs to ITrmlston 
3 «., niztrai S m., Irlant I n. Here Irwell joins on right bank. Irwell rises some 
) RL abore Baonp, rons to Btnok>tMd3 «., WaMifsot 1 n,. BawtrasWUE «., 
where Luny Water. !t m. long, jolsB on rigbt bank. Irwell mng to Bwood BxUn 
" — — ' 1 m. below is joined on right bank by Swinnel brook, wlUoh tisesby 
■ ■ -I, nins to gi>»1lBya«n 3 m.. Halm Bhor« 2 m,, and Irwell 1 m. Irwdl 
-.. .- o MnllWiiB 3 in. Berea stream joins on left bank, draining ■ pond by Hue 
Hin S HL np, and lylns > m. S. from Wkterfard. ImeD mns to Bamaliattain, 1 n,, 

IB 4 fn. long. Joins on right bank, and jnat below, on the earns side, mn In the dralnings 
of somaSpciids by Elton. 1 m. down Irwell. on right bank, on the fnrthar aide of 
the eaoal, is a large reserroir, and Irwell rwuhee BadolUh 2 m. below. Hers Bodi 
Joins on left bank. Boch rises 4 m. above WalBdan, and just below ia joined on right 
by the orerHow of a targe pond I m. op. ? m. down Boch the oolflow of a pond 1 m. op 
joins on left bank, 1 m. down Boch a stream joinx on left bsjik, which rises in Qadden 
. leHrrolT 1 ni. E. from Wklsdan. mns In 1 m. to Upper WMte Holme reservoir, ibenoe 
to Tnnnel End reserroir launediiitely below. At the lower end of tUs latter take the 
Ixmer While Holme reservoir joins an left bank. The outflow nms Bla<<kBtone 
leserrolr. thence 1 m. to Spoddle Hill and another reservoir, and joins Booh just below. 
Boch inns to Idttl«bOtotWb 2 m., where a stream joins on lefl bank, drtJnlng 
HoOiDgworth reaerroir 1 m. np. 2 m. down Boch. Beal jolne on left bank. Beal rlMa 

__. d, and joins Boch 3 ro. below. Boch runs to Moohdmle 1 m. 

bank. Dodd tieea above Shawforth, runs 1 /n. to Twe\%, 
iroloull S m., BoolllIlUe and Boch 2 m. Boch mns to 

, re Sadden broot wbloh rises In a pondby BoldoralonB. and 

S flL long, Joins on Isft bank. Mariand mere la 1 m. W. from OaMloton. Boch 
runs 3 n. to K^wood, 1 ra. od on left bank, and here Niulea Water, b m. long, and 
working aoms mills. j<dns on right bank. Boch mns 2 m. to Heap Bridge, 1 tn. E. o( 
Borr, and 1 m. bdow is joined on left bank by Black brook, 4 m. long. Boch Jidna 
Irwell I m. down at XadoUA. Irwsll rune A m, to Fixnworth, and here ^nnge 
Joins on right bank. Tangs, nnder the name of Eagle, rises In Longworth reserroir. 
a m. N.W. of Bolton-la-IIOOIB, and 6 n. down, at Wahnsley, la joined on right 
bank by the ontilow at Springwstsr reservoir, 4 m. H.E, from Bolton. Selow itds 
pirint the riiei (Ass lbs name at Tangs, and runs 2 n. to Oftka Station, and 1 tn. 
down, at HhaijilBs, Is Joined on rd^t tisnk by Dean brook, which rises la two reserroire 
oaBlvlIlgtoilHaor,4in.N.W. otSlAton, andlefini, Idiie. watering esTara! mill pools 
In its ooorae, Tange runs 3 m. to Bolton, where Oroal river. whl(£ rises In the lake 

m aniionPark, «. jtiab Aui«rv>at lanB w uuMiivrivaiit ■ m.. loor 

and Tange, 4 tn., joins on right bank, 3 m. below Bolton, Bradshaw hi 

Tange on left bank. BradBhaw rises in the reserroir by BntwlaUa, : ~ 

9<«..BrinnlarOroN 2 >».. and joins Tangelm, down. Tange n 

and Varawtntli. Irwell mns to OUflon 4 m.. and Balft>rd and I 

t tn. Here Irk and Hedlock join on left bank. Irk risee 3 or 4 m. ahovs BojtOa,rana 
.__ _..._. jgjrejm jQjg, on right bank. draining some ponfle by Three 

Hli Brtdge, 3 m. np. 8 m. down Irk the drainage of the 
»m.a77_of_^MlMleton.,Jotoa_on right Jank; thence 

311 HIU 1 n . 

Olajrton Brldga 

6 m. Hsdlook rise* «m. above PsTkbUdtf a, and 

te on Knoll H 

~~&vtiuft HFIdtfa 9 m.. an^ ^hh>- 

oK outigbt bank, Woralsy ^ok Jdns on tight bsnk. Wotsley rlHs In a pond by 

„. which drains a lake on Knoll Hill 1 m. 8.W. from Hotalnr. ot 

t m. B.E. ot Paiklnldr*. Uedlock mns to Olajrton Brldga 3 m.. and Btui- 
ekMMrSin- iTweUnns to B««Ub 4 m., and 3 «. down, PMtlOton being If 

Black Leech, and 1 m. down is Joined on left bank lo the ontdow ot Uimyshaw di 
UWIewaynp. Worslsy nmslo Womar!""-! u>dumll3fn. Irwell nms 1 m., where 
Iiongtord brook, 7 m. long, and, miming I in. N. ot Vxmlslan, Ji^s on left bank. 
InrBllJabuUsreeySnLdowD at XclMB. Uensy mns 2 n. to Pkrttnrton on leti 
tmnlL, and l fn. down, at Holllntare, Qlazs brook johis on right bank, andwyoh brook 
on Istl banli. Qlaze brook rises aboTe Insif b, where U receives the drainage of the 


8 The Angler's Diary. 

lake U Atherton Hall, aiul 1b nbont 10 m. long. WtcIi brook itna In ll 
«hoie TlmnarlaT, ami mm to Meney 5 m. Mersar nuiB ' - — ^^-' 

1 n. batow is joined on leK buik by BoUId. Bollln rlwa ml , ,— 

■o Pr«sl>nr70m.,VlliUBliiw 8<n. 1 ffl. down. Dean joUu on tight buk. Doao 
lius •bOTB BoUlttBtoB, runs to AAUiiCtDn 4 m. In. beloir, 4 brook Jolne OD ligkt 
bink- drainbu tbn uke »t StypbersoQ Fuk« 2 r'l. up, 1 ni. N of ■omnjrton. Dean 
nmBioSas4brtb4«..uid2m.down joins Bollln. BolUn nna to AsUaji ^ *■ 
oft oo Itft buk, 7 n. S «. below. ElrUn jcliie an lett buk. Blrkin rJMl 1 in. N. of 
Ubalfixd, Tuna » m. lo XnntBf OTd, 1 m. oS on left bank ; MoNMKlar, 1 n. oS on 
Ian buk, S m. : AaUajr, 1 in. oK on rigbt taank, 2 iil Here Mobberley brook, wUeli 
ilsea >bOTa If obtMrlar and Is i m. long, and Asbler brook. 5 m. long, joina on rlakt 
twnk; widlattlieoatflow, 2ni. long, of tlie lakes la Tattoo Park b7 XmtiAiEd. Joba 
on tfgbt hank. I m, down Blrkin, a brook joins on right hank, which !*••• io Van 
Hall lake, t m, N.W. from XnatBlord, rune 7 m. to Boelhem nsro. V in. W. o[ 
AtOtiMr, aBd johia Blikln t m. down. Blrkin rane lo BoUln t m. irm. dowa BoIUb. 
Alden nook. 4 «. loog, ioLib on left bank. Bollln mna 1 n. to Hwitji^- and labK 
Henty 1 m. (Wo. I m. dovn, Mar»j by X^nuu, Sow btook, whiok wi 
by Xnun. Joins on left baok. Uersey nini to Tllftlw^l A ' - - ' ~ 
4n. Het«Bi«!klwook,T. ■ - ^-' ' - - 

,C Eccleaton B 
St. MVUiaM. EiuKey nmi to ooliuu ar**n 2 bl, and 2 «. down l« )ota»d on h 

bank by Newton brook. Hewlon rleee nbove Oarr Mill dam. li m. " -' — "—- 

nuutoStuleyUmpoollui., Dm. N.R ofBt. K*l*ns, where It 

of the lake at Qarevood, S n, N.E. of at. KaUaa, and nuu thence to Sanke 
Suksy rnni to WBrriuton fi m. , ud joins Uamy 9 m. down. I a. down U 
Eekwick brook, wUcb rleei above Boston, ud Is t> m. long, joins on left 
Merasy nmi to Bnnoom 8 m. 

DT'TTON BROOK.— Tbie brook joins MerKy 11 «. below the town on right 
IXttun, called Tarbock In lis upper pail, rl«ea Id Ulaydam, 11 n. N.W. of X 
runs lo KoTtoii Q1UTT7 am., and 1 m. below waters Logwooa Mill dun. *». u»iuw, 
ChUdwall brook, which rises abare Oliildwall andlsim. long. Joins on right baiA 
DUUiD runs to Kalewoodim., aadSm. below joins UerseyestDiiry. 

Btt^ton (NDrtbian.i-U.ll. lie. (^ee Wiibtiich.1 Uwft 1 n. N.: trost, daoa, lAal, 
rcdch ; priviite. {Set /"rodiAoin.) 

RybnxBH (Norfolk).— G.E, a Weaemn. (Bh Tarmotuh.) {ej.S,anda.i 

Rlijol^VaniEaoBoo Ite Vrt hank t^lSng^'lW 4oin, nsir ir£>«SnSt BoJS^ 

JolQaoDlberiglitbaok:3 m. aa, at Xai>artaliria«*, a itreamjolnion the rl^tbank, 
baling lis uiirM In a Isriie pand Id BrlnlitllDn Part 6 m. ou. the Kentldi Diteh i«lni 

on the left baok rWng i m. N.E. o( Hiwkhnnt (n.i. ■tobiasban), FroB beoM 
ta Rya la S ■>, paaslnK Wlllentiam and Flayden. At B^a two bnnchMjeln ea Un 
rti^t bank, the flnt, TiUlaRham water, a m. long, rleei sear Beckley, ud Oe —end. 
"■- — — — " Brttlajsnd hu a oonrae of 15 m., luelng WnaUlnalM. S*«ls^ 

LB Drgua, ne« near jattAT, ana nu a com 
imhe, Breds. Udymer, and Winollslasa, 

Sii, aWflU fiah'ln the bay. ' 

-Q.E.B. (SuairatfinLi On Lea. AHtli Klng'a Armi. Tbla OAery jolH 

lie aioit ai far u Hnniidoii Hill, Tront, perch, barbel, i«oh, cbnl^ 
ReRnlatloDB lame at at Broiboatss. Pnnla. eaa 

HIndier TMern^r. (Set Ji<i»cl6n.) 

ni—WHsriej teuK Bab, mostly Ute. (e.t. Fa*.) 

\. Oator, Esq. Little Ridii 


England. 99 

SkUabniT (^Uti|.— L. A S.W.R. ATon; iront.RnjrllnK. ]uk,ra(eh. W^lr* tod VHaUr- 
tonnu; troiit.grt7Jlng. ■ndeoms Bib ; prHeritd. (&( CArlueAiirdL) At Brltlard, It >>>■ 
oB, tbs Aion l> jireHrreil An- 4 m. tr the owner M lt» Hmit : Lord JUdnor, of LoniRird 
dtnls. prwsTTW Hnie pitt of th« titer boloir ttao cltj; 1 a ImIddk> W the El«ctrlo 
UfbtiDEGo., Hahlnx nno let. Ttie owner of Siocktoa Home praMrra ■ laugth ol V?;lf<i 
I<ud gnyllcf ud trout Oiblng. HempIllLra Avon; roKll. itu, uiL troDt. Mr. Wijts'i 
flAsrr (Ron sad Crown) ; Irost, w.l li.. a.t. it. M. j hotel mceommodukB eigeUenL 
(£1.) flojfii; Whita Herl. Aniel- •at' "-■* "— 

aita— t (Uncoln), n.F. BaltflM 

lbs Uka In Oraibj Fsrk, 9 m, S,W. ftom AbT, Jolm on 'liglil twk. vritlieni tvk Id 
Wlthpin 3 m.. ThadOlMlwrH 6 m.. and aUtllMtSm. HereOnjiBeaL. whleh iliei 
1 m. S. of btntti, TUB! to Ovtnioldbr * m., uid SalUlMt T w. Here ilio Soutb 
iHieh:, S m. loiiB, Joins — '— -— ■■ 

BlOtllaMbl' (LlDcolD). 

Saltfsrd (SogierHi).- 
(Vee. Boyd. <e.(,) & 

aaltcm (Yark.).-N.E. 

town and in Itie rlrer E 

Anglar'a Ami. 

BampfoTd Oonxtnej (D«t0D). — iU A s.W.B. Eibonme water. {3m BitUfori.) 
Sandal (YorkD.—G.H.R.; U.B.; G.C.R. Wilioa beck. Gaidar, i m. I^ (ii. Tort.-j 

Za*(* I Walton Park lake, 1 m. S.E. Ctieiel Fatk lake, a tn. S. W. (.3ei Eaaeiiffe.) 
BandbMlKCtHHlilre).— L.AtI.W.a. VHealock. BetchtoD brook, 1 >». S. HaMlU brook, 

Int. S. Pool brook. 3 DL S. Laka: Wloterlej UUI, 9|ni.S. (Bie FroJiham.) 
auidA>rd(Sooienet).-O.W.R. (Set Coagraliurn. Laiet-. Sudfbrd and Banwell poodi; 

SudlmfM (SurreTj.— S.RR. Blukira ,— . 

aanaiaoTB (Derbj).— K.R. Erawash. Trent,* 

S»&ttwlcll(Kent),— S.E.R.: S.E. *L.C. «□, JolDtu. Uu Sloor. Tbe StouF rliaa 1G m. 
north-wait of AaltfitrO. HerBaiiraamlOm-lonilolDBaniliaiigblbaiili. whicb tiKinaar 
VastonluuMIBT atatlon, paailng the Tlllacea of SelUnia, Smeeth, and aeirlnjiloii. At 
Smeetta are nacb, few tronl. and pike. Mr. KnalcbtiDll-HuitcaieD owiia tbe water. Frcm 
Aabfbrd the atour flowa to Wy*, i m.. Ibence to CUlhun, t «., paving Oadnieraham 
Park, Lord St. Vincent, who, wllti Mr. Hanbam, oUlma S m. of flibery. 4in. on ahsrtham 
leraached (here beilnB tbeSlout Flabary AiaocUtlon water (iM CmliriurYt); taeDcatoOui- 
tacbtuy la aama 1 m. (Here be(ini the SlonrFlaher/ProleetlonAMacIatloa) Tbe Stour 
next runa to ttKttJ (here eoda the S.F.P.A. watarl. and Fordwich la 3 «. (ttera 
tHttina tbe Fertwlch and OroTe Forrj Anglicg Clnb water); ilienee to Orov* Tinrj 
li 6 n. I m. behiw Ormra P»ny \\ Sarre, where are two (tooi Inni. t m. balow, 
Uttle Steer Jolna tbe Stonr. Tbli atreun riasa T m. Katb al B«akJi1»tixas. * m. 
beto*, a anan atream jolni on the rlEht bank. Fmm thli point w tbe JancUon wUb 
the Stonr i> fin. The Sloor neit raneia 3 m. to Xliuter; ttieoce to luidwloh S « j 
and flnallj to the isa. T m. Day tlckete lor killing coarae flah— bom hwe to Coal Harbonr, 
I m, aboraGniTeFenj-Hireli. each, (ci;) Ba» al Ibe moatb ot tbe haven; flmodera, 

Vuidr (Bedi).^G.k.R. ; L. & H.'w.R. Ivel : coarte flth. except barbel, tnmt Sonthlll 

brooL (Ah Kiat's Lynn.') 
«»wbrldffworth lH«rti.).— G.E.R. (Sm Sira{ftrd.) On Stort and Plneey hrook, LeaYemay 

oltenbeobtalnedbyapplTlniritSawtirldiiwortb Hill. Ur.E, 6. Barnard. Jm, Eel I and Feather. 
Jte-wdon (T"fk).— N.Kb. Siwdonbeck. Beedale hack, 3 ra. B.E, (Sfie IPraKl.) 
Sawlar (Torka),— N.E.E. On Rlbbls; jalmon, Iront, morl, iprod, dace, aarp, grajllng. 

Im, fiom ClutblulliWIlaa onL.^Y.R. Trout and laorl Bab in g eiceileot. Leaieniaj 

for asElnic a&inii! the weir; Lt zli., d.t.'li. Gd ., Adois the weir on the B.or Idcklntton aide. 
{ej.) Eelti t White Lion, where ticket! can be had. Derwent, 1 m. W. (cj. Trial). Soar, 
I m. S.E. (c. Jyeni.) (hSas Oaintborva^) 
•hIjj (Lelcaater).— M.R.i G.N.R. Wreak (s.i, JVBif.) Saiby brook, /diu; Stapleford 
Park lake. 1 m.. B. Leeathonie Dond. i n, B.W. (See Oainlborouf!!.) 

bi-ook. Aide. > m. W. ; reacb, &a,; 

tmnc In ^e lake aieraglng two 10 tbe ponod, il» char. Sober-colonied aiH are b 
Uay la IbB beat month. Flih In deep water. Bqitennere llei near. Lowea Water, H 
off, contain* good trout. Lea'e ai ibe hotel. 

,:_ l.OOglC 

100 The Angler's Diary. 

■oaUbrd (UlcMter).— L. ft N.W.R. ; G.N.R. Mflmn brook. Lata : Gaidby Uumolr 

9 m. N. Croiton Parkpondi, * n. N.E. (S« CnuukirDufA.) 

■okiboroiLKlk (Ti"l"l — N.E,B. SMihyboct am. H.; imut lori ball Irani la intonm: 

KTijllDil prewncd tiySu)by Heck ADEllnt OlDb; boo. kc, J. W. BlikeT. E«|.. Angltr 

nmit: nntrBDoe. 4Di.; i.l. *it., d.l. (■ningsn) Ii, ; from Ui. Clarke, AihUcklBlir, 

to-, ScubaroiiBta. (D.t. Saallir.) Banititon baok, 3 m. (nj. BoKlIir}: Lrout;. 

^.. . .,_^ ^__ .._ .._ ..__..._ Scidby, ne«r Bcirboroagh. Dement, 61 m. 

prmmd by ■ dab; boo. •«!.. Ur. Hindan, Sculb^, near Beil 
w.; troat, KiarlliiK. coma Sib btlowi d.i. roi^V>ll*j. 
Batl, TTntiMl.) Sannl nnill ilnuaa fDll of UtUs troni «nta 
SoTMroDBll. Hif bnrn Wjka (Sewborauih ud Wbltby llna, T 

to baATllj wooded to penult of Ay-QiblDR. Tbe lee Diblog ia 
KDOa inna ooh dt pjsr njott of Ulfl 7BV, AataiOD whIUnff eod KlirUTd Aoblnff Toy KOlA 

borauBb,uidCi>1iiBHole(ii.i.aioiirhton)oTBeut CIIS(ii.i.8t»tntOB Dal*), to tin 

■oiirbT {Lln;[i]D).~G,c!B. Ancholme, Sfn. E. Hortb EelHT beck. 3 m, E. (See Brian.) 

SobotoB (York).-N.E.R. Cock back. Carrback. (BeerorH.^ 

Sooirlar Qkta (Comwill).— a.W.B. Fsmn. iBaPemuii (ct.Fcunt.i 

■oorton (Tork).— N.E.B. Bcartou beck, Sw*l*. a m. B. (c.i. Tori.) Howl beck, 

Brldfnrortb beck. (Sa rm-t.) 
■OTOObr (Noltl).— O.N.EL Idle. ICLTnat.) BrtOD. (See AWwrpt.) 

_ ..; .^„..,.. ui-- <._.,.. -roecrred. (n. Rwi.) {Sm IW-i.) 

Dnia ; ckob, grifllnt, trout; free. Derweot mna 

tlm, TcimrUeiSm.K.'n'.Df FUton.andlaltm.loiui. 
, trcntpMlmon. Aia rlaea abova Picket Mill (d,*. Mla- 

taak, w'klcb work8aiDlll3m.Dp. Aia toni to Winebini 3ni.,' 

wnare a Kiwn jDlDB On left bulk, ogrkuiK a mill 1 m. up. I m. down it Ford Abbe; k 
■tream jiriDB on rigbtbank, worklOK a mill 1 m. u(i, (Tli* DahtiiK bereabonta 1b ter/ good, 
butpreaerredbr the ownora of Ford Abbey.) Im. down Axo (amam Joliu on right bank, 
which rlHi bf Oluxd, and ie a m. Iohk, worklcR tbtee mllli. 3 m. down Aia, at 
OUard JnnOttra, a itream Joiiia on left bank 3 m. loDg. worklnn a mill. 1 m. 
onaatieam Jolna on tlgbl bank, which rl«» at Wornbrook BlU (n.a. dUtrd, » «.). 

iR bank, Uun tt _ . , . . 

rook {Iroot) joUia Tartj on tlEht bank, which rl»e» I m. W. o( aiockland, nme to Dal- 
-- •— — Im.TartTiolntAieim. down. Aie rnni H m. to Coljton, and 

\. Here Colyjolai Aie. Colj riwa b; ColleJEb (n.J. Bonlbnir 
' 1 Jruiatlon, and 9 m. to Coljton. Hero a atreui 
Ilea bj Offwall (n^ HoDlton, 3 fn.). 3 ra. down ■ 
ea by Notlblelgh, and la S n long. 9 m. down. Ooljton 

and et 8<aIon beach • grorad Una, batted nitli aqnld or euttla bal^ nny be (brown out Id 
roofb weather By aroailm the feny the Iiler al Aimautb may be leaebod. wheu«, 
wltb a heSTy floated line, baaa mv be angled (or wlUi uft crab or iquld b«ll. or ■ 
largo and gaad; aniflclal ly. Sqnld to be procured (tom the mackaral lalne^ or trawl 
boaiait Beer. Maiir pollack are at ttmeicaDKbtoS BeacBoad. Pont may alea be oanihE. 
(&< BeiT.) KJ.-i 

Raaiten<Bntl>nd),— L.AK.W.B.; Q.H.B. WaUaod. (jEH^xiIittv.} 

■•Ktos JmiiitloiiCDBTon),— L. A S.W.R. {auStaton.) Colyi trout. 

■•dlMTB (TorkD.-H.E.B. Clonghi trout; free. In Lily mere near bert^ la good. 
nontlKK. belonging to the ownera oi Ingmlre Halt. 

_ . . .,_, ".y_B^ FoiterBeck. iBetBotloL) 


i. Alt. (BetAUem-.t 

[, 9 m. E. Lata: Maltaam tarn, T m. N.E 
iihlleld, where eome (liblag can be bad. (am 
L.O.AD.B. OnDarenCta;trout;preaFmdbj 
Dr a Bmull fee on application U the mUler *l 

, 1 m„ S.V. 
walde bed:,. 


England. 101 

(Dowel), B.i SmOw— Ntddar; tront, nxcli. dua. Fwo brook. (SM 

tnraicAiireA.) (u. Jioa.) £iifai: Lul'manpnnd. 
Shakaiataii* (LclceMar).— L.AM.W.B,i UJt. Sana. BoMortli brook, 1 «. S. <Sm 

■mi. .-^ (Sinmr«tl).- O.W.R. Braoi nwcli. due, urn, Mrch-plko; prcKrred iImt*, 

(Yoik-).— L.4T.B. Went. 2,<dsi! Shurlnon Hill pond. No>Mi1 Friorj l«k«, 

-Jlllcook (Bed!.).— U.K. iSa Barrold.} OnU! coirn Hih, eioept bsrlial: nieKrrsd 
V. Vbltwonh, Eiq. ;lherol9EoodaiblnirliaDcstoUlltnn.4n. dovD, igd hooA braiim 

luiwolaiiati (Lull 
IwwlbrtS (lAno. 

. L. 4Y.K. Dodd. Niidpn Wmot, a m, W. {Ste Rimmnt.) 

niaapBtotdita (Derbf ).— M.B. ; Q.C.B. DroDc. Hll:ttaon>a brouk. (See Ooeli.t 
fllMSeU (Yorko). — e.C.B.1 M.B. ; G.N.B.; N.K.H. Don. (s... KtrHiMrt) Portw 

brook. SbEif: cmirw 4.h, rronli mOJtJT »'». Bo*ol, 9 in. N.W. Blieliu. 3 m. W. 

£ata : two nosrroln, 7 m. W. (Am Ooolt, At/iopUn.) 
■haBord (Bodi), — H.R.; L. A N.W.R. Tod; lew uiine flih. Qull brook. C«npton 

bn-ok. lT(l,3ii>. (Bh King-i Lyiw.) 
aHaUbxd (Oimb».-G).E.R. Ouni: pike, perch, duo, roacti chnb, ic.; preHtnd. 

Bonm ; eonne Oib. (Sn f <nff'j Ltta.) 
•lialtbza (aorre;}.— 9.E.a Wst aod TllHngbonrnoi tioBt; preierrad abon to ObU- 

wuribbrOol.Godi'in-Auiten, SbeltordBoDM, OulldlOrd. {SuLomloit, L.T.} /niu: Panot 

uM VkHtrta. 
^iMBton <Wanricii).— L. * N.W3. Tiroad. (Sm CtodiiJoretwft.) 

"- [rtoB(lllddl..).-L.4S.W.K. Tb.mei, fSu Lamha, L.T.) BoUl: ABcHia. FOIur- 

I. Pordna, W. Houe, O. RiMoiroll, J. Failatt, aod H. Punltcr. 
mKkllMCSomeraoti.— G.W.K. Oodua^ Brook. {Su High Brid^e-i 

ixa»(Dona.)-L.AB.VI.R. Too. (Sic Bridfiutltr.) (aj. jlton.) 

fllLailniTairorki).— O.H.R.: M.B. Fln«lrooctnt«(nilll dam. 

BkUbaU (Salop).— Q.W.R Worf (l^ m. E.); trout and eotne Bab. Latet; Crudp 

Kite (3 m. H.R.). Lode Cinle lakea (It m, E.). Forge pool (3 m. N.E.). Uirih pool, 
rllDfton pool. Hev pool, Cowley Wood pool. Weaton HIM pool, Norion Meer (1 m. 
N.B.). WbllB SiiCh lake (fi m. N.E.). (Ste Oltmcuter.y ((j.Smem) 
flIlllUlW>toil(DorBe[).— S. &S.J.R. Stopi. (Sh CArWcAurcA,) (c(, .^nw.) 
-^. — .- _ ^__ ~-»,_Goodieafl.hlnK. Bum. uhlllnB, «c. 



■■ preaerred iboiB lo Blnslar by tb* BradFoid ADgliai AiBOCJatloo; clubbooaa, 

Unrkel TaTorn. Goodwln-atreet, bradford. tSa JtaatUffr.) 
Shlpatou CWorceatsr). — (iLa. CuuBden, T m.) Sionr. Knaebrookdl n 8.). Compton 

brook (S «. B.). Zotet: EatIn(lonParklake(9) m. N.) (Ste Oloneatir.) 
■hiptOn(Oion).— a.W.B. OnETenlode. (Set Limdon. V.T.) 
SIllx*%xaok(HaxU).— H.R. Uoileo. 1 m. S.E. (Sa AUhorpe.} 

BlUr«o»i« (NOIU).— G.K.R. Sponr. iota: Uoor Mill daoi, sm. S.W. ISa AlOerpt. 
SlkOI*b»in (KenD.-L.C. <k D. R. On Dareoth. (Sm Darlf<ir<L) 
■lirawabtliT.— Q.W.B. ^ L.JiN,n.R, Seiern; olinb, dace, pike, perch, roach, troot, 

galaion. (rayliag ; a>hlng Um; aume oporL In earlyipiliiB ana In aotoRin. Baddia brook. 

ebnb; (Itblng free, Sandown brook(3fn. N.E.). Petry (T m. N.W.): uoot, pike, roacb, 
dace. FlabliiK may MmeiliDFi be biA alio In tbe CDiidoier, Supleion, Elilriton, ud 

Bonier pool (4 m. 3.); pike, breim ; leaia (omatloies gltao. SbravudlLO Caille lake 

(9 in. N.W.); aameflib. {Btt aiiHicaler.') (oj.) fiofal: RaieD. 
-SlulTaiiluuiI (Betki),— O.W.B. On Byde Mill brook. Tbualaa large lake it WarriKird 

Place (A«.£«id<m, ir.T'.) indln BeeheitParli. 
■liiutaka (WuBlck). — H.B. Arley brook ; a Kir trout ol fair >iie. (Sn Oami- 

•UmOtttll (DtTOD).— L. A S.'W.R. Sid ; tront. Sid iliee la two itreami unne 3 m. abora 

SIdbnry, and 1) m. below It la joined on led bank by a short alraam. Sldmoutli l> 9 n. 

don. The rlTer ie pailly preaerrad. Hackeiel, wbltbig, te, ati canght la tbe bay and 

oOlag. Pollack aod pont on rocky prroimd towarda Salterton. At Gbit rock ban may aome- 

BeM: 7—'- 



laar. After a co 

.one of 6m. lira 



pool, whkh Joins the Dm 
SUTWten (DeTon).— 0. 

a lion ei 

ilnaty at Haiarlgg. 
Eib; trojl. aalmon, dai: 

e, pike, perch; i 

preaerred by tbe 


t THorrttim, £i 


-a^^Vildi''a!Lte (Olol 

;. Wye; pike. 

percli, chab, dai 


08« a&cpum.) 



by H. Lealey. Ei 



The Angler's Diary. 

lTe« \tm. Cuter bfck. 1 m. W. SolherlnniJ heck, * m, N. 

Ul»(L«iic'.l.— L. AN.TT.E.; L. *T.a. Tawa! ^SaSaMhBant.) 
BUptan lloili).— M.R, ; L. 4 r.E. Alio; iront, gtiylinK, patcD, cliab, roach; prtMrrea 
Iroin QargzkTS uiDiiB la Euibam brook Mou br Am FLiblniClDti (im Oargriut). ((.(> 
r«4.) BiTar b«k. ElUicli, 9 m W. an Dlbcr tidg of Aire. (Sm RaiccUfft.) 
ftim Brldn {To'k), ii.>. BoUaTtby, 1 m.— Swile. (e.i. rbr*.) (Ba T, rt.) 
ulniTn (You), n.i. Olutlnizii, 7 n,— Hnddcr; iront: private ebavr, Duiimii hnr. 
Ur beck, t n. W. Croudele b«k, t m. N.W. Barn QUI, 1 m. N. Bridge Huniebeck, 
■ ffl.N. HUKllI iKCk, ft m. N. (Sii Fralm) 
■laltIkW*lt«(Tarki!.— L. AN.W.B. Colne: poliuted. £ato : SUlthwilla Coaman poad, 

tm-W. (dM Bimcll^f.} 
*~ ' 1 'Lt (DerOD), DJ. Dartmontli, Tn.— J7gMI; Bojil Sudi, Tec; conrferUMa, 

fMdng Ha and Lev, wbsre Qablnf cul be had. FlrHt-rata pike. p«tc)i, roadi, radd. avta^ Ac.^ 

. Slapton La7 li a lacte lika 

Blackavloa, and ia 6 a. lou. 
' - <- ' - ■--^g jQini ^Q right 

lonsli (Back>) In Stoke Park la ■ larn* lake. (^H^nJon, U.T.) 

nBllh (Tarki).— L. A T.B. Aire. <e.i. rort.) (^ju SdudtfT'e.) 

.t, ^ = „ ^. .. ^.. c, Hiam brook, iaiet; 

_. _ _ ,..i.TrBil.) (3tt Oalailionmiih.y 

jlii).~Q.N.B. Snallaod brook. IjaDRVortJi. I m. S,W. Friatharpe bi ook, 


A (Keut).— S.e.K (SwKixAeiltr.) On MedwaT. 

BoUbnU (Wanrlck).— Q.W.R. Biylh. i m. S.E.; bteam.roach, Ac. «.i. IVat) Cola. 
4m.W. InkFnd brook. • "bW- £a:t« : Kinetun reasnolr. 1 m. M-W. Tltlatford lim 
pond, 1 IB, W, Eatltwood reHirolr. 6 m. S.W. (8h Oainltoviv't-) 

■«III«tI^toil(SBAilk).-rQ.E.B. Waveney. ISu Tarmmlh.) 

■oBurton (Oxw).— U.W.B. Cbanrcli. (AiZondsn, Jf.r.) 

■ontlUilKlllddliuai).— «.W,R. <,3ie Lo«d>m. LT.) 

■outlum fWanrti^], nj. Harliarv, 3) m.— Iichene. (&< aioutaler.) 

BonUUkinptoii (Hante). — L. A S.W.11. lir ' "-" '— ■■- ™— ■--- 

(L. * S.w.n.) i m. ; Sbawfard * 

Ed]. Cranbnrr Fuk : Uaidaleor 
lim. below, tbe onHUl of Flaher' 

P. Bandlth.Ei4.,HuweU Hall, Win ,. . ,_ . 

Wtt^» (S.W.R.) I 4 m. on, Bl Sonib atoDebam (aalmoD, prtaerrad b^ Un, HamDlns, or 
Sloneluuii Park), a atmmjolna on riglit beak. taoldloR a bw pike tod aalmoD, proianed br 
CStu<Ugb,Ei<).,nidi1alDgin Harlbrook pond. am. W. ol BlahopBtok*, asdin l)gb. 
ncalTea Ihs drainage of tEo panda In Sioaaham Park. I m. from tke elation. Bono* 10 
■onttUUnVtolt la 4 IB. Bare on tbe left bsnk t> (he dnlnage or Hlller'a Pood (good 
fluraa fiablniQ. In Freamaatla pnnd and the prlTale water In BannJiter'a Park there aro 

baaa, grey mullet, and land amelu rrom ttie piers and qai;a. Ttie lieil Ole> (hr Itcbaa ar« 
Goiemor, Wlekham'a fancy, oock-j-horddhn, Bammonii's (■vonrlio. Majfljf, aJder. 
TI^T kolda bent, grajiUng. salmon, pike, pereb, roach, and rliea In a pond In ^ak Put, 
am. abaTeOrertoII; nina to TrecMi. (trosl) 3 n.; WUtohnzall (S.W.B.) 1) h.( 
TnTion 1 m. One n. bslnw a bianch jolu on tight hank, vhloli rlie bf BnnUiouM 
rarrint, ram 1 n>. to St. Uary Boume (tront), I in. to HDTitbonrue Piloia, and Teat 1 M. 
The prlDMpal ownen here are Lord PorlHDouth (wbo aometlau* gin* leara no a propar 
IDIrorinclloii), the repreientatlrei ot tha lata Col. Hawker. Ur. Colea, Hr. Bright, and 
Kt. TremaTne. The troutlng le Brit-rale, Foor n, down TmI b fine trout atraam Ji^u 
on left bank, which rlaea bi Milctaeldeier. rana to BaUlortiin S n.. and Teat 3 m. (lbs 
beat ot the Bahlng balonga to Mr. Heonlkec WIIaoD and Vr. WlcUutm.) T*H mat lo 
Chllbaltan (where tbe freeholders baiB the fishery on one atda (rom AabbrUga la 
TetlcoBbe Bridge, Bab mn very large; tront bdiI jaek), Wherwell 3 ib. (preaaired by Ur. 
Iremangef! Bnt-rate tronting now let,) 1 tn. down at Pnllarbm Brldffa Anton 
Joint Tett on rlgbl bank ; Anton rltet tame 3 m. K. of Andorur, I in. below wbld>, 
at Upper Clatlord, Plllhlll b " ' " ~ "" "" 

. Test rnnt to Leeklbtd ] m. (prtaeiTad by the SIMkbrldta (iab), 


England. 103 

^ ~_'- HonKhtor Drtjloii -la. {proen-nl by the StoAbrldce dub; trtnt .nd 

snTlliiHiJ.anaKfaivaitmbownMl n. Usren iirnni JMm on rliilii bank, irblch rUt* 
5™!'? '"tafwili"'* ioi°« Tew « m. donn. Twt runt to HottiBftint * m., irhwe ■ 
rpMlnSn. loBomsCT, NuiBballmK'*!"). i "ti- ™ « joimon riKhibMfc which 
ilHS in 1 mil pool >[ Lonilford. rgn> t n. on lo Willow Mill, .nd 3 m. down Is Joined on 
right binkbT ■ «re»injl m. loni, which dmlni the l-kc In Paniion's pi*. Three m. dtmn 
mtM. T«R rang w lUOtotOrs t •»- Hair ■ mile Mo*a«TP.m. Sm.loni, jtrini on 
rtebl tank, whloh ileet in > large mill pool II m. N. of L^iLdliiiist. Hall i mils below. 
Am oqiBow or Stilrley pond. I m. np. )aliu Test on Ittt bank. :<oathimptDii li ( n on 
The tll« [ortheTHIuetbeHrueuhir IbeAroa (ih ChriucUvtcIt), bat dreaed Knaller ■' 
In addltloii. the ilder. wUlcw tr, jellow Sally, and ETuuiiuin. Buuli; RidtCT'i 
Boral. TaeUeiai, Cox and Macpheraoii. 62. Hlih-itreet. 

■oiLtlibnm (York).— N.E.& Hull. {BttBult.) {c.i. Tori.) 

Sontliaiui (EaKi).— O.E.a; L.T, A3.B.; U.B. (3r4 BumSam.} Large Oouidui ean 
bp taken from the pier. 

[ {BddaJ.-G.N.R. 1 M.H. Sonthlll bfooS. Itel, Km. Laia: SoolWU Park. 
■jiu - irden Park, 1 m. (Sm Kbig'i Ifm.) Betel: Roral. 

UtyaVh. Molton (DeTon).-Q.W.R. Mole; iront. Braji tnot; d.t. 8l. M, at hotel 
(ej. lao.) (Sn Bamiiaple.) BoM: Oaorire. wbeK inniiing Ibr aome mllea can be bad. 

of Hole (Ed Bray apply to B. s. Riccard, Em., tolk-ltor. Flltton water. Teo. Nadder 

inter. XnowiMne vattr, 3 m. {hi CaMIlc Biltj. 
■<mtliKottoii»o»a<Do»oD).— L.48.W.R. Taw; trooi. peel. Teo; troot. ((j.) (SM 

Banmatt') AKsI; Forieiene Annp, conirnrtablf, where (bhlTii can be had In 9 m. ol Taw. 
■ovtluy (Lincoln),— O.N JB. Wlltaim. Tnpbolnie biook {Ste Botlm.) 
■ontliwalta 'CDinland.).-L. A H.W.B. On Fellerll; lalmon and Eront. (et.VA*.) 
.■•nUlw*!! (Nottel— H.H. Oreel; Irool: rood a>hlng: pr»eiTCd bj a loclety oi 1> at 

lOsnlneae, wlihSMendi'dcheliiaenHn heElniMiy 1. Plngley dyke, 1 rlE. Hallooghtoa 

Pnniblo. a m. a. Halam hscfc, 3 m. N.W. Tram, i m. S.B. at HakartoB. (-SM 

filtrtoa.) £ii*ei: KSrkUniiloii Ha)llake,S ffl-N.W. Edlcgley Hill poDd, by FatntfBId, 

dm. K.W. BMH: Saraccn'a Head. (An OafniftormjiA.) 
■oiiUtWDia.(aiiro]k).— S.B. Blytb, Biyihrlwilo ihelakeatnEaTcnlnghamHall Park. gin. 

S.W. from Kaleawortb, rnnn s m. lo BalaBwortli, I ™. off on left bank, and ban 

flown iejohwd on left Uiinfc by Sloven broiik. T m. lonir. im. down Blylh l'« Soiitliwaui 

runs WriDihan brook; perch, roach, bream, pike; leare from the larmera. This brook 

Broad; pike, roaeh, pereh, bream ; Sir A. Qoocb. S m.' S, of Sontliwolll la Benacre 
Broad; pikr, roach, teach, porch; Sir A. Qooch. ffotrf: Swan. Centra Cliff. lc.t. S,and«.) 
Sowaxbr BZldn (Voikil.^L. & T.B. Calilsr. (c.i. Tori.-] Blbonrne. iSa RsmUffi.) 
•piildlSK (Lincoln),- e.N.B. ; Q.E.B. Welland; pike, penh, cbab; free. WelUnS 
rtaec abore Markat Haiboratigli, uid s m. below la Joiaed on left bank by SaA- 
dingtm hnx^ which rlees In the reserrolrby Saddlngton. 3 m, 8. from Xlbworth, 
and d m. down, joel below Wide bridge, S m. K. of Mkikat HarlMmmgH, la JotDed 
on right hank by a brook 4 m. lontr, dn^nlng Gumley pond and two ponda in Qiunler 
Hall^rk, 1 m. S. ot ZHnrOTtB, or 3 m. IT.W. of l^nbanlUHD. Saddlngion Jolna 
■WellsudS™. down. * in. down Wclland, Harflwlct brook, whlph risea aboTeSiannion 
WyTlilo,*ffl.E.o( Klbwortb and laSm. long, ]olna on left bant WollBnd nma 
lo AshM]', S m., and here Uedbonme brook. S n. long, jolne on left bank. WellatSl 
nmadm. to BooklDKhwu, where Eye brook jolna on left hank. Eye rlsea ahoT* 
SMrt Vorton, atid Joins WBlland 9 m. below. WeUand rnns A j^i. to 0«atoii on loft 
bank, and Kaxrlorirortli on tight hank ; thence to Turtle Bridge 3 m. WAkaclay 
9nt.,I>D(ldiIlgtOn4in.,Z«ttoBani., gndl m. below Cbater julna on left bank. Ohater 
rlaSB In Wl&coteHall Uke 4 rn. H. from Bait Korton, n;n9 S m. to Kklitoil, 
Kntfsn^Ultfn.. Xettou a m., and jolne Welland 2 m. down. Welland mne to 

. abo** Mm&ton, and S m. below Is Joined on left bank by a atream which draloa Ih* 
lake In Barley Park by 0*kluun * m. np. '2 in. down Owaah by Emplngham a atceajn 
tolna on 1*H hank draining the lake In Eitcn Park, Sm. N.W. from BtalBftira, or 
8 m. KX. fmn Okkham. Owash mnn 4 m. lo Onst Bridge, 3 m. to SrliaJl, and 
S in. down jolne WellatHl. Welland rnna to UOngton 3 m., TallinBton 1 m. 
■KBrk«t Dvapliv (n.a. St. S»,mMI l>tpiug) 3 in. (here beglne the Hatkei Deephig 
Ansllng Soelety'i water), Bt. Juu*! Da^lUff 1 m. Here we are fairly In tlie tone. 
and Welland baoomea a "drain." ronnlng to XanalpltMailS * m. (hete enda the 
H.DA.8. water), OlOiAand (n.i. Portland, Sm.) 3 m., OowMt fi m., SpaUlnff' 

4m. em. down Welland, at the reserrotr 1 m. N.E. of BnTftact StaUon, 

on left hank. Qlen rliee above Ooiby, mne thence to Idttl* Bytkuu d m., saaan- 

Ola* C •>>■. and 4 m. down, at Wllethorpe, Is Joined on left bank by Edenkam brook. 
Edenbaia rlaee 8 m. aboie Edenham (n.a. Boom, 2 m.), and 2 m. below, 2 m. W. of 
'Mvaxam, la joined on right bank by the drainage, i m. op, of the large lake la Qrlms- 


104 The Angler's Diary. 

Qten 3 m. Glea nma 1 m. to KmtM Bridge, S m. S. at Bonm, Coimtat Dtaln B •»■. 
Honey Brides 4 m., nuclklMOk 1 fn^ BnnUat I n. uid WellHul 1 m. Valluid Jidni 
the WBah 2 m. down U Foiidyks Brldse. OoDnier Dndn i pika, perch, rouh, e«v. 
HorlhDroTe! BUneOab. Soalh Drove ; sune Ssh. TernstMllr^n; umeDah. 

of CldbDrjr HoDH. (&< Artr^iwiucr.) 
•p«««A KOOM (Qlonmler)^!! Jt. BUi:]q)aa1 brook. {BttAvre.') 

"* — B* (Totk).— N.E.B. Ure; trwil, mrllnc. (e.j. rort.) Zato.- Cilt Hoto 

HiRh and Lew Cdii'Ii, In. N. [Bit Cmr Biiilfe, Tort. i 

Tj:ai<Hicnt«r.>-ll3, Stonlton brook (I n. S.)- Bov brook 1% m. E.). Lain: 

.AS.W.B. (3a dlrUlcAardi.) Stenr luld Turut ; pUu, 

i}i— U.N.B.' Bleepliiff river. E m. H, (Sti Waiiylea.l 

WatbnlT. a n.— Crlmpli. Mldd. 3 m. N.E. <ci. Jent.) Wluife, 

, KT. (ci-ySri.) (S«ror*,) 

jl iI>erbj).'H.H. Dtrweut; pike, coaru flsh. gTKflInK, Innt; vreHrred bT > 
HHnnj Hi P«rt>7. (Sk Mr^.) (c>. TVsU.) ChiddeMeo brook, 1 m. N.W. £ab: Loeko 
Park lake, S m. N, (5k OiftutoivivA.) 
~ " n (NorlblOD.)— U&K.W.K. Man. SMwe brook Pltarord brook, I m. S. (Sm 


■UokWail (LMiei.j^M.S. Ir«U. (SuRiman 
— ■ ft N.W.R.; G.N." "- ---- 

), rolling. iroBl; 

.... , .. , .Oj. 6(tj d.t. U. M. Clanfont brook. I «. W. t>ank, 

I «. S.K:|iraiarTDdaaSii*. Kluialon brook. I n. N.E. Zotai: KiDtMonpool, I) n. W. 
jtenatiel^rkpoolud Xeplon poola, 4 «.N.E. TliallPark pool,4«. E. Stteln NoMll 
Wealenl, Sntn- iBa OaiiUborffUffh.) 
■teiUB {lllddi.) S.W.R.; O.W.B. Thameg, Colne, BoUht AoEtl and CrowD, 
Itallwar Hotel. Packbo[K,Swin(tSl>laei Bridie. FUtirmm-E. and J.Keene, J. Kean^ 
juD.. T. Sp)c«, C Hone, O. Oiiian, and J. Clarke. There li capital dace flihlng In Cobu 
on Stidnei Moor, Iree in parUi elKwhere preeemd by a lodetj. Ttie water by eld* of 
R w. R.ii»v belonfi lo the cmnpanr. and la let to Uio S.W. Angling SorialT ; a.L U. 
orki).— O.C.B.: N.E.E. Don. (ci. ToriiMn.) ISee OboIi.) 

)ik)),— L. * Y.H. Deao. iStt aauclifc.) 

BbAlban'a (Herti). — G.N.R.; H.H.; L.AN.W.B. Cotne i roaeb, d>». p* rdh pike, 

ana Oeorm. ISa Lmdon, Jf.T.) 

" R.i L. A S.W.H. Stonr; pike, poreh, roaeb, Liddeo ; tront 

(Notfoiki: — M.R; Q.VJl. Ant: Oae. LaUti SUlhim Broad! free. (ca. 
-— — - — • ■- °,; free. (Sa rarnuut/L} Jnnj: Swan, Eallway, MaU>B 

,_ ,__ , _ (J.W.K. J M.k; O.N.B. Tame. S-lnaoabaw brook, 

'te IbmcorrL) 

a.N.B.iL.*N.W.R.iM.R. Wellandje 

1. l-or*.) (Sm HoBrfJrf'e.) 


England. 105 

, It (K«otl.— S.E.II. {Sm ftKiuter.) OoBmlti troat, coarH dih. 

StiVlBton Bokd (Q]oac«t«),— O.W.R. Frona; rauh,da«, ilke; poor gaUlDt, aiaitlT 
(KB. (SwJrtfWL) 
ltuboIton<T»rk), D.I. SclItonAblMr, lera.— Whirfe. {_c.$.7en.) (aatori.) 

ItkXOTOBB (Dmun.) — O.W.R, Seno; trout; mutl* prMWTea )it Lord ] 

nm tiT DuDchldHKli. rant a m. lo Kunii (n.i. BznlaMar. O.W3., aj n 
■*■— "~ 1 "».). md 111* Em Mto»rr, L m. Ai Cociwood, ) m. from I 

• !m. K.rXiheui 

JMt*iW (Derby).— H.B. Bother. Dos L«g, 1 m. E. £iiit« : Fond Dl 
'WoDdtboriM UL11 dun. a m. S.V ■ "" " 

laodsood lodglnjiB. 

Bt. ButHT (Comw«ll).— G.W3. BrMm. (&s Par.) (cJ. /Ijmir.) 
St. Ocanub (Goninil),— Q.w.K. Mtvgiin ; ttout, >u tMui. SMtle. UslllneoM. 
Forttacotlwn, S in. M»wi|nin ruwa m. - — — - " 

pnHTIMl bT E. BrTdKH VrUllllIIII. El 

■1 m. N. of St. Oalnmb, mil i> B 

(Barki).— G.W.R. A 110411 ifflnmt of Tbimei rana ban wltli Mm* mlllg oa It 

I, Jf.r.) 

St-Bklth iComwalt). G.W.R. Hiyle; trogt. {Sa BofU.) (ci. OnKt.) 
St««taii (York),— U.B. Aire; tronT, kt^Ddi. pueb, chub, nucb: pr«Mr>«d bt til* 
Siockbiidge and Gulbniirne AnnMni Ogb from Eutbonrne brook a&me to X^ghlUT 
■--' — ■-- "— t.) (S«Xflrf«fct.) OUidea bKk. (awaiio^f,) 

mil) (n.i. Bnrnffnllow, e n.) On E>e( inmt: Bililiii ftee. Ewe 

01 BnznirnUow, rata *vi. lost. Ewe, end ttaaiufi ra. 

^ aotua.i.—h.B.S a.aft. OnAduri due, Ac. (Srt^w SkmAarn.) 
-una (Com wiU).— O.W.R. St. Oerming tirsr and Cad: trout. St. GMinana 
a. In (sj. Idskaud, S ™.), raiia 3 m. to Hepple HUl (n.i. Manlianlot, 
id St. Q»nnaaim Am. Ira. below tbe town, Cad JolDa on lelt bank, CM 
n. aouib of AllcroaD (n.i. X^muMMoa, Bra,) A ra. down Tnwartlia 
n. loDf, )Dlna on right bank. Cad roni to North HILL 1 m.. CaLllniton (1) n. off 
attbuk) faLraocommMalion at OoldlDE'a Hotel; fldilnti Irom Tamat and PJrai 

J, 5i.) B m,. FlLlaloo * ra, .ni- " " '^ ~ 

U (Lutt).— L. AN.W.B. 

tian tppif lo Ut. B. K. OrMr, T, Haydock-icreet, St. Helsoi. (Set Runean.) 
■Stilton.— Soma fair plka. perch, bream, roach, carp and tench flihlnc can ha bad In tbe 

dntnafa of wbat waa ones Wklttleiea mere. 
■t. Iv«a (Coniwall).- a.W.B. Good aet fishLai from pier and boati. 
St. Ivaa (Bantij.-O.E.R.: O.N.R. Ouie; coiiia fiib, eicapi harbel; IherE li capital 

BablnghetwMntliLa place and Eailtb. {ci.lf.anaS.i FiHurman; PknmalL (SH^iiv'fZfnil) 
Stlxwonld (UncoLn).— Q,N,B. Wllhani, (See Balm.) 
Sti JunAfl DaoplJlff (LLdgoId.) O.N.R. Walland; chub, dace, roach, pike, perch; 

nnwirvi^bTM.rketDeeplnEAnKllniiSaclet!-. IIoUl: Sii\p. {See Marktt De^mg.Spaidbi^. 
nwall).- (N.B. Filmouth, 1 1 m,) Two brooki Join the eea bore— ona 

-"I {a'aaaei}.- S.E.R. ; L.B. 4 B.C.R. Woat. A amall atream bjr Weat St. 

Pepperlae Powder HilL Head, where a •treamlel ]oLn> on ttie left 

mt. Mary's Omjr (Eent).~L.C. & D,R. (S« Danfari.) Oa; 


106 The Angler's Diary. 

St. Kkwal (CornffiU), n.i. ralmontli,— CorrraBcli wiwr. Tbl> brook. Hoa t n. looi. 

■t!^«ot«lHanu)-G.N.R"''oiite; ^o-ree liih, e.etpt batbd; frw fToni EMod Hill to 
k™ mm.ih- p1».1...r nrwF..d hv I.nrn E™. QorHon tmd oihen; luv*iicB4iaan. 

mui ; prtisTTi'd by tbe StiK^biidaa Glob 
loIderB ol SlockbrlilEe 1i»« tb« ri(tt at 

rlndp^ proprlelitri below Itaa Itm oiler >r« Mr. Wbilelsj''° Hr. UeltinbaitB. Sic A. 

l4 Acbor; Fuk pond*. I m. S. 
■tOOfcport (ChMhirQ.— L. AN.W.B.; M.B-i C.N.R HtrHy. Tioh. (Sa JiiiaeBr*.i 

■tonmbar(Si>ii>«Ht)— G.w.R. wiiiuod 

»{Siiiri>]h].— a.E^B. Btodr. Btcdibrook, 91 ">• S.W. Aibor/ btoiA > m. ff 

&iiiid£'.) (On Xan^iglne.) 
■toka Bft^tlHOT^rd). 0^W,B, Frmsa (1 

,. XiBB'i ijniB.) 

(Daion).— (Ha DurtmonUl, 1 m.) Blukpool VMtt. TUi atrauiU 

t (StiBOnl).— 1* * H.W.K.; M.B. TtniL (e.i.) ' Powlw brook. (W 

•tokwilaF (York).— fi.E.B. Baiidila beck, t m. S. BllidiU beck, « «. S. Lrpb, C n. 

S.K. (S« rroid) 
■taiMfSlnSOn]).— L. AN.W.R. Trent, (e.i.) riUi brook. Moddfnhall brook. Lmbtz 

ModdantaillUlll. Swlnntrton W. Treotliim Park, t m. N, (5m AiAutiimapL). 

■ton*)IOIUM ((^Joncaiter).— C.W.R. ; U.R. Figme. Froms ilni In MlHTAen Pirk(L>. 

■trond, e m.). tddb to Sajiperton 6 m.. BTtmMomlN « m., ud Btroiiid a n- Haro- 

Slaui brook. PalDiMck brrxik. uA Hailawonh brook join Fromo. Sluit brook la t ai> 

Worton, 4 m.J In two bnacbei, eeeb working a inlll, rona 1) n., whon a atiaui, 1 k. 
long, working a mill. Jolni on lad bank. Faingwlck la I m. dowD.. * n. brio* vbl^ ■ 

HaUiwDith brook lolai FromaoD le<t baok, Ttili itream riaea b; GbeTrliiKloo Id ■ Fond, 

1 m. Frome msi to Stonaliinu* 3 m,, anil 6 m 
■toaSUlCh [Wi^wick),— (n.s. Xmllwortu, a 

poTcb. bruam- Bow, (Sea Qloittaler-) (ti.i. Swfm,, 
■iouar BtMtfbrd (>>uck>).— H.g. Wcdverton., -t m, Ouei coaracflib. SKcapl barbell 

moit^T privau. (e.i. S. and S.) Lata: Wuiitiewood Formt poidi, 4 «. S.W. [Set 

■totubrldn <Slairord.],— G.M'.B. Stonr. iSte atmiailrr.) (cj.Sttem.j 
■hnirport (Worceilfi).— G.*.a. SetBm; talmod. irniii. (r.yliB«, ehnb. daoa, iUke, 

perck.ftc. G)adder brouk. Stouv, Ulck brook (3 m. S.W.). SkcawW 1>rwik(7 n. 8.W.J. 

Lata: Btaupley pool (4 m. &.). FrOK pool (3 m. 9.)- ^ltl*T CuBrt pnodt(]«. S-W.); pike. 

perch, roacb, Sc; laare rrom Lady Dadlay't itawacd aonellniee. iSv glmcvUr.i (cj.) 
Stcnr (QlOBOMierl.—a.W.H. S nu off li DonulDgton Hill Fool and DicklH iU*H| Iront. 

(Setlatdon, U.T.) 
■tOWMU'lnt {SoRolk). — O.E.B. Qlpplug^ coa^. percb, piki, taBcb: pruamd bj 

StownukeiAaaUDg Social;; >ec., a. Tydaiotii, Eaq.; a.l. £f.. d.i, Gd.. Iiaa lit. Dadlajr, 

Uacket.placa. Ballleeden brook. (See Iftttich.) 
Stow Vurk(Uiicoln).— G.N.B.i aks. Trcot, Sn. W.: cbob, pike, pan*. (&«> (fltt 

ffonuhMVUiAJ Till, 3 >n. S.EL. at Till Bridge. (See Bailm.) 
BtTKtIbxa (Eiaei).— G.E.B. ^sttl.' White Hart. Oa Lea. The Ul ciMa « «. ItV. af 

Knton(H.R.; O.N.BJ. If «. below which town It fiowatbrongta Loton Fark(BarBoeM4(' 

OB proper appUuthiB. tin. below the ontfilL Maw IKlll Bud Btation i> raadwd. Its- 
Lea mna next to Kftrpandan 3 «. : lo VIiMitlLampstMtd 3 «. In. below, L«b in" ~ 
tbronRh Brocket Hall, making a large lake. KKtMd li 2 m. on. ihanee to Swrtlb] 

L Joat balow Xvrt- 

Rlbonlelttiank. Tta 

UttleKormead abont the centre 01 tne river. I|m. down Che DnLteo atnama How BtraM 

■latlon li reached. From hence lo Hartlted li 10 in. The Lea now Iowa la I nt. H 


Wu;a: H n. beluw. Athjnlnson tha 

ind, tn a codtm oI 10 m.. doiri to Hwllunil OroH, theuM Lti 1| m. id V 
■nd Uun H n. to m* Lu. From thlijanctlon tu Bt. MuCftrrt's 1i I m, 1 
SlOrtJolnlLeion lofHnnk. TIjli Mroim rlM« by MtMflai, .ml rons ■" "' 

BtOTtArd (fl«hin(t preserieil,' sna Terr Rood) i> 3 m. ; Ihence to BkirbrUtoawortll "« 
s m. Urn. bflo-. Pincey Hiook Ji^lui SWil oo left tank, Tlit. «r.-.m is ll m. mne.. 
Tltlng b; Talnlaj. i m. dotvn Irom ih« Junction dI flnceir wlih Siori Xarlow Ii 
renclied. 2i m. do-o we Ttmrb Bnrat KlU. I m. iboTS Ihli place e etre>in Ji.lui on 
[be rlirbl buk. wblch roedi * Ima like In New PIicf. From Unrnl HIU lo BoydOtt 1> 

Onugauid two 0tb«rMn4i on Ibe riibl of the road, rrom MayAon K Hrnieilon llihlnx 
ll prlnte ; mi Ihm HDiMdon to tbo JnneHon of Hum and Lei at EolUaBdoit belonn lu 
Bts Hoon fliheiT. <;%( Bin Havu.) From B<i>]dndon to Bmxbcrarti* li 3f n>., 
OHwaimt H «„ Waltlum ij «. In. Oelaw, Cobbln's bniak, ittalch rim near 

Park'Stotloul m.; Vottvnluuii, t m.-, L*B BtULk*, 3t «'. and Slradbrd, 3 m. 

burbel aim flonnden. 
- nCWarwIck).— KAN.W.R.iO.W.R. On Avon ; pike, bream, roach. 

. Sloordm,). Dese {Sm.K.E.}. ThelM- 
•Ilon en', E m, N.E. Whltecar beet, I m. 

Tluifnl, Kinft Lym.) 
Sttattos (Deib)).— M.R. Stredon brook. Amber, 1 m. WegtwDod br»k. 2 m. S,E, at 

BtrliMa (Derby).— M.B, j O.C.B. aojt or Herges. (Sit Bmam.) 
Stxand (Olonenter). — Q.W.B. Freme; a fev truot and coarse Bali. Slean brook. 
Fataunkk brook. Nallawortb brook. (Sat auailioim.) Pike and EOane aiULog m the 

StabUuHMici.).— L.&Y.B. Irwell. {SaSuntom.) 

tttlUlW (Warwick).— L. A N.W.B. Arrow ; plhe, perch, chob, dace, bream, few Irant. 

<3k OUmealrr.) 
atnnuar (BHei).— O.E.B. Stonr, Albery brcok. Blrdbrook, 1 m. S. (c.l S. and £.} 

gtormlnatar Mawton (Dnrial).-S. & S.J.B. Sionr; chnb. dace. pike. percL; lim. 

Koodfiihlng. (CI.) Dlrellab. <c.t.Avm.) Llddeui troul, (u.Acon.) (aaChnllchvra.) 

ffetid: BlTerAnn.; eomtortablc. 
■tnzTJ (Kent.)— S.E- A L.C. &D. Joint R. On 3nmr. (Sa StmdnHiA.) 3 <■> oftherliar 

belong to Mr. W. Cannon (preeeired alio bj Sl<iiic Flaherr PratecEIOD AiBoclaMOD). (3u 

IB. (Turk).— N.E, B. Oock beck. Wbarfa, I m, N. (c.i. Tort.) ISec Tort.) 

__Miiy Perbj).-O.S.B. ; N.S.H. Do«, coirie flib, Iront, gtajllna; prB«iTEd by 

(See f^af7UA4>rnf^A.) 
■ - Suffoit 

J. C. Perfect, Eu. (c.i. Trau.) Cobli 

,. Bardfleia brook, l m. N.W. UelfcrU bro-k, t m. N.W. 

4 m. N-l umelliU ag Stonr. Boiford. fi ni. N.E. (Stt Xaiminiilm.) 

•anbii^(Mldilx,).— L. JfcS.W.R. Tnimei. (Sec l-mdon. L.T.i Aiiteli : Magpie, Flowcr-pot, 

•nxflaot (Lincoln).— (}.N.B. 'Welland. QLen. {:Sei Spaldtng.} 

•■ttaii (Hong).— H.R. Mann. Lata : Biib Wood. KlnE'a UlU reaerrolr, I m. S.E. (Sm 

JtattoU BlIurllulL (Somenet.) — I.. A S.'W.R. {Sa Brii^ptala:') 
•nttoit 0^«fleia(Warwlck).-l.AH.'W.B.; U.R. Eatcbrook. Lu(dey brook, a m. K 

Za/ca: Bracebrldge pool, i fn. N.W. Dovea pool; tenob, peitb{ Aghlng very good; 

sreaervel b; a dab of Umitad nnmberB, Blackrool pool. I m. N.W. Long Uooc Hill 

pond. Fowellipool. WIndley pool, I m. KW. Lanilev Hall pondg,9(n, E. CaowellHaU 

pand, 4fn. N.E. Bonme pool,4in. N.W. {Set aaiiUbmxfii.) 

FOH beck. S m. 9. ISte Wreml.i 

Kttonron-BnUaork).— H.E.B. Hnll, lm.S.W. (SteSall.) (c.i. Toii.i 
ttos-on-Trni (HoCta), n.a. Oxow F&rfc, 3 m.}— M.B.; Q.H.R. Trent; pike, mcb, 

- . . .-...- - • - ■- - n. H. ioiei; ~ 

Ingbam poudi, 


, . „. ,. Qlnim brook. Gr»««lliorpe brook, 3 m. N. liaia: Hia 

Fleet,! m. B. Blackpool, Nuns pool, and Comrlb pool, 3 m. S.E. Colllngbam poudi, 4 m. 
I.E. (3te OadnitemifrA.) 

108 The Angler's Diary. 

4hnUtUliaot« (SUfltwd).— H.R. Bepton feiook. 3 m. N.E. Zotet : QIdvh mill. 1 m. M.K. 
Hiruhtiro pDDdi ind Screir Mill pond, S m, N.G. Bretby Piik pondi, a m. N. Bsptoa 

|NDrli>ik),— Q.E.B. Nir. 4 m, S., it CuUe Acre; Eood (rouUOBJ itrtcUf 
.. (See Kinii'i Lgim-) 
OE^ (Noriuik),-G).E.R. Toe ¥■», 3 m. N. Lain: BrttoaHMuilCatttmt 

— L.AN.'W.B. Lata: {Six King', J.fnn.) 
_..„ ..__ Mler).-M.R, DLhlsy mook, 9 ™. N.E. S.LM, 3 m. S. Latmi 

Coloorton pool!, s m. N.W. Olit tMongir, 4 m. K,E. (See GotBtonjivft,) 
MwKTtmj (Onaibi).— Q.E.R, Oiue; eo4iH fliti. «iisei>t bubel; Eood flililai; preaamd 

br CmiibrldKa and EI7 AnEliaR Society (IM Cambridge, (ci. jr. otd ;9,) Jm, Boat, 

Kew StiDKCli, Dnr, (Su Kfn; '1 £i«n.) 
JIWlmbriaKB perDD).— Q.W.K. Snlmbrldce valer, ISm Bariulafle.) 
Swludarbr {Llncolnl.— U.R. GlnoB bicwk. ZcOw: Skslmim pood, 3 m. 8.E. (Am 

>ii(Wllti).— G.W.B. On lUr nd Coitt : eouu Bib urla law troDt. (8h £«KdM, 
'- "dms B»rTolr, (i>lke, nweh, nneh), iha aourcaal OhIi, 3 m. off, oood fiaUnc 
toFeb. 3». S.t.j «!. 2a. I d.l.. K. ed: ^ofel: Goddard Armi. 

,d (LlBeoln).— a.N.E. HanmoDd Berk. (Sst BoHon.) 

n<Yorka).— Q.CB.; 113, Dod, {tJ. rarkiMrt.) (;3si OmIc) 
(l,eleMt*r).— H.B. 'Wreaki ro»h, br»ni. pike, perch, cIidIii preanred br 
T AdrUuk 9oclaIT. (3h LeUetta-.} (es. nvnf.) Uarkbv tirnnk. Soar. I ■>. W. : 

>dbrL.A.S. (SttZtia — ' .--—-.. .'. . 

_ _ »t (Torll).— N.E.E. naano! laimon. 

IheUdadowa lo Tadcaater Bridge, {c.i, rork , , _. _ ., _ 

Wliblll. Oattentone back, i m. N.E. I^Set rort.) 
V«k«la7 (Eaaei).— G.E.K. (Set BarUng aod SlraifOnl.) On Rodlni and Plnear brook. 
TnUlayton (Uncaln).— Q.N.B. Wellandi pike, perch, dacei prlrala. (aw ^paWne.) 

AnillnE Ciab of 30 at 41, it., and SL U. entrance lee; t 

Atd»; coed Seblnii attached. IBu Vori.) 
VaplOW <BncluJ,~Q.W.E(. Thamea. i8w Lmdon. M.T., Maidmhtad,^ 
7ari«tt INortbLud.),— On North Tfoa ; trout ; iha river la, wa baUaTa. |iTea«t*MI b; 

IkMaalMll (GDeahlral.— 1.,'a H.W.B. Eeri iirook, (Bet CteHer.) 

— -». 1.,» „ ■— ■-\_Q.N.B. Bain. 'Withan), 1 m. W, (Set Boilm.) 

~0,W.B. ToDO! [root, dace, roacli, perch, laocli, and pika. 
Jilnfilon bruoJE ; ITOut- Blacii brook ; trout. {Sn BridgvatKr.) Tone la prewrred abov* 

th« aaBoclBtioa waUr endv. Below ibe to«n are many wcIl-b whore very lar^a trout ara 
ctmatantlT lakes, alao many coana flih. Tba pike flihinn li good balow tko Iowa, Laan 
rioni tba millers and the land ownera. Small parch, roacli, leneh. and eela. in the Brid«- 
water canal, (ej. jtsR,) Ottv riaea g m. off, (cj.) (See Otten SI Mary.) TaMdM, 
a. HInloii. Fore->lreet 

Tkvlatook (De'on),~a.W.B.; L. ft S,W.R, Tavjr ; tronC, lalmon peal, aalmou; pi*, 
aened by Tary, Walkliam, and Plym nghlng Aaaoclatloai ■,!. IDi.. d.t. Ii, Lnmbmn 
brook (I m.); iroDi, peel 1 preaaTFBd ai abo'e. Tainir (3 n.); iroat, lalmon, paaL 
'Walcombe (a m,); trout, pe^. lahnoai pnaerrad aa above, Flyin, 9 m,; trout, pad, 
aalmooi preaerred aa abore. Heaiy. ft m. 1 (caul, peel, aalnion; preaerved aa abm*. 
(ej. Tamar.-) (See Plvmoufii.} BoUl: BeitoTi. 

Tallin (Weatland.).— L & tl.W.R. (Sa SumwArM^) Lnnai tlout. lalmon; traatInK, 
free. Borroir Beck and Hawglll are good atraama. 

TaOlDKlUUn MlUtm (Yorki,)— By lall to Weat Healarton Station. On Derwsnt t pIka, 

"Taddiuton (Ulddli.).— L, dES.W.R. Tbamea, and a branch of Colna. (SeeLimdtii, l.T.i 

..... .-..._ ^- ^^. , r, — I o.k. ruftmnm! R-Hanoonr, J. S«pheiili,W, 

'a the lock and at the nelrlaaaraegoodpHuud 

TalgnyzaiH (Damn).— C>,'W,R, On lelKD, (i,t) (See Telgnmiiiilli.) 

Talgnmontli (Dcnn). — O.W.R. On TelRs. Teitni rlaei In the heart of Dartmoor. Id 

I. from Ibe JnocUon with 

owleiKh and Oldli 

and Bldl^, 



BoirdlDg HooM. Trout 4ra pIsnCLfol rroni tha 

. ,,. - pr«MtTO» llwwiter ftom Cli«gtera BriiJn* 10 

SUpt Bridge. 13 ra.( fliblng beglni Mtrcb 1, ma» Sopt. W.i t.t. lli.j d.l. tt. 6d., 
Inir Mr. C e. Hurtsr Hninei and Ur. Fsmlt, CbiRrOrd ; d.l. lo be alio btA from Mr. 
Frlckmui, I!. Norlh-sltHt. Eieicr i Whlt« Bui lod White Hone Hold i, Uontonhinip- 
Itad; Hoot Perk Hotel, Cbi«fOrdi Rural 0>k. Dunalard; SandTfarklnn aninraiil Arml. 
DremtelKBton. No dogi. No wafllng eiofni b'tween CUITora «ad Stepjbrldgt. and no 
SuDdaT fliblDt. Tha neareat rallwkr l> Koi«taiiluuns>t«MI, n. for Ibe npper part 
orUievalar. and from SUpitiiUKO, lor (lialoirerporlloD. Sm.dovn,bT tha 
Tlllaf a ot firawaCelgntoD. a atream. 4 n. long. jolDiontbe left bank: 9 «. on. Wnnd hrnnk 
joiuonUialanbiiak. 31 n. dovo— at the TUta«e o( 
4H.long,]olnaon Iha right hank, and I m. on analmiE i <n. igug, i n>. an 

itnam rtau a m. aaat of Xoiatan, and !■ 6 oi. long. ImiitlalCli la 
..,. _,j... , .V. . _ >^,„ Ttljn a tmall ttteam ran. 

bank, vbldi puue bj Oliudislf tl {Bold: Clifford Anni 

Jolna. Tbl) etieam rliei t m, ireit of Moratoa, doae I 

7n. down la jolntd b j Hete Brook on iha rlRbi bank. Tht 

HamlldowD, and li 3 m. long. (Tbe fliblor- wnich It i 

hmant batlaara mtj often lie oblaload.) 1 

MglnKa can be had, and here 1b alio a gnaa tnardlai koaH cloie to tbe water; tha 

tMig la preaorred bji W. F. D. Smith. Eiq.. H.P.) 3| m. on la LtutlelA Clara, i m. 

talow, BackoT jolni on Iha right baok. Thla Mraui, wUha oonraeot A m., rtua t «. 

tait of Wldacombe on Iba moor. ) m, down Bonf, Wtar Jolno on tba left bank, 

, — — -- mambara, m.t. IM, i w.i, (i.i ilihing begtoa 

Mardi i, and enda (tnrat) Sept. 10, (lalinon) Oct. SI ; no Sondaj flihlng or dogi; tac. 
H. 0. Hldialaion, Eiq.. Daronle, NewtOD Abbott. Mo wading, and nolblng bnt Sj allowed 
b«bra Jsna ; no wMUng In Borajr at xaj Ume, and tha artlllelal minnow allowed onlf Iram 
Jnae 1 1 do gaff can ba lued bafOra Vtij 1. At Hewton. L«mu. S «, long, wbleli bolda a 
few tronl, jolDB on tba right baok. Tlckata (Or botb aiaoclaUoni Crom tba aecretailea and 
lU hotalt and Inna near tbe rlrar. and til* tackle abopa at Eiater. Newton, and Telgnmonth. 
At Telgnmontb bail maj ba taken abont tbe bar. at tha bvbonr entrance. Dabs ootalda 
on audr gronndg aleo mackerel, pollack, andwblting, tbe latter In the aotomn near the 
eoBit. but Id earlr mminer Car la tha olBng. YaehCa can be hired hare. Baia fiahlng 

. ben at iprlng tldeei FenrPointla thebeatpoaltlsn. Sand-eel aelnea kept here. SoUli: 
Soyal, Qneen'a. London. 

Tamsla OobiIM (Somenet).— I>. ft S.W.B. On Cale and Bow brook; ndd and pereh, 
■here nnndi hare b«n made; laaia from the ownan, (Sh ChriilehartA.) 
It (York).— G.N.B. Aire. {ci. Fori.) {Sm Raixltfft.} 

_ jrty.— N-KB. Oa Edea; aalmon and trout; preaerreil I 

(Sit OirUiIe.) (u.) 

~ _.-_. (Bedn.— Q.N.B. Onu; coanta Sjb, aieept barbel. (e.$. y. m4 3.) Ivali 

atOiA (Bedn.— G.H.B, Onu 
IXT (Woraatar).— <3'W.R. Ba 

! pranrred ty the Tenborr Angling Aawclatlon from Tenborr Bi 
Bodirord Ford ; titketi I? monib or week it the Swan ; lec, W. Necrla. Below N> 
tha rlT*r la Btrlotlr prtrata. Ledwjrcb; Croat, grayling; the beat flihlng la -' "- 
— ")Do( whleb la preaerTcdbr Lady Nort' — '-'■ " ' — '■ " 

CMatora brook (3 m. W.). Com brook (Z in. E.). Baa (Hfli. E. 
Lata: K»ropool(*m.9.K.). Woottonpool {»">■ N.|. (SteOkn 
Tmwaall (NolM)^H.R. Medi - ■ " ' ■ 

LaJttt: Kyropool (*ni. 9.K.). Wootton pool {» "!■ 

'.W. Slalnabf pond, 4 

AUiayt. Qoolt.) 
TnrkMAmxj (Olonceiter). — H.Il. BeTarD; ehtib, dace, roach, pike, pareb, iali 

ehab, daes, roach, pike, perch, braun; preaarred bf a aoeleiri tlckata al 

once. BIppla brook. Carantbrook. Tlrlebrook. Swilgaia (I m.). EoltU; 

and Black Boar. (&a aioucalrT.'i (c.i.) 
Thuna (Oian.).~u,W.B. Tbame. (8tt lAHidon, M.T.) 
Thkmm mtbm (SBmj).— L. A S.W.R. Tb> ' 

/Wflfiun: C W., E., and A. Tagg, H. Bammert 
Tlutoliam (Barka). — Q.W.R. Kenneti; pike, parcb, ohnb, daca, troot; piHOTTOd bj 

tba HawbDtT .Ingllni Sodely. (Sa London, if.T. ; Naibiirti 
Ti»nl« (Barki.^-O.'W.R. Kennett. iSte Lndm, M.T.) 
TlwaUrthorp* (Uocoln).— O.N.B. nithud. (Bte SaSfltil.^ 


110 The AngUT'B Diary. 

Vh*lwall<Chwliln).— L. AN.W.B. Menej. (Ea Bmetm.) 

Tliatfbid (Ounbi).— H.I. StMtham, 1 m. Odh; muw tik, eicait bulMl. (e^ 

X.imdS.) Cruu>niM>i)i. (Su Slnj'i L)/m.) 
TlMtlOxd (HorfOlkk— a.E.B. LIttIs Ouh; plks ind cwng fliht prtnU abon; pMt 

nlialan frcqnutlr flita ; Irea beton. Tbet! pike, curH flih; prlnM. Ant: BaUi 

Anchor (botMfrtel.Twioperiiiise. {Stt Klnsfi Lj/m.) 
SbizBk (Torkj^NJlK. OkI D«ck| troat. uraTllng: pnMntd bj lf>^ Hott, «f 

KUrtDirtOD BiUi (nuB Bny«[ib BrM«a to Spltlxl b«k; from Mtc^ beck to Bv^ 

^jjj^^ ... .t. -.,__._ .__,. . ., .... . .. - 

irrad bjr lU Ttaink AusHdk Club of lldilud nomben. Eil«n beda 1 n. N. 

gMMTidl (t.!. Ftri.) Wniao •Mck.lfn. HE. Swils, 4 n. W. U Sklpmo. {u raitj 

Hooa beck, 4 tn. B.E. lBe€ Tork-I 
ThorfXffton (Emo)— ll-B-K- I "L S.W. boa tba ituloii ti ■ lu«s mBl bart rt 

TtaoriMIon UUI. 
Shn^^Ainnr <01«ie«M*r). -U.B. Bradlaj btooti. I n. N. raiu Iforatsa \miX, i tit. Kbf 

Vb^sa (lorki). — Q.C.B.; H.E.a Don. (u, rsntiAin.) Wont; 4 m. K. (At 

ThoTnton (Torke).— H.B. ; L. A T.B. Eleluk. BnMlord beck. Clurtsn beck. C<M 

Bmdtlffi.t UloBbjbcck. (See nicab).) 
nwiston Dil* CTotk).— N.E.K, Tbomlon beck; trout; Koerred br Ber. J. ■. BUL 

PIckgnnK beisk. S n. W. Dervrat. am. S. (fiH ITraiMi.) 
— • (Eeeei.>-a.B.K. Hollind brook. Tlil» bnxA HM J m. abon Tharp*. iM 

Uni (be Mt 6 n. down, 3 m. E. or<H*ot011. 
Vhinp* (Mortblon) ' " " 

,_ ff-B. Ncn:iilke,nrcli, brera. chnb,t«iwli. (SuirirtMOt.) 

BMeplDit titer. (8h IChMM) 
»lK> ij»4r Oh(Tork.)— JJ.E.B. Wbarte. (c,j. For*,) (SB rsri.) ^^ 

a DUeof aUiUalrlL bftlioDpEu Flehinc AuocliClon'i tec., Mr. W.C. Ounce. Tbor- 
niUa; •.I^tlt.U; halt eeeeon. from Uajll, in.; m-C. lii.; v.t.. T(. Sif. ; mnB BtttiNt 
bMwoaD JniMUindAiw. Sl.ndiiaawbatmeallajFaaod An«.3l{ se»anfrom Feb. Ift IB 
lO wbdiDf DDtU Mar 3. oicept OB pnpertT ot H. A. Tmrlc. Em]. . where otij 

It aDoirad. Tront lleei 

1M praoUted b; tkl. ... , , 

r Eie UnlMd Flitalng AHoolaUon preasiree Ibe water d«oi to Cowlsr I 

m^ 1M praoUted b; ticket boldeci If lieenied i licence II. (ci.) (S« BxtCir.) Iki 
.., „..,._ . — . .. , „ ..^ ^^^ 


troBllBB poor, perob, aaoB, pike; , , _. , 

reatrlcitoDi on rod and Uaedtbinc, whlcb begisiFeb. IB.epdtAu. >l. 

SlizaiiBtoii. (Noilfaton.)— L. AN.W.R. ; M.B, Neoi pike, peroh, clinb, tmeh. Haion^ 
bro^. 1 m. K. <Sm WiiHaih.-i TlukUia, A. Bugb. Brldge-itnel. 

TbrM BzidCMKSuHi).— L-e.AS.CK. Hole. {SHZmdon. £.7.) 

ShDZBtorATNorfolk).— o.E.B, Xala: annthorpeHalUam. N.K 

TlmnttMI(Silfl01k).~O.E.B. (8a ixmrlA.} Aai« ; DrinkitoDe Palk, 4 n. S.B. («M 

VlHiTtlabiiiT<fforce*ter}.— G.W.B. Doredale broot (1 bi. E). Sanra (1 m. W.) : OiH, 
dM>,roaeb, pike, percb, tront, ■almon. (See Oloaatler.) (e i. Smtrn.) 

Tloaknxst (Sdimi).— S-E:.!!. tSnAiv.) On Rotbar. (ej.) 

TlokUU (Tork). D.a. Bmiwtlr, * m.— Tame, 1 m. S. JMa: SatidbMk PaiV. » n. ». 

miMMM 1 — (OioD.).— G.W.R. Thame. {S» toaAM, U.T.) 

(Cheiblre) — I. A N.W.B, i Q.N.B.; U.B. Vynh brook, (fiw Jlwt. 

natwa (MoninoDth).~0.'W.B. Wye; chnb. dace, pllce, lalmOD, (u.) (SmC^^Om.) 

£olef : BeanlOrt Armp. 
TlptOB. (DevM).— L. A S.'W.R Otter ; trr 
Vlabnr; (Wllti).— L.*S.W,a Hadder 

Tltley (Heiefom).— Q.Tf.H. Arrow; tront, grarlliij, due; pretem 
llmlled namliori iboTC. (cj. W^} (See Cheinlow.) 

Tlwarton (Devon). — a.W.R, Eh. Loman, uirl Derti tnmt, eahnoo. 
Blc»lei«b Bridge. 4 m. below TlrerloD, to Dnralo Bridge by the 1 
AvoclalloD. S.t. on];, aoi. Flihing very good. There are aoma 4 n, 
clou 10 ttaa town, limited to leildeotiats nomlni] prlo*. VidUcilneo 
liiiar; airl^ riier. (Ste BxtUr.) HoUlt: Angel and Falnuratoc. 

n««rtc>iL Jnnotloii (Deion). — G.W.R. CDlm; tront: ^.,311; w 
Aalnom brook. Inn: Rallwei; sovd 9ghi 

Va4Unard*n (Lann.).— L. A Y.B. Caldei 


Englaiid. Ill 

SportgoB*. Hon.Me., Mr. A. B»nm, S, Snimnectalll'lerrica, Tonljtidffs. HoMi: ROM ind 
Cnmn. Bill, Cutis. 
Trar (UI««aMr).— 1I.B. Brenlnn. (Sh Qviaiboriiufili.) 

Wonna Ironi ibe peelit Tor Abhey suidii pllcbirdiuul aqoU 
m. At Thatctier Qui. ini»r tTenCy ludi Inilda tilt m^ at [ir 

lOBAMi(Sarrer).— L. AS.W.R. [Sa London. L.T.] 

lopolUnKrock), D.I. aasMT.— Swila. (e.i. rorl.) •.«! o«e, (ou lort.) 

lOHlum (Dbtod.)— L. A B.W.R. CUn. larundila hrooli. CIlH tIhi khh 1 m. If . g( 
CM HHm «!.•. XMe, S n.). ram to BtMd OUat, en. S la. dtn, elui M Ih« 
Snad CUbI StitlOD, tmtti brook liini on Itft biok. Sootli biook tito h; WKfiupl*. 
MKI 1} n down K jolniid bjr ■ nnitl nreim on lort btnk. H m. doirn, ■ atntm rDnntni 
bTRoekb«ra]olniMiaUi biwkonlcrtlHink, Broad CUstSuUonla IJn. od. I n. down 
Cttat, U Hoalton CHtt, Hslbroolt Brook jDloi on left buck. Hilbrook tIhi akore FiriDidoa 
MSL, bT ATlibsre, inHttm. Ions. CHtt rnni In 3 n. to 3t Ibcy'i C11U (plnty of d«ee 
Mo* tbe mill will ta Ita rlclnlty. mj fair Iront u loir down). vbaiB OroiDdale brook 
(4 n, loiiK) jolni OD loft bisk. CUil now taai to Topalum, 1 m., wd jnit bsyoDd Joliu 
In Eitnuy, (Sa u. Bxi.j 

1oxero«» (DsTOn.)~(n.>. Xliigwlniaca, DurtOUUtb, tbiniH br cowb.) HiM: 
Toreroii HoMl (la AdcertUtmaa). Oood OitilaK, pika. pansta. mdff ta %■ larga lika 

Idka^ (Uncurfn).— H.K. Trant! piko, ro«h. ebnb. <(.i.) Tan Dyke navtiatlao. 

Toznuj.— O.W.B. AnRllnt from tba pier for polluk, UMll mwkerel. dab*, pout, uiUI 
loaKi. udbftbraw^iit UneifoT conger iftar lunBot. Tbe offliiK flihlng lor wbltini bii at 
lit* bean poor nntll mnch iR^r raidmnimer. Deba ud miekarel InUw tw^i thalattai 
myiinearlalii. FoUeck BiUnE bgi irillinz or uMiipluK ; oRon good fmmArtitlwBock. put 
Cortnui. (Dd bjt Uvarmeid Held ; alio at the buck oIFi^inton old pier to middle of Join 
alio rirom back of Torqnar plar, peat Laodon Bridge to SkeEt Tbai«har, Onatona, and 
MatBocka. In Thatctaer (ini, good drift- line asnlng for pollu^. with aoma baaa udlum 
— -■ . S«Ba__6el» (or baltoften obtainable at Paignton, wtaer* a«Uie nata anker*™' 

. - hoaranwiil 

afiprtng tide nntll one bonrebb; et neipa (not ao itood) (rein tbrM lionn flood tahlak 
— '--, Capital tmntlng can be hid In TottKord and Kennlok raMmln, nau LaitlallE; 
iriirniara .nniv tn V. .1. HsY. Etq.,iown clork. Totqoaj. Taobla and boat^ Brown 
mouili, Paiirnl»». Brixluua, OartmoiM, and Botai.) 

S.W.B. OnTorrldKa; ulmunpHl.troDtiinddBOf. tAngtree 

' Tlie Taw U 

a*tog. TbalaIldlordoftboGlobepre«er'eal'm.orfl.lilnB. (See ej. Tun.) (gvSUtford.) 
Frn tablng at tbe Hair Mono Hold. Sheepwub. Permlsalon alio from Heo. Itark Rolle 
and Lord Clinton, balappllcatbn mail be made before the end of JLpril. 
Torrlnfftos Park (Serta) — Q.fl.R. New River. ISu London.) 

lalalfn. Tberlrer Crake drilmCnnlilnn at High Hibttiwalte. At Arklld Bridge. 1 if 

It her branch ont of n imiU tarn, aboot the tame Ulilance. From ArkUd Bridget 

Row Bridge, and Lowlck Bridge, Tbli burn ilKiln two hill lacba.wmal m. aft I m 
Dm this bom Spark Bridge li reached. From thence lo thajnnclloa of tha Crak* wll 

>• (Devon}.— G.W.R. iSa Darimoaih,) Hoali: Sejmour, Seven Stan, Commardai 

— O.E.B. (S« Stratford.) On La; dice, roach, chnb, barbel 

lick, Ac. Tickata; Yearlr, 31a. Incladlog trolling, or IDt. fld. for bottom OiUob onl;, 
orlaadsr. /nn.-Ferry Boat Honae. At Edmonton (F&rk aUtloD, a.£.R.] liauolher 

VowoaatflT (North toe, )—L, &N.W.B. Yore, Blakeiley brook (9 m,), (See King' i Ignm,} 
Tram Xdd. (Hereford.) — G.W.B, Worm brook (i m.), iJase brook (3m.). Laka: 

Tndenr (Monmontta).— O.W.K.; L. A N.W.B. Slthowey; trout. Naul-y-llecha (In.) . 

Tradeffar Junction (MonmoBlh),— S.B. Slthowey; troitl. (See ^fBporl.) 

•reeton (Dorbj),~M,B. Bother. (S« Ooois.) 

TTVwll(MoniDOBih).— L, A N.WB. Sli liowey (I m,). Latei: Llyo.gtra-fawr (3 m.). (Sti 


112 The Angler's Diary. 

Ttavanj {CoidihII).— (n.f. Oxunponnd Koad, i m.) 
powid.) jfn.oItrDn>Pol|iliislin)oE,tfn.<oiiKi iruul. (fj. J 

Trmit (Ltlicatan.— M.S. Treni^ rciicli, <t>cE, perch, plks. c 
■unellili. (cj.IWnf.) Dei went. 3 m. ^.W. ; unic Bab. (c.i. 

D(SuiroM).~L. A.N.'W.B. Trent, (cj.) Nortbvo 

Lim8,J«,N ..._.. .. 

■bowteidsa (WlIM).— O.W.a <,aa Briitot.) Bm; couHSibifevtraiU; poUatedM 
Um town; luTS frealT glTco. Avon (II m. N.); pike, percta, null, dm, dmb. ctrp, 
tencb, trontit thaweln; prsHrvcd by Ue Bridford and Atod Aagliiiii AHoditlon ; vU 

FroiEa (If, W.}; ttont; niaitlr preKTied tir W. K. LiTBrtoD. Esq., Wettbnir, bat paKim 

I. •i—cuiii:, 1 m. oil, »re ]4ci md pOTch '-■— - ■"' — ■ ' ' ' — <■ 

_ __...., oolpick. 

Tram (Cotnwmll),— Q.WJB. St. Allen river; trOBtliiR<[ODd, Tncinben ntar. SLAIlea 

■n OHD. In the ciniil, 1 m. oil, itq Juk mi perch, Haitt : Edlaitoo posdg ; roub, tuudL 

(; Oeoi^e, Woo! 

- ■"■- — "■ 'i.wjs,. Bt.aiien nvBT! [roounmooa, — , 

D, 91. AUen n«cb« «raro, Hera Tregarlheii ml 
' *'-"-'" ""'li good flih, ''■" ' -'' — -'-'^ ■ 

Tregarlhen wiler. 4 m. !«■(, lolu on rl| 
;h wMdedo 1 fn. down St. Allea. Bmmi 
I in. N. rram OliBBOnrmtar jltetb 

water jolni on rtuht huk, Sei« 

ruoi & fn. to Triizo, ud 1 tn, dawn Joint St. Allen, i m, down, TreellUu w 

holdlDR IroDt end (rrllH, Join on left bank -, llihlng ittf good. TrHdlUui rl*H bj 
SI. Enoder (n.i, Onunpoiiii&Bosd, Gm.). uidSni.down, giLsdocktnj.Sza^nOTUa 
XmUL U m.\ It jolnMl by TrrluUcfe Brnak, a <n. lonir, on ilgtat buk. TnriUlui mnt 1 n. 
toPcDbni(nj.SrKiivoiii><l Xoad, Bm.), and 1 tn. down lilolnad on rigbl baBkbyXeMlt 
water, wblcb rliM t tn. S. ot St. Kicbael'i (n,9. axBmponud SOAd, ft tMi In 1 n. pMMt- 
Im. W.oT Lkdoek, andlfli. downJolnaTraillllu. 1 m. down TreallflMi, Voodlud Break 
(plenty of amall tnut), which rlaei by St. Enne (n.a, Tituo. ( tn.), and la t m, long, Jotai. 
on light bank. I in. down, TrHllllan Joini St. Allen >nd the Mtnarj'. The OahlBg la 
TieafUlan la moatly free. In Ihaie brooka trout run e to the poand. The beat Olea— hanV 
•tr. UiirCIl brown, Ted palmer, black gnat, and coicbnitn. The nitnral (einweblalUy 
■nd JmelamoMknilig. Theiea fliblDg liiery lood. {Sa PirrataabtilDt.') 

TnmnUjn Wdls (Kent).— I.B. A S.C.R. (3H SotlittUr.) There la a mill-poDd It 
Braemhin. 1 m. trom here, wbere, by paying a ibllUtig. angling may be bad. That* u*- 
Bome pondl M the High Bocki, ohere tronl flihlng can be bad at the rate al id. par day. 
Goodflihlng at AsliTiTBt, 3 m.. and Tonbrldx*, tm-ofli apply to landlord, BiUmy 
Hotel. Aihnrat, iToMi: Royal UonntEphralm. Caitla. 

ToiUttaU (Slaflord).— L. AN.W.B.; U.B. Fowler brnoli, .^ota : Balb pool. 3 m. H,W. 
(Ste Oatniborough.l Qooi troBtliig la Taolall and Vaakerley reierrolra; preaarrcd by 

Turton (Lanca.) — L 4 Y.R Bradahaw brook. (Sa Rvncom.) 

Tnrrnr (Bedt),— U.S. Ome: coane B>h, except barbel ; Biblng prlnte. (cj. X. miB.y 

{See j&ng't Xfwi.) 
Tiitlnirr(Sta1Iord).-L. AN.W.B.iO.N.B.iH.B. Dole; chub, br«am. barbel, pike, tr«at. 

(c.i.rreiu.) Cubleybrook, Jto. W. Longford brook, a in. E. BoHeuon brook, 1 m, 3.E. 

N.W, lattti Hangbtoa Seooy 

ding Bi 

, , ,. . Iwul. J 

Colon, J. and R. Spang, J. Dimn, F. Hammenon, B. UoDU, S 

InLN.V. (SuAlinorp 

B (Kiddli-l, L.*S.W,R. Tbamaa and Teddlog Brook. (Su L. 

lam: Qneen'a Head, Two Siwyert, Iiltnd. aad White S«u. PMirmiit: Q 

,. _. . ._.. . _.jf.) OnAvon; rotcb, chub, dac^ pike, perch, 

.. _ . J J.) Newton brook, I m; tront; preserved by V. Gore Lugton, 

Eaq. Newton St. Lo. 
Tw iPtc d (Berki.).— O.W.R. (Bu Ltmdon. M.T.) Loddon ; preurrsd by HeadlDg and 

Dlitrlet and Henley Fltherlea Preterratlon AeKclatlong; privilege tlckebu IIM. td.. to- 

membera mir. Ttont. pike, Ac. Sm.. F. Brown, Ei^., M, BlagriTa-atreet. Beading, and 

A. Z. Hobba, Eaq,, BarUMreet. Henley. 
SirAdSt. ]CuT'a(UiicolD).-O.N.R. Nen, Hiucal river, fm artlBt. ISet WMeoA.} 
^da (UonnHinA).— Q.'W.B. Ebwy; tram, talmon. (ci. W) (Set Sevptrl.} 
ntlurUwtOIl (Ohmcettsr).— H.B. Laden, (aaSHUoLi 
lAka«IdUiiM*i).~-lHB. AS.C.R. Oaie; troat.peren.lMk. (Sm Ifiaham;) (c.i.) Btuli 

. Sbeldon brook. There la 

VBaston ( 

m**^ (Lini 


(UdcoIb).— OJfJt. WelUDd I pikt, perch, date 1 private. (Su apaldiag.) 
.ncoln).— O.C.B. Uloeby beck. Ulceby rliea In the lakea at Newaham Abbey b/ 
■BliT, moa to moalir I tn,, Hionitaii 3 tn,, and jnlnt Hamher < «. br' — 
(Tort)— O.N,R.!S.4K.-" -"" ■" " -•■.■. ..-r.._._ ,_ 


Upleadon (Olonc) 

Uppor Ariay (SiRffort).- 

Vmn Bronf liton (Lelcitur).— M.B, Dalbr lii 
l^pli^luuu (Batluid]^tf,>. BaBton, a m. Lj 
■t Baaton. Cbtttr, 1 m. N. airuh, i m. N.. at 

Uptoii-oa.laVarn (Worcoaler).— M.R SsTarn; 

''T Ihe United Utk FItbtr/ AsHKlntlcn, kc.. H. S, Lyoe, £iq.. W«i 
Hevport, lion. Olwur; troati preieried, (Sn Nraporl.) (tj.) Salmi 
liMnna frnm Mr». Crewe, Pott-oBcB, Dik, and pmtnilBtreM, Lli 
erladlvlited Into ma npiwT uid Lowsr Flilisrlei. Tbs Upper F 

, It AMOclmtlnn Witori bAlvssn Pont Kemeyi and Radlind poal, Tbs 

tUblnEfrDmoRTrintirer WclriBaiclnilrelrruaiisdiorOiuguA. B.aod 0. All appUciilani 

oMUned oflfri. Cteew, Po.mBlc(, Tliki of Mr.'Mnllock'autLoiiar. Neupgrt ; 'of Nsw. 
lirMin BsM. NanbrldgOi ol Mr. Frldur. atatloner. AtwrnnsnoT; aod or Mr. Foi, 
lulrdigsHr, PontTpool. my ttcheta naf ilu ba obtained at the Bridge Ion, Chain 
BrldcB, and at the Foet-offlco, Llandbangel OobioD, and itatlou maattr, PoiperEwm. 
8.t., [ront, 11). fat the Dpper Flitierj'. and 3li, lor the Lovar Fiabery. Tranafeiable 
Haaon lioat ticketa. to be culled booK tickeli, and iialtatilo on both Bglieriea, 31. oacb. to 
penoni naldtnK In Ibe dlsirlcl. to ba naed onlf by filendi tliltJni; at tbs boOH of tbe 
holder, inch frlands not betDK renldentJi in the counlj, Flfleen non-traDaferable uaton 

ba laaoed to mamben of Ihs uuclaUen 
iraUabla on beata upper, middle, aod lovi 
SOiadar.wiUba placadwlih Ura. Creoi .... ._.. 

anffif^oDBof nob tlc^sta^r any day or daja not alreaiTy^ly oennpted, on yiymenlof Vie 

Mill at Troatrer and tba Connlr BrIdKa at Uik (the fleia belonglni; to Col, H-Donnall. and 
tJik and Ebbv Flabery niiCtlct, within the onunty of Monmoathi and for tronl, 

Utto»tMr(81a(rord>.— L. *N,W.R.;G.N,R,!U.B. S 
breain,Dlke,tropt, grayllne; d.t. e«. be had. |(.i. If 
lm.8.W. (cj IVaM.) iSec Oauuborovgh.) 

VlbrldCB (Midflji.).— Q.W.R. /nn: Queen's Beid. 

cucht In tha aeaaon. In the Grand Junction Canal ar 
3 m, la preaarrad by the Anglara' Aasoclillon, from >hoQi iicaeu 
ir*«>«t ff«HiB« t<iimi^iv'\ —ti w n nftitiDtan hrooli. (8ee ExeU 
(Sit ChriabABF. 

I ba reser.8 

for him 

No night lino 

h .r.m 

lal fly, and no 

lo gaff befor 


Tront angll-g 

al fly «fly till Jnna 1. 

ence. S 

•Imoa angllnj 

Ko dogi or 



^nyfotdbrook. Do« 

:cbtib, barbel. 

WI-) Toanb 

rook, 1 m, N. BljiHe, 

{S« ioado 


Colnet troDt, 

air, ma 

y trom being 

VlotoHa (Cora » all).— G.'W.B. Wlthlel water. (5m Wade Bridal.) 

(&M Par^} (cj. Foiutjf-} 


114 The Angler's Diary. 

WmAa BrUga (CornwsU). a.V.B. Omsli trout, ua 1i 

■nd 3 •». tislow IhiC loiin la loliied on Isft biok toy Oupir 

bBnfcb/ a brook a m. long i S m. down, 'Qiiiipj.rd Joint Camel, 
riiar joloi on left bunk. De Lank rlK) tin. S.E. or C»melfo 
down Cuael. Kilud wmer, 3m, too(>. jolni on left bank. Cami 
1} m. off Iha rlier. Hen ■ stream 3 m. loan jolaa on left bank, i m. down Cunsl. 
KIrlind water. 2 m. \«Dt. jolni on left bank, i m. down Camel, Laoi'el water. 4 m. Idhk. 
Jolna on left bank. 1 m. down, Wlihlel water ]olnj. which riaes by Tlotorla, rnni S m. 

Camel, na^r Wnde Brldffs,' Keitis water jolni on Tiptoe toiuk. KeaUs'rlin by tlis 
WfAa Bridore I n 

. ThetldeaowitoWodeBTian. Two mileg down Camel, 
-WMMiej- Bzldir* (ITorka).- 

II.) Oood baas andpoliack Sdilni;, Tbe bmi ni> 
■ - - beatirontashinalai 

'iT^^Eifc TriaX. 

dn)— a.N.B. BLaeplnE tWer. Steeplne i 
•lu on icii uau^j. mm tbence to Halton HolagKte 4 
a m., and jDlni the i» 4 m. below. 
WakeSeld (lork-). — O.N.B. ; U.B. ; L. & Y.B. ; L. 
(CI. RjTl.) Walton back, 1 m. E. Zafai ■ (.bevel Pa. k 1 
IPunlar (Nonhlon.)— L. & N.W 
Waloott (Salop).— L, AN.W.S, ; m. n.n. lem ; a lew iniuu iime. ruicu, iihi;b. lunuiii^ 

■ taw tnmt and coane Bib. Bell )irook(a«i. S.) (See Oloucaier.) (ct.Smtnt.) 
BTaJUufitTd (Becki),— O.W.R. Thamca. (Sa London, M.T.i £o«li .- tba Lunb. Town 

Armi, GeorEe, Fealban. Piihtrmtn : J. Wbiteman, W. Uoodr, 
iraUliufi»aBDBd(Berki). Q.Vi.B. (See Londoa, If.T.) 
W»Uin«tOn (SniTer).-L.D. * S,GB. On Windle. (Sii Lmda^ I,.T.} 
iraJtWlI (Slaffoid).— L. A N.W.R. ; U.B. Ford brook. Sneyd brook, I m. N.W. Zata j 
Hatberton lake: olke. (See Gaintbtyrftugh.) 

B,; M.B, Boch. Lata: Gadden raaerrolr, 1 m. E. nppar 
uoltne reierroir, 1 m, S.E. Tannol End leeenolr. B ni. 8.E. Lowar Wblu Holaie 
ilr. 4 m. S.E. BlaclutonB rsHirolr, 6 m. S.E. Spoddle Hill and another reaerrolr, 

(3ei Kmcom.} 
—1 (Eagei).— O.E.R. (See Slral/ord and London.) /nni; EinK'sArmiand Britannia. 

b and roncl) Ij pTOK 

and the back ilreara below It Tba 
lod tench OBbing, freei alio Nood 

Klni'o Armo fl.bery eomei next. In the bargB cnt li gooi 

■loket eltbtr from Iba CoDtial Committee of London Anjcleri, Cha Weat Central, or Central 

■W»lto»-OTi- Trent (Stafford).-!.. 4 NW.B.; M.B. Trent; pike, parcli, roach, daos, 

Wandl worth (Sorrer).—!.. t S'.W.H. tSee London. LT.}. Thames and Wandle. 

— " ■dJNorOHon.)— L. AN.W.R. Hen; pike, perch, chnb, bream, *n; good llihln», 

1 m. E. (See Witbtacli.) 

.1).— G.E.R. £af<t: Long pond; preaerred. Percb pond ; pike, perch, 
lanch. sell; free. Lee of Untton Pond ; Bane &>h ; ftee, Baeln ; tench, carp, roach. 
Bike, eellt preserved by the Waniload Qolf Clnh. 
ITappanluui (Nottbton.)-L. & N.W. B. Tbtc. fliikeelej brook (4 m.). (Sec Sbifi 

(Herts). -G.E.G. (5« airalfatd.) On Lea. The Amwell tlagna Btbtng begina 

Euworka, Tba New River rlsei near bere. Tbe poo) at III sonrca, and loma porthw 
9 itreani beloaKa to the Amwell Maina Fiahory. (See London.) 

(Doraet).— L. Jt S.W.R. Frome and Fiddle; aalmon, eea trout, tront. Frome 
.... ._ ,..__.,.__ „,_ . _ .-.w. from TollBT, rnni to ToUnr, thenea 





a Uigiu (ILL XTSEshot, « m.). and 1 m. dDwn rsMlTEi i 
i« left bank. 1 ni. d<.wD. nt Oerne Abbaa. the ODlflow 1 


a pond 

Wursliaiii ii » m. down Frome, and i m. down ihe rivor 

6 m. lo PldilleKurn (n.a. Koiatou, 6 m.). Hero . . ._._ 

workint same rnlOa. Fiddle rnu In 3 m. Co Allplddle (ai. Koxaton, 4 m.>. 4 tn. down 
■t Uppei Hrda <n.a.Woolf 3 fit) a stream joliia do len buik, vbicb rlsea In Che lalna 
In union Abber Fark <n.i. MlaaStoia. 1 m.), ruu 3) «. to Ullbotne at. Andrawa, 
Ban Retlg (n.a. VsnluUD, 6 m.) 4 m., and Piddle 3 tn. Fiddle nins !o Wuobun 4 m. 

derk'to the Miieemtors, Warebus. {Set c: Fromi.\ foM ^ Red Lion. 

-Warwiok.-G.W.R. Ayoni chnb, dice, roaoh, plk 
had. J^alit : Wu>ickPBrklaka<im.S.) (a«Olo( 

"Warfcworth (Nontiiinil.).~N.B.H. On Coqnei; ironi, hi ma oaii iroot abw: ood. 
Felion is mother point to fiih Coqnet from. Ttia accommodation la good. At Weldan 
BridHB ii a comfortable Inn and Kood flihlni. The BiioktiDrn Prisrf watei li preaecrsd. 
bnt leiTe can ba obtained. At Rolhbntj tbara are aaTertl Innii lodi[lni> may be had 
la tbe Tillate. At Tbropton .(11 m. Irom Rollihary) Wrlgii Jolna Coquet. WrlRh la 

'WftTTiUffton (iiaci.)— L. * N.W.B.; U.K.; 6.M.B. Uenef. Blaekbrook. Sankej 

brook. {Btt KuiKom.) 
WaSblbzd <SiHneraet).--G.W.B. WaabtOrd; Iront. (Sf^aUhU.) 
"Washliiglnoiigli (Lincoln).— O.N.B. Wliham. Waablngbroogh brook, i n. S, {Ba 

Wastwator.— Tront, aalmoi, and ebir. Burnmore Tarn li not far off : tronC and pike. 

of tbe lake, eontalna aalmcn and aea tront In aatnmo. The Inn neunt tbe rtver li n 
Santonbrldge. Al Slrandi. T m. rrom Diiff^ nllwaj station, aoma aport ma; be had. 
Sl7 Head, Sprinkllncr. and Hlgb and Low I^na, arewllblD eaa; reacb; the tcouUng li 
flood, ff J. Cumtapd.} 

WOitoIiet (SomerEel).— Q.W.R. Waihford atream ; tioQt; preaeired bf a aocletT- Seaion 
tlckeu onlr, from March I to Sept I. Waablord riaai b; Lniborongli, run* S nt. lo 
Koadwmtar, whenaalfBamJolna on the right hank, running down from Combs Bow 
3 m. oD. Wuhlord mm to WM>hfi>rd 9 n., and Wateliat 9 m. 

WatsrlJaaoh (Carabi>— U.E.B. Cam; pike, perch, chnb. roach, *o.; praaarred hy Cam- 
bridge and EIr Aniling Auoclatloa. Botclibam LoadL pike, perch, roacb. Swallham 
lAtid, (Sie CamiH^;!.} /nn. Houae of Lorda. (Scs King't Lj/m,') 

W»t«ftKitlLano,).-K*T.R. Irwell. io*a: Kare Hill. aia. 3. (3i Rmara.) 

Walt*xlligbaxj (Kent). — S.E.R. (3u fiocAular.) On !d«d>raf; good aablng; pike, 
perch, eSah, hnam | preacrred hf the Ualdgtone CLnb; d., w.,andfD.t. /niu; King's Haad 
and B^lwaj Hold. There are acme One mill ponds here belonging to Hr. Ftemlln. Itae 
miller, and nme large lakea belonging to Lord Falmouth; both gin occaalonal leave. 
Good Satalng. 

WattOtA (Herta).— L, AN.W.R. lOa Imdm, U.T.). Colne; chab, daoa,roaeh,plke, perch, 
trow. Colna la preaerred, except a email place at tbe back ol the mgb-streel. Thacansl 

Vlcarage.road, Watlord. BmelM: Ualden, Clarendon, Boie and Grown. 
iratfbrd JiUMtlOD (Herla).— L, A N.W.R. (iilna. (Ba Lmdm, JC.r.l 
WKttaa (NorTolkl.— a.E.B. Wiuey. (ci.JV.iruf A) ^dtei : Sahara Uere, 1 m. N. Heath 

Mere, 5 m. K. (SM Kiag'i Lgim.) 
'Wednaabnn' (Stafford).— a W.B.; L. A N.W.R.; M.R. Tama. 

Wond Srecn pooli ; pike, roach. Fonndry pDnd,a m, 3.E. ISuOai , .,, 

WmOoh {Nocihton.l^L. KN.W.R. Nen; pike, perch, bream, Ac.; flihlng poor. 9tnck. 

Fawsleybroob, lm.w. HarHaEona hrook. 4m. 9.E. £<ita: FawalayFaik. iSuDaeciitnir 


Th& Angler's Diary. 

Waston (Torfc. )<—''' ^'K' {HeeTort.) VbirTe. {c.i.Tort.1 

W«Uoii (NoTihioii.)— U.B, Huper'i brook, 9 m, S. ZtU«: D«n< Firk, 1 m. N.E. (Af- 

TaUouBiMga (Notthlinil.}.— Cnqnst; tront, lu tronL Siait: Aitgltn. aUeli Ini 

._._ .. — ,..!.■ ...u.^ ,. -> ,u„ WarlmorUt.) 

} Aion ind Iires rSKrvolr. At HiMlir 
ilikaind Blinmi; tlrlctlrprlnU. (Sk 

INorlbtoti.),— ILR. I L. A H.W.B. Hen: pike. p«nta. bream, teieh, 
, ^ . .^_ ._ ^_. v_. pr„gn8ii by WelllnRbonHurtl 

PwttlBf, Welllnatoronitli. I« 
WdllnKton (Somenat).— O.n 

Mr. Smdrnrd. of Klnabend Coni 
_<e...AKn.) ISri Bridsaalir.) 

Wallow (Somerwi).— MR- i L. * 8.W.B. (Bu BriHot.} 

Walls (So merMit'—Q.W.It. Oodney brook. (Su BislibridtitaiAxbrl^iA Boat: Swia. 
Walla-nazt-tlie-8eft (Koifolk).— Q.E.B. BlakeDSf, S m. B.W. U vngtaton. £ata: 

WalBbEarp <Hlddi.].-M.R. (3a Lojidm, L.T.} BTSnt nd Bmeiroir. S m rrom Uiibla- 
Arcb. JtoUl! Wiriier'i WeWi Harp. Bo«U, b»H*t. Plko, pereh, roach, breem, ctfp, 

WMwyn (HerU).— d.N'.R. (5« Slrofltord and SEr(A>rd.') 6a uironm; tiont, coana flib) 

Warn (Saion).— L. t H.W.B. fioden; covaaflibiboTe, KoodtrDatlTiKaDdEoanieflihinc 
. . .._.._^ .jll^ Pj,^ hOKik(a m. N.E.I, ioisi: Hiwkstone Park laka- 

_nm.E.). (3ei 


_, ..E.R, BIjlh. (SteSotUlMold.) 

(Tork,),— N.E.E. Bmodiber beck, 2 m. S. (See Tort.) Drs. (c.i. Firi.) (SH 

y (Salop).— L. 4 N.W.E. ; Q.W.H. Tockleton btoDk. (Ste Glouealer.j 

Waatbn^on-Sevam (Gloucester).— (n.a. Orasffe Court, li m.) Hnpe brook, 

WettVnry (Wi'iuj.-O.W.R. (Set'sriiioLi 
W««t 01»ton {York.).— L. ft Y.B. Deirne. (SMffocIe) 
Wast Darby (LaocB.).— S. A C.L.E.B. All, i m. N.B, (S« JBenr.) 
Van DrartoD (Ulddli.).-^.ff.R. (Am Zondnn, M.r.) Colne ; tmnt. pike, penb. braui, 
dact, roacb, Uncb, chat). Clab-boaee. Ttaomey Weir, Tbe proprietor prewires 9m. ofUw 
Coin* 1 B.t, 31. ^.. llmlled lo 15 meniberi ; ao day tlckeO. SnbBcripIlona eommencB In- 
Uacdi. Tronting beglni April lat, endi September 30. Pike ObIiIdc beglui Aoi^iit let, 
■ndi Feb. 38. Parch aiblng bcElcB Jooe 16. nida Feb. IS ; bon. kc, C. J. PiDClneit, Bio. 
Biloir and above the Thomex Weir water the riier la orirate. The Itbt rlyar la praaerred. 
W«M Wnrfrm (Derby). — Q.H.R. ; Nat brook. Zateti Mapparley reBtmilr. 3 m. K. 
Shipley Hall rtMrrolr, 3 m. K. Locke Park lake, 3 m. 3.W. Small*; Mill Pond, t m. 
K.'W. (See Gatraiorouall.) 
' — Mionaaa (Derby).— M.R. Weitircod brock. Nonnulcn brook, I m. S. Amber, 3 n. 

i HeatortoiL (Torkl.- N.E.B. {Stt rtdiag/iam BrUgt.) 
inlll(llerti.).-a.E.R. {Sti Stral/a-'t-) Os Rlli; tront ; preierred. 
«iiIUUIgn (Eent).— S.E.B. On 3 tour. |a« Soulvieh.) (cj.) 

. ia« Ai^iHdgt.) ' 

Trert; chub, dace, roach, pika. perch, harbelr 

..^ __ d doiDfJ to ShardLov by Mr T. Wnnrt ^. f^hand 

fl-t.. from 3werkitonB to the Iron bridge below I 

ir below the Iron brldie. 

Wast Psniura (Somerset) .—S, & D.B. Good toaeh libing In a large pond by atatloiii 

WastBonntaDCTork).- N.E.B. WIske; grayling, tront, chab, pike ; preierTed. lesra 
Bomtllmes. (c.i. Ttrk.'i {See rort.) 

Wast W;aomba(BackiL).— Q.w.B. Wye: tront. ISit Lmdon, M.TJ) 

Wathalby (Tork.).— N.E.B. Wbarfc. (ci. Tort.) Orlmple, 9 m. N.W., at Spofforlh, 
HIdd, 4 m. K., at Idttl« Bilwton. <c.«. Fori,) (Sm For*.) 

WayteUga (Surrey).- L. & S.W.B. [Srt London, '£.7.) ThuDee, Wey, aDd;Bonnia 
brook! pTko, trout, bream,perc&, and bsrhol. /mnj: Lincoln Anns. Ship, Old Cnwn, 
and Bing'H Arms. Fiilurmen: H. Curr and A. Poulter. Woy oont^na pike, perch, 
cirp, Wnch, bream. There le good fishing In the lake in Oatlands F»rk ; carp, roMh, 



The bast ttme to flail iB when th8fli>o4-UL-.. ™ .. ^ ., 

&j. Lnlwarih la iJho ■ good pluM. Foll«k, bruoi, uid miRkenl may bs uigM lor 
troin tbe plar kt tlie openlDg of [he bntikwaMr wltta ngRarm or soft crab. Uyiiids ot 

hooka. Bags are also met wltb at tbe Flete Bridge. Mackerel Sshiog best from a amall 
7Hht, ssTeral for hire. Qroond fletilng (or poat or wtailing rrom open boata. Pollaok 
''y trailing at tbaMlion shoal by the beacon tmoy, basa In harbour^e moDlh aod UkOk 

: Imperial. 

in. H, iAttcWkale 

__ . ., t; grayling, tront.ptke; ineaerrKI 

Bath A.A. iSie MaltiKJi.) u.i. Tnnl.) f d»I : Darwenl, good ; 

. r; grayling, tront, coaraeflsh. {See AmitrgaU.) Laia: Alder- 

w aaley p^da. 3 m, S.W. ; preaerredby Mr. Hart, {Set Gciinifiorouyh.) 

'VliaatllullVBtMtd (HertB).— O.N.B. fStt a&a(/orA) Od Lea. 

'Wlllnipla (DBYon).— L A S.W.B. South brook. (Ses TOptham.) 

miiMMndina (Balland).— U.a. WreakorEye, (nt. Frtat.} £<ila : SUplaford Park N.W. Edmonlhorpe Hall lake, 2 n>. B. l^eeslliorpo pond, ! m. S.W. (See 

— ^— a Jnuctloii (Warwick).— M.B. T«mo. (ti. Trent.} Bljthe. (tj. Trenl.) 

Dok, Dole, 2 m. S. W. at CJolaaliUl. (Ste Oaimborough. ) 

J (Yoik).— N.E.B. On Eak ; Balmon. aea tront, bull and bronn tront. Oood 

brook, and capltAl aea aehlng. Traillog or HhUBng tor pollack through (he Sledvay 
and over the rough ground off Whitby Bock, on wiiich le a beacon bnoyi HJaeatUpMng 
Bock, bearing N. W.i^W,. a mile dlBlaot, on wUcb are only 4fl. or Sfl. nater, this ledge 
stretching UDt from the shore. Whltlllg, cod, flat Osb, In the bay uidotBng,afld aDglllig 
from the plar tor small pollack (oaJled leeta), and lor young eoalflHh, known ea billet. 
The Eek rises at " Eakleta," on the Wealerdale Moor. Baysdale Beck, which lecelTSa 
-two smaller alreama M Bayedale Abbey. JDlna the Bek a lltdo abovB Dibble Bridge. 
Sleddale Beck and Commondala Beok join a little above Caatleton Bridge from Itu 
north. Danby Bock falla in (rom the aoolh, abgnl i m. lower down. Ewocroea Beok 
comas In trom tbe norlb, a little above Aiotborp Bridge. Cllther Beck entere from the 
nCTth, near Danby Lodge, tireat Fnup Beck rieesatFryup Hod, Sm.soDth-neal, and 
-enters i m. east or Sick Bride, near HonlsykB. Tbe Sab. after winding Ihrongb Danby 
Lawn and Cnmcklcy QUI, and the Tillage of LealhoUn to Bake Bridge, is joined by 
Blonegate Beck fronj the north. Tbis elresim receives the waters of Hardhill Beck and 
Tranmire Beok, at Beggar's Bridge. Qlaiedale Beck entara from the sonth. The Butter 
Xeckenlera trom tbe south, allttleaboFoEgtonBrtdgD. The Esk joins the Mirk Eak, 
■which IB formed by two Btreame uniting tl m. eonthward. near the foot of the inoUiiB 
-on the Wbill>y and Pickeringbranch of the Mortb-Eaelem Ball vay Company, one named 
the Eller B«k, the oUier Whealdale Beck; the former Sowhig riom the soutb-aMl, 
the latter trom the sonth-weet. Lythe Beck enters the Mirk Esk on east aide al Snellh 
Holme "Wood, a short diatanea above Qroamont- Little Beck ntera from the aonlh, a 
UtUe batow Stalghfa Bridge. At Bnawaip there is a weir about JOOft. long^to which lb* 
4kle OovBi from tbia weir It i* about 3 m. to Iba barboor at Wbiiby, There are very 
many amaller atreama nmning into tlia Eek and Ite tribotariea. Esk Fishery Aasocla- 
tlon granlB m.l., lit., up to Sept. SO, For tickets and licences, apply toMc, W. Broirn, 
The &w MlUs, Whitby ..-- ~—^ -> .-.i.^. ^ ,.- 

tmitcbttmi (HantB).- 
■erved. The principal 
month, and Ur. p. Ha< 

W&ltatantoli (f 

(See Frodi^am, Ghater,') 
WUtoltBvaB (Cumlud.) 

WUbiara (SiaDerd). — L. 


I ThaTsii 

. strictly pn- 

, of the flahing are 

i; Portal 

1. Lord Forta- 


)f limlled n 


ent merohera 

1 are granted. 

lirge aa fJU 


brook, i m. 

S.W. Lata: 


li™%.E. ( 

I'n. N.E. 

lie merc^ 3 

1 m. S. Co 

™ ?rk'5: 

ilUl pond 

Mill pen 

f. W.R. 

; F1.B.; M. 

B.; N.E.B. 

. Bold 

: Black IMu. 



B. S,W. 

: pine, roach. 


118 Th& Angler's Diary. 

due.troDt. (tL ,!I«wn.) Zotdi : 'Wbltmora Fuk lik«. Mm HiIL lika, a n. S. (Aw- 

eoftuioTDiwA; Oftmcafw.) 
Wliltii7(HtrBlOtd.}— U. A N. AB3. WrC! pllte,pereli,due, cliDb,Blmon. (u.) Arrow 

{,* In-) i Wont, gmjIIIiB, d>oe. Cwm llli litix* (i m.) (c j.) (SB CftqiMni'.) 
WhttBtalilB <KeiiI).— S.S.G. ; L.C. A D.B. Flu radd eu be cuglit In Ibe djkw berc 

Omd HiflihlnR. ifsM: BtirandKBr. 
WhlWnctDn (Derby).— H.B. Bother. Sronr. (iSUAwIii.) 
WUtUaKtOB (Silap).— O.W.R. Tmij. Lata: HaJiCoD H«U liks <1 m. B.). <8i*' 

OJoBealwO (eJ. Ssreni.) 
WhlttlaBford (Cambi).— 

bfl had up lu Dmtford ULLl, 

Lion. (Ste Xing'! iiV^i 
WllttW*U{Deni]r).— U-B. Ponltar. lio^: VslbeckFark,3n. S.E. (3ee Allhorre.y 
Whltw»ll <Lua.), n.i, OUtboEO*. T m.— Hodder; iroDt. Hlmop. •» tmni. (c^ 

lMtlt.)lMtf<leat\Yer, Ulllbecb,9nt.S.fl QreyitoneteTbeck.lm.S.'W. Wbltan- 

dils riTBT, S ». N. Lond rlyor. 3 m, S. Brennini riTer, 6 m. N. SoWi WbliweU. 

vhera fiihlnn can be bid in a Ions I'Tetch d1 water. Irom Feb. 3 to Oct. 31. (0« />«({«.>> 
(I^ica.)— L. 4N""" '■-'-' ■"-— -■ 

, JariM ('salfoLk).°a"- ._...._.... 

Abbey Decoy, 12 m. S. E. (See Woadbridge.) 

brooK. (See Bert^ KHA Bristol.) (c.i. Senaii.) 

Wiaftird (iIetta.)^&,E,R. (S« S;rB(/ori) On AiIl 

WlanieKpaol (Nottt).— M.II. Falrtiiin btook. (See Oatnibansi^.t 

Wlaan (Limn.)— L. ft N.W.H,; C.UR,;L. ft y.B.i W.J.K. DoDElaa. (e.t. EOWt.). 
CUrenden bronk. (See ffatith Sanl.) 

WUllngtos (Deib;).— L. A N.W.R.; U.B. Tienti chDb, roacb, pike, pereti. trolU, 
aalmon; preieryedi at. (except bbIidod). lOi. Ed., froco Mr. W. if. Newbuld, or Ktni-* 
Newton; flililnit hir. (<m.) litwall broolc. Foremark brook <jire*etTed bj Trout Ftah- 
CDllnre Co.), 3 m. 8.E. Zoitei: For«in>rk Mill pond, 3 m. S.E.; prteervel hy T.P.C.C 
EeplonPaiklafa, 3m.S." - ' ■' " ■ - - - ■ -• ■■ 

WUlaadeu Jnnotlon fv 

WUUtOn (Snmeiaet).— O.Vi.ii. nginfimiuiuiiiiaieaini. ueiu>.iiBio.<imi;iiiin;>'<uoTii.i 

Of Btoffumber, mna « m. to WiiiIIod ; It bnldi trom; lute from the landowoen. 
WllmBlow (ChpBblre).— L. ft N.W.B. Bollln; cront, roBEb, dace, pike. Dean. 1 in. W 

ininsaoota (Warwick).— U.R. Tamei chab, dacF, So:.; rattaer poUnted. (c.i. Tratt 
Boame brmik ; tront, graylioR^ presetTcd by landownen. Laka; Utayton park, t m. V 
(Ste (TdfnitoTptipA.J 

WUp«hlr«(V(ii-b).— L.ftY.B. Parkbmk, (SwiVaton.) 

WUsteM (Vor.k).- N.E.B. Vldd. 'c.t. Tork.) (ate rort.) 

WUtoiltW'l't).— G.W.E.;L.ftS.W,R: Wjlyoitroni.grsrlliiK.coataaBib; prUale beloi 
asdpreaened rmm bence up to 11m. aboTe 'W^rl^a by WIlionny-asliiigClDbof 3s man 

artlBclalfiy onlyi'nowadiiig. Nadder; troat, toach. decs. (Sm CAriMeAurcA.) (c.i, Aioa 
Wilton (Tork).- N.E.B. Tbomton beck, I m. S.E. (See IFrsml.) 
Wimbledon (Sarrey).— L.ftS.W.B. In WImbledOQ Park (Ulat Bcanmonl) ii aUka coi 

UlnioK piki^, carp, ftc. ; >.t. ill. 
Wlmborna (Doraai).- S. ft D.R. Stoar; pike, percb, trout. Aliens troat. Dlackirsiei 
troni, (Sa C'triticliureli.i <cj. Anon.) 

' in (Some ml).— 3. & D.R. On Cale. (See Chriilrhvrdi.) 
-- ii).-S.E.R, OnBrede. (See Rft.) (a. RoOur.) At Flckbam Mil 

lelwcen the dty mlllx, bnoiin as tne weire, tree^ Dela» tne town it la aiao 
teried, bnl, ca the Olil Barge, IlckBtg may be obCalued of Chalkley. flatl- 
Jotweon Si. Crosj and Rralnbtidue the river la let byibBTarloiu ptoprletora, 
ilie riKhli. Fiom Bnlnbildae onwaida to Blihopatoke la Ibe Itchtn ValMr 
(Mr, Chambtrlaynf ■); In llieso lower reaohea Ibere are plenly ef grayling u 

Apply to Ihe Dcpoty Haneer. 
WlnffOeld (Derb;).— H.B. Amber. NormiDton brook. Bircliea brook. (Ste OofM- 

~~— ',li(Oerbj).— M.B.Eceleiboutnc, Derwant, a m.N.atOromford. (tt IVarf.)- 



Aaltbanme. (ci, TiiTit,) Lata-. HoplOD Hatl La] 

W).— G.W.a Loiton Brook. (See AtMdgi.) 

1).— L4N.W.B, Wmver. ith, S m. S.W. Whiim. 

> Hill, 1 m. S. Ulile Bndtworlli, i m-W. (8 

brook, 4 m. Iodr. dnlnini ttae liks tii Piwile; Firfe, 4 «.S.W. from Wasdl 

Streckloins on left laok. Tlili ilroam rli« In Danri.nil rB.Ei»olr (,,lke) 1, U 

(B.«. V**don, B m.), ■»() 1 m. down i) lalDed on rlghl tEuik by i brook ilriiiiilng Ulddli, 
moiB remvolr 1 m. np, 1| n. N. troco ttwrntrj. Slreck mm 3 n. S. from Czlok, 
mnd jolog Sm T m. down, g m. down Nen, tt Nelber He^rord. HmiEKone brook, era. long. 
jDlni an rliihl btok. uid S m. down, si Uplon Uill. -Woollon brook, wblcta rliei by 
PlAdlsfton, mm I m, to WDotloa. 3 m. 3. rrom Vortluunptou, and ibance >o Nen 
4 in.. Jolna on rishl bink. Nen mni Id Voltluinptaii 3 m. Here a bnncli of Nen 
jolnioalellbinki It ilKi In tba likMiI Mild-ell ifilo and M«l aw ell Bull. 1 n, N. Iron 

ram Iti BrlWortli 1 ni. ; here Calendar brook, Gm. lani, joloi onrlghibink. 3m. down, 

Abinglon Park lake {1 m. _ _ 

down Nen, 11 Honghton Mill, Bllllrg bi._.., 

4 m. N.E. from Sortli^aipton, and la 4nL long, joins oa left bank. 1 a. downNaal 
by BUUua Station, Ihe ouiflow of another lake Id Ocetalone Park jolnti on left btmk. 

5 m. down Ken. at Wblston Mill (tbo guinea subBctlplloii nater ends here), STvell brook 
joine on left hank, wWeh riuB in Sjwell Park ptmi 6 ra, W. from WaUUvbOTOni^, 
nma 3 m. toSywell Uill pond, and joEna Nen 3 m. down. NenrODHJO CabtlA Aanby 
1 III., sndin down, at Doddlnglon um (hereends tbaNsn An«lliigClDbflaher7),Ailibr 
brook joint on riKkt bank, wblch Hsee In ibe lakes in Caatla Aabby PaA, 3 m. A from 
Oa*UeABtibTStatloa. BDdruiiB3nt. toNen. Nen rune lo WaUla^rboronalL 3 m.. 
undhere lae joliiBon latlbank. iBsriaeaaibo'eXlJliimmh, wberaltwalcrsalatH, rana 

> Ar1bin«wDrtti, near KUmsEili Station, 4 «. to BaBboroi^nii Snahton B : 
Qa&aington B ra. , Xaiterlnff 4 m,, Burton a nt.. FlnMoni In. 1 m. down, al 
BuTowden Ulll, lbs ontflow al the lake at rinedom Ball, 1 m. np, joina on left bank. 
1 tn. down, a stream, 1 m. long, joins on rlgbt bank, rising in Dloklns' Mill pond 1 m. U. 
rrom WaUlas'bOTonB'li. Iw mne 3™. lo WBUlnKborooah andSon. Nrnnonsw 
DltoUnxd 3 m. (here the walsr of the WelUngborough and Blgbam Ferrars Angling 
AsaoclaUoD bsglnaj. Hlrliun P»rrBi»3 m., BUnwlck 1 m, (here Ibe tlihlng o( W. ana 
H,F.A.A. ends), Blnsatewl 3 ra,, BhtBpBton 4 m. 1 in. donn, Harper's brook, wbleb 
ttBB»aboTeStanlonim.8.fromWeiaonandlB9m. long, jolnaon left bank. NeBmni 
to Thorp* Ira., Onndle B m, Nen hare makes a loop of lim, [Baron Botbscbildi lo 

Sonthwllk, 3 ro. S'. W. from OTmdls, joins on left bank. Nen runs 4 m. Co Blton. where 
iBthelakelnEltonParkCLordCsryBfurt). Here wmowbrookjolnBonletl bank. Willow 
rlBCB in the lakes in Dene Park im.'S.E. from Waldou, Tons 3 ra, lo Blatberwycke Park 
and lake (Stafford O'Brlan. Eiq.), 3 m. W. (rom Slag's OUif, rana to Xlnff'B CUIT 
i m., and Ken I m. Nen rans to Naaalnyhun & m., Wuiafotd 3 m,, (Lord West- 

Euton, Sm. a. from Btamftira, and is 6 m. long, joins on left bank. Ken rnns U 
Onstor ! ra. (Lords Hnntlej anil FlizwilHami, and here Bllllnjf brook, 5 ra. long, joIna 
on right bsnk. Nen mns lo Overton 4m, (Lord Hontlej). and 1 m. down the oniflow 
of Ihe UkflS In UUlon Park. 3 m. W, from Pateiboronffli. jolne on left bant. Nen 
mna 9 m. to Petarfaorollgll. From hence the rlBOr mns In Tarlons brimotaes and cuts. 
Thjt mnrn ptream ranii In a Btralgbi line through Iho fone to GujUrne, 12m., and 

HOUno. ana is ' m. long. Hois also Wialoa brook, which rises above EIng's Blploo, 
4 m. N.E. from KaDUngaoll and Is 10 m. long jobis on right bank. 3 m. below 

Baimey, on tbfi right bank, is Bamsej m — ■'-' — -■"«» t.i-nn_ a_ ri 

Old Welney riyer, 8 ra. long, joins on right 
Wlsbeach Uanal. wklcb mns to Wtsbaaoli, 
la the MoBcal river of Oais Water, anclenllv 
of aya OrMH, thence 8 m, 

Drain, wblch joins Neo ion. 

flows lo Parry SUdonBui., Tydd Ht. Sbry' 
below wblch Nen joins lb* Wasb. Tbe (en district 

r, ■ A.OOgIC 

The Angler's Diary. 

a (WUtB).— G.W.E. Wylys; trout, giijUnei prBMired 

Wltliam (SomeraBl).— O.W.B, On Blour. Frome, ftndli 

Pu-k. StourHeidliikeaCtbiw); pike, tewb. mdd.Cn 

of Suar HudlioiiBB(BirH. B. A. Hwre). (SccCfrUtaiiLrvii aram., v^^,., 
Wltham |Ebiu)._<).E,B. (Sh WhUdh.) On BlKkwUsr anil Pods brook i ^ks <g 

h>hln« le prsMTTBd.' Iniu': White HHrt,'Spr«d Engle, Albert 

Eelvedon, from wbom iBftve must b« olit^lned^ pike, perch, roicb, dftce. 4m- oS ie 
■ling River. b«]ongbur to Lord BAjIefgb; pikfl sjid dace, 3^ m. from lUfl Bt&tlon Ifl 
Liled Puk lake, N. T. Lawrence, Esq. ; pfke, perch, carp, daoe. roach. 

., — ^ — ,..__._,... ^„,. ^___ .-..,- -j.S.imdS.t 

rorth. Laka : LLvarpool 

WitMnffhwa (Norfolk),— G.E.'B."t^.' '(See'h 
Wltlm^ (E^nCB,).- '• ■ " " ' ^ ^- ^, " 

Wltlkyliain<HuBM.).-L.B. AS.C.a. OnModway. {Sn RochaUr.i 

VtUar (Surrey). L. ift S.W.B. (Ai Z,£>iii1m, Z. r.) 

Wltn^ (Oion.)..-a.W,B. On WbidruBh; large Iroat; leavB mnBI be obtained from 

WlTallBOOinbelSDniargell,— 0,'W.B, Tone, Mllverlon Brook. Nonon btoOf. Iront. 

(Sa Briilgaaltr.l (ci.ATm.) 
Wlxtbid (Warwick). —O.'W.B, ; M.B. Arron; pike, perch, roack. dMe, bretUD, cbDb, 

tewtraaC; good fishing rrom Ihe Fish Hole] for 4 m.i Lata: Bagley Park lake 

'Wobtmi(B«iB).— L.4N.W.E, Cr»wli 

(3 m. S,E.>; good flBhing. preeBrredbr 

Woblim(Bnok8).— U.W.B. Wjei pollntod, (5m Laniloi 

WoUnS (Surrey).— L. & S.W.B. (Sre LendlM, L.T.) BaBmgBwue canu ; ruacn, psmu, 

Dgbun and Granthiun canal; flablng good; pike, perch, roacb. 

pike. moBlly tree. 
Woll-'— "- '— 

-.earn, and Ie 

Volsliirtiftiii (Dnrham).— a.N.a. Wear; troat. 
WolVBrSunptontSUOord).— L.4N.W.E. Smwlow (2 m.W.). {«« fi(Mim>ler.) . 

Stur mi Oarler. TactleM. T. Shakeepeare. 9. Uarket-place. 
Wolvarton (Bucka),— L, li N.W.B. (See Siani^ aimifin-d.) Quae; coarse flab; d 

prirate. if^.N.andS.) love. (Sa Kiag'i Lyna.) 
WombwoU (Yorka).— O.CE, Doie. New heck, Im S.E. Doame.lJn.E. (5«( 
Womeriley (YorkB).— Q.N.B.; L. AY.E. Lakedraln. Wen[,2m.S. iatM.-Stai 

Park lake, 1 m. W. (Set Ooele.) 
WooaboToogli ( Wilts) .—Q.W.B. Avon ; ironi. grarling, ohab. roach, pike i pree 

Woodbiidffe (SnBolkl.— G.B.a. Debon ; roacti, pike, lanch. percb : preBened ^ 

iii. B.B. from 

Dsben nSi 2 ro. 'to Wlokibam Market, anifs m. down wiiora the decoy at a3i 
Abbncloee by the railway. Deben nina to Melton im. and WoodbnOga 1 


.bank, ] 

Wooabnry Bowl (Deion).— L. i S.W.K. Wooilbury brook. Tbie brook riaoa E. ol 

WooOolienaT (Gloocestor) U.B. Kallswortb brook, Frome (2 m.) (Bee SlnneAffwe.) 

Woodlara (Kaaei).— O.E. t N.L.E. {Set Biirtiag.) On Boding; lew dace and perch. 

Wood Oreen (Middli.).— (J.N.B. On New Blver, <Sh Ltnd<m.i 

WoodHaU SpB(Uncoin).-a.N.S. Wlthom, Im. B.W., aiXlrfcatMd. Baln.Sm.E. 

Esltham Beck, 3 m. £. (See Bourn.) 
WoodlieaA (Darby|,— 0.0,R, EJieraw, WIlherOK brook. Great ana Little Crowdon 

Woodhoiue (Derby),— 6.C.B. Shire brook, i m. S. Bother, 1 m. £. <5« Ooole) 
Woodhotuia xm (Derb;).- H.B, Bother. F^eon Bridge brook, i m. S.E. Shin brook, 

Woodlsna.- Fs.K. Siaerapool rieoa on Broughion Moor, and roDB by the ralliraTlor 
4 m.. paeaing Woodland station. The strsun runs some t m. to KIrkby. wbei« itjDloe 
the Dnddon ennary. The Sickle can be Osbed trom here. ( Set ^SrauoAUni.) 

TooaiHfOrd (Yorks),— M.B.; L. A Y.E. Aire. (e.i. Fort.) BoUiweU beck, 1 in. S. 


»o»a (Oitord),— Q.W.E. CherweU. (Sit Londeit, U.T.) 

r, ., A.OOgIC 


IScr Taibury.) BrlmOdd bm 
WWkw (SomMMt).— O.W.K. AI, iSee Aiiriil^.t Ici.Atm.) 
IToolCDareei).— S. &D.R. Frome. Piddlai tront,i>lmoD. (Sti Wanham.) (c.i.j 
Woolaatan (^lonCMMt) — L. A S.W.B. Oone brook. Cone rUss by Hensliasld, >ad !■ 

WoolaTlngtOK (SomBTiei),— O.W.B. Bru«; rotwb, p«icl), ci>rp,plks; In^. {SttBlpA- 

Vooln (Korthluid.).— H.E.B. The fieblng Is good. HI] Hid Qlen join balow Wooler, 

is open for Hft troDt anglliig from Febninryto December. Ir ttaerelB > flood to brlns 

Id the Iktter end dI ibe HoaoD lugefleb tua numerous. Ibereue plenty of good pike In 
tbe deep mten, sod Mnne lev pencil kbont Etsl. There f.n plenty of trout in the 
'Wooler, Bowmont, ud Bremleb streame, In the nalghbourhood. The Till li free la ill 
but a teir plioea. At lbs moaib of Till anil about £te1 tbe Bablog Is good, but leuve 
must be obtained froin tbe landed proprletorB. Bowmont is preserred. There [■ eome 
good troat flebing about Canna Mill, eJid np to Telbolm. No pika oc perch la It 

flahed up to Linglee Ford. / " -■— ' ' •- ■ ■ ' l._,__. 

Till, upwards of 1* m.. the lei 
kindly grants leacs. Hr. Cull 

tflttar ashing. 

lDgram,aiid nsh up. Bome miles below. Bremlahbeoomos Till. The wading In^ll la 
Hotel and Taokerville Anns are lery good \aDa° For aBhhig''the lo'werVl of Till 

orWalerford, who Mnflly grants leate to any genlleman isaying bis card. Below MU- 

:Slr H. St FauliB the owner on'oae side. B,nd BometlmeB give leLve. and Hon. F. w! 

baa kindly opened It for the beneQt of the inhabltante of Wooler from Uarch 1 to 
September 30. 

'Vooton (Gloooeitsr).— (S« a/ondwte.) 

WoottOK Busatt (Wms).~O.W.B. (SaBrUlal.i Oo Thunder Brook. 

WoxocBtar.— O.V.B. Bevem^ pike, tmlia, chub, daoe. roach, aalmon. trout, Ac. 
Langhem brook. Teme (! m. S.): chub, dace, roaeb. pike, grayling, tronc, sabnon i 
preserred on left bank from Powlck Old Bridge to SeTem by Hr. WmiB Bnnd, and let 
to a clnb; a clab alio flahee the rlgbl bank ; above the bridge Hr, Bund presenei 

at Powlck urn. Above the mills the water' la'jnivate. Salwarp (4 m. S.y. trout and 
coaraeflBh. (a« ffioMCM/fr.) (ct.) There is fair Bshlng In Leigh brook, which oan he 
reached tram the n.a.BraJlBfoxd-TOWl Station; lot to a club. The brock la private 
olaewberB. but the farmera will generally give leave. Soleli: Star. TJnIcom, Great 
Waatam, Holt Fleet Hotel at Hnll Wetr. 
TToikBOp (Notte).— O.N 

brook. WistaBlOE brook. (See 
a: Bishop Uonkton pond. S Di. 

' ' Wei iilok Park "late,"! m. W. ~ Sootlow pond. 2 ii, VI. Dllham lake, i m. E. 
DUbam Broad, 3 m. B.E, (S» Tanmya.^ 
WortUafftoii (LeIceBIar).— M.B. Breedon. Carr brook, 3 m. W. /ralei: Dog Kennel 

Kol and two other ponds, »m. W, Stanton Hallponda. 3 m. N.W. CalkePart ponda, 
».K."W. C3ie Oainiorough.) 
VrMiafftaa (Devon).— Q.W.B. (Ste /if BrUft,) 

WtuaCnr; (Bncks.).— L. * S.W.H. (Sm LMrfon, M.T. nnj L.T.) Thames, Colne, and 
Fleet Few tront. jack, barbel, chub, roach, and percb. Jnn : George, FiifltrniHH 
— " " "-' — , TheCdneJa preaorred by the FiBoatorlal Society. Fiahlng good. 

''acbnry brook. Salee brook. S m. 8. 


The Angler's Diary. 

BsddUe; brook, l m. S. Laia: Combsnncia men. ! m. S. ! plli«, petch, roicli: luxe- 
■omatlmu tms the Btavsid. fi»]dilej m«r«. 1 m. N. Oholmondela; mere, 4 m. N.W. 

WnaMl (York).— N.E.B. Dernenl. Derwent liKcs on WjketiBm High Uoot, S m. kbo'e 
MkeknaS*. md 3 m. down is joined on Ihe lef i bank bj Jngger Howe beck. ThU 
brook rieei bj BLller Howe, S m. S.W, of Fyllnff H»ll. 3 tn. down, Helweth beck. 
S n, iaag. jotni on left beak (tbls slrsem rlaeB 1 m. S, W. of VsKk), ud Blood; beck. 

Derwent, 2 m. from BaaklMia, illutc beck Joins on ri^bt bank. Tbls atreim. noder 
(be nune of Qr»ln beck, risee on Alleston Moor, end 6 la. down is joined on left b»nk 
br Stookland beck. 3. m. long. 1 m, down, Hipper beck, 3 in. long, jaloi Bbiek beck on 
Mt buik. 1 m, down Bleck beck, Deepdale beck, 2 fn. lonK, joins oa cigbt bimk. 1 m. 
down, Black beck joini Derwent. 1 m. down at HilU Qreen Bridge (preaerred abore lor 
MmB fllstoDCs b; Capl. JoBnalons, bat free above and below to Preeton Inge br tha 
DervtDt AngUngGlnb). Troul9ds.le beck, 4 m. long, joloe Servant on rlglil bank. 
DemDtnmato^kOklMBB, Im., and bere Lowdalae beck, S m. long, joints on left 
iMok. I>«rw«nt nns to Ayti n and Forjre Valla?, A m.. 3 m. to Freaion Is^e, where 
Ow water of tba Dervait Anglmg Clnb ends, and Quton, Sm. 1 m. above Ihla sUtion. 
HaUord Ttnrjoliia on left bank. Helford rises b; QrlsttiOKp*, I'siation from FU«T, 
belowQaaton, Boston beckjoini on right bank. "- — j._.v. .. n......- 

I«. Denrantnina 1 tn., where Brompton beck, which rtaee aboTe Brompton, 3 m. S.W. 
ot WAsIum, and is 1 tn. lone, joins on right bank, Dcrweot runs to Tedli^liam, 
Cp.a. Hflrtnrtonr 1 m.), and 1 m. down by rfawstead Orange la joined on left bank by 
Seampalaii bank. Thia brook riaea in a poodb; WlntitDgham, 3 m. E. of BUUnffton, 
Tuu to Scampton Park, where It waters ibc lake (n.a BUUngtoil, 1 m.>, and joLoa. 

riHB on Allentoa Moor. 2 m. E, of tarllbam, runs 5 m. to WiSofc (1 m. off on left 
ban^.am, 10 ThomtOB Dale, and joines Derwent 4 m. down. Darnentmnato Bya- 
movUi, S m., ■Ulinirton Station being 1 m. off on left bank. Here Bye jolnB OD right 
baok. Bye tiaei on the slopes of the Cleidand Hills, 14 n. aboTa Halmdar, and S m. 
down ts jotma on left bank by Prodale beck. 3 m. long, IJ m. down. Wheat beck. 
In. Ions, joins Bye on right bsjik, 2n>. down. Blow Qlllbeck. Sm, long, jolna on left 
bank. S n. down Bye at Ha»nly, LadMll beck, 4 m. long, joins on left bank. 1 m. 
down Bye, Sojii joins on left bank. Baph Is formed by iha inn " -'..-..---« 
BUsdalBhaok^eaohsomaSin. loDg, both rising somee m. S.E. i 

m 8wb, Ladga beck. 4 m. long, joins on left bank. Soph n. ,. _, 

nmaloBlnanli, Itn.. SaUnilajr. Dm. (preeerred a6oeebyLord Fereraham. below 
Huudiigtcai Btidgg 1^ ttu Bydale Angling Clnb), Naimlttfftaii. ' ~ ° ~ *"'~ 
Biooaljolna on left bank. Blocal rises on Halmslsy Moor, a «. N. n( 

iiAta Bye 7 m. bdow. Half a mile below the jonoUoa .. _. 

left bank. Dare rliea on Famdale Hoor, 13 n. abora dzkbr 

bdow that place la jotned on right bank by Bodge Becic, which rl 

leKoor, lOtn, abora l&kbr Mooi«ld%_and joIni Dove 3 

ye 4 m. down b; Sallon, 1 m, down By^ Hole back joins 

es abore OUUntT' rons 1 m. N. ot Kovliulbun at Stonegrat 

OJotaaonlL ,, 

Bye 7 m. bdow. Half a mile below the jonoUoa of Bye and BIccaL Dove kSna on 
- _. — >_., j,^^, ,3 ^ ,j„^ Klikliy Mooralda, and S n. 

bank by Bodge Beck, which rises In two blanches on 

-^ :by MOOI«ld%_and joIni Dove 3 m. below. Do™ 

joins Bye 4 m. down b; Sallon, 1 m, down By^ Hole back joins on right bank. Hole 
rises above OUUiurr rona 1 m. N. ot Kovliulbun at Stonegrave, and i m. below 1» 
I^ned on tight bank by Marro beck, which rises abon Cotton UlU Pond, 3 m. abovs 
Horinvliuii, itirough wlilch village It rons and joins Bole V m. below. Hole mna 
a BL to Bye. Jnel above the jonctloo, WMh beck johia Hole on rtaht bank. Wath rlsas 
in tbe lake* in the parL Sm, 8. of KoTinfluun, mns lo Hovuiflum, 1 ni. off on 
left bank. StN.,SUiinl))', 2 m..and joins Bye 2ra. below, a m. down Eye, Sevem 
joiiis on left bank. Severn rises oa Bosedalo Common, IS m. above thrlnlnfftOB. 
4 m. down at Boaedala Abbey, HoMbdale beck, t m. long, joint on left bank. 3 m. down. 
Barton beck, 4 m. long, JoIdb on left bank. S m. down, Sniherland beck, & <a. long, 
jidns on left bank. Severn mna to Bwlntnfftos, 4nk 1 m., below, Catcerbeeh jolna 
on tight bsnk. Catter, named Bndtand In lis upper course, rises on Spaunton Uoor, 
G fli. H. or Xlxkbr MooraUa, and runs In E <n. wlttahi a mile ot that conn the <nlitr 
eideof Dovft aodjoins Severn 2 m. below. Severn runs lo Normsnby. 2m.. and jolna 
Byafm, down at Brawby. fl m. down Bye at Howa Bridge. 3 m. N.E. o( MalMn, 
Oosta beck j<»ns on left bank, Costa rises above Ulddleton, 1 n>. N.W. of Flokerlns 
(preeervcd by Costa Angling Clnb), and i m. down waters the llsh pond at Krkby 
Ulsperton. 3 m. 8. of Plakaxliur- 'f°el below, Pickering beck joins on left bank. 
Pioliarlng riaea Sm. above Iiavlaiuun Station, and 2 m. below thai place le joined on 
left bank by Leviaham becit, which runs tliroagh Trtrlatinm and Is 4 m. long. 
naksrIngTDnB to Flokaxlac, fiin.,and johia Costa atEirkby Hisperton, Sm. down. 
. Cosla|olnBBye4m. below, I^ejolnsDeivrentlm.down. Im. downDerwent, Setlrlng- 
lon beck, which rises in Settrington Lake, 3 m. S.E, of Mtlton, and Is 4 m. 1o^, hiln» 
on left bank. Derwent mns to Halton, 2 m. Sm down ie the ontflow of Welham 
pimd, I m. np on left bank. Derwent mna 2 m. to Kntton Ambio. Here Hene11IDrp» 
beck, wblch liees In a pond at Blrdsill Ings, 1 m. W. of Thnrram, and is S m. Ions, 
Joins on left bank. \ m. down Derwent, Howl bock and Mile bock, each 3 m. long. 


Idga S m. Here Spittle beck joins o'n right bt^. Hplttie, under <he oune of Bnlmer 
ck, rlBH Bboie Dalbj 4 m. 8. of HartnghMn.rmiB 4 m. lo Bslmei. Barton MUl 
m., and joins DerwentSm. down. 1 m. aown, White Care becli and Lopplnglon bwk, 
eh B m. long, joins Derwenl on left buik al th« ume spot Derwmt rnna 1 m. to . 
:njingbuii. where ^wallowplte beck. 3 m. long, Joins on lefl bui: 
n,, wbere Sklrpen bock. « m. long. jolnH on loft bkok Derwenl rnt 

_^ _....__ — »t.\rr a m, (n.s. t«... „ 

I>erwuit <n.i. nuwfOsi, S m.). ind 3 m. down, At lugs Bridge, Foh beck, which 
three dllterent brincbes Joining 3 nt sboi'a FuiKfOgs, md la 7 m. long, Jolna 
lonk. Derwenl runs lo Zut OottlnffwlUi (n.s. Babwitb, 4 <n.). and 1 m. 
lechca Bmliwttli. Derwenl mna 2 m. to Bralg'Ii'toii (n.s. Kmthoip*, 
id Wrsrtal 2 m. Derwent Joins Onsa a m. down. 

m (Norfolk).— G.E. a. Bore; rosch, bre«n, pike, pereh; Bshlng from boaU 

ool; geneiHll; permlned. Sprliworih beck. 3 m. S.W, Ant,STn.E. £a^at Brickflelil 
Brosd, light bank. BelioghBroid. left bank: private, LIUls BelaDgbpoDd. right bank. 
Bridge Bnwd. right bvA; nreserTed, Koapea water, left bank, Wroibam Broad 
right bank (E. W. TrmDord. fishing at per da;, (ej. S. imd S.i Hoielon HaU 
lake, 1 m N Hoveton Great Broad, lef* '■ — '- -- oi- " " "' — "-'■• «■— >- — i— — 

, 2m,8.E,(J.O,BlowfleW, EM,):nrivat«. 

IB Broad, right bank. 3 n. S.E. (SIrK Slraui, at Backheaih); 
- "---' - - "- ^uml Fen Broad. S m. B. Klng-Bwalar, 

N.B. (J, O. Webb, Eeq.). 

(Sa rmnou... „ 

Wtb ISent).— S.E.B, On Stoor; jsck, roach, Ac,; the fleblng Irea, bnt, owing to tbe 

Erie jjrai. Esq , of Olantelgb Towers. Wye, The lake In Eastwell Fa^ holds good 

plkB. (cj.l ISuSamlviiclt.) /nm : Vlrtorii,, King's Bead. 
wykaluunlYork).— N.E.B. Peedsia heok. Sawdon beck. Brompton beck, In. S.W. 

■tBroniplon, Derwenl, 3 m. S, (Sea Wrestr'.) 
'V7ITS (Wllla).— B.W.a. Wjlje; troot, grsyllng; preaerred by WUton Fly-fishing 

Wyntonahftm (Norfolk).— G.E.R. Bass. TlSer. Dyke beck, 3 m. Hni-kford bronk, 
2>m. N.W., St Crownthorpe. Tare, 6 m. N.,at Uarllngford. £alc<: £imberb-v Fsrk 
like. 3 m. N.W. Wicklewood mere. * m. W. Kelterlngbam Hall lakes, 4 m. E. Seft 
mere, em. W.,by Hlnghara. tSes ramimlA.) 

Wjrr* (WoroOHiac}.— O.W.B. Dowles brook; tronl. BaTem (» m. E,); galnion, trout, 

WjToiUloelEBaeil.— O.EB. Boman rioer. This stream Joins Colne Hatnsry on right 
bank opposite Wjvenboe. It riscB by MnrkB, and 3 m. down Is joined on righl bank 
by a short Btresm draining tbe lake st Birch Hsll. 4 m. S.E. of Mkikl. 4 m, down, 

4 m. 10 WyranHoo. 1 m. E. are 3 ponds al villa Fsnn.' 

OTeaerred by the Maldslons Club; d.. w., and Tn.t.raec.. A. Q.'Emsry, Mafdslone^ 
lelaei ooarflOflah Bealt; coirae flab, trout; moetly priiale, JJalelt Q-orBO, 
— " " rolli).-0,E.R, Waveney; pike, perch, bream, roach, chub, Yare; sama 

ton, 1 ni. olTon left bank, SouMrilieU (I m., Bnneaj C 

loop of 3 m., mnning egsln through tbe town, and Im. dc 

... — ,...„,.,. .....f-,_ „,....,_...._ ^_.. o,_ >T '-nam. , 

from Mntford, 

iBn.Hnd jolna Waveney e m. down by Oakley Park, Waveney runB 1 

Earlanon, 1 m. oiron left bank, SouMrilleU (I n., Bnneaj Cm. Eenlhi 

iTakes at Dlichlnghnm Hall, ^i ■"■ ^-.J^nuBW^ 

throngb Lake Lolhlng, Mntfaid being at the Junetlon of Oullon with Lotl „ , . .. 

down Waveuej ihe ontflow, 1 m. long, of Fltiton Decoy, and the lake at the Villa, 2* m. 
S. from Mntfoxd, joins on right bank. Waveney runs to Bomarlayton 2 m., Had- 
dlaoii«2 m,. Just below which place tbeontilow of FrI lion Decoy. 1 m. np, joins on right 

to Balton 8 m. (1 ra. off on right baok), and 2 Hi. flown iotaa Breydon iraier. Hera 

YABE riaee above Kardlnghuu, sjid here Blackwa.ter river, G fn, long, Johis on 
right bank. ; m. down Yare, by Barford, Baes river joins on right bank. Baaa 
rises 4 tn. above WymonUiun., where it la joined by TlSey river, 4 m. long; I m. 
down, Dvke beck, 3 m. long. Joins on left hank, 1 m. down, Bass waters the lake 
fn Elmberley Park (n.s. XimbeTley, 1 m.). and here HiLcklord brook Jolng on left 
bank. EaokfordrlseslnSeamer«, l7». S.E. from Bln>liain(n.aXliiiIwrl«7,Sfn,). 

and 3 m. down, St Haokford. "-■»-» ii7i„i,i=_„^ ™.T„ ■> _ q • wi_h^-i — 

and S m. down Joins Klmberley 

I m. below Crlnglef onl. S m. S.W. from VoTWlall, a brook, 3 in,:long. Joins on rigbl bank. 

ackford. waters Wicklewood mere, 2 n. S. from Klinlwrli^i 


The Angler's IHary. 

droning Uia l*fe« M EettaiingbuD Hsll 1 m. S. from HatliaEKtt, a 
Bracon Ball and Csrlkia X<adge. 3 m. W. uf BwaliLtliorpa. Ysrt 
Honriob, and he« Ties joins on rtghj bank. Taes riaes above Porni 
tonordon, Swainthorpe int. and Yara Bad Horwlohsm, Yi 
ths other rtdeot Iho cily, and bore Wen Biun joins on Led bsjik. Wenai 
VKkanbua, rani S m. lo RfbarKli, Vortb Slmham 7 m., tenwi 

. iam.,»ndtenw»deandWonaBm3ni, 1 m.down WcnBomabrook 

iolni on Idft bank, S m. long, drajolng the lake at HaverlngUnd 3 m. S, tuna Oawstim. 

here BlacknBtec brook joins, which rises In 

.1 .. _ 1 1 am., and Lenwftde a 

HI. long, draining the la „ „., ,, 

to AttlvbrUga, S m. lo DrnTton, and Hallaidoa 2 

'"' -'-'11 bank. This hronk rlaBB bj Tftxlum, runh . .». .» 

d al the Hop GroundB 4 in. S. from AtUabrldKa, and 
uHonriohandY&refifn. YaremoBtDWlSL^. 

Is Surllngham Broad on rlghl bink). 1 m. down a 

mlBttbsDk.dralninglfaelakeslnPlimipeleadHall^m. N'. d[ BranOall. In. 

rm fAft hifcnk Is GtrmnpahAW BroiLd. and Jnct below. BockEand Broad on Tight 

la BttCkanllun, and Itn.dovn theoniaowot Buckeuham Broad 

,^ ..,.v.-.. T »_ ■-"— "tT,»nd2™.belowia 

k kail, S m. S.K oC 
HorwloD, ninstoirfHiaioiitn.B. Bacoiai, ' m.) s fn.,>na lare 4 ?n. Yaie runa 14 

down mns Into Bieydon water at Bame; Amu Stadon. Brendan valer is Bult, wd 
IB 4 m. long. Twmontli being at the lover end. 

BDBE^lns the s« at Tumontb. Bore rises In Mellon P&rk lake. I m. H. from 
Hlndolveataua, mns 4 m. to Tburning, where it walera the lake In Thomlng HaU, 

ce S «. to Oo>pn>t7, sad 4 in. below at BlioUng Mill t. stream joins on left 
irlngtwo ponds 1^ Apple Tree Plantation J m. np, Im, N.W. from .^lalujn 
sBniBjAldbDroDgh beck joins on left bank, AldbDroogh rises In the lake In Fi 
Park, ft m. 3-W. from Oromar. mns 4 m. toAldborongh and its mill pond, bm, M. from 
Ajlabftm, and 1 m. down IB jdnad on right bank by a brook, S m. long, draining the 
malnB)>tniiigluunParktnTovnBamlneham,4|Ri. N.E.frOmOorpnsty. Aldboroogh 
JoIds Bnre S m. below. Im. down Bare ie the ontHow, on right bank, of the lake at 
BneUlllg,ini.Bp,SfB.N.W. from ATlallMm, and Am. down.^nre reaches ArlBbmni, 

Qnntonbeck tlBeeln the lakes and ponds in aniiion Park (Lord Satneld) by QiintoDi 
rnns 8 in. to ralndBshaai, and 4 m. down joins Bnre. Slake beck risBB in the Penh 
pond and mill pemlln Heath Plaatallon, 2 m. S. of Nortb Wolsbun, mns 3 n. to 
Scoltow pond, a BL W. o( Worataad, and Bnre ai Suton f m. Dure rtiiis 1 m. >o 
OsltlahaU, and 3 m. down. S m. S.W. from Wrozluun, Spliwonh beok, which rlBseby 
HorBhsmSt EUth.^in. N.E. fromDrKTtouand lB6Tn.long.jaliis on right back. In. 
down Bnre la Bclckdeld Broad on right bank, and on left hank Belangh Broad : ■ Hula 
. farther down, is Little Belangb Broad on right bank. 1 ni. down on rl^t bank is Bridge 

liroods are all close to Wrozluun. Oppoaite Enftpea water on right hank Is the (op 
of Wroibam Broad, I m. long, and Hotelon areat Broad on left hank. N«rt to 
Wroiham Is Salhouse Broad. 1 m. N.E, of Balhonae. i m. down Bare Is Deeoj or 
■*"'-■ ' ■ " .---..- ^ — " ■' ■^ )f Salhouse. On the opposite ot 

>f Wroxluun. 

Ant mns to Stalham Broad b; Btolbuu 2 m., and I m. beloi 
1 m, long. 1 m. W. of OatDeld. The draioinga, 1 m. long, 
4 m. N E. ot Wroxluua, join tbe right arm of Banon Broa 
a broad on left bank 1 m. RW. from OatflaU, and here 
OUvsr Broad, 1 m. np. joins on right bank, Oliver Is 6 771. ^ 
* IB. below on left bank ot Ant is a pond, and 3 m, down Am j 
Bore. Fleet dyke joins on right bazih. This rises In Pedham k 
SaUiODae, mns 2 m. to Walsham Broad, s m. E. of BoUioni 
Bare. 1 m. down Bnre, the Hundred stream or Thnrne joins on 
down from above Mu-lham Broad by Hu-tbuu, and bere I 

L ngai uana. noraBy la % m. 11. irom ^annam. J m. oeiow. 

on right bank Hickling, Chapman, and Whiteslsy Broad, taA 

these are practically one large lake, 3 m. long. Fottar Hlaksm Icing halt-my down 
It am. down Hnndredatroim, on right bank, iBWomaoK Broad blind'-— -- " 
Dt Oataeld. I m. down, at Thon "'--'- - - ~ 

D right bank, 1b Womacf Broad byXadhanCi' 
■ne ann. Bad Lion), la the Bm^, which runs to 


England. 125 

4 Bi. Hare Mnck Fleet joins on lbs lefl lank. This wnerwur !■ 4 m. long, mod 
rnna oni at Onnaby, BoUesby, and FLIby Brood, one luge lake, 4 m. long, near 
Omuby. Im. doHo Bnre. Tonitall dykejolnp on rigW hunk, d»Inlng Ado Decoy, 
lm.aotAele. Boie rans » m. ID TumDnth, Leaie to Ssh in moBt o[ the brokdg 

brMm, rOKti, rudd. and carp. QckhI eea SHblng trom tbe pier and rrom the beach nllb 
tliraw-oiit lloes ; nhltlng flsbing good from September to NoTeinber. BattU ■ Angel 
BathH(ra8«.Bridgfl,CrownBn<lAncbor,Norfolk,Boyal,Qneen's,Vlclorla. (c.i v~-fcin 

BfMdham, Canlley, 
jn. North We 

_. m(0«ford) G.W.R. iSrtLotdim. U.T.) 

*»rtoa (Salop).— L. *N,W,B. Sundown brook. Lata; Tartonpqol, |S« 0)ini««er,) 
Y»t« (Qlouoeator).— M.B. (SriBriiloli fTmu.) OnBoyd,7m. Lata: I>oddlngion Park 

cup: Duke ot Beaufort; leave from Ur. TbompaoD, theiteaard. at Badminton. 'There 

■ ■■ -oach and perch BBhlnRalNlWeyHlllB on Frome. (SaBrUlnl! irmAclon-i 

(Norfolk.)— C),£.B. CoBtesssy brook. (&■ FamHSM.) 

am (York), n.e. Hest«rton, 1 m. Derwent; grayling, chnb, pike, cmrae 
luwi ime. <Sa Wrissel.}. 
Taldluua (Esaei). — a.B.B. Colne; pika, perch, roach; permission freely giien by the 

tanners, (Sa Celdiater.) 
T«i»rtl {Somereet).— G.W.R. Teo; coarie flsh andafewtront. fofcl: Heimald. {Srt 

Bridgitattr,) (c.i. Avm.) 
'»'«OTllJTHlotloa(Somersel).— L. AS.W.B. Tec. (Sa Bridiaa!ir.) (c.i. Aton.) 

_..._. — > — -t. »ei)._0,W.E. (Sm BridmMttr.) 

hi.— S.E. Sfrbowev! tront. (Sti yneporl-i 

Ikloton brook. Rea (Hm. R); tront, 

sT Joint's. ra.N.'E.'rN.B,B. ! L.*N.W.a; fi,E,B:S.4K. Joint R.i 

wick beck, Onse Is tonoed by the Junction of Swale aiid Ore 3 tn. below Btimnigh> 
bzldaa. SwalerisFeon Birkdale Common. 5 tn. S.E. of Klrkby BXmlita, 2m. 
down. Little Stedd ale beck(troDt; free).3m. long, Joins on right bank. 1 m, below. 
T m. S.K. or Kimj Btaphen, Ihe outfall of Biikdala tarn, i m. op. Joins on left 
buk. 1 m. down Swale, Oreat St«ddale beck (trout; tree). 3 m. long. Joins on. 
right bimk, 1 ni. dnwn Swale, Whltamdalo book (tronl), 6 m, long. Joins on left 
bank. Im.Aova Swale, at Kald, Sloneadalo beck. Sm. long-. Joins on left bank. 
SwalemnaBm, toKnXar. Hero Maker beck (troat) Joins on right bank. Maker riaea 
tn Slockdale, and ! n. down Ig joined at Thwalte on right bank by Thw^te beck 
{trout). S m. long. Hence to lCiik«r is 1 nj. 1 m. down Swale. Oxnop beck. 2 m. long, 
jolni on right bank. Swale runs I m. lo Onnnerside (An, KlngQeorge IV.), 1 m. down 
Swale, lure GunnerBlfle beck (spoilt by lead mines). 4 m. long, joins on left bank. 

Urn, 3in.N. of Aakrl^g, and is a n. long, joins on ri^ht bank. m. down Swale, 

beok Joms on left bank. Arkle beck (Injared by lead mlnaa) rises Ui Arkengartbdalff 

IIOOT, andfim. down la joined on right bank by EDO heck, S m. long. 3 m. dowti ArHa, 

. Strawbeok, 8 m. long, joins on left bank. Arkle runs to Swale 6 m. Swale mns 4™., 

wben GHll beck (troat) joins on right bank. QUI riees In Fiealon Uoor, 4 m. N.W. oC 

IsSme. 1 m. down Swale, by Uarske. 'Uarake beck (trout) Joins on le»' bank. 
Hanks, Doder the name of AmdalcrlBea on Haiwltli Moor. 6 m. N. across the hllla 
from SMtli. S ni. down, Uoresdale beck, 2 m. long, jolna on right bank, s m. N. from 

(o Swale. 1 m. down Swale, Clapfste beck, i m, long, jolna on left bank. Swale runs 
to Xlolunond, 5 m. Im. dotm. Sand beck, 4 m. long. Joins on right bank. 2 m. down 
Swale, (^bnm Deck, 6 m. long, jobia oa~right bank. Swale runs 1 m. to Brompton-on-' 
Bwale and Catterlek Bridge, close to the Catterick station. Here Skeeby beck jolna 

B»Ton8worth4m,. a m, to Hanfori^h, where Smelt Mill beck, 3 m. long, joina'on right 
bulk. Skeeby Deck runs to Gllling I m.. 3 m. N. ot Slcbmond. 1 m. below, Aake 

ttwatersABkeHaUlake.'lm.S.ot mobmon«^andJo'lnaSkeebyl- ■— — '■>■—— 

bank. Brongb b 

'right bank byTun'sl! 

. _._, Swals rtma to I.angton 6 m. Here Scorton beck jolDB 

the left hank. Scorton. caUed FiveblB beck, In Its upper conrseriaos above Middleton 
- 1 Station 8 m. Here Howl beck, 4 m. long. joUis on tbe left 

. Swale runs 3 nt. to anttozlck. Here Brough beck joins on right 

Tyaa. runs thence to Soorton 

- -jo-i." thbeck.wl .._. 


bank, and Brldgcirorth beck, which riaea above Mnulton and is 3 m. long, joins on right 
^__._ t._.^ « L,„.„ ._., ,.,_„c._... r _ below. AIltircbelowLinglon 


126 The Angler's Diary. 

tbB SMll, B ra. long, JofnB on loft bank. Swale toeb to Saratou on rt 
Alndnlir on le« bank, t m. doio. Bodale book joins on riftht bank, 
""" - — '- -"^-— '— — -»— '" -■'fl h\gh and low pandH on Rardfln W-- 

■cemil'thinii*, runs lo Oairlsion i m. N, ot Constabla Bnrtou, and 

.wTInnton. 1 m. tS. of FinraU, ani 3 m. below l« joined on right hank hyNi 

Nftirtnn. under tha nima nt Broombor beck, rlBOB in Broombot Bigg, S m. H. of 

ot X^rlnuni vd S m, below, at Coiwtabla Anxtou, 

ft bank bT Bel)«rbj bsck, whli^ rl« aboTe BSllarliy 1 n>. N^. olliaylnm. 
long, Negnou runs 1 n. to nngall, aod joins Bedale ! m. dovm. Budslemna 
wU 1 fli., Badal* 3 «., Tinwliitf 3 m., uid Joins Snale Z m. belon. Soals 
[uui w nuunby (n.e. HvvrbT WlBke) 1 m,, ud S m. below, br Scsarborough House, 
PiokUll boing I m. oD on rlgbt bank. Wlake Hver iolns Snale on left hsJik. Wlske 
■ilfet on Whorlion Uoor t m. abOTO W«Bt Banstoii, rant G m. to Ci>wtoii. Dkubr 
Wlaka * m,, Hortballarton * m., and bore Brompton beck joins on left bank. 

'by WlEHon ta^k, 4 m. long. T^raptnr —*"'*''' 

Im.betow. Wiiko nmsS m. to »iwl-, , _ 

BUptoti BrUra (n.s. BodOanbr, bemgl m. ofF on left bank. 4m,), TapolUfa 
S«1MVJ S m. Hare Cod beck jolni on left buk. Oodbeck rieeo aboTe Toitoo S n. x. 

•Df Bn>mptoti. Hero Bowl beok, % m. long, join* on left bank. G m. down God near 
Brarwltb Hall. lm,E. of Ott«TlBirtOB, Broad beck joins on left bank. Broad beck 
rises aboTe Over Sllton. nod G m. down Is joined on left bank by Sorrow beck. 4 m. long, 
am. below Broad beck Jf^i Cod. Cod runi 3 m. lo N. KUTiUKtou. Hare SptBla- 
beok^m. long, Joioa on left bulk. Cod niai lo TUrik, tm. 4 m. down by Dalton, 

Jm. W. of ■«■■» staUoD. FUherbeck, S n>. long, Joini on left bank, uil Willow beck, 
also on the same ^e, WtUowbeok, nnder tbenamaofLnn^hiw bef^k. r;9)is3ni. abOTS 
Boltby, G m. K.B. of TUzBk, and fi m. down at Balk, 4 m. S.l;. o[ Thlisk. Hood beck, 

■* m. long, joins on left bulk. S m. below, Willow bsck Joins Cod. Cod now ram II m. 
to Swala. Swale rana to Bzalbrtim S na. Hera ana beck joins on left bank. Sun 
beck, nnder the name ot Hole back, rises above OUllnff. mns 2 m. to Amplofiictb, 
wheratlieontBowof thalakelnainiagpackjolnsonleftbiink. Sm.down 3nn is Uia 

-oatBow ot the lakes ot Park Hosk, 1 m. np on ibe lell bank. Snn rang U OoxwOU 
3 m., KnstbWBlt*:! m. Bote, now taking the nrnne ol Son beck, mne fi m. to 
PUliuoaT and 3 m. to BtaStetos and Swale, Bwa,le muB 4in. to Uyton-on-Swala, 

^nnd hare Ura joins on right hank. Un rises on Ahbotelde Common, and rnna 4 m. to 
Hoorooeklnn. (Hare bailns the water of the Hawaa Angling Olub.) 4 tn. down Dm, 
CotWrdale book, t. m. long, joins on right bank, I m. down Widdala beck joIps on right 

-bank. Wlddale rliei at Old Widdale Head, 4 m. H, ot BibUe Head. 2 m. below, 
Tun beak, which rini In Uu two WIddale Uras (Little and ffig), and Is 3 m. long. Jolu 

-onWtbank. Tbeea t>m> >r« « n. S.W. kfoss the hills trom Bawaa. * m- down 
Widdala, Snalibobne beck, 3 n. long. Joins on right bank. WIddale rnni to Ore 1 «. 

.f «. down Dn elosa to Mnrsa, Haarne beck, A m. long, johis on left bank. Ura root 
tn Wwrnam. 1 «. Here Di^li^ beck, 6 m. long, Joina on right bank. Ure rnoB to 

, Balnbl4dge Bndge t m. (ben ends Iba water of the Hawes Olnb). 

er Joins on right bank. Bain, nndor the name of Oragdalo water, riaea la 

Hlddlatongoe tarn 10 M.aanHS the UIls from AakrlEnr- lm.bt__ 

iri^t bank, dialuint Cray tarn 10 m, S. of AakAgr. a m. down Bain, Baydala 
beok, which rtiea In Oatanbaw tarn, and Is 4 «. tang, Joins Bain on left baak, Jost 
'below, Bardala beok^ m. long, Joins on left bank. Bain runs ) m. to Senunar water 
<preiarTed by tha Wanaleydale Angling Aiaoolatlon). The ontdow from this lake, 
taking Iba nam* or Balo Oisra baglna tha water at tha Wenileydsle Angling Association), 
mnaifn. lo Ore. JnitDpnoiIte the JimBtion of Bain with Ure, Sar^beck, tm. long, 
iofna OD left lunk. 1 m. dawn Ure by Aakrtgf , Ooglll beck, 4 m. long, joins on leic 
bank. Ure rnns lo Ararartli, 4 m. (here end* tta waior of the Wensleydale Angling 
AsBocIsllon: the riior is prlvata below). 2 m. down. Ksbopdala beck. S m. long, jolna 
on the Tight bunk. } m, up Blabopdale trom Its inncllon with the Ure, Walden back, 
T in. long, joins Blskopdale on right bank. 1 m. down Ore at Badmira, Beldon book 
Joins on left bank. Beldon liaBS on Oarperby Moor^ and B m- below 1b joined 
■on right bank by the ostflow of Looker tarn, ) m. np. Tbis lake is i m N, ot 
OaipcTbT. Beldon runs I m. to Ure, A lillle way below, Apedale b«k, 4 m. long, 

fins on Idt bank. Ore nma ft m. to WanBlar, XdTbnni, 1 m. , Mlttaiah^wi. 3 m. 
m. below KfJi^i.Ti-^. the Oovar Joins the Ore jest below Ellsbaw Brtdga 
on right bank, Oover rises on Cover Head Uoor. 4 m, N. of Xattlawall, and 
Is 18 tn. long. 3 m. down Ure. Bowden beck, 4 m. long, joins on right bank. Vm 
nma 9 m. lo ICaaliuu, where Bnm joins on right bank, Bnm rises in Thomj 
Orejie Moor, and 3 m. below Is lolned on left bank by Blrkgnli beck, 3 m. lone. 
1 m. down Bum, SpmoegiU book, .4 m long, joins on righi hank. B m. down 
Bora. Orlmesglll beck, Sm. long, joins on right bank. 3 m. down Bnm, Sale beck, 
3 m. long. Joins on right bank. 1 m. below, tha ootSow of the lakes In Swlnlon 
Park, I n. up, joins on right bank. Born mns 2 m. to Haaluuii, and bars 
racelies on Ihe left bank Swinney beck, B m. long. Bum joins Ure jnst below, Ure 
runi to Ulckley, 3 m., where the Tanfield Olnb water begins, W. Stauflald, 3 m., Hutlon 
UlUem., wbate the Ripon Angling Club water begbiE, B^oa, 2 ». Hare Lanr joins 


Ireland. 127 

on thd right but. Laver risei on DilLairgiU Moor, e m. N. ot PaUUj Brldffa. 

Xixiij Halioaxd b^e 1 m. os'un ihe left buik. C m. bSlow. Kerbook, whhib rfwa 
3 m. ftboTa Xlxby Kb1is>t4, lolna LiTer 4 m. bslan. joins on leH b&nk. Lstct rans 
3 m. lo Slpoa. Hbw BkoU jofoa on righi hmk. Stall rlHa in Dillow Moor » m. N.B. 
ot Patal«7 BlUm. «in, down, by Qruitley HiJl, the ontaoirorEBTenanslaka.fiiii, 
N.E, orpatolar Brldn, joiniontbe ilghl h&oli. 3 m. domi. Skell wBten tbs lftk« 
laStadleTFukuul mi Eodm, uidlJoInG Li^vsr itlBlpoaStn. below. On nuu to 
HawlekbtfdKs(hR««iidBtlH)mtsiDruie B.A.U.). 3 m. i^wnUn tha ODtflovor i pond 
bj nshop Uonkhun, } m. Dp, Joloi on rigbi bank, i m. dam Babart beck jolna od 
Tlgliltaiu^ Tbliit»ainrl»i6in. aboTs Wormold. Orean, mna lo OopEroTa4 m., 
andSm. dowoioinBDro. Ura nuu 4 m. Id SoronKkbriO^. Hera ToK or Miniilp 
beck, wbicb rlHs kboTs Ooi^roTe, and la em, long, joiQBonrlghtlwnk, audlnLbeluir 
Un JDiDB SmbIo, (onolog Ouiw. (The flshlng on Case— kU coBrBcaBblug—li moetly free.) 
Onse runes m. to UAmXt (d.b. ToUcMob, 4in). Llnlon Look, 4ni. (n.s. Tollertau. 

8 m.). B«re Kyle jotoe on risbt benk. Kyle rises T m. above Alue gtadoa, and Uiere ii 
Joined on led bank by BaobbUI beck. Sm. long; 1 m. below tUls JunoUon, }uat abova 
JUna, Derlugs beck, S m. long, joIna od riibt bank. Kyle nme lo Alna, 1 «.. 
Tollartou, l m,, and joiaa Ones 4 m. below. Onae rona 3 m. lo Vnnmonnon, and 
Here Nidd jolna on rlgbl bank, Nidd riaca on Ihe alopei ot Great Wheraside 9 m. above 
~ ■" -- ■'-wnHowStonebeok.em. long, joins on right bank. NIddnmBSm, 

maglU beck, 4 m. long, hero joins on rlgbt bank, and Lat beck. 3 m. 
Nidd mna 3 m.. where Bntn QUI. 3 m, long, Joiaa on right bank, 

9 m. down Nidd. AaMoidBlde beck, G m. long, jolna on right bank. Mdd rans lo 
— ■ " - ■■ ■ JualbolowhereQrceobowbeck.emTiong.iolnBonrightbank. 

Saora^nd DuUr S m. Here Darley bock. 3 m. long, joioB on right bank. Nidd 

long, joins on right bank, Nidd mns to Slpley FmyWre begtas the ■ 
ot the Enareaboroogh Ulnb). Here Thornton back jolna on left bank. Thi 

SmprtliWBlto 4 m. Here Eettlealng bedk, 3 m. long, joins on right bank, 
1 Nidd, Rowden beck, which mns through Xunpatliwr"' ~~' — 
" " " " " 1. ^ere b 

■n, long, and at Klpley waters the lakes In Blpley Park. 
., Oak beck fohis on the right bank. Oak rises In the torosl 

borODgb t_ _. , _ . ._ . ... _. __ 

Daxlw. » m. down, at Enoi Uill. Salteigate beck, 3 m. king, joins on left bank, 
1 n>, down. Oak joina Nidd. Nidd mna 4 to. toKnareAoronffli,)! m. to Qold>- 
bomnfll (here ends the water ot the Snareaborongh Olnb), and Em, below, byUttl* 
XlbBton. iB joined on right bank by Orimple beck. Crlmpla Tlsea at Crimple Bead 
tm. B.W. ot Kaxzog«t*, nma 4 tn. to Pumal, where Nor beck. 4 m. long, joloi on 
Hgfatbank, Orlmptemna to SpalKirtll t m,. tm, N.W. of WatlLarbr, ihenoa to 
HSld ia 4 m. 1 m. below, ABerlon hack, which rlaes In the lakes In AUerton Park 3 m. 
N, of Allmrtoa, and is S m. long. Jolna on lelt bank. Nidd mns OatteL S m. 
to BunsMTton and WllMrop, and 4 m. down johis Oaee at Hnn Monrton. 
Onso mna 3 m. to Nether Poppleton. 1 m. N. ot Foppleton, and York 4 m. Here 

>l OoxwoU, mns G m. lo Stiliington (n.s. ToUuTton, T m.), and 4 

k, 4 m. long, joins Tang Hall, 
\niBe nuib \i jsanimi tm,, tuiu u n,. ufHu le jouuni uu latt bank by SCllLlngdeet beck. 
This brook rises some 4 m. aboie Baoriok, nns to Stillingfleet 3 m,, and joins Onse 
1 m. betow. 1 m. below, JDBt above Oawood, Wbarte Joina Oose on right bank. 
Wharte la fonned by Iho junction ot Onlarahaw bock and Greon Field beek. bolb some 
S m. long, which both rise on the slopes of Cam Fell, S m. across the hills E, trom 
BlbbU n«UI. Wharte mns 3 m. Co Bnckden, BtBrbolton 3 m., XettlawaU, 
3m., and Im. below Is joined on right bank by Sklrtare. Skirtare rises on Bar aill, 
i m. N.E. across the hills from KOTtOD, and 3 m. down, al 
right bank by Foinp bock, 3 m, long. 3 ni. doi 
right bank. The head of Ihls beck Is 4 m. N 
Litton, and AmcliBe 4 nt. Here Cowslde beck, E 

tons fi m. to Wharfe. 1 m, down Wharte Is Bunaey sno WEBBKmnoil, a m. (n.B. 
Bolton AblMJ, 13 m.) (Here beghis the water of the Bamsall Angling Clnb,) Here 
EUer beck, 5 m. long, joiaa on right hank. Wharte mns > m. to HebdeD, where Uebden 
beek, 6 m. long, Johis on loft bank. Wharte mns lo BnnuaU 1 m., and 1 m, down 
Dlbb river joins on lett bank. DIbb. under the name ot Blea beck, rises on Oonlitone 
Moor, and 3 m. down waters Prleal lam, m. N, or Qx&BBlji^ton, at Black Edge. 
3 m. down It waters Blea beck dams, 4 m, N.E. of Or&SBlitrtou. 1 m. down , Onta 
tip Olll. 3 m. long, joins on lefl bank. 1 m. down, Gnlnalth beck, 3 m. long, Joins on 
left bank. Hencs to Wbarte Is 4 m. Wharfe mna S m. lo Applelreewlck. Here Bkyre- 
bolm beck, which rises in New dam 3 m, N. of Appletreewick, and Is 4 m. long. Joins on 
left bank. 1 m. down Wharte. Gill beck, 3 m. long, joins on right bank, { m. below 
Is Harden Bridge, where ends the water of the Bumssll Angling Club, t m. below. 


128 The Angles Diary. 

Buden beck, 4 ni. long, joins Wbarfe on left Unb, Wtuirfe runs S in. lo BOltaiE 
Abbey, md l m. below Is joined od left buk br Kei beck, I si. long. WhuFa nins 
2 m. 10 Addlngbun, nklerSm., Ban Uuddlaffl m,, Bnfla]r4m.. OtleTtin. 
(Bare beglna tbe nster of tlie Otley Olab.) Hollla beck bare joins on right bsok. 
Boiiin rtsea oa Ilkley Moor, vid S m, down ia JolDod on rlglit btmk bj Mire beck, 
which risflehyOnlMlar, rans 2 m. to Menston, snd joins HoUin 1 m. below. Hoilbi. 
joins Whsrfa 1 m. down. Wharfo runs i m,, where Wsehbnin river jolne on left biok. 
Woehbnm rlBes in Tsrn Qlll 6 m. N.E. of Bums&ll, snd 3 m. down is joined m 
rlgM bank b; Harden beck. 3 in. long. 3 m. down Wuhbnm. Akods beck, 2 m. loiw. 
j^B on right b&nli. which rises In Akede dam, 6 in. N.E. of Bolton Abbey. WuG- 
bnra runs 3 m. to Blubberhoneos, m. S.W. rrom Darley, and 1 m. dawn is joined « 
Tight bank by Gill back, a ni, long. 1 m. down Washburn, apinksbum bock, ! m, long, 
jSm on left bank. Washburn rune 7 m. to Wb&rto, which runs » PcwU I m. Is. 
bdow. Blffa beck. 4 m, long, joins on left bank. Wharfs rims to Axtblngton I m. 
(here ends IhBOtle; Club water), W*«tOD Sm.. BsrewaCHJ Bridge 3 in. , and 1 m. down 
is johied on right bank by Harewood b«ck. Harewood, nnder the naino ol Stntdl, 
riaes on Wike Eldge 4 m. W. of Bininrnj, md 8 m. down Is joined on left bank ij 

where It waters the lakes, and joins Wharfe 3 m. down. Wharta runs S m, to 
OoUUurtuun. Here CoUlngham beck johis on Hght hank, Colllngham rises S m 
abowBaraMy, and joins Vharfo 3 m. down. Wharte runs to Watkacby a in., 
Tbarpa Aroli 9 m., VawtOD Byma B m,, TsdoaMer im. Im, below. Cock beck 

CB on right bank. Cock beck riaas above SoluaaB, and 4 m. down is joined on Mt 
k by Oarr beck, wbich rises by Bdwlaa and 1b S n. long, l m. down. Cock 
waters the lake In FarUnglon HoIUna, 1 in. N. 0( OaxtarQl, tuns to Aberford. 3 m. N. 
of QtxtOIth, S m., Stntton7 n.. and joIdb Wbufalm. down. Wharfe mna Sm. to 
miaakalf. and! m. below la joined on left bank by the Fobs. This stresin rtsei 
1 m, N. of WighUI. which Is S m. N. or SadOMFtaz, and 3 m. down, at Wood House. 
TadoMrter bdng s m, S.W., is joined on left bank by Oniierton beck, which rlaee hi 
the dam by Angram, 5 m. N.W, of CopauuttllciTpa, and Is 3 bi. long. Fobs cnns tn 
Bolton Poroy4ni„ ajid jolna Wharfe Im, below. Wharfe runs to Bytbox (n.a. 
UllMkain 2 m, and 1 n. down jolna Onae I m. aboieOawood (n.s. UllMkalf, 4m.}. 
TattliitI, a. T. Lloyd, Spartaman'B Depot, Davy Qats. 

GMMntl Information.— There la a heayy peoally foe dBhiiig with rod (or aalmoB 

withont a llcenn, and a licence ctm be obtained in lbs lowna of any tlshlng tackle 

licenceB, which are DOwaviUabla for the' whole island. Sw Sahing generally good; 

many places moat eioeUenL 
Abbey Peale.-^W.LAW.B. On Feals ; sabnon. aea trout, and tront Goodac 

daUoo at Mr. Leal--' -■ "- t^"-—-'- •■-» > 

Aoblll. lalud o: 

, .- je angling station. Im: It 

With regard to the foedera of the lake, the Blaekwater and Ballinder 
ruined by flai water. Ualnewatsr is a good atreara. This riicr runs thr 
town fO.B.) 

AxdUVi (Donegal).— A Tillage on Ike Owenea and Owendaskar. Tha Onendeskar belonga 
to Oen. J. B. Tredennick, Atdara, from whom uermliBlon may often be obl^ntd. 
Bahnon, aea trout, and brown trout ure plentifnL The Blee are— an orange tip, mallard 
tall, flen brown merging Into light green body, red and black haokle, mallard wing, and 
macaw fealars; also small flery brown bodies, with a sprig of tuallafd for tall with a 

fly with orange, ailk tip, a turn or two of suVer twist, no tail, black b&ckle. and mallard 
wing, twist or not. a little Bery brown at the shoulder may he added; another, a hare's 
ear and Bary brown mlied body, gold tinsel at tall, dark hackle (black or brown), a 

iTeral small lochs f 


Ireland. 129 

tlAiTdj^ (Sm OioiKM.) The Oirenea flows I IB. Qff. Thelownot 
□l: flBliid^ food Had rrve for some miles 

1 fne ; lood flchinit. Semn, Uireh IS 

AthboytMosth).— M.Q.W.R.; a.S.AW.B. Good fliMoa here. 

AtUonc— U.O.W.B. Shuinoa aDd Ijough Beft; good troaC and B&lmon Dsblng, (Ste 
Carrilk.) Holel: Prtace orWAles, EostB, Ac. ctube obUiued from Brown. SInad. 
A11dcraa,who iaBlsD&goodaBlifnnHn. SlMmera diUy fur C&rrick and KLIlaOoa 

B«llln> (llayo).~-U.Q.W3. Salmon flabing on tbe Moy openB on Feb. 1. HoUU : ImperfBl, 
Mot (•" Ainrtltmau). aojM. BoM and men Ti. fid. per day, rafMBhmenta biIth. There 
UfltwolHrgalakei. Longhi Conn and Gullen^conlatnin^ aalmon, Baa and brown trout, 
plke.Midpen>ti.dlBlaal4in. liomBalllDa; free aablng. Qood salmon uid trout flihlng 
UD loogbBJAprll to mldsummsr. Tranl SsUng Improves and continuee good lo tbe end or 
Oclsbar. TbomuB Clirke tuppUes boslB and men, urms as aboca euted. Tbe Uoy 

beglTennp, or paid for at markat price. On thelonghe all flsb taken may be retted 
tree by the ansler. The ArdnaTeel]s1iloE<on theUoy) eilends 2)m. On one side aboTe 
UignsitB at Bslllnall belongs to Ur. J. O. Wilson; tbe other eide le tree. Piihtnaai s 
Frank and Jem Hearoa (lu JdHrlluinsil). Tbere are opwardB of SO m. of angling 
wUer, bssldee Bereral lakes. Ballina is a oentre from which manyroiM nia.^^re 
are Longh Tall, I,ongb Baeky, Hlggin'e Laks, Lough Oh, Carrakertbly Lake, Cara Lake 
•nd two or three olhors, sH open, riehing in a resorreii portion ol Moy free to anglera 
•ttying at the Imperial Hotel. The manager of the Imperial and Boyal Holels tuis alsa 
procnred for vieilora a mile on the non-lidal portion of the Moy. 
l»lHl1«ih1noa (Qalwayl.— Balllnahlneh rlver.ani.; Ukes frofi CO to 100 ; salmon, Ha< 
treat, brown tronl. The principal Iskos are Loch Inagh, Derryolare, Ballinahlnoli, 

Oihlng. nckelB: monthly. 13I.i fortnightly, flf. lei.^ weekly. 31. ISi. ; day, 15i,; «ea- 
■reit flBhIng only 7i, ea. per day. Tbe spring salmon flsblng is eiceiieiil, and Beh run 
'tTj earl;. The eeaaon opens the lit of Febrnary, ends Slst October. The sea-tront 
Bsblng Is probably the beet In Iroland, Boats soppllea gratia ; boatmen 3i. par diem. 
The lUnda sre told off hj Mr. Blscksdder (the manager) In abaoinleiy fsir rolatioa 
erery third day. No netting for years. Qood aocomniodation. Oood sea flihing near 
Toombsola. Apply to Ur, W. BliKkadder, Angler's Hotel, ToombeoU. co. (3alwsy. 
Bnptrior aceommodaeion at the Angler's Hotel, Balllnahlneh Fishery, Qaiway, There 

and of limited eitent! bnl flBhlng may be had at Doohuthi on payment by tbs day, 
Hiongh salmon are but rarely got Ihare. The ErrlB 1b now advsrtised for sale as a 
whole, bnlltlsTerymuchdependentnponbighwater; eometlmes very good, Salman— 

Best months, April and May for spring wlmon: June and Jnly, grilae; and for salmon 
•ndaeatront.Auguat»nd8eplember. Boaloneachbeatgratlg. jifo/s/i: BeceaB.onGlen- 
dalonghlaks : Anglers' Hotel, at month of Ballynabinch river ; and Zetland Arma, Gashel, 
lllUacaniff (Cork),— M.B. On Sonlh Bride : Irool; free. (SaCtr*.) 
BUUndarr; (Tii'^n<) -"s. Cookatown. Trout, aahnoni frss. Staim, March i to 

Bminean (Cork).— O.B. & S.C.B, On Bandon ; salmon and troul. the latter free. 
■■Ulaiobe.— U.O.W.B. OnriyorBobe. From town to L. Mask are Iront lib. loSllb.: 
•.„, k „.= .„ ..I, .... .1. p[ ^^ g ary fly. Abote town, about Boboen, Holly- 

parch, pike, ehar (acB^ily ever ca'^hi), Tront up to 3ilb. (ako fly ; larger up to 141b! 
only to be got by trolliiig, FlIoB, on No. 6 Beime]] sneck scale— Znln. PenneH'e lake 
hla^ hackle with orango/body (black and yellow oalerpiliar). best on wet days. In 

'reelyi beatforpike. The Cnt al Caiia Oo'wer, 3 m., giieegood trout, hnt ledlfflcolt to 
iaheiceptearlyinsesBon, when water is high. The small river at Oroaa, S ni.. holds 
■mall trout, which corns into condition earl^rin the aeseon. Boteli: Valkenburg's and 

Ballludkra,— M.Q.W.B. Ur. Cooper gives leave to flsll Lough Arrow; salmon, aaa- 

troni, and brown trout. The Ballisadaro salmon fishing is very good, hni genemlly let. 
SallyoKMl* (Antrim),— Tolerable lodgings may be had bera Trout and ealmon. Cots 

BkUymona.- II. A N.G.B. 'Qoodflahingcan be had here, with good hotel accommbda- 

Hoii, SBiKn,MarehieioOct. 19. 
StUrroner.— O.N.B. Bann; tree dsblDg. Seiuon. March 1 to Oct. Bl. 


180 The ^n^ler's Diary. 

■ufleTB permltied (a keap tiro atb; trout Bshii 
■tunam. Tbe wnon is > good Etne Oj, . 

HookNo.J; tiil two twlBlB goil, nn*!! topping .. ., „. _.... ^ 

tlppMs, blmelt bul, tliiea twists; body, golden oUts lEIk, chsnging Into plga' down at 
toa aftina shsda, than lata orgnxigs tmd Jlery bt^wn towHrda tha shooldsr ; goldab oUva 
hukle thrss nirta down the bod;, wltb fall cUrel hackle ocer; wing, two golden 
phauuit aidolateattbars.oTerihlB three or tour toppings wttb aprlgi at green pettoI, 
(Old plWMUil Uppel, pintail, tnrkey, and wood dunk, with % klagSsber'a or blna 
ohattsnr'amtlurUeacli jowl, and blue musav'a feeler head, black lurl, gold tinaal 
oosorting. Otber paraoDe are dreaaed larger, with six. asTen. or eight lopplnga in Ota 
wing, with cock of the rock ad Ub.. and with ]a;'a l)a«kte and pnrpls cock Inalaad at 
pintail, and e'en amall lopphiga on the breaat. Thia last one Is good in beaw watar. 
Another fly ; HookNOr A: allrertwlat and pnce allk tag, goldan pluaaani topping aiad 
tjppet sprigs For tall : oatrloh hari owa; apple-green (U iMdy tfppad with blaok twtat 

three eprigs ot each Another : Hook No. E', bine allk and sUvsr tag, golden pheaai 
lopping and tippet aprlga tor tail; black harl over; body about a third ot an Inoh 
TslTet Bilk, the rest orange; golden oUve h&ckls all the w 

saddle feather.'dltlo't^ 

™-- -'■•- the rest orange; golden oUve h&ckls all'lho ww down; ja,s'B hacklo o>sr 
I ; wltig mlced ot gold pbaaaant tail and tippet, gaUlna. and one tapping and 

silk body, with olarel hackle all down. 

Bllverlineelwlng aa betore with blue Ceelera. A yel 
fitted to theeunefl}'. Add to these for bright wealherizid low water later in the seaa 
a fly with dajk orajige body (spare), dne alfver; a cock ot the rock Teather tor tatt; t 
oock of the rockfor Inner wing; gold pheaaant tall and dark Argus over that; da 

ctaret haokla at shoulder; and blue maoaw feeler. Also three, bodlea of dark blue, a 
"i and yellow joint raspectlTvly; alii 

and golden oliv 

h. two topplnga. pintail, „^ „_ 

ST twlat: wing aame for each, two topplnga. pintail. 
■ vi__ __^_^i_ -^-i--. 1,1 _ I "-Qpt flafllzig Is I 

the grllae fli „ 

rtuming up In Uay. The trout flahing In Longb Erne is arst-rai 

plk« Id it, aod aalmon, beside* perch and bream. {Sai Ardam g 
Wltlmoia.— On the lien; saEnan, aea tront. Ao. The river 

Thsseaaihlngligood; pollack abundant. The riyer flahing li 
BMttoldC*.— OJO. Bann : t*lr Baking. Smon, March 1 lo 
Budon.— O.B. C S.O.B- On Baodon; aalmon, brown and whit . . , , 

dub. Comtartable qoactars can be had either here or at Ballyneen or DumnaiivaT. 
Bangur <lfayo).— On ue OweiunoTe, which Is much dahed. Oood roogb lodging eajt b* 

abtained at the Inn. Post eaoh way d^Iy. Bangor is e m. Itom Corick Brldga. (Bm 

Carttt SrUgi,} The Owaumore la, we bellere. let in Ita apper portion. The gan enm 

sameUmeB be obtained. The Owenduff Is about i m. oB. We believe the uppw 
portion may be flahed by taking a monthly dokel at about HI. The flahng la veiy good. 

• 1-_ , , coTnaJj apelt Banaiher).— By train G.8. AW.R, tod s--- — 

■ — -■'^— ■ a didfytroni Uay f" " -^ - "^ ■ 

from Eete np and down the ShanDOn did^ trom Hay till Oeiober. Trout and salmaa 
flshlDg Hay, June, and Jnty; paroh and pike Teiy Itwil In Anguat and Sniiembgr. 
Small but good Idos and buaU In Banagher. (SetMttUcl.) 
Santrr.— C.B. & S.C3- Sahnon, white and brotm trout, and sea flihitig. Tlakary's hotel 

. — .,1.1. TK. — BahlBg for baaa, hake, breun, mullet, pollack, conger, and 

"here la fair safanon and white trotit flshug to be had fa tbv 

~h ._ 

a, between this snd CUengBiiftei bnt Bare uiould be taken to 
unauy, when It would generally be granted. There are a nomlHr 
9 within drlrlng distance. In aome ot wUcb the flahing is lery good. 

Saldan.— On the coast. The mountahi Btreama are toll of small trout, and the eea 

Halilngls eioBllent There la a talr Inn here, with a paat-car attached. (&« GVaumw.) 

BelAlt.— Messrs. Braddell and Son, flah-tackleleta («< AdveHiuntnt). of Belfast, witl 

good flahing lolBt; apply to them. Good irauilngoan be had on the waters protected 
by the Belfast Angleta' ABBoolatlon. a.t. ICi. Qood tronting In the Water Connla- 
sfanera' lakes, tickets at the W.O. oSca. aood ae* Bshing hi Bslfaai Longh. fMtit 
afoHcu wilMm two htan: Anirhn, Armagh, Bslllndeny, Ballyniena, Ballynshloeh, On. 

Down, BaJIjraney, Banbridge, Caatledawaon, Coleraine. O-^*-" " " ■■ 

Oollybsokey, Dovnpatrick. Dromore. Dnnadry, Olarrytori 
wbrary, £ellBwater, Kilkeel, Lagan. May, Newcaatle, Band 

MllMfc (Fennanagbl.-O.N'.B. On Erne; salmon and tronti flshinglobehadbrtlckM. 
There Is capital pike flaUng In Lough Erne and river. Johnetone'B Bote], Balleek, to 
good, and preserved trout and i^ka flahing can be had free by those alayloc Id the bonsa. 
The May-fly season Is a grand time. 
Urd MUL— (.Stt Ifenaek.) 

„..., .(..oogic 

■tammr (Cork).— OS.4W.B. OdB1ut.„, , „=...^ „_ 

>«rl* (BoecommoD).— ICG.W.B. AMpltallTODt BUeunrnnslluoiigh theplaca. Iliapr*- 

mred. bnt lave cubs obtained. Th«i-« Ix caplial iron t flsblsK to be bad in LonKb Aitdw 
.„j.i..on-«i.fc^. Tlwn mmmy other ff-- <-■—- -i--— .-——-.---- ^-. - 
troin Dsnr, 1 bonr. On i 

the 8UtE<> ItlbM. Than in mui; other ggod lB,k«s In IheuelKhbourl 
"*"" —Ball from t*— ^ ' v„_- rt_ /^ — .1 um _. — .... 

in UhM hold tTont and char. 

'SuiAnrMi <I>oDS^).— G.H.B. The riier Bnadmm mm olou b; ban (ubnoa and 
tKiut). rising in liilu HaMJk »». oB, nlsbrated tot ItBSSlmoa, large lake tri>at,;iilIaro<L 
and brown tront. AnalliigonUkeandrlTeropgnaFeb. I; ckiwa— rlnr, amtrSilaka, 
Ool.S,OsblnBmo«ttyfiaa. The propriBlor of the Uarins and Fuullr HoM, Bintdmu, 
keepi boats on the lak« In cottuecljan witb Oh hotel. aJso poit-ears, and csji ptoonrs rra* 
tIckalslorthereisrTadpoTHonotbottatiTereSimdniwsiuid Bnndufr. Accommodstlon 

tor Ashing tba lake ean be had either at Scott's (OHnlsoa}. Uorphj's (BoHlnTer), 

Uoor'a. near Klnlongh, or ConlUr'g, Deirrherk Boase, on Iho Bborei of the looglL 

Lotd £lT, Ilr. Stobbi, and Hn. Johnstone charge Si. Gd. per daj or Ui. per week for 

,-- ..-^ -- — per week fo 
IS*. ■ d«r tor Lough Ha-Vagh. Bnndnff river dletant rrom Bnodoran ou 
aall road about St m. An^Ung lor saliaon ean be kad From May onOI 

n Walerf oi<L Troat and plka. PermlBsioa rsqalied. 

ll (Antrim).— On Bosh ; salmon and troni. From here to the sea. In., the 

anilr 10 B, U. Daiiglu, Esq., PortbaUsDtrae, BnshmlllB. ' 

Snttovant.— O.S. A W.B. There is a capital Inn here, Qood plka Dablng neu. 
'Cablr (Tipperarr) — W.L.AV.B. TbeOleDgallATmelBcoiaronablB. Salmon and tioal 

on the Soir ; atiinilj preserved b; the proprielore. 
-0>lil>elT*«n (CO. Kerry).- (Sk Wattrctllt.) The lakes and ilierot Clara to the eaatot 
the Tillage are good after a fresh. {Set raitneia.) The Feartsgh. Kearao, and Elne^ 
mn near. Salmon, sea tronl, and brown Iront, These are lata riven, and neeleiB 
before Jnlj. Aagost is the best month. The Bo; al Uail Hotel Is good. The flaherr I* 
free. The toSoolDg are good flies : No. 1, Tip. fine guld tinHel. Tall, msllsid and mS, 

Tag, golden jallow plg'a wool. Bod j, Herj b 
•-■ * -arlethaoklerolledopl ■■— '^'■ 


rich mixed, with aidmson horns. No. 3. Tip and tag aa above. Tall topping sr 

bOBfi, If Hod on'a amsirgrilso 

asher, BodT. pnnila Bilk, ribbed with silver. Hackls, black. Shoulder, claret hsfUe. 

hook, wHl rarely be found to taJL Than _. . 

others at Kells, both toll of brown trout. A boat Is aliBoliiIely necesaary. Lough 
Cnrralne lie* near. Salmon arooarlj with troll, and rise freely in May. 
-t)»rBCll bike (Co. Kerry}.- This pictureeque lake, wilbln halt a mile of Q.S. AW. 
Beltway Station ot same name, la about 4 m. long, and afrords aicellent sahnon and 
tront llahlng (free). The Sootbam Hotel, one ot the series ot newly eecsbllahed honses 
already so favourably known to sportsmen. Is altnatad on the shore of the Iska. The 
Lower Carsgh river la carBfnlly presened by the Hotel Company tor the ase ot their 
gnesta at a moderate eharge. A hatcbery for Levan trout Is also working BncceBstDlly 
fa bolel grounds. Nmnerons moantain labs la the vlciiilly are well stocked with flab. 
Tor former datidla tefar to " Bontbem Hotels Limited" advartlsenHnt. 

{Waterford].~W.L, A W3. 13 m. above Watarford. On Suir; fd^ 
■h ^ve the town. The Ashing on Snir Is free on the noRh bank tor 
Ilia aouth bank for 7 m. Within a saort drive are several looghs. and the 

trout ittaions, Oloda, Qlai, and Ooolnsmuck. aU free. S m. off. on the Comaragb m< 

tains, are savaral lakes glvlne good tronHng. such as Lough ConmshuigsuD, Oroltjr's 
Lough, Lough Ooumdualla. Lough Mor, and the SllUognes, The BtlUogaae ^ve good 
flshfig by day, trout ronnlo- ■- — ' — -'— ""-- "— ■ "-•-' — '- '- " ■— ' 

August, and SeptanibBr are 

•flaixiOk.— UIO.W.B. On Shannon, sahnon. trout, and pike. The Shannon rises on 
Iba slope ot KDlheagli Moonlain. and Ihe stream then flows Into Lough Allan, a basin 
S m. long by 3 n. broad. Sevaral small streams join the take. At Ballla BrlAge streams 
trom two loughs (Lough Key and anolker) join the main river, 3 m. tnm here Is tha 
town of Oarrlck, Fishing of all Hnda may be had here, a m. below Carriok the ritar 
widens ont into Carry Loagk, and a short distance below lies Jamestown. Fishing, 
tree. Below Jamestown the river vridens oat into Loughs Tap. Boedarrlg, Boaffln. and 
Sconnell. In theie loughs the tront mn tram lib, to Tib. Boadarrig is tha best. Below 
the town ot Boskay, ii m., the river enters Lough Forbes. Below this Bichmond is 
roui^ balow which is Longh Baa. The trouting in the 
a. Ths town ot Athlona lias S m. from Ha aoaibom point. 

lialow Athlone, the Bncb:}oins Shannon. The Ashing Is good. 
~ rond BalUnaaloe. At Shannon Harbour the Brusnalofn* 

ThlB river runs di 

:cAiannont and than Lough Da^ la raachad. Tha flshlng 

. C .OO'J 

The Angler'a Diary, 

on the SbannoD. imd Iho flsbliig iB ben praaerred. Limerick li (heneil station, esl i> 

Oarrlok (DoneRall-— Teelln ; SElm on. white and. brown trooL Hoiii: OlenailiiiiibUll* 

OfttrlokfiriTll.— B. 4 N.C.B. 8 m. fromBelfaet, Tbe reaanolre of the BbUmi Watet- 
worte CompanF, 4 m. off, hold fln© brown tronl. averm^lof three-qoartere of a poodl 
The; ma; be taken on > bright day with email flies, red Bpinner and caachmui beiiif 
Tery good, and on doll windy days nltb a brigbt ortuigy red By or haie'B ear. Lew 

ObMIvIHW.— H.G.W.B. Longbs Conn andCullan; pllie. tronl. Longh Betlra. e is.; 
• good fishing. 

Oavtla BalUnEham <Lonlh}.~O.N.B. On Olyde ; salmon and trout 
"--"- '"'■wney.— Q.N.K. OnCaailoBlMnoyLBkei pike, perch. Ac. i strictly preeerrei 

Oaatle BlBrney.— Q.N.B. OnCaaileBlnneyI.Bke; pike, percb. Ac. i strictly pieeerrel. 
OMtla Oanldwall (rennana^).— Q.N.B. On Erne; aabnon and Iroot. 
Oaatla CoimeU (Limerick).— W.L. A W.B. On Shannon ; sabaon, tront. plks. perch, te. 
«.... rt-t. ^,..__. . gtioQ.. Prcacrved rodsu-e sctDBtCmea to let for a lime. Apply tO' 

AN.C.B. On the Uoyola. which enters Longh Neagh aliontSiit. 
\ng In spring, especisUy after a Bood ; hesTr lake treat in aaliimn. 
r good for Ireland. Ttontinf free, except uiroagb castle gromldL 
A W.K. On the Maine, Teale, and Smerleigb ; OrBt-ntle troctbig. 


■almon. and sea tront. 
QMtU MutTT <Cork).-On TH 
OuU* FoU"*-— V.n.vir n. ■ 

Ylsltora at tbla hotel have plenty of 

.sant tippet, and blue macaw feelers. AnoUier: Body, bine m 

;kle. tsJlB, wing, Ac. , as abo™. Another : Body, black and red, 

-■ — ■■-., aa above, (See Bamatlone.) The Doohnlla while tr 

and sea tronl, bnt they rise very badly. A good fly to. 

yellow or fiery brown, with red or blank hackle, and starling's wing. For white treat, 
orange Up. black and bine raoli&lr mlied. black hackle, fine slirer ti^Bt, 4Ul mlied whig 
or gold pheaeuit breast, plover, green parrut, mallard, galllna, and ^EalL with a apitg 

.... . _,„ _.. ....._.. ... ^. _ ....._. --joUier: Body, bine mohair, 

■ : Body, black and red. or 

„..,., _. , The Doohnlla while tronl 

flshery la near hare. The DoohuUa flsheiy la 7 m. from CIKden and G m. from Bonnd- 
Btone. The llahery comprlsea a river and many l&kea well aKicked with white, brown 
trout, and aalinon. Ett^: Ballway (•» .itdivttiHmnil). 
OlODbnz, S m. tram BalllnxolM Station.— On L. Usrak, t m, from Ooug. L. Mamk; 
good troaling. free. (9« SafUnmtt.) L. Nafooey. e m. ; tront and abonduicB of inhe. 

OfoiliIiel(WBtertard).~W.L. A W.B. &nir^ capiul piking i 

OolerKliia(co,Derry]._-B.AN.C.B. On Bann; siliuonand trout. AiftTj : Clotliworken 
■ ~ oraflon Arms. The flahing npm ikejilmDn leii,p is free, AboveltlB 

la very broad, and can onl;r be flsbod from a boat. The Bana la a late river, little can be 
done befoT« July ; Angnel is better ; and September beat 

Oombsr.— B * O.D.B. Fair, free tronting after rain. 

Ooiu' (Qalway).— OnlxmghCorrih; aabnonand iront jffrUel. Oariiela Arms. Averygood 
BtaTlon. TroUinf with natural bait Is best Lough Maak can alao be Sahed from here. 

Ooan tmaT*.— The Qowla tlahery Ih pTeeerved. Apply to Q. Bobinaon. £aq.. BonndstoiH, 
M Oalway. 

OookWown (Tyrone).— B. A N.C.B. (Su BaadidHrt.l 

OoamolOKlieiKns Laks (co. Serryj.— Abont S m. north of Eeenhaan lAke. and abont 
1) m. from the road. The gronnd ronnd it ia very boggy, and tba tront very plentttul. 

Omlok Brldn,>~TLere la e, tulen,ble Inn here. The white trout flahing in Angnat aod 
September lallrat-THte. Yoc mast depend on BalUna for yonr ainipUeB ; diatant 19 m, 

Oork.— OnLee. (SsaJfoeroom.) The 1*8, from Gongam Barralike (its eonrce. where 
there la eicellent trool Qsbing) flowa through Inchageelah Lakes. Capital accomiacdB- 
tlOD St Brophy'a Hotel, inchigeckih : also at Dennehy'a. Ballway Hotel. KaoToam, 
where the Laney, Fooberiah, and Snlline, Ac, johi the Lee. B^lway to Uaeroom, 
where cara can be had te any dietrlct The Lee la conaldend the earllsst ealmon river 
In Ireland. The following are some of the trU>nt«ies : Sonth Brtda (the Hacroom rsS 

. runanearly parallel with II). the Blarney, Shoumach,01aahagormT.DripBe7,Qlanmitc^ 
CarrigaUne, or Yellow Biver, Uldlelon, Ac, Ac Those floWing into the tidal watec 
hold white or sea tront. and In the fresh water porUons brown tront Trout ilshlng ia 
entirely free. The Loegh of Oork contalna mllUons of roach, perch, and tench. Within 
eeey reach of Cork t*l rail IT m., la Uie Bandon rtver, which flows into Ktnaale harbonrt 
aahnon, white and brown iroot. Alao f nrlher weal., the Airigadeu, which flows Isto 


-CourtoMherrj B«y. Tha North Bride, ■ Irlbulnry i 
Colli. Bad Is a flue broim tront river ; bo !■ the CI] 
cortnHC. with an eicelleni Ina at Bathcormnc uid 
the Peniek, nblcb Joina BUckVBier Bbova VlUlerB 

of Cork, fllther by rail or o»r. „ , , 

UtOCikmtowa (Cork)— On Soutb Bride ; tree trm 
Orookatown SoKd (Corkj.— C. A U.B. On S< 
OroBinc.— B. A C.D.B. BsUynahinch rirer 

to Oct 19. 
Oroaahavaii (Cork).— There are two good koigl 

CBrrigsltafl can io roerhed from here. Goodae 
4)nimUll.-O.N. B. Some tmuting In tlie broo 

•OnllTlwoker.— -B. J: N.C.B. Maine; Rood flBhmg ; inw. awHin. juarca i » uci >i 
duisch, Iba.— In the canal there is fair porch uid p^ flehisg. 
^tealuudall.— I^.e. l^ama. Fair brook flehing ; tree. 
DaiTock. — B. A N.C.B, Bnsh; troat, salmDn; preaeir^. Staion, Uareli 16 to 

aMntfle.— The Connnr Hill lakes lie near here. Longh-a-dDon, the Pedlar-B Lake, the 
While Lake. Uannt E^le Lake. &c, and eeceral tronl streaiDS. Soul: Benner'e; 

re to flab here ie ditBcnlt to obtain. Tha 

it char may be cangbc. The troat nm 

mnBl be oblaloed from the rasLdenl gentrj. of whom Iko ^arl of Arran, Gen. ■While, 
and Mr. Wallace are Ihe principal^ The fliefl^ire smanflerj- browns and blacka. tibbe* 

bad on the loeh. 

Imon. and plenty of while tront maybetaiiea about Jnly- 
low, and holds a tew aalmon and while Iront. Bdei : Arran 

Bpringi whlM tront and an occaBloQBl salmon ni aalumn. Comfortable lodglngi. 

Thore are soma lakes noar in which large tront may be canghl. and which can be 

Oshed from the shore. 
J>ooiilakf (Cork;. — C. ft M.B. On Lee; salmon and tront- {Set Cork.) 
DownpUKiok.— B. AC.D.B. Annaclo}-: falrflshing. fi^mon, Uarch U to Oct. 1». 
Dromora.— (&e Kmmarr.) On the Blacknater. The river is let to a clnb. The best 

flies are fiery browns, orange silk, and bla.i:k hacklBB. and a orimBon silk body, with 

a Woe and fiery brown hackle brought op to ahouLdor with Jay at throat, inlied wings. 
DnUUn,— There is (airly good trouting in Dodder, Tolka, Llftcy, Bye, Ward. 9wDrd, 

DeJylr, Manny, Bookersiown, Bathe rsBervolr, Shankill, and Crooked river, M 

freely given. Tocifciid, C. Weekes'andCo,, SS.EaaeiQniy. 

DlinadT7.— B. &N.O.B. CIsdy; trout, Sbuai, March 13 to Oct. 19. 

SanKiTan.— B. & N.C.B On Boa; aalnioii. white and brown trout. April and May 
(orT)rown trout, Aagnat and Seplember for white trout, September and October for 
■almoD. (See Limavadj/-} 

Dimaloa (DoDcgsl). — On Bosses fishery (see Adoeriiiennni). sltoatcd between the 
Gweedore and Oweebara rivers, and is ID in. fromFinlonnSlaliDn |S.C.JB,), There ara 
-over 100 lakea holding while and brown trout. Loughs Ueenmore, Tnlly, and Dungloe, 
all within 1 J 7n. of the bolela, give good white troutmg; April 1 to June 10— m.1. SOi.. 

>lack hackles starting or maUard wings, will kllL 

Mid Uoes at Dnnmore. AU InformaUon lo be obUined from E. Wardell, nshing TacklF 

Maker. 117, Quay. Waterford. 
■sfleld.— M.Q.W.B, BlackwaCer; troat, pike; treating good and tree. EofleMisMoL 

from DubUn. 
p«rranfore.— Q.S. * W.B. About 8 m. from Killamey. Mrst-rate trout fishing, 

— ._ „r, ^,,. >. r^T,.., Leave may poaaibly be obtained on applicaaoD 

n Liemore, Fenuoy, and EiUavnllki atloTdB 


134 Tfie Angler's Diary. 

■"mfbrdnltTa).— H.Q.WA. OnMor; uhnon and trout. Btltl: TotSoraBciO. Louhi< 
Conn uid Oftllow lie nen. The luidlprd ot (he holel hu & BoruMenMa aahery. 

Q«lwar.— M.e.W.L Aif(;i : Uuk'i Sa/ftl UoUi {i— Adcwllwmmli mi BiUwbt Hotel < 
i(M .IdnirHHnunJ). The riTer Is roll of ulmon end leB-Croat. but [I Is vsrj ihoii i lb* 

spring Oahiiig le rniii Umroh 15 to U» la. The moncb of Jane it tAe h«Bt for poel 
Ibbliv, M msDT u tweotT pMl beloK killed by one rod is a day. Julr, l.agnBt. and 
Baptmiber are good alao. but not quite bo good aa Jose. "^ prOTfilBd there is water In tb« 
ilTer," The while trout begin to ran about July IB; AnguBland September an the two- 
baatDKinthi for nblta tront Bablng. For lansb troni themooibot May Is the beil tor 
fly fiBUng OD Longh Corrlb, which Ilea near ; Jnne. Jnly. and AngoBt are ilia bast lor 
tralHiu:. Tbe ptCicipal Olea (or tba (HJway rif er ara— blaok and yellow BoldDBCh. . 
lilaok BJid orange body, ollTe haohJe, Jay ahbalder ; orlmion and orange body, claret' 
buUe, Jay (hoiiMer 1 gieeo endotangebodyjiRyiDODlder, or orange haokle; bine and 
oraDga body, bine hackle breaBted with j^. Fliea for eea troni flBUog ar« — bloe bodf » 
bine hackle, Jay's wing; clant body, claret baekle breaatadwllh Jay; Uae and clarat 
mlredroBghbody.alarethacklo; black body. ycUoir Up black hackle. TbebMtqo&nerB 
for flaUng the lake* from Is Ooghlenird. Some rodB are consUnlly to be let on tba 
Ualw»jr rtrer. Apply to B. TownBend, Esq., bon. bm., Qalw»j Angling Clnb. The 
poQaok flah^ le cscdlcDt Take plenty ot Indlarobber balti, white Ulea, donlile and. 
treble got collars. On BbaUowgrDnndDBals-tBthomllneBwllhoat lead. 
Qmrrlaon (bm. BallMk).— Oq I^ugh MeMa. the beat time to flsh the lake tor frGlarao" 
with artlflolal fly tt February, lilarch, and early AprU. In the Bud drowea good eporl can- 
lie had with natural fly during Ua; and Jane, uilng condong or cricket on the flDost 
tackle. TbeyalaoUien takehoiledBbrimpwell. In AuguBt uBe the natural deddyloog- 
iag» In ^ lake. In Beptembor there are great nmnbera tn the Drawee, bdon^mg to 
IiOrdUaaeey.IietweaitGelBhnandMulltnabeck. (Ste Bimdiii-m.) ID m. south 1b Lougb 

UelTlnll, w.t.l8i.,d.t.^M.; api^ to landlord or the hotoL Agood tioiit fly for tha 
Inigh ia hen i^ieaaant wing, light red ginger hackle, wlib a psla yellow rilk body aodi 
The beat part of the longh Ib where the tvo riTera run Into It. LeaT* 

It tail, tag of orun- 

:t t^tuall topping, two Inms or oBtriahbarl.aboot a tblrdi 

Cow pig"! wool merging into dark Oery brown, then Into talai 
Bhootder ; claret hackle running tno-tbirda down the body wltb jay OTor It. gold 
twist; wing, golden pbeoaajir tippnt, covered by mallard; feelera. blue miKaw, and a 
black OBtrlch head. Another le. one lap of allvcr twlBt, orange silk tag, amall toppinj^ 
for tall; mulberry pig's wool body, di^ssed medlom; mulberry hackle. Jay over all; 
lamo wing and bead aa the Sret fly. Age,[a : Two lape or allTer twlat, dark orange tac,. 
t^l ot mallan^ and three or rour fibres or gold pheaHant tippet; body, black plgc- 
wool, ratbor Bpere,with a da-rk tlcry hrown ring h^r-way up it, and tbon black again, . 

^^t, and mallard's wing; black head. Lough Uelvio iB good in spring. The Qarrlaon 
Hotel {Mr. A. Scott) Is comfortable, i m. from hero Is Longh-na-&ab. The troot 
■Terage ailb. Leave rrom Ur. Maude, at ISi. per day. Not come Loughi Demacorbnt 
and MacNoan. The troni are herring eize. but very nnmerona. Longha Meeny-mean < 
and Glen Oiawan are full of flab averaging (lb. Longh Anauy contains vety largo- 

Penh and email trout. 
aUaOora.— (£bb AMMara...., 

ro pike lakea, and three aalmonaad whiletn 
nuuodaHoD ia 1' ' 

AMManm.) There are In the Immediate ncdghboiirhood t( 

iIb limited, but at the Inn the qoartere are cheap and comtortaDle; 

oatding houae. There Is good troot fishing in the Sbepperloa lak», 

bair way to Skibberaen. While trout may be caught in streama near, aftw a flood. 

OlaeTTfOxd.— Bl AN.C.B. Maine; aalmon, trout; rree. aeatm, March 1 to Oct. SI. 

Olenamov,— T m. from Baldarg. A bed or two may be had here; ecconunodatlon vtrr- 
bad. This la one of the best wl7ts-trout flshlnga tn Ireland. (3a Btldav.} 

aiBSKrm.—B, & N.CB. Fair ironting ; partly reserved. 

aiaiulTT.— Good troullng in ftie brook after rain. 

Olanbar .-{Sas XtllavHn. ) 

QlVLOax, — There ia good apriur salmon flsbing in the beginning of the year on the apper~ 
Cara rlTer. The river flows into Cara lake, on wUch there le elK fery fair aalmon 
flsbing early and late in the year, tree Trout are nunberonB, but very small as a rol^ 
There are HTeral brown troot lakes in tbe moontaios acoesalbla from the hoteL Cooaa 
and Olnln lakes are close to the bote] ; good trouting. 

CBanMrlfb.— C.B. &S.O.B. On OlengariETe; salmon, yiallorBatBocbe'eHoteleanflali 
ben, (SeiCiirt.i Near here ere Loughs Bne and Bordlln. Bueison thelopDC-'Piie*l>- 

The river that runs out oi 11 is also good. Bordlln Lake, on the top o( Botdlln Houutalit, 
1b within two or three hundred yards of the road leading from Bantry to QUgarraii. 
There areplen^ot trout Several trout etreama and an inunenee number of nonptata 
lakea hi the tlclnlty. Brown trout very plentiruL Comhola river i m. (one of the b«M 
late salmon and white trout rivers In the South. Ur. Boche preaorve* 1 m. tat bU 
TiBitors), Ballyllcky t m. (salmon and white trout; leave freely gf ven) ; both by gooAl 


IrelaTid. 185 

ctrriue rood. SaJmon, wbits trout, Hni broim trout. aea-SsUng it ver; good, wpft- 
dftUy In September. 
"BU.—i>a the Oweneii. (Sa Adam.) The ncaonunoiUilDii bere li better Uun %% 

B. On Barroir 1 ulmOD. trout, and COH-SB ash. 

— a.N.S.B. fim. OnOwenkineiiiUlinDnBndwtilla 
noub £ ismnf ^oa late in «w leaaon i rftla sbsolDte]; zi«ceaBHy. 4 nL off Is QleDellr 
riTer; good broiro troot aBhtas In spring, Bclnioii and white tront in kntumn. Oood 

ttvaaaoTS (Donegal). ~ There la a upttal hotel bere, end Sahlng far MjmoD. ua, 

ud lakoB belon^g lo Oapt, Bill, u (oUowe : Tha lakes, imd Hut ptrt or Oladj 

■taking sX the hotel, proTlded thsy take out their Balmon lloBnoe from Mr. Bobenwn, 

llihlDg tie river Olady betveen tbs hotel and BoDbeg, and In the Qweedore rlTer, ffinBt 

fnllofBinaU trout open to the pabUc in thoBoeses djatrlct, which can be Bebed with ease 
(dther from the Qireedore Hotel or Mr. Sweane^'B hotel al Dongloe. The Gweedore riTsr, 
better known by the gillies ■■ Orolly ricer, Is about 11 m. rrom Oweedore hotel ; Salmon 
—■ ' —1 tront LonghannrB lake la strictlj preserved. (Sw Diaglee.-) 

■dtOalway).— (n.s. Q»lw«x, lOtB.) Lough Corrtb; satoon, pike, tront 
^ r-r. -"•", TkeQuagmlretivermnannderlheUne. Ooodforbrown IroBt 
_ kre some good l&kea here, and a rair hotel. Boats can be had. 

m.l By slaying at Brophy'a Hotel ctpital while tront fisMng can be had la 

The OHTanerlsesontheSerryslde oraoiigsneBtrrSi,and BowBlntoBally 

Iilcky Bay. Bantry. Shehy Lake and Cool UountalnrlTermay also be flshed from bete. 
*--■-" -Qongane and Inohlgeels lakes, &c^ also the rivers, the Foarlsh. the Oluha 
le Toon, the Laney. the Lnllane, the Donglas, the Bride, the Bunyea. may bs 

_lt (Cork).— O.B. AS.C.B. Bandon; aalmon, tronl; preaerred by a club. 

a,— On Shaunon, (Set Corrfci.) 

Kails.— B. A N.C.B. Good (routing and aome salmon i tree. BMttm, Uarch IS to Oct. IB. 
KMnkMS £aka (co. Kerry).— The Hoot are a good size and plentiful. The river thM 

rans from it Into the Slahsmi)' is fuU ol trout. %b lake Is I) m. from the main road. 
Ksnauua. — The lesser Blackwater runs G m. trom here, also Sheen: salmon and trouL 

Httmtal). The river riaea In Loch Brinn (full of troull, owned by Mr. Mahoney, of 
Dromore Castle. About 2 m. off runs the Bonghly, rising in Glen Flesk. The salmon 
and tront Ssblng in It is free. All the p^ols and atteama can be flahed from the bank. 
Oood Free trouting in the Clonee Lakes, Glanmote. and aienlncblqnin. On the top of 
Ultle llangerton mountain le Bed Trout Lake, Gontalnlng Sne flab. Good In May. Also 
BomphT^s Lake and Coolnood Lake. The owner oT^e Falls preserveB I m. ot the 
Sheen. Ouneenbrick and Dromorthy Lakes are good in Jul; and Augnat Salmon, 
sea tront, tront, and sea flshlng good, eapedally pollack. 

ZUMrvaa.— (8« Keanare.) 

KlUraal (Down).— Good irontlng. 

KUUOoc (Clare).— W.L. £ W.S. On the Shannon ; salmon and Ironli trouting tree, 
Loch Derg lies above the town ; tronl. pike, perch, salmon ; flshhig very good, and free. 

espedallv in the UiySy 
■— '- a lir'- "— ■ - - 

lug, partridge haekle. A green body, red haekle. aikl 

use hackle, with orange body. L yellow body, ribbed with gold, 

larlok Is dlslanl Vi m. The Glflaro tront is (onnd In Berg. 

By staying at the Hnyal Hotel {tti Advtrliirvieni) 

— ^^-- ,_. .-^.) Peal Ushing In the river is very good about 

. .._., iglntreland.'°Sostly ilsbcdtromaboBt. (Sm JChiou*.) ThSo k! 

ia iwommended as a good Sy in hot weather : T^l dressed email, a golden pheasant 

auial: body, green peacock berl ribbed with gold; legB,jay'e blue speokled feather; 
gs. half-a-dozen small golden pheasants' topknot. This By may be varied trith an 
apple-green floes silk body, 
KUismer.— O.S. A W.R. Hahnon and tront. The sahnon fishing is very iadllTerant on 
the open water. The trout run small. The osoal charge tor a two-oared boat is Ti.«if. 
perday. The river Flesk mns near; the ashing Is ocoaalonally very good, and open. 
There is very good brown trout Ashing In Loeb Gnltane, S m. off, preserved by Cord 
Castlerosa and Ur. Herbert. The Laone joins the lakes with the sea. The ashing 
oommeoces on January 1. and eods Avgnat Bl. Curing the Bret throe months the lakes 

tlieeDdoTuaynBtIlug°cu^es.°Thebest'partfo'rBa^on Is on the shore beyond Boss 
Oastle, close to a shingly beach, with some ngly stompe or piles reaehlDg some way out. 


136 The Angler's Diary. 

trontBablni oalhe lower, npper, BDd middle Ukea Is iTonliloai; but on tbe Lod^ B«Aeh 
and Uiere&bDnie. uid it Ibe meetlag of tbe walen m tbe back of Dials Island, 70a mu 
get a tolerable number o( amull ones. There e re eale, perch, and flounde™ In Iba lake. 
(iSm CaMnican ; FarrtBifore ; KUIoraHn.i Tbe Laime li now lei (o Mr. Wblla Popbuo. 
Midway between Ills and EeamBre b Longh Looiecannaib. holding great nambera ot 
treat. Tbere an Bome troul iD lAcka Lake 1 m. N.E. ot ElUamar. TaclltUI, 
T. HcCanlie;, Main- street. 

KUlMSH <Cork).~aB. A W.B. 18 in. rrom Oork. On KlUaagh ; tront. 

■UUlHg'B.— S.B. There Is good boat flihing In the harhour, and one or too nice littta 

XlUornlil.— ?(Ur'': milway. On Lanne. ailmim Babing le very good in Angnat 
and ^ptember after netting baa ceased. White tr«nl cummeiics nmnlDE aboal 
the inlddlB o( May, from lilb. to Bib. weight The proprietor of the B^waj 
" - ■ ■ ■- - -' '- "^ -"- Imon pools DO the Laune, aleo tl 

SlUnmnoy (Cork).— C. * M.D.B. OnSonlhBrid 

■ ,— G.B. iW.K. OnSlani'T. 

■y (Mayo).— On Owenmoi 

Imm^ (Mb^_,. 

Iraft (Derry). — Bt &_N.G.B. On Bnnn; aahnon 
out, perch, bream. 

■^itfmfnti; SI 

t Eilrea. j 

XUabelan.— W.L. dlW.K. Sulr ; Bslmoa and treat. Count de la Foer grinta leare for 

Ih* asklnit. Flahing very good. 
Xlnnla.—C.B. A S.C.B. Sea flHhbig lery good. Mackerel can be taken vith hook and 

line in great nmnbora In summer, snd all thle coast abouDde In pollack. 
XiUMataoronrli.— On Shannon, (,3m Comet.) 
buna.— B. A^.C.B. |Sm Cui'ieidail.) 
Kajtown.— O.K.R. 37 m. trem DobKo. Nanny; aea trent. pike, B trout. Manny 

rises by Navan. The set, trout fishing la rery good. Between the railway hridge and 

the aea are three or [oar pools full ot fleh on the ebb tide. They Trill only take worm or 

vnyard (head or i^rrllT fiBhery). 5 m.; 1 

whltlDg, sole, pollack, plalcK, Ac. July, Augusi, and September are 
■salmon and trout. Sold: Leenane, where tickets can bo had, and 
I Narooey. Blron Uaaao and X^cenane. and tiro lakca on the road la 

Loufffii: PcUacapul. Kylemore; aalmon, 
. -..Esq.; leave may be ohulned. BCBlmoDtiia, 

'. Two fair bolela and lodgings. 

moa fishlne near Dnn^van te better 


;d by M; I 
KlmitviUly.— B. i 

. Cruiser Boyal Bolel. 

.. ._. . ._. always proTlds its TialWrs with good free 

flehlog ; apply to proprietor. James Flyon. (Btt Carricll.) From the Lax Weir upward 
some S m. or « m. Is free. There la good aaltDoa D^hlng In the Malgne 4 n. oD. Good 
Sablngcan also be had at Castle Connell by mon'h or season. Apply to landlord. 
TaclkUl, A, Nestor, George-street. 

Llnnora.— G.H. 4W,B. On the Blackwater. Leaye from the leasees, but all Bah most 

' beglTeu up. March and April, and again in June and July, are the best montha. 

LUtowal.— W.L. 4W.B. {Set Ab/ieffcalc.) 

tonaonderry.— Two miles oB Is the Faughan; ( 



., perch, and 

) the river to Clady. and flsh iip. 

ikestown can be reached from here: Ellglasi lakes 

, (Lough naNa 

n, ... A'OOgIC 

(Cork).— O. A M.B. 3 m. oS la tbe Lee . 

iky (S m.); wlmon. an Irout^ bcovs trout. Fishing be^g Jn^ 1. 
1 are tvo good tekes t m. oH — ana aepecitilly, Nmhallon, bni there H« 

Ac. («« Cort.) The 
. Within lm.ot the 

•al Luiej (troal). The Toon, the Oluhagarror. uiil Ukea iiiclui,la«h S m."oa, Ooagaiit 

loehigeela are wall alocked. The uicroom Ballw»y rona parallel witli the river Bride, 
t l*rg« troBi atmun ItibDtary to the Lee, aiid holding the lery Snest brown (mnt in 
ooiiLlj Cork. Maoroom lB24im. from Ciifk. Care may bo had at the Hotel. 

liMm.— Longh Corrlb; {rike, trout. Ac. : dBhingfree. /nn ver; comrortsble. 

Xmllmr.— On Blaekw»ler! aalmon and (rent. Leave may aometlmea be obtaiDcd on 
mllMBon to Ihe-proprlelorB. In some of the streama nr the Upper Blaekwaier. from 
aulHr and beyODdUlllnreel, ashing i9 tree. There la good troutini on the Clyda Leer 
and olher amall stnama in the neidhbonrhood. Kr. Harold, filing tackle maker, 

llMUak.--A tew mllee below Bannagher, There la fair apon about June wjlh the peal. 
Above Bannagher la Shannon Bridge, bat there is no Iront flahlng, and veiy little aafmon 
Sahbig ; boats are necesaary. There la a dean little inn here, ISa CarrfiJ:.) 

Wlford,— Near Derry, Cloee by la Lough Fern and Klndrum Lake ; the fl^iMg in F«m 
la very good both for aalmon and troal, and free. The beet aeasou from Mareh 20 to 
and or Ut}. The beat flies for Lough Fern are flerj brOTDa, clareU, and oUveg, and 

hackle, jay at the shoulder; wing, jangle cock, two toppings. andBbrcs of bnatard; long 
crimson homa : head, vellowplgt' wool. Seta-. Melford. (See Raihrnellm.} 

. .,.- .1, — D-i.i,!.. ,._ jteamer from Klllaloe, 

— , ,., ,. , „ _™..., OcLl*. 

■I07TaUaT(Elldare).— OnM.O.W.B. Blackwater; trontplke; Irontlng good and free. 

KUUnkTwt.— W. A S,C.I. A KJJR. 6 m. from Walerford. A good tront atream mns 
fromhere toKihnacow,theflBhingof whichlB free. Troul »dJ»ll. but loleraWy pknafnl. 

HnllllurkT.— U.O.W.B. The atatloa for Belvldere and Lough Otrei, the funons Wesl- 
meklhtekee. Lake Deravaragh Ilea nci,r. The treat ran large, and dnrlng (he Uay-fly 
season greet numbers may be canght with the natuni fly. Good HpOTt can be had lb 
Belvldere Lake. H m. on the Caslletowa-slation road. The river Inny and Broana are 

VakB(Kildare).— &.S.'fi WJl. OnLlfley; trout. 

>«usb (Tlpperary).— O.S. & W.B. G m. cIT is the Shannon and Longk DeTg. >' Droml- 
neer, where are two amall hotela. Thia la a good point for the flrat of the May fly fishing. 
There ate *BTeT»l fiahermen here. At Uount ShanDOa, 7 n. oil by water, la a capital 
country botel, reoently eolatged and Improved. Uount Shannon can be reached also 
from Bird HIU, U m. off. ArUflelal ^ haa not been mach tried on the lake, unless 
with cnsaJine; Derg holds, bnddes plen^ of large tront, pike, perch, and rudd; the 
Ian can be caught In large quauUUea wllh artlflcial fly m the ehallawa. The best 

JIacea for pike are in Ckoe. Boannore. and Bcanp baya, which can be beat fished from 
!onnt Bhancon, whereeoodflBhermenandboalacan behad, 
VewoMtls.— B. A C.D.B. aood ironting; good sea ashing, Qoodhotel. 
Mnrvatt (Uayo). — U,Q.W.B- On Ketvport, Bnrriahole, and Owengarva; salmon and 
sea trout; salmonflahlngworthlean; while trout Bihlug vary fair. There are two or three 
lakes near, where thetrout fishing Is f^r. At the bead of the river la Lougta Beltra. 
There are two pools by the Iowa. Bmall black or dark bine Bilk bodlea, wlUi red or 

lemon and hare's ear, sliver twjet. red hackle, and mallard wing for salmon. There are 
BslmOD and sea IroDt on the lake, but only one boat, belonging to a private person. The 
flahlng on Furnace Lake, about 2 m. from Newport, la good : the landlady can give 
pertolsBlon. Lough Fyough Is above Longh FumacB, but is, we believe, private 

■ewtown BMmxt.— Q. N.B. On Slmle; good anlmon flahlng, and an eicsllent 
hotel (iH Advfrttifrmnl). This is. perhapa, the very beet and cheapest station In Ireland 

which are behig greatly Imrroved by now hatchery Joal erected. 
Oiifflitez&xd.-H5« Oalaaf.) 
~-'^ ;o (Donegal).- On Bme; good trout eoil pike flahiog (reel m. towaroa the longb. 

rt.— B. i N " - " ■■ ■ 

antumn; very good perch and pike In early autumn; phantoms iDd^spdone for lialta; 
ales, small Shannon pattern. 
QnAMiatomi (Cork).— At Boatellan Castle, Kngahella, there Is a good trout lake, and 


The Angler's Diary. 

CrwuQB at Incb. Jiur Agliad&. Excellent iwa flihln^ both lt]fild« Ul^ 
onr. Fallack at Ihs Harbour Bock, mnd TuTbli Bnk. ud Kkm; tba 
climi ot botb eldee or the entruics. and at iba Cow, Oalt, or SUg Boelu. 
le pobit on tlie east aide, Boond aud »t (be pointe of HaulbonltDA and 
s and pollHk ara met wltb; and In the onnfr pleoQ ot bake, wUtlns, 
{See Cork and CrtatAawn.\ 

(Antrim). — B. * N.O.B. CBi Maine; tabnou and inmt rmt«m^ 

LODffb Noat^ la I m. off. April, September, and October are beet For tabnon in M^n* 

in (Donegal).— On the Lennon: nalnion. tioul. The aalmon Babing in both th* 
■uimi i>r irBerred parlor the river ta capital in early apring, and hi Jsty, Angnat, and S«p- 
Umber both on the lower and npper ritet. Longh Fern la enHrsly depffliflent oa tn* 
rainrall. If the treabes come at anltable lUaea. tbe aahnou UsUng in the lake li good In 
April, Hay, Jane, July, and Aognal. Jane la generally tbe wont montll. The («• bt^ 
trr^JlUi for Bilmon here by rar are (1) grey 6o4.- ftoaUa claret, wltb allttle j^j 
mallard'i iciiv. (3) jBih^ oranga, tilth bias Up; oluet and Uttle jar Anctbt tttim, 
maUard'a yiing, with dash or aofden phaaaaat. Troat flihlng In Tirer not rerj gooOi 
bot good in lake April (0 end of Angnat. Bast gmanU By, ocancs l»dy, black or ttA 
bacUa. Good acoommodation at Ibe Stewart Ai — "— ' "^ •-■ — 

ia > n. dittanl, and bolda tnrat. Tb* oU boatman on Loi^ rem iftya tlie li«M sgt 

flj for Salmon la tbe ordinary gr^y-bodied fly, made of donE^^ h^. A good aami 

trout fly tor tlie Lennoa and Longh Fern la a small-sUad By. wUb » toagb floll^ body 

of diTtr] 

yellow and a brown wing; alao the brown Palmer. The Leunon ii 

ai (Donegal).— On Hnlroy Bay. Sea Inral may be eanglit here in the bay : 

BowDTOss Ferry, near the Tillage of Carrigart, and Uorria Ferry, near Boaoakilt, an oa 
'It apow. The foUowhig are good Bies; Hoot, No. 4 or ft; green peaeoolc tag; I " 

br« gnlnea-towl ; body, pale aUk ribbed wltb Bne allver ; hackle, claret; wing, hi 
..J. Hook, No, 4 or 6; body, dark bine sUk ribbed with gold j tail, »flhroe malUL-, 
haekle, olaret; wing, dnck nnderwing and brown turkey mixed. "Book, Nt>,4; body, 

1..1. n,.i. ^..j, V.,. -reanpeacoi* ribbed wJtb gold; hackle, black; whig, atarlinir 

t) Uei near hen. Tawney la the neareat poM-town. TiieTO' 

». The f( 

nU. Hook, No. 4 or 5; boi^, duk bine sUk ribbed wtUi'soldi tail, > fl^rea^oaliuil; 
haekle, olaret; wing, dnck nnderwing and brown turkey mixed. "Book, Nt>,4; body, 
hair bl&ckwoo) and half green peacoiA ribbed wltb gold t backle, black; wing, atarlinir 

or jay. Lake Klndmm |trant)Ueinearhen Tawney la the neareat por* ' "" 

ia a nice bin on the lake, bnt 11 ie at wall to bring provMona. Tba flaUi 

43ood fllea are gronae haoldee over orange allk; golden oIIto mohair b< . , . . ._ 

i^Te, with llM backla lapped halt way iip tba body. The cowdnng. ban's ear, and nd 

baoklo and blaok hackle r -— '—•'—-' ............. 

Uajor Barton the other. 

laldnc liiai 
ir bodies, ai 


Kariy).— Sold: HeadlayAnna, iBrj comforiable. On Can 
10 and brown troot. Tlie landlady renta the lower par) 

le beat places for white tp 

Sld«: __. . ._. ... 

bnnoh of mallard and a pair of bins macaw bomi lor wtnga, 
Bubiia luiiHMni ipato and baekloa sbort. Tho"01aYomooBe ■ laagooa 
utopfring; ftD^ff lower h^ golden olEre aOk, upper bright 

■Onr twin; hootli; bine on body, betng brown at Blioalderi vlan, hooch 

— . — , — .._j — ooof, jierl; Aao*, Nell. Bea-tront fly, "QnlnY , 

\, bright green peacock ; Aoi%, orange allk with flue silver twist; 

,..>.. >..- . ...,....>._ . ... *^jjpj. f^gad^ green peacock; 

and. In lakeCoomaaahani* 

Lough Coomnoaeragb 

e topi^ng; Aeod. peacoak'a lier]; Aeojt, No. 11. Bea-tront fly, "Qidn'a 
two fibres mallard; butt, bright green peacock ; bgdjf, orange allk with fli 
Aoci^, bright brown on body, darker &t ehoulder ; wing, mallard; head, green peacock; 



le. Soldier'! Hole, Dawnlnf'i Bauh, Bornt UlU.Ao„ ftirvbite tronl BiUiig 

prcnilB. Tfa8 tmt ulmon moDths m Julr. Anput, SepMmtnr. 

.K. ■■» — .1 9e»-B«lilii^ cu be iui' -' "' — ■* — " —■■ — 

D, Is aboDt ftf. per ia,j. 

IttAag elDKa. S«»-Ba)iliif cu be hu) »t Qluidon (B m.) ud Caitle Towi 
iCwTihto I--..— .- — J J... . .— v„ V 

- ' ' rhlcb. Ur. Blukuldn-, wUl gin 

Toom* Bride*.— Bun ■ Croiiting good from Ha;. Tbere ll ^>o some good piks and 
parch llatalDg, luge munben bdna hteo uken recoit]} witlt Itre bilt ua apoOD. 
Oilil: O'NeuY Arme ; comforUble. Bout ud bostmsn ii. > dsj. The beet llle* •» 
,. _v 1 B, pBTlrlflgo «Qd ot ^ -"— —'■'--•"—'— 

id Ulegnpb olScs. Toome, Tooms Bridge te 30 n 
>.— Ttiere'lB & CMiftal luhe here for large troot, BiIlyicuilDD, belongli 

Beltul (B. A N.C.R.) 

— - There 1B& capital lake here for large troot, BallyicuilDD.beloiiglns t 
freely git ealeaie. 3e> flatalag In the bij; bou si Ibe month ot lUiii 

TnJluoere.— In P&ltia lake, belonglna to hla Hononr Jodge O'Connor Uorrta. ot Osrt- 
uvaoob, is good Oahlng— perch, tench, Ac.; the tench ere very large, ami the [lereb 

TkUBOlA,Ialuaof.— Ahonl3}in.frainCahlrclTeen. There la capital see Bshlng here, 
ud [raah-water dehlng in Ule kntnmn in the lony. nfler a treih. There >• • "<» »'>l> 
hotel, and lodgings are to be hod on moderue ler " ■■ ■ 
seer the SkalligsBooka the lorgeat flB*- "- "— 

WM»rlord.— (S» Can-id.) 

WatarrUl* (Oo. Kerry).— 10 m. from Cablrclteen, on the G.S. A W.Rallwiy. Selmon 
Hahlng commences on Feb. 1, and irhlle trout ace pienlUol doring Jnne, July, August, 
and Saplember. 'WeCanille la beentlfally situated between BalUnekeiilgB Bay on the 

and la a veritable in^er'a parediae Theflshlog ialree, the hotel aecojumodallon good,' 
and the reqnlrementa of eportemen well attended to. Tiie Soathem Hotel la on the 
lake ihore. uw Bay View (•» JdnrMKnMW) and Boiler Arms (tea Adra-iUaneni) in the 
rOlige. The Commangh rlrer, together with the following lakes. Nabrackdarrig. 
doonaghUn. EUaWeotie, and Longhnahlaka. are open only lo Bay View Hotel vialtora, 
and are oil well prflserred, hot DerHaoa and Namona open to all Tiailora for a email 
payment. Both the Bay TIew and the Bntler Artne have free flahtng in the Bher Inny, 
and the Bntler Anna has also free flahlng in Derrlana lake. The beat tUea for Longh 
Onrrane are dark claret or brown-red mohair, dark red backle. dark woodcock or 
mailard winge, and a torn of gold Iwisl. BalllnEkelllga Bay oDorda good Ma flaUDg, 
For fnrther information refer lo hotel odvenlBonieBts. 

Waifport (Mayo).— U.S. W.B. There are amail hrowa trout in the neighbouring lake* 
and rivere for which leave le freely given, eioopt the river and lake In Lord SlIgo'B 
demesne. S m-olT la Errlff; salmon, sea troali tickets can be had. 

WaxfinIL— <^.S. A W.B. On theSlaney: salmon end sea-tront. 

VloUow.— 1>- V. A W.B. There are eome salmon, and plenty of white tronl to Vartreyi 
iUilng free. There areaquaaiity of wide and deep di^ne, called "aoonces," where 


~ii7i6«7per rod Is charged f wJIbenr to fish' In the tidal n 

■- ~ ■ ■ n be had In Dee lor over 

t. w.t lOi.j September i 

water on Don, 4 m. lone, la let at so;, per rod 
iDEoligarth fishing on Dee let for seaaon. 


The Angler's Diary. 

i»r ceapaoUrelj-i apply to Sir. 

_ Iflha Dee{Balnio[i and Boat), 

by week, monlli. or ■e&Bon. TadilrUt, W. Binn, M, George-Btreel. 
Ab«rfUd7.— (Sh Warn.') Bj staying at tlie Bmdslbue Anne, S m. or tbe Tiiy on bs 
flihedfiee; Bslmon. trODi. LaoIi-ns-^InJE ; tTanfing ia very good. Tbe ■ccemmodatlan 

Ltgtayling, Z*;A.: ArdandChoni 

, .. , _ . I. per diem. Bsul : Ibe Bailie Nlool Jarvle (ft 

Ab«T]loilT{n.B. CCBlgaU&olLle, 3m.).— Spey; aalmon, lea troDt, troDt. Boul: Abei- 

loor. iihere flBhlng can be had by weet ; nninber limlled, T rodd. 
AWl^ton.-Ca OaClyde; 1 rant and grajlbig. 
. Al!loyii«.-On Dee. Bods are oeoaBlonally to be let on thla length. 
AUbrd Mllilg9.—S0 m. from AberdBon. On Dgn! aalmon and in 

Arma and Haughtun Arms: peimlaalon at the bolele 

north, IntboparlBli ol TnllynBaBle. are aomo good _ ,. 

Aaiiilre*.— There 1b a good ioa here. Loch Frencble lies near. IStc Duntdii; Carrie- 


Tbe aghlDgii preaerved by 

-AzAMIllKtK-— On I'Oeh Tay. locc nmiiKrc. i 

Axdnj (Bo8S),-~ByBtayliigatlhe Bahugown Arms some aalraon fiBhlDgcanbehadfu 
HUlCarron at ei. pard^, and yon are allowed to retain the fleh. Tbefbihlng Is good 
when there le plenty of water, and the qnarterB are very comf oi^hle. 

AfdMHM&n- — (See BrodMlj t^orrf^and Lamlath^ 

AiTdtnmoaMgnOli Hotal. By Lairg (Sntherland).— 20 m. (rem Lairg. Thla Inn inakga 

pound) and char; boat, LocS UrlgiU, V m. on the other Bide ot iJorelao; trout, char. 

teioi; good Bportiaahreeie. Loch Awe, 4 m.; Iroat, salmon, giilse; eapital sport In 

AulOiacealgach and Ledheg; Ash well with water In Augnat and SeptambeT. I^ Imnd- 
loTd of the he-' ■— " - ■^- '— ■•- "•-"— ■ — 

JUtiubarra HomI (S 

otherlana).— Lo 

olerably gooa 

tront. Ihr 

e to the 

ponndCBy): good salm 

. and April, a 


ooeariooally In Jane a 

d jU 

.teL two rods 

"lo a bo^i 

Water rnna Into the head of Lo 

1 Naver 

Trent plen 


e (boaw) 




rising tre 

tothepoond: larKOPon 



amaUlooh, lying to the eas 

of the road 



the Inn 


ood fishing on 


r. Loeb 

OonMdeCboatsI, CrTLfr 

n the road H 



two and a hall to the po 

nd, W 


ad. Loch H 




d. There 

ai^ plenty of flah nearly 



atlnylilkodlnlC abu 


^by S^o 


hoase, at the 

north end 

of Loch 

Oonlalda Trout averafr 


Locb Tari 

e,Sn..; large 

a). Loch 

Stanl., 8™.(boalB). V 


m be canghl 

In Loch Loya 

Aylort Iim,— The Imi 

a !7t m. from 

■on Willlan 


aahnon and treat. Th 


f Che propria 


Esii.,whQlelalheflahlngof Ari 


Ayr.— <Sm Lata Bom.1 

Bftllantras (Ayr).~(N.B 


Irout, sea-tren 

lets the Sret mile op f 

rved by differ 


glTO leave. Mr.Hmiter 

agaa's Ca 

leave. There are many 



IHm. Inlanc 

Sea flgblng'good.' 

Bklnuwarra. — Some sea fishing may be get here There Is trenUng in two looha oetir 
the Inn, nhleh is a yery comfortable one, 

Banavla.— N.B.B. ffiiltl! Banaile Hotal. On Caledonian Canal aodriTerLocSy. Jnlj 
la the best mootb. Thla riTor Is, with the exception of one small beat, taken up. Ths 
Speon rnna 6 nt off. Spean rlaaa in two lecba. full of trent, and, after a courae of A m., 
fans Into Looh Laggan. {See LocA Laggan.) At Boy Bridge river Hoy joins Spfian. 
Salmon and treat. Boy riaes in a good loch is m. oil. There are no feeders of any 
cenaequence. The flahhu Ei new taken up. At Spean Bridge, 3 m. from Roy Brid^ 
(quartan: SpeanBridgelao), there Is a good bum, hold! or occasionally eahnon and 
■ea treat. Tbe SpesD is all taken up from the falls (2 m. above Soy Bridge} to tbs 
Loehy, which it Joins some 1 m. on. t'roiitlng tree in Loch LochytevlBlcara at the hotel. 

Ban IT — OapttAl pollack flghlng jnst oateide tbe harbour with Indlaruhber bait whlfflns. 

Bnttook atatlan.-2in. off la Ibe rlllaga of UoBat. (See UoffaiJi SHel: Beattoek 


Scotland. 141 

BMDly.— Oa Betnlj ; aAlmon, iw trout, troat', pr«a»md bf Lord Loni. BtUl: Lant 

Annt. SpriDg uid uttimD Sihtng good. 
■•a Wyrls Hotsl.— Salmoii BBb£iK in ihs Blaekirater. 
Blnuun (l>adfeeld).— Bt auylng at tbn Blmun Holel Bome Bilmon OghlDg con be bad' 

Bluigowile— OoErictt. ThBra irs iBverel loeh* neir. The Briolil. Ardle, Shee, and' 

good pllte in 

Brldn— N.D.B. OnOaJku 

. . Jig (t tbB Flfg Anna tna ulnon- 

Br»w1 Ottatle,— On Thuno : ulmon, bm troat, broim troal. Bodt from lEI. to MI. per 

Bumtb. Appls to K"- Janul, Dunbar, Brawl Ca»l!e. Flahli^ Terj good. (c.$.) 
BrNUOj V.B.— C.B. Troat Osbing (tne) withlD conTenlent distance ot aieneik. 

Bildg'a 1^ Turk,— Locba Ard. CboD, uid DronUe lie near. DronMe li toll of tront, 

Bndarlak (Isle ot Airsn),— There is a Tcrj Una botel wbere tbe Btsamer toocbea. Tba- 

Bltta, laluia or.— Abonl 2 m. [ram SoUuar la Locb Onenon, cuntaining largo trout 
and bralae. Oppoaile Botbaay oa tbo mainland la tha Ardine — lea trout and brown 
Iront; and tbo Bool, lanberon tonarda tbe Kyleeof Bute, contain! Iheaameflib. We 
beUecetboOBbtngla tree. Pollack, l7the.<^ad. and olbei sea ash. 

Oalmdow- — 10 fn. fram InTorary. near tbe bead of Locb F^ne. Hct^ : Calmdov, vhere 

bilo the loch I in June sea trout ind Balmoo Enter this Htruam. Tbers !■ capital 
herring, mackerel, Ijthe. and codfiablngin lbs locb. Tbe flablng la trea, 
tUOtadmi.^ f/otel: Dreadnongbt. In Locb Acbnij the trout ma Iar»,bnt sresome- 

(In.) tbe trout ashing iBTOirgood; from ilb. to Sib. ; It can be fiabed trom the bank, 
bat the best sport la from the host, on tha aoulh aide eepeotallr- The best fly to oae le— 
wines, puuae tealber; body, gtoger hackle over dubbing of hare'a lag: jellowtip. 
toached ofT with a single turri of gold tJnBel; another tahlngflf lagTaea(drake) wlngs^ 

which flows from Looh Vennachar into tha Teltb. Is good but private. There is also 
rerj good tront in the bnm whiob daahes down Qlenangia, Loch Lnhnalg also flebH 
well In May and Jane. This loch and Locb Vonnaohar girs poor aabnon flaking. (Ste 

CunDbBltown (Argrll).— There in treating in aoveral araall locha near Ibe town, and 

Bsalshlng (whl ting, haddock, Ac.) la the harbour and Flnb ot Clyde. 
Oaaauble {Dnmfriaa).— Visltora at the Cross Keys Inn (yerygODd) can have salmon, sea 

BBdli. ed. [or treat. The salmoa flsbing Is not good till October, and aea trout lUl July. 
OBTSphklm, SftlI7 (Salloway).— Oood flahlng In the river Denota when there ia water 
enDugh.bnt alwayssport to be bad In the " Lane " bard by, BiM: Salotatlon, wtiloh 

OsnIs-DoilBlaa (Kirkcudbright).— TJrr, trout; tree. Dee, S «.: pike, salmon, troat ; 

(noTenfard.— Below Peebles. On Tweed; salmon and trout. The Babjng la good. 
OoloUMy IslaJld.— ffatel: Scalasalg. Visiters to the hotel have good treating fraeln 

three of the loeha. Sea Oabing good. 
OOTTla (Isle of Arran).— (Ak L^tSaih-y 
OarrlemtiekliMiIi.— Loch rreuchie lies near. (Sa Ihmttld). Tbere la a nice inn at 

Amulree, 2 m. oD. Cloae to the old Inn of Cortlemnokloeh ie a small looh holding large 

tront; tbey will not riae aicept In earlymoming and lale oTenlng. 
OntlraUaehl*. — O.N.S.B. 8pey; aabnon. aea trout, trout; salmon presensd, 

k-^ ,__ _ — ,._ -•-'-•j^f^ QQ application to owners or leasees {tee AberUmr^, Botti: 

right).— fl'pM: Barbolm Arms. On Cree, Beg, Fleet, Uinnlcb. 
r. Tickets for Fleet trem Mr, Hurray Stewart, ot Cally. Sateheuee, 

Oriulnrlah.— Coaches pass ditily during the aeaaoD. going to all parts ot the country. 

» m. oier tbe bills on tbe other side ot tbe river, both very tqU ot flah. A day may aome- 

holdlngaome large flab, and'aualher ona mosntabi range close to tbe lillBge. to tbe 
westward, Tbe one on the west of Ibe vinage Is a llUIe pool contaJDlog some splendid 
troal. By taking the read to Invcramui, at tbe bead ot Locb Lomond, tbe river Fa'.loch 


142 The Angler's Diary. 

Is soon reached, whera (air flsUog can bo snjojail. (SM/mernniim.) Tils Docbartla 
nallv the head walen ot the Tsy. Hoia : Ciianlarlch. 
<(ri«ff (Perth).-On Earn; salmon and trool. Al 81. ^iUB^^ 1! m. oB. fair IrooHng 

had: Sept Zl. lOi. par week; gciod nalmen HBhiDg in Oriober al V. per week; rods 
limited. The Dnimmond CatlLs lonBlhB can he flated al ti. a day for September, and 
lOi. in Ontober Good trouting in Allmond, 6 m, ott. 

DslmilBe.— On Taf ; aaboon and trout; all Blrlcllr presaned. 

l^Blmnlly — "" Loch Awe. Salmon. Iroul. [oioi. pike, percb. I&leli: Dalmallj <>« 
AdwHtnitnl) and Locb Ane Houls. tery rood. Boau can be bad. In tbe baj, on tbe 
Roatfi Bide ot Eilohum Gaatte. there la good pUieQahltu- Orehj joins Awe 2 m. fToin iLe 
hotel! good ealmon flahlng preserred by the hotel. Tb» flshlnglsvery rair early in the 
■eaaon. There are sereralamall riven and bnms near, all full of Cioat. though emalL 
Then an two or thne lake! aome ihort dlataooa in the bllla foil or troQl. About two 
boDre and a hair walk rrom the inn are two locbe, the largest ot which (Loch Anemloh) 
eont^na large treat. (3a Imtnna ; Lodt Am-t 

DalmalUsnon. — Locb Boon lies near; plenty o( amall brown trout; Ssbing tree. 

The Cross Keys Inn is good, and thepropriolor has boats on the loch, whlcli Is 4 m. otr. 
.DalwhlnnlatPerth).— //clsl: Dalnhinnlei good. OnLochEricht; [alrtrouting. Jane, 

Thebeatpartof the loch tor tro'lling Is from the ForsBler'sYodge, rear the middle or tbe 
looh. totbowPBlend.andn.aneftrthoBlioreiBeaj]bedonBwitliaBfsly totbelBctle. The 

shouldhavearedWkleandthegreBiiHblack; the red 1b Oie beat. The wiogearewoo^ 

fish are neither ao large nor aogoodaa in the loch. {SteTigh-na-linn.) Truim ranBoloB* 
bythehotel; troni and grllae In Batnmn, Onlaeh bum Is good fiBblng. and Loch Cnlach 

3>lnaBt, Dee Side' CAberdeen). — Dee; aalmon. tront, pike, pcreh. Boteh: KIchle'i 

glTOi in troDtaud grilse alter rain. Another bom. running out ot Loch Poole, at 
3 m. wen of the Inn, also gltee sea trout nhen there U water enoagb. Pishing r>cc. 
La^e dorit fllea beat. Qood eea flehing and bathing \ boata. Telegraph offtoe. Dally 

AS.'W.B,: O.K. Kllh, Oaim, and Oargen; trout, grayling. pike,«P.i 

prenrred by Dnmtries and Uaiwelltown Angling AaBociaHoD; s.t. !(., boys M.: 
treaanrer, D. M'MUIan, laekle manntatlnrer, 29, Friara' Vennel, Dntttrlas, who wiU 

Diuikaia.— Od Tay. By staying at the Bimam Holel the angler can Hsli tor aalmon la 

at this place. It ronaont o'r LocbFronchioneariy IS m. sonth-west of Donkold. Then 
are plenty ot flBh. May and June are Ihe best months, (Sm .imulreB and (VrimnncttocA) 

Bnnoon {Argyll).— Fafrflihlr- ■-"-"-' ■■ ""'->»-'-•- ---■ ■- '— ■- r..,.,_ 

DnnplMU (MorM).-H, " 

DtUUroaanaaB (ahetlana^. — ateijermcii.t 

Smut (Berwlek).— H.B.B. Vhltadder; tr 

Abbey St. Baihane, who will give leare ro_ _ ^ , 

envelope, to Mr. J. SUeL gamekeecer. Abbey St. Bathana, Orant's Hot 
from April 1 to Sept SO. There la aomo tree water. Sood aceomt 
Fenton's, EUem Cottage. Dnni. The following streama are within eu 
Botbnell. Dye, Blaekimlll, Watehbiurn, and Honynnt 

Burls* Xim, SnmaaB (Sutherland).- The rlrei 

Bshli^ Co be had near. (Ah AManfeA /im. ) The Kyle of Durness, aleo hi the landlord'* 
bands, during the greatest drought, afforda excellent sea-trout fishine. The deen-aeft 
fishing towards Capo Wrath is parttculatly good ; very large lylho. 

laying at Iho hotel flehing 
leotDnroes- ■ - - " ■ 

Dumesa EoteL On 
„ can be had. Tben 
lye alfords sea-trout Ashing. 

^XarlBtone (Boibnrgh).— N.B.K. On Leads. , 

aoolafeoIiBiii (Dumfries).— O.B, OntheAnnan; salmon and trout j the liver Is closely 
preserved from here lo the sea. and it ie not easy to obtain pennlsaloD. At a short dla- 


Scotland. 143 

; BdlnlmrK)!.— Id tbe Immedlsle neigbbonrbood then are mvi7 muunl ponds, almoBl ill 
at wblcb coQtain trout ; bat Bome an preHerred. B ni off la CompeDettioa Pond, In 

bs used. The top of the pond Ih best.' [Sa Kian>H.1 Tbs Eak (Uldlottalui) Angling 

J. SntherlaDd St. ClAlr, Esq., UasBelbarfrh; s.t. 31i., ind short period lleketa, si. <d.. 

AEBOcL&tfon baTlDg pnt 10,000 two-jeAT-alda lato their water-, jtdlow tiontlng with 
niitnTBl mlnnuw BHordg rery good eport. The river sear Uoiaelbnrgh le palleled, 

BdaaU (Forfar.), n.e. Breolilii.—By sUjiiig a.i the Pttuniire Aims suhuon uid Croat 
Qabing can be bad tree. 

KII011 (Aberdeen}.— O.N. S.K. On Yttun; ealmon and Iront. 4 m. are here pieaerred br 
tbe owner of Ellon Castle. 

StBl— On Till : aalmon, trout, perch, and pike ; Ibe mill-pool is a good epot About Etal le 
deep water, good tor plkeandperoh. Thesame flies MforTweed kUlln Till, onlydreBaed 
smaller. In the lower B tn. of Till In early spring and aDtomn use two full-slied trout 
fliee Bfl droppere and a tall fly j wing, grey drate ; tall, American wood dock, brown 

mobalriMslow; tipping for ikll. legB either blue jay wing or blaclr or redhacklee. The 
iDcaimeaareTweed white tip. Doctor (blue BndBUrerandhlack), Virgin, Ao. Acsommo- 
datlon can be had at tho Blue Bell, Orookham, or at Black Bull, Etal. Sir H. St. Paul 
Ewan giiea liberty to anyone by card, aa does Mr. a. Orey, Mllltleld; MarohipneBB of 
'Watertord. a limited nnmber of days per week 1 Capt. W. Heatbenlan, a limited nomber 

irford, a United nomber of daya per week ; Capt. VI 
tys per moDlh. George lAing, Eiq.. The Grange, 
t lalAIId (Sbelland) — (^1« £<rwM.) 

' nndbom. — Sereral mllea of erceltent flshlng can bi 
hotaL The troat mo large. 

In the Spey. The Doke of Biohmond reaarvea the right of salmon fishing i 

. . .._ .. t aetimea be obtained by applleaUon to hli 

, ) close to the month of the river. There 

re the bridge. Tbe Cordon AriDB la very comfortable, and 

y, howeiei 
grace or bla commissioner- Tb 
■re alBO some irood caats abore 1 
near the ri' 

_.»..» , ,- - -.-- >ff te Heacobie ; pike and perch. 

Pi»gW>a*n]lT (Perth).— C.B. Hay andEam; sahaon, tront. 

FoialaardTSnthcriand). — B.B. On Halladale; salmon, tront. Iloicti Fonlntud, 
whore Bshing can be had. March, April, and Hay are the best months. There 
■re many locha near, mostly tree. Locia : Baden, Na-S«a]g, and Coorach, ataonnd- 
ing In tront Loch an Bnar, 3 m. S, ; trooUng gondi free to hotel vieitors; boatai 
Jnne, Jnly, Angnst. and September are best. Loch Araich-Un; small tronC cbati 
pnaerred by alioocing tenant; good fishing. Loch Jubilee, 2 in. N.'W.: Looh 
Lsten tront. Loch Coollo, BJ m. S.W.i large tronti preaerred by shooting tenant. 
Loch I<eien, 3 m.; amaU tront; free. Looh Lelr, 3 nt. E.; large trout; free. Losh 
SletQ, near Looh I,elr : preseired. Locfaan Dubh. Sm-i tront; free. Looh ClaDheugesI, 
im.; troal; tree. Loch Tallechiri, 4^ m. Loch Leam-na-ClaTen, i\m,: good troutiiig, 
char; preaerved fay the Baddan-looh shooting tenant. Loch Coire-nam-ueann, S rl, 
near Loch ClaTon: trout, char; good fishing. 

VOTt AnnMoB (iDvemeas),— A;[di : Lorat Anna and Oblabolni'B Tentperance Hotel. 
Olch; saJinon, trout! private. Also InLoehNsss; salmon, tront, pike, perch ; free. 

Tart«Tlot (Perth). —C.B. UayandEam; sahnon and tront. 

lortlMUl— On the Lyon. (flMSmnwre.) 

Tort WlUlaau. —There Is fair tronUng In the Nevis, with an oecaaional sea-trout; free. 

poiind; free. {See Loch Lof/gaji; Aylort Iroi.) 
:*oy»I« M0t«l (Invenwsa).— On Foyers; aahnon and trout Anglers sUyIng at tbe 
botal can obtain ■•Imim and tront flshing in the liier, and In Loch NeBB,fnie. Also 
Irontlng In Locha FarraUne, Garth, and Bran, now Joined in one, and known as Looh 
Ubor. Ths mUng laM yew wu excellent. Address Foyer'a Hotel, Loch Nesa, by 

rough th 

lis stream 
■h CUIr iB 

I, The coarse ot tbe rioer from Loch Uuree to the seals ahont 6 m., and Pool 
and PooIewe'Hotel Is close to Ita month. There la one bum joining Ewe in 



The Angler's Diary. 

Looh Skenow 1b in prii 

>le hands. Stilmon. grille, mnd urn Innt 

n the Hter Fleet;: 

8,1. 10.. »-t Bi., it. ii 

aboT. the p«,l i^ 


rom Mr. Momy Stewart, at the only e™ 
tree BahlDE in Fleet and Ikicll WhinTeon. 

,e Office. GaMbouse. 

ai^»iMjT)!~a ft S.W.K. Gfrisn wattr; sskoon, e(« ind br 

wn tronii flsMng- 

tor s m. «1 7.. 6d- iL tnoDlt or 1.. Sd. a day from Mr.»n&D- FiB 

Una beelnB Feb. 24, 

coda Oct. 81; March, Ap 

-11, May, September, and October are boat, October tor salmon. 

aj,.A™hlre,aBdi8»m.long- Leave* ma 

onthBupperwilora; 8m 

■go Ironl, lesTS may 

flahtngpoor. Good 8ea-QBhlng(or Ljlbe 

«e. Houl. EtaK-* 

e all informadon ean bo had. iSrt SnltoUnw.) 


CorrU, and tamiaift.) 


.StronieP«rpi, ISm.) By ataying at 

the Gleneln Hotel, 

OPftBtnlly (Perth) by T 

can be obUlned In the nelatbonrbood f we. Oood flaUnK to 

TaJli.onrU.-Or Tay; salmon (ttrlctlj preaerred by I*dy 

Stewart, oianmrallyOa 

tie). Loch Dercnlich has Kood trouSng, Ic 



OlUTdllTUga (nie).-N.B.K. On Eden and Moultn 

HebrlAes.— Sea flahtng generally good all round tbesa IstandB. 

BENBEOU LA.— Between N. and S. Ulst. There are nnmerona lochs, giving good 
sea, and brown troat aahlng. Jnne lo September la tbe b«t tInH. Ectti, Omgorry.. 
very comtortable, where leara to flah all tlu atrcAins and loeha can bo had 

GOLONSAY.— /Toffi : Scalssaig. QoadtroaUDglo visitors at hotel. Boat on the locbs. 

HARBIS.— At Tarbert there is a good hotel Capital «ea aahing for tythe and aaythe. 
Lochs LncldBle(a), i m, oft, bold gsImOD, sea and brown tiont; flAihig freeot the- 
hotel ID m. off iQ Loch Sceurflt; leave mnat be obtained- Jnly is beat for aea 
troDt, and September for aalmon. All plain, large loch fllea kllL On Sconrat a gocd 

creat The aame Symay be varl^ with a'green body and aliver ttnael, or dulc 
mottled turkej hen or grouse wing with fta aame hodles. ffoo*. email ^se aire, 
if there la wind. There is capital sea aad brown tronl fishing In other locba, but 
tbey ate maatly let with the shooting. Bight of Bahlog Ibrown tront) and ahoodng. 
however, on a loch In ihe leimd otScalpay, 6 ra. distant, f ree 10 Miltors al lie hoWI. 
LEWIS.— At Loch Tarbert, la the S. , there is good fiihing attaehed la the hotel, which 
is good. Leave ma; aometimea be obtained from Lady lUrtbeson's tactortortha 

greaerved water. Good aalmon, while and brown tront Oahing In Bivat and Locb 
raed, preserved by Lady Matheaon ; Ssblngin Blschwater Is pnaervcd; d.t, Ua., 
m.L 16).. for the river, and d.t. lOi,, m.t. IW.. for tlie lochs; aabnoa OabliuTerr 
good; apply to the landlord, Prince Arthur Hotel, Qarynahine, Btamoway. Tbera 
are nomberloaB iocha holding brown tront. Very good Olea for brown tront on Ibe 

NOBTH DIST.— Salmon, a^ tront, b'rown tront; Dahing moatlyfn 

htmrn tront; nuay of niem alao abomtd in sea tront Howmo 
set trout, but reserved. Hotel and telegraph office at Locb Bole 
ilOBindrnom Oban. Fishing la aonth end of ieUnd la attaches 

1 to gnerts at Creamrry Hotel. 

Kuntloy.— On Deveron and Bogie; aalmon and tront Agteat part of theflshing here 
la open. jSold : the Gordon Anns. Tbe fishing is fair. In t£e Eirkney, i tn. from 
Hnnuey, and an affluent of the Bogie, there is good flahing, bnt the troot run smalL 

XluA-IIA-BMBir (SDtherland}.~-Loch AsaynL Sahnon fishing {fair) in anlnmn on the 
Dpperend of Loch Aeaynt and io (he Loannan water, which nmslnioltontof LocS Awe. 
Veiygood tron^g aometimea in the Loanoan and the TrslIigUL Loch Awe gives capital 
Irontlng. Locb Aisynt holds Dnmbere of small trout, and a fair stock of Balmo fina. 
Hear here la the oelehrated aUlaroa looh and others. The inn is Sret.ral«. Flehing free. 

Iim*Tl*ltll*n(Peeb1e8).— TheSsUiiglafieelD the Tweed and Its trihntarlea, except in 
Oaia Water, which Is preserved bir a ciob. Yarrow and tributaries yield the best tront 

r.WArgyll). (SiiCaimifQK.I SiversArayandDonilasandhUllcchs; salmon, 
B^'^t™^the''hotel. Good 'sea nshing, ' " ■ "^ ""' "" 

Iiiv«rB»rry (InvemeBa).— On Caledonian Canal and Locb Oich and Elver Garry, Eolrt x 
Invergarry. The Garry rises In a loch S. W. of Loch Qnolch, and mna into that loch 
at ilB west end. Capital tronttng. The river leaves Loch Qnolch at its caal end, and tn 


Scotland. 14$ 

a locb, sDd Id li m. from thit loch 11 piues FomOmru Ins. The Qutt imt joinB 
lACb aarTT, 2 m. on. 3 m. (rom Locb QKry ■ boin jotni on Ihe right buife, nmolng <mt 
oFaniwIlhm]oclifiBi.lnthebms, imd U m. on 1b ■nottaer, raEaln; ODt of & locli on 
tfaB left-huid aide 3 RL oS. 2 in. on, QlIT; IsllB Into Olch. A road muH on the lelt bwik 
r as Locb Qnolcb. 

(H.E.I.— Tli6AbieBa,4>B.W., ylsldigood flibing In ibe enlr part dT [be 

1{ saJmon, vbita ud brown trout. Tallow-bodied Bl«, Boch u tbe "toll Mono," 

M« lery good. Piesened prlnolpoll; by Sir Q. Smitb. 

ZBTCxmorlaloa Hotal (Inrenieu).— VtBlloni oui flsh In Loch Nhb ubnon, treat, 

InraziMBii.— On tba Ham. Boms portion of tbe Billing bere \t tree to uglen eTerr Stb 
dar. FmrnJolTtotbeendoI the seuoa IB tbe bst time. Tiwit fliblng In IriMh Neee 
laklBOgoed. AMefi: UnlODndCalsdonlui. 

Xnwaiorui.— On Leeh TnlUi, utd 3 m. ttom tba river Orabj ; nbnon, troal. Tba 
■Almon HsUng in tba Onhj Is good in (be jtntomn. There mre few treat In tbe 
river, and tboM Urge. TbaDBblng extends to tbe lower fall, belowwblcbtbeDelnulty 
fliblng begblB. I_aet BalrnaOf.) Tbeie *re labnon uid tnint hi Locb TnU*; & 
boat CBS be had. A (air atream mna bito Talla by tbe keeper'i bonie, running oni ot 
Loob Docbart, fall of iroat, Anotber Btream fall* Into Locb ToUa aiiheoppoiileeDdi 
both this itieajn and the looh onl ol wblcb it nuu contain great qnantlttei ot small trout. 
OloBe by tba Inn la a Kood bum, running ont of a anuU pond containing eoma large trooL 
A little way below Orcb; Bridge tbe Aneb Bam, Inllot lab, joins Orehy. LoehnaBaw, 
e m. from inveroran, on Ibe Uoot of Bannocb, contains any quantity of troat fire to lbs 
poan± There are numberlesi other locba and Btraama about. BoUl : Innranui (•« 
AdvertiremenJ}: very good, and tbe flablng in lake and T m. of On^ tree to any viaitor 
from Apm 1 to Ocl SI. 

ZllTenirla.— On Don and Ury ; salmon and tnmL By etaylng at the Eintore Arms 
Hotel tbe ilaltor caa fisb In IbeBO two riyarH. 

Xnvarabln (Hntberland).— H.B. Plenty ot loch flablng In the nelgbbonrbood ; eea 
tront and aea flBb In tbe Kyles of Satherland. Boats tree ot charge. Botel: Inverabln, 

InwnanBia.—Laob Lomond ; eaJnon. trout, perch, ]ribe; dsbingfree, JIaitl: Inyennaid. 

I*l«jI>lulA of.— Loch Onram, 9 m. from Bridgend, tbe principal town, ia fsmona tor 

Kalao.— On Tweed ; salmon and tronl ; the river la all taken. Tbe beat salmon and 
tront ashing belongB to Ilr, Scott, of Uaifaenton House; Dnke of Bcibnrgb, Floors 
Oastie: StrB. W, QrUntb, Bart, Henderayde Park; Earl ot Home, Tbe Hirsel; Uiaa 

SpnoBton I>ob, Ucketi for nblcb, by i^ek or month, can be bad from Mr ). Wright, 
^ronBton, Kaleo, N.B. 
Xuimora.— On Looh Tay; salmon and tnint. Tbe river Lyoa and Locb Lyon ar* 
within rSBCb by tafcleg a eonveyaoce ( tbe locb ia preeerred, and the aalmon flabing Co 
tbe river. The flahing is aieellant. The beat fllea are woodcock or jay's wing, with 
onmge, bright red, and given bodiesi hsckle, red for orange and red bodice, andUaok 
torgreen; tbebookdnbbed wllhalitllegDtd tInaeL Large tront may be caught trolling, 
Anotber geod Sy ia black iwdy and bachift with llgbt Jay or leal drake wing. There are 
BO inna nearer than Kenmore or Fortbigall. Tbe river Tu &ow> ont ot X^och Ttj here. 
Trout, ulmon, andpsieli. Tba arstSHLoT the looh next Kenmore are strictly presarred 
lor mlmon by Lord Breadalbane, hot vlsltDrsmifflBh tor trout, nshlngmsy lie abtaloBd 
on Loch Tay by staying at the Kenmore and KllUn Hotfia, and the Bridge ot Loohay 
Inn,BeoLaweraInn, andArdeenalg Inn. The number at boats la limited, as tcdiowa : 
KilUn Hotel, 8 boats ; Eeomore Hotel, A boata ; tbe inna ot Aideoualg, 1 j Ben 
Laweri, 3; and Bridge ot Losbay, & Anglers leelding la tbe hotels niy N. per 
week, or II. ii. per day. Beeident in the country. IL 10s. per day. When the appllsa- 
tiona tor boata siceed tbe number available, two an^ra may eoeupy tbe saniB boat, 
naing one rod each, ai lit. each. Anglera retain all flab. Boatmen Si. Bd. per day 
each. lunch being opUonal. Anglers wlU be entitled to the boats aeoordhig to priority ot 
application tor &em ; bnt no anglsr ean retain a boat tor more than one week or ali 
ashing days at a time U there ate oUier applicants. It a boat la dlaengaged, it maybe 
tfin secured for another week. No more than two rods are aUowed In eaoh boat. 
Ilaltor* are only entitled to use the boat or boata attached to the inn or botet where tbey 
arenahllng. OentleoMavlBitorsanly areaDDwedtoIali. The best flks tor tront Ashing 
on Loch Tay are, eomcrake wing, orange body, and gold ansol ; grey wing, with red or 
orange boiues; a blaok Oy, commonly called the Znlo. with red Up en the book; abK> 
red haoUe, wllh allver UdbbL Troal Bahing tree ot charge, boatman'e wagea eioeptad. 

S, side can be had from the landlord of the 
Boyal I^>lsl, which has 

nutnii, bnt irooUng nan be had 
FiBltora at the Boyal H<r ' ■ ' ■ ■ 

noa Dsblng reserred, 

he BoyaL I^on: salm 
lUon. Loch, Tsy; Bahn 



146 The Angina Diary. 

nUiiudi boAtnaB,4t. Bd^y uid loDah. LuigaolLe; trout; frASDf tbe Bdyal. 

KUaaUbrA (Argjrll).— Heu Obu. Haiti: Onllfall, Pus of HeltDcl (m ^dHrtlKDWiO- 
OapUkl tnaUng od alghl dlffennl lochs. BoBtB od ill the loehi. Qosd ■« ftitaliig cloH 
Kl huid on Loch Helfort, BflaaDti April 1 til] eaS of Soptembor, 

n Holj Loch ftod Frltli of Clyde, The Eoh^, numlng onl ol Loota Kek, 

here : gKlmon, tta, Iront, ibiI. la tho loch, lijcs troat, powBii, ud goldla. 

meM)— There Is very poor Iront Hihlog In Bio diitrlct, uUl bo( lltda 

„. 4m.olTleSpey, which can he Sahed byperaou Baylag In IhebeleL 

FlaUUCpOOr. (,Btt Loch Laasan.) 

^^-'"fc <«nn Trull (Penh). d.h. Stnun, ii m.i — BtttU : DimalHUlr, and 
Ban Buutocb, Thars (ood troDi flehiofi «n b« hmd in Tunmel sod Looh Bdanoek 
fno. Dnilns Inns Uld July trout rise (reely lo the uma Ulei u In Looh SiiAt. (Af 
^SoAiiUnite.) TMiors tX the hotel u ElnToch Baoniwb ela luTe boMI and flsh the wboto 
loeli, bnl mglan ata not alloved to luid on the Menzlea and BoberUon'a aalaleB. Ttana 
andoBanaof looha fn the neighbourhood. Of these, Loch Lydooh la the bait. Tharlvar 
Oanar rmuODtof tbla loch, and lolni Kannoeh aftar » Moraa of S m.t H la » food 
flahlBf BtTM^n. Hldmy batween Lydoch and Rannooh the rlTar oxpanda Into a loeh, 
aallad Aliih, toll of lih ; a boat U neceaaary on aocovnt of On veeoa \ In vifng MUl 
■atnmn beaTX Hah ]]« In the rliar. Looh Lydoch la roll of lah. Tbera la no road irtiat- 
■rer orar the Uoor of Baonooh. where thaae email looha are. Vlilion to tba botd ean 
aBli>in.c4tbetellbaaliatUieTnDu»eL It la veU totakaagDldaoothamoar. Ontaln 
looha and atraamacAn onlyba flahed by pormlaaloii from Sir B. Uanilea, There ar« 
leroiln Baonoch; the wait end le beat for troat; batwHiD the old lower and Sir B, 
Iftn^a', ftm. from the Inn, la the beat end, Boatoun <a. per diem; lunch, fcc,. If, <•£ 
to3i, Tbebaat Blea an mallard wbige, red, green, end yellow bodtea. The red and 
yellow ahould have a red hachle, and tho green h black. The coah-ir,bonddhu la alao 
a Rood fly. Vlaitora to the hole) can fieb <n, of the TnmmeL Half-way between 
BannaeliandFltlocbTTiaI«chTDmmcl; large front and pike. 

Klaross.^Xocb Leren li 17 A, from Perth ; tront,irilEe, perch; preanrTedbyaoDmpany. 
BiMt: HanK'a. Brldnnd, KirUaadi, There sre aleo two amall atreama, the ^oA 
ud Sootta QnoldL Cbargafo ...... 

BeMt: Hanla'a, Brldnnd, KirUaads, 
and Sootta QnoldL •^— ■---■---■ 
May, J one, and & 

Jone, and&iwaBt. Jfnnofir, Ur. Q, V 
" * ' ' — Dea; good aahnon Behli 

AboTe the mlUa t 

XlrkwBll (Orkney),— Loch Ham 1I< 
plentlfnl, Lo«b EirblBler, 6 n. S.W 
bnn, 3) m. (torn Kirkwall, there 
alaa the Lake of St Uary'a Holm 

Seapa Bay and Bntn. S «. lakeaot Waadal& Slennla (10«.W.), and Hanay. 10 m- 
Mld about S aa. fron Stnmneaa. All free- Tallow, aea, and brown tnmt In Hay and 
Bowaay tbna la Teiy good >ea-traat and lake flablng, bnt ptaaerred. In Bitaay paitth 
an La^ea Boardhotua, Swonay, and Norton, all oontalnliw good troaL Lythe and 
■altha plantifoL The beat flBhttg la to be bad In Lalna Steunla and Hanay, joined 
by Bridge c« Brogar. OoDifortaUe hotel at head of Lake Hanay. lakea Blia^ (to «. 
from K&kwall and 14 from Btromneai^, Hnnland, and Swannay piotlda good apott 
(brown troat). On the ahoraa of Lake Btoaay la alao a comtotlabla nolaL 

Xn«aka Vwir Xnm.— Tai7 amall clean honaa II n. from Sconrta, on the raad lo Loek 

id eithertrom Scanrle or DiclMia-Uamtf. From lu 



Very good tront flahlng can be had on Loch Bra(£ Uor^ at t^ 
iiinuii. D>w>uuiile, TheaeaflablDg Id the Kyle Itself la flreVrale for lithe, aaltba^ 
mackerel, fto. The landlord will proTide a boat. Flttalngfree. 
T^ixt (Sniherland), — iMd : the BnUieiiBnd, oomroRable and modenla. Oa Loch 
Shin ; good tronthig, three to the pound, at the Lairg end of th« lake, and two 
to the pound by OverakMk, {8ie Omriteci.) aoime fenx abonod. Boat nod nun. 
b, «rf, per day. In Loch Beannoch, 4 m, from L«rg, the tront sYOtaga from Jib. to Jib 
Locha Uraggle and Doohnlla are preserred by Lady Uatheaon, who gtfta an oeoaaloDal 
day, Tbe upper pe.rt of the riier Stain Is let with the ahooBng, baton payment of lOi 
per day leaie may be obtained, duHng July, from the landlord of tlie holaL (At 
KMcmlch /in. I There la rei? good teroi Bahlngln Loch Oreamb, at tbe head of Losb 

TiflfnlTllrt"^ — On Clyde; trout and grayli 
L^mlASlL (lale of Arno).— Sl«anjboata sta 

^gow Ihrae linie* a day. and tana a 

itnallhotola here. There la scarcely any riTer 

eport can be had wlUi the coal-flah, angUng 
. grey ginning eels recommended, liie bnma 

.—On Leader. Tront. There la a comfortable Idd here, and flablag free. 

„, .., .(..oogic 

"^■niTlinlTii (Diuafrlee).— N.B^ Tb« E A. Llddle, and ihelr tribauriti ire pTeBarrtd bj 
OeEak kDd Llddle FlitierlH AiiooUUon. who lane TKilons tlckeU foe dIflsnDt piru of 
therlTsiB. NoK 1 ud IgiysBBbliigrlgliu la [«nsar Eat, Liddle, &Ed Henaluwa. and 
■11 other or the AueolUlan waten; i.t. II. 4i.. w.t. Wi., d.1. 9i. No. 9 UkH the Eak 
lower wilen (n) rroni Feb. IE. 3'. 3(. ^ (b) (ion) Aog. 1, VI. 2j. No, 4 tekeg Eak appar 
water*. (Hrw&ld water, ud portioDe of Liddle; b.L 1'. 10«., dt- 3t. 6d. No^ A la (be 
IJddleBldallcket,s.t 901.. d.t.21. No. S la the Cajionble Ucket far porHana o[ Eik ud 
Uddle; a.1, Ifu. , d.t. 2>. M. So. T, IadkIieiIdi Ucket, tar pern ol Eak, Ewea, Wusbope, 
kod Tutu waten; a.!;. lOi., d.t. !i. No. S, the Wegterbick ticket, Tor puB of Eek, 
Mugal. Shielbnni, aod Slannish n*l«n; a.l. 10(.,d.t. li. No. 9. Eakdalamuti tlokel. 
Bikend OBniild niter; a.t. IDi.i d.l. li. No, 10, Newcullaton llcket. for puta at 
IJddle uid HeimltB«e ; a.t. Mi., d.l. la. Noe. 1, !. and Su will be gnnlad ou and aJter 
Fob. -IS, bnl for fl7 only. The renndnhig tickets (eioaplhig No. 3 (b) oo »iid ifl*r llaroh 
IG, ud than onlj ror B; till June 1, eicepUng la Esk uid Liddle. vben Iba liniil li 1I» 1. 
No fllhluK allowed eriar Id p.m., eicdpt In tba monthBOl June, Jalf, and Angusl, nbni 

Blze larger than No. & of Adlln^ton and Hutohlnaoa'a make. No bait or minnow flabiiv 
before Ha; 1 In Eak and Iiiddle, or baTore June 1 or after Sept.] in the other watera o( 
tbfl Aaaoclatlon. No gaS nntil afler April 1 ; flr^OaUng Iba w^e aaaaoa : fly onJr after 
Ool. 1. The AaBOdailon'g waten— eutmtlse Ihs Eak and Uddle and the Bemltage 
below Qorrenbnrr Bamfool— shall be ekiaed for rod flatalng on Oct, I. E^shhig opens 

Noa. 1. 2, and 3 from Ueaarfl. Bcaly, drapers, Longtown; i 
maker, W. Botcbergate, Oarliale; or the water MliOa at 
Bea troot i ■ ' . . . 


ihlft. Salmon eaUng beat la Bi 

7t BraiipatlL WeamUil. ai 

.,. jlpatlLwe , 

Longtown; and Ur. Bobert Balna. tackle 

. piv to the aec., B, M'Oaorga, wrltar, 

Upper Eak trlbuiarieB ais well aiocked with troDt, ill., Oatwald 

Uoodlan, and the Bae bnma. 

X«W«B,— OnLochTu„- , 

laxiriOk (Sbatkiad).— Oueb : Qaeen'a(»e.4diierMHm0il). Bo;al,arsj|d. BlackLoehand 

SandjLocb. Im. W, from Lerwick, paat village ot SoDnd; troot plentirul, bnl small. 

Loc(iTin«wall, « m. from Lerwick, 3 m. from Scalloway; ash plenUfal, Irom tlb. to lib; 

preeervad by Uc. Weber, Qoeen's Hotel. Adjoining la Loch Aata : liih plenUfnI. folly 

above. Hr. Weber, of '^Qaeen's,'^ Lerwick, keepa a private hotel here for anflera. 
Glrlsla Looh. if m. from thla liotel. Loch Broo and Loch Uataneaa, and other five small 

Lerwick, aea Ironl and brown tronl may lie taken, A boat freqnently sails' fnm 
I*rwlok to Ollaborry on the eaat coast of the north mainland. Good flahing In Eela 
'Water, North Uavln, near Ollabeiry, and In many other locbs In tba nelghbonrbood. 
Lodgings may be had at Mr. Sinclair's, at Ollaborry. In Pnndawater. lieyond Eela 
Water, the flab run larger. There are many other looha In Bhatland where excellent 
Sahing 1) to be had, but accommodation is very limited. It ig always neceaaaiy to talu 

Elenly ol provisions villb yon. Loch apiggey, SO m. H. from Lerwick ; fleh plenUtnl and 
krge. Very good fishing in Fetlar. VldM Loch and bom, good aoa and yellow tronl. 
bntarolet. KirknoneoLooli and North Loch have brown trout. In the island of Onat. 

good, especially at Baltaeoond. where Mr. Weber, of the ''Qoefn's," Lerwick, 
'rat-cbaa hotel, which la within 1 m. of Loob CliB. the best aahlng looh in 
ll Aw* (Argyllablre),— Salmon, aea trOBl, brown Iront, perch, pike, fei 
iree. BoUl: Loch Awe (lu AdMrliiemtru). Orchy river runs in at I 
salmon, tront; flabing at hotel (tee Dalmall):). Awe river flows out ol 
salmon; private, eicent I n. at the lower end on the led bank, flehsblo 

at Iha Taynullt Hole], Tsyiinllt (tee Taynmil). Some of the beet tro „ 

Cladlch bay. and ihence to Tort Sonaoliui Botel (ik AiverHumaill, » nt.. the 
flahing la very good. Hence to FoTtliilali*mH)li(wherelsaninB)laem..andafler 
pasaiog Orow laland tbs flshlng la good. From PortlnlSliarTaeh to Ford the S.W. 
end of the loch is 8 m., all good flahing gronnd. At Vord la a comfortabre inn. Thn 
other aide ot tba looh la alao good in parte. Opposite Fort Sonachi 
Hotel, where boats can be hsd; boat and man ft>. a day, Tbeflahlc 

la generally good, espeolally round Iidshall. The best salmon lli.. ., _.,.vi. 

dragon— wings.teatberlroni men; body, black moh^r,hlaokbackle; tip, golden pheasant 
onstleathar. S, theblackdog— wlDgB.blaeheronfeatherniliedwiihred torkey; body, 
laad-coloared mOb^r trimmed wiib goM twist, and large black hackle; shonldar, darfc 
green mtthair. It voold be well to uvlde tbe wings with Bold twiat, and let tt show 
abont the bead. The loob treat flies are as foilows: 1, wings from pheasant's (all ; body, 
ginger haokle over orange mohair, 3, the green dralu fly. J. winga, motUed feathers ot 
6qatard; body, opper part, bloe dabbing, lower, orange ditto, a light brona haokle 
<HTi*d well down tbe bend of the book ; tineet aod a taU taft ahonld be oied, the lattor 

„..., .(..oogic 

The Angler's Diary. 

or BomfitlmeB ft nnootb gT«0n bodj, vith nullum wlogi- Light imd dark lUtrch brown, 
ftkler At, BovdniiE, dark Hplnner. ProrrBBor dirk and llRht; and No. 1, speckled leil 
irlJDSf U^it red B^DDor; No-?, jellov ftllk body, red baokt^ nin down Ibo body, cock 
tdMftluit idnf , *ad two flbreB for tall from cock phc&iunt wlug -. No, 3, pale Rreen Bilk 
bodj rlUxd with gold, blsok hackle legs, wlnga dirk millard, peacock harl and red 
macaw, t^l.BtrandablBckbackle; No. 4, dark Elge ullk body, blusk li'gs, >aa-Bwallow 
wing, tall two or three Bbres dttS mallard— known in WeBlmorelaad aa "Brongblon'B 
polnL" Trontfllei; l.yellow tmd woodcock— a UrgooowdoDg: J, rod and teal— Soldlec 
palmer, with teal wings i », green and leal— green crewel bod;, silver thread, blaek 
haeUe, and teal wlngi. TbebeBtbaltrorplksnahlug In Loch Awe Is the copper apoon 
halt, at a glaaa artlfiola] minnow ol medlnrn or Urea slie. It la not always ea«7 U 
obtain bait tor Birinnlne. There are plenty of eels ronndthe cutleto be caaght by nl^ 
UneB, and on the other side of the castle, at tbe tooalh of the rlTer, there are some large 
perch Id the sasdy bays. 

KoOlL DooB (&yr).-.Oapltal sport. The looh eaa be reached from Ayr. 

Ibooh Dow {InyemeBB}. — A peculiar deformed tnwt la aometlraes caught In this lake. 

KooItaoUhMUI.— There is soma good tronUng In the Beatel Looh and Loch Awe. 

looUnTaz (Sntherland).- n)M : Colas IfeeAdtntiumait). On Inter and KlrkaJg <a n.); 
Bahdon and tront. There B» orer 40 lochs within S hl fnll at tront, and some with 
salmon, all tree, but there are noi boats on alL The holelkeeper crautB permiasion 
to fish for salmon In the Klrkalg and Inyer at 13J. ed.wt day, Ujnlied to two roda par 
day. In some of the lakes there are terox, eapeclany In Loeh Sheanaskalg, Aalynl, 
Fewin. Beanach, and Bodmlns. Boats can be obtained at 3i. &f. a day. The nulT 
ear mni dally between tUa and L^rg, and atsamera from QUagow and Oban 
freqnently. The SIrkalg Bowl Ihrongb LoohB Boarlan, Urlgtll, Oama. TOTattle, and 
Fewln. They all contain trout, some Urge. Loch Beannoch, 4 m., le also a free rising 
loch, having a boat. Sutherland Qleg Bhould be foll-bodled worsted or pig's wool. B«£ 
bine, purple, green, or black, with plenljof gold and silver tinsel wilh or wlthont red. 
tag. Loch Uulog and Cnlog river holds salmon and grilse. There is a boat ; Sahlng 
Si. a day. Inter runs out of Loch Assynt 7 m. oft. The entire Eirkalg goea with lb* 
hold. The sea fishing is yery good. 

Koob Xktrfas.— There Is some fislilng to be had on this loch, Loch Chon, and aCTeral 
UU locba, wUch Is tree to yisltors u the Stronachlachar Hotel 

Koek KaHirna.— Tront and foroi; free. There Is a nice little Inn here, distant from 
Fort WllSun, to wUch there Is a dally coach In Bommer, SO m., and from the sMUon 
at XlatftlMda. IB m. The fishing Is eccellent, averuing three to the pound ; plsn^ of 
leroK. BoalB at the Inn. Good trootlng in the rlrer E^ttaoh. which icdns the loch eloaa 
1^ the Inn. This riTer mns out of two hill lochs, toll of Usb. OB tbe Islands la^o flsh 
can be taken, alao In the baya on the north aide, espeoially In a large h^ abont 4 ol 
down, where a large bum runs into the loch. Great nambera m^ be taken In Uw bay 

bdow the honao bdooging to Clony Macpherson. The liter Kpean i ' -* "~ •--'■ - 

' though fteflshrnn smaller than in the I--"- "~- — - 

csi^lal sport, though Ae Ssh mn emaller than in the looh. There are salmon below th* 
faua, whlcll Is 3 tn. abore Boy Bridge, 18 tn. tram Laggan, strlcO; preserred. Qood 
aport In Loeh Treag, not tar off ; we believe It la tree. A good By ror the loch la a 
InMitBCadal body with a leal wing. (,3u Anusfo.) 

IhMk KoBaond.— Tbe smamB mmitng through tha Lnea property are pneetred by the 
ownan, who Ivme tloketa at ST. for the aeaaon. The Dnke of Montrose gives tree 
psrmlnion to fl^ the atmma on hie property, except the river Ondiiok, where It mna 
urongh hia park, where spedal permlasion Is reqnlred. 

SoolUUtlMn <IlsmtrleB).— 8 tn. north ot Diuiml«B, and 4 m. weat t 
(Osl.B.). There ace nine loDhs near. Tbe Castle Loeh Is the Urge>t,aDi: 
of foor,ttill of vendaee, plke,penh,roadi,hnam, eels, and a tow tront. Tijvcivw nuiu^s 
wllUii eaay walking dlBlanca are the Ae, KInnel, Drjle, and Annan. The llrat Uima 
are tribniaryta the laat, Tha Annan contains aslnuw, aea Iront, UrUng, grilee, ani 
yCUow tront. The flabliig opens on Uarch 10, and cloaea November L Hay, June, Jnb. 
and August are the beet months, and September and Ootober tor salmon. Leave to B» 
la somcHmn given. Thareare three fair Inns here, and plenty of lodglngB. Tha HUk, 
Ae. and Dryfe are nearly ail free. 

KOOlunKddT Kotal (North Olal, N.B.t.— SaloKiD and aea and brown tront flahing frea. 

btohmutrt (ArgvU).— By slaying at the Salen Hotel salmon and Irani DahlDg «n be 

kOlAarM* (Domftles). — 0. B, (Set Ler*mahm and LangMm), BeleU: Bine E 

r , tha of April. Hay, and Jnne are ehalBna 

>r red hackle, lark with monae-eoloured body, thrush with hare ear oi 

hi Annan, Ullk,jo[| otbsr 

... iff body,"iiinii . ._ 

hackle, or yellow body, woodcock and red hackle, landiall with dark hackle and ^Irar 
tinsel Upjteal with red or dark hackle, red and blaek spiders, giey s^der from partridfa- 
breast. Tbe natural HayOy la alao very deadly, and can be gathered In great nnmbara 
on the ddes of the river. For the following months, when sea iroet and harlinga an 
mn. jay and teal with yellower blue sQk body (the latter preferred), and dark baiAte 
and tinsel, landrail and teal, yellow body and dark hackle and clear tinseL 

„, .., .(..oogic 

ScoUand. 119 

Xotl«rllA.-Oo Tiy; ulmon »na tronl. Tommel hen joim T«j. Flabliig Mclcllj 

Loufiinn>raa.— Some T n. fnn Dimn. On Dra, Wnich ud BlioksmlU Bnnu. 

_wa»dderrBiuneM-. Trontlnggo^ 

BAlmcm Oablni; In Aaxiul 
. The w»ter la very &ep 

9. TlLnmt or FDrein&riL Sood IroaHngla Hrcnl 

DTe BDd M fkr as Loeb Docli«rt 

Blrume ud poale, Fram Locb Dochut lo vUblD 1 m. of KllUs the fiiUnK !■ preierred 
b; the hotel for IB lieitara. Bob Bor'i bom jiriiis Um rlvor 3 n. sbore LuJb. sod hers 
MpfW ipon era be hid. (SmKOiSi.J (SetOHmlirM.) 
i'^un.'-a.'BJR. Locb Lomond ud Clyde: ■•Jinon, ■» rad brown tnmt, pike, iHrcta 
riBllliiK rtes. The brown Irontlne enrly In the aeaaon belon the set. flab enter the looh 
KUaliuA iBlksd ainritta o( Kirkwall rad Eaat Mainland, and BtlDiniwsi sod 
Veal Valnlrad. SsUU: OuUe ud Elrknall, al Kirkwall. A few aea (ront nuiTbe 
killed where Iba tide mna through Aer Into the Peecie Sea. aba In Scapa Bay. At 
WlieTord, a m. from KlrtwiU, Is good (or aca trout, slao at Sabaj, S m., and Tantemeaa 
Hall 9 n,. PlentT of Ijtho and aallha. 
'Malklmnir.— The Isia here jolni Taj ; (root, salmon, pihe, and pereh, all pieearved. 
Ihelsia in Itsnppor waters above Airlie CaallB contains pleolj of amall tront ; fiablng 
free. Uiy and June are the beet moDthe. A small red pabner. or reddish hackle with ft 
■cal drake wing, la a good flj. The aahlng In the Melgnm is very good. The laltt from 
in jinctlDn wlltL the water or Dean, a few mllee bekiw Airlle CaHtleleTery alogglBh, and 
lifnDof pike, laisa (tout, and pf rob. The water or Dean rlace In the loeh ot ForTar, and 
DOntaiiu c^tal tront. The flahlng on the Tay la atrlctly preaerved. 
Kalroaa (B0KbaI|A).--On Tweed : salmon, tront. By ataylng at the Wayerlsr Hydro- 

Jlatbic EatahU-^ • • " ■■- ■— ' •— 


loohe; free. .„. 

Koflllt.— Tlie Uonat, Evan, and Annan ran near. The Well Bora, Orulon Bom. Hnt. 
fell Bun, lAchan Bnm, Oarpel Bnm, CloDln Bom, Oomal Bum. Blackshope Bom, 
Selcoth Bom, Corilefron Bum. the Tall Barn. Also, at medlnm dlatuoea, the Doar, the 
I>i7fe (S m.), the Clyde, the Ettrick (8 m.), the Fnild (8 m.). the EJnnel (4 a.). Wamt^y 
Water. Also Ijicih Skena dlj ui.), the Looh ot the Lowes (14 m.), St. Mary's LoohTihe 
Megget, and tlie Yarrow; Ihay are unproaerved. iSa BtalliKt atalioa uid St. Man'! LtrA.} 
tfoia: Annandale Anne, The Darr and Head of Clyde atv easy of aoceea. 
■onsd (Snttaeriand). OnFIeet! tront and salmon, and good sea fishing. 
JIull (Island or>.— Tobermon' la the ca|rita] of the Island, and here good aocommodaUon 
both at the hotel and In lodgings era be obtained. £)cepUng the Aroe and (be stream 
a>nne'3tla^ Locb Bsa with the aea, the rivers are mere bnma. 3 m. from Tobermorj 
are the Uli^nlsh lahes; good trontlng; leave easily obtained. B m. from Tobermory la 
Loch Freasa, the onllet ot which Is the Aros river, Freesa holds aalmon, white and 
bnwn Itool; the flahlng belongs to Oapt Campbell and Mrs. Fornyth. who often give 
leave. Accommodation can be bad at a shspherd's house on the shore. For the river, 

from Oban thi 
Hotel (i« JOk 
and Locb Fotee; 

Iront. October for salmon. i^ocD bsa ib rjiosed. ssien Aaor tiotailm^aserfiKBieiii) naa 
the Belling- rights In the Forsa river, and in Loeh Sconban and other lake* ^ Aognstand 
September are the best mouths. Thnre are many other lakes, mostly tree. 

Vcwbnrgli (Aberdeen).— 12 m. tram AberSMn. Ythan ; salmon, sea tront, boll and 
lake tront. brown tront. pike, floondera Tlhan risaa on lbs E. slopes of Blaaet hiUa, 
and is SH m. long. The prlnclpa] owner; are Earl of Aberdeen, Sir H. Dutt Glordon. Bl, 
Lady Qordon-Oatbcart. Col. Tniner. CoL Wolriga Oordon, Mr. Cdny, Mr, Gordon, and 
Miss Bnohan. The principal tribularlee are the bnms of Foveru, Tarty, Forvey, March, 
Brony, Ebne (flahlng tree, sea tront), Michael Uuir, Kelly, Scblvas. Chapellon. Bum, 
Qralns. Little Water (fishing free, eea tronl). Petty, Farden, TIfty, nidonlsle, Oarriea. 
Sot^ ; Udny Arm». where capital aea trouting. ACr, can be had. 

V*w aallawar (ElrkcDdbrlghC), — Htia : Kenmnre Arms. Locia : Dee. Skerrow. 
Harrow, and LochlDvaty, Bnie, Barscnble, The Lowes, and Dee; tnaL RsnandLocbs 
Een, Dm, and Strom ; salmon, tront, pike, and perch. There is a long stretoh ot flahlng 
altaohed to the Kenmnre Arms. {See Parian.) 

XmwioxaaorB (Inveraeaa).— H.B. On Spey and Calder. Salmon ud tront. 

OlMn (Argyll). — C.B. The Lorn AngUng Improvement Asaool— — '- 
UcLaren, Esq., 2S, Qeorge-slreal. Obsn) preserves the toUowhig lo 

which are etooked with tront— vli.., Pei_. . „_ 

Balnagown Loch, Lesmore. In the latter loch, which Is considered one of the beat 
In Argyllahlns the tront average |1h.. and It Is not nnusnal to get one !1b. Strangers 

who Willie all tntonnallon about filee. &0. Loch'Nell and Kver Xell ate4 m. ^'. 
and are good tor sea tront In Iheaatnmn, with an occa^onal salmon, also brown tront; 
flshinB on application to proprietor. Cleugh Inn. ne>r Obsn, at moderate raica. I,ocb 


150 The Angler's Diary. 

SCMUmsdile. gn>. oFT; Balmon, sea and brown ITonlt preHTTSd. bal 

Stt from Ti.rloua proprL^Lara. Other minor locha in dlACrlot, Imt moB 
OlUbUT.— Id Nonti Uniiae. (SeeLeniiiet.i 
Olkn»T(I«l»nda).— There are twsaly-aigUl hihabitadlBlandB, S» tt 

dTlwing. Wading trouaera ire d«Lmhle. Tliei 

October. By 

DccaikoDalJy take a happening flBh, Ljtha^a 
Mainiund litaitd. 
Ovazakaok SotA (Snthoilai .. 

SerenboilsarelteplonSlito.twoonLooliMBtkluul.or. , 

Loch Qrjam. It le the bfgl alattoo on the loch both lor Df and troll. Loch Dies tot 
BntherlandBUn >re lane aa a rule (No. t hooka), and are beat when Ued Tery bright, 
•carlsl being Ihe favoiirlls colooi. Locha Qritus, MerUuid, and Flag can alBD be BBhed 
rn>m here ; tLej are rery jj'oad. Loch G-ilajn la reported to be one of the beat loohs lo 
Scotland (or feroi. The large bum vhfch rase oot ol Loch Flag giicB pretty gooS 

Oikal BrldK* Inn iRoisj.-Ou riTore Oykel end CaBetey. Theee ilvera are let by tha- 
monlhi for panicnlira, apply to J, Forajlh, Balnagown Eatale Offloe, ParkhiU, K3, 
Day llclieU For Carron. 

Purton. (KJrkCpdbrlghl).— At and around New QaUoway same good aahhw can 
— — - -'■ >■ — ■"- — — '- eedlngly II 

_. ^__., , , _.. __e proprletont are exceedingly llbentt tv 

granttogleaye, Anomnlbnalrom thaSpaldlng ArniBmaelalhe UtUob. {Stclfca aaaiiitaf.y 


comroruble. '(Set 

denay. WhllUng are nameroui between Tb 

'erth, and will take a Oy freely, (Srt Slaniei.] _. __ 

town to Aberteldy. the flafilnK la Htrictly preaerred. Uany beats- 
luth are leased hy Mr. Ualloch, flshtscklelBt, Perth, nho oTten liai- 

FhlBBtowU (Orkney).— (Sm anmnieH.) 

FWooliris (Perth).-.H.B. On Tnmmeli eahnon and iroi 

Timunel Hotel the angler can Oah in inoT« than 1 m. of t 

free ; boats from hotel. The end ol Uay is the beat Ihne. 

■e ; tront, pen ... 

_ ... ifortaWe, where boaa Dan be had, ( 

PortM* {3kye).— Oood tronting - '— ■ "— - "- ■■■ 

Wading neoeaeary. Flies to he 1 

bonr. CIlargBforbOBlandlwonien, 2j. an hour. 
Vort Bouaohui I Argyll) .^Loch Awe; trout, salmou, sea trout, perch, pike; aatilni 

free. Solsl: Port Sonachan (•« ^dMriiMranii) : "ry comfortable. Boaia oan be had 

(A» Lcdi dm. ) Fifteen hiU lochs are free to Hotel ylsltora only. 
Bm7 Inn. H3,— Oood treat aod sea aahlng. 
KUoonlok Iiui (Sulberlsnd|.~14iii. from Dumesi. Very comfortable angler's qnarten, 

lochB all ronnd will give any amount of tront Kahjng. This place can be reached by 
mall car from Lairg, a distance of 41 n, , nsDally occupytng eli houre. Excellent aea 
flBhIng by hiring local boat and man, chargee moderate. Best time August and 
KlOOafton Station.— N.B,B. On Tyne. The Tyne conslsta cf two rivers, the North 

lew hondred yards of each other 
ihope.not far from Xlocartoa «t»Uon, and flow down opposite eidM 
*d. A few miles bdow Its Bonrce the North Tjne Joins a moimlaln bnrn- 
Lt Eellder Ca^le, and recelrea a conslderahle tributary, the riier &eed, ti 
below Belllngfaam. Jnst below Beedamonth is the Hargrove stream, Uu 
iream ia Northnmbariand. belonging to Uie Doke of Ibat ilk. Eioept naor 
, tfTTiA r.f Din mnnntatD bDms flowing Into the Tyne, where the tront mrs 
flahing hi the Tyne worth following. 

BmtUomy (Shetland).— (,S« LaiKct.} 
■ootulB (Sutherland).— Beached from 1 
Ashing la Oorom Loch and Trent Loci 
after rain. Salmon sometlinBe caught 
the Lailord. Free. 

ii^et.) Lythe and aalilia flahing, good, 
from lAirg by mall car. Sea ashing lery good. TtduI 
It Loch (fair). Sea trout flaUng hi Baddtnamonlt Locb 
Aught by fiy and troll In the salt water off the month ot 



the moBl norttcrlj g 

, .. ._. ._. _ _ ___ ,„ _.B locbji uid biixiki ars 

BDDHronB, uid, SB Uie freihvttar flshlng ie almost neglected bj the Inhmlittuta, the 
■ugter Buy mue certain in mtnj of tbem of ei»d aporL Some of the loctaa, nusb u 
Locb Braiuter In Wklle, LnchB Eettlesta In EtmiTUToe, uid Dists In Tell, I^h ClUt fn 
UnaLIiOobrUMUUalerlaCaimingtbiirgb, LnchSplg^o In IhimDBaneM Loclia Saner 
■iidVilil«lnrell*T,Ae.,Ac. cliaTeiTgwKlBpon, bat ah tbsy en >t & dleiuce tron 
Ihi eqdU town, LerwbA, ftltaonSb In some lastinces ufommodadDn 01 a ton mn 
IniAM&iea, yet tnqnentlT the M^rnmet rooghii Nht Lerwick ibe hotel uomimi^ 
ditkin f> eieelleiit, uid tba flsblng neer it Is plentiful sod tully uceaalble. Led) 
ArngbBnaiAch Setter en in BpeBBft;, B.a IsMod Ijlng opposlia Lerwiok, ind Looh 

Qlrfsl* Is In Tingwiill, the netreal pirisb. The proprietor of the qneeo'g Hotel (.. 
Jthirf jiAnmf) bu eome time since leseed the lochs of Asia and Struid In Tlngwall, 
kod. u be hu strictly preserved Uiem, capitel span msy then be obwlncd. He bta 
■!» provided s boM at Loch AsU. Qood ees-trout flBhlos la tbe see ; and at Lerwick 
ud other places good eport may be had with otbcr dsh both wlUi fly and line 
■Ual BlMffa Hotal (aienshiel. by Lech Alsh, N.B.).— Oa Loch end BiTer Shleli 
ulmoD. grilse, and su trogt. Fishing on Sbiel opens Fab, 11. andoloKsOct. Sli but 

dark tcrkey wing, with yellow bo<^ and blaek hackle ; teal wing, yellow body hlaek 
backloi turkey wing, black body, Bilier tlnael with blae hackle: Thandsr and Llgbl- 
oing, Black Doctor, Bloe Doctor, SilTer Doctor, Jock Scott. Chllders. Tbe obaige U 
ei. per week. The loch fishing is good for salmon, grilse, sea and brown tronl, from 
Jnne to tbe end ot September. Tbe lower end Is best, and is Ssbed with Oy and 
minnow, otdinaty eea-tront fly being best killeri grouse wing and claret body; tsal 
wing, yellow body, ard black hackle, and Zulu wilb silver tinsel. Most soitable halt 
for trolling Is Brown's Aberdeen, bine and gold, blae and eilver phanlomg, Hoe. S, 4, 
and & ; and Deron minnow, 3 and 4, ami steel traces. In connection with the bote! 
thsre is a lannch on the loch. The accommodation at the hotel Is g^. 
Skn, Zsland of .—There ia good Irool and salmon ashing ; the salmon aro preserred, 
thongh dDubllees a day or two may be obtained, Tbe Camesunary locbi, near Broad- 

Inlo'uw sea contain aea treat In Loagh Correakin there Is good sahnon and tea tront 
Bflhing. Almost all the beat IroBIing is preserved. There ia a good imi at Kyle Akin, 
and another at Bradford. At Portree there ia fair accommodation. Al Sligaeban it la 
moderate, with proeervod waters in the nelghbonrhood. a amall portion ot wbloh 
belongs to tbe Inn, There Is (ood sea fishing all round Bkye, panlcularly lytbe and salllie. 

SpronatOD.— On Tweed. The Eari of Home pressrvss tbe greater part of tbe Oarham 
water above Itde place. 

Btaalar. — On Tay. Some of tbe beat salmon pools are near here, SDcb asOal's Hole and 
SelFaMole. hut all strictly preserved. A gooifly is thefcllowiag: Body, from the head 
10 a third np tbe book, black or dark blue— above that to the flniah, yellow; a heron's 
hackle dyed bright blue tiid about half-way up, and another red or ysllow. tied and 
woond round the head with silver ilnsil about the body; wings, peaeock's tali foathert 

head and red at the tall, tinsel, gold, or silver; wing, niottled grey turkey ; hacile,black. 
The size of tbe hook ii very large, but dimlnishoe as yon advance up atream. For grilse 
the best fly is tbe wasp, and neil— body, blacJi and red, yellow near the tall, and ribbed 
with red gold Bnsel ; vflng, brown or daik grey turkey wing with small mottled Bpots. 
■t. »o»w«U'« (Boibargh).-N.B.K. Tweed; eabnon, sea trout, broira tront. Aid: 

St. nilasB (Loch Earn),— Visitors stayhig at the D^mond Arms Hotel or St. Flllana 
. „.,. ,..,..,.... ^.„. mere are plenty of boats, and the 

Bt. Marr'B luxih, (Selkirk).— Snod quartera. The nearest suiion la HoOatl, F^r 
trout and pike Hshing in tbe loch, Nuggit waters, and the river Tarrow. The looh 

fsconnecled with St. Mary's Loch by a short stream: this Is the better locb for pike and 
porch. The honse is licensed for beer only, Cramull bum ia good, but is preserred ; eo 
is Chapeihope buro. There are several olher bums abounding in trout, running Into 
St. hfary'a Loch and Loch of Lewes. Tbe best time la the end of April. The a&res* 
of the Inn Is Bl. Uary's Cottage, Yarrow, Selkirk. 
Stow iMIdlothlanl.—Xdin'bnTKh Is 26 11. distant by rail. There is a good hotel standing 
on the banks of the Bala, Tbe fishing Is tree for 6 n>, below Stow, and 4 m. above. The 
railway runs along the banks of tbe rirer. The trout below Stow average tt 

he pound. m. off ie the Leader, {See Ladder.') 

BtiatluHurEan (Boss),— E.K. On Carron; sahuon. Some 2J m. are preserved by the 

lessees ot Now Kelso Lodge. 
StratbEeSW. - noltl : Spa (we idvtniiaient). Some fair salmon flahing attached to tba 

hotel, and eome good loch Ashing. 

Fatry (Boaa).— U.£. UoUt: SUMoa. NearFstpoint forQle»ehlel,LoebDaiflh, 
; iu Loch Stennis. and sea (rout at lbs 


The Angles Diary. 

BiU«e or Wtlth, and below II to ths su. BoUi ou be had u Uw tnidn. Loch 
H&rnj Uh bajond Loch Staxmia ; It U »l from Stronuwoc mod B hl from FhlDtlowiif 

■ '" 'dh; moelleal " " ------ ..... __.... 


when there la ■ Ultle hmi moelleat brown tront Oahlnc ux ...._.... 

bo>i (or IhlB loch cut be hmd tnaa Ut. Bleit, i. fumer od Uia buk ; llah kTense thns 

dark wings) ; Blao MHofa brown with red uid elmt bodj ; Zdii, hukle (dark and led). 
Aleiaadra, and Haekani, Loch Shin l)eg beyond LoohHamr; the fleUncIa good, bat 
no aoamunodatloa. Loch Birsa !■ 10 nt. from StnnnnHi. Ths flab ran luge, bnt thecs 
ll no MMOmmodatlon. The Bahing Is all free. The sea fishing lor lyths and Mithe 

9»ZMt.^-0n Loch Lomond. The flsblng In the loch Is Iree; sahnan, eea and hrown 

tront, penft.plkB. Baste and men st the Tubet hotel. 
TmTff(Elrkandbrlght).— O. AS.W.B. On Tarlf. 
Vtmx%KSI» (Ai^^H).— Loch Awo i trout, perch, plko. eea tront, aeJioon ; flehlug tree. 

SlUi: TaycTsnan, when boats cao be had. Lochs NanI, ATlch. and ten other lochi 

freeloholelvlStore. (Stt Loch Aux.t 
TaruilU JA^Uihlre).— O.B. On Awe; aslmon. sea tront. tront SeUI: Taynullt. 

good; 3n. of water attached to lioiel^ ifae flsblng Isrery good (rom April to October, 

Loch BUto le elOBB by, end see iroui sre caught with j from June. 
ShaxnUll (Dnmlrlee).— NIth ; preeerred by the Mld-Nltkedale AngUng Aeeoclalian 

XHnrao (Calthneet 
rjsee in three small 

nd. after a short course, mns tbrongh Loch 11 
fl lochB (Locb Stemstfl 

Looh Calder."' "' raw ae s e jo s on 

Tonnia KoMl (Salberland),— I«Ai : Coalslde, Bncb Bale, H^ow Is boet), Sbun. Na 
Hakel, Crugle. and Loyal ; treating f^r. ti eh eboui three lo the pound; man j large laka 
root; boat^tongg lo inn ; lesTe mnat be obtained from tbe Dnke'a taclor, Mr. Crawford. 

salmon and sea Iron! dshlDg on Kyle of Tongnn. (8te Aulmo^ra.) The beat UUing By 
In (be locha are a magenta-coloured body, ribbed vlth silver uid a red tag, blook haokl* 
and grooBB wing, the Soldier PaJmer, and a large yellow fly. 
TroMaolu Bow.— There are three or fonr etresms In the nelgbboDrhood. frse. 
Lata: Katrine; trout; boste »t bote]. Achraj; ironi, silmnni boste. Venneehan 

lata of tront, tour (o poond ; free. 

__» — n_ -v- n- 1 . — , — 1 — ,. .— „| Beitt: Tnnunel Bridge, by 

..„ „ — __ -.oqtlng la belter some Mm. op 

If Rannoch begloa Loch Tnmmel Ilea S m. down stream, and contalna 

oe goodly pike and tront ; by fieblngterylale In tbe evening some good trout may be 
en. Tbe beet flies are tbe coachman and a fly with a teal drabe'a wing, black haokle 

g in the neighbourhood. 

a m. Olloennin brook, 4 in. Aaron rliiea In Ujn Elddwen, 7 n. N.W. fron) Vranxoa, 
andlfttL down Is joined on rlgbt bank by n brook which drains Llyn Faaod, Sfa. up, 
6 m. M.W. trom Tracurou. Aeron runs 4 m. to LUngeliho, 4 «. W. from Tra- 
nron. and bare Telyn. 3 nt. long, joina on right bank. 2 m. down Aaron, at Capel 
BettwaUtdd, i m. w: from Font £Uitlo, Gwenflnvd, 3 m. long, joins on light bank. 
a fB. down Aaron, Meurlg joine on le(t bank, which rises 3 m. N. ol Bmnj OmiOBd, 
and Is 3 m. long, a m. down Aaron (n.s. Sarry Omioltdi 4 m,). Bhewfallen, 4 a. 
long, joins on right bank, and 1 m. down Aaron. Nan t-y-tergy, I m. long, joins on right 

r_ .(..OOgIC 

%«iik. 1 M. don Aaron, Qdll. whleb nmf S «. tl.W. from Kampvtaz 
Mug, jotni on left btot. | m. down Amron, Oerw«n, whSoli rUm Uwte L] 

. - Ji. long, joini on right bBDk, 4 n. aboTS Afeaift«rML ^^i^^ .uu^ 

!nLjWbenlInde,em.loD(r,jolnsODlettbuik. AuonnmstoAbeneroDiDdthssaiS m. 
ABTH null l|n, H.E. of Atwnaronail Abor Artb. Arth Tl«e to Llyn Usrch, S m. 

Wales 153 

of S «. N.W. from Kamntaz ud la ) n. 
n, Oerw«n, whSoli rUm ulote LluShuiget 
long, JDkna on left bank, a n. down Astod, 
iok,4n. aboTB Afeaift«rr*- ' 

ABTH mni It n. N.E. irf"i,lMn«ri>nTl AborArtb. ArtliTlKetD 
8.B. of LUnxIinlira. This Uyn !■ 1 m. &W. of Uyn Fanod. AnI 
Bran, im. long, foin* on fert bint Anh mn« B m. lo Aber Arth and t..= ._ 
Abanifim (Qlamorgan).— O.^^. ATon (tnmt) rlss bj Blien Alon, uid t m. down, 
whaio the road from Crnunar (I| m. aS dq letl bank) cioBiea It. Cerwg, G m. long, 
i"*"* Ml light bank. II m. down Alon (n.g, AlMmfea, * m.) a Btreiun 4 n. long joins 

Owliiao, 6 m. long. (ci. Uit.)_ 

•- BMi (Olamorgan).— 9.W.E. &non. Aman. (Bee Cardiff.) 

Llinll (Uonl^DioaiT).— L. A N.W.B. Dovevi eeJmontninl. Angetl, (ci.) Hlr, 
Mynaoh, 1 m. N.E. Ang^-Tafolog, S m. W. Dnlaa, 4 m, E. (tronl). (c.j. /)oh*,) 
f-»m.B. Zaia ; Llyn Lfeeoedlog, 1 m. E. <Sm JfotS^BJfett.) 

(Brecon). — larecon.) N.AB.B, Cak; tront, salmon; pnaorvodbya society. 
LjtmL,, uuDt. Yeclr; trout. {See Bream and NeKporl.) (cj.) 
H&II«Ml*Eoa (Oatnanon). o.b, PwUloIU, IS m.—Daron runs down In two brancbes 

joining at AbaitUroB— Af on-tawr 3 m. long, and Aton-f ach a m. long. 
Abardme IQlamorgtui).— Q.W.K. Cynon. Hbondda Fyc^bui (4 n.). {See Cariig.) 
Abardare Jimotlaii (OlamorgaD). G.'W.B. ; T.V.B. Talt; sabnon.troal. (cj.) Cynon. 

eelll (I «.). (,3b! Cardiff.) 
Ab*IdaTB7 (Uerionetb).— O.W J(. Oood bass Ashing, with a luge fly of mixed oitmson 
and wbite fflatbBn. The following Sshiug stations are within two honra* joorneyj — 
Towyn, Llwyngwlel, Anhog, DolgcUey, Brynglaa, Dolgooh, Abergynolwyn, GlandoToy, 

AbndrllKa (Glamo^tan).— G.W.H. N™ih. Dylfas. {See Sioth.) 
Abaradw (Bailnor).— C.B. Wyo; chob, dace, trout, SHlmon. Edw; good trontlog; par- 
mlBsion freely given. Bach-howey brook (1 m.) ; tront. ioiei : Cawr (3 m.). UaobjoMlyil 
and two other lateB (3 m.). LI yn pools (5 m.). Mann pools («( m.). {e.i.) (See CliJMaa.) 
V (Anglesey).— D.s. BofloTJftli, Bm. Pfraw; IrOBt. Ffraw, tmder tbe name 
^. u.,.^., rlsea 4 m. above BoOorran, and jant below Boaarnu it waters Urn 
Coron. The stream now takes the name of Ffraw, and i m. below iho lake is joined on 
left bank by Fraich Wen, which runs close lo BodorB^n on the E. ride, and is * m. 
iong. 1 m. down Ffraw a stream joins on right bant, which rnns not of Llyn Bodrlc 
1 n. E. of T7-Czo*B station, and ia 8 m. long. Ffraw mns to Aborfltaw and Ihe saa 

4fa. N.W. Sea flehlng very good, particularly for pollack, near '^ Carreg-dral " (atone 
of the abb); aeb between Alb, and lolb. often taken; variety ol other fish. Use a 
Mght line, t.e„ with no sinker, 4 fathoms gimp or fine copper wlw, and red or grey 
nrinoiDg e«l; the grey eel preferable at dusk or by moonllghL In Angust and 
September bass are caogfat from the rocks on the Bowing tide; use a trolling or sabnon 
TM with reel and plenty of line. Beat bait, soft crab, procured from boatmen; mnasels 
tn alBD good halt, and aro easily obtaioed. At the estuary of Ualltraeth Bay bass an 
CMgbt from boBla by trailing the bait; also mackerel, cod, and gurnets. The landlord 
of the PiiDCfl Lleweliyn keeps a boat for vlaltora at the hotel. Mold : Prince Llewellyn. 

Abarral*(I^>«>>'l')i)'— !•. AN.W.R. Gele. (See R/iyl. Llanfair, TalAaiarn.) 

'AlMnrwill <Caermarthen>.— L. & If 'W.E. Towy; salmon, sewin, treat; hahlng free. 
(Jnill; lront,aevin,eahnon; flabing tree, {tt.) {Set Caermarllien.) 

AbarffwyncawTlt (Ueriooeth).— G. W.B- Dyaycni; Ironl; dshlng free. (i:.i. Soeff.) 
Gwynolwyn. (See nMnn.) 

Abermnla (Monlgomeiy),~-C.E. Severn; troDt.aahnon.chnb,&c Unle. (c.i.aeiem.) 
{See aiotieeiler.) 

Ab Tj«t wyth (Carilgan).— Q.W.H. ; L. * N.W.E. OnTetWTtb; more or less noUulsd. 
Bhddol, now pollnled; salmon, trout, Uelynddwr, S m. E. latei: GiBnBbeldol, 
7fn, E. Tstwyth rlaesfim. S.W. from £lAl^^url2, audi in. down is joined on right 
bank by Dillon, 4 m. long (n,s. I/iangnrls.S m.). 4 >n. down YslwyUi, Tilwyn, 2 m. 
long. Joins on left bank, and Im, down, EglwysoowyddOeJ, 3 m. long, joins on left bank 
(n.a. TiawB aoed, ' m.). 2 m. down Tstwyth a stream joins on tight bank, draining 

a Ilyo H f up, by LlaoliisBni (n.a. Trawm Ooad, I nU. 

...^ . jomed on riehi .._ .. __._ _„. . . ,._ 

Tons a m. to Llaa Uar, jnst above which Creiddyn brook, 4 m. long, Joins on right 
bank S m. down Tstwytta, Uad, 3 m, long, joins on left hank. 1 m. down Tetwyth 
ji UMirll7Bt7d Boad, and Ij m. dawn, Eos. 4 m. long, johia on right bank. 
Ysiwyth raoB to Abcryatwyth and sea (n 14 m. 

BHEIDOL TiBCB on one of the soars of Plymllmmon, 8 fn, S.E. of MaohTIlIlatk, 
.and 3 m. down In joinedon left bank by a Btre&m draining Lljn Llygad, 1 n. ap 
Dnder tbe brow of Flvmlimmon, 9 m, N. from Tlie DavU'a Brldn. i m, down, 
Llygnant, S ra. long, joins on right bank. 10 m, N. from DerU'a Brl^a. 1 m. down 
Bbeidul, Llecbweddnmur, fi m. long, joins on right bank 3 m. from Devll'a Brldn. 
2 m, down Bheidol, Bhyddlan, 4 m. long, johis on right bank T tn. from Savu'a 

'- A.oogic 

ritviog Bl iha llDte] k( Font Brnfd. Tbere ■» (wo ■null l^ei aboat 

154 r/w Angler's Diary. 

Blidr*. Bheldol runs 9 m. lo Pont Enrrit. where Cub 

joint on led bmnk. Blwidol ninnS m. lo 1>«tU'« BrldW, i . 

left bank. MjHerln riaes in the Iwo takes lenan, 8 m. N.l. irom lite D«U'» Brldn, 
[iias4 tn., whan BhyddDUlt. which rises In LtTnRhyddnant 11 tn.N.E. of DerU'lBrldtre 
■ndliB m. long. Joins on leftbuk. Uyherin runs a ni. lo Darll'a Bxldira> Hera 
klBO > stresm joins on Tl«lil bank, dislnlnei Bmull lake 2 m np^ also Ibe dndninsl of 
Urn Lon. 1 m. W. of Ttwrtl'U Brldn, joins on ligbl bank. Bh^ol rani S m. t» 
nemr C>pe1 Buigor. where UelyDddm, 7 m \aag. joins on Hghl bank, Jual above thii 
junction the ontflaw of a lake at Olan Bheldol. | m. np. joins on rlf^l bank. Kb^diM 
rans to Alt tyt W J U t and seaSm.; a few bsBa are taken between this and Bonk 
wllh a fly, also mackenl and gnmet. Utlil: Queens. There are sunte small ItUcea np 
in the movntaina, » n. trom (he Dyltryn Casllo Hole!, whteh Ilea H m from Abomt- 
intb. TlwH lakes belonK to J. Bonaall, Esq., of Dole, trlio atlsa gives pennlarion. 
^B flah ran T«ry lar^ Also the lakes wblch nopply Aberynlwlth with waler n«M»f 
tree. (9« An-v^ioM.) Lead poisoning hu practlealli rnlned the Heblng In Tatwylb 
■nd BhsidDl, but tbe Irlhularles joining the Kbeldol aboie Pom Erayd contain troot,. 
which, howerer, are mere Qngprllngs. Along rhe road from Aberystwyth. 1| m. befoffe- 
PontEniyd, there are two small lakes <one very small), nhlch oonialn tront. and belong 
to Capt. B«r, of Abeijslwylh. Penutsston V> Ash tb — — "- -■■——■ •-- — ■•-- 
owner, or bT aiding al iha hotel at Punt Bmrd. Tbe 

!m.N.o(tbee«.Crai«-r-Nan-ddn and Pont Sjfydrln; 1 .. . 

latter eela odIt- 

AfMl-W«n<U«rionetb).— L. AN.W.B. Wen. WenrlBes4 m. ahoveLlMirTblBtKtloii, 
nna 1 bl to Okwllor and the sea at AfOD>wni, 1 ni. 

._. — w — _. — *jiHto™-) 

8 m. N.~at YapTthr Bran, (f.i.) ISee 

IblS.E. TijWerWJtn. *m. W. Lllw. o hi. i. . - . i™a.- mijuj ren. 

Axl««& {Monigomerr).— C,R. Haerdy brook. Beta brook (1 m. S.)< Serem (1 m. K);. 
ohnb, dace, tronl, salmoTi. {See Gloucater.} {ca. Sep^m.} 

ArthOf, n««r Dolgellj (Merioneth.)— L, & N.W.B.i O.R.: Q.W.B. Uawddaoh; trout.. 

. aewln. few salmon: tickets at bolel. (c.b. Dovfji.) Crelgennan. Latn: Ot^goDnmn, 
Im.S.E.; tronti pweervedbylandlordjboatg. Llyn-j.WjKa. a m. N.E. Ojrl, SmTs, 
Ba^: Anliog Hat! (lee AdMrKKmnU). (See Barfaoalll,) 

B«l> (Merioneth).— B.K. Dee; Ironl, salmon, ohoh. gruyllng; s-t. 4!j., w,t. S»., It. 2«. «i; 
Eckels at the hotels, (fr.i.) Trywerp; Iront; B.t 3t»., w.L St.. d.l. li. ; detached 
portions tree. The river opens on Feb. H, and closes Sept 16. No worm flriUnK 
betore April 1 and alMr Sept. 1. (c.i. Drei Oorgoant, 1 m. N.K. mraant, 1 m. K. ; 
tronl. Cymmerlg, Im. S.E. Ueloch. 3 m. N.B. Ziutct BalBotTegld, 4ni. long(k atnall 
portion of upper pan reserved); pike, perch, roach, tronl; tree; boats at the botela 
Jooe.Joly. and Aqgnst areihe teoimonibs. {c.i, Om.) NoUlt: While Lion Boytil lue 
AdrerlUrmcnl), Bull. Plascoch. Tactlria, U. Bobena (i« JdttrlUemal). (Sm Aradg 

Ogwen rises in Llyn 

Ogwen (capital tronUng), S IB. _ _ 

down the fake, near the lower and, a slreim joins on left bank, draining Llyn Eochlwya' 

rising in IJJn-y-Cwin, S ni, W, ^ C«iP8l Oaxig org m. a,E, ol BeUie«d», runs I'i! 
to llyo Idwell (good tronMng, boat), T m. w. of Okpal Cnrlflr or 7 m. S.E. ol 
B««ia»a», and Jm. to Llyn Ogwen. 3 m. down Ogwer "-=■'■ -■ — -.^ 

fierth.n.Im. long, joinaonrlghtbank,and!ni. below, Jn.. 

Joins on right bank. Casey rises lo Llyn Csaey ,1 m. S.E. of Batbeada, , ,„. ™„, 

1 m. S.E, of Bctlieida, Is joined ou left bank 1^ Liafer, 3 m. long, Casey nuu t 
Ogwen In Im, Ogwen moa lo Betbeada i m. Here rfridd-laa, a m.long, Jolna o 
right bank, and Uareh on left bank. Uareb rises In March-ll7n-m9.wr. 3 m, uiobi lb 
bQls, N.E. from Uasberria, rons T^ the Penrhyn slate quarries and St. Ann' 

bach, lying Mar " "" " "" "~ 

■ ' ig. Ogwen rrms 6 m. 
d (Glamorgan).— L. A 

bumootlt (Merioneth). — ' 
OrToh-r-wayeD, 4 m. M, a- 
on M( Itank by O^rw. a 

, . =, — d a nameless brook on right bank. ;. ^ uu.,,, 

Hawddub, S m, N, from Vys-y-noea, Gain joins on right bank. Qain is soma T sa. 
long, and, B m. (rom ila sonree, la folned on right bank by a short stream draining Elyn 
aelU-gatn, S m. S.E. fnm trKwmtj'BjM. 3 m, down Mawddacb, at Pont-ar-Edn. 
1 m. K, from Tyu-r-tfroea, Eden joSis on right hank, Eden riaea in IJyn Pittt3 
(goodtront), 9m. N, trom T7=-y-BTO«a, or7in. N.E. tromlUnbedr upths irW*. 

"- ■ A.oogic 

Wales. 155 

TiDe7, put Lljn Cwm B;chu, and In. N.G. dl Uut Ube roiu 1 ni. to Lljrn Twrglk. 
uldlfiL dowD Ib joined on left bank braBtnum^ 1 m. long, dnlDliur Llyn QnlgdilrfFe, 
Im.E.otI,l7nCI&den-Miiwr. Mid4ni. E. of Tklaknuw. or Dm. RE. or Xurteoli. 
Sis. down Eden, «t Pont Llm-r-Cefn, 4 m. N. from Tyn-y-mMB, Dda, which rieei 
In Lljn Ddn [meny enmU troot). ud Ih 3 m. long, jolng on right buk. Uyn Sdn lies 
7 A. N'.W. from Tyn-y-ffToas. Eden joins Uawddaoh a m. down, CamUn j<^e 
HkwdllBoh i fli below on right bank. Oamlan rises In Llm-y-bl, E m. N,W. trvm 
Vrn-y-ffTomw. 3 m, down (1 m. below tbe elate qnarr^), a alream, 1 ru. long, jolna 
on Ml bank, droning Llrn-y-Fian, 4 m. N.W. from TTB-J-BriMB. » m. down 
Candu a stream, I fn. long, joins on led bank, drainlog Uyn PeD-y-ganllwrd. 3 tn. X. 
trom Tjn-y ■»(>•■. 1 m. below Camlan Joins Mawddach, which mns 1 m. to Tni-y- 
n,8. iro^»lly,4Bi. "- ■■ "--"--■. . ■ .._..__ 


Dol^alir, 4 HL I m. down' Uawddach, 
---'- ' '-'-^, Dolgally behig ■" - 

DrwB-r-nMLt. JDst below which place, on left 

k, Iho Eamog and Cwm-ochr, each S m. long, ;ohiB Wnlon al Uie »ma spot 1 m. 

— ■ -' ■ - -idw, S m. long. 

ilns on right bank. VolonrDnx Im. to Pont Hewydd, and, t m. d< 
ft bank by Ddjbhi, 4 m. long. Wnlon tuna to Dolnllr ' "^ Hare 

Q Dol««ll7, mns ) m. In Llyn Oati 
- '"'— ■ ™ right banihy thedralnig 

Dolg^. Q. 

Mawddach ri ^. . 

Mawddaeh, a slraam johis on lelt bank, draining Lljn-y-Wylfa ! tn. o 
from Arthog. i ra. down Mawddaeh, on the right bank, Goetref. 4 f™, ,„i.k. i"i- 
on right banE 1 m. down Mawddaeh, cloee to Banaonth, Crtlgennan jouia on 
left bank. Cielgennan rises In Llyn l^ri, and. 3 m. down, cIdbo la Aftliogr, is joined 
on right bank by the draltiage of Llyn Creigennan, 1 m. op. The brook joins Mawddaeh 
Imdomi. which mns to Bamionth and the seal m. on. (c.i. Bovef.) Sfryn, a m. N, , 
Stn. long, joins the sea below Egryn Abbey; good seaflBhing, Bbale, haddoch, whiting, 
whlttag pont, and a fHw bass and dog flsh. Solil: Marine. FitMiai ualiom kUMh 
naiA: Arlhog. Pemnaenpool, Dolgelly, Djffrjn, Llanbodr, Harlech, Talsaman, Pen- 
rhyadondraeth, Portmador, Llwyngwrll, Towyn, Abeidotey, Machynlletll. 
BoMUnarlB (Anglpsea).— n.s. Bangoi. a «•- LUndlgfan brook, i m^B.W. Lata: 
Bodgolohed, Um. K.W. Llyn-y-pare, 1i m. a.W. Lljn-y-gors, Zm, 8.W. Llwydlartb, 

golnlenty o[ small Qodllnga, fletflah. to. The beat halts are mnssola, black ball, and 
aort crabs. There is Fair basH aabing between the Mem^ and TubolirBrldges^ also at 
Pnffin Island for pollack; sand-eels at the Djtchnun Sands. There Is good rod-QBhlng 
oK show along the north and west coast of nnglcsea, epecially al the Skenles, where, 
with a whits fly, the black and while pollack may bo Uken. August and September are 
the best months for bus Bshingherc. 
------ ■ ■■ — ■■".]!. Glaalyn; Iroal, sewfn, salmon; s.t 21i., 

(cj.) (Sffl CrjccirfA.) Lata (all priiale, eictpl DInsa and 

ynanl). uyn-j-iMinis, i m. N.E. ; salmon, trout ; boats, [i.i. Skmrt.) T-Arddn, 

k S.E. Lynnlan Cerlg-j-Melll, S m. S.E. Bafod-y-Llyn, 8 m. S. Owynanl, 

--- ' ■ ■-in;boata. ((... Ook*.) LlagL 4i n. E. Y-Adar,6m.E. 

J.E,; largetninl. LlynlanCwm, «ni. N.E.; large Ironl. 

ee to ilBltorsl. SaracBD'a Head, Prince Llewelyn. {Sa ■ 

,'(P«nbrote).-G.W.E. Kllrelgy brook, 5 m. long, mna 1 m. E. Cam (3 m,>. 

■n," or Llantlsllio (Denbigh).^. W.B. Dee; chub, graylhig, Imol, pike, sahnon; 
Ted by Glyndwr Society from Omnog above to Iilanrollan below. (S« Ltan- 

' iatei:'Ogwcn.0^iB. sS': 

m. S.E, Melynllyn, G m. E. 

7 m. S,E. Ujn-y^Cwm, 8 m S.E. Hotel: 

i^OarDBrion j. — "Swrfal ; sahnon. tront; free. ((.J. Beiml.) (Set 

«Bi..w.^-io«d (Catnaryon).-L. ft N.W.B. Conway: tront,aalmon,aewln; tiokalB for 
as QviijT flaherj can he had at the hotels and o( Mr. Parry, chemist (for tn^tee 
Utmrmtl. (ti.) Xlngwy; troot, salmon; BtJi«i»;fa*Jnir beglm May 1 ; ttckets to flsli 
the a bank of Lliigwy from Ponl-y-palr to the jimatlon with Conway, May 1 to 
Not 14 II - m-t lOi w.L Si.,d.t li.i (nmljUMnfftfom March lloOcl. InSore Fonl-y- 
nalr' a L si eA w t. H (sj. Cwiiwy.) Lledr. S m. 9.; trout, Balmon-, Wmm fishing 
UmeasforLIngwr; (ronKn? aiwM Ponl-y-pant bridge from March I to Aug. 1, and; 
ab<ne Dolwyddolen bildga from March 1 to Oct. 1; for these riTers, their lakes' 


The Angler's Diary. 

fisUng; no dogBl I 

i.^li. ; fly ^onl^! no Sondn 

OelBl, 1 m. S.W.; troDl; t»Bl9. Llyn-y-Puo, S th. N. Fen-ora%, a m. K.W. Conwaj; 
JTont; » m. &.\i preBorred. {c.i,> Alwan, i m. £. Lljn-r-Curt, ID ni. S.E. BoUt: 
Boy&l Oak, WaMtIdo, Gwrdyr. aJiil Glmaber. iaec Camcag-. ChatB-.t 
aiabauton (Olamorgu),— {d s. Mnmbln RoMt, S m.) Kittle brooli, G m. long. 
BUok lEUl (Qlamarnn). Q.W.B. OoOgmore. (8a Brul^md.) (ci.) 
'BoOftii (Den1il«h>.— L. « N.V.B. Whcelsr. Clwyd, 1 m. W.; iiJinQn. Iront. IrM la— 

BodoTgMi AiiBl88«).— L. AN.'W.B. FfraworGwm: troni. Faleb-wBo. Cetiil.aiii. 

B.B.! aalmoo, tront. (c.i. SrlaU.) CefnlriBW " -■- " - 

._.!. ._ ._ ........ ,1 . — . n-jj, ^ u;n..-._ .r™ (^ Ai^ramj) 

Sortll.— -Tbsn ii Dadshlnglo Bpeakof. The smatl Btnam nmnlne near la nriioned wllb 

minewalar. (Sm AUrfUwUi.) 
■BmgbrooA (Bnooa).— C.E. Wje; tront, aalmon, cbnb, dace. Onnrts (2 BL) <<u.) 

BraawTM Arma (Oaersianlien).— OwUl i tront, aewln, salmon ; free eniSag. (e^. 

J\xM(r.) (3w CneniMirtAen.) Oynnen (» m.) (Sm toKjAanw.) 
'Brawv (Pmbroks).— (U.B. MavaifbrdwaBt, 10 m.) Braw^ brook, I n. loar 
Sl*«kllO«k (Brecon).— N.*,B.B. Dsk^ trani, salmon. Hondda; trout. Tarrefi; t 

Cynrtg {« in.). Bran, Yaklr. (See Xae, ■ ' " — ■" ' " - ■ 

Fishery AaaocLadoD fn>m D«Q^ook,e: 

'See Satpan.) (c.i.) Uekls preaorvBd by HieTTniled Uak 
[Look, except a small portion. Tbe Castle Hotel Comnany 
nronnatton. SsJinoQ and Irout rod llcraoee Ml, anaii., 

meadow ; tiokeCs ro 

-. Besldenia within 1 1 

. 6.,-botwera Aborbran bridge s 

tlKflBhinglBgaod; aD halt mi 

flshlng to be obtained In the ei 

Idkeheire. (&> ITU.) 
SriOarMta (OlamorgHi),— O.W 

brBUoklUU station, rana , 

>inB on right bant Uynvl rises Ijy Ormmor* mns 3 m. to Mn^Bteff , ? m- to Llui* 
1 .1 _ .. »_.._ ._.. 11 , _ r. A _ .„ — tJ^na, and S IB. 

Castle Hotel, I 
deNov, 1; tro 
lUiday flshlng. 

reoon, and al Fa 
uHog begins Feb 

and ^'rctii ^ 
ilaka. Eiwlle 



m. below which 




BOUOrili 4 m. to Toaatt, and Ogmore 1 m. ORmore rune 
below, at Ogmore Oastle, Is Joined on left bank by Ewenn 

PaMHMA, nms S m. to Brldgmid (1^ m. aB), and 3 m, down jumn ugmucn. lua KB 
is reached In 2 m. TttUttx. b7%. I^er, I> and 20. Queen- street. 
'.Brrmbo {Denbigh).— L. A N.W.B. EndTD, 1 m. N-W. Alyn. 1 m, K. ; tront, (c.i. Oea) 

Clywedog, ft m. a.V. .&»*«: MawrT-Uynidd, G m. S.W. (:3ee CAaler.) 
Bzjn-Aionuui (Caermuthen),— Q.W.B.; L. A N.W.B Amman: Iront (Set Uwehar.i 

9rja OlM (Heiioneth).— O.'W.B. : L. A N.W.B. Feflnder. Dysynnl, 3 m. W. ; sewin, 

tront. salmon, (ct Hinvy.) (See Ibnjui.) 
BlTakiz{CamarTon}.— L. AN.W.B. Dwytach; tTout.sewin,salmon. (cj.) Dwyfavr, 

i m. B, ; [rOBl, sewin, sshaon. (ci.) Istrallyn, 2 m, E. (Sec Cricciah.i 
BnUth (BT«con). — O.B. Wye; chnb, dace, pike, roach, sahnon, Iront, graylinf. 
Irton; chub, dace, trout, grayling, Balmon. Chwetrn. Oneiddon (1 m.). DIbonw (J na). 
Balll broob (21 m.). Oamnant (t m.). Solel: Lion, where ashing can be had in Wye and 
Irfon. (m.) (Su CI>epiloiii,eniland.) JtactWB. W.B, Boborls. Bnillh Wells. 
■nlltll Bobd (Badnor).— C.B. Wye; sabnon, trant, chub, dace, pike. Dnlas. (u.) 

(See ClupUim, ffiinlorut.) 
'BattSuton (Uontgomery).— O.K. Seyemi tront, salmon, cbnb, daoe Trewem (1 m. 

N.E.). ($« Oloucalip.) (c.iSeeem.) 
'0«doxton (aiamorgiui).-^n.8. Cardiff, T m.) The Cidoiton stream (tront) rises by 
— '--'-*- -trlctly preserred), SJtn. from Cardiff, mus 3 m. to Oadoiton, andjoina 
low 1 leivo 1b sometimes given by the owner at Dynaa Fowls. 

'owey rises In Llyii Ddu (n.B. Strata Florida, B in,'s.E.). 'im. ^own • 
stream joins on lelt bank, which diiina Llyn Oorast 1 m. np (n.s. Strata Tlorlda, 
4 m.), Towoymns 10 ni. and Is joined on right bank by Camdawr, which rises Sm. E. 
from Tronron, reached hy the road np want Berwyn, and la m, long. Towey mna 
4 m, and is joined on tight bank by Docthism, which rises in Llyn Borwyn fi m. E, from 
Tro^aron (reached by the road up Nant Berwyn), rDTLS4ni,, in-hen Docthlam fach, 3 m. 
long. Joins on left bank, 6 m, down, Pyagolwr joins on right bank. Pysgotwr rises 
4 m. B. from Uanddewl BreB (n,e. Post Uaulo, 2 tn,), and 4 m, down is Joined on ti^t 
hank by PysgotoT tach, n. long, 2 m, down, Pysgotwr joins Docthiam, which jolni 


Wales. Ur 

8. Oyngliordr, « to.), QwBDflrwd, 6 ni. long, 

- ., -. AberBhai*ilr(n.8.Clyntflu>rdy, Bm-XflshlF— 

tres), BfaaUdr. 3 m. long, jdIhh on right bink. 3 m. down ToToy, u Abeixwenlu (n 

U>udoTai7> 1 m.), Owsnlu (Ashing fme), i n. Ions, jolna on rigbt btnk, puslnir 
CUewin ) m. np From tliB junotion. 1 m. doim Towe;. Donut. » m. long. jolDi on right 
banb. Towny inns to UuidOT*r7 3 m., and 1 to. down iB joined on leltbankbv 
Bnn. Kian rlBcB 4 m. sbove OrngtioTdr, s-nd 3 m. below thu M&Uan Is Ji^ned Co left, 
bulk by Cryohsn, fi m. long. 4 m. down Brsn, st IjMidoTarr, Gwdderig. 10 «. long, 
fiAig on left bank. 3 m. up Owddeilg from ZJuidoraET, Bn«igL S m. longi jolna on 
right han^ Bisn jolna Towe; 2 m. below. Towot nuu S m, to UuiwtAs, where 
Tnys (6 m. lonrt ind DoIm (S m.) Join oa right (ant 3 m. down Towey. u 
Uaundock, MaJtoe, o m. Jong, joins on loft hank, ind Sefln ud Biwdde on left bjmk. 
SetlD TlseH 2 m. %boie Mjddfii (a.e. UaJI«adook, S m.), and 2 m. below the illlue iB 
joined on left bank by Lleohdendd, 4 mTToag. i m. down Seen. Refin IgiLf, s ^^ng, 
joins on righl b&nk. Safin rona to Towey and UajiKBdook 3 m. Sawdde rlaei in 

P«n-r-wyllt, I m.). 8 ov down by Ltanddanasln, Bnnrthnrch, 2 m. long, joins on left 
b4nk. 2m. downSawddB,DyrninI,3m.long,]OlnBoarigbt bsnk. 1 m. down Sawdde, 
Sawdde feolian joins on left bank. After running 4 m., this brook ie joined by the 

loTowey BDd'^l^Bibaoakeni.' Taney mns toQlojiTliyit 2DL,ijid Talln Bokd 
Sm. Here Dnlsa joins on right bink. IhJas rUea by Talloy. and 4 in down is Joined on 
right b&ok by Taiiarie, whloh cisea In Llyn TaiiariB 3i m. from Tailvr BmUL and U 

Toney li free hence to its aonrce, hot preaerved below bjr Earl Cawdor), where Ceunen 
lolnn on left bank. Cecnen rises i m. aboTe DsrwrU BcHid, and mns Ihencfl to- 
dllo in 4 m. 3 m. down Towey (d.b. OoUau ^VTO, I n.), Cyfyng, S m. long, 

m rl^itbank. To<RoymnBtoCh>ld.anSrOTalm.,uulXJMUiUui«'3in. Fisb- 

higtre«liel0W[ preaBrvedbyEarlCawdoraboTe. Here DolM jiJns on righl bank. Dalu 
f tn. from its icmrce is joined on right bank by Sauuan, which rises 3 n. above Llao- 
lynydd, aad joins I>iilaB 4 m. down. Dnlas mns to UuwrtluuT S m. Towsy runs 
I m. to Wutgmrtdlg, whsu Cothl joins on right bonk. CotU rises S m. aE. ot 
Pnit Uaata, and 9 n. down la joined on right bank by Haneoed, S m. longi S m. 
down Cothl, TwTDh joins on right bank. Twrch rises G m. S.E. of Post Uanio, close 
to Cothl, mns to LIui-yOrwyB 6 m., and 1 m. down is joined on left buk by Cwmnedol, 
1 n, long, buupatai: being Gm. on. 3 m. down, Twrch joins Cothl. 4 m. down Cothl, 
BanneU, 7m. long, joins onbft hajik <na, Uanwrdn, 7 fn.), and J fn. down, TelUoddwr, 
which uvldas into two parts at U&asawyi, 1) m. np from Cothf, each some G m. long. 
Joins on right twnk (n.s. fjAILirTda, T m.). 3 in, down Cuttil, 1^ m. trom Llttnscwyl, 

I lakes by Taney, i m. on, joins on left bank(n e. TaU« Bomd, ftni.). 
irgorlech 4 m. (Boiel: The Cottsga, a.B. Tkllay Boad, 10 m.). Hera 

_ _ Toins on right bank. 4 «. down CotM a stnsm ji^s on right bank, 

n. I^g, 1 in. down Cothl, Maries joina on right bank ; tbia atreun divides Into two 
uarta, each 6 m. long, 1 m. np, at Brechfs (JTdM: ForeH Arms, n.s. MKatfta^Sig, 
% n.). Ootbl joins Towey, S m. down, at Maia.tgia»6ig. S tn. down Towy, at Al>«r- 
fWlU, OtrtQ joins Toney. QwUi rises e m. abore UanpvnvMiitti where it is 
I^ied on ri^bt baDh by a short stream, rana thence to Oynwrl 4 m., where Uuad joins on 

irtBti«am.ninHtheneeto Oyiiw]54 .. , , 

. —u. — = jn. long, and 1 m. op from the junction, at Oynwyl E . 

Bd colon bank Iv a stream 4 B), long. Gwlll mns to Branwydd Arma 3 m., a 

n n. S. oT VMttnxeAlff an 

7 the Ode Bova. The best d 

Oa«zphlilT (GlamorgMi).— E-E. Qlydyr. OellyL Bomney (1 m.) ; tront 

(See OunfiS'.) _ „ 

•^ ( (Uontgomery).— C.B. Seyemi tront, salmon, chob, Ac. Tan 

.M^ot list.). TaralSni.). (ci. Swem.) (Str 

OMrwT«(BTint)— L.*N.W.B. ■Wheeler. Heiyg,3ni.N. lata: Helyg,Sni.N. (Bi6aAfl.y 
OuiZoao* (Montgomery).— (n.s, WslfltLpool, 16 m., or DliiaB MowUdWT, 14 m.) 
Banw troiit,chnb,aainion: free. Elnt! tront; praaetrsd by Sir W. Wynne, bnl tictola 
can be had by Ttaitors to the hotoL (Jwylfryn (1 nu N,E.), Nydwydd (It m. 8.) ; free. 
(aedsn(!m.B.): free. Twrch (i m. N.W.); ohnb. eaimon.good Ironttng; free. Gringaa 
(3 m. N.E.). Llynhlr (3 m. S.E.). Vjmny (6 m. N.); tront, ealmnn, chob, 4o.; pre- 

Laka: (Jwylfryn (S m. N.E.). Granirr^dan (4 m. S,); good tronling, preserted, bot 
leave may be tad aomedmM, Hir (S m. B.) ; good lrontin|[, preserved, bnt IcaTO may be 
had somstlHies. Bngall (6 m. S.). Y-Bogili (6 m. N.W.) ; good troutlng; leave may 
be had aomeSmes. Cocb-Nnynd (8 m. W.) ; good trout; preserved by Sir W. W. : leave 
Bometlmes. By staying at the Can-OfHco Hotel (very comfortable) SO m. of fishing can 
bo had, oommancing March IB. {See (JlmKaler: WcIiI^hk!.) (cj, .Sim™.) 
0»pal Cnrlff (Carnarvon). — n.s. Batta-r-Co«d, 8 m. LIngwy; trout; tickots at 
hotels (for terms aea B«ttWB-y-Coed). (c.i, C.'i™ra(r.) Qwryd; Iroot. Ogweo.flm. 
N.W. i tront; free. Lata : Mymbyr (J); tront; boats. Ooryn, 1 m. N.B. Bychan, 2 m. 

r_ .(..OOgIC 

158 The Anglers Diary. 

N.E. Owltii,am.N.; tronl. Oratniinl,3m.N.E.; troul; boat. Bodgjnwydil, 
Qsltlonrild, Sm.N.£.ipollaled. Goddlim-diioD, t n, N.E, Eiglui. 4 m. N. : 
4 m. S. ; tronti prBserred by landlord, Cobdon'a HnMl. Ogwm, S m. N.W. ; 

bo»lB. LlOBWT.C m-N.W.i tronl, Iflw«l, 6 m. W. ; troat; trM; btat Bochli^ S m. 
W.; troat Me^TiIlyn, S m. NJJ.E, Llover, « m, N.W. Dnljo, a m N.N.B. FfjnnoB 
U7fl>Int,Sin.N.W. Idweli.Jni. W. Llyn-y-Cina, 8 ui. W. Holeit: Boyal, Cobden'a, 
ud SwdlowFkllB. iSteComeav.) 
-CMrAlS'<Qluiu)rnii)^-a'.'W.B. BMtU: Angel, Psrk Hole! . Oii£ly,T>ir,uidBliynuier. ^J 
liM Sfn.ll. of Ukntzluuit. ud h m. down Ib joined by t Btream on left bimk i ». 
low. Uutrinut town ti I m. E, or IbsJnnctioD. « m. down Elj, Dowlu brook, S m. laii«, 
icAoE lad buk. H m. down Ely la LlimtrlBBiuii Blalion, and i m. lower ■ brook B m. long 
jotaB OD on right bank. EIj' rvoi 4 ni., tnd Is joined on rlsbl bank br a. bCruu irtdob 
dnlna ths laks In HaoBOl Park 1 m. up. 2 m. turtber down Ely Ib Pataraton, and heca 
■ Btremu jolna on right bank, wbldi dnins i lakes by Welcb SL Donaia 1 m. np. Sly 
mna 4 m. to St, tttana, BU Bildffa (Q.W.B.), and imn da ff (1 m. away) S m. 
and jdnslbeBMalPenankZm.rromOaidUf. (c.i.) Tall and Ely are preserred by Tafl 

33, Dake-Btreet. The Beeervoir, between the' Eaet and Wat BdIs Docki* contalni 
aboDdtuice or colerablySne roach. The best point Ib at the eniraoceot Iha teed«[,ar 

bs tawki Id a anuU brook behind the new cemetery. On Fenarth Uoar, joM U> the 
left or the n»d to Penartb Ib a large pond, now flshleaa. Fourth Eu-boor, l<ut 
oppodte Cardiff, laj minntea by boat, contalne abundance of One mallet and email huB- 
BaJt with ngworm (hare called mndworm). (See Cadoztim,t The lake In Boath StA 
(lroal)lB opBD toralepayere onlyattii. theseaaon. KutMif, B. Blchardson, BUnrFlab, 

TAFF,— Tronl, eatmon, Fswln, roach. Taflrlaea S m. above Dolrnar, nma thanca t m. 10 
..__.,. ___.,_. __.. ^ HereTarrrawrjoiiiBonrlghtbank. Thlaa- 

rlBsa on tlw alopaa or Bryndo, and 6 m. down la joined at Pont-ar-daf on right bank by 
aatreamltN.long«hlchniasoutof Llyo-y-Qader. Taff rawrniDB(oO«& 4 n. tA 
rnna to Kactlijx 1 m., Tcked-y-rlil'w i m., <}nakara' TaoA 4 m. Hera Barrnwd 
Tall, S tn. long, jobii on right bank. Tall runs to Abcrdkra Janotloa 1 m. Hen 
Oynon jotne ou Tight batur, Cynon rises 4 m. above nnniut, rnna ibenoe to 
ZJjndand I n., Ali^dar* 3) in. t n. down, at Alxraouui, Aman, 3 «. iima, 
ioioB on right bant. Oynon rons to Mmuit&iii Asli S m^ and Aberdue Jnuclhai and 
Tafflm. Taff nmaatB^asdla joined on rlghtbankbyOdll, Sn.long, Tall mna to 
~ ~ " " . Hera Bhondda lolHB on right bank. BhoDdda rtxa 3 m. ^xira 
^-'^.toA-ma *T' -— ■ - * — '"■ 

Fyoban ioina on left bank. Thla atreun, after running 3 tn., panaa 4 m. B.^. from 
Abradara, mna to Pont A tn. Bhondda nna lo Poat-T-pcTdd and Tan t m. Taff 
rnna (o Traffaraat 1 «•.. Wmlnnttraa S dl, f.Tn^^-.* J «., and Cardiff i m. 
StrUNEY (trout, eahnon, seirin>riHB4fn. ahois ■hynuiar, rnat Ihadca to PostlottjB 
i m., Tyx FlUl » n,, Barnad I m. Here Ortntach, wUiA ria«a by TtM-il^r, 
nma a m. to Daznuir ana Bomney, 3 m., joloe on left bank. Bunnay nma to 
Pauam ! n, MaiWO«a2fii, Baflwka E m. Bars CelQI,a«. long, and Qlydyr, 
4fn. long, Jolna on righibank. Ca^nllllb la midway nponlKtththasaa(reanu,ind 
" >...... -I.. ---I . ^, fchjjTrtarlii (S m. off) 4 m. 

Bnmney^a. Cardiff, 3 m.)Sm. Hereabrook Jolnson right hankem. long. In 
in ia Uak Estuary, (cj.) Bnmney and TaB are preacrred ror aome distance abori 
town : leaTe la aometlraeB granted Inquire at the local tackla ahopa. 

.B.OTiniUlllOll).— reill^ aalmoo. tront. Telfl rlsaa in LTyn T^d 8 n. rroi 

team Jolna on ri^t bank, draining Llyn Qna a ahort way up. 

m Join! OD right hank, draining Llyn-y-gorlan 1 m. up. TMa 

^n Has W. of, but oloM to, Llyn Oron. All or tbean are vlihin i m. ot Straitk 
Plorlda (trouting vwj good at nmeaj. 2 m. down Egn&nt, Uwyro, 3 fn. long, Joina ori 
'lelt bank, i m. rrom Steata ^InMa, and 1 m. down, Bmant jolna Telfl. Ttifl mna 
1 m. to Strata Florida, and here OlaaBrwd, 4 tn. long. Ji^ia on left bank, and Bhnest, 
S m. long, on right bank. Telfl runs 1 m. to the raQway BtatloB, whetB Marohnant 
Jolna on right ^aak. Uarchnint 4 m. from Ita aonnw la Joined on left bank by 
Gwyddyl, S m. long 2 m. down, Marohnant joins T^fl. 3 m. down T^fl, Tflur, whlet 
liees J m. 8. from Strata Florida, and is < m. lone, ioina nn left huiir Tain mna 

-groflfl joina on left l)ank. Thla atream rieea ill ijyn Gru^ant, ^ 

Irlorida. 7 tn. down, Berwyn, 4ni. long, jolna on lertbank. Tr« 

! m. down Tein rune 2 m. to Pont Uanlo, where Carfan, V m. long, joma on lan 

tiank. 3 tn. down Tela, Brenig, which risea 6 m. aboTe Llanddewl Brefi (n.s. Post 

Llauio, 3 m.), and nms thence to Telfl i m., jolna on left bank. Tela rens to Llanfalr 

Clydogan (n.a. IMect Onnond, 3 tn.i. (Jlywedog, fi m. long, here joins on loft bank. 

Tela nms J m., when Cynon, 8 a. long, johiB on left hank {n.B. fampatar, 2i tn,). 1 m. 


dom Teds, Ooj, S HI. long, JolnB on left bunk, imd 3 m, down *g^n It tampator. 
Dnlu, wUch rtiea 4 m. above Hurry OmuroA, uid joins TeU 1 nTdowD, iiOz 
iWitbuk. 1 m. dow- "-— - -' "- ' — -'-■ '-■-- 

'QnDsn. 8 KL long, JoIdb en righl bauk (q.b Uu-r-BTCher, 3 in.). Tela nuii 1 m. to 
Fflmrreg, n«ftr which, close by (bs railway, Is Llya Penckmg (n.H- UUL-y- 
Krt&ar, 2 fn.), where ii Blreun S m. long Joins on )Bfl bank Tela ruDM S m., mi If 
.k&edouiert bank by Oelllog, a in. long (n.a. Kaaa-T-Omslui, Sm.). I m. down 
TbU,0iH1i»], 7 m. long, joina on right hunk (lua. Uui-7-^waT, Sm.). Tela nun 
1 m. to XaeB-y-Orngliji, and I ni. down Is joined on right buik by OMm. e m. 
irom Its Boarea Cletwr is jolnal on left bunk by Clatwr f«ib, i m. long. 2 n down, 
Qf^roD, 2 m. long, joins CD left btuik ; and 1 m. down Cletwr, Olnen, 4 hl Iou, 
joins on len bank. Cletwr mna to Teld 3 m. 3 m. down TelO, jnsc iboTe UaaAndl, 
OerdJa jolni on ri^t bank. Oerdln rises by Opol Cyaoii, roDS I «., wheo TUun, « m. 
'long, joiEB on right bank. 1 m. down Cerdin Is Telfl and UMtdyasll. Jon below 
LlandnsU, Twelll joins on leFt bsnk. TwelU rises S n. abore FOB Catnr, ud 3 m. 
-down Is joined on len bank by Qweddel. 4 m. long, 1 m. down TweUl Is Ttlfl. Telfl 
nuulm, ta LUngeUer, and 2 m. down Is joined on left bank by BydreL S fn. long ta.1. 
UftiidTBall. G m.). Telfl mns im.n'hBnaemoe, B n. long, joitu on right bulk. Tetfl 
rnnsSni. to JTawOMrtla BmlTn <n. b. ZJkndTiBll, Sm.)., andliii.dawiilaioinedDn 
right bank Ire CerL 3*. From lu source,, long, jolniOetloaleniMUk. Oerl 

■ '-— '-'—((dDSoB. right bank, 4 m. long. Cert mna 6 «. to TWO. 4m.down 

Jalnaoniighibank. 3m. dowaTeia,(>chjalna. Oycb rises soms 
fladyn, and S m. down is Joined on iw>t iMnk hr Bowy, Im. lone. 

og, 8 m. long, joins on right bank. 1 bl down ^ch a Btnun.3 a. 

limgioiiu DO left bank. 1 n.dowDC^eh,CannDd,whlchrisesbTC^ 
Oudlfui, and Is « m. loiw, joins OD leh l«nk. Cyeh Jolua 'Ma 3 m. down. Teifl mu 
to ManordlTfly, 4 m. B.E. of 0*f AlffUt, where lued, 3 tn. long, Joloa oo right bank. 

--— - .- T.— 1.-1 — 1 "— ■ Cardljmii. whe« a stream, whloh rl«e» hj 

I 5 m. long, J<dna on right bank ; and another, 

CilgeiTui, 3 ni. S.E. of OkTdlnn, where a 

cifl mns lo Ourdlfui 3 iiLHara Ftrwjd, 

D Tn. lujj^, joins on left bank ; and Llwyn-Llwyd, ft m. 

Tela joins Cardigan Bay. (ct.) 

— 'Jarew brook, which rises by Sumdars- 

InowJon. and mns to Uutbarrls, 3 n. 
berria lakes Uyn Peris and Lira Padam. Llyn Peris Is 1 nw 
I the railway station and the Victoria Hotel. Here joins on 
tes In LWn-dur-ArddD. 4 n. S.&. of UAUliaTTlB, and S m. 
... ,._.v. J-'— .(Bot Liyn, 3iB. S.W.of 
ilna the lake. Saiont cnna In 1 m. to Llyn 

Banger. Boyal. Fair sea flsbing, good bass at 

»yd. Pwll-llydat 

times be had. Grahwyddan (ID m.>:'good 
.g (faertoBth).— L. ft N.W.K, ( O.W.E. Dee; teonl, grajHnp, pike, sahnoa {t.i.) 

nreaerred aboce by Corwen Angling 

?rajHnp, f 

the railway staUon ; brloic here begins the flsbery of the Qlyndwi Sodet; (Ar 

a IlOivoinn); tickets at the railway station. Morwjnion. Lloohog, 1 hl W. 

O^log, 3m.8.; (root (o.t. Bee.) i/Wtf: Oronse. (See Clialrr.) 

OftBtta viurUii (Paobroke).— (D.s. Pambroka, I m.) Castle Usrtin brook, whioh 

riaea In the lakes ai OrleitoD 3 ni. from Pambroke, nms 3 m. to Castle UarUn and iha 

. liriog, S m. B.E. 

Oafii (QlamorganV— L. ti N.W. 

Konflg. LatH : tiyn-y-Oader {^ m.) (Set Cardiff, 
OamnuMKUontgomety),— L. A N.W.B. Dorey; 

(Monlgomeij).— L. A N.T.R. Doyoy; sahnon. ti 
loneth),— n.B.^porw«l^W m. Qrtrw, I m. S, ; 
« along. 

Twymyn; tront iBtHlaOmetUt.; 
-OanjU^T-Dtantuon (Uerionetb) 

Dee.) LalM: Dan-y-Ohen, S m N, 
OlLariton (QlamotgaaX— <n.ti. Pan-ouiwa, i •a.i i 
«tarlton (Pembroke).— G.WJl. (n.s. FambTaka, 

hare, and 1 m. down Is joined by a stream, which 

Below the joncdon, Siaekpole waters the lakes in 


160 2^ Angler's Diary. 

Ohl«k (Denbigh).— fl.W3. Cerrioe. fcj.Dec.} Laka-. CMtk Pirk.l m.N.W. {SuCheder.y 

cnwUoK (OBmsnon).— ik A N.Wln, Wen. <Set A/m Wen.) 

dsTbMton (Pembroke).— Q.W.B. Lyfrnt;, EHSlemCLeddaD (Urn.) (ci.) (Ste Hainr- 

Cn«n*(FHnbrofee)^-a.W.B. Tit: troot. (Sa Laafhame.) (s.i. T)«cty.} 
O^finn (Brecon).— N. * RB. Llecli (1 m.). TBve(2ni.). [ateaaaaea.) 
Oolwra (Csniuvcin).- L. A N.W.B. Nui(-y-Oroea. 3 m. long, Nut-F^imon mna- 

1 n. E., 3 m. king. 
Ooawv (P":BKTim).—L. A HM.'B,. Conway; sUnHin, tront. (ej.) ODnwi; risee [n 
LljD OoDwu (tnmt), B n. N.E. ol KiMtliii(H(, or B m. B. ot Battwa-r-Covd. 4 n. 
down, Scrw Joine on ricbt bull. Setw rtees &i Llyn Scm, T m. W. or Alsatl^lOff, or 
4 m. KioBi country N.W. from Ax»nig, end !■ 7 m. long. Conwi^ nmi 4 in. to 
yapytlj Etui, 8 ra. N. of Aronlg, or 8 m. S.E. ot Battws-7-0a«d. 1 m. below,. 

Meiddirr Haee 6m.'«boye Psntrs VosIm, Tm. 8.K trom Btttwt-r-ComA, 3 m. from. 
Its Booreo, IjMlhog, 3 m. long, jolne on right bink, 1 m. down MHrdflwr Uio ontSow ot 
Uya-j-Curt. 1 m. np, jolna on right btnk. i m. down Is Pentre Voelna, and 1 m. below, 
Codnuit. 9 m. long, jidna on ri^bt bAnk- i fn. below, Mcrddwr joins OonwAj. 1 n. 
down Conway, EMda, 2 di. long, Joins on left bank. 1 ra. down Conway, Hwoh, S m. 
long, Joins on lightbuk. ?m.dowii,Uaclmojolng onleftbanh. Uachao rlBcaln L'lyn-y^ 
ftw-gialg, n n. acroBBlhetalllB W. from MuuMi, and la gm. long. 1 m. downOonwayr 
atPont-ar-Lledr.LledrjolnBoiilertbuik. Lledr rises on the elopes of ^oel Lledr, T m. 
aboTS lUHwyOaMtM, and a little below Is joined on right bank by Om ootSov ot UyB' 
Dansogen 1 m. np. I^IakelBSm. aciosB tbe Idlls N. of Orlalan. Sni.downUedr 
iBtbaantMlorthslakxaDywBimyddOl). » m. W. of DolwyddalAn, or 3 m acroH ilw 
hUla S.E. from Fen-r-OwrjO. Uedr nna 3 m.. where Tatumlan, which rises Id 
Llyn.y-FaelS«. N.Kaf IhdwrAdalui "id isBm.long, joins on left bank. Lledr 
Tmu >o DtdWrUalaml iii.,P(mt-7-Fukt2ni.. and 3ni. down joins Conway. Cos- 
mij RiDB to aaittwu-Oo«d !) IB., and here Llugwy joins on leftbantc. Llngwy rise» 
In Uyn Llngwy t n. n.'W. from OapAl Onrlff, rons Bm-Vi Capel Cortg, and bere 
Gwrya Join* on right bank. Qwrjd risei In LKn-j-Cwm-Ffynnon, 1 m. above Peil-7- 
Owrrd, and t n. below waters the Mymbyr lakea at Oapal OnzlK. Llngwy rmu 
3 n., where Hie drainage ot Urn Qoddloi>dnon. 1 m. up. 4 m, N.E, of Olip*! Oiizl(r 

Silns on left bank. 3 m. downXlngwy the dralnago ot Llyn Pen.or^g, I m. up, 3 n. ' 
,W. or LlBiirtm,ar3fiLN.W.or Bettwi-T.Coad, joins on left bank. Znidown 
Llngwy, 1 m. from Battwa.T'.Ooad, the outflow ot Lljn Helsl (ironi). 1 m. 8.W. at 
Bottwa, joins on right bank. Llogwy rnna I m. to Bsttva-y-Coad, and jofni 
Conway l m. down. 1 m. below Ite jnnoiion the outflow of Llyn-y-Parc, S m. S. of 
Uanxwst, or 2 in. N.otBattWB, joins on left bank. Conway nmstoluurwattm., 
and TraCriwS n. Here Crafn ant joins oalrftbank, Cralnuit rises in Llyn Crafncnl 
» m. across ihe hills N.E. from Capal Onrls, or 3 tn. S.W. of Trafirlw, and 1 «. 
below is joined on right bank by a stream whlcn rises In Llyn Bodgynwydd 3 m. acman 
the hillg E.N.E. of Oapal Cnxlg, or 3 m. 5.W. of Iiluirwat. 1 m. down the ontflow 
of Llyn Bychan. 1 m. np. Joins on left bank. This loch Is { m. W, ot the Uyn 

8 Llyn Geii 
to TrUWwhi Sm. Conway run 
at OaprtCnriff, andts 6 m. long. 

— — .-iaes In Flynnon LlyHahil S m. 

^ 10 Llafer valley, or C m. N.W.of Oftpel Ciurl^, the latter lying 
I «t ,.uoxi. ,.um Llyn LIqgwy. Tho strearn mne 3 m. to Llyn Eigian, which lies 4 m_ ' 
due N, trom Capel Carls, passing the left-hand side ot Llyn Cwlyd. Porth-lwyd mne 

la Llini Uelynllyn, uid 1 m. down Is joined on left bank by the oatBow of Llya DoTn 
im. iq). Theae two lakes are within J ni. of eiLCb other, Iving N. and S., and « m. B. (rf 
BMlMSda ap the Caasey valley. orSm, across eoimtij S.NVE. trom Oapal Onzlff. 
Tat-y-Bonlnms e tn. to Oonway. At this point, bnl on Convray's right bank, (he outfloir 
Dt Uyn Byberi,lf».nn, jctos. 1 m. down Conway, Ro, S n. long, jolna on left bank. 
Conway nms S m. to nL.j-OaAi, Endlin,be]owiB joined on right bank by Hiraellklyn, 
t m. l ong. Conway runs to Olmn Oonway and the estuary in S m. <ci.) 

B BTW. a m. long, 

LLWTNOO, aj tn. W., 4 m. long. 

Good local Hies for the rivers and streams are Manh brown, alder, slonefly. For Ihs. 
lakea— A<i4', orange muh^: Ugs, yellow ; iclns/t, red feather trom pheasant's taO. 
fillip, peacock's herl; left, black; wiRV. moorhen. Bod)/, peacock's beri; '<vi. bUck; 
vingi, dark mallard, 

Oorwan (Merioneth).- L. A N.W.B; S.W.K. I>ee; tront, lalmon, grayling, idke; 
preMrvedwltb part of Alwen by Corwen Fishing AasoclBtlon tor 12 m. {sec.W. JLBtaiu- 
iMd. Esq.,Corgren); ticketa for trout and grayling, e.t 31i., w.L 6s.. d.t. li, CdL, trom 
Feb. 14 to Oct. 13; safanon s.i. 21., w.t. 12(. M,. d.t. fii., from April 1 to Nov. 1, tor 
anglers residing or staying within 3ni, of Corwen — pike. s.L, from Oct 14 to Feb. 14, Ai^; 
grayling, B.t, «>,, Oct. 14 to Feb. ]. fly only, no minnow or worm till April 1 ; ttcksU 
at the Owen Giyndower Hotel, and (rom Hr. Stansdeld, Hdrion Eoose, Corwen ; no- 
dogs or Snnday ashing. A rod is somedmes lo be let on the Bug ealale water betweem 

r_ .(..OOgIC 

TTcdes. 161 

Conrea and Cynwjd bridgu. (ei.) (SatCarig-r-DniiiHiin: Matron.) Trnxryn; (rant, 
(ti Ore.) CsmlBdd. Llecliog, 1 f». E. Dwr. (m. N.W, AJwen. S m. W.; tronl; prt- 
Hr<ed. <ej. Aw.) MoTwynion, 3 in. B. FTnaon, Sn.'W. Trjilioa, g m. B.W. Odrw, 
._,.,. . .__. ,.^ ^j^j Llynor, 5 m. B.W. iitia: Oloji, im. N. ffoWj: 

_- „ _. — „ sw; tronl. OowbrUgB rinei 

^ Uuiuimor, H m. W. at Tstradowaa, rnns 8 ni. lo Oowbxidn, 4 ni. to St. Miry 
Ctanreli OD right bank. S m. to Bonrtoo Bridge. Hen romnon brocE Ji^b on Isn back, 
wbich rises some T m. ibove Feninu-k. where ■ sbort sCnun loins on the rlghl buk, uiil 
jcdm Cowbridge 3 m. below. ! m. down, Cowbildge joins the m. si AbeMhaw. The 
treoHng Is «ry good, and la presenred (or about 4 m. from Cowbridge down bi Mrs. 
F, E. Staeey, otLuidoiiKhOaaUe; leare is (ometimee given. 

Oraj (Brecon).— N. ft B.E. Cray Iront (awiVeirport.) 

Criooirtlt (0»rnar?nn).— O.H. Dwjfawr and Dwyfich ; troat, sewln, salmoiL Dwyfswr 
liMi in the hills some t m. aeiosa country west of Baddgellert, und runs In T m. lo 
DolboninMn, n.8. BryTLUx, S m. Here lalralljn joins on left bank. Islralbn rises 
In LI^ Owm iBIrailyn. 4 tti. N. from Poitnudoc, and, 2 m. down, is joined on left 
bank by s stream 3 m- long drsLnLng Llyn Dd, 3 m. V. from PortnUbdoo, ^ m- below 
Ismllyn julDS Dnjfawr. whleh roua fl m.. when DwyTsch joins on right bank. Dwytach 
rises above Pant Qlwia, rnns lo SttiiUx Sin,, Yuri Im., Uufffl''' i^ o" o" 
right bank) am., andjolne Dwyfawrim. below. The united streams run to the sea in 

(Hont^meiy).— By. B, BeTera (1 m.) ; ehab, dace, Iront, labaon. {See 

and joins the seaS 

OtOBB Inn (Caermarthen).— T.V.S. Amman. IJwehwr(I m.). LUn-dybie brook (I m.). 

Lash (I m.). (Ste Uatluir.) (ci. TOatii.) 
OlymniTeli Anna (Pembroke).— O.W J), Taf ; ironL (9a liaugfiarne.) (cj. TMcty.) 

Neaie. Blron. Duad, 2 m. (Sx Haiforl.} 
- — loll (PembrokeX—Q.W.B. Eastern Cleddan (Sin.). {Sie Haterfirduitit.') (ci.) 

r (Olamorgan).— T.V.B. On Llynvl^ tronl. Ic.i, Otmirt.t (3ee BridfBid.} Alon 

(5* m.) - Iront. ((.(.fit.) Oerwg(21m.). (Set Abenifim.) 
Oriir]ioid7(0aemiartben.)— L.AN'.W.B. Bran. Towey <3 n.) ; t 

Bhaiadr (8 IB.). Crjcban (S ni.). awenarwd(SiB.). (SuCat—- 
OriW7d (Merioneth).--' '«■'"■■."■"■■ r.- - . — 

Blue Lion. (Set ChttUr.) 
Ojmwrl (Caermarlben). — Q.W.B. A good hoteL Qwill; tront, lewin, salmon; free 
ashing. (CI. Ibuvf.) Dnad. Oywyn (7 "i.}; tronl, bswIil (Set Catnaartltai, Laag- 

Dunn (QIamorgan).— B. A H.B. CMnlach. Biiiniiey(3n.); tront,BaJmon. (SaCardiff:) 

lr»MfflL.— L. * N.W.E. ; a.W.B. Lllwen, 1 m. S, Olwyd, 2 m. E.; trouL (t.i.) 
DennSit. 7 m. W. Aled, 9 m. W. (tt Clvyd.1 Brenlg, 8 m. B.W. Lain: Llynbraii, 
tin. S.W. "" ' "■ '■ No«!-(rech, 11 m. 9.W Oretnlog, 11 m. W. 

ItoiTy Oni 1- Dnlae. Telfl (S m.) ; salmoQ, Iroot, (ti.) 

OlywedogO ,8ib.N. Asron,4m. N.W. (ci.). Khewlallen, 

im SW. let AberoBVrt) 

D8rw«ni(E itronl. <e.t.l(SttSlifl,Hai^lhangeI-gltm-Xiiffr.) 

I>Brw7aa ] t.[L.4N.W.B. Llan-dyble brook. OennOD. 

D«tU'« Brldmi'rosjS'(^)r— S!8."i»e»«tW7th, U m.. reached by maoh Irom 

April 1 lo Ooi", Bheldol; tronti ashing free. Slyherini Iront. Bhyddnant, 2 m. E. ; 

tronl. Castell, a m. N. Ehyddlan,7 nkN. Llechweddmawr, 8 m. N. I^gnant, 10 m. N. 

Lalm- Lon. 1 m. W. Khyddnaot, B m. N.E. 2 Jenan. 6 m. N.E. Llygad, 8 m. N. 

(aee AbtrvUmlK.) BsitI: BatodArms. ,. „ , , ^ ^ 

Dnrnook (Brecon).— N. 4 B.H. Usk; troat, salmon; preserved by the Uniled Uek 

FlSilng AMOciaUon; tiekets, salmon s.1. 20i., w.l. lOi., d.t. Bi, ; tront B.l. !Oi.,w.t is,, 

d.t !i M , and rod licences Vh. and 1>., from Fost-oCBce or Caslle Hotel. Seunybridge. 

Senni and Treweren; trout. Clydack and Cray, ! m. i tront. OUIenI ; tront, 2 m. (See 

Uii. Brteon, and Ntvport,'} (eJ.) 
'Oiitwju (Jtertonetb),— C.B. Bywydd. Laket: Dobaoh.ira. E. ; largo tronti very shy. 

Bynydd. (Bv Pairhmdtndratih.) 
IHnM Mawddwr (Merioneih).- Mwy. B. BoleU: Buckley Anns, paiiarth Arms (lu 

.JdMrrtinnmOanif Bed Lion. Dovey; sevrtn. tront, salmon ; flshlng very mod tor 6 m. 

above to B ni- below ; preserved by Sir B. Bnokley, who will give leave, and proprietor 

Penlarth Arms, (ti.) Ceryet or ArriB; trout Cowarch, 1 m. N. Olelvlon, I m. S.; 

preserved by praprlBtor Penlarth Arms. Olywedog, a m. W. (ti. Atiwm.) Pamrhyd, 

B m. N.E. Twtch, « m. N.B. ; good tronting; preserved mostly by Sir W. W. Wynne 


162 The Angler's Diary. 

and Mr. Price. Banw, 8 m. E.i Voat, cbnb, sslmoD. (ciji Smwrn.) CiOu, S n. E. 
Lata; UjD FIgan and Llyn Fach. i m. N. Llyn Coch Bl^MU S m. B.E.; CrouL BngsU, 
t> m. E. ; good irootiug. bat prBBened : laave m«T lometiinas !>« had. («» JfocAtnltelft, 

DobUL<Btidaor).— L. AN,W.B. Ar&n. Lata: Onltr pool (3 al) (%( CKnHliw, £ni7rdHil> 
Boldowlpd (Badaor).— C.B. Wye; tronL (ci.) Elan (3 )7>,)i Iroot. Chwofni H m.). 

Olearwm (6 m.). G»nr(7m.). Arban(8m.). iotn ! Qwyn (» m,). OarwISm.). (a« 

CAqi«o>D, Bnflaad.') 
SolK^l7 (Merioneth),— L. A N.W.B. Wnlon; trout, Bewln; prtJBerred by landowners. 

Mawddach, 1 m. N. W. ; trout, BSwin. few salmon ; d.t Si. Sil, m-t lOi. M. (ci. ileoeff.) 

Ddybin, a m, B. iiiia:Oweman.Jin.B.W.i trout, perch. Oynwfch. 2m.N. ; psreh. 

Aru,Sm.S. Trlgaimyn. 4 m. S, B. Oadr,4in.S.'W. Gafr, 4nL S.W.:soad traaUnc. 

{Sat Toaj/TL. SormoWA, T^t-^-ffTiMI.) 
Dolffoob (MeriDnaUi),~a,'W.B. FeOoder. Dyirnl. a «. H.W.j troDI, Balmon. <a« 

Tbvyn.) fcj, Unvjr.) 
Dolll«»(Badnor>.— G.W.B. Gllwem. OyDonbrook. Hales brook.(flM CTwtdw, a^jBiii.) 
Dolwen (Uonteomeir).— C.£. SoTem; trout, chub, aalmoo. Ebrr. BeHbyn (1 m.1. 

Lata : Ebyr fS m.). (cj. Smim.) {Sffi Olouculer.y 
DolwrddalaiKGaniarYon).— I..AN.W,B. Lledri trout. leiriD. Balmon t tlcketa bI botela 

(forltrmtftrtaimmire BattWB): (routing from May 1 to Oci. 1 free; from March I to 

AprOag, ticketa— at lUi.. d.t Si. Bd., at the hotels, or from Ur.EIUs n^^ bookHller, 

eupplies Qwydyr Estate tickets. Antunin Is iIir hesi time for »ii.1mnTi mrt' uvin /,■ . 
C&taof.i YBtcmlau, 1 m- W. ; Crou 
Drirennrdd (I), bm-Vr.; tront ; presei 
Owjilyr Atids, Elon's CaetJe. (a« Cw ... , 
9ol7K*aT (BreooB).— B. i, M.B. Taff ■ trout, sahnon. {rj.) (Str Carrlif/) 
Drm-r-nMIt (Montgomory),— L, * N.W.B. Wnlon ; trout, seirtn ; preserred by land- 
owners. Hatrog. Cwm-ochr. Clddo", 1 m. W. nddow, li m. W. Dovey, Bm.'W. 
(ci.) MawddacE.* in. N.; tront, sawtn, salmon; d.t. is. lOi. M. (cj. Dtrtf.) 
Lata: Dja.Z m. W. Crych-y-wayen, *m. N. {Sa tfadijfnUah, Barmmlh.} 
P yB t ya (liIerlDneth).~Tsgettiln ; trout, free. Tsgethin rises In Llyn Dnlyn (good 
flailing), rons t m. to Llyn Bodlyn (troat.cbar; tree), and, 3 tn. jolDsdon left 
bank ^ a short stream draining Uyulrddyn (good Hsblng). DySryn and the aaa ajn 

Wr Bllln (Glamorgan).— a. W.B. Ely, tront, aeirln. {Sa Cardfg'.^ (ej.Taffi; fiahlug 

JreaerTedbelow, and above, except (wo bits or private water, by TaO and Ely EishlUK 
ssodation: s,t, !Si,, d.t li. Tront small, but nnmerona. 
Brwood (Radnor].— G.B. Wyej aalmoo, Iraul, cbnb, daco. pike, Ac ({.s.) Uogln 
Baohhowey brook (1 m.). Oonrig (S m.). Lata: Llanbjchnyn and* other lakes {im.). 
Uogln (fl fn.>. (Sre^and.) 
Braarti (Denbigh).— L. * N.T.K. Olwyd: tront. (u.) LUnfaIr brook. (3ee Shfl.) 
Aiyn, 6 m, E,, at Llanamoni troot. (ci. 2)e9.) Bhyi, 6 m. E. at Lland^Ia. j^uta: 
Cyffyfmy, T m. E. (fS« Cfieiter.) 
Ferrj (Montgomery), >— By Jt. Severn; chub, dace, treat, aalmon. Vymwy; tront. 

of tront. Buia : ^TMle Lion. The landlord will give any Intoimatlon. 

rfMtknioa (MMloneth).— Q.'W.B. and (3.B. Bhaiidri iroutj a.t SOj., d.t. J». M. 

Dwyryd, I m. W. ; (root, sevrin ; tree. Yapytty, 1 m. N. Manod, 1 m. N. Oonway, 8 ra. 

N.E.: tront. (cj.) iota: Oraig-y-tan. Sm. B.E. Y-Morwynlon, SI m. E, ; tWut Dnbaoi, 

r-brrn-dn. 4 m. N.E. Y-Oamallt, 4 m. N'.E. Dywarehen. 4 m. E. Y^gora, 

!. Y-frllhgralg, 6in. N.E. Cora-y-baroot, 6 m. S,E. Llyn Bonr, J m. E. <&■ 

:. Orinlach. {aaCar^.i 

long, joUiB on left bank. Qwaen runs II «. to Pisliinaxa ai 
nriiuaramnsabrookSm.long. Western Gleddan (S «. S., ^. 

PllBt.— L, AN.W,B, Flint brook, B IB. long, Korthop brook, » m. S.E., 4 m. long. 

Fordan (Montnomery).— O.E. Severn; (root, Balmon,ehnb, daea, to. Camlad; trout, 
grayling. Hallastord brook (4 m. E.). Lata : Marton pool (B m. N.E.). (u. Saitm.) 

Fxmtfooll (Merioneth).— 9. W.B, Tryweryn; tront. (e.i. Da.') Hewtyn, 1 «. U.Vf, 

Lata: KaiiejB, (SxOiaUr.) 
a»niaat<OaermartbeD).— Q.W3. Amman; tront. Gamant. PedoL lattLhtelim:) <u. 

QittSi (Breoon)^-L A N.W.E. Irfon; thnb, daoe, tront, aahnon; trooUngpoor.buKalr 
salmon deblng after floods In anlnmD ; tloketa Inim the Dolecoed Hotel. Uanvrt^ 
Dnlas: good IrontlDg. DOionw (» m.). 6««ll«eat (4 n.). BiM: Qwth. (c.i. IPye;> 
{Sa <^i^iua, JEnfhnd.} 

"- A.oogic 

Wales. 168 

■OIlui Drfl (Uanlgomarr).— L. A H.W.B. Dorsy; ulmon, tront. (e.i.) Lnnini. 

<IlW«niH, ni«r Abm-mvBnny <BrMon).— L, A N.W.E. Usk; Iroot, ubnoa; prOMrred 
br the Cnllal UefeFlablDg AeaoclaUon; salmon aod troalrod llcencH HU. aul Ii. 
B( tha posi-oIBce. CSw AricfRmt, fit, JfEupon.) 
'01>ls(0]uaorgui).— Q.W^i L. AH.W.B. Tanr;. Clfdiu^ <S« i9bibu«.) 
01»D Oonwkr (Cu7iu*oii)AL.4N.'W.B. Oonmy : ■Bimon, irout, (u.) (dM Ctenxv.) 

Cymerui. Tolfl itrauD, C m. lODff* joins tha aatiurT hsT«. 
OlBnr&Td (CMimsnbeii).— L A M.WJK. Tovey (ci.) ; »hDon, trout; tabSof Crag, (ilw 

„ , ,, _. ff.B. Des; Bnyling, ohnh, tront, pLks. sulmoDi fn- 

ed b; Olyadm' Sodsty from Ourroff ibovs to lOunllan below; 7 m. of niliniUd 

^.udf ; UckaU It (be hotel or of the ttitlan muter. (Sf XJimgiillm.) (Sh OMtr.) 

Jibtel : Berwyn Ajidh. 
eira Vmtll (aUinoiEU).-{I.W.B. Neath Nedd 
Ooldan OiOTa (CMrauuttaen).— L. A N.W.B. Tom 

^ EbtI Candor: tickets u Oolden Orove Anns, 

W, U. 9rifaihi. Esq., loUcItor. Oirmartben. (c.i.) 
Otam (Qlamorgui).— Ula. (Ah UunJatrJ 
Or««tord {Denbigh).— Q.W.H. Ahn; tront. (t.j. D«.) (gvC?>aler.) 
Oxoes-Ion (Osmuron).— L. A H.W.B. Lllfon,vh!ch rises m. sbonbsre ud lotei 

the tbe s» S m. beloa. 
Owalehnul, u-a. BodoMui.— Oood troni Dshlag Id Lakes rrorwyd and Hendrs, lbs 

latter haTing been latetr stocked with trout and roaeh l>T the hotel ^prietor, who has 

mcIuBlia rlgliU', r^r mer tronHngi Ucanc*. Si. 
OwTddalwam (Meiioneth).— L. A N.W.B. ; Q.W.K Swr. Alwea, SulW.; trout 

Ici.Da.t iatei! GloyB-lm. B. {3aClit*tr.) 
■m (Glamorgan).— O.W.B. Twrch. Qwyog, Tan 

Biawr,B«.)4.E.'a.t:. laaBarmoathJ) niMrvdolloniwlUteiwKA: Talaa 

T,8™.«.K. lrtl,Brn.H.K. (aMBannDulil.) PUMn^llaUaatllUMiirtlKll: ~ ' 

.'hyndendraeth. Mynford, Portmadoc, Orlcdeth, Llanbedr, Dyffryn, Baim 

SATactbEdwanfFaiibreke)— O.W.B. ITeatero Cleddao; salmon, trout, (cj.) Tbli 
stream rises im.ii.ot nahiraaxd (n-s. Soma Snali^ m.), and 4 m. down la lolned on 
left bank hj a stream 6 n. long. 1 m. down Oleddso, Boig loins on rlfttai bank, wtdob 
liseB 3 m, S.^. of Uattny, fl m. trom Ftshgnald, and Is B m. lou. S m. down, by Voti, 
Uanel brook, which riasa by Boaa Bnali station, mca 3 to. to Poncheston, Llnle New- 
castle 3 SL, and Clsddan S dl, Joins on left bank. Oleddsa iniis a m. to Trefgam Ou. 
XKTArfbrftwwrt, 6 m.); and ben WalUa brook, i m. ions. Joins on leK bank. * h. 
dowBCleddan,PdMDiba bnHik,dm. long, joins on right bsnk. SkvaxlbEdwaBt I* 
1 in. down deddan. Hera CapOett brook. 3 si. long, joins on left bonk, and nanant 
brook, Tm.tou,OD right bank, t sl down deddan. Milling brook, which rises 1 a. R 
ot XaTarfbrowart, and Is S n. long, jobs on left bank. 1 m, down, EaaUm Olsddai 
joins onlellbiak. ThtaMraam tlaes3 " " *■ "" - " - - — ■ 

joins on lell bank, ^rala Mraam tlaeal «. B.W. trom OnnMtioh, i 
joined on rtihtbank by OoTwyn, 1a. Ions <n.B. KaanaloNUW, Ini.S.'' 
t m., and Isjotned on right bSDk by LlandOo brook, which rius E. of 
e m. to Llall-y•Oenc^ and Cleddan I m. Clsddan la jdned' - ■■" 

B.W. trom OKnMtioh, and E n. down Is 
" ■ ' ■ ^W.) Cleddanr 

Sol* Bnsll atatlOT, mns ■ «. to Ma«n^oaluw (! fit. off), 4 «. to Lhrs-y-Fran, 
S «. to OlBTlMatoll. and 3 RL to Cleddan. Oleddaa mns to Bobeslon Wathen (n.B. 
Wsrliath, a fn.) S n. and « m. down the two Cleddana join and deboach Into theliarbonr. 

Haj (Brecon). — O.W.B. Wye; salmon, tront, grayling, pike, perch, chub, daca. 
Below May the flaking in Wye iH private. Dniaa brook. F -■— ■- — '- " -• "-■- 

. Olchon brook (i m.) BtUI, 

, ngorsel^r — •-■-i.~<» 

here by taking train to T«I^4Un. (ci.) (3k Cheptloa, RiglmAi 
-■Irwann (Olamorgany— O-.W-B. Uynon. Knists (u in.). (St6 <kiriUf, Xi 
—_.. ,^._,.i..i.. _ - b L « tora, *Bi. Dee; salmon, pike 

and Crown, where flataing can be had In Wyei Llangorse l^e can ba Bahed from 

.^niyhead. Llynen, Slaelog, Coron, and Trogwyd bi. . ... 

good, Crygyll rlyar, close to hotel, holds aea trout In spring ; good polkck flahlng. 
]^>a (Flint).— L, * S.W.B. Aljn; troot, (ej. Bet) {Set C/ialtr.) 
IMSd-T-Podwo(Hlaniotgan).-TV.E. Ehondaa;lrool,salmon. (M.nif.) (.feiOwHff) 
Joknstoti < Pembroke).— orw.B, Bosemarketbrook (Im.). KlokeBlonbrook(l n.), (Sm 

JV(H Jfiifcrd.) 
XarET (Uontgomery).— 0,B. IfnleL Gaerbltra 14™. E). (Sa OloaaiUr.) 
Xia«*U]r (iStermartben).— G.W.E. Qwandraeth fach; tront, aewliL ffofd; Pelican. 

OwendraeUi rach rises by Llanddarog (n.>. VajitKkxallr, 4 m., or 0««niMrtlian 

'- A.ooglc 

164 The Angler's Diary. 

U m.}, rona S m, to LIuignidiTni, i m. to LUnitrttMlOB, tuid Xldwolbr 4 n. Thic 
■treBm li IreeuptoOeUSog; b' - ^. ^. . ..--TTT... „ 

KUlH (QUmorgi 

4 n. : imni ; preHCied as Taae, aX Ki. {See CIttptlta.'i (cj. V|k.) Qood bold 

XmilcltlaJI (Bsdnor).— O.W.B. Terns; tiont; prlTits. Lof (4 m. B.'W,} i tront, gnylisE. 

bia Vttdwt Eot«l (UoDtffoiiiary}. i«i I 

MUn. 10 m.. or 8al>, IB m- Vyniiry: 1.. 

HIrdilD, 3 m. N.W. ; trout; prsBenediB Hbon. QmloD 

■a ibovo. Cfiilg, ij m. B,i troot; prsaBirod 19 *bova In xt» lower niir, ina in i« 
upper tiilf b; Sir W. W. Wjiuie. Ennuit, 4) m, N.W.: tnmt; prsBerred H sboTS. 
Goch. 3 m. N.E. ; tront {!« £lanw'>nv). Cowny. 3) m. 9. Dytnsnt,4t m. B. £at«i; 
Lifee Yjmn;; trout; caplul Bailing; m.I. (Oi., n.t. 191. ed.,il,t, 3i. M. ; boata uidoiw 

Zain, hlacb and blue^ woodcock and ^reen. cocb-y-bonddhn, Marcb brown with gold, 
black palmer and alder. Llyn Fennan, 3 m. H. lOitLIajtinTmoy, Olovcattr-} 
^unpeMr (CHrdiiran).— U. di U. £. Telfl; ntmon, trout, grayling. <ci.) Dnlui 

sawln. troQt (c.(.). CoItil.Sin. S.K; aalmon, aewln. 'trout. /TM^I: Black Lion Boyal (m 
Adeerliurnail). wbere aabnon and Ironl dsldiig ctLn be bid free in TeiB and Dulaa frDm 
Feb. I, ealmon Match 1, tront. to Mot. 1; rarrnrther informatlan apply to the liuid- 
lord, or Mr, D. Boberta. 2, Rrldge-atreet. wbo eupptles all neceeaary tackle. Ac BOtU: 
Royal Oak. OaatJe. {See CanHfrtm, Caennanften^ Uanarth, Hjoidiuiiia-Qogo, Abo-atronSi 

ZdUunlMj (Fanbroke).— O.'W.B. Pennor. {See nimJMvto.) 

EaaAor* (Qlamoigan).— lane. Ffyodrod. (Ste a<amira,1 

^-*l''ir''*'™* (Oaemisrlhsn). — (n.9. St. Cl»Ta, 9 m.) TaT ; aaJmnn. Inmt Ttl Tiaec- 
iBj Oxjiunrali Anna (S.W.B.). runs 2 m. \o Olonii 
XllTaoireil » m. Here GraTa 4 ni. long. Joins on right 1 
UamgUdwm, £«lu Sm. T m. down Taf, Harlas jolai 
S«Tm. N. o[ MaAorth. 2 m-down. awalthnoafc, 2m. 1 
Harlaa nna to Taf K tn. ^ n. down Taf, Llease. wblch Hi 

ia 1 m. to TUUuid^ 
"iirhlttHii "'i 

WMtlaod jolna on left bank. WhlUand rlaes 1 m. aboTS Llanboidy (n.a. tlMila, 

long, jnim on right bank. Taf rana 2 m. to St, Clare. Here Gynin Joins on 
Oynin rlsea on Uanwlnio OommOD, 2( m. 8.E. from UAUllEUftolL, and B nu 

■ - v.... „__,_ _. 'janwlnio uommOD, I| m. O.K. trom I.1U1I1EUMUL, ana a m. 

k by Liechwydd. which rises fi m. S.E. from Uuiitliuoll. 
4lid 2 m. down Is Joined on right bank by Aaen. 3 in. long (n.a. ElanAniaoll, 4 m.). 
Llechwydd mnn to Qynin 4 m. Oynin moa m. to Bt. Glare, and ber« Dewi Joins on 

liangel-AberCTwyii. S m.. and here Oywjn Joins on right bank. Cywyn rlaes 7 n. N.W. 
from Oynwil, and 10 m. down is Joined on left bank bj Oyimen, which rises by 
LUnnewjdd (nj. Bz&nwT'dd Ar3n>, 2 m.\ and Is 6 m. lotig. Cywyn mns to TsF la 
8 m. 9 m. ioTra Taf Is l^tUfllaniB. (c> n?i«v.) The beet tront fllea »re cocb-y- 
bonddbn. dnns or larlona shades, red and black anta, hiack gust, cowdnng, bruken 

Uaiuuili (Cardigan). — (n.a. tunpataz, 1) m.) QUtaeh. which lisn » n. iboy* 
LIODtrth, and 3 m. down ii joined on right bank by s brook 4 m. long, aillach mna ti> 

UMArthnar (Ca«nDarthea),— L, & Vyf.^. fiolel ; ' Ooldsn Qrore Anna, Towe;; 

(Tickets St hotel: s,t., ni.,;'d,t„ li,) V,i,f Dn]aa,*9a ,. , 

Uuibadr (Merionefli},— C,B. Ariro; tront, sewio, salmon ; preservedby 
and m-L Artro rises In Llyn Dywarehen. fi m, N,E. from Kulacll, or 3 ™- Kicvas uiv 
hills a little S, of E, of TBlaman passing Llyn Caerwych (good tront), Attro, In I m., 
waters Llyn Elddew-fach (trout), and, 1 m. below, Is Joined on left bank by Elddew, 
whtoh rise* In Llyn Fedw (trout), a small lake on the slopes of Y-Ondgddrwg. and, 1 m. 
betow. waters Lljn Elddew-mawr (tront), (The lakes mentioned above, together with 
IJyn Qmlgddrwg (i« BarmmlK), are all within 1 m. of each other, and can be rewshed 
trom Kaxlaoli or T»larnaii). Olddow joins Artro I m, down. 1 m. below, Bychaa 

1 m. down, waters Llyn Cwm-bycbui, s ni. N.£. nt U 

Gloyw^n (good tronthig; alder and oak Oles good), I 
S m. down Artro, Nanicol (good trouting free, wlih •■ 
lank. Nwitool rises ic Llya Howel (trout), and, I 

o left hank, droning Llyn 


Walei. 16« 

Ihe oatflcv of U^ Cwm-lionD. i n. np. 1 m. down Huilcol iba droluiugs of Llyii-7- 
tBriedden <tioDt), I m. np, join on left bajik. (TheBe Iftku, togMhn with Lljrn-r-bl 
(IroDt) (m BantmM). lie close togelbsr < m. E. or UambaOx). Nulcol nuu 4 m. to 
Ann), which roDB to XlaalMdr In 3 m. Joal below, ■■trewalolniAitro an rigbt bulk, 
Otihiing HftTod-yJ.lyn 3 m. np, 3 m. K.E. ot UuilMdx, or 3 m. S.E. or Kkllscll. 
1 m. down. Artro joins tbs ns (c.i. i>DKy). Id tbe Udsl wsters Is good bsaa )Ubld(. 
late: PryTTd,7in. N.E.; goodtroatlng. TwrgU, Tm. S.E. (S« BarmoBrt.) A good 
senui fly IS s modersle-sixed one viib red bo^ snd pheHs&nt wlog, with gold tlaself 

red bo^ snd phess&nt wing 

t; trout.Bslmon, sawla; flsblngtreo. (t.t) 
LlBth, !m. N.W-i trout March, 8 m. N.E. iotM i LlsnberlB !»ke« ; sulmon, Iroot, 
thai the upper lake Is preaerTed by the Undlord or Victoria For his Tisllorx, Ihe lower 
Iskerree. (^.m. Seimt.) Dwylbwch. 3 ni. S.W. Cwm-aiuUkes.B tn. S.E. Hsnh-llyn- 
nuwr gndMsicb-Ujn-bach, 3™. N.E. Dur-Arfdn, 4 m. S.R JjDteli : Vlctorts. Psdsm 
Vsllfly, (&( Camarvm. Pm-v-Oartd.) 
Llanbrriuiuir (Monigomeiy). — O.B. On Twvmyn ; tronl, seirln, ulmon. ; Itii 
IramlDg. Two streams join hare rrom the N. and E. holding gord trout. Tlu N. stream, 

i.i ,.> — •. ._ v..._. m, — 1 gmj lakes in this district art ■- -" ■■ 

ij Is open to vlBliore at tbe V 
I: Qwyddwr <4ffl.). ; perch, tr 

f (aiamorgan),— Q-W^. Taff and Ely; Ironl, fionlni presorted (** Card^, 

Ely Briiige.) <c j.) 
ZJanddsrfU (Herioneib}.— Q. W£. Doe; trool, sabnon, (u.) Caletlwr, 1 m. S.W 

Laiei: Orwynl, 3fi. N. {See Chattr.j 
lUaalaUlo (Uerlonelb).— Q.W.B. Dee; trout, salmon, (u.). Ceadlog. Llynor.lm. 

H.E. Laia : MjnyUod. 3 m. N, {See CAaHer.) 
Ukndllo (Caennarthen).— L, A N.W.K Ifolel-. Cawdor Amu. Towey ; salmon, tront, 

lewia^ free above, but piesencd below b; Earl Cawdor. TIckeU ror Ihls water at 

Golden QrovH ArmSjLlananhney; B.t,, lOi.; d-t, li, (cj.) Gennen. (CJ. Jbnuy.) IfSa 

7.i«.-nJifTini (KaniKomerr). — C.B. Seieni! tregl, eslmon, chnb, Ac (cj. Sttem) 
MaaaiHlllo-Qogo (Csjdigan).— <n.a. lampatT, Vim.). Dtssllio,!] ntlong. In.W. 
LiaiidaT«r7 (Caermarthen).— L. A N'.W.B. Towey; salmon, sewin, troDl; Bshlng (rea. 

1: CmUb. n^faiii, B Davies. fligh-eireet. 

— L. & N.W.B. Ithon. Hawddwy (2 m.) (cj. Wpe.) (Sh 

id. Boats can be obtained trom the Boiglibonr.Ds 
.ionway. rtiauig HoiKini vrunia rtaclts Conway, Qian Conway, Tal^-CaTn, 
iolian,Aber, Llanrwat. Tretriw, Bangor, Bettws-y-Coed, Fonl-y.J'anl, Solwjd- 
itiniog, CaemarTOO, Bodorgan.Ty-Oroes. 
,,.,„> (Camarron).— L. ft N.W.E. Ulan E'afon. This stnam Is 7 m. long, and 
hair-way down, at Ooed Coch, receiiea the ooilet of Uie lake there. This Inks la H n- 
[rom Uandnla*. 
Lbut-drbla (Caermartben).— Q.W3, j L. A N.W.B. L1sn-dybl< 
Owendraelb Fanr, 6 m. W. iafc: Llerbwen ■ ~ " ■-■ ' 

Uu^lBil {Cardigan).— O.'W.B. Telfl; aabnon, troDl Oarge). (ci.) Oer^n. Twellli 

(rout {good). Ythin{lni.). Cletwr (» m.> ; Ironl (good). Bydrel.Om.) floJrfi Porlh; 

I) TR. Oshing In Tela trea to hotel ililtors {lee AdttrhiinHnl); elsewhere permission 

from the owners. (Set CarOigan.) 
UutBUoT (Csermarthen).— O.W.II. LUbedl snd Dsnn; salmon, tronl; Ashing free. 

Llliiedl is 7 m. long. Dann runs 1 m. E. rrom tbe town, and Is 6 m. long. 
UaasTOliTiiLadd (Anglesea),— L. A N.W.B. Alaw. (Sec PmrhatBigisti, Voiles SlaHmt.). 
UamtoBthla lAngleeeaJ— n.s. Vallej StatlOD, T m. B. latei- Ceryglwyd. 

aunfalr (AngiB8eB).~L. AM.W.B, Brslnt; aal~ '- - "-'-' ■ "■-- "— 

H^TiT t^ l r (Uontgonurj).— {n-a, WelBlipool, ) 

ISee bleucaltr.) (ti. Stwm.) 
LlMifitirftOliaii (Gaemanon),— L. « N.W.B. Od Dn, 3 m. long. 
T,t^.i «»t ■• -'PbI h p I b-t (Denblgb).— n.s. Abaivale, « m,; Bt. Aaaph, 11 m.; DMk 

Urh, 11 m. Elwy ; tront, sawin, aalmoni preserTed ror 4 m. by tandlord of hotel, 
eliewhere priTalely. (e.i.) Melan,a m. S.W. Aled, Sm.E. (ti. Cfmyd.) £fow(: Blaofc 

.Uux^dTTntfluimwT (Angleeea]. — n.a. Slioi-ffoolL, T 
mnsln.E, £iil^u: Hygelnan Im, S.E. 


The Angler's Diary. 

&ln; trout, ulmoit; Oflhlnf fna. Brogu. TtnftV 

(Sh fffoscaCtr.) (cj Anwn.) 
Moab, Sm. B.E. Canunui. Ttaia brook riHi In 
OOfa., ud4ffl.dowiiliJolTiedDntfiflbutby bbroolt 
irin, nmi 3 m. to UamAelMU, aad 1 n. dom 

neth) (a.*. I>«rw*ti, t m.}.— Almm; troDL (cl 

TlT; trout, ailmoiL (e.i. Hhmv.) OynlD (3)in.);: 
Id (S BL) (fiH Zduptemi.) 

CaiD ; I4liiion, trout ; free. . LlechwTdd. Tuut 
I, atnm.t (St Lalt Vynucf Bcttl; Utmammg ;. 

t-i L, A N.V/.R, Tower; eatnion, 'owId, trout; 
It; rn«. Usriee. SeOs. Bkirdd*: troat: moeOr 
(Stn). Llechdu>dd(lntO' Bkwdde fedun <G «.). 
i<,j. oauthtuvb (8 m.), (St CHrnorfAoi.) Zati: Van; 
i(<Jj : QluissTln Arms uid Bed LloD. 
gcon).— L. A KV.B. Irton; troot. cbnb, dan, ulmoa; 
preaervad ttf the two^Botela, Ounm&rch (tee AdBOlittmfnl) arid. Fnmp Hooba and 
Lake Hotel («« Ji'TfrfiifnuffiJ); neaioD be^lni Uarcb 3, enda BepL 10; oalj fly allowed 
Dud! July li n,t, Si., d.1. li., noii-reildenla it. M.; ticket) tioin M. Price. Cammarch 

Irton 'cot6 n. al the lower end, above prlTati. Aiuiell; prliaie. Oamddwr; prlrate.. 
Cammarch (1 m.); privale. Einoo (a m.)i priiate. Ctedan (3 m.y, preHoryed by Llan- 
wrtrd A,A. CDTlQad IS m-i: crlvaH. BoItU: Punp Bmiafl and Lake, and Camiaar<^ 
9, BntlrmAi 

UM)tr*lllir«n(iLDgle«a) — n.a. CaruuTOIU^in. Bralnt; aalmon,trauI. (e.i 
Bnunt rlaea In Llyn Llfrjdlanli, s m, N.W. of BaatunailB, mng t m. to £L 
•od 8 m. to UuKalinnii and the aea. Ju>t betore Joining the aea a BDMm 

UaUOuOll (Caennarthen).— G-'W.B. Llwchnr (Injured by minee). 
LluStn^ fti, 71[ii«Ii.) 

U>n«laD (Oamanon).— n.B, PwIllLell, ^ m. Soch. Boob jieet 3 m. above UeyUisjni, 
udSfn.dam, atBonwDoglBJolnedonUtlbaokby aotaD,Jin.lon«. 1 m. down Soeh, 
M Lland^Itraliig, BodlaSi^Tn. long, Joins on left banli. Soch muB to LlaaencaD Sm., 

□arthen).— O.W.B. Tat; troat, nhnon, (5h Laughanii.) <u. 

n tDecliIgh). — Ct.W.B. Dee; troDt,gra7llng,ialnion,plke.chnb; pmerTKlbr 

Olyodwr Society trcm Canoa above to LlangolleD : lalmon and Ironl i.L <LU., m.t. t2i.. 

Hall, Lluigollcn'; only licensed e'lhennea may be ^ployed ; acoiacle le'si. Sd. a day to 

man^H wa^B St. -. no doffa or Sunday aching. Seaaon begins Uarch 1 and enda Oct. 14 

Llangollen Troul and Qrayling Preeervstlon Society preserve the Dee from ijuixollaa 
toNewttidge by Oafii, a t. 20(.,d.t. 1(. Deep nodlng |9 necesHsry; March and April, 

-'"--■ "'— '- " alLland'eglBi tront (cj.Cti,) iUiy«,7m.N. 

... Log. Bledia brook (I( m). Qralg brook (3 m.). 

I, Wge.) (S€e Chtpitta, Otglmd.) 
. jjajitTntB, 9i mS Haiti: New Ian. Tanat: 
ve and I «. below. E^arlh. Gocb (1 m.). Elp- 
1 (3 m. S,W.)i flehlDg tree. (Sa Olcuaitm-.i ci. 

XAanMioaa (HoatgoiDery),— O.B. Severn ; trout, chub, sahnou. Brochan ; tront 
Otywedog (poisoned), Dnlas (1 m.). Oeryat (1 m. N.) (polaoncd). Biga <I m.). Llwyd 
Urn.). Zotai: Ebyr(3|nN.E.). Derw-llwydion (S m.). (Sei OlouaiUr.i (cJ-i 

UMvtUDpWdnt (Oaenuorthen).— O.W.B. Qwlll ; tront, sewic, aalmon; tree beloWr 
preatrreaabove. (ci. T!™».) (Stc CaermaMhm.) 

Uuixluladz(I>snblgh),— L. A N.W.B. Clyvd; trout, aahnon. (c(.) Lleweaog. (SM 


Vjni tlgss } m. Ibave LUnBliuiggI Lledrod m. S.w! rrom Vzkwa Coad Slation. 
mm 4 m. to LUogdyiTlon. and * ™, ta Uanrlirstrd.. Hara Mabaa joioa on lefl 
banlE^ HAbos rfsflfl 1 m, S.W. from Llanewyryion, and 2 m. down 1b Joined on left bulk 
by TttbI, 3 m. long. Hibqs runs to UaarhTB^d in » m. Carrog. also 8 m. long, 
here joins Wyr^ on right bajik. 1 m. below UanxIiTBtTd Wrrai lolne tbe se>. 

Ilftnrwst (Daiiblgb).-L. AN.W.U. Conwayi iolmoa, tiont, eewln; ter laJnun jhAfnir 
in the Qwydyr Flehei? (the Convay rrom Coed. loBTlog Gwatch FUnl&tlon, to 
LlanrwBl Bridge); May 1 to M, w.l, *■., d.L li.; Jolv 1 to SI, w.t. St., d.1, li. id.; 

:cepled! Jnly 1 10 Aoe. » 
w.t. 12i,i Oct. 1 to Not. 

« (all InclDslvs), tbe period 4f. IDi.. 

.-.^^jo *,., n.k. A..*, uuiuw^'i uivikaw ijcujuv* udfa DfitOW tbo bOOUdaiy Of PaDt-y-CATW 

gum; from the hotels and Ueasra Qi-UIIth Oven and 3an, flshlng tackle dealen. 
Qreennich Honae. TroulingUaroh 1 to AprilS; ■.t,10i.,i*.l.!i,6<l., Best lime for 

Dj«'yn-BBlll, Bm.N.E. Dertjn, 4 m. E. Ungwj, *m. S,; Ironl.' lalmon (m. Cwmmii)! 
tickeu at hotela (An- Iirmiue BtUHt-v-CovI). Hwcb. Em. S.E. Lledr. « m. S.; troni, 
■aliaon (e.i. (bninqr); tlctiela al bntels (/ir lirmi (« BiUai). Cledwen or Elwy, 6 m. E. 
(ci.) Lata: L]yn-y-Pair, S m. 8. Pen-oraig ft m. B.W. BodginHjdd, * m. S.W. 
Oeliionydd, J nt. W.; polliil«d Chwyth Llyn, B ni. N.E. Crafnant, 4 fn. W.: teoDt; 
IwBti. Aled, 8 m. B.E. (tj. nii»rf). Noel-freob, 8 111.8.E. Kifrij ! Eaglen and Victoria. 
"seCimitay: fl*»l.) 

A (Cardigan). - 
n. long, Tona 1 m. S 
miA (MonwomeiT.) — Oi. Temwy; tronl, galmon, obub, pike, p«rch, 
1 preeerred by landomieiB below. Fne aboie. i3te Lla!irmfnaA.i Caini 
m; Free. Tanal; Iroat, gnyling, chnb, i^ke, £at<i: Dd (a m. S.E.) (.Sh 

Ion Barwyii(Uerioneth).— DM; trool, gnyling.pike,chnb,wilmcn. 

»«.) Berwyn. (A* CAfla^sr.) 

UMttrUiaaDt (QlamDrgan),— O.W.B. Ely; trout; free. Donlae brook; trout, (cj. 
Toff.) (Six OMrtHir.) 

UaawehUrn (SfBrionotb),— O.W.B. Dee or Lllw; tronl; preaeired by Sir W. W. 
Wjnne. (C.I.) Dwfrdwy. Tucch; trout; preaorved by sir W, W. W. (C.I. IHe.} 
Uefar. 8 m. N.E.; tronl; prBseryed by Sir W. W. W. Ebjawen, a m. E. Afon-J- 
Wynl, 4 m. N.W, EniiBQt, 7 m. N.W, Laia: Bala or Tegld. 1 m. N.E. ; tronl, |rfke, 

Uanwiiflla(Cernaryon|,— I., 4 N.W.E. Gwrfal; ealmon, tront (ci. SstoU,} Owrtal 
riaea In L1yn-;-(}ider by Bliyddll, and 1 m down ia Joined on right bruib by a atnuun 

bank, dinning Llyn-y-Nadraedd } m. up (theae lakelets are oloae together nndei- tba 
brew of Hnowdon), Oa the right bank the outflow of Llyn Ffynnon-y-Gwas jolne J m. np. 
Tlieae foor lakes an 3 m. E, of Bnowaon BnnKBE- 1 >"- down. Qwrfal runs into 
Lljn IDwelljn. J m. down the lake is Bnowdon Bangor on right bank. LlynCmUyn 
le 1 m. long. Owrfal when It leaves tlie lake runa :2 m. 10 Bettwa O&rmon, S m. to 
Uanwudla. Here Venno, 3 m long, ioina on right bank. Gwrfal nina to the eea in S™. 

Ll«iwrd» (Caflimarthen).— L. A K.W.B, Towey; liout, lahaoa, aewln: Ssblng free. 
(".) Yoja. Z>oIaB, ISie Caermarlhtn.) 

UuLwdrd (Bncon).~L. A N.W.B. Irfon; troot, cbob, dace. Cerdin (3 m.), Cledaa 
(*m.); preserved as Won. Oallant (< m.). Qweaayn (6 m). Smelt: Dolcoed Honae, 

tronUngtsabove. Birmingham Waterworka reaenalr. ID n. (Ste Cheptltu, A^riond.) 
UKn-]r-Brtli«r(Cardlgan).-4.W.B. Tela; aahnon, tront. (c.t) Qra»ell(S«.). Lattt 

Penoarreg (1 m.). (See Cardtgaa.) 
UODB (FlUit).— L, * N.W.E. Alyn; troqt. fcr. Dtt.) Terrlg. (Sai Chater.^ 
Uwobwr (Glamorgan),— O.W.B. Llwcbwr. Lllw. Llwchwr rlsea aome 8 m. E. of LUn- 
dyhle, and 4 m. down ia Joined on right bank by Uan-djble brook, whlnli, after rnnning 
4 m., passes 1 m. W. of Darwydd Boad, runa thence to Unn-dylila i m., and julna 
Llwcbwr 1 m. down, I m. fromgroll Inn. Herealso Lash, 8 m. long, Jolna on right bank. 

Alwyd, 4 m. long, on riglit bank. Amman risee 3 m. above BTyn-Atimmn, runa 

long, oD right bank. Amman runa to Cro» Inn. 4 dl. and PuitTff^on 1 m. 
IJwchwr rona to Pont-ar-dnlolB S m. ! hero Ddas, 5 m. lon>r, joins on lefl bank. 
liB.downL1wcliwr, Gwili jolnaonrightbank. Gwillrl9eaBome4m. W.otF»nt7«ynoa, 
and la 10 m. long (Injured In lis lower part by mines). H m. down Llwcbwr, at 
UasK*n7Cll, Traaarch, S m. long, Jokia on right bank. Llwehwr runa 3 fn. to 
UnroBWC. U.a. Tmcry.) (The rtvor la moatly Injured bj minea.) 
LLIW riiea 8 m. above Ootr, runs thence 10 UwobWE 2 m., where it Jolne the estuary. 
At IJwchwr the leaser Lllw, m. long, jolna on left bank. 


The Angler's Diary. 

Llw JmfwrU . (CHnarfOD).— O.R. Unydilrogt. This stnun 1b 4ni, long. 

rayniUgsa lOiMnorgan).— Q.W.B. Oynon. (Sm (7ord(J'. 

biylii (CumianheD).— O.W3. 1U{ Irout, ulmaii. (cj. Tokh^.i Egliryi (t m.). {8ee 

LoToatOD (Pembroke). n.a. TampUton, i m.)— Cam. O^ni rlaeg i) m. W, from 
TenLplatoa lUlloo, nms S m. lo Loveilon, and 1 m. down, B m. rrom BncellT, la 
joineif on IsR bank by LttDgdSD brook, ni. long. Oars mua IJ m. to MUroid 

MMliTnUMfc {Montgomerj). — C.B, Doveyi Balmon, aewln, tront. <ej.) Dovey 
ri»g In UjnDfA, S m. E. rtom DrwB-T-iuuit sution, and 4 m. down, at Lbu-y- 
Uowddwy, b m. N.E. from DtnaS Ka^wodwr, ia joined on ilghl bank by Pamrfard, 
I m. loDg. * m. down liovey, ! m. HhDve Olius xawddwT, Contmh, i m. long. 
Jolni on rLghl bank. Doiey rune 1 m. \o DiiuM llawddw7. Here Oeryel, whiai 
iUm In Ll^nnen Flgan and Faeh, and ia 4 m. long, jnini on rigbt bank. 1 n. 

Nianunl). vhere eitenslTe Sahlng can be h^). Cl'ciTlon joina on left bank. OMtjou 
liaoa in the hUIa S ni, W. of MallByd, and im. down Is joined on right bank by 
. Oljvedug, 1 m. long. 1 m. donn Clelvlon, at Fonvar-bwlDa, Tafolog. » m. long, 

TatolOB from 1» jnnctton with OMvion 
rains Llyn-cocb-bwyad 3 m. nn. This lak 
ofKallwyrtBnd6m.S.W.of Dinin. Olelvion nma In a ni, to Mallwyd a 

joins on TlRbt bank, which 'drains Llyn-coch-bwyad 3 

W.ofKallwydand6m.S.W.of Dinin. Olelvion nme Ic , 

Dorrs "Tne lo *lJer AlvaU, 3 in., and here Ang^l jolne on right bank. AngeU, ainor 

draining Lljn Llecoadiog 4 m. np. j m. down AngeU, Mynaoh, 3 m. long, jolna on iBfl 
bank, and \ m. down ia Doyey. Doiey nins to Qemmwn, S m., and 0«nuiUM> 
JnnctiDii, 2 m. Hem Txymyn joInB on left bank. Iwiinyn rises 6 m. above Uaa- 
iryanudT, and i m. below that place, by the station, ie joined on right bank by Taf, 
Cm. long. JuBt:above the jnnctlon a Btream joina on right bankOm. long. Twjmyn 

right hank; and 9 nv below, t m. aboTB Maol^illletll BUdon. Difiaa joint on 
left bank. Diflaerieee in Llyn Bugeilyn (good trouting) h m. S.W. Irom MaolLIlL- 
Uatb. i m. down, a stream joins on right bank, draining aiaalyn. 3 m. mi. 
S m. 8.W. from MnoliysUatll, and 1 ra. N. or Llyn Cugeilyo. 2 m. down Dyflas 

from Ksoliyilllrtll, and here Crial,'7 m. long, jolne on tight bank, "^oyeyli } ni 

right bant. {ci. Doxy.) Dnlaa riaea abo*e Abe'r-llefeni. 4 m. E. of Ab«E Anxall. •nd 
ItereLleConl. 3ni.long,]oIneDu1aBontlghtbank. 2 m. down. Corye,}! n. long. JDini on 
right bank, TBl-r-UTO. lies 2 m. E, of the head of this stream. Dnlaa mna s ut. »o 
DoTey. DoTey tana ^ in. to Hnolinillatll end OUan Syfl at tbe ealuary, e m. Hera 
Uymant, which rises in Llyn-penShaldr (trnnt, perch; presened by Sir Prysa Pryaa, 
of Qorgerddan. who somelbnes glvea le*»e). J m. S. from MaotuilUatll. runa 4 n. 14 
2 m. S. ot that town, joine DoToy a m. down at OllMI Jtt&rOeTt alto EiaoD, S n 
long. Joins Dovoy on left bank. There are eereral good aalmon poola in Doieyi at 

8.E. ISm Abtrilitayth, ) 

Maanolortioff (Pembroke).~G.WK. Llaadllo brook. GUfach bmok (1 m.). Sylyn^ 
(Sm.), Corwyn (4m.>. Ciynanlch (4 m-). (Sa Bawr/orduat.} 

■Bantwcnr (llerionatb).— (StaUon Tan-r-Bwlok, Im., Maantwrog Xamd, 1( <».) 
Dwyryd! Iroot. eewin. aalmon; tree aboye, proservod below; s.t. lOj., m-t. i:, w.l. 
2i.6d. Prraor, 1 m, S. ici. Dovrs.} Zditcs: Oamedd, Im. N. ; freeof hoteL Hafod-y- 
Uyn, lm.N.W.; Iree, Llenyrch, I m. B. ; freei Tecwyn-ochaf, S m. S.W. ; fnaot 
" " ■ " " ■ "-■ ■- ' Qrapea, whets Bahing can 

(cj. Dti.) Qelrw, 1 «. 3. 

I»ei»t« (Glamorgan),— Q.W.B. OnLlynvl; ttoal. (Set Bridgend.) 
l»ai.y-dnuriftii(OBiillKan).— M. * B.E. Teifl ; Balmon, trout (c.i.) Celling (»«, 
Oatb»l(!m.). Ciolwt (3 m.. trout, good), Clnen(4m.). (3tx Cai-digm) 

-Byn^d. Dwyryd. 1 m. 9.W. ; tront; tree. Manod. 1 in. S. 

Mukarbaar (P< 
Marthrz (Olamo: 
Hlddlatown <Mi 


nt. E. of F01lt-BT-4»W) 

JNasmnowBto ibesalnl 

PwlUiaU, Sni. Qoirch. 2 m. W., i m. long. 

Vnr BrlOKS (Bsdnor).— O.B. vrje; salmon, trout, cbab, dace, pike, 

Iront HBraint (Im.). (c.i.) (Set CItrptlotc, EnglmO.). 
Vnroaatla Bm^n <Cudlgui)._(n.s. Uandyaall, S m.) Telf i ulmi 

■*-' " ■ - '- ■ • -■-■ — BCordion.) 

«0W(Flinl).-L.4N.W.E. AIjd tront. (c.i. Da.) Tmig,»m.8.E. Lata: Ura-y 

Mjnjad-do, 6 ra. a. Llyn Nsjn. » m. 8. {.8h ChtHtr.) 
■oBtKomUT.— as. Sawm (S m.); trout, mimoa, chub, 4c. CimiUd dm. N.); 

tront. gnyling. chub. Lukf brook (3 n. S.K). Cubltraft in. aE.}. Bbln (4)in. N.W.); 

good IroQ ling. (Btt Oloiueiur.) Iij.) 
■orrlBton (QlunorgHD).— Taws. (BeeBaaaua.) 
lloa^ii (FUnl).— L. AN.W.B. 1 m. N. rona Alon-T-Gsrth. 3 m. tong, 
■onntaix Aall (Olamorgui).— O.W.a <^on. (See CanUir.) 
Xomblai Bond (Blunorgan).— Q.W.K. iSa: Biii^iim.) Elttlebrook (Sm.) 
«^tQlwyd (Denbigh).— L. * N.W.B, Clwyd; troui. (c.) Clr"edDg,S™, N.W. <&i 

»»ntf»»aiB' (CMitnanlien).— L. * : 

(J); tronl, Mwln; flahlng poor. (c.<, Beiail.) Ffynnonaw, 2 m. N.E. Cwm Silyn 

r&ibcrth (Fembrokej.— aWJt. Uarlaa (1 m.). Oir^tlinoHk (2 tn.). Eutem Cted 
(am.>. Taf(S in,); Balmon, tront Ici. Tou^.} (Sie LatigJmmt: £<Ha:/imlml.i 

tmXb. (Olamorgiui),— a W.B. NealL Neatb rise! 4 m. above Tatred^reUts {n.1. S 
■Mth, 7 in.>. and 4 m, down In lolned on right bank bj IJ1> « k 1ong(D.i. O: 
Vutll.Sin.}. lm.downt>THlnd;and3m.bclow,HepBtejolnsoDle{lbank. He) 

jobis Neath. 2 m 'down (Joath, Nfd'd, 8 m. long, Joins on right ban'k (ni'oi™ MmU>1 

> m). Neatli mna 3 ra. to Qly^ Vvath, 3 m. to KOMlran, 4 m. to Ahtxixiiam 
Here DjiUm, whlcb rises by Crlnuit, and in a m. !ong, JoIdb on righi bank. 14ealk 

ti2m.i and 1 m- down.Clydacb, which riaeea - -- ■ 

a Bm. long, Joins on right bank, Nasthflows to i 
rvon).— K.aPwlUwU, 8in. Qeirch. 2 m. W., i 
I (Badnor).— 0,B. Wjei ealmon, tront. chab, 6 
intClm.). (C.l.) (Set CItrptlotc, EnglmO.). 
ImlTn <Cardlgan)._(n.a Z^andyaall, S hl) : 

.--_,. aafSin.). Cjii(6m.), (ej. IVOtl (S« Cordwon 

»ew MlUbrd (Pembroke).— a. W.B. Boeemarkot brook. Tt 

Jobustoa, miu to XasrawTket 3 m., and Vsw MUford 3 m. 
■•wpoit (Pembroke),- N.I, CrTiiiiuTob, Anas, 10 m. Neare. Thli etream rtiei b; 

Oiymmroli Atim, rune 7 m., wheu Biron 4 n. long, joins on Icit bank. I nt down 

Nea™, Duad. 4 m. long, Jolni on tight bank. Neave moe to NeTein, 2 m.. and Maw- 
_wrt,3>n. HeroCIydaob, 4 m. long, joins on lell bank. To iDLlielowlblallie tldeflowK 
■•w SBdaoi (Radnor).— U. W.B. Bommorgill brook. Black brook. Lakei: Uelaa 

(4 in,). (;S«i CAfpifsv, auliRil) 
Sawtom (Monl«amery),'-O.B, Seremi trout, eahnon, chnb, Ac Barren [3 m. E,). 

Laitit Pachwen Pool (S m. N.W,) Dwr (« m,), (c.i) (iSm Gtotieaitr and Cflqmlou, 

nut(OlamarBan).— B.&U,B. TaJE; trout, eatmon. (cm.) (ae4 Cardiff.) 
*taX Qlaas (Gamanon).- Dwl^acbi troni, eewjih eahnon. (cj.) {Ste Criaittli.) 
Vutt-T-dVTE (Badnor).— C.K. Uaneg ; tront. (Set Chtpilta. EnglmiL) 
'ULbrS&on (Caermarllien).— aW.B. Uwchwr. Amnuo. Alwyd. Qwill (4 m.). (So 

t^HUvr,} (r.r. TVjim.) 
Vanbrok*.— Q.W.B. Pennar. Pennar riua b; Kuiorbcax atatli 

l*mpll*y, and Pembroke 2 IB- Blackpoolbrc""" "* — ^ -o..y^ — ^i— 

brook (3 m.) (3ii Caillt Martin.) Carew brook 

rm Cabar (Cardigan).— a. W.B. TweBI; trout (good). {Sa Cardigan. 
Ven-olaird (Olamorgau),— S,W,B. (jl« (»ar«on.) 
Vanooad (Qlamorgan).— a.W.B. On Eiennr; trout (See Briiifeid.t ( 
FenmMil (Qlamorgan).— (n.s, Klllv. ' ~ ' " " — " "*'- 

7alrvood Uoor, B n. W. trom KUlmy, i 

brook on right bank Sm. long. The aeali 
PasDuanpool (Merioneth).— L. A N.W. 

Salmon: d.L 3i. lOi. Sd. (c.i. Do 

W. iaijj; CwTO-mjnach, 4™. N. tSee , 
P*iiTlioBIllKW7(Angleaea|.— n.B. UuiarolLTmadd, e<n. S.W. LUgwy. Thiiatrwin 

riles in Llyn-llwyn-Crwn. 11 m. 8. acroes the hills from PaiurliollUlirwy, and is 1 ■>. 

long. Dnlaa rnns 2 m. N. Dulas rises In Paint poola 1 m. 9. of Amlwotl, and 11 m. 

down waters Llyn Uellw. Dulaa runs to Wem. i) m, N. E), ot UanaioliTiIiadd, 4 m., 

Is Joined on right bank by a Btreani, 1 m. long. 
j-OrlalAS. At Tan r'ttdaian, Orthan j 
&0C1I, 3 ni. N. W. ot Tma-r^^itiiLU (there 
Cooh). ( m. down U a lakelet tloea lo Uie rlgl 


170 The Angler's Diary. 

■ nanaleM lakdel clan laibea.'W. mnn dT lAjuGoa^as. liii.bdaw,B ■tnun jaln> 
an left bank, droning Ujn Conglos I m. ap. (TbBn ue tluea Uk«l«ta iinid«Uue^ M 
N. ot ConsWSi uid Iilyn Clogwjn Uu cIoh to Ibe JdiicUod with Orthui ; ill Uio 
Uk«u«ir1tliliiaii>. of TmB-j-OrlKiMt.) Orthu mis )m. to Um-Owm-Onliu, 
■ad, 1 HI. down. Joint Owjrj^i at Tam-T-*Mal>B. Here, alio, Ddn jolna on il^t 
Iwtic. DdnrtHelntha reHrroir bj Uw r^vaj. and, 1 m. down, ti joined on left bank 
bjkMnaai Mnlni Llrn Tnnt:rllon I ■. np, 3 n. S.W. of TAH-J-OvlalMI. Dda 
iMlu I>wjITd 1 m. down. I in. down Dwrryd, Bjiiydd Joina on kelt bank. Bjwjdd 
riMainI^B7indd,lnLN.E.of Dmry*, nmi by that 8taUoii..uid. 1 m. b^ 
MmmA, fa joined on left bankbT a stream, 3 m. long, draining IJ^ Dubacb. |m. E. 
Af mAwJS- I Fa. down, Bjirydd jolna Dwyrril. 1 m. down Dwjrrd, a( Bhjd-j-aan^ 
1 n. W. (^ TftaUnloC, TapTliy JolnB on left bank. Tspyt^ rlsss In UTn-f-birn-dn. 
(Lijn-3-gan i*\m. N.E. and UTn-j-frttlwralg 1 m. N.E. of tbla lake.) I m. below, tt* 
drainage of IJ;rnUn-y-gajnalltv t m. long, JoinB on left bank, i tn. down Yepyt^, tt 
Font-T-pant. tbe dnlnase. 3 m. long, ol UTn-y-HorwTnion, ^) «. K. of PAsnntol, 
Joins an left bank. 1 m. down Tapjttj, If aood, wblcb rlsea in Llyn MaDod. 1 m. E. d 

_ . __j._. _ , — ._. rii^ibank. I ». down, Tapyiir jolna Dwy^d. At 

.OCBhaladr Jolna Itwjryd on lelt bank. BbaladI 
ct Vr«atlnlo>, and, S m. dawn, ti joined on rl^ 

, . „ iingL^Dobaa,aiii. E. of Hbatlnl^ and t n. K. 

ol UjD-j-Morwjnlon. 1 m. donn Bbaladr. a atnam. 1 n. long, Jolna on left bank, 
dtalnlog UTn-craig-j-Un, 1 m. S.E. of ntatinloff. Btaladr mnal m. lo Dw^iTd, 
Maaing FfsMlBloff n^way. | m. down ^wjpS, a aCream Jolna OQ lull bank, 1 at. 
Ions. ronnlncoDt of Urn-j-oerla, t n. E, of M**ntwni« mouA itallon. Dwjnrd 
Tona 1 m. to llaautwxiv (station. Tuk-T-Bwlob), and Eere a, stream Jolna on ri^t 
bank drainiitg L^nnan Gamedd, 1 m. N., and Eafod-y-Lljii, 1 m. N.W. from Mallt 
■Wtog. 1 m. befow MmttBtWXnr, Pryaor Jolna on left bank. Pryaor riaea in Llyn 
Oora-j-barcnt, 6 n. &E. from rfkstlnlog', and, 1 n. down, it joined on liibl bank Ina 
■tream whlcb riaea In Lljnen Conglog tacb and fanr, and. i tn. below £ete lake*, la 

S)ined on rlgbt bank by a alream, I m. long, droning Lljn Dnbacb. Theaa lakes an 
n.N.K olT rw rn rntia fM. i in. down Prraor, a abort atieam Joins Uyn-r-GIam <• 
ttaamalB riiar. Tbia lake la ^ n S. of Ll^ Conglog facb. Piysor mns S m., whank 
■tream i n. lon«, droning Urn Bbythlyn, i m. N.E. ot Vmn^BTM. Jolna on tlfbk 
bank Im. doWB Pryeor. Hafar, I m. long, rising In LIjQ'y'gralc-WBn.4 m. N.E. of 
-^ '-■ rightbank. Pryaor rons a ra. to TMiW«ynydd, and, » ■. 

below, la Joined on lighl bank by a brook I m. long. Pryaor i 

1 m. long, dndnlng Llyn Llenyrcli, ! m. S, of Ka«Btwz(v, jums od len Dana. 
Frjtor Jolna Durrrd I m. below. Dvyryd mna to PatLrbrnOmiaTaAtlL and tbe 
•atnag' In 3 in. > m. to tbe B. ot Dwyijd a atream Joins tbe estsary, wblcb dtatn 
Llyn Tecwyn-Dcbat. 1 m. S.W. ot MautWTOff. 
FmwrUt CBreoon).— N. A B.B. Tawe. Byti& Hatfya. Oialdd (« m.). (Sit £uniaa.) 
Sawdde (T Dk). ialu : Fan-fawr (fi n.), Fan-f acb (1 in,) ; many tmaU tront ISxCar- 

Vni-7-Bcnit (Badnor).—!., A N.W.E, Ilhen; troHt, aafauon. Arran. Clywedog (1 s.); 
trcm. Camllo {1 m.), Dolaa (3 mX Uande^lEy brook (3 n.). £dw (t m.}; good 
trontlng, perralsslon freely glTsn. Crych brook (I m.). Bold-. Seiem Arma, wbere 
filling In S m. ot Itbon can be had. <c.(, H'|v.) (Set Ci^ilou. Engluad.) 

VsD-r-Ozo*B (Carmarlheny— L. A N.W.a. iJjtnii troot Uytnl rises lo Llyn-j- 
dynarchen. 1 m. N.W. of Bhyddn, and, 3 m. down, runs into tbe NanlUe Lakes tt 
VwBtUs. HaU-waydownthoappatlakB, B atream Jolna on rigbl bank, which draina 

Llynian Cwm-sUyn li m. m.' From where Llytnl leaves the tower lake to'rau.*^ 
Oxoulal m.,and, I ro. below. Dolyn, which rlees In Llyn Cwm-Jolyn, J m. S.E. ot 
PeD-7-Oroaa, and Is t m. long, Joins on left bank. Hence to tbe sea la 3 n. ta.1. 

Pni-7-awZ7d (Camarroii). n.s. UuLtMrlN or Battwa-T-Oo«d.— Owryd ; troati 
tree, awiyd mns lo Llyn Mymbyr. near Clpel Curig. Qlaalyn, 1 m. S.; trout, 
■ewln, salmoa; w.t. 6t., at hoteL (c.j. Dotvf.) Laiei: Lljn-y-Cwm Ftynoon^ tront< 
boata. Tyro. 1) m. S.'W.; tront. Uynlan-dywannedd. 3 ni. S.E. : treat. Uydav 
Sm. 8.W.; trout. Qlaslyn, Im. S.W.; Ironl. Q-wyoant. 8 n. S.; boat ici. iteHK) 
-■ - a, S. ; Urge IronL Hold: Pen-j-Owryd. {9u Partmaatc.) 

a (Glamorgan).— G.W.B, Ely; trout; preaeried by Tall and Ely rialiinc 

locution; i.vsia.. d.l, »i, (e.i.ruf.) JSeeOardiff.) 

Pnat (aiamorgan). — G.'n.B.: L. A N.w.B. Bbondda; tront, aabnon. <cj. Taf.y 
fihondda yychao. {Hh Cardiff.) 

Vant.&r-O&W* (Glamorgan).- a 'W.B,; L. & N.W.B. Clydach. (Bee ITtath.) Tawe. 

11 (Brecon).— 
n (Cardigan).. 

P«nM«tlooUl (Brecon).— B. A M.B. TaS; Croat, aahuon. (ci.) IStt 

_ — . -. — ._.;,._.. .-,1.. ... ._._. Caifao. Broni* (S~m.) («• Co 

re Abmrnm.) I>ytgolwr (S m 


Fant-j-PlTddCOlaJBorgui).— ^T.V.B. TalT^ ulmon, trout. RbondlU: ubtiDn, troot. 

Walea. 171 

FonUvt^s (QUmoTgui).— L. A K.W.B. Bnmns)' ; troat, ulmon ; prtutmd. (Sn ■ 

VvBtSnrTdd (HeriDiieih).— L. ttS.Vf.K. Wnlon; troat, tvint pmarred bfluid- 

oiatn. (Stt Barmoiah.} 
VoBt7-ddAlfO«b (HontgODicrT).— C.B. 9uiio. Hbht (21 ».), Tsrw (4 n), Laitt: 

OnPn.). l&wriS™.): goodtrondng. T«rw{4ni.). (Se* Ofrmcaw,) (e.i.SeKni.) 
gcntT-PMtt (O anmr on).—!. * N.W.B. Lcdi; Iroal. itlmoii, Hwln; UsbetB U bolel 

I M. E, i troat, sclmcn. Kwin ; ticketa U hoMl (/or Itmu lu LlknTWrt)- (<J.) /fofal : 
Font-y-piAt, -^ " 

,-.) (Sh Cardiff.} 

»»ol Qnmy (MonigomBiT) —O.K. Belebroot SsTem (Im.); chnb,dM«,tront,«alnioii. 
Tmrais (1 SL). (Stt 01<imale:i (c.i. Sntn.) 

Poitoudoa (OunnFTOD).— O.B. Oltuslyn; troct, Hwln, BftlmoD. OlOBlrn rliei In, 
Urn QUilyn, S m. aW. of F«s-;.QwiTft, raaa in i m. w Lljn Uydiw, am. S. W. of 
Tan-r-BwTTd, uid, 1 m. down, la joined on lett bank bj a short atreun dnlnlDB Ufn 
Tijm, IJin. S. w. from Pan-T-O'irayd. GIbbbIjh nmH im. lo Lljn awyouii, 1 m. a. 
•t Taa-r-OwiTd, or 4 «. N. E. or B^OffallaTt. and. 3 m. bolov (Including Iha Ilka), . 
la joined on letl itnV b; b HirBuc nblch rlsSH Id Lhn Edno. 7 m. S, □( Pau.y.Qwnrd, 
•I«m.H.E.orB»daB*Il*rt, uid, Im. below, la JolDcd on left buk by Iha dniniga of 
Llynlu Cwm. tonr small likes I m. Dp, ud s n. H. k. ot Bsddgallut. OlusljD ii > r 

down. QlMBljn nma I ni. to Lljn-j-Ddlnaa (If ' ■"- " =■ ' "-*■ 

fallart, irhich ptacs It reaches Id 9 in. , iDclDdlng 1 

rliws In Llyn-T'Adar! s m. E.'of ^A^Uert or 

J-QllalKIL, nm> i ID. to L1;d Uigf, iDd. 2 m. do 

dnlninir Llyn Blairsll, im. S.W. of Lljn-y-Ada 

Mtaow ot Ujn-r-Arddu, i m. np. joins on right Hi 

Ujilan Cerig-j-Mellt lying ( m. N.E. of this : 

B«ddrMl*Tt. NsDl-j-Mor n.ns S «... when the oDlflQw or a lake at Hafod-y-Ujn. 

1 n. op. Joins on rlgiit bank. ThlslakelaS ni.S. of BWUljK»lKrt. OlaMlyn ■- 

m. n!e. fr 

am B«dd^ 



long. jolM 



D left bank 1 



'Vh'n tb^ 

imaU lakei. 

:e, the' 


, being will 

111. g .n. of 

_ . Llyn CwB 

--.ndilTwirB. These three lakes are close logelher. iDd are S m. Id the hilla aptba 
OMhia isllej from QrlBlan. 4 m. down CrosBor, DullF. 3 m. long. Jotna on right hank, 
fllmlyn 1» 1 m. below, v,-liloli mni to PortnuUloo In 4 m. (c.i. ZJon*.) Lata : Llyn 
Du. » m. N. Llyn Owm Istrillyn. 4 m. N. J\ihmf Ualionl ullAta rtach : CricclBlll. 
Afon Wen, FwllheU, Fenrbyndendnetb. Teliaman. Llanbedr. Dy B r yD . Buraontli, 
LlwyngwrU. Towyn, Aberdovey, GlindoYBy, Macbynllelh. Penrhyndeudrieth, Tin-j- 
kwldi, Tan-y-QriBlan, DnSwi, BeddgeUert. Tbe best ales are the peahen, cocb-y- 
bonddhn, eowdnng, bawlhoro, black gDat, woodcock, cinnamon, coachmin. red spinner, 

n liny, and blaednn. Also, body, orange mobair; legi, yellow hackle; wtDgs.redfealhar 
1 ■ pheaiant'a tail, droaaed smatllab. Sody, peacock's tall; legs, black; winga, 
moorhen, dreaaed lirge. Body, claret; legs, blick; wlnga, mallard. Body, orangs; 
Ian, paTtridge baokle. Body, yellow, wiib. cold tip: legs, yellow; wings, mallaM. 
Oocb-j-bonddn, wreDtail. and npider are good dies. June and July are tbe best month!. 
AtPortznadoc thebestBeblnglsSor 4m.ibovetbeembiakmciit Agood'Slzedclnnibar- 

■emmon blue bntlerfly, or i Qy with i body blood red, and wlnga mallard. A dns- 
diddj-longlega la alio a good Sy, 
VT*Bt*lsi> <Hadnor>.— H.W.B. Lngj tronl, grayling. Bonllt brook. Hlndwell brook 
(1 m.) (iM. Wyr.) Log is preesrved by Titlona ownera atvn, and by Ur. Evelyn, ot 
Oorton, for « m. Ooim (ten Dismters at 161.: apply to F, L. Evelyn, Eaq., EInibam, 
Fnaleign), and then by virloDS landowners to XliigHaaiA. (Stt CACfulov, 

PiyMtmnn (DenbiihW Q.W.B. Mortia. Celrlog, 1 m. N. (e.i. Btt.) (Ste Chalir.) 
^aiTG!aniorgin}.-Q.W.E. Kenllg. Kenflg tisealm. N. from 0»&(B.E.),rDns lhenc« 

lydroa. II ra. N. by road from' PwUlWll. Here a itream joins on left bank, draining 
alike int. op. ErehrnnsSm. loPonl-y-rbyd-goch, 4 m. N. from PwllliBll, and. 1 m. 
below, CWlog. 4 ra. long, joine od left bant. ^Ircli rnna to PwlUwU in S m. Her* 
Western Enh joins od right bank. Weetem Erch rises 4 m. above Uanor, I m. N.W. 
ot rwlUlell, ind here it la joined od left bank hy a brook a m. long. W. Erch tnni . 

A Utile below, Qeirch, s'm. long, joins od right baok. W. Ereh jolna Erch at Pwllhtil 

1 m. down. R<itel: OrowD, la. DK^fnch.) {See Llangrain; liavin.) 
QD«*»ra' T»r« ((Jlamorganl,-O.W.H. Tift : aihnon, irool (ta) Bargawd TaB. 

KMOlTan (Qlamoigan).— O.W.B. Neslb. (S» SeatKi 
BluurMtol (Badnor).— O.B. (cj.) Wye; Irani, cbnb, dace, aabnon. Elan; tront (1| m.i. 

Iilaru«; troat{3m.). HIrin (1 ra,)- ^dl«: Own;, irouii CerrigLlwydion laat, Iront . 

„, .., A.ooglc 

172 The Angler's Biary, 

(SJ m.). Corrtg Llwydion Uohsf, tront {8 m.). ifoW; LLon EoyBL where t. long stretch 
of uoullng «n be had, ud Si m. ol BahsoD flsMog hi Wye. (£k CM<|HIhi, jh^ond.) 
■IWlrt (Denhtgh),— L. A N.W.E. Qwyd; tmol, s.lnion. (e.j.) Clywedog. (8« ^»I.) 
Uu>B-ffOOlI {AbfflaBea). — L. & N.W.IL (Su Llaafairpnghormt^; Ltimfalieli.) Lotet; 

FeUn-UBDt. 1 m, W, 
— -— — ' t N.W.B. Clwjd; eahnon, tronL (cJ.) Helyg, 1 m. K.W. 

..... *. n.j.. ,o.. Fi j^, I Y-aywerehen, 1 m. N.W. (*m ft»t.».*™a.) 

, Tat; tronl, ashnoii. [r,,. Teuni.) OnvlL (St 

In (Car 
: Llyn 

1).— OwrrM; tioDt (cj.actoil.) Llylnl: 

XbTd.]r.lIw71i<FUDt).— L. AH.W.B. Alfn: tionl. (ci.i>«.) Fechlae brook. <&■ 

XIiyd-7-Oiin«n (Merioneili).— a.W.E.;L. AN.W.a. Faflnder. DyBynnl, 1 m. N.W.; 

tront. flalmoD. eewin. {ex. Dovev-} (3te Toajm-} 
Blirl (FUni).— L. AN.W.K,: O-.W.B. Clwyd. Clwjd rliei 4 m. N.W. o( Darwan, 

Clwyd ™b to Vuitalwyd 1 m.,'BBd ^aarth a m. Here LLanfan brook, 4 m. longl 
Joins on right baok. Clwyd rans to Bathlll £ m., Bhawl 3 m,, UuirliniBAr 
etatiaii 2 i/l, and 3 ni. belov Clywedog johia on left bulk. Glywedog riHea B.boTa 
Olocaeaog 3 m. N.W, of ValLtOlwi'd, and 3 m. below, 2) m. W. of Kntbln, la joined 
OB left bank bj Cyff jUiog brook. CyAylUog risea jome a m. above CyfTjUlog, ud li 
there johied on right bank by two brooks— Uialyg, 4 m, long, and Lsdnr. 3 m. long. 
CynylUDgjoinHClywKiogim. down. Clywedog rons lo Bli«wl3 m., and am. below, 
eloBB hy XrluubaiKdr station. IH joined on leCt bank by Llaneaog, 6 tn. long. 1 « 
down, Clywedog joina Clwyd. 1 m. ilown Clwyd, whoro Ike high road to Dsiiblffk 

shove Il«u1>li(ll, runs 1 m. S. of that town, and joins Clwyd ! in, below, 3 m. down 
Clwyd, BodfltTl b^ng 1 nu ofT right hank, Wheeler jolna on right bank. Whosler 
liue above Oaarwjni station, mns thoncs to Bodfkrl S m.. and Clwyd 1 m. am. 
down Olwyd, at Font LUnerch, Txabant atatioa beiHK 1 ni. off on right bsji^, Bach. 
' Sm.kmR.joina Dd right bank. Clwyd mnsto St. AaaphSm. 9 m. below, Elwy jola* 

4 m. E. tconi Liluirvat, mna thence Co LUngerniw, H m. N.E. trom UanrwBt, fl m. 

Thla Btrsam rlees In Llyn Chwyth Llyn 3 m. N.E. of Uuirwst, and 8 m. down to 
lolnad on right hank by Darfyn, 4 m. l o ng, which Ij alrnok by the road to JJanrwat 

Fawuog, which rises hi Ltyn Fawno^ E fii. E. of Tkl-7-OKfti, and la 3 n. long, joIdb 00 

runs S m. to lOKiiiUi T»Ui»IMm, and 2 ni. below la Joined on tight bank by Al«l 
Aled riaaa in Llyn Aled » m. aoroae connlty S.E. of llanrwrt, or 11 m. by road 8.W. 
of DaDbtrlt. 1 m. down, a alie™ joins on right bank, drawing Llyn tflvel-frmh 1 «. 
mp. fi m. down Aled. 1 m. above Llansacnan, i m. W, of Denbltfli, Hyrdd. 4 m- lone, 
jolna on right bank, Aled runs to UaBaannao 1 m.. and here a alream Jolna on 1^ 
bank, draininp Lljn Creinlog 1 m. S.W, 2 m. down Aled, Dennint. 6 fn. long, and 

long, joins on right bank, ' Elwy rana 2 m. to Ponvyr.alH.gooh, 1 m. from TrefUknt, 
■nd Kt. AaapH 2 m, Sin. beiow, Elwy joine Clwyd, Clwyd nina to Bhrddlwi 1 HL. 
and 1 m. below Eelyg joina on right bank, Ealyg rlaea in Llyn Holvg, m. E. of 
St. ABB,ph, or « m, N, of Oaarwya, rnas to Siserth fi m.. and KIiTdAUn and 
Clwvd Xm 1 m. down Clwd. Geln inina nn lett hank. Qele rises 3 mTabove AImZ- 
3 m. donn at BhyL S«> 

Bhrmniir (Glamorgan). — L. & N.W.B. Eomney; tront, aalmon; preaerred. (Stt 

• Bnali (Pembroke).— 0,V,B. Martelbiook. Syfynfy, (Su.Bai«i;ibrdueii,) Qnaen 
-> ■--, CTeWoK.) {Src Fiihfuard^ 

»t (Pembroke),— G.W.R, Koaemarkel brook. (Sa J/at JfUfiird.} 

Lt (Denbigh).— a. 'W.B, Alyn; trunl. (cJ. Dee.) (Sa Cluuer, Holl.) PnlTonl brook, 
. ™. H.B. ^ 

Bnabon(Denblgh).-a,W,B, Dee, 1 m. a.: aahnon. trout, chnh, i^e. (t.i.i Latm 

'WynnaUy Park, i m. S.E. (Sm Chtdtr.) 
JtntUa (Ibenhlgh.)— L. A N.W,B. Clnyd^ tmot, salmon, (c.i.) Clywedog, 11 n. W. 
CyOylliog brook, I| m. W. (&x Ehtl^ Alyn, & m, S.E., at Llsnsmoo 1 tronl. (ci. Ott.l 
Laka; CyHynny, ^ m. S.E, {Su Cluittr.) 
■kasAvrafiiot (Pembroke).— &.W.E. Carew brook, (S« Carta.) 
SOAlUl {MoDU(imeiy)^-O.B. Sevein. Kafren. .£0*0: Fachwen pool (2 m.). (u. 

Beoera.) {See Gtouatter.) 
■alM^rn.— Near here la a large lake with plenty of flah. The lake Ilea to the loath at 

the river Dee, which rnna near the Tillage, (r.i.) 
Snowdon Banffax (Oamarvon).— Qwrfal, 1 m. N.W.i trool, Balmon, (tj. Sricnt.) 



Lata: Cuellyn: 

privsUL Glu. 8 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ 

prints. Fljaaoa-j-gn*. t m. E.; pitvale. UJa-)-stda, 3 m. S. B<M: SDOWdon 

Solv* (Pembroke).— (D.H. Havvrfiirdwaat. 14 m,). BolvKlirDDk, SmAottg. 

St. Anpb(FJmt).-.X.. ftN.W.B. Clwyd^ B^mon. trout ; pmarved for aome dinucs. 

(c.j.) Elwj; BBlmon.lronl. (c.«.) Helyg,6m.E. Za*M : JnnMion pond. Hslyg, * B). E. 

Hda: Vianeb <Ht AdteniinaaUi. (SreR/lyl: Llanfair-TiMalani.) 
■t 01*u:'a <OHrmBrthen). — a.'W.B. Tif; IroDt, BsImoD. (r.i. 7\we».) Oynini 

lrODl,Mwln. Deiri; tfoal. aojBr(3m). Ojwyn(8fn.), (Sa Laoflianu.) Hotel: Oloh*, 

where BBhing can be h»d. 
It. Okvld's (Pembroke).— (N,B. Havarfi>Edw«Kt, 13 m.). A|]ui<S n-long); (ron^ 

flihlDK free nod poor, uid sea asUngpoor. 
Bt. r«ff»ii'« (Oiamorgan).— L. 4 N.w.B. Ely; ironi, Bewin ! preBetred by TaJT Mid Elj 

I'lJhing AMoclatlnii; B.l, iSj„ d.l. i». (ci.Faff.) ISa CardiMi 
at. Utimul'a (Pembroke).- (n.i. XlUOrd.iin.) l(m. E. nme HnIlockbrook(tiODl>, 

■t. H&mioii (Badnor).— C.B. (ci.) Uarleg; tront. Wye; tront (4 m.). Dnlae (4 m,). 
Ilhon; trODt (Sm.). £atM: Fieb pool (4 TB.) (Set Clifpilmr, En^and.) 

It. Mkrk'a (Flint).— L. & N.W.B. Wepn brook, 1 m. a.e. l^isBtrum iaSm, long. 

StratK FloTldA (Canllg«i)..~ll. * U.B. Inifl; salmon, troal. OluRrwd. Bluest. 
Karctiasnt (1 m.). Egnant (2 m,), Miryro (3 m,). yBnr (1 m.). Gwjddyl (9 m.). («j. 
Wil) (See CanUgan.) TowBi(6in.) (See Caermanhm.) (c.i.) Claarwen (« nv). Flgen 
(Tm.), Brwynog (7 m.) (See CHepiloic.) Lata: Teifl (3 m.), tront. Ifer (3 m.), trool. 
EgiAnt (3 m.), troat. Gron (3 ni.), trout. y-Qorlan (S m.), Eront, Cragnsnt (4 m ), 
tront (TtoflehinglnlheitbotelakeelBsomotlmeoyerygood; tbo» belonft to the Grown 
Ml Inid LlBborn.) OoraBt (4 m.). Frrddyii-rach (i ni.|. Du {T m.). Qynon (7 m), 
iniiil. Pjrddjn-fawr <71 m.), Flgen-rstan (B m.). 

-Ml((JlamorK«n).— aW.B.i L.AN.W.B. T»we. Taire rUsB S m. Ibove FBBWjllt, 
-MM. riLdown Is joined on right bank by a stream which dr^na Llyn Fan-fawr <n.B. 
»«iWTUt, IS m.). a m. down Tawo. near PanwyUt, Bytre, 4 m. long, joins on loft 
bank. I m. down Tawe, HattyB. S m. long, jdIhb od right bank. m, donn laws, Llech, 
which Hsei 3 m. N.E. of Calbm, mns within 1 m. N. or the station, joinB Tain 
In. down. Tawe nms 4 m., and 1b joined nn right buik hyOialdd. Oialdd rises In 
Catn rhDdd (U can bo renched from FenwyUt in 8 m. by taking the HaHyB TSlley and 

Oyw, 3 m. long (n.s. TaU^-r-ftia. 6 m.). 9 irt'down is Tawe, which mns to Tatal-y. 

Taws nms to Tiir»-T-K«lnon a m., Font-ar-d»wo S m., ttlala 3 m. Here Clydwh, 

4111. long, jofna on ilgbt bank. Tawe runs to Morrlston 3 <n. and XiknOoralm. 

HereFniidrod,3fli.loiu,]oiiw<>n left bank. Tawe mns toMwuiaeft and the sea In tin. 
*algu«h (BrMoaX-^ol. Uylnl. Enlg. Dnlals brook, BblangoU ; treat. TreSrwil 

(Sm.). (AuOtapilM) Qrwynei ironi (Bm.) 
*aUrSO«A<C>ermartlwn).— L.ft N.W.B. Towey; Baloaa, aeirtn, (routi flshlng tree. 

("-> Dolaa. T«ll«n> (» m,). Zaiet: Taliaris (31 m.). (8m ComnonAm,) TallyUken 

(« m.) Cothl (lOm.). Oorleeh (10 m.). 
Talwum (Oamarron).— Ayron ; treat, salmon, sewln. BaUl: Tale ol Ayron, vbec* 

TaUaniBn (Herionetb).-~C.B. Oaerwych. Oaerwycb rises In Ltyn Oaarwycb, S m. E. 
(good tront). and. am. down.Ia joined en left bank by a stream, 1 n, long, draining Uyn- 
y-Fedw. 3 m. S.E. of CallKTIiBii. Caerwych runs to tbe estoary In 1 m. Oloae to its 
■■■' ^ ■■ on right bank, draining Lljn Teoi — .—.._«« •, — 

t; preserved; salmon *iid ti 

1 m. E. Bo, 2 m. S.W., at Llanbedr. Dalyn, S m. f 

Fawnog, i m, E. ioia ! Blberl, I m. S. Fawnog,(m.E. (aeeCmvaf: mif.j 
*Kl-]r-ZJ7n (Oorris, B.8.0.) (Merioneth), n.a. AtMinrynolwjni, H m. Dysypnl; 

trost; llahing by season or weekly Ucketg, to be had al the hotel. £atH; Tal-y-Llyn; 

troaUnggood; boats at hnlal, Llyn Can, 3ni.N.; good trontlng. Llyn TrlgralenyD, 

4in.N.B. ffofal: Tyn-y-Comel. (See Triapi.) (ti. Dowji.) 
T^-7-ljl7]l JtULOtiim (Breoon). — ITtk (a m.); salmon, tront, Uebajcla (3 m.) {See 
_lfe«porl.)(e.i.iLaiei: Llytnl. Llangorae (1 m.); pike, pereh, 4o. (See CiefiliM, »vknui.) 
■»n-jr-Bwloli (Metionetb),— F3. (See Ifamiienif.) SoKJi Tan-r-Bwlch. 
«a-7-OTlBlMI (Merioneth).- F.B. Dimjd; tront; tree. Orthaii. Ddn. BywTdd, 

1 lU, E Zdlzi ! Llyn-owm-orlban, 1 fn. N.w. Beserrolr, 1 m, S.W. Ooch. 3 m. N.W. 

TrwatjUon. I m. aw. Besarrolr, 3 m. N. Conglog, Bm. N.W, Clogwyn,» m.S.W, 


174 ITie Angler's Diary. 

T-Ailu.lm. N.W. TJagt. U m. N.W, B!sw&!I. S m. N.W. IJ;iuilul-dill1>T>, tm. 

Owm-T^iMl, gmTN.W. (Sti PorlmaOoc. Potrhtrndruinutli.) 

toB (FembrDke).)— Q.V.R. Ciim(lini.) lace Locaian.) 
iaauy.—<Btt LlmiHlc.) 
■Taaby (^mbroks).— O.WA Oood so fisblng here. Pollftcfe uul bus nnr CW^ (Od 

Uh WoDdbouie Tooka. ?o<(l r Bd;bI Que Honw. 
Tbra* Oooka Jnnotloii (Bncon). ~ O.W.B. Ll;fnl. Wjie a •»-) (u-) £M<<: 
Tbne Coclu, Wje !■ pnBarred, bat the Uodlonl «o otten gel luTe tar Ui gcaMa. 

TiHidn (Ulmmorgiui),— O.W.B. OgmoreuidLlTntli irmt. (ci.) (S« iSridirm'.) 
Torp«U»lI (Brsconl.— B. * JILB. Alwjnd. (Stc Kaajmrl.) 

Cowja {Uerionetlil,— 4J.W.B.; L A K.W.B. DjByiml, 3 :i, N.j ulmon. lawlB, 

troat^ ii. 1(- DyByDol rises in Llyn (^40^ nn iba 8. Blopes ef C^der Urls, 3 m. If. fmn 

Tkl'^-XJni, ud 1 m. down, at moffordd Inn (iKir qDarten), Is joined on leTt bulk bj 

■ str^Tm. long rielog Id Llyn TrigrslenTn. i m. S.E. of DolcallT. and 4 m. N.£ 

ot Vkl-r-IJn. Dysjnnt runs i m. to U jn Tsl-j-Llyn, 1 m. long, bi the lower end ol 

wlicli is Tjn-r-Corne] snd T>l-7-Urs- Dyirnnl nma S m. to Abargwyliolwrn. 

where Gwrnolwyn. m. long, joins on loft bunk. 2 m. down Djaynnl Si brook jolni 

on right bmk, 4 m. long. Djiyilni nms 10 Ponl-y-Garth, 3 m., 2 m. N.W, {rom Dol- 

troob, runs 4 m. to Font-tljinnjii, 1 nt. N.W. ot WiTd-y-annm^ here Feflnder join* 

oaUrtb&nk. FsOnder rises 1 m. mbo>e DolKoell, nnsim. to EXTnglaB&nd Djernnl, 

In. DjBTnni runs 10 Towrn. 1 m., and se^ 1 m. (ci. ZhnnJ 

«n>«d-T-rMw(aisinore»n).— T.VJl. Tufl; Mlmon.lronL <ti.) {SiCardiff-l 

TMiWM Ooad (Cudigu).-<}.W.B. Wyr^,Sm. B.W. <e.i. IVil.) (Sa Uanrltiiilttl.) 

Tmrsfrnydd (Uerionaih).— O.W.B. Prrsor, {cm. Dovtf.) Htufar, a m. E. l-atm: 

EhTlUDTi. »m.N.E. aelli-g«la,»m.a.B. r.grilg-wen, 4 m. N.E. Oob0of —- "' 

fkwr.enLN.B. DDbscb.Sin.N.E. Y-Omm. Em. N.E. (iBeeFmrlitndeiidraaiii ^ ... 

TcafUmon (Breoon).— O.E. Llrtni. Owm brook (1 m.) (Ste Ch^atmc, EnflrniAi 

n^VaxMn (aiunorg*D>.-~T.V.B. Tsff; s&lmon. tronL (CJ.^ (Stt Cardiff.) 

TrBfiunt (DeoUgb).— L. A K.W.B. Olwyd, T m. E. ; sulmon, liont, (c.i.) Bach, I m. E. 

Elw7. 1 n. W. : snImOD, ttont. (cJ.) Uerohion. t tit. B.W. {See lUiyl.) 
VtafHw (OsniuTon).— n.s. KlUTW>t,l«L Oonwin sslraon, sewin,tn)at; tickets it 
hotel tor tbe Qwrdrr flsberr < At larnu i« XluiTW*t)- (c.i.) Criirnsni! tronl. Ddo, 
gm.W.ilnrat. PonhJwyd, S m. N. ; tront. Lalu: Crafnsnl, Sm. S.W.; trout; bo»tf 
Oelrionjdd. S m. B.W.: poIlDted. ffmeli: BeUeVae.Shlp. {Ba Crmvay.i 
VnBaT«n (C»nligsQ>. — M, a HB. Teifl; tront, salmon, /fofal: Talbot. TdO is 
preserved, bnt the Isjidlord can Bometimes obtain lesve for the Garth Gune Farm wklen 
near Font Llanlo. April, Uar. and Jane are the best monlhs. (ti.) Nant-y-Oroea. 
Camddwr (3 mj. Fnlbrook (Im). Berwjn (2 m). Docthlan (6 m,>. Aaron, 4n>.W, 
Te]wTn,4m.W. lata : Hum lija{3 nt.). Berwyn (f m.) ; good trouting, altbongti the 
tribgMTieaannargiwtlTtrom netting. Faood, 6 m. N.W. Elddwen, 7 m. N.W. (Ste 
Cardlfan, Cawmartlkii, Atmtrm.). Icj. Ttifi.) 
YMhMlMrt (Ol«monra)^-T.V.B. Bhondda: tront (auCardtf.) {e.i.Tnff.) 
Tzami (Denbigh).— a.W.B. Dee; tront, gelling, saJiDiai, chnb, pike, (f.i.) {SttC^altr.t 
Tw-at«MI (iiigleM*X-i«o Alurfraa.) Crigjll; tront, sea tront; preieried bj tbe 
Tudlonlot iheboteL OrigrU rises in s lake bj Owalohmsl.ftm. N.E. tromCr-CnMB. 

3 n. down, at Llsnbaolsii, a short gtreajn joina on right bank, draining Llvn SttTdaD 

4 m. HJL ot Tv-Oxoaa. Orjgjrll nma 3 m. to TT-Oro«a. I m. down is Llm Hukw, 
wUdHswatersdhra stream nmnlog throagh Tr-€ rose and oat into OrfcU: good 
■ " •- ■- ■■■ -; pwaerwd by landlort of the Maelog L-"-- ^ — ' ■-- 

g the lake, Origyll nns ) m., nhere Oarsdog, » n. long 

Joins on right bank. Just below tbe jnnction ia Iba enaarj. At Uangeml a 
BabnOD nuj np dnriiig the aotninn Oooda. The lake owned by the YaU^Br"' — 
plenty of perch, eels, sod 8. tontlnalls. On tbe coaat, boss, bream, and po 

nrlwell {HonlgomeiJ).— O.B. Tylwcb Dslas (3) m.) (t.i. Bneni.) <^ Obmeitltr.\ 

^iU7-aTaaa(IIsrionelli).— N.s.I>oI<*U]r,4in. Uawddsch: tront, sewlnt d.t. ii. ti.. 
is.t. lOi. M, at boteL {c.t. Amy.) Cunlan. i m. N. ; good trontlng. Eden. I m. N. 
aain, Sm. N. Ddii.4m.N. Wnion,4in.S. a«rw.Bm.N.E. ^ota: Fen-T-ganllwyd. 
In>.N. LlTn-y-Fran,4ni.N.W. Llyn-y-bl. Gin. N.W. Ddn.Tm. N.W.; many Buall 
tront. PrjTjd, Sm. H.i good trontlog. Twrgla, 9 m. N, Bole!: Tyn-y-groes. <Sb* 

^n-PUl (Olamorgan).— Ii. A H.W.B, Bnnuiey ; tront, aalmon ; presoned. iStt Cm- 
Mff.) (cj.) 

TmUiir inatlcm<Aiw]eaBa).~L, AN.W.B. Alaw, 1 m, N.E, ; tront AJaw liHs 1 h. W. 
ot UanstOhTnwU, nma 9 m. 10 Llanffia^nt, Llantabaa 1 tn., and 1 m. below Is 
Joined OQ Wt bank by a stream Z m. long, which drslns Llyn Llywean 5 nt. N.B- tmm 
▼»1UT >R»tloIL ifn.downAlair a stream. IfiL long, joina on right bank. Jnal 
behjw, Alaw meet) the eatnary. Lata: Trefias, 3 m, S.E. Penryn-Oeryg-gwylanod, ( bl 
B.E. TreSwll. S m. as. (Hit Lla^ftaliau.) 

Xalantt Vr*«<QlsmoiKMi).— T.Y.B. TeJf; salmon, trout, (tt.) iSaCariKff.} 
ftlWTSB OuUaiPanbioke).— (n,B, Jiiliuston,4iit,]. Kcksaton brook (troat), wblBh 
JoiDs^UltoM Havsn 1 •■. down. 

WhltlUUKOaarmuOiai).— O.W^ Til; tronl, BslinoD. (ci. Ibwy.) VMtlud, Ibhlu 
tree. Leue(lni.). lliriu m «.). Fanl (3 m., fne tTMUiiK). Genua liraak (( M.) 
(aw Laaallanu, Ci v mt a rt .) Bol^: YtlmUmAiBn. 

— - - ■- \).-Q.V.B, ' ■ — - " " ~- 

Tajm (patnttronj. — O.K. DwTtach; trout. Bwln^aJmoiL (c.i.) (SuOriittM.) 
Tajm-j~gMiu>a (OUmorgui). — O.W.B. ; L, A H.w.B. Tbw& (Sh Susmiea,) 
V>t>a-7->BrK(QIiu]iorgiui).— a.W3.: UA N.WJL Tiwe. Twnh. (SuAwims.) 
TstraaCQluaorfnui).— Q.W.B. OowbiUgerlnrorTluiir; tnaL (Bfe Coutiri^t.) 






NOTICE.— I'''- Bowltmd 'Ward will bs happj U adilH peniuiallT h to Um 

pmnrialioii iind nUliH&tLaii at Trophlea, sod to eetknaie lor U» piDbible ooM oT 


19, New Station Street, Leeds. 

(Correapondent to the Field, Fishing Oazettt, The Angler, ka.). 


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DresBed on Fine Ont uid Hair. 

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The Practical Eyed Pennel and Stewart Tackle. 

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"Sereulea" SalTnon and Trout Cast*, 



OkM Of Qood Hap*.— Ten p»d Mbflntalns In Tulile Bay. Hurly all theCspe Btk 
tue plMeg at flab, mMkcrel belDg preremd. A vaiy coDTenlenl bkll for the uniUgr 
Itb !■ gel In ttie bArbour of Sitoon'a Bay, u well h, In > diBsniil form, la dudt p»rM 
of FbIm Bay. It la rooDd by meua of thne U^e tuwlm Ued bulk to baok and leaded, 
wUcb are then geiilly dragged aloiiK tlu bottom ; (bay aoon Btick in a lunp of the b^ 
eillBl " nd tail," and oompoaed of a nnmber of iMllt, In appaarutM llks tnuuparsnl 
v,ot BUghtCDloa^andnotdUBcDltloont: Ihe baitlilnalde thnaeella. Tba 

nuwk (rarv^Mt alun. Out. and VaL), vhlcb appears in Tan mnltttadei at 

pike, and even mon raTSnoia. They attack anytlilng moving; ibui they are eaally 
tngbl TriA a pleoe of preparsd aliaTk akin, oat in eight or nine slrlpa foar incbea Img 
anlen-^lUh of an tnib broad. At Das end tbsy are tied and ircnmdon a tiilaide«cS 
lead, havine a email bote for the bnaa wire wMcb ii atuched to the honk to paaa 
IhiDiigh. Tia Blrlpc of ikin, vlien In their plaoe, (all over the book, which Is genenJly 
nude of braic, the abaok being anile straight, abont three Inches long, and the bend of 
the same sb^ as a common soythe, the barb alao being Sled oil. On the bead of the 
■hark-skin arrangement a lead reata, the brass wires also pandng throiigh It. ibis lead 
is of the ehapB of a sngar loal and about three Inches long by one in diamelst at Ihe 
■hiekesi part, tapering to half that Ihiokneas. The best Behiiig at the Cape Is Biblug 
with a tireoty-feet longsalmon rod. from the rockaat EalkBay, the fashionable nlettng. 
place ol Cape Town. The fish canitit are red and nrbita BleenbrasB up to 4Slb. kabel. 
janirs DP to SSIb.. and sharks. The best time for this fishing Is from September to 
March— In fact, dnrlng the anook season, 

munond Plrtdn.— The Vaal and Modder EItofs afford eri»ll™i sport. Prloolpal flah, 
Ihe "Jarto," a kind of eiluma. which attains an tonnense aiie, and lbs yellow Bsh, which 
also mne large. The hsrba feeds principally by night, bot; may occailonally be caoghS 
by day, flihing on Iba bollom, and lalUng with small fish. Tho ysUow Bah will take both 
probably lake an arUflelal minnow. Both the batba and yellow flab are good eatlne 
IhoDgh the latter Is rather bony. Tackle sbould be tsken out from England, inclDCUu 
strong gimp for the barba, and plenty of aonnd gut for the yellow Bsh. 

ll0B»aoi.— Here and at the other ports along the coaats Ihere Is good saa-flahtag when 
the snrf permlta. The numerous rivers ol Morocco mostly contain the ahebbel, or Barbarr 
salmon, nnd also many tortolsea, which the BDRler will and troublesome. 

»rt»l.— There Is very good sport to bo obtained In the large Ifatal rivers, snob as the 
Omgonl and Umkomanil. Both those take thoir rise In the great Drakensherg Bangs 
and aftf r a course of between ISO and WO miles debouch Into the Indian Ocean i the 

(DO mud). The Bah conalsl of chiefly or 
The fishing aaason Is from September b 

a good freshet, when the water le slightly discoloured, fish bite freely. TTso ground bail, 
strong line with gimp hook. The rod mnal he alrong, >a the banks In many plaoes are 
high and predpitoos, affording do place toplsyanil land a flah; so yon must lift tham 
out at once. Be caretal not toflah too deep, becanao ol the rocky bottom. The flah wU 
not rise to tiles. The mouths of amall atreama and gluita debouching Into the Umkomaoz 
are fayoarite Bahing spots. The Incwardlni, a small and very winding ilver, flowing 
into the Umtomaud, aljout thlrty-ali miles above Heteraariuburg. has Bmalt but v«? 
sweet Bsh. averagiog from Jib. to Jib. Fishing can be got here when Ihey will not biM 
In the larger rivers ; fishing can also be got close to town In Ihe Umsumdose Houm 
there ate none in this part, but any aelUer wUl be only too glad to entertain yoamell aoi) 


178 Ths Angler's Diary. 


•mstbI ZnCsrmktimi.— The DIh sbonld bd( be too lugs, mnd ilia gudr Irish an bab 
Bed am] onnge and creen bodlM ue ihs moat knuncbotb with tnmt and Babnoo. Tban 
kre (DOd; a bloo^rnl bod;, ditto hackle, white wing, and sold tirist; thli. In dilTecail 
ii», Ulls lalnxiii, whHe treat, and brawn troDt. Tbe other li, tor aalinan, abtlghtgreea 
bodj, ribbed wHb sold, dnn hacUa, leal and goldeo pheaeaut Wiqiliig mixed ror lilBt. 
Thsaama ll;aniwsatar trout, taUne oB tbewins, aDdleaTlns ItapAhner. Ot tn)IHa( 

le take aome ol atra Utl 

vtaJnne— HaUfai and Nor* Scotia bi 
" " ' ~ luce EdwaM'i Iiland 

nuheiattheheadortli ^ -. „ „ v%~™_, 

not llM St. John'a Bint trout ran large. The beet Behlnc li In the 

.. „ „ JnHaUfai, 

Kon SoDtla, and Prince Edward'i Iiland U renurkablj good ; tlH OoldrnTer ia one of 
thabeet. I1wBiMganahe,attheheadDrtheBaTorOhBl«nn.lBBl»goad. Intluoo ' 

■boot die head watera of llM St. John'a Blnr trout ran large. The begtHehlncli 

St. Anue'i. The Iront ran larga In It than In an; oilier itream In Canada. There li an 
Indian villas* named Bawdon, abonl lortr mllea north o( Hontteal. The Indians will 
eraidnDt JOB to a eerlea of lakei full or brown trout, and the large AabujVnx. AtPIatibnif 
llba Saranae rlrer Ihara empHea llielt Into the Ohamptaln Lake) aaeaid the Saranae eon* 
alrty mile*, or eo baek aboat lorQr mllea from the Ohamplabi, to a lake called OhaUugar, 
jin wUI tnd a fflitrlel of from tlf^ to ah^ Bour* mllea, reaching down to Lake OeotM; 
Itlarnnotrlreraandlakea. iDdnicndsitorthelakeBthersiBailmlnibletrolllnsitttbeSt 
lAwTaioe,from]IontrealtoIiakeOntarfo.oep«c[aII]rabanltheThonaanalBlandB, forbaaa, 
^ke, and mnikeluig*, and also In the great lakei, where the latter lleh ran to an enotmnM 

alM. Thebaaa al 

Hnuaiidltia . , , „, 

re ie ready acoeaa from Montreal to the Monphnmagos Uke, whl<di eo 

ths Thonsand Itlands. St. Paul's or Bradore, on the Baqttlmanx rlTOr, li a sood la 
__._. . . ^__. — ' to the Manphiamagos Lake, whMi contain 

tront The rirer that nms oot ot thlalakeia admirable ab 

otJnne. The Oabins in Florida ta good, but there la Utile Tarlet]' The black bass Is the 
kaat^ud win take a fl; well, they nm to Itlb. and 101b. The derll flab Is tonnd In osartr 

He b^ of the Oalr at Mailaa. Tbere la good apart epMlsg the 
ApvdlcabestsnltedlothsGodaboatandmoet of the amall rapid rlTen to gun nana oi ma 
OaU ot Bt. Lawrence are plain, bat Itrglah brown, black, and grer hacklea. There la fiUr 

Salmon an pleoUfal In tbe llvera in the North ot Oallfonila, and the eea-flahlns good. 
Throngh Idaho Territory Oowa Salmon lUver, conUlnlsg a great abanluice ot aalmoi 
which maj be fished to adTaotage near a email minfwg; town callM Florence. Plentjot 
■ontand inl Bah mayalBO be caaglit There Is capital flahlng la ibe Adlroodacka 
lAke Pleasant. Cedar lakea. Uorse lake, are smoiust ths best, but there are great 
nnmbei*. Ai I^ke Pleasant la an hotel ; the landlora will soppl; guides and all 

■a Weal Island, Cnttyhank, aal 

weakBah, and blneliah, beeldea porglea. taotog. as 

A set ot clolhlns tor winter and aaramer ia necesBar;. For ths latwr, stoat twtnal 
nnUeadndUnnlsgood; tor the former, velTeteena and cordnroye an good, not rorgetttof 

w aM t ur oot and a good pilot coat tor boat worb. In camping out, all rninir 

tnenmbranoei Ibonld be avoided ; ami, la packing, it Is u well to idaaa thinxi nndit 
4laerentheadi,anchaB "Dailywanted," "Occasionally warned," "Neceesary.bnt »Mem 
wanted." Thess abonld occapy diOereni bmea. Hunmocka are Indtaponeable: rngs en 
bettertban blankets. All the cooking atenaila ahonld hare long huidles. 
An e^elUtlDa to the wUde Is eipenst'e. II alona yon reqolre two Indiana, It ts almost 

bacon, blaeQlts, and flonr. In engagliig Indiana go to the Tillage and call on the chief, 
make him a little present, and tell him what men yon want, and pTomlse to giro Urn 
anotherpreaent If they bflhaTO well. Trontlng la free generally, aahnon flahln^ moatlf 

ttMWnl Infamutloa.— Ths Sagnenay Blier contalna plenty ot salmon and aea tnat. 
The aalmon ascsnd the Ste. Uargneilie. the Little Sagneoay (or BeaTer). the Bt John, 
and they remain aome thae joat above tide water, and riae well. The sea trout do not 
(liter the smaller rlvere ontU late In the antomn, with the eiceptloa of the Ste. Margnerlta. 
The sea tnmt lake the Bcarlet Ibla and red palmar wsil. It Is said the Sagnenay la more 
free ot " fly " than lay otheistream in Canada. In proceeding from the Sagnmaj along 
Ibe northern ahore we paea the EacnomlaB, Portneut, Belsiimiies. Ontardea, Mana- 
eonagan. Qoodabonl, Tnity, St. Uargirel, Moiiie. Idingan, and Esqulmaai. afl 
omt^nlng aalmon. There are a very few etreima In Upper Cinada where By-Bshln^ 

I to black aie*. 

M to be had, owtag to the drlti wood. 

Jiwet Oanada is tar beller. 

Quebec and the rlrers In the eastern to 

mahlpa afford good trontlng. 

best e«« In spring and lalo In antomn 

a the riwr Serem, which 


Canada. 17d 

OurgjiD Bur, ud [n ons or two eraaJl Uk« In ibe Indlui Mrrltoiy lo the cMt or Uie rink 
ThoTUfeethenwaaHsU. Tbars us f Kb qurten at Uw TUliin at Ordls on tba S«nni. 
u ■ pUce called W«lelipi»l or BpMTow L«fe«. Tbsrs la KODd Uaek bau fliblng hen, tlu 
miiiMai)|!e nwiiid bane abont Btb miles lower down an ritsr. There an buht trOat 
ai Sanll SL Maria. Ordnarr Scotch fllea UU well ; " Jook Scon," lUiar doctor, du^ 
mlDar, and the bnlcbeT an good. Local fliei an plain one*. Had with dark torker or 
mallard wlnga, Kiib ablioC Use In tbeabanlden: bodlea and hackle Taried aecardlBfto 
>Ua Mid colonr of the water. OrsT.Mack.aBd elarat all klllln nm. OiDarally ipeaklu, 
iben k no fne BahlsB In Canada. The flilHrio an held by the lee*»u ot ih< Ctamn or 
Uw liparian amas. Blien are oRen to be natal, or todi to in for a Mm*. The prin- 
cipal riren on the aooth side o( the QdU of Bt LawrouM an the York. Oaacapedlai tn, 
lUtmdtw.BeMiSDDdie, UttamlcUiNepMcalt: on the north aide, Mannerlle' — ■-" 
<3odtl»nt. Moyate. Bomalne, Na^aqnan, and mngan. ThOM on the sonlh aide i 

•ch the north rinn aitanBementa man be oiade to hire from Oaape or 
i. IntheJD|ritetiiTerAntlco(UIilsndlieis(ihntBalmonflihln(, Foralllhe^nn 
iwscanoamen for each rod, and « cook for the wholeparty, are neeeasaiT, Ooodmao ua 
obtainable at moat of the ataHoai, and br many. Indlani an prelared. T(DU an neoea- 
aaiT. Pork, molMBM. te», aitd floni ue nsentlala. Pnaerred aonpa and Tegetablu an 
nrj portable. All pola and pane Ihonld have long handlea i and don't lorgst an •» bM 
an anger. The Oonnmuot m ei e e et i are nry cItII and obliging, and an enr wDHnc In 

aoord ibe sttaoger erecr poasltale inlOimatlDn. The am !!■'■ ■''— j .•.-•■• .-•.. 

hi tbe spring an the gaapereaDi, or klewlna : thsj- ' 

middle ol Sfiij, pokliij along eloae lo the banks, j ,_, 

ntTiRi to the aea In the month of June. Inunedlately after the gaapflnani the tea tnnt 
run, Salmon commence to come Into the rlrer about June 1, and oontlnne till AunM. 
July liibebest month for BT-fiaUng._ ^all-|d»dahw^Ull beatoai^theNew^nnairtiik 

allnle wood dock, and two apilsablna'ananniiiacaw: neoii, Diac 
idtyer Unsel ; two ditto blank ostrich ; tall, mixed wood duck, n 


bacUea; ahonMo-, one mm bright , „_„ „„ 

giiliMatowi,withtvoiprinbIneandte(lmae*w: head, oitrioh. 

Some alitr ndlei from Frederlcton the road croaae* tiam Oie light to (be left bank of 
the S.W. Ulian^ehl. The m^n rinr here !■ too wide and alnggtA ; but further on the 
read cnaaea two tribntarlea. the Bsunu and Dangsrron— eapHaTiahnai Blreams. A tew 
nillea above tin town of NewcMtle the road eroasaa the north-west branch ot the Ulra- 
inii*>i1 ■ lam* Hitd dHw riTAr. rlnh In flab. Bhad. too. are afanndant I also tront fSinhflr 

Mnt HTHni. Tba beat DooiB an eisni or ten muea oowr -' '" 

. Tbe beat poola an idght oi 

eTdotbeyUkeabneEeotwInd: therefore, the m 

eiter tor ■ Bahermati'a camp. A Tell fssteneil roi 

bM, and ronnd the neck, with elsstio bands, uid kept clear of the face by mama of haoH 
nke a crinoline, la an aselstaace. Of niwnenta ieranl an oaed, the eleaneat lHdn« tb 
least etfecUie. the dlrtteat the moM bo. UUnrea of pomy-Toyal and ahnond oil, and ot 
allot tai and tDrpeotine hi cqndl parta, an of aomense; bnt oreosole mbed wttb greass 
lithebeet. Oarbollaed oil la alia good. It ft a rare oconnrence to raise a aalmon In the 
TabDcinlui. bnt the tront flihlng la at near perfection as potalble. Another twen^^nUe 
stage, and Ton reach UieNeplBlgult. At Itt month la the IltUetownol Bathnral! lemahi 
at Uie hotel kept by • Ur. wdherg. TbeNeplrigall la probably oneot the most aoceatlble 
Ttren In North Amo^oa. TwenQ' mOea from &» tea salmon are tloppsd In their atcou 
by (be talli. The anfllng of the whole rlier It divided Into four tectlona. The lower 
aeetlon of the Nepieignit extaodB tome alk or right mllea from the month, and iiMhilea the 
"ronghwMan"— ateiieaot beantltiil kdgy poola. In the early part of the aeaaoD— via.. 
IhelutorJoneandflntof Jnly— thlsssclian Is the beat on the rfrer. Next comes the 
"PablDean." This section comprtaee the Pabhwan Palla. The next aecUon It the <■ Obain 
ot Socka :" thlB la vei? good at a certain pitch ot water, and generally near the end ot 
ihe teaaoD. The Oisnd Falla la a lovely apol. There it tome cismped oaating on tba 
river; bnt no long caatt to apeak of. The extreme cteanuaa ot tbe wtter necetiltatf 
flna tackle and amaJl Alea, particularly at the falls. The Frenchmen on the riw are 
.«_i..i Mi„.i» Thrfi. toHw <• a dollar and ■ qna'tet a day, and they tnmlah tbeic 
the NepWgolt Ir ' ' - ■- ..-.-... 

own canoes. The beat part of the NepWgolt Is now In prlTate hands. Jtti ll the 
best month tor the NepltlKDlt ; the Blei thoold be tmall and dark. The foOowIng fly la 
killing: Body, black mohair. Ilbbed wllb fine gold twist, black hackle, Tery dark 
mallard wing, • narrow Up of orange allk, small colden phessiot't cnst for tall. A 
Tleh claret body, with d&rk mixed wins and tall, claret hachie, aad a few flbra* 
of lay at the abonlder. Is alto good. Bmall grey-bodied diet ilbbed with sUTer, 
greylags, and a mixed wing of wood'dack and golden pheatani, killa welL A good 
grUae By It of a primnie body with black head, and tip and wing of goldeB 
fhaaaant tippet. Thate Olet klU anywhen in New Bmnawlck. Two little rivwt 
ran into BatSnni Bay and an both on the tenoe llat. One of them, the Ttte-l-goneht 

,:_ .(..OOgIC 

180 The Angler's Diary. 

It dAimqal ti 

BoMigoDclH, Ilia Intercolonial BaUmT tolloiri tlw abors of tlie Boj ot Ohilenn. 
DDmben ol lltth rlTsra of mors or !«■ Idhhm to the iroDt-BslMT. bat onlj twu •uiuwi 
MnwnH, Juqnat mad Ghulo. Both hne bem ■tauHf ally orer-SibHl. Ui^ mllga ttaa 
BUhDnt,wecom«to lli« bwdof Ihs Bnof Ctulenn, to ths Utile town of DalbOBdo. 
Aa wfl ran ap on tho New Broniwlok sku of tfao Beetinache we ue opposite to ni tbe 
mouth o[ EscnmlnM, where Ibere le uplul Ht-tront fliUng, *ad a tew mllea [uther on 
reeeh Gembelton, wlien the reel ilver oommencei. For twenty mllea above Cunbdloo 
tbe m^n itnam ii rather ls»a to be flHhed comronably. Tbe Btst good poil Is at the 
■oaaUiof Dpealsnltcta, and tor thlrtr or fortr milei abore that aitain there ti plen^ of nlee 
Aahing water, about the beat of irtileh la at the month ot Patapedlac. In chooiing men ta 
aooempany them anglan oannot do better than eeleci noted spearers : Uteae man are 
Baoaaiartly apkndld canoara, and well acqii^Dlad with the hasDta oC the Oib. Both Innh 
bermm and Isdlua can alwaja lie hired with their c&notta for one dollar per diem, or 
ntbarl«Mif enfagedbj tbe month.' Prefer the latter; they talk leea and do mere, tiui 
Cpaalgidtah, a trUntatr ot the Beetlgonche. la Itadt a large river, ajxl tnll ot likely pools. 
The flBh ate amallBr than m the m^n rlTerorany or the other tributaries, bnt take the 
D7 tiedr- It I* at pnamt rented by an Amerlc&n ganilemen. Al the head ot thla itraam 
a portan of two mllea enabln tbe Toyager to pnt hia csnoe aa tbe Neptalj[iiit, tram 
wbcBoe ha oas ^Iher go down that rlier to tbe aaa, or by another ahort portage go on t» 
Tolili]ae rtrer, and from thence to St. John. So also at the liead of tbe ntiJo BeaugooehB 
then la another durt portage to the St Jolm. The water ot the BeitlgoDche bdng -wdtj 
daar. and the fraatlnf naiT, the Babenoan mnat combliw a powetfnl rod with tolarabb 
IkMtatMe. The fliea an a trifle larger than thoaa nstd on NndilgnU* and Mlramld£ 
Tba inbl^ned adverUnaiettt has recently appoued :— " V.B.— Salmon Anting. Dmn- 
meot ot Marine and Flaherlei. Flaberlea Bianob, Ottawa. Deo. 31, 1BT>. Writtoi iOttt 
win be raeelTB] to Anil 1 next, tor the Angling Prliilegea ot the foBowIng lirera : NotA 
Shore — Gflgaahka, watihecaboo, 'VTaaheebootaJ, Bomalne, MueqnaiTOf PaabaaheelMKh 
OornkHe, Agwanoa, UagpH Trout, St. Marguerite, Pmtecat, mitaaalnl. Becacfa ; Bala 
dee Chalenn— Uttle CasDuiedla. Ifonrdle, Eaomnenao; Malhale (near Peree}! South 
Shore— Magdalca. Moatlonlat Hew Bnmswlek'-Tidiiilii^ Naahwaak. Jaoqnet, Ohwto; 
Antleoatt Iiuand— Jnplt ~ ' ~ ' .... 

V, P. Whltol 

— Inter^Colon. 

ler.diYldeaiatoae _-- „_ 

Tbe flahtng !■ all taken np. but dibbig can often be leaeed on applleaHon to the Bathunl 

»jU> w it .— Eire a eanoe and flab In tbe Bldeac Cecal, Thete la edmimble troUIng tor 

■Ike and moekelnnge. 
blUkx.—Tba aaek^e river flon>i Into ibe bead of the baahi. It la a flne aatanon and 

k> lodge at a tamboDae In the nelghboorbood. The troat.SBhlng la flnt-iste. There ■■ 

■almon Oahlng In the neighbourhood. Sea flabing very good. 
I^cnnokrine.— Some Ml miles from Monlrnl on the Orand Trunk line. There la good 

lionthig in Ibe Uaasewlppl and St. Franda rivere, wblcb juln here. 
■I«t»p«aiaa (New Bnmanick), -Inlec.ColDnlaJ BaUivaj, On Metapedlac. Salmon, trosl. 

There la a good hotel hero, where capital sport caji be had tor a doUar a day. Tba 

Canada. Aboot thirty miles from tbe head of Cbaleora Bay la the Caaeapedlac,' • larga 
itraam holding very Urge 9ah, The whole dlatrlcl ol Oaap^ la inlereeoled bvatream* 
toll of 9B,lmon end sea troot ; amongst tbe largeil are the BonaTeatare, the Ualbale, and 
tha Magdalene. 
Mm VlllBffB (Nova SeoUa).— There Is a good hotel here, and fair tree fiahhig alio at 

,-, o.ij _i — .1.JJ — ■ can be bed Bl a farm, A golde la neceieary. 

Jac<|Des.CBrtieF. a talr river, when in condition ; the aabnon 

ronhirge. A good, ... ._ — 

rnnhitalt. The Bret river la tbe Malbay; tbe Dahlog Is notUng p 
nrcam la the Saguenaj. It la remarkable toritadeptb, Qood ap 
tbe tribnurlea of thia atream. The EBCOnmagh Is a moat eicdleut 
wUts trout. WUts trout ashbig In (^nada la confined to Ibe months 
ebb and How of the tide. The beat flabing la aboot Bve mltea up, 1; 
a fall. Tbe Fori Nenf la tbe next river. It la a geod.looking stream, 
There la a good pool about a mile np tbe river. About thirty mllee 
Btutard and H^nscougan rivers. The flebbig la very giwd. In 

I tWt. i ditto black ottrleh; 
. ._ tinael; haoUe. two brigbt 
wing, nUd gobbler with a Utda 

nelgbbonrlioad large leroi cui be taken troUhig. 

taU Ig 

wood dock and Argus pheaaant mixed, and two or three aprigt orange maca*; head bitek 

>«dSocfk{Onl*rla}.-C.P^ Likt Snpnior mod Htbt NIplroD. Ttaii rim 
L»k» Mlidnin wllh SoperiOT, «id !■ U m. iDng. There 1* s BodsoD** Stj Pi 
N. endor LikeNlplgoiL Tlie flebloir U oonsldend the but In Ouuk. pNm 

'-eelo BritlBb Mlijccta, uid lit. to lonignan. TJk large flr 

'- "- the a™nd Trnnk line. Some mum aHea oB 

InlhewdgUHHiIluiod. In tlie ■hiUc . 

Ae entnnca of OTejMwn hubonr u« i 
ot the Amerloui crocodile <JM<iifii ' 

■ ont tb» diocaiMU niid-bw M 
L 1)10110 the luooD •» plcn^ 
W the Bt Juo BlTer. ud h the 

ot the Amerloui crocodile <JM<iifiii4m>rfcaiu). AH alaiiK the Bt Juo BlTer. ud h the 
lirgetreehwUerl^eaotNtwmcnaudMun^iu.UmefBloiuHl* null meiei oC tndi- 
water tiutlB, ot which both Otab lod esgi are catea. The moat natable, however, Ii Hm 
nuLDatee {Kanalut AailralU). wfalfllL when dried end ullKl, ii ft itaiidatd artlele of food 
■mcmg Iho Indians. In the great lakea la alao tomid a large Itcahwatar ehark, wld to be 

u dangeniaB uid londons u it! Mlt-wMer couiii. Amoustlhe tmhwatarfleh the beat, 
koth la lake and river, are the gnapote, mojarro, and •aTallo. The; are all good catins, 
' groir to a good bIis, and take a 0; or bait irith readlnaaa. 

Oaneral XnfbnB»tlOli.— Th* BibuDii llshing In Terr poor; eea^roiit Bahing mr good 
>t Hall's Bar deboschn Indian Brook, a 

_. Eagle Lake. Tew. (liere Ib capIUI black bau, penh, ai 

Oahlng. The lake iB wltUn 1 jtl ot the railway atatlon. and boats caa be hired. 
AallMlB (Montana).— Northern Picldc Ballwar. Capital accommodation at 

Forks BoteL niUnglieicellenl.eals the traaUng. 
Voatarar (Ceilforolt).— S.P.B. 140 m. from FHBca. 7aat qoanUtlei ot aahnoi 

takeo in the eaa with a ipoon "- '^*^'^'- -w.!!!-™ hmu 

St. Fuil'a (Ulnnesota),— Near hen Is Lake Hlnnetonka. Hera li Lake Park Hotel. Terj 
--—-----*-*- —*- — ».— flahermeu can be had. «"-*.«"-""— ""•'^ ._.., »_. 


n be bad. JTehlng'ery goodi i 

e, [dke. maskelonge. 

re with itrange Osh. from the 

Skb^W>.— There 


OAJierAlIufomuiti01&.— TherclRevc^enCnuhBeer tlahlngln thePonj&b, In the North- 

Rountrr. As a rale, all rliers rtelng in tbe Hlm&layae hold maliseei, u well ee the riTon 
rialnr In ihn flIsTated nIaUiiu ot Central India; but these rivers are only dBhable aa loaf 
rock; country. It Is little oeellBhlngin Iheptaloi. 
LSDUEu w lake with them two greenheart ealmaD rod*, apllcM 
l^aBtie ueoneii roae are Che beat), aa In hot ollmatea the femlea oF braized roda are a^ 
to become loote and to fall oS, with reeie holding from IM to SOO jardi plaited hemp or 
^ikllne; al3rt.oT 14rt. trout rod, reel, and Ihie^ eereral banka of good freah salmoa 
gut (avoid gimp) I a stock of gandTialmm fllei, not too larg* (abonl Sc. eUmertck): 
■ large stock or golden spoons gUt OD both ald«i phantonia, Aci awivels, treble got, 
'eidDnliig traces, triangles, split rings, Ac.; and agoodldggan(notlornttiag cobbler's wai^ 
Asnin, V^MZ,— Some capital mahBeer OBblugcan be obtained la uls district, eipeidall; 
bithendgnaonrhoodot Debong. 


183 T?ie Angler's Mary. 

SantuJu— A Bj ud trolUns rod would be tba beat \o Ub«. A* tor tackle, inks ■ t«i> 
bright-ccdound JUeo. Soma bottom Ofikliif ma; ba bad on the lake at Baugom, f or VFblell 
ft boal it uaeettny. Up Ibe river lo Tbajenuyo ler] large cat-BBli maj be taken; tbej an 
Tery atroiu and glre toterable aport, bnt are nttby fleh in their tffAiag. Anjr Ittrge coarse 
bait will take Ibem. There la flT-OsIiuw <m tbe riier that lead* U Tonsboo, and Sah ban- 

.. — ^1 .- _i n.joi .1.,-.: — im, nnlike the mnddy &niwaiiay, to cleU 

^Jis,a f ev brtgbt aplimlng baJla,plBi^^ 
„ . . d aome snuJl bright tnnl liiea. CabUera 

ni, too, to anknownin tbeH una, and allDiild be carried In aUn box, basanaeot the heat 

SoxdwBZ.— OnlhaGai^ea, where It leftTCB the IHiDon, good aaUag Dp aa rar aa Blkklkate, 
aboot SO mlln from when the Oanges laaTCa the Hlmat^aa, when the beat flehing la to- 
be bad. Fish ran lerj targe. Tbera la a apeelea of plka or tmh-irater ehatfc, and aome- 
Umea a mahaeer, to be Ultod In the Qances and Jnmna oanato. 

JlMlnio.— Id the north the Jhdnm alfarda aplendld mahaeer Oeblng at Tangrole {aboat 
9G mltoa above the town of Jhelom, whl4^ to reached by rail), where It la Jcdned bj the 

Foonch river. ThenlaaKaadbangalDwalTaogrotalortlieacoommodathmof 

— t ir \ — ^a^\ »-|(beBttodahfromaboat. sereral of wbich, with 

mbe^hlndon the apirt. The mcti deadly belt 

A anj^Iei are pleDtfhil. It la beat to dah from a ' 
who mderatand their work, can be hired 
foUen spoon, fldilDg Tarj deep. One ab 
Wga (nil to Mb.), and are rerj game. An IStl. aalmoi 
the atnnnat and newnt liable got ephmlDg taokle, an 
Handi and April, Bqilember and OclDber. 

MttOnM.— BitbamOBttonDdFortSt Q«iT(re.iliarearasanielBrgeflgb,wlilobtabeaBalm«o 
llj wall. Uaa trabto got, aa tber will bite throogh single. 

Vowmntf Cantonment (Bnnddcnnd). reached by road from Oawnpore or Foltahpore on 
Uie E.I. Hallway. There la rery good mahaeer fishing in the DeesanB, G mllea from 
Nowgong. In October and early In NoTember, also ta March. April, and May. A kinf 
of (ront rlxa wen to the fly. The mahaeer in this river do not rise to reamly to a fly 
or minnow as lo a email pellet of paate about the size of a pea, thrown likeadylnthe 
Tongh water. A lary small triingle ahoold be naed instead of a abule hook, aa the paate 
la not BO easily flipped off in Qnowfog, and a triangle will hold a lively flah better than 
■ amall aingle hook. The Betwa near Jluaal, the Eana above Hutte, and Iha Sona 
In Bewah, an an flrat-olaaa riven lOr mahaeer, with the chance of aahotatacraBodUs 
-or tiger. The large artlDi^al lakes of BnndelCDnd— whose awampy marglnB an Iroiiianted 
by thonaanda of snipe In the winter months— an weD atocked with ooarse flah, roho (a- 
specica o( oaip) mining np to 301b. or 401b., and a kind of pike also growing to a great 
Uie. Boho lake a email pellet of paate (tho water having prevloiisly been baited} on a 
amatl hook with flne tackle, and the pike are killed with frogs or live bait Ftoblng with 
a oaat of anuill tront fliea of an eveolii^, one ma; kill great iimoberB uf eioail Bab, not 
nnllke eprata, c^led " cUlwa." 

VowaIt«xik— By ran to Ooolerat. Drive SO miles to BMmbcr, iben two marcbei (abonl 

reet-boase. Theie is good mabseer flsbhiB for aboni as milas np the Tawi to Xajaort, 

I. .. ^uuKM (abODt 13 n^les) and Bajaori, and supplies are plentitiil. Best 

arch, April, and May, Augdst, September, and October. This Is not a snow 
le beet BBhing to lo bo had lo Aagost and September between the ehowen. 
shes will taie one from Nowahen to Cbowmook or to Kotll on the 

■rom Tangrota one may have spleadldsport for about 4B miles opthePoonch 

to advlaable lo take tenta. Then an nat-hoDses for tratellen at Ohowmook, Eotli. and 
Sairea, aO eloee to the rim, and there la a good bongalow at Foonch. SlwUng from 
Tangrole In March or April, one can flah np the Foonch river tDl the beginning <ff Jona^ 
tlie jaige flah numing np aa tbe season advanoea. Flah deep In rongh water, and kaqt- 
Dntof sight, astbe water la ^nmaAably bright, except when anow-broth la oomlng down.' 
and the Bah wary. After flsUng np to Fooncb one can crosa over Into OBShmere. dialant 
flve«slimanh«. whengoodflahlngoanbehadintbeJhelDm. Some heavy mahaeer 
an to be killed at Bovtu, aplnnlng a natoral bait, and Ashing deep just below the bridge^ 
Higher op the river, above where it nms into the Wailoor Lake, some fine flah (BomeUdng 
Uke treat, or at least spotted like them), up to Bib. or lOlb., can be killed ejdnnlog a small 
artificial minnow or phantom from a boat. One ahonld leL oot a lot ot ima and get tha 

•ronbleaomeatnlBht.mBSlinmeeqaitoearialnaBhotadbeiakeD. Some nice mabseer an lo 
Da UUed In the Wid river Jiist above Its jinctlon with the Jhelnm at ■hadlpoox, A31 
Off the Jbalom aa tar aa IMamabad amnbar* of nnall ao-caJlad tront can be killed wllli« 

— f*. "Id oocaaloBAlly a good ens with ft minnow, eapeidally betweeQ tha brldgea at 

_ .. -_. .._. -_^ cftjita) flaking maybe had. the eo-call«d trout 

■nnnvcnr. _ 

rlaliig naoUy to a troM fly or to a mnlbany, or to a amall pcQlet of paate 

At tbe end (^ ADgaat or buriimlng of September one ebonld commence to : 

Foonch, flftiihing np at Tangrote la October. Than la heavy rain in Angnat 
September, and tbe begl flahing Ib to be had after a spate. There la no snow-broU 


Jfxpain—Xa/wrUxas. 183 

Ibia BUKOn. To Sih the Fooncb *Qd tribnWrie* tua an ISR. Mlmon rod ind IM ftnll 
of Udo; gAudjHlmoD fllea (sbonb No. A UiDBrick) siid golden ■podoil The flih mi 
large, ud BnTerygmue. eipediilly ilioie o[ trom lOlb. 10 301b. nih op to iboat IMb, 
Uke k ulmon fly nuUlj, bni the moil deadlr talt tor the luge dah !■ ■ goldcii spooB 
gUt on bolb itdei. Uia trebl* gul tor ■plnntng, bnl tlrwlg got tor Bj flriilng. 
fcjjanTJ. On thn Tn-rrhl Tben ue plenty of nuheear here, bnt (beynm enuJL 
■«piu.— On lliB SnlJej. At the foot o[ (he hlUi good mahaeer Bahli^, the Oih rnnnlni 

■lAlkat*.— In NoiOQher there Is good Oahlng to be had In the Ohentb where it ia lolDtd 
trr tha Tawl about IC mllea aboTe the iiantODiDeiit of Slalkots wUob la reaobed br rail la 
wueeiabad, aod Ihenoe bv atace urrlage. 

■«tiui.— On tha Ugh road from Kilka to Simla then la good mahaeer Bahing (a the Olil 
rlier, a IribDtai7 ol lbelinniaa,near Sntnn. 

VMBgrnt*.— First rate mahaeer Oahbw. the flah miming rery large. (SagTMiini.) 

Sanaral Inibxination.— The atrsma of the Interior conti^ a tront-Uka fbh. which tha 
JapajHie, who an expert aoglen, catch with nBUTfrmada Olei ; balltiaimposlbletoget 
leave, Aroond tba coaat, hawerer, there la plenty of good aali-wai«r flabing obtainable at 

abonl ail feet to length, tukea Ilia bait readily, and is atrong enough to poll an nnwarr 
hand onl ot the boat. Tlie beat tackle to take will be large and amall apoona. rigged with 
itrong ewivels and gimp noiilillg, and an aaaonmait of aea-taooka. Unea of natln 
manntaotore fn% equal it they are not anparlor to any that are mada at home, can be 
pIDCond In the Japaneae ahopa, 


OuMrkl bfitmuttton.— AH ronnd the laland rinre flow to the aaa from the derated 
hitartor.vhlab la nn rainy. In tbeae riT«n there aM lane «•]■, and a flab called a carp 
by the Uanrlllana. Then la aJao In the Qrand Biret and Kaok Birer • (reahvaier muOel, 
o*]leda*'BliM(." Both the carp aikd the dBet take a fly. A more deadly woy of eatehiiw 
ttim iiwltb alargBllTe granhopper, and In thia way flah of 21b. and SI"- "-- 

_ a largB Mve graaahopper; and In tM« 

Luge-diedgaadyaieaanlbamoatklUtaig. Into manrtanlis and pmds in tlie laland have 

bflMi introdiKed from C^bia the Eoorsml. ft game fldi. Th^ grow op to lOlb., and are 
oaoally sanglit with wuap gniba. Tbe carp, eo called by Ihs Uanritlaiii, ii a grey perclL 
It la ft vaiT game Osh, food of the moat ra[^ eddlee, and rlan boldly to ft fly. Carp ace 
neter can^t abore any of the [alia nnleaa tbsra ara ildc cbannele at an eaay gradient, aa 
faTinatan<ManOrandaBiTlbre,N<iId-0D«l,at thefalla from the reaeiTDir. and Iboae below 
Btan Basil). At Onnde Blrttre, 8nd-«t. a (all ooesri witlihi a hftlf-a-mlle of itia month 
tA ih« tiTsr : no carp can be caught on tbe river above that; while bdoir— the rtrer eo tat 
ia ildal.andmnat be flailed from a boat, UiebankBbelnt prSDlpltODB— are a great number 
of carp, particalftrly under the fallo, and M the foot ot ua projecting clUf, In which la tha 
c»e with tbe statue of Nam Dame de la Uaerleorde at Oieaitnnce. CarpancangM 
vrith ft live prawn amotw tbe breaksra on the bat at the month ol tbe Birftre dee AlgnOIea, 
and not tco yards inalde. In the atiOTt apace of tidal water, an canght with a ^. WiUi 
nntdtofllaa; on Tamarind Bfrer^the beat rivo^-aa tmlutlm of a lange ydlow-bodied 
graaahoppei, common U< that part, la kUliagi atooot yoimgwania; earlier (tm attar lalm 
an ImltMion waap grub of dirv yellow chenille, or a aCrip ot waah leather on a iHp of cork. 
On armndaBlvKn, Notd-ooeet. a amall green gtasshopper hllla weD, at alao Ihejneeti and 
yellow cabbage gmb. On tUa liver on hot alear daya flab an taken with a BmaUllaard an 
Inch long, cat ont of htdlftmbber. It Is ]nat the cdoor rX the common llznd then wheal 
itoomeaoDtot them, nhen the Bednll ftDd Boiwe Btvera tnn in Is a good spot. Ail 
the rtnrs on ibeaonth coaat ate good, (Bpeeiall; the BlvnndesAlgnlllea,idien flah ns 
larger than elaewhere. The deep and MQaeatend pool nnter the waterfall on the Uttle 
river Bahidea Negreaaeais said to bold some paenHaiiy laiige onea, bnt the pool 1> meet 
dUUcolt tX acceaa, owing to a belt ot swamp and lunrlsntnwlaal jon^. Then Is a rook 
•verhanglng tlie pool, soma abrtyot sereatyfeet petpeDdioOatly above It, and ttomUa 
Une JD»J be dropped. Then ia a fair river at Flaoq, <m tlia nortb-eaat of the laland, and 
more easily Behed than moat at the others. Theaheetars prloalpaDy fomid onthennpei 
wasersol ime riveia I Oiande Blrftae, Snd-eet, wbste then are DO oarp, bdpg tba bcM. %s 
immeiue eels that aSect the rooky po^, half fllM with boulders bMieath tlie watertalla, 
are dUBonlt to eatoh. Eveti whan hooked. If tbey once soceeed Id getUng bold ot the 
boolders that form the bottom and aides of the po(^ then Is no chance of getUng thcan 
out. A live duckling, with a couple of strong hooka on gimp aecnred beneath lie wmgs. is 
tha best bait, as the sal will lake that abont dawn or twUlght, and may then be run aaboie 
befora he baa Uma to recover Irom hia aatpriae. Theee oela are foor to all feet long, BQd ae 


The Angler's Diary. 



u ol Tmujlmita liald tront In ■oms qou 

it Lovei HnngirT, eapedull; th« Tb^so, hold wshjls, pike, sup, iMrl, 

,_By itiiyiiig M the Inn gonw Bibing cu be hmd 
ana ■ DunnaenibLB put of lAe riref, la pr aw rr a d *• ~ "" ' 
*W— »> (BUTto)— Tnmt »Dd gngUiig. (SvelscU. 

ibnrg. Tbe UmrguMbecT Inset (JUrgsret IbIhuI) 
OSU evMT bBir-bonr— fianulDi twonauoruU, 

„. _. ..uwUtw. PUIMDSee(&ilal<m£aie<)lene>rPe(th. 

l>4r^ idke, perob, veil, bnrbcdt, plk»-perch. bnun, uid Bcbnelder (or^uttar Ogh). Tb« 
. htUrEuabdft-llkstdOTakincaebdl]': tbajnebanlDf^ilie. rromPesttajtotoSlofak, 
pernllirey; pBtnpU lb. KmdbHger'i hotel, vho will giv* tTM penniBaloii to flgb tbo 
bke. Olt the Jettj It o«plMl perch Oatalnc. Tbe b*lt, & pcntkn el ■ nir cny flA <tl>e 
bhI wnl biJt tor luge nib). A iteunbiiit onun the UA dallr In ibn»<|gsnen o( la 
hiMiibiFiie»d.ainliKndw4ter baUils* ptaee. Ba«e to be bad ben. bat noae at Slohik. 
Vorelwim.— Benrem mremberg uid BemlieTf . At Knggendorr, on 'WlOHtil, good tnM 

and gnjBoS fishing eta be had, Leaia oaa be obMined. 
yiina (Hnngarr)— Od Flatten Sec. SlaltOd Ezaalod, oo the StnblwelgieinbnFK BallwQ 
fmm TioniL tub lake ccmi^na many Tailatlei ot flib. Tbe antnniD la thebagt Ume. 
Ha^ahoteliithebtal. Boats can be hired. 
lhnWL&«ll.— On Tnnti. TherslBalafealwre. The Sonne la a good Inn. The gTBTHng 

fliblog (lom hence to lacbl la good ; above here It fa preeerved. 
aannte. near Salalnuw,— Two good itont atreama; tickeig to be obtained at Hotel. 

" ~ '""»k81tH«).— OnBalza. Trent, grayling. 

jhiB Elb Bee, eonMlnlng eonneeab. The flaUng la letta- 

pratCsaloiiBL An boDT tmn If Moiirald, at tbe Tillage of TUia, la a amall lake, coot^ni^ 
mmt. Wal;bawee, anne three boara tram Ulttenirald, li a poat atatlon on tbe lain ot tka 
aune name, which contalst fln* doal, «■ doei Koebel See, atakehaUnlMRir'tiralktRiH 
one end o( Walohenaee. Tbia* lakta are raited bj Taitona people, who danbtiew woold 
^ve leaTe. Boata ean be had. Walohenaee la the only atetlon on Uiat lake, bnt on Koohd 

. S» tiiere ue two, Koobel and mother plaee. Oloee to Leetdd, a small TlHage tvo-and-a- 
halt bonra from bmabmok, ti a am^ Mke eontalidng tnnt. 

laAL'-Op Tranu. Tbe landlOTdot tbe KalseibiEIInbelbtaaa large flaheryrlgbtaai faraa 
HaQMadl. Bdow Oe talla there are plenty at HOdm. FeimiaalDa moel be obtained. 
(See Omnnden.) Tbe OrandleBee la lwaitT'40Br mllee from here. A conTeyancs rana 
frnn laehl to Anaaee, threa ndles trom the Jake, and en tbe border* of the lake la a wy 
•dmterlaUe hold, tbe Eiabenofc Johatm. Tba tarn Oy. HoOand'a taney. and tlte ooeb«- 

-rageodfllvaooTrauiiandwadinglanBccaaaTy. OndmndleBeetiietmlllnrwttl 

anUelel h^ la good, bat they mnat be large. It la a good plan to troll ap tbe OmiidleaM 
to the TOpUtiaee wluohia ftmied to tbe fonaer brtheTrann. niereia good Hy-flriiliig In 
TMiilllmiii, capeolally hy twn watarfaUa. Tor lUa lake nae H<dlaad'a taaoy, dieaaed larfe. 
and No. 9 body, oiiniMn mcbatr ilbbed with goldt haiAle, red ; whig, the atarUng or 
mallaid: hoak,iro.aorTUBierlBk. (See Bt. <^g(n.) The water near Qolasm, an honi-a 
dUtaince fKan the Eallitadtar Sea, en the laobl road, ia ytsr good. A eoaple of honta on 
IhenadtoSaHilnugbilsgiTaB toOeWdtgangerSeB, 'Aiere ate two Mationa here. St. 
Qllgen, im flie Saltabnrg toad, and Wolteattt, a Tulac* on the oipoalte slda, «4ieni tberv la a 
amaD bat olean Bad comfortable hm. Aie lake eoounaTeiy large tnnit,irike,oliaT, c^iob, 
and o^er white flab. 7nim Wt^gang yon oao fleb tba Sohwan Bee, a lake abont an hour 
and a half np the Scbatbetg montitain. Tbe treat tiae freely A eonirie of bonra' dtin 
from Wol^ng it Fnacbd^ See. ccotalnliK plenty ot char and white Sib, and a tew Mg 
trooL There an two atatlanB hete, Foxfel, at the moatb of tbe lake, and Hot, near Ita 
bead. PemUaaion to flab In Widtganger See and Fnaobel See la obtahiable at tbe inna. 
Bight mllia from Hot, orer tbe UUs to tbe lett ot the SaHaborg-road. ia Hlnter See, 

— —'-• • -ront, which rise well. The Oibery la raited by the bead foteatar of the 

ro bonn trom Saltifanrg- 

'rol).-~On the Inoabmek line. Aebai See Ilea near. We nndetetand that It la 
.__.___.._,. . '-■-'- —ispeimiBilonlaaaay. Trout Tery large. 

^Taybng. Leaye can ba obtained 

'- A.ooglc 

Austria— Selgiujn otkI Luxeinbourg. 186 

ImtMMhthal, neir iBUtbrrMk (l^nl).— Filr Mat ■tnam, wlUi goma lun flih: 

OL (Tyrol),— 

7>Ukn (Btjirii).— On Slim. Troat, gn,j\iBg. Belii 

hotel (Siiger Ouni). whsra rne flsbing cui be hid. 
Ptnalmig' (HniigirT).~On tha DuiDbe. Eii^elleot flddng for iH klnda sT lirgs flita off 

^fco-porcli, which are oaaghl hwe occsBfonilly of BOIb. In weight. Weh an aabad for 
wllhUieb^ta. near the botlom.uid am takenup to S001b.lniral^t,and nKiI«; Ihsru* 
alao flshcd tor with a liie dnck as ball. The Nenira, a branch of ths Daonba. ii a m<m 
ilnggjah Rn&m. and alxnindfi nith wvln. barbel, and perch: b1» a flih oT Iha ahwl 
BpeclH^ called zaenhB. Anglera' lioeace la Ave ffoldoii, or t«n AhilHllfEV pw finnnm 
Scntta.— An hoar'i walk Irom hen, it the Tllla^ of HfloMrwaiw, ara Ibiet lalna— Ih* 
HsnMTwang See, aqnartfToT anhour'a walk from the TllU«e, tha Flan See. and the Bach 
Sm, ihs lODrce of the Krsh. The gihlns betongi to a peaaant of HanMrwang. All flih 
canght mnat be glren Dp allTe, or paid Tor at tha ma Aet price. Fridaja and Satnrdaja 
onlj can Iha b«u be obtained. an]«i a hl^ prlc* ba Mild. The flab are ilKiikeD. rannfaic 
up Io<Ib..char and trout. ThemtleBtieambythaTllb^ii agoodapot. There la a claan 
little hiD here, (he Orossea 'Wlrtbabiiu. II la neeeaaan to older meat lonw tbaa In 
adTucft There la a lake near Ehrwald, a lUlaRO ttarea hoan diatant from Hentarnng, 
cfRitaliilng plentT of tront; Iha maaler of Iha Inn hen hai the ri^ or flihSng. Ifear 

haa tha aOtsPI rlghli. At Wdaaanbaeh. one atation on tnm Henterwans, la tha Leidi, 

eontainlnga raw troDt and grayling: the Bahlng fraa. Soma honra np Iha river. In I.«htluil, 
Iha tnwUng la much better. One bonr'a drive from Velaeoibacb la the rillaga or Neiaal- 

■ -■ H of whloh holda ibe flib«T righti of the H^den See, eoaulning large 

there li so donbt leare would readtlr be grantad : the aoconunodatlan 

„ tetlUua or Tannhetm, aoma distance (ran Nesselwnngle, ore laksa 

VOa-Alper See and Tran-Alper 8ee, conttinlng troat, char, core^oa], and plenty of parehj 
the latla lake Ilee an boor'a climb abore Ihe former. The dBhertnan wbo owna the flaUns 
nadUrgiTea lean: scoommodaHon vary bad. Schattwaldla the DeitTlllBee; accommo- 
dation good. Tha TUa nuu close by. costalnlng plenty of tront. The pariah prieat owna 
the flibery, and granta leaie. Three hoan' drive brln^ yon to iDunasaudt, on the HnnlOh 
and Oomtance line. 

Sobmaka (BDngai?.)— Fair flihlng. 

St. CHl(«n. — Qood OahlDC, tront and grayling, three mtlee from lacht. Qood lioning. 

■•Ittlmxr.— Sea laohL 

ibaeh. Tront, crayllng. 

them with a heavy 

TlMuia. — EiceDeai flaUng for aalmo hnoho, wela, pike, perch, barbel, 
to the town. Theoehen here me hraw "" ' --'-•- 

lead attached into (be rapid atream, and now and then haul nj 
WalBhaa— .-^ea Innabmck. 
Vai«bMlbodaa {Styrla).-~OD Salia. Tront. FrcHrred by Connt Heran. 

glraa iMve. Fiabing very good. 
inUUlp«a (Btyria).— On Saba. Tront, gr»llng. Pre. -. . 

Admont, bnt leavo is only ooeaalooally granted. Fliblng vary fair. Hotti -• luici d. 

Omiaxal Xnfilxnuitloll.— There la falrtrout and grayling Sihingin tha SemoyandBocq. 
The Ourtbe. near HonfTallxe contains tront and grayling, and large cbnb, and 1b good for 
general flBbiog. Atewaalmon tront aronenedoccaalonilljnearTllff. The Htwobi, which 
Jolnathe Uanaa atHny, la fnll of large troul. bnt l>Te:7ttrictly preserved. Fair general 
eport can be had In the Ambleve. Aywallie la a good Bpoi. In the Uolignde tha tnml are 
pjentiful, bat amall; (bla river jolna theMeaae at Moulin. At Tagnlon on Ambleve, and 

Qropont on Ihe Great Lniemborg llna, 
OtrtBMAltt lA Tonr. — On the Ourtbe and Ambleve. Trout, roach, chub, and Tew eahnon 

iBIe In Iha aeaaon. 
BMklrch (Lniemboorg).— On TClIti, Trout, chnb. Flahing good, and preaerved by Iha 

landlord of the Hotel dee Ardennee, Flahing ieglna Apilll, and ends In November. 

Sblknt.— The Booq mna ill milea from bare, cloae b; the Tillage of Spontin. The river 
rites between the vUIagas of Seyand UohlTllle. and Jolna tha Ueueeat Yvolr; Irout are 
ploitirnl. The red and black hacklea are good Oles. Leave can be obuioed lor bobi* 

'■- A.oogic 

The Angler's Diary. 

.. ji Uwowi 

>f thfl Tltta^ of Famode. 

t (AJ-lMiOMj^N.*. B«»tPl«. OnSemolti ttont,diub, 

irtMn Oahlu cu bo hEd. 
M>r.~So**1 on HonUn Bhw, Soms good mmtliig cui be bad In Um n^hboailiaod. 
baiOCAa (Ard«m«).— Ounhe; pike. ctanb, dacs, tioat. Any unonnt or couu fl>h,bU 

the troDtlDg tau gnatly tallcD dR. 
Um#>— On Onrthe. Buoch. chab, »td gnd^Bon. 
MarMa.— On Ounhe, F^r Babiog. 
>'MKM>.— On (he McnH. Chnb. A/cit icoDt, barbd, penA, nndplkfl. Abon KhuotIIW' 

rlTBT Ii clMT and npld. bnt below dav utd dirtr- 
Orral (Aidmnei.— N.i. Tbonavllla, B m. MtrCbe; tronti pnurredt b; itarlng at 

the inn (comfortable) d, and v.L can be bad. 
Boolwfbzt (ATdeiiiiu.)~On L'Homme and Leaw. Trout and K»Tlln«. Good fliUng. 

bnt allpnMTTOd. A daj or tiro maj KmetiiiKa be had. Apply lo landlord ot Hotel 

da la Cloobe IVOr. Borne dleUnce below Ibe river rane draagh an eetate belonghiK- 

ta Ibe King of the Bdclaai, and un mllei donn joins UenK. Then la a good Inn bet*. 

TbreemllHbdoirBocherortanolhergoodHtrefLjii JoinH Leese- The Semoy nuu ne^r here. 
■pa^— Hotel D'York and otben. Od Wayal. Soma little fldilng oan be bad 1 m. down the 

lint. There are no flih by Spa. 


Z«St«n4J*a.— On Ibe Kaek Bea. There Is a rail tram here lo Cenanoda. Good 
aooofnmodadon at ^Uier pUce. Fi^r fielUng In the Danabe. eonalitlng of the ■***^^^. 
" " ^ -'- ■■U.*01b.! th6(orgciach8,Milb.i Uiehooch«i,TMb.i 

Pahenuen. From Bralla or GiUati the angler oan t 

anthorltieg. and go with the boat from the (^oay, > 

that he will be brougbt hack again. 
■BOhuart.— CoaiH Dahing la a scream near, tree, 
fhillak.— nke and coans flahlng. Tbsre Is a flsh aamethlDK like a dace, and numlnr 

np to aib., wblch Ukes a fly, flitdng near the pisr. 


Baj^KTlk.— There are elglii salmon rlien wlihin (rom one hoar to sli days' JonnieT. 

Salmon Bahlog Is mostly vaiy poor, owing to the peralatent nee of nets In eieiT spot 

by reolliig a river or buying the nets off a portion o( one. The eight rivers are (1) the 
ElUdiar, one hour from Bsykjavlk. Hem Thomaen, Its owner, resldea at BeykjaTft, 
and lets the Aahlng to anglers at lOi. M. per day. (2) The Z-aul, la Kjdi, one day's ride 
from Ibe capllaL The wholeriverla to be reeled for from SOI. to 1001. AppUcstioD M 
be made lo the priest at Bsyniiellir. EicelleDt aecaminDdalioa at that place. (3) The 
llinnlLsi^ and (l)SlarraLaii!, distant two days' journey. Quarters at Qrbr farm and 
Hrunl paraonagfl. |6| The Leirirrogar Laii dislsnt two days' ride. The net* eonld be 
bought off thla river tor about 30;. ; it la believed the Oshlng would then be very good. 
QnarUTsat Llertfann. (S)and (I) Orlma^ and Kordr^, two tributaries to the Westell 
Bvful: three days' ride, or one day by boat, tram Bej^kjavrk. Good quarters at 
Hirtilrvelllr and Thvant fsmia, (8) The Lajut (ailing Into the Slraiunrjartfar Os; one 
and a hsH days by boat, and all days' ride, trom Eeykja.ik. quarts™ at Miklaholt 
parsonage, Qood Iront dshlng In Tblngvalla lake, one day s ride, and In lla antlet(Sog). 

neatly all the riven thai do not drain glaciers. Then are now two good hotels at 
Eeyklaifk— the Hotel Iceland, newly built, and the Aloiandni, formerly the Merchants' 
Clnb-booee, As IraToillng Is mainly on pony-back, lake an English saddle well aluffaj, 
also a portable tent, walerproof rug, and a psirot thick CanadjH.a blankets tosleepln. pre- 
■erred BOVpiandmeats.eheese. ham. blBcultfl. oatmeal tor poiTldjfe, and some such cooun^ 
appantnaaathe"BobBoy" — that la. heated with spirit, fuel being very scarce, ClotbJng 
(hOttU oonslat of a sonple ot suits ot warm Iblek material, a sUHit nuukiutoeh, and a pair 
of strong OshenDan'a boots coming well up the thigh tor riding In. as rivers bavn con- 
nanllylo be lorded. In the north there are now seven rivers in which salmon majb* 
eangfat. (1) The Lwii from M^tn, very good. Nearest port. Bdaavft, where ateamera 
aaU abont half a dosen ttanes during the summer. Acoommodatlon t^r. Apply to the 
tailor, Ht. T. andJohOBon. The nearest aalmon fishing ii some 11 m, off at Lulrmyri, a 


JVanw. 187' 

Imrga and comfort&bta fumboiuB- Tha fftrmer nadUj^TH pnmluffv to Dih. dia ufler 
to idnlii Ui« trout. tntoln ap tbs uUmoii. Qiurten an aoi ma obwjuble at lubmnl. 
taut then ia mn Inn at HCiakirfk. Anolhar ^ood Oahing atatlon on thU Ht^t in at Qnnjadtf- 
(tadii, aT«7e<»d(anii, HDdlbehomaof ■cl«rgTiiiui-~«>wDtll«. (nun Hdnilk. <t)pa 
Lui, a few hcmn' rids (rom Skuutrlfeid, a port a]« caUed ai bjr ataaman. <S) Tha 
lAii (»m tlie LauLrralii, ooa da7^ rlda troa SkasaaMbid. Quanari at Hjaltabakkl 
HrKioa««{ ptIaM ipeaka ED«Sib. (4) VatnadaUiC a ftood rliar, but, tt la baliated. tb* 
fleet itnlclHB ol water are rated. (0) Vfdldilui, two daya' rtda from Skagaatrgnd; 
QnanenaiBort: rarmat spaaka EngUah. («) UldTJardr^thmduii'marromSbWM- 
trond, Qoarten at BajUr ram and Melatadr paraooaga. <7} Tba Xai^ falling Into lb* 

alaolnUunppaiiTalaraartheLiJUfroinlMTatD. ThabeatwajtatbelakaliDpthalAilr- 

dalt i GtiajiduntuUr ahonld ba nuda a half-mr luwae. TbaiaaiaaTanQiimlMrotohar 
In Unatn, bBt tbCT ref Kse to taka the fly. Tbereii.hawarar.aiceUeiittraaillablngiiitba' 
Lazli, aboot 1 inllca from Ita oiUlat from the laka. Oood qoBRera ara obtainable at 
SkUtaM*^, a patMiuca at tbe aonlli and ot tba laka; and alao at Bopatadlr, • Mm- 
iSing nearer tba rlnr. On tharoad to the Dettlfaaa from HAaaTlk la the Botnaratn (bottinn' 
wBiai) I (Dod trontliig. No 0>bln|! In lake Boaknldatalu. Ordlniuy aalmon Dlw, eapedallr 
llie illnr doolor, anowflj, Childen, "Bnlcher," and "Jock-Soott," Tor aalmoo. and tor 
tnmt BBiBll iBBdT grOae mea vltb tad woollen or ttnael bodlea, bovnd wltb gold or tllitar 
twill, golden puaaant talla. and brownlib wlngi. hare been found the moat killing. 
Itdj and Anguat an the bait monthe In IcaUnd, bnt when <t Ih purpoHed to nrnt a tlTer 
or bnT tba nets off a portion of one, tha angler ahonld Tiall Ibe laland not later than tba 
mlddla ot Jnna, that dl obitadea maj be nmored and tbe flrst mn ot Sah allowed to 
enter the riTor. If ibia i> not done, die angler would, in a dry Hiunmer, wait a long Utna 
before be got anrOriiiiv. aa moat of tba rivera freqoent'; tall Terr low In Iba monlbi 
Brat named. A good deal of Sahlng <b preserted by the Icelandic Angling Ulub. Onldea,. 

Bajkjavlok, Ttan Fhargo tor ponies la 1 kronen (3i. 3il> s, day, hire of saddle and 

Tit a day. The tlBhlnii near here li mostl}' In the hands ot mercbantn, but there U fair 
trout and char to be bad a.1 a email charge on the upper waif rs ot the EUada. ahoal 
6 m. from BeykJaTlck, from a merehant fanner named Benedlet I^eTpnaon. The good 
flabiDg la on tbe 8og, wUcb nina ant ot Lake Thlngvelte (near Tblngralla), wd, after 
aconraeor RO m. llowlnglbroDgh two ■mall lakea, jolna the Hrln, nnilathe aea at 
ErrabakU. Bog lecTeaTbingvellel Lake {char flah&ig good bi July and Angnat), abooC 
tS m, from BeyklaTick, mabes ihroniA s preclpltoaa ebaru. and wldeni oat biio a lake- 
called Virj^tenter. Here are plenty ot troot, ronnlng from lib. to lib. (boat rfqolred]. 
Tba eharga tor flablng bere (inolodlng Ijoat) Is I kroners the flrsi day. and 1 lot mctu 
ancoaadlng day. Bog flowi into Lake AlfUvnter. below which there are plenty or 
aea tnmt, and oecaalonally grilse. In Icelsad char are moob more plentiful than troni, 

.._»-> 1 '-; to one. The former ron Urge, and, Klthoiigh not giving 

Henl eporl. The acting Britiah Conaul, Mr. Paloreon, la 
lera eiperlencing dllDciilllca. and Iheae ara certainly not 

OMWZal XnfOnnfttlait.— AU the atreama In the Sonlh are netted, and occisionally 
^namlted. The Batrera. 14 in. from Uoallnet to Italian frontier. paiBlng Siepel, the 
T^T^eand Veaablc, are fairly good il'ers. aa also ate the Clens and theEateron. >alr 
rirera are the IiOop, Cagnea, and the giagne. Close time tor moat itreama. April IS to 
JonalO. FIlea, wbloh BbooM belled email, are Maicb brown, coachman, palmers, dona, 
blackgnats.iedaDt.coch^-lKniddhu, Beaidaa troot. barbel. tench. eela. aoddaca.chad 
banabeen caught in the Tar. The troDtlahliig In the department Uorblbaodoea not open 
nntllJanel. Thli rule appUu only to the canals and niilgable aireamt. Ifaar bocma, 
in d» caies du Nerd, there are some atreama. Flahlng poor. Tba lake at Jngon oonlatns 
pike and perch. Any person may Oah with rod and Une only In any pnbUc valer, that la. In 
■n natlgHble ricera, cHoals, and Ihidr cnta or afflnaita. the malntenanee ot which Id good 
oondlUon la chargeable to the stale, and Into which a flitalng boat can at aU Umes oitar. 
Ko one,howeTer, Dinai DEB night llnea, trlmmera, bankmnnen.ot any lannuuent atnek. 
In the bank. This does not apply to ponds or lakes whleb belong to the riparian pro- 
prietors. In all other riven and streams the right of aaUag Mongs to the ripadan. 

id an/bel 

proprfetors. No fishing after dark is permitted. Erery department makea lu own byelaws 
and settles iu own closing lime! and as these generally iiary. It la well lo sac^n^a the 
particnlara, ss sometimes the fisblngonone bank of a rircr Is closed, sndthe other aide 
opsL All information can be oblahied at tbe prefectnre of the principal icwn of eacb 
department. Tbe French Govonmuat maps are good. For £f onnandy or Brittsny; 
oi»atorlsble quarters csnbebad at HaTto.with the MontlTilllers and Eponvllle Bsblng- 
a day or two at Cany, also at Pont Andemer and Pont rEi^uo, Some sport la to be 
bad wltb trout, many ot them large, at all the aboce placee. There la no salmon dsblng 
wonhythensme In Normandy. Brittany will aOord good sport among trout, and a Balmon. 


188 The Angler's Diary. 

bsTsud then; Him CAptUI sH-Sahlng, bCFlh from butt uid rrom locka on pirti oC 
ths COAat Tb« HtreubB uv ganenUy praaflrred ; It ia probable that permluloD nuy b* 
oMilDsd br proper appUcMloii. Vox BrIIIui;, M gtulDiw ebaaee Pont ScoTfl. QnimpcrU, 
■od Pont Ann; lery Kood sn^flablng 1« alio to ba had nnr lbs Uttsr plac«. AnrcDi 
hu M, right la flih tram ■ public path. Fleolj of pollack along tbe rock; coast! o[, 
HonDHMj and firlttanj, ana baafl bi all tbe OBtnarioA. 

AUwvUla.— KDt lar from ben !■ a large lake, containing pike, psrcb, bream, roach, ke. 
The flaUnK li loniellniea let. but leaie can no doubt be obiabied. Tbe B«-eBhlD{! is bdo*- 
tbnea good, hot yon miul go onl aome waj. 

Alx-lM)hnalM.— Tour bonra' driie trom bare la a strum at Hontjoie. At Dueo, u 
hoar bj ralTrrom bare, (hare ii good mj^inf Oabing. 

Al>-laB*8>iaa(SaTa7.>~ffsl(Ii: DerEiiropcd'Ali.aodotben. On Lake BoargEt { (eroi, 
ptkfl, percb. dace, cbnb, bream, but Iha l^a Is Tery deep. Balca are easily procured. Hw 
beat mj or Bablni; la irith a nalonl b^t Inlllng from a boat, nilh so or £0 yarda ot 
Una out. Large dace may be cangbl wttb fly aiH alotig tbe deep, nooded side of tbe lata, 
and tbere are some splcudld perch round tbe ahaJlow weedy bays. Two smaJl Btnuni 
run into tiie lake here, holiUng email obab and daee, and in the antomn a few trout. 

AuMT (Savoy,)— BoieisVerdon, aeDeTa,d'AngletecTe. On Lake Annecyi- feroi, pike. 

Is a little flBhliiK,bntpoar,iiitbel*kM along tbe eoaal N. and 3. of 

m (Uanche. Nonnaodyl.—Tbe L«ei and Celone taU Into the Bay of Uont St. 

Michel here. Tbe flihlng close lo the town is not good tor mneh, bnl by going ■ few rnOca 
qp rilbar riter good sport can be had. On the Leez, Tirpied (six miles front ATranctue), 
Brieay (ten), and Caves (twelve), are tbe places to pat up at. though the accommodadon ia 
Teryrough. On the Celone, I>ucey (seienj, and Lea Biards (thirteen); nccnnimodatlan 
very bad at the latter place, but the Bshing good. The diligences run clo^p^ti^ sjl theae 

BBBBOUaa d« I'Otna.— Hotel de Bagnolles. Some fishing can be had hen. 
■•CUOllMI-lM-BMUC (Ome.)— On V<e. Hotels St. LoeUe sod St. Uarguerlie. Thaiak* 

hnv oontaina plenty of coarae fiah. 
■av-snr-AnlM [ParisandHnlliauwBaflwayj.'-FidrtroutliiginlheAubo; froe. Flahtai( 

la alao good at Xjongchampa and BcDoepont. 
■ktiA (Brittany}.— llis Hotel da la Orande Ualaon la rough and Dncomfortablc, buttto 

dkargaa ate moderate. The Evel, which tana near, contains fine trout and perch. 
~ " " — "-0, tlttaan mUea oOf-good Irouting can be had hi Hive and olliat 

to be eanght in the fosae. 

owhig lo nolthig. There is good 

Pontardter and UeUers-Travers In Switzerland for tnnitUig. 

e Beox. By deactaiding the rlrer you get to Bouiki. 

ma good troutlng emn benad, al so dace. The NIvelle holds good trout. 

Fair tport fa to ba met with up the Llaoe at Questreqnet, 

. OTille. mon especially at thelsller In theanrtng. S(a Iroat an 

often caught at the weirs. Near Homreull there Is good fiahbig In the Cauche, esnedalty 
in the upper pan of it al Parenty, Beuaent, and Inienl, The best of tbe above 0mm it 
^eoaent, where the stream Is very open all the way op to Parenty. At BeiinetUlaa, 
about ma mile trom Beuaanl, accommodation If required may he had at a farmhonaa. 
riiough they are all within a drive from Boulogne. M m. oft ia raoquemberg. The™ ia 
fair ttooling from 6 m. above, to Lumbers, 9 m. below. At Llque, IT m. from BonlogiM, 
then la fair Iroutlng. Apply to If on<. Claude Hesa, wina mercbaot, M, Grand Bus, for 
information. Some good poUack flshlng near bm i fish large ; nae a aWDalng eeL 
Srast,— An aicnnion m^ be made from hen to I^ndfts^ when then la a sood sabnoa 
and tnnU atream (Iha Bnis, wUeb falls Into the Anlne at Lnmina anhtuuvh. . Thi. «»._ 
may be followed up to Braapan, a amall Tillage with po 
Hnetgolit, which itandg on a lake, when than la a oapll 

al Pontargonet,and in the stream that enppllee the lake. ^ 

toMorlali. From HueloDet go to C^mmanna, where tbe troittBeUngla very good, bat the 
accommodation poor. Qooa sea fishing. 

enulH).— On litre i plenty of tront. Aeeonmodatlon (Anb. dn Soltfl 

■e chub, tench, plka. 

nutlet, eela, and a few troot 
others. Fishing Is someHmM 
n Just below Ortbeau. Soma 
earOraaae. At thnea mnlM, 
innes and tbe lale UargneiUb 

. .., .(..oogic 

France. 189 

Oftnj (!ionQSiid;.)~Tbcre la r*lr tronUng ben ; alio it VUkHeun. Uino kllombtra olT. 

OkMT*!.— On OuDooe. PIcdIt o[ cbab, md ■ Terr tew irout. 

0«tt*.— Pretty gfMi Pabhig la tba nurine cuiali th&t iDMrtflct tlifi town. Flentr of ua- 

iMBm [doradt. iDCsUf ). 
0Iuiuaa7, Hal .^Very good lea fltUng; nun; Urge psUuk, ind gnj uid red mnllcl 

Oharbonxr.— On tbe DlTette. Qnjr nmllel ud ntuU bui ire to be tikni by tnglbij neu- 
tbedockgateB juid pier beAd ; (Uherlae or oimd smell, at tbe lafliu of the river Dtvette, on 
Ihe «Bt BJdfl of the floating b>Bln, The lowiupeaple Bah vllb thTDW-ODt UnaH, knd ui«le 
klu Willi rods trom the oater pari of the qiUT nlla. taking irlth tbe lloea numbera of 
lloniidni, liom eio.lo Sin. long. TberesreiaieratrackjialiiMJalnandoiitaldsihehKbonr, 
tfben poOack an t^ieo. Gome troot In tbe river Divette ; pooli aod atreuua for both Aj, 
minnow, and dapptngp The river contains alao aela, roach, aud mlnnowa. 

Olamimt (For de Dome).— At Uont Sore, a watering place a few ml]« oS, good troDtinx 
maj be o1>taliked. AceommodatioD la very good- 

CoBfl'.— Tolerable Bahlug tn the lake. There la Utile or no chanee on the river. 

Co^ (DanpUnd).— On Drae and Souloiaa, Drae hoMa few Bab, and la mnch dlMOlonlM. 
Soalrfea jolDB Drao here. Trooting good (ram a mile below the mill to Ita aoaree {aaine 
■nblerraneao poola S m. up). Then ii good troutlng at St. Firmtn, It m. from Uoipa. 
{Sua), nnttn.) 

Orlndl. (5at Immrl.) 

Sai (Landea).— On Adour; pike roaeh dace, ohnb, persh. 

DtBpn*,— Near Iho Delghboorlng auBon o( Si. Aobjn Ihere Ii a little tront nadlug ; Haiw 
frori the landownen, wbo rfqalre carefid negoUailng. From the qol^ there la good 
red SaMng for grer mullet, bt^llng with ragworm. 

Dllon.— On Oache; a few troat. Accommodation good. There are leveral good places 
ivlthin H Bironlt of twelve mDee. The middle of May the bem ttme. 

Diaui (Brillany).— Ranee ; carp, dace, pike. Some IrouUng can be had at Gnenroc (pooJ 

onKince, l3ni.o»; aiao at Htagi^ 8 m. on. The rivereanbeOahedlo wherelllolnalhe 
canal, from which point there la the lowing path into Dlnan. At Bobatail, 1 m. from 
Dinan are some liiea holding pike, but preaened. There la a fair tront atream la m, 
W. of unan, and a lake, which is preserved. At all the locka in the canal atray troat 
. . . ■ "' — — --t.j-- I- 1^"*^^ owing to the rlvera being overgrown. No 

at plen^ of aea flah of ^1 kinda. 

Sn^erouo.— The c"imijB are f^l of roach, perch, and eela. There are carp and pike in 

the fosie of the lortlflcationa. Large pike are caught at Bergnes. 
Ihu OhMUleB.— DilBcalt flahing, owing lo rocka and trees. Iroot small. 
Bubrnii (Daophlne).-Some distance beyond here there are good aireama in tbe vallej* 

of L'ArgenUhre and Val Lonlae. » ^ 

>,^n^,_TberB Is some good tronting tor some distance abOTe the town. 

beobUlned. t-eave mnat 

Ttdx On Arlbifs. A few good trout. 

— _t^'I^.» . _7.| u.^'.,,.^ <1.o Q.,b,«l>il, f,.ni>HAT havrmd I^Ani rhflncil^q. Tnm 1 hnrh •f,A«A 

a, SwidB-lflnrf.) 
,r Dijon),— Boms dace and chnb can be had here._ 

n Brillany, formed hj tbe Junali 

OlmaTUl*.— aniall grey mullels ace to bo cauKbt oB the qoays, natag tbe tail o 

worm, and aand eela on long-lines shot at low walor nn the aanda. 
»r*B»Ua.-The lafero and Drac, and several amal^i 

i-n (BrIttanTl.— On Trieui an 

waters of Blavet especially „ _.^ 

■ 5 a ov off). HutelJohannin being comfonablo. March, April, and May 

:he beach of Ste. Adreaae, a 
IB are the aquld, calmer, and 
centipede-like red or green 

I IbeseaaoD.andthem'ussel. 
mnd, Ifll them dry a bK. and 


190 TJie Angler'a Diary. 

btflsd with bill ot fmb-akliined ihrbnpi. Then ira wme dHfp weed; ponds tt 
rrom here, wbWA Wt aport with roach rmd mdd jartj be hft«L Near hen flowa the 

tnral. TWa rtrer. fiowiig tbnjugh thevir ' "-"—■■■ ' " ■" '■■- 

MoBUTmien, tellg Inlo Ihe Sdna tiro mill 
'Moed itj ■ avuDer and ahsUower n 

OoDinn- From Uonlhinieni up to 

In Ihla put of the tItot then on * reir Uttl* M 

IH»r hy rood fram Hsira. LwTa ■"'- "^ 

Tmrtcnu olDat*, FHw for Ihe LA 

MMonla from Feb. 1 to Oct. SL The a) — _ _ — ^ „ , 

good U^ und maj be HBhed either near the meCetn^Ung work! of U.E 

sb«it ■ mile ud ■ ball trom Ihe BkrOaqr Biltny Statka), •ppnaUon beinf m 
jDUWcer (dfrtefdip). ot. il nnanccenrDl hen. at the Ooideile, hall a mile hirdec up, wnen 
the MvUar readUf glrea leiTe. Qood Bpott nuijr be oUalned fa (ha falloir&ie trip: 
Ban to TtalSt, hair-waj betweco HaTre and Boaen, dIUgencs theuee la Canr, from irtildi 

* 'a VUWIeQra and bejood, eren down to the aea al Veotottei, yoo nOy " " 

of a large and wdl-atocked atteam, abanndtaig In trout of superior 

and flamor, parOcalarlT near VUtefleora. Bat be ei 
- loelyeTerV— ' — ^'-' 1. 1- j-j— "-,. .. 

u to the L«>ude.'"aT«^~tbe SetaH ^ 

. „ * superior iI 

^ joJarlj near Vlllsfleora. Bat be oanfol to aali p«nnlBiloa (whiph » 

Mwcelr erer be refaae^wbenerar 11 in desirable to enter the pnmlaea ot toiUs, ta 

ai any path iAI<A ia not erldentlT pabllc Filee beie n»T be 

_„ , by rail to the nelghboBrtnjt iiaUon o( 

Dp aereial nUles of a good large el *■ "— ' 

Terr large tioot, bat not 
Aadniar, acceirible by a little 
Any hotel "- "— "-■- 

.he UulerlrerQHpeaa. Bowing Into the aea a tewmOeabdow Hybrei.balda an 

sbnndance ol good chub, roach, godgeoo, Ac. The Bibing la tree. Begin at a point abool 
two mllei trom tba town, tad flah downwards. At the month of tlH Gapean grej mnlM 
may betaken with Ihe ngwonu oecasUaially. At the penlnanla of aiena, oppoalle Erkra, 
than li good flablng from the ncki In deep water for aea-bieam, wnaae, ae. The lag' 
wonn ta the beat bait. There an good polnta toiflahlDgonbotheldeaof IhotMnbunb. 
"Wlumer you aee deep water, yon may be Ban lliat Bah abonnd. The local BtlunnCD wlO 
often try to pennade yon to go out in the roida In one ot their boata. Tbia apnean to 
be a deJnaldn. The Undlord of tbo limnhle ion at Glene will at any time be able to And 

a boy. who for a (ew BUI will get yon a good stock of halt {ragworr- " - ■ 

Tbeprawn la Ibemow killing'-" " ■ — • l-.. ..-. — 

JoMUin (Brinany).— Go Onal 

bumballa (Briltaoy)-— Therli 

bBBdiwlStan (BrlttaDy)._On Elom. 

.bWlalT (BiUtany).— On LeB. Trout. 

XiUUilOB (BHtuny).— Fair flahlog 
Ir^iHir.) Salmon may ba taken In 
above brown tront an nnmeroos. 

must IH obtained 

XarOU.— On the rood to Eaoi Bounea. 

&• niAiiat (Brittany).— ffoitl : Um d'Or. Than an flre rlieis within eaay reach, all tall 
or tnnt. Abo» Le Faonel 10 tin Donh fe the Ell^ a heavy lirer, oonlaluing good tmnl 
and lola ot daoe. The I.alla la heavily wooded, and contalna fine trout and dace. At the 
nlley of St Batbe tlHre la good dablng tor small trout. Below Le Faonetlhe E^f la deen 
and Stat. AtthejnnctlonortheLaltalsagaod apot. (Su QuimperU.t 

K« bkliaat (Savoy).— Hotel derEarope; poor. There la a lake near here full ot tront. 

bonvl*.— Between Fau and the monntalna. A few trout. 

bu (Bantea Pyretteea).— Tbere are many lakes within reach holding good trout aspaclallv 
Lac Bleu. Small tront abound In the mountain strBama. 

l|»T««lll»a.— Good aea-flahlng trom the piera or boata. Soluble tackle maybe hlred.and 
variooa baJta bought, at a Und of open-air shop nearly oppoalte the Bonne. 

1I*1r »-'^* (Brittany).— At the junction ol the £]BveI and Str, one ot the beat ashing statioiK 
'-Brittany. About ten miles aoulh of Pontivy. 

" -^- -ilea oB runs Cam, holding good tront 

, Nonnaody).— On the DIvee. About two mllea of Ifaler la let by the 
DiMBvij. A--.. .........^ both below and atK>ve it, 

MaMDoim Urn MmlaM.—Uolti-.De Pais. Chsnbonrg on Dordogne. Trout 
Uloiitranll.— On the Csnohe. There an trout hero, and good sport may aomelimoa be bad 
aatacia Htndln. Bni. below Besdln. Conies joins Cauche (trout), and G m. forther dovm. 
at Boauralnville, anolhor good stream Jolna. 


JVtwice. 191 

KontMlllara (Nontund)'}.— On Lizard*; tnmti Sshlng [odtftsreot. Some Inrab1« In 

gBtdn^ kavQ from tba mlUen. 
XoAbIz (Brltun^).— FklT llBtaiDf can be bid in iUb Ddgbbonrbwd. iSiiBral.} 
■COTMin.— Tbne hoari from Vlre by diligence (mpproMhable i3m> bj diligence from 

ATiuchM, St Htl^ie, uid OrenvLile). A little trout BBtalng In tba Cknce, 4 n. beknr 

lh» tDwn, on tbe bigb read to Sl Ua&lie on tb« 1«f I. Tbe Sibing ii cms fot tbemon put. 

Thaawb-j-bonddbn In tbe ttvoarlta 11;, uid Uiy-By In Ita wwon. Bbowj Olei uhIbu b 

gtatnL BtUii; D« Is Pons ud St. Onllliunie; both diT»; but filr table d'bSU W 

foinMC, Idlh board M *rper day. Good lodging" may be bad f ■*" 

Uogn and atundanee. Tbe only trtmt ia tbe too tnmbUng at 

fat BHle lllliigB, rarely more (ban flie 1- -■--'-- - 
MUkl (Cantal).— Fair ttoaHof bers. 
ViO*.— Bome fair grayling flifaing can be had at SL Ifartln Lanti 

hotett. Some 1} m. oO. near tbeCbapel of Hadona dl Feneeira. Is i. . 
Ottakd.— Very Una amclta can bscBDghtln the harbour from tbe qii 
OnshtnmiA.— ToleraUs fiahlng is to be bad bere, 
P^spia (Brittany.— Good aea-Bsblng ronnd (be coaat Howl ; Qlegni 

ItrenaretheLafl.tlH THeni, the Jandy, (be Gnlndy, r--""^- " " 

and lb* beat locaHllea tor iport are Foncrleui. aalng 

BQne-lalfr^a-Terre. Sahnon may be caagfat at LannloE 

i> good fliUng In the tidal liver. 
FMnl*n.-~On Ariega ; trout. Poor tlahing. Fishing 
Tak.—Ooo(1 general &hing, ■• . 

<ri>ece, gudgeon, uid a eood many troni. vhich take By 

ndghbouiac'rlllBge of Coartaie ia a goodatatlaii (or trooi 

tmuUenndeittia rallwa; brtdge, alab bdoir the can 

Cheap and pretty eomfortable qnarten. 
TlMMn <BrltUny).— The DDnranruDa near; aalmoi 
FloailB*! (Brlnaay).— Aim.- Hotel du Commerce. 

Ifte and eeli In the hike, bnl tbe banhi are vary 

„.— TheBlBTBlmnBiiear, It ie naed ai a canal. Therear 

■bmairtwregDOdtnmimaybetakeD. Hotel: Hotel d« Toyageim, by no meani 
The tront fludog, in the department of Uorbnian. ie prohibited tmtllJune 1. T 
howarer, tn^lo the eanalt and oaTlgable ■tmmi, {Set Htlrmd.) 

VontilaBK^^Tlttonr). (Am/wb^.) 

Tult-BeaKB(Brittany).— OnScorffi Eoadtrontbigi aabnon aametlmEi. 

QnlMar (FlniBlarrs).— On Odet anf Sta r; aea-troat and troot Uackerel 

Tery good bait for ■e^.tront here. ""- »' "• " "-j i— ■-' • 

palmen. eoch-y-banddha, and dot 
talL alder fly, and Hareh hrowi 
haAlMed; wing, iroodoock. 

QDbnparl*.— On Elli; aalmon, tront, dace, Ac Tbe fishing Ih tbit fair, eipedally ni 
therWerat LeFaooet and Pont Avon, at vblrA latter place uere ia fair accommodation 
For diea naa red, yaDow. and brom bodlei. 

OoIntliL (BriRany).— Theie Is a lotetable treat atrcAm here, and tbe qnanera are good. 

BOChs-BarElan (Brittany). <S« Paitt^l.) 

■oipotAia (Brittany).— There laadno lake hare, bi-' -■--•— ■- ■- 

BMtnnwi {Brittany).— The lakea ot Qlonr ■ ' 

•t. OKzadao (Brittany),— A Tlllace near Lond^ao. There ia a fajr atreom here containing 

St. nxmlu (Daophlne),— On Serereaae ; treat. Fair anglers' accommodation, i m. 
dmni from St FlnninSeiereaae Joins Drac. Fishing poor, hot It la beat aborsStFlnnin, 
4 m. np to Boox, and beyond to La Chapelle. Ttiare la only a cabaret at Bcnx; at La 

yelloir, dark and light oooh-y-bonddhu. black hackle, and plain body, or ribbed with 
■flier, and red aplnner. The bean vaten ot Drac ai« well north fishing. 
•t. OamulK-an-tay*.- There Is tittle flahlog hers. It Is 30 in. from Fails. 
St. Joiuad* rials (Brlltany).— On Ban™; tront flahlng fair. Accommodation poor, 
■t. KalO.— There la fair aea-fiidilng otl hern; pollack ronod all tbe shoals; mackeiel. 

•t. Omu;.— Good ny fishing. The Hotel de la Poate is the beat inn. The Aa la two 

milei oil. Bod the Lye nine miles. They conuiln tery fine trout 
■t. Vol-d*-KMB (Brittany).— The Dourdoot rnna near; aei^troot and yalloir trout The 

TlTor is preserred, but leaxe can be obtained. 
■t. Talazy-nMlBiix.-^Jrip may ^,bude from^ere, 'hrongli the Utile watering place 


192 The Angler'a Diary. 

■t. T«l«Er-mz-SamBU.— Then ii batURli Oi 

ib_often 11^ fly tn«>^. momfnguid anoIiiK, Lftrga bmrbel : 

low enon^h to aUor 

at miking tbenoo. Tlia liule rWsr Len la tnll <^ small cbnb uid gudgeon. FUhlng^ 
mat 1M begaa from the bridge m the Lu Bordea road. «mie tva uid a halt mllea from 
Toulotiie, and fliheil qi atmun, ui]«aa tbo iruer li high. SmiU redworm pajs bm here. 
The Tdnch, maMhar smiJI etnun. a little tuther from Tontoiue. tiabont the game tlahlng. 
Tbn PioDth of the Ariegfli dlatut abotjt elereo mlla up the Ganmue, ia a good general 1 — 1 . T — 1™.(, a^ spori Is gsoeniUj Tfiry Inferio- 

lie Cfan and canal are within an 

..jd Vienna, and lie Hltle Atreama, tl . _, , 

Hi latter joins Loire at Vonvray. Loire contains aalmon, pite, barbel. diu». At In the 
Uerilreame and pooda are carp.oela. and porch. Tbe most lihely placea for pdke are 
le Loire at Nolsay or Vemaa (betwGen Hub pisra and Ambolae), or below Toora, at 
ODCtlDn of the Cher and Vienna reapectfrely. The fiahing in the neighbourhood ol 
'a la not lo good. On the Cher, Ohenoncnaui, Afflj-8ur«her, and HL Avertln, oHor 
MBlchanct On the Indre, Montbaion is i Uliel j spot Minnowa, gudgeon, or amaU 

_.. ... ,. Qfl Qoindrj. Salmon and tront. 

Ti«port.— Sea-lrout, trout, roach 4o. Wlthlo a quanar of !. mile la a loci, with twtt 
heavy ralla— a goOd apoL tVlr trunt flaUng can be had at Crleull, alao In a atrsam wmia 
two league! off. A law Ironl and aome larjie roach cm bo eaqghl in tlie canal leading to 

Eu, one leagn off. Thaflshing at Gamechfla, four Icaguaa "'' '■ ''*- **"' "*' -"-*- ■ -•- 

-'" ' ■" ■--- -■ oblalnM. 1 

let, we tnliere ta la 

the water la let le»« mnai be obtained. By paying, good pEka 
L'UabIa, at OaTeni-on-the-Ses. two and a bkB hoara' drive oB. 
jid eelB In ihia lake. Above Entbe rivar la let, we tnliere w la 

EngUahman, for a leagna 

TtObjr- — Goodtronting in the valley of the Llcbon and Alller, free. 

Tiza.— Flahing protected among the numeioua woollen miiia. The beat water le by 
Oraveiie, live kllomitrea on (he high road to Thorlgny. Here the Vire and Vlraine hai* 
Boiled, and form a large open river. Good trout, but dace wlthoot end in the holea. 
There ia a lid^ village Qahlng Itm at Oiaverie ; or board and lodging mar be had at the 
Hotel St. Florre, In Vire. Tba Vire. above the town and the mlUa, nuu ^ron^ a pertact 

Torz*pp«. (S» OnaotJi.) 

Tntot.— Al Cany eoms fair IronUng oan be had. 


. ... le between Bemagen and Liniig. Ten mllea from Altenahr la 

Nenenahr. FiBhine ia poor. Twanty-llTomllaa off lea large liks tnll of good perch. 
BMt Boll (Black Forest).— Qood Ireul flahing for about i m. from the Hotel Tltlaee, 

BnAmi- Baden.— Fair trout and grayling flahing to ihoMoBig, aoma little way off. The 
river la praaerved, we believe. At Qernabith Iroutlng can be had in tha Morg, TIekeU 
lor Mnrg lo be obtained at a ahop in the Oolonnade hj peraonal applieatlon; Ax, 

muat he obajned from the'poUce, The flahing, about 10 m. long, nma from cloae' abfra 
tiemibach to above Foibach. paeslng Oberalrotb, Hllbertsan, Wigaenbach, Langen- 
brand, and Gaiubach (tan; Outhana-zura-Waidhorn, clean and cheap). The oppar 
pan Is the better tront and grayling water, and the lower for chub. 4o. AlForbacbha 
decent hm, the Uon. Some distance lanher up is Schonmihuaeh. The Foal la a good 

TbATA are a few am^f (root sod dace In the ntream running through fiaden. 

" 11 (BavarIs).~There la good flahing in the river, from thla place to tb* 
ve muBl ba obtained. The tenillorii of the Watiman Hotel will aite an 
■ ■ - ■ •■■leKonigSee is aruatic mn. Quod tronllng can be 

ar. being ao much netted. Tbe river ia a fillhy ditah. 

jovo Ottenburg. On Ktoalg. Tmut, gMjling, ohnb,' 

KiWg See. I*ave 
inlreduciion. At th 


Hoffland'a Fan 


No angling na 

le. There la a 

Sibariob (Baden).- 

nfl«n mllea ab 

dace. Tha landlord 



Oermany 198 

■ana.— Tnnt, gnjUng, and chnb. Pilr mmtsI BbUhk >d the BUih. cbab, duM, btMk, 
An. Then us muT MrlwI. uid ■ few pike and Urge peroh. Chub m*; be Mlun (nsly 
iilih DmcIi cbecM, iIbo with a, pitbcrilHt nMe compiBed of Boar, milk, uid mn. na 
Sieg, flowing Into the Bhloe. 3|fn. below Bonn, on lbs oniiMile bwk, contatu tuIoh 
ourM Sail. Neu Bonn <s KSnieswtnlsc, at Ills toot ol tbg Ssnm Moantalni. uMl UMiIr 
0pI»illeEUiUgBwlnlerliBa1aiiduck,baita fair apoM tor ■lltOeaport. ThaAhrJotau Uw 
BblDB s( Bsnugan. soaie mllei Bbore Bomi. Halt way np ths Emubng. a bin {ut ont- 
ilde Bonn, 1< a pmd oontalxdng abnnduios of t«tt IIbs carp, leave fOr iniloh may soms- 
timei bs obtained. A anwll itrsam Sows Into Ue BMne aoaa I m. below Bonn, on the 
•uMilde. Br flahlng op l)ni. eudlent apart ma; bs (Atoned, either with ndwonu or 
gruibi^per, among chub, Ac, with ths chance ol a troot 

■ •■ '"-Taria).— Good tro.nUiw four boor* oB ; permlertoo from landlord of hoM. 

S (Badsn).— On ths Bchlneoht. Hotd Bad Bnukhana (ut AdttrtUaimt); 
—. ....„_ and ^Tntaeh. Seren mile* excellent irontiag. panlj muffal ; Bihlng free 
to gaaan tor Schlneeht and Bhlne. StatloD. WaUihoC. 

CaUantl,— TbeielBalaksnsarhsieeonlainlngTsrrlargeTdks and perDhi flibing tres; 
iroo iDut pi^ for tbe aab at the market prtce. PlenQr at geoenl Oahlag both In Blilne 

DHML iSee Aix-ta-Cllap^ll.) 

Sunurtadt.— Nol far off are ths Ualns and Bhlne Plfeeand othsr Sab can be gancllt iB 
U» Snwie, Woog, Amonm, TMob. ka.. Dear tbe town. 

SoBkUMUaraa (Badsn).— Brigaoh ; ahnb, grayling, trooL Brsg, S m. oB. at VoHer- 
dlngsD! Iront; fliblngfalr; the landlord of (he faolel on get leave. Lakei: InPrtnoa 
Fontenberfr'a park ig a large lake boldtng good trooL Haiti, Bohotceo. 

BuMnwarUl (Bavaria).— On Danabs. (i9M JfinlcA.) 

Oniidiui,— Ths Elbe % pVia, perch, and the uaaal Bsb. Annual lic«DCe Hi. per aflnun 
within t m. of ibe town ; be^nd that ii free. At I^ma, half an bonr oB b; nil, Ihsrs la 
ume [air tnmt lahlng ; alBO at Scbaodan. two honn' dlHicnt, a Uitle Oahlng can be had 
hi the Kibe, below the town. QDanUtln of imall fiih may be eaoght at the joDCtiou ot 
the Weiaeriti, 1 n. down. There Is good trontlDg In Ihe Polenitbal Yallay, 3 n.walk 
from Bathen, one atatloa bsfond Scbandan. 

DKisaUofL— On Hhlne. Tnerearea/Av aalmoa and tront, with plmtj of ehub.andolbar 
'-*-. In Uar, a Oab called Mar-flah rona up the river; the; vrlll not take a fl;. 
" ■ ■ - Dtina poor, bot plsntj of chub and ooarae ftah. 

D.— PlenlT of coane flab and chnh above the tows ; preaerred b; an 
le daily lickela lor a amall fee. Plenty of barbel here. Some good 

tHonag (BaSm).- ffsUI : Sommer'a Zmn Zabri^ger Eol. On Drelgam \ tronl and 
grajUng. 10 m. N. at WaldkErcbea there la good trootlng In Ele ; apply to the landlord of 
(he poxt-hoiue. AtOaha (/FsUJ: Wllden Kaon) some trootlng can be had by leave from 
Ibe proprietor. At Paldbiug', 34 m. off, the hotel on the spot renla the aabing of 
Feldaee: trout nm large. 

rnraan (Bavaria).— On Lech; hnchen. There are aeveral lakea near here ^ HopfenSe* 
and BanwaM See, and aome amaller tama near Hohen-Schwuigan. a realdeace ot ths 
king. Tbetwolakeaarsvmeatlonel contain pike andaleirlKniIaudoDarBeflah! leave 
can be obtained eszllv. The gmall lalies are atrictlv preserved by the Ung. There are 
aome small lakes near Bosakanpten two honrs (mm Fllnen, An honr'a ride from FUaaen 
la Beans, in Tyrol, on Lech, conlalDlng tront and grayUng. The flshhig la free and not 
very good. Thers are two lakes near Bentte, tbe one nearest the town contains plenty ot 
carp. Near Bentte Is the AnA Stream rlatng fn some lakea, and coDtalns tront and gray. 
Ung. The master ottlM Crown Inn will give leave to flsh 11. (See licM.) 

MMbtttnag.—Sli honra from Cologne no An, By alayhig at the Kronen Hotel fi^r 
troaUng can be bad. 

BuiMl'Oii-tli*-lCalii.— Twelve milea by road from rrtuktort The Klnidg river mna 
near the town, and Is toll of pike, chnb. Aa Halt an honr'a ride from Hsnan la a aub- 
msrgsd valley. When the Ukn becomea flooded, tbe water and Seh enter the valley, the 
latter tnJiig Istt behind In the old peat holee when the walera have rc«3eded. Very large 
pDie and perch are then to be bad. The landlord of the Inn near there ohargee ninepence 
tor every pound weight ot flah yon lake away. WInea and reelanratlon good, and 
moderate charges. 

BwTi«i>Pli (Baden).— Elndg: grayling, chnh. troat, Ac. Htle>, Bailway; tbe landlord can 

KliuUllMrff (Baden).— On Neckar ; barbel, chnb, dace, roach, perch, Uay-dsb; Oabing 
verypoor.^.i.aiJ. Ordinary Engliah Olee answer here. The Uay-Sab la the shad. Good 
tront flablng 8 m. from Heidelberg by payment ot Sd. (or every poond weight ot fleh yon 
catch and take away with yon. Veiy targe tront at the WolTs Spring. 3 m. oB; bottom 
Beblng for cbnb near the barge wharf |8 beet. (See Nedtar-SUinaeA.i 

XMia 0»M«J,— There la a fair tront aiream near. 

X*f (Bavaria),— (A« Iiehl.i 

Bombu^ (Baden).— Qutaeh ; tronl. grayling ; preserved tor 3 m. by the landlord of the 
Bear Hotel; flshlngtalr; wading necesaary. The brooke Baahach and Ober Ealenhaeb, 
Dear the town, are imall, and contMn a talr atock of ehnb. They are preeerved by the ' 
landlord of Ihe hotel Victoria, vbo hae aome trontlng also. Nldd nma 4 m. from here 


The Jingler's Diary. 

nehsU, M. per dij. sui be obtalneil from tli» bnrgemiebiMr. Fleoij' ot ohab aod vUM 
flch, (IK) pEk«. 
Bammstaat (BanrJa).— On the HDadft UK] Oannuin line, (SscRmtM.) IntbeAlp 
S«s tbtre ira pWty oT plka, bnl ua Inmt. Thare are one or tno ]&kei neu Hiniuiell, OB 

ffi Bof&] KarhonH. BftiJe; plke^ bftrbel^ ohnb, tac^ ; & nun 
. Then It gonA trouHiucmt Neaatwlt (10 m, oS). 
He; pike, roMh, *c. The Olinfnri hold* rou*. bat 1«T« 
mun » aDiunea. n«a : Kaiser V. Oeetemlch, 
KoDinlMrg' (Pnuiain).— Ho one Blloned la uwle la the rirer Pregel, u it !■ rsnued bj 
lbs Ibhanneii. Thlrt; mirks. urSOi. perultr. The OuUe Ukr, ntsr U» toni, It abonl 
4n. long, uid the [¥i<ldenu dd the buihaus allowsd to fiah troo tbdr IkwuB. TbeUke 
eon(*Lru Ttry larffe carp nnd perch, Thers are reotADisDtd on ths tnnki, tndgaeMBai* 
■Hewed to sn^le rrom their gardens, 

■ •- ^- ^—'--^ cbob, perch, Ac, Flshin|r Indlfferont, 

the Whlepen. vhlati rons Into lbs Bblne bers. Apply to tba 

luiaiora oi tne kv qitb aiphQ. wmre 
■mall. «o on] J good In the apring, 
liaonlisljB IBadan}.— Good pike uid coarse flshing In the Bblne and Nsckar, For 
BhluB a vcATly ticket Is to be obtained from the police at the KaDThAaa. alao penniaika 
from a Berr Uerer, Tbo renU Aahlng {bla addraaa can ho obtained f rom aur flshmongtn. 
For Neckar, ticket, a marka.mnsl he obtained from Sehloaa, Vtii flahing; veirgr"' 

ohnh flablnir near rallwa; bridge: also good flsblng in ■■--*-- ■---' ■ " * 

■odetf of 10 mamhen at M marka aaeb. At Mannheln 

'V, Colllngwood, oppoflUa Katlon ; veir obliging, and knovt the r 
—11 (B«TBria),— (Sm Imminttadt.-j 

dab with a O7, The landlord of the Crown will give loaia, Mendorf la dli 
Wlaabadan a quarter of an hour bj laU, 

10 Nondorf brook there la good ttoat flahing. 

noTST),— There aie three rlTsn here, the Folda, Verra, andWft 

uu>ise ash, barbel, ehata, Ac, There la aplendld pike flaUng in a large pool, foi 
had or the Folda, 

Mruilsll (Bavaria),— In the Isar and Amaser fi^r graTllog and bochen fiahlnA ca 
leaia not Tery dlfflcoll to nrocnre. The heat flidiing Is In the Danube, belwe 
werth andBe^Dsburg, and In the Inn, between Paaean and Rosenheim; leavf 
' proonrable for a soiall snm. Tbere la a comfortable Inn at Ifewhsos, an 1 
Paaian. aSglDg and Brancan, higher up the riier. are good ststioas. Accon 

Manun (Bavaria),— There are two lakea here, Slaflal Bee and KisgSee, 
We bellece the landlord of the principal hotel can obtain leaTs, By taking a crosB maa 
Sanlgrub can be reached. AeeoDunodalJon indurerent. TbeAumernmsnear.BOMalnlac 
trout. The Ashing between Saalgmb and Ilnter Ammeiigaii It Tar; good, but it la doublfnl 
whether flablng can be luid at Ihli latter plaoe. At (he Tillage of Balersayco, thaw 
quarters ot an hour from Saalgmb, on the road to Seongau, la a amall lake conMlnliy' 
trouL and wltbla an hour of Balanwjea, at Wadsldg, li anotber lake. 

Vvnaudt.— (&< Kiuinain.) 

VeokKT-StvliiMh (10 m, from KaUolberg).— Fair Irontbig; tIekeU from the Ina- 

VUdtir Andorftl (BaiarlB),_Da the Innsbmak line. Two hours and a half oft Is WkIA 

See, containing rood tront. 
OdirbrtWk,— Oder, In the pools sre largo Iroat. 
Otltaitnxt (Baden).— Sinzlg; cbuh, grayling, pike, perch, trout, roaeh; presaned bj tba 

munleipauty ; s,t. (only) 14 marks. The nml stream la preaerred bj the miliar ; pay ■ 

tao.— (hi Ins, (Su JTunlcA,) 

IS (Saioo^,— Half an hour br rail from Dmden. (iSh Dradoi.') 
pu.— On Moldan. There are ^en^ of Bah hare, and trout Id lis trlbuuriee. 
~ " flrlako, Good dshlng. 

. (Sm BgnfUetffarden. 

n (Bavaria),—^)?! Ina. A small river here Joins Inn, which contains gnTiliv 

(SftloOT). (SMBradm.) ^ 

Solultanlurftai.— On Wottawa; tront; ■ good station. 

■«UuMnlN>d {Nanan). (Sa Hindorf.) 

■ohWUMOli iNasaan),- The landlord of the HolelUetnmole rents 3E m, of ■ One atraam, 
which he preserrea for hla fialtort ; aa doea also the landlord of the Hotel Masgao. 

■dLwunblUH)' (Thdrlngen 'Wald),— Splendid tnint flailing in Schwartia, also gravllu; 
permission to ibh is giren bj landlord ot hotel Zum Walsieu HInch, SehwarBlnr* (0 
TMtors auylng at Eotel; spesks Engllah, and Tory obliging, Tha F 
Oiblng, but never glree permlulati. Book to Blankenbnrg, UM drive. 

10 Blankenbnrg, 

... .(..oogi 

Solland— Italy. 195 

Mnlaik*.— On Bod« ; gsod trontliig ; psrmlaaio 
■ttwbiuv.— A TULigB ten mUM from Aam. on 
ftlAtlB.— Tbe Odsr; <relB, pike, peTch, farwa 

Biltic. Thore «« MTarBliikeg between BUMn MS ierlin, &s proprieton erf wbloh 

gener^tj give Imtb to angle. 
Co1x.-Od laer. Flentf or cosne flab, ind eanw troDt. 
*?'^'? (Bidfin).— GotMb ; Iroat Some tlllle Ssblng la attuhnl to two or thiM nl ttu 

Tlinanbiuv. — On Ecfceri good nuntlae, bslongfog to Coani Stolberg; pamladoa 
Imwmiljle. Leaie <■ •onutlmei flten, toirovBr, by HBfr too Kflnlg tor Me ■■■J-j 

TolmKT-oB'B**.— Pike, percti, Ajs. 

*^"3>»ln».— Abf! tront, ohnb, bo.; fliblnj poor below, bnl Wr ibOTB. Aooom- 

Htiaciil'flyonlyi Bai 

Chirge for flahtag, Bi . ., , . .. ._ 

mi-.. _■___ _. >.., .. ^Qi^ ErbprlnB, lbs proprietor of whlob, Mr. P, 

TslnlMlm (Bftden). — Qood tront Aeblng; ponuUBlon cui be obtained el tha nJtisam 

ai op jJItb, or maj be porchasol »t Ii. ML per poao 

.?, or II. perweet. ''— - "■"■ -^-^- 

Ihfi Hotel ErbnrlM 

WlMbwIau. (5uJfnto/0 

WlldlMd (WortembeTK).— Bj ptying tbras florini t week to the leuea ■•»• nur be 

obtelned to flah In the nver- There sre & few tront uid grtflioM. 
VlndlaelillKtral.— fia«Ii: HoielZiunBinEtecuidScliIoi* WeliHBMeiB. IhI. Tba 

kcdlord rente the fiehlng. Qood troutiiw ein be hsd In ttae Deleregger-BMh. wUoh 

Bom Into iBfll At In der Hnben ^ tbo tlebhig begine aX HopfnrtAn, FlBhliw !■ aIm 

foodtlgbernpntai. Velt 
VolflMili (BiMlen).— Elniig ; grayling', tront, cbnb, So. : preaarrgil puUj br the UodlOKl 

ortboholeL Walt; eune Bah. A«*f, SiJmen. 
VoUthmg (LaTuiBkiU).— AMel: Sohellander. On IaiuUi tront md gnTlIng; pn- 

urred, bnl Imyb cftn be hid on pijiment. There Is a pspler nuclw mill Hnne In. 

aboie, which U Oiata Injorsa the fiiMng below. Above, Uu flehlog ii muoh betMt. 

The Arllngbaclt, a tilbntan' of t^nnt, hoMs One BbIi, but ii muoh orergniiin). 
hlmw (BaTMia).— Good trouting i Ihts from landlord ot hot*!. 


nu&tiOK. — Excallent enort among pike, perofa, oarp, roaeb, and breatA in 
le nnmerooB eansle. A Uceaoe for SiblDg with any lackte or net, T flotlaa 
ne laUng onl a Ucenoe may Datu prorlded be haa leaia oier the reqnlalta 
water. Ae a rule, parmlailon la treely aecordal. Pike EUhliig maybe had on the Haet, 
n«ar Onre, which fa reached by steamer from Botterdam or Bola la I>Da ; at Nymegoea^ 
aboni 9 m. fnno Ambeim; and at Onderkltk, on (he Zieel, < n. from Botlerdam, betintti 
Botlordam and Qouda. To Onderkirk a boat nuu twloe a day from BoHMdam. Thero 
!■>».,. i.,fcH.hi«»uh> huitnitia ri.>TB(I<oo,lbe>tation tor whidtlaAppledar*. Ttai 
. lay be obtained through ana ol a* tnnlnepan 

North Brabant, in the itrsn Tongreep and DommeL whidi niB 

the •llUge of Vallieiiawaaid, a few i^ke am to ba had, bnt thn an not 
vary hirge. The rl<rera In North Brabant are mnddy aad alog^h ; they aeam wall aloekad 
wliheela. There are no trout, but plenty of roach and daoe. SiielM oan IM Mkia turn 
many of the quaya and piera, and Oat-fiah and esls an nnmarona. 
SaUt.—Plenty of amall ooarae Qih In the canala. 

llMCtrlaht.-On Maea; coarae flab. Including pike, bream, roaeh, shnb, «o. 
" ' ' — CoaraeaBh,eBli,Badp1enty arDnBDai^ln thsoanala. 

tl Infbmuitlra.— BaiB, grey mnllet, and Tarfsttaa of the bream ara eanglit at 

ie lake la Tery deep. 


T^ke Omnoi trout, pike." 

"'[ hoars from Milan. On Lake of Qarda, There Is fair Un 
enmmfir. A nah ealled eatmlani rlaa freely to the dy, but mn smalf . 
yioienoa.— There la tench Oablng In Lake KenUna and alio ta the Acno. 
4*noft.— Grey mallet nan be oapgbt at the antnnot o( ttu IHaagDO stnuD al 
the d^ walla ; alM bail, braam, and red mallet. 


fomgtui Bpeenlktoin or mlddlemeo. Tbb gntttrnt outtlan ia taatm$rt b«fon 

J96 T?ie Angler's Diary. 

1m»a.—Oa tjvo flwo; teooh, ehsli, idke. ud > Fsw luge tronl. The Unah ud ohntr 

■TB fond of poleaU nnd illkworni gmli, uidmajlM u):«a rrom the itaore. At Breiw 

(beC4(UonmgliiIolheltfe«. LBkatroDlconatnnllTUoend thsitroam from lbs lUe. 
iTrek.— Then ue tmr unilU iKhei ant hare, &Ibo the river Don, oanulning Iront •od' 

perch. Tte BtUi de rBnrope le comrort^le. The town li slRutsd mt the entrmniM of 

I^ Tlmila d* Sta. Vol.— Id the Vel ds Tlgnea. BelH: DtByojhgaa*. Thersiigoodi 

tKmdng ta the lain mnd Lk de Tlgnta. 
Lm TMranuttaa.— Uont Oenli. SMI : F«lhonie of tba Hoat Oeoli. There is ■ Uhg 

Den ben, beloigiDg to Uie moi^aKhe Hnplce, oontahitDg One tn>i»{ le*ve mnet be 

MrJoIIo*.— On Lake of Oome. There Is sDme U^maog here, 
Xlmaaoo.— On Vti BermenlA. There 1> t. tolerable lao here. Troatins Tory f Ur. 
•ardlBlA, T»1n"^ of.— TioBt nporied In ^ the ■tmuns. Qood hotel aX OMTUftri. 
Ula-MKiia BiKBdlua.— There ue two likea hen end plant]' of Croat. The holal !• 

eomton&bla. BHi Le^e la better (him SUva FlBaa Luke. Jane and JdIt ere the beet 

taionthe i September la a fanoa monih. 

TkniUo.— TUa ta a good haad-^nartsra to Bih the alreanu on the Italian aide o[ If onM 
Sola, all of vUoh oonl^n trool. It la next lo oialeiB to flab wbea the anew !■ meltlnt 

Il«um Infenutlon.-JWnKn and Baa nm,— It may be mii that all the ealmoa 
rlrerm of uiy Taliie or namtWiUi/v are already leaaed. Now and then one geta into Hi* 
anted f ram ^Ing onl, but geoarallr the ohanoa ta 

■a adnrtlBed 
ot and payias 0'* nni (iHilch le elwaye p*M tn sdnooe). 
w luiunu wuMiw ehonld be haaleted 00, ae well aa aeoarate hifonnaUor — 
•npe, and other IWUaE rl^ta. nvHdHdOks'.— The tnatiag toorlat, 
■aan. aeee a ODDDlrT Btadded with tonmnerable lakee and laoed orer Wiu> > uvvovckvi 
. All of uew ooDlaln iront. eon* of them obar, ind udm of them giayll^ 

'-— ^-mlf poaalble. BoetamaygenenDTbe 
— 1 V J 1.. — .J. „ tfioM llttia ti 

flufonAlj. Tbe bat a»rt le not obttinedln tnrbiiknt water, howvrer likely lookbic, 

InUinOMiiareeTCnlTSowlnBaaeaina oonneellBglakea. Tha Tl'en 00 "- ■-••v. 

cnat watenfced of the Dorwfield and — "-"-" — •-"-- •- -vi 

Ka wot Tlu aDuOa ilTen are bettoi 

■!» wllh rnpect to the lakei. In these , . 

■boat •aylalaBde or banks, jnstwhen the ahora dliappaara .. . ., 

iMt. On a lee iho» dnrlnc windy ■re*llier latva tcont wlU often tike eloaa to Ow 
baak. Before niaiiy yean pass orer, It wlD be neeaaaarr to laaae tCDnt llahfaa; 
^ideed. manj takM u* at the preaent moment tteted, althoo^ peimlBslaB (0 Oab Ta 
Mldom withheld- T^idJc^-^ieaalmOD daber knowe aQ about tackle when be eaoeBrtafaB 
npon what Und of water he la lo be located. The ordinary patterae, In dUlanat ilMi 
•0 )Bli tbe rapid chancea In the height of the river, ara all ihatwlDhe reqniced: IMIo 
UOyaidaof ninnins use, treble and tingle gat for heavy and One water. DependaUa 
iedde oannot eaally be obtained hi Norway. Tor inwL SooMh lake Um, larin at 
amsllei aoeoiding to amanDt of wind, will kUl on the lake*. Bed-bodied Uaa widi 
vallard wlnga an beat for riven ; all the principal mak^n know the laaklo nqn^tt^ 
Jti. CDnimlni, of IHahop Anoklaad, In hie oatak^ae, gliei • Uil of flit* whloh be foond 
HDen daring a tnmtlnc toor in Norway. A ■Dm>Iy of nooni, phautOBt, and Denaa 
mtaincwa lOTlake aidnDliig ihoold be taken. The gut ehonld lie itnmg, and the Ua* 
It yanU. A 14ft. donble-handed trool rod. with extra topa, ind ta« toi a^nnluc, vraold 
be but It only one rod be taken. An lift, rod and mar taeUe aD nmnd vonid be 
Boeaaionally narfnl. ne net ahonld be a folding one, and lug* and capable of belag 

be pauder Mnn. A rod box. made with (true 
If the oani-- ' ' — *-"— '- "-- ~ 

pnrteoikiD to tbe Todiu The ifwr* u 

'*' *" — % and galten to nud agalnat ' , 

mactnloahjTeaoliliig down to tlia gallan. 

■nnltable lor wading. Oiod wateriooof boola, and galten to ratit 

daw, wilt be found better than waden. Agood mactnloahjTeaoliliig d 

i* Isdlapeaialila, and a ■n'-weatar would be (onBd a oonrorL Slioold the tranUac 
drink whttky, bs bed better bring Ua aiipply Iram_Englaiid, aa no ndrlt* can be 
obialnBd In NorwaT. except atOhrtatlanla. Ba^en. and T^oikUem, and an^ iHge towna. 
Aaaem, ^— WIlBon'a line of atoamwe from HdH ahd London to Be^an aad 
OhiladanlaladeaervedlTp^alar.BndmBohBMdbjipartnua. Btithi iboold be Hmed 

Jfdrway and Sweden. 

, ., Jt iMuL thmt feirtoarliK ir«vel lia QtM% tod 

Deunuk. Fuw ilxiat the ume b; th« WUua ud HklTonsa llnu, dl. ntum. 
InoIufTO of TlctaaUiag. Than ire lowl iteunera on sferyrjecd, uid on moat of lb* 
luger lakes. lufomutlca In the '■ Norgea CommnnlcatloaBC." a kind ot Bndiliaw, to 
In obUIatd at Bannett'a ihopa at Bergon or Chriitiaula, or al Bojer'a io Ihe main 
•treet (StranilsHlnO. Bergsn. Tlie land traveUing la bj carriole, lUilkliBiTe (or two 
perMoe. or open carrlasa tor three or mora, Ths Itua luggage ulun the better. 
OvUi aa(*$, kapt, Jft— BaadMtwi " Honray and Sweden" oontaini all the reouMM 
Ittfonnatlon for traTelUng, aa veil u oumflraas mApi. Alter Biing on a dUIrfct tor 
fiaUog Dparalioiiil, It mnild be «ell to order the iheeuof the Ordnanoe SorreT throngh 
Sunlonfa, ot CharlDg-croii, or Iher michl be leliiclAl al BeimBn'a gr Ber«'a at 
^jlirUtLania or Beigen. InformatLon aa to monar, luggage, langoags, polling, Ac, 1* 

In Norwaj tbo occupier ot l&od has primi /atU aa 6ec1db1tb right \a all flaherlea apon 
ft ; and, eicept on public or naala .ande, no one elee can olalna any right to nee a roi^ 

OHO, Blraiigera are treel; aliened to Siti tur trout, char, or grajUng. thaj do eo b^ lb* 
rermlHBlon ot the occupier atpTtsB or Implied. Stranger* shoald IM oantol not to 
treepaas, and BhealLl alvaya apply tor permlBBlon at the neArett honae, eren whttl tha^ 
beHeTo that they are npon waelo lande orer vhloh the pobUe h*(e rigbtj at commoB. 
Ihe mDBt Important rlTera In Ibe province ot Tromail an Ihe Baban. SUbboIMn, 
Haal, SkS. Salang. and Lokheltei the oihers, tboogb anmoTDDB, ara toe tte moil put 

larger rivers were ouce tull ot Baluon und eea trout, but Uw Hook of tiah hu bMS 
aerlooBly ilinilniahHi Beginning trom Ihe frontier t^ finmarken, and (oUowlng tba 

TlverB Bncceed each other In their natcral order. 

BiHDEEN B.. ti SI.— BlBlng in the Baddem Vand, a lake, 1 m. long tull ot non- 
■nlgntory flab, the ilver ot the tame name talla into the KiMoangsn Fjord. At bnl a 
short distance f rem tlie aea flih are atopped by a watertall, Inameffiatel; helow vhich a 
good nimjber ol sahnoa are taken ever; year. 

BnosaA JoK.4m.-A amBll Btnam, dnrinlng halt.a-doien lakes of no great bIh, and 
blling Into the Kvenangen Fjord. 

NiiHSNiiEA B., 14 fn.— iBBDlng tram the Sloba Lake, on the boidere ot nunarkeo, 
the Hlemenalka tails into Ihe BTganaogen Fjord. 

Olhi B.. ok Abbo Jok, IDJ in.-From C^ Abbo, 3{ m. long, to ItB month in tba 
Evanangen Fjord, tlie Obna Ib I m. long. 

NivsT K., 31 fn.— From its aoiirce In the gladere ot Beiegel Haldi to the Svenangai 

■almoD, which are there pretty snmerous, an stopped by a irsierfsU. There an tront 
hi the upper part ot Ihe riier. 
OBBfJOBIiB OB Stobseoqs B, 17( IB.— From Its rise In BokMlgaiieah. betneen Iha 

mlkja ot the Naret and Beleen. the Ortstjorda B' — " "■ •- "■ 

BtorakogsdsleD, and 14 m-Irom [ta aonrr- ■-- '■-- 

Blum IL, 70 m.— Next to the UmI. the B^aen la tho targM rlTar in iha proTlnM. II 
rlgea close to tba tronHar ot Ftmnarkeo, ta ■ lake ot the same name, and reaehel the ua 
attbeheadortbeBdaenFIORL Abon Elvarold, B| m. tron the head ot the nord, tbor* 

an heaTT raplda i thence me rlnr Ib navigable to a point a little abore Sappen, the laat 
.farm In theTalley. and disUol byvaler mom than 39 «. trom the aea. Balmoa ran up the 

'to aehinK rights. Half a mile tram its month the Beisen la jam^ bj the Samuel Biier, 

atnam render 'HTlgatlan OMenll. Salmon, howarcr. pass Bome way up it, and It alee 

eonaiderable, and at Ii 
NDBmimTiK B.. a 

Lyngenfjord, The flr 

KiAFJOKM E_ OK C , ,, _ . ..„ , 

Bjiafjorde UTer has a rapid fall until within 4 m. ot Its moDthat the head ot the KaafJoTd^ 
It reacbea the mon ierel part ot the valley. 

. Skabdau B,, si m,— Blaing in the Beolajarre. a lake 1 m, long, the Btaredals Kn> 
ftUa into the Baafjord. 

Uahlals B., 17) m.— On thlB rlTsr. running into the Saatjord. a certain nnmbet ol 
■almon are taken below a waterfall which Blopa llKdr fanher Bscent. 

Skibbottin B,, U m.— BUbbotien Birer la formed by the Junoiloo ot two smaller 
rlTera. which both rise in BusBlan Finland, The Sklpajok, OrtaBjok. or Didnojok— for in 
.dHfeient portions of its coarse it is koowa bj all three namet— la Ihe mon northeriy ot 



lower coi 

irae through Eot 



lB,T m. 

TTjAiUKT, B.. 

91 SL-Threo gladai 

lb of the Kaafjord, and falling Into tba 




1 Onolaajavre. a 



198 The Angler^s Diary. 

Ilia two. uid li * men tomnt wHb trngnsnl wataifkUa. wl>na tha Equine Bint or 
QklBDJOk flow* throngb a, ebtia or lakes dlBarlDg bat Utile In IliedT Isral onCtt betnan 
GlAoLakBuiillu JmicUaa with (lie Dldnojob It (ormi a aoowialooal heaTjnpida. 

. Two mllaa lower flnwn. tlifl HTor now known aa Skftbonen paiaea Balllgako™!. a 
"ftaldatDs" or mounlaln atsUon f or Iha cooTanlsniw ot tnTBlkn. ImmedlaUlT Mhnt 
thB itatlon tho rtrer flovs throogb a amall laka, called BaaaeJaTn^ betareen wmch ud. 
tb* aaa, a diataoae ol IS mjlsa, (hen an aoreral npiiU, and Sat rim la aaldom fardalil» 
utU whB» oloea lo ll« month It beeomea tnooli wider, and haa {oimcd eitenalTe aanl- 

' banka, Tbia waa at one tlma a Rood aalmon atn 
netting, lalmDa Kai aaa trout Eaie almoiC dia: 

The Oakkojok, a iilbnUrj at ihe DIdnojok. is celebrated for iha nunbac of nnall 
■nDL all lit Ibem nF eiaellfmt flarnnr and raadll; Oaogbt. 

riaee In 4 small lakes between tbe Haiknafjil^ 
_ la Into the Iwad Dl the I^ngenfjord, oloae 10 Bw 

month ot the LToedala Blver. 

LTaanau. oh Bibhildai,p, ob Stobfjobdb B^ ob Oiusi Joe. IS hl— From lli sduw 
In two nel^bourlDg lakM, Ouaa and Qgoida, the latter and larger, t| m. lanA ilv 
Iijngdal nms S3&. for about 7 m, ontil, altar noelTlng a tribotarj from the KolM 
Lake.ltsklrtitheaouUieniendaf tbeMarknifjebl, and thm Bowl N.W.lDto the biBl 
ot Ljngenfjoid. Leaa than two miles above Ua monlh It Ea jidsed bj Ihe Ifailtnlll* 
BlTer, 4) m. In lengtli, and erroneoualr laid down on Honeh'e map. and deaoribed I9 
Broch aa a aepante rim. In Ihe lower pan of Ita oonrsa the LTSgdal fnqaentlr nnlw- 

' la a gnat blndianee to aarigiitlon. Ihcn^h boale can slUI be ased to a eertain anect 

Lnraous R. 91 m.— A amall river, alao rallinglnto Lingearjoid. baton Ita wealam 
ahon, about 10 m. 8. o( Ljngoii Chnreh. It fa a rapid glader river, with a Urge Tolimu 
of water. A good manf aabnon are taken near Ita mouth, 

Pgl B., S| in,— Quite u toiM itream. tailing Into Lrngenfjord jnat north of tk« 
I^ngdals Blver. There are a coople of miUa cloae to Its mouth. 

BOTTKHViiB., ai m,—Aiiotlier glacier stream falling Into tbe LjogoiIJord, 3 n. H.ol 
Ihechurah. 11 m. above the moath of theriver thenia a watarfalL 

SWB B, 1 V*BTO, ai m,— Klaing In a emaU lake called lAngvand, tbIa ainam (alh 

JsSBHTatiDS B., ) in.--A ahon length of riier between the Jiager rand, ■ large lake, 
and tbB eailem abore of the Clfaljord. Salmon are nomerona. 
8T0BBTBK1J.EB B,, 3t m.— A falr-alzed moontaln etresm ridogln a imall lake uidat 
' ttie eaal face or Isakaratlnd, and ralMng into EJoaen, ao anu ot tbe CKelJord. lUI 

TimBSBB.,! in.~-TlilBalrtwmriBeH oloae 10 the aoaroeBOt the FaatdSil Biter, bat 
flows S.W. Into KJoaen. Ita maoth lies SI m. E.S£ ot the monlh of Ihe StontennM. 

£jOB OB Jeb B., 3) m.— Blslng In two lams In Qoalaeiam Kjedel, Ibis Btnam taUi 
Into tbe bead of Kjoaen. 

JssTSViES B.. 1| m.— Bliing In the Lannand. a mountain lani. Ode river, atnc 
flawing Ihrouh Ihe jKglevand. a lake a mUe long, talla Into Kjoaen, ■) n. V. of tba 
montb ol the Fonuea Blver. 

8T0B R. II m.— Another tmall stream. rising about a mile W. ot the Langrand; II aha 
lalta tnio EjoBeD, ^ m. N.Vf. ot the monib or the Jiegievika Blver, 

I>iaBuaTR.41ffl.— Flowing out of the TroldTande. two uma not tar trom tbe Lug- 
mid,(baLerbagtDow> aouih into the SSrfjDrd,s branch ot tbe Ultgtjoid, Tbe cinr 
baa DO great ran, and la well sapplied with water. 

liU OB BCBnoiDB S„ W m.— From ita aource between BUamaaltind and Plgtind, Udi 
TtnratflnlflowaW. anill within ?t »>■ of the Balafjoid, whence then la atraokjil 

SlOSHAB B., 41 m.—a. monnt^n atnam railing Into the BArTJoid on ita western ahon, 

SOHHBBBDST B., 31 m.— Another small ttreain, alao falling into the Sdrtjord a mUt 
south ot sartiorda Ohnrch. 

LaTANOB B., 7 m.— Blaing on Ihe aonih-weei side, and aklrtlng the west and nottt 
aides ot BJumais FJehl. the Lavang falls Into the Sorrjord a mile north ot the charch. Less 
thao i aa from Its mouth the Lavang receives a Irifaotair, acDordine lo the Amt map, from 
KUkejavre. a lake 1 m. long. In the Beakrivelae, however, this lake la a^d to b* 
dialnedb; tbeNak, atrlbnlarrof tboBrtdvIkBlver, and tobefuUof flah. 

BBBDTTsa B., lam,— ElBJng In Bjomeakarret, ibla river, owing lo Ita alight faU, followa 
atortuouaconraetolhenlfarjard. A mile above Its mouth Ills joined homlbei 

'alleror IheBredflkis wideand open^ 
1 river and Irlbutair are well slacked vrllh flah— the former with aabnoi 
lauar vrllh trou^ char, and a few aalmon. 

B.. 7 m.— Thia river falls Into the Ulfstjord on Ha weslem shoie, abuoat 
ODpoalte the moalb of the JtegervandB Blier, It la a good-alied atre*m. and foil of llBlL 

Ibe town ot Ttomas, 
Stobbtbnbbdqts B., * m.— A amall atream falling Into the head of the Bamatjonl 
AHDIRBCaLS B.. e in.— Blalng In a email lam ondar Bvarlnieatind, this nnam Sifw* 

north, and talla Into the BalHtJord Immediate!; eouth of ILe entnnoe lo the Banuf jord~ 


iN'oTway and Sweden. 199 

NOEDUOB, OB Stoe E.. 14 m,— Flowing onl o( Tibmokiind. * bUl like 1 m. long, 
Ihlii liTer nilB into Nordkjoun u lt» b«d of Ib» BkliFJonl. At Onl bat imill, 7 m. from 

BDme nlmon irs tklen tuH III mDnlb. Bouts »n uosnd Ibe rlTU for ibonl ■ mite, imd 
Iban l> 1 raid lo OTergurd « m. np tlie Ttllcj, vluiDee igtln * inck leiulii Donh-eut, 
Umngh UftrtisBdft], to ibn hud of ibo LrDgvirJard, 1 n. ofF- 

HOLI £., 3| m.—BlalDg in the Slorrua. > nurow Ikka 3 n. In lonnh. the Hole Utoc 
irllUn > mile trom ita month !■ Jolniid bf lb* Ti«-. 4 n. Ions, from Se wan. ind br lb* 
MukawB, * trtbnUry orUke Imglb, rrom tha cut Tha Hole fiUa Into SorkjoHn Utha 
hMdotlliaB4liit}oTd. Both tha mala rlTaruidllattlb«HirteBU« man momitKinitcCBBU. 
ud, aicepi in time of Bocd, ot incoiuldanbla alu. 

Sas B^ 11^ m.— Inning from the Tftgtuid, % traiU Uke unong Iba Uuttindei, lU* 
riier, Iaio#n m the Totmner in the opper part of Iti conne, irter a npld daicanl of 

■iullow itreHn. ud, ^ler ■ fnither conne of tt'iiL, enters the bud ot Hie Baliljoid. 
Then la » iraterlall eloee lo the moalh of the ilier, which la aald to contain a good 
Mock of flah. probably tront and char only. 

HaLluir.xaB.,1|in.— A shorl ■tream, carrjing oatbewatera of tha Ja*opTand,*Iaka 
f n. long and 1 fn. broad ; It talla Into the B^jord. SI m. 8 j:. ot Iba chnicC 

BiEiiaya B., 4| n.; SilNn B,. T n, ^ SsuTVia B., H m.— Theae and a nnmbar oT 
slher itlll amaller alreama, rapid In the upper part ot tbelr conne, Imt mon tianqnll u 
Ohv approach the lOft, aerre to drain tha peniniola between the Ualangsfjoid and Uw 
Balatjord. They are aald all of them lo hold Bah, probably (root, or tront and char 
oBit. On the band Blier Hiere la a wileifall cloae to Ita mouth. 

LlIB a. 4^ m.— rrom Ibe riakelfrarande two lakee. reapecUrelr 11 m. and U n. tone, 
the Loka'BlTer mna to Ibe Annfjord. a branch ot Ualangentjord. Below a watrrfaS, 
2D0tt. In height, Ibe Blreamisnpld, and IherBligoodsahoonaBhing. Tronlanplentifnl 

UtAs b!, m m.— Shortly after its iBBiie from among the Maartlnder thlg rlTer becomea 
■ qnlel alream. Bowing between high banka. Then la a waterfall a short dletanee liom 
•'- - - -"-'■ ■■" -'— ■ -' -"■ ^ 'Vol^'^^^' "" '"'''"'• 

aitnate upon Bwedlsh lerrltorr, la dmiiKd br two rl 

wblch Calls Into the Qnlt ot Bothnia, the other the Bosta Kver, which, after Sowing for 
abonl 1 m., interB Little BoBta Lake, S m. long. Soon after leailng this lake the riTer, 
now broad and quiet, recslces two trlbatarlei, tba Tamok and the Diil, one on altbar 
bank, and thencerorward Is known aa the Maal. Below the Innctian of tha Ihr** 
Btreams the rlTerhiLBbot a sligbt f&U, and Ita waters froni time to time aaparateuid 
tonn Baveml channels, untli atFoBsli.Sl in.from thaaea, theyplnugeorer the Haaisfoaf, 
a waterfall of between 3D and 40 feet In helghl. Less thsn a mile below Foesll the Uaal 

a walerfuB. 'The two fails lie' about a mile apart, and at about a like distance from Uw 

natsd. Tha river and its tributaries haie now for some lime been midsr Uie can 

gnyllDg. The Bardo and Its trlbntariei, on the other hand, were it one time fnll ol 
trout and char, hot ot late yoare Ihelr numbers hare been recklessly thinned. T n. 
trom Ita weatem end there are narrows upon Alte Lake. These are not more than 
n, against which boala moat ba towed, 
on the Uute BoeiA Lake, and np Bar- 
well-to-do, and at their booaea accommodatlDn may ba had far superior 10 Itiat in any 
other valley in Tromso Ami. UaHlanies, at the mODlli of the Uaal, la a place of oall lot 
Ibe mtllD Une aleamers between Trondhjem and tbe north, and also for the a,B. Tnnut, 
a locfti siewnar trading to and from the town of the aame nuue. Tha Hul Valler mar 
also be rescbed from Saveien 1 iSalangen, anolhe" -' " *— -"- " 

of about SO n, 

into the Boesfjotd 1 tboogh abort. It la deep and broad, and bis so strong a stream that 
itiaonljwlIhdifBoultrtiiBtaboatcan be rowed rgalnet 11. Tha Rogsfjord is In reality 
bnekiah wMar. MpuMed from KalangaTJotd by tha narrows of the Bogsf }ord Btromman, 
throng vhiah Mwalai anten tha Bonfjord at high tii?- 

.., ,. .. „ o.-, — ■- -tie "piitjordBvani' - 

„ fjoid. Oiord. oi 
ottrom KBTen, where all coasdng BiMraars calL 
9 BL— Rising at the toot of Hjerttlnd.the Tonimer river falla into I 
lake so Uttla above lea level thu the inflnanoe of the tldss is felt ai 


200 The Angler's Diary, 

■onu Iltlls mj Dp Ibe riTec. There are Bilmon la ttiis itreun, tmt It li onl; dotliif 
MtnmnlloodBtb&lltlswDrUiflBbLag. By WBUrBelsen laka Ii4j m. dlBtuttroni EUtsl 

Bis R.,K m 'WlthlD m sbort diBtance rrom Uu point where It Ibbikb (rom alsksof 

llie Bune nuna, (he SkO la Joined b^ a trIbutArj eaUfld tba Qumu fend, after a fnrtbeiE 
eoune ot 7 m.. Falls Into the Baleenrjord. Ibbb than » m. S.W. of the ootlel ot Ibl 
BeieenLake. Ssbnon auend tbn SkT, bb farsB SlfirfoB, airMer(fell,0(m.lrDm the sea. 

LlBBOTTEH B^ Mm. Thla and the tiro following rlTan in In IbelBland ot Benjea. 
Two abort llska ot river coiiaDOl greater L^Bbatten Lake with tbe leB»r. and tbat 
again with Ibe Bea. Ab the lakes drained by tbla outlet are many, and some of Uiem 
larse, 11 would Boem tbel the Blream nngbl to bald BHlioon. 

&a£BHVH B^ S ni._OneBmyr Lake, I m. In length. rwelTee at lU upper end tlM Sbu 
and MoBk Elvera, and ia drained bj tbe (IrKsmjr Bivor, wblob. Bfler aeonrseof abonl i «.. 

Lai OS Lokbiillb B., llj m,— This river, or rathnr chain ot lakes, Ib navigfeble bj 
boatB for a dlBtsuM trom ilB tnaolh npnarda ot abont I m., and aaUnoa can aacend Blj& 
further. There are a few aalmon caatB In tbe short longtliB of Blream cormeetliig tfaa 

Ebfeh,£s B.'.^t n.; BKnusTAli B., 7 m ; LorshB, 7 m.— Three email aireamB, ralUdC 

beamere mountain torrent; the aecond and tUrd may poasmly hold ■ few ealmoD near 
Oielr moutha, and yield tront flabinff blgber np. 

SAi,t)rQS B.. 21 m.— Biaing on the borders of Sweden, tbe Salanga BlTer nma north 
anltl B in, from its mouth It tnmB woalwarda, and flowing Ihrongb the Ovre and Uu 

Sagtjord, near Soveoln i Salangen, one of the B.a. Tromao'a calling piBMS. Tbougd 

from [he aea. and SJ m, above the upper of the two lakoa. BoatB can be towed from Iba 
lower Into the upper ls,ke; the rapid between the loner lake and the sea la quits 

BaUnga Blver. Tbe best netting Blallon is at Btrokenaa. at the bottom of tbe rapid 

bitwson the lakBB, where ahnoal every Hah 1 

only rod Sahbig for sabnon is upon tbe BJ a 

KWetolB. From Saodvlt, a (arm nn the ._. _„.. , 

Tbete IB slaa a road np the Salang Valley to Uoholt, 21 nt. from the sea, A fiaberj aaBoda- 
Hon (or the prB»ert«aon ol salmon in the SllBog Btver was cnnalilnlBd on Feb. 18, IBIll. 
Sao B,, B «.— The Sag Birer lakea lis rlae In two email bill Ukea of the aams nams, 

BFANDlI:a K., M in.— From ItB Bourcea uloae to the boundary of Norlands Ami ths 
SpandBiB Blver flows northward into the head of LBvangen Fjord. It ta an impetaona 

FjOEDBOTTBNB H., it ™.— A small atream falling into the head of Qratanjen Fjnnl. 

StDR B,, « m.— BiBing in Ovrevand, and Oowlng through Mellemvand and Nedmand, 
three BmaU lakea, Iho Slor Elver talla into the head o( aratangen Fjord, cloee to Uw 
mouth of Fjordbotten Blver. Fiah can run up for a distance of nearly 3 m., until Jnit 
below Nedrevand they are atopped by a walerlall SOOd. in hdghl, A good mBny saloiOD 

LlBEKS B,, s m,— Blslng In a lake of the same name, the Laberg falla Into Sraluurea 
rjonl, Bboul e m. W. at tho mouth ot the Slor Blver. 
FOLViK E,. 31 m,— An Impetuoua mountain atroam falling into GretBngen Fjord. 

SEODBiBaif., lllm.-TwoaborrllDlEsor river li «. In 1ength.connectinE the Skodberc 
Lake with tbe Salt Lake, and Iba latter with tbe Oravtjord. Ab the lakes are but Utlla 
febovaeea level, the river haa no great fall, and la said to be full of Sah. 

Tbe aalmon flshhig in Sweden Ib not ao much aonghi after bb IhBl in Norway. Id tin 

Still most of the rivers contain salmon where they can get np i and hold troat, char, 

in all the rivers, though in some, as the Sal and Umea. they are stopped bytaUs wUhtD k 

taken spinning. The principal ileh of the country la the gnyitug, whfcb may be causlit 
anywhere. The beat rivers for flshhig that ran into I^ke Wansm are Iba Sy, tbe Tryks. 
the Nors, the Elar. and the Let, all with an ailenaive lake ayBtim. There la aim ths 
large Dalslanda CanaL In 'Wenem, besidafl tba onUnary fiab, is a lane lafaxum, rattiflr 
pale in flesh. No large rivers run Into Lake Wettern. bat tbe Blven Qdlha and UatalA 

be obtained from tbe landowners. Both salmoD and trent dibing have very mnch /alien 
off of late years. Except In out-of-the-way placee, batter sport can be obtained in Ireland 
or Scotland. 

' ~ in Island at the mouth ot the long Rior Fjord, Into which run Bevnd 


Jforway and Sweden. 20 

le top. la tb» chlaf. II \» leued, ai 

uia«,aLiiiai -■——.-. 

iqurA mllw 
wwmr, iilg leutd imd lb« b«gb;roillB t] 

Asrioa (SvedBa), On Bie Eltran. Tlila at...^ .„m...»u. _„^..» ... _^ ..v^^.u, 
Tl»n iin pika in tha rlnr, Had lake ironi ud iMicpena. 

S«r«n.— There li no flahlDg to ba obUIned In the ImDUdlaM netgblHmrboad, but itOj 
•UWDBiB nm to tbe Hudanger, Sogne, ud Nord rjorda (wbich hs), ud the nltmy 
null tvlosBday to Voiaaiugen. (b ihla line tb* DiUe rircr ii puMd. Tbb flablBK 
ii DHWh spoiled bj Ib« ololb ItaoTj, BtUl hHTy dib tn ottsa fcUlfd. The Dsit rirar li 
Ibe VoHS, dnUnlng MO nous milea. It flsbss ben wrl;. ind halda Urge flih. All tbe 
vuer, trom tin tjord at Bolilad to Ibe Eviuigsr lake and thai at Eruger, together wlih 
Hme nxd) abon, hais Img b«en leased by EngliBbmsii. Soma Intermediate iratar, 
•Dd the porUoa at Bolkao, are Id the bacda or Bergen mlddlemes ; leporti of thla 
pHplatiDg. In tha Erangar lake obar ar« munerons, but imall and poor. For the 
■pper water, ttt VhhpoiiiW' 

(hrUtad (Swaden).— (&» Oi 
TUirlieriinBrarap onth 

llren; allboaliuir. Xmnt niuuaroue. but umall near the foe. Qood (routing for rnanj 
mllM Dp the Tlier, there called Otleraaen. to Saeteodal. Within drive of Ibe torn. 
OhrfitUnsand. are Bome lake* holding Teiy pretty tront. ThaTopdal f alia Into dia hMd 
ot the rjord of the »nie a&me. lu m. to the Dorih. Tbara 1b 0DI7 a ihort UMngh good 

■^^^ " -^ " ™- • ■"• ■ 

iBTangDod; soalnle itatLoneM, tha nail BtaUon abon. Alihe noribamand of 
take ifia b" ' ~ ~ 

tang baao owned or IssMd by an EngUshman. 11 1h to be hoped 0» oMt m»T be hlrad 
'' "~w da7t as haa bean dona with tba Ljngdal and the Qulnna, iS and K m. raspeo- 

lUflin.— On Bona': front. This place la two statlona below Lake Slorttten, The dlhlnc 

'--- ' — -'-- ■-■--■ ' -' "-nabo™. Alihe nonhamand ol Um 

, two dayi from OhrliUanla, and tha 

aeoanmodatkni li teir decant and the charges moderate. 
DEoatbalin or TrondUam.— Uan; large and praductlTe rirere tall Into thie tj 
but hnndreds ot neta on It, and on tha lower re&chea of tba Hien have Inunau 
injnred them. The threa beat— Orkla, Onla. aad Stjordal— hare all long alretohee 
to Wn., ot Bahnoa water, leaaed InTsrtoue aectlona. On the Nld. between tha t 

np the fjoHl to the north are the Levangar. VaerdaJ. Leidal, and Sl«nljaer; Ibe 

and ptobabi]' otbere, are let. 
Talkanbazg <8weden).-~Tliare la eome capital aahuon flBhlog hen, bat presenad. 
'ordA.— On the Bond fjord, at the month of the river mnnlng through Jfilater Vi 

Salmon and aea tront can go np 31 m. to a toa. Formerly netted, and leava to 

north bank, very good. 


TUkkatJord,— 10 m. ean is the Qulnna, with 5 »>. of dne salmon > 
at the Idgheat rent paid In the country. Within reach ot tba TilU 
wltbterrtJJrtrondng. Tn the west ot the town la the Sire. Ei 
ladders have been erecMd on two foEBes. which salmon freely va 
iHCMBed mnch. Probablylheangllngis to let; It waalnthebaDcli 
■deep 17-nilla long Blredil Vand (lake) above holds very large tront, 
(nd. Toistad, where li a One tront Btream with pretty fish. 

Sottmborg' (Sweden!.— Salmon, trout, grayling. Tbe Ootha rans 

The take is fed by twenty four Btreame. The town ot WanerBbnrg 

sitramlty ot Wenam, and Carlauul on the nordi (lu Carltlad), Uarleetad and Lldkopl 
on the East, and Amal on the wsaL At either of theaa towns good and cheap aceomc 
daUOH can be had. Lake Weltatn la connected with Weoem by a canal Udrtyml 
long. There Is a very good tront nream aboot SO ?n. (Eagllsh) away, holding very Urgs 
tront. (Sa Kartgtt/-) 
4<nLT*IOd.— (S« iOBTMl.) 

OnldliDliiiui.— Near Tana mootb. A steamer colla ODoe a tortolght Tba ben plas M 
Bih Tana la to lake boala np to Qatlaghov Onaika. ID m. above the^ohuac Tants wtU b* 
raqnired, and plenty of provlaions. At Polmac livea ona Shanker. a meiGlUHll, lAtn 
boats and accommodation oanba bad, bdl ha is taartnOyaiorbilant in hiaahargaa. Han 

„..., .(..oogic 

The Angler's Diary. 

% large Uks. tnQ at lih. The M*- 

^f J— y-i^ yj«l4. — BIDE.— Ei«Ueiit holsL kept bj Uoetud, who on* lbs inull 
ritsr.wUoh Eanutna tet tront mud occii»lon»llT ■ taw natH HJmon. Tin waiec l( »■ 
trappsd that the onlj cbuK« or aport Is durlu a flood. The Otltu lake near han 1< 
not mrlh flgUng, bat between QnT«n Hd Ulilk the monnUln roed puui (be 
EnieUnd Un, e^ to hold ItodI dT gisat ■!». thoogh. u lu ■■ onr oipeiieace goee. 
lib. or Hlb. aoDld be the aTertge. 

EIDPJOED.— On IberiTErEMfjord.whiohrona Into the Hard anger Fiord aome liWt 
■nj B. of Bergan. The rlier hag a flahable length nr abonl two mliea. It [i not a good 

wading ie Dweeaarr. The beat oeal la known ai the Long Hole. There la an Inn tt 
Bdljra^d kept t^ the brothen Ncdihalmi the aeoommodatloii U good. The aalnua 
Itnr la no donbt laL The be« Ihue la from (he middle ol Jnly to the end oT 

XotdSlUtm.— T^ dlaniet abonld 1m IhorODghlj worked by the (nergetlo trout aaha. 
It it raaofaed tKun the Ondbnndadil high road on Um wa; rrou Ofariiiiaiiia to Bnnadil, 
DT rrom the TaUera rente omr the mieljeM b; ucondti^ from Fagarlnnd. Skogadd, 
ar Nraman, wfaare a gnlde and the necenarr pout or paokborae mar be hired. Tlu 
BBine mar ba dona at Awdal in the Bogne fjord. Tbia dttalrlct la TCry itoh in lakaa ud 
'- ■-■ " '- -•-■-■--' ,t the Tourist Clnb buUdbigl 

— 7 ot Ironl and grajUng. 

From the toasa to the eea, BOma- 

m Iha banka ol the Undal, Abora tha ati 
thabamletot ~ " 
n dihtaiggron 

Oidf a good flehennan Is Uksly to haie mach aporL Qood tx 
Snora and Hoaaa, and aiao at a large farmhoiue between 
ean be obt^ned at Undalwinn. at the riiei's ; 

KMIfaU (Swaden),— 1> n. trom OotleDborg. ' 

^aaaa Id tha nmmar. There la a eoaafortabla uhis inn oet 

Bablng: tome aafanon aim. Uarlsthe beat month. The l 

lnBODtl*i>d,OD))'laigar; and Scaloh late tront Diet are admlnbk on the Odlha. 
&M0* Tarn TcmA.— On tba pott-road between Cbrtaidauta and HoMe. near tha head of 

the Bomadal TaUay. The etaUon la clean, and the cbargea moderate. The dlttance tl 

■ome ik dan trom ChrltUanl*. ITiere la abundance o( trow In a lake near the Inn door. 

The best flablng It In a lake — Ani^Soen, aome twenty milea north. 
IdnWTtt.— The LauTOn flowe by the town. Salmon ron large. Thare are tew good casn. 

T a.i. J "-Br dlfflmll K> obtain. Three mllea from Lanrrek la the flahlng lo*— 

dat&aWo. 'TheroTa 

belonging io Capt UaynaM. Hi 
rbarslaui" --' - ■ -• — 

The I»al flablng la In the npper parte of the rlTi 

Lanrdal and Cam Fosa. The otei here la of limited eiient, bat it 
~ LaoTSD begina early. Jone and July are the beat nwinll 
-'- ^ " ilream which falls into thsl]oid,ne 

loEldtroid, l^rall,«ni.;'(" ' " "' 

, iSaCli 

he aoothem extremity of the 

the atatlona are the Teir oleaneal and mod oomforuble la Norway. There la good trool 
and gluing flahlng hero. In Elar EIt, mnniug ont of Fiemnnd BB, Iberela good' 

lloUa.-~Tbe Bomadal rtrer, (he Banma, la a fine aahnon riTer, and belongs to EngUah- 
DML There It a amaU htka on the other aide ot the tjord oppoaite Ncea whan ws haie 
otnght tront np to Ub. II la abont lODOft. aba*a tha tjonl. A boat can be had. Tha 
great aahnon rlTara, the Elkladals, the Snndata, the Snrend^a, and othen, ue wal^ 
known to the aahnon fiaherman, bnt do not aOeot tha angling tonrlat 

Tnni— ■ — *' Iha month ot (he Hamaeo river, wtlh oalehment baain of UOO aqaare 
rnOeB, SabnoD go np to Flakun Foe. oier tO mllea. divided Into ave or ali beati ; all 
lotted. Baga on eaoh beat vary from lOOOIb. lo ^SOOlb. -. all barling ; dab large. The 
BJIni. atriBattry. battwobeata, bolhleaaed. To the north la the Velaan. The portion 
below Iha foa hta long been leaaed. A laddor baa bean erected, and ttlmoo ware cawht 
.,.-_. ,_ . — 0^1 portion waa than to let. Further Donh tie Hie Fatten and Ois 

[B. There it good treating In both thft- 

Bydiaa, both fair talmon liraTt ; leased. 
lake tnd river. A good place lo 


Norway and Sweden, 203. 

Void nod.— The Attn ban famT* tstt null nliibnent tulm. the luvat not man 

UmSWifiun mDea, bnl, bglng morg or la» sliuisr led, lioM out well. TbsUd, 
whfash nu» oat or Honilngdal Uke, in la Bergan hauda, tnd flghu ImUBannllT— intsr. 
It IB uld, beiii« too clur, Th» Glappm, tdlliu Into dm rjord nt Sudsu. )■ IwHd t» 
u CTigllnhnun, who hu erecled m liddar put Ih* lomr toi. It li > pntl^ tlTsr, nlfaar 
llta, ulmon tmii]]. IheOldsD, IhaLoeo. uidths SlrrBiniii rrom the Joitad^ (lulan. 
Oldm flghn well, uid hu long bean Inuad. IflBn Is wrr poor, ud !■ probibfr inlat. 
Suren boldg lurge ulmon rmS h» trent. Ths b«l pocji 1uit< Ions b«en fa fcn g ii n ii 
budi ; lome pcntoii !■ noir in Vergaa buds. Ths lowsr pool! an food tor •« tront. 
but onlT To^ Jmtii — Aoffuit, Soptflmber. 

'ATUI*aaliiI«plHid. Lodging eui b« obtiiDtd at ths lunua of 

ths pHtor. IlisaibincligaodbaililntheUluuid tno liien; plhs, trout, uid gnj- 
Mg. TbabeMtlinBtagD laliitbaaotDnin,iuTlTlng»the«iidot Anciut. (Jnlohjoek la 
•ODUttiTesiiMlurniiuLoadcaL BnUlelma 11« keie Ihlrtj mUea o9. 

Boubf .— <&■ nMtannHr.) 

BkltduCsnrBodo).— BeaotUal-looUiig rlTSr aadTaller. lonEtrltdbj EngllihmUL 
udllanBl^boarBehni*c«tlw"aliog«tlierlai«i"rlTenliiNorwaTi iDBsrginlia 

•UM* J8wsdiD)^-0ii Oatm Dal ; tront, gnrtinc, piks, pnob Bihiiig Tsrr good, 
bss. The accommodation ii clean and good. 

InOTk.— (fi« Kltthamm^.) 

Ion* q<n[d«— 7ADHBIU.— •Moat Ot ths Ijord ataamsn oall hsrs. H«r< 
tEaiDntenocaioOisitoiDadaL At 

, BUCh u It 
LfflBDAL.— This l« or . . 
on the rlvcT abOTO !■ good „ . 

Dihlng mar ba obtained. Thsee (wo alatlonB are on ths ValdeiB ronis to ObrlaUanla {u» 
Sand n«zil,— DALE, pleasant autlon. vllh small rlTerwltb a tew grilse; goodtrontteg 
■boTsUiBfas. Gsula. owned uul leased hj EngUsntnan. «bo hu erected a sahnon 
■ "" , Fishing beet In Ibfl tidal wMer. For Fordo riTer,M«*Vifc. 

fax. — nere are man; small riven in the aelgbbonrbood, bot most ot tbose 

laU-wsT to Bergen 

9 the Etne. a Bnall. 

TkUUsB.— This Is the route orer the Flllerjeld Irom the Sogne fjord at Losrdal to His 
Hjassn Uhe at QJoilk, or the Baodstjoid at Odntea, from both ot which plaosa 
Ohristianla can be reached Id a da;. All along the roots comlonable etaclon boaiw 
viU be tonDd, and at many places tolerable trout fishing can be obtained. Fagemces is 
a good example; the hotel la good. Iba landlord apeaka EngUsb. tod ten bnce at trout 

She largMt we canght waa Silb.) may reward a da; 'a Sahli^ in the river. Ths lake tun 
no good. At Tomlevold there Is another good hotel; the tront ran Ter; large, coming 
np from the Bandstjord, bnt the river le much trapped. 

VndalsarBit.— (fiu £ 

^ ^B.— On Banma. Bonis, trom Bergen to MoWs by aleamar. thence by 

VlClkUd.— Tan m^s from Christlansand. On IheTorrisdal; sHlmOD,Ac Fishing ao* 
let Lodgings asn ba bad geaerally at the different aaw tnilla. A boat Is neoeasarr- 
There are plenty of sea trout. The pool below the foaals a good one; sols the Bay pod, 
wblch la two pools down, and the Farm pool, whlcli Is next below to the Bay pooL The 
Bshlng extends to some Jf in. downwards from the foaa. Thara la another good eaat 
hi the ferry, 1 m. lower. 

Ttudan.— On the Btor Fjord. There are msny small rif era near here and EUe, wliare 

'- A.oogic 

«04 The Angler's Diary. 

Bport CU1 Iw hftd ; kud plaity at fumhonMB on thLi fjord, where lodging ou be had* 

<a« AaSam4.1 

TttSaaTMWWn. — Thla rKToarlts apol hu lou alnce loM Lu rapuulioD u % fiBhlnc 

(Utlon. It eoDUlni M>DU baU ■ dona hoHIs. FMscher'B being one of the \agfin and 

hHi hntali In Nnrnv. Tfaa lake la naarlj depleted or Beh. The CD&d to Qudnngen 

at the aport lo be had is poor. The beat places a»~ 

"""""" "■"" ^ fun flabeairell. I*rgB tronl nin np 


Bi the Lane Vand Id vet weatbec. Near 

■ ■leMotfcadalerii. 
m the lamUon], oi 

"OFHEIM lake may be flibcd, and boatahadat the hoMl here. TnnitamalL 


-••naral Infbmuttlon.— There le oapltal aalmoa flahlng on the Siberian coaat. Niso- 
hdisak, Ihe seaport of Iba Amoor, la a gaoA spot. 

.nnlAUd. — Tonoanget lo.UleaboFgbrat^amerFrom Stookholiri, chanfrlii^ at Abo. or can 
take the sisunei rrom Slockbolm U TomeH. and trom theace travel 1^ road to Uleabers. 
A FoiBica OfBca psaaport la reqoi^le. and mual be vIeM bj the BuBslaD oansnl here or at 
Stockhoka, As to mooeyt take ^d tn prefereDce to circular notes, though the Latter will 
pus. FishlE* and shooUng are free, and a talr amounl cin ba bod. Grajling. trool, and 
aalmon are abundant In all (be rlTera trom UlealxTg lo Tomea. but salmon only Uka tha 

Sa.1 Bomo diaancfl np the rlsera. Plenw of good grayling may ba takm alDae to Hia 
Biborg town with a red palmer fly tn July, or couraa yon mual rough It. but notTecy 
mucb. a.3 good qnarlera H-ra to be had In all lonna and vilUgaa. A good tisveUlDg fDKp 
aan be bought Id Blockbolm, Tomee, or Uleaborg. Very Utile luggage ahoold be taken; 
bat warm auineli are almoal a neceaalty, aa tha nlghu are aometlmea cold. Stan »■ 
aar^aapoaalble. Llrhigla veryoheapluFlDland. The porHua of Hurray's " Handbook 
lorBnssIs" that ia devolsd lo FinUnd haa apaclal reference to angling, glrlng a lone 

the Vnoata In Jf ' ' - "- "-- "- ■ ' " ' - - ' - ■ 

I ami July, » 

■ntolha Unit of Bothnia: In the Knn,„ , 

ar Jyyaatjla, a 

nning there into the Gulf of Bothnia ; In the Knn 
akePomwe - * . - . _ 

toaU FallS! at Tammerton : and IhrooghoHt Ihe iralers or the Knn 

men run np therivera ahortiyaTterthaTDebreaka np. Thla la generally ahont tb« 

. DrendotUay.BawMlnclotheaeajan. Salmon In FhrniBh and other riverarunntnc 

IntotheBaltlcdouottaketbeiy. ThellehiiwatlmBiniliiln thehandiot aclnb, bntwt£ 

not taketbe By. TiteBehiiwatliii 

mlntroduction to amember leave to flab flonM probably bf 

._ .t. 1 I J ..„ t — __ 'i'^—*^ glBin^ t*" ' 

town la e 


« hours from 

limlled nnmbara. 

rrialDiU, 10 mi 

holding plenty ol a 


rajUng.' Flab 

the Neva leave, th 


, id (fjt,, edible) beteg ahonat nnobtalnablt 
9re Ij Bplendid trontlng. preserved by a club . 
I off, on ue Varaan Ballmiy. mna a tree atren, 
ilow the vllbige. Opposite Kcblaaeelberg, wbe 

Tha beat place 

or flshing lb 

Marron. a lea 


lodgings »n be 

Tha river li 




whore therein an 


Tho^flsh .: 




■ company, wh 

give 1 

There is anoth 



rona and Ferrol^ 


rout, iheaoc 



othsr river. 


nto the eea n 

ar Santa 



and CarlBo. co 

talus fish, b 

Had. Nearly all the 

river. of Sep 

ovhices of S 

a boavj unnt. and tn 

The lly fish 






May and the 

n San under; tbs 

no, July, an 


t^nous portion 

of Astnriat 

lu Sil<Jlur 

•aid. th 

as almost u 

n the world. 

Although the 


hea"; flah. it 

la tearfully 

and djnaml 

ted. Tl 

ral rivsra in the 

nss, Lugo. 






le weight ah 

It 121b 


alTer ot Pesqnea, which runs parallel with the Deva, about throe miles diecrni from tbe 
latter In the Nalon, in AatuHaa, good sport Is to be had in Uay. and belter still fat 
>Qia TlTar Eo. which lUitdsa Aslnias and O^ola, near a Tillage called Bt, TlVeo da Abrsa, 

„..., .(..oogic 

aeflnbatiDMDpiberlTer. AlTnTergm. In AmoiIh, dsu th« nioanUlni tlut dtrid* 
itpmilDHrTcim L«n. Tsry good flahlni U (o ba hid to Jiiw and Jnlj- ud dot 
Undi. wlwa (hare an aonu lugs t>&« MWOK. ibore itae lani ot ths im. iDltDdld 
iliW ta to bs had, tba flih tnnging nib. Onn In Spslo, Ian paaelu, ■bant ttidor 
^n , ».,. .^__ . ^^ IWIng la rough, 

U (Bialn).— Ah; DoadeHaja-kaiitlnHiEntfillnuiL Good timtln*. 
larlB lalaads.— Palnu (oapttsl ol kftlorca). Plsatr at au-flahlajrT < 
„*.». .-A .t..w^.. ~— log boih from the njokatoflnd 

_™ jKhtrbouf. 'Wnlar. ..,„„■. 

MMtlons^Uodantaly good Babflshfog rrom Iha plan. 
0«Nisk.-SomaltoBtIiK eu ba bad ban. 
jBy.~OnlD>iho; Htmon and iront. 

9nt {Pwtegal^— Twmnr mllu by r»l! from Oporto. An honr'a rlda mm bsra brines 
iMloOllTl«>»d'A»mfl&,wberotairiiu»rte™oanlMh»d. TbtKaitnalsBrsinllSBhoia 
hsTK Trout, barbel, te.. ptsaOfoL 

VotM (Spaing— Good Bihlni. 

BiTkdkTla.— On AtIs: saGuon. There [■ k Mr holsl bara. 

>*■ ■•bastUii.— Urge mullet asd othsr flab m*j be taken rrom the poblie promenade 

le nelghbonrtuwd. HcUl : Contineota). 

AMaral ZnfbnDAtloii.— Fair tnnt ashing la to b* fonnd In Uie Orisooi and In tba 
Biala In ihe Canion ol FilbDD^, and In Ibe prlndpall? of lichtaoatetai, on the aortli- 
IronUer of the drlaona, at Balzara. The flies uiea ars ordinary EogUsh ones. A Terr 
good At (or SwitaarUnd la a pale yallov allk bodr, no baokla, and wings tlie tip of two 
glngerliaokleB with a flbro or two woAsd down lor legs ; also bloebotUe, soldier palmer, 
caeb'j'bonddha, red and grey aplnnen, black gnat, oowdimg, white motlu lliere are 
■root and eaaree fleb In Iha Vandole and Stock^per oanala, i^lob ji^ Lake Leman at 
Uie easteni end ; flslung Free, bat cantonal Ilceoca required. Plenty of trout In the - 
Oolieni Zee. in the UademiHT ThsL 

Aaut7.— Tronl in BlTar Bensa; a«hlng Ueenee neetasarr, eoat IS francsi no day or 
wtek tloket. The same role applies to the Ooliam See, fn Madaraner TbaL 

And«Ubuna (Zoileh). — (In Tbnr. Fair Bahlng. AosommodsHon bad iIode the stream. 

AaimaaM. — BeM: Bellame. There li soma good tnniing in Oberslp See, ibont 

Avpaiu«ll.— ^ood tcontlag In Sitter, eipeelally early in tbe lessen. For some parte of 

tba strtam an angling licence of lorr. Is impoied. 
Skla.— Tlisra Is Tary tilr irom and Krayllm dsiilDg In the Bin, loniB i m. tram Ula. Bv 

in iMs and Thar tt 

Bleu*. — Ai SoDcebey 1> the Mm Rtrsr. 

anuuuu. — (aa Otant.) Trout In streams, bnt fliblng lleeoce aecaBiarr! ooet 10 fraitoe. 

make a bargiln fnr a heal for the di^. sli franea la qolte salBclent The Osh are ailber, 
laehi. lachs fenlta (the Bnl a Bih peculiar to tba lake and running rrom 1Mb. to IMh.. and 
the other. SaiawArox), Sabaii hacJu (br Hbloh fliblng Bregeni, at the Aostrian end of the 
lake, la the beat loealliy). the grayling (alw fonnd priodpaily at Bcegeni). duv, gwyniad, 
mttan, waller (wblch rsacli aoib. and feed m the bottoDi), Lueio pena, )ue, carp, tenoh, 
iHsun, ebnb,rHCb, mdd, daea. and catp breini. Tbe lower lake Ig beet (Or pike. On a fine 
Runmsr arenlDg the half-mile below the bridge abonndawlthBshot all sorta. Halt an honr'a 

••h are small i Dure la another at Barenilin^, half-an-bODr by tisln from f rederlcketutven. 
Oopp«t.— A statton near Mootreni on Varaidx. Good Crontlng. 
Oo{MU«a (HeafdiUelK— llie Benie hen nin> Into the Lake a< NeafOiaial. Ths rlTai 

Tieei at 8U Solplea. and pasiaa the towna of Flenrter, Coaiet, indTriTara, where good Sahlng 

qnartera on be haid. The gshhiff ia falr- 
OtniTWt. CSm OMMBmf.) 
•ktoB Plkta. -- A watering place on tbe Griaena Nearest statlODi I-andqnirt, two 

•tstlone abari of Coin, ISsi. off. There are two likei— one. Daioear See, a m., the other 

Fllea mnat be larger than at home. A null graaihopper It a good belt. Tbe flsMng beglns- 
In Jannary, and endi en Sept. W. No Bablng allowed In Jnna, July, and part of Angui in 
Itie rhBi. Deep trolling la beat on the lakes. Btltl : Belyedere, and rnanj otben. 

r_ .(..OOgIC 

The Angler's Diary. 

a mMU Ibl mil M 

law tnnit nwT ilnr* be Bit b; BshlriK Tsrf cirlj; or 111*. ComoeDce u a ni[ll on lbs 
nortli iMak, atrant ■ qnirter or s alle aboie ilie jdnaion, aDd flih bi firu ihe vuerli 
olair ud dean, vblch it 1> for loms titj firdi tielow the big r«k opposite the JDDCtlon. 

t big Hfb the lollowlne: UN, > bit of Kirlel ibli. ■ third ot 

ot dfediwu; medium lalmonilie. Tbebett plus rortrDUIlngli about 

.ardo, but tlM poaeliliig la avinl. At La Plains, Londoa jolni Rhone (tn-M 

■JDd grayliiig), DDcfa poached. Lar^e mat are lobeCabeu in tbelakoofOeueTabr Erolllnir 
with mliiiiov, under ull if powlble. Flih >err dpep. with at least ili yarda ol RDt and aliir 
OTHTiDtjryardaol lino one. andnrrUlein tha aienlDE or atnlibt. Perch and email daea 
maj be cauKhl In lar^qtiaoiitlBa alule the abBllower parts ot tba lake. OJ theTariou 
■treama In the neighbourhood the Vemli It tbe beat, and 1* about twentj mlnntee bvm 

Iiit«rl»k«ii.— There are Iront In both lak 
lalM, L«a.— Fair trontlDK. 
XBOdesiMff.— Some lood troiitIii«eaii 

between the OeTDsil Hotel md Victoria 

lowardi Ibe OamcDl Pau. 
Kktonr.— Near Tnnle, In the Taller of Iba AlblgeoKa. There UitoodgniTUnEdsblDllbrr*. 
]bMiftlitnuv. — BoUt : Peat. There la a lar^ aalaon Dabarj hero. Apply to landlord- 

ISti OrU) The Aibanna li a lair ttream; tront and grarllnK. The baM 

ItleloIabetbetrainioAnaniaiinaad flab down to tbe lake, or iiiH wnd. The 

necamr^. Tbare li good CrDlling In the Lac de Brat, 10 «. off; leiTa nnat bs 

. .. 'There li fair trollinE In Cha lake! Dike. Hrch. ud tronL In the riTar anr 

Ibr tbe lake ebonld be large b 

JCslrlnKan.— On Konder. Tront maj b. 

(floiel, aannge.) There li a imall Itont e 

flihiDg free. 

Hontranx.— Trontlne In Itis 


Angoat dnn, bluebottle, willow 

ay. Seaat 

and grayili 

JolmneAar bore la which Bood 

.port can I 

MnlhsbO. iStt Caulma.) 

Vantsbatal.— Ob Ih* lake or 


flitalnisan bo had ai the Flei 

rrek Ham 

NaolChMel. Vctt larga percb 

can be kllK 

-Ozba.-Abont 11 aa from Lan 


nca. Onl 

aalinon i 

nXhotal. and granta leave i 
ilT»fjrcood. Salmon flahlig h 

lelow the la 



S m. oK There are a faw tront In Aar ; all 

il, hair boor off by rail; al. 4rr., at Qrand 

m (different ilia). ibbII codiy-bonddhn, 
(Ina Uarcb li, endi Sept. SO. 

; permliiion letilj granted. Tha hi 
Doe. A macUnueh meiwiry '- — 

, L oallod neie, fiwn the length a 

npper Jaw— a apedoa o( grayling; tbey are abnodaDt, 
<Slxt.— ffsM; Da Far a Chsral. Good porting quartan. Plenty of tront 
fltaoluIb«K, Biitba of. tSttOlanu.) 
«t. ■UlMr-OntbeThlela, Thaie ir* (lih Is (he rlrei, hot thay daa mr biUr. 

'- A.oogic 

■ (B«u). — Oarli.. 

TllVk— (iSai Smtt.) TKm li Kiwd iplnntniiiii tlidikt, udflr-fliUnit Isrtroatu 
'-"altwtt, riw nd B — J 1.— L _.. . ^ .__ -.., . 

VwMx (Zoricb).— Then )■ lUfalnc Id tba itnui •oiiBHtinR P1«ir Ltk* «llh tlu OrtflcBi 

TallorlM.— Tta«n la xwd iroaUnc In L« d* Jou. Good "-y""^ff'W 

T«r«r. — On L4ke or Ocnin ; trout, pu-ch. pikg. Ac Tliars li Tali trout UiInK oi 

TiMB.—At Nenbracke ; trDnilDji uo Im hid In ibe Rboia. 
Wlntartlmr, (Zartcta). tSa AndiyUfn.) 
Sail.— Tbuaia « like taeie, ud (be Sib Inc li lOod. 

'Oai«»l XnfbnoatloB.— Tbtr* an pleotr of •■riou kindi of fl 
ud wiitcr hDlei. THo Unmr nod )• i liria flab. nrnDlOK op 
ney (sod mUhk. Tlis bnuiDi lira Hmuhlnc Uk« th« Ennliil) 
t>etter a»tlDi7- Tbej afford capLttl aporL At BflTmanrt fim nit1« 
or the OoiUbDm with tbs MurniT. Ihe lUbLDK U T^rr 
book! sre tbe beat lo tate oat, ' ' ' 
l>rK« «!>. lb the upper part 
(Dod. qnuitlllaa of ILctla flah tbe al» ar bleak, maj be taken with an artUdal 11*. 1b 
■hooat ereiT one ot tbe rlnri on the Anairallan continent vhleb dov Malhwacd anil eul- 
wd, (rem tbe great obela of hlUi whleb nm more or leaa parallel to the loaat, ver; good 
-iport ma; be had vlib the aitlOda) flj from Oeubtr to Ainu. Ttu flab It tlu AmtraUan 
fnjllat (SoaHkfMa lb u inulRiHi, H'Coy). wUcb twamu In all tbe ninnlni amaoa 
wberenr then era iwiki and itranl— oertalnlr from tba Qltaelg. on Oie borden of South 
AnatraHa, annukd the raaat ai far «aM - - - " ■- ■■ — — -.- .. 

a locallUea preclMlT itmllar M 
I river. In velflht the AaatraUan najUnc arerafea 
>i>nii fin. ui iiu. -iiDu III •aimia. iiHiT Will tsko ahuiMt as^ IIt whlch Ulla iinrllDtE Id 
Gniland. ibowln( a proferancs ^ the dvaa. the black am) r«a ant, and the mldie. The 
hooka abonld b»«( the amallert die (So. II or D). and the taefcle of tba Bneat poaalble 
daaerlptloa. At AndNtan'a Creak, on tbe Tarra, ahout Iblrtr mllaa abme Helboanw, la ■ 
food apot. In tbe <]Hnwland rlnra tba apDrt li better, and tbe Aib larger. The upper 
waten of the llitabeli; tbe lUoaUMei, llw Darfo, Ab, awarm with trajllOK. In tbo 

M "perch" (a apaolM of tba geniu taOu), golD( u| 

lOUk In weliht, with lane goidea 118100. and aiuUent aatlui. I> fOunl. j . 

trolleda<lll[>raplka,laai(Mdbaltli>r hbn. Tba BnfUab aalmon and trout are now fo 
Mtabllahod to tbe oolonj- In a tew reara Taimania pnnniaei to afford the AneBt angling 
■■-^ world, ir the eolonlUa wtn onlr take ear* or Ihe Bah. 

„„ y dlataneei, and at eertaln waaoiu. In the former iba i^chard ba* 

m takaa. A rarletr or nudUnI, loo, affirda good aporL Another Bib la oTten taken In 

lupparpartaoltbeha;— tbeanapper. It nakea Iti appearance twleelnriiic tbe jtu- 

.-jRhandSepteDdMr, andliaomMhiMitakenofr tbeplartnp to Ulb. hr maant of atrong 

hand llnai, Anotha lUi ftaqnenttr taken to the h^t "d br the aame meani, la k »wd 

aatbe ptka. Id mm it nnob reaemblei tbe rtrer pike i butltdlMn mitaitallT from 'hoae 

tanful not ulat 


208 The AngUr'a Diary 

ana bmk VHX ■n*r belOK hooked, or ib« whols lot win mist probatilT bolt.— Aw or 
Autord TrumfUn Tfalt fiih Kunatlmca ukea > noill book vhan rod-adloa (Or nmUM. 
W»htht,ilti,Conb— Uvi VBirmre. WelElit. lib. (oUb.— nnti Veir rimllu In ilun 
■o tlw EHltih (nta-wiuir Dt umi nimflt >slKht,lM Ir>»aKi u* Uuk-nd wd lOnri 
bUck UiB ban, lib. Id Slti. : thsw flah eIts lood iport Tba wblle ue noKht naar tt» eltj. 

to lib Haoh Uko tba Bntlsh braam in abipa. aialOj onght < 
■bonlti Una oatlBE, add EOodaport Batt, a iliriinp (a t*-- '-"' 
WtiCtat,tlb.latltL— JCxBd: Taiminlan baiTinK. ffalili 

Id ffood aport Bail, a dirii^ 
\t tnn t'b. lo lalb. It mnat 

Require! caretal tainrlllng, ult paaMBHtwoUttlapoltoiMnnnlkM 

on or erenliiK l> ths ireat Uina to calch tbom. Wobtbt, lib. U 101b. 
:), KixsJM (41b. u ISlli ) : Sillwaler i^ka^ abaped lika aja^ iritb 
srj abondant. Tow a Diece of red mod wttB om or two book* 
attacbsD, binii nieoon. and ibe; hIh icon tha top or Che waiar. Aimohm jonbangot 
blm aboaid jou can eaall; ibika tba book cleiir. KtatlUi ara alvaja oanRtat at nl^t. 
oaar tba boiioin. and a book wlihont barb itumld be naad wllb tbook Tboiearaalao 

•T* kOTM nucifrel. HfTDijlu^ aod imAir^iichfi, bach the latter wllb nt-Uko IMli, and tba 

—Cojitier Edi I Yerj largCi from 101b. to an anonnoqa eizo,— OmW* /tl*, /■loMiferl, awf 
Bela: Tbe lalMr scarce, bui Inrehor lo Ihe BoitDder, wblsh la ranurkablr good. ThaUat 
three are lelce fish only. The mode or dabing li generally with a band line trom a boat, 
two or Ibne hooka are baat on amall ODtrl^era (abool tonr to alx lUMr Hobart Toini> 
for percb. flsthead, and treratlyi rock ood tnmlra ■ larger hook. At nm go down to 
-■- ■-- torfo.K, „------- ■ -■-•— ■ -' 

yon got yonr line or enood up tram the botlom. For real tmmpetar try by letdiw 
down a Blnker, hollow at bollora to amtaln fal, and noi dropphig tha blUck nDlU 
yoa find coral or weed; rock or land will not do. Bod geblsg from wharrea, roeka. 
At, la good amoBemenl at tlmea with email fieh. wiOi no float » smaJl alokar, Mid 
two ortbree No.SLImerlckhooka. Mullet give Ihe Wgeal amonnt of aport. YoBosnallj 
wry Uwooniantt ofyonr baekei with ■ mlitnra of flaihoad, trotaUy, and perehj vorr [«nlr 
Indeed by a baatud trompeter and rock cod later In the day or eienhig. The freaEi-wmtal 
hertini— often caDod the rreBb-HiiermnHet, or r^noumber flsh— !a aierydollcaiteflahi Itls 
from Mn. toSin.lnleccrth, and will very frequently take a fly. When bottom ftahbig from 
a boat. It la generally In yeryatrong running water; conHqnently, you reqolrea largeoork 
A» tbalaucedbr a ledger lead or elmllar. or yonr hook woold not f^ei down till It badawina 

Ctyon. Plumb the depth, and flab a Taryllttleoff the bottom: tifo. S. T. orSUmeriok 
k. partly concealed by a tnm round of rod hackle. 

. spotted, bnt with no acalee. ^^ch la yflry plandfol 
iboot Bin. or ao long, and can be eaoghtui Urge 
elwolopjohitBDf yonrrod; hall, a gentle. 

11*n*>Al Dix^ctLons. — Hew Zealand, by peraeverlng acdlmatlaatlQn of thaSalmonldja.. 
baa now become one of the trontlng paradiaea of tbe world. The smaller trout, ap to 
Wh. or 41b., lake artificial fllea freely ; bnt tiie heapj Qab. which nm to Splb., and are 
oommon at lOlb., are chiefly taken by aplonlng, or the eo^alled whitebedt, need bIIts. 
•ad dnrina the DighC. Eien In the uonbem ieland then ia eieellent troDting In tha 
^-"'— mmrlncsibntthebeetdletrlctaanintheBODth (Bmnetlmet C^UefUdiUe) 
llhOhrlBtchnreh as a centre. Tlie vlallor from England viU flnd hie palb 
ly by an admirable handbook, " Trout In New ZeaJand, Where to Oo and 
them," ^ W. e. Spaokmani eoplea (It. M. each) mavlM had M ^ra 
oda'aln London, or from the (ioTcmmenl printer at Wellington. Tha 
ary poeelble queatlon concerning aport and Iraiel, are fully dealt with. 
. - — fc. -« t^^^^ ^.. .».* ^..^Ti...,..*,....^^.. «...i.>i»_ ^^j^ ar'""" ■- •— -« 
ny p - 


I ordinary aplnnlng rod are recommended. The tackle makers 
~ "" liable for the dlOerent localltiea, hut It la tieat to take oni wauera uju 
3me of the Engllah tackle makers now keep New Zealand fllee In stock. 



BrlVK (Lincoln). -Q.O.B. 

Cadney Bridges, near Brigg(G.C.H.).thr.nKh which IflwniberliorDSBBes^ HibMdalow 
Bridge. 3 m. from ScswbT Btatlon (O.C.U.); BruidTwulb ; Bishopbrldee, 6 m. Frum 
Uarkst Basen <O.0 R.y Tbe Ancbalm" Is pRBerrHl by the Corneal Baloners, whg make 

n'sJaonecssBBTy. ' * "" "^ 

Banitapl* (Devon).— At Bittedon • tint nms chwe u tbe llrivomba Douh road, 
•ud, pasBiDg On old Half-war HoDW. tans domi lh« lallsy 4 ni,. wben. at Uuddsford, 
tllB loined by a Btream rlBingat Vlvlam, abool 1 rn. ; lllban tons Km., and jt^DB Uie 
Taw 1 m. below BannUple. At TawtoD. oloBS to BaniBtajile. Is a llii e rlvsr wbtcb 
tl-es beyond Swymbridge(D. A S.B,), and runs lo Swymbiidge, wben Is a lu yard; 
i to. IhIow It iB Landkey, and I m. runbar on it reacbea Bipbopa Tairton. wbere It 
joins tbe Tair. On Ibe IlCraoonibe Bsllway, Uortboe S. Ballway, 1b a rapid ronnlDK 
tlnam. nnil wMdi S m. below la Joined bj two littl* riven, one trom Wf Bt Down and 
Spreacomlw. Sunning on to the railwair, It paases BraDnion. wbete Mr. Bloiuaond baa 
a flBber? I m. below. 

Brndford-OD^TOIi.— There IB a Btretcb of G m. of tree fietaing. «ilh very tew eicep- 
UonB or traspaseon laud I halt a mile from canal tor pike and perch. Htlil: The Swan, 
JatnsB Bose, proprietor. 

Ohactar. — Foaebing !i cerrled on od Hi. at Bossell, sod the Alyn !■ badly cared for. 
Tliere are s tew tront late In the seaion. 

Rnwas (Tork>.— Aiiteadof " Tre" read "Upper Yore; good IrouUng In Lake Semer- 

Sshlng rrom tbe pi«r. All the rocky ground alao affords good sport, tJcilly IbIbb reached 
by ateamer from Penzanoe. In August and September IheBeadsblog s excellent. Two 
good inoB at St. Mary's. Penzaooe ^mdi; Uonnt's Bay, Qaeen'B, Westeru, Union. 

Blnrwood (Hants). Crown Hotel has some private water (coarse Ssh only); Ucket. 
VeiC a day. There la no Oshartnan at present. 

Upoo.— D.I. are now St. Inatead of U. M. 

rhink (York).— Tickets tor Swale and tbe Cod beok may be obUtned at the principal 
holelB at TopcUffe. The ban. sec. of tbe Thirek Angling Club la Idr. T. Stlmpma 

Wa» (Herta).— Mr. Sewell, Hart- Head Lock, will glTe all Information reqolred. 

' - A.oogic 

-TiM Eras. Flj fluliing onlii la mDowed, ukd the rlTsr !■ dlifded up 

ihhi iBYsn beiM. Tront— w.t. II. per rod, ) w.t. lOi., d.t 4i. Tha brown tntnt flsbiiw in 
Mcellenl, espaPlBllj Id tha monthi ot M»j ana June. BDd the flali run 1»rgB. D17 Oj prove 
Qiceptlonally killing, (Qd Ibe nUtil rise during [b« annimer moDlha UTorda excellent 
ipon. Tho attlmnn sod grUsa flsblng In lie Erne Ib bo good thit a rod on the rivar la 

«pll&l bowls Id BdlvBbtDnnii, ud one at Belleek. '•( llie opposite end ot the river. The 
locil ticklel8(B are Mr. Eogui ana Mr. wmiam Ljim. Tho Mayfly flihlng on Looali 
Erne Is really eicellent. 1 m. from Belleek and Bondorau la Lougb Uelvln. which nHorii 
aalmon ud Iroot flshlng, tranting being piiHcnlaily good. There li an eicellenl hotel al 
QarrlBon, at the west end ot tbe lake, uid bolts are plentltal and tbe blre ot them 

ujd 1b It BahQon and traot river. SaJmon flablng on tbia river costA ^. per week, tbe 
proprietor bolnf a Mr. Blndleton, of Lareen. co. Leltrlm. There la a good tr^n Bervlce 
from Dublin to Bellcsk, BalljBhannon. itid Bnndoran. on the Oreat Knrtbem Ballwiy. 






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Fish. Wtight. 

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Sea Trent... 


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LaTgest Bah 

No. Iba. OB. 




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, A.oo^ 


No. Iba. 0*. 








6, Crooked Lane, London, E.C., 

And 1, Bnry Street, St. James', S-W. 



High-Cl ass Rods & Tackle. 

All Dry Fly Ansflers should use our 


Dressed under the air-pump fn pure boiled 

oil, exactly accordingr to directions In Mr. 

Halford's book on Dry Fly Fishiner. 


of every pattern for the Test, Itchen, &c., 
2/6 per dozen. 

CASTS and FLIES of every description 

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Hade according to practical suggestions from the ; 
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" Red Spinner," Angling Editorof the " Field," writing j 
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"A diltinctiTB Bait for fiBhing ia mone; well spent; and the flj-Sghar I 
•ipcaiall; teqnireH Bomething more than the oommonplaca oat of jaoket. ] 
For yeua I read a amall paragraph at the bottom of one of the Ktli 
•olnnuiB adreitiBuig the Thomas fly-fiabing jacket, and emiled at the notion 
that SDch an artiole ooold be aDythiiiK different fFom the OTdinar? shootiniT 
•oat oi Norloll jacket. It was Bud to hare gneaet aleeves, a. foateningr for 
the mist, plenty of good pockets for fl; books, and that it woald not work 
np round t^e neck in casting. The time came when, at the persoaeion of a 
fHend, I got one, and can say that in fly-fishing or epinning I neier pie- 
Tionsly knew what leat oomfort in casting was, Uie ' gosaet sleeTss ' allowing 
of that perfect freedom of the shonldera bo seldom realised." 

R. B. Marston, Esq,, Editor of the " Fishing Gazette," 

" I have worn one of Thomas and Sons' fly-fishing jaoketa for some time, 
and can speak highly of it." 

Sir Henry Claverlng, Bart., writes: 

" The flshing jacket has arriTed. It is a perfect fit, and leaves nothing 
te he dcHiTSd. The material oonld not be better." 



„, .., A.ooglc 


achieTed si rod m»keiB." 


Mr. 1. i. Hsnly, ihe Ci 

CATALOGUE, over Five Hundred 
Illustrations, FREE. 

HABDT BROS., Alnwick, England. 

BA*.ti (LONDON I 61, PALL MALL, 8.W. 
Branches ( MANCHESTER: 13 & M, MOULT ST. 


■■".■- ■■■■ ■ ' -, • ■ 




13/6 to 30/- 


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37, OuEEN' Victoria STw-5fg.g°" 





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